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S (g m ® 3. T : T IN THE SHADOW OF THE CROSS ’Twas on the cross the Savior died To rescue men from sin and pride; The ray it cast was crimson red As for this world the Savior bled. The death he died was not in vain; For on the cross he bore our shame That men, wherever they may be, Might hear His call of “Follow Me.” Thus it was in God’s own way He chose a man who’s gone today— A man who knew and did the job Our dean and teacher, “Uncle Bob.” I And now as we his life recall, We see that Christ was all in all; The ray of blue of him does speak, The daily walk that he did seek. For he taught us day by day That we should also walk God’s way; To live a life of separation, And preach to every tongue and nation. —FRANK DOBRA m The presented by v IN s the Senioi lass of the NortXwesteKnT ible TrainTi School . . . pictorial rfe iew of the personnel and lrfe of . . . Northwestern Theological Seminary .. . Bilfte Train¬ ing School . . . and GoHege . . . loh rtecT in Minneapolis, Minnesota . . . estal lished to send forth trainWl workers . . . into the whitened harvest fields . . . and dedicated to the memory of our late Dean ... Dr . Robert L. Mover. 3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: Dedicated to i Ihe memory of DR. ROBERT L. MOYER rt o mi upon the feu. po Utrs :irid prophets, nself being the chief 21 la whoTT, J 1‘ ' ' VlV r th us toee iei r ' - -‘0 JJx- :r4;} in the chil- • . o J Among vernation , tt »i Air. Ci ‘ : 7! . ■: V God, v- i gr-i?f love whortw .• Even wken ' ■. Dr. Robert L. Moyer • Studying • Teaching • Preaching r DEDICATED lo the MEMORY of DR. ROBERT L. MOYER Wc shall always cherish mi our hearts the memory of our beloved D ean, Dr. Kobcrl L. Moyer, never forgetting his ardent love for the Word, his concentrated study of the W ord, and liis com¬ passionate fervency in preaching the Word, He loved the Word of Cod with a sincere devotion and unfailing faithfulness. Ills life exempli¬ fied the truth of Paul’s statement, “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation. 77 Dr. Moyer ' s prayer was that all men might believe the truth of John 3:36, “He that bclicveth on the Son hath everlasting life.” He studied the Word daily " to sec if these things he so. 77 His study was thorough and exact and many were his Bibles, the covers of which became threadbare and faded, Indeed he practiced what he preached when he taught us to “study to show thyself approved unto God.” He preached the Word Ll in season and out of season. Daily it was our delight lo listen to him confidently expound the glorious truths of the Bible. In consequence of his steadfastness for sound doctrine, our spiritual lives were strengthened and established in the faith. The hours of inspiration we experienced in his classrooms deeply stirred us to yield ourselves mi relentlessly to Christ. " love my ministry, hut would rather depart to be with my Master. love my service, but I would rather depart and be with Christ which is far better. I love my ministry, hut I would rather depart to he ' with my Savior. I love you, sheep of God . hut would rather depart to be with the shepherd of us all. 9 So Dr. Moyer passed “through the shadow into the sunshine, through the black¬ ness into the brightness, through the darkness into the daylight, through the gloom into the glory, through the twilight, the evening star, and the dark, into God ' s tomorrow . 33 His last picture Wc seniors fed particularly privileged to have been in Dr. Moyer’s classes during his last year. The alumni may have enjoyed his teaching a year longer, hut it was our privilege to have had the benefit of the last fruits of his ministry. May God grant to us, his students, a like desire to love, to study, and to preach the Word. We shall always cherish the memory of these words from one of his last sermons: 5 Mam SCROLL STAFF editors Faculty Advisers Mrs. YV. H. Riley Miss Rose I la Leppke Frances Barnick, Editor-in-Chief Gale Baldridge, Associate Editor Florence Kendall, Associate Edi¬ tor Schi Miss Els: m Business Managers Marvin Boslow, Hr 11 ciirv Wrobbcl, Associate Samuel Mura It William Collier Donald Sduichard Evalvnne Peterson l.aac Johnson James Miller Ileliv BJoyer School Life Richard Person, Head Favc Wilson, Associate Bryce Augsburger Bet tv Eveland Warren Bloycr Gene Sorenson Marie Peterson Susie Fricsen Rosella Pankrat Kuby Joseph son Lorraine Loeffler Missions Leona Mittan, Head Donald Nelson, Associate Fern Peterson Dorothy Robertson Louise JanUcn Janet Schneidcrmann Laura Collin Julia Nicholson Inga Ecklcs Mildred Dunbar Practical Work Ernest Schwenkc, Head Betty Bear, Associate Helen limnick Elizabeth Kessler Paul Hawkey Wayne Gordon Harry Dan Geraldine Keller Art Frank Dobra, Head Alice Kipfer, Associate Pauline Pction Ralph Wilson Eugene Claassen Joyce Parten Mavis Lowe 1 — : - " ni-[ i iii ADVISERS Since the Bible ha .f to do with the salvation °f man and there is nothing as important, we should teach and study it carefully ' — Dr. R. L. Mover. DR. W. B. RILEY President “From the very beginning he look his stand, un¬ swerving, heroic, by the altar of Truth. With lip and pen, with heart and hand, with giant mind and unflagging zeal, he has loved and contended for the faith delivered to the saints. “To be associated with him in church and school for almost twenty-five years has been not only a pleas¬ ure, but far above that, an eternal profit. ' —Dr. R. L. Moyer. THE DEANS Mr. J. Edwin Hartill Dean of Men Mrs. W. B. Riley Dean of Women Enjoying the out-of-doors -I ' ll gladly surrender my doctrine classes to Ed Hartill if he comes; he can do it. —Dr. R. L Moyer. ■ FACULTY Dr. Vojla brings home the pheasant Dean Hart HI under the hC big top ? V r , B. Ritcy, M.A., D.D., LL.D. Pastoral Problems Homiletics Mrs. W. B. Riley, 1LA., LL.D. English Ethics Sn»niiflry College t ilTHl ' flf Sl ' lwol Vaclav Vojta, 1LA., TIi.IL, B,D., Th.D. Russian Customs Systematic Theology Eschatology -Greek Exegesis -Comparative Religions European History Russian Missions T. Edwin liartill, B.A., ThJL Doctrine Speech Homiletics Riblc Orientation f Speech | Hermeneutics 12 Gerhardt Schrocdcr Russian Grammar Russian Literature Russian Reading Russian History English Exegesis J, B. Houser, Th.M., M.A. Christian Evidence Scripturc Interpreta¬ tion Bible Introduction Archcologv Missions Elsa E, Schilling, B.Ed., M.A, Spanish English Composition English Literature Phonetics Alice Vigen English Greek Grammar Hebrew VVynona Vanover, II,A. Sunday School Admin htration Children’s Work f Christian Education Rosella Leppkc, B.S. Shorthand Typewriting Bookkeeping Scroll Leroy Gager Personal Evangelism Church Polity Church History Doctrine Theodore Bergman Piano R. V. Clear waters, M.A. nj). Assists with 1 loiniletics Pastoral Problems Curtis B. Akcnson, B.S. Synopsis Analysis Political Science James P. Davies, B.A, Advanced Conducting Music Survey Music History Harmony 13 Dorothy Hanna, B.R.E. Parliamentary Law Ethel Wilcox Ethics Evalyn Camp, B.A M.R.E. Christian Education Missions Ruth Lundbcrg, M.D. School Physician T. B, Madsen, M.A. Church History Elaine Lynch Christian Education Dr. Arthur E, Karlstrom M.D. Dean of Medicine MEDICINE INSTRUCTORS Thora McCauley, R.N. Leona Larm, R.N« Dr. James R, Weir Dr. Earl Loomis I)r, Glen Tuttle Dr. C. R. Wall Dr. Marx While and others L Alice Jane Steel Adolescent Work Pedagogy 14 BOARD OF DIRECTORS W. B. RILEY, M.A., D.D., LL.D., PRESIDENT Neal r. MacKenzie, First Vice-President Curtis B. Akenson, Second Vice-President Dorothy Hanna, Secretary-Treasurer Curtis B. Akenson A C. Bjorklund J. Colgate Buckbce Mrs. Benjamin G Chapman R. V. Clcarwatcrs John M. Edlund Myron H, LaGrange Ardell Look Neal T. MacKcnzic Mrs. Angus McLeod Peter MacFarlanc N, T Meant A. F, Met tel Wm, H, Murk Martin Nordland Herbert T. Park W. E, Paul Earle V. Pierce Mrs. E. V + Pierce W. B. Riley Mrs. VC B. Riley C. F. Shonp Mrs. Roy CL Smelker Vaclav Vojta S. Marx White George M. Wilson Dan Gilbert J. R. Hauser Walter 1), Kallenbach W E. Kuhnle A. E + Lewis O. P. Lovik Walter A. Pegg W. H. Rogers Paul W, Rood John R. Siemens Mrs. Peter Skansc A. F. Toavs Donald M, Wagner Mrs. CL E. Wright Archer Young STUDENT FORUM Henry Wrobbel. President: Shirley YVishart. Ruth Vosler, Evalynnc Alice Jane Steel, Marvin Bos tow Malcolm Brown Max GifTord Peterson, SECRETARIES Alice Jane Steel Mr. Davies Marilyn Gookson Mrs. Riley Lavernc Gusiavson Dr. Riley June Jennings Mr. A ken son STUDENT SECRETARIES Helen Hcgcrfcld Library Marjorie Holinstroui Pilot Office An 11 c Osepechuk Frances Barnick Dr. Vojta Olive Miller Mr. Gager Lois Burt Switchboard 16 SCHOLARS " Cod chooses the illiterate of the world, but Hr doesn ' t intend that we remain so . 1 ' — Dr. R. L. Moyer. SEMINARY Seminary officers at work I r v i ng La rso n } P rest d c n i Daniel Feryancc, Treasurer Robert Hart, l ice President Lydia Helquist, Secretary K, William Hagstrom, Th.M. T. B. Madsen, TlnD. Donald Erdmann, Th.IJ. Mark Goodman, Th.IJ. Earle Matteson, Th.M. Robert Hart, Th.B. Joe McLeod, Th.G, Arnold RifTcl Seminary Freshmen Seminary students working for a degree Masao llironaka Ralph Plant Milo J. Haynes Anno Gsepchok La Verne Loewi ' ns Bernice Inman Daniel Feryancc Katherine Watkins Edward Tschctlor J 5 ' v J VaJ A " f L l A % w Ai F?f® m f A 13 POST-GRADUATES Malcolm Brown Greenwood, Miss. Alice Grey Sunrise, Minn, Lydia Helquikt Newfolden, Minn. Ruth I uric Oshkosh, Wis. Julius Hoseth Minneapolis, Minn. Richard Aylward Omaha, Nebr. Eunice Billings Waterloo, Iowa Zeral Brown Salem, Oregon Ivy Hart Berkley, Mich. Naomi Herbert Elsworth, Nebr. Dorothy Lob wens Mountain Lake, Minn. Florence Peterson Cotton, Minn. Ruth Thompson Round Prairie, Minn. 19 OUR NEW COLLEGE President W. B. Riley T HE establishment of a new college is no child’s play. The creation, then, of THE NORTH¬ WESTERN COLLEGE in connection with the Northwestern Bible and Missionary Training School and the Northwestern Theological Seminary, calls for explanation. In this day of multiplied educational institutions, why another? ITS OCCASION The public seems to demand it. t Between When ton, Chicago and the North Pacific Coast, there is not one four-year college committed in doctrine and practices to the absolute fundamentals of the Christian faith, in the sense in which Wheaton h committed. It is well known that such institutions as Wheaton, Bob Jones College and others that have made an absolute stand for all the fundamentals of the Christian faith, including the premillennial return of the Lord, are overcrowded. There arc more students applying for admission than can possibly be accepted by them and since this great territory of the Northwest holds such a multitude of orthodox Christians, Minneapolis seemed the natural place for the creation and location of another. The local possibilities favor if. We have a number of professedly Christian four-year colleges in this vicinity, but, tin fortunately, they are either openly modernistic in their teaching or have a mixed faculty—theologically speaking, THE NORTH¬ WESTERN COLLEGE will tolerate nothing of liberalism. It proposes to stand foursquare for the “faith once delivered ’ including the inspiration of the Scripture, the deity of Christ, the blood atonement, the physical resur¬ rection and ascension, and the second coming. Its Christian conduct also shall comport with its doctrinal views. We covet no others as students of this Institution than ardent believers in Christ. Wc have no desire whatever to educate the imregenerate There are plenty of schools provided for them, and we count our task a divinely prescribed one. ITS OPENING On September 22, 19If, we enrolled twenty-six i i the first class, This is an excellent opening for a new college in this day of multiplied and established schools. It is nearly four times as large as was the first class in the Northwestern Bible and Missionary Training School, a school which, with its theological department, grew in forty years to an attendance of 1,233 in all departments. With this much larger enrollment for the first year, in forty years Northwestern College will enroll a few thousand. In this expectation wc view with encouragement God ' s own method oT working. From the tiny acorn He brings into being the enormous oak with all its spreading branches, but He uses time in the process. Should He speedily appear. His very presence would, wc believe, vastly accentuate and increase such schools. ITS PROGRAM If taught only Freshmen the first year , Next year Sophomores will be added; the year after, Juniors; and in the fourth year we plan a full four-year course and will be graduating our first enrollment. Com¬ petent educators arc diligently at work on the four-year cu rriculuin It will, of course , seek accreditation. Northwestern Bible and Missionary Training School and Northwestern Theological Seminary arc known to have a strong faculty, and our standing is increasingly high among schools of kindred order. The present fac¬ ulty in the College are not only all university products, but those that will be added from time to time will bring to the school such academic degrees as will aid in accreditation. Our great present problem is not new students for any feature of our threefold work It is, instead, necessary buildings. With our present six buildings including the recent purchase and with the plans for the speedy con¬ struction of two more when the War Production Board gives the green light, and the careful Investigation for purchases of other possible properties about the cast end of our beautiful Loring Park, the prospects for the three Northwestern schools were never so bright as now Correspondence indicates an avalanche of students for next autumn. 20 COLLEGE STUDENTS Eljm i: Adkahamson i-oi.sok, MONTANA " My j sid if .t VixJt r 77 x_v i I erd " Lois I put AlJ.KIh I AKK h MICHIGAN " VVrojrA ' j it ' u utt (h hI for His uuspcakabte gift. Lvi i a Hatch LAP l I..UKK, HVISCUKS1N ri Mv (trace is sufficient for thee . , . Wasyl Kihvai.ii; TKLATYN, Lt f B h , KI’SSIA " Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him , . ■ jOSHDII KhvEGL-K Ml NNEAPCLlS, MIA V. can do oil tinners through Christ . . „ " HAhoLli Liin ' KE it it; i.ak :, mi.vs. " For Ti ' 1 are His x Vork¬ uta u ship created in Christ Jesus. " Dki.mia Manx LYNIJON, KANSAS " tint m v (iod sir all sup¬ ply alt ottr need accent ' riijr; It is riches . . ' El.liOKA REMJ ' KI. Ml JL-STAIN ' LAKE, M INN. " .-Hi things, ye shall ash in prayer believing t „ ' Henmv L. Stnoi. IVONTH I N ' GTDNp JII.N.V, ' For by a race are ye saved . ' Li’i-f Rihmemsma hkkvvsthh, Mixv r " Fear then not for l ant with thee . . Maky Pa U JINK koihEGHH; rilll ' PEWA PALLS, WIS, " Because Thau hast been tuy help ... I witl rejoice, " Juan Sc ii a hi per llES iEOlNKS, IOWA " Hut be ye titters of the I Card, and not hearers only . Kathleen ' J, Sciilltk Musky C, Sokkysos Scstao Mammas Tague MINNEAPOLIS, MINN, OSH KOMI, WIS. Viking. Minn. COTTON UOOlJ, JS INN, " Call unto me, and t will " For l know whom „ He u my refnyc “The Lord is my light answer thee . . . " hare believed f and am and mv fortress; my and my salvation , r persuaded . „ (fttd . . " John Held, Alice Kolloia, Margaret Pkdehsen ■ ' Inr[ oiliers not | iemrcxl H Senior Officers Gale Baldridge, President Leona Mittan, Secretary Faye Wilson, Treasurer Ralph Wilson, Vice President CLASS OF ’45 itKTTV Hl.OVEK AltAlSTROXC, IHW A Secretarial Course " Rut the Lord is faith¬ ful ♦ - Warren ARMSTRONG, IOWA Bible " For fie tewj made to he sin for ii j, . . . " Mamyin Bqstqw UK N EDICT, NORTH DAKOTA K ussU i_i -Mi ssi ona ry Course " Cod hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the wise. . . ' Tv [ rt i k x k Claas sf; v If LK 1 VKLI., NEBRASKA Bible Course “For believe Cod. . Viumm Collier FORT WAY ME, I XII| A S " A Missionary Course " Faithful is lie that call cth you, who also will do it. . , d’ Bryce B. AufisuuROEW Calk Balpkiih;e FT. WAYNE, I NIL WEST BRANCH, IOWA Bible Course Bible Course ' Set your affections on " Corf forbid that I should things above r jj-j f not on glory t save in the cross. " things on the earth. " Frances Baknick MAX t NORTH DAKOTA K iissirm-Missionary Course " Rest in the Lord and watt f ' ofieutly for him. " Helen Bahnick MAX. NORTH DAKOTA Russian-Mission ary Course " Delight thyself also in the Lord , . ' Hetty Beak cedar KAFrnSj. 1(.)W a Bible Course " Be anxious far noth¬ ing + . B We, the Seniors of 1945, earnestly desire to be “co-laborers together with God” in the foreign harvest fields. We are not “ashamed of the testi¬ mony of the Lord,” but arc willing to be “par¬ takers of the afflictions of the Gospel,” for God " hath saved us and called us with a holy calling” {II Timothy 1:8, 9). “Being knit together in love,” we have inter¬ ceded much at the throne of grace that each one " might be filled with the knowledge of IIis will . . . and walk worthy of the Lord” (Colossians 1 : 9-11) God has mercifully answered our prayers, Christ has been our all in all—our joy, our strength, our comfort, our peace—a “Friend that sticketh closer than a brother ” What a wonderful Savior we have; for He has never failed us. Great is His faithfulness! Lac ha Coms AITKIN, MINNESOTA Missionary Course ‘‘I wilt instruct thcc and t cacti thcc in the wav which thou shaft go. . . Ip Kkank 3 UIi 1!A IMI.I.SIlOkQ, okecon Kussinu-ttjhle Coursc f . . A meek and quid spirit, which is in the si if hi of ' Cod a great price, . . ' M 1 l Pit eh Lunhak AUBL ' KXp NEW YOkK Russian-M issioiiary Course ' For me to live is Christ. ... " Inha Ecklks NT. JAMES, MINN KNOT A Missionary-Hi bit: Course “O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knozeledgc of Codr . X Betty Evelani IIACKUN, MINNESOTA Christian Education Course “Casting alt your tare on Him. . . Elizabeth Kessler MILES CITY, MONTANA Secretarial Course “Call unto me, and I U m it{ anstivr thee. , . . Sl - sik Feiesen It I NO II AM LAKE MINN C h r t si i an Ed uc a l ion Course “Commit thy way unto the Lord. . Louise Jantekn PLY MOUTH, ' N h HB, SKA Medical-Missionary Course ‘Wot 1 but Christ . , ' Isaac M Johnson WATERLOO, IOWA Bible Course “I run crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live. . . J Ruiiy Joseph son COLEll AKItOK V. HaK. Christ an Education Course “Looking for that blessed hope. . . JJ Gkbaluine Keller SAN IlSTtlN E, M E N N KNOT A C b r t st i an Ed ucalion Con r e ' crucified with Christ, t " i I.OKENCE K KN IIAI.L VEkNON CENTER MINN Missionary Course “My grace is satin tent for thee. , . " Alice Km eh FT. WAYNE. 3 NIL M i ssi o n.T ry -I i i h k Cou r c “Jn thy presence is ful¬ ness of joy. , C 23 CLASS When Seniors put their heads together and ask God’s guidance, things are accom¬ plished. Lorraine Lokffush OMAHA, M KII HAS X A Hihlc-Music Course " The Lord is my streuptu and my soup. , . Mavis Lowe M I N XKAl ' OLIS, if I XXK.SUTA Christian Education + Course " Fear thou not; far l am with thee. , . . " James Miller Monil-E. ALABAMA Bible Course “For I am defer- mined, . LliONA Mitt an IIARTINGT0X, KF.UKASKA Missionary Course “Leaking ante Jesus. , . Samuel Mur alt KNAIT. WISCONSIN Hi Me Course " Be ye steadfast, immov¬ able, always abounding in the work of the Lord. , . . JJ l Dovaiaj Xkj.sox SCARrOOMt, OREGON Missionary Course " lie must iucrease, but 1 ph rul decrease. . . F Julia Xuirf » i.sos r IITiUOTK V, M I X M K SOT A Medical-M issiouary Course iL ran do alt t hint s th vo nph Christ. , . RoSKI.LA I ' AN KffATJt MOUNTAIN- LAKE, MINN. Secretarial Course " In all thy -cays u,‘ h unelcdttc Him. ... " Joyce Parte x Hastings, m i n x esota Bible-Music Course Looking unto Jesus. . . ' Richard J Person 5IBLFY, IOWA Bible Course " He pniorj increase, but I must decrease. ... " 24 VVd Seniors loved Dr. Moyer; for the love of God was richly manifested in Ins life. He testified, “Christ is in the bosom of the Father. The bosom is ihe place where the heart throbs When Christ came into the world, He came to make known the throbbing, loving heart of God.” Dr, Moyer’s great hope and expectation is ex¬ pressed in his words, ‘“One of the most wonderful thoughts on the enthronement and exaltation of Christ is that we are seated in the heavenly places and we, too, are expecting the glad day of Iiis re turn. i hen, and not until then, will righteousness and peace cover the earth as waters cover the deep. ' Even so, come Lord Jesus, 111 IIis faith and trust in Christ h revealed in his statements: “lit cause He is in you, He is always with you in every extremity of life. ' Yea. though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. . , . Thou art with me, 1 s Praise God for Dr, Moyer! Kvalyxxk I kh-kmjn haxckort. stnvA ( " hristinu Mi I nation t’ou cm- Thni iti all {hitffjS .■ ntiyfit have {fir pre-eminence. . „ TC.US JliAX I KTUKSOJi OKNVKH. Cl M.Hh.tlN » Missionary Course " Rejoice in the Lord always. . t .Vl.vkik Pf-TEfisex LA K E CITY, M i V X KS-tiTA M issionnry Course " To the praise of fits timer. . . Pauli xk Petlos M ' KSLLA, HkVA Missionary Course - . That ye miifltt be [died with aft the fatness of God. " nOROTItY Robertson EUCKffR. OHKCllN Sec re (a rim] Course ‘‘That J ma v £ie oft - mm. . : J ax HT Sc n X I IIU1K AN x SI It LI? v, IOWA Christian IvdiicalLou Course ' Hut He tci j wounded far i in- transtireS ' sions. . . I ' m x kst Star v kx k k (LaREMOXT, M I X x ESOTA Bible Course " Trust ia the Lord. , „ C " J Iknk Sum kx sox STOMUKX. Jj I S X 1‘SOTA Bible-.Music Course " That f may know ifim. . . ’ Fa k Wilson K(VIKNK, OREGON 1 Christi nil lulcicnlioti Course " fiat God forbid that l should }fory t save in the cross. „ , not pictured Am of tic S m i t it M I XV LAHOLlSj MINX. Missionary Course " Let your liftkt so shine before men. . . ' Ralph L. Wilson n untjxgton park, cal, Bible Course " Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee. " Hk.VHY WhilMltRL Oh T ROIT t MICII. Bible Course " Fear thou not, for I am with thee. , . 25 Junior Class Officers Joan Shc]jlcc 3 Secretary Delbert Golikc President John Pet Ion Vice President Robert Brien Treasurer ; Anderson, Lily Arbogast, Ruth Barden, Myrtle Beals, Mildred Beals, Richard Benton, John Bird, Elspcth Bollinger, Joyce Brien, Robert Brown, Lois Brown, Lola Bryggcr, Esther Bunker, Doris Buthod, Lucy Gorporaalj Susie Drown, Grace Duncomb, Ruth Edge it, Ruth Erickson, Delores Fast, Adeline Fesslcr, Perry Frank, Ethel Grace Frank, Lucille Foster, Frances Fulcher, Melva Funk, Vclora Gcissler, Mavis Golikc, Delbert Greene, James Halverson, Arlene Halvcrsen, William Haynes, Edna Hicks, Vern Ililscn, Shirley Ilironaka, Laura Hull, Virgil Johnson, Delores A, 26 Johnson, Dolores L, Johnson, Lillian C, Johnson, Lucylc Johnson, Marie Johnson, Ma urine Josephson, Pearl Keeney, Mary Ken ward, Valeda Kephart, Viola Kile, Elvin Kile, Joan Knappen, Kenneth Lange, Jeanette Larson, June Lebot, Burt Linquist, Virginia Lowe, Melva Mnves, Ruth Mayer, B Etta MeTeer, Leona Meiers, Sarola Mettam, George Mills, Iris Mitchell, Bessie Mitchell, Norma Money, Ruth Moore, Haze Pankratz, Doris Parker, Mary Peterson, Virgil Peterson, Wyhna Petlon, John Pickett, Glen Pliant, Man June Pratt, Nora RatzlafF, Edna Ratzlaflf, John Richards, Lorraine Russell, Kenneth Sawatzky, Leslie Shcplce, Joan Sheppard, Grace Smith, Anna Mae Spooner, William Stahl, Mabel Tatsima, Louise Sleinert, Theodore St rand berg, Eva Tarr, Edna Pay lor, Grace Tcasdalc, Glen Towstick, Alary Van Hovel, Vernon Vaughn, Vera Vosler, Ruth Whitson, Marian Williams, Alberta Wrobbcb Be i n ieta Voder, Ann Brown, Doretta—- special student 27 Typical freshmen girls — “happy in the Service of the King. Ahlstrom, Mildred Almquist, Ernest Anderson, Anna Anderson, Yvonne Asa, Phyllis Bird well, Kenneth Bailey, Lorraine Baker, Lorenc Bathkc, Ilazel Bauer, Mildred Bavis, William Bazilewich, Nick Bennett, Rachel Bennett, Willa Belle Bergman, Clinton Bcttcnga, Rosalyn Bigelow, Evelyn Blilie, Viola Bodenhofcr, Lorraine Bong, Lawrence Bosshardt, Margaret Boxmeye r, Josc[)h Bridge, Paul Brill, Margaret Bronner, Norman Baker, Virginia Burrows, Allyne Callahan, June Ch ristensen, Peggy Christopherson, Lu¬ cille Clipper, Norma Cochrane, John Collin, Mabel Gonat, Lois Cook, Floy Corner, Muriel Cramer, Mildred 28 Croaks, Elaine Can n. Laurel Day, Marjorie Divers, Zclma Lades, Peggy Eastling, Edith Eberhart, Bertha Elzig, Helen Erickson, Avis Fast, Edna Mae Fleming, Wilma Foster, Phyllis Frank, Doris Frans, Kenneth Frans, Marian Frans, Jane Friedrich, Ellen Garielson, Marilyn Geiszkr, Marian Gibson, Eleanor GifTord, Max Golden, Eileen Golikc, La Verne Gustavson, Ruth Ha burn, Virginia Hall, Robert Halverson, Mary Hanson, Hazel Henly, Ellwyn Hegcrfeld, Helen H el niers, Rose Heimnelman, Lois Herncr, Eleanor Holmqiust, Adda Holmquist, Alice Holmstrom, Marjorie Honeycutt, Thelma llopf, James Hovda, Barbara Hovda, Eugene Huettc, Karleen Hutchens, Bessie Jain, Carol Job, Viola Johnson, Ellyn Johnson, Eunice Johnson, Beverly Johnson, Harriet Johnson, Ruth Jot. nson, Violet Johnston, Minnie Jones, Doris Jorgenson, Wallace Kastner, Kenneth Kastner, Mildred Keene, Charlotte 29 Kcla, Mary Ann Kendall, Alice Kiemele, Anna Kirstdn, Clara Kooyinan, Edna Korver, Peter Jr. Kregness, Harold Kruger, Thelma LaBontc, Marilyn LangLcit, Eleanor LaPointc, Jerome Lindstroin, Lorraine Lint, Arbutus Lohmeyer, Amandus Looft, Jeanne Longhofer, Jack Lowe Laurk Lvman, Marjorie Ma gnu,son, Ruth Margadant, Lmvana Martin, Gloria Mattson, Lorna McCauley, Esther McGowan, Virgie McMullen, Ray Me P h c rson , Be t ty Mel lor, Lloyd Menge, Louis Menge, Mrs. Louis Miller, Olive Montgomery, Lucille Mosier, Alice Neaderbaomer, EJfricda Nelson, Helen Newton, Florence Nicholson, Florence Pardun, Beth Patterson, Jean Patterson, Joyce Peel, Margaret Pegors, Marie Pennington, Paul Peterson, Dale Pickett, Faith Plants, Eleonora Powell, Hargrove Reeves Ella Rich, Eleanor Robertson, Arnold Rosenau Dorothy Rowland, Margaret Samsevick, John Sanderson, Lorraine Sawatzky, Harold SchacfFer Dorothy Schlittenhardt, Martha Schmidt, June SIns, William Sheard, Helen Shostak, Helen Sjodin, Joyce Skripol, Katherine Smith, Delphmc Smith, Eleanor Smith s Florence Smith, Margaret Stedman, Adelvn Stein ke, Albert Stein ke, Lydia S ten berg, Gerald Stonbork, Ruth Stephens, Faye Stratmeyer, Earl Sullivan, Mary Sandberg, Paul Sutton, Letha Taillon, Joyce Thompson, JaNcta Thompson, Vera Mac Timmons, Margaret Tippett, Anna belle Todd, Lawrence Townsend, Ada Towstik, Anne Tracy, Erma Turn mire, Nona Traub. Marian Wall, Phyllis Walter, Betty Ward, Dorothy White, Neva Wiens, David Wild, Verna Winkler, Owen Wishart, Shirley W ohlcnhauSj Ma rj or ie Wood, Ann Wrobbel, Harry Ykovchick, William Zoschke, Rachel Freshmen Class Officers Kenneth Kastner, President Jack CochranCj Vice President Shirley Wishart, Secretary Marilyn Gabriclson, Treasurer 31 A representation of students entering in February SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS Ahlquist, Erick St. Paul, Minn. Anfinscn, Gloria Minneapolis, Minin Ball, Edna Hastings, Sussex, Eng, Bauer, Fred Carrington, N. Dakota Bell, Lowenc Des Moines, Iowa Bite, Ella Sacramento, Cal. Bjerkesetl, Angela Minneapolis, Minn. Buyse, Paul Mankato, Minn. Carlson, Ronievieve Minneapolis, Minn. Canon, Mildred Winnebago, Minn. Clapshaw, Glendon Minneapolis, Minn. Cowles, John Minneapolis, Minn, Cox, Ruth Des Moines, Iowa Decker, Hazel le St. Charles, Minn. Dildine, Joyce Kellogg, Minn, Dobra, Louis Hillsboro, Oregon Ecklund, Mary Ann Des Moines, Iowa Edson, Mrs. Anna Minneapolis, Minn. Fanberg, Gordon Winthiop, Minn. Fletcher, Arlene Milwaukee, Wis. Gidley, La Verna Riverton, Wyo. Glessner, Galen Minneapolis, Minn. Grill, John Scott, Sask«, Canada Grocnewold. Phardoris Minneapolis, Minn, Kilgore, Betty Lou Lima, Ohio Linchcid, Mildred Butterfield, Minn. Loo ft, Lois Fairmont, Minn. Love, Mrs. Ruth Detroit, Mich, Luitjens, Alice Ashton, Iowa McDonald, Lorraine Milwaukee, V r is. Martin, George Seaman, Ohio Matson, Dorothy Marie Minneapolis, Minn, McCalLister, Gladys Backus, Minn. McQuiggiii, Edna Santa Monica, California Mi Her , Jacquel i nc Minneapolis, Minn. Mosher, Louise Minneapolis, Minn. Mulder, Fern Ru slim ore, Minn. Nelson, Catherine Minneapolis, Minn. Nelson, Jo Ann White Park, Minn. Ni eke Ison, Verna Ncnokce, Kan. Persons, Doris St. Charles, Minn. Pettit, William Backoo, N. Dak. Schmidt, Elmer Streeter, X. Dak. Souleles, Martha Los Angeles, Calif. Sparks, George Algona, Iowa Sparks, Lois Algona, Iowa Sparks, Opal (Mr . Geo.) Algona, Iowa Tara, Martha Canonsburg, Penn. Waterman, Richard Minneapolis, Minn. Wiles, La Von Chippewa Falls, Wis. 32 “Whose Faith Follow” A tribute to the memory of Robert L. Moyer, DJ). by Curtis H. Akenson “Remember them . . . who have spoken unto you the Word of God: whose faith follow. , „ ” (Hebrews 13 : 7 ) U hen he met socially with friends, lie preferred the conversation to center in the things of the Lord; when he preached, his message was filled with Scripture; when he wrote, his theme was Christ; when he taught, his subject was the Bible I hese well-known facts permit the statement that personal eulogy would not only embarrass but grieve him. Inappropriate it would seem, then, to couch his tribute in language other than a paean of praise to the One he loved, and a pica for obedience to the Word he lived! Our esteem for him voiced, thus, in ter ins of God s truth, makes it righteously possible to say “Whose faith follow” in a man¬ ner that would suit the spirit of Northwestern ' s “Uncle Bob.” “Whose faith follow” because. . . llis assurance of salvation made him a new creature in Christ Jesus, He never, for a moment, doubted that what the Bible says about sin and salvation is absolute¬ ly true. On this point, bis theology centered primarily in a date—May 13, 1912 and in a text—John 3:14, 15. A few friends knew that he was born in Mont¬ gomery, Pennsylvania, January 17, 1886. Thousands heard his oft-expressed grat¬ itude for his godly mother and her long years of prayer for him. All who knew him agree that the marks of God’s favor upon his ministry were numerous. But none of these things was ever any part of his confidence that he was the recipient of the gift of eternal life. May 13, 1912, was the date on which he heard that As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: that whosoever belie veth in Him should not ocrish, but have ever¬ lasting life.” On that he rested: about that he preached: into that truth he de¬ lighted to lead others, “Whose faith follow!” His simplicity of trust kept him loyal to God’s Word, Through the years, by very ruggedness of spirit he overcame the fruility of his body, and kept his eyes singled to the task of being a man of one Book, ' Where the Scripture spoke, his utterance was clear, simple, and uncompromising: but he feared to speak “above what is written. His final labors fit the pattern of this life purpose. The last message published in THE PILOT prior to his death was on the text, “I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” The last sermon lie preached was an evangelistic message upon the topic, “What We Carry Beyond the Grave,” With his last strength, as with all his days, he loyally proclaimed the grace of God, The Word that is forever settled in heaven was thoroughly - established in his heart. “Whose faith follow!” His certainty of triumph has taken him to be at home with the Lord. Unwaver¬ ingly he believed that “yet a little while and He that shall come will come.” With that undergirding hope, lie saw in death an enemy robbed of power. “Valley of the shadow,” “asleep . . . ” and “absent from the body—at home with the Lord” were the terms in which he taught and comforted others. Toward the end, as he realized that the shadow cast by the sunset of earth’s day was near, in his heart there still shone brighty the truth that he lias written indelibly in the mem¬ ories of those who attended his teaching ministry: “Death may come. The Lord will come.” But he would want the closing word to he from God’s Word May our Heavenly Father strengthen and keep our hearts in the triumph that was his: “To me to live is Christ and to die is gain,” “Whose faith follow!” 33 THROUGH THE EYE OF THE CAMERA 36 S ■ MUSIC Rock of Ages ' —Dr Moyer ' s favorite hymn 1 ■1 K. GIRL’S GLEE CLUB . . Blending harmonies of the soul. ” BAND “The staircase of melody by which we rise — note by note—from the mundane to the celestial A praying Band became a playing Band CHORAL CLUB OTHER MUSICAL GROUPS Global Gospelaires Male Quartet Julius Hoscihj First tenor Zcral Brown, Second tenor BryCC Augsburger Baritone Richard Aylward, Bass Over thousands of miles, in hundreds of meetings this quartet has faithfully ministered. Global Gospelaires Girls Trio Marilyn Cookson, Alice Jane Sled and Ann Wood blend their vorces in singing praises to the Lord. Our Trumpeteers Henry Wrobbel Erick Ahlquist Bryce Augsburger 4Q CAMPUS Moyer Hall a HI he constructed as a memorial to our dear u Uncle Rob” _ V. , Jackson Hall Our place of training. Homestead Building t recently purchased apartment “just like home” for students. LORING PARK A place to relax, to play, to dream, to study, to stroll and to enjoy. DORMITORIES Mother Craig Mother Richardson Russell-Lyman Halls Mrs. Johnson and assistants Student dining room 44 Mother Carey 45 practice , with joy play; we go our way. A THLETICS " Paul kepi his body under severe training to win a prize. Men do it in athletics, why should we not do so [or a heavenly reward. ’ -—Dr. R. L. Moyer BOYS’ BASKETBALL Top row, left to right -— Peter Korvor, Frank Dobra, Kenneth Kastner, Jerome La Pointc, Vernon Van Hovel. Front row — Glen Tcasdale, Arnold Robertson, Bryce Augsburger, Warren BLoycr, Jim Miller. A ugs burner Guard Teasdalc Guard Korver Guard Miller Forward Kaslncr For a ' a rd LaPoirttc Forward Dobra Canter Basketball Results to March 9, 194-5 Won 15 Lost 3 48 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL A tense moment JUNE MENGE Forward ZELMA DIVERS Guard GRACE DROWN Forward ROSELLA PANKRATZ Forward ETHEL FRANK Guard BEVERLY JOHNSON Guard ALICE KIPFER Forward ROSALYN BETTINGA Guard BETTY RLOYER Coach SHEPLEE Forward 49 ACTIVITIES " All the joys of life are worth nothing without Christ —Dr. R. L. Moyer ANNUAL BANQUET The banquet is the main social event of the year in which the whole student body participates Due to war¬ time restrictions, the 1944 banquet was held in the din¬ ing room of our own beloved Jackson Hall. The under¬ classmen did excellent work in converting this room into .1 delightful rose garden. The program was of a semi- formal character with “Radio” as its theme. The main feature of each banquet is the presentation of Thk Scroll. The book is being presented by Leon Christiansen, the editor, to Dr, Riley. One of lht b “old stand-bys” at the annual banquet has been the ever-popular “Rivers of Life Quartet” which our dear “Uncle Bob” instituted many years ago. Re¬ gardless of other changes, he was always its “basso pro- fundo” 52 MEDICINE LAKE Annual Picnic No picnic complete without rain and lunch A real sport’s fan % Sometimes during the Inst month of school Severn! hundred students, together with the faculty, pile into cars and wend their way to beautiful Medicine Lake, a few miles out of Minneapolis The day is filled with games of kitten hall volley ball, and tennis, plus excursions into the woods. Then comes the picnic lunch which is followed by a time of fellow¬ ship around a campfire. All in all, regardless of weather, we have a great time together—and it usually rains. Annual Conference The Northwestern Bible Conference a fiords a time of spiritual refreshments for students, faculty, alumni, and friends of Northwestern. Hundreds of decisions are made for the Lord Jesus there, and many Christians arc drawn nearer to Him. The selection of speakers is of the best with such men as Harry Rimmer, Dan Gilbert, Mervin RosclL and many others. The Bible Study hours by our beloved “Uncle Bob” were a special favorite with everyone. His memory shall live there always. Youth Chapel SOCIALLY INCLINED Among the most enjoyable times for students are the moments of fellowship and relaxation, North westerners arc by no means un¬ sociable, and many arc the parties, hikes, and fellowships they enjoy. 54 EMPLOYMENT Approximately ninety per cent of the North western students work their wav through school. Stores Hospitals Stock rooms Garages • Many They work in . . . Hornes Offices Defense plants Cafes other places Mrs. Wilcox Emfdoymeni secretory " GW doesn ' t expect every man to be art evangelist, pastor, or teacher. He dors expect ns to have our occupation centered in Christ ’ —Dr. R. L. Moyer ■ f “ V hk, j MISSIONARIES OVERSEAS Adcncy, Mrs. David (Ruth W, Temple 33) Honan, China AlquLst, Mrs. J, A, (Judith Swanson 06), India Alton, Miss Mabel M. ' 31, Ecuador, South America Anderson, Mrs. Arthur 32 and Mrs. Isabel Barnett 32, Dccca, India Anderson, Mrs. A. F. (Matilfa l-lags train ’21), China Arvoson, Miss Dora attended in ' 32, Africa Baker, Miss Letter L. 7 35, Bolivia, S. A. Barber, Mr. Harold ' 37, Colombia, South America Barber, Dr. Wayne ' 38, Brazil, South America Barville, Mrs, G. C, (Edith Peterson ex 22), Nether¬ lands West Indies Beard, Miss Mary ’42, Bolivia, S. A. Bert, Mr. Fred 6, 38, retired from Africa Biorness, Mrs. Sigiid (Johanna Mysisvqn ex. 41), Palcs- t i ne Blackball, Mr. S. Palph 27, Colombia, South America Elevens, Mrs. F. A. (Eva Janlz ex. 28), retired from Africa Blochcr, Mr. Jacques ' 30, Germany Brethcrst, Miss Alice B.—attended in 04, returned From China Bricoc, Mrs. W. F. (Meta Kuehn ex. 4 3), London, England Bunker, Miss Merle G, 32, Colombia, South America Basse, Miss Sadie ' 26, Philippine Islands Buysc, Mrs. L. J. (Daphne Thompson 20), British East Africa Camp, Miss Evnlyn A. 4 4, returned from Japan Camp, Mrs. N. (Margaret Fleming 22), French Equa¬ torial Africa Campbell, Miss Caroline ' 24, French West Africa Campbell, Miss Ruth " 26, returned from China Cane day, Mr. Maynard 26, North Africa Carlson, Miss Jessie ex. ’24, returned from South America Carlson, Miss Esther A. ex. ' 29, Venezuela, South America Cattermole, Miss Doris ’43, Ethiopia, Africa ColTey, Miss Velma L. 32, Colombia, South America Cook, Dr. Em. " 26, Assam, India Dahlenburg, Miss Bertha 40, Colombia, South America Deekeit, Mrs. Ivan (Josephine Johnson 40), Nigeria, West Africa Doran, Miss Ellen (J. 3 30, North Africa Erickson, Miss Ida ' 28,, West Central Africa Erickson, Jalniar L. 38 and Mrs. (Ruth Gehung ’27) Canada Fickc, Mrs. Michael J. (Ella Patzch 33), Ecuador, South America Coertzcn, Miss Anna R. 34, W. C., Africa Gustafson, Mrs. j. (Jane Olson 16), West Rhandcsh, India Gustafson, Mrs. Lloyd (Pearl Hanson 41), Venezuela, South America Harder, Miss Agnes ' 37, Nigeria, West Africa Hiebcrt, Mr. John F. 37 and Mrs. (iiulda Fricsen 37), Nigeria, West Africa Hiebert, Nliss Martha A. 28, W. C Africa Hildebrandt, Mrs. John (Esther Fa met 39), Nigeria, West Africa Jacobson, Miss Lydia 40, Venezuela, South America Jacobson, Miss Myrtle Irene 39, Colombia, S, A. Johnson, Mr, Frank ex. 32 and Mrs. (Viola So web ex 32), Africa Johnson, Miss Marjorie A. 31, Venezuela, S. A. Johnson, Miss Olga 18, West Khandesh, India Johnson, Signe N. 24, Morocco, North Africa Misrioiinrtes on Itstve, Kenclie, Mr. Clifford ’38 and Mrs, (Ruth Nelson 38), Nigeria, West Africa Klassen, R. Cornelius P. ’28 and Mrs. (Mary M. Heikcs 29), Ecuador, South America Knutson, Mr. S. 32 and Mrs, (Bertiia A. Roatcap 32), Brazil, South America Kraft, Mr. George 34, West China ■ 11 insch, Mrs. M. (Anna Gooch 04), returned from Burma Lange, Mr. Elmer W. ’20 and Mrs. (Abbie Mayrick ex. 20), South America Larsen, Edna ex, 4 9, West China Laughlin, Miss Mary 24, Assam, India Lind holm, Mrs. Godfrey (Ethel Johnson 31), North China Lind holm, Mr. Paul 25 and Mrs. (Clara Mnlbon 27), Philippine Islands Lundbcck, Miss Martha ' 31, returned from Africa Martin, Miss Lillian 20, returned from Africa Martinson, Lois 34, Brazil, South America Miller, Mr. Richard E. 36 and Mrs. (Mary Strong 36), West Africa McClelland, M iss L. attended in ' 33, returned from Africa Nelson, Miss Clara A. 4 7, Kr. China Nelson, Miss Esther attended in 39 West China Xelson, Mr. Victor C, ’25 and Mrs. ( ' 25), Northern Rhodesia, Africa Noel, Mrs. L. G. (Clara G. Levang 48) returned from India Olson, Mr + Alrich 24, Ontario, Canada Parks, M iss Elsie M. 3 34, Philippine Islands Pickering, Mrs. Frank (Evangeline Payne ’26), Bolivia, South America Pol T Mrs. H. F. M. (Irina Day 24), retired from China Prochnow, Orlett 42, Colombia, South America Quiring, Miss Anna FI. ' 28, West Central Africa Ray, Mr. Herman ex. 28, retired from Japan Reed, Robert 37 and Mrs. d f ranees Norton 37), Co¬ lombia, South America Ritchie, Mrs. A. (Iona Pickering 33), returned from Eu rope Robertson, Miss Lcnore ’23, returned from Alaska Rosenau, Mr. Ferdinand 20 and Mrs, (Ina Iv Benedict ex. 20), Africa Schleuter, Miss Alice E, 31, Ecuador, South America Shillingsburg, Mr. Williams 30 and Mrs. (Florence Wright 32), Colombia, South America Shortridge, Mr. and Mrs. Frank ex. 30, Morocco, North Africa Si rag, Mrs. William F. (Sylvia Cushing 32), Nether¬ lands East Indies SkifF, Miss A Home 32, French West Africa Smith, Mr. Glenn 38 and Mrs. (Evelyn Johnson 41), British West Indies Smith, Mr. Wycliffe ex. 18, Ivory Coast, S. A. Tebbcn, Hannah 39, Mexico Teichrow, Mr. Albert 39, North Nigeria, West Africa Tobert, Mrs. Asaph (Carrie Svv ter 34), Nigeria, West Africa Trimble, Mr. Garnet 35 and Mrs. (Fern F. Sieger 34), Brazil, 3, A. TuttIc, Dr. Glen ex. 28, West Africa Waagc, Miss Minnie 37, Colombia, South America Wall, Miss Mary E. 12, Deccan, India Wedicson, Miss Jcssis 20, Kansu, China Westgate, Blanch, Congo Beige, Africa Whitaker, Mr. Charles 30 and Mrs (Margaret Hen¬ drickson 29), Africa 56 SERVICE When our Lord declared that the gas - pel icas to be preached to every creature x He meant to every creature in every gen- nation during His absence” —Dr. R. L. Mover CHILD EVANGELISM Our Director Directs We are learning new truths daily, and we want to keep them that we may use them to the blessing of others; therefore, we “give them away, " as Dr. Moyer suggested. It is the blessed priv¬ ilege of many of the students to go out into various neighborhoods of Minneapolis to teach the little children. yon zvant to keep a truth, give it aivayJ ' —Dr. R. L. Moyer Child Evangelism Class Each spring we have a rally DAILY VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL Hie summer Vacation Bible School movement approaches a new high as it faces the opportunities of the coming year. It gains momentum from two great sources, namely: a rich and glorious past and a momentous present. The Northwestern Bible School, which pioneered in this field, has witnessed a steady growth from the thirty students who went forth into the field in 1924 to the more than two hundred thirty students who were engaged in this same work in 1944, and who contacted approximately nine thousand boys and girls, bringing more than 1,150 to a personal acceptance of Christ as their Savior. Besides the impetus which this movement has gained over the years, it has in its favor a current re¬ vival in the field of child evangelism. Many pastors and missionaries have already requested help for the summer just ahead. Surely “a great door and effectual is opened unto us but “there arc many ad¬ versaries 1 Not the least of these is the lust for money-making and the spirit of sidestepping responsi¬ bilities, which characterizes our day. But we are not of this world and with the light of heaven in our hearts and on our faces we shall go forth again for Christ .—Leroy Gager . Northwcstencrs find great joy in the opportuni¬ ties they have in the surrounding states of telling forth the gospel to our coming generation and of seeing the little ones step “out of darkness into His marvelous light,” D.V.B.5., D.V.B.S., We broadcast the Gospel of God’s righteousness, Christ died on Calvary to save and to bless; This is the message of D.V.B.S, f ’m in the King’s Army. ” 59 YE SHALL BE MY WITNESSES Many are the ways in which the Gospel is presented by Northwestern students. Here is a sample of the young men and women sent out in the numerous places witnessing for Christ The Mountain Lake Northwesterners have experienced the joy of work¬ ing together for the salvation of souls. The Peterson trio is just one of the many musical groups organized here in Northwestern. Young men are sent out by the prac¬ tical work director, Leroy Gager, to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ. ” Student Pastors 60 RADIO Global Gospelaires In these days when radio of¬ ficials want to bar all religious broadcasts, Northwestern has not only remained on the air, but is pioneering in new methods of “Holding forth the Word of Life. 1 ’ Besides our regular broad¬ cast on W.T.C.N, at 10:15 P.M. Saturday nights, our newest proj¬ ect is the five-minute radio “spots” presenting the gospel in stream¬ lined fashion to reach more and more of the great secular audi¬ ence. " Holding Forth the Word of Life” WORD or LIFE LINES “You cannot commit a single sin tha t docs not mean the breaking of the Holy Law that our Holy God gave at the Holy Mount.” ' “Wc need the character the Word demands, the truth it teaches, the spirit it breathes, the life it re¬ veals, the portion it promises, the person it pictures.” “That the Son of God loved us can never be questioned when we consider that He gave Himself out of pure love. He gave Himself into the hands of justice. He gave Himself to anguish, to shame, to death He gave Himself up to judgment—the judgment which we deserve because of our sins. That love and sacrifice is the heart of the Bible ”— Dr. R + L. Moyer The Living Word for a dying world “Only believe and live” BRINGING THE GOSPEL TO EVERY RACE flow lovable! Yes, Every One! God loves the children of the world Whether red, yellow, black, or white He is the Maker of them all ; Thus all arc precious in His sight. Because He loved the whole, w ide world, He gave His only begotten Son Thai each who will believe in Him Might be saved Yes, every one. Do you love the Negroes and Chinese? Are the Japanese on your heart? All must be told of Jesus Christ. Are you willing to do your part? -—Florence Kendall The Northwestern Bible School students serve while preparing to go forth into full¬ time service for their Lord. They not only learn the methods of soul-winning, preach¬ ing, teaching, conducting, singing, and playing musical instruments, but they also apply the knowledge which they have gained to practical purposes. Their aim is to win souls to Christ and to help them to grow in grace and knowledge of Him. A phase of the work is represented here by a student teaching a class of mixed races. 62 THE PILOT Journalism Class—taught by George Wilson A paper published by the students and for the students. It gives the news flashes of student life and interests. It reports testimonies of the stu¬ dents and faculty. It announces sport flashes and the outcome of basketball games, Each month the Northwestern Pilot is sent around the world to alumni, friends, and servicemen. Chaplains request it for hospital, libraries, USO centers, and their offices. It is loved by children for its stories. It is loved by ministers for its outlines and sermons. It is loved by alumni for its news, ft is loved by all who read it. Mrs. Hall and Mu rjorie Holmstrom THE PILETTE RUSSIAN Dr, K Vojta, Dean “Cal! unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou k newest not 7 ' (Jeremiah 33:33). “Again say unto you , that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask , it shall he done for them of my Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 18:19). My whole life was built upon faith and God ' s promises. If we take God at His Word. He cannot fail us because His promises are true. Miracles arc not the story of yesterday, but they arc the reality of today. I firmly believe that the Russian Depart¬ ment at Northwestern is a miracle of the present day and will amaze the world of tomorrow because missionaries from the Rus¬ sian School are planning to invade Russia, not with the sword, but with the gospel of peace with its General-in-chief, Jesus Christ, the Savior. This is my belief based upon the Scriptures indicated above.—Dr, Vaclav Vojta. We arc grateful to God that our Russian Department is connected with Northwestern which is a missionary school throughout. There arc many schools in America that are preparing missionaries for various mission fields, but Northwestern is the only school in the United States of America that will graduate missionaries for Russian mission work in June, 1945. I he Rus¬ sian Department has a unique course which Includes Russian Grammar, Russian History, Rus¬ sian Reading and Literature, Russian Missions, Russian Customs, and Bible subjects. I he thirty students enrolled came from nine states. Present indications point to a greatly en¬ larged Russian Department in the fall. The staff includes Dr. Vaclav Vojta, Dean; Rev. G. P. Schroeder, teacher; Mr. Wasyl Kowalik, Choir Director; Miss Mildred Dunbar, Mission¬ ary; Misses Frances Barnick and Anne Osepchuk, secretaries. Dr. Vojta and his students travel extensively visiting various churches and presenting the work of the Russian Department. This ministry is being blessed to such an extent that en¬ gagements are made several months in advance. Such contacts with Christian people have In¬ creased interest in the Russian mission field. Frances Barnick and Dr, Vojta 64 DEPARTMENT ])r. Vaclav Vojta is well known to inc, both as a brother pastor and as a co-worker in the North western Evangelical Seminary in which he is Dean of the Russian Department. He is a talented teacher and preacher He is a native-born Russian and has a re¬ markable story concerning his conversion and education Me has an intensely interesting and challenging missionary message, and the program he presents with his Russian students is unique. We heartily commend him.”— Dr. R. L. Moyer Our Miis si o n a ry Russian School Students Front row, left to right: Wasvl Kownlifc, Choir Director; Mildred Dunbar, Missionary; Rev. G, P. Sclwoeder, Professor; Dr. W. B. Riley, President, Northwestern Schools; Mrs. W, R Riley; Dr. V. Vojta, Dean, Russian Department; Frances Barnick, Sccretarv; Anne Oscp- chuk, Secretary. Middle row: Lydia Steinke, Delores Johnson, Lois Hcimnclman, Helen Shostak, Sarola Meiers, Helen Barnick, Lydia Hekjuist, Katherine Skripol, Mary Towstik, Ann Towstik. Back row: Dan Feryance, John Samscvick, William Ykovchick, Albert Steinke, Isaac John¬ son, Nick Bastlewich, Frank Dobra, Arthur Sommcrville, Marvin Bo stow. Gale Baldridge, Harvey Powell. 65 MEDICAL Beginning last fall Northwestern introduced one of die most thorough courses available anywhere on the subject of Medical Missions, The following is an outline of the subjects taught; Anatomy and physiology Nutrition in health and disease Hygiene and sanitation -tropical hygiene Diseases of children and child hygiene General medicine—diseases of the adult Preventive medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology Social diseases (so-called) Common diseases of the eyes, cars, nose, and throat Minor surgical problems Contagious and infectious diseases Tropical diseases Simple laboratory methods Mental hygiene and psychiatry American Red Cross First Aid Course American Red Cross Home Nursing Course Practical nursing Elemcntarv dentistry Arthur E. Karhlrom, MM. Dean of the Medical Department and a man whom we all respect. Instructors; Dr. Arthur E Karlstrom Thora McCauley, R.N, Leona Larm, R.N. Di Glen Tuttle Dr. Earl Loomis Dr. C. R. Wall Dr. James R. Weir Dr, Marx White And others Leona Larm, RS. Public Health Xurse Thor a McCauley, R.JT. Supervisor and instructor at St. Barnabas Hospital MISSIONS Returned missionaries have often discussed with ns the need for similar medical information, and have cited many instances where human lives have been lost because of the Jack of even elementary knowledge about the simpler medical prob¬ lems Others who have had some medical teaching testify to the fact that the relief they were able to give to the sick and suffering on their mission fields has won for them the love confidence and respect of the natives and has made it much easier for them to present the Gospel. ™ Testimonies From Present Students: hen we enrolled in the medical course, we did not anticipate that there would lie so much in store for us. We had not expected that we would have the privilege of sitting at the feet of an outstanding group of instructors, each one of them be¬ ing a specialist in his particular field; nor did we realize that the course would cover so thoroughly a wide field of which each phase is so vital to the foreign missionary. We thank God for this opportunity of real practical training. — Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Dick The medical course has given me a new slant on lift ' : for it has helped me to im¬ prove my own health. Through practical experience I have learned that there is an unique joy and opportunity in doing little things as unto the Lord to make the suffering more comfortable. May the Lord use the knowledge which I have gained in the medical course to win souls to Him! Florence K endull ' We will not be missionaries until Scripture enlightenment comes to us; for the Scripture is the source of Missions " —Dr. R. L. Moyer. Practice while learning Lessons through the eye-gale COMMENCEMENT 1 1 Li ' T ! L i4 n We have again gathered in the Municipal Auditori¬ um to see another class graduate from Northwest¬ ern. The graduates have prayed much for the Lord’s guidance in their life work. Almost as soon as they re¬ move their graduation robes, they will be scattered to the four corners of the earth to bring the news of salvation to those who have never heard. MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM Minneapolis, Minnesota Friday, May 26, 1944, 8:00 P.M. DR. W, IS. RILEY, Chairman Organ Program.......Theodore Bergman 1 rum pet I airfare..Processional and Presentation of Colors Star-Spangled Banner. ...Northwestern Choral Club—Selected Invocation America Girls’ Choir..........Selected Festimonies .... . . .Becky Volkenant, Earle Matteson, Keith Austin, Fred Borden Solo . ..............Carlton Booth Offertory .............. Selected Distribution of Awards: Alumni Memorial Scholarship..... Houser Memorial Scholarship.... Ogden Memorial Scholarship. Maranatha Scholarsliip. Kallenbach Scholarship... Announcement of Senior Class Memorial Presentation of Diplomas....... Bestowal of Seminary Degrees... Bestowal of Honorary Degrees......... All Ilail the Power of Jesus Name... Russia Tomorrow........... Girls Choir ..... Benediction .... Sevenfold Amen... Postludc ....George Wilson ..Martin Nordland, M.D. ...Martin Nordland, M.D. ..Martin Nordland, M.D. .Martin Nordland, M.D. ...Frank Drown .Curtis B. Akenson ...Dr, W, B. Riley .Dr. W. B. Riley .Male Octette—El I or .........Col. F. J. Miles ... Selected ...Dr. Vaclav Vojta Northwestern Choral Club—Stainer MISSION PRAYER BAND I cxhoi tj therefore, that, fust of all, supplication, PRAYERS, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men 51 {1 Timothy 2:1). 11 Pray without ceasing,” “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (I Thessalonians 5:17, 18). “Missionary annals are crowded with answers to prayer. In a moment of time the Loving Father translates the prayer of a trusting heart in America into miracles of His grace in China, India, and the islands of the sea It is the high privilege of every child of God to be His instrument in this sublime ministry of prayer.” —Evaiyn A. Camp OFFICERS 1944-1945 President—Don Nelson Vice President—Virgil Hull Corresponding Secre¬ taries —Faye Wilson and Pauline Pctlon Recording Secretary-—- Alice Kip for Trea s u re r—F rank D oh ra ASSOCIATING OFFICERS Nick Bazilewich— Freshman Marilyn Gabriclson— Freshman Mary Keeney—Junior Glen Pickett—Junior Ruth 1 h rig—Sum i nary “Show me a man who doesn ' t rea d his Bible, and 1 will show you a man who doesn ' t pray ' — Dr. R. L. Moyer 69 A WORLD IN NEED t£ God so loved the world—all colors, all conditions, all circumstances, all climes, all castes, all classes , all charac¬ ters j all companies—the world ' —Dr. R. L. Moyer A Christian nurse cares for children in a mission home. Had their parents cared for them, they would have been Mohammedans without hope or happiness Central Africa will come under Moslem domination unless it is evangelized for Christ. Every Mohammedan is a missionary for his religion As traders travel among pagan tribes, they zealously propagate their false beliefs. The Moslem advance in Africa is perhaps the most dif¬ ficult missionary problem confronting the Christian church In Memory of Mrs. Gordon Lcgg (Mary Jrnks 30) who went home to heaven June 20, 1944, after serving the Lead under the South Africa General Mission. Miss Lydia Jantz, ’30, stands in the doorway of an African home while she witnesses to an African woman. Miss jantz is at present on furlough, but will soon be returning, God willing, to continue her work for the Lord in Africa. The Orient Buddhism is an Oriental religion embracing a following equal to the population of the United States, but influencing many more people Bud¬ dhism teaches self-wrought righteousness. It is atheistic in precept, hope¬ less in expectancy, and the basis of many of our cults in America today. An image of Buddha Christ ' s mission was a world mission ”— Dr. IT L, Moyer. A leper in India. Hierc are between five and ten mil¬ lion lepers in the world. Pagan people are constantly haunted by the fear of evil spirits. These spirits supposedly inhabit every object around them, and continually seek to torment them. A PEOPLE IN NEED The Islands Walter Cecil, who attended Northwestern in 41-’42, is now with the army serving in the Fiji Islands. A great revival began in these Islands in 1845 with such power that sixty years later eighty per cent of the population attended pub¬ lic worship. Before the missionaries came, a man’s social standing was determined by the number of humans he had eaten. The famous chief, RaUnd round rc, had 872 such feasts to his credit. A missionary is witnessing to a group of eager Cuban boys. One-half or the four million Cubans are illiterate. The peo¬ ple are generally poor, but great opportunities exist for preaching the gospel. f viv;;C I ' Jrv Sji 7 spiff j -1fi®r ■ ■ -liBui l] 7E A HEMISPHERE IN NEED “God so loved the world! None excluded: all in¬ cluded . None omitted: none overlooked 9 —Or. R. L. Moyer Alaska Explorers and miners have risked their lives in Alaska to obtain gold and other earthly wealth, hut far too few Christians have heeded the challenge of seeking souls which are much more precious to the Lord than gold is to the miner. This totem pole represents the idol worship of the Alaskan natives. Today there are also other evils to com¬ bat. In some places, false teaching lias led these people to worship pictures of Mary and the Christ-child rather than the Christ Himself. Then, too, the evils of our modern civilization have done much to destroy physical, mental, moral, and spiritual life among people here. The great hope of this land depends upon the salvation of the children. South America Northwestern lias twenty-seven missionaries in five coun¬ tries of South America. Three new missionaries arc leav¬ ing for this country soon. These children were born in an unevangelized section of South America. Many of these tribes live almost like brute animals and know nothing of a happy home or of love and devotion. 72 Our Homeland Undoubtedly you arc aware of the fact that many of our American Indians have been neglected. Wc have a great responsibility toward these many un¬ saved aborigines. Even in northern Minnesota there are 3,500 Ghippcwas without any ministration of the gospel. Other racial and national groups in our nation are also in need of our Savior. The children of America should be especially on our hearts. In the United Stales thirty-seven million of our young people are growing up without religious instruction ANSWERING THE NEED India is calling Ruth Ihrig, while South America is calling Wynona Vanover. 1 hese young people, to¬ gether with scores of other students, are willing to give their lives for the Lord Jesus Christ, Leaving all to follow Him O for a thousand tongues to sing My great Redeemer’s praise The glories of my God and King, The triumphs of His grace. My gracious Master and my God. Assist me to proclaim, To spread through all the earth abroad, 1 he honors of Thy name. Once we see the fields and know His will, noth ' mg else satisfies. ho can measure the “round¬ ness " of joy that His will gives? I John 4:17. — Wynona Vanover When the Lord saved me in 1939. He laid foreign missionary work on my heart. His lead¬ ing has been step by step, but always definite and sure. I praise Him for the opportunity to serve Him, and by His Grace I shall present the Lord Jesus Christ to those who have yet to hear the glorious message of salvation. Philippians 1 ;20, 2L -—Ruth Ihfig PHONETICS The most familiar verse in English phonetic symbols Missionaries who arc sent to preach the gospel “to a people of a hard speech and of a hard language whose words they can¬ not understand” (Ezekiel 3:6) learn basic speech sounds and habits through a study of English phonetics. 73 SERVING GOD AND COUNTRY Our Chaplains Warren H. Allen Stanley E, Anderson Ray IL Boldl Vernon R. Bliss Walter Bridges Dean W r Col Ison Ralph Erickson Waif red Erickson Edward B. Fisher Allan Fred hie Arlin Halverson Walter Horn Delbert Kuo hi Fred Mol ken thin B, V. Nelson Lawrence Nelson Clifford F. Perron Edward L. Pearson Maurice M. Powers Ralph Purdy Vein Slater Leslie G. Williams One hundred and thirty boys have left the balls of Northwestern to serve our country. The two gold stars represent Meril Grey and David Youngdahl. Word has been received that a third star has turned to gold—Donald Anderson, Captain Delbert Kuehl wrote on Dec. 6 from France: " I just can ' t make myself believe that ‘Uncle Bob ' has left us; and that he won ' t be there when I get back. 3 loved him more than 3 can ever express. I learned to know my Savior more intimately as I sat at the feet of Dr. Mayer. He grounded my faith on the Rock Christ Jesus as he unfolded Gad ' s great Word. But even now our beloved teacher and pastor is among that great cloud of witnesses and seems to be even now encouraging us from heaven ' s glory toward greater serv ice for our Lord- We shall greatly miss ' Uncle Bob but we do joy in the knowl¬ edge that he is now with the Lord he loved and served. " Rejoicing in His service, Delbert These have been in our country’s service and are now hack in school preparing for full-time service for the Lord. We are looking forward to the day when many more will join them. Fall Opening 1945 I he opening date for the next term will be September 18, 1945. If possible, applications should be sent to the school at least a month before the opening date accompanied by a. photograph of the applicant, and a list of credits from other educational institutions previously attended. The doctor’s certificate and reports of all tests given by him are to be in the hands of the Registrar before the student may register, I p or further information, for catalogs, and application blanks, write to the Regis¬ trar, 20 South Ihli Street, Minneapolis 22, Minnesota. Calendar September 18—-Tuesday 9:00 to 12:00—Freshman Registration—Bible School and College Music try¬ outs for Choral Club September 19—Wednesday 9:00 to 12:00—Junior Bible School Registration Sophomore College Registration Music tryouts for Choral Club 9:00 to 10:30—Entrance English Examination for all College graduates 10:30 to 11:45—Orientation Lecture No, I for Freshman—College and Bible School September 20—Thursday 9:00 to 12:00—-Senior and Seminary Registration 9:00 to 11:00—Orientation Lecture No, 2 for Freshman—College and Bible School Registration doses at 12:00 noon September 21 —Friday 8:00 to 9:15—Examination on Information Folder 9:30 —Opening Chapel Service 7:30 P.M. —Reception for new students Freshman Activities for the week include: Fellowship meetings; Singspiration; Amateur Night program; Street car tour of the Twin Cities, First Semester No change in the Student’s program may be made after Friday, September 21. September 24—7:40 A.M.—Classes begin November 5—Six Weeks ' Examinations begin November 29 through December 2—Thanksgiving vacation December 22 through January 7—Christmas vacation January 28 through February 1—First Semester examinations Second Semester No change in the Students program may be made after Friday, February 1. January 28 through January 30—Registration (forenoons only; closing Wednes¬ day noon.) February 4—7:40— Classes begin March 18—Six Weeks’ Examinations begin March 23 through March 31—Spring vacation May 3—Annual banquet in honor of the Seniors May 17—School picnic May 27—Baccalaureate Service May 27 through May 31—Final Examinations June 1 —Commencement Any registration completed after September 20 will be considered a late registra¬ tion for which there will be an additional charge of $2.00. In the event the entire registration fee is not paid at the time of registration, there will be an additional charge of $4,00. For any examination not taken at the appointed hours, September 18—September 21, there will be a charge of $1,00 each. Any girl depending on the school for work in exchange for board and room should report not later than Wednesday morning, September 12, 1945. For the best opportunities report before that time. We cannot place students during the opening week of school. Dormitory facilities are limited and varied. Get your reservation in early; each reservation must be accompanied by a $5.00 deposit which will be applied toward the room rent, but will not be returned in case the room is not taken. General Requirements The Northwestern Schools provide an opportunity for training in three separate and distinct organizations: Bible and Missionary Training School, Theological Sem¬ inary, and Liberal Arts College. After a careful study of the courses offered, the candidate is asked to fill in completely the application blank, mailing the same to the school. The applicant should also send to those whom he is using as references, a reference blank together with a stamped envelope addressed to the school. To assure completion of the ,student 1 s application in plenty of lime for the scheduled enrollment, the same should be made at least one month in advance of the opening of school. Each applicant is expected to meet the following requirements; lie should he at least 17 years of age (exceptions may he made in the event a student has been graduated from high school before his seventeenth birthday) ; he will be expected to pass a physical examination given at the school at the time of his enrollment; he must have an approved character, a willingness to work, to he taught, criticized, and guided. Students will not be given credit for work completed, if they enroll after the third week of school in any semester. Past experience has proved that to accomplish the best work, a student should enroll at the beginning of the fall term rather than at the opening of the spring term However, we have many spring registrations and they are accepted. Detailed requirements for entrance into the individual schools will be found in their respective sections of this catalog. Graduation Requirements FOR BIBLE SCHOOL, THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, COLLEGE To he graduated from any of the three schools, a student must complete satis¬ factorily the requirements in the outlined course. The amount of work pursued by a student is estimated in credit hours; the quality or grade of his work, in honor points A credit hour is one hour per week of recitation or lecture work extending through one semester. It is assumed that each credit hour will demand on the average one hour a week of the student’s time for recitation or for lecture, and an hour in preparation. The preparation period may he longer for certain courses involving laboratory type work. Honor points are computed as follows; Each credit hour wi th tl ic grade of A entitles the recipient to three honor points; each credit hour with the grade of B to two honor points; each credit hour with the grade of G to one honor point; each credit hour with the grade of 1) to no honor points. Illustration: A student completing a one-semester three-credit course and receiving the grade of A would be entitled to nine honor points; if receiving the grade of B to six honor points; if receiving the grade of C to three honor points; if receiv¬ ing the grade of D to no honor points. The requirement for graduation Is an honor-point ratio of LCh The honor-point ratio is calculated by dividing the total number of honor points earned by the total number of credits earned. Bible and Missionary Training School I he applicant for this school should have an approved Christian character. Inasmuch as we believe the Lord does call into His service those who have been denied the privilege of education and does use them in winning son Is, no one who has felt the call will be refused admission because of lack of previous education, YVe advise however, preliminary training at least to the extent of a high school education. Although the courses are outlined so as to he completed in three years, it is usually advisable for those who have not been privileged to attend high school and for those who find it necessary to work more than the allotted hours—to take four years to complete the work. An applicant should have an official transcript of Ins credits sent from schools previously attended. If a student fails in three or more subjects in any one semester, Ins continuance in school will he at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee Satisfactory grades are required of all who arc in the Choral Club, on the basket¬ ball teams, or participating in any extracurricular activity. At least one year ' s resident work is necessary for graduation from the Bible School. Coil rscs of Stu(I y I he BIBLE COURSE is primarily for those who feel called to the ministry, or for those who want a thorough working knowledge of the Bible. I he MISSIONARY COURSE is for those who feel led of God to offer themselves for home or foreign missionary service The BIBLE-SECRETARIAL COURSE is for those who are preparing to be pastors 1 assistants and Secretaries. No secretarial work will be given before the Junior year I he BIBLE-MUSIC COURSE is arranged for those who feel called to serve in Christian work through the avenue of music. I he CHRISTIAN EDUCATION COURSE is offered for those who wish to serve in the held of Sunday School or Christian Education. 1 her RUSSIAN COURSE is presented for those who feel a definite call to mis¬ sionary work among the Russian people, home or foreign. A. L With the exception of the Russian course, the work of the first year is the tatnc in each course. his is done to enable the student to more inteUiqently choose the work in ivhich he wishes to major t ONE- EAR COURSE. 1 he first year of every course is so arranged that the student who wishes to take but one year receives an intensive preparation in the study of the Bible and related subjects. Should a one-year student decide to con¬ tinue he may do so without loss of time or credits. This course is a great safeguard fora young person entering a college or university, where he is likely to be subjected to the erroneous teachings regarding the Word of God. It has exactly suited the need. The courses outlined present the scope of work to be covered in the various departments. From time to time, however, there will he changes made in the work, and each student is expected to fulfill the requirements of the year in which he is registered; that is, when a student is a Junior he will pursue the course outlined in the current Junior year regardless of the subjects listed at the time of his enrollment. 17 COURSES OF STUDY I IRSI YEAR Old Testament Synopsis.. 5 English 131 . 3 Missions 121.....2 Ethics . 2 Music Survey . 3 New Testament Synopsis.. 5 English 132 . 3 Christian Education . 2 Ethics . 2 Personal Evangelism .. 3 BIBLE COURSE TERM ONE SECOND YEAR Hermeneutics . 5 Junior Doctrine . 3 Speech . 3 Parliamentary Law. 2 Church History .. 2 Composition 21 I . 1 TERM TWO Hermeneutics . 5 Junior Doctrine . 3 Speech . 3 Christian Evidence ,. 2 Church History . 2 THIRD YEAR Sr. Doctrine .. 3 Exegesis .. 3 Analysis . .. 3 English 32 i .„ 2 Homiletics . 3 Church Polity . 2 Senior Doctrine .. 3 Exegesis .....— 3 Analysis . 3 English 322 . 2 Medical Lectures .-. 2 Pastoral Problems . 2 MISSIONARY COURSE Old Testament Synopsis.. 5 English 131 . 3 Missions 121 .. 2 Ethics . 2 Music Survey .. 3 New Testament Synopsis.. 5 English 132 . 3 Christian Education .. 2 Ethics . 2 Personal Evangelism .. 3 TERM ONE Hermeneutics . 5 Junior Doctrine .. 3 Speech . 3 Parliamentary Law . 2 Missions 221 .,. 2 Composition . 1 TERM TWO Hermeneutics . 5 Junior Doctrine . 3 Speech .. 3 Missions 212, 222. 3 Pedagogy .,.. 2 Senior Doctrine .. 3 English 321 .. 2 Phonetics . 2 Missions 321 .. 2 Analysis .. 3 Homilectics . 3 Senior Doctrine English 322 . Phonetics . Analysis . Medical Lectures Exegesis .. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION COURSE Old Testament Synopsis.. 5 English 131 .,. 3 Missions 121 .... 2 Ethics . 2 Music Survey . 3 New Testament Synopsis.. 5 English 132 . 3 Christian Education .. 2 Ethics . 2 Personal Evangelism . 3 TERM ONE Hermeneutics .. 5 Junior Doctrine . 3 Speech . 3 Parliamentary Law . 2 S. S. Administration.. 2 Composition .I TERM TWO Hermeneutics .. 5 Junior Doctrine . 3 Speech . 3 Christian Evidence . 2 Pedagogy ... . 2 Senior Doctrine . 3 Exegesis . 3 Analysis .. 3 English 321 . 2 Children’s Work . 3 Church Polity .2 Senior Doctrine -. 3 Analysis or Exegesis.,...,., 3 English 322 ..,,,.. 2 Medical Lectures . .. 2 Adolescent Work .. 3 Pastoral Problems . 2 78 05 IO OO JO JO Ui SECRETARIAL COURSE FIRST YEAR Old Testament Synopsis., 5 English 131 . 3 Missions 121 . 2 Ethics .. 2 Music Survey . 3 New Testament Synopsis., 5 English 132 .3 Christian Education . 2 Ethics .. 2 Personal Evangelism . 3 Old Testament Synopsis., 5 English 131 . 3 Missions 121 . 2 Ethics .. 2 Music Survey . 3 New Testament Synopsis., 5 English 132 . 3 Christian Education . 2 Ethics . 2 Personal Evangelism . 3 Old Testament Synopsis., 5 English 131 ..3 Russian Grammar . 3 Ethics . 2 Music Survey _ 3 New Testament Synopsis.. 5 English 132 .. 3 Christian Education . 2 Russian Grammar . 3 Personal Evangelism . 3 TERM ONE SECOND YEAR Hermeneutics . 5 Junior Doctrine .. 3 Shorthand . 4 Typing . 3 Composition . I TERM TWO Hermeneutics .. 5 Junior Doctrine . 3 Shorthand . 4 Typing . 3 MUSIC COURSE TERM ONE Hermeneutics ..., 5 Junior Doctrine 3 Parliamentary Law .. 2 Music History . 2 Harmony . 3 Composition .. I TERM TWO Hermeneutics .. 5 Junior Doctrine ___. 3 Christian Evidence .. 2 Music History .. 2 Harmony .3 RUSSIAN COURSE TERM ONE Hermeneutics . 5 Junior Doctrine 3 Speech . 3 Russian Grammar . 2 Russian Literature . 2 Composition . ! TERM TWO Hermeneutics .. 5 Junior Doctrine .. 3 Speech .. 3 Advanced Russian .. 2 Russian Missions . 2 THIRD YEAR Senior Doctrine .. 3 Analysis . 3 English 321 .. 2 Shorthand . 5 Typing .. 3 Senior Doctrine .. 3 English 322 . 2 Shorthand .. 4 Bookkeeping . 3 Typing .. 3 Senior Doctrine . 3 Exegesis or Analysis__ 3 English 321 . 2 Conducting . 2 Harmony . 3 Church Polity . 2 Senior Doctrine _ 3 Analysis .. 3 Conducting . 2 English 322 . 2 Harmony .. 3 Exegesis . .... 3 Senior Doctrine ... 3 Exegesis . 3 Analysis . 3 English 321 .. 2 Russian Reading . 2 Homilectics .. 3 Senior Doctrine ..... 3 Exegesis or Analysis. 3 Russian Reading . 2 Russian Customs .. 1 Russian History .. i English 322 J.... 2 ' rheological Seminary Resident Study No -student will receive any degree from the North western Theological Seminary without spending at least one year in resident work. Furthermore, no degree will he conferred upon a student until his required work has been completed and all financial obligations paid. Summer School For information relative to Summer School, write Registrar Requirements for Degrees l he Northwestern rheological Seminary in ils regular courses, offers Th B , B.D., and B.Rly degrees Higher degrees belong to the graduate school of Theology. Th.B. I he degree of Bachelor of I hcology will be conferred upon those who have com¬ pleted two years of study at a recognized college, and have completed the same amount of work as is indicated in the catalog for a B.D. degree. The requirements for the I hesis for this degree arc the same as for the B.D. degree. B.R.E. I he degree of Ii.R.E. will be conferred upon those who have completed two years of work at a recognized college The course for this degree will be the same as for a B.D., except that the candidate will be required to take work in Religious Education instead of Hebrew Requirements for the thesis are the same as for a B.D. R D. I he degree of B.D. will be conferred upon those candidates who have a R.A from a recognized college or university, and who have completed the Seminary work as prescribed in the catalog for a B.D degree. In addition to these seminary courses, the candidate must write a thesis of 10,000 words on a subject approved by the faculty under the leadership of the professor in whose field he takes his major. 1 he outline for such a thesis must be presented to this professor not later than November 1:1 of the academic year in which the candidate plans to graduate. The thesis must be presented in typewritten form for approval not later than May I, preceding graduation. Graduate School of Theology Master of Theology 1 he degree of J h.M. will be conferred upon those candidates who having brought to us an A.B. degree from a recognized liberal arts college or university, and a degree of B.D from Northwestern or an accredited theological seminary, completes such work as is prescribed by Northwestern Seminary for a Th.M Resident Study One year of resident study must be taken in Northwestern Theological Seminary. Courses of study are outlined in the catalog for a Th.M, degree. Each student will select his major and minor to he approved by the graduate faculty High scho¬ lastic averages must be maintained throughout the course Thesis A satisfactory thesis of no less than 20,000 words must be written. Such a thesis must show the ability of the candidate in research work. The outstanding field of study will be selected in major and minor courses, and approved by the graduate faculty. The thesis must show the literary ability, originality, and scho¬ lastic achievement of the candidate. I he professor in the field in which the candi¬ date takes his major will be the adviser of the candidate under whose direction the work will he done, and the professor will lx: informed about the progress of the work on the thesis. I he outline for the thesis must be submitted by November 1 of the first semester of study, and three copies of the thesis must be handed to the giaduate committee not later than April 1: , Every candidate must defend his thesis before the graduate faculty. of the oral and written examination will be announced before May 1. rf the committee approves the work of the candidate, and if he passes the final examination satisfactorily, the candidate will he recommended for the degree of M.R.E. I he dcgiee of Master of Religious Education will he conferred upon those who, bringing to us an A.B, degree from a recognized college, and a B.R.E. from the Northwestern rheological Seminary or other accredited Theological institution complete such work as is prescribed by us for an M.R.E. The work for this degree is the same as outlined for Th.M. with tile exception that the candidate does 1 not take Greek. In place of this he may choose from electives a sufficient number of credits required for a Th.M.; that is, 32 credits, and he should major in Religious Education. Electives for Religious Education will be provided for these degrees. Electives (1) New Testament Literature (2) Old Testament Literature (3) Seminar Courses m Theology—American I heology Lutheran Theology Calvinistic Theology 1 (4) History (5) Religious Education Degree of Doctor of Theology Entrance Requirements A candidate for Th D must send his application to the Graduate Committee before he will be enrolled for this degree. This committee will determine whether the candidate will be admitted to the Graduate School of Theology. The course of study for the degree will be prescribed and approved by the faculty. Only students with superior ability will be admitted into the graduate school of Theology. Prerequisite Requirements A candidate must have a R.A. degree or its equivalent from a recognized college or university. In addition to a B.A., a candidate must have a Th.M. from this institution or a corresponding degree from some other recognized seminary, pro¬ vided that tins degree will include a working knowledge of the Greek and Hebrew languages. Besides the Greek and Hebrew languages, a candidate should have a working knowledge of the language that will be required for his major. This language may e Spanish, French, Latin, or German, or some other language that will be accept¬ able to the faculty, 1 Every candidat e should present satisfactory evidence from the schools from which lie has been graduated that he possesses scholarly ability for graduate work £ vcry applicant must have an average of 90 in his Master’s degree in order to be admitted for Th.D. 81 Restticnt Rcquircnicnts A candidate must spend two semesters in the school classrooms Ihc work will be assigned by the faculty under the leadership of the professors with whom he takes his major and minor work. Reside the resident study, the candidate will do his research work in writing a thesis. Thesis Requirements A thesis of no less than 45,000 words must be written by the candidate in the field that will lx: chosen by him and approved by the faculty The outline must be submitted to the Professor in whose department he takes his major, six weeks after enrollment. The candidate must keep his professor or adviser informed of the progress of his work. Such thesis should be worthy of its publication. Three copies must be handed to the Committee of Graduation not later than April 1. Final Examination A final examination shall be given to the candidate at the end of his graduate year. The examination will be oral and written, conducted by the professor in whose department he has taken his major, assisted by the professor in whose department he takes his minor, and by other members of the faculty who may be asked to participate. Such examination will include a review of major and minor subjects, and also of the field of study for the thesis. The candidate must be pre¬ pared to defend his thesis before the graduate faculty. Written examinations will be given by professors under whose leadership the major and minor work was done. All the other details will be arranged by the committee on graduation. Courses of Study BACHELOR OF DIVINITY FIRST YEAR Hermeneutics . . 3 Bible Survey ..—.- 2 Church History . 2 Greek Grammar . 3 Homiletics . 1 Evangelism . 2 Comparative Religions. 1 Christian Education. 2 Hermeneutics .... 3 Bible Survey . 2 Church History . 3 Greek Grammar . 3 Homilcctics .. 2 Christian Education . 2 Comparative Religions. 1 TERM ONE SECOND YEAR Systematic Theology. 2 Biblical Analysis . 2 Bible Introduction . 3 Greek Exegesis .. 3 Hebrew Grammar . 3 Adv. Homilcctics . 2 Public Speaking . 1 TERM TWO Systematic Theology. 2 Eschatology ..... 2 American Church . 2 Greek Exegesis . 3 Hebrew Grammar .. 3 Public Speaking . I Advanced Conducting- 1 Archeology .... 2 THIRD YEAR Systematic Theology.... 2 Scriptural Interpretation.. 2 English Exegesis . 2 Philosophy . 2 History of Missions... 3 Hebrew Exegesis . 2 Apologetics . 2 Church Polity and Ad¬ ministration . I Systematic rheology . Scriptural Interpretation.. English Exegesis .. Psychology .... Pastoral Theology . Hebrew Exegesis .. Parliamentary Law . Church Polity and Ad¬ ministration .... I 82 ro ro 03 ro to ro ro it A C H E I- () R O I R E I . I G I O U S E I) U C A T I O N Hermeneutics .. 3 Bible Survey ....... 2 Church History . 2 Greek Grammar . 3 Homiletics . 1 Evangelism . 2 Comparative Religions. I Christian Education . . 2 TERM ONE Systematic Theology . 2 Biblical Analysis . 2 Bible Introduction . 3 Greek Exegesis _ 3 Christian Education 3 Adv, Homiletics 2 Public Speaking . 1 Systematic Theology. 2 Scriptural Interpretation,. English Exegesis ..... Philosophy ... History of Missions . Christian Education. Apologetics ... Church Polity and Ad- ministration . 2 2 2 3 2 2 I Hermeneutics .. 3 Bible Survey . 2 Church History . 3 Greek Grammar .. 3 Homiletics . 2 Christian Education . 2 Comparative Religions. 1 Systematic Theology.. 2 TERM TWO Eschatology . 2 American Church .. 2 Greek Exegesis . 3 Christian Education . 3 Adv. Homiletics . 2 Public Speaking .. 1 Advanced Conducting. 1 Systematic Theology ...... 2 Scriptural Interpretation.. 2 English Exegesis . 2 Psychology ... 2 Pastoral Theology .... 3 Christian Education . 2 Parliamentary Law . 2 Church Polity and Ad¬ ministration . 1 M A S T E R O F TERM ONE English Bible . 3 Bible Prophecy . 2 History of Preaching. 2 Apologetics .. 2 Advanced Greek. 2 Electives ..... 5 THEOLOGY TERM TWO English Bible . 3 Bible Prophecy . 2 History of Preaching_... 2 Logic and Debate. 2 Advanced Greek . 2 Electives . 5 Northwestern College An applicant for College entrance should be a graduate of an accredited high school Students of maturity who have not completed their high school work may upon approval of the Scholarship Committee, enroll in the college after successfully passing the entrance examinations. If such a student meets the educational require¬ ments for the first year, he may continue his college work. After successful com¬ pletion of the courses prescribed, he will receive the regular degree. The college curriculum leads to the Liberal Arts degrees and at the same time permits the student to enjoy the Christian fellowship found in the three schools. In addition to the regular secular studies, students are required to take pre¬ scribed courses in the English Bible. The course of study lias been carefully outlined for the first two years, and is presented herein. The work in the Junior and Senior years depends on the field in which the student takes his major, Majors will be available in Bible, English, History, Philosophy, and Christian Education, Courses of Study FIRST YEAR Hrs, Per Week English Composition .. 2 American Literature ..... 3 Foreign Language (Spanish),..... 4 Survey of European Civilization.. 4 American Government and Politics.. 3 Bible Survey ...... 2 SECOND YEAR Hrs. Per Week Foreign Language (Spanish).. 4 English History ............ 4 General Psychology (Lecture and Laboratory) ,. s+4 ,. .... 4 Introduction to Philosophy or. 4 Introduction lo Sociology... 4 Bible Doctrine . 2 STUDENT DIRECTORY El ie, PoLon. Monl. Ah9uiu l, Frick, St. Paul. Minn. Ahl_slrom, Mildred Rhinelander, is Alnupnst, Ernest,, M inni.-a|ttlL Minn Anderson Anna, St.nden, Minn. Anderson, David, MinneapolL Minn. Anderson, Lily, Spokane, Wash. Anderson ..m. Minneapolis, Minn. Anliusen Gloria, Minneapolis, M inn. Arliogast, Ruth Miuncapolix. Minn. Asa, Phyllis Alcona, la. Augsburger, Itryce. I on ayne Ind, Ay I ward. Richard, Omaha. Vbr, 1 t-y . Lirrainc, Flood wood, Minn, I Jake r. L renc Mankato, Minn. Baldridge, dak. West Brandi, la. Hall, Edna, Hastings LuSsia: England Harden, Myrtle, Spokane, Wadi, Barne , Eileen Minneapolis. .Mum. Barinek, Francos, Mas. Xfl. Dak. iJarnick, Hekn, Max, No, Dak. Fan kit, Ronnie Lie Bancroft, la. Hassell, Kennelh, Way a la. .Minn, 1S at like. Hazel, Va seen,, XI n 1 n, Haller, Fred, Carrington, No. Dak, ]Janer, Mildred. Anoka Mime Ha vis, William, Williamson, New urk Hazilewich. Nick. Hartford, Conn. Heals, Mildred, Mirmeapolis. Minn. Heah, Richard, Minneapolis. Minn. Hear, Belly Cedar Rapids, la, I eg ley, 11 elite. Husy. Ky. Hemdl, Doroihv. Snnuey. No. Dak, Hell, Loweiie, Des Moines, la. Rennet I. Rachel, Anoka. Minn. Renneti, Witla Relic, Bingham Lake, Minn, Renton John, Eugene, Ore, Bergman, Clinton, Minneapolis, Mum. I let leiik ' a, Rosalyn, George la. Hii clow, Evelyn, Bassett la. Hillings, Eunice, Waterloo, la. Bird, F.lspelli, Detroit. Midi. Rinlwdl, Kennelh, Hi]per, Xehr Rjxby, 3x is, Fergus Falls Minn. Bit , Ella Ana moose. No, Dak. Rjerkesett, Angela, MinncapoHs. Minn. Rldie., Viola, Redwood Falls, Minn. lSioycr, Hetty Jean Armstrong. la, HInver, Warren, Minneapolis, Minn. Hoclenhofcr. Lorraine, Hackensack, Minn. Bollinger, II. Joyce, Rasher, No. Dak. Bong, Lawrence. Wort hint?. So, Dak. Bosshardt, Margaret, Morristown, Minn. Bostow Marvin, Benedict, No, Dak. Houma, Sadie, Milaca, Minn, Roxmeyer, Joseph, Si, Piiui, Minn. Bridge, Haul, Minneapolis. Minn. Brien, Robert, Octrois. Mich, Drill, Marenret. Elk Mound, Wis, Brunner, Norman, Nisswa. Minn. Brown, Doretta. Minneapolis, Minn I ' rowii, Lo ; S, Irelon. la, Rrown, Dda, Treion. la. I (ro w n, Mai col m. t1 r e en wood, 3 I i s s. Brown, Zi-ral, Minneapolis, Minn. Brygger. Esther Tvler, Minn, Bilker, Virginia, Eugene, Ore. Bunker, Doris., IWiac. Midi. Burrow ' s, Ally tic. Friend, Xehr. Burt, Lois, Walled Lake, Midi. Hutliod, Lucy, My n net, 1 Ik Bin ter, Livonn, Minneapolis, Minn, Bnyse, Paul, Mankato. Minn. Callahan. ] line Clarkston, 3lich. Canon. Mildred, Winiuhagn, Minn. Carlson, Ronievleve. Mintie.a|HMis, Minn. Carlson, Norman, Harris. Minn. Christensen Peggy, St. Paul. Minn. Christiansen, LcOu, Newell, la, Christoph vrsml, Lucille, Fusston, Minn. Claaseti, Eugene, Minneapolis, _ Minn. Clrtpsliaw ' , (ilendoti. Minneapolis, Minn, Clipper. Nonna, Lake Renton, Miim. Cochrane, John, Dearborn, ' Midi, Collier, William, Fort Wayne, Jnd. Collio, Laura, Aitkin, Minn. Collin, Mallei, Aitkin, Minn. ( ' miat, lads, Bemidji,. Minn. Cook l’lov, Mora Minn. Cook, Lois ' . Hyausvillc, Md, Corner, Muriel, Minneapolis, Minn, t or] hi r a a 1, I Iame, Minn eat mli s, Xf Emi Corporaal , Susie. t Hi mam wood, Wis. Cowles, John. Minneapolis, Mjnn, Cox, Ruth, Dcs Moines, la, Cramer. Mildred, Davis, So. Dak. Crandall, Marian, Cedar Falls la. Crooks, Elaine, Ionia, Iowa 84 Daim. Laurel, Minneapolis, Minn. Dan, Harry. Viking, Minn. Day Margie. Minneapolis, Minn. Decker, Hazelle Si. Charles, Minn. Dick, Mrs, Elmer. Minneapolis, Minn, Dick, Elmer, Minneapolis. Minn. Dihline, Joyce, Kellogg. Minn. Divers Zelnia, Jamestown, No, Dak, Dobra, Frank, Hillsboro, Ore. Dobra l»uis, Hillsboro, Ore, Drown dr ace. Curlew, la. Dunbar, Mildred, Auburn X. V. Duneotnb, Ruth, Luvenie, Minn, Fades, Peggy, Payuesville, Minn. East ling Edith, Minneapolis Minn. Eberhari. llcrilia Eureka. So. Dak. He kies, Inga St. Janies, Mimi, Eeklnndp Mary Ann, Des Moines la. Edged R Lilli, St. Paul. Minn. Eibun. Anna Minneapolis Minn. Flzjg, llek-u. Eldora, la. Erdmann, Donald, Minneapolis, Minn, Erickson. Avis, Whitehall, Wis. Erickson, Delores. Poison. Mont, lived and, I telly, Backus, Nltin. 11 von Margaret, llokumbe, Wis. Fanberg, Cordon, Winthrop Minn. Fast. Adeline. Delft, Minn, Frist, Edna Mae, Frazer, Mont. Feiuing, Wilma, Henderson, la. Feryance, Daniel, Sheldon Wis. I’esder Elizabeth. Miles City. Mont Kessler, Perry, Miles City, Mont. Fletcher, Arlene, Milwaukee Wis. Foster, Frances, Ames, la. Foster Phyllis, Hazel Park. Mich. Frank, Ethel, Minneapolis, Minn. Frank, Doris. Miimeajioli . Minn, F ra rik, 1 ,ue il If. Minn ca nits Jltnn ]■ rails, Kenneth, Nt. Paul, Minn, Frans Marion, St. Paul, Minn. Franz Jane. Oshkosh, Wis Fredeeti, Linnea, Minneapolis, Minn. Friedrich. Ellen. Sibley, Iowa h resell Susie, Bingham Lake Minn. Fulcher. Melva, Pontiac, Mich. Funk, Velora, Wauiuica, Wis. tlabrielson, Marilyn, Willmar Yl tin. fjaydosik, Adeline, St, Paul, Minn, Leiszler, Marian largo, X, L Dak. fiviszler. Mavis. Fargo, No. Dak. Hibson, Eleanor, Anoka, Minn, (iidlty. La Verna, Riverton, Wyo. lufTord, Max Albion, la. fiiessner Oalen Remidji AT inti. Golden, I ' dleeit. Burtruin Minin Golike, Delben Hunker Hi]], Ill, tiotike, Karlecii, Alton. Ill, Golike, LaWrcc. Ret hallo. III, Goodman. Mark, Kiverton, Wyo. Gordon, Wayne, Hopkins, Minn. Greene. Janies Minneapolis., Minn, Grey, Alice, North Rranch. Minn, Grill. John. Scoli, Saskatchewan; Canada Groeiu-wahl. Phadm ' is, Minneapolis, Minn. Gnstavson, Rmh, Cass Like Minn. 11 ahum Virginia, Lake Park, 3 a, I lagstrom. William, Minneapolis, Minn, Hall, Robert, Plainfield, la. Jlalvurson Arlene, Junction City, Kans. Halverson, Mary, Strum, Win, Hah-orson, William, Junction City Kans, Hanson, Hazel, Fertile, Minn. Hart, 3vv. lierkley. Midi. Hart, Robert, He’rklcv. Midi. Hatch, Lucia Fan Claire, Wis. Hawkey, Paul, Owossn. Mich. Haynes. Edna. Ellinwood, Kans Haynes, L Milo, Fllinwood. Fans. Ilcaly, Kllwyn, Hancock. Minn. Jlcalv, Mrs. Victoria, Benson, Minn. Ilegerfetd. Helen, Flkton, So t Dak. Hchbcrt, Naomia, Ellsworth Xehr II d 111 ers, R ose. Si I 1 ey J a. Ileldstab, Joyce Junction City Kans, Jlelqvnsi Lydia. Newfolden, Mjnn. Hemmdtnan, Ixiis. Backus. Minn, 11eppticr. Annie Morden, Maniloha; Canada Ilerner, Eleanor, Minneapolis 31 inn, I licks, Vcm. Detroit Mich, llild Toll ti. Minneapolis, Minn JliWn: Shirley Hopkins, Minn. Hironaka, Laura. San Leandro. Calif, Ilironaka, Masao San Leandro, Calif, lloagberg, Etirl M tmieapolis, Minn. Hoi impost, Adda, Clarissa. Minn, I Id impost. Alice, Clarissa 31 inn, I lolimpiis). Margorie llasiings, Minn, Honecker, F ' rauk, Minneapolis Minn, Honeycutt, Thelma. Denver, Colo, Jlopf. Janies. Minneaiiolis, Minn, Jloseth, Julius, .Minneapolis, Minn, llovda, Barbara, A lion. 111. Ilovda, Eugene, Alton 111, Hull, Vi rtf L Wheaton. Minn. Hutchins. Bessie Waterloo, Ja, I brig, Ruth, Oshkosli Wis. Inman, Rernicc, Cameron, Wis. Jain Carol, Elk Mound, Wis, Jain Mary Ellen, Elk Mound Wis. janlzen, Louise. Plymouth, Nebr. Job Viola, J aim Mown, No. Dak, Johnson. ReVerly, Si. Paul, 31 inn. Johnson Delores A., Minneapolis, Minn, Johnson, Delores L,, Ames, la. Johnson, Ely von, Minneapolis, Minn. Johnson Eunice Forest Lake, 31 inn Johnson, Harriet. Minneapolis, .Minn. Johnson. Isaac Waterloo, Ja. Johnson Lillian C. Minm-otioLis. Minn. Johnson E.ii Verne Unityville i?u. Dak, Johnson Liicyle B-, Kelly Lake. 3!iim, Johnson, M • rie. Poplar, Wis. . oh luuMi,, 31 a untie St. Paul Minn. , ohnson Ruth Minneaiiolis. Minn, . ollilson 3 ' iolet, Clar ' ssa 31 inn. , olmston Minnie J-. Rhinelander, Wis. Jones Doris. Monroe la, Jorgenson Wallace, IcIniosh._ Minn. : osephson Pearl, Coleharlior, No. Dak. . osephson Ruby Coleharbor No. Dak, Kastner, Kenneth, Solway Minn, Kastner, 31 ildred, Solway, 31 inn Keene, Charlotte Hastings, 31 inn. Keeney, Mary, Dexter Ore. Kola Mary Ann, Nvbvka, Minn. Keller, Gcrladine Sandstone. Minn. Kendal], Alice, Vernon Center, Minn. Kendall. Florence, Vernon Center 31 inn, Kejihart, Viola Arapahoe, Colo. Kiemelc, Anna, Lbs ton No. Dak, Kile. El vim, Granada 31 inn. Kile, Jo Ann Granada 31 inn. Kilgore, Betty Lima. Ohio Kipfer, Alice, Fort Wayne, I ml. Kirstein, Clara, Heron Lake, .Minn, Knapped, Kennel Ii, Hopkins, Minn Kodama, Alice, El Centro C’atlf, Kooyman, Edna, lion Durant, la. Korver Peter, Detroit, Midi. Kregiicss, Harold, Minneapolis. Minn. Kruger Mavis, Sherman, So. Jhtk. Kruger, ' I’helma, Ashton, la. Kruger. Joseph, Minneapolis, Minn, Kowalik, Wasy], Telatyn, Lull, Russia La Route, Marilyn, St, Paid. 3! inn, Lang Jeannette Minneapolis, Minn. Laiigdeii. Eleanor Tkid River l’atls, Minn. La Pointe, Jerome, Fan Claire, Wis. J .a r cs 1 b i i n a, Mi n n ca [ ol is, Minn. Larin, Leona Minneapolis Minn, Larson, June, .Minneapolis, Minn Larson, Irving Minneapolis, Minn, Lebot Burt, Detroit .Midi. Lepnkc. Harold, Rig Lake Minn. Ljndtpiisi, Virginia, Miuut;i]io!is, NT inn. Limlstrorn Lorraine, Minneapolis. .Minn. LiiisduHd, Mildred, Ruttcrlield, Minn. Lint, Arbutus, Shctlstnirg la Lodller Lirraine, Omaha Nebr. Loeivens, Dorothy 31ounta[n Lake, 31 inn. Ivoeweiis, LaWrtie Mountain Lake, 3Iimt. Loin never, Atnandus, Goodhue, Minn. Linghofer, Jack, Junction City, Kans, LotighoL-r. N ' irginia, jiineiion City, Kans. Lmfi, Jeanne, I ' airmoiit, Minn Loofr, I ,ois FainiiOut + Minn l [wr Mary Oshkosh, Wis Love. Rmh. ' Detroit Mich. McAllister Gladys, Rackhus, Minn, McCaulev, Esther. Henrv, III. McDonald. Lorraine Milwaukee, Wis. McGowan, Harold, West Concord 3fiim. McGowan, Vergte, Dassd. M inn. McLeod, Joseph. E. Lumberton, N. C. McMullen, RayN Minneapolis, 31 inn McPherson, jMberta. Hastings 31 ids. McTen, Leona, Hazel Park. Midi. McOuiggin, Edna. Santa Monica, Calif. MagnUsmi, Ruth Centerville, la. Al ift.TllD„ De Lyndon Kans, Mnrgadant, Duwana M iniRapolis Mum, Markham, Wilma, Stanford, Nebr. M artidl, Wanilda, Rhinelander, Wis. Martin, George, Seaman, Ohio, Martin, Gloria MinneanoH-s Minn. Mattson, Earle, Minneapolis, Minn. Matron, Lorn a, Efific, Minn. Matson, Dorothy, Minneapolis, Minn. Mavc.% Ruth, lUirnvvell, Nebr. Mayor, B-Etta, Colon, Nebr Meier, Joan Marie, Prescott. Wis, .Meiers. Sarnia Mitmeapedis. Minn, Midler, Lloyd, Cliillkuttic, ML Menge. June, Slovens Point Wis. Meuge, l miis, Stevens Point. Wis. Mcitron, George, Minneapolis, Minn. Mills, Iris, Star Prairie, Was, Miller, J act incline,, Birmingham, Ala, Miller, James, Homewood, Ala. Miller, Olive, Ean Claire, Wis. Mitchell Bessie. Minneapolis, Minn Mittati, Leona, Harlmgton, Nebr, Money, Ruth. Minneapolis, Minn Montgomery Lucille, Swell City La. Moore, lJarej, Pineview Moth, M Or her, Djuise, Lake Benton, Minn. Mosier, Alice, Lake Renton, Minn. Moyer, Virginia, Minneapolis, Minn. Mulder, Fern. Etudmiore. Mimi. Murall Sain, Knapp, Wis. Xeaderhaonier. Elf dole, Rosemead, Calif. Nelson, Catherine, Santa Monica. Calif. Nelson, C. Donald Scappoose Ore. Nelsopt. Helen, Minneapolis. Minn. Nelson, JoAmi St. Cloud. Minn. Nelson, Rachel, Elbow Dike Minn. Niekelson. Verna, Penokee, Kans, Nicholson, Florence, Wadena, Minn. Nicholson. Julia, Rrooten Minn, Newton, Florence, Minneapolis, Minn. Olmstead, Charles, Slu-11 Rock. fa. Olmstead, Marjorie, Shell Rock. la. Gsepchuk, Amu-, Peabody Mass. Pankrntz, Doris, Mountain Lake, Minn Pankralr Rosdla, Mountain Dike. Minn. Pardun, Belli, Webster. Wis. Parker Mary, Alton, III. Parr, Clarence, Nebraska City. Nebr. Part (.11. Joyce, Hasting, ATiajia Patterson, Jean Fifiehl, Wis Patterson, Joyce, Fificltl, Vis, Pederson Margaret, Iron River, Wis. I ' eel, Margaret, Sibley la Pegors, Marie, Winnebago, Minn Pennington, Pan, Wahpelon, No Dak. Person, Richard, Sibley, la. Persons, Doris St. Charles Minn Peterson, Dale Bramerd. Minn. Peterson, Evelyn ne Lakota, la Peterson, Fern, Denver Colts, Peterson, Florence Cotton. Minn. Peterson Lloyd, Minneapolis. Minn. Peterson, Marie Dike City. Minn. Peterson, Orval Minneapolis Minn Peterson, Virgil, Alta, la. Peterson, Wylma, Bancroft la. Potion, John, Amelia, la. Pet I on Pauline Amelia, la, Pettit, William, Baekoo No Dak, Pickett Faith, Eugene, Ore Pickett, Glen, Niagara Falls, N. V. Pilant, Mary June Sjmkane Wash Plants Eleanor,i, Minneapolis Min Plant Ralph, Hackensack, Minn Powell Harvey, Wheaton. Ill, Pratt, Corrine Riverton, Wyu. Pratt, Nora, Pontiac, Mich. Ratzlaff, Edna Corn Okla. Raul a IT, lolui. Corn, (Jkla, Reeves Kiln Marie, Omaha, Nebr. Kvinier. Coral, St. Cloud, Minn. RcTupel, Ehlom, Mountain Like, M inu Rich, Eleanor Faribault, Minn. Richards Dir mine, Ikdle Fourche. So Dak Kiemcrsimi Lulu, Brewster, Minn, Kiffel, Arnold, IDwilioriie, Nev Hingering, Huhlii. Kllimvood Kans. Ringcring, Oliver. Ellimvood Kans. Robertson, Arnold, Minnetonka Beach, Minn, Robertson Dorothy, Eugene, Ore. Kodigcr, Mary Pauline, CInppewa Falls Wis. Rosellau Dorothy, Janesville. Minn, Rowland, Margaret. Salt Dike City Utah. KusSell, Kenneth. Manhattan .Mont. Sartlsevick, Jolln, Water bury Conn Sanderson, lairrntiu, Minneapolis, Minn, SaiultiHN 1 Ulmer, Minneapolis. Minn, Sawiuky, Harold Mountain Lake, Minn ky, Leslie, St. James, Minn, Schaeffer Jean, 3 es Mo ' ncs, la. Schaeffer. Dorothy. Milwaukee, Wis Sc hi ttk e t. K v d y n Mi tt nen i iol i s linn, Schliuenhardt, Martha, Bismarck. No. Dak Schmidt, Elmer, Streeter, No. Dak. Schmidt, June, Vinton, fa. Schnetderniaun, Janet, Sibley la. Sc hoi. Henry. Worthington, Minn. Sdmchard. Donald. Little Falls Minn, Schultz, Kathleen, Minneapolis Minn Seluvenke. Ernest, Minneapolis, Minn. Sheard, Helen, 1 unction City Kans. Sheplee, Joan, Fertile, la. Sheppard, Grace, Minneapolis, Minn. Sbosi.ik. Helen, Cleveland, O. Sias. William, Robbinsdale Minn Sjoditt, Joyce, Strandquist, Minn. Skripol Katherine, Hartford Cornu Smith Anna Mae, Forest City. fa. Smith, Deli-hine. Waterloo, la Smith, Ardcth, Minneapolis. Minn Smith, Donald, Minneapolis Minn. Smith, Eleanor. Minneapolis, Minn. Smith, Florence, Dike Benton, Minn, Smith Margaret. Hastings, Minn, Sommervitie, Arthur, Omro, Wis Sorenson, Gene, Stardtn. Minn Sorenson, Henry, Omro, Wis. Sorenson, Viola Oshkosh, Wis Souldes, Martha. Ix s Angeles, Calif. Sparks, Opal A1 gotta, la. Sparks, George Algona, la. Sparks, Lois, Algona. Ta. Spooner, William, Minneapolis Minn. Stahl, Mable, Do!and So, Dak, Sterlman, Adtdyn Amherst Wis. Steel, Alice jane. Charles City. Tn Stdnert, Theodore, Minneapolis. Minn, Steinkc, Albert, Garrison, No. Dak, Stiinke, Lydia, Garrison, No. Dak. Stenherg, Gerald, Spooner, Minn Ste»b(K L k, Ruth. Duluth. Minn. Stephens, Faye. Pontiac, Midi, Strandberg Eva, Rennet, Nebr, Stratrncyer, Earl Worthing So, Dak. Sullivan, Marie, MinneapolD, Minn. Suudberg, Paul, Duluth, Mum Sustnd, Orville, Viking, Minn, Sutton. Let ha. Saum, Minn, Sutton, KmIt. Saum, Minn Tallinn Joyce, Los Gatos. Calif. Tii gne M a r i I y n t 1 t tonworn 1, Minn. Tara Martha Pittsburgh, Pa Tarr, Edna Des Moines, la Tat mi no, Dmlse Bakersfield Calif. Taylor Grace, Randall. Minn, TcnsdiiTc. Gleti. River Forest, 111. Thompson JaNeta. Tlu rmopolis Wyo. Thompson, Ruth Round Prairie, Minn, Thompson Vera, Friend Nebr, Timmons, Margaret, M inneaindi-s. Minn Tippett. Annabels. Collinsville, HI Todd, Dawrerce, Grass Valley, Ore. Townsend, Ada. Hinckley. Minn Townsend Wallace, Rnbhinsdale, Minn Towstik, Anne, Hartford, Conn. Towstik. Mary. Hartford, Conn. Tracy, Erma Manchester la. Tratlin Marian, Sioux Falls, So. Dak. Turhett, Burton, Custer Mont, Turner Miriam, Jesnp. la. ' E ' lirumire, Nona Owalomta Minn, Tsclietter, Edward, Dolaml So Dak. Vadcri Thelma St, T ouis, Mo Van Hovel Vernon. Huntley, Minn. Vosler. Until, Delro ' t, Mieb. Vaugitn. Robert, Elmiker Hill lit. Vaughn, Vera Hunker Hill ML Walk-up. John, St. Paul Minn. Walt Phyllis, Mountain Lake Minn. Walter, Betty Vinton la. Walker. Wesley Adel, In. Ward Dorothy Chicago, 111. Waterman, Richard, Miimeapolis. Minn Watkins, Catherine, Comer. O. Wet ' g, Bertha, Minneapolis, Minn. Whitson. Marian. Russellville Ark. Whites James, Minneapolis. Minn, White. Neva Water Do, la. Wiens Daviff Meadow lauds, Mitiu. Wild, Verna Backus, Minn Wiles, Da Von, Chippewa, Fails, Wis Williams Alberta. Des Monies. Li Williams Ellen M ioneaiiclis Minn. Wilson Faye Eugene, Ore. Wilson. Ralph L, Huntington Park, Calif. Winkler, Owen. Duverne, Minn, Wisbart Shirley, Detroit, Mich.. Wohlenhaus, Margoric, Mora, Mum, Wood, Ann. Eugene Ore Woodard, Mary I-out sc, Okaloosa, Ta. Wrobbd Benieita Detroit. Midi Wrulibel, Harry, Detroit. Mich. Wroiihel, Henry, Detroit Mich. Ykoveliick, William, Hartford Conn Yoder Anna, Waterloo, la Zoschkc, Rachel Junction City. Kans. FRIENDS OF THE SCROLL A Friend Aakfc, .Mr. and Airs, Ole, Trenton. Dak A ken sun. Harm-u AL, Harmn, Wis AlbiJ , Nr. It. F„ Minneapolis Minn. AUrn, Mam ret, Reimdji, Minn. Anderson, Lueik ' p Chicago, ML Anderson, Mr. and Mr.s. George Min ne¬ apolis, Minn, Anderson, Franklin E., Washougal. Wash. Anderson, Arthur, Minneapolis, Minn. Anderson, livelyn, St. Paul, Minn, Anderson, Rev ii Mrs. S. lb Westbrook, Minn. Anderson. Faye, Park Rapids, Minn. American HiIde Society, Minneapolis, Minn. Amundson, Marlene, Minneapolis, Minn. Armstrong, W IT, Minneapolis Minn, A son, Ted, Minneapolis, Minn. Augsburgor Mr. Mrs. Ed., Fl. Wayne, !nd- Aylward, Richard, Omaha, Xeb. Auiie, Hetty, Minneapolis, Minn. Hacklund. Nellie, Minneapolis, Minn. Bailer, Afyrua, Marion. I cm a Baldridge, Mr. Mrs Ray, Tipton, la, Itanies, Lslher, Rochester, Alinn Ramick Mr, ft Mrs. John, Max, N, Dak. Heals, Mr, Airs Leslie Pine River, M inn. Reals. Mr. ft Mrs, Richard, Minneapolis, Minn. Berg, Mr ft Mrs. Alex 11,, Minneapolis, Minn, Berg .Mr. Mrs () Minneariolis .Minn. Rt rtf man, Mr. ft Mrs Then., Minneapolis, Minn. Rover Melvin, Danube, Minn. Righam, Dale Minneapolis. Minn. Ridings, Eunice, M inneapolis, Si inn Hillman, Mrs. Floyd, Whitehall Wis. Reitz, Mrs. Janies. Ft Wayne, Ind Binford, Mr. ft Mrs. C, W., AlirineaprdL, Minn Risky, I dell, Kichvtlle, Minn, Rjorustad, Elaine, Minneapolis, Minn, RH ns Alice Central City, Iowa Rlooinstrand, Shirley, Hastings, Minn, Rfoyer, Mr, Mrs, Clyde, Armstrong, Iowa Rloyer Glen Armstrong, Jowa Bnhnhof, Mrs, Peter, Kasota, Minn, Roland Lu Verne, Minneapolis, Minn Trace Mrs. Cleo, Dresser, Wis. Rronner, John, Shell Rock Iowa Rrotnid, Mrs, Arthur, Minneapolis, Minn, Brown, Zeral Salem, Oregon Brown, Mr. ft Mrs, W K,. Eugene, Oregon Brown W, J., Minneapolis Minn. Brygger, Rev. James, ! dooming Prairie, Minn. Rnller, Elina, Mountain Lake, Minn. Rtirgcson, Freda, Newell, Iowa Burnham Mrs. W. El.. Minneapolis, Minn. Burt is, ( pi. ft Mrs, Benue. El Paso Texas Ruyse. Rev. ft Mrs. Leonard, Mankato, Minn. Rye. Mr . ft Mrs, Itcmde. Frederic, Wis. Rye, .Mr ft Mrs. Leo L. Hermosa Reach Calif Cain hr on, Mark ft Mary. Mimieajudis, Minn. ( anieron. R. A. Anoka, Minn Campbell, John G.. Eugene Oregon t anon. Mildred, Minneapolis. Minn. C arlson Mrs. Mary Minneapolis, Minn, t arloek, John A., Miivnea| obs, Minn, rrrr. Mrs. James FI . Minneapolis, Alinil. t amiesm Mr. ft Mrs. J. K. Bancroft, Iowa t ase. Re mice, Berkeley. Calif. Case. Byron, Berkeley, Calif, Case, Mr, ft Mrs. Fred C, Berkeley, Calif, t rise, Rodney, fSerkclcv. Calif. Chaniur. Rev. E, L., Duluih, Minn, t hrtsicanseu, A tines. St. Paul. Minn. CM list iauseu Alta, Minneapolis. Minn. (hrisienson A. G , Minneapolis, Minn, (lose, I’em K . St. Paul, Minn, ( olhu. Ajr ft Mrs, Charles Aitkin. Minn. Collin, Gertrude, _ Minneapolis, Minn, Collin, Mae. Aitkin Minn, Collin Margaret, Im s Angeles, Calif. Conrad, Mr. ft Sir?.. R. I Listings, Minn. Conklin, F. K. , ft Family Kalona Iowa Conradson, Antics L. .Minneapolis, Minn, Conradsoii, Rev, Irving . Rent ley, Kans. Cook son Marilyn, Minneapolis, Minn. Cooper, Mari Ike, Los Angeles. Calif, Cooper, Northa Glee Dallas. Texas Costa, Dr, ft Mrs, A J,, St. Cloud, Wis. 86 1 lie John Cohort family , Downey , I own (Tye, Mrs Clara Eland, Wis. Dali], Theodore N., Minneajiolis Minn Dan, Mr. ft Mrs, Henry, Viking Minn. Davies, James F . Al iuneajxdis. Minti, Davis, Airs, Della, Drapery Department, Donaldson ' s, Minneapolis, Minn. De Mond, Joseph, Minneapolis Minn, Djssmore Mrs. Alice, Whitehall, Wis. Dissmore Allene, Whitehall, W is. Dunbar, Cpl. William S r , Loudon, Kurland D tier re, Rosalie. Minneapolis, Minn. Dnerre, Rev ft Mrs. Franklin, Viking, Minn. Kckholdt, William, Minneapolis, Aliim Ed strand, Mr. ft Mrs Erie, Minneapolis Minn. Elliott, Mr, ft Mrs. E. G, AH tinea pedis A1 i nn, Elliott. CpI. Richard, England Etcumbe Adj. ft Mrs, James, Fergus Falls, Miim. En nets ret son, M r ft; Airs, A. AL. Litchfield Aii tu l J ' liuiuisL Mr. ft Mrs, j. A.. Harliiiglon Neh. Evert, Adolphtue. Marion. S. Dak, Evert Willus, I lector, Minn. iter, Mrs. Cy, Pell, Calif, Ferrell, Dalores, Spring Valley. Minn. Feryance Dati, Sheldon. Wis. Fessler, Mr. ft Mrs J. E„ Miles City A font, Fessler, Mr. Perry, Miles City Afont, Filch, Virgil, V. S Navy Flanders, Mr. ft Afr?,. J. A. Randolph, Neb. ForselL Rev, G. El nor, Fstlierville Iowa Fowler, Marlin. Minneapolis. Minn. Frame, Helen, Bingham Lake. Minn. Franz. Mr. ft Airs Peter F. Bingham Like. Aliiin, Fredeen, Lmnea, Minneapolis. Mimi, Frcshour, Lloyd ft Yvone Cincinnati, Ohio F ' rieseil Mr ft Airs. Aaron A,, Delft Minn. F’rieseil Mr. ft Mrs. A., Bingham Lake, AT tun F ' rieseu, Abr, IE., Bingham Like, Minn. F’rieseil. Rev. ft Mrs. Henry If . A1 orris- town, Alum, F ' rieseil, Mr. ft Airs, Henry A , Win Join, M inti Friesen. Mr, ft Mrs, George, Bingham Dike, Minn. h ' riesen, Herman Kansas CEly Mo, Friesen Mr ft Mrs John A, Mountain Dake, Mimi (Eager, L. R,, Minneapolts Alimi. (jates, Evelyn Iowa City, Iowa Dales, H K, Dowtiey, Iowa Geary Mr?, Willard, Wheaton 111, Gill ' s, Roheri Minneapolis Minn, Gome , Walter, Lawton, Okla, Greece, Artis. Si, James, Minn. Grey. Alice North Branch, Minn Grev Paul M., _ Mirneapolis Alinn. tirife, Mrs Julia, St, Paul, AT inn, (jniTtke, Earl R. Minneapolis. Mimi Gustavson, Luvcrtif. MimieattoiiN, Alinn llaekknian. Dr. A, AT,, Minneapolis Minn Halt. Mrs. Isabel!, Minneapolis Minn Mall, Rev. Buford Newcastle. Xeb, tlaburn Juanita G,. Lake Park, Toiva Hamilton, Mrs, Pearl Jones, Ottumwa, Iowa Hammer, David Winnebago, Alinn. Hanna, Dorotbv Minneapolis Alinn, Hansen, Mrs. Harry Welch Minn. Hausen, Lois, Milljowu, Whs, Hansen, Mayiuc Louise, Alimieaimlis, Minn. Hanson Henry Miniieanrdis, Muin Harder, Air, ft Mrs, Frank S, Huron. S, Dak, Harseim, Airs Minneapolis, Alinn], J. E„ Alimieapolis, Mimi, Hastings, Adele, Eugene, Oregon Hebbert, Naomi, Ellsworth Neh. E1 elipust, Clara. ,Miimea|»olis t Minn Hendrickson, Lila, MitmeanoHs Alinn. Ilild, John. Min neat tolls, Mimi. Ilironaka Mr, Airs, Masao, Minneapo¬ lis Minn. lit rose. N t. William E,. Minneajiolis Minn. I lot :, Ferdinand C., AHnneapoPs. AT in n Huagbere Mrs. Oscar, Minneapolis, Minn Hodge, Fhlna, Minneapolis, Minn. Houser leniie, Sleepy Eye Minn. Hughes Afr. ft Airs, Ailing, Afar ion, Iowa Huilgreh, Dr. C. V , Minnga|K Hs, Alinn, Irwin Mrs, Julia, Randon Oregon Jacoby, Airs, Frank, Lake CEly, JMitm. Jaiutoos Bertha, Minneapolis, AHiui. Janl eu. ATartha. New Britain, Conn, jelley, Mrs, Rutli IlEistings Mimi. Jennings, Atr. ft Mrs. George Minneapolis, Minn Jensen, Air. ft Airs Jeppie Eugene, Ore. Jcrgins, Anne, AT in neajKilis. Minn. j olins, Steward, Minneapolis, ATimi olinsou, C. I’., Minneapolis, Minti Johnson, Allen, .Minneapolis Minn. Johnson, Airs. Hilda, Minneapolis, Minn. Johnson, Aliss Myrtle, Minneapolis, Alinn. Johnson, Rev. ft Mrs. Wesley Long Prai¬ rie. Alinn . Jones, Mrs. Lawrence, Minneapolis .Minn, Josephson, Joseph P.. Coleharbrir, N Dak JosepEison, Pearl, Colcharltor N. J ak. Kalder. J H . Minneajiolis, Alinn. Karstcn, Mr. ft ATrs, Carl, Westport. Minn. Keeney, Air. ft Mrs, Waller Dexter Ore Keller Air, ft Mrs Ellsworth, .Sandstone, Alinn, Keller Mr ft Mrs, Kelso ft son, Litciv¬ ile! d, Minn. Keller, Mr. ft Airs Willard ft girls, Si. Louis Park, Minn. Keller, Mr. ft Airs, ROSCOC ft Mins, Grove City. Alinn Kendall, 14. ft Mrs, Archie L., Riggs Field, Texas Kendall, Asa Kendall Charles, Italy Kendall, Frank Oregon Kendall, Joseph, Texas Kern, Mr. ft Mrs. W, C., Le Alars Iowa Kipfer, Alice, Alinneapolis, Minn, Knland, Mr. ft Mrs Arnie, Miuuea]xjlis, Minu. Kowalik, WasyL Russia Kramer, Mrs. Grace, George Iowa Kramer. Herman, George. Iowa Krysn. Airs, Alary, Minneapolis, Alinn. Kudrna, Anne, Chicago 111. LandefebL Martha Rerkelev Calif. Lireou, Mr. ft Mrs. Toe, Comfrey, Alinn, Larson, E. Miriam, Minneapolis, Alinn. Larson, ATrs Peter, Minneapolis, Alinn, L-ff, Rev, ft Airs., Wilcox, Neh Leuifind Mrs. Clarence, Huntington Park, Calif, Leonard, Mrs. R, If. AHnneapolis, Minn. Lejtpke. Bvrtlin, Ibisset, Minn. Leppke, Clara AHnneapolis, Minn, Leppkc, Rosella, Miunea|H lis, Miim, Lewis, Mr, ft Mrs. Walter S,, l ol binsdale, M inn IFmlstroni (’arl Butterheld, Alinn IJiulstrotu, Air ft Airs, Clifford, Minne¬ apolis, Minn. Loewcn, Erna, Mountain Lake, Minn Locwen. Leona, Mountain Lake Alinn, Loeffal. Rose E, p Minneapolis, Alinn. iiohi Mrs. Irene Altmieaiwlis Alinn. Lokke, Atajur Lillian AHnneaiK lis p Alinn. L we, Mamie, Minneatwdls, Miim. Lowe, Mavis, Afinneaixiljs, Alinn. L we, AleKa Alinneapolis, Alinn. 1 nre, Air. ft Airs, P. C., Minneapolis, Alinn Lowry, Mr. ft Mrs. Earl Ellsworlli, AA is. Luck, Lr. ft Mrs. Frank C.. R.iiulon, Ore, Luck man. Joan, Minneajiolis, Minn. Lund, Olive, Minneapolis, Alinn laipiiL, ATrs. Frank, Bancroft, Iowa Lvford, Florence Lynch p Elaine, St. Paul Alinn. Machado, Lmise ft Helen, MinneaiKdis, Al inn Alarslmll, Avis Minneapolis, Alinn, Markham, Wilma, Minneajxjlis, Minn Mattson. Lillian, Minneapolis-, Alinn. Martin, Bernice, Omaha Neb. Martin, Airs. Vusburg AlinneajHjlis Alinn. AT a son, La Von ft Family, La Crosse, A is AT aison, AT arie. .M inne apotis, Alinn .McClain, Mrs. Jaitre, Eugenic Ore McLeod. Joseph, Lurnhcrton, N. C MacPIiaEl Mr., Minneapolis, Alinn. AleDiiowrt Atr. ft .Mrs. Lee, Cylinder Iowa Merrill Airs Dwight, Lake City, Alinn. Mcyess, Rev. ft Mrs K. C., Webster Wis. AliekeT-fxi, George, St Croix Falls, Wis, Miles, Miss Helen, Minneapolis, Minn. Miller ' s Grocery, Minneapolis, Minn. iiliL-r. Eleanor Valley City. X. Dak Miller, Capt. Maj. Hojcii, Minneapolis, Miti n. Miller. Mr. ll. R., Mi mica po I is. Minn. Mitchell, Ernestine Eugene. Oregon Mil tan. Mr, .Mrs, Liiiis, Hartingtou Neb. Mitt an, Dwight, Hariingiou, Neb Miltan, Arlyn, Hariinglon Nek Mnrrall La Kay tic, Fairmont, XTiiais. Mueller, Kathryn, Minneapolis, Minn. Mulder, Frances, Rock Rapids, Iowa March, Mr. Mrs. Irving, Minneapolis, Minn. Nelson, Angela, Lake Crystal, Minn, Nelson, Dorothy, Minneapolis, Minn. Nelson, Mr, Mrs. Herbert, Mound, Minn, Nelson, Mrs. George, Rutledge Minn, Nelson, August, Alla, Iowa Nelson, Albert, Minneapolis, Mi on, Nelson. Klvcra, St, James, Minn. Nelson Mr. Mrs. Harry E,, family, Litchfield, Minn, Nelson Thelma, Fargo, X. l ak. Nicholson, Julia, Rrooteii, Minn. Nicholson, Willis Hrootcn, MEnn. Norredt Margaret, Kansas City Mo. Nordvedt. Dr, M r+ Minneapolis Minn. Xorberg, Mrs. Josvphson Norman, Edwin Ilrooteii, Minn. Ogburn, Ethel, Osceola, Wjs. Oilman, Louis MiiiEica|K Hs, Minn. Oliver, Helen. Amboy Minn. Olson, Rev. Wallace A., Minneapolis, Minn, Ostrorn. Mr, Mrs, Ifarrv, Minneapolis, Minn. Page, Mr, is; Mrs. Harold, Minneapolis, Mm n. Pankratz, Lillian Mountain Lake, Minn. Pan krai , Mr. Mrs. Alex A., Mountain Lake Minn, Parr, Rev. Mrs Ralph E. ( Grey Eagle, Minn. Parrieli, Laura G,, X. Touawanda. X. V, Parten, Mr, Mrs, Carl, Welch, Minn. Patchin, Private Harry II., Camp Walters Texas Person, Dorothy, Minneapolis Minn. Petersen Mr. Mrs. Arnold, Minneapolis Minn. Petersen. Mrs. Anna Minneapolis Minn, Peterson, Florence _ Peterson, J. C., Minneapolis, Minn. Peterson, Laura, Uismarek, X. Dak, Peterson, Lee, Jackson, Minn. Peterson, Mr. It Mrs, Martin M.. Jackson, Minn. Peterson Virg ' l, Aba. Iowa Peterson, Wayne W,, Jackson Minn. Peterson, Pvt Win C f Army—Paratroop¬ ers Peterson, Mr. Mrs Win., Lakota, Iowa Peterson, Mr. Mrs, W. F. Hismarqk, X. Dak. Petlou Mrs. Jeij- V., Aurelia Iowa Pickett, Mr. Mrs. Carlyle, Eugene, Ore. Pickett, den E.. Niagara Falls X. Y. Pliant, Mary June, Spokane, Wash. Plaggennan, Frances, Hasty, Minn. Plant . Mr. Mrs, Ralph, Minneapolis, Minn. Poiralz, Lorimer I)., Sumner, Iowa Pratt. Corrine, Riverton, Wyo. Preble, llerciiecc, Waterloo Iowa Q niggle, Ann □niggle. Hazel Ruth Kadke, Rev. Mrs. Walter C. Dallas, Ore. Reed. Arthur Ik. MinneaiKdis, Minn Reiimr, Elina, Mountain Lake Minn. Rein hold, Mr. : Mrs, E., Minneapolis, Minn. Ritfgcn, Miss lin-e, Minneapolis, Minn. Riley. Dr. W. It., Minneapolis, Minn, Ripley, Fern M.. Minneapolis, Minn Robbins, Dorothy, Minneapolis, Minn. Robertson, Dorothy. Minneapolis, Minn. Rogers, Mrs, I), M . Portsmouth. Vn. Robertson, Mr. .Mrs. Floyd H. p Random Oregon Runion, Mr. : Mrs. Roy, St. Paul Minn. Sandy, Victoria Minneapolis, Minn. Savitt Ilrolhers Minneapolis, Minn. Schaefer Mrs Helen, Sandstone, Minn. Schilling, Miss Elsa Minneapolis Minn. Schmidt Mr. Sc. Mrs. David Mountain Lake, Minn. Sdiyvenke Family, Minneapolis, Minn Sckinkd, Evelyn. r Minneapolis, Minn. Scott, Lenore, Minneapolis Miim. Schroeder Doris, .Minneapolis Minn. Schroeder Gerhard P,, Minneapolis, Minn, Schroeder, Gertrude G., Minneapolis, Minn. Schroedcr, Toamie, Minneapolis. Minn, Scovilk -Mr. Mrs. Gordon family, A show Minn Seastrom, Gloria, Minneapolis, Minn. Sees, Ethel Mimieaiiolis Minn. Seibert, Mrs, M. IS., Laurel. Neb, Sdhol, Miss Carol, Minneapolis, Minn. Seibobl. Jean, Minneapolis, Minn. Seknski, J., Minneapolis Minn. Selton Mrs, Iterllia Seuceny. Mardelk Park Rapids, Minn, Shafer, Miss Winifred Sandstone, Minn, Shafer, Mr. Mrs. Kermil St family, F ' airmont, Minn. Shafer, Mr. Mrs Orky, Sandstone, Minn, Shaw, Hazel, Eugene, f3regent Sbibatn, Miss Kivoko Minneapolis Minn. Siemens. Mr, Mr ,, Denver Colorado Skriool, Katherine, Hartford, Conn Smith, Mr. Mrs. Don, Minneapolis, Muim Smith, Y. A. Minneapolis. Minn. Sogge (ilen WindOnl, Minn. Solas Alice Superior, Wis. Sorensen. Mr. Mrs, Howard hoys, Pawiue Citv, Neb. Southerland, Ronnie, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Spooner, William, Minneapolis, Minn. Splinter, Mr. Mrs, Gerald, Ellsworth, Wis, Staggers, Mrs. If., Richmond Calif. Steel, Alice Jane, Charles City, Iowa Sic inert Steinke, Dak, Stowr St reed, . Til cot lure, Minncaludis Minn. Mr fle Mrs , Alherl Garri ou, N. Myrna, Detroit Likes, Mum Mr. Mrs. Clifford, Rob bin.dale Minn. Swenson, Mrs. Carl, Minneapolis Minn. Swift, Rev, it Mrs, Marlon, Downey, Iowa Takkvn, Mr. it Mrs, An, Terrace, Minn. Teague, Mr, St Mrs Charles, Eugene, Ore. Teichroew, Helen. Jtinghani Minn. Teichrocw, Mr Mr . Henry, Bingham Lake, Minn. Tetchroew Miss Clara. Windom, Minn Thompson, Ruth IT, Round Prairie. Minn. Thorwall, Rev It Mrs. A. J. It family, Minneapolis, Minn. Thompson, May, Forest City. Inwa Traviiion, Mr, Mrs. Clifford Eugene Oregon Trow Rev, it Mrs. Win., Jeffers, Minn. TsehcUer. Edward Poland, S. Dak. Tiiiuan Mr. Mrs. Vern it family, Hutch¬ inson, Minn. Turner. Mr, Mrs. James, Jessup, Iowa Tuttle Dr. Mrs Glen W., Itelgian Congo, Africa Vander Reek Mr, $t XTrs. Jake, I Iron l cm, MEnn. Van Valkenour , Mrs, Edith, Clam Falls, Minn. Vander Werf. Mr. Mrs. Ik-rt Mimic apolis, XIinn. Velie, Julienne Mound, Wis. Vigen Alice MiiincaiKjjis, Minn. Viren. Elsie Minneapolis, Mitm. Walk up, Rev. Jolm W„ St. Paul, Minn. Wallace, AI lie, M inneapolis, Minn. Wamigren Laura. Minneapolis Minn Watkins, Katherine, Gotnar. Ohio Warren’s Shell Service, Minneapolis Minn Weber, Dr R E. lEnucroft, Iowa Webster, Dr r Vance II. Eugene, Oregon Webb, Wayne A,, ami family. Riverside Calif. Weeks. Phoebe, Auburn, N r Y r Wilcox, Ethel S., Minncapoljs, Minn Williamson, Miss Lucille, Chicago, HI. Wilson AdtU Huntington Park, Calif. Wilson, Mr. Mr% r ftditi D.. Raintou. Ore. Wilson Mrs. O. M., I lutuington Park Calif. Wilson, Mr It Mrs. Oriu Wray Colo. Williamson, .Mrs Erie Minneapolis Minn. Williams Mr It Mrs. John, Minneapolis, Minn. Wipf, Miss Susie, Huron, S. Dak Wood, liryant t , Eugene, Oregon Wood Mr. It Mrs. C. M. Eugene. Oregon Wood, Ed Minneapolis, Minn Woodman Cecelia, Grey Eagle, Minn. Woodman Elaine, Grey Eagle, Minn. Woodman. Mrs, Mildred, Grey Eagle Minn. Woodman, Mr. Mrs. Orgas, Grey Eagle M3 mi Zwiers Mr, Mrs, Henry family, OgiL vie, Minn 87 WELCOME to Minneapolis and FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 1020 Harmon Place A Friendly slalf at your service: Rev. Curtis B. Akenson, Acting Pastor Rev, Hervert R Hazzard, Assistant Pastor Rev, Geo. J, Jennings, Assistant Pastor W r B, Riley, D.D., Pastor ETneritus Evalyn A, Camp, Church Secretary ■ that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified. . . Rev C. B. Akenson Acting Pastor Compliments of BARRY PHARMACY 1500 Hennepin Ave. Ge. 6931 Minneapolis, Minn. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Anoka, Minn. " Looking lor that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ ' Titus 2; 13. O. A. LOOK, Pastor Compliments of the BETHLEHEM METHODIST CHURCH 30lh and Emerson Ave. N. Minneapolis, Minn. REV. GOTTFRED NELSON, Pastor Compliments CAFE ESQUIRE 627 Marquette Young People ' s Society FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Detroit Lakes, Minn. FRED JULIUS, Pastor " For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus, the Lord. " IT Cor. 4:5. " When thou passes t through the waters . . . they shall not overflow thee.” Isa. 43:2. Mr and Mrs. W. L Bear and David Cedar Rapids, Iowa Compliments to the Graduating Class of I94S LEE ' S BROILER Minneapolis — St. Paul — St. Cloud O. C. OUDAL ' S BOOK STORE 315 Marquette Ave. Specializes in religious and theolog¬ ical books —old and now. Write for further informolion. GAMBLE ROBINSON COMPANY Wholesale Distributors Fruits —- Vegetables — Groceries " Standby " Fine Foods “Empress” Coffee 301 North 5th St. At. 4251 PALMER NECKWEAR Individual and Distinctive THE MEN ' S SHOP 58 S. 9th St Radio City Theatre Bldg. 88 CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Hazel Park, Michigan Home church of Henry Wrobbel ' 45 Bernieia Wrobbel ' 46 Leona McTeer 46 Phyllis Foster ' 48 Harry Wrobbel 48 BIG LAKE UNION CHURCH Gratelully Remembering the Girls ol Russell Hall Ladies ' Aid 1944 45 " That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection. . . . “That in all things He might have the pre-eminence. " Col 1:18. Harold Leppke, Pastor MOTHER CRAIG GREETINGS NEW HENNEPIN STUDIO from Photos at Popular Prices REV. AND MRS. ERIC EDWIN Above State Theater PAULSON MA, 3775 803 Hennepin, Ave. Compliments of FAITH BAPTIST VILLAS BARBER AND BEAUTY WELCOMES SHOPPE ! YOU First Class Service The ' ' Friendly Church " Bn 4511 J027 Hennepin Ave, on West Broadway ALDRICH AVE, PRESBYTERIAN SUNDAY SCHOOL Lewis B, Bemdt “Train up a child in the way he Pastor should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from ii. " 3501 Aldrich So. Minneapolis TYPEWRITERS 4 Office Machines o! All Kinds The Family will Enjoy Dinner Sold, Rented and Repaired , CARTER ' S TYPEWRITER in the New 1 EXCHANGE 237-240 Loeb Arcade U ,edg,unood Room CEDAR CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH au: the Curtis Hotel DurwelL Nebraska Bui God who is rich in mercy for MINNEAPOLIS Daily and Sunday 1 His great love wherewith He loved us, i even when we were dead in sins, hath Chamber Music quickened us together with Chris! " by Dick Lon Eph. 2:4, 5. Same Mniirrule Prices 89 For Sound Insurance a! Lowest Cost Call on the MINISTERS LIFE CASUALTY UNION 100 W. Franklin Minneapolis, Minn, LIFE—HEALTH—ACCIDENT INSURANCE For Ministers and Seminary Students Compliments ol Res. Phone, Co. 7734 Bus, Phone, At. 37 i 3 PARKS FLORIST AUTO GRILL CAFE 1023 Harmon Place SIS Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, Minn. H. F. Parks Minneapolis, Minn. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Q E. Segersirom, Pastor GAINSLEY CO. Greene. Iowa Jewelers Opticians “Relievo on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved ' Acts 16:31. Dr. K. W. Blodgett Compliments of Credit BETHESDA FREE CHURCH 912 Nicollet Avenue “Church of the Morning Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible Hour " Morning Worship .10:45 A.M. Evening Service ... 7:30 P.M. WESTERN SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPPLY CO, 39 So. 8th St. Mpls., Minn. H, B. Prince, Pastor 2600 E. 38th St, Mpls„ Minn. Headquarters for Sunday School Supplies Witness and Worship Faithfully for God ' s Glory Daily Vacation Bible School Supplies — Bibles, Bible Books, Children ' s Handwork, and Greet¬ ing Cards with Scripture Verses. WISCONSIN Compliments FELLOWSHIP of GROUP CRESCENT BAKERY Every Sunday Fountain Service 5:00 P.M, Room 214 Open Evenings " For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and His oars are open unto their prayers ' 1108 Hennepin Ave. I Peter 3:12. Ma. 9890 90 THE JUNIOR CLASS OUR PREVIOUS POSITION Ephesians 2:12 " And you hath He quickened who were dead in tres¬ passes and sins. " OUR SALVATION I Timothy 1:15 This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief. " OUR DESIRE Philippians 3:10 " That I may know Him. " OUR STRENGTH Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me. " OUR HOPE Titus 2:13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appear¬ ing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ. " CLASS MOTTO God ' s will to know. God ' s will to do. God ' s will to love. 91 Compliments of the MILLTOWN BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Lloyd E. Sprecher, Pastor " And the grace ol our Lord wos exceedingly abundant with Edith and love which is in Christ Jesus ' I Timothy 1:14. For Ihe preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. I Corinthians 1:18. D, Sherwood Ohlson, Cherokee, la. Everylhing in Flowers and Plants ADAM ' S 7 So, 8th St, Minneapolis, Minn. Geneva Lane at Your Service A Member ol the Fidelia Class Ge. 2475 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH The Soldier Church in the Geographical Center ol a Great Nation Junction City, Kansas Rev. D. J. Hinkson, Pastor Famous, lor the Gospel Your Friend THE GOPHER CAFE GLASSES Made in My Own Shop DR, GEO, O, MOSS Optometrist Ge. 6282 32 South Seventh Street FOURTH BAPTIST CHURCH 2105 Fremont Avenue North Minneapolis 1L Minn. R. V. Clearwalers. D.D., Pastor Earle E. Matteson. Assistant Pastor Irene Woods, Church Secretary NU WAY CLEANERS Ma. 4974 1025 Hennepin Ave. JACOBSEN DRUGS 1101 Nicollet Minneapolis, Minn. Eat ai MANICK ' S CAFE 1200 Hennepin Ave. We specialize in GOOD FOOD at Moderate Prices — 25c Luncheons No Boer! No Winesl No Liquors! CADY CREEK COMMUNITY CHAPEL Elmwood, Wisconsin Preaching Christ and Him Crucified; That we might by all means save some. Missionary and Pastor Harry Dau STATE JEWELRY CO. OPTICIANS 811 Hennepin Avenue B. R. BATES Carpet and Furniture Cleaners 5630 Dupont Avenue So, Lo. 2558 Minneapolis,. Minn. ROY L. MOORE Used Cars Bought and Sold 1401 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis. Minn. Established 30 Years At. 0922 SftxfS. Clafinvts, Trumpsrts, Trombones Accordions, PIANOS (Repairing) Write tor price list Phone AT. 8233 LINQUIST MUSIC 14 So, 8th St. t Mpls. " For the Word of God and the testi- i mony of Jesus Christ " j CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH AITKIN, MINNESOTA THE MINNEAPOLIS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Savings and Loan Building ]ohn W, Helm. .President Fred L. Endsley. Exec. Sec. Trees. Incorporated 1891 CONN INSTRUMENTS Artists’ Choice B. A. HOSE MUSIC CO. 25 South 8th SOUTH LONG LAKE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Brainerd, Minnesota ’’And let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. " POWDERHORN PARK BAPTIST BROADCAST Minneapolis, Minnesota WDGY Every Sunday, 4:30-5:00 p. m. W. A Olson, Pastor K L. Wilson, Assistant Corn plimenls of PHOTO CRAFT STUDIO £633 Nicollet Ave- 315 14th Ave, S.E. Headquarters for Up-to-date NEW AND USED BOOKS BtBLES — Low Prices — DICTIONARIES CENTURY BOOK STORE 825 Hennepin Ge. 3453 LYNCH ' S SHOP High Grade Pressing and Cleaning Repairing and Alterations Laundry Work and Shoe Repairing 111 Hennepin Avenue LOV -COST HOME LOANS on a Convenient Budget Plan TWIN CITY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Lcruhutf llomt Financing Institution in the Twin Cities Eighth and Marquette Minneapolis RUBENZER ' S GROCERY General Groceries Fruits and Beverages Prompt and Courteous Service Open from 7 a. m. to 10 p, m. 1329 Vale Place Compliments of THE IRIS CAFE 1034 Nicollet Avenue We Ship Everywhere KANTAR PROVISION COMPANY Wholesale Meats — Poultry—Provisions Hotels, Cafes, Clubs, Institutions 205-207 N. 6th, Minneapolis At. 5214-5215 DR. W. B. PAGE DENTIST Student Rates Ma, 1746 810 Donaldson Building For Better Health Through Better Nutrition It ' s the RICHARD ' S TREAT Cafeteria 114 So. 8th SI. Minneapolis 93 TH E FRESH Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun t MINNESOTA Marilyn Gabrielson Jacqueline Miller Erick Ahlquist Eleanor Gibson Virginia Moyer Ernest Almquist Galen Glessner Fern Mulder Anna Anderson Eileen Golden Catherine Nelson Yvonne Anderson Phadoris Groenewold JoAnn Nelson Gloria An [insen Ruth Gustavson Helen Nelson Lorraine Bailey Hazel Hanson Rachel Nelson Lorene Baker Ellywn Healy Florence Nicholson Hazel Bathke Lois Hemmelman Marie Pegors Mildred Bauer Eleanor Herner Doris Persons Rachel Bennett Earl Hoag berg Dale Peterson Willa Belle Bennett Adela Holmquist Eleonora Planlz Clinton Bergman Alice Holmquist Eleanor Rich Kenneth Birdwell Marjorie Holmstrom Arnold Robertson Angela Bjerkesett James Hop! Dorothy Rose no u Viola Blilie Ellyn Johnson Lorraine Sanderson Lorraine Bodenholer Eunice Johnson Harold Sawaizky Lawrence Bong Beverly Johnson Kathleen Schultz Margaret Bosshardt Harriet Johnson William Sias Joseph Boxmeyer Ruth Johnson Joyce Sjodin Paul Bridge Violet Johnson Florence Smith Norman Bronner Y allace Jorgenson Margaret Smith Paul Ruyse Kenneth Kastner Gerald Stem berg Mildred Canon Mildred Kastner Ruth Stenbock Bonievieve Carlson Charlotte Keene Mary Sullivan Peggy Christensen Mary Ann Kela Paul Sundberg Lucille Chris top herson Alice Kendall Lelha Sutton Glendon Clapshow Clara Kirstin Marilyn Tague Norma Clipper Harold Kregness Margaret Timmons Mabel Collin Marilyn Labonte Ada Townsend Lois Con at Eleanor Langlette Nona Turnmire Floy Cook Leona Larm Phyllis Wall Lois Cook Mildred Lincheid Richard Waterman John Cowels Lorraine Lindstrom David Weins Laurel Dann Amandus Lohmeyer Verna Wild Marjorie Day Jeanne Looit Owen Winkler Hazel la Decker Lois Looft Margorie Wohlenhaus Joyce Dildine Luwana Margadonl Peggy Eades Gloria Martin IOWA Edith Eastling Dorothy Marie Matson Phyllis Asa Anna Edson Lorna Mattson Bonnie Lu Bartlett Gordon Fanberg Gladys McCallister Lowene Bell Phyllis Foster Virgie McGowan Rosalyn Bettenga Doris Frank Ro y McMullen Evelyn Bigelow Kenneth Frans Louise Mosher Ruth Cox Marian Frans Alice Mosier Elaine Crooks 94 AN CLASS work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. " Mary Ann Ecklund Helen Elzig Wilma Fleming Ellen Friedrick Max Gifford Virginia Hoburrs Robert Hall Bose Helmers Bessie Hutchens Doris Jones Edna Kooyman Thelma Kruger Arbutus Lint Alice Luiljens Ruth Magnuson Lucille Montgomery Margaret Peel June Schmidt Delphine Smith George Sparks Lois Sparks Opal Sparks Erma Tracy Betty Walter Neva White WISCONSIN Mildred. Ahlstrom Margaret Brill Avis Erickson Arlene Fletcher Jane Franz Mary Halverson Carol Jain Minnie Johnston Jerome La Point e Lorraine McDonald Jean Marie Meir June Menge Louis Menge Olive Miller Beth Pardun Jean Patterson Joyce Patterson Mary Pauline Rodigor Dorothy Schaeffer Adelyn Stedman La Von Wiles ILLINOIS LaVerne Golike Barbara Hovda Eugene Havda Karleen Huetie Esther McCauley Lloyd Miller Hargove Powell Annabelle Tippett Dorothy ]. Ward NORTH DAKOTA Fred Bauer Marian Geiszler Viola Job Anna Kiemele Paul Pennington William Pettit Martha Schlittenhardt Elmer Schmidt Albert Steinke Lydia Steinke SOUTH DAKOTA Bertha Eberhart Helen Hegerfeld Earl Stratmeyer Marian Traub MICHIGAN John Cochrane Ruth Love Peter Korver Betty McPherson Faye Stephens Shirley Wishart Harry W rob be! CALIFORNIA Ella Bits Edna McQuiggin Elfrieda Neaderbaomer Martha Sauieles OREGON Virginia Buker Louis Dobra Faith Pickett Lawrence Todd Ann Wood CONNECTICUT Nick Bazilewich John Samusevick Katherine Skrtpol Anne Towstik William Ykavchick UTAH Florence Newton Margaret Rowland OHIO Betty Lou Kilgore George Martin NEBRASKA Allyne Burrows Ella Reeves NEW YORK William Bavis COLORADO Thelma Honeycutt MASSACHUSETTS Muriel Corner WYOMING La Verna Gidley KANSAS Verna Nickelson PENNSYLVANIA Martha Tara CANADA John Grill ENGLAND Edna Ball 95 Subscribe for BIBLE NEWS FLASHES Published by Dr, W. D. Herrstrom I World Traveler, Prophetic Analyst A monthly prophetic magazine discussing national and interna¬ tional events in the light of Bible prophecy. Only 25c Per Year Address: BIBLE NEWS FLASHES Box 77 Lake St, Sta. Mpls. 8, Minn, FIRST COVENANT CHURCH Dr. Paul Rees, Pastor 8th Avenue South at 7th Street 9:45 A.M. Bible Study Classes 11:00 A.M. Morning Worship Broadcast over WDGY 11:00 A.M. Swedish in Chapel ! 1st, 3rd and 5lh Sundays 5:00 P.M. Youth Fellowship Groups 7:30 P.M. Evangelistic Service COLLYP DEPT. PRESENTS: Jtj spirit ional Sinjcinjr, selected uk-m, ijuie sessi(iii t Youth Activities, 1 1 van-W;msmijr Ui- hle Messages, Fellowship, Informal Worship. Every Sunday Morning at 9:40 SERVE CHRIST IN COLLYP First Baptist—1 Hh Harmon, Rm, 310 EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH Sandstone, Minn. ANDREW E. JOHNSON " If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed ' John 8:36. " Verily, verily, [ say unto thee ex cept a man be bom again, he cannot see the kingdom of Gad ' John 3:3. ARNOLD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. Richard Deurson, Pastor Compliments of ! DAVIES MORTUARY 1403 Harmon Place Ma. 4351 j Residence Office Walnut 5513 Atlantic 6484 BERGLUND FUR COMPANY Manufacturing Furriers — Retail 6Q8 Nicollet Avenue Minneapolis Storage — Repairing —- Cleaning For Prompt Service ECKBERG REALTY CO. PI. 4481 15 E. Lake St. Lo. 2314 Salas - Properly Management Morlgage Loans and Insurance " GRACE HERALDER’S CLUB " Personal Soul Winning Class Motto: 1 Ye shine as lights Into the world, holding forth the Word of life. " Phil. 2:15, 16, Backus, Minnesota " Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass ' Psalm 37:5. GRACE KRULL George Iowa ’Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for¬ asmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” I Car. 15:58. President Henry W rob be I Seminary Representatives Alice Jane Steel Mai com Brown Senior Representatives Evalynne Peterson Marvin Bos tow Junior Representatives Ruth Vosler Glenn Pickett Freshmen Representatives Shirley Wisharl Max Gifford THE STUDENT FORUM | N all thy ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy way, Prov 3:G. || GIVE thanks unto the Lord for He is good; for His mercy endureth for¬ ever. Psalms 107:1, AIT on the Lord: be of good cour¬ age, and He shall strengthen thine heart; wait, I say, on the Lord. Psalms 27:14. SK and it shall be given, seek, and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you, Mott 7:7, FELLOWSHIP Sunday 4:00 P.M. ! Room 216 . 96 9TH BIRTHDAY In reaching our NINTH ANNIVERSARY we rejoice in the privilege we have had in introducing and making available those items and services which further the work of the Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. BIBLES • BOOKS • SCRIPTURE TEXT GREETINGS • FRAMED PICTURES • TRACTS • £. £. AWARDS The Northwest s Original Gospel Music Nook and Christian Book of Month Club A card will bring you a FREE catalogue and FREE copy of recent gospel song releases, THE FAMILY ALTAR BOOK SHOP 11 South 8th St. Ge. 3820 Minneapolis, Minn. FOR BETTER ICE CREAM always remember the BRIDGEMAN ICE CREAM STORES 2528 Hennepin 621 Hennepin Comer I4th Ave. 4th St. S. E. ANNOUNCING the Opening of New and Large Downtown Offices Suite 1230-32-34-36 Baker Bldg. GEORGE QUAM AGENCY Frances Christian, Special Agent Compliments of THE DAVID C. COOK PUBLISHING CO. Elgin, Illinois Christian Teaching—True to the Bible Greetings from Nick Phillips POPPY SWEET SHOP Curtis Hotel LILAC LANES BOWLING ALLEY Sh Louis Park Lunches Sodas Candies Opera from 3 A, M. to 6 P. M. Saturdays 8 A. M, to 7 P. M HENNEPIN BARBEE SHOP 1028 Hennepin Ave + Minneapolis. Minnesota Our Work Is Our Best Advertising CAMP JIM Under the auspices of the American Sunday School Union. Young Peoples Bible Camp lor recreation and Spiritual refreshment. Your support appreciated, A. R. FREI, Missionary Bramerd Minnesota Christ-centered Sunday School Literature for all departments. Following the Interna¬ tional Uniform Lesson Topics. Free Samples on Application by Sunday School Superinten¬ dents or Teachers (mention the department you are teaching). UNION GOSPEL PRESS Cleveland L Ohio " I have begun to give . , , begin to Possess. " Deui. 2:31. CALVARY BAPTIST WOMEN ' S MISSIONARY SOCIETY Cedar Rapids, Iowa 97 Congratulations to Class of ' 45 NORTHWEST COUNTRY ELEVATOR ASSOCIATION 802 Chamber of Commerce Minneapolis, Minn. A Church Where Chris! Is Preached l ' And when they had lifted up their eyes, they saw no man, save JESUS only. " Math 17:8. Meet Us at LOWRY AVE. BAPTIST CHURCH Where There Are Friends and Fellowship LOWRY AVENUE B.Y.P.U. " For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? " Matt. 16:26. Senior Young People ' s Society JENNINGS " RADIO £ ELECTRIC SERVICE Bill Jennings, Prop. 101S W. 24iH Sl Minneapolis 5, Minn. Ke, 2720 FIRST AMERICAN BAPTIST CHURCH Forest City Iowa " The Friendly Church " Always the Gospel 1 ‘ " Righteousness exalted a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. " Proverbs 14:34. ST. JAMES HOTEL Best Wishes to the Class of 1945 MR. AND MRS. J. A. HELLQUIST Colossians 4:5, 6 MORRISON MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHAPEL Lowry and 3rd St. North ' Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith " Gale Baldridge, Student Pastor HELMER H. ANDERSON Wholesale Men ' s and Boys ' Wear “And whatsoever ye do in word or I deed do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him. " Col. 3:17. NELSON BROS. LOGGING CO. Scappoose, Ore. " The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life and he that winneth souls is wise. " MR, AND MRS. C. R. GATES West Branch Iowa “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that who¬ soever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. " Jn. 3:16. Compliments oi the ROSELER DRUG COMPANY A Mighty Force in a World of Need FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Hillsboro Oregon Rev. Norman Brown, Pastor GOODYEAR SERVICE 1027 Harmon, Minneapolis, Minn. Complete Automotive Services Tires Batteries Recapping Brake Relining Alignment Motor Tune-up FIRST SWEDISH BAPTIST CHURCH Anton E. Sjolund, Pastor Elsie Viren, Church Missionary Clara Leppke, Sunday School Missionary Eighth St. and L3th Ave. South A Church with a Warm Welcome " Holding Forth the Word of Life " FIRST BAPTIST SUNDAY SCHOOL Hastings, Minnesota Rev, F. C, Volzkej Poster Ruth Jelley, Sunday School Supt. Welcome FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Huntington Park, California Walter Arthur Pegg, D.D. ( r 24) Pastor Howard Allan McKee ( ' 42) Assistant Pastor " Earnestly contending for the Faith " KMTR—5:05 P. M. Sunday Your Friend LAXTS COFFEE SHOP Northwestern Bank Bldg. Minneapolis, Minnesota CONNIE ' S CHARCOAL GRILL Compliments of Connie Rallis " For we are laborers together with God. " I Cor. 3:9a. REV, AND MRS. LEE C. STATE Walnut Grove, Minnesota " The Blood of Jesus Christ God ' s Son cleanselh us from all sin. " I John 1:7. H. S. DAHL Teacher of Voice 64 So. 11th St. Room 110 ARE YOU A HYPOCRITE? No knowledge is of any worth to a preacher unless he first knows this: “Ye shall know lhat I am in my Father and ye in me, and I in you, " i John 14:20. Know this, or you enter the Ministry a hypocrite. Don ' t be a hypocrite! Get alone in prayer until Christ fulfills ' this promise to you. Then and then only you will be a genuine minister of Christ. LUKE RADER Housekeeping Rooms for Northwestern Bible Students MR. AND MRS. JOS. A. NELSON 97 Spruce Place Second Floor GE, 8971 Distinctive and Superior Service LAWRENCES Cleaners • Dyers • Launderers Main Plant: Fourth Ave. South and 17th St. Phone: Atlantic 5521 99 Best Wishes from the SEMINARY AND POST-GRADUATE Class of 1945 . . that ye should shew forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. " 1 Peter 2:9. THE BIBLE CLUB MOVEMENT This movement; brought into being by (ho Lord Jesus Christ, was organized 8 years ago for the purpose oi giving the Gospel of Christ to children, young people, and adults, and bringing them to know and love Him as their per¬ sonal Saviour and Lord. Bible courses are taught in the Clubs and Scriptural awards are given free far memorizing designated portions of the Bible, The entire movement, now operat¬ ing in over 36 states, Canada, Ber¬ muda, and Cuba, is a venture of faith, trusting the Lord alone to supply every need. Would you reach lost souls for Christ? Why not organize a Bible Club? For further information write: The Bible Club Movement, Inc. ISOS Race Street Philadelphia 2 Pennsylvania Compliments of BOY D. JOHNSON GROCERY Hastings, Minnesota “Trust ye in the Lord forever; for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength. " Isa. 26:4. THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOL The Co-Workers Class Everyman ' s Bible Class The Marie Fletcher Class Dr. V. H. Webster, Pastor Eugene, Ore. GOSPEL MISSION BAPTIST CHURCH Knapp, Wisconsin “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. JJ T Cor, 1:18. S A. MuralL Pastor Congratulations to the Class of ' 45 Phil 5r Maurice SieH S. M. TIRE £ AUTO SUPPLY CO. MINNEHAHA ACADEMY 3107 47th Ave. South Minneapolis A fully accredited four-year high school with a posi¬ tive Christian emphasis, now in its 31st school year. O wned and operated by the Northwestern Mission Asso¬ ciation, which is a district conference of the Evangelical Mission Covenant Church of America. CATALOG WILL BE SENT UPON REQUEST too Accordions, All Types Prices Right Instruction • Repairs TRAFICANTE ACCORDION SCHOOL 41 South 8th Street Bn 3483 Best Wishes from JORDAN STEVENS COMPANY Wholesale Grocers Coflee Roasters Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Minneapolis ICE CUBES ICE COOLERATORS CEDAR LAKE ICE FUEL COMPANY Hennepin at Harmon Main 8201 FUEL OIL WOOD COAL STOKERS GOSPEL MISSIONARY UNION Four Foreign Fields Morocco and French Sudan, Africa; Colombia and Ecuador, South Amer¬ ica, More Northwestern Graduates in our fields than under any other board, We welcome missionary applications from trained and consecrated young people. Interested friends write for Monthly Prayer Letter—subscribe la “Gospel Message. " Headquarters: 1841 East 7th St. G. Christian Weiss, President Kansas City 1, Missouri Willis A. Larson, Treasurer i FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Bancroft, Iowa " Looking unto fesus, the Author and finisher of our faith; " Hebrews 12:2. John Van Kommer, Pastor " Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in Ihe power of his might. " Eph. 6:10, MR. AND MRS. RAY EVELAND AND FAMILY Backus, Minnesota AMERICAN SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION Dedicated to the Cause of Christ m Rural America As a Pioneer Missionary Sun¬ day School Agency, we " estab¬ lish and maintain Sunday Schools, publish and circulate moral and religious publications, " Write Us for Particulars REV. JOHN O. FERRIS District Superintendent 1105 Plymouth Bldg. At. 2619 Minneapolis, Minnesota Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands M. L. NOVACK Diamond Setter Bible Student s Jeweler Since 1919 Expert Watch Repairing 930 Hennepin Avenue 101 Bo ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. . . " - , . I Cor. 15:58. ' Congratulations to the Class of 1945 THE NORTHWESTERN SCHOOLS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Minneapolis, Minnesota George M. Wilson, Pres.; Warren Hullgren, Vice Pres.; Agnes Carlysle, Sec.-Treas, THE LOON LAKE BAPTIST CHURCH Spirit Lake, Iowa Congratulates the Senior Class of H 45 Not forsaking the assembling of our¬ selves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day ap¬ proaching. " He brews 10:25. Greetings from THE VIKING MISSION COVENANT YOUNG PEOPLES Our Aim: In the Cross of Christ we glory. Our Motto: To glorify the Christ of the Cross. MILDRED CHAPEL NORTHERN GOSPEL MISSION John H. Wiens, Pastor Clarence Blazer, Worker Gospel Preaching, Sunday School, Bible Classes, Visitation and Persona] Work PSALM 103:12 " As far as the e ast is from the v esl, so far hath he removed our trans¬ gressions from us. " MR. AND MRS. HAROLD KREGNESS Compliments of a Friend GLENWOOD CHAPEL Fred Wemger, Pastor " Jesus said, I am the light of the world; he that followelh me .shall not 1 walk in darkness but shot! have Ihe light of Life. " John 8:12. EVERGREEN DAIRY Charles Keller and Son, Prop, Sandstone, Minnesota l Wcu can whip our cream But you can ' t beat cur milk. " Greetings from SOUTH TOWN CHAPEL 43rd St. and Minnehaha Avenue Where the little light burns in the window.” Regular services: Wed., Fri., Sun. 8:00 P. M. COME, JOIN THE GREAT WHEAT-EXPERIMENT! Learn the secret of Victory in Stewardship. Write for details as to how you may receive some of the Henry Ford, Perry Hayden, Don Falkenberg ’’Dynamic Kernel wheat _ Ask for the story of the increase of one cubic inch of wheat into a world-encircling harvest in only eleven years. So amazing it is almost un¬ believable. Be v-i c-t-o-r-i-o u-s Tune in daily for she Bible Meditation League Family Altar broadcast over Minneapolis WDGY. 7:00 a. m, week days, and 6:00 o. m. Sundays, Address The Bible Meditation League, Inc. 810 Buckeye Bldg. Columbus 15, Ohio 102 INDEX Activities ..... r } j Advertisement ....... 85-103 Advisers .. + „ TT „... 9.14 Annual Banquet ..... 52 Athletics ....... 47-50 Board of Directors..,...... J5 Bringing The Gospel to Every Race............ + _. 52 Buildings ........ 41-43 Candid Shots .......... 35 Catalogue ._ ++ ............ 75.32 Child Evangelism . ......58-59 Collc g c .20, 21 Commencement . 53 Deans ..... j j Dorm Life .. 44-46 Employment . 53 Missionaries Overseas ......,.. iasi . 35 Missions ......... 57-73 Musical Groups ...........37-40 Radio ........ Russian Department ...64. 65 Secretaries ........ Seminary ....... g Senior Class ..... ... ...22-25 Service .. .... . ...37 Servicemen . 74 Socially Inclined . 54 Student Forum ..... .... J5 “Whose Faith Follow”............ 33 “Ye Shall Be My Witnesses”....... 50 c-

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