Northwest University - Torchbearers Yearbook (Kirkland, WA)

 - Class of 1940

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Northwest University - Torchbearers Yearbook (Kirkland, WA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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, 1Y,,-Z-x.,f-f . -- ..::: ,,,..,, ,vm 1 V, . k,. . , . ,, . R urine.,-a-v-fa-M-wgrfj""'Q: Wim? T 'H N., X x V- ..,m,,4.,w,m., ,..f,.., V.M-....,....,J...,. .A.M,.,-W -.. .W ,,v,..,,., W , H -M .x,d....f,. ,,,...-v.,W.....-A . ,-.... , ,:.. Www--, -mf,.:,.,,, .i,,,.m,,',.?,W . ,. .,.. .. X. . Usage a 6 ' Q Yew! ,W A z 5. KV-V ,ff ,-N.. ff Q 5 ' f 1? 3 ff . ,A,,5',J-" . i I ,QQ fuff EW? I4 '-n-vv-5---- v..-W... ..... Y....... ,........,.. . ,. ,,k -. -............,. . I f -M1 5 RW jg F M g X Eyxlx 'if 4, mMw+m P II 1 XX UIWTAHN 'W' 5 1 me Zimxp L-. F --117--....-. , ,..-- . lvUr, , b' wi ' X Q 3 A 'ww X +41 ix ' ff f " 5? if l j X 1 -- Q' si I x, 4 Q, , , 1 sk, ' ' . 'Xgx A Q, N al, ' V 2 1 Nm' KA' ifl' , - ' ' 1' . f 3 'q ' 2 1 1 Q 5 1 m Q + A A, i , H i I tefs 12 ,Q 3 ! 5 - f A i 'gf f 1 . ff f if 'K 1 , A 1 . , " ' -'15 fl g g,gf 5:1 11 f A f' VA , if ',w ' . KRXBA I L L"' .Tx hu il N I La 2 'N H1 f' ff' 1 . ' X I - All ' F I Ali ' xx ' 1 ',. 0 ' ,F 4' " K V-'K .1 - W YM NM :.Hm""'-'Va '.,.. U .4 in 1 sw'fuh- ' H7Tf 7 I P W '-.5 X "hm ' - 'A - , . "- I - wr --A V -f ., 2 , , -e,, I ' nW!wqliBH2QHuuwQlEF?Mu ',. A i , V W L 5,,. Mf ' 5 9 , li , g5r1- .LA,.J3f ,A.W 1'1 5 5 ff , 2 . E 6 Y " l xx 1, 1' A x I 1: , L. ' J W 4 I mx b Q i A Mfr? , .1 ' ,. Q- . ' f' E M M A .m . E N. ,' r Y , ' - r , fn gQ?' 5 Q 11, VA, L- FUN Hn. Q 3P 1 g' ' 1':-gfi-"1..K-':.-14.7-,. w lzl , Y M, V I 3 3 ' . ji, A , I S V vwvffffr " Fu--. . ,, l 'I ANT ' ' """"""'m'm"'E"-"-'-'-m'- ---- -u--- -A-M f M NBI Q I40 TORCI-IBEARERS f-ck all I , if . . . Q S, -,qs , 5 U THE NORTHWEST BIBLE INSTITUTE kat- XXV- Q71 .. hx ,lr gwlf 1 XWAISQQ-2 J L ff X - - r-'xx . .iff y. 1 , I A f f A -,lj I , M! ' Qff-5 .7 ' - 2- TL T. ' 3? H I "' if I , I ' .:': I rg-"I .il if 5 'iii 1 Lt-L O O O JI N B I IQ!-IO YEARBOOK OF THE NORTHWEST BIBLE INSTITUTE 6817 EIGHTH AVENUE NORTHEAST SEATTLE, WASHINGTON JEAN GRIEVE, Editor PAUL TRULIN, Business Manager 'I gy. 2 Torchbearers oT The TruThl For TwenTy cenTuries, The Torch oT TruTh has been TaiThTully car- ried by ChrisTian men and women possessed wiTh sTrengTh and deTerminaTion. In The early days oT The ChrisTian era, ST. Paul, TerTullian, and ST. AugusTine bore The Torch under almosT unbearable persecuTion ThroughouT The Roman Empire. CenTuries laTer, LuTher, Zwingli, and Knox Tearlessly spread The +I-urh across Europe. BriTain was rekindled by The Tlame Through The Wesleys and WhiTTield. Carey sped wiTh The message To India: Judson To Burma: l.ivingsTone To ATrica. America was revived by The minisTries oT godly Finney and sainTly Moody. To The innumerable Torchbearers oT The pasT, and To Those oT This presenT day, we dedicaTe This volume. GREWORD The lighTed Torch, held aloTT by TaiThTul hands, symbol- izes The immuTable Woi'd oT God shedding spiriTual lighT on The paThway oT our pilgrimage Through liTe To eTernal righT- eousness and peace. ln presenTing To The reader our l94O yearbools, The Torchbearer, we inTend primarily To seT TorTh The many phases OT school liTe. There is, however, a deeper purpose behind iTs producTion: To send TorTh The Woi'd oT God To Those who Tread a doubTTul paTh, even To some who wallf. in midnighT darkness. IT is our earnesT desire ThaT The spiriTual message woven ThroughouT These pages will prove To be a help and inspnaTion To The reader and ThaT iT may be a b acon guiding some wayTa1ei saTely To his l-l avenly FaThei s home There To abide happily ThioughouT eTeiniTy f . O 1, 1 R dy , ,,f,.,,k ., 4 A M wp ,, A1 , MLW.. mx W WH ,.: Y N NWA, gf 'fs " . +5 , ' 3, 'Z' A' 1 , ,G MJ M, ,V 1 ,' ' '- . , 1 4 7 I , '. 1 x . y ' ' N' ' . 2 9 4 , 1' Af m V.. 5 N'-Y , ," Y' Q U 1? 4' i . ,ss , , M, . .W , W7 L - ,K w f wma , V I. 6 mfr-4'9" -H 4,4 . : 4:1 ..,. . X W "' Z, vw Cf' V f mfii MW' 0 f , , !y,,,m?Y ,if 4 I I 0 If , W? , 3,4 , , . , I Wah ' Lf, ,A 1, ,0,,W'?96, f ,, .iw - ' ,A 3 Q J , mf 'Z' 9 Y, Q.. , -f - . . A ,h 1- "" QI 'V Y 1 I 1 X , ' '. J Tff: ' . 1 P Bw- " ' , H7 , X '- , . 5 ' K 1 I w- x W . - I au. 1, . . sz-.1 , -'N 1-1, -3 , , , . ' , if . ' .V "'. .I ' - . , - 4,-, , ,. I 1 . 0 .v ,K 1 . AP 4 3 , ' '..' A x' K x . ' -A- v , . YE: F v Q, .. ,W ,,,f. 'W . : . Arxfa .' ":3"7"'r" , A l, ' 1, -31,5 , A- 'n I , A ,Vw 0. f , f , wf Ji fs, , ' , f W, Zak nm , 4 wwf, , f ,Q 2' , 'M ' '7'ki'x,-rw" A it f 'M 3A,pQc,!g?'f1 ' '1,,z"""'. NJ"v' vi, ,ff 0, -gm I A Q, 4 ,M M, , , .. ., ' .LS fm , J. if v - N uma ' V , 1 'U " ar. - , M Qin-Il .- 4 I fi' ,wr ' , f- "Z X , 7 , , ,V . .. X ,1- 4 ,. pk Ah , ONT ENTS 0 ADMINISTRATION -i,,vff'Qf:'4 a cl.Ass:s Q A Jx "LL Q Acrlvmss A 571' fb in 1 4. av ' ' fa 3' 5 Q 2 I. 'Q' . ' V, , W. A if Y , . 4 , , 4. as . 3,0 X A-. i 3 ig' 'X " f . 5 l ' f ' V 6 ' A . fv 'V' Z , ' W6 , fxfg ,iffy af' pf nfihm, V f ww "' I A' M 5 ', ,H Dv Q, ' W sr " wif H MESSHBE LJ FHUM HEV.HEHHU H.HESS,UUH PRIHNPHL YE ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD -lvlollhew 5:l4 Chrislion worker is essenliolly o Torchbeorer or o Lighl- beorer. Millions of humon souls ore groping in dorlsness, seorching for somelhing, 'rhey know nor whol. We, Jrhen, os Chrisfion workers, hove been commissioned ond senl our lo lighlen Jrhe polhwoy ond illumine lhe minds of lhese bewild- ered, losl individuols. We musl show Them lhe polhwoy of Redemplion which leods lo Glory. We become Lighlbeorers only os we corry lhe lrue Lighr -'rhe Lighl of Jrhe world, which is lhe Lord Jesus Chrisl-in our own heorls ond lives. He if is who seeks 'ro rodiofe His lighf Jrhrough us. How imporlonf if is, Jrherefore, To permif 'rhis Lighl, +he Lord Jesus, olwoys lo shine brighlly. Remember, sludenls, we ore only lhe beorers of The lighl. lvloy 'rhe Lord help you 'ro rodiole His lighl ond lo preoch His messoge wherever He moy send you. My highesf hope for eoch Torchbeorer is lhol 1'he Lord moy use you 'ro fulfill 'rhis greol commission ond be sin- dispelling lighls in lhis dorlsened world. -HENRY H. NESS HTUIH UUH UEHH As Tolchbeolels you hove o pllceless pllvllege ond o glove lesponslblllTy MulTlTudes oT people ole gloplng ln dollqness ond rnony wlll poss lnTo eTelnol l'nldnlghT unless The l.lghT IS Token To Them The ongels oT God would glodly undel Tolqe The Tosh hod lT loeen so oldolned buT To you The OppOI TunlTy IS glven The lesponslblllTy seems Too gleoT To OSSUITIG Tol should you Toll how Tellllole would be The loss eTelnol lossl BuT you wlll noT Toll TIUS Tolchbeolels l-nusT succeed no corne whoT TempToTlons ole encounTeled Rernernbel ThoT l-le who sold lon'l The llghT olso sold Lo l om Wllh you olwoy WlTh l-lllTl os youl componlon ond gulde all The pOWGlS of dollaness comblned c:onnoT lrnpede youl plogless OI hlndel YOUI COIIYIHQ The Llghl' oT The Gospel To The Ullel rnosT polTs oT The eolTh lvlolch on Tolchbeolels wlTh Thls song on YOUI llps Well wolk Tlll Jesus comes And Then be goTheled home C C BEATTY l'noTTel' whoT obsTocles orlse, whoT diTTiculTies rnusT be over- HHMINISIHHIIUN IIHHTIHH THE IHHH TIIIT IITHTIIS "LeT your lighT so shine beTore men, ThoT They rnoy see your good worlss, ond gIoriTy your I3oTher which is in heoven."-IVIoTThew 5:I6. "Torchbeorers." The nonwe you hove chosen, indicoTes one oT The rnosT irn- porTonT ond responsible phoses oT ChrisTion I.iTe ond Service. The Tor-reoching rninisTry oT word ond deed is consTonTIy shining ouT Trorn every IiTe, ond only in The world To corne will we The eTTecT iT has had upon Those Tor whom we hove iIIurninoTed The poTh oT IiTe. Foshion your lives oTTer our Lord Jesus ChrisT, so ThoT oThers rnoy Tollow your lighT os you Tollow I-Iis. Your greoTesT ioy in I-Ieoven will be The presence oT Those who enTered becouse They Tollowed your "Guiding I.ighT." Moy your Toy be Tull, ond your reword greoTI -FRANK GRAY BIBLE scHooL COMMITTEE Rev. F Rev, R. F. Ashworth Rev. C. T. WoII..el'g Rev, H. I-I. News Rev. J. I-T. McLoughlin :V IE Ruyfussen i,,- il. , I. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Rev. Fronlf. Groy Rev. J. A, Bogue Rev. F. S. Jones Few. Q. C, Arn-esen pew. R. F.Ashwcr1h pew. C. E. BuTTerTieId Fel. I? Pow. G Rev. I-I. M, Doylc Ref. K. Leon. Per. D. I-I. Mcl.'3L.'gPi Ref. J. Rev. I-I Rev. Hone Ref. C G Wrff PITUGIT The NouThwesT Buble lnsTuTuTe opened On OcTObeu I I934 as The OTTcuaI unsTuTuTuOn OT The NouThwesT DusTuucT CouncuI OT The Asemblues OT God IT had been un The munds OT The puesbyTeus OT The DusTuucT Tou some Tume To esTabIush a Buble lnsTuTuTe Seveual aTTempTs weue made buT uT was nOT unTuI I933 ThaT The ueaIuTy OT such an unsTuTuTuOn began To Take cOncue+e Toum The Rev Henuy H Ness who had uusT Taken The pasTou aTe OT The Hollywood Temple saw The need OT a Buble lnsTuTuTe un The NouThwesT whuch he puesenTed beToue The NouThwesT DusTuucT Councul un sessuon aT The Camp TvIeeTung un Hue summeu OT I934 IT was Then unanumously agueed To esTabIush such an InsTuTuTe un SeaTTIe An OTTeu by Hue Hollywood Temple TO house The school Tuee OT chauge unTuI uT was seIT susTaunung was quaTeTuIIy accepTed by The Councul The Rev Mu Ness was appOunTed puuncupal ShOuTIy aTTeu Hue Rev C C BeaTTy Then Iabouung wuTh Hue NouTh CenTuaI Buble lnsTuTuTe Ivlunneapolus IvIunnesOTa accepTed The OTTeu To become Dean OT The lnsTuTuTe and auuuved Hue IOTTeu pauT OT AuqusT To assume hus uesponsuble posuTuon LuTeuaTuue was puunTed and cOnTacTs weue made wuTh puOspecTuve sTudenTs O Hue Openung day eughTeen sTudenTs weue enuolled Theue was a splendud spuuuT OT co OpeuaTuOn Tuom Hue begunnunq and oTheus came unTuI Hue enuOIImenT ueached TOuTy eughT beToue Hue TuusT Teum ended Many obsuocles had To be oveucome buT God Oveu uuled and Hue TuusT yeau puoved To be encouuagunq AT The close OT Hue school Teum Hue sTudenTs wenT away Tulled wuTh enThusuasm Oveu Theuu new unsTuTuTuon Duuung ThaT yeau Hue sTudenTs made numeuous Tuups un Hue school bus and many successTuI seuvuces weue held Thuouqh whuch oTheu puOspecTuve sTudenTs weue cOnTacTed N B I s second yeau was Opened OcTobeu I I935 wuTh an enuOIImenT OT one hundued and TuTTy Thuee sTudenTs The expeuumenTaI sTage pasT eveuyone seemed ueady TO seTTIe down TO haud wouls The OuT sTaTuOn woulf. uncueased queaTIy Theueby cueaTunq a demand Tou sTudenTs To TuII vauuous needs un OuTIyunq dusTuucTs Many vucTOuues EnIaugemenT OT ouu boudeus became necessouy A new maun oTTuce puuncupal and TacuITy OTTuces a musuc sTuduo and a Senuou classuoom weue added The puayeu uoom as well as The maun auduTOuuum was neauly doubled un capacuTy We admuue The sTudenTs and The TacuITy who day by day compeTed wuTh The uncessanT nouse OT hammeus and The uaucous buzz OT saws duuung Thus uecOnsTuucTuOn GueaT was The ueuoucunq when On Mouch 7 I937 The new adduTuOn was deducaTed unTo The Loud ThaT yeau was clumaxed by The TuusT guaduaTuon OT The NOuThwesT Buble lnsTuTuTe when TOuTy Puoneeus ueceuved duplomas Two OTheu classes have ToIIOwed Them unTo Hue hauvesT Tueld OT The Loud The Conqueuous and The LuTe Saveus The IuTe OT The school has been maulsed by many ouTpouuunqs OT The SpuuuT OT God when classes have been abandoned and The puayeu uoom TuIIed wuTh sTudenTs desuuung To I-snow God s wuII Tor Theuu Iuves Duuunq These Tumes many ueceuved calls some To Toueugn lands as mussuonauues and oTheus as evangeIusTs and pasTOus un The Tuelds OT The homeland The lnsTuTuTe now un uTs suxTh yeau has Ten mussuonauues Iabouunq un dusTanT pauTs OT The eauTh and OTheu guaduaTes aue eageuly wauTung Tau The Tume when They Too can go TouTh To The lands OT Theuu callung OppouTunuTues To do seuvuce Tou ChuusT duuung The I939 40 school Teum have un cueased uemaulsably AssuqnmenTs have uncluded vusuTs To BuuTush Columbua Canada Guay s Haubou Yalsuma Valley KuTTuTas and Raymond un WashunqTOn On These Tuups uT has been The puuvuleqe OT The sTudenTs TO wuTness The conveusuon OT souls and ueTueshung showeus OT blessunq upon God s chulduen As The puesenT Teum duaws TO a close we aue anTucupaTung anOTheu unspuuung quad uaTuOn when The Touchbeaueus shall depauT Tuom Theuu spuuuTuaI home To uaduaTe The Gospel IughT un a would wuapped un dauleness and sun May The NouThwesT Buble lnsTuTuTe conTunue To be blessed OT God as a gueaT cuTadeI and Tuaununq quauTeu Tau ChuusTuan seuvuce I 8 I I I I E E . n . -4 1 - D 1 . ' U were won during The Teu'm and The spiu'ITuaI inTeu'esT was InTensiTIed. T El FRUIT! DUB FH REV HENRY H NESS REV C C BEATTY BE STRONG The oncrenT Torchbeorers consrdered Therr roce To be The n'rosT rn'rporTonT oTh leTrc evenT rn Therr doy JusT os The Des TrTTed were The only ones chosen os con TesTonTs so eoch oT God s servonTs rnusT be sprrrTuolly sTrong rn order To run suc cessTully The Chr rsTron roce T-le n1usT prepore hrrTrselT by consTonT dorly renew rnq oT hrs sprrrTuol sTrenqTh OT necessrTy Thrs requrres o lseeprng under ond brrngrng rnTo subrecTron our cornol on1brTrons ond desrres Power To wrn requrres selT govern rTrenT ond selT denrol wrThouT whrch no one con expecT To succeed H I-l NESS BE PATIENT PorT oT The exhorToTron Tound rn The openrng verse oT Hebrews Twelve rs LeT us run wrTh poTrence The roce ThoT rs seT beTore us We should remember however ThoT rn order To run o roce wrTh poTrence one rnusT necessorrly be poTrenT rn preporo Tron Behold The husbondmon soys Jomes worTeTh Tor The precrous TrurT oT The eorTh ond hoTh long poTrence Tor rT ATTer he hos lobored and plonTed hrs seed he rnusT exercrse poTrence Thus rT rs wrTh The sTudenT In Trornrng Tor The roce oheod he rnusT wrTh much poTrence opply hrrTrselT To hrs sTudres C C BEATTY . I u I I . ' T Principal .1 ' ' Vine C enonfs, Ch CTT Govevn T r S roi Lf-ffure, Deon ' ' ' ' O Tef':'nf-" REV J A BOGUE s T P p e sT ec Pblccr ecf Sp ok g P fa yLc: Dspe sofo s REV E V BRONSON o o e c D cf cs Typo A? BbleATlsSudcryShl c REV P S JONES Ch chH t ry Hsiory ofMs :ons Personal E angel sm BE DETERMINED The racer Trxrng hrs eyes upon The goal leans Torward and presses wrTh deTermrnaTron Toward The prrze If he Turns asrde he mrsses The mar ls and loses The reward The greaT pr rzes oT lrTe are garned only by physrcal and men Tal endurance l-lowever prodrgrous may be The grTTs OT genrus They can be developed To perTecTron only by To l and sTudy The prrze oT The ChrrsTran race The crown aT lrTe rs worThy OT The mosT laborrous and selT denyrng eTTorTs When your hearT grows weary by conTrnual exerTron a glrmpse oT The dradem provrded by ChrrsT wrll renew your energy J A BOGUE BE PERSEVERING One aT The marn essenTrals rn a TooTrace rs persever ance A conTesTanT may sTarT well and have promrse aT becomrng a wrnner buT Tarl drscouraged by obsTacles rr' The way A runner may unwrsely begrn The race aT Top speed buT he wrll be unable To conTrnue To The end The maraThon runner rs a beTTer example aT per sever ance because he assumes a slower and more even garT and The ChrrsTran race musT sTarT well and conTrnue aT a sTeady pace To The end rn sprTe oT all drTTrculTres ThaT mrghT hrnder E V BRONSON BE VIGILANT VIGILANCE rn runnrng a race rs a deTermrnrng TacTor OT success The conTesTanT rs called upon To examrne hrmselT closely To be examrned and To be prepared To make every needTul sacrrTrce There musT be mrnuTe scr uTrny oT all cor relarrng condrTrons and a perTecT under sTandrng oT race prrncrples Speed rs a conTrrbuTrng reqursrTe To wrn buT even speed musT be subordrnaTed To wrse conTrol OversTrarn mrghT prove TaTal Under esTr maTron oT The eTTorT demanded To Trnrsh The course may easrly lead To drsasTer and over conTrdence also may cause deTeaT By vrsrorr by rmparTral examrnaTron and by absoluTe obedrence lrTe s race can be Trnrshed wrTh The roy OT reward P S JONES zo New Te Tumen, ro h cy, 1 I . Chri ian Evid n es, u I nd Eff ive e in, crlicmen- r w, i n in. . . i' . ' . l . I mainTains rT unTil The goal is reached. We who are In P sforcl The lbgy, Homil H s, o rifle, Polemi , logy, c s, i or , n c oo Org nizcdion. r r ' T T . ur' iso , I i- ' ' . S' , v i . T BE ANIMATED And whaTsoever ye do do rT hearTrly The word anrmaTron rmplres enThu rasTrc acTrvrTy A rrghTeous cause and a sound program are noT suTTrcrenT rn Themselves To guaranTee success acTron rs n cessary Your TesTrmony oT whaT you belreve and have exp enced musT be baclsed up by sprrrTed TorceTul eTTorT rn order To brrng abouT real resulTs Tor God AcTrvrTy ThaT rs moTrvaTed by a genurne rnborn desrre To wrn sours wrll always serve as a TesTrmony To The world oT The rearrTy oT your ChrrsTran experrence and The TruTh oT your message D L COX BE DILIGENT The arm oT every runner rn o race rs To break The Tape a goal noT easrly aTTarned They who would run musT deny Themselves and be drlrgenT rn lrvrng up To cerTarn aThleTrc rules whrch wrll TrT Them Tor The race We Too as we press onward we Trnd ThaT The road rs hard We musT STrrve To enTer rn aT The sTrarT gaTe Paul sard LeT us so run ThaT we may obTarn Thrs we may do noT by Turnrng asrde buT wrTh drlrgence lseeprng our eyes Trxed on our goal MRS HELEN GILES BE DELIBERATE DelrberaTron rs a splendrd asseT To anyone rn any underTal4rng lT rs especrally essenTral To The one who rs runnrng rn a race By delrberaTe plannrng he may besT prepare hrmselT Tor The conTesT beTore hrm Paul gave us a valuable exhorTaTron when he sard LeT us lay asrde every werghT and The srn whrch doTh so easrly beseT us l-le was comparrng The ChrrsTran lrTe To The Grrecran aThleTrc evenTs so Tamrlrar To The early ChrrsT rans As parTrcrpanTs rn Th ChrrsTran race we musT consrder careTully The obsTacles ThaT may rmpede our progress and prepare ourselves To overcome Them successTully MRS A B Cl-IRISTENSEN 2 PROF DELBERTL COX B A M A Theory f M cn d Ha mony o O I1 irc: E gl h MRS HELEN GILES B S R N P sonul Hyg e F sl' A d Proc TcolN g Top olDseas MRS A B CHRISTENSEN Moi' o U ., . . ,, . . S. . . . u - ' ' er-1- u I v a . nl . Q I n . ' . . l' o usic n r . Direcfor of Ch ir and rc es- , n is. Chr'rsTrans, are rn a race, wrTh T-leaven as our' goal. As - rr . rr - I I ' I . I I I y er ine, ir I , ' i ursin , r ic i es. . . . . S .. . . U . . r n l e erwfncmce words gwefh Yqhf P r'r1s!N9 T SOx Iwq feous ond qhcimpbs 'rlwe upnwglv rw he 1 Ps rvs 97 I F Jon fWQS+ RLAH Cox row GH S IUIHDUUIS SCHOOL OFFICE MJSNC STJ NO WUV' C TEACHERS ROOM MATFQON S OFENCE UDP 21 J THE T THE F CJK' vm FTC WORLD V f 4 J TSUS, HGH UT DTV, P fi ?T?f3Al"' '. " 'rt KIYI' ' gif 213: "'1:'- '11 4 .1 C"' 1+ L "1" Qfgw f 'ff ff: 3 ": SJW" 'ij ff"1ff -"'i1': "1 Q5 "1 we f-T31 Q if' " ' ,1'f1 1i: .511 1051 ' 11" r"2c1'- gf' "Q '1 "H . 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T-12 QAJVV5 if Q-QV' f1" '1 U 'ff' '3rwi:T1g, Hu "1 '1 " fu 1 ff: cz" 1'f- LQH if " i2 ff' Me -P11 'QT ,wc -1' iii Qi." 1 mf Qiix'--' P, ' "Q 'i:',.'i1 '-31 " " Tr 'i' ,:i'w"' .': 1'1" ' If ' f L" f'V1" :'1'- '- 4 ' - .f'- 'if' 1' :i7,"f 1' ' ' .2 1' ' v'f'4': IW 1 "'f- 1 -f 1'v!'7T'f1 'mv-' TI" TQTV . I 1 T' -4 I I T' . . I , If ' I ,'TA ' S ,2 1 KT ' 'Pi Lg, i 5 f 195 TUQT if -wh -, - mf v., f , -fl 5 J M he -ini , , 1 .gi ix?-99551 1 'T Eager energetzc arms carry thezr lrghted torches swzftly forward wzth a determr natzon to reach the goal and recewe the przze that awazts the successful runner Thus should we the bearers of the Gos pel of Jesus Christ gwe our best for the spreadzng of thzs message of lzght and Izfe We feel zmpelled to dzlzgently apply our selves to study for there are lessons to be learned and much experzence to be gazned rf we would so run that we may obtarn the zncorruptrble crown ' - 1 Q 1 CLASS OFFICERS M G-Ib Deor Fellow Senrors As we revrew The posT Three yeor s we see God s lovrng hond drrecTrng The course oT our surrendered lrves Trnnre well spenT rn proTrTobleTro1nrnq has resulTed rn our becornrnq beTTer equrpped ond drscrplrn d To rneeT The world We hove been cooched To run The ChrrsTron roce rn o more rnTellrgenT ond eTTecTrve rnonner A world Trlled wrTh possrbrlrTres lres beTore us Reolrzrnq Thrs we Teel rmpelled To Tolqe up The chollenge ond qrosp The Torch ThoT rs exTended Towcrrd us The some Torch whrch rnrnrsTers oT The posT dored To beor rn The sprrrTuol dorleness ThoT engulTs The eorTh IT rs rncurnbenT To us To Teor lessly enTer The roce ond br rng The lrghT oT The Gospel To souls groprng rn dorlsness My eornesT proyer Tor eoch one rs ThoT every Torch rnoy be oTlor'ne when l-le cornes ln Hrs servrce JOHN M TAPPERO Jenn .Tapper-o Pr'esTdenT lIeT'l lr'.v?- o r':Jr'n Vrce-Pr'esldenT lcewe' Gerufuoe Wlrlslnscn Secl'eTor'y-Tr'eosur'er' lrrghTl Pllfslllflllls lllfSSllllf lhol ye should shew ufoulh lhe puouses ol Hum who holh collecl you oul ol doulqruess uuulo l-lus rwouvelous Lughl l Peleu 2 9 Follow lvle Thus lloshed lhe coll To us l cm ouu Loud e us Chuusl lhe Lughl ol lhe would o coll 'ro o cleluruul solvoluouu Receuvuuuq lhe Touch olluulh ugruuled by The luue ol lhe Holy Sp uul we W ue pocecl ru N B l ollhouqh lo some lhe ueosoh wos soruuewhol uuu oppouerul Uncle lh muhusuuoluorus ol god y Spu uT lulled meh who beloue copolole ol uuuwo feuurug y holcluruq o oufl ouu Touches We oue mow belleu equuppecl To lolse ouu p oce olouuo l le s uoule ouo ueyeol lhe luue Wow TO olheus XfVlll'1CIl'1 uuushouacouo e loulh uru Cod W sho uoum wufh l-lus people who hoye qorue beloue os lhe luqhls ol Gool uuu dom ploces we lull hu u lhe u uh or Tuul um mow' o e ouu ueoluly 1 lhe Sum ol Ruqhleousuuess ouuse loueveu ouspellurug lhe poweus ol cuoulsuuessl u' u' U . . Vu S .- K ' ' . . V' ' '. I X I: L X e' l E 1. . .- ' Y - ' . u' e """ ' l , 'u , -v lurrues hool receiyecl The lughl ol lhe glovuous Gospelu we become more u " l . ' l 1 ' ' . . . ' . u 5 ux . 1 u ' ' u ' ' ' l- W ' '. 1 e W Moy ' 'gl 'lc l ' ' u e, le Cl, d ' ' I, uulul JOHN M. TAPPERO, Presidenf Vancouver, B. C., Canada Distincfive personolify, defworwsfrofed Ieodership, consecrofed vifolify. "The fear of fhe Lord is The insfrucfion of wisdom: ond before honour is Iwumilifyf' Proverbs ISZ33 V IRWIN GALBRAITH Vice Presrdenf Seuffle Washlngfon Or1Iy 0 frue Cbfwsfran can be o qenflevxon There IS no wisdom nor umdelsfondlnq non cour1sI oczomsf The Lou Proverbs 2l 30 GERTRUDE F WILKINSON Se refcay Tveo Lie Greaf Falls Monfana E ely hue friend IS o qIv'r1pse of od I heIp s f e ro F+he Lo d P-o mode Iweov m and eau Psolfrs l24 8 L CLARE ALLEN Yaklma Washmgfon Pobe DO e M on sb r 61 eedew T + e L. r' 3 I . , - . V 'V D . 'df' ' 3 . , C ' A ' s " U . v ' ' " A ' G . I In IW We 5 I' ,nn 9 'Ib.L . ,A ng-3 Eg fl 1" 4 'M oi not we cf zzfeco anime, cm ,y ery Nord 'hc' ove- C - .I ou 'J' AI' 'Z 'fl CT' God. Mznfeff 4:4 HILDUR C ANDERSON EvereH Washlngfon cr-eew pu? the Corqucwmcz CII 300 Home ofhc Io E6 chosen 'Iwo Q e ICMES .ard Iovmq vc 'wer I on SIVGI on 40 cveIb MARGARET E BANKS Albany Oregon ve us suc eoms +501 om Q ne: +0 r gs II G We Imee e HENRY BERENTSEN SeaHIe WasI'ung+on Che-eI'IuIIy cvrbrfxous Ieody Iov sexvnce e fha? wmnefh souIs IS w se oveubs I ROSALIE P COWPER SMITH Salmon Alm B C Canada A I m mwo d vw I guy r' TI' rokkqk 3 52 Ire DI 's "iw 4 I fh, IA! d Isl' Ar ,n,v'c?:'4. fr AY fcmuw' 'f ' In 'I ' d r Id." Pr! 'I 5 22:l, GI Im Iw ' I '- Iorq os Iheh' ' -5 1: ri-'+: f 'ee s ' 2 . Le? my Ihecrf be sour1'1imT'wy5'oIuIcs. Psc "5 I I9:EO. 'I-I ' ' I .' PI' ' l:3O wud-.uI'd su shine, ' r Icy, YM I iIIreIcIcem1Im Lrwd, Iw1sIV II e Goo ,,' 'vw as wzrhvv. I-IQ' ' :IEK FRAN K R DAVIS Yoncallc Oregon A good hed: n v I changes bui keeps hns course Iruly The eau of Ih Lord IS Ihe beqmmnq of wus om o e b 9 MARY N FARRANT Chilliwack B C Canada DepIh of fnnendshrp con onIy be measured by The depfh of fhe hearf Nof by mnqhf no4 by power buf by my spurs? soxfh Ihe Loud of hosfs Zechauoh 4 6 BEN R FORD Ellensburg Washlngfon Greaf men on do New greofesf wouk no oeffer fhan Iusf so Comm? fhy works unfo Ihe Loud and fhy Ihoughfs shoII be esfob as ed P over s I HARRY D FRANCIS Vucforua B C Canada dufh hows I m self fhe Iasmon 0 :fs IJ ure The Loud vs good a sfrong hoId In the day of IroubIe N um I 7 33 'K I ' .e ' ' ' ' d Pl' f I' 5 :IO I'h r 'IJ 6:3 Y I' rr-II7 If I' FA I' . 'I ' ' , ' I ch , : EUNICE M FRANK Seaffle Washlngfon Those :Ivo clung sunshine Tc Hue Iwes of others cor-no keep If Irov' +He'rwseIv S e Ieof OI IIwe Loud s 0 curve r' o I9 Plover 5 I4 EMMITT E GEESEY American FaIIs Idaho The hear? 'I'oI Ieons on God rs Happy onywhele soff on5weI Iunnefh away wnoflw I g evous I 5 5+ anqer vel 5 I5 JEAN E GRIEVE Mirror Alberfa Canada Hex ways one ways OI pIeosonIness and oII Iuef pofhs me peace us odeafh Pnoverbs I2 8 DORIS E HANSON Fargo Norfh Dakofc souI expressed In swc hc? aemlev on Ihe cp +V I S upon fr d e es e e I 0 Ie CI ls IICWQ Ccrw ence Prefer s I4 34 Th ' ' I I , I, ' I: 227 "A ' ' ' : bu ri wc'd ir up . ,I Pro 'b :I In Ihe way 01' rIqIwIeousness is Ilfeg and in We poII1woy1I1ereofII1er'e I rw ' i2 A ' ' Hmu' I J - , EMI IIes an VI' d F:X,eIid ' 'V' y I'1II'l IC' I Iw L 'd' 5 ' I A Id .I 'E 126 MARIAN A HARPER Bullmgs Monfana Vnrtue as lru haoplness snrnplncufy lrue beauly A lalfhlul rnan shall abound wlfh blessrnqs Proverbs 28 20 ARLO B HENDRICKS PrescoH Arkansas The enduuance of fhe cross us fhe assurance ol lhe clown l-le Thai follo efh allen uqhfeousness and rneucy lndefh Ile WILLIAM R HOEFER Seaffle Washmgfon They see best who see Chrusl alone l-le lhal handle+h a rnaffer wusely shall fnd good an whoso fruslelh rn fhe Lord happy IS he Proverbs I6 20 MYRTLE H HOVLAND Graaf Falls Monfana Klnd hearts are more Than coronefs The name of the Lord IS a slrong fo er +he rrqhfeous runnefh Info 1+ and IS safe Prover s I8 35 riqhfeousness, and honour." Proverbs 2I :2I " ' l : d ., , W Z I . . ' , ' b :lO DACIE P JAMES Myrfle Pom? Oregon A holy lrfe us mode up of O su cesslon of holy rnornenls l-low much beller ns nf +o gel wnsdo'n Then gold' cnd fo gel under s ondmq lofher To be chosen lhon snlyeu' Proverbs I6 I6 MARCELLA I JOHNSON Melrose Mmnesofc The Old Slory In The he-01+ expressed In o loyous new song on The lips WAYNE O JOHNSTON Wollo Walla Wcshlngfon The fools composeo ond sleody eye espeolf. o sfeody constancy mon sholl noi be eslobllshed by wucleedness bu The loot of rlohfeousness sholl nol be rvoyed Psoyeubs I2 3 LEROY K LEONARD Bremerfon Wcshmgion lxelerrnuned pulsulnq delenrnmes Ochwevemenl He lhcf wozlelh on has rnczslel sholl be honoured P OV6IbS 27 lfi 36 "l-le is G shield unlo lhern fhol pu? Their frusl in l"linr'." Pvoverlos 30:5 B . 'TA A ' 1 T T - ' ' ' ' A ' 1' ' 1 ANNE LITTLE Seafile Washnngfon Cys! e C d nu rake away We duces nom We SIKVE: cmd fhere sh owe 5 Tre mn r Proverbs 4 PRISCILLA C MARR Seaifle Woshmgfon WITH CLNIVSf6H+L71OU6G wnfhm genflen ss O"ld peace orevode WIA e ear of +he Lc d rendefh to ufe and he Tho no w fshal cc SCJ lu PG fe: bs I HAROLD W MATSON Vlcforla B C Canada H Measures Goo and souis Ask 0? r-we and I SPQH awe Wee he heathen for Hume urvhemc Psalms A NANCY O NORMAN McKenna Washlngfon Wrere words are ccrce they are se dom spen? wn J e oth of Hue uS o ru lc f fha s'vmQ+ moe L. o he pe fe r Proverb 4 KS 37 A 1, M3314 -3 kf':'ff :Ur rw " 9 'T ' , 5' A vi 31 C Cf' wessei for ', f' et ' 25: , , N A. A . , V 9 Y Q .JC HTL f ' . I' ' L 3 f' T I 5 'fi Pvc- 'V 9:23 Es ' ' 3- 'L . W S , ' ' -ein. "Tn p fis 5 the shi 'rg I'4h, Y ' ,h r 3 'TCVE 'HY 5 r Q day," '5 3 C PHILIP NORMAN McKenna Washmgfon No Iwo fm by busIIe buf by u eful :needs Thy wow ns very pure Ilwerefore TI1y seryonf IoveII'1 :I Pso fns I I9 40 ELSI E F OLSEN Ralnler Oregon A Dorco hood o Monys heorf Beffer rs IuIIIe wnfh +I1e fear of II16 Loud Thom grec:+ IICOSUIG ond IroubIe II1exewn+I1 Ployelbs I5 I6 KaIlspeII Monfcna I-Iumnlufy ns fha Iwcll monk of wasdom T e rug eous sI'ucII fIourxsIw cs cz branch P ovembs II 8 DOROTHY J SCHUSTER Secffle Washungfon Speech IS 5 Iver sulence IS go den In The molmng gow II1y Seed Gnd In IIae eyenmq wI+hhoId no? Mme on Efdesnosfes I 38 'I 'I' 3 ' I, :I PAUL B. OLSON ' I1 ' Iv ' ' I' ' 22 ' I , A ' I . I1 df' , A I:6 FRED A SHAMP Wmfleld Alberfa Canada DrffucuI+ es become aopav umhes fa 'those who ad for Gad I have se+ Ilwe Lord always before rne because Ive s af fr-y nqnf an I 5 a no? be rna ed Psa fns I6 VERNA I SPENCER Seaffle Washlngfon Descouraaewenfs overcome become encouragemenfs fa afners A wofd fufly spoken IS Inke apples of gold n pncfunes of s1Ive1 P OVSICS 25 II FRANCES L THOMPSON SeaHIe Washlngfon Kindness nas aesusfless cI1arr'ns The fear of The Land IS The begznnlng of knowledge P v rbs I 7 PAUL G TRULIN Oakland California Experence ns by nndu fr, a Pueved NJ ere Pere s nr ms I cease ner: I' P erhs 2 I 31 . . I 4 . . D N I 'I 2 1 -' I I1 d, Ia II ' v I 18 r ' 1 " ' ' ' ' ron e : I ' Q ' 5 I' C ' , Ah, r, I , TQ" e I 'sw rar 9: 8 MAGNUS E UDD Raymond Waslwmgfon l1yHeOIlGC6Sl :ce llwe way v '11 1 rv sa-v I8 ETHEL WADELIN Eburne B C Canada Consecloled obrlnfy and ueluobnlrly make a good learn VJhol'soevez My hand fundefl- fo do do 4? flu llwy mlqlml CHRIS R WALKER Seaffle Waslungfon Ecclesuasfes 9 IO Glve To God of flue Des? you have and l-lls besf wall come back To you Wisdom 45 flue pamclpol ll'1Il'1Q llwexelore gel wisdom and wlllw all Tlvy qeffnnq gel undeuslondma Proverbs 4 7 EDNA A WAUGH Greaf Falls Monfana every mcbe owls flwe snlenf port as es? rw llw p P me ullne 0 Psa ms I6 40 A "9" ' 4 w' . 1 will lo e Wee O Lord y s"e qflwf P l ls :I ' - ' ' 1 , ' wl A Ol I . w ' , ' ' b . I y r se! is lf ss lloyf l :II ROSE M WEBB Lrvrngsfon Monfcrna Good deeas are ever broom-rna frowers e Ura? pealnefh rrufh shew fb cr hrrgrrfeousrres arerns I2 ANDREW G WEK Nemrscam Alberfa Canada We besf of ali the preachers are rhe r-ren who Irve 'fL'err are-eds Good urrdersfarrdrnq qrveflw favour buf fl're way of frarrsqressors rs ard ver s Noslwvrlle Oregon corrsfarrf fdelrrv rrr small Hr rrqs s a qreaf and hor rc vrr He +OUClh+ me also and sard unfo me Le? fhrve near? refarrr my words lv-eep my comrrrarrdrrrerrfs and lrve Proverbs 4 4 PHYLLIS B ZAPUTIL Aberdeen Washrwgfon The Crfrrs cf We Cross rs Th Mew-e of her crm V ar! Hwy ways ackrrc-w eaqe H fr arr he sharr ec' Thy pa s Proverbs 3 6 4 N "H , s ' , re 5 '? " sf Pr' - " :I7 ' l'r ' Pro 'b l3Zl5 JULIA N. WELTER A I ' A I r ' "OA "rue, r1 J r ' ,: , d dfr' ' th .h ' f ' . . ,P -vi ls e w 4 E -'Z 9 9 'lf 1 nv 04, 0 5 , . A -1-v 's- RA -- I 4.34 1 W, we W 5 I 9 'N :rg L., Q3 1 . x W ' , ,,,. .-113 it -.A S Fe? ,ff 5 it Q Hunk-QA A kr ff g, , ,I ' K I . . f , Vx ' A .fr ii 5" -2 'I 1 u 1' 5 H. .. A N 4 .Q I 55 any-Zmw.,m - Wzfqgi, Qyhv 11' 3-I-Tv, "' ax -P Q za' V W v 1 X -9-N ft I 1 A " , jr' U' af, V gb ., . ':'g": ' 5 A x !r:4ffig?5'1e U V . sn., T ul " , 3 ' A A A ,Q , if-. '7 a . +1 f " ' 1 I If ms x 5 A 41 --, - ff f hw .V 'uf . 5 1 I 'Q ' S "'+'x h' In 5 K f .Q - Pl 4' U . Q x . fl , 1n'F"'A ,"" CLASS OFFICERS 3 M pT a W q We The Jumal Class have 5perTTmaT1v precious hours TageTheu TeasT mg on The Tu uThs huadeh Th The eTeT hal Ward aT Gad and have expel sensed TTS saT1cTTTvmg Tmfluehce upah aur luves Durma Thls au: second veal au: heauTs aha Thmds have been nllurrThaTecl and The l-lalv SpTu1T has uevealea J sus uhTa us IVT a Cleaueu and male Saul ST ssuu ma Wav Q e Thrha ThaT We have lean hed ns ThaT The TTTST essemTTa ur W Tm sslhg Tar Gad ns a lTTe pleaslhq Ta l-l m IT Wa The SpTuTTual luTe ana bacl-aguauha v huch alaed every Walken Tal ChTusT uh Th pasT ahcl aus Goa has Tlevel hahgea TTmaThv 5 humble gadlf ana Sp TT lea lTTe sel fes as a aaad xavp aT Thus Th: ugh play 1 Babe STU v aha psachcal W Tle We ale pear TT FQ am bless a Land To eauup Us Tau The JTGOT Taslf aT Saul Wmmha heh les beTaTe us Ta The has feQ Tuulv as plerTTeauS buT The abauless W T 5 31aTTTu e Tau WhaTJ sus ChTTsT rheahs Ta us T a We came T J v 5 Tau Th wnTheTahce aT l-hs Qaspe V4 ww ,,,......- .1 l.eTam avse Psesldewf eT' Havvle' Kahn ev Vkeepreslaewf lcehfedi Ola ek, Sec:'eTaT--,,TreasL'eT' lri hTl I T A - T T T - - - - - ' Q ' . . . i A . .' U , . U . - . .I . T. T Q . T T T V h . . Q . . r . I ' T ' l . 3 . T . T- . . T f ., . . . . 9 W . . CT f ' T ' 'T T lT'5Tf 'T T ' 'X . T T , , T. T , . . T T . T e TT ie T . 'a f ' eg T d T ' a' , ' K.pEN ,. Q' . . ,. w f" ' l lfx . . " . 4. . ' l . . W Tl T , I T ,T , 1 ave Te . . . . T f . l T Tm f' a ' e ' h T A V T T T- r r ' T C" E' 2' l' ll 6 ' 6' I ' LELAND MORSE Presidenf HARRIET KAMPFER Vice-Premier-f OLGA WEK, Secjretory-TI'eosuv'e' CARL ANDERSON AGNES APELAND CORNELIUS ASKREN HELEN BEAT VIRGINIA BRUSS LEONA BURDICK DAVID BURKE FLORENCE CHAMBERS BEULAH CHAMBERS WESTMORE COWPER SMITH TRESSIE CUNNINGHAM WILLIAM DUTTON INEZ DYE WYLIE ELDER LOUISE FENTON LLOYD FOSNER JOHN FRIESEN FRANK GIBBONS MILDRED GIESLER LOUIS GOSLING RAY GRAFFE MARGARET GUSTAFSOIX. EVA HANSEN DAVID HARRIS CARL HINES PI-IYLLIS HUENEFELV EFFIE HUSET RUBY HUTTON LUANA HURD PEARL TNDBJO JESSIE IRBY ROBERT JOHNSON MARTE JOHNSRUS DTCK JOHNSTON MILDRED JONES JUNE LUNDOUIST WALTER LYON RACHEL MASER VELMA MQELYEA ALLEN MILLER IRA MONSON ARLEON PARSONS EVELYN PETERSEN MAXINE RICHARDSON JESSIE RTDDOCH NILS SATTERLUND DOROTHY SCHMUDE THOMAS SHAW DOROTHY SIEG DOROTHY VANYI EMIL VANY4 AMANDA VOLLERTSE' HE' tl WEG,-ER . Al RHYLLIS WAKEETELI 'A ond who knoweTh wheThe1 Thou o1T corne To The k1nqdorn TOI such o T11T1e os Th1s E5The14 I4 OUI heo1Ts o1e sT111ed when we n1ed1ToTe upon The g1ove poss1b1I1Tf ThoT we hove been desT1ned To be The rned1oTo1s oT The hou1 Thos who Consuous oT Th1s deep 1eol1zoT1on ond chollenqe w1Th1n The depThs oT ou1 heo1Ts ThoT The To1ch of Ch11sT s Gospel rnessoge VnusT oe po1ne bv us we hove enTe1ed Th s lnsT1TuTe To sTudy God 5 VXfo1d Doys p1ec1ous doys hove lengThen d 1nTo rnonThs Joys ond sonows oeTeoTs ond wc: OIIGS hove d1own Us Qlose1 To oL11 Mo Te1 ond hove loound LS Too he n Ch115T1on Tellowsh1p As we look ouT upon o do1lened world lIO"TT w1Th1n Corn 5 The my Ch God keep 1,13 To1ThTul To Thee l-lelp Us eve1 by godly conseC1oTed lves To hold The lo1ch oT l1uTh ThoTp1eC1o115 5o11ls1n do1kn ss rnoy con To know Thee who1T1To know o11qhT TS l1Te eTe1no ,,, 1 S, 1 , h 0 A Q1QgQ UT 1"'u1'f'Slff'l'19 Bum-fin Bocvo s n n .nn D V s . . U X ' ' ' 'z e ore To be insT1'11n1enTol ln 1'econC1l1nqThe souls oT nven To God. . 1 , . . . l . . , I . ' ' . l I . ' S ' .. l ' Y 1 .' . . . , . , D+ ,. 1 1 1 , , 1 1 -' ' ' . ., . . W ' 'V 3 . E V . . X . ' N ' . G Xe WILLIAM ALEXANDER JANE ARNASTRO ALLEN BABCOCY ANNA BADTEN RUTH BADTEN NEWTON BAKER JOHN BARROWS LEONARD BEALE MARGARET BORN LEONARD BREWER MARGARET BROWN JANE CHANDLER RALPH CHERRY MARGARET CHESNEY LOREE COLLINS BERNICE CONNICK VIVIAN DOLLARHIDE MARIE DRESSLER GEORGE EFFMAN KENNETH ELLSWORTH PEARL ESTEP BONNIE FENTON LILLIAN EENTON PAUL EENTON RENA EOSNER FERN FREDERICK ANNA BELLE FRIEND GLADYS EURL E GEORGE GEESEY CORA GILLEY KENNETH GREGG MABEL HAGEN CHESTER HALL WILMA HALL HAZEL HAUGLAND ALFRED HAYES RUTH HAYES GERTRUDE HEICKSEN RAULINE HINES ALICE HIICHE RNA HO AN :LEANOR HCS-5 . r-IELEN ISAAK LORENE ISAAK CATHERINE ,OHIIS l L L ELOISE JOHNSON PAULINE KELLMER ROBERT KIMBALL ADA KRELL JOYCE LA CO NT ROBERT LANG CLAUDIO IAN JZA FRANCES LENRER RESSA LEONARD ALICE LIERMAN JUNE LILLY OLGA LJUNOHAMMAR LEO LOVIN DALE LOVING GRACE MADSEII DOROTHY M CDLLEY JUNE MITCHELL JUNE MORSE LEONARD OLSON OTTO OLSON MARJORIE PAGE NORAH PALMERTON CLEM PEARSON PETER PETERSEN EVELYN PETERSON ARTHUR PHILLIPS DAVID PHILLIPS ESTHER PISTER DOROTHY RATHJEN LYDIA RICH VIOLET RICHARDS NORMA ROBERTS RUTH RUEF ORLO ROWE DELORIS SCHAEFER DOROTHY SCHEIBNER OLIVER SEARL FLORA SHAFER RAYMOND SHAMP FREDA SHOOK LUELLA S EC- PAULIINE SKJEIE GENEVIEVE SPAI LUCILLE STAR' ES U. C I NORMAN MQMANUS N PII KATHERNNE STAVROS LQMARTHA STEHR VIOLA STEINVER HAROLD STLMMEL DOROTHY THOMPSON EUNICE TVARUZEK CONSTANCE UPSHAW THORA WAAS EARL WAUGH FOSTER WOOD MARGARET WOODS WARD WOODS JOHN ZYSSET SPECIAL STUDENTS RUBY ALLEN MARGUERITE EMEP1Cr WESLEY HANSEN HELENE HOALANR ROSALIE OHNSTOV VIOLET KASRARNE AN RERT MALTBNE RORERT PEE' VARNE RETERSE A CE SCH BE .WARREN TABE HAR Y Tr-LOMRS MAPY JOSRE J W .w . Y -. N, 1 1' :T - L, , 'HEOLORE STO?-1-7 , LQ Y A Y A. LJ .1 1 X Q TUHCH Rev P S Jones The world has ever suTTered by placrng ernphosrs on The wrong Thrng exolTrng The physrcal naTure aT man To The neglecT aT The sorrrTuar ln old books we read oT The ancrenT Greeks marshalled rnTo mrghTy annphr hea ers To enroy many Torms oT aThl Trc excrTen'renT ond To TeasT Therr sensuous naTures rn lookrng upon drTTerenT krnds oT sporTs The same paganrzrng rnTluence rs aT work Today Tor we behold an appallrng rnTeresT rn physrcal developmenT and enTerTarnmenT ThroughouT all deparTmenTs oT naTronal and ndrvrdual lTe The True ChrrsTran alThough noT rn sympaTh5 wrTh The carnal sporTrng sp rrT oT The age can Trnd many beauTrTul sprrrTual lessons by perusrng The sTory oT hrsTorrc compeTrTrve games STrenuous preparaTrons were demanded oT The parTrcrpanTs rn These Olympc games There was perTecTron oT Trarnrng Tor uTmosT sTrarn and sTress and To The TrTTesT wenT The laurel crowns and The plaudrTs OT The naTron The record rs Tound oT specral TorchlrghT races one parTrcular krnd oT whrch was a relay race wrTh lrnes oT runner posTcd aT rnTer fals The race was severe and prep araTron rnvolved sacrrTrce The lrghTed Torch Taken Tram The alTar oT a pagan god was handed Trom runner To runner placed aT desrgnaTed pornTs runnrng aT TopmosT speed PlaTo speaks oT handrng The Torch aT lrTe Tram one generaTron To anoTher Surely There rs TruTh here Tor The ChrrsTran runners prepared unTo every good work runnrng Tull speed and wrTh all drlrgence handrng The blessed TorchlrghT oT TruTh Tram one To The oTher and ever sTrrvrng Tor The orrze ThaT rs seT beTore The Torches are lrghTed aT Gods alTar and The runners are prepared wrTh necessary Trarnrng To The race ThaT demands uTrnosT eTTorT Body soul and sprrrT musT b well To med To Tremendous exacTrons Tor rT rs he ThaT endureTh unTo The end ThaT shall be saved mrghT deTeaT hrs cherrshed ambrTrons So The ChrrsTran musT be sTrrpped oT all ac cessorres and lay asrde all rmpedrmenTa ThaT would reduce speed The compeTrTor oT old rn makrng ready Tor The race musT exercrse hrs body reaularly and rnTellrgenTly and musT eaT oT Those Thrnas ThaT would burld up hrs sTam na l-lere agarn are lessons Tor The Ch rsTran who wrll need To exercrse hrs sprrrTuoI naTure by prayer and supplrcaTron Trndrng ThaT The SprrrT helpeTh our rnTrrmrTres and who wrll be called upon To eaT The pure Word OT God whrch grveTh sTrengTh To The soul The Greek conTesTanT musT breaThe deeply aT The pure arr so ThaT hrs lungs would be able To meeT The demand oT mrghTy eTTorT No ChrrsTran can aTTord To lrve rn The polluTed aTmosphere oT Thrs world buT he n'usT dwell rn The pure Tellowshrp aT The SprrrT and amrd The holy assocraTrons oT God s sancTuary There was only one sTarTrng place Tor The runners and There rs only one place where The ChrrsTran can begrn To run Toward l-Teaven rT rs aT The Cross where we TrrsT saw The lrghT There were many sTrpulaTrons grven The runners aT old many rules and regulaTrons To be observed No ChrrsTran can run Tor God unless l-lrs precepTs and counsels are adhered To There rs no separaTed rndrvrdualrsrn rn rac ng buT a submrssron To l-lrs Il rn all Thrng ForgeTTrr'rg The Thrngs ThaT are behrnd and Takrng no noTrce aT The commenTs aT onlookers The successTul runner sTeadrly pursues hrs course There rs a Thrrll abouT a race The crowds oT Thrs world waTch wrTh baTed breaTh and rrse To unbounded enThusrasm as The runners advance There s a bgger Th Il abouT The ChrrsTran race Amrd an rnnumerable company aT heavenly wrTnesses The runner covers The course holdrng aloTT The Torchl ghT oT The Gospel ever press ng Toward The mark To The prrze oT The hrgh callrng oT God rn ChrrsT Jesus God granT ThaT The race may be run w Th paTrence loolrng unTo 'esus The auThor and Trnrshe oT our TarThl CO ' . . . L ' ' V ll 'r. l 1+ . . J ' . A 8 ' I ' ' l . I . . I ' ' . T .S H ' .X I' . . V . A The Greek runnelr' OT old musT run "lIghT." Even an exTr'a ounce OT added wel.ghT . '. S. I, . . . - ll . 'nl . . -' ' ' - -- . - r r - rr . . . . 1 A . V . . l Q . I. .. . I ' 1' I 1 . . I ' I Q- V I . ' ' V. I he mom: nt of trrurnph Arduoux parnful effort exerted rn the race rs more than repazd for the runner has reached the goal When the Chrzstzan has hnrshta' lm race ec ery act of Servrce motruated bu the Crown of Rtghteouiness which was spoken of by Paul let us strrce to keep our Spzrztual Lmzon centered upon the promzse of Hzm who sazd Be thou fazthful unto death and I wzll glue thee u Croun of I :fe . . . . I .v V A . . holy desire will reap a sure reward, even . I 1 x ' l' ..- Q 1 4 Q. . , K. lvluslc con move on rnell on oudnence ond ouglml Jrlwenefone lo be rnode o powerful OUXIllClIy l'o+l'1e foullwlul pueoclwen These one llwe wolds of o gospel song wnleu wlwo speoles oul ol flue expenence of yeons spenl In Clwnslnor' work I+ as on unduspuled locl 'rlwol 'rodoy flue gospel nwlnuslay ol rnusuc occu ples o ploce ol unequolled lnwporlonce un Clwnsllon oclnvlly A+ flue Nolllmwesl Buble lnslllule nwusucol nshuclnon hos b en given o ploce ol plornunence ll ns nof only Included In flue legulol closswolk ol 'flue llwaee yeol course bul I+ as olso sponsoued In rnony exllo culnculon oclnvu hes Qu: lorge sludenl ouclwesluo ond lodzo clwon ollel lolenled sludenls volu oble oppollunvlles lou pnocfncol rnuslcol expenence ond llme mony vocol ond nnsluurnenlol solos duels ond ollwen cornbnnolwons on olwoys IU demond lol use IU public golllennqs 5: Prof. D. L. Cox, Music Direclor Professor Cox conduclinq Doris l-lonson, Choir Pionlsl 1. 1 1- n - 0- . I l . . ' . ' . S . . . I I . . . ie . . CHOIR PERSONNEL SOP? KNO Nlc'1l"1.:l'f-l B-mlf, Vln' UW: Blmw, Elmlff- Fltrr. F f-v" 1 Fr--df,-rf' le Loohfiz Rnln l-luvfl M., xlf rv-mf r Huw -' l-fo"'r,l ,r1l'o"k, S'Q"a'3k fi,l'1Zz", Sli-'z Gem, -Q-ve Soo lelvli-'hzl SW'-" Mil' Veena" li' , T Q vv:K,-PQ, Cm: Vfelc TENS? Hen", 5e:'eo'se' W5-e'W' Ci Sw. ., VVl,l4'J"' Do" F Url: ofhrst R:re" Pee S-QA ALTO VVWU- Elfifw' Mum Forvon Q flfw' 1 Foam-v' Jeor' Grlffwl l.7f-ww l-lohvm Fein lndC'fT Mofello Joleh Anne Ulf E Pvlscl TO Mow' Luci e Shanes Kcweihe Stxvv , V Q 3 Sifoew' Mowiave' NN5 3m li ZCC..'l- BASS CNF:-l,1SASlev 231.1 Bo'-ce l-lzx "" , Fri" of " M F:-fear, , , ure, Leon' cf M, . .Je Loo AWGH-.-. Xfvfln MUSIC COMBINATIONS "The Twins", David ond !Axl'll1Ul' Philllps. Qrcheslro Leoder-Dovld Burke. Dolls l-lorlsoh ond Luorwo l-lord. The Tovchbeovers Trlo. Roberl Klrhboll, o serious sow sololsl. The Everell Duel. A group of smllimq sololsls. Olga ond Rosolle. The Sieq slsffevs. The Yolqlmo Volley Qeorlei The Builders Tvio. A bond ol Gospel Acgcovdlomlsle. The Semlou' Tv'umpe'e"5, John ons fmdvew. Horomevlmg Hormomlously - Lelvlorlho ond Movcello. YXWIffQ S 24 5 'SE ' S WALLS ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL Prof. Delberf L. Cox, B.A., M.A., Direcfor VLQLV. VV.. . Q AU. F-15",-' Pfzwzf'-' 2 t, ., p, ,. V L1,,.,.., VII., L , 1,1 ,, VAR, f ,, LW- Pu, L " Lf 1 3... C5 JVA4 put' ,A L, VR 3 L, rv., JJ WA... gim n...Wgf.n L-Jaffa S','T"7'5 EANJC C 12 VJEK SAW 'CCE-3"' Kms: r CLARHNET LLJCFJ HL.'d Wcywn Jcnmvi' EWU Vfl'1y SAXCPHC DGVL1 Iluwv Rip' CMm'Vy RE N ' H1 fx rf 'Rv- G'- M.. p,,.,, , f L fXv""w Q0 Ce! f., THC -J, CELL? - I-Ayr MQW' f' 1 qu' ' Q 1 L Tkflmiifffii FH"-Jw l'V 1' ' .ly L L. ,. ,x P" "ii Zfluins Sihoefev Swcf. ACCORDIOL MARLMEA Awe nciztl NVQ, 'i Eze' NVQ. Hamer Hcze Hzuc GHG Move Jovvsvud Lee Ladd DRUMS Lew -min Mcw"fA..': Jf'r11-'Jn Pnylwvt, HIL--rw-fmd Lgwgy-'hp Suriv l. Tne iirs' strains ol 'iw Theme song swcfn. 2. Ref. Ness-dire:'er QT 'he criqrom. 3. The Teenie sl "Q hr'Jdf.osT---rooic choir, 4. The Vlforn OT Grd gow T'vrTh. 5. Riu. .lines brinis The message l 6. Our soioisl 'Wi ls The heoifs oT The 'isTeners. 7. The their in JcTion. H. NBC ervclem, 9. Gospe duet TO. Gnd C ess ,',ul6of2dni1"T. Hanan As The soTT, mellow sTroins oT The sTudio orgon ore corried Through The microphone ond over The eTher woves, onoTher NorThwesT Bible lnsTiTuTe sTudenT broodcosT hos commenced. Reverend Ness sTeps To The micro- phone ond molses o Tew brieT opening remorlss, oTTer which The choir ond vorious musicol groups oTTer o progrom oT socred music ond one oT The ToculTy delivers o shorT gospel messoge. Since This new bronch oT our schools ocTiviTy wos inouguroTed on November I7, I939, over KJR, The mosT powerTul rodio sToTion in The PociTic NorThwesT, iT hos proved To be o source oT immeosuroble inspiro- Tion ond help To The lisTening oudience. They have TesTiTied To This in monv leTTers oT opprecioTion received Trom such poinTs os MinnesoTo, Konsos, NorTh Dol4oTo, SouTh DolsoTo, ldoho, Qregon, MonTono, norThern Conodo. Aloslso, ond ColiTornio. Rodio is, wiThouT o doubT, The mosT modern ond eTTecTive meons oT spreoding The messoge oT The Gospel guiclsly ond eTTicienTly. As The new- esT chonnel oT N. B. l.'s evongelisTic ocTiviTy, iTs possibiliTies ore olmosT unlimiTed, boTh To bring o messoge oT cheer ond comTorT To Tellow-Chris Tions ond Triends oT The school ond olso To corry The Gospel oT Jesus ChrisT To Those who would noT oTherwise heor iT. lT is The eornesT proyer oT oll Those who Tolee porT ThoT This sTudenT broodcosT mov conTinue To be used in o mighTy woy Tor The TurTheronce oT T-Tis Kingdom. 5? HllllUHl STHH We, ol lhe onnuol sloll, whose privilege il hos been To cornpile The Torch- beorer, hove hod before us o loslq lhol hos proved lo be one ol obsorbinq in- leresl ond voluoble experiewce. ln o proiecl such os ours bolh energe-fic oclivilv ond divine quidonce ore required il lhe resulling publicolicn is lo be whoi we hove slriven lor. We con recoll Wirh Solisloclion 'rhe rnony posl weelss oi loboring loqelher, during which we hove lound lhis locl lo be o proclicol lrulh. As wilh o runner slriving for o qool, we hove encounlered rnony obslocles, bul perseveronce ond prover hove proved rnore lhon odequole lo overcome lhern. Now fhe gool hos been reoched - lhe onnuol is published. We hove nol only endeovored lo inlroduce lhe reoder lo cur school, bul olso lo presenl o spiriluol nwessoge in on inlereslinq slyle ond occeploble nwonner. To wholever success we hove olloined we grolelully oclsnowledqe lhe help ol lhe Lord, 'rhe kindly odvice ol lhe locullv, ond lhe heorly co-operolion of 'rhe sludenl bodv ond friends who hove ossisled us in lhe produclion ol The N. B. l. Torchbeorer of l94O. M jerna- ius Azkren Jed' Sri-1 Pic? Tru 'n J T A f E Af xiii'-1 E'1i" r Cci'f' in fhif i Busirl-fs Mano: A lvl S W' we, Hen Ford Euniwv Prinie Mucgnus Udd Cup mul C i il i W T p irfl P znfflf,-Gr, OVJG W-'ls Pcberl pf.-el 6ordf,nNiclsrfl1 ix? M N TUC I C'nli'ibulin'1Ar'7' PHHGTICHL llllllill Une oT The mosT inTeresT- ing phases oT school liTe, and perhaps mosT enioyable To The sTudenT, is The opporTue niTy aTTorded by The prace Tical work deparTmenT Tor acTual Training in Gospel channels. Through The medi- um oT ouTsTaTion work, The sTudenT noT only is provided an ouTleT Tor his ChrisTian zeal and TalenTs, buT he ex- periences in realiTy The many siTuaTions and problems which he will Tace in The Tu- Ture upon leaving school. The aTTiTude he Takes Toward his assignmenTs, The willingness shown in co-operaTion, and The cheerTulness wiTh which he Takes up his duTies help To deTermine whaT kind oT a worker he will be on The Tield. The imporTance oT pracTical work is ThereTore apparenT, Tor iT has be- come insTrumenTal in The developmenT oT each sTudenT inTo a successTul soul winner. ThroughouT The presenT school year over TiTTy diTTerenT places oT conTacT have been opened To The sTudenT. The Tield aT service includes Training along boTh pasToral and evangelisTic lines. Radio, sTreeT, and iail services, slum mission work and hospiTal visi- TaTion have developed The sTudenT in The minisTry oT personal work, and The eTTorTs puT TorTh have been crowned wiTh resulTs ThaT will lasT ThroughouT eTerniTy. Wesf, Assianmem Direc'or Sqidgfn comp T Q W 9 Leaving on GF Assiqnmenf R p T xiiiW lv. 4: 5 3 V Milk 'Q HHUTICHL SIDE UF SCH Comoudmg cz sevvice G+ Raymond, VVCJSF Vanccuvev ussigmmemf horre-wovd bomo. Sqhf-seeiwq meos' VomcouvevABrE+isH Prop Sfudemfg ggin 631061-fence 0' fha Golpel C "The EIHIQ Bopis' Churchf' Bc Ovd. Ewvonfe +0 Vomouvev'fQo1odIcr1 Cusfcr' Whev-Q bow pheicoi and soirimai needs Q The omfi-cllrvox 0+ H16 Briqhfom Chanel. The Solvo'Kcm Aww,G1cOrTfUOv'er1Ll'GHCe Sfudemfs 0555+ of POM Townsero. Ferryimg +0 servfce. All obocvd foe' SCC1fL,6! Ar1Oufs+oHom in We Qriemiol Seifforw. UUL LIFE HIISSIUHHRU SUCIETU As our school hos grown from yeor lo yeor, we hove found lhol our missionory en- deovor hos more lhon lsepl poce wilh ils developmenl. There wos much proyer me. omong +he sludenls of N. B. I. in The Tirsl few yeors Thor God would coll ond lhrusf forfh mony loborers inlo l-lis greor whilened horvesl field, ond Thor proyer hos been obundonfly onswered. This yeor we hove 'rhe ioy of cloiming len former sludenls os missionories, who ore loboring in or leoslr live dililerenlr foreign londs. Severol olher groduofes ond slu- denls onlicipole being colled 'ro Jrhe field soon. This is couse for conlinued rejoicing ond Jrhonlesgiving To God. We feel our odded responsibilily lo prov for These deor ones whom we hove lenown ond loved, who ore now Tocing Jrhe enemies Wodelin lrwin6olbroilh Eunic F ls P sidenl Vice-Presidenl Secrelory T Officers Conler Group Lenders of God on lhe bollleliield. Through sludy, le'r'rers, ond proyer reguesls of missionories we beller underslond Jrhe vorious needs ond ore enobled To proy more infelligenlrly, reolizing Jrhol proyer is The greolesl weopon ogoinsl So+on's slrongholds. Nor leosl in imporfonce is our minislry ol giving. This we would nor limil ro our meons, buf seek Tirsl 'ro give ourselves lo God. We lsnow lhol l-le will use eoch consecroled life +o spreod Jrhe Gospel Lighl lo eor+h's dorlf. corners, ond bring glory ond honor +o l-lis elernol Nome. IIIISSIUIIHHEI SUCI AFRICA Magnus Udd, Leader. A. . "1 " A V F 'vr f' I-"' TLV A- I G ,Lw-H f Fi-'z I H. ' Hy- 2' P1 N H '- ' 1 I 1, re , ' -1 V ' F I- "-R V: A I - ' A 'J F. '. F':"f A " F rw, I Vf' 9. VH: V. :mr I Sw' -- L 5 'I' SH- ",-" I, v- I N :M .' P A 1 V 'W W 1 '. J xr Q, PALESTINE AND ARABIA G-erfrude Wilkinson, Leader. C Anafv' ' EM- I re -A V --f- ..4 ,.J,. . ,.,. . -V fe ,JAN-A vi' r' Z ' L, C ORIENT Verna Spencer, Leader, 'I F' 1' If In , f'Y,,": - M. 'l""w. W' " :I H II-,V If P- :If PHIL. W .:,. :qi M:,,.',mrf,',Mm1, S M - F27-1 V I+ A D LATIN AMERICA Harold Maison, Leader. C. A-wow I, 5 E P I G 1'5" IJ 69,21 Iv1.GJ1'3'sr L, "I A 'I Lge. - ',,..,,L...,,,Af , , , . , V an - P. sf,-f - 2 1 IHISSIUIIHHU SUCIEIH ISLANDS OF THE SEA INDIA Louise Fenfon, Leader. R. AIIen, R. Bodfen, M. DressIer, A. Priscilla Marr, Leader. F. Chambers, R. CI'verw'y, M. Giesier Fviend, K. Gveqq, W. Hansen, A. Hayes, M. I-IovIond, R. L. GosIInq, D. Jonfes, W. Jonnsfon, V. McEIyeo, P. Norman Kimboli, C. Lsnuzc, D. L3-Ang. W. Lvon, V. Rfcnovds A Por- O. CIson, E. Pefevsen D. Vonyi, E. Vcnyi. sons, E. Tvowmzek, CANADA RUSSIA AND EASTERN EUROPE Andrew Wek- Leader' M' BIOWR Q- C3""D'3I"S"RIII"' W' Hildur Anderson, Leader. A. Bodfen F. Gikbom P. Hines COWDQI' S"'I'Im M' I:0""3"I -I- IZVICWF J- GVIQVL' I- MCWW' R. JQIIVSQH L. Lovin G. Mcdsen IE. River G. Seann U. Sei R, Rein M. Refeveen, M. Ricbovdwr J. Iopoevcz O, Wfzk. L. SLG MA VMC, T. WGOT1' ALASKA Anne LiH'Ie, Leader. A. A091310 J. Chondez' F. Dcvfe R. AMERICAN INDIAN Jcnnygr' M.Jones J. Mifgheu E4OI5Em L.O:5Qn P, Rererser Helen Weger, Leader. I. Dye E. EfI'r'cn K. EI,s-wovfn, L N. Sc'fevI,nd T. Shaw.. Penh' F. Fvec1e'I:IE E. I-Iuse' F. SIEQQIE J. WeIfe1'. 64 BIesT be The Tre ThaT brnds our hearTs rn ChrrsTran love A large number oT young men and women Tormer sTudenTs and graduaTes oT The NorThwesT Brble InsTrTuTe consTrTuTes a Tellowshrp Iqnown as The Alumnr Assoc:raTron Some oT The members are pasTors oThers evangeIrsTs and several are mrssronarres rn Torergn lands There are Those who are engaged rn secular occupaTrons and yeT acTrve rn wrTnessrng Tor Therr Lord From home and abroad comes news Trom N B I s represenTaTrves STurdy sTaIwarT Proneers are TarThTuIly brealsrng The sod Trllrng The sorl and sowrng The Seed Courageous rnvrncrble Conguerors are persrsTenTIy TrghTrng The good TrghT of TarTh endurrng hardness as good soldrers oT The cross Brave Tearless Lnfesavers are Throwrng ouT The LrTe lrne rescurng The p rrshrng and carrng Tor The dyrng Of These mrnrsTerrng servanTs rT can well be sard ThaT God rs worlsrng wrTh Them conTrrmrng I-Irs Word wrTh srgns Tollowrng TwrIrghT rs sTeaIrng over Thrs old world evenrng shadows are IengThenrng a ed ThaT The nrghT comeTh The Proneers wrll soon have gaThered Therr lasT sheaT The Conguerors wrll soon have ToughT Therr lasT Toe and The LrTe savers wrll soon have Thrown ouT The I.rTe lrne Tor The lasT Trme The comrng oT The Lord draweTh nrgh WrTh eager anTrcrpaTron each noble young laborer yearns To hear Those words Well done good and TarThTuI servanT enTer Thou rnTo The roy oT Thy Lord Torchbearers we welcome you as new members rnTo our Alumnr Tamrly In unrTy There rs sTrengTh may we ever be one rn hope and docTrrne one rn Char rTy ALUMNI OFFICERS G W 55 ' . ' . I . . . I u . S -. . I seTTing sun is in view, and The members oT The Alumni AssociaTion are reassur- Margaref KnuTsson Velmer ardrrer Janef esf Vice-PresidenT Presidenf SecreTary,Treasure' .ans FUHEIGH Ruov ES:e4:'1: 1 SJ1 v Schoo, P' zz: He wJ 0 Bovfrfcv Lee -3 P161 w EF CWHQ Se+'vfUcr1o CCCNGI f--:ii ir owl for' 'fe P"?:'cr:'fes Tw VV' A5:"i5'l- " Tw T1F:i-'lf-N 'ff3': M H "-5 2' Hwa :HJ li -,-K ., ..-,. nf- -Ve N33 :'i-::'-i A'I':'5 :Y--,':'l Hoe eb ,T ine,-.3 HUHIELHHD fNAJv"1J1O m1'dow U G J S 'lr-P-vnfvfj Awe U CJ71obeN Srhoo'hf.n U r' WFP GV' 1 pw no fvrhlxy gf y ond and bury Stacy: P fmos Cff ily OWUPS + G xg? U3 SWG P921 'JPC1 fM9 Wm OFC I, M' Om-PG E W . 2, 50559 Guy --GC C " :Ho 'Guo PW' A 3. PHT- G zbvdl P3 Limgxh PW Mr: HC 4, G, 4 lg , 1 5. BM MCN H-fpcu Q9 'Ort 6. Maw' - xd G' ' ,ff oss, 'z dew. 7. Hoff Vffvvc P v 'cr' V , E. Eswer' fzfe, ' '19, V' :1Ur:"'i3, 9. M 1' C ' , Lofvz S QW! r, VO, F Mfg Q ff , IN, Vee ' Vewfrg 12. ph: n'1f,'ve-, IK. Viz ef Nekfm. 14, Ex Y! new' MV: 'He p1'S. WE. A"f"ef P5'."fAQ' 141 DHS Q. I7 p, ,. T,1,',.!,,,,,1 C . W' M,"Q LCN. ' fgwr, M-ff,-' "1 I? E1'1Ql"'1E"'- " ,,,: 'rv 1. If '1":'," 3' IL' :"i" C'1::,'- ff g,.g , .Q. V' :Un rf' L . iw . . M . IIIIIITHIIIEST BIBIE Iuvwin C 1,3 Pin: '-," I NJ Lf-hh'-' Ti' 3'fff' QI' I v':'rJ Sf- :IIT FLM' I ,Ag Q., II. , v' 'I M-I: vw-' IIIIIZJ 'J' ,wfxm KIT IIIIII II' SIIITIII- Tw ' Bryn P1 If.wIIf1f Mad K,-- In 61' :' QF rc FI'- M Cu I S u : Tw- M IvI.1"L- T Sk 'f-' f- Tim NIA'i"- Sr, Gu-P. If , g"1"'i- LL, C-'r J S":,v'x KN" W LL-If P: vi- S' "" VF- N LHTVH., ,. NJ g.!,,,,,,N H TJ'-'JI' I V C ' " T'Ivv:'5I. rv I'If"ff. I' 'U ' T,1I-.Ig--k IWNI, rv . If "M C I" I: AN' , Vv'z1: T' I" , I 1 IA':.1' E L I, " YI, 1 F : Y. W M, M A' I JUNIOR A QI -If I . I C SH fx I CI 1" ' I 1' 2" A C' f": . 'JV INSTITUTE FIUVKX w 'Hu ,,...,. UU H Dye lnff: Elder VVyl'f: Eenfoff l.,.fse Posner Lleya Eriesen Jon- Gibbfws, Frank Glesier Mi CIVEU Gosling Lcyiis Giraffe, Roy Gusfclson, Mor: Hansen Ev: Harris DGJill Allen Clare Andersen l-l'ldi." Banks Margaret Berevsen Henry CO"Dir-S'r""' Q Dcyis Frank Forrcnf Mary Eerd Ben Francs Ho"y HU STUDENT BU Huoneleld, Pnyl is Hurd, Luonc l-luselr Effie l-lullon, Ruby Indbio, Peorl lrby, Jessie Johnsen, Robewl Q , Jolwnsrud Movie Jonnsfory Dick Jones Milored DU 1939-40 l.undquis'. June Lyon Wcllei' Moser, Roclvel McElyeo Veln-G Miller, A ,en Mor-son lro Morse, Leiond Parsons Arleon Pelersen Evelyn Rfcnorosen, M3 SENIOR Geesey Env-'H Grieve, .leon Hanson. Doris Harper Moi-ian isa Hendricks Ave Heeler Wii,i'J-r- l-'loylonu Myvle Jones. Docle Jcnnsar Marte, 3 Ergnk Eu-'ze Jennsvl' Wcyne Gn'nf':E'E l-fyir Leer-Uri: Lefty SPECIAL A en Sun, Jznnse' De ner' Erneriik Marque" Jcr:ns":' Rosalie 5-lense' Wesey Vissczfe Viie' 5423 Ta l-lf-ew M:':'e Are' Li+"e, An"E-3 Morr, Priscilla: Molson Harold Nornnon, Nancy Norwon Philip Olsen Esie Olsen, Paul Ill' Sclwsfer, Dormny Snfyno Fred Soencer Verna Tcooere Jef' STUDENTS Peel Pecer' Pefersen MU" e Simbel" A sm- mfg-Av 53 Riddotn, Jessie Scfferlund Nrs Sqlivude DOl'Qll'y Show, Tlwcfnos Sieq, Dorothy Vonyi Dcrofliy Vcnyi Erril Vollertsen Arnondo Wakefield Plw-yllis Weger. Helen Wek, Olga Tnenrpson Frances Trmin Paul Udd Mcgnui Wodelin, Ethel Walker Chris Waugh, Edna Webo, Rose Wek Andrew We"er,J.ii:1 Wilkinson GEV'f'iJ'J Zopmil Pfyliis Taser W:-ren Tnofpsen Hora, Vfsser Miriy --,Q qi as im., I U 'Z A. "0 V --I 34 ,w"1 'ga A if Qi r ' Q ':,, 1 r ' ,FF X I QQ A ff- f Z .... - ., f k ' L Q'-gv' +G Noswoys Crown Pumce Olav ls ple-ser1+ed Wlfh Copres of ihe N B I Yeozbool-4 by Ou: Pumopou 1 .g.A"1,. ,4- 6244 af 410 QQQJQWQ HUTUGRHPHS S , f L A , L , .- .. .. t X - X WMS N 'W zmxk X X Sl: w 2 It' E Z Q .-. 7 X IH X HUTUGRHPHS SW? i Yvv -W -- 7 f - 5 2 Q ZGHIAXS 1 SX?fl7fQ f S 7 N God Bless You TORCHBEARERS of 40 We Welcome You to the Fields THEY ARE WHITE ALREADY TO HARVEST T 7 .Alumni Annnrmhun VELMER GARDNER Pres de MARGARET KNUTSSON V ce P JANET WEST Secy T eas She an A Wlllams Jr Pastor ASSEMBLY OF GOD 2822 Mlnnesota A enue B llmgs Monta W1ll am McNutt Pastor ASSEMBLY OF GOD Renton Wash Ha y Pe mngton Pastor GOSPEL MISSION Marblemou t Wash Ernest Franc s Pastor FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE Leonardj Phllp Pastor GOSPEL TABERNACLE 410 Mam Street Roundup Montana Maurrce Petersen Pastor ASSEMBLY OF GOD TABERNACLE Forks Wash Katharyn StOne S S Mxsso ary HOLLYWOOD TEMPLE Seattle Wash Bessne Guy Chrlstlan Worker COMMUNITY CHURCH OF BLYN Blyn Wash Esther Patey Evangelist Fe ndale Wash Walter Wheeler Pastor FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE Spana ay Wash Rlcha dj Teeter Pastor ASSEMBLY OF GOD TABERNACLE 219 South Broadway Buhl Idaho a garet Knutsson Chu ch Mxssro ary HOLLYWOOD TEMPLE Seattle Wash Maynard S Oss Pastor FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE Genevleve Ale ander Chrlstlan Worke CAMPBELL SCHOOL HOUSE Seattle Wash Zelma Lontz Steller Chrlstlan Worker BETHEL CHURCH on the HIGHWAY I Montesano Wash Ethel Berglund Edr ss Daughe ty ASSEMBLY OF GOD Burns Oregon Wlllard Howell Asst Pastor GOSPEL MISSION Poplar Montana Mary Carnes Evangelist 1020 East Denny Way Seattle Wash 7 CC 77 9 I .1 rv O O 0 . i nt , i - res. , .- r . rm . ' i , .- - ' v w , . i ' , na ......-. ' r . - I 1 - , . . , ff U q - M r - r ' ' n n , . , . i -- - Port Alberni, B. C. Enumclawy Wash. ll . - . X -u . . r , . , .... . J , . , , I - i r - . . ' i n , , , .li .. . , , ' , .. J r , . y Q A, S E , -, I , E 7, S, I 76 Mem HAVEN OF REST MUTUAL DON LEE BROADCASTING SYSTEM 4 47 P MONDAY TO FRIDAY COAST TO COAST IZ 30 l OOP M SUNDAY P S FIISI Mate Bob and the Crew of the Good Shlp Grace extend thelr best WISDQS to Torchbearers Class of 40 ADDRESS ALL MAIL HAVEN OF REST HOLLYWOOD CALIF R -NX HL. BETHANY TEMPLE Evereff Waghlngfon Pasion C E BUTTERFIELD 4:15 - : ' . M. - - : - : . . , . .T. I. i "T O V L 0 I 1' R G L, 3 H G 5f',,4n:v': Y N Q x B R "HTC 9 z.' Y i.:'.f- E E A f ' - fr L f Mil! A 1' ' R I E N G R S , S51 Qlhruatmn Greetings amh Glnngratulattnna Brownstown Wn Pentecostal Assembly WESLEY H BANTA M E llensburg Wn Bethany Pentecostal Church WESLEY W FLEMING M Goldendale Wn Assembly of God VELMER J GARDNER M Granduzew Wn Assembly of God MAURINE Moss 25 GRACE FISHER Granger Wn Assembly of God ROLAND BUCK M Kzttztas Wn Bethel Chapel Assembly of God EUGENE A BORN M t N aches Wn Full Gospel Assembly of God EINER O SMESTAD M f Prosser Wn Assembly of God Tabernacle H W MURPHY M Selah Wn Selah Pentecostal Church A E ROBECK M Sunnyslde Wn Assembly of God EVAN H DAVIS M Toppenzsh Wn Assembly of God J S EATON M Unzon Gap Wn ssembly of God Wapato Wn Pentecostal Assembly of God E M M LAUGHLIN M Yakzma Wn Full Gospel Tabernacle H L YS ELSIE STENBERG Yakzma Wn First Pentecostal Church R F ASHWORTH M illrnm the Qlhurrhea ani! illtnmtem I YAKIMA VALLEY Sectlon 6 of the Northwest DISIIICI Councll of The Assemblles of God , . 'I' , . O . . inister R . . , inister y ' C H , ' . . inister B I I . . , muster E . r ' A , . . . R , , . , lf2lSt0I' E y ' lnlsfgf . , . R Y Q 5 . . . . , zmster Ministers ' , . C A ' L PRESTON WORRELL. Minister inister A ' ' ' s . . , O S . . c . inister o ' ' . , inis er F , , ' C Ministers 1 . , . . , inis er 0 . . . inister x 5 of he CONGRATULATIONS Torchbearers .Full 651151121 Qlhurrh 4th and E St N E AUBURN WASHINGTON H W CROWDER Pastor GREETINGS Class of Torchbearers Evang Arne Vlck BELLEVUE ASSEMBLY OP ROCIIESICI N Y Bellevue Washmg-ton MAY THE FLAME NEVER DIE GREETINGS J K Bu ESUS NAME eep the Torch mmg for Chrzs! and Souls SERVICES OOAM OOAM BOPM BOPM 3OPM ASSEMBLY UF GOD TABERNACLE Nlnth and Veneta Streets BREMERTON WASHINGTON KARL LEONARD Pastor We Welcome You Sunday School Mornmg Worship Exangellstnc Tuesday 3 Friday Sat Young People 71 l eeee 2 G l R ll il E I E - I T 4 , I 1 l N . . . y G - S - do -E Q "T ' O 0 , i V rv' , Yi' ir Y' N R l C H B I E ' A f I! . ' R E I E l , R ' , . . S" S E L E I w lo E E L ,L IN ' - " -1'. :fe512sfs2f:s-se- l0: . . ll: . . ' ' ' 7: . . ' ' ' 7: . . ' ' 7: . . ., . " " I'lSflClI1 reetln s an on ratu ations TO THE TORCHBEARERS CLASS OF 40 OF THE NORTHWEST BIBLE INSTITUTE FROM THE ortliwest 1str1ct OUHC1 OF THE ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Frank Gray Supenntendent A Bogue Secretary DISTRICT PRESBYTERS Ornesen H M Doyle Ashworth Ka l Leonard Butterfield D H McLaughlln J Carlson J E Rasmussen Coleman H J Stell C T Walberg 0750700 d D I We Welcome You to NORTHWEST DISTRICT COUNCIL to be held at the First Pentecostal Church 3lO No Znd Avenue Walla Walla Washington May Z3 and 24 l940 Come and Enjoy the Fellowshzp of the Brethren O CA G 8 JC 3 1 A 7 t I . O i Q J. . ..,,,.,,..,.,,..,r..,v,,..,.,V,,...,,.,.....e.. . P. S. Jones ....,,v..,.....V..,...,.......a,..aa.,.,... .... T reasurer . C. . . . F. r . E. . . ' . L. . . ' Minzvslers an e equles ul Ihe IV W Cfcmvenlzbn Best Wlshes Torchbearers of 1940 EVANGELIST G H MITCHELL Be Ready Always I PETER 3 15 THE PENTECOSTAL TESTIMONY A Full Gospel Magazlne Published Twlce Month ly at Toronto Canada OP God s Speed and Blessing to th t h Torchbearers of 40 The Izght that shmes the farthest zs the brzghtest at :ts source FIRST PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBLY WINNING SALES GROUP HAZEL HAUGLAND L 11 N 2 I W H W HghSI REV D H M LAUGHLIN P r r LEROY LEONARD HAZEL HAUGLAND C MAY GODLY PROSPERITY FOLLOW THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1940 God hath spoken once tuzce hate I heard Ihzs that potccr helonqeth 1 unto God 3 IN hwtl Also unto I ee O Lord belonqeth mercy for thou renderest to every man uccordznq to hrs uork H162 ll illrvmnnt Uiahvrnarlv TT T T V TTT Y TV' 7 T T ' T T' ' " ' 7' V ' 7 ' ' 'T' ' AA vv ff I! . Q 4 I , , ' ' v T ' I l , N Nu . . ' . . . y 51.0 er year+3 cents each K 1 ' 5 in rolls of ten or more. ' ' i E i i 1 I Congratulations o t e 4 . 310 o. nd Ave. Wal 21 a a, ash. 1 - Bd Pl' ' 5 ae,,,,f,, . . . c . as or v h . 1 S . : 1 I 71 YQ I Y 2 . PSA , 1 , IZ. 5 5 753 'Ort 3' 1 Street 5 Seattle, Vvashington I THE N. B. I. MISSIONARY SOCIETY WISHES GODSPEED fo fhe TORCI-IBEARERS GF I-LO HOLL bcuutzful are the feet of them Ihat preach the qospel of peach cmd brmq qlad tzclmqs of good thmqs ETHEL WADELIN P R N1 1019 IRWIN GALBRAITH V P d EUNIICE FRANK S AFRICA ALASKA MAGNUS UDD INDIA Pmsclu.A MARR LATIN AMERICA ISLANDS OF THE SEA LOUISE FENTON PALESTINE ARABIA Genmuos wlLKlNsoN ANNE LITTLE ORIENT VERNIA SP Ncm AMERICAN INDIAN RUSSIA and EASTERN EUROPE HILDUR ANDERSON CANADA ANDR w wen D " 1 1 ' 1 4 1 T 1 I J qv ' O. . : ' 'd 1 W ' - ' I I , ecref y-T f d ......,,,............................. L d ........................................ d ........,..,.................... L d .................................. E d ..........,..................... HAROLD MATSON L d r ...................................... HELEN WEGER d r ,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,.,,, Leader ......,....................... der .,...................... Leader .............................,........ E God Bless THE TORCHBEARERS Congratulations to SIXTH AVENUE TABERNACLE FIR T PENTECOSTAL CHURCH The Torchbearers S VANCOUVER B C May th gltam of your torch llght th path f th xxayfartr md ltad GREAT FALLS CHRIST AMBASS ADORS 9rhSt IL o IP KS P CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FROM TORCHBEARERS REV AND MRS W J LEWIS N B I 1940 THE GFFICIAL BOARD CHRIST AMBASSADORS Cahn uflhmug MR DAVID sCoTT P .1 f armplv 0 12 po me THE SUNDAY SCHOOL I SPOKANE WASH MR SAM SOLEM Sup! i A WARM WELCOME ALWAYS I C T Y T' T I If Tn T C I TT I T :T T C C T 77, I I . I 'k I , him tO Christ ..... Q I I I ' I -1-1 I i a 3 .1311 I I I I i I I I Rev. Homer Rugwell I I Pastor I I I 713 - . No, Great Falls, Mont. I ' 5 C C d l.L 'R , ostors I I OF . . ' . . . 'A' I i' 'A' I Q - . . resi en f I I S . ' 7 S k St. I Congratulations T rchhearers 940 f - The Torch of Jesus Christ you have Be yours to hold lt hlgh That men through you be drawn to Hlm And Llfe receive to never dle Ln 'KW I will also glve thee for a light to the Gentiles that thou mayest be my salvation unto the end of the earth We 6-Qwhmm Clam th NBI Congratulatlons Torchbearers Ye are the Lzght of the World Mnllgmnnh Efrmplr 8 o ll ffzv 120400 JI JI s '-1 PERSONNEL C1504 .J w MAb P- Monday Wednesday Thursday Fudd, Samrd ay AIA udp MELVIN HANSEN A f 4K L F KELA CENTRMA '-VJKJU CHEHAUS I 5 2 ' w IIIC 'llllllf f f N N ll 4 ' w , N 1 . , wc , up W N PQ? -E S NL PUT 1 A gg-,g m MY vii YH. 45, .zjg N ' , ' I , , ni: -. C C 1, A ,mis - . F A wwf mm 455: XA , ' M L,if5::: J , L T Q 5 m , T5 i322 1 MTV. N if-EP 1.49 Ni' Egpjzg 'Hg 1 fYV"Ef CNY PAQ ' fy-Am, VV, V4 ', w,xA,222ze5'. Q' 'C L -f.v',v- H :fg 'MI ,E --V ff- -ff-r V 5fVMvr Iv F ,,'!'!:'-: ,Q ,. if ' 5 - . f-- 1 , "' ' f' Il 1 ,C+ :A .1 H J- A 3'b"'.E A 'HQQE -4 Lili" 'ggg fkg V':T,a f- ' Magi A rl" N F - . -f1..".P-L'.iE'. Q -f 1 4- E f v,.,lf1.Q 'A 2 L: C3 if-.UE AE if 2,2 f HV , f ,lf -L Ei-.92 'HN ' vw 32 ,fw ' ' SH V45 ff V JF ww Tuesday 2. 1 vHi VDZAL "Z J'?A'. . ' "AE .5-VC' J 'M? ' 'E 3f19E,Q'.3 '--F QTHEQ ,1 v f lim 'mv M1 ' '.A'f '. K5 TP-ef 4 if . FF ,Ai A 1 9 LA V- ' Y- E'.f,? ' 'HE' 'fb J' PA, 'i L" 'Af' IL ,.Lf,:i ' 1.1 -4 A .ay 'L 4 ' 3 - l 'mf Lil?-15 - '. ,. V' jr ,-,HLLLI 4 'v1??'," '."fff'.f-.Ffl E h' ' ' ' ' Q i'1A" -jfsgf' "f4fp:L.:fgp,',4:.'j W'-f,afLQ Qgfaf,-1L'L - , I A V, A I. xvi 11. tm- zr:,rn1z11,: :Pun wha!! In-az z:.j: amzw- .uw-ndzng 111411 . . ' " " '- 77' 'A ' ' Tw TL,-.A -.ull I fi.r'ml xx.-, gray'-r-'U Tim.-1:11 up rmm- My-5 -Vs .-v- 4-l-f.:. 5 , , YY , , .,.,','L.', :R ' I-VL" ..'-1,4 4'v:. 'lf lv 4 ' -11 - ' P Dj, REE . ,'4FgQ'CP,,ff1p 'Uv EZ' T"'C'1"e2"e'S preach the word GREETINGS AND BEST wIsI-IES TO HELP YOU to help others from tfskgsfpfxgff WESTERN BIBLE COLLEGE CHRISTIAN SUPPLY CENTER 353 Cumberland Ave Wtnmpeg Canada tho o g ly so th e a KNICISCD Book Roomb oct e y te 1 Theology Ch Room 4455 4th Floor 0 Y M 5 C V0 ce Whlte Henry Stuart Bldg tt 6 Wo Id M S S O MA1n 3590 Seattle Wn Id Study Vac to Sch P c S a P oph y bj ct Btbles books tracts gtfts and S S supplxes D J E PURDIE P I-,WL Congrarulahons E Torchbearers GR ETINGS MAY ALL YOUR THE TORCHBEARERS NATURE FLAME WITH ZEAL from FOR GOD Evang and the Wallace G Ross Mmneapohs Mmn FIRTH ID mo Rev 'Z5Mrs O C Arnesen Ftrth Tabernacle CONGRATULATIONS ass GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE Publrshers of The Pentecostal Evangel Chrlst s Ambassadors Herald Llterature and Supplles for all departments of the Sunday School Rellglous Books and Bibles i 336 West Paclftc Street Springfield MISSOUII I S6 IYTV I ' I T Y V TT V V Y'-VY Y T T TV' 'T 'T I T' I ' V Y' T T , I I . . I I I . I I -I - I I I , A r u h und. comprehensive. r' e-ye I ' ' course in D rin . S s ma ic . urch I -, Hist r . Bible by Books, English, u i , i I . I I Cul Ir . r i sions, Horniletics, Pa t ralia I ' ' I I' chi , ai n onus, uma p ki g I Q f ' Evangelism, r e and kindred ' . ' I , , . ' , . . ' I I R. . . , rincip I. ' that set forth the full Gospel. j 10 Nlarlello Apts. Winnipeg. Canada -1.1.-1... I Y i HWY i Ai WJ' VY WY Y 'YM 'I I - I , .. .. I I I I TO I 44 " I I I It I V3 I II I I I I I I I I I ' I I o 4 Q Q I , . , I I I - I ' ' , ' , II I . I -E-.fx-..-,i.....g Lv., Y V, L-M, -Y , I C I o 'F 4 0 I I I ' V ' v v I O CHRISTIAN GREETINGS f ll-A Ji- ll-A-'Q--'ll-19 l "Bread of Life" A STATION KMO 1330 Kc: 1 MONDAY - WEDNESDAY- FRIDAY Q 8:15 A. M. to 8:30 A. M. '+"'U""l""lv'1lf1l"'4' ii' 'P 'O' From Your Friends at the PENTECOSTAL TABERNACLE r TACOMA WASH HARRYJ STEIL Past EXTEND CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO EACH MEMBER OF THE TORCHBEARERS CLASS OF 1940 SINCERE GREETINGS 'id HEARTY CONGATULATIONS TO TORCHBEARERS OF 1940 Q9regnn Af-nrmhlwz nt Mah PRESBYTERY Row et I g D ATWOOD FOSTER Se reta y Cort ge G o LEONARD WESTON Medfo d CHAS G WESTON S pt S lem C ILW AHALT G IPebyt P ll d ALAN H BANKS T ea r Alba x Bach Row H IVAN RYAN Toled A H HOSTVEDT Hood R LESTER CARLSEN G e a La E JAMES CORNWALL N STERL D SPIESZ Sp .N IP sbyte th Be d So. llth and G. S reets . . . . Of L4 VV A 2 9 , Fron! tlf o ri ht , c r . .1 r ve - ' O A. HAROLD PERSING. Roseburg ' I . . . iver H I I u H J , on r re r. d EC . . en' I s er. or .ln V Gran e I or n . , r su er. n' . . r I' 57 Keep EE Burnin 55592 Serra to the EQQQELE EEEEEQE Bear the LIGHT comes the Master s call Brmg us LIGHT IS the captive s cry Proclazm the LIGHT HE the Lord of all For the LIGHT through all etermty lS thzne BFUNHGRS 331555533 Ihc people uuhzch sat In darkness sau a area! lzqht MNT 4 16 CCNGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES tothe TORCHBEARERS CLASSOFl940 Be blamelass and harmless the Sons of God vs 1tho.1r rcbukr m the m1dst of a crooked and perverse ratlon amon xx hom yr SHINE as LIGHT3 m tht vsorld holdlng forth tha vxord of hfc FIRST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Ihe Church KVzIh the Ola' lzme R6llQIOU H fl SPOKANE WASHINGTON J E RAsMUssEN Pastor 8 J ' f 1 Cl ,Y Y . v r ,, , . ll ' ry ' ' 1 I P . JK ' 7,7 I ,' r 1 . . . - A v Y Q ' 56 EEIH99 .I ' 1 I ' L 'A' . l 3 1 ' 1 K ' fl 1 I I Y I 3 5 A ' g 7 T I 7 7 ' 3 I L . I I 'W W .. f - ' . ' " ' ' 1 1: W 1 Cerner Spc ar and Pos! Q5 4 432 fi? X5 1? 35 giif! j?giTT'V gEiS5wA -453 ff? ' '11 ' 'UMWIJI L J NN e 177 2 04 WW 1, N P ,956 WARN 'THQ W E 56" 4,4 91 S ,OS A 6 xx QQ? Sxglyfs Q o 1 gk. fir -zf fffx I0 943 THE FOLLOWING HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE SUCCESS OF OUR ANNUAL AND ARE WORTHY OF YOUR P A T R O N A G E 3393-333 I M25 Qggg mm' 'fix QQ6 qfdfx Leia 1715 Ya ANN QMDA k 9 'W xzgi-25 Vik 9,15 ' QI ' Pegj 645' ,L . ,J ,.,?q n . .,.,X .w.- 6 : 6 .Lv , x V, gt. 'f',.-A. 1 iv.. in ,Ego ,W 5 3 f 5 J '.,n.oxf I -,H N .I 3 J' 4 .i - ' S cv" ' 26' , 3 22:51 Tw. , 1 ' - S tail-fy A 'ff . A + gifilff NS", ii T ,,L- M ' .T i?g5EgmAf A I Lf 1 -'Q QQ' nl! A L ,L I lIIm?gemEaiaisigsaaiigiisgasag gE???fwgi5g- 1 1 . , - .A A A. ' h -,Q bv 25 Wi -lL.....Iv q.oX1"a . sq O ,4,,, l,O4,,L!fI4g?q9-grqzz, ,vvyfftj k ,Q A fl 'ao A A ' 0 'M' S 0 'S Q0 4 G0 YS 1 Ze! .'e0Q' .4 J.. . ,- A ,M 4.1 I. K 0 ri 0 lsr: , n , .in ., x f f Q wg 5 E v E L T D S T U THOSE WE PATRONIZE Rfcr DR E A RINEHART DENTIST 6219 Roosevelt Way KEnwood 8087 KI: 108 U D HIGHLAND CLEANERS rCl 9 DP W hr Best Wishes from anville s Ten Cent Store 6704 Roosevelt Way COMPLIMENTS SEARS ROEBUCK '25 CO ROOSEVELT STORE 67th 8 Roosexelt Way KEnvx ood 6100 Store Hours 9 00 A M D 30 P M Saturday 9 00 AM 9 00 PM Congratulations TORCHBEARERS Jl"l Thanks to all N B I students for their cooperation in making tht Annual photos THE WHITE STUDIO I 6304 Roosevelt Way SEATTI E Herbert Claussen Mgr O ir O ' Vs O ,, .. 1 ' 5 Call Qin-ff ii l ' Cleaning, Dyeing. Pressing, Repairs. Alterations l l Ha s eancd and Blocked r M ' ' Ru s - Curtains - ra eries l W - Roosevelt ay at E. 5 h Sl. l to WJ L Soho ,D S i fiirir i f f ffff f ir , Y if' ,A 7 ,,, ,, 1 l l i l , of l I d W l i , - 5 X, 'V . . . l ' I . l I l : 1 . . - : . . qu I - 'o 'Where Qualzlq ls Paramount HINSON S JEWELRY 7 R o It Way Ily K W Ith 0 Free Call Y5 Dellvery KEnwood 9744 AURORA DYE WORKS 7703 Bothell Way H Sakal Prop WOMEN S WEAR 0 P C LEVINSON S MENS WEAR Eve gf n d-lol BROBERG MUSIC HOUSE 1717 U rslty W de End f U ty Wa 8 Congratulatlons The Torchbearers Class GENE SWENSEN SERVICE STATION D701 Roosevelt Way 4 WAYFAIR CAFE North End Popular Famzly Restaurant Sunday and Evenmg Dmners OUR SPECIAL 50c 601: 75: Complzments BERKMAN S Quollty Foods 7501 Bothell way Our Speczalty Jumbo Malts RAINBOW ICE CREAM SHOP W dl 62 R WM S HOWELLS P p N h d 8339 Sh p KE d 9753 SIX Way SCIVICC '55 Garage EXPERT AUTO REPAIRING S C ALL WORK GUARANTEED 7809 h Il W SEATTL E MOEHRING S SHOES ELLIS H MOEHRING Prop 1019 East 65th Sr Phone KEnwood 9813 COMPLIMENTS MYLLENBECK PRINTING Co I 621 l Roosevelt Way VE 3000 V i Y fri' I f Y i i Y 1 W 'L .. 7 ' li -- I l, 4 1 650 '2 o seve I " We Handle Nationa nown Merchandi 1 W - I f - Shaeffer. a am. Hamilt n ' J ' ' ' 7 77 7 .7 77 7 L T 77' E 7' 7 A 7 , . rylhin or Music KE woo Qualuty at L w FI es I I W X " nive ' Way , I o niversi ' y , , Y , , W- -, L W Y i i if f Y to 1 v O 1 I l I I - U I A. I.. BROWN. Prop. L, -, , , W, , , LL 3, V N W, , , ,,I E Y --E E - E -- E II -7- ff Y' f f' 'T l I WT ll II oo awn avenna . . , ro . 1 ite VP 'one K7Enwoo Y- Yo Y nwoo , . - . Overhauling Our pe ialty . l XY Bot e A ay Y Y Y Y Y 'l l - - 7 Y , , - Y- Y I lr I I I 1 J . , , I , 1 . l I I l I' I . l ' I Q - Y YY Y YY Y YW f Y VJ I g Y AV i Y A MV Y i l A E RECOMME D IIIIFIBV FlT'l' ELECTRIC LAUNDRY QAOIWE. GA:-held 8800 DRY CLEANING FARMS HOMES RENTALS EXCHANGES d 7735 MARTIN REALTY COMPANY SPECIALIZING IN HOMES ELECTRIC 711Bt H33 M SEATTLE G U I TAR S 53950 UP "W ' ELIOT 0980 FFF! 0fM0lV.ffPATl0N MANUFACTURER AND TEACHER Bank 8 Office cquzpment Co MA 9770 305 P'Nf oFFlcE FURNITURE HEADQUARTERS If no n J c ll VI 1865 d f,,e,,,,,9, b., appo 1 eos Th a A sEA-r Ffif if -'11'l'V' I Fr., L Tuul F53 -Lm 3, A W-2433 egg F I ifffffg-wgmw -E 45 "" 6. RCDIEVEL7' WA When conslderlng that New or Used Car you can buy Wlfh confidence at Be fwk Umverslt Chevrolet Inc for y 7 MR WALTER HANSON Phone 1V'Elrose .2131 4 UW N ll f O Y W' Y Y,, NYY Y' 7777-, l A ,' KEnwoo ' ' V ' H ll . arion Martin. Manager kdm I W 5 ,flhe , ,FY , KL, ,K ,E K ,N Ulm ' ' ' X ' rim 6 E Y YY Y E YN Lessons G ' T f S. .' ' ww 222:12 w ' f' ' . I ' X 1 '12 1 ' ll WPI' 0 - O 1 ,L Hil ing E. Halvarson ' in mgnf ' ir venue TLE Y 1 1 fb y! 5, Q Alf. fx Xe W if SWF . . 1 ' A 4 .. ' f f 5 I A?,L.xff?25:21:,, , 'lil-'-""3"":fQ:LfE?i" ..x , V VV +x.ff5'fiijffJYL,1- V 'ifx fy," P L U U '-' iff QC V? xg- I 5 7 ' " nf"-" 21' ii u 55' if ' 5 D ' F, iv, LJ- iii'-,ff J. , JMD' EE v -Q-lr-I , I ln F 3, . 156, ifviiw Yi' Qc N . H V i i f if-.xx i . - ASQ' r,gL ,K-Q, ini' ' i' r jr 1, L 9 i . I I A 1 I J a IT If T 1 1 The RYDING COMPANY 1 1 All good wishes to Staff 0 DUPLICATING MACHINES 25 SUPPLIES DICTATING MACHINES STAPLING MACHINES PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS O GENERAL OFFICE SUPPLIES 911 Western Axenue SEATTLE WASH Phone ELIOT 3186 1 and Student Body of NORTHWEST BIBLE INSTITUTE Smcerely DACIFIC MUSIC C0 1411 THIRD Avenue SEATTLE WASHINGTON FISHING HUNTING or any good clean sport SEE FILSON S LARGEST STOCK OF OUTDOOR CLOTHING IN THE WEST Smcere Wzshes Class I 940 YOUNGER S CANDIES KIRKLAND WASHINGTON COMPLIMENTS 1 BUDDY SQUIRREL S NUT SHOPS 3ZZP1ke 809 7nd 4336Unn Way LIGHT UP your are .tzlh II .Smzlef Lzqht Condztzonmq chasm dttp shadows away and rthues tycstram A mu I E S lamp xx 11 proude Better Ilght Bttttr Smght and htlp X! X you do Better Homt XVOrk bf 7X PUGET SOUND POWER 8. LIGHT COMPANY 3 ' , O O I ' ' I V .,1 1 . l X1 f - - f, Y -W M- ,- -i, -T YYY, L, ,,,, -llf ,L ' ,L ,L f ' ' 1 1 ? 2 1 i . ' 1 ,T ,L ,O To E T , ' Y Ffff- ,-..7x - ' L , YX..,.,- -',,- ,- 3 1 Ik of 1 11 V 1 J I ! 3 I ' ', , ix " '.4 "' . I 1 Ox Q V ff O Or-. OW- Oi O O ,O O foo O, , I N F F...m nf X ,, ' X711 5 Q Q o o ' y 't ' A ' 5 1 11 f f v ff ! ' T' I x 1 ' -1 X If I Y 4 x . . . l w-'O J ff Q GUARD YOUR SIGHT 1 Our Service Will Help You Do It effectn ely and at most reasonable cost COLUMBIAN OPTICA1 Co 1317 Fourth 0 Ground Floor Cobb Bldg Northwestern Nat1onalL1fe Insurance Co offers you .1 s1fe plan for accumulm non of 1 Llfe Income An lI1dlVlClLlll plan can be worked out for you by MR IRVING Moom: 70 Fourth Ave Bldg SEneca 0866 1 lVIElrose 6971 VErmont 4101 Delbert Lee Cox B A MUSIC M A EDUCATION Unn erslty ofWash1ngton and other orcbestra' instruments Private and Class Lessons Fraternity Cllss Lodge Emblems Rings and Awards The Pacllic Emblem '55 Manufacturlng Co 407 Colllns Bulldmg Znd Axe at James SEATTLE our Senior Pins and Other Emblem Pins Are Made by Us MAm 3341 When ln the Market for Wearing Apparel Shoes Hats and Furnlshmgs remember that you can outit the entlre famlly on one credit account at P0l.l BROS' NNN l8l5 l4I5 I7 THIRD AVE OWES IC ASIE TERMS ALWAY E R ERICKSON Manager EL1ot 6391 COMPLIMENTS WEST COAST CONSTRUCTION CO GENERAL CONTRACTORS Lloyd Bulldlng Seattle Washlngton 1 r666a 6 S' 6 6 6 6 '666 ll V 66 66 6 666 66 6 666 W 4 P Y ' . . l 1 1 y , - V Y ' L ,- l l l , , 1 . . 1 l F ' . ' 1 45 U . 1 .7 I 1 lx . . . l I I 518 - r . 0 Instruction given in voice, violin. piano. ' , Y - ' . ' I C LL, cc,o L , , , ,L H W L ,L ,C , , i, -, ,W 1 'T ' T " " "' ' 'T T " '6"' 'T 'Tx' """1""'T " T T 'TY TTT' T 'Al l l l L ' " T P R E S . E S T - S - OF l 94 L APPRECIATION The SIOII of Tolchbeoreus 40 expue 5e5 wrII1 qmohfude Ihe seuv ces OI +I'1e IoIIowmg FACULTY STUDENTS ADVERTISERS JANET WEST GORDON NICKELL AIMS MR CLAUSEN orWhI+e SIudIo MR GQODRICI-I OI FCIIIVISW PIIOIO Sfuouo MR FLINT oILowmor1 P9 I-Iomfond Co RrmIes MR SALISBURY of IIIESTERII EIIGRIIUIIIG und IIULDBWPE I0 ssarne umsnlnnron EIIERIIUERS 'ff P-e-and!-. 5- -11:0-Q--s Q-..-.. .. --z' .i XXV HV Wvwfww .fuel N Qf ,415-f 'X -...W I + W hL,g,me F' KT f U . ' r A4 f T M 'f' ' y ff' 1- 1 1- -xi' x X : 4 Q ' in . ' .A W l N A x- ii' f L '-a ,J 3 'W ,,f' , 13 , I ig ,, V I ' ' fb ' ' . if 1 r' f ff ' 5 tl: ' I' I 1 1 I ' QL i- i f - - b , 1 ' ff Q 'K I 7 A 2' L 'f N Y "' ' Q2 , 1 fi K 1 4 ,1 . fx '2 k L iff: n fffs, X X9 L 1 1 - F lg, ' f K xx -4. 3 x ' .' N ' 'if ,. ' W ,fl A ,H 1 , I -k.g,,' -A Q I V iii R Qu' 'ff Q. fx 1 L E' ' f L V I 1' if Y xx ' s Q' , 'V ex? I m Ma li, QF Vu ' f' P 4 V i 0' , V N 'rf A ,, jl'?P""' Ki Yi ij 7 F , .5-1 4:4 ., ' ' X 3 Vgi f JV" A ff' f L 4 - 11 Fr jr" A " A 'i? + . V . ' A" , QV" U, I l sg , Q J 1 . i I A , I5 A W it I ,.. i-,5- , : 4 - , ,Arn-Q Q, - -' ,Wy . V, A 'ff--k X Iffffl' , A . at .I na S., , ' ryfri. MA 3 K mm O W ,- f 5 , Vx Qi T 1 A, A " 'f" 4 g 1 1 g . fl xiii '1 W , , 4 J k ' R. XA .oi , I-I, . gl ' x , A- J . r X 5.11. ' Q E ilw a I L. t - ' A Nr . Q 4 A if 1 gi if Ng V' .. ' SI V H 13 ' fi' .min 15. J I1 4' ' A Q If V , J - fffx" "'........."""' 1 i1:.,:1. . , A ,V - 1 -hi ,L ' ' 1 f A I 55 UVN 'Il "T "" -Qi b X' 2- .1 X . J. .A..,.T. Qw......m W.. 1 .-Q.-L .Q,..H,,, ,fL.......,,,,.4Q,... z' w ... .,., -....,... ,.,,,...V..M -9. new viz Y f, , , , 5? -SMT" 9451 ,fl if x ' -gl., s I! '. .K-'fk'1,. f 1 'gf ,' . 5,-,,...,,,,4,4a f+w-ahah N r Q vip- 'X ,,, ...v ,,,,, , . .4 U1 . I T:--na A 1 .M ..,X .JJ ....1.,.,...-u..,.-:.L..3.,.4-..Au.

Suggestions in the Northwest University - Torchbearers Yearbook (Kirkland, WA) collection:

Northwest University - Torchbearers Yearbook (Kirkland, WA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 61

1940, pg 61

Northwest University - Torchbearers Yearbook (Kirkland, WA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 48

1940, pg 48

Northwest University - Torchbearers Yearbook (Kirkland, WA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 78

1940, pg 78

Northwest University - Torchbearers Yearbook (Kirkland, WA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 38

1940, pg 38

Northwest University - Torchbearers Yearbook (Kirkland, WA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 38

1940, pg 38

Northwest University - Torchbearers Yearbook (Kirkland, WA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 41

1940, pg 41

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