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Nl .gs-Q-. .-........ L... lim' 4. punk .unman- -sf WA , - ' nf di .aa Y l 1 'h K, fn..- ..,g..,.f,1-1 Vi ,W.,.,w,. W E, kQ..1,,m, QW, -P. ..,..,-.3 fffff Y .-, N59 .. iw .W MX P"b"S"'dbU fheAssocla1od9iudanisof non sr uAzAnsne course Volums64 oAsls'7o Gayle Moore, Ediior Marian Washburn and Howard Miller, Advisors Ellis and Elaine Chapin. Phofographers - ir f 4' f 5 me , I , , KZX x Table ol' Conlenis Sludeni Life ..... I4 Qporis ............ 76 Academics ...... I O8 Classes .4 ......... I 46 Organiza+ions...2I 6 Adverfisers ...... Q60 Index .............. 301 ff. S -Q , .-,f af' an "'1? 89 f ' L fv- ' M K I I 1 ,,f"1' M , 4 O x P-fgsitxx i . ' S, '.- R ,,x -1 'Why , , 1 N.,- ,J a x Ma Yu. 'Mai- Q x 'Q -. x Growth reaps the past, sows the future. Various Terms seek to define a transient state of being . . . nebulous awareness mind expansion attitude evaluations physical development. Constructive-change involves obiectivity observations of each other ourselves. lt is a natural, spiritual, and philosophical search for reality for truth for God for the best. We strive for wholeness, the goal of growth, together. i ,K ff xg V " ff ff' 4 QXW5 Mus, ., ww ""fs,vU-iw 'A' 'ive 4 .. xg? Q s 'Sa 5 -me W 496143 ' "'i"- --. Dv Ei., 'G wk 11 N-M K .M 3 5 L nz.. M.. -.Lug n 4- ywx 4 I p.. -. -21425 5' . f11uf.7'.f V V 1 g,fa?f,fw wif, ,1 , mm' . 'A 3'Q?:Qggk3jf+,zEQ.m,'w '21 ' gm.: 9 -'V' Law 1 W MX-145:55 rf 1 " 1-' ffm , y H :sw www '. ' 'wax-f,,,1-" 5 GRPM, . A 'W 1 31:9 9 ,Q ff--1: 1 . 3. 3315.4 . T3 W'5.f'J' -5 141 :Ir " ' ' - Q ' ,. if- -.L fix?" 'kg' ' 551 1 i s ff? ' ff ... , , 555 l31.fwf""" - X- - ' . . - W 4 J 'Q 1 W sniff!" . W H ,' ,A , 'X w4A'?1.3f,Hf'fgixu:-W9 i M., -, ' 1 - ' 'iw nv ,JR mmw ' J A-W,-p3'fbifQ ':,wiS.,'-ff ' ugfe, A sf.-" W' M'wE1 ,f, Z, . 'rf' ue" Q , ' M m g-nm . - ' , , ,wg :fm ,, A ' . rw' :WS i-UW If A ' V " 39" i , 'W .-iw N .sw a:g,w,gf , '-g W-e'gv,, H 'if W'-A 1 W' .- "'vfff"'frki J' 'T' ww , ' , , 1' ,ywxlffff 1 V 5 Je, J 'i",:1fi 11 V, 71511, 1 - . A ,, 2153? 3- I f - L ...- -. 1 - 5 ug-1 .V 5 r X A ' . W4 ,X :,, Y' 'K ' ' . 'Y .M m,,,w,, A " , -r v Y - - A -M 0 ' ' ff , 1 i if . a il 2? ,.....- 1-'13, full -. 'Wk xx, 14' 1. -,,-- f1:wf.11s.1m1f-. . is ai f.' iisriazsfnszzfsezfitsz '.1Y f,:.. - f V . s -- if il. f f.-., mf.:--f.w,Q,a1: ,, is Nature's system of growth provides inspiration. Other men specialize in areas beyond us. Listen and they will speak. Physical activity vents many frustrations. Enthusiasm is contagious- even a child's. Rain nurtures growth in plant life, but may bring tediousness to human beings. Scientific knowledge now springs up like a weed. Its domain extends to all the earth- and the moon. Yet man retains an inherent desire to hunt although he seldom needs it to survive. Group actions cultivate harmony and trust. No man can accomplish everything by himself. We need each other. 3 551 i wx Vkbww- '."""" Lk Mmm eh xxx is W? . Q X ,X , q E x ef-sk: Still, individuality is mandatory to prevent stagnation. Sports require excellence. Excellence is a by-product of growth. Amazing how a body can be trained. Equally astonishing how a moment's thought, or a dratt lottery system, starts a new direction in one's life. Even as a man nourishes his physical, mental, and spiritual needs so he also learns to control his emotions. Music con surge ond purge the inner being it it is ollowed to do so. Hurnor ond levity con blend Jobs ond reloxotion moy controst ond combine. Serious tolk requires silent preporotion. Herein moy be found perception through sight. Events ond people ore pictured ond described. lrnoges ond guidonce ond growth come trorn the customory, token-tor-gronted dimensions ot heoring smelling tosting feeling too, however. Thus, this book is incornplete Perhaps iT will recoll such sensuous impressions os pounding hoil Ioughrer wind vvhislling Through sfripped Trees vvoshers ond dryers foofsreps heorr Thumps popping Corn The smdck of chewing gum polluted oir o seo gull's ploinrive cry cold ond heol poine oches, jobs perfume of flowers. lf so iTs volidily ond volue Q will be enhonced, i s gg if fx llilllll EWS pon sim ' K . Q ' ss i -4 W' l Jin N N.: 3 I x v-nr is 'elif' 75 f' sf'f."ffS'lT1i Inu new 'if W. fly . .ilzsg 'flllg WUI! lllu Q 0 "'z 99-ff 'l.5'ih'3QL 591- ' x Moybe this book will remind one of o purple sunset's owe dull, listless depression Colm sotistoction burst of exhilorotion dismol foilure routine of dciily living spcirks of friendship detachment love weoriness rugged determinotion intense, olive concentration eye stroin meditotive solitude the wonder of lite. All of these descriptions tit lite ond growth. For whot is o meaningful lite it not the growth ot ci hurnon being? L .- I --... A , M, 'fwm, , Q .- funn , .,A, .MMEWFV J ,-3, E , a HQ ' 7 Q E 25 f F f ' 1 a Q ' f ' , ,gpnws-M i 12 xxx. ,. . ai? D- - WM if i , ,-5,.f,-, , ,. VW .MZ , 5 ,iff-2 S Q ' 'M-wif "sf 'Q fain 5 wifi? X 5 f HEY Q 3, ki .pr ,, 9 1 . ,J ln :W ' ' f 2:3 ,gi fl fgzj :Fir , 53 ' 31 is Biff' 71 , A 5' I ' ' Q Qgifpgi "f Q ' ,ff :iQ?'5s' 161' " uh..- , X Y v H , ' T . E u 4 5 'P N' 4 a ,EMR .YA' 1- , '1 Sludenilife 'L Q I 4 World Scope Exiends +0 Moon 'TY i' ' 'f lf' AQ -T sr R. E '-,ar - -- 07 . , ,,.,i . ' Q ,Q ib"- xii' ', .2 Y' ' L - -11' ' , D "Q-:f fr A ' ' , A. . -f --GNT .-EZ:-in fn -no -Q.- - m- by John Luik "IT was The besT of Times, iT wqs The worsT of Times, iT was The age of wisdom, iT was The age of foolishness, iT was The epoch of belief, iT was The epoch of in- creduliTy, iT was The season of lighT, iT was The season of dark- ness, iT was The spring of hope, iT was The winTer of despair, we had everyThing before us, we had noThing before us, we were all going To Heaven, we were all going direcT The oTher way . . Such was our age, The age of The sixTies. IT was an age of ambiva- lence, of conTrasT, of diversiTy. We longed for peace, yeT perpeT- uaTed war. We were cornforTably affluenT, yeT desperaTely poor, We were generally sophisTicaTed, occasionally barbaric, infre- quenfly undersTanding, invaria- bly inToleranT. We made preTen- Tions To wisdom, yeT were incred- ibly foolish. We were smugly saTisfied, yeT sfrangely uneasy, perpeTually opTimisTic, yeT in- creasingly disillusioned, eagerly expecTanT, yeT hesiTaTingly fear- ful. We were confident of our desTinaTion, yeT uncerTain of our clirecTion, sure of our ends, yeT uneasy abouT our means. IT was an age of shaTTered dreams and perverTed hopes. The dream of universal affluence mocked by The grim presence of poverTy, disease, and despair. The dream of equality blocked by The inTransigence of prelu- dice. The dream of peaceful race relaTions shaTTered by The violenT ugliness of hafred, bigoTry, and open warfare. The dream of man's ulTirnaTe harmonizafion wiTh his environmenT displaced by The realiTy of mass pollufion. The dream of remaking urban America Turned To The nighTmare of inner-ciTy decay and suburban sprawl. The dream of rnan uTiliz- ing science for The benefiT of man replaced by The Terrifying prospecT of man using science To confrol man. The dream of man finding The broTherhood of peace and The fellowship of love marred by The persisTenT ouT- breaks of war and haTe. The dream of man's fullesT develop- menT of his raTional capacifies raped by The growing culT of ir- raTionaliTy. The dream of recon- ciling The generaTions made im- possible by Their seeming fasci- nation wiTh ThaT which divides raTher Than uniTes Them. The dream of man finding some sense of meaning, some iusTifi- caTion for his exisTence mocked by The persisfence of absurdiTy and noThingness. IT was disTincTively our age, The producf of our moTives, however ambivalenf, our efforfs, however Thwarfed, and our drearns, how- ever perverfed. Perhaps in our endless diversiTy and conTrasT lies our greaTesT poTenTial for greaTness, as well as for disasTer. Perhaps our only chance of suc- cess is in finding The balance be- Tween individual differences and universal similariTies. Perhaps we will yeT find ThaT "hope be- yond hopelessnessf' ThaT "Tran- scendence of despair" which will enable us To survive. Siiiv .g,.,,i' ff H... -.4 4, A X ,, X .. gcfwf Now that the right class hos been found the problem of getting into it arises. Finding cs class with the desired professor and dt the right time proves to be C1 problem, x --Q , Y N I i, Dr. Marsh struggles with the endless task of making sure that nothing is left out of the schedules ,ea fit A Working out the financial problem faces Mr, Montgomery and Fernando Bensuaski. egislraiion Places Students Back in the Routine of School GPA already?! But the year hasn't even begun yet. fn Y Registration can prove to be an expensive task, also. ern m ' 1 ff, , ga K ,QQ V..-W ' X' -Q11 The Community Welcomes Students The Buckoroo Breodtost, given every yeor by the Nompo business men, is C1 welcome end to the busy hectic week of registration cmd getting settled bolck into the routine ot dorm lite. A little syrup helps but Iet's not drown breakfast. 0 few extras the poncokes look much better. "-8 ,ci f J .ffl , Q V, 'ai Greg Jomison finolly makes it to the top for The crowning finsh. N-Club Iniiiales Members Onions, burlcip socks, shining shoes, ond row eggs ore mem- orable ifems to The othleles who become N-Club members. A few hove their doubts how much fun if is, but everyone comes owoy with ci few loughs. ls 4 1" 'Q' si: , , ,.......-- Row eggs are The trodifionol menu cis Denny Johnson leorns. L... X.. N Club member Tom Edwards fakes life pretty easy cis he gels his shoes sl Nz' f s 4 X s , t if W QS, 3:35 They may not be American beauties, but they ore the best chorus Q ' f X line NNC has come up with. .215 Q : 'K l X, ,.. slwinrvd by initiate Jim Iristmi 'a Nt. X Glren Ron dtscovrrrs that getting oncfs nose to the ground is fx llteml term, -sm Closed Night Parties Scatter to Various Places The society closed night is packed with fun and excitement as each society takes ott to the various spots, for that society only. This year the Oly's won the attendance points for the most members present. 24 E' Comedy is the main attraction for the Athenians at the Parkhouse The Oly's and Spartans take time out for refreshments after a workout at the NHS gym. 11 'JN' .. 'N .... wr X so The SLA's bundle up to withstand 4.53 i I o o Z JB . ' k 3 SS t X. ..1 M J f . 4 ,,: ai Q 'sf .I 5 .4 elif, , k 1 A ' ' I ' b Q U4 -M :Q 532 ,Q .. - f U ' -W. 'X I- A ' ' igf Q X Q - '-" 5' -L1"- . V A . s X ' . kk,k , sk,-1 5 -iw Q X ...Mfg m 1 ' V Q Y' 4 9 I, Q sw -A 'Sv .sf . .isia "S Jigga ., . K7 iw . 'X R .5 kc- .1 -iw. 4, Amy . X J ,K ., .,... .. .57 7 ., W g w"',gw-X-.PS N 'NWN .4 i . ......Q'f g ,,..4w....,-,fix - 1 -- - NS' 5' K WX Pm .mmf Q -"5 Q51 ,ft , .Mn Q sv . ,,,,fA,i,.E H h . . - -453. 4'-74 ,A I 0 ei 95 X 3, ,,..,,.n------s Eff S-rw mf A"g,N-H.. M-,,., . ..-4' L Evergone Goes All Oui +o Keep Up fhe Halloween Tradiiion moi 1. ' sw ,L Q- 'G'w- -.Am A' ,f 'F"""'! . , x f.. -- m Q! . o . , . ,f-on fr 15? sa. V , To "1 , ,ff " ' fwfffwij iq- Q . ,ok A . ,, in , 4 .Aff i V, ,W E v- KJY ni .L ., f, if L 1 1 ' ug ks f ,, 1 ,QWLV 'H-1:1 f Q if 4' , ' ..,, .,, , f ,Y W wa Q' A I' ' gg '1.- ' 4 'N-5.4. I , J Y 5,564 ' I ' M '- ' g,,' '. " 1 FX! A ,M-N. -,,fL4.,' 3, Nh , . 1 , , rl v. 1, y V, . ,R ,A - ,- . -, x ' AQ x ' A , ,f 1 , MF- hy W1 5 .K 5. .r AN :Q lx, -K ' ' .4'QiX uve. .' 2 -71' 'g ,, . . K ,, ,,, f - .1 'L 3 Q -. " 'Q' f L I 1 , . 5 . A ' . I V , K , ,.. X.. W q xl' Vw ai r f.v. F . ,, ' ' Q' YZ J ,f . , ' ' .V .pf fi . Q JA 1 ff ' "' f '.,e.:ef Jfff'-rw o ' ' A ' ' ' UI- - 4 V ' .-., , " ,, . ,Q ' YL' - 'ff-',j"',"i in :i',fr',f'i.f.,-3"-' ' - R' .N Vw, "" f ' f..f"'.f-' ' . -,,. -..' f .X V1 j 1 AT-I M Getting into the porty seems to he accomplished by the long woy oround. '43 . , me ,'.....1 K 1 , gif! 5 , ' s . W se 5 . gf 5 ef , I tg. mf 0+ Anyone WMM cnoogh nerve YC Corww Sago fClk9S on o new oppeorurvfe rlroswrl Mice this rifvserw-Q 151 Mczcrr I x 5 142 Q KM, . f -X ,.x.. QR ,,.x., if xx A, P QL' wzg :gi , F39 ,IJ 'A miss 'NN--M gy,-N 415439 'ff f 'Iv Q., , . 15: 5,1 fin' 4,64 ,',d3.f,Xz , x',r,vy Q 'eu wen? J K tssixgf Big-LH-He Sisier I - .,,--wie if " lei ....i gg Q t i f M. A ff: Y --C5 5-f-df MQ- .e r if 1' F fr "pg" A 1 nf- - ' va'-me . f ' iger gfaf f fliftifzf- BW - W ,'A, 15- 1 1 - wi" I ..k. .,:. gr wv ,, a, 2 a- 'Q -'if 5? "1'f:9m33 Qf'1rfr:s-:ai J 2' ' . 'A ., A . Q r A 5 1ri553,4wi'M2 r 261 "Osh 'fu S if l ??o,x MJ -J .f , ,fy ,xii , , I vF"Q -gh -xv A The treasure chest revealed a wealth of food. Girls Join in ihe un ai ihe AWS Parig Doris Forondo gets help from Sue O'Connor and Judy Flinner to teach a song from Bolivia. Freckles seemed to be very much in style especially tor the party Anne Jeffries seems to be having problems with the groom in a pantomime. Homecoming Depiofs Two World . . . W Rudy Lindbloom accompanies Connie Fmn or the "Window to the Wor!d" concert, The Modrigols do theur port un mclkxng Nhe Wrndovv To The World Concert Cl rnemorol'zNe one. x The Stage Bond odds thot extra spirit and enfhusiosm ...-nga-'guns MEMORIES Morrison fakes the honors for the best decorated dorm Q I ff 1. , , Aw' The car parade Is pepped up by The Freshmen Cheerleaders. One Siep Aparf nt 3 r J I NNCS 1969 Homecoming Court, selected by the students, reigns over The firsf baskenball game of the year against Warner Pacific. . f , E1 fm Half-Time enferiainmenr is provided by ine' Masier's Men, Dan KeTchum, Mike Fix, and Mike Weibe, A necessiiy of any performance is The accompaniment by Randy Coryeli, Ken Ivers and Larry Rofh. 5 i ,ff J: ' 4 Cv ,Q ' Zi AHendan+s Add Beauig and Charm io ihe Homecoming Couri Junior Princess Barbie Barilow 3 ,Q A kr e i if A c Q X. '+- Senior Princess Darlene Sioneman 3 . Xa, x e, Sophomore Princess Jan Hurn Freshman Princess Sheryl Taglor X Q i , . , . ,f y 'fy N rl .X . S' The Time for Sports is comicolly porfrcyed by Brett Eshelman ond Al Morgon. 36 Jackie Santee, Mary Byrd, and 'Connie Castle confribuie ir1'1'he Time for Love. Junior Class Musicale Presenis "A Time for U " Under The leadership of EsTher Lindbloom The Junior Class preseniecl a musical of our Time-fa Time for music, sporis, Travel, War and love, The Musical enalecl wiih a Time for "The Impossible Dream." Bev l-lempel afff Terry Marlin sing 'IT Ever I Would leave You cs Their Tzme for Love, reshman-Sophomore Parig Takes on ihe Old Weci Sp'ri+ Joyce Knight, Marcia Bolles, and Kathy Campbell sing The spirit-of The old Wesf. y iii . gl , , . I , sl E je 5 Joe Hobson and Tim Pace keep the party rolling in western style. B A Western party is iust not complete without o horse. Getting into the party con only be done on the Larry Miller and Wendell Smith help out on the entertainment hands and knees. 'Z',?'.lff' , ,R 1 X-xx., f l my g fff wiki' 'xt s ww Circle K Qweeiheari Lynda Campbell Nz Rees gzlizajf Q ri, z I Q , He' V c f S . , I : f '5 4' , ' e , .l. V - 4, , YA I a I . " A X v ' la Q A x, 'Yau W J I I if Z il .ll aa' ,V if M l . .V rd ' ' J , I fr- 4 Wjw- 'Ev M. f wg 4 ' ,xx wp f - h ff? iff f ,, W v J 4,6 if -up I 4 ii .1 A , , , x tx , , , 'QF kk X, Sweeiheari Queen Carol Willis and Kin g Ron Frank 9 Sweeiheari Couri Juniors Nancy Gellailg Duane Dale Sophomores Linda Dillabaugh Mike Benedick S ,X Seniors Alberia Swander Duane Hgberison i Freshmen Gayle Walberg Randg Peierman Caring Is . . . Mrs. Wilson provides the background dinner music. 7' f. 2 it!!! , ' 531 ' ff Queen Carol is crowned by Mark Clark, The head Table odds distinction to 1be banquet, i i Q s X 5 was Q.. 5 . Q . D 1 5' VVI- 'G 1? .. K xt I, 5 V ' K g ,, iz' .QA A 4 X 5 Q 'FV A .129 13: M N , 2 jixq. f . 'W fl' .X X iw QW The Don Cossack Chorus demonstrated The uniqueness of the Russian folk music and dancing. Nampa Concerl Series Solo pianist, Lowell Farr, rendered a skillful performance. The masiery of The many violin Techniques was demonstrated by Mari Tsumura. Opera came To Nampa in the form of the Tumau Opera Players. -Wa tfflflf gk A i .Q' s The State Department team gave some very informative talks in lecture and discussion times. Alfred Lilienthal, Asian Institute speaker, lectured Dr. James Stewart-Robinson, speaking for Asian Institute, lectured on the situation in Turkey. Iniernaiional Awareness Broughi Closer io N NC Through Guesi Speakers Special , Dinners Saga workers take on a new appearance for the dinner. Saga Hosis .1 :whs- Mitsuko Maeda and Paul Fukue dress in style for the Polynesian Dinner. When the Icsf one leaves the skeleton is r,,1fwfrm.r :ivn rrsssgnffssr N ewfsifw' l r 1 Q-H , ' l e e . ,ew L4 , is + .P is We i er , O - 'AW ' Getting The food once it is found can be a problem. is OH that is left. Live music odds atmosphere To The mock bor-b-que A , tara: -"-"W ' - 2 e 1. - 5 N . 1 s Q I I Q Xi K ' J 0 'uf' 'WW' The Ernperor is announced. The power of Hans has a great effect on The lives of the Royal Weavers. The Queen, Ann Vanderpool, and the Emperor, Gary Harris, pause for a moment of thought V, ',T4" 1. knzig : , W , ,, ,. nw . 'f X , l , ,fi if-we: i -. , The Emperor's New Cloihes A ChiIdren's Drama Producfion Zam and Zar playcd by Merlyn Knight and Brett Eshelman plan and scheme for their next move. Hans, played by Steve Barron, does not listen To the pleas of the weaver. CasMon+ Presents . . . Dove Ellis and Kathy Willis offer their tdlents in folk singing. Rock Simmons 'fakes on the role of the comedian QMont Faculty Foshlons presents: Ken Montgomery, Micky Dean, Howard Miller, Arthur Seomorts, and Irving ' l 1 Xl "Mmm s Rev. Charles Belcher of the Downes Memorial Metho- dist church in Oakland discussed America's race relations. Robert Smith spoke on environment. Bill Hall of the Lewiston Tribune spoke on Idaho racial problems. Rev Joe Edwards of an Oklahoma Nazarene Church also Talked about the racial Issue Inn Schiller Nampa lawyer spoke on law and Orrler Toplc ot' the Month Hosts a Variety ot Speakers David Cheal presenfed the pacifist view point. Rev. John Butler, the Chaplain of Boise Sfafe College, discussed Stan Crow of Boise spoke on the race problems in Idaho. The second Term topic of war. ,aut 4,. gm i ,Q A 3 S I Q' ' 52. if owls g R a Sllfli 9 , 0' Q, , ,4 'K .-QQ ' f if Qi' , ., I lm MZHIATRIC Hg THE DOCTOR xg Lucy, Pom Lifsey, offers Charlie Brown, Don Keller, some advice. "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" Norihwesiernefs Spring Conoeri Schroeder, Rudy Lindbloom, is Thoroughly engrossed l . ,,,,,,,,,, mr, V, f-,,ff :,,..M.,:,,w' Z .. xkim-.7 i A i 1 33 5: Q E his music. E Y , i Q Z it r as 1 iyiyy lf' ls x y Linus, Mike Fix, shows all the ,, C ' signs of being completely con- tent with his blanket. Charlie Brown struggles with the idea of losing another kite Snoopy, Terry Srnifh, is ready for the attack. if 59 we ' ,ff m ! 54' Z2 5 ffm! w i ' ' ' wzfmzeww,-L:,f,Q1 257 'V W ,L . , wfmfzzreswz sw sr K The mdrlmon NNfsl1nk between here ond there Every student ot one time or another funds hrmself spendmg money ot the book The electrons monoge to toke up every space ovcnluble Whot would c game be wrthout the concession stand? Chicken-Mon, John Osborn, will be G never forgotten figure on the NNC campus 'hh ll '-C The crowd gathers anticipating the election results. All A Parl of NNC The Spirii of Campus Life 4 :mi Every dorm should have cz sauna bath! Engagements have more than one consequence. V ,Vg ,, ,Q 3 'P' 74 Reminders of the ultimate end are frequent even amidst boisterous life. fi E'a7Wv7L- ,Q . U, Y .V will Ah iw! u ly 4 ar ir- !! r ', I 3 'fa 1 f F i .iiiiss ., ,wg I 'E miie M u ,e qs 5,5 Q ,v 'X 'U ' W f M a 2 21 2 f ,,,, .n- p Q wwam , Q, ig ' yi KV M'-' g The ASB office takes on a new appearance for the Presidenfs '-'f birfhday puffy. The annual bed race to Caldwell is off. of Wm. If A, ,fp , Q Sauk v far I " 0 I .L.g Serious Aspects Are Not Forgotten The crowd starts pouring in forthe required chapel, Discussion of the more serious side of marriage was made available Rev. Timothy Smith spoke at ci CMA dinner in coniunction with I QMFL M :. i 'Q MI A Qfffz "' 4 ff? Quota, rfrii iiei i o Mr, Seaman-discusses some of the events of Yhe spring revival with Rev. Earl Mosieller. in Cana Council sponsored by AWS. Spiritual Life Week. ffm- is ., W-rr: Time out for last minute conversations before chapel begins Rick Skeen shares some Thoughts in his part of The Student Preaching Mission. Students Enter Into ww, Student Council ends a busy year of work with a picnic at Ann Morrison Park. Chapman Hall sets a record in its 40 hour, 259 inning softball game with a score of Breakfast and o discussion at 400 for second floor to 337 for first floor. Repair of the -car is o necessary i item in the college schedule, l I my ., Various Aciiviiies as is ki :E jg., SHA F91 The lake proves 'lo be very inspirational, A chance to relax and read is a welcome change in the college life. 5' A few players find a time fo res? during The Chapman Hall baseball game, NNC sfudenfs invade The Meridan Speed Way for The school party. The Pafio Conceri Noies ihe End in e Q K We h f of a Busg Year S w. ig, - - - QR f.... Dinner's over, now for The concert to begin. Finding cn spot To sit down ond ect is not on easy mutter. .,: Q L' .4w.,.g::s5' Eofing on The patio is greofl Now That u place to sit has been found the problem of The sun arises , --..,,,S- ww... ,,.- ,,-65" x ... ,L,,, QW . Q. 435 2 xl! Somehow The paper plates iusf wererff big enough. Professor Eugene Lubiens directs The bond. Pk! . , I wifi if-ivy if , DP" .4 -f, 34? WM xl , 1 X A Q rw 1192 44 I ,Q I gn. f"N'i N- - x 2,53 0 H ' wg A on with excitement, Luik, and Junior Class President, Mel Not every girl gets to be hooded by her Dad. The first step of graduation is over. 1 'K ,HA , . , 7, N 'hx W I' ,,,,,gv7.QL, H . is if K 'QM il K it li. 'Ruud v J . A K . - Vee . V , 4, ' - H ,Qt ' is , 1 i xo ' Q , , ,K 1 xa' L:-mg, 5 I n Ra? 0 wa r ,ff X I 6 5 X, -L--Q-v-fmwwh x Q 'Q an V Q53 , , bi ii .i-zzzsff ,1 A 1' nf 3 -Q ,v-AN, , - I x 1 K -. -... ,g, - fl "'i is 'pure x . 'Q G K S wmxkwh '52-..., The Final Procedures of Graduaiion 1"0'?7 43' The gowns have served their purpose and now end up in Cl pile. Dr. Culver and Senator Frank Church, commencement speaker, meet prior Yo The Ceremonies while Karen Keirn, John Luik, ihe Junior Marshalls ond Dr. Riley vvcxif. Novv That The Il'DlOV'i7GS hnve been rereived lvlnhn the gcvvns can go If ir nfl 1, + 4 'UP ' 'ff' . n. I D f Q .I 5' ., . .f,' . ..x,...,Q, -,-,,,,g:iZU,., -f,. -v, --,R ws. 4 ' 1 E:-T 'dv' 11 77 iw.-.':l., qygmos. .. ..gAq-wg-1 -v ww, . . .fv-.-,,,2"'5-1 . .. fy W, ,z L, ,-,,,,,-- 2 "M'.:? ASH" xl' li' ,Q 3:1-Af-,KQ 4 . " .., ...J V. ,W .-, .V . gf., ' :D 5. "1-?"..T"yr..M f.fL1,':-,.,1m,r H 4, 4 , , .nw . W R "ef ,TSC if R .mg-,..f.,f,.w.v,., . f' ' ' A1 an - ,Q-,val-T, Up. '4 '3 '3. "IG 1:25 '--',l1'v- fav? :V V A i Mvu, .swan ,. ,f, .W F V nv J' I Aw- - 1: 'f21i4Hlix2rq4g3 f ,N xy -f V-fy:-I-N--K4 wc 4 lf' . Q, ,.1w,. , -gw,..'f..,,g,f'1 . ' ' ' . 1 Lg,f',':,r,f114f'f53w3Yif'-'S , , .L ,.,-,.. .,y:,-1, r .,- ,.,. 1.,..- g,.'-.-E -11 .11 v.,,.1 fi X ' '- 4:2551 ,Q-gh, ' ', u ' Q Q .4....... .,.. ,. 3 M W . T" 1 ,xi iv 5 1 5 -u ' , S W Ui a 1 -an v-' 'Q Q, .- mn ' v c ,-f'.f-42,-f.1 :mv 1-4'w"' LW-f L, ,,,..,gr:,fX. 0 Mx. ,.., n -ww 'ff- u 9 I N. N. C. Places Second in I. C. C. The N.N.C. Cross Country team was relatively young with only one senior member this year. The highlight ot the '69 season was a strong 2nd place in the Idaho Collegiate Champion- ship. Doug Money was the top runner tor the team this year. Meet Results 1 Eastern Oregon College 305 College of Idaho 475 Northwest Nazarene College 48 2 Whitman 33, Eastern Oregon College 355 Northwest Nazarene College 54 3 Whitman Invitational, Northwest Nazarene College 4th 4 Idaho Collegiate Championship, Northwest Nazarene College 2nd 5 Boise State 275 Northwest Nazarene College 30 ly' K.. A 7, .. JA, . my . 4 5 ,S f M. ,, ' ii-fs ny 2 4, ,wx , or ,. his . .f 1. ll U .fx ll wsfgm j "Fuzz" Foster, a four year letterman, finishes the season in high style. N sf N we 1. 'm 6133 ,f fs x - 1 We W i gm. , 1932? K X !' M U4 I ,,,., TAM. I 1.4 if. W I, r 7',g'9"Q ,,. 4,1 fl!! V, 8 v-evil! Fig 5' me is a ,V 3. , 3 Y 8 5 bv: 4, 'K ,W .f ,Q K ,Wi Teom members are !efT To right Dove Long Steve Foster Coach Horwood Don Keller Chuck Robinson Doug Money N-Q KJ- .. .s 1, ,vis ,Wo fy Q The teams top xx , ,, ,B - . V - V sf . ,-N -an -'us 1' , - s Q - 'ff Q . N L ' 'R-Ps . 1... A- - K ,, - .S . ,. K r ..- ,. . XKKK -. ,sK , - , M' K K,K K . . K KK ,itz . K I Ps- K 1, K V :K KK K KKf,,fK .. t - ,Jil K KK K KKKKQKK K - .s K K ' ' - W 'K , Q we . . 4 A. K ex K KKK K KK , K .JSVKEY 34 :. ,, xsmf "T, 'fi - " x K ,, L , 'QA 'SN' 'S-'3' ... h K K KK K ,., A . K KK'-K K -. .. runner This seo son was Doug Money. Crusaders Finish wi+h I 9-I O Record The N. N. C. baskeTball Team had anoTher Tine season This year iusT missing The disTricT play- offs by one game. MosT of The games were real baTTles. N.N.C. barely ouTscored The opponenTs wiTh a game average of 77.9 while allowing The oTher Teams To average 71.3. Right Coach Hills and Coach Vail provided experT leadership for boTh The VarsiTy and J.V. Teams against such formidable opposition as WesTminisTer College and Boise STaTe College. Firsf row leff To right Manager Bruce HardesTy, Bob Luhn, Al Blacklock, Gary Lawson, Frank Sfockefr, Rock Simmons, Second row: Dennis Johnson, Norm Sandlin Ken Wilde, Laird Graham, Dick Luhn, Gary Pea. Steve Lanham, Steve Phelps, Above: Senior Steve Sharp breaks for the basket. Left: Rock Simmons knocks up another two points, Coach l-lills will lose four seniors att his squad for next year. Gary Lawson was top scorer and re- bounder, averaging l4.6 points and 14.3 rebounds per game. John "Rock" Simmons was close behind Lawson in both departments. For their efforts both were named to the Nazarene Intercollegiate Athletic As- sociation All-Star team. Valuable assistance was provided by Steve Sharp, Bob Luhn, and Al Black- lock, the other starters. Excellent guarding by each of them saved many points. Sophomores Denny Johnson, Dave Higgs, Ken Wilde and Laird Graham were able to gain experience which should provide for several more years of exciting basketball at N.N.C. Above left: Lawson stretches for the big bucket. Above right: Sharp and Lawson combine for two points against Warner-Pacific. Right: Ken Wilde tights for a rebound against Boise State. Gary Lawson, playing his tourth year ot Crusader ball this year, has accumulated much recognition tor his fine play. He was chosen tor the N. N. C. Invitational Holiday Tournament All-Star team twice and was chosen that tournaments most valuable player both years, C of I Games Highlighl Season llllllll'4"', . A any Top left: Keeping The stats is quite a iob. Top riqhf: Sfocke-TT sets for a shot. Above: Stocker? and Lawson brrng the ball mio play. Lawson also made The all district ream fhls season and broke the old rebound record ser by Gary Locke. N,N.C. OPPONENT 90 Warner Pacific 91 81 Warner Parilic 66 86 Lewis and Clark College 74 7? Oregon College 67 513 Linfield 93 77 Alaska Methodist 70 88 Alaska'Methbc'list 53 66 Alaska Methodist 63 97 Olivet 78 86 Biola 71 61 Pacific University 62 79 Pacific University 67 71 College of Idaho 67 79 Lewis and Clark 59 89 Lewis and Clark 52 68 Eastern Oregon College 61 102 Wltitrttan 72 63 Seattle Pacific 78 101 Westminster 71 67 Boise State College 85 69 College of Idaho 70 78 Willamette University 76 1 62 Boise State College 70 65 Eastern Oregon College 69 88 George Fox College 66 72 George Fox College 58 77 St, Martins College 109 68 St. Martins College 75 75 College of Idaho 74 Game Scores Fritch and Fowler work the crowd into a frenzy of excitement. Blacklock is shown in a tight spot against Willamette Simmons goes up for another easy two against College of Idaho y , . I . -N iQiahm M , Q ' 3 5. Fw X2 -1x4 iv YM, . 5 Nl? 7 42,3 kim.. g 'A I ,. 1. ' v 3, F +1 if 9 .-'gf J. V. Ends Wih I 2-8 Win Pea brings ihe ball down court against College of Idaho. Above right: Lanham finishes a break with an easy Two points Loss Record 2 s.1e1...if ' l N ll 7 ' Row I: Coach Dick Luhn, ,f Vail, Gary Hays, Fred Laeger, Jerry York. Row 2: Gary Pea, Norm Sandlin, Sieve Phelps, Sieve Lanham Pea Tips up another Two for The Crusaders. The ref 1ells Dick Luhn exactly what if looked like. Luhn is up for a shot against Cal- lege ol Idaho. x ,X X Ll D L r ,V A gnif ,K My 9"P,, Q Everyone remains flat-fooled while Scmdlin puts it in N47 Q!- -X. 87 Cheerleaders Boost the Crusaders lt is the iob of the cheerleaders to create spirit. This year's boosters have done an exce-llent iob of letting the players feel the school's support. Junior Pam Caswell Sophomore Kathy Campbell Junior Carol Yeencl g 'L 1 Senior Croig Frifch Junior Doug "CheeTc1" Fowler J.V. Cheerleaders this year were Karen Bruner, Brod Arnesen, Scilly Nunn, Steve Dickerson, Anne' Vonderpool. Maimen End Wiih Besi ecord Ever Row if Sam Frazier, Co-CapTain7 Wayne Walkerg Chuck Gezelle, Co- Capiaing Dave Hills, Rich Pena. Row 21 Dave Schiafimang Dave Mc- Callum, Gordon Smith, Mike Keeney. Row 3: Len McCallum, Coach Harwood, Terry Liike, Managerg David Clifton, Manager. Sam Frazier, wresfling in The 150 pound class, won 16 of his 17 maTches This year. In The process he broughT The college iTs TirsT NAIA DisTricT Championship. He finished by conapeTing in The Thirteenth annual NAIA Narional Wresfling Championships aT Superior, Wisconsin. Sophomore Dave Schlaflmonn is shown in Tight quarters during The disTricT meet in Boise, I I I ,irra is Chuck Geselle, seen in action above and Talking To The coach aT Top, won T6 of his 18 mafches ond was Team co-capTain along wiTh Frazier. The l969-7O vvresTling season aT NorThwesT Nazarene College saw The Crusaders compleTe Their besT record ever, 6-5. AlThough The grcipplers began Their season wiTh eighfeen men reporTing To pracTice, compeTiTion ended wiTh only nine men. -1 -1 -- Dove McCollum Took por? in The ocfion or the district iournoment NX ,-f'-,NA The wrestlers shown on this page were only port of The nine mon team or The NAIA district Tournament. Track 1970 Fealured Individual Performances Doug Money carried The laurels for N.N.C. in The 2lsT NorThwesT Nazarene lnviTaTional winning The OUTsTancl- ing Performance Trophy by vofe of The coaches. Money was also elecTecl The Track Team's MosT OUTsTanding AThIeTe by bringing vicTories in The 880 and mile run Throughoul The season. l 57 l l"lll'l ' "Jr My pd' 1 f r'?rf"'29rfSl , .f' f Q, W... ,, gif' 4 rr., x 5, Coach Hills, Dave McCallum, Dave Perkrns, Doug Money, Don Keller, Chock Robrnson and Dave Mangom. Nor shown are Terry Canrrell, Wayne Walker, Dave MorTin1er, and Steve Phelps, Thinclads Made Things lg in District Competition Coach Hills summed up the season as one of great success for four or five individuals, but disappointing because of a lack of team members. Best times for participants this year were as follows: 440 Relay-Mangum Walker, Perkins, Miller, :46.1, Mile Run-Money, 41198, High Hurdles-Carv trell, :15,0, 440-Mangum, :53.6, 100-Mangum, 110.17 880-Money, 2:00.7- 1 1 330 Intermediate Hurdles-Cantrell, :42.1, 440 Intermediate Hurdles-Can- trell, :57.1, 220-Mangum, :23.1, 2 Mile-Keller, 91528, 3 Mile-Keller, 14:54.95 Mile Relay-Mangum, Perkins, Walker, Money, 3:39, Long Jump- Perkins, 20'63f.,", Triple Jump-Perkins, 41'0", High Jump-Phelps, 6'0", Javelin-McCallum, 171'3", Shot-Mortimer, 38'10", Discus-Robinson, 119'. Chuck Robinson, a senior and captain of the team this year, shows his re- entry technique. Wayne Walker had a fine season as a member of the mile and A40 relay teams. Sophomore Dave Perkins achieved the leam's best marks in The long iump and friple ipmp and worked hard To cre- ate winning 440 and mile re' lay teams. Don Keller, whose performance in The seasorrs 3 mile compefifion earned him The Team's MOST Improved Athlete and whose personal life broughf him Most Inspirational Afhlefe, won The 3 mile at The clislrici me-ef and came home with The All Distric? Il NAIA Honor Afhlele Award. Extramurals for Women Initiated The women's Extramural teams let everyone know they were serious by racking up a successful season of inter-collegiate competition. The basketball ,team surprised everyone but the coach by working their way through an eight game season against College of Idaho, Eastern Oregon College and Treas- ure Valley College without a loss. The women's tennis team ended their season with a 6-l rec- ord ancl sent four girls tothe Northwest Women's Extramural Tennis Tournament, two of whom, Judy Chadwick and Karen Bruner, made it to the quarter finals in the singles bracket. ln the E.O.C. Invitational Track Meet Pat Price broke the meet High lump record by 4 inchesand Elsie Gestrin broke the TOO yard dash record by 2 tenths of a second. VOLLEYBALL Row 1: Bonnie Dietrich, Barb Miller, Sandy Bennett, Judy Hanson, RuthAnn Pruett. Row 2: Mrs. Harwood, JoAnn Gehrke, Elaine Lasell, Judy Chadwick, Ellie LeMaster, Shannon Gallo- way, lrene White. FIELD HOCKEY Row T: Sandy Bennett, Delores Smith, RuthAnn Pruett, Joann 'Salis- bury, Elsie Gestrin, Judy Hanson. Row 21 Mrs. Horwaod, JoAnn Gehrke, Kathy Schoenborn, Ellie LeMaster, Irene White, Shannon Gal- loway, Ruth Stucke, Judy Chadwick, Bonnie Dietrich. A Row l Bonnie Dietrich, Delores Smith, Sandy, Bennett, Jody Hanson Joann Salisbury. Row 21 Kaihy Schoenborn, Ruth Stocke Shannon Galloway, Ellen Largenf, Elsie Ges- frin Ruth Ann Prueii, Miss Hopkins, TENNIS Row l: Ellie LeMaster,Ca1hy Cromer, Karen Bruner, Judy Chadwick, Row 2: Lois Belisle, Charity Beggs, Bon- nie Diefrich, Shannon Galloway, Marilyn Vail, Elsie Gestrin, Ellen Largenf, Joann Solisury, Miss Hopkins. TRACK Row lg Delores Smith, Elaine Finlcbeiner, Elsie Gesirin, Sandy Bennelr, Roth Sioclce. Row 21 Mrs. Horwood, Barb Miller, Joan Waller, Kaihy Schoenborn, JoAnn Gehrke, Par Price, Gloria Hanson, Shannon Gallo- way, Judy Hanson. ' ff V, -Wi td-:ii .W'-- gi Freshman Val Hein, shown af right, was awarded The Most Ouistonding Player award as well as The Paul Swalm Tennis Award. Bob Ecker, far right, playing number one man on The Team most ofthe season, teamed up with Hein for the number one doubles spof. Dan Coker, Coach Keoppel, Val Hein, Ken? Hill, Bob Ecker, Robbie Rayborn, Rick Schafer, Rick Skeen, Greg Jamison. 'H-eq.. Junior Bob Ecker, above left, and sophomore Greg Jamison, above, show their fine sewing styles. Kent Hill, above right, returns in the style that kept him in competition with Ecker for number one singles. Senior Rick Skeen ended his final season with the best indi- vidual record, 8-2. He combined with Rick Shafer, who won the Most Improved Player award, for a perfect 8-O doubles record. Netters End Season With 8-4 Record I97O TENNIS SCHEDULE Boise State College Eastern Oregon' College Oregon College of Education Whitman College College of Idaho Treasure Valley Community Eastern Oregon Boise State Southern Idaho College Eastern Oregon C. of I. T.V.C.C. lost lost lost won won won lost won won won won won Crusading Linkmen Earn a Successful Season The Crusader linkmen completed their 1970 season tying with OCE for second place at the NAIA district golf tourna- ment in Portland, Oregon. Overall the season would have to be considered a success. The dual record for the team was a bright 12-2, losing only to Whitman College during an early sea- son opener. Shown at right is senior Bob Taylor. His contribution to the squad was noted by his selection as the outstanding N.N.C. golfer for the year. Shown at right is iunior Monty Ortman. Shown at right is Rick Hartwig who was the only Crusader to make the all-district team with a 152 total as the number three medalist. Seen cl left is freshman Bob Croft, The 1970 Golf team included Bob Croft, Rick Horfwig, Coach Horwood, Bob Taylor, Monty Orfmon, Lon Bornhouse, Shown or left is Junior Lon Bornhouse. Team achievernenTs Tor The year included fielding average of 963, TwenTy poinTs above The Teams previous besT and a Team E.R.A. of 2.78 which is The besT in The lasT six years. Tom LiTsey, The senior Third baseman, was pre- senTed wiTh The R.B.I. award for The year. Bob VanderSluis received The ouTsTanding piTcher award wiTh a ToTal of 3 wing 2 losses and 2 Ties, boTh of which were exTra inning affairs. FiTTy sTrikeouTs in TifTy one innings was also lisfed as one of his achievemenTs. An unidenfified Crusader holds up at Third base ...... .. ... Lewis and Clark stopped The Crusaders on The bases, as well as at home plafe. Sophomore pitcher Denny Johnson lets loose a hard hit againsT Boise STaTe College. I 'i fr fe- ,- 7 Baseball Record Improves in Freshman right fielder Ed Robinson rounds our first base after rop- ping c hit 'ro center field. :,1- -- Row lf Ben MGQQOYY, Ron Frank, Dole Tindall, Steve McKinney, Lorry Sams, Gene Maison. Row 21 Don Staffenson, Eric Fueldsfad Tom Liisey, Torn Edwards, Ed Robinson, Gene Barfoloba, Ed Lawrence, Dove Boscker, Glenn Rotz. Row 3: Bill Campbell, Larry Burton Tinn Wheafly, Denny Johnson, Al Blacklock, Bob VanderSluis, Coach Vail. T f F 1-Q-.3 ,- 1 x -- ' r T L. .HK " " K K- ,..... si' :ki KW K x KK 5, KKL ---i . 1 as . ' A is 1 , - y .1 .' X - f. 3 K ,, an lflffi , -- ' T' , N Q F - ' T x--- g m i -2 u a-' A . mx .. 1--fs . ihzf i,-aw V - - T 4 I, 3,-.,sH,Lg5--gg--In K rg: ,.-ec, --jxegx' x.-k T- sf:-2, KK K, .. - KK 4. cg- ..-, ,K - mf - s si- 3 - , , , ' ' .LL ' T 'L'- "" ' .. N . -T" -, -f T il , , 'T' ' -l 1 x K r . V 3-, :Z-53: T ,ui - Denny Johnson labovel, Larry Burfon labove righTl and Bill Campbell provide The 39' ,, ' .. 'G fans some action aT first base. The squad elecTed Torn LiTsey To be named capTain Tor The year. His leadership helped To mold The Team info a compeTiTive uniT, Ron Frank, senior TirsT baseman, Tor The Third consecuTive year, was honored as The mosT inspiraTional player. The ouTsTanding player award as voTed by The sTciTT was presenTed in recogniTion oT The splendid record accomplished This year by Bob VanclerSluis. FurTher recogniTion was given To VanderSlUis when he was named To The DisTricT ll NAIA All-STar Team. Ron Frank received honorable menTion Tor his Tine play. , , L. aol' scic.c 'T Q- is 4L,kV , .k K if f""-- Aejm-.1 .N wifes f 'T Kjss-ksgfvcaxfw as is 83' X QQ ' ' r as 4 5 N if' ' ' V T l X gf , -1 Y 6 M g K v 3 S -Qt ii f O W' X l .2 - 2 .2 ss 1 4 X K ,,-.K vt 1 ml nm T v nz ik we gt s ix T 3-3532 - T, T , .,, KM - ,Kr . . . xx ... v ,K5ff'- - K . f, 4 M Qs-Q., , T "-. -,1 cs, Q ,Q ,K -QKK W -- , - .c .R ,KX ,wav Wg - ,K -f T K 7 ' V kff, ' K- , ,x xx Q KK 0 K an - . -if -Ry 'A TW? ,tb -ag K gg: K' ' ' T5 T sv Ku' F f -,e..n'4:r f X, K . M KA 2 Knox ..f T- ',L: .b -- wk 4 E K 'Q if as , --W. 4 Montana University 3 l College of Idaho 9 AMonTana State O 2 Boise State College l BUniversity of Idaho l 5 NNC OPP l Whitworth College 2 l Eastern Oregon College 4 Whitman College 3 is Lewis-Clark iidohoi Q 2 2 5 l' C l 3 George Fox College 5 Whllwoflh College 2 l Boise State College 5 i8 7 B059 S7079 COHGQS 5 O Idaho State Univ. 2 A-Tournament forfeit l 2 B-Tournament time limit l College of Idaho 2 C-Darkness-extra inning Ben Maggart is seen here leading off at first base against the Boise State Broncos. ,mi A A IKVIJ ug .ggi-... ,wwf The Crusaders closed out the season with a split at George Fox College losing the first game 3-4 but coming back in the nightcap to win l8-l with Tim Wheatly picking up the win with a one-hitter. Dave Boschker, freshman catcher, concluded the season with a batting average of .417 to win the top hitter award. A new award this year, the most improved player award, was given to Boschker for his consistent play. Sludenis Sponsor Own Fooiball Game N.N.C. men once again combined energies To form a highly compeTiTive TooTball Team anol accepTed The challenges of The Nampa Jaycees. IT was The second annual evenT. Coolched by Bill Venn, The game was a chance To exhibiT skill in Tackle TooTloall. The game was enTirely sTudenT sponsored and was noT a parT of NNC's inTercolIegiaTe sporTs program. 5 , Intramural Sports At-tract Mang Students For those students who enioy athletics lout are unable to participate in varsity sports the intra- mural program provided an excellent outlet. Women, as well as men, participated in the sports ranging from football to shuttle-board. 4 Jaw ' 2 , 'rf ,W 0 fm A X I W imnnh-ev' Gif? Academics A President Dr. John E, Riley Secrefary Helen Hill Rilegs Take World Tour Board of Regents: Alaska District--Rev. Roy Yeicler, Colorado District-Rev. E, L. Cornelsson, Dr. .loe'T, Dtffee, Rev. Bill Sullivan, Mr. Willis Brown, Dr. Loyd Smith, ldaho-Oregon District+Rev. Grady Cantrell Rev. Delbert Lows, Dr. Lester Scott Mr. Walter Howard, Mr. Richard Lindbloorn, Rev. Howard Olson, Nevada-Utah District7Rev. Murray J Pallett, Northwest District7Rev. Raymond Kratzer, Chairman, Rev. Howard D. Hoalcins, Mr, Howard Smith, Mr. Ells Bartlow, Mr. Philip Sols- buryp Oregon Pacific District--Dr. W. D. McGraw, Mr, Roy Edwards, Dr. Gordon Olsen, Rev. Lowell C. Ellis, Rev, Don Fivecoat, Rev. Harold Sanner, Mr. Leo Qualls, Mr, E. W. Shields, Rocky Mountain District7Rev. Alvin L. McQuay, Rev. Volney Johnson, Mr. Marvin Emrich, Washington Pacific District-Rev. Bert Daniels, Rev. Darrell B. Teare, Dr. John E. Wordsworth, Rev. Virgil Grover, Mr, W. Delmore McDowell, Mr. C. W. Iles, Alumni RepreSento1ive7Rev. Fred Fowler, College President Ex Officio7Dr. John E. Riley. Dr. and Mrs. Riley were granted a leave of absence in order to take a world tour. They will visit Asia, Europe, and Africa. Alternative proposals for financing the gymnasium are under study. Students responded auite favorably to a suggestion for an additional tax. In other action, the Regents honored Miss Annie Laurie Bird, Mr, C. Griffith Bratt, Senator Frank Church, and Rev. Raymond Kratzer with honorary doctorates, added Dr, Thelma B. Culver and Dr. L. Wesley Johnson to the list of faculty emeriti, and cited Mrs. L. Alline Swann for outstanding service upon re- tirement. Vice Presidents Active Vice President in Charge of Development Mr. Gerald Fosbenner Secretary Judy Carpenter Dr. Joseph H. Mayfield has hefted the burden ot chairing two new student-faculty committees. The Publications Board and the Personnel Council have added to the administrative load of the Vice President in Charge of Campus Life. He has con- sistently been involved in community affairs as well. A past president of the local Rotary chapter, Dr. Mayfield was elected to serve next year as District Rotary Governor. In his first full year as Vice President of Development, Mr. Gerald Fossbenner travelled extensively as a public relations rnediurn. Student representatives at- tended District Assemblies with him. He also accompanied the Crusader Choir on its spring tour. Mr. Fossbenner's predecessor, Dr. L. Wesley Johnson, attained the rank of Vice President of Development Emeritus. 4- - , . . as I W' M Y LL-ff. w ' k O. Vice President in Charge of Campus Life Dr. Joseph H. Mayfield Secretary Florodell Moritz Culver Designated Dean Emerita Dr. Thelma B. Culver will bear the title of Dean Emerita for her twenty-four years of conscientious service as Academic Dean. Un- der her leadership NNC advanced in its teacher education program in particular, at- taining the status of membership in the Na- tional Council tor the Accreditation of Teacher Education. She will continue as a faculty member in the Non-Western Studies depart- ment, a program which she initiated. Mr. Ken Meenach continued to guide the in- creasingly active and expanding Alumni As- sociation. Mr. Marvin Sporleder completed his contribu- tion to NNC as Development Representative. He accepted a similar position at Pasadena College, Mr. John Anderson responsibly handled the student financial assistance, an aid used by tvvo-thirds ot the student body, More than fS750,000 is involved in the torms ot work- study programs, grants, loans, and scholar- ships. I H..-oqlv"" -if 5 .-" ,X Opposite Page: Academic Dean: Dr. Thelma B. Culver Academic Council: Seated-Linda Peterson, Edith Lancaster Dr, Thelma B. Culver, Marian Washburn, Wanda McMichael, Standing-Bruce Webb, Dr. A. Elwood Sanner, Dr. Lilburn Wesche, Bernard Seaman, Mel Schroeder, Dr. Percival Wesche, Dr. Gilbert Ford, Duane Hybertson, Dr. D. E. Hill. This Page: Alumni Secretary Mr. Kenneth Meenach Director of Student Aids: Mr. John Anderson Development Representative: Mr. Marvin Sporleder Miller Becomes Vice Presideni Due To The adminisirarive resTrucTuring The posiTion of Business Manager has been elim- inaied. Dr. Howard Miller, former Business Manager, will assume The role of Vice Presi- deni of Financial Affairs. Mr. Edward J. Harper will remain as Associaie Business Manager. The Business Office and The relaied person- nel conirol The more Than Two million dollars which operaie NNC, record siudenr accounfs, and prepare financial plans for The fufure. Business Manager Dr. Howard Miller Secreiary Ella BenighT Associate Business Manager Edward J. Harper sw Ii . ' iii S A ..1' if f 'ff' .mv or 'esi iiifs 3 A K ,f t E 2 2 Q Rv-7' , .-'J . fit W Q 17.2, I ,awk XX www I" 3 3 mr ml i 'ev' W Q 4' fr 1 . SYM? 'R -g5':'iQ,3'i,"9 tri'-.Hfmf ,, ., ,-.- A Q f -,fir -1. ff X Q! W ff' FN f X Aix Student Accounts and Payroll Supervisor: Mr. Kenneth Montgomery Accounting Supervisor: f Evelyn Johnson Office Staff: Standing-Dionn Parsons, JoAnn Lanham, Carol McDaniel, Seated-Janice Borchert. .ev-""""t .V ,...... . Registrar: - A Wanda McMichael . . . ' ,gif ' .N DlreciorofAdmlsslons. -w Mr. Bruce Webb 'Viz fi Office seuffz l"'7 r Mary Tombaugh, Jeanne Vail, Gwen Snyder, Lynn Deakins, W ' LM, Beulah Bozarfh, Claris Williams. ,..-'ff . ,. W Qs-.M ws, r ,- Nw.: My vu. X I NM? M-. . ..:Mi5,,., . 45+ '45 iv a e..nfA.L,1sl.,l2 all Q11 --YS. X egistrar's Oflioe Maintains Records One office in the basement of the Administration Building houses the Registrar, Director of Admissions, Chairman ofthe Lower Division and Director Testing Bureau, and the Associate in Guidance. Among other duties, this group registers and mails grades, compiles records and other information from high schools for incoming freshmen, handles all records including transcripts, and participates in freshman orientation. Chairman of Lower Division and Direclor ofthe Testing Bureau: Mr. Bernard Seaman Associate in Guidance: LaDonna Webb Chaplain Dr. Laurisfon J. DuBois Dean of Women Helen G. Wilson Dean of Women Sfeps Down Miss Helen G. Wilson reTired from her long- sTanding posiTion as Dean of Women. She will devoTe her Time To Teaching. Mrs. JoAnn Willis, who has served as AssisTanT Dean of Women for The pasT Two years, will assume The vacoTed iob. ln his second year as College Chaplain, Dr. LaurisTon J. DuBois has inTegraTed himself inTo The ToTal NNC program. He worked closely wiTh AWS in The Cana Counsel proi- ecT. With ASB ExecuTive Vice PresidenT Duane Dale he co-chaired The monThly All-Campus DevoTionals. AA . ..'- R -,QQ Q i , E 'ff K, bk '7 - -P Qfegghw ' , 'L 'i1. , ' HW ' P XXI' -Vqflgf U A As ' Dean of Women JoA W Il De fM M I gL d s.....,.,-f"' Booksiore, Posi Office Serve Siudenis ,NF N ... ln,,,,.-an Booksiore Ruth Alba Mo ge Tho b rg Louro Sporleder Le s Roberis Mc oger iaching lbw K I It 1, ...M-,...fn v ,QQ -9"':::. ,.- fff' rf 1. umm 3-Oi, 'an ra rx 1535 r 'fm i 1 1 1 Q AVN r!r2ZrEf ill! X v .., im i--A ,war WAQW i- if nas!!! custom 52027711 SIGN icci an LW' ,....,,, f 0 'X 5...-Q F"""i- A., Pos10ffice: Gayle Founfoin, Grace Miller, Jo Kincaid, Sue Kearns, Joyce York, Virginia Mosreller gr. 3 5 xv .. -X 3 l1'r e cf A iii!! . 4 ' x X f iv 6 , any IN N. EQ 'Q , MPSWX Saga Manager Dick White information Desk Pam Alexander Duplicating Office Mari Rowen ,559 A r in 'Muff vf " f,ii 'i L i' fww, awry' ' -+ 'i 'N I 1 x ff X Healih Cenier Provides Cruiches for Many K Library Adds Asian Collecfion As a sTep Towards achieving a cornplefe program, The library conTinues To develop The area of non-VVesTern sTudies. A re- cenTly compleTed Asian CollecTion of l,OOO volumes now offers inTeresTed STU- denTs a wide varieTy of maTericil. The Xerox machine, greafly appreciafed by sTudenTs and TaculTy alike, cominues To provide valuable service. if? Above: Miriam KnighT, Helen Rambo, Evelyn Meenach Right Edith Lon casTer, Librarian. 6 Above: J, William Jones, Ph.D., Philosophy, Right, A. Elwood Sanner, MA. DD., Chairman, Division ot Religion and Philosophy, Below, Morris Weigelt Th.D , Religion. li. jj- gf Theology Seen as Contemporarg The Division ot Philosophy and Religion is responsible for providing each year: il a Bible survey course for all fresh- men, 21 a study of Christian doctrine for all sophomores, 31 an option of philosophy, Bible, or theology for all upper division students. ln addition to offering tour majors iphilosophy, religion, re- ligious education, and pre-seminary studiesl, the division also provides general guidance tor all ministerial students and Christian workers, whatever their maior. All three members of the division, as well as Dr. Riley, at- tended a theological conference involving all the Nazarene colleges. The format was maior papers, reaction pa" " and discussions. The participants were reassured that the Lr.. K is relevant. D3 7 N NC Wins FourTh 9TaTe DebaTe Cup NNC hosTed The Idaho Speech Confer- ence on campus in February. WiTh a To-- Tal of six schools parTicipaTing, The de- baTe Team of John Luik and Lynda Camp- bell Took TirsT in The sTaTe. This was The TourTh consecuTive year NNC has cap- Tured The debaTe Trophy. German and French wiil become first Teaching fields, comparable To English and rnosT oTher academic subieds nexT year. Top: Marian Washburn, MA. Chairman, Division of Language and Liferafure Left Ira Tayior, M.A. Spanish, Above: Janine LyTle, B.A, French. - .t N if .949 I-5. '49 Above Left: Fern Keoppel, M.A., Speech, Left: Lucille Taylor, A.B., Spanish Above: Arthur Seamcms, Ph.D., English. Below: Reginald Hill, M.A., Engllshy Right Bessie Boker, M,A.,Englisl'1, Boflom Lefh Juonim L. Demmer, M.A., Germany Bottom Right: Lillian Lewis, M.A.,Englisl1. ,L ix i Left: Lilburn Wesche, Ed.D., Chairman, Division of Education and Psychology, Below: James Feltar, M.S. Director of Student Teaching and Teacher Placement, Below Lett: Naomi Long, Secreta ry we 3151? Education Professor Directs ChiIdren's Drama Another successful'children's drama, directed by Mel Schroeder, NNC's Educational Media Director, was performed six times this spring. The authentic sets tor "The Emperor's New Clothes" were among the most elaborate and colorful ever constructed. With the emphasis on quality teachers, NNC added another professor with a doctorate to its education department, Dr. Paul Miller has assumed responsi- bility particularly in the realm ot educational media. Above: Mel Schroeder, M.A,, Director of Educational Medioy Above Right Fred Knight, Ed.D., Educotiony Right: Paul Miller, Ph,D. Education, Webb Acquires Doctorate Professor Mac Webb passed the final requirements for his Doctor of Education degree in Psychology at the Univer- sity ot Oregon. His disserta- tion is entitled "An lnvestis gation ot Anxiety and Hos- tility Perception as Conconni- tants ot Test Pertorn'1ance." lt dealt with Underachieve- ment in test situations. Left: Mac Webb, Ed.D., Psychology- Below Left: Richard DeMott, Ph.D., Educationg Below: Marian Marsh, Ed.D., Education, Right: Arthur Harwood Ed.D., Physical EducaTion Below: Ma rth a Hopkins, M.S., Physical Education Below Right: Orrin Hills M.S., Physical Education 552' I ,,,,,,,.,...,,..h P E Department Plans for New Ggm The physical education department was complemented this year by the addition of Dr. and Mrs. Horwooal tothe staff. Dr. Harwood now chairs the department. Miss Hopkins will be on leave in an effort to finish her work for a doctorate. Since plans for the construction of the new gymnasium have been delayed, alternative financial proposals are being considered. Upon acquiring a federal loan, the building will be begun immediately. For Left: Jean Harwood, M.Ed Physical Education? Left: Elmore Vail, M.S, IEd,l, Physical Edu cation, M. U. N. and Asian InsTiTuTe Aid 9Tudg of Modern HisTorg This yeor's Model UniTed NolTions' NNC represenToTion Took The posiTion of Tur- key. Model U.N. recreciTes The ocTuc1l working deToils of The UniTed Nofions wiTh The sTudenTs conducTing ci sTudy of The culTure, governmenT, foreign policies, cmd noTionoil oTTiTudes. Dr. James STeworT-Roloinson, gn Asicin lnsTiTuTe speaker, gcive sTudenTs ci synopsis oT The oTTiTudes of Turks Towoird foreign counTries ond policies. Above: Harrold Curl, M.A., Sociology, Above Righh RoberT Woodward, Ph.D., Hisforyg Right: KenneTh Keoppel, M.S., Economics. Left: PercivolWescl'1e Pl'i.D. Chairman of The Di vision of Social Sciences Below Left: Marvin Byers M.S., Business? Below Bluir Whipple, M.A,, Soci ology. The home economics depanmenf pariicipafed in a variety of inferesfing acTiviTies This year, in- cluding a conference in Pocatello. As a special activity, several sTudenTs atfended a workshop on Homemaking by The Handicapped. In addition, visiis To homes and case studies were regular parfs of mosf classes. Right: Roxie Miller, BA., Secretarial Studies, Below: Willoclean Johnson, BA., Horne Economics, Below Right: Irene Runkle, MA., Home Economics. fff Discovering the Dther America Class Expands Eighteen students and faculty sponsors again drove to San Francisco during spring break in an attempt to learn about racial and poverty problems. The group exchanged dialogue with various members of low income groups, the Black Panthers, and ministers. Guest speakers made up the calendar for Monday convocations. Featured was the Rev. Charles Belcher, a black minister from the Downes Memorial Methodist Church in Oakland. After speaking in a chapel service, the guests often spent the day on campus Other guest speakers included local attorneys, James Schiller, William Brauner, and Robert Smith, Mr. Stanley Crow, a member of the Idaho Com- mission on Human Rights, pacifist David Cheal, and an Idaho newspaper- man, Bill Hall. gf w ! Above Left: Eula Tombaugh, MA., Home Economics, Left: James Weatherby, MA., Political Science- Above: James Jackson, MA., Political Science. Bloomquist Earns Highest Degree Mr. Marvin Bloomquist completed his Doctor ot Music Arts, Vocal, degree in December, 1969. The University of Missouri at Kansas City Conservatory of Music awarded the highest degree. The accepted dissertation was "Songs ot Ned Rorern: Aspects of The Musical Setting ot Songs in English tor Solo Voice and Piano." Bloornauist analyzed over one hundred compositions by Ned Rorem. Right: D. E, Hill, Ph.D., Chairman Division of Fine Arts, Below Lett: Ruth Long, M.A., Art, Below Right: Marvin Stallcop, M.Mus., Music. x' if M' skf xfjiv 5 v R xxxx XX S , xswfjzi-f,,w Above, For Left: Del Gish, M.F.A., Ari, Above Right: Deloris Waller, M.Mus. Musicy For Left: Marvin Bloomquisf, D,M.A., Mu- sic, Left: Eugene Lubiens, B.A.,MuSiC. Swann Cited for Service By action of the Board of Regents, Mrs. L, Alline Swann was commended for her twenty-seven year term of service. The offi- cial action occurred at graduation. The combined College and Crusader choirs performed the well- known symphonic piece Gloria, with the Boise Philharmonic. The T50-voice choir delivered an exciting performance under the di- rection of Marvin Stallcop. Another highlight of the year was the spring Madrigal concert. The Madrigals were especially successful in captivating and de- lighting the audiences when they performed selections from the Broadway musical, "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." The art department was enhanced by several groups of traveling paintings and a kiln, which was partially paid for by the spring pottery sale. Above Right: Ruby Sartner, A.B., Music, Above: Wallis Bratt, M.Mus., Musicg Right: L. Alline Swann, M.Mus., Music. ,wtf Lett: Gilbert Ford, Ph.D., Chairman, Division of Mathematics and Natural Science, Below Lett: Arthur Imel, Ph.D,, Chemistry, Below: Donald B. Tillotson, Ph.D., Mathematics. Ford tc be Vice President for Academic Alifairs From a Harvard graduate to Junior Physicist with Man- hattan District Proiect, from lecturing to research, Dr. Ford's thoroughness has earned him such a high repu- tation that he will become NNC's first Vice President for Academic Attairs. This position will replace that ot' Aca- demic Dean, but will entail many ot the same duties and responsibilities. Science Departments Sponsor Conferences The Mathematics Department featured a series of guest lectures third term. A professor from Washington State University, Dr. Donald Bushaw, and Mr. Carlton Bryson, a Portland, Oregon public schools teacher highlighted the programs. Bryson, an NNC graduate, was chosen as Oregon's Teacher ot the Year for This year. An institute tor high school physics teachers was held on the NNC campus tor the second consecutive year. It was a part of the Harvard Physics Program, l Above Right: Virgil Vail, M.S,, Physics, Above: Darrell Marks, Ph.D,, Physics, Right: Milton Dean, Ph.D,, Biology. ,ffx Above Left: Joseph Tracy, Ph.D., Chemistry, Above ofhy Fuller, M.S., Biology, Left: LaVerne Rickard, MA Mathematics, Direcfor of Computer Cen1'er. J I I au .Nh .f 1 r u . Ar' ,, , Ah, I V .1 ' .'x Vi A3 Q f KY' Q" 5 'ef R11 M ,VW r , .f uf 5 nf' 'Wjim ' F,-,JL '- x 'Sv-I , ,M gs. 6- , ' Liv, N1 1 , 'fax , a 4,1 2'- I I i .,- l I-5- Classes VVho 's Who in American Colleges and Universiiies 'H 471 . ,A' Mw. ii ,m., , .. ' P - L -. -,,.,,l.:.- L., I V, - . ' ,K+ W,,mwl,xn' , . L4-Wg! me " M 57 y L ,YL f E ' o--...g, ,, ,c qfwwl' , V 3 ,, N e Q ,. A ""w-,W 'W-m1 'K 'I-n...,,,u'M " eee 1 W, W-....,.,Wgg o o M i A, Siudehi-Faculig Choices for Achievemeni and Service io School 148 Lynda Campball A ASB Vice Presideni of Social Nampa, Idaho . ' Home Economics a 13, ' ' fig, fps gifs 4 'K S Q o Mark Clark ASB President '70 ,i W i 'W Nampa, Idaho we 6 Social Science Q 2-1" -iii? c,i if 3: Q "':v,'Q. infix ' "'w,. , A 5 fr., Q1L,,iY!huP 1 g,..c ,fx Qu-'fr . . iii?-el, ' Milli' Q -I 'Q i - aassfffz 6 i I Q ' Y i , , ian' V I Q Hgberison Junior Class President '69 Nampa. Idaho ' Maihemaiics 1,-4 23? 1- I ff 3 1. wywzzsg L1 ' - .vm .. V n, E rw-.M 1 312.5 Q13 ,LLL-335-,gi fwsw. M: ,- B A H1 ff, -V x -SK 5,53 AF 'iam Q if Terry Semin Fruifland, 12 Riff' JF 7 My M f' 1fa,:.m5'E L1 - -bw ' '?1Q,f,ggQm , ,yr fi1iL rEf?32Qih yg 1 ' 4 HQ , .,,,.. . ..,.. fi , ,',L - S V 9134 1 Virginia Niosieller AWS President '70 i j Campinas, Brazil ' i English G 1. fyafrkwifwdy ik? 1 ,,i.i V A 4 Glen Mowerg CWB President '69-'70 Oroliriog 'Idaho PreQSeminargS1udies' f 1 - ' ' ziakliilki ,-1 if . v fe iii' , hw' PF? A f 'af'IY'kT , Z' f , N- 'V " .7 " ,.f., Q- .- fy. , , wig fV'K"fw.. ,, V ii Y l i "M tJV fg31v1'?w ' WY L' 11 A f .' ' , ' .. - 'W Q . ' LL -- , ,, ' ' i ' W " - 1.,+p'ff1 33 : ,22i,,,.,1 wiv? - -rx -. ,. A e e e A 2 . , ,B W e y Mngjwffge f,-w I , f - "" " m7,fyN,N?fi52QZ ?i51W N 'ff A rn , , f f 1,,,.f:Q W: gr ,WW MU H ,. ,. , me fi Neem - ,,., :few .v a Debbi Perkins Homecoming Queen Spokane, Washingfon Elemeniarg Edueaiion e Q Judg PugH Homecoming Chairrnari, '69 kv KH' ' H Y .:.,J53151Vl . ill WlMwf7l'fiff1S1'- W v "wav ,,.. - V. A ,V ' Caldwell, Idaho Home Ebonomics Z! if S 4f'3 if ff' 1 4157 Terrg Smiih GMS Presideni, '70 Bend. Oregon Religious Educaiion V 5 .U Paul Siallcop ASB Treasurer, '69-'70 ' T Havre,Mon1ana Accouniing Jim Thompson KCRH Manager, 70 . Eugene, Oregon Business Adminisiraiion 2254, SEA kg 2 f ? r 1 2 r 5 "Ti vw" ff Row I: Judy Pugh, Treasurer, Gary Lawson, Vice President, Terry Mar1in, President, Carol Lamkin, Secretary. Row 2: Bob Luhn, Class Representative, M Bruce Webb, and Mrs. Geneva Bihlesfon, Advisors. Class of 1970 JUDY ABENDROTH Rici-i ACKLEY JUDY ALLEN MIKE ALLEN Home Economics Music Social Science Phvsiwl Edwwfion DONNA BALES CHERYL BEAN RUTH BIRKS JEANETTE BLAKESLEY Elementary Educorion Home Economics psychology Music Literature MATTHEW BLALOCK Business KAREN BOWERS Music JOSEPH BROWN Religion STEVEN BROWN Biology PAUL BRUENING Religion SUE CANONGE Elementary Education TERRY CANTRELL BEN BUCHANAN LYNDA CAMPBELL Social Science Biological Science Home Economics Education VERNON CARPENTER Elementary Education KATHY CARR Elementary Education 50' COLENE CHANEY English BYRON CHITTENDEN Business Administration MARK CLARK Social Science JOANNE CLAUSON English DAVID CLIFTON Physical Education Degrees Do Not End Search mv DON CLIMER Mathematics DAN COKER Psychology GLENN CULBERTSON Pre-Seminary Studies q,.....-- Sensors Leave Vacaneues BILL DEAKINS Elementary Education LINDA DUNLAP Elementary EducaTion TOM EDWARDS Elementary Educafion STEVE FARGO English DAVE FAUSER Elementary Education CLA RENCE FERGUSON Accounting STEVE FOSTER Accounting RON FRANK Elementary Eduotion SCHERLIE FRIBERG Home Economics THERON FRIBERG Elementary Education CRAIG FRITSCH Elementary Education PAUL FUKUE Religion DEL FULLER Home Economics Exit N. N. C.. Enter World JIM GACEY Biological Science SHANNON GALLOWAY Physical Education KATHY GENTNER Sociology JIM GIBSON Business LINDA GOODE Home Economics RAY GRUBBS Biology Education DAN HARMAN Physics, Mathematics RON I-IAYNES Social Science Education BARBARA HERRICK English HIDEO HISHIDA Mathematics EDA HOKOM Elementary Education TED HOLMQUIST Elementary Education MELODIE HOOVER Home Economics Education JUDY HORST Elementary Education SANDI HUMPHREYS English DUANE HYBERTSON Mathematics Next Year: Job? Marrnage'7 Armgq Grad 9chooI'7 Or . KCRH reached CI peak of Influence December I 1969 when tne draft lottery numbers were chosen ..ff- . . . X 'K K. Nb-scifi it BERNARD IKERD GLENDA JAMISON Sociology English PATTY JOHNSTON SUE KEARNS Elememary Education Matnemarics ANNE JEFFRIES 'wx 52" ' .. mms Home Economics MERLYN KNIGH Physics T L- if ROGER JOHNSON Elementary Education NORMAN KOENIG Philosophy- Religion CAROL LAMKIN Religious Education GARY LAWSON Business Education SUE LEACH Business Administrafion ELEANOR LE MASTER Physical Education GLENN LEPPERT Hisfory RUDY LINDBLOOM Psychology MARILYN LlNDELL PAM LITSEY Elementary Education Music Education KEN MCCALLUM DAN MCCUSKEY Business Administration Social Science PHYLISS MCMILLIN MITSUKO MAEDA Elementary Education Religious Education BOB LUHN Pre-Seminary Studies PEGGY MCKAGUE Elementary Education WALTER MAENDL Elmentary Education STEVE MCCONNEL Biology GRACE McKAY English CONNIE MAHLER Sociology l RON MANLEY Physical Science TERRY MARTIN Accounting DALE MONTZ Elementary Education JANIS MANNING Elernento ry Education LYLE MAYNARD English BEN MOORE Accounting Graduate Record Exams Required for Graduation can-'li"" GRACE MILLER BERNICE MONTZ Sociology Elementary Educotion LOUISE MOORE ED MORGAN Sociology Business Administration ESII-IER MORGAN Elementary Education PAM MORGAN Biology VIRGINIA MOSTELLER English GLEN MOWERY Pre-Seminary Studies CAROL MUELLER Business Education LARRY NAUTA Social Science -. , SHERRY NAUTA LINDA OLDENKAMP WILMA OSTYN DOROTHY PALMER Elementary Education Education Elementary Education Business Education CAROL PARNELL JOAN PARSONS DEBBI PERKINS JIM PERRY Psychology-Sociology Elementary Education Elementary Education Religion f K x. Q, DAVE PETERSON Psychology LINDA PETERSON Muslc DEBBIE POSTERSKI English JUDY PUGH Home Econorn lcs ROB RAYBORN Motlwernczfics MARY KAY REICHLEIN Elementary Education SHERYL RlCK Elementary Education RON RICKARD Applied Music RICHARD ROBERTSON Sociology CHUCK ROBINSON Sociology DONNA ROGERS Home Economics LARRY ROTH Chemistry RON RUSSELL Business Administration MARY BETH SALISBU RY English JERRY SANFORD Music Education SHARON SARGENT Elementary Education June 8. l97O- Just the Beginning 1 'V' CAROLINE SCOTT Music Ed.-Music Theory RUTH SCOTT Elementary Education JOSEPHINE SCUDDER Elementary Education DALE SHAFER Engineering Physics GALE SHAFER Pre-Semina ry Studies CRYSTAL SHARP Elementary Education STEVE SHARP Physical Education CAROLYN SH ROLL Psychology KAREN SH ROLL Elementary Education SHERRY Sl LVERS Social Science ,,h' af , ff RICK SKEEN Pre-Seminary Studies RUTH STEINHAUS Home Economics SHARON STIERWALT Business GORDON SMITH Social Science DAN STEVENS Biological Science DARLENE STONEMAN Elementary Education '31 Eff' we .41 , .haf ,,m."- Q L, I? TERRY SMITH Religious Education ARLENE STEWART Elementary Education TOM SUMMERS Elementary Education fl-fl Wilt-v-' PAUL STALLCOP Business Administration JAMES STEWART Pre-Seminary Studies ALBERTA SWANDER Home Economics Education Cruiches Unusuallg Common CONNIE TAYLOR Elememc1ryEducQTxon MM THOMPSON Busmess Admwmsfroiuon JEAN TNSH Home Econom rcs ROBERT TAYLOR Busmess Admimsvovxorx GARY TIMSON Biology VlCKI TOLLEFSON Physical Science Q . '-'37 aw M x i Y Z X ff' ' AY y1y 1' Y f YY A iiiyyyyi i W ,f, ' , . V, Vi, ,V K K M H f ,fwiig ,. -V. TIM TOOMAN Physics JIM VAN ARSDEL Sociology GARY VAN HOOSER Biological Science Education JOHN VAN MANEN Elementary Education CATHY VA RNER Psychology KERRY WAHL Eng lneering Physics yc lc i c ioii is The lnn, cm many-faceted room, provides c comforloble place to sfudy for Chuck Robinson. ns. Q1 LORETTA WHETSTINE Home Economics PAT WOOD English ROD WILLETT 'tv cw L? ,, Music Education, Sociology SANDRA WORKENTINE Elementary Education Student Teaching Occupies a Term for Mang Seniors DARLENE WALKER English SUSAN WARDENAAR Elementary Education VERNA WARDLAW Business Administration RICHARD WESTCOTT Business Administration CAROL WILLIS Elementary Education DIANNE WYATT Elementary Education PAT WINE English TERRY ZINK Engineering Physics W 19, ,WMA fare-f -"""' ' 2 -any on . f , , , 'fri M x I fn Li W W , 4 Q V z A x Q 1 he ' , :.7:f,- X0 10 f 2 . 4. fu 4 . v - , ,-YZ! 4 .A lu fm F4 y .w,f,+-lyke, , f. i , of if Vi 9. f' ' R k '!, Y-,i ,- my 4' X' f 32 I Ron Alexander Tonwnnc' Allen Kathy Anderson Deon Bailey Lonnie Bcrnhouse Vormie Bnrtlow Slove Bc1rYor1 Karen Bean Lois Belisle Chuck Belzer JOGH B9f1D91T Bonnne Birks Nodene Blume Roy Blokeslee Wayne Blcmksmo Potty Berger1S Don Browns Blll Campbell Bob Cantrell Jon Ccustlecllne Bcxrblc Burtlovv Joy Belzer Eldon Book Pom Caswell yy Hy, "1-...,,- f,. V, 7 4q"'7' 181 Nodine Crowfoof Lorry DeGormo Bob Ecker forgot to pre- clicf o Trip To Europe for him ond Leigh Salisbury when he Told fortunes of the Sornedi Gros. Duane Dole Dione Diichen Doug Cleveland Marion Cook Bonnie Croft Lee Dole Gerry Donker Terry Donker Sharma Debbs Morito Douglas Boyord DuBois Juniors Sponsor Samedi Gras 1'-X fn. Q.- Sw. f e Qi Eunice Duckworth Becky Duke Julie Dunbar Bob Ecker Dfwid Eliis Lindsay Enderby BreHEshelinc1n Moxeen Evans Kay Finkbeiner Judy Flinner Harold Flowers Doris Forondo 92""'Y Ruin Frodenburgh Som Frazier Ken Freitag Jon Friberg JoAnn Gehrke Nancy Gellcitly Chuck Geselle Elsie Gestrin Roger Gibson Virginia Givens 'V' Jumor Sensor Banquel Peggy Grant Jarold Hampton Brace Hansen Rodney Hanson Bruce Harclesty Paula Hauser Gale Havvklnson Klm Helliwell Bev Hempel Lillian Henske Kent Hill Martin Hull cl 'Q I X Larry Human Wanda Hunter David Hybertson -arf' Patty Leppert Esther Lindbloom Maxine Lister Sue Hysniitlw Gwen Iles .loltrt .lanien Barbara Jeppesen Lois Johnson Don Keller Melissa Keyes Stan Kirscltenmann Ervin Koller Dan Lanman Elaine Lasell Mary Lee Addiiional Term Work Required of Upperclassmen Ardith Longonecker BNI Lookingblll John Lurk Cathy McCabe Grnger Mockey Ben Moggorr Gene Moison Colleen MorTin Betty Medek Borboro Miller James Miner Doug Money Connee Montgomery Bull Moore Gayle Moore Ken Moore ff' AQ, x i an-'ff' ' ll Terry Litke Ron Logue Leonard McCollum Duone Mattson is r NZ Wally Moore Jim Ofonner David Perkins Terry Powell W-.Q fume Renter Slrar, l2CblI'lSOYl lrm Rotz Lerglw Salrsbury larry Saws flllrerl Srlraar Teresa Sflweibe Mel Skeert Gerry Slabaagh Marlene Sloralcer Dolores Srrrrtlw Vrczrg Sprrrwger 'Ch Russell Stanley Janet Steward Connie Jo Stringer Vlckie Stuart Ruth Stucke Leonard Sunrlvall Marilyn Vail Mel Wahl Cheryl Waller Jackie Walton gp-my ,vw ff I ,ner I if we ve 1-in . ,AX w----V17 P'-Q, if Juniors Supplg Much Taleni lwM2Nwu WcxTs0rw Am T61 Wmffs M11 Q W Yder' L ndo Wdkes ffhcmdo Wwllioms Jam Worsr Carol Yeend Jim York EsTlwer Zmk Lee Duke 5 pmrwo fmbzhfws are espoc MM well known nr Sfoge Band Come-rfs. . Row 11 Dan Keichum, Class Representative, Wendell Smith, President, Mike Fix, Chaplain. Row 2: Joyce Knight, Treasurer, Ron Seaman, Vice President, Mr Jim Weafherby, Advisor, Patty Greeno, Secreiary. Class of 1972 '45 It ,' -' W' 4 . Egg ,A , f-.N ,- A X. ,I 1- it W .9 5' g 3 wif" . " , ry X ' K A Q, Q t , -M. , Us vxg . ..,, 0 I iw: 4' ,gp ' Sh , . vt T.. .. - Y k x I :f ' Q i -1 " ' , ' . .W A? , ' -A if gi,-If fn '. A 'uni' 3 ' . .S 4 33' iw. bf i i i e lf - ' 'aff ' M Fr , Q . , .-i . - 1 , -' ..f ' U .3 N Z -s V. , I ,, faq + E A-1 -5 Q ' ' 'H 0 ' A . " - gr ,gi r f' . is 'Q f .N ,, Q ws Qc. -i K' 9 N is if 5 s 4 1 f , , Neal Blankenship Marcia Bolles Glenda Book Beverly Boyd Leo Brobec John Brosclv Linda Abbott Jane? Abercrombie Bruce Allen Judy Anderson Carolyn Appel? Carolyn Austin Roy Ax Dave Baird Marvin Bales Gene Barfoloba Suzi Bates Annette Beeson Mike Benedick Fernando Bensuaski Bill Bentley Aline Beymer Grace Birks Monte Bish Kaihy Bilton Sarah Block Proverbial Sophomore Shnnp Foughi Kathy Campbell Ken Breeding Wayne Brown Louise Buckle Ben Bonn Orv Churchill Virginia Burk Larry Burton Mary Byrd Alan Cabo Jessieye Crenshaw Carmen Cantrell Paul Carruthers Connie Castle Linda Cin Sue Clern Jerald Cline Ruth Coil Deanna Collins Steve Cross Tarn Dale Debbe Davis Lynn Deakins Jeanette Bunn Lynne Cameron Judy Chadwick Gay Collins Bonnie Dietrich my v-ff-' X Wx: Z- 425' Linda Dillabaugh John Dillon Roth Dllchen Jim Dodge Don Doerlcsen Dwight Douglas Mary Dunnuck Linda Elsenbarth Jody Eldridge Joanne Elllotr Rod Fender Erlc Fleldsfad Elaine Flnkbeiner flu. '-I' Chrls Durbin Dorlene Eppes Cllnron Flsk 1.1 'Q-Her 1 'ff l Judy Dyer Darrell Ehlers Annette Erickson Cowl EVGVWS M,ke Flx Gayle Founfaln Soph Schedule Requured Classes Lawrence Givens Cheryl Hull Gerry Helling Biil Hinderlifer Jan Hurn Denny Johnson Joyce Knight Steve Leavell Janet Hoffman Steve Jackson Dan Ketchum Jim Langley Marily Lee -new 1-...Y '6- Bill Hoyt Greg Jamison Pat Kliewer Sharon Lawhead Vicki Lindley 1 f M - fp: 7 6 , F X - , 1 ,fe . , J' M wst e Es t ,, , kghfzf , .gy h . K X45 ' QQ, Second Time Around ..,,,V k .sw , or 1 9 Carol Loeber Darlene Loeber Marilu Lookingbill Kathy Luhn Ellen McDowell Sherilyn Manley Doug Morrin Joanne Maus KGFEU Meier KSN Meneely Inq? Larry Miller Darla Mitflestoedf Titus Mix Jody Moore Kathy Miller Allan Morgan I Clem' Rolf exhibits tlve traclifianal N-kluh initiation garb and acliyities. ' -' . WN ai" l , 1 Linda Mabee Gerald Miller Judy Miller Ruthann Pruett Dave Mortimer 'Wy 7.-'fr' sr' Liz Mostirllor Mary Newby CarolPi1TwOorl Linrla Reigurrl LaVonnc Rurnunn Pay Mullen Str-vc Oglevic lrislm PON Mike Rice Carl Russell Orr-:J Nm-r Pi1in0m:y Marilyn Poftrrr Karyl Rogers Slmrri Rynrrarson 'ga bw.-.v an-aw ss., Hope Nelson John Osborne Dan Purkey Ron Ross Nancy Salisbury Nancy Nelson Gary Pea John Rais Henry Roybal Connie Sams Paul Nettleton Rich Pena Dick Rayborn David Rudeen Margarci Sandlrn any Sophs Permeate Activities Jackie Santee Jean Schnoor Ron Seaman Gary Skaggs Carol Smith Jeff Smith Don Staffenson Lynn Stallings John Stgrk Dennis Strom Ray Taylor April Tucker Steve Tygart Dorothy Sherman Mike Smith Jeanette Steinhart Roberta Thompson Mike Vail Micki Short Steve Smith Parn Stiltner Dale Tindall Sally Valdez Joyce Six Wendell Smith Kathy Stokesberry Karen Townson Tomi VanDelfsen z,,4v 'Y'- Lynette Vawter Gary Waller Linda Weatherby Kay Williams Rhonda Williams Sam Williamson i Ramon Vanderpool Irene White Kathy Willis Kathy Woodward Marlene Wright Bob VonderSluis Shiela Widdowson Randy Winters Gayle Wordsworth Priscilla Young Adrian VanManen Ben Bunn manned the lights for the ASB-sponsored "Windows to the Paula Wieters World" musicale. Ken Wilde Beverly Wright Jim Zehm Row If Chuck Wilkes, Class Representative, Dave Smith, Vice President, Mike Myers, Chaplain, Rick Shafer, President. Row 2: Fred Laeger, Treasurer Shannon Jensen, Secrefary. Class of 1973 ,Rs N ii' 200 !fI 15" Lee Abbott Mary Arnold Ron Bean Penny Bellamy Dottie Betzer Z- -ar Linda Amerlne Leola Bailey Pam Beasley Bob Belzer Dlane Blshop Jill Anderson Dove Baldlng Ellen Beeson Sandy Bennett Anna Rose Blaclclock nr RJ' Nancy Anderson Becky Ballard Cyndee Beets Sharon Bergen Victorla Blalock 'W Calvin Applebee Charlty Beggs Darlene Ballinger Kathy Berschauer Doug Bloamquisf qu... ,,f I Doreen Boyd Karen Bruner Lois Calame Reed Carlson Connie Chase fb Ron Briggs Cheryl Burrell Sheila Canirell Paul Carpenter Terry Chittenden 6-x lr- ' L. inlay... 'be "lf i " K Q., "ly Dick Coghill Becky Colner Loren Crabtree Bob Croft Janice Damon 'FN- Randy Collar Donna Cowon Randy Craker Mike Cummings Steve Dickerson '-TC? Gary Cooper Donna Cox Joyce Crandall Debby Cunningfon Linda Dobbs College Life Assimnlaies Newcomers Pom Ellis discovered the books dont hold all the knowledge of college 4 reshmen Inhabil OI m Roy Dougon Koren Dougherty Muriel Eason Corolyn Edes Bonita Edson Pom Ellis Sheryl Ellis Vicki Emerson Jonel Erickson Cheryl Estep Sandy Estep Sheryl Evons Mcirilyn Evorhorl Murroy Folk Shirley Fender fonnie Finn Mike Flrmogon Sandy Fleming Ken Frlberg Gary Glassco Doug Hagelner Gena Hannon Susan Flory Floyd Forges Jeff Forsyth Judy Galloway Carolyn Gann Susan Geariery Don Glaze Jams Glenn Marlene Gorlesnva Chuck Hallln Nancy Hanes Dale Hansen Nacllni' Harouff Gary Harris Sharon Harrls Ranetfa Franklin James Gebhardt Rob Guy Jeanne Hanson Sally Harwlg John French Chris Glllard Barr l-ladder Kathy Harem Gary Hays Val Hein Marilyn Hicks Randy Hoffman Joanne Hull Eldon John Gretchen Karpstein Howard Henning Ruth Hill Jim Holmquisf Sharon Humbard Janet Johnson Barbara Kaye Mary Herring David Hills Shirley Hopkins Bob Jackson Sherry Johnson Mike Keeney Beth Hicks Jack Hinderliter Kathy Hoshide Randy Janzen Peggy Johnston David Long Greg Hicks Joe Hoffman Vance Howard Shannon Jensen George Kaptein Lorna Loeber 'lr I!! a nv- TT .avr -Q., . ,Y Lin -1-v-1, Hope Locke Lewis Lenker Christy Lee Judy Lawson Pa?Ty Lane Pam Klng Kon Lewis David Lee Donna Lay Ed Lawrence Terry Lancaster Emma Jean Kullpn ip... -- 'ZZ' E1IenLargen1 Steve Lqnhqm Sunny Kitrelson Jaclme Kwrschner reshmen Earn Repuiaiions as uiure Leaders Donn McBrwde JM! MCGGYVGPW Chori Moxey Ron Miller Gary Mondell David MCCGIYLNU Vernon McKee Lionne Meenoch Sheree Miller Bev Moon s n V12-""" "'R"Y gf: .. 3 5,1 YN-4 l' y, 1 Marsha Moore Mike Myers Susan O'Connor Bob Perry Steve Phelps Dennis Morris Gail Noding Tim Pace Randy Peterrnan Rick Portertield Linda Morris Richard Nelson Sandy Parrish Alan Peterson Kathy Powell Q"""' 'Yu-ff Craig Morrow Marshall Mosely Roy Mottram Sylvester Nicholson Sally Nunn Corinne Nygaard Debbi Patterson Charlotte Paul Mike Peabody Kevin Peterson Carolyn Pewitt Dianne Phar Novelty Soon Replaced bg Another Rouiine New riendship ade Homesickness A., .f Pum Powell Nunry Rowe Lonnie Rivliurclson Glenn Ruiz Bcrrbmm Srinrlquist Lynne Powers Maureen Ray Gene Richardson Ken Rouselle Dole Schafer Potty Price Joyce Quonstrom Janice Rank Triiio Rofcliff Debbie Redman Darrell Reed Pull! Reed Vicki Rice Eddie Robinson Leslie Rogers Kevin Romph Lynn Roseboro Leann Rumcinn Valerie Solek MCrrgc1reTSulisbury Karla Sampson Knllwy Scnoenborn llIT1SCl1NNC1bGU6l' Jerry Scott Larry Scott C 2 il N if- pa' WL! X: lg lil' 'l , Pat Scott Carolyn Serrafos Rick Shafer S Sunnie Sheppard Gary Sherrill Cheri Shrader Maureen Silliker Randy Simmons Jane Smith Randall Smith Teresa Southwell Bev Spaulding Sharon Simpson Norma Slonalcer Dave Smith Pam Snodgrass Erwin Sonnenbeng Sue Sornson Lindsay Sporleder Don Sprague Julie Sfaup reshmen Campaign for Class Offices T-N sw fs 3' 3--131.9 I Wm., Sheryl Taylor Carol Thomas Chuck Thompson Paify Thompson Kris Unruh Rick Unruh Rick VanderMa1e Anne Vanderpool Bill Vernor Larry Vinyard Gayle Walberg Ellis Walker 212 Donna Strait Belh Sfucker Claudia Swancler Laurel Tracy Cathy VanSlyke Wayne Walker Linda Sfrickler Dan Stukas Marcia Taylor Geri Unruh Cheryl Vaughn Joan Waller Q 'ffmwl' 4- 'WT 3 -7' ff! 2" 2 Michael Warren Elya Wes? Jan Wilhelm Hail Williams Jackie Woodward Mirnn Yoda 540' "Wt"-rv Jennifer Watis Mike Wey Mary Jo Wilcox Karen Williamson Shelly Worden Jerry York Nancy Weigel Jeff Weisen Joy Wesche Tim Wheatly Terry White Vicki Wieters Rod Wilden Chuck Wilkes Dianne Wilkes Rick Wilson Cindy Wise Miich Wolf Linda Wordswonh Twila Wright Carolyn Yoke Joyce York Wanda Young Bev Zuercher ' S Q I K Ae " 3 Qi N756 .frm ....,gfj LI'L Classes Assimilaie Info One Siudeni Bodg ff 5. if . .f 774 xi SX ,f wifi if were " ,"' , 9K wx- ':P""""f 1 A :- ' .iw 'si' If X in I ' g......-v- I' WM 'er' Organizafions 0 .W 'fff X1 . .1 721 I 1 , . .um 1'-.Arif ' ' WGN. a ,,,,i1sgff,41r vff w 9 1 ,. 5 2 - 2 fi li-7:5 L 32, f l, z l .f rig 4 , gi if K 2,i. T l if 2 , 5 , . gg 1 xl 5 li F f l J 1 L a 3 A l if 3 5 1 K i l Ja if E l ? il gi X X Q LAKLW s 1? XVY4 xxx X 1,7 Tim' ,,,,f' PM I .4 ,,,,,a,.,MbN ij L JAN FRIBERG, Secretary. DUANE DALE, Executive Vice President, il QQ! N 4-L. STUDENT COUNCIL: Row li Mark Clarkg Duane Dale, Darlene Walker, Gayle Moore, Row 2: Ramon Vanderpool, Paul Stallcop, Chari Maxey, Jim Thompson, Jim Roiz, Jan Friberg, Row 3: Bob Luhn, Kent Hull, Dr. Joseph Mayfield, Advisor, Liz Mosteller, Chuck Wilkes. Row A1 John Luik, Mr. Irving Laird, Advisori Linda Nichols, Lee Dale, Rick Skeen, Lynda Campbell, Dan Ketchum. Student Government Restructured In one ot the most signiticant actions this year, student gov- ernment broke itselt into distinctly legislative and executive branches. A Student Senate type ot legislative body will be initiated next year. The tive ASB otticers vvill constitute the Executive Council. Early in the year, Student Council spent several meetings ap' pointing students to student-faculty committees, including the new Personnel Council and Publications Board. The latter vvas a source ot much discussion later in the year. ln other business, the Council increased tees and considered N.N.C.'s role in the Nazarene Student Leadership Conference. An attempt to ban compulsory treshmen initiation failed due to a vote ot the whole student body. Very active this year, Student Council often met more than once a week. x...w igrff S J 1-Q , ., '5 K KA 5 ,L vnnuvfff,,vT.3 rf- ' Y 'H ' 1- ,Q Af as-,is DepicTs ' -'70 LasT year's annual, Oasis '69, received a B plus raTing, Based on The consTrucTive insighTs offered in The judges crifigue, Oasis '70 will hopeTully improve iTs aualiTy. This yearbook cannoT possibly include all of The years evenTs, And even Those recorded do noT wholly represenT The complexiTy oT The sensaTions received during The year T969-'70, BuT The sTaTT members exerTed Their eTTorTs To produce in vvords and picTures a book ThaT vvill recall The grovvrh we all experienced aT NorThvvesT Nazarene College. Nor shown is Paula Hauser who designed The cover and TiTle page.. we P f , X vw- , IVA.: X . 'md' 4 5 W ': ya T s. fd, -.,:"' 1 if 4-.c .1 11+ Linda Dillabaugh, Academicsy Mary Arnold, OrganizaTions 2 Marlene Slonalcer, SecreTary Greg Jamison, Joe Hobson, Spams rfg, , N: .tw ' fMz Q Q- x as ,V D Befowz Byron Cnnfenden, Business Manager, Joanne Clauson, Cir- culaiian Manager. Rughfz Linda Nichofs, Edi1or. BoT1arn:Jerry Helling, Jeanna McConnell, Jan Worst, Nadxne Crovvfoof, John SuHivan, Pro- ducfions. .MN 'Sh J " it H' . - 4 QMS A ,lik-" -ar s 'am 4 Lett Becky Corner, Assistant News Editor- John Luik, News Editor, Jerry McConnell, Sports Editor. Below: Cheryl Waller, Anita Watts, Typists. Bottom: Seoted+Donna Strait, Associate Editor, Standing 'Paula Hauser, Sherry Moran, Art Editors. Crusader unctions Under New Polieg Under suspension, the Crusader did not publish first term. A joint student- faculty Publications Board was established to determine the policy under which it should operate. The Board met regularly all year to formulate a policy and propose amendments to the ASB constitution. The eight-page weekly chielly dealt with campus news. lt also included regular columns, such as "One Small Voice," U'-NSG," and "Black Truth," Issues like pollution, Discovering the Other America seminar, Biafra, and the draft were Featured. KCRH Provides FM Music KCRH greatly expanded its activities this year, adding Saturday broadcasts, plus more coverage ot student events. Besides broadcasting light study music on vveeknights and symphony music on Sunday, KCRH featured a number ot stu- dent torums and a children's broadcast for community children. Lonnie Heighton, Announcer, Terry Zink Techniciong Donn McBride, Announcer. Wendell Smith and Martin Hill, Announcers. 5 , 7 .1 . A , iiiiliss sls ss ZIZVLQR . --. , ' f ' Cheryll Bean, Secretary, ' :.f.'Z11f fffyfgfq M V ., w e . if sf ' A f- 5 -fu .way Q: ,.,. ..,f 1 egg :oss , , , X 'r X -v-i,,,, -....,,,,.,.... ---.k, -1 Lefrz Jim Thompson, Manager, Lower Left: Sfeve Borfon, Progrom Direcfor. Lower Right: Greg Jamison, Wayne Brown, Don Ketchum, Announcers, .qffr , 4 :V -1 Circle K Circle K, the inen's service club organization spon- i soied by Kiwanis, pvrloiined tlteii' regular duties such as uslieiing and running ballot boxes lor tlwe elec- tions. ln addition, tlte organization sponsored the Red Cross X Blood Drive in tlie lall and assisted in the operation 1 of the Boy Scout Show in Caldwell in May. Mary Ogden, Barbie Baitlow, Sweetheart Court, and Lynda Comp- Jim Thompson, Secretary, Ben Moore, Vice President, Teiry Martin, President, Rudy bell, Circle K Svvvvtlivart. . Row 1- Randy Cgryell, Kent Hill, Dave Wilkes, Mr, Seaman, Advisor, Row Q1 Gary Waller, Mike Benedick, Glen Mowery, Lee Dale, Row 3: Wayne Brown, Clog Jamison, Rod Hanson, Mel Skeen, Row 4: Duane Dale, Paul Stallcop, Mark Clark, Bayard DuBois Row 51 Ron Seaman, Ramon Vanderpool, Duane Hybvrtson. i ,,ir.-gh A 2' " if 4 ' 5' ' , . in 'H villk, V, r' "1 Q, 5"-.f A' Q' . 5. it 331, ' i f! ,L', Lindbloom, Treasurer Foreground: Sue O'Connorg Bill Drain, Background: Dr. Arthur Seamans, Advisory Roy Mullen, Dove Hybertson. Model U. N. Represents Turkeg Dr. Percival Wesche, Advisor, Tom Clough, Glenn Leppert, Grace Birks, David Ellis, Kathy Ketterling, John Dorbandg Karen Bruner? Jim Thompsong Alfred Schaar. Above: Scriblerus Scriblerus is open to all students who want to read contemporary books forthe monthly meetings. English maiors are especially encouraged to attend. Some of this year's books were Ayn Rands Fountainheaclg Ralph Ellison's ln- visible Many Vladimir Nabokovs Pale Fire, and Borland's When Legends Die. Lell: Model U. N. Model United Nations met frequently throughout second and third terms to study Turkey, the country N.N.C. was chosen. to represent at the West District MUN. Convention in April. Ten students attended. This years study was aided by James Stewart-Robinson, a guest lecturer for Asisan Institute. if 1 Top: A. W. S. Associated Womens Students pro- motes activities tor college women. Big-Little Sister Tea, to which older students invited assigned tieshmen, is a preliminary get-together. During Heart Sister Week in Feb- ruary, students exchange anonymous gifts, Twiip Week is another AWS activity. Bollomi Judicial Board The Womens Board ot Judicial Re- view is the women students' offticial voice in matters governing them. Since most matters deal with vvom, en's dorm policies, the board is com- posed ot representatives from each dorm, as well as one trom oil- campus, The maior issue this year concerned overnight and weekend passes. R w l, Priscilla Young, Connie Jo Stringer. Raw 21 Mary Ogden, Mrs, John Riley, Advisor, Ginny Mosteller, Anna Rose Blacklock, Diane Ditchen, Row 3, Ruth Birks, Carol Willis. Kathy Howard reflects the proper attire at the fall AWS party, Row lf Liz Mosteller, Marita Douglas, Carol Evans, Linda Wilkes, Row 21 Elaine Lacelle, Marsha Moore, Elsie Gestrin, Nancy Nelson. Raw 3: Lynda Campbell, Mary Beth Salisbury, Mrs. JoAnn Willis, Advisor. Row 4, Kathy Gent- ner, Vonnie Bartlow, Shannon Jensen, Chari Maxey, Ginny Mosteller, P. B. L. Sponsors Campus Directory Karen Bean, Suzanne Leach, Terry Rich, Beth Coursey, Shari Robinson Phi Beta Lambda is a chapter of Fu- ture Business Leaders of America, a national organization. Wayne Brown, an N.N,C, sophomore, was State Vice President. Along vviih its annual responsibility, N.N.C.'s Crusader Directory, Phi Beta Lambda brought in local business and professional people as speakers and as a panel. The club also rnade a field Trip To the Boise Cascade Corporation, a construction company isee belovvi. M-w-w.-....,,Mmm WVGV,V KKVVVVV 29 Under the leadership ot Ben Bu- l O Q9 .w 2 z f i v Row l: Dr, Fred Knight, Marita Douglas, Caroline Scott, Judy Pugh, Dr. Lil- burn Wesche. Row 21 Tom Clough, Jean Tish, Sue Hysmithg Gerry Slabaugh. - W-1- T . c Q ion - s s 1 . T '-iei S ioi frr nrn s oooo 'M'-3 'R' Sass Mark Collins operates the camera at an SNEA meeting. Gerry Slabaugh presides at SNEA, Sociologg Club Assists March of Dimes Thig pi-,ge 9. N. E. A. opp. Top: Sociology Club opp. Rigiif.Marshall Science The N.N.C. chapter ot Student Na- tional Education Association partici- pated inthe decisions and voting on the new S.lXl.E.A. constitution. They talked by amplified telephone with J. R. Picot, National President ot Black History at one meeting. ln another session, sanctions were discussed. During Sociology Club meetings this year, there was much discussion ot current social topics, such as poverty, community health, and drug abuse. The group took a field trip to the Idaho State School and Hospital. In addition, they assisted in the March of Dimes campaign. chanan, Marshall Science was re- iuvenated this year. lt had lain dormant for two years. The largest group ot members in several years heard various views expressed about contemporary science. Several tield trips were also under- taken. Dr. Donald Tillotson and Mr. Timothy Fuller sponsored the club. R . k kwiakw visor, Crolugy f Yulu QF: Sv .K N Bern lkr-rd, Ruth Brrksg JrrrrVul1 Arsrh-I, Mr Hurrold Curl, Ad Films :md ru Qpvfucrl spvulwr or Cuprvrl om- rmw-trrvgg of H10 So fs: H Mx S - ' m - - Q ' , Scfltcdz Bon Huclwmrxrrg fllvrm Lurrgf-ui, Shxnrlirwgi Kun Hr-Hrwvll, Srvvff Mrfonrwvl, Mnkc Byrd, .loim llorlnunrl, Mm Crm-yr PrrscrIIf1Yormq, lou-tru Morris: Ruth Stuckry Krrrlrm Rcryg Rmgvr Crbsorr. Row T, Millie Brown, Gloria White, Sharon Nelson, Carolyn Appelt. Row 21 Mrs, Riley, Advisor, Marilyn Miner, Marita las, Pom Alexander, Kathy Luhn, Sue Clem. Row T, Jon Worst, Bill Moore, Jim Stew Collegiate Ministerial ' T Association The Collegiate Ministerial Association brings together , future ministers and interested lay people. They hold dialogue sessions with local speakers ot varied faiths and with other featured guests on campus. Special guests this year were Dr, Hurn of the Depart- ment of Home Missions lrightl, Dr. William Great- house of Nazarene Theological Seminary, and Dr. Timothy Smith of Johns Hopkins University. 's 3' Doug- art. Row2: John Denney, Rick Skeeri, Jim Dodge. C.W.B. Extends Outreach Through Zone Leif: Qhepherdess Club Mrs. John Riley, wife of a former pastor and now the college president, advises the Shep- herdess Club. The thrust of the group's emphasis is upon understanding the role ot a minister's wife. Membership consists of women whose hus- bands are studying tor full-time Christian service. Below: C. W. B. Christian Workers' Band dispersed numerous singing-preaching groups not only to local rest homes and churches but also as tar away as the Pacific Coast. They held monthly sing-spirations and spon- sored the annual candlelight service at the clock tower. Through C.W.B. a number ot student workers were placed in local churches. Group lr-riders Gary Waller, Clint Fslf: Gerry Sliabauglr Steve Oglesvieg Paul Carruth ersg Doug l7BVl4'lTSg Jerald Clinc- ,gs Seatedg Dwight Douglas, Glen Mowery. Standing: Chuck Wilkes, Carol Lomlcing Sue Hardest 'Q yy Merv Fribergy Judy Pugh, Paul Bruening, Glenn Culbertson. A Seated Mr, Irving Laird, Advisor, Stand- ing: Mary Ogden, Marita Douglas' Anne lelliies, Terry Smith Mel Skeen, Row lr Neal Blank enship, Mary Ogden, - Dr. l-lurn, Terry Smith, Mr. lrving LC1lffl.ROVV 2: Merv Friherg, f Gayle Wordsworth, Sandy Parrish, Patti Borgens, Jan Honea, Lois Belislep Dave Long, Gary Skaggs. Row 3' Ken Wrlrle, Ruth Birks, Don Doerksen, Mike Cum- mings, Larry Roth. G.M.9. Undertakes Two Projects Following the precedent ot last year's General Mis- sionary Society's active student involvement, G.M.S. took on two such projects this year. During the spring vacation a group ot students built a large portion of the Elko, Nevada Nazarene Church lrightl. During the summer, a second group began construc- tion ot the Jewel Lake Church in Anchorage, Alaska labovel. A lilm ol the Elko, Nevada work helped to publicize the projects. The money tor the film was provided by the Department of Home Missions. j i 0 s. 59" fl , "'N..u- f i , ,. , 63 ,Q M? as -SM X FXN. Su, , ,ff - "' U y S.. ? e tilt - ' hip ' W gr 2.1 ... iw vis ' ,, 'Z Mx :Nxt I il? :1 Q f 'A' T551 gi, ' , Doylene Peterson, Cheryll Bean, Marita Douglas: Alberto Swonder, Donna Rogers, Scheriie Fribergy Jan Hurng Miss Eula Tombaugh, Advisor. x, ' g .-.- f. K , 2 N . . an ig: . Q . VVW, Nw, N. 5 ,fQ'x?z".s, '-M' ,,,, lg' ' ' P J - J 'X ' K it fm 9? . Pi Omicron o 1. 5 I A gx Y Pi Omicron, the home economics club, greatly expanded its activities , i if this year to include a wedding clinic. g. D! it The club held a spring fashion show and ended the year with the senior home economics banquet. A The January meeting featured Ha- : waii, in pictures and food iletti. K x 1 Gamma Nu Gamma Gamma Nu Gamma, the women's athletic service organization, supported themselves through the sales ot society sweatshirts. The club presented the Homecoming chapel. Membership is based on participation in intramural sports. Future plans of the club include creating a bicycle rental and sponsoring camping trips. N Club f cf? ...P N.N.C.'s lettermen's club, along with Gamma Nu Gamma, operated the concession stands at the basketball games lbelowl. N Club also organized and produced the Homecoming pressbook. The president crowns the Homecoming Queen. di Row 1: Elsie Gestrin, Jean Powell, Carol loebor, Dee Smith. Row 17- Virginia Burk, Sue Hy' smith, Judy Pugh, Ruth Sfucke, Bonnie Dietrich. Row 3: Miss Martha Hopkins, Advisor, Mis. Jean Harwood, Advisor, JoAnn Salisbury, Jan Worst, Judy Hanson, JoAnn Gehrke. Ram . ., M-if M. 4, Row T: David Perkins, Jim Irish, Rod Hanson, Terry Litke, Row 7, Don Keller, Dan Lanman, kick Hartwig, Mel Slrcfen, John Brasch, Strive Foster. Row 3: Robert Taylor, Monty Ortrnrin Bob Eckor, Jim VanArsdel, Greg Jamison, Chuck Ceselle, Sam Frazier. .-x .fx Row I: Becky Ballard, Joe Hobson, Lynn Stallings. Row 21 Jim Langley, John Dorband, Mitch Wolf, Ellen McDowell Bob Croft Row 3 Al Morgan Duane Mattson, Bill Vernor, Rick Vandermate, Bayard DuBois, Marvin Bales. Row 4, Ron Bean, Anita Mclntyre, Karen Bean Kathy Ketterling Carol Latter Priscilla Young. Row 5, Bill Hinderliter, Terry Gulley, Muriel Eason, Doug Hagemeier, Terry Lancaster. tQ0r F K X. "Z Row lf Lonnie Barnhouse, Miss Martha Hopkins, Advisor, Jeannette Bunn, l2uthAnn Pruett, Sandy Bennett, Dee Smith Row Q Sam Frazier Judy Hanson, Bonnie Dietrich, JoAnn Salisbury, Linda Dobbs, Rick Hartwig. Ski Club ilms N. N. C. Skiers Ski Club Ski Club during the winter months was one of the most active clubs on campus. They sponsored monthly ski films and speakers. The club organized trips to nearby resorts, such as Anthony Lakes and Brundage Mountain, plus one trip to Sun Valley. In addition, the club made a film featur- ing N.N.C. skiers. P. E. Majors Physical Education students sponsor ac- tivities to correlate with their maior. They hold regular meetings, several of which are activity nights in the gym. The clubs main responsibility is col- lecting tickets at the basketball games. Foreign Language Students Organize Spanish Club Spanish Club was a new organization This year. lt met approximately once a month. Its maior activity was a Christmas party at The home of The advisors, Mr. and Mrs. lra Taylor. A main objective was to improve each mem- ber's use of the language. Therefore, all meetings were conducted in Spanish. French Club The second language organization, French Club, also originated This year. Primarily student initiated, The group asked Mrs. Lytle, The French professor, To be its advisor. l-ler assistance was especially beneficial since she natively speaks French. The monthly meetings were successful according To The members. Row lg Pat Kliewer, Mrs. Lytle Advisor Lois Belisle Tom Summers Ron Hull Joe Hobson Row 2 Bob Croft Larry Wheeler Sue Hysmith, Larry Scott, Meriden Harvey "1...,5'r' fre CQ? Karen Keim, Rod Hanson LaRoe Rickard? Miss Ma- rian Washburn, Advisory Sunshine Club entered this "float" in the Homecoming Parade. Row 1: Miss Marian Washburn, Advisor, Joanne Cluuson. Row 2: Conne Montgomery, Sherry Silvers, Linda Nichols? Pom Litsey. Top: Zeta Kappa Rho Honor students with a grade point average of 3.40 or above are automatically members ot Zeta Kappa Rho. Otticers are elected at the annual tall dessert banquet. Mem- bers are guests of Phi Delta Lambda tor a tea at Christmas. Seniors are elected to Phi Beta Lambda and invited to a breakfast sponsored by that group on commencement morning. Left. Sunshine Club Sunshine Club began as a ioke but quickly became the largest group on campus. Soon everyone displayed the smiles, yellovv paper sunbursts, and peace symbols which were the groups emblems. lts members decorated a bus tor the Homecoming Parade labovelg sent cheery letters in the mail, and hailed sunny days as being made especially tor them. 9 S, J E4 l l l l W , A 3 QW Norlhweslerners R tg..?, mf' 'aw f if ' 7 Q L --J 175 ' ow l: Coroline Scott, Pat Rice, Pom Lifsey, Borbie Borflow, Beverly l-lempel, Esther Llndbloom. Row 2, Rich Ackley Mor Tin Hill, Lindo Pelerson, Rudy Lindbloom, Mike Rice, Don Keller, Morllyn Voil, Randy Coryell, Terry Smith. Choirs Tour Norlhwesl Boll' flue Norllwveslerrwers and Cru- sader Cror Tourer: llre educolcrwcl zone, The Norllwwesferrwers Your dwrrwg sec- omrl term mflucla-rl morrlwem ldolwo cmd soullweosfern Nflfnmslrrwglor, llze ccricerls were sewlrzr gwfl sacred. Crusader Cl'cr 'seek ts crrmcl Trp rlurwg Aprl. Oregon cmd Woslvlmg- rom were llwe skes of llre clwrclw com' uerrs, College Clwolr expcmrled ms vclce, lrlso, Tlxe frrsl lelw worm? was llre Messwwlr Delr mg secsvfl :zz .1 Vwrd Terws qcrw rwrfs were perlcwrwrl Q'lWTlj vv llw The Bolse Plmllwfzrwwomc cmrl rlre Collre .lrml of llwe Reclwos clwolr 1 s , Af i, l R! Q ,QQQ , ,-. .y , i ii-i Row lr Joanne Hull, Kathy Bozarth, Pam Ellis, Marilyn Everhart, Evaiean Blum, Debbie Wallace, Norma Slonaker, Janis Glenn, Sharma Dobbs, Row 2, Cathy Van Slyke, Carolyn Edes, Lorna Loeber, Janell Erickson, Sue Sornson, Janet Johnson, Anne Vanderpool, Jane Smith, Laurel Tracy, Chari Maxey, Shannon Jensen, Joyce Quanstrom, Barbara Kaye. Row 3, Nancy Weigel, JoAnn Gehrke, Ellen Largent, Sandy Parrish, Carolyn Gann, Ellen McDowell, Larry Scott, Douglas Berman, Randy Simmons, Rob Guy, Chuck Hallin, Sheryl Blades, Jackie Woodward, Beth Hicks, Linda Morris. Row 4, Greg Hicks, Rick Schaefer, Doug Bloomquist, Don Glaze, Jeff Forsyth, Mike Cummings, Don Climer, Dale Schafer, Jerry Borden, Rick Unruh, Brad Arneson, Chuck Wilkes, Jerry Scott, Mike Warren. I Row I1 Peggy Grant, Ginger Mackey, Gay Collins, Gayle Wordsworth, Esther Lindbloom, Karen Meyers, Kathy Campbell, Gayle Fountain, Connie Sams, Joyce Knight, Chrys LaCelle. Row 21 Dr. Marvin Bloomquist, Director, Caroline Scott, Alice Lee, Delayne Hill, Linda Peterson, Trisha Pohl, Connie Castle, Carol Smith, Nancy Hopkins, Connee Montgomery, Liz Mosteller, Row 3: Dave Mortimer, Randy Coryell, Gary Skaggs, Al Morgan, Terry Danker, Merv Friberg, Monty Ortman, Wendell Smith, Martin Hill, Row 41 Don Keller, John VanManen, Mike Wiebe, Mike Vail, Fernando Bensuaski, Adrian VanManen, Gerry Slabaugh, Robert Ellis, Terry Smith, Ken Wilde. 24l A Mas+er's Men Svute-dv Rmuly Lforyc-ll Smndxng: Msklx Fwx Mxlw Wuvlw Dun Kvtchum Collegians Smrvdi mlm VunMnnvn Shmding- Daw Mungum Bnynrd DuBo1s Adnan Vm1M41n0r1 5 K Lee Dale, Leonard McCallum, Tom Dale, Lonnie Heighton, Rolynd Puckett, Dave Ellis, John Denney, Duane Dale, Bill Mattei, Rod Willett, Larry Sams, Ken Breeding, Gerry Sanford, Rick Schaefer, Dan Stukas, Fonny Davidson, drums, Mr. Jim Willis, Director. N, d 7 i Rolynd Puckett on the trombone was a newcomer to the Stage Band. iv 55355 rffibavsiw Duane Dale, Larry Burton, Kent Hill, Tom Dale, Mr. Jim Willis. Stage Band Tapes Cartridge Due to Mr. Willis's leave ot absence to work on his doctorate, the Stage Band only presented one concert this year, However, two performances were held instead ot the usual one. The protessional-like concerts were taped tor a stereo cartridge and sold to raise funds. John Osborne, as "Chicken Man," provided a surprise hilarity at the concerts. The traveling quartets lopposite pagel spend their summer representing the school throughout the Northwest. This year is the second consecutive one tor the Masters Men. The Brass Ensemble accompanied the Northwesterners' fall concert. 4 44 Wm--7 I x d Dorm Council: Row lr Jim Morrell: Paul Brueningg Sam Frazier. Row 2: Lyle Maynard, Steve McConnel, Ervin Kal or Ier, Jim York. Oxford and Culver Halls House Upper- Division Students Oxford Hall is the upper-division men's residence. lts lounge often holds club meetings and special dialogue sessions with campus guests. Besides the regular dormitory prayer meetings and parties, the dorm is making plans for the installation of a sauna bath. Culver Hall is the residence for iunior and senior women. Rev. and Mrs. Harold Volk are its head residents. A feature of this year's activities was the ring passing ceremony to honor recently engaged women. :ll lil-l 'lll lily Rick Skeen, President, and Dr. Arthur Seamans, Head Resident. -div C? ,Ao- 4"""T' QQW ' QQXWQQ 'if 658 vf Qeqyd i, M Rolw l1.Parvy Daniel, Mary Beth Salisbury, Mitsuko Maedag Beth Coursey. Row 2: Vonnie Barflowg Ruth Birks, Ginny Mosteller, Karen Beany Lois Belisle. FQ. . Qfiiu " -4VQ?Fi5 Q,fQgj,9'A-,j'V.,. W' -K fi ,Al xyfv Q, gf -r X ww A " ,--- J ki Mrs. Harold Volk, Head Resident, Sherry Silvers, Assistant Head Resident, and Lynda Campbell, President, 4 4 C7 Z c iff Above- Mr. and Mrs. Mel Schroeder and Lisa, Head Residents, Above Right: Dorm Council Row 'lf Ron Frank, Jerry Hampton, Don Keller, Randy Coryell. Row 2: Larry Miller, Steve Barton. Right: Jim Rotz, President, and Mel Schroeder, Head Resident. ,Q . Mangum and In addition to a party peg term, Mangum Hall remodeled its lounge in cooperation with the administration. The students them- selves repaneled the walls and installed an indirect lighting system. New furniture and carpeting will be funded bythe administration and installed this summer. V x X . x I M td V, .1 K A jx il i f Dooleg Room Qophomores game' quo' E Dooley Hall renovated its prayer Chapels this year. Floors were carpeted and pictures were hung. The lighting was greatly improved by the addition of hanging lamps. The usual dorm parties and prayer meetings helped create a feeling of unity among the sophomore women. o ooy yyg o gosiiysii lclomn to Ll-me 6 ' .lliififii leeeew fi ef" ll' Mr. ond Mrs. Jim Willis, Robbie and Lori, Head Residents, Carol Evans, Assistant Head Resident, Liz Mosteller, President. Dorm Council Row I: Rhonda Williams, Gayle Wordsvvorthq Edith Jedan, Irene White. Row ?1Soe flem, Carolyn Appelt, Lindo Eisenbarth, Connie Castle: Judy Eldridge, Linda Dillabaugh. 247 Dorm Life Begins in Chap man and Morrison lg? Mr. Ken Townson, Heod Resident, Romon Vonderpool, President. Mr. ond Mrs. Ken Townson, Head Residents. 'H ,. Dorrn Council Row 1: Ken Breeding, Ramon Vonderpool, Jim Irish, Orv Churchill, Row 2: Merv Heightonp Jim Dodge, Row 31 Gary Waller, Mike Benedick, Dain Ketchum, David Perkins. ii F . Friberg, Lonnie K? F Morrison Dorm Council: Row i: Connie Rich- ardson, Nadine Harouffg Sue Sorn song Shannon Jensen. Pow 17: Bev' erly Moong Jan Wilhelm, Gretchen Karpsteiny Ellen Largentg Joyce Quanstrom. Row 3: Norma Slonaker, Mary Herring, Penny Bellamy lnot picturedl. X X . ,::f- ...KX if 4. Chari Maxey, President. Mrs. Hilda Kionaas, Head Resident, Elaine Lasell, Assistant Head Resident. Chapman Hall again sponsored a bed race with the College of Idaho. After N.N.C. transported the bed to Caldwell, C. of I. forfeited last year. The annual camp-out was enjoyed by all who participated. The main -improvement in Chapman this year was the renovation ofthe prayer chapel. Also, a color television was purchased. Morrison HaIl's activities were quite numerous this year. The dorm held a number of parties, in-' cluding special ones for Chapman Hall and for Prospective Student Day visitors. Morrison was also in charge of the Homecoming publicity. 49 Willard Olilers Single Rooms Willard Hall is the most recent addition to men's housing. Its single rooms previ- ously were the nurses' quarters of the Mercy Hospital. Willard Friesen donated the money to purchase the hospital com- plex for further expansion. The buildings are located several blocks north ot the rest ofthe campus. Dorm Council: Jim Gebhordt, Lindsay Enderlayg Doug Helling John Denney, Head Resident: Alfred Schaar, President. Thirty Percent of Students Approximately one-third of N.N.C.'s student body lives off-campus. Many of them have moved to Nampa recent- ly for their college years. Vetville, labovel, an N.N.C.-owned housing unit, helps alleviate the tight housing for married couples. Although it is about half as expensive to live off-campus, Seat-tered DFP-Campus Those students sometimes find it difficult to become as- similated with the rest of the student body. Judging from-their voting record it seems NNC. more successfully involves its off-campus students than most Idaho schools. 251 Athenians Strong In Tourney, 0Ig's Voted Best Sports The Athenian men again captured first place in the Mills- Cunningham Basketball Tournament. Individuals receiving honors were: Bob Vandersluis, Alan Caba, Martin Hill, and Jim Rotz. The Olympians won the Sportsmanship Trophy and placed ten members on the All Star teams. The following people earned recognition: Kathy Schoenborn, Joann Gehrke, Ron Alexander, John Brasch, Tom Edwards, Steve Foster, Rod Hanson, Mike Benedick, Darlene Eppes, Kathy Woodward, Gary Skaggs, Dorothy Bundy, and Elaine Lasell. mi. X, Opposite Page Ken Townson, Rick Skeen, Athenian Presidents. This Page Sieve Sharp Ueffl and Ron Alexander lbelowj, Oly Presidents. Ei 41. X le G R0 Sadr ,ff efvri X 'QQ A M W, A , ,G Above Right: Hugh Schmeizenbach and Dan Lanman, ADP Presidents. Above and Far Right: Softball is a fall and spring activity. Right: The Mills-Cunningham Tournament did not go by without enter- tainment. vo-'4" Swank ADP's Dominate Team Sports. Spartans Take Music and Speech Ron Seaman, and Jim VanArsdel, Spartan Presidents. The ADP women won the Hub- bard - Long - Wesche Basketball Tournament and helped the men in capturing both team sports trophies. Individuals worthy of note were Sandy Bennett, Bonnie Dietrich, Elsie Gestrin, Ellen Largent, Tom Litsey, Irene White, Connee Mont- gomery, and Gary Harris. Enough Spartans participated in the music and speech events to earn them that trophy. Participat- ing individuals with outstanding records were Judy Hanson, Randy Craker, Verna Wardlaw, Sam Frazier, Terry Litke, Connie Taylor, Lee Dale, Ron Rickard, and Maxine Lister. L9P's Garner Faoultg Loving Cup, 9LA's Provide Competition The LSP's lengthened their winning streak by again bring- ing home the Faculty Loving Cup. Besides the grand trophy, the powerful society received the Individual Points Trophy and had two of its members, Shannon Galloway and Ken Wilde named the outstanding track participants. Other regular standouts were Lonnie Barnhouse, Steve Phelps, Carol Loeber, Marilyn Vail, Ron Manley, Judy Chadwick, Jim Gacey, Julie Wilden, and Greg Jamison. Although the Sl.A's had difficulty rounding up teams andfor individual sport participants they offered stout resistance to any notions of forgeting them. Larry Vine- yard and Gene Maison received the most recognition. Ron Manley and Terry Smith, LSP Presidents. l W W l Q: l fir 'f l 4 l - ' , . 1 5 -1 Qc oiiigiis Y- , Q , 5 . 4 . .4 5 M w ss 1- ' f F i r f' 'H gg l" f , I F s. so Q3 Q V3 'Za s 1 ' x me .,,. . Q, ,. M W x " 'W -an s nw 3' ix 1' s W rg 5 + cs Q ,S vase if Ah. f W W ' X ce K if K 1' is Q sito-3 K f was M use -2 N ox sf-N s F N vig 1 9' N Q sc L+ ke X ff My fr .sh K+ ,,e'g,,, , A A xp.-f X: 4 "' 5 6 Q w X9 N 'r 'Fm Q mf. ti W xi- " 1- 'W N. Q X X -Q e i H .,,., ,s , .... . . , 2 ,ig-ee H ... ,R QS ? Q i ! K wp , -:fi . . We ' . eorr . " W .gs ':-' lc s.L'.k L. O 'K S 5 Q 1' U 195 sp! 1 2 a -K Nz, 2. ,, r X ik Y- Theron Friberg and Lynn Svol lings, SLA Presidents. Volleyball is for everyone. Iniramural Track Receives Much Ah'eniion :ESB kewl? w , . is Y . x My 1 Y Q K .3 , .,-- .f..'.L ,K I , ,-M. 1 MQ, VW .amgggxp-n V, ,kk 'frsmml ., Mirah-7-W gii,,,b1..- 5 QL ,Q hh , E W ,I 'XQJQ-iw-2 .0 x mn ii:.1f"Q 5? "' ,ww i ,Q ., . , g 'avi ,,,,.-vw ,,,.f- 5 syv 'ak 78: 4 X05 f O ll l2f? ll ni W .1-pm Q f, .,., Um . J i ,,.,....-.--- Adveriisemenis ono1.,q Md? " '.-" ' ' WH' V 'V ,lu k f,Af,, nf k -, A M, ,.. w. ,, '7 " nj .,, Ay. 'fp 4, ' -Eva 'qv' I ' -' - IJ,-r f , , . 4 wt, f M350 .1 Af 1'lLl- , fifkffiiihf.. 4 - 1' .rv if-. , If V . ,, , , A ,ga , .K - -r, , f,,,.. 12 "gig-s"'fz4'Ly X ' ' " f' - -' Q Arssff 'f'+.1,r:", ' 'A ' If ,, ! , 7 , D 'I ' 0 45,3 . "K F , ni ,Eiga V rr A -, -.I xv, Z." i A .. ' y ff- ffl ' M f 4' ' . ."'- .' . gn, ' " A . " , 'uf 1+ QE. ' '- J? I' Q-gwwf' H 3,-N, .. " W ,, sa, WHERE THE ACTION IS! ISOME OF IT, AT LEASTI. NEW DISTRICT CENTER - WOODBURN, OREGON 29 miles South of Portland, I7 miles North ot Salem on Interstate 5 jg Z K , V ' , mm ., . Photo by Ed K Emphasis is on Youth. Camps from June through August. Oregon Pacific District Church of the Nazarene W. D. McGraw, District Superintendent James R. Martin, NYPS President Leslie Parrott, Church Schools Chairman Mrs. E. W. Shields, NWMS President Rev. Bert Daniels District Superintendent Washington Pacific District "Every youth has a quest to make, For lite is the Kings highwayg And a ioyous heart is the script we take On the road ot Everyday. Every youth has his gifts to guard As he fares to a tar-oft goal - A body pure, and a mind unmarred, And the light of a lovely soul. Every youth has a task ot his own, For the Father has planned it soy He seeks the way and He alone Can show him the path to go. Every youth has a lovely Guide From the vale to the mountain crest, For the unseen Friend who walks beside ls the Way and the End of the Quest" N.N.C., YOU HAVE OUR SUPPORT Glu' Illwahingwtn lnllarifir Bifxiriri Best Wishes Graduates of 1970 FRCM THE NORTHWEST DISTRICT We Are '---., Proud of Our Growmg School RAYMOND C. KRATZER W. PERRY WINKLE District Superintendent NYPS President 4 IDAHO-OREGON DISTRICT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1970 I ! X . 1: it . 5 'X A H . I A '. , I , JST! ,, Q 533: - 'J , I Q A J,1Hi',4f5.f'?Li'I'IaI."f:'I 15 I, . :JZ Lu' wb A' 7 'fig dl I 5-I, L 'Q I ' 'V'?5",3"" viii 5131 I fi"-L-'jg-,,I'li'II1IW,w - I' I I, 4:1545 I , QL fi , I A 5:93 5 -32f ?q Q- A -jiggg A X69 A . 'fig' f I - wfffff'1i'i2sff , I if I I air" I' ' ,f If , , S . ' X X , -F, 1 1. v few , , I X ik v , ' I 4 ,-,i 7 'QTY 4 ?m'f"'?"""' I 'J 'Q-.ry - -- ' :V .- f'f'.'f 1 N ,bp '5?.b,r' Y,. g, ' E vii T7 -X oe .,-,T I, f if'f' vii-J I -J'-vxl-Y I I . . x-. -L 'II I 'W ' +I'-'W k J-M7112 g-w if lim .I j Mk g "i if by Q 1, - , V, V' , 1I ,1AL: tx l 5 I- ' f'f53iE."' 5 ,, - f'i, - - ' X m ff- ' "'-ef"LkNI TIN' nvw ctlmpcl at Vivlury Cow. MCCQII, IcIaIm GRAUY W. CANTRELL Diwlrif-l SlIIN'l'IIlII'IIfI1'III 6 - 1 We 4 s 'mai sq . LIA- -4' WT mf' JT E' nvi- mmx E. L. CORNICLISON 6 1 1 W U lflmlf, cjmmpxy llislrivl SlllJt'f1lI11'll11ixll1 lfnm-11 l'lmm.w Qulurexhu Dr-sirrri 8715 Xvgst 16111 Avpnue 11il1il'WU011, Colo. 80215 ROCKY MCUNTAIN DISTRICT 8 . 6. A. 4" -T W-T 9' . gi rd A ll . ips, -Q, V 5, W VMQQ . x I A I VL rf. Q ,Q-r ,s,i,ec1, '. -V . . ALVIN MCQUAY, District Superintendent MRS. G. H. SAFFELL, N.W.M.S. BYRON CONRAD, Church Schools ALBERT PREMBLE, N.Y'.P.S. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE . . 717 E. Alder - Wollo Wcillo, Washington Our students ot N.N.C. Judy Anderson Dove Boschker Steve Cross Lindo Dunlop Sanford Gotes Rick Hortwig Vol Hein Fred Loeger Ccithy McCabe Sherry Nouto Ronoly Petermon Suson Sornson Irene WIWG George O. Corgill Postor fXVv11e1i1a1-Ult11l1 Zliratrirt Q'l1111'rl1 uf thv Xa112a111'v11v 5 V V y 51111111111 E115 1 QMQ. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1970 MURRAY J. PALLETT1 Superintendent J. T. CRAWFORD: Chairman Schools MRS. M. J. PALLETT: N.W.M.S, President G. BRAD SAFFELL: N.Y.P.S. President District Heodquorters at: 7849 Nantucket Dr. Solt Lake City, Utolt IILSLSZII Qllllffll uf llll' Rvitlfitlfllll Nyssu. UI'1'5gIIII IIOISICIII' W. NIAXIIIY, lfustm' CONGRATULATIONS L, TO THE CLASS OF '70 Jlirlst Q'l1111'rl1 uf thu RybISbl1'l'lID Twin Falls, Idaho IIOIIAIII1 II. OLSON, Imsror P 951 7' I gas 11" ' 1 .-11 +1-1- WI 'A , -gif If Y," iff f IA fi , tfixcl " f5'??fi'.I A Egfr A Q' E, 19:4 -I b fi ' his V, CONGRATULATIONS AND AN INVITATION A 'FI h fit"- 1415 .gif I k im.. lo I e 'I ' CLASS OF '70 Our Students Attending N.N.C. "COME NORTH TO THE FUTURE" Tim Clarkson Ron Manley Church of the Nazarene, Soldotna, Alaska Joe Hobson Terry Martin James Longley Noncy Nelson Slwerilyn Manley NEIZEIITIIP Ullyvnlngiml Swlllillillfg Kansas City. Missouri IN'l'l'fRN-Yl'IONbXL CR.-XDU.-X'l'E SCHOOL OF 'l'HICOI,OCY ACHURCH OF THE N.-XZARENE xx X XXX William M. Greofhouse, Presidem 9 7 Elfirssi Qhurrh nf ihv ffaxzarvnv if' if xr rpg, ' f in r , A , l , ,, k . V ' Yfrl - - 3 , ..VA . ,N A , 'mga 2 e- e- -o i . W-.1 I. ll ll ' f ' ll lf ll l l or Fl Q! ,4 I 9 Blocks North of Campus Arnold Woodcook, Posfor R'seve1t 75112 09 af C8 A cz: QS' Y' in gl 'w Herbert Lilly, Associate Robert Miller, Associofe Wash. Ron Freeborn, Youfh Lincoln Wesley Fulwood, Music bi Sh'man .29 3116 I Sh'idan a v . Dewey A Qlillllllllllllll Qlmrrh N,N,C, 51-rx ing llluny Collvgv gll1i'lCI1lS - - 1 X A. M A -. p m --f. , : I , f' Aw. - - - spgf w qkff-,f1w. V. , . -N - Q , - 1-y A ---www" Af "-.WTF Pug' f- . . Y?'f'ffa+f.Qif F V-9 1 A - ' 9? Q fgix , 1, 3. by E wi We Wy X Q- .. Q X K . K ' ' N Q Q g wx 'i X N - N M. Q QW . .. EN X X-3NffQRX'ffgfAQf- .1 ,, . g:-qRffg.s.' W , X X A 4 ,. pf.-X'.g'? wfvf1,Q,. iw. " " . m www - - Y LLM, m f il 'Y fasiawgi Qi- QV A ,, U ' QM .1 Q .- W' mf if 'fy M Q 23: 'fu 9-, x1."f-' sv : E . A A ' 533.93 4 ' -. A ' ,kfzvfv A iw? ' 'V - .w R ' nv: e oux Q- vm., f ' ., ,v - , 5 1 ' .sm ' , t M -ff: , 1" w . s' "jf" -L"iW'ff.'?'q'fhSg' 1 3 -J X' wx' 'Mi X I. v4'Tk,l"":5f4g?.??vP'Pt'Q ' ' 'QW 'sly ' I -'Q 4' . , V ,1 1 W ' yrs- 2--my-W f A - f X. f 'FTW 7' 7: ' M- Y5M " V "3??5As?ix. AM- . 4- L ' W -SWF fax - , j - "N, 1 A- iw-. 'M ...Q-yy, fy-I-if Afmw Wk . w x X ,F -M , " - - . - '- mf'- as m s- ' " ' A 'AM' Q Xwfwx.-f ,- i , W jx h-M. - stu.. K ,: wi gg: jx A . ,. h .Q . CMR A kv , ,,. M as N -Q' V' :H . A i W Mfg - mg Q W A A X in N tl? N x Y Q fix X ws' A N V X ' x W . 5 k M . v. f, ' , . ' ' K q:?i5'HQ x ,Jil l 1 Bti-- x Q X ri X Q. J, Q. W ar K1 if ' Q 33 w P' ' 2 N f , It . 4' 4 2 g klflvlg 2 if , 1 S 1 m .am f D ij Q P N A -. Q- N X ' Lynn Bemis Carolyn Frazier A Jr-well Quick W G f t. .a rx XX Jan Kiemel Gloria Sifferath ,A wi ,nwyffuga ' 1- is 1511 YQ. ' - M x- 3'i'r'U , My 3.5 .K ., wx, L w X mm' 1 -. ,Q . 'Q 'Cf 1 fi, 3 1' X . X fi Q. K fy 'Wig ' ' 4' f v V ' - -f ' L N yi?" W 's 'L ' N 3 df 1 ff l' W A . . , gif-u , KX 313 1 Q V, . QW' xl? QQ F 'A ' W ' ' W x M ' , 5 K . f gym 'nk-' 'A :fm 'Q f 5 2 M W 9 4, ff ' , Q f if ,3 . ,, .1 . F s Q it ve W 1 W f 15 .. ,M Jun. Q6 ' 4 lhrlst Churrh uf tlw Xenzexrvuv 7 Congraiulaiions. Class of '70 College Church of The Nazarene Dewey 84 Juniper S'rreeTs Nampa, Idaho Jim Bond, Minisler EN B. l-larlley, Associale Harold Perkins, Youfh Mr. 81 Mrs. Wally Swarm, Music CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 1970 Iliirsst Qlhurrh uf the Nazarene SeaHle, Washingion ,ff A . ' M i i' 'Q-Q-iff--' 2 WHT 1. S 1 - A ,gyms 1 at .vu rr-ii .'r ' at?-,ea I' ' 4,-4,1 itms, J' A . ge-fitftfg.13'Q'?Qts,l:ff,'s'lJZ RR nw: I, ig - ' " ' -.lair 4 ef A 'Y' 'fx-Nw :siren wi: .-, .-.x....-...- 4+40l Second Ave. Northeast Seattle, Washington 1: Z' Gordon A. Olsen Donald C. Moore Pastor Music and Education MA V-A : -I X'I"'C' 1. f 1 53" 1? s "iii V1 -envy. 74 my Agia Nurtlt Nmnmzl QJIIIIITII uf Ihr NEIZZEIITIIL' 'C X A I E I nr 1 aisles EDWARD J. EICHENBERGER FRED KNIGHT Minister Minister of Music 608 - 14th Avenue North FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 129 N. 14th St. Phone 384-5835 ,L s o e , Wltll Dcepest ApPl'CC11lIlOI'l te T if for N .N.C. . eii T iii tti'Dit A AT eiee ' " ' ' . Q. V , ROBERT ULRICH Postor FIRST CHURCH Congratulations Class of 1970 CF THE NAZARENE Renton Our Students at N Washington Ed Dugan Gary Glassco Vickie Jones Colleen Martin Hope Nelson HARRY EVANS Stephen W. Bender, Pastor HILLVIEW Boise, idaho Our students: Paul Bruening Marilyn Hicks Skeeter Nalley Nancy Engman Herb Ireland Proposed new church Poslor Myrtle Creek Nazarene Church 235 N.E. Rice Stf-Myrtle Creek, Oregon .N.C. Richard Nelson Randy Simmons Randall Smith Steve Smith Vernon Walker Our Youth - Today's lnvestment for Tomorrow Pastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE John Denney Sherri Miller Kay Nalley Lori Whetstine fl Live Church with Il Warm u7l'It'0IIll' Qhurrh uf ilu' lYZIEbII'l'1IL' Puyallup, Wusliinglon E. K. BRYANT, Pastor Congratulations Class of '70 7 X 'x gm X N Q i richland first church, richland, washington m. w. anderson pastor An N.N.C. Booster Euclid Avenue Church of the Nazarene Euclid and Hale Boise, Idaho The Church Where You Are Never A Stranger N.N.C. Students Welcome Casper First Church of the Nazarene from the heart of big, wonderful Wyoming supports NNC with her prayers, her support J. Russell Brown, Pastor her students Our students 1969-70 Tom Thompson Jean Schnoor Dennis Johnson Pastor Volney A, Johnson Richard Stevens Minister of Youth Robert O. Jackson Pastor 5' Gmmeit Glhurrh nf the Nazarene P f -vm Our Students f V X Bryon Chittenden Vance Howard -- Joanne Clauson David Longenecker Richard Stevens Q FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Best Wishes Class ot 1970 WEST MOUNTAIN AND MCKINLEY "Offering a Firrn Faith For a Trembling World" FORT COLLINS, COLORADO HAROLD J. WESTLUND, PASTOR- in hyd t- L- -if . J . ,fr , K. , I in i n J K: ts A ri. ,his N L as f i K -:s, iifj i . A, . . -L L . Xu Q v I . , f if Yfq, xi ,, - F . L is, lss' f ,, c, o s ' vfi jf . Y , " iL. -1 ' .yyh -f f -' ' sf :If .E.' jlitrsst lhurrh nf the Nazarene Corner of N. 2nd and "B" Streets Yakima, Washington OUR STUDENTS Ron Alexander Allen Eldridge Judy Eldridge Jim lrish Norm Koeing Sharma Dobbs Elliswclkef A pioneer church with a message for the future DUANE E. MUTH, Pastor 7 our CNJ 'Z' First Church of the Nazarene Salem, Oregon H. B. London, Jr, Paul C. Zoroya Pastor Assoc. Pastor L Z 5 I EX J QTL, -.Q 3 'C 55734: Y... 5? X if KAW M wk- Boise First Church Lathe Churoh by the side ofthe freewayn 1200 North iriherty Road - Use the Curtis Exit North to Fairviowg West to Liberty A Twenty Minute Ride Lets N. N. C. Students Worship With Us! Roiwrt D. Hvrupvi. 115. Miuistvr Douglas W. Built-s. '66, Minister of Youth ami Christian Etiuvation Richard A, Lindhlooui, 518. Miuistc-r of Music CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Tenth ond Lincoln Ave. Lovelonol, Colorado Where no one is ci stronger twice! Our studentsf Beth Hicks Kenneth Rousselle Rev. W. E. Swonson, Postor Greetings from hurrh nf the Nazarvnv Mzulison and Elm Kimlwrly, Idaho OUR STUDFINTS Kathy Miller Ron Silvers Sherry Silvers CHARL Pastor +6 ES S. MILLER illivhfiirh 3Hir5i Qllturrly nf 1112 Nnzarvnw 520 North Holly Street-lVIedford, Oregon W 'nr H Y .A "' 5"' K l. W ll l Y A. 'gm-l fi ' ha A l ' i , 4. tt - X 1. Propose-cl tlhurcli 1" DANHCI, ll. PENN W. Llili MANSVICLIY Pastor Associate' Pastor CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1970 Our Students --f Rick Shofer Judy Allen John Stork Mike Allen Don Simmons Bruce Allen Lorry Vinyord As Always - Faithfully Supporting N.N.C. 7 Congratulations to the Class of 1970 jlfirsi Qlhurrh uf the Nazarene Eugene, Oregon HP' Q .e..s1.:'.s - K, ,"'. Q ."' 'Wt' 1 -' ' zz., , . K M D " w- .-W.. --1-nl 1- ' .s - -. v ds , LL . X .. W ,.., NLT, .rn-. . ' if . Nav X. P- - A4': C 2 H W1 C lllln r rf' ,C ,gLM,W.r1 Itvllsu Qhurrh nf thv Naxzaxrn-11v Rev. Fred E. Fowler, Pastor Wholeheartedly Supporting NNC Our Students: Doug Fowler Gloria White Dave Mortimer Mike Rice God Bless You Class of '70 Church of the Nazarene Delta, Colorado 4 Come Qzg Way-To Visit Or To Stay REV. GARTH HYDE, Pastor Spitlmnv Eiirizzi Slxppitrtis N.N.C. Come and Visit With Us and Christ James Tapley Pastor Vic Dunton Youth Pastor 18 First Church ot the Nazarene ,- W. 704 Nora ' Spokane, Washington 99205 S Iiiiriat Qllturrlt uf Ihr Nazarvnw Lewiston. Idaho . I, -t.. ii gjvtliiiisisiiiiimiwi' I r 'IA LOYAL FRIEND OF N.N.C. - PROVID ING OUR YOUNG PEOPLE AS HER STUDENTS AND WORKING WITH GRADUATES TO FIND A PLACE OF SERVICE IN THIS EXCITING AND PROGRESSIVE AREA." CHARLES A. WILKES Pastor ifirut Qliurrli uf Thr LNLIELIITIKI' Corner 2nd Aw. and fltli St. Kalispell, Momma Heartily endorses 81 supports N.N.C. ' .s. with prayers, ?4.5li,N,wL,,r.jgfg3 students, and ,-"1 ii " budgets. 'ii I .viii Ji N. James Bartz, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS to the cLAss or 1970 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE IQO7 West Court St. Pasco, Washington Clair W. Kern, Pastor 5' if2.g.1i4i Ili' 9 QC 4. .A X, A if"'j 5 , ,Ex 'Q-X Q.. X Y 4 ' O DENVER Efir-at Qlmrrh uf thv NbIEbIfL'lIL' 200 S. NIHWllllk0f' Dmwor, Colorado 3?""-1. A, Dullilltl xvvlllllllll R4bQl'f Clilj' N1g1lIu'ws -, Parlor Youth ViSililIi1lll lv' .1 A ,- -5,1 ., ,A-sq, , ,WWE . - H 1: ,wx . ri- ,Qgk 1-Q' fig-Qt, erin, 3:2335 1 f ,fc-,.f -.Y. - .- ..., Q , : sf" y 4Y'Q'fs,rxfgg. V s Il jp z., 5"f":r 2 f ' X is 59 ifirst Qlyurrly uf Ihr Nuzanrvnu' 4 F, REV. HUGH Ii. IIINES, PHSIOI' 13th and IC. St. Anchorage, Alaska A spiritual, growing, friendly Nazarene Congregation at the Air crossroads of the World. N.W.M.S. Pl'l'Silll'IlIg BURIJIE STRAIT N.Y.P.S. Pre-sifl:-nl, IDWAIN SKIPWORTH SL1lldaySchoul SlllN'I'illll'll1il'lll, MILLARD OWENS Greetings From Quurvll Qhurrh uf ilu' NZlS2iIl'l'1Il' 500 E. Franklin Connell, Washington me Artprvriatri auth Suppufl XXI V iq Roger J. Wegner "W Pastor X Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1970 nrilanh Qlwtral 116 N.E. 29th Ave. Portland, Oregon mln the heart of Portland For the hearts of Portlandi' Best Wishes From N.N.C. Alumni and friends in the Idaho Falls First Church of the Nazarene Ray R. Glenn, Pastor Pfluuutexiu llivtu Qlwrrh nf ilu' Xazzanrvnv of Longmont, Colo. Salutes and Supports N.N.C. with prayers, budgets and students. illllnrvlzmh Qihurrh uf tltv Naznrvxw 7805 S.E. 17th Avenue Portland, Oregon PORTLAND MORELAND 0 Salutes The '70 Graduates 0 Backs the College 0 Congratulates the College in lts Progressiveness C. W. Grim, Assit. Pastor George Dunliar, Director ol Music M. V. LAWS, Pastor 4 'P -.Q"l.ll0lll3KKK If .MNIMIU The congregation at Hillsboro, Oregon Church of the Nazarene A ff-f -says Y ' Congratulations fClass ol T970 as Xyiffrlmigbf ood Bless You N.N.C. 4' , 55 ,J ,f A gi, -SQ g 'fmrzrii L I 17 V, y T 1 Y' Pastor Our students g Steve Mishler, Jerry Miller, J, L. VanArsdel Judy Moore, Wally Moore, Jim VanArsdel hr' FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE GRANDVIEW, WASHINGTON Our church is located in the beautiful Yakima Valley where ln- dustry and Agriculture rneet. The Church of the Nazarene in Grandview is the largest Holiness Church in the Lower Valley. The Grandview Church believes in and supports Northwest Naz- arene College and sends its youth. John W, Lundy Pastor " M Qhurrlr uf tlui Zxyblfblflllll' GOD BLESS YOU ' ., Class of '70 ' E3 Ketchikan, Alaska gh J. EARL sAMs, Pastor 5 N Qtillrrvsst Miss Miss Miss Miss OUR STUDENTS Hope Locke Peggy Johnston Patricia Johnston JoAnn Elliott Qluirrli uf thv jfbliblfltlllt Vancouver, Vlfashirtglrmri P. J. Bartrarn, Pastor "Fishers ot Men in the Salmon Capital H. E. Mosely, Associate ot the World" Warren Franklin, Music ry X Sruii A 23 Qhurrh uf thc ,LTEIZCIIWEIIP K E,-,1-.p I X i ,y Q - I' xi ...TP 10 7 mv' ,. S-hu: U rulh 1 ls" my n ,,gY.L ' M""""""Q- Nth vl Qhurrh uf tlw 3vblSbI1'L'1lL' 5.'Ll11r1':1I lfh-xmilli Mulin- - ' A fXll'I'Ul'N IC. XIO'I"l'N XXI I' i5llKli'iiIIIl'. XXIQISIIIIIIJIUII ' CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '70 OUR STUDENTS Bs-a Jamhsf-n Dfxhhi Pvrkins John Oshnrn Kathy Luhn KARCHER MALL Idahois Largest Shopping Center 7' x' - . . -4 ' M ' ,,u rl. -s - - TV vm, W X- , Q -an V h XA L,-,,gh., K . ' I E '-I-H-.... ' ' A 4 ""'4o-vs--V hggia- " N ""'X. X f, x, k,.....N "6 - - . , F L , A , .. y K x K 'R ' Q ' ff'-Q-... b , 'Y' - -N, v ' K ut... ' f- u"'u'V. ' . -f X I 1 , , . - , QM Q.. ,"' , A ' - ,.. Wx, . . -ww - X ..j:':' . '- ML - v if nffj 'ij' . - 'X-C. s YK - -' vp- ' Is., WW.. A ew- - ""'.d,, Serving Entire Boise Valley HIGHWAY 30, WEST OF NAMPA 466-9276 Danni Dcwlupnwnt Corpurzilimi Slmhlv Lhxrk Qhurrlx uf ilu' XbISbl1'L'llL' N. P17121 :Xsh 51111-1 Spnhalrlv. XYilSiliIl:li4YIl OVR S'I'lilJICN'l'S: I,1ll'l'f LAYLVIIIIIII i'iSlh1'I'i,ill4iivh1Ull1 x' ' ' I l'ISl'Ili1lN4YlII1Ll "Sf'l'l'flIg' Clzrisl in .Yn1'fl11u'sf S1mf.'1111r"' 4TXlil,'I'.l,lNlJlil.O0Xl.IRM.-1' Congratulations Class of '70 COLLEGE BOOKSTORE S h I S ppl G IT Sp T ng Goods ATS ppl Lewis reossms, Mcmggef C IyL Cl NNCS C1 c: AS AN ALUMNUS you will travel far 'L ,Jn Q'-Z 1 ' wr in but we are waiting your return! ALUMNI ASSOCIATION NORTHWEST NAZARENE COLLEGE Nampa Fellowship Federal Credit Union 423 Holly NAMPA, HTAHO Congratulates N.N.C. 's 1970 Graduates X90 'V G Q1 o INSTANT SERVIHE h . , 1 K5 ui The elecfrlcny you'lI need nexl Q 5 hosn'T been mode yef. BUT go Q , oheod, flnp C1 switch If will be 9 v reolclyw en you ore lDAHO PUWER CUMPANY BKaXV5a V gggftpzzzri Illia .-, 'J Q Prescription PhEl1'IllElCy -MF rf fir C3 fe 3' JIM MALLEA ir? N----1 720 16th Ave. So. Dial 4166-T323 M-1'us5 lqmm l'wI'iVs0Il Hull 5? A '1' .11 , 1. 5 W Iv, 5, D' - -ff, if 3 V " i' g 'I R, . Kf - P - . -,zvx QF: ,ffl 'L' ' .- f " . Qi-'Rav ,. aa' :fvr -if X Qu y - ' 4" 'M -' 911 ' - 3, 1' 4 ' N ,' .gt 2.79 B 312121 1 "' .Alia . Y ,,. I. -I .S I ' , Q 5 L .QTY s,l.,QE,w exp ..,-:,:5g,g':7f f I 551 9 f 41' :ff- , . ff' '- ff ' ' if . - .. ,.,. ' if I DRUG SIORIE f.-.n.:::::?igi , s S CUR TY -'--H - FIRTE I ff ' 1' - -... I:.-f'fI'C3:'.ff': ' 'I ""' BANKAMERICARD , I o 4:g-:.':f41z5,':- - Ki 5:3-gq':z3:r 'f' Wi .ZW . 0 v r ' hm-y ,I 'f" 1. - f 153 123 usb iafi :-E-:2-'- '-:- -:'z-:-ze:- . .- 2 .1 -' Q1 .-5-ex A f?,?Ef?. ,,9l"?"9' mucus 3.-T. 7' ' ' I sans: A MB ' ge 70:26 1305 Qnd sts. gd? wwe N , Id h Dlllulllljiccgno-2245 Store Hours 9-9 ' lloyd Lumber Co. BUILDING MATERIAL ABERDEEN COAL llc-altlilllairlr-l's lor l,l'Llll-I,ilIIIlJt'I'l llaiinl We Appreciate the College THANK YOU 12-14th Ave. So. Phone 466-2434 'LTHOINIPSONS OIL - the next best thing to an Oklahoma credit C21I'Cl.,, Thompson's Gil Co. Frontier Service 20 Years Service 72-I 12th Ave. Hd. Dial 466-9976 Across From Nampa High 9 5 ? T A YOU ndrpemlml T lmuranrf IAGEIIT N -uns von HE' WM. GLEN REED INSURANCE AGENCY 116 - 13th Avenue South 466-2466 When you lhink of INSURANCE lhink of GLEN REED SUPER THRIFT DRUG up r hrift Q E NAMPA'S FRIENDLIEST DRUG STORE WITH COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE S Sz H GREEN STAMPS T12 HOLLY 466-8488 IN HOLLY SHOPPING CENTER Groceries 1 . Bakery Meats Variety Fountain Albel'fSOl1 Total Discount Food Center 715 12th Avenue South Nampa qfawafmf ' Y ---FINE MEN'S WEAR- FOR 22 YEARS N.N.C.'s FAVORITE MEN'S STOREU 1309 First St. South Dial 466-5511 iff -sw. Wvme Dcuyziea 424-12th Ave. Rd. Nampa, Idaho Phone 466-2453 . . ,, . A ., ,,,,,. , .., ., X ,QM , T.. at Friends of NNC ALSIP FUNERAL CHAPEL Ngmpgl ,dom Serving Treasure Valley John Alsip Lorry Kroush Finer Dairy Products ..j.'ff"' T T eq CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '70 E 1 1 ,ffffjgprz ,A H, if ' KN if'ljLw,j:"' rf V ' ,V w J A ,. - 3-j?r,,?"f!f ,K f frwf. , ' .u?4?T' 1 , , ' : F351 I , .11 xggj I 4'-' 7 l-145i?',,1'1 " as , Q the Lot Xt X5 O e we rfNercK65 xbox XS be- COnSUme ' GS. nOY HKS comp 23:23 Y ver are new P my Un22:!nkr1Q1 Qgem KS famwfuwes A . memclno L0312Q 8 23 ,,,..- X Phone 466-2489 Nampa NAM IPA IIDIRY KIIl1,IICANIlCIRS KALBU OFFICE SUPPLY Nampa DVI' CIBOHHST? ' 1 A, i S DIC?-1., Y - "W, i14,1 iWm1.,,m,,:.1,1., ,, , '-" . ' II S atN U I 11 I 7 E 11, .:.! Y-13,11 1 1. 4' gm 5 , I vuocess 3 , 'lun 1124 - lst St. So. NAMPA Across from Post OIIICO Nampa. IIIQIIIU PI1. 'I66-0211 phone 466-4653 IZII1 Avo. CIl'2lll61'S 016.12111 111.-. 5.1. COmPI'me'IIS Of PICK III' AND III':I.IYI'IH I'I1011v I00-230137 FCOD SERVICE I Serving over 250 colleges and hospitals. mv., 5 . , 1' W. f ,T , . V' 'f ' 'f 'FFVMWV M? vi: . ' 69' ' -V1 -v , 'MM' 4, , , L . Is' ,.., , - - -Mx - 1.11 ... - . . . . Dick White, manager Clvanzng is an ar! not jus! 0 bzzsirzvss I AILIES Furniture 81 Appliances QUALITY FURNITURE DEPENDABLE APPLIANCES We Give S 81 H Green Stamps 1403 - 2nd St. So. - Nampa MANGUM CLINIC Proudly Supporis N.N.C. 1305 Iird St. South Nampa. Idaho Margaret Ammon Fashion and Sports Apparel . . . Dial 466-3111 110 -112th AVC. So, NAMPA, IDAHO The Best in Flowers YYCIIHIDCL CQYOIU! GO. Greenhouse To You Days Fresher FLOWER SHOP and OFFICE 1211 -2nd Street South Phones: 466-3508, 466-3509 94 R 8 V0il Co. ALL STANDARD OIL LEE'S RICHFIELD SERVICE 607 - 12th Ave. Rd. Nampa, Idaho U-HAUL RENTAL PRODUCTS NEW CHEVRON FURNACES Phone 46619930 Phone 466-3527 3, Place. - Wiih Nampa - Caldwell - Wilder Boron INSURANCE LIFE :: FIRE :: AUTO R L Jarvis 611 - 15th Ave. So. Nampa, Idaho 466-1936 - PHONE - 466-0277 STONES Your Home Core Center ' Lumber 0 Hardware and Paint 0 Coal 0 Building Material "The Pioneer Yord" Established l906 Lumber Yord Cool Yord Protect What You Value I5 Ninth Ave, So. IO Ninth Ave. So 466-2463 466-2464 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '70 from , ALEXANDER5 fl51'f'?4Di134oUm I Nlvnis uml Turing Nlt-nl lfilslllulls L now ln featuring QWHYEE SHQPPINQ CENTER N,x'l'1ox,x1,1.x' .-'klWl1li'l'lSFlJ izmxlvsi 4423 12 Ave. Rd. -1-66-24436 Best Wishes Class of '70 Bunn? Buick Burke Hudelson Ford' Burns Che6olet cuff anis: -Dobbs Brotherslea'-AMNLJ' Dobbs Dodge' Edmark Magus Edmark Chevrolet, ' h E Garlfgr Motor Co. Honslead ljotor cd Lodge Mot r, Inc. Q PM Uvwshw- f5.C,,,, SLM, QQ, 415, ,SVI Q-L TQUW -1- C-UVKL CANYON COUNTY NEW CAR DEALERS Qbglhthn PTQDf339hNa Mfh1AA2ATe,EC7rAnjLL+n T ERR YU OTOROLA C T Home Furnishings Hotpoint Appliances ll2 - lflth :Xvenue So. Nampa, ldaho Hamilton Jewelers U8 12th Ave. So. Hlfour feufeler Since I93l,, Sterling: Silver Km-psukv Diuriinmls Bulova Vlfalclies Spiwlvl Watcll Repair-arid Jewelry Repair lingruving and Diamond Setting Close location inthe M8iW Shopping Center Congratulations Class of '70 Holly Barber Shop open at 8 am 3 chairs 96 We have closed the door. But let's not lock it, This year has been permeated with hope, yet tinged with doubt. It was not a normal year because we are not normal. Your year was to you as my year was to me. Oasis '70 has permanently recorded as many im- pressionable moments-times ot growth-as was circumstantially permissible. Naturally, we missed some of your favorites. Not all of our senses can be H Should Never End written or pictured. For that reason, save your mem- ories, do not throw away their key. What is contained in them may unlock the future. These words are no more of an admonishment than is this book. lf we remember when, how, and why we have grown, the process will never cease. Gayle Moore, 1970 Editor ABENDROTH, JUDITH Pullman, Washington Oly., officer, Pi Omicron, officer, "You Can't Take It With You" ALLEN, JUDY Eagle Point, Oregon Spa., officer, SNEA, officer, Zeta Kappa Rho ALLEN, MIKE Medford, Oregon LSP, PEM Club, Vice President, President, Men's Judicial Board BALES, DONNA Wapato, Washington LSP: SNEA BEAN, CHERYLL Nampa, Idaho Spa., officer, AWS Council, Northwesterners, KCRH officer, Sweetheart Committee Birks, RUTH Woodburn, Oregon OIy,, Dooley Hall, Sec., Sociology Club, Sec., AWS, Sec., Culver Hall Council, Vice President, Pi Omicron BLAKESLEY, J EANETTE Valleio, California Oly., MENC, Flute Ensemble, Band BLA LOCK, MATTHEW Nampa, Idaho Spa. BRUENING, PAUL Seattle, Washington OIy,, CWB, officer, Oxford Dorm Council BUCHANAN, BEN Grandview, Washington Oly., CWB, Marshall Science Club, President CAMPBELL, LYNDA Nampa, Idaho ADP, ASB Vice President, Culver Hall, Pres- ident, Soph. Class Sec., Pi Omicron, Vice Pres- ident, Ski Club officer, Society officer, SNEA, Zeta Kappa Rho, Personnel Council, Pi Kappa Delta, Who's Who CANTRELL, TERRY Nampa, Idaho SLA, Men's Club, President, N Club, President CARPENTER, VERNON Nampa, Idaho ADP CHANEY, COLENE Nampa, Idaho Oly., officer, Ski Club, French Club, PE Club, Cheerleader, 2 years CHITTENDEN, BYRON Emmett, Idaho SLA, Crusader staff CLARK, MARK Nampa, Idaho Ath., ASB President, Freshman Class President, Soph. Class Rep., Jr. Class Rep., Oasis staff, Circle K, Vice President, Student Rotarian, Model UN, Circle K Service Award, Whos Who Senior Directorg CLAUSON, JOANNE Emmett, Idaho SLA, Scriblerus, President, Sunshine Club, of- ficer, Crusader staff, Nomad, editor CLIMER, DONALD Kent, Washington Oly., Young Republicans cLouoH, THOMAS Boise, Idaho SLA, Young Republicans, Vice Pesident, SNEA, Constitution Chairman, Model UN COLEMAN, LARRY Spokane, Washington LSP COU RSEY, BETH Farnam, Nebraska SLA, Phi Beta Lambda, Vice President, Sec., Dorm Council, SNEA CULBERTSON, GLEN Hermiston, Oregon LSP, CMA, officer, CWB, officer, Crusader staff, "The Merchant Of Venice", "A Man For All Seasons" DANIEL, PURVY Kennewick, Washington Oly., officer, Intramural track, SNEA, Pi Omi- cron, Gamma Nu Gamma, CWB DAVENPORT, DAVE Caldwell, Idaho Spa., SNEA, "Merchant Of Venice" DAVIDSON, FONNY Hood River, Oregon SLA, Scriblerus, Stage Band, Intramural Speech Award, "Enemy Of The People" DE HAME R, DALE Cedar, Iowa ADP, Cross Country, Chess Club, i'Pygmalion" DUNLAP, JEFF Sitka, Alaska Spa. DUNLAP, LINDA Walla Walla, Washington Oly., SNEA, Dooley Dorm Council EBERSOLE, KEITH Rupert, Idaiho EDELMAN, DAVID Casper, Wyoming Ath., officer EDELMAN, MELVALYN Mandan, North Dakota Ath., Morrison, Dooley, Culver Dorm Council, AWS Council, SNEA ELDRIDGE, ALAN Yakima, Washington LSP, Zeta Kappa Rho FAUSER, DAVID Tillamook, Oregon LSP, Dorm Council, All-Star Football, SNEA FERGUSON, CLARENCE Nampa, Idaho ADP FOSTER, STEPHEN Boise, Idaho Oly., N Club, officer, Cross Country, Phi Beta Lambda FRANK, RON Newport, Oregon LSP, officer, N-Club Chaplain, Men's Club, Vice President, Operation Satisfaction Committee FRIBERG, SCHERLIE Nampa, Idaho Spa., Pi Omicron, officer FRIBERG, THERON Nampa, Idaho SLA, officer, Freshman Class Chaplain, Intra- mural All-Star Football, Track, SNEA, Circle K FRITSCH, CRAIG Spokane, Washington LSP, Cheerleader, Ski Club FULLER, DEL Vancouver, Washington Oly., SNEA, Pi Omicron GALLOWAY, SHANNON Nampa, Idaho LSP, Vice President, PE Majors Club, Extramural Field Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Field, GNG, SNEA, Phi Beta Kappa GENTNER, KATHY Phoenix, Arizona ADP, Women's Judicial Board GOODE, LINDA: Donnelly, Idaho Ath., Pi Omicron, SNEA GRUBBS, RAYMOND Ketchikan, Alaska ADP, Young Republicans, SNEA, Marshall Sci- ence Club HARMAN, DANIEL Bismark, North Dakota Oly. HAYNES, RONALD Hazelton, Idaho ADP, SNEA HISHIDA, HIDEO Osaka, Japan Spa., CWB HUMPHREYS, SANDI Meridian, Idaho Oly., Scriblerus, officer, Zeta Kappa Rho HYBERTSON, DUANE Nampa, Idaho Ath., Junior Class President, Zeta Kappa Rho, Vice President, Junior Varsity Basketball, Circle K, Freshman Math Award, Junior Marshal, Whos Who JEFFRIES, ANNE Great Falls, Montana Spa., officer, CWB, Vice President, AWS, of- ficer, Morrison Hall, Chaplain, Dooley Singers, Soph. officer, Franchise Committee, GMS, of- ficer, Pi Omicron, Concert Band, Gospel Son's pianist, Freshman Sweetheart Princess, Miss Morrison JOHNSON, ROGER Nampa, Idaho SLA JOHNSTON, PATRICIA Ketchikan, Alaska Oly., SNEA, CWB, Sunshine Club KEA RNS, SUE Gold Beach, Oregon ADP, SNEA, officer KNIGHT, MERLYN Boise, Idaho ADP, Publications Board, Zeta Kappa Rho, Young Republicans, Outstanding Freshman Physics Award, "Aladdin's Lamp" LAMKIN, CAROL Vancouver, Washington Spa., Student Mission Corps, CMA, officer, CWB, officer, Senior Class Sec., Sec. of Culver Hall, Dooley Hall Council LAWSON, GA RY Alberta, Minnesota ADP, Senior Class Vice President, Basketball, N Club, Basketball Rebound Record LEACH, SUZANNE Riverton, Wyoming Spa., Phi Beta Lambda, officer LEPPERT, GLENN Caldwell, Idaho ADP, Youth For Christ, Weber County Intern LINDBLOOM, RUDY Boise, Idaho LSP, President, Circle K, officer, Ski Club, Pres- ident, Vice President, Chapman Hall, Vice Pres- ident, Publications Board, Sounding Board, Northwesterners, Crusader Choir LINDELL, MARILYN Seattle, Washington Oly, SNEA LITSEY, PAM Honolulu, Hawaii Oly., Chairman Jr. Class Musicale, Chairman Homecoming, ASG Musicale, Crusader staff, College Choir, Northwesterners, SNEA, MENC, Scriblerus McKAY, orzxxce Nampa, Idaho LSP, Philharmonic Choral Society, CWB, Wom- en's Glee Club, SNEA, Zeta Kappa Rho McCALLUM, KEN Kennewick, Washington Ath., Phi Beta Lambda MCCONNELL, STEPHEN Montour, Idaho Spa., Oxford Hall Treasurer, Track, Marshall Science Club, SNEA Mccuskev, DAN Nampa, Idaho SLA, Ski Club McMlLLlN, PHYLLIS Nampa, Idaho SLA, SNEA, Zeta Kappa Rho MAHLER, CONNIE Homedale, Idaho Ath., Sociology Club, Concert Band, CWB MANLEY, RONALD Nyssa, Oregon LSP, President MANNING, JANIS Walla Walla, Washington LSP, Stuart Scholarship from Carnation Co., Zeta Kappa Rho MARTIN, TERRY Fruitland, Idaho Ath,, Crusader Choir, Junior Class officer, Sen- ior Class President, Circle K, President, District Lieutenant Governor, Junior Varsity Basketball, Whos Who MAYNA RD, LYLE Lapwai, Idaho Spa,, Oxford Hall Sec., SNEA, Young Repub- licans MILLER, GRACE Ukiah, California Oly., officer, Sociology Club MONTZ, BERNICE Nampa, Idaho ADP, SNEA, Ski Club MONTZ, DALE Nampa, Idaho LSP, SNEA, Ski Club MOORE, BEN Nampa, Idaho Oly., Circle K, Vice President, Oasis Staff MOSTELLER, VIRGINIA Campinas, Brazil Oly., officer, Dooley Hall President, AWS Coun- cil, CWB Vice President, CMA, officer, Culver Hall Chaplain, Athletic-Literary Council, SNEA, GMS, Zeta Kappa Rho, Junior Sweetheart Prin- cess, Who's Who Movveizv, GLEN Orofino, Idaho Oly., Society Council, Sophomore Class Chap- lain, CWB, officer, Circle K, Whos Who, "You Can't Take lt With You" NAUTA, LARRY Klamath Falls, Oregon ADP, Ski Club, President, SNEA NAUTA, srieizrev Milton Freewater, Oregon ADP, SNEA OSTYN, WILMA Nampa, Idaho LSP PALMER, DOROTHY Nampa, Idaho SNEA, Phi Beta Lambda, Future Business Teacher of Idaho T968 PARNELL, CAROL Nampa, Idaho Spa., Ski Club, officer, Women's Judicial Board, Young Republicans, Sociology Club PARSONS, JOAN Alameda, California Ath., SNEA PERKINS, DEBBI Spokane, Washington Ath., officer, Freshman Class officer, AWS Council, Pi Kappa Delta, officer, Forensics, In- tramural Speech Director, Young Republicans, Zeta Kappa Rho, SNEA, Crusader Choir, Who's Who, Homecoming Queen, Four Speech Trophies PERRY, JAMES Kuna, Idaho Ath., CMA PETERSON, DAVE Minneapolis, Minnesota Band, College Choir, Young Republicans, CWB PETE RSON, LINDA Vancouver, Washington Dorm President, Dorm Council, Womens Judicial Board, Homecoming Committee, Music Club, officer, SMENC, Vice President, Academic Coun- cil, College Choir, Northwesterners, Zeta Kappa Rho, SNEA, Junior Marshal POSTERSKI, DEBORAH Picture Butte, Alberta, Canada Spa., SNEA, Ski Club, Young Republicans STIERWALT, SHARON Salem, Oregon OO PUGI-I, JUDY Caldwell, Idaho ADP, officer, Senior Class officer, SNEA, Vice President, GMS, officer, Dooley Hall officer, Zeta Kappa Rho, Vice President, Homecoming Chair, man, Pi Omicron, Ski Club, Young Republicans, Crisco Award, Who's Who RAYBO RN, ROBERT Bellflower, California Ath., Young Republicans, officer, KCRH, news director, Varsity Track, Scriblerus, Zeta Kappa Rho REICHLEIN, MARY KAY Bandon, Oregon LSP, SNEA RICK, SHERYL Orofino, Idaho Ath., Dorm Council, SNEA, Young Republicans, CWB ROBINSON, CHUCK Nampa, Idaho ADP, President, Basketball, Track, Cross Country ROGERS, DONNA Washougal, Washington Ath., Pi Omicron, officer, AWS Council, SNEA, CWB ROTH, LA RRY Ridgefield, Washington Oly., SNEA RUSSELL, RONALD Vernonia, Oregon Ath., PBL SALISBU RY, MA RY BETH Moscow, Idaho LSP, Womens Judicial Board, Culver Hall officer, AWS Council, Bookstore Committee, Scriblerus, Sunshine Club, Student Mission Corps SCOTT, CAROLINE Ontario, Oregon Oly., SNEA, officer, SIEA, officer, SMENC, Zeta Kappa Rho SCOTT, RUTH Nampa, Idaho Oly., CMA, SNEA, Spanish Club SCU DDE R, JOSEPHINE Nampa, Idaho Ath. SHAEER, DALE Van Zandt, Washington Ath., officer, Road Runner Track Club, GMS, CWB, "Merchant Of Venice", "You Can't Take It With You", "A Man For All Seasons", "Pyg- malion", "Enemy Of The People" smxrsre, GALE Deming, Washington SLA, officer, CWB, CMA, Young Republicans SHARP, CRYSTAL Helena, Montana Oly., Sunshine Club SHARP, STEVE Filer, Idaho Oly., officer, PEM, Vice President, Varsity Bas- ketball, Intramural sports SCHROLL, KAREN Colton, Oregon SLA SILVERS, SHERRY Kimberly, Idaho ADP, Sunshine Club, Vice President, Scriblerus, Crusader Staff, Personnel Council, SNEA, Womens Judicial Board SIMMONS, JOHN St. Louis, Missouri SLA, Basketball SKEEN, RICK Grangeville, Idaho Ath,, President, N Club, Chaplain, CMA, officer, Oxford Hall President, CWB, officer, Tennis award SMITH, DEIORES Helena, Montana LSP, officer, Crusader staff, PE Majors club, of- ficer, GNG, officer, Varsity Tennis, Intramural Awards, Extramural Hockey, Basketball, Volley, ball, Track SMITH, ooizooisi Paradise, California Spa,, Wrestling, SNEA, N-Club sMirH, TERRY Bend, Oregon LSP, GMS, President, Scholarship Committee, Religious Life Committee, Society President, Northwesterners, College Choir, Collegian Quarf tet, Who's Who STALLCOP, PAUL Harre, Montana SLA, Finance Committee, ASB Treasurer, Phi Beta Lambda, State President, Circle K, Whos Who STEWART, ARLENE Nampa, Idaho Ath., SNEA STEWART, JAMES Nampa, Idaho LSP, officer, CMA Ephrata, Washington SLA, officer, GNG, Phi Beta Lambda, PBL STONEMAN, DA RLENE Weiser, Idaho Spa., Dorm Council, AWS Council, SNEA, Home- coming Princess SUMMERS, TOM Rock Springs, Wyoming LSP, SNEA SWANDER, ALBERTA Sweet, Idaho Spa,, officer, Pi Omicron, President, SNEA TAYLOR, CONNIE Ontario, Oregon Spa., officer, Intramural Award THOMPSON, JIM Eugene, Oregon Ath., officer, Circle K, officer, KCRH Manager, Junior Class Vice President, Varsity Track, Cross Country, Who' s Who TISH, JEAN Caldwell, Idaho ADP, SNEA, Pi Omicron VAN ARSDEL, JIM Hillsboro, Oregon Spa., President, Sociology Club, Track, Cross Country, N Club VAN HOOSER, GARY Nampa, Idaho Ath., SNEA, Marshall Science Club VARNER, CATHERINE Pullman, Washington LSP, CWB, Sociology Club WALKER, DA RLENE Pacific Palisades, California SLA, Oasis staff, ASB Vice President WARDENAAR, SUSAN Oak Harbor, Washington LSP, SNEA, Crusader Choir, Concert Band, Flute Ensemble WESTCOTT, RICHARD Vale, Oregon ADP, Phi Beta Lambda, Young Republicans WHETSTINE, LORETTA Riverton, Wyoming SLA, Pi Omicron, officer, SIEA, State Sec., Ski Club, SNEA WI LLETT, ROD Bandon, Oregon Ath., Sociology Club, Stage Band, Scriblerus, Music Club WILLIAMS, MARCIE San Jose, California Spa., Transfer from Pasadena College WILLIS, CA ROL Ath., AWS Vice President, SNEA, Ski Club, CWB, Sweetheart Queen WINE, PATRICIA Huntington, Indiana ADP, Young Republ icans, WOODCOOK, DALE Nampa, Idaho Ath. ZINK, TERRY Eugene, Oregon ADP, KCRH Technician, With You" SNEA "You Can't Take It ..A... Abbott, Lee 201 Abbott, Linda 191 Abendroth, Judy 162 Abercrombie, Jan 191 ACADEMIC COUNCIL 114 Index Blum, Evaiean 201,241 BOARD OF REGENTS 111 Bolles, Marcia 38,191 Book, Eldon 181 Book, Glenda 191 BORCHERT, JANICE 117 Borden, Gerald 202,241 Amer Ackley, Dixie Ackley, Richard 162,240 ALBA N, RUTH 122 ALEXANDER, PAM 124,232 Alexander, Ron 181 Allen Bruce 9,191 Alleni Judy 162 Allen, Michael 162 Allen, Tommie 181 ine, Linda 201 Borgens, Patti 8,181,234 Borgens, Terria 202 Boschker, David 202 Bowers, Karen 162 Boyd, Beverly 191 Boyd, Doreen 202 BOZARTH, BEULAH ,118 Bdzdrflr, Kathy Q02,241 Bralbec, Leo 191 Brasch, John 191,236 Anderson, Jill 201 ANDERSON, JOHN 115 Anderson, Judy 191 Anderson, Kathleen 1180 Anderson, Nancy ,201 Appelt, Carolyn 191,232,247 Applebee, Cal 201 Arnold, Mary Ann 201 Arnesen, Brad l87,89,20l,241 Austin, Carol +191 Ax, Ray 191 Bailey, Leola 201 Bailey, Dean 181 Baird, David 191 Balding, Dave Q01 Bales, Donna 162 Bales, Marvin 2,191,237 Ballard, Becky 27,201,237 Ballenger, Darlene 201 BAKER, BESSIE 130 Barney, Francis 201 Barnhouse, Lonnie 8,101,181,237 Bartlow, Barbie 2,34,180,181,226,240 Bartlow, Vonnie 181,228,245 Bartolaba, Gene 191 Barton, Stephen 53,144,181,223,246 Bates, Suzi 27,191 Bean, Cheryll 162,235 Bean, Karen ,8,181,229,237,245 Bean, Ronald 201,237 Beasley, Pamela 201 Beeson, Annette 191 Beeson, Ellen 201 Beets, Cyndee 201 Beggs, Charity 1201 Belisle, Lois 181,234,238,245 Bell, Brenda '201 Bellamy, Penny 201,249 Belzer, Charles 181,201 Belzer, Joy 181 Benedick, Mike 42,191 ,226,248 Bennett, Joan 181 Bennett, Sandy 201,237 BENIGHT, ELLA 116 Bensuaski, Fernando 19,191,241 Bentley, William 191 Bergen, Sharon 1201 Berman, Douglas 241 Bershauer, Kathy 201 Best, Glenna 201 Betzer, Dottie .201 Beymer, Aline 191 Birks, Bonnie 181 Birks, Grace 191,227 Birks, Ruth 162,228,231,234,245 Bish, Monte 191 Bishop, Diana 201 BITTLESTON, GENEVA 161 Bitton, Kathy 191 Black, Sarah 191 Blacklock, Al ,80,84 Blacklock, Sammee 201,228 Blades, Sheryl 241 Blaine, Nadene 181 Blakeslee, Ray 181 Blakesley, Jeanette 162 Blalock, Matthew 162 Blalock, Victoria .201 Blankenship, Neal 191,234 Blanksma, Wayne 181 Bloomquist, Douglas 201,241 BLOOMQUIST, MARVIN 12,41,241 Bratt, Stephanie 180 BRATT, WALLIS 142 Breeding, Kenneth 192,243,248 Biggs, Ron 202 Brister, Phyllis 202 Broomfield, -Roxie 202 Brown, Joseph 1162 Brown, Millie 232 Brown, Steven 162 Brown, Wayne 192,225,226 Browns, Donald 181 Bruening, Julie 202 Bruening, Paul 162,233,244 Bruner, Karen 87,89,202,227 Buchanan, Ben 165,231 Buckle, Louise 192 Bundy, Dorothy 202 Bunn, Ben 192,199 Bunn, Jeanette 192,237 Burrell, Cheryl 202 Burton, Larry 192,243 Burk, Virginia 192,236 BYERS, MARVIN 137 Byrd, Mike 231 Byrd, Mary 37,192 ...C- Caba, Alan 192 Calame, Lois 202 Cameron, Lynne 192 Campbell, Bill 181 Campbell, Darrel 202 Campbell, Kathy 38,88,192,241 Campbell, Lyndd 13,40,149,163,218,226, 228,245 Canonge, Sue 162 Cantrell, Carmen 192 Cantrell, Robert 21,181 Cantrell, Sheila 202 Cantrell, Terry 163 Carlson, Reed 202 Carlson, Stephen 202 CARPENTER, JUDY 112 Carpenter, Paul 202 Carpenter, Vernon 163 Carr, Kathy 163 Carruthers, Paul 192 Castle, Connie 37,192,241,247 Castledine, Jan 55,181 Caswell, Pamela 88,181 Chadwick, Judy 192 Chaney, Colene 163 Chase, Connie 202 Chatelain, Jerry 202 Chittenden, Byron 163,222 Chittenden, Terry 202 Churchill, Orv 192,248 Cin, Linda 192 Clark, MGl'li 44,l5o,1e3,216,218,219,226 Clauson, Joanne 163,222 Clem, Sue 192,232,247 Cleveland, Doug 182 Clifton, David 90,163 Climer, Don 164,241 Cline, Jerald 192 Clough, Tom 164,227,230 Coghill, Richard 203 Coker, Daniel 98,164 Coil, Ruth 192 Collar, Randy 203 Collins, Deanna 192 Collins, Gay 8,192,241 Collins, Mark 7,230 Cook, Marian 182 Cooper, Gary 203 Coryell, Randy 32,226,240,241,242 Cotner, Rebecca 203,223 Coursey, Beth 164,229,245 Cowan, Donna 203 Cox, Donna 203 Crabtree, Loren 203 Craft, Bonnie 182 Craker, Randall 203 Crandall, Joyce 203 Crenshaw, Jessieve 192 Cross, Steven 192 Croft, Bob 101,203,237,238 Crowfoot, Nadine 8,182,222 Culbertson, Glen 164,233 CULVER, THELMA 20,73,108,114 Cunningham, Debby 203 Cummings, Michael 203,234,241 CURL, HARROLD 136,231 -9- Ddle, Duane 42,182,216,218,226,243 Dale, Lee 180,182,189,218,226,243 Dale, Tom 192,243 Damon, Janice 203 Daniel, Purvy 164,245 Danker, Gerry 182 Danker, Terry 182,241 Davenport, Dave 165 Davidson, Fanny 13,55,165,243 Davis, Debbie 192,238 Deakins, Lynn 118,192 Deakins, William 165 DEAN, MICKEY 54,144,180 DE MOTT, RICHARD 135 Degarmo, Larry 182 Del-lamer, Dale 165 DEMMER, JUANITA 130 Denney, John 165,232,243,25O Dickerson, Steve 87,89,203 Dietrich, Bonnie 192,236,237 Dillabaugh, Linda 5,42,l93,22O,247 Dillon, John 193 Ditchen, Diane 182,228 Ditchen, Ruth 193 Dobbs, Linda 203,237 Dobbs, Sharma 182,241 Dodge, Jam 192,232,248 Doerksen, Donald 193,234 Dorband, John 227,231,237 Dougan, Ed 20,204 Dougherty, Karen 204 Douglas, Dwight 193,233,235 Douglas, Marita 182,228,230,232,233 Drain, Bill 227 DuBois, Bayard 182,226,237,242 DU BOIS, L. J. 120 Duckworth, Eunice 183 Duke, Rebecca 183 Dunbar, Julia 183 Dunlap, Jeffrey 165 Dunlap, Linda 165 Dunnuck, Mary 193 Durbin,QJim 193 Dyer, Judy 193 ..E.... Eason, Muriel 204,237 Ecker, Bob 8,98,99,182,183,236 Edelman, Bob 165 Edelman, Melvalyn 165 Edes, Carolyn 204,241 Edgin, Janet 165 Eclson, Bonita 204 Edward, Tom 22,165 Ehler, Darell 193 Eisenbarth, Linda 193,247 Eldridge, Alan 165 Eldridge, Judy 5,193,247 Elliott, Joanne 193 Ellis, David 54,55,183,227,243 Ellis, Pamela 203,204,241 Ellis, Robert 241 Ellis, Sheryl 204 Emerson, Vickie 204 Enderby, Lindsay 183,250 Eppes, Darlene 147,193 Erickson, Annette 193 Erickson, Janel 204,241 Eshelman, Brett 36,53,183 Estep, Cheri 27,204 Estep, Sandra 204 Evans, Carol 193,204,228,247 Evans, Maxeen 183 Everhart, Marilyn 204,241 -F- Falk, Murray 204 Fargo, J. Steven 166 Fauser, David 166 FELTAR, JAMES 131 Fender, -Rodney 193 Fender, Shirley 204 Ferguson, Clarence 166 Fieldstad, Eric 193 Finkbeiner, Elaine 193 Finkbeiner, Kay 183 Finn, Connie 204 Fisk, Clinton 193 Fix, Mike 2,32,59,190,193,242 Flanagan, Mike 204 Fleming, Sandy 205 Flinner, Judith 29,183,238 Flory, Susan 205 Flowers, Harold 183 FORD, GILBERT 13,143 Forges, Floyd 205 Foronda, Doris 29,183,238 Forsythe, Jeff 205,241 FOSBENNER, GERALD 112 Foster, Steve 78,79,166,236 Fowler, Doug 84,89 Fountain, Gayle 123,193,241 Fradenburgh, Ruth 183 Frank, Ronald 166,246 Franklin, Ranetta 205 Frazier Sam 90183 236 244 Freitagl, Kenneth I 183 I French, John 205 Friberg, Jan 183,216,218 Friberg, Ken 205 Friberg, Mervyn 194,233,234,2 Friberg Friberg Fritsch, Fukue, Scherlie 166 235 , Theron 166 I Craig 84,89,166 Hitoshi1Paul1 50,166 Fulcher, Kandice 194 Fuller, Delores 166 FULLER, TIMOTHY 145 -G... Ga cey, James 167,231 Galloway, Judy 205 Galloway, Shannon 167 Gann, Carolyn 205,241 Gates, Sanford 10,194 Geariety, Susan 205 Gebhardt, James 205,250 Gehrke, JoAnne 183,236,241 Gellatly, Chris 194 Gellatly, Nancy 42,183 Gentner, Kathy 167,228 Geselle, Chuck 90,91 ,1 83,236 Gestrin, Elsie 183,228,236 Gibson, Roger 167,183,231 Gillard, Chris 205 Gimberg, Maureen 194 GISH, DEL 141 GISH, MARJORIE 125 Givens, Lawrence 194 Givens, Virginia 183 Glassco, Gary 205 Glaze, Donald 205 Glenn, Janie 205,241 Golladay, Donald 184,241 Goode, Linda 167 Gortsema, Marlene 205 Goss, Wesley 184 Graham, Laird 80,194 Grant, Peggy 184,241 Greene, Ruth Ann 194 Greeno, Patty 190,194 Grubbs, Raymond 167 Gulley, Terry 194,237 Guy, Robert 205,241 ..H... Hadder, Bart 205 Hagemeier, Doug 205,237 Haidle, Mariorie 194 41,248 Hail, Cheryl 194 Hallin, Chuck 205,241 Hampton, Jarold 8,184,246 Hanes, Nancy 205 Hansen Bruce 8,184 Hansen Dale 205 Hansen, Gloris 194 Hanson, Judy 194,236,237 Hanson, Jeanne 205 Hanson Rodney 184,226,236,239 Hardesty, Bruce 80,184 Hardesty, Sue 233 Harem, Kathy 205 Harman, Dan 167 Harman, Gena 205 Hqrouff, Nadine 205,249 HARPER, E. J. 116 Horns, Garry 52,146,205 1 07? Harris, Sharon 205 Harvey, Meridan 194,238 Hartwig, Rick 100,101,194,236,237 Hartwig, Sally 205 Hauser, Paula 184,223 Hawkinson, Gale 184 Haynes, Ronald 167 Hays, Gary 86,205 Hein, Val 98,206 Heighton, Lonnie 19-4,224,243,248 Helling, Douglas 250 Helling, Gerald 194,222 Helliwell, Kim 8,184,231 Helstrom, Herb 194 Hempel, Beverly 2,14,37,184,24O Henning, Howard 206 Henske, Lillian 184 Herrick, Barbara 167 Herring, Dennis 194 Herring, Mary 205,249 Hicks, Beth 206 Hicks, Greg 206,214 Hicks, Marilyn 206,214 HILL, D. E. 140 Hill, Delayne 194,241 HILL, HELEN 110 Hill, Kent 98,99,184,218,226,243 Hill, Martin 2,184,224,24O,241 HILL, REGINALD 130 Hill, Ruth 206 Hills, Dave 90,206 Hills, Lynn 194 HILLS, ORRIN 132 Hilliard, Janice 194 Hinderliter, Bill 194,237 Hinderliter, Jack 206 Hishida, Hideo 167 Hobson, Joe 195,220,237,238 Hoffman, Janet 195 Hoffman, Joseph 206 Hoffman, Randy 206 Hokom, Eda 168 Holmquist, James 206 Holmquist, Ted 168 Honea, Jan 238 Honea, Lynn 234 Hoover, Melodie 168 HOPKINS, MARTHA 132,236,237 Hopkins, Nancy 241 Hopkins, Shirley 206 Horst, Judith 168 HORWOOD, JEAN 133,236 HORWOOD, WILLIAM 79,90,9l,101,132 Hoshide, Kathy 206 Howard, Kathy 27,195,228 Howard, Vance 206 Hoyt, Bill 195 Hull, Joanne 206,241 Hull, Ronald 195,238 Human, Larry 185 Humbard, Sharon 206 Humphreys, Sandi 168 Hunter, Wanda 185,238 Hurn, Jan 35,195,235 Hybertson, Dave 185,227 Hybertson, Duane 43,151,168,226 Hysmith, Susan 8,185,230,236,238 lkerd, Bernard 169,231 Iles, Gwenann 185 IMEL, ARTHUR 143 irish, Jam 195,236,248 -J- JACKSON, JAMES 139 Jackson, Robert 206 Jackson, Stephen 195 Jacobson, Bea 195 Jamison, Glenda 169 Jamison, Greg 10,98,99,195,220 225 226,236 Janzen, John '185 Janzen, Randy 206 Jedan, Edith 195,247 Jeffries, Anne 28,169,233 Jensen, Shannon 201,206,228,241 249 Jeppesen, Barbara 185 John, Eldon 206 Johnson, Dennis 22,80,195 JOHNSON, EVELYN 117 Johnson, Janet 206,241 Johnson, Lois 185,238 Johnson, Roger 169 Joh'nson, Sherry 206 JOHNSON, WILLADEAN 138 Johnston, Patricia 169 Johnston, Peggy 206 JONES, J. WILLIAM 127 Jones, Vicki 195 -K- Kaptein, George 206 Karpstein, Gretchen 206,249 Kaye, Barbara 206,241 Kearns, Sue 123,169 Keeney, Michael 206 Keim, Karen 71,180,239 Keller, Don 2,58,79,185,236,240 241 246 KEOPPEL, FERN 129 KEOPPEL, KENNETH 98,136 Ketterling, Kathleen 195,227,237 Kern, Jerry 207 Kershner, Linda 207 Ketchum, Dan 32,19O,195,218,225 242 248 Keyes, Melissa 185 Killion, Emma 207 KINCAID, JO 123 King, Pamela 207 Kirschenmann,Stan T85 Kirschner, Jackie 207 Kittelson, Connie 207 KJONAAS, HILDA 249 Kliewer, Pat 195,238 Knapp, Katherine 195 KNIGHT, FRED 134,230 Knight, Joyce 38,190,195,241 Knight, Merlyn 53,169 Koenig, Norman 169 Koller, Ervin 184,244 Kuo, David 2 ....L... LaCeIle, Chrys 195,241 Laeger, Fred 86,201,207 LAIRD, IRVING 54,121,218 Laird, Sharon 207 Lamkin, Carol 161,169,233 Lancaster, Terry 207,237 Lane, Patricia 207 Langley, Jim 195,237 ' LANHAM, JO ANN 116 Lanham, Stephen 80,86,207 Lanman, Dan 185,236 Largent, Ellen 207,231,241,249 Larson, Glenna 207 Larson, Scott 207 Lasell, Elaine 185,228,249 Latter, Carol 195,237 Lawhead, Sharon 195 Lawrence, Edward 207 Lawson, Gary 76,80,82,83,85,161 169 Lawson, Judy 207 Lawson, Nancy 195 Lay, Donna 207 Leach, Suzanne 169,229 Leavelll Stephen 195 Lee, Alice 195,241 Lee, Christy 207 Lee, David 207 Lee, Marily 195 Lee, Mary 185 Morris, Le Master, Eleanor 169 Lenker, Lewis 207 Leppert, Glenn 169,227 Lewis, Earnie 195 LEWIS, LILLIAN 130 Lewis, Ron 207 Lindbloom, Esther 2,240,241 Lindbloom, Rudy 2,3O,58,169,226,240 Lindell, Marilyn 170 Lindey, Vicki 195 LISK, SHARADAN, M.D. 125 Litke, Terry 90,18O,186,236 Litsey, Pamela 2,58,17O,240 Litsey, Shari 5 Litsey, Tom 103 Locke, Hope 207 Loeber, Carol 196,236 Loeber, Lorna 206,241 Logue, Ron 186 Long, David 206,234 LONG, NAOMI 131 LONG, RUTH 140 Lookingbill, Marilu 196 LUBIENS, EUGENE 2,141 Luhn, Bob 11,76,80,152,161,l70 Luhn, Dick 80,86,87,208,218 Luhn, Kathleen 196,232 Luik, John 13,71,218,223 Lyons, Terry 208 LYTLE, JANINE 128,208 Miller, Ron 208 MILLER, ROXIE 138 Miller, Sheree 208 Miner, Marilyn 232 Mishler, Steve 208 Mittelstaedt, Darla 2,196 Mixf Ti 196 Mondell, Gary 208 Money, Douglas 77,79 Montgomery, Connee 55,241 MONTGOMERY, KEN 19,54,117 Perry, James 172 Perry, Robert 209 Peterma Petersen Peterson n, Randy 43,209 , Daylene 235 , Alan 209 Moon, Beverly 208,249 Montz, Bernice 171 Montz Dale 171 M6615 Ben 171,221,226 Moore, Bill 232 ,Don 208 Moore Moore, Gayle 186,218,221 Moore, Judy 196 Moore, Louise 171 Moore, Marsha 209,228 Moore, Wallace 187 Moran, Sherry 187,223 Morgan, Allan 37,196,237,241 Morgan, Esther 172 Morgan, Edwin 171 Morgan, Pam 172 MORITZ, FLORADELL 112 Morrell, Jim 244 Dennis 209 Peterson, Dale Peterson, Kevin Peterson, Linda Pewitt, Carolyn Phar, Dianne Phelps, Stephen Phelps, Stephen Pittwood, Carol 173 209 2,173,240,241 209 209 D. 209 P. ao,e6 197 Pohl, Trisha 197,238,241 Porterfield, David 187 Porterfield, Richard 209 Posterski, Debora 173 Potter, Aaron 187 Potter, Marilyn 197 McKay, Grace 170 ..-Mc... McBride, Donn 208,224 McCallum, David 90,92,208 McCallum, Kenneth 170 McCallum, Leonard 90,186,243 McConnel, James 208,223 McConnell, Jeanna 222 McConnell, Steve 170,231,244 McCuskey, Dan 170 McDANlEL, CAROL 116 McDowell, Ellen 196,237,241 McEntyre, Anita 208,237 McFadden Sue 208 McGarrah, Jill 208 McKague, Peggy 170 McKee, Vernon 208 Morris, Linda 209,241 Morris, Loretta 187,231 Morrow, Craig 209 Mortimer, David 196,241 Mosley, Marshall 209 Mosteller, Elizabeth 197,218,228,241,247 Mosteller, Virginia 123,154,172,228,238,245 Mottram, Roy 209 Mowery, Glen 155,172,226,233 Mueller, Carol 172 Mullen, Marvin 197,227 Myers, Michael 201,209 -N- Noding, Gail 209 Nauta, Larry 172 Nauta, Sherry 172 Neer, Greg 197 Powell, Jean 187,236 Powell, Kathryn 209 Powell, Pamela 210 Powell, Terry 187 Powers, Lynne 210 Puckett, Rolynd 187,243 Pugh, Judy 157,161,173,230,233,236 Purkey, Daniel 197 Price, Patricia 210 Pruett, Ruthann 196,237 -Q- Quanstrom, Joyce 210,241,249 -R- Rais, John 197 Rank, Janice 210 Ratclift, Patricia 210 Rey, Katha 187,231 Ray, Maureen 210 Rayborn, Richard 197 Rayborn, Robby 98,173 Rawe, Nancy 210 Redman, Debra 210 Reed, Darrell 210 Reed, Ruth 210 Reichlein, Mary Kay 173 Reigard, Linda 197 Rice , Michael 197,240 MCMICHAEL, WANDA 118 McMiIlin, Phyllis 170 McPherson, Joyce 208 ...M- Nelson Nelson Nelson, Nelson, Hope 197 Nancy 197,228 Richard 209 Sharon 232 Nettleton, Paul 197 Newby, Mary 197 Rice, Patricia 187,240 Rice, Vicki 210 Rich, Terry 229 Manley, Ron Mabee, Linda Mackey, Ginger Maeda, Mitsuko 196 241 50,170,245 Maendl, Walter 170 Mahler, Connie 170 Mangum, David 208,242 MANGUM, J. ROBERT, M.D. 125 171 Manley, Sherilyn 196 Manning, Janis 171 MARKS, DARRELL 144 MARSH, MARTIN 18,135 Martin Martin Mattei , Douglas 196 Terry 14,37,153,161',171,226 Martin, , William 208,243 William 208,243 James 8,23,18O,187,19 Mattson, Duane 186,237 Mous, Joanne 196 Maxey, Chari 208,218,228,241,249 Maynard, Lyle 171,244 MAYFIELD, J. H. 113,218 MEENACH, EVELYN 126 MEENACH, KEN 115 Meenach, Lianne 208 Meier, Karen 196,241 Meneely, Kenn 196 Michaelis, Steve 208 Mickles, Terry 208 Miller, David 208 Miller, Gerald 196 Miller, Grace 123,171 MILLER, HOWARD 116,154 Miller, Judy 196 Miller, Kathy 196 Miller, Larry 39,196 MILLER, PAUL 134 Nichols, Linda 187,218,222 Nicholson, Sylvester 209 Nunn, Sally 87,89,209 Nygaard, Corrine 209 ..0.... Obert, Susan 187,227 O'Connor, James 187 O'Connor, Susan 209,238 Ogden, Mary 187,226,228,233,234 Oglevie, Stephen 197 Oldenkamp, Linda 172 Oney, Pamela 197 Opp, Jerel 187 Ortman, Monty 100,101,187,236,241 Osborn, John 10,61 ,197 Ostyn, Wilma 172 Overby, Barbara 187 ...p- Pace, Tim 209 Palmer, Dorothy 172 Parnell, Carol 172 Parrish, Sandy 9,209,234,241 PARSONS, DIANN 117 Parsons, Joan 172 Patterson, Debbie 209 Paul, Charlotte 209 Pea, Gary 80,86,87,197 Peabody, Mike 209 Pena, Richard 10,90,197 Perkins, Dave 187,236,248 Perkins, Debbi 156,172 Perkins, Douglas 187 Richardson, Connie 210,249 Richardson, Eugene 210 Rick, Sheryl 174 Rickard, La Rae 187,239 RICKARD, LAVERNE 145 Rickard, Ron 174 Riemer, Aurelia 188 RILEY, JOHN 20,73,108,110 ROBERTS, LEWIS 122 Robertson, Richard 174 Robinson, Charles 79,174 Robinson, Eddie 210 Robinson, Shari 8,188,229 Rogers, Donna 174,235 Rogers, Karyl 197 Rogers, Leslie 210 Romph, Kevin 210 Roseboro, Lynn 210 Ross, Ron 197 Roth, Larry 32,174 Rotz, Glenn 147,210,218 Rotz, 6,246 Rousselle, Kenneth 210 ROWEN, MARJORIE 124 Roybal, Dino 238 Roybal, Henry 197,238 Rudeen, David 197,238 Rumann, LaVonne 197 Rumann, Leann 210 RUNKLE, IRENE 138 Russell, Carl 197 Russell, Ronald 174 Rynearson, Sherry 197 -5.. Salek, Valerie 210 Salisbury, Leigh 182,187 Salisbury, Joann 236,237 Sams, Stockett, Frank 80,83 Stokesberry, Kathy 198 Stoneman, Darlene 35,176 Strait, Donna 212,223 Strickler, Linda 212 Stringer, Connie 8,187,221,228 Strom, Dennis 198 Stuart, Vickie 187 Sturke, Ruth 187,231,236 Stucker, Beth 212 Stukas, Daniel 212,217,243 Sullivan, John 222 Summer, Tom 176,238 Sundvall, Leonard 187 Swander, Alberta 43,176,235 Swander, Claudia 212 SWANN, ALLINE 140 Taylor, Connie 177 TAYLOR, IRA 128,238 TAYLOR, LUCILE 129,238 Taylor, Marcia 212 Taylor, Ray 198 Taylor, Robert 100,101,177,236 Taylor, Sheryl 35,212 Thomas, Carol 212 Thompson, Chuck 212 Thomp Thomp son,Jim 16O,177,218,225,22 son, Patty 212 Thompson, Roberta 198 THORNBURG, MARGE 122 TILLOTSON, DONALD 143 Timson, Gary 177 Tindall, Dale 198 Tish, Jean 177,230 Tollefson, Vicki 177 TOMBAUGH, EULA 139,235 TOMBAUGH, MARY 118 Tooman, Tim 178 Townson, Karen 198 TOWNSON, KENNETH 248 TRACY, JOSEPH 145,241 Tracy, Laurel 212 Tucker, April 198 Tygart, Steve 198 Unruh, Geri 212 Unruh, Kris 212 Unruh, Rich 212,241 VAIL, ELMORE 86 VAIL, JEANNE 118,133 Vail, Marilyn 2,14,187,240 ' Vail, Mike 198,241 vA1L, VIRGIL 6,144 Valdez, Sally 198 ven Aredei, Jim 178,231,236 Van Dalfsen, Tomi 198 Vandermate, Rick 212,237 Vanderpool, Anne 36,52,79,87,146, 212,218,241 Vanderpool, Ramon 199,226,248 VanderSluis, Bob 199 Van Hooser Van Manen Van Manen Van Slyke, Varner, Cat ,Gary 178 ,Adrian 199,241,242 ,John 178,241,242 Cathy 212,241 hy 178 Vaughn, Cheryl 212 Vawter, Lynette 9 Vernor, Wil Iiam 212,237 Vineyard, Lawrence 212 VOLK, MARY 245 -W.. Wahl, Kerry 178 Wahl, Melvin 188 Walberg, Gayle 43,212 Walker, Da rlene 179,216,218,219 Walker, Ellis 212 Walker, Wayne 212 Wallace, Deborah 241 Waller, Cheryl 188,223 WALLER, DELORIS 141 Waller, Gary 10,226,248 6,227 Salisbury, Margaret 210 Salisb ury, Mary Beth 174,228,245 Salisbury, Nancy 197 Sampson, Karla 210 Connie 197,241 Sams, Larry 187,243 Sandlin, Margaret 197 Sandlin, Norm 80,86 Sandquist, Barbara 210 Sanford, Jerry 174,243 SANNER, A, ELWOOD 127 SANNER, RUBY 142 Santee, Jackie 37,198 Sargent, Sharon 174 Schaar, Alfred 187,227,250 Scheibe, Teresa 187 Schlattman, Dave 90,91 Schnoor, Jean 198 Schoenborn, Kathy 210 SCHROEDER, MEL 134,246 Schwabauer, Tim 210 Scott, Caroline 2,175,230,240,241 Scott, Jerry 210,241 Scott, Larry 14,21O,238,241 Scott, Patricia 211 Scott, Ruth 175 Scudder, Josephine 175 SEAMAN, BERNARD 119,226 Seaman, Ronald 14,190,226 SEAMANS, ARTHUR 65,129,227,244 Serratos, Carolyn 211 Shafer, Crystal 175 Shafer, Dale 175,210,241 Shafer, Gale 175 Shafer, Rick 98,101,211,217,241,243 Sharp, Steve 11,81,82,175 Sheppard, Sunnie 211 Sherman, Dorothy 198 Sherrill, Gary 211 Short, Micki 198 Shrader, Cheri 211 Shroll, Karen 175 Silliker, Maureen 211 Silvers, Sherry 9,175,245 Simmons, John IRockl 11,54,76,80,81,84 Simmons, Randall 211,241 Simpson, Sharon 211 Six, Joyce 198 Skaggs, Gary 14,198,241 Skeen, Mel 18O,187,226,234,236 skeen, Rick 65,98,99,176,218,232,244 Slabaugh, Gerry 187,230,241 Slonaker, Marlene 187,220 Slonaker, Norma 211,241,249 Smith, Smith 1 Carol 198,241 David 201,211 Smith, Dee 187,236,237 Smith, Gordon 70,90,176 Smith, Jane 211,241 Smith, Jeffry 198 Smith, Michael 198 Smith, Randall 211 Smith, Steven 198 Smith, Terry 2,59,7O,158,176,234,24O,241 Smith, Wendell 39,19O,198,224,24I Snodgrass, Pamela 211 SNYDER, GWEN 118 Sonnsnberg, Erwin 211 Sornson, Sue 211,241,249 Southwell, Teresa 21 1 Spaulding, Bev 211 SPORLEDER, LAURA 122 Sporleder, Lindsay 211 SPORLEDER, MARVIN 115 Sprague, Donald 211 Springer, Craig 187 Staffenson, Don 198 STALLCOP, MARVIN 109,142 sielleep, Paul 7o,159,17e,216,218,219,226 Stallings, Lynn 198,236 Stanley, Russell 187 Stark, John 198 Staup, Julie 211 Steinhart, Jeannette 198 Steinhaus, Ruth 176 Stevens, Dan 176 Steward, Janet 187 Stewart, Arlene 176 Stewart, James 176 Stierwalt, Sharon 176 Stiltner, Pam 198 Waller, Joan 212 Walton, Jackie 188 Wardenaar, Susan 179 Wardlaw, Verna 179 Warren, Michael 213 Warren, Michael 241 WASHBURN, MARIAN 128,221,239 Watson, Melvin 189 Watts, Anita 189,223 Watts, Jennifer 213 WEATHERBY, JAMES 139,190 WEBB, BRUCE 118,161 WEBB, LA DONNA 119 WEBB, MAC 135 Weibe, Mike 32,241,242 Weigel, Nancy 213,241 WEIGELT, MORRIS 13,2O,127 Weisen, Jeff 213 Wesche, Joy 213 WESCHE, L. E. 131,230 WESCHE, P. A. 4,137,227 West, Elva 213 Westcott, Richard 179 Wey, Michael 213 Wheatley, Tim 10,213 Wheeler, Larry 238 Whetstine, Loretta 179 WHIPPLE, BLAIR 137 White, Dan 238 WHITE, DICK 124 White, Gloria 232,238 White, Terry 213 White, Irene 199,247 Widdowson, Sheila 199 Wieters, Paula 199 Wieters, Vicki 213 Wilde, Ken 8O,82,199,234,241 Wilden, Julie 189 Wilden, Robert 213 Wilhelm, Janice 213,249 Wilkes, Chuck 201,213,218,226,233,241 Wilkes, Dianne 213 Wilkes, Linda 189,228 Willcox, Mary Jo 213 Willett, Red 179,243 Williams, Chanda 189 WILLIAMS, CLARIS 118 Williams, Hail 213 Williams, Rhonda 247 Williamson, Karen 213 Willis, cerei 41,44,179,228 WILLIS, JAMES 7,243,247 WILLIS, JOANN 121,241 Willis, Kathy 53,199 Willis, Lori 5,247 Willis, Robbie 247 WILSON, HELEN 44,120 Wilson, Rick 213 Wine, Pat 172 Winters, Randall 199 Wise, Cindy 213 vveif, Marek 213,237 Wood, Patricia 179 Woodward, Jackie 213,241 Woodward, Kathy 199 WOODWARD, ROBERT 136 Worden, Shelley 213 Wordsworth, Gayle 199,234,241,247 Wordsworth, Linda 213 Workentine, Sandra 179 Worst, Jan 189,222,232,236 Wright, Beverly 199 Wright, Marlene 199 Wright, Twila 213 Wyatt, Diane 179 .Y- Yake, Carolyn 213 Yeend, Carol 88,189 Yoda, Mimi 213 York, James 86,189,213,244 York, Joyce 123,213 Young, Priscilla 199,228,231,237 Young, Wanda 213 ...Z- Zehm, James 199 Zink, Terry 179,189,224 Zuercher, Beverly 213

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