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ONE : v-r. ? ' -: • s % » ' ' _.•- . T- " " :. - v ' .- ' ' ■ ' J C Mi f m • ■ " -. TOWER NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE COLLEGE MARYVILLE, MISSOURI ,t ' S i • f . ,| (f Tl i ' !■- ' .•v . MONDRIAN, Piet. Composition. 1921. Oil on canvas, 29 7 8 x 20 5 8 " . Collection The Museum of Mo- dern Art, New York. Gift of John L. Senior, Jr. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The publication of a yearbook demands close at- tention to organization and management. The 1971 Tower staff extends a thank-you to the many in- dividuals who have been of assistance. We ex- tend a special thanks to Mrs. Mina Bright for her patience and helpfulness in her assis- tance with business matters, to the J. W. Jones Union personnel in their help with the Tower darkroom, to Mr. Robert Gadd for his as- sistance in layout design and production of the book, to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City for their loan of the Mondrian paint- ing pictured on the opposite page, to President Foster for his encouragement of our efforts, and to the Advisor, Muriel Alcott. for her sanguine spirit and enthusiastic approval of the format of the 197 1 Tower. STAFF Editor Lewis Lynn Ridenour Assistant Editor Mary Kay Mientel Layout Editors Greg Brantman Tom Niemeyer Photographers Michael J. Oliver Dave Vinson Fred Dunn Staff Tess Hilt Advisor Muriel Alcott INTRODUCTION TO CAMPUS fSi ' ; fciSJWkiia - ' ft. 1 __ii J ' ■Mi ♦ lJ V l f » » •« J . Ar • . " IiiPh CAMPUS CONSTRUCTION 10 SiiSfliv n 12 CAMPUS " « 13 14 SPRING 1970 PEOPLE WEEK LEFT. CLOCKWISE; Ralph Nader; Father Thomas Wiederholt. Earl Sted- man. and Father James Groppi; Helen Harrington; people dance to the music of the Rising Suns; Karl Hess. 15 During the week of April 6th through 10th, many people came to the campus to speak upon the various environmental prob- lems that are a serious concern in our country. Union Board, which sponsored these days of lecture and discussion, desig- nated them as People Week. It was an attempt to get people in- terested in the problems that afflict the world in which we live. mu-: 17 Ugly Man this year was a big success. All of the mon- ey-making activities of the organizations produced al- most seven thousand dollars that will go towards pro- viding scholarships to students attending this school. Byron Augustin. geography instructor, won this year ' s title as the Ugliest Man on campus. Bnsirw CLOCKWISE: Mark Raney: people en- joy some Ugly Man activity; the Devil as Augustin: Augustin receives the Ugly Man Award; campus queens perform their act. 2) WALK OUT D , ' ■,■! . ' , ' ' ' . ' .J ' ,- - • ■ «... ' • ' 23 15S 3 Time out for festivities The Golliards (right) and the Pepper- mint Rainbow (far right) provide enter- tainment for Walk Out Day. Other ac- tivities were instigated by the students, themselves. 24 t Walk-Out Day KENT FOUR ' f CLOCKWISE: Steve Schottel, President of the Student Senate, talks with ground personnel about the flag display for the Kent Four dead; Deans Thate and Small before the speeches; President Foster talks with students; Robert Nagle speaks to students assembled in front of Colden Hall; Students gathered before Colden for informal speaking. 26 On May 3, 1970, four Kent State University students wer e shot by National Guardsmen. Feeling a sense of identity with the slain vic- tims, nearly 300 concerned persons gathered at Rickenbrode Field the following week. After speeches by faculty members and students, the participants migrated to the Golden Hall lawn where Mr. Robert Nagle summed up the feel- ings of the students as he stated, " If we could talk together, there would be no war. " 27 1 SPRING SPORTS I Tennis players win 1 1 matches out of 17. TOP LEFT, CLOCKWISE: Mike Schell- horn, Tom Day, Larry Wank. Mike Schell- horn, John Van Cleave, Tom Diemar, and Tom Day. 28 r " 30 I I Golf Team Win 10 Lose 7 Place 4th in MIAA CLOCKWISE ABOVE: Don Sills: Scott Selanders; Pat Donovan: Scott Seland- ers; Coach Milner from NWMSC and Dr. Earl Keth from CMSC: Rex Petz. 3) m Track Team win 3 meets, lose 4 P " fl: ' K iPtii 32 JffSBT x.Ilu. -Ujk " ' ' " ' 0 CLOCKWISE ABOVE: A tired track team mem- ber gets some comfort; Tom Daulhauser; Victor Varchola; Chris Howard. Frank Jorgensen, Steve Eckard: Charles Gilkison: Frank Jorgensen in the lead with Chris Howard and Tony Shutts behind. 33 CLOCKWISE: John Komm; Charles Losso; Bob Belcher, second from left; Steve Eckard; Kent Jorgensen. 34 [lAA: 4th place indoor, 5th place outdoor 35 Baseball Team win 14, lose 9 — 2nd placdiC CLOCKWISE: Coach John Barnes watches the game from the sidelines: Curtis Priest-safe on first; Jerry Gallin- ger sends another foe to the dugout; pit- cher Don Sears; rulebook reinforces de- cision; Sears displays his batting form; no generation gap. 36 I I ART 38 FAIR hH V t d t flftl ' 39 Study begins for 40 « rvl Bm a IH HH I) M LEFT; President Foster, second from left, and members of the Board of Regents; W. M. C. Dawson, Garvin Williams, and A. B. Vogt par- ticipate in commencement exercises. GRADUATION ■• rj d c m ■ n I ... - ■ 9 Ujiioijii Bl uU ' KSIFinHBIiPVf l 43 With the coming of the fall semester, stu- dents start pouring into the dorms, but as is the case with many small colleges like Maryville, the students are no longer moved in when they pack up again and head for home every weekend. There ' s no place like home. 44 FALL 1970 45 REGISTRATION mmfyrrinmTrr™ ' " " - ' ■ flOTS 46 CLOCKWISE: Coach Milner tries to help a student: Dr. Fulsom shows the wear and tear of the day: a student works out his schedule: someone cares; Mr. Broderick is definitely showing wear and tear: lines, lines, and more lines. 47 s CLOCKWISE: Drs. Rivers and Slater: Mr. Ringold talks with a student; Dr. and Mrs. Foster and Mr. and Mrs. Garvin Williams form the reception line; Miss Wheeler; Dr. Foster and Mr. Blades. i li 48 Freshman Reception is the introduc- tion of new students to the campus of Northwest Missouri State College. It is their chance to become acquainted with the faculty and other students. Upperclassmen helped the new fresh- men meet and talk to the faculty members. President Foster and other distinguished personnel formed a re- ceiving line to welcome them as they entered to take refreshments and talk with the faculty assembled there. But as many formal receptions of this nature turn out, the faculty talked to the faculty and the freshmen talked to the freshmen. FRESHMAN RECEPTION 49 The purpose of the Organizational Fair was to let students be informed of the varied extra-curricular organizations on campus through the use of displays and explan ons by enthusiastic members. 50 AND PEP RALLY The Pep Rally, right after the Organizational Fair, was an attempt by our spirit team to evoke a " Green is Mean " " attitude among the students, and to try to push the Bearcat football team to the best year yet. We lost the first game. 51 AWS STYLE SHOW Mary Hamilton models for the fashions supplied by the Landmark and other Maryville merchants. I THE LETTERMEN 53 SENATOR 55 AMERICA ' S SOUL America ' s Soul-A comment on America by Americans, was de- signed to express varied feelings about the soul of America-its humor, its patriotism, its history, its adventure, and its life. The reader ' s theatre production thrust home the concern that America ' s authors, poets, musi- cians, and playwrights have dealt with for many years in writ- ten form. Included in the pre- sentation were readings from such Americans as Emerson, McKuen, Thoreau, Whitman, Sandburg, and Frost. CLOCKWISE. LEFT: Sherry Judd in- terprets " The Box " , Performers Roby Combs, Dave Small. Pat Hennessey. Michelle Burtis. Shelley Nelson. Sherry Judd. Linda Craven. Bill Wimmer. Terry Behle, Anita Cox. Greg McDade, Lon Abrams, Jo Caksey, and Jim Miller in a scene from " The Inner City Mother Goose " ; Anita Cox and Terry Behle lead the cast in their rendition of " Let the Sunshine In " ; Dave Small performs his own songs. 57 THE ST. LOUIS 58 SYMPHONY 59 It i i Gamma Sigma Sigma, service sorority, prepares the student directory 60 ( for sale in the den 61 CLOCKWISE ABOVE: Anita Cox, Lon Abrams, Paul Sherbo; Terry Behle, Paul Sherbo, Don Jackson, Linda Wright, Anita Cox; Phil Reset, Charles Saunders, Lon Abrams, Francie Boutwell, Melody Henn; Phil Reset, Mel- ody Henn, Don Jackson and Linda Wright (back of chair), Dave Small, Franie Boutwell, Stanley Forrester, Mimi Pic- kard, John Rees, Dana McKee, Charles Saunders; John Rees, Franie Boutwell, Paul Sherbo; Phil Reset, Linda Wright, Don Jackson. 62 YOU CAN ' T TAKE IT WITH YOU 63 TIM 64 TOM Union Board sponsored a perfor- mance by two comedians. Tim and Tom, in the Den the last of October. 65 II 66 y 67 4% v;v ' .-. ' . - ' -:-.-; :-:-.--- • •:•:•:■ " :y •• •■• ' •; v--,v..---v. ' .v.-. ' Y- • .••••••• ••• ' •■■ • r .•,- -■•■•■• ••■ 68 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 -kB ' ' z I! iL».ri ■kyflRI J Preparations begin for the big day of 69 . . . the parade: I CLOCKWISE, ABOVE: The band marches down the street as people an- ticipate its arrival; a bandito rests from his exploits; Vic Jenkins and Jim Oliver pose as the Key Stone Cops; policeman and majorette march to- gether in the parade. 70 aradi bands, clowns, people, and ■ f . . as the band gets closer, people wait and the clowns entertain . . . . . and finally the band is here, 74 w W A CLOCKWISE. BELOW: band marches down 4th Street; another passes by; a girl rests after the long march; Sigma Tau Gamma house decoration — 1st place; in- specting a float before the parade. and then it ' s gone. 75 ♦ » -4j 76 Warm up begins for the game . . . CLOCKWISE: Bob Endy and Dave Hansen wait on the sidelines; the band and crowd wait for action; a manager prepares for the game; a fan looks intently. 77 f I there are cheerleaders, cheers, touchdowns, and m 78 4J f i ' - ' »«w!r..(r l CLOCKWISE: Dave Simmons and Bruce Young in touch- down action; cheerleaders are BACK ROW: Barb Thompson, Valerie Miller, Carolyn Cunning, Vinnie Vaccaro, Veronica Jones, Diana Hutchings, Bev Thompson. FRONT ROW: Sandy Jensen, Mary Jo Buster, and Kathy Neumann, Fred Dunn takes the picture; Steve McClusky reaches for a pass; cheer by Veronica Jones, Diana Hutchings, Vinnie Vaccaro, and Dave Thompson; caught behind the line of scrimmage. II [ame action . . ' .■ ' V - - V ' :- ;, 79 80 . . . and more game action; offensive strategy, defensive resistance, make for an afternoo n of entertainment. CLOCKWISE: Bruce Johnson, Steve Schottel, Coach Ivan Schottel. Bob Endy, and Wayne Steinmeir sit on the sidelines; the huddle; Mark DeVore and Larry Russell pursue an opponent; Ken Blair in defensive action; Chris Oelze and Dave Simmons in on a tackle. 81 HALF :fc r- " . ---:-iAi TIME CLOCKWISE, LEFT: Charlene Rush, attendant, Paula Moyer, 1970 Home- coming Queen, her escort, and crowd stand for the kickoff after half-time; band performs off the field; Jane Chris- tensen stands opposite the band; Dick Smith, drum m or, leads the band; band Director, Dr. Howey. 83 As the game continues, Jlr ' CLOCKWISE, ABOVE: the bench; Steve McClusky is tackled; cheerleaders Jim Spurlock, Donna Fisher, Jerry Moyer, Dave Thompson, and Diana Hutchings watch the game closely; Chris Oelze and Derrick McCord wait for the next play; opposition is tackled. 84 I I 85 ... the outcome becomes apparent. VISITORS U t 86 i CLOCKWISE: Joe Calia is dazed; the scores; buses for the high school bands; crowd leaving after the game. 87 ... JiSrik I till ASSOCIATION 89 90 m 4i CROW • INDEPENDENTS unite to defeat the greeks in INTRAMURAL CLOCKWISE: game action, the Footsballers ' team after a play; Phi Sig opponents Jim Komm, Bill Larmer, Mike Cos- tello, Paul Lemon, and Gary Wainwright; an injured Foots- baller gets helped off the field; victory celebration; indepen- dents receive their trophy; a Footsballer gestures angrily. 92 [Ai FOOTBALL 93 ■: ' INTER-COLLEGIATE [ CHAMBER ENSEMBLE Musicians of the Inter-Collegiate Cham- ber Ensemble are, left to right, Marga- ret Kew, first violin, Donald Sandford, viola, Mary Jane Sandford, piano, and Louis Lynch, cello; the group performed in the Charles Johnson Theater of the Fine Arts Building. 94 FLOYD MCKISSICK ABOVE: Floyd McKis- sick and George Cash: LEFT; Floyd McKis- sick during his speech. 95 CLOCKWISE, ABOVE: a couple at the Phi Mu Christmas dance; the Long Island Sound played for the Phi Sigma Epsilon formal; Kay Dennis sang for an audience in the ballroom of the Union; Kay Dennis; Bruce Johnson and his date enjoy refreshments at the Phi Sig dance; group at the Phi Mu dance. 96 PARTIES. ETC. h i 97 98 HANGING OF THE GREENS ■ " vj Hj K fl K I pi ■Hi IM Sue Johnson was designated as this year ' s Spirit of Christmas in the ceremo- ny of the Hanging of the Greens. 99 li ' 1 MORE PARTIES CLOCKWISE: Streamers make up part of the decorations of a Xmas dance: members of SNEA at a Christmas party for orphans; Greg Brantman and his date at the Phi Sig " formal " : Christmas tree at the SNEA party: marathon dance or too much booze?: papier mache ' clown at the Phi Sig dance. 101 TOWER CHOIR )03 s, Jt- f 4 ■ SnA • " ' - ' - EIGHT INCHES 105 CAFETERIA F 11 i ' 106 107 108 1 HI PALMS AND THE HOLE 109 DORMS 110 . ni RIGHT: Mrs. Johnson, bookstore director. 112 T ' i ' : BOOKSTORE ' ) rm 113 WINTER 114 1971 ' t CLOCKWISE: Ned Gardner up for a shot, Carl Jenkins waits below; team going off the court, left to right, Darnell Moore, Paul Jones, Carl Jenkins, Tom Hill, Don Nelson, Ned Gardner; team defense, Carl Jenkins, Darnell Moore. Gary Wood, Coaches Bob Iglehart, Bill Warshauer, and Dick Buckridge; Coach Iglehart instructs Ken Whitney from the sidelines; Another victory for the Bear- cats. •ft ' t m f • - € y y WINTER SPORTS 115 CLOCKWISE: Ken Whitney, Don Nelson, Carl Jenkins, Gary Wood watch as Darnell Moore fires one toward the goal; the team listens closely as Coach Dick Buckridge gives instructions: Carl Jenkins shoots for two with Gary Wood, Don Nelson. Ned Gardner and Ken Whitney close behind; Carolyn Cunning, freshman cheerleader. 116 1 • WINTER SPORTS 117 118 WINTER SPORTS CLOCKWISE: Above, the fans rise again; Ken Whitney and Don Johnson watch Don Nelson at the free throw line; Bearcats in a huddle; MSC pep- sters eye the action; Gary Wood and Darnell Moore beside and under the goal. n9 CLOCKWISE LEFT: Jenkins and Johnson; Nelson; members of the Gymnastics Club aie Patty Mairano, Sue Rockow; Linda Flasch- land; Sue Rockow; Moore and Jenkins; top row: Gardner and Nelson; Moore and Jen- kins; Whitney and Nelson; Johnson; Jenkins and Moore. 120 WINTER SPORTS WINTER SP( 1, W " ' 122 m rER SPORTS CLOCKWISE; Terry Hostetter: Coach Worley watches closely; the referee ' s call is final; a pondering referee; Mark Elliot gives his opponent a glare; Loren Schweizer pins his foe; the count is on. 123 ■ ' . - ' • ' -i ' . ss-asSsj;. ' JSifmsmi siSi-: - ..Cts ' 124 WINTER SPORTS f m Left to right; up and over; Referee ' s view from above: Kent Jorgensen in a tough match; TOP TO BOTTOM. Schwietzer gets the call; Mark Elliot grapples his foe; Head to head; Schwietzer pins his opponent: Gary James. Terry Hostetter. Jim Burwell. Paul Hover- sten, Harley Petersen, Kent Jorgensen, Jim Christensen, and Harley Griffieon watch from the stands; ABOVE, Coach George Worley in a tense moment. 125 WINTER SPORTS CLOCKWISE, ABOVE: Hailey Griffieon; Teny Hostetter, winner; Terry Hostetter; Terry Hostetter; Coach Worly; Hostetter, again. 126 BELOW: Jon Grubb and Glenn Saving; panel, Ron Harris third from top, Chuck Brewton in the other three shots; Coach Dyche talks with Bill Dalton. 128 WINTER SPORTS V ' 129 130 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL 13) JOHN GIRARD John Girard, native of Kansas City, Missouri, first began his use of drugs during the Korean War where he started using marijuana and ended by becoming addicted to heroin. This was all while he was still only 18 years old. He came back to the United States and spent some time in a rehabihtation hospital. After he got out he began using speed, or methe- drene, and was arrested for its use. He jumped bond and proceeded on a crime spree in California where he was fi- nally arrested by the FBI. He was placed in the Medical In- stitution at Springfield, Missouri where he spent three years and eight months. After his release he enrolled in the Bible Cohege at Springfield, and he is now working a degree in theology. He has spent some of his time giving various lec- tures on the usage and dangers of drugs. In his speech at this college he had the following statements to make about drug usage: " All the speed I took in six or seven months could make anyone have a terrible habit. I feel it is a hundred times worse than heroin, because it satis- fies all the basic instincts. With this habit you don ' t eat or sleep, and there is no desire for sex. I became quite violent through the use of speed. I wanted action, and every little thing motivated me. " Mr. Girard also stated that he does not beUeve that mari- juana will lead to usage of harder drugs, but that while us- ing marijuana the inhibitions for hard drug use is lessened. He does not see any harm in the use of marijuana so long as harder drugs can be kept out of reach. 132 SANDER VANOCUR " ... most governments USUALLY lie, but when they do they always blame the press. " " There is nothing on earth I fear so much in both individual private citizen capacity and in my professional capacity as the power of arbitrary government. " " I don ' t think, however, that we have come to the point that critics of the society are in danger of being put away in insane asylums, but an attempt at intimidation against those of us who attempt to report and interpret the evidence and events of this world and society . . . There is an attempt by those in high places to, if not silence us, then to so mute our voices and our minds as to make us totally irrelevant and of no use to you at all. " " ... The percentage of people who manage events was so small as to be hardly noticeable. Senator McGee doesn ' t know what he is talking about in Chicago because 1 was there, and it was the most horrendous experience I ever went through. We didn ' t stage anything; none of us had the imagination to stage anything that went on in Chicago, both inside the convention hall and down on Michigan Ave- nue. We don ' t exercise any riglit that we don ' t have. We have done nothing to justify that charge. We didn ' t manu- facture anything at Kent State. What the people can ' t take is the truth and that ' s what they don ' t like about what they saw at Chicago. They don ' t like what they saw at Cliicago; it was ugly. They don ' t like what they saw at Kent State; it was ugly. So instead of blaming the conditions which bring about those things, they blame us because we show ugli- ness. " " I would submit to you that part of the problem that we now find ourselves involved in is that many of us simply allowed ourselves to become robots for the administration in power on the subject of Vietnam, and I think we fell into tliis trap in the name of that sacred word, OBJECTIVITY ... We were used by the Johnson Administration to fool the American people; to lull them into the belief that the Uni- ted States was not becoming involved, which it really was. We were used in the name of objectivity, in the name of just reporting the facts and in the absence of any good anal- ysis or commentary, we were used. " " I fear that wiiat some don ' t understand is that one of the dangers of living is a democracy that men who are free have an unfortunate tendency, unfortunate for those in power, to act as though they are free, and that always causes trou- ble; for they always ask questions of those who tliink they have a monopoly on truth. " m 134 KANSAS CITY LYRIC OPERA 13 J PROGRESSIVE JAZZ CLOCKWISE. ABOVE: Progressive Jazz Band, members are, top row, John Burkitt, Terry Smith, Andy Peake, Tom Price, Bob Harris, Don Pugh, Don Struve, Bob Zaph, MIDDLE, Peggy Blackburn, Annette Jennings, Bill Wood, Warren Heft, Ralph Taylor, Dick Hens- ley, BOTTOM, Jim Harris, Ralph Bur- ton, Mike Reinig, Judy Naylor, Earle Moss, Dave Zaph; Don Pugh on trum- pet; Earle Moss, Tom Price, Bob Har- ris, Don Pugh, Bill Wood, Warren Heft, Ralph Taylor, Dick Hensley; Andy Peake and Tom Price; Jim Harris; Maru Smith. 136 r 4- $ V IP 137 WATT ' S 103rd STREET RHYTHM BAND 138 139 140 BLACK WEEK CLOCKWISE, ABOVE: Demonstration during talent show of black art (?); Dar- nell Moore at the discussion group; dis- cussion group and talent show; partici- pants in the talent show; talent show; Jefferson Davis Edwards, Jr. (Rainbo) at the talent show. 141 FACULTY ART EXHIBIT L CLOCKWISE. BE- LOW: shot of the show in the Fine Arts Gallery; Sculpture by Tom Sayre in the foreground, plas- tic sculpture by Philip Van Voorst in the back- ground; pewter lamp by Lee Hageman; pot by Russell Schmaljohn; pots by Donald Robert- son; container by Lee Hageman; self-portrait by Jim Broderick; con- tainer by Lee Hage- man. 143 MODEL U.N. TEAM The Model United Nations Team was organized this year by Ed Christy. The team belongs to a nation- wide organization with delegations from throughout the country, all under a branch of the U.N. Christy had this to say about the organization: " The Model U.N. group is a little more flexible than the real U.N. but as far as the proceedings of the meetings are con- cerned, they are conducted in a very realistic manner. There ' s a lot of pressure politics involved in the meets, and it all provides a good background for an under- standing of international politics as well as acting as good publicity for the school. " 144 WHAT IS A LIVABLE WORLD With an increasing awareness in the world in which we Hve, a world that is diminishing in space, resources, and habitable environment, questions arise about the na- ture of a world we had always taken for granted. To examine and analyze the questions, to expand our awareness, and to open our minds to the concreteness of the problems as a prerequisite to possible solutions, the Distinguished Lecture and Performing Arts Committee brough five speakers, authorities in their separate fields, to the campus during second semester. In addition to their lectures, the speakers were available for classroom visits and informal group sessions. Choosing as his subject the title of his latest novel, still in preparation,THE WORLDLINGS, Richard Kennedy brought a vast and varied experience to substantiate his topic. He organized the first industrial printers " union, worked for a CIO organization, fought as a guerilla for the Spanish Loyalists, 1936 to 1939, won an Academy Award for his screenplay, " I ' ll Cry Tomorrow, " and received a National Civil Rights award for his work in Watts in 1966. He has authored several novels, includ- ing THE CHAIRMAN, published in 1969. He spoke in January. One of the means of recognizing the basic necessities of a livable world is through anthropology. Dr. Richard Leaky has advanced man ' s knowledge of his past through five anthropological expeditions. Speaking in February on " the Search for Man ' s Origins, " Dr. Leaky com- municated the excitement of bringing to light the dim or hidden areas of man ' s past. He is presently the Ad- ministrative Director of the National Museum of Ken- ya. " Environmental Design " was the subject of Ian Mc- Harg ' s talk in March. Both a teacher and a landscape architect, he is the founder and chairman of the De- partment of Landscape Architecture and Regional Plan- ning at the University of Pennsylvania. Well known for his television appearances and for his books on ecolo- gy, one of his most interesting and acclaimed is DE- SIGN WITH NATURE, published in 1969. An authority on ecology before the word came into common use. Dr. Paul Sears spoke lucidly on that topic for the April lecture. An eminent plant ecologist with a number of books on the subject. Dr. Sears was chair- man of the Botany Department at Oklahoma University for ten years, of the Botany Department at Oberlin Col- lege for twelve years, and Chairman of the conserva- tion program at Yale for ten years. He has been involved in various ecological organizations, including presidency of the Ecological Society of America, receiving the Eminent Ecologist Award in 1965. Among his books are DESERTS ON THE MARCH, THIS IS OUR WORLD, and BIOLOGY OF THE LIVING LAND- SCAPE. Speaking in May on " Pollution, Politics, Profit, " Richard Muther brought long experience and authority to his audience, discussing the role of industry and govern- ment in the control of pollution. Mr. Muther is the Ex- ecutive Director of the National Association for Clean Water and Air, and is Chairman of the Board of Mu- ther Enterprises, specialists in the manufacture and instal- lation of pollution control devices. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed Christy talks with members of the Model U.N. Team, Mary Kilgore looks on; Linda Martin and Gail Ryan; Dr. Richard Leaky; Richard Muther; Richard Kennedy. 145 u.« ' W n ' ' ■ v Aj ' ' February 13th: ■ , V " " -■». ' " ' ' " •■ ' . ' . The following is the schedule for the Ail-Night P.A.R.T.Y. that was held Saturday, in the Union. 8-10 pm — Dance; Fubar Blues Band, Union Ballroom. 10 pm-12:30 am — Encounter Session, Lounge. 12:30 am — Snack Bar opens. 12:30-2 am — Michael Johnson concert, old Den. 2 am — Games area opens. 2-2:30 am — Judy Martin. 2-6 am — Sleep rooms open. 2-6 am — Rap Session. 2:30-3 am — Dave Small and brother. 3-4 am — Joel Marable. 4-4:45 am — Folkrock group, John Brown, Joe Smith, and Jim Moore. 4:45-5:15 am — Ralph Taylor. 5:15-6 am — Jazz group, John Quam, John Butler, Andy Peake. 146 i I. yi jMMjp iP nyjiyigy tl All Night P.A.R.T.Y. P — is for People A — is for Are R — is for Reaching T — is for To Y — is for You fW , f) Yes, people are reaching to you. Union Board people, in particular, are reaching to you. You are the student. You are the student that complains that there is nothing to do on the weekends at Northwest Missouri State College. There are activities on the weekend night of February 13th there was one (1), whole, entire evening of activities. " Put a little love in your heart " was the theme, complimented by rap sessions, philosophical films, folk singing, encounter groups, and " surprise rates ' " in the games and snack bar area. fes :» • 147 r W4 ijpi 148 ill BELL TOWER CLOCKWISE. ABOVE: Tess Hilt, staff member, at the Tower Dance; Mrs. Alcott, Advisor to the Tower, congratulates Mike Oliver and Mary Kay Meintel. the Co-Editors for the 1972 Tower; Master of Ceremonies, Lynn Ridenour, Editor, 1971 Tower; Robert Gadd, representative from Inter-Collegiate Press with Lynn Ridenour; Muriel Alcott introduces the new editors for the Tower; People at the Tower Dance; Two people look at the pictures used for decorations; The Young Raiders provided music at the dance. 150 f i TOWER DANCE u 151 PRESIDENT FOSTER The president has certain responsibiUties whether he wants them or not; he ' s got to carry tliem out. Too many times people get the idea that it is wrong to say no. Really, it isn ' t. When a student comes in to me and wants sometliing, I am more interested in how well he can defend what he wants, show me why it is needed, than whether I am for it or against it. If he cannot convince me that it is a good deal, he hasn ' t really convinced himself. He doesn ' t deserve it. This is all part of the learning process. If we can ' t defend and explain satisfactorily to a person who has an open mind, then maybe we should change. But it is a two-way street. I should also be able to defend what the present regulations are or else they ought to be changed. We ' ve got to show the pubUc that young people today in college do not have to resort to terror tactics in order to ob- tain their goals, that they can sit down and in an intelligent, orderly manner follow procedures and make changes. ( There is a happy medium (between the person so academi- cally oriented he can ' t adjust to society and one who " is great at a party but that ' s it! " ) where extracurricular ac- tivities contribute to the socialization of a person. 1 tlrink it is a great weakness to prepare a person in a subject mat- ter area who is so lacking in social graces that he is denied an opportunity to do what he is prepared to do. A student has to use mature judgment in balancing his academic and extracurricular activities. It ' s a process of self-evaluation and self-discipline. I have no objections to students expressing themselves; I think they iiave something to say, and I hope that I ' ll al- ways be in a position to give a sympathetic ear to what they want to say. This does not mean that I ' m going to agree with everything that is said, because 1 think there are some areas in which a college faculty cannot negate their respon- sibility by passing it on to the students any more than the administrative staff can negate responsibility. We have had a tremendous building program the last five or six years. But I don ' t think buUding programs in them- selves are the answer to tiie success of any institution. Un- less we have a good faculty and student body we cannot progress and project the kind of image we are aiming for. My hope and desire is for this college to become the out- standing academic institution in the state of Missouri. We should place students in a class where they are able to advance. We have reached the point where we can begin to evaluate our students more accurately and discover what they ought to be going into. Whatever procedure is fol- lowed, credits or waived requirements, it is totally an aca- demic matter which rests with the faculty. The important thing is that we provide a challenging program for the stu- dents. 155 i PRESIDENT EMERITUS JONES Enlarged enrollment is not necessarily a blessing, it de- mands a greater amount of responsibility from the ad- ministration. This responsibility falls mainly into two areas: contact with the student and contact with the legislature. It becomes more difficult to retain contact with the majority of the student body as the enrollment increases. When Dr. Foster was the registrar for this college, he probably knew ninety per cent of the stu- dents; now it is likely that he knows few students ex- cept the student leaders and the disciplinary cases. The second responsibility of the administration of a state supported college is to the legislature. There is the necessity to show that the institution needs in- creased financial assistance and about the only way to accomplish that is to show a larger enrollment. In or- der to offer greater service to the students you need money, and by increasing the enrollment a wider range of fields of study is possible. The problem still remains: there is very little total con- tact among the student body, the faculty, and the ad- ministration when the enrollment is large. How many faculty members know students except those enrolled in their classes? Not very many. One way to overcome this problem is to enlarge the guidance and counseling services, and this has been done. The state has a responsibility for the education of the student. The student in turn has a responsibility to the state. Every student should be offered education to the limit of his ability. The state should be willing to supply it. The state invests in the student with the ex- pectation that he will become a worthy citizen. THE BOARD OF REGENTS Members of the Board of Regents are, from left to right. Mr. C.F. Russell. Pres- ident Foster, Mr. Garvin Williams, Mrs. Monica Zirfas. Secretary, Mr. W.M.C. Dawson, and Mr. William F. Phares. Jr. Not Pictured are Mr. Edgerton Welch and Mr. A.B. Vogt. ■,;Kiv 157 158 I i DEANS CLOCKWISE: Dr. Leon Miller, Dean of Graduate Studies; Dr. Charles Thate, Dean of Administration; Dr. Dwain Small, Dean of Faculties; Dr. Don Petry, Assoc. Dean of Adminis- tration; Dr. Phil Hayes, Dean of Stu- dents; Bruce Wake, Dean of Men; Everett Brown, Assistant to the Pres- ident; Louann Lewright, Dean of Women. 159 FACULTY The faculty on the following pages are rep- resentative of the faculty of Northwest Missouri State College. We of the staff of the TOWER used a poU taken by the senior class in helping us to make a selection from a variety of areas. We hope to be able to continue with this sort of recognition of faculty that represent the total picture of faculty on this campus. Byron Augustin If there is one thing that keeps me on this campus it is the students. I really like them. Any group or institution has an individual personaUty, and this student body has a fan- tastic personality. They are easy to teac h-eager, receptive, and they are as academically quahfied, if not more so, as those in any of the four institutions I ' ve been associated with. I beheve we have reached an optimum size for the best stu- dent-teacher relationship. There is a genuine concern by the large percentage of teachers for the student; relatively rare to find in an institution even of this size. And there is a good, honest relationship of the students back to the teach- ers. I don ' t believe the students are apathetic. Any time you can raise $7,000 from a student body for a charitable proj- ect like the Ugly Man contest, not to mention the tremen- dous amount of work and enthusiasm that went into it— that ' s fantastic! Midwest students here and elsewhere are criticized for be- ing apathetic because they do not take on the aura of radi- calism that is so frequently found on the east and west coasts. Our students have a genuine concern about the Viet- nam war, the population explosion and other relevant issues of today, but they don ' t make a big scene about it, burning or bombing. Just because they don ' t show their concern with what I would call overreaction to the problems is no reason they should be called apathetic. Teachers have a basic responsibility to students: to let them know what they can expect from a course, including re- quirements, testing procedures, grades, and to be accessible at many times during the course of a day, not just for class problems but for any kind. All students really want is a good listener. You don ' t have to give them solutions— they generally arrive at the solutions themselves; they just want someone to talk to. One of the most important things in a class is to get the stu- dent on your side. I ' m a bit of a ham, I enjoy acting, and I think a teacher has to be about 50 percent actor and 50 percent academician. 160 Jane Costello Miss Costello feels that it is the practical experience she has had as a teacher in the primary grades that helps her to be a more effective instructor. " I have never had a class that hasn ' t taught me. The only way that students can come up with ideas is to talk. However, it takes awhile to get them to talk. If at all possible I recommend that students take a full semester of student teaching. It gives them a wider range of experience. " Miss Costello finds inductive teaching extremely important. Start with the basics, " in this manner whole ideas can be conveyed to the students. " She feels that the teacher must take time to work with the students, especially the quiet ones. " There ' s a place for the quiet student— some children respond better to this type. " The teacher must also remain flexible. " That rut gets terribly comfortable! " In her fourth year of teaching at Northwest Missouri State, Miss Costello finds the students much more aware and real- ly brighter than when she first arrived. Her main teaching technique is INVOLVEMENT. She doesn ' t tell them they are right or wrong but encourages the students to express themselves and their ideas; to base their opinions on fact rather than emotion. " Eventually they come to realize that their ideas are not only acceptable but welcome. " 161 Pat Van Dyke 162 " I have been accused of being radical and innovative, but I ' m not really either of these . . . Most people are so sure everything is either right or wrong — I don ' t find this is compliance with 20th century contempor- ary times. Our educational system is not presenting it- self properly ... I think changes can be made within the well-established guidelines. " She loves the book Teaching as a Subersive Activity, which takes a " no- holds-barred " assault on outdated teaching methods, with a dramatic and practical proposals on how educa- tion can be made relevant to today ' s world. " My educational philosophy is to encourage individual differences rather than to allow for them. I believe in ' do your own thing. ' " She defines education as simply effective teaching. " I don ' t call them tests; they ' re ' evaluation dialogues. ' I like to check to see if I ' m getting through ... es- says provide best evaluation for this. " " I may be putting my guts on the line when I say this, but I think we should consider some form of pass-fail system. " She feels grades are needed in major and mi- nor courses to determine subject mastery, with pass fail for requirements and electives. " It takes the bur- den from the student . . . would remove unfair com- petition in some areas. " (For example, ag majors tak- ing English courses with English majors.) The system, she noted, would succeed only if students understood it, so some would not attempt to " luck out, " perhaps holding the system to superior students at first. " How- ever, some students need grades to motivate them. " ! I: i 1 In my experience on the Student-Faculty Disciplinary Board I think that most of the cases that have come before the Board could have been handled by the stu- dents, themselves. In keeping with the idea that stu- dents are responsible, they are capable of seeing jus- tice done. As a trained historian I think I am capable of expos- ing students, be they black or white, to the American Historical experience as it has been interpreted and analyzed by historians. And I don ' t think teaching black history is a matter of race; teaching black his- tory is a matter of understanding the black experience in America. Competency is the masterization of a body of knowl- edge, and from that a person carves out an area of interest for himself. The generalisl is no longer with us; with the accumulation of knowledge there is a necessity that a person specialize in a particular area. Once a person has gained a competency in an area he can work on the methods he uses to present it; the technique of teaching. The difference between a good teacher and the medio- cre one is that the good one has worked hard to learn an area of knowledge and to be able to tell students what he knows from that learning. There is also charis- ma involved in teaching in how a teacher presents his material. An entertaining presentation, however, is in- cidental to the educational process. " Students are ori- ented to fun. " They are many times unwilling to work for that knowledge. Clarence Henderson 163 Russell Morey Russel Morey has an interest in his students. He lectures to the student not at him. If the student doesn ' t understand a given topic, Russel Morey will reiterate the material until there is understanding. " He is very thorough and would go to any length to serve his students, " says one student. But Russel Morey ' s charisma encompasses an additional interest —that of job placement for his graduating students. Says Morey, " Many faculty members have the philosophy that ' I got my job, let them get their ' s. ' I think it is the teacher ' s responsibility to help ... " Mr. Morey notes that students tend to be catagorized by their grades. The inter- viewer, however, doesn ' t always pick the ones with the top grades. Morey explains that some jobs do require a straight " A " student, but others require someone that can get along with other people and not necessarily a smart person. " The good company matches the student with the job. " Mr. Morey has worked closely with the placement office in encouraging businesses to come to the college campus to in- terview for prospective employment. At present, there are sixty to seventy companies that hold interviews at MSC. States Morey, " This is the way we build this college— by setting a good example and creating a good image. " 164 Gus Rischer The whole educational process is learning about oneself. Know- ledge doesn ' t necessarily mean understanding. Psychology classes should have as topics the problems that students will likely encounter, such contemporary problems as drugs, VD, sex, unwed parenthood. Thus they will be better able to un- derstand their students. I find students are more aware today. They ask questions con- cerning things that will affect them personally. They don ' t take things for granted-challenging rules is not a bad thing in itself. I am less tolerant of the failings of the older genera- tion, which result from their background. We have always had a generation gap, and 1 don ' t find it nec- essarily bad. Sometimes the gap is one of communication rath- er than of years. People just have to learn to trust one another. Another gap is the dual system value: " Do as I say. not as I do. " I don ' t emphasize grades-they ' re not exactly fair, but I can ' t think of another system, so I try to de-emphasize them. I have seen the pass-fail system work, but I ' m not sure of its merits, although it does relieve competition over grades. If students skip class, or I can ' t get good results, 1 consider it my fault. I try to be a good teacher because I ' m teaching teachers. Donald Robertson ' •• " fcv I think that adults are turned off to life and living. This is because of the educational process in this coun- try where the emphasis is placed upon the functional or practical aspects of our society. It is the failure of the educational system that allows this sort of situation. I don ' t think that people want to change after they be- come adults. What 1 want to do is to preserve within the children a creative and flexible attitude towards life. Children have a natural appreciation of things for their own qualities without a practical or functional ramifications; it ' s an aesthetic appreciation. The pur- pose of this mural is to let all children of any denom- ination work on a story of Christianity in their own unprogrammed, creative concepts concerning the im- portant events and people in the story of Christianity. I asked one of the children when there were about four or five denominations represented, " What do you think the meaning of ecumenical is? " and the child re- sponded with, " It means anybody can come. " It is in this sort of spirit that this project is being done. In my college classes I try to project and encourage the idea of consciousness extension, or the attitude of, " Hey, look, there ' s more! " I attempt to foster this idea through art. Consciousness extension is an awareness of objects for their own aesthetic qualities. I think of art as being communicative and the expres- sion of self order. Most people will look at art and see subject matter and think they have seen the art. Art is not this, but rather it is an order of color, lines, tex- tures, and forms for their own sake without any attempt at description or symbolism. Children appreci- ate this artistic quality naturally; they understand form and how it can be exaggerated in order to obtain an artistic expression. L -» 166 Pictured on these pages are sections of the mural being painted at the Christian Church by children of any denomination under the direction of Donald Robertson, art instructor at the college. 167 WHO ' S WHO Rumor of the Week: If a man is a leader, he is therefore a greek. Of the ten students chosen for the honor of being a member of Who ' s Who, 1971, eight belong to a social fra- ternity, one to a service fraternity, and one who is a re- signed member of a social fraternity. How do they view the status of fraternities on the NWMSC campus? How much of their success as campus leaders do they credit to being a member of a fraternity? More impor- tantly, what significant changes have they seen take place on our campus in the last four years, and how much of this change has been instigated by the student? Musgrave: Fraternities all across the country are a dying system. In Maryville I ' ve seen quite a difference in people that are in fraternities than there was four years ago. I think eventually fraternities will die out; however, right now there is still a need for them on this campus, and there are many people who do enjoy the greek system. Oliver: I don ' t think it is a dying system. Its role is changing; away from, " You ' ve gotta be in a fraternity or a sorority to be ' in ' or ' cool. ' I think it will be more fraternal oriented than control oriented for the campus. They ' ll be more self related than a status group. Jenkins: Fraternities and sororities are rather strong now. More freshmen, however, seem to be rejecting the fraternity system. We need to offer more to our members and to the campus. Lenihan: Fraternities provide much of the leadership on this campus; these seem to be the students that are motivated to join the organizations and become involved in things that are worthwhile on campus. I would have to say that it is harder for the non-greek to become involved because the greeks push this type of thing. When you become a member of a fraternity you automatically become associated with many of the things that go on the campus just by tradition, alone. 168 J? 1 Members of Who ' s Who this year are Steve Schottel, Jim Oliver. Alan Wag- ner. Linda Flaschland, Jane Mann. Vic Jenkins, Bill Musgrave, Charlene Rush. Lenny Lenihan, and Jackie Lionburger. 16V I 170 ■I WHO ' S WHO Musgrave: Many people have said that you can ' t make it on campus if you are a non-greelc, and I ' ve disagreed with that all along. My belief on the matter is that I was rushed because I was an active member on cam- pus. I enjoyed the greek life for a while and think that in many ways it gives you support. I do feel that fra- ternities tend to stifle the individualism necessary to become a good leader outside of the fraternity. You can become as active on this campus as you want to without the greeks. There ' s a greater anti-greek feeling on this campus, now. One reason I quit the fraternity was because I let my hair grow long and that Musgrave just wants to be a freak, and you can ' t be freak and greek both. That wasn ' t the main reason 1 became inactive in the frat. The story that fraternities are a brotherhood of sixty men — it ' s a beautiful idea — has never worked as long as I ' ve been around. I saw fraternities deteriorating into little cliques and hassels among the members, and there was no specific goal. They ' re basically a party organization, and parties weren ' t enough for me. 171 WHO ' S WHO Mann: We ' ve seen changes in the dorm hours and reg- istration; but we can ' t say that this is because of the students, but of their urgings. We can ' t say that they did it themselves, it came through the administration. Many of the changes that occur in the administration have come about because of student feeling. Rush: There is a relationship between the teacher and the student that can be broadened — we need more of it. Students feel now that it is their right to talk to the administration, especially through non-violent means. Oliver: Just about all the significant changes have been instigated by the student or by student pressures, or by the needs of the students. It ' s the attitude — you get more participation in Union Board events, etc. . . . than when I was a freshman. You get them oriented toward some goal — the big change has been in attitudes. Lenihan: There have been changes in things like neg- ative credits, women ' s hours, and the traffic situation. It ' s little things like that that make this campus more acceptable and enjoyable to the student. In the past two years, the students have taken an action outlook; students are now involved in things. Mann: I don ' t think that you can say any one person has made change, but that change comes through being a part of these groups and organizations. I ' ve seen a change in this through the administration; they listen to the students more. Musgrave: It ' s awfully hard for anything on this campus to be done solely by the students. This past year the Student Senate has taken great strides and has done more than any senate since I ' ve been here. I think the quality of the students that have started stepping for- ward and taking stands on issues is far more important than what has been accomplished. Unfortunately, I ' ve seen a closed mindedness on the part of the faculty and the administration, and students, also, concerning problems of the time and of the campus. The students are more willing to stand up and say, " This is what we believe and what we want. " Unfortunately, there have been times when there has been an aura of fear and closedmindedness by different parties that I don ' t think should be here if there is truly academic freedom. 172 Jenkins: The administration needs to stop rationaliz- ing motives and wori more lor the education of the students and be more responsive to his needs. I ' m proud of the people working to change things, but I am frustrated with the apathy and shallowness some contribute. People need to realize a greater responsibili- ty to the campus and to the people around them. Rush: 1 think competition is really necessary, it ' s healthy for the campus. It is the basis for society; it keeps the campus moving. Lenihan: I ' m not so concerned with student-faculty relations as I am with student-administration relations. If the students are to be motivated they are going to have to work for harmony with the administration. Musgrave: It ' s the attitude that students have started taking on, rather than the condescending " Uncle Tom " students of the past. We ' re tending to be more socially active. Oliver: I think that students and teachers should recog- nize that they are partners in the academic endeavor and too many of them look upon each other as ene- mies, when really we ' re both here for the same thing. It ' s the administrators and rules that are foreign to the academic community and not the students and teachers. 173 EMBERS Members of Embers are, left to right; Jane Mann; Linda Gittens; Dee Water- worth Burke; Cassy Funk; Pat Mitch, sponsor. 174 WANTED FBI •TMIUT lUTOM m, m. .1 1 • w;i ?$$ v; BLUE KEY Members of Blue Key are, left to right; Lynn Ridenour. Mark DeVore; Jim Oliver; Stan Barton; Bill Musgrave; Dr. Frank Grube, sponsor; Vic Jenkins. 175 STUDENT SENATE " This year we ' ve tried to develop a positive attitude-that we can do something. The idea is tliat there are a lot of im- provements to be made, and they aren ' t going to get done unless the students work at getting them done. " Student Senate President Jim Oliver continues, " The senators have assumed the attitude that, ' There are things that I can take care of! I do represent a group of students, and I have an idea of what their needs are. ' Each senator already knows what type of representation their group wants and tries to take care of the hassels that crop up from day to day; Uke parking lot lighting, telephone service in the boy ' s dorms, or theft. " It ' s the big hassels tliat have occupied the majority of the Senate meeting time. Legislation long overdue and for too long a time ignored by past senates has consumed the time of the senators this year. Problem: over-crowding in the Union cafeteria; Result: extension of meal hours. Problem: 176 I senate 1! needic Offa Ofmj tontfoi ffigeni maino inadequate library hours; Result: a formal demand by the senate and a reinstatement of the regular schedule. Problem: need for drug, draft, and birth control counseling; Result: formation of a council to advise the student in need. Off-campus approved housing came under fire by the senate, and, now, if a student is having difficulties with a house- holder, he can petition the Student Housing Board. Of major concern in the Spring of 1970 was the issue and controversy over restricted hours for women. AWS worked diligently, and a key system that allowed the student to re- main out after dorm hours was set into operation. The next session of the Student Senate in the Fall extended the key system to all second semester freshman women. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Thompson before a senate session; Two guests have ice-cream cones, senators are Bill Andrews, Debbie Jackson, and Stan Barton, the Secretary, Mary Hamilton in the back; Jim Thompson gets served refreshments at Jim OUver ' s birth- day party, January 19; Jim Oliver in the Senate Office. 177 STUDENT SENATE U ' ' ' ■ 1 j The following quotation is from the Preamble of the pro- posed Student Bill of Rights as submitted by the Student Senate to the President of the College, Dr. Robert Foster. " At an institution of liigher learning, the pursuit of know- ledge and attainment of mature attitudes can be greatly fa- cilitated by freedom of expression and participation in de- cision making. Students need to be informed of their posi- tive rights under the law as well as their obligations. There- fore, in order to promote education, encourage responsi- bility, and guarantee the rights of the students, we establish the following Bill of Rights. It is expected that the students shall exercise these rights with maturity and responsibihty, and that they shall not be used as an excuse to infringe on the rights of others. No right enumerated in this bOl shall be construed to be in conflict with local, state, or national laws. " The ensuing articles of the STUDENT BILL OF RIGHTS enumerate both the needs and the obligations of the stu- dent in his academic situation. Modeled after the Bill of Rights of the United States, the proposed bill asks that the student be informed in print of such obligations and free- doms: the right of protection against disclosure of informa- tion which is not a matter of pubhc record, the freedom to take exception to the viewpoint of an instructor, the obh- gation not to interfere with the academic process of the classroom, the freedom of personal expression through dress and grooming, the obligation to maintain reasonable requirements related to health and safety, the freedom speech and assembly, the obligation to respect the property and rights of others; the right of every student to freely ex- ercise his full rights as a citizen; and the right to an appeals procedure concerning any infringement of points enumer- ated in the Student Bill of Rights. Particularly important to the STUDENT BILL OF RIGHTS is the procedure of disciplinary action against the student. In the Bill of Rights the student is guaranteed the right to a speedy hearing, the right to appeal a decision, the right to a hearing by an impartial committee, the right to bring counsel, the right to confront and question his ac- cusers, the right to remain silent, the right to bring witness- es in his behalf, and the right to know the charges made against him. It is further enumerated that the student will not be subject to disciphnary action by the college solely for convictions in a civil court. On November 4, 1970 the Student Senate voted to send the STUDENT BILL OF RIGHTS to the President of the College. On January 18, 1971 the bill was returned by President Foster to the Senate accompanied by a proposed statement of " Student Freedoms and Responsibilities. " The statements enumerated in the " Student Freedoms and Re- sponsibilities " bear marked similarity to those in the pro- posed STUDENT BILL OF RIGHTS, yet it does not paint as clear, concise a black and white picture as the BILL COUNTER-CLOCKWISE: Senators Smith and Thompson; left to right, Senator Bar- ton, Dean Hayes, Drs. Lott and Hopper; President Oliver and Vice-President Leni- han; Senators Pyles and Hagan. 178 ■ ' •Pr " T OF RIGHTS. Says Senate President Jim Oliver, " We want to insure tor the student a written guarantee of his positive rights tor his own protection and as a guarantee for his tu- ture. " Asked whether or not he felt that the Freedoms and Responsibilities " statement of the President of the college would satisfy these guarantees, Student Body President Oli- ver expressed doubt. Proposed NWMSC Student Bill of Rights 179 7 ' v ] 180 UPCUPCUPCUPC JPCUPCUPCUPC JPCUPCUPCUPC UPCUPCUPCUPC UP- UPCUPCUPC UPCUPCUPCUPC uri UPCUPCUPC FAR LEFT: Members of Union Pro- gram Council are (diagonally) Dave El- lis, Dean Louann Lewright, Marvin Sil- liman. Mary Kay Meintel, Bill Mus- grave, Jo Griffith, Bruce Stadlman, Jessica O ' Rourke, Chuck Place, Kathy Ramey, Mary Lee Ensch, Larry Foultz, Mary Ellen Merrigan. 181 ' ttMr I UPC Union Programming, 1970-1971: Ewing Street Times, Crow, Tim and Tom, The Association, Kay Dennis, Steven Butter, Watts 103 Street Band, John Girard, Fine Arts Coffee House, Sander Vanocur, the Flea Market, Kent State dance, Bernadette Devlin, Spring Weekend, February 1 3 Love-In, den movies. Night of Films, etc . . . etc . . . etc . . . Union Board President, Bill Musgrave: " Our objec- tive this year has centered along the entertainment line because of the response of the students last year. In the educational aspects of our council we have tried to bring speakers of interest to the students. Of course, the students will never be completely satisfied. We have tried to make the students more interested in the activities of the Board; to those students who belong to the Union Programming Council as well as those who do not. The attitude of the administration towards our activities this year has been one of quiet acceptance with a few grumblings along the line. " Union Board Sponsor, Marvin Silliman; " Most of our emphasis is on major programs. We ' re supposed to help students in their education outside the classroom. CLOCKWISE: Committee members in the Union Board Office; Marvin Silli- man, Director of the Union; Bill Mus- grave, President of Union Board; Larry Foultz, Committee Co-Chairman. 182 L I 183 UPC There have been specific changes that have evolved during the 1970-71 programming. More emphasis has fallen on week-end activities in an effort to entice the student to remain on campus. The number of guest speakers were reduced in an effort to raise the quality. There are two times as many concerts as compared to the last three years. Den Movies fill the void and lull in activity. States Mr. Musgrave, " We have tried to do more than in the past. We try to give the student what he has paid for. " Commenting on the programs initiated by the Council, Committee Chairmen have mixed feelings. States Vin- nie Vaccaro, " I think we ' re ignoring a significant num- ber of students. We ' ve tried to alienate ourselves from the students that don ' t ' Dig ' . We ' re just plain ignoring them. We need more contrast and comparison. " " These are the kids that pack up and go home on week-ends. I am tired of catering to them, " states Mary Lee Ensch. " I think we are lucky to get speakers that are catering to current topics, " comments Committee No. 3 chair- man, Bruce Stadlman. " We need both " sums up Ad- visor Mr. Dave Ellis. How does the student feel? " I ' m sure there are students that aren ' t satisfied as to how we have spent their money in programming. If they don ' t express an opin- ion on what we have done, I ' m sorry but we spent their money anyway. We have to know what is needed before we can meet that need. " VI - 184 x - ifl Events of the year sponsored by Union Board and Program Council: left. Floyd McKissick; BOTTOM. Ewing Street Times. Tim and Tom. and Crow; ABOVE: Sander Vanocur. John Girard. and The Association. Events not pictured also sponsored by Union Board: Kay Dennis. Stephen Butter. Watts lO. ' ird Street Rhythm Band. Flea Market, Kent State Dance, Bernadette Devlin. Spring Weekend. February 13 All Night PARTY. Members of Union Board pictured are, ABOVE, Jo Griffith and. LEFT, Vinnie Vaccaro. 185 MEDIA: 186 KDLX AND . . . » 9 r»rr r r r r rrr r [ : QQ 187 f-k ► • . . . . KXCV 188 189 I NORTHWEST MISSOURIAN Now in its sixth year, the NORTHWEST MISSOURIAN facilities continue to provide the student with the labora- tory experience necessary to good journalism. New innova- tions mark the growth, most notably in the conversion from direct to offset printing, which allows the student to do his make-up work right in the Colden Hall offices. The EngUsh- Journalism program iics expanded to include combinations of Industrial Arts, Home Economics, or Agriculture with Journalism. New to the curriculum is the course, " Writing for the Popular Media, " and academic credit for work on the yearbook. Off campus circulation has increased from 250 to 1600 during the past six years. The journalism facil- ities now provide over fifty students with new concepts and experience in news production. 190 CLOCKWISE: Larry Pearl; Mrs. Ec- kert; Evelyn Quam; Evelyn Quam; Jim Ingraham and Larry Pearl; staff room of the Northwest Missourian; Marilyn Meyer and Larry Dawson; Nancy Shannon. 191 r= f ' ' i! i I Members of TOWER staff are, left to right; Mary Kay Meintel. Michael Oliver. Greg Brantman, David Vinson, Robert Gadd (honorary member), Muriel Al- cott, Tom Niemeyer, Lynn Ridenour, and Tess Hilt. AMBASSADORS Eileen Kreek, ambassador to Argentina; Karen Hardy, ambassador to Austria; Mary Hamilton, ambassador to Spain; Carolyn North, ambassador to India; Bill McKenny, ambassador to Italy. 194 ' ? SS6GS SiSSS K %W M:S5 ■ fHi s» 195 ujritiliiiiM THE PRESIDENT ' S 196 i mm4 198 «l PATTERNS II 199 200 TEXTURES: NATURAL AND 201 . . .MAN-MADE 202 203 PEOPLE DIVISION OF ARTS SCIENCES LEFT: Linda Allen, Lynn Ridenour, B.A.; George Thomas, B.S.; Martha Winfrey, B.S.; B.S.; Diane Holt, B.S.; Charlene Rush, B.S. Dorothy Ware, B.S. Phil Ray Young, B.S. ABOVE: Mary Ann Lumm, B.S.; Carol Mclntyre, B.S. $ 206 Art CLOCKWISE: Russ Schmal- john talks with John Stal- ling; Mr. Sunkel; Philip Van Voorst shows a stu- dent how to operate a camera. ABOVE: James Brod- erick, B.A.. M.A.; Lee Hageman, B.F.A., M.F.A.; Donald Ro- bertson. B.S., M.S. RIGHT: Russ Schmal- john, B.A., M.A.; Robert Sunkel. A.A., B.F.A.M. FA., Chair- man: Philip Van Voorst, B.F.A..M.F.A. 207 LEPT: Mary Armstrong, B.S.: Sherry Boyer, B.S.; Nena Brown, B.S.; Dwayne Buske, B.S.; Charles Carter. B.S. BELOW: Caren Clay, B.A.; Margaret Fairman, B.S.: Thomas Hagewood. B.S.; Robert Johnson, B.S.; Sharon Louk, B.S. Roger Mongold, B.S. Percy Meyers, B.S. Nancy Powell, B.S. Jerry Rains, B.S. Susan Shipley, B.S, 208 Biology Fred Bretch, Louis ABOVE: Myles Grabau, B.S., Denich, B.Sc., M.Sc., M.S .; Richard Hart, Ph.D.; Rod- Ph.D.; Bradley Ewart, ney Higgins, B.S.; Kenneth Min- B.A., A.M., Ph.D.; ter, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Chairman RIGHT; Irene Mueller, A.B. M.A., Ph.D.; Sue Nothstine. B.S. M.A.; B.D. Scott, B.S., M.S. Ph.D.; David Smith, B.A., M.S. Ph.D. Patricia Garrell, B.S M.S. 209 m.. LEFT TO RIGHT: Fern Bretch, B.S.; Janet Com- er, B.S.; Jim Ingle, B.S.; James Komm, B.S.; Charles Schofield, B.S.; Richard Schwarz, B.S. ' fit ' t 2)0 •J IS Chemistry Edward Farquhar, James Lott. B.S., B.S., Ph.D.; Harlan MS., Ph.D.: Dale Ro- Higginbotham, B.S.. senburg. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Ph.D. 211 Earth Science Physics and Physical Science LEFT TO RIGHT: David Cargo, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Earth Science; Bob Mallory, B.A., Ph.D., Earth Science; Myrl Long, B.S., M.S., Physical Science; Jim Smeltzer, B.S., M.N.S., Ed.D., Physics; Theodore Weichinger, Jr., Ed.D., Chairman, Depts. of Physics and Physical Science. r, p 212 t David Camper, B.S., Earth Science. 213 English Frank Grube, Chair- man, A.B., M.A., Ph.D.; Muriel Al- cott, A. A., B.J., M.- A.; Sue Bonebrake, B.A., M.A.: David Coss, B.A., M.A.; Craig Goad, B.A., M.A,; Mary Ellen Goad, B.S., M.A.; William Handke, A.- A., B.A., M.A., Vio- lette Hunter, B.S., MA. 214 Leland May, Ph.D.; Dale Midland, B.A., M.A.; Charles ODell. A.B., M.- A.; Charles Rivers, A.B., M.A., Ph.D.; James Sau- cerman, B.A., M. A.; Na- talie Tackett, B.A.. M.A., Patricia Van Dyke, B.S., M.S.; Dorothy Weigand, B.S., MA. f!w :t;. gV Roberta Bainum. B.S.; Laurie Barr, B.S.; Bar- bara Beckner. B.S.; Morris Berndt. B.S.; Thomas Brick. B.S.; Joy Brown, B.S.; Carol De- Long, B.S.; Ruth Du- vall. B.S. Jonet Ellsworth, B.S.; Phil Farnan, B.S.: Phyl- lis Hardy, B.S.; Cheryl Hawley. B.S.; Nancy Holland, B.A.; Jane Hyder, B.A.: Rosalie Ingle, B.S.; John Judd, B.S. Mary Kemery, B.S.; Denise Kerns, B.S.; Lin- da Klinger, B.A.: Bar- bara Logan, B.S.; Majid Ali, B.A.; Shoba Man- sukhan, B.A.; Helen Martin, B.S.: Nita Mc- Clellan, B.S. Janice Mclntyre, B.A. Laurie Moore, B.S. Lesley Moore, B.S. William Ottinger, B.S, Priscilla Peterson, B.A. Carolyn Pulem, B.A, Norma Reynolds, B.S Edna Scanlan, B.S. John Schieber, B.S.: Dan Sighniger, B.S; Vicki Snell, B.S.; Nan- ette Sterkel, B.S.: Mary Lou Swain, B.A.; Vin- cent Vaccaro, B.S.; Lar- ry Van Sky, B.A.: Ver- non Duane, B.S. Foreign Language n " f ' ' .xi Hi; John Doug- Luis Macias, L.L.D., John Walker, B.A.. Lee Albers, B.S.; Thomas Fox, B.S.; herty, M.A.; Robert Ph.D.; Elaine Mau- M.A.; Jane Youland, Mrs. John Beebout, Eileen Kreek, B.S.; Govier, B.A., B.M., zey. Chairman B.S., B.A., M.A. B.S.: Lionel Brown, Patricia Nichols, B.S.; M.A., Ph.D. ABOVE: A.B., M.A. B.S.; Danei Buckley, EUi Severson, B.S.; Mary Jackson, A.B., M.A.; Channing B.S.; Linda Burk, B.S. Alan Wagner, B.S.; Jeanne Cracraft, B.S. Linda Williams B.S. Horner, A.B., M.A. 216 217 illb LEFT: Cindy Burt, B.S.; Dick Gayler, B.S.; Donald Hascall, B.S.; Gary Hawkins, B.S.; ABOVE: John McGuiness; B.S.; Nan- cy McGuire; B.S.; Bet- ty Meyn, B.S.; Linda Miles, B.S. John Mo berg, B.S. Jim Mullins, B.S. Dean Pettit, B.S. Wendy Wykoff, B.S. 218 □ v David Bahnemann, B.A„ B.S., MA,; George Barratt, B.S., M.S.; Vida Dunbar, B.A., M.A.; Stanley Ediger, A.A., B.S., M.A.; Owen Fair, B.S., M.A.T. Marvin Gutzmer, B.S., M.S., M.A.; Jean Kenner, B.S., M.A.; Morton Kenner, Ph.D., Chairman; Larry Stephens, B.S., M.A.; Carl Robb, B.S., M.S. Mathematics Statistics and Computer Science Phyllis Ewert; Ron- nie Moss, A.A., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; Wendell Snowden. Carl Robb talks with a student. 219 LEFT: Rick Ashby, ABOVE: Dan Kun- B.S.; Janet Casky, kel, B.S.; David Per- B.S.; Carolyn Garr, kins, B.S.; Mary Ann B.S.; ABOVE: Vicki Richardson, B.S. Gillispie, B.S.; Mich- RIGHT: Deborah ael Henry, B.S., Ann- Roberts, B.S.; David ette Jennings, B.S. Scheinling, B.S.; Lin- da Strain, B.S.; Terry Thomas, B.S. 220 Music J LEFT: William Leck- lider, B.S., M.M.. Ed.D.; Ruth Miller, B.M.E., M.M.; John Smay, B.A., MM., Ph.D., Chairman; ABOVE: Byron Mitch- ell, B.M.E., M.M.E.; Frances Mitchell. B.S. ABOVE: Earle Moss, B.S., M.A.: Donald Sandford, B.S.E.. MM., DMA. ABOVE: Mary Jane Sandford, A.B., MM.; Elizabeth Rounds, B.M.. MM. RIGHT: Ward Rounds, B.A., M.A.; Gilbert Whit- ney, B.M.E., M.A. 221 d hj h %Jgkm h 222 LEFT: Allen Baker, B.A.; Kay Harnett, B.A.; Allen Brown, B.S.; Dale Carter, B.S.; John Cauveren, B.S. ABOVE: Bur- dette Christensen, B.S.; Linda Clauser, B.S.; Harold Corne- lius, B.S.; Steve Far- nan, B.S.; Stephen Finlayson, B.S. Charles Flanagan, Jr., B.A.; Robert Gillis- pie, B.S.; Emily Graeff, B.S.; William Henton, B.S.; Richard Houts, B.S. Shirley Hewitt, B.S. Daniel Hutton, B.S. Victor Jenkins, B.S. Ron Jennings, B.A. Larry Kelly, B.A. Mary Killgore, B.S.; Leonard Lenihan, B.S.; Joyce Leptham, B.S.; Leslie Linville, B.S.; William Luce, B.S. Doug Mantow, B.A. John Mauzey, B.S. George Miles, B.S. Mark Miller, B.A. Daniel Moore, B.S. L I TOP TO BOTTOM: Dorothy Dyke, Ro- bert Millar, and John Harr. Helen Nelson, B.S.; Jim Oliver, B.S.; Ken Reger, B.S. Allen Reisinger, B.S.: Donna Rich- mond, B.S.: Chris- tine Rinehart, B.A. J (-p 1 Thomas Roller, B.A.; Gail Ann Ryan, B.S.; Ran- dall Sands, B.S. Larry Spain, B.S.; James Sullivan, B.S.: Mary Van Every, B.S. Herb Van Vactor, B.S.: Thomas Vo- gel, B.S.; David Welle, B.A. Bill Wells, B.S.; Janice Williams, B.S.; Sandra Won- ders, B.S. Social Science 223 Berndt Angman. B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; Byron Augustin, B.A., M.A.; Thomas Carneal, B.A., M.A.; Clarence Henderson, B.A., M.A.; Roger Corley, B.A., M.A., Gary Davis, B.A., M.Div.; James Demarce, B.A., M.A. Virgina Demarce, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.: Dorothy Dyke, B.A., M.A.; Kenton Fan- colly, B.A., M.A.; Ronald Ferris, B.A., M.A.; William Flem- ing. B.A.. M.A., Ph.D.; George Gay- ler, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.; Don Hagan, B.A., M.A.; Gerald Hick- man, B.A., M.A.; John Hopper, Ph.D. James Hurst, B.S., M.A.; Robert Kil- lingsworth, B.A., B.S.; Ph.D.; James Lowe, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.; Richard Meyer, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; Robert Millar, B.A., M.A.; Harmon Mothershed, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.; Phyllis Shanklin, B.S., M.S., M.A. dSkdm Gene Small, B.A., M.A.; Calvin Widger, B.A., M.A. i Ji 224 mkM « 1 Social Science LEFT: Drs. Hopper and Angman; ABOVE: Dr. Killingsworth. 225 LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Jensen; David Shestak; Robert Bohlken, Chairman of Speech and Drama Department. (•S Mary Burlce, B.S.; James Leu, B.S.; Bill Musgrave, B.A.; Cathy Smith, B.S.; William Wimmer, B.S. Speech 226 |iiD.B Ihr: li«, !ecli ithryn Bennett, B.S., , .A.; Robert Bohl- In, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.; Uthran Cushman, A., M.A. " ' jiane Jensen, B.S., A., A. A.; John Per- ns, Mark Koven, (A., M.A., Ph.D. lerald LaVoi, B.S., I.S.; Lincoln Morse, I. A.; Jared Stein, A., M.A. 227 DIVISION OF EDUCATION Education Jerry Fischer Linda Hilsabeck Paulette Frazier Susan Holeman Diane Froehlich Joy Holmes Cassy Funk Vicki Horton Rita Gilmore Suzanne Hunt Helen Goldsmith Jeanie Hutsell Sherry Goucher Deborah Jones Sandra Grubbs Louann Karr Christine Harman Jackie Keepers Marcia Harris Marcia Keeton Deann Harrison Patricia Kirsch Susan Hazen Dorothy Krabiel Dolores Henton Sandra Kriegshauser Deborah Hilgenberg Mary Kuehns Jeanne Lemke Jackie Lionberger Jane Lobmire Linda Luttrell Peggy Makings Janie Mann Joyce Matiyow 228 Marsha Alsbury Twila Anders Ellen Anderson Jan Bagley President, Senior Class Cynthia Baltzley Brenda Bishop Pat Bolin Teresa Bordenkircher Karen Calvert Sharon Carr Kerry Chase Ann Collier Susan Crook Julie Currie Debra Davis Maria Euritt Lois Fields Peggy Finlay Mary McClanahan Deanna McWilliams Suzanne McCormick Kathleen Meivin 229 Education Venda Morgan Marcia Morrison Jonel Musgrave Sharon Ness Linda Nielson Judy Oetjen Jackie Orth Mary Paulson Vicki Petsche Kathy Plummer Judy Pomeroy Joyce Ranniger Cynthia Rather Debra Richards Joyce Richeson Becky Rickman Rebecca Riesgaard Carolyn Ring Gary Roberts Sue Rockow Peggy Roush Marcia Rusk ■■ " ■■- " " ' Carolyn Schlange Jean Scott Nancy Scott Leona Seamans R-g, - Norma Siverly Shelly Slagle - Janis Smith Linda Spears Karen Sprock Sandra Stephens Cheryl Strashheim Linda Sumy Janet Taff Marlene Taylor Beverly Thompson Glenda Thompson Kay Thomas Debbie Walker Pamella Walker Patricia Wohlford 230 Carolyn Zimmerman TOP LEFT: Mrs. Vinson, secretary in the offices of the Education department. ABOVE: Students in the hallway of the Horace Mann Grade School. 231 LEFT: Zelma Akes, B.S., M.S.; Charles Adair, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D.; BELOW: Paul- ine Arthur B.S., M.A.; Jane Costello, B.S., M.Ed. Roger Epley, B.A., Carroll Fogal, B.S., M.A., Ed.D.; Carolyn M.Ed.; James Gates, Fisher, B.S., M.A. B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. J.M. Gleason, Chair- man B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D.; Anna Gorsuch B.S., M.A. ' !0 J0ft " V : ' ' ■ y JB| F 1 1 ' ' . f ' ' H S ilik tf . I K 1 ■ij£z....J _ .... ..J Avis Graham, B.S., M.Ed.; Henry He- menway, B.A., M.A., Ed.D.; William Hinckley, B.A., M.A., Ed.D. Ruth Larmer, B.S., M.S.; Homer Lemar, B.S., M.S., Ed.D.; Robert McCrummen, Ed.D. Kathryn McKee, M.A.; Peggy Miller, B.S.; Stanley Wade, Ed.D. 232 red Esser, B.S., VEd., Ed.D.: Frank :ispino, B.S., M.S., E.D.; Merle Lesher, E8., M.S., Ph.D.; hard New, B.S., l|S.; Neva Ross, jJa.; Roy Sanders, IS., M.A., Ed.D. Dean Savage, Ed.D.; Nina Schneider, B.A.; JoAnn Stamm, B.S., M.S.; Kenneth Thompson, B.S., M.S.; Betty Wood, B.S., M.S.; John Williams, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. Gerald Wright, B.A., M.A.. Ed.D.; C.E. Koerble, Ph.D. (Guid.); John Mob- ley, B.S., M.A. (Acad. Adv.); Alan Peterson, B.S. (Acad. Adv.); Robert Walker. B.S. (Acad. Adv.); Lawr- ence Zillner, A.A., B.S., M.S.. Ed.D. (Guidance) Education Guidance and Counseling 233 Library Science TOP: Patricia James, B.S.; Patricia Law- rence, B.S.; Simone Oliva, B.S. RIGHT: Gail Roberts, B.S.; Irma Sallee, B.S. Edith Terry, B.S.; Susan Wallace, B.S. 234 Luke Boone B.A.. M.A.; Leta Brown, A.B.; Donna Janky, B.A.. B.S., M.S. BELOW: James John- son, B.A., B.S.: Ruth Killingsworth, B.S., M.S., M.L.S. RIGHT: Kathryn Murphy, B.S.; Carol Thummel, M.L.S. Tsr l r 235 Jack Allen Wesley Baier Gregg Beam Douglas Boltiger Kenneth Brown George Cash Jr. Chris Davis Boyd Denton Dick Buckridge John Byrd Lewis Dyche Lee Galloway Paul Gates Robert Gregor I Robert Iglehai Ryland Milne ' Burton Riche;i |l Vincent Roaeh( Philip Younj 236 Mark DeVore William Gilmore John Giltner, Jr. Bob Goode Ronald Harris James Hinton Stephen Hunter Larry Hylarides Ed Jackson Donald Johnson William Kee Danny Kilmer Ed Laneville Charles Lind Danny Lock Gary Logli David Matteson Gary Maulfair Derrick McCord Joey McGuiness Robert McMullen Tim Milner Michael Minnihan Paul Mousel Clifford Nelles Joseph Nichols Tommy O ' Neall Allen Peterson Danny Peterson James Rhea William Rumelhart Steve Schottel Robert Van Seyoc George Slocum Duane Smith Richard N. Smith Mike Stocker Bruce Thezan Rudy Turner Keith Waller l J Frank Woodruff Robert Wright Mens ' Physical Education 237 9 1 h •C B 238 Womens ' Physical Education Judy Akers, B.S.; Peggy Bohrer, B.S.; Patricia De- loney, B.S. Frances Hanson. B.S.; Diana Mulch- ings, B.S.: Sandy Kinkade, B.S. Pat Maisrans. B.S.: Sharon Martin. B.S.: Ruth Ann McKinney. B.S. Janie Miller. B.S.; Marsha Miller. B.S.; Gena Paul. B.S. Marie Smith. B.S.; Susan Stephens, B.S.: Marie Sum- mers. B.S. nil mi m ' , J -. r: 239 David Alexander, B.S.; Victoria Bertram, B.A.; Maurice Boo- ton, B.A.; Stephen Buckles, B.S. William Burke, B.S.; Josephine Campbell, B.A.; Colleen Green, B.A.; Nancy Hen- drickson, B.A. Sarah King, B.A. Chuck KJuver, B.A. Gayla McKinnie, B.A. Darnell Moore, B.A. Psychology -Sociology 240 Janis Neudorff, B.A Marck Nystrom, B.S. Wayne Olson, B.A. Robert Peterson, B.A Joyce Powell, B.A, Linda Stephens, B.A Lilly Tyrrell. B.A Tim Wandell, B.S Senior Class Senator Mel Blades, M.A.; William Chalstrom, A.A., B.S., M.A.; Ho- ward George, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Kenneth Hagen, B.A., M.S.; Marshall Tack- ett, B.S., M.S., Ed.D.; Richard Mayfield, B.S., MS M li JL B jRp. " sjit -- Richard Quinn, B.S., M.S., Ed. D., Chair- man; Gus Rischer, B.S., M.A. Stephen Robbins, B.S.; Wanda Walker, B.A., B.S., Ed.D. :=:;- . ' ? 241 DIVISION OF VOCATIONAL PROFESSIONAL TRAINING i Ronald Abbott, B.S.; Ron Allen, B.S.; Mel- vin Andrews, B.S.; Angela Boswell, B.S.; Tim Buckingham, B.S. " t , Calvin Cleveringa, B.S.; Karl Combs, B.S.; Stephen Conley, B.S.; Thomas Ellison, B.S.; Dale Evans, B.S. LeRoy Fisher, B.S.; Ray Furst, B.S.; Rob- ert Gerdes, B.S.; James Hanley, B.S.; Michael Hawley, B.S. J Dennis Hendrix, B.S.; Lyle Hodde, B.S.; William Hurd, B.S.; Russell King, B.S.; David Lancaster, B.S. f- f «■ 0 " « : »c t 242 ;• [1 0, f!% fHk 0 v? fsr md i lrJ i griculture Richard Larson, II, B.S.; Loren Markt, B.S.; Charles Mat- thews, B.S.; Robert Muenchrath, B.S.; Russell Mullen, B.S. FACULTY: John Seeks. B.S.. M.S., Ed.D.; F.B. Hough- ton, B.S., M.A.; Fred Oomens, B.S.. M.S. SENIORS; Russell Nelson, B.S.; Steven Nelson, B.S.; Gene O ' Donnell, B.S.; Stev- en Petty, B.S.; Gary Pierce, B.S. FACULTY: Dennis Padgitt. B.S., M.S., Ph.D.: Donald Shelby, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; William Trese, Sr., B.S.. M.Ed. SEN- IORS: Marlin Pierce, B.S.: Thomas Plaht. B.S.; Bobby Purvi- ance, B.S.; Merlyn Rees, B.S.: Dennis Roach, B.S. Gary Routh, B.S.; Gary Scarbrough, B.S.; Larry Scott, B.S.; Robert Sefrit, B.S.; Robert Sifers, B.S. m M Kenneth Sutton, B.S.; David Thompson, B.S.: Randal Varda- man, B.S.; Douglas Walley, B.S.; Gary Walter. B.S. John Weaver, B.S.; Wayne Weipert, B.S.; Craig Wernimont, B.S.: Lanny Wilken- ing, B.S.; Keith Wray B.S. 243 Burdell Aansen, B.S.; Karen Ad- cock, B.S.; Diane Anderson, B.S.; Ronald Anderson, B.S.; John Ascherl, B.S. •JMKHr fJ ' m Business Bill Blankenship, Sharon Browning, Khryn Belcher, A.A., B.S., M.S.; Ed- B.S., M.A.; E.K. De- Al., M.S.; William ward Browning, B.S., Vore, Chairman B.S., Binett, B.S., M.A. B.S., M.A. M.S., D.B.A. Lonnie Echternacht, B.S., M.A., Ed.D.. Audrey Ellington. B.S.; Frederick Hand- ke, B.S., M.A., M.A.; Larry Jensen, B.A., MBA, Russell Morey, B.A., M.B.A.; Martha Moss A.A., B.S., M.Ed.: Donald Nothstine, B.S., B.A., M.B.A.: John Potter, B.B.A, M.S. Mary Jane Sunkel, M.B.A., B.S.C.; Em- elda Williams, B.S., M.B.A.: William Williams, M.B.A.; Gordon Zink, B.S. Martha Moss teaches a typing class 245 246 MMfm M Kenneth Callison, B.S.; Kenneth Carr, B.S.; Don Gather. B.S.; Joseph Cira, B.S.; Dennis Coates, B.S. John Curry, B.S.; Gary Davis, B.S.; Ed- ward Day, B.S.; John Deaton. B.S. Terry Deatz, B.S. Thomas Dillon, B.S Dennis Domino, B.S Mamie Easton, B.S Steve Petty, B.S Richard Fish, B.S Roger Florea, B.S Tabitha Foster, B.S Jim Frede. B.S. Nancy Gayler, B.S.; Danny George, B.S.; Larry Gerdes, B.S.: Diane Godden, B.S.; Edward Graglia, B.S.; Larry Gustafson, B.S.: Richard Halley, B.S.; Edgar Hatcher, B.S.; Mickey Heath, B.S.; Francis Henggeler, B.S.: Duane Hixon, B.S.: Jacqueline Ho- grewe, B.S.; Victoria Hoozer, B.S.; Mich- ael Hufnagel, B.S.; Peggy Huss. B.S.; Billy Ingels, B.S. David Isenhour, B.S.; William Johns. B.S. Wendell Jones. B.S.; Joseph Justin, B.S.: James Kellenberg, B.S.; James Knauer, B.S.; John Kuhns, B.S.; Jeff Larmer, B.S.;Virginia Larson, B.S. Ronald Latcham, B.S.; Ronald Levis, B.S.; Connie Lewell- en, B.S.: Mattia Lo- Scalzo, B.S.; James Lowrance, B.S.; Nan- cy Lusk, B.S.: Ed Ly- nam, B.S. James Mahoney, B.S, Robert Markey, B.S. Joe Marotta, B.S. Daniel Martin, B.S. Leo Mason. B.S.: Terry Mauer, B.S. David Merriman, B.S. 247 Business 248 mM M Ken Messerli, B.S.; John Meyer, B.S.; Kenneth Meyer, B.S.; Terry Molgaard, B.S.; Robert Mooney, B.S.; Kendall Mork, B.S. S1 m Clifford Morrison, B.S.; Teena Morrow, B.S.; Terry Mullin, B.S.; Judith Ann Nel- son, B.S.; Larry New- house, B.S.: Janet Ni- cholas. B.S.; Robert Nichols, B.S.; Jenn- ifer Nicholson, B.S. Maurice Nielson, Dave Nitin, B.S. Richard O ' Halloran, B.S.; Don Palmat- ier, B.S.; Warren Pan- tier, B.S.: Daniel Pfei- fer, B.S.: Philip Kan- nenberg. B.S.: Cindy Lou Read. B.S.; Lin- da Reed. B.S.; Wil- liam Rehm. B.S.; Jane Rhodes, B.S.; John Rice. B.S. Earl Riggs, B.S.: Eric Riley. B.S.: Philip Rosenberg, B.S.: Ven- ita Scholl. B.S.: Sister Rita Marie Schumer, B.S.; Donna Schwartz, B.S.; Anna Schwarz, B.S.; Barry Sellergren B.S.: Richard Shollen- berger, B.S.; Don Sills. B.S. William Slogle, B.S.; Stephen Straight. B.S.: Donald Summers. B.S.; Nancy Thom- son. B.S.; Gary Tie- meyer. B.S.; Keith Troester. B.S.; Thom- as True, B.S.; Steven VanPelt, B.S.; Jon Vest, Scott Vidlak, B.S. Lodean Voss, B.S.; Curtis Ware, B.S.; Michael Wickizer, B.S.; Richard Wiles, B.S.; Dennis Wilkins, B.S.: Janelle Wollen- haupt, B.S.: Richard Wolters, B.S.; Robert Wright, Teresa Wun- derlich, B.S.; Michael Zeorlin, B.S. 249 Mary Ann DeVore, M.S.; Patricia Mitch, B.S., M.S.; Corine Mitchell, B.S., M.A.; Frances Shipley, B.S., M.S.; Jacquelyn Za- bel, B.S., M.S.; Suz- anne Zeglin, BS., M.S. Home Economics Judy Abrisz, B.S.; Cynthia Baker, B.S.; Patty Beeks, B.S.; Betty Bender, B.S.; Linda Carner, B.S. Cherri Blair, B.S.; Denise Bower, B.S.; Elisa Burke, B.S.; Di- ane Elengelbrecht, B.S.; Jo Ellen Evans, B.S. Cherie Gay, B.S.; J t dy Green, B.S.; H( Nancy en Hart, B.S.; Mil J ' ' ' garet Hedges, B.. I t ' ' " Pam Hospelhorn, B I J »8S 250 H Ceryl Ingraham, Twila Miller, B.S.; " f ' i I».; Elizabeth Kahl, Kathy Petersen, B.S.; Suzanne Schrier, B.S. ii.; Nancy John, Mary Ann Richard- Linda Seitter, B.S, li.; Cheryl Mann, son, B.S.: Donna Ruth Slocum, B.S. Ii.; Rebecca Mc- Rychnovsky, B.S.; Linda Stolley, B.S. C inness, B.S. Lenore Schaefer, B.S. Jill Wicks, B.S. wm 251 Terry Armburst, B.S.; Joe Barnes, B.S.; Jo- seph Bensyl, B.S.; Jim Boeck, B.S.; Ste- ven Broeck, B.S.; Ro- bert Brought, B.S. Vincent Bruck, B.S.; Robert Burns B.S.; Gary Caven, B.S.; Keith Collins, B.S.; Richard Craig, B.S.; Thomas Cundall, B.S. Robert Dyer, B.S.; Henry Falk, B.S.; Lar- ry Falk, B.S.; James Fink, B.S.; Delmar Freemyer, B.S.; Gary Grover, B.S. David Groom, B.S.; Donald Hazelwood, Ronald Hurst, Michael Ingram, Walter Jones, Terry Juels- gaard, B.S. Dennis Juhl, B.S. William Lindsay, B.S. Wayne Moore, B.S. Mike Merrick, B.S. Mike Orr, B.S.; Ed ward Phillips, B.S. Herman Collins, B.S., M.A., Ed.D; Leroy Crist,B.S.Ed., M.S.Ed., David Crozier, B.S. Ed., M.S.Ed.; Peter Jackson, B.S., M.S., Ed.D., Chairman; Ross Littrell, B.S.Ed., M.S.Ed. Bruce Parmelee, B.A., M.S.; Glen Petersen, B.S.Ed., M.S.Ed.; George Quier, B.S.Ed., M.S.Ed., Ed.D.; John Rhoades, A.A., B.S., M.S.; Howard Ringold, B.S., M.S. 252 T i- ;3» ' ' 4 ,4 ' i 9» 1 I tf d — • John Pickard, B.S.; Edward Pine, B.S.; Allen Rasmussen, B.S.; Richard Reece, B.S.; Leonard Sample, B.S.; Roger Sc hantz, B.S. Eugene Schieber, B.S.; Roger Schlouhauer, B.S.; Mike Schmie- ding, B.S.; Stephen Wayne, B.S.; Wil- liam Tighe, B.S.; Her- bert VanNordstrand, B.S. Robert Warner. B.S. Doanld Whipple, B.S. Paul Whitmore, B.S. Merle Winkelman, B.S.: R.E. Wohlford n, B.S.; Charles Zook, B.S. Industrial Arts Technology 253 Wilma Bailey Vernal Barrett Sandra Cooper Dorothy Crail Cheryl Culver Lorene Edwards Stephanie Finlayson Sue Van Gundy Ivan Hay worth Karei Henton Dale Herifond Lisa Loch Betty Ray Dorothy Rickabaugh Sharon Schottel Buff Scott Victoria Summa Judy Trullinger 254 Nursing 255 Paul Abrisz Becky Ackerman Rebecca Adams Gladys Alford Sam Allen Dale Anders Sharon Andersen Dennis Anderson Dwight Anderson Jean Anderson Tom Anderson Betty Andrews Larry Apple Mary Jane Archer Rosemary Arrowsmith Gayle Atkins Bruce Baker Mitchell Baker Cheryl Ballew m k Richard Bappe Stanley Barton Reca Baymiller Susan Beerman Cynthia Beigel Kim Bell James Bennett Robert Benton Robert Berning David Best Janice Binning Jim Blackford Karen Bovaird Dale Bowe UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIORS 256 u ' i % ▼ sf- fP«T W © 3 - " ' ' 1 - Jl 1 ai i a A ,p. 1 Pamela Bowen Bev Bowers Dennis Bowman Ken Bowman Mary Beth Bowman Marvin Bradley, Jr. Margo Brannen Greg Braniman Nancy Bredensteiner David Breibeck Susan Brentnall Mike Brodie Jack Brown Jewlie Brown Ronald Brown Susan Brown Susan Bruster Judi Buck Croyle Buntaine Diane Burge Mary Burkhalter John Burkitt Dave Burns Marsha Busch Mary Jo Buster Anita Calfec Bev Callaway Leslie Campbell Eric Carlson Linda Carpenter Dominic Caruso Dave Catus James Cheney Greg Christians Glenda ClariJay Keith Clark Steve Clark Gary Clements Judy Clevengcr Nancy Clutter Gena Connley Eilcne Connole Margaret Conway Timothy CoopKjr Barbara Copcland Caria Cornelius John Corrcil Donna Corum Bonnie Cox Ronald Cox Peggy Crane Dean Criiien Mary Beth Crouch Sledman Culvarese Liza Cummins Judy Cundall Paul Damm Jan Danielson Nancy Danielson Pat Daugherty Rita Daugherty Aditha Davis Neeta Day Sharon Defenbaugh Deborah Degner Louie DeMario Connie DcPenning Barbara Dieckman Gene Dill Robin Dodd Barbara Dodson Yvonne Doll Bill Donegan E eAnn Driver Marta Duckworth Myron Dunavan Dale Duncan Kathy Duncan Tom Dunn Lonnie Duvall Carol Dye Mary Dyer Steve Dyvig Linda Eastburn Lonnie Edwards Ed Eg an Billie EgW Michael Eighmy La Rue Eisenbarger Susan Elardo Judy Elmer Dayle Emrick Mary Lee Ensch Janice Erb Shelia Erickson Mary Everhard 257 Veronica Ewing Mary Faga Mary Faman Mary Fleming Peggy Fitzgerald Thelma Flint Janis Ford Regina Fordyce Lynda Fox Thomas Fox Connie Franson Stanley Frese Thelma Freudenburg Bob Fryer Richard Fuller Jeffrey Gaskill Bill Gates Linda George Marnie Giannini William Gibler Nancy Gill Steve Gillespie Rebecca Gillispie Sue Giltner Dan Goldapp Marsha Golly Linda Goodell Debbie Goodwin Seth Grafft Karla Greaves Judy Gregory Maralee Grider Harley Griffieon Jo GrifTith James Gross Becky Grosz Nancy Haas Fran Hagan John Hagler Janis Haines Diana Ham Charles Hambsch Dorma Hamilton Ethel Handley Linda Handsaker David Hansen Donna Hansen Oscar Hansen John Hanson Ronald Hapes Karen Hardy Karen Harrell Linda Hawks Paul Haywort James Hazen Diana Hegwood Denny Heimke Dennis Heldenbrand Neil Hemminger Debbie Harmon Phil Herrington Cathy Herron Glen Hessel Larry Hill Rex HiU Michelle Hillman James Hoepker Bruce Hokanson Jody Holferty Teri HoUaday Brenda Howard Elaine Hudson Ruth Huey Annette Hun Gary Huffman June Ann Humphrey Cathy Hunt Susan Hunt Rita Hurst Janet Irvin Doug Ivie Dale Jackson Donald Jackson Ron Jackson Robert Jenkins Step hen Jennings Anita Jensen Rick Jensen Kenneth Jincks Brian Jobes Connie Johnson JoAnn Johnson Judith Johnson Lorraine Johnson Sue Johnson Cynthia Jones 258 I %%§MMaM 10 il Mil Danny Jones Sherry Jones Jack Jontz Margaret Juel Larry Kain Stan Kapp Eugene Keats Kay Keller Rosalee Kelley Ruth Kelly Sue Kelso Joy Kemp Karen Kennedy Laura Kerkmann Barbara King Alan Klein Patty Kline John Koegel Walt Koscinski Linda Koso Jerry Kountz Thelma Kreiling Mary Kreimeyer Shan Kuchan Glenda Kunze Connie Kusel Deborah Lambrighl Roger Lambright Alan Larson Joyce Lawrence Marilyn Lee Bernetta Leeper Joanne Lehman Susan Lesan Karen Li htle Brenda Lillard Judy Lippold Donna Iivengood David Loch Joan Lockharl Kenneth Loger Kathy Lopour Dianne Loving Rodney Lumley Barb Lundergan Gary Lyon Grady Maharry Betty Maize Michael Maloney Kathleen Mann Joyce Manning Sandy Marchetti Dasalee Marker Donnalie Markl Ron Marshall Karen Martens Linda Martin Dcnise Maxwell Marilyn Mayes Marc Maynard Dons McBec Michael McCIeury Gary McCrea Rosemary McCarthy Daniel McDermoit Patrick McGuire Dana McKee Janice McKcc Bill McKenny Brian McLaren Lou Meek Steven Meighen Mar Kay Meintel Richard Mendez Regina Mentis Patrice Messer Sue Meyer Tom Middleswarl Brenda Miller Wayne Miller Ron Moore Sue Moore Cindy Mongold Mary Beth Morrow Connie Morris Shirlee Morris Joy Moses Esther Moten Paula Moyer Jolene Mullins J! Rosemary Mumbower Wyvonna Mylott Karen Nail Kathy Nance Robert Neisen Donald Nelson Moyer, Fitzgerald elected President, Senator of the Junior Class i 259 Rebecca Nelson Rich Nelson Frank Neri Rose Mary Nicholas Linda Nochols Darryl Nickell Delores Nielsen Rick Nielsen Thomas Niemeyer Robert N. Noll Terry Norris Carolyn North Pam Nystron Barb O ' DeU Darren Ohde Rachell Olesen Mike Oliver Linda Olsen Doug Oshlo Janet Ottinger Anna Otto Julie Parker Pam Parkison Barb Payne Glennda Pennebaker Debra Perkins Mary Lynn Perry Bev Peterman Ronald Peterman Susan Peters Carole Peterson Darwin Peterson Vera Jean Pettijohn Ruth Pickett Marvin Pierson Sandra Plecker Charles Plummell Lynne Poague Monte Poague Debbie Poe Roberta Poff Shirley Poley Dannie PoUey Janet Pollock Thomas Poole Annette Posch Kermit Lee Posten Sue Posten Marcia Potter Maryjean Potter Joyce Potts David Primm Ray PuUen Mary Jill Quam Jacki Rabenold Peggy Rainey Kat hie Ramey Ed Rash Madonna Rath Barbara Redig Ken Redman Elizabeth Richardson Wesley Rinnan Dan Roe Constance Rold Janet Root Mary Roseburrow Janet Rosecrans David Rowe Jerry Roy Phillis Reed Stephen Saale gJI M i H I SH BQbIHmHRH iW W ' wSsbb w ' " 9 Chris Sagrilla Matthew Salomone Sally Saville Maureen Schieber Eva Schottel Karen Schuler Keith Schuler Jeff Schram Lucinda Schreurs Barbara Schuver Kathy Schwartz Roderick Shain Tim Shaver Patrick R. Sheehan Mark Shepard Jean Shriver Gladys Sick Carolyn Siddens Dave Siemsen Betty Silkett Pam Simpson Cheri Skarin Donna Slaybaugh James Sleister 260 M JUNIORS Annette Smith Keith Smith Rose Smith Wallace Snead Jeannine Snodderley Juhane Snodderley Debbie Snodgrass Dennis Lee Snyder John Snyder Ronald Soboika Karen Sorensen Cathie Stangl Susan J. Stephens Marda Sterreti Amber Stiles Pal Stiles Jim Stirling Rick Slockdelt iltMlit f? Mf.flM MM ik t k 1:111%! Sue Ann Strauss Juhc Strickland Judith Sirohl Craig Stroburg David Stroff Jacguclyn Sirothcr Donald Struve Randall Stuber Mike Suber Gar Sutherland John Swcnson Herb Talmadge M.irvin Tanner Shirlfv Teply Oehbic Terr ' Phil rcrr Irene Theobald Cindy Thomas Audrey Thompson Jim Thompson Sharmon ihompson Mark I homsen Janel Tornholm Pc(iig Troxel Sandy Tucker William Unticdt Jim VanPossan lois Jean V ' arley Susan ' cseen David instin Pam olkmann katic Vowells Russ uiKamotl kerbv ulgamoll I arry Wake Diane Waldman Marcia Walker Michelle Walter D.irrel Warren James Ray Warren Sue Warren Sally Weisenbom Karen Weller Marcia Wells Candec Welsch Leisa Wennihan J an is West Kenneth West Carolyn Weston Judy Wetzel Larry White Mao Ellen W hyte Mary Kaye Wilbur Lois Williams Sandra Williams Ken Wills Jeanette Wilmes Colleen Wilson Susan Wilson Linda Winkelman Linda Winslow Kathy Winstead Marcia Wion Jerry Witt Fred Woody John Bradley Wooton Jim Wright Bernard Wysong Connie Young Sherri Zarr Carol Zike Laura] Zook 1 261 Connie Acheson Lynn Adams Nancy Ahlberg Cynthia Allen Carta Allison Mark Alwan Don Andersen Brenda Anderson Cathy Anderson Debbie Anderson Marlene Anderson Maureen E. Andrews Rita Arnett Bill Arthaud Robert Ashbacher Marvonne Astafieff Sheila Austin Marilyn Auxier Barb Axton Denise Bacon Deborah Baker Kathi Baker Luwana Baker Ronald L. Baker Gary Bladwin Kathy Baldwin Sue Ballard Gayle Ballantyne Kathy Bamman Cindy Barker Vicki Barker Kay Barnard Sandra Barnes Nancy Barrett Sharon Barnett Peter Bataillon Joanne K. Bates Betty Baumli Patricia Beals Peggy Bear James Beattie Donald Beaulieu Bruce Becker Cedric Beemer Judy Beemer Diana Beery Terry Behle Bob Belcher Chris Bennett Diane Bennett Kay Bennett Martha Bennett Michael Bennett Susan Benlall Kristine Berg Burce Bernhardy Dennis Betz Sharon Binning David Birkenholz Stephen Bixler Melissa Boatright Twyla Boone Hank Bormann Charlotte Bowen Dave Bowman Phillip Bramley Cathy Brand Susan Brandt Jane Brick Marilyn Bricker Becky Brinkman Frances Brown John O. Brown Patrisha Brown Mark Brummel Debrah Buckalew Kevin Buckingham Gayla Buntin Janice Burke Donna Burmeister Deette Burris Steven Bussanmas Mara Byergo Michael Byrd Joyce Camden Vickie Carroll Denise Carter Garlene Carter Robert Casey JoLee Caskey Linda Caton Gary Catus Janet Chambers Nancy Chance ' if,i 262 iff Mia !ai?» i- J SOPHOMORES Jeanne Cimock Marilyn Clanin Rick Clark Stephen Claussen Cathy Clayton Byron Clemsen Jean Ann Cloos Mar ' Campion Margaret Compton Cyndi Conard Robert Conner Jacquelyn Constant Linda Constant Lonnie Cook Doris Corliss Janet Corman Michael Coslet Robert Coulson Craig Courtney Anita Cox K.ay Crawford Jackie L. Crouch Mary Crouch David Crouse Ann Cummins Connie Curran David Curry Carmen Curtis Connie Darling Don Davis Mark Davis Jeanette Davison Sieve Davisson Thomas Day Cynthia Dearmont Terry DeBak Jack Denney Kenneth DeSchepper Linda Dill Janice Dillon Darlenc Dixon hlizabelh Dixon Marcia Donaldson Larry Dougherty Julie Doumts Dibble Duane Marcc Duckworth James Dudley Marylyn Duflett Patricia Dykes Nancy Faster Stephen Eckard Ronald Eckerson Debbie Eddy Joyce tdgar Charles Edwards JetTcrson Edwards Jr. Terry Edwards Margaret Hllioll Tom Elliott Steve Hmmcrl Kalhy Eskov Mary Linda Evans Patricia Evans Jo Anne Eyberg Lauri Eyion Dennis Falkenburg Nancy Jane Fletcher Patricia Freeman Jo Fullington Carol Fadiga Frank Faidley Mark Failing Mary Jo Fairman Debbie Falkenburg Larry Feekes Alan Fetiy Jody Fine Nancy Finnell Linda First Randy Fischer Roger Fisher Gary Fite Patrice Flanigan Pam Foley Margaret Foreman Judy Frame Janet Frede Jim Freemyer Charles Friday 263 Terry Smith: President Jim Harris. Jr. Charles Harrison Donna Harryman Barry Hathaway Kathy Heath Rodney Heckman Dianna Hein Louanne Hein Deanna Heldenbrand Kathy Hendrix Deborah Henry Veronica Hernandz Pat Herzig Nancy Hicks Clifford Hill Tom Hill Tess Hilt Wanita Hoard Beverly Hodges Alcus Holly Janice Holtapp Julia Horn Ted Horn Theresa Houghton Dave Howell Pat Hrencher Linda Huffman Lydia Hugeback Jackie Hughes William Hull Deborah Huntsman Steve Hutsell James Hunt Don Ibbotson Jim Ingraham Linda Irish Jim Jacobs Lynda Jacobsen Diane Jacobson Marie Jardon Mike Jass Christi Jensen Debbie Jensen Patricia Jensen Linda Johnk Vicki Johns Brenda Johnson Judith Johnson Rick Johnson Brenda Jones David Jones Kay Jones Linda Jones Marcia Jones Sarah Jones Veronica Jones Kenneth Julian Ann Judah Joyce Kannenberg Carol Kauzlarich Jack Kelly Doug Kemper Kathryn Kennedy Patrick Kennedy Phyllis Kennedy Phil Kennedy Diane Kerrigan Jeanelte Ketelsen Margaret Kienberger David Killian Walter King Alynn Kirkhart Vicki George Darrell Gierstoef Benita Gipe Dudley Gordon Kathy Gordon Maria Gowin Debra Gracey Connie Grantham Linda Grantham Gretchen Gray Kris Greenfield Janet Greenwood IllM » M i 264 SOPHOMORES Glen Kirkpatrick Kenneth Kirkpatrick Tara Kirschner Loleia Kixmiller Thomas Knorr Kevin Koenig Sue Kolb Linda Kralik Cindy Kroeker Marilyn Kron Shari Kunkel Deniece Lampkins Linda Larabee Paula Larsen Veva Larson Gary Lash Richard Leaders Ellen Leahy Kathleen Lech Peter Lester Tom Lewis Linda Lima Ted Littlefield James Loch Roger Lundstrom John I yddon Jeanetie Lyies Janice Lyon Tim Magill Nan C.,i Markt irgini.i Marshall Gar Martin Judy Martin Steve Martin Larry Mason Christine Matney Linda Mayes Ron Mathews Mary Kay Mauton Pacti McAtee Rick McCampbcll Helen McDanicls Jeanmc McCamy Mike McConnell Susan McCulloh C arol McFarland Mike McKce Mike McQuinn Deborah Mendenhall Mary F.llen Merrigan hvelyn Mernti Diana Mews Jo MiddcndorfT Knsta Miles John Miller Lora Miller Nancv Miller William Miller Debbie Mills DiAnn Mincer Marv Jane Mires B. James Mitchell Sid Milchcll Jcaneiie Mitchell Janet Mi. dlin Jim Moore Kaihie Moore Stephen Moore Virgil Moore Kathertne Morehouse Pal Morgan Gayle Morris Patricia Moses Marcia Moss J. R. Motley Barbara J. Mouer Elizabeth Mowry Diana Mullins kaihy Mullins David Murphy Richard Musgrave Kyoji Nakao Debbie Nelson James Nelson Larry Nelson Shelly Nelson Kathy Neumann Linda Neumeyer Becky Newsome Patricia Niehaus yi I 265 Pete Bataillon; Senator Dennis Rex Susan Richmond Jessie Ridenour Sandy Riley Martha Risvold Renee Robbins Phylis Robertson Charles Rodgers Mary Lou Rogers Connie Ryan Jack Ryser Doyle Sager Denise St. Peter Joe St. Peter Susan St. Peter Teresa Sanger Sue Santen Linda Saver Mary Jo Scanlon Judy Schaley Dennis Schamber Gerre Schmit2 Sheryl Schnack Bev Scholes Garry L. Schott Mike Schuler Ed Schulte Kathie Schuster Patricia Schuver Patricia Schwab Kathy Schwarz Jim Scott Ross Scott Stephanie Scott Sue Seemans Sara Seipel Bruce Sellers Sharon Shain Nancy Shannon Paul Sherbo Betty Sherman Charleen Shields Chris Schook Donna Showalter David Showers Sandy Sievers Wendell Sim monds Nancy Simmons Lana Sindt Carla Sinn Monica Sue Siverly Marcy Skinner Renee Slaten Steve Slater Wanda Olson Wayne E. Orey Jessica O ' Rourke Vem Oziah Debbie Palaska Stephen Pallo Debra Parker Marlene Peavy Steven Peck Jerry Percell Larry E. Petersen Bruce Peterson Linda Sue Peterson Lindell Petree Rosalyn Pickard Richard Pieper Chuck Place Margaret Plummet Connie Pope Peggy Porter Susan Porter John Potter Jr. Kathy Poush Jo Ann Powell Katharine Powell William R. Poynter Connie Pratt 266 SOPHOMORES f! ( ' il f i i ' M 1 A. lil i -?i ' . ai f m Leslie Smith L ynda Smith Marcia Smith Richard Smith Susan Smith Terr Smith Bruce Snethen John Snowden Linda Solomon Mark Spack Teresa Spohn Gregory Sprenger Jim Spurlock Julia Staker Shelly Slaller Carole Stanger Sam St arks Deborah Slarman David Slaver Stephen Steams Norma Stephenson Mary Lisa Stevens Barbara Stevenson Virginia Stinard Ret ca Strauch Carey Stroburg Ritchie Studer Richard Study Patty Sullivan Connie Surprise Sue Swaney Robert Sweeney Susan Swi art Vickie Swigart Ruth Ann Taber Roland Jacket! Darnay Taylor Sue Taylor Terry Temple Pat terril Kevin Terry Peggy Terwilliger Steven Teson Trudy Thackeray Bob Thale Phyllis Thiesen John Thomann Kay Thomas Donelle Thompson Joyce Thompson Marilyn Thompson Susan Tibbcn Jane Tieman Brenda Titus Mark Thomes Susan Tompkins John Henry Trice Rebecca TumbuU Dean Turner Kathleen Valtier Reggie Vance George Vannatta Linda Vannatta Dennis Veal Jenna Vinson Cindy Votipka Beverly Wagner Mark Walkenhorst Betiye Walker Jennifer Walker Kay Walker Nancy Walker Mary Walkup Steven Wallers Beverly Warner Teresa Warner Murray Warren Linda Webb Claudua Weed Sheryl Weichinger Terry Welden Melba Wendle Susan Wentz Linda White Maris White Wayne White Donna Will Garvin Williams Glenna Williams Janel Williams Pat Williams Waukita Williams Todd Willis Patty Willson Vem Wilson. Janet Wolcott Diane Wolf Lynn Wolfe Joetla Wood Vanita Wood Linda Wright Pam Wright Mike Wulbecker Gloria Wurster Marcella Yarolem Cynthia Yales Nina Younger Jacquelyn Zoss 267 Evelyn Abbott Diane Ackland Lavern Acklin FRESHMEN Jaques, President ; Andrews, Senator Caroline Alderson Doyle Allen Gary Allen Alan Andersen Karen Andersen Cynthia Anderson John Anderson Uwayne Anderson Michael Anderson Pat Anderson Bill Andrews Judith Ankenbauer Linda Applegate Rhonda Arkle Mark Armstrong Beverly Askins Paula Assel Dorlene Atkins Nancy Atkins Jo Aull Eric Austin Joan Babb Jeanne Bagley Robert Bailey Robert Bailey Susan Bailey Annabel Baker Lanetla Baker Connie BaJle Linda Barglof John Barrett Craig Bassett Bill Bateman Karen Basey Curtis Bauer Theodore Bauer Tom Beach Grover Bealty Jane Beatly Helen Beck Ron Bedsworth Sharon Beedle il I ' t Mike Beeler Donald Beggs Marilyn Benner V J Pamela Bergmann Steve Best A Jeff Betchwars Nancy Bienfang Greg Biermann Cathy Bingham Paul Bisanti David Blair Steve Bleish Mike Blyth Donolyn Bodenhamer Candace Boehm Kenny Bolton Kathy Bomar Mary Bone Ted Bow en Mark Bower Dennis Bowers Jeff Bowman Jeanette Bowyer Nancy Boyer Jim Boyle 268 K 1 AM , til iM.t 4. ■ 1 i %% Christine Brandon Bill Breckenridge Dianne Bridgeman Bonnie Briggs Peggy Briggs Connie Brill Diana Brinton David Bremen Linda Brooks Bill Brown Bob Brown Charm BrowTi Janet Brown Jeanne Brown Paula Brown Ted Brownrigg Becky Brue Connie Bryant Debby Buchanan Joy Buckingham Linda Buntaine U iiliam Burcheli Mar ' Burgess Betty Burns (Jerald Burns Lyle Burns Stephen Burricr Bonnie Burl Dawn Burton Ralph Burton C raig Busch I inda Bush Teresa Bussc Trudi Butler Andrew Byergo Donald Cabeen Marsha Cabelka Denice Calfec Mike Callahan Don Callow Marilyn Campbell ■w hzr B — — M p- — _ Angela Caparclli ' I iS ft ffll «9 1 ' %1% ' ' % Mike Carr Jim Carrick Sieve Carrier Donna Carter Harlcy Carter Sandra Casey Terry Cassady Mary Ann Cauveren Donna Chafa Greg Chamberlain Sydney Chambers Ann Chapman Debbie Chapman Carol Chitwot d David Chrisiensen James Christenscn Jerry Chrisiensen Mary Chrisiensen Ruth Ann Clark Belinda Clcvenger Lmda Clizer V irginia Coffelt Gayla Collins Jim Collins Linda Combs Roby Combs Steve Condon Jeff Connolc Mike Conry id Mary Cook Susan Cook Michael Corbeti Shirley Corkhill Marilyn Corlctl Connie Corrigan AnnaCotlrcIl Sieve Coughennower Marc Courtney Gary Cox Alberta Crain Roberta Crain Steve Crawford Carolyn Cunning Terry Cunningham Debbie Dale Bill Dalton Rhonda Damerell David Danker Connie Davis Dcnise Deal Deborah Dearborn Gary Deckman Richard Demaio FRESHMEN 269 Karen Dickerson Ross Dietzschold Perri Diggs Diane Dill Janet Dimmel Randi Dingman Janis Dixon Steven Doss Sheri Doster Ed Douglas Judy Dowden Linda Dowell Leslie Dozier Pamela Drayson Brian Drzycimski Marjorie Dudley Lloyd Dunbar John Duncan David Dunlap John Dunn Doreen Dunwoody Steve Duros Paul Dusselier Mary Jo Dustin David Duval! Gregory Dyer Raymond Ealsey Carolyn Eck Shirley Edgar Deborah L. Edmonds Becky Jo Elliott Linda Elliott Kathleen Ellis Connie J. England Margaret Englert Alan Ensign Ellen Failor Mike Faman Virginia Fast Regina Fay Dorothy Feese Steve Feldman Fay Fell Bob Ferdig Phyllis Ferrell Jan Fink Charlotte Fish Sheila Fitzgerald Angela Flanagan Mike Fleming Wanda Fletchall Thomas D. Follett Barbara Fraley Ann Frank Michele Frank Roger Frese Gary Frey Sandy Funkhouser Debbie Gardner Janet Gayler Glen Geiger Patricia George Marie Gerhards Frank Germann Jerry Gervais Gloria Gillham Debbie Gillispie Bob Gilmore David Gilstrap Sandy Ginavan Barbara Gingrich Rex Gittins 270 Deborah Grantham Jane Graves Joan Graves Deanna Gravett Karen Grebe Barbara Gregg Pete Grebe Debra Grundman Joan Gueck Janis De Gunther Cheryl Gustafson Rusty Lee Guyett I f J Jld FRESHMEN Paula Jones Sheri Judd Dan Kabele Kathy Kahler Cynthia P. Kao Patty Keeler Norma June Haas John Hague Penny Hainey Bonnie Hall John Hall Ruth Hallquist Barbara Haner Charlotte Hannah Connie Hansen Dennis M. Hansen Mao ' Harbinson Sheila Hardin Nancy Hardy Les Harman Roger Hart Sharon Harward Darell Hawley Geraldine Haywood Kathy Hazelwood Susan Heaion Warren Heft Michael Heil Sherry Helms Monty Henderhan Bryon Hendrix Jimmy Hensiek Ann Hensleigh Richard Hensley Rebecca Herman Gary Heyde Robert Higgins Connie HJII Gamey Hill Mark Hiller Leah Hillyard Michael Hitt Sally HotTelmeyer David Hoffman Theresa M. Hoffmann Roxanne Hogeland Nancy Holden Mike Holmes Patricia Hollz Karen Hood Diane Hopper Bonnie Horseman John House Kathy Howard Sandra Howes Neal Hubbard Michele Hucke Sam Huilt Roger W. Hulberi Jim Hutgan Donna Sue Hundley James M. Hunt Rehccca Huppert Kciih Hutchcson ShLila I). Hult Dou Hutton Mar unnc Ingle Diana Ingram Paiiy Irvmc Mary Ivcrson Oebhie Jackson Suvin Jackson Diane Jacobs Dave Jaquay Timothy Jaqucs Kay Jardon Bill Jenkins Roger Jenkins Greg Jennings Sandra A. Jensen Mary Beth John Randy Johns Bruce Johnson Greg Johnson Karen Johnson Marcus Johnson Mark Johnson Ralph Johnson Richard Johnson Darlene Jones Karen Jones Kathy Jones John E. Jones Mike Jones Nancy Jones Paul Jones 27T Judy Keller Margaret Kelley Mike Kennedy Linda Kerns Dan Kersbergen Nancy Ketchem Keva Kibbey Diane Kiel Connie King Mary King V ' ikki King Linda Kinkade Karen Kirk Tom Kirkhart Karolyn Kitzmann Mark Kizzier Bob Klongerbo Debi Knechienhofer Karen Knepper Debbie Knipmeyer Kimberly Koestner Steven Kolbach Lee Kortemeyer Michael Kracht Sue Kroeger Lyle Krohn Gretchen Kruse Linda Krutsinger John Kult Bob Kurtz Edwin LaBarr Geary Labuary Lance Lamb Barbara Lambert Phyllis Lane Lois Lasley Jane Laughlin Steve Lauver Diane Lawhead Bob Layden Don LeBois Janice Lee Gary Lehmer Michelle Leonardo Dale Lewis Thomas Lewis Eddie Linville Joe Lisbone Bill Locke Diane Logsdon Brian Lohafer James Long John Lovell Ralph Lundquist Wayne Madsen Fred Maharry Thomas Majerus Jeanne Malcom Sarah Malson Mary Manring Ron Manship Thomas J. Marcum Ronald Marquette Muriel Marshall Sherry Martin Sheryl Martin Carolyn Martini Jeannie Marvin Chris Marx Leonard Mason Stephanie Mather George May (B ti% ( m Jean McCabe Judy K. McClellan Connie McCord Noel McCormick Jeanne McDonald Robert E. McGuire William G. McGuire Randy McKee Susan G. McKnight Natalie McLeod Julia McQueen Orville Melvin George Mendez Shirley Menefee Melvin Meng Janet Merrigan Mary Ann Mertz Dennis Messerli Candy Metzler Marilyn Meyer Gail Michal Deanna Middleton Marlene Miles Joan Rae Miller Iti mM. 272 i 14 ; I A A i . r! . - a M Ai Rick Miller Ruth Miller Steven M. Millhollin Beltie Minshall Robert Minter David Mires Mona Misemer Richard Mobley Gary Mohr Marilyn Monteil JanJece Moore Barbara Moreland Kaihryn L. Morgan Ann Morrison Craig Morrison Mary Morrow Karen Morse Pamela Mosher Allen Motley Greg Musick Julie Nailer Richard Neale Barbara Nelson Dean Nelson Mary Lea Nelson Terry Nicholas Gary Nichols Mike L. Nichols Lynn Niemann Norma Nincehelser Loma Nissen Nerval Nissen Duanc Nordeen Tommy Norris Rosemary O ' Dowd Susan Ocstmann Connie Oldham Ruth Ann Olds Carol Oliver Kathy Olmsiead Vickie Olson Tracy O ' Rourke Michcle A. Osman Don Owen Becky Owens E. Maureen Oxiey Kenneth Parker Paula Parkhurst Deborah Parman Nancy Parson Karen Parsons Wayne Patience Denny Patterson Lynda Patterson JoAnne Patty Robert D Paulsen Susan K. Pavkov Bill Pawling Cecilia A. Payne Julie Payne Sharon Payne Shirley Pearson John Pellersels William Pennision Evelyn Peregrine Karen Perry Jeff Peters Steve Petersen Peg Peterson Sally Pfelfer Steve PfeifTer Dolores Phillip( e Bill Phillips Kathy Phillips Carol Phippen JoAnn Phoenix Cindi Pierce Diana J, Piper Robert Kent Plackemeier Don Piatt Helen Plummer Marjorie Poe Cindy Pope Mary Pesch Susan Potter Paula Potts Douglas N. Powers Mark Powers Dianne Peynter Linda Province Randall G. Purdy Tom Ralston Deborah Ramsvick David Randolph Randall G. Ranes Christine Rapp FRESHMEN 273 FRESHMEN William Rentie Debbi Reynolds Dennis Reynolds Jim Reynolds Rick Reynolds Linda Rice Deb Richards Linda Riddle Susan Rinehait Max Ritter Marjean Roberts Danny Robertson Rhonda Rochambeau Susan Rochholz Richard Rodenburg Sandra Rogers Vicki Rold Rhonda Ronnfeldt Sheryl Ross William Rotts Rhonda Rowlett James Ruse Linda Salmon Angle Savers Richard Schaaf Ruth Schaffer Cynthia Schauper Yvon ne Schecher Ernestine Schlanjie Nancy Schmitz Sam Schmiu Alan Schooler Stephanie Schottel David Schroer Warren Schuler Victor Schultze Barbara Schwartz Mike Scott Marcia Scott Sharon Scott Kathy ScuUen Carol Seiberling Phil Seifert Jean Severson Richard Sharp, Jr. Stephen Sharp Glenn Sheddrick Lynn Sheddrick William Shelby Lynn Sheldon Dixie Shell Kevin Shepard Barbara Shevlin Kathy Shineman Carol Shoemaker Judy Shrimi Carrie Silkett Tarry Simpson Kitti Sirimaturos Stephen Sirna George Siska John Sivers Fred Slcinner John Sklenar Virginia Skroh Brenda Staten Alicia Slemp Cormie Sly Ann Smith Barbara Smith Beth Smith Cathey Smith Doreen Smith Jane Smith Linda Smith Mary Smith Mary Grace Smith Michael Smith Nadene Smith Sandy Smith Terrie Smith John Smits Gary Snyder Vaughn Sothman Jack Spainhower Judy Spencer Gary Spiegel Terry Sprague Marsha Stamper Marcia Stanton 274 J Mtl .t u Virginia Steele Terry Steinfeldt Margie Steiruneir Arthur Steller Mike Stensland Jeanne Stenson Kathryn Stephens Roger Stephenson Sherry Stewart Susan Sherwood Tim Sullivan Rita Sumy Debbie Surprise Keith Sutton Sheila Swaru Allen Tanner Jerriann Taraba Barb Thompson Janet Thompson Mike Thompson Vicki Thompson Rick Thomburgh Dennis Thornton Cynthia Threlkeld Sally Timberlake Pat Traynor Pauline Trent Rebecca Turner Nclda Turner Carol Uncapher Kevin Van Nostrand Catherine Van Vactor Connie Vaughan Jim Vest Garv Vogel Randall Von Weihe Nancy Wagner Debra Wakefield Beverly W allace Gail Walker David Walsh Patricia Walsh Diannc Walter Linda Walter Debbie Ward John David Ware Nancy Lynn Warner Rhonda Warner W illiam Warner Kathie Warring Vicki Wasson Kathy Watkins Patricia Watts Rosalie Weaihermon Kent Webb Nancy Weems Marcia Weiss James Welch Patricia Weldon Susie Wells Terry Welsh Mary Wenski Deborah W ' eriz Randall Scott Weru Diane West Rebecca Westcol Don Weston Jamesetta Wheeler Ronald Wiederholt Susan W iederstein Kevin Wideman Ann Wieland Virginia Wilkinson Michael Williams Michael Wilson Dennis Windmeyer Linda Winkler Kathleen Wolf David Wood Lowell Wood William Wood John Woods Cynthia Worl Patricia Wray Brian Wunder Janet Wyss John Yallaly Pamela Yardley Kathy Youngs Judy Zeiger Marc Odell Zerbe Debbie Ziegler Debra Zimmerman Karen Zimmerman Paul Zimmerman Sharon Zimmerman William Zimmerman Charles Zook, Jr. 275 INDEX Aansen, Burdell 244 Abbott. Evelyn 268 Abbott Ronald 242 Abranis. Lon 57 Abrisz, Judy 250 Abrisz, Paul 256 Acheson. Connie 262 Ackerman, Becky 256 Ackland. Diane 268 Acklin. Lavern 268 Adair, Charles 232 Adams. Lynn 262 Adams. Rebecca 256 Adcock. Karen 244 Adkins. Leslie 268 ADMINISTRATION BUILDING . . 9 Agriculture. Dept. of 242.243 Ahern. Steve 268 Ahlberg. Nancy 262 Akers. Judy 239 Akes, Zelma 232 Albers. Lee 216 Albin. Jim 268 Alcott. Muriel 193.214 Alderson. Caroline 268 Alexander. David 240 Alfaro, Gladys 256 Ali. Majid 215 Allen. Cynthia 262 Allen. Doyle 268 Allen. Gary 268 Allen. Jack 236 Allen. Linda 206 Allen. Ron 242 Allen. Sam 256 Allison. Carla 262 Alsbury. Marsha 229 Alwan. Mark 262 AMERICAS SOUL 56 Anders. Dale 256 Anders. Twilu 229 Andersen. Alan 268 Andersen. Don 262 Andersen. Sharon 256 Anderson. Brenda 262 Anderson. Cathy 262 Anderson. Debbie 262 Anderson. Dennis 256 Anderson. Dwighl 256 Anderson, Ellen 229 Anderson. Jean 256 Anderson. Marlene 262 Anderson. Ronald 244 Anderson. Tom 256 Andrews. Betty 256 Andrews. Bill 177 Andrews. Maureen 262 Andrews, Melvin 242 Angman. Berndl 224,225 Ankenbauer. Judith 268 Apple. Larry 256 Applegate. Linda 268 Archer. Mary Jane 256 Arkle, Rhonda 268 Armbrust, Terry 252 Armstrong, Mark 268 Armstrong. Mary 208 Arnett, Rita 262 Arrowsmith. Rosemary 256 Art, Dept. of 206,207 ART FAIR 38,39 Arthaud, Bill 262 Authur, Pauline 232 Ascherl, John 244 Ashbacher, Robert 262 Ashby, Rick 220 Askins, Beverly 268 Assel. Paula 268 ASSOCIATION 88.89.182 Astafieff, Mary Vonne 262 Atkins, Dorlene 268 Atkins, Gayle 256 Atkins, Nancy 268 Atterberry, William 244 Augustine, Byron 19-21,160,224 Ault, Jo 268 Austin, Eric 268 Austin, Shelia 262 Auxier, Marilyn 262 AWS STYLE SHOW 52 Axton. Barb 262 Bacon. Denise Bagley, Jan Bagley, Jeanne Bahnemann, David Baier, Wesley Bailey, Robert Bailey, Robert Bailey, Susan Bailey, Wilma Bainum, Roberta Baker. Allen Baker. Annabel Baker, Bruce Baker, Cynthia Baker, Deborah Baker, Galen Baker, Kathi Baker, Lanetta Baker, Luwana Baker, Mitchell Baldwin, Gary Baldwin, Kathy Ballantyne, Gayle Ballard. Sue Balle. Connie Ballew. Cheryl Baltzley. Cynthia Bamman. Kathy Bappe. Richard Barglof. Linda Barker. Cindy Barker. Vicki Barnard, Kay Barnes, Joe Barnes, John Barnes, Sandra Barnett, Kay Barr, Laurie Barratt, George Barrett, John Barrett, Nancy Barrett, Vernal Barton, Stanley 175,177,178 Basey, Karen BASKETBALL, INTRAMURAL . 130 Bassett, Craig Bataillon, Pete Bates, Joanne Bauer, Curtis Bauer, Theodore Baumli, Betty Baymiller, Reca Bazan. Bob Beach Tom Beals. Patricia Beam. Gregg Bear. Peggy Beattie. Jim Beatty. Grover Beatty. Jane Beaulieu. Donald Beck. Helen Becker. Bruce Beckner. Barbara 262 228 268 219 236 268 268 268 254 215 222 268 256 250 262 244 262 268 262 256 262 262 262 262 268 256 228 262 256 268 262 262 262 252 36 262 222 215 219 268 262 254 256 268 ,131 268 262 262 268 268 262 256 244 268 262 236 262 262 268 268 262 268 262 215 Bedsworth. Ron 268 Beebout. Ruth 216 Beedle, Sharon 268 Beeks, Patty 250 Beeks, John 242 Beeler, Mike 268 Beeman, Johnny 244 Beemer, Cedric 262 Beemer, Judy 262 Beerman, Susan 256 Beery, Diana 262 Beggs, Donald 268 Behle, Terry 57,62,262 Beigel, Cynthia 256 Belcher, Kathryn 245 Belcher, Bob 34,262 Bell, Charles 244 Bell, Kim 256 Bell, Joyce 244 Bellmore, William 244 BELL TOWER 148,149 Bender. Betty 250 Benner. Marilyn 268 Bennett. Chris 262 Bennett. James 256 Bennett. Kathryn 226 Bennett. Diane 262 Bennett, Kay 262 Bennett, Martha 262 Bennett, Michael 262 Bennett, William 245 Bensyl, Joseph 252 Bentall, Susan 262 Benton, Robert 256 Berg, Kristine 262 Bergmann, Pamela 268 Bernard, Barbara 238 Berndt. Morris 215 Bernhardy, Bruce 262 Berning, Robert 256 Berti, Joe 244 Bertram, Victoria 240 Best, David 256 Best, Steve 268 Betchwars, Jeff 268 Betz, Dennis 262 Bienfang, Nancy 268 Biermann, Greg 268 Bingham, Cathy 268 Binning, Janice 256 Binning, Sharon 262 Biology, Dept of 208,209 Birkenholz, David 262 Bisanti, Paul 268 Bishop, Brenda 229 Bixler, Stephen 262 Blackford, Jim 256 BLACK WEEK 140,141 Blades, Mel 241 Blair, Cherri 250 Blair, David 268 Blair, Ken 81 Blair, Myron 244 Blankenship, Bill 245 BLUE KEY 175 BIyth, Mike 268 BOARD OF REGENTS 157 Boatright, Melissa 262 Bodenhamer, Donolyn 268 Boeck, Jim 252 Boehm, Candace 252 Bohlken, Robert 226,227 Bohrer, Peggy 239 Bolin, Pat 229 Bollinger, John 236 Bolton, Kenny 268 Bomar, Kathy 268 Bone, Mary 268 Bonebrake, Sue 214 BOOKSTORE 112,113 Boone, Luke 235 Booton, Maurice 240 Bordenkircher, Teresa 229 Bormann, Hank 262 276 Boswell, Angela 242 Boutwell, Francie 62 Bovaird, Karen 256 Bow e, Dale 256 Bowen, Charolette 262 Bowen, Pamela 257 Bowen, Ted 268 Bower, Denise 250 Bower, Mark 268 Bowers, Bev 257 Bowers, Dennis 268 Bowman, Dave 262 Bowman, Dennis 257 Bowman, Jeff 268 Bowman, Ken 257 Bowman, Mary Beth 257 Bowyer, Jeanette 268 Boyer, Charles 244 Boyer, Nancy 268 Boyer, Sherry 208 Boyle, Jim 268 Bradley, Marvin, Jr 257 Bramley, Phillip 262 Brand, Cathy 262 Brandon, Christine 269 Brandt, Susan 269 Brannen, Margo 257 Brantman, Greg 101.192,257 Breckenridge, Bill 269 Breckenridge, Mike 244 Bredensteiner, Nancy 257 Breibeck, David 257 Brentall, Susan 257 Bretch, Fern 210 Bretch, Fred 209 Brewton, Chuck 128 Brick, Jane 262 Brick, Tom 215 Bricker, Marilyn 262 Bridgeman, Dianne 269 Briggs, Bonnie 269 Briggs, Peggy 269 Brill, Connie 269 Brinkman, Becky 262 Brinton, Diana 269 Brockhaus, Jerry 244 Brockhaus, larry 244 Broderick, James 47,207 Brodie, Charles 257 Broeck, Steven 252 Bromert, David 269 Brooks, Linda 269 Brought, Robert 252 Brown, Allen 222 Brown, Bill 269 Brown, Bob 269 Brown, Charm 269 Brown, Everett 158 Brown, Frances 262 Brown, Jack 257 Brown, Janet 269 Brown, Jewlie 257 Brown, John 262 Brown, Jay 215 Brown, Kenneth 236 Brown, Leta 235 Brown, Lionel 216 Brown, Jeanne 269 Brown, Neva 208 Brown, Patrisha 262 Brown, Paula 269 Brown, Ronald 257 Brown, Susan 257 Browning, Ed 245 Browning. Sharon 245 Brownrigg, Ted 269 Bruck, Vincent 252 Brue, Bicky 269 Brummel, Mark 262 Buster, Susan 257 Bryan, Dennis 244 Bryant, Connie 269 Buchannan. Dchh 269 Buck, Judi 257 Buckalew, Debrah 262 Buckingham, Joy 269 Buckingham, Kevin 262 Buckingham, Tim 242 Buckles, Steven 240 Buckley, Danei 216 Buckridge, Dick 111,116,236 Buntaine, Croyle 257 Buntaine, Linda 269 Buntin, Gayla 262 Burchett, William 269 Burge, Diane 257 Burgess, Mary 269 Burk, Linda 216 Burke, Elisa 250 Burke. Janice 262 Burke. Mary 225 Burke. William 240 Burkitt. John 257 Burmeisler. Donna 262 Burns. Betty 269 Burns. Dave 257 Burns. Gerald 269 Burns, Lyie 269 Burns. Robert 252 Burrier. Stephen 269 Burris, DeEtte 262 Burt, Bonnie 269 Burt, Cindy 218 Burtch, Buddy 244 Burtis, Michelle 57 Burton, Dawn 269 Burton, Ralph 269 Burwell, Jim 125 Busch, Craig 269 Busch, Marsha 257 Bush, Linda 269 Business, Dept. of 244-249 Buske, Dwayne 208 Bussanmas, Steven 262 Busse, Teresa 269 Buster. Mary Jo 78.257 Butter. Trudi 269 Butter, John 182 Byergo, Mara 262 Byergo. Andrew 269 Byrd, John 236 Byrd. Michael 262 Cabeen, Donald 269 Cabelka, Marsha 269 Calfee. Anita 257 Calfee, Denice 269 Calia, Joe 86,87 Callahan, Mike 269 Callaway, Beverly 257 Callison. Kenneth 247 Callow. Don 269 Calvert. Karen 229 Camden, Joyce 262 Campbell, Josephine 240 Campbell. Leslie 257 Campbell, Marilyn 269 Camper, David 213 Campion, Mary 263 CAMPUS LIFE 104-113 Caparelli, Angela 269 Carbaugh, Dennis 269 Cargo, David 212 Carlson, Eric 257 Carneal, Thomas 224 earner, Linda 250 Carpenter, Linda 257 Carr, Mike 269 Carr. Rosamond 235 Carr, Sharon 228 Carrick, Jim 269 Carrier, Steve 269 Carroll, Vicki 262 Carter, Charles 208 Carter, Dale 222 Carter, Denise 262 Carter. Donna 269 Carter. Harley 269 Carter. Garlene 262 Caruso. Dominic 257 Casey. Robert 262 Casey. Sandra 269 Cash. George 93.236 Caskey. Janet 220 Caskey. JoLee 57.262 Cassady. Terry 269 Gather. Don 246 Caton. Linda 262 Catus. Gary 262 Caveren. John 222 Cauveren. Mary Ann 269 Caven. Gary 252 Chafa. Donna 269 Chalstrom. William 241 Chamberlain, Greg 269 Chambers. Janet 262 Chambers. Sydney 269 Chance. Nancy 262 Chapman. Ann 269 Chapman. Debbie 269 Chase. Kerry 228 Chemistry, Depl. of 210.211 Cheney. James 257 Chitwood. Carol 269 Christensen. Burdette 222 Christensen. David 269 Christensen. James 125,269 Christensen. Jane 82 Christensen. Jerry 269 Christensen, Mary 269 Christians, Greg 257 Christopher. Mary 206 Cimock. Jeanne 262 Cira, Joseph 247 Clanin. Marilyn 263 Clariday. Glenda 257 Clark. Keith 257 Clark. Richard 263 Clark. Ruth 269 Clark. Steve 257 Clauser. Linda 222 Claussen. Stephen 263 Clay. Caren 208 Clayton. Mary 263 Clements. Gary 257 Clemsen. Byron 263 Clevenger. Belinda 269 Clevenger. Judy 257 Cleveringa. Calvin 242 Clizer. Linda 269 Cloos. Jean 263 Clutter. Nancy 257 Coates. James 247 COFFEE HOUSE 182 Coffelt. Mary 269 Collier, Ann 228 Collins, Gayla 269 Collins, Herman 252 Collins, Keith 252 Collins. James 269 Combs. Harry 57 Combs. Karl 242 Combs. Linda 269 Combs. Roby 269 Comer. Janet 210 Compton. Margaret 263 Computer Science, Dept. of . . 218.219 Conard. Cynthia 263 Condon. Steven 269 Conley. Stephen 242 Conner. Robert. Jr 263 Connley, Gena 257 Connole. Eileen 257 Connole, Jeffrey 269 Conry. Michael 269 Constant. Jacquelyn 263 Constant. Linda . 263 Conway. Margaret 257 277 Cook, Lonnie 263 Cook, Mary 269 Cook, Susan 269 Cooper, Sandra 254 Cooper, Timothy 257 Copeland, Barbara 257 Corbett, Michael 269 Corkhill, Shirley 269 Corlett, Marilyn 269 Corley, Roger 224 Corliss, Doris 263 Corman, Janet 263 Cornelius, Carla 257 Cornelius, Harold 222 Correll, John 257 Corrigan, Constance 269 Corum, Donna 257 Coss, David 214 Coslet, Michael 263 Costello, Jane 161,232 Costello, John 94 Cottrell, Anna 269 Coughennower, Steve 269 Coulson, Robert 263 Courtney, Craig 263 Courtney, Marc 269 Cox, Anita 57,62,263 Cox, Bonnie 257 Cox, Gary 269 Cracraft, Jeanne 216 Craig, Richard 252 Crail, Dorothy 254 Crain, Alberta 269 Crain, Roberta 269 Crist, Leroy 252 Crane, Peggy 257 Craven, Linda 57 Crawford, Kay 263 Crawford, Steven 269 Critten, Dean 257 Crook, Susan 228 Crouch, Jackie 263 Crouch, Mary Beth 263 Crouch, Mary Beth 257 CROW 90,91,182 Crozier, David 252 Culvarese, Stedman 257 Culver, Cheryl 254 Cummins, Ann 263 Cummins, Eliza 257 Cundall, Judy 257 Cundall, Thomas 252 Cunning, Carolyn 78,116,269 Cunningham, Terrance 269 Curran, Connie 263 Currie, Julie 229 Curry, David 263 Curry, John 247 Curtis, Carmen 263 Cushman, Cathran 226 Dale, Deborah 269 Dalton, William 128,269 Damerell, Rhonda 269 Danielson, Janice 257 Danielson, Nancy 257 Danker, David 269 Darling, Connie 263 Daugherty, Rita 257 Daulhauser, Tom 32 Davis, Aditha 257 Davis, Chris 236 Davis, Connie 269 Davis, Debra 229 Davis, Donald 263 Davis, Gary 224 Davis, Gary Lee 247 Davis, Mark 63 Davison, Jeanette 263 Davisson, Steven 263 Dawson, Larry 191 Dawson, W.M.C 157 Day, Edward 247 Day, Neeta 257 Day, Thomas 28,29,263 Deal, Denise 269 Deans 158.159 Dearborn, Deborah 269 Dearmont, Cynthia 263 Deaton, John 247 Deatz, Terry 246 Debok, Teresa 263 Deckman, Gary 269 Defenbaugh, Sharon 257 Degner, Deborah 257 Degunther, Janis 270 Deloney, Patricia 239 Delong, Carol 215 DELLICE FINE ARTS BUILDING . . . 8 Demaio, Richard 269 Demarce, James 224 Demarce, Virginia 224 Demario, Louis 257 DEN MOVIES 182 Denich, Louis 209 Denney, Jack 263 DENNIS, KAY 97,182 Denton, Boyd 236 Depenning, Connie 257 Oeschepper, Kenneth 263 DEVLIN, BERNADETTE 182 DeVore, E. K 245 DeVore, Mark 81,236 DeVore, Mary Ann 250 Dickerson, Karen 270 Dieckman, Barbara 257 Diemar, Thomas 28 Dietzschold, Ross 270 Diggs, Perri 270 Dill. Diane 270 Dill, Linda 263 Dill, Riley 257 Dillon, Janice 263 Dillon, Thomas 246 Dimmel, Janet 270 Dingman, Randi 270 Dixon, Darlene 263 Dixon, Elizabeth 263 Dixon, Janis 270 Dodd, Robin 257 Dodson, Barbara 257 Doll, Yvonne 257 Domino, Dennis 246 Donaldson, Marcia 263 Donegan, William 257 Donovan, Pat 30 DORMITORIES 10,11,110,111 Doss, Steven 270 Doster, Sherilyn 270 Dougherty, John 216 Dougherty, Larry 263 Douglas, Edward 270 Doumis, Julie 263 Dowden, Judy 270 Dowell, Linda 270 Dozier, Leslie 270 Drayson, Pamela 270 Driver, Deann 257 Drzycimski, Brian 270 Duane, Vernon 215 Duckworth, Marcia 263 Duckworth, Marta 257 Dudley, James 263 Dudley, Marjorie 270 Duffett, Marylyn 263 Dunavan, Myron 257 Dunbar, Lloyd 270 Dunbar, Vida 219 Duncan, Dale 257 Duncan, John 270 Dunlap, David 270 Dunn, Thomas 257 Dunwoody, Doreen 270 Durbin, Martha 254 Duros, Steve 270 Dusselier, Paul 270 Dustin, Mary 270 Duvall. David 270 Duvall, Lonnie 257 Duvall, Ruth 215 Dyche, Lewis 128,236 Dye, Carol 257 Dyer, Gregory 270 Dyer, Mary Ellen 257 Dyer, Robert 252 Dyke, Dorothy 223,224 Dykes, Patricia 263 Dyvig, Steven 257 Ealey, Raymond 270 Earth Science, Dept. of 212,213 Eastburn, Linda 257 Easter, Nancy 263 Easton, Mamie 246 Echternacht, Lonnie 245 Eck, Carolyn 270 Eckard, Stephen 33,35,263 Eckerson, Ronald 263 Eckert, Opal 190 Eddy, Deborah 263 Edgar, Joyce 263 Edgar, Shirley 270 Ediger, Stanley 219 Edmonds, Deborah 270 Education, Dept. of 228-233 Edwards, Charles 263 Edwards, Lon 257 Edwards, Lorene 254 Egan, Edward 257 Egly, Billie 257 Eighmy, Michael 257 Eisenbarger, Larue 257 Elardo, Susan 257 Ellington, Audrey 245 Elliott, Becky 270 Elliott, Linda 270 Elliott, Margaret 263 Elliott, Mark 123,125 Elliott, Tom 263 Ellis, Dave 180 Ellis, Kathleen 270 Ellison, Thomas 242 Ellsworth, Janet 215 Elmer, Judy 257 Emmert, Stephen 263 Emrick, Dayle 257 Endy, Robert 77,81 Engelbtecht, Diane 250 England, Connie 270 Englert, Margaret 270 English, Dept. of 214,215 Ensch, Mary 180,257 Ensign, Alan 270 Epiey, Roger 232 Erb, Janice 257 Erickson, Shelia 257 Eskov, Kathy 263 Esser, Fred 233 Euritt, Maria 229 Evans, Dale 242 Evans, Jo Ellen 250 Evans, Mary 263 Evans, Patricia 263 Everhard, Mary 257 Ewart, Bradley 209 Ewert, Phyllis 219 EWING, STREET TIMES 182 Ewing, Veronica 258 Eyberg, Jo Anne 263 Eyton, Lauri 263 Faga, Mary Kathryn 258 278 Failor, Ellen 270 Fair, Owen 219 Fairman, Margaret 208 Falk, Henry 252 Falk, Larry 252 Falkenburg, Dennis 263 Fancolly, Kenton 224 Farnan, John 222 Farnan, Mary 258 Farnan, Michael 270 Farnan. Phillip 215 Farquhar, Edward 211 Fast, Virginia 270 Fay, Regina 270 Feekes, Larry 263 Feese, Dorothy 270 Feldman, Steven 270 Fell, Fay 270 Ferdig, Robert 270 Ferrell, Phyllis 270 Ferris, Ronald 224 Fetty, Alan 263 Petty, Steven 247 Fields, Lois 229 Fine, Joann 263 Fink, James 252 Fink, Janet 270 Finlay, Peggy 229 Finlayson, Stephen 222 Finlayson, Stephanie 254 Finnell, Nancy 263 First, Linda 263 Fischer, Jerry 228 Fischer, Randy 263 Fish, Charlotte 270 Fish, Richard 247 Fisher, Carolyn 232 Fisher, Donna 84 Fisher, Leroy 242 Fisher, Roger 263 Fite, Gary 263 Fitzgerald, Sheila 270 Flanagan, Angela 270 Flanagan, Charles 222 Flanigan, Patrice 263 Flashland, Linda 120 FLEA MARKET 182 Fleming, Mary 258 Fleming, Mike 270 Fleming, William 224 Fletchall, Wanda 270 Flint, Thelma 258 Florea, Roger 247 Fogal, Carroll 232 Foley, Pamela 263 Follett, Thomas 270 Foltz, Larry 180,182 FOOTBALL, INTRAMURAL 130.131 Ford, Janis 235 Ford, Janis Lynn 258 Fordyce, Regina 258 Foreign Language, Dept. of . . 216,217 Foreman, Margaret 263 Forester, Stanley 62 Foster, Robert . . . 42,154,155,157.178 Foster, Tabitha 247 Fox, Lynda 258 Fox, Thomas 258 Fox, Thomas John 216 Fraley, Barbara 270 Frame, Judy 263 Frank, Elizabeth 270 Frank, Michelle 270 Franson, Connie 258 Frazier, Paulette 228 Frede, James 247 Frede, Janet 263 Freemyer, Delmar 252 Freemyer, James 263 FRESHMAN RECEPTION .... 48,49 Frese, Roger 270 Frese, Stanley 258 Freudenburg, Thelma 258 Frey, Gary 270 Friday, Charles 263 Froehlich, Diane 228 Fryer, Robert 258 Fuller, Patricia 263 Fuller, Richard 258 Fulsome, Ralph 46,47 Funk. Cassandra 174,228 Funkhouser, Sandra 270 Furst, Cindy 263 Furst, Jeannie 263 Furst. Ray 242 Gailey. Karen 263 Gallinger. Jerry 37 Galloway. Lee 236 GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA .... 60.61 Gardner. Gregory 263 Gardner, Ned 115.116.120 Garr. Carolyn 220 Garrell. Patricia 209 GARRETT-STRONG SCIENCE BUILDING 9,13 Gaskill Jeffrey 258 Gates. James 232 Gates. Paul 236 Gates. William 258 Gay. Cheryl 250 Gayler. George 224 Gayler. Janet 270 Gayler, Nancy 246 Gayler. Richard 218 Geiger. Glen 270 George. Danny 246 George. Howard 241 George. Patricia 270 George. Vicki 264 Gcrdcs. Larry 246 Gerdcs. Robert 242 Gerhards. Marie 270 Germann. Franklin 270 Gervais. Jerry 270 Giannini. Margaret 258 Gibler. William 258 Giersloff. Darrcll 264 Gilkison. Charles 32 Gill. Nancy 258 Gillespie. Stephen 258 Gillham. Gloria 270 Gillispic. Deborah 270 Gillispie. Rebecca 258 Gillispie. Robert 222 Gillispie. Victoria 220 Gilmore. Rita 229 Gilmore. Robert 270 Gilmore. William 236 Gilslrap. David 270 Giltner. John 236 Giltner. Sue 258 Ginavan. .Sandy 270 Gingrich. Barbara 270 Gipe. Benita 264 GIRARD. JOHN 132.182 Gittens. Rex 270 Gleason. J. M 232 Glover. McKinley. Jr 270 Goad, Craig 214 Goad. Mary Ellen 214 Godden. Diane 246 Goldapp. Daniel 258 Goldner. Joy 270 Goldsmith. Helen 229 Golly. Marsha 258 Gonzalez. Nilda 270 Goode. Robert 236 Goodell. Linda 258 Goodman. Charles 270 Goodner. Glee 270 Goodner. Rick 270 Goodvin. Carolyn 270 Goodwin. Deborah 258 Gordon. Dudley 264 Gordon. Kathy 264 Gordon. Richard 270 Gorsuch. Anne 232 Goucher. Sherry 229 Govier. Robert 216 Gowin. Maria 264 Grabau. Myles 209 Gracey. Dedra 264 GRADUATION 42.43 Graeff. Emily 222 Gragg. Laverne 270 Graham. Avis 232 Graham. William 247 Grahl. Stephen 270 Gram. Joe 270 Grame. Melvin 270 Grantham. Connie 264 Grantham. Deborah 270 Grantham. Linda 264 Graves. Ida 270 Graves. Joan 270 Gravett. Deanna 270 Gray. Gretchen 264 Greaves. Karia 258 Grebe. Karen 270 Green. Colleen 240 Green. Judy 250 Greenfield. Kris 264 Greenwood. Janet 264 Gregory. Judith 258 Gregory. Robert 236 Grcve. Peler 270 Grider. Maralee 258 Griffieon. Harley 125.126.258 GrifTilh. Jo 180.258 Grinstead. Sylvia 264 Grispino. Frank 233 Groom. David 252 Gross. James 258 Grosz. Rebecca 258 Grote. Donna 264 Grover. Gary 252 Grubb. Jon 128 Grubbs. Sandra 228 Grubc. Frank 214 Grundman. Debra 270 Gude. Mary 264 Gueck. Joan 270 Guidance and Counseling. Dept. of . . . 233 Gustafson, Cheryl 270 Gustafson. Cynthia 264 Gustafson. Larry 247 Gutzmer. Marvin 219 Guyett. Rusty 270 Haas, Nancee 258 Haas. Norma 271 Haberichter. Karen 264 Hagan. Don 224 Hagan. Fran 258 Hagan. Patty 178.264 Hageman. Lee 207 Hagen. Kenneth 241 Hagewood. Thomas 208 Hagler. John 258 Hague, John 271 Haines. Janis 258 Hainey. Penny 271 Hall. Bonnie 271 Hall. Earl 264 Hall. John 271 Halley. Richard 247 Hallequist. Ruth 271 Ham. Diana 258 Hambsch. Charles 258 Hamilton. Donna 258 Hamilton. Mary 52,178 279 Hammer, Herbert 264 Handke. Frederick 245 Handke, William 214 Handley. Ethel 258 Handley, Patrick 264 Handsaker, Linda 258 Haner, Barbara 271 Hartley. James 242 Hannah, Charlotte 271 Hansen. Barbara 264 Hansen, Connie 271 Hansen. David 58.258 Hansen. Dennis 271 Hansen. Donna 258 Hansen. Oscar 258 Hanson, Frances 239 Hanson. John 258 Hapes. Ronald 258 Harbison. Mary 271 Hardin. Sheila 271 Hardy, Karen 258 Hardy, Nancy 271 Hardy Phyllis 215 Harman, Christine 228 Harman, Les 271 Harmon. Deborah 258 Harmon. Mary 264 Harr. John 22. Harrell. Karen 258 Harrington. John 264 Harris, James 264 Harris, Marcia 228 Harris, Ronald 128,236 Harrison, Charlie 264 Harrison, Deann 228 Harryman. Donna 264 Hart. Helen 250 Hart. Richard 209 Hart, Roger 271 Harward, Sharon 271 Hascall, Donald 218 Hathaway, Barry 264 Hawkins. Gary 218 Hawks. Linda 258 Hawley. Cheryl 215 Hawley. Darell 271 Hawley. Michael 242 Hayes. Phil 158.178 Haywood, Geraldine 271 Hayworth, Ivan 254 Hayworth, Paul 258 Hazelwood, Donald 252 Hazel wood, Kathleen 271 Hazen, James 258 Hazen, Susan 228 Heath, Katherine 264 Heath. Mickey 247 Heaton, Susan 271 Heckman. Rodney 264 Hedges, Margaret 250 Heft, Warren 271 Hegwood, Diana 258 Heil. Michael 271 Heimke, Denny 258 Hein, Dianna 264 Hein, Louanne 264 Heldenbrand, Deanna 264 Heldenbrand, Dennis 258 Helms, Sherry 271 Hemenway. Henry 232 Hemminger, Neil 258 Henderhan, Monty 271 Henderson, Clarence 163,224 Hendrickson, Nancy 240 Hendrix, Byron 271 Hendrix, Dennis 242 Hendrix, Kathy 264 Henggeler, Francis 246 Henn, Melody 62 Hennessy, Patrick 57 Henry, Deborah 264 Henry. Michael 220 Hensiek. Jimmy 271 Hensleigh. Ann 271 Hensley. Richard 271 Henton. Dolores 229 Henton, Karei 254 Henton, William 222 Herifond, Dale 254 Herman, Rebecca 271 Hernandez, Veronica 264 Herrington, Philip 258 Herron, Cathy 258 Herzig Patricia 264 Hessel, Glen 258 Heyde, Gary 271 Hickman, Gerald 224 Hicks, Nancy 264 Higginbotham, Harlan 211 Higgins. Robert 271 Higgins. Rodney 209 Hilgenberg. Deborah 229 Hill Clifford 264 Hill. Connie 271 Hill. Garney 271 Hill. Larry 258 Hill. Rex 258 Hill. Thomas 115.264 Hiller. Mark 271 Hillman. Michelle 258 Hillyard. Leah 271 Hilsabeck, Linda 228 Hilt. Tess 24.192.264 Hinckley, William 232 Hinton, James 236 Hitt, Michael 271 Hixon, Duane 246 Hoard, Wanita 264 Hodde, Lyie 242 Hodges, Beverly 264 Hoepker, James 258 Hoffelmeyer, Sally 271 Hoffman. David 271 Hoffmann, Theresa 271 Hogeland, Roxanne 271 Hogrewe, Jacqueline 246 Hokanson, Bruce 258 Holden, Noncy 271 Holeman, Susan 228 Holferty, Jodeane 258 Holladay, Teresa 258 Holland, Nancy 215 Holly, Alcus 264 Holmes, Nila 228 Holtapp, Janice 264 HOMECOMING 66-87 Home Economics, Dept. of . . . 250.251 Hood, Karen 271 Hopper, Diane 271 Hopper. John 178,224.225 Horn. Julia 264 Horn. Theodore 264 Horner. Channing 216 Horseman. Bonnie 271 Horton, Vicki 228 Hospelhorn, Pamela 250 Hostelter, Terry 123.125.126 Houghton. F.B 242 Houghton, Theresa 264 House, John 271 Houts, Richard 222 Hoversten, Paul 125 Howard, Brenda 258 Howard, Chris 32,33 Howard, Kathryn 271 Howell, David 264 Howes, Sandra 271 Howitt, Shirley 222 Hrenchir, Patricia 264 Hubbard, Neal 271 Hucke, Michelle 271 Hudson, Elaine 258 Huey, Ruth 258 Huff, Annette 258 Huffman. Gary 258 Huffman, Linda 264 Hufnagel, Michael 247 Hugeback, Lydia 264 Hughes, Jackie 264 Huitt. Samuel 271 Hulbert, Roger 271 Hulgan, James 271 Hull, William 264 Humphrey, June 258 Hundley, Donna 271 Hunt, Cathy 258 Hunt, James 264 Hunt, James Michael 271 Hunt, Susan 258 Hunt, Suzanne 229 Hunter, Violette 214 Huntsman, Deborah 264 Huppert, Rebecca 271 Hurd, William 242 Hurst, James 224 Hurst, Rita 258 Hurst. Ronald 252 Huss. Peggy 247 Hutcheson. Keith 271 Hutchings, Diana Hutsell. Steven 264 Hutsell. Valerie 229 Hutt, Sheila . . . 271 Hutton, Daniel 222 Hutton, Douglas 271 Hyder, Sarah 215 Hylarides, Larry 236 Ibbotson, Don 264 Industrial Arts, Dept. of 252.253 Ingels. Billy 247 Ingle, James 210 Ingle. Mariann 271 Ingle. Rosalee 215 Inglehart. Robert 115,236 Ingrham, Cheryl 251 Ingrham, James 190,264 Ingram, Diana 271 Ingram, Michael 252 INTER-COLLEGIATE CHAMBER ENSEMBLE 92 Irish, Linda 264 Irvin, Janet 258 Irvine. Patricia 271 Isenhour, David 247 Iverson, Mary 271 Ivie, Douglas 258 Jackson, Dale 258 Jackson, Deborah 177,271 Jackson, Donald 62,258 Jackson, Ed 236 Jackson, Mary 216 Jackson, Ronald 258 Jackson, Susan 271 Jacobs. Diane 271 Jacobs, James 264 Jacobsen, Lynda 264 Jacobson, Diane 264 Jacques, Diane 206 James, Gary 125 James, Patricia 234 Janky, Donna 235 Jaques, Timothy 271 Jardon, Kay 271 Jardon, Marie 264 Jass, Michael 264 Jenkins, Billy 271 Jenkins, Carl 115,116,120 Jenkins, Robert 258 Jenkins, Roger 271 Jenkins, Victor 71,175,222 Jennings, Gregory 271 Jennings. Ronnie 222 280 Jennings. Stella 220 Jennings, Stephen 258 Jensen, Anita 258 Jensen, Christi 264 Jensen. Diane 226 Jensen, Larry 245 Jensen, Patricia 264 Jensen, Rick 258 Jensen, Sandra 178.271 Jinks. Kenneth 258 Jobes, Brian 258 John, Mary Beth 271 John, Nancy 251 Johnk. Linda 264 Johns. Randy 271 Johns, Vicki 264 Johns, William 247 Johnson, Brenda 264 Johnson, Bruce 271 Johnson. Bruce Lynn 96 Johnson. Connie 258 Johnson, Donald 119,120.236 Johnson. Gregory 271 Johnson, James 235 Johnson, Jo Ann 258 Johnson. Karen 271 Johnson. Lorraine 258 Johnson, Marcus 271 Johnson, Mark 271 Johnson, Patricia 112 Johnson, Ralph 271 Johnson, Richard 271 Johnson. Rick 264 Johnson. Robert 208 Johnson, Susan 98,258 Jones. Brenda 264 Jones, Cynthia 258 Jones. Cynthia Veronica 264 Jones, Danny 259 Jones, Darlene 271 Jones. David 264 Jones, Deborah 229 Jones, John 271 Jones, J.W 156 Jones, Karen 271 Jones, Kathy 271 Jones. Linda 264 Jones. Marcia 264 Jones. Michael 271 Jones, Nancy 271 Jones, Paul 115.271 Jones. Paula 271 Jones, Rosanna 264 Jones, Sarah 264 Jones, Sherry 259 Jones. Veronica 78.79 Jones, Walter 252 Jones, Wendell 246 Jontz, Jack 259 Jorgensen, Franklin 33 Jorgensen. Walter 34.125 Judah. Ann 264 Judd. John 215 Judd. Sheri 56,271 Juel, Margaret 259 Juelsgaard, Cheri 238 Juelsgaard, Terry 252 Juhl, Dennis 252 Julian, Kenneth 264 Justin, Joseph 246 K Kabele, Daniel 271 Kahl, Elizabeth 251 Kahler, Kathy 271 Kain, Larry 259 Kannenberg, Joyce 264 Kannenberg, Philip 248 KANSAS CITY LYRIC OPERA 134,135 Kao, Cynthia 271 Kapp. Stanley 259 Karr, Louann 228 Kauzlarich, Carol 264 KDLX 186.187 Keats. Galen 259 Kee, William 236 Keeler. Patricia 271 Keepers. Jacqueline 228 Keeton. Marcia 228 Kellenberg. James 247 Keller, Judy 272 Kelley, Margaret 272 Kelley, Rosalea 259 Kelly. John 264 Kelly, Larry 222 Kelly. Ruth 259 Kelso. Sue 259 Kemery. Mary 215 Kemp, Joy 259 Kemper, Douglas 264 Kennedy, Karen 259 Kennedy, Kathryn 264 Kennedy, Michael 272 Kennedy. Patrick 264 Kennedy. Phillip 264 Kennedy. Phyllis 264 Kenner. Jean 219 Kenner. Morton 219 KENT EOUR 26,27 KENT SIATE DANCE 182 Kerkman. Laura 259 Kerns, Denise 215 Kerns. Linda 272 Kerrigan. Diane 264 Kersbergen. Dan 272 Ketchcm. Nancy 272 Ketelsen. Jeanette 264 Kibby. Keva Zoe 272 Kiel. Diane 272 Kienberger. Margaret 264 Killgore. Mary 222 Killian. David 264 Killingsworth. Robert 224.225 Killingsworth. Ruth 235 Kilmer. Danny 236 King. Barbara 259 King. C onnie 272 King. Mary 272 King. Russell 242 King. Sarah 240 King. Walter 264 Kinkadc. Linda 272 Kinkade. Sandy 239 Kirk, Karen 272 Kirkhart. Alynn 264 Kirkhart. Tommy 272 Kirkpatrick. Glen 265 Kirkpatrick. Kenneth 265 Kirsch. Patricia 228 Kirschner. Tara 265 Kitzmann, Karolyn 272 Kixmiller. Loleta 265 Kizzier. Mark 272 Klein. Alan 259 Kline. Patty 259 Klinger. Linda 215 Klongerbo. Robert 272 Kluver. Charles 240 Knauer, James 247 Knechtenhofer, Debra 272 Knepper, Karen 272 Knipmeyer. Deborah 272 Knorr. Thomas 265 Koegel, John 259 Koenig, Kevin 265 Koerble, C.E 233 Koestner, Kimberly 272 Kolbach, Steve 272 Kolb, Sue 265 Komm, James 94.210 Komm, John M Kortemeyer, Lee 272 Koscinski, Walter 259 Koso, Linda 259 Kountz, Jerry 259 Koven. Mark 226 Krabiel. Dorathy 229 Kracht. Michael 272 Kralik. Linda 265 Kreek. Eileen 216 Kreiling. Thelma 259 Kreimeyer. Mary 259 Kriegshauser. Sandra 229 Kroeger. Susan 272 Kroeker. Cynthia 265 Krohn. Lyie 272 Kron. Marilyn 265 Kruse. Gretchen 272 Krutsinger. Linda 272 Kuchan, Shari 259 Kuehns. Mary 229 Kuhns, John 247 Kult, John 272 Kunkel, Daniel 220 Kunkel, Shari 265 Kunze, Glenda 259 Kurtz, Robert 272 Kusel, Connie 259 KXCV 188,189 Labarr. Edwin 272 l.abuary, Geary 272 Lamb. Lance 272 Lambert. Barbara 272 lambright. Deobrah 259 1 ambright. Roger 259 Lampkins, Deniece 265 Lancaster, David 242 Lane, Phyllis 272 Larabee. Linda 265 Larmer. Jeffrey 94,247 Larmer. Ruth 232 Larsen. Paula 265 Larson. Alan 259 Larson. Richard 243 Larson, Veva 265 Larson, Virginia 247 Lash, Gary 265 Lasley. Lois 272 Latcham. Ronald 246 Laughlin, Jane 272 Lauver, Steven 272 LaVoi. Gerald 226 Lawhead. Diane 272 Lawrence. Joyce 259 Lawrence, Patricia 234 Layden. Robert 272 Leaders. Richard 265 Leahy. Ellen 265 Lebois, Donald 272 Lech. Kathleen 265 Lecklider, William 221 Lee. Janice 272 Lee. Marilyn 259 Leeper. Bernetta 259 Lehman. Joanne 259 Lehmer. Gary 272 Lemar, Homer 232 Lemke. Jeanne 228 Lemon. Paul 94 Lenihan. Leonard 178.222 Leonardo. Michelle 272 Leptham, Joyce 222 Lesan, Susan 259 Lesher, Merle 233 Lester. Peter 265 LETTERMEN. THE 53 Leu. James 226 Levis, Ronald 246 Lewellen. Connie 247 Lewis. Dale 272 Lewis, Thomas 265 Lewis, Thomas Kent 272 Lcwright. Louann 158.180 281 Library Science. Dept. of ... . 234.235 Lightle, Karen 259 Lillard. Brenda 259 Lima, Linda 265 Lind, Charles 236 Lindsay, William 252 Linville, Eddie 272 Linville, Leslie 222 Lionberger, Jackie 228 Lippold, Judy 259 Lisbona, Joe 272 Littlefield, Ted 265 Littreil, Ross 252 Livengood, Donna 259 Lobmire, Jane 228 Loch, David 259 Loch, James 265 Loch, Lisa 254 Lock, Danny 236 Locke, William 272 Lockhart, Joan 259 Logan, Barbara 215 Logli, Gary 236 Logsdon, Diane 272 Lohafer, Brian 272 Long, James 272 Long, Myrl 212 Lopour, Kathleen 259 Loscalzo, Jeanie 247 Lott, James 178,211 Louk, Sharon 208 Lovell, John 272 Loving, Diane 259 Lowe, James 224 Lowrance, James 247 Luce, William 222 Lumley, Rodney 259 Lundergan, Barbara 259 Lundquist, Ralph 272 Lundstrom, Roger 265 Lusk, Nancy 247 Lusso, Charles 34 Luttrell, Linda 228 Lyddon, John 265 Lyles, Jeanette 265 Lynam, Ed 247 Lyon, Alice 265 Lyon, Gary 259 M Macias, Luis 216 Madsen, Wayne 272 Magill, Timothy 265 Maharry, Frederick 272 Maharry, William 259 Mahoney, James 246 Maisrans, Pat 120,239 Maize, Betty 259 Majerus, Thomas 272 Makings, Peggy 229 Malcom, Jeanne 272 Mallory, Bob 212 Maloney, Richard 259 Malson, Sarah 272 Mann, Cheryl 251 Mann, Jane 174,229 Mann, Kathleen 259 Manning, Joyce 259 Manring, Mary 272 Manship, Ron 272 Mansukhani, Shobha 215 Mantow, Douglas 222 Marchetti, Sandra 259 Marcum, Thomas 272 Marker, Marguerite 259 Markey, Robert 246 Markt, Donnalie 259 Markt, Loren 243 Markt, Nan 265 Marotta, Joseph 247 Marquette, Roanld 272 Marshall, Muriel 272 Marshall, Ronald 259 Marshall, Virginia 265 Martens, Karen 259 Martin, Daniel 247 Martin, Gary 265 Martin, Helen 215 Martin, Judy 265 Martin, Linda 259 Martin, Sharon 239 Martin, Sherry 272 Martin, Steve 265 Martini, Carolyn 272 Marvin, Elizabeth 272 Marz, Christine 272 Mason, Larry 265 Mason, Leo 247 Mason, Leonard 272 Mather, Stephanie 272 Mathematics, Dept. of 218,219 Mathews, Ronald 265 Matiyow, Joyce 229 Matney, Christine 265 Matteson, David 236 Matthews, Charles 243 Mauer, Terry 247 Maulfair, Gary 236 Mauton, Mary 265 Mauzey, Elaine 216 Mauzey, John 222 Maxwell, Denise 259 May, George 272 May, Leland 214 Mayes, Linda 265 Mayes, Marilyn 259 Mayfield, Richard 241 Maynard, Marcus 259 McAtee, Patty 265 McBee, Doris 259 McCape, Jean 272 McCampbell, Ricky 265 McCamy, Jeanine 265 McClanahan, Mary 229 McCleary, Michael 259 McClellan, Judy 272 McClellan, Nita 215 McCluskey, Steven 78,84 McConnell, Michael 265 McCord, Connie 272 McCord, Derrick 84,236 McCormick, Noel 272 McCormick, Suzanne 229 McCrea, Gary 259 McCrummen, Robert 232 McCulloh, Susan 265 McCurdy, Margaret 259 McDade, Gregory 57 McDaniels, Helen 265 McDermott, Daniel 259 McDonald, Jeanne 272 McFarland, Carol 265 McGuinness, Rebecca 251 McGuiness, Joseph 218,236 McGuire, Nancy 218 McGuire, Patrick 259 McGuire, Robert 272 McGuire, William 272 Mclntyre, Carol 206 Mclntyre, Janice 215 McKee, Dana 62,259 McKee, Janice 259 McKee, Kathryn 232 McKee, Michael 265 McKee, Randall 272 McKenny, Charles 259 McKenny, Ruth 239 McKinnie, Gayla 240 McKnight, Susan 272 MCcKlSSlCK, FLOYD 93 McLaren, Brian 259 McLeod. Natalie 272 McMullen, Robert 236 McQueen, Julia 272 McQuinn, Michael 265 McWilliams, Deanna 229 Meek, Louis 259 Meighen, Steven 259 Meintel, Mary Kay 180,192,259 Melvin, Kathleen 229 Melvin, Orville 272 Mendenhall, Deborah 265 Mendez, George 272 Mendez, Richard 259 Menefee, Shirley 272 Meng, Melvin 272 Mentis, Regina 259 Merrick, Irma 235 Merrick, Mike 252 Merrigan, Janet 272 Merrigan, Mary Ellen 180,265 Merriman, David 247 Merritt, Evelyn 265 Mertz, Mary Ann 272 Messer, Patrice 259 Messerli, Dennis 272 Messerli, Kenneth 248 Metzler, Candace 272 Mews, Diana 265 Meyer, John 248 Meyer, Kenneth 249 Meyer, Marilyn 191,272 Meyer, Richard 224 Meyers, Percy 208 Meyn, Betty 218 Michal, Gail 272 Middendorff, Joy 265 Middleswart, Thomas 259 Middleton, Deanna 272 Midland, Dale 214 Miles, George 222 Miles, Krista 265 Miles, Linda 218 Miles, Marlene 272 Millar, Robert 223,224 Miller, Branda 259 Miller, Janie 239 Miller, Jimmie 57 Miller, Joan 272 Miller, John 265 Miller, Leon 159 Miller, Lora 265 Miller, Lark 222 Miller, Marsha 239 Miller, Nancy 265 Miller, Peggy 232 Miller, Richard 273 Miller, Robert 224 Miller, Ruth 221 Miller, Ruth Ann 273 Miller, Twila 251 Miller, Valerie 78 Miller, Wayne 259 Miller, William 265 MillhoUin, Steven 273 Mills, Debbie 265 Milner, Timothy 236 Milner, Ryland 47,236 Mincer, Mary 265 Minnihan, Michael 236 Minshall, Bettie 273 Minter, Kenneth 209 Minter, Robert 273 Mires, David 273 Mires, Mary Jane 265 Mitch, Patricia 250 Mitchell, Bernard 265 Mitchell, Byron 221 Mitchell, Frances 221 Mitchell, Jeanette 265 Mitchell, Sidney 265 Moberg, John 218 Mobley, John 233 Mobley, Richard 273 Modlin, Janet 265 Mohr, Gary 273 Molgaard, Terry 249 MONDRIAN, PIET (Painting) 4 Mongold, Cynthia 259 282 I Mongold, Roger 208 Monteil, Marilyn 273 Mooney, Robert 249 Moore, Daniel 222 Moore, Darnell 115,116,119,240 Moore, Janice 273 Moore, Jimmy 265 Moore, Kathie 265 Moore, Laurelynn 215 Moore, Lesley 215 Moore, Ronald 259 Moore, Stephen 265 Moore, Susan 251 Moore, Virgil 265 Moore, Wayne 252 Morehouse, Kathryn 265 Morey, Russell 164,245 Morgan, Patricia 265 Morgan, Venda 230 Mork, Kendall 249 Morris, Connie 259 Morris, Gayle 265 Morris. Shirlee 259 Morrison, Clifford 248 Morrison, Marcia 230 Morrow, Mary 259 Morrow, Teena 248 Morse, Lincoln 226 Moses, Joy 259 Moses, Patricia 265 Moss, Earle 221 Moss, Janet 235 Moss, Marcia 265 Moss, Martha 245 Moss, Ronnie 219 Moten, Esta 259 Mothershed, Harmon 224 Motley, John 265 Mouer, Barbara 265 Mousel, Paul 236 Mowry, Mary 265 Moyer, Jerry 84 Moyer, Paula 84,259 Mueller, Irene 209 Muenchroth, Robert 243 Mull, Sandra 235 Mullen, Russell 243 Mullin, Terry 248 MuUins, Diana 265 Mullins, James 218 Mullins, Kathy 265 Mumbower, Rosemary 259 Murphy, David 265 Murphy, Kathryn 235 Musgrave, Bill 180,182-185,226 Musgrave, Jonel 230 Musgrave, Richard 265 Music, Dept. of 220,221 Musick, Gregory 273 Mylott, Wyvonna 259 N Nagle, Robert 26,27 Nail, Karen 259 Nailor, Julie 273 Nakao, Kyoji 265 Nance, Katherine 259 Neale, Richard 273 Nelles, Clifford 236 Nelson, Barbara 273 Nelson, Debbie 265 Nelson, Donald . . . 115,116,119,120,259 Nelson, Helen 223 Nelson, James 265 Nelson, Judith 248 Nelson, Larry 265 Nelson, Mary 273 Nelson, Dean 273 Nelson, Rebecca 260 Nelson, Richard 260 Nelson. Russell 243 Nelson, Shelly 57,265 Nelson, Steven 243 Neri, Frank 260 Ness, Sharon 230 Neudorff. Janis 241 Neumann, Katherine 78,265 Neumeyer, Linda 265 New, Richard 233 Newhouse, Larry 248 Newsome, Rebecca 265 Nicholas, Janet 248 Nicholas, Rose 260 Nicholas, Terry 273 Nichols, Gary 273 Nichols, Patricia 216 Nichols, Rober t 249 Nickell, Darryl 260 Nielsen, Delores 260 Nielsen, Maurice 249 Nielsen, Rickey 260 Nielson, Linda 230 Niemann, Mary 273 Niemeyer, Thomas 192,260 Nigh, Eddie 265 Nincehelser, Maria 265 Nincehelser, Norma 273 Nissen, Lorna 273 Nitin, Dave 249 Noll. Robert 260 Nordeen. Duane 273 Norland, Margaret 265 Norris, Terry 260 Norris, Tommy 273 North. Carolyn 195,260 NORTHWEST MISSOURIAN 190.191 Nothstine, Donald 245 Nothstine, Sue 209 Nursing, Dept. of 254,255 Nystrom, Marck 241 Nystrom. Pamela 260 ODell. Barbara 260 ODell, Charles 214 ODonnell, Gene 243 O ' Dowd. Rosemary 273 Oeize, Christian 81,84 Oestmann, Susan 273 Oetjen, Judy 231 O ' Halloran, Richard 248 Ohde. Darrell 260 Oldham. Connie 273 Olds, Ruth 273 Oleson, Rachelle 260 Oliva, Simone 234 Oliver, Carol 273 Oliver, James 71,176-178,223 Oliver. Michael 192,260 Olmstead, Kathleen 273 Olofson, Kay 265 Olsen, Bobby 265 Olsen, Linda 260 Olson, Sheila 265 Olson, Vicki 273 Olson, Wanda 266 Olson, Wayne 241 O ' Neall, Tommy 236 Oomens, Fred 242 Orey, Wayne 266 ORGANIZATIONAL FAIR • 50,51 O ' Rourke, Jessica 180,266 O ' Rourke, Tracy 273 Orr, Michael 252 Orth, Jackie 231 Oshlo. Douglas 260 Osman, Michelle 273 Ottinger, Janet 260 Ottinger, William 215 Otto, Anna 260 Owen, Donald 273 Owens, Rebecca 273 Oxiey, Maureen 273 Oziah, Vern 266 Padgitt. Dennis 242 Palaska. Deborah 266 Pallo. Michael 266 Palmatier. Donald 248 PALMS. THE. AND THE HOLE .... 108.109 Pantier. Warren 248 Parker. Debra 266 Parker. Julie 260 Parker. Kenneth 273 Parkhurst, Paula 273 Parkison. Pamela 260 Parman. Deborah 273 Parmelee. Bruce 252 Patience. Wayne 273 Patterson. Denny 273 Patterson. Lynda 273 Patty. Jo Ann 273 Paul. Gcna 239 Paulsen. Robert 273 Paulson. Mary 230 Pavkov, Susan 273 Pawling, William 273 Payne, Barbara 260 Payne. Cecelia 273 Payne. Julie 273 Payne. Sharon 273 Peace, Jackie 266 Pearl, Larry 191 Pearson, Shirley 273 Peavy, Marlene 266 Peck. Steven 266 Pedersen. Glen 252 Pellersels. John 273 Pennebaker. Glennda 260 Penniston. William 273 PEOPLE WEEK 14-17 PEP RALLY 51 Percell. Jerry 266 Peregrine, Evelyn 273 Perkins, David 220 Perkins, Debra 260 Perkins. John 226 Perry. Karen 273 Perry. Mary Lynn 260 Peterman. Beverly 260 Peterman. Ronald 266 Peters. Jeffrey 273 Peters. Susan 260 Petersen. Kathryn 251 Petersen. Larry 266 Petersen. Steven 273 Peterson, Alan 233 Peterson, Allen 236 Peterson, Bruce 266 Peterson, Carole 260 Peterson, Danny 236 Peterson. Darwin 260 Peterson, Harlan 125 Peterson. Peggy 273 Peterson. Priscilla 215 Peterson. Robert 241 Petree. Lindell 266 Petry. Donald 158 Petsch, Vicki 230 Pettijohn. Vera 260 Pettit. Earl 218 Petty, Steven 243 Petz. Rex 51 Pfeifer. Daniel 248 Pfeifer, Elizabeth 273 Pfeiffer. Steve 273 Phares, William. Jr 157 Phillippe. Dolores 273 Phillips. Bill 273 Phillips, Edward 252 i 283 Phillips, Kathleen 273 Phippen, Carol 273 Phoenix, Jo Ann 273 Physical Ed., Mens ' Dept. of . . 236,237 Physical Ed., Womens " 238,239 Physics and Phy. Sci., Dept. of 212,213 Pickard, John Pickard, Mimi 62 Pickard, Rosalyn 266 Pickett, Ruth -60 Pieper. Richard 266 Pierce. Cynthia 273 Pierce, Gary 243 Pierce, Marlin 243 Pierson, Marvin 260 Pine, Edward 2?3 Piper, Diane 273 Place, Charles 180,266 Plackemeier, Robert 273 Plaht. Thomas 243 Piatt, Donald 273 Plecker, Sandra 260 Plummer, Helen 273 Plummer, Kathy 230 Plummer, Margaret 266 Plymmell, Charles 260 Poague, Lynne 260 Poague, Monte 260 Poe, Marjorie 273 Poff, Roberta 260 Poley, Shirley 260 Polley, Dannie 260 Pollock, Janet 260 Pomeroy, Judy 230 Poole, Thomas 260 Pope, Cindy 273 Pope, Connie 266 Porter, Peggy 266 Porter, Susan 266 Posch, Annette 260 Posch, Mary 273 Posten, Kermitt 260 Posten, Sue 260 Potter, John 245 Potter, John 266 Potter, Marcia 260 Potter, Marjean 260 Potter, Susan 273 Potts, Joyce 260 Potts, Paula 273 Poush, Kathlea 266 Powell, Jo Ann 266 Powell, Joyce 241 Powell, Katharine 266 Powell, Nancy 208 Powers, Douglas 273 Powers, Mark 273 Poynter, Diane 273 Poynter, William 266 Pratt, Connie 266 Prete, Michael 266 Priest, Curtis 36.266 Primm, John 260 Pritchard, Dennis 266 Province, Linda 273 Psychology, Dept. of 240,241 Pulem, Carolyn 215 PuUen, James 260 Purdy, Randall 273 Purviance, Bobby 243 Pyles, Jeanie 178 Q Quam, Evelyn 190,266 Quam, Mary 260 Quier, Goerge 252 Quinn, Richard 241 R Rabenold, Jacqueline 260 Rainey, Peggy 260 Rains, Jerry 208 Ralston, Thomas 273 Ramey, Kathleen 180,260 Ramsvick, Deborah 273 Randolph, David 273 Ranes, Randall 273 Raney. Mark 20 Ranniger, Joyce 230 Rapp, Christine 273 Rash, Wade 260 Rasmussen, Allen 253 Rasmussen, Lloyd 266 Rasmussen, Merle 266 Rath, Madonna 260 Rather, Cynthia 231 Ratliff, Connie 274 Ray, Betty 254 Read, Cindy 248 Read, Crystal 266 Reardon, Steven 274 Rebik, Leonard 266 Redig, Barbara 260 Redig, Glen 266 Redig, Linda 274 Redman, Kenneth 260 Reece, Gayle 274 Reece, Richard 253 Reed, Allan 274 Reed, David 266 Reed, Linda 249 Reed. Phyllis 260 Rees, John 62 Reese, Merlyn 243 Reese, Jesse 266 Reeverts, Mary 266 Reger, Kenneth 223 REGISTRATION 46,47 Rehm, William 249 Reisinger, Allen 223 Reiss. Deborah 274 Remund. Patricia 266 Rentie, William 274 Reset. Phillip 62 Rex. Dennis 266 Reynolds. Deborah 274 Reynolds. Dennis 274 Reynolds. James 274 Reynolds, Norma 215 Reynolds, Rebecca 266 Reynolds, Ricky 274 Rhea, James 236 Rhodes, Jane 249 Rhodes, John 252 Rice, John 249 Rice, Linda 274 Richards, Debra 274 Richards, Debra Kay 231 Richardson, Elizabeth 260 Richardson, Mary Ann 220 Richardson, Mary Ann 251 Richeson, Joyce 230 Richey, Burton 236 Richmond, Donna 223 Richmond, Susan 266 Rickabaugh, Dorothy 254 Rickman, Rebecca 230 Riddle, Kathryn 235 Riddle, Linda 274 Ridenour, Jessie 266 Ridenour, Lewis 192,206 Riesgaard, Rebecca 230 Riggs, Earl 248 Riley, Sandra 266 Riley, William 248 Rinehart. Christine 223 Rinehart, Susan 274 Ring, Carolyn 230 Ringold, Howard 252 Rinnan, Wesley 260 Rischer, Gus 165,241 Risvold, Martha 266 Ritter, Max 274 Rivers. Charles 48.214 Roach. Dennis 243 Roache. Vincent 236 Robb, Carl 219 Robbins, Renee 266 Robbins, Stephen 241 Roberts, Deborah 220 Roberts, Gail 234 Roberts. Gary 230 Roberts. Marjean 274 Robertson, Danny 274 Robertson. Donald 166,167,207 Robertson, Phyllis 266 Rochambeau, Rhonda 274 Rocholtz, Susie 274 Rockow, Suzanne 120,231 Rodenburg, Richard 274 Rodgers, Charles 266 Roe, Dan 260 Rogers, Mary 266 Rogers, Sandra 274 Rold. Constance 260 Rold, Vicki 274 Roller, Thomas 223 Ronnfeldt, Ronda 274 Root, Janet 260 Roseburrow, Mary 260 Rosecrans, Janet 260 Rosenberg, Philip 248 Rosenburg, Dale 211 Ross, Sheryl 274 Ross, Neva 233 Rotts, William 274 Rounds, Elizabeth 221 Rounds, Ward 221 Roush, Peggy 231 Routh. Gary 243 Rowe, David 260 Rowlett. Rhonda 274 Roy. Jerry 260 Rumelhart, William 236 Rush, Charlene . 83.206 Rusk, Marcia 230 Russell, C.F 157 Russell, Larry 81 Ryan, Connie 266 Ryan, Gail 223 Rychnousky, Donna 251 Ryser, Jackie 266 Saale, Stephen 260 Sager. Doyle 266 Sagrilla. Christine 260 ST. LOUIS SYMPHONY 58.59 Sallee. Irma 234 Salmon. Linda 274 Salomone, Matthew 260 Sample, Leonard 253 Sanders, Ray 233 Sandford, Donald 92,221 Sanford, Mary Jane 92.221 Sands. Randall 233 Sanger. T eresa 266 Santen, Susan 266 Saucerman, James 214 Saunders, Charles 62 Savage, Dean 233 Saver, Linda 266 Saville, Sally 260 Saving, Glen 128 Sayers, Angela 274 Scanlan, Edna 215 Scanlon. Mary Jo 260 Scarbrough. Gary 243 Schaaf, Richard 274 Schaefer, Lenore 251 Schaffer, Ruth 274 Schaley, Judy -66 Schamber, Dennis 266 Schantz, Roger 253 Schauper, Cynthia 274 284 I Schecher. Yvonne 274 Scheihing. David 220 Schellhorn. Michael 28.29 Schieher. Eugene 253 Schieber. John 215 Schieher. Maureen 260 Schlange. Carolyn 230 .Schlange. Ernestine 274 Schlothauer. Roger 253 Schmaljohn. Russell 207 Scheltzer. Jim 212 Schmielding. Michael 253 •Schmitz. Gerre 266 .Schmilz. .Sam 274 •Schnack. Sheryl 266 .Schnneider. Nina 233 Schofield, Charles 210 Scholes. Beverly 266 Scholl. Venita 24X Schooler. Leslie 274 Schotl. Garry 266 Schottel. Eva 260 Schotlel. Ivan 81 .Schottel. Sharon 254 Schottel. Stephanie 214 Schotlel, Steven 26.81.236 .Schram. Jeffrey 260 Schreurs. lucinda 260 Schrier. Suzanne 251 Schroer. David 274 Schuler. Karen 260 Schuler. Keith 260 Schuler. Milo 266 Schuler, Warren 274 Schulte. Raymond 266 Schultze. Victor 274 Schumer. Sister Rita 248 Schuster. Kathic 266 Schuver, Barbara 260 .Schuver, Patricia 266 Schwab, Patricia 266 Schwartz, Donna 248 Schwartz, Kalhy 260 Schwarz. Anna 249 Schwarz. Kathleen 266 .Schwarz, Richard 210 Schweizer, l.oren 123.125 Scott. B.D 209 Scott, Buff 254 Scott, James 266 Scott, Jean 230 Scott, Larry 243 Scott. Marcia 274 Scott. Michael 274 Scott. Nancy 230 Scott. Ross 266 Scott, Sharon 274 Scott. Stephanie 266 Scullen, Kathleen 274 Seamans. Leona 230 Sears, Don 37 Seemann, Sue 266 S efrit, Robert 243 Seiberling, Carol 274 Seifert, Philip 274 Seipel, Sara 266 Seitter, Linda 251 Selanders, Scott 30.3 1 Sellergren. Barry 249 Sellers. Bruce 266 Severson. Elli 216 Severson. Jean 274 Seyoc. George 236 Shain. Roderick 260 Shain. Sharon 266 Shanklin, Phyllis 224 Shannon, Nancy 191,266 .Sharp, Richard 274 Sharp, Stephen 274 Shaver. Timothy 260 Sheddrick. Glenn 274 Sheddrick. Lynn 274 Sheehan. Patrick 260 Shelby. Donald 242 Shelby. William 274 Sheldon. Lynn 274 Shell, Dixie 274 Shepard, Keven 274 Shepard. Mark 260 Sherbo. Paul 62.266 Sherman. Betty 266 Sherwood. Susan 275 Shevlin. Barbara 275 Shields. Charleen 266 Shineman. Kathy 274 Shipley. Frances 250 Shipley. Susan 208 Shoemaker. Carol 275 Shollenberger. Richard 249 Shook. Christine 266 Showaltcr. Donna 266 Showers. David 266 Shriver, Jean 260 Shrum, Judy 274 Shumate, Susan 208 Shutts, Tony 33 Sick, Gladys 260 Siddens. Carolyn 260 Sievers. Sandra 266 Sifers, Robert 243 Sighniger. Dan 215 Silkett. Betty 260 Silkett. ( arrie 274 Silliman. Marvin 180.182.183 Sills. Donald 31 Sills. Donald Lewis 249 Simmonds. Wendell 266 Simmons. David 78.81 Simmons. Nancy 266 Simpson. Pamela 260 Simpson. Tarry 274 Sindl. lana 266 Sinn. C aria 266 Sirimaturos. Kilti 274 Sirna. .Stephen 274 Siskc. George 274 Siverly. Monica 266 Siverly. Norma 231 Sivers. John 274 Skann. Cheri 260 Skinner. Freddie 274 Skinner. Marcia 266 Sklenar, John 274 Skroh, Virginia 274 Slagle, Rochellc 231 Slaten, Dcanna 266 Slater, David 48 Slater, Stephen 266 Slaybaugh, Donna 260 Sleister, James 260 Slemp, Alicia 274 Sloan. Sherry 267 Slocum. Ruth 251 Slogle. William 248 Sly. Connie 274 Small. David 57.62 Small. Dwam 26.158 Small. Gene 224 Smay. John 219 Smith. Ann 274 Smith. Annette 261 Smith. Barbara 274 Smith. Cathey 274 Smith. Cathy 226 Smith. Cynthia 267 Smith. David 209 Smith. Dick 83 Smith. Donna 274 Smith. Doreen 274 Smith. Duane 236 Smith. Emily 274 Smith. Janis 230 Smith. Jonathan 267 Smith. Kevin 261 Smith. Leslie 267 Smith. Linda 274 Smith. Lynda 267 Smith. Marcia 267 Smith. Marie 239 Smith. Mary 274 Smith. Mary Grace 274 Smith. Michael 274 Smith, Nadene 274 Smith, Richard 267 Smith, Richard 236 Smith, Rose 261 Smith, Sandra 274 Smith, Susan 267 Smith, Terrie 274 Smith. Terry 78.267 Smits. John 274 Snead. Wallace 261 Snell. Vicki 215 Snethen. Bruce 267 Snodderley. Jeannine 261 Snodderley. Juliane 261 Snodgrass. Deborah 261 Snowden, John 267 Snowden. Wendall 219 Snyder. Dennis 261 Snyder. Gary 274 Snyder. John 261 Sobolka. Ronald 261 Social Science, Dept. of 222-225 Sociology. Dept. of 240.241 Solomon. Linda 267 Stirensen. Karen 261 Sothman. Vaughn 274 Spack. Mark 267 Spain. Larry 223 Spainhower. Jack 274 Spears. Linda 230 Speech. Dept. of 226.227 Spencer. Judy 274 Spiegel. Gary 274 Spohn. Teresa 267 Sprague, Terry 274 Sprenger, Gregory 267 SPRING SPORTS 28-35 SPRlNCi WEEKEND EESTIVAI 182 SpriKk, Karen 230 Spurlock, James 84,267 St. Peter, Denise 266 Stadlman, Bruce 180 Staker, Julia 267 Stalling, John 207 Stalter, Shelley 267 Stamm, John 233 Stamper, Marsha 274 Stanger Carole 267 StangI, Catherine 261 Stanton, Marcia 274 Slarks Samuel 267 Starman, Deborah 267 Staten, Brenda 274 Staver, David 267 Stearns. Steven 267 Steele, Virginia 275 Stein, Jared 226 Steinfeldt, Terry 275 Steinmeir, Marjorie 275 Steller, Arthur 275 Stensland, Michael 275 Stenson, Jeanne 275 Stephens, Kathryn 275 Stephens, Larry 219 Stephens, Sandra 230 Stephens, Susan 261 Stephens, Susan Kay 239 Stephenson, Norma 267 Stephenson, Roger 275 Sterkel, Nanette 215 Sterett, Marda 261 Stevens, Mary 267 Stevenson, Barbara 267 Stewart, Sherrilyn 275 Stiles, Amber 261 Stiles, Patricia 261 Stinard, Virginia 267 Stirling, James 261 Stockdell. Richard 261 28S Stocker, Michael 236 Stolley, Linda 251 St. Peter, Leslie 266 St. Peter, Susan 266 Straight, Stephen 248 Strain, Linda 20 Strasheim, Cheryl - " Strauch, Rebecca ;j° ' Strauss, Sue r j Strickland, Julie 26 Strobl, Judith 261 Stroburg, Carey -°| Stroburg, Craig 26 Stroff, David 26 Struve, Donald 261 Stuber, Randall • ■ 261 STUDENT SENATE 176-179 Studer, Ritchie 267 Study, Richard 267 Sullivan, James 223 Sullivan, Patricia 267 Sullivan, Timothy 275 Summa, Victoria 254 Summers, Donald 248 Summers, Marie 239 Sumy, Linda 231 Sumy, Rita 275 Sunkel, Mary Jane 245 Sunkel, Robert 207 Surber, Michael 261 Surprise, Constance 267 Surprise, Debbie 275 Sutherland, Gary 261 Sutton, Kenneth 243 Sutton, Keith 275 Swain, Mary 215 Swaney, Sue 267 Swartz, Sheila 275 Sweeney, Robert 267 Swenson, John 261 Swigarl, Susan 267 Swigart, Vickie 267 Taber, Ruth 267 Tackett, Marshall 241 Tackett, Natalie 214 Taff, Janet 231 Talmadge, Herbert 261 Tanner, Allen 275 Tanner. Marvin 261 Taraba, Jerriann 275 Taylor, Darnay 267 Taylor, Marlene 230 Taylor, Myra 267 Temple, Terry 267 Teply, Shirley 261 Terril. Patricia 267 Terry, Deborah 261 Terry, Edith 234 Terry, Kevin 267 Terry, Philip 261 Terwilliger, Peggy 267 Teson, Stephen 267 Thackeray, Trudy 267 Thate, Charles 26,159 Thate, Robert 267 Theobald, Irene 261 Thezan, Bruce 236 Thiesan, Phyllis 267 Thomann, John 267 Thomas, Cynthia 261 Thomas, George 206 Thomas, Kay 267 Thomas, Kay 230 Thomas, Terry 220 Thompson, Audrey 261 Thompson, Barbara 78,275 Thompson, Beverly 78,230 Thompson, David 79,84,243 Thompson, Donelle 267 Thompson, Glenda 230 Thompson, James 177,178,261 Thompson, Janet 275 Thompson, Joyce 267 Thompson, Kenneth 233 Thompson, Marilyn 267 Thompson, Michael 275 Thompson, Sharmon 261 Thompson, Vicki 275 Thomsen, Mark 261 Thomson, Nancy 248 Thornburgh, Rick 275 Thornton, Dennis 275 Threlkeld. Cynthia 275 Thummel, Carol 235 Tibben, Susan 267 Tiemeyer. Gary 248 Tiernan. Jane 267 Tighe, William 253 TIM AND TOM 84,85,182 Timberlake, Sally 275 Titus, Brenda 267 Tomes, Mark 267 Tompkins, Susan 267 Tornholm, Janet 261 TOWER CHOIR 102,103 TOWER 192,193 Traynor, Patricia 275 Trent, Pauline 275 Trese, William 242 Trice, John 267 Troxel, Peggy 261 True, Thomas 249 Trullinger, Judy 254 Tucker, Sandra 261 Turnbull, Rebecca 267 Turner, Dean 267 Turner, Nelda 275 Turner, Rebecca 275 Turner, Rudy 236 Tyrrell, Lilly 241 UGLY MAN 19-21 Uncapher, Carol 275 UNION PROGRAM COUNCIL 180-183 Untiedt, William 261 Vaccaro, Vincent . . . 78,79,184,185,215 Vallier, Kathleen 267 Vance, Reggie 267 Vancleave, John 28 Van Dyke, Pat 162,214 Vanevery, Mary 223 Vanfossan, Carolyn 208 Vanfossan, Jimmy 261 Van Gundy, Sue 254 Vanhoozer, Victoria 246 Vannatta, George 267 Vannatta, Linda 267 Van Nordstrand, Herb 253 Van Nordstrand. Kevin 275 VANOCUR, SANDER 182 Van Pelt, Steven 249 Vansky, Larry 215 Van Vactor, Herbert 223 Van Vactor, Mary 275 Van Voorst, Philip 207 Varchola, Victor ?2 Vardaman, Randal 243 Varley, Lois 261 Vaughan, Constance 275 Veal, Dennis 267 Veseen, Susan 261 Vest, James 275 Vest, Jon 249 Vidlak, Scott 249 Vinson, David 261 Vinson, Jenna 231,267 Vogel, Gary 275 Vogel, Thomas 223 Vogt, A.B 157 Volkmann, Pamela 261 Vonweihe, Randall 275 Voss, Lodean 248 Votipka, Cynthia 267 Vowells, Mary 261 Vulgamott, Kerby 261 Vulgamott, Russell 261 W Wade, Stanley 232 Wagner, Alan 216 Wagner, Beverly 267 Wagner, Nancy 275 Wainwright, Gary 94 Wake, Bruce 158 Wake, Larry 261 WALK-OUT DAY 22-25 Walkenhorst. Mark 267 Walker, Bettye 267 Walker, Deborah 230 Walker, Gail 275 Walker, Jennifer 267 Walker, John 216 Walker, Kay 267 Walker. Marcia 261 Walker, Nancy 267 Walker, Pamella 231 Walker, Robert 233 Walker, Wanda 241 Walkup, Mary 267 Wallace, Beverly 275 Wallace, Susan 234 Waller, Keith 236 Walley, Douglas 243 Walsh, David 275 Walsh, Patricia 275 Walter, Gary 243 Walter. Linda 275 Walter. Michelle 261 Walters, Steven 267 Wandell, Timothy 241 Wank. Lawrence 29 Ward, Deborah 275 Ware, Curtis 248 Ware, Dorothy 206 Ware, John 275 Warhauser, Bill 115 Warner, Beverly 267 Warner. Nancy 275 Warner, Rhonda 275 Warner. Teresa 267 Warner. William 275 Warren, Darrell ■ . . 261 Warren, James 261 Warren, Mae 231 Warren, Murray 267 Warren, Susan 261 Warring, Kathie 275 Wasson, Vicki 275 Watkins, Katherine 275 Watson, Linda 231 Watts, Patricia 275 WATTS 103RD STREET RHYTHM BAND 139,182 Wayne, Stephen 253 Weathermen, Rosalie 275 Weaver, John 243 Webb, Kent 275 Webb, Linda 267 Weed, Claudia 267 Weems, Nancy 275 Weichinger. Sheryl 267 Weichinger, Theodore 212 Weigand, Dorothy 214 Weipert, Wayne 243 286 I Weise, Marcia 275 Weisenborn, Sally 261 Welch, Edgerton 157 Welch. James 275 Welden. Terry 267 Welle, David 223 Weller, Karen 261 Wells, Marcia 261 Wells, Martha 275 Wells, William 223 Welsch, Candace 261 Welsh, Terry 275 Wendle, Melva 267 Wennihan, Leisa 261 Wenski, Mar 275 Wentz, Susan 267 Wernimont, Craig 243 Wertz, Deborah 275 Wertz, Randall 275 West, Diane 275 West, Janis 261 West, Kenneth 261 Westcot, Rebecca 275 Weston, Carolyn 261 Weston, Donald 275 Westphal, Daniel 236 Wetzel, Judith 261 Wheeler, Jamesetta 275 Whipple, Doanid 253 Whilaker, Stacie 231 White, Larry 261 White, Linda 267 White, Lynda 231 White, Maris 267 White, Wayne 267 Whitmore, Paul 253 Whitney, Gilbert 221 Whitney, Kenneth . . . 115.116,119,120 WHO ' S WHO 168-173 Whyle, Mary 261 Wickizer, Michael 248 Wicks, Jill 251 Wideman, Kevin 275 Widger, Calvin 224 Wiederholl, Ronald 275 Wiederstein, Susan 275 Wieland, Ann 275 Wilbur, Mary 261 Wiles, Richard 248 Wilkening, Lanny 243 Wilkins. Dennis 248 Wilkinson, Virginia 275 Will, Donna 267 Williams, Garvin 157 Williams, Garvin 267 Williams, Glenna 267 Williams, Janet 267 Williams, Janice 223 Williams, John 233 Williams, Lois 261 Williams, Michael 275 Williams, Patricia 267 Williams, Sandra 261 Williams, Waukita 267 Williams, William 245 Willis, Todd 267 Willis, Kenneth 261 Willson, Patty 267 Wilmes, Mary 261 Wilson, Colleen 261 Wilson, Julia 231 Wilson. Michael 275 Wilson. Susan 261 Wilson. Verna 267 Wimmer. William 57,226 Windmeyer, Dennis 275 Winfrey, Martha 206 Winkelman, Linda 261 Winkelman, Merle 253 Winkler. Linda 275 Winslow. Linda 261 Winstead. Kathy 261 WINTER SPORTS 114-129 Wion. Marcia 261 Witt. Jerry 261 Wohlford. Patricia 231 Wohlford, Raymond 252 Wolcott, Janet 267 Wolf. Diane 267 Wolf, Kathleen 275 Wolfe, Earl 267 Wollenhaupt, Janelle 248 Wolters, Richard 249 Wood, Betty 233 Wood, David 275 Wood, Gary 115,116,119 Wood, Joetta 267 Wood, Lowell 275 Wood. Teddie 231 Wood. Vanita 267 Wood. William 275 Woodruff. Frank 236 Woods. John 275 Woody. Fred 261 Wooton. John 261 Worl. Cynthia 275 Worly. George 123.125,126 Wormsley, Emily 231 Wray, Keith 243 Wray, Patricia 275 Wright, Gerald 233 Wright, James 261 Wright, Linda 62.267 Wright. Pamela 267 Wright. Patricia 231 Wright. Robert 249 Wright. Robert 236 Wright. Tonnie 231 Wulbecker, Mike 267 Wunder, Brian 275 Wunderlich, Teresa 249 Wurster, Gloria 267 Wykoff. Wendy 218 Wysong. Bernard 261 Wyss. Janet 275 Yallaly, John 275 ardley, Pamela 275 Varolem, Marcella 267 Yates, Cynthis 267 YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU . . 62,63 Youland, Jane 216 Young, Bruce 68 Young, Connie 261 Young, Phil 206 Young, Phillip 236 lounger, Nina 267 Zabel, Jacquelyn 250 Zarr, Sherrie 261 Zeglin. Suzanne 250 Zeiger. Judy 275 Zeigler. Marilyn 231 Zeorlin. Michael 249 Zerbe. Marc 275 Ziegler. Deborah 275 Zike. Carol 261 Zillner. Lawrence 233 Zimmerman. Carolyn 231 Zimmerman. Debra 275 Zimmerman. Karen 275 Zimmerman. Paul 275 Zimmerman. Sharon 275 Zimmerman. William 275 Zink. Gordon 245 Zirfas. Monica 157 Zook, Charles 253 Zook. Charles 275 Zook, Laurel 261 Zoss. Jacquelyn 267 287 t . 1 ' , . - • -vt. v«;l• -- ' — ■ . ' . ' . ' ' i ' i ViJ-: t i? ' ; i '

Suggestions in the Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) collection:

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Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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