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S . " ® : ;. ' .: m0 % NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE COLLEGE TOWER 1970 3 NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE COLLEGE ROBERT P. FOSTER. PRESIDENT MARYVILLE. MISSOURI OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT March 20, 1970 TO THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF THE NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE COLLEGE: The Northwest Missouri State College has been fortunate over the years in that we have been able to accommodate our burgeoning enrollment with expanded services, curricula, and programs. The campus itself has become a community that is almost self-sufficient. Approximately 2,700 students live on campus, all of whom are primarily engaged in the pursuit of learning. Nevertheless, this community of scholars requires many diverse services apart from instruction that involve intricate scheduling of time and energies. The many ancillary services required to maintain the students who are here is staggering. When we think of the commu- nity that is this college it is difficult to perceive all that contributes to it. What does it mean to you as a student and to the people of Missouri? This question is worthy of thought . The students and faculty of this institution, in fact those involved in this entire academic community, are striving for excellence in education. I think we truly stand on the threshold of excellence. As we improve the quality of instruction, as the programs we offer our students are expanded or introduced, I feel we will continue to grow and continue to brighten the image this institution carries across the nation. What is an academic community really like? Well, I suppose it would be possible to find as many academic communities in this country as we have colleges and universities. One thing that is unique about this institution is that there is a loyalty that is unusual on any college campus to be found here. The faculty and administrative staff alike are agreed that students are important and there is a demonstrated care shown for our students. I am convinced that the students know this and respond accordingly. It is true that we have many problems, many of which are very difficult and some of which will still be with us a generation from now. Further, we can anticipate many new ones. I think there is an honest and conscientious effort on the part of all concerned in this academic community to really face the issues and to solve them as they arise. I think if we are to be successful in the pursuit of learning we must manifest this type of response from our students and our faculty. I have said many, many times that what makes an institution great is the people who are there, the faculty and the students. I think no other campus in the country can compare with the quality of the young men and young women who walk this icampus and the faculty vriiich serves them. It is my hope and desire that you will appreciate, after being a student on this campus, the degree to vriiich the influence of this academic community will condition your values, your performance, and your attitudes for the remainder of your lives . Jt U f2 - Robert P. Foster President Pi Dr. Robert P. Foster President NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE COLLEGE Mahyville, Mis soubi J. W. Jones, President Emeritus OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT EMERITUS D ' wick 7, njG In. i 8 ike. colL e. oodtk wcu officaily. adopted and it hwi 4eA.ved OA a widepo foA. ike coUe e eveA uxice TU pLn t poAt of ike coileg.e oaik dealt tuiik ike i dpoivu.bllLty. of ike individuaJ. in AjeJxvUori io coile e eihio6; ike second pant deoLd wJJk ike p tomLde ix " im. amli ikJU coile e io iko e who come apte i ua, gAecuteA, beiteA, and moAje beojuiiJipuJi ikon It woa tnan nnHiad io ud. ' OveA. ike ifeoM ikU had been done. It U ike tje pondlbllUtj. of eack college g.eneAatioa io coaa on ikbd iaudabie pAogAom ivkick caLU fon. continued udk and deveJxtpment, youA. JO Towen. vepLedU what ipan. eneAotLonhoyi accomptUked. Jkene. Li a ikJutd eleneni ikat Ia not expiJ-OutLy. Aiatedf but Ld ike boAtc fadoA. undeAJUfin ike enttAe oaik. It i ikat ike iotalampuA - i±A physical featuAje i and i±6 human. factoAA ( .diudeniAj picuJjti adnujoLdtAation) - td a ptace foA teoAntn gAowthj and devetopment of Ha peAAonn L you and ipuA iaff oAe io be con AoijiUated on tpuA. effoAiA io pAovide an. adei uate AecoAd of ike colle e conmmlty.. The t JO ToweA wLUL be one moAe accomptiAhment in ike fuJLL AeaJj- aiUjon of youA coLLege oastk, Ve i tAifJjU youA4t g. gon. fAjs uAent emeAtiuA Dr. J. W. Jones President Emeritus The totality is black Thick Uncontained We focus on light Often Forgetting black Yet some can see Black as light There in black is all color all light These the focussed things of the universe You and I are Separate Still light reflects from One to another And back again From black space From nothing and something To the thick black essence of our being Erich Hauser Winter Lynn Ridenour .... Jannetta Bagley . . . . Helen Duncan Jim Oliver Cynthia Rather . . . . Bev Bowers Vicki Snell Sue Warren .... Editor . . Art Editor Greek Editor Cynthia Rather Sports Editors Bev Bowers Layout Editor Vicki Snell Photography Editor Sue Warren Spiritual Editor Kay Reavis, Neeta Day, Rick Hedelson, Teri Holladay, Arlene Horner, Helen Martin, Mary Kay Meintel, Walt Yadusky Howard Ringold Advisor Mrs. Muriel Alcott ....... Assistant Advisor Dr. Frank W. Grube Literary Advisor Fred Dunn Orvall Heywood Tom Strade Photographers • ■■ i i ' T!L Tjj iatSii? ■ 1 fl tTm Ej a! Of -1 ifi T " ■. -- ' » r " -??a-, 9| , ;«? r ' » 12 I 13 NWMSC Board of Regents Members of the Board of Regents included: Edgerton Welch, W. M. C. Dawson, Luther G. Belcher. Garvin R. Williams Robert P. Foster, W. F. Phares, Jr., A. B. Vogt, and C. F. Russell. NWMSC President The members of the Board of Regents of Northwest Missouri State College are appointed to their positions by the Governor of the State of Missouri. Each term is for six years. W. M. C. DAWSON: President of the Citizen ' s Bank of Grant City, Missouri: has served of the Board since 1951. W. F. PHARES, JR.: of Phares Oil Company in Mary- viiie; was appointed to the Board in 1965. C. F. RUSSEL: Director of Guidance in the Trenton, Missouri public schools; has been a member since 1961. A. B. VOGT: retired businessman from Stanberry, Missouri; was appointed to the Board in 1969. EDGERTON WELCH: of the Citizen ' s National Bank in Chillicothe, Missouri; became a member of the Board in 1969. GARVIN R. WILLIAMS: of Williams Lawn Seed Com- pany in Maryville; was appointed in 1959. HUBERT WHEELER: Missouri Commissioner of Ed- ucation: is an ex-officio member of the Board of Regents. LUTHER G. BELCHER, JR.: Business manager of NWMSC; is secretary of the Board. 14 Deans and Administration DR CHARLES THATE Dean of Administration EVERETT W.BROWN Assistant to the President DR. LEON F. MILLER Dean of Graduate Studies DR. DWAIN E. SMALL Dean of Faculties DR. DON D. PETRY Associate Dean of Administration L.G. BELCHER Business Manager DR. CHARLES KOERBLE Dean of Students RUTHNYSTROM Registrar BRUCE R WAKE Dean of Men LOUANN LEWRIGHT Dean of Women RE. BUSH Director of Admissions ROBERT M.HENRY Director of News and Information ROBERT COTTER JOHNMOBLEY MAX R. FULLER MARVIN SILLIMAN Director of Alumni Relations Director of Academic Director of Financial Aid Director of J. W.Jones Advisement Student Union 15 Personnel ROBERTSEIPEL Director of Physical Plant GLEN VOGT Food Services Director ROBERT C.BROWER Assistant Director of Student Union RANDALL L.WOLCOTT Assistant Dean of Men JOHNEDFUHRMAN Assistant Director Field Service MARILYN KAY ALLOWAY Data Processing HARRIET AUGUSTIN Academic Advisement MARSHA ARMITAGE Business Office ELBERT G. BLACK Assistant to the Registrar Ftliii LUKE BOONE Director of 1MB MINA L. BRIGUr Business Office LETA BROWN Library TERRY DAHMS Data Processing JOHN L. DRUMMOND. .IR. Comptroller TWYLACARR DEBBIE BETTY JO COBB MYRL D.COBB MARY ALICE KATHICORRELL Assistant Director, CHRISTENSEN Academic Director of Data CORNELISON Secretary Hudson Hall Business Office Advisement Processing Secretary. Dean of Students FLAME DARVEAUX Business Office ANN M. DAVIS President ' s Office PEARL DAWSON Nurse RICHARD D, DEAN ANNA M. DORSET Director of Cooper Library Hall a ;i1 MARY KAY FORD Secretary of Financial Aids Office 16 MARY BALLAGHER Registrar ' s Office I PATRICIA GERE Library i W AVISGRAHAM Horace Mann SHIRLEY GRAY Field Service Offic Personnel r " ' •ifeHA SHIRLEY GREGORY FLORENCE HARRIS DIXIE HASTY CAROL B.HOADY ANNA JACKSON ANN.IOHNSON R«ITW[ Secretary. Registrar ' s Office Business Office Counselor Textbook Secretary, 1MB BisiiiessOKift Financial Aid Librarian LACK ■Manuoikt EtBtrai PEITHA JOHNSON Director of Bookstore HA BROWN .ibim (rtlan •i HELEN O ' CONNOR furse GEORGIA OLIVER Secretary, Music Department :AR0LYN PEGtj ' i L.SCHOCK 5CHNELLE Secretary, secretary. Administration Dean of Women »N M - jt MRS. SOETAERT Secretary. Ag Department JOANNSTAMM Horace Mann 0iiK | ' HELEN WELLS Secretary, Dean of Men AGATHA WILLIAMS Business Office i I SUEPLYMELL Secretary. Financial Aids GLADYS RAINES Registrar ' s Office MARGARET SCHUSTER Academic Advisement ESTHER SELLERS Assistant Dean of Placement PATSTITES Business Office LUELLATHATE Director of Franken Hall J MARGARET N. WIRE, Director of Roberta Hall SUE ELLEN WOLCOTT Acquisitions Lib. SHARON JONES LADORA DIANA MAHARRY PEGGY MILLER Business Office KILLGORE Field Service Secretary. Director. Perrin Hall Home Economics SHERRIE REEVES Academic Advisement FAYESHERMAN Mimeograph CAROL THUMMEL Periodicals Librarian KAREN WOODERSON Mail Room MARGARET MOORE Business Office JO ELLEN RUSSELL Secretary. Dean of Administration PATTY SMITH Secretary ROBERT WALKER Academic Advisement MONICA ZIRFAS Secretary. The President 17 Department of Art Robert Sunkel Chairman, Department of Art A.A.. B.A.,M.A. Tom Sayre B.S., M.F.A. Donald Robertson B.S., MA. Russell Schmaljohn B.A., M.S. . iM £% fii Philip Van Voorst B.F.A., M.F.A. Lee Hageman B.F.A., M.F.A. Virginia Hillix B.A., MA. James Broderick B.A., MA. 18 The Art of John Walker Sculptor ' s Exhibit Attracts Attention Artists Present Senior Exhibits 21 Department of Music Oh, will ihev ever learn?! Margaret Bush B.S.. MA. William Lecklider B.S.. M.Mus.. D.Ed. Ruth Miller B.S.. M.Mus. John Smay Chairman, Division of Fine Arts Chairman, Division of Music B.A., M.Mus., Ph.D. iM Byron Mitchell B.Mus.Ed., M.Mus. Ed. Frances Mitchell B.S.Ed. Earle Moss B.A., M.A. Ward Rounds B.A., MA. rj H| MP Bf w H % i J Biv " Nl l Eli abelh Rounds B.Mus., M.Mus. Donald Sandford BS., M.Mus., DMA. Mary Jane Sandford B. A M.Mus. Gilbert Whitney B Mus., MA. 22 Phi Mu Alpha FRONT ROW: Gail M. Chrl ,llan ,en, Treasurer; Rick Ashby, Secretary: Terry G. O ' Brien. Vice President: Roscoe Porch. Jr., President. SECOND ROW: Michael Reinig, Donn Pugh, Jack Briggs, Dennis Dall. Earle Moss, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Dan Kunkel, Pledge Master; Eugene Galit . His- torian; Michael Henry. MENC i.Ei FRONT ROW: Carolyn Sue Garr, Treasurer; Janet Caskey, Secretary; Linda Strain, Vice President; Rick Ashby, President. SECOND ROW: Laverna Kay Vulganott, Margaret Ann Clausen, Connie Clark, Mary Ann Richardson, Pam Parkison, Kalhy Swain. THIRD ROW: Susan Holeman. Sherry Cook, Annette Jennings, Pam Storey, Marcia Smith. FOURTH ROW: Pam Schwieger, Paula Florea, Cheryl Paulsen, Susan Scoles, Anita Gram. FIFTH ROW: Larry Mannasmith. Eugene Galitz. David M. Perkins, Michael Henry, William Lecklider. Sponsor. 23 FRONT ROW: Frances Mitchell, pianist; Nancy Chance. Debbie McCoy, Connie Clark. Peggy Clausen. Sheila Nelson. Karen Schuler, John Judd. Mike Deatz. Larry Mannasmith. Tom Frazier, Andy Peake. Byron Mitchell, director. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Torres. Annette Jennings. Carol Zike. Cindy Burt. Lana Minnick. Pam Schweiger. Rick Ashby. Steve Carstensen. Barr Hathawa . Steve Jennings. Bill Wells. Bill Bone. THIRD ROW: Debbie Farmer. Judv Borkowski. Sue Johnson. Pam Phoenix humnV Phoenix humm? 24 Parkinson. Linda Jones. Carolyn Carr. Roscoe Porch, Loren Hoskins, Rick McCampbell, Bert Lockard. Craig Willis. Ralph Taylor, Phil Farnan. FOURTH ROW: Cynthia Polston, Jane Rhodes. Paula Florea, Bettye Walker. Kathy Swain. Cheryl Paulsen. Judy Gregory, Alan Wagner, Erich Winter. Dick Walton. Jim Oliver. Jim Justus. Mike Perkins, Ralph Helt. Tower Choir Gives Concert Travels to Phoenix Mr. Mitchell conducts a rehearsal for the annual Tower Choir concert 25 College Chorus Presents Varied Programs 26 rSmmWft Mr. Gilbert Whitney, director, conduct the College Chorus. Theta Nu FRONT ROW: Mrs. Frances Mitchell, Sponsor; Connie Clark, Secretary-Treasurer: Carolyn Garr. President: Linda Strain, Vice President: Karen Schuler, Publicity chairman. SECOND ROW: Sherry Cook, Peggy Blackburrt, Teresa Hilt, Annette Jennings, Sandra Williams, Janet Gilson. THIRD ROW: Bettye Walker, Pam Parkison, Susan Scoles, Anita Gram. FOURTH ROW: Janet C askey, Nancy Chance, Peg Porter, Mary Ann Richardson. 27 The Bearcat Marching Band 28 29 String Trio Anita Gram. Pam Parkison. Donna Brown, Donald H. Sandtord. Sponsor. Intercollegiate Chamber Ensemble Mr. Louis Lynch. Mrs. Margaret David Kew, Mr. Louis Riemer, Dr. Donald Sandford. and Mrs. Donald Sandford perform in a recital. 30 Woodwind Ensemble Linda Strain, Mary Ann Richardson, Laurie Barr, Mary Murphy, Sherry Cook, and William Lecklider, Sponsor. Piano Repretoire Mrs. Sandford (seated). Sponsor; Roscoe Porch, Dick Walton, Cheryl Paulsen, Pam Parkison, Peggy Blackburn, Debbie Farmer, Carolyn Garr, Bettye Walker, Marcia Smith, Sandra Williams, Kathy Schwartz, Sheryl Schnack. 31 Director Earl Moss Progressive Jazz Band The Undergrads vocalize. The thumping sounds of the 8va. 32 Music Recitals Dr. John Smay Gail Christiansen Mr. Gilbert Whitney At the end of long hours of work and patience Roscoe Porch Members of Phi Mu Alpha congregate at a recital. 33 Virgil Albertini B.S.. M.S. Muriel Alcott A.A., B.J., M.A, Marlys Anderson B.A., MA. Charles Aycock B.A., M.A, A David Coss B.A.. M.A. Opal tckert B.S., A. B., M.S.Ed. Craig Goad B.A.. M.A. Mary Goad B.S.Ed., M.A. Frank Grube Chairman. Division of Language and Literatu re Chairman, Department of English B.A., M.A, Ph.D. Lillian Handke A.A., B.A., M.Ed. Violette Hunter B.S.. M.A. Mike Jewett B.S., M.A. Paul Jones A. A., B.S.Ed.. M.A. Dorothy Weigand b.s. ' m.a. ' Susan Kirkpatrick B.A., M.A. Vickie Maiben B.A., M.A. Leland May B.A.. M.Ed. Ed.D. Dale Midland B.A.. M.A. Charles ODell A.B., M.A. Charles Rivers A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. Natalie Tackett B.A.. M.A. James Saucerman A.B.. M.A. Ellen Thomasson A.B.. M.A. Patricia Van Dyke B.S.. M.A. 34 Department of English 35 English Honor Society FRONT ROW: Helen Duvall, Dr. Frank W. Grube, Sponsor; Elaine Thompson, President. SECOND ROW: Deborah Jean Roush, Jane Hyder. Judy Jen- nings, Sue Bonebrake. Book Club FRONT ROW: Vicki Snell, Secretary; Carol Leeper. Treasurer; Linda Gittings, President; Arlene Horner, Vice President; Deborah Lambrighl. SECOND ROW: Myra Pride, Jane Hyder, Leslie Hunter, Gene Dickerson, Trudy Dowlong, Frank W. Grube, Sponsor. Third Row: Helen Martin, Helen Duvall, Jim Ingraham, Palsy Lawrence, Carolyn North, 36 Pi Delta Epsilon FRONT ROW: Opal E. Eckert, Advisor; Kay Medsker, Secretary-Historian; Denise Hammer, Vice President; Barbara Hardy, President. SECOND ROW: Marcia Wells, Norma Reynolds, Cindy Smith, Nila Simmons. Linda Bennett. THIRD ROW: Ron Jennings, Bill McKenny, Erich Winter, Walt Yadusky. To honor before is to relinquish during and to grieve after 37 Department of Foreign Language ill My word. Monsieur Winter! Gay Morris B.S.Ed., l.P.E.T. Channing Horner B.A., M.A. Mary Jackson A.B., M.A. Luis Macias B.A.,L.L.D., Ph.D. Ik MiM d Absorb, absorb, absorb. Elaine Mauzey Chairman, Department of Foreign Languages B.S., B.A., M.A. Robert Govier B.A., B.Mus., M.A. , Ph.D. John Walker B.A., M.A. John Dougherty B.A., M.A. 38 Alpha Mu Gamma ;e FRONT ROW- Ray Palmer, Vice President; Alan Wagner, Treasurer; Myra Norman, President; Eileen Kreek, Secretary; Linda Hon, Historian. SEC- OND ROW; Luis .luan Marcias, Wanda Weldon, Erika Mather, Pat Nichols, Debbie Roush, Mary Mitchell, Elaine Mauzey, Sponsor; John Walker, Sponsor. THIRD ROW; Mary Jackson, Sponsor; Nancy Bredensleiner, John Mauzey, Linda Siedenburg, Susan Pierson, Judy Gregory, LaRue Eisen- barger, Charles Slattery, Sponsor. ntilol Department Aided by Installation of New Language Lab 39 Study in France Mrs. Mauzey and six NWMSC French majors spent six weeks in France studying at the University of Nice and travelling through the country. JIB- Mrs. Elaine Mauzey C; i Division of Social Science t Byron Augustine B.A.. MA. Dorothy Dyke B.A., M.A. John Harr Chairman. Division of Social Sciences B.S., MA. Ph.D. William Fleming B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Roger Corley B.A.. M.A. Robert Dawson B.A.. M.S. Christopher Kemp B.A., M.A. William Gerdes B.A., M.A. John Hopper B.A., M.A, Ph.D. Thomas Carneal B.A.. M.A. Virginia DeMarce B.A., M.A, Ph.D. Calvin Widger B.A.. M.A. 41 Division of Social Science iMmk Robert Millar B.A., MA. Gus Hickman B.A ,M.A. Richard Meyer A.B.M.A. iil tm Don Hagan B.A, MA. Clarence Henderson B.A., MA. Phyllis Shanklin B.S.. M.S. Harmon Mothershead B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Robert Killingsworth B.S.. MA, Ph.D. James De Marce B.A., M.A. James Lowe B.S., M.A., Ph.D. GeoreeGayler B.S., MA, Ph.D. Berndt Angman B.S., M.S., Ph.D. 42 Social Science Club I FRONT ROW: Jerre DeSpain, Kalh Jones. Secretary; Linda Clowser. President: Randy Sands. Vice President: John Harr. Spon- sor; Myra Norman. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Kesselring. Joe Zimmerman. Janice Williams, Pamela Warren, Reca Baymiller. Leslie Linville, Delores Stoll, Richard E. Carpenter. THIRD ROW: Herman King. Lynnard E. Phipps. Allen Brown. Britt Beemer. Bruce Becker, Charles Tofflemire, John Coss. Roger Corley, Faculty. FOURTH ROW: Mary Killgore, Charlie Harrison. Shigeo Iwade. Jim Stinard. Robert Berning. H, Mothershead, Faculty; Jim Slusher, Dr. John Hopper. Faculty. FIFTH ROW: Richard Brown. David Grimsley. Gerald Hickman. Faculty; Robert S, Millar, Jr.. Faculty; Ron L. Cady, David J. Primm. Calvin Widger, Faculty. Believe me, I know what I ' m saying! Dick and his gang of social scientists. Now listen to me, Marvin ... or is it Clarence this year? Richard Fetterer B.S..M.S. Ralph Fulsom B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Greg Gardener B.A.. M.A. Clifford Bruce Chairman, Department of Speech and Drama B.S., M.S. Cathran Cushman B.A.. M.A. Loraine Leis A.B.. M.A. George Hinshaw B.A.. M.A. Mark Koven B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Gerald LaVor B.S.. MS John Perkins Radio Tech. Jeanine Rishel A.B., M.A. David Shestak B.S., M.A. Barbara Shestak Jared Stein B.A.. M.A. 44 Department of Speech and Drama Lysistrata 45 A Winter ' s Tale Jared Stem i_ ,„J ■■£- -li David Shestak and Kirby Carmicheal Bud Simmons and Pam Johnson Tanya Simmons and David Shestak Ted Chandler Kirby Carmichael Susan Eisenhour and Tony I ' t ; 46 Shakespeare ' s play performed by Drama Department of MSC i5 Rosalyn Pickard Terry Behle and Lon Abrams Anita Cox, Lon Abrams. and Rulh Duvall Chuck Saunders Richard Fetlerer Susan Eisenhour 47 After the Rain " I won ' t let Muriel touch you. " Alan (Jack Estes) assures Sonya (Ruth Duvall). " Envy, jealousy, malice, pride . . . ' " chants Muriel (Janet Hartman) as Alan and Gertrude (Anita Cox) revert to child- hood games. 48 After the Rain " Silence before the God! " high priest Banner (Lon Abrams) orders his congregation. The Lecturer (Ted Chandler) " Kill the God! " ends Arthur ' s life (Bill Anderson) as Tony (Terry Behle) strangles him. 49 Aesop ' s Falables The entire cast introbuces " Aesop ' s Falables. ' Thadius T. Tortoise (Joe Murphy) and Amelia Eagle (Pam Johnson) crash to the tune of the national anthem. Wilfred M. Wolf (Fran Johnson) states the case for the abused wolves. 50 Bui Thadius wins out and beats Horace Hare even without Amelia ' s help lock Horace into the prop box. only after the sheep IJillO Sophie (Mary Jo Fairman), Shirley (Terri Edwards), Sadie (Glenna Williams), and Cecelia (Janet Hartman) Sheep air their gripes and bloomers. It ' s nice to see cast and crew members co-operating. (Terry Behle, and Anita Cox) 51 Pi Kappa Delta I FRONT ROW: William Wimmcr, Mary Jo Busier. Susan Hunt, Gerald W. Sisson. SECOND ROW: James Leu, Richard John Salewicz, Victor Jenkins, Greg Gradner, Sponsor. Communication is fast becoming an issue of paramount im- portance in the United States. In order to facilitate that communi- cation the Northwest Missouri State Debate Union has actively engaged in many debate tournaments throughout the entire coun- try. Debating the national proposition " Resolved: That the Fed- era! Governcment Should Grant Annually a Specific Percentage of its Income Tax Revenue to the State Governments, " the Union competed against competition representing the country ' s best universities throughout the entire year. Servicing as many as twelve students. Northwest Missouri State College entered into competition at such universities as Harvard. UCLA, Dartmouth. Emory, University of Illinois, and USC. Pi Kappa Delta, the honorary forensics fraternity which serves the Union, initiated new members in its annual installa- tion ceremonies in March. Co-sponsors of the organization are Mr. Georae Hinshaw and Mr. Greg Gardner. Out of the Frying Pan 53 ■itii 54 Department of Biology Irene Mueller B.A., MA, Ph D. Patricia Farrell B.S., M.S. Bradley Ewart B.A., MA. .Ph.D. Louis Denich B.Sc, M.Sc.. Ph.D. Frank McHan B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Jerry L. Gallentine B.S., M.Ed., Ph.D. Kenneth Minter Ted Weichinger Chairman, Dept. of Biology B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Chairman, Division of Science and Mathematics B.S.M.Ed, D.Ed. 56 Beta Beta Beta FRONT ROW: Jerry Rains, Historian; Caren Gondcr. Secretary; Jerry Trout, President; Gary Johnson, Vice President; Nance Jensen. SECOND ROW: Dwight L. Youngman, David E. Wartnan, Ann Keefe, Barbara Moore, Sherry Boyer, Rondey Higgins. THIRD ROW: Dennis Reichenbacher, Jerry Mabury, Charles H. Carter, David Hall, Bog Johnson. Pre-Medical Club FRONT ROW: Dr. James A. Lott. Sponsor; David E. Warman, Vice President; Dennis Reichenbacher, President; Ann Keefe, Secretary; Sherry Boyer, Treasurer. SECOND ROW; Dr. Louis Denich, Paul E. Ross, Susan Wallace. Caren Gonder. Gwyn Blackburn. Dwight L. Youngman. THIRD ROW: Gary Johnson, Roger Mongold, Jerry Trout, Ren Brown, Charles H. Carter. 57 Department of Chemistry 58 Harlan Higginbotham B.S.. Ph.D. lik Dale Rosenburg A.B., A.M., Ph.D. James A. Lott B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Edward Farquhar B.S., Ph.D. Sam Carpenter Chairman, Department of Chemistry B.S., A.B., Ph.D. ACS FRONT ROW; Tom Strade. Vice President; Mary Cole. President; Nancy Jensen, Secretary; Dr. Dale Rosenburg, Sponsor. SECOND ROW; Dennis W, Hoffman, Caren Gonder, Diana Hegwood. Janet Comer, Richard Landes, Sponsor. THIRD ROW; Dr. James A. Lott. Sponsor; Susan Wallace, James S. Komm, Wayne Peterson, Jim Giffin, Randall Lee Overman. Hershal Jones B.S., M.S ' ., Ph.D. Department of Earth Science Bob Mallory B.A., Ph.D. David N. Cargo B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Departments of Mathematics and Statistics and Computer Science James O. Gates B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. Larry N. Stephens B.S.Ed.. M.A. Frank Mannasmith B.S., M.A. Ray Gaskins Stanley J. Ediger A.A.. B.S., M.A. Vida Dunbar B.A.. M.A. David Bahnemann B.A., B.S., M.A. Departments of Physics and Physical Science Jim Smellzer B.A., M.S., td.D. Mf Ifl Clifford Mercer B.S.. M.A. A. Richard Landes A.B., M.S. Mvrl Long B.S., ' M.S. Ward Riley B.A., M.S.. Ph.D. 61 V i S n | i r r i« ' t ij i h ■1 1 Merle Lesher B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Richard New B.A., M.S. Gus Rischer B.S., M.A, Arthur McGehee B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D. Richard Quinn Chairman of Depl. of Psychology B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Frances Shipley B.S., M.S. Marshall Tackett B.S., M.S., D.Ed Thomas Taft B.S., M.A. Neva Ross B.S., M.A. K Roy Sanders B.S., M.A. Dean Savage B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Stanley Wade B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. James Gleason Chairman, Division of Education, Chairman of Elementary Education B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. 64 Wanda Walker B.A., M.S., Ed.D. Marion Wirt B.S., M.S. Lawrence Zillner A. A, B.S.Ed., M.S.Ed., Ed.D. Division of Education and Psychology Charles Adair B.S.Ed.. M.Ed., Ed.D. Zelma Akes B.S., M.S., Sp.Ed. Donald Armstrong B.S.. M.S.. D.Ed. Pauline Arthur B.S., MA. Melvin Blades B.A., M.A. Jane Costello B.S.Ed., M.Ed. Roger Epley A.B., A.M., Ed.D. tPl,D, Fred Esser B.S., ME, Ed.D. Carroll Fogel B.S.Ed.. M.Ed. , Sp.Ed. Frank Grispino Director of Student Teaching B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Zillic I„H.D. M.. i . Vance Geiger B.S., M.A. Howard George B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Kenneth Hagen B.A., M.A., Henrv Henienway B.A.. M.A, Ed.D. William Hinckley A.B.. M.A, Ed.D. Esther knitti B.S., M.S. Ruth Larmer B.S.Ed.. M.S.Ed. Homer LeMar B.S.. M.A., Ed.D. 65 I III c 66 W if " l ■ , m 1 ■. ACE FRONT ROW: Brenila Bishop. Historian; Connie Gorsuch, Recording Secretary; Edward Miller, Vice President; Wanda Weldon, President; leddie Pottorfl Treasurer- Sharon Campbell. Corresponding Secretary; Nancy Boyd. Social Chairman; Gary Roberts. Reporter. SECOND ROW: Neva Ross. Sponsor ' Betty Carson. Joetta Wood. Dianne Moore. Alice Maxwell. Irma Collins. Kathy Plummer. Joyce Ranniger. Earlene Atkins. Debbie Walker. Kathryn McKee THIRD ROW: Marvin E. Harris. Linda Kay Lullrell. Jane Cloud. Ann Freeman. Linda Su y. Patricia Morgan. Brenda Miller. Melba McGeorge. Judith Leighninger. Donna J. Roe. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Jean Beeson. Vonda Morgan. Phyllis Webber. Vicki Forrel. Twila Anders. Cyndi Baltzley. Lois Fields. Dorothy Krabiel. Charia Wieperl. ACE FRONT ROW- Cheryl Hane Morin. Jan Bruggeman. Chris Sorensen. Janet Filloon. Janis West. Nancy Ahlberg. SECOND ROW: Martha tiemry, Susan Hazen, Lucille Eddy. Ruth Long. Kathy Nance. Janie Mann. Pat Meyer. THIRD ROW: Sharon Andersen. Helen Goldsmith. Judy Oetjen. Carolyn Sch- lange. Ardell Crowley. Sonia Allen. Susan Holeman. Cynthia Brodersen. FOURTH ROW: Donna Hardin. Janet Reed. Linda H.lsabeck, Nannette White. Linda Shrum, Judy Lotz, Joyce Warne, Pam Morehead. 67 Kappa Delta Pi 9 FRONT ROW: Phyllis Mowrey, Treasurer; Ann Collier, Vice President; John L. Harr, Sponsor; Elaine Thompson, President; Cheryl Paulsen, Sec- retary; Myra Norman, Historian, Connie Seucll, Deborah J. Roush, Linda Cross, Judy Swartz, Trudy Dowling. Jennifer Dawson, Glenda Thompson, Suzanne Whitaker, Leslie Linville. THIRD ROW: Janie Mann, Mary Ann Richardson, Betty Allen, Janet Filloon, Kathiey Marvin, Jane Hyder, Shirley McGeorge, Connie Gorsuch, Shirley Sherry, Judy Leighninger, Joyce Bell. FOURTH ROW: Linda Hon, Barbara Hardy, Cathy Brothers, Amy Brad- field, Alan Wagner, Linda Siedenburg, Kathryn Murphy. Marlys Williams, Ann Irwin, Dixie Sturm. I 68 Psychology Club FRONT ROW: Percy C. Myers IV. Martin R. Soper, Mary Hamillon, Vice President; Lanthan D. Camblin, Jr., President; Marsha Camb- iin, Secretary-Treasurer; Millie Magner. StCOND ROW: Vicki Snell. Jeanne Cracralt. Bob Sanducci, Gina Castelluccio, Susan Hackett, Pam Rhoner. Arlene Horner. THIRD ROW: Janet Napier, Cynthia Rather, Lesley Moore, Kay Tyrell, Linda Sumy, Bonnie While. Donna Fisher. FOURTH ROW: Herman King, Richard Mendez, Liia Holdsworth, Phyllis Webber, Linda Hon, Janice Fulton, Caria Vulgamott, Helen Martin. FIFTH ROW: Dale Edward Duncan, Charles Bell. Ronald Hersom, K. M. Hagen, Robert Welch, Marc C. Martin, David J. Primm. The Psychology Club on a trip to the Marshall School for retarded children. h k I 69 SNEA FRONT ROW: W. Eric Riley, District President; Eugene Dickerson, Parliamentarian; Mary E. Miller, Record Secretary; Myra Norman, President; Janet Polloclc, Vice President; Janelle Wollenhaupt, Treasurer; Eugene McCombs. Reporter. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Mowrey, Christine McConnell, Barbara Kinsey, Marsha Sweeney, Judy Daughenbaugh, Mary Beth Howitt, Wanda Walker. Sponsor. THIRD ROW; Linda Stolley, Suzanne Rockow, Jeane Everett, Debra Davis, Kay Crawford, Patricia Payne. Charlie Harri- son, Steven Cottrell. FOURTH ROW; Peggy Finlay, Sandra Kriegshauser, Mi-ry Jo Sorensen, Nancy Jane Fletcher, Alan Wagner, Sharon Rutledge, Larry Falk. 70 Department of Library Science Donna Janky B.A., B.S., M.S. I James Johnson Chairman, Deparlmenl of Library Science b.a ' , b.s.l.s. A. Ruth Killingsworth B.S.. M.E., M.L.S. Glen Morrow Richard Houston B.S. I Alpha Beta Alpha FRONT ROW: Elaine Thompson. Reporter-Historian; Cheryl VanCleave. Parliamentarian: Joyce Fankhauser. Vice President: Mary Miller, Presi- dent: Judy Clevenger, Recording Secretary; Julia Weaver. Treasurer; Janis Fowler, Corresponding Secretary. SECOND ROW: Sherry Miller, Carol Thummel, Lora Herrick, Terry Temple, Patsy Lawrence. Deborah Lambright, Barbara Kinsey, Judi Joubert. THIRD ROW: Barbara Dodson, Diane Willson, Kathryn Murphy. Susan Wallace, Susan Pierson, Mary Jo Burger. Julie Curry, Carolyn Fisher, Sponsor. 72 I Division of Physical Education Burton Richey Chairman. Division of Physical Education B.A.. M.A.. Ed.D. John Byrd B.S.Ed., M.S.Ed.. Barbara Bernard A.B.. M.S. James Redd B.S., M.S. Floyd Nincehelser A.B., M.A. Ed.S. Bonnie Magi Chairman, Depl. of Physical Education (Women A.E.. B.S.. MA. KathrynS. Riddle B.S.,M.A.,Ed.D. Richard Buckridge B.S., MA. George W. Worley B.S., M.S. Robert Iglehart B.S., M .S.Ed. Earl Baker B.S., MA. .Ed.D. Sally Sisson B.S. 73 Division of Physical Education Gel out your plays books, fellas. It ' s film time again. Ryland Milner B.S.M.S. Irma Merrick B.S.Ed. Paul Gales as.. M.S., M.A., Ed.D. John Barnes B.A., M.A. SK 74 Delta Psi Kappa i I FRONT ROW: Sue Dahlhauser, Helen Duncan, Vice President: Connie Seuell, President; Millie Magner, Secretary-treasurer; Anna Kalin, Reporter. SECOND ROW: Judy Mathew, Carol S. Hartvigsen, Sandy Kinkade. PEM Club FRONT ROW- LaDonna Bowers, Glenna Cunningham. Treasurer; Helen Duncan, 2nd Vice President; Starla Eads, President; Linda Flachsland Vice President- Connie Seuell, Secretary; Millie Magner, Reporter. SECOND ROW: Janice Bridges, Patty Faubion, Anna Kalin, Gwendolyn WaM; i .,.u.. u,„f;,.u Ki.,„.„, c,„„.„„ P,.„„ R,.hr r [nv,-p U:,rm C;iml Rnider. Sherrv Sloan. Kathv Vallier. THIRD ROW: Karen Shannon, Margaret H 1st H.I.U. 1........ ....- .. .. jrier. itt vjiNL ' kww; juiulc di iuiic , rdiiv i auuiv n, rvnnu 11.U1111, vj " Cnaoiyn waiiacc, Kathy Hat " fieid, " Nancy St7n " ' son,TearBohryr7j " ' ovce " nirmsrCarol Brader, Sherry Sloan. Kathy Vallier. TfIiRD ROW: Karen Shannon Margaret Haru Gena Paul Marda Keller, Bonnie McCrosky, Judy Mathews, Nancy Barrett. Sharon Barnetl, Diana Hatchings, Pamela Bowen, Sharon Martin. FOUR 1 H ROW- Veronica Sue Ewing, Betty Chambers. Linda Nigh, Christine McConnell, Frances Hanson, Carol S. Hartrigsen, Sandy Kinkade, Kathy Duncan. Verna Wilson. Sue Rockow. FIFTH ROW: Lois Williams. Marylyn Duffett. Marie Klang. Bobbie Martin. Janet Paulsen. Janet Irvin, Ten McClure. Kathie Moore. Carol Turner, Mary Poeckes, Sharon Miller. 75 ' ■ ' :i.m % s ' ' - .V Orchesis Modern Dance Group Presents Program 76 Gymnastics Club FRONT ROW: Gena Paul, Reporter; Helen Duncan. Treasurer; Carol Brader, President; Linda Flachsland, Vice President; Millie Magner. Secretary. SECOND ROW: Joyce Harms, Glenna Cunningham. Karen Shannon, Staria Eads, Diana Hutchings, Janice Bridges. THIRD ROW; Pat Faubion, Mark DeVore, Linda Nigh. Betty Chambers. Dave Rebori. 77 I 78 Division of Vocation and Profession Donald Shelby B.S.A.. M.S.. Ph.D. Flovd Houghton B.S.. M.A. John Beeks Chairman. Division of Vocation and Profession Chairman. Department of Agriculture B S.. M.A., Ed.D. Richard Flowers BS. W illiam George B.S.. B.S.. M.S.. Ed.D. Dennis Padgitt BS. M.S. Ph.D. Larr Miller B. ' S.. M.S.Ed. Department of Agriculture 79 Ag Club Rodeo 1 80 Delta Tau Alpha FRONT ROW: Alan Peterson, Werner Lumm. David Potter, Gary Mann. SECOND ROW: Richard Flowers, Larry E. Miller, William George, F. B. Houghton. Agriculture Club FRONT ROW: Larry E. Miller, Daniel L. Heyle, Secretary; Ronnie Cornett, Vice President; Kenneth Sutton, President; Richard Larson, Historian; Gary Mann, Corresponding Secretary; F. B. Houghton, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Bill Arlhaud, Carey Stroburg, Jerry Richardson. Harold Frame, Jim Dudley, Richard Hembry, Dwight Snead. Larry Snead. THIRD ROW: Stan Ellis, Lynn Foster. Charles Matthews, Ray Furst, Michael Ray Harwood, David Huitt, Melvin Andrews, Richard Flowers, Larry Morria, Sponsor. David Loch, Stan Kapp, Ronald Peterson, Larry Pence, Kail Combs. William George. FIFTH ROW: Gregg Staley, Michael K. Monk, Alan Peterson, Russ Mullen, Craig Wernimont, Jim Goodwin. Tom Knorr. 81 I Department of Industrial Arts George Quier B.S.Ed., M.S. Ed. Ed. D. Ross Littrell B.S.Ed.. M.S.Ed. Howard Ringold B.S., M.S? LeRov Crisl B.S.Ed.. M.S.Ed., Ed.D. John Rhodes A. A., B.S.. MS. Herman Collins B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Donald Valk Chairman, Department of Industrial Arts B.S., M.S. Trrn Peter Jackson B.S., M.S.. D.Ed. Bruce Parmelee B.A.. M.S. Kenneth Thompson B.S., M.Ed. David Crozier B.S.Ed.. M.Ed. 82 Industrial Arts Club FRONT ROW: Kenneth T. Thompson, Sponsor: Robert J. Muniniellhie. Reporter: ,lohn R. Hardwick, Secrelars -treasurer; Ted Morgan. Vice Presi- dent; Steven Abplanalp. President; Donald N. Vall . Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Larry Brockhaus. Floyd Castillo, Donald Hazelwood, Michael Schmied- ing. Russell Vulgamott, Jon Kurtz, Martin Pierson, Stephen B. Easton. THIRD ROW: Jim C. Rowe, Glenn Brounlee, Rolfe Buntaine, Richard Reece. Michael Ruckman, Daniel Goldapp. Jack Jontz, James Boeck, Donald Jackson. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Bcem. Dewan Rose, Ted Littlefield, Bruce R. Ross. John J. Pickard. Jim Willis. Steve Wilson. Tom Ronan, Rodney Miller, Steve Damnian. FIFTH ROW: John C. Rhoades, Waller Koscinski, Marc C. Martin, Eugene Schieler, Richard Voss, Jerry Roy, Monte Poague, Wallace Snead. Larry Williams, Randall Beier, Leonard Sample. FRONT ROW: Dr. Peter Jackson, Bruce Parmelee. Ross Litlrell, Howard Ringold. Dr. Herman Collins. SECOND ROW: Howard Lynn Cadwell, Larry Albert Falk, James William Gray, Denny Lee Heimke, Alan Fetty, Charles Dalton, Richard Bird, Edward Menefce. THIRD ROW: Allen E. Rasmussen. Jr., Roger Allan Schantz, Henry V. Falk, Dennis D. Juhl, Glen Pedersen, David Leon Sturm, Scott Larmon, Gary P. Caven, Harvie Van Nordstrand. FOURTH ROW: Dick Bowen Stevenson, William C. Hull, Dennis R ' . Re, , Bryee De Cook, Arlen Milne. Bob Noll, Bill Wilson, Ken Pashek, Steven W. Boeck. FIFTH ROW: Kenneth Crozier. Jim W. Wood, Steve Hagler, Mark Carmichael, Mike Ingram. Rodney Lumley, Gary Martin, Ton Cundall. 83 Department of Business Larry D. Jensen B.A., MBA. Peggy Krenek A.S., B.A., M.A. 84 Pi Beta Alpha I FRONT ROW: Richard John Salewicz, Membership Chairman; John Charles Schlesselman. Treasurer; Phillip L. Youngs. Secrclar ; Robert Neese, President; Terry L. Barnes, Edward Browning, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Ronald Anderson, Jim Malone, Larry Aldridge. Danny George. Phil Myers, Eugene Keats. Dennis Gamble, Sam Indvk, R ' ussell Morey, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Michael Victor. Robert Mooney. Edgar Hatcher. Robert Brill. Terry Molaaard, David Luther. Paul Searls. Doug Swanson. Bob O ' Halloran, Thomas True. Richard Easterla. FOURTH ROW: Rick Paul, Richard D. Pres- ton, Virgil E. Piveral, Charles Dickey, Charles Bell, Richard Burgridge, Keith Jones, Robert Bazan, James Allen, Jon Vest, Ed Mason. FIFTH ROW: Ronald Tooley, Tom Myers, William Byrne, W. Eric Riley. Rodney Hall. Lowell Carlson, Gary Boyd. Jim Bruns. Robert Ellington. Earl Riggs. Eldon Hunsicker. T 85 Pi Omega Pi I FRONT ROW: Martha Moss. Sponsor; Sandra Klule. Historian; Joyce Bell, Secretary-Treasurer; Ann Irwin, President; Kathryn Belcher, Sponsor. SECOND ROW; Jacqueline Hogrewe. Jeanic Mattia LoScal o, Nancy Susan Thomson, Janelle Wollcnhaust. Marsha Sweeney, Phyllis Mowrey. THIRD ROW: Eldore Hunsicker. Dan Pfeiler, Richard Burbridge, Bob Bazan. Collegiate Business Women FRONT ROW; Sharon Brownine, Sponsor: Vicky Van Hoozer, Treasurer; Jane Rhodes, Vice President; Nancy Thomson, President; Virgmia Larson, Secretary; Mattia LoScal o. Reporter; hmelda Williams, Sponsor. SECOND ROW Peggy Krenek, Linda Powell, Marilyn Tomlinson, Joyce Lawrence. Jennifer Nicholson, Karen Mever, Kay Bennett, Phyllis Mowrey, Phyllis Ewert, Diane Godden. THIRD ROW: Terry Norris. Cathy Pierce. Tobi Foster. Mane Jardon. Anna Hendren. Lois Trimble. Marsha Sweeney. Amber Stiles. Janelle Wollenhausl. Jeane Everett. Paulette Moehring. FOURTH ROW: Yvonne Doll, Nancy Lusk, Cheryl Ballew, Carol Davis. Margaret Faidley. Judy Goettsch. Judy Nel.son, Judy Daughenbaugh. Linda Wiles. Karen Adcock. Mamie Easton, Cindy Read, f ' iFTH ROW: Brenda Hickman. Glennis Deardorff. Betty Maize. Venita Schall. Jackie Hogrewe. Connie Lewellen. Nancy Bredensteiner. Mariiaret Wyman. Barb King. Terry Wundcrlick. Melba Wendle. Charlotte Maudlin. Krista Miles. Liflda Felt. Lucy Davis. 86 Department of Home Economic .poisoi. Joyce Waldron B.S., M.S. Louise Level B.S.H.E., M.S. Patricia Mitcfi B.S.Ed.. M.S. Ester Mae Cox B.S., M.A. Mable Cook Chairman. Deparment of Home Economics B.S.. M.A. 1 Dona A. Ingle B.S.. M.S. Janice Isaac B.S., M.S. V tthiK ' 87 Kappa Omicron Phi i FRONT ROW: Judy SwarU, Guard; Sandie Miller. Program Chairman; Norma Fletchall. Secretary; Linda Cross, President; Betty Alien, Vice President; Mary Ann Richardson, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Sharmon Thompson, Linda Crowder, Jeannine Hannah, Ann Kunkel, Marleen Dixon, Cheryl Ingraham, Keeper of the Archieves; Janice McKee, Karen Lightle, Karen Weller. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Siddens, Diane Spetman, Connie Morris, Janis Ford. Barbara Hardy. Suzanne Whitaker. Sherrie Zarr. Denise Bower. FOURTH ROW: Sherril! L. Kelsey, Twila Miller, Linda Baumli, Carol Dalbey, Cathy Brothers. Marica Walker. Margaret Fit gerald, Linda Cavner. 88 I AHEA I FRONT ROW: Bonnie Cameron, Secretary; Cheryl Ingraham. Treasurer; Ann Kunkel, President; Kathy Petersen, Vice President; Pat Mitch, Ad- visor. SECOND ROW: Judy Swarlz, Susan Hackett, Janice McKee, Karen Weller. Sherrie Zarr, Karen Lightle, Patricia Lundquist, Judy Paulling. THIRD ROW: Janis Ford. Debbie Harman. Velda Giffin, Toni Lewis, Ruthi Slocum, Carolyn Siddens, Teresa Warner, Linda Cavner, Lenore Schaefer. FOURTH ROW: Gail Harrington, Peggy Kienberger, Helen Groteluschen, Cheryl Keller, Diane Spetnian, Janet Johnson, Sandy Riley, Donna Rollins. FIFTH ROW: Jacquelyn R. Constant, Betty Allen, Judy Green, Cathy Brothers, Cathy Cosper, Diana Ham, Roma Carr, Charleen L. Shields. AHEA FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Kahl, Suzanne Whitaker, Linda Stolley, Sharon, Thompson, Penny W.lhamson. SECOND ROW: LmdaSeitter, Sandra Mller, Lmda Cross. Mary Ann Richardson, Mary Shultz, Jeannine Hannah, Kr,s GrcenHeld. Lmda Winslow, Blame Hubbard. THIRD ROW Kay M Crawford, Linda L Crowder Marcia Walker, Cindy Hager, Nora Estes, Janet Greenwood, Jay Middendorff, Marilyn Clanm, Nancy Easter, Patnca Dykes. 89 School of Practical Nursing W 1 1 1 irf 1 I:- Jane Morgan, Director R.N. Phyllis Adamson Gwen Lynch, R.N Instructor June Barnes Sandra Daise Ann Cook 1 Joan Curth Josephine Cook Jane Hull Mary J. Hull I iNiPD ' i 1 Nora Juhl Wanda Charlene Johnson Marvis Johnson Susanne Stephens Grace Stoner Ethel M. Sulherlin 90 | |f mmiJ jf- _ 4; y ' --«-% 91 Donald N. Valk Building New Indust rial Arts Building Dedicated 92 Dr. Walter C. Brown presents the keynote speech of the event. Donald N. Valk 93 Ambassador Program Expands I G Steve Cotlrell rides in Morocco. My experiment to Morocco this past summer was really an experience in understanding. I was placed in a totally new environment; new food, customs, lan- guage. I found tliat the family with whom I stayed be- came more than a group of people. They made me part of their family through daily contacts, teaching me the way to act a la Marocain and I forgot I was an Ameri- can but a person first of all. Tm certain I left Morocco with a new attitude toward people in general and my- self, loo. STEVEN COTTRELL Gwen Wallace sits in an Irish field. Early one morning Alan Wagner bought melons I Spending a summer in Ireland helped me to realize that the whole purpose of the Experiment in Interna- tional Living is to build communication and understand- ing through an actual living experience. I learned to live, talk, and even think as they did. This helped me to understand their social, religious, and political views both past and present. I truly became a part of the people of Ireland, and they also became a very special part of me. As I left my home away from home, I re- ceived the Irish Blessing: May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, And the rains fall soft upon your fields. And un til we meet again. May God hold you in the palm of His hand. GWENDOLYN WALLACE « MSC Students Travel to Denmark, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, and Morocco My summer in Greece as an Ambassador was memor- able for many reasons. I have fond memories of the fun of travel and the thrill of seeing a foreign land. The ruins of an ancient civilization reminded me of the rich Greek heri- tage. Yet modern Greece told the story of an old country in a new world. I have the memories of people. In travelling with a group of varied Americans, my concept of the U.S. was broadened. My two Greek families readily accepted me into their homes as a son and brother. Communication and language difficulties often occurred but by the end of the summer I was sad to leave. I have these memories, the friendship of many people, and a better understanding of the Greek way of life. And that is what the Experiment is based upon friendship and understanding. ALAN WAGNER Barbara Hardy pauses to reflect upon Hans Christian Andersen. The tours didn ' t show everything so Erich Winter broite out on his own. The country of Hans Christian Andersen became my home for a short time last summer when I travelled as an MSC Ambassador to Denmark. Being an Ambassador meant becoming a part of another culture as I experienced life with my Danish family. It meant touring the land of the Vikings and a visit to the city of Rebild, where the Danish hold their celebration of the United States " Independence Day. It meant a week-long stay in " wonderful Copenhagen. " Communication with my " second family " was not a major problem as my Danish father spoke English; hence, I found little need to use my 16-day predepar- ture course in the Danish language. BARBARA HARDY Flying high over England. Rapping with my parents and their friends now mine. Swimming with the Queen ' s Swans in the River Dee. Gorging myselves with Lancashire hotpot and stout ale. Bumming about London. Understanding Words- worth in his beautiful Lake Country, dead but still alive as these lives I have led. ERICH HAUSER WINTER 95 KDLX Expands Mrs. Cushman The college deans sound-off on KDLX. ann] A meeting of the board. 96 Engineer Larry Lewellen tests a new turntable Hello, Miss Halfinger. Vinnie and Steve practice a commercial. |k. Joltin " Joe has gone away. r 0nf These are my toys! Stay away from them! Karen Schuler dings her donger. Members of the Progressive Jazz Band rec- ord a jingle for KDLX. Now what was it that Tricky Dicky said? Hurry! Get one before they ' re all gone. Joseph Fleming— a study in safety. Mrs. Eckert approves the use of a picture. Oops! It pays to advertise. Distribute. Distribute. JJistribule. the Northwest Missourian Discovery . . . Communication . . . Understanding Students, Faculty, Administration . . . Realization of what ' s happening . . . Here . . . Perspective . . . the world around us . . . Groups . . . Individuals . . . A move toward liberal attitudes . . . Fresh air . . . Free, open discussion of a sort . . . Taking stands . . . Recording events . . . Fairness . . . Integrity . . . Pride in accomplishment . . . — Missourian 1970 — m 1 hM J »«j_B. K.M Cr ■b i B E ' jp H 1 mm te -. VHH Brash, Serious Impish, Quiet, -Walt — Denise I FRONT ROW: Eugene McCombs, Managing editor; Linda Bennett. Co-editor: Walt Yadusky, Co-editor: Denise Kerns, Co-editor; Cynthia Smith, Advertising manager: Joe Fleming. Production manager. SECOND ROW: Mrs. T. H. Eckert. advisor; Gloria Sherman. Karen Hardy, Patty Ray. Lin Davidson. Barbara Hardy. Norma Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Marcia Wells. Kay Medsker. Nila Simmons. Mary Ellen Merrigan. Jo Griffith, Nancy Shannon. Bob Stockdell. FOURTH ROW: Patti McAtee. Woodie Decker. Larry Pearl. Ron Jennings. Alan Wagner. Bill McKenny, Dan Leighninger. FIFTH ROW: Dick Hodge, Lavern Acklin, Jack Kunkel. John W. Herleman. 99 was I The deadline was a week ago. James Oliver Sue Warren on her way to a Tower Function. Fred Dunn Photographer, Entrepeneur, Invader of Women ' s Dorms Invade! Secure! Hold that line! The Whole World ' s Watching! etc. Dr. Grube— Literary Advisor, etc. In the beginning I was afraid to function. Hi! IVly name is Vicki. I grin like this all the time. Isn ' t it a nice 1970 Tower Staff The Freak and the Beauty— where are they now? Keep ' em rollin! 102 ,.l 103 W ' ■ ' ■ eru-Jkti. V -j«ria ..: ' . V ' M " 1 1 Pr : .- - ;:.?« vi » - «;IKMLl£yHaiS K J. .%- ' ■SC! mI ■ ; y- --iiq i S r.i- . .»•■ 106 107 Union Program Council Involves Campus 108 IS Organizational Fair wess J ... is you name it. Baby! " " What are we doing here? " 1 Wearing it doesn ' t give you soul. " Testing: One. Two, Three. . . . POOP! People Interest Other People ' I ' m in fourteen organizations, and I don ' t know why. !■« Brothers and Sisters Union Program Council Sponsors Coffeehouse 110 - ■■ Wall Conley It ' s Time To Get It Together But Have You Listened? Ill 5- -Tr These courageous boatman struggle to stay out of the cold, clammy, dirty, student-engulfing waters. Stanley Wright and Mike Wilson ring the bell ending classes and ' MniiJ Union Board Presents Hey, People, we ' re going the wrong way! ' 112 The Battle of the Bands as- saults the listeners ' ears. Remember Me?! eginning other activities of varying nature. Hey, fourteen cream pies are coming this way. Walk Out Day 1969 The Serendipity Singers ham it up in their afternoon concert. B»s as- ;ts ' ears. nr ' . 113 The Lyric Opera Presents a La Boheme " 114 The First Edition 115 The Soulful Sounds Of The Friends Of Distinction 116 Gary Puckett And The Union Gap 117 1970 TOWER Dance Deborah Lambright Crowned Queen Of 910 TOWER The 1970 7 " oH(?r Queen — Deborah Lambright Candidates included Deborah Roush, Jackie Lionberger. Linda Flachsland, Jane Mann, sealed; and Donna Fisher. Senator Dennis Hoffman crowned the cjueen at the 1970 Tower Dance. 118 The 1 970 Towfr Staff Mr. Howard Ringold is recognized for his 25 years of astute service. Editor Erich Hauser Winter emcees the intermission. A guest is stamped by Viclci Snell whose committee planned the dance. The wild, soulful Citations played. Ugly Man Bill Lantz has his calce and eats it, too. Paint your own wagon! Alpha Phi Omega Sponsors He ' s so ugly that it hurts me! The Winnahs Gail Didlo, Gamma Sigma Sigma: Rhonda Ridnour, Alpha Sigma Alpha; GeorgeAnne Daleo. Phi Mu; Bill Lantz. Ugly }] Man, Tau Kappa Epsilon; Kent Kavanaugh, Men ' s Dorm; Peggy ■ ' ■IHlIt 120 Ugly Man Ancient rivalries come to a sword ' s point. tzgerald. Delta Zeta; and Duane Newland, Delta gma Phi pose for an Ugly Man award session. Differences of opinion often arise over whose candidate is uglier. A large crowd gathers to prove that Ugly is . . . attractive. 121 122 It ' s here somewhere. Sisters shouldn ' t compete against each other. I ' ll raise you five if you call me. Winter Olympics She ' s rounding the half-pole and heading for the three-quarter-pole going fast. The metaphysical portent of such a gesture is too much for the accompanying aura of wall. Running around in circles. 123 Hello, Tm new here. And Commencement You ' d belter free your minds instead. Freshman Reception 124 HOMECOMING ' 69 Bearcats Skin The Bears 20-16 Homecoming 1969 came soon for many this year; too soon for some and not soon enough) for others. Success was the key word: Miss Cheryl Jackson succeeded in becoming Homecoming Queen for 1969; Phi Mus won the women ' s skit and house decoration competition: Delta Sigma Phi won the men ' s skit; Phi Sigma Epsilon won in the floats for men; Sigma Sigma Sigma won the trophy for best women ' s float; Delta Sigma Phi also won in the men ' s house decoration; Baptist Student Union won the trophy for best open house decoration; the Industrial Arts Club won the open division trophy for best float; and to top it all off the Bearcat football team won the game with the Bears of Southwest Missouri State College, leading all the way. Alumni and iriends of the college visited and enjoyed the hospitality of a wild time at NWMSC ' s 1969 Homecomina. 125 Homecoming sy Homecoming Co-chairmen FRONT ROW: Millie Magner. Calhy Pierce. Co-chairman; Marl Hargens, Co-chairman; Mary Lou Swaim. SECOND ROW: Jay Skeels, Sherry Miller. Phyllis Hardy. Marcia Keelon. Emily Wormsley. Bill Wells. THIRD ROW; Richard Craig. Jim C. Rowe, Phillip Youngs, Dick Johnson. John S. Cauveren. Jim Gillispie. Homecoming Committee FRONT ROW: Janice Bridges. Donna Fisher, Millie Magner, Cathy Pierce. Mark Hargens. Mary Lou Swaim. Teri Holladay. SEC- OND ROW: Sherry Miller, Mary Mitchell. Kathy Mitchell, Debbie Walker, Laura Kerkmann, Glenna Williams, Mary Ellen Whyte, Leslie Hunter. Jack ' i Rabenold, Linda Strain, Emily Wormsley. THIRD ROW: Dennis W. Hoffman, William Untiedt, Mary Hamilton. Phyllis Hardy, Becky Nelson, Sharon Campbell, Gayla McKinnie, Janet Comer. Connie Warden. Marcia Keeton. FOURTH ROW: Jim Gillispie. John S. Cauveren. Bill Wells. Phillip Youngs. Jay Skeels, Jim Curtin. Charles Dalton, Rick Ashby. Jim C. Rowe, Linda Hon. FIFTH ROW: Richard Craig, Phillip Swinney, Dick Johnson, Alan Wagner, Tom Strade, Don Jones, Stan Swan. Joel Grier, Roger Lambright. 127 Homecoming First Place Variety Show Slcits Alpha Phi Omega and Gamma Sigma Sigma Phi Mu I 128 1969 Homecoming Queen [ Miss Cheryl Jackson Senate President Steve Schottle crowns the queen. 129 First Place Floats Sigma Sigma Sigma " Doctor Doolittle " Industrial Arts— " Cinderella " 130 H O M E C O M I N G Phi Sigma Epsilon " American Heritage " t ' Second Place Floats Alpha Phi Omega and Gamma Sigma Sigma " The Once and Future King " PhiMu " Doctor Zhivago " Sigma Tau Gamma " River Queen " 131 Homecoming Fourth Place Float Tau Kappa Epsilon - " The Liule Train That Thought It Could " Fourth Place Float Delta Zeta " The Old Woman in the Shoe " 132 I Homecoming Third Place Float Delta Sigma Phi— " Snow While and the Seven Dwarfs Fifth Place Float Alpha Kappa Lambda— " The Longest Day " 133 Phi Mu " Pooh on the Bears " Delta Sigma Phi — " Hansel and Gretel First Place House Decorations Baptist Student Union " Jonah and the Whale " 134 Second Place House Decorations t: ' iL.j i ' 0 0 ft r:.Tf;j A VICTORY bearcats! ' Phi Sigma Epsilon— " The Old Man and the Sea " Sigma Sigma Sigma " Time for a Victory " ' 135 Homecoming Third Place House Decoration ' I Alpha Kappa Lambda " A Victory is m the Wind " Third Place House Decoration mi Li| B|j - ■ . ' " S ■ V Tt ' V fl ' ' ?m , J . U _ ---« - Alpha Sigma Alpha— " Yurtle the Turtle " 136 i, Homecoming Fifth Place House Decorations nnuN Sigma Tau Gamma " Remember the Alamo " Fourth Place House Decoration Tau Kappa Epsilon " Ben Hur " 137 After his talk the noted British lecturer signs autographs and answers queries. Charles Rembar outlines his continuing battle against pornog- raphy laws. Speakers Inform, Outline, or Alienate i Lord Harlech stresses a point in his speech. The teachers who listened to Al Capp lapped up what he had to say, but not so the students. 138 Los Indios Trabajaras 139 Yugoslavian Folk Festival F R u L A I Community Chorus Presents Concert Five soloists belt out their parts. Dr. Govier directs intently. The Chorus unites In song. The combined efforts of various groups culminate in a stirring performance. Moratorium Interest and Action 142 Hanging of the Greens II The Spirit of Christmas is Wanda Weldon Bearers of the Greens are Leslie Hunter, Chris Mars, Jeanne Everett, Karin Hunt, Diana Hutchcraft, and Millie Magner. 144 The Hanging of the Greens 145 -,: f. ' - - Bridal and Spring Fashion Show and Tea lisi ' ii h % ' ' Mm 146 Braless Women ' s Liberation Front or Front Liberation ' -. ' 147 Roberta Hall Counselors I FRONT ROW: Joyce Van Bebber, Amy Bradfield, Bev Thompson. Joyce Hatcher. SECOND ROW: Dianna Hulchcraft, Marsha Miller, Barbara Woods. Mrs. Margaret Wire, Director. Roberta Hall Council FRONT ROW: Frances Hanson, Fern Oliphanl, Vice President; Carolyn Farber, Marie Smith, Mrs. Margaret Wire, Director. SECOND ROW: Pat Castello, President; Janet Irvin. Betty Andrews, Debbie Snodgrass, Linda Gittins. 148 Perrin Hall Counselors I Woods, I FRONT ROW: Linda Younger, Jucl Pawlins;. Annabelle Campbell, Christine McConnell. SECOND ROW: Eva SchoUel. Jeane Everell, Mrs. LaDora Kilaorc, Director; Claudia Sanders, Annette Smith. Perrin Hall Council FRONT ROW: Terry Norris, Treasurer; Susan Johnson, Vice President; Kathy Nance, President; Peggy Hughes. Secretary; Brenda Miller. His- toripn. SECOND ROW; Katherine Glass, Reca Baymiller, Patti McAtex, Mrs. LaDora Killgore, Director; Jeanie Pyles. Regina Shrewsbury. 149 Hudson Hall Counselors ! FRONT ROW: Bonnie Cameron, LaDonna Bowers, Linda Jensen, Linda Seitter. SECOND ROW; Twila Anders, Millie Magner, Sherry Miller, Cindy Burl, Nancy Boyd, Sharon Campbell, Mrs. F. A. Hildebrand, Director. THIRD ROW: Judy Pomeroy, Twyla Carr, Asl. House Mother; Chris Johnson, Barbara Beckner, Marilyn Kesselring, Leslie Hunter, Suzanne Whitaker. Cyndi Baltzley. FOURTH ROW; Linda Shrum, Linda Hays, Carol Leeper, Jane Gray, Neeta Day, Donna Grame, Betty Chambers. Huds on Hall Council FRONT ROW; Angle Boswell, Treasurer; Ruth Long. Secretary; Leslie Linville, President: Mrs, Hildebrand, Director. SECOND ROW: Rebecca Brinkman, Kathi Phillips, Marsha Thomason, Tcddie Pottorfl, Mary Ann Richardson. THIRD ROW: Ruth Huey. Becky Newsome, Susan Richmond, Susan Heckel, Laura Kerkmann, Louise Chipp. FOURTH ROW: Debi Miller, Pal Hrenchir. Cheryl McKisson, Mary Ellon Merrigan, Ceressa Russell, Suzanne Whitaker, Su i Beerniann. 150 !| Franken Hall Resident Assistants FRONT ROW: Pally Payne, Chris Morris, .lady Swarlz, Judi Jouhcrt, Dorolhy Taal. SECOND ROW: Peggy Troxel, Mary .lo Mullen, Diana Crocker, Carolyn Holmes, Mary Cole. THIRD ROW: Helen Duvall, Wanda Weldon, Dana Winn, Mrs. L. Thalc, Direclor. Franken Hall Council FRONT ROW: Denise Maxwell, Treasurer; Barbara Mauer. Laural Zook. Bonni Evans. SECOND ROW: Lana Edwards, Belly Meyn, Jeanine M -Caniy, George Anne Lighl, Mary Bowman. THIRD ROW: Pamela Foley, Gwyn Blackburn, Presidenl; Diane Howard, .lanel Pollock, Vice Presidenl. Debbie Goyetle, Mrs. L. Thale. Direclor. 1 151 Off-Campus Coeds FRONT ROW- Diane Willson, Secretary; Nancy Pride, Treasurer; Jody Brady, President; Mara Byergo, Vice President; Anna Dor- sey Sponsor SECOND ROW: Marda May Keller, Marsha Owings, Cheryl Van Cleave, Diana Mews. Dorothy Davidson, Lynda Hall, Leslie Clark, Sharon Barnett. THIRD ROW: Myra Pride, Velda Giffin, Mary Lynn Perry, Ruth Warren, Margaret Wyman, Paula Florea, Linda Sumy, Roma Carr. Student Wives I FRONT ROW: Carol Reger, Barbara Slusher, President; Nila Simmons, Secretary; Jonel Musgrave, Treasurer; Cathy Coen. SECOND ROW: Janice Renken, Ann Simmons, Melba McGeorge, Judy Leighninger, Su anne Adkisson, Emma Clem. 152 AWS General Officers FRONT ROW: Nancy Stinson. Deanna Bolton. Bev Callaway, Linda Koso, Sherrie Zarr. Kathie Ramey, Jacki Rabenold, Pam Locke. SECOND ROW: Deborah Jane Manns. Deborah Ann Harmon. Madeline Voorhees. Sandy Riley, Margaret Kienberger, Donna Hamilton, Carla Sinn, Judy Oetjen, Cindy Furst. THIRD ROW: Diane Engelbrecht. Lila Holdsworlh. Cathy Cosper. Chris Long. Linda Kralik. Mary Lou Rogers. Susan Elardo. Jeanne Cimock. Sharmon Thompson. Joyce Ranniger. FOURTH ROW: Jo Ann Johnson. Mary Plough. Judy Martin. Janet Taff. Ruth Warren. Marlene Peavy. Mary Anne Scanlan. Sandy Marchetti. Connie Darling. Bonita Burger. AWS Executive Council FRONT ROW: Phyllis Hardy. Recording Secretary; Ellen Hamilton. 2nd Vice President; Barbara Hardy. President; Charlene Rush. 1st Vice President; Diana Hutchings. Treasurer; Linda Younger. Reporter. SECOND ROW: Jo Anne Brady. 3rd Vice President; Debbie Elms. Nora Estes. Cindy Hager, Nancy Powell. 153 AWS Woman of the Year Bonita Burger Honored at AWS General Assembly Charlene Rush presides at the General Assembly. I I Bonita Bureer AWS Woman of the Year 154 Life in and out of the Dorms 155 156 V » 157 ■■i ,■»-» - ! ' ' ■ -irN ys " - Phillips Hall Council S cr, ROI 158 Men ' s Residence Hall Counselors i m I FRONT ROW: Richard Grider. Terry L. Barnes. Denny Kurtz, Dave Rebori. Tom Strade, Jerry Rains, Dennis W. Hoffman. SECOND ROW: Ronald Harris Michael Burks, Ronald Stone. Ken Millsap, Richard Hallenberg. Dwaine Swelt. Ronald Tooley. Stanley Barton. Harvie Van Nordstrand, Jim Mullins. THIRD ROW: Mike Schmieding, Robert Mooney. Edgar Hatcher. Robert Brill. Leonard Read. Ray Palmer. Dave Merriman. Percy Myers, Michael Myrick. FOURTH ROW: Robert Pickard, Marty Schwarz, Eric Riley. Bob Neese, Bill Jackson. Jack Jontz, Dave Hartman. Chuck Gilkison. FIFTH ROW: Randall Wolcott, John Herlewan, Kenneth Brown, Denny Ohde, William Mclntyre, Richard Dean, Director. Men ' s Residence Hall Council I FRONT ROW Percy Myers. Senator: Ken Kirkpatrick, Parliamentarian; Phillip Youngs. Treasurer; Bruce Story. President; Tom Middleswort, Secretary; Dennis Hoffman. Senator. SECOND ROW: Rob P.ckard. Denny Kurtz. Dave Rebori. Donald Hobbs. David Grouse. Jotin 1 ' ' " • V.dxS Jackson, Craig Roush. THIRD ROW: Randall L. Wolcott. Tom Strade. Mark Hjelle, Stanley Barton. Gary Martin, David Staver. Bill Hull. FOUKIH ROW: John A. Cushman, Robert Welch, Cedric Beemer. Ron Jennings, Richard Dean. Sponsor. 159 My next crusade will be coed dorms. Did someone say coed dorms?! What the hell is ad hod? Who cares, it ' s printable . . . isn ' t it? All right who lost the Senate stamp this week? 160 The Student Senate f If I miss one more meeting, Tm out! If Bart Starr retires, I ' ve sot it made. In Action President Foster sends his high regards from Tijuana. ' How does one say " I blew it " to one ' s constituents? 161 Student Senate i FRONT ROW: Dr. James A. Loll, Sponsor; Tom Slrade, Vice Presidenl; Barb McAvoy. Secrelary-Treasurer; Sieve Schotlel, President; Dr. Peter Jackson. Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Leslie Linville. Gayla McKinnie. Lora Upton, Joyce Hatcher, Jackie Keepers, Nancy Powell, Jackie Lionberger. THIRD ROW: Patty Payne. Percy C. Myers IV, Bruce Charles Stadlman. Daniel V. Leignninger, Stephen Craig Padilla, Dennis W. Hoffman. FOURTH ROW: Richard Shollenberger, Alan Wagner, Neil Rinehart, Jim Spurlock. Student-Faculty Advisory Board Larry Foil , Mick Buehler, Helen Duval. LouAnn Lewright, Richard New, Dr. Charles Thale, James Burk, David Hockensmith, Dr. Virginia DeMarce, Bonnie Magill. Hmily Wormsley. 162 Who ' s Who BARBARA HARDY Pi Delia Epsilon, President President of AWS Ambassador to Denmark Embers tm JOSEPH FLEMING Alpha Kappa Lambda Missourian Sports Editor Student Senate Senior Class President JOYCE HATCHER Sigma Sigma Sigma, President Student Senate Pan Hellenie Council Bookclub Dt Pile JOHbtKI MILLIE MAGNER PEMClub Hudson Hall Council Psychology Club Delta Psi Kappa ROLLAND STADLMAN Tau Kappa Epsilon Blue Key KDLX Station Manager Union Board LESLIE HUNTER Alpha Beta Alpha Student Senate President of Dorm Council Secretary of GDI ill f WT i " ' ' firii i CONNIE SEUELL Delta Psi Kappa. President Phi Mu, President PEM Club. Secretary Embers ELAINETHOMPSON English Honor Society President of Kappa Delta Pi and Embers Vice President, Sigma Sigma Sigma STAN WRIGHT Blue Key. President Union Board, President Religious Life Council Phi Sigma Epsilon TOM STRADE Student Senate. Vice President President of ACS United Student Party Head Resident Question or Answer? 163 Embers il FRONT ROW: Connie Seuell, Historian; Connie Burrell, Treasurer: Elaine Thompson, President; Phyllis Movvrey, Vice President; Pat Mitch, Ad- visor. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Paulsen, Jeane Everett, Martha Waits, Barbara Hardy. Barbara Woods. Secretary. Women Leaders Attain National Status The new members of Embers were announced at the 1 970 Tower Dance. 164 Blue Key Blue Key Taps New Members Blue Key tappee, Joe Fleming, asks a question at a Student Senate meetina as Alan Waaner and Mike Costello look on. FRONT ROW Rollie Stadlman, Steve Schottel. V,ce President; Bob Burrell, President; David Hockensmith. SECOND ROW: Frank W. Grube. Sponsor; Donald N. Valk. Honorary Member; Erich Wmter, Treasurer; Peter Jackson, Honorary Member; Virgil Albertini, Sponsor. 1 165 Cheryl Jackson - 1969 Homecoming Queen X;-, ' . ' ? i » .■»: « I " B 1 :£.,__. — - 166 Man Builds Nature Continues 1 167 •r " - V " N ' - ;, A s 168 nnicii Becky Nelson— Miss Maryville 1970 To Live in its Own Beauty MiiniiiiiihiiiiiiBiiiri GREEKS 171 Rhonda Finney Sarah Jones Linda Patterson Every now and then the old gang gets together for a chew. " Well, we ' re just fifty-nine sweeties . . . And we ate all our Wheaties and are rarin ' to go . . . The sum of Alphas ' I.Q. and then divided by two will make you say ' golly gee ' ... Well, now, here ' s to ya Alpha . . . . " The " Greek Toga Party: " twenty-one fall pledges: the pledges ' first place rating in the Homecoming competition: Miss Becky Nelson chosen as Miss Maryville for 1969: Becky representing the Alphas as a finalist in the 1969 Home- coming Queen contest: Debbie Lambright chosen as queen by the Missouri Farm Bureau Members: a visit by Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus at Christmas: and the annual " Orphans ' Party " sponsored by the Alphas and the Tekes for the chil- dren in St. Joseph. Receiving the Panhellenic Scholarship Trophy for the tenth consecutive year: activity in Kappa Omicron Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi, and Alpha Mu Gamma campus honor socie ties. Mother and Daughter of the Year: varsity cheerleader: Union Board: president of Roberta Hall Dorm Council: president and vice president of Book Club: first vice president and treasurer of A.W.S.: vice president of Band: sopho- more vice president: junior class senator: freshman class secretary: vice president of P.E.M. Club: president of Gymnastic Club: vice president of Panhellenic: membership in Psychology Club, Dialogue, A.H.E.A., Collegiate Busi- ness Women, L.I.F.E., Daughters of Diana, Kallay Filleeans, Intramural Council, senior key steering committee, Stu- dent-Faculty Advisory Board, Marching Band. Concert Band, Progressive Jazz Band, Bearer of the Green, Religious Emphasis Week, Alpha Beta Alpha, and Tower Queen finalists. 172 Alpha Sigma 173 Janel Wilson Linda Wiles Alpha Sigma Alpha Tobie Cummins Barb Hower 174 Delta Zeta Marlha Wails Margaret Fitzgerald Judy Burt Cindy Read Denise Perry Jacqulin J. Oliphanl President Karen Thayer Glenda Thompson Marcia Keeton Cii I Delta Zeta sorority has been active on campus in many areas this year. The Delta Z " s have participated in Homecoming, Union Program Council, Tower Staff, Student Senate, PEM Club, Delta Psi Kappa, Gymnastics Club and team. Kappa Delta Pi, Embers, Psychology Club, Book Club, and many more varied activities and organizations on the campus of NWMSC. This year the sorority pledges to within one of their quota of sixty for the spring semester. 175 Delta Zeta I 176 8 Cindy Thomas Delta Zeta Paulelte Moehring Bettv Bender Anna Hendren Susan Elardo Helen Duncan Kathy Hatfield Marsha Miller 1969 Fall Delia Zela Pledges (dan 177 Members of Zeta Lambda Chapter of Phi Mu fraternity have active in many campus organizations, honors, and activities. Ugly Man. Tower Staff, Union Board. Daughters of Diana, Student Senate, Kaiiay Filleeans, Delta Psi Kappa, Embers, PEM Club, AHEA, Intramurals, Gymnastics Club and Team, Psychology Club, Book Club, AWS, KDLX, Kappa Delta Pi, Concert Band, Student-Faculty Advisory Board, Dorm Council, Cheerleaders, Marching Band, Jazz Band, and Sigma Phi Dolphins are the major organizations which Phi Mus have participated in actively. Parties, the notorious Washtub Band, Tower Queen finalists. Homecoming Queen finalist. Homecoming trophies, and the Homecoming Supremacy Award are but a few of the many honors and credits due to the fraternity. Rhonda Thomas Joyce Van Bebber Sue Seeman Ellen Hamilton Maureen Flanagan Kim Bell Connie Seuell Jackie Lioberger 178 Teri Holladav Suzanne Hunt PhiMu 179 PhiMu Karin Hunt 1 Debbie Courtney Betty Jo Fields Janice Bridges iL Kathv Pierce Jeanie Trca 1 i Marv Jo Bu ter Jean Ann Cloos Pam Simpson Tobi Foster Nancy Powell Jean Tiernan Eileen Connole Dee Waterworth il Terri Lock i irtk Sigma Sigma Sigma Sisinia Sigma Sigma began the ear with a sticcess- I ' lil rush pledging t vent -t o girls. In Homecoming the Tri ' s won first in float and second in house decoration. The chapter also underwent inspection b the national organization, resulting in an " excellent " rating. Alpha Epsilon chapter entertained at a Christmas parts for the Headstart children of Marwille in conjunction with Phi Sigma Epsilon. Miss Neva Ross held the annual Christmas part in her home. .Activities for the Sigmas include their Founder ' s Da), Spring formal, and Ugly Man contest. Other activ- ities include Who " s Who. Embers, Dorm Council. AWS, Kappa Omicron Phi, Cheerleaders. Union Board. Tower Staff. Book Club. Psychology Club, Art Club, AHEA, Engligh Honor Society, SNEA, Student-Faculty .- kdvisory Board, Alpha Mu Gamma, KDLX. Homecoming com- mittee. Kappa Delta Pi. and Young Democrats. Mary Lou Swaim Betty Oliver Connie Burrell Diane tngelbrechl Joyce Hatcher, President Jackie Rabenold Kathy Sweeney Debbie Roush CharlencRush Emily Wormsley Diana Nelson Connie Worden Elaine Thompson Beverly Wedlock 181 Patly Hogan Peggy Roush Jane Engles Denise Bower Jane Polk Claudia Cadle Cindy Smith Gloria Sherman i Arlene Horner Laura Kupersmith Ruth Pickett Debbie Snodgrass Beckv Summa Debbie Elms Jeanie Pyies Barb Stevens Paula Mover 182 Sigma Sigma Sigma I Sigma Sigma Sigma I lummi Janice Mann Helen Martin Jean Justin 183 184 Alpha Kappa Lambda The man of Alpha Kappa Lambda were well rewarded scholaslically this year when they again took home the scholarship trophy. Activities of the fraternity included rush parties, alumni banquets, the Christmas Ball, the Sweetheart Ball, and their newly inaugurated " Inferno Week End. " The AKL " s helped in community service by giving a Christmas party for the retarded children of Horace Mann School and helping with community projects. The men were active in Homecoming committee. Tower Choir, Delta Tau Alpha, Blue Key, Pi Beta Alpha, KDLX, IPC. Missourian, Student Senate, Tower Staff, Student Court, Student-Faculty Advisory Board, Beta Beta Beta, and Senior Class President, to mention a few. Mark Kyhnn Ted Morean Denny Scoters Jim Burk Dannv Jensen Jim Hauser 186 Alpha Kappa Lambda Jk Joseph Nichols Danny Michel dm Dean Kerns y Joseph Fleming Patrick McGuire William Tighe Leonard Lenihan Darwin Peterson 187 Dennis Donegan Jay Skeels it James Gillispie I 1 , Charles Dalton Rick Kemp Gary Esberk Chuck Thompson aisu. . i- ' tr vi Ajti JM :• 188 Kalley Filleeans AKL Women ' s Auxiliary Ruth Long ■i Leona Seamens Nancy Gill Jane Rhodes Sharon Barnett il Jean Evans Recil Skinner Pally Faubian Mary Fleming Norma Reynolds Joyce Barrett Peggy Bohrer 189 Dan Kilmer Bonnie Brilev Delta Chi The Northwest Missouri State Colony of Delta Chi Frater- nity was established this year. The Delta Chis have busy in rush in order to grow. They are in hopes of occupying their own house in the near future. The men have been active in football, wrestling, track, baseball, intramurals, M-Club, KDLX, Student Senate, Union Board, Pi Beta Alpha, Marching Band, Sophomore class sec- retary. Student Court, and Dorm Council. Their social events for the year are the White Carnation Ball, Halloween party, mixers, smokers, and various other social functions. Herb Foster Richard Shollenberger Michael Surber Phillip Pittman Jerry Adwell Tim Wandeli Dave Thompson President i 190 Fraiti. ' USJll iglltt tracl Unia Bit!- roaiio Douglas Kinder I 191 Delta Sigma Phi Joe Stohlasa John Summers Charles Schofield David Potter k r I V , ' ■L i ' ili ' K ..mmi Richard Schwarz President Eugene Schuler John Pickard Denny Moore William Haskell Jerry Roy 192 J. The men of Delta Sigma Phi began the 1969-70 school year by running relays from Maryville to William Jewell in support of the football team. The brothers enthusiastically welcomed their returning alumni to the Home- coming celebration. This year the Delta Sigs won first place in variety show skit, house decoration, and individual clowns, while placing third in the float competiton. Brother Don Sears completed his brilliant college basketball career by setting a new scoring record. Other brothers participated in intramurals. bas- ketball, and by winning the Spirit Trophy. Mrs. Luella Graves became the new housemother to compliment the new additions and improvements completed on the house. Activities in which Delta Sigs have participated include Industrial Arts Club, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Mu Gamma, Union Board. Homecoming Committee, IFC, American Chemical Society, and Marketing Club. Delta Sigma Phi Thomas Nauman Marv Seim Lyle Atkins Mike Orr Gary Ditsworth Steve Kerner Richard Smith John Melilo Rick Craig Rod Cruz Marion Bradley, Jr. Angel Melcnde 193 Delta Sigma Phi 194 David Erickson i Hessel « Sigma Epsilon Carl Heck Gary Ferguson Rudv Turner Larry Foltz Terry Lippincolt Dan Roe George Nicholson Jim Oliver Victor Jenkins President Ned N. Listrom Bill Brohman Joe Bosse Bob Allen Jeff L. Larmer Coby Lamb Lewis Bailey I 195 Phi Sigma Epsilon ' nil 196 Phi Sigma Epsilon David Davis A Erich Winter ki David Camper Philip Herringlon Rex Pielz Richard Wiles Tim Milner Dominic Caruso Kenneth Timke Ken Carl James Neal Gene Kremer James Thompson 197 Sigma Tau Gamma Rodney Hall Garry Harris 1 — V Gary Hawkins John Gardner Victor Varchola Steve Hawkins Michael Cain Terry McClain Brad Davis Jim Leazenby Michael Madden Roger Lambright Steve Schottel m Kevin Sinclair Allvn Monaghan John French til Ed Weidner w - Bruce Canlrell James F. Johnson Terry Molgaard Tom Pilizzi Sigma Tau Gamma is the oldest men ' s fraternity on campus, celebrating its 48lti year as Theta Chapter. In intrarnurals the Sig Taus collected their second consecutive supremacy trophy. Social activities included mixers, parties, and the annual spring formal, the White Rose. The Taus have been active in Blue Key, Union Board (Jim Gay as vice president), swimming, football, wrestling, tennis, baseball. Student Senate (Steve Schottel as president), and Psychology Club (Bill Burke as president). Jim Williams Steve Summy Gary Maulfair Brad Willrich Pat Hennessy Phil Wainwright Jim Hosty Bruce Young " ; |» ) y Robert Burns iM Bill Burke II I Sigma Tau Gamma 199 Sigma Tau Gamma Jeremiah James McCarthy i r Tau Kappa Epsilon -f " » Leroy Kariker President fan i Jim Wright John Roesle Lloyd Benedict Ray Elizondo Joel Grier Danny GIpson Harold Gooding Franklin Scholtel Carl Poe Mrs. OIlie Dopp 201 Tau Kappa Epsilon Ron Thompson Elvin Andrews Jerrv Gallinger Bruce Stadlman Frank Ray Delta Nu Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon distinguished itself this year by sponsoring a TKE affiliate on the Missouri Western College campus. The Tekes and the Alphas united in sponsoring their annual Orphans Christmas Party for the children of Noyes Home in St. Joseph. Spirit ran so high in the chapter that the men were awarded the Spirit Trophy for the 1969 football sea- son. The traditional Garter Party, the Red Carnation Ball, and Ugly Man contest highlighted the social calendar of the Tekes. Activities and leadership included the president of IPC, Men ' s Intramural Council, Who ' s Who, Blue Key, sophomore class president. Union Board, and Student Senate. 202 Tau Kappa Epsilon I Dale Holcomb 203 Daughters Of Diana Shiela Nelson Barb McAvoy Susan Boyce Jane Mann Debbie Mendenhall Becky Nelson Judy Whitchill Jacquelyn Strother Kathv Parks Jacki Rabenold Madonna Rath Susan Ford i Jmct Kay Reavis Jackie Jochims M Helen Goldsmith Heidi Jurko Debbie Anderson George Anna Leight 204 Panhellenic Council FRONT ROW: Janet Wilson, Secretary; Helen Duncan. Treasurer; Cindy Smith. President; Suzie Hunt. Vice President. SECOND ROW: Lynda White. Janice McKee. Barb McAvoy. Jacki Oliphant. Phyllis Hardy. Teri Holladay. THIRD ROW; Mary Lou Swaim. Joyce Hatcher. Paula Moyer. Dianna Hutchcraft. Marcia Keeton. Glenda Thompson. Interfraternity Council FRONT ROW: Michael Lee Buehler. Treasurer; Terry Gene Hartley. Secretary: Richard Michael Schwarz. President: Leroy Kariker. Vice President: Edward Farquhar. Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Joseph Nichols. Dan Leighhinger. Mark Hargens. Steve Conner. THIRD ROw ' : Leonard Lehihan. Victor Jenkins. Kendall Mork. Mike Schofield. Glen Hessel. 205 Gamma Sigma Sigma Cynthia Beigel In service to the community and to the college Gamma Sigma Sigma has excelled while providing a social outlet for its mem- bers. Activities of the year included a Thanksgiving banquet, a Christmas party, an Easter banquet. Homecoming, the Spring Formal, and the close association with the APOs in coordination Ugly Man. Pam Hospelhorn Joy Brown Karen Calvert Linda Luttrell Gail Didlo Pat Lundquist « 4 Jean Everetle Marilyn Kesselring Joanne Lehmann Service to Community A tii J r r ■ Gamma Sigma Sigma pledge class Chri s McConnell Connie Morgan Vera Pettijohn Myra Kay Norman Terry Norris Teddie Pottorff 207 Joyce Potts ' Linda Reed Elizabeth Richardson Venita Scholl Parri Tritsch Kay Saville Gamma Sigma Sigma Connie Shipley Karen Weller 203 Alpha Phi Omega To Serve is To Enjoy 209 Alpha Phi Omega i The brothers of Alpha Phi Omega service fra- ternity have increased their scope and action and in- fluence to beyond the annual Ugly Man Week to many and varied community and campus services and aids, and to provide for the membership social and aca- demic challenge. 210 rvke h (lom 211 i V " " ■ " J l ' __ 212 213 Organization for Interracial Understanding I ( FRONT ROW: Preston Jossett, Carolyn Barnes, Belly Carson, Lewis Buckner, Jr.. Brenda Carter. Gloria May. Gregor McDade. SECOND ROW: Jefferson D. Edwards. Jr., Social Chr.. Claudia Shepard. Louis B. Jones, Jr., Sarah Wells. Donna Hardin. Valorie Hindmon. Marcia Harris. Valerie Miller, LaVerne Wright, Beverly Hodges, Willie Baker, Jack Allen. THIRD ROW: Orrin Ellis, Vice-President, Teresa Lowe, Linda Watkins, Her- man King, Verle Clines, Acen Phillips, Willa Elion, Deniece Lampkins., Pauline Blaylock, Secretary, James Walton, Jr. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth Smith, Jimniie Adams, George Goode, Gregory Hunter, Steven McCluske , Tonv Hopkins, Percy Myers, Leo Mason, Cecil Brewlon, David Hockensniith, Ed Jackson. . Black Week Young Democrats FRONT ROW; Mary Van Every, Vanita Wood. Jerre De Spain, Donna Harryman, Susan Warren. SECOND ROW: Margaret Fitzgerald, Linda Gittins, Carolyn Farber, Mary Kilgore, Pat Caslello, Cynthia Rather. THIRD ROW: Charles Tofflemire, Tom Maffett, Larry L. Woody, Patrick McGuire, Gary John, President; Mike McKee, Richard E. Carpenter. Young Republicans FRONT ROW: Berndt G. Angman. Sponsor; Kay Olofson, Secretary; Gayla McKinnie, President; Helen Nelson, Treasurer; Steve Bixler, Vice President. SECOND ROW: Frances Hanson, Cindy Read, Debbie Palaska, Margaret Kenagy, Glenna Williams. THIRD ROW: Larry L. Woody, Bill Wells, Cullen Geist, Richard Burnett. 216 Veterans Club Three to one. ' Did someone say, ' Beer ' ?! " FRONT ROW: John Ed Ramsbottom. 2nd Vice President; Joe Zimmerman. Treasurer: Gary Lyie Reed, 1st Vice President; Ed Koscinski, President: John Cieminslci, Secretary; Gary P. Caven. SECOND ROW: Robert Hillman, Rex Hill, Gary Duskin, Richard Schieber. Robert Wright. Daniel P. McDermott. Michael D. Nagel, Richard E. Carpenter, Michael L. Flanary. THIRD ROW: Gary F. Schroeder, Michael L. Wickizer, Raymond E. Wol- ford H, Gary F. Coy, Dennis M. Domino, Larry J. Newlon, Danny T. Lusk, Larry L. Van Sky, Richard Meyer, Co-sponsor; Dr. Leon F. Miller, Sponsor; David A. Berg, Juan F. Mohr. Jim Scott. Richard Jon Voss, Robert Nichols, Michael Kaufman, James E. O ' Donnell, Wayne A. Olson. A.Bill 217 I I FRONT ROW: Richard Landes, advisor; Gladys Alfaro, Majid Ali, president, Jeritta Fischer, Anlero Espino. SECOND ROW: Shigeo Iwade, Mee Phipps, Jorg Schneider, J. Rosahna Resendez, Fereydoon Norouzi. International Students Organization Luis Juan Marcias I raj Shojate 218 ' 219 n ■ ■ ■ ■ K I H H H 1H D V B R[k ■ ■ B B E. : P B B B B Hi IBi r B B B B fill k m r mm B. Bl Ei 220 221 i PRESENCE Religious Life Council FRONT ROW: Russ Mullen, Public Relations; Sherylyn Guffey, Vice President; Kenneth Millsap. President. SBCOND ROW: Rebecca Brunkman, Dr. Irene Mueller, Sponsor; Marcia Walker, Vera Pettijohn, Cynthia Allen. THIRD ROW: Stanley Barton, Rodney Hooper, David Hockensmith, Marilyn Kesselring. Gamma Delta FRONT ROW: Rev. Marion C. Hofman, Pastor-Sponsor; Dorothy Taul, Program Chairman; Dave Iwen, President; Marcia Walker, Treasurer; Judy Pawling. Secretary; Richard Landes, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Twyla Marie Boone, Linda Younger, Bill Jackson, Don Summers, Marie Klang, Susan Holeman. 224 i Liahona FRONT ROW: Gary W. Collins, Verda Morgan, president, Cynthia Allen, vice-president, Cher l Hawley. SE COND ROW: Kenneth Patrick Millsap, Rodney A. Hooper, William A. Collins, Jr.. Oscar Hansen, Jr. The Liahona Fellow.ship is the eamptis organi alion for I ihe Reorganized Chureh of Jesus Christ of Latter Da Saints. ; Its activities are in the areas of service, study, worship, and l[ recreation. Every Sunda there is a meal and discussion at l| 5:30. The acti ities included a ha_ ride and wiener roast, a Christmas program and caroling, a skating parts, spring banquet, and pre-church worship once every month at the area church. 225 FRONT ROW: Sara Seipel. vice-president; llie Rev. Krank Lackanip, chaplain, Diane Meyer, sec. -treasurer, Patrick McGuire, president. SECOND ROW: Cecilia Nincehelser, Jeanctte Manning. Jessica O ' Roarke, Margaret Fitzgerald, Elaine Welch, Pal Her ig. THIRD ROW: Ann Cummins. Margret Conway, Barbara Klaas. Susan McCulloh, Patrice Flanigan, Becky Brinkman. FOURTH ROW: Peg McClure, Connie Surprise, Rita Auer, Craig Werni- niont, Russ Mullen. Maris White. Mary Ellen Merrigan. Barbara Scipe). Newman Club es Sunday folk mass celebrated by Father Lackamp. Our Thursday night meetings consist of one part meeting and three parts good times. The Semi- narians from Conception Abbey contribute their time and effort to discuss various religious subjects with the students and help plan our Sunday Masses. One of the many fun times of Newman this year was the hayride and midnight mass at Conception Abbey with the Seminarians. The highlight of the year was the successful Christmas midnight mass held in the Charles Johnson Theater. This mass was open to the student body to partake in the religious spirit of the season. Members of Newman are adding and repairing many new things to the Newman House to make it more enjoyable to the students. I 226 Newman Club ■1 m H 111 m H B, J ' Hh s i : A3?Act " yict ' r Lit " . . ' 4 ' - 4, " J Baptist Student Union KRONT ROW; Sandra Tucker. Palncia D ki;s. Barbara Beckner. Ethel Bowman. Sue Crook. Leslie Smith. SECOND ROW: Clifford Eugene Mu-ser. Dann Thomas .lones. Mar .Ann Christopher. .Angie Boswell. Vera Pellijohn. Ka ulgamott, Deborah Miller. Ruth .Ann Taber. THIRD ROW: like McKee. the Rev. Re H. Henderson. Director. Marianne Tapp. Lois Trimble. Richard Jones. Makia Perr . Russ Vulgamotl. FOURTH ROW: Bill Arthaud. Stanley Barton, president: Earl V . Baker. Gregg Klilne, [iavid Peterson. Ciarrv Schott, Robert Ouen Robbins. Under the direction of Ed Wilham the BSU Good News Choir, composed of forty-five mem- bers, gave several performances. One performance was held in the Fine Arts Building of the College, while others were staged in Trenton and St. Joseph, Missouri. Many of the International students were sent with expenses paid by the BSU to the Annual International Retreat at Winder- mere, the Baptist State Camp where students meet from thirty colleges and universities. Other activities included first place winning of the Homecoming house decorations contest portraying " Jonah and the Whale, " Bible study weekly, morning watch each Tuesday morning, vespers and a semiformal BSU spring banquet. Five members of the BSU attended the state convention in St. Louis. Youth-led revivals were inany time conducted. Appro.ximately S400 was raised for summer missions. -2 ' STSItDfNT, iDNRH lWlHRLEJ 111 I I BSU Council FRONT ROW: Sandra Tucker. Danny Jones, Stanley Barton, president. Rex Henderson, Director, Vera Peltijohn. SECOND ROW: Ethel Bowman. Kay Vulgamott. Russ Vulgamott. Mary Ann Christopher. Angle Boswell, Barbara Beckner. 229 UCCF-Wesley Fellowship t FRONT ROW; Tom Strade, Carolyn North, vice-president, Dave Hockensmith, Jr., president, Margaret Hedges, Sherylyn Guffey, Elizabeth Watkins. SECOND ROW: Linda .Mien. Susan Wallace. Caren Gonder. Amy Bradfield. Marilyn Kesselring. Bettye Walk- er, Myra Naiman. The Rev. Paul M. Hunt, campus minister. THIRD ROW: Venita Scholl, Jim C. Rowe, Mary Lee Hockensmith, Marylyn Duffett, Marcia Jones, Patsy Schmutz, Joe Zimmerman. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Roy, Tom Schmutz, Jim Stinard, Erich Winter. 230 IF THE CHURCH IN OUR my HA5 }=BW PROPHETIC VOICES TO 50 JND f dOV£ THE UOf 5ES TH£ST1?E£t. P£nHAPSlNL f PART IT 15 BICAUS£ THE Pmm Nd 5PIRITHA5 BECOf EfOR£iON TO IT IT SW0W5 Ll TtiF yVlLL- IN6WESS TO E)(pL0RE NBW YS- WHtRE ITDOES IT HAS dFTEH BtlU CALLf P AW lyPEFiMENl BUT WHEREVBRTHE C l RCH i TRWE TO ITS NWSStON IT %Tto SPBA iHlf COS.- TO IT5 OWN A £- pr)R FAL 231 Il jlE. 232 233 - S£ ' - asfo- " T r.-SS 5:%- 4i(.i liiiiiri ' " IT-Jfr " ' ' ' " V ' =«:i :?: - Bearcats Win Homecoming The 1969 Bearcat Football Team Coaches Build Improving Squad ■. Head cciach Ivan Schollel and his slall. 236 Co-captains Sieve Scholtel and Dave Rebori 237 Football 1969 238 Football 1969 J I I r ir a i». t ; 239 240 t ■ 241 Bearcats Post 17-8 Record 242 il v ' MSC Opp 89 Peru State 52 64 Pittsburg State 62 95 Midwestern 72 75 Washburn 70 68 NEMSC 69 96 Long Beach State 122 70 U. of Nevada, LV 97 84 San Fernando St. 94 57 SWMSC 77 93 Lincoln U. 67 70 U. of Neb., Omaha 72 73 Central MSC 75 88 NEMSC 71 77 U. of Neb., Omaha 71 92 Peru State 63 69 Washington U. 56 76 Lincoln U. 71 84 SEMSC 82 69 Rolla 58 99 SEMSC 82 82 Rolla 55 91 Washburn 76 76 SWMSC 57 74 Central MSC 76 92 Midwestern 80 Don Sears Sets Career Scoring Record 243 I 244 M Best Record in 27 Years 245 246 247 Wrestlers Place Second in MIAA Meet 248 249 ti Wrestling 1969-70 250 Wrestling 1969-70 Injuries and Illness Hurt Bearcat Hopes But bright Spots prevail 251 Swimming 1969-70 Under Coach Lewis Dyche ' s Careful Eye, Swimmers Post Winning Season 252 253 Sigma Phi Dolphins 254 u4 n.DEEP It ' s All in Your Mind 4 ' 4.7vnpc 255 Gymnastic Team Trains, Educates, Entertains 256 Coach Ryland Milner and his team had a disappointing season this year, finishing with a 3-8-1 record. The team held fifth place in the MIAA. However, no glorious finish or high standing can fulfill the space left by hard and punishing labor to ready the cross-country ' s challenger. The long distance runner is different from all others and a bit to be looked to for insight. We are sorry that due to circumstances we could not bring forth a single picture of this team and therefore extend our hope that these words, words though they may be, can make do for these men and their dedicated coach, Ryland Milner: Charles Gilkinson Clifford Nellis Alan Klein Alan Rasmussen Lynnard Phipps Bruce Bernhardy Bob Olsen Gary Catus Charles Schroeder Steve Moore 257 Track 1969 258 : ' ' ' », ' - ' OU. _- 259 Baseball 1969 ' ' «i , 2 ■■ ■■HaS B ■■at s B IBHHil ■■ " J . ' BLmu M- ■■ H M •ssaJ MK- ::; r3 ■rtRiP ' viuc 260 ami Hsai . »4 261 T e n n 1 1969 ► iMOMrti ,m-mtiltli A I . ftt— - 1 1 i Ik 263 ;4 i t j. iiki —IE ' I 1 1 -!►!- I M I I kV a» SiMi fj H ft 1 264 i 265 ' ' M " Club FRONT ROW: Wayne Woolsey. Kenneth Ray Timke, James O. Williams III, treas.. David Rebori, president, Gary Howren, vice-president. Don Sears, Brad Willrich secretary. SECOND ROW: Henry Lewis Bailey. Jim Cook, Mark Stephen DeVore, Mike Beach, Gary Hawkins, Bruce Young, Ronald M. Harris, Gary James. THIRD ROW: Clifford Nelles. Joe M. Calia. David Wollbrinck, Steve Schottel. Bruce M. Thezan. Charles Gilkison. Pat Olheiser. FOURTH ROW: Gary L. Maulfair. Cullen Geisl. Darnell Moore. Sylvester Johnson. Steve Sutton. 266 !C . In spirit I But does it Need to be led Cheerleaders i -■ ft) «(i « ijQ 267 268 I ' 269 f ll. ■4 ■iGSiQ ' . ■j 1 V ' " ' N B LJ: 1 270 Jl Joseph Fleming. President Linda Flachsland. Vice President Senior Class Officers James M. Gillispie, Secretary-Treasurer Joyce Hatcher, Senator 272 Senior Class Steven R. Abplanalp. Major: Iniluslrial Arts, Minor: Dralling Caroline Adams. Major: Elemenlary Education Keith R. Adams, Major: Psychology. Minor: Sociology Richard W. Adams. Major: Industrial Arts. Minor; Drafting Gary Adcock. Major: Marketing. Mi- nor: General Business Mark Adcock. Major: English. Minor: History Dennis L. Adkisson. Major: Agricul- ture-Education Larry J. Aldridge. Major: Business Management. Minor: General Busi- ness Gary Alger. Major: Business Manage- ment Danny Joe Allen. Major: Agriculture. Minor: Biology Diana Allen. Major: Elementary Edu- cation James Allen. Major: Marketing. Mi- nor: General Business Larry Steven Allen. Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Coaching Linda Hicklin Allen. Major: Vocational Home Economics Sonia Allen. Major: Elementary Edu- cation Charles H. Allison, Major: Marketing. Minor: General Business Eduardo Almanza. Major: Finance Insurance, Minor: General Business Martha A. Amthor, Major: Vocational Home Economics Susan Andrews, Majors: French and English Glen R. Antle, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Coaching 273 Seniors Norma Appleman, Major: Elementary Education. Charles Arnold. Major: Business Man- agement, Minor: Marketing David M. Asbury, Major: Industrial Technology Earlene Atkins. Major: Elementary Education Karen June Bahl, Major: Art Dennis Stephen Bailie. Major: Business Management. Minor: General Busi- ness Vicki Baker. Major: Chemistry and Math Marion Stephen Ball. Major: Biology. Minor: Chemistry, Agriculture Gary Bannick. Major: Accounting. Minor: Business Earl Wayne Baker. Major: Accounting, Minor: Business John D. Barnes, Major: General Busi- ness, Minor: Drafting Joy L. Barnes, Major: Physical Edu- cation— Elementary and Secondary Terry L. Barnes. Major: Marketing. Minor: General Business Betsy Gail Barr, Major: Elementary Education Ruth Ann Baum. Major: English Pam Beach, Major: English Ronald Glen Beard. Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Physical Education Bruce Beem. Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting Chris E. Beemer, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Biology Barbara Beeson, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Library Science 274 Seniors UliKll M. .lo_ cc Bell. Major: Secretarial Pro- l.■edu e , Minor: Business Lloyd Benedict. Major: Marketing. Minor: Business Pal Benner, Major: English. Minor: Spanish Richard Bird, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Draftms lib lijH Anne Marie Black. Major: Political Science, Minor: Sociology Larry T. Blake. Major: Sociology, Mi- nor: Political Science Allyn Bock. Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Health and Safety Education Jennifer Lynn Boeh. Major: English, Minor: French xwm igdm Geraldee Bogess. Major: English. Minor: Library Science Lora M. Boggs. Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Psychology Terrv Boone, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Physics Leonard Booth, Major: History, Minor: Sociology Marklic tltBieil«! .ludith K, Borkowski, iviajor: Art LaDonna Bowers, Major: Physical Ed- ucation, Minor: Elementary Physical Education Gary Boyd, Major: Accounting. Minor: General Business Carol Brader. Major: Physical Educa- tion lidisw catio ' iitial I IjiIkB Eltnii ' i ' ' ' Amy Jeanette Bradfield. Major: Biology Jo Anne Brady. Majors: Sociology-Psy- chology. Mmor: Concentration Steven G. Bredensteiner, Major: Eng- lish Robert Gene Brill. Major: .Accounting. Mmor: General Business 275 Seniors Ray Bringolf. Major: Biology, Minor: Physical Education Catherine Brothers. Major: Vocational Home Economics Richard Brown. Major: History, Minor: Sociology Victoria Ann Brown. Major: Elementary Education Glenn Brownlee. Major: Industrial Arts Jim Bruns, Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business Steve Buckles. Major: Psychology, Minor: Coaching Mike Buehler, Major: History, Minor: Social Science f (% ..:«. ' . .ifi jt h A k Richard F. Burbridge, Major: Market- ing. Minor: General Business Mary Jo Burger, Majors: English and Library Science Perry V. Burgner. Major: Political Science. Minor: History Rolfe Buntaine, Major: Industrial Arts I. J. Burk, Major: Marketing. Minor: Business Terry Burke, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Industrial Arts Robert Burkhardl. Major: Accounting Richard Burnett. Major: Social Science 276 Ruth Ann Burns, Majors: Psychology and Sociology Judy Burt, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Recreation Judi Byrne, Major: Vocational Home Economics William Byrne, Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business I Seniors Mill JlClIf Howard Lynn Cadwell. Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Coaching Michael Cain, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Health Safety Lanthan D. Camblin, Jr.. Majors: Psy- chology and Sociology Annabelle Campbell, Major: Elementary Education. Minor: Library Science 111 .(8 :liol» Mm Joe Caraway, Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business Lowell D. Carlson, Major: Business Administration, Minor: General Busi- ness Richard E. Carpenter, Major: Political Science, Minor: History Betty L. Caryl, Major: Secondary Phys- ical Education, Minor: Elementary Physical Education Ml: A ■a 111 te James S. Castle, Major: Industrial Arts Larry Chafin, Major: Psychology, Mi- nor: Business Betty Chambers, Major: Physical Educa- tion Dolores Christensen, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Library Science M Ellis Gail M.Christiansen, Major: Music Joseph Cira, Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business James P. Clark, Major: Marketing, Mi- nor: General Business Janice Clark, Major: Secretarial Pro- cedures, Minor: General Business tl laii hi il Julia Ann Clausen, Major: Biologx, Mi- nor: Drama Julie Clemmcnsen, Major: Elementary Education Harold R. Clifton. Major: Psychology, Minor: Sociology Jane Cloud, Major: Elementary Educa- tion 277 Seniors Kenneth W. Clower, Majors: Agricul- ture and Business Marilyn Kay Cole. Major: Elenienlary Education Ted Coleman. Major: Concentrated Mathematics Keith Collier. Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Drafting i Gary R. Collins. Major: Business Man- agement, Minor: General Business William A. Collins. Jr.. Major: Physi- cal Education. Minor: Psychology Kenneth R. Callison. Major: Chemistry, Minor: History Van A. Conner, Major: Accounting i z iM John Conrad, Major: Social Science, Minor: History Sherry Cook, Major: Music Bill Copic, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health Safety Marilyn Corey, Major: Elementary Education ( Bonnie Cornett, Major: Vocational Home Economics Ronnie Cornett, Majors: Animal Sci- ence and General Business James A. Costillo, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health Safety Steven Cottrell, Major: French, Minor: Enalish Bruce Cronk, Major: Marketing, Mi- nor: General Business Linda Ray Cross, Major: Vocational Home Economics Phyllis Louise Crow. Major: Concen- trated English Richard Crow. Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business I 278 Seniors [lOti Jimr Linda L. Crowder, Major: Vocational Home Economics Ardcll Crowley. Major: Elementary Education. Minor: Library Science Leslie Crowley. Major: Physical Ed- ucation. Minor: Health Safely Ulenna Cunningham. Majors: Elemen- tary and Secondary Physical Educa- tion Barbara Ann Curnutt. Major: History. Minor: Sociology Patricia Ann Curnutt. Major: English. Minor: French John Curry. Major: Business Manage- ment Julie Curry. Majors: Library .Science and Enalish John Allen Cushman. Major: History. Minor: Political Science Michael Dailey. Major: Biology Karla J. Daniel. Major: Vocational Home Economics Dennis Dau. Major: Music Education Judy Daughenbaugh Education Hilda Daugherty. Major: Education Margrel Anne Davenport. cational Home Economic Richard DeLong, Major Minor: Earth Science Major: Business Elementary Major: Vo- Bioloiiv. John C. Demuth. Major: Social Science. Minor: Geography Sandra Demuth. Major: Elementary Education Jerre DeSpain. Major: History. Minor: Political Science Debra Ann DeWees. Major: Elemen- tar Education 279 Seniors Eugene Phillip Dickenson, Major: Con- centrated English Charles Dickey. Major: Business Man- agement, Minor: General Business M. Gail Didio, Major: Elementary- Special Education Donna Dixon, Major: Elementary Ed- ucation iiliktM Larry Dobson, Major: Industrial Arts Pat Donovan. Major: Marketing Brian K. Doty, Major: Marketing, Mi- nor: General Business Michael Douthat, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Electronics Trudy Kay Dowling, Major: English, Minor: Business Cindy Downing. Major: Elementary Education Jim Druen, Major: Psychology, Minor: Sociology Helen J. Duncan, Major: Physical Ed- ucation, Minor: Psychology Donald E. Dungan, Major: History, Minor: Political Science Christine Dunn. Major: Elementary Education Lynn Durhin. Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting Harold Durham, Major: Physical Ed- ucation. Minor: Health . Safety .loan Durham. Majors: French and Spanish Rosie Duly. Major: English. Minor: Psychology Kulh Ann Duvall. Major: Drama. Mi- nor: English Carolyn Dyke. Major: Elementary Ed- ucation. Minor: Librarv Science 280 Seniors Staria Eads, Major: Physical tduca- tion Phyllis Easterla. Major: EngHsh, Mi- nor: Spanish Richard A. Easlerla. Major: Business Management. Minor: General Busi- ness Stephen B. Easton, Major; Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting ; Maxine Eckels, Major: Elementary Education Lucille Eddy, Major: Elementary Ed- ucation Susan Eisenhour, Majors: Drama and Library Science Thomas Eitmann, Major: Agriculture- Business Linda Elam, Major: Secretarial Pro- cedures, Minor: General Business Robert Ellington, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business Stanley Ellis, Major: Agriculture Marilyn Elwell, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Engllish Nip KIlS! ali» Thomas Allen Engle, Major: Business Management David Erickson, Major: Accounting, Minor: General Business Jan Erickson, Major: Elementary Ed- ucation Gary Esbeck. Major: Agri-Business lit ■■■ " I Nora Lou Esles, Major: Vocational Home Economics Francee Evans, Major: Concentrated English Jeane Everett, Major: Secretarial Pro- cedures, Minor: General Business Victor J. Everett, Major: Marketing, Mmor: General Business 281 Seniors Mel Eyberg. Major: English Lajuana Pagan, Major: Business, Mi- nor: General Business Henry V. Falk, Major: Industrial Arts Joyce Fankhauser, Majors: Library Science and Sociology Carolyn Farber, Majors: Speech Drama. Minor: Library Science Sheila Joan Fast, Major: Secretarial Procedures, Minor: Business Linda Fell. Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business Bettv Jo Fields, Major: Elementary Education Lois Christine Fields, Major: Special and Elementary Education Janet Filloon. Major: Elementary Ed- ucation Robert H. Findley, Major: Accounting, Minor: General Business William Findley, Major: Psychology. Minor: Enizlish Linda Flachsland, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Recreation Joseph R. Fleming, Jr., Major: Eng- lish-Journalism Norma Fletchall, Major: Vocational Home Economics Paula J. Florea, Major: Music Susan E. Ford, Major: Art Vicki Forret, Major: Elementary Educa- tion Lynn I). Foster, Major: Animal Science Janis Fouler, Major: Art, Minor: Li- brary Science 282 Seniors Harold Lcc Krame, Major: Agri-Busi- ness Ann Freeman. Major: Klenicnlary Ed- ucation John French, Major: English. Minor: Psychology Gene Fry, Major: Hi.slory, Minor: Geography Carole Funslon, Majors: English and French Charles B. Gach. Major: Agriculture Dennis Gamble. Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business Wayne Garcia, Major: Physical Edu- cation. Minor: Health Safety Lois E. Garrett. Major: Elementary Education Ronald E. Gasper. Major: Business, Minor: Accounting James R. Gay, Major: Marketing, Mi- nor: General Business Linda Geib. Major: Vocational Home Economics PW irt» am [0 1 Stephen G. Gerhart, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Political Science Ronald Gibbs, Major: Business Connie Gibson, Major: Art Lana Gibson, Major: Elementary Edu- cation Martha Gibson. Major: Elementary Education James Giffin, Major: Chemistry. Mi- nor: Mathematics Velda Giffin. Major: Vocational Home Economics James M. Gillispie. Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business I 283 Seniors William Gilmore, Major: Physical Ed- ucation. Minor: Health Safety Greg Glauser. Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Health Safety Karol Godsey, Major: Elementary Ed- ucation Harold Gooding, Jr.. Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Health Safety Michael H. Goodlet. Major: Chemistry, Minor: Biology Alan Ray Goodwin. Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Agriculture Donna Grame. Major: Elementary Ed- ucation Carol Graves. Major: Psychology, Mi- nor; Sociology James William Gray, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Driver ' s Education Marcia Grey, Major: German, Minor: French Richard Grider, Major: Animal Sci- ence David Grimsley, Major: History, Mi- nor: Geography Janet Grinstead, Major: History, Mi- nor: Sociology Joyce Groomer, Major: Elementary Education Linda Haag, Major: English Sherecia L. Hager. Major: Elemen- tary Education David G. Hall. Major: Biology. Minor: Coaching Joe Hall. Major: History. Minor: Coach- ing Lynda Hall. Major: Physical Education, Minor: Business Nancy Hall, Major: English 284 Seniors Ellen Hamilton, Major: Elementary Education Sharon Hamilton, Major: Vocational Home Economics Jeannine Hannah. Major: Vocational Home Economics Gary Hansen, Major: History, Minor: Physical Education Sharon Hansen, Major: Vocational Home Economics Frances Hanson. Major: Secondary and Elementary Physical Education John R. Hardwick. Major: Industrial Arts Barbara Hardy. Major: Vocational Home Economics if. Dili Mark Hargens, Major: Psychology, Minor: Sociology Shirley Golden Harless, Major: English Rodney Hart, Major: Physical Educa- tion. Minor: Health Safety Terry Hartley. Major: Physical Edu- cation. Minor; Biology f0i Ek« Carol Sue Hartvigsen, Major: Physical Education. Minor: Psychology William H. Haskell. Jr., Major: Indus- trial Arts, Minor: Drafting Joyce Hatcher, Major: English. Minor: French Kathy Hatfield. Major: Secondary and Elementary Physical Education ,or,C( l [dya Linda Hays, Major: Art Donald Hazelwood. Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Drafting Margaret Ann Heath, Major: Elemen- tary Education Carl Heck. Major: Agriculture. Minor: Biology 285 Seniors k M ik lA James Richard Hembr , Major; Horti- culture Clell Hemphill. Majors: Business and tconomics Martha Hemry, Major: Elementary Education. Minor; Library Science John Henry. Majors; History and Li- brary Science Michael R. Henry, Major; Music John W. Herleman. Majors: English and Journalism Lora Herrick. Major: English, Minor: Library Science Ronald R. Hersom, Major: Psychology, Minor; Sociology Larry Hessel, Major; Mathematics. Minor; Physics Daniel Heyle. Major; Agn-Business Ronald W. Hill. Major: Business Man- agement. Minor: General Business Robert E. Hinckley, Major; Biology, Minor; Chemistry John D. Hixson. Major: Accounting. Mi- nor: Business Mark Hjelle. Major; Social Science, Minors: History and Sociology David W. Hockensmith, Jr., Major: Social Science, Minor: Geography Richard V. Hoecker. Major: Elemen- tary Education. Minor; Psychology Dennis W. Hoffman, Major; Agriculture Chemistry Judith L. iUiffman, Major: Vocational Home tconomics Dale E. Holcomb, Major; Biology, Mi- nor; Cieology Ella Holdsworth. Major: Art-Psychology 286 Seniors l-inda Hon. Major: Spanish. Minors: Krcnch and Psychology Kalhlccn Howard. Major: LIcmcnUiry hducalion Gary Howren. Major: Hnj;lish. Minor: Psychology Peggy Hughes. Major: blcnicnlary Hdu- calion »l HIdon Hunsicker. Major: Marketing. Minor: General Business Karin Eveline Hunt. Major: Physical Education. Minor: Elemenlary Physi- cal Education Leslie Hunter, Major: English. Minor: Library Science Steve Hunter. Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education KiS »)l ll« Dianna Hutchcralt, Major: Elementary Education Sam M. Indyk. Major: Busmess Man- agement. Minor: Marketing John Charles Ingraham. Major: Indus- trial Arts, Minor: General Industrial Arts Ann Irwin, Major: Secretarial Proce- dures, Minor: General Business S(K« Shigeo Iwade, Major: Economics, Mi- nor: Geography David Iwen, Major: Mathematics, Mi- nor: Physics Susan Jackson, Major: Elemenlary Education David Jaquilh, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Draflina j(Kll» iiM Nancy Jaquith. Major: Vocational Home Economics Randy Janssen, Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business Gene Jennings, Major: Agriculture Judy V. Jennings, Major: English, Mi- nor: French 287 Seniors Richard Jennings. Major; Animal Sci- ence Danny Jensen, Major; Markeline, Mi- nor; Business Jimmy A. Jensen, Major; Mathematics, Minor; Physics Linda Jensen. Majors; German and Enelish Nancy Jean Jensen. Major; Chemistry. Minor; Biology Robert Jessen, Major; Industrial Arts Jackie Joehims, Major; Elementary Education Christine Johnson, Major; Art Danny Johnson, Major; History, Minor; Social Science Gary Lee Johnson, Major; Biology, Minor; Chemistry Janet Johnson. Major; Vocational Home Economics Janice E. Johnson, Major; Elementary Education I Jayne Johnson, Majors; Special and Elementary Education Joe Johnson, Major; History. Minor; Geography Pam Johnson, Major; English Richard Johnson, Majors; Business and Marketing Roger Johnson, Major; Marketing, Minor: General Business Stuart C. Johnson, Major; Marketing, Minor; General Business Bruce Johnston, Major; Concentrated English Dennis Jones, Majors; Physical Edu- cation and Health Safety • 288 Seniors " lalSij. % % tkA Linn W. Jones, Major: lncliis[rial Arts. Minor: Drafting Ron D. Jones, Majors: Accounting and Business Wendell G. Jones, Major: Business Management, Minor: Marketing Lois Jordan, Major: Elementar Edu- cation Miiin, 111 Aai Mian Ray Jordan, Major: Biology. Minor: Chemistr Judith Joubert. Major: English, Minor: Library Science Richard L. Juel. Major: Marketing. Minor: Business Nadyne E. Justin. Major: Elementary Education Minor liolo . I Hub nenlin Donald W. kabel. Majors: Agriculture- Business Anna Kalin. Majors: Elementary and Secondary Physical Education Gregory P. Kapeluck, Major: Business Management, Minor: General Busi- ness Leroy Kariker, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Psychology ihoi Mint Ron Kauzlarich, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Health Safety Marda Keller, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Elementary Physical Education William C. Kelley, Major: Physical Education. Minors: Health Safety and Coaching Sherrill Kelsey. Major: Vocational Home Economics m m iiraiii Cheryl . ' knn Kemp, Major: English, Minor: Biology James R. Kemp, Major: Radio TV, Minor: English James Kennedy. Major: Marketing. Minor: Business Tom Kennedy. Major: History. Minor: Geography 289 Seniors Gene Kenny, Major: Animal Science Stephen M. Kerner, Major: Marketing, Major: Business Dean Kerns, Major: Business Manage- ment, Minor: Business Marilyn Kesselring, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Political Science Dorothy King, Major: Vocational Home Economics Herman A. King, Major: Sociology, Minor: Psychology Barbara Jean Kinsey, Majors: English and Library Science Donna Kitterman, Major: Elementary Education Sandra Klute. Major: Secretarial Pro- cedures, Minor: General Business George Knapple, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Power Mechanics Linda Knauf, Major: Vocational Home Economics Jane Kornfeind. Major: Art Education Steve Koroch, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Health Safety Robert Koscinski. Major: Biology, Mi- nor: Physical Education Dorothy Ellen Krabiel, Major: Elemen- tary Education, Minor: Mathematics Victor F. Kretzschmar, Major: Physi- cal Education, Minor: Psychology f t Robert Krueger, Major: Physics. Mi- nor: Mathematics John Kuhns, Majors: Psychology and Physical Education Sharon Kuhns, Major: Art Psychology Ann Kunkel, Major: Vocational Home Economics 290 Seniors Denny Kurl . Major: Pli sical Lduca- tion. Minor: Health Salely John Kusler, Major: History. Minor: PoHtical Science Mark Kyhnn, Major: Accounting. Minor: General Business .lames Laffoon. Major: Physical Edu- cation. Minor: Health Safety um J ' ■:3W " " «.S-j Carol Lager, Major: Vocational Home Economics Su anne Lainson. Major: Elementary Education Bob Langabee. Major: Marketing, Mi- nor: General Business Curtis R. Lantz. Majors: Chemistry and Physical Education. Minor: Coachine alh) luiirt lite I Ha liiaji Gary Lausch, Major: P.sychology. Mi- nor: Sociology Dennis Lautner, Major: Agricultural Business Wanda Lawless. Major: Busmess, Mi- nor: English Carol A. Leeper. Major: Concentrated Enelish Eilc .lull ilw f , Don Leidal. Major; Social Science. Minor: Geography Edward Leistad. Major: Accounting. Minor: General Business Janice Lemert. Major: French. Minor: German Arthur W. Letzig. Major: Art ,6 ' gl»» Ron Leuwerke, Major: Business Man- agement, Minor: General Business Lloyd Little, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting Richard Logan. Major: Spanish, Minor: French Ruth Long. Major: Elementary Educa- tion 291 Seniors Judy Lotz. Major: Elementary Education Edna Luke, Major: Vocational Home Economics Peggy Luke, Major: Elementary Educa- tion Lawrence W. Lumm, Majors: Mathe- matics and Agriculture Robert L. Lund, Majors: Business Management and Psychology, Minor: General Business Pat Lundquist. Major: Vocational Home Economics Charles Lusso, Major: Physical Educa- tion. Minor: Health Safety Bruce Lawson, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Health Safety Mary Lusso, Major: Business David Luther, Major: Business Man- agement Patricia A. Luther, Major: Elementary Education Sharon Lyies, Major: Vocational Home Economics Jerry Mabary, Major: Biology, Minor: General Business Ellen Madden, Major: Secondary Phys- ical Education, Minor: Elementary Physical Education Michael Madden, Major: Physical Ed- ucation, Minor: Coaching Gene Magill, Major: Political Science, Minor: History mm Mildred Ann Magner. Major: Physical Education, Minor: Psychology Kirk Maharry, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Health Safety Jim Malone, Major: Marketing Gary Allen Mann, Major: Animal Sci- ence 292 Seniors f r Janit. ' e Marckmann. Major: Elementary Education Tim I. Markel, Major: Psychology Minor: Biology Joseph Marotta, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Management Kathiey Marvin, Major: Elementary Education Kathie Maschke, Major: Physical Ed- ucation Ed Mason, Major: Marketing. Minor: General Business Wayne Malheny, Major: History, Minor: Political Science Judy Mathew. Major: Secondary Phys- ical Education, Minor: Elementary Physical Education Ho Am tA John Mauzey, Major: History, Minor: Geography Alice Louise Maxwell, Major: Elemen- tary Education Barbara McAvoy, Major: English, Mi- nor: Speech James McCallister, Major: General Business, Minor: Finance Insurance Gordon McClain. Majors: Business and Physical Education Eugene McCombs, Major: English- Journalism Christine McConnell, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Mathematics Edith Ereline McCord, Major: Elemen- tary Education, Minor: Library Sci- ence Steven McCormick, Major: Business Education Gerald McCush, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting John H. McDonnell, Major: English- Journalism Melba McGeorge. Major: Elementary Education 293 Seniors diM nhj X r ■ ' . Dean McGinness. Major: Zoology Thomas L. McGinness, Major: Biology Jan Mclrvin. Major: Business Manage- ment, Minor: General Business David R. McKee,. Major: Business, Minor; Physical Education Marjorie P. McKee. Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Library Science Kenneth G. McWilliams, Major: Busi- ness Management, Minor: General Business Michael Byron McWilliams, Major: Business Management, Minor: Gen- eral Business Kay Medsker, Majors: Elementary Ed- ucation and English Angel Melendez-Reyes, Major: Biology, Minor: Physical Education Dianne Melendez, Major: Elementary Education Thomas L. Mendenhall, Major: Agri- cultural Business Edward L. Menefee, Major: industrial Technology Steven Messerschmidt, Major: Physi- cal Education, Minor: Health Safely John Mercer, Majors: Art and Psy- chology Janet Kathleen Meyer, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Elementary Phys- ical Education Patricia Meyer, Major: Elementary Eaucation April Miller, Major: Art Cynthia Miller, Majors: Psychology and Sociology Dale L. Miller, Major: Accounting, Mi- nor: Business David L. Miller, Major: Animal Science 294 Seniors Edward R. Miller. Major: Elementary Education Mary Elaine Miller, Major: Elementary Education. Minor: Library Science Rodney Miller, Major: Industrial Tech- nology, Minor: Architectural Drawing Sherry Miller. Majors: English and Library Science iMdtM Mignon Mills. Major: Vocational Home Economics Kenneth Millsap, Major: History, Mi- nor: Social Science Arlen Milne, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting Lana Minnick, Major: Vocal Music John Minton. Major: Sociology, Minor: Psychology Paulelte Moehring, Major: Secretarial Procedures, Minor: General Business Ellen Louise Mohr. Major: English, Minor: Psychology Juan J. Mohr. Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education idf? PM Terry Molgaard, Major: Marketing Kathy Moody. Major: Vocational Home Economics Daniel Moore. Major: History. Minor: Geography Debbie Moore. Major: Psychology, Mi- nor: Sociology 111? Phil Moore, Major: Animal Sciences, Minor: Biology Pamela Morehead, Major: Elementary Education Connie Morgan, Major: Elementary Ed- ucation Ted Morgan, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: General Industrial Arts 295 Seniors Cheryl Morin, Major; Elementary Ed- ucation Chris Morris. Major; Elementary Ed- ucation Erwin Morris. Major; Business Man- agement, Minor; General Business Jan Morse, Major: Elementary Educa- tion Joseph G. Motsinger. Major: Radio TV Phyllis Mowrey. Secretarial Proce- dures, Minor; Business Mary Jo Mullen, Major: Elementary Education Robert R. Mullen. Majors: Agronomy and Horticulture T H r N, t Robert Mummellhie, Major: Industrial Arts, Minors; Drafting and Driver Education Kathryn Murphy, Majors; Library Sci- ence and English Marvin D. Murphy. Major: Mathemat- ics. Minor; Biology Gary L. Musgrave, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health Safety Phil Myers, Major: Accounting, Minor: General Business Thomas G. Myers. Jr.. Major: Mar- keting, Minor: General Business James W. Neal, Major: Biology, Minor: Health Safety Bob Neese, Major; Finance Insurance. Minor: General Business Duane Newland, Major; Physical Edu- cation, Minor; Health Safety Pat Newland. Major: French, Minor: English Joseph Nichols, Major; Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Health Safety Patricia Sue Nold, Major: Physical Ed- ucation, Minor; Recreation 296 Seniors It Ronald J. Norfolk. Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting Myra Kay Norman, Majors: History and French Bradley Nydegger, Major: History, Minor: Geography Terry G. O ' Brien, Major: Instrumental Music i iM Ray Ochs, Major: Health Safety, Mi- nor: Physical Education Dan Oder. Major: Physical Education, Minor: Coaching Denny Ohde, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health Safety Jacqulin J. Oliphant. Major: Physical Education, Minor: Recreation Darrel Olson, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting Susan O ' Riley, Major: Psychology. Mi- nor: Sociology Randall L. Overman. Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Chemistry Marsha Owings, Major: Elementary Education Ray Palmer, Majors: German and French Lloyd D. Palmitier, Major: Business Management Wesley A. Parkhurst, Major: Account- ing, Minor: General Business Kathryn Parks, Major: Concentrated English Richard Paul, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business Administration Cheryl Paulsen, Major: Vocal Music Galen J. Payne, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry Patricia Payne, Major: Language Com- position, Minor: Literature 297 Seniors Sharon Payne, Major: Elementary Edu- cation Ron Petersen, Major: Physical Educa- tion. Minor: Health Safety Monte Peterson, Major: General Agri- culture Wayne Peterson, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Agriculture Michael Phillips, Major: Business Management, Minor: General Busi- ness Wayne Phillips, Major: Business Man- agement Lynnard E. Phipps, Major: History, Minor: Geography Cathy Pierce, Major: Accounting Susan Pierson, Major: Library Science, Minor: Spanish Robert Pile, Major: General Agriculture Joyce Ann Piveral, Major: Vocational Home Economics Virgil E. Piveral, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business Rita Wagner Poppa, Major: Elementary Education Roscoe E. Porch, Jr., Major: Music Gregory Alan Pottratz, Major: Agri- culture Sharon Pottral , Major: Elementary Education Richard D. Preston, Major: Accounting, Minor: General Business David R. Price, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Health Safety Melody Price, Majors: English and Li- brary Science Myra Pride, Major: English 298 Seniors ,£M£k Stephen Provenzo, Major: Physical Ed- ucation, Minor: Health Safety Robert L. Pruitt, Major: Physics, Mi- nor: Mathematics Dee Pullen, Major: Agricultural Busi- ness Fred Quam, Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business mkm Mdi . ' ■ ' Jamie Rainey, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Health Safety Donald K. Rankin, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting Earl Ray, Ma jor: Industrial Arts Frank Ray, Major: Psychology, Minor: Physical Education Gene Read, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Driver Education Leonard K. Read, Major: Chemistry Marilyn Read, Major: Vocational Home Economics Kay Reavis, Major: English, Minor: Library Science David Michael Rebori, Major: Physi- cal Education, Minor: Health Safety Judy Marie Redfield, Major: Vocational Home Economics Merlin D. Redfield, Major: Economics, Minor: Sociology David E. Reed, Major: Marketing, Mi- nor: General Business Gary Lyie Reed, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting Mike Reed, Major: Finance, Minor: Insurance Robert W. Reeves, Major: Industrial Arts Carol Moore Reger, Major: Elementary Education 299 Seniors Dennis Reichenbacher. Major: Zoology Marilyn Reiclienbacher, Major: Ele- mentary Education John E. Reighard, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business Marilyn Reighard, Major: English •r ' v i Patty Reiss, Major: Elementary Edu- cation Mary E. Riddle, Major: English David Ridge, Major: Geography. Minor: Sociology Jan Robbins. Major: Elementary Edu- cation Gail Roberts, Majors: Library Science and English Stan Rock, Majors: Sociology and Psy- chology Elaine Roeder, Major: Elementary Education Donna Rollins, Major: Vocational Home Economics Jennifer Ross, Major: Psychology, Mi- nor: Sociology Paul E. Ross, Major: Biology Kristen Andrew Roudybush, Major: Vocational Home Economics Debbie J. Roush. Major: English, Mi- nor: Erench Jim C. Rowe. Major: Industrial Arts Norman Rowland, Jr.. Major: Art Mary Ruark, Major: Elementary Edu- cation Michael Ruckman, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Coaching 300 Seniors Judi Rumble. Major: Secondary Phy- sical Education, Minor: Elementary Physical Education Sharon Rutledge. Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science Jo Marie Rydl, Major: Elementary Ed- ucation John Saccaro. Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Safety Education »l Sen IM Jay Sanders, Majors: Psychology and Agriculture Robert J. Sanducci, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Psychology Richard John Salewicz, Major: Account- ing. Minor: Business Randy Salvers. Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education Hilton Sander. Major: Agricultural Business Robert L. Saunders. Major: Marketing. Minor: General Business Kay Saville. Major: Elementary Edu- cation Mark D. Schirmer. Major: Business. Minor: Industrial Arts John Charles Schlesselman. Major: General Business, Minor: Psychology Thomas E. Schmulz, Major: Mathema- tics. Minor: Physical Education Gary R. Schnack. Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Health Safety Eileen Elizabeth Schneider, Major: Ele- mentary Education, Minor: Library Science fUl ' ' Alt liiliil " Duane Schnelle, Major; Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Health Safety LaMonte Schoenfelder, Major: Biology Kathlyn Schafer. Major: Vocal Music Minor: Music Frank Schottel. Major: Physical Edu- cation. Minor: Health Safety 301 Seniors Gary F. Schrocder. Major; Marketing, Minor: General Business Marly Schroeder, Major: Marketing. Minor: Business Randall M. Schult , Major: Agriculture Michael Schuster. Majors: Biology and Chemistry k Iris Houston Scott. Major: Biology Paul Searls. Major: Business Manage- ment. Minor: General Business Don Sears. Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health Safety Marjorie Sears. Majors: Secondary and Hlementar Physical Education X J ' jGS Bob Sefrit. Major: Animal Science. Minor: General Agriculture Marvin E. Seim, Jr., Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business Connie Seuell, Major: Physical Educa- tion Kenny Shaw, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education Dennis J. Shepherd. Major: Marketing. Minor: Business Gloria Sherman. Major: English-Jour- nalism Shirley Sherry, Major: Elementary Education. Minor: Library Science Tom Short. Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: General Industrial Arts Linda Shrum. Major: Elementary Edu- cation Tanya Simtiions. Majors: Drama and Speech. Minor: English Vernon Simmons. Majors: Speech and Theatre James H. Simpson. Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Physical Education 302 Seniors Gerald W. Sisson, Major: General Busi- ness, Minor: Public Address Susan Sjolin, Major: Spanish. Minor: English Judy Skahill. Major: Elementary Edu- cation Jay Skeels. Major: Art Recil Skinner, Major: Speech Correc- tion Marvin James Slusher, Major: History, Minor: Social Science Kent Smith. Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business Olive Smith, Major: Music S» iililt ik iltt all iik-Hi tIKS £MM Peter J. Smith, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Physics Ray Smither. Major: English Dwight E. Snead, Major: Agronomy Merril Sommer. Major: Agricultural Chemistry Marvin Soper, Major: Psychology, Mi- nor: Biology Phillip Spangler, Major: Chemistry Richard Eric Spiegel, Major: Animal Husbandry, Minor: Biology Paul Rolhand Stadlman 11, Major: Radio TV, Minor: Psychology » lii 111(1 Terrie Jo Starkovich, Major: Physical Education Frederick Steffen, Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business Delores Stoll. Major: Sociology. Minor: History Bruce Stone, Major: History, Minor: Social Science 303 Seniors Janie Slone. Major: Elementary Edu- cation Phyllis Stone. Major: Physical Educa- tion Robert L. Stone. Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business Ronald Stone, Major: Accounting, Mi- nor: General Business Edward Thomas Strade. Major: Chem- istry, Minor: Mathematics Stephen Strain. Major: Psychology, Minor: Biology Olin Strait, Major: Business Manage- ment Gerald Mark Strasser. Majors: Mathe- matics and German i kA Sue Stroburg. Major: Psychology, Mi- nor: German Terry Stueck, Major: Psychology. Mi- nor: Biology David Sturm. Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Coaching Dixie Sturm, Major: Elementary Edu- cation I M Patty Sunderman. Major: Elementary Education Kathy Swain. Major: Music Stan Swan, Major: Marketing. Minor: Business Douglas L. Swanson. Major: Business Management. Minor: Business Judy C. Swart . Major: Vocational Home Economics Beth Sweat. Majors: Sociology and Psychology Dennis Sweeney. Major: Physical Edu- cation. Minor: Health Safety Marsha Sweeney. Major: Secretarial Procedures. Minor: General Busi- ness tl 304 1 Seniors tt ini. Dwaine Swett, Major: Art Psychology Dave Tarwater, Major: Economics. Minor: History Carol Taylor. Major: Elementary Edu- cation Nancy Taylor, Major: Vocational Home Economics Cb- UlB, liM!!- Julie Tett, Major: Elementary Educa- tion George L. Taubel HI. Majors: Social Science and History. Minor: Geog- raphy Mary Templeton. Major: English Robert Thomas. Major: Psychology. Minor: English !) ' , Mi- s ' , Mi- ll AiU rv ik Elaine Thompson, Major: English. Mi- nor: Library Science Ron Thompson. Major: Psychology, Minor: Physical Education Anthony Tiller. Major: English, Minor: Psychology Kenneth Ray Timke. Major: Marketing it«l»! MilM Dwight Tomes. Major: Speech. Minor: Psychology Edward L. Tomlinson. Major: Psychol- ogy. Minor: Sociology Marilyn Tomlinson. Major: Secretarial Procedures. Minor: General Busi- ness Ronald Dean Tooley. Major: Marketing ' ooiiwi ' loiy ■ ' ,icil tlj til !« James B. Tornabane. Major: English, Minor: Psychology Jerome J. Trout, Major: Zoology Edward Trullinger, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Mathematics Margaret Trullinger, Major: Elemen- tary Education 305 Seniors James A. Van Baren, Major: Market- ing, Minor: Business Administration Joyce VanBebber, Major: English Cheryl VanCleave, Majors: English and Library Science Dorothy Van Hoozer, Major: Elemen- tary Education Donald Vaughn, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry Michael D. Victor, Major: Accounting, Minor; General Business Valarie Violett, Major: Speech Therapy Richard Jon Voss, Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Health Safety Kay Vuigamott, Major: Music Robert E. Wade, Major: Horticulture, Minor: Biology Phil Wainwright, Major: History, Mi- nor: Social Science Martha Waits, Major: Elementary Ed- ucation Greg Walkup, Major: Political Science, Minor: Sociology Marilyn Wallace, Major: Elementary Education Susan Wallace, Majors: English and Library Science Betty Walter. Major: Elementary Ed- ucation Phyllis Sue Walter, Major: Vocational Home Economics Richard Walton, Major: Music Thomas M. Walton, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Coaching James H. Ward. Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: General Science 306 Seniors ■itfTlO MiM Alvin Wareberg, Major: Malhematics, Minor: General Science Joyce Warne, Major: Elementary Edu- cation Pamela Warren, Major: History, Mi- nor: Social Science Dennis Waters, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Biology Mb idiiiti Al Paula June Watkins, Major: Elemen- tary Education Julia Weaver, Major: English, Minor: Library Science Terry Weaver, Major: Business Man- agement, Minor: General Business Ed Weidner, Major: Physical Education, Minors: Health Safety and Coach- in g iciliii mil Janet C. Welch, Major: Elementary Ed- ucation Robert L. Welch, Major: Psychology, Minor: Biology Wanda Weldon, Major: Elementary Ed- ucation, Minor: Spanish Charlene West, Major: Elementary Education So twB ilinfc Gloria G. West, Major: Elementary Education Larry A. West, Major: Psychology, Minor: Sociology Beverly Westfall, Major: Elementary Education George White, Major: Animal Science, Minor: Biology Herb White, Majors: English and Psy- chology Judy K. Whitehill, Major: Elementary Education Danny Lee Williams, Major: Account- ing, Minor: General Business J. Dennis Williams, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Helath Safety 307 Seniors Jim Williams, Major: Physical Educa- tion. Minor: Health Safety Joyce Williams, Major: Elementary Education Marlys Williams, Major: Concentrated Mathematics Tom Williams, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Health Safety Jim Willis. Majors: Physical Education and Industrial Arts Diane Willson. Major: Business Educa- tion. Minor: Library Science Jan Wilmes. Major: English. Minor: French Ronald Wilmes, Major: Agricultural Business Michael Wilson, Major: Business Man- agement Michael G. Wilson, Major: Business Management. Minor: General Business Steve J. Wilson, Major: Industrial Arts William E. Wilson, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting Gary Wimmer, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Health Safety Carol Ann Winger. Major: English. Minor: Psychology Erich Hauser Winter. Major: English. Minor: Mathematics Rosey Wirt . Major: Elementary Edu- cation Eddie A. Wooderson. Major: Physical Education. Minor: Coaching Barbara Kay Woods. Major: Elemen- tary Education Lyie M. Woodward, Major: Industrial " Arts Larry L. Woody, Major: Accounting 308 Seniors jiM i Ronald Gk-nn Woollcy. Major: Health Safely. Minor: Psychology Sally Woolley. Major: Elemenlary bdu- calion Howard W. Woolsey, Major: Physical Hducation, Minor: Health Safety Denny Woofers, Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business i . « Marilyn Joyce Worth, Major: Psychol- ogy, Minor: Sociology Linda Worthwine. Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Library Science Stanley David Wright, Major: Business Management i«J» P iM Joyce Yokoo, Major: English Dwighl Youngman, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry Phillip L. Youngs. Majors: Business Management and Finance Insurance Stan Zeanier. Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Health Safety Susan Zebelean, Major: Elementary Education Harry Joe Zimmerman, Major: Social Science, Minor: History 309 T Jackie Lionberger, President Jackie Keepers, Vice President Junior Class Officers Jean Evans. Secretary-Treasurer Jeanne Hulsell. Senator 310 Juniors Judy Akers Lee Albers David Alexander Betty Allen Linda J. Allen Marsha AUbury Twila Anders Diane Anderson Ronald Anderson Melvin Andrews Larry B. Apple Terry Armbrust Robert D. Arnod John Ascherl Rick Ashby William Atterberry Jan Bagley Cynthia Bahzley Wesley Baler Lewis Bailey Allen Baker Kerry L. Baker Kay Barnett Laurie Barr Robert Bazan Gregg Beam Steve Bebout Barbara Beckner Patty Beeks Charles Bell William F. Bellmore Betty Bender Joe Bensyl Joe Berti Gwyn Blackburn Jim Boeck Steven Boeck Peggy Bohrer Pat Bolin Doug Bolliger Maurice Booton Terry Bordenkircher 311 Juniors Angela Boswell Denise Bower Susan Boyce Nancy Boyd Sherry Boyer Thomas Brick Van F. Bright Bonnie B. Briley Linda Brilson Jerry L. Brockhaus Larry Brockhaus Allen J. Brown Illah Brown Lionel K. Brown Keith Burge Deborah Burk Linda Burk Elisa K. Burke Cindy Burt Buddy G. Burtch Dwayne Buske Ron Cady JR. Calkins Marsha Camblin Bonnie Cameron Josephine Campbell Sharon Campbell Don Carpenter Charles H. Carter Janet Caskey James D. Cassity John Cauveron Gary P. Caven Linda Cavner Barbara Ceplina Ted Chandler Burdette Christensen Mary Ann Christopher Connie Clark Leslie L.Clark Margaret Clausen Calvin Cleveringa 312 Linda K. Clowser Dennis Coates Patty Cocking Elaine Colborn Mary Cole Richard Cole r%m f ' Irma Collins Karl M. Combs Janet Comer Gary Conklin Stephen Conley Jimmy N. Constable Bud Cornelius Ray Courtney Sandra Cox Jeanne Cracraft Norman Crom Sue Crook Thomas J. Cundall Julie Currie Jim Curtis Deanna Dannar Chris Davis Debbie David Gary L. Davis Romey K. Davis Edward Day John G. Deatsch Woodie Decker Patricia Deloney Carol DeLong Boyd Denton Larry A. Derr Barbara Dodson Dennis Domino Sara Jo Drown Marilyn A. Dugan Mamie Easlon Grace Ebrecht Thomas L, Ellison Janet Ellsworth Max EIrod 313 Juniors Waverly Engle Maria K. Euritl Jean Evans Larry Falk Phil Farnan Sieve Farnan Patricia Faubion Steve Fetty James Fink Peggy F inlay Stephen Finlayson Dick Fiori Richard Fish Tabitha L. Foster Thomas Fox Paulette Frazier Delmar Freemyer Sherry Fryer Janice Fulton Ray Furst Jerry Gallinger Russ Gallinger Phillip Gamet Juan Garcia Carolyn Garr Ronald R. Garton Cherie Gay Gary Geer Robert Gendes Danny L. George %3M f% Stanley Gibson John Giltner Charles Gilkison Vicki Gillispie Rita Gilmore Danny Gipson Linda Gittins Diane Godden Helen Goldsmith Caren Gonder Bob B. Goode James Goodwin t 314 Juniors lidUk I Terry Gordon Connie Gorsuch Emily Graeff Edward Graglia Colleen Green Judy Kay Green Webster Green Mark Greenway Gayl Griffith Ruth Groesbeck David Groom Sandra Grubbs Karl Halbig Rodney Hall Rick J. Hamni Denise Hammer Phyllis Hardy Christine Harman Joyce Harms Marcia E. Harris Ronald M. Harris DeAnn Harrison Helen Hart Donald Hascall Edgar R. Hatcher Gary Hawkins Susan Hazen Margaret Hedges Anna Hendren Nancy M. Hendrickson Dave Henn Dennis Hendrix Vicki Henry Don Herteen Joyce Hickman Debbie Hilgenberg Linda Hilsabeck C. Jon Hinkle Lyie Hodde Jackie Hogrewe Virginia Hohensee Susan Hoieman 315 Juniors tm Nancy Holland Carolyn Holmes Joy Holmes Rick Holmes Rick Hoist Arlene Horner Pam Hospelhorn Terry M. Hosteller Richard D. Houts Elaine Hubbard Mike Hufnagel Rick Hughes Ronald Hullquisl Paula Humphrey Suzanne Hum Ron Hunter Marsha Hunziger Diana Hulchings Jeanne Hutsell Dan Hutton Jane Hyden Larry Hylarides Bill Ingels Cheryl Ingraham Stanley Ingraham Mike Ingram David Isenhour Georgina Iverson Ed Jackson Phyllis Jackson Vickie Jackson Gary James Patricia James Diane Jacques Victor Jenkins Michele Jennings Ron Jennings Bob Johnson Dick Johnson Deborah Jones Edward Jones Jan D. Jones 316 Juniors Walter Jones Terry Juelsgaard Elizabeth Kahl Larry T. Kalloway Louann Karr John Kauffman William S. Kee Ann Keefe Jackie Keepers Marcia Keeton Mary Kernery Mary Killgore Danny Kilmer Barbara King Russell W. King Sarah King Sandy Kinkade Chuck Kluver Diane Englebrechl Jim Knauer Sandi Krieshauser Eileen Kreek James A. Komm Ed Laneville Linda Lantz Jeff Larmer John Larson Richard J. Larson Melvin Lattin Patricia Lawrence Dan Leighninger Judith Leighninger Sharon Lewis Joyce Leytham Leslie Linville Jackie Lionberger Ruth Ann Loch David Logan Mattia LoScaIzo James Lowrance William Luce Nancy Lusk 317 Juniors Linda LuUrell Ed Lynam Bruce Maach Peggy Makings Jim Mahoney Jane Mann Shoba Mansukhani Loren Markl Sharon Martin Leo D Mason Charles Matthews Gary L. Maulfair Thorn Maxwell Larry McCarty Mary McClanahan Steven McCluskey Margaret McElroy Richard McGinness Lawrence McGuire Nancy McGuire Carol Mclntyre Gayla McKinnie Deanna McWilliams Kerrill McWilliams Kathy Melvin Dave Merriman Jim Meyer Betty Meyn Bill Miles Janie Miller Larry Miller Marsha Miller Richard Miller Sharon Miller Twila Miller John Moberg Jane Mobley Linda Mohr Michael Monic Robert Mooney Barbara Moore Darnell Moore 318 Juniors Dianne Moore Lesley Moore Wayne Moore Venda Moogan Mareia Morrison Teena Morrow Kendall Mork Russ Mullen Jim Mullins Terry Lee Mullin Steve Musfeldt Bill Musgrave Percy Myers Michael Mvrick Clifford Nelles Judy Nelson Helen Nelson Peg Nelson Steve Nelson Larry Newhouse Bill Nicols Pat Nichols Janet Nicholas Maurice Nielsen Fereydoon Norouzi Marck Nystrom James O ' Donnell Judy Oetjen Richard O ' Halloran Jackie Orth Fern Oliphant Simone Oliva Jim Oliver MikeOrr Bill Ottinger Don Palmatier Becky Parman Gena Paul Judy Pawling Janet Paulsen Mary Paulson David Perkins 319 Juniors Allen Peterson David Peterson Kathy Peterson Ronald Peterson Ann Pfeifer Dan Pfeifer Ed Phillips John Pickard Gary Pierce Marlin Pierce Edward Pine Kathy Plummer Mary Poeckes Judy Pomeroy Teddy Pottorff Nancy Powell Paul Poynter Alan Price Bobby Purviance James Quarnstrom Cynthia Rather Allen Rasmussen Joyce Ranniger Jerry Rains Carol Ray Cindy Lou Read Richard Reece Linda Reed Sandra Reeves Ken Reger William Rehm Allen Reisinger Clarence Renken Norma Reynolds Jane Rhodes John Rice Mary Ann Richardson Mary Ann Richardson Lynn Richeson Donna Richmond Becky Rickman Lynn Ridenour I ¥ 320 Juniors Earl Riggs Eric Riley Carolyn Ring Robert Robbins (jary Roberts Reg Roberts Suzanne Rockow Dewan Rose Phil Rosenberg John Rosl Gary Routh Charles Ruppel Charlene Rush Donna Rychnousky Irma Sallee Leonard Sample Darwin Samuelson Randy Sands Angelo Savaiano Maureen Scanlan Richard Schaley Roger Schantz Eugene Schieber Carolyn Schlange Mike Schmieding Doug Schoeneck Mike Schofield Venita Scholl Suzanne Schrier Edward Schroeder Karen Schuck Rick Schwarz Roger Schlotzhauer Jean Scott Nancy Scott Leona Seamans Linda Seitter Barry Sellergren Elli Severson Cyrus Shahidi Connie Shipley Russell Shipley 321 Juniors Susan Shipley Richard Shollenberger Linda Siedenburg Randy Sieve Ann Simmons Nila Simmons Craig Simonsen Chuck Sinclair Shelly Slagle George Slocum Rulhi Slocum Cathy Smith Dennis Smith Janis Smith Marie Smith Richard Smith Tonnie Smith Deborah Snead Vicki Snell Jane Snyder Mary Jo Sorensen Larry Spain Linda Spears Donna Sperry Karen Sprock Cynthia Staten Bob Stockwell Mike Stocker Diana Stotl Linda Stolley Bruce Story Stephen Straight Linda Strain Chery Strasheim Paul Stutzman Jim Sullivan Donald Summers Marie Summers Lmda Sumy Donna Swain Gail Sybert Janet Taff 322 Juniors . U Jl Marianne Tapp Bonnie Taubel Dorothy Taul Ralph Taylor Alan Terry Tern Terry Bruce Thezan Kay Thomas George Thomas Terry Thomas Glenda Thompson Nancy Thompson Janice Thornton Garv Tiemever BillTighe Mary Tisdale Karen Tribalel Keith Troester Thomas True Larry Turk Carol Turner Rudy Turner Lilly Tyrrell Raeford Updike Rosalie Vandewater Mary Van Every Vicky Van Hoozer Harvie Van Nordstrand Herb Van Vactor Victor Varchola Sue Vaux Joe Vest Tim Vuagniaux Alan Wagner James Wakeman Keith Waller Gary Walter Suzan Walters Tim Wandell Ronald Ward Dorothy Ware David Warman 323 Juniors Ruth Warren Dee Waterworth Linda Watson John Weaver Phyllis Webber Wayne Weipert Bill Wells Craig Wernimonl Linda Wetzel Michael Wickizer Jill Wicks Larry Wiegman Charla Wiepert Dick Wiles Dennis Wilkins Craig Willis Janice Williams Joyce Williams Sandra Williams Donald Whipple Stacie Whitaker Suzanne Whitaker Nannelte While William Wimmer Martha Winfrey Linda Winkler Dana Winn Janelle Wollenhauot Walter Woodring Frank Woodruff i Margy Woods Sandra Worders Pat Wright Robert Wright Wendy Wykoff Phi Ray Young Carolyn Zimmerman Laural Zook Ann Collier David J. Davis Edith Harris Susan Meckel 324 Dennis .luhl Joe McGuiness Steven Petty David E. Thompson I Sr ' Bruce Stadlman. President Mary Hamilton, Vice President Sophomore Class Officers Bruce W. Andersen. Secretary-Treasurer Mike Coslello. Senator 326 Sophomores Paul Abrisz Linda Acord Kathy Adams Christine Ainsworth Majid Ali Robert Allen Sam Allen Don Allinder Betty Allison Debra Ambrose Steve Ames Dale Anders Sharon Anderson Dan Anderson Jean Anderson Betty Andrews Mary Jane Archer Judy Armbrest Rosemary Arrowsmith David Arthur Sue Atherton Gayle Atkins Carlotta Auten Dennis Bachman Ed Bacon Paul Bailey Tom Baird Barbara A. Baker Bruce Baker Mitchell D. Baker Phil Baker Stephen Baker Willie Baker Susie Baldus Cheryl Ballew Vivian M. Banks Doris Barnhart Joyce Barratt Stanley Barton Susan Bauer Linda Baumli Grea Bauer 327 Sophomores Reca Baymiller Donald M. Beaulieu Susan Beerman Cynthia Beigel Kim Bell Jim Bennett Marilyn Bennett Bob Benton Morris Berndt Mary Jo Berning Robert W. Berning David Best Janice Binning Jim Binning Jeanette Bird Mike Blackburn Peggy Blackburn Jim Blackford Pauline Blaylock Kathy Blevins Judy Bode Jack Bochner Cindy Boltinghouse Deanna S. Bolton Sally Botkin Pamela Bowen John S. Bowker Dennis Bowman Ethel Bowman Kenneth Bowman Marvin Bradley Nancy Bredensteiner Greg Brantman David Broekman Donna Brown Joy Brown Jewlie Brown Karen Bro Howard Brubaker Janice Bruggenian Rebecca Bryant Judi Buck 328 Sophomores Lewis Buckncr Marilyn Bullock Barbara Bunch Bonila Burger John Burkitl Dena Burslein Bev Callaway Gerald Callow Wayne Calver Karen Calvert Virginia Canon Ken Carl 19 3M Betty Carson Brenda Carter Dominic Caruso Gina Castelluccio Floyd Castillo DaveCalus James Cheney Louise Chipp Jennifer Christenson Glenda Clariday Keith Clark Dean Clark Steve Clark Susan L. Clark Vickie Clemson Judy Clevenger Louis Clothier Michael Colgan Roberta Collins Jean Collinson Kristine Connell Gena Connley Larry Conrad John Correcc Don na Corum Michael Costello Dick Cox Neal Cox Kenneth Crawley Dean Critten 329 Sophomores Lawrence Crom Sam Cross Wayne Culver Liza Cummins Judy Cundall Mary Cunningham Linda Curtis Carol Dalbey Paul Damm Nancy Danielson Robert Davenport Lin Davidson Aditha Davis Carol Davis Lucy Davis Neeta Day Michael Dean Glennis Deardorff MM Mike Deatz Louie DeMario Debbie Diaz Gene Dill Dea Dingman Yvonne Doll Bill Donegan Pamela Doty DeAnn Driver Ernie Dubak Marta Duckworth Dudley Gordon Myron Dunavan Dale Duncan Lonnie Duvall Carol Dye Mary Dyer Julie Dvgert Anna Hasten Linda Eastburn Lana Edwards Ed Egan Valorie Edwards LaRue Eisenbarger 330 Sophomores 9 i ' ffj k Susan Elardo Sue Elder Audrey Hllinglon Mark tlllolt Orrin Ellis Myrna Ellison Debbie Elms Betty Emmons Dayle Emrick Mary Lee Ensch Janice Erb Richard Erickson Sharon Estep Lonnie Edwards Veronica Ewing Mary Faga Margaret Faidley Margaret Eairman Becky Farmer Deborah Sue Farmer Paul A. Farmer Mary Kay Farnan Dennis Fast Gary Ferguson Robert Finch Judy Findley Randy Finken Donna Fisher Peggy Fitzgerald Vicki Fitzgerald Randy Flanagan Fran Fleming Mary Fleming Shirley Flinn Thelma Flint Larry D. Foltz Janis Ford Regina Fordyce Linda Foster Lynda Fox Debbie Frasier Connie Franson 331 Sophomores Stanley Frese John Frey JoAnn Friedrichsen Bob Fryer Gary J. Gangeslad Lynn Garrett At Vicki Gaul Linda George Marnie Giannini William Gibler Nancy Gill Rebecca Gill ispie Janet Gilson Judy Elizabeth Goettsch Dan Goldapp Jim Goodale Anita Gram Roger R. Graves Monica Gray Randy Gray Karia Greaves Irene Greeley Judy Gregory Joy Lynn Griffith Jo Griffith James Gross Roger Groteluschen Sherylyn Guffey Nancee Haas Susan Hackett Cynthia Hager Steve Hagler Diana Ham Donna Hamilton Mary Hamilton Linda Handsaker Linda Haner Cheryl Hansen Dave Hansen Oscar Hansen John Kirby Hanson Donna Hardin 332 Sophomores De Arra Harding Bonnie Hardwick Karen Hardy Debbie Harmon Michael Harwood Scotl Hawkins Linda Hawks Cheryl Hawley James Hazen Melinda Heck Diana Hegwood Dennv Heimke Janet Helberg Neil Hemminger Pat Hennessy Kila Henry Susan Herald Mary Hering Phil Herrington Glen Hessel Martin Highlander Larry Hilf Michelle Hillman Ivan Hils abeck Doug Hobson Dana Hockensmith Constance Hogden Bruce Hokanson Teri Holladay David Holmes Barry Holt Steven Horine Vicki Horton Barbara Hower Mary Beth Howitt Elaine Hudson Charles Huechtker Gaylin G. Huey Ruth Huey Annette Huff Dean Hulsebus June Ann Humphrey 333 Sophomores Cathy A. Hunt Susan Lynn Hunt Rita Hurst Janet Irvin Jane Ann Iverson Douglas M. Ivie Cheryl Jackson Don Jackson Sue Jacobsen Janice Janson Larry Jenkins Beverly Jennings Mary Jennings Annette Jennings Stephen Jennings Wes Jennings Rick Jensen David A. Jespersen Keith Joens Bruce Johnson Carol Johnson Connie Johnson Greg Johnson Jo Ann Johnson Rodney Johnson Susan Johnson Barry Jones Danny Jones Kathy Jones Jerry Jones Jack Jont Mike Jordan Frank Jorgensen Heidi Jurko Jean Justin Philip Kannenberg Stanley Kapp Sheldon J. Kardell Hugene Keats Kristy Keith Carl Keller Cheryl Kay Keller 334 Sophomores Kay Keller Rosalea Keller Sue Kelso Carole Kempf Paul Kendle Karen Kennedy David Kent Owen Kerber Laura L. Kerkmann Doug Kern Douglas Kinder Shirley Kirby Barbara Klaas Alan Klein Bruce Klein Gregory Kline Connie Knoll Marv Beth Kobbe John Koegel Victor S. Konecny Craig Koppernolle Edward J. Kosinski Linda Koso Thelma Kreiling Gene A. Kremer Bev Krueger Shari Kuchan Dennis Kunkle Laura Kupersmith Steve Kurtright Jim Kurtz Connie Kusel Kenneth Lager Deborah Lambright Roger S. Lambright Deniece Lampkins Ron Landphair Diane Landrus Jim Lane Doug La Russo Joyce Lauhoff Joyce Lawrence 335 So phomores Larry Leachman Jim Leazenby Linda Ledgerwood Marilyn Lee Bernetla Leeper Dennis G. Leffner Joanne Lehman Jeanne Lemke Ronald Lengeling Anthony Leo Galen Lewis Toni Kay Lewis George Anne Light Karen Lightle Brenda Lillard Linda Lima Vichai Limsakul Judy Lippold Ted Littlefield Donna F. Livengood Joan Lockhart Mike Loercher David Loch LaVonne Long Tom Long Kathy Lopour Deborah S. Lowry Ken Lucas Rodney Luniley Barbara Lundergan Roger Lundstrom Danny Lusk Gary Lyon Janice Lyon Gayle Magill Grady Maharry Betty Maize Richard Maloney Joyce Manning Doug Manlon Paulelle Manville Sandy Marchelli « 336 Sophomores j fM NanGay Markt Ron Marshall Trudy Marshall Darreli Dean Martin, Jr. Jill Marlin Linda Marlin Laurence E. Matt, Jr. Charlotte Maudlin Denise Maxwell Steve May Doris Jean McBee Terry McClain Nita K. McClellan Peg McClure Gary McCrea Peg McCurdy Gregory McDade Donna Joyce McDaniel Mary McDermott Patrick J. McGuire Betie McHenry William Cole Mclntyre Colleen McKeane Dana McKee Janice McKee Bill McKenny Cheryl McKisson Brian McLaren Dave McLaughlin Gregg McNeely Jeff Meadows Mary Kay Meintel Dennis Mendenhall Richard Mendez Thomas Menefee Regina Mentis Diane Merritt Mike Mesch Patrice Messer Gary Meyer Stephen Meyer Caroline Middagh 337 Sophomores Lon Milbourn Anita Miller Brenda Miller Kathy Mitchell Mary Mitchell Paul Mobley Cindy Mongold Randell Moore Ron Moore Sue Moore Ann Morgan Connie Morris Monica Morrison Jan Morrow Joy Lynne Moses Esther Moten Jim Moutray Paula Moyer Wyvonna Jean Mylott Kathy Nance Robert A. Nelson Rebecca Nelson Rich Nelson Sheila Nelson Janis Neudorff Linda Neumeyer Linda Nichols Darryl Nickell Rick Nielsen Thomas Niemeyer I Robert N. Noll Terry Norris Carolyn North Kenna Nyblad Pam Nyslroni Diane Oberhelman DarrellOhde Michael J. Oliver Eric Olson Tommy O ' Neall Barry Oros Doug Oshio ii 338 A Sophomores Shirley Rape Julie Parker Melody Parkhurst Pani ParkiMin Sherry Pasternak Barbara Pavne Jay Payne Donald Pearson Donald Perdue Denise Perry Mary L. Perry Bev Peterman Ron Peterman Susan Peters Darwin Peterson Vera Pettijohn Kathi Phillips MeeOck Phipps Ruth Pickett Joyce Pieper Marvin Wayne Pierson Lynne Poague Monte Poague Debbie Poe John Pohlman Tom R. Polizzi Dannie Policy Janet Pollock Tom Poole Annette Posch Kermitt Posten Dennis Pottebaum Marcia Potter Joyce Potts David J. Primm Dennis Pritchard Donn Pugh Kenneth J. Pummill Patricia Pursel! Fran Putnam John Quinn Jacki Rabenold 339 Sophomores Peggy Rainey Kalhic Ramey Judy Raney Madonna Rath Valoree A. Ray Barbara Redig Janet Reed Phyllis Reed Lyie E. Reeder Carolyn Renfroe Margtietta Rhea Debra Richards Elizabeth Richardson Becky Riesgaard Christina Rinehart Renee Robbins Virginia Roberts Peggy Roush Janie Robertson Dan Roe Donna J. Roe Mary Lou Rogers Roberta Rogers Pam Rohner Constance Rold Mary Roseburrow Bruce R. Ross Craig Roush David Rowe Jerry Roy Ceressa Russell Larry Russell Susan Ryan Jack Ryser Stephen Saale Claudia Sanders Max Sandyke Charles L. Saunders Kathy E. Sayre Mary Anne Scanlan Donna Scarbrough Lenore Schaefer 1 340 Sophomores Dennis Scheer Kathryn Schcll Jamie Susanne Sehelstrate Maureen Schiebir Michael Schnieling Bruce Schomburg Jerel Schomer Judy Schooler Era Schotlel Karen Schuler Kathy Schwartz Minnie K. ScoU Ruth Seastrand Larry Seeman Doug Shank Roderick L. Shain Karen Shannon Sara Sheeley Mark Shepard Gina Shrewsbury Gladys Sick Carolyn Siddens Cynthia Simpson Pam Simpson Linda Sims Cheri Skarin Sandra Skripsky Donna L. Slaybaugh James Sleister Jonathan Smith Sharon Smith Larry D. Snead Wallace Snead Jeannine Snodderley Juliane Snodderley Debbie Snodgrass Dennis Snyder Judy Sobotka Ronald Sobotka Earl Soetaert Chris Sorensen Diane Spetman 341 Sophomores Alethea Spotts Dennis S. Spratt Martin Spriggs Virginia Lea Squier Bruce Stadlman Lorraine Stenson Nancy Steph ens Sandra Stephens Susan K. Stephens Nanette Sterl el Barb Stevens Kathy Stewart Amber Harlene Stiles Jim Stinard Nancy Stinson Kathy Stockham Joe Stoklasa Sue Ann Strauss Jacquelyn Strother Sheila Sullivan Steve Summy Mike Surber Larry Sutton Dave Swanson Kathleen Sweeney Phill Swinney Terry Tadlock Herb Talmadge Lynna Talmadge Rich Taylor Timothy Taylor Debbie Terry Barbara Thomas Cindy Thomas Jim Thompson Sharmon Thompson Thelma Thurnau Brenda Tierney Gloria Tillett Jim Tingwald Charles Tofflemire Marilynn Toman 342 Sophomores Jeanie Trca Lois Trimble Patli Trilsch Peggy Troxel Sandra L. Trucker Carla Turner Donald Dale Turner William Unliedl Lora Upton Roger VanaUa John Van Cleave Linda Van Keirsbiick Cindi VanZant Vernon Venteicher Freddie Vernon D. E. Vinson Pam Volkman Carla Vulcamott Curl W. VulgamoU Russ VulgamoU Gar Wainwrighl Larry Wake Diane Waldman Linda Walker t!itM l Marcia Walker Sue A. Walkup Gwendolyn Wallace Michelle Walter Darrel Warren Susan Warren Barbara Warrens Pam Way Robbie Weaver Connie Webb Randy Weddle Douglas Wegener Karen Weller Marcia Wells Leisa Wennihan Lynn Allan Wenstrand Frank Weri Janis West 343 Sophomores Kenneth L. West Bonnie White David E. White Maralee White Richard White Mary hllen Whyte William Wiechman Mary Kaye Wilbur Beth ' willett Larry Williams Lois L. Williams Ken Wills Jeanette Wilmes Linda Winslow Colleen Wilson Wayne Wilson Kathy Winstead Roanld Wisman Jerry Witt Pamela Woods Fred Woody John Bradley Wooton Jim Wright Dwyla Young Janice Young Lynn Young Sherrie Zarr Carol Zike Charles Zook John Swenson Stranded . . . in a tree 345 Beginning 346 Freshmen Connie Acheson Becky Ackcrman Marjorie Ackley Lynn Adams Debra Aharl Nancy Ahlberg Barbara Alcott Kalhy Algreen Cynthia Allen Caria Jane Allison Mark Alwan Don Anderson Janis Andersen Brenda Anderson Debbie Anderson Dennis Anderson Jolene Anderson Marlene Anderson Ron Anderson Jim Ander hon Steve Andreini Bill Arthaud Bob Ashbacher Teresa Atkins James Auffert Bill Austin Sheila Austin Rita Auer Bev Ayres Denise Bacon Deborah Baker Gary Baker Kathi Baker Luwana Baker Gayle Ballantyne Sue Ballard Gary Baldwin Kathy Baldwin Kathy Bamman Tom Bancroft Bruce Barcow Cindy Barker 347 Freshmen Rita Barker Vicki Barker Marcella Barkema Kay Barnard Carolyn Barnes Sherry Barnes « Sharon Barnett Calvin Barratt Nancy Barrett Philip Barry Linda Barton Gary Bass Joanne Bates Belly Baumli Tim Bayless Patricia Beals James Beattie Bruce Becker Cedric Beemer Diana Beery Randall Beier Bob Belcher Chris Bennett Diane Bennett Kay Bennett Martha Bennett Susan Bentall Sherry Berchenbriter Bruce Bernhardy Doug Berry Dennis Bet Kevin Bierl Jane Birch David Birkenholz Stephen Bixler Robert Boggess Denise Boldra Bill Bone Twyla Marie Boone Henry Bormann Roger Bousum Dave Bowman 348 Freshmen Linda Boyer James Bradford Hunt Cathy Brand Susan Brandt Mike Breekenridge Marilyn Bricker Deborah Briggs Rebecea Brinkman Frances Brown John Brown Mark Brummel Frank Brunia Chris Buckley Elaine Bugg Janice Burke Donna Burmeister Michelle Burtis Mara Byergo Michael Byrd Claudia Cadle Anita Marie Calfe Veva Calkin Joyce Camden Boyd Campbell Mary Campion George Carpenter Roma Carr Vickie Carroll Garlene Carter Marilyn Carter Mary Beth Carter Linda Caton Janice Cavner Janet Chambers Nancy Chance Lvnn Chesnul Alma Christensen JaneChristensen Jeanne Cimock Marilyn Clanin Debbie Clark Jerrv Clark If 349 ll Freshmen Patricia Clark Richard Clark Lennie Clausen Cathy Clayton Jean Ann Cloos Kenny Clodfelter « Steve Clouse Jim Collins Margaret Compton Cynthia Conrad Robert Conner Deborah Constance Jacquelyn Constant Linda Constant Laura Cooper Doris Corliss Janet Corman Craig Cornick Phyllis Corwin Michael Coslet Martin Coston Craig Courtney Evanell Craven Kay Crawford Daryl Creason Tim Crone Mary Crouch David Crouse Diana Crowder Harold Crowley Ann Cummins Connie Curran Carmen Curtis Kathleen Daily Laura Dalbey Steve Damman Kathy Daniel Connie Darling Dorothy Davidson Ken Davis Margery Davis Jeanette Davison 350 Freshmen Steve Davisson Tom Dawson James Dean Bryce DeCook Ron Demaray Jack Denney Cathy Devine William Devine Mary Dingbaum Elizabeth Dixon Ross Dixon John Dobler Mary Dockstader John Donegan Pat Dooley Craig Doty Phillip Dougan Larry Dougherty Julie Doumis Landis Downing Beth Drown Debbie Duane Clayton Duce Marce Duckworth MM James Dudley Marylyn Duflett Mark Dunlap Patricia Dykes Nancy Easter Kathv Echlernach Steve Eckard Debbie Eddy Joyce Edgar Charles Edwards Terry Edwards Ray Ehlebracht Roger Elder Willa Elion Pamela Ellingsworth Margaret Elliott Tom Elliott Steve Emmert 351 Freshmen Kathy Eskov Bonni Evans Mary Evans Patricia Evans Carol Fadiga Frank Faidley Mark Failing Linda Fajen Kevin Falk Dennis Falkenburg Betty Farnan Paul Farr Paul Fay Larry Feekes Alan Fetty Norma Fields Jody Fine Judy Fine Stephanie Finlayson Gary Fite Rodger G. Fisher Robert Flamm Maureen Flanagan Michael Flanary Patrice Flanigan Ethel Fleming Nancy Fletcher Pam Foley Margaret Foreman Evelyn Forst George Franck Greg Franjon Janet Frede Connie Frederickson Michael Freeman Patricia Freeman Jim Freemyer Patty Fuller Sheila Fuller Jo Ellen Fullington Cindy Furst Jeannie Furst 352 Freshmen m Glenda Gabbert Greg Gardner Jack Garrett Dan Gemmell Vicki George Sharon Gilbert BobGilligan Jackie Gilljland Benita Gipe Katherine Glass Richard M. Glenn MikeGlvnn Sharon Glynn Janet Goin Sue Goodale Steve Goodlel Pal Goodman Karen Goodspccd Debbie Goodwin NancN Jo Grace Dedra Gracey Steve Grant Connie Grantham Linda Grantham Kris Greenfield Janet Greenwood Karen Gregory Leonaro Griffith Sylvia (irinslead Alan Grobe Donna Grote Helen Groteluschen Jon Grubb Mary Gude Cynthia Gustabon Cathy Gulick Christine Haas Karen Haberichter Patty Hagan Earl Hall James Hall Ervin Hamilton 353 Freshmen Barb Hammers Patrick Handley Alison Hansen Dean Hansen Shirley Hargus Mary Harmon Gail Harrington Gay Harrington Kathy Knudsen James Harris Jo Beth Harris Charles Harrison Margaret Hart John K. Hartley M. Hartmaier Janet Hartman Angela Hasley Barry Hathaway Judy Hawker Rick Hedelson Bob Hegwood Dianna Hein Jacque Hein Louanne Hein Diane Hemminger Cathy Henry Mike Heralinger Davida Herbert Veronica Hernandez Gerald Herndon i i i i Patricia Herzig Linda Heuer Brenda Hickman Nancy Hicks Kent Hildenbrand Clifford Hill Jerry Hill Thomas L. Hill Glen Hines Teresa Hitt Wanila Hoard Donald Hobbs Freshmen Dick Hodge Roxanne Hogeland Deborah Holleman Jud Hollrah Rodnes Hooper Julie Horn Ted Horn Stephan Horton Kathleen Houston Diane Howard Sheila Ho l Pat Hrcnchir L ndia Hugeback David Huitt Jackie Hughes Dan Hulben V illiam Hull Gu Humphreys Debbie Huntsman Sieve Hulsell Don ibbotson Jim Ingraham 1 nda Jacobsen Vlarie Jardon Catherine Jenkins Chris Jenkins C hrisii Jensen Debbie Jensen Mike Jensen Patricia Jensen Evelyn Jobst Linda Johnk Vicki Johns James Johnsen Brenda Johnson Ronald Johnson Ted Johnston Brenda Jones David Jones 1 inda Jones Kay Jones Marcia Jones 355 Freshmen Richard Jones Sarah Jones Veronica Jones Ken Julian Jim Justus Eunice Kangethe Vonis Keebaugh Linda Keller Jack Kelly Margaret Kenagy Kathryn Kennedy Patrick Kennedy Phyllis Kennedy Tom Kennelley Diane Kerrigan Peggy Keinberger David KiUian Glen Kirkpatrick Kenneth Kirkpatrick Loleta Kixmiller Kevin Koenig Sue Kolb John Komm Jerry Kountz Linda Kralik Cindy Kroeker Debbie Kunkel Sharon Kunkel Jon Kurtz Philip Laber Gary Lacy Anita Lager Linda Lainhart Karen Lantz Linda Larabee Paula Larsen Deane Layland Carol Leach Charlotte Leader Richard Leaders Ellen Leahy Kathleen Lech J56 Freshmen Paul Lemon David Lewis Tom Lewis Robert Lippincott James Loch Terri Lock Pam Locke Chris Long Michael Lowe Roger Lower Ka) Luse John Lyddon Sieve Lyle Jcanctlc Lyles Brian Lynch Landis Lynch Mar Maag Bill Maddox Tim Magill Gerald Malone Debbie Manes Virginia Marshall Bobbie Martin Gary Martin Judy Martin C harles Mason James Mason Larry Mason Ronald Mathews Christine Matney Mary Mauton Linda Mayes Alice McAtee Palti McAlee Tim McBride Deanine McCamy Carolyn McClair Sandy McClelland Terri McClure Nancy McConnell Susan McCullah Helen McDaniel 357 Freshmen Tom McDaniel Pam McDermott Carol McFarland Debbie Mclntyre Mike McKee Mil eMcMath Linda McMullen Candy McMurlray Mike McQuinn Marily n Mead Lois Meads Nancy Medley Debbie Mendenhall Mary Merrigan Evelyn Merrill Diane Meyer Joy Middendorff Tom Middleswart I ? ( Krisla Miles Barbara Miller Debi Miller Gary Miller Mary Miller Naney Miller John Miller Valerie Miller William Miller Danelle Mills Di Ann Mincer Jeanetle Milchell Jim Mitchell Madeline Milchell Sid Milchell Janice Mobley Ronald Mobley Janel Modlin Chrisline Montemayor Barb Moore Jim Moore Slephen Moore Pal Morgan Gayle Morris 358 Jack Morris Mary Jo Morrison Denny Morrow Patricia Moses Marcia Moss John Motley Barbara Moucr Kathy Mullins David Murphy Joe Murphy Kenton Murray Richard Musgrave Christina Musser Cliff Musser Dianna Nauman Jim Nauman KirbN Neil Debbie Nelson Duane Nelson James Nelson Kathleen Nesbil Kalhs Neumann Rebecca Newsome Bcckv Nichols Am Nielsen td Nigh Cecilia Nincehelser Steve Noland Martin Nower Mike O ' Dell BobO ' Halloran Belly Oliver ka Olafson Bob Olse Krank Olsen May Olson Wanda Olson Wayne Orey Jessica O ' Rourke Judy Osburn Debbie Palaska Stephen Pallo 359 Freshmen Bev Pape Richard Parke Debra Parker Cheryl Parshall Verlee Paulsen Andy Peake Steven Peck Jerry Percell John Persell Bruce Peterson Gordon Pederson Linda Peterson 1 I i Steve Phelan Rosalyn Pickard Martin Pierson Gloria Pisha Charles Place Mary Plough Margaret Plummer Phyllis Poe Kathe Polsley Connie Pope Cherri Porter Peggy Porter Susan Porter Brian Powell Katharine Powell Linda Powell Connie Pratt Nancy Pride Curtis Priest Janet Pruitt Richard Pruitt David Quandt Rosemary Quistorff Philip Rabe Jean Randall Lloyd Rasmussen Merle Rasmussen Crystal Read Janice Rector Glen Redig 360 Freshmen %M fM David Reed Ron Reed Jo Reeverts James Reese Rick Reese Sharon Reeves Ray Reineke Beckey Reynolds Donald Reynolds Janis Rich Linda Richardson Jerrv Richardson Susan Richmond Larry Rice Doug Rieken Sandra Riley Neil Rinchart C ' ind Rinne Linda Robar Richard Robb Judy Robinson Duanc Russell Palsy Russell Brcnda Rutledge Joe Ryan Doyle Sager Palty Sail man Maria Sandella Jacquelyn Sanders Teresa Sanger Sue Santen Dennis Savage Linda Saver Glen Saving Tim Sawer Judy Schaley MIkeSchellhorn Tom Schieber GerreSchnitz Sheryl Schnack Bev Scholes Garry Scholl 361 Freshmen Mike Schuler Nancy Schuler EdSchulte Pam Schwieger Susan Scoles Jim Scott l( i Ross W. Scott, Jr. Stephanie Scott Cheryl Searcy Sue Seemann Sara Seipel Bruce Sellers Keith Shackelford Sharon Shain Nancy Shannon Tim Shaver Claudia Shepard Charleen L. Shields i Kristin Shields Gail Shipley Chris Shook Donna Showalter David Showers Mary Shullz I Susan Shumate Jo Ann Shumate Tony Shutts, Jr. Dave Siemsen Sandra Sievers Wendell Simmonds Nancy Simmons Caria Sinn Monica Sue Siverly Marcy Skinner RenieSlaten Sherry Sloan Mary Slump Tim Smaller Annette Smith Cynthia Smith Ed Smith John Re. Smith 362 Freshmen Leslie Smith Marcia Smith Phyllis Smith Richard D. Smith Terry Smith Bruce Snethen Linda Solomon Mark Spack tdward W. Spangler Teresa Sp ohn Dale Spoon Keddy Springer Jim Spurlock Julia Ann Staker Rick Staker Shellc) Staltcr Penn Stamp Carole Stanger Bill Stanley Sheridan Staples Samuel Starks Debbie Slarman Pal Slalen David M. Staucr a ' sii Barbara Stephens Karen Stephens Mary Stephenson Norma Stephenson Mary Stevens Barbara Stevenson Patricia Stiles Rick Slockdell Linda Sloll Susan St. Peter Pam Storey David Strange Marcella Strange Rebecca Sue Slrauch Carey Gene Stroburg Connie Surprise Sue Swaney Sheila Sweeney 363 Freshmen David Swett Susan Swigart Vickie Swigart Linda Swigert Roland Taclcett Ronnie Taff 1 John Teale Terry Temple Kevin Terry Patti Terril Peggy Terwilliger Lana Reavis 4 Trudy Thackeray Bob Thate Phyllis Thiesen John Thomann Donna Thomas Jeff Thomas Kay Thomas Donell e Thompson Joyce Thompson Marilyn Thompson Sue Tibben JaneTiernan I David Tiller RozannaTillett Brenda Titus Mark Tomes Susan Tompkins Jim Tosser John Trice Nan Tuhen Rebecca Turnbull Dean Turner Lynn Turner Carletta Valentine il9d Kathleen Vallier Belinda VanHemert Stephen VanHorn Gary Voss Cynthia Votipka Judy Wager 364 Freshmen Mark Walkenhorsi Beltye Walker Kay Walker Mary Walkup Sarah Walls Marilyn Waltemalh Larry Wank Beverly Warner Teresa Warner Linda Walkins Linda Webb Mark Weber Claudia Weed Roger Weirbach Mike Wcitkemper Randall Wcller Melba Wendle Am) Weslfall Brad While Kns While Maris White Wavnc While Kllen Whhlalch Ronald K. Wicdcrholt 1MM9 Donna Will Glenna Williams Janel Williams Leon Williams Pall Williams Penny Williamson Todd Willis Pally Willson Verna Wilson Joan Winger Mike Wilyk Raymond Wohlford Janel Wolcott Diane Wolf Jim Wood Joella Wood Vanila Wood Steven Woodburn 365 Linda Wright Pam Wright Mike Wulbecker Gloria Wursler Marcella Yarolem Phillip Yocum Nina Younger Carmen Zimmerman Laura Zimmerman PhylliaZook Jackie Zoss . 367 IN MEMORIAM These who have gone before Olive DeLuce Durward Dyke Monica Gray Chloe Millikan We pay tribute Student Index Ablplanalp, Steven: 81.273 Abrisz, Paul; 327 Acheson. Connie; 347 Ackerman. Becky: 347 Ackley, Majorie: 347 Acklin. Lavern; 99 Acord. Linda; 327 Adams, Caroline; 273 Adams. Kathleen; 327 Adams, Keith; 273 Adams, Lynn: 347 Adams. Richard: 273 Adamson, Phyllis; 90 Adcock, Gary; 273 Adcock, Karen: 86 Adcock, Mark: 273 Adkisson, Dennis; 273 Adkisson. Suzanne: 152 Adwcll. Jerry: 190 Aharl, Debra: 347 Ahlberg. Nancy: 67,347 Ainsworth, Christine; 347 Akens, Judy; 311 Albers, Mary Lee: 31 1 Alcott, Barbara; 347 Aldridge, Larry; 85,273 Alexander, David: 31 1 Alfaro.Gladys;2l8 Alger, Gary; 273 Algreen, Kalhryn; 347 Ali, Majid: 218,327 Allen, Betty; 68.88,89.31 1 Allen, Bob; 195 Allen, Cynthia; 224,225,347 Allen. Danny: 273 Allen. Diana; 273 Allen. Jack: 217 Allen. James; 85.273 Allen. Larry; 273 Allen, Linda H.: 273 Allen. Linda J.; 230.3 1 I Allen. Robert; 327 Allen. Soma; 67.273 Allinder. Donald; 327 Allison. Betty: 327 Allison. Caria; 347 Allison. Charles; 273 Almanza. Eduardo; 273 Alsburg. Marsha; 31 1 Alwan. Mark: 347 Ambrose. Debra; 327 Ames. Steve; 327 Amthor. Martha: 273 Anders. Dale; 327 Anders. Twila; 67.150.31 1 Andersen. Donald; 347 Andersen. Janis; 347 Andersen. Sharon; 67.327 Anderson. Brenda; 347 Anderson. Bruce: 191.326 Anderson. Daniel; 327 Anderson. Debbie; 204.347 Anderson. Dennis; 347 Anderson. Diane; 31 1 Anderson. Jean; 327 Anderson. Jolene; 347 Anderson. Marlene; 347 Anderson. Ronald L,; 85.347 Anderson. Ronald M.; 31 I Anderzhon. James. 347 Andreini. Steven: 347 Andrews. Betty; 148.176.327 Andrews. Elvin; 81.202.31 1 Andrews. Susan: 273 Antle. Glen: 273 Apple. Larry; 31 1 Appleman. Norma. 274 Archer. Mary Jane: 327 Armbrest. Judy; 327 Armbrust. Terry; 31 I Arnold. Charles; 274 Arnold. Robert; 311 Arrowsmith. Rosemary; 327 Arthaud. Bill; 81.228.347 Arthur. David; 327 Asbury. David; 274 Ashbacker. Robert; 347 Ashby. Rick; 1 Asherl. John; 311 Athenon. Susan; 327 Atkins. Earlene; 67.274 Atkins. Gayle; 183.327 Atkins. Lyie; 193 Atkins. Teresa: 347 Atterberry. William: 311 Audsley. Larry; 200 Auer. Rita; 226.347 Auffen. James: 347 Austin. Bill; 347 Austin. Sheila: 347 Aulen. Carlotta; 327 Ayres. Beverly; 347 Bachman. Dennis; 327 Bacon. Denise; 347 Bacon. Ed; 190.327 Bagley, Jan;3ll Bahziey. Cynthia; 31 1 Baier. Wesley:31l Bailey. Henry Lewis: 195.266.3 1 1 Bailey. Paul; 190.327 Bailie. Dennis: 274 Baird. Thomas: 327 Baker. Allen: 31 1 Baker. Bruce: 327 Baker. Barbara: 327 Baker. Deborah: 347 Baker. Earl. 228.274 Baker. Gary; 347 Baker. Kathleen: 347 Baker. Luwana; 347 Baker. Mitchell: 327 Baker. Phillip; 327 Baker. Stephen; 327 Baker. Vicki: 274 Baker. Willie; 214.327 Baldus. Susan; 327 Baldwin. Garrett: 347 Baldwin. Katherine: 347 Ball. Marion; 274 Ballard. Martha; 347 Ballantyne. Gayle: 347 Ballcw. Cheryl; 86.327 Baltzley. Cynthia; 150 Bamman. Kalhryn: 347 Bancroft. Thomas: 347 Banks. Vivian: 327 Bannick. Gary; 274 Barcow. Bruce: 347 Barkema. Marcella: 348 Barker. Cynlhia : 347 Barker. Rita: 348 Barker. Vicki: 179.348 Barnard, Kay; 348 Barnes, Carolyn: 214,348 Barnes, John: 274 Barnes, Joy: 274 Barnes. June; 90 Barnes. Terry; 85. 1 59.274 Barnett. Kathryn: 31 1 Barnett. Sharon: 75.152.348 Barnhart. Doris: 327 Barr. Betsy: 274 Barr. Laurie; 31.179.31 I Barratl.Calvm; 348 Barratl. Joyce; 189.327 Barratl. Nancy; 75.348 Barry. Phillip; 348 Barton. Linda: 183.348 Barton. Stanley; 159.224.228,229.327 Bass, Gary: 348 Bates, Joanne; 348 Bauer, Gregory: 327 Bauer, Susan: 327 Baum. Ruth; 274 Baumli. Ehzabcht. 327..148 Baumli. Linda; 88 Bayless. Tim; .148 Baymiller,Reca; 43,149,328 Bazan, Robert; 85,86.31 I Beach. Mike; 266 Beach. Pamela. 174.274 Bealner. Frances; 90 Beals. Patricia; 348 Beam. Gregg; 31 1 Beard. Ronald; 274 Bealtie. James; 348 Beaulieu. Donald; 328 Bebber. Joyce Van. 178 Beboul. Steven: 31 I Becker. Bruce; 43.348 Beckner. Barbara; I Beeks. Patricia; 311 Beem. Bruce; 83.274 Beemcr. Cedric; 159.348 Beemer. Chris; 274 Beermann. Susan; 150.329 Beery, Diana; 348 Beeson, Barbara: 67,274 Behinen, Leonard; 205 Beirer. Randall; 83.348 Beigcl. Cynlhia: 206.329 Belcher. Kathryn: 86 Belcher. Robert; 348 Bell. Charles; 69.85.3 1 I Bell. M.Joyce; 68.86.275 Bell. Kimberly: 178.329 Bellmore. William; 31 1 Bender. Betty: 177.311 Benedict. Lloyd; 201.275 Benner. Patricia: 275 Bennett. Christine: 348 Bennett. James; 328 Bennett. Kay; 86.348 Bennett. Laura: 348 Bennett. Linda: 37.99 Bennett. Marilyn: 328 Bennett. Martha; 348 Bennett. Richard; 276 Bensyl. Joseph: 31 1 Bentall. Susan; 348 Benton. Robert; 328 Berchenbriter. Shery; 348 Berg. David: 217 Berndl. Morris; 328 Bernlardy. Bruce; 348 Berning. Mary Jo; 328 Berning. Robert: 43.328 Berry. Douglas; 348 Berti. Joseph; 311 Best. David: 328 Brelz. Dennis; 348 Bierl, Kevin; 348 Binning. James; 328 Binning. Janice: 328 Birch. Jane; .148 Bird. Jeanette; 172.328 Bird. Richard: 83.275 Birkenlolz. David: 348 Bishop. Brenda: 67 Bnler.Stephan; 216,348 Black. Anne Marie: 275 Blackburn. Gwyn; 57,151.311 Blackburn, Micheal;328 Blackburn. Peggy; 27.3 1.328 Blackford. James: 328 Blake, Larry; 275 Blaylock, Pauline: 214.328 Blevins. Kathy; 328 Bock. Allyn; 275 Bode. Judy; 328 Boeck. James; 83.31 1 Boeck. Steven; 83.31 1 Boeh. Jennifer: 275 Boehner. Jack; 328 Boggess. Geraldee: 275 Boggess. Robert; 348 Boggs. Lora; 275 Bohl. Karen June: 274 Bohrer. Peggy: 75.189.311 Boldra. Denise; 348 Bolin. Patricia; 31 1 Bolliger. John; 31 I Boltinghouse, Cynthia; 328 Bolton. DeAnna; 153.328 Bone. Loremce: 348 Bonebrake. Sue: 36 Boone. Terry; 275 Boone. Twyla; 224.348 Booth. Leonard; 275 Booton. Maurice; 31 1 Bordenkircher. Teres; 31 1 Borkowski. Judith: 24.275 Borman. Hank: 348 Bosse. Joseph: 195 Boswell. Angela; Botkin. Sally; 328 Bousum. Roger; 348 Bower. Donna: 31 1 Bowen. Pamela: 75.328 Bower. Denise: 88.182 Bowers. LaDonna: 275 Bowker. John: 202.328 Bowman. David; 348 Bowman. Dennis: 328 Bowman. Ethel. 228.229.328 Bowman. Kenneth: 328 Bowman. Mary; 151 Boyce. Susan; 204.3 1 1 Bowser. Richard: 194 Boyd. Gary; 85.275 Boyd. Nancy; 67.150.312 Boyer. Linda; 349 Boyer. Sherry; 57.312 Brader. Carol; 75.77.275 Bradfield. Amy; Bradley. Jr. Marion; 193 Bradley. Marvin; 328 Brady. JoAnne; 152.153.275 Brand. Cathy: 349 Brandt. Susan. 349 Brantman. Greg. 328 Breckenridge, Michael; 349 Bredensteiner. Nancy; 39.86.328 Bredensteiner. Steven; 275 Brewton. Cecil; 214 Brick. Thomas: 312 Bricker. Marilyn; 349 Bridges, Janice: 75,77, 127. 1 80 Briggs. Deborah; 349 Briggs. Jack; 23 Bright. Van: 312 Briley. Bonnie; 190.312 Brill. Robert; 85.159.275 Bringolf. Alva: 276 Brinkman. Rebecca; 150.226.349 Britson, Linda; 312 Brockhaus. Jerry: 83.312 Brodersen. Cynthia; 67 Broekman. David; 328 Brohman. William; 195 Brothers. Catherine; 68.88.276 Brothers, Robert; 89 Brown, Allen: 43,312 Brown. Donna: 30.328 Brown. Frances; 349 Brown. Illah; 312 Brown. Jewlie: 328 Brown. John; 349 Brown. Joy; 206.328 Brown. Kenneth; 159 Brown. Lionel: 312 Brown. Ren; 57 Brown. Richard: 43 Brown. Richard: 276 Brown. Victoria: 276 Brownlee. Glenn; 83.276 Broz: Karen: 328 Brubaker. Howard; 328 Bruggeman. Janice; 67.328 Brummel. Mark; 349 Brunia. Frank; 349 Brunkman. Rebecca: 224 Bruns. James; 85.276 Bryant. Rebecca: 328 Buck. Judy: 328 Bucklee. Steve; 276 Buckley. Dorothy: 349 Buckner. Lewis; 214.329 Buehler. Michael; 162.165.186,205,276 Bugg. Elaine; 349 Bullock. Marilyn: 329 Bunch. Barbara: 329 Buntaine. Rolfe; 83,276 Burbridge, Richard: 85.86 Burger. Bonita: 153.154.329 Burger. Mary Jo: 72.276 Burge. Keith: 312 Burgner. Perry: 276 Burk. Deborah: 312 Burk. Irwin: 276 Burk. James: 162.186 Burk. Linda; 312 Burke. Elisa; 312 Burke. Janice; 349 Burke. Terrance; 276 Burke. William; 197 Burkhardt. Robert; 276 Burkitt. John: 329 Burks. Michael; 159 Burmeister. Donna; 349 Burnett. Richard; 216 Burns. Robert; 197 Burns. Ruth; 276 Burrell. Bob; 159,165 Burrell. Connie; 181 Burrell. Darrcll: 203 Burstein. Dina: 329 Burt. Cindy: 24.150.312 Burt. Judy; 163.276 Burtch. Buddy: 312 Burtis. Michelle; 349 Buske. Dwayne; 312 Busier. Mary Jo; 52.180 Byergo. Mara; 152.349 Byrd. Michael; 349 Byrne, Judi; 276 Byrne. Wilham: 85.202.276 Cadle. Claudia; 182.349 Cadwell. Howard; 83.277 Cady. Ronald; 43.186.312 Cain. Michael: 198.277 Calfee. Anita; 349 Calia. Joseph; 266 Calkin. Veva; 349 Calkins. James: 312 Callaway. Beverly; 174.329 Callow. Gerald: 329 Calver. Wayne: 329 370 Calverl. Karen. 301.329 Camblin, Lanthan; 69.277 Camblin. Marsha; 69.312 Camden, Joyce; 349 Cameron. Bonnie; 89.150.312 Cambell. Boyd; 349 Cambell. Annabcllc; 149.277 Cam bell. Sharon; 67. 1 27. 1 50.3 1 2 Camper. David; 197 Campion. Mary; 349 Canon. Virginia; 329 Canlrcll. Bruce; 197 Caraway. Joe; 277 Carl. Kenneth; 197.329 Carlson. Lowell; 85.277 Carmichael. Mark; 83 Carpenter. Donald; 3 12 Carpenter. George; 349 Carpenter. Richard; Carr. Roma; 89, 1 52. .349 Carroll. Vickie; 349 Carson, Betty; 67.214.329 Carstenson, Stephen; 24 Carter. Brcnda; 214.329 Carter, Charles; 57.312 Carter. Dcnise; 349 Carter. Marilyn; 349 Carter, Mary; 349 Caruso, Dominic; 197,329 Caryl, Betty; 277 Caskcy, Janet; 23,27,312 Cassity, James; 191.312 Castello. Patricia; 148.174.216 Castillo. Floyd; 83.329 Ca,stclluccio. Virginia; 69,329 Castle, James; 277 Caton, Linda; 349 Calus, David; 329 Cauveren, John; 127,196,312 Cavncr, Linda; 89,349 Caven, Gary; 83.217,312 Cavner, Linda; 88,89,312 Ceplina. Barbara; 312 Chady, Larry; 277 Chambers, Belly; 75,150,177.277 Chambers. Janet; 349 Chambers. Sana; 174 Chance. Nancy; 24,27.349 Chandler, Theodore; 312 Cheney. James; 329 Chestnut. Lynn; 349 Chipp. Verda; 150.329 Christenscn. Alma; 349 Christensen. Burdetre; 312 Christensen. Dolores; 277 Christensen, Gail; 23,33.277 Christensen, Jane; 173.349 Christopher, Mary; 228,229,3 1 2 Cieminssici, John; 219 Cimock, Jeanne; 153,349 Cira, Joseph; 277 Clanin. Marilynn; 89,349 Clariday, Glenda; 329 Clark, Connie; 23,24.27.312 Clark. Dcbora. 349 Clark, Dean; 329 Clark, James, 190.277 Clark. Janice; 277 Clark. Jerry; 349 Clark. Keith; 329 Clark. Leslie. 152.312 Clark. Patricia. 350 Clark. Richard; 3.50 Clark. Stephen; 329 Clark. Susan; 329 Clausen. Cathryn; 277 Clausen. Lcnnie; 350 Clausen. Margaret. 23,312 Clayton, Mary; 350 Clem, Emma; 152 Clemmensen, Julie; 277 Clemsen, Vickie; 329 Clevevger, Calvin; 312 Clevenger, Judy, 72,329 Clifton, Harold; 277 Clines, Verle, 214 Clodfelter, Kenneth, 350 Cloose, Jean, 180,350 Clothier, Louis; 329 Cloud, Jane, 67,277 Clouse, Steven. 350 Clower. Kenneth; 278 Clowser. Linda; 43.3 1 3 Coates, Dennis; 313 Cochren, Stephen; 191 Cocking, Patricia; 313 Coen, Cathy; 152 Colburn, Elaine; 313 Cole, Marilyn; 278 Cole, Mary;59,l5l,3l3 Cole, Richard; 313 Coleman, Teddy; 278 Colgan, Michcal; 196,329 Collier, Keith, 278 Collier, Ann, 68,324 Collins, Gary; 225,278 Collins, Irma; 67,313 Collins, James; 350 Collins, Roberta; 327 Collins, William; 225,278 Collinson, Jean; 329 Collinson. Kenneth; 278 Combs, Karl; 81.313 Comer. Janet; 59.127.313 Compton. Margaret; 350 Conrad. Cynthia; 350 Conkun. Gary; 313 Conley. Stephen; 313 Connel. Kristine; 329 Conner. Robert; 350 Conner. Stephen; 205 Conner. Van Allan; 278 Connley. Gena; 329 Connote. Eileen; 180 Conrad. Cindy; 178 Conrad. John; 278 Conrad, Larry; 329 Constable, Jimmy; 313 Constance, Deborah. 350 Constant, Jacquelyn; 89,350 Constant, Linda; 350 Conway, Margaret; 224 Cook, Ann; 90 Cook, James; 196,266 Cook. Josephine; 90 Cook. Sherry; 23.27,31.278 Cooper, Laura, 350 Copic. William; 203,278 Corey, Marilyn; 278 Corliss. Dons; 350 Corman. Janet; 350 Cornett. Bonnie; 278 Cornett. Ronnie; 81.278 Cornelius. Harold; 313 Cornick. Craig. 350 Correll.John.329 Corum. Donna. 329 Corwin. Phyllis; 350 Coslet. Michael. 350 Cosper, Catherice; 89, 1 53 Coss, John; 143 Coslelio. lamts. 278 Coslello, John. 197,326,329 Costcllo, Penny; 172 Coston, Martin; 350 Cottrell, Steven; 70,94,278 Courtney, Craig; 350 Courtney, Debra; 180 Courtney, Ray, 313 Cox, Ncal, 329 Cox, Sandra; 313 Coy. Gary. 217 Cracroft. Jeanne; 69.3 1 3 Craig. Richard; 127.193 Craven. Evanell. 350 Crawford. Kay; 70.89.350 Crawley. Kenneth. 329 Crcason. Daryl; 350 Critten. Dean. 329 Crocker. Diana. 151 Crom. Lawrence; 330 Crom. Norman. 313 Crone. James. 350 Cronk. Bruce; 278 Crook, Susan; 228.313 Cross, Linda; 68,88.89.278 Cross, Samuel, 330 Crouch, Mary; 350 Crouse, Danij, 159.350 Crow, Phyllis, 278 Crow, Richard; 278 Crowdcr, Diana; 350 Crowder, Linda; 88,89.279 Crowley, Ardell; 67,279 Crowley, Harold; 350 Crowley. Leslie. 279 Cro ier. Kenneth. 83 Cru . Rodriguez; 193 Culver. Wayne; 330 Cummins. Ann; 226.350 Cummins, fclwa; 173.330 Cummins, Tobie; 174 Cundall, Judy, 330 Cundall, Thomas, 83,313 Cunningham, Glenna; 75,77,279 Cunningham. Mary, 330 Curnutt, Barbara; 279 Curnult. Patricia; 279 Curran, Connie, 350 Currie, Julie; 313 Curry, John, 279 Curry, Juha, 72,279 Curth, Jean; 90 Curtis, Carmen; 350 Curtis, James; 127,313 Curtis. Linda; 330 Cushman. John; 159.279 Dailey. Michel; 279 Daily, Patricia; 350 Dalbey, Carol; 88,330 Dalbey, Laura, 350 Daleo, GcorgeAnne; 120 Dall, Dennis; 23 Dalton, Charles; 83,127,188 Damm. Paul, 330 Damman, Steven; 83,350 Daniel. Karia; 279 Daniel. Kathy;350 Danielson. Nancy; 330 Danilson. Kathryn; 179 Dannar. Deanna; 3 1 3 Darling, Connie; 153,350 Dau, Dennis. 279 Daughenbaugh. Judy; 70.86.279 Daugherty. Hilda; 279 Davenport. Margaret; 279 Davenport. Robert; 330 Davidson. Dorothy; 152.350 Davidson. Linda; 99.330 Danes. Adilha; 330 Davis. Brad; 198 Davis. Chris; 313 Davis. Carol; 86.330 Davis. Dand; 197.324 Davis. Dcbra. 70.3 1 3 Davis. Gary; 313 Davis. Kenneth 350 Davis. Lucy; 86.330 Davis. Margery; 350 Davis. Ramcy; 313 Davison. Jeanctte; 350 Davisson. Steven; 351 Dawson. Jennifer; 68. 1 73 Dawson. Thomas; 35 1 Day. Edward; 313 Day.Neeta; 150.330 Dean. James; 351 Dean. Michael. 330 Dcardorff. Glennis; 86.330 Deatsch. John; 313 Dot . Mike; 24.330 Decker. Wood le; 99.3 1 3 DeCook. Bryce;35l Ddoney. Patricia; 313 DeLong. Carol; 313 DeLong; 279 Dcmaray. Ronald; 351 DcMario. Louis; 330 Dcmuth. John. 279 Demuth. Sandra. 279 Denney. Jack; 351 Denton. Boyd; 3 1 3 Derr. Larry; 313 DcSpain. Jcrre; 43.216.279 De ore. Mark. 77.197.266 Desine. Betty. 90 Devine. Cath). 351 Devine. Wilham. 35! DeWees. Debra; 279 Dui . Deborah. 330 Dickerson. Eugene; 36.70.280 Dickey. Charles. 85.280 Didlo. Margaret Gail. 120.280 Dikl. Gene; 3.10 Dingbaum. Mary. 351 Dingman. E eanna; 330 Dilsworth. Gary. 193 Duon. Donna. 280 Dixon. Eh abelh. 351 Duon. Marlecn; 88 Dixon. Niles. 351 D obler. John. 35! Dubson. Larry. 280 Dockstader. Mary. 351 Dodson. Barbara. 313 Doll. Yvonne. 86.330 Domino. Dennis. 217.313 Doncgan. Dennis; 188 Donegan. John; 351 Donnegan. W illiam. 330 Donovan. Patrick; 280 Dooley. Patricia; 351 Dorsey. Ann. 152 Doty. Brian; 280 Dots. Craig; 351 Dots. Pamela; 330 Dougan. Philip; 35! Dougherty. Larry; 351 Doumis. Julie; 351 Douthal. Michael; 280 Dowling. Trudy; 36.68.280 Downing. Cindy; 280 Downing. Landis; 351 Driver. DeAnn; 330 Drown. Beth; 351 Drown. Sara. 313 Druen. James; 280 Duane. Deborah; 351 Dubafc. Ernie; 330 Duce. Clayton; 351 Duckworth. Marcia; 351 Duckworth. Marta. 330 Dudley. Gordon; 3.W Dudley. James. 81.351 Duffctt. Marylyn; 75.230.351 Dugan. Marilyn; 313 Dunavan. Myron; 330 Duncan. Dale; 69.3.30 Duncan. Helen. Duncan. Katherine; 75 Dungan. Donald; 280 Dunlap. Mark. 351 Dunn. Christine; 280 Durbin. Lynn; 280 Durham. Harold; 280 Durham. Joan; 280 Durvall. Lonme; 191.330 Duskin. Gary; 217 Duly. Rose; 280 Duvall, Helen; 36,151.162 Duvall, Ruth; 280 Dye, Mary. 330 Dyer, Mary; 330 Dygcrt. Juiie; 330 Dyke. Carolyn; 280 Dykes. Patricia; 89.228.351 Eads.StarIa; 75.77,172,281 Easlburn, Linda; 330 Easter. Nancy; 89.351 Easlerla. Phyllis; 28 1 Easteria, Richard; 85,281 Easton, .Anna; 330 Easton, Mamie; 86,313 Easton. Slephan; 83.281 Ebrechl. Grace; 313 Echternack. Kathy; 351 Eckels. Maxine;28l Eckhard, Stephen; 351 Eddy, Deborah, 35 1 Eddy, Lucille; 67.28 1 Edgar. Joyce. 351 Edwards. Charles. 351 Edwards. Jefferson D . 214 Edwards. Lana; 151.330 Edwards. Lon; 33 1 Edwards. Tern; 183.351 Edwards, Valorie; 330 Egan. Edward. 330 Ehlebrachl. Ray.351 Eiscnbarger. LaRue; 39,330 Eiscnhour, Susan. 28 1 Eitman. Thomas. 281 Elam. Linda. 281 Elardo. Susan. 153,177.331 Ekjer, Roger, 351 EWer. Vovonnia Sue; 331 Elwn.Willa, 214,351 Ellingsworth, Pamela; 351 Ellington, Audery, 33! Ellington, Robert; 85,281 Elliott. Margaret; 35! Elliott. Mark. 331 Elliot. Tom; 351 Ellis. Ornn; 214.331 Ellis. Stanley; 81,281 Ellison. Myrna. 331 Ellison. Thomas; 194.313 Ellsworth, Janet; 313 Elms, Deborah. 153.182.331 Elrod. Max.313 Ellringham. Ronald; 200 Elwell. Marilyn. 281 Emmert. Stephen; 351 Emmons. Betty. 331 Emrick. Daylc;33l Engelbrechl. Diane; 153.181.317 Engle. Thomas; 281 Englc. Waverly;3l4 Ensch. Mary; 331 Erb. Janice; 331 Erickson. David; 195.281 Enckson. Janice; 281 Erickson. Richard; 331 Esbeck.Cary. 188.281 Eskov. Kathy. 352 Espino. Antero; 218 Estcp. Sharon; 331 Esles.tlnora; 89.153.281 Eunlt. Maria; 314 Evans. Bonni; 151.352 Evans, h rancee; 28 1 Evans. Jean. 189.310.314 Evans. .Mary. 352 Evans. Patricia; 352 Everett. Jeane; 70.86. 1 43. 149. 1 64.206.28 1 Everett. Victor; 281 Ewart. Mary; 86 Ewing. Veronica. 75.331 Eyberg. Melvin; 282 Fadiga. Carol; 282.352 Faga. Mary; 331 Faidley. Frank; 352 Faidley. Margaret; 86.331 Failing. Mark; 352 Fairman. Margaret; 331 Fajen. Linda; 352 Falk. Kevin; 352 Falk. Larry; Falkenburp. Dennis. 352 Fankhauscr. Joyce. 72.282 Farbcr. Carolyn; 148.216.281 Farmer. Becky; 331 Farmer. Deborah; 24.331 Farnan. Betty; 352 Farnan. Mary; 331 Farnan. Philip; 25.314 371 Farnan, Steve: 196.314 Farr. Paul: 352 Bast. Dennis; 33 1 Fast. Sheila; 28 1 Faubion. Patricia; 75.77.189,314 Fay, Paul: 352 Feekes. Larry; 352 Fell, Linda; 86,28 1 Ferguson. Gary; 195.331 Petty. Alan; 352 Fclty.Steven:314 Fields. Betty Jo: 180,281 Fields. Lois: 67.282 Fields. Norma: 352 Filloon.Janel: 67.68.281 Finch. Robert: 331 Findlcv. Judy: 331 Findlev. Robert H.; 282 Findley, William; 282 Fine, Joann; 352 Fine, Judith; 352 Fink, James; 314 Finken, Randall; 33 1 Finlay, Peggy: 70.314 Finlayson. Stephen: 3 14.352 Finney. Rhonda; 172 Fiori. Richard: 314 Fish. Richard; 314 Fisher. Donna; 69. 1 1 9, 1 27. 1 74.33 1 Fisher. Teritia; 218 Fisher. Roger: 352 File. Gary; 352 Fitzgerald. Peggy; 33 1 Fitzgerald. Margaret: 88. 1 2 1 . 1 63.2 1 5.226 Fitzgerald. Vicki: 331 Flachsland. Linda: 77.1 18,179.272.282 Flamm. Robert; 352 Flanagan. Maureen: 178.352 Flanagan. Randy: 331 Flanary. Michael; 217.352 Flanigan. Patrice; 226.352 Fleming. Frances: 331 Fleming, Ethel: 352 Fleming, Joseph: 98,99,163,187.272,282 Fleming, Mary; 189.331 Fletcher, Nancy; 70,352 Fletchall, Norma: 88,282 Flinn, Shirley: 331 Flint, Thelma; 331 Florea, Paula; 23.25,152,282 Flowers, Richard; 81 Foley. Pamela: 151.352 Foltz. Larry: 162.195,331 Ford. Janis: 88.89.331 Ford. Susan; 204.282 Fordyce. Regina: 331 Foreman. Margaret; 352 Forsl. Evelyn: 352 Forret.Vicki: 67.282 Foster. Joe; 200 Foster. Herbert: 190 Foster. Linda; 331 Foster. Lynn; 81.282 Foster. Tabitha: 86.180.314 Fowler. Janis; 72.282 Fox. Lynda: 331 Fox. Thomas; 191,314 Frame, Harold; 81.283 Franck. George: 352 Franjon. Greg: 352 Franson. Connie; 331 Frasier, Deborah: 331 Frazicr. Paulctte: 314 Frede, Janet; 352 Fredericksen. Connie: 352 Freeman, Ann: 67,283 Freeman, Patricia; 352 Freeman, Michael; 352 Freemyer, Delmar: 314 Freemyer, James: 352 French, John; 198,283 Frese, Stanley: 332 Frey, John: 332 Fricdrichsen, Jo Ann; 332 Fry, Glen; 283 Fryer, Robert; 332 Fryer, Sherry; 314 Fuller. Patricia; 352 Fuller, Sheila; 352 Fullinglon, Jo Ellen; 352 Fulton, Janice: 69,3 14 Funk, Cassandra: 174 Funston, Carole; 283 Furst, Cindy; 153,173,352 Furst, Jeannie; 352 Furst, Rav: 81,314 Gach, Charles: 283 Gabberl, Glenda: 353 Galitz, Eugene; 23 Gallinger, Jerry; 314 Gallinger,Russ; 203.314 Gamble. Dennis; 85.283 Garnet. Phillip. 314 Gangestad. Gary; 191.332 Garcia. Juan: 314 Garcia. Wayne: 200.283 Gavaner. Gregory: 353 Gardner. John; 198 Garr. Carolyn: 23.25.27,31.314 Garrett, Jack; 353 Garrett, Lois; 283 Garrett, Lynn: 332 Garlon, Ronald; 314 Gasper, Ronald; 283 Gaul, Vicki; 332 Gay, Cheryl; 3 14 Gay, James; 283 Geer, Gary; 314 Gieb, Linda; 283 Geist,Cullen: 200,216,266 Genmell, Daniel; 353 Cendes, Robert: 314 George, Danny: 35,314 George, Linda: 332 George, Vicki; 353 George. William: 81 Gerhart. Stephan; 283 Giannini, Margaret; 332 Gibbs, Ronald; 283 Gibler, William; 332 Gibson, Martha; 283 Gibson, Stanley: 314 Giffin. James; 59,283 Giffin,Velda;283 Gilbert, Sharon: 353 Gilkison, Charles: 159,266,314 Gill, Nancy: 189.332 Gillespie, James: 283 Gilligan. Robert: 353 Gilliland.Jacalyn;353 Gillispie. James; 127.188.272 Oillispie. Rebecca: 172,332 Gillispic, Victoria; 172,314 Gilmorc, Rita; 314 Gilmorc, William: 284 Gilson, Janet: 27,332 Giltner, John: 314 Gipe, Benita; 353 Gipson, Danny: 201.314 Giltins. Linda: 148,174.216.314 Glass, Katherine; 149.353 Glauser. Greg; 200.284 Glenn, Richard; 353 Glynn, Mike: 353 Glynn, Sharon; 353 Gobson, Connie; 283 Gobson, Lana: 283 Godden. Diane; 86.314 Godsey. Karol; 284 Ooettsch, Judy: 86.332 Gain. Janet: 353 Goldapp. Dan: 83.332 Goldsmith. Helen; 67.204.3 14 Gonder. Caren: Goodale. Jimmie: 332 Goodale, Sue: 353 Goode, George: 214 Goode. Robert: 314 Gooding, Harold; 201.284 Goodlel. Michael: 284 Goodlel. Stephen: 353 Goodman. Patrick; 353 Goodspeed. Karen: 353 Goodwin. Alan; 284 Goodwin. Deborah: 353 Goodwin. James; 81.314 Gordon. Terry: 315 Gorsuch. Connie; 67.68.315 Goyette. Deborah; 151 Gracey. Danny; 203 Gracey. Dedra: 353 Grace. Joyce; 353 Graeff. Emily; 315 Graglia. Edward; 315 Gram. Anita: Grame. Donna: 150.284 Grantham. Connie; 353 Grantham; Linda; 353 Graves. Carol; 284 Graves. Roger: 332 Gray. James; 284 Gray. Jane: 150 Gray. Monica: 332 Gray, Randy; 332 Gray, William; 83 Greaves, Karia; 332 Greeley, Irene: 332 Green, Colleen; 315 Green, Judy; 315 Green, Webster; 315 Greenway, Mark; 315 Greenfield, Kris; 353 Greenwood, Janet: 89.353 Gregory. Judith: 25.39.332 Gregory. Karen; 353 Grey. Marcia;284 Grider, Richard: 159.284 Grier. Joel: 127.201 Griffin. Velda; 89.152 Griffith. Gayl;315 Griffith. Jay: 332 Grifflh. Jo; 99.332 Griffith. Leonard; 353 Grinsley. David; 43.284 Grinstead. Janet; 284 Grinstead. Sylvia; 353 Grobe. Alan: 353 Groesbeck. Ruth: 315 Groom. David: 315 Groomer. Joyce; 284 Gross. James; 332 Grotcluschen. Helen: 89.353 Grotcluschen. Roger; 332 Grote. Donna; 353 Grubb.Jon:353 Grubbi. Dandra;3l5 Gude. Mary; 353 Guffey. Sherylyn: 224.230.332 Gulick. Cathy; 353 Gustafson, Cynthia; 353 Gutierrez, Gary: 194 Haag, Linda; 284 Haan. Carl; 203 Haas, Christine; 353 , Haas, Nancee; 332 Haberichler, Karen; 353 Hackett, Susan; 69,89,179.332 Hagan. Patty: 182.353 Hagan. KM.: 69 Hager. Cynthia; 89. 153.332 Hager. Sherecia: 284 Hagler, Steve; 83.332 Haist, Linda; 90 Halbig, Karl: 315 Hall, David; 284 Hall, Earl; 353 Hall. James: 353 Hall. Joseph; 284 Hall. Lynda; 152.284 Hall. Nancy; 284 Hall. Rodney; 85. 198,3 1 5 Hallenberg, Richard; 159 Ham, Diana: 89,332 Hamilton, Donna: 153,332 Hamilton, Mary: 69,127 Hamilton, Ellen: 153.178,285 Hamilton, Ervin; 353 Hamilton, Marcy: 173,326.332 Hamilton. Sharon: 284 Hamm. Rick; 315 Hammer. Denise: 37.315 Hammers. Barbara; 183.354 Handley. Patrick: 354 Handsaker. Linda; 332 Haner. Linda; 332 Hannah. Jeannine: 88.285 Hansen. Alison: 354 Hansen. Cheryl: 332 Hansen. Dean: 354 Hansen. Gary: 285 Hansen. Oscar: 225.332 Hanson. Frances: 75. 148.2 1 6.285 Hanson. John: 332 Hardin. Donna: 67,214.332 Harding. DeArra; 333 Hardwick. Bonnie: 176.333 Hardwick. John: 83.285 Hardy. Barbara; 37.68,88,95.99. 1 63. 1 64.285 Hardy. Karen: 99.333 Hardv. Phyllis;,315 Hargens, Mark: 127,205,285 Hargus, Shirley; 354 Harless. Shirley: 285 Harman, Christine: 315 Harmon, Deborah; 89,153.333 Harmon. Mary: 354 Harms. Joyce; 75.77.315 Harr.John:68 Harrington, Carol; 90 Harrington, Gail; 89.354 Harrington. Gay: 354 Harris. Edith; 324 Harris, Gary; 198 Harris, James; 354 Harris, Jo Beth: 354 Harris, Marcia: 214,315 Harris, Marvin; 67 Harris, Ronald: 159,266.315 Harrison. Charlie; 43.70.354 Harrison. Dave: 203 Harrison. Deann: 315 Harryman. Donna: 216 Hart, Helen: 315 Hart, Margaret; 75,354 Hart, Rodney: 285 Hartley, John; 354 Hartley, Terry: 205,285 Hartmaier, Marilyn; 354 Hartman, David: 159 Hartman, Janet; 354 Hartrigsen, Carol; 75.285 Harwood. Michael: 81.333 Hascall. Donald: 315 Haskell. William: 192.285 Hasley, Angela; 354 Hatcher. Edgar: 85.159.315 Hatcher. Joyce: 1 48. 1 62. 1 63. 18 1 .272.285 Hatfield. Kathryn: 75.177.285 Hathaway. Barry: 24.354 Hauser. James; 186 Hawker. Judith: 354 Hawkins. Gary; 198.266.315 Hawkins. Scott; 333 Hawkins. Steve: 198 Hawks. Linda: 333 Hawley. Cheryl: 225.333 Hays. Linda: 150.285 Hazelwood. Donald: 83.285 Hazan. James: 333 Hazen. Susan: 67.315 Heath. Margaret: 285 Heck. Carl; 195 Heck. James: 285 Heck. Melinda: 183.333 Heckel. Susan: 150.324 Hedelson. Richard; 354 Hedges. Margaret: 2.30.315 Hegwood. Diana: 59,333 Hegwood, Robert: 354 Heimkc, Denny: 83,333 Hem, Dianna: 354 Hein, Jacque: 354 Hein, Lovanne: 354 Helberg, Janet: 333 Helt, R ' alph: 25 Hembry. Richard; 81.285 Hemminger. Diane Hemminger. Neil: 333 Hemphill. Clell; 185 Hemry. Martha; 286 Henderson. Rex: 229 Hendren. Anna; 86.177.315 Hendrickson. Nancy: 3 1 5 Hendrix. Dennis: 315 Henn. David; 3 15 Hennessy. Patrick: 197.333 Henry. Cathy; 354 Henry, John; 285 Henry, Kila: 333 Henry. Martha; 67 Henry. Michael; 23.286 Henry. Vicki; 315 Herald. Susan: 333 Herbert. Davida; 354 Herdlinger. Micael: 354 Hering: Mary: 333 Herleman. John: 99.159.286 Hermandez, Veronica: 354 Herndon. Gerald; 354 Herrick. Lora; 72.286 Herringlon. Phil: 197.333 Herron. Ronald; 200 Hersom. Ronald: 69.286 Herteen. Donald: 315 Herzig. Patricia: 226.354 Hessel.Glen: 194.205,333 Hessel, Larry; 286 Heuer, Linda; 354 Heyle, Daniel: 81,286 Hickman, Brenda: 86,354 Hickman, Joyce: 315 Hicks, Nancy: 354 Highlander, Martin: 333 Hildenbrand: Kent: 354 Hilgenberg, Deborah: 173,315 Hill, Clifford: 354 Hill, Jerald; 354 Hill, Larry; 333 Hill, Rex: 217 Hill, Ronald: 286 Hill, Thomas; 354 Hillman, Michelle: 333 Hillman, Robert;217 Hilsabeck, Ivan; 333 Hilsabeck, Linda;67,3l5 Hilt, Teresa; 27,354 Hindman, Valorie: 214 Hines, Glen; 354 Hinkle, Charles; 315 Hinkley, Robert: 286 Hixson, John; 286 Hjelle, Mark: 159,286 Hoard, Wanita: 354 Hobbs, Donald: 159,354 Hobson, Douglas: 333 Hockensmith, Dana: 333 Hockensmith, David; 162,165,214,224,230,286 Hockensmith. Mary Lee: 230 Hodde, Lyle;3l5 Hodge, Richard; 99.355 Hodgen. Constance: 333 Hodges. Beverly; 214 Hodgin. Randall: 196 Hoecker. Richard; 286 Hoffelmeyer. Michael: 200 Hoffman. Dennis: 59. 1 1 8. 1 27. 1 59. 160. 1 62.268 Hoffman, Judith: 286 Hogeland, Roxanne: 355 Hogrewe, Jacqueline; 86.3 1 5 Hohensee. Virginia: 3 1 5 Hokanson. Bruce: 333 Holaday. Joan:90 Holcomb, Dale; 203,286 Holdsworth,Lila: 69.153.286 Holeman. Susan: 23.67,224.315 Holladay. Teresa: Holland, Nancy; 316 Holleman, Deborah; 355 372 Hollrah. Judy; 355 Holmes. Carolyn: 151.316 Holmes. David; 333 Holmes. Joy; 316 Holmes. Rickey; 316 HoM. Rick; 316 Holl. Barry; 333 Hon. Linda; 3 ' ).68.69. 127.287 Hooper. Rodney; 224.225.355 Hopkins, Anthony; 214 Honnc. Steven; 333 Horn. Julia; 355 Horn. Theodore; 355 Horner, Arlcne; Horton. Stephen; 355 Horton. Vicki; IH3.333 Hoskins. Loren; 25 Hospelhorn, Pamela; 206,316 Hostetter, Terry; 316 Hosty. James; 197 Houghton. F,B;I(1 Houston. Kathleen; 355 Houts. Richard; 316 Howard. Diane; 151.355 Howard. Kathleen. 287 Hower. Barbara; 174.333 Howitt.Mary Beth. 70.333 Howren. Gary; 266.287 Hoyl. Sheila; 355 Hrenchir, Patricia; 150,355 Hubbard, Elaine; 316 Hudson, tlaine; 333 Huechtkcr, Charles; 333 Huey. Gaylin. 333 Huc ' y.Ruih; 150.333 Huff. Annette, 333 Hufnagel, Michael; 316 Hugcback, Lydia; 355 Hughes, Margaret; 149,287 Hughes, Richard; 316 Huill, David; 81 Hum, David; 355 Hulberl, Daniel; 355 Hull, Jane, 90 Hull, Mary; 90 Hull, William; 83,159.355 Hulscbus, Dean; 333 Hullguist, Ronald: 316 Humphrey, June, 333 Humphrey, Paula, 316 Humphreys, (juy; 355 Hunsicker. tidon. 85.86.287 Hunt, Cathy, 3.34 llunt,Karin, 143,180.287 Hunt.Su anne; 178,205.316 Hum. Susan; 52.3.14 Hunter. Gregory; 214 Hunter. Leslie: Hunter. Ronald; 316 Hunter. Stephen: 196.287 Huntsman, Deborah, 355 Hun iccr, Marsha: 316 Hursl, Rita, 3.U Muss, Peggy, 181 Hutchings, Sandra: 75.77.1 52.174.316 Hutchcraft. Dianna; 143.148,173.205.287 Hutsell, Jeanne: 174,310,316 Hulsell, Steven: 355 Hutton, Daniel; 316 Hyder. Jane; 36,68,316 Hvlarides, Larry; 316 Ibbatson. Don: 355 Indyk, Sam; 85,287 Ingies, Bill: 203.316 Ingels, Jane, 182 Ingraham, Cheryl: 89.316 Ingraham. James. 36.355 Ingraham, John, 287 Ingraham, Stanley: 316 Ingrahas, Cheryl: 88 Ingram. Michael; 83.316 Irwin. Ann: 68.86 Irnn. Janet, 75,148,3.14 Isenhour. David. 316 Ivcrson. Georgina: 316 Iverson. Jane; 334 Ivie. Douglas; 334 Iwade.Shigeo: 43,218.287 l»cn. David: 224 Jackson, Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson, Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jacobsen Jacobsen Jacobsen. Jacques, Charles; 159 Cheryl: 129,166,3.14 Donald; 83,190,3.34 Peter: 165 Ed: 214.316 Marv: .19 Pbyliis;3l6 Susan: 287 Vickie; 316 William. 159.224 Lon: 3.14 Lynda; 174,355 Sue; 334 Diane: 316 Jacquith. Nancy: 287 James. Gary; 191.266.316 James. Patricia: 316 Janson. Janice; 334 Janssen. Randy; 287 Jardon. Mane: 86.355 Jenkins. Catherine: 355 Jenkins. Chris, 355 Jenkins. Lawrence: 334 Jenkins. Victor: Jennings. Annette: Jennings. Beverly; 334 Jennings, Gene: 287 Jennings, Judy: 36.287 Jennings. Mary; 334 Jennings, Vticbele; 316 Jennings, Richard; 288 Jennings, Ron; 37,99,159,316 Jennings, Stephen: 24,334 Jennings, Wesley; 334 Jensen, Chrisli; 355 Jensen, Danney; 186,288 Jensen, Debra: 179,355 Jensen, Jimmy; 288 Jensen, Linda; 150.288 Jensen, Mike; 355 Jc-nsen, Nancy: 57,59,288 Jensen, Patricia; 355 Jensen, Rick;3J4 Jespcrsen, David; 334 Jessen, Robert: 288 Jobst,fcvelyn;355 Jochims, Jacqueline: 204,288 Joens, Keith; 85.3.14 Johnk. Linda, 355 John, Gary; 216 Johns, Vicki, 355 Johnsen, James: 355 Johnson, Brenda; 355 Johnson, Bruce: 334 Johnson, Carol: 3.14 Johnson. Constance; 334 Johnson. Christine M; 150.288 Johnson. Danny. 288 Johnson. Dick. 127.194,316 Johnson, Gary L.; 57.288 Johnson. Gary: 57 Johnson. Gregory: 334 Johnson. Janet. 89.288 Johnson. James F,; 197 Johnson. Janice; 288 Johnson. Jaync. 174.288 Johnson. Jo. 153.3.14 Johnson, Joe: 288 Johnson, Marvis; 90 Johnson, Pamela, 288 Johnson, Richards, 288 Johnson, Robert L ; 316 Johnson, Roger: 288 Johnson, Ronald, 355 Johnson, Rodney: 334 Johnson. Susan, 24,149,3.14 Johnson, Stuart; 288 Johnson, Sylvester: 266 Johnson, Bruce; 288 Johnston, Ted: 355 Johnson, Wanda Chartenc; 90 Jones, Barry; 3,14 Jones, Brcnda. 355 Jones, Danny, 228,229,3.14 Jones, David, 355 Jones, Deborah: 316 Jones, Dennis: 288 Jones, Don; 127 Jones, Ldward; 316 Jones, Jan, 316 Jones, Jerry: 3,14 Jones, Kay, 355 Jones, Kathy: 43,3,14 Jones, Linda E ; 355 Jones, Linda W ' , 25 Jones, Linn W, 289 Jones, Louis; 214 Jones. Marcia; 2.10.355 Jones. Richard: 228.3.56 Jones. Ron D.; 203.289 Jones. Sarah; 172.3.56 Jones. Neronica; 356 Jones, Walter; 317 Jones, Wendell; 289 Jont , Jack, 83.159.334 Jordan, Mike; 334 Jordan, Lois: 289 Jordon. Raymond: 389 Jorgenson, Franklin, 334 Jossett, Preston: 214 Joubert. Judith: 72.151.289 Judd.Jobn:24 Juel. Richard. 289 Juelsgaard. Terry. 317 Juhl. Dennis. 83.325 Jubn. Nora: 90 Julian, Kenneth; 356 Jurko, Heidi, 204.334 Justin, Jean: 183.334 Justin. Nadyne;289 Justin. James; 25.356 Kable. Donald; 289 Kabl.Eli,;abelh; 89.317 Kalin. Anna: 75.289 Kailoway. Larry; 317 Kane. Joseph: 5 Kangethe. Eunice; 356 Kannenberg. Phillip: 334 Kapeluck, Gregory, 289 Kapp, Stanley: 81,334 Kardell. Sheldon; 334 Kariker. Lerov;201 Kariken. Eldon; 205.289 Karns. Jerry: 5 Karr. Louann: 317 Kaufman. Michael; 217 Kauffman. John; 196.317 Kau larich. Ronald: 289 Kauanaygh. Kent: 121 Keats. Eugene: 85.334 Kcc. William. 317 Kccbjugh. Vonis; 356 Kerfe. Ann. 57.317 Keepers. Jacqueline: 162.179.310.318 Kecton. Marcia; Kcinbcrger. Margret; 356 Keith. Krisiine. 334 Keller. Carl; 334 Keller. Cheryl: 89.3.14 Keller. Kay; 3.16 Keller. Linda: 173.174.356 Keller. Marda; 75.152.289 Keller. Rosalea; 335 Kclles. John; 191 Kcllcs. William; 289 Kdly. Jack. 3.56 Kelsey.Sherrill; 88.289 Kelso. Sue. 335 Kemp. Cheryl; 289 Kemp. James: 188.289 Kempf. Carole; 335 Kcnagy. Margaret; 216,356 Kendle. Paul. 191.335 Kennedy. James; 289 Kennedy. Karcl. 335 Kennedy. Kalhryn. 356 Kennedy. Patrick; 356 Kennedy. Phyllis; 356 Kennedy. Thomas: 289 Kennelley. Thomas; 356 Kenny. Charles; 290 Kent. David; 335 Kerber.Ouen: 2.186.335 Kerknamm. Laura. 127.150.335 Kern. Douglas. 335 Kerner. Stephen M . 193.290 Kerncy. Mary. 317 Kerns. Dean. 187 Kerns. Denise. 99 Kerns. W ilbur: 290 Kerrigan. Diane; 356 Ke selrlng. Marilyn: 4.1. 1 . Kienbergcr. Margaret. 89.153 Killgore. Mary. 43.216.317 Kilmer. Danny. 190.317 Kinder. Douglas. 191.335 Kindle. Evelyn: Student nurses 90 King. Barbara, 86,317 King, Dorothy, 290 King, Herman, 43,69.214.290 King, Russell: 317 King, Sarah. 317 Kinkade, Sandy; 75.317 Kinscy. Barbara; 70.72.390 Kiphart. Martina: Student Nurse 90 Kirby. Shirley: 335 Kirkpatrick.Glcn. 356 Kirkpalrick. Kenneth: 159.356 Kitterman. Donna. 290 Kixmiller. Lolela. 356 Klass. Barbara. 226.335 Klang. Mane. 75.224 Klein. Alan. 335 Klein. Bruce: 335 Kline. Gregory; 228.335 Klutc. Sandra: 86.290 Kluver. Charles: 317 Knapple. George: 290 Knauer, James; 317 Knauf, Linda; 290 KnoM, Constance, 335 Knorr, Thomas; 81 Knudscn, Kathleen: 354 Knobbe, Mary, 335 Koegcl, John; 335 Kocnig, Kevin: 356 Knolb, Sue; 356 Komm. James; 59.197.317 Komm. John; 356 Konecny. Victor; 335 Koppernolle. Craig: 335 Kornfeind. Jane: 290 Koroch. Steven: 290 Koscinski. Edward; 217.335 Koscinski. Edward; 83.290 Koso, Linda, 153,335 Kount , Jerry, 356 Krabiel. Dorothy; 67.290 Kralik. Linda; 153.3.56 Krcck. Eileen; 25.317 Kreiling. Thelma; 335 Krcmer. Gene; 197.335 Krelzschmar. Victor; 290 Knegshauser. Sandra; 70.317 Kroeker. Cy nlhia: 356 Krueger. Beverly: 335 Krueger. Robert; 290 Kucban. Shan, 335 Kuhns. John; 290 Kunkel. Daniel: 23 Kunkel. Debbie; 356 Kunkle. Dennis: 335 Kunkel. Jack; 99 Kunkel. Lois Ann; 89.290 Kupcrsmith. Laura; 182.335 Kurtnght. Karolyn; 335 Kurtngbt. Larry: 335 Kurt . Dennis; 159.290.356 Kurt . James; 192.335 Kurt . Jan; 83 Kusel. Connie; 173.335 Kuster. John: 291 Kyhnn. Mark: 186.291 Laber. Philip: 356 Lacy. Gary. 356 Laffoon. James; 291 Lager. Antla. 356 Lager. Carol; 291 Lager. Kenneth: 335 Lainharl. Linda. 356 Lainson. Su anne: 179.291 Lamb. Cobs. 195 Lambrighl. Deborah; 36.72.1 18.173.335 Lambrigbt. Roger; 127.198.335 Lampkins, Denise; 214,335 Landphair, Ronald; 335 Landrus, Diane, 335 Lane, Jimmic: 335 Laneville. Ed;3l7 i.angabee. Robert; 291 Lam . Curtis. 291 Lam . Karen. 356 Lant . Linda; 317 Lant . William; 121 Lap iur. Kathy; 183 Larabee. Linda: 356 Larmcr. Bill, 196 Larmer. Jeffrey. 195.317 Larman. Prescotl: 83 Larsen, Paula, 356 Larson, John H.; 317 Larson, Richard J; 81,317 Larson. Virginia; 86 Larusso. Douglas; 196.335 Lallin. Melvin;3l7 Lauhoff. Joyce; 335 Lausch. Gary. 291 Lautncr. Dennis: 291 Lawless. Wanda: 291 Lawrence. Joyce: 86.335 Lawrence. Patricia; 36.72.317 Lawson. Bruce; 292 Layland. Dcane; 356 Leach. Carol. 356 Lcachman. Larry; 336 Leader, Charlotte: 356 Lcarers, Richard; 356 Leahy, Ellen, 356 Lca cnby, James: 198,336 Lech, Kathleen, 356 Lcdgerwood, Linda; 336 Lee, Marilyn; 336 Leeper, Bcrnetta: 336 Leepcr, Carol, .16,150,291 Leffner, Dennis; 196.336 Lehman. Joanne; 206.336 Lcidal. Don: 291 Leighninger, Daniel: 99.162,202.20. .3I8 Leighninger. Judith: 67.68. 1 52.3 18 Leight. George Anne; 2CM Leislad. Edward; 291 Lemert, Janice: 291 Lemke. Jeanne: 336 Lemon. Paul: 357 Lengeling. Ronald; 336 Lcnihan. Leonard; 187 Leo. Anthony, 336 Lei ig, Arthur; 291 Leu, James: 52 Leuwcrkc, Ronald; 192.291 Lewellcn. Connie; 86 Lewellen. Larry: 96 Lewis. David; .156 Lewis. Galen; 336 Lewis. Sharon: 31l Lewis. Thomas; .t.S( Lewis. Toni; 89.336 Levtham. Joyce: 3t7 Liilnt .Jcrircs. 191 Light. Georgia: 151.336 Lighlle, Karen, 88.89.336 Lillard. Brenda; 336 Lima. Linda; 336 Limsakul. Vichai; 336 Linville. Leslie: 43.68. 1 50. 1 62. J 1 7 373 Lionberger. Jackie:,317 Lippincolt. Robert; 357 Lippincon. Terry; 195 Lippold. Judy; 336 Listrom.Ned; 195 Little. Lovd;29l Lilllefield. Ted; 83,336 Littlrell. Ross; 83 Livingood. Donna; 336 Lock. David; 81.336 Lock. James; 357 Lock. Ruth; 317 Lock. Theresa; 357 Lockard. Herbert; 25 Locke; Pamela; 153.357 Lockhart. Joan; 336 Loercher. Michael; 336 Logan. David; 318 Logan. Richard; 291 Long. Christina; 357 Long. Christina; 153 Long. Debbie; 183 Long. Lavonne; 336 Long. Ruth; Long. Thomas; 336 Lopur. Kathleen; 336 LoScalzo. Jeanie; 86.3 1 7 Lolz. Judy; 67.292 Lowe. Michael; 357 Lowe. Teresa; 214 Lower. Roger; 357 Lowrance. James; 318 Lowrance. Mary; Student Nurse, 90 Lowry. Deborah; 336 Lucas. Kenneth; 336 Luce. William: 317 Luke. Edna: 292 Luke. Margaret: 292 Lumey. Rodney; 83.336 Lumm. Lawrence; 8 1 .292 Lund. Robert: 292 Lundergan. Barbara: 183.336 Lundquist. Patricia: 89.206.292 Lundstrom. Roger; 336 Luse. Sheila; 357 Lusk. Danny: 217.336 Lusk. Nancy:86.3l7 Lusso, Charles: 292 Lusso, Marv: 292 Luther, David; 85,292 Luther, Patricia; 292 Luttrell. Linda: 67.206.318 Lyddon. John; 357 Lyle. Steven: 357 Lyles. Jeanette: 357 Lyies. Sharon; 292 Lynam. Ed:318 Lynch. Brian; 357 Lynch, Landis: 357 Lyon, Janice: 336 Lyon. Gary; 336 Maach. Bruce; 318 Maag. Mary: 357 Mabary. Jerry: 292 Madden. Ellen: 292 Madden. Michael; 198.292 Maddox. William; 357 Maffelt. Thomas; 216 Magill.Gayle;336 Magill. Gene; 292 Magill. Timothy: 357 Magner. Mildred;, Maharry. Maurice; 292 Maharry. William; 336 Mahoney. James; 3 1 8 Maize. Betty: 86.336 Malendez. Angel; 193 Malone. Gerald; 357 Malone. James; 85.292 Maloney. Richard; 336 Manes. Debra: 357 Mann. Gary; 81 Mann. Jane; 67.68. 1 1 8. 1 83.204,3 1 8 Mannasmith, Larry; 23.24 Manning. Jeanette; 226 Manning. Joyce; 336 Manns. Deborah: 153 Manrose. Cheryl; 181 Mansukhani. Shobha; 318 Manton. Douglas: 336 Manville. Paulett; 336 Marchetti, Sandra: 153.336 Marcias. Luis Juan: 39 Marckmann; Janice; 293 Markel. Timothy; 293 Markt. Nan: 337 Markt. Loren:318 Marotta. Joseph; 293 Mars. Chris; 143 Marshall. Ronald; 337 Marshall. Trudy; 337 Marshall. Virginia; 357 Martin. Bobbie; 75.357 Martin. Darrcll; 337 Martin. Gary; 83,357 Marlin. Helen; 36,69.183 Martin, Jill: 337 Martin, Judy; 153,357 Martin. Linda; 337 Martin. Marc; 69,83 Martin, Sharon: 75,3 18 Marvin. Kathiey: 68.293 Maschke. Kathie: 293 Mason. Albert; 293 Mason. Charles: 357 Mason. Ed; 85 Mason. James; 357 Mason. Larry; 357 Mason, Leo: 214,318 Matheny, Wayne: 293 Mathew, Judith; 75.293 Mathews. Ronald; 357 Mather. Ericka; 39 Malney. Christine; 357 Malt. Laurence; 337 Matthews. Charles; 81.318 Maudlin. Charlotte; 86.337 Mauer. Barbara; 151 Maulfair. Gary; 199.266.318 Mauton. Mary; 357 Mauzey. Elaine; 39 Mauzey. John; 39.293 Maxwell. Alice: 67.293 Maxwell. Denise; 151.337 Maxwell. Thorn; 318 May. Gloria: 214 May. Steven: 337 Mayes. Linda: 357 McAtee. Alice: 357 McAtee. Patli; 99.149.357 McAvoy. Barb: 162.204,205.293 McBee. Doris; 337 McBride. Timothy; 357 McCaltister. James: 293 McCambell. Rickey: 25.142 McCamy. Jeanine; 151.357 McCarthy. Jeremiah; 200 McCarthy. Marlene: 90 McCarty. Larry; 318 McClain. Gordon; 293 McClain. Terry; 198.337 McClair. Carolyn; 357 McClanahan. Mary; 318 McClellan. Nita: 337 McClelland. Sandra; 357 McClinlock, Martha; 90 McClure, Peg; 226.337 McClure.Terri: 75,357 McCluskey, Steven: 214,318 McCombs, Eugene; 70,99 McCombs, Orville;293 McConnell, Christine; 70,75.149,207,293 McConnell. Nancy: 357 McCord. Edith; 293 McCormick, Steven: 293 McCoy, Debbie: 24 McCrea, Gary: 337 McCrosky, Bonnie; 75 McColloh. Susan; 357 McCuUoh. Susan; 226 McCurdy, Peg; 337 McCush, Gerald; 293 McDade, Gregory: 214,337 McDaniel, Donna; 337 McDaniel, Helen: 357 McDaniel, Thomas; 358 McDermott. Daniel; 217 McDermott. Mary: 337 McDermott. Pamela; 358 McDonnell. John; 293 McElroy. Margaret; 318 McFarland, Carol; 358 McGeorge, Melba: 67,152,293 McGeorge. Shirley; 68 McGinness. Dean: 294 McGinness. Thomas; 294 McGinness. Richard; 318 McGuinness. Joseph; 325 McGuire. Lawrence; 318 McGuire. Nancy; 318 McGuire. Patrick; McHenry. Betie: 337 Mclntyre.Carol;3l8 Mclntyre. Debrah; 358 Mclntyre. William; 159.337 Mclrvin. Janet; 294 McKeane. Colleen; 337 McKee. Dana: 337 McKee. David; 294 McKee. Janice;,337 McKee. Kathryn; 67 McKee. Marjorie: 294 McKee. Michael; 216,228.358 McKenny. Bill; 37.99.337 McKinnie. Gayla; 127.162.216,318 McKisson. Cheryl; 150.337 McLaren. Rian: 337 McLaughlin. David; 190.337 McMath. Michael; 358 McMullen. Linda: 358 McMurlray. Candice; 358 McNeely. Gregg; 337 McQuinn. Michael; 358 McWilliams, Deanna; 318 McWilliams, Kenneth: 294 McWilliams. Kerrill: 318 McWilliams. Michael; 294 Mead. Marilyn: 358 Meadows. Jeffrey; 337 Medley. Nancy; 358 Medsker. Kay; 37.99 Medsker. Sandra: 294 Meintel. Mary Kay; 142.337 Melendez. Dianne; 294 Melendez. Reyes; 294 Melito. John: 193 Melvin. Kathleen; 318 Mendenhall. Debbie; 172,204.358 Mendenhall. Dennis; 337 Mendenhall. Thomas: 294 Mendez. Richard: 69,337 Menefee, Edward; 83,294 Menefee. Thomas: 337 Mentis. Regina: 337 Mercer. John; 294 Merrigan. Mary; Mcrriman, David; 159,319 Merritt, Diane; 173,337 Merritt, Evelyn; 358 Mesch, Michael: 337 Messer, Patrice: 337 Messerschmidt, Steven: 294 Mews, Diana: 152 Meyer, Alan; 196 Meyer. Gary; 337 Meyer. Diane; 226.358 Meyer. James; 319 Meyer, Janet: 294 Meyer. Karen; 86 Meyer. Patricia: 67.294 Meyer. Stephen; 337 Meyn. Betty; 151.318 Michel. Danny; 187 Middagh. Caroline; 337 Middendorff. Joy; 89.358 Middleswart. Thomas; 159.358 Milbourn. Lonnie; 338 Miles. Bill: 318 Miles. Krista; 86.358 Miller. Anita: 338 Miller. April: 294 Miller. Barbara; 358 Miller. Brenda: 67. 149.338 Miller. Cynthia: 294 Miller. Dale; 294 Miller. David; 294 Miller. Deborah: 150.228.358 Miller, Edward; 67.295 Miller. Gary: 358 Miller. Janie; 318 Miller. John; 159.358 Miller. Larry; 81.318 Miller. Marsha: 148.177.318.358 Miller. Mary Elaine; Miller. Nancy: 358 Miller. Richard; 318 Miller. Rodney; 83.295 Miller. Sandra; 88.89 Miller.Sharon; 75,318 Miller, Sherry; 72,127.150.295 Miller. Twila; 88,318 Miller, Valerie; 214,358 Miller, William; 358 Mills. Danette; 358 Mills. Mignon; 295 Millsap. Kenneth: Milne. Arlen; 83.295 Milner. Timothy; 197 Mincer. DiAnn: 358 Minnick. Lana; 24.295 Minton. John; 295 Mitchell. Jeanette: 358 Mitchell. Jim; 358 Mitchell, Kathryn; 127,207 Mitchell. Kalhy;338 Mitchell. Madeline: 358 Mitchell. May; 338 Mitchell. Mary; 39.127.176 Mitchell. Sid: 358 Moberg. John: 318 Mobley. Jane; 318 Mobley. Janice: 358 Mobley. Paul; 338 Mobley. Ronald; 358 Modlin. Janet; 358 Moehring. Anna: 295 Moehring. Paulette; 177 Mohler. Martin: 191 Mohr. Ellen; 295 Mohr. Juan; 217.295 Mohr. Linda; 318 Molgaard. Terry; 85.199.295 Monaghan. Allyn; 198 Mongold. Cynthia; 338 Mongold. Roger: 57 Monic. Michael: 318 Monk.Kindall; 194 Monk, Michael: 81 Montemayor, Christine; 358 Moody, Kathy; 295 Mooney, Michael; 200 Mooncy, Robert: 85.159.319 Moore. Barbara; 318 Moore. Barbara; 358 Moore. Daniel; 295 Moore. Darnell: 266,318 Moore. Deborah; 295 Moore. Dennis; 192 Moore. Dianne; 67.3 1 9 Moore. Jimmy: 358 Moore. Kathie: 75 Moore. Laurelynn; 179 Moore. Lesley: 69.173.319 Moore. Philip: 295 Moore. Randell: 338 Moore. Ronald; 338 Moore. Stephen; 358 Moore. Susan: 338 Moore. Wayne; 319 Morehead. Pamela; 67.295 Morgan. Ann; 338 Morgan. Constance; 207.295 Morgan. Patricia; 67.358 Morgan. Ted; 83.186.295 Morgan. Venda; 67.225.3 19 Morin. Cheryl; 67.296 Mork. Kendall: 205.319 Morris. Christine; 151.296 Morris. Connie; 88.338 Morris. Erwin: 296 Morris. Gayle; 358 Morris. Jack: 359 Morris. Larry: 81 Morrison. Marcia; 319 Morrison. Mary: 359 Morrison. Monica; 338 Morrow. Denny; 359 Morrow. Janice: 338 Morrow. Teena; 319 Morse. Janice; 296 Moses. Joy; 338 Moses. Patricia: 359 Moss. Marcia: 359 Moten. Esta; 338 Motley. John; 359 Motsinger. Joseph; 296 Mouer. Barbara; 359 Moutrav. James; 338 Mowrev. Phyllis; Moyer. Paula; 182.205.338 Mullen. Mary Jo; 151.296 Mullen. Robert; 296 Mullen. Russel: Mullin. Terry; 319 Mullins. James; 159.319 Mullins. Kathy: 359 Mummelthie. Robert: 83.296 Murphy. Joe: 359 Murphy. Kathryn; 68.72,296 Murphy. Marvin; 296 Murphy, Mary; 31 Murray, Kenton; 359 Musfeldt, Steve; 319 Musgrave, Richard; 359 Musgrave. Billy: 319 Musgrave. Gary; 296 Musgrave. Jonel; 152 Musser, Christina; 359 Musser, Clifford: 228,359 Myers, Harold; 85 Myers, Percy; 69,214 Myers. Perry; 159.162,165.296.319 Myers. Thomas: 85.202.296 Mylott. Wyvonna;338 Myrick. Michael; 159.190.319 Nagel, Michael: 217 Nance. Kathy: 149.338 Nance. Katherine; 338 Napier. Janet; 69 Nauman. Dianna; 359 Nauman. James; 359 Nauman. Thomas: 193 Neal. James; 197.296 Neese. Robert: 85.159.296 Neil. Kirby: 359 Nelles. Clifford: 266,319 Nelson. Debbie; 359 Nelson. Dana; 181 Nelson. Duane; 359 Nelson. Helen: 216.319 Nelson. James; 359 Nelson. Judith; 86,176,319 Nelson, Peggy; 319 Nelson, Rebbecca; 126,169,173,204.338 Nelson. Richard A.: 338 Nelson. Robert; 338 Nelson. Sheila: 24.204,338 Nelson. Steven; 319 Nesbit. Kathleen; 359 Neudorff. Jams; 338 Neumann, Kathy; 359 Neumeyer. Linda: 338 Newhouse, Larry: 319 Newland, Duane; 121,296 Newland, Pat: 296 Newlon, Larry; 217 Newsome, Rebecca; 1 50 Nicholas, Janet; 319 374 I Nicholas, Joseph; 187.205,296 Nichols. Linda: 174,338 Nichols, Patncra: 39,173,319 Nichols, Rebecca; 359 Nichols, Robert; 217 Nicholson, George; 195 Nicholson, Jennifer; 86 Nickell, Darryl;338 Nicols, William; 319 Nielsen, Amy; 359 Nielsen. Maurice; 319 Nielsen. Rickey; 338 Niemeyer. Thomas; 338 Nigh. Eddie; 359 Nigh. Linda; 75.77 Nincehelser. Cecilia; 226.359 Noble, Gerald; 200 Noland. Stephen; 359 Nold, Patricia; 296 Noll, Robert; 83,338 Norfolk, Ronald; 297 Norman. Myra; 25.43,68.70,207,297 Norouzi. Fereydoon; 218.319 Norns, Terry; 86,149,207.338 North, Carolyn; 36.230.338 Nower, Martin; 359 Nybald. Kenna;338 Nydegger. Bradley; 297 Nystrom. Marck; 319 Nystrom. Ram; 338 Oberhelman. Diane; 338 O ' Brien. Terry; 23.297 Ochs. Raymond; 297 O ' Dell. Barbara; 179 O ' Dell. Michael; 359 Oder, Paul; 297 O ' Donnell, James; 217,320 Oetjen, Judy; 67,153.320 OHalloran. Richard; 319 O ' Halloran. Robert; 85.359 Ohdc. Darrell; 338 Ohde. Dennis; 159.200.297 Olafson. Kay; 216.359 Olheiser. Patrick; 266 Oliphant. Jacqulin; 175.205.297 Oliphant.O, fern; 148,320 Oliva. Simone;3l9 Oliver, Betty; 181,359 Ohver, James; 25, 100, 165, 195, 319 Oliver, Michael; 338 Olse, Bob; 359 Olsen, Franklin; 359 Olson, Darrel; 297 Olson. Eric; 194.338 Olson. May; 359 Olson. Wanda; 359 Olson. Wayne; 217 O ' Neall. Tommy; 338 Orey, Wayne; 359 ORiley, Susan; 297 Oros, Barry; 338 O ' Rourke, Jessica; 226,359 Orr, Michael; 193,319 Orth, Jackie; 319 Osburn, Judy; 359 Oshlo, Douglas; 338 Oltinger, William; 319 Overman, Randall, 59,297 Owings, Marsha, 152.297 Oxiey, Phillip; 194 Padilla, Stephen; 162 Palaska, Deborah; 216 Pallo, Stephen; 359 Palmer, Raymond; 25.159.297 Palmitier. Lloyd; 297.320 Pancttes. Greg; 200 Rape, Bever; 360 Pape. Shirley; 339 Pavke. Richard; 360 Parker. Debra; 360 Parker. Julie; 183.339 Parkhurst, Melody; 339 Parkhurst, Wesley; 297 Parkison. Pamela; Parks. Kathryn; 179.204,297 Parmelle. Bruce; 83 Parman, Rebbecca; 319 Parshall, Cheryl; 360 Pashek. Kenneth; 83 Pasternak. Sherry; 176.339 Pattebaum. Denny; 191 Patterson. Linda; 172 Paul. Gena; 75.77.319 Paul. Rick; 85,297 Paulsen. Cheryl; 23.25,3 1 ,68, 164,207.297 Paulsen, Janet; 75,320 Paulsen. Verlee; 360 Paulson, Mary; 319 Pawling, Judy; 149,224 Payne, Barbara; 339 Payne, Galen; 297 Payne. Jay; 339 Payne, Patricia; Payne. Sharon; 298 Peakc. Andy; 24.360 Pearl. Larry; 99 Pearson, Donald; 339 Peary. Marlene; 153 Peck. Steven; 360 Pederson. Glen; 83 Pederson. Gordon; 360 Pence, Larry; 81 Pcrcell, Jerry; 360 Perdue, Donald; 339 Perkins, David; 23,3 19 Perkins. Mike; 25 Perry, Denise; 175,339 Perry, Mary; 152.228.339 Persell. John; 360 Pclerman, Beverly; 181.339 Peterman. Ronald; 339 Peters. Susan; 339 Peterson. Kathryn; 89.320 Peterson. Ronald; 298 Peterson, Alan; 81 Peterson. Allen; 320 Peterson. Burce; 360 Peterson, Darwin. 187,339 Peterson. David A; 228.320 Peterson, Linda; 360 Peterson, Monte; 298 Peterson, Ronald; 81.320 Peterson. Wayne; 59.298 Pettijohn. Vera; Petty. Steven; 325 Pfeiier. Ann; 320 Pfeifcr. Daniel; 86,320 Phelan, Stephen; 360 Phillips. Acen; 214 Phillips, Edward; 320 Phillips, Kathryn; 150.3.19 Phillips. Michael; 298 Phillips. Wayne; 298 Phipps. Lynnard; 43,298 Phipps,Mce; 218,339 Pickard, John;83,l92.l94..320 Pickard. Rosalyn; 360 Pickett. Ruth. 182.339 Piepcr. Joyce; 339 Pierce. Cathy; 86.127,180.298 Pierce. Gary; 320 Pierce. Martin; 320 Pierson. Martin. 83.360 Picrson, Marvin; 339 Pierson, Susan; 72,39,298 Pict , Rex; 197 Pile, Robert; 298 Pine, Edward, 320 Pisha, Gloria, .360 Pittman. Phillip. 190 Piveval. Joyce; 298 Piveral. Virgil; 85.298 Place. Charles; 360 Ploof. Sally; 90 Plough. Mary; 153,179,360 Plummer, Kathy; 67,320 Plummet, Margaret; 360 Poaguc, Lynn; 339 Poague. Monte; 83.339 Pot, Carl; 201 Poe. Deborah; 339 Poe, Phyllis, .160 Poeckes. Mary; 320 Pohlman. John; 3.39 Pokos. Anita. 178 Polaska. Debbie; 359 Polizzi. Thomas; 199.339 Polk. Jane; 180 Pollev. Dannie; 3.39 Pollock. Janet; Polscy. Katherinc; 360 Poldyon. Cynthia; 25 Pomeroy.Judy; 150.320 Poule. Thomas; 339 Pope. Connie; 360 Poppa. Rita; 298 Porch. Roscoe;,298 Porter, Cherri; 360 Porter, Daniel; 202 Porter, Peggy; 27,360 Porter, Susan; 360 Posch, Annette; 339 Posten, Kcrmitt; 339 Pottebaum, Dennis; 339 Potter, David; 81,192 Potter, Marcia; 339 Potlorff, Teddie; 67. 1 50.207.320 Pottralz. Gregory; 298 Pottratz. Sharon; 298 Potts. Joyce; 208.339 Powell. Brian; 360 Powell. Katherine; 360 Powell. Linda; 86.360 Powell. Nancy; Poynter, Paul; 203.320 Pratt. Connie; 360 Preston. Richard; 85.298 Price. Alan; 320 Price. Melody; 179.298 Pride, Myra; 36.159.298 Pride. Nancy; 152.360 Priest. Curtis; 360 Primm. David; 43.69.339 Pritchard. Dennis; 339 Provenzo. Stephen; 299 Pruitt. Janet; 360 Pruitt. Richard; 360 Pruitt. Robert; 299 Pugh, Donn; 23.339 Pullen. Dee; 299 Pummill. Kenneth; 339 Pursell. Patricia; 339 Purviance. Bobby; 320 Putnam. Frances; 339 Pyles. Jeanie; 149.182 Quam. Fred; 299 Quandl. David; 360 Quarnstrom. James; 320 Quinn. John, 339 Quistorff. Rosemary; 360 Rabe. Philip; 360 Rabenold. Jackie; Rainey. Jamie; 299 Raines, Peggy; 340 Raines. Jerry;57, 159,320 Ramcy. Kathleen; 153,341 Ramsbottom. John; 217 Randall. Jean; 360 Raney. Mark; 190 Rankin. Donald; 299 Ranniger. Joyce; 67.153.320 Rasmussen. Allen; 83.320 Rismusscn. Lloyd; 360 Rasmussen. Merle; 360 Rath. Madonna. 204.340 Rather. Cynthia; 69.216.320 Ray. Carol. 320 Ray. Earl; 299 Ray. Franklin; 202.299 Ray. Patty; 99 Rav. Valoree; 340 Read. Cind); 86.216.320 Read. Crystal; .160 Read. Gene; 299 Read. Leonard; 159,299 Read, Marilyn; 299 Rcavis, Eddyc; 299 Rcavis. Lana Kay. 204.364 Rebori. David; Rector. Janice; 360 Rcddcld. Judy; 299 Redficid, Merhn; 299 Redig. Barbara; .140 Redig. Glen. .160 Recce. Richard; 83.320 Rcrd. Cindy; 175 Reed. Danny. 299 Reed. David; 361 Retd. Gary. 217.299 Rccd, Janet 67.340 Reed. Linda. 208.320 Reed. Michael. 299 Rccd. Phyllis; 340 Reed. Ronald; 361 Reeder. L le;.140 Reese. James; 361 Reese. Rick. .161 Reverts. Jo; 361 Reeves. Robert; 299 Reeves. Sandra; 320 Reeves. Sharon; 361 Reger. Carol. 152.299 Rcger. Kenneth; 320 Rehm. William; 320 Reichenbacher. Dennis; 300 Reichenbackcr. Marilyn; 300 Reighard. John; .100 Reighard. Marilyn; 300 Reinke. Raymond; 36t Reinig. Michael; 23 Reisinger. Allen; 320 Reiss. Patricia; 300 Refore. Carolyn; 340 Renken. Clarence; 320 Renken. Janice; 152 Resendez. Juana; 218 Rex. Dennis; 83 Reynolds. Donald; 361 Reynolds. Norma; 37. 1 89, 199.320 Rhoader, John,C,;83 Rhodes, Jane; Rhoner. Pam;69 Rice. John; 320 Rice. Janis; 361 Richards. Debra; 340 Richardson. Elizabeth; 208..14O Richardson. Jcrry;81, 361 Richardson. Linda; 361 Richardson. Mary Ann; 23.27,31,88.150.320 Richardson, Mary Ann; 68,89,320 Richeson, Lynn; 320 Richmond, Donna; 173.320 Richmond. Susan; 150.361 Ricken. Doug; 361 Rickman. Becky; 173.320 Riddle. Mary; 300 Ridenour. Lewis; 320 Ridnour. Rhonda; 120 Ridge. David; 300 Riesgaard. Rebecca; 340 Riggs. Earl; 85.321 Rilev. Eric; Riley. Sandra; 89.153.361 Rinehart. Chris; 340 Rinehart. Neil; 162.361 Ring. Carolyn; 321 Ringold. Howard; 83 Rinne. Cindy; 361 Robar. Linda; 361 Robb. Richard; 361 Robbins. Jan; .300 Ribbins, Renee; 340 Robbins. Robert; 228.321 Roberts. Gail; 300 Roberts. Gary; 67.321 Roberts. Reginald; 321 Roberts. Virginia; 340 Robertson. Janie; 340 Robinson. Judy; 361 Rock. Stanley; 300 Rockow. Suzanne; 70.75.321 Rodgers. Bruce; 190 Roe. Dan; 195..140 Roe. Donna; 67.340 Roeder. Elaine; .100 Roesle. John; 201 Rogers. Mary; 153.340 Rogers. Roberta; 340 Rhoner. Pam; 179.340 Rold. Constance. 340 Rollins. Donna; 89.300 Ronan. James; 83 Rose. Dewan; 83.321 Roseburrow. Mary; 340 Rosecrans. Janet; 173 Rosenberg. Phillip; 321 Ross. Bruce; .14.83. 190 Ross. Jenifer; .100 Ross. Neva; 67 Ross. Paul; 57.300 Rost. John; 321 Roudybush. Kristen; .300 Rousli. Craig; 1.59..140 Roush. Deborah. Roush. Peggy; 182 Routh, Gary; 321 Rowe. David; 340 Rowe. James; 30.83. 1 27.230 Rowland. Norman. 300 Roy. Jerry; 83. I92.2-10..140 Ruark. Mary; .300 Rucker. Sandra; 228 Ruckman, Michael; 83.300 Rumble. Mary; .101 Ruppcl. Charles; 321 Rush.Charlenc; 151. 153. 168.181. 321 Russell. Ceressa; 150.340 Russell. Duane. 361 Russell. Larry; 340 Russell. Patsy; 361 Rutledge. Brcnda; 361 Rutledgc, Sharon; 70.30! Ryan. Joseph; 361 Ryan. Susan. .140 Rychnousky. Donna; 321 Rydl.Jo; 301 Rvser, Jackie; 340 Saale. Stephen; 340 Saccaro. John. 301 Sager. Doyle; 361 Sallcc. Irma;32l Salewicz. Richard; 52.85.301 Saltzman. Patricia; 361 Salvers. Thomas; 301 Sariiplc. Leonard; 83.321 Samuelson. Darwin. 321 Sandella. Maria; 361 Sander. Hilton. 301 Sanders. Claudi; 149.340 Sanders. Jacquelyn; 361 Sanders. Jay; .101 Sands. Randall; 43.321 Sanducci. Robert, 69.301 Sandyke. Max; 340 Sanger. Teresa; 361 Santen. Susan; 361 Saunders. Charles; 340 Saunders. Robert; 30 1 Savage. Dennis; iii Saviano. Angeic, .■- Saver. Linda; .iM Saville. Kay ; 4.208 Saving. Glen, 361 Sawer. Tim. 361 Sayre. Katherine; 340 Scamlan. Mary; 153.340 Scarbrough. Donna; 340 Schaefer. Lcnore; 89.340 Schafer. Kalhlyn;30l Schaley. Judy;36l 375 Schak . Richard: 321 Schall. Venim:86 SchalU. Roger; 83.321 Scheer, Dennis; 341 Schell. Kathryn;34l Schellhorn; Michael; 361 Schelslrale. Jamie: 4.34! Schieber. Maureen: 341 Schieber. Richard::! 7 Schieber. ThomuN. 361 Schieler. Eugene: 3.32 1 Schirmen, Mark; 301 Schlange. Carolyn; 67,321 Schle seiman. John; 85 Schlot hauer. Roger: 321 SchmelinG. M ichael. 83,1 59. 1 96.34 1 Schmiedling. Michael; 321 Schmil . Gerre; 361 Schnack.Sheryl: 31.361 Schneider. Jorg; 218 Schoeneck. Dave: 194 Schoeneck. Doug: 321 Schoengelder. Lanionle: 301 Schofield. Charles; 3.192 Schofield. Mike: 205.321 Scholes. Beverly; 173,361 Scholl.Veniia: 208.230.321 Schomer. Jerel; 341 Schomburg. Bruce: 341 Schotl.Gary:228,.36l Schooler. Judv: 341 Schotlel. Eva: 149.341 Schollel. Franklin: 201.301 Schollel. Sleven: 1 29. 1 6 1 . 1 62. 165. 198.266 Schrier. Suzanne; 32 I Schoeder. Edward: 321 Schoeder.Gary;2l7.302 Schroeder. Margaret ; 302 Schuck. Karen; 183.321 Schuler. Eugene: 192 Schuler. Ka ' ren: 24.27,97,341 Schuler. Milo: 362 Schuler. Nancy; 362 Schulle. Ed; 362 SchulU. Randall: 302 Schuster. Michael; 302 Schwartz, Kaihy: 3 1.34 1 Schwarz. Martin: 159 Schwarz. Richard: 192.205.321 Schwieger, Pamela: 23.24.362 Scoles. Susan; 23.27.362 Scott. Ins: 302 Scott. James; 217 Scott. James; 362 Scoit. Jean: 321 Scott. Minne: 341 Scott. Nancy; 321 Scott. 362 Scott. Stephanie; 362 Seamans. Leonu: 189,321 Searcy. Cheryl; 362 Searls. Paul; 85.302 Sears. Donald: 302 Sears. Marjorie: 3U2 Seaslrand. Ruth; 341 Seeman. Larry; 341 Seeman.Sue: 178.362 Sefrit. Robert: 302 Seim. Marvin: 193.302 Seipel. Barbara; 226 Seipel, Sara: 226.362 Seittcr, Linda:89.l50.32l Sellergren. Barry: 321 Sellers. Bruce: 362 Seven. Connie: 68.75. 1 63. 1 ( 4. 178.302 Severson. Elli; 321 Schackelford. Keilh; 362 Shahidi, Cyrus: 321 Sham. Roderick: 341 Shain. Sharon: 362 Shank. Douglas: 341 Shannon. Karen: 75.77.341 Shannon. Nancy; 99,362 Shaver. Timothy: 362 Shaw. Kenneth: 196.302 Sheeley. Sara. 341 Shepard. Claudia: 214.362 Shepard. Dennis; 302 Shepard. Mark; 341 Sherman. Gloria: 99. 1 82.302 Sherry. Shirlcv: 68.302 Sherwood. Bob; 190 Shields. Charlecn: 89.362 Shields. Kristine:362 Shiple . Connie; 32.208 Shiple . Gail: 362 Shipley. Russd: 321 Shiple . Susan: 322 Shojaie. Iraj. 218 Shollenbergcr. Richard: 162.190.322 Shook. Christine: 362 Short. Thomas. 1S6.302 Showatler. Donna: 362 Showers, David: 362 Shrewsburg, Regina: 149.341 Shruiu. Linda; 67. 1 50.302 Shultz. Mary; 362 Shumaie. Jo: 362 Shumate, Susan: 362 Shutls. Tony; 362 Sick. Gladys; 341 Siddens. Carolyn: 88.89.341 Siedenburc. Linda; 39,68.322 Siemsen. David; 362 Sieve. Randy: 322 Sievers, Sandra; 362 Sills. Donald: 196 Simnionds. Wendell; 362 Simmons. Nancy; 362 Simmons. Nancy: 362 Simmons. Nila: Simmons, Tanya: 302 Simmons. Vernon; 302 Simonsen, Craig; 322 Simpson. Cynthia: 341 Simpson. James; 302 Simpson. Pamela: 180.341 Sims. Linda; 341 Sinclair. Charles: 322 Sinclair. Kevin: 198 Sinn.Carla; 153.362 Sisson. Gerald; 52,303 Siverly. Monica: 362 Sjolin. Susan: 303 Skahili. Judith: 303 Skann. Chen; 341 Skeels.Jay: I27.I8S.303 Skinner. Marcia;362 Skinner. Recil: 189.303 Skinner. William; 191 Skripskv. Sandra; 341 Sladle. Shelly; 322 Slalen. Renie; 362 Slaybaugh. Domal. 341 Sleisler. James: 341 Sloan. Sherry; 75.362 Slocum. George; 322 Slocum. Ruth: 322 Slump. Mary; 362 Slusher, Barbara: 152 Slusher, Jim; 43 Slusher. Marvin: 303 Smaller, Timothy; 362 Smith, Annette; 149.362 Smith. Cathy: 322 Smith. CynihiaA-: 153.362 Smith. Cynthia A.: 37.99.182 Smith. Dennis: 322 Smith. Duane: 196 Smith. Edward; 362 Smith. Janis; 322 Smith. John R : 362 Smith. Jonathon; 341 Smith, Kenneth A,; 214 Smith, Kent: 303 Smith. Leslie; 22S.363 Smith. Marcia. 23.31.363 Smith. Mane: I48,17«.322 Smith. Peter: 303 Smith. Phyllis; 363 Smith. Richard D.; 193.363 Smith. Richard N; 322 Smith. Sharon: 341 Smith. Terry; 363 Smith. Tonnie; 322 Smither. Raymond: 303 Snead. Deborah: 322 Snead. Dwight; 81.303 Snead. Larry: 81.341 Snead. Wallace; 83.341 Snell.Vicki: 19.183.322 Snelhen. Bruce; 363 Snodderley. Jeannine; 341 Snodderley,Juliane:34l Snodgrass. Deborah. I48.KS2.341 Snyder. Dennis: 341 Snyder, Jone; 322 Sobolka. Judy; 341 Sobotka. Ronald: 341 Soelaert. Earl; 341 Solomon. Linda; 363 Somner. Merrill: 303 Soper. Martin. 69.303 Sorensen. Christine; 67,179.341 Sorensen. Mary; 322 Spack. Mark; 363 Spam. Larry; 322 Spangler. Edward; 363 Spangler. Phillip: 303 Spears. Linda: 322 Sperry. Donna: 322 Spetman. Diane: 8S.89.34I Speigel. Richard: 303 Spohn. Teresa; yt} Sption. Laic: 363 Spotts. Alethea; 342 Spratt. Dennis: 342 Spriggs. Martin: 342 Springer. Kedra: 363 Sprock, Karen: 322 Spurlock. James: 162.363 Squier. Virginia: 342 Sladlman. Bruce: 162.326.342 Staker. Julia: 363 Staker. Richard: 363 Slaldman. Rollie: 163.165.303 Staley. Gregg; 81 Stalter, Shelley: 363 Stamp. Penny; 363 Stranger. Carole: 363 Stanley. William; 363 Staples, Sheridan; 363 Starks. Samuel: 363 Slarkovich, Terrie; 303 Starman. Deborah: 363 Slaten. Pal; 363 Slaver. David: 363 Steffen, Fredrick: 303 Sieimmeir. George: 196 Stenson, Lorraine: 342 Stephens. Barbara; 363 Stephens. Karen; 363 Stephens. Nancy; 342 Stephens. Sandra: 342 Stephens. Susan 90 Stephens, Susan J.: 342 Stephenson, Mary: 363 Stephenson. Norma; 363 Sterlsel. Nanette: 342 Stevens. Barb: 182,342 Stevens. Mary: 173.363 Slevenson. Barb; 363 Stevenson, Dick: 83 Stewart. Kathleen: 342 Sliles. Amber; S6.342 Sliles. Patricia; 363 Siinard. Jim: 43.230.342 Stinson, Nancy: 75.153,342 Stocker. Michael: 322 Slockdell, Richard: 363 Stockdell. Robert: 99.322 Stockham. Kathy: 342 Stohlasa, Joe; 192 Stoklasa. Joe: 342 Stoll, Diana: 322 Sioll, Delores;43 Stoll. Linda: 363 Stoll. Therese: 303 Slolley. Linda: 70.89.322 Slone. Janie:302 Slone. Phyllis: 304 Stone. Robert B.: 304 Stone. Robert L.: 304 Stone. Ronald; 159.304 Stoner. Grace: 90 Storey. Pamela; 23.363 Story ' . Bruce; 159.322 St. Peter. Susan; 363 Sirade. Thomas: 59. 1 27. 1 59. 1 62. 1 63.230. 304 Straight. Stephen: 322 Strain. Linda: Strain. Slepihen: 304 SlraU,Olin;304 Strange. David; 363 Strange: Marcella: 363 Strashetm. Cheryl: 322 Strasser. Gerald: 304 Strauss, Sue Ann; 342 Strauch. Rebecca: 363 Stroburg. Carey; 81,363 Stroburg. Cheryll;304 Slrother. Jacquelyn: 204.342 Siuisman. Paul; 322 Siueck. Terry: 304 Sturm. David: 83.304 Sturn. Dixie; 68.304 Stulzman, Phillip: 203 Sulherlin: Ethel M.:90 Sullivan. James: 322 Sullivan. Sheila: 342 Summa. Rebecca; 182 Summers. Donald: 224.322 Summers. John: 192 Summers. Marie; 322 Summy. Steve: 197.342 Sumy. Linda; 67.69.152,322 Sunderman. Paity: 304 Surber. Michael: ' l90.342 Suprise. Constance: 226.363 Sutton. Kenneth: 81 Sutton. Larry; 342 Sutton. Sieve: 196.266 Swain. Mary Lou: 127.181.205 Swain. Donna: 322 Swain. Kathy; 23.25.304 Swalley. Nina: 90 Swan. Stanley 127.203.304 Swaney. Richard: 191 Swaney. Sue; 173.363 Swanson. David: 342 Swanson. Douglas; 85.304 Swarlz. Judy;68.SS.I51.304 Sweat. Mary Beth: 304 Sweeney. Dennis: 304 Sweeney. Kathleen: 181.342 Sweeney. Marsha; 70.86.304 Sweeney. Sheila; 363 Swenson. John. 344 Swell. David; 364 Swell. Duaine: 159.305 Swigerl. Linda; 364 Swigart. Susan: 364 Swigarl. Vickie; 364 Swinney. Phillip; 127,194.342 Syberi.Gail: 192.322 Taber. Ruth Ann: 228 Tackett. Natalie; 34 Tacketi. Roland: 364 Tadlock. Terrence; 342 Taff. Janet: 153.322 Taff. Ronnie; 364 Talmadge. Herbert; 342 Talmadge. Lynna;342 Talello. Donald: 191 Tapp. Marianne: 228.323 Tarwater. David; 305 Taubel. George; 305.323 Taul. Dorihy: 151.224,323 Taylor. Carol Ann: 305 Taylor. Ralph: 25.323 Taylor. Rick: 342 Taylor, Timothy: 342 Teale. John: 364 Tellalin, Stephen: 191 Temple. Terry; 72.364 Templeton, Mary: 305 Terril. Patricia; 364 Terry. Allan: 323 Terry. Debbie; 342 Terry. Kevin; 364 Terry. Tem: 323 Terwiltinger. Peggy: 364 Tetl. Julie: 304 Thackery. Trudy: 364 Thate. Robert; 364 Thaver. Karen: 175 Thezan. Bruce; 200.266.323 Thiesen. Phyllis; 364 Thomann. John; 364 Thomas. Barbara: 342 Thomas. Cynthia; 177.342 Thomas, Donna; 364 Thomas, George: 323 Thomas. Jeffery; 364 Thomas. Kay; 173.323.364 Thomas. Rhonda; 178 Thomas, Robert; 305 Thomas, Terry: 323 Thompson. Beverly; 148,183 Thompson. Chuck; IS8 Thompson. David: 325 Thompson. Donelle: 364 Thompson. Elaine. 36,68, Thompson. Glenda; 68, 175.205.323 Thompson. James; 197,342 Thompson, Joyce Ann: 364 Thompson. Kenneth T,: 83 Thompson, Marilyn; 364 Thompson, Marlene: 150 Thompson. Ronald: 305 Thompson. Sharmon: 88.89,153.342 Thompson. Susan: 86 Thomson, Nancy; 86.323 Thornton. Janice; 323 Thurnau. Thelma: 342 Tibben. Susan: 364 Teimever. Gary; 323 Tiernan.Jane; 180,364 Tierney. Brenda: 342 Tighe, William: 187.323 Tiller. Anthony: 305 Tiller. David: 364 Tillel. Gloria; 342 Tillel. Roxanna;364 Timke. Kenneth: 197.266.305 Tingwald. James: 342 Tisdalc. Mary; 323 Titus, Brenda. 364 Tofflemire. Charles: 43.216.312 Toman. Marilvn: 342 Tomes. Dwighl: 305 Tomes. Mark; 364 Temlinson. Edward: 305 Tomlinson. Maril n; 86.305 Tompkins. Susan: 364 Toole . Ronald, 85.159.305 Tornabane. James; 305 Torres, Cheryl: 24 Tosser, James; 364 Trca.Jenneiie: 180.343 Tribolet. Karen: 208.323 Trice. John: 364 Trimble. Lois; 86.228.343 Tritsch. Palti: 208.343 Troesier. Keilh; 323 Trout. Jerone: 57.305 Trucker. Sandra: 343 True. Thomas: 85.232 Trutlinger. Edward: 305 Trullinger. Margaret; 305 Tucker ' Sandra: 228.229 Tuhen. Nan; 364 Turk. Lawrence; 201.323 Turnbull. Rebecca: 364 Turnbull. Reginald: 142 Turner. Caria; 343 Turner. Carol; 75.323 Turner, Dean; 364 Turner. Donald: 343 376 Turner. Lynn; 364 Turner. Rudy; 195.323 Tyrell. Lilly; 69.323 Untriedl. William; 127.343 Updike. Raelord; 323 Upton. Lora; 162.183.343 Valk. Donald N.; 165 Valentine. Caretta; 364 Vallier. Kathleen; 75.364 Vonatta. Roger; 343 Vanbaren. James; 306 Vanbebber. Joyce; 148.306 Van Brill, Harvie; 159 Van Cleave. John; 343 Van Cleave. Cheryl; 72.306 Vanderwater. Rosalie; 323 Van Every. Mary Ellen; 216.323 Vanhemert. Belinda; 364 Vanhoozer. Dorothy; 306 Vanhoozer. Victoria; 86,323 Vanhorn. Stephen; 364 Van Keirsbilck. Linda; 343 Van Nordstraud. Herb; 83.323 Van Sky. Larry; 217 Van Vaclor. Hcrbcrl;323 VanZant.Cvnthia; 343 Varchola. Victor; 198.323 Vaughn. Donald; 306 Vaux. Sue Ellen; 323 Venleicher. Vernon; 353 Vernon. Freddi e; 343 Vest. Jon; 85.323 Victor. Michael; 85.306 Vinson. David; 343 Violetl. Valaric; 306 Voldmann. Pamela. 343 Voorhees. Madeline; 153 Voss. Richard; 83.217.306 Votipka. Cynthia; 364 Vuagniaux. Timiothy; 323 Vulgamott. Caria; 69.172.343 Vulgamolt. Curtis. 343 Vulgamott. Kay; 228.229 Vulgamott. Laverna; 23.306 Wade. Robert; .106 Wager, Judv; 364 Wagner, Alan;,127. 162 Wainwrighl.Gary; 197.343 Wainwright, Philip; 197.306 Waidman. Diane; 176.343 Waits. Betty; 164.406 Waits. Martha; 175 Wake, Larry; 343 Wakeman, James; 323 Walkenhorst, Mark; 365 Walker, Betty; 25,27,31,230,365 Walker, Debbie; 67,127 Walker, Kay; 365 Walker, Linda; 343 Walker. Lorctta; 90 Walker, Marcia; 80,224..?43 Walkup. Gregory; 306 Walkup. Mary; 365 Walkup Si ' - Ann 343 Wallace. Gwendolyn; Wallace. Marilyn; 306 Wallace. Susan; Waller. Keith; 323 Walls. Sarah; 214.365 Waltemath. Marilyn; 365 Walter, Betty; 306 Walter, Gary; 323 Walter. Michelle; 343 Walter. Phyllis; 306 Walters. Suzan; 323 Walton. James; 214 Walton. Richard; 25 .31 Walton. Thomas; 306 Wandell.Thimothy; 190.323 Wank. Lawerance. 365 Ward, James; 306 Ward. Ronald; 323 Ware. Dorthy; 323 Warcburg. Alvin; 307 Warman. David; 57.323 Warnc. Joyce; 67.307 Warner. Beverly; 365 Warner. Teresa; 365 Warren. Darrcl;353 Warren. Pamela; 43.307 Warren. Ruth; 153.324 Warren. Susan; Warrens. Barbara; 343 Waterworth. Mary Dee; 180.324 Waters. Dennis; 307 Watkins. tli abeth; 230 Watkins. Linda; 214.365 Watkins. Paula; 307 Watson. Linda; 324 Way. Pamela; 343 Weaver. John; 191.324 Weaver. Julia; 72.307 Weaver. Robbin; 343 Weaver. Terry; 307 Webb. Connie. 343 Webb. Linda; 365 Webber. Phyllis; 67.69.324 Weber. Mark; 365 Wcddic. Randy. 343 Wedlock. Beverly; 181 Weed. Claudia; 365 Wegener. Douglas; 343 Wcidner. Edward; 197.307 Weipert. Wayne; 324 Weirbach. Roger; 365 Weitkempcr. Michael; 365 Welch. Janet. 307 Welch. Robert; 69.159.307 Wcldon. Wanda; .19,67.150.307 Wellcr. Karen; 88.89.208..143 Wellcr. Randall; 365 Wells. Marcia. 37.99.341 Wells. William; Wcndle. Mclba. 86.365 Wennihan. Lcisa; 343 Wenstrand. Lynn. 343 Wen. Frank. 343 Wcrnimont. Craig; 81 .226.324 West. Caharlcne; 307 West. Gloria; 307 West. Jams; 67.343 West. Kenneth. 344 Weslfall. Amy; 172.365 Westtall, Beverly; .107 Wetzel. Linda; 324 Whipple. Donald; 324 Witaker. Stacie; 324 Wilakcr. Susanne; 68.88.89. 1 50.324 White. .Annette; 67 White. Bonnie; 69. 1 72,344 White. Brad; 365 White. David; 344 White. George; 203.307 White. Herbert; 307 White. Kristin; 365 White. Lynda; 172.205 White. Maralee; 178.344 White. Mans Ann; 226.365 White. Nannette; 67.324 While. Richard; 344 White. Wayne; 365 Whitehill. Judy; 174.204.307 Whillatch. Ellen; 365 Whyle. Mary. 127.344 Wickizer. Michael; 217.324 Wicks. Jill; 324 Wcichman. William; 344 W lederholt. Ronald; 365 Wiegman. Larry; 324 Wiepert. Charla; 67.324 Wilber. Mary; 344 Wiles. Linda; 86.174 Wiles. Richard; 197.324 Wilkins. Dennis; 324 Will. Donna; 365 Will. Donna. 365 Willctt. Beth. 176.344 Williams. Danny; 307 Williams. Glenna; 127.216.365 Williams. James; 266.308 Williams. Janet; 365 Williams. Janice; 43.324 Williams. Jerry; 307 Williams. Joyce; 324 Williams. Joyce; 308 Williams. Larry; 83 344 Williams. Leon; 365 Williams. Lois; 75.344 Williams. Mariys; 68.308 Williams. Patricia; 179.365 W illiams. Sandra; 27.31.324 Williams. Thomas; 308 Williamson. Penny; 89.365 Willis. Craig; 25.324 Willis. James; 83.308 Willis. Todd; .165 Willrich. Brad. 197.266 Wills. Kenneth .144 Willson. Diane; 72.152.308 Willson. Patty. 365 Wilmes. Janice; .108.344 Wilmes. Ronald; 308 Wilson. Betty. 90 Wilson. Colleen; .144 Wilson. Janet; 174.205 Wilson. Michael. 112.308 Wilson. Michael G; 308 Wilson. Steven. 83,308 Wilson. Vcrna. 75.365 Wilson. Wayne; 344 Wilson. Wiliaim; 83.308 Wimmer. Gary; 308 Wimmer. William; 52.324 Wmfrey. Martha; 324 Winger. Carol; 308 Winger. Joan; 365 Winkler. Linda. 324 Winn. Dana. 151.324 Winslou. Linda. .144 Winstead. Kathv;.144 W inter. Erich; 25.37.1 Wirtz. Roses; .108 Wisman. Ronald; 194.344 Witt. Jerry; 344 Wityk. Mike; 365 Wohlford. Raymond; 217.365 JVolcott. Janet; 365 Wolcott. Randall; 159 Wolf. Diane; 365 Woolbrinck. David; 266 Wollenhaupt. Janelle; 70.86.324 Wonders. Sandra; 324 Wood. James; 83.365 Wood. Joetla; 67.365 Wood. Vinia; 216.365 Woodburn. Steven; 365 Wooderson. Eddie; 308 Woodnng. Walter; 324 Woods. Barbara; 148,164.308 Woods. Marjorie; 324 Woods. Pamela; 344 Woodward. Lyie; 308 Woody. Fred; 344 Woodv. Larry L; 216.308 Woolles. Ronald; 309 Woolley. Sally; 309 Woolsey. Howard; 266.309 Wooters. Dennis; 186.309 Wooton. John; 344 Wordcn. Connie; 127.181 Wormsles. Emily; 127.162.181 Worth. Joyce; .109 Worlhwine. Linda. I83..109 Wright. James; 20 1. 344 Wright. LaVerne; 214 W right. Linda; 366 right. Pamela; 366 Wright. Patricia; 324 Wright. Robert G; 324 Wright. Robert L; 217 Wright. Stanley; Wulbeckcr. Mike; 366 Wunderhch. Teresa; 86.174 Wurster. Gloria; 366 Wykoff. Wendy; 324 Wyman. Margaret; 86.152 Yadusky. Walt; 37.99 Yarolen. Marcclla; 366 Yocum. Phillip; 366 Yokoo. Joyce. 309 Young. Bruce; 197.266 Young. Dwyla; 344 Young. Jannicc; 344 Young. Lynn; 344 Young. Phi Ray; 127.324 Young. Phil; 85.127 Young. Robert L.; 197 Younger. Linda; 149.153.224 Younger. Nina; 366 Youngs. Phillip; 159.309 Youngman. Swighl; 57.309 Zarr.Shcrne; Zebclean. Susan; 309 Zeamcr. Stanley; 309 Zike. Carol. 24.344 Zimmerman. Carmen; 366 Zimmerman. Carolyn; 324 Zimmerman. Harry. 309 Zimmerman. Joe; Zimmerman. Laura. 366 Zook. Charles; 344 Zook. Laural; 151.324 Zook. Phyllis; 366 Zoss. Jacquelyn; 366 I 377 Personnel Index Adair, Charles; 65 Akes. ZelmaO.; 65 Alberlini. Virgil; 34.165 Alcott. Muriel; 34 Alloway. Marilyn; 16 Anderson, Marlys; 34 Angman. Berndt; 42.142.216 Armitage, Marsha; 16 Armstrong, D. J.; 65 Arthur, Pauline; 65 Augustin, Byron; 41 Augstin. Harriet; 16 Aycock, Charles; 34 Bahnemann, David; 60 Baker. Earl; 73 Ballagher, Mary; 16 Barnes, John; 74 Barratt, George; 60 Becks, John; 79 Belcher, LulherC.Jr.; 15 Bernard. Barbara; 73 Black, ElbertaC; 16 Blades. Melvin;65 Blakenship, B.W.;84 Boone, Luke; 16 Bright, Mina E.; 16 Broderick. James; 18 Brower, Robert; 16,108 Brown, Everett; 15 Brown. Leta; 16 Browning. C. Edward; 84,85 Browning, Sharon; 84,86 Bruce. Clifford; 44 Buckridge, Richard; 73 Bush. Margaret; 22 Bush. Roberta; 15 Byrd. John;73 Cargo, David; 59 Carmeal. Thomas; 41 Carpenter, Sam; 58 Carr.TwylaJ.; 16.150 Christensen. Debbie; 16 Cobb. Betty Jo; 16 Cobb. MyrlS.; 16 Collins, Gary; 74 Collings, Herman G.; 82,83 Cook. Mabel; 87 Corley, Roger; 4 1, 43 Cronelison. Mary Alice; 16 Carrell, Kathi; 16 Coss, David; 34 Costello, Jane: 65 Coston, Lucille; 200 Cotter. Robert; 15 Cox. Ester; 87 Crist, LeRoy; 82 Crozier. David; 82 Cushman, Cathran; 44 Dahlhauscr. Sue; 74.75 Dahms, Terry; 16 Darveaux, Flame; 16 Davis, Ann M,; 16 Dawson, Pearl L.; 16 Dawson, Robert; 4! Dean. Richard D.; 16.159 DeMarce. James; 42 DeMarce,Vir.;ni:i: 41,162 Denrich. Loui -; i ' DeVore. Elwin. S! Dorsey, Anna M., U Dougherty. John; 38 Dopp. Ollie;201 Drummond. John; 16 Dyche, Lewis; 74 Dyke, Dorthy;4l Echternacht, Lonnie; 84 Eckert, Opal; 34.37.98 Ediger. Stanley; 60 Epiey. Roger; 65 Esser. Fred; 65 Easterla. David; 56 Ewerl. Phllis; 56,84 Fair, Owen W.; 60 Farquhar. Edward; 58.205 Farrell. Patricia; 56 Fetterer, Richard; 44 Fisher. Carolyn; 72 Fleming. William: 41 Flowers. Richard; 79 Fogal, Carroll; 65 Ford, Mary Kay; 16 Foster. Robert P.; 3 Fuhrman, John; 16 Fuller. Max: 15 Fulsom, Ralph; 44 Gallentine, Jerry; 56 Gardner, Greg; 44,52 Gaskinks, Ray: 60 Gates, James; 60 Gales. Paul; 74 Gayler. George; 42 Geiger. Vance; 65 George. Howard; 65 George, William; 79 Gerdes, William; 41 Ger. Patricia; 16 Gleason. James; 64 Goad, Craig; 34 Goad, Mary Ellen; 34 Govier. Robert; 38.141 Graham. Avis; 16 Gray. Shirley: 16 Gregory. Robert; 74 Gregory. Shirley; 17 Grispino, Frank; 65 Grube. Frank; 34.101.165 Hagan.C. Donald: 42 Hageman, Lee; 18 Hagen. Kenneth; 65 Handke. Frederick; 84 Handke. Lillian; 34 Harr. John; 41,43 Harris. Florence; 17 Hart, Richard: 56 Hasty. Dixie: 17 Hemenway, Henry: 65 Henderson. Clarence; 42 Henderson. Rex H.;228 Henry. Robert; 15 Hickman. Gerald; 42.43 Higginbolham, Harlan: 58 Hildebrand, Dorthy; 150 Hillix. Virginia; 18 Hinkley. William: 65 Hinshaw. George; 44 Hoady, Carol; 17 Hopper. John; 41.43 Horner. Channing; 38 Houghton, Floyd; 79 Houston, Richard; 71 Hunt, Paul M: 230 Hunter. Violetle: 34 Ingle. Dona: 87 Inglehart, Robert: 73 Isaac, Janice; 87 Jackson. Ann; 17 Jackson, Mary; 38 Jackson. Peter; 82.83. 162 Janky. Donna; 71 Jensen. Larry; 84 Jewett. Mike; 34 Johnson. Ann: 17 Johnson. James; 71 Johnson. Peitha M.; 17 Jones. Hershel; 59 Jones, Paul; 34 Jones, Sharon: 17 Kemp. Christopher; 41 Killgore. La Dora; 17,149 Kiliingsworth, Amy; 71 Kitlingsworth. Robert; 42 Kripatrick, Susan; 34 Knenek. Peggy; 84,86 KnittI, Esther: 65 Knudson. Richard; 79 Koergle. Charles; 15 Koven. Mark; 44 LaMar. Homer; 65 Laudes. Richard; 59,61.218.224 Larmer. Ruth; 65 LaVoi. Gerald; 44 Lechhder, William; 22 Leis. Loraine; 44 Lesher. Merle; 64 Lewright. Louann; 15 Littrell, Ross; 82 Long, Myrl: 61 Lott. James; 58,59,162 Lovell, Louise; 87 Lowe, James; 42 Lynch. Gwen; 90 Marcias. Luis; 38.218 Magill. Bonnie; 73 Maiben. Vicke; 34 Mallory. Bob; 59 Mahorry, Diana; 17 Mannasmilh, Frank; 60 Mauzey. Elaine; 38 May, Leland: 34 McGehee. Arthur; 64 McHan. Frank; 56 Meier, David; 84 Mercer. Clifford: 61 Merrick. Irma; 74 Meyer. Richard; 42.217 Midland. Dale; 34 Millar. Robert; 42.43 Miller. Larry; 79 Miller. Leon; 15.217 Miller. Peggy; 17 Miller. Ruth; 22 Milner. Ryland;74 Minter. Kenneth: 56 Mitch. Patricia; 83,87.164 Mitchell, Byron; 22,24,25 Mitchell. Frances; 22.24.27 Mobley. John; 15 Moore. Marjorie; 17 Morey.Russel; 84,85 Morgan, Jane; 90 Morris, Gay; 38 Morrow, Glenn; 71 Moss. Earle; 22.32 Moss. Janet; 84,86 Moss, Ronnie; 60 Mothershed, Harmon; 42.43 Moughler. Lloyd; 64 Mueller, Irene; 56.224 Mull, Sandra; 74 New, Richard: 64 Nincehelser, Floyd; 73 Noce. John: 84 Nystrom. Ruth; 15 O ' Connor. Helen; 17 O ' dell. Charles; 34 Oliver, Georgia; 17 Padgilt, Dennis; 79 Parmelee, Bruce; 82 Perkins, John; 44 Retry, Don; 15 Plynell.Sue; 17 Quier, George; 82 Quinn, Richard; 64 Raines. Gladys; 17 Redd, James; 73 Reeves. Sherrie; 17 Rhoades. John; 82 Richey. Burton; 73 Riddle. Kathryn; 73 Riley. Ward; 61 Ringold. Howard; 82.1 19.382 Rischer. Gus; 64 Rischel. Jeanine;44 Rivers. Charles; 34 Robb. Carl: 60 Robbins. Stephen; 64 Robertson. Donald; 18 Rosenburg. Dale; 58,59 Rounds. Elizabeth; 22 Rounds. Ward; 22 Russell. Jo Ellen: 17 Samsel, John; 35 Sanders. Ivan; 64 Saucerman, James; 34 Savage, Dean; 64 Sayre, Tom; 18 Schmaljohn, Russell; 18 Schelie, Carolyn; 17 Schock. Peggy: 17 Schottel. Ivan: 74 Schuster. Margaret: 17 Scott. Billy: 56 Seipel. Robert: 16 Sellers. Esther; 17 Shanklin. Phyllis; 42 Shelby, Donald; 79 Sherman, Faye; 17 Shestak. Barbara: 44 Shestak, Donald: 44 Shipley. Frances; 64 Silliman, Marvin; 15 Sisson. Sally; 73 Slattery. Charles: 39 Small. Dwain; 15 Smay. John; 22,33 Smeltzer. Jim; 61 Smith. Patty; 17 Siamm. Jo Ann; 17 Stanford. Donald; 22.30 Stanford. Mary Jane; 22.30 Slein, Jared;44 Stephens. Larry; 60 Stites, Patricia; 17 Sunkei, Mary Jane; 84 Sunkel. Robert; 18 Tackett. W, Marshall; 64 Taft, Thomas Jr.; 64 Thate, Charles; 15.162 Thate. Luella: 17.151 Thomasson. Ellen; 34 Thompson, Kenneth; 82,83 Thummel. Carol; 17.72 Valk, Donald: 82,83 Van Dyke. Patricia; 34 Van Voarst. Philip; 18 Vogl. Glen; 16 Wade, Stanley: 64 Wake. Bruce: 15 Waldron. Joyce; 87 Walker, Dorothy; 74 Walker. John; 38.39 Walker, Robert: 17 Walker. Wanda: 64 Walslon. Sidney: 74 Weichinger, Ted; 56 Weigand. Dorothy; 34 Wells. Helen: 17 Whitney, Gilbert: 22,27.33 Widger. Calvin;41,43 Williams. Agatha; 17 Williams. Emelda; 84,86 Williams, William; 84 Wire. Margaret: 17.148 Wirth. Marion; 64 Wolcott. Randall: 16 Wolcott.Sue: 17 Wooderson, Karen; 17 Worley. George; 73 Wright. Gerald; 64 Zifas. Monica; 17 Zillner, Lawrence; 64 378 I 379 380 ■X " .«. ' I i ' ; |;a ■ WALSWORTH Marrfline. Mo . I S.A, 381 special Recognition w Howard Ringold For His Meritorious Service and Progressive Insight as Tower Advisor I This is the end of but one day Now to reflect upon yesterday To dream of tomorrow ,t- ;-i ' - ■ ' ■■ ' ■ ' •■x ' .oii. ' M ' ' ' ■

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