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Text from Pages 1 - 400 of the 1968 volume:

»v «-• ■ aJgr J 1 ■ - B • ; i i h 1 i " beverly beeks editor. df. . . . susan blakesley jan couch JUtors mary potter jay skeels jan wilkes greek editor Virginia mauer faculty and classes editors diane allensworth jerry patee spiritual and index editor mike miller secretary linda ohms ggjkr howard ringold Wrary advisor . I ... dr. hank grube It is often difficult in explaining the activities, feelings, and thoughts of man to think o a manner ol communication which exemplifies correctly these facets of history. . In many cases, in an at- tempt to find the most accurate means of ex- planation, we hit upon the old adage, " A picture is worth a thousand ■ words. " Perhaps it may be trite, but nevertheless the logic behind the state- ment is sound. For this reason, our yearbook is constructed basically of pictures of college life, not verbal but visual. We attempt in this manner to best qualify activities and life in NWMSC. As all things which are products of man, the TO WEB is Jar from perfect. But we are constantly striving for perfection ' as are all men. Thus, we present this the 1968 TOWEB to you, not as a complete comprehensive entity, but .as a step jn a growing, changing, evolutionary process. r ' May it provide " a , source of .enjoyment and l pleasant memories of your, college life for many years to come. ' Signed, . Staff ol the 1968 TO WEB Stages of Metamorphosis Motivation 12 Material 40 Means 128 Movement 316 Maturation 362 Dedication Life is in a constant state of flux, continually changing, re- newing, revitalizing. Without change, there can be no progress or growth or betterment. Thus, change is the essence of life, the spark which motivates all within its sphere. So, to this institution which is symbolic of change and growth, we dedicate this, the 1968 Tower. For NWMSC more than, possibly, any other part of our existence is the primary motivational and directional force determining our lives. To this ever-changing, ever-progressing institution, we voice our debt of gratitude. Throughout the sixties, NWMSC has changed and grown, showing not only a growth in size but in curriculum and outlook as well. Nor has the growth been arrested — a new industrial arts complex, another addition to the library, new dorms are even now in the planning stage. Ever striving to improve itself, to provide better living and learning conditions, NWMSC stands in the forefront as a worthy recipient of our esteem. As concrete proof of this development, enrollment figures and faculty number for fall 1960 and fall 1967 are as follows: 1960 1967 Faculty 95 204 Student Enrollment (including graduate and Saturday classes.) 1971 4194 f v 1 ' v « : ' — ®m ; ' ■ .. --£ ■ . ' L n ' - ' •■■ ' ■ .-. ' . y mg? " m f.Jli !■ 1 BMB 1 NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE COLLEGE ROBERT P. FOSTER, president MARYVILLE. MISSOURI OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Mai Ch 7, 1968 Miss Beverly Beeks Tower Office J. W. Jones Union Building Dear Beverly: I appreciate very much your letter of March l+, and I am pleased to learn of the theme of the 1968 Tower. I look forward to receiving my copy of this edition. I find the theme of the Tower most interesting, and I tnink the fact that you have dedicated the Tower to the " College in Change " is an excellent idea. Certainly we are experiencing a change, and with what the Legislature has done the past week wi ll assure this institution of proper facilities for several years. Certainly this has been a year of change, and with the beginning of construction on the new Industrial Education and Technology Building, the comple- tion of the Science Building, the new agriculture facilities, and the completion of plans for remodeling and renovation of the Administration Building, we will see much change on this campus. I appreciate all the time, effort, and hard work that you and your staff have put in to make this 196 Tower possible. Please convey to all members of your staff my sincere appreciation for their dedicat ion . Cordially yours, z {C uJf- Robert P. Foster RPF mgz NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE COLLEGE Mabyvblle, Missouri J. W. Jones, President Emeritus OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT tftiAjch 7 1968 EMERITUS ■ X 99 9 " KLm Bevenly Beehd, Towen OffjJe, Dean %dd Beehd: . , , f oun. invitation to comment on the geneAot theme of. youn. 1968 Towen. Ld gAoiefuily acknowledged. you one io be congratulated on tuck a tubbed, ad flktamoApko U ad it applied io ike. college. One. of. ike. tnibed in Kenya, ike Baduto, had a pnovenb which nun ad followd If man aoed aoau wiik kid traditional way. of living, and tknotud cutay kid good cudtomd, ke had better fin it make certain thai ke had something of. value, io Aeptace them. Ad 1 have watched ike college, expand oven. the. yeand I cm certain that there. had been an auxmen d of ike teaching, of ikia pAoverb, Tkai id ad it should be, Ioua. Tower Ae.fle.cU ikLd pAogredd, Olive . Wendell Homed, one of our early Anerican poeta, WAoie ikede lined in 7ke Qumbered Mautilad : " Build me mone stalely mandiond, my aouL, Ad the. aitiii. teadond toll ... • . . Till thou at length, ant free. ,, Ike pkydtcal expandion on ike campud had always had one. function of college life ad ltd jjuuitlfi-cation ; The impnovement of the enviAonment in wkixk faculty teach and Atudentd leann to that we thall come io a better Aealigation of ike statement oven, ike door of ike Adminlairation Buildum.- And the tnuth dkail make you free . SuAely we thall find in ike 968 Toute . evidence that in ike lived of the jtudentd and ike personnel of ike college we one. Living in keeping, wiik ihJLd ideal fjtom the college oath - We thail trandmit ihJLd (p liege, to tho e who come often, ud, greater, better, and moAe beautiful, Sincenely yot rAediaent-emeAiiud " i l l ! 4: Board of Regents Members of the Board oi Regents include: C. F. Russell, Luther G Belcher, Jr., W. F. Phares, Jr., President Robert P. Foster, Garvin R. Wilhams, J. P. Morgan, and W. M. C. Dawson. The members of the Board of Regents are appointed to their positions by the Governor ot the State of Mis- souri. Each appointment is for a term of six years. W. M. C. DAWSON, President of the Citizen ' s Bank of Grant City, Missouri, has served on the Board since 1951. D. W. HOPKINS, of the Anderson-Hopkins-Wallace Insurance Agency in St. Joseph, Missouri, was ap- pointed to the Board in 1963 by Governor John Dalton. J. P. MORGAN, a lawyer and judge of the Chillicothe, Missouri, Circuit Court, has been a member of the Board of Regents since 1961. W. F. PHARES, JR., of Phares Oil Company in Mary- ville, was appointed to the Board in 1965. C F. RUSSELL, Director of Guidance in the Trenton, Missouri, public schools, has been a member since 1961. GARVIN R. WILLIAMS, of Williams Lawn Seed Com- pany in Maryville was appointed to the Board in 1959. HUBERT WHEELER, Missouri Commissioner of Education, is an ex-officio member of the Board of Regents. LUTHER G. BELCHER, JR., Business manager of NWMSC, is secretary of the Board of Regents. 10 The Many Sides Of Our President 11 In all of lite there must be a reason why; a pur- pose lor doing, acting, or living as we do; a moti- vating force throughout existence. This force appears in many guises during a person ' s life, as physical wants and needs in infancy, curiosity and parental pressure in childhood, and endocrinal balances and counterbalances in adolescence. In college, this motivating force assumes yet an- other form, that of the instructor. J L J " L 12 Motivation 13 Faculty Candids 15 •, •»•. V • ■ „■ -■ ao -wte V£ ' .- No»V E £ 5£5 ■ 1! V, ■ .•; - •: ■- £ « S ' -; •,L-«i.. ... -■ .. : ' ' ? ' :iw . ■;. ' s V $ .- ' •• f ■f • A i Ar- " S8 • ' ■ • ay --. - ' si •- • «V f - _■ " 5V ' ' Ob :i V WlPf f t 1 HH N I Deans and Administration DR. CHARLES THATE Dean of Administration TERRYMYERS Assistant to the Dean of Administration DR. LEON MILLER Dean of Instruction RUTHNYSTROM Registrar EVERETT BROWN Field Services Director JOHNFUHRMAN Assistant Director of Field Services JACK GRAY BRUCE WAKE RANDALL L. WOLCOTT Assistant to the Director Dean of Men Assistant to of Field Services the Dean of Men 18 Deans and Administration DR. CHARLES KOERBLE Dean of Students KAREN LICKLIDER Dean oi Women GLADYS GRAY Assistant to the Dean oi Women GLEN VOGT Food Services Director BOB DICKEY Student Union Director LUTHERBELCHER Business Manager RALPH H. LINDENBUSCH Assistant Business Manager ROBERTH. COTTER Director ol Alumni Relations ROBERT L. SEIPEL Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds 19 Division of Business Mr. Thomas Gossman enjoys lunch in the faculty lounge. ELWYNK. DEVORE CHAIRMAN, DIVISION OFBUSINESS B.S., M.S., D.B.A. Mr. William Blankenship conducts classes in the business department. Ill .A i KA THR YN BEL CHER A.B., M.S. JAMES BIRDSELL B.S., M.S. WILLIAM BLANKENSHIP A.A., B.S., M.S. WILLIAM BORGSTADT B.S., M.A. DURWARDDYKE B.S., M.A., LL.B. THOMAS GOSSMAN B.S., J.D. A.F. HANDKE B.A.,M.A.,C.L.U. JERRY HARRIS B.B.A., M.B.A. ANNETTE J A CKSON B.S., M.S. DAVID MEIER B.S., M.S. RUSSELL MOREY B.A., MB.A. MARTHA MOSS A.A.,B.S.,M.Ed. GEORGE PRING B.B.A., M.B.A. MARYSUNKEL B.S.C., M.B.A. RAY WILLIAMS B.S., M.B.A. 20 Department of Agriculture and Industrial Art JOHNBEEKS CHAIBMAN, DIVISION OF APPLIED ARTS AND SCIENCES CHAIBMAN, AGB1CULTUBE DEPABTMENT B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Dr. John Beeks looks over text while catching a chance to relax. WILLIAM GEOBGE B.S., M.S., Ed.D. F. B. HOUGHTON B.S., MA. Pfl DENNIS PADGITT B.S., M.S., Ph.D. — Dr. Leroy Crist visits the home economics class to talk about house plans. DONALD VALK CHAIBMAN, DEPABTMENT OFINDUSTBIAL ABTS B.S., M.S. DONALD FBOELICH B.S., M.S. PETEB JACKSON B.S., M.S., Ed. D. HO W ABD BINGOLD B.S., M.S. KENNETH THOMPSON B.S., M.S. in LA. Ed. HEBMAN COLLINS LEBOYCBIST DAVID CBOZIEB B.S., M.A., Ed.D. B.S., M.S., Ed.D. B.S., M.Ed. 21 Department of Home Economics K -V £ Mrs. Virginia Bouska uses new teaching aids for her family relations class. " And always brush your teeth every morning. " Conferences are a daily part of a teacher ' s routine for Miss Mitch. MABEL COOK CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS, B.S., MA. VIRGINIA BOUSKA B.S, M.A. JOANMcHAN B.S, M.Ed. PATRICIA MITCH B.S., M.S. MARY ETTA SCOTT B.S., M.Ed. REBECCA TERRELL B.S., M.S. JOYCE WALDRON B.S., M.S. 22 1 Division of Education and Psychology Dr. Gene Russell types away between classes to catch up on his Ed Psych. JAMES GLEASON CHAIRMAN, DIVISION OF EDUCATION, CHAIRMAN OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION B.S, M.Ed., Ed.D. H. R. DIETERICH ACTING CHAIRMAN DEPT. OF SEC. ED. B.A., MA. RICHARD QUINN CHAIRMAN, DEPT. OF PSYCHOLOGY B.S, M.S., ED.D. FRANK GRISPINO DIRECTOR OF STUDENT TEA CHING B.S., M.S., ED.D. ZELMA AKES D.J. ARMSTRONG PAULINE BETTY JANE B.S, M.S. B.S, M.ED. AUTHUR BEJCEK COSTELLO D.ED. B.S, MA. B.S B.S, M.ED 23 Division of Education and Psychology DAVID DIAL B.S., M.S., Ed.D. ROGER EPLEY A.B., A.M., Ed.D. HOWARD GEORGE B.S., M.S., Ed.D. AVIS GRAHAM B.S., M.Ed. i « ESTHER KNITTL B.S., M.S. ANNA GORSUCH B.S., M.A. RUTHLARMER B.S., M.S. MERLE LESHER B.S., M.S., Ph.D. KATHRYNMcKEE B.S., M.A. JOHNMOBLEY D C CLARENCE MOORE A.B., LL.B., M.A., Ph.D. RICHARD NEW B.S., M.S. RONNOAH B.S., M.Ed. NEVA ROSS B.S., M.A. GENE RUSSELL B.S., M.Ed., D.Ed. DEAN SAVAGE B.S., M.A. NINA SCHNEIDER A.B. JULIUS SCHULTZ A.B., M.A., Ed.D. WILLIAM TACKETT B.S., M.S., Ed.D. WAYNE VANZOMEREN B.S., M.A. STANLEY WADE B.S., M.S. ROY WALKER A.A., B.S., M.A., Ed.D. WANDA WALKER A.B., M.S., Ed.D. 24 Department of Art Mr. Donald Robertson comes into the Fine Arts Building early in the morning. Mr Robert Sitnkel observes a drawing o Mike Cole Mr. Broderick shows oil his latest drawings to some o his admirers. ROBERTSUNKEL ACTING CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF ART A.A., B.F.A., M.F.A. ROBERT SUSAN BOYD AMES LEEHAGEMAN VIRGINIA DONALD BLACKMAN B.S BRODERICK B.F.A., M.F.A. HILLIX ROBERTSON B.S., M.S. B.A., MA. B.A., MA. B.S, MA. 25 Division of Music Byron Mitchell listens intently. Gilbert Whitney directs two ol his music students. To quote Mrs. Rounds " For my friends and admirers. " d i ti J: it. JOHNSMAY CHAIRMAN, DIVISION OFFINEARTS CHAIRMAN, DIVISION OFMUSIC B.A., M.Mus., Ph.D. LANCE BOYD B.S., M.F.A. BYRON MITCHELL B.M.E.B.M.E. WILLIAM LECKLIDER B.S., M.Mus., Ed.D. RUTH MILLER B.M.Ed., M.M. EARLEMOSS B.S., MA. EUZABETH ROUNDS B.M., MM. DONALD SANDFORD B.S., M.Mus., D.Mus. MARY JANE SANDFORD B.S., M.Mus. GILBERT WHITNEY B.M., MA. 26 Department of English VIRGIL ALBERTINI B.S., M.S. DAVID COSS B.A., M.A. «F J- 1 ) FRANK GRUBE CHAIRMAN, DIVISION OF LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE A.B., M.A., PH.D. OPAL ECKERT B.S., A.B., M.S. CRAIG GOAD B.A., M.A. MARY ELLEN GOAD B.S. LILLIAN HANDKE A.A., B.A., M.ED. BETTIE HUGHES B.S, M.A. VIOLETTE HUNTER B.S, M.A. ROBERT HUTCHISON B.A., M.A. LAURA JACKSON A.A., B.S., M.A. PAUL JONES A.A., B.S, M.A. STUARTLEWIS B.A., M.A. DALE MIDLAND B.A., M.A. CHARLES RIVERS A.B., M.A., Ph.D. MYRON TAYLOR B.S, M.S. MARY TEMPLE B.A., M.A. ELLEN THOMASSON A.B., M.A. DOROTHY WEIGAND B.S., M.A. 27 Department of Foreign Language Mr. Charles Slattery helps his students of German in his casual office. Mrs. Harvey White listens to the response of her Spanish class students. ELAINE MAUZEY ACTING CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES B.S., B.A., M.A. JOHN DOUGHERTY B.A., M.A. ROBERT GOVIER B.A., B.Mu., M.A., Ph.D. CHANNING HORNER A.B., M.A. LOUISE HORNER A.B., M.A. MARYJACKSON B.A., M.A. CHARLES SLA TTER Y B.A., M.A. JOHN WALKER B.A., M.A. JOSEPH WETZEL A.B., M.A. JOYCE WHITE B.S., M.A. 28 Department of Library Science Richard Houston planning the day ' s work. JAMESJOHNSON HEAD LIBRARIAN B.A., B.S. DELORIS ALBERTINI B.A., M.S. LUKEBOONE B.A., P.G., U.S.N.T.S., MA. LET A BROWN A.B. CAROLYN FISHER B.S, MA. m RICHARD HOUSTON B.S. RUTH KILLINGSWORTH B.S, M.S., M.L.S BARBARA PALLING B.S, MA. CAROL YN PETERSON A.A., A.B., M.A. 29 Department of Speech and Drama Mrs. Cushman listens to the speech lecture in Administra- tion Auditorium. Dr. Ralph Fulsom and Harold Webb listen to discussion in an Alpha Psi Omega meeting. Scott Hodgins and Mr. Weaver put final scenery up for " Dark of the Moon " . RALPHFULSOM CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH AND DRAMA B.A., M.A., Ph.D. C.E. BRUCE B.S.E., M.S. CA THRAN CUSHMAN B.A., M.A. GEORGE HINSHA W A.B., M.A. BETTYKOERBLE B.S., M.S. RICHARD WE A VER B.F.A., M.F.A. ROBERT WEST B.S., M.F.A. JERRY WINSOR B.S.E., M.S. 30 a Division of Physical Education Miss Moss helps girls P.E. class in demonstrating gymnastics skills. BURTONRICHEY CHAIRMAN, DIVISION OFPHYSICAL EDUCATION B.S., M.S., Ed.D. ' K EARL BAKER B.S., M.A., Ed.D. BARBARA BERNARD A.B., M.S. ANNBREKKE B.S., M.Ed. RICHARD BUCKRIDGE B.S., M.A. GARY COLLINS B.A., M.Ed. LEWISDYKE A.B., M.S. PAUL GATES B.S., M.A., D.Ed. ROBERT GREGORY B.S., M.S. ROBERT IGLEHART B.S, M.S. JEANLOVELAND B.A., M.S. 31 Division of Physical Education Sydney Walston directs questions to his hygiene class. " one step, side together " Mrs. Brekke demonstrates fundamentals on social dancing. BONNIE MAGILL CHAIRMAN, DEPT. OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION (WOMEN) A.E., B.S., M.A. LOISLOVELAND B.S., M.S. TONYMASTERS B.S., M.A. RYLANDMILNER B.S., M.A. JANETMOSS B.S., M.Ed. IVANSCHOTTEL B.S. Urn ' SALLY SISSON B S JAMES REDD B.S., M.S. KATHYRN RIDDLE B.S., M.S., Ed.D. DOROTHY WALKER B.S., M.Ed. SYDNEY WALSTON B.S. 32 n Department of Mathematics Valerie Beeson Una ' s teacher preparation a necessity. Richard Beeson conducts his class in an inlormal manner. MARVIN GUTZMER ACTING CHAIRMAN OF MATHEMATICS B.S.. MS.. MA Vita Dunbar realizes the im- portance of a blackboard in every math class. GEORGE BARRATT B.S., M.S. RICHARD BEESON B.S.E., M.S.E. VALERIE BEESON A.B., M.A. MAURICE DAHMAS M.S., M.A., Ed.D. VIDA DUNBAR A.B., A.M. CLARK KIMBERLING B.A., M.S. RICHARD KRATZER B.A., M.S. FRANK MANNASMITH B.S., M.A. RONNIE MOSS A.A., B.S, M.S., Ph.D. JEROME SOLHEIM B.S., M.S. 33 Department of Chemistry and Geology Dr. Dale Rosenburg helps a student adjust her bunsen burner. yJn DONALD BEUERMAN B.S., M.S. EDWARD FARQUHAR B.S., Ph.D. HARLAN HIGGINBO THAM B.S., Ph.D. RICHARD LANDES B.S., M.S. MYRL LONG B.S., M.S. DALE ROSENBERG A.B., A.M. Ph.D. SAM CARPENTER CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY B.S., A.B., Ph.D. Dr. David Cargo leads a thought provoking lecture in Geology. This is the newest department in the science curriculum with a new teacher hired lor next year and additional courses taught in the {all. DAVID CARGO B.S, M.S., Ph.D. 34 ' Department of Physics and Biology R. W. HOLMAN PA UL TEMPLE B.S., MA. B.A., M.S. DENSIL COOPER CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS B.S., A.M., Ph.D. Mr. Grabau and Dr. Scott discuss the new science building. Mr. Holman explains a physics problem. DAVID EASTERLA B.S., MA. MYLES GRABAU B.S., M.S. GERALD KIRK B.S., M.S. mxm i THEODORE WEICHINGER ACTING CHAIRMAN, DIVISION OF SCIENCE AND MATH B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. Mr. David Smith overlooks his comparative anatomy lab. FRANK McHAN B.S., M.S., M.Ed., PHD. IRENE MUELLER B.A., M.A., Ph.D. B.D. SCOTT KENNETH MINTER CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY B.S., M.S., Ph.D. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. DAVID SMITH B.A., M.S. 35 Division of Dr. John Harr begins his spring house cleaning. JOHN H ABB CHAIBMAN, DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCE A.B., M.S. Ph.D. BEBNDTANGMAN B.S., M.S., Ph.D. DABWIN BOUTIETTE B.S., M.A. JEBALDBBEKKE B.S., M.S. BOBEBT DAWSON B.A., M.S. JAMES DEMABCE B.A., M.A. VIBGINIA DEMABCE B.A., M.A., Ph.D. DOBOTHYDYKE B.S., M.A. BONALDFEBBIS B.A., MA. GOEBGEGAYLEB B.S., MA. Ph.D. DONALD HAG AN A.B., M.A. 36 1 Social Sciences Dr. Angman relaxes in his office before he goes back to his class. Mr. Calvin Widger will relax later. CHABLES HENDERSON B.A., M.A. PAULHENLEIN B.A., M.A., Ph.D. JAMES HURST B.S., MA. ROBERT KILLINGS WORTH A.B., B.S., M.A., Ph.D. JAMES LOWE B.S., M.A., Ph.D. ROBERTMILLAR B.S., MA. HARMON MOTH ERSHEAD B.S., M.A. JEANNAGLE B.A., M.A. ROBERT NAGLE B.A., M.A. JAMES SHANKLIN B.S., M.S. HERBERT THOMPSON B.A., M.A. CALVIN WIDGER B.A., M.A. 37 GLENN MORROW Library Clerk Staff and Personnel KATHRYN MURPHY Librarian PEARL DAWSON Nurse FERNSWANSON MAROLYN ALLOWAY MYRL COBB NANCY THOMSON Snack Bar Data Processing Data Processing Data Processing Supervisor HELEN O ' CONNER Nurse PEITHA JOHNSON FRANCES ANDERSON HELEN SCHEWKEL ESTHER SELLERS F AYE SHERMAN Book Store Book Store Book Store Assistant Director Mimeograph Supervisor ot Placement ANNA DORSEY Librarian Browsing Room FRANCES STEELE Nurse COLEDA HAMILTON ETHYL MOCK LUELLA THATE MARGARET WIRE HELENNEUSTADT Franken Hall Phillips Hall Perin Hall Roberta Hall Acquisition Director Director Director Director Librarian 38 Secretaries MONICA ZIRFAS President MARTHA COOPER Dean of Administration SUELUCHT Dean ol Administration OPAL NELSON Dean ol Administration GLADYS RAINES Registrar FRANCES HOOK Registrar JANET HOOVER Registrar RANAE WA TSABA UGH Registrar SHIRLEY GRAY Field Service MARILYN READ Field Service MARJORIE MOORE Business Ollice MARGARETMOORE Business Ollice AGATHA WILLIAMS Business Ollice LINDA GAGLIARDI Business Ollice SHIRLEY GREGORY Student Financial Aids JUDY LAWYER Business Cashier MINA BRIGHT Business Ollice PATSTITES Business Office Cashier JOYCE CHAMBERS Business Ollice CONNIE STANDARD Men ' s PE BARBARA KRUSE Dean ol Women MARY ALICE CORNELISON Dean ol Students HELEN WELLS Dean oIMen JUDYFENSTER 1MB VIRGINIA BEACH Horace Mann w JEANNE VALENTINE Correspondence, Field Service NANCYHAAS Traffic Office CHERYL KUHN Guidance Counselor ' s Office ELSIE THOMPSON Circulation Desk 39 To effect the completion of any process, there must first be present the raw resources with which to work. In the educational system those resources are, of course, the students; perhaps not so raw, but still material to be molded and pressed into a different and hopefully augmented and improved form. 40 Material WW!-!! " ! 1 41 3m m Students In Action 43 Seniors Mike Abildlrup, Major: Business Management, Minor: Business. Cheryl Acord, Major: Business, Minor: Home Economics. Judith Adams, Major: Elementary Education. I i 44 Seniors Meta Adams, Major: Art, Minor: Home Economics. Sally Agre, Major: Elementary. Jerry Albin, Majors: General Business and Physical Education. Nancy Albright, Major: Elementary. Mike Allen, Major: Marketing. Larry Ad well, Major: Elementary. Sandra Aguilar, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Art Larry Ahrens, Major: Elementary. Ron Anderson, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Psychology. Stephen Anderson, Major: Market- ing, Minor: General Business. William Andrews, Majors: Busi- ness and Physical Education. Maribeth Annan, Major: Home Eco- Leonard Archer, Major: Chemis- try, Minor: Physics. Roseanne Argento, Majors: Art and Psychology. James Armstrong, Major: Busi- ness. Betty Ann Arnold, Major: Elemen- tary, Minor: Library Science. Rick Arrington, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety. Janet Ayers, Majors: Literature, Minor: Language and Composi- tion. Carolyn Bachman, Major: English, Minor: Spanish. Donald Bachman, Major: Psy- chology, Minor: Sociology. 45 Seniors Barbara Baker, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Psychology. Kenneth Baker, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Beverly Barton, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Don Baxter, Major: Elementary. Kenneth Bassett, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Cathy Baumli, Major: Music. Christie Beal, Majors: English and Physical Education. J. B. Beavers, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. Beverly Beeks, Major: English- Journalism. Rodney Beem, Major: Sociology, Minor: Psychology. fames Beemer, Majors: Business, Industrial Arts. Gary Beggs, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Business. Kenneth Bender, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business. Terri Bender, Major: Library Science, Minor: English. Daniel Benitz, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. David Bentley, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education. Nancy Bishop, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business. Elbert Black, Major: Political Sci- ence, Minor: History. Beth Blackwell, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Psychology. Dorothy Boedeker, Major: Biology, Minor: Library Science. 46 Seniors to Gary Booth, Major: Psychology, Minor: Sociology. Daniel Boring, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology. Allen Borkowski, Major: Physical Education, Minor: General Sci- ence. Dean Bovaird, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Business. ' dan, i mi ir.ri David Bower, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Health and Safety Education. Lloyd Boyer, Major: Biology, Minor: Physical Education. Sharon Boyles, Major: Home Eco- nomics, Minor: Sociology. Donald Brader, Major: Accounting, Minor: General Business. Gayle Bradfield, Major: Psychol- ogy, Minor: Sociology. Patty Brady, Major: Elementary, Minor: Psychology. Carolyn Brand, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health Edu- cation. Gary Bridgman, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. mm iiiray m Dennis Brinton, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Linda Brinton, Major: Play Pro- ductions, Forensics, Minor: Psy- chology. Cynthia Brock, Major: Vocational Home Economics. William Brooks, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Biology. mM ftsW Bob Brower, Major: English, Minor: Coaching. Alan Brown, Major: Agri-Business. Charlotte Brown, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Recreation. Doyle Brown, Major: Business, Minor: Drafting 47 Seniors Ronald Brown, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Draltng. Mary Bryan, Major: Elementary Education. Richard Buchanan, Major: Indus- trial Arts, Minor: Dralting. Zonia Burnett, Major: Elementary Education. Joan Burnside, Major: Elementary Education. Norma Burton, Major: English, Minor: Psychology. Rochelle M. Burton, Major: Ele- mentary Education. Benny Cain, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Health and Salety. Agnes Caliee, Major: Business, Minor: Music. Linda Campbell, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: German. Russell Canon, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Biology. Marilyn Carr, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Cedric Wake, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Coaching. Sharon Ceplina, Major: History, Minor: French. Kyle Chaska, Major: Business, Minor: Library Science. William Chalstrom, Major: Psy- chology, Minor: Sociology. James Chen, Major: Mathematics, Minor: English. Donald Christensen, Major: Soci- ology, Minor: History. Patty Chappell, Major: Elementary. Eldon Christesen, Major: Indus- trial Arts, Minor: Dralting. 48 Seniors Harvey Christie, Major: History, Minor: Art. H. Mack Clark, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology. Jacqueline Clark, Major: Political Science. Mary Ann Clark, Major: Ele- mentary Education. Steve Clark, Majors: Physical Education and Biology. Jo Clarke, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Library Sci- ence. Martha Clothier, Major: Music Larry Claxton, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Agriculture. Judy Climie, Major: Elementary Education. Cecil Clymens, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Jean Clyments, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Library Sci- ence. W. Clark Coler, Major: Agri- Business. Keith Collier, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Winifred Colville, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: General Science. Linda Cody, Major: Elementary Education. Greg Collins, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business. Charles Combs, Major: Agricul- ture, Minor: Physical Education. Janice Collins, Major: English, Minor: Art. Mary Ann Combs; Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. Tom Comstock, Major: History, Minor: Sociology. 49 Seniors Constance Spick, Major: Elemen- tary. Larry Cook, Major: Music. Margaret Copeland, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: English. Sue Copeland, Major: Elementary. Janice Couch, Major: Speech Cor- rection, Minor: Psychology. James Cox, Major: Business Man- agement, Minor: Business. Larry Cox, Major: History, Minor: English. Robert Craven, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Chemistry. Dwaine Crigger, Major: Art. Stephen Crouse, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Physics. Jim Crozier, Majors: Business and Exonomics. Judy Cummins, Major: Sociology, Minor: Psychology. ■W Mi Paula Cummins, Major: Elemen- tary. Kirk Daddow, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Geography. Gary Dagley, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business. Jerry Davidson, Major: Biology, Minor: Physical Education. Connie Davis, Major: English, Mi- nor: Elementary Physical Edu- cation. Barbara Dawson, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Library Sci- ence. John Delong, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. John DeMaio, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History. 50 Seniors Sieve Dempsey, Major: Music. William Dennis, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety. Gary Derks, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business- Trudy Dew, Major: Elementary. Marvin Dick, Major: English, Mi- nor: Library Science. Thomas Dillivan, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. William Dittmer, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Physics. Bichard Downing, Majors: Physi- cal Education and Industrial Arts. Diane Drain, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business. Carol Dull, Major: Secretarial Procedures, Minor: Business. Boberta Dullett, Major: English, Minor: Psychology. Marsha Dunavan, Major: Art. Gerald Duty, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Becreation. Helen Duval, Major: English, Mi- nor: Spanish. Carol Easterhaus, Major: Ele- mentary. Sandy Eckholl, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Biology. Joyce Edwards, Major: Physical Education, Minor: English. Phillip Edwards, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Psychology. Connie Eighmy, Major: Vocational Home Economics, Minor Li- brary Science. Kay Elder, Major: Elementary. 51 Seniors Denese Elliot, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Library Sci- ence. Richard Ellis, Majors: Mathe- matics, Biology. Sharon Engel, Major: Elementary Education. Dayle Erickson, Major: Agricul- ture, Minor: Industrial Arts. John Erickson, Major: Geography, Minor: Social Science. Larry Erickson, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Marie Euritt, M ajor: Mathematics, Minor: Spanish. Danny Fancher, Major: Psychology, Minor: Library Science. Janet Fast, Major: Elementary Education. Phillip Fay, Major: Business. Elaine Fine, Major: Business, -Mi- nors: English, Music. Phil Fine, Major: English, Minor: Psychology. Lyle Fleshner, Major: Psychology, Minor: Sociology. Jeanne Fletcher, Major: Home Eco- nomics, Minor: Business. Richard Flowers, Major: Agricul- ture, Minor: Biology. Dennis Ford, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Industrial Arts. Jerry Ford, Major: Biology, Mi- nor: Geography. Stephen Ford, Major: Political Sci- ence, Minor: Psychology. Juanita Forret, Major: Vocational Home Economics. John Fouts, Major: Social Science, Minor: Geography. 52 ■ Seniors Tom Frank, Major: Business Man- agement. Michael Garrison, Major: Agri- culture, Minor: General Science. Louis Gaudio, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Coaching. Twylla Gaule, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Bonald Gayler, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. James George, Major: History, Minor: Sociology. Patricia Gere, Major: Accounting, Minor: General Business. Martha Geyer, Major: Elementary Education. - ■ ■eCco- to Si- r. Barbara Gillord, Major: Music. Boger Glaney, Major: Agriculture. Belinda Goodell, Major: Home Eco- nomics, Minor: Library Science. Max Goodwin, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business Administration. William Grace, Majors: Agricul- ture, Business. Shirley Graeti, Major: Elementary Education. Harry Graves, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. Gary Green, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business- Kenneth Gregory, Major: Business Management, Minor: General Business. Ann Greiner, Majors: French and Spanish. Kenneth Greiner, Major: Music. Raymond Gritiel, Major: Psy- chology, Minor: Business. 53 Seniors Ivanna Grillin, Major: Elementary, Minor: Library Science. Kathleen Grillin, Major: Secretar- ial Procedures, Minor: Business. James Gubser, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Biology. Byron Gunsolley, Major: Business Management. Eddie Hale, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Biology. Margaret Hall, Major: Elementary. Richard Hall, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Biology. Tom Hall, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. Walter Hanabury, Major: Elemen- tary. Russell Harrison, Major: Geogra- phy, Minor: Biology. Kay Hamilton, Major: Elementary. Laura Hamilton, Major: English, Minor: Spanish. Patricia Hansen, Major: Elemen- tary. Philip Hansen, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. William Hankins, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Business. David Hardy, Majors: Mathematics and Physics. i Bernadine Hardisty, Major: Busi- ness, Minor: Library Science. Carl Harmon, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Health and Safety. Roger Harris, Major: Biology, Mi- nor: Psychology. Harold Hascall, Major: Music. 54 ■ Seniors Julie Hatch, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Paula Hauber, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Julie Hawkins, Major: Elementary. Sharon Hoyden, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Margaret Hays, Major: French, Minor: Spanish. Robert Hays, Major: Art. Nona Hayward, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Chemistry. Robert Hayward, Majors; Physics and Mathematics. m Norman Hellin, Major: Art James Heidenreich, Major: Busi- ness, Minor: Physical Education. Gary Heimke, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Richard Heinz, Majors: Drama and English. Patricia Hellers, Major: Elemen- tary. Ronald Heller, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: History. Jean Helt, Major: Elementary. Dorothy Helzer, Major: Home Eco- Soe» 1 Hamilton Henderson, Major: His- tory, Minor: Sociology. Charles Hennesy, Major: Business Management, Minor: Business. Johnnie Herod, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Charles Hill, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Political Science. 55 Seniors Maijorie Hitchcock, Majors: Speech and English. Linda Hoffelmeyer, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Library Science. John Hoffman, Major: Speech, Mi- nor: Psychology. Morris Hogue, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Dale Holcomh, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. Oscar Holland, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology. Marilyn Hollensbe, Major: Busi- ness, Minor: Secretarial Pro- cedures. Twila Holmes, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Donald Honeycutt, Major: Finance and Insurance, Minor: Business. Barbara Hoover, Major: Elemen- tary. Linda Hopkins, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History. John Howard, Major: Business Management, Minor: Business. Bon Howitt, Major: Marketing, Mi- nor: Business. Norman Howlett, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety. {Catherine Hughes, Major: Elemen- tary. Robert Hull, Major: Agri-business. ■ Michael Humphrey, Majors: Poli- tical Science and French. • a John Humpreys, Major: Accounting, Minor: Accounting. Charlene Hunt, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Biology. Judith Hunt, Major: English, Mi- A nor: Library Science. 56 Seniors In Hit Sally Hunter, Major: Secretarial Procedures, Minor: Business. Ron Hunziger, Major: History, Mi- nor: Social Science. Norris Hurlbut, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Carolyn Ingels, Major: Vocational Home Economics. gffc ft I At 3 Geraldine Ingram, Major: Elemen- tary. Frank Innis, Major: Social Science, Minor: Economics. Salim Itani, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Biology. John Iwen, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. : :-y $ Gerald Jackson, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. John Jackson, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety. Joyce Jackson, Major: Elementary. Pearl James, Major: Elementary. AH l«f Sacr ?i fM Tom Jameson, Major: Business, Minor: Business. Martin Janczak, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. John Jennings, Majors: Agricul- ture and Biology- Merlin Jennings, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Business. Nr Eric Johansen, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: General Science. Bonnie Johnson, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Becreation. Gary Johnson, Major: English, Mi- nor: Psychology. Ruth Johnson, Major: Art. 57 Seniors Wayne Johnson, Majors: Biology and Chemistry. Janet Jones, Majors: Mathematics and Chemistry. Neil Jones, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Health and Salety. Richard Jorgensen, Major: Bio- logy, Minor: Physical Education. Linda Justice, Major: Elementary. James Karpowich, Major: Physical Education. Leslie Kelim, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Salety. Linda Kendrick, Major: Elemen- tary. Kay Kesterson, Major: Music. Donald Kinker, Majors: Agricul- ture and Business. Ma rk Knott, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Linda Koehler, Major: Secretarial Procedures, Minor: Business. Linda Koenig, Major: Elementary. Robert Kordick, Major: Accounting, Minor: Chemistry. Bob Kountz, Major: Art. Richard Kuester, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Art and Speech. Bruce Kulp, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Coaching. Janet Kyi, Major: Elementary. Ed Lambright, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Biology. Ronald Landis, Major: History, Minor: Literature. 58 Seniors I:, William Lange, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Neil Longford, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology. Richard Lantz, Major: Agri-Busi- ness. Linda Larison, Major: Elemen- tary, Minor: Music. In and Abs Larson, Major: Music. Ann Lauher, Major: Elementary. Mary Lauholl, Major: Elementary. Barbara Laur, Major: Music. t Tom La Vi7 e, Major: Speech and Drama, Minor: English. Darwin Lawyer, Major: Sociology, Minor: History. G. Michael Lee, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. Joe LeUingwell, Major: Business, Minor: Physical Education. -:. .r{ m Dave Leighninger, Major: Physical Education, Minor: General Sci- ence. George Lewis, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Salety. Jerry Lewis, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: English. Janice Lillard, Major: Elementary, Minor: Library Science. 7 Allen Lillie, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Business. Donita Little, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Suzzane Lockett, Major: Elemen- tary. John Logsdon, Major: English, Mi- nor: Health and Salety. 59 Seniors David Lonergan, Major: Sociology, Minor: Geography. Bob Long, Major: History, Minor: Geography. Jack Longfellow, Majors: Mathe- matics and Physics, Minor: Gen- eral Science. Marilyn Loots, Major: Elemen- tary, Minor: Library Science. Gary Lowrance, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History. Jerry Lucht, Major: Business Management, Minor: Business. Mary Lumm, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Physics. Terry Lundquist, Major: Agricul- ture, Minor: Biology. John Lynch, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Jack Lytle, Major: Agriculture, Mi- nor: Sociology. LeAnn McAlpin, Major: Elementary. Bussell McCampbell, Major: His- tory, Minor: Social Science. Margaret McCarey, Major: Busi- ness, Minor: Psychology. Trudy McCarthy, Major: Elemen- tary, Minor: Spanish. Jim McCarty, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety. Gary McCollough, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Marilyn McCollough, Major: Ele- mentary. Jeannie McCormick, Major: Ele- mentary. Nancy McCoy, Major: Elementary. Jim McCrary, Major: Psychology, Minor: Biology. 60 Seniors Dianna McCulloch, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Patrick McGuire, Major: Indus- trial Arts, Minor: Psychology. Beverly McKenzie, Major: Physi- cal Education, Minor: Library Science. Jacqueline McNeiley, Major: Ele- mentary. iJJHtti Mary Maassen, Major: Elementary. Patricica Mabeus, Major: Music. Di ana Madison, Major: Elementary. James Madison, Major: Biology, Minor: Agriculture. John Main, Majors: Industrial Arts and Physical Education. Kathleen Malone, Major: Elemen- tary. Lavera Malone, Major: French, Minor: German. Joe Maltsberger, Major: Drama, Minor: English Richard Marburg, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety. Joan Marek, Majors: Chemistry and Mathematics. James Markt, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. Michael Man, Major: Biology, Mi- nor: Physical Education. Terry Massie, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. Larry Matiyow, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Gary Mauer, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. 61 Seniors Virginia Mauer, Major: French, Minor: Spanish. Alice Maxwell, Major: Elementary. Sharon Mead, Major: Elementary, Minor: Music. Lon Means, Major: Agri-Business. Charles Mears, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety. Peter Meindertsma, Major: Physi- cal Education, Minor: Health and Safety. Judith Meyer, Major: History, Mi- nor: Sociology. Paul Meyer, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Health and Safety. Beverly Miller, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Recreation. Charles Miller, Major: History, Minor: Geography. Edwin Miller, Major: English, Mi- nor: Library Science. James Miller, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business. John Miller, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Business. Loring Miller, Major: Radio and TV, Minor: Broadcasting. Mary Ellen Miller, Major: Elemen- tary, Minor: Library Science. Peggy Sue Miller, Major: Home Economics, Minor: Psychology. Peggy Miller, Major: Elementary. Doug Minnick, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Industrial Arts. Winifred Minshall, Major: Ele- mentary. Victor Mitchell, Major: Physical Education, Minor: History. 62 Seniors Jody Moles, Major: Art. Ken Montag, Major: Psychology, Minor: Sociology. JoAnn Montgomery, Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. Louis Mooney, Major: Biology, Minor: Coaching. Jon Moore, Major: Geography, Mi- nor: Social Science. Marlene Morris, Major: Elemen- tary. Phyllis Morris, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Business. Robert Morris, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: Chemistry. Clifford Moss, Major: Business Management. Donna Mullins, Majors: Mathe- matics and Music. Patricia Murphy, Major: Elemen- tary. Beverly Nagel, Major: Elementary. Charles Nelson, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety. James Nelson, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Biology. Lynne Nelson, Major: Elementary. Marietta Nelson, Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. Leonard Newey, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety. David Neustadt, Major: Elemen- tary. Janet Newman, Major: Business, Minor: Library Science. Larry Newman, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Salety. 63 Seniors Janet Nielsen, Major: English, Mi- nor: Library Science. Connie Norris: Major: Elementary. Doris Obermier, Major: Elemen- tary. James Odom, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Dratting. Terri Olenhouse, Major: Elemen- tary- Thomas O ' Connor, Major: Play Production, Minor: English. Ina O ' Riley, Majors: Physical Edu- cation and Home Ec. Don Orlowski, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety. Timothy O ' Rourke, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety. Helen Ott, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Psychology. William Ott, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business- Thomas Owen, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Biology. Jean Owen, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. Judy Palumbo, Major: Physical Education, Minor: English. Robert Paolillo, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Elaine Parker, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Psychology. Larry Parman, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Drafting. Mardelle Parrish, Major: Elemen- tary. Richard Partlow, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. Jerry Patee, Major: Biology, Mi- nor: Chemistry. 64 Seniors Beverly Pation, Major: Elemen- tary. Marlus Paulsen, Major: Elemen- tary. Thomas Paulsen, Majors: Indus- trial Arts and Physical Educa- tion. Larry Peart, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. Eileen Pedersen, Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. Glen Pedersen, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Dralting. Connie Perlentein, Major: Busi- ness Management, Minor: Busi- ness. Shirley Perry, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: History. Bussell Perry, Majors: Mathe- matics and Economics. Martin Peterson, Major: History, Minor: Political Science. Janice Petersen, Major: Elemen- tary. Joetta Petree, Major: English, Mi- nor: Library Science. Richard Phillips, Major: Business, Minor: Physical Education. Michael Pierce, Major: Music. Jon Pierce, Majors Chemistry and Biology. Shirley Pierce, Major: Elementary. Dwight Pierson, Major: Business, Minor: Psychology. Dan Pine, Major: History, Minor: Social Science Philip Piper, Major: History, Mi- nor: Political Sdeoce. Patricia Plummer, Major: De- mentary 65 Seniors Brownnie Polley, Major: Psy- chology, Minor: Sociology. Chrislena Poole, Major: Elemen- tary. Janila Porter, Major: Elementary. Mary Potter, Majors: Spanish and English. Robert Pratt, Major: Biology, Mi- nor: Chemistry. Raymond Prentis, Major: History, Minor: Physical Education. Dagnia Prieditis, Major: Art, Mi- nor: English. Stan Preston, Major: Elementary. Alan Pruitt, Major: Social Science, Minor: Sociology. Robert Pulliam, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History. James Quinn, Major: Literature, Minor: French. John Rains, Major: Agri-Business. Brian Ranum, Major: Finance and Insurance, Minor: Business Dennis Ray, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Physical Education. James Ray, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Biology. Kenneth Redick, Major: Radio and TV, Minor: English. Ronnie Resler, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Salety. Cheryl Reineke, Major: Drama and Speech, Minor: English. Ray Reynolds, Major: Elementary. Thomas Reynolds, Major: Physi- cal Education, Minor: Health and Safety. 66 " Seniors Katherine Richardson, Major: Psychology, Minor: Art. Ronald Richardson, Major: Poli- tical Science, Minor: Sociology. Eugene Ricker, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Business. Donna Ring, Major: Secretarial Procedures, Minor: Business. Linda Ricono, Major: Business, Minor: Secretarial Procedures. Patricia Roberts, Majors: Art and Sociology. Wayne Robison, Major: Economics, Minor: Business. Alberto Rodriguez, Major: Spanish, Minor: Psychology. Susan Rogness, Major: Elementary. Karen Rosecrans, Major: Business. Daniel Rosenberg, Major: Market- ing, Minor: Business. Connie Rosier, Major: Elementary. tori t» CO ' Martiena Rosmolen, Major: Secre- tarial Procedures, Minor: Busi- ness. Paul Ross, Major: Accounting, Mi- nor: Business. Hal Rossow, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Biology. Larry Roth, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Edu- cation. m ftp Ruth Rother, Major: Elementary. Deanna Roudybush, Major: Ele- mentary. Ray Rouse, Major: History, Minor: Geography. David Rowe, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Physics. 67 Seniors Robert Rowe, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Physics. Elihu Rowen, Major: History, Mi- nor: Social Science. Suzette Runnels, Major: English Minor: Library Science. Gayle Russell, Major: Elementary. ifr fA Linda Sager, Major: Elementary, Ron Sander, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. Dennis Sapp, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Draiting. Stanley Scharpnick, Major: Psy- chology, Minor: Biology. MfMJfA Lynn Scheller, Major: Elementary. Kenneth Schenkel, Major: Busi- ness, Minor: Industrial Arts. Ronald Schmidt, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. Alan Schneider, Major: Agricul- ture, Minor: Geography. Connie Schobert, Major: Elemen- tary. Mark Schultz, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. Alan See, Major: Business, Minor: Psychology. Judson Sevy, Major: History, Min- nor: Social Science. »«J : !»; " ; " Michael Shea, Major: Biology, Mi- nor: Chemistry. Carrie Shelton, Major: Psychology, Minor: Sociology. Jane Sherard, Major: Medical Technology. Diane Shreve, Major: Secretarial Procedures, Minor: Business. 68 Seniors Donna Shreve, Major: Elementary. Dorothy Silcott, Major: Elemen- tary. Gary Silk, Major: Business, Minor: Business Management. Mike Simon, Major: Accounting. t ftf Sondra Simons, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Home Eco- nomics. Bruce Sittner, Majors: History and Physical Education. Sheryl Skaith, Major: Elementary. Sandra Slater, Major: English, Mi- nor: Library Science. r to- i ht r(-:.-; Agnail- Dennis Sleister, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Chemistry. Richard Smetana, Major: Music Carol Smith, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Denney Smith, Major: Art Dm urn ttfar «K7,(fr Gina Smith, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Mary Jane Smith, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Louis Smither, Major: Physical Education, Minor: English. Susan Sneed, Major: English, Mi- nor: Library Science. Jerald Sorber, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business. Michael Sorensen, Major: Business Management. Darrell Spain, Major: Agri-Busi- ness. Mar jean Spicer, Major: Elemen- tary. 69 Seniors Roger Spies, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. Marlene Spillman, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Janice Springer, Major: English, Minor: French. Ron StaHord, Major: Business Management. Karen Stalker, Major: Elementary. Clyde Stalling, Majors: Art and History. Ellen Stalling, Major: Elementary. Robert Starckovich, Major: Agri- Business. Judy Steinfeld, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. Robert Steinhauser, Major: Chem- istry, Minor: Biology. Beric Steinman, Majors: Agricul- ture and Business. Richard Stephens, Majors: Phy- sical Education and Psychology. Lorna Stevens, Major: Elementary. Roger Stewart, Majors: Business and Agriculture. David Still, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Business. Ed Stilley, Major: Marketing, Mi- nor: Business. Peggy Stoaks, Major: Business, Minor: Physical Education. Lyle Stone, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business. Carol Stookey, Major: Elementary. Mary Stumph, Major: Elementary, Minor: Physical Education. 70 " Seniors John Sullivan, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Industrial Arts. Richard Sungren, Major: Social Science, Minor: Geography. Leslie Swaney, Major: History, Minor: Economics. Jean Taake, Major: Elementary. Judy Talarico, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Patti Tarwater, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Charles Taylor, Major: Business Management, Minor: Business. Rebecca Taylor, Major: Vocational Home Economics. tor, Ar Phyllis Taylor, Major: Elementary. William Templer, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Dralting. E. Cheryl Thompson, Majors: French and Spanish. Kathryn Thompson, Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. Michael Thomson, Major: Indus- trial Arts, Minor: Business. Verlee Thraen, Major: Elementary. Norma Tibbetts, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History. Patricia Tiberghien, Major: Ele- mentary. duAtfi Terry Tillotson, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Business. Bob Tonnies, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Industrial Arts. Dana Tonnies, Major: Elementary. Marshall Tonnies, Major: History, Minor: Physical Education. 71 James Trow, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. Eugene Turner, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Agriculture. Dixie Tuttle, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science. Mary Underwood, Major: Business, Minor: English. William Underwood, Major: Ac- counting, Minor: Business. Glen VanderWerl, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Science. Ronald Van Gundy, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Business. Ron Vannier, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business. Jo Ann Voyce, Majors: French and English. Don Wagner, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Economics Lynne Waldron, Major: Physical Education, Minor: English. Robert Waldron, Major: English, Minor: Physical Education. Cynthia Walker, Major: Elementary. Patricia Walker, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Robert L. Walker, Major: Market- ing, Minor: Business. Vivi Walkup, Major: English, Mi- nor: Library Science. Eldon Walter, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business. Ronald Walter, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. Hazel Walters, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Patricia Wampler, Major: Elemen- tary. 72 Seniors m Peter Wanless, Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business. Phyllis Ware, Major: Business, Minor: Library Science. David Wasserlallen, Major: Indus- trial Arts, Minor: Dralting. Carol Waiters, Major: Elementary. It -■ m ■--; :=d Larry Watkins, Major: Biology, Minor: Agriculture. J. C Watson, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business. Paul Watson, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Dralting. Phil Watters, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Art Harold Webb, Major: Speech, Mi- nor: English. Edward Weissenbach, Major: Phy- sical Education, Minor: Health and Saiety. Paula Weston, Major: Biology, Mi- nor: English. Richard Whetstone, Major: Agri- Business. l Stephen Whitney, Major: Business A dministration . Howard Whittlesey, Major: Music. Gail Wiederholt, Major: English, Minor: French. Steve Wilcoxson, Major: Agricul- ture, Minor: Biology. ■feW J Peter Will, Majors: Industrial Arts and Chemistry. Jane Williams, Major: Elementary. Ed Williamson, Major: Business Administration, Minor: Market- ing. Barbara Wilson, Major: Elemen- tary. 73 Seniors Cheryl Wilson, Major: Elementary Education. Judy Wilson, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Library Sci- ence. Marilyn Wilson, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Chemistry. Michael Wineinger, Major: His- tory, Minor: Geography. Janeth Winkler, Major: Psycho- logy, Minor: Sociology. Robert Winn, Majors: French and Spanish. Cheryl Wirt, Major: English, Mi- nor: Spanish. Fred Wise, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Industrial Arts. William Wiskoski, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety. Clair Woll, Major: Social Science, Minor: History. Lillie Worthy, Major: Home Eco- nomics. Thomas Wright, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Art. George Wyatt, Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business. Jennifer Yates, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Phyllis Yehle, Major: Elementary. Harriett Young, Major: Literature, Minor: Language and Composition. Norma Young, Major: Home Eco- nomics. Barbara Zehr, Major: Elementary, Minor: Psychology. John Zeiger, Major: Business Management. Jeanette Zidell, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. 74 Juniors Kathy Abersold Norman Adair Linda Adams Robert Albin Bev Allen June Allen Darla Almquist Clayton Alumbaugh Carol Andersen Larry Andersen Mary Anderson Grover Andes Donald Andrews Elvin Andrews JeH Andrews Gary Annan Carol Armstrong LaVerne Arndt Keith Arnold 75 Juniors t am dttmMmk Mi JH Larry Arnold Barbara Ash worth Judy Asm ussen Jo Ellen Atkins Don Atkinson Sharon Baier Tonia Baillargeon Roberta Bain um Lor en J. Bair Janice Ball Lynn Ballard Kathy Barham Charles Bartlett Barbara Brown LuAnn Barton John Bassett Evelyn Baumli Wendee Beam Ch eryl Beckm an Galyn Bedwell Glenn Benner Judith Bensyl Don Bethel Thomas Bethel Robert Bin to er BitaBissell Gary Black Kathy Balck Linda Sue Blank William Blazek Barbara Blomker John Baker Adena Boltinghouse Marilyn Bowland Donna Bowland Susan Bowser John Braden Carol Bradley Raymond Bradley Patricia Brady Carol Breeding Janet Brenneman 76 Juniors Fred Bretch Barbara Bricker Jack Briggs Linda Britt Rose Brookhouser Phyllis Brooks Donna Bacon Linda Brown Nancy Ann Brown Roland Brown Robert Bruner Donnie Bryan Marilyn Bryan Carlene Buck Linda Bullock Paul Bullock William Burk Charlene Burkhalter Lucinda Burkhalter Nancy Burnham Donna Burns Bob Burrell Barbara Byrd Judi Byrne Leona Cable Sue Calbreath Bary Cameron Anna Belle Campbell Ann Caputo Jan Caputo Joe Caraway Linda Carlson Dennis Carlsson Jack Carpenter Phillip Casey David Chapman jm Kathy Chatten Paula Christiansen w Daniel Clark Judy Clark i Peggy Clark A Paula Sue Clay » 77 Juniors Richard Clayton Linda Cleeton Ann Collier James Collins Jerry Collins Karen Col ton ArceileE. Combs Don L. Combs Jim Comes John Connole Allen Constant Dorothy Cook John A. Cook Janice Cooper Sue Corn well William Costello Nell Cow den Jeannie Cowger James Lewis Cox Linda Cox Marsha Cox David Cross Cheryl Crowley Tom Croy Norberto Cruz Patricia Curnutt Terry Dahms 78 I " Juniors ii " ?B Linda Daise Bill Daniels Julie Dougherty Ronald Dawson Tom Dawson Ken Day Richard Dean Dee Deckle ver PaulDerks Diane Didlo GailDidlo Larry Dowden Rosemarie Dreager Daniel Duane Michael Dulcan John Duncan Robert Duzenberry Starla Eads Ronald Edward Jay Edwards Stanley Ellis Mary Elsberry Judy Erb Steven Ernst Jim Estes Kenton Fane oily Phyllis Fariell Syliva Fay Sherry Ferguson Ann Fisher Richard Fitzpatrick Linda Ford Irene Foster Jackie Fox Larry Fouts Lauri Franks Micheale Frease Joe Frese Steve Frese Joanne French Laura Lou Gardner Frederick Garton 79 Juniors R. Michael Gates Gary Dean Geib Larry Geib Diane George Jerry George Ted L. Gere Linda Gibson Claudia Gillen William Gilliam Greg Glauser Lowell W. Glick Richard E. Goeken Harold Gooding Jerry Goodpaster Jim Goos Jim Goostree Linda Gorsuch Diana Gracey Steve Gray Esther Groesbeck Joen Gross Janet Haag Modena Ann Hall Peter Hager Vicky Hanna Ina Kay Hanrath Gary Hansen Judy Hardwick Avis Harrison Nancy Harvey Patricia Harwood Christie Hauber John Haynie Carl Heck Joan Heiland Gary Hendrickson Paulette Henkowski Marcia Hensleigh Don Hicks Rodney Higgens Dennis Hilger Barbara Hill 80 Juniors Marlene Hoak Karla Holer Carolyn Holt man Lawrence Hoiiman Nancy Holcomb Roxanna Holleman Sheila Hollowell Shirley Hooper Jerry Hord Kent Houser Cynthia Howard Ronald L. Howell Jody Huttaker Gary Hull James R. Hulse Karin Hunt Ron Hunter Linda Hutchinson Ronald Hutchinson LaVella Hutson Margaret Hyer Ellen Ibbotson John Ibeling Lillian Irvin Elda Israel Jill Jackson Marilyn Jackson Sharyn Jackson Harriet L. Jakeman Vernon James Joseph Jardon Carol Jenkins Janelle Jensen Kathy Johns Diane Johnson Larry Johnson Arden Jones Diana Jones Karen Jones Patricia Jones Keith Jorgensen James B. Juhler » Juniors William Kane Mary Lynn Karrasch Lloyd Kerns Kenneth Kerwin Rita Kieffer Herman King John King Hattie M. Kirtley Connie Kirsch Colleen Kish Darrel Kitterman Linda Kivett John Klocksiem Richard Knauss Anna Kobbe Ron Kornieind Robert Koscinski Dennis Koso Carol Krokstrom Gary Kruse Richard W. Kuhn Patricia K. Kuhre Scotty Kurtz Mary Jo Lambertson Linda Landis Merle Larson Dick Leazenby 82 Juniors ; muk Susan Leiter Jerry R. Lemons Steven Lesan Hilary Lewis Dixiebelle Lightle Stephen Lloyd Susan A. Long Linda L. Lonn Melanie Lott Connie Lowrance Diane Lowrey fames C. Loynachan Sondra Lunkins Terry Lutz Jon McAvoy Barbara McDonald JoAnne McDonald Tim McDowell Theresa McGinnis Gary Mclntyre Nancy Mclntyre Mary Beth McKinney Donna McLarney Bill McLaughlin Janice McRae Shirley Mabary Joni Magin Larry Maiorano Corinne Malcolm Lynn Manhart Rose Marquardt Greg Martin Linda Martin Lloyd Martin Nicki Martin Roger Martin Rosemary Martin Suzanne Mason Shirley Mathes Alice May Kay Medsker Joyce Mendenhall 83 Juniors Janet Mensing Donna Meriitt Steven Messerschmidt Marilyn Meyer Sue Meyers Rick Miehaelsen Duane Milk Betty Miller Irvin Miller Lawrence Miller Michael Miller Richard Miller Sami Mirza Harlan Moore Jerald Moore Wanda Moore Leslie Moorman Ethel Morey Myrabel Morey Kenichi Moriguchi Alma Morgan Connie Morrow Dixie Mozingo Jerry Mozingo Mary Lou Mullenax Marsha Mundt John Mundy Jeannie Naylor Jon Nazarene John Neese Patty Neuroth David Newman Maureen Nicholas Anne Nielsen Cherie Nigh Gary Nigh mtk Susan Nold Tony Novak Sherry O ' Connell Craig Oldenburger Michelle Orcutt W. R. O ' Riley 84 . Juniors Arlene Ostrander Ellen Pace Thomas Pankiewicz David Parman Judy Pasternak Gary Patience Douglas Patrick Kir by Paulman Ron Pawlowski Dwight Pease Edward Peden Patrick Pepple Carol Phillips Myra Phillips John Phoenix Nancy Pickett James Plank Mary Plummer Albert Pontow James Poole Robert Popalisky Richard Porr Denzil Potts Marita Powers John Price Don Pummell James Radimer Larry Rainlorth Julia Ramsel Thomas Ramsel Dorothy Ranck Hila Rankin Janet Ranninger Gary Rasmussen Marilyn Rasmussen Wayne Rasm ussen Chester Redman Danny Reed Pete Richardson Vicki Ricker Jane Riddle Jean Riddle 85 Juniors Bonda Ridnour Connie Riggs Linda Riley Robert Riley William Roach Janice Roberts Janis Roberts Nancy Rodemyer Warren Roland Wanda Rollins Dean Rololson Kathleen Roop Teery Root Steve Ross Allen Rouse Janet Routh James Russell Judy Russell William Ryan Ralph Ryman Betty Sanders Shirley Savage Riley Schenk Jon Scheurich Joseph Schieber David Schlemmer Sharon Schlorff Tom Schmutz Linda Schneider Linda Schnackel 86 -» ■■ Juniors Joy Schnell Linda Schoen Duane Schultz Jo Ann Scales Linda Scott Kathryne Seabaugh Jo Ann Seastrom Julie Seipel Barbara Shearer Linda Shelton Stephen Sherard Kathy Sherbo Joseph Sheruda William Shestak Anita Shewmaker Patricia Shradel Charlotte Shumate Roger Shupe Bob Sinder Jane Sissel Dallas Slagle Betty Smith Linda A. Smith Sheryl Smith Valerie Smith Dorothy Smither Stanley Snead Linda Snell Dean Sparks John Spencer Jim Sperry Leland Sprinkle Terrie Starkovich Erwin Staton David Steck Garry Stenzel Carol Sterling Joyce Stewart Carol Stoll Linda Stillwagon Linda Strauch Victor Stroup 87 Juniors Janet Struthers Roger Stucki Pi™ Sherell Sydo w Robert Tan Linda Tatman Charles Teel Rachel Templeman Julie Telt Karol Tharp Betsy Thompson John Thompson Marlene Thompson Susan Thompson Fred Todera David Trost Larry True Sue Tuggle Joyce Tuxhorn Alberta Uehling Vincent Vaccaro Linda Van HoU Janene Van Houtan Richard Van Vactor George Varchola Betty VerSteeg Virginia Vetter Richard Voss 88 Diane Wagner Larry Waldeier Harriett Walden Linda Walker Mike Waller John Walters Jim Ward Barbara Ware Carol Warman Joan Warin Jo Ellen Warne Jayla Washburn Susan Way Sandra Weber Kay Weidenhalt Richard Weis Rosalie West Wesley Whaley Barry Whitehill Marilynn Wieneke Anthony Wilcoxson Jan Wilkes Carol Wilkins Ann Wilson Brenda Wilson Dotty Wilson Duane Wilson Barbara Wirt Cheryl Wold Linda Woll Paula Woli James Woltz Robert Wood Larry Woody Linda Workman Thomas Wright Gary Wuli Robert Wyatt Janet Wyman Phil Young Shirley Young Thomas Younger 89 Sophomores 90 Sophomores Rita Anderson Kristen Andrews Irene Angeroth Nancy Anker Linda Arends William Arnold Earlene Atkins Lola Auxier Loretta Babcock Marcia Bailer Vicki Baker John Barnes 91 Terry Barnes Linda Barneti Betsy Barr Robert Barratt Pamela Bateman Robert Bateman Ruth Baum Leonard Bauman Pam Beach Ronald Beard Candy Beattie Bruce Beem Chris Beemer Barbara Beeson Lloyd Benedict Harry Benton Diane Bergren Roger Bird Joseph Bishop Greg Blanchard Jenniler Boeh Stephen Bonawitz Terry Boone LaDonna Bowers Gary Boyd Carol Brader AmyBradiield Robert Brill Cynthia Brodersen Gail Brooks Cathy Brothers Cherye Brown Kenneth Brown Richard Brown Michael Buehler Thomas Buetow Perry Burgner Jim Burk Robert Burkhardt Danny Burns Judith Burt Mike Callow 92 Sophomores Larry Campbell Rosamond Carr Everette Carroll Claudia Cassity Larry Chatin Betty Chambers Linda Chappell Lois Cheek Gail Christiansen Carolyn Christopher Janice Clark Julia Clausen Kenneth Clower Duane Clay Kay Coler Glen Cole Sharon Collins Julia Comstock Diana Cook Sherry Cook Sharon Copeland Ronnie Cornett James Costello Steven Cottrell Amy Crabtree Jack Crouch William Cukar Glenna Cunningham Barbara Curtis Jean Cushing Donald Daggett Cathi Darr Dennis Darr Hilda Dougherty Margret Davenport Ann Davis Connie Davis Linda Dawson Betty Dettenbaugh Richard Delong Sharon Denduden Boyd Denton 93 Sophomores Connie Diehl Marylrances Di Girolamo Brian Doty Michael Douthat Trudy Dowling Cindy Downing Helen Duncan Nancy Duncan Lynn Durbin Virginia Dyer Phyllis Easterla Richard Easterla Steve Easton Lucille Eddy Janice Edwards Linda Elam Tracy Elliott George Ely Sarah Ely Gail Em rick Tom Engle Gene Englin Janice Erickson Janet Erskins Gary Esbeck Nora Estes Jeane Everett 94 Sonhomores G fl fJI E Pam Failing Lonny Fall Sheila Fast Karen Fichter Betty Fields Janet Flanagan Linda Flachsland Norma Fletehall Paula Florea Glen Foland Jenniler Ford Susan Ford Vicki Forrett Chuck Foster Lana Foster Caryl Fothergill Janis Fowler John Fox Harold Frame Ann Freeman Carol Furman Mike Gardner Michael Giather Ronald Gibbs Pat Gibson Velda Gillin Ralph Giliord Jim Gillespie Curtis Gilley Diana Godden Phyllis Godsey Susan Golf Shirley Golden Rickie Gomez Ardell Goodale Michael Goodlet Alan Goodwin Jean Goodman Mike Gradwell Donna Grame Marie Grame Kenneth Graves 95 Sonhomores Donovan Gray Bernard Greiner Marcia Grey Richard Grider Jerry Gritiin Stephen Grimes David Grimsley Joyce Groomer Paul Grow Cheryl Gubser Sherri Hager Lynda Hall Ellen Hamilton Joan Hamilton Sharon Hamilton Timothy Han Gloria Hancock John Haney Sam Hankins Jeannine Hannah Pam Hanover Gloria Hansen John Hardwick Barbara Hardy William Haskell Linda Hays Dennis Hazelwood Donald Hazelwood Martha Hemry Lora Herrick Delores Hess Larry Hessel Daniel Heyle Claudia Hill Robert Hill Barri Hodgin 96 Richard Hoecker Michael Hoflelmeyer Dennis Hollman Peggy Holder Lila Holdsworth Pat Hollenbeck Sophomores Linda Hon Marilyn Hopper Donna Hosiield Morris Howe Gary Howren Mary Hummel Connie Hunter Leslie Hunter Richard Hutchins Pat Hutchison Steve Hyatt Michael Ihrig John Ingraham Dan Inman Ann Irvin Mary Jansen Mary Jackson Judy Jennings Richard Jennings Jimmy Jensen Linda Jensen Jacqueline Jochims Cathy Johnson Chris Johnson Danny Johnson Gary Johnson Jeanehe Johnson Jayne Johnson Maxine Johnson Rick Johnson Dennis Jones Ron Jones James Joy Jackie Kampmann Leroy Kariker Marilyn Kee Mary Keiser Marda Keller James Kennedy Thomas Kennedy Gene Kenny Nancy Kerns 97 Sophomores Marilyn Kesslering Karen Kessler Marsha Kinder Dorothy King Mary King ■ I fli ' ,:; Robert King Patricia Kirsch Linda Klemmer Sandra Klute Linda Knauf Cynthia Kreek Janet Knight John Kuster Mark Kyhnn Carol Lager Suzanne Lainson Bob Langabee Stephen Laporte Wanda Lawless Bruce Lawson Thomas Lee Arthur Letzig Byron Leu Ronald Leuwerke Sandy Lewis Ruth Loch James Lippold Ned Listrom Becky Lolt Judy Logsdon 98 Sophomores Ruth Long Phyllis Longfellow Judy Lotz Malta Lund Pat Lundquist Barbara McAvoy Steve McCollum Eugene McCombs Christine McConnell Sherry McCoy John McCune Gerald McCush Melba McGeorge Jan Mclrvin Doug McNulty John Mc Williams Jerry Mabary Ellen Madden Gene Magill Millie Magner Nancy Magnin Dianne Mannasmith Max Manning Tim Markel Keren Martin Kathiey Marvin Kathie Maschke Keith Mathews John Mauzey Robert May Angel Melendez Edward Menelee Thomas Mendenhall Duane Meyer Janet Meyer Dale Miller David Miller Mary Elaine Miller Nancy Miller Rodney Miller Sharon Miller Sherry Miller 99 Sophomores Kenneth Millsap Aden Milne Paulette Moehring Jole Montgomery Mary Moon Debbi Moore Janice Moore Karen Moore Ted Morgan Cheryl Morin Chris Morris Peggy Morris Tim Mosser Donna Murphey Jeanne Nehe Sonia Neidt Diana Nelson Margaret Nelsen Marolee Neuberger Duane Newland Carol Nichols Carolyn Nicolle Duane Nielsen Cheryl Norman Myra Norman Bradley Nydegger Terry O ' Brien Delores O ' Donnell Jacqulin Oliphant Darrel Olson lOO - ■- Sophomores Vicki Olson John O ' Neill Charles O ' Riley Marilyn O ' Riley Daryl Orstad Rita Oswald Dennis Ohde Alice Paist Roger Pape Kathy Parks Charles Parsons Ken Pashek Linda Patterson Cheryl Paulsen Patricia Payne Sharon Payne Judy Peters Monte Peterson Nancy Peterson Pat Peterson Wayne Peterson Ruth Pettlon Lynnard Phipps Cathy Pierce Donna Piraro Rita Poppa Roscoe Porch Pamela Potter Greg Pottratz Sharon Pottratz Melody Price Myra Pride Robert Pruitt Bonnie Pulem Robert Putnam Linda Quinn Jane Rasmussen Brent Ray Frank Ray Patricia Raymond Leonard Read 101 Sophomores Merlin Rediield KathyBeed Robert Reeves Dennis Reicherbacher Marilyn Reichenbacher Patty Reiss Roxanne Richardson Mary Ridder Michael Riedell Jan Robbins Diane Robinson Christy Rodine Gayle Roloison Elenor Roof Rick Rose Ann Ross Kaihy Ross Michael Ruckman Joyce Rusch Craig Rupert Sharon Rutledge Dennis Sabus Richard Salewicz Randy Salyers Kay Saville Sr Martha Schieber Sharon Schiller Jacke Schlemmer Dianne Schmid Gary Schnack 102 " Sophomores i • Marty Schroeder Randall Sch ultz Clark Seabaugh Paul Searls Don Sears KathySell Connie Seuell Danny Shell Gloria Sherman Shirley Sherry Tom Short Jamie Sicla Gerald Sisson Susan Sjolin Jay Skeels Hecil Skinner Robert Sloss April Smith Cheryl Smith Connie Smith John Smith Dwight Snead Linda Spack Loren Spangler Phillip Spangler Richard Spiegel Leni Stastny Carla Steeby Thomas Sterrett Gwen Stewart Phil Stockstad DeloresStoll Joseph Stoll Jackie Stolpe Ronald Stone Tom Strode BillStratton Beverly Stubbleiield Dixie Sturm David Sturm Kathy Swain Stanley Swan 103 Sophomores Bichard Swaney Douglas Swanson Beth Sweat Dwaine Swett Penny Taggart George Taubel Carol Taylor Cherri Thompson Elaine Thompson John Thompson Dwight Tomes Ed Tomlinson Ronald Toney Caroline Tornholm John Tribolet Edward Trullinger Joyce Van Bebber Cheryl Van Cleave Larry Vaniosson Kay Vulgamott Joyce Wake Mary Waldron Suzan Walla Sally Walhn Barbara Walter Phil Wainwright Martha Waits Alvin Wareberg Joyce Warne Pamela Warren 104 Sonhomores Greg Watkins Paula Watkins Nancy Watson Julia Weaver Terry Weaver Phyllis Webber Terry Weldon Walda Weldon Al Werner Larry West Kathleen Wharton Suzanne Wheeldon Lowell White Susan White Donna Wiederholt Linda Wiges Mike Wiley Danny Williams James Williams Joyce Williams Thomas Williams Sherry Willilord Jim Willis Diane Wilson Janice Wilmes Carol Winger Erich Winter Janet Wilson Steve Wilson Edward Witham Dale Wood Sarah Woodruff Linda Woods Lyle Woodward Linda Worthwine Lana Wulf diiAi Joyce Yokoo Barbara Young Phillip Youngs Mike Zawodny Linda Zachary Anna Zeiger 105 Freshmen, Alone and Beginning m , :. II IS Id Zi ay ' 1 1 ' •• i 106 Freshmen Jayne Adams Sheral Adams David Alexander Deborah Allen Karen Allen Linda Allen Diane Allensworth Marsha Alsbury Twila Anders Diane Anderson Melvin Andrews Terry Armburst Allen Ashellord David Askilson Lyle Atkins Priscilla A tkinson Steve Atterbury Christy Autry Jan Bagley Henry Bailey Danny Baird Alien Baker Don Baker Stephen Baker Betty Ball Bob Ballentine di i — M Bill Bangston Gloria Barcus Dale Barnett Kay Barnett Laurie Barr Denise Baum Eff!?I s Robert Bazan Debbie Beattie Ceclia Beaver Barbara Beckner Patty Beeks Charles Bell 107 • •VAV. ■ ' ..;;.:■::•:: ■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■ ■Hl Freshmen Joyce Bell Margaret Belman Betty Bender Roberta Bengard Connie Bennett Patty Bennett Joe Bensyl Ronald Bergmann Linda Berry Kathleen Bieker Bruce Biermann Brenda Bishop Gwyn Blackburn Diane Blackman Linda Boles PatBolin Luke Boone Angela Boswell Denise Bower Ethel Bowman Nancy Boyd Christy Boy ens Kathy Boyer Sherry Boyer Betty Brand Donna Bratcher Tom Brick Jeanne Briggs Jerry Brockhaus Larry Brockhaus Bob Brothers Brenda Brubeck Nanci Buckley Cindy Burgett John Burke Linda Burke Kathy Burright Nancy Bush Joyce Cabbage Anita Callee Bonnie Cameron Josephine Campbell 108 Freshmen Sharon Campbell Dave Camper Bruce Canlrell Christine Carr Lawrence Carr Stephen Carroll Charilyn Carter Charles Carter Karen Carter Katherine Carter Kathy Carter Janet Caskey James Cassity John Cauveren Barbara Ceplina Burdette Christensen Mary Christopher Connie Clark Peggy Clausen Linda Clowser Dennis Coates Anita Cobb Richard Cobb Patty Cocking Cindy Cotfelt Donna CoHman Elaine Colborn Maru Cole Richard Cole Ted Coleman Carla Collins Janet Comer Sharon Condron Jimmy Constable Judy Cook Deta Coover Diane Corbet! Harold Cornelius Bonnie Cornett Larry Cose Cheryl Creason Donna Crider 109 Freshmen Susan Crook Dwayne Cross Gail Cunninqham Larry Cunningham Jim Curtis Paul Dahmus Diane Dailey Charles Dalton Candace Davis Chris Davis David Davis Jennifer Dawson Edward Day Mary Dean John Deatsch Woodie Decker Mark Degginger Marsha Deitchler Jim DeVore Theresa Dick Carlene Dixon Vickie Dixon Don Donaldson Dayna Dorrel Tom Drake Ann Drewes Sara Drown 110 Freshmen f £5 Rp 1 i £ Ruth Du vail Candace Dyson Tom Eads Sharon Early Linda Eastbourn Mamie Eason Kathi Ebbrecht Ken Ebert Eon Eblers Hay Elizondo Thomas Ellison Ronald Eltringham Russell Engle Diane Englebrecht Sharon Estep Ron Estep Maria Euritt Jo Evans Joan Evans Kathleen Evans Rebecca Fasnacht Patty Faubion Sr. Barbara Felder Jane Fell Zoe Fender Nancy Ferguson Ron Filger James Fink Peggy Finley Richard Fish Leroy Fisher Mike Florea Jean Foreman Larry Forgey Wanda Freitag Janice Fulton Ray Furst Jerry Gallinger ffussell Gallinger Donna Gardner John Gardner Carolyn Garr 111 Freshmen J A fM Beverly Garwood Richard Gayler Cullen Geisl Gloria Gentry Danny George Janice George Marsha George Connie Gibson Roselyn Gibson Tracy Gidley Janet Gilbert Debbie Gilbertson Charles Gilkison Penny Gillespie Vicki Gillispie Larriette Gilmore Delora Gjesdal Danny Gipson Mike Glennon Vicki Glynn Karol Godsey James Golf Helen Goldsmith Caren Gonder Jimmie Goodale Beverly Goodale Harold Gooding Ricky Goodner James Goodwin Connie Gorsuch Danny Gracey Robert Greenwood Joe Gregersen Don Greiner Mary Grillel Gayl Grillith Riley Grimes Larry Gustaison Vickie Haer Margaret Hagan Rebecca Hagler Rodney Hall 112 Freshmen Richard Hallenberg Terry Hamilton ]o Ellen Hamlet Denise Hammer Janet Hannah Phyllis Hardy Christine Harman Joyce Harms Donald Harris Gary Harris Jan Harris Linda Harris Marcia Harris Wayne Harris Jean Harrison Gary Hawkins Janet Harvey Donald Hascall Susan Hazen Joe Healy Michey Heath Larry Heck Susan Heckel Karla Heckman Margaret Hedges Anna Hendren Vicki Henry David Hern Ron Herron Stan Herzog Gregory Hestand PhilHestand Tom Heyde Dan Hiley Deborah Hilgenberg John Hill Linda Hilsabeck Jon Hinkle LyleHolde Susan Holeman Nancy Holland Carolyn Holmes 113 Freshmen Ricky Holmes Rickey Hoist Dennis Honey David Hopkins Arlene Horner Pam Hosplhurn Richard Houts Sara Howell Sue Huff Peggy Hughes Richard Hughes Harriet Hulse Paula Humphrey Eldon Hunsicker Anthony Hurst Suzanne Hunt Ellen Hunziger Vickie Hurst Peggy Huss Dianna Hutchcroft Jill Hutchings Jane Hyder Randall Ingram Donald Jackson Ed Jackson Paul Jackson Dennis Jacobson Gary James Richard James Allan Jellrey 114 ■ Freshmen Victor Jenkins Todd Jennings Bill Johnson Diana Johnson Dianna Johnson Pam Jackson Patricia Johnson Richard Johnson Robert Johnson Deborah Jones Edward Jones John Judd Barry Judkins Tony Juelsgaard Karalyn Kach Cindy Kahl Elizabeth Kahl Stanley Kapp Louann Karr Stanley Kee Jackie Keepers Marcia Keeton Mike Kief fer David King Sarah King Danny Kirmer Mari Kleoppel Jerry Kline Marie Klang Chuck Kluver Ernest Kneale Richard Kneale Donald Kobel James Komm Linda Kriebs Eileen Kreek Gary Kunkle Danny Kurtz Thomas Kwapiszeski Sharon Lamb Nancy Lambing Ed Laneville 115 Fresh men Dennis Lange Linda Lantz Jell Larmer Virginia Larson Joseph Latona Melvin Lattin Joyce Lauhott Terry Lovely John Lawless Sheryl Lawrence Francine Lee Carol Leeper Judy Leighninger Kathy Leonard Connie Lewellen Sharon Lewis Delores Linderman Jackie Linville Leslie Linville Jackie Lionherger Kathryn Little Sharon Lock Elzie Long Mary Long Mattia LoScalzo John Lovett Teresa Lowe James Lowrance Carolyn Luke Margaret Luke Linda Luttrell Thomas Mallett John Magyar Peggy Makings Shobba Mansukham Linda Marrs Donald Martin Helen Martin Gary Maullair Cheryl May Larry McCarty Steven McChiskey 116 Freshmen Mary McClanahan Rita McClaskey Larry McCollon Suzi McCo rmack Bob McDaniel Waverly McGee Richard McGinness Lawrence McGuire Nancy McGuire Lyle McKee Carol McMullen Deanna McWilliams Sherlynn Melton Ch eryl Meado ws Davie Merriman Bill Meyer Betty Meyer Vicki Michael feanette Miller Marsha Miller Richard Miller Janet Mitchell John Moberg Linda Mohr Michael Monk Sheri Moody Barbara Moore Charlotte Moore Darrell Moore Diane Moore Jim Moore Laurie Moore Sherrie Moore Wayne Moore Jeannie Moorman Connie Morgan Kendall Mork George Motley Susan Motsinger Linda Moulin James Moutray Russ Mullen 117 Freshmen Bill Musgrave Steve Mutz Keith Nell Clifford Nelles Helen Nelson Judy Nelson Linda Neuroth Larry Newhouser Shirley Newland Hose Mary Nicholas George Nicholson Danny Nickel Maurice Nielsen Donald Nielson Joanne Nienhuis Linda Nigh Michael Norris Linda Oakley Pat O ' Connor Roger O ' Dell Judy Oetjen Richard O ' Halloran Stephen O ' Halloran James Ohlensehlen Linda Ohms Fern Olipant Pat Olheiser 118 Freshmen i iH Sim one Oliva James Oliver Diane Olmstead Tommy O ' Neall Susan O ' Riley Mike Orr Sandy Otlo Bill Ottinger Susan Osborn Karen Oswalt James Owen Martin Palmer Sara Palumbo Betty Parks Becky Par man Jam es Parman Carol Parsley Gerald Patterson Cera Paul Janet Paulsen Jeri Payne Ruth Pearson Mary Perlect Mike Perkins Alien Peterson Peg Peterson Priscilla Peterson Ronald Peterson Judy Piatt John Pickard Marlin Pierce Ann Pierpoint Pamela Pike Jay Pipes Melinda Pitcher Linda Pittsenbarger Pat Plagman Charles Plummer Kathy Plummer Roberta Poll Darla Polsgrove Judy Pomeroy 119 Freshmen Carole Pont Diane Posegate Charles Potter David Potter Teddie PottorH Nancy Powell Paul Poynter Carolyn Pulem Bobby Purviance Virginia Purvis Jerry Bains Carol Bandall Joyce Banniger Jim Bash Darlene Bay Cindy Bead Gene Bead Steve Bead Cindy Beasoner Linda Beed Mark Beichel Monte Beinert William Behm Jane Bhodes Cheryl Bice Ellen Bichardson Mary Ann Bichardson Mary Ann Bichardson Donn Bichmond Earl Biggs Eric Biley Carolyn Bing Bobert Bipley Kenn Bobb Bobert Bobbins Buddy Boberts Gary Boberts Linda Boberts Jehu Bobinson Terry Bobinson Michael Bodgers Donna Bollins 120 Freshmen David Ross De Vonne Boss Suzan Ross Debbie Roush Sandy Rowe Carolyn Royster Charles Ruppel Charles Rush Donald Russell Janet Ryd berg Leonard Sample Ronny Salmond Randy Sands Shirley Savage Gary Scarbrough Thea Schaal Mary Schaler Roger Schantz Eugene Schieber Ann Schirmer Carolyn Schlange Roger Scholtzhauer Roger Schnecklott John Schneider Dave Schoeneck Mike Scho ield Nenita Scholl Suzanne Schrier Gary Schropp Bruce Schuck Cheryl Schultz Carl Scott Nancy Scott Stephen Seevers Robert Shatter Pauline Shaney Charles Shawver Pam Sheldon Dinah Shell Marvin Shepard Steve Sheridan Susan Shipley 121 Freshmen Janis Smith Marie Smith Michael Smith Bichard Smith Ron Smith Tonnie Smith Floyd Smither Tanya Smoot Willis Sneed Vickie Snell 122 Freshmen 1 ■■ ri Mary Snider Dianne Sorver Linda Speece Terry Sperry Michael Stauifer Douglas Steelman Doug Stewart Linda Stewart Robert Stockdell Diana Stoll John Stoll Linda Stolley Linda Strain Cheryl Strasburg Cindy Stuart Linda Stubbs Phil Stutzman Cindy Sullivan Jim Sullivan Kenneth Sutton Donald Summers Linda Kae Sumy Pam Sunderman Mary Lou Swaim Donna Swaim Dorothy Swaim Judy Swartz Gail Sybert Twila Tackett Janet Ta t Stephanie Talle Steve Tasto Fred Tate Cheryl Taylor Earl Taylor Ralph Taylo Alan Terry Edith Terry Bruce Thazan Rita Kay Thomas Beverly Thompson David Thompson 123 Freshmen Glenda Thompson Linda Thorpe William Tighe Keith Toney Bohm Townsend Thomas Townsend Dan Troshynski Jerome Trout William Ture Barbara Turner Kenneth Turner Rudy Turner Mary Utterback Rick Van Hoozer Judy Van Kirk Brenda Van Ostrand Steve Van Pelt Robert Van Scyoe Larry Van Tersch Herb Van Vactor Harvie Van Vordstrand Joan Van Wyk Jerry Van Laar Pat Verlurth Jon Vest Suzanne Waddill Alan Wagner Katherine Wagner Kyle Walker Martin Walker Donna Wallace Keith Waller Kenneth Walter Vicki Wander David Warman Mae Warren Joe Washburn Mary Waterworth David Watkins John Weaver James Weir Bill Wells 124 Freshmen Connie Wenzel Maureen West Linda Wetzel MaryAnn Wharton Bev Wheeler Cindy Wheeler Suzanne Whitaker Lynda White Sara Whiting Frances Wickizer lill Wicks Charla Wiepert Larry Wiegman Richard Wiles Victoria Will Debbie Williams Janice Williams Rita Williams Darrel Wilson Denine Wilson Harry Wilson Julia Wilson Robert Wilson Dana Wilson Donna Wnuk Pat Wright Robert Wright Steve Wright Barbara Wohllord Gerald Wohllord Janelle Wollenhaupt Donna Wood Elaine Wood Frank Woodrull Emily Wormsley Terry Wunderlich Pamela Yates Bill Yonnis Anita Young Bruce Young Carolyn Zimmerman Ronald Zoine 125 Married Students Right: Mike and Bobin Cesar etti Below: Dick and Rhea Whetstone Bob and Cindy Walker play bridge with friends, Helen and Bill Off. 126 ) Senior Officers Linda Hoilelmeyer President Jerry Pcrtee Vice-President Marshall Dann Secretary- Treasurer Junior Officers Robert Bruner President Tom Peake Vice President 127 In any process, besides material, there must be a manner of production, a means of changing the ma- terial to create something new. In education, this process may vary from teacher to teacher, institution to institution, but all have one goal, that of the creation of a socially-assimulated individual. 128 - —l Means D 129 ■ ■■•■■■•■•:■ :■;.-■■;■;■ " ■ Hffl ' WIW ' " 1 — ' " 35 aKfS «f c« .n % ■•£ v £ $p 5S» 3 ,; ' v4 fV v- f m h x ■ .- «.- v k .,-«- %: .» ' .■ ' w . - 2 6S? f M ° ! I • H Moments of Extreme Elation Can 132 h i s Can Lead to Ones of Contemplation 133 ■■■MMi Activities Vary With Each 134 ach Phase of A Person ' s Life Varied Activities Climax I An exodus- to the relaxation and tense excitement that is WALK OUT DAY ! Bffit Walk Out Day One student takes a dip M or enjoy the Poco-Seco Singers who made the day such a success. 137 Frank Eggers is Named U.M. APO Sponsors Another Successful Event The kissing booth was another main attraction of the carnival. h The egg-throwing booth is one idea of how organizations raise money for Ugly Man. U Cake-walks provide fun and nourishment for MSC students. ox. Three tries for a quarter! A student ' s frustrations and inhibitions can be released at the car-smashing booth. A demonstration of skill at bottle-throwing. The " Tunnel of Love " attracted many of the MSC couples. 139 Sigma Phi Dolphians Chose 1968 Theme as " The Trip " Seated— Kerry Henry, Vicki Baker, Sharon Miller, Sue Owen, Kay Reavis, Carol Couthers, Pal Verlerth. Standing— Carol Ster- ling, Gayle Bradheld, Joannie Heiland, Helen Duncan, Judy Burt, Jennie Naylor. The Sigma Phi Dolphins presented their swim show in the spring after many months of prepara- tion. Activities began in the tall with tryouts, followed by perfecting stunts and planning and or- ganizing routines. " The Trip " was selected as the title of the swim show. The routines represented various moods and emotions experienced during a trip. Officers for the year were Gayle Bradheld, president; Sharon Miller and Sue Owen, vice- presidents; Vicki Baker, secretary-treasurer; Pat Verfurth, historian; and Kay Revis, pubhcity. Dophins work hard to perfect the breast stroke. 140 e A Year With the Dolphins DEEP Costumed Dolphins introduce their routine. Kerry Henry is held in an artful position. Sigma Phi Dolphins manipulate themselves into position for a star formation. 141 Finding classes thai have not been closed is a head- ache lor many students. Registration Is No, I don ' t believe I would be interested in Family Relations. You wouldn ' t consider registering next semester, would you? 142 Full of Frustration How about Home Ec. 71? 143 Byron Burford Is A rtist In Residence Byron Burford, under the auspices of the Missouri Council ol the Arts, spent three weeks as an artist in residence with a studio in the Olive De Luce Fine Arts Building. President Foster is one ol the many who partici- pated in the campus and community wide bleed-in, held in the fall. Entire Campus Participates In Bleed-In 144 fl Dialogue Submits Constitution Is Concerned With Student And Academic Problems Strives for Campus Relations i 145 Miss Maryville Miss Maryville (Pat Hollenbeck) and Miss Hannibal (Debbie Hunsborough) listen intently as Greg Johnson, executive director of the Miss Missouri contest, explains contest rules. Miss Maryville was lirst runner up in the Missouri contest. Miss Maryville 1967, Patricia Hollenbeck, poses with lirst and second runners-up, Cheryl Reineke and Jan Springer. ■■ 146 - V Y v, f ' m I ' ..• ». «•;. 1 ? V Homecoming Candidates Vie For Queen Title Homecoming queen candidates and their designated sponsoring organizations are: FIRST ROW: Judy Smith, Sigma Tau Gamma; Dorothy Wilson, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Cindy Taylor and Hila Rankin, Tau Kappa Epsilon; Mary Jo Jansen, GDI; Donna Meritt, Men ' s Dorm Council. SECOND ROW: Anne Morgan and Gayle Bradford, Sigma Sigma Sigma; Ann Lauber, Delta Zeta; Karen Bush and Linda Gill, Phi Mu. THIRD ROW: Jan Springer and Jan Roberts, Delta Sigma Phi; Jeannie McCormick, Delta Zeta; Linda Sue Hotlelmeyer and Kathryne Seabaugh, Alpha Sigme Al- pha. FOURTH ROW: Linda Stillwagon, Men ' s Dorm Council; Rosemarie Dreager, GDI; and Pat Hollenbeck, Phi Sigma Epsilon. Homecoming Queen li- nalists include, Lett to Right: Donna Merritt, Rosemarie Dreager, Lin- da Stillwagon, Jeannie McCormick, and Gayle Bradlield. 148 I jf , m ■ t ' t ■ •7 ■ • 7 . i oI fw 4 • V V ifif x I 1 OHM Homecoming " South Paciiic " Alpha Sigma Alpha First Place Variety Skits " Trip to Famous Places " Sigma Tau Gamma 150 Homecoming " Monte Carlo " Sigma Sigma Sigma JfJ W ■cnno STAH8U " Istanbul " Industrial Arts First Place Floats ' ' Switzerland " Alpha Kappa Lambda 151 Homecomin Second Place Floats r f " Madrid Bullfight " Sigma Tau Gamma " Hanging Gardens ot Babylon " GDI 152 " " ■ Homecoming " Disneyland " Phi Sigma Epsilon " Emerald Isle " Gamma Sigma Sigma and Alpha Phi Omega Third Place Floats 153 Homecoming Fourth Place Floats " Mardi Gras " PhiMu 1 ' Sphinx Pyramid " Delta Sigma Phi " Rome " Tau Kappa Epsilon " Allied lor Victory " Men ' s Dorm Council Fifth Place Floats " Emerald City " UCCF, Newman, and Wesley 154 Homecoming afo its " St. Joseph Pony Express " Alpha Kappa Lambda First Place House Decorations ■ Hi ju A Ml F " V »-. «., t Jl Mil BH 525 i ITTORYENDGAMBIX . ,.v -t WjjjJj » ' - " Z rs Vegas " PhiMu — ■■ h i Tre. ' Wor A Pole " Franken Hall (left) " Mother Goose Lands " GDI (right) 155 Homecoming " Missouri " Alph a Sigm a Alph a Second Place House Decorations " Utah " Tau Kappa Epsilon 156 " China " Student Wives Homecoming " Valley ol the Jolly Green Giant " Sigma Tau Gamma Third Place House Decorations ' ' Cape Kennedy " Sigma Sigma Sigma 157 Homecoming Fourth Place House Decorations " Sphinx " Delta Zeta " Disneyland " Phi Sigma Epsilon (tie) " Tower of Pisa " Delta Sigma Phi (tie) n m •:jxd " Yellowstone ' ACE 158 Homecoming Chairman FIRST ROW: Jo Ann Montgomery, co-chairman; Edwin Lambright, co-chairman. SECOND ROW: Dr. LeRoy Crist, sponsor; Rod Beem, Christie Beal, Cindy Darnell, Sondra Simons, Cheri Jordan, Donald Robertson, general chairman. THIRD ROW: Jeannie McCormick, Russell McCampbell, Mike Abildtrup, Carol Breeding, Robert Brunker. Homecoming Committee FIRST ROW: Phyllis Aebersold, Jacki Oliphant, Donald Robertson. SECOND ROW: Rod Cruz, Dennis Brinton, Carol Nichols, Leslie Hunter, Sally Hunter, Jo Ann Voyce, Janet Wyman, Cathy Pierce, Connie Seuell, Dave Tarwater. THIRD ROW: Lorna Stevens, Patty Wampler, Connie Diehl, Gayle Bradlield, Jay Skeels, Jan Edwards, Marlene Morris, Karen Colton, Jo Ann Montgomery. FOURTH ROW: Jennifer Yates, Joseph Jardon, James Gillispie, Judy Clark, Stephen Laporte, Jan Roberts, Kay Reavis, Jan Wilkes, Edwin Lambright. 159 Union Board Strives h In an attempt to create better communication between the Program Council and the student body, such innovations as a suggestion box placed outside the Union Board otlice to receive all pertinent comments and suggestions horn inter- ested students were instituted. The council has created several new activities over the past few years including Room at the Top, Topics of Our Times, Sunday night cultural movies, and a controversial speaker series. John Price, President oi the Union Board Program Council. Members of the Union Board Council include; Left to Bight; FIBST BOW: Janice McBae; Julie Seipel; Linda Sue Holtelmeyer, Secretary; Mary Asbell. SECOND BOW: Ken Bassett, Vice President; John Price, President; Ed Lambright, Vice President; Bob Burrell, Steve Conner. 160 Wes For Campus Communication SnfeQ ... g g Members ol the Fine Arts Committee assisting in removing the glass display include: Lelt to Right: Donna Burns, Toni Osburn, Linda Smith, Connie Sewell, Linda Snell, and co-chairmen, Mary Asbell and Mike Miller. Union Board Committee Chairmen strain to hear every word their leader utters. 161 An Evening ' ' s Frost Will Geer brings to lite the works ol a great American poet. M Reluctance Robert Frost Out through the fields and woods And over the walls I have wended; 1 have climbed the hills of view And looked at the world and decended; 1 have come by the highway home, And lo, it is ended. The leaves are all dead on the ground, Save those that the oak is keeping To ravel them one by one And let them go scraping and creeping Out over the crusted snow When others are sleeping. And the dead leaves lie huddled and still, No longer blown hither and thither, The last lone aster is gone; The flowers of witch-hazel wither; The heart is still aching to seek, But the feet question " Whither? " Ah, when to the heart of man Was it even less than a treason To go with the drift of things, To yield with a grace to reason, And bow and accept the end, Of a love or a season? 162 A Whitman Portrait ' SUPERB! STIRRING! " SKILLFUL! SUCCESSFUL! ' Relates Life and Poetry of Walt Whitman Unseen Buds Unseen buds, infinite, hidden well, Under the snow and ice, under the darkness, in every square or cubic inch, Germinal, exquisite, in delicate lace, microscopic, unborn, Like babes in wombs, latent, folded, compact, sleeping; Billions of billions, and trilhons oftrilhons of them waiting. (On earth and in the sea — the universe — the stars there in the heavens,) Urging slowly, surely forward, forming endless, And waiting ever more, forever more behind. 163 ■ " " " " ■ " ■ " » The Sandpipers ::ii Stormy and Sunny impress the audience as they sing " Dan- gling Conversation, " by Simon and GaHunkel. mHf The Sandpipers voice their swinging im- pressions in song. 164 Educational Committee Sponsors Learning Entertainment Experts Offer Knowledge, Personal Experiences Alexander Gabriel and Mr. Robert West, speech department, go over a lew of Gabriel ' s points. Russ Burgess, ESP expert, captivates an overwhelming crowd. 165 Room at Top Provides the comedy of Fred Smoot and the sounds of the Fernandez Four Again this year the Union Board provided campus entertainment by sponsoring the popular " Room at the Top. " This season ' s stars included the Fernandez Four, the Vince Guaraldi Trio, Vicar and the Deacon, the Scott Weidner Quartet, Mark and Janice, and Fred Smoot. Cathy Abersold welcomes guests to an enjoyable evening with . . . 166 ■¥• I I Professional Entertainment The Vince Guaraldi Trio provided swinging mood. Mark and Janice let their audi- ence relax and enjoy today ' s folk songs. 167 m B S Union Board » ♦ Topics of Our Times 168 Sponsors Den Movies FUg igW ° 169 — ■ — —-. — »- -w -wanv Unique Theme for Yuletide Dance The Companions provide entertainment and dance music lor the Christmas revelers. A Land of Gossamer Blue One student ' s mind wanders momentarily Irom his attractive companion to the beautiful, airily, and nostalgic decorations about him. The camera catches two couples enjoying the scenery and preparing to take some pictures o their own. Tower Dance Couples Enjoy Dancing, Surprises at Annual Affair The Companions provide music. . . {or an evening o excitement and festivities. 171 Tower Dance Has Many Phases h Sh I 2 SPBP» ■ " §m f ' - w 1 HHBBHH I HHI 172 ases Tappings, Surprises, and Honors Spring lappees lor Embers announced at the Tower Dance include: FIRST BOW: Nancy Pickett, Cheryl Crowley, Pat Shradel, Karla Holer, Sue Bowser, Peg Herron, and Betsy Thompson. SECOND BOW: Wendee Beam, Mary Asbell, Anne Morgan, Jan Wilkes, Bonda Bidnour, and Hila Bankin. Mike Miller, emcee, introduces the candidates lor Tower Queen. Queen Anne and her escort, Steve Anderson, lead the coro- nation waltz. 173 RflB HMHHHraniHmBH HH BMR Queen Anne and Her Court Tom Frank, student body president, and Betsy Thompson, senator, crown Anne Morgan 1968 Tower Queen. The Royal Court, Kathy Aber- sold, Mary Potter, Queen Anne, Vicki Baker, and Mar- sha Mundt. 174 TTTTT %■ i ? i ' ,--. v- . to a night on the town. Maryville businesses and services welcome NWMSC students Night On The Town Store window displays advertise student organizations, activities, and goals. President and Mrs Foster register for the grand prize drawing. 176 Commencement President Foster announces the speaker at spring commencement. Last minute preparatons. Several graduates relax a lew moments before the graduation procession begins. And this is what graduation really is!. Association for Childhood Education FIRST ROW: Kay Elder, Treasurer; Janila Porter, Secretary; Pat Tiberghien, President; Judi Simmons, Vice-President; Marlus Paulsen, Reporter. SECOND ROW: Jo Clarke, Social Chairman; Cheryl Crowley, Linda Brown, Jean Hell, Adena Boltinghouse, Connie Gorsuch, Brenda Bishop, Donna Gardner. THIRD ROW: Kathryn McKee, Sponsor; Helen Goldsmith, Chris Morris, Sonia Neidt, Nancy Albright, Mary Lauholl, Barb Zehr, Ann Lauber, Patricia Plummer. FOURTH ROW: Marlene Morris, Historian, Ardell Goodale, Vicki Henry, Janice Lillard, Janice Petersen, Carol Easterhaus, Jane Williams, Mary Maassen, Cheryl Wilson, Sue Tuggle. FIFTH ROW: Judy Lotz, Linda Gorsuch, LaVella Hutson, Patty Wampler, Carol Breed- ing, Linda Stillwagon, Cynthia Kreek, Kathy Abersold, Diana Madison. 178 FIRST ROW: Ellen Pace, Connie Sc hobert, Susan Bowser, Linda Kendrick, Mary Plummer, Karen Colton, Brenda Van Ashand, Susan Way SECOND ROW: Neva Ross, sponsor; Patty Hellers, Dianne Moore, Rosemary Martin, Lucille Eddy, Gayle Russell, Shirley Young, Rochelle Burton, Betty Ann Smith, Susan Leiter. THIRD ROW: David Neustadt, Walter Hanabury, Ann Fisher, Wanda Weldon, Linda Shelton, Marjean Spicer, Marilyn Loots, Shirley Graell, Patricia Hansen, Barbara Hoover, Connie Morgan, Maria Kay Euritt. FOURTH ROW: LeAnn McAlpin, Trudy McCarthy, Amy Bradlield, Jody Hullaker, JoAnn Seastrom, Lu Ann Barton, Judy Adams, Susan Rogness, Christena Poole, Katherine Hughes, Peggy Finlay, Jeannie McCormick, Charlotte Shumate. Young Republicans FIRST BOW: Penny Gillispie, W. Jean Owen, Chairman; Dr. Berndt Angman, sponsor; Linda Sue Holielmeyer; Julie Seipel. SECOND BOW: Mike Piper, Biley Grimes, Dennis Coates, George Ely, Edwin Lambright, Jim Dunn, John Price. Young Democrats FIBST BOW: B. J. Dawson, adviser; John Phoenix, President; Linda Bomig, Secretary- Treasurer; Kathi Ebbrecht, Beporter; Dixie Tuttle. SECOND BOW: Jenniier Yates, Marsha George, Janen Van Houtan, Everett Carroll, Francis Baumli, Marvin Dick, Ken Kerwin. 179 Student Senate Announces Senators this year include, FIRST ROW: Barb Heath; Terry Stitt; Tom Frank, President; Cheryl Crowley; Linda Snell. SECOND ROW: Sharon Miller, Linda Sue Hoifelmeyer, Jan Roberts, Rod Cruz, Jim Burk, Susan Shew. THIRD ROW: Steve Conner, Vice-President; Rod Beem; Dr. Peter Jackson, Sponsor; Dennis Sleister; Linda Gibson. Guided by the revised Constitution, the Stu- dent Senate functioned as the student governing body, representing and informing the students ot Northwest Missouri State College. A greater representation oi campus groups by more sena- tors was a major change oi the new Constitution. Under the leadership ot President Tom Frank, the Senate searched to discover areas oi needed improvement and remedy those within its power. At regular meetings on Thursday nights, campus activities were announced, planned and reviewed. A representative trom the MISSOU- RIAN attended the meetings and reported the minutes of the meetings in the school newspaper for the purpose of informing the entire student body. In its widened area of citizenship, the Senate took charge of the philanthropic project of so- hdting the students on campus for United Fund both last year and again this year. Other activities of the Senate included con- ducting of campus elections and interpretation of the laws and rules of the Student Association, especially by means of additional sub-groups such as the Student-Faculty Disciplinary Board, Traffic Court, Student Court, and others. As a means of securing better relations and understanding between the students and the citi- zens of Maryville, the Senate worked with the City Council and city merchants in several events referred to as " Night on the Town " and " Night on the Campus. " Linda Snell and Sharon Miller discuss Who ' s Who candidates with Dean Koerble. 180 Who ' s Who THOMAS ED WARD FRANK Blue Key, President Phi Sigma Epsilon, Vice-President Student Body, President Union Board, Chairman MARJORIE ANN HITCHCOCK Co-Editor of Northwest Missourian Debate Team Pi Kappa Delta, Secretary Chairman of Religious Emphasis Week Committee ROD 101 LINDA SUE HOFFELMEYER Alpha Sigma Alpha Union Board Council, Secretary Junior Class, Vice-President Senior Class, President ED WINLAMBRIGHT Blue Key, President Sigma Tau Gamma, Secretary Union Board Council, Vice-President Overall Chairman of Homecoming SONDRA SIMONS LAZEAR Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vice-President Embers, Secretary Panhellenic Council, Secretary Committee Chairman for Homecoming . m RUSSELL MCCAMPBELL Student NEA, President Kappa Delta Pi Pi Gamma Mu Alpha Phi Omega MARYPOTTER Alpha Mu Gamma, Treasurer Sigma Sigma Sigma Tower Staff Sports Editor President of AWS NORMA WILSON TIBBETTS Embers, Treasurer Sigma Sigma Sigma, President Kappa Delta Pi Pi Gamma Mu 181 AWS Representatives AWS representatives are: FIRST ROW: Marlene Morris, Jan Roberts, Mary Potter, Cheryl Crowley, Judy Palumbo, Cheryl Dowden SECOND ROW: Marilynn Wienke, Kay Hamilton, Suzanne Mason, Carol Baird, Terri Bender, Susan Way, Lillie Worthy, Kathy Roop, Susan Bowser, Patty O ' Conner. THIRD ROW: Kathy Johns, Nancy Lambing, Colleen Kish, Charlotte Shumate, Marda Keller, Elaine Colborn, Phyllis Hardy, Joan Van Wyk, Janet Routh, Diana Gracey. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Gray, Sponsor; Linda Quinn; Linda Kriebs; Ruth Ann Duvall; Susan Slonecker; Gloria Hansen; Connie Hunter; Connie Kirsch; Cheryl Paulsen; Linda Shelton; Barbara McAvoy. FIFTH ROW: Phyllis Godsey, Kathy Boyer, Nancy Burnham, Nora Estes, Mary Frances Di- Girolamo, Jan Clark, Linda Siedenburg, Jane Rhodes, Margaret Hays, Jan Howrey, Pat Verterth. Last spring the Associated Women Students sent a delegation oi three officers to the Intercollegiate Associated Women Students National Convention at the University oi West Virginia in Morgantown. From this convention the delegation gleaned many new ideas which were put into effect this year. Additional ideas were learned from delegates who attended the Bi-State Convention at the Univer- sity ot Missouri and the Regional Three Convention at SMU in Dallas, Texas. One new feature added to the AWS activities this year was a Bridal Show held in the spring. It fea- tured new and old bridal fashions; displays of china, silver, and crystal; and guest speakers on diamond selection and honeymoon travel. This year marked the beginning of an installation program with a semi-formal banquet held for the old and new officers and the general council. Besides installing new officers, the retiring executive board named an AWS Outstanding Woman of the Year who was chosen on her contributions to the organization. The executive council added an AWS representative to the student senate. A student wives ' representative was a new addition to the general council. AWS and Embers jointly gave two NWMSC coeds scholarships. One was presented to a sophomore woman and one to a junior woman. NWMSC is initiating a Senior Key System. This priviledge, giving all senior women with a 2.0 grade point the permission to check out a key to their resi- dence hall, was planned and activated by A WS. In the fall all fathers and their sons were honored at the Dad ' s Day football game. The annual Father of the Year was chosen. In the spring all mothers were invited to spend the weekend with their daughters in the residence halls. Many activities were planned for them and a Mother of the Year award presented. Traditional activities of the AWS include con- struction of the Homecoming Queen ' s Float, the Christmas Tea, monthly Penny Nights, AWS Style Show, Big Sister-Little Sister Program, Coke Party, selling campus activities calendars, various lectures, and revision of the rule book for women ' s residence hall living. 182 s- 1 AWS Executive Counsel Members o the AWS Executive Counsel are: FIRST ROW: Jan Roberts, Recording Secretary; Marlene Morris, Vice-President, Mary Potter, President; Judy Palumbo, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Crowley, Second Vice- President; Susan Bowser, Historian; Linda Quinn, Reporter; Diana Gracey, Parliamentarian; Cheryl Dowden, Third Vice-President. A WS representatives Dad ' s Day Awards. present 183 After registering their mothers, daughters in Franken Hall show their mothers around the dormitory. Mothers 9 Weekend Is A Success One mother registers with her daughter and receives the AWS handbook o the weekend. This attractive decoration was found in the lounge of Franken Hall. 184 ■ ••! Mrs, Morgan Chosen Mother Of The Year At Weekend ss Anne Morgan and her mother, Mrs. Glendon Morgan, were chosen Mother and Daughter ol the Year. 185 AWS Dad ' s Day Robert Conner Is Dad of the Year President Foster congratulates Mr. Conner on the Dad ' s Day- award. AWS Dad of the Year, Mr. Robert Conner, and son, Steve Conner. Dad of the Year, Mr. Robert Conner, and son Steve shown with President Foster, Kay Hamilton, and Cheryl Crowley. 186 AWS Features Style Show AWS models step forward to exhibit their ensembles in front of the tape measure door way and sewing background. Betsy Thompson models her dress as another AWS member awaits her turn. Judy Peters pauses to model a skirt and sweater sport ensemble. 187 Traditional Wise Men bring gifts to the nativity scene. Seniors Honored if ' J As is traditional at Christmas time, Roberta Hall once again honored the seniors oi NWMSC with its annual presentation ol the Hanging oi the Greens. Through this ceremony, not only is the original nativity story told, but customs and habits ol other countries are shown as well. The history oi the Christmas spirit throughout the cen- turies is given with the culmination coming as the " Spirit ol Christmas " is chosen and announced. WLM . " 1 . aufc ■. f " " jpp! ■EX jt ' ;™ 0 . A graceful minuet depicts Christmas celebrations of early America. ft Mora At the height of the Christmas celebration in the Middle Ages, came the enjoyment of the roast pig. 188 " • WW- At ' Hanging of the Greens 9 With assistance from Bachael Templeman as Snow Princess. Anne Morgan reads the story of the Hanging ol the Greens. . . The Morris stick dancers perform an ancient ritual of Christmas Medieval jesters show how the spirit of Christmas has been celebrated through the years. RnBH RBimHlMBBiHHnnBnHn HBHHHBMHHHHM Spirit of Christmas Is Marty Geyer Bearers ol the Greens include: Patty Chappell, Helen Du vail, Joyce Edwards, Peggy Miller, Karen Bush, and Sharon Ceplina. Marty Geyer, Spirit ol Christmas, poses re- flectively in front ol the Christmas tree. y 9 - 1 1 tt « Alpha Psi Presents ' Male Animal 9 FIBST BOW: Frank W. Grube, Honorary member; Anne Nielsen, Secretary; Richard N. Heinz, President. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Reineke, Linda Brinton, Marcia Hensleigh. THIRD BOW: John B. Hoilman, Joe Maltsberger, Tom La- Ville, Tom O ' Connor. Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary dramatic fraternity, presented the rollicking comedy by Thur- ber and Nugent, " The Male Animal. " It was pre- sented May 3, 4, 5, and 6 as the Cast ' s 10th annual scholarship production. Oliicers ior the 1967-68 school year were Jerry Eisenhour, treasurer; Anne Nielsen, secretary; Harold Webb, vice-president; and Richard Heinz, president. Dr. Ralph Fulsom is the Cast ' s sponsor and Dr. Frank Grube is an honorary member. It ' s never dillicult to get Alpha Psi members to pose for a picture. 192 1 I Forensics and Pi Kappa Delta FIRST ROW: Linda Brinton, Ruth Martin, Terry Lutz, Loring Miller. SECOND ROW: J. L. Winsor, Sponsor, Ger- hard Hemmen, James Hulse, Milton Brod, Jim Burk, Ron Walter. Forensics is a club oi novice speakers and is considered a stepping stone into Pi Kappa Delta, national honorary iorensics fraternity. Members oi Pi Kappa Delta have confidence and experience in debating, discussion tech- niques, extemporaneous speaking, alter dinner speaker, oral interpretation, oratory, and radio and television. As an entire group, Pi Kappa Delta partici- pated in the bi-providence tournament held in Excelsior Springs. Ordinarily a debator, Terry Lutz branches out into drama for Thurber Carnival. 193 Drama Club Works Behind Scenes 5| k a 5:: a FIRST ROW: Sue Calbreath, Treasurer; Jack Estes, President; Carolyn Farber, Vice-President; Linda Dare, Sec- retary. SECOND ROW: Shirley Golden, Janelle Jensen, Susan Blakesley, Diana Corbett, Mary Beth McKinney. THIRD ROW: Don Folkman, Don Jackson, Bill Cukar, Thomas Buetow, Mike Glennon, Reporter-Historian. 194 Students enrolled in Drama Club, academically called Problems in Play Production, learn the rudi- ments oi theatre work. This can become rather hectic at times, with try-outs, rehearsals, and set con- struction, but the experience can be rewarding. All work is done under the supervision oi Dr. Ralph Fulsom, Mr. Richard Weaver, and Mr. Robert West. Drama Club is generally a stepping stone to membership in Alpha Psi Omega. " Now I know what that next line about her part in Thurber Carnival. Carolyn Farber seems worried r-1 Drama Aids UNICF On the night of October 29 monsters roamed the campus and streets of Maryville. The monsters were students enrolled in a stage make-up course who converted themselves into monsters to gain valuable experience in make-up materials. The gruesome task began at 9 a.m. and at 6 p.m., the monsters went to the Methodist Church to entertain children trick or treating for UNICEF. This undertaking was a first on Northwest Missouri State College and is possibly a first in the nation. The students received special commendation from the UNICEF headquarters for their project. To make a monster, start with a handtul of loam rubber add a dash of powder and BUN! 195 IBHBHfl HflHHM . Student Directors Present What can the actors do when they have a stage, an audience, and a cast, but no script? Scott Hodgin, Rollie Staldman, Carole Sinclair and Linda Brinton iind out in " Impromptu " . There is " No Exit " from hell, as Marsha Hensleigh, Cheryl Reineke, and Larry Carter realize. Rex Mowrey smiles at their fear. Mary Beth McKinney and Richard Heinz begin to see the trials ol married Hie in " Here We Are " . 196 ' " « -; ' 1 One- Act Plays Mag Price and Maiji Hitchcock converse pleasantly as Terry Lutz and Lyndelle Sharp, as their inner selves, show their real leelings. Jerry Eisenhour charges about in a rage at his former wile, Linda Hornaday, who deserted him for a typewriter, in " Twelve Pound Look " . In " Aria Da Capo " , Peirot, Orange Miller, and Columbine, Mary Jo Jansen, act out their comic play-life as the mask of tragedy, Tom LaVille, looks on. Ruth Martin and Gail Bullis relive their youth in this scene from " Release " . 197 ' Dark of the Moon " Everybody knows the truth about Barbara Allen. " And if they don ' t know, Edna Summey (Margaret Price) will tell them as she tells Barbara hersell (Cheryl Reineke). " . . . ain ' t it hard to love one who never did love you ... " sing Mike Glennon, John Hollman, Harold Webb, and Loring Miller. Barbara and John (Tom LaVille) discuss the birth o their child. A witch-boy horn the mountain came, A -pinin ' to be human, Fer he had seen the fairest gal . . . A gal nam ed Barbara Allen. O Conjur Man, O Conjur Man, Please do this thing I ' m wantin ' Please change me to a human man, Fer Barbara Fd be courtin ' . Now, Barbara had a red, red dress And one she had oi blue, And many men did Barbara love But never was she true. Oh, you can be a man, a man, If Barbara will not grieve you, If she be faithful fer a year, Yer eagle, he will leave you. O, Barbara, will you marry me, And will you leave me never, Oh, yes, my love, I ' ll marry you, And live with you forever. fiwh " ain ' t agoin ' ' til hit time ler bed! " Pa Allen (Jerry Eisenhour) tells Ma (Anne Nielsen). 198 Recreates Mountain Legend ' --■ U : Ma Allen and Mrs. Summey (Barbara Maines) discuss the birth ol Barbara ' s witch-child. bUH ■ flattt " Humans never know each other. " the dark witch (Jennifer Boeh) and fair witch (Marcia Hensleigh) try to tell John. Preacher Haggler (Richard Heinz) leads the singing as the revival begins. jKL C- i V r • . t mc 1 7 4 i fjjft 5-, ' 9 2ii f vJj H ' fwii 1 It 3 • 1 ' 1 KJ MSI • i " Barbara git redemption . . . " as her Pa, Preacher Haggler, and Marvin Hungins (Tom O ' Connor) look on. 199 Tom Sawyer Reverend Sprague (Jerry Eisenhour) comforts Aunt Polly (Nancy Holcomb), Mrs. Harper (Penny Gillespie), and The widow Douglas (Linda Brinton) on the death oi their children. 200 Huck Finn (Roger Mongold) rellects on the murder he and Tom Sawyer have witnessed. gtfBBOHMMI k ' 1 ■ |1 % ... Thurber Stories Are Recreated k Sfe i i Bfe H. 1 • HP -- I w ' }■■■■ " r 0 " I know who you are — Robert Browning. " Grant (Hulse) roars drunkenly at General Lee (John Bassett) in " It Grant Had Been Drinking at Appomattox. " " . . .you can ' t mix merchandise and liquor. " West Water (James Hulse) warns the bar girl (Shirley Golden) as " The Gentlemen Shoppers " come roaring into the scene. Thurber (Hulse) holds his head in total resignation at the mess in " File and Forget. " 202 7«i ore (hi floe " Get me out of this. " I bawled " Get me out! " Lawrence Miller cries as he relates the tale " The Night the Bed Fell! " %4eia Juki fc, " The Custom o Drinking while Buying " causes problems for the saleslady (Carolyn Farber) as she tries to cope with drunken shoppers (Barri Hodgin and Dave Brown) and a tight salesman- ager (Hulse). ' ■■■ ' !■ ' In ' Carnival ' " You are a booby ... " the wife (Karol Tharp) tells the man (Barri Hodgin) when there is " A Unicorn in the Garden. " " Not so last! You ' re driving too last! " Mrs. Mitty (Carolyn Farber) scolds her henpecked husband, Walter Mitty (Hodgin). Mitty the invincible faces a tiring squad with undaunted courage as the German officer (John Bassett) expresses his admiration. " My husband ' s seal will not juggle . . . " Miss Whittaker (Mary Beth McKinney) reads to the pet doctor (William Bradley) but he seems more interested in . . . ■ ■ ■ The blonde assistant (Terry Lutz). 203 Drama Students Can " Isaid, come to order!.... Please. ' Meetings, Rehearsals, Production Keep Dramatists Busy Nancy Holcomb and Dave Cromptin would steal the scene in any gathering. 204 ' Ham 9 It Up Anytime " Please, Jerry, not now! " But I can ' t swim! " ' 7 wonder what he ' s doing this very minute. ... " 205 ' Carousel 9 Packs Auditorium A carnival and Mrs. Mullins ' Carousel provide a meeting place lor Billy and Julie. Mrs. lullins (Linda Brinton) tempts Billy Bigelow (Mike Miller) by telling him the ad- vantages ol remaining single. m ■•. . - Carrie (Carolyn Hollman) and Mr. Snow (Jack Estes) dream ol the time when they will have a family ol their own. 206 For Five Nights Julie Jordan, portrayed by Wendee Beam, falls in love with the carnival barker, Billy Bigelow. Billy Bigelow looks forward to the birth o his child — hoping it will be a boy. Julie sings ol her love to the dying Billy. Harold Whittlesey as Jigger (in stripped trousers) and men ' s chorus sing the Horn- pipe Song. 207 Music and Drama Unite To Produce " Do rich people know? " Amahl ' s mother (DeeAnn Decklever) wonders alter she has tried to steal their gold. I " A cold lire place and a bed ol straw are all I have to otter you. " the mother tells the king (Jack Briggs) as Amahl (Dana Whitney) looks on. 208 nine e ' Amahl and the Night Visitors 9 The shepherds and villagers leave alter presenting the kings lruits and other presents. Amahl ' s mother watches as Amahl leaves with the kings to present his gilt to the child. ■a? " Have you seen a child the color o wheat, the color ot dawn? " Balthazar (Ken Bittiker) Melchior (Jack Briggs) and Kaspar (Frank Carlile) ask the mother. 209 Art and Drama Departments •T- This couple appears to be in deep contemplation as a new piece of art is created. Tom Laville relaxes be ore he once again assumes his role in " Dark o the Moon. " Self -Exp ression Is The Objective of Both 210 Look. Learn and Create Cicero? Plato? Sophocles? Shakespeare? Mallsberger?! Harold Webb appears engrossed in the work of a lellow actor as play production begins. U Marcia Hensleigh studies one ot the classics to further her own personal art appreciation. 211 Woodwind Ensemble Linda Strain, Richard Bateman, Michael A. Pierce, Sherry Cook, Melody Price. String Orchestra FIRST ROW: Michael A. Pierce, Steve Dempsey, Doug Jackson, Avis Larson, Arceile R. Combs, Harlan Moore. SECOND ROW: Donna Marie Wood, Robert Bruner, Ken Greiner, Merle Larson, Donald H Sanford, Riley Schenk, Barbara Laur, Harold Hascall. 212 -i— — ' ■ — — — — — — • •— •— waHl Madrigal FIRST ROW: Patricia Brown, Cassy Funk, Rita Brown, Mary Frances DiGirolamo, Christy Rodine, Karen Moore. SECOND ROW: Gilbert Whitney, Director; Bob Reeder; Stephen Grimes; Eldon Hunsicker. Piano Repertoire SEATED: Mrs. Donald Sandlord, Sponsor. STANDING: Dale M. Wood, Roscoe Porch, Donna Mullins, Carolyn Garr, Cheryl Paulsen, Arceile Combs, Zoe Fender, Linda Strain. 213 Chamber Group FIRST BOW: Byron Mitchell, Director; Colleen Kish; David Watkins; Carolyn Holfman, Mike Miller; Wendee Beam; Frank Carlile. SECOND BOW: Cheryl Paulsen, Larry Mannasmith, Barbara Laur, Kirby Paulman, Kitsy Borgstadt, Boscoe Porch, Kay Kesterson. THIRD BOW: Howard Whittlesey, Dianne Mannasmith, Alan Wagner, Cheryl Smith, Balph Taylor, Martha Clothier. College Chorus X FIBST BOW: Peggy Clausen, Diana Jones, Colleen Kish, Susan House, Maureen Nicholas, Janet Gilbert, Kathy Swain, Mary Ann Bichardson, Carolyn Garr, Kay Vulgamott, Ethel Bowman, Arlene Ostrander. SECOND BOW: Donna B. Piraro, Deta Coover, Zoe Fender, Connie Bosier, Dee Decklever, Sharon Estep, Dianna Hutchcralt, Nancy Scott, Diane Olmstead, Maureen West, Betty M. Miller. THIBD BOW: Linda Strain, Dianne Moore, Adena Boltinghouse, Karen Kessler, Darla Polsgrove, Jan Clark, Mary Dean, Carol Messner, Barbara Beckner, Betty Meyn, Betty Smith, Carol Jenkins FOUBTH BOW: John Judd, Gary Boberts, Bob Beeder, Ed Witham, Keith Mathews, Jack Briggs, Biley Schenk, Bill Collin, Tom Drake, Stanley Kapp, Frank Carile, Donald Smith. m 214 ' « , 1 MENC Doubles Size FIRST ROW: Mike Miller, Secretary-Treasurer; Wendee Beam, Vice-President; Michael A. Pierce, President. SECOND ROW: Linda Strain, Carolyn Hoilman, Avis Larson, Mary Ann Richardson. THIRD ROW: Colleen Kish, Arceile Combs, Carolyn Garr, Cheryl Paulsen, Sherry Cook. FOURTH ROW: Ruth M. Miller; Harold Hascall; Barbara Laur; Donna Mullins; Steve Dempsey; William R Lecklider, Sponsor. Under the direction oi president Mickey Pierce, Mu- sic Educators National Conference almost doubled its membership oi last year. The group participated, tor the first time, in the house decorations division oi Homecoming, assisted at student recitals and with the Children ' s Concert given by the Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra in Decem- ber, as well as holding a Christmas Dance and a Spring party, and helping with music contests in the spring. Other functions included a trip to Kansas City, as- sisting the Music Department in Christmas activities, and presenting programs oi various topics and types re- lated to the Held oi music. MENC members work to finish their first house decoration before the deadline. 215 Music Department Is Scene of % MENC Grows. Phi Mu A Ipha Elects Charter Mr. Whitney, vocal instructor, and Dr. Sandford, strings, pause for a chat between classes in the Fine Arts Building layer. Donna Mullins, pianist, and Avis Larson, clari- netist, look over some ol the music for their recital, while Barb Laur, accompanist, looks expectantly on. fa m Ira S-M 216 i Toil, Inauguration, and Relaxation Gorier A lew members of the Bearcat March- ing Band torm a Dixieland group to provide a little different type ot en- tertainment during the Marching Band Concert. Avis Larson serves Mickey Pierce, president, and Mary Lou Mullenax refreshments at the annual MENC Christmas dance. Larry Mannasmith, Kathy Swain, and Dianne Manna- smith, MENC members, put finishing touches on the Christmas tree in the Fine Arts Building lobby. 217 Brass Ensemble Organizes Members oi the Brass En- semble include: FIRST ROW: Harlan Moore, Dale Wood, Gail Christiansen, Mickey Pierce, Cheryl Paulsen; SEC- OND ROW: Mike Rodgers, Roscoe Porch, Robert Brun- ner, Larry Cook, and Mr. Lance Boyd, Director. Riley Schenk gets involved in his music while playing with the Jazz Group. i mm 218 «w. • - ] Philharmonic Returns To Entertain Joins With Combined School Chorus To Present ' Hallelujah 9 Chorus From Messiah The audience sits captivated by the beautiful music o the Kansas City Philharmonic. Hans Schweiger, conductor, engrosses himself in his music. The members ol the combined Tower Choir, College Chorus, and A Cappella choir horn Maryville High School, sing gustily the tre- mendous " Hallelujah Chorus " by Handel. 219 ' And The Beat Goes On..., The Undergrads, vocal group with the Jazz Group, swing out on a fast and lively number. Jazz Group Gyrates Director Earle Moss swings as he directs the Jazz Group and Undergrads in one of their numbers. Members of the Jazz Group include: FIRST BOW: Bill Musgrave, Dave Schoeneck, Dave Chapman, Mike Perkins, Terry Barnes. SECOND BOW: Biley Schenk; Wayne Moore; Mr. Moss, director; Boscoe Porch; Daryl Orstad; Bruce Adams; Bob Bruner; Larry Cook. THIBD BOW: Bernie Greiner, John Coss, Steve Dempsey, Merle Larson, Gail Christiansen, Dale Wood, Harlan Moore, Doug Jackson. Undergrads are: FIBST BOW: Colleen Kish, Wendee Beam, Darla Polsgrave, Ethel Bowman. SECOND BOW: Steve Carstenson, Ed Witham, John Judd, Bichard Haynes, Steve Grimes, Kim Sienkowitz, Jack Briggs. 220 »l ' 1 Concordia Choir Appears ■ » » fat i, Entertains Especially- Receptive Audience An appealing display caught the eye of many students. Members olthe Concordia Choir perform lor director, Paul Christensen. 221 Marching and Con FIRST ROW Bill Burk, Dave Ramsey, Steve Dempsey, Terry Sperry, Allen Wagner, Steve Townsend, Pat Flagman, Dick Smith, Rick Griden, Linda Tatman, Bernie Griener, Dennis Dow. SECOND ROW: Howard Whittelsey, Tom En- gels, Eric Riley, Mike Riley, D. A. Griener, Rick VanHoozer, Dianne Olmstead, Terry O ' Brien. THIRD ROW: Chris Johnson, Harlan Moore, Dianna Hutchkralt, Dale Wood, Gail Christensen, Myrl Larsen, Wayne Moore, Eileen Kreek, Riley Schenk. FOURTH ROW: Karen Carter, Roscoe Porch, Linda Neuroth, Tom Brick, Linda Allen, Paula Florea, Jim Jensen, Don Smith, Tom O ' Neall. FIFTH ROW: Bob Putnam, Steve Cottrell, Frank Carlile, Mary Dean, Terry Barnes, Vanita Scholl, Mike Rodgers, Janet Gilbert, Ralph Taylor. Members 6 the Concert Band include, FIRST ROW: Melody Price, Mary Ann Richardson, Laurie Barr, Allan Wag- ner, Ann Schooler. SECOND ROW: Elaine Colburn, Avis Larson, Dennis Dau, Amy Bradfield, Dave Schoeneck, Linda Moulin, Eric Riley, Sherry Cook. THIRD ROW: Ann Freeman, Janet Caskey, Connie Gorsuch, Venita Scholl, Myra Pride, Sherry Brown, Harlan Moore, Dale Wood, Gail Christiansen, Terry O ' Brien, Riley Schenk. FOURTH ROW: Terry Sperry, Bernie Greiner, Dick Smith, Mike Rodgers, Frank Carlile, Roscoe Porch, Ralph Taylor. 222 ww- ■■■■■■■■ mi Concert Bands - : : ' " ■ • ■ ■■■■■■■ ■■■ ■■i i FIRST ROW: Gloria Kachulis, Mickey Pierce. SECOND ROW: Larry Cook, Bruce Adams, Martha Hemry, Mary Lumm, Susan Wadill, Daryl Orstad, Werner Lumm, Bob Bruner. THIRD ROW: Ken Griener, Vicki Gillispie, Dave Schoenek, Kathy Swain, Waverly McGee, Mike Perkins, Susan Holman, Linda Smith, Mary Waierworth. FOURTH ROW: Mary Lou Mullenax, Elaine Colburn, Mary Ann Richardson, Linda Moulin, Tom Heyde, Harry Gurin, Teddy Coleman, Sherry Cook, Linda Ford. FIFTH ROW: Ann Schooler, Ellen Hunsicker, Carolyn Garr, Linda Strain, Dianne Cook, Joyce Williams, Ellen Richardson, Marilyn Kesselring, Dianne George, Fred Tate. SIXTH ROW: Melody Price, Amy Bradtield, Ann Freeman, Cherye Brown, Myra Pride, Connie Gorsuch, Janet Caskey, Betty Arnold, Steve Messerschmidt. Members ol the Concert Band include: FIRST ROW: Linda Strain, Marilyn Kesselring, Carolyn Garr, Diana Sue Cook, Joyce Williams, Diane George. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Mullanex, Terry Barnes, Tom Heyde, Mike Perkins, Vicki Gillispie, Ken Greiner. THIRD ROW: Merle Larson, Bill Bulk, Wayne Moore, Kathy Swain, Waverly McGee, Cheryl Paulsen, Harry Gurin, Janet Gilbert, Mickey Pierce. FOURTH ROW: Paula Florea, Warner Lumm, Daryl Orstad, Martha Hemry, Larry Cook, Mary Lumm, Bob Bruner, Mr. Boyd, Director, Steve Dempsey. 223 Tower Choir Makes Numerous in FIRST ROW: Byron Mitchell, Director; Connie Clark; Coleen Kish; Jeannie Mooreman; Wendee Beam; Dee Decldever; Barbara Laur. SECOND ROW: Peggy Clausen, Diana Jones, Carolyn Hoffman, Pam Imes, Kay Kesterson, Paula Florea. THIRD ROW: Howard Whittlesey, Jim Oliver, Michael Ross, Roscoe Porch, Ron Casey, Ed Witham, Marion Fries. FOURTH ROW: John Judd, Frank Carlile, Jack Estes, Michael Miller, Tom Drake, Erich Winter, and Steve Mutz. fflBTK sen, ]m Mis, November 1-2 the Tower Choir traveled o St. Louis to perform at the Missouri State Teachers ' Convention. Accompanied by the Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra, Tower Choir members performed along with the College Chorus and Maryville High School A Cappella Chorus Dec. 5 on campus. Directed by Mr. Byron Mitchell, they performed for various high schools in Missouri during semester break. 224 T " Area Tours FIRST ROW: Anne Morgan; Marcia Leeper; Dianna Corbett; Diane Bergren; Frances Mitchell, Accompanist. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Paul- sen, Jane Rhodes, Kitsy Borgstadt, Martha Clothier, Cheryl Smith, Diane Mannasmith. THIRD ROW: Greg Watkins, Bill Wells, David Watkins, Steve Dempsey, Dale Wood, Ralph Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Allen Wagner, Jack Briggs, Kirby Paulman, Michael Pierce, Phillip Farnan, Larry Mannasmith, and Dave Hull. 225 Northwest Missourian Jim Bash, Missourian photographer, adjusts the recently purchased enlarger in the darkroom. Blundering his way around campus for the first lew days, the beginning journahsm student, full ot questions and searching for the answers, discovers a way of college life. He arrives at the Missourian office, questions fellow-students, and accepts his first newswriting assignment somewhat fearfully. The objectives of the newly-founded English-journalism major are to de- velop a self-rehant, poised individual who is able to attack any assignment and produce a creditable story. One student this year exemphhed the change from a cub to an ace reporter as she completed her studies for the new Enghsh -journahsm major. New phases of the curriculum include training in graphic arts through the industrial arts department and in business and advertising through the business department. The most recent innovation in the de- partment included a three-hour course, " Organiza- tion and Supervision of School Publications, " designed to prepare students to teach journahsm. Enrollment in all journahsm classes for the hrst semester totaled 45 students. All students who enroll in one of the journahsm sections gained actual experience in working on the Northwest Missourian. As each edition of the paper was pubhshed, each stu- dent was given insight on the evolution of an edition. The entire journahsm department presented an afternoon reception honoring United Nations news analyst Alexander Gabriel in November. Plans to organize an honorary journahsm fra- ternity have been initiated. Sizing a picture at the Forum, Mrs. Ec- kert advises Eugene McComhs and Kay Weidenhaft about placing the picture base in the chase. 226 — . _. _.._-. _, , Tells MSC Story Mary Jo Jansen, Barbara Hardy, Regie Turnbull, and David Grims- ley employ teamwork to fold Northwest Missourians in prepa- ration {or mailing. Beginning reporters Jan Harris and Mary Asbell dis- cuss the lead of a news story as another reporter reads an exchange paper. The methods course in journalism included these members who are looking over their hies: Mar- jorie Hitchcock, Mrs. Ruth Moore, Mary Lou Mul- lenax, Kay Weidenhatt, Mrs. Harriet Young, Beverly Beeks, Fred Beavers, Mrs. Gail Weiderholt, and Vicky Hanna. Tower Staff Expands Beverly Beeks, Tower editor, draws up the overall dummy for the yearbook. Weekly Meetings, Work Days and Nights, Are Requirements for Membership The camera caught Jerry Patee in one ol the lighter moments at a work meeting. Mr. Howard Fungoid, advisor, checks the final deadline with Mr. Pat fenmston, yearbook representative. 228 Editorship Positions Jay Skeels, co-sports editor, works on a layout lor the deadline. Mary Potter, co-sports editor, sizes up prooh lor the photographer. Jan Wilkes, teature and activities editor, and Mike Miller, spiritual editor, work on the Union Board layout Mauer, Miller Assume Difficult Editorships Staff Members Work Mike Miller had the difficult task of being in charge of the index lor the entire yearbook. Virginia Mauer reviews a layout with Beverly Becks. Vir- ginia assumed the responsibility oi the entire Greek section as a first year staff member. Linda Ohms, freshman, was secretary for the staff. She was responsible for minutes of the meetings, and typing many pages. 230 - " ' - ' ■ - ' -■ ■ ' . - I ' - . . . 1 ' ■ ' ' - ■ ■ ■ ' ■ ■ ' » ' . ' ' . ' . " ■ ■ " — ' Long, Tedious Hours Jerry Patee and Diane Allensworth, tacuny and class co-editors, look over some copy for a faculty page. Susan Blakesley and Jan Couch, co-art editors, confer on all layouts and art work lor the yearbook. 231 Book Club I FIRST ROW: Linda Smith, Hila Rankin, Jo Ann Voyce, President; F. W. Grube, Sponsor; Janet Nielsen, Secre- tary. SECOND ROW: Donna Burns, Vicky Hanna, Gail Wiederholt, Terri Bender, Mary Asbell, Mary Potter. THIRD ROW: Donna Merritt, Linda Sue Hotielmeyer, Helen Duvall, Julie Dougherty, Jennifer Yates, Barbara Byrd. Kappa Pi FIRST ROW: Mittie Schirmer, Treasurer; Sandy Fry, Secretary; Ron Hays, President, Gary Sheker, Vice- President. SECOND ROW: Robert Sunkel, Sponsor; Denney Smith, Dorothy Ranck, Kerry Honey, Toni Johnson, Ruth Johnson, Mela Adams, Donald Robertson. 232 « - --- — ---...... , .., - ,■ -. — r- ..... .■■■■ in ii i , nmmmi mm KDLX Receives New Equipment FIRST ROW: Larry Lewell, Technical Director; Robert May, Vice-President; Barbara McAvoy, Secretary; Rol- land Stadlman, President; Pat Casey, News Director. SECOND ROW: Sandy Otto, Karalyn Koch, Bob Pruitt, John Mauzey, Thomas Buetow, Kenichi Moriguchi. THIRD ROW: Dwight Tomes, Phil Youngs, Bill Musgrave, Eugene McCombs, John Bassett, Dave Hull. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth Redick, Mike Douthat, Carl J. Haan, Phil Stockstad, Eldon Hunsicker, Willie Daniels, Loring Miller. On March 17th, KDLX Radio resumed broad- casting to the men ' s and women ' s residence halls at NWMSC. However, this time there was not the lamihar hum and buzz at 560. The reason lor this was the new equipment that KDLX had pur- chased during the 1967-68 academic year. Under the leadership ol Mrs. Ray Cushman, the new KDLX advisor, KDLX was able to obtain and exceed the goals set by the past members ol the station. The station improved its programming by adding folk, jazz, and classical music to the evening schedule. KDLX also enlarged its broad- casting day by broadcasting during the alternoon hours. With this year ol growth and improvement, KDLX has set new goals. It is anticipated that in the near luture NWMSC will have a powerful FM radio station and closed circuit television lacihties. KDLX prepared a display for the organizational lair. 233 Blue Key FIRST BOW: James Beemer; J. W. Jones, President-Emeritus; Tom Frank, President; Alan Pruitt; Frank W. Grube, Sponsor. SECOND BOW: Dr. Peter Jackson, Honorary Member; John Price; Bob Foster; Kenneth Bassett, Secretary; Edwin Lambright. Embers Kay Elder Marty Geyer Torn Johnson Karen Rosecrans Sondra Simons Norma Tibbetts Jennifer Yates 234 ■HHBH MHmHnHP HnHH " " " ' ' ■ " ■ w m t - Alpha Mu Gamma FIRST ROW: Ann Greiner, Historian; Lavera Malone, Vice President; Cheryl Thompson, President; Mary Potter, Treasurer; Linda Sams. SECOND ROW: Kathy Ross, Gail Wiederholt, Margret Hays, Robert Winn, Helen Duvall, Jim Quinn, Rosie Butcher. Kappa Delta Pi :■ ' .- FIRST ROW John Harr, Counselor: Judy Steinteld, Secretary, Kay Elder, Treasurer; Norma Tibbetts, President; Russell McCamp- bell, Vice-President; Marlus Paulson, Historian-Reporter. SECOND ROW Vicky Hanna, Marilyn Wieneke, Arlene Ostrander, Marilyn Meyer, Wendee Beam, Nancy Pickett, Pat Tiberghien, Jo Clarke, Alberta Uehling. THIRD ROW: Sue Morris, Leslie Swaney, Janice Lillard, Maribeth Annan, Diane Drain, Linda Sue Hottelmeyer, Anita Shewmaker, Gail Wiederholt, Janet Neilsen, Nona Hay- ward. FOURTH ROW Mary Potter, Anne Morgan, Marlene Morris, Jane Williams, Kathy Gritlin, Carol Easterhaus, Jim Quinn, Hila Rankin, Cheryl Wilson, Jeannie Cowger, Janet Newman, Helen Duvall. FIFTH ROW Lavera Malone, Rita Bissell, Kathy Bar- ham, Ellen Ibbotson, Mary Ann Combs, Diane Didlo, Julie Hatch, Mike Miller, Martin Peterson, Mary Lumm, Barbara Laur, Marg- aret McCarty. 235 : ?4 !«W| Psychology Club Begins First Year FIHST ROW: Mary Jane Smith, Gayle Bradford, Cynthia Taylor, Suzanne Sawyers, Suzanne Mason, Linda Sams. SECOND ROW: Carol Anderson; Judy Hunt; Roberta Cobb; Phyllis Fariell, Secretary-Treasurer; Janet Brenne- man, Vice-President; Patty Bennett; Sue Runnels. THIRD ROW: Pete Richardson; Don Andrews; Lynn Manhart, President; Mike Carl; Ray Chiton; Ken Kerwin; William Lange; Tim Markel. Being a relatively new organization on campus, the Psychology Club is still in the beginning stage. The club hstened to speakers from the State hospital in St. Joseph, a speaker on E.S.P., and a speaker on hypnotism. Films concerning abnormal behavior and per- sonality maladjustment were viewed by members ol Psychology Club. President, Lynn Manhart 236 ear Panhellenic Council FIRST ROW: Marty Geyer; Linda Gill, Secretary; Jan Roberts, Vice President; Carolyn Ingels, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Terry Stitt, Christie Beal, Cheri Jordan, Sondra Simons, Jenniler Yates. THIRD ROW: Hila Rankin, Jeannie McCormick, Linda Britt, Norma Tibbetts. Intra-F rater nity Council FIRST ROW: Jerry Patee, President; James Johnson, Vice President; Bill Andrews, Treasurer; Ken Montag, secretary. SECOND ROW: James Beemer; Wayne Rasmussen; Tom Frank; Edward Farquhar, Sponsor; Bruce Wake, Sponsor. Third Row: Mack Clark, Tom Peake, Barry Monaghan, Ron Vanier, Brian Doty. 238 Alpha 9 s Win Scholastic Trophy For Seventh Year AIA At the Alpha ' s Triennial National Convention, Phi Phi Chapter was awarded a trophy for having had the highest scholastic average on campus for seven consecutive years. In addition to their scholastic achievements, Alpha Sigma Alpha members actively participated in many aspects of campus lite. Donna Merritt reigned as Homecoming Queen; Kathryne Seabaugh was American Royal queen can- didate; and Jan Couch ' s original design was chosen for the ' 68 Tower cover. Annual social events included the Christmas party for orphans which is co-sponsored by ASA and its brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon, the Founders ' Day banquet, an informal dance, the spring formal, the seniors ' banquet, and Parents ' Day picnic. A spring retreat was also held one weekend this year. Alphas were active in various college functions and or- ganizations such as ACE, AHEA, AWS, Book Club, Embers, Cheerleaders, Daughters of Diana, Delta Psi Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Omicron Phi, PEM Club, SNEA, Alpha Mu Gamma, intramurals, student senate, Tower staff, Union Board, Who ' s Who, Young Democrats, Young Republicans, Gamma Sigma Sigma, and drama productions. Marty Geyer, President Kathy Abersold Phyllis Aebersold Mary Jo Alden Sharon Baier Pam Beach 21 Lori Bird Donna Burns Gay Cockriel Jan Couch Jeannie Cowger Vicky Hanna Jennifer Heer Claudia Hill Karla Holer Linda Sue Holtelmeyer Jo Ellen Jobusch Mary Beth McKinney 239 Alpha actives sample punch before rush party. Pam Beach and Bandy Hutsell " cut loose " at a TKE-ASA mixer. Jan McBae JoAnn Madden Linda Martin Donna Merritt Paulette Mitchell JoAnn Montgomery Marsha Mundt Marolee Newburger Carol Nichols Michelle Orcutt Toni Osburn Linda Patterson Hila Bankin Bonda Bidnour Karen Bosecrans Linda Schoen Katheryne Seabaugh Linda Smith Lorna Stevens Betsy Thompson Joyce Wake Janet Wilson Jennifer Yates 240 -- " .►;l Delta Zetas Host State Day One of the most exciting events for Delta Zeta this year was State Day when all the Delta Zeta chapters in Missouri came to NWMSC for workshops, sisterhood, and fun. Epsilon Rho played the hostess role with pride and honor. A needed improvement came this year as the chapter room was completely refurnished to form a combined lounge and recreation room. Epsilon Rho initiated a parents ' club, the Colonnade Club, which sponsored a coke-tail party for the actives and alums on Homecom- ing day. Homecoming was quite rewarding this year. Jeannie McCormick was one of the five Homecoming Queen finalists. The floa t, " Our America, " placed second and the chapter received awards for house decorations, " We Don ' t Sphinx, We Know We ' ll Win, " and skit, " Washington at Valley Forge. " Other Delta Zeta activities included: rush — " Delta Zeta Wants You, " the theme for our prison rush party; Spring Formal; Founder ' s Day; and a Christmas dinner given by the Maryville alum chapter. A few of Delta Zeta ' s philanthropic projects are Christmas gifts for the special education students at Horace Mann, sponsoring a patient at Carville Hospital, and sending clothing to the Navajo Indians. Delta Zeta members are active in organizations on campus. They belong to and hold offices in People-to-People, SNEA, Book Club, TOWER Staff, Dialogue, AWS, Dorm Council, Senior Steering Committee, PEM Club, Intramural Council, Gymnastics Club, Dau- ghters of Diana, Kallay Filleeans, Delta Psi Kappa, Union Board, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Omicron Phi, Newman Club, UCCF-Wesley, BSU, and ACE. Christie Beat, President Pledge-trainer Jeannie McCormick leads the Delta Zeta pledge class in a song fest. 241 Actives Work To Refurnish - Jan Ball and Arlene Ostrander celebrate birthdays in Deltz Zeta annex. Janice Ball Beverly Barton Beverly Beeks Rita Bissell Judy Burt Hose Ann Butcher Judy Clark Rose Mary Cole Karen Colton Connie Davis Helen Duncan Sandy Eckhoil Kathy Griiiin Margaret Hall Gloria Hansen Kathy Hatfield Paula Hauber ftJkfcfc Linda Hon Carol Jenkins Mary Lynn Karrasch Ann Lauber Susan Leiier Sharon Lyles 242 ni8 M Chapter Room ' These DZ actives do a modern interpreta- tion o a " Jailhouse Bock " theme. Jeannie McCormick Mary Ellen Miller Ann Mitchell Paulette Moehring Marlene Morris Jacki Oliphant Arlene Ostrander Beverly Patton Kay Beavis Janice Boberts Sue Bunnels Linda Sams Ann Schooler PatShradel Becky Taylor Kathy Thompson Martha Waits Cindy Walker Nancy Watson Kathy Wharton Jan Wilkes Sarah Woodrull 243 Phi Mu Wins House Decoration, (, Members of Zeta Lamba chapter of Phi Mu fraternity were proud when Patsy Hollenbeck was chosen Miss Mary- ville in 1967 and was named first runner-up in the Miss Missouri pageant. The Phi Mu Sweet Shoppe and Fashion Show attracted 15 new pledges who assisted in a successful homecoming for the fraternity. The Phi Mus won first place with their house decoration of a slot machine in " Victory Is No Gamble. " They placed third with their " Alice in Victoryland " skit. Cheri Jordan, president of the chapter, attended the National Phi Mu Conference at Purdue in Lafayette, Indiana, and discerned many new ideas for chapter improvement. The Phi Mus ' work in " The Ugly Man Contest " was rewarded by a silver tray for their contribution. Cheri Jordan and Kathy Pierce, two of the varsity cheerleaders, helped bring honor to the college as they brought first place honors from the national competition in Mississippi. Social activities included Pumpkin caroling at Hallow- een, Coffee House Party, Secret Santa Christmas Party, the Sadie Hawkins ' Coketail Party, Soup and Steak Dinner, the Founder ' s Day Tea, the Family Picnic, the Spring Formal, and Mothers ' Weekend. The Phi Mus sent packages and wrote letters to a Marine division in Vietnam as their social service project. I M Cheri Jordan, President Vicki Baker Kathy Black Terri Bland Dee Boggess Rosie Brookhouser Karen Bush Sue Cavenee Carol Copeland Dixie Eddleman Betty Jo Fields Jackie Fox Linda Gill Ellen Hamilton Joan Heiland Patsy Hollenbeck 244 Other Honors Kcrthy Black and Terri Bland present a Phi Mu display. Lois Sutton and her guitar entertain at a fall rush party. Cynthia Kreek Terry Lutz Kathy Maschke Sue Owen Kathy Parks Carol Petty Cathy Pierce Connie Seuell Terri Stitt Jeri Tarwater Path Tarwater Joyce Vanbeeber Harriett Walden Vivi Walkup Cheryl Wold Janet Wyman i w 245 Tri Sigmas Win First b Sigma Sigma Sigma began the 1967 fall semester with seven new initiates and 18 pledges. Homecoming competition brought the Sigmas first place for their beauty float, " Monte Carlo, " second place in the variety show with their skit, " Heaven, " and third place for house decorations of Cape Kennedy with " Launch the Bears. ..Cats. " Gayle Brad field, Miss Maryville for 1966, was one of the five finalists in the contest for Homecoming Queen. Regional Meet was held at Walton House in Woodstock, Va. June 14-18. Attending the Meet as Alpha Epsilon ' s rep- resentatives were president, Norma Tibbetts, and vice- president, Sondra Simons. ■ lfo!H Contest Norma Tibbetts, President Meta Adams Wendee Beam Gayle Bradiield Linda Britt Patty Chappell Marilyn Chevannes Connie Diehl Carol Du ft Carol Dunkle Phyllis Fariell Karen Halbert Joan Hamilton Sally Hunter Carolyn Ingels Joyce Jackson Kathy Johns Virginia Mauer Marilyn Meyer Carolyn Miller Sharon Miller Anne Morgan Elaine Parker i 246 ■BRRMH MHaMmaaaMaMM mt In Beauty Float This Tri team took first place in the Goat Dressing Contest. Tri Sigma members get carried away during their " psychedelic ' rush party. Judy Peters Nancy Pickett Mary Potter Jane Basmussen Cheryl Reineke Suzanne Sawyers Jonnelle Schrier Gloria Sherman Sondra Simons Linda Snell Jan Springer Cindy Taylor Elaine Thompson Valerie Watkins Paula Weston Connie Young President Norma Tibbetts always has new and various ideas. 247 the greek society. its individualism. I 248 1 I I I I 249 Alpha Kappa Lambda Founds f» Alpha Zeta of Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity captured the Supremacy Trophy for overall Home- coming activities. Winning the Supremacy Trophy was backed by several outstanding honors. The fra- ternity received first place in the men ' s float di- vision with its theme " Switzerland. " Alpha Zeta took first place in the house decorations with the pony express rider in, " Deliver Us a Victory. " A third place award was received in the Variety Show with a skit, " There ' s No Place Like Home. " Founding the Kallay Filleeans, Alpha Zeta ' s new women ' s auxiliary organization, was one of Alpha Zeta ' s achievements of the year. Alpha Zeta sent six delegates to the National Leadership College at the University of Kansas. In October, representatives of Delta chapter attended the fall Barn Party. In December, the chapter wel- comed three National Field Representatives for a week visitation. Social Activities of the year included candle- light dinners with guest speakers, mixers with each sorority, Alumni Banquet, rush parties, Barn party, Thanksgiving Dance, Christmas Dance, Queen of Hearts Ball, Inferno Weekend, and the Founder ' s Day Picnic. Alpha Kappa Lambda also presented a Christmas party for the exceptional children of Hor- ace Mann grade school. Campus activities and clubs that members of Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity participate in are class offices, student senate, homecoming commit- tees, co-chairman of the Variety Show, freshman orientation, Dialogue, Community Ambassador Com- mission, Men ' s Intramural Commission, varsity golf and wrestling, intramurals, American Chemi- cal Society, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Psi Omega, Pi Beta Alpha, Ag Club, religious, music, and drama groups. Mike Abildtrup Dan Allen David Bower John Braden Don Brader Bob Brunker Michael Buehlei Jim Burk Jim Busch Roger Carlson Rick Clayton AK A Jerry Patee, President Randy Dedrickson Fred Fischbach Jerry Fischer Larry Fouts Jim Gillespie Bill Grace mttAuld 250 I Woman ' s A uxiliary Dottie Wilson, the AKL Sweetheart tor two years, stands beside her picture at the fra- ternity display table. " Ripp " , the AKL mascot, poses before the house sign. Jim Hauser Dennis Hilger Dave Hill John Howard Marty Janczak Danny Jensen Jerry Mabary Larry Maiorano Lon Means Ed Miller Tom Miller Rex Mowrey Jim Nelson Roger Nelson Tom O ' Connor 251 mmmm mm " Ripp " joins the boys lor a TV show. Dwight Pease John Bains Wayne Rasmussen Dean Rolofson Cayle Rololson Steve Sherard fay Skeels Jim Sterner Lyle Stone Glen Vander Wed Gary Wult Mrs. Clara Petersen, Housemother fk 0 HO0 He if »h porfe, flefie Hew seiveas He Could this be a study break? 252 1 K allay Filleeans The Kallay Filleeans an auxiliary to Alpha Kappa Lambda Fraternity, is an undergraduate organization of women who are interested in the activities of AKL. The Kappa Phi ' s, founded October 10,1967 on this campus, were formed to assist the AKL ' s in all as- pects of Greek life. Members help during rush week, at smokers, serve as hostesses during open house, at parties, and other social functions at the AKL house. They help to add a woman ' s touch to all social events. The women also help to orient the new pledges and serve as " pledge moms " to them. The organization is an auxiliary working for the chapter, but they hold their own outside activities. Projects which the women have include their own rush parties for new membership, making favors for the Christmas party for the retarded children in Horace Mann School, hamburger suppers at the house, and help in organizing parties for the chapter. The officers for the year include Esther Groes- beck, President; Sonja Neidt, Vice President; Mich- elle Orcutt, Recording Secretary; Jody Huffacker, Treasurer; Linda Spack, Social Chairman; and Linda Patterson, Push Chairman. Sponsors for the organiza- tion are Mrs. Clara Peterson and Miss Lois Loveland. Left to right: Fred Fischbach, Paulette Mitchell, Marilyn Thompson, Linda Spack, Linda Patterson, Jody Huffaker, Sonja Neidt, Esther Groesbeck, April Smith, Michelle Orcutt, Dottie Wilson, Gloria Barcus, Pattie Faubion, Carol Jenkins, Donna Piraro, Mrs. Clara Peterson. 253 Delta Sigs Build Parking Lot The men of Delta Sigma Phi began a rewarding year by making several improvements on their house. The study rooms have been remodeled, new carpeting has been in- stalled, and the kitchen has been redesigned. A new parking lot has been built behind the house and at the present time a recreation room separate horn the house is being com- pleted. Delta Sig alumni saw their brothers capture many honors in the 1967 Homecoming activities. The social events oi the year included the " Sailor ' s Ball, " " Monte Carlo Night, " and the " Carnation Ball. " The Delta Sigs used these dances and several mixers, house parties, and spaghetti suppers to add zest to campus activity. The Delta Sigs were active in intramurals, as they competed in football, basketball, soitball, tennis, swimming, wrestling, handball, and tug-ol-war. Members ol Delta Sigma Phi were active in Senate, traffic court, Pi Beta Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, Beta Beta Beta, Homecoming committees, People-to-People, SNEA, Book Club, and orientation leaders. Rod Beem Dean Bovaird Doyle Biown Mike Carl Rod Cruz John Danilson Jerry Davidson A I $ Ken Montag, President Marvin Dick Brian Doty Dave Ellis Meredith Gjerstad 254 Ut and Recreation Room Mother Smith and Delta Sigs enjoy a moment of leisure on the house porch ll Larry Hanon John Harker Jim Heidenreich Ron Kornleind Angel Melendez John Melito Steve Messerschmidt Phil Oxley Bill Page Ray Reynolds 255 Delta Sigma Phi Jess Cole watches amazed while Mike Carl shoves down a sandwich. Mike Scott Gary Stenzel Dave Tarwater Bon Vanier Bob Walker Jim Willis lieto ' loose dun " retained fc oo su Sigma jrga oi On (i( mixers, as Dose in lie Officer, we m £ e fa Sl ' jr sponsors Dr. Lowe and Mr. Widger take a great deal ol interest in the traternity. Doug Willis John Zeiger Mrs. Virginia Smith Housemother 256 Sigma Tau Renovate House Theta Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma renovated their house during the past year. Many of the active members returned to campus early last fall to remodel the house. Among some of the major improvements were the painting oi the outside oi the house; tiling the study rooms, bathroom, and kitchen; and the painting ot much oi the inside ot the house. Sigma Tau Gamma members were active in such cam- pus organizations as Union Board, Senate, and Blue Key. Some ot the Sig Tau leaders on campus are John Price, president ot Union Board, Ed Lambright, co-chairman oi Homecoming, and Barry Monaghan, secretary oi student body. Besides these organizations, Theta is also active in intramurals, varsity athletics, and various departmental organizations. On the social level, Sigma Tau Gamma held many mixers, rush parties, and their annual formal, the White Rose in the spring. Officers who led the organization in the fall semester were Jim Johnson, president, and John Price, vice-presi- dent. i T r Jim Johnson, President ton 3 gtnt Bob Bukowski Mack Clark Phil Close Mike Corbetl Gary Derks Joe Foster Jim Gay Greg Glauser Bob Graves Mike Hoffelmeyer Butch Hummel Jim Karpowich 257 " " • -TIT One lor the road!!!???? James Kennedy Bruce Kulp tfJ J Ed Lambright Dick Leazenby John Price works on the Sig Tau float- Richard Marburg Barry Monaghan Hugh Plough John Price Bob Schilling 258 Sigma Tau Gamma Jim McGhee demonstrates " the gator Dick Schilling Allan Schneider Sig Tau in charge of Navel operations. Bob Schule. Steve Tornquist J. C. Watson Rob Wood John Yost Mrs. Marguerite Bailey Housemother Roger Schupe Clarke Seabaugh Pat Thompson Marshall Tonnies 259 Phi Sigmas Win Alter suffering near disaster with the partial burning of their fraternity house, the men of Phi Sigma Epsilon re- modeled and continued to lead many campus organizations. Remodeling consisted of new wiring, more adequate plumb- ing, and extensive redecorating. Several additions to the house are planned for this summer. Nu chapter Phi Sigs were represented in the Student Senate, Union Board, football team, intramurals, music and drama groups, and many departmental groups. Tom Frank served as president of the student body and Paul Meyer was a captain of the football team. In football intramurals the Zombies and Scuzzos took the first and third places in the inter-fraternity playoffs. It was the fourth consecutive year the Zombies captured the fraternity league. They also won the all-school champion- ships for the second straight year. The outstanding social events for the year were the Bumble, Christmas Ball, and Orchid Ball. The Phi Sig Sweetheart and Phi Sig of the Year were named at the Spring formal, Orchid Ball. Other social events included house parties, mixers, and hayrides. Officers for the year were fames Beemer, president, and Tom Frank, vice-president. 4 I E James Beemer, President 260 Jerry Albin Michael Allen Jeff Andrews Leanord Archer Ken Basseti Lou Bender Joe Boessen Charles Boyer BobBurrell Benny Cain Joe Caraway Greg Collins Bob Craven Jim Crazier tail ! v Scholarship Trophy Phi Sig members and rushees enjoy sandwiches in the house basement. li Ed Duzenberry Phil Edwards Frank Eggers Tom Frank Larry Frazho Michael Garrison Gary Hansen Terry Hartley Gene Hogue Duane Hohansee Dan Hudek Neil Jones Richard Knauss Joe Lelfingwell 261 Jeff Andrews meets prospective pledge Mike Gradwell. Jack Longfellow Marvin Lovell Phi Sigma A jug of pop, a loaf of bread, and Joe Caraway! Michael Miller Jim Neal Gary Netolicky W. R. O ' Riley Tom Peake Larry Peart Dave Price Brian Ranum Dennis Sapp 262 , BK- Epsilon Jim Ward puts the finishing touches on the Disneyland castle. Jim Crozier, with a walkie-talkie, guides the float through the homecoming parade. Tony Weinhold Tom Wiles Pete Will Stan Wright Mrs. Ethel Aldrich, Housemother Mark Schirmer Fran Schwenk Willie Seiverling Dallas Slagle Allen Stephens Conn Thomas Dave Thompson Greg Walkup Jim Ward 263 TKE Members Attend h Approximately thirty members and pledges of Delta Nu Chapter ol Tau Kappa Epsilon attended the Regional Leader- ship Conference in Kansas City. Marshall Dann represented Delta Nu at the Tau Kappa Epsilon International Conclave held at Grand Bahama Island, West End Bahamas last sum- mer. The school year began with preparations lor rush and Homecoming. A successful alumni reception kicked off the drive for renewed strength in alumni relations. In intramurals, Tekes came on strong in the initial contests trying to win intramural supremacy for the third straight year. Teke support in varsity football earned them the spirit trophy for the second consecutive year. The traditional Garter Party, Orphan ' s Party, Christ- mas Formal, and the Bed Carnation Ball helped round out a well-balanced social life. Members were active in Union Board, Blue Key, Stu- dent Senate, Homecoming committees, UCCF-Wesley Foundation, varsity basketball, swimming, baseball, and track. TKE Bill Andrews, President Eon Anderson Ken Barker AlBock Buss Cannon Steve Conner Bill Copic Terry Dahms Marshall Dann Ken Day Gary Dickerson Tom Dillivan Tom Dodge Larry Earhart Scott Eckard Dale Erickson Larry Erickson Steve Ford i 264 N Regional Conference I Bob Walker lights a cigarette while waiting in the " stag line. " Tekes present their colors at the organizational fair. Ej Boi Foster Lou Gaudio Ron Gayler Tom Gilbreath Tod Gustalson Mitch Hanna Handy Hansen Hon Howitt Ron Hull Randy Hutsell Don Jones Ray Jordan firil Keith Jorgenson LeRoy Kariker Ken Kerwin Dave Leighninger Jerry Lemon Terry Lewis 265 Lou Gaudio and Steve Conner do monkey shines to entertain their public. John McAvoy Tim McDowell Mike Meyer John Mundy Steve Neuroth Dick Par flow Ed Phillips Jerry Pierce Don Poage Jim Radimer Frank Ray rtft John Roesle Jim Saccaro John Saccaro Frank Schcttle Woody Southard Mike Speece Jim Taylor Phil Underwood Bob Walker Dennis Watsabaugh Trace Witt Mrs. OllieDopp, Housemother 266 HHBI MBHMMI Daughters of Diana Daughters of Diana, founded April 19, 1965 on this campus, were established to act as sisters oi TKE ' s and to assist with social events. They have successfully fulfilled these goals and have continued to become a respected asset to TKE fraternity life. These girls have added grace and a womanly touch to the social events as well as to the interior decorations of the TKE house. Daughters of Diana assist in pledge orien- tation and function as " big sisters " to the aspiring neophytes. Since their formation they have carried out many proj- ect goals, including making monogrammed tea towels and aprons for the kitchen, ironing shirts, typing papers, pur- chasing various household accessories, and contributing to the new housing fund. Officers elected for the year were Hila Rankin, presi- dent, and Cindy Taylor, vice-president. This interested onlooker compares Marty Geyer, Teke sweetheart, to her picture. « r it mt » •« «.— FIRST ROW: Kathy Johns, Claudia Hill, Pat Shradel, Cindy Taylor, Hila Rankin, Judy Clark, Kay Reavis. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ollie Dopp, Marsha Mundt, Jan McRae, Mary Ellen Miller, JoEllen Jobusch, Charlotte Cox, Mrs. Gladys Gray. THIRD ROW: Barb McAvoy, Susan Ford, Susan Go , Marilyn Chevannes, Mary Asbell, Kathy Rose, Holly Phillips, Barb Wirt. FOURTH ROW: Sandy Groh, Rachel Templeman, Marolee Newberger, Martha Howitt, Pam Canon. 267 Tekes and Alphas making Christmas bright. the greek life..., the work. lor children horn St. Joe orphanage.. endless hours o rehearsal lor the linal presentation o a skit. . 268 working, working, and then working more to finish a float.. planning details lor an upcoming event . pitching in to help. 269 the fi un. i — T - - " - . - ' JM 7 v .2 1 ' ; ESI ■yW V + ' Z concentrating on a poker game. . partaking of a feast. . blending angelic voices together in song.. 270 I movin ' and groovin ' on the dance floor. . hamming it up or the public. . giving opinions and sharing thoughts. . helping one another.. 271 the romance a special moment together. . enjoying good times.. receiving a pin.. 272 ...the rewards Marty Geyer and Jerry Patee accept Homecoming Supremacy trophies. Awards were given to: Don Baxter, GDI, Homecoming; Marty Geyer, ASA, Scholarship and Homecoming; Jerry Patee, AKL, Float and Homecoming; Norma Tibbetts, Tri Sigma, Float; Jim Beemer, Phi Sig, Float. 273 Gamma Sigmia Presented Alpha Gamma Chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma was honored last summer by being presented with the Inter- Chapter Relations Award at its National Convention. The con- vention was sponsored by the Alpha Gamma Chapter on the NWMSC campus. The chapter was also honored by having Rochelle Burton receive the Outstanding Sister Award. " Ring Down the Curtain of Ignorance, " the national project for the following two years, concerns mental illness and retardation. In connection with this project, Alpha Gamma helped with the retarded class at Horace Mann. Local campus and community projects included pub- lishing the student-faculty directories, giving campus tours, selling Homecoming mums, selling tickets for the Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra, Concert for the Jaycee Jaynes, sending materials to servicemen in Vietnam, helping with Tower pictures, ushering for the Variety Show, AWS Style Show, and plays, working for the local welfare agency, and adopting a Korean orphan. Social events included a Founder ' s Day Tea, Alumnae Tea, Parents ' Day, Christmas Banquet, and rush parties. Gamma Sigma Sigma also worked together with Alpha Phi Omega in having a Homecoming float and a spring formal. The fall pledge class was named for Miss Barbara Palling, one of the organization ' s sponsors. Members of Gamma Sigma Sigma were active in Tower Staff, Book Club, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, ACE, Dialogue, People to People, Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society, PEM Club, Social Science Club, Northwest Missourian, AWS, AHEA, on Residence Halls Councils, on Homecoming Committees, and as residence hall counselors. VLL II Marlus Paulsen, President i Sm S Betty Arnold Terri Bender Sharon Boyles Rochelle Burton Janice Couch Denise Elliott Laurie Franks Carol Krokstrom Ruth Long Chris McConnell Mary Maasen Joan Marek I 274 Inter-Chapter Relations Award Donna Ring leads discussion at a regular business meeting. Gamma Sigma Sigma members treat rushees to an informal dinner. Ethel Morey Eileen Pedersen Christy Poole Donna fling Linda Schneider Karen Stalker JoAnn Voyce Patricia Walker Patty Wampler Linda Zachary 275 276 Alpha Phi Omega Continues to The men of Alpha Phi Omega, the only national service fraternity on campus, once again used leader- ship, friendship, and service as their cardinal prin- ciples for the twenty-eighth consecutive year. The highlight of the year was the annual " Ugly Man " contest sponsored to raise money for the Stu- dent Loan Fund. All money raised was matched 9-1 by the government. Other service projects by the fraternity included: Thanksgiving baskets for those who otherwise would not be able to enjoy a Thanks- giving feast, campus tours for newly registered freshmen and other interested parties that visited the campus, assisting handicapped students to and from classes, and checking coats at major campus social dances. Other APO activities were operating concession stands at games and assisting with Homecoming activities. Social events included a fall mixer, a Christmas party, a spring formal, and several events with Gam- ma Sigma Sigma, as well as banquets at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Elbert Black Everett Carroll Sieve Cottrell Gary Dagley Phillip Fine Gary Geib Larry Geib Richard Hallenberg John Haynie Hamilton Henderson Michael Humphrey Gary Lowrance A p n David Neustadt, President to t i Serve Campus dAM Dave Neustadt finds a bale ot hay to be bis podium as be addresses bis audience. 277 278 Pi Omega Pi FIBST BOW: Diane Shreve, Martiena Bosmolen, Beporter-Historian; Kathy Griilin, Vice-Pres.; Margaret McCarty, Secretary; Janet Sue Newman. SECOND BOW: Phyllis Sue Morris, Janet Wyman, Carol Bradley, Judy Hardwick, Peggy Herron, Mrs Kathryn Belcher, Sponsor. THIBD BOW: Martha Moss, Sponsor; Sharon L. James; Peggy Stoaks, Linda Koehler, Bernadine Hardisty, Bobert Biley. These members were honored at the awards banquet. Hifet Marketing Club Begins First Active Year FIRST ROW: Carol Dull, Gerald Jackson, Vice-President; Connie Diehl, Ronald Walter, President; Sally Hunter, Terry Massie, Secretary; Bill Ott, Treasurer; SECOND ROW John Walters, Randy Troutman, Bob Stone, Thomas W. Wright, James Markt, Ronald Schmidt, Ronald Stone. THIRD ROW: Gary Mauer, Daniel Rosenbera, Gary Daalev. Jim Trow, Gene Beckman, Kenneth G. Saltsgaver, Tom Hall, Richard Fentiman. FOURTH ROW: David L. Meier, Gary R. Dickerson, Robert Lee Walker, Stephen L. Anderson, Keith Jorgensen, Richard Smith, Terry Weaver, Mar- shall Dann. FIFTH ROW: Joe Brown, Peter Wanless, Ron Howitt, Phillip Underwood, Ralph Ryman, Ernest Kneale, Leland Sprinkle, Don Combs. The Sterling Surrey Marketing Club marked its first active season ol campus activities. Membership in this junior chapter ol the American Marketing As- sociation is open to any business major or minor with the emphasis being placed with those students major- ing in marketing. This organization ' s purpose is to provide its members with new knowledge about marketing, com- municate the best that is known about marketing, develop marketing manpower, and to stimulate the application ol the best marketing knowledge available. The club provided its members with information lectures presented by noted business leaders, current films stressing the future of marketing, and discus- sion periods involving marketing aspects. The busi- ness group attended the American Marketing Associa- tion ' s business recruiting program at Kansas City. The second semester showed increased enroll- ment and participation by the students in the club ' s activities. This indicates substantial progress for continued success in the future. Marketing Club members listen to one ol their many speakers throughout the year. 279 Delta Tau Alpha Members include: Dr. William George, sponsor; Dr. John Beeks, sponsor; Gary Hull, Eddie Hale, John Blackiord, Mr. F. B. Houghton, sponsor, and Dr. Dennis Padgitt. Members of the honorary agriculture Iraternity include: Buss Canon, Charles Teel, Barry Whitehill, and John Blackiord. 280 Ag Club Initiates Horse Show me m i 1 « Mi • -3? M t Q9 1 «, a s «•■ V §y Stf ' ' lgtf ) ' » tf »ty • " J? St " 3fc T VI 1 I ' 1 - - ■ § i » f ' t , mi m i I J T FIRST ROW: Angela Boswell, John Blackford, Reporter, Eddie Hale, Richard Flowers, Vice-President; Barry White- hill, President, Beric Steinman, Secretary; Richard Lantz, Treasurer; Mike Trost, Susan Hedinger. SECOND ROW: Gary Myers, Historian, Elvin Andrews, Ray Furst, Lyman Elswick, Thomas L. Ellison, Harold Frame, John Jennings, Mike Speece, Monte Peterson, Charles Combs, F. B. Houghton, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Jack A. Cook, Kenneth W. Sut- ton, Roger Straudenmaier, Jerle VanLaar, Donald Kinker, Gary Hoover, Jack Crouch, Robert Murphy, Stanley Ellis, Dr. Dermis Padgitt, Sponsor; Jim Cox. FOURTH ROW: Joe Taylor, Robert Brill, Danny Shell, Stanley Kapp, LeRoy Fisher, Jerry Collins, Donald Masters, Ron Hunter, Gary Patience, Michael Hotlelmeyer, Joe Brown. FIFTH ROW: James Madison, Robert Martin, Roger Martin, Larry Heck, Frederick Garton, Steve Wilcoxson, Dennis Lynk, Mich- ael Monk, Richard Kneale, Alan Peterson, Gary Beggs, Roger Stewart. Early in the lall semester, the Ag Club initiated a new annual event, the Ag Club Horse Show. Containing competing classes lor campus organizations, it promoted campus inter- est. With Mr. F. B. Houghton, Dr. William George, and Dr. Dennis Padgitt as sponsors, th e Ag Club also sponsored live- stock judging contests and members took part in various collegiate judging contests at Denver and Fort Worth. The Ag Club entered clowns and a jalopy in the Home- coming Parade. A fall hayride, a picnic in the spring, and a Christmas party added social variety to the Ag Club. The Spring Ag Club Awards Banquet completes the year ' s activ- ities. F. B. Houghton (center) sponsor, watches the various events ol the first annual Ag Club Horse Show. 281 Industrial FIRST BOW: Kenneth T. Thompson, Sponsor; Glen A. Pederson, Vice-President; Gary L. Bridgman, President; Michael Thomson, Secretary; Dennis Brinton, Reporter; Donald M. Froelich, Faculty. SECOND BOW: Steve La- porte, Donnie Bryan, J. Brian Odom, Carl D. Harmon, Darrel D. Olson, Bichard Buchanan, Jerry Dorsey, Lynn Cadwell. THIRD ROW: Howard Bingold, Sponsor; Keith Nell; Dan Duane; David Sturm; Bruce Beem; Ronald Heller; Charles Parsons; Jim Cox. FOURTH ROW: Ken Pashek, Gene Hogue, Scotty Kurtz, Lynn Durbin, Dick Smith, Den- nis Hazelwood, Aden Milne, Phillip R. Noel. FIFTH ROW: Gary P. Caven, Ronald W. Bergenam, William H Has- kell Jr., Lloyd Martin, Paul M. Leeper, Michael Holfelmeyer, Michael Ceasretti, Bobert Bukowski, Keith V. Collier. Dr. Howard Decker 282 L Arts Club 3 FIRST ROW: Dr. Peter Jackson, Sponsor; Glen Allen; Joe Jordan; Paul Watson; Fred Wise; Dennis Bunch; Joeseph Sheruda. SECOND ROW: David W. Crozier, Sponsor; Robert King; Donald Hazelwood; Harvie VanNordstrand; Gene H. Read; Jim Goostree; Tom Cundall; Herman Collins, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Bob Reeves; John Main; Jim Fink; Fred Todora Jr.; David Parman; Mike Tomes; John Edwards; LeRoy Crist, Sponsor; Rob Geist. FOURTH ROW: Donald N. Valk, Sponsor; Steve Frese; David Steck; Richard F. Voss; Norris Hurlbut; Pat Casey; Doyle Brown; Gary Heimke; Allen Lillie. Outstanding Lectures are Brought to LA Majors Gary Bridgman, President 283 ' .UK, ' Student NEA Purchases Des The John Dewey chapter oi the Student National Education Association under the leadership oi local, district and state president, Bussell McCampbell, and local, district, and state adviser, Dr. Wanda Walker, concluded a successful year. In July, McCampbell attended the NEA Conven- tion, the SNEA National Convention, TEPS Confer- ence, and the Council oi State Presidents in Minneap- olis and St. Paul. Members also attended the Missouri State Teacher ' s Association and SNEA Convention in St. Louis, November 2-3, 1967. The olhcers and ad- viser attended the annual Olhcers ' Workshop in Co- lumbia in April, where Russell McCampbell concluded his term as President oi the Missouri Student Edu- cation Association. Chapter members also hosted the District FTA-SNEA meeting in October, and the Thirteenth Annual Conference ior FTA-SNEA in Northwest Missouri and Southwest Iowa on April 25, 1968. Chapter activities included the acquisition oi a desk through a group project oi Gold Bond stamp col- lection, a " get acquainted " party which netted 75 new members, participation and the capture oi iirst and third places in the open competition division ior group clowns in the Homecoming Parade, a Valentine coffee honoring the iaculty oi NWMSC, and hnally a tour oi regional high schools. Educational and entertaining programs included a panel oi student teachers who shared their experi- ences with the group, a panel oi high school students who discussed characteristics they hked most in their iavorite teachers, and a panel oi teachers who discussed some oi the problems SNEA members may Bussell McCampbell displays the new desk which members of SNEA helped to secure. face in the future. Culmination of the events included the awarding of scholarships to outstanding junior members. For the year oi 1967-68, Jo Ann Voyce and Judith Ann Hunt were the co-recipients with an accumulative grade point above 3.4. Members ol SNEA include: FIBST ROW: Garry Stenzel, Vice President; Judy Clark, Secretary; Janice Ball, Vice President; Bussell Mc- Campbell, President; Jo Ann Voyce; Margaret Hall, Secretary; and Dr. Walker, Sponsor. SECOND BOW: Sandy Slater, Judy Palumbo, Susan Way, Jean Helt, Gail Wiederholt, Ann Mitchell, Ann Lauber, Bosalie West, Sue Tuggle, Barbara Byrd, Elaine Colbom, Goen Gross, and Pamela Warren. THIBD BOW: Linda Sams, Janice Petersen, Janice Lillard, Margaret Hays, Linda Workman, Linda Shelton, Marie Euritt, Connie Davis, Terri Bender, Sherry Miller, Peggy Miller, Karen Colton, and Myra Norman. FOUBTH BOW: Janice Cooper, Joyce Ed- wards, Gloria Hansen, Judi Simmons, Patty Heifers, Connie Lowrance, Marlene Morris, Sue Bunnels, Judy Hunt, Cheryl VanCleave, Wen- dee Beam, Twila Anders, and Mary Elaine Miller. FIFTH BOW: Linda Hon, Mary Jo Burger, Geraldine Ingram, Ann Schooler, Jeannie McCormick, LuAnn Barton, David Neustadt, Connie Bosier, Bob Brintner, Dan Pine, Larry Johnson, Jim Plank, and Susan Holeman. 284 - 1 Desk for Members Lett to Right: Carole Martin, District President 68-69; Nancy Hardy, Vice President; Russell McCampbell, State SNEA President (Also in charge of installation); Stan Preston, Secretary; Terry Daniel, Reporter. Members prepare to attend the Missouri State Teacher ' s Association and SNEA Convention in St. Louis, November 2-3, 1967. 285 Pi Gamma Mu FIRST ROW: Martin Peterson, Vice President; Norma Tibbetts, President; Judy Steinleld, Secretary- Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Dr. John Harr, adviser; Russell McCampbell; Mary Drew; Leslie No ' el Swaney. International Students FIRST ROW: Mrs. Elaine Mauzey, Sponsor; Carmen Chang; Shobha Mansuthani, Maria Eugenia, Miss Mary Jackson, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Francis Yau, James Chen, N L Punya Murthy, Salim Itani, Paul M. Kangethe. THIRD ROW: Richard Landes, Sponsor; Robert Tan, Sami Mirza, Kenichi Moriguchi, Robert Chen. 286 :.i.t:rh ■ .v.v tM..;.?: ■ Pi Beta Alpha V B ■ ■|H f f S! ? ' V TOl fc M W i . T g v » ,• " it v .dpw ' " 2 |r ! ■ - FIRST BOW: Ed Williamson, Thomas L. Gossman, sponsor; Jim Trow, President; Terry Tillotson, B. J. Courier, Treasurer; Merlin L. Jennings, Secretary. SECOND BOW: K. L. Bender, Larry Peart, John M. Bains, Gary Dagley, BUI Ott, Frank Evans, Tom Frank. THIBD BOW: Bonald Walter, Peter Wanless, Greg Ellison, Mike Ahildtrup, Bon Foster, Dean Barnett, Michael Sorensen. Pi Beta Alpha is composed of male business majors. Meetings are held twice a month. The first meeting is a professional meeting devoted to speakers on business-related subjects. During the year, most of the speakers dealt with accounting and the management fields of business. A held trip was taken to Kansas City in May. The group visited the Hallmark Card Com- pany, Quaker Oats Company, and the Ralston Purina factory. Sponsors include Mr. Russell Morey and Mr. Thomas Gossman. Jim Trow, president 287 Student Wives Add More Activities FIBST ROW: Mrs. John Mobley, Sponsor; Paula Cummins, Vice-President; Dee Perry, President; Vonda Bridgman, Secretary; Helen Rainlorth, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Berni Lancaster, Lorraine Bauman, Martha Combs, Carol Warman, Kira Ricka- baugh, Kathy Larson, Kathy Wieland, Sharon Phillips. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Beckman, Brenda Lund, Anna Dorsey, Judy Knapple, Kay Coier, Barbara Kruse, Sharon Leach, Nancy Thomson, Martha Meyer. FOURTH ROW: Marion Bailey, Diane Wagner, Val- ero Beavers, Pamela Canon, Carolyn Ellis, Linda Hobbs, Linda Buchanan, Jennifer Yost, Mary Schlesselman, Judy Foster, Joyce Hammers. FIFTH ROW: Julia Ramsel, Sharon Kinker, Dorothy Mitchell, Gayla Reeves, Sherry Johnson, Karen Rumel- hart, Carol Trost, Michaeleen Sheker, Peggy Schock, Sherry Watkins, Janice Logsdon, Karen Roed. The Student Wives Organization began the year with a Style Show. Topics concerning ideas about Christmas decorating, interior decorating and child discipline were presented at meetings. Members en- joyed a tour of the Home Management building and a Merle Norman Cosmetics demonstration. Other activities included interest groups that met weekly. Interested Maryville residents have donated their time and talents teaching bridge, knitting, cake decorating, and exercises. Annual activities included participation in the Homecoming house decoration. During Christmas there was a party lor the children with games and Santa arrived with presents for everyone. Adults enjoyed a winter party and in April a din- ner dance was presented in honor of the graduating seniors. Members enjoy themselves at the Valentine Party. 288 Wies Kappa Omicron Phi FIRST ROW: Marilyn Read, Alumnae Organizer; Julie Hatch, Secretary; Mary Ann Combs, President; Shirley Mabary, Treasurer; Maribeth Annan, Distal! Reporter. SECOND ROW: Arlene Ostrander, Mary Jo Alden, Rosalie West, Janet Wy- man, Linda Scott, Meta Adams, Patricia Shradel. THIRD ROW: Diane Didlo, Rita Bissell, Kathy Barham, Marcia Cline, Roxanna Holleman, Sheryl Smith, Ellen Ibbotson. American Home Economics Association ft; g r i ai Mr J lllll 1 - iifliiwW ■ . mm ' mr « — -■mm 1 HASr f?OW. D crne Didlo, Vice-President; Linda Scott, Historian; Sheryl Smith, President; Rosalie West, Secretary; Marcia Cline, Treasurer; Pat Lundquist, Reporter. SECOND ROW: Joen Gross, Dixie Mozingo, Sharon Hamilton, Janis D. Roberts, Betsy Thompson, Arlene Ostrander, Patricia Shradel, Linda Cross, Linda Stolley, Linda Pittenbarger. THIRD ROW: Sue Meyers, Rita Kietter, Maribeth Annan, Ruth Ann Lock, Juanita Forret, Norma Fletchall, Kristen Andrew, Linda Crowder, Elizabeth Kahl, Betty Bender Judy Swartz, Bonnie Cameron, Bonnie Cornnett, Virginia Purvis. FOURTH ROW: Marillyn Can, Nancy Harvey, Anna Mae Kobbe, Connie Sue Wenzel, Barbara Turner, Melinda Pitcher, Nancy Magnim, Connie Hunter, Ann Drewes, Velda Giilin, Bev Barton, Sheryl Lowrance, Betty Ball, Linda Workman. FIFTH ROW: Susan Long, Jeanne Fletcher, Cynthia Brock, Rita Bissell, Mary Ann Combs, Donita Little, Julie Hatch, Ellen Ibbotson, Roxanna Holleman, Barb Blomker, Jane Sissel, Marilyn Jackson, Eileen Pederson, Joyce Lauhoti, Judy Cook. 2 °) 290 TGA Changes Name, Adopts Constitution FRONT ROW: Rulhie Warren, Treasurer; Cheryl Dowden, President; Diane Willson, Secretary; Carol Bradley, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Ann Davis, Publicity Chairman; Karol Dodsey, Janice Lillard, Phyllis Godsey, AWS Representative; Marsha Dunavan. THIRD ROW: Irisjean Dick, Velda Giitin, Myra Pride, Linda Woli, Lola Auxier, Twylla Gaule. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Gladys Gray, Sponsor; Linda Ware, Jackie Linville, Janice Petersen, Janet Jones, Jane Hyder. This year Town Girls ' Association, or- ganized lor women living oil-campus, decided to hold their bi-monthly meetings at the home ol Mrs. Maxine Ferguson. Immediately plans were made lor the organization ' s house display " Give ' Em Hell, Bearcats " lor the 1967 Homecoming. Program emphasis was geared to have mem- bers take an active part in various social events. Judy Smith represented TGA in the A WS annual style show. Linda Romig served as the religious emphasis representative and as a queen candidate lor the Winter Festival. Diane Willson repre- sented TGA at the National Region Three Con- vention in Dallas, Texas. A procedure lor collecting dues annually was established. TGA adopted a new constitution and changed their names lor 1968-69 to Oil-Campus Coeds. Mm Co Cheryl Dowden, President People to People Has Foreign Speakers FRONT ROW: Linda Sams, President; Patricia Shradel, Vice-President; Judy Clark, Secretary-Treasurer; Ann Lauber, Corresponding Secretary. SECOND ROW: Dr. Virginia De Marce, Sponsor; Marilynn Wieneke, Carmen Chang, Shobha Mansukhani, Marilyn Meyer, Kathy Johns, Maria Eugenia Doha. THIRD ROW: James L. DeMarce, Sponsor; Rose Ann Butcher, Susan Leiter, Gloria Hansen, Judy Cook, Sue Runnels, Mike Miller. FOURTH ROW N L. Punya Murthy, Salim M. Itani, Kenichi Mariguchi, Sami Mirza, Robert Tan, Kenneth D. Redick. Maria Dona talks ol her home to People-to-People The purpose ol the local People-to-People Or- ganization is to orient the students to other cultures, especially those represented on campus by the foreign students attending MSC. As a secondary goal, the students from the States try to become better ac- quainted with the foreign students themselves. This year the club had many varied speakers. Shobha Mansukhani spoke on her homeland ol India, Maria Doha gave insights to the hie ol Mexico, and Bob Foster told ol his ex periences while in Holland last summer. 291 GDI Initiates Winter Carnival 9 Cheri Jordan Crowned FIRST BOW: Carlene Buck, Treasurer; Sue Shew, Vice-President; Don Baxter, President; John Phoenix, Historian; Bob Leeper, Homecoming Chairman. SECOND BOW: Mary Griffin, Teddie Pottorff, Jeanne Briggs, Joyce Menden- hall, Karol Godsey, Ann Smith, Mr. D. Boutiette, Sponsor. THIBD BOW: Mary Jo Jansen, Phyllis Ware, Lariette Gilmore, Kay Weidenhaft, Phyllis Godsey, Luke Boone, Mary McClanahan, Paula Watkins. FOUBTH BOW: C Jon Hinkle, Linda Ware, Irisjean Dick, Judy Bussell, Linda Cody, Pat Easton, Leslie Hunter, Janet Comer, Linda Schna- ckel. FIFTH BOW: Bobert H. Tan, Carla Collins, Maureen Nicholas, Bosemarie Dreager, Carl J. Haan, Jr., Phil Youngs, Perry J. Burgner, Bussell McCampbell, Darrel Wilson, Harry P. Wilson II. With an ever increasing enrollment at MSC, G.D.I, has moved ahead in providing activities to make a more active social Hie lor independent stu- dents on campus. During Homecoming, G.D.I, placed second in the float competition, held a tie lor first in house deco- rations, and placed fourth in the clown division. Each year G.D.I, tries to perpetuate a new all- campus activity. Last year G.D.I, sponsored an art fair, " Gallery ' 67, " and this year it sponsored a Winter Festival. G.D.I, members are active in varsity and intra- mural sports. Homecoming committees, Student Sen- ate, Dance Club, S.N.E.A., Student Leader groups, the MISSOUBIAN, Pi Gamma Mu, and Book Club. Members participated in the G.D.I. Spring Picnic, Christmas Ball, Bed Bose Formal and other informal parties. Officers for the 1967-68 year include Don Bax- ter, president; Sue Shew, vice-president; and Janet Erskins, secretary. Don Baxter, President, crowns Cheri Jordan 1967- 1968 Snow Queen. 29Z vV . ■ " Wf ■ . ■4f - Activities Encompass Many Facets MBmnmummmama i cefs 295 wng yliar- Delta Psi Kappa FIRST ROW: Suzanne Mason, Marilyn Wilson, Chaplain; Linda Schoen, Carol} Sterling, Terry Stitt, Vice Presi- dent; Alberta Uehling. SECOND ROW: Mary Elsberry, Judy Palumbo, Ronda Ridnour, Deanna Kerns, Peggy Stoaks, Janet Ranniger, Sondra Simons, President. Gymnastics Club • FIRST ROW: Wanda Rollins, Publicity; Carolyn Brand, Treasurer; Sandra Eckholl, President; Ronda Ridnour, Vice-President; Christie Real, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Pamela Sunderman, Peggy Clark, Barb Wirt, Flame Darveaux, Jacqulin J. Oliphant, Carol Brader, Mrs. Moss, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Beckman, Marilyn Wilson, Jo Ellen Atkins, Marda Keller, Susan Nold, Janet Ranniger, Starla Eads. FOURTH ROW: Millie Magner, Connie Mangier, Mary Cole, Barb Dawson, Mary Elsberry, Connie Kirsch. FIFTH ROW: Linda Chappell, Janet Meyer, Carol Andersen, Judy Clark, Marie Klang, Ardith Swalley, Beth Black- well. 296 Women ' s Intramural Council FIRST ROW: Sandy Butler, Linda Hutchinson, Christie Beal, Susan Nold. SECOND ROW: Glenna Cunningham, Chris McConnell, Barbara Shearer, Suzanne Mason, Janet Ranniger, Alberta Uehling. Men ' s Intramural Council FIRST ROW: Doug Wills, Larry Maiorano, Larry Nenrman, Jim McCarty. SECOND ROW: Dr. Paul L. Gates, Sponsor; Benny Cain, Larry Earhart, Richard Marburg. 297 Men ' s Residence Hall Counselors .-% «. r ' fe jffi .¥? fe A JL r v • If «rp " If - ' - - T D HijaSHHMi ▼ r .. ' r dE I nBJH OflH H-l FfflSr ROW: Bruce R. Wake, Dean of Men; Mike Wilson; Charles Mears; Larry Geib. SECOND ROW: Bill Watson, Gerald Duty, Scotty Kurtz, Denny Kurtz, Daye Rebori, Bob Schilling. THIRD ROW: David Neustadt, Scott Hodgin, Dick Schilling, Terry Barnes, Vernon James, William Rex. FOURTH ROW Steve Clark, Ed Younger, Dennis Sleister, David Bentley, Wayne Woolsey, Joe Boessen FIFTH ROW: Randall L. Wolcott, Assistant Director; Tom Nauman; Albert Pontow; Allan Borkowski; Kent Kavanaugh; Marty Sch warz. Men ' s Residence Hall Council FIRST ROW: Joseph Jardon, President; Terry D. Massie, Vice President; Robert C. King, Secretary; Robert Pulliam, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Ronald Stone, James Markt, David Askelson, Dennis Jackson, Dave Schoeweck, Peter Richardson. THIRD ROW: Randall L. Wolcott, Sponsor; Richard Dean; Richard Dean Johnson; Tom Strode; Richard Smith; Allen Rouse; Rocky Reed. 298 (pii.!U. i i 1 1 mil iiji , ii ii Hi,., i iii. i Beta Beta Beta FIBST ROW: Sharon Hayden, Historian; Judy Holtz, Secretary; Kenneth Minter, Sponsor; Larry C. Wathns, President; Dixie Tuttle, Reporter. SECOND ROW: Robert Paolillo, Robert Brunker, Nancy Duncan, Nancy Burn- ham, Jeanette Johnson, Marilynn Wieneke. Dance Club FIRST ROW: Beth Corrough, Charlotte Taylor, Donna Marie Wood, Kathi Ebbrecht. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Brekke, Sponsor, Marcia Harris, Bosemarie Dreager, President; Carol Krokstron; Lynda Hall, Vice-President. 299 ■HK a Roberta Hall Counselors FIRST ROW: Hazel Criichtield, Assistant Director; Cindy Darnell; Rarb Zahr; Mary Lauholl. SECOND ROW: Nancy Albright; Judy Palumbo; Kathy Abersold; Retty VerSteeg; Mrs. Margaret Wire, Director. Roberta Hall Council FIRST ROW: Kathleen Grilfin, Vice-President; Sharon Lyles; Rillie Phillips; Marilyn Chavannes; Hazel Critchlield, Assistant Director. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Margaret Wire, Director; Linda Patterson; Patty Chappell, President; Elaine Kurtz; Cheryl Smith; Secretary; Janet Wyman, Treasurer. 300 1 PEM Club FIRST ROW: Sondra Simons, Secretary; Carol Brand, Second Vice-President; Betty Versteeg, Reporter; Alberta Uehling, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Glenna Cunningham, Suzanne Mason, Sharon Shoemaker, Caroll Sterhng, Jo Ellen Atkins, Barbara Baker, Judy Burt. THIRD ROW: Sue Corwell, Linda Hutchinson, Mary Elsberry, Marilyn Wil- son, Judy Palumbo, Helen Duncan, Janet Ranniger, Carol Brader, Starla Eads, Sherry O ' Connell. FOURTH ROW: Christine McConnell, Millie Magner, Mary Jackson, Sharon Miller, Linda Schoen, Jacqulin Oliphant, Peggy Sfoaks, Marda Keller, Connie Seuell, Terry Stitt, Cheri Jordan. FIFTH ROW: Rosemond Can, Connie Mangier, Carol An- dersen, Betty Brand, Deanna Kerns, Ronda Ridnour, Sandy Butler, Barbara Shearer, Peggy Clark, Susan Nold, Linda Chappell, Candace Davis. Physical Education Majors Have Outstanding Year With Varied Activities Alberta Uehling, President 301 Perrin Hall Counselors FIRST ROW: Undo M. Smith, Jo Ann Voyce, Beverly McKenzie, Susan Bowser. SECOND ROW: Michelle Orcutt; Jo Ann Seastrom; Carol Breeding; Sheryl Smith; Mrs. Luella Thate, Director. Perrin Hall Council FIRST ROW: Carlene Buck, Rosalie West, Jeane Everett, Jacqueline Clark, Jill Hutchings. SECOND ROW: Judy Russell, Vice President; Ellen Ibbotson, Treasurer; Jane Sissel; Diana Madison, President; Rose Marquardt; Mrs. Luella Thate, Director. 302 Social Science Club Caters to Future Teachers FIRST ROW: Mrs. Jean Nagle, Faculty: Mary Drew, Treasurer; Judy Steinleld, Secretary; Martin Peterson, President; Leslie Swaney, Vice-President; Dr. Virginia De Marce, Faculty; Mr. James A. Hurst, Faculty. SEC- OND ROW: Janen Van Houton, Sue Thompson, Linda Hopkins, Maureen West, Jacqueline Clark, Sharon Ceplina, Marilyn Kesselring, Anita Shewmaker, Diane Moody, Delores Stoll, Pam Warren, Judith Meyer, Myra Norman. THIRD ROW: Mike Piper; Randy Sands; Riley Grimes; Michael Ginther; Ron Hunziger; Francis Baumbi; Don Andrews; Dan Johnson; Ron Richardson; George Gaylor, Faculty; John Harr, Faculty. FOURTH ROW: Dr. Hen- lein, Faculty; Michael Dale Smith; Ken Millsap; Richard Howard; Dan Pine; Bob Bitner; Bob Pulliam; Dan Hudek; Wayne Sell; Meredith Gjerstad; Jim Plank; Calvin Widger, Faculty; James Lyle DeMarce, Faculty. FIFTH ROW: Berndt G. Angman, Faculty; Russell McCampbell; Clyde Stalling, Frank E. Innis; Gary Lowrance; Dave Hoeken- smith Jr.; Doyle Borwn; David Grimsley; Karen Sungren, Robert S. Millar Jr., Faculty; David Blonstein, James Shanklin, Faculty, Don Hagan, Faculty. The Social Science Club presented a series of programs and afforded opportunities to promote teacher-student association and discussion. The social science majors and minors were given information on the department ' s comprehensive examination and other departmental policy. Advice was given to the members concerning the future — in- cluding teaching opportunities to do graduate work, the chances of scholarsips, the possibilities of study abroad and the nature of government work. One meeting was devoted to giving the members a demonstration of the inductive teaching technique, the program being given by fellow members. Throughout the year, the club offered programs of controversial speakers and films as well as work- ing at attempts to bring well-known personalities to the NWMSC campus. The officers this year were Martin Peterson, president, and No ' el Swaney, vice-president. President, Martin Petersen 303 Franken Hall Council FIBST ROW: Mrs. Coleda Hamilton, Director; Avis Larson; Nancy Powell; Carolyn Hoffman; Judy Pasternak. SECOND ROW: Pat Easton; Carolyn Brand; Connie Rosier, Vice-President; Sandy Butler, President; Barbara Shearer; Nancy Rodemyer; Barbara Hoover. Franken Hall Counselors FIRST ROW: Mrs. Coleda Hamilton, Director; Kristen Andrew; Judy Hunt; Donna Bacon; Barbara Bricker. SECOND ROW: Sharon Ceplina; Jan Edwards; Patty Wampler; Helen Duvall, Head Counselor; Deanna Kearns; Pat Roberts; Carol Andersen. 304 wmmmmammammimmmmmmmmam Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society FIRST ROW: Nancy Duncan; Marilyn Bowland, Secretary; Jim Nelson, President; Doug Summers, Vice-President; Joan Marek. SECOND ROW: R. Landes, Sponsor; John R. Phoenix; Marion Fries; Keith Arnold; Salim Itani, Ed Farguhar, Sponsor. The Student Aftiliates of the American Chemical Society began its fourth year at NWMSC under the leadership of president, Jim Nelson, and sponsor, Dr. Edward Farquhar. During the year, monthly meetings were held where students and guest speakers gave seminars. Speakers from Kansas State University, Kansas Uni- versity, Iowa State University, and Missouri Uni- versity spoke on various aspects of chemistry. The Student Affiliates also had banquets and educational tours. Picnics were held in the fall and spring so that chemistry majors could become ac- quainted with their fellow students and the faculty. In December a trip was made to The Food and Drug Administration and Chem-agro Corporation in Kansas City was visited in the spring. The last meeting was highlighted by a banquet honoring the seniors and awards were presented to the outstanding freshman and senior chemist. Jim Nelson, President 305 Hudson Hall Counselors FIRST ROW: Sandra Aguilar, Shirley Young, Linda Adams, Linda Zachary, April Smith, Kay Elder. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hildehrand, Director; Betty Ann Smith; Rochelle Burton; Peggy McEUish; Susan Shew; Leslie Hunter; Jo Anne McDonald; Peggy Sue Miller, Head Counselor. THIRD ROW: Barb Daw- son, Joyce Edwards, Jackie Kampmann, Cheryl Wirt, Linda Stillwagon, Vicki Olson, Carol Armstrong, Marilyn Kesselring, Sandy Slater. Hudson Hall Council FIRST ROW: Denise Bower, Secretary; Patty Faubion; Deta Coover, Fire Captain; Mary Jo Jansen, President; Millie Magner, Treasurer; Carol Brader, Vice-President; Sherry Miller. SECOND ROW: Fern Oliphant, Susan Heckel, Linda Jensen, Bonnie Cameron, Carolyn Nicolle, Maureen West, Kathy Carter, Susan Holeman. THIRD ROW: Mary Kemery; Jan Harris; Susan Shew, Ex. -Officio Member; Barbara Turner; Suzanne Hunt; Patty Bennett; Sara Palumbo; Sharon Estep; Margret Davenport; Mrs. Hildebrand, Director. 306 Veterans 9 Club FIRST BOW: Howard Cunningham; Bruce Bailey, Secretary; Douglas Steelman; W.B. O ' Biley, President; David Warman; Pat Thompson, Treasurer; Dr. Leon Miller, Sponsor. SECOND BOW: Jack Wilson; Lynnard Phipps; Glen Allen; Jack Briggs; John O ' Neill; Bill Bukel; Gary Caven; Norman Hetlin. THIRD BOW: Dennis Kiebhaeler; Charles Stagg; Jerome Trout; Gerald Schield; Fred Jardon; Phil Stockstad; Francis Johnson; Bud Boberts; Steve Prather. W. B. O ' Riley presents Presi- dent Foster and Dr. Miller a contribution lor the Bell Tower for the Vets ' Club. 307 Students, 308 As they Traverse The Year 309 Dormitory Life Is J! I ■■ ■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■B Always Varied • - Anything Can Happen 312 « ?• mBaMmmmmmanamsammmmm oen Where The Boys Live 313 Jo Ann Montgomery Lives in Bern ' ■ Robert Foster Stays Jo Ann Montgomery Living in Bern, the capital ol Switzerland, presented a number ol opportunities lor my experiment group to gain a wide, varied and realistic picture ol a country that is an ideal ol many. Visits to the Parliament world renowned banles, major industries, and an interview with the Lord Mayor all contributed to our understanding ol Swiss govern- ment and economics. Opportunities lor exchanges ol ideas with college students, mountain people, shopkeepers, and craltsmen, put us in contact with the heart ol the nation, its people. Our group leader. Miss Mary Ellen Joseph, who had been a Peace Corp worker in Africa, was as interesting as she was capable. We tried during the two months to lose our American identity and in turn associate and react to things as a Swiss. I lound it to be a Irustrating but a most successful way to identity with and learn about another people. Knowing the thrilty and serious side ol the Swiss helped to explain why their currency hasn ' t devalued since its establishment. Their love ol the out-ol-doors and free- dom is reflected in their enthusiasm lor skiing and moun- tain climbing and the success ol their neutral government. My Experiment was hosted by the family Wielandt ol Bern. Father is an architect and Mother, his secretary. They were two very creative and gracious people, whose energies were directed at making my stay valuable and enjoyable. Doris, my 18-year-old Swiss sister, was in the middle of a beauty contest when I arrived, from which she re- ceived a large scholarship. She will graduate in April Irom architectural school and hopes to work with her Father. My little sister, Ruthie, is sixteen and is studying to be a secretary. Ruthie spoke almost no English, but picked it up quickly. She has the simple philosophy, " I always look with happy eyes, " which she lelt more people should try. Understanding other peoples and actually being able to see why they act as they do may be the only way for world peace, and I like to think that NWMSC has had a part in promoting international brotherhood. Bob Foster To describe my trip as NWMSC College Ambassador to the Netherlands during the summer ol 1967 as wonderful, delightlul, or tremendous would seem almost trivial. At times, it seemed quite difficult and strenuous. As an Am- bassador whose country was escalating an unpopular war and lacing the strife ol racial disturbances in twenty-two major cities throughout the United States, it was a time of anxiety and sell-questioning. I immediately found that my relationship with the people ol Holland was not so much of an international one, but that of a warm mutual respect, Iriendship, and love. My lamily, the lamily D.J.M. Koek, accepted me into their home as a complete stranger and a foreigner. When I left the family two months later, I lelt a part of that family, a fourth son to my Dutch mother and father. My three brothers, Aremot, Arend, and Dick were as carefree and fun-loving as an American boy who is out of school lor the summer. And, having a sister my own age was something I had to learn to adjust to! The two older brothers were twins, and during the winter months attended the community high school. Dick, the youngest member ol the Koek lamily, was completing his grade school education. My sister, Margaret, began her third year at the University ol Wageningen this past September My Dutch mother was a most efficient housewife who daily hurried my lather oil to work near Amsterdam at Shipol Airport. Mr. Koek served as an administrator in the cargo division ol KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. After five weeks of family lile, our group ol eleven U.S. students and many ol our Dutch brothers and sisters lelt lor Enkhuizen, a small villa ge in the northern area ol Hol- land. While there we enjoyed cycling and sailing along the coast ol the North Sea, rode down the Rhine River and crossed the English Channel. Alter three exciting days ol sightseeing in London, we returned to our families for a final goodbye. The Experiment in International Living program has a two-way objective. It allows the visiting student to live with and observe his lamily while obtaining a general knowledge ol the country and its people. By living with and learning about each other, a mutual feeling of understanding and re- spect develops lor both parties involved. With Holland Family - :• iHHHM HHBHHanmna Betsy Thompson Wins Best-Dressed Coed Contest Second runner-up Jonnelle Schrier winner Betsy Thompson, and first runner- up Phyllis Aebersold. Finalists in the Best-Dressed Coed Contest were Jonnelle Schrier, Phyllis Aebersold, Ellen Hamilton, Anne Morgan, JoEUen Jobusch, Donna Burns, Betsy Thompson, and Pat Shradel. 315 Necessary to the completion of any task or pro- cess is energy — the power to work, move, and create. Without this energy, motivation cannot act, material cannot be worked, nor the process completed. The establishment, building, and conserving of this power to move and create should be uppermost in the scheme of education. 316 r Movement 317 m a__. ■A ■■nHnn BnnnH TTie World of Sports 319 Varsity Cheerleaders Rated First it « • 1 J b • !»• ' ' £ jr i ' ' GLORIA SHERMAN, sophomore CHERI JORDAN, junior « ■ CATHY PIERCE, sophomore ' m At National Convention Vft LINDA SNELL, junior co-captain DOTTIE WILSON, junior co-captain KATHRYNE SEABAUGH, senior :■ ' The Bearcats break out onto the field with their sights on a victory. -i, .V S k.«« l «S!N5 i Much preparation goes into training before the ' Cats play a game. 322 mgammmmmmmmmmummMmmm All - MIAA PAUL MEYER ED WISKOSKI LEON MUFF BOB LEACH TOM OWEN 323 Five Bearcats Selected For Although the Bearcats finished the season with an unimpressive 3-6 record, Paul Meyer, Leon Muil, Tom Owen, Bob Leach, and Ed Wis- koski were chosen lor the All-MIAA lootball team. Bob Leach was also named Little Ail- American. He set a new defensive record this season for MSC The Bearcats opened the season with a great defensive game against Arkansas A M but were unable to score. Alter two more losses to Wil- liam Jewell and Drake, spirits ran high in antici- pation ol the annual Hickory Stick game against Kirksville. The ' Cats had been unable to gain a victory on the Bulldog ' s Held lor 13 years, but they pulled Irom behind in the fourth quarter and scored in the closing seconds ol the game to win 13-7. Belore the Homecoming game against South- west Missouri State, there was still a hope that the Bearcats could contend lor the conference title. But MSC ' s offense wasn ' t strong enough, and the crucial game was lost by only one point. To wind up the season, the Bearcats lost a predicted victory to Central Missouri State, but did follow statistics by upsetting Rolla. Even though the won-lost record indicated an unsuc- cesslul season, the Bearcats played some of the best defensive ball in the conference, and the All-MIAA individual ratings gave credit to the outstanding quality of football the Bearcats played. Presentation, Hickory Stick. $■ M U fa m Ss:. li Hex? HE3B BS. s zxz ISSE HKS. »J 3 8KB MS BHHiM9s9HE " Sffl Defense Unit 324 All-MIAA Football Team ,-jMl AWlMWHl ' ' — ■» ' © c r § fcl ; M 11 74 ' " »v 52 65 75 80 ,.r r " ■ 5j «b - »A kJT MP3 - : • a ; -jiaj r r , -« ? - tgfm »iShii ' " ' . -■ firs flow: Tom Owen, Leo ] Mu ; Lcuvy Ma iyow, Tony Novak; Tim O ' Rourke; Paul Meyer; Jim Neal; Allan Stephens; Don Orlowski; Joe Spinello. Second Row: Brad Wilhich; Jim McGhee; Marshall Tonnies; Kent Sorenson; Richard Marburg; Ron Pawlowski; Bob Leach; Ed Wiskoski; Brian Ranum; Mike Corbett; Jim Johnson. Third Row: Mike Beach; Dave Rebori; Fran Schwenk; Joe Bishop; Darold Dorsey; Richard Maynes; Wayne Woolsey; Cullen Geist; Bob Weyrauch; Steve Schottel; Greg Panches. Fourth Row: Gary Hawkins; Roger Shupe; Terry Edwards; Jim Williams; Dave Ross; Lewis Bailey; Paul Stehman; Tom Dahlhauser; Jim Sullivan; Barry Monaghan; Joe Presti. Fifth Row: Mark DeVore; Jim Cook; Jim Komm; Mike Stauller; Jim Whitmill; Bruce Thezan; Ron Eltringham; Don Troshynski; David Smith; John Stoll. Sixth Row: Mike Fanning; Kim Slenkiewicz; Mike Stocker; Keith Burge; David Wollbrink; Dan Allen; Bruce Young; Olen Harris; Joe Calia; Gene Wilson. Seventh Row: David Ray; George Moore; Pat Olheiser; Mike Todd; Coach Redd; Coach Schottel; Coach Baker; Steve Sutton; Chris Davis. 4L9Hfa£itt Offense Unit. 325 WON 3 LOST 6 MSC OPP. Arkansas A M 14 Peru 27 Wm. Jewell 24 28 Drake 7 NEM 13 7 SEMSC 8 30 SWMSC 6 7 CMS 14 24 Ralla 36 19 MIAA rating- -tied lor third Quarterbacks STEVE SCHOTTEL freshman, quarterback DAVE REBOBJ sophomore, quarterback DON OBLOWSKI senior, quarterback MIKE COBBETT senior, quarterback 326 fmmm mmmmmamaammmmmam Right Halfbacks JOE SPINELLO junior, offensive hal back JIM JOHNSON senior, defensive safety Fullbacks JOE PRESTI junior, defensive safety 327 Guards DAVE ROSS sophomore, guard-linebacker ■Hi Tackles PAUL STEHMAN guard, co-captain lor next year 328 ' AJBBBHHHBann massrauf gm B-Team Squad. First Row: Calvin Wright; David Smith; Don Troshynski; Dave Wollbrink; Joe Calia; Jim Sul- livan; Cullen Geist; Ted Gere. Second Row: Bruce Young; Gary Mauliair; Pat Olheiser; Mike Stauller; Steve Sutton; Ron Eltringham; George Moore; Jim Komm. Third Row: Terry Edwards; Paul Stehman; Dave Ross; Ed Wiedner; Wayne Woolsey; Olen Harris; Bruce Thezan; Lewis Bailey. Fourth Row: Mark DeVore; James Whitmill; David Ray; Bob Farris; John Stoll; Mike Stocker; Jim Cook; Gary Hawkins. Fifth Row: Head train- er, Mike Todd; Mike Fanning; Dan Allen; Keith Burge; Gene Wilson; Chris Davis; Coach Bob Albanese; Coach Jim Redd. V -. -- fj — . -. _ , n, " ,- =35= -4 ji -■ ii. - " ss " — ■ SS ' I f m f 9 " Ji •, ' Ends BARRY MONAGHAN junior, split end 329 M 0 MSC Grapplers Lose Top This season held some disappointments as well as outstanding victories for the MSC grapplers. The schedule was considered to be one oi the toughest in history. Since its beginning in 1956, wrestling has been one oi the most successlul sports at MSC. Its history- has produced several All-Americans and has de- veloped many athletes into outstanding wrestlers and coaches. Two outstanding team records have been held through the years. One lasted irom 1962 to Feb- ruary, 1966, during which MSC held a 42 consecutive winning record. Until this year, a second record of 33 consecutive home wins was in progress. Returning matmen included All-Americans Paul Stehman and Bill Rex. Stehman held last year ' s MIAA title in his weight division and was rated fourth na- tionally. Other team members were Allan Borkowski; John (Corky) Crandall; Wayne Garcia; Stan Zeamer, who held the best freshman record in MSC history; Rich Downing; Tom Paulsen; and Terry Hartley. Also adding to team strength as new members were Keith Burge, Pat Olheiser, Gary James, John Schropp, and Bill Mueller. The season opened with the Bearcats winning their ninth consecutive Graceland College Tourna- ment Championship Title. A week later MSC gained another championship title in its own Second Annual Invitational Tournament. Paul Stehman received the " Outstanding Wrestler Award " at the MSC tourna- ment. Stan Zeamer, last year ' s Outstanding Wres- tler; and Keith Burge, a freshman, also made good showings. The toughest challenge on the Bearcat schedule was a quadrangular meet held at Golden, Colorado, where MSC wrestled against two university teams ranked nationally in the top fifteen and against the seventh ranked team in the college division. The Bearcats returned home holding third place position Allan Borkowski manipulates a cross-lace cradle lor a pin. Pat Olheiser uses a guillotine against a Kirksville opponent. 330 " ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■ ■■■MB Position With Tough Schedule and Injuries in the quadrangular. Borkowski in the heavyweight division scored the only title win lor MSC. Immediately after returning horn Colorado, the Bearcats beat Hiram Scott and then dropped their first dual meet, 18-17, to the University of Missouri the following afternoon, but defeated Northeast Mis- souri State later in the day. Following two more victories, MSC lost to Adams State and then revived with a win over Ft. Hays State. Their final dual match victory was an 18-17 win over the University of Nebraska with Borkowski determin- ing the winning pin in the final match. The Bearcats closed their dual match season with a loss to Omaha University. A bitter disappointment was realized by the Bearcats when they lost their MIAA Conference Title to Kirksville in the championship meet. Injuries pre- viously incurred by some of the top Bearcat wres- tlers entering the meet were a great detriment to MSC opposition. John Crandall countering a stand-up against National Greco-Roman style champion. WON 7 LOST 3 SWMSC MSC OPP. 39 6 Hiram Scott 20 8 NEMSC 20 9 Univ. of Missouri 17 18 CMS 24 16 Graceland 20 19 Ft. Hays 24 6 Adams State, Colo. 6 21 Univ. of Nebraska 18 17 Omaha 15 18 MIAA rating- - -second 331 Borkowski only Bearcat who placed in NCAA College Division Wrestling Tournament Borkowski rides with a near ankle-near arm. WDi Rich Downing works a single leg pick-up for a take down. Zeamer controls his opponent with an ankle ride. 332 Rich Downing picks up his opponent while countering a stand-up. FIRST ROW: Stan Zeamer; Gary James; Jerry Schropp; John Crandall. SECOND ROW: Coach Walston; Allan Borkowski; Pat Olheiser; Keith Burge; Rich Downing; Bill Rex; Paul Stehman; Coach Collins. 333 Stehman received the " Outstanding Wrestler Award " at the Second Annual MSC Invitational Tournament Keith Burge comes off the mat with a victory. Paul Stehman chicken wings his opponent. Bill Bex controls his opponent with a deep waist ride. 334 -.•.•,.v.v-y.v.t.-.-:l Borkowski agilely counters a stand-up. Wayne Garcia gets two points lor a take down. L 335 CROSS COUNTRY WON 7 LOST MSC OPP. Tarkio 23 28 Clarinda 16 39 Denison 22 27 Wm. Jewell 24 27 Clarinda 17 38 Tarkio 21 24 Denison 17 31 MIAA rating — sixth First Row: Robert Turgeon; Richard Swaney; Lynnard Phipps; Danny Reed; Roger Stucki; Clifford Nelles. Second Row: Coach Ryland Milner; Clay Alumbaugh; Charles Gilkison; Harvey Baird; David Parker; Kent Kavanaugh. Runners Outdistance Opponents Through Rainy Season Many track men running in distance events in the spring ran on the cross-country team in the fall. Lynnard Phipps, Danny Reed, and Roger Stucki were the three returning lettermen lor the team. David Parker, a transfer student, and several freshmen also participated in the cross-country events. Although rainy weather hindered the season and caused meets to be cancelled or postponed, the team was undefeated with a 7-0 record. Roger Stucki and Charles Gilkison led the team by consistently out- distancing their opponents. DAVID PARKER Roger Stucki and Clifford Nelles after a hard run. Hager and Kavanaugh Break Track I Records Fizsl Row: Norman Howlett; Larry Parman; Jim McGhee; John Banning; Pete Meindertsma; Phil Frahm; Stan Carlson; Mitch Hanna. Second Row: Rick Kemp; Bill Kelley; Louie Garrett; Danny Reed; Clay Alumbaugh; Roger Stucki; Steve Bonawits; Kenny Shaw. Third Row: Lynnard Phipps; Marty Schwarz; David Thomas; Dennis Ohde; Perry Courtney; Pete Hager; Bob Graves. Fourth Row: Coach Baker; Rich Burke; Ed Wiskoski; Gary Hansen; Tom Dahlhauser; Ron Pawlowski; Coach Landwer. Three School Records Broken Coach Earl Baker ' s prediction lor the s uccess ol his team ' s track season was not too optimistic. But the Bearcats pulled through the season favorably, winning their dual and tri- angular meets but losing in MIAA conference competition. During the season three new track records were estab- lished. Pete Hager, sophomore co-captain, broke Herchel Neil ' s 30-year-old 220-yard dash record and also broke his own school record lor the 100-yard dash. Ken Kavanaugh broke the school ' s open mile record. For the indoor track opener, the Bearcats won over Graceland capturing the majority ol 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Again they completely dominated the meet when they defeated William Jewell. Baker ' s hopes became more optimistic with the approach ol the MIAA Indoor Meet, but the ' Cats placed 5th. In the outdoor season MSC came out on top in most of its dual and triangular meets. Howlett was the top point winner in the Tarkio-Clarinda triangular meet, and then Kavanaugh stole the scene in the Graceland meet. Pete Hager ran at top speed throughout the season. Meinderstma, Frahm, Howlett, and Ha- ger consistently placed high on the mile relay team. Although the team held their own in regular meets, they finished last in the conference meet. With many promising freshmen on the team and with only Frahm, Meinderstma, and Banning using up their eligibility this year, Coach Baker reports a favorable outlook for next year ' s team. Indoor Track MSC OPP. Graceland Wm. Jewell 75 2 81 24 2 19 MIAA rating— fifth Outdoor Track Tarkio Peru Clarinda Tarkio Clarinda Wm. Jewell Graceland 101 86 1022 3 104 80 43 80 14 401 3 18 44 68 Graceland Relays— MIAA rating — sixth second 337 Final Conference Game Is 338 Sheridan attempts to retain control of the ball. «ej s Biggest Thriller Of The Season Six lettermen, Bob Nelson, Ken Sheridan, Roger Nelson, Don Sears, Ralph Gilford, and Gary Howren re- turned for another season on the MSC basketball squad. Bob Nelson and Sears were top scorers on last year ' s team. Three previous squad members, Curt Lantz, Gary Goodson, and Ron Petersen, also returned to boost the team. Coach Dick Buckridge stated that since the team was lacking in height, speed and quickness would be emphasized. MSC won its seasonal opener with William Jewell, MCAU champs, and won two more games before they lost the next two. The team played some of its best ball over the Christmas holidays when it encountered its toughest competition; Springheld, defending MIAA champs, and Warrensburg. The Bearcats lost to Spring- field but played a thriller against Warrensburg winning 67-66. In the Tarkio College Invitational Tournament held over the vacation, MSC defeated Peru by a large margin after trailing behind, but in the championship round the Bearcats lost to Tarkio, the host team. The same won-lost pattern was followed over semester break as the Bearcats beat Southeast Missouri State and Rolla but lost to Southwest Missouri State and CMS. Tension tightened as MSC entered into their final conference game against Kirksville. Both teams were try- ing to even their conference record from a 4-5 position. The Bearcats had already lost 56-67 to Kirksville in a poor game on the Bulldogs ' own court. The Bearcats ' challenge put the game into double overtime in this final conference thriller. With only three seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, a shot went up, missed, but was rebounded and tipped in on the buzzer to tie 69-69. In the first overtime with again only three seconds left, Petersen scored two and brought the score up to 73-73. In the second overtime, two Bearcat starters, Peter- sen and Howren, fouled out handicapping MSC shooting. Kirksville capitalized on their advantage and pulled ahead to end the game with an eleven-point lead. imIBSP First Row: Coach Iglehart; Bob Nelson; Coach Buckridge. Second Row: Gary Howren; Roger Nelson; Tom Moore; Ken Sheridan; Ralph Giitord; Ron Petersen; Don Sears; Curt Lantz; Leon Mull; Gary Goodson. 339 Senior team member, Bob Nelson, plays last game I J mil V K J l Jr • Jk Bob Nelson prepares to shoot in his unique style. Darnell Moore and Balph Gilford contend for a rebound. • " r: ■.■,: i- : --z mmmmmmmmi m Don Sears rebounds as Ralph Gilford stands ready to assist. :« Leon Muff is fouled in this graceful position. Don Sears, 9th leading scorer in the conference, jumps up a shot. WON 9 LOST 12 MSC OPP. Wm. Jewell 77 70 Kansas State 65 48 General Beadle State 80 67 Peru 69 83 Washburn University 51 77 SWMSC 70 79 CMS 67 66 Peru 89 58 Tarkio 61 65 Kansas State 56 58 NEM 56 67 Peru 95 67 SEMSC 63 58 Rolla 70 79 Wm. Jewell 73 80 SEMSC 78 73 Rolla 70 63 SWMSC 60 82 CMS 76 88 Washburn University 62 71 NEM 77 88 MIAA rating- -tied lor third 341 Gary Hovrren and Ron Petersen struggle for a rebound. Darnell Moore goes up on a tip-in. Don Sears, sophomore, was top scorer for the ' Cats and leading rehounder in the conference Making a save is a typical Hovrren action. Gary Goodson leads a fast break. L Ken Sheridan stretches lor a rebound. Leon Mull controls the rebound. Curt Lantz jumps one up. Gary Howren pushes one up on a driving lay-in. 343 Coached by Ryland Milner, seven members competed on the MSC golf team to produce a 10-1 winning record this season. After winning three meets in a row, MSC suffered its first defeat to Kirks - ville with J.B. Watsabaugh winning to re- main undefeated and with Larry Mairano also holding a low score. The MSC golfers went on to beat Central Missouri State, Midwestern, and William Jewell thus boosting their record to 10-1. In the War- rensburg meet, Watsabaugh remained un- defeated by winning his 11th consecutive match. The team had hoped to improve last year ' s 5th place standing in the MIAA Conference, but in the conference matches scheduled May 11-13, they finished with a 6th place rating. First Bow: Steve Anderson; J. B. Watsabaugh; Larry Maiorano. Second Bow- Coach Byland Milner; Jim Austin; Joe Logan; Mike Lorimor; Joe Letiingwell. MSC Golfers End Season With 10-1 Winning Record i HBir Jim Austin — " on the low side again. Joe Logan — chipping to the green. 344 - .f ' ■HBHHi MBHHHHHMHH Larry Maioiano chips up to the cup. J. B. Waisabaugh — " in again. WON 10 LOST 1 MSC OPP. Peru 14 ' A ' A Graceland 11 7 St. Joe J.C. 11 ' A 3 ' A Kirksville 5 11 Peru 10 ' A 7 ' A Graceland 15 6 Midwestern 15 3 Rockhurst 14 4 Wm. Jewell 12 1 Midwestern l2Vt 7 Warrensburg 12 6 MIAA rating- -sixth K%MMn Steve Anderson — " three to get down. 345 Mike Lorimor putting to the cup. Joe LeUingwell with his eye on the cup. The Goll team in a session at the club house before going out on the course. T 346 - •«:•:•.:■:-:•:•■ ..-.■■ •..:■:■•:::•,•.-.■.■■•■■:•:••••.•■•:•-■:•:•■■• ■:» Team members cool off after a hot round. ■■■■ Coach Milner gets in a little practice. Relaxing Moments Out on the Course Team members take a rest after carrying their clubs around 18 holes. 347 Bearcats Win MIAA Northern Coach Burton Richey (above) looks on in- tently, as Vic Mitchell (left) lays one in for one of their many victories. The crowd looks on as Mike Kurtz receives the pitch with a strong hit. Howard Woolsey charges over second. 348 Divisional Championship I 3 Mike Kurtz, Coach Richey, Scott Kurtz, Joe Spinello, and Lou Mooney talk over the situation. Don Sears lets loose with one ol his winning pitches as Joe Spinello looks on trom third. Oops! Could it be we missed one? 3 349 ——— — — — — First Row: John Jackson; John Helsel; Ed Younger; Denny Kurtz; Phil Edwards; Scotty Kurtz; Dave Price. Second Row: Assistant Coach, Bob Iglehart; Don Orlowski; Michael Kurtz; Fred Wise; Wayne Vierk; Joe Spinello; David Ross; Hal Rossow; Steve Stasi; Coach Burton Richey. Third Row: Lou Mooney; Leon Mull; Bob Nelson; Benny Cain; Don Sears; Larry Allen; Larry Earhart; Leroy Kariker; Fred Bright. Coach Burton Richey ' s optimistic outlook lor his team ' s season performance wasn ' t far off base as the Cats crowded out Kirksville and Warrensburg to gain the MIAA Northern Conference Championship. Ten returning lettermen gave Richey experienced players and a good reason to expect a successful season. Thirty-one athletes made the team. Of the 11 pitchers, Scott Kurtz, Don Orlowski, Vic Mitchell, and Don Sears were at the top, hurling winning games for the team. Don Sears, a freshman from Des Moines, was a frequent headliner with his adept ability. An all- returning infield was shortstopped by Mike Kurtz with Wayne Vierk guarding second and Joe Spinello on third. Don Hicks and Lou Mooney took turns on first. The batting division was also strong with Don Hicks, Bob Nelson, Lou Mooney, Dave Ross, and Joe Spinello being the top five sluggers. Rainy weather menaced the season with postponements and cancellations, but the Bearcats still managed an impressive record. They beat Peru in an opening double-header and con- tinued winning until they dropped a game to Creighton Univer- sity. Another game was lost to Warrensburg in the Northern Conference playoff but MSC won the necessary two out of three games to gain the title. In the State Conference Championship games, the Bearcats lost two out of three to Cape Girardeau. WON 14 LOST 5 MSC OPP. Peru 8 5 Peru 6 5 Creighton 11 4 Creighton 3 4 NEM 7 NEM 1 NEM 11 2 Wm. Jewell 2 1 Wm. Jewell 2 1 NEM 6 1 NEM 3 NEM 9 5 Peru 7 5 Peru 3 5 CMS 4 2 CMS 4 CMS 2 6 SEMSC 6 7 SEMSC MIAA rating — second 350 ■■■■1 Practice Practice Practice takes many forms 1 t L CW ! ' i ' S . ' .« 351 Tennis Team John Braden returns lor a point. George Varchola returns the ball with ease. The Team relaxes during a break with Coach Gregory. 352 f n :•:•••:• •.•.vi!K• :K: ; : •:! •:•:•:•:•:.!;•I■Kv: •:•: :.•.•;!a Finishes with 8-3 Record FRONT ROW Lynn Manhart; Bruce Horrell; Dick Schilling; Bob Schilling. SECOND ROW: Alan Coleman; John Braden; George Varchola; Jim Crazier. Coach Robert Gregory lead his players to even more victories this season with George Varchola as the highest scorer. Robert and Richard Schilling maintained their usual high scores and Lynn Manhart proved his abilities as a new man on the team. The MCS netters placed fourth in the MIAA Conference Tournment to keep up to par with last year. Each member worked actively to support the team to help make it a successful season. WON 8 LOST 3 MSC OPP. Midwestern 8 1 Parson 4 5 Park College 7 2 Washburn 5 4 William Jewell 8 Rockhurst 9 Graceland 4 5 Warrensburg 5 2 Park College 8 1 William Jewell 8 1 Graceland 4 5 MIAA rating— fourth 353 . ' ■ ■-— — — 44 FIRST ROW: Jerry Peirce; Paul Fields; Randy Hansen; Ron Harris. SECOND ROW: Coach Dyche; Mark Thomas; Fred Kester; Mike Cain; Steve Whitney. Great Front-Line Strength but a Lack of Depth M 99 Coach Lewis Dyche summed up his swimming team as having " great iront-line strength but a lack ot depth. " The MSC tankers, entering the season with an MIAA third place rating trom last year, returned with six lettermen, Randy Hansen, Steve Conner, Jerry Peirce, Mark Thomas, Bob Puck, and Paul Fields. Other squadmen were Fred Kester, Francis Berkemeier, and Mike Cain plus several newcomers to the team. The tankers lost their first two meets and then defeated Park College, Springfield, and William Jewel for three consecutive wins. Two consecutive losses followed, MSC yielding to a strong Wayne State op- position and also to defending MIAA champs, Central Missouri State. In the MIAA Conference Meet, MSC hoped to be a strong contender for the title, but Central Missouri State " Just ran away with it " Dyche remarked. Randy Hansen captured first place in the 50-yard freestyle and the other MSC tankers performed reasonably well in all competition. The Bearcats competed against Springfield in the battle for second place but ended up with a third place position in the conference. With all but one swimmer returning next year, the team holds a bright outlook for the future. Mark Thomas is one oi the outstanding back- strokers in the conference. 354 Hansen is an all-round swimmer who won the 50-yard free- style in the conference meet. Fred Kester, distance man for the team, strokes in the 500-yard freesyle. WON 3 LOST 4 Washington Univ. MSC OPP. 28 75 St. Louis Univ. 47 57 William Jewell 63 41 Park College 58 45 SWMSC 53 51 CMS 33 71 Wayne State 31 73 MIAA rating — third Paul Fields, the only senior on the team, competes both in butterfly and freestyle. Jerry Peirce and Mike Cain gain distance in their start tor the 50-yard sprint. 355 Part of this routine involves a handstand on the trampoline. A swan balance on the uneven parallel bars is per- tormed by Linda Chappell. New Facilities Provide Outside Activity for the Intramural Program Judy Clark and Chris Beal look on in case Wanda Holhns loses her balance. Chris Beal and Judy Clark spot Wanda Rollins as she per- lorms a back roll on the balance beam. 356 Flexibility and smoothness are demonstrated in modern dance classes. Creative Activities Are A Part Of The Women ' s Physical Education Program Starla Eads does a straddle vault on the buck. Interpretation is done through modern dance positions. 357 Men ' s Intramurals Provide Activity for Non-Varsity Teams Some teams even provide their own cheerleaders. Phi Sigs carry the ball for a touchdown! MSC offers a wide variety of intramural sports for Greek and independent men who are not members of varsity teams. Flag football, tug of war, pool, and wrestling dominate the fall semes- ter. Intramural basketball and swimming begin after Christmas vacation. Through team organization and cooperation, these sports help build good character and sports- manship of MSC athletes. 358 A great block lor the ball carrier. Could it be the ghost ol intramurals in the past? A questionable moment ol who will get his hands on the ball tirst. 359 On the Sidelines )m 1U a JB ■ B I I 360 Gloria Sherman and Linda Snell are always on the go. Freshman cheerleaders are Donna Wood, Patty Faubion, Bev Thomp- son (standing) and Rose Mary Nicholas. A-C-T-I-O-N is the Word for our Cheerleaders And the cheering must go on. Varsity squad is ready to spring into action. 361 Necessary to the formation of any complete, able individual is spiritual deliberation, searching of one ' s inner self to devise and understand the why of exist- ence. Without this probing for reasons, all else in life, activities and values, will be meaningless. Without this search, maturity can never be attained. 362 Maturation 3_ 363 ■ i f. . ■ ' f ■rrr ■r -rr f BBMBBMBBB BanHaHMMl 365 ■ w- . ■■7) i ■ . ' ■ ■■ ■ . f:: ■■ RLC Promotes ' New Morality 9 Study How to further the student ' s interest in an up-to- date religion on campus has been the main theme ol the Religious Life Council. The Council this year has strived to provide the students with various lectures, dramas, and even Happenings to promote religious participation. The Council also organized the Thanks- giving Convocation and Easter Service. This year, the Easter Service was arranged differently and in a modern fashion so as to speak directly to the student. Religious Lite Committee members include, FIRST ROW, lelt to right: Miss Anna Gorsuch, sponsor; Julie Seipel; Pete Hill, president; Susan Bowser, secretary; Dr. Irene Mueller, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Cook; Sara Jo Drown; Jan Wilkes; Mary Elsberry; Linda Hopkins; Ken Millsap. THIRD ROW: Miss Neva Ross, sponsor; Erich Winter; Allan Borkowski; Leonard Archer; Terry Barnes; Dr. Ken- neth Minter, REW Advisor. oro » Spiritual Means More It may mean Beauty or oi warm windows on a cold, rainy night. or of a sparkling fountain It may mean the beauty of an ice-laden branch. 367 ...Than Just Religion With friends . It may mean Doing hadix Or alone. 368 ...Just Church Attendance It may mean Companionship In a discussion. Or at a party. Or in regal splendor. 369 ■ ■f • ■ ■ ■! ' -.. ' . " wy ya ...Or Just Observance of Liturgy It may mean Contemplation 370 Members ol Gamma Delta this year include: FIRST ROW: Rochelle Burton, Susan Bowser, Ivana Grillin, Janet Ranniger. SECOND ROW: Betty Meyn; Mary Maassen; Vice-President; Mary Elsberry; Pat Hansen, Secretary; Carol Andersen, Treasurer. THIRD ROW: Marie Klang, Susan Rogness, Shirley Graett, Marilyn Loots, Regie Dencklau. FOURTH ROW: Ron Hays, President; Richard Lantz; Denney Smith; John Iwen; Gary Patience; Daryl Orstad. Gamma Delta Expands Membership Members ol the group prepare a handsome display lor the Organizational Fair. 371 Baptists Sponsor Members 01 the Baptist Union include: FIRST ROW: Judi Byrne, Lola Auxier, Cheryl Creason, Jean Foreman, June LaBorde, Ethel Bow- man. SECOND ROW: Diana Jones, Sue Crook, Patricia Murphy, Sharon Estep, Sara Howell, Carolyn Garr, Kathy Malone. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Cook, Theresa Dick, Sharon Mead, Linda Woll, Mary Ann Christopher, Donita Little, Marilyn Kesselring. FOURTH ROW: Rev. Rex Henderson, Director; Merlin Jennings; Greg Watkins; Don Christopher; David Hulett; Keith Harmon. Greg Watkins directs the Baptist Student Union choir. During the Thanksgiving Vacation, the BSU sent ten of the sixteen International Students enrolled at MSC to Missouri Baptist ' s State Wide Conference lor International Students. The BSU choir, composed of thirty voices and under the direction of Greg Watkins, sang in eight different churches in Northwest Missouri. Other activities included work days, fourth place winning of Homecoming House Decorations contest portraying " Valley Forge, " Bible study weekly, prayer breakfasts, discussion groups and a semi- formal spring banquet. Twelve members of the group attended the state BSU Convention in Jefferson City, Missouri, and six attended the Southwide Baptist Stu- dent Week in New Mexico. Money received from vari- ous activities during the year amounted to a satisfac- tory amount which was given to missions. 372 1 ■■■■(■■■■MB International Retreat Participate in Leadership Conferences Dick Stephens and Carol Messner speak with a new student at the Or- ganizational Fair booth set up by the BSU. Members ol the council include: FIRST ROW: Shirley Mabary, Carol Bradley, Jayla Washburn, Kay Vulgamott. SECOND ROW Carol Messner; Jan Wilkes, Mary Lumm, Anita Shewmaker, Secretary, Carol Christopher THIRD ROW: Wayne Klme, Pete Hill Duane Trim ble, Vice-President, Ed Witham; Dick Stephens, President, Rev. Rex Henderson, Director. 373 Alan Pruitf tells about UCCF- Wesley at the Organizational Fait. UCCF-Wesley ] Ecumenicity was the theme of the UCCF-Wesley Fellowship this year. Cooperating with the Newman Center, Catholic Students organization, UCCF- Wesley participated in homecoming with themes oi the joint float and house decorations being The Wizard of Oz and The Arch of St. Louis, respectively. Other activities concerning the two groups were " University Concern " seminars, several programs, and parties. As an individual group UCCF-Wesley continued the regular program of Sunday mornings Forums and Sunday evening supper. Topics of the supper discussions ranged from the " Student ' s In- volvement in Society and The Campus " to seminars on sex and marriage. A Wednesday night Vespers program was continued under Rev. Ron Roemmich, newly -appointed campus minister. Officers for the year included Regie Turnbull, president; Alan Pruitt, vice president; Beverly Beeks, secretary, and Amy Bradfield, treasurer. Delicious meals are al- ways served at Sunday suppers. 374 Expands Campus Program One weekly feature oi the UCCF- Wesley Fellowship is the Sunday morning Forum, held before church. Soto Ron Roemmich, campus minister, makes an announcement at the evening supper. Kitchen detail for the Sunday supper works under the super- vision of Kathy Abersold. UCCF -Wesley " Ah! Fifteen more drops and it ' s my bucket. " " All this and Heaven, too?! " " Do you think they did it this way in St. Louis? " 376 Newman Center f Conception students put on a folk mass tor Newman students. As the arch symbolizes the connection of the two pages, it also symbolizes the ecumenical cooperation between Newman Center and UCCF-Wesley, a prot- estant organization. Under the guidance ot Father Tom Wiederholt, Newman more than doubled its attendance at masses and secular programs. The highlight of the fall se- mester was a " Happening " staged by Conception Abbey students with candles, balloons, and psychedelic effects. Thursday evenings dealt with more secular subjects such as premarital sex, racial problems, and drugs. Christmas caroling turned into a surprise party for Father Tom as he left for the Vatican and Europe over Christmas. Despite the destruction of some of the interior by a fire, Newman members confined to attend regularly. Tom Schneider, as president, worked with Father Tom to make Newman more relevant to the college student. 377 Council members ol Newman include: Father Tom Wiederholt, Tom Schnei- der, Carol Winger, Paul Derks, and Janice Wilmes. Father Tom administers communion to one ol the guitar players at morning Mass. One ol Newman ' s features is outside Mass held each tall and spring when the weather is good. 378 Liahona Participates in Four Areas Members include, FIRST ROW: Valera Beavers, Secretary; Sara Jo Drown; Linda Hopkins. SECOND ROW: Nancy Boyd; Pat Tiberghien; Ken Millsap, President; Sharon Boyles, Vice-President. THIRD ROW: J. K. Tankersley, Sponsor; Janet Gilbert; Steve Clark; Bob Reeves; Miss Neva Ross, Sponsor. The activities lor the Liahona Fellowship ot the Reorganized Church ol Jesus Christ ol Latter Day Saints were planned around the lour main areas ol recreation, service, study, and worship. The group enjoyed such social events as a lall hay ride, talley pull, trip to Conception Abbey, trip to Independence, Mo. to hear Handel ' s " Messiah, " Christmas caroling party, and a spring picnic. Other projects which the students participated in included a Christmas program, Liahona choir, worship services, and other service projects lor the local congregation. Members plan out the year ' s busy schedule. 379 In Memoriam Wayne Dyman June 6, 1946 — October 27,1967 To Him Whose Metamorphosis Was Yet Incomplete 380 Metamorphosis Casts Shadows On The Past But Hopes In The Future 381 ■ ' ■ ■ ■ ' » Student Directory Abersold, Katharine; 75,166,174,178,233,300 Abildtrup, Michael; 44,153,250,287 Ackerman, Gary; 31 Acord, Cheryl, 44 Acord, Stephen; 31 Adair, Norman; 75 Adams, Bruce; 220,223 Adams, Jayne; 107 Adams, Judith, 44,178 Adams, Linda, 75,306 Adams, Meta; 45,232,246,283 Adams, Richard; 31 Adams, Sheral; 107 Adcock, Gary; 31 Adcock, Mark; 31 Adkisson, Dennis, 31 Adwell, Larry; 45 Aebersold, Phyllis; 31,153,233,315 Aguilar, Sandra; 45,306 Ahrens, Larry, 45,264 Albanese, Robert; 323 Albin, Jerald; 45,260 Albin, Robert; 75 Albright, Nancy; 45,178,300 Alden, Mary h, 323,283 Alexander, David; 107 Allen, Beverly; 75 Allen, Danny Joe; 31,250,325,323 Allen, Deborah; 107 Allen, Glen; 31,283,307 Allen, James, 31 AUen, Karen, 107 Allen, Larry; 31,350 Allen, Linda Jane; 107,222 Allen, Linda; 31 Allen, Michael; 45,260 Allensworth, Diane, 107,231 Alley, Gayla, 31 Almquist, Darla; 75 Almquist, Joyce, 31 Alsbury, Marsha; 107 Alumbaugh, Clayton; 336,337 Anders, Twila; 107,284 Andersen, Carol; 296,301,304,236,371 Andersen, Larry; 75 Anderson, Diane, 107 Anderson, Mary; 75 Anderson, Rita; 91 Anderson, Ronald, 45,264 Anderson, Stephen, 45,273,345 Andes, Grover; 75 Andrew, Kristen; 31,283,304 Andrews, Donald; 75,236,303 Andrews, Elirin, 75,281 Andrews, Jeltrey. 260,262 Andrews, Melvin; 107 Angeroth, H. Irene, 31 Anken, Nancy; 91 Annan, Gary; 75 Annan, Maribeth; 235,283 Archer, Leonard, 45,260,366 Arends, Linda; 91 Argento, Roseanne; 45 Armbmst, Terry; 107 Armstrong, Carol; 75,306 Armstrong, James; 45 Amdt, LaVerne, 75 Arnold, Betty, 223,274 Arnold, Keith; 205 Arnold, Larry; 76 Arnold, William; 91 Arrington, Richard; 45 Asbell, Mary; 160,161,232,233,267 Ashellord, Allen; 107 Ashworth, Barbara, 76 Askelson, David, 107,238 Asmussen, Judy, 76 Atkins, Jo Ellen, 76,236,301 Atkins, Lyle; 107 Atkins, Sharon Earlene; 31 Atkinson, Don; 76 Atkinson, Priscilla; 107 Atterbury, Stephen; 107 Austin, Jim; 344 Auxier, Lola; 91,290,372 Ayers, Janet; 45 Babcock, Loretta; 91 Bachman, Carolyn; 45 Bachman, Donald; 45 Bacon, Donna; 77,304 Bagleyjan; 107 Baier, Sharon; 76,233 Bailer, Marda; 31 Bailey, Bruce; 307 Bailey, H Lewis, 107,325,328,323 Baillargeon, Tonia; 76 Bamurn Roberta; 76 Bair, Loren; 76 Bajrd. Carol; 182,244 Beard, Harvey, 336 Baker, Allen; 107 Baker, Barbara; 46,301 Baker, Donald; 107 Baker, John Roy; 76 Baker, Kenneth, 46 Baker, Viclri; 140,174;244 Ball, Betty; 107,289 Ball, Janice; 76,242,284 Ballantine, John R .; 107 Ballard, Lynn; 76 Bangston, William, 107 Banning, John, 337 Barcus, Gloria; 107,253 Barham, Mary Kathryn; 65,235,283 Barker, Kennard; 264 Barnes, John; 31 Barnes, Terry; 32,220,222,223,298,366 Barnett. Dale; 107 Bamett, Dean; 287 Barnett, Kathryn, 107 Barnett, Linda; 92 Ban, Betsy; 92 Barr, Laurie; 107,222 Barratt, Robert; 92 Bartlett, Charles; 76 Barton, Beverly, 46,242,289 Barton, LuAnn; 76,178,284 Bassett, John, 76,202,203,233 Bassett, Kenneth; 46,160,234,260 Bateman, Pamela; 32 Bateman, Robert; 92,212 Baum, Denise; 107 Baum, Ruth; 92 Bauman, Leonard; 92 Baumli, Evelyn; 76 Baumli, Francis; 173,303 Baumli, Cathy; 46 Baiter, Don, 46,273,232 Bazan, Robert; 107 Beach, Michael; 325 Beach, Pamela; 32,239,240 Beal, Christie, 46,159,241,238,296,237,356 Beam, Wendee; 76,181,207,214,215,220,224 225 246,284 Beard, Ronald; 32 Beathe, Candise; 32 Beartie, Deborah; 107 Beaver, Cecilia; 107 Beavers, J B., 6 Beckman, Cheryl; 296 Beckman, Eugene; 279 Beckner, Barbara, 107,214 Bedwell, Galyn; 76 Beeks, Beverly; 46,228,230,242 Beeks, Patricia; 107 Beem, Bruce, 92,282 Beem, Rodney; 46,159,180,254 Beemer, Chris; 32 Beemer, James; 46,234,238,260,273 Beeson, Barbara; 92 Beggs, Gary, 46,281 Bell, Charles; 107 Bell, Joyce; 108 Belman, Margaret; 108 Bender, Betty; 108,289 Bender, Kenneth, 46,260,287 Bender, Terri; 46,182,232,274,284 Benedict, Lloyd; 32 Bengard, Roberta; 108 Benitz, Daniel; 46 Benner, Glenn; 76 Bennett, Connie; 108 Bennett, Patricia; 108,236,306 Bensyl, Joseph; 108 Bensyl, Judith; 76 Bentley, David; 46,298 Benton, Harry; 92 Bergmann, Ronald; 108,282 Bergren, Diane; 92,225 Berry, Linda; 108 Bethel, Donald; 76 Bethel, Thomas; 76 Bieker, Kathleen, 108 Biermann, Bruce; 108 Bintner, Robert; 76,284,303 Bird, Lorraine; 239 Bird, Roger; 92 Bishop, Brenda; 108,178 Bishop, Joseph, 92,325 Bishop, Nancy; 46 Bissell, Rita, 76,235,242,283 Birhker, Ken, 203 Black, Elbert; 46,276 Black, Gary; 78 Black, Kathleen; 76,244,245 Blackburn, Gwyn; 108 Blacklord, John; 280,281 Blackman, Diane; 108 Blackwell, Beth; 46,296 Blakesley; Susan; 194,231 Blanchard, Gregory; 92 Bland, Terri; 244,245 Blank, Linda Sue; 76 Blaiek, William; 76 Blomker, Barbara; 76,283 Bock; Allyn, 264 Boedeker, Dorothy; 46 Boeh, Jennifer; 32,139 Boessen, Joe; 260,298 Boggess, Geraldee; 244 Boles, Linda; 108 Bolin; Patricia; 108 Boltinghouse, Adena; 76,178,224 Bonawibr, Stephen; 91,337 Boone, Luke, 292 Boone, Terry; 92 Booth, Gary; 47 Borgstadt, Katherine; 214,225 Boring, Daniel, 47 Borkowsld, Allan, 47,298,330,332,333,335,366 Boswell, Angela; 108,281 Bovaird, Dean; 47,254 Bowen, Wallace Kim; 250 Bower, David; 47,250 Bower, Denise, 108,306 Bowers, LaDonna; 32 Bowland, Marilyn; 76,205 Bowman, Donna; 76 Bowman, Ethel; 108,214,220,372 Bowser, Susan; 76,178,182,183,302,366,371 Boyd, Gary; 92 Boyd, Nancy; 108,373 Boyens, Christy; 108 Bayer, Charles; 260 Boyer, Kathy; 108,182 Boyer, Uoyd; 47 Boyer, Sherry; 108 Boyles, Sharon; 47,274,379 Braden, John; 76,250,352,353 Brader, Carol; 92,296,306,301 Brader, Donald; 47,250 Bradheld, Amy; 32,178,222,223 Bradheld, Gayle; 47,140,148,153,236,246 Bradley, Carol; 76,273,278,290 Bradley, Raymond; 76 Bradley, William, 203 Brady, Patricia; 47,76 Brand, Betty; 108,301 Brand, Carolyn; 47,296,301,304 Bratcher, Donna; 108 Breeding, Carol; 159,178,302 Brenneman, Janet; 76,236 Bretch.Fred; 77 Brick, Thomas, 108,222 Bricker, Barbara; 77,304 Bridgman, Gary; 47,282,283 Briggs, Jack; 77,208,209,214,220,225,307 Briggs, Jeanne; 108,292 Bright, Frederick; 350 Brill, Robert; 92,281 Brinton, Dennis; 47,159,282 Brinton, Linda, 47,182,192,193,196,200,206 Britt, Linda; 77,238,246 Brockhaus, Jerry; 108 Brockhaus, Larry 108 Brock, Cynthia, 47,289 Brod, Milton; 193 Brodersen, Cynthia; 92 Brookhouser, Rose; 77,244 Brooks, Gail; 92 Brooks, Phyllis; 77 Brooks, William; 47 Brothers, Catherine; 92 Brothers, Robert; 108 Brower, Robert; 47 Brown, Alan; 7 Brown, Charlotte, 47 Brown, Cherye; 92,222,223 Brown, Dave; 202 Brown, Doyle; 47,254,283,303 Brown, Joe, 279,281 Brown, Kenneth; 92 Brown, Linda; 77,178 Brown, Nancy; 77 Brown, Patricia Ann; 213 Brown, Richard; 92 Brown, Rita; 213 Brown, Roland; 77 Brown, Ronald; 48 Brubeck, Brenda. 108 Bruner, Robert; 77,127,212,218,220,223 Brunker, Robert; 159,250,299 Bryan, Donald; 77,282 Bryan, Marilyn; 77 Bryan, Mary, 48 Buchanan, Richard; 48,282 Buck, Carlene; 77,292,302 Buckley, Nanci; 108 Buehler. Michael; 32,250 Buetow, Thomas; 92,194,233 Bukowski, Robert; 257,282 Bulbs, Gail; 137 Bullock, Linda; 77 Bullock, Paul; 77 Bunch, Dennis; 283 Burge, Keith; 325,329,333,334 Burger, Mary Jo; 284 Burgett, Cynthia; 108 Burgner, Perry J; 32,292 Burk, James; 92,180,133,250 Burk, William; 77,222,223 Burke, John; 108 Burke, Linda; 108 Burke, Richard; 337 Burkhalter, Charlene; 77 Burkhalter, Luanda; 77 Burkhardt, Robert, 92 Burnett, Zonia 48 Burnham, Nancy; 77,182,239 Bums, Danny; 92 Burns, Donna; 77,161,232,233,315 Burnside, Joan; 48 Burrell.Bob; 77,160,260 Burriqht, Kathy; 108 Burt, Judy; 32,140,242,301 Burton, Norma; 48 Burton, RochelleM; 48,178,274,371,306 Busch, James; 250 Bush, Karen; 148,190,244 Bush, Nancy; 108 Butcher, Rose Ann, 235,242,291 Butler, Sandy; 237,301,304 Byrd, Barbara; 77,232,284 Byrne, Judi; 77,372 Cabbage, Joyce; 108 Cable, Leona; 77 Cadwell, Lynn; 282 Cain, Benny; 48,260,297,350 Cain, Michael; 354,355 Calbreath, Sue; 77,194 Callee, Agnes; 48 Caltee, Anita; 108 Calia.Joe; 325,323 Callow, Michael; 32 Cameron, Bonnie; 108,289,306 Cameron, Gary; 77 Campbell, Annabelle. 77 Campbell, Josephine; 108 Campbell, Larry; 33 Campbell, Linda; 48 Campbell, Sharon; 109 Camper, Dave; 109 Canon, Pam; 267 Canon, Russell; 48,264,280 Cantrell, Bruce; 109 Caputo, Ann; 77 Caputo, Jan; 77 Caraway, Joe, 77,260,262 Carl, Michael; 236,254,256 Carlile, Franklin; 209,214,222,224 Carlson, Dennis; 77 Carlson, Linda; 77 Carlson, Roger; 250 Carlson, Stanley; 337 Carpenter, Jack; 77 Carr, Christine; 109 Carr, Lawrence; 109 Carr, Marilyn, 48,289 Carr, Rosamond, 93,301 Carroll, Everette; 33,276 Carroll, Stephen; 103 Carstenson, Steven; 220 Carter, Charilyn; 109 Carter, Charles; 109 Carter, Karen; 109,222 Carter, Katherine; 103,306 Carter, Kathy; 109 Casey, Patrick; 233,283 Casey, Phillip; 77 Casey, Ronald; 224 Caskey, Janet, 109,222,223 Cassity, Claudia; 33 Cassity, James; 109 Cauveren, John; 109 Caven, Gary; 282,307 Cavenee, Susan; 244 Ceplina, Barbara; 103 Cephna, Sharon; 48,190,303,304 Cesaretti, Michael, 126,282 Cesareth; Robin; 126 Chahn, Larry; 33 Chalstrom, Wilham; 48 Chambers. Berry; 93 Chang, Carmen, 286,291 Chapman, David; 77,220 Chappell, Undo; 93,296,301 Chappell, Patty; 48,130,246,300,356 Chaska, Kyle; 48 Chatten, Kathryn; 77 Chavannes, Marilyn, 246,267,300 Cheek, Lois, 93 Chen, James, 48,286 Chen, Robert; 286 Christensen, Burdette; 109 Christensen, Donald; 48 Christensen, Elden; 48 Christiansen, Gail; 93,218,220,222 Christiansen, Paula; 77 Christie, Harvey; 43 Christopher, Carolyn; 33,273 Christopher, Don; 372 Christopher. Mary: 109.372 Clark, Connie, 103,224 Clark, Daniel; 77 Clark, H. Mack; 43,257 Clark, Jacquehne, 43,302,303 Clark, Janice; 93,182,214 Clark, Judy; 77,159,242,267,284,291,296,356 Clark, Mary Ann; 49 Clark, Peggy; 77,296,301 Clark, Steven; 49,298,373 Clarke, Jo; 49,178,225 Clausen, Julia; 93 Clausen, Margaret; 109,214,224 Claxton, Larry; 49 Chy.Duane; 93 Clay, Paula; 77 Clayton, Richard; 78,250 Cleeton, Linda, 78 Clitton, Ray; 236 Climie, Judy; 49 Cline, Marcia; 78,289 Close, Phil; 257 Clothier, Martha; 49,214,225 Clower, Kenneth; 33 Clowser, Linda; 109 Clymens, Cecil; 49 Clymens, Jean; 49 Coates, Dennis; 109,222 Cobb, Anita; 109 Cobb, Richard; 109 Cobb, Roberta; 78,236 Cocking, Patricia; 103 Cockriel, Gay; 239 Cody, Linda; 49,292 Coler.Kay; 93 Coler, W. Clark; 49 Collelt, Cynthia; 109 Cotiman, Donna; 109 Colborn, Elaine; 109,182,222,223,284 Cole, Glen; 93 Cole, Jess; 254,256 Cole, Mary; 109 Cole, Richard; 109 Cole, Rose Mary; 178,242,296 Coleman, Alan; 353 Coleman, Ted; 109,223 Colgan.Dan; 250 Collier, Ann; 78 Collier, Keith; 49,282 CoUins, Carlo; 109,292 Collins, Gregory; 49,260 CoUins, James; 78 Collins, Janice; 49 Collins, Jerry, 78,281 Collins, Sharon; 93 Collins, William; 214 Colton, Karen; 78,159,178,242,284 ColviUe. Winilred; 49 Combs, Arceile; 78,212,213,215 Combs, Charles; 49,281 382 _. Combs, Don, 78,279 Combs, Mary Ann, 49,235,289 Comer, Janet, 109,292 Comes, James; 78 Comstock, Julia; 93 Comstock, Tom, 49 Condron, Sharon, 109 Conner, Stephen; 160,180,186,284,286 Connole, John; 78 Constable, Jimmy; 109 Constant, Allen, 78 Cook, Diana; 93,223 Cook. Dorothy; 78,366,372 Cook, James; 325,329 Cook, John, 78,281 Cook, Judy; 109,289,291 Cook, Larry, 50,218,220,223 Cook, Sherry, 93,212,215,222,223 Cooper, Janice, 78,284 Coover.Deta, 109,214,306 Copeland, Carol, 50,244 Copeland, Sharon; 93 Copeland, Sue; 50 Copic, William; 264 Corbett, Diana; 109,194,225 Corbett, Michael; 257,325,326 Cornelius, Harold, 109 Cornett, Bonnie; 109,289 Cornell, Bonnie, 93 Comwell, Susan, 78,301 Corrough, Beth; 244 Cose, Larry; 109 Coss.John, 220 Costello, James, 93 Costello, William, 78 Cottrell, Steven, 93,222,276 Couch, Janice; 50,231,239,274 Courier, Jerry, 287 Courtney, Perry, 337 Cowden.Nell; 78 Cowger, Jeannie. 78,235,239 Cox, Charlotte, 267 Cox, James. 50,78,281,282 Cox, Larry, SO Cox, Linda, 78 Cox, Marsha; 78 Crabtree, Amy; 93 Crandell, John, 331,333 Craven, Bobert; 50,260 Creason, Cheryl; 109,372 Crider, Donna, 109 Crigger, Dwaine, 50 Crompten, David, 204 Crook, Susan; 110,372 Cross, David, 78 Cross, Dwayne; 110 Cross, Linda; 110,289 Crouch, Jack; 93,281 Crouse, Stephen, 50 Crowley, Cheryl; 78,178,180,182,183,186 Crowlher, Carol, 110,140 Cray, Tom, 78 Croxier, James, 50,260,263,353 Crux, Boberto; 78,159,180,254 Cukar, William; 93,144 Cummins, Judy , 50 Cummins, Paula; 50 Cundall, Tom; 110,283 Cunningham, Glenna; 93,297,301 Cunningham, Gail; 110 Cunningham, Larry; 110 Curnett, Patricia; 78 Curtis, Barbara; 93 Curtis, James, 110 Cushing, Jean; 93 Daddow, Kirk; SO Daggett, Donald, 93 Dagley. Gary, 50,276,279,287 Dahlhauser, Thomas, 260,325,337 Dahms, Terry, 78,264 Dahmus, Paul; 110 Dailey, Diane; 110 Daise, Linda, 79 Dalton, Charles, 110 Daniels, William, 79,233 Danilson, John, 254 Dann, Marshall, 127,264,279 Dare, Linda, 194,197 Darnell, Cynthia; 159,246,300 Darr, Cathi, 93 Darr, Dennis; 93,222 Darveaux, Margery, 296 Dougherty, Hilda; 93 Dougherty, Julie, 79,232 Davenport, Margret; 93,306 Davidson, Jerry; 50,254 Davis, Ann, 93,290 Davis, Conduce, 110,301 Davis, Chris, 110,325,329 Davis, Connie, 50,242,284 Davis, Connie; 93 Davis, David; 110 Dawson, Barbara, 50,296,306 Dawson, Jennifer; 110 Dawson, Linda; 93 Dawson, Bonald; 79 Dawson, Tomas, 79 Day, Edward, 110 Day, Kenneth, 79,264 Dean, Mary; 1.0,214,222 Dean, Bichard; 79,298 Dear, Larry, 333 Deatsch, John; 110 Decker, Woodie; 110 Decklever, Dee Ann, 79,208,209,214,224 Dedrickson, Bandy; 250 Delienbaugh, Betty; 93 Degginger, Mark; 110 Deitchler, Marsha, 110 Delong, John; SO Delong, Bichard; 93 Denduden, Sharon; 93 DeMaio.John; SO Dempsey, Steven; 51,212,215,220,222,223 Dencklau, Regie; 371 Dennis, William, 51 Denton, Boyd, 93 Derks, Gary, 51,257 Derks.Paul, 78,378 DeVore, James; 110 DeVore.Mark; 325,329 Dew, Gertrude; 51 Dick, Iris; 292 Dick, Marvin, 51,179,254 Dick, Theresa, 110,290,372 Dickerson, Bichard; 264,279 Didlo, Diane; 79,235,289 Didlo, Margaret; 79 Diehl, Connie, 94,159,246,279 Diemar, Bichard; 264 DiGirolamo, Mary Frances; 182,194,213 DUUvan, Walter, 51,264 Dittmer, William; 51 Dixon, Carlene; HO Dixon, Donna, 94 Dixon, Viclri; 110 Diaxxo, Pat; 94 Dodge, Thomas; 264 Dodsey, Karol; 290 Donaldson, Donaia; 110 Doria, Maria Eugenia; 286,291 Dorrel, Dayna; 110 Dorsey, Darold, 325 Dorsey, Jerry; 282 Dorsey, Terry; 94 Doty, Brian; 94,254 Douthat, Michael, 94,233 Dow, Dennis; 222 Dowden, Cheryl; 182,183,290 Dowden, Larry; 79 Dowling, Trudy, 94 Downing, Cindy; 94 Downing, Bichard, 51,332,333 Drain, Diane, 51,235 Drake, Thomas, 110,214,224 Dreager, Bosemarie, 79,148,292,299 Drew, Mary, 286,303 Drewes, Lois; 110,289 Drown, Sara Jo; 110,366,379 Duane, Daniel; 79,282 Dull, Carol; 51,246,279 Dutlett, Boberta; 51 Dulcan, Michael; 79 Dunavan, Marsha; 51,290 Duncan, Helen, 94,140,242,301 Duncan, John; 79 Duncan, Nancy; 94,299,305 Dunkle, Carol; 246 Dunn, James; 222 Durbin, Lynn, 94,282 Durham, Harold, 254 Duty, Gerald; 51,298 Duvall, Helen; 51,190,232,235.304 DuvaU.Buth; 111,182 Duxenberry, Bobert, 79,261 Dyer, Virginia; 94 Dyke, Jerry; 250 Dyman, Wayne; 380 Dyson, Candace; 111 Eads, Starla; 79,296,301,357 Eads, Tom; 111 Earhart, Lawrence, 264,297,350 Early, Sharon; 111 Eastbourn, Linda, 111 Easterhaus, Carol; 51,178,235 Easterla, Phyllis; 94 Easterla, Bichard; 94 Easton, Mamie; 111 Easton, Patricia, 292,304 Easton, Stephen; 94 Ebbrecht, K athi, 111,179,299 Ebert.Ken, 111 Eckard, Scott; 264 Eckholl, Sandra, 51,242,296 Eddleman, Dixie; 244 Eddy, Lucille; 94,178 Edwards, Janice; 94,159,304 Edwards, Jay; 79 Edwards, Joyce; 51,190,284,306 Edwards, Phillip, 51,261,350 Edwards, Terry, 325,329 Eggers, Francis; 261 Ehlers, Bonnie; 111 Eighmy, Connie, 51 Eisenhour, Jerry, 197,198,200 Flam. Linda, 94 Elder, Kay; 51,178,234,235,306 Elixondo, Daniel; 111 Elliott, Denese, 52,274 Elliot, Tracy, 94 Ellis, David, 2S4 Ellis, Richard C, 52 Ellis, Stanley, 79,281 Ellison, Greg; 287 Ellison, Thomas; 111,281 Elsberry, Mary; 79,296,301,366,371 Elswick, Lyman; 281 Eltringham, Bonald; 111,325,329 Ely, George, 94,222 Emrick, Gail; 94,242 Engel, Sharon; 52 Engelbrecht, Diane; 111 Engle, Bussell; 111 Engle, Thomas; 94,222 Englin, Gene; 94 Erb, Judith; 79 Erickson, Dayle; 52,264 Erickson, Janice, 94 Erickson, John; 52 Erickson, Larry, 52,264 Ernst, Steven; 79 Erskins, Janet; 94 Esbeck, Gary, 94 Estep, Bonald, HI Estep, Sharon, 111,214,306,372 Estes, Elnora, 94,182 Estes.Jack, 182,194,206,224 Estes, James; 79 Euritt, Marie; 52,284 Euritt, Maria, 111,178 Evans, Jean; 111 Evans, Jo Ellen; 111 Evans, Frank, 287 Evans, Kathleen; 111 Everett, Jeane; 94,302 Failing, Pamela, 95 Fall, Lonny; 95 Fancher, Danny; 52 Fancolly, Kenton; 79 Fanning, Michael, 325,329 Father, Carolyn; 194,202,203 Fariell, Phyllis; 79,236,246 Farnan, Phillip; 225 Farris, Bobert; 329 Fasnacht, Bebecca, 111 Fast, Janet; 52 Fast, Sheila; 95 Faubion, Patricia, 111,253,306,361 Fay, Phillip; 52 Fay, Sylvia; 79 Felder, Sr. Barbara; 111 Fell, Jane; 111 Fender, Johnetta, 111,213,214 Fentiman, Bichard; 279 Ferguson, Nancy; 111 Ferguson, Sherry; 79 Fichter, Karen; 95 Fields, Betty Jo; 95,244 Fields, Paul; 354,355 Filger.Bon; 111 Fine, Elaine; 52 Fine, PhilUp; 52,276 Fink, James; 111,283 Finlay, Peggy; 111,178 Fischbach, Fred; 250,253 Fischer, Jerry; 250 Fish, Richard; 111 Fisher, Anna; 79,178 Fisher, Leroy; 111,281 Fitxpatrick, Richard; 79 Flachsla nd, Linda, 95 Flanagan, Janet; 95 Fleshner, Lyle; 52 Fletchall, Norma; 95,289 Fletcher, Jeanne; 52,289 Florea, Michael; 111 Florea, Paula; 95,222,224 Flowers, Richard; 52.281 Poland, Glen; 95 Folkman, Don; 194 Ford, Dennis; 52 Ford, Jennifer, 95 Ford, Jerry, 52 Ford, Linda; 79,223 Ford, Stephen; 52,264 Ford, Susan; 95,267 Foreman, Jeaneen; 111,372 Forgey, Larry; 111 Forret, Juanita; 52,289 forret, Vicki; 95 Foster, Charles; 95 Foster, Irene; 79 Foster, Joseph, 257 Foster, Lana; 95 Foster, Robert, 234,265,314 Foster, Ronnie; 287 Fothergill, Caryl; 95 Fouts, John; 52 Fouls, Larry; 79,250 Fowler, Janis; 95 Fox, Jackie; 79,244 Fox, John; 95 Frahm, Phil; 337 Frame, Harold; 95,281 Frank, Thomas; 53,174,180,181,234,238,261,287 Franks, Laurene, 79,274 Fraxho, Larry; 261 Frease, Micheale, 79 Freeman, Ann; 95,222,223 Freitag, Wanda; 111 Frese, Joseph; 79 Frese, Steve; 79,283 French, Joanne, 79 Fries, Marion, 224,305 Fry, Sandra; 232 Fulton, Janice; HI Funk, Cassandra, 213 Furman, Carol; 95 Furst.Ray; 111,281 GaUinger, Jerry; 111 Gallinger, Russell; 111 Garcia, Wayne; 335 Gardner, Donna; 111,178 Gardner, John; 111 Gardner, Laura; 79 Gardner, Michael; 95 Garr, Carolyn, 111,213,214,223,372 Garrett, Lewis; 337 Garrison, Michael; 53,261 Garton, Frederick; 79,281 Garwood, Beverly; 112 Gates, B. Michael; 80 Gaudio, Louis; 53,265,266 Gaule, Twylla; 53,290 Gay, James; 257 Gayler, Bichard; 112 Gaylor, Ronald; 53 Geib, Gary; 80,276 Geib, Larry; 80,276,298 Geist, Cullen; 112,325,329 Geist, Robert; 283 Gentry, Gloria; 112 George, Danny; 112 George, Diane; 80,223 George, James, 53 George, Janice; 112 George, Jerry, 80 George, Marsha; 112,179 Gere, Patricia, 53 Gere, Theodore. 80,329 Geyer, Martha, 53,190,191,234,238,239,267,273 Gibbs, Ronald; 95 Gibson, Connie; 112 Gibson, Linda; 80.180 Gibson, Patricia; 95 Gibson, Roselyn; 112 Gidley, Tracy; 112 Gilhn, Velda, 95 Gilford, Barbara, 53 Gilford, Bal ph, 95,339,340,341 Gilbert, Janet, 112,214,222,223,379 Gilbertson, Deborah; 112 Gilbreath, Thomas; 265 Gilhson, Charles; 112,336 Gill, Undo, 148,238,244 Gillen, Claudia; 80 Gillespie, James; 95 Gillespie, Penny; 112,200,222 Gilhspie, James; 159,250 Gilhspie, Victoria; 112,223 Gilliam, WilUam; 80 Gilmore, Lariette, 112,292 Ginther, Michael; 95,303 Gjesdal, Delora; 112 Gjerstad, Meredith; 254,303 Glancy, Boger; 53 Glauser, Gregory; 80,257 Glennon, Michael; 112,194,198 Glynn, Vicki; 112 Godden, Diane; 95 Godsey, Karol, 112,292 Godsey, Phyllis, 95,182,290,292 Goeken, Bichard; 80 Gotl, James; 112 Golf, Susan; 95,267 Golden, Shirley; 95,194,202 Goldsmith, Helen; 112,178 Gomex, Biclae; 95 Gonder, Caren; 112 Goodale, Ardell; 95,178 Goodale, Jimmie; 112 Goodall, Beverly; 112 Goodell, Belinda; S3 Gooding, Harold, 80,112 Goodlel, Michael; 95 Goodman, Jean; 95 Goodner, Ricky; 112 Goodpaster, Jerry; 80 Goodson, Gary; 339,342 Goodvin, Max; 53 Goodwin, Alan, 95 Goodwin, James; 112 Goos, James; 80 Goostree, James, 80,283 Gorsuch, Connie, 112,178,222,223 Gorsuch, Linda; 80,178 Grace, William; 53,250 Gracey, Danny; 112 Gracey, Diana; 80,182,183 Gradwell, Michael; 95,262 Graell, Shirley; 53,278,371 Grame, Donna; 95 Grame, Marie; 95 Graves, Harry; 53 Graves, Kenneth; 95 Graves, Robert; 257,337 Gray, Donovan; 96 Cray, Stephen; 80 Green, Gary; 53 Greenwood. Robert; 112 Gregerson, Joe; 112 Greiner, Bernard; 96,222,258 Greiner, Carol Ann, 53,235 Greiner, Donald; 112,222 Greiner, Kenneth, 53,212,223 Grey, Marcia; 96 Grider, Richard; 96,222 Gritfel, Raymond; 53 Grithn, lvanna; 54,371 GritHn, Jerry; 96 Griffin, Kathleen, 54,235,242,278,300 Griffin, Mary; 112,292 Grithn, Velda; 289,290 Grilhth, Gayl, 112 Griggs, Kenneth; 251 Grimes. Riley; 112,222,303 Grimes, Stephen, 96,213,220 Grimsley, David; 96,303 Groesbeck, Esther; 80,253 Groh, Sandy; 267 G roomer, Joyce; 96 Gross, Joen; 80,284,289 Grow, Paul; 96 Gubser, Cheryl; 96 Gubser, James; 54 Gunsolley, Byron, 54 Gurin, Harry; 223 Gustafson, Larry; 112 Gustafson, Tod; 265 Hagg, Janet; 80 Haan, Carl J, Jr.; 223,292 Haer, Vickie; 112 Hagan, Margaret; 112 Hager, Peter; 80,337 Hager, Shereda; 96 Hagler, Bebecca; 112 Halbert, Karen; 246 Hale, Eddie; 54,280,281 Hall, Lynda; 96,299 Hall, Margaret; 54,242,284 Hall, Modena; 80 Hall, Bichard, 54 Hall.Bodney; 112 HaU, Thomas, 54,279 Hallenberg, Richard; 113.276 Hamilton, Ellen. 96,244,315 Hamilton, Joan; 96,246 Hamilton, Kay. 54,182,186 Hamilton, Laura; 54 Hamilton, Sharon; 96,289 Hamilton, Terry; 113 Hamlet, Jo Ellen; 113 Hammer, Denise, 113 Han, Timothy; 96 383 Hanabury, Waller; 54,278 Hancock, Gloria; 96 Haney, John; 96 Hankins, Sammy; 96 Hankins, William; 54 Hanna, Mitchel; 265,337 Hasina, Victoria; 80,232,235,239 Hannah, Janet; 113 Hannah, Jeannine; 96 Hanon, Larry; 255 Hanover, Pamella; 96 Hanrath; Ina Kay; 80 Hansen, Gary; 80,261,337 Hansen, Gloria; 96,182,242,284,291 Hansen, Patricia; 54,178,371 Hansen, Phillip, 54 Hansen, Randolph; 265,354,355 Hardisty, Bernadine; 54,278 Hardwick, John; 96 Hardwick, Judy; 80,278 Hardy, David, 54 Hardy, Phyllis; 113,182 Hargens, Mark, 261 Harker, John; 255 Harman, Christine; 113 Harmon, Carl; 54,282 Harmon, Keith; 372 Harms, Joyce; 113 Harris, Gary, 113 Harris, Janis; 1 13,306 Harris, Linda; 113 Harris, Marcia, 113,299 Harris, Olen; 325,329 Harris, Boger; 54 Harris, Ronald; 354 Harris, Wayne; 113 Harrison, Avis; 80 Harrison, Russell; 54 Hartley, Terry; 261 Harvey, Nancy; 80,289 Harwood, Patricia, 80 Hascall, Donald; 113 Hascall, Harold, 54,212,215 Haskell, Wilham; 96,282 Hatch, Juliana; 55,235,289 Hatheld, Kathryn; 242 Hauber, Paula, 55,242 Hauser, James; 251 Hawkins, Gary; 113,325,329 Hawkins, Julia; 55 Hayden, Sharon, 55,299 Haynes, Richard; 220 Haynie.John; 80,276 Hays, Linda; 96 Hays, Margaret, 55,182,235,284 Hays, Ronald; 232,371 Hayward, Nona; 55,235 Hayward, Robert; 55 Hazelwood, Dennis; 96,282 Hazelwood, Donald; 96,283 Hazen, Susan; 113 Healy, Joseph; 113 Heath, Barbara; 180 Heath, Mickey; 113 Heck, Carl; 80 Heck, Larry; 113,281 Heckel, Susan; 113,306 Heckman, Karla; 113 Hedges, Margaret; 113 Hedinger, Susan; 281 Heer, Jenniier, 239 HeJUn, Norman; 55,307 Heindenreich, James; 55,255 Heiland, Joan; 80,140,244 Heimke, Gary; 55,283 Heinz, Richard; 55,192,196,199 Hellers, Patricia, 55,178,284 Heller, Ronald, 55,282 Hell, Jean; 55,178,284 Helzer, Dorothy; 55 Hemmen, Gerhard; 193 Hemry, Martha, 96,223 Henderson, Hamilton; 55,276 Henderson, Anna; 113 Hendrickson, Gary; 80 Henkowski, Paulette; 80 Hennesy, Charles; 55 Henry, Kerry; 140,141 Henny, Vicki, 113,178 Hensleigh, Marcia; 80,192,196,199,211 Herod, Johnnie; 55 Herrick, Lora; 96 Herron, Peggy; 278 Herron, Ronald; 113 Herzog, Stanley; 113 Hess, Delores; 96 Hassel, Larry; 96 Hestand, Phillip; 113 Heyde, Thomas; 113,223 Heyle, Daniel; 96 Hicks, Donald, 80 Higgins, Rodney; 80 HUey, Daniel, 113 Hilgenberg, Deborah; 113 Hilger, Dennis; 80,251 Hill, Barbara; 80 Hill, Charles; 55 Hill, Claudia, 96,239,267 Hill, David, 251 Hill, John; 113 Hill, Pete; 366,373 Hill, Robert, 96 Hilsabeck, Linda, 113 Hinkle, C Jon, 113,292 Hitchcock, Marjorie; 56,197,181 Hoak, Marlene; 81 Hockensmith, David; 303 Hodgin, Barri; 96,202,203 Hodgin, Scott; 196,298 Hoecker, Richard; 96 Holer, Karla; 81,239 Hoitelmeyer, Linda Sue; 56,127,148,160,180,181, 222,232,235,239 Hoettelmeyer, Michael; 96,257,281,282 Hottman, Carolyn; 81,182,206,214,215,224,304 Hollman, Dennis, 96 Hottman, Johnny; 56,192,198 Hottman, Lawrence: 81 Hague, Morris; 56,261,282 Hohensee, Duane; 261 Holcomb, Dale; 56 Holcomb, Nancy; 81,200,204 Holder, Peggy; 96 Holdsworth, Lila; 96 Holeman, Roxanna; 81,289 Holeman, Susan; 113,223,284,306 Holland, Nancy, 113 Holland, Oscar; 56 Hallensbee, Marilyn; 56 Hollowell, Sheila; 81 Holmes, Carolyn; 113 Holmes, Ricky; 114 Holmes, Twila; 56 Hoist, Rickey; 114 Hottz, Judith; 299 Hon; Undo; 97,242,284 Honey, Dennis; 114 Honey; Kerry; 232 Honeycutt, Donald; 56 Hooper, Shirley; 81 Hoover, Barbara; 56,178,304 Hoover, Gary; 281 Hopkins, David; 114 Hopkins, Linda; 56,303,366,379 Hopper, Marilyn; 97 Hard, Jerry; 81 Horner, Arlene; 114 Horrell, Bruce, 353 Hosheld, Donna; 97 Hospelhorn, Pamela; 114 House, Susan; 214 Houser, Kent; 81 Houts, Richard; 114 Howard, Cynthia; 81 Howard, John, 56,251 Howard, Richard; 303 Howe, Morris; 97 Howell, Ronald; 81 Howell, Sara; 114,372 Hotvitt,Ron; 56,265,279 Howlett, Norman; 56,337 Howren, Gary; 97,338,339,342,343 Howrey.Jan; 182 Hudek, Dan; 261,303 Hull, Ronald; 265 Hull, Sue; 114 Huttaker, Jody; 81,178,253 Hughes, Katherine; 56,178 Hughes, Peggy; 114 Hughes, Richard; 114 Hullett, David; 372 Hull, David; 233 Hull, Gary; 81,280 Hull, Robert; 56 Hulse, Harriet; 114 Hulse, James; 81,193,202 Hummel, Mary; 97 Humphrey, Michael; 56,276 Humphrey, Paula; 114 Humphreys, John; 56 Hunsicker, Eldon; 113,213,233 Hunsicker, Ellen; 114,223 Hunt, Charlene; 56 Hunt, Judith; 56,236,284,304 Hunt, Karin, 81 Hunt, Suzanne; 114,306 Hunter, Connie; 97,182,289 Hunter, Leslie; 97,159,292,306 Hunter, Ronald, 81,281 Hunter, Sally, 57,159,246,279 Hunziger, Ronald; 57,303 Hurlbut, Norris; 57,283 Hurst, Vickie; 114 Hurt, Anthony; 114 Huss, Peggy; 114 Hutchcratt, Diane, 114,214 Hutchings, Jill; 114,302 Hutchins, Richard; 97 Hutchinson, Linda; 81,297,301 Hutchinson, Patricia; 97 Hutchinson, Ronald; 81 Hutsell, Randy; 240,265 Hutson, SaVella; 81,178 Hyatt, Steve; 97 Hyderjane; 114,290 Hyer, Margaret; 81 Ibbotson, Ellen; 81,235,289,302 Ibeling, John; 81 Iglehart, Robert; 350 Ihrig, Michael; 97 Imes, Pamela, 224 Ingles, Carolyn; 57,238,246 Ingraham, John; 97 Ingram, Geraldine; 57,284 Ingram, Randall, 114 Inman, Dan; 97 lnnis, Frank, 57,303 Irvin, Lillian, 81 Irwin, Ann, 97 Israel, Elda; 81 Itani, SaUm M., 57,286,291,305 Iwen.John; 57,371 Jackson, Dennis; 298 Jackson, Donald, 114,194 Jackson, Douglas; 212,220 Jackson, Edward; 114 Jackson. Gerald; 57,279 Jackson, Jill, 81 Jackson, John, 57,350 Jackson, Joyce; 57,246 Jackson, Marilyn; 81,287 Jackson, Mary; 97,301 Jackson, Pamela, 115 Jackson, Paul; 114 Jackson, Sharyn; 81 Jacobson, Dennis; 114 Jakeman, Harriet; 81 James, Gary; 114,333 James, Pearl; 57 James, Richard; 114 James, Sharon; 278 James, Vernon; 81,298 Jameson, Thomas; 57 Janczak, Martin; 57,251 Jansen, Mary Jo; 97,148,197,292,306 Jordan, Joseph, 81,283,298 Jettrey, Allan; 114 Jenkins, Carol; 81,214,242,253 Jenkins, Victor; 115 Jennings, John; 57,281 Jennings, Judy; 97 Jennings, Merlin; 57,287,372 Jennings, Richard; 97 Jennings, Todd; 115 Jensen, Danny; 251 Jensen, Janelle; 81,194 Jensen, Jimmy; 97,222 Jensen, Linda; 97,306 Jobusch, JoEMen; 239,267,315 Jochims, Jacqueline; 97 Johansen, Eric; 57 Johns, Kathryn; 81,182,246,267,291 Johnson, Bonita; 57 Johnson, Cathleen; 97 Johnson, Christine; 97,223 Johnson, Danny; 97,303 Johnson, Diane; 81 Johnson, Diana; 115 Johnson, Dianna; 115 Johnson, Francis; 307 Johnson, Gary; 57,97 Johnson, James; 238,257 ,325,327 Johnson, Jeanette; 97,299 Johnson, Joyce; 97 Johnson, Larry; 81,284 Johnson, Maxine; 97 Johnson, Patricia; 115 Johnson, Richard D.; 115,298 Johnson, RichardS.; 97 Johnson, Robert; 115 Johnson, Ruth; 57,232 Johnson, Toni; 232,234 Johnson, Wayne, 58 Johnson, Wilham; 115 Jones, Arden; 81 Jones, Deborah; 115 Jones, Dennis; 97 Jones, Diana; 81,214,224,372 Jones, Don; 265 Jones, Edward; 115 Jones, Janet; 58,290 Jones, Karen; 81 Jones, Neil; 58,261 Jones; Patricia; 81 Jones, Ronald; 97 Jordan, Cheri; 159,238,244,292,293,301,320 Jordan, Raymond; 265 Jorgensen, Richard; 58 Jorgenson, Keith; 81,265,279 Joy, James; 97 Juddjohn, 115,214,220,224 Judkins, Barry; 115 Juelsgaard. Terry; 115 Juhler, James; 81 Justice, Linda; 58 Kach, Karalyn; 115 Kachutis, Gloria, 223 Kahl, Cindy; US Kahl, Ehzabeth, 115,289 Kampmann, Jackie; 97,306 Kane, William; 82 Kangethe, Paul; 286 Kapp, Stanley; 115,214,281 Kariker, Leroy, 97,265,350 Karpowich, Jim, 58,257 Karr, Louann; 115 Karrasch, Lynnie, 82,242 Kavanaugh, Kent; 298,336 Kee, Marilyn; 97 Kee, Stanley; US Keepers, JacqueUne; US Keeton, Marcia; 115 Keiser, Mary; 97 KeJim, Leslie; 58 Keller, Marda; 97,182,296,301 Kelley, Wilham; 337 Kemery, Mary; 306 Kemp, Rick; 337 Kemp, Scott; 82 Kendrick, Linda; 58,178 Kennedy, James; 97,258 Kenny, Eugene; 97 Kerber, Max; 82 Kerns, Deanna; 82,296,301,304 Kerns, Lloyd; 82 Kerns, Nancy; 97 Kerwin, Kenneth; 82,179,236,265 Kesselring, Marilyn; 98,223,303,306 Kessler, Karen; 98,214 Kester.Fred, 354,355 Kesterson, Kay; 58,214,224 KieHer, Michael; 115 Kietter, Rita; 82,289 Kiekhaeler, Dennis, 307 Kinder, Marsha; 98 King, David; 115 King, Dorothy; 98 King, Herman; 81 King, John; 81 King, Mary; 98 King, Robert; 98,283,298 King, Sarah; 115 Kinker, Donald; 58,281 Kirmer, Danny; 115 Kirsch, Connie; 82,182,296 Kirsch, Patricia; 98 Kirtley, Hattie; 82 Kish, CoUeen; 182,214,215.220,224 Kitterman, Darrell; 82 Kivett, Linda; 82 Klang, Marie; 115,296,371 Klemme, Linda; 97 Kleoppel, Mary; 115 Kline, Jerry; 115 Kline, Wayne; 373 Klocksiem, John; 82 Klute, Sandra; 97 Knout , Linda; 98 Knauss, Richard; 82,261 Kneale, Earnest; 115,279 Kneale. Richard; 115,281 Knight, Janet, 98 Knott, Mark; 58 Kobbe.Anna, 82,289 Kobel, Donald; US Koch, Karalyn; 233 Koehler, Linda; 58 Koenig, Linda, 58 Komm, James; 1 15,325,329 Kordick, Robert; 58 Kornteind, Ronald; 82,237,255 Koscinski, Robert, 82 Koso, Dennis, 82 Kountz, Bobby; 58 Kreek, Cynthia; 98,178,245 Kreek, Eileen; 115,222 Kriebs, Undo; 115,182 Krokstrom, Carol; 82,274,299 Kuester, John; 98 Kuester, Richard, 58 Kuhn, Richard; 82 Kuhre, Patricia, 82 Kulp, Bruce; 58,258 Kunkel, Gary; 115 Kurtz, Danny; 115 Kurtz, Denton; 298,350 Kurtz, Elaine, 300 Kurtz, Michael; 348,349,350 Kurtz, Scotty; 82,282,298,349,350 Kwapiszeski, Thomas; 115 Kyhnn, Mark; 98 Kyi, Janet; 58 Lager, Carol; 98 Lainson, Suzanne; 98,244 Lamb, Sheran; US Lambertson, Mary Jo; 82 Lambina. Nancy, 115.182 Lambright, Edwin; 58,159,160,179,181,234,. Landis, Linda, 82 Landis, Ronald, 58 Laneville, Edward; 115 Langabee, Robert; 98 Lange, Dennis; 116 Lange, WiUiams; 59,236 Langlord, Neil; 59 Lantz, Curtis; 343,339 Lantz, Linda, 116 Lantz, Richard; 59,281,371 Laporte, Stephen; 98,159,282 Larison, Lynda; 59 Larmer, Jettrey; 116 Larson, Avis; 59,212,215,216,217,222,304 Larson, Merle; 82,212,220,222,223 Larson, Virginia; 116 Latona, Joseph; 116 Lattin, Melvin; 116 Lauber, Ann; 59, 148, 1 78,242.284,291 Lauhott, Joyce; 116,289 Lauhoil, Mary; 59,178,350 Laur, Barbara; 59,212,214,215,216,224,235 Lovely, Terry; 116 Laville, Tom, 59,192,197,198,199,210 Lawless, John; 116 Lawless, Wanda, 98 Lawrence, Sheryl, 116 Lawson, Bruce; 98 Lawyer, Darwin; 59 Leach, Robert; 323,325 Leazenby, Richard; 82,258 Lee, Francine, 116 Lee, G. Michael; 59 Lee, Thomas, 98,258 Leeper, Carol, 116 Leeper, Marcia; 225 Leeper, Paul; 282 Leeper, Robert; 292 Leltngwell, Joseph; 59,261,344,346 Leighninger, David; 59,265 Leighninger, Judith, 116 Letter, Susan; 178,183,242,291 Lemons, Jerry; 93,265 Leonard, Kathryn; 116 Lesan, Steven; 83 Letzig, Arthur; 98 Leu, Byron; 98 Leuwerke, Ronald; 98 Lewell, Larry; 233 Lewellen, Connie; 116 Lewis, George; 59 Lewis, Hilary; 83 Lewis, Jerry; 59 Lewis, Sandra; 98 Lewis, Sharon, 116 Lewis, Terry; 265 Lightle, Dixiebelle; 83 Lillard, Janice, 59,178,235,284,290 Linderman, Dolores. 116 LinviUe, Jacklyn; 116,290 Linville, Leshe, 116 Lionberger, Jackie; 116 Lippold, James, 98 Listrom,Ned; 98 Little, Donita; 289,372 Little, Kathryn; 116 Lloyd, Stephen; 83 Loch, Ruth; 98,289 Lock, Sharon; 116 Lott, Rebecca; 98 Logan, Eugene; 344 Logsdon, John; 59 Logsdon, Judith; 98 Lono . Elgie; 116 Lonu, Mary; 116 Long, Robert; 60 Long, Ruth, 99,274 P5wb it ' " ,,171 detail W »! 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UUMUUi • Mill ■ ittl ■Will ■■Wtl w«3 - IM 22 »;;( ■ ; »» «UI „ - a . iM •Ml :r« Sff» Mi - ■■ ■ I Susan, «J,28S Jellowjack; 60,262 ■lellow, Phyllis; 99 :, Linda; 83 :, Marilyn; 37,178 nor, Michael, 344,346 jlzo Mattia; 116 Mela rue 83 Judy; 99,178 41, Marvin; 262 It, John, 116 i, Teresa; 116 ranee, Connie, 83,242,284 ince, Gary; 60,276,303 ' ance, fames; 116 trance, Sheryl; 289 trey, Connie, 83 aachan, James; 83 til, Jerry; 60 i, James; 116 3, Margaret; 116 ■n, Mary; 60,223,235,373 n, Werner, 223 IMarta, 99 dquist, Pat; 99,289 dquist, Terry; 60 kins, Sondra; 83 tell, Undo; 116 , Terry, 83,193,197,203,245 ■s, Sharon; 242,300 ■h, John, 60 k, Dennis; 281 •Jack; 60 rrssen.Mary; 61,178,274,371 oary, Jerry; 99,251 nary, Shirley; 83,289,373 oeus, Patricia, 61 iden, Ellen; 99 iden, JoAnn; 240 ■iden, Michael; 258 dison, Diana, 61,178,302 dison, James, 61,281 ' left, Thomas; 116 gill, Gene; 99 gin, Joni, 83 gner, Mildred, 99,296,301,306 gnin, Nancy, 99,289 gyar, John, 116 John, 61,283 iorano, Larry; 83.251,297,344,345 igs, Peggy, 116 ilm, Connie, 83 me, Kathleen; 81,372 tone, Lavera; 61,235 Itsberger, Joe, 61,192,211 ngler, Connie; 296,301 tihart, Lynn; 183,236,353 nnasmith. Dianne. 99,214,21 7,225 nnasmith, Larry, 214,217,225 nning, Max, 99 •nsuknahi, Shobha; 116,286,291 nburg, Richard, 61,258,297,325 rek, Joan, 61,274,305 rkel, Timothy, 99,236 rkt, James; 61,279,298 rguardt, Rose, 83,302 rr, Michael; 61 rrs, Linda; 116 rtin, Donald; 116 ■rtin, Gregory, 83 tin, Helen; 116 rrbn, Keren, 99 rtin, Linda; 83,240 ■rtin, Lloyd, 83,252 rtin.Nicki, 83 rtin, Roger; 83,281 trtin, Rosemary; 83, 1 78 trtin.Ruth, 193,197 irvin, Kathiey. 99 tschke, Kathie; 99,245 ison, Suzanne, 83,182,236,296,297,301 issie, Terrance, 61,279,298 liters, Donald, 281 rthes, Shirley; 83 Mews, Keith, 99,214 itiyow, Larry, 61,325 rtthews, Robert, 262 juer, Gary; 61,279 ruer, Virginia, 62,230,246 ulfair, Gary, 329 luzey, John, 99,233 urwell, Alice, 62 ry, Alice; 83 ry, Cheryl; 116 ry, Robert, 99,233 rynes, Richard; 325 •JUpin, LeAnn; 60,178 way, Barbara, 99,182,233,267 zAvoy, Jon, 83,266 Campbell, Russell; 60,159,181,235,277,284,285, 286,292,303 Carey, Margaret; 60 -Carthy, Trudy, .60,178 •Carty.Jim, 60,297 Carry, Larry; 116 trCarty, Margaret; 278 zChiskey, Steven, 116 -.Clanahan, Mary; 117,292 cClaskey, Rita, 117 cCollough, Gary, 60 sCollough, Marilyn, 60 cCollum, Larry; 117 cCollum, Steven, 99 cCombs, Eugene; 99,233 cConnell, Christine. 89,274,297,301 cCormack, Suzan, 117 cCormick, Jeanrue. 60,148,159,178,238,241.243, 284 cCoy, Nancy, 60 cCoy, Sherry, 99 cCrary, J ames; 60,277 cCulIoch, Dianna, 61 cCuneJohn, 99 cCush, Gerald, 99 McDaniel, Robert; 117 McDonald, Barbara; 83 McDonald, JoAnne; 83,306 McDowell, Timothy; 83,266 McElhsh, Peggy; 304 McGee, Waverly; 117,223 McGeorge, Melba, 99 McGhee, James; 259,325 McGinness, Richard; 117 McGinnis, Theresa; 83 McGuire, Lawrence, 117 McGuire, Nancy, 117 McGuire, Patrick, 61 Mclntyre, Gary; 83 Mclntyre, Nancy, 83 Mclrvin, Janet; 99 McKee, David; 258 McKee.Lyle, 117 McKenzie, Beverly; 61,302 McKinney, Mary Beth; 83,194,196,203,239 McLarney, Donna; 83 McLaughlin, William; 83 McMuUen, Carol; 117 McNeiley, Jacqueline; 61 McNulty, Douglas; 99 McRae, Janice, 83,160,240,267 McWilliams, Deanna; 117 McWiltiams, John, 99 Mead, Sharon; 62,372 Meadows, Cheryl; 117 Means, Lon, 62,251 Mears, Charles; 62,298 Medsker, Kay; 83 Meindertsma, Pete; 62,337 Melendex, Angel; 99,255 Melito.lohn; 255 Melton, Sherlvnn: 117 Mendenhall, Joyce; 83,292 Mendenhall, Thomas; 89 Menelee, Edward; 99 Mensing, Janet; 84 Merriman, David; 117 Merritt, Donna; 84,148,149,232,240 Messerschmidt, Steven; 84,223,255 Messner, Carol, 214,373 Meyer, Bill; 117 Meyer, Duane; 99 Meyer, Janet, 99,296 Meyer, Judith; 62,303 Meyer, Marilyn; 84,235,246,291 Meyer, Paul; 62,261,323,325 Meyers, Susan; 84,289 Meyn, Betty, 214,371 Michael, Vikla; 117 Michaelsen, Richard; 84 Miller, Betty, 84,214 Miller, Beverly; 62 Miller, Caroloyn, 246 Miller, Charles, 62 Miller. Dale; 99 Miller, David; 99 Miller, Edwin; 62,251 Miller, Irvin; 84 Miller, James; 62 Miller, Jeanette; 117 Miller, John; 62 Miller, Lawrence; 84,202 Miller, Loring; 62,193,197,198,233 Miller, Marsha; 117 Miller, Mary Elaine; 99 Miller, Mary Ellen 62,243,267,284 Miller, Michael, 84,161,181,182,206,207,214,215, 224,229,230,235,262,291 Miller, Nancy; 99 Miller, Peggy; 62,190,284,304 Miller, Peggy; 62 Miller, Richard Noel; 84 Miller, Richard Lee, 117 Miller, Rodney; 99 Miller, Sharon; 99,140,180,246,301 Miller, Sherry; 99,284,306 Miller, Thomas; 251 Millsap, Kenneth; 100,303,366,379 Milne, Arlen, 100,282 Minnick, Douglas; 62 Minshall, Winifred; 62 Mina.Sami, 84,286,291 Mitchell, Ann; 243,284 Mitchell, Janet; 117 Mitchell, Paulette, 240,253 Mitchell, Victor, 62,348 Moberg, John; 117 Moehring, Paulette, 100,243 Mottett, Bruce; 255 Mohr, Linda; 117 Moles, Judy; 63 Monaghan, Barry; 258,325 Mangold, Roger; 200 Monk, Michael; 117,281 Montag.Ken; 73,238,254 Montgomery, JoAnn; 63,159,240,314 Montgomery, Joel; 100 Moody, Diane; 303 Moody, Sharon; 117 Moon, Mary, 100 Mooney, Louis; 63,349,350 Moore, Barbara; 117 Moore, Charlotte; 117 Moore, Darnell; 340,342 Moore, Darr ell; 117 Moore, Deborah; 100 Moore, Diane; 117,1 78,214 Moore, George, 325 Moore, Harlan, 84,212,218,220,222 Moore, Jam es, 117 Moore, Janice; 100 . Moore, Jerald, 84 Moore, Jon; 63 Moore, Karen; 100,213 Moore, Laurelynn; 117 Moore, Sherrie; 117 Moore, Tommy, 339 Moore, Wanda; 84 Moore, Wayne; 117,222,223 Moorman, Jeannie, 1 1 7,224 Moorman, Leslie; 84 Afore , Ethel; 84,275 Morey, Myrabel; 84 Morgan, Alma; 84 Morgan, Anne; 148,174,175,185,189,225,235,246, 315 Morgan, Constance; 117,178 Morgan, Theodore; 100 Moriguchi, Kenichi; 84,233,286 Morin, Cheryl; 100 Mork. Kendall; 117 Morris, Christine; 100,178 Morris, Marlene; 63,159,178,182,183,235,243,284 Morris, Peggy; 100 Morris, Phyllis; 63,235,278 Morris, Robert; 63 Morrow, Connie; 84 Moss, CliUord; 63 Mosser, Donna; 100 Motley, George; 117 Motsinger, Susan; 117 Moulin, Undo; 117,222,223 Moutray, James; 117 Mowrey.Rex; 196,251 Mozingo, Dixie; 84,289 Moxingo, Jerry; 84 MuH, Leon; 323,325,339,341,343,350 Mullen, Russell; 117 Mullenax, Mary Lou; 84,21 7,223 Mullins, Donna; 63,213,215,216 Mundt, Marsha; 74,174,240.267 Mundy, John; 74,266 Murphey, Donna; 100 Murphy, Patricia; 63,372 Murphy, Robert; 281 Murthy, N. L. Punya; 286,291 Musgrave, Bill; 118,220,233 Mutx, Stephen; 118,224 Myers, Gary; 118,281 Myers, Joseph; 118 Myers, Michael; 266 Nagel, Beverly; 63 Nauman, Thomas; 298 Naylor, Jennie; 84,140 Nazarene, Jon; 84 Neal, James; 262,325 Neely, Robert; 118 Neesejohn; 84 NeU, Keith; 118,282 Nehe, Jeanne; 100 Neidt.Sonia; 100,178,253 NeUes, CliUord; 118,336 Nelson, Charles; 63 Nelson, Diana; 100 Nelson, Helen; 118 Nelson, James; 63,251,305 Nelson, Judith; 118 Nelson, Lynne; 63 Nelson, Margaret; 100 Nelson, Marietta; 63 Nelson, Robert; 339,340 Nelson, Roger; 251,339 NetoUcky, Gary; 262 Neuroth, Linda; 118,222 Neuroth, Patty; 84 Neustadi, David; 63,178,276,284,298 Newburger, Marolee; 100,240,267 Newey, Leonard; 63 Newhouse, Larry; 118 Newland, Duane; 100 Newland, Shirley; 118 Newman, David; 84 Newman, Janet; 63,235,278 Newman, Larry; 63,297 Nicholas, Maureen; 84,214,292 Nicholas, Rose Mary, 118,361 Nichols; Carol; 100,159,240 Nicholson, George; 118 Nicolle, Carolyn; 100,306 Nielsen, Anne; 84,192,198,199 Nielsen, Duane; 100 Nielsen, Janet; 64,232,235 Nielsen, Maurice; 118 Nielson, Donald; 118 Nienhuis, Joanne; 118 Nigh, Cherie; 84 Nigh, Gary; 84 Nigh, Linda; 118 Nold, Susan; 84,296,297,301 Norman, Cheryl, 100 Norman, Myra; 100,284,303 Norris, Constance; 64,245 Norris, Michael, 118 Novak, Tony, 84,325 Nydegger, Bradley; 100 Oakley, Undo; 118 Obermier, Doris; 64 O ' Brien, Terry; 100,222 O ' Connell, Sherry; 84,301 O ' Conner, Patricia; 118,182 O ' Conner, Thomas; 64,192,199,251 Odom, James; 64,282 O ' Connell, Delores; 100 Oetjen.Judy; 118 O ' Holloran, Richard; 118 O ' Hollaran, Stephen; 118 Ohde, Dennis; 101,337 Ohlensehlen, James; 118 Ohms, Undo; 118,230 Oldenburger, Craig; 84 Olenhouse, Terrell; M Olheiser, Patrick; 118,325,329,330.333 Oliphant, Fern; 118,306 Oliphant, Jacqukn; 100,159.243,296,301 Oliva, Simone; 119 Oliver, James; 119,224 Olmstead, Diane; 119,214,222 Olson, Darrel; 100,282 Olson, Vicki; 101,306 O ' Neall, Tommy; 119,222 O ' Neill, John; 101,307 Orcutt, Michelle; 84,240,253,302 O ' Riley, Charles; 101 O ' Riley, Ina; W O ' Riley, Marilyn; 101 O ' Riley, Susan; 119 O ' Riley, W. R.; 84,262,307 Orlowski, Don; 64,325,326,350 O ' Rourke, Timothy; 64,325,328 On, Michael, 119 Orstad, Daryl; 101,220,223,371 Osburn, Toni; 161,240 Ostrander. Arlene; 85,214,235,242,243,289 Oswald, Rita; iOO Oswalt, Karen; 119 Ott, Helen; 64,126 Ott, William; 64,126,279,287 Ottinger, William; 119 Otto, Sandra; 119,223 Owen, James; 119 Owen, Jean; 64,179 Owen, Sue; 140,245 Owen, Thomas; 64,323,325 Oxley, Phillip; 255 Pace, Ellen; 85,178 Page, William; 255 Paist, Alice; 101 Palmer, Martin; 119 Palumho, Judith; 64,182,183,284,296,300,301 Palumbo, Sara; 119, 306 Ranches, Gregory; 325 Pankiewicz, Thomas; 85 Paolillo, Robert; 64,299 Pape, Roger; 101 Parker, David; 336 Parker, Elaine; 64,246 Parks, Elixabeth; 119 Parks, Kathryn; 101,245 Parmen, David; 85,283 Parman, Larry; 64 Parman, Rebecca; 119 Parrish, Mardelle; 64 Parsley, Carol; 119 Parsons, Charles; 101,282 Partlow, Richard; 64,266 Pashek, Kenneth; 101,282 Pasternak, Judith; 85,303 Patee, Jerry; 64,127.228.231,238,250,273 Patience, Gary; 85,281,371 Patrick, Douglas; 85 Patterson, Gerald; 119 Patterson, Linda; 101,240,253,300 Patton, Beverly; 65,243 Paul, Gena; 119 Paulman, Kirby; 85,214,225 Paulsen, Cheryl; 101,213,214,215,218,223,225 Paulsen, Janet; 119 Paulsen, Marlus; 65,178,235,274 Paulsen, Thomas; 65 Pawlowski, Ron; 85,325,328,337 Payne, Jeri; 119 Payne, Patricia; 101 Payne, Sharon; 101 Peake, Thomas; 127,262 Pearson, Ruth; 119 Peart, Larry; 65,262,287 Pease, Dwight; 85,252 Peden, Edward; 85 Pedersen, Eileen; 65,275,289 Pederson, Glen; 65,282 People, Patrick; 84 Pertect, Mary; 119 Perkins, Michael; 119,220,223 Perlenlein, Connie; 65 Perry, Russel; 65 Perry, Shirley; 65 Peters, Judy; 101,187,247 Petersen, Janice; 65,284,290 Petersen, Ronald; 338,339,342 Peterson, Alan; 281 Peterson, Allen; 119 Peterson, Larry; 277 Peterson, Martin; 65,235,286,303 Peterson, Monte; 101,281 Peterson, Nancy, 101 Peterson, Patricia; 101 Peterson, Peggy; 119 Peterson, PriscWa, 119 Peterson, Ronald, 119 Peterson, Wayne; 101 Petree, Joetta; 65 Pettlon, Ruth; 101 Petty, Carol; 245 Phillips, BiUie; 300 Phillips, Carol; 84 Phillips, Edward; 266 Phillips, Myra, 85 Phillips, Richard; 65 Phipps, Lynnard; 101X7,336,337 Phoenix, John; 85,179,292,305 Piatt, Judith, 119 Pickard, John; 119 Pickett, Nancy; 85,235,247 Pierce, Cathy; 101,159,245,320 Pierce, Jerry; 266,354,355 Pierce, Jon; 65 Pierce, Martin; 119 Pierce, Michael; 65.212.215,217,218,223,225 Pierce, Shirley; 65 Pierpoinl, A.—.; 119 Pierson, Dwiqht; 65 Pike, Pamela; 119 Pine, Dan; 65,284,303 Piper, Philip; 65,179,303 Pipes, John; 119 Piraro, Donna, 101,214,253 Pitcher, Melinda; 119,289 Pittsenbarger, Linda, 119,284 Flagman, Patnda, 119,222 Plank, James; 85,284,303 Plough, Hugh. 258 Plummer, Charles, 119 Plummer, Kathy; 119 Plummer, Mary, 85,178 Plummer, Patricia; 178 Poll, Roberta; 119 385 Polley, Brownie; 66 Polsgrove, Darh, 119,214,220 Pomeioy, Judy; 119 Pont, Carole, 120 Pontow, Albert; 85,277,298 Poole, Christena; 66,178,275 Poole, James, 85 Popalisky, Robert; 85 Poppa, Rita; 101 Porch, Roscoe; 101,213,214,218,220,222,224 Porr, Richard; 85 Porter, JaniJa; 66,178 Posegate, Diane; 120 Potter, Charles, 120 P Pottlr, Man; 66,174,181,182,183,229,232,235,247 Potter, Pamela; 101 Pottortl, Teddie; 120,292 Pottratz, Gregory, 101 Pottratz, Sharon; 101 Potts, Denzil. 85 Powell, Nancy; 120,304 Powers, Marita; 85 Poynter, Paul; 120 Prather, Steven; 307 Pratt, Robert; 66 Prentis, Raymond, 66 Presti, Joseph; 325,327 Preston, Stanley; 66,285 Price, Dare, 262,350 Price, John; 85,160,179,234,258 Price, Margaret; 197,198 Price, Melody; 101,212,222,223 Price, Myra; 101,222,223,290 Prieditis, Dogma 66 Pruitt.Alan, 66,234,374 Pruitt, Robert; 101,233 Pulem, Bonnie; 101 Pulem, Carolyn; 120 Pulliam, Robert; 66,298,303 Pummell, Donald; 85 Purviance, Bobby; 120 Purvis, Virginia; 120,289 Putnam, Robert; 101,222 Quinn, James; 66,235 Quinn, Linda; 101,182,183 Radimer, James, 85 Radimer, Timothy; 266 Rainiorth, Larry; 85 Rains, Jerry, 120 Rains, John; 66,252,287 Ramsel, Julia; 85 Ramsel, Thomas, 85 Ramsey, David; 222 Ranck, Dorothy; 85,232 Randall, Carol; 120 Rankin; Hila, 85,148,232,235,238,240,267 Ranniger, Janet; 85,296,297,301,371 Ranniger, Joyce; 120 Ranum, Brian; 66,262,325 Rash, James, 120 Rasmussen, Gary; 85 Rasmussen, Jane; 101,237,247 Rasmussen, Marilyn; 85 Rasmussen, Wayne; 85,238,252 Brent, Ray; 101 Ray.Darlene, 120 Ray, David; 329 Ray, Dennis, 66,325 Ray, Franklin; 101,266 Ray, James; 66 Raymond, Patricia, 101 Read, Cindy; 120 Read, Gene; 120,283 Read, Leonard; 101 Read, Marilyn; 289 Read, Steven; 120 Reasoner, Cynthia; 120 Reavis,Kay, 140,143,159,267 Rebori, David; 298,325,326 Redbeld, MerUn; 102 Redick, Kenneth D. 66,233,291 Redman, Chester, 85 Reed, Danny; 85,337 Reed, Kathy; 102 Reed, Linda, 120 Reed, Danny, 298,336 Reed, Robert, 213,214 Reeves, Robert, 102,283,379 Rehm, William, 120 Rachel, Mark, 120 R cherbacker, Dennis, 102 Reicherbacker, Marilyn, 102 Reineke, Cheryl, 66.146,172,192,196,198,199,247 Reinert, Monte, 120 Reiss, Patncia. 102 Resler, Ronnie, 66 Rex, William, 298.333,334 Reynolds, Raymond, 66,255 Reynolds, Thomas, 66 Rhodes, Jane, 120,182,225 Rice, Cheryl, 120 Richardson, Ellen, 120,223 Richardson, Katherine, 67 Richardson, Mary Ann. 120,214,215,222,223 Richardson, Peter, 85,236,298 Richardson, Ronald. 67,303 Richardson, Roxanne. 102 Richmond, Donna, 120 Ricker, Eugene, 67 Ricker, Vich. 85 Ricono, Linda. 67 Rldder. Mary, 102 Riddle, lane. 85 Riddle. Jean. 85 Ridnour. Rondo. 86,240.296,301 Riedell. Michael. 102 Riggs, Connie, 86 Riggs. Earl, 120 Riley, Erie. 120,222 Riley, Linda, 86 Riley, Michael, 222 Riley, Robert, 86,278 Ring, Carolyn; 120 Ring, Donna; 67,275 Ripley, Robert; 120 Roach, William; 86 Robb.Ken; 120 Robbins, Robert, 120 Roberts, Buddy; 120,307 Roberts, Gary; 120,214 Roberts, Janice; 86,148,159,180,183,238,243 Roberts, Janis; 86,289 Roberts, Linda; 120 Roberts, Patricia; 67,304 Robbins, Jan, 102 Robinson, Diane; 102 Robinson, Jehu, 120 Robinson, Terry; 120 Robison, Wayne; 67 Rodemyer, Nancy; 86,304 Rodgers, Michael; 120,218,222 Rodine, Christy; 102,213 Rodriguez, Alberto; 67 Roesle, John, 266 Rogness, Susan; 67,178,371 Roland, Warren; 86 Rollins. Donna, 120 Rollins, Wanda. 86,296,356 Rololson, Dean, 186,252 Rololson, Gayle; 102,252 Romig, Linda, 1 79 Root Eleanor; 102 Roop, Kathleen; 86,182 Root, Terry; 86 Rose, Richard, 102 Rosecrans, Karen; 67,234,240 Rosenberg, Daniel; 67,279 Rosier, Connie, 67,214,284,303 Rosmolen, Martiena; 67,278 Ross, Anne; 102 Ross, David K; 121 Ross, David Louis; 325,328,329,350 Ross, DeVonne; .121 Ross, Kathryn; 102,235,267 Ross, Michael; 224 Ross, Paul; 67 Ross, Steve; 86 Ross, Suzan. 121 Rossow.Hal; 67,350 Roth, Larry, 67 Rather, Ruth; 67 Roudybush, Deanna; 67 Rouse, Allen; 86,298 Rouse, Ray, 67 Rouse, Deborah, 121 Routh, Janet, 86,182 Rowe, David, 67 Rowe. Robert; 68,277 Rowe, Sandra, 121 Rowen, Elihu; 68 Royster, Carolyn, 121 Ruekman, Michael; 102 Rulhng, Charles, 252 Runnels, Suzette; 68,236,243,284,291 Rupert, Craig, 102 Ruppel, Charles, 121 Rusch, Joyce, 102 Rush, Charlene, 121 Russell, Gayle, 68,178 Russell, James, 86 Russell, Judy, 86,292,302 Russell, Ronald, 121 Rutledge, Sharon, 102 Ryan, WiUiam, 86 Rydberg, Janet; 121 Ryman, Ralph, 86,279 Sabus, Dennis; 102 Saccaro, Jim, 266 Saccaro, John; 266 Soger, Linda, 68 Salewicz, Richard; 102 Salmond, Ronny; 121 Saltsgaver, Kenneth. 279 Salyers, Randy; 102 Sample, Leonard, 121 Sams, Undo; 235,236,243,284,291 Sander, Ronald; 68 Sanders, Betty, 86 Sands, Randall; 121,303 Sapp, Dennis; 68,262 Savage, Shirley, 121 Savage, Shirley J., 86 Saville.Kay; 102 Sawyers, Suzanne; 236,247 Scales, JoAnn, 86 Scarbrough, Gary; 121 Schaal, Thea. 121 Schaler, Mary, 121 Schantz, Roger; 121 Scharpnick, Stanley; 68 SchelJer, Lynn, 68 Schenk, Riley, 86.178.214,218,220,222 Schenkel, Kenneth, 68 Scheunch, Jon, 86 Schieber, Eugene, 121 Schieber, Joseph, 86 Schieber, Sr Martha, 102 Schield, Gerald, 307 Schiller, Sharon, 102 Schilling, Richard, 259,298,353 Schilling, Robert; 258,298,353 Schirmer, Ann, 121 Schirmer, Mark; 263 Schirmer, Mittie, 232 Schlange, Carolyn, 121 Schlemmer, David, 86 Schlemmer, Jacqueline, 102 Schlortl, Sharon, 86 Schmid. Dianne, 102 Schmidt, Ronald, 68,279 Schmutz, Thomas, 86 Schnack, Gary, 102 Schnackel, Undo. 86,292 Schneckloth, Ronald, 121 Schneider, Allan, 68,259 Schneider, John; 121 Schneider, Linda; 86,275 Schneider, Thomas, 378 Schnell, Joyce; 87 Schobert, Connie; 68,178 Schoen, Linda; 86,240,296,301 Schoeneck, David; 121,220,222,223,298 Schoheld, Michael; 121 Scholl, Venita, 121,222 Scholtzhauer, Roger; 121 Schooler, Ann; 222,223,243,284 Schottel, Frank; 266 Schottel, Steven; 325.326 Schrier, Jonnelle; 247,315 Schrier, Suzanne; 121 Schroeder, Margaret; 103 Schropp, Gary; 121 Schropp, Jerry, 333 Schuck, Bruce; 121 Schuerich, Jon; 277 Schuler, Robert; 259 Schultz, Cheryl; 121 Schultz, Duane; 87 Schultz, Mark, 68,259 Schultz, Randall; 103 Shupe, Roger; 87,259,325 Schwarz, Martin; 298,337 Schwenk, Fran; 263,325 Scott, Carl, 121 Scott, Linda; 87,289 Scott, Michael; 256 Scott, Nancy; 121,214 Seabaugh, Clark; 103,259 Seabaugh, Kathryne; 86,148,240,320 Searls,Paul; 103 Sears, Donald; 103,338,339,341,349,350 Seatrom, Jo Ann; 87, 1 78,302 See, Alan; 68 Seevers, Stephen; 121 Seipel, Julia; 86,160,178,366 Seiverbng, Willis; 263 Sell, Kathleen; 103 Sell, Wayne, 303 Seuell, Connie, 103,159,161,245,301 Sevy, Judson, 68 Shaller. Robert; 121 Shaney, Pauline; 122 Shaw, Kenneth; 337 Shawver, Charles; 122 Shea, Michael; 68 Shearer, Barbara; 87,297,301,304 Sheker, Gary; 232 Sheldon, Pamela; 121 Shell, Danny; 102,281 Shell, Dinah; 121 Shelton, Carrie; 68 Shelton, Undo; 87,178,182,284 Shepard, Marvin; 121 Sherard, Jane; 68 Sherard, Stephen; 87,252 Sherbo, Kathryn; 87 Sheridan, Kenneth; 338,339,343 Sherman, Gloria; 103,247,320,361 Sherry, Shirley; 103 Sheruda, Joseph, 87,283 Shestak, WiUiam, 87 Shew, Susan; 180,292,306 Shewmaker. Anita, 87,235,303,373 Shipley, Susan; 121 Shoemaker, Sharon, 122,301 Shoemaker, Susan, 122 Short, Thomas, 103 Showen, Paul; 122 Shradel, Patricia; 87,243,267,289,291,315 Shreve, Diane; 68 Shreve, Donna; 69,278 Shrum, Linda; 122 Shumate, Charlotte; 87,178,182 Shumate, Susan; 122 Sickels, Cynthia; 122 Sicla, Jamie; 103 Siedenburg, Linda; 122,182 Sienkiewicz, Kim; 122,220,325 Sietzen, David, 122 Silcott, Dorothy; 69 Silk, Gary, 69 Simmons, Jimmy; 122 Simmons, Judith; 178,284 Simmons, Leslie; 122 Simon, Michael; 69 Simons, Sondra; 69,159,181,234,238,247,296 Sinclair, Carole; 196 Sinder, Robert; 87 Sissel.Jane, 87,289,302 Sisson, Gerald; 103 Sitiins, Linda; 122 Sittner, Bruce; 69 Siverly, Nancy; 122 Sjolin, Susan, 103 Skaith, Sheryl; 69 Skalberg, Carole; 122 Skeels.Jay; 103,159,229,252 Skiles, Karen; 122 Skinner, Recil; 103 Single, Dallas; 87,263 Slater, Sandra. 69,284,306 Sleister. Dennis, 69,180,298 Slonecker, Susan; 182 Sloss, Robert; 103 Smetana, Richard; 69 Smith, Ann, 292 Smith, April, 103,253,304 Smith, Betty, 87.178.214,304 Smith. Carol, 69 Smith, Cheryl; 103,214,225 Smith, Connie; 103 Smith, Cynthia; 122 Smith, David; 122,325,329 Smith, Denney; 69,232,371 Smith, Donald. 122,214,222 Smith, Duane, 122 Smith, Gina, 69 Smith, Janis, 122 Smith, John; 103 Smith, Judith, 148 Smith, Linda Ann; 223 Smith, Linda M.; 87,161,232,240,302 Smith, Marie; 122 Smith, Mary Jane; 69,236 Smith, Michael; 122,303 Smith, Richard Lee; 282 Smith, Richard N; 122,279 Smith, Richard W.; 222,298 Smith, Ronald; 122 Smith, Sheryl; 87,289,300,302 Smith, Tonnie, 122 Smith, Valerie; 87 Smith, WiUiam; 122 Smither, Dorothy; 87 Smither, Floyd; 122 Smither, Louis; 69 Smoot, Tanya; 122 Snead, Dwight; 103 Snead, Stanley; 87 Sneed, Susan; 69 Sneed, WUUs; 122 SneU, Linda; 87,161,186,247,320,361 Snider, Mary; 123 Sorber, Dianna; 123 Sorber, Jerald, 69 Sorensen, Michael; 69,287 Sorenson, Kent; 325 Southard, Woodrow; 266 Spack, Linda; 103,253 Spain, Darrell; 69 Spongier, Loren; 103 Spongier, PhiUip; 103 Sparks, Dean; 87 Speece, Linda, 123 Speece, Michael; 266,281 Spencer, John; 87 Sperry, James; 87 Sperry, Terrance; 123,222 Spicer, Marjean; 69,178 Spick, Constance; 50 Spiegel, Richard; 104 Spiess, Roger; 70 Spillman, Marlene; 70 SpineUo, Joseph; 325,327,349,350 Springer, Janice; 70,146,148,172,247 Sprinkle, Leland; 87,279 Stadlman, RoUie; 196,233 Statiord, Ronald; 70 Stagg, Charles; 307 Stalker, Karen; 70,275 StaUing, Clyde; 70,303 Stalling, EUen; 70 Starckovich, Robert; 70 Starkovich, Terrie; 87 Stasi, Steven; 350 Stasney, Leni; 103 Staton, Erwin; 87 Staudenmaier, Roger; 281 Staulter, Michael; 123,325,329 Steck, David; 87 Steeby, Carlo; 103 Steelman, Douglas, 123,307 Stehman, Paul, 325,328,329,333,334 Steinleld, Judy; 70,235,286,303 Steinhauser, Robert; 70 Steinman, Beric; 70,281 Stenzel, Garry; 87,256,284 Stephens, Alien; 263,325 Stephens, Richard; 70,373 Sterhng, CaroU; 87,140,296,301 Sterner, James, 252 Sterrett, Thomas; 103 Stevens, Lama; 70,159,240 Stewart, Douglas; 123 Stewart, Gwen; 103 Stewart, Joyce; 87 Stewart, Linda; 123 Steward, Roger; 70,281 SHU, David; 70 StWey, Edward; 70 Stillwagon, Linda; 87,148,178,306 Stilt, Terry; 180,238,245,296,301 Stoaks.Lyle; 70 Stoaks, Peggy; 278,296,301 Stockdell, Robert; 123 Stacker, Michael; 325,329 Stockstad, PhiUip; 103,233,307 StoU, Carol, 87 StoU, Delores, 103,303 StoU, Diana, 123 StoU, Johnny, 123,325,329 StoU, Joseph; 103 StoUey, Linda; 123,289 Stolpe, JacqueUne; 103 Stone, Lyle, 70,252 Stone, Robert; 279,298 Stone, Ronald; 103,279 Stooky, Carol; 70,245 Strode, Thomas, 103,298 Strain, Linda; 123,178,213,214,215,223 Strasheim, Cheryl; 123 Stratton, William; 103 Straugh, Linda; 87 Stroup, Victor; 87 Struthers, Janet; 88 Stuart, Cindy; 123 Stubblelield, Beverly; 103 Stubbs, Linda; 123 Stuki, Roger; 88,336,337 Stumph, Mary; 70 Sturm, David, 103,282 Sturm, Dixie; 103 Stutzman, Philip; 123 Sullivan, Cynthia; 123 Sullivan, James; 123,325,329 Sulhvan, John; 71 Summers, Donald; 123 Summers, Douglas; 305 Sumy, Linda; 123 Sunderman, Pamela, 123,296 Sungren, Karen; 88,203 Sungren, Richard, 71 Sutherland, Patricia; 88 Sutton, Kenneth, 123,281 Sutton Jois; 245 UL0 £ §:£ Strnf »■ ir. . ■■■ ' ■ 01 5««ft " jMt SjM m " Ufa Mob » r w fotef fetaw r« .c u w r w :.-.: - TarfaOs :■! », fork a laiUCri forte, . rijfcfli rirteSJ fdrte.W WCtor, Iteptsa faptei l fari form 7ib Thomas C Htm I fioaa Hues! TiCfflJBOE 386 SuKon, Steve, 325,329 Swain, Mary Lou, 123 Swain, Donna; 123 Swaim, Dorothy; 123 Strata, Kathy; 103,214,217,223 Swan, Stanley; 103 SwaUey, Ardith; 296 Swaney. Leslie, 71,235,286,303 Swaney, Richard; 104,336 Swanson, Douglas; 104 Swartz.Judy; 123,289 Sweat, Mary Beth; 104 Sweet, Dwaine; 104 Swotlord, Donna, 88 Sybert, Gail; 123 Sydow, Sherell; 88 Taake, Jean; 71 Tackett, Twila; 123 Tatt, Janet, 123 Taggart, Penny; 104 Talahco, Judith; 71 Talle, Stephanie; 123 Tan, Robert H.; 88,286,291 Tankersley.JK, 379 Tarwater, David, 159,256 Tarwater, Jerri; 245 Tarwater, PaW; 171,245 Tasto, Stephen; 123 Tate, Fred; 123,223 Taiman, Linda, 88,222 Taubel, George; 104 Taylor, Carol; 104 Taylor, Charles; 71 Taylor, Charlotte; 299 Taylor, Cheryl, 123 Tayhr, Cynthia, 148,236,247,267 Taylor, Earl; 123 Taylor, James; 266 Taylor, Joe; 281 Taylor, Phyllis, 71 Taylor, Ralph, 123,214,222,225 Taylor, Rebecca, 71,243 Teel, Charles, 88,280 Templeman, Rachel; 88,189 Tempter, Bruce; 71,266,267 Terry, Alan; 123 Terry, Edith, 122 Tett.JuLe; 88 Tharp,Karol; 88,203 Thezan, Bruce, 123,325,329 Thomas, Constantine, 263 Thomas, David, 337 Thomas, Mark; 354 Thomas, Rita Kay; 123 Thompson, Betsy; 88,174,187,240,289,315 Thompson, Beverly; 123,361 Thompson, Cherri; 104 Thompson, E. Cheryl; 71,235 Thompson, David E.; 123 Thompson, David M.; 263 Thompson, Elaine, 104,247 Thompson, Glenda; 124 Thompson, John; 88,104 Thompson, Kathryn, 70,243 Thompson, Marilyn; 253 Thompson, Marlene; 88 Thompson, Michael; 71,282 Thompson, Pat; 259,307 Thompson, Susan; 88,303 Thorpe, Linda; 124 Thraen, Verlee: 71 Tibbetts, Norma; 71,181,234,235,238,246,247273,286 Tiberghien, Pat; 71,178,235,379 Tighe, WiWam; 124 Tilloston, Terry; 71,287 Todd, Michael; 325,329 Todora, Frederick, 88,283 Tomes, Dwight; 104,233,283 Tamlenson, Edward; 104 Toney, Keith; 124 Toney, Ronald; 104 Tonnies, Dana; 71 Tonnies, Marshall; 71,259,325 Tonnies, Robert; 71 Tornholm, Carohne; 104 Tornquist, Stephen, 259 Townsend, Bohm; 124 Townsend, Steven; 222 Townsend, Thomas, 124 Tribolet, John, 104 Trimble, Duane; 373 Troshynski, Darnel, 124,325 Trost, David M; 88,281 Trout, Jerome, 124,307 Trautman, Randall; 279 Trow, James; 72,279,287 True, Larry; 88 Trullinger, Edward, 104 Tuggle.Sue; 88,178,284 True, William; 124 Turgeon, Robert; 336 Turnbull, Reginald, 266 Turner, Barbara; 124,289,306 Turner, Eugene; 72 Turner, Kenneth; 124 Turner, Ruth; 124 TutUe, Dixie; 72,178,299 Tuxhorn, Joyce; 88 Uehhng, Alberta; 88,235,296,297,301 Underwood, Mary; 72 Underwood, PhiUip, 266,279 Underwood, William, 72 Utterback, Mary; 124 Vaccaro, Vincent; 72 Van Ashand, Brenda; 178 VanBebber, Joyce, 104,245 Van Cleave. Cheryl; 104,284 Vander Werl, Glen; 72,252 Van Fossan, Larry; 104 Van Gundy, Ronald, 72 Van Hoti. Linda; 88 Van Hooier, Richard, 124,222 Van Houtan, Janene; 88,179,303 Van Kirk, Judith; 124 Vannier, Ron, 72,256 Van Nordstrand, Herb; 124,283 Van Ostrand, Brenda; 124 Van Pelt, Steven; 124 Van Scoyc, Robert; 124 Van Tersel, Larry; 124 Van Vactor, Herbert; 124 Van Vactor, Richard; 88 Van Wyk, Joan; 124,182 Varchola, George; 88,353 Veriurth, Patricia; 124,140,182 VerSteeg, Betty; 188,300,301 Vest, Jon, 124 Vetter, Virginia; 88 Vierk, Wayne; 350 Voss, Richare; 88,283 Voyce, JoAnn; 72,159,232,275,284,302 Vulgamott, Kay; 104,214,373 Waddill, Suzanne; 124,223 Wagner, Alan; 124,214,222,225 Wagner, Diane; 89 Wagner, Donald; 72 Wagner, Katherine, 124 Wainwright, PhiUip; 104 Waits, Martha; 104,243 Wake, Joyce; 104,240 Waldeier, Larry; 89 Walden, Harriet, 89,245 Waldron, Lynne; 72 Waldron, Robert; 72 Walker, Cynthia, 72,126,243 Walker, Kyle; 124 Walker, Undo; 89 Walker, Martin; 124 Walker, Patricia; 72,275 Walker, Robert Earl, 72,126,256 Walker, Robert Lee; 265,266,279 Walkup, Gregory; 263 Walkup, Vivi; 72,245 Walla, Suzan; 104 Wallace, Donna; 124 Waller, Keith, 124 Waller, Michael, 89 WaUin; Sally; 104 Walter, Barbara; 104 Walter, Ddon; 72,256 Walter, Kenneth; 124 Walter, Ronald; 72,193,279,287 Walters, Hazel, 72 Walters, John; 89,279 Wampler, Patricia; 72,159,178,275,304 Wander, Vicki; 124 Wanless, Peter, 73,279 Ward, James; 89,263 Ware, Barbara; 89 Ware, Linda; 290,292 Ware.PhyUis; 72,292 Wareberg, Alvin; 104 Warin.Joan, 89 Warman, Carol; 89 Warman, David; 124,307 Wame, Jo Ellen; 89 Warne, Joyce; 104 Warren, Mae; 124 Warren, Pamela; 104,284,303 Warren, Ruth; 290 Washburn, Jayla; 89,373 Washburn, Joseph; 124 Wasserlallen, David; 72,277 Waterworth, Mary; 124,223 Watkins, David; 124,214,225 Watlbns, Gregory; 105,225,372 Watkins, Larry C; 73,299 Watkins, Paula; 105,292 Watkins, Valerie, 247 Watsabaugh, Dennis; 266 Watsabaugh, J B.; 344,345 Watson, J. C; 73,259 Watson, Nancy; 105,243 Watson, Paul, 73,283 Watson, William; 277,298 Walters, Carol; 73 Walters, Phillip; 73 Way, Susan; 87,178,182,284 Weaver, John; 124 Weaver, Julia; 105 Weaver. Terry; 105.279 Webb. Harold; 73,198,211 Webber, PhyUis; 105 Weber, Sandra; 89 Weidenhatt, Kay, 89,292 Weidner, Edward, 329 Weinhold, Anthony, 263 Weir, James, 124 Weis, Richard; 89 Weissenbeck, Edward; 73 Weldon, Terry; 105 Weldon, Wanda; 105,178 Wells, William; 124,225 Wenzel, Connie; 125,289 Werner, Aloysious; 105 West, Larry; 105 West, Maureen; 125,214,303,306 West, Rosahe; 89,281,289,302 Weston, Paula; 73,247 Wetzel, Undo, 125 Weyrauch, Robert; 325 Whaley, Wesley. 89 Wharton, Kathleen; 105,243 Wharton, Mary Ann; 125 Wheeldon, Suzanne; 105 Wheeler, Beverly; 125 Wheeler, Cynthia; 125 Whetstone, Rhea; 126 Whetstone, Richard; 73, 126 Whitaken, Suzanne; 125 White, Lowell, 105 White. Lynda 125 White, Susan: 105 WhitehiU, Barry; 89,280,281 Whiting, Sara, 125 Whitemill. lames 325,329 Whitney, Stephen; 73,354 Whittlesey, Howard; 73,207,214,222,224 Wiclazer, Francis, 125 Wicks, Jill; 125 Weiderholt, Donna; 105 Weiderholt, Gail; 73,232,235,284 Weigman, Larry, 125 Wieneke, Marilynn; 89,182,235,291,299 Wiepert, Charles, 125 Wiges, Linda, 105 Wilcoxson, Anthony; 89 WUcoxson, Stephen; 73,281 Wiles, Richard, 125 Wiles, Tom; 263 Wiley, Michael; 105 Wilkes, Janice; 89,159,229,243,366,373 Wilkins, Carol; 89 Will, Peter; 73,263 Will, Victoria, 125 Williams, Danny; 105,252 WUUams, Deborah, 125 Wilhams, James; 105,325 WUUams, Jane; 73,178,235 Wilhams, Janice; 125 WUUams, Joyce; 105,223 Wilhams, Rita; 125 WiUiams, Thomas; 105 WiUiamson, Ed; 73,287 WiUiiord. Sherry; 105 Willis, James; 105,256 Willrick, Brad, 325 Wills. Douglas; 256,297 WiUson, Diane, 105,290 Wilmes. Janice, 105,378 Wilson, Adrian; 89 WUson, Brenda; 89 WUson, Cheryl; 74,178,235 Wilson, Dana; 125 Wilson, Darrel, 125.292 WUson, Denine; 125 WUson, Dorothy; 89,148,251,253,320 WUson, Duane; 89 WUson, Gene; 325,329 WUson, Harry P.; 125,292 WUson, Jackie; 307 WUson, Janet; 105,240 WUson, Judy; 74 WUson, JuUa; 125 WUson, Marilyn, 74,296,301 WUson, Michael, 298 WUson, Robert; 125 WUson, Steven; 105 Wineinger, Michael, 74 Winger, Carol, 105,378 Winkler, Janeth; 7 Winn, Robert, 74,235 Winter, Erich; 105,224,366 Wirt, Barb; 89,267.296 Wirt. Cheryl; 74,306 Wise, Frederick; 74,283,350 Wiskoski, WUham, 74,323,325,337 Witham. Edward; 105,214,220,224,373 Witt, Tracy; 266 Wnuk, Donna; 125 WohUord, Gerald, 125 Wold, Cheryl; 89,245 Woll, Clair; 74 Wall, Undo; 89,290,372 Woll, Paula; 89 WoUbrink, David, 325,329 WoUenhaupt, Jannelle; 125 Woltz, James; 89 Wood, Dale; 105,213,218,220,222,225 Wood, Donna Marie; 125,178,299,361 Wood, Elaine; 125 Wood, Robert; 89 Wood, Robert Wesley; 259 Woodruit, Frank; 125 Woodrutl, Sarah; 105,243 Woods, Linda; 105 Woodward, Lyle; 105 Woody, Larry; 89 Woolsey; Wayne; 298,325,329,348 Workman, Linda; 89,284,289 Wormsley, Emily; 125 Worthwine, Linda, 105 Worthy, LiUie; 74,182 Wright, Calvin; 329 Wright, Patricia; 125 Wright, Robert; 125 Wright, Stanley, 263 Wright, Steven; 125 Wnght, Thomas; 74,89,279 Wull, Gary; 89,252 Wall, Lana; 105 Wunderlich, Teresa; 125 Wyatt, George; 7 Wyatt, Robert; 89 Wyman, Janet, 89,159,245,278,300 Yates, Jenniter; 74,159.178,232,234,238,240,289 Yates, Pamela; 125 Yau, Francis; 286 Yehle, Phyllis; 74 Yokoo, Joyce; 105 Yonnis, WilUam; 125 Yost, John, 259 Young, Anita; 125 Young, Barbara, 105 Young, Bruce; 125,325,329 Young, Connie; 247 Young, Harriet; 74 Young, Norma; 74 Young, PhiUip; 89 Young, Shirley; 89,178,306 Younger, Edward; 89,298,350 Younger, PhiUip; 105.233,292 Zachary, Linda; 105,275,306 Zawadny, Michael, 105 Zeamer, Stanley; 330,332,335 Zehr, Barbara; 74,178,300 Zeiger, Anna, 105 Zeiger, John, 74,256 ZideU, Jeanette, 7 Zimmerman, Carol; 125 Zoine, Ronald, 125 Organizations ACE; 178 Administration, 18 Agriculture Club; 281 AHEA, 289 Alpha Mu Gamma; 235 Alpha Psi Omega, 194 AWS. 182 Beta Beta Beta; 299 Bleed-In, 144 Blue Key; 234 Board ol Regents; 10 Book Club; 232 BSU, 372 College Ambassadors, 314 Commencement; 177 Dad ' s Day; 185 Dedication; 4 Delta Psi Kappa, 286 Delta Tau Alpha; 280 Dialogue, 145 Drama Club; 194 Embers, 234 Faculty; 20 Freshmen, 106 Gamma Delta; 371 GDI; 292 Greeks, 237 Homecoming, 148 Industrial Arts Club, 282 In Memoriam, 380 Juniors; 75 Kappa Delta Pi, 232 Kappa Omicron Phi; 289 KDLX; 233 Liahona Fellowship, 379 Marketing Club, 279 Married Students; 126 Mother ' s Weekend, 184 Music, 212 Newman Fellowship; 377 Northwest Missourian; 226 PEMClub; 301 People to People, 291 Personnel and Stall; 38 Pi Beta Alpha, 287 Pi Kappa Delta; 193 Pi Gamma Mu; 286 Pi Omega Pi, 278 Psychology; 236 President Emeritus Jones; 8 Registrations, 142 Religious Lite Council; 366 Residence Halls, 298 Secretaries, 38 Seniors; 44 Sigma Phi Dolphins; 140 SNEA; 284 Social Science; 303 Sophomores, 90 Sports, 316 Student Alhhates of the American Chemical Society; 305 Student Senate; 180 Student Wives; 288 Tower Stall, 228 TGA 290 UCCF- Wesley Fellowship; 374 Ugly Man on Campus; 138 Union Board; 160 Veteran ' s Club; 307 Walk-OutDay, 144 Young Democrats, 179 Young Republicans; 179 387 Personnel Index Akes, Zelma; 23 Alberbni, Dolores; 29 Albertiw, Virgil; 27 Aldrich, Ethel; 263 Alloway, Marolyn; 38 Anderson, Frances; 38 Angman, Berndt, 36,222,303 Armstrong, Donald J.; 23 Authur, Pauline, 23 Bailey, Marguerite; 259 Baker, Earl H; 31,325,337 Barratt, George; 33 Beach, Virginia; 39 Beeks, John; 21,280 Beeson, Richard; 33 Beeson, Valerie; 33 Bejeck, Betty; 23 Belcher, Kathryn; 20,278 Belcher, Luther; 10,19 Bernard, Barbara; 31 Beuerman, Donald; 34 Birdsell, James; 20 Blackman, Robert; 25 Blankenship, Bill; 20 Boone, Luke; 29 Borgstadt, WiUiam; 20 Bouska, Virginia; 22 Bouhette, Darwin; 30,292 Boyd, Lance; 26,218,223 Boyd, Susan; 25 Brekke, Ann; 37,299 Brekke, Jerald; 36 Bright, Mina; 39 Broderick, James, 25 Brown, Everett; 18 Bruce, Cliiiord, 30 Buckridge, Richard, 31,339 Burnett, Avis; 27 Cargo, David; 34 Carpenter, Sam; 34 Chambers, Joyce; 39 Cobb, Myrl; 38 Collins, Gary; 31,333 Collins, Herman G.; 21,283 Cook, Mabel; 22 Cooper, Densil; 35 Cooper, Martha; 39 Corley, Roger; 36 Comelison, Mary Ahce; 39 Coss, David, 27 Costello, Jane; 23 Cotter, Robert; 19 Crist, Leroy; 21,159,283 Critchheld, Hazel; 300 Crozier, David; 21,283 Cushman, Cathran; 30 Dahmus, Maurice; 33 Dawson, Pearl; 38 Dawson, Robert; 36,222 Dawson, W. M. C; 10 DeMarce, James; 36,291,303 DeMarce, Virginia; 36,291,303 DeVore, Elwyn; 20 Dial, David; 24 Dickey, Bob; 19 Dieterich.H.R.; 23 Dopp, Ollie; 266,267 Dorsey, Anna, 38 Dougherty, John, 28 Dunbar, Vida; 33 Dyche, Lewis; 31,254,325 Dyke, Dorothy; 36 Dyke, Durward; 20 Easterla, David; 35 Eckeri, Opal; 27 EpJey, Roger; 24 Farquhar, Edward; 34,328,305 Fenster, Judy; 39 Ferris, Ronald; 36 Fisher, Carolyn; 29 Foster, Robert Porter; 7,10,11,144,176,177,186 Froehch, Donald; 21,282 Fuhrman, John; 18 Fulsom, Ralph; 30 Gagliardi, Linda; 39 Gates, Paul; 31,297 Gayler, George; 36,303 George, Howard; 24 George, William, 21,280 Gleason, James; 23 Goad, Craig; 27 Goad, Mary Ellen; 27 Gorsuch, Anna; 24,366 Gossman, Thomas; 20,287 Govier, Robert; 28 Grabau, Myles; 35 Graham, Avis; 24 Gray, Gladys; 19,182,267,290 Gray, Jack; 18 Gray, Shirley; 39 Gregory, Robert; 31 Gregory, Shirley; 39 Grispino, Frank; 23 Grube, Frank; 27,192,232,234 Gutzmer, Marvin; 33 Haas, Nancy; 39 Hagan, Charles; 36,303 Hageman, Charles; 25 Hamilton, Coleda; 38,304 Handke, A Frederick; 20 Handke, Lillian, 27 Hair, John; 36,235,286,303 Harris, Jerry; 20 Henderson, Clarence; 37 Henderson, Rev. Rex; 372,373 Henlein, Paul; 37,303 Higginbotham, Harlan; 34 Hildebrand, Dorothy; 306 Hillix, Virginia; 25 Hinshaw, George; 30 Holman, Richard; 35 Hook, Frances; 39 Hoover, Janet; 39 Horner, Charming, 28 Horner, Louise; 28 Houghton, Floyd; 21,280,281 Houston, Richard; 29 Hughes, Bettie; 29 Hunter, Violette, 27 Hurst, James; 37,303 Hutchinson, Robert, 27 Inglehart, Robert; 31,339 Jackson, Annette, 20 Jackson, Laura; 27 Jackson, Mary; 28,286 Jackson, Peter; 21,180,234,283 Johnson, James, 29 Johnson, Peitha, 38 Jones,}- W.; 9,234 Jones, Paul D., 27 Killingsworth, Amy; 29 Kiilingsworth, Robert; 37 Kimberling, Clark; 33 Kirk, Gerald, 35 Knittl, Esther; 24 Koerble, Charles; 19,180 Koerble, Betty; 30 Kratzer, Richard, 33 Kruse, Barbara; 39 Kuhn, Cheryl; 39 Landes, Richard; 34,286,305 Landwer, Gerald, 31,337 Larmer, Ruth; 24 Lawyer, Judy; 39 Lecklider, William, 26,215 Lesher, Merle; 24 Lewis, Stuart; 27 Licklider, Karen; 19 Lindenbusch, Ralph; 19 Long, Myrl; 34 Loveland, Lois; 32 Loveland, Jean; 31 Lowe, James, 37 Lucht,Sue; 39 Magill, Bonnie; 32 Mannasmith, Frank; 33 Masters, Tony, 32 Mauzey, Elaine, 28,286 McHan, Frank; 35 McHanJoan; 22 McKee, Kathryn; 24,178 Meier, David; 20 Millar, Robert; 37,303 Miller, Leon; 18,307 Miller, Ruth, 26,215 Milner, Ryland; 32,336,344,347 Minter, Kenneth; 35,299,366 Mitch, Patricia; 22 Mitchell, Byron, 26,214,224 Mitchell, Frances; 225 Mobley, John; 24 Mock Ethyl, 38 Moore, Clarence, 24 Moore, Margaret; 39 Moore, Marjorie; 39 Morey, Russell; 20 Morgan, J. P.; 10 Morrow, Glenn; 38 Moss, Earie; 26,220 Moss, Janet; 32,296 Moss, Martha, 20,278 Moss, Ronnie; 33 Mothershead, Harmon; 37 Murphy, Kathryn, 38 Myers, Terry; 18 Mueller, Irene, 35,366 Nagle, Jean; 37,303 Nagle, Robert; 37 Nelson, Opal; 39 Neustadt, Helen; 38 New, Richard; 24 Noah, Ronald; 24 Nystrom, Ruth; 18 O ' Conner, Helen; 38 Padgitt, Dennis; 21,280,281 PaUing, Barbara; 29 Peterson, Carolyn, 29 Peterson, Clara, 252,253 Phares, W. F; 10 Pnng, George, 20 Quinn, Richard; 23 Raines, Gladys, 39 Read, Marilyn, 39 Redd, James, 32,325,329 Richey, Burton, 31,348,349,350 Riddle, Kathryn; 32 Ringold, Howard, 21,228,282 Rivers, Charles; 27 Robertson, Donald; 25,159,232 Roemmich, Rev. Ron, 375 Rosenberg, Dale; 34 Ross, Neva; 24,178,366,378 Rounds, Elizabeth; 26 Russell, C F, 10 Russell, J Gene; 24 Sandhrd, Donald; 26,212,216 Sandiord, Mary Jane; 26,213 Savage, Dean; 24 Schenkel, Helen, 38 Schneider, Nina; 24 Schottel, Ivan, 32,325 Schulz, Julius; 24 Scott, Billy; 25 Scott, Mary Etta; 22 Seipei, Robert; 19 Sellers, Esther; 38 Shankhn, James, 37,303 Sherman, Faye; 38 Sisson, Sally; 32 Slattery, Charles; 28 Smay, John; 26 Smith, David; 35 Smith, Virginia; 256 Solheim, Jerome; 33 Standard, Connie, 39 Steele, Frances; 38 Sties, Pat; 39 Sunkel, Mary Jane; 20 Sunkel, Robert; 25,232 Swanson, Fern; 38 Tackett, William, 24 Taylor, Myron; 27 Temple, Mary, 27 Temple, Paul; 35 Terrell, Rebecca, 22 Thate, Charles; 18 Thate, Luella; 38,302 Thomasson, Ellen; 27 Thompson, Elsie; 39 Thompson, Herbert, 37 Thompson, Kenneth, 21,282 Thompson, Nancy; 38 Valentine, Jeanne, 39 Valk, Donald; 21,283 Van Zomeren, Wayne; 24 Vogt, Glen, 19 Wade, Stanley; 24 Wake, Bruce, 18,238,298 Waldron, Joyce, 22 Walker, Dorothy, 32 Walker, John; 28 Walker, Roy, 24 Walker, Wanda; 24,284 Walston, Sydney, 32,333 Watsabaugh, RaNae; 39 Weaver, Richard; 30 Weichinger, Theodore; 34 Weigand, Dorothy; 27 Wells, Helen; 39 West, Robert, 30,165 Wetzel, Joseph; 28 White, Joyce, 28 Whitney; Gilbert, 26,213,216 Widaer, Calvin, 37,303 Wiederholt, Fr. Thomas; 378 Williams, Agatha; 39 Wilhams, Garvin; 10 Williams, Ray, 20 Wmsor, Jerry, 30,193 Wire, Margaret; 38,300 Wolcott, Randall; 298 ZiUner, Lawrence; 24 Zirias, Monica; 39 ■■■■■■naHnaHHHHHi WALSWORTH Harceline. Mo., U.S.A. _ __ MH MBB p p«p- ' ». •♦• ' I J IT IT T7 i taw 1 OHM TT " ) " T XiT w i ■ S; i 11 !i ' Lia , 1- j- 1 H : ■H I. 2 s ' iM71 $ i — — If - :■• ' •:■:•:■:

Suggestions in the Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) collection:

Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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