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m;Ai ' - iimi m ■Sk Ki • ••»•% «« « « « • ■■ , • • •, V - « » » iK ' , ' » » If I 1 »iiti -, " - ■ V 1 tflil % . ' -t ■, .-. -. w l ' ' . " - .- ' - ■-, ■ " ' n ■ 1 ' , ' T ' . -•- ■ niiHi ♦ ' -■■ • it rvtt «« «« ! Aj !: 4 9t • • a » « 1- ii tllllf • 4 • t » • ««« , »» i«-l»«tt - ll««l» - «t i ' )•« I «»«« «irv4 « ! • (ft ft « « • »«» .. ,.-■-■■ rt»» » w .. T. :u _ u ' Bi H at il w « ft « » .. £! C , « •! {• § «•• k 4- M •§H 1t9 i » ' v " f n (! « t iititii i 99 « l« i Is • ••« « ■ t w » . •V W » " ' ■ ' w V ' l .«»iiit J ' ' ' sfnr ' w-j W iimtUHA ' Nanc Diani Mary leiiy Valei k Nancy Boyd Editor Kris Johnston Assistant Editor Diana Jansen Art Editor Mary Potter Jerry Patee...... .Co-Editors, Sports Valerie Watkins Secretary Mr. Howard Ringold... Faculty Advisor Dr. Frank Grube Literary Advisor TOWER 1967 FOREWORD Life is a complex series of events which Ski of us views in his own way. Thus, each student here at Northwest Missouri State College sees his duties and goals in a different per- spective. As freshmen, our impressions of college life are rather blurred and confused. As sophomores and juniors, we have erased some of the doubts and fears through our experiences and renewed perspectives. As seniors, we feel at last that our individual goals have been reached and that we may envision life ' s complexities in a more realistic manner. Although each of us is an individual, one can see a definite human unity in the years that we students share while in college. We are united through the • ' awareness " of mt body, the ■ " depth " of our spirit- iiai organizaiions. tn,. ' by our athletic participants, and the be achieved by Kiking part in various social functions. IppMml squenlly, though our expectations .a . fer, we all have the common desire to achieve perspective about the world awaiting us. TABLE OF PERSPECTIVES 3P45 u- Page Awareness 38 Balance 132 Action 304 Depth 352 Index 366 A dimension of any college is its outstanding professors, those whose office doors are open to students at any hour, whose kindness, per- sonal values, and dedication to their profession inspire students and faculty alike year after year, who by their example provide continual encouragement, and for whom it is always a privilege to help another human being. Such a person we have chosen to honor: a man who for twenty-one years has been a member of the Northwest Missouri State College faculty; a man who has served on the faculty council; a man whose classroom instruction has always been of the finest quality; a man whose unob- trusive actions behind the scenes of classes in the business department have taken burdens ' from the shoulders of countless students as he opened his office doors to students of all major fields when they needed advice, encouragement, or just a friendly ear; a man who, by his quiet example, is endeared to all who know him. To Clifford Kensinger, we, the TOWER staff of 1967, dedicate this yearbook. TO THE 1966-67 STUDENTS OF THE NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE COLLEGE: Viewing our student body from the perspective of a college president, there appears to be a high degree of certainty that most of our students are destined to assume roles of leadership. What a privilege it is to be alive at this wondrous time and to participate in decision making that will effect changes in the whole globe structure. The entire world is in the throes of social and political revolu- tion, knowledge is proliferating at astronomical rates, and leader- ship is faced with challenges never before encountered : These conditions are so obvious that they seem platitudinous, but they are nevertheless true. Because this college and others like it are charged with the responsibility of preparing leaders to cope with the multifarious and sophisticated problems inherent in our generation and generations to come, it is incumbent upon this college to give perspective to these future leaders. In my judgment all students must be deeply aware of the trials in their lives ahead; they must be deeply aware of their heritage in order to see these trials in perspective. Students must perceive the rationale, the virtue, the stability in a broad balance between the various components determining their total abilities. If our leadership is to succeed, indeed, if our civilization is to prevail, a depth of moral, spiritual, and ethical perception must be regenerated throughout the world. 1 am committed to the belief, however, that whatever the demands may be your generation has the fiber and the fortitude to make the correct decisions. I believe, further, that because you will have the perspective to make the correct decisions the world will be made a far better place for your having been here. Robert P. Foster President VICTORIAN HOME KEPT ALIVE BY PRESIDENT FOSTER AND HIS FAMILY President and Mrs. Foster relax in their new kitchen. In 1857 land was purchased which was to be used for a nursery, but in 1870 a two-story home was built on the property by Captain Thomas Gaunt. Today, almost a cen- tury later, this home is still liept alive by the warmth and laughter of a modern family. President and Mrs. Robert P. Foster and their two sons, Robert III and Kemp. Before the family could move into the old house, however, some changes had to be made. Original plans for remodeling the kitchen snowballed until the entire house had been redecorated. Kansas City interior designer, Jack Rees, helped make changes in a few doors and windows which gave the new kitchen and dining room a cheerful and bright atmosphere. His and her dressing rooms were made from an upstairs sleeping porch and sitting room. The structure is kept young by the light, dignified decor. Although some of the furniture is rather formal and stiff Victorian, the walls of the parlor, music room and din- ing room are lovely blue-and-white striped wallpaper which is accented by sparkling crystal chandeliers. The home ' s furnishing include a Knabe piano more than 100 years old, Victorian open-back chairs with blue velvet seats, and two transitional Chippendale chairs. Especially charming is the remodeled kitchen which boasts of a range which serves as a room divider, an is- land counter on wheels, laundry facilities behind sliding oak doors, brick-patterned tile on the floors, and a built in buffet. In contrast to this room is Dr. Foster ' s study with its deep blue walls and white window seats and wood paneling. Since the time the renovation was completed, hundreds of enthusiastic visitors have toured the lovely old home. The dwelling is a landmark not only to the Northwest Missouri State College campus, but to all of the state. Its walls echo with history, and its age will always be overcome by its grand dignity. ' ER Gracious living is second nature in the Foster household. jper The nis- tudy reds ime. i»est late, sbe The " Lincoln " bedroom displays many of the Victorian qualities for which the house is famous This lovely living room is a delight to all guests who visit the Foster home. Our guides„.through them we attain the knowledge to challenge the future. ' 10 They have undertaken the huge task o£ transferring their knowledge to the leaders of tomorrow. 11 THEIR TASK: TO TEACH MEANING AND UNDERSTANDING THEIR PUPILS: THE STUDENTS I Vita OF NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE COLLEGE 12 I Gr; 195: D. ' anc the J.l r Members of the Board of Regents include: C. F. Russell, Luther G. Belcher, Jr., W. F. Phares, Jr., President Robert P. Foster, Garvin R. WiUiams, J. P. Morgan, W. M. C. Dawson. NWMSC BOARD OF REGENTS W. M. C. DAWSON, President of the Citizen ' s Bank of Grant City, Missouri, has served on the Board since 1951. D. W. HOPKINS, of the Anderson-Hoplcins- Wallace Insur- ance Agency in St. Joseph, Missouri, was appointed to the Board in 1963 by Governor John Dalton. J. P. MORGAN, a lawyer and judge of the Chillicothe, Missouri, Circuit Court, has been a member of the Board of Regents since 1961. W. F. PHARES, JR., of Phares OiLCompany in Mary- ville, was appointed to the Board in 1965. The members of the Board of Regents are appointed to their positions by the Governor of the State of Missouri. Each appointment is for a term of six years. C. F. RUSSELL, Director of Guidance in the Trenton, Missouri, public schools, has been a member since 1961. GARVIN R. WILLIAMS, of Williams Lawn Seed Company in Maryville was appointed to the Board in 1959. HUBERT WHEELER, Missouri Commissioner of Educa- tion, is an ex-officio member of the Board of Regents. LUTHER G. BELCHER, JR., Business manager of NWMSC, is secretary to the Board of Regents. 13 OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT EMEWTUS NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE COLLEGE Maryville, Missouri J. W. Jones, President Emeritus Miss Nancy L. Boyd, Editor. 1967 TOWER, Northwest Missouri State College. f Dear Miss Boyd: Thank you for the invitation to write a brief letter for your 1967 TOWER. The information that I have seems to me to indicate that the 1967 TOWER will be an out- standing publication of considerable interest to the student body and a credit to the leadership which you are giving to the staff in its production. The perspective of anything is conditioned to a very large extent by the point of view and the experience one has had with those things which are in view. The TOWER is a reflection of current college activities especially as it deals with the major aspects of college life which you are planning to include in the book. I trust that the student body will recognize the opportunities at the Northwest Missouri State College to grow from their youthful point of view as Freshmen into the maturity that should characterize Seniors. The record in the 1967 TOWER indi- cates that such maturity is being developed. The students and the total college should be- of this record. and I am sure they are— very proud Very truly yours, f . .■ (f- y Jii.- ... J. W. Jones President emeritus 14 15 DEANS AND ADMINISTRATION DR CHARLES TH ATE Dean of Administration TERRY MYERS Assistant to the Dean of Administration DR. LEON MILLER Dean of Instruction RUTH NYSTROM Registrar EVERETT BROWN Field Services Director JOHN FUHRMAN Assistant Director of Field Service Fw JACK GRAY Assistant to the Director of Field Services Ml BRUCE WAKE Director of Men ' s Residence Halls 16 SERVE ENTIRE COLLEGE DR. CHARLES KOERBLE Dean of Students KAREN LICKLIDER Dean of Women GLADYS GRAY Assistant to the Dean of Women GLEN VOGT Food Services Director DAN GREER Student Union Director BOB DICKEY Assistant to the Student Union Director LUTHER BELCHER Business Manager BILL NEEDELS Assistant Business Manager JERRY LEWIS Financial Officer 17 DIVISION OF BUSINESS ADDS NEW INSTRUCTORS EiliWI l r If I ELWYN DEVORE B.S. inEd.,M.S.,D.B.A. Chairman Division of Business Mr. King worlis diligently at student papers. - ? Aiiiiii iJ f J k 4mk mk KATHRYN BELCHER A.B.,M.S. BILL BLANKENSHIP A.A.,B.S.,M.S. DURWOOD DYKE B.S.,M.A.,LL. B. THOMAS GOSSMAN B.S.,J.D. FREDERIC HANDKE B.A.,M.A.,M.A.,C.L.U. JERRY HARRIS B.A.M.A. JOHN HERZIG B.S, M.S. ANNETTE JACKSON B.S.,M.S. CLIFFORD KENSINGER B.S.,M. Ed. ROGER KING B.B.A.,M.B.A. KENNETH McKENZIE B.S.CM.B.A. RUSSELL MOREY B.A.,M.B.A. MARTHA MOSS A.A.,B.S.,M.S. MARY SUNKEL B.S.C.M.B.A CHARLES VITASKA B.S..M.S. 18 DIVISION OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY MEETS CHALLENGES OF GROWTH Dr. Tackett delivers a salient point to an education class. Dr. Dial finds some time to keep abreast of the fast- changing educational frontiers. JAMES GLEASON H. R. Dieterich DONALD SMITH CHARLES LEMLEY B. Sc.,M. Ed.Ed. D. B.A . MA. A.B.,Ed. M., B.S.,M.S.,Ph. D. Chairman, Division of Education and Psychology and Chairman, Department of Elementary Education Acting Chairman Department of Secondary Education Ed. M. in Psych. Ed. D. Chairman Department of Psychology Director Department of Student Teaching ZELMA AKES DONALD PAULINE ARTHUR BETTY BEJECK DAVID DIAL B.S. inEd.M.S. ARMSTRONG B.S.,M.A., B.S. in Ed. B.S.,M.S.,Ed. D in Ed., as, M.S. in Ed., Horace Mann Horace Mann Horace Mann D.Ed. 19 ROGER EPLEY A.B.,A.M.,Ed. D. PAUL FLEEMAN B.S.,M. Ed.D. Ed. HOWARD GEORGE B.S. inEd.,M.S.,Ed. D. ANNA GORSUCH B.S.,M.A. Dl ill AVIS GRAHAM B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. Horace Mann FRANK GRISPINO B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed., Ed. D. ESTHER KNITTL B.S. in Ed, MS. in Ed. Horace Mann RUTH LARMER B.S. in Ed. Elementary, M.S. in Ed. Primary Horace Mann KATHRYN McKEE B.S. in Ed, MA. Horace Mann JOHN MOBLEY B.S. Horace Mann RONALD NOAH B.S. Horace Mann RICHARD QUINN B.S.,M.S.,Ed. D. D£] FRED REEVES B.S, M.Ed. NEVA ROSS B.S, MA. GENE RUSSELL B.A.,M.A.,D. Ed. JULIUS SCHULTZ B.A.,M.A.,Ed. D. WILLIAM TACKETT B.S. in Ed, M.S. in Ed, Ed. D. WAYNE VAN ZOMEREN B.A.,M.A. ROY WALKER B.S in ED, MA. WANDA WALKER B.A, M.S. in Ed., Ed.D 20 DIVISION OF APPLIED ARTS AND SCIENCES Dr. Beeks finds that progress is often the result of a chance moment of inspiration. JOHN BEEKS B.S.,M.S.,Ed.D. Chairman, Division of Applied Arts and Sciences Chairman, Department of Agriculture AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT RECEIVES NEW FARM WILLIAM F B HOUGHTON WILLIAM TRESSE GEORGE B.S. inEd., B.S. in Agri. B.S.,B.S. inAgri. B.S. inAgri.,M.A. M.S. inEd. Engineering, M.S. in Agri. Engineering, Ed. D. DEPARTMENT OF FINE ARTS UTILIZES ROBERT SUNKEL A.A.,B.F.A.,M.F.A. Acting Chairman, Department of Fine Arts ROBERT BLACKMAN B.S. in Ed, M.S. JAMES BRODERICK B.A.M.A. VIRGINIA HILLIX B.A.,M.A. DONALD ROBERTSON BS.,M.A. VIRGINIA VINT B.D.,M.A.,Ed. D. NEW BUILDING _, SV . rXSKf RiiiL.-.: f- Modern displays attract many appreciative glances in the new Fine Arts Building. 21 DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS PLANS AHEAD DI MABEL COOK B.S. inEd.M.A. Chairman Department of Home Economics Miss Miller explains proper laundry techniques during a lab session. VIRGINIA BOUSKA ELEANOR B.S.,M.S. MILLER PATRICIA MITCH B.S, M.S. B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. MARY ETTA SCOTT B.S.,M. Ed. REBECCA TERRELL B.S, M.S. JOYCE WALDRON B.S.,M.S. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT EXPANDS Visual diagrams speed comprehension upon which student growth is built. DONALD VALK B.S, M.S. Chairman Department of Industrial ArU HERMAN COLLINS LEROY CRIST DAVID CROZIER B.S, MA, Ed. D. B.S, M.S., Ed. D. B.S. in Ed, M. Ed. DONALD PETER JACKSON HOWARD KENNETH FROELICH B.S.,M.S. inlnd. RINGOLD THOMPSON B.S, M.S. Ed, D.Ed. B.S, M.S. B.S. in Ed, MA inl. A. Ed. 22 DIVISION OF HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION MEN AIM FOR FULLER PARTICIPATION Faculty participation in tlie entire sports program of the college is a goal Coach Dyche takes to heart. BURTON RICHEY B.S.,M.S.,Ed. D. Chairman Division of Health and Physical Education EARL BAKER RICHARD GARY COLLINS ROGER DONNAHOO LEWIS DYCHE B.S.inEd.M.A. BUCKRIDGE B.S. inEd.,M.A. B.A., M. Ed. B.S.,M.A. A.B., M.S. PAUL GATES ROBERT ROBERT JERRY LANDWER R H. MILNER IVAN SCHOTTEL B.A.,M.A.,Ed.D. GREGORY B.S. in Ed., M.S. IGLEHART B.A., M.P.E. B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed. B.S, MA. B.S. in Ed. 23 DEPARTMENT OF WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION STRIVES THROUGH SPORTS AND DANCE FOR ENJOYMENT OF LIFE Miss Magill advises a student in the women ' s physical education program. BONNIE MAGILL BARBARA BERNARD ANN BREKKE A.E.,B.S.,M.A. A.B.M.S. B.S. inEd. Chairman M.Ed. Department of Physical Education JEAN LOVELAND B.A.M.S. LOIS LOVELAND B.S., M.S. inEd. JANET MOSS B.S, M.Ed. KATHRYN RIDDLE B.S.,M.S..Ed. D. DOROTHY WALKER B.S..M. Ed. 24 ON DIVISION OF LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH EXPANDS HONOR PROGRAM AND MAJOR-MINOR SEQUENCES FRANK GRUBE A.B.M.A.Ph. D. Chairman Division of Language and Literature and Chairman Department of English VIRGIL ALBERTINI B.S. inEd.M.S. AVIS BURNETT A.A.B.A.M.A. MARY BUTHOD B.A.M.A. TOM CHANDLER A.B.M.A. DAVID COSS B.A..M.A. OPAL ECKERT B.S. in Ed, A. B, M.S. in Ed. " • » Jk BRUCE GAWTRY B.A. CRAIG GOAD B.A. , MA. LILLIAN HANDKE A.A.,B.A.,M. Ed. BETTIE HUGHES B.S. in Ed., MA. VIOLETTE HUNTER B.S, MA. i ROBERT HUTCHINSON B.A, MA. LAURA JACKSON A.A.B.S.M.A. PAUL JONES A.A.,B.S.,M.A. STUART LEWIS B.A, MA. DALE MIDLAND B A.M.A. CHARLES RIVERS A.B.,M.A.,Ph. D JAMES SAUCERMAN A B.,M.A. MYRON TAYLOR B.S, MS. ELLEN THOMASSON A.B.,M.A. DOROTHY WEIGAND B.S in Ed, MA. 25 FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT ' GROWS RAPIDLY JOSEPH DREPS B.A.M.A.Ph.D. Chairman Department of Foreign Languages Mr. Govier directs a language lab, one of the basic tools in learning any language. JOHN DOUGHERTY B.A.M.A. ROBERT GOVIER B.A.,B.Mu.,M.A. MARY JACKSON A.B.M.A. ELAINE MAUZEY B.S.,B.A.,M.A. CHARLES SLATTERY B.A.M.A. JOHN WALKER B.A.M.A. JOSEPH WETZEL B.A.M.A. JOYCE WHITE B.S.M.A. 26 DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY SCIENCE INCREASES FACILITIES JAMES JOHNSON B.A.,B.S. inLib. Sc. Chairman Department of Library Science. jg |H| The business of library science is a pleasure with instructors such as Mr. Johnson and Miss Palling. DELORES ALBERTINI B A.M.S. LUKE BOONE B.A.,P.G.,US.N.T.S.,M.A. LETA BROWN A.B. CAROLYN FISHER B.S. in Ed. HAZEL GATES RICHARD HOUSTON RUTH KILLINGSWORTH B.S. M.L.S. KATHRYN MURPHY BARBARA PALLING BS. inEd ,M A CAROLYN PETERSON A.A , A.B . M.A. JUDITH WILSON B.A . MA. 27 DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH AND DRAMA INITIATES NEW SPEECH THERAPY SEQUENCE Dr. Ralph Fulsom oversees all functions of the speech and drama department. i i RALPH FULSOM B A., M. A. .PH.D. Chairman Department of Speech and I)rama Mr. Hinshaw finds class associations pleasurable even through the barrage of inevitable papers. CLIFFORD BRUCE B.S.,M.S. MARTHA DUNN BA. GEORGE HINSHAW A.B.,M.A. BETTY KOERBLE B.S.M.S. KERRY LAFFERTY B.S.,M.S. ROD WILSON B.A.,M.A. JERRY WINSOR BSE. .M.S. 28 I DIVISION OF MUSIC EXPANDS IN NEW FINE ARTS BUILDING Dr. Smay, knowing the value of precision, checks a costly instrument in his office. JOHN SMAY B.A ,M.Mus.,Ph.D. Chairman, Division of Music WILLIAM LECKLIDER B.S.,M.Mus.,Ed.D RUTH MILLER B.M.Ed., MM. BYRON MITCHELL B.M.E.,M.M.E. WARD ROUNDS B.S, MA. ELIZABETH ROUNDS B.M.,M.M. DONALD SANDFORD B.S. inEd.M. Mus., D.Mus.Arts MARY SANDFORD A.B.,M.Mus. LEE SCHNEIDER B.M.,M.M. JERRY TROXELL B.S, MA. GILBERT WHITNEY B.M.,M.A. 29 DIVISION OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS TO RECEIVE NEW BUILDING Dr. Scott looks over an assignment. A difficult equation can be as confusing to a professor as to a student. DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY KENNETH MINTER DAVID EASTERLA MYLES GRABAU B.S. in Ed., M.S., Ph. B.S.,M.A. B.S.M.S. D. Chairman, Department of Biology f THEODORE WEICHINGER B.S. in Ed, M.Ed. Acting Chairman Division of Science and Mathematics GERALD KIRK B.S.M.S. FRANK McHAN B.S, M.S., Ph. D. IRENE MUELLER B.A.,M.A.,Ph. D. BILLY SCOTT B.S. M.S., Ph. D. DAVID SMITH B.A.,M.S. 30 cs DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY SAM CARPENTER A.B.,B.S.,B.S. inEd. Ph.D. Chairman Department of Chemistry DONALD BEUERMAN B.A.,M.S. EDWARD FARQUHAR B.S.,Ph. D HARLAN HIGGINBOTHAM B.S.,Ph. D. ADOLF LANDES A.B.M.S. MYRL LONG B.S.,M.S, DALE ROSENBURG A.B., A.M.,Ph. D. DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS ; j Mn GEORGE BARRATT B.S.,M.S. RICHARD BEESON B.S.,M.S. MAURICE DAHMUS B.S.,M.S.,M.A. VIDA DUNBAR A.B.,A.M. RICHARD KRATZER A.B.,M.S. FRANK MANNASMITH B.S.,M.A. RONNIE MOSS B.S.,M.S.,Ph. D. PHYLLIS SHANKLIN B.S.,M.S.,M.A. JEROME SOLHEIM B.S.,M.A. MARVIN WINZENREAD B.S.,MS. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY DONALD BELL B.S.,M.S. RICHARD HOLMAN B.A. of Ed, MA. of Ed. PAUL TEMPLE B.A.,M.S. DAVID CARGO B.S.,M.S.,Ph. D. ,31 DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCE CONTINUES IMPROVEMENTS JOHN HARR A.B . M A.,Ph. D. Chairman Division of Social Science The wit of professors such as Dr. Angman makes the social science department a lively place. PJ i BERNDT ANGMAN BS , M.S.Ph. D. DAVID BELL BS , M.S. DARWIN BOUTIETTE B.S..M.A. JERALDBREKKE B.S.,M.S. ROGER CORLEY B.A.,M.A. ROBERT DAWSON B.A..M.S. JAMES DEMARCE B.A.M.A. VIRGINIA DEMARCE B.A.,M.A. DOROTHY DYKE B A , MA. RONALD FERRIS B.A.M.A. GEORGE GAYLER BS. inEd.. M A.Ph D. DONALD HAGAN B.A.M.A. 32 mMJ Mr. Henderson outlines some extra reading for a student in one of the department ' s rigorous courses. MARLIN HENDERSON B.A.,M.A. PAUL HENLEIN B.A.,M.A.,Ph.D. JAMES HURST B.S.,M.A. ROBERT KILLINGSWORTH A.B.,B.S.,M.A.,Ph.D. PETER LEE B.S. in Econ. and Bus., M.A. in Econ. JAMES LOWE B.S. inEd.,M.A.,Ph.D. ROBERT MILLAR B.A.,M.A. HARMON MOTHERSHEAD B.S. in Sec. Ed., M.A. JEAN NAGLE B.A.,M.A. ROBERT NAGLE B.A.,M.A. JAMES SHANKLIN B.S. M.S. CALVIN WIDGER B.A.,M.A. TOP STAFF AND PERSONNEL ASSURE 1 A @ FRANCES STEELE Nurse HELEN O ' CONNOR Nurse MARGARET FRUEH Nurse PEARL DAWSON Nurse PEITHA JOHNSON Union Book Store Supervisor ROBERT SEIPEL Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds MARY WHITE Food Service Manager WILDA ATHEN Supervisor of Student Labor, Union Cafeteria HELEN SCHENKEL Union Snack Bar Supervisor DOROTHY BROWN Food Service Manager RANDALL WOLCOTT Assistant Director of Men ' s Residence Halls 34 A SMOOTH-RUNNING COLLEGE MARGARET WIRE Roberta Hall Director LUELLA THATE Perrin Hall Director DOROTHY HILDEBRAND Hudson Hall Director FRANCES HOLLINGSHEAD Assistant Director of Hudson and Perrin Halls COLEDA HAMILTON Director of Franken Hall NORMA CHERRYHOLMES Assistant Director of Roberta and Franken Halls ETHEL MOCK Phillips Hall Housemother CLEO PERKINS Housemother of Men ' s Residence Halls 35 BEHIND THE SCENES MONICA ZIRFAS MARTHA COOPER PAULA HELSEL OPAL NELSON FAYE SHERMAN Secretary to the Secretary to the Secretary to the Secretary to the Secretary to the President Dean of Administration Dean of Administration Dean of Administration Dean of Administration Mimeograph Department JANET HOOVER CAROL HASCALL FRANCES HOOK GLADYS RAINES ELIZABETH SCHAFER Secretary to the Secretary to the Secretary to the Secretary to the Secretary to the Registrar Registrar Registrar Registrar Registrar MAROLYN ALLOWAY Data Processing Center NANCY THOMSON Business Office IBM Department MINA BRIGHT Purchasing Clerk JOYCE CHAMBERS Secretary to the Purchasing Department Students find the new business office window service an attractive added feature 36 ARE THE SECRETARIES JUDITH CULP Business Office Cashier LINDA GAGLIARDI Student Loan Secretary SHIRLEY GREGORY Student Loan Accountant JUDY LAWYER Business Office Cashier MARGARET MOORE Business Office Secretary AGATHA WILLIAMS Business Office Accountant ROSAMOND CARR Field Service Office Placement Secretary SHIRLEY GRAY Field Service Office Assistant Alumni Secretary LETA JONES Field Service Correspondence and Extension ESTHER SELLERS Assistant Director of Placement MARY ALICE CORNELISON Secretary to the Dean of Students JANET HAAG Secretary of the Traffic Division BARBARA KRUSE Secretary to the Dean of Women SANDRA TEALE Secretary to the Dean of Men VIRGINIA BEACH Horace Mann Secretary VONDA BRIDGMAN Health Department Secretary JUDY HUNT Secretary to the Dean of Instruction MEG LARSON Secretary to the Director of Union CONNIE STANDARD Men ' s P.E. Secretary KAREN WAGNER Secretary of the Instructional Materials Bureau 37 STUDENT BODY AWARENESS The student body is what makes a col- lege campus exhilarating. Each of us is unique in his own way, and our com- bined personalities and interests make us eager to become aware of the world around us. Youth is impatient and eager to learn and question. Through our educational endeavors, we hope to challenge what lies in the past and in the future as we gain new perspectives and, thus, gain a better understanding of ourselves. 38 39 ALMA MATER Let your voices loudly ringing, Echo far and near. Songs of praise thy children singing To thy mem ' ry dear. Alma Mater! Alma Mater! Tender, fair and true; Grateful sons with love unfailing All their vows renew. Years may dim our recollection, Time its change may bring. Still thy name in fond affection, Evermore we ' ll sing. Alma Mater! Alma Mater! Tender, fair and true; Grateful sons with love unfailing All their vows renew. The Northwest Missouri State Marching Band Bearers of the Green : Mary Pettegrew Joyce Gushing Phyllis Brown Sara Copman Sharon Gable DeAnn Bowers. COLLEGE IS A COLORFUL AND DIVERSE PERSPECTIVE. Walkout Day canoe jousting. 42 Beauty of relationships and beauty of nature are two kinds of perspective. ABOVE: Dennis Sapp and Anne Morgan BELOW: Sherrie Means, Ken Dyke, and Carol Carstenson I 43 w-» 9. ' .- t ' »»s. V«»!« . .V ' ■• -, • K. We are many, and we are diverse I Life is often confusing and uncertain 44 We are bound by our mutual goals and a common search for meaning 45 We reflect upon the past that is over — .,_. «»V: , • ■♦ j 1 j and seek realistic perspectives in the future that is yet to come. 4 46 CLASS OF ' 67 47 Dawn Abarr, Major: History, Minor: Library Science. Carole Akers, Major: Physical Education, Minor: English William Alexander, Major: Math- ematics, Minor: Industrial Arts. Frances Allen, Major: Elemen- tary Education. James Alloway, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Biology. Gerald Anderson, Major: Busi- ness Education, Minor: Accounting. Jack Appleman, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety. Theresa Arms, Majors: Art and English. Margaret Armstrong, Major: Elementary Education. Ronald Arn, M jor: Accounting. Donna Auxier, Major: Spanish, Minor: French. Betty Baker, Major: Physical Ed- ucation, Minor; Home Economics. Eldon Baker, Major: Elementary Education. Connie Banks, Major: Psychol- ogy, Minor: Biology. John Banning, Major: Biology, Minor: Sociology. David Barr, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. I Bill Barrett, Major: Biology, Mi- nors: General Science and Ag- riculture. Margaret Barrett, Major: Busi- ness Education. Edmund Bartelt, Major: Business. Mary Bauman, Major: Biology, Minor: Sociology. 48 Carl Baxter, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Gregory Beechner, Major: Mar- keting, Minor: Business. Joseph Belitz, Major: Insurance and Finance, Minor: Business. Larry Benton, Major: Music. Donald Berry, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Margaret Berry, Major: Elemen- tary Education. C. Russell Blom, Majors: Busi- ness and Agriculture. Gloria Boeck, Major: Mathema- tics, Minor : English. John Boley, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Mathematics Sherry Bollinger, Major: Music. Melvin Booth, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Finance and In- surance. DeAnn Bowers, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Nancy Boyd, Majors: English and French. Betty Boyle, Major: Art, Minor: Library Science. Bernard Braunschweig, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Draft- ing. Robert Briggs, Major: Market- ing, Minor: General Business. :Biisi- jM ■1 Roger Britt, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Chemistry. Linda Brooner, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Dianna Brown, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Gerald Brown, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Business. 49 George Brown, Major. Industrial Arts. Minor: Chemistry. Norman Brown, Major; Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety Education. Phyllis Brown, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Norma Buffington, Majors: Math- ematics and Psychology. II i Earl Burkhalter, Major: Finance and Insurance, Minor: Mar- keting. Roger Burnham, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Physics. Raymond Butcher, Major: Gen- eral Business, Minor: Finan- ce and Insurance. Terry Campbell, Majors: English and French. Michael Carl, Major: Sociology, Minor: Psychology. Ruth Carlock, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Deloris Carr, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Business. Thomas Carr, Major; Biology, Minor: Health and Safety Ed- ucation. 4 Kenard Carstens-, Major: Social Science, Minor: History. Carol Carstenson, Major: Gen- eral Business, Minor: Spanish. William Casey, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Judith Cavan, Major: Mathema- tics, Minor: Library Science. Linda Chappell, Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. Solomon Christian, Majors: Phy- sics and Mathematics, Minor; Chemistry. Harvey Christie, Major: History, Minor: Art. Barry Clark, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Biology. 50 y ft Math. Ann Clemsen. Major: Elemen- tary Education, Minor: Li- brary Science. Dallas Clemsen. Major: Bus- iness, Minor: Sociology. Judy Clymens, Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. Richard Coder, Major: Market- ing, Minor: Finance and In- surance. r: Mat- s. ior: Gei. Sandra Cogdill, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Patricia Coil, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Lynette Cole, Major: English, Minor: Business. Kay Coleman, Major: Elemen- tary Education, Minor: Library Science. wW alelvEil- Jack Collins, Major: Mathema- tics, Minor: General Science. Charles Combs, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Michael Combs, Major: Music Education. Dola Conn, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Library Science, or: Social n ijor: to ■, Spanisl Ele» Mallienia- Frank Connaghan, Major: Ac- counting, Minor: Business. Doretta Cooper, Major: Vocation- al Home Economics. Jack Cooper, Major: Business, Minor: Chemistry. Howard Corey, Major: Market- ing, Minor: Business. ior: V(«a- lies. ijjrs: Pli! ' - cs, Miw: It HisW ' Pknical Bob Cornelius, Major: English, Minor: Sociology. Roger Cornett, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Terry Crain, Major: Business Administration, Minor: Spanish. John Crawford: Major: Agri- Business. 51 Larry Cronin, Major: Accounting, Minor : Business Administra- tion. Sandra Curphey, Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. Gary Curtis, Major: Biology, Mi- nor: Health and Safety Education. Joyce Gushing, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Margo Dath, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Jerry Davidson, Major: Biology, Minor: Physical Education. Ken Davidson, Majors: Spanish and French. Kenneth Davidson, Majors: Math- ematics and Accounting. I Donna Davis, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Leslie Dawson, Major: Chem- istry, Minor: Mathematics. Karen Deardorff, Major: Elemen- tary Education. William Dennis, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Biology. Doralyn Dickerson, Major: Ac- counting, Minor: Business. John Dickerson, Majors: Biol- ogy and Agriculture, Minor: General Science. Judith Diggs, Major: Elementary Education. Jim Dills, Major: Physical Ed- ucation, Minor: Health and Safety Education. Gay Dittemore, Major: Elemen- tary Education, Minor: Psy- chology. Peggy Doane, Major: Business, Minor: Business. Terry Doane, Majors: Sociology and English. Diane Doolan, Major: Elemen- tary Education. .52 ■if, taei Jerry Dougherty. Major: Physi- cal Education, Minor: Health and Safety Education. Larry Downing. Major: English, Minor; Psychology. Doyle Dinkens. Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Drafting. Bryon Duke. Major: Physical Ed- ucation. Minor: Chemistry. jpanisk Karla Dukes, Major: Spanish, Minor: Music. David Dunfee, Major: Agricul- ture, Minor: General Science. Nancy Dunfee, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Minor: Library Science. Gerald Duty, Major: Physical Ed- ucation, Minor: Recreation. Cta- lies. Roxy Dyer, Major: Mathematics, Minors: General Science and General Business. Kenneth Dykes, Major: Business, Minor: Marketing. Richard Ebbrecht, Majors: Gen- eral Business and Mathematics. Charles Edelen, Major: Market- ing, Minor: Business Adminis- tration. jr: Ac- nentary calBi- ,th and Larry Edwards. Major: Mathe- matics. Minor: Biology. Rebecca Egli. Major: Social Sci- ence. Minor: Sociology. Connie Eighmy, Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. Melaine Eisiminger. Major: Vo- cational Home Economics. jr: Psy- yxM William Emerson. Major: History, Minor: Social Science. Donald Engel. Majors; Chemistry and Mathematics. Geary Engemann. Major; Chem- istry, Minor: Industrial Arts. Janet Engle. Major: French. Mi- nor; English. 53 Sharon Engle, Majors: History and French Nshan Erganian, Majors; Speech and Physical Education. Larry Erickson, Major: Indus- trial Arts, Minor; Drafting. Donald Evans, Major: Business, Minor; Business. ) fk Bruce Falk, Major; Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology. Charles Fattig, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Health and Safety Education. Raymond Faye, Major: Market- ing. Minor; Psychology. Rebecca Ferguson: Major; Ele- mentary Education L Ku Ronald Fields, Major; Business, Minor: Marketing. Harold Flint, Major Mathema- tics, Minor; General Science. Richard Flowers, Major; Agricul- ture, Minor: Horticulture. Linda Foland, Major; Elementary Education, Minor; Music. Donna Foley. Major: Elementary Education. Rodney Follett, Major; Mathe- matics, Minor; Biology. Michael Forbes, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety Education Raymond Forsyth, Major; Elemen- tary Education. Steven Funston, Major: Finance and Insurance, Minor: Business. Sharon Gabel, Major; Elementally Education, Minor; Library Sci- ence. David Gardner, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Soci ology. Bob Garms, Major: History, Mi- nor: Social Science. 54 Speetk 1% Jig, ISIlUss, Virginia Garrison, Major: Ele- mentary Education. Donald Garvey, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Business. Linda Garvey, Major; Elemen- tary Education. David Gates, Major: Mathema- tics, Minor: Biology. :ial a. ifclrial 1 Safely ttei- r He- Ronald Gayler, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: General Sci- ence Mike George, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minors: Sociology and History. Robert George, Major: Psychol- ogy, Minor: Sociology. Linda Gibler, Major: Business, Minor: English. isiiiess, Uiema- mtt. gricil- e, Mian Charles Gifford, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. V. Sheryl Gift, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Edward Gilliland, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting Gwynetha Girling, Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. enter) ' Uallie- lysical Ihami Elemeii- Lanah Goodman, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: General Sci- ence Mary Gorden, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Michael Gorden, Major: Market- ing, Minor: Business. Lois Gossard, Major: English, Minor: Social Science. iiante isiiess. lenlay rySci- lalSci- ,., Mi- Janet Gray, Major: Physical Ed- ucation, Minor: Psychology. Steve Gray, Major: Business, Minor: Economics. Lynn Greiner, Majors: Industrial Arts and Physical Education. Earl Griffith, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Sociology. 55 Roger Griffith. Major: English. Minor; Physical Education. Gary Grimes, Major: Physical Education. Minor: Agriculture. William Haag, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Lonny Hagan, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Mathe- matics. James Hall, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Health and Safety Education. Philip Hall, Major: Industrial Arts, Mina Halliday, Majors: Speech and English. Harvey Hallum, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety Education. Garry Hamilton, Major: Physical Education, Minor: History. William Hardisty, Major: Eng- lish, Minor: History. Keith Harmon, Majors: Chemis- try and Biology. Richard Harover, Major: Music, Minor: Music. Paul Hartman, Major: Business Management, Minor: Business Management. James Hawkins, Major: Indus- trial Arts, Minor: Health and Safety Education. Donna Hawley, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Mike Healy, Major: Physical Ed- ucation, Minor: Health and Safety Education. Judy Hebert, Major: Sociology, Minor: Psychology. Ronald Heitz, Major: Chemis- try, Minor: Biology. John Helsel, Major: Physical Ed- ucation, Minor: Health and Safety Education. Kerry Henry, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Psychology. 56 ncatit, Pbjsital Mafc Brenda Herner, Major: Social Science, Minor: Sociology. David Herring, Majors: Account- ing and Mathematics. Roberta Hiddleston, Major: Home Economics. Minor: Library Sci- ence. A. W. Hillman, Major: Sociol- ogy, Minor: History. Pbysical allhaiil Lonnie Hinders, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety Education. Larry Hinton. Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. Kerry Honey, Major: Art. Jill Horton, Major: History, Mi- nor: Social Science. on. ir: £«{■ ttemis- Music. Don Horton, Major: History, Mi- nor: Sociology Margaret Huelskamp, Major: Voc- tional Home Economics. Larry Hughes, Majors: Account- ing and Economics. Anne Huston, Major: History, Mi- nor : Political Science. ■ inilis- !altli ami Eleinei- sicilEd- illh and Shirley Ingels, Major: English, Minor: French. Salim Itani, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Biology. Rosa Marie Jackson, Major: Ele- mentary Education. Robert Jacobsen, Majors: Agri- Business. -sicalW- iW anil PWcal Kenneth James, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Business. Ron James, Major: Physical Ed- ucation, Minor: Industrial Arts. Diana Jansen, Major: Art, Minor: Speech. Joyce Jeanblanc, Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. 57 Kathleen Jennings, Major: Art, Minor: Psychology. Chloe Johnson, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Gary Johnson, Major: English, Minor: Psychology. Philip Johnson, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Finance and In- surance. Reanne Johnston, Major: Music. Evelyn Jones, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Mary Jones, Major : Mathematics, Minor: Spanish. Pam Jones, Major: History, Mi- nor: Social Science. Pat Jones, Major: History, Mi- nor: Social Science. Ronald Jones, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Health and Safety Education. Gary Kabrick, Major: Literature, Minor : Language and Composi- tion. Carolyn Kading, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Dave Karatf, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Indus- trial Arts. Lucinda Kelley, Major: History, Minor: French. Don Kelling, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. Cynthia Kelly, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. John Kemery, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: General Science. Mary Kennedy, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Ruth Kennedy, Majors: English and History. Kay Kesterson, Major; Music, Minor: Voice. 58 r:Aii, bet David King, Major: Agriculture, Minor: General Science. Robert Kline, Major: General Business, Minor: Psychology. James Knauss, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Coaching. Mary Jane Knepper, Major: English, Minor: General Science. Iisic. lenm- Mils. y, Mi- Diane Kramer, Major: Social Sci- ences. Minor: Geography. Larry Kruse, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Georgraphy. Michael Kurtz, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Coaching. Shirley Lager, Major: Vocational Home Economics. i A I Ml- islrial Salely ' aliire. Hudson Lainson, Major: Market- ing, Minor: Business. Judy Lamar, Major: Vocational Home Economics, Minor: Li- brary Science Kenneth Landers, Major: Ac- counting, Minor: Finance and Insurance. Tom LaVille, Major: Speech and Drama, Minor: English Liter- ature. lysnl Whs- islory, Fred Lazear. Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History. Wallis Leak, Major: Elementary Education. Connie Lees, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Carolyn Lefgren, Major: Biology, Minor: Psychology. leiMt- :i(i« ' Jerry Lewin, Major: Mathema- tics, Minor: Chemistry. Gloria Lewis, Majors; English and Physcial Education. James Lewis, Majors: Art and Industrial Arts. Tom Linder, Major; Business, Minor: Marketing. ' 59 FYancisco Lisbona, Major: Biol- ogy, Minor : Chemistry. Ralph Litten, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Ernest Livingston, Major: Phys- ical Education, Minor: Health and Safety Education. Joe Logan, Majors: Industrial Arts and Physical Education. i James Logsdon, Major: General Business, Minor: Industrial Arts. Harlan Long, Major: Mathema- tics, Minor: General Science. Eileen Lopour, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Merylan Lowrey, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Arts. Jack Lund, Major: Mathematics. Minor: General Science. Thomas Lupardus, Major: Music. Judy Lybarger, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. James McCarty, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety. Donna McClain, Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. Patty McClain, Major: Art, Mi- nor: Psychology. Gary McCloud, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Jack McClure, Major: English, Minor: Psychology. Gary McCollough, Majors: Biol- ogy and Chemistry. Peggy McElfish, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Tim McGuire, Majors: Agricul- ture and Psychology. George Mclntyre, Majors: Chem- istry and Biology. 60 slria| ■Bealil nJiistrial taion. David Mackey, Major: Agricul- ture, Minor: Biology, Margaret Mackey, Minor: Voca- tional Home Economics. Duane Madden, Major. Industrial Arts, Minor: Health and Safety. Willis Madison, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Geteral Wisliial Miftemj- 1 ScKiice. Elemeii- cMatlie- Jerry Magnussen, Major: Ac- counting, Minor: Business. Robert Majerus, Major: English, Minor: History. Joe Maltsberger, Major: Speech, Minor: English. Meredith Manning, Major: French, Minor: English. :e. ir:Misic. Eijlisl, Physical eaimil James Marcinko, Major: Busi- ness Management, Minor: Business. Larry Markt, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Coaching. Michael Marr, Major: Biology, Minor : Physical Education. Jerry Mason, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. or: Voca- il, Mi- Wislrial Merrill Mason , Major: Account- ing, Minor: Business. Denny Mather, Major: English, Minor: Physical Education. Marjorie Mathewson, Major: Ele- mentary Education, Minor: Music. Robert Matthews, Major: Busi- ness, Minor: Drafting. jors; m- cEnjliA ice. s m Chen- Richard Matt, Major: History, Minor: Literature. Ronald Maxell, Major: Agricul- ture, Minor: Biology. Sheryl Means, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Gary Meers, Majors: Industrial Arts and Agriculture. 61 V Harlan Meints, Major: Physical Education, Minor; Biology. Edward Meng, Majors: Agricul- ture and Accounting. Daryl Mercer. Majors: Chem- istry and Mathematics, Mi- nor: Physics. Jerry Mikkelsen, Major: Account- ing Minor: Business Adminis- tration. Doug Miller, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. Joan Miller, Major: Elementary Education. Wayne Miller, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Geography. Dorothy Mitchell, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Home Econom- ies ' . I |l Paul Mitchell, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Ronald Mitchell, Major: Physical Education, Minor: General Sci- ence. Jan Mohr, Major: Business Mi- nor: Psychology. Neal Moles, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Jay Moore, Major: Sociology, Mi- nor: History. Milton Moore, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Mathematics, Linda Morris, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History. John Moseman, Major: Geog- raphy, Minor: Social Science. Jerry Myrtue, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Coaching. Kenneth Nelson, Major: Agricul- ture, Minor: Biology. Larry Nelson, Major: Physical Education, Minor: General Sci- ence. Stephen Neuroth, Major: Social Science, Minor: Sociology. 62 Qieni. «. Ml. Actomj. Robert Newberg, Major: Busi- ness, Minor: Accounting. Michael Newell, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Jerry Newman, Major: Finance and Insurance, Minor: Business. Carol Nielsen, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. irtetiiig, cialSci- I) ' :Maihe. Mom- Pat Noah, Major: Physical Ed- ucation, Minor: English. Gerald Noble, Major: Agricul- ture, Minor: Biology. Dennis Norman, Major: General Business, Minor: Physical Ed- ucation. Kathleen Norris, Major; Elemen- tary Education. Physical leral So- ilness ffi- Indiislrial Tom O ' Connor, Major: Speech, Minor: English- Klaris O ' Dell, Major: Vocational Home Economics- Barbara Olson, Major: Elemen- tary Education. William O ' Riley, Major: Physical Education, Minor: General Business. iology.i lafc. Social So- or;G«o!- Science. Larry Owen, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Physics, Jean Owen, Major: History, Minor: Psychology, Thomas Owens, Major: History, Minor: Sociology. Allan Packer, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health and Safety Education. lidiistriil .. Agriciil ' Physical [jeralSci- or: Social Judith Packer, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Carol Park, Major: Elementary Education. James Patee, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. Jerry Patee, Majors: Biology. Minor: Chemistry. 63 Billie Patton, Major: Business, Minor. Mathematics. Ruth Paulson, Major: English, Minor: Library Science Patricia Paxton, Major: Home Economics. Larry Peart, Major: Marketing, Minor: Business. Joseph Peirce, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Biology. Janice Peppmeier, Major: Ele- mentary Education. Janis Pereira, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Thomas Pereira, Major: English, Minor: Psychology. Karen Peters, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Harriette Peterson, Major: Eng- lish, Minor: Biology. Mary Pettegrew, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Randy Phillips, Major: Social Science, Minor: Geography. Milo Dean Pierce, Major: Social Science, Minor: Sociology. Milton Piercy, Major: Ac- counting, Minor: Business. Susan Ploghoft, Major: Liter- ature, Minor: Language and Composition. Phil Porter. Major: Business Management. I I Charles Posson, Major: Busi- ness, Minor: Business. Tom Przybylski, Major: Busi- ness, Minor: Industrial Arts. Rodney Quigley, Major: Social Science, Minor: Geography. Lowell Ranck, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Sociology. 64 rteiiij Donald Ransom, Major: Biology, Minor: Psychology Robert Reasoner, Majors: Gen- eral Business and Agriculture. Rosalie Redman, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Bob Reece. Major: Physical Ed- ucation, Minor: Industrial Arts. )r: Ele- Elemeii- Glenda Reece, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Marlene Rempe. Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. Ralph Reynolds, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: General Science. Ray Reynolds, Major; Elemen- tary Education. Elemeiv or Edj- Eta- ' : Social ipky. Joyce Riddell, Major: Vocation- al Home Economics. Judy Ridp ath, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Mary Kay Ripley, Major: Ac- counting, Minor: Marketing. Donald Robbins, Major: Industri- al Arts, Minor: Drafting. t: Social « ' • or: Af n. I Lite- laje aiil Biisiw Edwin Roberts, Major: Music. Theodore Roberts, Major: Music. John Robertson, Major: English Literature, Minor: Speech. Donna Roesing, Major: Elemen- tary Education. or: »• rial W ' (■ S«i l rapk) ' Physical aol ' Elizabeth Rohlfs, Major: Gener- al Business, Minors: Home Economics and Sociology. Jeff Rosenstein, Major: Business, Minor: Marketing. Cheryl Roudybush, Major: Ele- mentary Education. Robert Ruby, Major: Business, Minor: Accounting. 65 Barrel Rueber, Major: Industri- al Arts, Minor: Drafting. Linda Rusco. Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology. Lola Russell, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Joseph Salcedo, Major: Social Science, Minor: Geography. Ronald Sander, Major: Market- ing, Minor: Business. Shirley Saunders, Major: Medi- cal Technology. TomSayre, Major: Art. Shirley Schafer, Major; Elemen- tary Education. t Sheila Schieber, Major: Vocation- al Home Economics. Douglas Schindler, Major: Busi- ness, Minor: Finance and In- surance. Roger Schlegel. Major: Phys- ical Education, Minor: Social Science. Helen Schnuelle, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Connie Schobert, Major ; Elemen- tary Education. Jack Schrimsher, Major; Busi- ness Management. Tom Schwarz, Major; Chemistry, Minor: Biology. Joyce Scott, Major: Elementary Education. Alan See, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Psychology. Kathleen Seifert, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Psychology. J D Settles, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: Psychology. Jan Severance, Major: Art, Mi- nor: English. I 66 tialScj. S(«ii| Lewis Shady. Major: Business Management, Minor; Business. Rita Sharp, Major; Spanish. Mi- nor; English. Elaine Sherman. Major; English, Minor; French. David Shestak, Majors; Speech and English. Miikel- Him Nancy Shields, Major; Elemen- tary Education. Carole Sinclair, Major; Physical Education, Minor; Speech and Drama Jean Sinning, Major; Elementary Education Bonnie Slattery, Major; French, Minor; Sociology. Vocation ' r: Pliys- ir Social Eleueii- Floyd Smith. Major; Physical Ed- ucation, Minor; Health and Safe- ty. Kathryn Smith, Major; Physical Education, Minor; Business. Millard Smith. Major; Music, Mi- nor; Music Ronald Smith, Major; Physical Education, Minor; Industrial Arts. Elenie lemislry, leueiui ' Sharon Smith, Major; Business, Minor; English. Jeanette Solheim, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Fred Sorensen, Major: Biology, Minor; Chemistry. Stephen Sorensen, Major; Biol- ogy, Minor; Chemistry, iiiess.« i M ' W Mi- Paul Sparks, Major; Political Science, Minor; History. Katherine Spencer. Major; Math- ematics, Minor: General Sci- ence. Kathryn Spink, Major: Business, Minor; Sociology. Edwin Spire, Major; Industrial Arts, Minor: Mathematics. 67 Sandra Stalcup, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Clyde Stalling, Major. Art, Mi- nor: History. Carolyn Stephens. Majors: Busi- ness and English. Charles Stephens, Major; Mathe- matics, Minor: Physics. Clara Stoll, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Dennis Strecker, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: General Sci- ence. Jerald Stroebele, Major: Physi- cal Education, Minor: Business. Rose Stroebele, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Home Econ- omics. i I Kenneth Sturtz, Major: Agricul- ture, Minor: Biology. Ken Suetterlin, Major: Music. Richard Sungren, Major: Social Science, Minor: Economics. Duane Swanson, Major: Indus- trial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Ramona Tasler, Major: Vocation- al Home Economics. Mary Taylor, Major: Elementary Education. Hugh Teale, Major: Business, Minor: Coaching. Dennis Tenney, Major: Finance and Insurance, Minor: Busi- ness. ' lewpw ? ? Myrtle Terbell, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Judy Teschner, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Larry Thomas, Major: Business, Minor : Finance and Insurance. Pamela Thomas, Major: Elemen- tary Education. 68 tatiojii fal Sci- Pkjsi- teiwss %sicil leEcoj- Music, ' r: Social Monies Iniiiis- H Vocato merlari ' Elemei- Elemen- Eltmeii- Michael H. Thompson. Major; In- dustrial Arts. Minor; Health and Safety Education. Michael Thompson. Major; Agri- culture. Minor; Biology Patricia Thompson. Major; Busi- ness. Minor; Sociology Gary Tietz. Major; Geography, Minor; His tory. Ronald Toppa. Major; Physical Education. Minor; Biology. Faye Townsend. Major; Elemen- tary Education. Gary Tunell. Major; Biology. Mi- nors; Chemistry and Psychol- ogy- Donald Turner. Major: Business, Minor: Finance and Insurance. Linda Turner. Major; Psychol- ogy. Minor; Sociology. Bruce Twaddle, Major; Business, Minor; English. Michael Twaddle. Major; Social Science. Minor; Sociology. Terry Twigg. Major; Art. Frederick Vanderley, Major; His- tory. Minor; Social Science. Al Van Dyke. Major: Physical Education. Minor; Business. Linda Van Fosson. Major: Vo- cational Home Economics. Priscilla Waegele. Major: Lit- erature. Minor; Language and Composition. Brenda Walker. Major: Music. Sharon Walker, Major; Social Science, Minor; Sociology. Robert Wallace, Major; Industri- al Arts, Minor: Drafting. Ron Wallace, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business. 69 Vernon Wallace, Major: Agricul- ture, Minor: Biology. Carmen Walsh, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Paula Walton, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Rue Ward. Major: English. Howard Ware, Major: Business, Minor: Industrial Arts. J.B. Watsabaugh, Major: Physi- cal Education, Minor: Health and Safety Education. William Watson, Major: Social Science, Minor: History. James Weibel, Major: Art, Mi- nor: Industrial Arts. I Nancy Weisshaar, Major: Ele- mentary Education, Minor: Music. Janet Welch, Major: Elementary Education. Carl West. Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Health and Safety Education. Kent Wheeler, Major: Business, Minor: Marketing. « Gano Whetstone, Majors: Phys- ical Education and English. Larry White, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Social Sci- ence. Stephen Wilcoxson, Major: Agri- culture, Minor: Biology. Shirley Williams, Majors: Mathe- matics, and Art. Eddie Wilson, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Karen Wilson, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Ronald Wineinger, Major: Speech and Drama, Minor: Psychology. Kathryn Winkler, Major: Elemen- tary Education. 70 Johanna Winzenread, Major; Home Economics, Minor: Li- brary Science. ainton Wisdom, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Economics. Joseph Wolf, Majors: Chemistry and Biology. Carol Wolverton, Major: Physi- cal Education, Minor: Recre- ation. isitess, Pliysi- HtalUi Social iri Ml- Alfred Yackie, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: General Science. William Yeager, Major: Physical Education. Minor: Health and Safety Education. Mark Yehle, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology. Larry Young, Major: Geography, Minor: History. ( Ik Minor: Mtan idustrial JSafelv Andrew Zembles, Major: Phys- ical Education, Minor: Recre- ation. Dennis Zimmerman, Major: Biol- ogy, Minor: History. S: PbB- Etjlisli Ptiysical B Sci- Of »gn- y iiMallK- jdisliBl Elemet- fSpfficti ;ytll0l08) ' Ele««- 71 CLASS OF ' 68 ■■■■III 72 JUNIORS Jim Abbott Michael Abildtnip Judy Adams Meta Adams Sally Agre Larry Ahrens Mary Alden Cheryl Allen Ron Anderson Stephen Anderson Tom Anderson Maribeth Annan Leonard Archer Roseanne Argento Betty Arnold Janet Ayers Doug Baker Wallace Baker Gary Bannick Kenneth Bassett Cathy Baumli Don Baxter Christie Beal Gene Beckman Rodney Beem James Beemer Gary Beggs Sue Beggs Terri Bender Daniel Benitz Donald Berkshire Sondra Biggs Nancy Bishop Nancy Bix Elbert Black Paul Black John Blackford Barbara Blomker David Blunk Valorie Booth Dean Bovaird Phyllis Bowman 73 JUNIORS Mervin Box Lloyd Boyer Sharon Boyles Donald Brader Gayle Bradfield Karen Brady Patricia Brady Carolyn Brand Kay Bray Dennis Brinton Linda Brinton Cynthia Broch William Brooks Robert Brower Elaine Brown Ronald Brown Richard Buchanan William Burk Zonia Burnett Joan Burnside Jerry Burtnett Norma Burton Rochelle Burton Georgia Butterworth Kay Byron Clark Carnahan Marillyn Carr Charles Carrender Patty Chappell Kyle Chaska Donald Christensen Eldon Christensen Earlene Christie Susan Cisco Carol Clark Jacqueline Clark Mack Clark Steve Clark Judith Climie Philip Close Martha Clothier Cecil Clymens i 74 JUNIORS IT rente 1 tenseo islie Clart lie « )lliier lens Greg Collins Winifred Colville Charles Colwell Charles Combs Mary Combs Larry Cook Patricia Cook Sue Cope land Raymond Courier Larry Cox Robert Craven Judith Crawford Dwaine Crigger Stephen Crouse Gary Dagley Roberta Dague Marshall Dann Connie Davis Linda Dawson Steve Dempsey Gary Derks Trudy Dew Marvin Dick William Dittmer Cheryl Dowden Richard Downing Carol Duff Roberta Duffett Marsha Dunavan Wayne Dyman Joyce Edwards Nick Edwards Robert Edwards Donna Egy Patricia Ehlers Kay Elder Denese Elliott Richard Ellis Greg Ellison Dayle Erickson Marie Euritt Frank Evans 75 JUNIORS T ' Jerry Fischer Ann Fisher Rosann Fisher Jeanne Fletcher Dennis Ford Jerry Ford Juanita Forret Mark Foster Ronnie Foster Wilham France Marilyn Frandsen Tom Frank Nancy Fuller Sharon Gabinski Michael Garrison Twyla Gaule Martha Geyer Jim Giffin Barbara Gifford Jane Gilbert Bill Gilliam Roger Glancy Gaylen Golden Larry Gosch i 76 JUNIORS I ter nice andseB er )ijski irrisoi le ver John Gough William Grace Shirley Graeff Gary Green Carlene Greenberg Kenneth Greiner Ivana Griffin Kathleen Griftin James Gubser Byron Gunsolley Jayne Guthery Eddie Hale Margaret Hall Laura Hamilton Walter Hanabury Patricia Hansen Phillip Hansen David Hardy Harold Hascall Roger Harris Russell Harrison Paula Hauber WiUiam Hawkins Margaret Hays Ron Hays Barbara Heath Norman Hef lin James Heidenreich Gary Heimke Richard Heinz Patricia Heifers Ronnie Heller Dorothy Helzer Hamilton Henderson Judith Henderson Dana Hendrix Charles Hennesy John Henry Johnnie Herod Steve Hinton Linda Hoffelmeyer Gene Hogue 77 JUNIORS Marilyn Hollensbe Sheila Hollowell Twila Holmes Barbara Hoover Linda Hopkins Ron Howitt Normal Howlett Darrel Huber Katherine Hughes Robert Hull Michael Humphrey Charlene Hunt Judith Hunt Eileen Hunter Sally Hunter Ronald Hunziger Geraldine Ingram John Iwen Gerald Jackson John Jackson Joyce Jackson Gene Jacobsen Thomas Jacobsen Pearl James Martin Janczak Charlotte Jennings John Jennings Merlin Jennings James Jeter Bonnie Johnson Darwin Johnson Eric Johnson Ingrid Johnson Kathryn Johnson Marvin Johnson Nancy A. Johnson Nancy Johnson Ruth Johnson Toni Johnson Virginia Johnson Kris Johnston Janet Jones I 78 ager igram in u sen »l)sei i :zak uijs in»B gn m ksoi) inson olinson 0 " SOI ■0 oUisoi Neil Jones Gary Kampmann James Karpowich Kent Kavanaugh Leslie Kelim Linda Kendrick Charlotte Kenny Ken Kerwin Donald Kinker Thomas Kliegl Leo Kloewer Cheryl Knauss Linda Koehler Bob Kountz Karen Krell Carol Krokstrom Susan Krull Bruce Kulp Janet Kyi Ed Lambright Neil Langford Nona Langford Richard Lantz Lynda Larison Avis Larson Ann Lauber Mary Lauhoff Barbara Laur Barbara Letzig George Lewis Jerry Lewis Janice Lillard Allen Lillie Cheryll Linde Allan Link Donita Little Suzzane Lockett John Logsdon Robert Long Jack Longfellow Marilyn Loots Gary Lowrance 79 JUNIORS 1 i I ff A Lavera Malone Michael Malott Larry Manville Richard Marburg Joan Marek Ruth MarUn Terry Massie Larry Matiyow Gary Mauer Alice Maxwell Alice Louise Maxwell Sharon Mead Charles Mears Peter Meindertsma John Melito Kenneth Messerli Paul Meyer Beverly Miller Carolyn Miller Cynthia Miller Edwin Miller James Miller John Miller Mary Miller ■4 [2 80 JUNIORS ears jdertsnw 10 ' w tetii - m ir liller J 1 1 im m m iller iller lei ller Peggy H. Miller Peggy S. Miller Vic Mitchell Paula Mocca JoAnn Montgomery Louis Mooney Jon Moore Marlene Morris Phyllis Morris Robert Morris Clifford Moss Donna MuUins Patricia Murphy Elaine Murray LeAnn McAlpin Russell McCampbell Trudy McCarthy Kathi McClintic Jeannie McCormick Jim McCrary Dianna McCulloch Patrick McGuire Beverly McKenzie Joyce McQuerrey Sharon Nash Jon Nazarene James Nelson Marietta Nelson Roger Nelson Jerry Netherton Leonard Newey Janet Newman Larry Newman Charlotte Nichols James Nielsen Joyce Nolan Ann Norris Connie Norris Pamela Nowling Margaret Nugent James Odom Craig Oldenburger 81 JUNIORS Terri Olenhouse Don Orlowski Tim ORouke Helen Ott William Ott Thomas Owen Judith Palumbo Robert Paolillo Linda Parker Larry Parman Mardelle Parrish Richard Partlow Marlus Paulson Eileen Pedersen Glen Pedersen Connie Perlenfein Shirley Perry Janice Petersen Alan Peterson Keith Peterson Martin Peterson Joetta Petree Michael Pierce Dwight Pierson Dan Pine Patricia Plummer Christena Poole Janila Porter Mary Potter Craig Prater Margaret Price Ruth Price Dagnia Prieditis Gary Priest Alan Pruitt Rot)ert PuUiam Jim Quinn James Ray Karen Reece Bernadine Reimers Cheryl Reineke Nancy Renken isiiifi . . , ' .;v 82 JUNIORS Poole ece (Reimers liieke Stephanie Reynolds Thomas Reynolds Ronald Richardson Cheryl Riddle Jo Ridgway Donna Ring Craig Rippey Carol Ristau Patricia Roberts Wayne Robison Susan Rogness Karen Rosecrans Connie Rosier Martiena Rosmolen Paul Ross Harold Rossow Larry Roth Rotiert Rowe Elihu Rowen Suzette Runnels William Sammon Lynn Scheller Kathryn Schlichting Ronald Schmidt Patricia Schmitz Kathryne Seabaugh Wayne Sell Judson Sevy Mike Shea Gary Sheker Diane Shreve Donna Shreve Gary Silk Beverly Sillik Michael Simon Sondra Simons Sheryl Skaith Sandra Slater Janice Slawson Carter Slusher Richard Smetana Ann Smith 83 JUNIORS Tl Denny Smith Louis Smither Darwin Snook Jerald Sorber Woody Southard Darrell Spain Robert Spencer Marjean Spicer Connie Spiek Marlene Spillman Ellen Stalling Patrick Stamp Roger Standard Robert Starckovich Judy Steinfeld John Steinhauser Beric Steinman Richard Stephens Lorna Stevens Roger Stewart Peggy Stoaks Lyle Stone John Sullivan Patti Tarwater Charles Taylor Rebecca Taylor Cheryl Thompson Kathryn Thompson Michael Thomson Verlee Thraen Reeda Throgmorton Terry Tillotson James Trow Eugene Turner Dixie Tuttle James Tuttle Mary Underwood 84 JUNIORS Wayne Underwood Bonnie Van Wyk JoAnn Voyce Patricia Walker Eldon Walter Hazel Walters Patricia Wampler Jerry Wanken Linda Ware Phyllis Ware David Wasserfallen Flame Watkins Paul Watson Harold Webb Robert Welsch Paula Weston Richard Whetstone John Whitaker Herbert White Stephen Whitney Howard Whittlesey Robert Winn Lynne Wion Barbara Wilson Cheryl Wilson Marilyn Wilson Norma Wilson Cheryl Wirt Fred Wise William Wiskoski Linda Wolf Thomas Wood Jennifer Yates Carolyn Youell Barbara Zehr John Zeiger Donavon Zoffka 85 CLASS OF ' 69 I 86 I SOPHOMORES Kathy Abersold Norman Adair William Adams Linda Adams Lisa Aiello Gene Alberts Nancy Albright Beverly Allen Michael Allen Darla Almquist Clayton Alumbaugh Martha Amthor Carol Anderson Grover Andes Donald Andrews Elvin Andrews Jeffrey Andrews Gary Annan Gerald Antes Candy Appleby Carol Armstrong James Armstrong La Verne Arndt Keith Arnold Mary Asbell Judy Asmussen Dennis Athen Sandra Ayers Donna Bacon Sharon Baler Bruce Bailey Tonia Baillargeon Michael Bainum Loren Bair John Baker Kenneth Baker Janice Ball Mary Barham Kennard Barker Dean Barnett Mary Ann Barnett Robert Barten 87 SOPHOMORES Charles Bartlett Beverly Barton LuAnn Barton John Bassett Joy Baxter Wendee Beam Galyn Bedwell Judith Bensyl Martha Bevington Robert Binter Lawrence Birkenholz Rita Bissell Kathleen Black Bruce Blakely Terri Bland Dorothy Boedeker Lora Boggs Adena Boltinghouse Gary Booth Ron Bosworth Marilyn Bowland Donna Bowman Susan Bowser Charles Boyer John Braden Carol Bradley Raymond Bradley Judy Branson David Bray Carol Breeding Janet Brenneman Gary Bridgman D Kay Bright Orville Brightwell Linda Britt Rose Brookhouser Phyllis Brooks Alan Brown Barbetta Brown Carol Brown Carole Brown Linda Brown i I I V 88 SOPHOMORES Nancy Brown Rita Brown Roland Brown Robert Bruner Robert Brunker Diane Bryson Carlene Buck Paul Bullock Dennis Bunch Carolyn Bunn Rolfe Buntaine Ronald Bunting Nancy Burch Mary Burger Dani Burgus Charlene Burkhalter Nancy Burnham Barbara Burns Donna Burns Bob Burrell Rose Butcher Sandra Butler Donna Callaway Gary Cameron Annabelle Campbell Robert Campbell Roger Carlson Jeffrey Carter Phillip Casey Kathryn Chatten Paula Christiansen Daniel Clark Peggy Clark Richard Clayton Linda Cleeton Robert Cline Roberta Cobb Gay Cockriel Cindy Cockrill Linda Cody Deborah Cole Michael Cole 89 SOPHOMORES Rose Cole James Collins Jerry Collins Ronnie Collins Karen Colton J Don Combs Susan Comer Stephen Conner John Conrad Allen Constant John Cook Janet Coon Janice Cooper Margaret Copeland Janet Cordonier William Cornelius Linda Coslett William Costello Donald Coughennower Jimmy Coulter Nell Cowden Linda Cox Steven Craig Susan Crain Gary Crane Donald Crawford Marilee Crockett David Cross Cheryl Crowley Leslie Crowley I 90 SOPHOMORES ' T i wj Mm dti A Tom Croy Ralph Cruse Norberto Cruz Wanda Culver Carol Cuminings Robert Curry Linda Daise Mike Damgaard Karla Daniel Julia Daugherty Ronald Davenport Edward Davis Gary Davis Jerelynn Davis Ronald Dawson Thomas Dawson Kenneth Day Linda Dayton Richard Dean Vicki Dearmont Randy Dedrickson Betty Deffenbaugh Michael DeFord Douglas Dickinson Diane Didlo Beverly Doss Marcia Dowden Rosemarie Dreager Mary Drew Robert Drew Daniel Duane Kenneth Duff John Duncan William Dunn Harold Durham Helen Duvall Robert Duzenberry Larry Earhart Pat Easton Janice Edwards Jay Edwards Mary Edwards 91 SOPHOMORES Dennis Eichner Sharon Elliott M.David Ellis Mary Elsberry Steven Ernst Patricia Evans John FancoUy Phyllis Fariell William Farrand Richard Fitzpatrick Joseph Fleming Carolyn Forbis Linda Ford Irene Foster Joseph Foster Larry Fouts Jackie Fox Larry Fox Laurene Franks Micheale Frease Joanne French Joseph Frese Steve Frese Sandra Fry Leo Fuhr Connie Funkhouser Emy Garms Kathleen Gehl Gary Geib Larry Geib Robert Geist Diane George Ted Gere Stephen Gerhart Linda Gibson Richard Gibson Linda Gill Claudia Gillen Lowell Glick Jerry Goodpaster Michael Goodrich Diana Gracey I • I t 92 SOPHOMORES Margaret Graham Opal Graham Craig Grau Lucinda Gray Stephen Gray Dianne Green Kenneth Griggs Cheryl Grimes Esther Groesbeck Carl Groff Joen Gross Richard Gsell Dennis Hackett Dennis Hailey Nena Hall Helen Halter Dorothy Hamel Deanna Hanna Vicky Hanna Ina Hanrath Diane Hansen Gary Hansen Paul Hansen Randolph Hansen Judy Hardwick Avis Harrison Nancy Harvey Patricia Harwood Edgar Hatcher Julia Hawkins John Haynie David Hays Cleta Hebert Carl Heck Philip Hegwood Joan Heiland Gary Hendrickson Marcia Hensleigh Peggy Herron Sarah Hersh Donald Hicks Barbara Hill 93 SOPHOMORES Marlene Hoak Carolyn Hoffman Cynthia Hopkins Linda Hornaday Cheryl Horton Kent Houser Stephen Howard Ronald Howell Richard Hubbard Jody Huffaker Gary Hull Karin Hunt Roberta Hunt IH Susan Hurst Ellen Ibbotsen Carolyn Ingels Jerry Ingle Frank Innis Lillian Irvin y Elda Israel Sharyn Jackson M K Vernon James Valerie Janssen Joseph Jardon Carol Jenkins - ! Kathryn Johns Larry Johnson i! I 94 SOPHOMORES ..f r i m dK m iM mikt M £k dk J Richard Johnson Barry Jones Diana Jones Karen Jones Linn Jones Michael Jones Patricia Jones Cheri Jordan Keith Jorgensen Gloria Kachulis Dan Kalousek Janice Kampman Mary Karrasch Max Kerber Lloyd Kerns Fred Kester Rita Kieffer John King Connie Kirsch Hattie Kirtley Colleen Kish Darrell Kitterman Wayne Kline Richard Knauss Suzette Knittl Anna Kobbe Ronald Kornfeind Dennis Koso Raymond Kruse Patricia Kuhre Elaine Kurtz Scotty Kurtz Mary Lambertsen Curtis Lantz Merle Larson Linda Lay Richard Leazenby David Legaard Susan Leiter Steven Lesan Larry Lewellen Terry Lewis 95 SOPHOMORES Marjorie Lisbona Stephen Lloyd Susan Long Connie Lowrance James Loynachan Terry Lutz Roy Lybarger Richard Maaske Shirley Mabary Jo Ann Madden Michael Madden Ellen Madsen Larry Maiorano Kathleen Malone Lynn Manhart Donna Mann James Markt Sharon Marlow Rose Marquardt Carl Martin Lloyd Martin Rosemary Martin Cynthia Mashek Suzanne Mason Jon McAvoy Karen McCartney Lorraine McCord Vicky McCune Jo Anne McDonald Rowena McDonald Timothy McDowell Theresa McGinnis Gary Mclntyre Mary McKinney Linda McKinnie Janice McRae Kay Medsker Marsha Melson Joyce Mendenhall Donna Merritt Steven Messerschmidt Marilyn Meyer I 96 SOPHOMORES 1 i Duane Milk Gale Miller Loring Miller Michael Miller Richard Miller Russell Miller Linda Mills Mark Missman Ann Mitchell Darlene Moldenhauer Kenneth Monach Mary Moon Harlan Moore Paula Moore Ethel Morey Alma Morgan Anne Morgan Connie Morrow Michael Morton Mary Lou MuUenax Marsha Mundt Lynne Mylan Tliomas Nauman Larry Nelson Roger Nelson Sharon Nelson Patty Neuroth David Newman Maureen Nicholas Veriel Nickell Delma Nickerson Anne Nielsen Janet Nielsen Cherie Nigh Gary Nigh Linda Noel Patricia Nold Susan Nold David Norton Tony Novak Terry O ' Connell Dale Oehler 97 SOPHOMORES William ORiley Toni Osburn Arlene Ostrander David Ostrus Ronald Outersky M 7j ik mIa Sue Owen Ellen Pace Craig Palmer Judy Pasternak Gary Patience Douglas Patrick Ron Pawlowski Dwight Pease Edward Peden Russell Perry MkM JoAnn Peters John Peters Dean Pettit Carol Phillips Edward Phillips John Phoenix Janet Pierce Connie Ploghof t Mary Plummer Albert Pontow James Poole Rodney Porter Gregory Pottratz Stan Preston John Price II f 98 i SOPHOMORES K ta p| S f V JjL fP ■John F ' rins Mary Protzman Bonnie Pulem Dee Pullen James Radimer Larry Rainforth John Rains Hila Rankin Janet Ranniger Gary Rasmussen Marilyn Rasmussen Wayne Rasmussen Jane Ravnsborg Chester Redman Danny Reed Gary Richardson Peter Richardson John Richmond William Rickabaugh Ronda Ridnour Connie Riggs Leo Riley Robert Riley Janice Roberts Janis Roberts Nancy Rodemyer Virginia Rodenburg John Roesle Wanda Rollins Warren Rolofson Terry Root Daniel Rosenberg Allen Rouse Janet Routh Arceile Rowe Gayle Russell James Russell Judy Russell Jan Rutherford Ralph Ryman Linda Sager Linda Sams 99 SOPHOMORES Katherine Santen Dennis Sapp Suzanne Sawyers Kathy Sayre John Scarlett Robert Schantz Nancy Scheer Riley Schenk Jon Scheurich Richard Schilling Mark Schirmer David Schlemmer Sharon Schlorf f Linda Schnackel Milton Schnare Linda Schoen Ann Schooler Beverly Schwarz Francis Schwenk Linda Scott JoAnn Seastrom Julia Seipel William Shea Barbara Shearer Joseph Shell Linda Shelton Kathryn Sherbo Joseph Sheruda William Shestak Susan Shew Anita Shewmaker Patricia Shradel Charlotte Shumate Judi Simmons Dixie Sisk Jane Sissel Dennis Sleister Betty Smith Linda A. Smith Linda M Smith Mary Jane Smith Pam Smith 100 SOPHOMORES % % A % 3k i w -- IjII jUI Sheryl Smith Dorothy Smither Stanley Snead Susan Sneed Linda Snell David Sollenbarger Dean Sparks James Sperry Linda Spicer Holland Stadlman Roger Staudenmaier Garry Stenzel Allen Stephens Dennis Stephens Caroll Sterling Fred Sterner Linda Stillwagon Carol Stoll Cheryl Stone Xf Robert Stone Judy Strauch Linda Strauch Harry Stroup Roger Stucki Karen Sungren Leslie Swaney Donna Swofford Linda Tatman Benny Taylor Charles Taylor James Taylor Nikolas Telleen Rachel Templeman Dennis Thiel Constantine Thomas Mark Thomas Dennis Thompson John Thompson Michael H. Thompson Myron Thompson Patricia Thrasher- Kenneth Tiffany » 101 SOPHOMORES Patricia Tiberghien Beverly Todd MMfM Fred Todora Lonnie Treese Spencer Trogdon David Trost Larry True Joyce Tuxhorn Alberta Uehling Connie Umbarger Donna Valandingham Ronald Van Gundy Richard Vanvactor George Varchola Betty Versteeg Wayne Vierk Patricia Wagner Larry Waldeier Harriett Walden Linda Walker Frederick Walter James Ward Joan Warin Jo Ellen Warne Paula Watkins I Cecelia Watts Susan Way Marilyn Weathermon Ruth Wedel Kay Weidenhaft 102 SOPHOMORES Thomas Younger Sharon Zapf Katherine Zeiger Rosalie West Ted West Barry Whitehill Alan Wideman Gail Wiederholt Marilynn Wieneke Anthony Wilcox. Kurby Wiley Jan Wilkes Peter Will Doug Wills Brenda Wilson Dotty Wilson Jean Wilson Judy Wilson Marilyn Wilson Vivian Wilson Barbara Wirt Philip Wise Cheryl Wold James Woltz Robert Wood Larry Woody Linda Workman Joyce Worth Carol Wortman Janet Wyman Charles Yaw Phil Young Shirley Young 103 CLASS OF 1970 r. i i; t I 104 FRESHMEN ■P|2S| miiliiii ■ 1 mmmmasB t t fffl t M " 3 V3t3 " Gary Ackerman Steve Acord Bruce Adams Keith Adams Richard Adams Gary Adcock Mark Adcock Peggy Adcock Dennis Adkisson Phyllis Aebersold Dennis Albaugh Fouad Al-Kotob Judy AUdredge Glen Allen June Allen Larry Allen Stephen Allen James Allred Joyce Almquist Elizabeth Andersen Sherrie Andersen Rita Anderson Teresa Anderson Kristen Andrew I Nancy Anker Linda Arends William Arnold Danny Atkins Diana Atkins Earlene Atkins Jo Ellen Atkins James Austin Lola Auxier Earl Babbe Carolyn Bacon Robert Bailey Carol Baird Phillip Baker Vicki Baker Loretta Babcock Myra Baldwin Sally Bales 105 FRESHMEN Janice Ball Lana Barker Nancy Barn John Barnes Terry Barnes Betsy Barr t Robert Barratt Robert Bateman Ruth Baum Lenard Bauman Francis Baumli Pam Beach Candy Beattie Robert Beeks Bruce Beem John Beeman Chris Beemer Lynette Beere Barbara Beeson Rita Beggs Debby Belknap Robert Benedetti Lloyd Benedict Harry Benton Basil Benyo Carol Berger Donna Bexell Lorraine Bird Richard Bird Linda Bissen JoAnn Blackburn Susan Blakesley Greg Blanchard Linda Babbitt Jennifer Boeh Geraldee Boggess Stephen Bonawitz Terry Boone Leonard Booth La Donna Bowers Gary Boyd Suzanne Boyer I 106 FRESHMEN Carol Brader Amy Bradfield Michael Brady Sandra Brandenburg Susan Brandt Helen Brannan Fred Bright Robert Brill Cindy Broderson Gail Brooks Dottie Brookshier Cherye Brown Patricia Brown Richard Brown Alice Brunia John Bryant James Bryson Michael Bueller Thomas Buetow Robert liukowski Phebe Bumgardner Daniel Burns Irwin Burk Robert Burkhardt Judith Burt Michael Cain Mike Callow Lee Carr Everette Carroll Steve Carstenson Larry Carter Patrick Casey Pamela Cash Susan Cavenee Ronald Cornett Larry Chaf in Betty Chambers Mary Chleborad James Chrane Gail Christiansen Carolyn Christopher 107 FRESHMEN Peggy Cierpiot Linda Clapham Janice Clark Priscilla Clark Duane Clay Jesse Clement Darrell Cline Marlene Cline Russell Clodfelter Kenneth Clower Patricia Clyne Kay Cofer Vicki Coffer Lewis Coffman William Cukar Glen Cole Alan Coleman Mike Combs Julia Comstock Janet Conner Mike Constant Tamara Constant Diana Cook Sherry Cook Sharon Copeland William Copic Jerry Courter Daniel Corum Steven Cottrell Nancy Cousins 108 FRESHMEN Rodney Couts Jannis Cox Gary Coy Amy Crabtree Jean Crabtree Cheryl Creason Phyllis Creech Diana Crocker Ron Crouse Glenna Cunningham Mark Current Jean Cushing Ann Cushman Sami Dajani Susan Dallman William Daniels Callista Darr Dennis Dau Hilda Daugherty Sharon Daugherty Margaret Davenport Ann Davis Albert Deason Deanna Deitchler Richard DeLong Boyd Denton Jim DeVore Connie Diehl Mary DiOirolamo Donna Dixon Pat Dizazzo Janice Dodd Jerry Donnelly Jerry Dorsey Brian Doty Freida Dougan Larry Dougan Mike Douthat Cheryl Downing Donald Duncan Helen Duncan Nancy Duncan 109 FRESHMEN Lynn Durbin Phyllis Easterla Richard Easterla Linda Eastman Steve Easton Terry Edwards Linda Ehlers Kay Emmons Gail Emrick Tom Engle Carol Erickson David Erickson Jan Erickson Janet Erskins Gary Esbeck Nora Estes Jeane Everett Pam Failing Carolyn Farber Larry Farrell Sheila Fast Jack Fauble Pamela Fichter Diane Figge Donna Fischer Norma Fletchall Paula Florea Glen Poland Shirley Foote Jennifer Ford Susan Ford Sylvia Foreman Vicki Forret Lana Foster Ronald Foster Janis Fowler ' i fil Harold Frame Ann Freeman Carolyn Frey Jeanime Gail Michael Gardner Lewis Garrett 110 ll FRESHMEN Lonnie Gaumer Randi George Ronald Gibbs Patricia Gibson Janet Giesken Velda Griffin Ralph Gifford Glennys Gilbertson Jim Gillespie James Gillispie Diane Godden Phyllis Godsey Susan Goff Shirley Golden Janet Goldusky Rickie Gomez Ardell Goodale Michael Goodlet Jean Goodman Gary Goodson Alan Goodwin James Goostree Kirby Goslee Karen Gourley Michael Gradwell Donna Grame Marie Grame Charolotte Graves Kenneth Graves Donovan Gray Linda Gray James Green Bernard Greiner Marcy Grey Raymond Griffel Jerry Griffin Janie Griffith Ruth Groesbeck Sandy Groh Joyce G roomer Doran Gross Cheryl Gubser 111 FRESHMEN Thomas Gunun Richard Gustafson ' 1 L__ .,:.-iii :;.««, ij ipi ! 1 [1| ihhbbiimh " m 8 Alice Hamilton Ellen Hamilton Joan Hamilton Joyce Hammers John Haney Jeannie Hannah Gloria Hansen William Hansen John Hardwick Barbara Hardy Victoria Harker Doug Harrison Terry Hartley Kathiryn Hatfield Linda Hays Dennis Hazelwood Donald Hazelwood Myra Hedrick Louann Hef lin Angele Helzer Lois Helzer Martha Hemry Joe Hendren Judy Henning Pamela Henry I 112 I FRESHMEN Lora Henrick Delores Hess Larry Hessel Daniel Heyle Linda Hicklin Dennis Hilger Claudia Hill Melvin Hill Robert Hill Ren Hinshaw Trudy Hirsch Michael Hoffelmeyer Sue Hoggat Peggy Holder Lila Holdsworth Pat Hollenbeck Mary Jo Holmes Linda Hon Marilyn Hopper Donald Home Donna Hosf ield Morris Howe Gary Howren WilUam Huf f ord Diana Hunt Connie Hunter Leslie Hunter Richard Hutchins Linda Hutchinson Michael Dirig Danlnman Elizabeth Irwin Suzanne I vers Marilyn Jansen Mary Jansen Dennis Jarrett David Jaquith Allan Jensen Jimmy Jensen Linda Jensen Jo Ellen Jobusch Jacqueline Jocbims 113 FRESHMEN •Mi Jtti Cathy Johnson Chris Johnson Danny Johnson Ella Johnson Gary Johnson Richard Johnson Robert Johnson Sherecia Johnson Mary Jolly Amos Jones Rego Jones Ron Jones Raymond Jordan James Joy Jackie Kampmann Leroy Kariker Mary Keiser Marda Keller William Kelley James Kemp Charles Kenny Deanna Kerns Nancy Kerns Marilyn Kesseiring Karen Kessler Karla Kidney Linda Knauf Janet Knight Philip Knox Jan Kieser Marsha Kinder Dorothy King Mary King Sandra Klute Cynthia Kreek Gary Kunkel Denton Kurtz Mark Kyhnn Carol Lager Suzanne Lainson Vivian Lainson Rickey Landes 114 FRESHMEN Stephen Laporte Tony Lasher Bruce Lawson Wanda Lawless Thomas Lee Melbe Leedy Dan Leighninger Henry Lemire Ronald Leuwerke Patricia Levine Sandra Lewis Diana Linn Doug Lisle Ruth Loch Rebecca Loft Judy Logsdon Mary Long Ruth Long Verlin Long Marlene Longnecker Judy Lotz Marvin Lovell Bobby Lowrey Betty Ludeman Lawrence Lumm Maria Lund Pat Lundquist Sharon Lyles Barbara McAvoy Steven McCollum Eugene McCombs Christine McConnell Sherry McCoy Sarah McCray Gerald McCush Gary McDowell Dean McGinness Marchele Mcintosh Janet Mclrvin Beth McKee Cheri McLees Trudy McNulty 115 FRESHMEN John McWilliams Jerry Mabary Bill Madden Ellen Madden Gene Magill Mr % Joni Magin Millis Magner Nancy Magnun Mary Malone Connie Mangier Diana Mannasmith Tim Markel Curtis Markt Loren Markt Arthur Martin Linda Martinson Kathie Marvin Donald Masters Robert May ,.,,Jr JH Louis Mayberry Janice Meade Darrell Melnecke Joyce Mehrhoff Angel Melendez-Reyes Thomas Mendenhall Edward Menefee Marsha Merenghi Janet Meyer Sally Meyers Tim Michael 116 FRESHMEN Sheri Mickelson Dale Miller Helen Miller Mary Miller Rodney Miller Sherry Miller ' k A j k m dim Tom Miller Kenneth Millsap Arlen Milne Marilyn Missman Judith Mobley Paulette Moehring Carl Moffett Gerald Moldenhauer John Monjar Debbi Moore Janice Moore Karen Moore Lucinda Moore Sharon Moore Cheryl Morin Jan Morse Robert Mummelthie Donna Murphey Philip Myers Connie Nabhan Deborah Naert Keith Neff Jeanne Nehe Sonia Neidt Margaret Nelsen Linda Nelson Marolee Neuberger Duane Newland Carol Nichols Carolyn NicoUe Duane Nielsen Mary Nielsen Cheryl Norman Myra Norman Nick O ' Bradovich Kerry O ' Brien 117 FRESHMEN Terry O ' Brien Jacqulin Oliphant Darrel Olson Vicki Olson Philip O ' Renick Marilyn O ' Riley Rita Oswald Dennis Oltde Alice Paist Roger Pape Kathy Parks Mikel Parks Dixie Parrish Charles Parsons Ross Parsons Linda Patterson Cheryl Paulsen Patricia Payne Jean Pease Katherine Peebles Judy Peters Ron Petersen Phyllis Petersohn Monte Peterson Nancy Peterson Pat Peterson Kenneth Pettlon Cathy Phillips Lynnard Phipps Susie Phillips Jim Pickerel Cathy Pierce Donna Piraro Mike Pollard Dannie Policy Roscoe Porch Pamela Potter Jeanette Prescher Dave Price Melody Price Myra Pride Robert Pruitt 118 FRESHMEN Robert Puck Kenny Pummill Carol Purviance David Putnam Jamie Rainey Una Ramey David Ramsey Larry Randall Don Rankin Jane Rasmussen David Rauch Frank Ray Leonard Read Kay Reavis Virginia Reece Mary Reedquist Patty Reiss Rochelle Reno Kathy Rice Bruce Richards Roxanne Richardson Michael Riedell Bob Rinehart Jan Robbins Jean Robertson Gayle Rolof son Eleanor Roof Larry Rose Rick Rose Kathy Ross Larry Ross Paul Ross Jim Rowe William Rowland Richard Rowlett Michael Ruckman Craig Rupert Joyce Rusch Sharon Rutledge Gail Ryan Linda Quinn Dennv Sabus 119 FRESHMEN JimSaccaro John Saccaro Shirley Sanders Fred Sater Kay Saville Laurie Schaefer Don Schencli Gerald Schield Susan Schloesser Sheila Schertz Sharon Schiller William Schock Franklin Schottel Steven Schottel Dianne Schmid Gary Schanck Willard Schnelle Diana Sthreiber Marty Schroeder Rodney SchuUer Randall Schultz Mike Schuster Jean Scott John Scott Michael Scott ' id mm k i H aark Seabaugh Paul Searls Don Sears Kathleen Sell Dwight Selsor 120 FRESHMEN Connie Seuell Cindy Sharp Lindell Sharp Kenneth Shaw Danny Shell Gloria Sherman Shirley Sherry Sue Shortley Charles Siefkas John Simansons Janice Simmons Jay Skeels Mary Skinner Harold Skripsky Richard Slaten Gail Slaughter Cheryl Slaybaugh Andrew Sloniker Robert Sloss Mary Smock Marsha Smisko April Smith Barbara Smith Cheryl Smith Connie Smith Denise Smith Dennis Smith Jack Smith Susan Smith Dwight Snead Connie Snook Linda Spack Phillip Spangler Janice Staley Steve Stasi Carla Steeby Marie Steel Alice Stewart Gwen Stewart Rebecca Stokes Delores StoU Jacqueline Stolpe 121 FRESHMEN Janice Stone Ronald Stone Judy Stoner Tom Strade Bill Stratton Sue Stroburg Beverly Stubblefield Kathy Swain Ardith Swalley Carol Swan Stanley Swan Douglas Swanson Larry Swanson Patricia Swartz Beth Sweat Dwaine Swett Penny Taggart Richard Tapscott Dave Tarwater Jerri Tarwater Paula Tate John Truesdale Carol Taylor Charlotte Taylor Cheryl Taylor Donna Taylor Kenneth Taylor Sandra Teale David Thomas Susie Thomas Betty Thompson Cherri Thompson Dana Thompson Dorothy Thompson Elaine Thompson Thomas Thomson Dwight Tomes Ed Tomlinson Ronald Toney Caroline TornhoUn Patrick Travis Duane Trimble 122 FRESHMEN Glen Trullinger Loma Tuckness Jan Turnbull Larry Turner Joyce Van Bebber Janene Van Houtan Arthur Van Roekel Terri Vial Carl Voss Linda Voss Kay Vulgamott Jerry Wahlert Philip Wainwright Martha Waits Joyce Wake Mary Waldron Marcia Walker Gregory Walkup Suzan Walla Sally Wallin Barbara Walter Joyce Warne Pamela Warren Jayla Washburn Greg Watkins Valerie Watkins Dennis Watsabaugh Nancy Watson Cheryl Weaver Julia Weaver Terry Weaver Christine Webb Phyllis Webber Lynn Wedlock Terry Weldon Wanda Weldon Jim Whan Kathleen Wharton Sandra White Jack Whited Donna Wiederholt Linda Wiges 123 FRESHMEN Michael Wiley Sandra Wilkinson AiM Danny Williams Joyce Williams Steven Williams David Williamson James Willis Diane Willson Janice Wilmes Janet Wilson Steve Wilson William Wilson Erich Winter Charles Winters Robert Wirth Edward Witham Nancy Wood Robert Wood Sandra Wood Sarah Woodruff Greg Woolridge Howard Woolsey Paula Wright Francis Yau Kathy Yaw Barbara Young Edward Younger Dwight Youngman Linda Zachary Mary Zaroor SiSii ' : - , Kr ' -in 124 J FRESHMEN Annamarie Zeiger John Zimmer Linda Zink Marcia Zolnosky 125 so MANY THINGS TO DO... AND IT ' S JUST STARTING 126 FRESHMEN QUICKLY LEARN WHERE THE ACTION IS V : .-V ' t t ' «? 127 Vivian and Hud Lainson NWMSC MARRIED COUPLES MANAGE HC Jill and Max Horton Nancy and Mike Thomson 128 I Barb and Gary Kruse Linda and Monte Gagliardi GE HOMEWORK AND HOUSEWORK SIMULTANEOUSLY Janet and Bill Haag and daughter, Laura 129 MARRIED STUDENTS Jerry and Melinda Albin 9 Manot ijpmMf f j0 $ ' S Frank and Sandi Teale and daughter, Michelle Jon and Sue Pierce and daughter, Kimberly Bob and Shirley Matthews 130 MARRIED STUDENTS Kenneth and Ann Greiner Lynn and Clarice Greiner and children, Beth, Kimberly, and Kris John and Janice Logsdon and son, John, Jr. 131 132 SOCIAL BALANCE Through the well-rounded soc- ial functions available to the students on this campus, each of us has an opportunity and a duty to himself to achieve bal- ance through participation. A complex society awaits us, and we must be prepared to face it with courage, tolerant attitudes, and realistic perspectives. 133 We learn about ourselves through our relationships with others. 134 135 Our actions today will determine our personalities tomorrow. II :» 136 w i Lasting friendships and love blossom from chance meetings and life-long acquaintances. nnnnnni 138 The security of home disappears ■when our nevr life begins. 139 We are involved in a never-ending search for identity and a realistic place in today ' s society. 140 WK. r ::v . » 3 P . • l«i» « ! - f» lMlf|M %• i:-: : t . tig?. i« . ' ' %» ? «« f( » f i n .« I • . r THE EXCITEMENT OF SPRING AND S Lamkin gymnasium is filled to capacity with emotion, memories, relatives, friends, faculty, and students who have completed their work towards various degrees. €i syAsm ., ' ; ' ( The Northwest Missouri State College Board of Regents, Deans, and President stand to begin the commencement exercises. A happy graduate receives her diploma and a congratulatory handshake from President Foster as Dean Thate announces the candidates for degrees. 142 SUMMER COMMENCEMENTS Tense and eager, the summer class of 1966 stand as they are presented to the public for recognition. pe commencement address was given by Russell Hamilton, project engineer for the Ford Motor Company and an NWMSC alumnus. A solemn moment or two inevitably precedes the joys of commencement. 143 TRADITION CHANGED AS P Though temperatures were far t)elow normal and the wind was fierce, several students ended up in the icy pond during the canoe jousting. No matter what direction the poor greased pig turned, he was surrounded by enthusiastic college students. 144 asValkout day moves to spring The young group of singers put their hearts and souls into their song which greatly appealed to the students. The mellow sounds of the Brothers Four kept students enchant- ed for hours. The Gentrys provided swinging music to round out the walk-out day activities. The annual walk-out day saw the latest dance craze being skillfully demonstrated. 145 TALENT AND BEAUTY SOUGHT IN MISS MARYVILLE PAGEANT Queen Gayle and first and second runners-up, Terry Crain and Toni Johnson, smile happily for photographers after the finals. Gayle demonstrated her lovely voice with a song from " My Fair Lady. " Gayle Bradfield, Sara Copman, Terry Crain, Toni Johnson, and Diana Wiley were the five lovely and excited finalists. 146 UGLY MAN CARNIVAL INCREASES STUDENT LOAN FUND Exultant Phi Sigs carry Ron Scott to the platform as Ugliest Man on Campus in the student division. Bruce Wake receives the plaque from APO emcee Don Kinker on behalf of his candidate, faculty member Robert Nagle, sponsored by the men ' s residence hall council. Winning skit in the variety show competition was this Tri Sig fan- tasy, complete with a shaving cream fight. Second place in the variety show was won by the DZ skit, a take-off on Batman. 147 UMOC One of the more pleasurable booths for males was the one on which Ron Scott is so intent. 1 NWMSC wearing apparel of the future was the theme of the Phi Sig skit. The Phi Mu Cake-Walk provided some delicious eating for growing NWMSC students. Frustration outlet at helpless fellows was used by the Delta Zeta pie-throwing booth. 148 UMOC Phi Mu Lois Sutton points an accusing finger at her captivator in the Gamma Sig jail. A glimpse into the future was used by SNEA in this UMOC booth. Getting back at counselors was the rare privilege of women in the residence halls. This A-Go-Go booth attracted many dance enthusiasts. 149 VIRTUOSO VIOLINIST PAUL DOKTOR PERFORMS Great talent is exhibited as the violinist ' s concentration carries him into a musical world of his own. This Viennese violinist began studying at the age of five and was the first and only violinist to win the first prize at the International Music competition in Geneva. Mr. Doktor gained respect from both students and faculty with his amazing ability to present an entire concert with only the aid of accompanists. o r n.u. umj. 150 EMILY GENAUER LECTURES FOR ARTISTS The audience seems to be in a fascinated daze as they listen to Miss Genauer lecture on art. Miss Genauer, chief art critic for the New York Herald-Tribune, gave a witty and stimulating lecture. Among Miss Genauers many admirers was Miss Olive DeLucc, chairman emeritus of the MSC art department and one ot the founders of the ( " ollcge Art Conference In her lecture she emphasized that one does not have to possess artistic talent to appreciate art. 151 BILL SANDERS DEMONSTRATES CARTOON APPEAL An idea is beginning to take form as guest cartoonist Bill Sanders displays his skill with artist tools. Old Money Bags is portrayed deftly by Bill Sanders. Students get into the act as the talented Kansas City artist captures them on paper. 152 THE NEW BEAT DRAWS CROWDS THE ROULETTES... The cymbals vibrate to the new sound. The Roulettes spin another tune. JR. WALKER AND THE ALL-STARS That horn - what a sound ! Students gyrate to the new beat. 153 LIVE BANDS, JUKE BOXES, AND RECORDS START BEARCAT FEET MOVING TO THE GROOVY SOUNDS OF THE TIMES AND THE BEAT GOES ON 155 BLEED - IN AIDS NATIONAL CAUSE ] GIU I I Hi ii Student assumes a relaxed, comfortable position after a long day ot recruiting volunteer donors. A nurse carefully prepares this student for his donation. Nourishing food and drink were provided for all donors before they went back to the residence halls to relate their experiences to less courageous students. Two brave students lie quietly while the nurse checks to make sure the equipment is operating correctly. 156 GREEN BERETS LECTURE ON CAMPUS One of the Green Berets demonstrates his great karate abihty to an amazed audience. Extreme concentration and co-ordination are of great importance in practicing karate. The lecture given by this Green Beret made a lasting impression on the entire student body. 157 SWEEDISH GYMNASTS SHOW SKILLS t An amazing sense of balance was demonstrated in this particular feat. . nry The audience was held spellbound as these young Swedish women performed unbelievable stunts. HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS DELIGHT CROWDS This poor basketball player seems stunned as a Harlem Globetrotter skillfully steals the ball. sill f Rules are no longer a part of the game when the Globetrotters in- vade the court. 158 DOLPHINS PRESENT SWIM SHOW Teamwork, concentration, and timing are an important part of this swim scene. Reanne Johnston, Kerry Henry, Virginia Bright, and Sondra Simons pose prettily before their performance. DS I Beauty is achieved through balance and rhythm in this water ballet. ilttsii Karen Wilson, Patty Chappell, and Elaine Murray strike a military pose in their swim show costumes. 159 MSC CONCERT BAND PERFORMS AFTER TOUR 1 The band entertained audiences with the most challenging music they had ever tried. In their final performances, the MSC concert band played numbers ranging from baroque classics to contemporary styles. GREENWICH MUSICIANS THRILL EXPECTANT AUDIENCE I I I Frank Roane captured the hearts of his audience with his forceful voice. Students were thrilled with this number from " Porgy and Bess. " 160 KANSAS CITY LYRIC OPERA PRESENTS " THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO " Figaro and his new bride pause in the garden after their marriage. The entire court gathers as Figaro and his future bride wait for their wedding ceremony to begin. 16) FRESHMAN PRE - REGISTRATION EASES SOME OF THE USUAL STRAIN Upperclassmen spent hours arranging schedules. Registration means, for many, waiting frustrating minutes or hours in long lines. ,-- - t:} ♦, . iiij Lamkin gym becomes a melee of students about to begin a new year with a new set of classes. The most difficult part is behind when students arrive at the last table to pay their fees. 162 ESI STUDENT LEADERS ORGANIZE NEW FRESHMAN ORIENTATION PROGRAM Campus tours were aimed to acquaint new students with the campus. A tired orientation leader, Ed Lambright, wonders at the end of a busy day whether the new orientation would be of lasting value to the freshmen. AWS DAD ' S DAY A BIG SUCCESS Gloria Kachulis presented a half-time show at the big football game for the fathers and sons. Father of the Year award was won by William Lambright. AWS pres- ident Kay Elder and Marty Geyer presented the honor to Mr. Lambright and his son Ed. 163 GALS ASK THE GUYS DURING SADIE HAWKINS WEEK J pl m M ' ' Hl HHHk .44 HBS b« « moai H i Mary Potter, over-all chairman for Sadie Hawkins Week, sees the results of her work. i This coed takes advantage of Sadie Hawkins Week by stealing a kiss. 164 This perky coed had no trouble winning the race at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. f A poignant death scene is portrayed by the characters in " Faust. ' KANSAS CITY LYRIC OPERA PRESENTS " FAUST " lee ! The townspeople attempt to drive away the devil with the symtwl of the cross in this scene from the English version of " Faust. " 165 VALERY TARSUS TELLS OF LIFE INSIDE THE USSR Valery Tarsus, famed Russian novelist, relates the story of his exile. Valery Tarsus prepares for his lecture. Culture at MSC 166 The students of Northwest Missouri State College have been privileged this year to have the opportunities to enrich their cultural experiences. Paul Doktor, world-renowned concert violinist, played for MSC audiences and helped students realize the effort that creates a true artist such as Mr. Doktor. In contrast to the Doktor concert, Bill Sanders gave a lecture on the political use of cartoons in contemporary journalism. Mr. Sanders is a popular artist with the Kan- sas City Star, and his " off-the cuff " sketches delighted faculty and students. Most students were amazed at the dexterity of the Swedish gymnasts. These young Scandinavian women thrilled the au- dience with their performance of skilled precision. Af- ter the show, students and faculty had an opportunity to meet the gymnasts at a reception in the J. W. Jones Union. Within two months, MSC students had the opportunity to see two famous operas, presented by the Kansas City Lyric Opera. " Faust " and " The Marriage of Figaro " were pre- sented to standing-room-only crowds as students took full advantage of the chances to see English-sung operas. Of an entirely different nature was the series of lectures presented by the team of Green Berets. Their feats of strength in karate and judo amazed the students, as well as the discovery that Green Berets must also possess out- standing intellectual abilities. When Paul Engle, noted midwestern poet, visited MSC a reception was held for him in Roberta Hall. English majors and instructors were particularly impressed with his infor- mal style and enthusiasm. Emily Genauer, art critic of international fame, lectured for art students, who were impressed with her versatility and knowledge in many different areas. Valery Tarsus, author and politician who was exiled from Russia for his outspoken views, enthralled students with his descriptions of what it is like inside the USSR and his tale of being kept as a political prisoner inside a sanitarium where only one out of every forty-nine inmates were actu- ally insane. The opportunities for enrichment were many: beyond those already mentioned, students viewed the Kansas City Phil- harmonic; the American Folk Ballet gave an outstanding performance; the MSC drama department put on close to ten plays; the music department gave classical and jazz concerts plus many recitals; and the Union Board spon- sored top-name entertainers for concerts and dances. Those who took advantage of these fine opportunities have broadened their cultural interests and backgrounds. _ MARION WILLIAMS CONCERT A SUCCESS Marion Williams with accompanists brings down the house in one of several modern jazz numbers. DAVID, DELLA ROSA, AND BROOKS PERFORM Hod David and Diane Delia Rosa blend their voices to sing lively folk songs. The Brooks third of the trio estabhshes audience rapport with his intensity. t 167 OUTSTANDING GROUP PERFORMS AT MSC. . . Penetrating songs of the narrator separated various scenes of folk life. The colonial traveling salesman was greeted with enthusiasm by members of the folk company. THE AMERICAN FOLK BALLET Shadows of the past are accompanied by the Folk Ballet singers. American Folk Ballet dancers demonstrate another strenuous representation in ballet of early American life. 168 PAUL ENGLE LECTURES TO ENTHUSIASTIC AUDIENCE ibeiiil Engle adds a humorous note to his definition of poetry. Noted midwestern poet Paul Engle stresses a point on his lecture concerning poetry. SOUNDS OF KANSAS CITY ' S PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA FILL LAMKIN GYMNASIUM Members of the Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra watch for the down beat from the director, Hans Schweiger. 169 BRANDY WINE SINGERS CAPTIVATE NWMSC AUDIENCE Intricate solo work such as that of this guitarist won the interest of the audience. Heart and soul is shown in the expressions of these Singers. The entire group combines their diverse talents to entertain Bearcats in a rousing number. 170 NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS WIN STANDING OVATIONS The moving voice of this Christy Minstrel helped win standing ovations for the group. The Minstrels take time out backstage to pose for this group shot in good humor after a long and successful show. One of the most fascinating characteristics of the New Christy Minstrels is their technique of harmony, blending strong and beautifully into their popular songs. 171 The long lines and frustrations of registration are a necessary part of enrollment at MSC. Mis. I ADMINISTRATION - " T- " " Tom O ' Connor receives advice from Dr. Fulsom of the Speech Department. But I don ' t NEED underwater basket weaving for my major! 172 I Now where am I going to find a babysitter at 7 :35 in the morning? Mrs. Moss attempts to help a bewildered student in the Business Department. SPRING REGISTRATION Only one more hour to go ! myiwi ' ' But I don ' t need twenty hours this semester! THE QUEEN IS CROWNED The twenty lovely Homecoming Queen candidates wait anxiously to hear the judge ' s decision. The thrilled five finalists eagerly anticipate their cam- paigns and the queen ' s crowning. The climax of the evening was the crowning of Miss Elaine Sherman by Nick Erganian, Student Body President. 174 1967 Homecoming Queen Elaine Sherman smiles through her happy tears. H AT HOMECOMING VARIETY SHOW " The Great Pumpkin and the Lecherous Stepsisters " SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA First Place ' Shades of Mr. S. Foster and Mr. Bones " ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Third Place Miss Bdlj " Oklahoma " DELTA SIGMA PHI Second Place Oh Wave Those Flags " DELTA ZETA Fourth Place Dr. Goldnose and the Football Machine " PHIMU Second Place " We Like the Westside Story Best " PHI SIGMA EPSILON First Place 175 HOMECOMING FLOATS ADDiPA I ' ' ta.s« - K " Shangri-La " ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Second Place V " The Surrey with the Fringe on Top " ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Third Place " Yellow Rose of Texas " PHI SIGMA EPSILON Fourth Place " Carrousel " SIGMA TAU GAMMA Third Place 176 DISPARK TO PARADE ■ --, ' Tiptoe Through the Tulips " DELTA ZETA Second Place « i0 i ' nAwi ' iii ' ' No Man Is an Island " UCCF-WESLEY Third Place " Madam Butterfly " DELTA SIGMA PHI First Place " Swanee River " INDUSTRIAL ARTS First Place " Silver Bells " SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA First Place 177 ' Ahabthe Arab " GDI Second Place FLOATS " Alma Mater " PHIMU Fourth Place ' A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes " MENS RESIDENCE HALL Fourth Place Around the World in Eighty Days " TKE Fifth Place i AWS Queen ' s Float 178 I HOUSE DECORATIONS " Pink Panther " SSS First Place ' Mitch Miller ' s Songs " lA Second Place ' Parade of the Wooden Soldiers " ACE Fourth Place 1 ' One Dark Night ' UCCF-Wesley First Place 179 HOMECOMING HOUSE DECORATIONS " Somewhere Over the Rainbow " PHI SIGMA EPSILON Third Place " When You Wish Upon a Star " PHIMU Fourth Place 1 " What ' s New Pussycat? " STUDENT WIVES Fifth Place 180 s HOMECOMING COMMITTEE PLANS SUCCESSFUL WEEK FIRST ROW: Donald Robertson, assistant chairman; Jerry Newman, student co-chairman; Dianne Brown, student co-chairman; Le Roy Crist, chairman. SECOND ROW: Iris Houston, Christie Beal, Vir- ginia Garrison, Rosie Bartlett, Jackie Fox, Cheri Jordan, Mary Pettegrew. THIRD ROW: Peggy Wright, Jan Gray, Joyce Gushing, JoAnn Montgomery, Jeannie McCormick, Loma Stevens, Jennifer Yates, Vicky Hanna. FOURTH ROW: Rod Beem, Jim Holtz, Mike Stephens, John Kelly, James Beemer, Ray Reynolds, Sondra Sim- ons. FIFTH ROW: Tom Frank, Ed Lambright, Barry Whitehill, Russell McCampbell, Herman Swartz, Martin Peterson, and Peggy Herron. President Foster awarded scholar- ship trophies to Alpha Sigma Al- pha and Phi Sigma Epsilon as Dr. Crist awarded Homecoming Supre- macy trophies to UCCF-Wesley, Alpha Sigma Alpha, and Sigma Tau Gamma. From left to right are President R. P. Foster, Reg Turn- bull (UCCF-Wesley), Dianna Brown (ASA), Fred Lazear (Phi Sig), Don Robbins (Sig Tau), and Dr Crist, Homecoming Advisor. 181 The crisp fall breezes blow... and old and new memories are unfolded as 1967 Homecoming begins and ends. 182 a time to reflect about the past and dream about the future. V ' 183 BILLY MAY PLAYS FOR CHRISTMAS DANCE A festive spirit made the atmosphere of Chris tmas come alive. Romantic sounds filled Lamkin Gym with the Billy May Band This unforgettable scene caught souvenir-hunters stripping most of the larger decorations before the dance ended. The huge tree in the center of the dance floor attracted much attention and admiration. 184 HANGING OF THE GREENS Miss Gano Whetstone, Spirit of Christmas 1966 185 The Morris sUck dancers deUghted the audience with their tradiUonal performance. Bearers of the Green were Mary Pettegrew, Joyce Gushing, PhylUs Brown, Sara Copman, Sharon Gabel, and DeAnn Bowers. 186 SENIOR WOMEN HONORED AT HANGING OF THE GREENS TRADITIONAL CEREMONY Below the mistletoe are Cheryl Reineke, Reader, and JoAnn Montgomery, Snow Princess. The loveliest voices of NWMSC ' s women students composed the Christmas Choir which sang for the Hanging of the Greens. A stately minuet was presented by Sondra Biggs and Kathy Parks. 187 TOWER QUEEN CONTEST , ' ,.■«»■■ A luncheon and personal interviews were a part of selecting three finalists for TOWER Queen contest. INVOLVES A WEEK ' S EXCITING PRELIMINARIES AND VOTING TOWER Queen candidates are presented in evening gowns before the Means, Marsha Mundt, Connie Norris, Kay Russ, Sondra Simons, Loma judges and MSC audience as emcee Rex Mowrey leads off introductions: Stevens, Kathy Thompson, Sharon Walker, Valerie Watkins, Dottie Nancy Boyd, Marty Geyer, Kris Johnston, Carolyn Kading, Sherry Wilson, and Kay Elder. ff f Carolyn Kading Sponsored by Men ' s Residence Halls Kay Russ Sponsored by Town Girls Association Sharon Walker Sponsored by Phi Mu AND A TOWER QUEEN IS SELECTED Senate Vice-President Roger Schlegel crowns Carolyn Kading Tower Queen as attendants Kay Russ and Sharon Walker look on. 189 i ' i 1 Si. M ' r w f J 1 p i 1 I I «SS i is ' 1 ' ' t r 1 B I 1 1 i iSSS Bg8l5 ' T ■ EPONK 1 W ] T J 1 K _ A nr • l - " ■1 m ■ np ■F - ' ■i The Embers, senior women ' s honorary, tapped six new mem- Rosecrans, Sondra Simons, and Marilyn Frandsen. President bers: Marty Geyer, Jennifer Yates, Norma Wilson, Karen Dianna Brown made the announcement. 190 ORIENTAL GARDENS IS THEME I TOWER Editor Nancy Boyd dedicated the yearbook to a surprised instructor, Mr. Clifford Kensinger. Comedian Dick Gregory was the main attraction at the TOWER dance; his hour-long routine dehghted the entire audience. FOR 1967 ANNUAL TOWER DANCE An unusual feature of two bands gave a unique atmosphere; playing for the dance were The Inchanters and The Bagdad On The Subway Municipal Swing Band. HOMECOMING QUEEN Elaine Sherman •p t I ic: 192 AMERICAN ROYAL CANDIDATE Toni Johnson 193 MISS MARYVILLE Gayle Bradfield 194 TOWER QUEEN Carolyn Kading 195 Gano Whetstone SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS « I 196 . FATHER OF THE YEAR William Lambright SPONSORING SON Ed Lambright 197 Diana Jansen, Phil Reser, Tom LaVille, Jim Graham star in " The Physician in Spite of Himself. " ONE-ACT PLAYS " The Physician in Spite of Himself, " by Moliere, is a social satire criticizing the med- ical quackery of the seventeenth century. The story involves a common woodcutter who is mistaken for a miraculous healer. The other play, William Saroyan ' s " Hello Out There " is a modern drama depicting the agony of being alone. Joe Maltsberger, Nick Erganian, and Janice Couch act in Saroyan ' s " Hello Out There. " 198 Sara Copman, Joe Maltsberger, Doris Wilson, Nick Erganian, Tom O ' Connor, and Carole Sinclair star in ' Dirty Work at the Crossroads " DIRTY WORK AT THE CROSSROADS " Dirty Work at the Crossroads " or " Tempted, Tried, and True " is a melodrama in the traditional style. The characters are typical stereotypes: the heroine is pure, the hero is brave, the villain is mean. The audience literally participates actively during the course of the play by booing, hissing, and calling names at the villain, and cheering the hero. The plot is classic: boy wants girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy regains girl but still loves his horse best of all. Beverly Schwartz, Doris Wilson, Judy McGinnis, Cheryl Reineke. Joe Maltsberger, Sara Copman, and Tom O ' Connor in a scene from " Dirty Work at the Crossroads. " 199 Margaret Price, Tom LaVille, and David Shestak had the lead roles in " Our Town. " OUR TOWN More than just a timeless tale of every town everywhere, Thornton Wilder ' s " Our Town " is a story of life, love, and death, the most important concerns anyone has. The entire cast assembled for the wedding of George Gibbs and Emily Webb. 200 1 THE SNOW QUEEN Hans Christian Anderson ' s " Snow Queen " is a beautiful fairy tale of a girl ' s search for her kidnapped brother. This play was a children ' s theater production presented by the college drama department in conjunction with the Nodaway Council of Fine Arts. The play was directed by Ron Wilson. 201 Betsy Bouska, Tom O ' Connor, Merrilee Crockett, Ron Weininger, Rollie Stadlman, Cheryl Reineke, Gail BuUis, and Ann Nielson perform in " Picnic. " PICNIC In the William Inge drama, " Picnic, " the main characters never get to the picnic at all but stay behind to find life. After drinking bootleg whiskey, the old maid schoolteacher throws herself at Hal. Starring are Richard Heinz, Merrilee Crockett, Nick Erganian, and Cheryl Reineke. 202 . CAROUSEL PREPARATIONS Two " Carousel " dancers rehearse. Maggie Price, Mr. Lafferty, Linda Sorenson, and Bill Coucar get stiff arms and painted hands while building sets for " Carousel. " Drama Club members hard at work, as usual. Terrie Starkovitcb makes use of her talent in " Carousel. " 203 A LETTER FROM THE STUDENT-BODY PRESIDENT It is difficult for a person to elaborate on the total life of a college student because of the various activities and inter- ests that combine to form the total picture of campus life. At Northwest Missouri State, a student ' s perspective of college life is possibly built around the four cornerstones of awareness, balance, action, and depth. Each requires a very special type of individual--a person who seeks to in- crease his background of knowledge and intelligence. A student must be aware of campus life and college activi- ties as well as keeping up with studies in order to make college a thoroughly complete experience. Balance comes from an understanding of the schools and student ' s objec- tives to bring about a high caliber of education. Action is the initiative that the student takes to become a part of the college and in combining with the other cornerstones, the perspective of college life becomes a picture with all component parts in proportion. Thus, through awareness, balance, action, and depth we be- come college students — in search of education and life. NSHAN " NICK " ERGANIAN Student Body President Sincerely, i2a K a student Senate President 204 STUDENT SENATE WORKS ON CONSTITUTION REVISION ; FIRST ROW: Jan Gray; Steve Lloyd, Nick Erganian, President; Cheri Jordan. SECOND ROW: Lonita Hersh; Kris Johnston; Ro- sanne Bartlett, Recording Secretary; Rod Beem; Mary Schulen- berg, Corresponding SecreUry. THIRD ROW: Roger Schlegel, Vice President; E6 Lambrigbt; Fred Lazear. Under the leadership of President Nick Erganian, the Stu- dent Senate represents and advises the student body. In an attempt to share ideas on student government and leader- ship, ten delegates were sent to the Kansas City Regional Council on Higher Education in Camdenton, Mo. The rep- resentatives profited greatly from the discussions and con- ferences which they attended at Windermere Baptist Camp. Because of the rapid growth of Northwest Missouri State College, the Senate is working on a complete revision of its constitution which will hopefully give better represen- tation to each student on campus. The proposed revision will increase the Senate ' s membership from fourteen members to twenty-four members. Regular Thursday afternoon meetings were held to keep the st udents well-informed on campus affairs. The minutes of each meeting were published in the college newspaper so that each student would be aware of what was being dis- cussed at the Senate ' s meetings. The senate oversaw such things as campus elections and interpreted the laws and rules of the Student Association. Nick Erganian, President of the Student Government Associ- ation, is on duty at the polls as students cast their votes. 205 Jennifer Yates, Julie Seipel, and Linda Hoffelmeyer work on a display for a Homecoming queen candidate. Eileen Lapour goes through the motions of casting her vote for Homecoming queen in the November election. STUDENT SENATE IN ACTION I 206 The Student Government Association expresses a vote of approval on a motion. MSC SENATORS REPRESENT ALL STUDENTS The members of Senate express their interest in what is being said by Roger Schiegel, Vice President. Rf 1 m f t4- _v,. m V Vvil HiH . ' H l THE NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS DAVID, DELLA ROSA, AND BROOKS UNION BOARD DIMENSIONS THE BROTHERS FOUR THE BRANDYWINE SINGERS FIRST ROW; Karen Licklider, Sponsor; Kack Miller; Dianna Brown, Secretary; Phyllis Bowman; Toni Johnson; Bob Jacob- sen, Treasurer SECOND ROW: Thomas Franit; Don Bobbins; Ed Lambright; Joe Logan, President; McClure, Vice President. Bob Foster; Jack UNION BOARD COMMITTEES PLAN OUTSTANDING COLLEGE ENTERTAINMENT President Joe Logan led the Union Board in presenting many outstanding programs and activities for the school year 1966-67. Earlier this fall the former Union Board was completely revised into a more efficient organization with two levels of authority, an Executive Board and a Program Council. The Executive Board was composed of Joe Logan and three executive vice-presidents, Jack McClure, Dianna Brown, and Bob Jacobsen. The Program Council was composed of five committees. The Recreation Committee, under the leadership of co- chairmen Phyllis Bowman and Don Robbins, arranged the Back-to-School Dance, weekend den dances with live bands, the David, Delia Rosa and Brooks concert, tournament and game nights in the Union, and a special night club with the Vicar and the Deacon. The Arts Committee, headed by Toni Johnson and Tom Frank, planned weekly den movies, numerous art displays in the Union, and the Tower Dance. Co-chairmen Bob Foster and Steve Conner of the Relations Committee made arrangements for the Christmas Formal, the annual Or- ganizational Fair, and numerous other special activities during the year. The Education Committee, with John Price and Kack Miller as chairmen, brought many controversial speakers to cam- pus, originated the weekly " Topics of our Times " movie and speaker session concerning many interesting issues, and brought the New Christy Minstrels to the campus. To supplement their knowledge of unions and union activities seven members attended the Region II Association of Col- lege Unions Conference at Southwest Missouri State College, Springfield, accompanied by Mr. Dan Greer, sponsor. Other sponsors are Miss Karen Licklider and Bob Dickey. 209 ' The Dusty Road Singers " entertained students for a hootenanny. UNION BOARD students view Currier and Ives prints on display in the Union Building, a project prepared by the Arts Committee of the Union Board. " Johnny and the Hurricanes " provided a good time for all at the back-to-school dance. UNION BOARD " Topics of our Time " provided stimulating and informative movies and lectures on subjects of interest to students. In a combined meeting of the Executive Board and Program Council of Union Board, the group steers away from the subject a moment to enjoy a good laugh ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS ACTS ASI LIVING ON C t a. I I " FIRST ROW: Cheryl Crowley; Kay Russ, Third Vice-President; Joyce Cushing, First Vice-President; Kay Elder, President; Mary Potter, Second Vice-President; Marlene Morris, Secretary; Sherry Means, Treasurer. SECO fD ROW: Carol Copeland; Lucinda Gray; Susan Bowser; Wanda Rollins; Martha Bevington; Marlene Cline; Alberta Uehling; Chris Webb; Nancy Pickett. THIRD ROW: Brenda Hemer; Donna Dixon; Pamela Cash; Sharon Lucas; Mary Lauhoff ; Mary Maas- sen; Carolyn Kading; Marilyn Frandsen. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Gladys Gray, Sponsor; Christine McConnell; Barbara Letzig; Martha Waits; Jean Scott; Barb Bums; Nena Hall; Carol Swan; Cheryl Dowden; Mary Susan Skinner. FIFTH ROW: Diana Schreiber; Marylou Gann; Judy Henning; Sue Runnels; Opie Graham; Mary Francis Digirolano; Linda Bissen; Mary Louise Larsen; Eileen Sheryl Pedersen; Melody Price; Mary Jo Zaroor. Many new events and activities were added to the an- nual events sponsored by the Associated Women Stu- dents organizations. AWS is open to all girls living on the campus and one of its main activities is the Big Sister-Little Sister program where upperclassmen in- troduce freshmen to the campus. Highlighting this was the Coke Party open to all women students, especially freshmen. Two new features were Dad ' s Day and Mother ' s Week- end. During Dad ' s Day everyone ' s father was honored at a football game, and a special father of the year award was given on the basis of his son ' s accomplish- ments. The mothers were invited to spend the weekend on campus. Also a Mother of the Year award was given. Traditional activities of AWS included the construction of the Homecoming Queen ' s Float, the Christmas tea, Penny Night, AWS style show, and Sadie Hawkins Week. i A regular meeting involves much discussion among members. 212 ' S I irNIFYING BODY FOR ALL WOMEN ON CAMPUS FIRST ROW: La Donna Bowers; Barbara Jenkins; DeAnn Bowers; Shirley Young; Christine Beal; Donna Mann. SEC- OND ROW: Kay Saville; Pam Potter; Jeane Everett; Reeda Throgmorton; Karla Hofer; Marolee Neuberger. THIRD ROW Terri Olenhouse; Connie Spiek; Kathy Parks; Ellen Ibbotson; Connie Smith; Carolyn Miller; Judy Palumbo. One of the biggest successes of the year was the Big Sis-Little Sis coke party. A hilarious highlight of the coke party was an informal " style show : " appropriate dress for every campus occasion. 213 AWS EVENTS President Kay Elder involves members in active discussion. 1 Serious decisions concerning rules and regulations for women students and their activities call for serious contemplation. The AWS Style Show, an annual event, gave students a fashion preview courtesy of Maryville merchants. A tough problem meets thoughtful AWS representatives ' consideration. 214 1 TOWN GIRLS ' ASSOCIATION COORDINATES OFF-CAMPUS LIVING FIRST ROW: MaryAnn Barnett; Cheryl Dowden; Judy Ca- van. Treasurer; Connie Perlenfein, Secretary; Kay Russ, President. SECOND ROW; Mrs. Gladys Gray, Sponsor; Ann Davis; Kay Coleman; Carol Bradley; Angela Helzer; Lola Auxier; Linda Lay. THIRD ROW: Janice Petersen; Myra Pride; Ingrid Johnson; Trudy McNulty; Melba Leedy; Kay Vulgamott; Marsha Dunavan; Velda Giffin. FOURTH ROW; Diane Bryson; Jane Gilbert; Linda Ware; Diane Willson; Marilyn Weathermon; Paula Florea; Janice Lillard; Twylla Gaule; Anita Shewmaker. The Town Girls ' Association, organized for college girls who live off campus, worked toward making their members feel as much a part of college life as those who live on campus. New members were welcomed through the Big- Sister, Little-Sister Program. This year ' s program emphasis was geared to member participation in the social events planned for the year. T rudie McNulty represented TGA in the AWS annual style show. Selling homemade Christmas candy was the money-making project of the year. Officers who worked to make TGA ac- tive were Kay Rush, president; Emma Black, vice president; Connie Perlenfein, secretary; Judy Cavan, treasurer; Cheryl Dowden, AWS representative; and Mary Ann Barnett, public relations. A typical scene in town housing : studies and a late snack. 215 PARTICIPATION IN SPECIAL PROJECTS KEEPS STUDENT WIVES ACTIVE ON CAMPUS FIRST ROW: Kathy Sayre, Vice President; Kay Pratt, President; Karen Fieseler, Secretary; Shirlee Mat- thew, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: E. Grace Adams; Geri ORiley; Judy Foster; Lanah Goodman; Roberta Harless; Ruth Paulsen. THIRD ROW: Sharon Kinker; Linda Majerus; Nancy Thomson; Jo Sprague; Mar- ian Edelen; Maureen Crawford; Janice Settles. FOURTH ROW: Kay Cofer; Cheri Wood; Jayne Bruce; Pau- la Cummins; Peggy Schack; Vonda Bridgman; Ruth Carlock. FIFTH ROW: Carolyn Blunk; Mary Combs; Dee Perry; Helen Rainforth; Mary Drew; Billie Wheeler; Janice Logsdon. SERVICE MEN ACTIVE IN VETERANS ' CLUB I i I Jerald Sorber, Treasurer; Eugene Krumm, Vice President; W R. ORiley, President; Bruce Bailey, Secretary; John Stamp; Frank Innis. 216 ; AMERICAN HOME ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION BEGINS ITS FIRST YEAR ON CAMPUS FIRST ROW: Patricia Mitch, Advisor; Bev Barton; Julie Faulstich, Vice Chairman; Maribeth Annan, Chairman; Susan Long, Secretary; Shirley Mabary, Treasurer; Juanita Forret. SECOND ROW: Melanie Eisiminger; Joen Gross; Phyllis Creech; Marge Lisbona; Judy Cly- mens; Kristen Andrew; Donna McClain; Kathryn Thompson ; Barbara Neely; Patricia Shradel. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Weathermon; Linda Workman; Diane Didlo; Margaret Davenport; Linda VanFosson; Linda Clapham; Romona Tasler; Judy LaMar; Mary Jo Alden; Norma Fle- tchall. FOURTH ROW; Paula Tate; Jane Sissel; Linda Knauf; Sheryl Smith; Sandra Curphey; Linda Scott; Sharon Elliott; Marietta Nelson; Karla Daniel; Marillyn Carr; Charlotte Nichols; Jane Gilbert. FIFTH ROW: Ruth Carlock; Ellen Ibbotson; Linda Wolf; Shirley Lager; Phy- llis Brown; Marcia Dowden; Barbara Blomker; Mary Ann Combs; Nancy Harvey; Paula Hauber; Becky Tayler; Bobbe Dague. KAPPA OMICRON PHI HONORS OUTSTANDING HOME EC STUDENTS FIRST ROW: Melanie Eisiminger; Kathryn Johnson; Margaret Mackey; Linda VanFosson, President; Judy LaMar; Judy Clymens. SECOND ROW: Joyce Riddell; Clara Stoll; Shirley Lager; Karen Brady; Ruth Carlock; Kay O ' Dell; Maribeth Annan. THIRD ROW: Linda Chappell; Mabel Cook, Sponsor; Gwynetha Girling; Sheila Schieber; Julie Faulstich; Margaret Huelskamp; Johanna Winzenread; Glenda Reece. 217 PI OMEGA PI HONORS BUSINESS STUDENTS TH£ FIRST ROW: Martha Moss, Sponsor; Kay Bray, Diane Shreve, Janet Newman, President; Margaret Nugent, Kathryn Belcher, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Kathy Griffin, Diane Drain, Vice-President; Karen Rosecrans, Carolyn Stephens, Kay Byron, Secretary-Treasurer. PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE WORKS FOR UNDERSTANDING 218 FIRST ROW: Meredith Gjerstad, Vice-President; Anne Mor- gan. Secretary; Joseph Dreps, Sponsor; James Lowe, Spon- sor. SECOND ROW: James DeMarce. Sponsor; Kay Elder, Carol Jenkins, Ann Lauber, Kathryn Thompson, DeAnn Bo- wers. THIRD ROW: Gayle Bradfield, Christme Real, Mary Ripley, Beverly Beeks, Patricia Shradel FOURTH ROW: Kathy Johns, Barbara Heath, Sally Hunter, Jane Gilbert, Leslie Swaney, Becky Taylor, Sandra Eckhoff FIFTH ROW: Joyce Jackson, Ken Montag, Terry Campbell, Tom Owens, Norma Buffington, Jeannie McCormick, Judy Clark. T ' TS THEATRE ATTRACTS DRAMA CLUB MEMBER! FIRST ROW: Karen Gourley. Marcia Hensleigh. Vice-Presi- dent; Sue Boyer. Susan Blakesley. Mary Jansen, Marilee Crockett. SECOND ROW: Anne Nielsen, Secretary-Treasurer: Ken Duff, Jerry Eisenhour, Joe Maltsberger , President; Harold Webb, Rachel Templeman, Herb White, 16 PI KAPPA DELTA AND FORENSICS HAS ANOTHER OUTSTANDING SEASON O f FIRST ROW: Milton Brod. Linda Hornaday, Vice-President; Terry Lutz, Ronald Walter, Jerelynn Davis, Ruth Martin, Nick Erganian, Treasurer; Gail Halliday. SECOND ROW: Richard Salewicz, Jerry Winsor, Sponsor; Dennis Gore, Ronald Wineinger, President; James Hulse, Loring Miller, Scott Hodgin, George Hinshaw. Sponsor, 219 ALPHA PSI OMEGA PRESENTS " THE MALE ANIMAL " TO MSC AUDIENCES FIRST ROW: Cheryl Reineke, Secretary; Dan McLaughlin, Vice President; Nshan Erganian; Sara Copman. SECOND ROW: Tom O ' Connor; David Shestali, President; Tom LaVille; Joe Maltsberger, Treasurer; Harold Webb. The Kappa Sigma Cast of Alpha Psi Omega recent- ly set up its own scholarship fund for students majoring in play production. Alpha Psi Omega, in existence on NWMSC for 20 years, is an honorary national dramatics frater- nity. This fall the fraternity began the develop- ment of its scholarship fund, which is available to any qualified student. The fund is financed with the proceeds from the production of a play each year. This year the Kappa Sigma Cast presented " The Male Animal " by James Thurber and Elliot Nugent. Spring semester pledges were Mary Lee Crockett, Jerry Eisenhower, John Hoffman, Marcia Hen- sleigh, Richard Heinz, Phyllis Zwank, and Carole Sinclair. Alpha Psi members make plans for future productions. 22C PI BETA ALPHA ENTERTAINS GUEST SPEAKERS FIRST ROW; Terry Tillotson, Treasurer; Hudson Lainson, Secretary; Lewis Shady; Melvin Booth, President. SECOND ROW; Mark Foster; John Crawford ; Kenneth Davidson; R. J. Courter; Frank Evans; Donald Brader; James Patee. THIRD ROW: Peter Rodda; Gerald Anderson; Charles Posson; Russell Blom; Jerald Stroebele; Dallas Clemsen, Ronald Walter; Gary Dagley. FOURTH ROW: John Rains; Howard Corey; Steve Funston; Roger King, Sponsor; Mike Abildtnip; Peter Wanless; Jack Schrimsher. A large pledge class ensured a continuing active program. 221 AGRICULTURE CLUB MEMBERS PARTICIPATE IN LIVESTOCK JUDGING FIRST ROW: Jerry Netherton; Gary Meers, Treasurer; David Mackey, President; Barry Whitehill, Secretary; Charlie Combs; Robert Hull. SECOND ROW: John Jennings; Larry Rouse; Danny Atkins; Donald Masters; Ronald Dawson; Beric Steinman; Bill Grace; Ron Maxell. THIRD ROW: David Trost; Eddie Hale; Wil- liam Greenwood; Thomas Staton; Eddie Bredenstemer ; Alan Goodspeed; Paul Hansen; Roland Brown; David Norton; and Joe Jardon. FOURTH ROW: Lewis Coffman; Danny Shell; Harold Frame; Frederick Walter; Jimmy Coulter; Ronnie Cornett; Bob Lowrey; Edward Meng; Loren Markt; Alan Brown. FIFTH ROW: Byron Leu; Fred Garton; Richard Lantz; Keith Wray; Milton Sch- nare; Eugene Turner; Michael Hoffelmeyer; Gary Patience; Werner Lumm; and James Gubser. RESEARCH IS THE AIM OF BETA BETA BETA 222 FIRST ROW: Carolyn Youell, Secretary; Paula Weston, Treasurer; Steve Sorensen, President; Carol Nielsen, Vice President; Kenneth Winter, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Bill Barrett; Melvin Young; Gary Curtis; and Terry Johnson. ' STUDENT AFFILIATES OF AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY CONDUCT RESEARCH FIRST ROW: Donald Engel, Vice President; Joan Marek, Secretary; Daryl Mercer, President. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Bowland; Ron Collins; Jim Nelson; Doug Summers. THIRD ROW: Thomas Schwarz; John Boley ; Leslie Dawson. mrmtissattu, . Daryl Mercer presides at the monthly meeting of the Student Af- fihates of the American Chemical Society. Jim Nelson conducts an experiment during one of the meetings. 223 KAPPA PI HONORS ART STUDENTS FIRST ROW: Robert Sunkel, Sponsor; Charles Carr. Kerry Vice-President; Marsha Dunavan, Donald Robertson, Spon- Honey, Secretary; Tom Sayre. SECOND ROW: Denny Smitli, sor; Toni Johnson, President PI GAMMA MU IS NEWLY FORMED FIRST ROW: Torn Owens, Secretary-Treasurer; Sharon Kngle, ViceF ' resident; (Jary Tietz. President; Patricia Jones, Dawn Abarr SECOND ROW Linda Rusco, Martin Peterson, Rus.sell McCampbell, Lee Townsend, Leslie Swancy. This new organization honors social science majors. i i 224 BOOK CLUB ESTABLISHES LITERARY AWARDS irr FIRST ROW: Virgil Albertini, Sponsor; Terry Campbell, Vice-President; Nancy Boyd, President; Elaine Sherman, Secretary-Treasurer; Linda Martin, SECOND ROW: Lynette Cole, Linda Smith, Marv Asbell, JoAnn Madden, Linda Schoen, Ruth Paulsen THIRD ROW: Donna Burns, Jennifer Yates, Linda Hoffelmever, Pat Coil, Deborah Cole, Donna Merntt, JoAnn Voyce, Vicky Hanna. FOURTH ROW: Ro- berta Duffett, Joetta Petree, Julia Daugherty, Garry Stenzel, Helen Duvall, Bernadine Reimers, William Hardisty, Donna Davis, KAPPA DELTA PI HONORS EDUCATION STUDENTS rfif FIRST ROW: Bettv Baker, Dawn Abarr, Treasurer; Sharon Engle, Secretary; Karen Peters. President; John Harr, Spon- sor; Gary Tietz, Vice-President; Kav Elder SECOND ROW: JoAnn Voyce. Ruth Kennedy, Carolyn Youell, Norma Wilson, Dianna ' Brown, Marv Potter, Marv Pettegrew, Linda VanFosson, Carol Clark. THIRD ROW: Maribeth An- nan, Judy LaMar, Patricia Jones, Pam Jones, Sue Miller, Janet Newman, Marilvn Frandsen, Cheryl Wilson, Leslie Swaney. FOURTH ROW: Bonnie Johnson, Jo Ridg 4 ' ay. Gano Whetstone, Judy Teschner, Ruth Carlock, Nancy Boyd, Jill Horton, Linda Parker, Earlene Christie, Melanie Eisi- mmger. FIFTH ROW: Barbara Laur, Kathryn Winkler, Nor- ma Buffington, Julie Faulstich, Judy Steinleld, Russell Mc- Campbell, Jack Longfellow, Martin Peterson, Shirley Lager, Margaret Huelskamp, Marlus Paulsen 225 WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL COUNCIL PLANS SPORTS FIRST ROW: Marilyn Wilson, Janet Ranniger, Christie ant Chairman. SECOND ROW; Sandra Eckhoff, Susan Nold, Beal, Carol Wolverton, Chairman; Bonnie Johnson, Assist- Suzanne Mason, Pat Nold, Joyce McQuerrey. MEN ' S INTRAMURAL COMMISSION FOCUSES ACTIVITIES 226 FIRST ROW: Paul Gates, Sponsor; Dave Karaff, Assistant Melito. SECOND ROW: Jerry Peirce, Barry Clark, Larry Chairman; Jack Appleman, Chairman; Carl Sampsel, John Maiorano. DELTA PSI KAPPA HONORS PHYS. ED. MAJORS FIRST ROW: Kathy Seifert, Gano Whetstone, Secretary- Treasurer; Betty Baker, Vice-President; Sondra Simons. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Johnson, Carole Alters, Kathryn Smith, Lee Stroebele. Marilyn Wilson. P. E. M. CLUB INCREASES ACTIVITIES FIRST ROW: Connie Seuell, Kathy Seifert, President; De- loris Carr, Lynne Wion, Secretary; Joyce McQuerrey, Marda Keller SECOND ROW: Millie Magner, Carol Wol- verton, Sharyn Jackson, Sandy Lewis, Cheryl Stone, Janet Ranniger, Marilyn Wilson. Lynda Hall, Caroll Sterling, Alberta Uehling. THIRD ROW: Beverly McKenzie, Linda Hutchinson. Barbara Baker, Charlotte Graves, Peggy Clark, Susan Nold, Suzanne Mason, Marilyn O ' Riley, Pat Nold, Deanna Kerns. FOURTH ROW: Christine McConnell, Jo Ellen Atkins, Diana Crocker, Joyce Edwards, Kerry Henry, Angela Helzer, Ellen Madden, Judy Palumbo, Betty Chambers, Mary Elsberry FIFTH ROW: Sheila Schertz, Gano Whetstone, Charlene Hunt, Sharon Gabinski, Karin Hunt, Sandy Butler, Barbara Shearer, Kathryn Smith, Carolyn Brand, Beverly Miller, Virginia Johnson. 227 SIGMA PHI DOLPHINS PREPARE FOR SPRING SWIM SHOW QCT nt FIRST ROW Patricia Wampler, Patty Chappell, Sue Owen, Marilyn Jansen, Candlce Appleby, Carolyn Miller, Cheryl Weaver. SECOND ROW: JoAnn Peters, Kerry Henry, Sue Crain, Reanne Johnston, Vic- The Swim Show presented in the spring was the main ac- tivity of the Sigma Phi Dolphins. In preparation for the show there were tryouts in the fall. Those who were ac- cepted began at once to perfect their strokes, stunts, and general knowledge of synchronized swimming. By second semester, the title " A Year With the Dolphins " had been chosen. Each routine represented an event of each month through the use of costuming and modified stroking. Officers for the year were Reanne Johnston, president; Sondra Simons and Kerry Henry, vice presidents; Patty Chappell, secretary-treasurer; Sue Owens, publicity; and Sue Crane, historian. kie Baker, Sondra Simons, Judith Burt, Susan Dallman, Gayle Bradfield. Kerry Henry signals the timing of a routine. ' I A star sequence in the spring swim show is formed by the Dolphins. 228 TOUNG DEMOCRATS STIMULATE POLITICAL INTEREST FIRST ROW Rebecca Ferguson president; Dixie Tuttle, vice president; Kay Weidenhaft, Nancy Johnson, Linda Hoffelmeyer. FOURTH ROW: Tim Jennifer Yates, secretary; John Phoenix, treasurer. SECOND ROW; Dougherty, Meredith Gjerstad, Ken Montag, Mike Carl, Frank Innis, Joyce Jeanblanc, Donna Foley, Dorothy Boedaker, Carlene Buck, Judi James Lowe, sponsor. Joubert. THIRD ROW: W. R. O ' Riley, Michael Humphrey, John Stamp, MSC STUDENTS SPEND SUMMER STUDYING IN MONTERREY, MEXICO NWMSC students who studied in Mexico were: David Bell; Trudy McCarthy; Mary Jackson, Sponsor; Linda Sams; Judy Tliatch. The photo was taken in front of the library at the Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey, N. L., Mexico. 229 S.N.E.A. TOURS 0 FIRST ROW: Cindy Miller, Recording Secretary; Mary Pette- grew, President; Russell McCampbell, Vice President, Pro- jects; Jill Horton, Vice President, Programs; Jo Ann Voyce, Treasurer; Gary Tietz; Jeannie McCormick. SECOND ROW: Bernadine Reimers; Wanda Walker, Sponsor; Ruth Martin; Linda Brown; Judy Clymens; Myra Norman; Carol Wolverton; Cynthia Brodersen. THIRD ROW: Ramona Tasler; Jean Owen; Judy LaMar; Peggy Miller; Bonnie Johnson; Bev Barton; William Hardisty; Marolee Neuberger. FOURTH ROW: Ro- berta Dague; Donna Davis; Gano Whetstone; Nancy Boyd; Paula Walton; Pat Coil; Sandy Slater; Donna McClain. FIFTH ROW: Linda Sams; Gloria Hansen; Ella Maxine Johnson; Helen Ott; Chuck Gifford; Dan Pine; Margaret Hall; Janice Ball; Bob Kountz. 1 DiuJu! m ' Doi im.i ltilei:Joi The Student National Education Association began their 1966-67 school year with the traditional organizational fair in the fall to acquaint beginning freshmen with organizations and activities available to students. A tour of regional high schools helped further the goals of SNEA along with educational and entertaining programs. SNEA placed first and fourth in the clown division at homecoming time with the themes of " Old Black Magic " and Tm Gonna Learn to Read and Write. " Russell McCampbell served as vice president of the State SNEA. Members attended the Missouri State Teachers ' Associ- ation and SNEA Convention in Kansas City, the Officers ' Work- shop in Columbia, and the Twelfth Annual Conference for FTA- SNEA in Northwest Missouri and Southwest Iowa. SNEA members indicate points of interest at NWMSC on the campus map 230 RSKEGIONAL HIGH SCHOOLS o. ( B . FIRST ROW: Max Horton; Sherry Means; Judy Clark; Marlene Morris; Diana Jansen; Patricia Shradel; Kay Burton; Ann Lauber. SECOND ROW: Donna Shreve; Margaret Armstrong, Corresponding Secretary; Jo Ridgway; Lynette Cole; Lanah Goodman; Marty Geyer; Patricia Hansen; Melanie Eisiminger; Nancy Shields; Mardelle Parrish; Donna Egy. THIRD ROW: Mary Malone; Mary Lauhoff ; Donna Merritt; Susan Leiter; Joyce Scott; Jennifer Yates; Alice Maxwell; Linda Schnackel; Jean Goodman; Linda Ehlers. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Letzig; Bar- betta Brown; WaUis Leak; Diane Bryson; Chloe Johnson; Jerry Lewin; Linda Hof f ehneyer ; Mary Jo Lambertsen; Kristen Andrew; Judith Hunt; Ruth Carlock; Carolyn Christopher. FIFTH ROW: Diane Shreve; Donna Roesing; Sandra Stalcup; Kathryn Winkler; Gary Stenzel; Kathy Abersold; Linda Gray; Connie Rosier; Ellen Stalling; Nancy Johnson; Mary King; Judy Adams; I waine Crigger. 1 iWSCW Club members listen intently to a speech given at one of the early meetings. 231 ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION ENCOURAGES MEMBERS ' PROFESSIONAL GROWTH I FIRST ROW: Kay Elder; DeAnn Bowers; Joyce Gushing, Vice President; Paula Walton, President; Sheryl Gift, Secretary; Rebecca Ferguson; Marilyn Frandsen. SECOND ROW; Judi Joubert; Jean Cushing; Trudy Dew; Linda Brown; Susan Bowser; Marjorie Mathewson; Kathie Norris; Margaret Wun- derlich; Virginia Garrison. THIRD ROW: Lucinda Gray; Nancy Weisshaar; Diana Madison, Judy Teschner; Peggy Berry; Mar jean Spicer; Adena Boltinghouse; Marlene Morris; Neva Ross; Margaret Armstrong. FOURTH ROW: Jo Ellen Warne; Janet Welch; Trudy McCarthy; Janila Porter; Cynthia Mashek; Diane Lowrey; Donna Roesing; Barbara Letzig; Sherry Means. FIFTH ROW: Donna Foley; Susan Rogness; Judy Clark; Jeannie McCormick; Carol Park; Barbara Olson; Chloe John- son; Katherine Hughes; Peggy Miller; Jean Leak. I n FIRST ROW: Connie Schobert; Patricia Harwood; Rochelle Bur ton; Carol Clayton; Karen Krell. SECOND ROW: Betty Arnold Barbara Hoover; Judi Simmons; Mary Taylor; Alice Maxwell Mary Maassen. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Visser; Patty Heifers Rosalie Redman; Pat Tit)erghien; Linda Dawson; AnnClemsen. FOURTH ROW: Christena Poole; Verlee Thraen; Lu Ann Barton; Sondra Lunkins; Margaret Graham; Carol Ristau; Marlus Paulsen. 32 M CAMPUS PROFITS BY GROWTH AND EFFORTS OF KDLX CAMPUS RADIO fTH FIRST ROW: Bob May; John Bassett, News Director; Doug Sum- mers President; RoUie Stadlman, Vice President; Gary Hobbs, Program Director. SECOND ROW; Dwight Tomes; Lmdell Sharp; Bob Pruitt; Pat Dizazzo; Ellen Madsen; Mark Morelli. THIRD ROW: Helen Duval; Bob Campbell; Lynn Manhart; Larry Lewel- len; Regie Dencklay. This year marked the second season of KDLX in the new studios at the east end of the power plant. Seen above the entrance doorway to the station is a lighted sign, a project of the club members that reminds them anything is possible at KDLX. Last spring KDLX, sponsoring Jim " Grub " Shoning as an Ugly Man candidate, used a live broadcasting studio as their carnival booth. Making another first on NWMSC campus, KDLX began sports broadcasts from Lamkin Gymnasium. This service provided an additional boost to school spirit and student interest, two main concerns at KDLX. Everyone affiliated with the station is also a member of the Radio Club. The club has a membership open to anyone interested in broadcasting activity. The club ' s roll call has increased every year as more students become aware of the station ' s activities. Visitors are always welcome at the studios during broadcasting hours, 7 p.m. to 12 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. Pat Dizazzo, KDLX disc jockey, takes a break while broadcasting his program. 233 FIRST ROW: Sue Shew, Treasurer; Don Baxter, Mary Jo Jensen; Jon McAvoy, President; Rachel Templeman; Alan Pruitt, Vice President; Carlene Buck, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Beth McKee; Pam Cash; Kathy Yaw; Delores StoU; Myra Norman; Candy Beat- tie; Earlene Atkins; Ann Davis; Ingrid Johnson, THIRD ROW: Susie Ford; Kay Weidenhaft; Gwen Stewart; Barbara McAvoy; Larry McKinney; John Phoenix; Joe Jardon; Rock Foster; Nick ganian; Ed Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Marda Keller; Sharon Rut- ledge; Patty Payne; Nancy Kerns; Diane Figge; Carol Berger; Donna Taylor; Christine McConnell; Velda Giffin; D. J. Arm- strong, Sponsor. FIFTH ROW: Betty Chambers; Janet Erskins; Marcia Zolnosky; Robert Puck; Danny John; Gary Cameron; James Loynachan; Susie Thomas; Peggy Holder; Diana Schreiber; Alice Hamilton; Helen Duvall. G.D.I. FORMS ON NWMSC CAMPUS GDI, organized in the spring of 1966, came into existence for the independent students on campus as their answer for a non-Greek unified student body. The letters GDI stand for " Gestio Demptus Intrepide, " a Latin phrase " to per- form democracy undauntedly. " GDI is striving for several major goals such as the main- taining of representatives in Union Board, Student Senate, and student body offices; the participation of more inde- pendent members in campus activities, and the encourage- ment of more independent students in spirit competition. The GDI started its campaign for independent student action when members ran a Homecoming queen candidate and won second place in the open beauty float division. Officers for the 1966-67 school year include John McAvoy, president; Alan Pruitt, vice-president; Carlene Buck, sec- retary; Sue Shew, treasurer; Rachael Templeman, historian; Mary Jo Jansen, reporter; and Don Baxter, Homecoming activities chairman. 234 INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB STIMULATES GROWTH OF LA. MAJORS i- . ' o . " •r .- U ra FIRST ROW; Michael Thomson; D. M. Froelich, sponsor; Glen Pedersen, vice president; Ed Wilson, president; Ralph Litten, secretary-treasure r; Ed Gilliland; LeRoy Crist, sponsor. SECOND ROW; Stephen Laporte, Dick Gibson, E)ennis Brinton, Donald Hazelwood, Steve Frese, Gene Hogue, Fred Todora, Don Robbins, Cecil Clymens. THIRD ROW; Frank Ray, Wayne Little, Allyn Bock, Richard Klindt, Gary Heimke, Danny Lusk, Peter Will, Donovan Gray, Gary Kunkel, Denny Kurtz. FOURTH ROW; Willis Madison, Ber- nard Braunschweig, Steve Tornquist, Eldon Christensen, Dennis Hazelwood, Robert Bukowski, Larry Markt, Robert Reece, Lynn Greiner. FIFTH ROW; Steve Wilson, Ed Phil- lips, Larry Earhart, Richard Rowlett, Carl Groff, Lloyd Martin. Paul Leeper, Norris Hurlbut, Robert Welsch, Tom Paulsen. ;Avoj. FIRST ROW; Dan Inman; Donald Valk, sponsor; David Crozier, sponsor; Kenneth Thompson, sponsor; Herman Collins, sponsor; Peter Jackson; sponsor; Howard Ringold, sponsor; Joseph Jardon. SECOND ROW; Richard Johnson, Larry Parman, Larry Roth, Lloyd Logan, Scotty Kurtz, Steven McCollum, Larry Far- rell, Paul Watson, Darrel Olson. THIRD ROW; Darrell Cline, Carl Baxter, Tom Przybylski, John Main, Leroy Conner, John Hardwick, J. Brian Odom, Bruce Beem, Gerald McCush. FOURTH ROW; Gary Bridgman, Darrel Rueber, Jerry Burtnett, Michael Kurtz, Richard Jones, Lynn Durbin, Ronnie Heller, Mick Thompson, Neal Moles, Glen Allen, Rich Slaten. FIFTH ROW; Jim Ward, Gary Meers, Milton Moore, Doyle Dinkens, Linn Jones, George Brown, Eugene Turner, David Wasserfallen, Jim Willis, Charles Fattig, Lyle Garreau, Alan Goodwin. 235 MEMBERS OF SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB HE 1 FIRST ROW; Calvin Widger, Faculty; Berndt Angman, Faculty; Jill Horton. Vice President; Sharon Ceplina, Secretary; Russell Mc- Campbell, Treasurer; Robert Garms, President; Mary Drew; Judy Steinfeld. SECOND ROW: Alan Pruitt; Wallace Baker; Mark Current; Martin Peterson; Sue Shew; Neil Langford; Ron Hunziger; John Ibe- ling; Marsha Kinder. THIRD ROW: John Yost; Mack Clark; J. B. Bea- vers; James George; Hamilton Henderson; Dave Lonergan; Dan Fan- cher; Michael Thompson; Rod Quigley. FOURTH ROW: James Hurst, Faculty; George Gayler, Faculty; John Stamp; Donald Turner; Ray Prentis; Michael Humphrey; Darwin Johnson; Gay len Golden. FIFTH ROW: James Jeter; Gary Tietz; Phil Wainwright; Lee Townsend; Richard Partlow; Robert Pulliam; Michael Wineinger; Gary Low- rance; Larry Young. m Officers for this year, Russell McCampbell, discuss programs for the Club. Vice President, Bob Garms, President, and Sharon Ceplina, Secretary, 236 HEAR GUEST SPEAKERS FIRST ROW: Virginia DeMarce, Sponsor; James DeMarce. Faculty; Robert Nagle. Faculty; John Harr, Faculty; Jean Nagle, Faculty; Paul Henlein, Faculty; Robert Millar, Faculty. SECOND ROW; Kenard Carstens; Charles Gifford; William Hardisty; Leslie Swaney; Brenda Herner; Sharon Engle; Jackie Clark; Barbara Heath; Sharon Gillespie. THIRD ROW; Judson Sevy; Linda Rusco; Gail Ryan; Linda Hopkins; Alice Paist; Mary Long; Judy Meyer; Dawn Abarr; Bruce Falk; Mary Elliott. FOURTH ROW; Wayne Robison; Max Horton; Terry Doane; Charles Hill; Larry White; Michael George; Stephen Neuroth; Larry Reineke; Wayne Miller; Wayne Sell. FIFTH ROW; El- bert Black; Frank Innis; Dan Pine; Bob Bintner; Fred Vanderley; Mike Carl; Fred Lazear; Robert Majerus; Larry Kruse; John Fouts. FIRST ROW; Ruth Kennedy; Becky Huffman; Diane Kramer; Patricia Jones; Janene Van Houtan; Marylou Gann; Lee Carr; Helen Brannan. SECOND ROW; Pamela Jones; Jean Owen; Galyn Bedwell; Carol Nichols; Janice Roberts; Sharon Walker; Wayne Garcia; Rick Kemp. THIRD ROW: Earlene Christie; Clair Wolf; Danny Johnson; Dean Pierce; Tom Owens; Russell Harrison; Bob George. 237 I Mienai FIRST ROW: Marjorie Hitchcock; Mary Lou Mullenax, Co-editor; Lynette Cole; Peggy Herron; Pat Schmitz; Mina Gail Halliday. SECOND ROW: Beverly Beeks; Helen Duvall; Carole Brown; Patty Payne; Deborah Cole; Joyce Jeanblanc; Mrs. Eckert, Advisor THIRD ROW: Ken Wise; Doug Halliday; Carl Voss, Photographer; Eugene McCombs; DaleGor- such, Co-editor; W. R ORiley; Kay Weidenhaft, News Editor. " NORTHWEST MISSOURIAN STAFF IMPROVES CALffiRE OF THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER " Depth reporting " were key words to the Northwest Missourian staff as it worked to produce a newspaper which had meaning to the students and a coverage of events in and pertaining to the campus. Under the guidance of Mrs. T. H. Eckert, advisor, the staff made many changes to improve the layout and content of the weekly. More pictures, stories, and features were used while news stories were given depth and meaning besides the presentation of the facts. Weekly noon-time staff meetings were held, often times at the expense of lunch, to plan up-to-the-minute coverage of Homecoming, Religious Emphasis Week, and Night on the Town. The editorial policy was strengthened and revised, and the paper published several controver- sial articles. Staff members included Mary Lou Mullenax and Dale Gorsuch, co- editors; Peggy Herron and Marjorie Hitchcock, managing editors; Beverly Beeks and Fred Beavers, copy editors; Kay Weidenhaft, news editor; Roger Glancy, feature editor; Regie Turnbull, sports editor; Lynette Cole and Eugene McCombs, business managers; W. R. ORiley, advertising manager; Doug Dickinson, makeup manager; Carl Voss, photography editor; and Joyce Jeanblanc, circulation manager. Carl Voss. photography editor, uses the enlarger on a picture for Northwest Missourian 238 Mrs. T. H. Eckert points out a mistake in the layout to Mary Lou MuUenax. NWMSC students hardly wait for Eugene McCombs to deposit the weekly paper before they pick them up. Conferring with Barney Alcott, Forum editor, is Jan Kia- ser while, Doug Dickinson waits his turn. Ursula Crockett, Maryville Daily Forum make-up man, studies a finished layout while Doug Dickinson, Mary Lou MuUenax and Mrs. Eckert look on. ciOW Of COP V Staff members, Marjorie Hitchcock, Fred Beavers, Peggy Herron, and Kay Medsker look at the Friday paper while planning the next issue. 239 Nancy Boyd, editor, directs one of the more pleasurable pic- ture taking tasks. j r Kris Johnston, assistant editor, checks copy for the annual from various organizations. I legeca and mil ocverlt Tniier endless copy. through alewoi Helen meeting, that is a l)ate tool oltenmf make Hi reality. TOWER STAFF STRIVES Jerry Patee, co-sport editor, and Diana Jansen, first semester art editor, hsten intently at a weekly meeting. Susan Blakesley, second semester art editor, confers with Mary Potter, co-sports editor, on proof and layouts. 240 Few students realize the long, exhausting hours spent by the Tower Staff to produce a yearbook which illustrates what life is like on this col- lege campus. Without teamwork, co-operation, and much determination, the 1967 Tower could never have been a reality. Under the leadership of Nancy Boyd, editor; Mr. Howard Ringold, faculty advisor; and Dr. Frank Grube, literary advisor, the staff worked endless hours toward its final goals. Composing copy, designing layout, and creating new ideas through discussion and imagination were just a few of the tasks of the staff. The ten members of the staff held their weekly meetings in the Industrial Arts Building, and that is also where most of the planning and de- bate took place. Meeting an important deadline often meant working Saturdays and evenings to make the small staff ' s dream a journalistic reality. Fred Dunn, annual photographer, focuses in on a group shot. IVESrOR PERFECTION I ««lers (fitt Reporting every Monday for annual meetings are Mr. Ho- ward Ringold, center, sponsor; Jerry Patee, Diana Jansen, Becky Stokes. Mary Potter, Kris Johnston, Rick Hutchins, Nancy Boyd, and Valerie Watkins. 241 COLLEGE iCHC FIRST ROW; Sandra Cogdill, Sharon Marlow, Carolyn Farber, Diana Jones, Nancy Duncan, Mary Skinner, Howard Whittlesey, Ted Roberts, Roscoe Porch, Edward Witham, Jan TurnbuU SECOND ROW: Beth McKee, Karen Moore, Lucinda Gray, Gail Emrick, Lana Hunter, Maureen Nicholas, Ron Jones, Richard Gustafson, Mark Current, Bob Pruitt, Gerald Antes. THIRD ROW: Ken Suetterlin, Linda Costigan, Lindell Sharp, Jean Robertson, Jackie Kampmann, Susan Brandt, Paula Florea, Robert Puck, Mike Carey, Jimmy Jensen. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Fuller, Carol Erickson.i. Dottie Brookshier, Jan Clark, Donna Bexell, Jane Wood, Caroline Tornholm, Pat Brown, Donna MuUins. ■ ::: m :. iM km Diss: Wendee Beam performs during the all-school recital. For the moment, nothing exists but Linda Zachary and her saxophone. 242 1 -EG :horus mA, J t Skinner, Hts: ee, Karen Sk arkCiirreiil.1 ickieKaDipiii ' , Carol Eridi ' IRST ROW Keith Mathews; Steve Carstenson; Carol Wortman. SecreUry; Sheila Fast; Barbetta Brown; Carolyn ' orbis Arceile Rowe Cherye Brown; Connie Funkhouser. SECOND ROW: Richard Smetana, Marion Fries. Sharon 4ead Elaine Fine, Kathy Swain, Kay Vulgamott, Valerie Watkins, Brenda Walker, Carla Steeby, Mr. Whitney. THIRD OW Robert Burkhardt; Rego Jones; Michael Combs, President; Cathy Baumli; Carlene Greenberg; Gail Slaughter; —everly Doss; Ina Hanrath; Connie Snook; Jan Rutherford. FOURTH ROW: Janet Fast, Jean Wilson, Diane Willson, larilyri Hopper, Cheryl Paulsen, Joyce Mehrhoff , Sherry Cook, Avis Larson, Cathy Pierce, Susie Phillips Riley Schenk ' s calm attitude gives tranquility to an in- formal practice session. " Profiles in Trumpet Playing " by Harlan Moore and Pepper Shady. 243 MUSIC Seen through a maze of backstage pulleys, Mr. Rounds directs the concert band. II That ' s the long of it in the trombone section. 244 i MSC musicians entertain on and off campus for personal and esthetic pleasure Thomas Lupardus and string bass join to form a solitary figure. JAZZ BAND HAS SUCCESSFUL YEAR Members of the Undergrads are: FIRST ROW: Gayle Bradfield, Wendee Beam. SECOND ROW: Anne Morgan, Reanne Johnston. Martha Clothier. THIRD ROW: David Newman, Mike Miller, Larry Randall. Members of Progressive Jazz are: FIRST ROW: Thomas Lupardus, James Jeter, Richard Smetana, Sherry Cook, Kenneth Greiner, Linda Zachary SECOND ROW: Riley Schenk, Gary Veylupek, Bruce Adams, Rego Jones, Larry Cook, Bob Bruner THIRD ROW: Steve Dempsey, Jerry Troxell, Bob Foster, Dale Wood, Harlan Moore, Pepper Shady. 245 concertIban FIRST ROW Dick Gustafson, Mike Miller, Ruth Long, Avis Larson, Melody Price, Ann Greiner. SECOND ROW Dennis Dau Betty Arnold, Barbara Laur, Connie Funkhouser, Deanna Hanna, Martha Clothier. THIRD ROW David Hardy, Bill Berk, Harlan Moore, Pepper Shady, Harold Hascall, Riley Schenk, Merle Larson, Steve Abplanalp, Thomas Lupardus. FOURTH ROW; Millard Smith, Steve Dempsey, Pat Mabeus, Bernard Greiner, Dave Ramsay, Jim Resler, Larry Benton. farje, Jo 1 Pierce, Mar CteiH FO tanm.Arcf I The band officers. Ken Greiner, Brenda Walker, Larry Benton, Barbara Hardy, and Robert Bruner, group around Mr. Rounds. As Gal 246 I ' ERI BAND w SECOM ■to CWki (M. Merle PslMabflii FIRST ROW: Brenda Walker, Ann Schooler. Richard Smetana. Sherry Bollinger. SECOND ROW: Diane George. Jo Ellen Atkins. Sally Aguere. Joetta Petree. Sherry Cook. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Paulsen, Mickey Pierce, Mary Lou MuUenax, Linda Cox. Linda Smith, Linda Zachary, Phyllis Abersold, Greg Watkins, Ken Greiner. FOURTH ROW: Bob Bniner, David Thomas, Warner Lumm. Martha Hemry. Rego Jones. Mary Lumm. Arceile Rowe, Larry Cook. FIFTH ROW: Ward Rounds, Director. i A- mk As Gail Christianson plays his cornet, the tonal quality is en- hanced visually by glowing lights in the background. Larry Benton obviously enjoys student directing the pep band at a game. I 247 TOWER CHOIR SELECTS TOP VOCALISTS 1 fsa ♦5S p| 4 .cr:-. j» ..Q Htf ar» K .© FIRST ROW: Dale Hopkins, Colleen Kish, Wendee Beam, Anne Morgan, Pat Hollenbeck, Nancy Weisshaar, Martha Clothier, Barbara Laur, Che- ryl Paulsen, Reanne Johnson. SECOND ROW: Barb Gifford, Diana Jones, Mary Lou Mullenax, Kay Kesterson, Carolyn Hoffman, Cheryl Smith, Jan Ravnsborg, Suzette Knittl, Cathy Baumli, Sherry Bollinger, Dianne Mickey Pierce, Mike Miller, Mike Wood, Michael Combs. Mannasmith, Arceile Rowe. THIRD ROW: Howard Whittlesey, Steve Carstenson, Greg Watkins, David Newman, Jan TumbuU, Harold Has- call, Fred Kester, Dave Groat, Ken Fancolly, Steve Dempsey, Chris Beemer. FOURTH ROW: Larry Benton, Larry Randall, Jack Estes, Roscoe Porch, Erich Winter, Mike Carey, Marion Fries, Rego Jones, PIANO REPERTOIRE GROUP COLLECTS SCORES FIRST ROW: Sherry Bollinger, President; Arceile Rowe, Secretary, Dale Wood. SECOND ROW: Diana Jones; Mrs. Donald Sandford, Sponsor; Arlene Ostrander; Jan Ruther- ford; Jane Ravnsborg; Donna MuUins; Ann Schooler; Sharon Mead; Paula Florea; Barbara Laur; Roscoe Porch. 248 MUSIC EDUCATION NATIONAL CONFERENCE PREPARES TEACHERS FIRST ROW: Barbara Law, President; Richard Smetana. Vice President; Avis Larson, Secretary-Treasurer; Wen- dee Beam; Ruth M. Miller, Sponsor. SECOND ROW; Larry Benton; Cathy Baumli; Ann Schooler; Donna MuUins, Jan Rutherford. THIRD ROW: Larry Cook, Ed Roberts, Sherry Cook, Kathy Swain, Sherry Bollinger, Arceile Rowe. FOURTH ROW: Mike Miller, Mickey Pierce, Michael Combs, Pat Hollenbeck, Ken Suetterlin, Steve Dempsey. Mr. Jerry Troxell, instructor, directs an informal music practice. Intent upon his music score is Riley Schenk. 249 WOODWIND ENSEMBLE FORMS NEW SOUND COMBINATIONS Brenda Walker, Sherry Bollinger, Mickey Pierce, Sherry Cook, Richard Harover i Concentration. A flute recital. 250 ... Taking a bow. Last minute jitters. FROM MEDIEVAL TO MODERN MADRIGAL GROUP SINGS OUT FIRST ROW: Diana Jones, Sally Bales, Lindell Sharp, Sandra Curp- Greg Watkins, Dave Cronjpton, Jay Skeels, Larry Randall, Georgia hey, Jane Rasmussen, Jan Rutherford, Deanna Deitchler, Judy Burt, Butterworth. Karen Moore. SECOND ROW: Durward Limbacher, Mike Wood, 251 FRANKEN HALL COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Mrs. Coleda Hamilton, Director; Paula Walton, ROW: Cleta Hebert, Connie Rosier, Sandra Butler, Secretary; Vice-President; Kay Bray, President; Carolyn Bunn, Cecelia Margo Dath, Deanna Kerns, Carol Andersen. Watts, Norma Cherryhol ' mes, Assistant Director. SECOND FRANKEN HALL COUNSELLORS FIRST ROW: Mrs Coleda Hamilton, Director; Meredith Norma Cherryholmes, Assistant Director. SECOND ROW: Manning, Lynn Scheller, Joyce McQuerrey, Gano Sandra Curphey, Georgia Butterworth, Carolyn Brand, Ver- Whetstone, Donna Bacon, Jo Ridgway, Head Counselor; lee Thraen, Donita Little, Donna Mullins. 252 Gano Whetstone signs in guests at Franlien Hall ' s open house and dedication. Kathy Barham demonstrates a new feature of the hall, the fold-down ironing boards and timed iron. The short nooks for the telephone are ideal for a mo- ment ' s rest and a peaceful conversation. Being caught in the elevator when going down to get sheets is a routine experience for Sue Rinard. Study sessions are inevitable anywhere, but somehow things progress more smoothly with some good records and a carpeted floor. 253 HUDSON HALL COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Earlene Atkins, Secretary; Chris Johnson, Vice-President; Leslie Hunter, President; Carol Baird, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Frances Hollingshead, Assis- tant Director; Kathy Yaw, Sally Bales, Dorothy Hildebrand, Director. THIRD ROW: Cathi Darr, Marta Lund, Mary Jolly, Suzy Dallman, Connie Snook. FOURTH ROW: Gloria Hansen, Shirley Sanders, Carolyn Christopher, Janet Er- skings, AUce Hamilton, Gwen Stewart. HUDSON HALL COUNSELLORS 254 FIRST ROW: Kay Elder, Dorothy Hildebrand, Director; Frances Hollingshead, Assistant Director; Karen Krell SECOND ROW: Shirley Mabary, DeAnn Bowers, Joyce Ed- wards, Emy Lou Garms, Carol Phillips, Betty Smith. THIRD ROW: Linda Adams, Peggy McElfish, Peggy Miller, Cheryl Wirt, Sandy Slater, Jean Owen, Rochele Burton, FOURTH ROW: Carol Armstrong. Susan Shew, Wanda Culver, Linda Stillwagon, Rachel Templeman, Phyllis Brown, Norma Buf- lington, Kathryn Smith. -ifrti Moving in and moving out are the periodical dilemmas of residence hall life. Jean Goodman, Leslie Hunter, and Terry Vial take a break from studies with the latest records. Lynda Hall, Donna Piraro, and Mary Di Giralamo often provide third floor entertainment. ' You got me up here ; now get me down. " Rachel Templeman relaxes in her warm, cozy room. 255 PERRIN HALL COUNSELLORS FIRST ROW: Donna Davis, Margaret Armstrong, Marilyn Sheryl Smith, Carol Ristau, Janice Couch, Frances Frandsen, Bev McKenzie, Mrs. Luella Thate, Director. HoUingshead. Assistant Director. SECOND ROW: JoAnn Montgomery, Head Counselor; PERRIN HALL COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Marjorie Mathewson, Nancy Burnham, Mari- Vice-President; Diana Madison. Treasurer; Carol Breed- lynn Wieneke, Frances HoUingshead, Assistant Director; ing. President; Judy Russell, Rosalie West. Mrs. Luella Thate, Director. SECOND ROW : Charlene Hunt, 256 PERRIN HALL FOCUSES UPPER CLASS ACTIVITIES .,,,,... ._ .J mM 1 fP l |3 1 I BHB — HU w When it is absolutely necessary to get the message, Janet Brenneman re- sorts to writing on the wall. JoEUen Warne and Lucinda Gray find time to talk in the doorway. Kathy Norris long ago discovered the merits of teaming up with a mop. Primary rule for effective studying; Assume a comfortable position. The study lounge between Perrin and Roberta is often in use. 257 ROBERTA HALL COUNSELLORS I FIRST ROW Mrs Margaret Wire, Director, Marty Geyer, Assistant Director. SECOND ROW: Betty Ver Steeg, Barba- Mary Lauhoff, Jan Hatteberg, Mrs. Norma Cherryholmes, ra Olson, Head Counselor; Sondra Biggs, Kathryne Seabaugh. ROBERTA HALL COUNCIL 258 FIRST ROW; Mrs. Norma Cherryholmes, Assistant Dir- ector; Marty Clothier, Secretary; Jennifer Yates, Presi- dent; Patty Chappell, Vice-President; Judy Diggs, Treas- urer; Mrs. Margaret Wire, Director. SECOND ROW: Mary Schulenberg, Barbara Laur, Kathy Abersold, Anne Morgan, Janet Wyman. Signing in and out is part of residence hall law. ROBERTA HALL MAINTAINS TRADITIONS Carol Duff calls for help from Cindy Taylor in getting down from one of the few remaining bunk beds in Roberta. Marty Geyer enjoys a fast game of table tennis in Roberta Hall ' s recreation room. ?1 Marty Clothier takes a midnight study break with " goodies " from the vending machines. The kitchen can produce many tempting snacks, but there are always chores later. 259 MEN ' S RESIDENCE HALL COUNCIL ACTIVE FIRST ROW: Bruce Wake, Sponsor, David Herring, Presi- dent, Carl Sampsel, Stan Zeamer; Thomas Staton; Greg Michaud; Henry Lemire. SECOND ROW: Jim Goostree, Philip Fine; Jerry Donnelly; Rex Mowrey, Vice President; Ron Bath; Joseph Jardon. THIRD ROW: Randall Wolcott, Sponsor; Albert Pontow; Robert Winn; Jay Klein; Leo Kloe- wer; Frank Connaghan. FIRST ROW: Dennis Sleister, David Neustadt, Joe Presti. James Johnson. SECOND ROW: Ron James, Lonny Hagan, Fran Schwenk, Joe Boessen, Kenneth Keith. 260 I IN CAMPUS AND COMMUNITY LIFE FIRST ROW: Charles Means; Randy Phillips; William Rex; Bruce Horrell; Kent Oestenstad; Bruce Wake, Director. SECOND ROW Scott Hodgin, Jeff Pepper. Jack Longfellow, Vic Mitchell, Jerry Mason, Bob Schilling. THIRD ROW: Randall Wolcott, Assistant Director; Nick Edwards; Bill Watson; Gary Castle; John Gough; Allan Borkowski, Michael Kurtz. Service to the campus and community was the main concern of the Men ' s Residence Halls Council as it carried out an intensively active program. Projects to the campus included the sponsoring of at least one monthly dance, an extensive Christmas decorating program, open houses for " Dads Day " and Christmas, and the spon- soring of a Homecoming queen candidate. To the community of Maryville, the Mens Resi- dence Halls Council donated $1,000 to the new hospital project and conducted an extensive blood donor ' s campaign. The men in the halls were preoccupied with the scholarship banquet and the cross-country turkey run. The banquet was held during the fall semester for students with better than average scholastic averages. Trophies worth $700 were presented. The cross-country race, sponsored around Thanksgiving, awarded a tur- key dinner to the winning race team. A gathering of " The Group " I 261 Hello, you don ' t know me but I ' ve seen you and I thought maybe. Uh. . I think I lost something on that last brush stroke. Mother said 1 should iron all of my clothes, but this is ridiculus. Heavy heavy hangs overhead. 262 Hey, Roomie, so what are you planning now? Now the girls ' dorm lies ten feet from here soooo. The comforts of a scholar. I ' ve heard of giants in laundry detergent, but I never believed it! 263 Remember, only you can prevent dorm fires! 264 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL COORDINATES ALL CAMPUS SOCIAL SORORITIES FIRST ROW: Connie Norris, Sondra Simons, secretary; Linda Gill, Mary Pettegrew, Christie Beal. SECOND ROW: Jan Gray, Diane Kramer, president; Linda Gibler, Dianna Brown, Carolyn Ingels. THIRD ROW: Kris Johnston, vice president; JoAnn Montgomery, Karen Rosecrans, Sue Miller, Mary Schulenberg, treasurer; Charlotte Kenny. SOCIAL FRATERNITIES COMBINE INTERESTS AND EFFORTS THROUGH INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Steve Lloyd, Rod Beem. Bill Farrand, Rack Miller. SECOND ROW: Tom Frank, Gary McCollough, vice president; Fred Lazear, president; Bob George, Don Robbins, secretary. THIRD ROW: Roger Schlegel, John Howard. Alan Peterson, Ron Huff, Ed Lambright. 265 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA HONORS MOTHERS Several members of Alpha Sigma Alpha were proud to make their mothers honorary members of the sorority by bestowing upon them the mother patroness degree. This gave the mother of each initiate a better understanding of Alpha Sigma Alpha and its principles and a closer relationship with the members. Phi Phi chapter was proud to have two of the five finalists for homecoming queen, Marty Geyer and Dianna Brown. Other mem- bers were active in such organizations as Cardinal Key, AWS, Dorm Council, Student Senate, Daughters of Diana, Union Board, Tower Staff, Kappa Delta Pi, and Cheerleaders. A special honor was given to the chapter when it received the National Magazine Sales Trophy. Alpha Sigma Alpha and Tau Kappa Epsilon entertain the orphans from the Noyes Homes in St. Joseph every Christmas. Other social events included the annual Founder ' s Day Banquet, an informal dance, the spring formal and the senior banquet. ASA Kathy Abersold Mary Asbell Phyllis Bowman Judy Branson Dianna Brown Jo Ann Brown Donna Burns Carol Carstenson Gay Cockriel Sara Copman Janice Couch Jeannie Cowger Linda Dow Marty Geyer Linda Hack 266 The theme of the Alpha ' s spring — informal rush party was a picnic. k Members of Alpha Sigma Alpha talk with prospective members before the formal pledge ceremony. Vicky Hanna Dana Hendrix Linda Hoffelmeyer Nancy Johnson Kris Johnston Cheryll Linde Sharon Lucas Linda Martin Paulette Mitchell JoAnn Montgomery Marsha Mundt Toni Osburn Harriette Peterson Karen Rosecrans Linda Schoen Kathryne Seabaugh Sue Shriver Linda Smith Lorna Stevens Jennifer Yates 267 DELTA ZETAS ATTEND NATIONAL CONVENTION IN BAHAMAS Mary Pettegrew, president of the Epsilon Rho chapter, attended the National Delta Zeta Convention in the Grand Bahamas with Dr. Wanda Walker, sponsor, and was presented with an award for the chapter ' s activities. With the pledging of twenty-seven girls in the fall rush. Delta Zeta had the largest pledge class on the campus. " Anchors Aweigh " was the theme of the informal rush party. During homecoming activities. Miss Sherry Means was one of the four queen attendants. Social activities for the year included a Parents ' Day Tea, Christmas party, spring formal, spring weekend retreat, and various mixers. Delta Zetas were active in SNEA, Cardinal Key, Kappa Delta Pi, Home- coming Committees, Pem Club, Intramural Council, Panhellenic Coun- cil Piano Repertoire, Religious Emphasis Week Council, Kappa Omi- cron Phi, AREA, AWS, UCCF-Wesley, BSU, St. Paul ' s Catholic Student Group, Northwest Missourian, Tower Staff, Student Senate, and Dorm Council. AZ Beverly Barton Christie Beal Beverly Beeks Linda Burton Linda Chappell Judy Clark Karen Colton Sandra Eckhoff Paula Hauber Anne Huston Carol Jenkins Mary Karrosch Charlotte Kenny Mary Jane Knepper Ann Lauber 268 I ' 4Lr ■ A N C " I After using a nautical theme this year. Dee Widener and Cindy Miller discuss future rush plans. Susan Leiter il% Gloria Lewis fMtLrtfy JKm Jeannie McCormick ST ' " - v Sherry Means B " J Cindy Miller .Hlf Mary Ellen Miller BJfc Ann Mitchell BS Marlene Morns K H Mary Pettegrew B ' r Linda Sams M -- ' Sheila Scheiber B ' ji Ann Schooler Bk ' ' " ' ■fiA Mary Schulenberg Patricia Shradel Beverly Sillik Rebecca Taylor Kathryn Thompson Dianna Widener jgll pfcSui i 2C. PHI MU FRATERNITY VISITS BAKER UNIVERSITY l One of the most rewarding experiences for the Zeta Lambda chapter of the Phi Mu Fraternity was its visit to the Phi Mu chapter at Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas. On the home front, the sorority used the theme of " How to Catch a Man " for its fall rush party which resulted in twenty new pledges. Vivi Walkup served as rush chairman. For the informal party, all active members wore costumes representing different famous ladies throughout history. Socially the activities of the fraternity included the annual Secret Santa Christmas party, spring rush. Founders ' Day Tea, Family Picnic, Soup-Steak Dinner, and the Spring Formal. The Phi Mu ' s also placed second in the Homecoming skit division with " Dr. Goldnose and the Football Machine. " Celia Thompson was chosen Phi Mu Sweetheart for 1966. Other members were active in cheerleading. Senate, intramurals, de- bate teams, and various campus organizations. M Sliai ella ioot Rosanne Bartlett Tern Bland Rose Brookhouser Karen Bush Carol Copeland Dixie Eddleman Jackie Fox Linda Gibler Linda Gill Joan Heiland Pam Jones Patricia Jones Cheri Jordan Diane Kramer Terri Lutz 270 Sharon Walker is revealed as Cinder- ella as the shoe slips easily on her foot. Vivi Walkup greets a rushee during an informal party Terry Stitt Cheryl Stone Lois Sutton Patti Tarwater Harriett Walden Sharon Walker Vivi Walkup Cheryl Wold Janet Wyman Connie Norris Carol Petty 271 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA HAS SUCCESSFUL HOMECOMING ENTRIES During fall Homecoming competition, Sigma Sigma Sigma won first place for the beauty float, " Silver Bells, " first place for the variety show skit, " Cinder- ella, " and first place for house decorations with the Pink Panther in " Paws for Victory. " In the parade the Tri Sigma clowns also placed in Individual and group competition. Elaine Sherman was crowned Homecoming Queen and Peggy Wright was one of her attendants. Preparation for the Alpha Epsilon Chapter national inspection came in December when Judy Collier, Nat- ional Collegiate Chairman, worked with the chapter in planning for future local and national programs. Other social activities of the year included a Christ- mas party, the Phi-Tri picnic, the pledge dance, the Spring Formal, and the Founders ' Day Banquet. The Sigmas also worked to make money to send to their national headquarters and the hospital for polio vic- tims which Sigma Sigma Sigma helps to support. { ' Meta Adams Wendee Beam Gayle Bradfield Linda Britt Patty Chappell Marilyn Chavannes Patricia Cook Terry Grain Carol Duff Carol Dunkle Phyllis Fariell Jan Gray Joyce Hatcher Sally Hunter Carolyn Ingels ( I 272 Tri Sigs sing sorority songs for prospective members at informal rush. A typical sigma skit is filled with hilarity. Joyce Jaclcson Kathy Johns Reanne Johnston Carolyn Kading Eileen Lopour Virginia Mauer Marilyn Meyer Carolyn Miller Sue Miller Anne Morgan Elaine Murray Pat Paxton Karen Peters Nancy Pickett Mary Potter Cheryl Reineke Suzanne Sawyers Jonnella Schrier Elaine Sherman Sondra Simons Jan Springer Robin Swanson Cynthia Taylor Linda Turner Paula Weston Karen Wilson Norma Wilson Peggy Wright Connie Young 273 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA RECEIVES TWO NATIONAL AWARDS For the third year, the Alpha Zeta chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda received the National Executive Council award, which is given to the top six chapters of the National Organization. The chapter also received the chapter improvement award. Among the new social functions enjoyed by the members were the candle light dinners. Other social events included rush ban- quets, Christmas caroling with Alpha Sigma Alpha, a chapter Christmas party. Queen of Heart ' s Ball, Founders " Day Banquet, Spring Formal, and Parents ' Day Picnic. The Christmas dance was highlighted by the visitation of the pledge class from Kansas State University. During homecoming, the AKL ' s placed second in the over-all parade competition. AKL ' s were active in class offices. Senate, Agriculture Club, St. Paul Catholic Student Group, drama pro- ductions, folk groups, Traffic Court, Alpha Psi Omega, Intra- murals. Union Board, Tower Staff, Student Group Leaders, Mar- keting Club, Homecoming Committees, and Psychology Club. AKA ' ' , ____ i—lilHII III I II li Mike Abildtrup Carl Baxter John Braden Donald Brader Wallace Bowen David Bower Robert Brunker James Busch Charles Combs Bob Cornelius Tim Dan- Randy Dedrickson Kenneth Dykes Mark Foster Larry Fouts Fred Fischbach Jerry Fischer William Grace 274 Teamwork is the motto of the kitchen crew in the AKL house. Jerry Patee and Dr. LeRoy Crist take time for an in- formal chat during an AKL smoker. Kenneth Griggs Dennis Hilger Dave Hill John Howard Martin Janczak Tom Laville Allen Link Stephen Lloyd Larry Maiorano Joe Maltsberger Gary Mauer Gary McCollough Larry McDaniel Lon Means Edwin Miller Roger Nelson Tom O ' Connor 27 S Special guests are invited to AKL candlelight dinners in order to become better acquainted with the fraternity. James Patee Jerry Patee Dwight Pease John Rains Wayne Rasmussen Warren Rolofson Fred Sterner 4- Ed Stilley " Lyle Stone Larry Thomas Judy Branson cautiously lights a cigarette at the AKL smoker. Glen Vander Werf Gary Weaver Larry Wilson George Wyatt Al Yackie Mrs. Clara Peterson, Housemother 276 DELTA SIGMA PHI TAKES MANY HONORS IN HOMECOMING The Delta Sigma Phi started the 1966-67 school year off quite successfully with first place winnings in the float, skit, clowns, and jalopy divisions of the Homecoming competition. The beauty float was " Madame Butterfly " and the skit was a take-off on " Oklahoma " . The social events of the year included the Sailor ' s Ball with the theme of " Shipwrecked " and the spring formal, the " Car- nation Ball. " The Delta Sigs used these dances and several rush parties to emphasize the words " social fraternity. " Delta Sigma Phi had members active in Senate, traffic court, Homecoming committees, orientation leaders, Alpha Psi Omega, People-to-People, intramurals, Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Delta Pi, and Pi Beta Alpha. A2 Jim Abbott Rodney Beem David Bovaird Doyle Brown William Casey Michael Carl Larry Cronin Norberto Cruz Gary Curtis John Danilson Jerry Davidson Mike Deford Marvin Dick Doug Dickinson Bruce Falk William Farrand Raymond Faye Charles Gifford Jl i Mli iim 27- Trophies make an impressive display during rush. Meredith Gjerstad James Hall in ii Cigars, cigarettes, cigarillos? Larry Hanon William Hardisty John Harker James Heidenreich Terry Johnson Larry Kruse Ronald Kornfeind Charles Kilpa trick M Barton Kemery John Kelly Ken Landers Dan McLaughlin Jerry Magnussen John Melito 278 I Delta Sigmas and rushees show their appreciation after the formal program. Ken Montag Bill Page Phillip Oxley Mike Reed Ray Reynold Peter Rodda A cigarette girl is a useful assistant at a frater- nity smoker. Kent Ruby Carter Slusher Edwin Spire Dennis Strecker Rohen Walker Eldon Walter Clinton Wisdon John Zeiger 279 PHI SIGMA EPSILON RECEIVES NATIONAL AWARD Officers and members of the Nu Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon attended the National Conclave held in Washington D. C. last summer, where they received the trophy for fourth place in national supremacy. On the campus, Phi Sigs ranked first scholastically among the fraternities. The school year was begun with preparation for rush and Homecoming. Five pledges teamed with the active chapter to build the float and house decoration, and to produce the variety show skit. Mike McLaughlin and Don Berry starred in the skit entitled " Northwest Side Story, " which tied for first place. In football intramurals, three Phi Sig teams copped the first three places in the inter-fraternity playoffs. For the third consecutive year, the Zombies won the league. They also took the all-school champion- ship. Phi Sigs were active in the student body Senate, football team. Union Board, intramurals, music and drama groups, and many departmental clubs. i:e Leonard Archer David Barr Kenneth Basset James Beemer Kenneth Bender Dennis Berry Roger Britt Charles Boyer Bob Burrell Benny Cain Greg Collins Robert Craven Jim Crozier Ed Duzenberry Phil Edwards FYank Eggers Thomas Frank 280 . Tri Sigmas present their skit, ' Chicken Hombre, " at the Phi Sigma Epsilon smoker. Larry Frazho Steven Funston Mike Garrison Gary Green Earl Griffith Morris Hague Gary Hansen Daniel Hudek Bob Jacobsen Neil Jones James Knauss Richard Knauss Fred Lazear Jack Longfellow Mike McLaughlin Gary Mathews Robert Matthews Kenneth Messerli Paul Meyer Michael Miller Gary Netolicky i ii 281 fc miflfn Members of Phi Sigma Epsilon and their rushees were entertained by this clever skit at a rush party. Fraternity smokers are a popular way for members to become acquainted with prospective pledges. William O ' Riley Thomas Peake Larry Peart Brian Ranum Gary Rasmussen Larry Reineke Dennis Sapp Mark Schirmer Roger Schlegel Francis Schwenk Willis Seiverling Donald Steele Allen Stephens Constantine Thomas Dave Thompson iMSk Lyle Timmennan Jim Vollmuth Jim Ward Tony Wienhold Tome Wiles Peter Will 282 SIGMA TAU GAMMA SENDS DELEGATES TO NATIONAL PROVINCE MEETING I i 4 (anie The Theta Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma surpassed all other fraternities at Homecoming with the winning of the Supremacy Trophy in the Mens division. Another boost to the fraternity was member Jerry Newman ' s co-chairmanship of the overall Homecoming Committee. Social activities of the fraternity included Founder ' s Day, mix- ers, and the White Rose formal dance held in the spring. Ten members of Sigma Tau Gamma attended the National Pro- vince meeting in St. Louis. Sig Taus were active in Community Ambassadors, Blue Key, Union Board, Senate, Social Science Club, various departmental organizations, football, intramurals, basketball, softball, tennis, swimming, and wrestling. zxr Robert Albanese Dave Bell Jim Blankenship Robert Bunting Mward By on Harvey Christie Mike Clark Mike Corbett Bruce Horrell Howard Jameson James Johnson Bruce Kulp Ed Lambright Joe Logan Jack McClure 283 Cheryl Norman refills her cigarette tray at the Sigma Tau Gamma smoker. Don Robbins gives Mike Corbett the paddle. David McKee Michael Madden Richard Marburg Larry Mattiyou Rack Miller Berry Monagham Jerry Newman Jon Nopoulus giiiMgiia Kent Oestenstad Don Orlowski rim O ' Rourke Larry Owen Ron Pawlowski 284 I Sig Tau ' s practice a little fraternalism. Hugh Plough John Price Don Robbins Richard Schilling Allan Schneider Mark Schultz Richard Smith Mike Stephens Hugh Teale Bob Tonnies Marshall Tonnies William Wiskoski Mark Yehle John Yost Mi iM 285 TAU KAPPA EPSILON IS RECOGNIZED AS TOP MISSOURI CHAPTER Aside from many campus honors, the Delta Nu Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon received recognition for being a top TKE chap- ter in the Missouri Province. After a successful fall rush which netted the fraternity a twelve- man pledge class, the fraters turned their efforts toward intra- murals. TKE support for varsity athletics earned them the pos- session of the Spirit Trophy for the football season. The many social activities included the traditional Garter Party Christmas Ball, Orphan Party, Red Carnation Formal, and num- erous mixers and house parties. Members were active in campus on Union Board, Blue Key, People-to-People, Jazz Band, varsity basketball, senate, var- sity swimming, Homecoming committees, and UCCF- Wesley Foundation. TKE il Dale Andersen Ronald Anderson Bill Andrews Larry Ahrens John Banning H diiiitk Gerald Brown Bob Cline Steve Conner Marshall Dann Gary Dickerson Larry Earhart Larry Erickson Stephen Ford Bob Foster Robert Garms Ron Gayler Robert George 286 ) The TKE ' S and their nishees were delighted by Mary Beth McKinney ' s part in this " Grecian Water Ballet. " Jim Hawkins James Holtz Ron Howitt Ron Huff Randy Hutsell Ron Jones iii i Danny Josephsen Don Kelling Ken Kerwin Dave Leighninger Timothy McDowell tfirli fti Rod Musch John Mundy Mike Myers Steve Neuroth Jerry Peirce Joe Peirce 287 I Alan Peterson Keith Peterson Donald Poage Brownie PoUey John Riley Alberto Rodriguez John Schroeder David Schulte Woody Southard Mike Speece James Taylor Gale Triplett Phillip Underwood Al VanDyke Robert Walker J. B. Watsabaugh Bill Yeager Mrs. Claire HoUeman tV i This rushee takes some notes on the display at the fall smoker. Marsha Mundt obligingly lights Carol Kropp ' s cigarette at the TKE smoker. 288 DAUGHTERS OF DIANA The Daughters of Diana, an auxiliary to Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, is composed of undergraduate women who have shown a sincere interest in TKE. The Daughters, founded April 19, 1965 on this campus, were established to act as sisters of TKE ' s and to help in their social events. Members helped during rush week, at smok- ers, served as hostesses during open house, teas, parties and other social functions at the TKE house. They add grace and a woman ' s touch to the social events as well as to the decorations of the interior of the TKE house. The Daughters also helped to orient the new pledges and act as " big sis- ters " to them. The projects of the Daughters have included such activities as making monogramed aprons and tea towels for the kit- chen, ironing shirts, typing papers and sending snacks to the TKE ' s during final week. This year at the annual TKE Christmas dance, they presented the house with toss pillows. The officers for the year included Marty Geyer, President; Hila Rankin, Vice President; Mary Lauhoff, Recording sec- retary; Carolyn Ingels, Corresponding secretary; Marsha Mundt, Treasurer; Sue Pierson, Historian, and Mary As- bell. Editor. S-4v Marty Geyer Hila Rankin Mary Lauhoff Carolyn Ingels Marsha Mundt President Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer 289 GREEK WEEK ACTIVITIES PROVIDE INCENTIVES FOR BETTER SPIRIT ;_ . . i.i j M -JlLi ' JGREEK WEEK APRIL 25-30 1966 . « ' Flags for all Greek organizations were flown during the week in front of Colden Hall. ji« w- Campus cleanup crew loads another truck full. 290 GREEK WEEK Greek Week displays afforded opportunities for exchange of ideas. Greek Week tea was a pleasant social event for all Greek organizations. 291 292 SIG TAU HOUSE TRI-SIGMA RUSH s IN ACTION TRIPLE PINNING TERES AND ALPHAS DELTA ZETA RUSH GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA SPONSORS NATIONAL CONVENTION ON CAMPUS Highlighting the year for the Alpha Gamma Chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma was its sponsoring of the 1967 National Convention in June. Delegates from 64 chapters will be attending the Con- vention. Rochelle Burton was the convention coordinator. " Unity in Service " best describes its projects such as pub- lishing the student-faculty directory, leading tours of the cam- pus, selling Homecoming mums, collecting materials to send to servicemen in Viet Nam, sponsoring a Korean Orphan, typing for the United Fund, and helping with Tower pictures. Working jointly with Alpha Phi Omega, Gamma Sigma Sigma sold concessions at football and basketball games and had a book fair in the spring. Social events included a Founder ' s Day Tea, Alumni Tea, Parents ' Day, and rush parties. Beginning a new tradition, the fall pledge class was named after Mr. Murl Long, who was instrumental in the formation of GSSatNWMSC. Gamma Sigs were active in Tower, Book Club, Cardinal Key, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Gamma Mu, Wesley Foundation, SNEA, on Homecoming Committees, and as residence hall counselors. rzs Nancy Boyd Sharon Boyles Linda Brooner Louise Burnett Rochelle Burton Jerelynn Davis Denese Elliott Sharon Engle Laurene Franks Rosa Jackson Diana Jansen Karen Krell Carol Krokstrom Linda Lay 294 Gamma Sigma Sigma pledges are initiated into the sisterhood at a candlelight ceremony. Carolyn Lefgren Donita Little Mary Maasssen Donna Ring Ann Smith Jo Ann Voyce Carolyn Visser Shirley Williams Lynne Wion Spring pledges receive their pins from Karen Krell, pledge trainer. Joan Marek Barbara Olson Marlus Paulsen Eileen Pedersen Christena Poole 29£ ALPHA PHI OMEGA EMPLOYS SERVICE AS ITS PROGRAM The men of Alpha Phi Omega, the only national service frater- nity on campus, once again used leadership, friendship, and ser- vice as their cardinal principles for the twrenty-seventh con- secutive year. The highlight of the year was the annual " Ugly Man " contest sponsored to raise money for the Student Loan Fund. Approxi- mately $2,000 was raised which the government matched 9-1. Other service projects by the fraternity included : campus tours for newly registered freshmen and interested parties who visited the campus; ushering at school events; assisting handicapped students to and from classes, and checking coats at major campus social dances. Working in conjunction with Gamma Sigma Sigma, APO ' s act- ivities included operating concession stands at games and spon- soring the Book Fair. Social activities were keynoted with a fall mixer, a Christmas party, spring formal, and several mixers with Gamma Sigma Sigma, as well as banquets at Thanksgiving and Christmas. AfSJ giMg$dM Donald Berkshire Elbert Black Jack Cook Howard Corey Gary Dagley Nick Edwards Philip Fine Michael Gann Gary Geib Larry Geib Dick Gibson Max Morton 296 Sister Mary Claudelle Miller addresses the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity during Religious Emphasis Week. Normal Hewlett Kenneth Keith Gary Mclntyre David Neustadt Richard Partlow Martin Peterson Albert Pontow Richard Smetana Charles Posson Stan Preston Jon Scheurich Dennis Sleister Millard Smith Gary Tietz 297 BLUE KEY HONORS LEADERS IN ALL AREAS FIRST ROW; Dr. Frank Grube, Sponsor; Jim Holtz, Vice- president; Don Robbins, President; Joe Logan, Secretary; Kack Miller, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Jerry Newman, Fred Lazear, Ed Lambright, Bob Foster. CARDINAL KEY MAKES FUTURE PLANS This year Cardinal Key became a local chapter known as the Embers. Higher standards were the aim as the honor group made plans for the future. Karen Licklider; Dianna Brown, President; Sue Miller, Treasurer; Mary Pettegrew, Vice-president. 298 Wearing the traditional collar, new Cardinal Key tappees Kris Johnston, Karen Peters, and Elaine Sherman. Dianna were: Nancy Boyd, Joyce Gushing, Kay Elder, Toni Johnson, Brown and Dottie Mitchell announced the new tappees. EXCLUSIVE GROUPS SPOTLIGHT STUDENT LEADERS AT HONOR TAPPINGS Spring tappees for Blue Key were: John Price, Gary McCullough, Ken Bassett, James Beemer, and Alan Pruitt. 299 THE EXPERIMENT IN INTERNATIONAL LIVING Although the Experiment program was founded in 1932, Northwest Missouri State participated for the first time last summer by sponsoring two college ambassadors to Mexico and Canada. Besides the ambassador program, The Experiment in International Living also consists of inbound programs; outbound work-study and independent study projects, regular experimental groups, and special programs; and an intensive language study program. These programs send representatives to countries encompassing the world. MSC ' s college ambassadors were chosen by a student- faculty committee. After applications and recommendations were received, the committee studied the applicants ' qual- ifications based on personal traits, interest in the country to be visited and in world affairs, academic achievement, campus activities, and physical fitness. Mary ' s Experiment in Mexico began with a four-day orientation period in Laredo, Texas, where Experimenters were prepared for the worst. From Laredo her group, which consisted of nine girls and a group leader, traveled to Queretaro, Mexico. She spent the first four weeks of her Experiment living with a Mexican family. One of the most frustrating problems during her homestay was com- munication, as her family did not speak a work of English. The second month of Mary ' s Experiment included an infor- mal trip covering the central and southern areas of Mexico, which enabled the experimenters to see the great variety of features and customs that make Mexico such a land of contrasts. A week-long city stay in Mexico City concluded her Experiment. Mary realized the versatility of an Experimenter as she spent a leisurely afternoon at the country club pool one day and then took a 15-hour ride on a second-class bus the next. During the summer, Mary lived by the Experi- ment ' s motto— ' ' Expect the Unexpected ! ' ' MARY POTTER Nancy ' s Experiment in Canada involved a seven-week home- stay, working as a volunteer counsellor in the Negro Com- munity Centre day camp for underprivileged children in Montreal, and a week of traveling. She spent a three-day orientation session at the School for International Training in Putney, Vermont, where pre- parations included a ten-mile endurance hike and inten- sive discussion periods. Nancy ' s " second family " live d in Preville, a suburb of Montreal near the St. Lawrence River, where a common sight was the huge freighters channeling through the Sea- way. In implementing the Experiment motto, " Expect the Unexpected, " Nancy learned new customs, tasted delight- ful meals in the cosmopolitan blend of English and French styles, observed the interactions of many cultures and races living closely together, and learned the importance of understanding betwen the U. S. and its world neighbors. Although Nancy lived in a British home, she was able to use her French in downtown Montreal and on her week ' s trip to Quebec City, which concluded her Experiment. An unusual highlight of the summer came after the trip to Quebec City when her parents met her in Montreal and were introduced to the family with whom she had stayed. NANCY BOYD 300 W H O ' S WHO X NANCY BOYD President of Book Club Editor of TOWER Staff Cardinal Key Kappa Delta Pi Community Ambassador to Canada DIANNA BROWN President of Cardinal Key President of Alpha Sigma Alpha TOWER Queen Co-Chairman of Homecoming President of Roberta Hall ktiome- ■oCom- ten ii ere pre- li intai- :oinmoii tlie to- ped tie lieligkt- I Frencli ires a»i porlance ■iflibors. r neck ' s irealani ived NICK ERGANIAN President of Student Government Association Vice President of Drama Club Traffic Court " Picnic " " Dirty Work at the Crossroads " JANET GRAY President of Sigma Sigma Sigma Secretary of Student Government Association Traffic Court Delta Psi Kappa Committee Chairman for Homecoming 301 W H O ' S WHO CAMPUS RECEIVE LEA REC JOE LOGAN „ President of Union Board Vice-President of Blue Key Track Letterman Industrial Arts Club Sigma Tau Gamma MARY MAST PETTEGREW President of Delta Zeta Vice President of Cardinal Key Vice President of Student National Education Association Kappa Delta Pi Vice President of Wesley Foundation DONALD ROBBINS President of Blue Key President of Sigma Tau Gamma Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class Recording Secretary of Interfraternity Council Young Democrats 302 W H O ' S WHO LEADERS RECOGNITION MARY FRANCES SCHULENBERG Vice President of Delta Zeta Corresponding Secretary of Student Government Association Cheerleader Phi Lambda Chi Sweetheart Book Club ROGER SCHLEGEL Vice President of Phi Sigma Epsilon Vice President of Student Government Association President of the Senior Class Football Captain Traffic Court ELAINE SHERMAN Secretary-Treasurer of Book Club Cardinal Key Cheerleader Homecoming Queen President of People to People 303 ATHLETICS ACTION! Whether it be on the gridiron, the golf course, the wrestling mat, the basket- ball court, the dirt track, or the base- ball field, sports is alive with action. From direct participation or mere audience enthusiasm, the student is able to gain new insights into the im- portance of good sportsmanship. The thrills of an exciting game relieve ten- sions and provide each of us with a healthy perspective toward having fun. 304 305 The Northwest Missouri State Cheerleaders i HHi ■ .. ' ' 1 ■— IH I H - s yfk 1 K 1 v l BH % H ' x ' Ks B H ■H W mtwftUw J m fSf lit H| Bk S p i EE ii! n li " l B ■$■■ MSC Track Team in Action 306 fts m «« ' i K ' --IWl ' i ' -) ' • ! , f lm m ' - m m ¥ S r- Athletics acts as a balance between the curriculum and the tension that comes from being a student. Ill m (I m ■• m n m ra m 308 Variety and balance strength and skill are a part of the sports perspective. 310 ' Si. rr-rfr " iiU-fctt2 311 ELAINE SHERMAN, senior CHERI JORDAN, sophomore PAT NOAH, senior MSC CHEERLEADERS PLACE Cheri Jordan performs antics for MSC basketball fans. 312 KATHRYNE SEABAUGH, junior DOTTIE WILSON, sophomore LINDA SNELL, sophomore THIRD IN NATIONAL COMPETITION Pat Noah is faced with indecision as cheerleaders discuss spirit trophy points. Each summer the college sends the varsity cheer- leaders to a clinic where they learn new cheers and cheering techniques. This summer they spent a week in Dallas and ranked 3rd in competition out of 35 colleges. Four freshman cheerleaders are chosen in the fall by one representative from each organization on campus, and in the spring six varsity cheerleaders are elected in the same manner. Elaine Sherman and Pat Noah were head cheerleaders for this years squad. 313 kJriaSC FIRST ROW: Roger Schlegel, Paul Meyer, Tim O ' Rourke, Ed Wiskoski, Ed Byron, Larry Matiyow, Leon Muff, Mike Peterson, Mick Thompson, Jim Blankenship. SECOND ROW: Marshall Tonnies, Richard Marburg, Richard Maynes, Darold Dorsey, Barry Monaghan, Joe Boessen, Joe Spinello, Tom Hopkins, Kent Sorensen, Tom Owen, Neil Weary THIRD ROW: Fran Sch- wenk. Bob Albanese, Dave Bussjaeger. Tony Novak, Bob Leach, John Mil- ler, Jon Nopoulos, James Johnson, Ron Pawlowski, Joe Peterson, Don Or- lowski. FOURTH ROW: Joe Presti, Jim McGhee, Jim Neal, Lonny Hagan, Dave Rebori, Mike Beach, Mike Moody, Steve Caruso, Tom Pahlhauser, Tony Parker, Michael Crank. FIFTH ROW: Coach Ivan Schottel, Trainer Willie Seiverling, Roger Shape, Brian Ranum, Jamie Oten, Mike Hurst, Da- vid Ross, Paul Stehman, Coach Roger Donahoo, Coach Earl Baker. BEARCATS REGAIN HICKORY STICK One of the highlights of the 1966 football season was MSC ' s victory in the Battle of the Hickory Stick a- gainst Kirksville. The rivalry started in 1931 when the stick was given to Kirksville to keep until we defeated them. Only nine days later the Bulldogs were forced to give it up after we had defeated them 7-0. For the past 11 years, Kirksville has held onto the stick, but not without competition from the Bearcats. In 1958, they missed taking the coveted stick by only one point, and the next year the Bearcats came even closer with a 12-12 tie. As in the past, Kirksville was favored to win this year, but Lonnie Hagan, Joe Spinello, and Ed Byron were out to give the Bulldogs a tough game. Spinello scored three touchdowns, and Mickey Thompson came up with a field goal in the last minute of the game to break a tie and win 24-21. FOOTBALL RESULTS AFTER ELEVEN- YEAR BATTLE But the next week in the game with Cape Girardeau, ironically enough, the Indians scored a field goal at the end of the game to defeat the Bearcats 24-21 ! MSC ' s glory in the Hickory Stick Upset overshadowed its loss in the game against Springfield when two fum- bles and two pass interceptions gave Springfield a 20-7 victory. The Bearcat team, finishing the season with a 4 won- 5 lost record, consisted of many outstanding players. Jim Blankenship, senior co-captain, and Lonnie Hagan were often named outstanding offensive and defensive players respectively. Bob Albanese was named the only MSC all-league star. This is the second time he has held a position on the all-MIAA team. Oieerleaders hoist victory flag. JOE BOESSEN DAVE BUSSJAEGER ED BYRON LONNIE HAGAN BOB LEACH BARRY MONAGHAN Quarterback Don Orlowski, sprints for yardage during Homecoming Game against Warrensburg. William Jewell goes down again for MSC. TOM OWENS JOE PRESTON JOE PRESTI BRIAN RANUM MARSHALL TONNIES ED WISKOWSKI 317 Bob Albanese blocking for Joe Spinello during Homecoming Game against Warrensburg. BOB ALBANESE MIAA OFFENSIVE TEAM JIM BLANKENSHIP MIKE CORBETT MIKE CRANK LARRY MATIYOW JIM JOHNSON PAUL MEYER 318 LEON MUFF JON NOPOLOUS TONY NOVAK TIMOROURKE DON ORLOWSKI MIKE PETERSON ROGER SCHLEGEL JOE SPINELLO MICKEY THOMPSON 319 BEARCAT GRI DIRON ACTION i 320 321 LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Howren, Bob Nelson; Phil Underwood. Don Sears. Mike Simon; Ralph Gifford; Ron Howitt; Ken Sheridan; Roger Nelson; Dick Buckridge, Coach. CALIFORNIA TRIP HIGHLIGHTS OPENING OF SEASON Coach Dick Buckridge and his assistant, Robert Iglehart, plan strategy for the next quarter. MSC ' s basketball team coached by Dick Buckridge, exper- ienced a successful start by traveling to California and de- feating Southern California College twice. But competition back home appeared to be tougher when the Bearcats lost their first home game against Pittsburg, Kansas State Champions. With Ron Howitt, Mike Simon, Roger Nelson, Bob Tonnies, and Jim VoUmuth being the only returning lettermen, Coach Buckridge was banking on the team ' s speed and height rather than its experience to pull through the season suc- cessfully. However, the Bearcats lost most of their con- ference games. Warrensburg and Springfield both defeated them twice. But the Bearcats had some compensation in their loss to Washburn. Springfield had defeated the Bear- cats badly and Washburn had beaten Springfield, but yet the Bearcats just about defeated Washburn. Through a deduc- tive process it was reasoned the MSC ' s team could be matched with Springfield. Before the game with Washburn, Buckridge stated, " Washburn should be as tough as the Springfield team. . . . " The Bearcats ended the season with a 7-16 record. Don Sears, a new freshman recruit, and Roger Nelson were leading scorers, and Mike Simon led with rebounds. 322 M m ' i - ' ; Souther I ilifornia m: Msc opp B San Die tate Colleee ■f ' 55 78 SmJ I Blifornia 92 85 P I Kas., State 59 65 R r H-n Iowa 77 60 i Ptas., State 60 70 HHRni University 72 91 Wniiam Jewell College 106 76 E Mo. State 69 83 Midlanc I, Neb., College eb., State 77 64 77 74 Peru, N William Jewell College 75 76 SE Mo. State 57 81 U.ofMo.,Rolla 62 87 Peru, Neb., State 6 9 76 NE Mo. State 61 79 U. ofMo.,Rolla " T 56 SE Mo. State 78 77 Central Mo. State 60 85 SW Mo. State 71 116 Central Mo. State 49 56 SW Mo. State 46 94 Washburn University 56 60 RECORD: WON 7 -LOST 16 MI AA RECORD: WON 1-AOST 9 k [li ' it Enthusiasm flies high for the Bearcats. II Van Dyke goes up for an easy shot. 324 Van Dyke picks off another two points. Ron Howitt comes up under for another score. Griffin is followed closely as he arches a shot. 32i . ■ f Mike Simon gets the tip-off to teammate Ken Sheridan. Teammates keep their eye on the ball as Bob Nelson shoots Don Sears pushes one up in mid-air. 326 Even a high-flying guard doesn ' t hold Ken Sheridan down. Don Sears prepares to heave the ball in spite of opposition. Senior Mike Simon scores in his last game for MSC. Can Audience attention is electric during a tense moment of the game. Ron Hewitt exhibits some fancy dribbling to get out of a jam. Ron Howitt wrangles another shot. Gary McCoUough receives the Spirit Trophy in basketball for jl Alpha Kappa Lambda Fraternity. Team players swarm around the net ready to rebound a Bearcat shot. BASKETBALL CANDIDS At the end of the basketball season, cheerleaders were presented letters and awards for their outstanding work during the year. 329 FIRST ROW: Terry Hartley, Dennis Bunch, Earl Baker; Wayne Garcia; Bill Freese; Corky Crandall. SECOND ROW: Mel Wielend; Paul Stehman; Ron James; Stan Zeamer; Bill Rex; John Zeiger. THIRD ROW: Harvey Hallum; Al Packer; Gary Grimes; Richard Downing; Bill Mueller; Tom Paulsen, Al Borkowski; Dale Palmer; Doug Minnick; Jerry Landwer, Coach; Gary Collins, Assistant Coach. WRESTLERS MAINTAIN SUPERIOR STANDARDS THROUGHOUT SEASON Although Tom Paulson was out of competition during the first part of the season, he recorded the fastest pin of the season with 37 seconds in his first match. 330 The superior quality and ability of MSC wrestlers, under the guidance of head coach Jerry Landwer and assistant coach Gary Collins, was demonstrated again this year by a long list of titles and records. The team was composed of many veterans with the ap- pearance of new freshmen fitting into team places. Return- ing lettermen were Ron James, Jerry Mason, Gary Grimes, and Paul Stehman with seniors Ron James and Jerry Mason team co-captains. James and Allen Borkowski were re- turning conference champs. Landwer said that the fresh- man team was the best since the 1962-3 season. Freshman wrestlers such as Stan Zeamer, Corky Crandall, and Wayne Garcia validified Landwer ' s statement. The team won the Graceland Tournament again this year for their 8th consecutive victory. At this tournament, Ron James received the outstanding wrestling award. He has won the Graceland Invitational Tournament three times. The Bearcats also won the All-Missouri Wrestling Tourn- ament held at Springfield. All of the six MSC grapplers in the finals won their weight classes. This year the MSC team hosted the First Annual North- west Missouri State College Invitational Wrestling Tourna- ment. Eight teams participated in the tournament, and the Bearcats won with 81 points. Freshman Stan Zeamer made the most impressive win, tied for outstanding wrestler award, and received a standing ovation, only the third ever given in a meet. iile[ Ron James, winner of the Outstanding Wrestler Award at the 1967 MIAA Conference Tournament, maneuvers to get a hold on his opponent. Although they suffered a loss at the hands of Iowa State University, the Bearcats made a good showing in their matches against Missouri Uni- versity and Nebraska University of the " Big Eight. " After losing the first three matches in the M.U. meet, the Bearcats rallied and defeated them 24-9. Their victory over Nebraska was close with Al Borkowski ' s match determining the final 16-14 score. In the Nebraska meet, Ron James broke his own season point record, scoring 87 points. Completing their dual meet season with a 12-3 record, the Bearcats added the final touch to their outstanding record by hosting and win- ning the MIAA Conference Tournament. James wins another match to boost his own season point record past his previous score. Although under close observation, Stan Zeamer tied for the Outstanding Wrestler Award at the First Annual Northwest Missouri State College Invitational Wrestling Meet. (ear Al Borkowski won the match that determined MSC ' s victory over the University of Nebraska. Returning sophomore letterman Paul Stehman folds his opponent to win his match. Returning conference champion Al Borkowski keeps his opponent up in the 332 An intricate maze of arms and legs result in another victory for Ron James. Winner of the Graceland Tournament for three consecutive years, Ron James holds down another opponent . Teammates greet Paul Stehman as he comes off the mat. Winner of the All-Missouri Tournament at 191, Borkowski skillfully applies another hold. Coach Landwer congrat- ulates Stan Zeamer, a freshman from Eliza- bethtown, Pennsylvania, on another outstanding match. FIRST ROW: Lewis Dyche, Coach; Fred Kester; Bill Farrand; Mike Scott. SECOND ROW: Mark Thomas; Robert Puck; Bob Kosunski; Jay Milk. THIRD ROW: Linn Jones; John Clover, Randy Hansen; Steve Connor; Jerry Peirce. STRONG SWIMMERS PRODUCE GOOD SEASON FOR MSC Four returning lettermen— Steve Connor, Jerry Peirce, Randy Han- sen, and Mark Thomas— along with several promising freshmen headed Coach Lewis Dyche ' s team through a successful season. MSC defeated Warrensburg, considered a big contender, and won the Springfield meet by a large margin. In the last dual meet of the season, the Bearcats won all but 3 out of 12 events against Southeast Missor-ri State. The team ' s scoring record was impressive with several new rec- ords. In the William Jewell meet, seven new meet and pool var- sity records were set. Randy Hansen broke the school record for the 160 yd. individual medley. In the MI A A Conference meet, in which the Bearcats placed second, outstanding freshman John Clover won the best-swimmer-of-the-meet award by setting three conference freestyle records. John Clover, who set several conference free- style records, was judged best swimmer at the MIAA Conference Meet. 334 ■r ' ««- »-- 1 Coach Dyche congratulates Fred Kester and Linn Jones after the 1000-yd. freestyle, a new event added to competition this season. Bearcat diving ability is demonstrated by this MSC tanker. Returning letterman Steve Connor set a new school record in the 100-yd. butterfly at the MI A A Conference Meet. %-x. Bill Farrand and Jerry Peirce gain distance in their dive for the 60-yd. freestyle. MSC winds-up for the pitch. Lou Moonev at Bat. Hit! Defeats Double Victories in 9-18 Record for Baseball Team ■% ' J9%mr 0 -- - ' : y r r - V Positions are tense as Lou Money is poised for the pitch. Although positions on the 1966 baseball team were held by eight returning lettermen, the season proved to be a tough one for the Bearcats. Dick Holcomb, one of the team ' s captains, was the top returning hitter with a .345 average. At the end of the 1966 season Gary Shaw, the other team captain who was selected as most valuable player by the squad, led the team with a .269 batting average. After seeing his team in action. Coach Burton Rich- ey reported that the pitchers, Scotty Kurtz, Vic Mit- chell, and Doug Girling, were pitching above aver- age but that the hitting needed improvement. Later in the season the team showed improvement at all positions, especially in hitting average. However, more improvement was needed for the team to make a good showing in their first compet- ition in the new MIAA Baseball Conference. The team tied for second in the Northern division. 336 Not one error escapes Coach Burton Richey ' s eyes. BSiWK ««fti» ' HUIMI I W ■» Scotty Kurtz completes one of the pitches that earned him top ERA with a 1.66. Bob Albanese ' s arm goes into full swing as he bats. Infielder Wayne Vierk approaches first to complete one fourth of his journey around the bases. Top returning hitter Holcomb skips over third as he races around the diamond. 337 % kt. M Second is rounded by Gary Shaw, the teams top hitter for the season. Shaw steals home with Mooney at bat. In the dugout, all eyes are on the action on the field. Baseball — 1966 MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC won 9 - lost 18 338 RUNNERS OPEN SEASON WITH HOT START BUT COOL DOWN FAST FIRST ROW: Lewis Garrett. Kent Kavanaugh, Roger Stucki, Dave Rowland, Tom Sterrett, Richard Swaney. SECOND ROW: Coach Ryland Milner, James Kemp, Normal Hewlett, Danny Reed, Lynnard Phipps, David Hays, Pete Meindertsma. A sound victory over Creston Junior College opening the season for Coach Milner ' s cross-country runners was the result of rigorous 6V2 mile practice runs. But in their second meet results were switched when Peru defeated the Bearcats 50-15. However, MSC ' s running times were improved over those made at Creston. Roger Stucki, con- sidered lead man on the team, reduced his time by almost a minute at Peru with 17 minutes 49 seconds. In addition to three returning lettermen, Roger Stucki, Kent Kavanaugh, and Danny Reed; twelve non-lettermen ran cross country for MSC. Of the non-lettermen, Lynnard Phipps, Lewis Garrett, and Thomas Sterrett earned letters at the end of the season. CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS We They William Jewell 31 24 lost Midwestern 34 24 lost Tarkio 30 25 lost Creston 19 42 won Peru 50 15 lost Clarinda 17 45 won Midwestern 35 22 lost MIAA— placed 6th NEW SCHOOL RECORDS The team made a good showing in the Grace- land Invitational Relays by placing 2nd in 21- team competition. Going into the MIAA indoor conference meet, in which Pete Hager led the team to a 4th-place position, the team held a 7-1 record in dual-triangle competition. A division of the 35-man team was made to in- sure participation in all events. Gary Hansen, 1965 Iowa State High School Champion in discus, set a new school record for MSC. Another school record was set by Pete Hager when he ran the 100-yard dash in 9.6. Pole vaulters, John AUred and Jerry Grant, set new school records by clearing 13 feet. Running events were led by Kent Kavanaugh, Normal Howlett, Pete Hager, and Phil Frahm. Joe Peirce partic- ipated in the triple-jump event, and Nick Edwards threw the shot put. Toward the end of the season, Howlett and Hager were vying for first in total points. Gary Hansen, 1965 Iowa SUte High School Champion, set a new discus record for MSC with a 142 ft. throw. Pete Meindertsma strains until the last inch in the 880-yard run. Freshman pole vaulter, John Allred, topped the bar at 13 feet to set a new school record. 340 SET BY 1966 TRACK SQUAD Graceland Peru William Jewell Peni-Tarkio Wasbbum Midwestern MIAA-placed 5tb Graceland Relays-placed 2nd won won won Perry Courtney gains an unusual per- spective as he clears the high jump bar. Nick Edwards was undefeated this sea- son in shot-put. Normal Howlett, whizzing to the finish line, runs the lOO-yard dash in 9.8 or better. 341 1966 MSC netters were : Warland Griffith, Jim Crozier, George Varchola, Coach Robert Gregory, Bob Schilling, Dick Schilling, Jim Schilling. Tennis Team Has Sporadic Season Number one man on the team and team captain was Jim Schilling with his brothers, Dick and Bob, giving strong support. George Varchola, a freshman, was considered the most consistent player. Although Jim Crozier and Warland Griffith didn ' t play the whole season, Griffith won all five of his single matches. Over the Easter holidays, the team suffered a pioneer road trip losing five straight matches to exceptional southern op- ponents. And the Kirksville Invitational Tournament, held April 15 and 16, resulted with the Bearcats placing 4th. However, the MSC netters were ready for the MIAA Con- ference Tournament that closed the season. The team placed third in the Tournament ending a season which was an improvement over that of last year according to Coach Robert Gregory. IS 1 Left-handed Bob Schilling stretches for a serve. 342 Coach Gregory and Bob Schilling " Hey Coach, did you see that shot? " " Yeah. " Top man on the southern road tour, George Varchola, whips a backhand return across the net. TENNIS RESULTS -1966 MSC vs. Park College MSC vs. Midwestern MSC vs. Peru .jfVISC vs. Warrensburg ™ MSC vs. Springfield 1VISC vs. Okla. Baptist i MSC vs. Southeastern Okla. |rtSD_ vs. East Texas State s. Kirksville vs. Williatn Jewell vs. PvsQps . ' vs. Park % ; MSC vs. William .lewell _ MSC vs. Peru MSC vs. Rockhurst Matches |t MSC , » MSC Finished 4th in Kirksville Tourney. , - 1!lfl!l«l SW miHtA. ' fatematie T sksSX; -mHii. %! Dick and Bob Schilling close a successful match against Rockhurst with the tradi- tional handshake. Dick and Bob Schilling poise themselves to re- ceive an overhead volley. 343 i ,- Dual Meet Record Best in History Northwest Missouri State finished its golf season with an 11-2 dual meet record, the best in MSC history. Boosting the team to its success were four returning lettermen: Don Belinger, Don Peterson, Jerry Hanson, and Jerry Robey. Belinger headed the team by earning medalist honors in most of the dual con- tests. Also adding their support to the team were four newcomers: Dennis Kaupp, Larry Maiorano, J.B. Watsabaugh, and Bob Kline. The Bearcats took 5th place in the MIAA Conference Tournament held in May at Springfield. Belinger, number one man, was the most consistent player of the year while Peterson led in team points. Another first in the team ' s history occurred this season when seven team members received letters, the largest number of men ever to letter in one season. Larry Maiorano is in fine form after he tees off. .i- • Jerry Hanson lines up a putt. Terry Kaupp. a new team member, completes a powerful tee shot m 344 BEARCAT GOLFERS LAND 5th PLACE IN MIAA Coach Ryland Milner demonstrates proper golf foim. } .ti J5L — Although he led in team points. Don Peterson is caught blasting out of trouble. Don Belinger earned his number one spot as is seen through his concen- tration in dropping the putt. J. B. Watsabaugh chips up to the pin at the 4 hole. 345 PARTICIPATION IS MAIN OBJECTIVE F( Paulette Mitchell stretches for a strike. .but gets a split. The Women ' s Intramural Council provides participation in physical exercise through team competition. Coeds who are interested in organizing a team may compete in volleyball, bowling, basketball, badminton, and table tennis. A tournament was held in each of the five recre- ational activities provided for by the council. Plaques and charms for the individual sports were awarded to Perrin Hall, volleyball; Phi Mu, bowling; Hudson Hall, basketball; Delta Zeta, table tennis doub- les; independents, table tennis singles and badminton doubles; PEM Club, badminton singles. Over-al) chairman of the Intramural Council was Carol Wolverton. Dr. Kathryn Riddle and Miss Jean Love- land were sponsors of the organization. Members on the intramural board who were in charge of organizing the sports were Sandra Eckhoff, Marilyn Wilson, Chris Real, Joyce McQuerrey, Susan Nold, and Pat Nold. Sue Miller totals her strikes after she has finished her line 346 ' E FOR WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL COUNCIL A graceful serve starts the action. Karen Wilson is prepared to help Kathy Johns just in case. - I w f =t-a UJJU JXEP I ' ' - » iililliiil Hlli An extra oomph scoops the ball over the net. Any method is used to return this ball. 347 p ? T- 0 " W We won!!!!! WRESTLING CANDIDS Bill Rex pins Bill Graham for championship at Warrensburg. llieG iallT Coach Jerry Landwer is boosted to the Bearcats ' shoulders after receiving the MIAA Conference Championship trophy. The Phi Sig Zombies romped over the Independent Good Guys to win the all-school flag football competition. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS The Good Guys won the men ' s Independent Intramural Flag Foot- ball Tournament. The Independents have had a large turnout in all intramural activities. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS The Men ' s Intramural Commission, under the lea- dership of Dr. Paul Gates, director, and Jack Apple- man, student director, worked to provide a broad and interesting sports program for all students on campus. Fall activities and the All-School Championships were flag football. Phi Sigs tug-of-war, independents; and swimming, Tekes. During the winter and spring the commission spon- sored basketball, bowling, indoor track, smash, volleyball, ping pong, badminton, golf, softball, and outdoor track. The Greeks put all they have into the tug of war. Intramural basketball keeps players in practice. Intramural sports offer activities for college men in all athletic fields for all Independents and Greeks. 350 Intramural wrestling was represented by all weight classes and organizations. Heave! Heave! Heave! Jack Fauble meets his opponent on the all school wrestling match. Bottoms up! 351 SPIRITUAL 1 DEPTH In order to better understand our- selves and our roles in life, each of us seems to be searching for an inner peace. Through the depth of spiritual insight, many students find this peace. The search is a very personal one and often a very long one; but when the discovery has been made, it pro- vides us with a perspective on living which shall never be surpassed. 352 353 RELIGIOUS LIFE COUNCIL COORDINATES RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK PROGRAM FIRST ROW: Ken Suetterlin, vice president; Allan Borkowski, president; Shirley Hooper, secretary- treasurer; Mary Lumm, devotional chairman. SECOND ROW: Dick Stephens; Marilyn Loots; Dick Gibson; Dr. Kenneth Minter, sponsor. RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK STIRS CONTROVERSY ON CAMPUS II Announcing the Week were many posters on cannpus. The Week began with an interdenominational fellowship supper. 354 GUEST SPEAKERS Rabbi Lawrence H. Rubinstein Omaha, Nebraska The Reverend Dr Donald L. Deffner St. Louis, Missouri The Reverend Thomas Haggai High Point, North Carolina 355 THE WEEK ' S DEBATE FOCUSED ON THE REVOLUTION IN RELIGION Among the groups singing hymns at various convocations were these UCCF- Wesley Singers. Book displays afforded opportunities for students to acquaint them- selves with diverse religious literature. L_ I ' iftf Sister Mary Claudelle Miller, one of the more popular guest speakers, addresses an interested Sigma Sigma Sigma group. 356 I _ RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK Faculty advisor. Dr. Kenneth Minter, confers with the speakers between lectures. ■1 r ■ 1 |m 1 1 1 4 1 ■ h ■ ■L jM ■■ 1 H 1 V i m H Hkj «; 7 j H 7 . m liBltlie The speakers compare notes before a full schedule of conferences and lectures. GAMMA DELTA HOLDS SERVICES AT REST HOME ' ' , :: » FIRST ROW: Carol Ristau. Vice President; John Iwen, President; Marlus Paulsen, Treasurer; Marilyn Loots, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Nancy Boyd; Patricia Hansen; Ivana Griffin; Rochelle Burton; Susan Bowser; Norman Abbott, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Eldon Christensen; Janet Ranniger; Susan Rogness; Julie Faulstich; Mary Elsberry; Mary Maassen; Daryl Orstad. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Wahlert; Gary Patience; Ron Hays; Dorman Otte; Richard Lantz; Allan Borkowski; Regie Dencklan. 357 LIAHONA SPONSORS VIETNAM CHRISTMAS PACKAGE FIRST ROW: Barbara Neely; Pat Tiberghien, President; Sharon Nelson, Vice President; Linda Hopkins, Secretary-Treasurer; Barbara Tan Kersley, Sponsor; Jamie Tan Kersley, Sponsor. SECOND ROW; Sharon Boyles; Linda Brooner; Gary Collins, Pastor; Don Hayden; Kenneth Millsap; Dianna McCuUoch. Centering around four main areas of recreation, service, study, and worship, the Liahona Fellowship of the Reor- ganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints planned its activities. Social events included a hayride and wiener roast, a trip to Conception Abbey, and a Christmas trip to see Handel ' s " Messiah. " Students participated in many worthwhile pro- jects such as a Vietnam Christmas package, service pro- jects for the regular congregation, and a Christmas program. " Our Concept of God, " was the theme of study meetings held once a month. Besides the regular Sunday night cost suppers, early morning prayer services were offered once a month. The officers of the Fellowship attended a fall leadership workshop held in Independence, Mo. A spring regional conference was held in Warrensburg. The Liahona team battles it out with a Presbyterian team. 358 MEMBERS OF CATHOLIC ORGANIZATION ENJOY THEIR NEW CAMPUS CENTER ft a 3, Julie Seipel, Jo Ann Madden, Linda Strauch, Sue Shriver, Donna Foley, W. R. O ' Riley, President. Masses are a regular feature of the program at St. Paul ' s Catholic Student Center. 359 B.S .U. VISITS NURSING H ,. 3IWk f FIRST ROW: Shirley Mabary; Anita Shewmaker; Connie Rosier; Carol Messner, President; Mary Lumm, Secretary; Kathi Mc- Clintic, Jayla Washburn. SECOND ROW: Patricia Murphy, Merlin Jennings; Beth McKee; Lola Auxier, Lana Barker; Carol Bradley; Cheryl Crowley; Keith Harmon. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Christo- pher; Marcine Rowland; Nancy Kerns; Sharon Rutledge; Linda Wolf; Patty Wampler; Jean Robertson; Rex Henderson; Sharon Mead. FOURTH ROW: David Jaquith; J. H. Wolf; Dave Rowland; Duane Trimble, Vice President; Charles Combs; Edward Whitam; Werner Lunim; Pete Hill; Wayne Khne. The Baptist Student Union demonstrated its concern for man in its college year. Various projects of the BSU included a visitation of local Nursing Homes and the State Hospital in St. Joseph. Along with student revival teams which made tours to different churches in Iowa and Missouri, the BSU choir, under the di- rection of Greg Watkins, performed for adult congre- gations. Some of the more informal activities included third place winning of the Homecoming house decoration contest portraying " God Bless America, " weekly prayer breakfasts, discussion groups, and a semi- formal spring banquet held during the academic year. Six members of the group attended the Southwide Bap- tist Student Week at Glorieta, New Mexico. Seventeen of the members attended the State BSU Convention in Columbia, Mo., the Spring Retreat, and Planning Ses- sion at Windermere Baptist Assembly in the Ozarks. i ii J Come, brother: let us pray. 360 G HOME AND STATE HOSPITAL On BSU Council are: FIRST ROW: Jayla Washburn; Shirley Mabary; Carol Messner, President; Mary Lumm, Secretary; Connie Rosier; Kathi McClintic. SECOND ROW: Anita Shew- maker; Rex Henderson; Alison Felt; Jan Wilkes; Peggy Berry; Duane Trimble, Vice President; Robert Craven; Dick Stephens. Facilities for recreation and study are always available at the Baptist Student Union. 361 UCCF - WESLEY n 362 FIRST ROW: Dawn Abarr; Jo Ann Voyce, Rosalie West; Hunziger; Sherry Cook; Velda Giffin. THIRD ROW: The Rev. Carlene Greenberg; Becky Stokes; Gail Enirick; Carol Niel- Raymond Gass, Campus Minister; Paul Watson; Marilyn sen; Marsha Kinder; Myra Norman. SECOND ROW: Judi Weathermon; Amy Bradfield; Eugene Turner; Gerald Antes; Joubert; Sandy Slater; Donna Ring; Larry Peterson; Ron Linn Lisbona; Leslie Swaney. A historical first was achieved on the NWMSC campus as the UCCF and Wesley Foundation united to form the UCCF- Wesley Fellowship. The two groups, now one, met in the Wesley Foundation Building throughout the year to produce an outstand- ing program of fun, service, and fellowship for all students on the campus. Beginning the school year last August, several members with Ray Gass, campus minister, journeyed to South Dakota to attend a regional conference. " The Revolutionary Imperative " was chosen as the over-all theme of the year. Two of the main projects undertaken by the Fellowship were the creation of the coffeehouse " Eclipse " and the establishment of the Cutting Edge, a newspaper of the concerned students at the Fellowship working to combat apathy among students on the campus. The " Eclipse " cast its shadow over many students of the cam- pus as it became a popular place on Friday nights to communi- cate with other students through dialogue and the fine arts. Ecumenical seemed to be the guiding word the entire year as several projects were planned with the St. Paul ' s Catholic Stu- dent Group and a social was held with the BS U. Social events of the year included a barbecue, a Christmas party for the international students, and hootenanies. Programs consisted of films, panel discussion, and outstanding speakers such as Dr. Frank Grispino who lectured on " How to Cheat your Way Through College. " I FIRS zer; Barl Doroi Members of UCCF-Wesley are intent upon a theological discussion during Religious Emphasis Week FELLOWSHIP MERGE m e o FIRST ROW: Iris Houston; Sharon Zape; Terry Lutz; Lois Hel- Copeland; Marge Lisbona; Roberta Guffett; Johnnie Herod; Alan zer; Gail Halliday; Ann Cushman. SECOND ROW: Carl Baxter; Pruitt; Steve Dempsey. FOURTH ROW: Marjorie Hitchcock; Barbetta Brown; Barbara Letzig; Linda Hornaday; Mary Jones; Joetta Petree; Doug Harrison; Larry Young; Richard Rowlett; Dorothy Helzer; Ruth Martin. THIRD ROW: Beverly Seeks; Sue Danny John; LeAnn McAlpin; Margaret Hall. " The Eclipse " is an area of manifold interests for students of all faiths on campus. 363 IN RECOGNITION Doctor Joseph Antone Dreps, present Chairman of the Department of Foreign Language, will retire at the end of this school year. Born in Hustler, Wisconsin, Doctor Dreps attended the University of Wisconsin where he majored in French and Spanish and received his B.S. degree in 1921 and his NLA. degree in 1922. In 1931 he earned his Ph.D at the University of Iowa. In 1943, after teaching at various state universities. Doctor Dreps came to Northwest Missouri State College where he has served as Advisor to Foreign Students, Advisor to People to People, and host to the language teachers who attended the District Teacher ' s Meeting this October. Doctor Dreps is a member of the Missouri State Teacher ' s Association, the National Educa- tion Association, the Midwest Modern Language Association, the Modern Language Associ- ation of America, the State Language Associates, and the American Associates of University Professors. Also active in civic affairs, he is a member of the Maryville Rotary Club. 364 I TRIBUTE Time they say will heal all wounds, Bat still the memory is bronght to miad By familiar sonitds and sights unseen Evermore to haunt and nevermore to find. Never dimmed, the memory of the sun Casting its last rays And the wind murmuring sadly Through the trees. And the one lone rose in final tribute. Bending with the breeze. — Joan Graves r.rPPn and White 1965 IN MEMORIAM Steven Olds March 3. 1948- February 5, 1%7 (no picture available i Charles Hahn April 6, 1948- December 18, 1966 Doctor William A. Lafferty, professor at NWMSC since 1949 and Chairman of the Department of Mathematics for the past ten years, died October 9, 1966, after a long illness. After receiving his B.S. degree at Moreset Union College in 1928 and his MA. degree at Ohio State University in 1929, Doctor Lafferty started his teaching career. Continuing his formal education, he earned his Ed.D degree at Columbia Uni- versity, New York, in 1956. Doctor Lafferty was always interested in campus and community affairs. He was a member of the Missouri State Teacher ' s Association, the Committee on Teacher Education, the State Curriculum Committee for Math in Public Schools, the National Eklucation Association, the National Council of Mathematics, and the Mathematical Association of America. Doctor Lafferty was also an elected member on the Faculty Council and for many years served at Homecoming as the chairman of the com- mittee responsible for feeding the visiting high school band members. Sincerely dedicated to teaching. Doctor Lafferty was always willing to talk to students and spent many hours in conference with those having difficulty in mathematics. These students and faculty and administrative staff members mourn his passing. Dr. William A. Lafferty July 9, 1905— October 9, 1966 36 " ORGANIZATIONS ACE 232 Administration 16 Agriculture Club 222 AHEA 217 AWS 212 Beta Beta Bata 222 Bleed-In 156 Blue Key 298 Board of Regents 13 Book Club 225 BSU 360 Cardinal Key 298 Cheerleaders 312 College Ambassadors 300 Commencement, Spring 142 Commencement, Summer 143 Dad ' s Day 163 Daughter ' s of Diana 289 Deans 16 Dedication 4 DelU Psi Kappa 227 Drama Club 219 Dramatics Productions 198 Faculty 10 Freshmen 104 Ganmia Delta 357 Greek Week 290 Greeks 265 Hanging of the Greens 186 Homecoming 174 Industrial Arts Club 235 In Memoriam 366 Juniors 72 Kappa Delta Pi 225 Kappa Omicron Phi 217 Kappa Pi 224 KDLX 233 Liahona Fellowship 358 Married Students 128 Music 242 Northwest Missourian 238 PEM Club 227 People to People 218 Personnel and Staff 34 Pi Beta Alpha 218 Pi Kappa Delta 219 Pi Omega Pi 218 President Foster and his Home 6 President Emeritus Jones 14 Queens 192 Registration 162,172 Religious Emphasis Week 354 Religious Life Council 354 Residence Halls 252 Retiring Faculty 364 Sadie Hawkins Week 164 Secretaries 36 Seniors 48 Sigma Phi Dolphins 228 SNEA 231 Social Science Club 236 Sophomores 86 Sports 304 St. Paul ' s Catholic Student Group 359 Student Affiliates of the American Chemi- cal Society 223 Student Body President 204 Student Senate 205 Student Wives 216 Tower Dance 188 Tower Staff 240 TGA 215 UCCF- Wesley Foundation 362 Ugly Man on Campus 147 Union Board 208 Veterans Club 362 Walk-Out Day 144 Who ' s Who 301 Young Democrats 229 PERSONNEL INDEX Akes, ZehnaA. 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(Miss); 20,232 Rounds, Elizabeth (Mrs); 29 Rounds, Ward (Mr.); 29,244,246,247 Russell, J. Gene (Dr.); 20 Sandford, Donald H. (Dr. ) 29 Sandford.MaryJ. (Mrs); 29 Saucerman, James R. (Mr.); 25 Schafer, Elizabeth (Mrs); 34 Schenkel, Helen; 34 Schneider, Lee T. (Mr. ) ; 29 Schottel, Ivan E. (Mr.); 23,314 Schultz, Julius (Dr.) 20 Scott, Billy D. (Dr.); 30 Scott, Mary Etta ( Miss ) ; 22 Seipel, Robert L. (Mr.); 34 Sellers, Esther M. ( Mrs. ) ; 37 Shanklin, James (Mr.); 31 ShankUn, PhylUs (Mrs. ); 33 Sherman, Faye( Mrs.); 36 Slattery, Charles (Mr.); 26 Smay, JohnL. (Dr.) 29 Smith, Donald D. (Dr.); 30 Solheim, Jerome H. (Mr.); 31 Standard, Connie; 37 Steele, C. Francis ( Mrs. ) ; 34 Sunkel, Mary Jane (Mrs); 18 Sunkel, Robert C. (Mr); 21,224 Tackett, WilUam M. (Dr. ); 192 Taylor, Myron L. (Mr.); 25 Teale, Sandra (Mrs); 37,130 Temple, Paul A. (Mr.); 31 Terrell, Robecca( Miss); 22 Thate, Charles H. (Dr. ) ; 16,142 Thate, Luella(Mrs.); 35,256 Thomasson, Ellen (Miss); 25 Thompson, Kenneth T. (Mr. ) ; 22,235 Thomson, Nancy (Mrs.); 36 Treese, WilUam D. (Mr); 21 Troxell, Jerry (Mr. ) ; 29,245,249 Valk, Donald N. (Mr); 22,235 VanZomeren, Wayne ( Mr. ) ; 20 Vint, Virginia H. (Dr.); 21 Vitaska, Charles ( Mr. ) ; 18 Vogt, GlenF. (Mr.); 17 Wagner, Karen; 37 Wake, Bruce R. (Mr); 16,147,260 Waldron, Joyce J. (Miss); 22 Walker, Dorothy D. (Mrs.); 24 Walker, John (Mr.); 26 Walker, Roy L. (Mr.); 20 Walker, Wanda C. (Dr. ) ; 20,250 Weichinger, Theodore ( Mr. ) ; 30 Weigand, Dorothy L. (Miss) ; 25 Wetzel, Joseph F. (Mr. ) ; 26 White, Joyce (Mrs.); 26 White, Mary (Mrs.); 34 Whitney, Gilbert A. (Mr. ) ; 29,243 Widger, Calvin R. (Mr. ); 33,236 Williams, Agatha (Mrs); 37 Wilson, Judith K. (Mrs.); 27 Wilson, Rodney M. (Mr.); 28 Winsor, Jerry L. (Mr.); 28 Winzenread, Marvin R. (Mr.); 31 Wire, Margaret N. (Mrs. ) ; 35,258 Wolcott, Randall (Mr.); 34 Zilhier, Lawrence (Dr. ) ; 16 Zirf as, Monica (Mrs.); 36 STUDENT INDEX Abarr, Dawn; Albany, Mo.; 48,224,225 237 362 Abbott, Jimmy; Creston, la. ; 73,277 Abersold, Katharine; St. Joseph, Mo.; 86 231,258,266 Abildtrup, Michael; Audubon, la.; 73 221 274 Abplanalp, Steven; Linwood, Kan. ; 246 Ackerman, Gary; Kansas City, Mo. ; 105 Acord, Stephen; Kansas City, Mo. ; 105 Adair, Norman; Pleasant Hill, Mo. ; 87 Adams, Bruce; Fonda, la. ; 105,245 Adams, Esther; Maryville, Mo.; 216 Adams, Judith; Creston, la. ; 73,231 Adams, Keith; Woodbine, la.; 105 Adams, Linda; Grant City, Mo. ; 87,254 Adams, Meta; Chicopee Falls, Mass.; 73, 272 Adams, Richard; Chicopee Falls, Mass.; 105 Adams, William; Port Crane, N.V.; 87 Adcock, Gary; Bethany, Mo. ; 105 Adcock, Mark; Kansas City, Mo. ; 105 Adcock, Peggy; CarroUton, Mo. ; 105 Adkisson, Dennis; Grand River, la. ; 105 Aebersold, Phyllis; Fillmore, Mo.; 105, 247 Agre, Sally; Bayard, la.; 73,247 Ahrens, Larry; Elmwood, Neb.; 73,286 Aiello, Lisa; Oelwein, la.; 87 Akers, Carole; Bedored, la.; 48,227 Albanese, Robert; Providence, R. I.; 314, 318,337,383 Albaugh, Dennis; Lisbon, la.; 105 Alberts, Edward; Malvern, la.; 87 Albin, Jerald, Maryville, Mo. ; 130,280 Albin, Melinda; Maryville, Mo. ; 130 Albright, Nancy; Lake City, la. ; 87 Alden, Mary Jo; Red Oak, la. ; 73,217 Alexander, William; Kansas City, Mo.; 48 Al Kotab, Fouad; Beirut, Leb. ; 105 Alldredge, Judy; Stanberry, Mo. ; 105 Allen, Beverly; Earlham, la.; 87 Allen, Cheryl; Liberty, Mo. ; 73 Allen, Frances; Prescott, la.; 48 Allen, Glen; Wheeling, Mo.; 105,235 Allen, Larry; Raytown, Mo. ; 105 Allen, Michael; Platte City, Mo.; 87,280 Allen, Stephen; Trenton, Mo. ; 105 Allen, Wilma; Martinsville, Mo.; 105 AUoway, James; Maryville, Mo.; 48 AUred, James; Kansas City, Mo. ; 105 Allred, John; Kansas City, Mo. ; 340 Almquist, Darla; Coin, la.; 87 Almquist, Joyce; Coin, la. ; 105 Alumbaugh, Clayton; Kansas City, Mo.; 87 Amthor, Martha; Rockport, Mo.; 87 Andersen, Carol; Exira, la. ; 87,252 Andersen, Dale; Walnut, la.; 286 Andersen, Elizabeth; Carter Lake, la. ; 105 Andersen, Sherrie; Elk Horn, la.; 105 Anderson, Gerald; Maryville, Mo.; 48,221 Anderson, Rita; Red Oak, la.; 105 Anderson, Ronald; Hopkins, Mo. ; 73,286 Anderson, Stephen; Elk Grove Village, 111.; 73 Anderson, Teresa ; Stanton, la. ; 105 Anderson, Thomas; Algona, la. ; 73 Andes, Grover; Maitland, Mo. ; 87 Andrew, Kristin; Grand River, la.; 105, 217,231 Andrews, Donald; Grant City, Mo.; 87 Andrews, Elvin; Union Star, Mo. ; 87 Andrews, Jeffrey; Atlantic, la.; 87,280 Andrews, William; Helena, Mo. ; 286 Anker, Nancy; Earlham, la. ; 105 Annan, Gary; Farragut, la.; 87 Annan, Maribeth; Coin, la.; 73,217,225 Antes, Gerald; Raytown, Mo.; 87,242,362 Appleby, Candice; Maryville, Mo.; 87,228 Appleman, Jackie; Maryville, Mo. ; 48,226 Archer, Leonard; Maryville, Mo.; 73,280 Arends, Linda; Shenandoah, la. ; 105 Argento, Roseanne; Worcester, Mass.; 73 Arms, Theresa ; Maryville, Mo. ; 48 Armstrong, Carol; Pleasant Hill, Mo.; 87, 254 Armstrong, James; Maryville, Mo.; 87 Armstrong, Margaret; Gravity, la.; 48,231, 232,256 Am, Ronald ; Savannan, Mo. ; 48 Amdt, Laveme; Lytton, la. ; 87 Arnold, Betty; Murray, la.; 73,232,246 Arnold, Keith; Falls City, Neb. ; 87 Arnold, William; Murray, la.; 105 Asbell, Mary; Maryville, Mo.; 87,225,266 Asmussen, Judith; Glenwood, la.; 87 Athen, Dennis; Maryville, Mo. ; 87 Atkins, Danny; Rea, Mo. ; 105,222 Atkins, Diana; Mound City, Mo.; 105 Atkins, Jo Ellen; Oregon, Mo.; 105,227, 247 Atkins, Sharon; Bolckow, Mo.; 105,234,254 Austin, James; Trenton, Mo. ; 105 Auxier, Donna; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 48 Auxier, Lola; Gower, Mo. ; 105,215,360 Ayers, Janet; Coon Rapids, la. ; 73 Ayers, Sandra; Atlantic, la.; 87 Babbe, Earl; Carroll, la.; 105 Babcock, Loretta ; Platte City, Mo. ; 105 Bacon, Carolyn; King City, Mo. ; 106 Bacon, Donna; Leon, la.; 87,252 Baier, Sharon; Atlantic, la.; 87 Bailey, Bruce; Maryville, Mo. ; 87,216 Bailey, Robert; Raytown, Mo. ; 105 Baillargeon, Tonia; St. Joseph, Mo.; 87 Bainum, Michael; Sheridan, Mo.; 87 Bair, Loren; Leon, la.; 87 Baird, Carol; Kansas City, Mo. ; 105,254 Baker, Barbara ; Kansas City, Mo, ; 227 369 Baker, Betty; Maryville, Mo.; 48,225,227 Baker, Doug; Harlan, la. ; 73 Baker, Earl; Maryville, Mo.; 330 Baker, Eldon; St. Joseph, Mo.; 48 Baker. John; Perry, la.; 87 Baker. Kennet!i ; Barnard, Mo. ; 87 Baker, Vicki; Maryville, Mo.; 105.228 Baker, Wallace; Maryville, Mo; 73,236 Baker, William; Elmo. Mo. ; 105 Baldwin. Myra; Independence, Mo.; 105 Bales, Sally; Dexter, la.; 105,251,254 Ball, Janice E. ; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 106 Ball. Janice; Indianola, la.; 87,230 Banks, Constance; Winterset, la.; 48 Bannick. Gary; Atlantic. la.; 73 Banning, Johnathon; Knoxville, la.; 48,286 Barham, Mary; Liberty, Mo. ; 87,253 Barker, Kennard; Gravity, la.; 87 Barker. Lana; Benton, la.; 106,360 Barn, Nancy; 106 Barnes. John; Savannah, Mo. ; 106 Barnes, Terry; Albany, Mo. ; 106 Barnett, Dean; Humeston, la.; 87 Barnett Mary; Hopkins, Mo.; 87,215 Barr, Betsy, Weston, Mo. ; 106 Barr, David; Blue Island. 111.; 48,280 Barratt, Robert; Maryville. Mo.; 106 Barrett, Bill; Westboro. Mo.; 48 Barrett. John; Kansas City. Mo. ; 222 Barrett, Mary; Skidmore. Mo.; 48 Bartelt. Edmund; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 48 Barten, Robert; Maryville, Mo.; 87 Bartlett, Charles; Des Moines, la. ; 88 Bartlett, Rosanne; Mound City, Mo.; 181, 205,270 Barton, Beverly; St. Joseph, Mo.; 88,217, 230,268 Barton, Lu Ann; Gallatin. Mo. ; 88.232 Bassett. John; Stuart. la.; 88,233 Bassett, Kenneth; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; 73,286,299 Bateman, Robert; Parnell, Mo. ; 106 Bath, Ronald; Parkville. Mo.; 260 Baum, Ruth; St. Joseph, Mo.; 106 Bauman, Leonard, Savannah, Mo. ; 106 Bauman, Mary; St. Joseph, Mo.; 48 Baumh, Marion; Barnard, Mo.; 106 Baumli, Rosena; Barnard, Mo.; 73,248, 249,334 Baxter, Carl; North Kansas City. Mo.; 49. 235.274,363 Baxter. Don; Kansas City, Mo. ; 73.234 Baxter, Joy; Blithedale, Mo.; 88 Beach, Joseph; Kansas City, Mo.; 314 Beach, Pamela; Maryville, Mo.; 106 Beal, Christie; Mound City. Mo.; 73.181, 213,218,226,265,268 Beam, Wendee; Farragut, la.; 88,242,245. 248,249.272 Beattie, Candise; Rosendale, Mo.; 106,234 Beavers, Jennings; Maryville, Mo.; 236,239 Beckman, Eugene; Manning, la.; 73 Bedwell, Galyn; St. Charles, la. ; 88,237 Beachner. Gregory; St. Joseph, Mo.; 49 Beeks, Beverly; Maryville, Mo.; 218,238, 268,363 Beeks. Robert; Trenton, Mo. ; 106 Beem. Bruce; Winterset. la.; 106,235 Beem, Rodney; Winterset, la.; 73,181,205, 265,277 Beeman, Johnny; Maryville, Mo.; 106 Beemer, Chris; Bedford. la.; 106,248 Beemer. James; Bedford, la.; 73,181,280, 299 Beere, Lola; Kearney, Mo.; 106 Beeson, Barbara; Red Oak, la. ; 106 Beggs. Gary; Clearfield, la.; 73 Beggs. Rita; Stanberry, Mo. ; 106 Beggs, Sue; Maryville, Mo.; 73 Belitz, Joe; Omaha, Neb.; 49 Belinger, Don; 345 Belknap, Deborah; Stanberry. Mo.; 106 Bell, David; Maryville, Mo.; 229,283 Bender, Kenneth; Ephrata. Penn.; 280 Bender. Terry; Lenox, la.; 73 Benedetti, Robert; Saddle Brook, N. H.; 106 Benedict, Lloyd; New Virginia, la.; 106 Benitz, Daniel; St. Joseph, Mo.; 73 Benzyl. Judith; Eagleville, Mo.; 88 Benton, Harry; Tabor, la. ; 106 Benton, Larry; Maryville, Mo.; 49,246,247, 248.249 Benyo, Basil; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 106 Berger. Carol; Liberty. Mo. ; 106,234 Berkemeier, Francis; St. Joseph, Mo.; 73 Berkshire, Donald; Western Springs, 111.; 73,296 Berry, Donnie; Maryville, Mo. ; 49,280 Berry, Margaret; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; 232,361 Bevington, Martha; Mount Ayr, la.; 88,212 Bexell, Donna; Des Moines, la.; 106,242 Biggs, Sondra; Kansas City, Mo.; 73,187, 258 Bintner, Robert; Exira, la.; 88,237 Bird, Lorraine; Graham, Mo.; 106 Bird, Lyla; San Francisco, Cal.; 106 Bird. Richard; Sheridan. Mo. ; 106 Birkenholz, Lawrence; Hopkins, Mo.; 88 Bishop. Nancy. Maryville, Mo.; 73 Bissell, Rita; Corning, la.; 8 8 Bissen. Linda; Irwin. la.; 106,212 Bix, Nancy, New Market, la. ; 73 Black, Elbert; St. Louis, Mo.; 73,237,2% Black, Kathleen; Independence, Mo.; 88 Black, Paul Lombard, 111. ; 73 Blackburn, Jo Ann; Council Bluffs, la.; 106 Blackford, John; Burlington Junction, Mo.; 73 Blakeley, Bruce; El Paso, Texas; 88 Blakesley, Susan; Des Moines, la.; 219 240 Blanchard, Gregory; Des Moines, la Bland, Terri; Chariton, la.; 88,270 Blankenship. James; Maryville, Mo. 314,318 Blom, Russell; Maryville, Mo.; 49,221 Blomker, Barbara; Humboldt, la.; Blunk. Carolyn; 216 Blunk, David; Maryville. Mo.; 73 Bock. Allyn; Stronghurst. 111.; 235 Boedeker. Dorothy; Parnell. Mo.; Boeh. Jennifer; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 106 Boessen, Joseph; St. Thomas, Mo.; 314,316 Boggs,Lora; Harlan, la.; 88 Boggess, Geraldee; Eagleville. Mo.: Bohnenblust, Jack; Maryville. Mo.; Bohnenblust, Judy; Maryville. Mo.; Boley. John; Kansas City. Mo. ; 49.223 Bollinger, Sherry; Union Star, Mo.; 49,247, 248,249,250 Boltinghouse, Adena; Lenox, la Bonawitz, Stephen; Newton, la. Boone, Terry; Tabor, la. ; 106 Booth. Gary; Chillicothe. Mo. ; Booth, Leonard; Cainsville, Mo Booth, Melvin; Maryville, Mo. ; 49,221 Booth, Valorie; Maryville. Mo. ; 73 Borkowski, Allan; Audubon, la.; 261,330, 332,333.354.357 Bosworth. Ronnie; Logan, la.; 88 Bouska, Betsy; Tanma. la.; 202 Bovaird, Dean; Corning, la.; 73,277 Bowen, Wallace; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 274 106, 106 283, 73,217 88.229 260, 106 128 128 88,232 106 106 Bower, David; Bridgewater. la.; 274 Bowers. De Ann; Lathrop, Mo.; 42,49,186, 213,218,232,254 Bowers, LaDonna; Lathrop, Mo.; 106,213 Bowers, Marilyn; Savannah, Mo.; 88,223 Bowman. Donna; Coon Rapids, la. ; 88 Bowman, Phyllis; Kansas City, Mo.; 73, 209,266 Bowser, Susan; Council Bluffs, la.; 88.212, 232,357 Box, Mervin; Corte Madera, Cal. ; 74 Boyd, Gary; Albany, Mo.; 106 Boyd, Nancy; Marcus, la.; 49.188,225,230, 240,241.294,299.300,301,357 Boyer, Charles; Maysville, Mo. ; 88,280 Boyer, Lloyd ; Gower. Mo. ; 74 Boyer, Suzanne; Ephrata. Penn.; 106,219 Boyle, Betty. Villisca. la. ; 49 Boyles. Sharon; Stewartsville. Mo.; 74, 294 358 Braden. John; Red Oak, la. ; 88,274 Brader, Carol; Audubon, la.; 107 Brader, Donald; Audubon, la.; 74,221,274 Bradfield, Amy; Fairfax, Mo.; 107,362 Bradfield, Gayle; North Kansas City, Mo.; 74,146,194,218,228,245,272 Bradley. Carol; Savannah, Mo.; 88,215,260 Bradley, Raymond; Kent, la.; 88 Brady, Karen; Carroll, la.; 74,217 Brady, Michael; Ravenwood, Mo.; 107 Brady, Patricia; Des Moines, la. ; 74 Brand, Carolyn; Sharpsburg, la.; 74,227, 252 Brandenburg. Sandra; North Kansas City, Mo.; 107 Brandt, Susan; DesMoines, la.; 107,242 Brannan, Helen; ViUisca, la.; 107,237 Branson. Judith; St. Joseph, Mo.; 88,266, 276 Braunschweig. Bernard; Maryville, Mo.; 49, 235 Bray, David; Weatherbyl Mo.; 88 Bray, Kay; Weatherby, Mo.; 74,218,252 Bredensteiner. Edwin; Westboro. Mo.; 222 Breeding. Carol; Altoona, la. ; 88,256 Breedlo ve, Lyle; Independence, Mo. ; 88 Brenneman, Janet; North Kansas City, Mo.; 88 257 Bridgman, Gary; Maryville, Mo.; 88,235 Bridgman, Vonda; 216 Briggs, Robert; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 49 Bright, Dennisseen; Mercer, Mo. ; 88 Bright, Van; Lawson, Mo. ; 107 Bright, Virginia ; Maryville, Mo. ; 159 Brightwell, Orville; Jefferson City, 242 Brooi Browi Brow Bros Bro« 225 Bros Bros Bros Bros Bro« Bro» Bros Bro« BroJ 10! Bro« Bros Bro« Bnic Bna m Bnii Bra Bra Bre Buc Buc Mo. Brill, Robert; Eagleville, Mo. ; 107 Brinton, Dennis; WichiU, Kan. ; 74, 230 Brinton, Linda; Elsworth, la. ; 74 Britt, Linda; Smithville, Mo.; 88,272 Britt, Roger, Smithville, Mo. ; 49,280 Brock. Cynthia; Humeston, la.; 74 Brod, Milton; St. Joseph. Mo.; 219 • • Bun Buc But Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur 25 Bull Bull 22 Bull H 370 Brodersen, Cynthia; Harlan, la.; 107.230 Brookhouser. Rose; Missouri Valley, la.; 88.270 Brooks. Gail; Farragut, la.; 107 Brooks. Phyllis; Maryville. Mo ; 88 Brooks. William; Maryville. Mo.; 74 Brookshier, Dottie; Skidmore, Mo.; 107, 242 Brooner. Linda; St. Joseph, Mo.; 49.294. 358 Brewer. Robert; Lake View, la. ; 74 Brown. Alan; Columbia. Mo.; 88.222 Brown, Barbetta; Kansas City. Mo.; 88,231 243.363 Brown, Carol; Kansas City, Mo.; 88,238 Brown, Carole; Hamburg, la. ; 88 Brown, Cherve; Elmo, Mo.; 107,243 Brown, Diarina; Hamburg, la.; 49,181,209, 225,265,266,298,299,301 Brown. Doyle; 277 Brown. Elaine; Maryville. Mo.; 74 Brown, George; Maryville, Mo.; 50,235 Brown, Gerald; Des Moines, la.; 49.286 Brown, Joann; Kansas City. Mo. ; 266 Brown. Linda; St. Joseph. Mo.; 88.230.232 Brown, Nancy; ChiUicothe, Mo. ; 89 Brown, Norman; Maryville, Mo.; 49 Brown, Patricia; Burlington Junction, Mo.; 107,242 Brown, Phyllis; Villisca, la.; 42,50,186, 217,254 Brown, Richard; Rushville, Mo.; 107 Brown, Rita; Quimby, la.; 89 Brown, Roland; Skidmore, Mo.; 89,222 Brown, Ronald; Rushville, Mo.; 74 Bruce, Jayne; 216 Bruner, Robert; Maryville, Mo.; 89,245, 246,247 Brunia, Alice; Norwalk, la.; 107 Brunker, Robert; Maysville, Mo.; 89,274 Brunkow, Charles; Perry, Kan. ; 89 Bryant, John; Richmond, Mo. ; 107 Bryson, Diane; College Springs, la.; 89, 215,231 Bryson, James; Kansas City, Mo. ; 107 Buchanan, Richard; Maryville, Mo.; 74 Buck, Carlene; Coin. la. ; 89,229,234 Buehler, Michael; Red Oak, la. ; 107 Buetow, Thomas; Denison, la.; 107 Buffington, Norma; Onawa, la.; 50,218,225, 254 Bukowski, Robert; Saddle Brook, N. J.; 107,235 Bullis, Gail; Urbandale, la.; 202 Bullock, Paul ; Creston, la.; 89 Bumgardner, Phoebe; Kansas City, Mo.; 107 Bunch, Dennis; Leon, la.; 89,330 Bunn, Carolyn; Lenox, la.; 89,252 Buntaine, Rolfe; St. Louis, Mo. ; 89 BunUng, Robert; Bordentown, N. J.; 283 Bunting, Ronald; Coming, la. ; 89 Burch, Nancy; Braddyville, la.; 89 Burger, Mary Jo; St. Joseph, Mo.; 89 Burgas, Dani ; Adel, la. ; 89 Burk, Irwin; Rippey, la. ; 107 Burk, William ;Grinnell, la.; 74,246 Burkhalter, Charlene; Coin, la. ; 89 Burkhalter, Earl; Creston, la.; 50 Burkhardt. Robert; Guthrie Center. la.; 107,243 Burnett. Louise; Kingston. Mo. ; 74.294 Burnham, Nancy; Griswold, la.; 89,256 Burnham, Roger; Maryville, Mo.; 50 Burns, Barbara; Lake Mills, la.; 89,212 Burns, Donna; Savannah, Mo.; 89,225,266 Bumside, Joan; St. Joseph, Mo.; 74 Burrell, Bob; Mount Ayr, la.; 89,280 Burt, Judith; Omaha, Neb; 107,228,251 Burtnett, Jerry; Oregon, Mo. ; 74,235 Burton, Linda; Independence, Mo.; 231, 268 Burton, Norma; Clarksdale, Mo. ; 74 Burton, Rochelle; Toledo, Ohio; 74,232, 254,294,357 Busch, James; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 274 Bush, Karen; Gravity, la.; 270 Bussjaeger, David ; Mission, Kan. ; 314,316 Butcher, Raymond; St. Joseph, Mo.; 50 Butcher, Rose; Maryville, Mo.; 89 Butler, Sandra; Council Bluffs, la.; 89, 227,252 Butterworth, Georgia; Independence, Mo.; 74,251,252 B Ton, Edward; Jersey City, N. J.; 283, 314,316 Byron, Kay; Mound City, Mo.; 74,218 Cain, Benny; Kansas City, Mo; 280 Cain, Michael; Whiting, Ind.; 107 Callaway, Donna; Kansas City, Mo.; 89 Callow, James; Graham, Mo. ; 107 Cameron, Gary; Brooklyn, N.Y.; 89,234 Campbell, Annabelle; ChiUicothe, Mo.; 89 Campbell, Robert; Council Bluffs, la.; 89, 233 Campbell, Terry; Martinsville, Mo.; 50, 218,225 Carey, Michael; Des Moines, la.; 242,248 Carl Michael; Creston, la.; 50,229,237,277 Carlock, Ruth; Maryville, Mo.; 50,216,217, 225,231 Carlson, Roger; Harrison, la; 89 Carnahan, Clark; Knoxville, la.; 74 Carr, Charles Maryville, Mo. ; 224 Carr, Deloris; Rosendale, Mo. ; 50,227 Carr, Lee ; Kansas City, Mo. ; 107.237 Carr, Marillyn; Conception Junction, Mo.; 74,217 Carr, Thomas; Maryville, Mo. ; 50 Carrender, Charles; Lexington, Mo. ; 74 Carroll, Everett; Avoca, la.; 107 Carstens, Kenard; Manning, la.; 50,237 Carstenson, Carol; Maryville, Mo.; 43,50, 266 Carstenson, Steven; Maryville, Mo.; 107, 243.248 Carter, James; Pattonsburg, Mo. ; 107 Carter, Jeffrey; Pattonsburg, Mo.; 89 Caruso, Steven; Kansas City, Mo. ; 314 Casey, Patrick; Massena, la.; 107 Casey, Phillip; Massena, la.; 89 Casey, William; Maryville, Mo.; 50,277 Cash, Pamela; Ottumwa, la.; 107,212,234 Castle, Gary; Cameron, Mo. ; 261 Cavan, Judith; Savanah, Mo.; 50, 215 Cavenee, Susan; Kansas City, Mo.; 107 Ceplina. Sharon; Kansas City, Mo. ; 236 Chafin, Larry; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 107 Chambers, Betty; Westboro, Mo.; 107,227, 234 Chappell, Linda; HolUster, Mo.; 50,217,268 Chappell, Patricia; Logan, Iowa; 74,159 228,258,272 Chaska, Kyle; Maryville, Mo.; 74 Chatten, Kathryn; Cameron, Mo. ; 89 Chavannes, Marilyn, Des Moines, la.; 272 Cheek, Lois; Lawson, Mo.; 107 Chleborad, Mary; St. Joseph, Mo.; 107 Chrane, James; Liberty, Mo. ; 107 Christensen, Donald; St. Joseph, Mo.; 74 Christensen, Eldon; Kimballton, la.; 74, 235,357 Christian, Solomon; Maitland, Mo.; 50 Christiansen, Paula; Gray, la. ; 89 Christiansen, Gail; Shelby, la. ; 107,247 Christie, Earlene; Maryville, Mo.; 74,225, 237 Christie, Harvey; Maryville, Mo.; 50,283 Christopher, Carolyn; Gihnan City, Mo.; 107,231,254.360 Cierpiot, Margaret; Kansas City, Mo.; 107 Cisco, Susan; Des Moines, la. ; 74 Clapham, Linda; Spickard, Mo.; 108,217 Clark, Barry; Middletown, R. I.; 50,74,226 aark, Carol; Arthur, la. ; 225 Clark, Daniel; King City, Mo. ; 89 Clark, Harold; Savannah, Mo.; 74,236,283 aark, Jacqueline; St. Joseph, Mo.; 74,237 Clark, Janice; Lake City, la. ; 108 aark, Judith; Kansas City, Mo.; 218,231, 232,268 Clark, Peggy; St. Joseph, Mo.; 89,227 Clark, Priscilla; Mound City, Mo. ; 108 Clark, Sandra; Ankeny, la. 242 Clark, Steven; Creston, la. 74 Clay, Elton; Malvern, la. 108 aayton, Carol; Creston, la.; 232 Clayton, Richard; Hopkins, Mo.; 89 Qeeton, Linda; Des Moines, la. ; 89 Clement, Jesse; Skidmore, Mo. ; 108 Clemsen, Ann; Maryville, Mo. ; 51,232 Clemsen, Dallas; Maryville, Mo; 51,221 Climie, Judith; Maryville, Mo.; 74 CUne, Darrell;Menlo, la.; 108,235 Cline, Marlene; Weston, Mo.; 108,212 Cline, Robert; Winterset, la.; 89,286 aodfelter, Russell; Watson, Mo.; 108 Close, Philip; Skidmore, Mo. ; 74 Clothier, Martha; Charition, la.; 74,245, 246,248,258,259 Clover, John; Kansas City, Mo. ; 334 Clower, Kenneth; Holt, Mo. ; 108 Clymens, Cecil, Maryville, Mo. 74,235 Clymens, Judy; Hopkins, Mo.; 51,217,230 Clyne, Patricia ; Kansas City, Mo. ; 108 Cobb, RoberU; Blockton, la.; 89 Cockriel, Gay; Platte City, Mo. ; 89,266 Cockrill, Cindy; Platte City, Mo. 89 Coder, Richard; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 51 Cody, Linda; Council Bluffs, la. ; 89 Cofer. Kay; Maryville, Mo.; 108,216 Coffer, Vicki; Kansas City, Mo. ; 108 Coffman, Lewis; ChiUicothe, Mo.; 108,222 Cogdill, Sandra; Maryville, Mo.; 51,242 Coil, Patricia; Liberty, Mo. ; 51,225,230 Cole, Lynette; Kansas City, Mo.; 51,225, 231,238 Cole, Deborah; Des Moines, la.; 89,225,238 Cole, Glen; Tangier,, Ind. ; 108 Cole, Michael; Maryville, Mo.; 89 Cole, Rose Mary; Indianola, la. ; 90 Coleman, Alan; Council Bluffs, la. ; 108 Coleman, Kay; Hopkins, Mo.; 51,215 CoUins, Gregory; Lima, Ohio, 75,280 Collins, Howard; Maryville, Mo.; 358 Collins, Jackie; Maryville, Mo. ; 51 Collins, James; Churdan, la. ; 90,223 Collins, Jerry; Albany, Mo. ; 90 Collins, Ronnie; Pamell, Mo. ; 90 Colton, Karen; ChiUicothe, Mo.; 90,268 Colville, Winifred; Grant City, Mo. ; 75 Colwell, Charles; Creston, la. ; 75 Combs, Charles; Stanberry, Mo.; 51,222 Combs, Charles; Worth, Mo.; 75,274,360 Combs, Don; Columbia, Mo.; 90 Combs, Mary Ann; 217 Combs, Mary; Maryville, Mo.; 75,216 Combs, Michael; Redding, la.; 51,108,248, 249 Combs, Michael; Parkville, Mo.; 243 Comer, Susan; Afton, la. ; 90 Comstock, Julia ; Tarkio, Mo. ; 108 Conn, Dola; Fairfax, Mo.; 51 Connaghan, Francis; St. Joseph, Mo.; 51, 260 Conner, Delbert; Maryville, Mo.; 235 Conner, Janet; Carson, la. ; 108 Conner, Stephen; Ames, la.; 90,286,334, 335 Conrad, John; Harlan. la. ; 90 Constant. Allen; Denver, Mo.; 90 Constant, Michael; Ravenwood, Mo.; 108 Constant, Tamara; Sheridan, Mo. ; 108 Cook, Diana; Fairfax, Mo.; 108 Cook, John; St. Charles, la. ; 90,296 Cook, Larry; Elwood, Kansas; 75,245,247, 249 Cook, Patricia; Kansas City, Mo.; 75,272 Cook, Sherry; Maryville, Mo.; 108,243, 245,247,249,250,362 Coon, Janet; Albia, la.; 90 Cooper, Doretta; Maryville, Mo.; 51 Cooper, Jack; Dearborn, Mich. ; 51 Cooper, Janice ; CouncilBluffs, la. ; 90 Copeland. Carol; Dallas Center, la.; 212, 270 Copeland Margaret; Maryville, Mo. : 90 Copeland, Sharon; Waukee, la.; 108 Copeland, Sue; Maryville, Mo.; 75,363 Copic, William; Des Moines, la.; 108 Copman, Sara; St. Josep h, Mo.; 42,246,186, 199 220 266 Corbett, Michael; Chicago, 111,; 283,284,318 Cordonier, Janet; Parkville, Mo.; 90 Corey, Howard; Chicago Heights, 111. 51, 221,296 Cornelius, Robert; Easton, Mo.; 51,274 Cornelius, William; Stewartsville, Mo.; 90 Cornett, Roger; Maryville, Mo. ; 51 Comett, Ronnie; Pattonsburg, Mo.; 108, 222 Corum Daniel ; Kansas City, Mo. ; 108 Coslett, Linda; Hamburg, la.; 90 Costello, William; Malvern, la.; 90 Costigan, Linda; Independence, Mo.; 242 Cottrell. Steven; Kansas City, Mo. ; 108 Coucar. Bill; 203 Couch. Janice; 198.256,266 Coughennower, Donald; Cumming, la.; 90 Coulter, Jimmy; Conception Junction, Mo.; 90,222 Courier, Raymond; Coffey, Mo. ; 75,221 371 Courtney, Perry; Maryville, Mo.; 341 Courier, Jerry; Coffey, Mo •108 ,„„ Cousins, Nancy; Grant City, Mo.; 108 Couts, Rodney; Maryville, Mo. ; 108 Cowden, Nell; Clearmont, Mo.; 90 Cowger, Helen; Savannah, Mo.; t Cox; Jannis; Hamilton, Mo.; 109 Cox, Larry; Conway, la. ; 75 Cox, Linda; Bethany, Mo.; 90,247 Coy, Gary; Barnard, Mo; 109 Crabtree, Amy; Burlington Junction, Mo.; 109 Crabtree, Jean ; Rockwell City, la. ; 109 Craig, Steven; Des Moines, la.; 90 Grain Susan; Watson, Mo.; 90,228 Grain, Terry; Maryville, Mo.; 51,146,272 Grandell, John; Des Moines, la. ; 330 Crane, Gary; Atlantic, la.; 90 Crank, Michael; St. Louis, Mo.; 314 318 Craven, Robert; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; 75,280,361 „, „ Crawford, Donald; Missouri Valley, la.; 90 Crawford, John; Maryville, Mo. ; 51,221 Crawford, Judith; Mound City, Mo. ; 75 Crawford, Maureen; 216 Creason, Cheryl; Lawson, Mo. ; 109 Creech, Phyllis; Agency, la.; 109,217 Crigger, Dwaine; Creston, la. ; 75 Crocker, Diana; North Kansas City, Mo.; 109 227 Crockett, Marilee; Kansas City, Mo.; 90, 202 219 Crom ' pton, David; North Kingston, R. L; 251 Cronin, Lawrence; Lohrville, la.; 52,277 Cross, David; Dow City, la. ; 90 Grouse, Ronald; Maryville, Mo.; 109 Grouse, Stephen; Kansas City, Mo. ; 75 Crowley, Cheryl; Lathrop, Mo.; 90,212,360 Crowley, Leslie; Cowgill, Mo. ; 90 Croy, Tommie; Gallatin, Mo. ; 91 Grozier, James; Maryville, Mo.; 288,342 Cruse,Ralph;Liberty, Mo; 91 Cruz Rodriguez; Alexandria, Va.; 91,277 Cukar, William; Kansas City, Mo. ; 109 Culver, Wanda; Lathrop, Mo. ; 91,254 Gummings, Carol; Grant City, Mo. ; 91 Cummins, Paula; Maryville, Mo.; 216 Cunningham, Glenna; Stanberry, Mo. 109 52,219, 109, Gurphey, Sandra; Sharpsburg, la.; 251 252 Current, Mark; Creve Coeur, Mo.; 236,242 Curry, Robert; Stanberry, Mo. ; 91 Curtis, Gary; Jefferson, la.; 52,277 Gushing, Jean; Van Meter, la. ; 109,232 Gushini, Joyce; Adel, la.; 42,52,181,186, 212,232,299 Cushman, Ann; Maryville, Mo. ; 109,363 Dagley, Gary; Lincohi, Nebr.; 75,221,2% Dague, Roberta; Council Bluffs, la.; 75,217,23( Dahlhauser, Thomas; Fremont, Nebr.; 314 Daise, Linda ; Clearmont, Mo. ; 91 Dajani,Sami;Amman, Jordan; 109 Dallman, Susan; Ames, Iowa; 109,288,254 Damgaard, Michael; Council Bluffs, Iowa; 91 Daniel, Karla ; McFall, Mo. ; 91,217 Daniels, William; Ladora, Iowa; 109 Danilson, John; Woodward, Iowa; 277 Dann, Marshall; Des Moines, Iowa; Darr, Callista; Paton, Iowa; 109,254 Darr,Tim; 274 Dath, Margo; Boston, Mass.; 52,252 Dau, Dennis; Manning, Iowa; 109,246 Daugherty, Hilda; Kansas City, Mo. Daugherty, Julia; Kansas City, Mo.: 225 Daugherty, Sharon; Maryville, Mo. ; 109 Davenport, Margret; Mt. Ayr, Iowa; 217 Davenport, Ronald; Pattonsburg, Mo.; 91 Davidson, Jerry; Murray, Iowa; 52,277 Davidson, Ken; Kansas City, Mo. ; 52 Davidson, Kenneth; Thayer, Iowa; 221 Davis, Ann; Conception Junction, Mo.; 109, 215,234 Davis, Connie; Fairfax, Mo. ; 75 Davis, Donna; Maryville, Mo.; 52,225,230, 256 Davis, Edward; Parkville, Mo.; 91 Davis, Gary; Creston, Iowa; 91 75,286 109 91, 109, 52 ; 286 91,239, 109, 52 75 109,212 109, Davis, Jerelynn; Mound City, Mo.; 91,219, 294 Dawson, Leslie; Maryville, Mo. ; 52,223 Dawson, Lmda H. ; Maryville, Mo. ; 232 Dawson, Linda R; Maryville, Mo.; 75 Dawson, Ronald; Maryville, Mo.; 91,222 Dawson, Thomas; Des Moines, Iowa; 91 Day, Kenneth; Allerton, Iowa; 91 Dayton, Linda; Chillicothe, Mo.; 91 Dean, Richard; St. Joseph, Mo.; 91 Deardorff, Daren; Yale, Iowa; 52 Dearmont, Vicki; Maryville, Mo.; 91 Deason, Albert; Liberty, Mo. ; 109 Dedrickson, Randy; Red Oak, Iowa; 91,274 Def f enbaugh, Betty ; Barnard Mo. ; 91 Deford, Michael; Conception Junction, Mo.; 91 277 Deitchler, Deanna; Mineola, Iowa; 109,251 Delong, Richard; Blythedale, Mo.; 109 Dempsey, Steve; Maryville, Mo.; 75,245, 246,248,249,363 Dencklau, Regie; Vincent, Iowa; 233,357 Dennis, William; Keokuk, Iowa; 52 Denton, Boyd; Hatfield, Mo.; 109 Derks, Gary; Stanberry, Mo. ; 75 Devore, Jimmy; Chariton, Iowa; 109 Dew, Gertrude; Des Moines, Iowa; 75,232 Dick, Earl; Winterset, Iowa; 75,277 Dickerson, Doralyn; Maryville, Mo.; Dickerson, John; Maryville, Mo.; 52 Dickerson, Richard; Plattsburg, Mo. Dickinson, Douglas; Russell, Iowa; 277 Didlo, Diane; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 91,217 Diehl, Connie; Red Oak, Iowa; 109 Diggs Judith; Maitland, Mo.; 52,258 DiGirolamo, Mary; Kansas City, Mo 212,255 Dills, James; Albany, Mo; 52 Dinkens, Doyle; Maryville, Mo.; 53,235 Dittemore, Gay; Maryville, Mo. " Dittmer, William; Avoca, Iowa; Dixon, Donna ; Armstrong, Mo. ; Dizazzo, Pasquale; Providence, R.I.; 233 Doane, Peggy; Maryville, Mo. ; 52 Doane, Terry; Maryville, Mo. ; 52,237 Dodd, Janice; Braddyville, Iowa; 109 Donnelly, Jerry; Adel, Iowa; 109,260 Doolan, Diane; St. Joseph, Mo.; 52 Dorsey, Darold; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 314 Dorsey, Jerry; Maryville, Mo.; 109 Doss, Beverly; Randolph, Iowa; 91,243 Doty, Brian; Kansas City, Mo. ; 109 Dougan,Freida; Maryville, Mo.; 109 Dougan, Larry; Graham, Mo. ; 109 Dougherty, Jerry; Maryville, Mo.; 53 Dougherty, John; Mound City, Mo. ; 229 Douthat, Michael; New Hampton, Mo Dow, Linda; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 266 Dowden, Cheryl; «lopkins. Mo.; 75,212,215 Dowden, Marcia; Pickering, Mo.; 91,217 Downing, Cheryl; Rushville, Mo.; 109 Downing, Larry; Rushville, Mo.; 53 Downing, Richard; Creston, Iowa; 75,330 Drain, Diane; Maryville, Mo. ; 218 Dreager, Rosemarie; Glenwood, Iowa; 91 Drew, Mary; Maryville, Mo.; 91,216,236 Drew, Robert, Maryville, Mo. ; 91 Duane, Daniel; Kansas City, Mo. ; 91 Duff Carol; Kansas City, Mo.; 75,259,272 Duff, Kenneth; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; 91; 219 Duffett, Roberta; Richmond, Mo.; 75,225, 363 Duke, Byron; Barnard, Mo.; 53 Dukes, Karla; Craig, Mo. ; 53 Dunavan, Marsha; Atchinson, Kansas 215 224 Duncan, Donald; Excelsior Springs 109 Duncan, Helen; Lees Summit, Mo. ; 109 Duncan, John; Clarinda, Iowa; 91 Duncan, Nancy; Filhnore, Mo.; 109,242 Dunfee, David; Maryville, Mo.; 53 Dunfee, Nancy; Maryville, Mo.; 53 Dunfee, Carol; Fairfax, Mo.; 272 Dunn, William; Iowa Falls, Iowa; 91 Durbin, Lynn; Oregon, Mo.; 110,235 Durham, Harold; Des Moines, Iowa; 91 Duty, Gerald; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 53 Duvall, Helen; Excelsior Springs, Mo 225,233,234,238 109 75, Mo.; Duzenberry, Robert; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; 91,280 Dyer, Roxy; Richardson, Texas; 53 Dykes, Kenneth; St. Joseph, Mo.; 43,53,274 Eh rman, Wayne; Binghamiton, N.Y.; 75 Earhart, Lawrence; Menlo, Iowa; 91,235, 286 Easterla, Phyllis; Maryville, Mo. ; IV Easterla, Richard; Maryville, Mo.; 110 91, Eastman, Linda; Burlington Junction, Mo.; 110 Easton, Patricia; Bethany, Mo.; 91 Easton, Stephen; New Hampton, Mo. ; 110 Ebbrecht, Richard; Maryville, Mo. ; 53 Eckhoff, Sandra; Naples, Fla.; 218,226,268 Eddleman, Dixie; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; 270 Edelen, Charles; Maryville, Mo.; 53 Edelen, Marian; 216 Edwards, Janice; Truro, la.; 91 Edwards, Jay; Rosendale, Mo.; 91 Edwards, Joyce; Truro, la. ; 75,227,254 Edwards, Larry; St. Joseph, Mo.; 53 Edwards, Mary; Elmo, Mo. ; 91 Edwards, Nick; Cameron, Mo.; 75,261,296, 341 Edwards, Robert; Smithville, Mo.; Edwards, Terry; Smithville, Mo.; 110 Eggers, Francis; Denison, la. ; 280 Egli, Rebecca; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 53 Egy, Donna; Winterset, la.; 75,231 Ehlers, Linda; Kansas City, Mo Ehlers, Patricia ; Orient, la. ; 75 Eichner, Dennis; Booneville, la.; 92 Eisenhour, Jerry; CarroUton, Mo. ; 219 Eisiminger, Melanie; Amazonia, Mo.; 53, 217 225 231 Elder Kay; Oregon, Mo.; 75,163,188,212, 214,218,225,254,299 Elder, Kaylene; Shenandoah, la.; 232 Elliott, Denese; Bethany, Mo. ; 75,294 Elliott, Mary; Verdon, Neb. ; 237 Elliott, Sharon; Essex, la. ; 92,217 Ellis, Maurice; St. Joseph, Mo ' . ; 92 Ellis, Richard; Jamaica, la. ; 75 Ellison, Greg; Fredericksburg, la Elsberry, Mary; Audubon, la.; 75,280 110,231 75 92,227,357 372 (I Emerson, Will iam: St. Joseph. Mo. : 53 Emmons, Kav. Kansas City, Mo. ; 110 Emrick. Gail ' ; Fairfax, Mo. 110,242.362 Engel, Donald; Humeston, la. ; 53,223 Engemann, Geary. Maryville, Mo.; 53 Engle, Janet; Shawnee Mission, Kan. ; 53 Engle, Sharon; Kansas City, Mo.; 54,224, 225,237,294 Engle, Thomas; Corydon, la. ; 110 Elrganian. Nshan; St. Joseph, Mo.; 54,174. 198,199.202,204.205,219,220, 234,301 ickson, Carol; Independence, Mo.; 110. 242 Erickson, David; Cedar Rapids, la.; 110 Erickson. Dayle; Jefferson. la.; 75 Erickson. Janice; Griswold, la.; 110 Erickson, Larry; Fort Dodge, la.; 54,286 Ernst, Steven; Schleswig, la.; 92 Erskins, Janet; Council Bluffs, la.; 110, 234,254 Esbeck, Gary; Atlantic, la. ; 110 Estes, Ehiora; Dearborn, Mo. ; 110 Estes. Jack; Maitland. Mo.; 248 Euritt. Marie; Mount Ayr. la. ; 75 Evans, Donald; Albany, Mo.; 54 Evans. Frank; Newton. la.; 75,221 Evans. Patricia; Barnard, Mo.; 92 Everett, Jeane; Bethany. Mo.; 110,213 Failing, Pamela; Kansas City. Mo. ; 110 Falk, Bruce; Essex. la.; 54.237,277 Fancher. Danny; St. Joseph, Mo.; 236 Fancolly. John; Atlantic, la.; 92,248 Farber, Carolyn; St. Joseph. Mo.; 110,242 Fariell, Phyllis; Kansas City, Mo.; 92,272 Farrand. William; Sugar Creek. Mo.; 92, 265,277,334,335 Farrell, Larry; Manning, la.; 110,235 Fast, Sheila; Burlington Junction, Mo.; 110, 243 Fattig, Charles; Bethany, Mo.; 54,235 Fauble, Jack; Council Bluffs, la.; 110,350 Faulstich, JuUe; West Bend, la.; 76,217, 225,357 Fay Phillips; EUston, la.; 76 Faye, Raymond; Norridge, 111.; 54,277 Felt, Alison; St. Joseph, Mo.; 76.361 Ferguson, Rebecca; Jefferson City, Mo.; 54,229,232 Fichter, Pamela; Randolph, la.; 110 Fields, Ronald; Maryville, Mo. ; 54 Fieseler, Karen; Maryville, Mo.; 216 Figge, Diane; Kansas City, Mo.; 110,234 Fine, Elaine; Hopkins, Mo.; 76,243 Fine, PhiUp; Falls City, Neb.; 76,260,296 Fischback, Fred; Raytown, Mo.; 76,274 Fischer, Donna; Independence, Mo.; 110 Fischer, Jerry; Kimballton, la. ; 76,274 Fisher, Anna; Sheridan, Mo. ; 76 Fisher, Rosann; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 76 Fitzpatrick, Richard; Glenwood, la; 92 Fleming , Joseph, South Bend, Ind.; 92 Fletchall, Norma; Redding, la.; 110,217 Fletcher, Jeanne; Indianola, la.; 76 Flint, Harold; Bethany, Mo.; 54 Florea, Paula; Hopkins. Mo.; 110,215,242 248 Flowers, Richard; Creston, la. ; 54 Foland, Glen; Grand River, la.; 110 Poland, Linda; Maryville, Mo.; 54 Foley, Donna; Manning, la.; 54,229,232, 359 FoUett, Rodney; St. Joseph, Mo.; 54 Foote, Shirley; Des Moines, la. ; 110 Forbes, Michael; Murray, la. ; 54 Forbis, Carolyn; Rockport, Mo.; 92,243 Ford, Dennis; Cosby, Mo.; 76 Ford, Gerald; Pleasant Hill, Mo. ; 76 Ford, Jennifer, St. Joseph, Mo. ; 110 Ford, Linda; Council Bluffs, la. ; 92 Ford, Stephen; Kansas City, Mo. ; 286 Ford, Susan; Kansas City, Mo. ; 110,234 Foreman, Sylvia; Sioux Falls, So. Dak.; 110 Forret, Juanita; Adel, la.; 76,217 Forret, Vicki; Booneville,Ia.; 110 Forsyth, Raymond ; Maryville, Mo. ; 54 Foster, Irene; Rock Hill, Mo. ; 92 Foster, Joseph; Kansas City, Mo. ; 92 Foster, Judy; 216 Foster, Lana;Chillicothe, Mo.; 110 Foster, Mark; University City, Mo.; 76, 221,274 Foster, Robert; Maryville, Mo.; 209,245, 286,298 Foster, Ronald; Lawson, Mo. ; 110,234 Foster, Ronnie; Maryville, Mo.; 76 Fouts, John; Maryville, Mo. ; 237 Fouts, Larry; Woodbine, la.; 92,274 Fowler, Janis; Blythedale, Mo.; 110 Fox, Jackie; Parkville, Mo.; 92,181,270 Fox, Larry; Council Bluffs, la. ; 92 Frahm, Phil; Denison, la.; 341 Frame, Harold; Bethany, Mo. ; 110,222 France, WiUiam; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 76 Francis, Mary; 212 Frandsen, Marilyn; Paton, la.; 76,212,225, 232,256 Frank, Thomas; Union Star, Mo.; 76,181, 209,265,280 Franks, Laurene; Cedar Rapids, la.; 92, 294 Frazho, Larry; Roseville, Mich.; 281 Frease, Micheale; Perry, la.; 92 Freeman, Ann; Pocahontas, la. ; 110 Freese, Bill; 330 French, Joanne; Norton, Kan. ; 92 Frese, Joseph, Indianola, la.; 92 Frese, Steve; Bridgewater, la. 92,235 Frey, Carolyn; Earlham, la. ; 110 Fries, Ernest; Fairfax, Mo. ; 243,248 Fry, Sandra; New Hampton, Mo. ; 92 Fuhr, Leo; Braymer, Mo. ; 92 Fuller, Nancy; Burlington Junction, Mo.; 76,242 Funkhouser, Connie; Murray, la.; 92,243, 246 Funston, Steven; Maryville, Mo.; 54,221, 281 Gabel, Sharon; Des Moines, la.; 42,54,186 Gabinski, Sharon; Bloomingdale, 111.; 76, 227 Gagliardi, Monte; Maryville, Mo. ; 129 Gall, Jeanine; Council Bluffs, la; 110 Gann, Marylou; Kansas City, Mo.; 212,237 Gann, Michael; Chillicothe, Mo. ; 296 Garcia, Wayne; Des Moines, la. ; 237,330 Gardner, David; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 54 Gardner, Michael; Des Moines, la. ; 110 Garms, Emmy; Rochelle, HI.; 92,254 Garms, Robert; Rochelle, 111.; 54,236,286 Garreau, Lyle; Guthrie Center, la. ; 235 Garrett, Lewis; Indedpendence, Mo.; 110, 339 Garrison, Michael; Bartonville, 111.; 76,281 Garrison, Virginia; La Grange, 111.; 55, 181,232 Garton, Frederick; Maryville, Mo.; 222 Garvey, Linda; Maryville, Mo.; 55 Garvey, Donald; Maryville, Mo.; 55 Gates, David; Maryville, Mo; 55 Gaule, Twyila; Conway, la. ; 76,215 Gaumer, Lonnie; Murray, la. ; HI Gayler, Ronald; Rockport, Mo. ; 55,286 Gehl, Kathleen; Dow City, la. ; 92 Geib, Gary; Craig, Mo.; 92,296 Geib, Larry; Craig, Mo.; 92,296 Geist, Lloyd; Maryville, Mo.; 92 George, Diane; Webb City, Mo.; 92,247 George, James; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 236 George, Michael; Maryville, Mo.; 55,237 George, Randi; Princeton, Mo.; HI George Robert; Hawthorne, N. J.: 55,237, 265,286 Gere, Theodore; Greenfield, la. ; 92 Gerhart, Stephen; Independence, Mo.; 92 Geyer, Marty; Wamego, Kan.; 76,163,188, 231,258,259,266 289 Gibbs, Ronald; Corydon, la.; Ill Gibler, Linda; King City, Mo.; 55,265,270 Gibson, Linda; Gravity, la.; 92 Gibson, Patricia; Dow City, la.; Ill Gibson, Richard; Chillicothe, Mo.; 92,235, 266,354 Giesken, Janet; Burlington Junction, Mo.; Ill Giffin, James; Guilford, Mo.; 76 Giffin, Ann; Guilford, Mo.; 111,215,234, 362 Gifford, Barbara; Maryville, Mo. ; 76,248 Gifford, Charles; Maryville, Mo.; 55,230, 237,277 Gifford, Ralph; Boonville, Mo.; 111,322 Gift, Sheryl; Dallas Center, la.; 55,232 Gilbert, Jane; 217 Gilbert, Susan; Maryville, Mo.; 76,215,218 Gilbertson, Glennys; Perry, la. ; HI Gill, Linda; Anita, la.; 92,265,270 Gillen, Claudia; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; 92 Gillespie, James; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; Ill Gillespie, Sharon; Barnard, Mo.; 237 Gilliam, William; Tarkio, Mo.; 76 Gilliland, Edward; St. Charles, la.; 55, 235 Gillispie, James; Red Oak, la. ; 111 Girling, Gwynetha; Sheridan, Mo.; 55,217 Gjerstad, Meredith; Livermore, la.; 219, 229,278 Glancy, Roger; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 76 GUck, Lowell; Clarinda. la. ; 92 Godden, Diane; Raytown, Mo. ; 111 Godsey, Phyllis; Skidmore, Mo.; Ill Goff, Susan; Grant City, Mo. ; 111 Golden, Gaylen; St. Joseph, Mo.; 76,236 Golden, Shirley; Stewartsville, Mo. ; 111 Goldusky, Janet; Kansas City, Mo. ; 111 Gomez, Rickie; Stuart, la.; Ill Goodale, Ardell;Nettleton, Mo.; Ill Goodlet. Michael; Dearborn, Mo. ; 111 Goodman, Jean; Spirit Lake, la.; 111,231, 255 Goodman, Lanah; Trenton, Mo.; 55,216, 231 Goodpaster, Jerry; Weston, Mo. ; 92 Goodrich, Michael; Creston, la. ; 92 Goodson, Gary; St. Louis, Mo.; Ill Goodspeed, Alan; Maryville, Mo.; 222 Goodwin, Alan; MarUnsville, Mo. 111,235 Goostree, James; Kansas City, Mo.; Ill, 260 Gorden, Mary; Maryville, Mo. ; 55 Gorden, Michael; Maryville, Mo.; 55 Gore, Dennis; Ft. Leavenworth, Kan; 219 Gorsuch, Dale; Maryville, Mo.; 238 Gosch, Larry; Lineville, Mo.; 76 Goslee, Kirby ; Skidmore, Mo. ; 111 Gossard, Lois; Pickering Mo. ; 55 Gough, John; Iowa City, la. ; 77,261 Gourley, Karen; VilUsca, la.; 111,219 Grace, William; Albany, Mo.; 77,222,274 Gracey, Diana; Truro, la.; 92 Gradwell, Michael; Lisbon, la.; HI Graeff , Shirley; Osbom, Mo. ; 77 Graham, Margaret; Cedar Rapids, la.; 93, 232 Graham, Opal; Kansas City, Mo.; 93,212 Grame, Donna; Platte City, Mo.; Ill Grame, Linda; Rus hville, Mo. ; 111 Grau, Craig; Arcadia, la.; 93 Graves, Charlotte; Maryville, Mo.; HI, 227 Graves, Kenneth; Kansas City, Mo.; Ill Gray, Donovan; Kansas City, Mo. ; 111,235 Gray, Janet; Maryville, Mo.; 55,181,205, 265,272,301 Gray, Linda; Maryville, Mo.; 111,231 Gray, Lucinda; Cedar Rapids, la.; 93,212, 232,242,257 Gray, Stephen; Chariton, la.; 93 Green, Dianne; Maysville, Mo. ; 93 Green, Gary; Fairfax, Mo.; 77,281 Green, James; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; Ill Greenberg, Carlene; Eagle Grove, la.; 77, 243,362 Greenwood, William; Maryville, Mo.; 222 Greiner, Ann Norris; Maryville, Mo.; 131,246 Greiner, Bernard; Oregon, Mo.; 111,246 Greiner, Carol; Maryville, Mo; 81 Greiner, Kenneth; Maryville, Mo.; 77,131, 245,246,247 Greiner, Lynn; Maryville, Mo.; 55,131,235 Grey, Marcia; Laurens, la. ; 111 Grieeel, Raymond; Mason, la.; Ill Griffin, Ivana; Des Moines, la. ; 77,357 Griffin, Jerry; Braymer, Mo.; 111,325 Griffin, Kathleen; Adair, la.; 218 Griffith, Earl; Emerson, la.; 55,281 Griffith, Jane; West Des Moines, la.; Ill Griffith, Roger; Cambridge, la.; 56 Griffith, Warland; Canal Zone; 342 Grigger, Dwaine; 231 Griggs, Kenneth; St. Joseph, Mo.; 93,275 Grimes, Cheryl; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 93 Grimes, Gary; Maryville, Mo.; 56,330 Groat, Daniel; Des Moines, la. ; 248 Groesbeck, Esther; Lorimor, la.; 93 Groesbeck, Ruth; Lorimor, la.; Ill Groff, Carl; Maryville, Mo.; 93,235 Groh, Sandra, St. Joseph, Mo. ; 111 373 Groomer, Joyce, Stanberry, Mo.; Ill Gross, Doran; Osborn, Mo.; HI Gross, Joan; Mount Ayr, la.; 93,217 Gsell, Richard; Des Moines, la. ; 93 Gubser, Cheryl; Hamburg, la.; HI Gubser, James; Sidney, la. ; 77,222 Gumm, Thomas; Weaebleau, Mo. ; 112 GunsoUey, Byron; Diagonal, la.; 77 Gustafson, Richard; Des Moines, la.; 112, 246 Gustafson, Todd; Des Moines, la. ; 242 Guthery, Jayne; Atchison, Kan. ; 77 Haag, Janet; Maryville, Mo. ; 129 Haag, William; Maryville, Mo. ; 56,129 Hack, Linda Marshall; Des Moines, la.; 266 Hackett, Dennis; Farragut, Iowa; 93 Hagan, Lonny ; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 56,260,314, 316 Hager, Peter; Lansdale, Pa.; 341 Hahn, Charles; Cameron, Mo.; 367 Bailey, Dennis; Shannon City, Iowa; 93 Hale, Eddie; Maryville, Mo.; 77,222 Hall, James; Maryville, Mo.; 56,278 Hall, Lonnie; Carroll, Iowa; 112 Hall, Lynda; Jennings, Mo. ; 112,227,255 Hall, Margaret; Shenandoah, Iowa; 77,230, 363 Hall, Modena; Jennings, Mo.; 93,212 Hall, Philip; St. Joseph, Mo.; 56 Halliday, Douglas; Tarkio, Mo. ; 112,238 Halliday, Mina; Braddyville, Iowa; 56,219, 238,363 Hallum, Harvey; Tulsa, Okla. ; 56,230 Halter, Helen; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 93 Hamel, Dorothy; Bridgeville, Pa.; 93 Hamilton, Alice; Savannah, Mo.; 112,234, 254 Hamilton, Ellen ; Kansas City, Mo. ; 112 Hamilton, Garry; Maryville, Mo.; 56 Hamilton, Joan; Council Bluffs, Iowa; 112 Hamilton, Laura; Savannah, Mo.; 77 Hammers, Joyce; Maryville, Mo. ; 112 Hanabury, Walter; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 77 Haney, John; Marceline, Mo. ; 112 Hanna, Deanna; Ravenwood, Mo.; 93,246 Hanna, Victoria; Maryville, Mo.; 93,181, 225,267 Hannah, Ruth; Bolckow, Mo.; 112 Hanon, Larry; Shannon City, Iowa; 278 Hanrath, Ina; Tarkio, Mo.; 93 Hansen, Diane; Coon Rapids, Iowa; 93 Hansen, Gary; Marion, Iowa; 93,281,340 Hansen, Gloria; Harlan, Iowa; 112,230,254 Hansen, Patricia; Fulton, Mo.; 77,231,357 Hansen, Paul; Skidmore, Mo. ; 93,222 Hansen, Phillip; Clarinda, Iowa; 77 Hansen, Randolph; Des Moines, Iowa; 93, 334 Hansen, William; Des Moines, Iowa; 112, 344 Hardisty, William; Corning, Iowa; 56,225, 230,237,278 Hardwick, John; Gower, Mo.; 112,235 Hardwick, Judy; Gower, Mo. ; 93 Hardy, Barbara; Grant City, Mo.; 112.246 Hardy, David; Grant City, Mo. ; 77,246 Harker, John; Cambridge, Iowa; 278 Harker, Victoria; Cambridge, Iowa; 112 Harless, Roberta; 216 Harmon, Royal; Rock Port, Mo. ; 56,360 Harover, Richard; Maryville, Mo.; 56,250 Harris, Roger; Kansas City, Mo.; 77 Harrison, Phillip; Maryville, Mo.; 112,363 Harrison, Russell; Maryville, Mo.; 77,237 Hartley, Terry; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; 112, 230 Hartman, Paul; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 56 Harvey, Nancy; Bethany, Mo.; 93,217 Harwood, Patricia; Amity, Mo.; 93,232 Hascall, Harold; Maryville, Mo.; 77,246, 248 Hatcher, Edgar; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 93 Hatcher, Joyce; Des Moines, Iowa; 272 Hatfield, Kathryn; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 112 Hatteberg, Janice; Fonda, Iowa; 258 Hauber, Paula; Grant City. Mo. ; 77,217, 268 Hawkins, James; Leon, Iowa; 56,287 Hawkins, Julia; Independence, Mo. ; 93 Hawkins, William; 77 Hawley, Donna; Woodbine. Iowa; 56 Haynie, John; Shenandoah, Iowa; 93 Hays, David; Independence, Mo.; 93,339 Hays, Linda; Emerson, Iowa; 112 Hays, Margaret; Rock Port, Mo.; 77 Hays, Ronald; Des Moines, Iowa; 77, 357 Hazel wood, Dennis; West Islip, N.Y.; 112, 235 Hazelwood, Donald; West Islip, N.Y.; 112, 235 Healy, Michael; Maryville, Mo.; 56 Heath, Barbara; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 77,218, 237 Hebert, Cleta; Fort Dodge, Iowa; 93,252 Hebert, Judith; Eugene, Oregon; 56 Heck, James; Maitland, Mo.; 93 Hedrick, Myra ; Carrollton, Mo. ; 112 Heflin, Louann; Maryville, Mo.; 112 Heflin, Norman; Maryville, Mo.; 77 Hegwood, Philip; Lenox, Iowa; 93 Heidenreich, James; Wall Lake, la.; 77,278 Heiland, Joan; Panora, Iowa; 270 Heimke, Gary; Clearfield, Iowa; 77,235 Heinz, Richard; Bethany, Mo. ; 77,202 Heitz, Ronald; Maryville, Mo.; 56 Heifers, Patricia; Craig, Mo. ; 77,232 Heller, Ronald; Burlington Junction, Mo. ; 77 235 Helin, Joan; Red Oak, Iowa; 93 Helsel,John; Maryville, Mo.; 56 Helzer, Angela; Barnard, Mo.; 112,215,227 Helzer, Dorothy; Maryville, Mo.; 77,363 Helzer, Lois; Maryville, Mo.; 112,363 Hemry, Martha; Gallatin, Mo. ; 112,247 Henderson, Hamilton; St. Joseph, Mo.; 77, 236 Henderson, Judith; Atlantic, Iowa; 77 Hendren, Joel; Blythedale, Mo.; 112 Hendrickson, Gary; Grant City, Mo. ; 93 Hendrix, Dana; Kansas City, Mo. ; 77,267 Hennesy, Charles; Maryville, Mo.; 77 Henning, Judy; Westboro, Mo. ; 112 Henry, John; Kansas City, Mo. ; 77 Henry, Kerry; Kansas City, Mo. ; 56,159, 227,228 Henry, Pamela; Ravenwood, Mo. ; 112 Hensleigh, Marcia; Blanchard, la; 93,219 Herner, Brenda; St. Joseph, Mo.; 57,212, 237 Herod, Johnnie; Richmond, Mo. ; 77,363 Herrick, Lora; Carroll, Iowa; 113 Herring, David; Creston, Iowa; 57,260 Herron, Peggy; Rock Port, Mo. ; 93, 181, 238,239 Hersh, Lonita; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 205 Hersh, Sarah; Independence, Mo. ; 93 Hess, Delores; Blanchard, Iowa; 113 Hessel, Larry; Silver City, Iowa; 113 Hobbs, Gary; Hamilton, Mo. ; 233 Hodgin, Scott; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 219,261 Hicks, Donald; Emerson, Iowa; 93 Hiddleston, Roberta; Atlantic, Iowa; 57 Hilger, Dennis; Harlan, Iowa; 113,275 Hill, Barbara; Des Moines, Iowa; 93 Hill, Claudia; Clio, Iowa; 113 Hill, Charles; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 237 Hill, David; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 275 Hill, Melvin; Maryville, Mo.; 113, 360 Hill, Robert; Albany, Mo.; 113 Hillman, Alvin; New Hampton, Mo. ; 57 Hinders, Lonnie; Allison, Iowa; 57 Hinshaw, Ren; Maryville, Mo. ; 113 Hinton, James; Iowa Falls, Iowa; 77 Hinton, Larry; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 57 Hirsch, Trudy; Dexter, Iowa; 113 Hitchcock, Marjorie; Atlantic, Iowa; 238, 239,363 Hoak, Marlene; Breckenridge, Mo.; 94 Hobbs, Gary ; Hamilton. Mo. ; 233 Hodgin, Scott; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 219,261 Hofer, Karla; Ferguson, Mo.; 213 Hoffelmeyer, Linda; St. Joseph, Mo.; 77, 206,225,229,231,267 Hoffelmeyer, Michael; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 113 222 Hoffman, Carolyn; Clarinda, Iowa; 94, 248 Hoggatt, Sue; Osborn, Mo. ; 113 Hogue, Morris; Albany, Mo.; 77,235,281 Holcomb, Dale; St. Joseph, Mo.; 337 Holder, Peggy; Braymer, Mo.; 113,234 Holdsworth,Lila; Audubon, Iowa; 113 HoUebrands, Sandra; Bondurant, Iowa; 94 Holleman, Roxanna; Maryville, Mo. ; 94 Hollenbeck, Patricia; Mound City, Mo. ; 113.248.249 Hollensbe, Marilyn; Kansas City. Mo.; 78 Hollowell, Sheila; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 78 Hohnes, Mary; Kansas City, Mo.; 113 Hobnes. Twila; Bedford, Iowa; 78 Holtz, James; Maryville, Mo.; 181,287, 298 Hon, Linda; Kansas City, Mo.; 113 Honey, Kerry; Kansas City, Mo.; 57,224 Hooper, Shirley; Maryville, Mo.; 94.354 Hoover, Barbara; Guthrie Center. Iowa; 78.232 Hopkins, Cynthia; Des Moines, Iowa; 94 Hopkins, Dale; Tarkio, Mo. ; 248 Hopkins, Linda; Des Moines, Iowa; 78, 237,358 Hopkins, Tommy; Rock Port, Mo. ; 314 Hopper, Marilyn; Council Bluffs, Iowa; 113,243 Hornaday, Linda; Kansas City, Mo. ; 94, 219,363 Home, Donald; Coon Rapids. Iowa; 113 Horrell. Bruce; Carbondale. 111.; 261.283 Horton. Cheryl ; Rock Port, Mo. ; 94 Horton,Jill; Maryville, Mo.; 57,128,225, 230,236 Horton, Max; Maryville, Mo.; 57,128,231, 237 296 Hosfield. Donna; EUston, Iowa; 113 Houser. Kent; Carson. Iowa; 94 Houston. Iris; Centralia, Mo. ; 181.363 Howard. John; Elliott. Iowa; 265,275 Howard, Stephen; Craig, Mo. ; 94 Howe. Morris; Council Bluffs, Iowa; 113 Howell. Ronald; Jerseyville. 111.; 94 Howitt, Ronnie; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 78,287, 322 325 328 Howlett, Normal; Sikeston, Mo. ; 78,297, 339,341 Howren, Gary; St. Louis, Mo. ; 113,322 Hubbard. Richard; Leon, Iowa; 94 Ruber. Darrel; St. Joseph, Mo.; 78 Hudek, Dan; Pocahontas, Iowa; 281 Huelskamp, Margaret; Bedford, Iowa; 57. 217 225 Huff. Ronald; Hopkins. Mo.; 265,287 Huffaker, Jody; Carlisle, Iowa; 94 Huffman, Rebecca; Des Moines, Iowa; 237 Hufford, William; Kansas City, Mo. ; 113 Hughes, Katherine; Lenox, Iowa; 78,232 Hughes. Larry; Kent, Iowa; 57 Hull, Gary; Elmo, Mo. ; 94,222 Hull. Robert; Westboro. Mo. ; 78 Hulse, James; Maryville. Mo.; 219 Humphrey, Michael; Clearmont, Mo.; 78, 229,236 Hunt, Charlene; St. Joseph, Mo.; 78,227, 256 Hunt, Diana ; Kansas City, Mo. ; 113 Hunt, Judith; Kansas City, Mo. ; 78,231 Hunt, Karin; Red Oak, Iowa; 94,227 Hunt, Roberta; Redding, Iowa; 94 Hunter, Connie; Higginsville, Mo. ; 113 Hunter. Eileen; Thurman. Iowa; 78 Hunter, Lana; Fairfax, Mo.; 242 Hunter, Leslie; Grant City, Mo.; 113,254, 255 Hunter, Sarah; St. Joseph, Mo.; 78,218,272 Hunziger, Ronald; Filhnore, Mo.; 78,236, 362 Hurlbut, Norris;Garwin. la.; 235 Hurst. Michael; Scottsdale, Arizona, 314 Hurst, Susan; Kansas City, Mo. ; 94 Huston, Anne; Prairie Village, Kan. ; 57, 268 Hutchins, Richard; Barre, Vermont; 113, 241 Hutchinson, Linda; Pattonsburg, Mo.; 113, 227 Hutsell, Randy; Rock Port, Mo. ; 287 Ibbotson, Ellen; Tingley, la.; 94,213,217 Ibeling. John; Ackley. la.; 236 Dirig. Michael; New Cannan. Conn. ; 113 Ingels. Carolyn; Maryville. Mo. ; 265.272, 289 Ingels, Shirley; Hopkins, Mo. ; 57,94 Ingle, Jerry; Easton, Mo. ; 94 Ingram, Geraldine; Rock Port, Mo. ; 78 Inman. Dan; Earlham, la.; 113,235 Innis, Frank; King City, Mo.; 94,216,229, 237 Irvin, Lillian; Hastings, la. ; 94 Irwin, Elizabeth; Skidmore, Mo.; 113 Israel Elda; Bethany, Mo.; 94 . Itani, Salim; Beirut, Lebanon; 57 Jacks( Jacks ' Jacks Jacks 294 Jacks ' Jacob 2!1 Jaroe Jame Jame 331. Jame Jame Janc! Janse 240 Jansf Jansf 219 Jansi Jaqiii Jard( 235 Jam Jeanl Jenki Jen 268 Jenn, Jenii Jenn Jenn: Jensi Jensi Jens Jelei Jota Jocli John John IT. John 22; Johi Johi John John 374 i Ivers. Suzanne; St. Joseph. Mo. ; 113 Iwen. John; Persia, la. ; 78.357 Jackson. Gerald; Maryville, Mo. ; 78 Jackson. John; Marvville, Mo. ; 78 Jackson. Joyce; Savannah. Mo.; 78.218.273 Jackson. Rosa; Chicago Heights. 111.; 57. 294 Jackson. Sharyn; Maryville. Mo. ; 94.227 Jacobsen. Robert; Walnut. la.; 57.78.209. 281 James. Kenneth; Hopkins. Mo, ; 57 James, Pearl; Bethany. Mo.; 78 James, Ronald; Chariton. la.; 57,230,260, 331,333 James, Vernon; Chariton, la.; 94 Jameson, Howard ; Platte City. Mo. ; 283 Janczak. Martin; St. Joseph, Mo ; 78,275 Jansen, Diana; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 57.198.231, 240.241.294 Jansen. Marilyn; Manning. la. ; 113.228 Jansen. Mary; Independence. Kan.; 113. 219,234 Janssen, Valerie; Panora, la.; 94 Jaquith. David; Maryville. Mo.; 113.360 Jardon, Joseph; Randolph. la. ; 94.222.234. 235.260 Jarrett, Dennis; Red Oak, la. ; 113 Jeanblanc, Joyce; Vincent, la.; 57,229,238 Jenkins, Barbara; Raytown. Mo.; 213 Jenkins, Carol; Independence, Mo.; 94,218, 268 Jennings, Charlotte; 78 Jennings, John; Maryville, Mo.; 78,222 Jennings, Kathleen; Maryville, Mo. ; 58 Jennings, Merhn; Stanberry, Mo.; 78,360 Jensen, Allan; Exira, la; 113 Jensen, Jimmy; Greenfield, la.; 113,242 Jensen, Linda; Council Bluffs, la.; 113 Jeter, James; St. Louis, Mo.; 78,236,245 Jobusch. Joellen; Des Moines. la.; 113 Jochims, Jacqueline; Carroll, la.; 113 John, Daniel; Maryville, Mo.; 234,363 Johns. Kathryn; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 94,218, 273,347 Johnson, Bonita; Pomeroy, la.; 225,226, 227,230 Johnson, Cathleen; Grinnell, la.; 114 Johnson, Chloe: Villisca, la, 58,231,232 Johnson, Christine; Red Oak, la. ; 114,254 Johnson, Danny; Nodaway, la.; 114,237 Johnson, Darwin; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 78,236 Johnson, Edward; Red Oak, la. ; 234 Johnson, Ella; King City, Mo.; 114,230 Johnson, Eric; 78 Johnson. Gary; Maryville, Mo.; 58 Johnson, Gary; Fairfax. Mo.; 114 Johnson, Ingrid; Stanton. la.; 78.215.234 Johnson. James; Agency. Mo.; 260.283 314.318 Johnson. Kathryn; Tarkio. Mo.; 78,217 Johnson, Larry; Carbon. la.; 94 Johnson, Marvin; Fremont. Nebr.; 78 Johnson. Nancy; Grinnell, la.; 78,229,231, 267 Johnson, Nancy; Maryville, Mo.; 78 Johnson, Philip; Maryville, Mo.; 58 Johnson, Richard; Maryville, Mo.; 114 Johnson. Richard; St. Joseph. Mo.; 95.235 Johnson. Robert; Trenton. Mo.; 114 Johnson. Ruth; Ridgeway. Mo.; 78 Johnson, Sherecia; Parnell. Mo ; 114 Johnson. Terry; Des Moines, la. ; 222,278 Johnson, Toni; Maryville. Mo.; 78,146, 193,209 224,299 Johnson, Virginia; Maryville, Mo. ; 78,227 Johnston, Kristcn; Kansas City. Mo.; 188, 205,240,241,265,267,299 Johnston. Reanne; Lake City. la.; 58.159, 228,245,248,273 Jolly, Mary; Kansas City, Mo.; 114,254 Jones. Amos; Stewartsville, Mo.; 114 Jones, Barry; Grant City, Mo.; 95 Jones, Diana; Ridgeway, Mo.; 95,242,248, 251 Jones, Janet; Dana, la.; 78 Jones, Julia; Maryville, Mo.; 58 Jones, Karen; Skidmore, Mo. ; 95 Jones, Linn; Des Moines, la.; 95,235,334, 335 Jones, Mary; Excelsior Springs, Mo. ; 363 Jones, Michael; Prescott, la.; 95 Jones, Neil; Maryville, Mo. ; 79,281 Jones, Pamela; Lohrville, la.; 58.225,237, 270 Jones, Patricia; Lohrville, la.; 58,95,224, 225,237,270 Jones, Rego; Maryville, Mo.; 114,243, 245,247,248 Jones, Richard; Fairfax, Mo.; 235 Jones, Ronald; Chula, Mo.; 114,242 Jones, Ronald; Dawn, Mo.; 58,287 Jordan, Cheri; Chillicothe, Mo.; 95,181, 205,270,312 Jordan. Raymond; Chillicothe. Mo.; 114 229, 95, 114, 79, 114 la. Jorgensen, Keith; Manilla, la. ; 95 Josephsen, Danny; Exira. la.; 287 Joubert. Judith; Minneapolis. Minn.: 232,362 Joy, James; St. Joseph, Mo.; 114 Kabrick, Gary; Kansas City, Mo. ; 58 Kachulis, Gloria; Council Bluffs, la 163 Kading. Carolyn; Des Moines, la.; 58,188 189,195,273 Kalousek, Danny; Platte City, Mo.; 95 Kampman, Janice; Maryville, Mo. ; 95 Kampmann, Gary; Maryville, Mo.; 79 Kampmann, Jackie; Ridgeway, Mo 242 Karaff, David; Maryville, Mo.; 58,226 Kariker, Eldon; New Hampton, Mo.; 114 Karpowich, James; Wercester, Mass.; 79 Karrasch, Mary; St. Joseph, Mo.; 95,268 Kavanaugh, Richard; Hamilton, Mo.; 339 Kaupp, Terry; 344 Keiser, Mary; North Kansas City, Mo. Keith, Kenneth; Glenwood, la.; 260,297 Kelim, Leslie; Martinsville, Mo. ; 79 Keller, Marda; New Virginia, la.; 114,227, 234 Kelley, Lucinda; St. Joseph, Mo.; 58 Kelley, William; Clearmont, Mo.; 114 Kelling, Don;Corwith, la.; 287 Kelly, John; East Moline, 111.; 181,278 Kemery, John; Villisca, la.; 58,278 Kemp, James; Trenton, Mo. ; 114,237,339 Kendrick, Linda; Maryville, Mo.; 79 Kennedy, Mary; Bolckow, Mo ; 58 Kennedy, Ruth; Bolckow, Mo. ; 58,225,237 Kenny, Charles; Skidmore, Mo.; 114 Kenny, Charlotte; Skidmore, Mo.; 79,265, 268 Kerber. Max; McClelland. la.; 95 Kerns. Deanna; St. Joseph. Mo.; 114,227, 252 Kerns, Lloyd; Easton. Mo.; 95 Kerns, Nancy; Hemple, Mo.; 114,234,360 Kerwin, Kenneth; Parnell, Mo.; 79,287 Kesselring, Marilyn; Guthrie Center, 114 Kessler, Karen; Lexington, Mo.; 114 Kester, Fred; West Des Moines, la.; 248.334.335 Kesterton, Kay; Maryville. Mo.; 58,248 Kidney, Karla; Grant City, Mo. ; 114 Kieffer, Rita; St. Louis, Mo.; 95 Kieser, Jan; Maryville, Mo.; 114,239 Kilpatrick, Charles; Harlan, la.; 278 Kinder, Marsha; Mound City, Mo.; 236,362 King, David; Bedford, la.; 59 King, Dorothy; Lawson, Mo.; 114 King, John; Maryville, Mo.; 95 King, Mary; Grant City, Mo. ; 114,231 Kinker, Donald; Maryville, Mo.; 79,147 Kinker, Sharon; 216 Kirsch, Connie; Peru, la.; 95 Kirtley, Hattie; Maryville. Mo. ; 95 Kish. Colleen; Riverton. la.; 95,248 Kitterman. Darrell; Des Moines, la Klein, Jay; Florissant, Mo.; 260 Kliegl, Thomas; Des Moines, la. ; 79 Klindt, Richard; Maryville, Mo.; 235 Kline, Robert; Clarinda, la.; 59 Kline, Wayne; Agency, Mo.; 95,360 Kloewer, Leo; Manilla, la.; 79,260 Klute, Sandra; Blanchard, la.; 114 Knauf, Linda; Rea, Mo. ; 114,217 Knauss, Cheryl; Maryville, Mo. ; 79 Knauss, James; Maryville, Mo,; 59,281 Knauss, Richard; Guthrie Center, la. 281 Knepper, Mary; Platte City, Mo. ; 59,268 Knight, Janet; Gallatin, Mo.; 114 Knittl, Suzette; Maryville, Mo.; 95,248 Knox, Philip; Tarkio, Mo.; 114 Kobbe, Anna; Mount Ayr, la.; 95 Koehler, Linda; Maryville, Mo.; 79 Kornfeind, Ronald; Elmhurst, 111.; 95,278 Koscinski, Robert; Linden, N.J. ; 334 Koso, Donald ; Falls City, Nebr. ; 95 Kountz, Bobby; St. Joseph, Mo.; 79,230 Kramer, Diane; Council Bluffs, la.; 59 237,265,270 Kreek, Cynthia ; Oregon, Mo. ; 114 Krell, Karen; Toledo, Ohio; 79,232,254 294,295 95, 114, 95 95, 375 Krokstrom, Carol; Kansas City, Mo.; 79, 294 Kropp, Carroll; 288 KruU, Susan; St. Joseph, Mo.; 79 Krumm, Eugene; Adair, la. ; 216 Kruse, Barbara; Maryville, Mo.; 129 Kruse, Gary; Maryville, Mo.; 129 Kruse, Larry; Denison, la.; 59,237,278 Kruse, Raymond; Soldier, la. ; 95 Kuhre, Patricia; Creston, la.; 95 Kulp, Bruce; Manheim, Penn.; 79,283 Kunkel, Gary; Oregon, Mo. ; 114,235 Kurtz, Ann; Oregon, Mo. ; 95 Kurtz, Ivan; 114,230 Kurtz, Michael; Oregon, Mo.; 59,235,261 Kurtz, Scotty; Oregon, Mo.; 95,235,337 Kyhnn, Mark; Audubon, la. ; 114 Kyi, Janet; Des Moines, la. ; 79 Lager, Carol; Bedford, la. ; 114.225 Lager, Shirley; St. Joseph, Mo.; 59,217 Lainson, Suzanne; Council Bluffs, la. ; 114 Lainson, Vivian; Maryville, Mo.; 114,128 Lainson, Zach; Maryville, Mo.; 59,128,221 LaMar, Judy; Burlington Junction, Mo.; 59,217,225,230 Lambertsen, Mary; Wiota, la.; 95,231 Lambright, Edwin; Savannah, Mo.; 79,163, 181,197,205,209,265,283,298 Landers, Kenneth; Grandview, Mo.; 59,278 Landes, Rickey; Stanberry, Mo.; 114 Langford, Louis; Albany, Mo.; 79,236 Langford, Nona; Corydon, la. ; 79 Lantz, Curtis; Red Oak, la. ; 95 Lantz, Richard; Coin, la. ; 79,222,357 LaPorte, Stephen; Brockton, Mass.; 115, 235 Larison, Lynda; Blockton, la. ; 79 Larsen, Mary; Audubon, la.; 212 Larson, Avis; Deloit, la.; 79,243,246,249 Larson, Merle; Kirkman, la.; 95,246 Lasher, Tony; Coffey, Mo. ; 115 Lauber. Ann; Independence, Mo.; 79,218, 231,268 Lauhoff, Mary; Chillicothe, Mo.; 79,212, 231 258 289 Laur ' , Barbara; Westboro, Mo.; 79,225. 246,248,249,258 LaVille, Tom; Mason City, la.; 59,198, 200,220,275 Lawless. Wanda; Rockport, Mo. ; 115 La wson, Bruce; Dexter, la.; 115 Lawyer, Darwin; Maryville, Mo.; 129 Lay, Linda; Kellerton, la.; 95,215,294 Lazear, Fred; Chariton, la.; 59,181,205, 237,265,281,298 Leach, Robert; Maryville, Mo.; 314,316 Leak, Wallis; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 59,231,232 Leazenby, Richard; Mount Moriah, Mo. ; 95 Lee, Thomas; Savannah, Mo; 115 Leedy, Melba; Bolckow, Mo.; 115,215 Leeper, Paul; Maryville, Mo. ; 235 Lees, Connie; Hastings, la. ; 59 Lefgren, Carolyn; Hastings, la.; 59,295 Legaard, David; Ridgeway, Mo.; 95 Leighninger, Daniel; Stanberry, Mo.; 115 Leighninger, David; Stanberry, Mo.; 287 Leiter, Susan; Independence, Mo.; 95,231, 269 Lemire, Henry; North Conway, N. H.; 115, 201,260 Lesan, Steven; Mount Ayr, la. ; 95 Letzig, Barbara; Belton, Mo.; 79,212,231, 232,363 Leu, Byron; Hastings, la.; 222 Leuwerke, Ronald; Gamer, la. ; 115 Levine, Patricia; Kansas City, Mo. ; 115 Lewellen, Larry; Maryville, Mo.; 95,233 Lewin, Jerry; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 59,231 Lewis, George; Maryville, Mo.; 79 Lewis, Gloria; Napa, Cal. ; 59,269 Lewis, Jerry; Adel, la.; 59,79 Lewis, Sandra; Kansas City, Mo.; 115,227 Lewis, Terry; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 95 Lillard, Janice; Savannah, Mo. ; 79,21 5 Lillie, Allen; Bedford, la.; 79 Limbacher, Durward; Farragut, la.; 251 Linde, Cheryll; Harlan, la.; 79,267 Linder, EMward; Oelwein, la. ; 59 Link, Allan; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 79,275 Linn, Diana, West Des Moines, la.; 115 Lisbona, Linn; Des Moines, la. ; 362 Lisbona, Marjorie; Des Moines, la.; 60,96, 217,363 Lisle, Douglas; Marion, la.; 115 Litten, Ralph; Maryville, Mo.; 60,235 Little, Donita; Chula, Mo.; 79,252,295 Little, Lloyd ;Stronghurst, 111.; 235 Livingston, Ernest; Mound City, Mo. ; 60 Lloyd. Stephen; Red Oak, la.; 96,205,265, 275 Loch, Ruth; Pickering, Mo.; 115 Lockett, Suzzane; Sidney, la.; 79 Loft, Rebecca; Cameron, Mo. ; 115 Logan, Joe; Maryville, Mo.; 60,209,283, 298,302 Logan, Lloyd; PlaUsburg, Mo.; 235 Logsdon, James; Maryville, Mo.; 60 Logsdon, Janice; Maryville, Mo.; 216 Logsdon, John; Maryville, Mo. ; 79,131 Logsdon, Judith; Fairfax, Mo. ; 115 Lonergan, David; Boone, la. ; 236 Long " Harlan; Maryville, Mo.; 60 Long, Mary; Irwin, la.; 115,237 Long, Robert; Savannah, Mo.; 79 Long, Ruth; Bethany, Mo.; 115,246 Long, Susan; Bethany, Mo. 96,217 Long, Verlin; Graham, Mo. ; 115 Longfellow, Jack; Lenox, la.; 79,225,261, 281 Longnecker, Marlene; Malcom, la. ; 115 Loots, Marilyn; Manson, la.; 79,354,357 Lopour, Eileen; Kansas City, Mo.; 60,273 Lotz, Judy; Nettleton, Mo.; 115 Lovell, Marvin; Griswold, la. ; 115 Lowrance, Connie; Skidmore, Mo.; 96 Lowrance, Gary; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 79,236 Lowrey, Bobby; Pattonsburg, Mo.; 115,222 Lowrey, Diane; Des Moines, la. ; 232 Lowrey, Merylan; Maryville, Mo.; 60 Loynachan, James; Adel, la. ; 96,234 Lucas, Sharon; Kansas City, Mo.; 212,267 Ludeman, Betty; Adair, la.; 115 Lumm, Lawrence; Percival, la.; 115,247, 360 Lumm, Werner; 222 Lumm, Mary; Percival, la.; 80,247,354, 360,361 Lund, Jackie; Maryville, Mo.; 60 Lund, Marta; Iowa City, la.; 115,254 Lundquist, Patricia; Thayer, la. ; 115 96,219,270, 96 80,212, 61,198, 96,233 Lundquist, Terry; Coming, la.; 80 Lunkins, Sondra; Kansas City, Mo. ; 232 Lupardus, Thomas; Guthrie Center la.; 60,245,246 Lusk, Danny; Clearmont, la. ; 235 Lutz, Terry; Maryville, Mo.; 363 Lybarger, Judy; Denison, la. ; 60 Lybarger, Roy; Denison, la. ; 96 Lyles, Sharon; Omaha, Neb. ; 115 Maaske, Richard; Council Blaffs, la Maassen, Mary; Walnut, la.; 232, 295,357 Mabary, Jerry; Emerson, la. ; 116 Mabary, Shirley; Emerson, la.; 96,217,254, 360,361 Mabeus, Patricia; Ottumwa, la. ; 80,246 Mackey, David; Maryville, Mo. ; 61,222 Mackey, Margaret; Maryville, Mo.; 61,217 Madden, Duane; Creston, la. ; 61 Madden, Ellen; Ravenwood, Mo.; 116,227 Madden, Jo Ann; Maryville, Mo.; 96,225, 359 Madden, Michael; Des Moines, la.; 96,284 Madden, William; Maryville, Mo. ; 116 Madison, Diana; Des Moines, la. ; 80,232,256 Madison, Willis; Bethany, Mo.; 61,235 Madsen, Ellen; Elk Hom, la. ; 96,233 Magill, Gene; Vail, la. ; 116 Magin , Elisabetha; Hiwatha, Kan.; 116 Magner, Mildred; St. Joseph, Mo.; 116,226 Magnin, Nancy; Chillicothe, Mo.; 116 Magnussen, Jerry; Larrabee, la.; 61,278 Main, John; Mount Ayr, la. ; 80,235 Maiorano, Larry; Auburn, N. Y.; 96,226 275,344 Majerus, Linda; Maryville, Mo. ; 216 Majerus, Robert; Maryville, Mo.; 61,237 Malone, Kathleen; Omaha, Neb.; 96 Malone, Lavera; St. Louis, Mo.; 80 Malone, Mary; Eldon, la.; 116,231 Malott, Michael; Anaheim, Cal.; 80 Maltsberger, Joe; Maryville, Mo. 199.219,220,275 Mangier, Connie; Sabula, la. ; 116 Manhart, Lynn; Council Bluffs, la Mann, Donna; Kansas City, Mo. ; 96,213 Mannasmith, Dianne; Coin, la. ; 116,248 Manning, Meredith; Albany, Mo.; 252 Manville, Larry; Dearborn, Mo. ; 80 Marburg, Richard; Philadelphia, Penn.; 80,284,314 Marcinko, James; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 61 Marek, Joan; Polo, Mo. ; 80,223,295 Markel, Timothy; Malvern, la. ; 116 Markt, Curtis; Forest City, Mo. ; 116 Markt, James; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 96 Markt, Larry; Oregon, Mo.; 61,235 Markt, Loren; Oregon, Mo. ; 116,222 Marlow, Sharon; Stuart, la.; 96,242 Marquardt, Rose; Ida Grove, la.; 96 Marr, Michael; Manilla, la.; 61 Martin, Arthur; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 116 Martin, Carl; Maryville, Mo. ; 96 Martin, Linda; Maryville, Mo.; 225 Martin, Lloyd; Kansas City, Mo.; 96,235 Martin, Rosemary; Smithville, Mo. ; 96 MarUn, Ruth; Carroll, la. ; 80,219,230,363 Martinson, Linda; Des Moines, la. ; 116,267 Marvin, Kathiey ; Ralston, Neb. ; 116 Maschke, Kathie; Des Moines, la.; 232 Mashek, Cynthia; Omaha, Neb. ; 96 Mason, Jerry; Chariton, la. ; 61,261 Mason, Merrill; Maryville, Mo.; 61 Mason, Suzanne; Cameron, Mo.; 227 Massie, Terrance; Fairfax, Mo. Masters, Donald; Altamont, Mo Mather, Denny; Maryville, Mo.; Mathews, Gary; Gladstone, Mo. Mathews, Keith; Kansas City, Mo. ; Mathewson, Marjorie; St. Joseph, 232,256 Matiyow, Larry; Roseville, Mich 314,318 Matt, Richard; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 61 Matthews, Robert; Anita, la. ; 281 Matthews, Robert; Maryville, Mo. ; Mauer, Gary; Neola, la. ; 80,275 Mauer, Virginia; Afton, la.; 273 Maxwell, Alice; Mingo, la.; 80,231 Maxwell, Alice; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 80,232 Maxell, Ronald; Stanton, la.; 61,222 96,226, 80 . 116,222 61 281 243 Mo.; 61, 80,284, 130 376 ] t May, Robert: Kansas City, Mo. ; 116,233 Mayberry, Louis: Council Bluffs, la.; 116 Mayhes, flichard; Greenfield, la.: 314 McAlpin, Leann: Bedford. la : 81,363 McAvoy, Barbara; Walnut, la. ; 115.234 McAvoy, Jon; Walnut, la.; 96,234 McCampbell, Russell: Stant)erry, Mo.; 81, 181,224,225,230,236 McCarthy, Trudy; Maryville, Mc; 81,229, 232 McCartney, Karen; Maumec, Ohio; 96 McCarty, James; Stanberry, Mo.; 60 McClain, Donna ;CarUsle, la.; 60,217,236 McClain, Patty; St. Joseph. Mo. ; 60 McClintic. Katherine; Indianola, la.; 81, 360 361 McCloud, Gary; Lohrville, la. ; 60 McClure. Jack; Decatur. la. ; 60,209,283 McCoUough, Gary; Lawson, Mo.; 60,265, 275,299.329 McCoUum, Steven; Manning, la.; 115.235 McCombs, Orville; Maryville, Mo.; 115, 238,239 McConnell, Christine; Kansas City, Mo.; 115,212,227,234 McCord, Lorraine; Ravenwood, Mo.; 96 McCormick, Jeannie; Independence, Mo,; 81,181,218,232,269 McCoy, Sherry ;Utica, Mo.; 115 McCrary, Jimmie; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 81 McCray, Sarah; Hamilton, Mo.; 115 McCulloch, Dianna; Little Current, Ont., Can.; 81,358 McCune, Vicky; Florissant, Mo.; 96 McCush, Gerald; Amazonia, Mc; 115.235 McDaniel. Larry; Davis City, la.; 275 McDonald, Jo Aiine; Winterset, la. ; 96 McDonald, Rowena; East St. Louis, Mo.; 96 McDowell, Robert; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 115 McDowell, Timothy; Manheim, Penn. ; 96, 287 McElfish, Peggy; Rockport, Mo.; 60,254 McGhee, James; Palos Park, ni.; 314 McGinness, Galand; Ridgeway, Mo.; 115 McGinnis, Judy; Maryville, Mc; 199 McGinnis, Theresa; Maryville, Mo. ; 96 McGuire, Patrick; Orlando, Fla. ; 81 McGuire, Timothy; Vincent, la. ; 60 Mcintosh, Marchele; Des Moines, la. ; 115 Mclntyre. Gary; Adel, la ; 96.297 Mclntyre, George; Burlington Jimction, Mc; 60 Mclrvin, Janet; Maryville, Mo. ; 115 McKee, Beth; St. Charles, la.; 115,234,242, 360 McKee, David; Stuart, la.; 284 McKenzie, Beverly; Des Moines. la.; 81, 227,256 McKinney, Larry; Des Moines, la. ; 234 McKinnie, Linda; Afton. la. ; % McKinney, Mary; Colo, la. ; 96,287 McLaughlin. Bernard; North Brook. 111.; 281 McLaughUn, Daniel; East Moline, El.; 220, 278 McLees, Cheri; Independence, Mo.; 115 McNulty, Trudy; Barnard, Mo.; 115,215 McQuerrey, Joyce; Cameron, Mo.; 81,226, 227,252 McRae, Janice; Des Moines, la. ; 96 McWilliams, John; Bosworth, Mo.; 116 Mead, Sharon; Dawn, Mo.; 80.243,248,360 Meade, Janice; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 116 Means, Lon; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 275 Means, Sheryl; St. Joseph, Mc; 43,61,188, 212 231 232 269 Mears, Charles; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 80,261 Medsker, Sandra; Guilford, Mo.; 96,239 Meers, Gary; St. Joseph, Mo.; 61,222,235 Mehrhoff , Joyce; Lexington, Mo. ; 116,243 Meindertsma, Peter; Newton, la.; 80,339, 340 Meinecke, Darrell; Jamaica, la.; 116 Meints, Harlan; 62 Melendez, Reyes; Puerto Rico; 116 Melito, John; Nutley, N. J. : 80,226,278 Melson, Marsha; Gallatin, Mo.; 96 Mendenhall, Joyce; Hopkins. Mo. ; 96 Mendenhall, Thomas; Oregon, Mo. ; 116 Menefee, Edward; Menio, la. ; 116 Meng. Edward ; Oregon. Mc; 62,222 Mercer, DaryI;Pamell, Mo.; 62,223 Merenghi, Marsha; Maryville, Mo. ; 116 Merritt. Donna; Rosendale, Mc; 96, 225,231 Messerli, Kenneth; Council Bluffs, la.; 80, 281 Messerschmidt, Steven; Shelby, la.; 96 Messner, Carol; Stanberry, Mo.; 360,361 Meyer, Janet; St. Joseph, Mo.; 116 Meyer, Judith; Maryville, Mo. ; 237 Meyer, Marilyn; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 96,273 Meyer, Paul; St. Louis, Mc; 80,281,314, 318 Meyers, Sally; Gravity, la.; 116 Michael, Timothy; Logan, la. ; 116 Michaud, Gregory; Florissant, Mo.; 260 Mickelson, Sher ; Ames. la.; 117 Mikkelsen, Jerry; Omaha, Nebr. 62 Milk. Duane; Denville. N.J.; 97.334 MiUer, Beverly; Brooklyn, la.; 80,227 MiUer, Carolyn; Manilla, la.; 80,213,228, 273 MiUer, Kack; Sioux City, la.; 209,265,284, 298 MiUer, Cynthia; West Des Moines, la.; 80, 230,269 Miller, Dale; Persia, la.; 117 MiUer, Douglas; La Crosse, Wis. ; 62 Miller, Edwin; Des Moines, la. ; 80,275 Miller, Gale; Kellerton, la. ; 97 Miller, Helen ; Kansas City, Mc ; 117 MiUer, James; Stanbetry, Mo. ; 80 MiUer. Joan; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 62 MiUer, John; Stanberry, Mo. ; 80,314 MiUer, Loring; Leon, la. ; 97,219 MiUer, Mary; Stanberry, Mo.; 117 Miller, Mary; ChilUcothe, Mo.; 80,269 Miller. Michael, Maryville, Mo.; 245,248, 249,281 MiUer, Michael P. ; Maryville, Mo. ; 97,246 MiUer, Peggy; Coming, la. ; 81,254 Miller, Peggy; Indianola, la.; 81,230,232 Miller, Richard; Silver City, la. ; 97 MUler, Rodney; Silver City, la. ; 117 Miller, Russell; Rockwell City, la. ; 97 MiUer, Sherry; Stanberry, Mo. ; 177 Miller, Susan; St. Joseph, Mo.; 225,265, 273,298,346 Miller, Thomas, St. Joseph, Mo. ; 117 MiUer, Wayne; Maryville, Mo.; 62,237 MiUs, Linda; Des Moines, la. ; 97 Millsap, Kenneth; Cameron. Mo.; 117,358 Milne, Arlen; Oregon. Mo.; 117 Minnick, Doug; Creston. la. ; 230 Missman, Marilyn; Des Moines, la. ; 117 Missman, Mark; Des Moines, la.; 97 Mitchell, Ann; Skidmore, Mo.; 97,269 MitcheU, Dottie; Maryville, Mo.; 62,299 MitcheU, Paul; Maryville, Mc; 62 MitcheU, Paulette, Red Oak, la.; 267.346 Mitchell, Ronald; MaryviUe, Mo. ; 62 Mitchell, Victor; Independence, Mo.; 81,261 Mobley, Judith; CarroUton, Mo.; 117 Mocca, Paula; Worchester, Mass.; 81 Moehring, Anna; Barnard, Mo. ; 117 Moffet, Carl; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 117 Mohr, Jan; Maquoketa, la.; 62 Moldenhauer, Darlene; Stanberry, Mc; 97 Moldenhauer, Gerald; Stanberry, Mo.; 117 Moles, Neal; MaryviUe, Mo.; 62,235 Monach, Kenneth; St. Joseph, Mo.; 97 Monaghan, Barry; Mount Ayr. la.; 284,314, 316 Monjar, John; Kansas City, Mo. ; 117 Montag, Kenneth; West Bend, la.; 218,229, 279 Montgomery, Jo Ann; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 81, 181,187,256,265,267 Moody, Michael ; Hamburg, la. ; 314 Moon, Mary; Des Moines, la. ; 97 Mooney, Louis; St. Joseph, Mo.; 81,336, 338 Moore, Deborah; Savannah, Mo.; 117 Moore, Harlan; Tarkio, Mo.; 97,243,245, 246 Moore, Janice; Gravity, la.; 117 Moore, Jay; Savannah, Mo. ; 62 Moore, Jon; Red Oak, la. ; 81 Moore, Karen; Ravenwood, Mo.; 117,242, 251 Moore, Lucinda ; Chula, Mo. ; 117 Moore, Milton; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 62,235 Moore, Paula; Rockport, Mo. ; 97 Moore, Sharon; Tabor, la. ; 117 Morelli, Mark; Kansas City, Mo. ; 233 Morey, Ethel; CarroUton, Mo. ; 97 Morgan, Alma; Oregon, Mo. ; 97 Morgan, Anne; ElUott, la.; 43,97,218,245, 248,258,273 Morin, Cheryl; Ravenwood, Mo.; 117 Morris, Linda; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 62 Morris, Marl ene; Emerson, la.; 81,212, 231,232,269 Morris, PhyUis; Mound City, Mo. ; 81 Morris, Robert; Gilman City, Mo. ; 81 Morrow, Connie; Des Moines, la. ; 97 Morse, Janice; Council Bluffs, la. ; 117 Morton, Michael; Kansas City, Mo.; 97 Moseman, John; KcUisas City, Mo. ; 62 Moss, Clifford; Princeton, Mo.; 81 Mowrey, Rex; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 260 Mueller, Ernest; West Des Moines, la.; 230 Muff, Leon; Crete, Neb. ; 314,319 MuUenax, Mary Lou; Mount Ayr, la.; 97, 238,239,247,248 Mullins. Donna; Essex, la.; 81,248,249,252 Mummelthie, Robert; Rockford, la. ; 117 Mundt, Marsha; Ferguson, Mc; 97.188,267, 288,289 Mundy, John; Des Moines, la. ; 287 Murphey, Donna; Red Oak, la. ; 117 Murphy, Patricia; Trenton, Mo.; 81,360 Murray, Elaine; North Kansas City, Mc; 81,159,273 Musch, Roderick, Tarkio, Mo. ; 287 Myers, Harold; ChilUcothe, Mo.; 117 Myers, Michael; Rockport, Mo.; 287 My Ian, Lynne; Adel, la. ; 97 Myrtue, Jerry; MaryviUe, Mo.; 62 Nabhan, Connie; Albany, Mc; 117 Naert, Deborah; Des Moines, la. ; 117 Nash, Sharon; Kansas City, Mo. ; 81 Nauman, Thomas; Rockport, Mo. ; 97 Nazarene, Jon; Red Oak, la. ; 81 Neal, James; Kansas City, Mo.; 314 Neely, Barbara; Independence, Mc; 217, 358 Neff, Keith; Rosendale, Mo.; 117 Nehe, Jeanne; Oakland, la.; 117 Neidt,Sonia, Truro, la.; 117 Nelsen, Margaret; Anita, la.; 117 ' Nelson, James; MaryviUe. ' Mo.; 81,223,328 Nelson, Kenneth; Westboro, Mo.; 62 Nelson, Larry; Maryville, Mo.; 97 Nelson, Linda; Mound City, Mo. ; 117 Nelson, Marietta, Barnard, Mo.; 81,217 Nelson, Rol)ert; Independence, Mo. ; 222 Nelson, Roger; HamUn, la.; 81,222 Nelson, Roger; Dunlap, la.; 97,275 Nelson, Sharon; Bolckow, Mo. ; 97,358 Netherton, Jerry; Perry, la. ; 81,222 Neuberger, Marolee; Renwick, la.; 117, 213,230 Neuroth, Patty; Storm Lake, la. ; 97 Neuroth, Stephen; Storm Lake, la.; 62,237, 287 Neustadt, David ; La Grange, Dl. ; 260,297 Newberg, Robert; MaryviUe, Mo.; 63 Newell, Michael; Anita, la.; 63 Newey, Leonard; St. Joseph, Mo.; 81 Newland, Duane; Dow City, la. ; 117 Newman, David; Bethany, Mo.; 97,245,248 Newman, Janet; ManrvUle, Mc; 81,218,225 Newman, Jerry; MaryviUe, Mo.; 63,81, 181,284,298 Nicholas, Maureen; Hopkins, Mo.; 97,242 Nichols, Carol; Bethany, Mo. ; 117,237 Nichols, Charlotte; Maryville, Mo.; 81,217 NickeU, Veriel; Maryville, Mo.; 97 Nickerson, Delma; Maryville, Mo. ; 97 NicoUe, Carolyn; Ames, la.; 117 Nielsen, Anne; Winterset, la.; 97,202,219 Nielsen, Carol; Encino, Cal. ; 63,222,362 Nielsen, Duane; E ira, la.; 117 Nielsen, James; Audubon, la.; 81 Nielsen, Janet; MaryviUe, Mo. ; 97 Nielsen, Mary; MaryviUe, Mo.; 117 Nigh, Cherie; Maryville, Mo. ; 97 Nigh, Gary; MaryviUe, Mo. ; 97 Noah, Pat; Rockport, Mo. ; 63,312,313 Noble, Gerald ; Mount Ayr, la. ; 63 Noel, Linda; Oregon, Mo.; 97 Nolan, Joyce ; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 81 Nolri, Patricia; St. Joseph, Mo.; 97,226,227 Nold Susan; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 97,226,227 Nopoulos, Jon; Stuart, la.; 284,314,319 377 Norman, Cheryl; Des Moines, la.; 117,284 Norman, Dennis; Lansing, III. ; 63 Norman, Myra; Maitland, Mo.; 117,230, 234,362 Norris, Constance; Des Moines, la.; 81,188, 265,271 Norris, Kathleen; Griswold, la.; 63,232, 257 Norton, David; Plattsburg, Mo.; 97,222 Novak, Tony; Kansas City, Kan.; 97,314, 319 Nowling, Pamela; Mound City, Mo. ; 81 Nugent. Margaret; Stanberry, Mo.; 81,218 O ' Bradovich, Nick; Council Bluffs, la. ; 117 O ' Brien, Kerry; Aurora, Colo, ; 117 O ' Brien, Terry; Farragut, la. ; 118 O ' Connell, Terry; Cedar Rapids, la.; 97 O ' Connor, Charles; St. Joseph, Mo.; 63, 172,199,202,220,275 Odell, Klaris; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 63,217 Odom, James; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 81,235 Oehler, Dale; Newton, la. ; 97 Oestenstad, Kent; Spencer, la.; 261,284 Ohde, Dennis; Manning, la.; 118 Oldenburger, Craig; Aplington, la. ; 81 Olenhouse, Terrell; Chillicothe, Mo.; 82, 213 Oliphant, Jacqulin; Richmond Mo.; 118 Olson, Barbara; Manilla, la.; 63,232,258, 295 Olson, Darrel; Elmo, Mo.; 118,235 Olson, Vicki; Council Bluffs, la. ; 118 Ooten, James; Onawa, la. ; 314 O ' Renick, Phillip; Sugar Creek, Mo. ; 118 0 ' Riley,Jeri; 216 O ' Riley, Marilyn; Graham, Mo.; 118,227 O ' Riley, William; Maryville, Mo.; 98 O ' Riley, W R.; Maryville, Mo.; 63,216, 229,238,282,359 Orlowski, Donald; El Paso, Tex.; 82,284, 314,316,319 O ' Rourke, Timothy; Saddle Brook, N.J.; 82,284,314,319 Orstad,Daryl; Elliott, la.; 357 Osburn, Toni; Austin, Minn. ; 98,267 Ostrander, Arlene; Maryville, Mo.; 98, 248 Ostrus, David; Osceola, la.; 98 Oswald, Rita; Fairfax, Mo. ; 118 Ott, Helen Harmon; 82,230 Ott, William; Maryville, Mo.; 82 Otte, Dorman; Clarinda, la. ; 357 Outersky, Ronald; Richmond, Mo.; 98 Owen, Larry; Mill Grove, Mo.; 63,284 Owen,Sue;Creston,Ia.; 98,228 Owen, Thomas; West Chester, Penn. ; 82 Owen, Jean; Maysville, Mo. ; 230,237,254 Owens, Thomas; St. Joseph, Mo.; 63,218, 224,237,314,317 Pace, Ellen; Manilla, la.; 98 Packer, Allan; Maryville, Mo.; 63,330 Packer, Judith Berti; Maryville, Mo. ; 63 Page, William; Council Bluffs, la. ; 279 Paist, Alice; Mount Ayr, la.; 118,237 Palmer, Allen; Henderson, la.; 98 Palmer, Clifford ; Brooks, la. ; 330 Palumbo, Judith; Coco Solo, Canal Zone; 82,213,227 Paolillo, Robert; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 82 Pape, Roger; Merriam, Kan. ; 118 Park, Carol; Easton, Mo.; 63,232 Parker, Anthony; Whiting, Ind. ; 314 Parker, Linda; Martinsville, Mo.; 82,225 Parks, Charles; Albany, Mo. ; 118 Parks, Kathryn; Council Bluffs, la.; 118, 187,213 Parman, Larry; Maryville, Mo.; 82,235 Parrish, Dixie; Clearfield, la. ; 118 Parrish, Mardelle; St. Joseph, Mo.; 82,231 Parsons, Charles; Forest City; 118 Parsons, Ross; Kansas City, Mo. ; 118 Partlow, Richard; Menlo, la.; 82,236,297 Pasternak, Judith; St. Joseph, Mo.; 98 Patee, James; St. Joseph, Mo.; 63,221,276 Patee, Jerry; St. Joseph, Mo.; 64,164,240, 241,275,276 Patience, Gary; Earlham, la.; 98,357 Patrick, Douglas; Burlington Junction, Mo.; 98 Patterson, Linda; Savannah, Mo. ; 118 Patton, Billie; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 64 Paulsen, Cheryl;; 118,243,248 Paulsen, Marlus, Avoca, la.; 82,225,232, 295 35 7 Paulsen, Ruth; Maryville, Mo.; 63,216, 225,247 Paulsen, Thomas; Maryville, Mo.; 235,330 Pawlowski, Ron; St. Joseph, Mo.; 98,284, 314 Paxton, Patricia; Maryville, Mo.; 64,273 Payne, Patricia; Council Bluffs, la.; 118, 234,238 Peake, Thomas; Maryville, Mo. ; 282 Peart, Larry; Gladstone, Mo. ; 64,282 Pease, Dwight; Malcom, la.; 98,276 Pease, Jean; Lamoni, la.; 118 Peden, Edward, Troy, Kan. ; 98 Pedersen, Eileen; Council Bluffs, la.; 82, 212 295 Pedersen, Glen; Maryville, Mo.; 82,235 Peirce, Gerald; Littleton, Colo.; 226,287, 334 335 Peirce, Joseph; Littleton, Colo. ; 287 Pepper, Jeffrey; Weston, Mo.; 261 Peppmeier, Janice; Maryville, Mo. ; 64 Pereira, Janis; Maryville, Mo.; 64 Pereira, Thomas; Maryville, Mo. ; 64 Perlenfein, Connie; Tarkio, Mo. ; 82,215 Perry, Diane; 216 Perry, Russell; Maryville, Mo.; 98 Perry, Shirley; Greenfield, la. ; 82 Peters, Joann; Manning, la.; 98,228 Peters, John; Shawnee Mission, Kan. ; 98 Peters, Judy; Des Moines, la. ; 118 Peters, Karen; Des Moines, la.; 64,225, 273,299 Petersen, Janice; Brayton, la. ; 82,215 Petersen, Ronald; Ida Grove, la.; 118 Petersohn, Phyllis; Tingley, la. ; 118 Peterson, Alan; Atlantic, la. ; 82,265,288 Peterson, Donald; 345 Peterson, Harriette; Maryville, Mo.; 64,267 Peterson, Joseph; Maryville, Mo.; 314 Peterson, Keith; Madrid, la.; 82,288 Peterson, Martin; Shenandoah, la.; 82,181, 224,225,236,297,362 Peterson, Michael; Maryville, Mo.; 314, 319 Peterson, Monte; Kansas City, Mo.; 118 Peterson, Patricia; Shenandoah, la. ; 118 Petree, Joetta; Braymer, Mo.; 82,225,247, 363 . Pettegrew, Mary Mast; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; 42,64,181,186,225,230,265,269,298,302 Pettit, Earl; Menlo, la. ; 98 Pettlon, Kenneth; Hopkins, Mo. ; 118 Petty, Carol; Des Moines, la. ; 271 Phillips, Carol; ChilUcothe, Mo. ; 98,254 Phillips, Catherine; Savannah, Mo. ; 118 Phillips, Edward; Missouri Valley, la.; 98, 235 Phillips, Randy; Kansas City, Mo.; 64,261 Phillips, Susan; Kansas City, Mo.; 118, 243 Phipps, Lynnard; Council Bluffs, la.; 118, 339 Phoenix, John; Des Moines, la.; 98,229,234 Pickerel, James; Stanberry, Mo.; 118 Pickett, Nancy; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 212,273 Pierce, Cathy; Parkville, Mo. ; 118,243 Pierce, Janet; Rockport, Mo.; 98 Pierce, Jon; Maryville, Mo. ; 130,237 Pierce, Michael; West Des Moines, la.; 82,247,248,249,250 Pierce, Milo; Anita, la. ; 64 Piercy, Milton; St. Joseph, Mo.; 64 Pierson, Dwight; Red Oak, la ; 82 Pine, Dan; Diagonal, la. ; 82,230,237 Piraro, Donna; Kansas City, Mo.; 118,255 Ploghoft, Connie; Red Oak, la. ; 98 Ploghoft, Susan; Red Oak, la.; 64 Plough, Hugh; Council Bluffs, la.; 285 Plummer, Mary; Plattsburg, Mo.; 98 Plummer, Patricia; Plattsburg, Mo ; 82 Poage, Donald; Maryville, Mo.; 288 Pollard, Mike; St. Louis, Mo.; 118 PoUey, Dannie; Ridgeway, Mo. ; 118,288 Pontow, Albert; Malvern, la.; 98,260,297 Poole, Christena; Council Bluffs, la.; 82, 232,295 Poole, James; Leon, la. ; 98 Porch, Roscoe, Anita, la. ; 118,242,248 Porter, Janila; Maryville, Mo.; 82,232 Porter, Philip; Tarkio, Mo.; 64 Porter, Rodney; Modale, la.; 98 Posson, Charles; Parkville, Mo.; 64,221, 297 Potter, Mary; Sidney, la.; 24,82,164,212, 225,240,273,300 Potter, Pamela; Maysville, Mo. ; 118,213 Pottratz, Gregory; King City, Mo. ; 98 Prater, Craig; Bolckow, Mo. ; 82 Pratt, Kay; 216 Prentis, Raymond; Maryville, Mo.; 236 Prescher, Jeannette; Agency, Mo.; 118 Presti, Joseph; Saddle Brook, N. J.; 260, 314,317 Preston, Joseph; 317 Preston, Stanley; Bethany, Mo. ; 98,297 Price, Dave; Marion, la. ; 118 Price, John; Maryville, Mo.; 98,285,299 Price, Margaret; North Kansas City Mo.; 82,200,203 Price, Melody; Cameron, Mo.; 118,212, 246 Price, Ruth; Fairfax, Mo. ; 82 Pride, Myra; Maryville, Mo.; 118,215 Prieditis, Dagnia; Clarinda, la; 82 Priest, Gary; Ankeny, la. ; 82 Prins, John; Bradford, la.; 99 Prior, Linda; Council Bluffs, la. ; 271 Protzman, Mary; Conception Junction, Mo.; 99 Pruitt, Alan; EUno, Mo.; 82,234,236,299, 363 Pruitt, Robert; Maryville, Mo.; 118,233, 242 Przybylski, Thomas; St. Joseph, Mo.; 64, 235 • Peebles, Katherine; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; 118 Puck, Robert; Davenport, la.; 119,234,242, 334 Pulem, Bonnie; Platte City, Mo. ; 99 PuUen, Arthur; Maysville, Mo.; 99 PuUiam, Robert; St. Joseph, Mo.; 82,236 Pummill, Kenneth; Kansas City, Mo. ; 119 Purviance, Carol; Kansas City, Mo. ; 119 Putnam, David; Council Bluffs, la. ; 119 Quigley, Rodney; Albany, Mo.; 64,236 Quinn, James; Maryville, Mo. ; 82 Quinn, Linda; Tucson, Ariz. ; 119 Radimer, James; Little Falls, N. J. ; 99 Rainey, Jamie; Albany, Mo. ; 119 Rainforth, Helen; 216 Rainforth, Larry; Maryville, Mo.; 99 Rains, John; Rippey, la. ; 99,221,276 Ramey, Una; Cameron, Mo.; 119 Ramsay, David; Oregon, Mo.; 119,246 Ranck, Lowell, Corning, la. ; 64 Randall, Larry; Graham, Mo.; 119,245, 248,251 Rankin, Donald ; Gilman City, Mo. ; 119 Rankin, Hila; Colo, la. ; 99,289 Ranniger, Janet; Manning, la.; 99,226,227, 357 Ransom, Donald; St. Joseph, Mo.; 65 Ranum, Brian; Kansas City, Mo.; 282,314, 317 Rasmussen, Gary; Maryville, Mo. ; 99,282 Rasmussen, Jane; Council Bluffs, la.; 119, 251 Rasmussen, Marilyn Wood; Maryville, Mo.; 99 Rasmussen, Wayne; Audubon, la.; 99,276 Ranch, David; Manning, la. ; 119 Ravnsborg, Jane; Turnin, la. ; ??,248 Ray, Franklin; Fairfax, Mo. ; 119,235 Ray, James; Maryville, Mo. ; 82 Read, Leonard; Glenwood, la.; 119 Reasoner; Robert; Maryville, Mo.; 65 Reavis, Eddye; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 119 Rebori, David; Kansas City, Mo.; 314 Redman, Maurice; Leon, la.; 99 Redman, Rosalie; Leon, la. ; 65,232 Reece, Glenda; Maryville , Mo.; 217 Reece, Karen; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 82 Reece, Robert; Maryville, Mo.; 65,235 Reece, Virginia; Polk City, la.; 119 Reed, Danny; Independence, Mo.; 99,339 Reed, Michael; Kansas City, Mo.; 279 Reedquist, Mary; Des Moines, la. ; 119 Reimers, Bemadine; Creston, la.; 82,225, 230 Reineke, Cheryl; Parkville, Mo.; 82,187, 199,202,220,273 28! Reis: Rem M( Renl Rem Resl Res Rev Rey 21 Rey Rev Rici Ricl Ric: Ric Ric Ric Ric Ric Rid 2; Rif Rif Ril Rit Rir Ru Ril Ril Ris 3 Ro 2 Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro Re Re Re R( R( Re Re Ro 378 Reineke, Larry; Kansas City, Mo.; 237, 282 Reiss, Patricia ; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 11 9 Rempe, Marlene Kellv; Excelsior Springs, Mo; 65 Renken. Nancy; Palmer, la. ; 82 Reno. Dixie; Humeston. la.; 199 Resler, James; Fairfax, Mo.; 246 Rex, William; Davis City, la.; 261,330,347 Reynolds, Ralph; St. Joseph, Mo.; 65,181 Reynolds, Raymond; Stanberrv, Mo.; 65, 279 Reynolds, Stephanie; Des Moines, la. ; 83 Reynolds, Thomas; St. Joseph, Mo.; 83 Rice, Kathy; Monroe City, Mo. ; 119 Richards, Bruce; Mound City, Mo. ; 119 Richardson, Gary; Camden Point, Mo.; 99 Richardson, Peter; Albany, Mo.; 99 Richardson, Ronald; Clarinda, la.; 83 Richardson, Roxanne; Tarkio, Mo.; 119 Richmond. John ; Kansas City, Mo. ; 99 Rickabaugh. William; Talwr, la.; 99 Riddell, Joyce; Cameron, Mo. ; 65,217 Riddle,Cheryl;St. Joseph, Mo.; 83 Ridgway, Cheryl; Council Bluffs, la.; 83, 225.231 252 Ridnour, Ronda; Perry, la.; 99 Ridpath, Judy; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 65 Riedell, Michael; Lake view, la.; 119 Riggs, Connie; Newton. Mo. ; 99 Riley, John; Des Moines, la. ; 288 Riley, Leo; Ravenwood, Mo.; 99 Riley, Robert; Essex, la. ; 99 Rinard, Sue; Des Moines, la. ; 253 Rinehart, Robert; Chillicothe, Mo.; 119 Ring, Donna; Salina, Kan. ; 83,295,362 Ripley, Mary; College Springs, la. ; 65,218 Rippey, Craig; Amity, la.; 83 Ristau, Carol; Luverne, la.; 83,232,256, 357 Robbins, Donald; Prescott, Ariz.; 65,181, 209,235,265,284,285,298,302 Robbins, Jan; Coon Rapids, la.; 119 Roberts, Edwin; Grant City, Mo.; 65,249 Roberts, Janice; St. Joseph, Mo.; 99,237 Roberts, Janis; Prescott, la.; 99 Roberts, Patricia; Sugar Creek, Mo.; 83 Roberts, Theodore; Stanberry, Mo. ; 242 Robertson, Jean; Albany, Mo. ; 119,242,360 Robertson, John; Fairfax, Mo. ; 65 Robison, Wayne; Thornton, Colo.; 83,237 Rodda, Peter; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 221,279 Rodenburg, Virginia; Bedford, la.; 99 Rodriguez, Alberto; Des Moines, la. ; 288 Roesing, Donna; St. Joseph, Mo.; 65,231, 232 Roesle, John; St. Joseph, Mo.; 99 Rogness, Susan; Ames, la.; 83,232,357 Rohlfs, Elizabeth; Maryville, Mo.; 65 Rollins, Wanda; Davis City, la.; 99,212 Rolofson, Gayle; Red Oak, la. ; 119 Rolofson, Warren; Red Oak, la.; 99,276 Roof, Eleanor; Grinnell, la.; 119 Root, Terry; Maitland, Mo. ; 99 Rose, Larry; Arvada, Colo. ; 119 Rose, Richard; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 119 Rosecrans, Karen; Hopkins, Mo.; 83,218, 265,267 Rosenberg, Daniel; Kansas City, Mo.; 99 Rosenstein, Jeffrey; Glen view. 111. ; 65 Rosier, Connie; Maysville, Mo.; 83,231, 252,360,361 Rosmolen, Martiena; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 83 Ross, David; Belleville, 111.; 314 Ross, Kathryn; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 119 Ross, Larry; Amity, Mo.; 119 Ross, Paul; Maryville, Mo.; 83 Ross, Paul; Glenwood, la.; 119 Rossow, Harold; Rockwell City, la. ; 83 Roth, Larry; Kansas City, Mo. ; 83,235 Roudybush, Cheryl; Kellerton, la.; 65 Rouse, Albert; Ravanna, Mo.; 99 Rouse, Larry; Norbome, Mo. ; 222 Routh, Janet; Clearfield, la.; 99 Rowe, Arceile; Bedford, la.; 99,243,248,249 Rowe, James; Elmo, Mo. ; 119 Rowe, Robert; Savannah, Mo.; 83 Rowen, Elihu; Sheridan, Mo.; 83 Rowland, Marcine; 360 Rowland, William; Maryville, Mo.; 119, 339,360 Rowlett, Richard; Maryville, Mo.; 119,235, 363 Ruby, Robert; Cedar Falls, la. ; 65,279 Ruckman, Michael; Grant City, Mo. ; 119 Rueber, Darrel; Maryville, Mo. ; 66,235 Runnels, Anna; Gallatin, Mo.; 83,212 Rupert, Craig; Ida Grove, la. ; 119 Rusch, Joyce; Council Bluffs, la. ; 119 Rusco, Linda; Red Oak, la. ; 66,224,237 Russ, Kay; Coon Rapids. la. ; 188,189,215,232 Russell, Gayle; Villisca, la. ; 99 Russell, James; Yale, la. ; 99 Russell, Judy; Henderson, la. ; 99,256 Russell, Lola; Graham, Mo.; 66 Rutherford, Jan; Des Moines, la.; 99,243, 248,249,251 Rutledge, Sharon; Ottumwa, la.; 119,234, 360 Ryan, Gail; Tarkio, Mo.; 119,237 Ryman, Ralph; Memphis, Tenn.; 99 Sabus, Dennis; Churdan, la. ; 119 Saccaro, Jim; Chillicothe, Mo. ; 120 Saccaro, John; Chillicothe, Mo. ; 120 Sager, Linda; Stanberry, Mo. ; 99 Salcedo, St. Joseph, Mo. ; 66 Salewicz, Richard; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 219 Sanmion, William; Des Moines, la.; 83 Sampsel, Carl; Agency, Mo.; 226,260 Sams, Linda; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; 99, 229,230,269 Sander, Ronald; Falls City, Neb.; 66 Sanders, Shirley; Lakeview, la.; 120,254 Santen, Katherine; Albia, la.; 100 Sapp, Dennis; Red Oak, la. ; 43,100,282 Safer, Fred; Lathrop, Mo. ; 120 Saunders, Shirley; North Kansas City, Mo. ; 66 Saville, Kay; Redding, la. ; 120,213 Sawyers, Suzanne; Clearmont, Mo.; 100, 273 Sayre, Katherine; Maryville, Mo.; 100,216 Sayre, Thomas; Maryville, Mo.; 66,224 Scarlett, John; Stuart, la.; 100 Schaefer, Laura; Independence, Mo.; 120 Schafer, Shirley; Dexter, la.; 66 Schantz, Robert; Elliott, la.; 100 Scheer, Nancy; Maryville, Mo.; 100 Scheller, Lynn; Toledo, Ohio; 83,252 Schenck, Donald; Stanton, la. ; 120 Schenk, Riley; Oregon, Mo.; 100,243,245, 246 249 Schertz, Sheila ; Kansas City, Mo. ; 120,227 Scheurich, Jon; Boxholm, la.; 100,247 Schieber, Sheila; Stanberry, Mo.; 66,217, 269 Schield, Gerald; Stanton, la. ; 120 Schiller, Sharon; Des Moines, la. ; 120 Schilling, Ernest; St. Joseph, Mo.; 342 Schilling, Richard; St. Joseph, Mo.; 100, 285 342 343 Schiliing, ' Robert; St. Joseph, Mo.; 261, 342,343 Schindler, Douglas; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 66 Schirmer, Mark; Maryville, Mo.; 100,282 Schlegel, Roger; Dubuque, la.; 205,207, 265,282,303,314,319 Schlemmer, David; Maryville, Mo.; 100 Schlichting, Kathryn; Andalusia, 111.; 83 Schloesser, Susan; Shawnee Mission, Kan.; 120 Schlorff, Sharon; Cameron, Mo.; 100 Schmid, Dianne; Red Oak, la. ; 120 Schmidt, Ronald; Maryville, Mo.; 83 Schmitz, Patricia; Brooklyn, la.; 83,238 Schnack, Gary; Portsmouth, la. ; 120 Schnackel, Linda; Atlantic, la.; 100,231 Schnare, Milton; CarroUton, Mo.; 100,222 Schneider, Allan; Cosby, Mo.; 285 Schnelle, Willard; Maryville, Mo.; 120 Schnuelle, Helen; St. Joseph, Mo.; 66 Schobert, Connie; Nevada, la. ; 66,232 Schock, Peggy; 216 Schock, William; Maryville, Mo.; 120 Schoen, Linda; Des Moines, la.; 100,225, 267 Schooler, Elizabeth; Fairfax, Mo.; 100,247, 248,249,269 Schottel, Franklin; Union Star, Mo. ; 120 Schottel, Steven; Maryville, Mo. ; 120 Schreiber, Diana; Des Moines, la.; 120, 212,234 Schrier, Jonnelle; Maryville, Mo.; 273 Schrimsher, Jack; Kansas City, Mo.; 66, 221 Schroeder, John; Hastings, Neb.; 288 Schroeder, Margaret; Maryville, Mo.; 120 Schulenberg, Mary; Richmond, Mo.; 205, 258,265,269,303 ' Schuller, Rodney; Hospers, la.; 120 Schulte, David; Granger, la. ; 288 Schultz, Mark; Council Bluffs, la.; 285 Schultz, Randall; Macedonia, la.; 120 Schuster, Michael; Maryville, Mo.; 120 Schwartz, Beverly; Maryville, Mo.; 100, 199 Schwarz, Thomas; Maryville, Mo. ; 66,223 Schwenk, Fran; Red Hill, Penn.; 100,260, 282 314 Scott! Jean; Council Bluffs, la. ; 120,212 Scott, John; Council Bluffs, la.; 120 Scott, Joyce; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 66,231 Scott, Linda; Farragut, la.; 100,217 Scott, Michael; Kansas City, Mo.; 120,334 Scott, Ron; Orrville, Ohio; 147,148 Seabaugh, Clark; Savannah, Mo. ; 120 Seabaugh, Kathryne; Savannah, Mo.; 83, 258,267,313 Searls, Paul; Audubon, la.; 120 Sears, Donald; Des Moines, la.; 120,322, 328,329 Seastrom, Jo Ann; Coon Rapids, la.; 100 See, Alan; Peru, la.; 66 Seifert, Kathleen; Cameron, Mo. ; 66,227 Seipel, Julia; Conception, Mo. ; 100,206,359 Seiverling, Willis; Ephrata, Penn.; 282,314 Sell, Kathleen; Tabor, la.; 120 Sell, Wayne; Silver City, la. ; 83,237 Selsor, Dwight; Thayer, la. ; 120 Settles, J. D. ; Maryville, Mo. ; 66 379 Settles, Janice; Maryville, Mo.; 216 Seuell, Connie; Holt, Mo.; 121,227 Severance, Janice; Beatrice, Neb. ; 66 Sevy, Adoniram; St. Joseph, Mo.; 83,237 Shady, Lewis; St. Joseph, Mo.; 67,221,243, 245,246 Sharp, Cynthia; Creston, la. ; 121 Sharp, Lindell; Kansas City, Mo. 251 Sharp, Rita; Mound City, Mo.; 67 Shaw, Gary; Denison, la. ; 338 Shaw, Kenneth; Independence, Mo.; Shea, Jerry; Maryville, Mo.; 83 Shea, William; Stuart, la. ; 100 Shearer, Barbara; Perry, la.; 100,227 Shell, Joseph; Mount Ayr, la. ; 100 Sheker, Gary; Fort Dodge, la. ; 83 Shell, Danny; Maryville, Mo. ; 121,222 Shelton, Linda; Independence, Mo.; 100 Sherbo, Kathryn; Kansas City, Mo. ; 100 Sheridan, Kenneth; Essex, la. ; 322,328,329 233,242, 121 Sherman, Elaine; Maryville, Mo.; 192,225,273,299,303,312 Sherry, Shirley; Maryville, Mo. ; 121 Sheruda, Joseph; Hackettstown, N. J Shestak, David; Council Bluffs, la.; 220 Shestak, William; Council Bluffs, la 67,174, ; 100 67,200, 100 Shew, Susan; Auburn, Neb.; 100,234,236, 254 Shewmaker, Anita; Cosby, Mo.; 100,215, 360,361 Shields, Nancy; Bedford, la.; 67,231 Shortley, Sue; Des Moines, la.; 121 Shradel, Patricia; Riverside, la.; 100,217, 218,231,269 Shreve, Donna; Savannah, Mo. ; 83,231 Shreve, Rada; Savannah, Mo. ; 83,218,231 Shriver, Suzanne; Maryville, Mo.; 267,359 Shumate, Charlotte; Dunlap, la. ; 100 Shupe, Ro ger; Stanberry, Mo. ; 314 Siefkas, Charles; Murray, la. ; 121 Silk, Gary; Elliott, la.; 83 Sillik, Beverly; Omaha, Neb.; 83,269 Simansons, John; Des Moines, la. ; 121 Simmons, Janice; Chillicothe, Mo.; 121 Simmons, Judith; Liberty, Mo. ; 100,232 Simon, Michael; Falls City, Neb.; 83,322, 328,329 Simons, Sondra; Des Moines, la.; 83,159, 181,188,227,228,265,273 Sinclair, Carole; Melrose, la. ; 67,199 Sinning, Jean; Corning, la. ; 67 Sisk, Dixie; Maryville, Mo.; 100 Sissel, Jane; Kellerton, la. ; 100,217 Skaith, Sheryl; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 83 Skeels, Jay; Storm Lake, la. ; 121,251 Skinner, Mary; Chillicothe, Mo.; 121,212, 242 Skripsky , Harold ; Cedar Rapids, la. ; 121 Slaten, Richard; Clearmont, Mo.; 121,235 Slater, Sandra; Red Oak, la.; 83,230,254, 362 111. 83 Slattery, Bonnie; Maryville, Mo. ; 67 Slaughter, Gail; Ankeny, la.; 121,243 Slawson, Janice; Council Bluffs, la. ; 83 Slaybaugh, Cheryl; Earlham, la.; 121 Sleister, Dennis; Manilla, la.; 100,260,297 Sloniker, Andrew; Mound City, Mo. ; 121 Sloss, Robert; Stuart, la. ; 121 Slusher, Carter; Kansas City, Mo.; 83,279 Smetana, Richard; Council Bluffs, la.; 83, 243,245,247,249,297 Smisko, Marsha; Arlington Heights, 121 Smith, April ; Des Moines, la. ; 121 Smith, Ann; Mound City, Mo. Smith, Barbara; Earlham, la. ; 121 Smith, Betty; Dunlap, la.; 100,254,295 Smith, Cheryl; Tina, Mo.; 121,248 Smith, Connie; Earlham, la.; 121,213 Smith, Denise; Shenandoah, la.; 121 Smith, Denney; Lorimor, la.; 84,224 Smith, Dennis; Casey, la. ; 121 Smith, Floyd; Chariton, la. ; 67 Smith, John; Persia, la. ; 121 Smith, Kathryn; Casey, la.; 67,227,254 Smith, Linda; Oregon, Mo.; 100,247 Smith, Unda; Helena, Mo.; 100,225,267 Smith. Mary; Mount Ayr, la. ; 100 Smith, Millard; Blythedale, Mo.; 67,246,297 Smith, Pamela; Tarkio, Mo. ; 100 Smith, Richard; Melcher, la. 285 Smith, Ronald; Grant City, Mo. ; 67 Smith, Sharon; Bethany, Mo.; 67 Smith, Sheryl; Elliott, la. ; 101,217,256 Smith, Susan; Creston, la. ; 121 Smither, Dorothy; Maryville, Mo.; 101 Smither, Louis; Maryville, Mo. ; 84 Smock, Mary; Maitland, Mo. ; 121 Snead, Dwight; Denver, Mo. ; 121 Snead, SUnley ; Hatfield, Mo. ; 101 Sneed, Susan; Bedford, la.; 101 Snell, Linda; Kansas City, Mo.; 101,313 Snook, Connie; Newton, la.; 121,243,254 Snook, Darwin, Grand River, la. ; 84 Solheim, Jeannette; Maryville, Mo. ; 67 Sollenbarger, David; Fort Dodge, la.; 101 Sorber, Jerald; Maryville, Mo.; 84,216 Sorensen, Frederick; Maryville, Mo.; 67 Sorensen, Kent; Fremont, Neb. ; 314 Sorensen, Stephen; Council Bluffs, la.; 67 222 Sorenson, Linda; Winterset, la. ; 203 Southard, Woodrow; Council Bluffs, la.; 84 288 Spack, Linda; Manning, la.; 121 Spain, Darrell; Montezuma, la.; 84 Spangler, Phillip; Stanberry, Mo. ; 121 Sparks, Orville; Princeton, Mo. ; 101 Sparks, Paul; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 67 Speece, Mike; Hastings, Nebr.; 288 Spencer, Katherine; Maryville, Mo. ; Spencer, Robert; Trenton, Mo. ; 84 Sperry, James; Des Moines, la. ; 101 Spicer, Linda; Guilford, Mo. ; 101 314, 101,202, Spicer, Marjean; Lenox, la. ; 84,232 Spiek, Constance; St. Joseph, Mo.; 84,213 Spillman, Judith; Albany, Mo.; 84 Spinello, Joseph; Kansas City, Mo 318,319 Spire, Edwin; Maryville, Mo.; 67,279 Sprague, Jo; Maryville, Mo.; 216 Springer, Janice; Savannah, Mo. ; 273 Stadlman, RoUie; Des Moines, la 233 Stalcup, Sandra; Afton, la.; 68,231 Staley, Janice; Rea, Mo. ; 121 Stalling, Clyde; Burlington Junction, Mo.; 68 Stalling, Ellen; Barnard, Mo.; 84,231 Stamp, John; St. Joseph, Mo.; 84,216,229, 236 Standard, Roger; Maryville, Mo.; 84 Starckovich, Robert; Dallas, la. ; 84 Starckovich, Terry; Des Moines, la.; 203 Stasi, Steven; Kansas City, Mo. ; 121 Staton, Erwin; Wakenda, Mo. ; 222,260 Staudenmaier, Roger; Easton, Mo. ; 101 Steeby,Carla; Savannah, Mo.; 121,243 Steele, Donald; Maryville, Mo.; 282 Steele, Marie; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 121 Stehman, Paul; Mount Joy, Penn.; 314,330 332 333 Steinfeld, Judy; El Paso, Tex.; 84,225,236 Steinhauser, John; Stanberry, Mo.; 84 Steinman, Beric; Maryville, Mo.; 84,222 Stenzel, Garry; Cainsville, Mo.; 101,225, 231 Stephens, Allen; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; 101,282 Stephens, Carolyn; Maryville, Mo.; 68,218 Stephens, Charles; Maryville, Mo.; 68 Stephens, Dennis; Benton, la. ; 101 Stephens, Michael; Raytown, Mo.; 181,285 Stephens, Richard; Benton, la.; 84,354,361 Sterling, Caroll; Gait, Mo.; 101,227 Sterner, Fred; Kansas City, Mo.; Sterett, Thomas; Independence, Mo Stevens, Lorna; Kansas City, Mo. 188,267 Stewart, Alice; Kansas City, Mo. ; 121 Stewart, Gwen; Earlham, la.; 121,234,254 Stewart, Roger; Hopkins, Mo. ; 84 Stilabower, Sandra; Chillicothe, Mo.; 271 Stilley, Edward; Red Oak, la. ; 276 Stillwagon, Linda; Raytown, Mo.; 101,254 Stitt, Terry; La Grange Park, 111 Stoaks, Marguaretta; Lenox, la. Stokes, Rebecca; Kansas City 241,362 Stoll, Carol; Stanberry, Mo.; 101 StoU, Clara; Stanberry, Mo. ; 68,217 Stoll, Therese; Conception Junction, 121,234 ■ Stolpe, Jacqueline; Churdan, la. ; 121 Stone, Cheryl; Barre, Vt.; 101,227,271 Stone, Janie; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 122 itone, Lyle;Gray, la.; 84,276 Stone, Robert; Falls City, Nebr Stone, Ronald; Falls City, Nebr Stoner, Judy; Ravenwood, Mo. ; Strade, Edward; Hamilton, Mo Stratton, Elbert; Granville, la. ; Strauch, Judy; Maryville, Mo 101,276 339 84,181, ; 271 84 Mo. 121, Mo. ; 101 ; 122 122 ; 122 122 101,359 67 Strauch, Linda; BraddyviUe, Mo.; 101 Strecker, Dennis; Preston, Nebr.; 68,279 Stroburg,Cheryll; Blockton, la.; 122 Stroebele, Jerald; Maryville, Mo_; 68,221 Stroebele, Rose, Maryville, Mo.; W,m Stroup, Victor; Winston, Mo. ; 101 Stubblefield, Beverly; Braymer, Mo.; 122 Stucki, Roger, St. Joseph, Mo. ; 101,339 Sturtz, Kenneth; Ames, la; 68 Suetterlin, Kenneth; Maryville, Mo.; 68, 242 249 354 SulUvan. ' john; Bridgewater,Ia.; 84 Summers, Douglas; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; 223,233 Sungren, Karen; Stanton, la. ; 101 Sungren, Richard; SUnton, la.; 68 Sutton, Lois; Storm Lake, la. ; 149.271 Swain, Kathy; Soldier, la.; 122,243,249 Swalley, Ardith; Pickering, Mo. ; 122 Swan, Carol ; Creston, la. ; 122,212 Swan, Stanley; Fairfax, Mo 122 Swaney, Noel; Maryville, Mo.; 101,218,224, 225,237,362 380 Swaney . Richard ; Modale, la. ; 339 Swanson. Douglas: Churdan, la.; 122 Swanson. Duane; Hopkins. Mo.; 68 Swanson, Larry; Cameron, Mo.; 122 Swanson, Robin; Higginsville, Mo.; 273 Swartz, Herman; 181 Swartz, Patricia; Linden, la.; 122 Sweat, Mary ; Albany, Mo. ; 122 Swett, Harold; Malvern, la.; 122 Swof ford. Donna ; Gallatin, Mo. ; 101 Taggart, Penny; Lathrop, Mo.; 122 Tapscott, Richard; Trenton, Mo.; 122 Tarwater, David; Holt, Mo.; 122 Tarwater, Jerri; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 122 Tarwater, Patti; St. Joseph, Mo.; 84,271 Tasler, Ramona; Churdan, la.; 68,217,230 Tate, Paula; Liberty, Mo. ; 122,217 Tatman, Linda; Platte City, Mo.; 101 Taylor, Benny; Allerton, la. ; 101 Taylor, Carol; Maryville, Mo. ; 122 Taylor, Charles; Rockport, Mo.; 84 Taylor, Charles; Osborn, Mo. ; 101 Taylor, Charlotte; Maryville, Mo. ; 122 Taylor, Cheryl; Lathrop, Mo. ; 122 Taylor, Cynthia; Rockport, Mo.; 259,273 Taylor, Donna; Liberty, Mo.; 122,234 Taylor, James; Rockport, Mo. ; 101,288 Taylor, Kenneth; Silver City, la. ; 122 Taylor, Mary; Maysville, Mo. ; 68,232 Taylor, Rebecca; Kansas City, Mo.; 84, 217 218 269 Teale, Hugh; Maryville, Mo.; 68,130,285 Teale, Sandra; Maryville, Mo. ; 122,130 Telleen, Nikolas; Gowrie, la. ; 101 Templeman, Rachel; Atlantic, la.; 101,219, 234,254,255 Tenney, Dennis; Mound City, Mo. ; 68 Terbell, Myrtle; Sheridan, Mo.; 68 Teschner, Judy; St. Joseph, Mo.; 68,225, 232 Thatch, Judy; Parkville, Mo.; 229 Thiel, Dennis; McClelland, la. ; 101 Thomas, Constantine; Cedar Rapids, la.; 101,282 Thomas, David ; Bethany, Mo. ; 122,247 Thomas, Larry; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 68,276 Thomas, Mark; Des Moines, la.; 101,334 Thomas, Pamela; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 68 Thomas, Susie; Liberty, Mo. ; 122,234 Thompson, Betty; Cainsville, Mo. ; 122 Thompson, Cherri, Clarinda, la. ; 122 Thompson, Cheryl; Amity, Mo. ; 84 Thompson, Dana; Kansas City, Mo.; 122 TTiompson, David; Sioux City, la. ; 282 Thompson, Dennis; Des Moines, la. ; 101 Thompson, Dorothy; Clarinda, la.; 122 Thompson, Elaine; Kansas City, Mo. ; 122 Thompson, John; Princeton, Mo.; 101 Thompson, Kathryn; Conway, la.; 84,188, 217,218,269 Thompson, Michael; Coon Rapids, la.; 101 Thompson, Michael; Quitman, Mo.; 235 Thompson, Michael; Hamburg, la.; 314,319 Thompson, Myron; Creston, la. ; 101 Thompson, Patricia ; Lexington, Mo. ; 69 Thomson, Michael; Maryville, Mo.; 84,128, 235,236 Thomson, Nancy; Maryville, Mo.; 128,216 Thomson, Thomas; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 122 Thraen,Verlee; Harlan, la.; 84,232,252 Thrasher, Patricia ; Grant City, Mo. ; 101 Throgmorton, Reeda; Kansas City, Mo.; 84, 213 Tiberghien, Patricia; Independence, Mo.; 101 232 358 Tietz ' , Gary; St. Joseph, Mo.; 69,224,225, 230,236,297 Tiffany, Kenneth; Jefferson, la.; 102 Tillotson, Terry; Cainsville, Mo. ; 84,221 Timmerman, Lyle; Nodaway, la. ; 282 Todd, Beverly; Mound City, Mo. ; 102 Todora, Frederick; New Rochelle, N. Y.; 102 235 Tomes, Dwight; ' Ridgeway, Mo.; 122,233 Tomhnson, Edward; Stanton, la.; 122 Toney, Ronald; Norwalk, la. ; 122 Tonnies, Marshall; Maryville, Mo.; 285,314, 317 Tonnies, Robert; Maryville, Mo.; 285 Toppa, Ronald; Middletown, R.L; 69 Tomholm, Caroline; New Market, la.; 122, 242 Tomquist, Stephen; Shenandoah, la.; 235 Townsend, Carroll; St. Joseph, Mo.; 224, 236 Townsend, Faye; Corning, la.; 69 Travis, Patrick; Sidney. la. ; 122 Treese, Lonnie; Pickering, Mo.; 102 Trimble, Duane; Maryville, Mo.; 122,360, 361 Triplett, Emory; San Gabriel, Cal. ; 288 Trogdon, Spencer; Kansas City, Mo.; 102 Trost, David; Lenox, la.; 102,222 Trow, James; Maryville, Mo. ; 84 True, Larry; Avoca, la.; 102 Tniesdale, John; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 122 Trullinger, Glen; Eagleville, Mo.; 123 Tuckness.Loma; Independence, Mo.; 123 Tunell, Gary; Maryville, Mo.; 69 Turnbull, Jan; Maryville, Mo.; 123,242, •248 Turnbull, Reginald; Maryville, Mo. ; 181 Turner, Donald; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 236 Turner, Eugene; Griswold, la.; 84,222,235, 362 Turner, Larry; Belton, Mo. ; 123 Turner, Linda; Adair, la. ; 69,273 Tuttle, Dixie; Breckenridge, Mo.; OT,229 Tuttle, James; Ames, la.; 84 Tuxhom, Joyce; Auburn, Neb. ; 102 Twaddle, Bruce; Maryville, Mo.; 69 Twaddle, Michael; College Springs, la.; 69 Twigg, Terry; Fort Dodge, la. ; 69 Uehling, Alberta; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; 102,212,227 Umbarger, Connie; Fairfax, Mo. ; 102 Underwood, Mary; Sharpsburg, la.; 84 Underwood, Phillip; Independence, Mo.; 288,322 Underwood, William; Maryville, Mo. ; 85 Valandingham, Donna; Gladstone, Mo.; 102 Van Bebber, Joyce; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; 123 Vanderley, Frederick; Maryville, Mo.; 69, 237 Vander Werf , Glen; Pella, la. ; 276 Van Dyke, Alvin; Pella, la.; 69,288,324,325 Van Fosson, Linda; Braddyville, la.; 69, 217,225 Van Gundy, Ronald; Jamaica, la. ; 102 Van Houtan, Janene; Martinsville, Mo.; 123,237 Van Roekel, Arthur; Des Moines, la.; 123 VanVactor, Richard; Stanberry, Mo.; 102 Van Wyk, Bonnie; Pella, la. ; 85 Varchola, George; Saddle Brook, N. J.; 102, 342 343 Versteeg, Betty; Orange City, la.; 102,258 Veylupek, Gary; Maryville, Mo.; 245 Vial, Terrence; Laurens, la. ; 123,255 Vierk, Wayne; Lansing, 111. ; 102,337 Visser, Carolyn; Albia, la.; 232,295 Volhnuth, Jim; Atlantic, la.; 282 Voss, Carl; Atlantic, la.; 123,238 Voss, Linda; Council Bluffs, la. ; 123 Voyce, Jo Ann; Des Moines, la.; 85,225, 230 295 362 Vulgamo ' tt, Kay; Maryville, Mo.; 123,215, 243 Waegele, Priscilla; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 69 Wagner, Patricia; Lansing, 111.; 102 Wahlert, Jerry; Anita, la. ; 123,357 Wainwright, Philip; Sheridan, Mo.; 123,236 Waits, Martha; Blue Springs, Mo.; 123,212 Wake, Joyce; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 123 Waldeier, Larry; Ravenwood, Mo. ; 102 Walden, Harriett; Independence, Mo.; 102, 271 Waldron, Mary; Martinsville, Mo. ; 123 Walker, Brenda; Kansas City, Mo.; 69,242, 246 247 250 Walker, Linda; Platte City, Mo.; 102 Walker, Marcia, Fairfax, Mo. ; 123 Walker, Patricia; Cameron, Mo.; 85 Walker, Robert; Rockport, Mo.; 279,288 Walker, Sharon; St. Joseph, Mo; 69,188,189, 237 271 Walkup, Gregory; Parkville, Mo.; 123 Walkup, Vivi; Oregon, Mo.; 271 Walla, Suzan; Council Bluffs, la. ; 123 Wallace, Robert; St. Joseph, Mo.; 69 Wallace, Ronald; Fort Dodge, la. ; 69 Wallace, Vernon; Allerton, la.; 70 WalUn, Sally; Stanton, la.; 123 Walsh, Carmen; Eagle Grove, la.; 70 Walter, Barbara; Arcadia, la.; 123 Walter, Eldon; Prescott, la.; 85,279 Walter, Frederick; Wathena, Kans; 102,222 Walter, Ronald; Adel, la. ; 219,221 Walters, Hazel; King City, Mo. ; 85 Walton, Paula; Stuart, la.; 70,230,232,252 Wampler. Patricia; Kansas City, Mo.; 85, 228.316 Wanken, Jerry; Eagle Grove, la.; 85 Wanless, Peter; Maryville, Mo.; 221 Ward, James; New Hampton, Mo.; 102,235, 282 Ward, Rue; Trenton, Mo.; 70 Ware, Howard; Maryville, Mo.; 70 Ware, Linda; Bedford, la.; 85,215 Ware, Phyllis; Pickering, Mo. ; 85 Warin, Joan; Maloy, la. ; 102 Warne, Jo Ellen; Grimes, la.; 102,232,257 Warne, Joyce; Atlantic, la.; 123 Warren, Pamela; Altoona, la.; 123 Washburn, Jayla; Hatfield, Mo.; 123,360, 361 Wasserfallen, David; Fairfax, Mo.; 85,235 Watkins, Gregory; Maryville, Mo.; 123,247, 248,251 Watkins, Margery; Falls City, Neb.; 85 Watkins, Paula; Cameron, Mo. ; 102 Watkins, Valerie; St. Joseph, Mo.; 123,188, 241,243 Watsabaugh, Dennis; Garden Grove, la.; 123 Watsabaugh, J. B.; St. Joseph, Mo.; 70, 288,345 Watson, Nancy; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 123 Watson, Paul; Cameron, Mo.; 85,235,362 Watson, William; Tabor, la.; 70,261 Watts, Ceceha; Rockport, Mo.; 102,252 Way, Susan; Des Moines, la. ; 102 Weary, Neil; Villanova, Penn.; 314 Weathermon, Marilyn; Bolckow, Mo.; 102, 215,217,362 Weaver, Cheryl; Kansas City, Mo.; 123, 228 Weaver, Gary; Oakland, la. ; 276 Weaver, Julia; Atlantic, la.; 123 Weaver, Terry; Kansas City, Mo. ; 123 . Webb, Christine; Des Moines, la.; 123,212 Webb, Harold; Ortonville, Mich.; 85,219, 220 Webber, Phyllis; Kansas City, Mo. ; 123 Wedel, Ruth;Langdon, Mo.; 102 Wedlock, Lynn; Maryville, Mo. ; 123 Weibel, James; Denver, Colo.; 70 Weidenhaft, Kay; Omaha, Neb.; 102,229, 234 238 Weiniiold, Anthony; Ephrata, Pa.; 282 Weisshaar, Nancy; Creston. la.; 70,232,248 Welch, Janet; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 70,232 Weldon, Terry; Tabor, la. ; 123 Weldon, Wanda; Graham, Mo. ; 123 Welsch, Robert; Bridgewater, la.; 85,235 West, Carl; Gower, Mo. ; 70 West, Rosalie; Blockton, la.; 102,256,362 West, Ted; Edgerton, Mo. ; 103 Weston, Paula; Maryville, Mo.; 85,222, 275 Whan, James; Maryville, Mo. ; 123 Wharton, Kathleen; Maryville, Mo.; 123 Wheeler, Billie; 216 Wheeler, Kent; Maryville, Mo. ; 70 Whetstone, Gano; Casey, la.; 70,185,196, 225,227,230,252,253 Whetstone, Richard; Maryville, Mo.; 85 Whitaker, John; Gihnan City, Mo.; 85 White, Herbert; Shawnee Mission, Kan.; 85, 219 White, Larry; Des Moines, la.; 70,237 White, Sandra; Hopkins, Mo. ; 123 Whited, Jackie; Etano, Mo.; 123 Whitehill, Barry; Shenandoah, la.; 103,181, 222 Whitney, Stephen; St. Joseph, Mo.; 85 Whittlesey, Howard; West Parkville, Mo.; 85,242,248 Wideman, Alan; Denver, Mo. ; 103 Widener, Deanna; Redfield, la.; 269 Wiederholt, Donna; Maryville, Mo.; 123 Wiederholt, Gail; Maryville, Mo.; 103 Wieland,Mel; 330 Wieneke, Marilynn; Lathrop, Mo.; 103,256 Wiges, Linda; Audubon, la.; 123 381 Wilcoxson, Anthony; Lamoni, la. ; 103 Wilcoxson, Stephen- Lamoni, la.; 70 Wiles, Tommy; Maryville, Me.; 282 Wiley, Diana; Aurora, Colo. ; 146 Wiley, Kurby ; Quitman, Mo. ; 103 Wiley, Michael; Maryville, Mo.; 124 Wilkes, Janice; Kansas City, Mo.; 103,361 Wilkinson, Sandra; Elmo, Mo. ; 124 Will, Peter; Red Oak, la. ; 103,235,282 Williams, Danny; Savannah, Mo.; 124 Williams, Joyce; Bethany, Mo. ; 124 Williams, Shirley; Malvern, la. ; 70,295 Williams, Steven; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; 124 WiUiamson, David; Marshalltown, la.; 124 Willis, James; Kansas City, Mo.; 124,235 Wills, William; Kansas City, Mo.; 103 Willson, Diane; Barnard, Mo.; 124,215,243 Wilmes, Janice; Maryville, Mo. ; 124 Wilson, Barbara; 85 Wilson, Brenda; Sheridan, Mo. ; 103 Wilson, Cheryl; Maryville, Mo.; 85,225 Wilson, Doris; Gallatin, Mo.; 199 Wilson, Dorothy; Chillicothe, Mo.; 103,188,313 Wilson, Eddie; Princeton, Mo.; 70,235 Wilson, Janet; Lathrop, Mo.; 124 Wilson, Jean; Hastings, la. ; 103,243 Wilson, Judy; Lineville, Mo.; 103 Wilson, Karen; Maryville, Mo.; 70,159,273 Wilson, Karen Ellen; Maryville, Mo. ; 347 Wilson, Larry; Kansas City, Mo. ; 276 Wilson, Marilyn; St. Joseph, Mo.; 103 Wilson, Marilyn; Chillicothe, Mo.; 85,226, 227 Wilson, Norma; Maryville, Mo.; 85,225,273 Wilson, Steven; Stuart, la.; 124,235 Wilson, Vivian; Maryville, Mo.; 103 Wilson, William, Maryville, Mo.; 124 Wineinger, Michael; St. Joseph, Mo.; 70,236 Wineinger, Ronald; Stanberry, Mo. ; 202,219 Winkler, Kathryn; Creston, la.; 70,225,231 Winn, Robert; Edgerton, Mo. ; 85,260 Winter, Erich; Maryville, Mo. ; 124,248 Winters, Charles ; Kansas City, Mo. ; 124 Winzenread, Johanna; Maryville, Mo.; 71 217 Wion, Lynne; Beaconsfield, la.; 85,227,295 Wirt, Barbara; DuMont, N. J.; 103 Wirt, Cheryl; Atlantic, la.; 85,254 Wirth, Robert; Stanberry, Mo. ; 124 Wisdom, Clinton; Kansas City, Mo.; 71, 279 Wise, Frederick; Lytton, la.; 85 Wise, Kenneth; Hopkins, Mo.; 238 Wise, Philip; Maryville, Mo.; 103 Wiskoski, Edward; St. Joseph, Mo.; 85,285, 314,317 Witham, Edward; Easton, Mo.; 124,242, 360 Wold, Cheryl; Council Bluffs, la. ; 103,271 Wolf, Clair; Eldon, la.; 237 Wolf, Joseph; Rockport, Mo. ; 71,360 Wolf, Linda; Rockport, Mo. ; 85,217,360 Woltz, James; Maryville, Mo. ; 103 Wolverton, Carol; Stanberry, Mo.; 71.226, 227,230 Wood, Cheri; Maryville, Mo.; 216 Wood, Dale; Greenfield, la.; 245,248 Wood, Michael; Kansas City, Mo; 248,251 Wood, Nancy; New Market, la. ; 124,242 Wood, Robert; Atlantic, la. ; 103 Wood, Robert; Marville, Mo.; 124 Wood, Sandra; Hopkins, Mo.; 124 Wood, Thomas; Maryville, Mo.; 85 Woodruff, Sarah; Maryville, Mo.; 124 Woody, Larry; Albany, Mo. ; 103 Wooldridge, Gregory; Council Bluffs, la.; 124 Woolsey, Howard; Edgerton, Mo.; 124 Workman, Linda; St. Joseph, Mo.; 103,217 Worth, Joyce; Worth, Mo. ; 103 Wortman, Carol; Malvern, la. ; 103,243 Wray, Keith; Parnell, Mo.; 222 Wright, Paula; Mound City, Mo. ; 124 Wright, Peggy; Kansas City, Mo. ; 181,273 Wunderlich, Margaret; North Kansas City, Mo.; 232 Wyatt, George; 276 Wyman, Janet; Maitland, Mo.; 103,258,271 Yackie, Al; St. Joseph, Mo.; 71,276 Yates, Jennifer; Iowa City, la. ; 85,181,206, 225,229,231,258,267 Yau, Francis; Hong Kong; 124 Yaw, Charles; Richmond, Mo. ; 103 Yaw, Kathryn; Richmond, Mo.; 124,234,254 Yeager, William; Independence, Mo. ; 71, 288 Yehle, Mark; Maryville, Mo.; 71,285 Yost, John; Falls City, Neb. ; 236,285 Youell, Carolyn; Skidmore, Mo. ; 85,222, 225 Young, Barbara; Atlantic, la.; 124 Young, Connie; Maryville, Mo. ; 273 Young, Larry; St. Joseph, Mo. ; 71,236,363 Young, Melvin; Fortescue, Mo.; 222 Young, Phillip; Cainsville, Mo. ; 103 Young, Shirley; Earlham, la.; 103,213 Younger, Edward; Overland Park, Kan • 124 Younger, Thomas; Elmo, Mo.; 103 Youngman, Dwight; Bethany, Mo.; 124 Zachary, Linda; Maitland, Mo.; 124 242 245,247 Zapf , Sharon; Skidmore. Mo. ; 103.363 Zaroor, Mary; St. Joseph. Mo. ; 124,212 Zeamer, Stanley; East Town, Penn. ; 260 330,331,333 Zehr, Barbara; Manson, la.; 85 Zeiger, Anna ; Stanberry, Mo. ; 125 Zeiger, John; Stanberry , Mo.; 85,279,330 Zeiger, Katherine; Stanberry, Mo.; 103 Zembles, Andrew; Hannibal, Mo.; 71 Zimmer, John ; Casey, la. ; 125 Zimmerman, Dennis; St. Joseph, Mo 71 Zink, Linda; Salem, Ind; 125 Zoffka, Donavon; Schaller, la.; 85 Zohiosky, Marcia; Sac City, la. ; 125,234 N 382 msELaal 383 " " ■ w «■ « ' « « « iil»t. is « 991 •?| m • Mli ! !! ! • « »• « I « iii «» ft im|j|ll««M«« »»••••$ I II t » • It ••i»»ibtti II • » =- t « - H ». • ■», • «. •• ■ •, mimv iiiiii A e « » n« « ' « w ••• 1 Ifc 4 « « M s ■ • H ii » « «« t i tu 1 i i» m r - I t s f ttts m

Suggestions in the Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) collection:

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