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ToWe-f -.vr» S«V; ' " - i o wo a Ellen 6rube Editor Susan McConkey Assistant Editor Carolyn Wiltshire Art Editor Howard Ringold Faculty Advisor .M i i ' owm zv mmsirdlon JO Toi ei To Dr. J. W. Jones- -- In recognition of his twenty-six years of thoughtful labor for Northwest Missouri State College and in observance of his retire- ment, the 1964 TOWER is dedicated to Dr. J. W. Jones, President. Dr. Jones came to Northwest Missouri State Teachers College as dean of the faculty in 1938. Seven years later he became the sixth president of the college. What changes have taken place in these past nineteen years! The college, its name changed to Northwest Missouri State College, has expanded in enrollment from less than a thousand students to nearly three thousand and has seen the erection of the J. . Jones Union Building. Colden Hall, the Lamkin Gymnasium, an addition to the Industrial Arts Building, all-steel stands and facilities at the athletic field, and dormitories increasing accommodations for resi- dent students six- or seven-fold. A fine arts building is in the initial stages of construction as the 1964 TOWER goes to press. Truly. Dr. Jones has earned the title. The Builder. And so the 1964 TOWER hails the achievements of the president we have known during our undergraduate days as our friend, and bids him a fond adieu with the hope that we will meet him again and asrain at the college reunions that we all plan to attend. Ill mk Now Comes The Hour — Robert Flowers, A.B.. 1943 Now comes the hour when we must say farewell And let familiar things fall softly down Into the half-twilight where memories dwell With rich associations, the starlit crown Of night above the campus, and the warm Siveet breath of lilacs after passing rain. And robins singing gaily, ivith the storm Long since forgotten . . . like laughter after pain Of little sufferings such as we have known In our brief friendship, which too soon draws near The parting hour, a shadoiv darkly thrown Over last days of pleasure: yet I feel no fear At its approach, for can there be an end To beauty, while I remember you. my friend? President Jones has freqnently quoted this poem by Robert Flowers at alumni meetings according to Miss Mattie M. Dykes, author ot Behind the Birches. Dean C. E. Koerble and President J. W. Jones look on with approval as Dean Leon Miller gives the opening speech at the scholarship trophy assemblv. In the picture below President Jones and William Dawson, Past President of the Board of Regents, are seen at the presentati ol the Health and Physical Education Building in January 19f on 1960. Richard Schmitz, Union Board Chairman, presents Presi- dent J. W. Jones with a gift from the Union Board at the annual Christmas Dance (above). President J. W. Jones speaks to Homecoming Dance crowd after receiving honors from Dr. John Harr and Jerilyn Irvin for his many years of Homecoming service to NWMSC. A Proud HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE GOLDEN HALL THE P1CTUKE.S(JUE PATH EXTENDING FROM THE PRESIDENT ' S HOME TO THE ADMINLSTRATION BUILDING Campus Rear View of Dormitories for Women Administration Buildinp Tfie j. W. Jones Union Building Provides A Wells Library and Administration Building Approaching Administration Building Home Management House Beautiful Setting i .. New Dormitories for Men The J. W. Jones Union Building Map of Campus For Educational College Farm View of I. A. Building New Dormitories for Men Students . ., ' " . - -ii Endeavors Parking Lot and Drive North of Men ' s Dormitories Towers of Administration Building Home Management House and Warm College Bell R ' ff«5 ... • " Hudson Hall Dnrmitory for Freshman Girls Friendships The I. W. Jones Union Building Golden Hall A cold, wintry walk cmimt3 Y l atioB l«IIW»lll Mil »||,f|.»-JJA-. .. .J.- ' .J. JftHl ' lil ii .U rJ- Jim Sanders Student Body President For 26 years the position of President of Northwest Missouri State College has rested in the capable hands of Dr. J. W. Jones. When he retires at the end of this academic year, he will have left his mark as a devoted leader and educator. The physical make-up of Northwest Missouri State College has gone through a number of changes during Dr. Jones ' service. Increasing enrollments and mounting demands have been met through additional facilities and an enriched curriculum. The college has grown to a high-ranking status na- tionally, and it offers a well-rounded program for us as students to use and enjoy. Dr. Jones ' integrity and personality make him an individual who is de- voted to education in every sense of the word. He thinks and points to the future in every decision involving the destination of the college. He stands firm on what he believes is advantageous for his faculty and students. More- over, he possesses a sharp mind and quick wit. In Recognition of Our President Dr. Robert Foster Dean of Administration President Jones has given Northwest Missouri State College 26 years of devoted and dedicated service. Serving as Dean of Faculty seven years, he proved himself to he an able administrator. Sympathetic to faculty problems, understanding the difficulties of students, and always eager to serve the people of Northwest Missouri, he soon won the respect and admiration of all. As President, Dr. Jones has been responsible for many changes and im- provements. The college has experienced a tremendous increase in enrollment and has also enjoyed the bringing together of an excellent faculty through his efforts. High standards, quality teaching and integrity have been the hall- marks of his tenure in office. Wisely planning for the future needs of this college. President Jones has held high these principles. The wisdom, foresight and creativeness of this man are evidenced by the many new buildings now found on the campus. J. W. Jones has been successful, not only as a President of a college, hut as a man. The graduates and friends of the Northwest Missouri State College will take pride in the fact that he has not only been a man of wisdom but through his wisdom has personified the meaning of " . . . the truth shall make you free. " Dr. ,!. W. Jones — a man, who for tlie past 26 years has, with true devotion and singleness of purpose addressed himself to the rause of higher education in general and more sperifieally to higher cdueation as he wished to see it exemplified through the Northwest Missouri State College. The growth of the physical plant, the increase in student enrollment, the rise in the scholastic accomplishments of the college faculty members, and the broadened range of achievement fields now available to the students of the Northwest Missouri State College, all attest to the sound educational basis on which the college has been administered during the presidency of Dr. J. W. Jones. Dr. Gordon Strong Faculty Member During the past 26 years, I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. J. W. Jones, retiring President of our Northwest Missouri State College. This rela- tionship has been as a student while he was Dean and a member of the Board of Regents while he was President. President Jones is a dedicated, honest, and hard-working man, capable and true to his profession and his associates. I believe this has been made a better school and the graduates better persons because of his influence and sincere interest in education and people. Mr. Harold Hull President of Board of Regents It is with pride that I recall the progress of the Northwest Missouri State College during the presidency of Dr. Jones, and I consider myself fortunate to have worked with him through many of these years. I learned that Dr. Jones looks forward — seldom backward. His dedication to the interests of the College, to the welfare of its personnel, and to education is sincere. His devotion to duty is real. Dr. Jones drives diligently to achieve goals which he deems pertinent to furthering the program of education, and the College has bene- fited from the realization of many of his ideas. In retirement. Dr. Jones can and will, I am sure, review with pride the things which he and his co-workers have accomplished in the betterment of the College, and in the improvement of the whole program of education. Mabel Clair Winburn Secretary to President Jones The President is seen in his home. February, 1953. The President enters his office, .lanuarv 2.3, 1952. Through the Years The President is pleased with plans tor more con- struction. January, 1952. The President tercets freshmen at the reception heUi in his home. Septemher, 1951. With Our President The President at his desk. March, 1953. The President at his desk. Fehrnary. 1963. The President and his wife in their home. February, 1953. The President checking hiueprints. January, 1952. The President at the Christmas Ball. December, 1949. Board of Regents Board of Regents: Lulher G. Belcher, Jr., J. P. Morgan, C. F. Russell, Garvin R. Williams, W. M. C. Dawson, Harold M. Hull, Harold N. Stevenson, President J. W. Jones. HAROLD M. HULL is President of the Board. He is a lawyer in Maryville and a member of the board since 1953. W. M. C. DAWSON is President of the Citizen ' s Bank of Grant City, Missouri. He was appointed to the Board of Regents in 1951 and received reappointment by Gov. Dalton in 1963. HAROLD N. STEVENSON, formerly affiliated with the Rainbow Bread Company of St. Joseph, Missouri, has been a member of the Board since 1957. GARVIN R. WILLIAMS of Williams Lawn Seed Company in Maryville has been a member of the Boar since 1959. J. P. MORGAN. Board member since 1961, is a lawyer and judge of the Chillicothe. Missouri, Circuit Court. C. F. RUSSELL. Director of Guidance in the Tren- ton, Missouri, public schools, has been a member since 1961. HUBERT WHEELER. Missouri Commissioner of Education, is an Ex-Officio member of the Board. LUTHER G. BELCHER. JR.. Business Manager of N.W.M.S.C, is Secretary to the Board. Each appointment to the Board of Regents is for a term of six years. Perhaps the biggest duty of the Board this year has been the naming of the new President. 16 DR. ROBERT P. FOSTER Dean of Administration DR. LEON F. MILLER Dean of Instruction DR. CHARLES E. KOERBLE Dean of Students ADMINISTRATION JACK LASLEV Dean of Men MISS (;IMMIE L. ATCHLEV Dean of Women Director uf Koliertu Hall MRS. HELEN LARSEN Director of Hudson Hall MRS. .lANE THUMMEL Director of Ferriii Hall MRS. CON.STANCE STEWAR ' l Director of Field Service EVERETT W. BROWN, M.Ed. Cliairman of .Student Loans Director of Student Activities BILL NEEDLES, B.S. in Ed. Business Manafser LUTHER BELCHER, M.A. DR. Field Service Office M. T. SHELDON, Ed.D. MRS. M. T. SHELDON Dietitian MRS. THELMA SMITH Nurse MISS PEARL DAWSON Nurse MISS HELEN O ' CONNOR Nurse FACULTY ZELMA AKES, Supervising teacher of third grade. B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed., Ed.S. BERNDT ANGMAN, Political Science, B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. PAULINE ARTHUR, Supervising teacher of Seventh and Eighth Grades, B.S. in Ed., M.A. HIRA L. BAISYA. Physics, M.Sc, M.S. EARL H. BAKER, Physical Education for Men, B.S. in Ed., M.A. GEORGE W. BARRATT. Mathemat- ics, B.S., M.S. FLOYD D. BARROWS. Humanities- Social .Science, B.A. DONALD A. BELL. Physics, B.S.. M.S. BILL H. BLANKENSHIP, Accounting, B.S., M.S. LUKE L. BOONE, Director 1MB and Reference Librarian, B.A., P.G., U.S.N.T.S., M.A. VIRGINIA BOUSKA, Home Econom- ics, B.S., M.A. EARL BRAGDON, American History- Economics, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. LETA BROWN, Circulation Librarian, A.B. LOU JEAN BROWN, Social Science, B.A., M.A. EDWARD BROWNING, Business, B.S. in B.A., B.S. in B.Ed., M.A. ROBERT S. BUCHANAN, English, B.A., M.A. RICHARD D. BUCKRIDGE, Physical Education, B.S., M.A. CAROLE CLEMMONS, Business, B.S., M.B.A. MABEL COOK, Home Economics, B.S., M.A. LeROY CRIST, Industrial Arts, B.S., M.S., Ed. D. FtCUlTV " i DAVID W. CROZIER, Industrial Arts, B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. MILAN B. DADY, Education, B.A. in Ed., M.Ed., Ed.D. ELVIRGA DENNING, Librarian, B.S., M.A. ELWYN K. DeVORE, Business, B.S. in Ed., M.S.. D.B.A. H. R. DIETERICH, Education, A.B., M.A. JOSEPH DREPS, Foreign Language, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. VIDA DUNBAR, Mathematics, A.B., A.M. MARTHA M. DUNN, Speech, B.A., A.M. CAROLYN FISHER, Cataloger, Li- brary, B.S. in Ed. CHARLES W. FRY, Humanities, B.A. RALIMI E. FULSOM, Speech and Drama. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. WILLIAM T. (JARRETT, Biology, B.A., M.S. GEORGE R. GAYLER, European His- tory, B.S. in Ed., M.A., Ph.D. HOWARD A. GEORGE, Education, B.S. in Ed., M.S., Ed.D. JAMES M. GLEASON, Education, B.Sc, Ed.M., Ed.D. ANNA J. GORSUCH, Education, B.S., M.A. AVIS L. GRAHAM, Supervising teacher sixth grade, B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. ROBERT GREGORY, Physical Educa- tion, B.S. in Ed., M.S. lOHN R. GRIFFITH, JR., Economics, LL.B., B.A., M.A. FRANK W. GRUBE, English, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. FACULTY MARVIN D. GUTZMER, Mathematics, B.S., M.S., M.A. FREDERIC HANDKE, Finance and Insurance, B.A., M.A., M.A. JOHN L. HARR, Social Science- History, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. RICHARD A. HART, Biology, B.S., M.S. H. FRED HASSENPLUG, Mathemat- ics, B.S., M.S. LOUISE R. HASSENPLUG, Home Ec- onomics, B.S., M.S. ROBERT C. HENNEY. B.A., M.N.S., M.S. JOHN R. HERZIG, Marketing, B.S., M.S. 21 VIRGINIA HILLIX, Acquisitions Li- brarian, B.A., M.A. GEORGE A. HINSHAW, Speech, A.B., M.A. LORETTA F. HORNECKER, Assist- ant in 1MB, B.S. in Ed. FLOYD B. HOUGHTON, Agriculture, B.S. in Ed., B.S., M.A. VIOLETTE HUNTER, English, B.S., M.A. JAMES A. HURST, Social Science, B.S., M.A. JEAN K. HURST, English, B.A., M.A. LAURA F. JACKSON, English, B.S., M.A. MARY JACKSON, Foreign Languages, A.B., M.A. PETER JACKSON, Industrial Arts, B.S., M.S. JAMES JOHNSON, Librarian, B.A., B S ALICE KAUFFMAN, Home Econom- ics, B.S., M.S. FACULTY CLIFFORD KENSINGER, Accounting, B.S., M.Ed. ESTHER F. KNITTL, Supervising teacher of fourth grade, B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed. SARA B. KURTZ, Physical Education, B.S. in Ed. KERRY O. LAFFERTY, Speech, B.S.. M.S. WILLIAM A. LAFFERTY, Mathemat- ics, B.S., M.A., Ed. D. GERALD E. LANDWER, Physical Edu- cation, B.S., M.P.E. MYRL D. LONG, Physical Science, B.S., M.S. JAMES L. LOWE, Sociology, B.S. in Ed., M.A., Ph.D. 22 lOSKI ' H C. MarCOV. Kcadiiif; l.ah- (iratorv. B.A.. Pli.D. BONNIE MAGILI,. I ' hvMral Kduca- tion, A.E., B.S., M.A. ELAINE MAUZEY. Knnrh. B..S., A.B.. M.A. nARRELL Mr(;iNNlS, Fine Arts, A.B.. M.S. KATHRYN McKEE, Supervising teacher pre-scliool, B.S. in Ed., M.A. .lAMES G. MIDDLETON, Education, B.S., M.S. in Ed. DALE L. MIDLAND, English-Speech, B.A., M.A. ROGER A. MILLER, Social Science, A. A., B.S. in Ed., M.A. RUTH M. MILLER, Supervising teacher of music, B.M. Ed., M.M. RYLAND H. MILNER, Physical Edu- cation, B.S., M.A. KENNETH W. MINTER, Biology, B.S. in Ed., M.S. HOMER H. MORRIS, English, B.A., M.A. FACULTY EARLE MOSS, Music, B.S., M.A. IRENE L MUELLER, Biology, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. BARBARA PALLING. Reference Li- brarian. B.S. in Ed., M.. . MARY JEAN PATTERSON, Supervis- ing teacher of first grade. B.A., M.Ed. JAMES W. PKRRETT, Business, B..S., M.A. CAROLYN PETERSON, Horace Mann Lilirarian. A. A., A.B., M.A. H. D. PETERSON. Physical Educa- tion, B.S.. M.S., P.E.D. ELLEN V. RANDOLPH. Home Eco- nomics, B.S.. M..S. BURTON L. RICHEY, Physical Edu- cation. B.S.. M.S.. Ed.D. KATHRYN .S. RIDDLE, Physical Edu- cation. B.S., M.S., Ed.D. HOWARD W. RINGOLD, Industrial Arts, B.S., M.S. CHARLES RIVERS, English, A.B.. M.A., Ph.D. DONALD L. ROBERTSON, Fine Arts, B.S., M.A. Ed. NEVA M. ROSS, Education, B.S., M.A. ELIZABETH ROUNDS, Music, B.M., M.M. WARD ROUNDS, Music, B.S., M.A. DONALD H. SANDFORD, Music, B.S. in Ed., M.M., D. Mus. Arts. MARY J. SANDFORD, Music, B.A., M.M. JAMES R. SAUCERMAN, English, A.B., M.A. DEAN SAVAGE. Supervising teacher of fifth grade, B.S. in Ed., M.A. FACULTY IVAN SCHOTTEL, Physical Education, B.S. in Ed. ,10 ANN SCHRAMPFER. Humanities, B.S., M.A. BILLY D. SCOTT, Biology, B.S., M.S. LULA MAE SHEETZ, English, B.S. in Ed., M.A. MIRIAM F. SHELDEN, Physical Edu- cation, B.A., M.S. (;AYLE N. SIMMONS. Education. B.S. in Ed., M.A. in Ed., D.Ed. ROWENA M. SIMMONS, Supervisor of second grade, B.S. in Ed., M.A. .lOHN L. SMAY, Mu.sic, B.A., M.Mus., Ph.D. DONALD D. SMITH, Education, A.B., Ed.M., Ed.M., Ed.D. MARVIN SMITH, Amounting, B.S., M.A. ,1. G. STRONG, Sciencf-Mathemalics, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. MARY J. SUNKEL, Business. B.S.C., M.B.A. ROBERT C. SUNKEL, Fine Arts, A. A., B.F.A., M.F.A. ROSS C. C. SURPHLIS, Foreign Lan- guages, B.S. M.A. CHARLES H. THATE, Education, B..S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed., Ed.D. KENNETH T. THOMPSON, Industrial Arts. B.S., M.Ed. CLARA E. TIMMONS, Clicmistrv, B.S., M.S. DONALD N. VALK, Industrial Arts, B..S., M.S. DOROTHY WALKER, Physical Edu- cation, B.S.. M.Ed. WANDA WALKER, Education, B.A., M.S. in Ed., Ed.D. FACULTY WAYNE WALLACE, Agriculture, B.S. TED WEICHINGER, Physical Science, B.S. in Ed.. LEd. DOROTHY L. WEIGAND, English- Speech, B.S., M.A. GILBERT A. WHITNEY, Music, B.M., M.A. JOHN E. WICKMAN, So. ial Science A.B., A.M. CALVIN WIDGER, Geography, B.- . M.A. R. T. WRIGHT, Agriculture, B.S.. M.A. Finances, Placements, and Grades Mrs. Randy Wolrolt is secretary to the Dean of Men, Jack Lasley. Mrs. Faye Sherman is secretary to the Dean of Ad- ministration, Dr. Foster. Mrs. Emma Kuth Harris is secretary to the president, Dr. J. W. Jones. Are Continuously Recorded- Mrs. Ruth Nystrom, registrar, and Mrs. Monica Zirfas, registrar ' s office assist students as well as administration. Marilyn Hilton, Jerry Gallireath. and Sharon Elwick as student helpers work with the new IBM machines. Mrs. Gladys Raines, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Martha Cooper and Miss Hilton enjoy assisting students with advice. 27 by Secretaries and M !■.■-. Beverly Meade i secretary to Miss Ginimie Atrhley, Dean of Women. Hiisiiiess ulli.c secretaries are Mrs. Afiatlia Walker, Mr.s. Terrv Kramer, and Mrs. Clara Smith. Secretaries in ihi- Fiild Service ottiee are hs. Dan (.orneiison, .Mrs. ' I ' om Klinkafus, and Mrs. Vii tor C iiynion. 2S Student Office Help Mis;. ShiilfV (lia U secretary tn tlie Dean ol Iiistiurtion, Dr. l.enii Millei " . Mi . Maifiaiel ()«ens. Mrs. Janice Maxwell, ami Mrs. . ' liirlev Ihmna are secretaries in the Business Office. Miss .Ne a Ross inlllil-- Ullll lllllire elenienlalN leacllers alioill | llil leni whieli mav wlicn teadiint:. ■ ■m ■j H I 1 IBB 1 1 SENIORS Marlene Adamson, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Thomas Adamson, Major: Biology, Minor; Mathematics. Lawrence Albright, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Mathematics. Pam Allred, Major: History, Minor: Political Science. Patrica Sue Allred, Major: Elementary Education. Dorothy Anderson, Major: Business. .ludi Anderson, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Biology. Leland Anderson, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drawing. Agnes Annan, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Fred Anthony, Major: History. Minor: Social Science. Mary Anthony, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Edwards R. Atkins, Major: Biology, Minor: General Science. John Atwater, Major: Business, Minor: Economics. Kennith Baker, Major: Business. Minor: Industrial Arts. Jon Baldwin, Major: Mathematics, Business. David H. Banks, Major: General Busi- ness, Minor: Psychology. Gary Barber. Major: Mathematics, Physics. Carroll D. Barnes, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History. Richard L. Barnes, Major: Marketing, Minor: Aciounting. Elizabeth A. Barr, Major: Elementaiy Education. 32 SENIORS Ceril Lee Barton, Major: Pliysiral Edii- ration, Minor: Health, Safety Edu- ration. Oren L. Bates, Major: Business, Minor: Soriology. Kenneth Batz, Major. Arcounting, Minor: Mathematirs. Larry Beasing, Major: English, Minor: History. KolitTt L. Beeler, Major: Arcounting, Minor: Business. Gary W. Bell, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Sociology. David Bennett, Major: Pliysical Edu- cation, Minor: Biology. Galen Benton, Major: Music Edura- tion. Konuld Belts, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education. Ronald Birkford, Major: Business, Minor: Physiral Education. Stuart Bintner, Major: Social Science, Minor: History, Sociology. Donald Bishop, Major; Spanish, French, Minor: Psychology. Karen Bjorn, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. I. Richard Blakely, Major: Spanish. Minor: English. 0. .lames Booth. Major: Social Science, Minor: .Sociology, Psychology. Hlainc G. Borrhers, Major: Business, Minor: .Accounting. Nancy Borkowski, Major: Elementary Education. .Joseph S. Boswell, Major: Business, Minor: General Science. Michael Botsford, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Psychology. Fred Bradshaw, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. SENIORS Barry M. Brady, Major: Social Science, Minor: Psychology. William Brandt, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Sociology. Mary Brannan, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Psychology. Ann Brown, Major: Accounting, Minor: Mathematics. Donald Brown, INIajor: Business, Minor; Business. Robert Brown. Major: Mathematics, Minor: Physics. Nancy Bruggeman, Major: Fine Arts. Minor: Home Economics. Kent Bryan, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Biology. Carol Jane Bryant. Major: Speech. Minor: English. Larry Bullock, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Social Science. James Burge, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Drafting. William Donald Burns, Major: Agri- culture, Biology. Paul J. Burrell, Major: General Busi- ness, Minor: Sociology. Sharon Burton. Major: English, Minor: Sociology. Mary Cagwin, Major: Intermediate Ele- mentary. Judith Calvin. Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Karen Campbell, Major; Mathematics, Minor; History. David Carlson, Major; Biology, Minor; Chemistry. Charles C. Carr, Jr.. Major; Biology, Minor; Social Science. Kenneth R. Carver. Major; Physical Education, Minor: Sociology. S4 SENIORS John F. Casey. Major: Social Science. Minor: Sociology. Terry Cellman, lajor: Physical Edn- cation. Minor: Psychology. Bob Chafin. Major: .Social .Science. Minor: Sociology. Darlene Christian. Major: English. Minor: Business. Raymond Christie, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Geography. Lois Clifton, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Betty Cobb, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Chemistry. Jim Coen. Major: Mathematics, Minor: Physics. Diane Coleman, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Keith Collings, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Social Science. Barbara Combs, Major: Elementary Education. Darrell F. Cotter. Major: Chemistry and Physical Education. Kay Courter, Major: Business, Mathe- matics. Tom Cramer, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Health, Safety Educa- tion. Carolyn Caye Cross, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Linda Crosswhite, Major: Business, Minor: Business. Richard J. ( ' unimings. Major: Physics. Mathematics. Minor: General Sci- ence. Don Daniel, Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Physical Education. Jane Daniels, Major: English, Minor: French. William Dankers. Major: Mathematics, Minor: General .Science. SENIORS Donald L. Davis, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Social Science. Gary L. Davis, Major: Mathematics, Physical Education. Ken ' Davis. Major: Social Science, Minor, Sociology. Marvin Davis, Major: Marketing, Minor: Sociology. Norma Davis, Major: Elementary Edu cation. Joel Day, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Psychology. Terry R. Day, Major: Business Educa- tion, Minor: Marketing. Gloria Decker, Major: English, Minor: Lihraiy Science. Joe de la Cruz, Major: Elementary Education. Dale Diensthier, Major; Art, Minor: History. Helen L. Dischner, Major: Pharmacy. Dick D. Dooley, Major: Mathematics and Chemistry. Margaret Dowis, Major: Elementary Education. Stephen D. Drake, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: General Science and Bi- ology. Linda Dudley, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Karen Dagger, Major: Elementary Education. Henry Dunn, Major: Accounting, Minor; Biology. Martha M. Durfee, Major: Elementary Education. Roy Dwyer, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Biology. Owen David Eden, Major: English, Minor; History. 36 SENIORS Larry L. Eisenbarger, Major: Biology, General Science, Minor: Physical Education. Sheridan Eisenbarger, Major: French, Minor: Psychology. Joyce Esch, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: English. Susan Everly, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. George D. Kannon, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. Gharlaine Farrow, Major: Elementary Education. .lohii Fay, Major: Accounting, Minor: Mathematics. John A. Flora, Major: Music Educa- tion. John H. Foley, Major: History, Minor: (Geography. Martha J. Fore, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Phil Forney, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Barbara F " orster, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science. Hex J. Fowler, Major: Biology, Minor: (ieograpihy. Ronald Foy, Major: Biology, Minor: Psychology. Karen Frazer, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Geography. iliinna Friend, Major: Social Science, Minor: Sociology. Anita Frye, Major: English, Minor: History. Judy Fuller, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Nancy Gadler, Major: Medical Tech- nology. Susan Garnet, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. SENIORS Michael N. Garrett, Major: General Business, Minor: Finance and In- surance. Rex Geary, Major: History, Minor: Psychology. Richard Gebert, Major: Chemistry, Mathematics. Mary Gepner, Major: Social Science, Minor: History. Arbie F. German, Jr., Major: Biology, Minor: Physical Education. Bill Gibson, Major: Biology, Minor: Agriculture. Larry J. Giles, Major: Biology, Minor: Physical Education. Robert Goodwin, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History. Mary C. Graham, Major: Elementary Education. Max R. Grant, Major: General Busi- ness, Minor: Finance and Insurance. Jack Gray, Major: Social Science, Minor: Sociology. John Gregersen, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Coaching. Howard Griesinger, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: Physics. Frankie Griffin, Major: History, Minor: Mathematics. Leslie Grow, Major: General Business, Minor: Accounting. Ellen Grube, Major: English, Minor: French. Mary E. Grun, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Gregory V. Guenther, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Finance and Insurance. Hol ert Hagglund. Major: Social .Sci- ence, Minor: Psychology. Carl Haines, Major: Chemistry, Biology. aa SENIORS Jerry Hall, Major: Accounting, Agri- culture. Shirley Hamilton, Major: Elementary Education. Gary Hammer, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Biology. Gladys Hansen, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Paul Hansen, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Accounting. Gary Hanson, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Thomas Harvey, Major; Mathematics, Minor: General Science. Maxine Hayden, Major: Elementary Education. Joe Heater, Major: Social Science, Minor: Coaching. Sandra Heater, Major: English, Social Science. Richard Heiman, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Nydra Helzer, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Karlene Hendrix, Major: Elementary Education. Karen Hersh, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Shirley Hill, Major: Foreign Lan- guages, Minor: English. Terry Hiltabidle, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Physical Education. Larry Hofmann, Major: Finance anil Insurance, Minor: General Business. Norma Hohlfeld, Major: General Busi- ness, Minor: Accounting. Gevona Holbrook, Major: Elementary Education. Konald Holland, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Business. ?6 SENIORS Ron Hornecker, Major: Social Science, Major: Sociology. (iarolyn Houts, Major: Music. Barhara Howe, Major: Elementary Ed- ucation, Minor: English. Shirley Huher, Major: English, Minor: l.iiirarv Science. Calvin Huffman, Major: Biology, Minor; Chemistry. Judy Hullnian, Major; History, Minor: Spanish. Gary Hultquist, Major: Accounting, Minor: Finance. Norma Hunsicker, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Ellen Hunziger, Major: Elementary Education. .lames Hurley, Major: French, English. Marjorie Huss, Major: Elementary Ed- ucation. Jerilyn Irvin, Major: French, English. Marvin Jackson; Major; Mathematics, Minor; General Science. Marvin Jacobs, Major: Accounting, Ag- riculture. Elbert Jennings, Major; Mathematics, Minor: General Science. Sharon Jeschke, Major: English, Minor: Sociology. Khodetta Jp.ssen, Major; Mathematics, Physical Education. Betty Johnson, Major; General Busi- ness, Minor; Business. Harold A. Johnson, Major; History, Social .Science. Andy Jones, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor; Mathematics. 40 SENIORS Richard Jones, Major: French, Minor: English. Sandra Jorgensen, Major: Elementary Education. Minor: Psychology. Paula Kaminska, Major: Elementary Education. Sally Kampe, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Recreation. Dennis Karsten, Major: Biology, Minor: History. Dennis Karstens, Major: History, Minor: General Science. Roger Kaspersen, Major: English, Minor: Social Science. James Keever, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Biology. James Kelker, Major: Accounting, Minor: Social Science. John E. Kelley, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Social Science. Larry Kerns, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Chemistry. Phyllis Kerns, Major: Fine Arts, Minor: English. Dave Kiesling, Major: Fine Arts, Business, History, Industrial Arts. Killion, Major: Home Economics. Kinder, Major: French, Charla Kirchhoff, Major; Elementary Education. Min Dolores Minor Ramona Minor Raymond Kirsrhhaum, Jr.. Major; Ac- counting, Minor; General Business. Orrie Kleinheksel, Major; Biology, Minor: Chemistry. John Klinkefus, Major: Business, Minor; Sociology. David Klinzman, Major; Mathematics, Minor; General Science. SENIORS Terry Kremer, Major: Accounting, Minor: Finance and Insurance. Judith Krutz, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Jack LaForce, Major: Chemistry, Mathematics. Ruth Lamphier, Major: Elementary Education. Kdii l.angford. Major: Accounting, Minor: Insurance, Finance. Bill Lanio, Major: Accounting, Minor: Marketing. Harold La-iiley, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Industrial Arts. Don Lentz, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science. Phyllis, Major: Vocational Homi ' Economics. Robert Lewellen, Major: Business, Minor: English, jack Lewis. Major: Biology, Minor: Coaching. Nadine Lind, Major: Fine Arts, Minor: Home Economics. Kenneth Long, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Edythe Lott, Major: Social Science, Minor: History, Gaiy Lowrey, Iajor: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Biology. Helen Lowrey, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Kenneth Lucas, Major: Music. Joan Lynch, Major: Phy.sical Educa- tion, Minor: Library Science. Martha McCall. Major: English, Span- ish. John McClaran, Major: Accounting, Minor: General Business. 42 SENIORS Judith McClarJ, Major: Music. Karen McClurg, Major: Business, Minor: Sociology. Dorothy McCord. Major: Eiiglisli. Minor: Social Science. John McCoy. Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Mathematics, General Science. Linda McUaniel, Major: Business. Boh McGinness, Major: Accounting, Agriculture. Judy McGinness, Major: Speech, Minor: English. Terrence McGrath, Major: History, Minor: Art. Thor McMillen, Major: Music. ■Sue McNeill, Major: .Social .Science, Minor: History. Lee McNichols, Major: Business, Minor: Business. Gary McQueen, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. Wayne Mains, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education. Nonnan Malmherg, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Biology. Jane Mann. Major: Elementary Educa- tion. Norma Mann, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Gerald Marcinko, Major: Business, Minor: Business. Reynold Marriott, Major: Physical Ed- ucation, Minor: Sociology. Martha Masters, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science. Don Matthews, Major: .Social Science, Minor: .Sociology. 43 SENIORS Richard Meade, Major: Acrnuntinp. Minor: Finance and Insurance. Beverly Medsker, Major: Elementary Education. Minor: Library Science. Jim Meidinger, Major: Marketinp, Minor: Finance and Insurance. Martha Merrill, Major, Fine Arts, Minor: Enplish. Mel Merrill, Major: Business, Industrial Arts. Leon Messner, Major: Business, Minor: Physical Education. Helen Meyers, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Jeannette Michelson, Major: General Business, Minor: General Business. Scott Michelson, Major: Marketinp, Minor: General Business. Eddie Mick. Major: Business Market- inp, Minor: General Business. Carol Miller, Major: Social Scienie, Minor: History. Robert Miller, Major: Apriculture, Physical Education, Minor: Driver Education. Diana Mitchell, Major: Elementary Education. Richard Moellenberndt, Major: Mathe- matics, Accounting. Wilma Molendorp, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Lyndal Monday, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Library Science. Linda Montross, Major: Elementary Education. Billy Morrison. Major: Business, Minor: Business. Don Mortensen, Major: Music. Dorothy Mortimer. Major: Elementary Education. SENIORS Kirhard Mowry, Major; Agriculture, Industrial Arts. Stan Munson, Major: Business, Minor: Finance and Insurance. George Murdock, Major: History, Minor: .Sociology, .lane Myers, Major: English. Minor: Library Science. Roliert Myers, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Sociology. ,lohn Nauman, Major: Business, Minor; Business. Elnora Nehola, Major: Music, Minor: Fine Arts. .lose|)h Neff. Major: Art, Minor: Psy- chology. Nick Neira, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Industrial Arts. Hohby Newman, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Business. Karen Nielsen, Major: Elementary Edu- cation, Minor: Psychology. Melha Noakes, Major: Vocational Home Economics. H ' " B Boll Nordstruni, Major: Business, Minor: Accounting. .ludy Norris, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Russell Northup, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science. .jeannette Novogradic, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Lawrence Nowland, Major: Chemistry, Biology, Minor: Agriculture. Hich.ird Nusbaum, Major: Accounting. Mir or: Marketing. Richard Okinaka, Major: Biology. Minor: C ' hemistry. Patricia O ' Reilly. Major: Elementary Education. 4S SENIORS Karen Ott, Major; Physical Education, Business. Joyce Owens, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Ke nneth Owens, Major: Accounting, Minor: Finance and Insurance. Terry Owens, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Athletic Coaching. James Ozenberger, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science. Ruth Pace, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Eileen Painter, Major: Business, Mmor: English. Barbara Palermo, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science. Jim Palumbo, Major: Biology, Minor: Physical Education. Vincent Paolillo, Major: Social Sci- ence. History, Minor: Political Sci- ence. Esther Parmenter, Major: Elementary Education. Charles Patterson, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Biology. Nancy Palton, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Minor: Library Science. Lanny Paul, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Biology. George Pawling, Major: Economics, Minor: General Science. William Pendgraft. Major: Mathemat- ics, Biology. Mary Pennington, Major: Art, Minor: Psychology. Kendall Petersen. Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Drafting. Janice Peterson. Major: Elementary Education. Larry Peterson, Major: Music. 46 SENIORS Rex I ' ettegrew, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Industrial Arts. I ' atrick Phelan, Major: General Busi- ness, Minor: Finance and Insurance. Patricia Phillips, Major: French, Eng- lish. John Phipps, Major: Economics, Minor: General Business. Lawrence Pilgram, Major: Chemistry, Minor: History. John Pitzenberger, Major: Biology, Minor: Mathematics. Benton Plumb, Major: Mathematics, Chemistry. Priscilla Porter. Major: Biology, Minor: Speech. Maynard Potter, Major: Music. Linda Praisewater, Major: History, Minor: Psychology. Phyllis Pratt, Major: Elementary Edu- cation, Minor: Music. Deborah Price, Major: Elementary Education. Lewis Price, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Sociology. Gene Probasco, Major: Art, Minor: Speech. Carol Pulliam, Major: Social Science, Minor: Psychology. Daniel Ragland, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. .lim Rainey. Major: Business Market- ing, Minor: Business Finance. Elizabeth Randall, Major: Elementary Education. Karen Randall, Major: Elementary Education. Linda Raney, Major: General Busi- ness, Minor: Marketing. SENIORS Leland Ranch, Major; Business, Physi- cal Education. Marvin Reakserker, Major: Biology, Minor: Physical Education. Catherine Reck, Major: Elementary Education. George Redden, Major: History, Minor: Physical Education. David Redford, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Biology. Ronald Reiniann, Major: Business, Minor: Drafting. Larry Reineke. Major: .Accounting, So- cial Scien ' e. Nancy Reinert. Major: Elementary Education. Irene Renshaw, Major: Elementary Education. Neil Reynolds, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Industrial Arts. Byron Rhodes, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Biology. Mary Richardson, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Sociology. Merwyn Richardson, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Psychology. Phillip Ri( hmond. Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History. Bernie Ricono, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Biology. Fred Rohhins, Major: Mathematics, Physics, Minor: General Science. Gloria Roberts, Major: English, Minor: French. Marcus Rnckhold, Major: English, Minor: Social Science. Howard Rolfe. Major: Biology, Minor: Physical Education. Glenn Ross, Major: Physical Educa- tion. Minor: Industrial Arts. SENIORS dM Sherry Rothe, Major: Elementary Edii cation. Carolyn Rowe, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Gary Rowland, Major: In iiistrial Arts, Minor: Biology. Gay Ryan, Major: Elementary Educa- tion. Patricia Salanski, Major: French, .Minor: English. .lim Sanders, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: English. Nina Saucier, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Larry Saville, Major: Business, Minor; Industrial Arts. Brenda Scamman, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Robert Schaag, Major: General Busi- ness, Minor: Sociology. Paul Scherzberg, Major: English, Minor: Physical Education. Frederick Schieber, Major: Business, Accounting, Minor: Finance and In- surance. Richard Schmitz, Major: Accounting, Minor: Finance and Insurance. Roger Schneider, Major: Music. Robert Schobert, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Fine Arts. Garla Schrader, Major: Spanish, Minor: Social Science. Larj.y Schulenberp, Major: English, Minor: Sociology. J jry Schultz, Major: Indu.strial Arts, Mathematics. Robert Seek, Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business. Duane Selser, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Sociology. SENIORS Paul Sesker, Major: Social Science, Minor: Coaching. Harold Shepherd, Major: English, Physical Education. Mary Shepherd, Major: Elementary Education, (.ary Sherlock, Major: Economics and Marketing. Karen Shields, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Nancy Shipley, Major: Vocational Home Economics. Richard Shipley, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Anne .Simpson, Major: Elementary Education. Jane Simpson: Major: Home Econom- ics. Larry Slater, Major: Social Science, English. Karen .Slaydeji, Major: Music. • George .Sloan, Major: Business, In- dustrial Arts. Don .Sniitli. Major: History, .Social Sci- ence. Marion Smith, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Mathematics. Richard Smith. Major: French, Span- ish, Minor: English. Di ' nnis Spea.s, Major: Marketing, Minor ' : GeTieral Business. Ronald Spencer, Major: Accounting, Minor: Finance. Dean Spiller, Major: Elementary Edu- cation, Minor: Lihrary Science. .Suzanne Sprague, Major: English, Minor: French. .Ion Stafford, Major: Business, Minor: Finance and Insurance. SENIORS Genevieve Staton, Major: Health Edu- cation. Helen Steffen. Major: Elementary Education. Edward Steinman, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Physics. James Stephens, Jr., Major: Agricul- ture, Minor: Biology. John D. Stephens, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: General Science. Larry Stephens, Major: Mathematics, Chemistry. Mike Stephens, Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business, .Sarah Stephens, Major: Spanish, Minor: Library Science. Roger Still, Major: Mathematics, In- dustrial Arts. Ken Stites, Major: Biology, Minor: Physical Education. Carolyn Stolting, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology. David Strickland. Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History. David Sunderniann, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Finance and Insurance. Herbert Sutter. Major; Mathematics. Physics. Kathy Swoboda, Major: Elementary Education. Brian Taylor, Major: Biology, Minor: Agriculture. Douglas Taylor, Major: History, Minor: Art. Glendena Taylor. Major: Vocational Home Economics. Robert Terry, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Accounting. Donna Theis, Major: Music. SENIORS Allan Thomas, Major; Accounting, Minor: Finance and Insurance. Carol Thomas, Major: Elementary Education. David Thomas, Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business. Sharon Thomas, Major: English, Physi- cal Education. Barhara Thompson, Major: Accounting, General Business. Nancy Thompson, Major: Physical Ed- ucation, Minor: Recreation. Patricia Thompson. Major: English, Minor: Lihrary Science. Sharyn Thompson, Major: Elementary Education. Sue Thompson. Major: Elementary Education. Jim Thomson, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Thomas Thornburgh, Major: Market- ing, Minor: Fine Arts. Paul Tiemeyer, Major: Chemistry, Math. Gary Tomes, Major: .Social Science, Minor: English. Arthur Treu, Major: Business, Minor: Finance and Insurance. Janet Tussey, Major: English, Minor: French. Virgie Twomhly, Major: Elementary Education. Judy Van Scyoc, Major: Elementary Education. Russell VanVactor, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Gregory Vock. Major: Political Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology. Albert Waddell, Major: Biology, Agri- culture, Minor: General Science. S2 SENIORS Lillian Wagner, Major: Elementary Education. Doris Walden, Major: Elementary Edu- ration. Everett Walkei. Major: Sorial Science, Minor: History. Mildred Walker, Major: Business, Minor: Business. .lariicf Walstiiii. Major: Elementary Ediiiation. Inditli Walter, Major: Vocationa l Home Economics. Howard Ward, Major: CTCneral Busi- ness. Minor: Mathematics. lames Ware III. Major: Business Ag- 1 iiiilture. Keith Warren, Major: English, Minor: Spanish. Warren Richard, Major: Physical Edu- cation. Minor: Coaching. Tom Watkins, Major: Mathematics, Business. Harold Watson, Major: Agriculture, Chemistry. .Sandra Webb, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Don Weigel, Major: Business, Minor: Business. Bill Welch, Major: Accounting, Eco- nomics. Darlene Weldon, Major: Business, Minor: Music. Gary Wells, Major: Business, Minor: Social .Science. Tom Whitney, Major: Social Science, History, Minor: Sociology. Larry Wilkin,son, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology. Larry Williams, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Mathematics. SENIORS Ronald Williams, Major; Economics, Minor: Mathematics. Charlie Wilson, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Drivers Education. Dale Wilson, Major: Mathematics, Physics. Randall Wolcott, Major: Physical Education, Industrial Arts, Minor: Drivers Education. Dale Wood, Major: Accounting, Minor: In- surance and Finance. John Worth, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Fine Arts. Janice Wright, Major: Medical Technician, Minor: Biolog " , Chemistry. James Wu, Major: Chemistry, Mathematics. Jerry Young, Major: Business, Minor: Soci- ology. Al Kyle, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Recreation. Donna Ueligger: Unknown. SOCIAL SCIENCE 199 Roger A. Miller Lectures, Labs Stimulate Students GENERAL BOTANY LAB Dr. Irene Mueller HYGIENE Robert Gregory INTERIOR DECORATION STUDIO Robert Sunkel MACHINE SHOP PRACTICE Kenneth Thompson JUNIORS GlennoM Acksel Rita Acuna Marilyn Agre Alice Akers Larry Andersen Ronald Andersen Pamela Andes Jo Ellen Andrews Arlen Armstrong Ruth Asay Lana Babcock Donald Badger Nancy Bailiff Karen Barker Jerry Barnes Robert Barnes Garold Bateman Judith Batt Connie Baumli Gary Beatty Bob Beck James Belcher Wray Bell Sandra Bender Don Berry 56 JUNIORS Ken Bittikt-r Karen Bixler Roger Blakely Kathy Bogdas Ronald Bolilender Sharon Bolin Linda Bouska James Bowman, Jr. Raymond Brady Daryl Brager Larry Brandt Barbara Briggs r7lenda Bright James Brownlee Mary Bniett Ronald Brnmley Tracy Bryan Galen Buckey Vicki Buckley Elaine Bnerkens E. L. Burch Beverly Burgess Loren Burkhalter J. J. Buster James Caniphell Donald Cannon Vicki Carothers Donald Carrel Sharon Carroll Merlyn Chadwick 57 JUNIORS Bob Chaloupecky Wayne Chambers Barbara Chick Edward Christensen Steve Christensen Diane Clark Edwin Clem Vernon Clemens Greg Climie Walter Cobb Millie Cockrill Bob Cornelison Sandra Cornett Bob Cotter Sharon Coughlin Erma Coulter Janis Courtin Wanda Cox Bob Crawford Howard Cunningham Annette Cashing Daryl Dalrymple Delores Dana Larry Dannar Russell Davidson Ellen Davi Linda Dav Larry Daw Dale Daws Inhn Dewf Judith Dei SB JUNIORS Sandra Dicki-rsli: lolin Dilts Man Disbnrp Brant Downey Martha Dray James Drowns Dennis Diiffield Larry Duke Tom Dunn Mirliael Du|iy Tepwiu Dyer Tom Earp Roberta Edliri Lois Eisner Nelson England Bernard Englund David Ettelson Paula Evans Richard Evans Robert Evans Illah Eversull Karenann Falk Lorraine Faubion Charles Ferguson Michl Fieseler Jim Finkey Kenneth Fisher Sally Fiske Ronald Fitch John Fitzgerald S9 JUNIORS Evelyn Fletchall Jim Frank Larry Frazho Larry Frazier Karl Frederick il Robert Freeman Sharon Freeman Gerald Fry William Frye Joe Furlong James Galloway George Garcia Lawrence Gardner Marna Gault Larry Gerdes Richard German Don Gibson Patty Gilley Kenneth Gipple James Goforth Evelyn Goldner Virginia Goodwillie Marjorie Gould Carla Graf Mary Grantham Gary Graves James Graves Kay Graves Richard Graw Cheryl Gray 60 JUNIORS Loyce Green Shanna Griffin Terry Giiertin George Gumm Douglas Giithals Victor Guyinan Bob Hager Alvin Hagg Erma Hall Robert Hall Daniel Hamilton Jioiiald Hammack John Hammond Duane Hance Dnane Hankins Wilnia Hanna Kenneth Harlan Larry Harms Alan Hart James Hartman Linda Hartman Sherrie Hartman Wayne Hartman Dave Haskey Irene Hause Irene Hawley Harold Hawman ( " urtis Hayes Karen Havs Bob Head ' JUNIORS Loiinie Irvin Darwin Hensley Marianne Herleman David Herring Sandy Herzog John Hill Lenore Hillers Pat Hillers Carl Hinton Ray Hischke Ronald Hohneke Dennis Holbrook Gary Honstedt Larry Hornbostel Roger Home Carol Hoshor Judith Houghton Ernest Howard Janelle Howe Fred Howell Judith Huitt Mat Hull Linda Hunter Richard Jackson Glenda Jamison Gerald Jennings Sandra Jennings Allan Jensen Joan Jensen Edmund Jeske 62 JUNIORS James Johnson Katliy Johnson Jim Johnston Meredith Johnston Allan Julius Larry Kallauner Dennis Raster Inella Kerber Leroy King Elizabeth Kinker Janire Klaehn Richard Klein Martha Klever Martha Klinzman Bill Kneale Phil Kneib (;ienda Knott Barbara Knox Jean Kobashigawa Eddie Kryselmire Mary Kay Kuhn Joann Kuhr Jane LaMar Keith Lambertsen Mike Landry Joleene Larimor F. A. Leach Mary Learning Judy Lee Michael Lee JUNIORS Nylen Lewis Patricia Lininger Georgia Linville Charles Livieri Carol Long Janet Looker Laura Lowther Willard Luther Tom Lynch Pat Lyon Lynn Lyons Marge MacDonald Pat McCune Connie McDonald Sharon McElwain Bruce McGuire Patrick McLear Larry Mace Ray Maher Larry Mahoney Paul Mann Vincent Manning George Marsh Barry Martin Carol Martin Ken Martin Patricia Martin Joseph Mazur David Meade Ken Menke 64 JUNIORS Mel Merrill Frederick Messner Karen Melting Mary Meyer Larry Miller Melvin Miller Patty Miller Paula Modrell David Moore Sally Moore Sharon Morehouse Lyle Morrison Sue Mortensen Gary Mozingo Ronald Mueller Pat Mur[ihy Myrna flyers Mike Neill Charles Nelson Franz Nelson Luetta Nelson Emily Nevitt Jim Newman Larry Nielson Raymond Noid Sue Oherhelman Fritz Oeser Forrest Ohnesorge Rirhard Olenius Gene Ohman SB JUNIORS Thomas O ' Neill Lavonne Osborn Sharon Ostrus Joan Owens Donna Parks Robert Patience Jim Pawlowski Pete Pearson Charles Peterson Michael Peterson Ethel Pettijohn Dorothy Pfeifer Kay Pfeiffer Delvin Phipps Phyllis Phoenix Sharon Phoenix David Poff James Polsley Kenneth Prire Ed Propst Dennis Purvianie l.ois Purvianre Lynda Queen Leigh Ragle Barbara Rail f Marcia Reakseiker James Redd Gary Redmon Mirhael Redmond William Reichen 66 JUNIORS l.oren Rex Sliarelle Rex Tim Reynolds Carry Richardson Donna Rihner Larry Riley David Roberts Rita Robinson Coreen Rohrberp Sally Rolf Larry Rosenow Charles Ross Eileen Ross Marilyn Rnddell Darlene Runyan Jerry Samples Pat Sanderson Alvera Saucennan Jan Saville Mark Scamman Kenneth Schaeffer Dean Schantz Sharon Schmidt Ronald Schmitz Myrna Schnegelberger Doris Schreiner John Schroeder Jane Schultz Lorraine Schultz Larry Seckels •7 JUNIORS Trudy Seever Steve Sell Martha Shaver Betty Shelton Roger Shepherd Barbara Sherbo John Shipley Donald Simmons Richard Sipe Macon Sloan MdM John Slover Alan Smith Carolee Smith Carolyn Smith Connie Smith James Smith Michael Smith Paul Smith Stan Smith Wanda Smith Barbara Snow Dick Snyder Gene Snyder Carol Sobalvarro Barbara Speas James Speas Barbara Spenrer John Spencer Fred Spriester Stephen Spriggs JUNIORS Alvin Stewart Stan Stillwapoii Jane Stoner (Iharles Stroud Suzari Sullivan (iliarles Summers Rnl)ert Sutton Sally Switzer Ernie Talariro Mike Thomas Kenneth Thompson Kalph Tiffany Carroll Townsend T. V. Trainer Barhara Trurkenmiller Klvin Ungles Marlys Updegraff Don Van Sirkle Bobby Vawter Ruth Vawter Lawrenre Walker Paul Walker Tom Walton .loan Watje Charlotte Watson MM Roger Wel)er Dale Weeks jerry Weese Sharon Weir Riehard Welrh 6» JUNIORS Helen Wells Peggy Whan Jim White Lonny Wieland Berniece Wilkerson Kenneth Wilkinson Margo Wilkinson Beverly Williams James Wilson Stan Wilson Warren Wilson Esther Witt Judy Wolverton Gordon Wood Miriam Wood Joh n Wooley Dennis Wright Lillian Wright Nancy Wright Terry Wright Perry Wuerfele David Wyckoff James Young Patty Young Roscoe Young Connie Younger Linda Younger Eleanor Yuille Dorothy Zaiger Andrew Zembles 70 SOPHOMORES I, a Verne Ackerman Rose Marie Adams Suecilla Adwell Charla Albertson Donna Alexander Ernest Bryan Alexander Keith S. Allely Ronald Allely Ron Allen Jim Alloway Jerry Allwood Roger Ambrosier Janet Andersen Larry R. Anderson Linda Anderson Michael Armintrout Bob Arnold Evelyn Ayers Betty Baker Elizabeth Baker Russell Baldwin Mario Balettie Margaret Kay Barber Howard Barnard Beneta Barnes ( " linger Barnes Betty Bauer Ielinda Bauman Carl Baxter Darwin Bears e(l L. Reason Harvey Berber Rirharil Beem Donna Reeslev Edna Bell Herbert J. Bell SOPHOMORES Roger A. Bell Sherry Bell John Bergstroni Patricia Jayne Bird Gary Bix Charles Bogardo John Boley Ruby Booth Travers John Boothe Marvin Joe Bowen Earlita Jeanne Bowling Mary Lynnette Bradfield Melvin Bradford Delores F. Brannan Karla Bright Virginia Bright Ray Briscoe Roger Britt Robert Vande Brake Gerald Michael Brown Judy Brown Norm Brown Patricia Brown Vicky Brown Byron Bruning Charles Brunkow Karen Brus Marcia Bryte Richard Buckler Sandy Burger Philip Burmeister David Burns Ronald Burson Cheryl Cameron Joyce Campbell Marilyn L. Campbell Kathryn Carlson Jim Carmichael Charles Carr Thomas A. Carr Richard Carstens William Casady SOPHOMORES 4ii iiMmk MdiM Gerald Casey Tom Catlett Vernon G. Catlett Neil Chaput Linda Cliastain Kenneth Chaves Sally Christian John Christman Adam A. Chrostowski Harold Clark Sharon Clark Larry Claxlon Martha Cline Peggy Close Gary Coburn W. Clark Cofer Sandi Coffin Howard G. Collins Vernon Dale Collinsworth Judy Combs Jerry R. Cooper Philip Cooper Dave Copeland Bob Cornelius Richard Cottrell Jane Couch Darryl Gouts John Craven Sally Craven Charlene Crawford William Samuel Creed Sharon Cross Margo Joan Dath Karen Davidson John E. Davis Richard Davis Roper Dennis Earl Denyer John Dickerson Howard Dillenburg Doyle Ray Dinkens Craig Ditsworth SOPHOMORES Jerry Downing Larry Downing Marjorie Downing Dale Draper lim Dnren Linda Kay Drunimond Marvin Duckworth Jean Dugan Richard Dugan Karia Dukes David Dunfee Richard D. Ebbrecht Fredrick Edwards Tommy Eitmann Sharon Elwick Donald L. Embree Geary Engemann Gloria Erh Diane Estes Jim Evans Mary Elizabeth Evans Sandra Everly Jo ' Ann Fabro Phyllis Fastenau Charles Fattig Helen Ferguson Robert E. Fine Jane M. Fleskes Larry Florea John D. Flynn Greg Foderberg Gary Foland Grace Foland Vernon D. Foss Mary Jane Fredricks Gerald Frieberg Richard Fry Larry Fuller Sheryl Gaines Gerald Galbreath David Gardner Penni Gardner 74 SOPHOMORES Lyle Garreau Dennis B. Gates Raymond Gaule Ronald D. Gayler Jerry Geib Kennpth Geil) EdGilliland Douglas R. Girling Roger Glancy Roselta Godsey Madeline Gomel Danny Gooding Diane E. Goodwin Dennis E. Gookin Sanford Gorham Barry R. Gray Leroy Gray Rosemary Gray Tom Greenlees Cynthia Gregersen Tim Griffith Gary Grimes Jan Michael Guely Darlene Guest Rosalie A. (Juyer Karen Haas Norena Hale Kenneth D. Hall Marilvnn Hallgreen W. V.Hallock Richard L. Halloran Harvey Hallum Harlan G. Halsne Garry Hamilton Louise Hammond Marilyn Hanna Tom Hannemann Larry Hanon Richard Hansen Bert Hanson Carol Hardwick Bob Harless SOPHOMORES JackHarmer Richard L. Harover Ronald Harris Linda Harrison Cecil C ' lfn Harrold Thomas W. Harvey Daniel R. Haskill Minnie Heathman John C. Helsel Nola Helzer Carl L. Henningsen W. E. Higgins Mary Lou Hilger Harriet Hill Alvin W. Hillman John Hinkle Larry D. Hinton Linda Hirter Jerry Hites Rodger Hitt Judith Marie Holmes James Holt Carol Hopkins Marvin Hopper William Howe Alvin Hoy Stephen Hoy Judy Hyder Johnie M. Imes Sandra Ingram Emerson Wayne Ireland Phyllis Ivy Frances Jackson Jurel Jackson Sharon Jackson Sandra Jacohs Uennis Jensen Helen Johnson Jerald G. Johnson John Johnson Virginia Johnson Donald Jones 76 SOPHOMORES t4il Linda Jones Mary Sue Jones Karen Jorgensen Gar ' Jiidd Bill Kacer Penny R. Kaniler Eldonna Kariker Gerry Kelley John R. Kelley Sandra Kelly Carolyn Kempton Gary Kennedy Gary Keplinger Judy Kerns Patricia Killnian Karen Kimbrough Connie King Karnle Jeanne Knapp Jerry Knauss Karol Ann Knittl Hit-hard Koch Sidney Krebs Sara Jane Kreft Thomas E. Krupp Hiihard D. Kullhom Donald Kunkel Larry D. Kurtz Gary Lee Larabee Larry Lee Larsen Robert Latbrop Carolyn Lefgren Edward Leistad Richard Leonard Gloria Lewis Jerry L. Lewis John Linville Stephen Lininger Ernest R. Livingston Robert Loch Lyn S. Lockard Katherine Lockridge Beverly Ann Logan SOPHOMORES Billie Jean Logan Frances Logan Harlan Long Dan Longstreth Tom Lupardus Judy Lynch Jim R. McCallister Eileen McCartney William E. McCartney Jim McCarty Karen McClain Judy McClintock Betty McCloney Robert E. MoCloskev J. W. McClung Larry McDaniel Larry McDonald Gary McDunn Nancy McHenry Donna Mcintosh George Mcintosh Lavern Mclntyre Nancy D.McNeel James Rnssell Mackey Konald Madden Cleo C. Maflitt Janice Ann Magennis Dan Magness Eugene L. Mahaffey Ken Malick Sandy Manard Gary Manning Mary Marcum Judith L. Marsh Linda Marshall James H. Marten Jean Martin Norma Martin Patricia L. Martin Ronald H.Martin Mary Elizaheth Mather Phillip Mattox 78 SOPHOMORES Stanley F. Menschinf; Jerri Mercer Janet Merrill Ronald Roy Merritt Jim Meusey Lynn E. Meyer Patricia Meyer Donald Miles Deloris J. Miller Donald Miller Kathleen Miller Marcia Miller Mary Lee Miller Ronald A. Miller Terry Miller Karen Sue Mills Richard Misner Warren W. Mitchell Jon Moore Shirley Moore Barbara Morehouse Edna Morris Vonna Lou Morris Carol Morrow Dennis A. Morton Phil Murrell Jerry A. Myrtue Bill Nelson Judy C. Nelson Larry Nelson Robert A. Newberg Jerry Newman Nancy Nichols Linda Nielson Karen Niemann Diane Niewald Marvin Nordby Bob Norman Kathleen Norris Carolyn Northwall Karen Nowland Chuck Nurek SOPHOMORES John Obirek In Whan Oh Ina May O ' Riley Ethel Lee Osborn Linda G. Owen Donnie Parman Eddie Eugene Parraan Wallace Parman Jerry Patterson Robert Patterson Jim Pearoe Charles Pearcy Charles Perry Sheila Perry Fanny B. Peter Dianne Petersen Kenneth C. Petersen Richard L. Petersen Don Peterson, Dorothy Peterson Joe Peterson Ron Peterson Robert Pettegrew Lorna Pierpoint Glenn Allan Pike Tanya Pitzer Richard Poore Karen Popalisky Jerry Pottorff Eric E. Prather Charles Tracy Pritchard Barbara Protzman Charles Protzman Thomas Proudfit Robert A. Rains Ruth P. Rains Jay Rash Larry D. Rawlins Dorothy Ann Ray John Raymond Edward Reeder William J. Reiff SOPHOMORES Dale Reiman Lynda Reinart Janice Linn Reno George Rentfrow Margaret Rirhards Frank Riley Stuart Robertson Jerry Robey Eddielea Roe Dale Rolf Sally Ann Rolf James Rollins Genevieve Ross James G. Ross Elizabeth Rother Nancy Rotts Paul Edward Ruckman Harold Runyan Jerry Runyan Luwana Russell Judy Sager Judith Salfrank Mary Claire Sand Mary Sanders William James Sauer Thomas H. Schenck Michael B. Schenkelberg Stephen Schlachter Ruth A. Schmidt James F. Schmitt Daniel Schneider James A. Schreffler Gary F. Schroeder Edward L. Schultz Gary Schwenneker Dennis Schwieso Ronnie Scott Henry Seiffert Richard Seipel Barbara Selby Michael A. Sell Marcene Severson SOPHOMORES Ruth Severson Ann Shamberger Truman Eugene Shelton Patsy Shepherd John W. Sherbo, Jr. Gary Shields Linda Sue Shields Dona Shroyer Stephen Sidwell Charles Simmons Phyllis Skoglund Marlin F. Slagle Patricia Slaybaugh Jennie Jean Slykhuis Barbara Jean Smith H. E. Smith Lane Smith Rita Smith Soren Sorenson Edwin Spire Raymond Starr Rickey Steckelberg Florence Stiens Jane Stillinger Michele Stitt Judith Stokes John Stoner Terry Stoner Judy St. Peter Linda Strachan Albert Straub Richard Straub Judy Sunderman Shirley Sundeniiau Anita Sutter Charles Swaney Patricia Sweney Wava J ' ackett Jerry Taylor Philip K. Taylor Sheryl Tenhulzen Judy Thatch SOPHOMORES I ' atriria Tlioma.s Sharon Thomas ArnohH Tlionipson Rette Thompson (leh ' a Thom[)son James D. Thompson Lloyd Thompson Mike Thonipfion Sharon Thompson Leota Thomson Margie Thummel Nancv Timberlake Jeannie Timmerman Lyie Timmerman Gerri Tipton Robert H. Tonnies. Jr. Herbert D. Townsend Terrv Trammell Edward A. Trecek, Jr. Ron Tribolet Dave Trimmer E. G. Triplett Ann Trotter Gary Lee Tunell Roberta Jean Turner Joan Van Hoozer Jerry Lee Van Houtan Sharon Van Syoc Diane Vawter Bernard Veak, Jr. Judy Veylupek Jackie Vincent Carin Vogel Sue Wagers Judith Walker Rhoda Walker Roger G. Walker Robert L. Wallace Linda C. Walter Beverly Ward Stacia Ward Curtis W. Ware SOPHOMORES Mary Lou Waters Nancy Wayman Donald D. Weber Kent E. Wheeler Diane G. White Larry White Gary Whitmer Gary Willett Cheryl Willman Dean Willrett Betty F. Wilson Doris Wilson James R. Wilson Richard Wilson Cheryl Wise Harold Wittbrodt Larry E. Wittmer Donna Wolf Susan Wolf Kenneth Wookey Carol Workman Vernis L. Wray Tom Wright Sandy Yaple H. A.Yazel William Yeager James E. Yell Billy Yoakum Richard Zach Paula Zimmerman 84 FRESHMEN Dawn Abarr Ronald Alibott Robert Albanese jerry Albin Leland Aley Albert Allen John Allen Mary Allen Robert Allen Gerald Anderson Janet Anderson Steve Anderson Joy Andes Jack Appleman Kenneth Arens Margaret Armstrong Clarence Audo Gerald Babcock Sherry Babcock Don Bachman Wayne Bacon Don Bailey Susan Baker Virginia Baker Wilhani Baker Alan Ballew ( ' onnie Ranks Gary Bannick John Banning Larrv Barbour liuiith Barkei Randall Barlow ( " beryl Barnes Ii( bael Barnes David Barr Margaret Barrett FRESHMEN % k m Vt I ICyv V 4sL L ' hdMdMM William Barrett James Bartlett Pamela Bartlett Douglas Bateham Anna Bauer Gerald Bauman Barbara Beasley Joe Belt Douglas Bennett Larry Benton David Berg G. R. Bertwell Robert Bevins Edward Bickford Linda Birks Leslie Blair, Jr. Dave Blunk Michael Bobst Franklin Boeck Cathy Bohling Jackie Bohnenblast Sherry Bollinger Larry Bolton Herbert Bond, Jr. Melvin Booth Ralph Borcherding Jerry Bounds George Bower DeAnn Bowers Davetta Boyd Nancy Boyd Lynn Boyer Sara Boylan Robert Boyle Larry Bradshaw Douglas Bragg Richard Bragg Raymond Bramer Dennis Breckenridge Patricia Breeding Jerry Brewer George Brinton HI FRESHMEN ikiM James Brockus James Brooke Richard Broshears Robert Brought Roland Brower Barliara Brown tail Charlene Brown Dianna Brown J. Marlin Brown Jark Brown Nancy Brown Peggy Brown Phyllis Brown Ronald Brown Viftoria Brown Alan Brownsberger Lawrence Bruno Donald Bryan Pat Bucknani Norma Buffington R. L. Bullington Richard Bunn Linda Burdick James Busby John Busby Dave Bussjaeger Donald Butcher Karen Byers Edward Byron Howard Cadwell ikd M Carol Caldwell Donald Campbell Marilyn Campbell Terry Campbell Delnris Carr Richard Carr Donalil (airoll Kenard (iarstens Bob Carter Jerry (iarter Jim C ' arter Mi(JuicI(:a!-cy 87 FRESHMEN William (iasey .latufs Catlett Barliara Cliamlit-rs Kol)ert C.bambers Linda tlhappell Carol Chaput William Cheeseman Carol Cheney Al Chezum Phillip Cholak Delbert Christensen Gary Christensen Solomon Christian Harvey Christie John Clapper Addison Clark, Jr. Charles Clark Sherrie Clarlc Alice Clayton William Clendening Ruth Close Judy Clymens Jim Cochran Peggy Cochran Rosemarie Cochran Joe Cockayne Larry Cohee Kay Coleman Steve Colerick Charles Combs Michael Combs Zeta Combs Leonard Como Larry Conard Dola Conn Mary Connell Sara Jane Copman James Corbett Michael Corbett Diana Cordonnier Barbara Cossins Cynda Cotter FRESHMEN Donald Coulter Joan Cowan John Craig Carol Crawford Marvin Cross Rita Crosswhite Kenny Grouse Larry Crouse Norman Crouse Patty Crouse Doug Crow Larry Crow Barbara Culver Carole Cunningham Mary Ann ( ' unningham Francis Cupp Eunice Curd John Curnutt Carolyn Currier Robert Currier Gary Curtis Joyce Gushing Larry Dack Chris Dahl Robert Dailey Janelle Dalbey Susan Darrah Alan Davidson Jerry Davidson Ken Davidson Kenneth Davidson William Davidson Debi Davis Donna Davis Gertrude Davis Larry Davis Robert Davis Rosamond Davis Wesley Davis Karen Deardorff Stanley DeCosmo David Demnion 89 FRESHMEN Del Denekas Norene Denney Phyllis Denney JohnDePetro Gary Derks Thelma DeShon John Dew Ruth Dick David Diehl Diann Dietrick Judith Diggs Jim Dills Rudy Dingman Bill Dittemore Gloria Dittman Ehrman Dobberstine Arnold Doctor Timothy Donovan Donna Doolin Jim Dotson Nancy Dougan Charles Douglass Robert Duff Byron Duke Harold Dunsmore Terry Eddy Mary Sue Edgerton Cheri Edwards Francis Eggers Gary Eickholt Edra Eisenbarger Melanie Eisiminger Dale Ekkela Paul Elliott Victor Ellison Don Engel Janet Engle Sharon Engle Nshan Erganian Dayle Erickson John Erickson Judy Estes FRESHMEN Cliailes Etchison Brenda Evans Cheryl Evans Donald Evans Larry Everly Bruce Falk Jo Ann Fender Marilyn Ferguson David Ferris Harry Fields Paul Fields Bruce Fife Chris Filley James Findley Rex Findley Byron Fink Merrill Finley Jerry Fischer Donna Foley Michael Forbes Steve Ford Marsha Foutch Thomas Fox Phil Frahm Garry Francis William Francis Scotty.Freerkesen David Fritz Larry Frizell Beverly Fry John Fry George Fultz Steve Funston Terri Furst Sharon Gabel Judy Gahm Kenneth Gallagher Connie Galloway Paul Garafalo Robert Garms Larry Garrett Joyce Gash FRESHMEN Diane Gebhards Michael George Linda Gibler Jane Gilbert Doug Gillespie Joan Gillespie Judy (iilmore Daniel Gingerich Lynn Godden Steven Goldusky Ronald Goodspeed John Goodwin Judith Graham Lloyd Graham Carolee Grame Janet Gray Rita Gray Wallis Gray Roger Green Judith Greene Sandra Griffin Earl Griffith Margaret Grouse Gary Gruhn Larry Guy William Haag Lonny Hagan Ron Hager Jerry Hagg Clara Hainline Betty Hall Brian Hall Charles Hall David Hall Terry Hall Dick Halliday Lana Halstead Patty Hamill Steven Hammond Thomas Hancock Joe Handley Mary Hanes 92 FRESHMEN Terriiyii Hankins Robert Hanrath Gary Hansen Phil Hansen Roberta Hanson Judy Hapes Dona Hardesty Beverly Hardy Dorothy Hardyman Merylan Hargus Thomas Harper Chris Harshbarger Jimmie Harshberger Bob Hartsork Carolyn Hasselbrink Nancy Hasselquist Jeff Haugh Donna Hawley Wilbert Hawley Clarence Haws Nyle Hay Trudy Hays Mike Healy Kathleen Heckathorn Leland Heflin Roger Heflin Leroy Heinen Sarah Heisig Karen Hekel Larry Heifers Gary Henry Kerry Henry Anna Herbst Linda Higgenbotham Michael Higgins Linda Hightower Elaine Hill Robert Hillman Wendell Hinkson Edd Hobbs Harold Hodges Judith Hoffman FRESHMEN ]M£M Dennis Hoffmeister Myron Holder Sharon Holloway James Holtz Bruce Horrell Florence House Janet Houser Charles Houseworth Lowell Houts Mary Howard James Hubbard Margaret Huelskamp Stan Hughes Dennis Hukill John Hukill Marilyn Hulet Forrest Hummel John Humphreys Sara Humstone Eileen Hunter Alan Hurst Steve Hurst Rowena Husted Janet Hutton Earlene Ijams Shirley Ingels Frank Innis Diana Jackson Doug Jackson Robert Jackson Bill Jacobs Doyle Jacobs Robert Jacobsen Thomas Jacobsen Robert Jahr Kenneth James Ronald James Stephen James Howard Jameson John Jennings Colleen Jensen Gary Jensen 94 FRESHMEN Reggie Jensen Gary Joeckel Murray Joekel Ben Johnson Chloe Johnson Chris Johnson Clyde Johnson David Johnson Gary Johnson Kathleen Johnson Vivian Johnson Walter Johnson Keanne Johnston Richard Johnston Mary L. Jones Mike Jones Pamela Jones Patricia Jones Richard L. Jones Ron Jones Robert Jordan Dick Juergens Louise June Joe Jurjevich Donald Kabel Carolyn Kading Michael Karsnak David Kay Douglas Keever Wanda Keever Robert Kehoe Dorothy Keith Ken Keith Jack Keller Janeth Kelley Jim Kelley Marlene Kelly Terri Kennedy Jack Kilpatrick Richard Kincaid David King Judith King FRESHMEN Roger King Sylvia King Charles Kirby Beth KirkendoU Edward Kline James Knauss Douglas Knudson Lawrence Koch Jean Kokesh Joel Kolterman Karol Kooker Diane Kramer Michael Kurtz Shirley Lager John Lally Judy LaMar Roger Lane Edwin Larsen Richard Larson Joseph LaSala Jeanette Lasley Sharon Laumann Fred Lazear Edwin Leach Garry Legaard Donald Leming Jerry Leonard Dave Lerner Nancy Lesher Patty Leslie Randall Leu Donald Levis Ronald Levis James Lewis John Lewis Joyce Linville Marilyn Loch Ed Locker Richard Logan Jim Logsdon Connie Long Larry Long FRESHMEN Frank Longacre Rachael Loose Eileen Lopour Darr l Lowrey Dianne Loy Barbara Luhrs Jack Lund James Lund Larry Luttrell Michael Lydon David Lyle Steve McBee Don McCartney Donna McClain Gary McCloud Jack McClure Theresa McCord Janelle McCown Ronald McCulloch Dave McCnrnin Alice McDevitt Jeanette McDowell Peggy McElfish Allen McFall Charles McGehee Mary McGuire Timothy McGuire John McKee Sue McKee Rex McKenny Randy McKinley Bonnie McKinzie Don McLain Gerald McLain Dan McLaughlin Rex McMahon Jerry McMain Bobbi McMinemee Ronald Mc Neel Carolyn McNeese Ardis McPike Karen McQuigg FRESHMEN diMdkm David Mackey Linda Mackey Carole Madden Thoma?; Madden James Madison Willis Madison John Mahan Bob Majerus Vivian Makings Robert Malcom Michael Malott Joan Mann Meredith Manning Larry Markt Greg Marsh Nancy Marsh Bob Marshall Carolyn Martin Dennis Martin Jerry Mason Sarah Mason Mary Mast Donna Masters Marjorie Mathewson Bob Mauseth Edward Maxwell J ean Meadows Doralyn Meek Pete Meindertsma Darlv Mercer Myron Merrill Nida Messick Helen Meyer Judy Meyer Charles Meyers Peggy Michel Judith Middleton BobMilinsky Clarence Miller Howard Miller Judith Miller Richard Miller 98 FRESHMEN Shirley Miller Susan Miller Wayne Miller Donna Mills Creed Millsaps Doug Minnick Paul Mitchell Ronald Mitchell Stephen Mitchell Gary Mitskoff Don Mittelstadt Margaret Mock Betty Mohr Neal Moles Richard Moore Robert Moore Ronnie Moore Stephen Moore Dennis Moriarty Ted Morris Jim Morrison Glenn Morrow John Moseman Patricia Moser Garry Mount Mary Moyle Clark Mullins Cheryl Munn Kip Myers Richard Myers Harold Myles Jacqueline Narrows Denman Naylor Jon Nazarene Larry Nedrow Diane Neely Lyle Neff Kenneth Nelson Mary Nelson Dean Neuberger Steve Neuroth Dave Neustadt FRESHMEN difii Mary Nevitt Edward Newman Veriel Nickell Linda Nickerson James Nielsen Judy Nieman Linda Nigh Pat Noah Wilbur Noakes Linda Noe Phil Noel Steven Nopoulos Ralph Norris Glen Nowlinp Tom O ' Connor James Oehrlein John Oliphant Alan Olson Barliara Olson Martin Osborn Dinah Owen Larry Owen Willa Owen Robert Owens Shirley Owens Thomas Owens LaVergne Pabian Allan Packer Wallace Paden William Page Robert Parks Judith Parman Bob Parrish Leanna Parton Diane Pascal Patty Paxton Larry Peart Glen Pedersen Sue Pelzer James Perez Karen Peters Harriette Peterson lOO FRESHMEN Jeannie Peterson Mike Peterson Mike Peterson Ida Petherick Norm Pettlon Carol Petty Danny Pfeifer Randy Phillips Rick Phillips Susan Phillips Dean Pierce Connie Pigg Don Pine Mike Piper Don Piveral Susan Ploghoft Rex Plymell Ron Pomeroy Phil Porter Carole Posler Charles Posson Harold Poynter David Pratt Linda Prior Paul Pruitt Thomas Pullano Rodney Quigley James Ragle Phil Ramsey Lowell Ranck Gary Randall Karlene Rasmussen Dana Ratliff Robert Reasoner Rosalie Redman Linda Reed Richard Reeder Jim Reiley Kathy Remund Dave Rettenmaier Eddie Reynolds Raymond Reynolds FRESHMEN Jill Richard Donald Richards Joyce Riddell Ronald Riley Mary Ripley William Rissler Marrene Robberts Don Robbins Edwin Roberts Keitb Roberts Larry Robinson Sandra Robinson Alberto Rodriguez Warren Roland Stanley Rosenblum Duane Rosenbohm Henry Ross Mick Ross Larry Rotb Thomas Roth Jackie Russell Jo Ellen Russell Richard Saemisch Jack Saip Susan Salfrank Barbara Samuel Ronald Sander Dennis Sapp Shirley Saunders Phil Sauvago Shirley Schafer Gloria Schatz Kenneth Schenkel Raymond Schieber Sheila Schieber Charles Schlagel Roger Schlegel Jerry Schmidt David Schnathorst Dennis Schnathorst Gary Schnepel Jim Scbope 102 FRESHMEN Jack Srhrinisher Edward Schroeder Mary Schulenberg James Schulte Alan Scott Carrol Scott Jim Scott Judy Scott David Seat Alan See Kathleen Seifert Willis Seiverling James Selk John Sexson Sheryl Sexton Mary Seymour Paul Seymour Linda Shafer Larry Sharp Patrick Shaughnessy Jim Shearman Elaine Sherman David Shestak Fred Shields Joe Shields Beverly Shipley Gregory Shipley Annette Siglin Donald Silvey Suzanne Sissel Lowell Skeed Mary Skinner Sam Skinner Paulette Sleister Vernon Smiley Charles Smith David Smith Donald Smith Guy Smith James D. Smith Janet Smith Kathryn Smith FRESHMEN midm Kenneth Smith Lenore Smith LeRoy Smith Millard Smith Nanry Smith Paula Smith Sammy Smith Sharon Smith Sharon Kay Smith Judith Snavely Wilson Snively Fred Sorensen Steve Sorensen Terry Sparks L. E. Spicer Thomas Spinner Janet Sprake Charles Stagg Clyde Stalling Ronald Stander James Standfield Rohert Steinhauser Rarhara Stephens CJiarles Stephens Don Stephens Kelley Stephens Mike Stephens Sandra Stilabower Ed Stilley Charles Stokes Clara StoU Phyllis Stone Alva Stoner Phillip Stowe Claire Straight Donald Straueh Dennis Strerker Kenneth Sturtz Stanley Sudol Kenneth Suetterliii Luella Sunderman Dale Svaglic I04 FRESHMEN Duane Swanson Charles Swinger Pamela Talbott Kenneth Tanner Ramona Tasler Rosemary Tauchen Mary Taylor Robert Taylor Sue Taylor Frank Teale David Temple William Templer Dennis Tenney James Terry Roger Tesi Dennis Thompson Mick Thompson Mickey Thompson Russell Thompson Dorothy Thorpe Gary Thurnau Marvin Tibbetts Shirley Tibbetts Gary Tietz Kenneth Tiffany Jim Tilley John Tino Larry Tong Tom Torstenson . Diane Traylor Judith Tritsch Virgil Troutwine Harold Trubey Walter Trump David Turner Linda Turner Carol Tyler Larry Tyree Gary Urich Michael Valentine Gale Van Aernam Sara Vance FRESHMEN Vincent Vanderweide Mahcoe VanDyke Ron Vannier Peggy Vaughn Lyndal Vessar Michael Victor Frank Viti Judy Vogel James Wakeman Barry Walker Jghn Walker Wayne Walker Beverly Wallace Jane Wallace Ron Wallace Paula Walton Ann Ward Evelyn Ware Michael Ware Terry Warren Mary Watje Larry Watkins William Watson Gary Waugh John Wehb Jack Wehber Sandra Weher Herh Webster .lames Weihel Michael Weldon Burris West John Wheeler Gano Whetstone Donald Whipple Cheryl White David White Lov Whitehead Robert Whitlatch Dave Wickett Jon Wiegand Stephen Wilcoxson Marlene Wiley 106 FRESHMEN Steve Willioit Nancy Wilkes Jeanine Willard Helen Williams Margaret Williams Robert Williams Shirley Williams Eddie Williamson Gary Williamson Carol Wilson Eddie Wilson Karen Wilson Sharon Wilson Ronald Wineinger Clinton Wisdom Gerald Wissink Raymond Wohlford Carol Wolverton Marilyn Wood Sharon Wood Lorena Woods Dick Worl Richard Worrell David Worthley Martha Wortman Donald Wright John Wright Margie Wunderlick Jon Yaple Carol Young Sheila Young Ed Younger Kathy Yunker Jordon Zaiger Carol Zimmerman Linda Zimmerman Graduate Students Continue Study To Add Degrees James Derks Betty Gourley Dwiplit Kessler Elmer Srhrag Mary G. South Vivian Stoutimore K. E. Sundell David Sutton Joyce White loa BASIC ELECTRICITY SHOP Peter Jackson FRENCH LAB Ross Surphlis Classroom Content Prepares Pupils GENERAL ZOOLOGY William T. Garrett GREGG SIMPLIFIED SHORTHAND Edward Browning w. U K )0 ). n uu n u P u x Sororities and Fraternities Play Ye Olde Phi Mu Annex t;reets Christmas visitors during the Hanging of the Greens festivities. Alpha Sip President Karlene Hendrix and Shirley Moore accept the College Bowl Trophy for the women ' s division from President Jones. Delta Zeta clowns in the Homecoming Parade lirought a lot of laughs from the record-breaking irowds. Butch Kvans accom|ianies as Ins IKK hrothers. Don Cannon and .lay Schug " croon a tune. " An Important Role In College Functions John Phipps, Phi Sigma Epsilon President, and Karlene Hendrix, Alpha Sigma Alpha President, smile as they pose with President J. W. Jones after being presented the scholarship trophies for their respective organiza- tions. President J. W. Jones presents Boh Lewellen, Tau Kappa Epsilon President, with the Campus Bowl trophy captured by the TKE group. DZs and Tri .Sigs vie for volleybal sports world. intramural honors as sororities enter the Alpha Sigma Alpha Initiation of honors for Phi Phi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha came early in the fall of the 1963-64 year when sorority sister Linda Bouska was chosen as beauty queen representative of the college to be presented at the American Royal in Kansas City. Only a short time later, an all-Greek assembly was called in which the Alphas were awarded the scholarship trophy for the fourth consecutive year. Also it was learned that Diana Mitchell, local Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart, was selected to be National TKE June calendar girl. An ASA " Bier Garten " Party greeted fall rushees at the informal rush party. This resulted in the largest pledge class of the fall semester. Homecoming activities came in rapid succession following rush. The chapter placed second in the women ' s division with their float entitled " America the Melting Pot. " Millie Cockrill was a member of the queen ' s court. The annual Founders ' Day banquet honored many returning alumnae. Along with their brothers of Tau K appa Epsilon fraternity, the Alphas enter- tained the children from the oyes Home in St. Joseph al the annual Christmas party. Officers are Karlene Hendrix. President; Diana Mitchell. Vice President; Peggy Whan, Recording Secretary; and Millie Cockrill. Treasurer. Busy in campus affairs were Carolyn ' iltshire. Totcer Art Editor. Student Senate Advisory Board. Cardinal Key, Union Board, Kappa Pi; Sally Craven. President of Roberta Hall; Barb Chick, Union Board. Junior Class Secretary, Panhellenic President. Delta Psi Kappa; Susan McConkey. Assistant Tower Editor; Kathy Johnson. Head Cheerleader; Diana Mitchell. Religious Emphasis Committee; Betty Bauer, Majorette; Ann Trotter. Sophomore Vice-President; Joyce Campbell, Pi Kappa Delta. Secretary Baptist Student Union; Peggy ' han. Kappa Omicron Pi, Homecoming Committee. Karlene Hendrix, President FIRST ROIT: Marpie Wunderlirli, Vire-President : Sharon Elwick, Connie Galloway, Patty Hammill. SECO D ROlf : Chris Johnson. .Serretarv: Sara Copman, Barh I.uhrs. Dorothy Hardyman, Treasnrer: Carol Workman, Linda Mar shall. Chaplain. THIRD ROK : Norena Hale, Carol Cheney, Virpinia Goodwillie. Reporter: Sally Craven, President: Karen MrClain, Song Leader. Doiina Alexander lieltv Bauer Bauinaii Katliy Bogdas Linda Bouska .Iiidv Brown Joyce Campbell Barbara Chick Lois Clifton Millie Cockrill Barbara Combs Caye Cross Gennv Darnell Diane Goodwin Carol Gregory mFI .difli Darlenr ( iipst N Carol Hopkins Kathy Johnson Judv Kimmet Susan McConkey Marsha Miller Diana Mitchell Miirlev Mo Joyce Owens Dottir Kay Marv Sander nn Trotter I ' egpy Whan (arolvn Wiltshire Delta Zeta The Delta Zetas began the fall semester activities with a " Roaring Twenties " informal rush party. Thirteen girls were pledged following the formal party. With a successful rush completed, the Deltas joined into Homecoming activities. The chapter ' s skit placed first, the house decorations were awarded second, and the float tied for fourth. Social activities for the year included a " Sweatshirt Party " given by the pledges, the annual Founders ' Day Banquet, the spring formal, and mixers. Individual honors to Deltas active in campus affairs were: Nancy Patton, ACE President; Carolyn Enis. Drama Club Vice- President, Alpha Psi Treasurer; Karen Frazer, PEM Club President; Sherry Speer, PEM Club First Vice-President, Senior Class Vice- President, Roberta Hall Vice-President, Newman Club Vice-Presi- dent, and chosen for Cardinal Key; Sally Switzer, Pan Hellenic Council Vice-President; Kathy Swoboda, Cardinal Key Treasurer; Shanna Griffin, Kappa Omicron Pi Co-corresponding Secretary; Rose Marie Adams, College Band Secretary -Treasurer; Nancy Bail- iff, Roberta Hall Treasurer; Elain Buerkens, Sigma Phi Dolphin Swim Club President; Judy Miller, Freshman Class Treasurer; and Pat Phillips, Cardinal Key, and Book Club President. kathy bwoboda. President FIRST ROW : Judy F ougllton, Cheryl Camernn, Mary Mast, Mary Srhulenherg. SECOND ROW: Martha Merrill. Pledge Trainer; Janet Merrill, Reporter; Mary Kuhn, Shirley Miller, Sherry S| eer, Pleilge Trainer. TtURD ROIl : Gloria Lewis, Secretary; Sherry Tenhiilzen, President: Jndith Miller, Sharon Couphlin, Vice- President; Patty (iilley, Carol .Sol)alvarro. Rose Adams Margie Anderson Nancy Bailiff Betty Barr Elaine Buerkins Sharon Carrol Carolyn Enis Shana Griffin Connie Ewing Karen Frazer Judy Fuller Mary Graham Marilyn llarina Charla Kirchhoff Rosie Guyer Martha Klever Sue McNei! Marty Merrill Judy Miller ' u Jeannette Novogradie Pat Phillips ( innnie Smith ;iN Switzer Marlys Updegraf Phi Mu " Pink Fragrance " was the theme for fall rush. Tiie informal party was held in the newly-furnished chapter room. Phi Mu participated actively in Homecoming;. " ■Springtime in New pjigland ' was depicted on the float. The variety show entry was " ' A Nation of Many States. " ' Marge MacDonald was one of the queen ' s attendants. Phi Mu placed among the winners in all entries. A Homecoming dinner honoring alumnae was held at the Maryville Country Club. " Calypso ' ith a Twist " was the fall informal dance theme. The suspense ol Secret Santa gifts was revealed at the Christmas party. Founders ' Day, Open House, and the Spring Formal brought the year to a close. Phi Mus receiving exceptional honors for 196:3-64 were: Deborah Price, recipient of the J. W. Jones Scholarship Award; and Ellen Grube, Editor of the Tower. Phi Mus actively engaged in campus activities were: Sandi Coffin. .AV S Rep- resentative of Union Board; Ellen Grube. Vice-President of Book Club. Vice-President of Cardinal Key. and Senate Representative: Gladys Han. en. President of Kappa Omi- cron Phi: Marge MacDonald. Past Secretary of Senate and Cheerleader; Judy McGin- nis. Alpha Psi Omega; Kay Pfeiffer. Secretary of Newman Club; Priscilla Porter, Pi Kappa Delta; Deborah Price. Senate Representative, Co-Chairman of Homecoming Variety Show, and Secretary of Cardinal Key: Pat Sanderson. Co-Chairman of AWS Style Show; Mary Anthonv. Panhellenic Delegate; Karen Shields. Vice-President of Kappa Omicron Phi; Michele Stitt, Counselor; and Sue Thompson. Secretary of Student Senate. ,i -j v Officers for the year were: President. Karen Shields; Vice-President. Kay Pfeiffer; Secretary. Gladys Hansen; and Treasurer. Mary Anthony. Karen Shields, President FIRST ROW: Debbie Price, Pledge Director: Mary lane IVnnington, Klainc Hill. Sue Thompson, President; Judy St. Peter, Secretary. SECOM) ROW: Marge MacDc.nald, Vice- President: Judy Veylupek, Sally Jo Moore, .Anne Simpson, Treasurer. THIRD ROif : Debliy Davis, Pat Sanderson, Sara Kreft, Assistant Pledge Director; Donna Doolin, Palsy Shepherd. W ' Man Anth ' ii .liidv Bolon Saiidie Coffin Klli-ii (.nih.- Gladys Hanson .ShaKMi Harms £ Sally Kampe Glenda Knott Sara Kreft Helen Lowrey Marge MacDonald Judy McGinnis Mary Jane Pennington Kay Pfieffer Priscilla Porter Debbie Price Rita Robinson Pat Sanderson Patsy Shepherd Anne Simpson Michele Stitt Judy St. Peter Celia Thompson Sharyn Thompson Sue Thompson Judy Veylapeck Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma opened their campus year with their informal rush party entitled " Mexican Fiesta. " Not only did candy spill out of the pinata. but also a glorious array of surprises which were to continue throughout the year. The first surprise was their new pledge class. The pinata continued to empty its rewarding contents throughout Homecoming. Three first places were awarded to the chapter: " North- westward Ho! " captured honors in the variety show. " Liberty for AH " proved successful in the beauty float division, and their house decoration " Go Northwest Young Man " kept pace to round out a highly successful Homecoming. The over-all Homecoming trophy was presented to the Tri Sig chapter for the second consecutive year. In November, during chapter inspection, once more the pinata tipped and it was made known that Alpha Epsilon had been chosen as the most outstanding chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma for the year 1963. The annual Christmas Party was held at the home of Miss Neva Ross, Faculty Sponsor. The rest of the year ' s activities included a pledge dance, the annual Spring Formal, a Founders ' Day Banquet, and many activities with their brother fraternity. Phi Sigma Epsilon. Girls active in campus affairs were: Jane Shaver, Kappa Omicron Phi, Homecoming committee; Jane Stoner, Delta Psi Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Phi Dolphins, Pern Club; Linda Raney. Pi Omega Pi; Marcene Severson, Cheerleader, Colhecon, Homecoming Queen Candidate; Judy Hullman, Cardinal Key, Student Senate; Judy Dewey, Dorm Council; Judy Krutz. President of SCA; Mary Etta Meyer, AWS Officer; Linda Greenwood. Intramural Council; Susan Bouska, Kappa Pi; Ann Shamberger, Miss Maryville; and Sandy Herzog, Dorm Council, AWS Officer, President of Perrin Hall, Co-ed of the Month. Officers of the Alpha Epsilon Chapter or the year were: Jane Shaver. President; Jane Stoner, Vice-President; Sharon McElwain, Treas- urer; Linda Raney, Recording Secretary; Karen Hersh, Corresponding Secretary; and Nancy Wayman. Scholarship Chairman. Jane Shaver, President FIRST ROW: Jane Stoner, Pledge Trainer: Sharon Thomas, Tepwin Dyer. Sandy Robinson, Lana Halstead, Ardis MrPike. SECOND ROK : Janet Grav. Reanne Johnston, Serretary: Connie Long, Linda Davis, Treasurer: Sandy Herzog, Vice-President. THIRD ROW: Bonnie McKinzie, Linda Hunter, Linda Reed, Cynda Cotter, President: Pat Paxton, Marcy Severson, Assistant Pledge Trainer. Susan Bouska Virginia Bright Karen Davidson Judy Dewey Donna Friend Linda Greenwood Karen Hays Karen Hersh Marty Durfee Betty Johnson Karen Kimbrough Mary Etta Meyer Judi Krutz Pat Meyer Lyn Lockard Linda Raney Pat Lyon Nancy Reinert Marcy Severson Ann Shamberger Jane Stoner Nancy Wayman Sherry Rothe Connie McDonald Sharon McElwain Myrna Schneglberger Darlene Weldon Sororities Find Companionship In Worl( and Play Tri Sigs and Phi Sigs join forces in fun and work during Homecoming time. Phi Mus, Kay Pfeiffer and Sue Thompson, are in the Christmas spirit in the Phi Mu Annex decorated for the holiday. Diana Mitchell, Alpha Sigma Alpha, was named TKE Sweetheart by the local chap- ter of Tau Kap|ia Epsilon. Tri Sips enjoy fun at a popcorn party with rushees in their annex. 122 Phi Sigma Epsilon The brothers of NU chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon returned to their college home at 910 College Avenue, anxious to enter another year of activities. Accomplishments of the past year included improvements upon the house and a completely redecorated chapter room. Members are again receiving the benefits of the house cafeteria. The men of Phi Sigma Epsilon pledged seventeen new members during fall semester rush. The chapter ' s emphasis on scholarshij) was signified as PSE retired the Scholarship trophy, having won it three times. Dale Lesle received the chapter scholarship award. The combined efforts of ail brothers were again rewarded in Homecoming. Phi Sigma Epsilon placed first in the variety show, second in house decorations, and third overall parade activities. Much emphasis was again |)laced upon social life. The chapter held various mixers with the social sororities on campus, and weekend house parties were enjoyed throughout the year. The formal activities of the year were the Christmas Ball, Phi Sig Rumble, and Orchid Ball. John Phipps was chosen " Phi Sig of the Year. " Campus recognition was given to: Richard Okinaka. Blue Key and Vice- Chairman of Union Board Executive Council: Gary Hultquist, Treasurer of Union Board Executive Council: Harvey Hallum, Senate; Marvin Bell. Co-Editor and Sports Editor of Northeast Missourian; Deiniis Karstens. Leland Anderson. John Phipps — Treasurer. Interfraternity Council; Gary Bell, Men ' s Intramural Council: Frank Griffin— Head Counselor. Larry Messerli— Head Counselor, Ron Spencer, Ken Thompson, Men ' s Dorm Council; Terry Kremer. Pi Omega Pi Historian; Richard Cornelison — President. Ron Spencer — Vice-President; Greg Guenther— Co- Program Chairman, Gary HuUquist— Social Chairman. Pi Beta Alpha. Cornelison was also Blue Key Vice-President. The members serving on the executive council of the fraternity are as follows: President, John Phipps; Vice-President. Dennis Karstens; Secretary. Harold Shep- herd; Treasurer. Greg Guenther; Pledgemaster. Charlie ' ilson; House Manager. Larry Stephens; Corresponding Secretary. Richard Gebert; Social Chairman. Richard Cornelison. Mr. illiam T. Garrett and Mr. Herbert Dieterich are the fraternity sponsors. Mrs. Ethel Aldrich is the Housemother. FIRST ROW: Harvey Hallum, Jerry G.-il), Doug Nordstruin, Jim Johnson, Charlie Wilson, Pledge-Master. SECOND ROW : Glen Harrold, Chaplain: John Thompson, Danny Haskell, Bob Rempe, Tom O ' Neil, Secretary; Richard Olenius, Assistant Pledge-Master. THIRD ROW: Thor McMillen, Captain: Stan Munson, Tom Oreenlees, Don Berry, Vice-Captain; Buzz Englund, Parliamentarian; Ray Briscoe. Gary Anderson Leland Anderson liol) Beck Gary Bell iVIarvin Bell kh Gary Bix Roger Britt Kieliarii C orneiison Kobert Cornelison IJicliard Uavis Diik Doole Dennis Forke Jim (Tartrt ' l Richard Gebert Bill Giljson Don Gil)son Frank Griffin Rodney (ireen (iregory Von Guenther Icrry Guertin I. K. Hess (iary Hultquist Andy Jones Dennis Karstens ' ' di Terry Kremer Kugeiie Oltmaii Kon Spencer Bol) Thomas Jack LaForce Dave l a II 1 1 til Jiihii . tf ' plK ' lis Jim McClung Larry Messerli Kilife Larry Reineke Larry Saville Larry Stephens Charles Summers i k ii Kcnnrth Thompbon Lvlc Timmerman Ronald Tribolett Richard Okinaka Harold Shepherd Jack Stoner Larry Williams Richard Olenius John Spencer H Brian Tavlor ( harlie Wilson John Worth Ethel Aldrich House Mother Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Zeta chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda entered into campus life in a wide variety of areas during its first full year on the campus Under the leadership of President John Foley, the new fraternity entered Homecoming activities, winning a first place tie in the beauty float competition. They successfully completed fall and spring rush and entered into a wide variety of social events. _ Social events during the year included a pledge dance. Christmas carollino- the Sweetheart Dance where Miss Linda Bouska was elected sweetheart, the Spring Formal, and the Founder ' s Day Banquet. Gary McQueen was social chairman. c ■ l AKL members active in campus affairs were John Foley, bocial Science Club Vice-President; Gary McQueen, Social Science Club Treas- urer and R.U.R.: Bob Johnson. Blue Key. Student Senate. Co-editor of the Northwest Missourian; Gene Probasco. roles in R.U.R., All My Sons, and Death Takes a Holiday; Ted Jamison, Blue Key and Northicest Mis- saurian business manager; Roger Glancy, KDLX radio; Bill Dankers. intramural council and Dorm Council; and Scott Michelson. committee chairman for Religious Emphasis Week. , . t, u n The year ended as the AKL ' S prepared to move from their lower Hall location to a off campus. Officers assisting the president were Bill Dankers. Vice-President and Pledgemaster; Bob Beeler. recording secretary; Junior Veek Corre- sponding Secretary; Steve Christensen, Treasurer; and Larry Houser Rush Chairman. Faculty Advisors were Dr. Leroy Crist, Mr. Richard Hart Mr Fred Hassenplug, Mr. Donald Robertson, and Mr. Dean Savage. John Foley, President FIRST ROW: Gary .Shields, Chaplain; Jim ,S|.. a... Koh.-.t Evan.., President; Larry Houser, Corresponding Secretary. SECOND ROtt: Bill Dankers, Pledge Master; " I ' ; " ' -i retary Tom Casey, Treasurer; Geoipe Mcintosh, (.aiy keplinger. THIRD ROH . Herbert Hell, Roger Glancy, Vice-President; Carl Peterson, Willis Madison, Parliamentarian. 126 nnald Allen Bob Cliafin Larry Knise Gene Probasco ' % t ' 1 Larrv Anderson ■O, Ronald Andersen tk Sieve Christensen David C opeland Gary McQueen Kenneth Menke Paul Tiemez Bernard Veak iil Richard Hart iiiSkdii Ronald Anderson Carl Baxter Bob Beeler Bill Danke Ted Jamison Bob Johnson Scot Michelson George Murdock Vincent Paveilla M4ii Roger Walker James Wu Leroy Crist Fred Hassenplug Donald Robertson Dean Savage Phi Lambda Chi Iota chapter of I hi Lambda Chi advanced into the 1963-64 school year with an almost doubled active memhersliip. In addition to these forty active members, fall rush netted the fraternity nine pledges. Making its best over-all performance at Homecoming since the chap- ter was founded in 1959. Phi Lambda Chi placed in all events. Phi Lambs offered stiff competition in intramurals. Rex Pettigrew assisted Dr. Peterson as director of intramurals. Outstanding social functions of the first semester included the Christ- mas dance and a trip for eight delegates to the national conclave held at Arkansas State Teachers College in Conway. Arkansas. Spring activities were highlighted by the Sweetheart Formal Dance. Although ' 6.H and Y)4 brought much ha])piness to the brothers of Phi Lambda Chi, it likewise brought its sad moments. All were sorry to hear of the death of Jim Lester, one of the chapter founders. Phi Lambs active in campus affairs were: Rex Pettigrew. Vice- President of Student Body; Larry Schulenherg, Vice-President of the Senior Class; Kenneth Geib. President of the Sophomore Class; and Dennis Kaster. Sophomore Class Senator. Executive Council included Dick Houck. President: Lanny Paul, Vice-President; Larry Schulenherg. Secretary; and Dennis Purviance. Treasurer. Dick Houck, President FIRST ROW: Ken Landers, I ' resideril: Kdwin Spire, Jolin Hill, Vice-President and Social Chairman; Larry Hanon. SECOND R0 ( : James W. Campbell, Pledge Master: Don Van Sickle, Gary Richardson, Serretary-Trcasnrer; Gary Stafford. 128 ii i ; an HM i illi Barry Brady Howard Greisinger James Palumbo Steven Spriggs James Campbell Joe Growney Lanny Paul J oil Stafford Terry Cellman Gary Hansen Rex Pettigrew Ken Stites Donald Davis Marvin Jackson Dennis Purviance David Taylor Oren L. Bates f ' raig Ditsworth Dennis Kaster Michael Redmond Mike Thomas Gene Beck Jerry Ferrell John Kelley Larry Schulenburp Don Weigel Traves Booth Kenneth Geib Don Lentz Eddie Smith Dale Wood Sigma Tau Gamma Theta Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma started the year as holders of the intramural supremacy trophy which they have retired. The Taus have extended their record this year by winning in both intramural football and tennis doubles. Several members also received awards in varsity sports. Glen Acksel was named outstanding lineman in the Homecoming Game. The Sigma Tau Gamma Christmas Ball. hite Rose Dance, and various house parties were the main social functions of the year. Kay Pfeiffer was chosen queen of the 1963 ' hite F ose Dance, and Harold Tornquist was the winner of the scholarship award. Phil Richmond was chosen the most outstanding Tau. In Homecoming. Sigma Tau Gamma placed high in all divisions of activity. Taus active in campus organizations were: Jim Sanders, Blue Key and President of Student Body: Don Daniels, President of Senior Class; Terry Day. Inter-Fraternity Council President: Rav Christie. Homecoming Co-Chairman, Blue Key Man-of-the-Month; Larry ilkenson. Jerry Kelley, Ron Fitch and Pat Harr. Union Board; Jim Sanders and Don Daniels, Student Senate; Jim Sanders — Vice-President, Tom Baker — Treasurer, Ed Atkins — Reporter. Glen Acksel — Sergeant-at-Arms. IVI-Club. Chapter officers for the year were: Terry Day. President: Ray Christie. Vice-President and House Manager; Don Daniel, Pledge Trainer; Tom Baker. Secretary: Dean Hamon, Treasurer; Glen Acksel, Correspond- ing Secretary: Doug Girling, Chaplain. Terry Day, President FIRST IWtt : Jerr y A. Myrtue, Stan Wilson, Lyle Neff, Mike Thompson. SECOND ROW: Don Daniel, Pledge Trainer: F.dd Clem, Dick lleinen. I.eo Papas. i Glenn Arksel Ed Atkins Tom Baker Hon Brumley E. L. Burch Jim Burge Ray Christie Dariell Cotter Fred founts Darvl (iouts loel Crandall Don Daniel Tim Dougherty Kiihard Ebhrecht Tau Kappa Epsilon Delta Nu chaplt-r of Tau Kappa Epsilon celebrated its tenth anni- versary with news of its being rated the toj) Teke small college chapter in the nation. This news capped Teke victories the previous spring in intramural bowling and track. Delta u added first-place trophies to the fireplace mantle at 222 West Cooper by wiiniing the tug-o-war and football contests. The TKE campus bowl team displayed the scholarship of Delta Nu in humbling its opposition. Homecoming brought notice of an over-all Teke first in parade, with a first |)lace beauty float and clowns. The Teke skit won second place in the variety show. Takes were not too liusy for a good time, however, as attested by the traditional Garter Party and Christmas Ball. A day of giving to the children of the Noyes Home in St. Joseph was shared with the sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha. A Founders ' Day Banquet as well as numerous house parties and spontaneous gatherings led to the climax of the spring social season. The Bed Carnation Ball was held in conjunction with the celebration of Delta Nu " s Tenth Anniversary on campus. Some of the Tekes prominent in campus affairs were: Kichard Schmitz, Union Board Chairman and 131 ue Key: Tom Whitney and John Atwater, President and Vice-President of the Men ' s Dorm Council; Bob Cotter. President of Pi Kappa Delta and the Junior Class; Norm Wilcox. President of Alpha Psi Omega; Jim Hawkins, Senate Treasurer and Vice-President of the Industrial Arts Club; Jack Grey, Blue Key. Presi- dent of Young Republicans and Homecoming Emcee; Dennis Rhodes. Blue Key Secretary-Treasurer; and John Campbell. Pi Beta Alpha Secretary. Bob Lewellyn served as President of the fraternity with Bob Cotter as Vice-President. John Campbell was house manager; Al Hagg. Secretary; Steve Drake. Treasurer; Bob Dickey. Pledge Trainer; Benton Plumb. Chaplain; Dennis Rhodes. Social Chairman, and Mike Kne|)per, Historian. Bob Lewellen, President w L B » ' a V V f 1 1 jM isi «li ' J -« 1 g H H ' 1 A, t 1 H Vi LHHHH a « I : FIRST ROW: Bill Reiff, Philip Burmeister, .lames Kelker, Ronald Gayler, Vice- President; Mike Giiely. SECOND RO f : .lay SchuR, President; Larry Frazier, Gerald Brown, Treasnrer; Koper Sheiilierd, Roper Home, Boh Dickey. Pledge Trainer. THIRD ROW : Ron Zimmerman, .Assistant Pledge Trainer: Don (!annon, Darwin Bears, Gale Tripleit, Keith Warren, Secretary. Larry Albright John Atwater lim Baker Ken Bentley Kent Bryan John Campbell Bob Cotter John Davis 1. i Jack Gray Al Hagg Robert Hall Tom Harvey Gary Boggie Stephen Drake Jim Hawkins Terry Hiltabidle Richard Jackson Slade Jackson Leroy King Bill Lanio 133 Jerry Lindstrom Jim Meidinger Robert Myers Charles Nelson Dennis Rhodes Rirhard Schmitz Forrest Schnobrioh Gary Schroeder Dick Shipley Mike Stephens B. C. Thompson Paul Walker Tom Whitney Norman Wilcox The TKE ' s go out of their way to express " Season ' s Greetings. " t34 Frat Life Provides Atmosphere for Close Bonds Sig Tau " s. Don Daniels. Darrell Couts, Bill White, Lyle Neff, Terry Day, and Gary Wells put the chapter room to good use for a game of cards. Jim Hawkin.s, Mrs. Holman, the Tau Kappa Epsilon Housemother; Boh Dickey, Ron Gaylor, John Campbell, Boh Lewelen, Jerry Lind- strum, Paul Walker, and Phil Burmiester gather in the TKE living room to watch television. Travis Booth, Gene Beck, Oren Bates, Dick Houck, Larry Hannen, Lanny Paul, Mike Thomas. Ken Stites. and Steve Spriggs pass the time in the Phi Lamlida Chi recreation room playing records and a friendly, but serious, game of cards. What ' s in the corner, gang? Bob Thomas, Dick Snyder, Charlie Wil.son, John Worth, Dick Dooley, Mrs. Aldrich, the Phi Sigma Epsilon Housemother; and even Wee Toy are definitely interested in something. Alpha Phi Omega The Beta Upsilon chapter of Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity empha- sized service and social events during the 1963-64 school year. The major service projects fulfilled during the year were: directing traffic for special occasions, checking coats at the major dances, and organizing and sponsoring the " Ugly Man " con- test to raise funds for the Student Loan Fund. With Alpha Phi Omega and Gamma Sigma Sigma jointly combining efforts, assistance was given to the March of Dimes as well as management of the concession stand at the basketball and football games. Social events included several infor- mal mixers with Gamma Sigma Sigma, a Christmas party, and the annual spring formal. Active in campus affairs were: Bob Johnson. Co-Editor of the Missourian. Junior Senator; Richard Smith. Member of Blue Key; Keith Lambertsen. Vice- President of SNEA; and John Mc- Claran, President of Wesley Founda- tion. FIRST ROW: John McClaran, Treasurer: Pat Murphy, Pledge Master; Soren Sorensen, President: Russell VanVactor, Vice-President: Bob Johnson, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Myrl D. Long, Sponsor; Bill Nelson, Sergeant-at-Arms: Mark Rockhold, Historian; Richard Smith, Neil Chaput, Chaplain: H. Scott Michelson. Alumni Secretary: Jim Carmichael. THIRD ROW: Kenneth T. Thompson, Sponsor: John Robert McCoy, Ronald Bohlender, Stephen Sidwell, Fred Bradshaw, Dwayne Dunsmore. Robert Seipel. Sponsor. FOURTH ROW : Mike Armintrout, Corresponding Secretary: Gary Mathews. Daniel .Schneider, Kenneth Harlan, Jerry Schultz, Frank Fisher, Jr., Tom Lupardus, Assistant Pledge Master. FIRST ROW: Keith R. Lambertson, Vice-President: David J. Neustadt, President: Edward O. Gilliland. Secretary: Larry Ro.senou, Treasurer: Pat Muriihy. Pledge Master. SECOND ROW: Myrl D. Long. Sponsor: Edward ( " . Reeder, Curtis Charles Hayes, Roger L. King, Robert Patience. James Corl etl, Kenneth T. Thompson, Sponsor. THIRD ROW : Gerald Marcinko, Bill Rissler, John Craig. Leslie M. Blair. Jr.. Michael R. Bobst, Charlie -Schlagel, Fredrick Edwards, Kenneth Suctterlin. Gamma Sigma Sigma FIRST ROW: Sharon .Schmidt, Treasurer; Judy Lee, First Vioe-President; Jan Peterson, President; Pat Hillers, Second Vice-President; Cheryl Gray, Recording Secretary. SECOND ROW : Jean Kobashigawa, Reporter; Glenda Jamison, Corresponding Secretary: Judy Huitt, Sharon Phoenix, Parliamentarian: Dorothy Zaiger, Sarah Stephens, Dona Shroyer. THIRD ROW: Sandra Ingram, Doris Schreener, Wanda Cox, Pamella Allred, Patricia Allred, Jo " .Ann Fabro. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Palling, Sponsor; Ramona Kinder, Sue Green, Erma Hall, Sherrie Hartman, Sharon Burton, Dorothy Walker, Sponsor. FIFTH ROW: Judy Thatch, Donna Rihner, Martha McCall, Mary Sand, Marilyn Agre, Carolee Smith, Carolyn Rowe. In its fourth year on cain])us. the Alpha Gamma Clia])ter of Gamma Sigma Sigina serv- ice sorority worked on numerous and varied projects. They were responsible for publishing the student-faculty directory, setting up waste- baskets in various spots on campus to aid in the clean-up campaign, providing campus guides for visitors, ushering at assemblies, and main- taining baby-sitting service for the faculty. The group visited the Noyes Ghildren ' s Home, made favors for the hospital, and adopted Park Ke Sock, a little girl in Korea. They worked jointly with Alpha Phi Omega to sell refresh- ments at the football and basketball games, and to sponsor the Ugly Man Contest and a book fair. The pledge ])roject was the repairing of the sewing boxes in the women ' s restrooms. Gamma Sigma Sigma and Alpha Phi Omega held several mixers and parties plus a formal dance in the spring. Two of Gamma Sigs ' members were given outstanding recognition. Sandra Kelly, spon- sored by the Independent Student Organization, became the 1963 Homecoming queen, and Judy Huitt was chosen Coed of the Month by Cardinal Key. FIRST ROW: Marjorie Gould, Treasurer; Patricia McCune, Secretary; Patricia Bird, Vice-President; Neta Russell, President. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Phoenix, Lois Eisner, Diane Clark, Rita Acuna. THIRD ROW: Pat Hillers, Pledge Mother; Lynda Reinert, Linda Jones, Margo Oath. Senate Advisory Board J LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolyn Wiltshire, Jim Sanders, Bol) Cotter. Jim Hurley is missing Irom picture. Student Senate FIRST ROS ' : Peter Jackson, Sponsor; Rex Pettegrew, Vice-President : Jim Sanders, President: Kenneth Thomp- son, Sponsor; Jim Hawkins, Treasurer. SECOND ROK : Marge MaiDonald, .Secretary; Ellen Grube. Delihie Price, Sandy Burger, Parliamentarian: Richard Schmitz. THIRD ROW : Harvey Hallum, Boh Crawford, Dennis Raster, [udy Hullman, Boh Johnson. 140 Union Board The Union Board, under the leadership of Chairman Richard Schmitz. strived to broaden the social and intellectual activities at N ' I ISC. Through the eleven standing committees, the Union Board brought improve- ment and enjoyment to N MSC campus life. The Four Preps. The Harlem Globetrotters, Louis Armstrong. The San Francisco Ballet, and The Don Cossacks Dancers performed for campus entertainment through the work of the Assemblies and Central Party committees. The Central Party Committee along with the Decorations Committee planned the Back-to-School, Christmas. Tower, and Spring Formal dances. All of the den dances were sponsored by the Union Dance Committee. The newly formed Foods Committee was a part of the ever-busy Special Committee. This year ' s Tournaments and Games Committee sponsored highly successful bridge and chess tournaments, campus bowl, and a trip to Iowa City for inter-collegiate chess, ping pong, and bowling competition. New art displays and union improvements were fostered through the Fine Arts and Improvements Committees. The Television and Movies Committee was responsible for the weekly movies and a new union television set. All publications and publicity of Union Board activities were handled through the Publications and Publicity Committees. FIRST ROfC: Barbara Chirk. Secretary: Richard .Schmitz. Qiairnian: Richard Okinalo, Vice-Chairman; Gary Hultquist, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Pat Harr, Thomas Thornburph. Bob Cotter, Carolyn Wiltshire, Ron Fitch. THIRD ROW : Bill Needles, Sponsor; Charles Summers, Richard Cornelison, Jerry Kelley, Richard T. Smith. Cardinal Key SEATED: Carolyn Sue Peterson, Faculty Advisor; Donna Theis, Secretary; Ellen Grube, Vice-President; Jerilyn Irvin, President; Kathy Swoboda, Treasurer; Miss Gimmie Atchley, Faculty Member. SECOND ROW: Pat Phillips, Carolyn Wiltshire, Judy Hullman, Sherry Speer, Debbie Price. Blue Key Cardinal Key Honor Sorority for out- standing Northwest Missouri State College women became a member of the National Cardinal Key Organization during the 1963- 64 school year. Past members of the organi- zation were invited to attend the installation services. The Cardinal Key National Presi- dent, Lucille Hutchinson, Miss Leona Whit- tom, and Miss Agnes Slemons, National Ad- visory Board, came to install the local chapter into a national chapter. On De- cember 14, 1963, a banquet at Armstrong ' s restaurant was held with the installa- tion service following. Dr. F. W. Grube was an honored guest at the banquet and ceremony. The girls and faculty mem- bers initiated nationally were — alumni mem- bers: Mrs. Bruce Wake, Mrs. Richard Smith, Miss Jeanne Swope, and the former Carolyn Hoist and Kay Anderson; student members: Jerilyn Irvin. Donna Theis, Kathy Swoboda, Ellen Grube. Judy Hullman, Carolyn Wilt- shire, Debby Price, Pat Phillips, and Sherry Speer; faculty members: Miss Gimmie Atch- ley and Miss Carolyn Peterson. The members of Cardinal Key began a new activity this year. Each month the girls chose an outstanding young woman for her services to the college as the Cardinal Key Coed. Her name was kept secret until an- nounced in the Northwest Missourian, and then placed in the Cardinal Key window which is across from the Blue Key window in the Colden Hall entrance. Northwest Missouri State College Cardi- nal Key organization is a sister organization to Blue Key National Honor Fraternity for outstanding college leaders. Cardinal Key met each month in the home of Miss Carolyn Peterson, Faculty Sponsor. Five campus leaders and a faculty member were tapped for membership at the Homecoming dance this fall. They were: Miss Gimmie Atchley, Dean of Women: Debby Price. Pat Phillips, Judy Hullman. Sherry Speer, and Carolyn iltshire. Officers for the school year were: Jerilyn Irvin, President; Ellen Grube, Vice-President; Donna Theis, Secre- tary; and Kathy Swoboda, Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Ted Jamison, Corresponding Secretary; Richard Cornelison, Vice- President; Richard T. Smith, President; Dennis Rhodes, Secretary-Treasurer. SEC- OND ROW: Dr. C. E. Koerble, Rex Pettegrew, Richard Schmitz, Richard Okinaka, Dr. Frank W. Grubfe, Sponsor. THIRD ROW : Jack Gray, Jim Sanders, Bob Johnson. The Northwest Missouri State College chapter of Blue Key National Honor Fra- ternity began the fall semester with an unusually large membership, almost its limit, so that no new members were tapped until the second semester. Blue Key members, with Cardinal Key women, assisted at registration as hereto- fore, and supplied the core of the new orientation program. The practice of se- lecting a man-of-themonth was continued. The annual spring banquet served as the only social event sponsored by the group. Mrs. Frank Grube was honored in appreciation for her cookie and pie serv- ices through the year. Luncheons every Xl ednesday noon de- veloped a feeling of continuity between the monthly business meeting and the once-amoiith dinner at Armstrong ' s. Cardinal Key participated in the latter event every now and then in joint meetings. Pi Omega Pi Beta chapter of Pi Omega Pi. honorary business edu- cation welcomed three new members this fall. Initiates were John Nauman. Shirley Sundermann, and Leslie Karen Hanna. A highlight of the year ' s activities, led by Barbara Thompson. President, was a field trip to Des Moines, Iowa. The group visited Look Magazine and Allied Mutual Insurance Company to learn something more of business in operation. A social hour was held at the beginning of the fall semester to acquaint all business majors and minors and faculty members with the organization. Other social events of the year iticiuded a Christmas jjarty and a spring picnic. At the annual spring banquet, awards were presented to the t)Utstanding junior and senior of the chapter. Miss Carole Clemmons and Edward Browning were Sponsors of the organization. Kay Graves, . ' St-crftary: Eileen Painter, Reporter: Kay Courier, Vice- President: Barliara Thompson. President: Terry Kremer. Historian. SECOND ROW : Mildred Elaine Walker, Jane Schultz, Jan Saville, Darlene Christian, Sandra Bender. THIRD ROW: Karon Ott, Diane Kinker, Lillian Wright, Hetty Shelton, Richard Schmitz, Pledge Trainer. FOURTH ROW: Edward Browning, Sponsor: Miss Carole Clemmens, Sponsor; Larry Rosenou, Linda Raney. Pi Beta Alpha Warren Mitrhell, new President: Mr. Ed Browninp, Sponsor: Mr. .lames I ' errett, Sponsor: Rirhard Cornelison, Past President: and Mr. .lolin Herzip, Sponsor, disrnss and approve tlie calendar and futnre activities of tlie new business fraternity. Pi Beta Alpha. Pi Beta Alpha, a fraternity for business majors or minors, completed its first full year on campus with much enthusiasm. Organized for the purpose of furthering the individual welfare of business students by fostering scien- tific research in the fields of commerce, accounts and finance, this organization hopes to promote a better under- standing to prepare its members for their chosen profes- sional field. Plans are being completed this year to join the ranks of Alpha Kappa Psi National Business Fraternity. The colony is working to achieve its goal and is greatly aided in its early stages by Mr. John H. Herzig. Mr. James Perrett. and Mr. Ed Browning, sponsors and members of the college business department. During the past year, members received an insight to many business professions through talks and programs presented by local and visiting businessmen. Field trips, films, and panel discussions were also used to supplement the educational program in order to fulfill the objectives of the organization. FIRST ROW: Ronald Spencer, Vice-President; Richard Cornelison, President: John Campbell, Secretary; Ron Langford, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Warren Mitchell, Robert Freeman, Glenn West, Richard Schmitz, Greg Guenther. Dennis Rhodes. THIRD ROW: Richard Fry, Bill Lanio, Roger Bell, Paul Burrell, Jerry Hall, Kennith Baker. FOURTH ROW: Patrick Phelan, Ken Thompson, Larry Schlange, Dennis Speas, Richard Moellenberndt, Richard Bor- chardt. FIFTH ROW: Larry Hofmann, Robert Schaap, Jim Meidinger, Dick Jackson, Gary Hultquist, Ronald Tribolet, David Thomas. Kappa Delta Pi FIRST ROW: Nancy Borkowski, Barbara Tliompson. Reporter: Ramona Kinder, Secretary; Harold Johnson, President; Miriam Wood. Eileen Painter, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Karen Bjom, Patricia Lininger, Nancy Patton, Carolyn Houts, Sandra Bender, Debbie Price, Mary Gepner. Dr. John Harr, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Sharon Phoenix, Lillian Wright, Karon Ott, Sharon Ostrus, Irene Hawley. Sharon Bolin, Norma Hunsicker, Kay Graves. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Smith, Robert Brown. Alice Akers. Terry Kremer, Sharon Schmidt. Stuart Bintner. Janet Tussey. Kappa Delta Pi Honorary Education Fraternity is representative of the academic spirit held by students at Northwest Missouri State College. Their twice monthly meetings embodied a program whicli emphasized teach- ing experiences. Guest speakers discussed interviewing for jobs, first year teaching experiences, and leaching in foreign countries. This year ' s pledges were in charge of the get-acquainted party held in September and the Christmas party. The annual Founders ' Day dinner was held in April at Armstrong ' s. Dr. John Harr sponsored the organization. Book Club Book Club continued its practice of hearing reports on recent books. The year was started with Suzanne Sprague giving a review of " The Care- takers " and " Anthem " was reviewed by Dee Decker as another contribution. The Christmas meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Harry Sheetz. Other club members gave reports during the year and the group discussed new litera- ture as to its value and meaning. Club sponsors included: Mrs. Sheetz, Dr. Frank Grube. and Dr. Charles Rivers. Meetings were held monthly in the Gold Room of the J. W. Jones Union Building. FIRST ROW: Donna Davis, Jerilvn Irvin, Secretary-Treasurer; Suzanne Sprague. Martha Durfee, Pat Phillips. President; Ellen Grube, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Frank W. Grube, Sponsor; Ellen Davis, Nancy Boyd, Larry Schulenberg, Janet Tussey. THIRD ROIT: Sandra Dickersbach, Trav Booth, Bob Lewellen, Robert Baker. 14S Alpha Psi Omega The Kappa Sigma cast of Alpha Psi Omega, national dramatics fraternity, con- tributed $250 to the loan fund in the past two years. The money was the proceeds from the plays " Petticoat Fever, " and ' " Blithe Spirit. " This year ' s play was " The Man " by Dinelli. Alpha Psi initiates those students who have completed the requirements in the fall and spring semesters. Each year the actives elect two drama students who have been outstanding in some aspect of speech work for special honor. Last year the acting award was presented to Kathy Johnson and the production award to Ken Price. f R.ST ROir : ■Carolyn, Ken Prire. Sharon Freeman. SECO ' D ROW : Kathy Johnson, Norman Wilcox, Judy McGinnis. Drama Club FIRST ROW: Eddie Roe, Doris Wilson, Judy McGinnis, Dan McLaughlin, Carolyn Enis. SECOND ROW: James Standfield, Jeffrey Falter, David Shestak, Don Stephens. t46 Kappa Omicron Phi FIRST ROW: Norma Hunsicker, First Vice-President: Sharon Ostrus, Treasurer; Jane Shaver, Secretary: Karen Shields, Second Vice-President: Jenny Darnell. Shanna Griffin, Corresponding Secretary-. SECOXD ROW : Genevieve Staton. Secretary: Joan Fore. Guard: Glendena Taylor, Corresponding Secretary: Carolyn Smith, Peggy Whan, Mabel Cook, Sponsor. Tli( fall season for Kap|)a Omicron Phi started with the annual freshman party. At this party all freshman home economics ma- jors were introduced to the fraternity. Norma Hunsicker. Gladys Hansen, and Karen Shields of Alpha Chapter attended Conclave this past August in Springfield, Illinois. Miss Mabel Cook, sponsor of the group, was presented a white testament at Conclave for heing an organizer of Kappa Omicron Phi. Miss Cook also received a silver tray on behalf of the National Council as retiring officer from National Council. She had held the office of Alumnae and Chapter Organizer. Some of the special activities included house decorations for Homecoming, the Alumnae Homecoming Breakfast, a Christmas party. Foiniders ' Day. and the senior send-off party. As major money-making projects, the girls sold flower bulbs and Christmas candy. Colhecon Heading the calendar of events for Colhecon was the annual fall picnic to which prospective members were in- vited. Chief activities of the year in- cluded a style show, the Christmas party, the Valentine party, and a cook- out breakfast. Special guests and film strips added much to the regular meetings. Mrs. Eldon ' illiams and Mrs. Betty Nelson demonstrated cake decorating and open faced sandwiches. Highlighting the Christmas season was the traditional tree trimming and the exchange of homemade gifts. FIRST ROW: Marcy Severson, Reporter: Karol Knittl, Treasurer: Norena Hale, Vice- President: Louise Hammond. President: Jane Couch, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Claire Straight, Judy Clymens, Kathy Lockridge, Karen Kimbrough, Nancy Timlierlake, Caroline O ' Riley, Barbara Morehouse, Margaret Mock. THIRD ROW: Melanie Eisim inger, Judy LaAIar, Judith Holmes, Ramona Tasler, Sally Jo Moore, i- ' - ' • ' ' — ROW: Clara Stoll, Dorothy Peterson. ' ■■ ' ' - Lager. Patty Gilley, Joyce Riddell. Linda Nc Rachel Loose. Linda Chappell. FOURTH Sheila Schielier. Barbara Cossins, Shirley Kappa Pi FIRST ROW: Nancy Buggeman, Thomas Thornburgh, Mary Jane Pennington. SEC- OND ROW: Carolyn Wiltshire, Darrell McGinnis, Sponsor; Martha Merrill, Darwin Hensley, Donald Robertson, Sponsor. Pi Kappa Delta The NWMSC Kappa Pi Honorary Art Fra- ternity for art majors and minors received out- standing recognition when three of its members placed in theClarinda Art Exhibit. A display of these and other award winning entries was held at a later date. The group also enjoyed a trip to Designer Craftsmanship Show at Lawrence, Kansas. New pledges were initiated and honored at a banquet during the spring semester, and Tom Fairlie re- ceived the 1963 Outstanding Senior Award. This year, Donald Robertson joined Robert Sunkel and Darrell McGinnis as sponsor of the group. FIRST ROW: Bob Johnson, Vice-President; Donna Hihnrr. dent; Joyre Campbell, Secretary. SECOND ROW : Barl)ara I Sponsor; John Sherbo, James Smith, Priscilla Porter. Treasurer; Bob Cotter, Presi- riickenmiller, (leorge Hinshaw, Maryville Collegiate Radio Club The Maiy ille Collej;iate Radio Club continued to liandle many messages for students this year, ranging from birth- day greetings to urgent " pink slip " ex- planations. The club is associated with the America Hadio Relay League and |)articipates in several local radio nets. Special em|)hasis was placed on the study of radio theory and Morse Code. Classes were held daily and on week- ends to aid new members in obtaining their HAM radio licenses. Technical assistance was provided to the campus radio station. KDLX. FIRST ROW: Don Rolibins, Charles Bogardo, Gerald Frieberg. Vice-President: Neil Chaput, Secretary-Treasurer; Curtis Charles Hayes. SECOND ROK : Jack Barton, Willis Madison. Greg Marsh, Jack Schrimsher, Robert Hoffman, President. KDLX FIRST ROW: Jim Carmichael, Neil Chaput. Robert Seipel. SECOXD ROW: Gary Urich, Chief Engineer: Gary Mathews. .Station Manager: Robert Baker. Forensics Bob Johnson, Vice-President; Donna Rihner, Treasurer; Bob Cotter, President; Joyce Campbell, Secretary SEC- OND ROW: Barbara TruckenmiUer, Linda Queen, PrisciUa Porter, Robert Allen, Susan McConkey. THIKU KUW . George Hinshaw, Sponsor; Norma Buffington, John Sherbo, James Smith. Veteran ' s Club FIRST ROW: Frank Epgers, Second Vice-President; Jerry Taylor, President; Richard ' ' ' " v J " " . ; { Jf ' Vice-President SECOND ROW: Jim Findley, Roger Bell, Larry Long, David kay. Secretary. UillW RUU . Alvin Stewart, Treasurer; Dick Dooley, William Clendening, Dr. Leon F. Miller, Sponsor. Homecoming Committee THE • AMERKAN IM GF - i k HOM pi A £jHB The American Image was tlie theme set by the Homecoming Committee of 1963. Glen Acksil ar. tpts honor of outstanding lineman of the 1963 Homecoming game from Dr. John Harr, Home- coming Sponsor, and Jerilyn Irvin and Ray Christie, Homecoming Co-chairmen. FIRST ROW: Ray Christie, Co-chairman: Jeri Irvin, Co-chairman; John Harr. Homecoming Sponsor. SECOyD ROW: Sharon Harms, Karen Bjorn, Helen Meyers, Janet Tussey, Debbie Price, Jo ' Ann Fabro. THIRD ROW: Karol Knittl, Karen Frazer, Peggy Whan, Sharon Cross, Mary Mather, Sara Kreft. Jane Shaver, Martha Klever, Martha Durfee. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Wiltshire, Richard Evans, Stuart Bintner, Judy Hullman, Kathy Swo- boda, Ron Anderson, Ron Fitch. FIFTH ROW : Charles Summers. Frank Fisher, Jerry Schultz, Keith Lambertson. Robert Schobert. Association for Childhood Education " Esseiilials for Every Child " ' was the theme chosen for the 1963-64 Associa- tion for Childhood Education school year. The first meeting was a traditional Scavenger Hunt arranged to acquaint new members with the organization. Homecoming found the ACE group busy at work on their float and iiouse decorations. Their float. Education. America ' s First Line of Defense, under the direction of Anne Simpson and Doris ' alden. placed fourth, and house decorations. She Holds the Ball, or- ganized liy Ann Madden, also placed. ACF " . had a number of interesting jirograms this year, including such top- ics as. " Good Home-School Relation- ships " and ' " Moral and Spiritual Values are Essential for Every Child. " plus other special meetings for Christmas. Valentine ' s Day. and a fun night. Marly Durfee. a member of the local ACE. was selected as student repre- sentati e of the Missouri ACE Executive Board. Several members from the local ACE branch were invited to present a panel discussion on the topic. ' ' Basic Human Values for Today ' s Children. " for the St. Joseph ACE. The big event of the NVi MSC chap- ter ' s year was the Missouri ACE Study Conference held on campus in May. Members and sponsors representing all the branches of ACE over the state attended the conference. FIRST ROW: Karen Randall. Puhlicity Chairman: Sandy Jorpensen, Vice-President; Nancy Patton, President: Marjorie Huss, Treasurer: Susan Everly. Secretary. SECOND ROW : .lean Kobashigawa, Linda Strarhan, Sue Thompson, Debbie Price, Susan Gamet, Karen Bjorn. THIRD ROW: Judith Calvin, Barb Briggs, Mary Shepherd, Judy Norris, Dean Spiller, Peggy Kreck, Sharyn Thompson. FOURTH ROW: Cheryl Gray, Glenda Jamison, Judy Van Scyoc, Charia Kirchhoff, Linda Hirter, Roberta Turner. FIFTH ROW: Virki Carothers, Jane Mann. Patricia Slaybaugh, Karen Mills, Nancy McHenry. FIRST ROW: Anne Simpson, Neva Ross, Sponsor: Kalhryn McKcc, S|ionsor: Keith I.amberts cn. Dave Neustadt. SECOND ROW: Sharon Phoenix, Doris Walden, Helen Meyers, Martha Durlee, Judy Fuller, Jeannette Novogradic. THIRD ROW: Rita Acuna, Janice Klaehn, Annette Cushing, Mary Graham, Karen Dugper. Kllen Davis, Beverly Medsker. FOURTH ROIf : (.arol I homas, .Shirlev Hamilton. Kathv Swoboda, Aliie Akers, Suz Sullivan, Sandra Dickersbach. Student National Education Association FIRST ROK : Harold Johnson, President: Keith Lambertson, Vice-President; Richard Beem. Reporter: Sharon Schmidt. Secretary; Ruth Ann Lamphier. Historian: Joann Kuhr, Librarian. SECO D ROK : RoAnna Godsey, Sandy Yaple, Janet Tussey. Karen Nielsen. Jean Kol)ashigawa, Doris Schreiner, Glenda Jamison. Parliamentarian; Dr. Wanda Walker, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Patricia O ' Reilly. Paula Zimmerman, Glendena Taylor, Delores Dana, Coreen Rohrberp, Judy ' Norris, Cheryl Gray, Barb Brigps. FOURTH ROW: Jerilyn Ir -in. Kay Courter, Richard Schmitz, Calvin Huffman, John McCoy. Carolyn Stolting. Norma Hunsicker, Sharon Phoenix. FIFTH ROW : Barbara Palermo. Margaret St. Clair, Carol Thomas. Rex Fowler. Ken Bittiker, Robert Schobert, Vicki Carothers, Jane Mann. Inlroducini; a new year for the Student Na- tional Education Association was the reception for new members. During tlie Honiecominj: activities, members entered the parade as a clown group and captured first place. In early Novemlier. members and their spon- sor. Dr. ' anda alker. represented N iVISC at the NEA-MST.A convention held in St. Louis. Out- standing recognition was given to the campus SNEA president. Harold Johnson, when he was named vice-president of the state SNEA. Other special events included being host for the Northwest Missouri District Teacher ' s Meeting, a Christmas party, being host at the Valentine teachers ' coffee, a tour of high schools, and a tea for the seniors. f RSr ROW- Marilynne Hallgren. Jeannette Michelson. Barbara Spencer, Pat Bucknam, Linda Prior, Donna Parks. SECOSD ROW: Clara Hainline. Barbara Morehouse. Charlene Brown, Margaret Armstrong, Marge MacDonald, Kita . cuna, Myrna Myers THIRD ROW: Norma Buffington, Karen Barker. Marianne Holeman, Carol Sobalvarro. l.vnda Kcinert. Lynda Queen. Nancy Boyd Beverly Burgess, Wilma Hanna. FOURTH ROW: Jan Courtin. Linda Noe, Chloe Johnson, Lmda Praisewater Carolee .Smith. Phyllis Phoenix. Lana Babcock. Eileen Ross. James A Smith, ' Michael Forbes. FIFTH ROW: Duane Clark, Phil Murrell, Charles Summers, Gary Graves, Loren Burkhalter, Greg Marsh, James Knauss, Patrick McLear, Ken Davidson, John Raymond. Social Science Club The Social Science Club held its regular monthly meetings to listen, discuss, and evaluate the problems of society. Outstanding speakers were invited to the meetings to increase the knowledge of the student concerning a particular domestic or international affair. Mrs. Bresher. president of tlie St. Joseph branch of tiie NAACP. related the aims and accomplishments of the NAACP. A taped interview of John Howard Griffin, author of Black Like Me, elaborated the views on the problem of racism. Sponsors of the group were John Wickman, Dr. John Harr, James Lowe. Calvin Widger, Dr. George Gayler. and Dr. Berndt Angman. FIRST ROff : James Hurst, Sponsor; John Foley, Vice-President; Raniona Kinder, President; Carolyn Stolt- ing. Secretary; John L. Harr, Sponsor; John Wickman, Sponsor. SECOND ROtt : Judy Meyer, Doris Schreiner, Sue McKee, Milhe Cockrill, Karen Barker, Pamella Allred, .Susan Baker, Marilyn Rnddell. THIRD ROW : Carol Wallace, Michele Stitt, Sharon Schmidt, Bob Cotter, Robert E. Baker, John Raymond, Marly.s Updegraff, James L. Lowe, Sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Calvin Widger, Sponsor; James k. .Smith. Victor M. Ellison, Vincent J. Paolilla, Dean Schantz, Harold Johnson, Evelyn Fletchall, Ceorge R. Gayler, Sponsor. FIFTH ROW : Bob Johnson, Frank Griffin, Jerry Geib, Ken Davis, Jack Schrimsher, Charles Fry, Sponsor; Barry Brady, Michael Redmond, Berndt Angman, Sponsor. Young Republicans FIRST ROIT ' : Norma Hiinsicker, Linda Bouska. Alvin Stewart, Glendeiia Taylor, Dorothy Ray. SECOND ROW : Robert Freeman. Program Chairman: Gary Curtis, Bill Lannio. Jack Gray. President. THIRD ROW: Boh Johnson, Vice-President: Steve Christensen. Mike Knepper. Secretary-Treasurer: Jack Schrimsher. B.-rndt Angman, Sponsor. Young Democrats FIRST ROW: Larry Schulenberg, Richard Moelleuherndt, Secretary: « " " . ' ' • ' ' : ' ' ■ Vice_Pres,dent. Bob Allen, President: Dennis Morton. Treasurer: James Lowe. Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Floyd D. ga rovvs. Faculty Spon- sor: Bob Cotter. Richard Schmitz. Tom Trainer, Nancy Nichols. Karen Nancy Wr.ght. r R J«OH ; James A. Smith. Publicity; Barry M. Brady. Dan M. Bailey. Randy Barlow. Vincent Paobllo. Harvey Becher, Program Committee Chairman. FOURTH ROW: Mike Redmond, Charles T. Pritchard, Steve Neuroth. Jerry Wissink, Dennis Moriarty, Mike Malott. IBS Roberta Hall Dorm Counselors FIRST ROW: Judith Calvin. Janet Tussey, Mrs. Helen Larson. Director: Jerilyn Irvin. Ann Brnwn. SECOND ROW: Mary Graham, Karle Bright, Emily Nevitt, Shirley Hamilton. Perrin Hall Dorm Counselors FIRST ROW: Doris Schreiner, Alice Akers, Mrs. Constance Stewart. Director; Saniiy Bnrper. Marlhn KIcve SECOND ROW: Marjorie Huss. Sandy Herzop. Charla KIrchhoff. Mi(hele Stitt. ise Roberta and Perrin Hall Dorm Councils SEATED: Judy Wolvertoii. Mrs. Helen Larsen, Director; Judy Huitt, Debbie Price, Secretary. SECOND ROW : Slierry Speer, Vice-President; Dianne Peterson, Sally Craven, President: Judith Dewey, Jan Peterson. Although Perrin and Roberta Halls were under the guidance of separate dorm councils this year, the two councils worked cooperatively to promote the welfare of each woman living in the dormitories. Activities of the dormitories included open house for Homecoming and Christmas and the annual Hanging of the Greens. Other activities and programs were planned to improve domitory life. SEATED: Kathy Director: Louise Patricia McCune, Thompson. Miller. Treasurer; Patsy Shepherd, Secretary: Mrs. Constance Stewart, Hammond, Vice-President; Sandy Herzog, President. SECOND ROW: Karen Bixler, Joan Watje, Luetta Nelson, Coreen Rohrberg, Barbara Hudson Hall Counselors FIRST ROW : Mrs. Tliummel. Director; Rhndetta Jessen, Nigiit (Ihaperon; Sandy Jorgensf-n. Linda Strachan, Judy Salfrank. SECOND ROW: Jarkie Vincent, Susan Everly, Diane Morriss, Mary Brannan. THIRD ROW: Judy VanScyoc, Minnie Heathman, Carolee Smith, Neta Russell, Carol Hardwick, Sharon Thomas. Hudson Hall Dorm Council W: V, FIRST ROW: Mrs. Thimimil. Director; Phyllis Brown, Treasurer; Judv Parman, President; Norma Buffington, Vice-President; Lorna Pierpoint, -Secretary. SECOND ROW: Terri Kennedy, Barbara Culver, Sandy Robinson, DeAnn Bowers, Pat Bucknam. THIRD ROW: Donna Hawley, Ardis Ann McPike, Karlene Lasmussen, Barbara Olson, Sharon Gabel, Judy Graham. Associated Women Students The Associated Vl ' omen Students organization began its activities for the I96.v64 scliool year with a traditional style show, climaxing the big-little sister program. Sandy Herzog and Pat Sanderson were co-chairmen of this. (ither activities included the Harvest Moon Ball, the queen ' s float for the Homecoming parade, penny nights, and Sadie Hawkins Vi eek. Sponsors of A " S are Miss Gimmie Atchley and Mrs. Helen Larsen. F «ST ROK ' - Eileen McCartney, Rita Gray, DeAnn Bowers, Evelyn Ware. Linda Walter, Karol Kooker, Sandra Everly, leannette Nayopradir. SECOND ROW: Judy Brown, l.inda Hirter. Sharon Judy Barker. Mary Faye Hane5=, Mary Mather, Joyce Gushing, Diane Pascal, .Sandi Coffin. THIRD ROW : Sharon McElwain, .Sherry Bahrork, Shirley l.aper, Sheila Srhieber, Annette Siplin, Gynda Cotter, Joyce Riddell, Carolyn Stoltins- FIRST ROW: Karen Bixler, Ut yice-President: Judy Huitt, President: Mary Etta Meyer, 2nd Vice-President. SECO.VD ROW Sandy Herzog, Treasurer: Miss Atchley, Advis Sandy Herzog, 1 reasurer : Miss Atchley, Advisor: ftlrs. l a Advisor (Not Pictured) : Neta Russell, Bearclub Chairman : K Randall, Recording Secretary: Jan Courtin, Corresponding S lary: Joyce Shepherd, Historian (Not Pictured). sor : Mrs. L sen. Karen 5ecre- 159 IntrafraternitY Council John Phiiii -, nil Sigma Epsilon. accepts the fraternity scholarship cup from Presitieiit J. W. Jones. FIRST ROW: Oren Bates, John Phipps, Treasurer: Dick Honcl, Vice-Presi.lcnt: ■ ' ■ " V,D ' ? ;- P;;; ' ' ' . ' - " }, ' fP ROW- John Foley, Dennis Karstens, Bob Cotter, John Campbell, Jack I.asley, .Sponsor. 7 AD hOH : Bob Chatin, Lanny Paul, Leland Anderson, Don Daniel, Glenn Acksel, Hob Lewellen, Secretary. Panhellenic Council Led by Barbara Cliick. president, and Miss Ginimie Atchley, Dean of Women, members of the Panhellenic Council worked to promote harmony and to solve sorority problems. The activities of this organization included the Pan- hellenic Tea given for all non-affiliated girls interested in sorority life, and the awarding of the annual scholarship trophy. A courtesy committee was formed to welcome and ex- tend courtesies to campus visitors in the name of the Pan- hellenic Council. Flia T ROIf : Kathy Bogdas, Jane Stoner, Carolyn Enis. Kailene Hendrix, Mary Anthony, Secretary. SEC- OND ROW: Sally Switzer, Vice-President: Sherry Speer. Karen Hays, Treasurer: Karen Shields, Barbara Chick, President: ]ane Shaver. THIRD ROIf ' : Miss Atrhley, Advisor: Diane Mitchell, Kathy Swoboda, Kay Pfeiffer, Myrna Schnegelberger. PANHELLENIC TEA Karlene Hendrix, Alpha Sipnia Alpha, receives the scholarship trophy from President Jones for the fourth consecutive year. Men ' s Intramural Council FIRST Ron : Rex Pettep:rew, Intramural Dirertor; Dr. H. D. sor; Bill Dankers. SECOND ROlf : Mike Thomas, Dan Hill, Peterson, Spoil- Jerry Newman. M-Club FIRST ROW: Arnold Thompson, Tom Baker, Treasurer; Edward Atkins, Reporter; Jim Sanders, Vire-President ; Tom Walton, Presi- dent; Randy Woloott, .Secretary; Glenn Acksel, Sergeant-at-Arms. SECOND ROW: Gary Poland, Bernie Ricono, Robert Schaap, Eddie Smith, Larry Kilmer, Steve Croley, Larry Richardson. THIRD ROW: Bob Crawford, Don Gibson, Larry Mace, Terry Hiltabidle, Dick McBride, Don Daniels, E. L. Burch, John Robert McCoy. FOURTH ROW : H. D. Peterson, Sponsor: Don Peterson, Bruce Falk, George Redden, Tom Hummel, Wayne Mains, Ken Carver. FIRST ROW ' : Jane Stoner, Secretary-Treasurer; Karen Ott, President; Rhodetta Jessen, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Kathy Bogdas, Editor; Barbara Chick, Chaplain: Roberta Edlin. Delta Psi Kappa Delta Psi Ka])pa. women ' s honorary physical educa- tion fraternity, under the direction of Karon Ott, Presi- dent, and Miss Bonnie Magill, Sponsor, is an organiza- tion operating to promote the professional aspect of the physical education field. Fall semester, the organization welcomed two new members. Roberta Edlin was initiated as an active member, and Miss Miriam Shelden was installed as an associate member. As a semester project, the members edited a news- letter which was sent to all PEM Club alumni. Profes- sional meetings included reports from students in off- campus, directed teaching; also presented were interest- ing talks by Mrs. Irma Merrick, supervisor of elementary education at Eugene Field; Dr. Bragdon and Everett Brown. Several members are now planning to attend their first national convention in ashington. D.C. this spring. PEM Club Action was enjoyed by PEM Club mem- bers in their meetings, consisting of swim- ming, trampoline, tumbling, and many other activities. Topping the calendar of events for the group was a get-acquainted party for the new members. In the fall, a successful Career Day was held for all interested high school junior and senior girls in the Northwest Missouri area. Also, a tea honoring the seniors and alumni was enjoyed during Homecoming at the home of Miss Bonnie Magill. Mrs. Dorothy ' alker was Acting Spon- sor of the group. FIRST ROW: Sharon Thomas, Reporter: Mary Brannan, Secretary-Treasurer; Karen Frazer, President; Sherry Speer, First Vice-President, Karon Ott, Second Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Judy Wolverton, Pat Noah, Cathy Bohling, Nancy Brown, Roberta Lee Edlin, Karenann Falk, Kathy Bogdas, Rhodetta Jessen, Carol Wolverton. THIRD ROW: Linda Davis, Barbara Chick, Marilyn Campbell, Judy Sager, Jane Stoner, Jane Gilbert, Kathy Remund, Janet Gray, Elaine Hill, Sharon Smith. FOURTH ROW : Joan Lynch, Gerri Tipton, Ginger Barnes, Phyllis Fas- tenau, Marion Smith, Linda Greenwood, Mary Moyle, Terri Jo Furst, Gano Whet- stone, Rosalie Redman, Jerri Mercer. FIFTH ROW: Sally Kampe, Judy Bolon, Kathryn Smith, Joleene Larimore, Karen Popalisky, Joyce Esch, Judi Anderson, Virginia Johnson, Deloris Carr, Linda Drunimond, Sandra Herzog. Men ' s Dorm Council FIRST ROW: Ken Thompson, Harvey Hallum, Mrs. Perkins, Director; Gary Randall, Jack Lasley, Dean of Men. SECOND ROW: Ron Spencer, Richard Klein, Larry Messerli, Arnie Thompson, Bob Nordstrum. THIRD ROW : Dennis Lancaster, Ron Zwank, John Hill, John Siehl, Frankie Griffin, John Foley. FOURTH ROW: Al Chezum, Ed Simons, Darwin Bears, Ken Harlan, Howard Greisinger, Dick McBride, Lee Ragle. FIRST ROW ' ' : David Herring, Secretary-Treasurer; Kenneth Harlan, Tom Whitney, President; John Atwater, Vice-President: Jack Lasley, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Dale Weeks, Larry Gerdes, Bernie Allen, Bill Dankers, John Banning, Terry Hiltabidle. THIRD ROW: David Diehl, Jerome Brewer, David Anderson, William Yeager, Ron Vannier, Don Silvey, Fred Anthony. Independent Student Organization TT — fTT— 1 — rr ISO members enjoy dancing at their Christmas party, which was held in the Rose Room in the J. W. Jones Union Building. Queen Sandy Kelly, who was backed by the ISO, smiles proudly after being crowned by Student Body President Jim Sanders. John Siehl, ISO President, was Miss Kelley ' s escort. Christmas carols sung by the Independenl Students ' Organization help add to their gay festive Christmas party. The ISO did a takeoff on If est Side Story for their part in the Homecoming Variety Show. Bearcat 4-H Club FIRST ROW- Mary Su.- lones. Norma Hunsirker. Founder: Louise Hammond, Reporter: Donna Wolf, Secretary; Jane Srhultz, Judy Huitl. Treasurer SECO p ROW: Edward Gilliland, Ronald Andersen, President: Jerry, Glendena Taylor, Larry- Hanon, Vice-President. THIRD ROW ' : James Nielsen, Averill West, Bill Blankenship, Sponsor: Greg Marsh, Steve Christensen, Parliamentarian; Gary Tomes, Founder. Succes.s has been the keyword for the Bearcat 4-H Cluh this year. Their greatest source of pride came with the achievement of first place in the Homecoming Parade with their jalopy. This came after the successful September " Back to School " party and the Autumn Frolic held in November. Several N ' MSC students won expense- paid trips to the ational 4-H Club Congress in Chicago scheduled in November. Donna Wolf became a double winner when she received a IT-jewel wrist watch. December brought a Christmas Party and caroling. A trip to St. Joseph Children ' s Home was enjoyed in January. February found approximately 150 members from the entire county participating in the Bearcat 4-H sijonsored Nodaway County Fun Night. Because the 19fi.H Bearcat 4-H Retreat held near Faglcville. Missouri, at the home of Noriua Hunsicker was such a success, another retreat was held in April of 1964. The sponsors who guided the Bearcat 4-H Club through their successful year were R. T. ' rislit and Bill Blankenship. Agriculture Club An orientation meeting for all agri- culture majors and minors topped the list of duties of Ag Club members when the 1963-64 school year commenced. As the year progressed, attention turned to a livestock judging tour of 4-H and FFA teams in this area. The judging contest, which is held yearly, was composed of several college teams. A team of three members. Al Waddell, Chuck Patterson, and Wayne Hartman. won first place college honors with Al Waddell being high scoring individual in the contest. Ag Club participation in Homecom- ing was well rewarded by placing high in both the humor float and the jalopy division. Social events included the annual ajvard banquet at which the members ' fathers were special guests. A hayride and picnic concluded the year ' s activi- ties. FIRST ROW ' : J. B. Houghton, Sponsor; Charles Patterson, David Maekey, Ted Findley, Neta Russell, Social Chairman: Al Waddell, Fred Messner. Vice-President: Richard Mowry, Reporter. SECOND ROW : Larry Dannar, Kenneth Nelson, Jerry Newcomer, Herb Townsend, Secretary: Ron Anderson, Richard Koch, Parliamentarian; William Tadlock, Recording Secretary: Ronald L. Andersen. THIRD ROW ' : Rex Findley, Earl Griffith, Jerry McCrary, Jerry Carrico, Wayne Hartman, President: Boh Miller, Treasurer: Steve Christensen. 166 Industrial Arts Club FIRST ROW: Michele Stitt, Secretary-Treasurer: Richard Shipley, President: Jim Hawkins, Vice-President; Kenneth Thompson, Sponsor: Delbert Christensen, Sandy Burger, Richard Kullbom, Edwin Spire, Larry Claxton, Donald Valk, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Peter Jackson, Sponsor; Dennis Wright, K. Donald Hall, Ray Briscoe, Raymond Wohlford, Charles Summers, Richard Graw, LeRoy Crist, Faculty Member. FOURTH ROW: David Crozier, Sponsor: Gary Hammer, James Young, Ronnie Nelson, Jerry Kelley, Fredrick Edwards, Howard Ringold, Sponsor. FIFTH ROW: Robert Schobert, Steve Hammond, Alvin Stewart, Herbert Bell, Gerald Vessar, Phillip Sauvago, Jerry Schullz, Marvin Duckworth. FIRST ROW: Marilynn Hallgren, L. Hammond, Donald Joe Coulter, In " Whan Oh, Richard Mown-, Burdette Bond, Donnie Bryan. SECOND ROW: Gary Thurnau, Dennis Duffield, Fred Howell, Charles Etchison, William Templer, Edward Trecek, Jr., Larry Houser, Richard Larson. THIRD ROW: Charles Ferguson, Phi! Roger Noel, Kennith Baker, Norman Grouse, Larrv Markt, Larry Heifers, Jerry Robev, Robert Evans, Richard Schmitz. FOURTH ROW: Chris Dahl, Bob Mauseth, Wayne Hartman, Bob Wallace, Sam Simerly, Phil Hansen, Willis Madison, Dennis Sapp, Richard Saemisch, Charles Houseworth. The Industrial Arts Club reached a record membership this year with 212 members. They worked together to turn out another prize winning float in the Homecoming parade. Dr. alter Brown. President of the Industrial Arts Association of America, spoke to the group in April. Dr. Brown is a graduate of this college. The club provided coffee for visiting teachers during the district teacher ' s meeting. Gardner Boyd. Supervisor of Industrial Arts in the Kansas City pub- lic school system, spoke at the meeting. A demonstration was also given by a representative of the De-Walt Saw Com- pany. The group took field trips to the Sheffield Steel Corporation and the Fairbanks-Morse Corporation, the Frank Paxton Lumber Company, the Bendix Aviation, the Vendo Company, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, the Des Moines Register, and Maytag Washers. Elementary majors visited elementary schools including the Scar- ritt Elementary School in Kansas City. 167 Northwest Missourian Editors Marvin Bell, Co-editor, added efficiency and capability to the staff of the Missourian. Co-editors Marvin Bell and Bob Johnson with the help of Mr. H. H. Morris completed Volume 50 of the Northwest Missourian. recording the events of the 1963- 64 year. News on the campus level like the naming of the College ' s new president to news on the national level like the assassination of President John Kennedy found room in the columns of the Missourian. Ambitious Bob Johnson, Co-editor, helped to organize the Missourian staff as they prepared and printed approximately 4,000 copies weekly. Northwest Missourian Staff During the year, the co-editors, along with adver- tising manager Ted Jamison, doubled the number of eight-page editions of the paper, as compared with last year. Another innovation was the printing of a four-page iiterary supi)lement in addition to the regular eight pages of news. Circulation rose to almost 4.000 copies per week to keep pace with the expanding enrollment. National ad- vertising, in addition to local advertising, was carried. The co-editors were able to include a large number of special features like the two-page Homecoming spread and the special coverage of the queen candidates in the enlarged newspaper. Sports coverage, with more photo- graphs, features, and up-to-the-minute follow-ups, was extended to encompass all of the newly prominent varsilt sports. Members of the staff also included Robert Myers and Mick ' are. Photograpliers. Gene Probasco. Assistant Business Manager: Theresa McCord. Circulation Man- ager; Evelyn Fletchall. Office Manager: and Mike Knepper. Printing Co-ordinator. Reporters were: Sharon Burton. Lanny Camblin. Sharon Cross. Eunice Curd, Merrill Finley. Lanny Green, Helen Johnson, David Kay, Mike Kindle, Joan Mann, Gary McDunn. Terry Mc- intosh. Jean Meadows. David Neustadt. Lorraine Schultz, Harold Shepard. Sherry Tenhulzen. Keith Warren. Doris Wilson. Ed Atkins. Donna Jean Boyer. Carolyn Currier. Tegwin Dyer, and Karen McClurg. FIRST ROW: Clinton Wisdom. Theresa McCord, Lorraine Shultz, Eunice Curd, Jean Meadows, Helen Johnson, Marvin Bell, Co-editor: Gary M.Dunn. SECOND ROW: Harold Shepard, .Sharon Cros.s, Karen Wilson, Roger Mcintosh, Merrill Finley, Mickey Ware. Keith Warren, Lanny Green, H. H. Morris, Sponsor: Boh Johnson, Co-editor; Joan Mann. Tower Staff The Tower Staff comprised of only six members plus two faculty advisors and a photographer, worked diligently to keep posted on campus affairs, meet dead-lines, and finally distribute this summary of 1963-64 events to the students of NWMSC. The staff included Ellen Grube, Edi- tor; Susan McConkey, Assistant Editor; Carolyn ' iltshire. Art Editor; Jack Gray, Sports Editor; Mr. Howard Ringold and Dr. Frank Grube, Faculty Advisors; and ' ava Tackett and Joan Mann. Staff Assistants. In addition to the regular Tuesday meetings, the staff, assisted by members of Gamma Sigma Sigma sorority, sponsored a Tower sale two days of each semester. They also enjoyed a trip to Marcelineto view the Walsworth Publishing Plant in operation. While they were there, they proofread the copy for the entire book. Ellen Grube Editor Ellen Grube explains plans to Carolyn Wiltshire, Art Editor Advisor; and Susan McConkey. A.ssistant Editor. Howard Ringold, Faculty The 1964 TOWER On Assembly Line Ellen Grube, Editor: and Carolyn Wiltshire, Art Editor; check a page together. Dr. Frank Grube, Faculty Advisor; advises Susan McConkey, Assistant Editor; and Joan Mann, Staff Assistant; as they type final copy. Ellen Grube, Howard Ringold, Carolyn Wiltshire, Dr. Frank Grube, Susan McConkey, and Joan Mann meet with the publishing company representative, Pat Penniston. Jack Gray Ellen Grube Jim Sanders WHO ' S WHO Richard Schmitz. Richard Smith Tom Whitney Music Is An Important Part of School Activities ■3.V. Helen Theisen presents a dozen red roses to Mrs. Jones as she and the President are honored by the band at the Homecoming Game. The band stands at attention in response to the command of their drum-major. Ken Lucas. Gilbert Whitney directs the choir as they sing " Twas the Night Before Christmas " at the Christmas Ball. A mass performance of hiph scliool bands and the college band was held during the half of the Honiecominf; CTanie. President Jones Honored During Homecoming Majorettes: Carol Workman, Betty Bauer, Karenann Falk. Band Director Ward Rounds congratulates President J. W. .lones as he is named NWMSC Honorary (Conductor during; the Homecoming Game. Piano Repertoire Piano Repertoire: FIRST ROW: Karen Slayden, President: John A. Flora. Vice-President: Sharon Bolin, Secretary: Jerry Cooper, Publicity: Patricia Lininger, Program Chairman. SECOND ROW : Eileen McCartney. Patricia Martin. Carolyn Houts, Rose Mane Adams. Sherry Ballinger. Mary Sue Jones. Larry Miller. THIRD ROW: Carol Tyler Judy Brown, Charlotte Watson. Fran Merritt, Jane LaMar. Linda ounger. Mary Jane Sandtord. bponsor. FOURTH ROW: Carol Workman, Maynard Potter. Harold Hodges. James L. Bowman. Jr.. Connie Younger, Charla Albertson. Donne Theis. Madrigal Madrigal: FIRST ROW : Melvin Bradford. Thor McMillen. Sue Schultz. Jane Combs. Ken Suetterlin. SECOND ROW: Gilbert Whitney. Director. LaMar. Susan McCnnkey. Merritt, Michael Woodwind and Brass Ensembles Woodwind Ensemble— f KSr ROW: Jim Corbett, Pat Brown, Dennis Martin. SECOND ROU : John Smay, Sponsor: John A. Flora, Larry Dean Rawlins, Dick Harover, Rickey Sterkelberg. Brass Ensemble: Ward Hounds, Director; Barry Martin, (ialen Benton, Jerry Cooper, Pat Lininger. Music Education National Convention FIRST ROT: John Smay. Sharon Bolin, Secretary; Carolyn Houts, President: Ruth Miller. SECOND ROW : Susan McConkey, Karen Slayden Fran Merritt, Sherry Bollinger, Mary Sue Jones. Patricia Lininger. THIRD ROW: Linda Younger. Barbara knox. Rose Adams, Jane LaMar. harla Al- bertson, Pat Brown, Donna Theis. FOURTH ROW : Larry Rawlins, Maynard Potter, John Flora, Connie lounger, Jerry Cooper, Galen Benton, Larry Benton, Larry Miller. Jazz Band ansliSiS! SINGERS- lo de la Cruz Rose Adams, Tom Lupardus, Francis Merritt, Thor MacMillan. SAXOPHONE PLAYERS: Dennis wSohi FW Con " ni ' e Younger. Ri ' ckey StecLberg Larry RawHn. BASS PLAYER: a " Benton. PL A7SrMay. Potter TROMBONE PLAYERS: Larry Peterson, Jerry Cooper, Dave Taylor, Ron Burson. TUBA PLAibK. Larry Benton. DRUMMER: Karl Baxter. TRUMPET PLAYERS: Don Mortenson, Bob Williams, Barry Martin, Doug Jackson, Larl Moss, Director. Concert FIRST ROW: Carol Wilson, Nida Messick, Hellen Thiesen. SECOND ROW: John Flora, De- loris Killion, Carol Cunningham, Jim Corbett. THIRD ROW: Larry Rawlins, Nancy Brugge- man, Ruth Severson, Pat Martin, Pat Moser, Carol Young. Mary Sand, Ron Goodspeed. FOURTH ROW: Rickey Steckleberg, Pat Brown, Luella Sunderman, Den- nis Martin, Jack Schrimsher, Richard Peterson, Rose Adams, Harold Hodges, Geary Engeman, Linda Walters, Jerry Brewer. FIFTH ROW: Carol Workman, Jim Cannichael, Janet Sprake, Barry Martin, Larry Miller, Doug Jackson, Don Mortenson, Linda Younger, Clark Mullins, Dale Elefritz, Gary Curtis, Larry Benton. SIXTH ROW: Ward Rounds, Director; Ken Lucas, Millard Smith, Karl Baxter, Carol Tyler, Nancy Boyd, Donna Foley, Dennis HukilL Tower Choir n ., P-. Tower Choir: FIRST ROlf : Barbara Knox, SecretarvTnasurcr: Virginia Goodwilke, James Bowman, Kenneth Harlan, Oakly Risser, Averill West, Gary Pittsenbarger, Judy Brown, Pat Martin. SECOND ROW: Mary Sue Jones, Terri Kennedy, Librarian: Susan McConkev, Donna Wolf, Roger Schneider, Thor Mc- Millen. Joan Owens, Sherry Rae Bollinger, Pat Brown. THIRD ROW: Sharon Bolin, Lois Eisner, Jane Mason, Carolee Smith. Fran Merritt. Jim Coen, Reanne Johnston. Charla Alhcrtson, Jane LaMar, Rose Marie Adams. FOURTH ROW: Larry Hanon. Ken Lucas, Michael Combs, Maynard Potter, President; Brant Downey, Don Berry, Glen Stenzel, Kenneth Suelterlin, Dick Harover, Larry Miller. Band FIRST ROW: Eldonna Kariker, Sharon Ostnis, Pamela Talbot. SECOND ROW : Karen Slayden. Dinah Owen, Carolyn Houts. THIRD ROK : Eddie Roberts. Tom Lupardus, Pat Lininger, Martha Dray, Janice Reno, Melba Noakes, Connie Younger. FOURTH ROW: Fran Merritt, Steve Mitchell, Roberta Edlin. Melvin Young, Phil Murrell, Sherry Bollinger, Melanie Eisiminger, Karla Dukes. FIFTH ROW : Bill Cassady, Byron Fink, Galen Benton, Ron Burson, Larry Peteson, Dave Taylor, .Jerry Cooper. Tower Chorus Chorus: FIRST ROW ' : Sandra Ingram, Secretai : Meredith Manning, Terry Kennedy, Carol Craw- ford, Susan Darrah, Richard E. Oraw, Jim Bowman. Esther Parnienter. Patricia Moser, Linda K. Shafer. SEC.Oyp ROW : Gilbert Whitney. Director: Rawena Husted, Eileen McCartney, Cormie Banks, Betty Jo Iohr, Cbarla Albertson, Sherrie Bollinger, Carole Twombly, Darlene Weldon. Vice-President : Marjorie Mathewson. THIRD ROW ' : Shirley Williams, Sheryl Sexton. Glenn Morrow. Galen Benton, Jim Cochran, Barry Brady. Rcunne Johnston. Lana Babcock, Carol Ann Y ' ouug. FOURTH ROW ' : Melvin Bradford, Ken Daley Bittiker, Warren Wilson, Jerry Cooper, Larry Peterson, President: Rickey Steckelberg, Larry- Roth, Dick Harover. 179 Bo(M Millie Cockrill Marge MacDonald Marcene Severson Katherine Swoboda Sandra Kelly 196o Homecoming Queen Queen Sandy is Honored at ShoWr Game, and Dance Queen Sandy reirives llif Oown friini Stndent Rody President Jim Sanders. Qnren Sandy smiles tci tlie crdwd mi lu-r way to the " Bifi (ianif. " The Queen ami Her Allc-ndajits wen- prcsc iiti-d (Jiue apain at the danre. Organizations Vie For Honors in Variety Show " The Story of a Great American I ' astinic Epsilon was a first plare winner. given by l hi Sigma George Marsh as Joe, lirn Uvuiey as Mr. O ' Hurlihee, and Uarryl Couts as Crazy Guggerheim give their rendition of " The American Image Magazine " to win top honors for Sigma Tau Gamma. Ihe Deha Zetas Homecoming . " Iiegiii a llag flag ilaiic Imclf ' . " satn s Variety Show " Northwestward Ho " was the first place theme of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority Homecoming skit. Emcee Jack Gray related historical facts of the college to the audience hetween acts. rnu . l w B k m M |k H k H •V ' ' ,f y i f ™ 1m j ' E M mH 1 1 ft IB I ' f J ' bl V l k 1 v m iiig The Phi Mu Sorority presents the grand finale of " A Nation of Many States. " " The Golden Spike " Tau Kappa Epsilon First Place Beauty Float Homecoming Parade " Queens ' Float " An AWS Contribution Homecoming Parade " Spirit of Adventure " Alpha Kappa Lambda First Place Beauty Float " Liberty for All " Sigma Sigma Sigma First Place Beauty Float " Springtime in New England " Phi Mn Third Place Beauty Float The Court Display hy Phi Sipma Epsilon rcreived second place recognition. House Decorations Wesley Foundation " orbited " into top position in the men ' s division of house decorations. The first prize western scene was constructed by Sigma Sigma Sigma. Delta Zetas raptured second place with this arrangement. Homecoming Activities Jerilyn Irvin, Dr. John Harr, and Raymond Christy congratulate Lonnie Irvin after he was named out- standing back for the Homecoming Game. The crowd gathered around to view the Queen and Her Attendants in a special royalty dance. . J ,.JI ■ ' i.f jf V £ - ■•M. A vigorous bonfire pep rally resulted in high hopes for a successful Homecoming Game. Work and Fun Combine To Make Homecoming A Success Miss Jen Irvin, Cardinal Key President, introduces the newly tapped members of the women ' s honor organization at the Homecoming Dance. They are Misses Sherry Speer, Debbie Price, Carolyn Wiltshire, Judy Hullman, and Pat Phillips. Football boys throw Pep Rally. Kolla Miner into the fire omecoming Phi-Sig frat men work fast and furious to complete their beauty-float for the Homecoming Parade. Queen candidate [loslcrs make interesting reading in the Administration Building entrance. Students Celebrate Traditional Holiday A talent show is the morninps entertainment during Walk Out Day. The Four I ' reps are a very entertaining group ac- cording to students who attended the afternoon assembly. Kansas Lit) Ijand played the dance music tor the Walk Out Day Dance. The latest dance craze was seen at the Walk Out Day Dance. Traditional Dance Presented by AWS Dr. James Gleason presents the Harvest Moon Ball Queen, Marleen Kelley. Couples enjoy dancing to the smooth music of Bobby Dreher. 193 All My Sons and RUR THE CAST FOR ALL MY SONS LEFT TO RIGHT: Lanny Green, Lorraine Faubion, Ken Price, Doris Wilson. LEFT TO RIGHT: Lanny Green, Ken Price, Lorraine Faubion, Doris Wilson, Gene Probasco. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeff Falter, Chris Carstenson, boy: Ken Price, Sharon Freeman, Larry Kallauner. Are 1964 Dramatic Productions LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Stephens, Dan McLaughlin, Gary McQueen, Norman Wilcox, Jane Fleshes, Jeffrey Faulter, David Shester. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dan McLaughlin. Gary McQueen, Ken Price, John Pitzenharper, Robert Boyle, Ralph Tiffany, James Standfield, Don Stephens, kneeling: Merrill Finley, Edwin Leacli, David Shestak, Mirk Ross, Gene Proliasco, Jack Brown. LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Nieman, Jeffrey Falter, Doris Wilson, Lanny Green. Kenneth Probasco, Ken Price, Lorraine Faubion, Larry Kallauner. Sharon Freeman, Chris Carstenson, boy. Sigma Phi Dolpins First Row: Marcy Severson, Virginia Briplit, Tegwin Dyer, and Jane Stoner. Second Row: Sharon Phoenix, Reanne Johnston, Pat Bird, Carolyn Kempton. Kerry Henry, and Nadine I.ind. Trird Row: Judy Tritsch, Karen Bixler, Barbara Howe. Lana Holstead, Nancy Brown, and Judy Wolverton. Practicing for the annual spring swim show are Virginia Bright, Jane Stoner, Judy Wolverton, and Marcy Severson. Dance Club Practicing a jazz routine for th eir spring concert are Donna Davis, Terry Stoner. Sherry- Bollinger, Richard Beem, Phil Murrell, Sandy Yaple. Carolyn Kading, .lane Gilbert, and Ina Mae O ' Reilly. Richard Beem, Dance Club ' s President speaks to club members: Jane Gilbert, Carolyn Kading, Karen Peters, Phil Murrell, Paula Zimmerman, Terry Stoner, Pat McCune, Sherry Bollinger, (back row) Donna Davis, Eddie Gilliland, Laverne Mclntyre. Sandy Yaple, Sam Dalzell, Kenny Felton, and Ina Mae O ' Reilly. Iti addition to weekly Dance Club meeting. ' ; in which the memhers learned .«uch dances a.s the mambo. the Charleston, the west coast swing, and modern jazz, the grou|) participated in many activities. Dance Club spon- sored a trip to Kansas City to see the Ballet Folklorico of Mexico. Under the leadership of Richard Beem. the club ])resented a Spring Dance Concert on April ' 0. The group also worked with the women ' s physical education department in s|)onsoring a modern dance workshop in April. Donna Davis, Richard Beem, ina Mae O ' Reilly, Terry Stoner, Sandy Yaple, and (center) Paula Zimmerman practice a modern dance routine. Social dancing is enjoyed by Dance Club members: Kenny Felton, Jane Gilbert, Sam Dalzell, Carolyn Kading, Karen Peters, Laverne Mclntyre, Pat McCune, Eddie Gilland, Terry Stoner, and Sherry Bollinger. If f With gifts of gold, frankinrt-iise, and myrrh, the wise men visit the manger iti the enactment iif the liirth of Clirist. Seniors Honored at Hanging of the Greens Mrs. Larsen and Mrs. .Stuart, Directors iil Roberta and Perrin Halls, preside at the serving tahle at the 2nth annual Hanging of the Greens. Barbara Knox sings ihi ' favorite Christinas carol, " Oh Holy Night. " 1 98 Roberta Hail Girls Honor Miss Irvin As 1963 Spirit of Christmas Miss Jerilyn Irvin was a very charminf; 1963 Spirit of Christmas after she was chosen by popular vote of the residents of Roberta Hall. A choir of approximately thirty voices was directed by Sharon Bolin. In addition to the senior processional and recessional, it performed other special pieces. 199 Yes. the Jiiari witli tlif triini|ift is the famous Louie ( Satchmo t Armstrong;. Hundreds Come to Snatch A Glimpse of " Satch ' ' A large crowd gathered to hear Louie Armstrong and hand perform a ronrert, a special attraction of the evening. The Tower Choir directed by ( " .ilhert Whitney eiUcrtaincd with a ( andlelight ceremony of Christmas carols. Christmas Assembly Sets Mood for Students Till ' triif piTsonalitii-s iif Mary Allen and Dave Slic-tak are covered over as they portray Latne (iirl and Azarian in Flat Lux. a higliliplit of the (Ihristnias Assemlily. The College Chorus and Choir, under the direction of Mr. Gilbert Whitney, added a highlight to the Christmas Assembly by singing " When The Christ Child Came, " a cantata by Clokey, and " Hallelujah Chorus, " ' from the Messiah. This scene from Fiat Lux, by Faith Van Valkenburg Vilas, gives the modern mystery a very sullen atmosphere. Dorm Girls Anticipate HolidaY Season Though Christmas approaches, Karol Kooker and Diaiuie Kramer still gain the power to open their hooks. Roberta Hall girls study hard— trying to deride which card to play next! Neta Russell and Sara Hum- ston speak for all Hudson Hall in wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. The dorm halls gained a very enjoyable Christmas atmos- phere as each dorm section called on their creative ability. Women ' s Dorm Life Includes A VarietY of Activities The women ' s dorms as seen from the rear arc sfiacious and beautiful. Tri Sigs have fun with rushees in the Tri Sig annex during Rush Season. I ' at . ' sander.son decorates lier door in Rolierta Hall for Christmas season. Freshman girls leaving Hudson Hall find downtown Maryville accessible according to their walking needs. Men ' s Dormitories Provide Comfortable Living Quarters The men ' s dorms are seen from an aerial view in this picture. College men find recreation in the new rooms built and furnished with pool and ping pong tables. Three college dormitory students listen to records and talk about classroom work and college activities. A side view of the new men ' s dormitory shows the large parking facilities for men housed there. And Relaxing Recreation for All The " guys " enjoy a little relaxation, cokes, and T.V. The KDLX Radio Station is toiind in tne men ' s dornT; and is a source of enjoyment of NWMSC radio fans. - ' ■ c: It ' s folk tune time with Arnie Doctor and his guitar. Married Couples Mingle Scholastic Obligations With the Domestic Mr. and Mrs. Ken Carver and sons, Kenny and Stevie. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ricliard Ross Mr. ami Mrs. Kendall Petersen and daughter, Luanne. Mr. and Mrs. Don Brown and daughter. Students Take Time Out In Student Union Lounge Students study, relax, and enjoy magazines in the beautiful spacious lounge in the J. W. Jones Union Building. The new den, as it is railed, is located on the sunnier side of the J. W. Jones Union Building. .Students enjoy the ronvenience of the Bearcat Book Store where they ran buy books, school supplies, and sundries. Bridge takes brains and is an accomplishment of most NWMSC students. The Library Is A Necessary Part of Every Student ' s Study The library seems to attract many more visitors aroiinrf final week. Barl) Truokenmiller assists a student as he " checks out a book. ' Many students enjoy the facilities of the reserve room. Instructors Guide Coeds In Teaching Experience Judy Andersen, Beverly Medsker instruct rlass in Social Studies under the observation of Mrs. Avis Graham. Miss Ruth Miller instructs Horace Mann pupils in nuisir work. Lois Clifton explains life in an aquarium while second grade students, Mrs. Zelma Akes: supervising teacher, and other student teaihers look on with interest. 2IO Women ' s Intramural Council FIR T ROiC: Marion Smith. Chairman: Rhodetta Jes :en. Co-Chairman: Linda Greenwood. Co-Chairman: Kathryn Riddle, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Linda Kay Drummond. Judy Wolverton, Ginger Barnes. Barbara Chick, Joleene Larimore, Joan Lynch, Phyllis Fastenaii. Kathy Bogdas. The PEM Cluh va.s the first name to be onpiaved in the new intranuiral supremacy award Irojjhv. Tills was to signify their outstanding achievement in volleyhall. howling, and softhall. Sigma Sigma Sigma cajiturod the basketball first. This year the Council, in addition to man- aging the regular intramural program, worked with the Men ' s Intramural Council to promote co- recreational activities. A Delta Zeta goes high in the air to return the ball to the opposing Tri Sigs. Connie Smith double checks the score for the bowling gaine. Girls Vie for Intramural Honors " I ' m ready it you miss it! " — But. no, back across the net it goes as intramural teams fight for the championship. Kour hands are better than two when the volleyball heads for the floor and a point for the opponent. Donna Friend and Carol Cheney each send one down the alley as the Tri-Sigs and Alpha-Sigs work for the top. FIRST ROW: Phyllis Fastenau, Ginger Barnes. Mary Lou Hilger, Judy Kimmet, and Jo Lanmore. SffCOA ' DROr; Joyce Owens, Karen Hersh, Mary Graham, Connie Smith, Mary Schulenburp, Marty Durfee. Kathy Bogdas, and Dr. Riddle. THIRD ROT: Pat Meyer, Pat Gilley. Donna Friend, Shirley Miller, Martha Merrill. Kathy Swohoda, Marcia Miller, Carol Cheney, and Joan Lynch. Winning Bowling Teams. Women ' s Intramurals Girls " intramurals were a big success this year with a great number of teams and individuals participating. The sports included were bowling, volleyball, basketball, and Softball. Dr. Riddle was the sponsor, and individual sports chairmen were as follows: volleyball. Kathy Bogdas; bowl- ing. Joan Lynch; basketball. Barb Chick: softball. Kathy Bogdas. In volleyball. PEM Club came through the highly skilled field of teams with 80 participants to win the top position undefeated. Close behind with only two losses was Delta Zeta, and in third place was Whizzers. Delta Zeta was first in bowling with Alpha Sigma Alpha, second, and PEM Club, third. These people feel that intramurals are an important part of the college program for all girls. To provide an hour of physical activity that is useful for health and fit- ness is the aim of this and all intramural programs. It is a time for exercising not only the body, but the mind — its strategy, ingenuity, and sportsmanship. This is an activity which can and should be participated in by all. Successful Intramural Season Winning Intramural Football Team — First Row: Ken Stites, Ron Zwank, Ken (Jcib, Ucnny Kaster. Second Row: Mike Thomas, Bill Page, Tom Spinner, Jim Campbell. Jim Campbell and Lee King: Table Tennis Cham- pion and runner-up, respec- tively. Stan DeCosmo: Singles Tennis King Under Pettegrew ' s Leadership Rex Pettigrew Intramural Chairman Dean Hammon and Stan DeCosmo Tennis Doubles Champions Winners in Basketball and Free Throw Contest in Intramurals— FiVsf Row: Mike Corbett, Dick Heinen Don Daniel, Bob Allen, Mike Thompson. Second Row: Tom Ramsey, Bob Harvey, Ken Petersen, Fred Counts, Larry Wilkenson. 2IB Dolphins Display Swim Skill in Water Carnival While Decorating Pool With Grace and Beauty SEATED: Mary Lou Scammon, Nadine Lind. STAND- ING: Ron Gayler, Laurence Spicer. Cheryl Wise, Judy McClintock, Karen Bixler, Sharon Phoe- nix, Jane Stoner, Jacqueline Vincent. Jerri Mercer, Barb Speas, Virginia Bright, Bonnie Foster, Carole Lininger, Dorothy Ray, Judy Wolverton, Elaine Buerkens, Karen Hayes, Judy Krutz, Nadine Lind, Mary Lou Scammon. SEATED: Jerri Mercer, Virginia Bright, Karen Hayes, Carole Lininger, Nadine Lind. STANDING: Elaine Buer- kens, Barbara Speas, Jane Stoner. Cheryl Wise, Dorothy Ray. Karen Bixler, Karen Hayes, Judy Wolverton, Sharon Phoenix. " ' 0 I I is.-. £lgv i1» « tg The Globe Trotters keep smiling as their very confused opposition tries desperately to figure things out. Trotters Do Tricks to Delight of Fans 1 ' -v_aaKi rs 1 M ■B VfH ■ ■ WhPt f. • » %Ai :i ' Stop the Game . . . it ' s pirture time! Popcorn flew in all directions when the ball " accidently " sailed into it. Russian Performers Thrill Americans The Russian Cossack Dancers performed with amaz- inp perfection and skill. The audience responded well to the lively spirit of the Russian dancers. The Russian chorus entertained the lart;e audience at the all-school asseml)ly. 218 Tower Queen Chosen by Judges, All-School Election 1 ' ' Wl The 1964 Tower Queen. Nancy Timber- lake, is seen at the Tower Dance fol- lowing her coronation. Following the announceincnl ol the three finaists at the judging. March 12, Nancy Timherlake, Marcy Severson, and Karen Kimbrough smile with poise. The seven girls who were asked to reappear for the judges were: Linda Bouska. Sal McDonald, Marcy Severson, . nn Shamberger, and Nancy Timberlake. Craven. Karen Kimbrough, Marge Twenty-two girls were Tower Queen candidates for the 1964 Tower. They spent a busy day with the judges at interviews, a banquet and on stage that night. The raiididatcs w ere: Jane Couch, Connie Kwinp. MaiiKn Haruia. C.lenda .laniison. Sandra Maynard. Diane Mitchell. Sue Oherhelman. Garla Schrader. Ann Shamliergi-r. Sally Switzer. Celia Thompson. Nancy Timber- lake. Patsy Shepherd. Marcy Severson, Mary Schulenberg, Shirley Sloore, Marge McDonald. Karen Kimbrough, Sandy Herzog. Cheryl Gray. Sally Craven, and Linda Bouska. Emcee of the show was Bob Dickey and organist was Carol Workman. ancy Timlieilake 1961 Tower Queen Marcene Severson Tower Queen Attendant ISiEB mSXM Karen Kimbrough Tower Queen Attendant 221 Tower Dance Honors Students and Faculty Blue Kfv. Honorary Men ' s organization, tapped new members at the Tower Dance. The new members are: Glenn Aoksel, Bob Cotter, Bob Dickey, Ron Fitch. Gary Hultquist. Larry Stephens, and Larry Wilkenson. Honorary members are: Dr. Donald Smith and Mr. Peter .lackson. Richard Smith, Blue Key President, made the announcement. Miss Ellen (Trube, Tower editor, is shown congratulating Dr. .1. W. .lones who had just been told that the 1964 Toner would be dedicated to him. Mrs. Jones is at his side and was given a bouquet of red roses. The announcement was made at the Toner dance. Four coeds were tapped into ( ' ardinal Key national honorary sorority by leri Irwin. President. They were .Sharon Bolin. .ludy Huitt, Barb Chick, Sharon Ostrus, Seniors honored by the group were Marty Durfee and Karen .Shields. Ellen C.rube, Editor of the Ttneer. presided at the aiiMiiunccnienl. The annual Tower Dance, sponsored by the Student Union Board, had a Roman theme. It was lield in the Lamkin gymnasium. Standing from left to right are: Dick Snyder, Karen Kimbroiiph. { ' resident .1. W. Jones, Quepn Nancy, Ron Tribnlet, Marry Severson. and Dick Goforth. Miss Nanry Timberlake, Bedford, Iowa, is shown beinp crowned Toiver Queen at the annnal Tnwer Dance by Jim Sanders, MSC student liody president. President Jones ant by a receiving bne his wife are greeted at the Tower Dance of Larry Wilken on, Union Board Dance Chairman; Ellen Grnbe. Tmier Editor: George Marsh. Miss Grube ' s escort: Richard Schniitz, Union Board Chairman: and Ricliard Smith. Blue Key President. 223 Ugly Man, Carnival Benefit Loan Fund Boh Johnson congratulates Ugly Man Larry Hol- land with " admiration. " " But I don ' t tiwf for any niorr dessert, " sa s the poor virtiin in the Delta Zeta stand. " Pay Bail, or stay in Jail " was the motto of (ianiina Sigma Sigma at the Ugly Man Car- nival. Senators Host Big Meeting on Campus Richard Cornel ison addresses the Student Senate Conference. SPEAKING: Bob Johnson. SEATED AT TABLE: Kenneth Ihompson, Rex Pette- erew. Dale Sporleder, Bob Cobb, Mary Grantham, and Peter .lackson. 1 he Student Government Associations of colleges in Rolla. Warrensburg, Sprinjifield. Kirksville. ( ajie (iirardeau, and Maryville met at Maryville last spring in the usual conference to discuss problems and new ideas in senate work. Larry Nelson, Tom Baker, Darrel Cotter, John Magness and their dates enjoy country square dance. Spring Brings Out Proms and Squares Guests are greeted in the reception line at the r.nmma Slg Oriental ' Spring Formal. Mr. and Mr . Richard Smith escort Mr. and Mrs. Luther Bladt through the refreshment line during the Gamma Sigma Sigma Formal. Best portrayed " hillhillics " at the Sadie Hawkins Dame were Boh Nelson and Ann Simpsiin. Rathbone, Choir, Drama in Annual Festival of Arts Basil Kathljoiie entertains students anil lacnlty in a spring stu- dent assembly. A small praclire group composed ol singers Ken Lucas, Sharon Bolin, and Ken Bittiker and pianists Judy McCIard and Martha Schrimsher enjoy work on the show " Girl Crazy. " Basil Kathhone. the renowned actor, gives his in- terpretation of Shakespeare to the delight of the enthused audience. The chuir, under the direction of (Jllhert Whitney, rehearses for " Girl Crazy. " New Careers Are Begun as Students Become Alum Students arrive at I.anikin Gymnasium alter the long traditional walk from ( ' .olden Hall. Speaker at the 1%3 spring eommencement was Gaylord Dean Morri.son, Ed. D., who is professor of educa tion at Colorado State College, Greeley, Colorado. President J. W. .lones, Mrs. Florence Lawhead, Ml. Ayr, lowan past alnnini president, and Everett Urown, director of the Field Service office, preside at the spring alnnini hanquet. The 1%. Spring Commencement begins as gradu- ating seniors march to their seats. Registration, Orientation Begin Year Students feel relieved when they reach the fee table, because this desig- nates the final stage of the registration line. m .V r r n Upperclassmen met with small groups of freshmen during orientation. Ihis session is being conducted by Mary Grantham and Greg Guenther. A faculty member advises a student. Cheerleaders perform at orientation. Outdoor Exercises Mark Summer ' 63 Commencement President Jones views the last summer graduation he will attend as acting President of NWMSC. Larry Stevens and Bob Johnson enter with the flags. ' Jff.M .K ' - mm. Summer graduation which was held in Rickenbrode Ath- letic Field was a solemn, impressive event. 230 Local Cardinal Key Installed Nationally mm FIRST ROW: Dean Gimmie Atchley, Sponsor; Miss Carolyn Peterson. Sponsor; Jerilyn Irvin, President; Miss Hutchison, National President; Miss Agnes Selmons, Kirksville; Miss Leona Whitton, Kirksville. SECOND ROW: Donna Theis, Ellen Grube, Carolyn Wiltshire, Sherry Speer, Mrs. Richard Smith, Kathy Swohoda, Judy Hullman, Pat Phillips, Debby Price, Mrs. Bruce Wake, and Dr. F. W. Grube, Honorary Member. TKE ' s Pay Tribute to Late President ' s Family HOLDING BIBLES: Lee King, Ron Zimmerman. FIRST ROW: John Campbell, B utch Evans, Gary Ma- gill, Slade Jackson, Gary Schroeder. SECOND ROW: Denny Loringer, Mike Stevens, Dick Jackson, Dick Shipley, Charles Nelson. The local TKE chapter took Bibles to Mrs. J. F. Kennedy and also to President Lyndon Johnson to show respect and honor to the leaders of our country. M: ..f U ' iAj fes Grid Rebuilding Nets Improved Record Coach and Staff — Coach Ivan Schottel, left, is shown flanked l y the other memliers of his staff, left to right. Earl Baker, Robert Gregory, Burton Richey, and Gene Lasley. Many schools might not consider three wins, five losses and a tie a very successful football season, but at North- west Missouri State it was something to shout about as the Bearcats improved over their 0-9-0 record of 1962 and 2-7-0 mark of 1961. With Coach Ivan Schottel leading the way in his first year at NWMSC and with a flock of new stars on hand, the future of football looks bright on the Maryville campus. At the conclusion of the season Coach Schottel named 31 lettermen. only three of them seniors and only two of that trio starters. When Schottel makes the initial call for 1964 football camp he will be greeted by nearly the entire starting lineup from the moderately successful 1963 squad. Prospects Bright For 1964 Pigskinners Quarterback Leo Papas, a sophomore transfer from Nebraska University, was the big " star " for the ' Cats as he clicked on 78 of 142 passes to lead the MIAA in that cate- gory. His passes were good for more than 900 yards of the versatile Maryville offense that was best in the con- ference. The rest of the starting Bearcat backfield also returns in the form of halfback Lonnie Irvin, 409 yards on 102 carries; fullback Mike Peterson, 319 yards rushing on 96 totes; and backs Hal Wittbrodt and Mario Balletti, alternate starters. One of the highlights of the season came in the open- ing game when the Bearcats snapped a 14-game losing streak by storming past Peru. Neb., State 24-6. Maryville also tripped Nebraska ' esleyan University 13-6 and MIA rival Rolla 22-14. FIRST ROW: Mike Corbett, Gary Poland, Greg Vock, Dick Heinen. Don Daniels. Jim Perez, Buzzy Engliind, Dave Kaniini. Ron Brumley, George Redden, Ed Maxwell, Bol) Harvey. SECOND ROit : Lonnie Irvin, Gary Fnltz, Phil Kneib, Tom Baker. Glen Acksel, Ed Bryan, Hal Whitbrodt, Leroy Heinen, Joe Zembles. Tom Greenlees, Bob Rempe, Mickey Thompson, Jerry Hanson. THIRD ROW: Roger Schlegel, Jim Redd, Jim Wakeman, Ken Peterson, Darrell Cotter. Mickey Ross, Ron Brosn, Mike Kar.sanok, Leo Pappas Mike Peterson, John Flynn, Tom Hummel, Tom Wright. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Knauss, Vince Vanderweide, Jeffrey Hough, Dan Haskill, Dan Gooding, Gary Urich, Lon Sharp. Lonnie Hagan, Ed Younger, Mario Balletti, Dave Bressjaeger, Joe Peterson. FIFTH ROW: Bernon Cattlett. Ron Zwank. Willis .Seiverling, Tim McGuire. Don Peterson. Dennis Gates. Lowell Houts. Jim Hubbard, Larry Frazho, Larry Nelson. Gary Hansen, Butch Hummell. SIXTH ROW: Coac hes Schottel, Baker and Gregory and student coach Harold Lasley. Dave Bussjaeger, Halfback, 185 Pounds Dave Ranum Offensive End 285 Pounds Mario Balletti Halfback 190 Pounds Ken Peterson Defensive Tackle 235 Pounds Boll Harvey Offensive End 190 Pounds Papas was named to the first team of conference all-stars selected by coaches of Missouri Intercollegiate Athletic Association teams. Irvin missed winning the con- ference s portsmanship award by a single vote. Assisting Schottel with his coaching duties w re Robert Gregory. Earl Baker and Burton Richey. MIAA Standings Pts. Conference All Games Pts. 0pp. ] W L W L T Springfield 5 9 241 40 Kirksville 4 1 8 2 224 69 Cape Girardeau 2 3 4 6 139 199 Rolla 2 3 2 7 69 225 Warrensburg 1 4 2 7 34 251 Maryville 1 4 3 5-1 117 165 Tom Green lees Center 198 Pounds Bernard Englund Offensive End 187 Pounds ' kasxmn ji , I- ' SJV Roger Schlegel Offensive Guard 212 Pounds Glen Acksel Guard 200 Pounds Jim Perez Defensive Tackle 223 Pounds fi Barrel Cotter Defensive Guard 200 Pounds MSC 24 . . . Peru, Neb. 6— Coach Ivan Schottel ' s 1963 North- west Missouri State College football Bearcats accomplished some- thing in the opening game that no MSC team had managed in nearly two years — they won — and in impressive fashion, romping past highly-touted Peru. Neb.. State 24-6. The victory ended a 14- game MSC losing streak that extended back into the 1961 campaign and gave Schottel a win in his first game as an MSC mentor. The ' Cats racked up 348 yards in the air and on the ground, headed by the passing of Leo Papas who connected on 12 of 17 passes for 162 yards. Mike Peterson scored twice and Lonnie Irvin once for the ' Cats. Jim Redd Offensive Tackle 230 Pounds Dick Heinen Offensive Tackle 212 Pounds Ed Maxwell Offensive Guard 225 Pounds Mike Peterson Fullback 196 Pounds Harold Wittbrodt Fullback 215 Pounds Leo Papas Quarterback 187 Pounds All-MIAA First Team George Redden Defensive End 205 Pounds ■T V A|iQ L 1 M k II w m J i f7;jl kM. L n Sa ' A 4?jp W H M 1 MSC 7 ... Ft. Hays, Kan. 7 — The Bearcats failed to cash in on a pair of golden scoring opportunities but managed to hang on for a 7-7 tie with favored Ft. Hays State in the second game of the season. Maryville scored in the first quarter on a 1-yard plunge by Hal ' ittl rodt. and the rest of the game was a defensive battle with the visiting Tigers finally scoring just before the half. Don Daniel Halfback 195 Pounds John Flynn Quarterback 165 Pounds Joe Peterson Halfback 175 Pounds Pregame Strategy — Bearcat l)a(ks huddle witli Coacli Ivan Schottel before the MS(: Homeioniing game. Siandiiif:. left to right, are Lonnie Irvin, Hal Wittbrodt, and Don Daniel. Seated are Coach Schottel and signal caller Leo Papas. Stout Defenders — End Bob Harvey, lejl. and tackle Ron Brnniley. right, bring down Springfield ' s talented halfback Cornelius Perry with ball in hand. Winning Margin — End George Redden stretches high to haul down a 2[ioint PAT pass from Leo Papas and give the Bearcats a Homecoming win over Rolla. i4 ' Hal VISITOR v. f I QUARTER TO-GO l « " ' %r ' Rebuilding Bearcats Fight to Hold Own; Maxie scores — Star freshman forward Etl Maxwell bulls his way toward the hoop as he lays in two points aeainst Rolla ' s Miners " Close, but not quite close enough, " tells the story of the Northwest Missouri State basketball team under rookie coach Richard " Dick " Buckridge as they labored through a 5-18 season in the first .of wliat Coach Buck- ridge hopes will be a series of rebuilding years. This season the Cats had the " fight " but not the " finesse " to pull some of the close ones out of the fire. A lack of an experienced big man hurt the ' Cats during games with many of their towering foes and during the wearing MIAA title chase. A lack of experi- ence at every position except the guard slots was also an important factor. At midseason the ' Cats lost stars Larry Robinson, Bill Yeager and Ed Maxwell for the year, and the loss hampered their late season showing severely. In the MIAA tournament the Bearcats showed good form, although they dropped all three games and fin- ished eighth. In the seventh place outing they lost by a single point, 72-71. to the RoUa Miners. The league race proved to be the usual exciting battle with preseason favorites Kirksville and Warrens- burg dropping to second and third, respectively, as Cape Girardeau ' s always dangerous Indians snared their fourth straight MIAA crown. In MIAA league play the ' Cats finished fifth, leading the hapless Rolla Miners. Bearcat Junior Varsity— Left to right: Markt. Myers, Redd, Tauchen, Hopper, Beck, and Coach Dick Buckridge. Pull Key Upsets Highlights of the season included a Irenieiidous IH-point outlnirst by freshman forward Ed Maxwell against the Springfield Rears as the ' Cats pulled a sur- prise 91-90 win over the highly-regarded Southwest Mis- souri State quint. Maryville pulled another major upset only five days later when the ' Cats swamped Pittsburg, Kansas. State Ki!-7i!. Senior Nick Neira was the leading scorer for the season, as the 5-10 senior guard chipped in close to 100 points. Other consistent point producers before losing their eligibilitv were Yeager and Maxwell. For the year Neira averaged 15.6: Maxwell. 14.1; Yeager. 10. 1: Rob- inson. 8.9; Remund. 9.6; and Crawford, 5.1. Mike Peter- son came on late in the season as a forward and netted approximately 10 points per ouling over the last half of tlic campaign. Except for Crawford and Neira, all of the MSC squad is expected to return for action next year as the two guards are the only seniors on the team. Buckridge hopes to add some new faces to the squad next year as he strives for a winning season in his second year at MSC. Stylish Senior — Fancy passes were the forte of guard Bob Craw- ford, as he demonstrates against Wayne, Nebraska, State. Hard to defend— Guard Nick Neira, MSC ' s leading scorer, sneaks through the Kirksville defense for an important bucket. " Out of my way " — This seems to be the cry of freshman Larry Robinson as he drives in for two markers. Following; scores : MSC 55- MSC 85- MSC 74- MSC 70- MSC 69 MSC 59- MSC 79- MSC 71 MSC 99 MSC TV MSC 66 MSC 66 MSC 94- MSC 64 MSC 88- MSC 77- MSC 89- MSC 71 MSC 83 MSC 54 MSC 76- MSC 77 MSC 60 are the 1963-64 season -Wayne, Neb.. State 59 — l ashburn University 93 - ' illiam Jewell 84 -Pittsburg State 93 -St. Benedict ' s 71 -Kirksville State 73 —Arkansas Tech 89 -Rolla Mines 72 — Tarkio College 69 -Springfield State 92 — Warrensburg 75 -Peru. Neb., State 68 -Springfield State 90 (OT) -Kirksville State 93 -Pittsburg State 78 -Washburn University 93 -Rolla Mines 78 —Cape Girardeau State 102 -Rolla Mines 76 —Warrensburg State 80 —St. Benedict ' s 78 —Cape Girardeau State 94 -Kirksville State 73 Nick Neira 5-9 Guard Ed Maxwell 6-4 Forward George Rentfrow 6-4 Forward Bob Tonnies 6-214 Guard Dale Dawson 6-4 Forward Bob Crawford 5-8 Guard Dave Remund 6-6 Center Mike Peterson 6-2 Forward-Guard Bill Yeager 6-5 Forward Larry Richardson 6-7 Center MSC Grapplers Are Undefeated Coach Gerald Laiidwer guided his Northwest Missouri State College varsity wrestling team to its first undefeated season in six years this winter as the MSC grapplers powered to a 12-0 dual meet record and gained sweet revenge for their only 1962-63 loss. There was not a single senior on the MSC squad. Including throe wins over Big-8 teams. Northwest State made an outstanding showing in all weight classes. The last undefeated MSC mat team was the 1958 squad that recorded a 10-0 slate. Leading the onslaught was 123-pounder Harvey Hal- lum, a sophomore, who recorded his second straight unde- feated season with an 8-0 record. In his two years of college wrestling the Oklahoma City phenom has piled up 17 consecutive victories. He earned the Most Valuable Wrestler award during the 1962-6.3 campaign. Other top performers included Lonnie ieland. 157 pounds. 10-1; Alan Packer. 167 pounds, 10-1; Arnald Thompson. 137 pounds, 5-1; and Allen Jensen. 130 pounds. 4-1. Larry Kilmer at 137 pounds and Ron James at 147 lost only one match each for the talented Bearcats. At jjress time the " Cat grapplers were eagerly antici- pating the NCAA College Division Tournament to come late in March. For the fifth year in a row the ' Cats captured the tournament title at the Graceland College Invitational Tournament at Lamoni. Iowa. In a quadrangular meet with three of the nation ' s to|) rated teams. Iowa State University, Adams State of Colorado and Winona. Minnesota. State, the ' Cats placed a strong third. The two wins over the University of Missouri were the first two losses suffered by the Bengals after winning their first eight of the year. In defeating 10 different foes the Bearcats ran their dual meet record over the past two years to 23 straight wins, after dropping the opener of the 1962-63 campaign. The 26-6 win over Omaha avenged the only blemish on an otherwise perfect " 62-63 slate. — Ah! Sweet Victory — The NWMSC team congregates after they have just beaten the University of Missouri — 27 to 2 — before a home crowd of 1500 fans. FRO, T ROW: Dave Whitlatch, ll.S lbs.; Harvey Hallum, 123: Al Jensen, 123: Larry Kilmer, 137: Jerry Mason, 130: Ken Malick, 1.30, SECOND ROW: Larry Messerii, Manager; Bill Whitehead, 147: Lyle Timmerman, 167; Ron James, 147; Lonny Wieland, 157; Duff Thompson, 137; Ron Scott, 137; Gary Randall, 157; Bill Allen, 123. BACK ROW: Jim Perez, heavy-weight; Dave Stearns, 177; Doug Minnick, 191; Tim McCuire, 157; Dan Gooding, heavy-weight; Ron Hager, 147; Al Packer, 167; Bert Allen, 137. Lonny Wieland is putting in a cross face on Jerry Lorenzini — Wieland won the match 4-1 against Warrensburg. Dual match results follow: MSC 14— University of Nebraska 12 MSC 21— William Jewell 15 MSC 29— Graceland College 3 MSC 36— Sprinsfielcl State MSC 29— Tarkio College MSC 32 Simpson College MSC 27 — Missouri University 2 MSC 16 — Missouri University 11 MSC 31— Warrensburg State 5 MSC 25— Parsons College 5 MSC 26— Omaha University 6 MSC 18— Graceland College 8 Jim Perez uses a lateral drop against the University ' s Bob Henneke. Perez went on to pin Henneke in 5:23. The Bearcats won the meet against the University of Missouri 27 to 2. Jim Perez using a tight waist against Bob Henneke of Mis- souri University. Bearcat Diamond Victories 8, Losses 14 Jim Sanders Highest Batting Average Ron Brumley Top Pitcher Bob Crawford Bearcat Slugger Coach Burton Hichey ' s baseball Bearca ' ts doubled their 1962 victory record last spring as they won eight and lost 14 encounters on the baseball diamond. Mary- ville started the season strong but ended with eight straight losses. Bob Crawford, hustling second baseman, led the Northwest State College baseball team in most hitting categories during the past season as he had the most hits. 23; scored the most run.s, 15; belted the most singles. 16; slammed the most doubles. 5; and also stole the most bases. 9. Leading batting average on the squad was compiled iiy the pitcher-first baseman Jim Sanders who whacked the horse-hide at a .369 clip on 17 hits in 46 trips to the plate. Crawford was the only other .300 hitter as he compiled a .354 average. As a team the ' Cats hit a rather anemic .228 average with 130 hits in 566 at bats. Ron Brumley was the leading pitcher with a 4-2 record in 50 innings on the mound. He struck out 51, walked 10, allowed 49 hits and 24 runs while posting a 2.70 earned run average. Steve Croley posted the top ERA on the staff. 1.90. Sanders. ' Cat lefthander and top winner in 1962, posted a 3-6 mark with a 3.92 ERA for 43-2 3 innings of work. BEARCAT BASEBALL RECORD MSC — 2. 1 MSC — 4. MSC — 2, 1 MSC — 2, 7 MSC — 2. 4 MSC — 4. 3 MSC — 7, 10 MSC — 2, 2 MSC — 7, 1 MSC — 4, 5 MSC— 1. 2 Peru — 1, 8 William Jewell — 1, 2 Omaha University — 5, 6 Bethany — 1, 1 ' arrensbug — 1.5 Simpson — 0, 1 Rockhurst — 9, 1 ' arrensburg — 10, 8 William Jewell — 10, 11 Creighton — 5, 10 Nebraska Wesleyan — 2. Bearcat Linksters Record .500 Season Rex Pettegrew Don Peterson Robert Pettegrew Five golf lettermeii were named by Coach Robert Gregory at the close if a 1963 golf campaign that saw the Bearcats break even in an eight match season. Three of the top five golfers from last year ' s squad returned for competition this season, headed by No. 1 Rex Pettegrew. Other returnees are Bob Pettegrew and Don Peterson. Also participating in the link sport last year were Gary Barber. Ron Cogdill. and Carl Henningsen. Rex Pettebrew paced the ' Cats to a .500 season at 4-4 as he, Darrell Osterich. and Paul Refsell teamed with Peterson and Bob Pettegrew to form the traveling team. Two of MSC ' s four wins came at the expense of Grace- land College of Lamoni, Iowa. Two of the losses were to a powerful William Jewell Cardinal golf quint. Coach Ryland Milner guided the fortunes of the 1964 linksters. 196H MATCH RESULTS MSC 15 — Graceland MSC 101 .— Graceland 41 2 MSC 4 " —William Jewell 11 MSC 11 ,— St. Benedicts I31 2 MSC 21 ,— Kirksville 121 , MSC 51 ,— William JewelF 91 2 MSC 101 — Warrensburg 7I 2 MSC !! ' —St. Benedict 7 MSC Thinclads Find MIAA Going Tough The Bearcats found the going a little rough on the cinders last spring, especially in MIAA competition, as they placed last in both the conference indoor and outdoor meets, scoring a total of only 6I 2 |)oints in the two meets. At the close of the season Coach Ryland Milner named 13 thinclad lettermen. headed by MSC record-setting weightman Ken Carver. Carver lofted the shot-put 47 feet in a dual meet with William Jewell to set a new school record. Another weightman. Leigh Ragle, also provided a a flock of points for the MSC track team. Others who contributed heavily to the ' Cat track cause were distance man Allen Jensen; hurdler Robert Clark; dashman Harold Flagman in the 440 and Tom Wright in the 100 and also the broad jump; distance man Roger Walker and high jum))er Larry Richardson. The ' Cats did not fare too badly in dual competition, but in meets calling for outstanding performers or depth they were at a liig disadvantage. Kirksville won the MIAA outdoor meet, rolling up 1041 , points to take the crown for the third straight year. Prospects for the 1964 track season were viewed as improved due to several returning lettermen and a flock of newcomers. miaa outdoor and indoor mp:et results DUAL MEET RESULTS Kirksville arrensburg Springfield Cape Cirardeau Rolla Maryville MSC 71 Oaceland 64 1041 0 89 MSC .38 ' illiam Jewell 97 47 " 37 MSC 96 Tarkio ' 35 40 22 MSC 61 Tarkio 34 27 21 10 10 51 0 1 TRIANGULAR MEET Peru, Neb. 78 MSC 66 Tarkio 25 Up and Over — High jumper Larry Richardson scissors over the har at 6-2 to win the high jump at an MSC dual meet. ' Cat Netters Retain Tennis Prestige Northwest Missouri State College again proved to be one of the leading college tennis teams in the midwest as the Bearcat netters banged out a 7-1-1 slate. A dual match loss to Kirksville marked the first dual meet defeat for MSC in three years. That loss came when eventual conference champion Kirksville won the final match of the day to score a 6-4 win over MSC in the last dual meet of the season. Maryville missed John Bregin. graduated MIAA cham- pion who had been knocking off all comers for four years, but Neil Reynolds took over the No. 1 spot with some success. Other tennis lettermen besides Reynolds named by Coach H. D. Peterson were Merle Corley, John Kelley, Wayne Mains. Terry Owens, Doug Mossberg, and Robert Schaag. Mains and Owens teamed up to give the Bearcats the championship in No. 2 doubles team competition in the MIAA tournament. Maryville recorded two whitewash jobs as two Nebraska opponents were defeated by the shutout route. Nebraska Wesleyan dropped the season opener to Maryville 9-0 and later in the season Peru, Neb., State lost by the same count. Over the past seven years Northwest State has re- corded an over-all record in dual competition of 57 wins, 6 losses and 1 tie. MIAA CONFERENCE DUAL MATCH RECORD TOURNEY MSC 9 Nebraska Wesleyan Kirksville 18 MSC 7 Mankato, Minn. 2 Cape Girardeau 17 MSC 6 William Jewell 1 S jringfield 8 MSC 6 Graceland 3 Maryville 6 MSC 5 St. Joseph Juco 1 RoUa 5 MSC 3 St. Joseph Juco 3 Warrensburg 4 MSC 9 Graceland I MSC 9 Peru, Neb., State MSC 4 Kirksville 6 Power Service — Neil Reynolds, top MSC net man, puts his weight solidly behind a serve in the MIAA Conference Matches at Maryville. LEFT TU RIGHT: Dr. H. U. Peterson, Coach; Robert Schaag, Terry Owens, Wayne Mains, Dr. Frank Grube, Coach. Caf Tankers Splash to 10-1 Season -S ' IE V Ftfi tiz: ii ik ' Get ready, Go!— The NWMSG swim team gets under way in a swim meet in the Women ' s Gymnasium. " Siicress " was the watchword of the MSC Bearcat tankers in the 1963-64 season as they swam to a 10-1 cam- paign, improvina; on the 7-1 slate recorded last season. Giving Dr. H. D. Peterson ' s Bearcats a balanced attack were Frank Fisher in the dashes. Ed Atkins in the medley and freestyle events and Bob McCoy in the distance races. During the course of the season every school record and some pool marks were broken as the " Cats splashed to an undefeated home season. Two of tiie wins came via the forfeit route against Tarkio College ' s Owls. MSC finished a strong fourth in the Central States Swimming championships and in that meet Fisher broke the Central States and Warrensburg pool records in the 100-yard freestyle with a clocking of :53.3 seconds. Team members and their point totals were Fisher. 1001 : Atkins. 9.3l o ; McCoy. 791 2; Ed Smith. 65 in the back.stroke and but ' terfly; Scott Marriott. .38 in diving; Ken Nureck, 31 in diving; Gary Fields. 35: Larry White. 22; and Bill Watson. 361 2- Following are the scores of dual meets, excluding the two forfeit wins: MSC 63— William Jewell 32 MSC 6.3— Concordia College 31 MSC 71— Vientworth Military 24 MSC 54— ' Warrensburg 41 MSC 6.3 — Concordia College 31 MSC 28- -Pittsburo State 67 MSC 60— illiam Jewell 35 MSC 51— ■ ' ashlnirn University 44 MSC 66— ' VCentwortb Mililarv 29 FIKSr KOS : Averill West. Ski.OiW KOfI : Ed .Simons, H. D. Peterson. Bill Watson, Frank Fisher, 1 ' Ed . tkins, Forrest Ohnesorpe. lul Fields, Ed Smith, and Hoi. MeCov I.arn- While, Dr. 2SO Marge MacDonald Linda Chastain CheerleaderSr Crowds Show Bearcat Spirit Sandy Manard Marcy Severson Pat Noah LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Noah, Marry Severson, Sandy Manard, Marge MacDonald, Linda Chastain. Religious Emphasis Week Judith Krutz Co-Chairman Jerry Knauss Co-Chairman HHSI KUU : Kay Counter, Sheila Srhieber, J. G. Strong, Rita Gray, Judi Krutz, Jerry Knauss, Marlys Updegraff, Carolyn Wiltshire. SECOND ROW: Nancy Patton, Judy Huitt, Nanry Waynian, Judy Lee, Karen Shields, Jame Stoner, Sandy Burger, Dennis Rhoder, Ron Fitch, Richard Schmit, Sandy Jorgensen. THIRD ROW: Richard L. Shipley, Ruth Ann Laniphier, Evelyn Fletchell, .Sherry Speer, Myrna Schnegellierger, Sara Jane Kreft, Jane Shaver, Linda Greenwood, Hammond, Bob Cotter, Larry Houser. FOVRTH ROU ' : Karen Bixler, Millie Cockrill, Mary Mather, Judy Sager, Norena Hale. Kathy Swoboda, Coreen Rohrberg, Sandv Herzog, Michele Stitt, James Wu, Richard Cornelison. FIFTH ROW : H. Scott Michelson, Bob Lewellen, Soren P. Sorenson, Russell Van Vac- tor, Larry G. Rosenow, Fredrick Edwards, Bill Rissler, Paul Tiemeyer, Keith Lambertsen, Larry Hanon. Church and Recreation Ease Tedious Schedule LIAHONA FELLOWSHIP Tlie Lialiotia Fellowship of the Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints centered its program around the theme " Spirituality in the Space Age. " Areas of concentration were in service, study, worship, and recreation. Missionary Joe Bayles spoke at the annual hack-to- school dinner. A campfire followed. Several of the members attended the Liahona Leaders ' Conference, the presentation of Handel ' s Messiah, and a regional conference. These events were held in Independ- ence, the location of the world headquarters of the church. Various recreational meetings including volleyball games, hayrack rides, and ping pong were enjoyed by the group. FIRST ROW : I ' aul Hanson. Minister: Fritz C. Oeser, Jr., President; Irt-iir Hawley. Vice-President: l.iiida Nielson, Secretary and Treasurer: Neva Ross. Sponsor. SECOM) ROW : Linda Price, Marjorie Gould. Mary Ann Nelson, Eldonna Kariker. Irene Hause, Janice Wright, Carole Twom- bly THIRD ROW : Donald loe Couher, Nola Helzer, George D. Fannon. Robert W. Patience. .lames I.. Bowman, .Ir., Charles Nelson. SCA Organizes Protestant Students For Fun, Fellowsliip, and Prayer Throughout the entire year the Student Cliristian Association kept the Protestant students happy and busy with many sponsored activities. September found them gathered at a picnic to begin the new semester. October was accented by a special report by Ruth Lamphier. Dr. Jo.seph Dreps was the guest speaker at a banquet held during November. Also, a Thanksgiving Convocation appeared on the agenda. A Christmas caroling party was next for the Student Christians. February brought a new semester and a fresh start. A Kick-off Party helped the Association members begin on the right foot. March held a special meaning. First came Religious Eni|)hasis Week followed by the Easter Sunrise Service. F:iection of officers was held in April. A Farewell Picnic in May concluded the extremely busy year. In addition to the special activities, the Student Christian Association held regular meetings on the first and third Thursday of each month. Noonday devotions were also under the Association ' s guidance. The two sponsors for the year were Dr. Irene Mueller, and Dr. Jose|)li Dreps. FIRST now : Irene Mueller. .Sponsor; Kay Craves, Donna Wolf. Jane .Sclniltz, Mary Sue .tones, Joseph A. Dreps, Sponsor. SECOM) ROlf: Joe Zinuiiernian, Treasurer: I ' al Millers. Keporter; Gary ' romes, Viee-Presi- dent: Holiert Patience, Juili Krutz, President; Coreen Unhrhert, Carolyn Uowe. Catholics Balance Education With Spiritual Guidance Tlie |nir|)ose of tlie Newman Cluh on N ' MSC ' s campus is to deejjen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of its members through a balanced |)rogram of relig- ious, intellectual, and social activities. Events enjoyed hy the group were the opening picnic, a day of recollection at Mt. Alverno, social suppers and dances at St. Gregory s. lectures on items of interest, and regular meetings on Sunday morning after mass. SEATED: Father Lawrence Bo ert, Chaplain: Slierry S|ieer, ' itc-Presulent : Jerry Knaiiss, f resilient : Kay Pfeiffer, Secre- tary: Diane Niewald. Treasurer. SECOND ROlf : Naniy Borkowski. .Shirley Hiilier, Clara Stoll. Carol Zimmerman, Terri Furst, Caroline O ' Riley, Jutiy Norris, Gerri Tipton. THIRD ROW : David Herrinp. Sheila Siliielier, Carolee Grame, Bill Ca. ' sey. Marge MarDonald, Jeannie Meadows. Richard .Schmitz. FOVRTH ROll : John Sherhi), James Knaves, Dennis Moriarty. Steve Neuroth, Jerry Wissink, Joe Growney, Joe Jiiyevich. Ray Briscoe. FIFTH ROif : Leroy Heinen, Roger Schlegel. Charles Schlagel, Mike Corhett. Tom P " ox, Dan McLaughlin. Methodists Celebrate Fiftietli Year The 1963 Golden JuMIee of the iiicorpoiatioii of the esley Foundation marks a half century of Methodist campus ministry. In commemoration of this 50th year, the local foundation held an anniversary dinner for area ministers and laymen. The general theme for Lesley Foundation ' s program of worship, study, and service, was " Agony and Renewal ! A Call to Mission in the Church, on the Campus, and in the Vtorld. " This theme was emphasized to a representative group who at- tended the Great Plains Regional Leadership Training Conference at Lake Poinsett. South Dakota. The esley Foundation proudly scored two firsts in Homecoming awards. These firstswere earned in the house decorations division and the humor float division. The beauty float. " June Bride, " received honorable mention. An after-the-game coffee for alumni and friends was held in the quarters at Homecoming time. HRST ROW : Frank Kisliri, State Ki ' prfsentativr. Karen Frazer, Secretary; Jan Courtin, World Christian C omnuinity Chairman: Emia Hall, Treasurer; John McClaran. President. SECOND ROW : Jane Schultz. Norene Denney, Jan Peterson, Cell Leader; Paula Zimmerman, Sandy Yaple. Katherine I.oikridge. Study Leader: Judy Huitt, Deputations Chairman. THIRD ROW: Jerilyn Irvin, Jean Slykhuis, Carolyn Stoltinf:, Alartha MrCall, Emily Nevitt. Recreation Director; L rilyn Agre, Carolyn Rowe, SCA Representative; Mary Mather. Drama Chairman. FOURTH ROII " : Ronald L. Andeisen, Kenneth Suetterlin, Fredrick Edwards, Sam Simerly, Steve Christensen, Willie Rissler. Rohert Scholiert, Homecoming Chairman; Edward O. Gilliland. Of WesleY Foundation on Campuses Special interests duriiii; the year included a Fall Retreat with the Kirksvillc Foundation at Camp Crowder State Park, visits to the area churches by the deputation teams, a visiting African missionary, and the annual Spring Conference of the Missouri Methodist Student Movement at the Lake of the Ozarks. Director Raymond Gass served as Dean of the Conference this year, with Frank Fisher as the business manager. Additional activities included a Christmas party atid caroling, a Senior Reception, interpretive dance, a drama group, and Friday night fellowships. Regular activities consisted of a mid-week vesper service, a monthly early morning communion service, and various study groups in addition to the weeklv Sunday evening programs. FIRST ROW: Pat Bucknam, Mary Sue Jones, Mary Grantham, (,lenda Jamison, Reporter: Mary Jo Bruett, Cell Leader. SECOND ROW: Susan McConkey, Lynnette Bradfield, Cell Leader: Lois Purviance, Carole Cunningham, Jill Rirhard, Carol Crawford, Mary Jones. THIRD ROW: Raymond L. Gass, Campus Minister: Glenda Bright, Delores Dana, Joann Kuhr, Mary Nevitt, Phyllis Brown, Joe Zimmerman. FOURTH ROW: Larry Kilmer, Keith Lambertsen, Doyle Dirkens, John Robert McCoy, Larry White, LaVergne Pabian. 2S9 " The Contemporary Christian ' s Mission r r The Baptist Student Union adopted as their theme, " The Contemporary Christian ' s Mission, " and developed it in their program of study, worship, service, and fellowship in the various activities. The program was under the direction of Rev. Donald E. Evans, Student-Director; Jim Coen, Freshman Director; and Forrest Ohnesorge, President. c d i The year was started with a pre-school planning retreat at Big Lake State Park, Mound City. Dr. Alan Gragg, of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, was the guest personality for the two day meeting. Early in the fall, a Western Round-up, complete with roping, branding, and a chuck wagon supper, was held at the Bauman Ranch. FIRST ROW: Patricia MrCune, Marilynne Hallgren, Jean Kobashigawa, In Whan Oh. SECOND ROW: Judy Snavely, Linda Chappell, Linda Mackey, Nanree Wilke. ' , Carolyn Hout.s Ruth Ann Lamphier. THIRD ROW: Larry Dannar, Roger King, Larry Houser, Rohert Evans, .Sherrie Clark. FOURTH ROW : Douglas Kever, Wayne Bacon, Robert Moore, Gary Mozingo, Pat Hillers. FIFTH ROW: Donald E. Evans, Student Director; James Wu, Willis Madison, Dwayne Dunsmore, Bill H. Blankenship, Faculty Advisor; Thomas Proudfit. Theme Generates Baptist Activity The first Religious Focus Week was observed October 14-18, 1963, and Rev. Bill Lawson of Houston, Texas, made an outstanding contribution to the week. The next big event was the purchase of the property located at 401 West Fourth Street, which will become the Baptist Student Center and will be open for operation by September, 1964. Other activities that highlighted the year were the concert choir concert for the Missouri Baptist Evangelistic Conference Youth Night, the concert choir tour, A Christmas Party at the home of Rev. Evans, caroling. February freshman activities. Spring Formal Installation Banquet, weekend revivals, and a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks for the Spring Leadership Planning Conference. A Track and Field Events Day and a Farewell Picnic honoring graduating seniors concluded the BSU school year. FIRST ROW: Fred Messner, Vice-President: Jim Coen, Freshman Director; Forrest Ohnesorge, President; Joyce Campbell, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Sandra Ingram, Devotion Chairman; Nancy Wright, Mary Joyce Shepherd, Missions Chairman: Cheryl Gray, Training Representative: Judy Lee, Enlistment Chairman; Sharon Elwick, Carol Wilson. THIRD ROW: Ruth Marie Dick, Carol Ann Young. Donna Masters, Mary Alice Smith, Charla Albert- son. Shirley Saunders. Donna Wolf, Linda Kay Drummond. FOURTH ROW: Linda Walter, Patsy Shepherd. Lu- wana Russell, Martha Masters, Averill West, Judy Thatch. Eileen Ross, Shirley Williams. FIFTH ROW: Geary Engemann, Citizenship Chairman; Bob Wallace, Fred Robbins, William Yeager, Robert Terry, Ken Daley Bittiker, Music Chairman; Lowell Houts, Gary Tomes, Publicity Chairman; David Seat. 261 Gamma Delta Builds the Future on Church Tradition GAMMA DELTA Conliriuina; in Ctirislian knowledge and Christian serv- ice, the ortlivvest Missouri State College chapter. Epsilon Lamhda. had a very successful year. Using the new " House of God. " the students met every Sunday evening for fun and fellowship. Topics of wide variety were discussed. Two members of the local chapter received regional recognition. Coreen Hohrber was elected the midwestern regional president, and Vicki Buckley was appointed pro- gram chairman. A s|)ecial banquet with guest speaker. Homer Morris, was held before the installation of seven pledges. The students sang at an inspirational candlelight serv- ice, and also at the Nodaway Rest Home. Reverend Norman Abbott is the group sponsor. FIRST ROW: Lois Eusner, Nancy Boyd, Marcene Roliberts, Sharon O tiu.s. SECOM) ROW : Don Stephens, Shirley Srha- fer, Kathryn Smith, Coreen Rohrberg, President; Soren Sorensen, Treasurer. In Recognition . T. WRIGHT Mr. R. T. " Dick " Wright, present Chairman of the epartment of Agriculture, will retire July 1, 1964. Mr. Wright was born in 1898 in LaBelle, Missouri, e received his B.S. from the University of Missouri in )20 and his M.A. in 1930 while serving as an instructor, is teaching career has included: ten years of service in [issouri schools, nine of which were spent in Harrison ounty: four years as assistant supervisor of vocational jriculture with the State Department of Education: one ■ar at NWMSC hefore hecoming Chairman of the Agri- ilture Department in 1936, making a total of 28 years ■rvice at MSC. In 1930. Mr. Wright was responsible for the organiza- on of a Farm Museum which now has such interesting ems as the World ' s Largest Collection of Barbed Wire and 1 1880 2-row planter. JOHN GORDON STROINC, John Gordon Strong began teaching at NWMSC as a summer instructor of chemistry in 1925, 1929, and 1943. Since 1943, he has been Chairman of the Chemistry De- partment; and since 1953, he has been chairman of Division of Science and Mathematics. Dr. Strong was born August 1, 1893, and received his secondary education in Hoopeston, Illinois. He graduated from Muskingum College, New Concord, Ohio, in 1915 Cum Laude with a B.S. degree. He did graduate work at Ohio State University and received his M.A. in 1916. Before coming to MSC, Dr. Strong taught in the Gordon Mission College, Rawal Pindi, India (1916-1920); worked summers in a British Y.M.C.A. Camp in India (1918-1919); was Head of the Chemistry Department at Tarkio College, Tarkio, Missouri (1920-1943), where he was also " ground supervisor " of a " Flying Class " ; took two years absence ( 19.30-1932 ) to work toward his Doctorate at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado: received his Ph.D. in 1934; and taught summer school at the Uni- versity of South Dakota, Vermillion, South Dakota in 1922. Since coming to MSC, Dr. Strong has worked on the Religious Emphasis Week Committee, Faculty Council, Committees in American Association of University Pro- fessors, " Ranking " Committee, and has served as an Honorary Member to Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity. Other interests include the American Chemical Society, Society of Sigma Xi, Missouri Historical Society, Kiwanis Club, Maryville Men ' s Monday Forum, and membership in the First Presbyterian Church of Maryville. JOHN WILLIAM JONES John William Jones was born October 1, 1893, in Gibson City, Illinois. His teaching career began in 1912 when he began teaching in Illinois public schools, where he remained until 1924. On January 1, 1917, he married Mildred Lee Wingfield. In 1924 and 1925, he was a tutor at Indiana University. In 1925, John Jones received his A.B. at Indiana University, followed by an A.M. in 1927, and a Ph. D. in 1929 while serving as the director of division of research at Indiana State Teachers College (1927-1930). Dr. Jones first came to NWMSC in 1930 where he served as Dean of Instruction until 1938. From 1938-1945, he served as Dean of Faculty; and since that time he has been President. Dr. J. W. Jones has held many interests in the past years. He is or has been a member of the governor ' s com- mittee on state aid in Indiana, NEA, Missouri State Teachers Association, Missouri Education Conference, NRF, Phi Delta Kappa, Masons, and was Rotary President (1944-1945). 263 Maryvillians Mourn As Nation Prays Prt-sentaticin of the rolor snaiil lieRan the special nieinonal service for President John ¥. Kennedy. A larye somber crowd leaves the Lanikiii (iyiTuiasiuin where the memorial servire was held. The Tower Choir sings a farewell messajie to a famous man. OUR PRESIDENT. 264 Our 1964 yearbook is published in memory of the 35th President of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy In Memoriam Charles L. Johnson 1928 — August 28, I%3 rhe statue at the fountain of Northwest Missouri College which was modeled and cast by Charles Johnson is a symbol emble- matic of the purpose of our college. " And the Truth Shall Make You Free. " On August 28. 1963 at the time of his passing, Mr. Johnson was working toward his Doctor ' s Degree so that he might thereby be better able to help others in the pursuit of that truth. Locally Mr. Johnson was a member of the Lions Club, a mem- ber of the Methodist Church where he was a member of the Com- mission on Education, and he was a Master Mason. He was a spon- sor for Tau Kappa Lpsiloii Fraternity, sponsor of Kappa Pi Art Fraternity and of the Art Club. Mr. Johnson was the chairman of the committee for " The Spring Festival of the Arts, " and a member of the assembly committee. He was always serving as an illustrator for the many bulletins published by the college and other commun- ity projects. Mr. Johnson was a professional artist; an artist who was first and foremost a sensitive organism. He strived through art to uplift society to higher experiences of appreciation. His efforts will con- tinue. He was a parent, a teacher, and a citizen. He will be re- membered and respected by his family, his students, by his col- leagues and by his friends. Charles McGehee May 27, 1945 — January 13, 1964 Victor Guymon Septemlier 10, 1941 — January 2, 1964 A bus load of college students attended the funeral services for the late Charles ' ayne McGehee. Jr. Mc- Gehee, only a freshman, had made many friends during his brief attendance at .NWMSC. In high school he was very active in sports and in drama, but his chief goal was to become a high school business teacher. A tragic accident brought an end to these dreams. Charles is survived by his parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. McGehee, Mt. Ayr, Iowa. Those students who knew Victor Guymon will long cherish the numerous times he brought happiness into their lives. Although rather quiet and reserved in man- ner, Vic was always ready for a " good time. " He had sincere concern for his friends, and seemed to gain great satisfaction in making them happy. A junior at NWMSC, Guymon was a member of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity. He is survived by his wife. Marilyn Guymon; a son. Dean Guymon; and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Guymon. ORGANIZATIONS ACE 152 Administration 17 Advisor) ' Council 140 Agriculture Club 166 Alpha Kappa Lambda 126 Alpha Phi Omega 138 Alpha Psi Omega 146 Alpha Sigma Alpha 114 Associated Women Students 159 Baptist Student Union 260 Baseball 246 Basketball 240 Bearcat 4-H Club 166 Blue Key 142 Board of Regents 16 Book Club 145 Cardinal Key 142 Cheerleaders 251 Christmas Activities 200 Colhecon 147 Commencement 228 Dance Club 196 Dedication 111 Delta Zeta 116 Dorm Life 202 Drama Club 146 Dramatics 194 Faculty 19 Football 234 Forensics 150 Fraternity Life 135 Freshmen 85 Freshman Orientation 229 Gamma Delta 262 Gamma Sigma Sigma 139 Golf 247 Graduate Students 108 Hanging of the Greens 198 Harvest Moon Ball 193 Homecoming 182 Homecoming Committee 151 Honorary P. E. 163 Hudson Hall Council and Counselors 158 Independent Student Organization 165 Industrial Arts Club 167 In Memoriam 266 Interfraternity Council 160 Juniors 56 Kappa Delta Pi 145 Kappa Omicron Pi 147 Kappa Pi 148 KDLX 149 Liahona Fellowship 255 Library 209 Married Couples 206 M Club 162 Men ' s Dorm Council 164 Men ' s Intramurals 214 Men ' s Intramural Council 162 Music 173 Newman Club 257 Northwest Missourian 168 Office Staff 26 Panhellenic Council 161 PEM Club 163 Perrin Hall Council and Counselors 157 Phi Lambda Chi 128 Phi Mu 118 Phi Sigma Epsilon 123 Phi Beta Alpha 144 Pi Kappa Delta 148 Pi Omega Pi 143 President of College IV Radio Club 149 Recognition of Retiring Faculty 263 Registration 229 Religious Emphasis Week 254 Roberta Hall Council and Counselors 156 Seniors 32 Sigma Phi Dolphins 197 Sigma Sigma Sigma 120 Sigma Tau Gamma 130 SNEA 153 Social Science Club 154 Sophomores 71 Sorority Life 122 Student Christian Association 256 Student Senate 140 Student Teaching 210 Swim Team 250 Tau Kappa Epsilon 132 Tennis 249 Tower Dance 222 Tower Staff 170 Track 248 Union 208 Union Board 141 Veterans ' Club 150 Walk-Out Day 192 Wesley Foundation 258 Who ' s Who 172 Women ' s Intramurals 211 Women ' s Intramural Council 211 Wrestling 244 Young Democrats 155 Young Republicans 155 PERSONNEL INDEX Jones, J. W. (Dr.) 1, 14, 15, 16, 112, 113, 161, 222. 223, 228, 230. 263 Akes, Zelma O. (Mrs.) 19. 210 Angman. Berndt (Dr.) 19, 154, 155 Arthur, Pauline (Mrs.) 19 Atchley. Gimmie (Miss) 17, 142, 159, 161, 231 Baisya, Hira (Mr.) 19 Baker, Earl (Mr.) 19, 234. 235 Barratt. George (Mr.) 19 Barrows. Floyd (Mr.) 19. 155 Belcher. Luther (Mr.) 18 Bell Donald (Mr.) 19 Blankenship, Bill (Mr.) 20, 166, 260 Boone, Luke (Mr.) 20 Bouska, Virginia (Mrs.) 20 Bragdon. Earl (Dr.) 20 Brown. Everett (Mr.) 18, 228 Brown. Leta (Mrs.) 20 Brown. Lou Jean (Miss) 20 Browning. Edward (Mr.) 20, 109, 143, 144 Buchanan. Robert (Mr.) 20 Buckridge. R. D. ( Mr. ) 20 Clemmons. Carole (Miss) 20, 143 Cook. Mal)el (Miss) 20, 147 Cooper, Martha (Mrs.) 27 Cornelison, Mary (Mrs.) 28 Crist, Leroy (Dr.) 20, 127, 167 Crozier. David (Mr.) 20, 167 Dady, Milan (Dr.) 20 Dawson, Pearl (Miss) 19 Denning, El Virga (Miss) 20 Devore, Elwyn (Dr.) 20 Dieterich. H. R. (Mr.) 20 Dreps. Joseph (Dr.) 20, 256 Dunbar, Vida (Miss) 20 Dunn. Martha (Mrs.) 20 Fisher, Carolyn (Mrs.) 21 Foster. Robert (Dr.) 12, 17 Fry, Charles (Mr.) 21, 154 Fulsom, Ralph (Dr.) 21 Garrett, William (Mr.) 21, 109 Gayler. George (Dr.) 21, 154 George. Howard (Dr.) 21 Gleason. James (Dr.) 21, 193 Gorsuch, Anna (Miss) 21 Graham. Avis (Mrs.) 21. 210 Gray. Shirley (Miss) 29 Gregory. Robert (Mr.) 21. 55, 234, 235 Griffith. John (Mr.) 21 Grube, Frank (Dr.) 21, 142, 145, 171, 231, 249 Gutzmer, Marvin (Mr.) 21 Guymon, Marilyn (Mrs.) 28 Handke. Frederic (Mr.) 21 Hanna. Shirley (Mrs.) 29 Harr, John (Dr.) 1. 21. 145. 151, 154, 190 Harris. Emma Ruth (Mrs.) 26 Hart, Richard (Mr.) 21, 127 Hassenplug. Fred (Mr.) 21, 127 Hassenplug, Louise (Mrs.) 21 Henney. Robert (Mr.) 21 Hei ig. John (Mr.) 21, 144 Hillix, Virginia (Mrs.) 22 Hilton. Marlyn (Miss) 27 Hinshaw. George (Mr.) 22, 148, 150 Hornecker, Loretta (Mrs.) 22 Houghton, Floyd (Mr.) 22, 166 Hunter, Violette (Miss) 22 Hurst, James (Mr.) 22, 154 Hurst, Jean (Mrs.) 22 Jackson. Laura (Miss) 22 Jackson. Mary (Miss) 22 Jackson. Peter (Mr.) 22, 109, 140, 167, 222, 225 John.son, James (Mr.) 22 Kauffman, Alice (Miss) 22 Kensinger, Clifford (Mr.) 22 Klinkefus. Mary (Mrs.) 28 Knittl. Esther (Mrs.) 22 Koerble. Charles (Dr.) 1, 17, 142 Kremer. Janice (Mrs.) 28 Kurtz, Sara Beth (Miss) 22 Lafferty, Kerrv (Mr.) 22 Lafferty. Wm. A. (Dr.) 22 Landwer. Gerald (Mr.) 22 Larsen, Helen (Mrs.) 18. 1.56, 157. 198 Lasley, Jack (Mr.) 17, 160, 164 Long, Myrl (Mr.) 22, 1.38 Lowe, James (Dr.) 22, 154, 155 MacCoy, Joseph (Dr.) 23 Magill. Bonnie (Miss) 23 Mauzey. Elaine (Mrs.) 23 Maxwell, Janice (Mrs.) 29 McGinnis. Darrell (Mr.) 23, 148 McKee, Kathrvn (Miss) 23, 152 Meade, Beverly (Mrs.) 28 Middleton, James (Mr.) 23 Midland, Dale (Mr.) 23 Miller. Leon (Dr.) 1. 17, 150 Miller, Roger (Mr.) 23. 54 Miller, Ruth (Miss) 23, 177, 210 Milner. Ryland (Mr.) 23 Minter, Kenneth (Mr.) 23 Morris. Homer (Mr.) 23, 169 Moss. Earl (Mr.) 23, 177 Mueller. Irene (Dr.) 23. 55. 256 Needels. William (Mr.) 18, 141 Nystrom. Ruth (Mrs.) 27 O ' Connor. Helen (Miss) 19 Owens. Margaret (Mrs.) 29 Palling, Barbara (Miss) 23, 139 Patterson, Mary (Mrs.) 23 Perrett. James (Mr.) 23, 144 Peterson. Carolvn (Miss) 23, 142, 231 Peterson. H. D. (Dr.) 23. 162, 249 Raines, Gladys (Mrs.) 27 Randolph. Ellen (Mrs.) 23 Richey. Burton (Dr.) 24, 234, 235 Riddle, Kathryn (Dr.) 24. 211 Ringold. Howard (Mr.) 24. 167, 170. 171 Rivers. Charles (Dr.) 24 Robertson, Donald (Mr.) 24. 127. 148 Ross. Neva (Miss) 24. 29. 152. 255 Rounds. Ward (Mr.) 24. 174. 176, 178 Rounds. Elizabeth (Mrs.) 24 Sandford. Donald (Dr.) 24 Sandford. Mary Jane (Mrs.) 24, 175 Saucerman. James (Mr.) 24 Savage, Dean (Mr.) 24, 127 Schottel. Ivan (Mr.) 24. 2.34, 235. 2.39 Schrampfer, Jo Ann (Miss) 24 Scott. B. D. (Mr.) 24 Sheetz, Lula (Mrs.) 24 Shelden. Miriam (Miss) 24 Sheldon, Annalu (Mrs.) 19 Sheldon. Thomas (Dr.) 18 Sherman, Faye (Mrs.) 26 Seipel. Robert (Mr.) 1,38 Simmons. Gayle (Dr.) 24 Simmons. Rowena (Mrs.) 24 Smav. John (Dr.) 24, 176, 177 Smith. Clara (Mr.s.) 28 .Smith, Donald (Dr.) 25, 222 .Smith, Marvin (Mr.) 25 Smith. Thelma (Mrs.) 19 .Stewart. Constance (Mrs.) Strong. Gordon (Dr.) 13, 25, 254, 263 Sunkel. Mary Jane (Mrs.) 25 Sunkel, Robert (Mr.) 25. 55 Surphlis. Ross (Mr.) 25. 109 Thate, Charles (Dr.) 25 Thompson, Kenneth (Mr.) 25. 55. 140. 225 Thummel. Jane (Mrs.) 18. 158 Timnions. Clara (Mrs.) 25 Valk. Donald (Mr.) 25. 167 Walker. Agatha (Mrs.) 28 Walker. Dorothy (Mrs.) 25. 1.39 Walker. Wanda (Dr.) 25, 153 Wallace, Wayne (Mr.) 25 Weichinger. Theodore (Mr.) 25 Weigand. Dorothy (Miss) 25 Whitnev. Gilbert ' (Mr.) 25. 173, 175, 178. 179. 200. 201, 227 Wickman. John (Mr.) 25. 154 Widger. Calvin (Mr.) 25, 154 Wolcott, Sue (Mrs.) 26 Wright. Eva (Mrs.) 27 267 Wright, Richard (Mr.) 25, 263 Zirfas, Monica (Mrs.) 27 STUDENT INDEX Abarr, Dawn. Albany, Missouri, 85 Abbott, Ronald, Maryville, Missouri, 85 Ackerman, LaVenie, Atlantic, Iowa, 71 Acksel, Glennon, St. Louis, Missouri, 56, 131, 151, 162, 222, 235, 236 Acuna, Rita, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 56, 139. 152 Adams. Rose, King City, Missouri, 71, 117, 175, 177, 178 Adamson, Ira, Maryville, Missouri, 32 Adamson, Marlene, Maryville, Missouri, 32 Adwell, Suecilla, Shenandoah, Iowa, 71 Agre, Marilyn. Bayard, Iowa, 56, 139, 258 Akers. Alice, Exira, Iowa, 56, 145, 152, 156 Albanese, Robert, Providence, Rhode Island, 85 Albertson, Charla, St. Joseph, Missouri, 71, 175, 177, 178, 179, 261 Albin. Jerald, Independence, Missouri, 85 Albright, Lawrence, St. Joseph, Missouri, 32, 133 Alexander, Donna, Kansas City, Missouri, 71. 115 Alexander, Ernest, Maryville, Missouri, 71 Aley, Leland, Maryville. Missouri, 85 AUely, Keith, Farragut, Iowa, 71 Allely, Ronald, Farragut, Iowa, 71 Allen, Albert, Esmond, Rhode Island, 85, 244 Allen. Bernard. Osceola, Iowa, 164, 244 Allen. John. Des Moines, Iowa, 85 Allen, Mary, Maryville, Missouri, 85, 201 Allen. Robert, Duthan, Alabama, 85, 150, 155. 215 Allen, Ronald, Red Oak, Iowa, 71, 127 Alloway, James, Graham, Missouri, 71 Allred, Pamilla, Corydon, Iowa, 32,139,154 AUred, Patricia, Corydon, Iowa, 32 Allwood. Jerry, Maysville, Missouri, 71 Ambrosier. Roger. Shenandoah, Iowa, 71 Andersen, Janet, Marne, Iowa, 71 Andersen, Judv. Maryville, Missouri, 163 Ander.sen, Larry, Maryville, Missouri, 56 Andersen, Ronald, Exira, Iowa, 56, 127, 166 Anderson, David, Atlantic, Iowa, 164 Anderson, Dorothy, Sedalia, Missouri, 32 Anderson, Gary, Corning, Iowa, 124 Anderson, Gerald, Grand Junction, Iowa, 85 Anderson, Janet, Glenwood. Iowa, 85 Anderson, Judy, Kansas City, Missouri, 32, 210 Anderson, Larry, Essex, Iowa, 71, 127 Anderson, Leland. Coming. Iowa, 32, 124 Anderson, Linda, Stanton, Iowa, 71 Anderson. Mary. New Market, Iowa, 117 Anderson, Ronald, Red Oak, Iowa, 127, 151, 166. 258 Anderson, Stephen. Elk Grove Village, Illinois. 85 Andes, Joy, Maitland, Missouri, 85 Andes, Pamela, Tarkic Missouri, 56 Andrews, Jo Ellen, Maitland, Missouri, 56 Annan, Agnes, Maryville, Missouri, 32 Anthony, Fred, Des Moines, Iowa, 32, 164 Anthony, Mary, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 32, 119, 161 Appleman, Jackie, Skidmore, Missouri, 85 Arens, Kenneth, Kansas City, Missouri, 85 Armintrout, Michael, Kansas City, Missouri, 71, 138 Armstrong, Arlan, Parnell, Missouri, 56 Armstrong, Margaret. Gravity, Iowa, 85 Arnold. Robert, Smithville, Missouri, 71 Asay, Ruth, Fontanelle, Iowa, 56 Atkins, Edward, Chillicothe, Missouri, 32, 131, 162, 250 Atwater, John, Netawaka, Kansas, 32, 133 Audo, Clarence, Carl Junction, Missouri, 85 Ayers, Evelyn, Martinsville, Missouri, 71 Babcock, Gerald, Platte City, Missouri, 85 Babcock, Lana, Agency, Missouri, 56, 153, 179 Babcock, Sherry, Kansas City, Missouri, 85.. 159 Bachman, Donald, Marj ' ville, Missouri, 85 Bacon, Daryl. Cainsville, Missouri, 85, 260 Badger, Donald, Bagley, Iowa, 56 Bailey, Donald, Marion. Iowa, 85, 155 Bailiff, Nancy. Corning, Iowa, 56, 117 Baker, Betty, Maryville, Missouri, 71 Baker, Elizabeth, Harlan, Iowa, 71 Baker, James, Independence, Missouri, 133 Baker, Kennilh, Martinsville, Missouri, 32, 144, 167 Baker, Robert, Elmhurst, Illinois, 145, 149, 154 Baker, Susan, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 85, 154 Baker. Tommy, Miami, Missouri, 131, 162, 226. 235 Baker. Virginia, Maryville, Missouri. 85 Baker, William, Algona. Iowa. 85 Baldwin, Jon. Maryville, Missouri, 32 Baldwin, Russell, Hopkins, Missouri, 71 Balettie, Mario, St. Joseph. Missouri, 71, 235 Ballew, Alan, McFall, Missouri, 85 Banks, Constance, Winterset, Iowa, 85, 179 Banks, David. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 32 Bannick, Gary, Atlantic, Iowa, 85 Banning, Johnathon, Knoxville, Iowa, 85, 164 Barber. Gary, Plattsburg, Iowa, 32 Barber, Margaret, Denver, Missouri, 71 Barbour, William, Roeland Park, Kansas, 85 Barker, Judith. Altamont, Missouri, 85, 159 Barker, Karen, Nodaway, Iowa, 56, 153, 154 Barlow. Randall, Red Oak, Iowa, 85 Barnard, Howard. St. Joseph. Missouri, 71 Barnes, Beneta, Maryville, Missouri, 71 Barnes, Carroll, Meadville, Missouri, 32 Barnes. Cheryl, Bedford, Iowa, 85 Barnes, Jerry, Maryville, Missouri, 56 Barnes, Michael, Raytown, Missouri, 85 Barnes, Norma, St. Joseph, Missouri, 71 Barnes, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, 32 Barnes, Rol)ert, Savannah. Missouri, 56 Barr, David, Blue Island, Illinois, 85 Barr, Elizabeth, Blue Island, Illinois, 32, 117 Barrett. Bill, Westboro, Missouri. 86 Barrett. Mary, Skidmore, Missouri, 85 Bartlett, James, Bethany, Missouri. 86 Bartlett. Pamela, Bethany, Missouri, 86 Barton, Cecil, Platte City, Missouri, 33 Barton, Jack, Gallatin, Missouri, 149 Bateham, Douglas, Menlo, Iowa, 86 Bateman, Joseph, Red Oak, Iowa, 56 Bates, Oren, Garden City, Missouri, 33, 129, 135. 160 Batt. Judith. Grant City, Missouri, 56 Balz. Kenneth, Maryville, Missouri, 33 Bauer, Anna, Ida Grove, Iowa, 86 Bauer, Elizabeth, Chillicothe, Missouri, 71, 115, 174 Bauman, Gerald. Verdon, Nebraska, 86 Bauman, Melinda, St. Joseph. Missouri, 71 Baumli, Connie, Maryville, Missouri, 56 Baxter, Carl, North Kansas City, Missouri, 71, 127, 177, 178 Bears, Darwin, Skidmore, Missouri, 71, 132, 164 Beasing, Larry, Folk City, Nebraska, 33 Beasley, Barbara, Malvern, Iowa, 86 Beason. Frederick, St. Joseph, Missouri, 71 Beatty. Gary, Prescott, Iowa, 56 Becher, Harvey, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 71, 155 Beck, Gene, Nodaway, Iowa, 129, 135 Beck, Robert, Des Moines, Iowa, 56, 124, 240 Beeler, Robert, St. Joseph. Missouri, 33, 127 Beem. Richard, Winterset, Iowa, 71, 153. 197 Beesley. Donna. Fortescue, Missouri, 71 Belcher, James, St. Joseph, Missouri, 56 Bell, Edna. Maryville, Missouri, 71 Bell, Gary, St. Joseph, Missouri, 33, 124 Bell, Herbert, St. Joseph, Missouri, 71, 126, 167 Bell, Marilyn, Maryville, Missouri, 169 Bell, Marvin, Maryville, Missouri, 124, 168 Bell, Roger, Maloy, Iowa, 72, 144, 150 Bell, Sherry, Maryville, Missouri, 72 Bell, Wray. Maryville, Missouri, 56 Belt, Joe, Red Oak, Iowa, 86 Bender. .Sandra. Bethany. Missouri, 56. 143. 145 Bennett, David, Des Moines, Iowa, 33 Bennett, Douglas, Carman, Illinois, 86 Bentley, Kenneth, Blockton, 133 Benton, Galen, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 33, 176, 177, 179 Benton, Larry, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 86, 177, 178 Berg, David, Maryville, Missouri, 86 Bergstrom, John, Newton, Iowa, 72 Berry, Donald, St. Joseph, Missouri, 56, 123, 178 Bertwell. George, Kansas City, Missouri, 86 Betts, Ronald, Oelwein, Iowa, 33 Bevins, Robert, Grinnell, Iowa, 86 Bickford, Edward, Maquoketa, Iowa, 86 Bickford, Ronald. Maryville, Missouri, 33 Bintner, Stuart, Exira, Iowa, 33, 145, 151 Bird, Patricia, Omaha, Nebraska, 72, 139 Birks, Linda, Logan, Iowa, 86 Bishop, Donald, Atlantic, Iowa, 33 Bittiker, Ken, Wathena, Kansas, 57, 155, 179. 227, 261 Bix, Gary, New Market, Iowa, 72, 124 Bixier, Karen, Massena. Iowa, 57, 157, 159, 196, 216, 254 Bjorn, Karen, Brayton, Iowa, 33, 145, 151, 152 Blair, Leslie, Kansas City, Missouri, 86, 138 Blakely, Clinton, Chillicothe, Missouri, 57 Blakely, Marvin, Chillicothe, Missouri, 33 Blunk. David, Atlantic, Iowa, 86 Bobst, Michael, Earlham. Iowa, 86, 138 Boeck. Franklin, Manilla, Iowa, 86 Bogardo, Charles, Homer, New York, 72 Bogdas, Katherine, New Hampton, Mis- souri, 57, 115, 161, 163, 211, 213 Boggie, Gary, Marshalltown, Iowa, 133, 186 Bohlender, Ronald, Des Moines, Iowa, 57, 138 Bohling, Catherine, Auburn, Nebraska, 86, 163 Bohnenblust, Jack, Pattonsburg, Missouri, 86 Bo ley, John, Kansas City, Missouri, 72 Bolin. Sharon, Coin, Iowa, 57, 145, 175, 178, 198. 222, 227 Bollinger, Sherry, Union Star, Missouri, 86. 175. 177, 178, 179, 197 Bolon, Judith, Davis City, Iowa, 119, 163 Bolton, Larry, Mt. Ayr. Iowa. 86 Bond, Burdette, .Skidmore. Missouri, 167 Bond, Herbert. Sheridan. Missouri, 86 Booth, Donald, Marshalltown. Iowa, 33 Booth, Melvin. Bethany. Missouri. 86 Booth, Ruby, Corning. Iowa, 72 Booth, Travens, Colorado Springs, Colo- rado, 72, 129, 1.35, 145 Borchardt, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, 145 Borcherding. Ralph. Denison. Iowa, 86 Borchers, Blaine, Maryville, Missouri, 33 Borkowski, Nancy, St. Joseph, Missouri, 33, 145, 257 Boswell. Joseph, Mound City, Missouri, 33 Botsford, Michael, St. Joseph. Missouri, 33 Bounds, Jerry, Albany, Missouri, 86 Bouska. Linda, Ravenwood, Missouri, 57, 115, 155, 219 Bouska, Susan. Ravenwood. Missouri. 121 Bowen, Marvin. Benton. Missouri, 72 Bower, George, Albany, Missouri, 86 Bowers, Judith, Lathrop, Missouri, 86, 158, 159 Bowling, Earlita, Fort Dodge, Iowa, 72 Bowman, James, Mound City, Missouri, 57, 175, 178, 179, 255 Boyd, Davetta, St. Joseph, Missouri, 86 Boyd, Nancy, Marcus, Iowa, 86, 145, 153, 178, 262 Boyer, LaVerne, Fairport, Missouri, 86 Boylan, Sara, Blanchard, Iowa, 86 Boyle, Robert, Jefferson, Iowa, 86, 195 Bradfield, Mary, Fairfax, Missouri, 72. 259 Bradford. Melvin. St. Joseph. Missouri, 72, 175, 179 Bradshaw, Fredrick, Kansas Citv, Missouri, 33, 1.38 Bradshaw, Larry, Griswold, Iowa. 86 Brady, Barrv, St. Joseph. Missouri. 34, 129, 154, 155, 179 Brady, Ravmond, Maryville, Missouri, 57, 155 268 Braper. Daiyl, (ilenime, Missouri, 57 Brapp. Dmiplas, Blair. Nebraska, 86 Bragp, Kicliard, I ' oiiiu ' il Bluffs, Iowa, 86 Bramer, Kaymond, Harlan, Iowa, 86 Brandt, Larry. Maryville, Missouri, 57 Brandt. William. Holstein, Iowa, 34 Brannan. Dolores. Audubon, Iowa. 72 Brannan. Marv, Audubon, Iowa, 34, 158, 163 Breekenridge. Dennis, Bakersfield, California. 86 Breeding, Patricia. Malvern, Iowa, 86 Brewer, Jerome, Westboro, Missouri, 86, 164, 178 Briggs, Barbara. Shenandoah, Iowa, 57, 152. 153 Bright. Glenda. Lineville, Iowa, 57 Bright, Karla. Lineville, Iowa, 72, 156 Bright, N ' irginia, Maryville, Missouri, 72, 121. 1%. 216 Brinton. George, Washington, D.C., 86 Briscoe, Raymond, Lohrville, Iowa, 72, 123, 167, 257 Britt, Roger, Smithville, Missouri, 72, 124 Brockus, James, Independence, Missouri, 87 Brooke, James, Cowgill, Missouri, 87 Broshears, Richard, Kansas City, Missouri, 87 Brought, Robert, Rock Port, Missouri. 87 Brower, Roland. Roseville, Michigan, 87 Brown, Ann, St. Joseph, Missouri, 34, 156 Brown, Barbara. Faucett, Missouri, 87 Brown, Charlene, Lenox, Iowa, 87, 153 Brown, Dianna, Hamburg, Iowa, 87 Brown, Donald, Maryville, Missouri, 34, 207 J Brown, Gerald, Des Moines, Iowa. 72. 132 Brown. J. Marlin. Pickering. Missouri, 87 Brown, Jack. Winterset, Iowa. 87. 195 Brown, Judy, Chillicothe, Missouri, 72, 115, 159, 175, 178 Brown. Nancy. Hamburg, Iowa, 87, 163, 196 Brown, Norman, Villisca, Iowa, 72 Brown, Patricia, Bedford, Iowa, 72, 176, 177, 178 Brown, Peggy, Skidmore, Missouri, 87 Brown, Phyllis, Villisca, Iowa, 87, 158, 259 Brown, Robert, Falls City, Nebraska, 34, 145 Brown, Ronald, Rushville, Missouri, 87, 235 Brown, Vicky, St. Joseph, Missouri, 72 Brown, Victoria, Maryville, Missouri, 87, 207 Brownlee, James. Coin. Iowa. 57 Brownsberger. Alan, Anita, Iowa, 87 Bruett, Mary, Winterset, Iowa, 57, 259 Bruggeman, Nancy, Manilla, Iowa, 34, 148, 178 Brumley, Ronald, Maryville, Missouri, 57, 131, 235, 237, 239, 246 Bruning, Byron, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 72 Brunkow, Charles, Okelo, Kansas, 72 Bruno, Lawrence, Torrington, Connecticut, 87 Brus, Karen. Denison, Iowa, 72 Bryan, Donald, Princeton, Missouri, 87, 167 Bryan, Kent, Mooresville, Missouri, 34, 133 Bryan, Tracy, Princeton, Missouri, 57 Bryant, Carol, Maryville, Missouri, 34 Bryte, Marcia, Shenandoah, Iowa, 72 Buckey, Galen, St. Joseph, Missouri. 57 Buckler. Richard, Platte City, Missouri, 72 Buckley, Vicki, Atchison, Kansas, 57 Bucknam, Patricia, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 87, 153. 158, 259 Buerkins. Elaine. Marshalltown, Iowa, 57, 117, 216 Buffington. Norma. Onawa, Iowa, 87, 150, 153, 158 BuUington, Rudolph, Des Moines, Iowa, 87 Bullock, Larry, Creston, Iowa, 34 Bunn. Richard, Gravity, Iowa, 87 Burch, Ewart, Maryville, Missouri, 57, 131, 162 Burdick, Linda, Shenandoah, Iowa. 87 Burge, James, Mt. Ayr, Iowa, 34, 131 Burger, Sandra. Harlan, Iowa, 72, 140, 156, 167, 254 Burgess, Beverly. Des Moines. Iowa, 57, 153 Burkhaher, Loren, Creston, Iowa, 57 Burnieister, Philip ' Harlan, Iowa, 72, 132, 135 Burns, David, .St. Joseph, Missouri, 72 Burns, William. Omaha. Nebraska, 34 Burrell, Paul, Mt. Ayr. Iowa, 34, 144 Burson, Ronald, Quitman, Missouri, 72, 177. 179 Burton. Sharon. Bethany, Missouri, 34, 139 Busby, James, Barnard, Missouri, 87 Busby. John, Barnard, Missouri, 87 Bussjaeger. David, Mai ville, Missouri, 87, 236 Buster, Juanita, Maryville, Missouri, 57 Butcher, Donald, Pattonsburg, Missouri, 87 Byers, Karen, Cameron. Missouri. 87 Byron. Kdward. Jersey City, New Jersey, 87, 235 Cadwell, Howard. Harlan. Iowa, 87 Cagwin. Mary, St. Anthony, Iowa, 34 Caldwell, Carol, Cameron, Missouri, 87 Calvin. Judith, Lenox, Iowa, 34, 152, 156 Canxeron, Cheryl, Osage, Iowa, 72, 116 Campbell. Donald, Audubon, Iowa, 87 Campbell. James. Bolckow, Missouri, 57, 128. 129 Campbell. John. Botna. Iowa. 133, 135, 144, 160. 231 Campbell. Joyce, Ferrelview. Missouri, 72, 115, 148, 150, 261 Campbell, Karen, Hannibal. Missouri, 34 Campbell. Marilvn L., Graham, Missouri, 72, 163 Campbell, Marilyn S., Chillicothe, Missouri, 87 Campbell, Terry. Martinsville. Missouri. 87 Cannon. Donald, Mt. Ayr. Iowa. 57. 112. 132 Carlson. David, Essex, Iowa, 34 Carlson, Kathryn, Clarinda, Iowa, 72 Carmichael, James, Independence, Mis- souri, 72, 138. 149, 178 Carothers, Vicki, Liberty, Missouri, 57, 152, 153 Carr, Charles Cleo, Jr., St. Joseph, Missouri, 34 Carr, Charles Cory, Jr., Maryville, Missouri, 72 Carr, Deloris. Rosendale, Missouri, 87, 163 Carr, Richard. Allendale, Missouri, 87 Carr. Thomas, Forest City, Missouri, 72 Carrel, Donald, Union .Star, Missouri, 57 Carrico, Jerry, Redfield, Iowa, 166 Carroll, Donald, Blockton, Iowa, 87 Carroll, Sharon, West Des Moines, Iowa, 57. 117 Carstens, Kenard. Manning, Iowa, 87 Carstens, Rick. Manilla, Iowa, 72 Carter, James, Pattonsburg, Missouri, 87 Carter, Jerry, Bethany, Missouri, 87 Carter, Robert, Guilford, Missouri, 87 Carver. Kenneth, St. Joseph, Missouri, 34, 162. 206 Casady, William. Bethany, Missouri, 72, 179 Casey, Gerald, Binghamton, New York, 73 Casey, John, St. Josieph, Missouri, 35 Casey, Michael, St. Joseph, Missouri, 87 Casey, Thomas, Binghamton, New York, 126 Casey, William. Binghamton. New York. 88. 257 Catlett. James. Falls City, Nebraska, 88 Catlett, Thomas. Hamburg. Iowa, 73 Catlett, Vernon. Hamburg, Iowa, 73, 235 Cellman, Terry, .Sigoumey, Iowa, 35, 129 Chadwick, Merlyn, Anita, Iowa, 57 Chafin, Robert, .St. Joseph, Missouri, 35, 127, 160 Chaloupecky, Robert, St. Louis, Missouri, 58 Chambers, Barbara, Dallas Center, Iowa, 88 Chambers, Robert. Glenwood, Iowa, 88 Chambers, Wayne, Kansas City, Missouri, 58 Chappell, Linda, Mascoutah, Illinois, 88, 147, 260 Chappell, Mary, Logan, Iowa, 121 Chaput, Carol, Syracuse, New York, 88 Chaput, Neil, Syracuse, New York, 73, 138, 149 Chastain, Linda, Leon, Iowa. 73. 251 Cheeseman. William, Prairie Village, Kansas, 88 Cheney, Carol, Kansas City, Missouri, 88, 114. 212, 213 Cheves, Roy, Kansas City, Missouri, 73 Chezum, Allen. Fairfield. Iowa, 88, 165 Chick. Barbara. .Shenandoah, Iowa, 58, 115. 141, 161. 163, 211, 222 Cholak, Phillip, Sugar Creek, Missouri, 88 Christensen, Delbert, Casey, Iowa, 88, 167 Christensen, Edward, Maryville, Missouri, 58 Christensen, Gary, Casey, Iowa, 88 Christensen, Steve, Audubon, Iowa, 58, 127, 155, 166, 258 Christian, Lois, Maryville, Mi.ssouri, 35, 143 Christian, Sally. Maitland. Missouri, 73 Christian. Soloman. Maitland, Missouri, 88 Christie, Harvey, New Hampton. Missouri, 88 Christie, Raymond, New Hampton, Mis- souri, 35, 131, 151, 190 Christman, John. St. Joseph, Missouri, 73 Chrostowski, Adam, Providence, Rhode Island, 73 Clapper, John, Kansas City, Missouri. 88 Clark. Addison, Des Moines, Iowa, 88 Clark, Charles. Larnoni. Iowa. 88 Clark, Diane, King City, Missouri, 58, 139, 153 Clark, Harold, Maitland, Missouri, 73 Clark, Sharon, Barnard. Mi.ssouri, 73 Clark. Sherrie. City. Missouri, 88, 260 Claxton. Larry. Ava. Missouri. 73, 167 Clayton, Alice. Hopkins, Mis,souri, 88 Clem, Edwin, Lenox, Iowa, 58, 130 Clemens, Vernon, Maryville, Missouri, 58 Clendening, William, Prairie Village, Kansas, 88, 150 Clifton. Lois, Kansas City, Missouri. 35. 115. 210 Climie. Gregory. Roseville, Michigan, 58 Cline, Martha, Tarkio, Missouri, 73 Close, Peggy, .Skidmore. Missouri. 73 Close, Ruth. Quitman. Mi.ssouri, 88 Clymens, Judy. Hopkins. Missouri, 88, 147 Cobb. Betty. Mai ville, Missouri, .35 Cobb, Walter, Maryville, Missouri, 58 Coburn. Gary. Chillicothe, Missouri. 73 Cochran. James, Kansas City, Missouri. 88. 179 Cochran, Peggy, Hopkins. Missouri. 88 Cochran. Rosemarie. St. Louis, Missouri. 88 Cockayne. Joe. Maryville. Missouri. 88 Cockrill, Mildred. Platte City, Missouri, 58, 115, 154, 182. 254 Coen, James, Parkville, Missouri, 35, 178, 261 Cofer, Willis, Fairfax, Missouri, 73 Coffin, Sandra, Grand Island, Nebraska, 73, 119, 159 Cohee, Larry. Kansas City. Missouri, 88 Coleman, Diane, Murray, Iowa, 35 Coleman, Kay, Hopkins, Missouri, 88 Colerick, Steven, Falls City, Nebraska, 88 Collings, Keith, Creston, Iowa. 35 Collins. Howard. .Skidmore. Missouri. 73 Collinsworlh. Vernon. Ravenwood, Missouri, 73 Combs, Barbara, Clearmont. Missouri, 35, 115 Combs, Charles, Worth, Missouri, 88 Combs, Judy. Hopkins, Missouri, 73 Combs, Michael, Parkville, Missouri, 88, 178 Combs, Zeta, Stanberry, Mi.ssouri, 88 Conio, Leonard, Kansas City, Missouri, 88 Conard, Larry. Greenfield, Iowa, 88 Conn. Dola, Fairfax, Missouri, 88 Connell. Mary. Cameron. Mis.souri. 88 Cooper. Jerry. Stanberry. Missouri, 73, 175, 176, 177. 179 Cooper. Philip, Sheridan, Missouri, 73 Copeland, David, Maryville, Missouri, 73, 127 Copman, Sara, St. Joseph, Missouri, 88, 114 Corbett, James, Grinnell, Iowa, 88, 138, 176, 178 Corbett, Michael, Chicago, Illinois, 88, 215, 235, 255 Cordonnier, Diana, St. Joseph, Missouri, 88 Cornelison, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, 124, 141, 142, 144, 150, 225, 254 Cornelison, Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 58 Cornelius, Robert, Easton, Missouri, 73 Cornett, Sandra, Maryville, Missouri, 58 Cossins, Barbara, Sheridan, Missouri, 88, 147 Cotter, Cynda, Rushville, Missouri, 88, 120, 159 Cotter, Darrell, Tabor, Iowa, 35, 131, 226, 235 237 Cotter, Robert, Panora, Iowa, 58, 133, 140, 141, 148, 154, 155, 160, 222, 254 Cottrell, Richard, Grant City, Missouri, 73 Couch, Jane, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, 73, 147, 219 Coughlin, Sharon, St. Joseph, Missouri, 58, 116 Coulter, Donald, Kansas City, Missouri, 89, 166, 255 Coulter, Erma, Barnard, Missouri, 58 Counts, Fred, Maryville, Missouri, 131, 215 Courter, Sharon, Coffey, Missouri, 35, 143, 153, 254 Courtin, Janis, St. Joseph, Missouri, 58, 153, 159, 258 Couts. Darryl, Maryville, Missouri, 73, 131, 135, 185 Cowan, Joan, Kansas City, Missouri, 89 Cox, Wanda, Bedford, Iowa, 58, 139 Craig, John, Grinnell, Iowa, 89, 138 Cramer, William, Chillicothe, Missouri, 35 Crandall, Joel, Maryville, Missouri, 131 Craven, John, Grant City, Missouri, 73 Craven, Sally, Grant City, Missouri, 73, 114, 157, 219 Crawford, Charlene, Shenandoah, Iowa, 73. 259 Crawford, Carol, Earlham, Iowa, 89, 179 Crawford, Robert, Uniontown, Pennsyl- vania, 58, 140, 241, 243, 246 Creed, William, Fairfax, Missouri, 73 Croley, John, North Kansas City, Missouri, 162 Cross. Carolyn, Bedford, Iowa, 35, 115 Cross, Marvin , Brimson, Missouri, 89 Cross, Sharon, Hopkins, Missouri, 73, 151, 169 Crosswhite, Linda, Pattonsburg, Missouri, 35 Crosswhite, Rita, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 89 Grouse, Kenneth, Carroll, Iowa, 89 Grouse, Larry, Lathrop, Missouri, 89 Grouse, Norman, Maryville, Missouri, 89, 167 Grouse, Patricia, Mound City, Missouri, 89 Crow, Douglas, Kansas City, Missouri, 89 Crow, Lawrence, Kansas City, Missouri, 89 Culver, Barbara, Lathrop, Missouri, 89, 158 Cummings, Richard, Oskaloosa, Iowa, 35 Cunningham, Carole, Greenfield, Iowa, 89, 178, 259 Cunningham, Howard, Belton, Missouri, 58 Cunningham, Mary. Lenox, Iowa, 89 Cupp, Francis, Washington, Iowa, 89 Curd, Eunice, Ogden, Utah, 89, 169 Curnutt, John, Maryville, Missouri, 89 Currier, Carolyn, Maryville, Missouri, 89 Currier, Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 89 Curtis, Gary, Jefferson, Iowa, 89, 155, 178 Gushing. Joyce, Earlham, Iowa, 89, 159 Gushing, L. Annette, Earlham, Iowa, 58, 152 Dack, Larry, Ravenwood, Missouri, 89 Dahl, Christopher, Atlantic, Iowa, 89, 167 Dailey, Robert, Casey, Iowa, 89 Dalbey, Janelle, Maryville, Missouri, 89 Dalrymple. Daryl, Stanberry, Missouri, 58 Dalzell. Sam, Casey, Iowa, 197 Dana, Delores, Perry, Iowa, 58, 153, 259 Daniel, Don. Norcross, Georgia, 35, 130, 131, US. 160. 162, 215, 235, 238, 239 Daniels, Jane, Trenton, Missouri, 35 Dankers, Harry, St. Joseph, Missouri, 35, 126, 127, 162, 164 Dannar, Larry, Grant City, Missouri, 58, 166, 260 Darnell, Geneva, King City, Missouri, 115, 147 Darrah, Susan, Malvern, Iowa, 89, 179 Dath, Margo, Norwalk, Iowa, 73, 139 Davidson, Jerry, Murray, Iowa, 89 Davidson, Karen, Bedford, Iowa, 73, 121 Davidson, Ken, Kansas City, Missouri, 89, 153 Davidson, Kenneth, Thayer, Iowa, 89 Davidson, L. Alan, Bedford, Iowa, 89 Davidson, Russell, Thayer, Iowa, 58 Davidson, William, Des Moines, Iowa, 89 Davis, Deborah, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 89, 118 Davis, Donald, St. Joseph, Missouri, 36, 129 Davis, Donna, Maryville, Missouri, 89, 145, 197 Davis, Ellen, West Des Moines, Iowa, 58, 145, 152 Davis, Gary, Fairfax, Missouri, 36 Davis, Gertrude, Maryville, Missouri, 89 Davis, John, Chicago, Illinois, 73, 133 Davis, Kenneth, Fairfax, Missouri, 36, 154 Davis, Larry, Fairfax, Missouri, 89 Davis, Linda, West Des Moines, Iowa, 58, 120 Davis, Marvin, Maryville. Missouri, 36 Davis, Norma, Maryville, Missouri, 36 Davis, Richard, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 73, 124 Davis, Robert, Corning, Iowa, 89 Davis, Rosamond, Red Oak, Iowa, 89 Davis, Wesley, Oregan, Missouri, 89 Dawson, Larry, Sidney, Iowa, 58 Dawson, Verle, Chariton, Iowa, 58, 242 Day, Joel, St. Joseph. Missouri, 36 Day, Terry, Kansas City, Missouri, 36, 130, 135, 160 Deardorff, Karen, Yale, Iowa, 89 Decker, Gloria, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 36 DeCosmo, Stanley, Saddle Brook, New Jersey, 89, 215 De La Cruz, Joseph, Oahu, Hawaii, 36 Demmon, Donald, Rushville, Missouri, 89 Denekas, Delbert, Jewell, Iowa, 90 Denney. Norene, Redding, Iowa, 90, 258 Denney, Phyllis, Carroll, Iowa, 90 Dennis, Roger, Boone, Iowa, 73 Denyer, Earl, Kansas City, Missouri, 73 De Petro, John, Roseville, Michigan, 90 Derks, Gary, Guilford, Missouri, 90 Derks, James, Stanberry, Missouri, 108 Deshon, Thelma, St. Joseph, Missouri, 90 Dew, John, Maryville, Missouri, 90 Dewey, John, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 58 Dewey, Judy, Bethany, Missouri, 58, 121, 157 Dick, Ruth, Bolckow, Missouri, 90 Dickershach, Sandra, Malvern, Iowa, 59, 145, 152 Dickerson, John, Maryville. Missouri, 73 Dickey, Robert, Des Moines, Iowa, 132, 1.35, 219, 222 Diehl, David, Ankeny, Iowa, 90, 164 Dienstbier, Dale, St. Joseph, Missouri, 36 Dietrick, Diann, Pemberton, New Jersey, 90 Diggs, Judith, Maitland, Missouri, 90 Dillenburg, Howard, Shannon City, Iowa, 73 Dills, James, Albany, Missouri, 90 Dingman, Rudy, Silver Plume, Colorado, 90 Dinkens, Doyle, LaPorte, Indiana, 73, 259 Disburg, Alan, Manilla, Iowa, 59 Dischner, Helen, St. Joseph, Missouri, 36 Ditsworth, Craig, Jefferson, Iowa, 73, 129 Dittemore, Billy, St. Joseph, Missouri, 90 Dittman. Gloria, St. Joseph, Missouri, 90 Dobberstine, Ehrman, St. Joseph. Missouri, 90 Doctor, Arnold, Chicago, Illinois, 90, 205 Donavan, Timothy, Neola. Iowa, 90 Dooley, Dick, Maryville, Missouri, 36, 124, 135, 150 Doolin, Donna, Trenton, Missouri, 90, 118 DoLson, James, Spencer, Iowa, 90 Dougan, Nancy, Barnard, Mi.ssouri, 90 Dougherty, John, Mound City, Missouri, 131 Douglass, Charles, Tabor, Iowa, 90 Dowis, Margaret, Sheridan, Missouri, 36 Downey, Denis, Stewartsville, Missouri, 59, 178 Downing, Jerry, DeKalb, Missouri, 74 Downing, Larry, Rushville. Missouri, 74 Downing, Marjorie, Odebolt, Iowa, 74 Drake, Stephen, Mount Ayr, Iowa, 36, 133 Draper, Dale, Creston, Iowa, 74 Dray, Martha, Kansas City, Missouri, 59, 179 Drowns, James, St. Joseph, Missouri, 59 Druen, James, Kansas City, Missouri, 74 Drummond, Linda, Jameson, Missouri, 74, 163, 211, 261 Duckworth, Marvin, BurUngton Junction, Missouri, 74, 167 Dudley, Linda, Kansas City, Missouri, 36 Duff, Robert. Peru, Iowa, 90 Duffield, Dennis, Princeton. Missouri, 59, 167 Dugan, Jean, College Springs, Iowa, 74 Dugan, Richard, Algona, Iowa, 74 Dugger, Karen, Murray, Iowa, 36, 152 Duke, Byron, Barnard, Missouri, 90 Duke, Larry, St. Joseph, Missouri 59 Dukes, Karla, Craig, Missouri, 74, 179 Dunfee, David, Denver, Missouri, 74 Dunn, Henry. Atlantic, Iowa, 36 Dunn, Thomas, Falls City, Iowa, 59 Dunsmore, Harold, Brookfield, Missouri, 90, 138, 260 Dupv. Michael, Chillicothe, Missouri, 59 Durfee, Martha, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 36, 121, 145, 151, 152, 213, 222 Dwyer, Roy, Creston, Iowa, 36 Dyer, Tegwin. St. Joseph, Missouri, 59, 120, 196 Earp, Thomas, Independence, Missouri, 59 Ebbrecht, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, 74, 131 Eddy, Terry, Kansas City, Kansas, 90 Eden, Owen, Skidmore, Missouri, 36 Edgerton, Mary, Rockwell City, Iowa, 90 Edlin, Roberta, Platte City, Missouri, 59, 163, 179 Edwards, Cheryl, St. Joseph, Missouri, 90 Edwards, Fredrick, Winterset, Iowa, 74, 1.38. 167, 254, 258 Eggers, Francis, Denison, Iowa, 90 Eickholt, Gary. Maryville, Missouri, 90 Eisenbarger, Edra, Martinsville, Missouri, 90 Eisenbarger, Gail, Maryville, Missouri, 37 Eisenbarger, Larry. Maryville, Missouri, 37 Eisminger, Melanie, Amazonia, Mis.souri, 90, 147, 179 Eisner, Lois, Muscatine. Iowa, 59, 139, 178, 262 Eitmann. Tommy, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 74 Ekkela, Dale, Waukegan, Illinois, 90 Elifrits, Charles. Ridgeway, Missouri, 178 Elliott, Paul, Linden, Iowa, 90 Ellison. Victor, Mount Ayr, Iowa, 90, 154 Elwick, Sharon, Grant City, Mi.ssouri. 27, 74, 114, 261 Embree, Donald L., Grant City, Missouri, 74 Engel, Donald, Humeston, Iowa, 90 Engemann, Geary, Wathena, Kansas, 74, 178, 261 England, Nelson, Maryville, Missouri, 59, 235 Engle, Janet, Des Moines. Iowa, 90 Engle, Sharon, Kansas City, Missouri, 90 Englund, Bernard, Kenosha, Wisconsin, 59, 123, 236 Enis, Carolyn, Kansas City, Missouri, 117, 146. 161 Erb, Gloria, Manning, Iowa, 74 Erganian, Nshan, St. Joseph, Missouri, 90 Erickson. Dayle, Jefferson, Iowa, 90 Erickson, John, Lorimor, Iowa. 90 Esch, Joyce, Indianola, Nebraska, 37, 163 Estes, Edna, Osceola, Iowa, 74 Estes, Judith, Kansas City, Missouri, 90 Etchison, Charles, Liberty, Missouri, 91, 167 Ettelson, David, Newton, Iowa, 59 Evans, Brenda, Hamilton, Missouri, 91 Evans, Cheryl. Corning. Iowa, 91 Evans, Donald, Albany. Missouri. 91 Evans, Mary, Albany, Missouri, 74 Evans, Melville, Hamilton, Missouri, 74 Evans, Paula, St. Joseph, Missouri, 59 270 Evans, Richard, Des Moines, Iowa, 50, 112, 151 Evans, Robert. St. Joseph. Missouri. 59, 126, 167, 231 Everly, Larry, Coffey, Missouri, 91 Everly, Sandra, Jameson, Missouri, 74, 159 Everly, Susan, Jameson, Missouri, 37, 152, 158 Eversull, Ilah, Stuart, Iowa, 59 Ewing, Constanre, Kansas City, Missouri, 117, 219 Fahro, Jo .i nn, Kansas City, Missouri, 74, 139, 151 Falk, Brure, Essex, Iowa, 91, 162 Falk, Karenann. Essex, Iowa, 59, 163, 174 Falter. Jeffrey. Falls Citv, Nebraska, 146, 194, 195 Fannon, George, Maryville, Missouri, 37, 255 Farrow, Charlaine, St. Joseph, Missouri, 37 Fastenau, Phyllis, Clarinda, Iowa, 74, 211, 244 Fattip, Charles, Bethany, Missouri, 74 Faubion, Lorraine, Stanberry, Missouri, 59, 194, 195 Fay. John, Ellston, Iowa, 37 Felton, Kenny, Maryville, Missouri, 197 Fender, Jo Ann, Imogene, Iowa, 91 Ferguson, Charles, Maryville, Missouri, 59, 167 Ferguson, Helen, St. Joseph. Missouri, 74 Ferguson, Marilyn, Churdan, Iowa, 91 Ferrell, Jerry, Valley Falls, Kansas, 129 Ferris, David, Blockton, Iowa, 91 Fields, Harry, Red Oak, Iowa, 91 Fields, Paul, Maryville, Missouri, 91, 250 Fieseler, Michl, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 59 Fife, Bruce, Afton, Iowa, 91 Filley, Christopher, Turney. Missouri, 91 Findley, James, Villisca, Iowa, 91, 150 Findley, Rex, Grant City, Missouri, 91, 166 Findley, Ted, Worth, Missouri, 166 Fine, Robert, Hopkins, Missouri, 74 Fink, Stanley, Oregon, Missouri, 91, 179 Fihlev, Merrill, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 91, 169, 195 Fischer, Jerry, Kimballton, Iowa, 91, 166 Fisher, Frank, Maryville, Missouri, 138, 151, 250, 258 Fisher, Kenneth, Maryville, Missouri, 59 Fiske, Salley, St. Joseph. Missouri, 59 Fitch, Ronald, Kansas City, Kansas, 59, 131, 141, 151, 155, 222, 254 Fitzgerald, John, Melbourne, Iowa, 59 Fleskes, Jane. Carroll, Iowa, 74, 195 Fletchall, Evelyn, Savannah, Missouri, 60, 154, 254 Flora, John, Baxter, Iowa, 37, 175, 176, 177, 178 Florea, Larry, Hopkins, Missouri, 74 Flynn, John, Atchison, Kansas, 74, 235, 238 Foderberg, Gregory, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 74 Foland, Gary, Cameron, Missouri, 74, 162, 235 Foland, Grace, Grant City, Missouri, 74 Foley, Donna, Manning, Iowa, 91, 178 Foley, John, St. Joseph, Missouri, 37, 126, 154, 160, 164 Forbes, Michael, Murray, Iowa, 91, 153 Ford, Stephen, Kansas City, Missouri, 91 Fore, Joan, Maryville, Missouri, 147 Fore, Martha, Cameron, Missouri, 37 Forke, Dennis, Carroll, Iowa, 124 Forney, Phillip, Mound City. Missouri, 37 Forster, Barbar a, St. Joseph, Missouri, 37 Foss, Vernon, St. Joseph, Missouri, 74 Foutch, Marsha, Bethany. Missouri, 91 Fowler, Rex. Ellston, Iowa, 37, 153 Fox, Thomas, Algona, Iowa, 91, 257 Foy, Ronald, Red Oak, Iowa, 37 Frahm, Anton, Denison, Iowa, 91 Francis, Garry, Cainsville, Missouri, 91 Francis, William, Quonset Point, Rhode Island, 91 Frank, James, Lake View, Iowa, 60 Frazer, Karen, Norborne, Missouri, 37, 117, 151, 163, 258 Frazho, Larry, Roseville, Michigan, 60, 235 Frazier, Larry, Gallatin, Missouri, 60, 132 Frederick, Karl, Stanberry, Missouri, 60 Fredricks, Mary, Coffey, Missouri, 74 Freeman, Roliert, St. Joseph, Missouri, 60, 144, 155 Freeman. Sharon, Plattsburg, Missouri, 60, 146. 194. 195 Freerksen, Scotty, Waukee. Iowa, 91 Frieberg, Gerald, Conception, Missouri, 74, 149 Friend, Donna, St. Joseph, Missouri, 37, 121, 212. 213 Fritz. David. Falls City, Nebraska, 91 Frizell, Larry, Greenfield, Iowa, 91 Fry, Beverly. Maryville, Mi.ssouri, 91 Fry, Gerald. Lathrop, Missouri, 60 Fry, John, Kansas City, Missouri, 91 Fry, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, 74, 144 Frye, Anita. St. Joseph. Missouri, 37 Frye, William, St. Joseph. Missouri. 60 Fuller, Judith, Emerson, Missouri, 37, 152, 177 Fuller, Larrice. Maryville, Missouri. 74 Fultz, George, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, 91 Funston, .Steven, Maryville, Missouri, 91 Furlong, Michael, Trenton, Missouri, 60 Furst, Terri. St. Louis, Missouri, 91, 163, 257 Gabel, Sharon, Des Moines, Iowa, 91, 158 Gadler, Nancy, St. Joseph, Missouri, 37 Gahni, Judith, Kansas City, Missouri, 91 Gaines. Sheryl, Atlantic, Iowa, 74 Galbreath, Gerald, Lathrop, Missouri, 27, 74 Gallagher, Kenneth, Manilla, Iowa, 91 Galloway, Connie, Des Moines, Iowa, 91. 114 Galloway, James, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 60 Gamet, Susan, Lenox, Iowa, 37, 152 Garafalo, Paul, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 91 Garcia, George, Laredo, Texas, 60 Gardner, David, Sidney. Iowa. 74 Gardner. Lawrence, Albany, Missouri, 60 Gardner, Penni, Kansas ( ' ity, Missouri, 74 Garms, Robert, Algona, Iowa, 91 Garreau, Lyle, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 75 Garrett, Larry, Banard, Missouri, 91 Garrett. Michael. St. Joseph. Missouri, 38 Gartrell, James, Parkville. Missouri. 124 Gash, Joyce, Logan, Iowa, 91 Gates, Dennis, Craig, Missouri, 75, 235 Gaule, Raymond, Maryville, Missouri, 75 Gault, Marna, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 60 Gayler, Ronald, Rock Port, Missouri, 75, 1.32, 1.35, 216 Geary, Rex. St. Joseph. Missouri, 38 Gebert, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, ,38, 124 Gebhards. Diane. Rock Port, Missouri, 92 Geib, Jeri7, Craig, Missouri, 75. 123, 154 Geib, Kenneth. Craig. Missouri, 75, 129 George, Michael, Maryville, Missouri, 92 Gepner, Mary, Benton, Iowa, 38, 145 Gerdes, Larry, Manson, Iowa, 60, 164 German. Arbie, St. Joseph, Missouri, 38 German, Richard, Murray. Iowa. 60 Gibler, Linda, King City, Missouri, 92 Gibson, Bill, Winterset. Iowa, 38, 124 Gibson. Donald. Albany. Missouri. 60, 162 Gilbert, -Susan. Maryville, Missouri, 92, 163, 197 Giles, Larry, Creston, Iowa, 38 Gillespie, Dougas, Shawnee Mission. Kan- sas. 92 Gillespie. Joan. Des Moines, Iowa, 92 Gilley, Patricia, St. Joseph. Missouri. 60. 116, 147 Gilliland, Edward, St. Charles. Iowa, 75, 138, 166, 197, 21.3, 258 Gilmore, Judith, Jefferson, Iowa, 92 Gingerich, Daniel, Gallatin, Missouri, 92 Gipple, Kenneth, Atlantic, Iowa, 60 Girling, Douglas, Roseville, Michigan, 75, 131 Glancy, Roger, St. Joseph, Missouri, 75, 126 Godden, Lynn, Lenox, Iowa, 92 Godsey, Rosetta, Skidmore, Missouri, 75, 153 Goforth, James, Savanah, Missouri, 60, 223 Goldner, Evelyn, Shannon City, Iowa, 60 Goldusky, Steven, Kansas City, Missouri, 92 C,omel, Madeline, Maryville, Missouri, 75 Gooding, Danny. Cameron, Missouri, 75, 235, 244 Goodspeed, Ronalil, Maryville, Missouri, 92, 178 Goodwillie, Virginia, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 60. 114, 178 Goodwin, Diane, St. Jo.seph, Missouri, 75, 115 Goodwin, John, Weldon, Iowa, 92 Goodwin, Robert, .Audubon, Iowa, .38 Gookin, Dennis, Russell, Iowa, 75 Gorham, .Sanford. Independence, Missouri, 75 Gould, Marjorie, .St. Jo.seph, Missouri, 60, 1,39, 255 Gourley, Betty, Villisca, Iowa, 108 Graf, C!arla, Kansas City, Missouri, 60 Graham, Judith, Platte City, Missouri, 92 Graham, Lloyd, Maryville, Missouri, 92 Graham, Mary, Kansas City, Missouri, 38, 117, 152, 156, 158, 213 Grame, Carolee, Leavenworth, Missouri, 92, 257 Grant, Max. Bethany, Missouri, 38 Grantham, Mary, Kansas City, Missouri, 60, 225, 229, 259 Graves, Gary, St. Joseph, Missouri, 60, 153 Graves, James, Marj-ville, Missouri, 60 Graves, Kay, Fairfax, Missouri, 60, 143, 145, 256 Graw, Richard, Marshalltown, Iowa, 60, 150, 167, 179 Gray, Barry, Craig, Missouri, 75 ( ray, Cheryl, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 60, 1.39, 152, 153, 219, 261 Gray, Jack, Maryville, Missouri, 38, 133, 142, 155, 172, 186 Gray, Janet, Maryville, Missouri, 92, 120, 163 Gray, Leroy, MaiyviUe, Missouri, 75 Gray, Rita, Winterset, Iowa, 92, 159, 254 (iray, Rosemary, Troy, Kansas, 75 Gray, Wallis, Maryville, Missouri, 92 Green, Lanny, Creston, Iowa, 169, 194, 195 Green, Loyce, Prescott, Iowa, 61, 139 Green, Rodney, Albany, Missouri, 124 Green, Roger, Albany, Missouri, 92 Greene, Judith, Randolph, Iowa, 92 Greenlees, Thomas, Auburn Heights, Mich- igan, 75, 123. 235, 236 Greenwood, Linda, Blytliedale, Missouri, 121, 163, 211, 254 Gregersen, Cynthia, Atlantic, Iowa, 75 Gregersen, John, Maryville. Missouri, 38 Gregory, Carol, Maryville, Missouri, 115 Griesinger, Howard, Holland, Ohio, 38, 129, 164 Griffin, Frankie, Orrick, Missouri, 38, 124, 154, 164 Griffin, Sandra. Cbillicuthe, Missouri, 92 Griffin, Shanna. Woodburn, Iowa, 61, 117, Griffith, Earl. Emerson, Iowa, 92, 166 Griffith, Timothy, Des Moines, Iowa, 75 Grimes, C ary. Newton. Iowa, 75 Grouse, Margaret, ( ' hillicothe, Missouri, 92 (irow, Leslie. C ' larksdale. Missouri, .38 Growne) ' . Joe, Maryville. Missouri, 129, 257 Grube, Ellen, Maryville, Missouri, 38, 119, 140, 145, 170, 171, 172, 222, 223, 231 Gruhn, Gary, Manning. Iowa, 92, 142 Grun, Mary, Kansas City, Missouri, 38 Guely. Jan, Des Moines. Iowa, 75, 132 Guenther, Gregory. Bedford. Iowa, 38. 124, 229 Guertin, Terry, Sibley, Iowa, 61, 124 Guest, Darlene. King City, Missouri, 75, 115 (iunim, George, Maryville, Missouri. 61 Gulhals. Douglas. Maryville. Missouri, 61 Guy, Larry, Forest City, Missouri, 92 Guyer, Rosalie, St. Joseph, Missouri, 75, 117 C uvmon, Victor. Maryville, Missouri, 61 Haag, William. Maryville, Missouri, 92 Haas. Karen. Kansas City. Missouri, 75 Hagan. Lonnv. St. Joseph. Missouri, 92, 235 Hager. Robert, St. Joseph. Missouri. 61 Hager. Ronald. Greenfield. Iowa. 92. 244 Hagg, Akin. Algona. Iowa, 61, 133 Hagg, Jerry. Barnard. Missouri, 92 Hagglund, Robert, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 38 Haines, Carl, Maryville, Missouri, 38 Hainline, Clara, Skidmore, Missouri, 92, 153 Hale. Norena, Eagleville, Missouri, 75, 114, 147, 254 Hall, Betty. Maryville, Missouri, 92 Hall. Brian, Sheridan. Missouri, 92 Hall. (Jliarles, Blancliard, Iowa, 92 Hall. David. St. Joseph, Missouri, 92 Hall, Ernia, Maryville, Missouri, 61, 139, 258 Hall, Jerry. Kellerton, Iowa, 39, 144 Hall, Kenneth, Emerson, Iowa, 75, 166 Hall, Robert. Clarinda, Iowa. 61, 133 Hall, Terry, Leon, Iowa, 92 Hallgren, Marilvnn, Munster, Indiana, 75, 167, 260 Halliday, Richard, Tarkio, Missouri, 92 Hallork, William, Bethany, Missouri, 75 Halloram, Richard, Savannah, Missouri, 75 Hallum, Harvev, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 75, 123, 140, 164, 244 Halsne, Harlan, Midway City, California, 75 Halstead, Lana, Blair, Nebraska, 92, 120 Hamill. Patricia, Des Moines, Iowa, 92, 114, 186 Hamilton, Garry, Clearmont, Missouri, 75 Hamilton. Monroe, St. Joseph, Missouri, 61 Hamilton. Shirley, Clearmont, Missouri, 39, 152, 156 Hammack, Ronald, Ridgeway, Missouri, 61 Hammer. Gary. Stanberry, Missouri, 39, 167 Hammond, John, Atlantic, Iowa, 61, 167 Hammond, Louise, Harris, Missouri, 75, 147, 157, 166, 254 Hammond, Steven, Harris, Missouri, 92 Hamon, Howard, Savannah, Missouri. 131, 215 Hance. Duane. Maryville, Missouri, 61 Hancock. Thomas. Butler, Missouri, 92 Handley. Joseph, Marion, Iowa, 92 Hanes. Mary, Parnell, Missouri, 92, 159 Hankins, Daryl, Norwalk, Iowa, 61 Hankins, Terrilyn, Avoca, Minnesota, 93 Hanna, Marilyn. Maryville, Missouri, 75, 117, 219 Hanna. Wilma. .St. Joseph, Missouri, 61, 153 Hanneman. Thomas. Van Home, Iowa, 75 Hannen. Larry. 135 Hanon, Larry. Shannon Citv, Iowa, 75, 128, 166, 178. 2,54 Hanrath, Robert, Tarkio, Missouri, 93 Hansen, Gary, Blair, Nebraska, 93, 129 Hansen, Gladys, Exira, Iowa, 39, 119 Hansen, Paul, Maryville, Missouri, 39 Hansen, Phillip. Harlan. Iowa, 93, 167 Hansen, Richard, Independence, Missouri, 75 Hanson, Bert, Pocahontas, Iowa, 75 Hanson, Gary, Creston, Iowa, 39, 235 Hanson, Roberta, Villisca, Iowa, 93 Hapes, Judith, Kansas City, Missouri, 93 Hardesty, Dona, Weston, Missouri, 93 Hardwick, Carol, Gower, Missouri, 75, 158 Hardy, Beverly. Maryville, Missouri, 93 Hardvman, Dorothy, Storm Lake, Iowa, 93, 114 Hargus. Merylan. Fairfax. Mi-ssouri, 93 Harlan, Kenneth. Idaho Springs, Colorado, 61, 138, 164, 178 Harless. Bob, Kansas Citv. Missouri, 75 Harmer, Jack, Jefferson, Iowa, 76 Harms, Larry, Farragut. Iowa. 61 Harms. Sharon, Red Oak, Iowa, 119, 151 Harover. Richard. Lenox, Iowa, 76, 176, 178, 179 Harper, Thomas, Glenwood, Iowa, 93 Harr. Patrick, Maryville, Missouri, 131, 141 Harris, Ronald, Auburn, Nebraska, 76 Harrison, Linda, Des Moines. Iowa, 76 Harrold, Cecil, Blythedale, Missouri, 76, 123 Harshbarger, Chris, Madrid, Iowa. 93 Har.shberger, Jimmic, Hopkins, Missouri, 93 Hart, Alan. Maryville. Missouri, 61 Hartman, James, .St. Joseph, Missouri. 61 Hartman. Linda, Rock Port, Missouri, 61 Hartman. Wayne, Barnard, Missouri, 61, 166, 167 Hartman, Sherrie, Glenwood, Iowa, 61, 139 Hartsock, Robert, St. Joseph, Missouri, 93 Harvey. Robert, Kansas Citv, Missouri, 215, 2.35, 2.36, 239 Harvey, Thomas, Bethany, Missouri, 39 Harvey, Thomas W., Bethany, Missouri, 76, 133 Haskey, David, St. Joseph. Missouri, 61 Haskill, Daniel, Bethany, Missouri, 7 6, 123, 235 Hasselbrink, Carolyn, Grinnell, Iowa, 93 Hasselquist, Nancy, Malvern, Iowa, 93 Haugh, Jeffrey, Leavenworth. Kansas, 93 Hause, Irene, Northfield, Minnesota, 61, 255 Hawkins, James. Pleasanton. Iowa. 133, 140, 167 Hawley, Donna, Woodbine. Iowa. 93. 158 Hawley, Kalbryn, Barnard, Missouri, 61, 145, 255 Hawley, Wilbert, Barnard, Missouri. 93 Hawman. Harold. St. Joseph. Missouri. 61 Haws, Clarence, Falls City, Nebraska, 93 Hay, Nyle. Bayard, Iowa, 93 Hayden, Maxine, Maryville, Missouri, 39 Hayes, Curtis, Steger, Illinois, 61, 138, 149 Havs, Karen, Rock Port, Missouri, 61, 121, 161, 216 Hays, Trudy. Watson. Missouri, 93 Head. Robeit. Chillicothe. Missouri. 61 Healy, Michael, Jefferson, Iowa, 93 Heater, Joseph, St. Joseph, Missouri, 39 Heater, Sandra, Savannah. Missouri. 39 Heathman. Minnie, Smithville, Missouri, 76, 158 Heckathorn, Kathleen, Van Wert, Iowa, 93 Heflin, Leland, Barnard, Missouri, 93 Heflin, Roger, Maryville, Missouri, 93 Heiman, Richard, Shelby. Iowa, 39 Heinen, Leroy, Aleona, Iowa, 93, 235, 257, 215 Heinen, Richard, 130, 23,5, 2.37 Heisig, -Sarah. Kansas City. Missouri, 93 Hekel, Daren, Carson, Iowa, 93 Heifers, Larry, Craig, Missouri, 93. 167 Helsel. John, St. Joseph. Missouri, 76 Helzer, Nola, Barnard. Missouri. 76. 255 Helzer, Nvdra, Barnard, Missouri, 39 Hendrix, Anne, Kansas Citv. Missouri, .39, 112, 11.3, 114. 161 Henningsen. Carl, Omaha, Nebraska, 76 Henry, Gary, Ravenwood, Missouri, 93 Henrv, Kerry, Kansas Citv, Missouri, 93 Hcnsley. Darwin. Maryville. Missouri, 62, 148 " Herbst, Anna, Bethanv. Missouri. 93 Herleman. Marianne. Kansas City. Mis- souri, 62 Herring, David, Creston. Iowa, 62. 164. 257 Hersh. Karen. Independence, Missouri, 39, 121. 213 Herzog. .Sandra. Kent. Iowa. 62. 120. 156, 157, 159. 16.3, 219, 254 Hess, James, Skidmore, Missouri, 124 Higginbotham, Linda, Council Bluffs. Iowa, 93 Higgins, Michael. Independence. Iowa. 93 Higgins. Wilbur. New Hampton, Missouri, 76 Hightower, Linda, Mooresville, Missouri, 93 Hilger. Mary, Hamburg, Iowa. 76. 213 Hill. Dannv. Maryville. Missouri. 162 Hill. Elaine, Maryville. Missouri, 93, 118, 163 Hill. Harriett. Murray, Iowa, 76 Hill. John. Des Moines, Iowa, 62. 128. 164 Hill. -Shirley, Clarinda, Iowa, .39 Hillers, Lenore, Blockton, Iowa, 62 Hillers, Patricia, Blockton, Iowa, 62, 1.39. 256. 260 Hillman. Alvin. New Hampton. Missouri, 76 Hillman, Robert, Kansas Citv, Missouri, 93 Hiltabidle. Terry, Allerton, Iowa, .39, 133, 163, 164 Hinkle. John, Bigelow, Missouri, 76 Hinkson. Wendell, Waukee, Iowa, 93 Hinton, ( ' arl, St. Josenh. Mis.souri, 62 Hinton, Larry. St. Joseph, Missouri, 76 Hirter, Linda, St. Joseph, Mi.ssouri, 76, 152, 159 Hischke, Eldon, Highland, Kansas, 62 Hites, Jerry, Malvern, Iowa, 76 Hitt, Rodger, Oakland, Iowa, 76 Hobbs, Edwin, Blockton, Iowa, 93 Hodges, Harold, Moorhead, Iowa, 93, 175, 178 Hoffman, Judith, Denison, Iowa, 93 Hoffmann, Robert, Emmetsburg, Iowa, 149 Hoffmeister. Dennis. Altamont. Illinois, 94 Hofmann, Larry, Ackley, Iowa, 39, 144 Hohlfeld, Norma, Mount Ayr, Iowa, 39 Hohneke, Ronald, Afton, Iowa, 62 Holbrook, Dennis, Clarinda, Iowa, 62 Holbrook. Gevona, Maryville, Missouri, 39 Holder, Myron, Braymer, Missouri, 94 Holland, Larry, Bedford, Iowa, 224 Holland, Ronald, Kansas Cif Missouri, 39 Holloway, .Sharon, Kirkman, Iowa, 94 Holmes. Judith. Graham. Missouri, 76 Halstead, Lana, 196 Holt, James, Hopkins, Missouri. 76. 147 Holtz, James. Des Moines, Iowa. 94 Honstedt. Gary, Indianola, Iowa, 62 Hopkins, Carol, Des Moines, Iowa, 76, 115 Hopper, Marvin, Auburn, Nebraska, 76, 240 Hornbostel, Larry, Falls City, Nebraska, 62 Home, Roger, Gateway, Colorado, 62, 1.32 Hornecker, Ronald, Maryville, Missouri, 40 Horrell, Bruce, Carbendale, Illinois, 94 Ho.shor, Caro. Barnard, Missouri, 62 Houck. Richard, f!orning. Iowa, 128, 135, 160 Houghton, Judith. Tarkio, Missouri, 62, 116 House, Florence, Pattonsburg, Missouri, 94 Houser, Janet, Malvern, Iowa, 94 Houser, Larry, Ravtown, Missouri, 126, 167, 254, 260 Honseworth, Charles, Carrollton, Mi.ssouri, 94, 167 Houts, Laura, Marvville, Missouri. 40, 175, 177, 179, 260 Houts, Lowell, Maryville, Missouri, 94, 235, 261 Howard. Ernest. .Shenandoah. Iowa, 62 Howard, Mary, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 94 Howe, Barbara, Marvville, Missouri, 40, 196 Howe. Janelle, Mound City. Missouri, 62 Howe. William. Ankeny. Iowa, 76 Howell, Fred, Creston, Iowa, 62. 167 Hoy, .Alvin. Parkville, Missouri, 76 Hov. Stephen. Falls City, Nebraska, 76 Ihibbard. lames. Kansas Citv. Kansas, 94. 235 Huber. .Shirley, Easton, Missouri, 40, 257 Huelskamp, Margaret, Bedford, Iowa, 94 Huffman. Calvin. Marvville. Missouri, 40, K53 Hughes, Leo, Agency, Mi.ssouri. 94 Huitt, Judith, Des Moines, Iowa, 62, 139, 157, 159, 166, 222, 254, 258 Hukill, Dennis, Stanberry, Missouri, 94, 178 Hukill, John, Sidnev, Iowa. 94 Hulet, Marilyn. McFall. Missouri, 94 Hidl, Max. Elmo, Missouri. 62 Hullman, Judith. Coin. Iowa. 40, 121, 140, 142, 151, 191, 231 Hultquist, Gary, Elliott, Iowa, 40, 124, 141, 144, 222 Hummel, Forrest, Newton. Iowa. 94, 2,35 Huninnl. Thomas. Glenwood. Iowa. 162. 235 Humphreys. John. Grant ( " ity, ISIissouri, 94 Humston, .Sara. Macedonia. Iowa. 94. 202 Hunsicker. Norma. Eagleville. Missouri, 40, 153, 1.55, 166 _ Hunter, Eileen. Thurnian. Iowa. 94 Hunter. Linda. St. Joseph. Missouri. 62. 120 Hnnziger, Ellen, St. Joseph. Mi.ssouri, 40 Hurlev, James, St. Joseph, Missouri, 40, 131, ' 185 Hurst. Alan. Eagleville, Missouri, 94 Hurst, .Steven. Kansas Citv. Missouri. 94 Huss. Mariorie. Creston. Iowa. 40. 152 Husted. Rowena. Rock Port. Missouri, 94, 179 Hutton, Janet, Blythedale, Missouri, 94 Hyder, Judy, Barnard, Missouri. 76 Hams. Earlene. City. Mi.ssouri. 94 Imes, Johnie. Maryville, Missouri. 76 Ingels. Shirley, Hopkins, Missouri, 94 Ingram. Sandra. Kansas Citv, Missouri. 76. 1.39. 179. 261 Inni?. Frank, Kidder, Missouri, 91 Ireland, Emerson, Fairfax, Missouri, 76 Irvin, Jerilyn. Westhoro, Missouri, 1, 40, 142, US. 151, 153, 156. 190, 191, 198, 222, 2, ' ?1 Irvin. Lonnie, .lefferson Citv. Mis.souri, 62, 190. 235. 238 Ivy. Phyllis, Tarkio, Missouri, 76 Jackson. Diana. Cliilliiothe. Missouri, 94 Jackson, F ' rances. ( " .rant City, Missouri, 76 Jackson. Jurel, Maryville, Missouri, 76 Jackson, Marvin, iarvville, Missouri. 40. 129 Jackson. Ricliard, Kellerton, Iowa, 62. 133, 144. 231 Jackson, Doup, Jefferson, Iowa. 94, 177. 178 Jackson. Robert, Maryville, Missouri. 94 Jackson, Sharon, Lytton, Iowa, 76 Jackson, Slade, Papillion, Nebraska, 133, 231 Jacobs, Doyle, Des Moines. Iowa, 94 Jacobs, Marvin. Auburn. Iowa. 40 Jacobs. Sandra. Marno, Iowa, 76 Jacobs, William, Harlan, Iowa, 94 Jacobsen, Robert. Walnut, Iowa, 94 Jacobsen. ThoniEis. Coon Rapids. Iowa. 94 Jaeckel. Gary. Iaryville, Missouri, 95 Jahr. Robert. Kansas City, Missouri. 94 James, Kenneth, Hopkins. Missouri. 94 James. Ronald. Chariton. Iowa, 94. 244 James. Stephen, Falls City. Nebraska, 94 Jameson, Howard. Platte Citv, Missouri, 94 Jamison. Clenda, Coin. Iowa, 62, 139, 152. 219. 259 Jamison. Ted. Maryville, Missouri, 127, 142 Jennings. Elbert. St. Joseph. Missouri, 40 Jenninps. Gerald. Clarinda. Iowa, 62 Jenninps. John. Stanberry. Missouri, 94 Jennings. Sandra. Nevada, Iowa, 62 Jensen. Allan. Glenwood.Iowa. 62. 244 Jensen. Colleen, Avoca. Iowa. 94 Jensen. Dennis. Greenfield, Iowa, 76 Jensen, Gary. Anita, Iowa, 94 Jensen, Joan. Kansas City, Missouri. 62 Jensen, Reggie, Greenfield, Iowa, 95 Jeschke. Sharon, St. Joseph, Missouri, 40, 159 Jeske, Edmund, Afton. Iowa, 62 Jessen, Rhodetta, Exira, Iowa, 40, 163, 158. 211 Joekel. Murray. Maryville. Missouri, 95 Johnson, Benny, Turney. Missouri, 95 Johnson, Betty, Maryville. Missouri. 40, 121 Johnson, Chloe, Villisca. Iowa, 95, 153 Johnson, Christine, St. Joseph, Missouri, 95, 114 Johnson. Clyde. Storm Lake, Iowa, 95 Johnson. David. Kansas City. Missouri. 95 Johnson. Douglas. Carroll. Iowa. 186 Johnson. Gary. Storm Lake. Iowa, 95 Johnson, Harold. Savannah, Missouri, 40, 145, 153, 154 Johnson. Helen, Ridgeway, Missouri, 76, 169 Johnson. James. Lombard. Illinois. 63, 123 Johnson. Jerald. Lohrville, Iowa, 76 Johnson, John. Rippey, Iowa. 76 Johnson. Katherine A.. Maryville. Missouri, 115 Johnson. Katherine F.. St. Joseph, Mis- souri. 63. 146 Johnson. Kathleen. Braylon, Iowa, 95 Johnson, Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 127, 1,38. 140. 142, 148, 150. 154, 155. 168, 169, 224, 225, 230 Johnson. Virginia. Marvville, Missouri, 76, 163 Johnson, Vivian, Ouitman, Missouri, 95 Johnson, Walter, Kansas City, Missouri, 95 Johnston. James. Chariton, Iowa. 63 Johnston. Meredith, Cineville, Iowa. 63 Johnston. Reanne, Lake City, Iowa, 95, 120, 178, 179 Johnston, Richard, Kansas City, Missouri, 95 Jones, Andy, Platte City. Missouri. 40, 124 Jones, Donald, Clearfield. Iowa, 76 Jones, Linda, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 77, 139 Jones, Mary. Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 95, 259 Jones. Marv Sue. Plattsburg. Missouri. 77, 166, 175, " 177, 178, 255, 259 Jones, Michael, Grant City, Missouri, 95 Jones, Pamela. Lohrville. Iowa, 95 Jones. Patricia. Lohrville. Iowa. 95 Jones. Richard F.. St. Joseph. Missouri, 41 Jones. Richaril L.. Liberty. Missouri. 95 Jones. Ronald. Dawn. Mi.ssouri. 95 Jordan. Robert. Maiden. Missouri, 95 Jorgensen, Karen. Manilla, Iowa, 77 Jorgensen, Sandra, Manilla, Iowa, 41, 158, 252, 254 Judd. Gary, Pickering, Missouri, 77 Juergens. Richard. Carroll. Iowa, 95 Julius, Allan, Manson, Iowa. 63 June. Louise. Maitland. Missouri, 95 Jurjevich, Joseph, St. Joseph, Missouri, 95, 255 Kaliel. Donald. Eagleville, Missouri. 95 Kacer. William. Toledo. Iowa, 77 Kading. Caiolyn, Des Moines, Iowa, 95, 197 Kallauner, Larry, Maryville, Missouri, 63, 194. 195 Kaminska. Paula. Kansas City. Missouri. 41 Kamler. Penny. Stewartsville. Missouri, 77 Kampe. Sally.Red Oak. Iowa, 41, 119, 163 Kariker, Eldonna, New Hampton, Missouri, 77, 179. 255 Karsnak. Michael, Jersey City, New Jersey, 95, 2.35 Karsten. Dennis. Maitland. Missouri. 41 Karstens, Dennis, Breda, Iowa, 41, 124, 160 Kaspersen, Roger, Carroll, Iowa, 41 Kaster, Dennis , Afton, Iowa, 63, 129, 140 Kay. David. Maryville. Missouri. 95, 150 Keever, Douglas. Maryville. Missouri, 95 Keever. James. Maryville. Missouri. 41 Keever. Wanda. Skidmore. Missouri. 95 Kehoe. Robert. Overland. Missouri, 95 Keith. Dorothy. Bedford. Iowa. 95 Keith. Kenenth. Silver Citv. Iowa, 95 Kelker, James, Red Oak, Iowa, 41, 132 Keller. Jack. Norwalk. Iowa. 95 Kelley. James. Onawa, Iowa, 95 Kelley, Janet, Hamburg, Iowa. 95 Kellev. Jerry, Graham. Missouri. 77, 131, 141, 167 Kelley, John, Preston, Iowa, 41, 129 Kelly, John, St. Joseph, Missouri, 77 Kelly, Marlene, Kansas City, Missouri, 95, 193 Kelly. Sandra. Kansas City. Missouri. 77, 165. 183. 184 Kenipton. Carolyn. Tabor. Iowa, 77, 197 Kennedy, Gary, Bolckow, Missouri, 77 Kennedy, Terri. Kansas Citv, Missouri, 95, 158, 178, 179 Keplinger. Harold. Kellerton. Iowa, 77, 126 Kerber. Inella. McClelland. Iowa. 63 Kerns. Judy. Hemple. Missouri, 77 Kerns. Larry. Maryville. Missouri, 41 Kerns. Phyllis. Albany. Missouri, 41 Kessler, Dwight, Pickering. Missouri, 108 Kiesling. Davie. Creston. Iowa. 41 KiUion, Dolores. Greenfield. Iowa. 41, 178 Killmon, Patricia. Council Bluffs, Iowa, 77 Kilmer, Larry, Perry. Iowa. 162, 244. 259 Kilpatrick. Jack. Lorimer. Iowa. 95 Kimbrough. Karen. Ridgeway, Missouri, 77, 121, 147, 219. 221. 223 Kinimet. Judy, Kansas City, Missouri, 115, 213 Kincaid. Richard. Kansas City. Missouri, 95 Kinder, Ramona, Faucett, Missouri. 41, 1.39, 145. 1.54 King. Connie, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 77 King. David. Bedford. Iowa. 95 King. Judith, S ' nrth. Missouri, 95 King. Leroy. Blockton, Iowa, 63, 133, 214 King, Roger, Maryville, Missouri, 96, 138, 231, 260 King, Sylvia. Kansas Citv. Missouri. 96 Kinker. Elizabeth. Carrollton. Missouri, 63, 143 Kirby, Charles. Maquoketa. Iowa. 96 Kirchhoff. Charla. Marshalltown, Iowa, 41, 117, 152 Kirkendoll. Judv. Kansas Citv. Missouri, 96 Kirschbaum, Raymond. Wathena, Kansas, 41 Klaehn, Janice. Osage, Iowa. 63, 152 Klein. Richard. Roseville. Michigan. 63. 163 Kleinheksel. Orrie. Drinighar. Iowa. 41 Klever. Martha. C;ary. Iowa, 63, 117, 151 Kline, Edward, Weston, Missouri, 96 Klinkefus. John. Maryville, Missouri, 41 Klinzman, David, Maryville, Missouri, 41 Klinzman, Martha, Maryville. Missouri, 63 Knapp, Karole, Sharpsburg. Iowa. 77 Knauss. James, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 96, 153, 257 Knauss, Jerry. Guthrie Center, Iowa, 77, 235. 254 Kneale. William. Oregon, Missouri, 63 Kneib, Philip, St. Joseph, Missouri, 63, 2.35 Knepper, Michael, Platte City, Missouri, 155 Knittl, Karol. Maryville, Missouri, 77, 147, 151 Knott, Glenda, Coffey, Missouri, 63, 119 Knox, Barbara, Casey, Missouri, 63, 177, 178, 198 Knudson, Douglas. Churdan, Missouri, 96 Kobashigawa, Jean, Kehaha, Kauai, Ha- waii. 63, 139. 152. 260 Koch. Lawrence, Tarkio, Missouri, 96 Koch, Richard, Stanberry, Missouri, 77, 166 Kokesh. Jean. Ridgeway. Missouri. 96 Koltemian, Joel. Blair. Nebraska, 96 Kooker, Karol, Des Moines, Iowa, 96, 159. 202 Kramer, Diane. Council Bluffs, Iowa, 96, 202 Krebs, Sidney. Storm Lake, Iowa, 77 Kreek. Peggy. Oregon. Missouri, 152 Kreft. Sara, Lytton. Iowa, 77, 118, 119, 151, 254 Kremer, Terrv. Mavville. Missouri, 42, 125, 143. 145 Krupp. Thomas. Cleveland. Ohio. 77 Kruse. Larry. Glenwood. Iowa, 127 Krutz. Judith. Corning. Missouri, 42, 121, 216, 254, 256 Kryselmire. Eddie. Clarinda. Iowa, 63 Kuhn. Mary. Council Bluffs, Iowa, 63, 116 Kubr. Joann. Lewis. Iowa. 63. 153, 259 Kullbom, Richard, Maryville. Missouri, 77, 167 Kunkel. Donald. Oregon, Missouri. 77 Kurtz. Larry. Oregon. Missouri, 77 Kurtz. Michael. Oregon. Missouri, 96 Kyle. Alfred. Maryville. Missouri. 54 LaForce, Jack. Smithville, Missouri, 42, 125 Lager. Shirley. St. Joseph, Missouri, 96, 147, 159 Lally. John. Denison, Iowa, 96 La iar, Jane. Burlington Jet., Missouri, 63, 175, 177, 178 LaMar. judv. Burlington Jet., Mi.ssouri, 96, 147 Lambertson, Keith, Wiota. Iowa, 63, 138, 151, 152. 254. 259 Lamphier. Ruth, Carrollton. Missouri, 42, 153. 254. 260 Lancaster. Dennis. Roseville. Michigan. 164 Landers. Kenneth. Thayer. Iowa, 128, 150 Landry. Michael, Kankakee, Illinois, 63 Lane. Roger. Mt. Ayr. Iowa. 96 Langford. Ronald. Albany. Missouri, 42, 144 Lanio, Carl, Kansas City, Missouri, 42, 133, 144 Larabee, Gary, Coin, Iowa, 77 Larimore. Joleene. Onawa, Iowa, 63, 163, 211, 213 Larsen. Edwin. Council Bluffs, Iowa, 96 Larsen. Larry. Irwin. Iowa, 77 Larson, Richard. Plattsmouth. Nebraska, 96, 167 Lasala. Joseph. Glenwood. Iowa, 96 Lasley. Harold. Maryville. Missouri, 42 Lasley. Jeanette. Maryville, Missouri, 96 Lathrop, Robert. Kansas City. Missouri. 77 Laumann. Sharon, Rockport, Missouri, 96 Lazear, Fred, Chariton, Iowa, 96 Leach, Edwin, Council Bluffs. Iowa. 96, 195 Leach, Francis, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 63 Learning, Mary. Scottsdale, Arizona. 63 Lee, Michael, Thousand Oaks, California, 63 Lee, Judith. Alexandria. Virginia. 63. 139. 254, 261 Lefgren, Caroljn, Hastings, Iowa, 77 Legaard, Garry, Ridgeway, Missouri, 96 Leistad, Edward, Elk Horn, Iowa, 77 Leming, Donald, Kansas City, Missouri, 96 Lentz, Donald, St. Joseph, Missouri, 42, 129 Leonard, Jerry, Garden Grove, Iowa, 96 Leonard, Richard, Glen Ellyn, Illinois, 77 Lerner, David, Overland Park, Kansas, 96 Lesher, Nancy, Clearmont, Missouri, 96 Leslie, Patricia, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 96 Leu, Phyllis, Hastings, Iowa, 42 Leu, Randall, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 96 Levis, Donald, Allerton, Iowa, 96 Levis, Ronald, Allerton, Iowa, 96 Lewellen, Robert, Carson, Iowa, 42, 113, 132, 135, 145, 160, 254 Lewis, Gloria, Marshalltown, Iowa, 77, 116 Lewis, Jack, Stanberry, Missouri, 42 Lewis, James, Kansas City, Missouri, 96 Lewis, Jerry, Maryville, Missouri, 77 Lewis, John, Winston, Missouri, 96 Lewis, Nylen, Weatherby, Missouri, 64 Lind, Nadine, Parkville, Missouri, 42, 196, 216 Lindstrom, Jerry, Kiron, Iowa, 134, 135 Lininger, Patricia, Shannon City, Iowa, 64, 145, 175, 176, 177, 179 Lininger, Stephen, Rockp ort, Missouri, 77 Linkey, James, Diagonal, Iowa, 59 Linville, Georgia, Graham, Missouri, 64 Linville, John, Bethany. Missouri, 77 Linville, Joyce, Graham, Missouri, 96 Litsch, James, Utica, Michigan, 224 Livieri, Charles, St. Joseph, Missouri, 64 Livingston, Ernest, Excelsior Springs, Mis- souri, 77 Loch, Marilyn, Pickering, Missouri, 96 Loch, Robert, Maryville, Missouri. 77 Lockard, Lyn, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 77, 121 Locker, Edward, Grinnel!, Iowa, 96 Lockridpe, Katherine, Jamesport, Missouri, 77, 147, 258 Logan, Beverly, Maryville, Missouri, 77 Logan, Billie, Graham, Missouri, 78 Logan. Francis. Parkview, Missouri, 78 Logan, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, 96 Logsdon, James, Maryville, Missouri, 96 Long, Carol, Grant City, Missouri, 64 Long, Connie. Grant City. Missouri, 96, 120 Long, Harlan, Bethany. Missouri, 78 Long. Kenneth. Gallatin, Missouri, 42 Long. Larry. Kansas City. Missouri. 96, 150 Longacre. Frank, Fall City. Nebraska, 97 Longstreth, Dan. Kansas City. Missouri, 78 Looker, Janet, Maryville, Missouri, 64 Loose, Rachel. Grimes, Iowa, 97. 147 Lopour. Eileen. Kansas City, Missouri, 97 Lott, Edythe, St. Joseph, Missouri, 42 Lowrey, Darryl, Pattonsburg. Missouri. 97 Lowrey. Gary. Dawn. Missouri. 42 Lowrey, Helen, Woodbine. Iowa. 42, 119 Lowthcr, Laura, Carlisle, Iowa, 64 Loy, Dianne, Des Moines, Iowa, 97 Lucas, Kenneth, College Springs, Iowa, 42, 173, 178, 227 Luhrs. Barbara. Craig. Missouri. 97. 114 Lund. Jackie. Hamilton. Missouri, 97 Lund. James. Hamilton, Missouri, 97 Lupardus, Thomas, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 78, 138, 177, 179 Luther, Willard. Clarinda, Iowa, 64 Luttrell, Larry, Chillicothe, Missouri, 97 Lydon, Michael, Adair, Iowa, 97 Lyle, David, Parnell, Missouri, 97, 163 Lynch, Joan, Maloy, Iowa, 42. 211, 213 Lynch. Judy, Maryville. Missouri, 78 Lynch. Thomas. Glen Ellyn, Illinois, 64 Lyon, Patricia, St. Joseph, Missouri, 64, 121 Lyons, Lynn, Perry, Iowa, 64 MacDonald, Margaret, Peoria, Illinois, 64, 118, 119, 140, 153, 182, 219, 251 Mace, Larry, Albany, Missouri, 64, 162, 257 Mackey, David, Bethany, Missouri, 98, 166 Mackey, George. St. Joseph, Missouri, 78 Mackey, Linda, Tarkio, Missouri, 98, 260 Madden, Carole, Ravenwood, Missouri, 98 Madden, Ronald, Maryville. Missouri, 78 Madden, Thomas, Kansas City, Missouri, 98 Madison, James, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 98 Madison, Willis, Bethany, Missouri, 98, 126, 149, 167, 260 Maffitt. Cleo. Barnard. Missouri, 78 Magennis. Janice, Fort Dodge, Iowa, 78 MaGill, Gary, Vail, Iowa, 231 Magness, Danny, Roseville, Michigan, 78 Mahaffey. Eugene, Raytown, Missouri, 78 Mahan, John, Winterset, Iowa, 98 Maher, Raymond, Red Oak, Iowa, 64 Mahoney, James, Excelsior Springs, Mis- souri, 64 Mains, Wavne, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 43, 162, 249 Majerus, Robert, Fall City, Nebraska, 98 Makings, Vivian, Smithville, Missouri, 98 Malcom, Robert, Malvern, Iowa, 98 Malick. Ken. Council Bluffs. Iowa. 78, 244 Malmberg, Norman. Shenandoah, Iowa, 43 Malott, Michael, Sandford, Florida, 98, 155 Manard, Sandra, Kansas City, Missouri, 78, 219, 251 Mann, Jane, Farragut, Iowa, 43, 152, 153 Mann, Jo an, Farragut, Iowa, 98, 169, 171 Mann, Norma. Maryville. Missouri, 43 Mann, Paul, Laurel, Iowa, 64 Manning, Gary, Maryville, Missouri, 78 Manning, Meredith, Albany, Missouri, 98, 179 Manning, Vincent, St. Joseph, Missouri, 64 Marcinko, Gerald, St. Joseph, Missouri, 43, 138 Marcum. Mary, Greenfield, Iowa, 78 Markt, Larry, Oregon, Missouri, 98, 167, 240 Marriott. Reynold, St. Joseph, Missouri, 43 Marsh, George, Kansas City, Missouri, 64, 131, 185. 223 Marsh, Gregory, Liberty, Missouri, 98, 149, 15.3, 166 Marsh. Judith, Albany, Missouri, 78 Marsh, Nancy, Des IVIoines, Iowa, 98 Marshall. Linda, Des Moines, Iowa, 78, 114 Marshall, Robert. Shenandoah, Iowa, 98 Marten, James, Manson, Iowa, 78 Martin, Barrv, Jefferson, Iowa, 64, 176, 177, 178 Martin, Carol, St. Joseph, Missouri, 64 Martin, Carolyn, Red Oak, Iowa, 98 Martin, Dennis, Lenox, Iowa, 98, 176, 178 Martin, Jean, Kansas City, Missouri, 78 Martin, Kenneth. St. Joseph. Missouri. 64 Martin. Norma. Skidmore. Missouri. 78 Martin. Patricia F., St. Joseph. Missouri, 64 Martin. Patricia I .. Westboro, Missouri, 78, 175, 178 Martin, Ronald, St. Joseph. Missouri, 78, 126 Mason, Jerry. Chariton, Iowa, 98, 244 Mason, Sarah, Kansas City, Missouri, 98, 178 Mast, Mary, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 98, 116 Masters, Donna, Grant City, Missouri, 98, 261 Masters, Martha, Grant City, Missouri, 43, 261 Mather, Mary, Tarkio, Missouri, 78, 151, 159, 254, 258 Mathews, Gary, Kansas City, Missouri. 138, 149 Malhewson, Marjorie, St. Joseph, Missouri, 98, 179 Matthews, Don, Atlantic, Iowa, 43 Mattox. Phillip. New Market, Iowa, 78 Mauseth, Robert, Iowa City, Iowa. 98, 167 Maxwell. Edward. Kansas City, Missouri. 98, 235, 237, 240 Mazur, Joseph, .St. Joseph, Missouri, 64 McBee, .Steve. Des Moines, Iowa, 97 McBride. Richard. Oelwein. Iowa. 162. 164 McCall. Martha, Kansas Citv, Missouri, 42, 139, 2.58 McCallister, James. Liberty, Missouri, 78 McCartney, Donald. Kansas Citv. Missouri, 97 McCartney. Eileen. Fairfax. Missouri. 78, 159, 175, 179 McCartney, William, Amity. Missouri, 78 McCarty. James. .Stanberry. Missouri, 78 McCIain. Donna, Carlisle, Iowa, 97 McClain, Karen, Fairfax, Missouri, 78, 114 McClaran, John, Independence, Missouri. 42, 258 McClard, Judith, St. Joseph, Missouri, 43, 1.38, 227 McClintock, Judith, Maryville, Missouri, 78. 216 McCloney. Betty. Osceola, Iowa, 78 McCloskey, Robert, St. Ann, Missouri, 78 McCloud, Gary, Ijohrville, Iowa, 97 McClung. Jimmy. Casey, Iowa, 78, 125 McClure, Jack, Decatur, Iowa, 97 McClurg, Karen, Clearmont, Iowa, 43 McConkey, .Susan, Barnard, Missouri, 115, 150, 170, 171, 175, 177, 178, 259 McCord, Dorothy, Bolkow, Missouri, 43 McCord, Theresa, Ravenwood, Missouri, 97, 169 McCown, Janelle, Burlington Jet., Mis- souri, 97 McCoy, Bob, Maryville, Missouri, 250 McCoy, John, Maryville, Missouri, 43, 138, 153, 162, 259 McCrory, Jerry, Cumberland, Iowa. 166 McCulloch. Ronald, Plattsburg. Missouri, 97 McCune, Patricia, St. Louis, Missouri, 64, 1.39, 157, 197, 260 McCurnin. David. Des Moines, Iowa, 97 McDaniel, Larry, Davis City, Iowa, 78 McDaniel, Linda, .St. Joseph, Missouri. 43 McDevitt. Alice, De Kalb, Missouri, 97 McDonald, Connie. Savannah, Missouri, 64. 121 McDonald. Larry, Rosendale, Missouri, 78 McDowell, Jeanette. Marvville, Missouri, 97 MiDunn, Gary, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 78, 169 McElfish, Peggy, Rock Port, Missouri, 97 McElwain, Sharon, Kansas City, Missouri, 64, 121, 159 McFall, Allen. Kansas City, Missouri, 97 McGehee, Charles, Mt. Ayr, Iowa, 97 McGinness. Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 43 McGinnis, Judy, Maryville, Missouri, 43, 119. 146 McGrath. Terrence. Mar -ville, Missouri, 43 McGuire, Bruce. Vincent, Iowa, 64 McGuire. Mary, Sun City, California, 97 McGuire. Timothy, Vincent, Iowa, 97, 235, 244 McHenry, Nancv, Kansas City, Missouri, 78, 152 Mcintosh, Donna, Graham, Missouri. 78 Mcintosh, George. Kellerton. Iowa. 78, 126 Mcintosh, Terry, Maryville, Missouri, 169 Mclntyre, George, Burlington Jet., Mis- souri, 78, 197 McKee, John, Parkville, Missouri, 97 McKee, Shirlev. Pii ' kering. Missouri, 97, 1.54 Mi ' Kenney. Rex. Hamburg. Iowa, 97 McKinlev, Randv, Citv, Missouri, 97 McKinzie. Bonnie. Greenfield, Iowa. 97, 120 Mcl.ain. Donald. Maryville, Missouri. 97 Mrl.ain. Gerald. Maryville. Missouri. 97 McLaughlin, Daniel, East Moline, Illinois, 97, 146. 195. 2.57 McLear. Patrick. Kansas City, Missouri, 63, 153 McMahon. Rex. Maryville, Missouri, 97 McMain. Jerry. Kansas City. Missouri, 97 McMillen. Thorwald. Alhanv. Missouri, 43, 123, 175, 177, 178 McMinemee, Barbara, Denison. Iowa, 97 McNeel, Nancv. Marvville. Missouri. 78 McNeel. Ronald. Gallatin. Missouri. 97 McNeese. Carolyn. Grant City. Missouri. 97 McNeill. Sue. Maryville. Missouri. 4.3, 117 McNichols, James. Creston. Iowa. 43 MiPike. Ardis. Ouitman. Missouri. 97. 120, 1,58 McQueen, Gary, St. Joseph. Missouri, 43, 127, 195 McOuigc. Karen. Redding. Iowa. 97 Meade , David, . ' t. Jnsenli. Missouri. 64 Meade. Richard. Maryville, Missouri, 44 Meadows. Jean. Kellerton. Iowa. 98, 169. 257 Medsker, Beverly, Graham, Missouri, 44, 1.52, 210 Meek. Doralyn. Parnell, Missouri, 98 Meidinger. James, Leona, Kansas, 44, 134, 144 Meindertsma, Peter, Newton, Iowa, 98 Menke, Kenneth, Hebron, Nebraska, 64, 127 Menschinp, Stanley, Logan, Iowa, 79 Mercer, Daryl, Parnell, Missouri, 98 Mercer, Jerri, Des Moines, Iowa, 79, 163, 216 Merrill. Janet. Greenfield, Iowa. 79. 116 Merrill. Martha. Council Bluffs, Iowa, 44, 116. 117, 148, 213 Merrill, Mel. Princeton, Missouri, 65 Merrill, Nl.yron, Princeton, Missouri, 98 Merritt. Frances. Braddyville, Iowa, 175, 177, 178. 179 Merritt, Ronald, Maryville, Missouri, 79 Messerli. Larry, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 125, 164, 244 Messick, Nida, Maryville, Missouri. 98, 178 Messner, Earnest. Darlington. Missouri, 44 Messner, Frederick, Stanberry, Missouri, 65, 166. 261 Metting, Karen, St. Joseph, Missouri, 65, 155 Meusey. Jim. Storm Lake, Iowa, 79 Mever. Helen. Maryville, Missouri, 98 Meyer. Judith, Maryville, Missouri. 98, 154 Mever, Lynn, New Hampton, Missouri, 79 Mever, Mary. Platte City, Missouri, 65, 121, 159, 213 Meyer, Patricia, Modale, Iowa, 79, 121 Meyers. Charles, Parkville, Missouri, 98 Meyers. Helen. St. Joseph. Missouri, 44, 151, 152 Michel. Peggy. Northboro, Iowa, 98 Michelson. Scott, Maryville. Missouri. 44. 127. 138. 254 Michelson, Jeannette, Maryville. Missouri. 44. 153 Mick. Eddie. Lathrop. Missouri, 44 Middleton, Judith. Ridgeway. Missouri. 98 Miles. Donald. Southgate. Michigan, 79 Milinskv. Robert. Des Moines. Iowa, 98 Miller, Sue, Bolckow, Missouri, 44 Miller, Clarence, Sioux City. Iowa, 98 Miller. Deloris. Hamburg, Iowa, 79 Miller. Donald. Chillicothe, Missouri, 79 Miller. Howard. Chillicothe. Missouri, 98 Miller. Judith. St. Joseph. Missouri. 98. 116 Miller. Judy. Greenfield, Iowa, 117 Miller. Kathleen, Manilla. Iowa, 79, 157 Miller, Larry, Scranton. Iowa, 65, 175, 177, 178 Miller, Marcia, Savannah, Missouri, 79, 115. 213 Miller. Mary. Stanberry, Missouri, 79 Miller. Mary, Maryville, Missouri, 65 Miller, Melvin, Atchison. Kansas. 65 Miller. Richard. Crescent, Iowa, 98 Miller. Robert, Crescent. Iowa. 44, 166 Miller, Ronald, Atchison, Kansas, 79 Miller, Shirley, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 99, 116 Miller. Susan, St. Joseph, Missouri, 99 Miller, Terry, Gilman City, Missouri, 79 Miller, Wayne, Derby. Iowa. 99 Mills, Donna, Murray, Iowa, 99 Mills. Karen, Jameson. Missouri, 79, 152 Millsaps, Walter, Rock Port. Missouri, 99 Minnick. Doug. Creston, Iowa, 99, 244 Misner, Richard, Kansas City. Missouri, 79 Mitchell, Diana, Storm Lake, Iowa, 44, 115, 122. 161. 219 Mitchell. Paul. Brooks. Iowa, 99 Mitchell, Ronald, Storm Lake, Iowa, 99 Mitchell, Stephen, Fairfax, Missouri, 99, 179 Mitchell. Warren, Marshalltown, Iowa, 79, 144 Mitskoff, Gary, Des Moines, Iowa. 99 Mittelstadt, Donald, Storm Lake, Iowa, 99 Mock. Margaret, New Hampton, Missouri, 99. 147 Modrell. Paula. Easton. Missouri, 65 Moellenberndt, Richard, Gravity, Iowa, 44, 144, 155 Mohr. Betty, Creston, Iowa, 99, 179 Molendorp. Wilma. Sibley. Iowa, 44 Moles, Jesse, Maryville, Missouri, 99 Monday, Lyndal, Grant City, Missouri, 44 Montross, Linda, Deep River, Iowa, 44 Moore, David, Irwin, Iowa, 65 Moore, Jon, Red Oak, Iowa, 79 Moore, Richard, Corning, Missouri, 99 Moore. Robert. Kansas City. Missouri. 99 Moore. Ronald, Winston, Missouri, 99, 260 Moore, Sallv, Trenton, Missouri, 65, 118, 147 Moore, Shirley, Spencer, Iowa, 79, 112, 115, 219 Moore. Stephen. Kansas City, Missouri, 99 Morehouse, Barbara, Hopkins, Missouri. 79. 147, 153 Morehouse, Sharon, Maryville, Missouri, 65 Moriartv, Dennis, Storm Lake, Iowa, 99, 155, 257 Morris, Edna, Forest City, Missouri, 79 Morris, Ted, Kansas City, Missouri, 99 Morris, Vonna, Union Star, Missouri, 79 Morrison. Billy, Hopkins, Missouri, 44 Morrison, James, Hopkins, Missouri, 99 Morrison, Lyle. Clearmont. Missouri. 65 Morriss, Diane, Cameron, Missouri, 158 Morrow, Carol, Maryville, Missouri, 79 Morrow, Glen. Pickering, Missouri. 99, 179 Mortensen. Donald. Audobon. Iowa, 44, 177. 178 Mortensen. Sue. Coon Rapids. Iowa, 65 Mortimer, Dorothy. Maryville, Missouri, 44 Morton, Dennis, Kansas City, Missouri, 79, 155 Moseman, John, Kansas City, Missouri, 99 Moser, Patricia, Wathena, Kansas, 99, 178. 179 Mount. Garry. Hamburg. Iowa, 99 Mowry, Richard, Maitland, Missouri, 45, 166, 167 Moyle. Mary. Lenox. Iowa. 99. 163 Mozingo, Gary, Maryville, Missouri. 65, 260 Mueller, Ronald, St. Joseph. Missouri. 65 Mullins. Clark. Omaha. Nebraska, 99, 178 Munn, Cheryl, Pattonsburp, Missouri, 99 Munson, Stanley, Atchison. Kansas, 45, 123 Murdock, George, St. Joseph. Missouri, 45, 127 Murphv. William, Red Oak, Iowa, 45, 138 Murrell, Philip. Winterset. Iowa, 79, 153, 179, 197 Mvers, Kip. Parkville. Missouri. 99, 240 Myers, Mary. Platte City. Missouri. 45 Myers. Myrna. Agency. Missouri, 65. 153 Myers. Richard, Riverside, California, 99 Myers, Robert. Redding, California, 45, 134 Myles. Harold. Tulsa. Oklahoma. 99 Myrtue. Jerry, Harlan, Iowa, 79, 1.30 Narrows, Jacqueline, Strongsville, Ohio, 99 Nauman, John. St. Joseph. Missouri, 45 Navlor, Dennian, Grand Island, Nebraska, 99 Nazarene, Jon, Red Oak. Iowa, 99 Nebola, Elnora, Maryville, Missouri, 45 Nedrow, Larry, Falls Cit " Nebraska, 99 Neely, Diane, Lincoln, Nebraska, 99 Neff, Joseph, St. Joseph. Missouri, 45 Neff, Lyle, Ridgeway, Missouri, 99, 130. 135 Neill, Michael, Shenandoah, Iowa, 65 Neira, Nick, Pontiac, Michigan, 45, 241, 242 Nelson, Charles, Bolckow, Missouri, 65, 1.34, 231, 255 Nelson, Franz, Bolckow. Missouri, 65 Nelson, Judv, Atlantic, Iowa, 79 Nelson, Kenneth, Westboro, Missouri, 99, 166 Nelson, Larry, Tabor, Iowa, 79, 226, 235 Nelson, Luetta. Kirkman. Iowa, 65. 157 Nelson, Mary, Bolckow, Missouri, 99, 255 Nelson. Robert. New York. New York, 226 Nelson, Ronnie, .Sheridan, Missouri, 167 Nelson, William, Lucas. Iowa. 79. 1.38 Neuberger. Dean, Renwick, Iowa. 99 Neuroth. Stephen. Storm Lake, Iowa, 99, 155, 257 Neustadt. David, La Grange, Illinois, 99, 1,38, 152 Nevitt, Emily. Dexter. Iowa. 65, 156, 258 Nevitt, Mary. Dexter. Iowa. 100, 259 Newberg. Robert, Fillmore. Missouri. 79 Newcomer, Jerry, Guilford, Missouri, 162, 166 Newman, Bobby. Stanberry, Missouri, 45 Newman, Edward, Des Moines, Iowa, 100 Newman, Jerry, Maryville, Missouri, 79, 131 Newman, Jimmie, Albany. Missouri, 65 Nichols, Myrl, Bethany, Missouri, 131 Nichols, Nancy, Tingley, Iowa, 79, 155 Nickell, Veriel. Hallsville, Missouri. 100 Nickerson. Linda. Bethany. Missouri, 100 Nielsen, James, Auduben, Iowa. 100, 166 Nielsen, Karen, Oregon, Missouri, 45, 153 Nielsen, Larry, Exira, Iowa, 65 Nielson, Linda, Barnard, Missouri. 79, 255 Nieman, Judith, Manilla. Iowa. 100 Niemann. Karen. Tarkio. Missouri, 79, 195 Niewald, Diane, Maryville, Missouri, 79, 257 Nigh, Linda, Sheridan, Missouri, 100 Noah, Patsy, Rock Port, Missouri, 100, 163, 251 Noakes, Melba, Hopkins, Missouri, 45, 179 Noakes. Wilbur, Hopkins, Missouri, 100 Noe, Linda, St. Joseph, Missouri, 100, 147, 153 Noel, Phillip, Oregon, Missouri, 100, 167 Noid. Raymond. Manshalltown. Iowa, 65 Nopoulos, .Steven, Stuart, Iowa, 100 Nordby, Marvin, Harlan, Iowa, 79 Nordstrum, Douglas, Garden Grove, Iowa, 123 Nordstrum. Robert, Garden Grove, Iowa, 45, 164 Norman, Robert, Chillicothe, Missouri, 79 Norris, Judith, Chicago, Illinois, 45, 152, 153, 257 Norris, Kathleen, Griswold, Iowa, 79 Norris, Ralph, St. Joseph, Missouri, 100 Northup. Paul. Maryville, Missouri, 45 Northwall, Carolyn, Spencer, Iowa, 79 , Novogradic, Jeannette. Kansas City, Mis- souri, 45, 117, 152, 159 Nowland. Karen. Jamesport. Missouri, 79 Nowland, Lawrence, Jamesport, Missouri, 45 Nowling, Glen, Craig, Missouri, 100 Nurek, Charles, Pontiac, Michigan, 79 Nusbaum, Richard, laryville, Missouri, 45 Oberhelman, Susan, Parkville, Missouri, 65, 219 Obirek, John, Melchek, Iowa, 80 O ' Connor. Thomas, Spld.. Illinois. 100 Oehrlein. James. Maryville. Missouri. 100 Oeser, Fritz, Independence, Missouri, 65, 255 Oh, Inwhan. Seoul, Korea. 80. 167, 260 Ohnesorge, Forrest, Kansas City, Missouri, 65, 250, 261 Okinaka. Richard. Makawao. Hawaii, 45, 125, 142 Olenius, Richard, Stanton, Iowa. 65. 123, 125 Oliphant, John, Leavenworth. Kansas, 100 Olson, Alan. Irwin. Iowa, 100 Olson, Barbara. Manilla. Iowa. 100. 158 Oltman. Eugene, Kansas City, Missouri, 65. 125 O ' Neill. Thomas, Ravtown, Missouri, 66, 123 O ' Reillv. Patricia, St. Joseph. Missouri. 45. 153 O ' Rily. Caroline. Graham. Missouri. 147, 257 O ' Riley. Ina, Burlington Jet.. Missouri, 80 Osborn, Donna, Gentry, Missouri, 66 Osborn, Ethel, Winterset. Iowa. 80 Osborn, Martin. Gentry, Missouri, 100 Ostrus, Sharon, Wiota, Iowa, 66, 145, 147, 179, 222, 262 Ott, Karon, Union Star, Missouri, 46, 143, 145, 163 Owen, Dinah, Kansas City, Missouri, 100, 179 Owen, Larry. Mill Grove, Missouri, 100 Owen, Willa, Maysville, Missouri, 100 Owens, Joan, Clearfield, Iowa, 66, 178 Owens, Joyce, Hopkins, Missouri, 46, 115, 213 Owens. Kenneth, Craig, Missouri, 46 Owens, Linda. Craig. Missouri. 80 Owens. Robert, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, 100 Owens, Shirley, Maryville, Missouri, 100 Owens, Terry, Newton, Iowa, 46, 249 Owens. Thomas. St. Joseph, Missoui, 100 Ozenberger, James, St. Joseph, Missouri, 46 Pabian. Lavergne. Toledo. Iowa. 100. 259 Pace, Ruth. St. Joseph, Missouri, 46 Packer, Allan, Chenungo Forks, New York, 100, 255 Paden, Wallace, St. .Io.seph. Missouri, 100 Page, William, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 100 Painter, Eileen, Mound City, Missouri, 46, 143, 145 Palermo, Barbara, Shawnee Mission, Kan- sas, 46, 153 Palumbo, James, Coro Salo, Canal Zone, 46. 129 Paolillo, Vincent, St. Joseph, Missouri, 46, 154, 155 Papas, Leo, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 130, 235, 238, 2.39 Parks. Donna, Carrollton, Missouri, 66, 153 Parks, Robert. Des Moines, Iowa, 100 Parman, Donnie, Albany, Missouri, 80 Parman. Eddie, Hatfield, Missouri, 80 Parman. Judith, Sheridan, Missouri. 100, 158 Parman. Wallace, Eagleville, Missouri, 80 Parmenter, Esther, Gentry, Missouri, 46, 179 Parrish, Robert, Des Moines, Iowa, 100 Parton, Leanna. Gallatin. Missouri, 100 Pascal, Diane, Pocahontas, Iowa, 100, 159 Patience, Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 66, 138, 255, 256 Patterson. Charles, Osceola, Iowa, 46, 166 Patterson, Jerry, Greenfield, Iowa, 80 Patterson, Robert, Fairfax, Missouri, 80 Patton, Nancy, McFall, Missouri, 46. 145, 152. 254 Paul. Lannv. Corning. Iowa. 46, 129, 135, 160 Paullin, Robert, Stuart, Iowa, 46 Paveilla, Vincent, Maryville, Missouri, 127 Pawlowski, James, St. Joseph, Missouri, 66 Paxton, Patricia. Maryville, Missouri, 100, 120 Pearce, James, Fairfax, Missouri. 80 Pearcv, Charles, Weldon, Iowa, 80 Pearson, Peter. Guthrie Center, Iowa, 66 Peart, Larry, Kansas City, Missouri, 100 Pedersen, Glen. Harlan. Iowa, 100 Pelzer, Susan, Marne, Iowa, 100 Pendgraft, William, Oakland, Iowa, 46 Pennington. Mary. St. Joseph, Missouri, 46, 118, 119, 148 _ Perez, James, Kenosha, Wisconsin, 100, 235. 237, 244. 245 Perry, Charles, McClelland, Iowa, 80 Perry, Shelia, St. Joseph, Missouri, 80 Peter, Fanny. Skidmore, Missouri, 80 Peters, Karen. Des Moines, Iowa, 100, 197 Petersen. 1). Kendall. Atlantic, Iowa, 46, 131, 207 Petersen, Dianne, Atlantic, Iowa, 80, 157 Petersen, Kenneth C, Bethel, Kansas, 80, 215, 235, 236 Petersen, Richard. Earlhani, Iowa, 80. 178 Peterson. Carl. Stanton, Iowa, 126 Peterson, Charles, Kirksville, Missouri, 66 Peterson, Donald, Maryville, Missouri, 80, 162, 235, 247 Peterson. Dorothy, Red Oak, Iowa, 80, 147 Peterson, Harriette, Carl Junction, Iowa, 100 Peterson, Janice, New Virginia, Iowa, 46, 157, 258 Peterson, Jeannie, Corning. Iowa, 101 Peterson, Joseph, Kansas Cit " Kansas, 80, 235, 238 Peterson, Larry. Lorimor. Iowa, 46, 177, 179 Peterson, Michael D.. Kansas City, Kan- sas, 101 Peterson, Michael J.. Stanton, Iowa. 66. 235. 238. 243 Peterson. Michel K.. Jewell. Iowa, 101 Peterson, Ronald, Glidden, Iowa, 80 Petherick, Ida, Des Moines, Iowa, 101 Pettegrew, Rex, Excelsior Springs. Mis- souri, 47, 129, 142, 140, 162, 215, 225, 247 Pettegrew, Robert, Excelsior Springs, Mis- souri, 80, 247 Pettijohn, Ethel. St. Joseph. Missouri, 66 Pettlon, Norman, Hopkins, Missouri, 101 Petty, Carol. Des Moines, Iowa, 101 Pfeifer, Daniel, Maryville, Missouri, 101 Pfiefer. Dorothy, Maryville, Missouri, 66 Pfiefer. Kav. Red Oak, Iowa, 66, 119, 122, 161, 257 Phelan, Patrick. McCallsburg. Iowa, 47, 144 Phillips. Patricia, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 47, 117, 142. 145, 191, 231 Phillips, Randy, North Kansas City, Mis souri, 101 Phillips, Rick, Maryville, Missouri, 101 Philliiis. Susan. Jefferson. Iowa. 101 Pbipps. Delvin. MarshalUown, Iowa, 66 Phipps. John, Maryville. Missouri, 47, 113, 123, 207 Phipps, Judy, Maryville, Missouri, 160, 207 Phoenix, Phyllis, Des Moines, Iowa, 66, 139, 153 Phoenix, Sharon, Des Moines, Iowa, 66, 139, 145, 152, 153, 197. 216 Pierce. Milo. Anita. Iowa. 101 Pierpoint. Lorna. St. Joseph. Missouri, 80. 158 Pigg, Connie. Atlantic, Iowa, 101 Pike, Glenn, Denver, Colorado, 80 Pilgram, Lawrence, St. Joseph, Missouri, 47 Pine. Donald. Mt. Ayr, Iowa, 101 Piper, Philip, Shawnee, Kansas, 101 Pittsenbarger, Gary, Maryville, Missouri. 178 Pitzenberger, John, Hopkins, Missouri, 47, 195 Pitzer, Tanya, Maryville, Missouri, 80 Piveral, Donald, Maryville, Missouri, 101 Ploghoft, Susan, Red Oak. Iowa, 101 Plumb, Benton, Kirkman. Iowa, 47 Plymell, Rex, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 101 Poff. David, St. Joseph, Missouri, 66 Polsley, James, Maryville, Missouri, 66 Pomeroy, Ronald, Dedham. Iowa, 101 Poore, Richard, Blockton. Iowa, 80 Popalisky, Karen, Kansas City, Missouri, 80, 163 Porter. Philip. Tarkio, Missouri, 101 Porter, Priscilla, Lamoni, Iowa, 47, 119, 148, 1.50 Posler. Carole, Ridgeway, Missouri, 101 Posson, Charles, Kansas City, Missouri, 101 Potter, Maynard, New Market, Iowa, 47, 175, 177, 178 Pottorff, Jerry, Hatfield, Missouri, 80 Poynter. Harold, Maryville, Missouri, 101 Praisewater. Linda. St. Joseph, Missouri, 47, 153 Prather, Eric, Mound City, Missouri, 80 Pratt. Darrcll, Red Oak, Iowa, 101 Pratt, Phyllis, Maryville, Missouri, 47 Price, Debbie. Dawn, Missouri, 47, 118, 119, 140. 142, 145, 151, 152. 157, 191, 231 Price, Kenneth, Plattsmouth. Nebraska, 66. 146, 194. 195 Price, Lewis, Clarinda, Iowa, 47 Prior, Linda, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 101, 153 Pritchard. Charles, North Kansas City, Missouri, 80, 155 Probasco, Kenneth, Newton, Iowa, 47, 127, 194, 195 Propst, Ed, Osceola, Iowa, 66 Protzman, Barbara, Maryville, Missouri. 80 Protzman. Charles. Maryville. Missouri, 80 Proudfit. Thomas. Rockport. Missouri, 80, 260 Pruitt, Paul, Elmo, Missouri, 101 Pullano, Thomas, Providence, Rhode Island, 101 Pulliam, Carol, St. Joseph. Missouri, 47 PuTviance, Dennis, Creston, Iowa, 66, 129 Purviance, Lois, Perry, Iowa, 66, 259 (,)ueen, Lynda, Tabor, Iowa, 66, 150, 153 Quigley, Rodney, Albany, Missouri, 101 Ragland, Daniel, St. Joseph. Mi.ssouri, 47 Ragle, James, Roseville. Michigan, 101, 164 Ragle , Leigh, Roseville, Michigan, 66 Rainey, Jim, Maryville, Missouri, 47 Rains, Robert, Rifley, Iowa, 80 Rains, Ruth. .St. Joseph, Missouri, 80 Rail, Barbara, Maryville, Mi.ssouri, 66 Ramsey, Phillip, Ra ' town, Missouri, 101 Ramsey, Thomas. Graham. Missouri, 131, 215 Ranck, Lowell, Nodaway, Iowa, 101 Randall, Elizabeth, Mound City, Missouri, 47 Randall. Gary, Sand Springs, Oklahoma, 101, 164, 244 Randall. Karen, Craig, Missouri, 47, 159, 152 Raney, Linda, Maryville, Missorui, 47, 121, 143 Ranum. Dave, Kansas City, Missouri, 125, 235, 2.36 Rash, Jay. Maryville. Missouri, 80 Rasmussen. Karlene, Harlan, Iowa, 101 Ratliff, Dana, .St. Joseph, Mi.ssouri, 101 Ranch, Leiand, Manning, Iowa, 48, 131 Rawlins, Larry, Amity, Missouri, 80, 176, 177, 178 Ray, Dottie, Maryville, Missouri, 80, 115, 216 Raymond, John, Des Moines, Iowa, 80, 153, 154 Reaksecker, Lester, Maryville, Missouri, 48 Reaksecker, Marcia, Maryville, Missouri, 66 Reasoner, Robert. Tingley, Iowa. 101 Reck, Catherine, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 48 Redd, Jim, St. Louis, Missouri. 66. 235, 237, 240 Redden, George, Kansas City, Missouri, 48, 162, 235, 238, 239 Redford, David, Liberty. Missouri. 48 Redman. Rosalie, Leon. Iowa. 101, 163 Redmon, Gary, St. Joseph, Missouri, 66, 155 Redmond, Michael. Kansas City. Missouri, 66, 129, 154 Reed, Linda, Des Moines, Iowa. 101. 120 Reeder. Edward. Lombard. Illinois, 80, 138 Reeder, Richard, Parkville, Missouri. 101 Reichen. William. St. Joseph. Missouri, 66 Reiff, William, Manilla, Iowa, 80, 132 Reiley, Robert, Red Oak. Iowa. 101 Reiman. Dale. Templeton. Iowa, 81 Reimann. Ronald, Pringhar, Iowa, 48 Reineke. Larry, Kansas City, Missouri, 48, 125 Reinert, Lynda. St. Joseph. Missouri, 81. 1.39, 1.53 Reinert, Nancv, St. Jose|ib, Missouri. 48. 121 Rempe. Robert. Pella. Iowa, 123, 235 Remund, David, Coon Rapids. Iowa. 243 Remund, Kathv, Coon Rapids. Iowa. 101. 163 Reno. Janice. Altamont. Missouri. 81, 179 Renshaw, Irene, Maryville, Mi.ssouri, 48 Rrntfrow, George, Trenton, Missouri, 81, 242 Rettenmaier, David, Carroll, Iowa. 101 Rex. Loren, Maryville. Mi.ssouri. 67 Rex, Sharelle, Maryville, Missouri, 67 Reynolds. Neil. St. Joseph, Missouri. 48, 249 Reynolds, Ralph. St. Joseph, Missouri, 101 Reynolds, Raymond, Stanberry, Mi.ssouri, 101 Revnolds. Timothy. St. Joseph, Missouri, 67 Rhodes. Byron, St. Anthony, Iowa, 48 Rhodes, Dennis, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 134, 142, 144. 2,54 Richard, Jill, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 102. 2.59 Riihard. Warren. Cameron, Missouri, 53 Ri( hards, Donald. Tingley, Iowa, 102 Richards, Margaret, Bridgewater, Iowa, 8_1 Richardson, Garry, Maryville, Missouri, 67, 128 Richardson, Larry, Raytown, Missouri, 162, 243, 248 Richardson, Mary, Clarinda, Iowa, 48 Richardson, Merwvn, Lenox, Iowa, 48 Richmond, Phil, Mt. Ayr, Iowa, 48 Rirono, Bernie, Raytown, Missouri, 48, 162 Riddell, Joyce, Cameron, Missouri, 102, 147, 159 Rihner, Donna, Tabernash, Colorado, 67. 139, 148, 150 Riley, Frank, Hopkins, Missouri, 81 Riley, Larry, Hopkins, Missouri, 67 Rilev, Ronald, Providence, Rhode Island, 102 Ripley, Mary, College Springs, Iowa, 102 Risser. Oakly, Sheridan, Missouri, 178 Rissler. William, Blue Springs, Missouri, 102, 138. 254, 258 Robberts. Marrene, Clarinda. Iowa, 102, 262 Robbins, Donald, Atlantic. Iowa, 102, 149 Robbins. Fred, Gladstone, Missouri, 48, 261 Rolierts. David, Atchison. Kansas, 67 Roberts. Edwin. Grant City, Missouri, 102, 179 Roberts, Gloria, Maryville. Missouri, 48 Roberts. Keith. Maryville. Missouri, 102 Robertson. Stuart. Kansas City, Missouri, 81 Robey. Jerry, Maryville, Missouri, 81, 167 Robinson. Larrv, Maryville, Missouri. 102. 196 Robinson. Rita, Ludlow, Missouri, 67, 119 Robinson, Sandra. North Kansas City, Missouri, 102, 120. 158 Rockhold, Marcus, Allerton, Iowa, 48, 138 Rodriguez, Alberto. Waukee. Iowa. 102 Roe. Eddielea, Kirkwood. Missouri. 81, 146 Rohrberg. Coreen. Glenwood, Iowa, 67, 153. 157. 254. 256. 262 Roland. Warren. Creston, Iowa. 102 Rolf. Dale. Westboro. Missouri, 81 Rolf. Sally. Rock Port. Missouri, 67, 81 Rolfe. Howard. West Bethel. Maine, 48 Rollins. Jim. Newton. Iowa. 81 Rosenblum, Stanlev, Raytown, Missouri, 102 Rosenbohm, Duane, Fairfax, Missouri, 102 Rosenow, Larrv. DeFiance, Iowa, 67, 138, 143, 254 Ross, Charles, Albany, Missouri, 67, 206 Ross, George, Maryville, Missouri, 102, 195, 235 Ross, Glenn, St. Joseph, Missouri, 48 Ross, Henry. Rockwell City. Iowa, 102 Ross, James, Bethany. Missouri, 81 Ross, L. Eileen, Kansas City, Missouri, 67, 153, 261 Ross, Genevieve, Grant City, Missouri, 81 Roth, Larry, Kansas City, Missouri, 102, 179 Roth, Thomas. Kansas City, Missouri, 102 Rothe. Sherry, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 49. 121 Rother. Elizabeth, Maitland, Missouri, 81 Rotts, Nancy, St. Joseph, Missouri, 81 Rowe, Carolyn, Glenwood, Iowa, 49, 139, 256, 258 Rowland, Gary. Albany, Missouri, 49 Ruckman, Paul, Mt. Ayr, Iowa. 81 Ruddell, Marilyn, Marvville, Missouri, 67, 154 Runyan, Darlene, Maryville, Missouri, 67 Runyan, Harold. Maryville. Missouri, 81 Runyon, Jerry, Sheridan, Iowa, 81 Russell, Jackie, Des Moines. Iowa, 102 Russell, Jo Ellen. Graham. Missouri, 102 Russell, Luwana, Kansas City, Missouri, 81. 261 Russell, Neta, Graham, Missouri, 139, 158, 159, 166, 202 Ryan, Opal, Leon, Iowa, 49 Saemisch. Richard. Atlantic, Iowa. 102, 167 Sager, Judy, .Stanberry, Missouri, 81, 163, 254 Saip, Jack, Hamilton, Missouri, 102 Salanski. Pat. St. Joseph. Missouri, 49 Salfrank. Judy. Shenandoah. Iowa. 81, 158 Salfrank. Susan. Rock Port, Missouri, 102 Samples, Jerry. Hopkins, Missouri. 67 Samuel. Barbara. Urbana, Illinois, 102 Sand. Mary, Blockton, Iowa. 81, 139, 178 Sander, Ronald. Falls City, Nebraska, 102 Sanders. Jim. Maryville, Missouri. 12, 49, 131, 140, 142. 162, 165, 172, 184, 223, 246 Sanders, Mary, Maryville, Missouri, 81, 115 Sanderson, Pat. St. Joseph, Missouri, 67, 118. 119. 203 Sapp. Dennis. Red Oak, Iowa. 102, 167 Saucernian, Alvera, Maryville, Missouri, 67 Saucier, Nina, Maryv ille, Missouri, 49 Sauer, William, Hamlin, Kansas, 81 Saunders, Shirley, North Kansas City, Missouri, 102, 261 Sauvago. Phillip. Coon Kapids, Iowa, 102, 167 Saville, Jan, Maryville, Missouri, 67, 143 Saville. Larry. Maryville. Missouri. 49, 125 Scamman. Brenda, Fairfax, Missouri. 49 Scamman. Mark. Fairfax, Missouri, 67 Schaag. Robert. .St. Joseph. Missouri, 49, 144, 162. 249 .Schaeffer. Kenneth, Corning, Iowa, 67 Scbafer, Shirley, Dexter, Iowa, 102, 262 Schantz. Dean. Red Oak. Iowa. 67, 154 Schatz, Gloria, Falls City. Nebraska. 102 Schenck, Thomas. Red Oak. Iowa, 81 Schenkel, Kenneth. Maryville, Missouri, 102 Schenkelberg, Michael, Carroll. Iowa. 81 Scherzberg. Alfred. Maryville. Missouri, 49 Schieber, Fred. Stanberry. Missouri, 49 Schielier. Ravmond, Stanberry, Missouri, 102 ■ Schieber. Sheila. Stanberry. Missouri, 102, 147, 159, 254. 257 Schlachter, Stephen, Marvville. Missouri, 81 Schlagel, Charles. Dulmque, Iowa. 102. 138 Schlange, Lanny, Auburn, Iowa, 144, 257 Schlegel, Roger. North Kansas City. Mis- souri, 102, 235. 237. 257 Schmidt, Jerry. Knoxville, Iowa, 102 Schmidt. Ruth Ann, Maryville, Missouri, 81 Schmidt. Sharon, Langdon. Missouri, 67, 138. 145. 153. 154 Schmitt, James. Creve Coeur. Missouri, 81 Schmitz. Richard, Parnell. Missouri. 49. 134, 140, 141, 142, 143. 144, 153, 155. 167, 172, 223, 254, 257 Schmitz, Ronald, Maryville, Missouri, 67 Schnathorst. David, Baxter, Iowa, 102 Schnathorst. Dennis, Baxter. Iowa. 102 Schnegelberger. Myrna. Langdon. Missouri. 67, 121, 161, 254 Schneider. Daniel, Richmund. Michigan. 81, 138 Schneider, Roger, Crosby. Missouri, 49, 178 Schnepel, Gary, Minden, Iowa, 102 Schnobrich, Forrest, Casey. Iowa, 134 Schobert, Robert. Nevada, Iowa. 49. 151. 153. 167. 258 Sehope, James, Marion. Iowa, 102 Schrader, Garla, Knoxville. Iowa. 49. 219 Schreffler. James. Maitland. Missouri, 81 Schreiner. Doris, Moville, Iowa, 67, 139, 153, 154. 156 Schrimsher, Jack, Kansas City, IVIissouri, 103. 149. 154, 155. 178 Schroeder, Edward, Oregon. Missouri, 103 Schroeder, Gary, Denison, Iowa, 81, 134, 231 Schroeder. John, Hebron, Nebraska, 67 Schug. Jay. Storm Lake, Iowa, 112, 132 Schulenberg. Larry, Mound City, Missouri, 49. 129, 145. 155 Schulenberg. Mary, Mound City, Missouri. 103. 116. 213, 219 Schulte. James. Grinnell, Iowa. 103 Schultz. Carol, Shawnee Mission, Kansas, 175 Schultz. Edward, Marshalltown, Iowa, 81 Schultz, Jane, Malvern, Iowa, 67, 143, 166, 256, 258 Schultz. Jerry, Kansas City, Missouri, 49. 138, 151, 167 Schultz, Lorraine, Mashalltown, Iowa, 67, 169 Schwenneker. Gary, Adair. Iowa, 81 Schwieso, Dennis. Manilla. Iowa, 81 Scott, Alan, Kansas City, Missouri, 103 Scott, Carol. Bethany, Missouri, 103 Scott, James. Maryville, Missouri, 103 Scott, Judy, Grant City, Missouri, 103 Scott, Ronnie, Orrville. Ohio, 81, 244 Seat. David. Denver, Missouri, 103, 261 .Seek, Robert, Liberty, Mis,souri, 49 Seckels. Larry, St. Joseph, Missouri, 67 See, Alan, Peru. Iowa, 103 Seever. Trudy. St. Joseph. Missouri. 68 Seifert, Kathleen. Cameron, Missouri. 103 Seiffert, Henry, Bedford, Iowa, 81 Seipel, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, 81, 131 Seiverling, Willis, Ephrata, Pennsylvania, 103, 235 Selby, Bariiara. illisia, Iowa, 81 Selk, James, Hamburg, Iowa, 103 Sell, Michael. Clarinda, Iowa, 81 Sell, Steven, Clarinda, Iowa, 68 Selser, Duane. Red Oak. Iowa, 49 Sesker, Paul. Maxwell, Iowa. 50 Severson, Marcene, Jewell. Iowa. 81, 120, 121, 147. 182, 196, 219, 221, 223, 251 Severson, Ruth, Stanberry, Missouri, 82, 178 Sexson, John, Barnard, Missouri, 103 Sexton, Sheryl, Logan, Iowa, 103, 179 Seymour, Mary, Des Moines, Iowa, 103 Seymour, Paul, Tarkio, Missouri, 103 Shafer, Linda, Redding. Iowa, 103, 179 Shamberger. Ann. Maryville, Missouri, 82, 121, 219 .Sharp, Larrv. f ' arrollton. Missouri, 10.3, 2.35 Shaughnessy. Patrick. Council Bluffs. Iowa, 103 . ' baver. Jane. Plattsburg. Missouri, 68. 147. 151. 161. 254 Shearman. James, Jefferson. Iowa, 103 Shelton. Betty, Quitman, Missouri, 68. 143 Shelton, Truman, Quitman. Missouri, 82 Shepherd. Harold, Bedford, Iowa, 50, 125, 169 Shepherd, Mary, Kansas City, Missouri, 50, 152. 159. 261 Shepherd. Patsy, Kansas City, Missouri, 82, 118. 119. 157 219, 261 .Shepherd. Roger. Shenandoah, Iowa. 68, 132 Sherbo, Barbara. Kansas City, Missouri. 68 Sherbo- John. Gladstone, Missouri, 82, 148. 150, 257 .Sherlock, Gary, Maryville. Missouri, 50 Sherman. Elaine. Maryville. Missouri. 103 Shestak. David. Council Bluffs. Iowa. 103, 146. 195, 201 Shields, Fred, Mt. Avr. Iowa, 103 Shields. Gary. Mt. Ayr. Iowa. 82, 126 .Shields, Joseph. Denison. Iowa. 103 Shields. Karen. Maitland. Missouri. 50. 147. 161. 254 Shields, Linda. Maitland. Missouri, 82 Shipley, Beverly, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 103 Shipley. Gregory. Council Bluffs, Iowa, 103 Shipley, John, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 68 Shipley. Nani-v. Burlington Jvniction. Missouri. 50 . ' Ihipley. Richard. I.oveland. Colorado. 50, 1.34, ' 167, 231, 254 Shrover, Dona, Cinthrie ( ' enter, Iowa. 82. 139 Sidwell. .Stephen. Villisca. Iowa, 82. 138 Siehl, John, Grinnell Iowa. 164. 165 Siglin. Annette. Jefferson. Iowa. 103, 159 Silvey, Donald, Trimble, Missouri, 10.3. 16_4 Simerly, Samuel, Marvville, Missouri. 167. 258 Simmons. Charles. Des Moines. Iowa, 82 .Simmons, Donald. Burlington Junction, Missouri, 68 Simons, Edward, Des Moines, Iowa, 164, 250 Simpson, Jane, Concejition Junction, Missouri, 50 Simpson. Anne. Kansas City, Missouri, 50. 118. 119, 1.52. 226 Sipe, Richard. St. Joseph, Missouri, 68 Sissel, .Susanne. Kellerton. Iowa, 103 Skeed, Lowell, Maryville. Missouri. 103 Skinner. Mary, Lucas, Iowa. 103 Skinner. Sam. Ridgeway. Missouri. 103 Skoglund, Larry, Barnard, Mi.ssouri, 131 Skoglund. Pbillis, Barnard, Missouri, 82 Slagle. Marlin. Maryville, Missouri. 82 Slater, Larry. St. Joseph, Missouri. 50 Slaybaugh. Patricia, Stewartsville, Missouri. 82, 152 Slayden, Karen. Rea, Missouri. 50, 175, 177, 179 Sleister. Paulette. Manilla. Iowa. 103 Sloan. Macon. Leavenworth. Kansas, 68 Sloan, George, Leavenworth, Kansas, 50 Slover, John, St. Jo.seph. Missouri. 68 Slykhuis. Jennie, Dallas. Iowa, 82, 258 Smiley, Vernon, San Fernando. California. 103 Smith, Barbara, Melrher, Iowa, 82 Smith, Carolee, St. Joseph, Missouri, 68, 139, 153, 158, 178 Smith, Carolyn, Centerville, Iowa, 68, 145, 147 Smith, Cashus, Hamburg, Iowa, 68 Smith, Charles, Blythedale, Missouri, 103 Smith, Connie, Maryville, Missouri, 68, 117, 211, 213 Smith, David, Kidder, Missouri, 103 Smith, Donald, Fairfax, Missouri, 103 Smith. Guv, Bravton, Iowa, 103 Smith. H. E., Des Moines, Iowa, 82, 129, 162 Smith. Howard, Mt. Ayr, Iowa, 50 Smith. James, King City, Iowa, 68, 148, 150, 153. 154. 155 Smith, James D., Princeton, Missouri, 103 Smith. Janet, Winston, Missouri, 103 Smith. Kathryn, Casey, Iowa, 103, 163, 262 Smith, Kenneth. Holstein, Iowa, 104 Smith, Lane, Kansas City, Missouri, 82 Smith. Lenore. Canal Zone. 104 Smith. Leroy. Mar - ille. Missouri, 104 Smith, Marion. Canal Zon e. 50. 163. 211 Smith. Mary. King City. Missouri, 261 Smith, Michael, St. Joseph, Missouri, 68 Smith, Millard, Blythedale, Missouri, 104, 178 Smith. Nancy. St. Joseph, Missouri, 104 Smith, Paul, Kansas City, Missouri, 68 Smith. Paula. Des Moines, Iowa. 104 Smith. Richard. Marwille. Missouri. 50, 138. 141. 142 172. 222. 223. 226 Smith. Rita. Maryville. Missouri, 82 Smith. Sammy. Fairfax. Missouri. 104 .Smith. Sharon. Bethany. Missouri, 104. 163 Smith. Sharon Kay, Corning, Iowa, 104 Smith, Stanley, Maryville, Missouri. 68 Smith, Wanda, Maryville, Missouri, 68 Suavely, Judy, North Kansas City, Missouri, 104, 260 Snively, Wilson. Skidmore. Missouri, 104 .Snow. Barbara. Elmo, Missouri, 68 .Snyder. Charles, Gower, Missouri, 68 Snyder, Dick, Fairfax. Missouri, 68, 135, 223 Sobalvarro, Carrol. Kansas City, Missouri, 68. 116, 153 .Sorensen, Fred, Council Bluffs. Iowa, 104 Sorensen, Soren, Avoca, Iowa, 82, 138, 254, 262 Sorensen, Stephen, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 104 South. Mary, Clarinda, Iowa, 108 Sparks, Terry, Tarkio, Missouri, 104 Speas, Barbara, Marshalltown, Iowa, 68, 216 Speas, Dennis, Marshalltown, Iowa, 50, 144 Speas, James, Marshalltown, Iowa, 68, 126 Speer, .Sharon, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 116, 142, 1,57, 161, 16.3, 191, 231, 254, 257 Spencer, Barbara, St. Joseph, Missouri, 68, 153 Spencer, John. Lohrville. Iowa, 68, 125 Spencer, Ronald. Bedford. Iowa. 50, 125, 144, 164 Spicer, Lawrence, Leroy, Iowa, 104, 216 Spiller, Nelda, Atchison, Kansas. 50, 152 Spinner, Thomas, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 104 Spire, Edwin, Maryville. Missouri. 82, 128, 167 Sprague, Suzanne, Denver, Colorado, 50, 145 Sprake, Janet, Faucett, Missouri, 104, 178 Spriester, Fred, Kansas City, Missouri, 68 Spriggs, Stephen, Creston, Iowa, 68, 129, 1.35 .Stafford. Gary, St. Joseph, Missouri, 128 Stafford, Jon, St. Joseph, Missouri. 50, 129 Stacg, Charles, St. Joseph, Missouri, 104 Stalling, Clyde, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 104 Stander, Ronald, Council Bluff, Iowa, 104 Standfield. James, Elwood, Kansas, 104, 146, 195 -Starr, Raynion l. (Council Bluffs. Iowa, 82 .Stanton, Genevieve, .Sheridan, Missouri, 51, 147 St. Clair, Margaret, Maryville, Missouri, 153 Steckelberg, Rickey, Irwin, Iowa, 82, 176, 177, 178, 179 Steffen, Helen. St. Joseph, Missouri, 51 Steinhauser, Robert, Stanberry, Missouri, 104 Steinman, Edward. Falls City. Nebraska, 51 Stenzel, Glen, Hamburg, Iowa, 178 Stephens, Barbara, Forest City, Missouri, 104 Stephens, Charles, Grant City, Missouri, 104, 195 Stephens. Donald, Chillicothe, Missouri, 104, 146, 262 Stephens, James, Clarinda, Iowa, 51 Stephens, John, Maryville. Missouri, 51, 125 Stephens, Joseph, Kansas City, Missouri, 131 Stephens, Kelley, Maryville, Missouri, 104 Stephens, Larrv, Conwav Iowa, 51, 125, 222, 230 Stephens, Michael L., Ravtown. Missouri. 104 Stephens, Michael, Forest City, Iowa, 51, 134, 231 Stephens, Sarah. Maryville. Missouri, 51, 1.39 Stewart, .Alvin, Reading. Michigan. 69. 150, 155, 167 Stiens, Florence, Maryville, Missouri, 82 Stilabower, Sandra, Chillicothe, Missouri, 104 Still, Roger, Bethany, Missouri, 51 Stilley. Edward, Red Oak, Iowa. 104 .Stillinger. Jane. Brooks. Iowa. 82 Stillwagon. Stanton, Raytown. Missouri, 69 Stites. Kenneth. New Market. Iowa, 51, 129. 135 Stitt. Michele, Kansas City, Missouri. 82, 119. 154. 156, 167, 254 Stokes, Charles. Council Bluffs. Iowa. 104 Stokes, Judv, Newark, Missouri, 82 Stoll, Clara, ' Stanberry, Missouri, 104, 147. 257 Stoking. Carolvn. Golden Chy, Missouri, 51. 153. 154, ' 159, 258 Stone. Phyllis. Malvern, Iowa, 104 Stoner, Alva, Fairfax, Missouri, 104 Stoner, lane, Logan, Iowa, 69, 161, 120, 121, 163, 196. 216. 254 Stoner, John, Logan, Iowa, 82, 125 Stoner, Terry, Ravenwood, Missouri, 82, 197 Stoutimore, Vivian, Plattsburg, Missouri, 108 Stowe, Pbilli[i, Bethany, Missouri, 104 St. Peter. Judy. Guthrie Center. Iowa, 82, 118, 119 Strachan, Linda, Red Oak. Iowa, 82, 152, 158 Straight, Claire, Bedford, Iowa, 104, 147 Straul). Alliert, Fairfax, Missouri, 82 Straub. Richard. Fairfax, Missouri, 82 Strauch, Donald. Maryville. Missouri, 104 Strecker, Dennis, Rulo, Nebraska, 104 Strickland, David. Anita. Iowa, 51 Stroud, Charles, Creston, Iowa, 69 Sturtz, Kenneth. Ames. Iowa. 104 Sudol. Duane. Roseville. Michigan, 104 SuPtterlin. Kenneth. Maryville, Mi.ssouri, 104, 138, 178, 258 Sullivan, Suz, Villisca, Iowa, 69, 152 Summers. Charles. Excelsior Springs, Mis- souri, 69, 125, 141, 151, 153, 167 Sundell, Karl, Maryville. Missouri. 108 Sunderman, Judy. Clarinda. Iowa. 82 Sunderman. Luella, Griswold. Iowa. 104, 178 Sundermann, David, Maryville, Missouri, Sundermann. Shirlev, Westboro, Missouri, 82 Sutter, Anita, Rock Port. Missouri. 82 Sutter, Herbert, Rock Port, Missouri, 51 Sutton, David, St. Joseph, Missouri, 108 Sutton, Robert, Maryville. Missouri, 69 Svaglic, Andrew. Kansas Citv, Missouri, 104 Swaney, (Iharles. Hopkins, Missouri. 82 Swanson, Duane, Hopkins. Missouri, 105 Sweney, Patricia. Shenandoah. Iowa. 82 Swinger, Charles, Overland. Missouri, 105 Switzer, Sally, Osceola, Iowa, 69, 117, 161, 219 Swoboda, Kathv. St. Joseph, Missouri, 51, 116, 142, 151.1.52. 161. 182. 21.3. 231. 254 Tackett. Wava. Glenwood, Iowa, 82 Tadlock. William. Guilford, Missouri, 166 Talarico, Ernest, Des Moines, Iowa, 69 Talbott, Pamela, Lincoln, Nebraska, 105, 179 Tanner, Kenneth, Ames, Iowa, 105 Tasler, Ramona. Cburdan. Iowa, 105, 147 Taufhen, Richard, Chillicothe, Missouri, 240 Tauchen. Rosemary. Chillicothe. Missouri, 105 Tavlor. Brian, St. Joseph. Missouri, 51, 125 Tavlor. David, Maitland, Missouri, 129, 177, 179 Taylor. Douglas, MaysviUe, Missouri, 51 Tavlor, Glendena, Ridgeway, Missouri, 51. 147, 153, 155, 166 Taylor, Jerry, Indianola, Iowa, 82, 150 Taylor, Suanne, Oregon, Missouri, 105 Tavlor, Marv, Maysville, Missouri, 105 Taylor. Philip. Council Bluffs. Iowa, 82 Taylor, Robert. Kansas City Missouri, 105 Teale. Hugh. Panora. Iowa. 105 Temple. David. Gilbert, Iowa, 105 Templer, William. Jewell. Iowa. 105, 167 Tenhulzen, Sheryl, Coin, Iowa, 82, 116 Tenney. Dennis. Mound City. Missouri, 105 Terry, James, Overland, Missouri, 105 Terry. Robert. Malvern, Iowa, 51, 261 Tesi, Roger, Maryville, Missouri, 105 Thatch, Judv, Parkville, Missouri, 82, 1.39, 261 Theis, Donna, Onion Star, Missouri. 51. 142. 175. 177. 231 Thiesen. Helen, Manilla, Iowa, 173, 178 Thomas. .Allan. Emerson. Iowa, 52 Thomas, Carol. Dearborn, Missouri, 52, 1.52, 153 Thomas, David. Marshalltown. Iowa, 52. 144 Thomas. Michael. Roseville. Michigan. 69, 129. 1.35, 162 Thomas, Pat, Lineville. Iowa, 83 Thomas, Robert. Council Bluffs. Iowa, 125. 135 Thomas, Sharon. St. Joseph, Missouri, 83, 120, 158, 163 Thomas, Sharon Kay, Coon Rapids. Iowa, 52 Thompson. Arnold. Davis Citv. Iowa. 83. 162, 164 Thompson. Barbara. Conwav. Iowa. 52. 143, 145, 157 Thompson, Bette. Kansas City. Missouri. 83 Thompson. B. C. Maryville. Missouri. 134 Thompson. Celia. Kansas Citv, Missouri, 8.3. 119. 219 Thompson, Dennis, Marian, Iowa, 105 Thompson, Sharon, Amity, Missouri, 83 Thompson, James, Maryville. Missouri, 83 Thompson, John, Clarinda, Iowa, 123 Thompson, Kenneth, Bedford. Iowa. 69. 125. 1.38. 144. 164 Thompson. Lloyd. Maryville. Missouri, 83 Thompson. Mick, Hamburg. Iowa. 105 Thompson. Mickey, Quitman, Missouri, 105, 2.35 Thompson, Mike. Marwille. Mi.ssouri, 83, 1.30, 131. 215 Thompson. Nancv. Indeiiendence. Missouri, 52 Thompson, Pat, Maryville. Missouri, 52 Thomp.son. Russell, Marwille, Missouri, 105 Thompson. Sharyn. Marwille. Missouri. 52, 119, 152 Thompson, Sue, Maryville, Missouri, 52, 118, 119, 122, 152 Thomson, James, Maryville, Mi.ssouri, 52 Thomson, Leota, Marwille, Missouri, 83 Thornburg. Tom. Maryville. Missouri. 52, 141, 148 Thorpe, Dorothy. Des Moines, Iowa, 105 Thummel, Margaret, Bedford, Iowa, 83 Thurnau, Gary. Craig. Missouri. 105. 167 Tibbetts, Marvin, Pickering. Missouri, 105 Tibbetts, Shirley. Pickering, Mi.ssouri, 105 Tiemeyer, Paul, Rock Port, Mis.souri, 52, 254 Tietz, Garv, St. Joseph. Mi.ssouri, 105. 127 Tiffanv. Kenneth. Jefferson, Iowa, 105 Tiffanv. Ralph, St. Joseph. Missouri, 69, 195 Tillev, James, Bethany. Missouri. 105 Timherlake. Nancy, Bedford, Iowa, 83, 147, l!19, :220, L ' 23 Timmeiniaii. Jean, Nodaway, Iowa, 83 Timmernian, Lvle. Nodawav. Iowa, 83, 125, 244 Tino, John. Torrington, Connecticut, 105 Tipton, Gerri, Grand Island, Nebraska, 83, 163 Tomes, Garv, Ridgewav, Missouri. 52. 166. 256. 261 Tong. Larry. Pontiar. Michigan, 105 Tonnies, Boh, Maryville, Missouri, 83, 131, 242 Torstenson. Tom. Des Moines, Iowa, 105 Townsend. Carroll. St. Joseph, Missouri, 69 Townsend. Herhert. Savannah, Missouri. 83, 166 Trainer. Thomas, Maryville, Missouri, 69, 155 Tranimell. Terry, Lamoni, Iowa. 83 Traylor. Diane. Council Bluffs. Iowa, 105 Trecek, Edward. Logan. Iowa. 83. 167 Treu. Arthur. St. Joseph, Missouri, 52 Tribolet. Ronald. Bedford. Iowa, 83, 125, 144. 223 Trimmer. David. Kansas City, Missouri, 83 Triplett, Gale, Kansas City, Missouri, 83, 132 Tritsch, Judith, Braddyville, Iowa, 105, 196 Trotter, Ann. Kansas City. Missouri, 83j 115 Troutwine, Virgil, Kansas City, Missouri, 105 Trul)ev, Harold. Bolckow. Missouri. 105 Truckenmiller. Barbara. Sibley, Iowa, 69, 148, 150, 209 Trump, Walter, Worth, Missouri, 105 Tunell, Gary. Maryville. Missouri. 83 Turner, David. Des Moines, Iowa, 105 Turner, Linda, Anita. Iowa. 105 Turner, Roberta, Dedham, Iowa, 83, 152 Tussev, Janet, Orient, Iowa, 52, 145, 151, 153; 156 Twomldv, Virgie. Sparks, Kansas, 52, 179, 255 Tyler, Carol, Grinnell, Iowa. 105. 175, 178 Tyree. Larry. Grinnell. Iowa. 105 Ueligger. Donna. Rosendale. Missouri, 54 Ungles. Elvin. Skidmore. Missouri. 69 LIpdegraff. Marvls. St. Joseph. Missouri. 69. 117. 154. 254 Urich. Gary. Ciiula, Mi.ssouri, 105, 149, 235 Valentine, Michael, Kansas City, Missouri, 105 Van Aernam, Gale. Maryville. Missouri, 105 Vance, Sara, Des Moines, Iowa, 105 Vande Brake, Robert, Exira, Iowa. 72 Vanderweide. Vincent. Atchison. Kansas, 106. 235 Van Dyke. Daniel. Quincv. Illinois, 106 Vanhoozer. Joan, Martinsville, Missouri, 83 Van Houtan, Jer ry, New Hampton, Missouri, 83 Vannier, Ron. Denison. Iowa, 106 Van Scyoc, Judith. Tabor, Iowa, 52. 158 Van Sickle, Don, St. Joseph, Missouri, 69, 128 Vansyoc, Sharon, Miso. Iowa. 83. 152 Van Vactor. Russell. Stanberry. Missouri, 52. 1.38. 254 Vaughn. Peggy, Lineville. Iowa, 106 Vawter. Bobb ' . Coin. Iowa. 69 Vawter, Diane. Maryville. Missouri. 83 Vawter. Ruth. Coin, Iowa, 69 Veak. Bernard, Essex, Iowa, 83. 127 Vessar. Lyndal. Stewartsville. Missouri, 106. 167 Vevlupek, Judy Gavle. Maryville, Missouri. 83. 118. 119 Victor. Michael. Prescott. Iowa, 106 Vincent, Jacki, Omaha, Nebraska, 83, 158, 216 Viti. Frank. Provine, Rhode Island, 106 ' ork. Gregory. Chicago. Illinois. 52. 235 Vogel. Carin. Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania, 83 Vogel. Judy. Hamburg. Iowa, 106 Waddell, Albert, Rochester, Illinois, 52, 166 Wagers, Mildred, Stanberry, Missouri, 83 Wagner, Lillian, Stanberry, Missouri, 53 Wakeman. James, St. Louis, Missouri, 106, 235 Walden, Doris, Kansas City, Missouri, 53, 152 Wa lker. Barry. Barnard. Missouri. 106 Walker. Everett. Maryville. Missouri, 53 Walker. John. Van Meter. Iowa, 106 Walker. Judith. Des Moines. Iowa. 83 Walker. Lawrence. Council Bluffs, Iowa, 69 Walker. Mildred, St. Joseph. Missouri, 53, 143 Walker, Paul, Dow City, Iowa, 69, 134, 135 Walker, Rhoda, Stanton, Iowa, 83 Walker, Roger, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 83, 127 Walker, Ronald. Lathrop. Missouri, 106 Wallace. Beverly. Battle Creek, Iowa, 106 ' Wallace, Carolyn, Hopkins. Missouri. 154 Wallace. Jane, Coon Rapids. Iowa, 106 Wallace, Robert, Kansas City, Missouri, 83. 167. 261 Wallace. Ronald. Fort Dodge. Iowa. 106 X ' alston. Janice. Bedford. Iowa. 53 Walter. Judith, Bethany, Iowa, 53 Walter, Linda, Wathena, Kansas, 83. 159. 178, 261 Walton. Paula, Stuart, Iowa, 106 Walton. Thomas. Manchester. Iowa. 69, 162 Ward, Ann. Harlan. Iowa. 106 Ward. Beverly. Jameson, Missouri, 83 Ward. Howard, St. Joseph. Missouri, 53 Ward. Stacia. Pattonsburg. Missouri. 83 Ware. Curtis, Maryville. Slissouri, 83 Ware, Evelvn, Kansas City, Missouri, 106. 159 ■ Ware, James, Pickerinc. Missouri, 53 Ware. Michael. Bedford. Iowa. 106. 169 Warren. Keith, Clemmons. Iowa. 53, 132. 169 Warren. Terry, Parnell, Missouri. 106 Waters. Mary. Pattonsburg. Missouri, 84 Watje. Joan. Denison. Iowa, 69. 157 Watje, Mary Jane, Denison, Iowa. 106 Watkins, Larry. Cedar Rapids. Iowa. 106 Watkins. Thomas. Woodbine. Iowa. 53 Watson. Charlotte, Stewartsville, Missouri, 69. 175 Watson. Harold, Maryville, Missouri, 53 Watson, William, Tabor, Iowa, 106, 250 Walters. Dennis, Lake City, Iowa, 177 Waugh, Gary, Council Bluffs. Iowa. 106 Wayman. Nancy. New Hampton. Missouri. 84. 121. 254 Webb. John. Parkville, Missouri, 106 Webb. Sandra. Highland. Kansas, 53 Webber. Jack. Carroll. Iowa, 106 Weber, Donald. Red Oak. Iowa. 84 Weber, Roger, New Hampton, Iowa, 69 Weber, Sandra. Red Oak, Iowa, 106 Webster. Herb, Trenton, Missouri, 106 Weeks. Dale. Coon Rapids, Iowa, 69, 164 Weese, Jerry. Newton, Iowa, 69 Weibel, James. Denver, Colorado, 106 Weigel, Donald, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 53, 129 Weir, Sharon. Hopkins, Missouri, 69 Welch, Bill. Marvville. Missouri. 53 Welch. Richard. Winterset. Iowa. 69 Weldon. Michael, Winterset. Iowa, 106 Weldon, Darlene, Barnard, Missouri, 53, 121, 179 Wells, Garv, Mt. Ayre. Iowa. 53. 131, 135 Wells, Helen, Marvville, Missouri, 70 West, Averill, Blockton, Iowa, 166, 261, 178, 250 West, Burris. Maryville, Missouri, 106 West, Glen, St. Joseph. Missouri, 144 Whan, Peggv, Maryville, Missouri, 70, 115, 147, 151 Wheeler, John, Larkinbury, Kansas, 106 Wheeler, Kent, Nortonville, Kansas, 84 Whetstone, Gano. Casey. Iowa. 106. 163 Whipple. Donald. Hopkins. Missouri, 106 White, Cheryl, Emerson. Iowa, 106 White. David. Quitman. Mi.ssouri, 106 White. Diane. Peru, Iowa. 84 White. Jimmy. BIythedale. Missouri. 70 White. lovce. Marvville, Missouri, 108 White. Larry. Winterset. Iowa, 84, 259, 250 White, William. Union Star, Missouri, 131, 135 Whitehead. Lov. Overland, Missouri, 106, 244 Whitlatch, Robert. Dalla.s, Iowa, 106. 244 Whitmer. Gary. Kidder. Missouri, 84 Whitnev. Thomas, Leominister. Mass., 53, 1.34, 164, 172 Wickett. David. Newton. Iowa, 106 Wiegand, Jon, Storm Lake, Iowa, 106 Wieland, Lonny, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 70, 244, 245 Wilcox, Norman, Harlan, Iowa, 134, 146, 195 WilcoxBon, Stephen, Lamoni, Iowa, 106 Wiley. Jean. Oui ' ma " . Missouri, 106 Wilhoit, Joseph, Kansas City, Missouri. 107 Wilkerson, Bernice, St. Joseph, Missouri, 70 Wilkes, Nancy, Kansas City, Missouri, 107, 260 Wilkenson, Kenneth, St. Joseph, Missouri, Wilkenson, Larry, Kansas City, Missouri, 53, 131, 215, 222, 223 Wilkenson. Margo, St. Joseph, Missouri, 70 Willard, Jeanine, Malvern, Iowa, 107 Willett, Gary. Des Moines, Iowa, 84 Williams, Beverly, Maryville, Missouri, 70 Williams. Helen, Corning, Iowa, 107 Williams, Larry, Maryville, Missouri, 53, 125 Williams, Margaret. Hemple, Missouri, 107 Williams, Robert, Albany, Missouri, 107, 177 Williams, Ronald, Maryville, Missouri, 54 Williams, Shirley, Malvern, Iowa, 107, 179, 261 Williamson. Eddie, Maryville, Missouri, 107 Williamson, Gary, Gentry, Missouri, 107 Willman. Cheryl, Atlantic, Iowa, 84 Willrett, Dean, .Mgona. Iowa, 84 Wilson. Betty. Maryville, Missouri, 84 Wilson, Carol, Kansas City, Missouri, 107, 178. 261 Wilson, Charles, Albany, Missouri, 54, 123, 125. 135 Wilson. Dale, Red Oak, Iowa, 54 Wilson. Doris. Nettleton, Missouri, 84, 146. 194, 195 Wilson, Eddie, Princeton. Missouri, 107 Wilson, James. Newton, Iowa. 70 Wilson, .lames R.. Des Moines. Iowa. 84 Wilson. Karen, Maryville, Missouri, 107, 169 Wilson, Richard, Sheridan, Missouri, 84 Wilson. Sharon, Lineville, Iowa, 107 Wilson, Stanley, Maryville, Missouri. 70. 1.30 Wilson. Warren. Bedford, Iowa, 70, 179 Wiltshire. Carolvn. Liberty, Missouri, 115, 140, 141, 142. ' 148. 151. 170, 171. 191, 231, 254 Wineinger, Ronald, Stanberry, Missouri, 107 Wisdom. Clinton. Kansas Citv. Missouri. 107, 169 Wise. Cheryl. Lytton. Iowa, 84, 216 Wi.ssink. Gerald. Storm Lake, Iowa, 107, 155. 257 Witt. Esther. Gower, Missouri. 70 Wittbrodt. Harold. Flint. Michigan, 84. 2.35. 238. 239 Wittmer. Larry, Osceola, Iowa, 84 Wohlford. Ravmond, Maryville, Missouri, 107. 167 Wolcott. Randall. Ludlow. Missouri. 54, 162 Wolf. Donna. Rock Port. Missouri, 84, 166, 178, 256, 261 Wolf. Susan. Knoxville, Iowa, 84 Wolverton, Carol, Stanberry. Missouri. 107. 163 , Wolverton. Judy. Stanberry, Missouri, 70, 157, 163, 196. 211. 216 Wood, Dale. Elmo. Missouri. 54, 129 Wood, Edmund. St. Joseph. Missouri, 70 Wood, Marilyn. New Market. Iowa. 107 Wood, Mariam. New Market. Iowa. 70. 145 Wood, Sharon, St. Joseph. Missouri. 107 Woods. Lornea. Osceola. Iowa. 107 Woodson. Jerry. Menlo. Iowa. 131 Wookey. Kenneth. Emerson. Iowa, 84 Woolley, John. Des Moines, Iowa, 70 Workman, Carol. Maryville, Missouri, 84, 114. 174. 175. 178. 219 Work Richard. Burlington Junction. Missouri. 107 Worrell. Richard. Gallatin. Missouri, 107 Worth. John. Worth. Missouri. .54. 125. 1.35 Worthiey. David. St. Joseph. Missouri. 107 Wortman, Martha, Maryville, Missouri, 107 Wray, Vernis, Parnell, Missouri, 84 Wright, Dennis, Craig, Missouri, 70, 167 Wright, Donald, Redfield, Iowa, 107 Wright, Janice, Dallas, Iowa, 54. 255 Wright, John, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 107 Wright, Lillian, Craig, Missouri, 70, 143, 145 Wright, Nancy, Weston, Missouri, 70, 155, 261 Wright, Terry, Clarinda, Iowa, 70 Wright, Thomas, Red Oak, Iowa, 84, 131, 235 Wu, James, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 54, 127, 254, 260 Wuerfele, Kenneth, Easton, Missouri, 70 Wunderlich, Margaret, Kansas City, Missouri, 107, 114 Wyckoff, David, Bedford, Iowa, 70 Yaple, Jon, Braddyville, Iowa, 107 Yaple, Sandra, St. Joseph, Missouri, 84, 153, 197, 258 Yazel. Homer, Smithville, Missouri, 84 Yeager, William, Maryville, Missouri, 84, 164. 243, 261 Yell. James. Parkville, Missouri, 84 Yoakum, Bill. Hamilton, Missouri, 84 Young, Carol. Troy, Kansas, 107, 178, 179, 261 Young, James, Union Star, Missouri, 70, 167 Young, Jerry, Des Moines, Iowa, 54 Youne. Melvin, Fortescue, Missouri. 179 Young, Patricia, Maryville, Missouri, 70 Young, Roscoe, Mound Citv. Missouri, 70 Young, Sheila, Maryville, Missouri, 107 Younger, Connie, Maryville, Missouri, 70, 175, 177, 179 Younger, Edward, Overland Park, Missouri. 107, 235 Younger, Linda, Maryville, Missouri, 70, 175, 177, 178 Yuille. Eleanor, Jamesport, Missouri, 70 Y ' unker. Joan, Savannah. Missouri, 107 Zarh, Richard, Rockport, Missouri, 84 Zahnd, Joe, Savannah, Missouri, 131 Zaiger, Dorothy, Audubon. Iowa. 70, 139 Zaiger. Jordon, Braxton. Iowa, 107 Zembles. Andrew. Hannibal, Missouri, 70, 235, 256 Zimmerman, Carol, Maryville, Missouri, 107, 257 Zimmerman, Harry, Cameron, Missouri, 259 Zimmerman. Linda, Corydon, Iowa, 107 Zimmerman, Paula, St. Joseph, Missouri, 84. 153. 197. 258. Zimmerman. Ronald. Corydon, Iowa, 132, 231 Zwank. Ronald, Pella. Iowa, 164, 235 zeo nmiraal ' nhoqiaphpd £ _Boupd by WALSWOBTH Maicelin . Mo.. U. S. A.

Suggestions in the Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) collection:

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