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' -miiin,, ' ...I. ■Ml! ■M: 4-. .0. fc V-- C • ' w -=3 4; y . Sliirlcy Molsingcr, 1 IM6-195? Gloria McConkey, Carol Gamble. Art Editor George Green. Photographer V V Vv •i V X ' V 1 [nrim 4 i am i I mmm This lO ' ? TOWER is dedicated to Mr. Howard Rinjjold who has served as taeiilly advisor to the Tower Staff for the past eleven years. Because lie resisted this lionor for each of the past eleven years, this years StafI arranged the dedication without arousing thj suspicions of Mr. Ringold. Much of the credit for past annuals gojs to Mr. Ringold, for with his excellent organization. work runs smoothly. Industrial Art students have en- joyed working under his supervision and the Industrial Arts Club has benefitted from th: fact that he has served as one of its sponsors. Mr. Ringold also .serves on the parade committee for Homecoming. Anyone who has ever come into contact with this pleasant even- tempered man will remember him kindly. This year ' s TOWER Staff is merely echoing the thoughts of the TOWER Staffs of past years, and of the oth.r people who have come in contact with Mr. Ringold when we say that it is truly a pleasure and an inspiration to know and to work with him. I THE PRESIDED 12 nmmn mm[ This is the first 1 OWl:R in the start nt the second tifty years of service of the Northwest Missouri State College. During this year the enrollment has reached the highest number in the history of the college, but larger enrollments arc ahead. During this year plans have been developed for a building program that will materially change the appearance of the campus and add much needed housing and classroom facilities to the college. More buildings will be needed before the end of the first hundred years of service — additional housing, an arts building to house Music. Drama, Art and to add much to the growth and development of these areas of our culture, and a larger Union Building. Buildings are not enough 1 Additional faculty must be secured to carry on the traditions of the college and to maintain high levels of scholarship. I know of no profession where the need is greater for the days that lie ahead than that of college teaching. Gifted teachers inspire their students. During the first fifty years of this college ' s history we have had many such teachers. We must have many more — teachers who will inspire others to enter the profession in order that tomorrow ' s young men and young women shall have talented teachers: teachers who will " lure to brighter worlds and lead the way " as they teach the truth. AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE. J. W. Jones. President 13 OEM OF FACOLTY Many, il not most, seniors will be considering their next steji with several wish-I-had-donc qualifications. How docs one say meaningfully to the underclassman that now is not too soon to prepare for your retirement. Far distant. ' Yes. Indis- tinct. ' ' Yes. Real? Yes. if you can keep dodging the traffic. Education, as you are experiencing it. may seem somewhat nonessential, ambiguous, and apart from your chosen goals. But concern yourself well with that aspect of intelligence which in essence is the application of what you know and have ex- perienced: the " successful ' solution of problems you will meet as you attempt an adequate adjusting to life. The foundation blocks of your adulthood have long been abuilding. Are they carefully fashioned from sound values such as cooperation, consideration, conviction, and contemplation, to mention a few? Today is the reality of yesterday ' s dream ol tomorrow. Charles E. Koerble Dean of the Faculty urn OF mim A program ol increasing development and growth at Northwest Missouri State College is of primary interest to the Board of Regents, The college is under the general con- trol and management of its Board of Regents. By law the Board of Regents has the responsibility of establishing the policies under which the school is op- erated. Members of the board are ap- pointed by and with the advice and con- sent of the Senate. rront Row: A. Vogt. M. E. Ford. Harold M. Hull Back Row: VV. A. Rickcnbrodc. Secretary. H. F. Simrjil. R. L. Douglos. V. M. C. Dawson, Dr. J. W. Jones. 14 ({[DlliTKAK Mr. KuIhh I osIli helped many stii- (.lenis of Northwest Missouri Sl.ite C.o lege since lie became head of this deiiart ment in 1 )48. Duties other than helping students maintain schedules that will al- low them to graduate include compiling schedules, and main- taining files of tran scripts, grades, and other intlividual rec- ords. Promotion, public relations, recruit- ment, extension, and placement are the pri- mary concerns of Di- rector of Field Serv- ices, Everett W. Brown. Mr. Brown also gives valuable service to the college as he assists during spring contests, par- ents ' and senior days, and as he chaperons departmental trips. DIRECTOR OF FIELD SERVICE COEEEOF TREASDRER Mr. Luther Belcher handles the daily business affairs, all student labor, faculty salaries, and the in- coming and outgoing money of each organ- ization directly spon- sored by the college. Mr. Belcher and his staff maintain the ex- tensive records per- taining to financial matters. 15 i DiKECTOR OF mm ACTIVITIES Coordinating the campus calendar is only one of the important duties of Miss Lois Simons. Miss Simons assists campus organizations in extra curricular and social activities and she also serves as advisor to the Union Board and the Social Committee. wm OF 11 The supervising of men ' s housing, scheduling of men ' s labor, and the counseling of men falls on the very capable shoulders of Mr. Lon Wilson. Mr. Wilson is also a sponsor of the Inter-Fraternity Council, and the Superintendent of buildings and grounds. Miss Pearl Daw- son, Horace Mann Nurse, and Mrs. Thelma Smith. Col- lege Nurse, are very much concerned with the health and wel- fare of all the persons associated with the college. HEALTH m mum Mrs. Elizabeth Luer serves as Resi- dence Hall House- mother and she is also in charge of wo- men ' s housing at the college. Mrs. Ruth Burke serves as college Dieti- tian, planning and supervising the meals served at the Union. 16 17 FACOliy Zelma Akcs Supervising 7 eacber, B.S., M.S. Berndl Angman Political Science. B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. Pauline Arthur Supeccising leather. B.S.. MA. Estella Bowman English. B.A.. MA. Charles Campbell Reading dime. I.M.B.. AB.. M.A.. Ph.D. Mable Cook Home Economics. B.S.. M.A. David Crozier Supervising Teacher. B.S.. M.Ed. Olive S. Dcluce Fine Art . B.S,. A.M. Elwyn K. Devorc Business. B.S.. M.S. H. R. Dieterich Education. B.A.. M,A. Harry B. Dildine European History. B.A . MA . Ph.D. Joseph A. Drcps Foreign Languages. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Vida E. Dunbar Mathematics. B.A.. MA. William R. Garrett Biology. B.A.. M.S. George R. Gayler History and Geography. B.S.. M.A.. Ph.D. 18 FACOin Anna Cior uch SuprrVlSlng f ' cachfr. U.S.. SI. A. Avis Gr;ih.ini Supervtsiriii J ' cathcr. fi.S.. M.S. Mylcs Grabju Agriiuitutf anJ Hiology. B.S., M.S. Mrs. Nflson Grabau Suptrvistng Teacher. B.S. Frank Grub En tiih. A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. John Harr History and Poltiical Science. A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. JoAnn Harristhal Supervtitng leacher. B-S.. M.. . Violcuc Hunter F.ngltih. B.S . MA. Charles Johnson Super CIS in 7 Teacher, B.A.. M .A. Jjmcs Johnson Library Science. A.B.. B.S. in L.S. Miry B. Keiih library. B.S.. M-A. Clifford Kensingcr Business. B.S.. M.Ed. Gerhard Krjpf Music. MM. William Laffcrty Mathematics. B.S.. M.A.. Ed.D. Myrte Long Physical Science. B.S.. M.S. 19 i FACyiTV I hclnia Long Home Econtfmus. Ali.. M.A. bonnic MagJU Physical Education. . .E.. U.S.. MA. EKiinc Mauzcv Foreign Lanyuaiic li S.. B A . Sf A. K.ilhryn MeKcir Supervising I ciuhi-r. B S.. M.A. Leon Miller Education. B.S-. A.M.. Ph.D. Ruth Miller Supervising Toucher. B-M.. M-M. Chloe Millikjn Education. B.S.. M.A. Carle Moss Mtisu. B S,. M.A. Irene Mueller Biology. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Burlon Richey Supervising I cachcr, B.S. Kathryn Riddle Physical Education. B.S.. M.S.. Ed.D. Howard Ringold Industrial Arts. BS . M.S. Mildred E. Ross Education, B.S.. M.S. Neva Ross Supcrvisirjg Teacher. B.S.. .A. Donald Sandford Music. B.S.. M.M. 20 FAcyin J.iiu ' S.intlforJ Mus.i. M Mas. l-itwjrdcnj SchniiiK-r Jdwnrw. US I lib Mj Slicci I nutnh. H.S.. MA John Smay Music. HA . M A . Gordon Slrong Chemistru. H.S.. MA. Vh I). Ann .Sullivan Home rVononiit ' s. US . M.S. Sii-tling Surrey iuMn.-ss. B.S.S.. M n.A . Ph H. Kenneth Thompson Imiustnat Arts. BS.. Ml J. Donjld Valk InJti lnal Arts. B.S . M.S. Iducation. B A.. M.S.. EU.D Dorothy WVigand Supervising l eacher. B S., A , . Theodore Wiechingcr Superi ' isinu 7 rufher. B S . M .• . Calvin Widgcr Supervising Teacher. A.B-. AM. Harriett Williams Supervising I eacher- B.S.. M I:d. Barbara Wilson Libnirif Science. liS.. .M.S. 21 i FACULTY 22 ' S Thirteen seniors were named to " Who ' s Who " for the 1956-1957 school year. These students maintained a high scholastic average during their four years on the campus and they participated in many campus activities. Professional, departmental, and social interests were factors in the selection. Service and leadership on the campus, however, probably offered more points in the final selection than did the preceding factors. ARTHUR BUCKINGH.AM. Sluiienl Senalc. SluJ.nI Sonjle President. Social Commitue. Union Board. Band. Orcheslra. Choir. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Kappa Delia Pi. Pi Omega Pi Assembly Committee. Homecoming Committee. Freshman Class Vice-President, SHIRLEY DIETERICH, Senior Class Vice President, President Swim Club. ACE. Kappa Delta Pi. Cheerleader. Student Senate. Sigma Sigma Sigma Recording Secretary. BARBARA GROMER, Kappa Omicron Phi Recording Secretary. Sigma Sigma Sigma Keeper of the Grades. Colhecon. Homecoming Committee. Choir. Band. SHIRLEY REITS. Math Club President Junior year, Religious Emphasis Committee. Band. Kappa Delta Pi, Northwest Missourian staff. NORMAN HIGGINBOTHAM. Phi Sigma Epsilon Vice-President. Intra- mural Council, Student Senate Treasurer. Senior Class President, Intra Pra- ternity Council. Student Advisory Council. NANCY KARIGER. Alpha Sigma Alpha Vice President and Membership Director, PEM Club Vice-President, Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Delta Pi. Swim Club President, Dance Club, Cheerleader Co-Recreational Council. Dorm Coun- cil Vice-President, Pan-Hellenic Council, Social Committee, ANNA CATHARINE ROBERTS. Band. Orchestra. Tower Choir Presi- dent, Madrigal, LC. Historian. S,C.A. Reporter, MENC, Northwest Mis- sourian Staff. Music Productions. JAMES ROLL, Phi Sigma Epsilon President, Kappa Delta Pi, Inter-Fra- ternity Council President, Northwest Missourian Sophomore Editor, Home- coming Committee, Religious Emphasis Committee. ROGER ROWLETT. Choir, Opera Study, Orchestra, Band, MENC President, Departmental Productions four years. KA FERGUSON, Dormitory President, Drama Productions, Alpha Sigma Alpha Secretary and Historian, Writers Club, Dorm Council, Senior Class Secretary. BILL GEER. Phi Sigma Epsilon Vice-President. Kappa Delta Pi Treas- urer. Inter Fraternity Council. Religious Emphasis Committee. Intramural Commission. Social Committee. Student Advisory Council. CURTIS THOMAS. Sigma Tau Gamma President. Kappa Delta Pi. Pi Omega Pi. Intra Fraternity Council Vice-President, Homecoming Committee. Quad Council. SUE WRIGHT, Tower Choir President. Band. Orchestra. Homecoming Committee Co-Chairman. Sigma Sigma Sigma Music Chairman. MENC Vice- President. Student Senate, Student Senate Vice-President, 23 SENIORS Mary Abmeyer Major: Music Degree: B. S. Elementary and Secondary Education Charles Adair Major: Physical Education Minor: Business Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Ann Allison Major: Business Minor: English Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Nancy Anderson Major: Elementary Education Degree: B. S. Elementary Education Vernon Armogost Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Mathematics. Chemistry Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Karen Arms Major: Business Minor: Home Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Walter Arms Major: Physical Education Minor: Business Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Lona Lu Babb Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Kevin Barker Major: Agriculture Minor: General Science Degree: B. S. Secondary Education LoNNiE Barker Major: Business Minor: Agriculture Degree: B. S. Gerald Berry Major: Business Minor: Social Science Degree: B. S. Secondary Education George Bishop Major: Mathematics Minor: Physical Education Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Jim Bishop Major; Business; Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Tom Bishop Major: Business: Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Harry Bowes Major: Business Minor: Social Science Degree: B. S. Secondary Education 24 m m Ronald Bradlhy M.ijor: Physicnl F-ducation Minor: Business Di ' c rtv; B. S. Secondary Lchication l.AKRV Bri:nnan Major: Spanish: Social Science Deyree: B. S. Secondary Educulton AuTni ' R Buckingham Major: Business Minor: Music Dcyree: B. S. Secondary F.ducalion William N. Burnil m Major: Physical Education: Business Degree: B. S. Secondary i.ducalion Pa rRicL BuRRi Major: Elementary Education Degree: B. S. Elementary Education Larry Orr Butllr Major: Physical Education Minor: Industrial Arts Degree: B. S. Secondary Education ' IRGINL BUZ ARD Major: Social Science Minor: English Degree: B. S. Secondary Education William E. Carolus Major: Business Minor: Social Science Degree: B. S. Jamls M. Cobb Major: Business Minor: Mathematics: Physics Deg ree: B. S. Marjorie Cockayne Major: VcKational Home Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education John H. Cole Major: History Minor: English Degree: A. B. Bi.ttV Cooksey Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Byron Cooper Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Agriculture Degree: B. S. Secondary Education William S. Cordonier III Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Social Science Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Bl-.TTE Cox Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B. S. Sec(,ndury i.ducation 25 4 Edward Cox Major; Industrial Arts Minor: Mathematics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Marlene Taylor Cracraft Major: Music Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Bob F. Crockett Major: Chemistry Minor: General Science Degree: B. S. Bill Crowley Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B. S. Charles B. Davis Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Business Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Floyd Davis Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Degree: A. B. Grace Denton Major: Elementary Education Degree: B. S. Elementary Education Maurice DeShazer Major: Industrial Arts: Biology Minor: General Science Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Shirley Dieterich Major: Elementary Education Degree: B. S. Elementary Education Ken Dowden Major: Business Minor: English Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Henry A. Elliott Major: Business: Agriculture Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Robert R. Elliott Major: Mathematics: Business Degree: B. S. Marcia Ely Major: Music Degree: B. S. Secondary and Elementary Education Kay Ferguson Major: English Minor: French Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Max Fiandt Major: Social Science Minor: History Degree: B. S. Secondary Education 26 SENIORS Fhrris Fosthr Major: Social Science Minor: Sociology Deqree: B. S. Secondary FAhuntion Dic:k Fri 11.1. Major: Business: Economics Dec ree : B. S. Carrol 1. EE Fry Major: Social Science Minor: English Degree : 6. vS ' . Secomliiru F.Jucation Franklin Gari-Y Major: Mathematics: Physics Minor: General Science Degree: 6. S. Secondary Education Nelson Gawatz Major: Business Minor: Social Science Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Bill " Gkf.r Major: Zoology Minor: Chemistry: General Science Degree : B. 5. Secondary Education Jeanne Goodson Major: Music Degree . B. S. Elementary and Secondary Education Charles Gorton Major: Social Science Minor: Sociology Degree A. B. Norma Granteer Major : Elementary Education Degree B. S, Elementary Education Harold Greaves Major: Mathematics: Physical Education Degree • B. S. Secondary Education WiLMA GREEVER Major: Elementary Education Degree ■ B. S. Elementary Education Barbara Gromer Major Vocational Home Economics Degree ; B. S. Secondary Education Albert Groothuis Major Industrial Arts Minor Fine Arts Degree ; B. S. Secondary Education John R. Hamilton Major Business Minor : Economics Degree : B. S. Millard L. Haning. Jr. Major : Business: Economics Degree .- B. S. 27 m m Henry R. Hannon Major: Mathematics Minor: Physics: General Science Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Norma Jean Hawkins Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Shirley Heits Major: Mathematics Minor: General Science Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Norman Higginbotham Major: Business Minor: Zoology: Chemistry Degree: B. S. Lee Hochstein Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B. S. Charles W. Howard Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Virgil K. Howe Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Degree: B. S. Kathleen Huff Major: Elementary Education Degree: B. S. Elementary Education William F. Humphrey Major: Business: Industrial Arts Degree: B. S. Secondary Education William Hunt Major: Chemistry Minor: Biology Degree: B. S. Mike Hutcheon Major: Physical Education Minor: Industrial Arts Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Wreatha Jarvis Major: Music Degree: B. S. Elementary and Secondary Education Carol Jensen Major: Business Minor: English Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Deon Jensen Major: Music Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Daryl H. Johnson M ajor: Agriculture: Biology Degree: B. S. Secondary Education 28 m m Jim R. .Ioy M.ijor: Plivsicnl T-diuntion : lni.lusiri.ll Arts l cyrec: li. S. Secondary I ' ducalmn Nancy L. KARic.iiR Major: Physical Htliuation: Business Dec ree: B. S. Secondary l:diuaimn Carl C. I.aki- Major: Business Minor: Social Science Dcyrce: B. S. Secondary i.ducaiion Forrest Leonard Major: Mathematics Minor: Social Science Degree: B. S. Secondary liducation Lenore Tipton Lewis Major: English Minor: Library Science Degree: B. S. Secondary Education HlRAM LlLLEY Major: English Minor: History Degree: B. A. Li: vis LiNVii.LE Major: Business Minor: Social Science Degree: B. S. iHEODORH D. LOCKIN Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Educalion George Lockridge Major: Agriculture Minor: General Science Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Betty Jo Long Major: Elementary Education: Fine Arts Degree: B. S. Elementary Education iRviN W. Long Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Mathematics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Nancy Long Major: Physical Education Minor: English Degree: B. S. Secondary Education F-i orence Loose Major: Elementary Education Degree: B. S. Elementary Education Frederick V. Maher Major: Physical Education Minor: Mathematics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Pat Adams Maher Major: Physical Education Minor: English Degree: B. S. Secondary Education 29 i SENIORS James Mahoney Major: Social Science Minor: History Degree: B. S. Secondary Education James Mallen Major: Physical Education: Business Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Larry Marrs Major: Business Minor: Physics Degree: B. S. Secondary and Education George Vilas Martin Major: Social Science Minor: Mathematics; History Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Judy Matthews Major: Elementary Education Degree: B. S. Elementary Education Henry Mattson Major: Physical Education Minor: Mathematics Degree: B. S. Madeline Mays Major: Elementary Education Degree: B. S. Elementary Education Robert McCartney Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Business Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Carolyn McDonald Major: Physical Education Minor: Business Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Robert E. McNeill Major: Business Minor: Mathematics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education DoLORE Meyer Major: Elementary Education Degree: B. S. Elementary Education Don Miller Major: Agriculture Minor: Fine Arts Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Delores Moore Major: Elementary Education Degree: B. S. Elementary Education Robert C. Moran Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education L. Dent Morriss Major: Business Minor: Social Science Degree: B. S. 30 SEKIOKS Shirli:v McvrsiNci k Major; HIcmcntary Lducaiion Degree: B. S. Elementary Education Aleta Mum. ins Major: Business; Economics Degree: B. S. Secomiury Education Thi-oixiri- B. MUl.l.lNS Major: Social Science Minor: Business Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Richard D. Netf Major; Physics General Science 6. 5. O ' Brien Elementary Education B. S. Elementary Education O ' Connor Physical Education Business: Home Economics 6. 5. Secondary Education Ronald O ' Dell Major; Physical Education Minor; Biology Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Joyce Osbl ' rn Major; English Minor; History Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Paul " Parkhurst Major; Agriculture Minor; Physical Education Degree: B. S. Viola Parkhurst Major; Elementary Education B. S. Elementary Education Patterson Industrial Arts Music B. S. Secondary Education Patton Minor; Degree: Patricia Major; Degree : Marilyn Major; Minor: Degree : Degree : ELDON E. Major; Minor: Degree : John E. Major; Business Minor; Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Billy K. Payne Major; Physical Education Minor; Mathematics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Dick ' Phillips Major: Agriculture Minor; General Science Degree: B. S. Bruce E. Pierce Major; Elementary Education Degree: B. S. Elementary Education 31 4 SENIORS Ralph Pierce Major: Industrial Arts; Physical Education Degree: B. S. Secondary liducalton Charles R. Price Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Physical Education Degree: B. S. Secondary liduculion Darwin N. Propes Major: Industrial Arts: Physical Education Degree: B. S. Secondary Education James P. Ranck Major: Business Minor: Physical Education Degree: B. S. Secondary Hducaiion Mary Elaine Reece Major: Elementary Education Degree: B. S. Elementary Education Ted Reed Major: English Minor: Agriculture Degree: A. B. Glenda Rice Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Donald Ridpath Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B. S. Anna Roberts Major: Music Minor: English Degree: B. S. Elementary and Secondary Education Jeanette Roberts Major: Social Science Minor: History Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Donald Robertson Major: Fine Arts Degree: B. S. Elementary and Secondary Education Lyle Rogers Major: Social Science Minor: Sociology Degree: B. S. Secondary Education James Roll Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Mons R. Roll Major: Industrial Arts Minor: General Science Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Donna Lea Ross Major: Business Minor: Home Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education i 32 m m RCX.IR RdWI I TT Major; Music Dei rec: B. S. HlemcnUiry and Secondary r.ducation l.AWRENCF P. RcnVl IV Major: Business Minor: Physical Educatic n )c( rir: B. S. Secondary F.ducalion Arm N1-; Scaddi-n Major: Hlcmontary Education Dcaree: B. S. Llvmenlary Education RONM.D SCHHNK Major: Business Minor: Social Science Dcaree: B. S. Secondary Education Gordon Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B. S. Richard D. Smith Major: Agriculture Minor: Biology: General Science Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Ella " Erp Sori.ih Major: Mathematics: Chemistry Minor: General Science Degree: B. S. Secondary Education John Sorlif, Major: Mathematics Minor: Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Hhnry Southard Major: Business Minor: General Science Degree: B. S. Bill Sparrow Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B. S. Leland E. Springer Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B. S. Lura Stafpord Major: English Minor: ScKial Science Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Awalt George Steffen Major: Elementary Education Degree: B. S. Elementary Education Ruth Stephens Major: Elementary Education Degree: B. S. Elementary Education Stan Stewart Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Biology Degree: B. S. Secondary Education 33 i m m Robert J. Sticken Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Physical Education Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Robert Straub Major: Social Science Minor; English Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Barbara Stuber Major: Music Degree: B. S. Elementary and Secondary Education Jean Swanson Major: Elementary Education Degree: B. S. Elementary Education Lauretta Taylor Major: Elementary Education Degree: B. S. Elementary Education Curtis Thomas Major: Business; Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education RoLANDE Thompson Major: Art Minor: French Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Donald W. Tilson Major; Social Science Minor; Sociology Degree: A. B. Robert L. Tinnell Major: Mathematics; Physics Minor: General Science Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Pat Tunnell Major; Art Minor: French Degree : B. A. AiLEEN Turner Major; Vocational Home Economics Degree: B. S. Secondary Education Bob C. Turner Major; Business Minor: Economics Degree: B. S. Darrell Walker Major; Physical Education Minor: Social Science Degree: B. S. Secondary Education John C. Wood Major; Busmcss Minor: Economics Degree: B. S. Lester Wooten Major: Industrial Arts Minor; Business Degree: B. S. Secondary Education 34 . u(or . tuuc Degree: B.S. Elrmentarij and Secondary Education Ciorry WurMct Major: Huxiness Minor: Agriculture Degree: B.S. r.iiil I:, Xfa or: Indunlrml Arts Minor: Agriculture Degrve: B.S. Secondary Lduiaiion mm am officers tront Row: Millard Haning. Vi mJi nf , Kichard Frizell, Vice-Presidenl. Back Row: Kay Ferguson, Secretary. Jean Swanson, Treasurer. 35 i Jerald Baker Junior Jack Ballinger junior Dorthy Baucus Sophomore Joyce Barnes Freshman Marlene Bates Freshman Dtck Bauman Freshman Freddie Baxter Freshman Joanne Beeson Junior Barbara Bendure Freshntan Emilie Benedict freshman Donald K. Bennett Junior Warren Bennett Sophomore 36 Barbara Benning Norma Bergstrom Junior Sophomore Sandra Bill Sophomore Shirley Blackford f reshmon Elaine Blezek Sophomore Beverly Blohm 7un or Mary Lou Boeck Junior Charles Booher Freshman Charles Booth Sophomore Roberta Breniier Mary J. Bridgewater Lois Buffon Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Larry Buis Freshman Joyce Butcher Freshman Patricia Bump freshmon Carol Sue Burch Freshman LeAnn Butler Junior Charles Cairns Freshman Laura Bower Freshman Larry Bruce Freshman Carolyn Burch Freshman f[iid Cdlhoon Freshman Margaret Boyd Sophomore Philip Bram Junior Bonnie Lee Brus Sophomore Lise Bredesen Freshman P 1 1 . R. D. Burns Junior Peggy Ann Bush Junior Charles Campbell Freshman Lois Campbell Freshman 37 dL L. W. Campbell Freshman Suellyn Canon Freshman Marilyn Carlson Junior Eddie Carter Gary Chamberlin George D. Chaney Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Darrell Chiles Freshman Robert Churchill junior Kathryn Clark Freshman Ronald Clark Freshman Barbara Cohrs Junior Jerry Coldwell Freshman Keith V. Collier Sharon Ann Conley Junior Freshman Beverly Conway Freshman Mildred Cook Junior Pat Cottrell Sophomore Barbara Cowen Sophomore Carolea Cowen Marilyn Cox Peggy Cox Freshman Sophomore Freshman Delivee Cramer Sophomore Phyllis Cox Junior Beverly Crater Sophomore Sandra Craven Junior Bill Croy Freshman John Crscrafi Freshman James Crafton Sophomore 8 " " " pBfVrv Hf Marsha Creason Sophomore Barbara Crowe Sophomore 38 Mat ha Crowell Freshman Louise Daily Junior Daryl Daniels Freshman Marsha Jane Daniels Sophomore Sue Daniels Freshman Mrelin Francis Davis Freshman Lyie Derr Freshman Gary Dodson Freibman Ray Dunn Sophomore larry A. Dean Sophomore Carolina Ann DeBow freshman Jim DeMint Sophomore Karen Denton freshman Barbara Derry Freshman Larry Dew Freshman David Dick Sophomore Darlene Dilks Freshman Danny Dorsey Junior Janice Dov,don Junior Mary Dov den Freshman Mildred Drake Sophomore Don Dupy Junior Suzanne Dvorak Sophomore John Eagle Freshman Raedene Eberit Sophomore Kay Daughton- Sophomore Theodore S. Derks Freshman Janet Dinkel Junior Priscilla Drake Freshman Wanda Ebert Freshman 39 i Edith Ann Eckhoff Rowena Edwards Fresh n Freshn Donald Ekiund Sophomore Jean Elder Freshman Pat Elder Sophomore Beverly Elliott Freshman Carolyn Elliott Freshman Paul Ellison Sophomore Sue EllisoA Freshman Judy Elmore Freshman Barbara Elsberry Joyce Ely Sophomore Junior Richard Fleming freshman Mary Dale Flora Junior Raymond Fore Freshman Ferral Foster Sophomore Larry Foutch junior Harry Fox Freshman Helen Francisco Freshman Joe Frederick Sophomore George S. Fry Junior Marilyn Fulton Gary Funkhouser Sophomore Junior Kenneth Gabriel Freshrrtan 40 Carol Gamble Junior Larry Gardner Sophomore Richard Garst Sophomore Paul Gales Sophomore Maryann Gepner freshman Peggy Gerady Freshman Alecia Glenn Junior David Glenn Junfor r Patricia Glenn Rohenah Glenn Freshman Sophomore Carolyn Glover freshman Joyce Goeders Junior Carol Gress freshmon Janet Grider Freshman Mary Griffin Junior Kenneth Grout Sophomore Raymond Greever Senior •r Laura Gregg Sophomore Sandra Grove Sophomore Mary Grun Sophomore 41 ■ Clayton Guess Freshman Larry Guess Freshman Wendell Guess Junior Peggy Guthrie Junior Marilyn Hale Freshman • ' Donna Hall Freshman . Romona Hall Freshman James Hamilton Junior William Hanson Junior Wlnora Handford Freshman Ralph Hargrave Sophomore Sue Hart Freshman Kenneth Hatten Freshman Vivian Head Junior Caroline Hauser Freshman Carole Hefley Sophomo; " e Janet Havens Freshman Betty Heflin Presfimon Karen Hawk Freshman Gerald Hays Sophomore Ruth Hazelbaker Freshman William Henderson Robert Henggeler Freshman Freshman Carolyn Henn Freshman John Henry Freshman Richard Henry Junior Martha Herron Freshman Eva Lee Hess Sophomore Harlan Higginbotham Sophomore Dorothy Hill Freshman 42 Foster Holcomb Freshman Charles Hood Junior Bonnie Hooker Junior Kathleen Hopple Sophomore Gary Horner Sophomore ££ Mariam Housewortli Karen Howard Freshman freshman Virginia Howe Junior Mary I. Howland Sophomore Colene Hughes Sophomore Shirley Hughes Freshman Maxine Hull Sophomore Donna Humphrey Freshmon Jacob Humphrey Sophomore Lovell Hunziger Freshman lora Lee Irland Freihman Mary Francis Irvine freshman Elenor Jackson freshmon Kay Jackson Freshman Wayne Jackson Junior Sarah Houk Sophomore Ruth Hughes Freshman Ruth Ingram Sophomore Berniece James Sophomore 43 i Gene James Junior Robert James Junior Robert W. James Sophomore Gloria Jameson Junior Austin Jay Junior Kathryn Jay Sophomore Beverly Johnson Carolyn Kay Johnson Faye Johnson Gene Johnson Kay Johnson Phil Johnson Junior Sophomore Freshman Junior Sophomore Freshman Beatrice Jones Junior Donna Sue Jones Freshman Eddie Jones Freshman Gerald Jones Sophomore Larry Jones Freshman Sidney Jones Junior Shirley Kelley Sophomore F. Norvell Kemper Sophomore Larry Kensinger Sophomore Larry Kessler Freshman Carolyn Kincaid Junior David Kinney Freshman 44 Rhoda Kuhlman Sophomore Marlene Kuntiweiler Freshman Larry Laidley Freshman Ed Lamb Sophomore Martha Landers Joyce Lash Sophomore Junior Beverly Lespedon freshman Carol Lilly Freshman Robert Lilly freshmon Ardilh Linn Sophomore Bill lippincot Freshman Mae Marie Livermore Freshman Peggy Lockridge Sophomore Bonnie Lohmeier Sophomore Gweldon L. Long Junior Nornna Long Junior Alice Lukehart Sophomore Sharon Lyie freshman 45 Harold Lynch Sophomore William lynch Junior Arnold Lyon Freshman George E. Maher Sophomore Philip J. Maher Freshman Marilyn Manley Freshman Neil Mann Sophomore Lewis Maris Freshnion Walter Marls Junior Jerry Marrs Sophomore Shirley Marsden Freshman Anthony Martin Freshman Phyllis Martin Freshman Marilyn Maxwell Sophomore Kay Martindale Sophomore Charles McCall Freshman Lloyd Mather Junior Dennis Mathes Evelyn Mathews Freshman Junior Letha McClurg Freshman Marjorie McClure Sophomore Gloria McConkey Junior ■ Marilyn Maynard Sophomore Sylvia McConkey Sophomore Joyce McCoole Freshman Rosalie McCrary Freshman Katherine McDermil Sophomore Jerry McGinnis Sophomore Margaret Mcintosh Freshman Anita Mclntyre Freshman 46 Monty McVicker Junior Thomas Medearis Sophomore Charles Meek Freshman Bill Metnck Sophomore James Merritt Sophomore Jeanette Meyer Freshman Rote Mary Meyer Sophomore Lois Mildward freshn James Monday Madeleine Mongold Ruth Ann Moore Sophomore freshmon freshmon Shirley Moore Junior Steve Moore Freshmon Woodson Moore Junior Verlee Morgan Sophomore Ona Morrison Junior Billy Mozingo Freshman Michael Mullin Freshman Ralph Mulvania Beverly Murphy Patricia Jean Murphy Jaunita Myrtue Margaret Myrtue Freshman Junior Freshman Junior Sophomore Sk M --: 0K 1 M - sX fj IT Cw ' f L Carol Nelsen K " 1, f M Cynthia Neill Wayne Nelson Thomas Nenneman Patty New freshman Sophomore Junior Sophomore Sophomore Joe Nakamura Freshman Ann Newcomer freshmon 47 II i Delores Newman Joyce Nickerson Freshman Freshman Roberta Nies Freshman Harold E. Nigh Junior Charlie Nikler Sophomore Kay Jean Noel Freshman Nancy Noel Sophomore Jennifer Oswald Freshman Connie Phillips freshman Margie O ' Connor Sophomore Carolyn Ogden Sophomore Janice Olenlus Freshman Charlene Olsen Junior Jo Ann Outs Freshman Jerry Overton Junior Margaret Owen Sophomore Bob Owens Freshman Marilynn Phippen Freshmon Don Pierpoint Junior Richard Pinkerton Junior Gary Pitman Freshman Jack Osborn Sophomore Joann Owens Sophomore Katherine Pitts Junior 48 Sharon Pittsenbarger Sophomore Sam Porter freshman Larry Powell Junior Patti Pranter Sophomore VicUi Prather Freshman Joan Prichard fresfimon Dorothy Ranck Freshman Harold Randol Sophomore Thomas Randol Sophomore Carl Redmon Sophomofe Betty Reece Freshmon E. L. 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Taylor Junior Kathlyn Taylor Junior lou Jane Taylor Freshman Martin Taylor freshman Bob Terry Junior . Alice Thomas Frejhmon Donna Thompson Roger Thompson Terry Thompson Junior Sophomore Junior James Tock Freshman 51 , : sx Sandra Toeller Marvin Toft Pat Torrence Oliver Townsend Lee Traster Freshman Sophomore Freshman Junior Freshman Frank Triplett Freshmon Rex Trueblood Sophomore Kernal Tsuhako Freshman Connie Turner Junior Donald Turner Junior Paul Turner Freshmon James Tussey Sophomore Willard Van Buren Janet Vadnewater Freshman Freshman Janyce Van Gilder Lavonne VanMeter Freshmon Junior Melba VanPelt Sophomore Don Vaudt Freshman Lois Vennirk Max Voggesser Jan Volkens Jarlene Vonderschmidt Lois Rae Vrooman Freshman Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Robert Wade Junior Don Wagner Sophomore Norma Wagner Freshmon Bruce Wake Sophomore Barbara Walden Junior Lois Jean Walker Freshman Marlene Walker Freshman 52 «: V Janet Waller junior Bill Walter Sophomore Donald Wardrip Freshman Bonnie Warner Fresftmon Sharii Warner FresKmon Mary Ellen Watkins Sophomore Gaylene Watson freshman Dick Weber Junior Karia Wesack Freshmon Jackie West Freshman ( M ! Maryon Westcott Elizabeth Westergaard Freshmon Sophomore Nancy Wharton Freshman Rita Whigham Freshman Betty While Freshman Marcia White Sophomore Everett Whitehead Freshman Sue Whitford Sophomore Urry Whittington Dixie Wiley junior Sophomore Joyce Wiley Sophomore Aloris Wilkinson Gary Williams Sophomore Freshman Homer Williams Freshman Marcia Williams Sophomore Gary Williamson Junior Sue Williamson Sophomore Shirley Williamson freshmon Layeta Wolf Sophomore Nadene Wolf Sophomore 53 i Beverly Fletchall Junior James Mclntyre Sophomore Junior: Ron Searcy. I ' riSideni , Mi? rt beuer- man, Vicv-President : Barbara Julius, Secretary: K. U, Burns. 7 reuaurer. Sophomore: Bob James. 7 reaaurer : Delivec ( m mer. Secretary : Ed Kavanaugh, Vice-President : Harlan Higgt?nbuiham. Pn-sident. ireshman: Ken Gabriel. Pcfsidcnt : Kitty Zach- ary. Secretary; Marcia Rucker, Vice-President : Jamts Tock, rcasurer. 54 m m GR DUATion 55 mmmM m 56 STUDENTS k] WORK It takes two to Study Campusologyl 57 STUDEITS h] WORK We Drou» 58 STUDENTS h] IRK Our home away from home from the MU rau) materials to the finished (flUnrf ' r ; product IB| : ' T I 59 II 62 ni ?v trort Hou. ' • ' Margie CVtonnor. Art Buckingham, Sue Wnghl. Jean Swanson. Baik Rou. ' : Dr. Sterling Surrey. Miss Lois Simons. Vclma Swariz. Sybil Sims, Gerry Wuster. Dob Jjmes. Dick Frizcll. Jerry Overion, Ron Searcy. Margaret Boyd, Betty Cooksey. Dean Koerblc. T SE E riic Senate, in connection with its policy of greater student participa- tion, began the year by taking part in the Freshman Orientation Pro- gram. Several members returned to th: campus early to prepare discus- sions and panels, and to serve as guides to the new members of the Student Government Association. After orientation week, the Senate found itself absorbed in Freshman Initiation, with Senate President Art Buckingham acting as the " whip " in keeping the beanied initiates jumping at the word " button. " As prescribed by the Constitution, the Senate had charge of several elec- tions during the year. There were the Homecoming Queen election, the election of class officers and Senate members, the Tower Queen election, and finally the SGA officer selection. Dr. Surrey. Dr. Koerblc. and Miss Simons provided valuable assistance. HOlCOii COMMITTEE To Dr. John Harr. faculty adviser. Sue Wright and Jerry Overton, co- chairmen, and the other members of the committee goes major credit for the success of the 1956 Homecoming. A sfjectacular parade — the biggest ever to be seen in Maryvillc — was witnessed by over 1 7.000 persons on Saturday. October 27. as the band wagon got fully underway for the 1956 Homecoming. " Steamin ' to Victory. " the Sigma Tau Gamma ' s spectacular beauty float, did just that in its division. The Industrial Arts Club with " Bearcats Bandwagon " received first prize in the humor float division. Tau Kappa Epsilon was rewarded for the best jalopy and the best group of clowns and tied with Sigma Tau Gamma and Sigma Sigma Sigma for the parade trophy. Sigma Sigma Sigma received addi- tional honors as Miss Vclma Swartz was chosen as Homecoming Queen. From Row: M.ircij ' illi.ims. Carol Gambit. Jerry Overton, io-Chatrman : Sue Wnghl, Co-Chair- man: Bev Murphy. Pat Corlell. Mary Ellen Watkins. Row two: Ruby V. Wispc. Chairman Vartetu Hhow Committee : Gary punlvhouscr. John Patton. Ann Schilling. Charlene Stcincr. Shirley .Motsinger. Mary I- Howland, Howard Ringold, Parade Committee. Back Row: John Harr, Faculty Chairman: Charles Gorton. Harry Bowes. Curtis Thomas. Larry Brennan. Gerry Wurstcr. 63 m [ During the year, the Social Com- mittee functioned as usual in admin- istrating the funds allotted from the student activity fees to provide social events for the student body. Mem- bers were appointed by the Student Senate president, Art Buckingham, to best represent the entire school. The Social Committee promoted many enjoyable activities. Registra- tion dances, the walk-out day pro- gram and dance. Friday night movies and dances. Monday night dances, noon movies, aftcr-thc-game dances, the Christmas Ball. Sadie Hawkins Week and dance, and the Sock Hop were among the most important events. The Social Committee also gave financial aid to certain other groups sponsoring all-school events. Front Ron ' : Ron Scircy. Chairman: Lois Simons. Sponsor. Batk Roa ' : Nanty Karigcr. Woodson Moore. Ron Bradley. Gene James. Carol Gamble. iff !■■ ■ ' « ' , ■ front HoiC : Miss Simons. (. hutk Cinrlon. Ron Sc.ucy Back Roiv: George Green, Barbara Julius. Ona Morrison, Margarcl O ' Connor, Ann Allison. Jim Taylor. 64 The Union Board, a representative of the Social Committee and the Stu- dent Senate, devotes its time to find- ing ways for the students to utilize the Union Building, The Union Board sponsored such activities as: Photo contests, bridge instruction, coffee hours, hi-fi music, and a trip to see Cinerama in Kansas City. Beverly Blohm and Barbara Julius were in charge of arrangements for the trip. Members who served as Committee heads for the first semes- ter were; Ann Allison and Margie O ' Connor. Publicity: Jim Taylor, Tournament: George Green, Music: Bob Tinnell, Hobby: and Jack Bal- linger, Talent, ALL CKLEK UiCE 65 m %m mh Norma Long President Carol Gamble Vice-President Charlene Olson Secretary Darlcne Vonderschmidt Treasurer Nancy Kariger Membership Dtrectot Jeancttc Roberts Reporter Shirley Motsingcr Chaplain Kay Ferguson Historian Fcrral Foster Ferris Foster Jeanne Goodson Mary Inez Howland Corresponding Secretary Kay Johnson Nancy Long Pat Mahcr Beverly Murphy Margaret O ' Connor Mona Scadden Ann Schilling Elaine Schroedcr Barbara Sharp Gladcnc Shcrard Sybil Sims Marcia White Sue Whilford Sue Williamson 66 mu %m hm ID nn A " pink poodle " informal rush party, with iVlargie O ' Connor and Barbara Sharp in charge and Jcanctte Roberts presiding as mistress of ceremonies, was Alpha Sigma Alpha ' s first impc rtant event of the year. The Rush Week ended with the formal rush party and 24 pledges added to the roll. The Alphas were rewarded for their Home- coming activities when they gained a three- way tie for possession of the Supremacy Cup. A beautiful castle and two big dice with the theme. " We ' ve Got that Magic Touch and We ' ll Roll Them, " was the Alphas ' float entry. The Alpha Sigma variety show skit was " Masquerade Homecoming. " The skit told of a typical Homecoming celebration with three modern dance numbers. Miss Sybil Sims was the Alpha ' s ' lovely Homecoming Queen candidate. Several members of the sorority distin- guished themselves during the year. Jeanne Goodson. Pat Maher. and Sue Whitford had lead roles in dramatic productions. Nancy Kariger. Beverly Murphy. Mary Dowden. and Almcda Meyers served as cheerleaders. Other rich memories include Fun Week, the Sweetheart Dance, the Spring Formal, and the Mother-Daughter Tea. Front Row: Donna Humphrey. Shirley Hughes. Prc ident : Carolyn Glover. Vice-President : Ruth Hughes. Roiv Two: Arline Stumpf. Judy Br.iun. Vickie Praiher. Back Row: Beverly Blohm. Rosellvn Ringold. Nancy Shrivcr. Lcra Lee Ireland. Almeda Meyers. Front Row: Barbara Cohrs, Peggy Riley. Mary Dowden. Jennifer Oswald. Row Two: Connie Turner. Wanda Neal. Bernice James. Back Row: Sucllyn Canon. Diana Wright. Ruth Moore. Joyce Goeders. 67 DELTA im From lioLL ' : iVJAry Grilfin, Second Vice-President ; Marcia Ely, Scholarship Chmiman: Gloria Jameson, Cor- responding Secretary: Elizabeth Westergaard. Recording Secrctanj. Bach Raw: Virginia Buzzard. First Vicc-Piesident; Lauretta Taylor, President: Kathryn Taylor. Treamrer: BonniG Brus. Historian: June Shaw, Social Chairman; Paula Surrey. Mascot. Front Ron ' : Mary Irvine. Rosemary Pearson, Lois Campbell, Carolyn Burch. Beverly Conway. Janet Gridcr, Lois Vennink, Caroline Hauser, Kathleen Huff. Back Row: Ruth Pink Jameson, Diana L. Gates. Colene Hughes. Janice Olenius. Bonnie Lohmcicr. Marilyn Lcighty. Karia Wesack. Wanda Ebert, Ruth Ann Hazclbakcr, Pat Brown. 68 DELTA m On August 21. 19S6. Delta Sigma Epsilon So- rority of this campus merged with Delta Zeta. the second largest national sorority. The Epsilon Rho Chapter of Delta Zeta was installed here Septem- ber 22. 1956. During Rush Week, the Delta Zeta members and their rushees took a " trip around the world " at the informal rush party. Following the formal rush party. 1 8 girls became Delta Zeta pledges. Chairmen Kathlyn Taylor. Gloria Jameson, Vir- ginia Buzzard. Norma Hawkins, and Mary Griffin directed a successful Homecoming for the sorority. Homecoming memories include: " Behind the Green Door: " lovely queen " " candidate. Miss Bonnie Loh- meier: the beauty float. " Victory Caught in Our Web: " the Alumnae Banquet: the little Bear Kitties: blues singer. Kathy Huff, and a rd place tie for Homecoming participation. Other events of the year include: The Christmas Tea for faculty members: the Christmas Party at Miss Cook ' s home: the Snow Ball Dance: a Pizza Party at the Taylors: caroling at Christmas time: the Spring Formal: and the Installation Banquet. 69 %m mm %m Front Row. Janice Dowden. Treasurer : Shirley Dieterich. Recording Secretary: Marilyn O ' Connor. Prenident: Jean Sw.inson. Vice-Prestdent . Back Roir: Jo Becson. Velma Swartz. Sue Wright. Barbara Benning. Barbara Ann Julius, Pat Nisely. Front Row: Eva Lee Hess. Dclivec Cramer. Pat y Salman. Margaret Boyd. Back Roic: Carolyn Ogden. Margaret Owen. Paiti Pranter. Nancy Noel. Phyllis Wray. Judy Ellis. Patty New. Sandra Grove. A QQdQ Front Row: Ann Newcomer, Darlene Dilks. Virginia Logsdon. Donna Hall. Joyce Ely. Marlene Bates. Back Roiv: Connie Robcy. Cynthia Neill. Alice Lukeharl, Connie Phillips, Carol Burch, Donna Sue Jones. Sue Daniels. Joan Wickizer, Alice Thomas. t f- ' i- ' t Front Row: Janel Sanders. Cynthia Neill. Marcia Ruckcr, Sandy Toeller. Karen Hawk. Peggy Cox. Back Row: Gaylene Watson. Katherine Zachary, Anita Mclntyre. Nancy Young, Joyce McCoole. Kay Jean Noel. Laura Bower. 70 mk mh m Under the leadership of President Marilyn O ' Connor, with able assists from Sue Wright, Homecoming co-chairman. Homecoming Queen Velma Swartz. Carolyn Ogden. " The Littlest Bearcat. " and float chairmen Nancy Noel and Barbara Benning. the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority rolled to a three way tie for the Homecoming Supremacy Cup. Many of the Tri Sigmas were awarded honors. Carolyn Ogden. Shirley Dieterich, and Alice Luke- hart were chosen as cheerleaders. Marilyn O ' Con- nor, Donna Sue Jones. Velma Swartz. Jean Swan- son. Sue Wright. Margaret Boyd, and Joyce Ely were elected to the Student Senate. Darlene Diiks served as a majorette. Sue Wright was chosen as the spirit of Christmas at the annual Hanging of the Greens. Carolyn Ogden was selected as Tower Queen. The chapter was honored at the national con- vention when Marilyn O ' Connor received for the group one of the seven awards given for having the best public information for three years. Other events of the year included the annual Christmas party, the Sock Hop. Harmony Hour, the Spring Formal. Charm School and the Senior Breakfast. -ttt . M 71 PHI %m m m First Roiu: James Roll. President. Bill Geer. Vice-President. Robert Tinni-ll, St-(retar j. Richard Frizell. 7 rvas.urer. Row Two: Waller Arms. Jerry Baker. Don Bennett. Harry Bowes, R. D. Burns. RoiL ' Three: Bob Crockei. I-Jrry Dean. George Green. Harlan 1 ligginbotham. Norman Higginbotham. Row Four: Edwin Hill. Bob K. James. Bob W. James, Gene James. Ed Kav- anaugh. How Ficc: Slan Laughl.n, Trcd Mahcr. JiTry Overton. Gary Sealon. Ron Sfarey. Row Six: Roger Thompson. Max Vog- gesser. Lester Wooten. Jerry Wursier. P.iul Zachary. 72 PHI Sim m m Front Rou:: Homer Willunn. Bcrnjrd Cullcn. Larry Sheldon. Lewis Mjris. Kelly Vjn Dyke. Ross Wells. Ron ' I ' wo: Ljrry Powell. Tom Me- dearis. Carl Bolz. Jim Gibbjny. G.uv Chjmlerlin. George Lockridge. Bill Lip pincotf. Baik Row: Ljrrv Rule. Mjrvin Hogan. Philip Mjher. Philip Springer. Dean Roberts. John Higle. Looking back over the past year through tlie eyes of a Phi Sig. we see a year of hard work and fun for pledges and graduating seniors alike. The year began with a smoker, when about 0 prospective pledges were entertained with a band, a chorus line, and a quartette. After the usual pledgeship. 21 men chose Phi Sigma Epsilon and became members. Nu chapter held a regional conclave and repre sentatives from seven chapters came to Maryville, making a total of 27 visiting members. The Christmas season in all its wintry beauty was enjoyed at the Christmas Ball held December 7. I9 ' i6. in the Union Lounge. Music was pro vided by the Monte Carlos. December 15. was a night looked forward to by actives and pledges alike, although perhaps lor different reasons. It was " Hell Night. " and al though no written account of the night ' s activities was recorded, the pledges apparently survived for all 21 were present _and accounted for the next day. Needless to say, most of them seemed to be lacking in sleep. The formal initiation was held on January 29. 1957. The annual Founders Day Banquet was held February 12 in the Union. Dr. George from Tarkio was the speaker for the group in connec- tion with Religious Emphasis Week. Harrv Bowes was appointed general chairman of the Frolics which were held in April. A two- act musical comedy. " All the King ' s Horses. " was given. 73 %m m GJiMMA Curiis Thomas. President Ji ' rry Davis, Vice-President Jerry Marrs, Secretary Don Picrpoint. Treasurer James Albcrtson Charles Adair Jim Bishop Ron Bradley William Burnham Ken Dowden Mike Hutcheon Wayne Jackson Gene Johnson Jim Joy Lewis Linnville James Ranck Larry Rowley Ronald Shannon Henry Southern David Tandy 74 %m m Gil Front Kou ■ Jvihn Am. b.K-, IVu- Cir rizalcs. John Arcnjs. t orris Hu ' i ' . Jim 1 imcv- Ljfry J.innintt!i Hou- Tii ' o: Flovd IXn-.s PlfJuc MasUr. EdJie Fuller. Jim H milton. Oi-nnis Ntfil. l-nncU SK.igg . Arnold l-Von, t .trry Jones, ssisfunr Pledijc Stasli-r Bjfft Row: Jack BallinRcr. John Har din. Grant Hilburn. Duanc Tilwards. Phil Tunks. Bill IXlkan Sigmn Tau Gamma, represented by 2 3 actives and 24 pledges, was rewarded for its strong participation in Homecoming activities by tying for possession of the Supremacy trophy. Under the direction of President Curtis Thomas, the Taus obtained first place honors in the beauty float division with a spectacular 56 foot long showboat titled, " Stcamin ' to Victory. " First place was also gained in the house decorations and a second was taken in the varsity show with " Clem Goes to College. " Social functions were a major item on the agenda. The 1956 Rose Dance was held at the Maryville Country Club, and Miss Barbara Julius, escorted by Jerry Davis, was crowned as Rose Queen. In addition to that spring high- light, many informal functions were pleasant interludes from busy schedules. Two very fine Christmas parties were held, one given by the pledges, and another when the Christmas decora- tions were put up on Quad 1 . The National Conclave of Sigma Tau Gamma was held in Kansas City this year. The official delegates from Theta were Don Pier- point and Wayne Jackson. Jerry Davis. Lou Linville, and Curtis Thomas were also in at- tendance. Fund raising activities of the year included corn picking and the spaghetti supper with Ono Monachino. alumnus of 1954. as chief chef. The Taus again finished the year with strong intramural contention. 75 m urn m m Rill Hum, Pn-siJi-nl Cwddon long, Viif President ChjrK ' s Gorton, Secrvlaru Art Buckingham. Treasurer Bill Cordtrnier. Historian I oil Ibning. Rush (bitirman Dick H.irgr.ivc Di ' on Jensen Harold Lynch Jim Mjhoney Loyd Mather Jesse Scroggic Stan Stewart Bob Straub 76 m um [n m front ton- Robert Mc(!ullou)th. Jjmic 1 ' jnlifr lfV. Robfrl i ! Hvlnii.. JjmcN MjrlfV. Kenneth Oliver. RuhjTd Uinkel. Pled jf A usftv . Dun,ild l ce on. lorn Smith. l).irvl Kliicver. Oave Hinsrn, Lirrv Touuh. « u ' 7uo Normjn W ' irford. Rtch-iid WiUox. Curv Horner. Ron.ild Schenk. Reg Walters. Jerrv Rold. Roger Huch Kenneth CijbrKi, P.»ul White, Jim TocK. Jcs e Mj-tters. Je se Scroggie, Back Ron:: Charlie John-ton. Louis Gr.iv. William Merrick. Bob Owens. Kent Mjffitt. Bill Morse, l.arrv Eden. Jerry Smilcv. John Wilhami. Kenny Jenkins. Darrell Shiles. Gary Oodson. r r « " ' Although only in its third year on this cam- pus. Tau Kappa l-psilon rose to the heights ot campus pohtics when Art Buckingham was elected President of the Student Body. One of the most talked about entries in the Homecoming Parade was the T.K.E. jalopy. " Rip em up. tear em up. " which ran away with first prize in its division. This win. along with first place in the clown division and several high finishes, enabled T.K.E. to captuic the Parade Participation Trophy. Led by President David Hansen, the pledge class. ' 58 strong, took a precedent setting " pledge skip " to the T.K.E. house at the University of Missouri. Among other pledge highlights were several mixers with the Alpha Sigma Alpha pledges, and the construction of the largest pledge paddle ever to grace the NWMSC campus. A new and larger social program made its debut under the leadership of Bob Myers. On the agenda was a Christmas Dinner Dance, the Red Carnation Formal, the Spring Formal, and several other sanctioned affairs. One of the outstanding innovations of the year was a bi-scmester Delta Nu Newsletter. Bill Cordoneir acted as editor and publisher and turned in a commendable job. Another Teke journalist was Bill Morse, who served as editor of the Northwest Missourian. The chapter is also proud of the work of Bob Straub. chaplain, and Bill Hunt, Prytanis. 77 mmmm club Front Rou. ' : Carol Lilly, Roberta Brenizer. Alma Calhoon. Kalhcnne Kcever, Ardith Linn. Sec- retary. Ron} Tti ' o; Dorothy Hill. Beverly Elliolt, Thel- ma Glassgow. Shirley Noclck. Rack Row: George A. Bcnz. Sponsor: John L. Smay. Sponsor : Kenneth Grout, Treasurer : Dick Jenkins, President : El don E. Patterson. Vice- Front Roir: Ruth Ingram, Dana Wright. Mary Jane Bridgewater. Marsha Jane Daniels. Maxine Hull. Row Two: Roberta Robson, Anna Roberts. Roberta Nies. Delores Newman, Rosalie Mc- Crary. Back Row: Gary Funkhouser. Larry Kcssler. Robert Williamson, Rcta Opal Peterson, Caro- lina A. DeBow. Bonita Allen. 78 mmmm club The Independent Club cele- brated the advent of a new school year with a Hobo Party complete with a scavenger hunt, games and refreshments. Full force Homecoming prep- arations soon got underway. Miss Ardith Linn was elected as can- didate for Homecoming Queen and Gary Funkhouser served as her manager. Mary Ellen Wat- kins represented the club on the Homecoming Committee. Ken- neth Grout and Pat Cottrell planned and directed the building of the humor float. Bernie Shriek and Rita Peterson were in charge of house decorations. Mar- sha Daniels drew the plans for the beauty float, and Ardith Linn and Delbert Smith were chairmen of the Variety Show skit. Remembered social events of the year include: the Winterland Dance, with Miss Shirley Noclck selected as Winterland Queen: the annual spring banquet; and the Spring formal. 79 Front Roic Ljuretta Taylor. Vice-Prfsidcnt-J rcasunr Norma Long. l rest den 1: Marilyn O Connor, Secretary. Buck Ron. ' : Margie O ' Connor. Barbara Anno Julius, Carol Gamble Iilizab. ih Wcslcrgaard. Jean Swanson. m HELLENIC IL Each sorority was represented on the nationally affiliated Pan Hellenic Council. The Council supervised inter-sorority activities to promote scholarship and good will among the sororities. The year began with the Fall rush season. Rushees were entertained by all of the sorority members at a Pan Hellenic Tea and Rush Week fol- lowed with its gala informal sessions and impressive formal parties. The Council again issued a schol- arship cup on the merits of overall grade point average of the members. Sigma Sigma Sigma was the recipient of the cup for the fifth consecutive year. Lauretta Taylor began the action to revise the Constitution. The soror- ity presidents worked diligently on this, and much improvement was made. IWTEK-FR TERKITY The Inter- Fraternity Council serves the purpose of co-ordinating the activities of the three National Greek Social Fraternities on the cam- pus. The Council also sets the dates for pledging and rushing. The objective of the Council is to promote friendly competitive rela- tions between fraternities and to stimulate fraternity life on the cam- pus. The Council serves as a board to settle disputes that arise between the fraternities. Much work has been done this year upon tentative housing projects. It is the desire of the Inter-Fraternity Council to promote a " Fraternity Row. " In conjunction with the Pan-Hel- lenic Council, the IFC sponsored the annual All Greek Dance. r n 1 " ■ I M A ■ lj i i |g fi •f B rum RoKV : W. T. Garrelt. James Roll, President; Curiis 7 " hom.]s. ' tce ' Preiiideni . John L. Harr. Back Roiv: Dick Frizell. Bill Gcer, Millard Hanmg, Gweldon L. Long. Bill Hunt. Secretary- Treasurer: Dave Tandy, Robert L. Tinncll. 80 DOUilL Throughout the year. Dormitory nctivitics were directed by the Dorm Council, rile first big event of the year was the Harvest Moon Dance. Marilyn Cox was chairman of the dance, which was enjoyed by a large number of the girls and their dates. Dc " nna Ross and Shirley Heits were co-chairmen of " The Hanging ot the Greens. " annual Christmas ceremony at Residence Hall. Sue Wright received the honor ot being chosen as tlie Spirit ot Christmas. The girls of Residence Hall and South Hall enjoyed four parties dur- ing the year. Sandra Craven. Joyce Lash. Marsha W illiams, Sue Whit- ford. Dclivce Cramer. Raedenc Eberle, Pat Bump, and Kay Noel were in charge of the parties. Irnnt Sou ' . M.irilyn C!ox. Vice-Presiilenl : .Jem on, K.iyc rcrguson. Prcsulcnt : Joe Beeson. Bmk Row: Denton. Secretary: D.irlcnc VonJerschmidl. Joyce [..ish. Lovcll Hiinzigcr. Donnj Smith. 7 reusurer; Mrs. Elizabeth Luer. from oa . V.V . A. Lallerty. Spomor : Robert Tinncil. Pcesideni : Don Bennett. Vice-President; Shirley Hcils. ScKial Chairman: Ella Sortie. Secretary- ' l reaturcr ; Vida Dunbar. Sponsor. Rou: J; James R. Mclntyre. Robert Elliott. John Sorlie. Charles Roeklage. Ed Farquhar. Reporter. Back Roic: Dick Hargravc. Robert Churchill. Ed Sanders, Lowell Blank. Frank Carey. CLUB The Math Club began the year with a picinc at Roadside Park. Various speakers added to the knowledge of Math Club members. Bob Churchill spoke to the Club about his work in Washington, D. C. Mr. Lafferty showed the members a display of the Mathematics books that he has collected. Dr. Campbell talked to the Club about teaching .Mathematics in high school. During Religious Emphasis Week, a guest speaker spoke to the members. Mr. and Mrs. Lafferty gave the members of the organization a very enjoyable Christmas dinner. An extensive display was planned for parent ' s day. A spring picnic ended the year ' s activities. 81 FORENSIC Front Row: Ruby V. Wispc. Coach: Joan Sctzcr, Phyllis Miller, Kay Johnson. Ruth Curfman. Joyce Ely, Gloria McConkcy. Back Rotv: Vern Ball, Dave Tandy. Bob Owens, Charles Gorton, Larry Brown, Jerry McGinnis, Francis Williams. Myron Varley. The Forensic Squad participated in both program and contest work. During the first semester, the squad presented programs before the Inter- national Relations Club and the Faculty Dames, and over KNIM. In a tournament at Bradley Uni- versity, in competition with six hun- dred students from fifty-eight colleges and universities, high ratings were earned by Larry Brown, Vern Ball, and Joan Setzer. At Southwestern College, in the oldest forensic tourna- ment in the world, Larry Brown and Vern Bell earned superior ratings in discussion, Joan Setzer was awarded an excellent rating in poetry reading, and Gloria McConkey earned a rating of excellent in the oratory finals. Members of the Squad also participated in the State Meet and in a contest at Durant, Oklahoma. ALPHA PSI Alpha Psi Omega sponsored three types of activities this year: play re- views given by its members at the bimonthly meetings: field trips to plays, the first of which was a trip to Kansas City to see the Lunts in The Great Sebastians; and the pro- duction of Noel Coward ' s Fumed Oak. In addition. Alpha Psi Omega is the parent organization for the Dra- matics Club, which presented Every- man for Religious Emphasis Week. Members of the organization par- ticipated in major dramatic produc- tions of the year. Jeanne Goodson, Hiram Lilly. Marjorie Canon, and Gloria McConkey had roles in Of Thee I Sing. Gloria McConkey was in the Theatre-In-The-Round pro- duction of Ladies In Retirement. Ifunt 7 oa ; Wilmer Calvin, President: Jeanne Goodson, Treasurer. Back Row: Gloria McConkcy, Marjorie Canon. Vice-President: R. E, Fulsom. Sponsor: Ruby Wispe. Barbara Ann Julius. 82 I. L CLUB One ot tlic ni.iior events ot the year for the Industrial Arts Club was the annual trip to Kansas City to visit industry. In past years, the Club has visited lumber companies, steel in- dustries, oxygen plants, auto shows. General Motors, and Ford Motors. 1 he trip was made available to all members of the Club and small Club dues were assessed to cover the ex- penses of the trip. 1 he Industrial Arts Club centered its Homecoming activities around a humor float. Under the direction of Stan Stewart. Club President, the members produced the " Bearcats Bandwagon " which played its way to first place in the Humor Float divi- sion of the parade. K runt Rou;: Oonjld Valk. Sponsor: Luis Zel.iy.i, Sicwjrt. Prcf ' tdcnt : byron (_oopcr. V ' lcf- Prfiidcnt i Vernon Armjgost. Row 7 " u. ' o; Phil Johnson. Ron Parrish. Eldon Patterson. Charles Davis. John Cracraft. tiatk Row: Kenneth Thompson, Sponsor; Gary Horner. Kent Holcomb, Max Grecver, Howard Ringold, Sponsor. front Row: Dean Howard. Don Herren. Darrell Renfro. Paul Lllison. Robert Wade. ilou; Two: David Glenn. Richard Willis. Gerald Hays. Sidney Jones. Dick Reeves, Back Row: James Mclntyre. Secretary-Treasurer: Monty McVicWct. Jacob Homphiey, Warren Bennett, Don Wagner. front Row: Dennis Turner. Gerald Cole. Irvin Long. Jesse Scroggie. Lloyd Mather. Row Two: Bob Mcrklc. Robert Sticken, Jim Cox. C. B. Warner. Bill Humphrey. Back Row: Don Scheib. Don Burgher. Hdward Cox, Cliff Dahl. Larry Butler. Harold Watson. 83 mn tront Row: Ona Morrison. Gloria McConkey, Nancy Karigcr, Shirley Di clench, Peggy Ann Bush. Shirley Moore, Alccia Glenn, Alcta Mullins. Naomi Shipley. Row 2: John Harr. Sponsor; Karen Arms, Secretary: Judy Lucas. Judy Matthews. Boniia Allen, Joyce Lash, Shirley Hcits, Donna Lea Ross. Charlenc Steiner. Joyce Ely. Back Row: John Patton, President: Kenneth Moore, Curtis Thomas. Bill Gcer, Treasurer : James Roll, Woodson Moore. Vilas Martin, Larry Brennan. Don Bennett. DELTA This might well be called the " year of the pledges " for Zeta Lambda Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi since most of the year ' s activities centered around the pledges. As part of their duties for this national honorary fraternity in education, the pledges presented a scries of panel discussions at the fall meetings. In December, following the active initiation, the twenty-nine new members entertained the old members with a Christmas party. Ona Morri- son and Peggy Bush were co-chair- men for the party. Kappa Delta Pi sponsored a biblio- file contest to encourage students to build libraries of their own. The year ' s activities were climaxed by the annual Charter Day banquet. PI Beta Chapter of Pi Omega Pi. a national honorary business fraternity, is open to uppcrclass honor students who are preparing to teach business. Under the direction of sixteen ac- tives, twelve new members were initiated into the organization this year. The pledges provided the enter- tainment and refreshments at the Christmas party held in the Lakeview Room of the Student Union Build- ing. Other activities of the year in- cluded: selling Christmas trees; pub- lishing the Newsletter: going on the annual field trip in the spring: and a spring social, held in honor of the seniors. Dr. Dale Blackwell and Mrs. Mar- jorie Person were the sponsor and co- sponsor, respectively, of the fra- ternity. Front Row: Woodson Moore, Treasurer : Alcta Mullins. Nancy Kariger. Shirley Moore. Historian: Donna Lee Ross, Reporter: Karen Arms, Secretary: Dale J. Blackwell. Sponsor. Back Rou : John Patton. President: Curtis Thomas, James Roll. Charles W. Howard, Ted Lockin, Arthur Buckingham. Ron Bales, Vice-Prestdent. 84 KAPPA PI Tlio Alpli.i Cj.inim.i clinptcr of K.ippa Pi was cst.ihlishcd on tliis lanipus in April. 19S6. with a formal initiation and election of officers. This honorary art fraternity began the year wiili an informal party to welcome neu ' art students. Group singing and games were highlights ol the evening. Homecoming activities came next and individual members iielped d:sign floats and posters tor numerous groups. President Al Grocit- huis. dressed in Gay Ninety costume, rode his high wheeled bicycle to first place in the humorous clown division. A Christmas party at the home of Miss Deluce climaxed the ' ulctide season. The first annual winter ban- quet was held in January. Pledging and the initiation of new members ended the year. front liou. ' : Shirli-y Motsingcr. Al GroothuU. President: Cjrol Gambli:. Cjrl Barnes. Secretary- Ireaaurer; Marsha Daniels. Reporter. Back Ron ' : Rolande Thompson, Tom Medearis, Belly Long, Olive Deluce, Sponsor. m CLUB Front Roiv: Marsha Jane Daniels. Peggy Riley. Shirley Motsingcr. Juanita .Vlvrlue. Glcnda Town- send. Olive Deluce. Rotv _ : Tom Medearis. Stan Horner. Dixie Lovelt. Rolande Thompson. Betty Long. Carol Gamble. Homer Lee Williams. Bach Row: Donald Miller. Clarence E. Gillihan. Danny Dorsey. Carl Barnes, Al Groothuis. Kenny Jenkins. Stephen Knolt. ' Art Club activities completed a well-rounded schedule for members of the Fine Arts Department this year. Following a get-acquainted picnic, art enthusiasts organized to elect officers. Secondary officers elected include: Coralea Cowen. re- porter: Glenda Townsend. poster chairman: and Steve Knott, acting program chairman. Designing and constructing posters, signs, and floats kept the organiza- tion ' s thirty-two members busy at Homecoming time. Highlights of the year included the annual Christmas party at the home of Miss Olive Deluce. depart- ment chairman, and an art trip to Kansas City in the spring. Organized in 1919. this group is the oldest departmental club on the campus. 85 KAPPA Front Row: Virginia Howe, Karen Zach. Corresponding Secretary: Glenda Rice. President: l.ona Lu Babb. firsf Vice-President : LeAnn Butler. bach Row: Belty Cooksey. Second ' ice-President : Beverly Johnson. Charlene S[einer. Bette Cox. Treasurer. Not Shown: Fiona Nelson. Barbara Gromer. Mabel Cook. Sponsor. Organdy, ribbon, rick rack and ruffles were combined and an apron sale became Kappa Omicron Phi ' s major project of the year. Money de- rived from the sale was used to send representatives to the National Con- clave. Travel was the theme for the year ' s programs and Lona Lu Babb was program chairman. Founders Day, under the direction of co-chair- men Betty Cooksey and Glenda Rice, was observed with the traditional candle lighting service and a dessert party. The Travel theme was culmi- nated at the Senior Banquet in May. The banquet honors outstanding seniors. Miss Mable Cook, sponsor of the group, is also the National president of Kappa Omicron Phi. COLHECOI Prospective members were invited to the annual fall wiener roast spon- sored by Colhecon, the college home economics club. Laveta Wolf. Glenda Rice, Lona Lu Babb, and Dorothy Evans planned the event. The initia- tion of new members was held in October. Sandra Bill. Maxine Hull, and Aileen Turner were in charge of the Fall Frolics, which featured a square dance in the Union Lounge with the Ag Club members as guests. Colorful leaves decorated the hall and em- phasized the fall theme. Homecoming was a challenge to the Colhecon girls as they worked hard in making the " Mix ' Em Up, Bearcats " house decoration a success. Other events of the year included: the Christmas party with Donna Anderson and Patty Hinkle as Co- chairmen; a field trip; and the State Convention. m - joonmnf rJ L a 1 Jmk Jl 1 II ' J 1- fUm f 3 " fronr Row: Pat Coitrell, Kathryn Jay, Maxine Hull, Charlene Steiner, Vice-President: Sandra Bin, Secretary: Dorothy Evans, President: Peggy McHarg. Treasurer; Sybil Sims. Carla Rippstein. Aileen Turner, Martha Landtrs, Jauniia Myrtue. Roiv 2: Anita Mclntyre, Sue Har[, Beity While, Glenda Rice. Bonnie Hooker. Virginia Howe, Marilyn Leighty, lioretta Holloway. Carolyn Henn. Jean Faubion, Donna Anderson, Beverly Myers, (Tarolyn Ihrig. Hack How: Verna Lee Wright. Mary Dale Flora. Lavcia Wolf, Karen Arms. Janice Olenius, Pally Lou Hinkle, Lovell Hunziger. Myrlene Show en. Marilyn Manley, Carolee Evans. Mary Anne Sjlfrank, Ruth Carey, Alois Wilkinson. C6 m CLUB Sixteen new members were wel- comed into the Physical Fducation Majors Club during the year. Carolyn McDonald, president, pre- sided over the regular monthiv meet- ings. A varied anil enjoyable program was planned by Margie O ' Connor, chairman of the program committee. A picnic to welcome the new mem- bers was held in the fall. The annual PEM Club coffee for alumni was held during Homecoming. Barbara Benning ' s home was the scene of the Christmas party. A Sunday morning breakfast for former members was held in the spring. The year ended with a picnic for the seniors. Front Row: Ruth Ingram. Donna Thompson. Maiilyn O ' Connor. Barbara Benning. Jnlcamurat Chairman; Mary Jane Bridgcwjicr, Secretary; Carolyn McDonald. President; Margie O ' Connor, Vice-President ; Nancy Kariger. Row 2: Gloria Jameson. Alice Lukehart. Janet Vandcwater, Barbara Bendurc. Patricia Glenn, Nancy Long. Carla Rippslein. Ferral Foster. Back Row: Dorothy Hill. Pat Murphy, Sarah Porter. Carol Lilly, Marilyn Carlson. Alice Koppold. Nadene Wolf. Betty Lou Heflin. Mary I. Howland. Front Row: Jim Lake. Charles Howard. President: Richard Neff, Vice-President; George Maber. Secretary: John Niday, Treasurer: Gene Johnson, Intramural Chairman: Bill MulUns, Social Chair- man: Daryl Johnson. Jean Howard. Row Z: Louis Gray, Jesse Scroggie, Paul Ellison. Donald Rtdpath. William Craven. Ron Bales, Bill Waller, John Sorlie. Rack Row: Bill Sparrow. Louis Toclier. Lyie Rogers, Harold Nigh, Marvin Cozad, Johnson Watson, Robert Elliott. Sian Stewart. Virgil Howe. mm CLUB The Veterans ' Club, in its second year on this campus, has added much to the activities of the college. The beautiful Christmas Tree on the first floor of the administration Building was erected by members of the club. The Veterans plan to decorate a tree each year at Christmas time. For Homecoming, the Veterans provided the men for the color guard and a float which depicted the flag raising on Iwo Jima. Members of the club sold tickets, in conjunction with other organiza- tions, for the loan fund movie. Dr. J. W. Jones and Dr. Charles Koerble were presented membership cards as honorary members of the Club. The Veterans ' now hold closed meetings and all members are re- quired to show membership cards. The membership cards were added this year. 87 m PHI Front Rou): Myrl D. Long. Sponsor: Gerald D. Hayes, Dan M. Sullivan. Secrctarii : Dean L, Howard. Presidcnf: Harry Wilson, Vice-President: E. L. Reed. Treasurer. Row Two: Myles C. Grabau, Sponsor : Eddie Grant Jones, Richard N, Willis, Ron Parrish, Paul Turner. Back Row: Monty McVicker. Gary Horner. Marvin Toft. Keith Collier, Stan Stew.irt, Kenneth T. Thompson, Sponsor. Alpha Phi Omega, a service frater- nity composed of former Boy Scouts, carried on many worthwhile activities throughout the year. Service projects for the year included: assisting with concession stands at ball games; as- sisting with checkrooms at dances; re- pairing and repainting the signs in front of campus buildings; sponsor- ing a March of Dimes movie under the supervision of Harry E. Wilson and Keith Collier; and arranging a March of Dimes collection in the Ad- ministration Building, under the di- rection of Richard Willis. A. P. O. entered Homecoming ac- tivities with a humor float, house decorations, and a variety show skit. E. L. Reed, Keith Collier, and Richard Willis served as chairmen of those activities. K ClUB This has been a very busy year for the Ag Club. For Homecoming, the club provided a skit, a humorous float, and a coffee hour for the alumni. Barnwarming. the next major event on the Aggie calendar, was a success under the direction of such men as James Merritt, E. L. Reed, Raymond Butt. Daryl Johnson, Rob- ert Wade. Larry Kinsinger, and Byron Cooper. Another highlight of the year was the Spring Livestock Judging Con- test, followed by the Father and Son Award Banquet. Jack Crawford proved his superiority as a judge by winning the Golden Bull for the sec- ond time. In the spring of 1956. the Aggie judging team, composed of Ted Reed, George Lockridge. Daryl Johnson. Wayne Rolf, and Jack Crawford, had high man in quarter horse division, high team in beef cattle, and high man of entire contest, in the Junior division of the Oklahoma Intercolle- giate Livestock Judging contest. n p wit ' • ' ■ ' ' ' 43 Irunt Kxiv . Y- . fV 1 lough ton, Advisor : Robert ' .ide, reo.-iurer; Raymond Butt, St ' in-tury . P.ityl Johnson. President : Melvin Karr, Parliament at lan: George Lockridge. V icv-Pre!.idcn( ; Byron Cooper, Reporter; Mylcs Grabau. Sponsor. How Two: Paul Parkhurst, Larry Kensinger. Harold Watson, Burl Sandusky. Orville Tr.ivis, Jerald Barten, Dick Smith, Jack Crawford. Back Row: E. L. Reed, Gene Anderson, Don Burgher. Eddie Jones, Eldon Troth. Clifford Crist. Martin Taylor, Joe Scott, Don Miller, Dick Johnson. Paul Turner. 88 l-ront liotx, ' : Uorothy Snook, Sandra Craven, Dolore Meyer. Janet Dinkrt. Wilma Grccvcr. Secretary: Grace Denton. President: Je-in Swjnson. Vice-President : Shirley Motsinger. Naomi Shipley. 2nd Vice-President : Norma Grantctrr, 7 reasurcr: Mona Scadden. De lores Moore. Rouf 2: Ruth Pink Jameson. Ardith Linn, Ruth Stephens, Peggy Lockridge. Helen Turncy. Delorcs Kluever, Suzi Lewis. Carleen Hcaviland, Jackie West, Marian Bell. Mary Sue Sipes, Rosemary Pearson. Florence Loose, Marlis Seipold, Nancy Anderson. Ri) x- : Mrs. Arlene Scadden, Mary Ellen Watkins, Vivian Head, Maryon Weslcott. Kay Johnson. Joyce Wiley, Shirley Dieterich, Janet Havens, Lavonne Van Meter, Janycc Van Ciilder, Marilyn Cox. Sue Williamson, Sharon Coomes. Jan Volkens, Bonnie Brus. Barbara Walden, Norma Long. Back Jiow : Madeline Mayes, Bonnie Lohmcier, Lauretta Taylor. Viola Parkhurst, Bonita Allen. Marsha (Jrowell. J.inet Waller. Patricia O ' Brien. Chy re So m met, Ma re i a Rucker, Hlla Walter. Bonnie Frederick. Melba Van Pelt. Margaret Wiggins. Marcia Williams, Rosayn Curry. A.C.E. selected " Children Must Have Guidance " as the theme for the year, and developed meetings around it. Other activities of the year included: going to the State Convention: an operetta given for children of the community: visits to schools for exceptional children : Homecoming preparations: the annual Christmas party with gifts for under- privileged children: and the spring banquet. hronl Row: Larry .Marrs. Gary Funkboustr. Judy Matthews. ' ice- President : Sidney E. Jones. President: James M. Mahoncy, Treasurer: Barbara Crowe. Marvin Brown. Rou 2: Detivee Cramer. Joann Owens. Janyce Van Gilder. Karen Denton, Raedene Eberle, Margaret Wiggins, Rosemary Pearson. Wanda Walker. Sponsor. w Row J: Mae Marie Livermore. Dana Dec Wright. Jeanetle Meyer, Reta Opal Peterson. Rose .Vlary Meyer. Marsha Crowell. Jackie West. Bonnie Frederick. Melba Van Pelt. Joan Prichard. Hack Row: Rosemary Coats. Robert McCartney. William T. Craven. Fmmett Mason. Gary Horner. Eldon E. Patterson. Leon F. Miller. Spomor. Activities of S.N.E.A. included: attending ses- sions of the M.S.T.A. convention: promoting Na- tional Education Week: traveling to nearby high schools to encourage students to become teachers: and preparations for the annual conference. Delivee Cramer was elected to the state S.N.E.A. board. 89 Front Row: Donna Hunphrey. Panama Canal Zone: Edith Eckhoff. Panama Canal Zone: Lise Bredescn. Norway : Caroline Houser, Panama Canal Zone: Nancy Kariger, Panama Canal Zone (Not Shown). Back Row: Nossral Shilatifard, Iran: Yasuo Nakamura. Tsuhako, Hawaii; Luis Zelaya. Bolivia. Mahmood AhmiaJ. Iran; Kernal miM STUDENTS The foreign students enrolled in classes here have done much to enrich campus life. Mahmood Ahmadi, a junior, and Nossrat Olah Shilatifard. a freshman, are agriculture majors from Iran. Nossrat writes magazine articles and does translations which are printed in Iran. Lise Bredesen, a freshman major from Norway, plans to return there after a year of study. Maria Gamboa. a physical educa- tion major from Costa Rica holding a primary education degree, is teach- ing Spanish at Horace Mann. Byimgzin Bai is a sophomore busi- ness major from Korea. Joe Yasuo Nakamura. an elemen- tary major, and Kernal Sueki Tsu- hako, a physics major, are sopho- mores from Hawaii. Senior Nancy Kariger and fresh- men Luke Palumbo. Edith Eckhoff, and Caroline Hauser are from the Canal Zone, Nancy is majoring in business and P.E., Luke in chemistry, Edith in P.E.. and Caroline in music. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE The Assembly Committee pro- vided the college with a varied pro- gram of assemblies that will long be remembered. Ministers from the local churches were the guest speakers at the open- ing assembly. Other speakers during the year included: Dwight Cooke, distinguished foreign correspondent and author; and Bennett Cerf, pub- lisher, and humorist. Dr. Franz Polgar, hypnotist and mind reader, making his second ap- pearance on this campus, was very enthusiastically received. Student vol- unteers assisted Dr. Polgar with his act. " Hansel and Gretel. " the tradi- tional Christmas folk tale, with Charles Elliott. Sue Whitford, Delia Comer, Barbara Stuber, Winifred Haines, Marilyn Fulton, and Em- milee Benedict in leading roles, was presented as the Christmas assembly. gf . g .X ■ ' r A 1 t r M f v . : ■ . Front Row: Mr. Sandford, Back Row: Art Buckingham Wursier. Richard Dowell, Dr, Mueller. Miss Bowman, Mr, Smay, Dr. Si Don Moore. Jerry Overton. Ann Allison urrey. Homer W ' illian Jerry 90 mumm Keen compotiliiin in .ill events symbolized tlie intr.imural program this year. Tennis started the intramural sea- son with Bob Alcorn winning the singles and Dick Phillips and J. C. Wood the doubles. Touch football came onto the scene and some liard fought games were played as the Sig Taus took the championship. Basketball took the spotlight for winter months with over 2 ' iO men taking part in this activity. The Sig 1 aus again walked off with first place honors sporting a 27-6 over-all team record. The Phi Sigs connected on 80% of their shots to take the free throw title. High for their respective organi- zations were Dana Sharp. Sig Taus: Steven Addison. Phi Sigs; Dick Har- grave. Tekes: and Charles Burri. In- dependents. Larry Rowley was awarded the trophy for best all around athlete in 19 6 and the traveling trophy went to the Sig Taus. lami. " Tjnkcr!ilcy. Gene Johnson. President: Dick Hjrgrjve, Secrptarii: Mm .loy, Higgin- horhjm, Hon Pierpoint. and Dr. H. D. Peterson. " ag " ' S COUilL Front Row: Barbara Crowe. Fcrrall Foster. Barbara Batk RoiV: Marilyn O ' Connor. Betty White, .lackie Benning. Beverly Conway. West. Pat Murphy. Carleen Hejviland The Women ' s Intramural Pro- gram, with Barbara Benning as chair- man and Dr. Riddle as faculty spon- sor, has completed a successful second year. Sherry Heath, as chairman of bas- ketball intramurals. set up a round robin tournament for eight teams. Games were played at 4:00 and 5 :00 each Monday and Tuesday afternoon during Decembe r. January, and Feb- ruary. Teams entered were Alpha Sigma Alpha. Bear Kittens. Delta Zeta, Independent Club. PEM Club, Red Racers. Sparkettes. and Sigma Sigma Sigma. Bowling, with Barbara Crowe as chairman, was held each Thursday afternoon. Shirley Smith served as president of the Girls Rifle Club, which is a part of the Women ' s In- tramural Program. Betty Heflin, chairman, organized a round-robin volley ball tournament which was held (luring March. April and May. 91 m PHI DOLPHinS ul ■ a ' 92 UE[ CLUB 93 mm m mn TOWER STAFF Through the nowly acquired gray hairs of Shirley Morsingcr. the typewriter calloused hands ol Gloria McConkey. the ink stained hands of Carol Gamble. Glenda Townsend. and Don Robertson, the acid eaten hands of George Green, and the calmness of Mr. Ringold the 1956-57 TOWER was finished . . . and so was the staff. 94 JUiOy D TH[ CM The people with the Artistic Touch 95 mm THE mn Writers Club at the home of Miss Dykes Coffee break for the Alpha PHI Omegas Members of Kappa Omicron PHI 96 iitTHWEST Mmmm Front Roic: Howjtd Ijnde Thompson. Rou; Twn: Palrici.i BcrR. ( rowc, Virgini.1 Buz .i Beuy Wagner. Santlr.1 Bill. Bonnie Btus. J.inct Dinkcl. J Faubiin, Ann Sehilling. Phyllis Wray. Bach Rou ' : Fdna Shell. Terry Thompson. .Johnson James L. Merrill. (!.irl B.irnes, Dick H.irgr.ivc, Joe Frederick Jejnctte Roberts. K.iy Hellon. From Row liclly V.i|;ner, Harry XV.lson. Bill Morse. RoLinde Thompson. Joyce Bjrnes. Barbara Lross-e. liuiL- Two: Jerald Barlen. Dave Hansen, Miss Hunter, Burnham, Donna Ross, Jean Faubion. Sandra Bill, Lura Hanson. Back Row: Richard Fleming. LeRoy Johnson. Dick Hatgravc. Dick Hensley. Eidna Shell. Robert Williamson. Joyce Gocdcrs. Roberta Nics. Coupling fine news reporting with original pres- entation, members of the Northwest Missourian staff have again produced an excellent newspaper for distribution to the general student body and to the alumni. For the past sevci years the Northwest Missouri- an has been awarded first place certificates by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association at Columbia University in New York. Since 1948 the North- west Missourian has won five first place awartis in the state journalism contests sponsored by the Mis- souri College Newspaper Association. Four of the awards were made in successive years and earned the paper the right to keep the gold plaque which now hangs in the college newspaper office. Bill Morse, editor, and Miss Violettc Hunter, advisor, have led the staff in putting out a paper that the college can rightfully be proud of. keeping a constant watch on publication costs and deadlines. 97 um Front Row: Ona Morrison, Richard Pixler, Raedene Ebcrle, Gary Funkhuustr. George Chaney, Barbara Stuber. K ithleeti Hopple. Roiv Two: Everett Boycr. Norma Landon, Ardith Linn, Shirley Nolcck. Sharon Pittsenbarget, Richard Jenkins. 7 ou. ' Fhree: Grace Haskell, Larry Keller. Jeanne Goodson, Ray Fore. Row four: Ronald CUirk, Lavonne Van Meter, Mary Abmeycr. Sherri Warnci Robert Williamson. Kay Hilton. Lee Trastcr. Baik Row: Roger Rowlctt, Bill Lippiiuott. Mr. Larlc Moss. ' ' % Hi, CJ ZM i 98 I ' ront Rou ' : Mjirsha D.iniels. M.iry Ann Gcpnci. K.ircn Kinnick. Susjnnc Anno. ;ou. ' Ihcce: Martin Taylor. Charles Elliot. Robert Kurtz, dry Jones. James Gary Tolcn. Marcia Ely. Mclniyrc. Dick Bauman. Row Two: Dclbcrl Smith. Ronald Parish. Gruvcr Harper, Dick Rylhcr. Bd(k Raw: Sandra Davis, Priscilla Drake. Kathryn Clark. Mary tllcn Galen Vogcl. Bob Drchcr, Divc Holland. Watkins. i«r »- 99 MUSIC wmmm 100 MUSIC m mm from Row: JjniCf Filts. Mjrilvn l-iillon. IVjig Buvh. Mifjofic Mel III M-. t h.uU-s lllion. Hon ILiMv Hon Hcrfon. Marv ln« ' HawLind. I-milv Beni-dn:; W ' jn tj Ncal, I jrlovn l dnon. Bjirbarj Sriibi-r. Row f no: K.ithU-i-n Hopple. Shirlcv Noolk. Nancv W ' harlon. l- j : . ' lU-s%. Mjrilvn MjxwiM. Ann Robcrls. [Ijnnv While. Rom-r Roirh. Sieve Knott, Sharon Piiisenbjruer. l.jur.i Bower, Sylvii iV c ( onkev. Rosemarv Shjckson fia(k Row: HeK-n I-rancisco. PrisciIKi Ht-ike. Robert Williamson. Roger Rowlelt. tlarv (-unkhmiMT. Davu! Hanson, Gary Jonr K-trv .ihn.-r R.ivnionil RoJ ngucz. 101 D n i t i Mn S wV.: or THE y[ i! " Of Thee I Sing " Book by George S. Kaufman. Morrie Ryskind Music by George Gershwin Lyrics by Ira Gershwin " Hansel and Gretel " . .. ' Music by Englebert Humperdinck Adapted by Berta Elsmith " Ladies In Retirement By Edward Porcy. Reginald Ponham 102 Id W IIIE[ I Main Charac Louis Lippman Francis X. Gilhooley Roger Rowlett Matthew Arnold Fulton Carl Redmon Senator Robert E. Lyons Floyd Worley Senator Carver Jones Hiram Lllley Alexander Throttlebottom Don Herren John P. Wintergreen Charles Hagee Sam Jenkins Jerry McGinnis Diana Devereaus Jeanne Goodson Mary Turner Marilyn Maxwell Miss Benson Pat Maher Chief Justice Marvin A. Toft French Ambassador Charles Elliott 103 mm CRETEi Peter, a binder of brooms Charles Elliott Gertrude, his wife Sue Whitford Hansel Delia Comer relel Barbara Stuber The Cookie Witch ..Winifred Haines Sandman Marilyn Fulton Dewman Emilie Benedict Angels Dance Department Cookie Children.. Dance Department Chorus and Choir Members Music Department Orchestra Music Department 104 105 WMKOUT m 106 WALKOUT m ■ » ' ▼■ •» 7 ' 107 n m HOMECOMINL. gL ' LL:N unt COURT Bonnie Lohmeier Sybil Sims Ardith Linn v; ' % » , Jj iSi niaB.;i aKi - jB PokL. .%.- Hi ( J_J ,J« M-Lty AT I W. M. S. C. CLUB ME Barbara Sharp Queen Attendants Donna Hall Gladene Sherard 116 117 .prDlvn TOWER QUEEN adzn t 118 TOWER QU[[W ATTENDiTS Beverly Conway Barbara Sharp 119 120 TOIR UKl 121 122 DORn mn 123 DORM mn 124 «.A. ' - --? mn Mmm [ 125 (lUAD mn 126 uuMi mn What do you think? 127 mm HEIDHTS 128 COLLECE HEICHTS k t J 129 ' vl ■ ' ■•■ l y ' VV ' • f JITw ' W J. IV. JOKES mm 130 mm mn I f 131 GYMiSIUM 1,34 dtttfyfii Efiift. FOOTBALL »D 19S6-S7 Dick Vic Cromer, Jerry Cole. Elmer Clark. Charles Booth, John Wilson. Darrcll Walker. Jack Taylor. Ken Stevens. Gene Smith. Fred Fuhr. John Schulzc. Melvin Gibson. Buck Skaggs. George Haskey. Bill Horner, George Lockridge, Fred Maher. Mickey Mallen. Jerry McGinnis, Ron O ' Dell. Dick Powell. Cal Rowen. Larry Rowley. 136 FOOTBALL SCHEDOLE 1956-57 September 1 5 NWMSC Doanc 13 September 22 NWMSC South Dakota State 7 September 29 NWMSC 13 Fort Hays 19 ♦October 6 NWMSC 13 William Jewell 7 October 1 3 NWMSC 6 Warrensburg 13 October 1 9 NWMSC 24 Cape Girardeau 6 ♦October 11 NWMSC 7 Springfield 10 November 3 NWMSC 6 Rolla 26 ♦November 1 NWMSC 20 Kirksville 21 ♦Home Games F 4 IV 1 1 l ' ' % " " ' P W JX t « b ■; • 4 137 I r r: ' . 1. L -. , r 1-rcd B,ixler Don Ekiund HOME GAMES Maryville 67 -- Washburn 64 Maryville 90 -- Pittsburg 82 Maryville 65 - Kirksville 67 Maryville 48 - Springfield 57 Maryville 79 -- Rolla 71 Maryville 55 -- St. Benedicts 49 Maryville 54 -- Warrensburg 60 Maryville 73 -- Cape Girardeau 68 Jerry Kv ' mcry Jiin Fronkici Hiijginbolbam Kenny J-Kobs Liu Bang-) Don EKlund Ronald Partridge BMETBALL Dick Phillips Marland Ray 140 LcUnd J.ickhon Mike liineh ' on Ed Kavanjugh 1956-57 Merle Sorcnscn L. D. Young 141 ROAD GAMES Maryville 59 Maryville 77 - Maryville 62 Maryville 58- Maryville 76 Maryville 63 Maryville 47 Maryville 67- Maryville 69 Maryville 70 Washburn 69 - Pittsburg 9S - Iowa State Teachers 75 - Coe 75 Northern III. State 74 Warrensburg 71 - Cape Girardeau 69 -Rolla 72 - Kirksville 82 Springfield S6 Cjro! Laidloy lUrolii Wilki-rsoii Don ' .KiLir M " CLUB fool Wou ' . RusjicM navcnport. Ntclvm tiib on. Smilh. Pitd M.ilict. Mike Huuluon. nft ri-udrnl . Cicnc .lohnton. r.-iisiin-r : MicKcv Mjllcn. i«rfliifi|. hjilie A1I.1.C. DicV Powfll. Citrr.tld Cole. Kini ' Tiio Hill ( .il Rimiii. 1 lovil I ' jvu. lifntsr ll. k ■ ■. Jftiv McCiinnn. lewis l.invillr. I h.ir1ts hoolh. Robcn W. Janicj. Don Hklund. Kr ii.iUI IVM. llmtr ( l.irk. Glee Guess. hack Kou ' Doyle Hendrickson. l.irry Ro sley. Id Kavjnjiugh. I.eo I .ings. Vic Oomer. Dick W ' Ditiell Wjlkei. Kennelh Stevens. L.itrv Kol.ic. l.jrry huller. The " M " Club, composed of men who have completed the prescribed requirements for lettering in a varsity sport, has as its aim the upholding and advancing of the college standards through athletics. Fred Maher. president, led the organization as it worked to promote good sportsmanship among the fans as well as among the players. Although team- work is a major goal of the Club, individual mem- bers deserve credit for their wide participation in other campus activities. One of the biggest games ol the year saw all the club active cither as players or fans. That was the annual Homecoming game, and great was the disappointment when Springfield broke a tie game in the last 20 seconds to give Bearcats a 10-7 loss. 143 mmm mmm m mE 144 PHYSICAL mmm activities 145 CHEERLEADEIIS Back Row: Don Kix miller. Don Moore. Ron Kixmillcr. Front Row. Alameda Meyers. Beverly Murphy. Nancy Kariger, Mary Dowdcn, Alice Lukehart. 146 CHEEKLBUtlii; 147 TRACK-nilS-GOlF mimm 148 mCK-nilS-DOLF 149 CHAPEL 152 mm] CHRisTii Tlu- Student Clirisiian Associa- tion, an orsani i-tl group of Protestant students striving together to know more about C ' jod. carried out a well rounded program ol worship and study for the year. The first semester opened with a watermelon party to help the old and new members get acquainted. During the semester, a Thanksgiving Inter- national Banquet was given at Arm strong ' s honoring the foreign stii- dents. Just before the Christmas holi- days, the members went caroling and presented a needy family with a Christmas basket. Ted Reed. Dorothy Evans. Monty Mc ' ickers. and Joyce Ely represented the group at the district convention. S.C.A. sponsored an impressive Pre-Easter sunrise service, and jointly sponsored Religious Emphasis Week and a piano sermon. tw ' Irani Kou ' : .Njotni Shipley. Mjtyon Wcscoll. SanJra Bill. Dorolhy Evans. Vice-I ' miJinl . Palty Hinkle. Btvcrly FIcuhall. Joyce Ely. Presidtnl : Barbara Crowt. Ltira Stafford Roil ' Two: Bonila Allen. Bonnie Frederick. Marcia Williams. Marilyn Cox. Charlene Sleiner. Mae Marie Livermore. Lou Jane Taylor. Viola Parkhurst. Donna Anderson. Emilie Benedict. fiou ' Thnr: Irene Mueller. Sponsor. ' Joseph A. Drcps. Sponsor,- Ted Reed. Monly McVicker. Gary Horner. Ljveta Wolf. Mary Dale Flora. Dale J. Blackwell. Sponsor. Back Run Wilmer Calvin. George Green, Larry Kensinger. Jim Hamilton. Larry Matrs. rreasurrr. Jamti R .Mclnlvte, Robert R Elliott. from Row. Vivian Head. Margaret Boyd. Joyce Goeders, Beverly Conway. Rose Mary Meyer. Sfcremry-Trtaiurtr: Eileen Judge. Preudenl; Nancy Shriver. Marilyn O ' Connor. Peggy Ann Bush. Rou! Two: E. K. DeVore. Sponsor. Fred Maher. Jerry McGinnis. Beverly Elliott. Patricia OBrien, George Haskey. VicePreiii rnt; Joe Frederick. Reporter; Mary Kay Martindale. Roberta Nies. Magie O ' Connor. Katie McDermit. .Anne Gorsuch. Back Rou ' . Floyd Davis. Philip Maher. Charles Rosmann. John Fagle. Bernie Schrlck. George E. Maher. Terry Metrigan. Gerald Seeger. Paul Roach. IWm CLUB The New man Club, a group of organized Catholic students, followed its threefold purpose: religious, intel- lectual, and social. The members of Newman Club worshipped together at various times throughout the year. Many meetings were devoted to lectures, discussions. and question-and-answer periods. A special meeting was devoted to the topic " Communist Society. " A Film was shown and a discussion of com- munism followed. Social activities included a fall pic- nic and a mixer. Those on the special events committee were Jo Goeders. Nancy Shriver. and Ruth Busby. Marilyn O ' Connor. Kenny Jacobs, and George Maher served on the proj- ect committee. ' Vivian Head. Bob Busch. and Creston Ackley were on the program committee. 153 l- ' ront ?ou. ' : Dr. Garrcrt. Btverlv Flctch.ill, Jovce ■ ' Ely. Dr. Mueller. Hiick liua ' : Bob J.imcs. Ted Reed. Jack Ballinger. 154 UEI. WALTER I.AMKIN President. Northiuest Missouri Slate Teachers College 1921-1945 President Emeritus. Northwest Missouri Slate College 1945-1Q56 Dr. Ucl Lamkin was endowed by the Creator with extraordinary talents, and he made excellent use of them. Possessing a brilliant and penetrating intellect, gifted with an unusual facility of expres- sion, he was capable not only of clear, incisive, and analytical thinking, but was able to communicate his thoughts with precision, and convincing reason- ing. . . . His unusual ability soon became manifest and his reputation and influence spread rapidly. In due course ht became first a county, then a state. and then a national figure in educational and cul- tural circles, finally receiving international recog- nition as one of the world ' s outstanding educators. But the great work of his life was here in this institution. It was to this college that he gave twenty-five of the best years of his life and the value of those long years of loyal and faithful serv- ice is incalculable. The great debt of gratitude we owe him. it was impossible to pay in full and he will ever be in kind remembrance. But let us not forget that his great work here is not ended and will never end. The hopes and aspirations that he inspired, the noble ambitions that he aroused in the thousands of students who attended this insti- tution during his regime will be by them communi- cated to others and by those others to those who will come after. Thus generations yet unborn will reap rich harvests from the seeds that he has sown. And so. though absent, yet he is with us and will be with us always. By Marshall E. Ford. President. Board of Regents 155 MR. W. A. RICKENBRODE Mr. W. A. Rickenbrode. secretary to the Board of Regents and a member of the business office staff, died November 29 1956 at the age of 87. Mr. Rickenbrode was with the college for 50 years and he remained active in college affairs until two weeks before his death. Coming to Maryville in 1907 to be registrar of the college, he became bursar and business manager in 1917. and a member of the business staff in 1939 Serving under 6 presidents, and as secretary of the governing body for more than 40 years, Mr. Rickenbrode gave a half century of distinguished and devoted service to the college. MARGARET SOUTHWOOD Miss Margaret Southwood, daughter of Mrs. Eric Southwood of Saint -J.of Ph ' Missouri,, was killed in an automobile accident December 20, 195 6. " Mike, ' ' as she was known to her friends, was a treshman majoring in elementary education. Snappy black eyes a ready smile, and a wonderful sense of humor were just a few of the qualities of ■ ' Mike " and she is sadly missed by all her friends who remember that she lived her short life to the fullest 156 M TO TH[ mmi WL.0I.L£Jil5_-D ILOJl Moy wwEST Mi ssouri aiAii_.£aiitcE ' MiALLH Awg 157 trj TOWER DIRECTORY Ag Club 88 Alpha Phi Omega 88 Alpha Psi Omega 82 Alpha Sigma Alpha 66. 67 Art Club 85 Assembly Committee 90 Association for Childhood Education 89 Band 98, 99 Basketball 140. 141 Board of Regents 14 Cheerleaders 146. 147 Christmas Activities 114. 115 Colhecon 86 College Treasurer. .J 1 5 Dance Club 93 Dean of laculty 14 Dean of Men 15 Dedication 9 Delta Zeta 68. 69 Director of Field Service 16 Dorm Council 81 Faculty 18-22 Football 135-138 Forensic Squad 82 Golf 148. 149 Guidance 14 Health and Welfare 16 Homecoming Snaps 1 10-1 1 3 Homecoming Committee 63 Homecoming Attendants 109 Homecoming Queen 1 08 Independent Club 78, 79 Industrial Arts Club 83 Inter-Fraternity Council 80 Intra-Mural Commission 91 In Memoriam 155-156 Kappa Delta Pi 84 Kappa Omicron Phi 86 Life at College Heights. 128. 129 Life at Residence Hall 123, 124 Life at the Quads 126, 127 M Club 143 M Club Dance 117 M Club Queen 116 Math Club 81 Newman Club 153 Northwest Missourian Staff 97 Pan-Hellenic Council 80 P F M Club 87 Phi Sigma Epsilon .72, 73 Pi Omega Pi 84 President of the College 12 Registrar 15 Registration Day 56 Religious Emphasis Week 154 Seniors 24-3 5 Sigma Sigma Sigma 70, 71 Sigma Phi Dolphins 92 Sigma Tau Gamma 74, 75 Social Committee 64 Students .36-54 Student Christian Association 153 Student Senate .- 63 Summer Graduation 55 Tau Kappa Epsilon 76. 77 Tennis 148. 149 Tower Attendants 119 Tower Choir 99 Tower Dance Snaps 121 Tower Queen 118 Tower Staff 1 Track 148. 149 Union Board 64 Veterans Club 87 Walkout Day 106. 107 Whos Who 23 Women ' s Intramural Sports Council 91 Women ' s Physical Education 144. 145 C STUDENT liE)( Abmeyer. Mary C Wathena. Kansas 24 Adair. Charlie Royce. Bethany. Mo 24. 143 Adams. Bonnie Maxine. Elmo. Mo 36 Ahmadi. Mahmood Eghbal. Iran 90 Albertson. James Keith. Atlantic. la 36 Alcorn. Robert Eugene. St. Joseph. Mo 140 Allen. Bonita Marlene. Elmira. Mo 36, 78, 84, 89, 153 Allison, Ann, Mound City. Mo 24, 64. 90 Allwood. James Calvin. Maysville, Mo 36 Amabile. John Richard. Veasey City. N. Y 36. 75 Anderson. Donna Lu. Shenandoah. la 36. 86, 153 Anderson, Ivan Gene, Guilford. Mo 36, 88 Anderson, Nancy Jane, Red Oak, la 24, 89 Anno. Suzanne. Forest City. Mo 36 Applcman. Norma Hanna. Maryville. Mo 36 Arenas. John Joseph. Waukegan. Ill 75 Argo. Mary Louise. Maryville. Mo 36 Argo. Nellie. Maryville. Mo 31 Aring. Mary Elaine. Parkville. Mo 36 Armagost. Vernon C Maryville. Mo 24, 83 Arms, Karen Elizabeth, Maryville, Mo 24, 84, 86 Arms, Walter Eugene, Maryville, Mo 24 Atchison. George Morris Jr.. Maryville, Mo 36 Babb, Lona Lu, Maryville, Mo 24, 86 Babb, Robert Lee. Maryville. Mo 36 Bade. Rita Frances. Kansas City. Mo 36 Bal. Bynng Zim. Seoul. Korea 36 Bain. Wilfred Hylton. Stewartsville. Mo 36 Baker. Jerald LeRoy. Elliott. la 36 Baker. John Charles. Maysville. Mo 36 Bales. Ron D.. Braddyville. la 84. 87 Ball. Vern Martin. Clearfield. la 82 Ballinger. Jack Ruel. Stewartsville. Mo 36, 75, 154 Bangs, Leo Richard. Shenandoah. la 140. 143 Barcus. Dorothy. Maryville. Mo 36 Barker. Keith Alonzo. Lenox. la 24 Barker. Kevin. Maryville. Mo 24 Barnes. Carl WiUard. Bedford. la 85. 97 Barnes. Marilyn Joyce. Maryville. Mo 36 Barten. Jerald John. Westsidc. la 88 Bates. Marlene. Oakland, la 36. 70 Bauman. Dick Wayne. Lake City. la 36 Baxter. Freddie Joe. Blue Springs. Mo 36. 139 Beery. Gerald Hugh. Clarinda. la 24 Beeson. Donald Dean. Shenandoah, la 77 Becson. Joanne. Shenandoah. la 36, 70, 81 Bell. Marian Ruth. Wiota. la 89 Bendure. Barbara Marie. Kansas City. Mo 36. 87 Benedict. Emilie Ruth. Shenandoah. la 36, 153 Bennett, Donald Kirk. Maryville. Mo 36. 81. 84 Bennett. Warren Thayer. Mount Ayr. la 36. 83 Benning. Barbara Ann. Maryville. Mo 37, 70, 87 Berg. Patricia Ann. Maryville. Mo 97 Bergstrom. Norma Janice. Oakland. la 37, 78 Bill. Sandra Lee. Rosendale. Mo 37. 86. 97. 153 Bishop. Claud James. King City. Mo 24 Bishop, George Leroy, Maryville, Mo 24 Bishop, Thomas S . King City. Mo 24 Blackford. Shirley Jean. Clearmont, Mo 37 Blank, Lowell. Coin. la 81 Blezek. Lois Elaine. Sidney. la 37 Blohm. Beverly Jean. Atchison. Kansas 37. 67 Boeck. Mary Lou. Minden. la 37 Bolar. Larry Doyle. Bethany. Mo 143 Booher. Charles Robert. Shenandoah. la 37 Booth. Charles Antry. Gilman City. Mo 37. 136. 143 Bower. Laura Jean. Albany. Mo 37. 70 Bowes. Harry Pitkin. Williamsburg, Va 24, 63 Boyd, Margaret Anne, Shenandoah, la 37, 70, 153 Bradley, Ron, Chillicothe. Mo 25, 64 Bram. Philip Edward. Denver. Mo 37 Braun. Judith Mae. Kansas City. Mo 67 Brcdesen. Lise Irene. Oslo. Norway • 3 7. 90 158 Hroni ct. Roberta Mac. Djvi.s (!itv. I.i 57, 78 l Larry Joseph. Maryvillc. Mo 25. 6V 84 l ruiKfuaicr. Mary Hopkins. Mo 37. 78. 87 hrown. ti.ilc Nolan. BcaconsficKl, la 78 Urown. 1 awrcnic C ' arl. Maryvillc. Mo 82 Brown. Marvin Oalo. Chillicothc. Mo 89 Brown. I ' alricia Sii.san. Hiawalha, Kansas 68 hriKO. Larry Doan. Red Oak. la 37 Brus. Bonnie Lee. Manning, la 37. 68. 89. 97 Buckingham. Arthur Lugcne Jr.. M. Joseph. Mo 25. 76. 84. )0 Button. 1 ois Jane. Red Uak. la 37 Bui.s. I arrv LX ' an. Ridgcway. Mo 37 hump. I ' atricia I vnne. Attnison. Kansas 37 Butch. Cuol Sue. MaryviUe. Mo 37, 70 Burch. Carolyn Rose. King City. Mo 37. 68 Burgher. Don. Blockton. la 83. 88 Burnham. William N . Maryville. Mo 25. 14i Burns. Reuben Donald. Kansas City. Mo 3 7 Burn. Clara Patricia. St. Joseph. Mo 25 Bush Margaiet . nn. I oresi City. Mo 37. 84. 153 Biiicher. Joyce , nn, Ridgewav. Mo 3 7 Butler. Larry Ort. Bethany. Mo 25, 83. 143 Butler. LeAnn. Atlantic, la 37, 8b Butt. Raymond N ' al-Jean. Westboro. Mo 88 Buzzard. ' irginia lea. Ridgeway. Mo 25. 68. 91 Cairns. Charles W ' illiam, Shenandoah, la 37 Calhoon. Alma Dorthea, Clarinda. la 37. 78 Calvin. W ' llmcr K.. Jasper. Mo 82. 153 Campbell. Charles Pdward Gram City, Mo 37 Campbell, Lawrence William Jr., Langdon. Mo 38 Campbell. Lois Ann. Audubon, la 37. 68 Canon. Marioric Ann. Maryvillc. Mo 8 2 Canon. Sucllyn Joyce. Maryville. Mo 38. 67 Carey. Ruth Blain. Elliott, la 8b Carlson. Marilyn Ann. Audubon. la 38. 87 Carolus. William Lugene. St. Joseph. Mo 25 Carrizales. Pete. .Mount Clemens. Mich 75 Carter. Eddie Lee. New Hampton. Mo 38 Chamberlin. Gary Dean. Ridgcway. Mo 38. 73 Chancy. George Dean. Ridgcway. Mo 38 Chiles. Darrcll Edmund Stuart, la 38. 77 Churchill. Robert Erie. Burlington Junction. Mo 58. 81 Clark. George Elmer. Gower. Mo 136. 143 Clark. Kathryn Eudora. King City. Mo 38 Clark. Ronald Lee. Hamlin, la 38 Coats. Rosemary Lile. Union Star. Mo 89 Cobb. James Mark. Maryville. Mo 25 Cockayne. Marjorie Louise. Maryville. Mo 25 Cohrs. Barbara Jo. St. Joseph. Mo 38. 67 Cole. Gerald Wayne. Bedford, la 83. 136. 143 Cole. John H. Ravenwood. Mo 25 Collier. Keith Vance. Shenandoah la 38. 88 Conlcy. Sharon Ann. St Joseph. Mo 38 Conway. Beverly Ellen. Stuart, la 38. 68, 153 Cook. Mildred Ann. Maryville. Mo 38 Cooksey. Betty Joan. Maryvillc. Mo 25. 86 Coomes. Sharon Kay. Atlantic, la 89 Cooper. Bvron Odell. St. Joseph Mo 25. 83. 88 Cordonicr. William Samuel. Agency, Mo 25. 76 Cottrell. Patricia D.. Parkville. Mo 38, 63, 78. 86 Cowen. Barbara June. Guilford, Mo 38 Cowcn. Coralea. Guilford. Mo 38 Cox. Bcttc. Maryvillc. Mo 25, 86 Cox. Edward L.. Maryvillc. Mo 26 Cox. James Martin. Nettlcton. Mo 83 Cox. Marilyn Janice. Shenandoah. la 38, 81. 89. 153 Cox. Peggy L.. Lenox, la 38, 70 Cox. Phyllis Jean. Jameson. Mo 38 Cracraft. John Bell. Eaglevillc. Mo 38. 83 Cracraft. Marlcnc Elaine. Eaglevillc. Mo 26 Crafion James Harold. Jr.. St. Joseph. Mo 38 Cramer. Dclivec. Chillicothc. Mo 38. 70. 89 Crater. Beverly Jean. Ravenwood. Mo 38 Craven. Sandra Carol, Weston. Mo 38. 89 Craven. William Thomas. Maryvillc. Mo 87. 89 Crawford. Jack R. Barnard. Mo 88 Crawford. Karen .Marie. Fiarlham. la 78 Creason. Marsha Kate. Orrick. Mo 38 Crist. Clifford I anioni ( nwgill. Mo 88 Crockett. Bob I . Albany. Mo 26 Cromer. ' ic. Caruthcrsvillc. Mo 136. 143 Crowe. Barbara Mae Excelsior Springs Mo 38. 78. 89. 153 Crowcll. Marsha Rae. Add. la 39. 89 Crowley. Bill. I.awson. Mo 26 Croy, William Edwin. Maryville. Mo 38 C ' ullcn Bernard I rancis. Wiota. la 73 Curfman. Ruth Louise. Maryville. Mo 82 Curry. Rosayn Richardson. Sianberry. Mo 89 Dahl. Clifford C. Essex, la 83 Daily. Louise. Bolckow. Mo 39 Dakan. William I . Oregon. Mo 75 Daniels. Daryl Norman. Hale. Mo 39 Daniels. .Janet Sue. Clarinda. la 39, 70 Daniels. Marsha lane. Gower. Mo 39, 78. 85 Daughton. Kathryne Ann. Kellcrton. la 39 Davenport. Russell Wayne. Kellcrton. la 143 Davis. Charles Bradford. Maryville. Mo 26 Davis. Charles Scott. Grant City. Mo 83 Davis. Eloyd Jerome. Chillicothc. Mo 26, 75. 143, 153 Davis. Merlin Erancis. Osceola, la 59 Dean. Larry Allan. Maryville. Mo 39 DcBow. Carolina Ann. Parkville. Mo 39. 78 DcMint. Jimmy Joe. Excelsior Springs. Mo 39 Denton. Grace Eranccs. St. Joseph, Mo 26. 89 Denton. Karen Jean. Oakland, la 39, 81, 89 Derks. Theodore Steven. Guilford. Mo 39 Deer, lylc Elwood. Oregon. Mo 39 Derry. Barbara Joyce, Jefferson. la 39 DeShazer. Maurice Buel. Derby. Colo 26 Dew. Larry Estell. Burlington .Junction, Mo 39 Dick. David William. Smithville. Mo 39 Dicterich. Shirley Ann. Maryville. Mo 26, 70, 84, 89 Dilks. Sylvia Darlene. Indianola. la 39. 70 Dinkcl. Janet Sue. Greenfield, la 39, 89. 97 Dinkcl. Richard Eugene. Greenfield. la 77 Dodson. Gary Lee. Smithville. Mo 39, 77 Dorsey. Daniel Stephen. St Joseph. Mo 39. 85 Dowden. Janice Lee. Maryville. Mo 39, 70 Dowden. Kenneth Lavelle. Maryville. Mo 26 Dowden. Mary Jeanette. Maryville. Mo 39, 67 Dowell. Richard Gordon. Shenandoah, la 90 Drake. Mildred A.. Mount Ayr. la 39 Drake. PrisciUa Joann. Griswold. la 39, 78 Dunn. Ray K.. Jamcsport. Mo 39 Dupy. Don O.. Chillicothc. Mo 39 Dvorak. Suzanne Estalenc. Coon Rapids, la 39 Eagle. John Sevbold. Atchison. Kansas 39, 73. 155 Eberle. Elizabeth Raedcne. Lenox, la 39. 78, 89 Ebert. Wanda Rae. Audubon. la 59. 68 Eckhoff. l-dith Ann. Panama. Canal Zone ,.40, 90 Edwards. Doanc ' ilson. Egypt. Penn 75 Edwards. Rowena Sue. Maryvillc. Mo 40 Eklund. Donald Wilbur. Crcston. la 40. 140, 142. 145 Elder. Marjorie Jean. Hamburg, la 40 Elder. Patricia Kay. Maitland. Mo 40 Elliott. Beverly Ann. Parkville. Mo 40. 78. 155 Elliott. Carolyn Sue. Ridgeway. Mo 40 Elliott. Henry A., Maryville. Mo 26 Elliott. Robert R Kansas City. Mo 26. 81, 87 Ellis. Judith Ann. St. Joseph. Mo 70 Ellison. Paul Richard. Elmo. Mo 40, 83, 87 Ellison, Sue Annette. St. Joseph. Mo 40 Elmore. Judy C. Excelsior Springs. Mo 40 Elsberry. Barbara Jean. Audubon, la 40 Ely. Marcia Ann. Hamilton. Mo 26. 68 Ely. Susan Joyce. Hamilton, Mo 40, 70. 82, 84, 15 5. 154 Erp. Ella S.. Trenton. Mo 35. 81 Estus. Ester Jean. Rockport. Mo 40 Evans. Carolee Rose. Stanberry. Mo 40, 86 Evans. Dorothy Eayc. Savanah, Mo 40. 86, 153 Evans, Robert Gene. King City. Mo 40 Everly. John Maxwell, Coffey. Mo 40 Earquhar. Edward Leroy. Hopkins, Mo 81 Eaubion. Ruth Jean. Grant City. Mo 40, 86, 97 Fellhoclter, Marvin William, Maryvillc. Mo 78 Ferguson. Kathleen JoVce. Hamburg. la 26. 35. 66. 81 159 Fiandt. Max Albert. Kendallvillc. Mo 26 Flanagan. Richard Raymond. Pickering. Mo n6 Fleming. Richard Joseph. Wintcrsct. la 40 Fleichall. Beverly Jean. Stanberry. Mo 54, 15 3, 154 Flora, Mary Dale, Savanah. Mo 40. 86 Fore. Raymond Edward. Cameron. Mo 40. 78 Foster. Ferral Nadinc, Brimson. Mo 40. 66, 87 Foster. Ferris, Brimson, Mo 27, 66 Foutch, Larry J.. St. Joseph. Mo 40. 77 Fox. Harry Hugene. Sidney, la 40 Francisco. Helen Lee, Pattonsburg. Mo 40 Frederick. Bonnie Marie. Sheridan. Mo 89, 153 Frederick, Joseph William, King City. Mo 40, 153 Frizell, Richard Dean. Liberty. Mo 27. 35, 80 Fronkier, Jim Edward, Independence, Mo 139 Fry, Carrol Lee, New Hampton, Mo 27 Fry, George S., Corning, la ■40 Fuhr. Fred Frank. Jr.. Roscville. Mich 136 Fuller. Edward Franklin. Independence. Mo 75 Fulton. Marilyn Jean. Leon, la V ' -rVon Funkhouser. Gary George. MaryviUe. Mo 40. 63. 78. 89 Gabriel. Kenneth. St. Joseph. Mo 40. 77 Gamble. Carol, Plattsburg. Mo 1. 41. 63. 65. 66. 80. 85 Gardner. Larry D., Sidney, la Vt ' oI Garey. Franklin. Griswold. la 27. 8 Garst. Richard. Watson. Mo 41 Gates. Diana. Seffncr. Florida 6° Gates. Paul. Grant City. Mo —41 Gawatz. Nelson Louis. St. Joseph. Mo 29 Greer, Bill, Coin, la 27, 80. 84 Gepner. Maryann, Mount Ayr. la 41 Gerardy. Margot. Atchison. Kansas --41 Gcrmann. Nancy. CarroUton. Mo iVll Gibbany. James Burnam. Albany. Mo -- 41, 73 Gibson, Melvin Lewis. Rea. Mo 41. 137, 143 Gill. Jo Ella. Maryville. Mo 41 Gilihan. Clarence, Atlantic. la o5 Girard. Donald Edward. Red Oak. la 41 Glassgow. Thelma. New Market. Mo 41, 78 Glenn. Alecia. Osceola, la 41, 84 Glenn, David F., Osceola, la 41, 83 Glenn, Patricia, State Center, la 41, 87 Glenn, Rohenah, State Center, la 41 Glover, Carolyn. Maryville. Mo 41. 67 Goeders. Joyce. Mason City, la 41. 67, 153 Goodson. Jeanne. Ravenwood. Mo 27, 66. 82 Gorton, Charles. Maryville. Mo 16. 27. 63. 64, 82 Grace, Arlene, Burlington Junction, Mo 41 Graff, Barbara, St. Joseph, Mo 41 Granteer, Norma. Hastings, la 27. 89 Gray. Louis. Chariton, la 77. 87 Greaves. Harold. Plattsburg. Mo 27 Green. George. Fairfax. Mo 1. 41, 64, 153 Green, Nina. Parkvillc, Mo 41 Greever. Raymond Max. MaryviUe. Mo 41. 8 3 Grccver. Wilma. Fairfax. Mo 27, 89 Gregg, Laura. Omaha. Nebr 41 Gress. Carol. Marne. la 41 Grider. Janet. Helena. Mo 41. 68 Griffin. Mary. Stuart, la 41. 68 Gromer. Barbara. Maryville. Mo 27. 86 Groothuis. Albert. Shenandoah. la 27. 85 Grout. Kenneth. Tingley, la 41, 98 Grove, Sandra, St. Joseph, Mo 41 Grun, Mary, MaryviUe, Mo 41 Guess, George Wendell. Albany. Mo 42 Guess, Richard Glee. Albany. Mo 143 Guess. Ronald Larry. Albany. Mo 42 Guess. Vincent Clayton. Albany, Mo 42 Guthrie. Peggy. Mound City. Mo 42 Hale. Marilyn. Murray. la 42 Hall. Donna. Shenandoah, la 42. 70 Hall, Romona. Maryville. Mo 42 Hamilton. James R.. St. Joseph. Mo 42. 75. 153 Hamilton. John Richard. Corning, la 27 Handford, Gladys. New Bedford. Mass 42 Haning. Millard L.. Farragut. la 27. 35. 76. 80 Hannon. Henry Raymond. St. Joseph. Mo 28 Hansen. David Rasmussen. Atlantic, la 77 Hanson, William, Neodesha, Kansas 42 Hardin, .lohn, Bedford, la 75 Hargravc. Ralph. MaryviUe. Mo 42. 76. 81. 97 Hart. Colleen Sue. Lamoni. la 42, 86 Haskey. George. St. Joseph. Mo 137, 143, 153 Hatten. Kenneth. New Hampton. Mo 42 Hauser. Caroline, Cristobal. Canal Zone 42, 68. 90 Havens. Janet. Greenfield, la 42. 89 Hawk. Karen. Atchison. Kansas 42, 70 Hawkins, Norma, f ' airfax. Mo 28 Hays. Gerald. Watson. Mo 42, 83, 88 Hazelbakcr. Ruth. Carroll, la 42. 68 Head. Vivian, Essex, la 42, 89, 153 Hcaviland. Carleen, Wanwatosa, Wise 89 Heflcy, Carole. Bethany. Mo 42 Heflin. Betty, Council Bluffs, la 42, 87 Heits. Shirley, Craig, Mo 28. 81. 84 Helmts. Norman. Atlantic. la 77 Helton. Elinor, Gallatin. Mo 97 Henderson. William. New Town. Pcnn 42 Hcndrickson. Doyle. Grant City. Mo 143 Henn. Carolyn. Blanchard. la 42. 86 Henggler. Robert. Stanberry. Mo 42 Henry. John. Maryville. Mo 42 Henry. Richard. Afton. la 42 Herren. Donald. MaryviUe. Mo 83 Herren. Martha. Watson. Mo 42 Hess. Eva Lee. Skidmore. Mo 42. 70 Higginbotham. Harlan. Albany, Mo 42, 139 Higginbotham, Norman, Albany, Mo 28 Hilburn, Grant, Kansas City, Mo 75 HiU, Dorothy, Clarinda, la 42, 78, 87 Hill, Edwin. Lenox. la 43 Hcnde. Bill. Oregon. Mo 43 Hinkle. Patty. Bigelow. Mo 43. 86. 153 Hitch. Roger. St. Joseph. Mo 43. 77 Hochstein. Carl Lee. Osceola. la 28 Hochstein. Sandi. Osceola, la 43 Hogan. Marvin. MaryviUe, Mo 43, 73 Holcomb, Foster, Coffey, Mo 43, 83 Holloway, Doretta. Eaglcville, Mo 86 Hood, Charles, Maryville, Mo 43 Hooker. Bonnie. Parnell. Mo 43, 86 Hopple. Kathleen. King City. Mo 43 Horner. Bill. Independence. Mo 85. 137 Horner. Donald Gary. Shenandoah. la 45. 77, 83. 88. 89. 153 Houk. Sarah. Sharpsburg. la 43 Houseworth. Marian. CarroUton. Mo 43 Howard. Charles. Craig. Mo 28, 84, 87 Howard, Dean, Garden Grove, Calif 83, 87, 88 Howard, Karen, Atlantic, la 43 Howe. Virgil, King City, Mo 28, 87 Howe, Virginia, King City, Mo 43, 86 Howland, Mary, Maryville, Mo 43, 63, 66, 87 Huff. Kathleen. Elmo. Mo 28, 68 Hughes. Coline. Maryville. Mo 43, 68 Hughes. Ruth, Kansas City, Mo 43, 67 Hughes, Shirley, Kansas City, Mo 43, 67 Hull, Maxine, Elmo. Mo 43, 78. 86 Humphrey, Donna. Panama, Canal Zone 43, 67. 90 Humphrey. Jacob. Clearmont. Mo 43, 83 Humphrey, William, Clearmont, Mo 28, 83 Hunt, William, Denver, Mo 28. 76. 80 Hunzigcr. Maxine. Oregon. Mo 43. 81, 86 Hutcheon. Michael. Maryville. Mo 28. 141, 143 Ingram, Ruth, Clearmont, Mo 43, 78 Ireland, Lora, Fairfax, Mo 43. 67 Irvine, Mary, Fairfax, Mo 43 Jackson, Wayne, Barnard, Mo 43 Jackson, Lienor, Plattsburg, Mo 43 Jackson, Leland, Barnard, Mo 141 Jackson, Wilma Kay, Barnard. Mo 43 Jacobs. Kenneth. Marion. la 139 James. Bernice. Villisca. la 43. 67 James. Gene. Shenandoah, la 44, 65 James, Robert K,, Albany, Mo 44, 154 James, Robert W., Albany, Mo 44, 143 Jameson, Gloria, King City, Mo 44. 68, 87 160 Kinuson. Kmh. NUI ..11. Mo 68. S " ) .l.inninRs. 1 ,ury. M.irvvlllc. Mo 75 .Lirvis. Vrc.ith. . M.uyvillc. Mo 28. 97 Jjy. AiLsiin. City. Mo •♦•♦ J.1V. K.ithryn. C ' lr.inl City. Mo 44. 86 lonkins. Kenneth, City. Mo 77, 85 Jenkins. Ruh.ird, C.inuTon. Mo 78 Jensen. C .irol. M.uvville. Mo 28 .lensen. George Deon, M.iryviUc. Mo 28. 76 Johnson. Beverly, I.i 44. 86 Johnson. Cirolyn K.iy. H.imburg, la 44. 66. 8 ) Johnson. Ch.irles. B.iglcy. la 77 Johnson. Daryl. Bolckow. Mo 28. 87. 88 Johnson. Gene. Atlantic, la 44. 87. 14} Johnson. Kay, Menlo. la 45. 82 Johnson, lave. Brimson. Mo 44 Johnson. Phillip, lissex. la 44. 83 Johnson. Richard. Red Oak. la 88 Johnson. Thomas, Sidney. la " ' Jones. Beatrice, Burlington Junction. Mo 44 .lones. Donna Sue. St. Joseph. Mo 44. 70 Jones, tdd.e. Eaglevillc. Mo 44. 88 tones, Gerald, Conway, la 44 Jones I arrv A , St, loscph. Mo 75 Jones I arrv D. Shenandoah, la 44 Jones. Ronald, Shannon City, la 44 Jones. Sidney, Corning, la 44. 83. 89 Joy. Jim. Kansas City. Mo 29 Judge. liileen. Maryville. Mo 44 Julius. Barbara. Kansas City. Mo 44. 64. 70. 80. 82 Kariger. Nancy, Los Rios. Canal Zone 29. 64. 66. 84. 87 Karr. Melvin. Osborn. Mo 88 Kavanaugh. Charles Hdward. Hamilton. Mo 44. 141. 143 Kcairnes. Marge. Council Bluffs, la 44 Keever. Kathcrine, Braddyville. la 44. 78 Kellev. Shirley. Weston. Mo 44 Kemery. Jerry. Blockton, la 139 Kemper. Frederick Norvell. Maryville. Mo 44 Kcnsinger. Larry. Maryville. Mo 44. 88. 153 Kessler. Larry. Atlantic, la 44. 78 Kincaid. Carolyn. Plattsburg. Mo 44 Kinney. David. Imogene. la 44 Kixmiller. Donald. Carson. la 45 Kixmiller, Ronald. Carson, la 45 Kluever, Darvl, Greenfield. la 45. 77 Kluever. Delores. Greenfield, la 45. 87 Knott, Stephen. Coffey. Mo 45. 85 Koppold. Alice. Harlan. la 45. 87 Kuhlman. Rhoda. Clarinda. la 45 Kuntzwciler. Marlcnc. Audubon. la 45 Laidlcy. Larry. Van Meter, la 45 Lake. Carl C. Hillsboro, la 29. 142 Lake. Carl James. Lmerson. la 87 1 amb. Edward. Carroll. la 45 Landers. .Martha. Osceola, la 45. 86 Lash. Joyce. Jamesport. Mo ....45. 81. 84 Laughlin. Stanley J.. Guilford. Mo 45 Lawlor. Thomas. Plattsburg. Mo 45 l.eckliter. George. Lenox. la 45 Leighty. Marilyn. Dexter, la 45. 68. 86 Lcisman. Barbara. Watson. Mo 45 Leonard. Forrest. St. Joseph, Mo 29 Lcsan. George. Eaglevillc. Mo 45 Lespcdon. Beverly 45 Lewis. Lenore. Stjnberry. Mo 29 Lewis. Suzanne. Larchmont. N. Y 89 I.illey. Hiram. Maitland, Mo 29 Lilley. Robert. Maitland. Mo 45 Lilly. Carol. St, Joseph. Mo 45, 87 Linn. Ardith. Elliott. la 45. 78. 89 Linville. Lewis. St. Joseph. Mo 29. 143 l.ippincott. William. Atlantic, la 45. 73 Livermore. ,Mae. Smithland. la 45. 89. 153 Lockin. Theodore. Clarinda, la 29. 84 Lockridge. George. Pattonsburg. Mo 29. 73. 88. 137 Lockridge. Peggy. Pattonsburg. Mo 45. 89 Logsdon. Virginia. Bethany. Mo 70 Lohmcier. Bonnie. Manning. la 45. 68. 89 Long. Betty. Maryville. Mo 29. 85 I ong. Gweldon. Maryville. Mo. _ 45. 76 Long. Irvin. Bethany. Mo 29. 83 Long. Nancy. Maryville. Mo 29. 66. 87 1 ong. Norma. Grant Ciiy. Mo 45. 66. 86. 89 1 oose. Florence. Riverton. la 29, 89 I oveit. Dixie. Decatur. Ill 85 I ucas. Judy. Maryville. Mo 84 1 ukehart. Alice. Kansas City, Mo 45. 70, 87 l.yle. Sharon. Burlington Junction, Mo 45 Lynch. Harold. Maryville. Mo 46. 76 Lynch. William, Maryville. Mo 46 Lyon. Arnold. St. .lo.seph. Mo 46, 75 Maffitt, Kent, Sidney, la 77 Maher, Fred, Red Oak. la 29, 137, 143, 153 Mahcr. George. Maryville. Mo 46. 87. 153 Mahcr. Patricia Adams. Maryville, Mo 66 Mahcr. Philip. Red Oak, la 46, 73, 153 Mahoney. James. Kansas City. Mo 30, 76, 89 Mallen. James Mickey. Plattsburg. Mo 30, 137, 143 Manley. Marilyn. Union Star. Mo 46. 86 Mann. Neil. Grant City. Mo 46 Maris. .lohn. Jr.. Albany. Mo 46. 73 Maris. Walter. Albany. Mo 46 Marley. James. Bedford, la 77 Marrs. Gerald. St. Joseph. Mo 46 Marrs. Larry. St. Joseph. Mo 30. 89. 153 Marsden. Shirley. Red Oak. la 46 Martin. Anthony. Shenandoah. la 46 Martin. George. Guilford. Mo 30. 84 Martin. Phyllis. Malvern. la 46 Martindale. Mary Kay. Clarinda. la 46. 153 Ma.son. Emmctt, Parnell. Mo 89 Masters. Jesse. Grant City. Mo 77 Mather. Lloyd. Sidney, la 46. 76, 83 Mathes. Hubert Dennis. Red Oak. la 46 Mathews. Delores F ' velyn. Oregon, Mo 46 Matthews. Judith. Rushville. Mo 30, 84. 89 Mattson. Henry. Maryville. Mo 30 Maynard. Marilyn. Leon, la 46 Maxwell. Marilyn. Ft. Worth. Texas 46 Mayes. Madeline. Tarkio, Mo 30. 89 McCall. Charles, Albany. Mo 46 McCartney, Robert. Burlington Junction. Mo 30. 89 McClure. Marjorie. Brimson, Mo 46 McClurg. Letha. Maryville, Mo 46 McConkey. Gloria. Barnard. Mo 1, 46. 82. 84 McConkey. Sylvia. Barnard. Mo 46 McCoole. Joyce. Atchison. Kan 46. 70 McCrary. Rosalie. Mosby. Mo 46 McCrary. Joyce. Atchison. Kansas 78 McCullough. Robert. Albany. Mo 77 McDermit. Sarah Katy. Maryville. Mo 46. 153 McDonald. Carolyn. Maryville. Mo 30. 87 McElvain. Dan. Martinsville. Mo 14j McGinness. Jerry. Maryville. Mo 46. 82. 137, 143, 153 McHarg. Peggy. Osceola. la 86 Mcintosh. Margaret. Ravenwood. Mo 46 Mclntyre. Anita. Maryville. Mo 46, 70, 86 Mdntyre. James. Maryville. Mo 54, 81, 83, 153 McNeill. Robert. Graham. Mo 30 McVicker. Monty. Cameron. Mo 47, 83. 88. 153 Medearis. Thomas. Smithville. Mo 47, 73, 85 Merkle. Robert. Maryville. Mo 83 Merrick. William. Maryville. Mo 47 Merrigan. Terry, Maryville. Mo 153 Merritt. James. Burlington Junction, Mo 47, 77, 97 Meyer. Delores. Maryville. Mo 30. 89 Meyer. Jeanette. Vail, la 47. 89 Meyer, Rose. Maryville. Mo 47. 89. 153 Meyers. Almeda. Shenandoah. la 67 Mildward. Lois. Maryville. Mo 47 Miller. Donald. Maryville. Mo 30. 85. 88 Miller. Phyllis. St. Joseph. Mo 82 Monday, James. Grant City. Mo 47 Mongold, Madeleine. Maryville. Mo 47 Moore. Delores. St. Joseph. Mo 30, 89 Moore. Donald. Eaglevillc. Mo 90 Moore, Ruth. Maryville. Mo 47, 67 Moore. Shirley. Maryville. Mo 47, 84 161 Moore. Steve. Weston, Mo 47 Moore. Woodson. Millgrove. Mo 47. 65. 84 Moran. Robert. St. Joseph. Mo 30. 77 Morgan. Verlec. Mt. Ayr, la 47 Morrison. Ona. Excelsior Springs. Mo 47, 64, 84 Morriss. Lawrence. St. Joseph. Mo 30 Morse. William. Excelsior Springs. Mo 77. 97 Motsinger. Shirley, Grant City. Mo 1. 51. 63. 66. 85, 89 Moz.ingo. Billy. Grant City. Mo 47 Mullin. Michael. Excelsior Springs. Mo 47 MuUins. Aleta. Pleasonton. la 31. 84 Mullins. 1 heodore. Cainsville. Mo 31, 87 Mulvania. Ralph. Rockport. Mo 47 Murphy. Beverly. St. Joseph. Mo 47. 63. 66 Murphy. Patricia, Ues Moines. la 47, 87 Myers. Beverly. Murray, la 86 Myrtue. Juanita, Mapleton. la 47. 85. 86 Myrtuc. Margaret. Smithland. la 47 Nakamura. " i asuo. Kona. Hawaii 47, 90 Neal. Wanda. Marvville. Mo 67 Neff, Richard, Maryviile. Mo 31. 87 Nc.ll. Cynthia. Shenandoah. la 47, 70 Neil, Dennis, Kansas City, Mo 75 Nelsen, Carol, Audubon, la 47 Nelson, Fiona, Guilford. Mo 86 Nelson. Wayne, Maryviile. Mo 47 Nenncman. Thomas, Sidney, la 47 New, Patty. Maryviile. Mo 47. 70 Newcomer. Ann. Shenandoah. la 47. 70 Newman. Delores. Clarinda. la 48. 78 Nickerson. Joyce, Bethany, Mo 48 Niday. John, Red Oak, la 87 Nics. Roberta, Hamburg. la 48. 78, 153 Nigh. Harold. Parnell, Mo 48. 87 Nikles. Charlie. Platte City. Mo 48 Noel. Kay. Oregon. Mo 48. 70 Noel. Nancy. Oregon. Mo 48. 70 Noelck. Shirley. Westside. la 78 O ' Brien. Patricia, Imogene. la 31. 89. 155 O ' Connor. Margaret. St. Joseph. Mo.. .48, 64. 66, 80, 87, 153 O ' Dell Ray, Braymer. Mo 31 O ' Dell, Ronald, Chillicothe, Mo 137, 143 Ogden, Carolyn, Maryviile, Mo 48, 70 Olenius, Janice, Villisca, la 48, 68, 86 Oliver, Kenneth, Fairfax, Mo 77 Olson, Charlenc. St. Joseph. Mo 48. 68 Osborn, Jack. Cameron. Mo 48 Osburn. Joyce. Skidmore. Mo 31 Oswald. Jennifer. Rockport. Mo 48, 67 Outs, Jo Ann, Maryviile. Mo 48 Overton. Jerry. Atchison. Kansas 48. 63, 80 Owen. Margaret. Clarinda. la 48. 70 Owens. Bob. Grant City. Mo 48, 77, 82 Owens, Joann, Sheridan, Mo 48, 78, 89 Palumbo. Luke. Panama. Canal Zone 48 Paul. Hatfield. Mo 31. 88 Parkhurst. Viola. Hatfield. Mo 31. 89. 153 Parrish. Ronald. Fairport. Mo 48. 83. 88 Partridge, Ronald. Maryviile. Mo 140 Patterson. Eldon. Maryviile. Mo 31, 78, 83, 89 Patton, John, Maryviile, Mo 31, 63, 84 Payne, Billy, Jamesport, Mo 3 1 Pearson, Rosemary, Anita, la 48, 68, 89 Perry. Florence. Indianola. la 48 Petersen. Shirley. Audubon. la 48 Peterson. Reta. Albany. Mo 48. 78. 89 Phillips, Connie. Audubon. la 48. 70 Phillips, Marilyn. Maryviile. Mo 48 Phillips. Richard. Elmo. Mo 31. 140 Phippen. Marilyn. Adair. la 48 Pierce. Bruce. DeKalb. Mo 31 Pierce. Ralph. Maryviile. Mo 3 2 Picrpoint. Donald. Maryviile. Mo 48 Pinkerton. Richard. McFall. Mo 48 Pitman. Gary. Gravity. Mo 48 Pitts. Katherine A.. Maryviile. Mo 48 Pittsenbarger. Sharon. Hopkins. Mo 49 Porter. Samuel. Farley. Mo 49. 142 Porter. Sarah. Farley. Mo 87 Powell. James. Trimble. Mo 37. 143 Powell. Larry. Stewartsville. Mo 49, 73. Pranter, Patricia, Escondido, Calif 49. 70 Prather. Vicki, Kansas City, Mo 49, 67 Price, Charles, Tarkio, Mo 32 Prichard, Barbara Jean, Fontanelle, la 49. 89 Propes, Darwin, Maryviile, Mo 32 Ranck, Dorothy, Maryviile, Mo 49 Ranck, James, Lenox, la 32 Randol, Harold, Smithville, Mo 49 Randol, Thomas. Smithville. Mo 49 Ray. Marland. Elmo. Mo 140 Redmon. Carl. Houston. Mo 49 Reece. Betty. Stanberry. Mo 49 Reece. Mary, Savannah, Mo 32 Reed. E. L.. Jamesport. Mo 49, 88 Reed. Ted. Skidmore. Mo 32. 153.154 Reeves. Richard. Maryviile, Mo 83 Reid, Lois June, Atchison, Kansas , 49 Reimer, Sharon, Clarinda, la _.49 Renfro, Darrell. Clarinda. la. 83 Reyburn. Roger Keith. Excelsior Springs, Mo 49 Rice, Glenda, Pickering, Mo 32, 86 Rice, Lorris, Pickering, Mo 49, 75 Rice, Stanley, Maryviile, Mo 49 Richards, John, Northboro. Mo 49 Ridpath. Donald. St. Joseph. Mo 32. 87 Riley. Peggy. Kansas City. Mo 49. 67. 85 Ringold. Rosellvn. Maryviile. Mo 67 Rippstein. Carla. Berkeley, Mo 49. 86, 87 Roach, Paul, Maryviile. Mo 49. 153 Roberts. Anna. Grant City. Mo 32. 78 Roberts. Jeanette. Atchison, Kansas 32.66.97 Robertson. Donald. Maryviile. Mo 32 Robey. Connie. Maryviile. Mo 49. 70 Robison. Chester. Hopkins. Mo 49 Robson. Roberta. Atlantic. la 78 Rocklage. Charles, Maryviile. Mo 49. 81 Rogers, l.ylc. Mt. Ayr. la 32. 87 Rold. Jerry. Harlan, la 49. 77 Roll. James. Lenox, la 32. 80. 84 Roll. Mary. Villisca. la 49 Roll. Mons. Villisca. la 32 Rosenbohm. Larry. Graham. Mo 49 Rosmann. Charlene. Harlan. la 49 Rosmann. Charles. Harlan, la 153 Ross. Donna. Mound City. Mo 32. 84 Rounkles. Rodney. Excelsior Springs. M 49 Rowan, Calvin. Rayville. Mo 137. 143 Rowland. Margaret. Mound City. Mo 49 Rowlctt. Roger. Mound City. Mo 35 Rowley. Lawrence. Council Bluffs. la 33. 137. 1 4 i Rucker. Marcia. Savannah. Mo 50, 70, 89 Rule, William. Smithville. Mo 50. 7 5 Rupp. Curtiss. Clearmont. Mo 50 Salfrank. Mary. Rockport. Mo 50. 86 Salmon. Patricia. Weatherby. Mo 50. 70 Sanders. Edward. Silver City. Mo 81 Sanders. Janet. Villisca, la.., 50. 70 Sandusky, Burl. Mound Valley, Kansas 88 Scadden, Arlene, Maryviile. Mo 33.89 Scadden, Mona. Maryviile. Mo 50. 66. 89 Scheib. Donald. Oregon. Mo 83 Schenk. Ronald. St. Joseph. Mo 17,33 Schenkel. Gary. Maryviile. Mo 142 Schenkel. Ruby. Maryviile. Mo 50 Schilling. Ann. Denver. Mo 50. 63. 66. 97 Schrick. Bernard, Atchison. Kansas 78, 153 Schropp. Ronnie. Council Bluffs. la 5_0 Schroeder. Elaine. St. Joseph. Mo 50. 66 Schulzc. John. Verdon. Nebr 50. 136 Scott. Joe. Maryviile. Mo . .88 Scroggie, Jesse, Blockton, la 50, 76, 77, 83, 87 Searcy, Ronald. Albany. Mo 50. 64 Seaion. Gary. Osceola. la 50 Seddon. Alvina, Mound City. Mo 50 Seeger. Gerald. Atchison. Kansas 78. 153 Seipold. Marlis. Hastings. la 50. 89 Setzer. Joan. St. Joseph. Mo 82 162 Scvcnion, Robert. la 30 Shannon. Ronald. ChiUicoihc. Mo 50 Sharp. Barbara. Craig. Mo 50, 66 Sharp. James. DeKalb. Mo 141 Shaw. June. Paitonsburg. Mo 50. 68 Sheldon. Larry. Thorman. la „ 50. 73 Shell. Nessic Hdna. Hopkins. Mo 50. 97 Sherard. Gladene. Marshall. Mo 50. 66 Shilatilard. Nossrai. Iran 50. 90 Shipley. Naomi. Gram City. Mo 50. 84. 89. 153 Shisler. Margaret. Stanbcrry. .Vlo 50 Showen. Ardis. Stanberrv. Mo 86 Shriver. Nancy. Maryville. Mo 50. 67, 153 Showalter. Bill. Helena. Mo 50 Sicklcr. Gordon. Corning. la 33 Sims. Sybil. Fairfax. Mo 50, 66, 86 Sipes. Mary. Oregon. .Mo 51, 89 Skaggs. Francis. Independence. Mo 75. 137 Smiley. Jerry. St. Joseph. Mo 77 Smith. Dclbert. Cameron. Mo 78 Smith. Donna. Exira. la 81 Smith. Gene. Gower. Mo 136. 143 Smith. Richard. Malvern. Mo 3 3. 88 Smith. Shirley. Orient. la 78 Smith. Tom. Coon Rapids. la 51. 77 Snipes. KcUey. Eagleville. Mo 51 Snook. Dorothy. Edgerton. la 89 Sommer. Chyrc. Oregon. Mo 51, 89 Sorensen. Merle. Alden. Minn 141 Sorlie. John. Chicago. Ill 33. 81. 87 Southard. Lewis Henry. Tarkio. Mo 3 3 Southwood. Margaret. St. Joseph. Mo 51 Sparrow. Bill. Kansas City. Mo 33. 87 Springer. I, eland. Red Oak. la 33 Springer. Philip Red Oak. la 73 Stafford. Lura. Forrest City. Mo 33, 153 Stalling. Dickie. Burlington Junction. Mo 51 Stark. William. Gallatin, Mo 51 Steffen. . walt. St. Joseph. Mo 3 3 Steiner. Charlene. Amitv. Mo 51. 63. 84. 86. 153 Stephens. Ruth. Kansas City. Mo 33. 89 Stevens. Helen. Rockport. Mo 5 1 Stevens. Kenneth. Kansas City. Mo 136. 145 Stewart. Stanlev O.. Dawn. Mo 33. 76, 83. 87. 88 Stickcn. Robert. Graham. Mo 34. 83 Stock. Edwin. Cedar Falls. la 51 Straub. Robert. Kansas City. Mo 34. 76 Stuber. Barbara. St. Joseph. Mo 34 Stumpf. .-Xrlinc. Kansas City. Mo 51. 67 Stuvick. Loren. X ' illisca. la 51 Sullivan. Daniel. Corning. la 88 Summa. Lloyd. Maryville. Mo 51 Summers. John. Smithville. Mo 51 Sundell. Vada. Conway. la 51. 78 Sutter. William. Rockport. Mo 51 Swails. Donna Jean. St. Joseph. Mo 51 Swanson. Jean. Red Oak. la 34. 35. 70. 80. 81. 89 Swartz. ' elma. Graham. Mo 51. 70 Tackett. Edward. Kansas City. Mo 78 Tandy. Dave. Grant City. Mo 51. 80, 82 Tankersley. Jamie. Miami Springs. Florida 77 Tasscll. Elaine. Van Meter. la 51 Taylor. Jack. Caruthersville. Mo 137 Taylor. James. Atchison. Kansas 51. 64 Tavlor. Kathlvn. .Marvville. Mo 51. 68 Tavlor. Lauretta. Omaha. Nebr 34. 68. 80. 89 Taylor. Louesa Jane, Silver Springs. Md 51. 153 Tavlor Martin, Ridgewav. Mo 51. 88 Terrv. Bob, Allendale, Mo 51 Thomas. Alice. .Atchison. Kansas 51 Thomas. Curtis. Stanberrv. Mo 34, 63. 80. 84 Thompson. Donna. Maryville. Mo 51. 87 Thompson, Roger Lenox. la 51 Thompson. Rolande, Ravcnwood. Mo 34. 85. 97 Thompson. Terry. Braddyville. la 51. 97 Tilson. Donald. St. Joseph. Mo 34 Tinnell Robert. Blanchard. la 34. 80. 81 Tock. James. Cherokee la 51. 77 Toeller. Sandra. Cedar Rapids. la 52. 70 Toft. Marvin. Exira. la 52, 88 Lolcn. Gary. Gallatin. Mo 78 lownscnd. Glcnda. Burlington Junction, Mo 85 Torrcnce. Patricia. Red Oak, la 52 Townsend. Oliver. Rea. Mo 52 Irastcr, Lee. Hopkins. Mo 52 Travis. Orville. Princeton. Mo 88 Triplet!. Frank. Maryville. Mo 52 Troth. Eldon. Graham. Mo 88 Trucblood, Rex. Burlington Junction. Mo 52 Tschettcr. Vclmalinc. Adair. la 90 Touhako. Kernal. Hawaii 52 Tucker. Louis. Atchison. Kansas 87 lunks. Phil. King City. Mo 75 lunncll. Patricia. St. Joseph. Mo 34 Turner. Bob. St. Joseph. Mo 34 Turner. Connie. St. Joseph. Mo 52. 67 Turner. Dennis. Encampment. Wyo 83 Turner. Donald, Bedford, la 52 Turner. Aileen. Moravia, la 34. 86 Turner. Paul, Moravia, la 52. 88 Turney. Helen, Edgerton. Mo 89 Tussey. James. Orient, la 52. 75 Win Buren. Willard. Van Meter. la 52 Vandcwater. Janet. Dexter. la 52, 87 VanDyke. Tom. Atchison. Kansas 73 Van Gildor. Janyce. Albia. la 52. 89 Van Meter. Lavonne. Pattonsburg. Mo 52. 89 Van Pelt. Melba. Maryville. Mo 52. 89 Varley. Myron, Logan, la 82 Vaudt. Don. Lohrville. la 52. 142 Vennink. Lois. Botan. la 5 2. 68 Voggesser. Max. Atlantic. la 52 Volkcns. Janice. Carson, la 52. 89 Vonderschmidt. Darlene. Craig, Mo 5 2. 66. 81 Vrooman. Lois. Manilla, la 52 Wade. Robert. Bolckow. Mo 52. 83. 88 Wagner. Betty. Maryville. Mo 97 Wagner. Don. Maryville. Mo 5 2. 83 Wagner. Norma. Maryville. Mo 52 Wake. Bruce. St. Joseph. Mo 52 Walden. Barbara. Bigelow, Mo 52. 89 Walker. Darrell, Stanberry. Mo 34. 137. 143 XX ' alker. Lois. Rockport. Mo 52 Walker. Marlcnc. Hamburg. la 52 Waller. Janet. Faucett. Mo ; 53. 89 Walter. Ella. Tarkio. Mo 89 Walter. William. Brooks. la 53. g7 Waldrip. Donald. Lamoni. la 53 Warford. Norma. Panora. la 77 Warner. C. B.. Chillicothe. Mo 83 Watkins. Mary Ellen. Griswold. la 63. 78. 89 Watson. Gayleen. Shelby. la 70 U ' atson. Harold. Maryville. Mo 83. 88 Watson. John. St. Joseph. Mo 87 Watters. Reg. Lake City, la 77 Wells. Ross. Maryville. Mo 73 Wcsack. Karla. Adair. la 68 West. Jackie. Oakland. la 89 Wescott. Marian. Savannah. Mo 89. 153 Wcstergard. Elizabeth. Adair. la 68. 80 White. Betty. Blythcdalc. Mo 86 White. Marcia. Emerson, la 66 White. Paul. Maryville. Mo 77 Whitford. Sue. Fairfax, Mo 66 Wickizer. Joan. St. Joseph. Mo 70 Wiggins, Margaret. Maryville. Mo 89 Wilcox. Richard. Harlan, la 77 Wiley. Joyce. Mt. Ayr, la 89 Wilkinson, Alois, Mound City. Mo 86 Wilkinson. Harold. Mound City. Mo 142 Williams. Francis. Savannah. Mo 82 Williams. Homer. Smithville. Mo 73. 85, 90 Williams. John, Atlantic. Mo 77 Williams. Marcia. Hamilton. Mo 63. 89. 153 Williamson. Robert. Dawson. Ncbr 78 Williamson. Sue. Audubon. la 53. 66. 89 Williamson. Shirlev. Dawson. Ncbr 53 Willis. Richard. Maryville. Mo 83. 88 163 Wilson, Harry, Westminster, Colo 88. 97 Wilson, John, Maryville, Mo 137 Wogan, Richard, St. Joseph. Mo 143 Wolf, Laveta. Graham. Mo 53. 86. 153 Wolf. Nadene. Weatherby, Mo 53. 87 Wood, George, Maryville, Mo 54 Wood, John, St. Joseph. Mo 34 Wooten. Lester. Bedford. la 34 Worley. Floyd. Maryville. Mo 54 Wray. Phyllis. Maryville. Mo 54. 70. 57 Wright. Dana. Kansas City. Mo 54. 78. 89 Wright. Diana. Kansas City. Mo 67 Wright, Sue, Graham, Mo 35, 63, 70 Wright, Verna. Bosworth, Mo 54. 86 Wurster, Jerry, Lenox, la 35, 63, 90 Young, L. D.. Quitman. Mo 54. 141 Young, Nancy, Quitman, Mo 54, 70 Yoongs, Ronald, Coffey, Mo 54 Zach, Karen, Rockport, Mo 54. 86 Zachary, Katherine. Mound City, Mo 54, 70 Zachary. Paul, Mound City, Mo 35 Zelaya, Luis, La Pos, Bolivia 54, 83, 90 I 164 - r

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