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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1948 volume:

Frieze of the Horsemen — Phidias — 447 B.C — 38 B.C. — Parthenon — Athens, Greece _t4 ' li ' i-. -Administration Building Page 2 editor DEDICATION The 1948 Tower is dedicated in memory of Mr. Leslie G. Somerville w ho devoted his life to the field of education and served in this College since 1931. Page A CONTENTS FEATURES FACULTY CLASSES ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS Page 5 -Library — Residence Hall Horace Mann School 4 Pagee TOWER DANCE ATTENDANTS: Dorothy June Masters and Margaret Fisher The suspense mounted as the spotlights flashed on and the trumpets sounded a royal fanfare. The tension was broken by cheers and applause as the 1947 Tower Queen, Mary Garrett, assisted by Leon Dreps, rolled back the sides of the medieval tower revealing the 1948 Tower Queen, Helen Louise Fisher, seated upon her throne. Queen Helen was surrounded by her four gracious attendants, Dorothy June Masters, Julia Sheumaker, Joan Miller, and Margaret Fisher. The coronation ceremony followed with John Parham, Tower Editor placing the sparkling crown, which was carried by petite Jean Joan Zirbel, upon Queen Helen ' s head giving her free reign over the events of the evening. Jack Summers, Tower Business Manager, presented the queen with a beau- tiful arm bouquet of roses. After the ceremony. Queen Helen, her at- tendants, the 1947 queen and their escorts danced to the queen ' s waltz as the audience looked on. A short program followed with Rex Moyer as master-of-ceremonies. Ruth McDowell played " Czarda " on her violin and Margaret Bowness sang " Ballerina " . After the pro- gram everyone retired to the lounge for refreshments which were served by Rachael Robinson and Mrs. Anna Parham, assisted by Ruth Wyatt. A medieval theme was carried out. A large backdrop behind the orchestra depicted a fairytale castle upon a hill. The queen ' s tower and throne were medieval, as were the old family crests which decorated the walls. A large fountain with a cascade of pastel lights decorated one corner of the floor. The lounge was made comfortable by many chairs and tables where those who grew weary rested, exchanged witticisms and played cards. The serving table in the lounge was beautifully decorated with a glittering rep- resentation of a medieval castle as a center- piece. It was agreed that the 1948 TOWER DANCE WAS AS HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL AS ANY of the year ' s formal events. ATTENDANTS: Julia Sheumaker and Joan Miller Pages i i - ■■■■■. ■t--- r. ' 9.x m:iiima,y. MISS HELEN FISHER Queen of the 1948 Tower Page 9 MISS MARGARET CURRY, HOMECOMING QUEEN Attendants: Dolores Keown, Maxine McDermott, Kathryn Espey, Sue Philp Page 12 md iMk ' -- A HOMECOMING Airplanes droned overhead, bands blasted the air waves, and portraits of certain college misses graced the halls and adorned ink blot- ters. What did all of this mean? It was the campaign for Homecoming Queen. The big weekeod of October 31 was begun by the building of a huge bonfire which started the pep rally. The scene shifted to the college auditorium where the Variety Show consisting of skits prepared by different campus organizations was held. First place went to the Tri Sig-Phi Sig Band; second place went to the Alpha Sigma " Minstrel Show " , and third place was won by the A.C.E. with their " Ten Little Indians. " No Home- coming activity overshadowed the unveiling of the Bearcat presented by the Art Depart- ment. A burst of applause came from the packed auditorium as the curtain slowly opened to reveal Queen Margaret Curry and her four attendants, Sue Philp, Dolores Keown, Kath- ryn Espey and Maxine McDermott. The prize w inning float of the Homecom- Page 13 Rfe mt. HOMECOMING ing Parade was sponsored by the A.C.E. Second prize went to the float decorated by Kappa Omicron Phi Fraternity. Third prize went to the Ag Club for their novel, " This is no bull " float. In the afternoon the Bearcat team fought the Indians on a soggy field, the result; a disappointing scoreless tie. As the climax of a most wonderful week- end, happy, radiant gals and glowing, if fatigued, men danced in the beautifully dec- orated gym to the music of Warren Durrett and his orchestra. The general committee responsible for the success of Homecoming was composed of Dr. John Harr, chairman; Mrs. Ramona Canton, Mr. Sterling Surrey, and Miss Jean Bush. CHRISTMAS ! t )1 The traditional yuletide, " Hanging of the Greens " was held at Residence Hall Sunday afternoon, December 14. The members of the Dance Club portrayed by words and dance the merriment of the people of long ago as they decorated their homes for the Christmas season. The Spirit of Christmas, Marilyn Partridge kindled the yule log and the Queen of Misrule, Dolores Keown hung the mistletoe in the center of the room. Following the ceremony the girls of Resi- dence Hall held Open House for their par- ents and friends. Page 16 FESTIVITIES Midst the rays of soft lights and the strains of familiar music, the annual Christmas Ball was held the evening of December 13, in the college gymnasium. Upon entering the ballroom through an arched doorway, guests found themselves in a blue and silver fairyland of Christmas scenes centered by a brilliantly Christmas tree. The music was furnished by Bradley Moore and his band. Dean Steeby was the featured vocalist. Refreshments were served from a table which was decorated with a laughing snow- man. Page 17 LIFE ON RESIDENCE HALL COUNCIL Top Row: Mrs. Nell Thompson, Sponsor: Janet Andler, Margaret Ford, Roberta Rob- ertson, Helen Sutton, Margaret Wade, Mar- garet Turner. Row 2: Jeanne Bahl, Secretary: Thelma Oyerly, President: Shirley Burger, Treasurer: Betty Martin. Not Shown: Irma Jensen, Doris Gillispie, Margaret Curry, Norma Scowden. Page 18 THE CAMPUS QUAD COUNCIL Top Rou: Charles Rupe, Reporter: Charles Green, Mr. Lon Wilson, Sponsor; Marion Freeman, Ross Johnson, Charles Derstler. Row 2; James Waller, Basil Hoehn, Byron Baker, Mayor; Maurice Geist, Homer Long. Sot Shoivn; William Gamble, Secretary. Page 19 L..V.J1 id . .K- WALKOUT DAY Walkout Day this year came as a surprise to students and faculty as the trumpet sounded in the halls denoting a day of free- dom and merrymaking. The freshman class was put through the traditional humiliation and humorous initia- tion by upper classmen. An all school picnic was held in College Park after initiation. In the evening an all school dance honored the freshman class. CANDID SHOTS . Canyi ig the Torch for Curry. 2. Wha lti Ball, . Sho guii Wedding. 4. Smile Pretty. 5. The Oltiimua Bombshell. 6. You Name It!!. 7. Play- hoy!-- ' . 8. Joh)iso» Over Easy. 9. Is He Dead Klang. . 10. Bottle Babies, ll ' . The Awaited Day. 12. Look Who ' s Working On the Levee, i 3. Pretty Dog. ' , U. It ' s Not So!!. 15. Judge Surrey??, 16. Booby Trap. 17. Hog!!, 18. Justice Triumphs, 19. Where ' s Your Tooth, Honey?, 20. I Guess I ' ll Get the Paper and Go Home. 21. Aren ' t They Siveet?, 22. Punch??, 23. Latin American Beauties. » ' i DR. J. W. JONES President of the College Page 24 A MESSAGE FIIOM niE PRESIDENT Tlic Towers, the Bearcat, the c|iiotation carved above the entrance to the Administra- tion Building — these are symbolic of the Northwest Missouri State Teachers College. The Towers and Bearcat belong exclusively to your college. They are a part of your college life — they will live in your memory as symbols reminiscent of your years in col- lege. " And the truth shall make you free " applies to all mankind but you will always think of it whenever you see or hear it as being your quotation. It is good to have tangible things, to recall to mind this record of the year 1947-1948. The Tower Staff is to be congratulated on this excellent book, but it would not have had these events to record were it not for the student body of the college. Live again, then, as you turn these pages of your 1948 Tower, those exciting events which have made this a year of student accomplishment. In the shadow of the Towers you have lived a full year, a year that has helped you as educated people to grow into better citi- zens. " And the truth shall make you free. " The 1948 Tower is your record of the year of 1947-1948 at your college. President The President ' s Residence Page 25 Left to right, Mr. W. A. Rickenbrode, Seiritary to Board of Regeii s; Mr. H. V. Neece, Business Maiiuj;,er of College: Mr. R. L. Douglas, St. Joseph; Dr M. C. Cun- ningham, Dean oj Fiiciitty: Mr. A. B. Kammerer, Chilli- cotbe; Mr. James Curry, Oregon: Mr. M. E. Ford, Maryville: Dr. J. W. Jones, President of College: Mr Alan F. Wherritt. Liberty: Mr. J. V. Gaddy, St. Joseph: Mr. Hubert Wheeler. Com- missioner of Ettiuution, Jef- ferson City. BOARD OF REGENTS Behind the planning for better educational efficiency in any college must be a certain group who through their conscious efforts, willing cooperation, and reliable advice determine the best possible means of man- agement for progressive education. Such are the duties of the Board of Regents. The Board of Regents of this College is composed of seven members. They are ap- pointed by the governor. They work with President Jones and decide the most effi- cient course of action. DEAN OF FACULTY Dr. M. C. Cunningham became Dean of the Faculty in 1945. He had previously been head of the Education Department of the College. Dean Cunningham received his Bachelor of Arts Degree at Westminster Col- lege in Fulton, Missouri, Master of Arts and Doctor of Education Degrees at the Uni- versity of Missouri. He also spent some time as director of finance in the State Depart- ment of Education before coming to the College. Dean Cunningham handles the affairs and problems of students and faculty with a degree of efficiency and fairness unsurpassed on the campus. The warm smile, the friendly greeting, and the interest displayed toward every one have endeared the Dean to all those attending the college. Page 26 Mrs. Harrv Shri-t , l)i iH of II omtii. Mr I.on ilxm. Oeati of Mill Ui DEAN OF WOMEN Mrs. Shcctz, during her first year as acting Dean of Women has become well known and appreciated. She has the responsibility of personal counseling, scheduling student labor, arranging the social and sports cal- endar and supervising housing programs. DEAN OF MEN The Dean of Men, Mr. Lon Wilson is in charge of personal counseling, housing, and student work program on the campus. His duties as Dean of Men are combined with his work as Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. PRESIDENT EMERITUS UEL W. LAMKIN It takes something besides Books and Buildings to make a college. The Tower tells the story of that something else — people and their doings during this past year. There really is no substitute for scholar- ship. Just as truly nothing can take the place of your personal relations with other stu- dents. In the years to come you will get satisfac- tion and joy from what you learned from Books in Buildings. But your closest ties will be with your college friends, those whom you meet every day, and with whom you associ- ate in the classroom, campus, and community. You are a fine lot — the best generation we have yet known, " God Bless You Every One. " Uel W. Lamkin. Page 27 IN MEMORIAM Mr. T. H. Cook is gone. No longer will his physical presence lend dignity and esteem on occasion. No longer will his kindly voice greet and teach those who come through the doors of Northwest Missouri State Teachers College. No longer will the twinkle in his eye win the confidence of the timid one. Yes, Mr. Cook has gone, but a man of his caliber never dies. For forty some years he lived in Maryville and taught in our college. A quiet and unassuming man, with the ideals which he possessed, cannot contact hundreds of young men and women, yes, even mature students, for that length of time and not leave an indelible imprint. No greater tribute could be given him than, for those who knew him, to resolve that his years shall not have been lived in vain but that life for them shall have a new meaning, and thus he " shall not perish from the earth. " Irene Lowry Wright, Class of 1925 President, Alumni Association Dr. F. R. Anthony, formerly of the College Health Department, died after a long illness just as the Tower was going to press. Thou- sands of alumni who knew him and appre- ciated his efficient service will remember him for his many kind deeds. Page 28 FACULIY EDUCATION Clifford I.. Bishop. Cl , of Eiliicalion Deparlmtiil iitiil Oiiiitor of Ljhnr.iloty Sihool A B.. A.M., Id.n. Kaihcrinc l " r.inkcii, liiliiciliun B.S.. MA. H. R. nil ' terich, I ' .itinj ion .i iil Principjl of Ilorjit- Mjhii }lii h School A.B.. M.A. Mary E. Koilh, luhii,itioii •mil Siiperiiior of hilerme- iliiili liiliicalioii in I.jhor,ilory Sihool B.S., M.A. liora B. Smith, Educulioti B.S., M.A., Ph.B. Homer T. Phillips. Ediicalion B.S., M.A. Chloe E. Millikan, Eiiiicalion uiiJ Siiptriisor of E,irl Chililhooil liiliiijtioii in L,iho ilory School B.S.. M.A. BIOLOGY William Trapo Garrett, Chuirnun of Biology DtpartmenI B.A., M.S. Irene M. Muel ler, Biology A.B., M,A., Ph.D. WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Wintie Ann Carruth, Dircclor of Women ' s Physiciil Education Department B.S., M.S. Jessie B. Jutten, Women ' s Physical Education B.S., M.A. Bonnie Magill, Women ' s Physical Education B.S.. M.A. MENS PHYSICAL EDUCATION E. A. Davis, Director of Men ' s Physical Education B.S., A.B., M.S. Hubert Peterson, Men ' s Physical Education B.S.. M.S. Rvland H. Milncr, Men ' s Physical Education B.S., M.S. PHYSICAL SCIENCE Arthur Cauffield, Geography B.S., A.B., iM.A. Leslie White, Geography B.S., M.A. J. Gordon Strong, Chemistry B.S.. M.A., Ph.D. J. M. Porterfield, Physical Science B.S., A.B., A.M. AGRICULTURE Richard T. Wright, Chairman of Agriculture Department B.S., M.A. F. B. Houghton, Agriculture B.S., M.A. Page 29 FACULTY ENGLISH Maitie M Dykes, English B.S., M.A. Violette Hunter, English B.S., MA. Esiella Bowman, English A.B., M A. Alta B Carpenter, English A.B., M A SPEECH Raniona T. Canton, Chairman of Speech Department A B., M A. FINE ARTS Olive S. DeLuie, Chairman oj Fine Arts Department B.S., M.A. FOREIGN LANGUAGE Blanche Hinman Dow, Chairman of Foreign Language Department A.B., A.M., Ph.D. loseph H. Dreps, Spanish B A , M.A. Ph.D. Elaine Mauzey, French B S., A B., A.M. MUSIC Ralph E. Hartzell, Chairman oj Music Department B.Mus., B.S, M.Ed. John L. Smay, Music B A., M.Mus. Catherine Phelps, Music B.Mus. Marilyn Reser, Music Supervisor oj Rural Schools in Nodaway County B.S. Judith Thorn, Music B.Mus. Janet Dickey, Music B.Mus., M.A. HOME ECONOMICS June Cozine, Chairman oj Home Economics Department B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Grace Tucker, Home Economics B.A., M.A. Mabel Cook, Home Economics BS., M.A. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Donald N. Valk, Chairman oj Industrial Arts Department B.S., M.S. Kenneth T. Thompson, Industrial Arts B.S. Howard Ringold, Industrial Arts B.S., M.S. Page 30 FACULIY SOCIAL SCIFNCE lohn Harr. Ch,iir n.i i oj Siimif l tji.nliiiinl B.A.. M.A.. Ph n. John S. Tavlor. Sutiil Siitnte n A., MA. Mvron P. Ki m-, Sociiil Siience BS. M.A. Harry Ci. Dildine, Soiiil SiUiice B.A ; MA. Ph n. COMMKRCF. Stcrlini; Siirrty. ( luhnijH of Commtvif jinl li ishins AilmhihlrJlion Diparlmi Hi B.SS.. M.B A Helen lohnson, C ommerce B S . M S. Clifford Kensinfjer, ( ommerif BS.. M.Ed. Margaret Neece. ( unimeice BS., M.S. MATHEMATICS Mrs. Rav O ' Ciradx, Mjlhemalics BS. NOT SHOWN Grace M. Shepherd, Editcalion A.B., M.A. Joseph W. Hake, Chairman of Physical Siienie Department B A , M A.. Ph.D. Carrie Hopkins, Retired, Fine Arts B.Pd., BS. Robert F. Gee, Speech B.A. J. N. Sayler, Chairman of Mathematics Department A.B., M.S. George H. Colbert, Retired, Alathemaliis B.S., B.A., M.A. Katherine Helwig, Mathematics B.S. Hettie Margaret Anthon , Home F.conomics A.B., P.B., B.S., A.M. Frank Grube, Chairman of linj lish Department B.A., M.A., Ph D. HORACE MANN Anne Arnold, EniiUsh B.S., M.Ed. Pauline Arthur. Intermediate Education BS, M.A. Hannah Lou Bennett, Nursery School B.S., M.A. David W. Crozier, Industrial Arts BS. ' irginia Dorman, fine Arts BS. iNTargaret Franken, Mathematics BS, MA. Marilvn Fulkerson, Intermediate Education BS. Martha Gamble, Early Childhood Education B,S. Buford W. Garner, Commerce B S , M.A. - Page l HORACE MANN Anne Gorsuch, Inlermediale Education B.S. Avis Lair Graham, Junior High School B.S. Kathryn McKee, Early Childhood Education B.S. John N. Pederson, Boys ' Physical Education B.S. Frances Phares, Early Childhood Education B.S. Lawrence Phelps, Physical Science B.S., M.A. Neva Ross, Early Childhood Education B.S. Rachael Taul, Social Science B.S., M.A. NOT SHOWN Emma Ruth Christine, English and Speech BS. ADMINISTRATION Everett W. Brown, Director oj Field Serrice B.S., M.A. Lucile Brumbaugh, Associate Librarian B.S. Mrs. Hubert Garrett, Assistant Librarian E. O. Hammond, Veterans Training Office B.S. John A. Lierly, ] ' eterans Training Office B.S. H. V. Neece, Business Manager B.S., A.B., M.S. Paxton Pate Price, Librarian B.S., B.S. in L.S. W. A. Rickenbrode, Secretary to Board of Regents and Bursar M.Accts. Mrs. Nell Thompson, Director of Residence Hall C. E. Wells, Librarian Emeritus AB., AM. Anna Wornisley, Director of Student Health Department R.N. NOT SHOWN Eureta Mullins, Dietician B.S., A.M. Vivian Wren, College Nurse R.N. Betty Thompson, Horace Mann Nurse R.N. Page 32 STUDENr SENATE Top Row: Hiihard 1, PnsitUiil: Rich.inl Appkman, I ' lee-PresiileHl; Marilyn Pariridpe, Seireljry. Raw 2. Htlcn Marie Davis, 1 ri isiinr: Mr. Jiilin l " a l(ir, Sponsor: Mr. R. T. W ' riuht, Sponsor. Rou ' 1: Marvin Doran, William l-lani, iMar (iarrcii. Row • .• Beverly Ji)hnson, Kenneih Jones, Kicharil I.eet. Row 5. ' Ddnald Lvle, Doriiihv |une Masters. Raxmoml Nally. Row f : Jean Polsley. Roberta Roliertson, .Slaik. Row 7. Roijer Wren. Sot Shown: Marion Freeman. Harold Johnson, Tloyd Klani;. Barbara Munson. H.iroM Tarple . The executi e powers of the Student Sen- ate are vested in a president and a vice-presi- dent who are elected by ote of the entire student body; and a secretary-treasurer and a parliamentarian, each of whom is selected by vote of other members of Senate. The legislative and judicial po ers are held by the president and ice-president and four members of each class except the freshman which has two representatives. Actions taken by the Senate this year have served to correlate and further co-operation among organizations on the campus. Out- standing e idences of this were shown in its help with Walkout Day, Homecoming, and conduction of student polls throughout the year. During the year, the senate has had control of the Bearcat Den and the Student Lounge. It made recommendations for improvement in both and carried out part of its recom- mendations literally by painting the Bearcat Den. Page 33 SOCIAL COMMITTEE ' s, m Top Row: Edward Reece, Chairman; Mrs. Harry Sheetz, Sponsor; Betty Collins, Zea Grissinger. Row 2: Wilmer Martin, Charlene Hartness, Margie Ketchem, Donald Lyle, Bradley Moore. Not Shown: Robert Wright. The Student Social Committee is ap- pointed by the Student Senate to plan and carry out all-student social activities. " Sadie Hawkins Week " , the Christmas Ball, " Pep " dances, and " After Game " dances were spon- sored by the committee. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Top Row: Dorothy June Masters, President; Joyce Heck, Vice President; Mary Garrett, Secretary; Sue Philp, Social Chairman. Row 2: Beverly Johnson, Mrs. Harry Sheetz, Sponsor; Dorothy Howell, Doris Gillispie. Row 3: Helen Fisher, Jean Bush. The purpose of the Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil is to promote good will and cooperation among the three sororities on the campus. The Council sponsored the first social event of the year, the fall rush tea and to- gether with the Inter-Fraternity Council planned the Spring All Greek Dance. The Council completed plans to present a scholarship cup to the sorority maintaining the highest scholastic average during the year. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Top Row: Harold Hall, President; Edward Reece; Dr John Harr, Sponsor; Harold Johnson. Rou ' 2: Arthur Walsh, Roger Wren. The Inter-Fraternity Council was estab- lished on the campus in 1935. Its purpose is to promote mutual welfare and understand- ing between the two social fraternities, and the non-Greek organizations on the campus. Page 34 ( M ' i i M t. ' SENIORS Commerce, Mathe- the Grades Sigma Robert Allen; Political Science, Econom- ics; Alpha Phi Omega, Sigma Tau Gam- ma, Y.M.C.A. Betty Jane Andrews,- matics; Keeper of Sigma Sigma, C.B.A Richard Appleman,- Social Science, General Science; Vice-President Student Senate, Who ' s Who, A.A.U.P. Honorary Ban- quet Junior year, Band, Chorus, Inde- pendent Club, Barkatze, " M " Club. Wanda Ashford,- Primary Education; W.A.A., A.C.E., Sigma Sigma Sigma. George Ashworth,- Social Science, History; International Relations Club. Janice Bentall; English, Sociology; Who ' s Who, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi. Mary Bilby,- Physical Education, Music; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Secretary W.A.A., Secretary Tower Choir. Robert Bixler,- Mathematics, Physics; Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Sigma Epsilon. Nylene Brinkley,- Physical Education, Commerce; V.V., C.B.A., Dance Club. Barbara Bucker; Music, Commerce; Chor- us, String Ensemble, Independent Club. William Bucker,- Music, Industrial Arts; Band, Chorus, String Ensemble, Inde- pendent Club. Phyllis Butts.- Vocational Home Econom- ics; President Home Economics Club, Corresponding Secretary Kappa Omi- cron Phi, V.V., Independent Club, S.C.A. Dorothea Carter; Elementary Education; Secretary Newman Club, Dance Club, A.C.E., V.V. Mary Clarke; Primary Education; Secre- tary Dramatics Club, Keeper of Grades Sigma Sigma Sigma, Secretary A.C.E., President Alpha Psi Omega, Barkatze. Gaylord Coleman; Commerce, Social Sci- ence; Who ' s Who, Secretary Phi Sigma Epsilon, Pi Omega Pi, C.B.A. Allen Andrews Appleman Ashford Ashworth Bentall Bilby Bixler Brinkley Bucker Bucker Butts Carter Clarke Coleman SENIORS Roy Davis; Commerce, Induntvial Arti . Dewey Drennen,- Commerce, Social Sci- ence; " M " Cliil), C.B.A., Vice-President Sigma Tail (laninia, Two Footljall Awards, Student Senate. Margaret Elliott; Primarii Kdnrotion. Music: A.C.E.. Dance Clul), Independent Club. Dramatics Club. Roger Farmer; HiiKinesx Ailministrotio)!. Mii.sic; liand. Orville Findley; Matliemafirs, General Scioice. Eugene French; Pln sical Ed ucation, Indus- trial Arts; Sigma Tau Gamma, " M " Clul). Veterans Club. Darl Gard; Spanish, Music; Band, Inde- pendent Club. John Garrett; Social Science. Matliematics, Goieral Science; Who ' s Who, President Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary Student Senate, President Student Body, Phi Sigma Ep.silon, Barkatze, International Relations Club. iMary Garrett; Hin lisli, BioUijin, Goieral Scioice; President Sigma Sigma Sigma, President S.C.A., Tower Queen 1947, A.A.U.P. Honor student, A.A.U.W. Junior Scholarship, Secretary and Par- liamentarian Student Senate, Women ' s F]nsemble, Pan-Hellenic C ouncil, S.C.A., CJreen and White Peppers, Who ' s Who. Paul Gates; Physical Education, Com- merce; Tower Staff 1947-48, C.B.A., Quad Council, Kappa Delta Pi, Editor Northwest Missourian, Secretary " M " Club, Who ' s Who, Howard Leech Award, Missouri Senior All-Star Football Player, Co-Captain P ' ootball team. Virginia Ann George; Commerce, Home Economics; President Pi Omega Pi, Vice-President Senior Class, Chaplain Alpha Sigma Alpha, Band, Green and White Peppers, Kappa Omicron Phi, C.B.A., Tower Staff 1947. Lois Gorden; Phi sical Education, Music; Pre.sident and Stunt Captain Barkatze, President W.A.A., Vice-President Resi- dence Hall Council, Band, Orchestra, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Dorothy Harshaw; Physical Education, Music; Stunt Captain Barkatze, Vice- President W.A.A., Treasurer and Vice- President Dance Club, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Patricia HawmaN; Business Administra- tion, Economics; C.B.A. John Henggler; Social Science, Enplish; President Newman Club, President In- dependent Club, Tower Staff 1947. Din ' is Drennen Elliott Farmer Findley French Gard Garrett Garrett Gates George Gorden Harshaw Hawman Henggler SENIORS Harold Johnson; In dustrial Arts, Physical Education, Mathematics; Vice-President " M " Club, Vice-President Sigma Tau Gamma, Inter-Fraternity Council, Co- Captain Football Team, Missouri Senior All-Star Football Player, Intramural Commissioner, Student Senate. Carl Kennedy; Fine Arts, Mathematics; Art Editor Tower 1947-1948. Ralph Kurtright; Industrial Arts, Physi- cal Education; " M " Club, President Hashslingers Union, Who ' s Who. Richard Leet; Chemistry, Physics, Mathe- matics; Secretary-Treasurer Phi Sigma Epsilon, Student Senate, Dramatics Club, Inter-Fraternity Council. Francis Lynam; Industrial Arts, Physical Education. Mary Margaret Martin; Home Economics, Music; Secretary Newman Club, Kappa Omicron Phi. Wilmer Martin; Business Administration, Mathematics; President Freshman Class, President Veterans Club, Treas- urer Junior Class, Secretary Sigma Tau Gamma, Social Committee, Assembly Committee, Student Senate, C.B.A., Pi Omega Pii Dorothy June Masters; Physical Educa- tion, Home Economics; Who ' s Who, President Alpha Sigma Alpha, Presi- dent Pan-Hellenic Council, Secretary Vice-President W.A.A., Student Senate, Green and White Peppers, Dance Club. Emerson Matthews; Industrial Arts, Phys- ical Education; Who ' s Who. Lloyd McClurg; Industrial Arts, Physics; Veterans Club, Independent Club. Clarence McConkey; Mathematics, Indus- trial Arts; Treasurer Veterans Club, F.T.A., Independent Club. Betty McCowen; Primary Education; Vice- President V.V., Publications Officer A.C.E., Independent Club, Co-Edition Staff, Tower Staff 1947. Mildred McMahill; Elementary Educa- tion; President Intermediate Grade Club, W.A.A., Independent Club. Joan Miller; Music, Physical Education; Tower Queen Attendant 1948. Vice- President Residence Hall Council, Sec- retary Barkatze, Treasurer Student Sen- ate, Secretary Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Clarinet Quartet, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Mack Miller; English, Mathematics; Bar- katze, Phi Sigma Epsilon. Johnson Kennedy Kurtright Leet Lynam Martin Martin Masters Matthews McClurg McConkey McCowen McMahill Miller Miller SENIORS Madge Miller; Vncatin)inl Hnmr Kconnw- icx; President Kappa Omicron Phi, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Bruce Mitchell.- Commerce, MafhematicK: C.B.A.. Cheerleader, Barkatze. MeredeE Myers, ' Phi sical Education, Biol- ogy, Tower Queen 1946, President Sigma Sigma Sigma, President W.A.A., Dance Club, Barkatze, Who ' s Who. Hazel Oliver,- Elementanj Education; A.C.E., Secretary Intermediate Grade Club, Dance Club, Independent Club. Robert Olson; Phi sical Education, Husi- net s Administratio7i: Sigma Tau Gamma. Thelma Vee Overly; Physical Education, English; President Residence Hall Council, Treasurer W.A.A., Barkatze, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Thelma Palma; Home Economics, Com- merce; Newman Club, President For- eign Students Club, International Rela- tions Club, Home Economics Club, Kappa Omicron Phi. Leslie Parker; Commerce, Industrial Arts; Secretary Alpha Phi Omega, C.B.A. Marilyn Partridge; Vocational Home Eco- nomics; A.A.U.P. Honor Award, Who ' s Who, Secretary Alpha Sigma Alpha, Vice-President Kappa Omicron Phi, Secretary Green and White Peppers, Treasurer Residence Hail Council, Treas- urer Home Economics Club, Secretary Student Senate, Dance Club, Tower Staff 1945-46-47. Bruce Peters; Phi sical Education, Indus- trial Arts; President " M " Club, Football Letter three years. Frances Pfander; Elementary Education; President Social Committee, A.C.E., Tower Choir, Women ' s Ensemble, Dou- ble Quartet, V.V. Sue Philp; Physical Education, Fine Arts; Cheerleader, Attendant to Homecoming Queen, President Dance Club, President Green and White Peppers, Cap- tain Alpha Sigma Alpha, W.A.A. Mary Elaine Reece; Music, Social Science; Band, Chorus, V.V., Independent Club. Alice Spainhower, Commerce, Social Sci- ence; S.C.A., C.B.A., Pi Omega Pi, V.V., Independent Club. Bettie Stevenson; Commerce, Home Eco- nomics; C.B.A., W.A.A., V.V., Home Economics Club, Independent Club. Miller Overly Pfander Mitchell Palma Ph ilp Myers Parker Reece Oliver Olson Partridge Peters Spainhower Stevenson SENIORS Lydia Stickerod; Music, French; President V.V., W.A.A., S.C.A., Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Sextette. Patricia Straight; Vocational Home Eco- nomics; Vice-President Green and White Peppers, Treasurer Kappa Omicron Phi, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Helen Sutton, Music, Spanish; Secretary Sigma Sigma Sigma, Residence Hall Council, Dramatics Club, Orchestra, Band, Barkatze. Bettie Jo Swanson; Geography, History. William Taff,- Elementary Education; A Capella Choir, Y.M.C.A., Intermediate Grade Club. Howard Taylor,- Commerce, Mathematics; Alpha Phi Omega, Newman Club. Jeanne Taylor,- Commerce, Social Science; Junior Scholarship Award, Secretary- Treasurer Pi Omega Pi, Secretary F.T.A., Secretary International Rela- tions Club, Dramatics Club, Kappa Delta Pi, S.C.A. Richard Thomas,- Social Science, Speech; President St udent Senate, President Barkatze, Y.M.C.A., Social Committee, International Relations Club, Dramatics Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Tower Staff 1947, Who ' s Who. Stickerod Straight Sutton Taylor Ta lor Thomas Tompkins Totoraitis Turner Manley Thomson,- Commerce; Economics; President C.B.A., President Interna- tional Relations Club, President Inde- pendent Club, President Senior Class, Who ' s Who, Editor 1947 Tower, Bar- katze, S.C.A., Pi Omega Pi. Helen Toel,- Commerce, Spanish; Residence Hall Council, Green and White Peppers, Band, Chorus, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Verlin Tompkins.- Phtjsics, Mathematics; A.A.U.P., Honorary Banquet 1943, In- dependent Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Vice- President Dramatics Club. Stanley Totoraitis,- Physical Education, Industrial Aiis; Sergeant-at-Arms " M " Club, Football letter four years, M.I.- A.A. End three years, Co-Captain foot- ball team. Who ' s Who. Margaret Turner,- Primary Education; A.A.U.W. Honor Banquet, Who ' s Who, Residence Hall Council, President A.C.E., W.A.A., Sigma Sigma Sigma. Virginia Lee Utz,- Primary Education; A.C.E., Independent Club. Anais Vernaza,- Social Science, Sociology; Treasurer Foreign Students Club, Inter- national Relations Club, Newman Club. Swanson Taff Thomson Toel Utz Vernaza SENIORS ElanOR VogEL; Hinton , EtKfli. h: Who ' s Who. Kaiipa Delta Pi. Margaret Wade.- Cowvivrcr. Music; Treas- urer Sigma Sigma Sigma, Residence Hall Council. Barkatze. Arthur Walsh.- nusi)i( ' sx Aduiinistrafio)!, Mntli(»iatic! : Pledge Master Phi Sigma Ep.silon. C.B.A. Louis Watkins; Commerce; C.B.A. Iris Wehrli.- Commerce, Home Economicif; Sigma Sigma Sigma, President Pi Omega Pi, Treasurer Sophomore Class, Who ' s Who, Barkatze. Theodore Weichinger, Jr..- Phu ics, Chem- istry, Mathematics; Independent Club. Robert Weston.- Itidustrial .4r s-, Phusical Education; Treasurer Senior Class, " M " Club. Marjorie White.- English, Mnsic; A.A.U.P. Honorary Banquet, Chorus. Orchestra, Kappa Delta Pi, Writer ' s Club. Tavner Wisdom.- Mnsic, Mathematics; Pres- ident Band, ( " horus, Woodwind Ensem- ble. Ernest Witt,- Music, Spanish; Band, Clari- net Quartet. Martha Faye Woollums,- Music, English. Roger Wren.- Physical Education, History; Sergeant-at-Arms " M " Club, Secretary- Treasurer " M " Club, Seci-etary and President vSigma Tau (lamma. Football Letter three years. Student Senate, Who ' s Who. Ruth Wyatt.- Commerce, EmiUsh; Histo- rian Pi Omega Pi, C.B.A., S.C.A., Inde- pendent Club. Arminda Zelaya.- Primary Education; For- eign Students Clul). A.C.E., Newman Club, International Relations Club, F.T.A. Miss Mattie Dykes, Business Advisor Senior Mrs. Elaine Mauzey, Social Advisor Senior Class. ogel Wade NX ' alsh Watkins Wehrli Weichinger Weston White Wisdom Witt Woollums Wren Wyatt Zelaya Dykes Mauzey b ' I ' t-A, J) ., », " -J fll,;j!-J JUNIORS Top Row: Dorotha Adams, Thomas Adams, Jr., Elaine Woodburn Anderson, David Arthur, LeRoy Atkins, Arch Beach. Row 2: Gordon Bixler, Patti Bosch, Clyde Bowen, William Bowness, Charlene Burnham, Edward Burris. Row 3. ' Jean Bush, Bruce Carmichael, Phyllis Combs, John Cook, James Courtney, Carl Davis. Row 4: Fred Davis, Charles Derstler, Beverly Edelman, William Elliott, Ann Fay, Juanita Ford. Page 42 JUNIORS Top Ron: Kenneth Fry, Doris Gillispie, President; Roland Gordon, Justyn Cjrahani, Edward Gray, Wanda Gray. Row 2: Janice Grooms, Harold Hall, i ' ice-Prisittcnl: Sarah Harness, Joyce Heck, Hurst Hof;an, Lee Hoover. Rou ' 3: Irma Hull, Jean Jacohy, Betty Jenkins, Irnia Jensen, Treasurer: Beverly Johnson, Ross Johnson. Row 4: Reva Jo Kerns, Sylvester Lager, Mary I.ou Laughlin, Beverly Litsch, Donald Lyle, George MacLellan. Page 43 JUNIORS Top Row: Donald Madden, Betty Martin, Donna Martin, Ted McLain, Roberta Mitchell, Bradley Moore. Row 2: Rex Moyer, Barbara Munson, Raymond Nally, Beverly Osburn, Richard Owens, Anna Parham. Row 3: John Parham, Wilbur Pyles, Helen Richardson, Roberta Robertson, Mary Frances Robinetl, Rachel Robinson. Roiv 4: Mary Loyce Rockwell, George Rocos, Jack Russell, Earl Shelton, Nellie Sherard, Mahlon Sisk. Page 44 JUNIORS Top Row: Norma Snyder, Dale Standage, Dean Steeby, Carolyn Steel, Melville Strong. Row 2: Jack Summers, John Tilton, Joseph Tolbert, Brooks Wade, Edwin Wallace. Row i: Paul Waters, George Watson, Manetha White, Auburn Williams, Wendell Wilson. Row 4: Florine Wolf, Norma ' eater, Mr. Sterling Surrey, business advisor; Mr. F. B. Houghton, social adiisor. Page 45 .. . ' A»Ail. WJl. ' il I J!. ' A ' ! " SOPHOMORES Top Row; James Allan, Everett Arnold, Jeanne Bahl, Harold Baker, William Baker, Betty Barrett, Wilma Bell. Row 2: Margaret Berry, Ralph Blank, Doran Bowen, Kenneth Bowers, Calvin Boyd, Willa Breckenridge, Elwyn Brown. Row 3: Bill Burns, Shirley Burton, Philip Carter, Eugene Ceglenski, Billy Christenson, Newcomh Cleveland, Mary Clymens. Row 4: Lucile Cockayne, Eldon Collins, Alice Weir Colyn, John Colyn, Gerald Cox, Shirley Crow, William Cummings. Row 5: Margaret Curry, John Daly, Arlene Davis, Helen Davis, W. T. Dawson, Nancy Dean, Robert Donnelly. Page 46 SOPHOMORES Top Rou:- Marvin Doran, Pauline Downing, Leon Dreps, Faire Drewes, Arby Edwards, William Elam, J. D. Elliott. Row 2: Richard Elliott, Heyden Elroy, Helen Fisher, Margaret Fisher, Lina Foster, Marion Freeman, Sergia Fries. Row 3: Dorothy Fuhrman, William Gamble, William Garrett, Robert Gill, Harold Godsey, George Gooden, Irene Gossard. Row 4: William Grant, Charles Greene, Zea Grissinger, Darrell Haer, Doris Hamilton, Mary Hartman, Charlene Hartness. Row 5: John Haun, Herman Hausheer, Kenneth Hoegh, Armand Hofer, Leland Hofer, Ruth Holbrook, Joan Horton. Page 47 SOPHOMORES Top Row: Marilyn House, Dorothy Howell, Melvin Hubbell, Betty Hudson, Cathryn Hull, Beth Hurst, SectL ' liiry: Norman James. Row 2: Bennett Jenkins, Kathleen Jennings, Belly Johnson, Dwain Jones, Max Jordon, Harland Judd, Marilyn Judd. Row 3.- Shirley Judy, Donald Kampman, Virgil Kent, Dolores Keown, Marilyn King, William King, Vice-President: Phyllis I.ash. Row 4: Betty Lawrence. Roy LilLy, Robert Linds.i), Homer Long, Walt I.ovejoy, James Malson, Charles McClellan. Row 5: Beverly McCowen, Ruth McDowell, Forest Meadows, Kenneth Meek, Audry Merrit, Ann Miller, Dale Miller. Page 48 SOPHOMORES Top Row: Richard Miller, William Miiorc, Cheslcr M nsin)4tr, Nevin Moulin, Paul Moyer, Konald Myrick, Earl Nichols. Row 2: Ilene Nicholson, Jerry Obermiller, Bonnie Pace, Richard Palmer, Harold Parks, Kennech Parsons, Gene Pemberion, President. Row i: Jesse Perry, Jean Polsley, Earl Pope, John Pope, Loyd Powell, Don Prindle, William Pyles. Row 4: Edward Reece, Lovanne Rhoadcs, Olhcl Richards, Elizabeth Roach, Joseph Roach, Mary Lou Rockwell, Fred Rollins. Row 5. " Faye Rowlett, Charles Rupe, Mary Schooler, Norma Scowden, George Silver, Irving Silver, Kenneth Simoff. Page 49 ..vm;, ■ ' - ■fj-f-.- ' ) i-iji. ' . ' A ' rmm SOPHOMORES Top Row: Jack Slack, Dorothy Smith, Virginia Snowberger, Pierre Sotteau, Russell Stabe, Warren Stanton. Roiv 2: Gene Starr, Alta Stonner, John Summa, Irwin Thomas, Donald Trout, Paul Turley. Row 3: Jack Turner, Lane Ulmer, Clifford Vance, Lavelle Warren, Lavonne Wescott, Alice White, Treasurer. Row 4: Hilton White, Mary White, Naomi White, Feme Williams, Clifford Willis, Virginia Wilmes. Row 5 Eldon Wilson, Loren Workman, Alvin Wormsley, Lloyd Younger, Larry Zirbel, Miss Wincie Ann Carruth, Business Advisor; Mr. John Taylor, Social Advisor. Page 50 FRESHMEN mimm Top Row: Lowell Adams, Beverly Allen, Reid Anderson, Janet Andler, Marjorie Andrews, Wells Andrews, Ethel Ashbrook, Kenneth Ausnius. Row 2: Phyllis Bagley, Paul Baker, Kathryn Barmann, Rita Barmann, Orville Bears, Gerald Bennett, Ethel Benson, Roberta Berry. Row ?.- Maureen Bird, William Blackman, Franklin Bollinger, Mary Booth, Margaret Bowness, Ruth Burns, Marjorie Burton, Martha Byerrum. Row 4: Barbara Campbell, Verlene Campbell, Louise Chaney, Roy Cheek, Norman Clouse, Harold Clymens, Shirley Collier, Betty Collins. Row 5.- Roberi Conn, Delores Ctxik, Vernelle Cox, Dorman Coy, Francisco Cruz, Edward Dakan, Warren Davidson, Betty Dearmott. Page 51 Ji ' .. i- ■ ■ It i --(ir - FRESHMEN Top Row: Olindina de Castro, Carl Deiter, June Otwiit, Don Dressier, Ralph Duncan, Lois Easton, Wilhelmina Edie, Betty Engle. Row 2: Kathryn Espey, John Ewing, Lewis Farmer, Calvin Faurot, Rosemary Feurt, Neal Foland, Margaret Ford, Edwin French. Row 5.- Donna Fulton, Delbert Gabbert, Nila Geer, Joy Ann Gibson, Russell Gillispie, Darrell Grace, Donald Grace, Joan Groom. Row 4; Patsy Hagee, James Hainey, Paul Hagman, Rosemary Hansford, Charlene Harman, Helen Hartell, Gaylord Headrick, Louise Helzer. Row 5. ' Mahlon Hewitt, Otto Hill, James Hillgren, Carol Hilliard, Donald Hoffman, Wilbur Holland, Gerald Holt, Phyllis Hoover. Page 52 FRESHMEN Top Row: Rose Marie Howe, Phillip Hull, Frances Huntsman, Dorothy Hunziger, Donavon Hulson. Marilyn Jackson, Reldon Jackson, Kenneth Jones, President. Row 2: Richard Jones, Robert Jones, Bobby Kelley, June Kennedy, Margie Ketchem, Secretary; Fred Killam, Max Kinney, Mary Kirchhofer. Row 5; Marilyn LaHue, Janis Lash, Dorothy Lenz, Burton Little, Robert Loudon, Deloris Lynch, Vonda Mason, Maxine McDermott. Row 4: Dean Mclntyre, Patricia Mclntyre, Bette McKowen, Kenneth McMillan, Mary McQuaid, Louis Melkowski, Glen Meredith, Joe Merrick. Row 5. ' Donald Merrigan, Edwin Mickelson, Gueynetha Miller, Jackson Miller, William Moyer, Mary Neville, Hubert Null, Treasurer: Barbara Nunnelley. Page 63 FRESHMEN Top Row: John Owen, Abelardo Patino, Marlys Patrick, Joan Peter, Carman Phillips, Bonnie Polk, Ludene Pollard, Julia Polton. Row 2: Melvin Praiswater, Wanda Praiswater, Mary Queck, Harold Reynolds, Janice Rhodes, Jewell Rice, Helen Richards, Donald Roberts. Row 3: Thesis Robinson, Bill Royer, Betty Russell, Charlene Schenkel, Daisy Schenkel, William Schettle, James Schoonover, Mary Scott. Row 4; Bernice Shaver, William Sherman, Glenn Sherry, Julia Sheumaker, Leota Shipley, Betty Smith, Naomi Smith, Patricia Smith. Row 5: Billy Snyder, Maxine Snyder, Anne Stacy, Jo Ellen Stafford, Walter Stanton, Marylee Steele, Veronica Stephenson, Frank Stonner. Page 64 FRESHMEN Top Row: Ruth Stucki, Madge Studley, James Swensen, Carroll Taylor, Don Taylor, Robert Tebow, Russell Terhunc. Row 2: Clifford Thompson, Betty Tiemann, Irene Toland, Joan Trively, Helen Tudder, Charlotte Turner, Dorothy Veatch. Row 3; Shirley Voracek, Joan Wadhams, Lois Walker, John Wallace, James Ward, Joyce Wehrli, Charlene Welsh. Row 4: David ' iX ' haley, Alice Wharton, Bedonna White, Gene Whitmer, Arthur Whitworth, Dorothy X ' ilhoit, Betty NX ' illiams. Row 5 Morris Wilson, Darlene Winslow, John Wood, Sue Wormsley, Harvey Wright, Diana Vip, Mrs. Harry Sheetz, Social Advisor: Mr. Clifford Kensinger, Business Advisor. Page 55 Top Picture: THE COLLEGE BAND Lower Picture: THE CLARINET QUARTET Robin Snyder, Ernest Witt, Joan Miller, Tavner Wisdom. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Music organizations are maintained on the campus to provide students with the oppor- tunity to express themselves musically and to learn the theory of conducting ensemble groups of all types. The Tower Choir is composed of college students who desire to express themselves vocally in the part singing. The choir sings for assemblies and special occasions at the college. This year the choir presented a Christmas cantata and an opera. The College Band is composed of those people whose musical ability allows them to qualify. The band plays for the athletic events and all college functions. Each year it gives concerts at the college and also goes on concert tours. The College Orchestra is composed of the string ensemble and members of the concert band. Page 66 Top Picture: THE TOWER CHOIR Lower Picture: TH LIBRARY STAFF Top Row: Clifford Thompson, Jean Bush, Rosemary Hansford, Thomas Walker. Row 2: Mr. Paxton P. Price, Librarian: Jean Polsley. Mrs. Lucile Patterson, Janice Bentall, Mrs. Belvidene Gar- rett, Mrs. Louise Garrett, Miss Lucile Brumbaugh, Asso- ciate Librarian. Row 3: Mr. C. E. Wells, Librarian Emeritus: Mrs. Hubert Garrett, Assistant Librarian. LIBRARY STAFF Who on the Campus has not noticed new vitality displayed by our library this year. ' With the arrival of Mr. Paxton Price as librarian, changes began taking place in ar- rangements, in efficiency, and in attractive- ness. A reading lounge and a film and record library are being planned for the near future. A new service makes available, by loan, to students and faculty reproductions of fine paintings. Page hi THE LABORATORY SCHOOL The Horace Mann Laboratory School has a three-fold function to perform. First, it must furnish the best possible educational experience for student teachers; second, it must provide exceptional opportunity for the growth and development of the boys and girls who make up the student body; third, as an integral and vital part of a college dedi- cated to the education of teachers, it is obli- gated to exemplify the mpst modern and efficient methods of teaching and learning. It is the purpose of the Horace Mann Lab- oratory School to provide the best education possible for its students — from the nursery school through high school. Students, teach- ers, and the college administration try to the best of their ability to make the laboratory school a good example to prospective teachers as well as to the teachers and admin- istrators served by the College. The student teacher phase is important. It is the belief of many that a teachers college should revolve around its laboratory school. To justify such a plan, those in charge of the Horace Mann Laboratory School have set forth the princi- ples of observation, participation and grad- ual induction into student teaching — all this under the guidance of well qualified sympa- thetic supervising teachers. Page 58 THK HIGH COMMAND Ivan Schottel, AssislanI Coach; Ryland Milner, Head Coach; Don Petersdn, Assistant Coach. FOOTBALL SEASON IN REVIEW MARYVILLE 14— OTTAWA An eager and hustling band of Bearcats ushered in the 1947 football season with a victory over Ottawa University. Ottawa later was conference champion in their league, and though they sent a veteran team on the field the hard-hitting " Cats " took a 14-0 decision. Klang and Totoraitis led the line play. Wormsley and Zuchowski scored the touchdowns and Kurtright converted twice from placement. MARYVILLE 26— OMAHA Scoring the first time they got the ball and rolling on for two touchdowns in each of the first and third periods, the big Green and White romped over Omaha 26-0. Gates scored two touchdowns, Zuchowski one, and Totoraitis one. Kurtright converted twice. The solid defense did not permit Omaha to get within the Maryville 25-yard line. MARYVILLE 7— SPRINGFIELD 7 Coach Milner sent his men agai nst the un- defeated and powerful Springfield Bears. An inspired eleven fought the favored Bears to a standstill. Maryville scored first on Weed ' s plunge to culminate a 67-yard march. Freeman converted to send the " Cats " in front 7-0. Only a desperate touchdown pass in the final half saved the Bears. John- son and Totoraitis played the finest ball of their careers to help stem the hard running of Springfield backs. Butherus Goes Into Action Page 60 FOOTBALL SQUAD TOP PICTURE: Top Row: PauI Butherus, Howard Glavin, Ralph Kurtright, Paul Gates, Co-captain; WilIiam Gainble, Maurice Geist, Marvin Weed, Vemon Weidmaier, ' Stanley Totoraitis, Co-captain; Donald Hartness. Rotf 2: Charles Scruby, Dewey Drennen, Byron Baker, Gene Pemberton, Bruce Peters, Rex Adams, R(){;er Wren, Harold Johnson, Co-captain. LOWER PICTURE: Top Row: Norman " James, Clyde Sweat, Kenneth Jones, Alvin Wormsley, Floyd Klang, William Logan, ♦Pal- rick Zuchowski, Robert Boeh. Row 2: Larry Zirbel, Marion Freeman, Robert Osburn, Francisco Cruz, ' William Ward, Jack Slack, Donald Snyder, Billie Coulter, John Wohlford. No Shown: Delbert Gabbert, Charles Godwin, Kermil Hunter, Charles Newton, Robert Olson, James Page, Mike Scheibler, John Scott, Joseph Sherman, Robert Wilson, Basel Hoehn. William Elliott, Arthur Bahr, Joe Gardner, John Hellerich, James Smith, Frank Thompson, Max Underwood, Billy Christenson, John Colyn, Arthur Felt, Max Hochenauer, James Malson, Edward Morell, Alvin Niewald, Glenn Sherry, Carroll Taylor, Donald Hoff- man, Bill Royer, Paul Stewart, George Watson, Marlin Carey, Richard Carroll, James Hillgren, Donold Carroll, Philip Carter, Howard Chandlee, Melvin Coleman, Rob- en Conn, Donald Dressier, Howard Duncan. Phillip Hull, Jerry Obermiller, William Sherman, Arthur Snodgrass, Thomas Stephens, Ronald VanRyswyk, F. J. Buyer, John Daly, Richard Edwards, Lloyd Younger. " Indicates Letlermen. Page 61 I . .i.w.3i..- ' -rjjt, ' ' i i-m, , ir •S! ' ! Adams Geist Zuchowski Weidmaier Wren BEARCATS ' 47 MARYVILLE 7— WILLIAM JEWELL A sea of mud and a hard rain greeted the Bearcats in their first game away from home. They scored midway through the fourth period on an end run by James to protect their undefeated, untied, unscored on rec- ord. The brilliant line threw Jewell back without a first down. Sensational line plung- ing by fullbacks Weed and Butherus kept the ball in enemy territory most of the game. MARYVILLE 6— ROLLA 12 The Bearcats could not cope with the daring passing attack of the Miners and fell in defeat in their first conference test. Zuch- owski scored for Maryville in the first quar- ter but Rolla came back to tie the game and to win in the final period. Again the fierce line play of the Bearcats stood out, even in defeat, as Johnson, Totoraitis, Hartness, Klang, and Weidmaier led the defense. MARYVILLE 0— ROCKHURST 14 A Rockhurst Homecoming background furnished the impetus for an under-rated Rockhurst eleven to force a 14-0 victory over the Bearcats. The Hawks scored on the next to last play of the first half and on the last play of the game. MARYVILLE 0— CAPE GIRARDEAU During the Homecoming the Bearcat ' s of- fense sputtered for the fourth successive time. They were held to a scoreless tie before a shivering, rain spattered, but enthusiastic crowd. The only bright spot of the game was the play of the stalwart front line. Johnson Boeh Slack Ward James Totoraitis ■ ' ounger Baker Gamble Klang Jones BEARCATS ' 47 MARYVILLE 22— KIRKSVILLE 6 The Bearcats, finding their offensive powers, blasted out a convincing victory to ruin a Kirksville Homecoming. James scored on a 42-yard run and Weed scored on a plunge in the second quarter. In the final half Butherus took a pass for a score and a safety was made. Gates passed for one score and set up the second score with an aerial pass. Freeman converted twice. MARYVILLE 15— WARRENSBURG The Green and White closed a successful season with a decisive 15-0 victory over the surprisingly tough Mules. A safety, a touch- down by Glavin on a kick blocked by Weid- maier, and a thirteen yard plunge by Weed with Freeman ' s conversion composed the scoring. Totoraitis and Johnson were honored by being named on the All Conference First Team and were members with Weidmaier and Gates on the Missouri Senior All-Star Team that defeated the Kansas Senior Team in the Mo-Kan Bowl Game in Kansas City. All four men distinguished themselves in the game. Gales Drennen Logan Zirbel Glavin Hartness f ' fl 1 i r i ' i vr [U Top Row: Leon Dreps, Richard Palmer, Bradley Moore, Charles Hinchey, William Elam, James Hinchey, James Malson, Richard Appleman, Stunt Captain: Manley Thomson, Richard Thomas, President. Row 2: Shirley Burger, Treasurer: Maxine McDermott, Irma Jensen, Roberta Robertson, Secretary: Homer Long, Miss Wincie Ann Carruth, Sponsor: Gerald Cox, Harland Judd, Richard Owens. Row i: Phyllis Combs, Joyce Wehrii, Dorothy Harshaw, Melville Strong, Margaret Curry, Robert Miller, Helen Sutton, Janet Andler, Joan Peter. Row 4: Marilyn Judd, Lois Gorden, Betty Martin, Mary White, Shirley Dieterich, Mascot: Helen Richardson, Joan Miller, Meredee Myers, Vice-President; Thelma Oyerly. Row 5.- Bruce Mitchell, Mary Lou Rockwell, Clyde Bowen. Not Shown: William King, Mack Miller, Charles Rupe, Wendell Spoor. BARKATZE The booster organization composed of both boys and girls is known on the campus as the Barkatze. They back the team at all football and basketball games on campus and take as many trips as possible to out-of- town games. The uniform of the Barkatze consists of green jackets, white shirts, and green ties worn with white skirts or trousers. This year the Barkatze enjoyed their annual chili supper after which they held an initiation consisting of stunts performed by the new members. One of the two stunts presented this year was a square dance. The other was a mock wedding. The Barkatze are enhanced by their mas- cot, Miss Shirley Dieterich who dresses in full uniform and sits with the group. The Barkatze are sponsored by Miss Wincie Ann Carruth of the Physical Educa- tion Department. Miss Carruth has been sponsor of the group for many years and is as integral a part of the organization as the uniforms themselves. Mr. Surrey is co-spon- sor of the Barkatze. Page 64 fkO0 Top Row: Ann Curnutt, Serjjia Fries, Patricia Smith, Julia Polton, M,irihn Partridjie, Barbara Munson, Trejs- iirir: Beverh C) burn, Patricia Mclntyre. Row 2: Virginia George, Beverly Litsch, Secretary: Jeanne Bahl, Kathryn Krause, Dolores Keown, Elaine Anderson, Jane Bo ard, Dorothy Anderson. Rou i; Mary Robinett, Kathryn Espey, Alice Wharton, Juanita Ford, Helen Toel, Vernelle Cox, Miss Bonnie Magill, Sponsor. Row 4: Beverly Johnson, Pauline Cramer, Helen Davis, Stt4Hl Captain: Sue Philp, President: Ludine Pollard, Ruth Burns, Patricia Straight, Vice-President. Not Shown: Beth Hurst, Betty Johnson, Reporter: Doro- thy Masters, Virginia Wilmes. GREEN AND WHITE PEPPERS This pep organization came into existence in the fall of 1927, and has come up through the years, serving as a supporter of athletic teams and good sportsmanship, and contrib- uting to the entertainment of the public at athletic events. In the fall of 1947, 14 girls were initiated into the Peppers, bringing the membership to 40, and the initiates wore the green and white uniforms in true Pepper fashion. The Peppers attended one out of town game this year. In November they went to the football game at William Jewell. Al- though a constant downpour of rain was dampening to their spirits, the Peppers cheered their team on to victory. The Peppers presented three stunts this year for the enjoyment of sports fans. At the Homecoming Game they presented a snappy drill. During the half of the Kirksville Game in January they presented a rope skipping stunt. Also, at the Warrensburg Game they presented their basketball version of " Casey at the Bat, " entitled " Maryville at the Basket. " During the Homecoming Festivities, the Peppers gave a chili supper honoring their grads who had come back to join in the cele- brations at their old alma mater. Page 65 " - IS " m ' - ■ i 21 % BASKETBALL 1947-48 ' s edition of the basketball Bear- cats did not do as well as was hoped, but as the season drew to a close students and fans began to realize that the freshman loaded squad was possessed with potential stars of the hardwood. Newcomers to the squad, John Wohlford, Eugene Ceglenski, James Tanner, Kenneth Jones, Donald Reynolds and Charles Godwin contributed their hustle and ability to that of the returning lettermen. Especially noteworthy was the work of fresh- men Jones and Tannar, who were in all the games either as starters or substitutes for long periods of play. From this group Coach Ryland Milner will form his next season ' s quintet. Veterans Lloyd Younger and Don- ald Scott added the scoring punch. George Andrews, Howard Glavin, and Paul Buth- erus gave their familiarity of the system to aid the freshmen. Much credit for the aid given to the new- comers on the squad goes to seniors Andrews and Glavin, whose experience under Coach Milner helped him develop the freshmen in the understanding of his type of play. These men will not be present to witness the re- Page 66 suits of their help next season, hut the effect of their aid will be reflected in the play of the team. At the opening of the campaign lettcrmcn Andrews, Sctut, Glavin, Butherus, and Younger reported for practice. The latter three came over from the football sc|uad. They joined other members of the scjuad who were to compose the traveling group for the Bearcats. The seven others who made all the trips and who participated in a major- ity of the games were Wohlford, Tanner, Godwin, Jones, Reynolds, Wormsley, and Ceglenski. The above seven received letter awards in addition to those presented to the afore mentioned lettcrmcn. BASKETBALL Younger Reynolds Jones Glavin Tanner Godwin Scoti Andrews Wohlford Butherus LEADING SCORERS PLAYER SCORE Younger 163 Scott 128 Glavin 86 Andrews 81 Wohlford 79 Reynolds 69 Butherus 53 Jones 42 Ceglenski 34 BASKETBALL SQUAD Top Row: Coach Ryland Milner, James Page, Joseph Sherman, Marlin Jones, Thomas Walker, Eugene Ceg- lenski. Row 2: Robert Gill, Marvin Carmichael, Charles Newton, Alvin Wornisley, Jerry Obermiller, John Wohlford, James Tanner. Row 3; Kenneth Jones, George Andrews, Donald Scott, Howard Glavin, Paul Butherus, Lloyd Younger, Charles Godwin, Donald Reynolds. iiijuniEiii iiiiiBiiiii 8iyiBiiaiii[iiiniBiiniiinniiinHfifiif»ii Page 68 BASKETBALL SCOKHS 36 Maryville . . . . 53 St. Benedicts 42 Maryville 33 Baker 45 Maryville 35 Rockhurst 30 Maryville 38 Warrensburg 49 Maryville .... 26 William Jewell 45 Maryville 55 St. Benedicts 19 Maryville 35 Kirksville 31 Maryville 33 Springfield 36 Maryville 46 Warrensburg 36 Maryville 47 Ottawa 29 Maryville 49 Rockhurst 61 Maryville 38 Rolla 29 Maryville 31 Springfield 55 Maryville .... 60 Cape Girardeau 57 Maryville 58 Rolla 40 Maryville 58 Kirksville 25 Maryville 38 Rockhurst 32 Maryville .... 58 Warrensburg 37 Maryville .... 46 Cape Girardeau TRACK SQUAD I of) Roti: James Swensen. William F. Klliolt, Kenneth Hoej;h, Basil Hoehn. James Tanner. Har ey Wright, Ken- neth Jones, Robert McClurj;, John Wohlford. Rou 2: Marlin Jones, Cilenn Sherry, Burton Little, Reldon Jackson, Howard Chandlee, John Daly, Marion Freeman, Donald Hoffman. Roil : Philip Carter, Warren Stanton, Norman James, (Carroll Taylor, James Jennings, Ralph Cushman, Charles Derstler, Harold Johnson, George Silver, Franklin Bol- linger. Row 4: Coach Ryland Milner, Richard Appleman, Robert Weston, Paul Gates, Alvin Wormsley, Paul Waters, Mark Christine, Warren Home, Bruce Peters, Coach E. A. Davis. Page 69 TRACK The 1948 Track team, one of the best bal- anced teams that the Bearcats have produced since the War, finished with a successful season. E. A. " Lefty " Davis and Coach Ryland Milner, who both worked with the thinciads this year, rounded the " Cats " into shape. Alvin Wormsley was the big gun in point getting this year with the shot and discus. Paul Waters was also one of the best point makers on the thinclad team. His great runs in the 440 and 880 thrilled many Bearcat followers as he won several times on sheer determination and a will to win. Other strong point getters on the team were Warren Home, John Daly, Richard Appleman, Bruce Peters, Paul Gates, Mark Christine, and Robert Weston. Page 70 WOIMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION The various activities of the Women ' s Physical Education Department provide re- lief and relaxation from the mental strain of college life. The aim of the Women ' s Physical Educa- tion Department 4s to pro ide an interesting and beneficial program of physical motiva- tion for each girl. This department offers a broad recreation program for women including the inter- collegiate and recreational activities of the WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION and DANCE CLUB. By participation in the activities of the department, all girls acquire a certain degree of skill and understanding of several fine American sports. All students are required to complete at least six quarters of activities for graduation. Page 71 Wii JJiJJ. Jl ..iJJJ|I.IJJJIL.J|i.Jlill CHEERLEADERS Mary Lou Rockwell, William Blackman, Joann Caldwell, Bruce Mitchell, Sue Philp, Clyde Bowen, Jeanne Bahl. INTRAMURALS The fall quarter this year marked the sec- ond year of play nights and intramural pro- gram sponsored by the Recreation Depart- ment. After a slow start last year, the depart- ment shifted into high gear and this year ' s program was bigger and better than ever before. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons various games such as volley ball, swimming, ping pong, badmin- ton, shuffle board, and dancing were enjoyed by interested students. The attendance this year was greatly improved over that of last year. The intramural basketball program was INTRAMURAL COMMISSION Harold Johnson, George MacLellan, Mr. Herbert Peterson, Sponsor; Basil Hoehn, Chairman; Larry Zirbel, Donald Hoffman. Page 72 INTRAMURALS enlarged to twenty-one teams playing in three leagues. Each league played a double round robin with a double elimination for championship. The Phi Sigs were the only team to go through the league undefeated, and entered the tournament as heavy favorites. However, the All States, led by high scoring Jack Milli- gan and Rjean Black upset all others and went on to win the tournament. An all star team was being chosen as The Tower went to press. A mixed volleyball tournament also was organized. The teams consisted of three boys and three girls. The new twist brought some of the fairer sex into the athletic limelight. Several tournaments displaying real sports- manship were played in badminton, Softball, golf and archery. Page 73 TOP PICTURE Top Row: Byron Baker, Roger Wren. Secretary-lreiisiircr; William Ward, Lloyd Hunger, William Gamble, Scr- (ietiHl ul Arms: Jack Slack, Harold Johnson, Vice-Presidenl. Row 2: Donald Snyder, Donald Hartness, Norman James, Dewey Drennen, Vernon Weidmaier, Patrick Zuchowski, Larry Zirbel. LOWER PICTURE Top Row: Homer Long, Paul Gates, Corresponding Secre- tary: Kenneth Jones, Warren Home, Paul Waters, Donald Hoffman. Row 2: Coach Ryland Milner, Sponsor: Stanley Totoraitis, Ron VanRyswyk, Bruce Peters, President: Eugene French, Floyd Klang, James Smith, George Andrews. Row 3.- Rex Adams, Robert Weston, Maurice Geist, Paul Butherus, Robert Osburn, Ralph Kurtright, Marion Free- man. Not Shown: Howard Glavin, Publicity Manager: Richard Appleman, Norbert Meyer, Charles Scruby, Marvin Weed, Alvin Wormsley, William Logan. 66 M " CLUB The Varsity " M " Club has come back into the limelight on the campus after a six year absence. This club was founded with the intention of promoting better athletics, building tra- dition, prestige, and loyalty around those athletics. During the past year, the club has pro- duced all of the football, basketball and track programs, handled the traditional walkout day, and assisted the Junior Cham- ber of Commerce in police duty on Santa Claus Day. Page 74 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Top Row: Janet Andler, Jeanne Bahl, Marjorie An- drews, Virginia Wilmes, Wanda Praiswater. Row 2: Kathleen Jennings, Madge Miller, Betty Jean Martin, Lois Gorden, Mary , 1 Lou Rockwell, Joyce Wehrli. Top Row: Betty McDonald, Beth Hurst, Dorothy Har- shaw, Phyllis Combs, Helen Richardson. Row 2: Margaret Wade, Irma Jensen, Joan Peter, Jan- ice Bentall, Margaret Turner. Ron ' ?.■ Helen Fisher, Mar- garet Berry, Margaret Bow- ness. Top Row: Alice White, Mary Loyce Rockwell, Lois Easton, Margaret Fisher, Lavonne Wescott, Thelma Oyerly, Margaret Curry, Max ' ne Mc- Dermott. Rachel Robinson, Ruth McDowell. Row 2: Juanita Ford, Mere- dee Myers, Betty Jane An- drews, Dorothy Lenz. Row ?; Ann Miller, Vir- ginia Snowberger, Joan Mil- ler. Not Shown: Betty Russell, Wanda Ashford, Betty Wil- liams, Dr. June Cozinc, Sponsor. Page 76 I of} Row: Jtan PoKlcv, i oi- reipotitliiiii Snriliiry: Mar- fjarc ' i lord, Hush, I i- Presiihnl: Julia I ' lilion. Helen Sutmn. .S ' r Mary Lee While. Kow 2: Mary (Clarke, Kecfici of the Grjilfs: Mary Ciarreii, Pmiitiut: R )licria Kuliiri- son. Treasurer. SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA The Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma, affiliated with the National Pan-Hellenic Council, has been active on this campus since 1927. The aims of the sorority are to build character, to develop leadership, to promote unselfish cooperation, and to establish among the members a perpetual bond of friendship. Homecoming kept the Tri Sigmas busy. The weekend included the Variety Show in which the Tri Sig-Phi Sig Band won first place, a breakfast honoring the alumnae, and a tea at the chapter house. A sorority sister, Margaret Curry was chosen queen to reign over Homecoming activities. A rush party " Southern Charm, " a " Sheet Dance, " party given by the pledges, the tra- ditional Christmas party, and the senior breakfast were included in the social whirl. The Founder ' s Day Banquet was celebrated April 20 with a formal dinner at which mothers were special guests. The last social event of the year was the Spring Formal at the Country Club. Two members, Mary Garrett, president, and a senior sister, Clara Judson attended the National Convention in July at Williams- burg, Virginia. Sigma Sigma Sigma serves others through its social service fund which is given to worthy causes. Character is developed through the Charm School and Harmony Hour which provide opportunities for the girls to discuss prob- lems met each day and to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood. Much credit for the success of the Chapter belongs to the Tri Sig sponsor Dr. June Cozine. Page 77 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Top Row: Betly Lawrence, Mary Lou Laughlin. Row 2: Virginia Akers, Bev- erly LItsch, Beverly Osburn, Helen Toel. Top Row: Dolores Keown, Ann Curnutt, Patti Bosch, Mary Robinett. Row 2: Patricia Straight, Barbara Munson, Betty John- son, Helen Davis, Sergia Fries. Top Row: Shirley Voracek, Betty Jo Dermont, Charlene Harman, Wilhelmina Edie, Patricia Mclntyre, Ruth Bums. Row 2: Irene Toland, Lu- dene Pollard, Dorothy An- derson, Beverly Edelman, Patricia Smith, Kathryn Espey, June DeWitt. Not Shown: Carol Horn- buckle, Feme Williams. Page 78 Top Row: Doris Hamilton, UJilor: Virginia Cicorgc, ihaplaiu: Pauline Cramer, [ ' iifPrfsiJfHl oj Ptitlges; Vernelle Cox, FrtiiiUtil of Plmlges: Aliie Wharion. Seirrljry of Pliiijiis: Kath- ryn Krause, Trcus irer: Lois Rush, Uhloriun. Row 2; Jane Bovard, Regis- trar: Marilyn Partridge, .SVi- riliiry: Miss Jessie Jutten. Co-Sponsor: Mrs. Klaine Mauzev, Co-Sponsor: Doro- thy June Masters, PnsiiliHl: Beverly Johnson. I ' in-Presi- JenI: .Sue Philp, Rush Cap- lain. ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Phi Phi chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha, now a member of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, has been active on this campus since 1928. The aim of the sorority is to establish a sisterhood that will develop its members intellectually, socially and spiritually. Alpha Sigma Alpha feels that only through participation can members acquire experi- ences needed for the development of capable leadership. The local chapter is therefore grateful for the increased opportunity for growth and development offered by the numerous professional, service and social organizations found on the campus, and encourages participation in at least two col- lege activities. Aiming toward a well balanced combina- tion of leadership traits, the sorority feels that service is the keynote of strength and growth and has always sponsored at least one social service project each year. This year the " Alpha Sigs " sponsored a clothing drive, called the " Marshall Plan Junior. ' Alpha Sigma Alpha encourages high scho- lastic accomplishments and is in competition with the two other campus sororities for the Scholarship Cup which is to be awarded to the one with the highest scholastic average. It is necessary to win the cup three times to retain it permanently. In addition to the variety of service activi- ties. Alpha Sigma Alpha provided an enter- taining social calendar introduced by an in- formal " Dude Ranch " rush party. The Alpha Sig prize-winning Minstrel Show at the Homecoming Varieties, Founder ' s Day Ban- quet, and the Alpha Sig ' s traditional Sweet- heart Dance have been highlights. Page 79 Top Rati-: Betty Hudson. Dorothy Howell, Margie Ketchem, Helen Hartell, Kathryn Barmann, Rose Marie Howe. Row 2: Ruth Holbrook. Treasurer: Norma Scowden, Correspomliug Secretary: Doris Gillispie, Recording Secretary: Joyie Heck, Presi- dent. Top Row: Shirley Judy, Marilyn Fulkerson, Co-Spon- sor: Elizabeth Roach, His- torian: Phyllis Lash, Chap- lain: Lois Walker. Row 2: Norma Blodgeit, Janis Lash, Norma Yeater, Sergeant: Janice Rhodes. Not Shown: Mrs. Ramona Canton, Sponsor, DELTA SIGMA EPSILON Delta Sig activities of the year were high- lighted by the visit in October of Miss Eliza- beth Daniel, National President, and the party that month honoring Founders ' Day. " Chinatown " was the theme of a progres- sive dinner rush party with Mrs. R. T. Wright and Mrs. Sterling Surrey as hostesses. Little Paula Surrey was chosen mascot. Twelve girls were rushed and each of the twelve accepted her bid. A Christmas bazaar, a tea for the faculty women, and a Christmas party were on the Delta Sigs ' December calendar. Joyce Heck, President, attended the province meeting at Conway, Arkansas, bringing back ideas and contributions from other chapters in this area. A " Snow Festival " of dancing and fun in a setting of winter scenery was the Sorority ' s January party. The annual spring formal was held in April and an installation of officers was held in May. Social Services by the Delta Sigs were con- tributions to the tuberculosis and infantile paralysis funds. Page 80 INTERMEDIATE GRAOK TEACHERS Top Row: Rose Marie Howe, RiporUr: Fihcl Benson, Ikliv Eihel Ashbroo k, MiMahill. Jean Prcsiitittl: I elores Tiemann Mildred Polsley. Cook. Roif 2; Mary Clymens, Doro- thy W ' ilhoit, Trcjsiirei; Na- omi Smith, Miss Mary E. Keith, Sponsor; Hazel Oliver, Secretjry; Joyce Johnson, I ' icc-PresitlcHi: Lina Eoster. Not Shown: William Taff. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Top Row: Florine Wolf, Phyllis Butts, Mary Han- man, Willa Breckenridgc, Trtjs irer: Julia Polton, Mar- ilyn Partridpc, Phyllis Bag- lev, Carol Billiard, Wilma Bell. Row 2: Marilyn House, Vice- President: Jean Jacoby, Nila Geer, Madge Miller, Bctiy Jenkins, Elizabeth Roach, Irma Lee Hull, Thelma Palma, Virginia Snowbcrger. Row 3: Joy Gibson, Lavonne Wescott, Secretary: Shirley Collier, Mary Loyce Rock- well. President: Roberta Berry, Effie Moffitt, Donna Eulton, Betty Smith, Julia Sheumaker, Arlene Davis. Sot Shown: Rita Barmann, Daisy Schenkel, Ruth Jean Burns, Patricia Mclntyre, Patsy Hagee, Martha Jean Byernim, Betty Engle. INTERMEDIATE GRADE TEACHERS The Intermediate Grade Teachers Club is an education club for students who intend to teach grades four, five, and six. Majors in Intermediate Education who maintain at least an M average are eligible for membership. It is sponsored by Miss Keith of the Education Department. The club meets every two weeks at Horace Mann School. Every third meeting is devoted to social activity. COLLEGE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The purpose of the College Home Eco- nomics Club is to promote friendship and genuine teamwork among home economics students, to develop good leadership and intelligent fellowship, to encourage creative arts, to encourage improvement in scholar- ship, to provide social, business, and profes- sional experiences, to co-operate with other local clubs, and with state and national groups. Page 81 mmim ALPHA PHI OMEGA 1 Top Row: Virgil Skinner, Giles Henggeler, Loren Workman, Treasurer. Row 2: George Stegall, Ken- neth Hoegh, Historian and Reporter; John Owen, Joseph Roach. Top Row: John Garrett, Robert Tebow, Correspond- ing Secretary; Wendell Spoor, Robert Baldwin, Jus- tyn Graham. Row 2: Leslie Parker, Wil- liam Blackman, Richard Sears, Herman Hausheer, Sec- retary. Top Row: Robert Eldrige, Frank Stonner, Russel Ter- hune, Harold Tarpley, Wells Andrews, George Silver. Row 2: John Tilton, How- ard Taylor, Herbert Hinton, Robert Bixler. Not Shown: James M. Con- way, Gerald A. Cox, Hayden Elroy, Pledge-master. Page 82 Top Roiv: Irving Silver, Vice • Pr sill oil: C h .1 r I e ■i Cireene. Row 2: Kenneth Bowers, Gordon Bixler, Strf;i;inl ul Artns: Ki ss Jt)hnsi n. ALPHA PHI OMEGA The Beta Upsilon Chapter of the Alpha Fhi Omega was reorganized on the campus during the fall quarter of 1946 with the able assistance of Mr. Sidney B. North, National Secretary of the Fraternity. During the first , year the fraternity has increased three fold. Being a service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega crosses all lines of honorary, social, and professional fraternities and members of other campus organization. The purposes of Alpha Phi Omega are " to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship and service to humanity. " The year ' s activities began with an annual Fall Smoker which attracted prospective members. The goals set forth by Mr. John Taylor, faculty advisor, of the Social Science Department, at that meeting have been ac- complished. During the past year the Beta Upsilon Chapter participated as ushers in the annual Northwest Missouri Teachers Convention and at weekly assemblies, served as guides during Senior Day, helped the city police force in maintaining order during the Home- coming Parade, operated a check room at Christmas Ball, acted as assistant scout- masters, served on Courts of Honor, aided in the collection for March of Dimes, and par- ticipated in a Homecoming skit. The social activities held were; a banquet in honor of new pledges and new members, a dance at Country Club, a smoker for new pledges in January, and the first Formal Spring Dance. Page 83 ■iii-ij j w!,.ijujiLi, ..jarmrrm PHI SIGMA EPSILON Top Row: Paul Fisher, Brad- ley Moore, James Swensen, Mack Miller, Garland Head- rick, Bobby Anderson, Ken- neth Parsons, Glen Meredith, Robert Bixler, Jackson Mil- ler, Gaylord Headrick, Don- ald Schultz. Roiv 2: J. D. Elliott, Richard Leet, William Baker, Mr. Clifford Kensinger, Honor- ary Member: William Gar- rett, Peter Jantz. Top Row: James Malson, Russell Pierce, Walt Love- joy, Robert Bradley, James Zink, Donald Snyder, Ed- ward Reece, Robert Miller, Robert Jones, Marvin Car- michael, Jerry Morrissey, Dean Hoshor. Row 2: Harland Judd, James Allan, Robert Osburn, Philip Carter, John Summa, Billy Ham. Top Row: Donald Pipes, Donald Jensen, Kenneth Hogan, Forrest Meadows, Herman Hausheer, Zea Gris- singer, Warren Davidson, Arthur Anderson, Robert Gill. Row 2: Irwin Thomas, Wel- don Hogan, Lloyd Younger, Melville Strong, William Coons, Robert Wiard. Page 84 Top Row. Mr. llirbert Dii- icrith. Sponsor: Jdhn Shcil. (.orrtst oiJttiu Si ' it ' ftjry; J.u k SuninuTs, I rftisiirir; Mr. W. T. Ciarrc ' tt, Sponsor: Arthur ' .ilsh. PliJf!, Mjsltr: Kniv on loiiis, Hiilorijii. Row 2: Rr.M.ks Wade. Har ..III Mall, PrtsuUnI: rreJ l)avi , ' iti-Prtiiilenl: l)a kl Archur, Secretary. Not Shown: (iiirdon Hixicr, Claylord ( " olcnian, John Ciar- rctt, Tid McLain. Karl Pope. Jack Rll ell, Tranklin Biihos, Oonald Hale. Kohert Har- bour. PHI SIGMA EPSILON Yes, it did happen! Last year ' s prediction was fulfilled! The Nu Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon again experienced its most successful year. As a result of the Fall Quarter Smoker held at the Tivoli Theater Lounge, twenty pledges were taken into the brotherhood making an active membership of forty-one. During the fall quarter a pledge dance was enjoyed at the Country Club with Bradley Moore ' s Orchestra furnishing the music. Three Phi Sig members were honored by appearing in the 1948 Who ' s Who. These were Gaylord Coleman, John Garrett, and Theodore Mueller. Again we found the fraternity participat- ing in the intramural tournaments. Three teams were provided for the basketball tour- nament. The Phi Sigs teamed with the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority to contribute three teams to the co-educational volleyball tourna- ment. Speaking of teaming up with our sister sorority — no one will surely forget the Phi Sig-Tri Sig Swing Band that won first place in the Homecoming Variety Show. Honorary Members of the Fraternity are Mr. Taylor, Mr. Kensinger, Mr. Neece, Dr. Persons, Mr. Skaith, and Mr. Surrey. Our sponsors are Mr. W. T. Garrett and Mr. H. R. Dieterich. The informal dances, smokers and the annual All-Greek Formal Dance will long be remembered. But, as usual, the most awaited social event of the year was the Phi Sig Annual Spring Formal. Page 85 WUi H.JT.idffl. SIGMA TAU GAMMA Top Row: William Schwei- kert, James Smith, John Daly, Robert Olson, Wilbert lohnson, Edwin French, Dewey Drennen, Kenneth McMillen, Maurice Wheeler. Joseph Tolbert, William Bowness, John Wood. Row 2: Donald Hartness, Donald Hoffman. James Waller, Robert Wilson, Rob- ert Seckington, Patrick Zuch- owski. Top Row: Paul Moyer. Rob- ert Mann, Arthur Snodgrass, James Page, Glenn Sherry, Norman James, Floyd Klang, Bill Christenson, Calvin Boyd, William Moore, War- ren Stanton. Row 2: Billie Coulter. Thomas Neylon, William King, Rex Adams, Charles Rupe, Cjeorge Gooden. Top Row: William Kilby, Marion Sherer, Delbert Gab- bert, James Hainey. Row 2: Marion Freeman, Robert Waldmire, Joseph Roach, Donald Gamble, W. T. Dawson, Charles Wright, Charles Greene, Richard Kabel, Walter Moody, Dan Emerson, Max Kinney, Homer Long. Row 5.- Roland Gordon, By- ron Baker, Jack Slack, Don- ald Houston, Hollis Voas, William Ward, Raymond Nally, Dean Steeby. Page 86 Tofi Row: Arthur Bahr, Mcl- vin Wh.irion. Treasurer: W i I I ii r d Hufmins, Stiga Strike: Marvin lioran. Dale Standage, Corresponding Sec- retary. Row 2: Mr. Leslie White. Sponsor: Rojjer Wren. Presi- dent; Wilmer Martin, Secre- tary. Not Shown: Rohert Burris. Kenneth HiHJch, W " a r r e n H r n c , Harold Johnson. f ' ice-PresidenI: Clene Peni- berton. Robert Cobb, His- torian. SIGMA TAU GAMMA Sigma Tau Gamma, better known as " Sig Taus " is the oldest national social fraterity in the United States. It is a member of the association of Teachers College Fraternities. This fraternity was founded at Warrensburg, Missouri in 1920 with Theta Chapter being installed on this campus April 2, 1927. The purpose of the " Taus " is to promote lasting fellowship, to train for leadership, to enrich social orientation and adjustment, to stimulate more extensive participation in extra-curricular school activities, to empha- size social democracy. At the beginning of the fall quarter thirty- seven enthusiastic, cooperative members were eager for a successful year. At pledgeship there were twenty-eight new members initi- ated making the chapter the largest in the history of Theta Chapter. During the summer the alumni and actives had cooperated in a drive to establish a hous- ing fund to provide a permanent home for the " Taus. " A well rounded social life was exercised this year with numerous picnics and informal parties and two smokers. Many grads were welcomed to the alumni dinner during Homecoming. The " Tau " calendar also in- cluded the All Greek Dance. The gala event of the year was the Sigma Tau Gamma Spring Formal at the Country Club April 24. The social program of Sigma Tau Gamma is an important complement to the formal education of the classroom assisting in mak- ing the institution more attractive and vital to men students. Page 87 KAPPA OMICRON PHI Kappa Omicron Phi is a professional Home Economics Fraternity for girls with high scholastic ratings and high ideals. The Alpha chapter of Kappa Omicron Phi was organized on this campus with Miss Het- tie M. Anthony as founder, in 1922, thus giving Northwest Missouri State Teachers College the distinction of being the first chapter of this national organization. Three of the founders; Miss Hettie M. Anthony, Miss Mabel Cook, Miss Anna Houston, and alumnae members were present at the Founders Day Banquet in December cele- brating the twenty-fifth anniversary. The Kappa Omicron Phi float in the Homecoming Parade won second prize. Membership includes eleven active mem- bers and five pledges who are Willa Brecken- ridge, Sergia Fries, Thelma Palma, Dorothy June Masters and Virginia Ann George. Top Row: Phyllis Combs. Guard: Mary Margaret Martin, Virginia Snowberger, Shirley Burger, Dislaff Reporter: Lavonne Wescott, Keeper of Archives: Phyllis Butts, Cor- responding Secretary. Row 2: Patricia Straight, Treasurer; Irma Lee Hull, Re- cording Secretary: Mary Loyce Rockwell, Second Vice- President: Dr. June Cozine, Sponsor: Madge Miller, Presi- dent: Marilyn Partridge, First Vice-President. Not Shoitn: Thelma Palma, Virginia Ann George, Willa Breckenridge. Page 88 ALPHA PSI OMEGA Top Row: Verlin Tompkins, Sammy Carpenter, Secretary: William Elam, Richard Thomas, Jean Bush. Row 2: Betty Hudson, George MacLellan, lice-President: Mary Clarke, President: Mr. Robert Gee, Sponsor. Not Shoun: Joseph Roach, Zea Grissinger, Ann Fay. Kappa Sigma Chapter of Alpha Psi Omega was installed on the campus in Sep- tember of 1947. The purpose of this honor- ary fraternity is to promote training of its members in dramatics, acting, directing, cast- ing, make-up, stage managing, and stage con- struction as extra curricular activities. Mem- bership in the fraternity is the ultimate goal of members of the Dramatics Club. Charter members of the fraternity were Mary Clarke, President; George MacLellan, Vice-President; Sammy Carpenter, Secretary; Betty Hudson, Jean Bush, Richard Thomas, Joseph Roach, William Elam, Ann Fay, Zea Grissinger, and Verlin Tompkins. Mr. Robert Gee, of the speech department, is Sponsor of the group. During the year, Alpha Psi Omega co- operated with the Dramatics club in present- ing two major plays, " Playboy of the Western World, " and " BIythe Spirit. " Members also presented several one act plays for college and neighboring secondary school audiences. Page 89 i.i.jfUjMJ f rn PI OMEGA PI Top Row: Mr. Clifford Kensinger, Honorary Member; Raymond Nally, Gaylord Coleman, Manley Thomson, Robert Wood, Wendell Wilson. Row 2: Mr. Sterling Surrey, Honorary Member; Reta Fulk, Alice Spainhower, Jeanne Taylor, Secretary-Treas- urer; Virginia George, President; Mrs. Margaret Neece, Sponsor. Beta Chapter of Pi Omega Pi, National Honorary Business Fraternity, was organized on this campus in 1924, and since then has initiated 300 members. To become eligible for membership, a candidate must have expressed an intention of becoming a teacher of business subjects. Actives must have ten semester hours in busi- ness subjects with an average of " S, " five semester hours in education, and an average of " M " in all subjects taken outside the De- partment of Business. The main purposes of the fraternity are to create a feeling of fel- Row 3: Miss Helen Johnson, Sponsor; Ruth Wyatt, His- torian; Doris Gillispie, Vice-President; Iris Wehrii, Har- land Judd. Not Shown: James Courtney, Ruth Holbrook, Gilmer Walker, Don Prindle, William Grant, Lee Hoover, Wil- mer Martin. lowship among business teachers, to uphold high scholastic standards, and to develop, through service and leadership, social quali- ties and high ethical ideals. Social functions took the form of parties, banquets, a dance, and a field trip. On the instructional side, the chapter showed films and had discussions related to the teaching of business subjects. Mr. Surrey, Chairman of the Department of Commerce, Mr. Garner, and Mr. Ken- singer are honorary members of the organiza- tion. Page 90 KAPPA DELIA PI Top Row: Margaret Turner, Dr. John Harr, Sponsor: Iris Wehrli, Emerson Matthews, Gaylord Coleman, Paul Gates, Elanor Vogel, Ernest Witt, Doris Gillispie. Row 2: ]. R. Carpenter, Irma Lee Hull, Janice Bentall, Marjorie White, Jeanne Taylor, John Garrett. Not Shown: Sarah Harness, Orville Findley. Kappa Delta Pi is a national Honor Society in Education which compares favorably with Phi Beta Kappa in liberal arts colleges. Its purpose is to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards, and to recognize students who have made outstand- ing records. To this end it invites to member- ship such persons as exhibit commendable personal qualities, worthy educational ideals, and sound scholarship. Such persons must be at least of Junior standing, rank among the upper quartile of the student body in schol- arship, and be preparing for the teaching profession. It is with great pride that the Northwest Missouri State Teachers College presents these students as the charter members of this new campus-wide, national honor society. Only colleges and universities with accred- ited scholarship and professional standards can have their applications for the installa- tion of such a society approved. Much prep- aration and work by many faculty members has made this possible. The formal installa- tion ceremonies were held April 27. Page 91 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIAT ION Top Row: Wilma Bell, Effie Moffitt, Arby Edwards, Donald Lyle, Arthur Whitworth, Norma Snyder, Vice- President; Alice Spainhower. Row 2: Hurst Hogan, Dorotha Adams, President; Lucile Cockayne, Jeanne Taylor, Justyn Graham, Treasurer; Dr. Joseph Dreps, Sponsor. Not Shown: Donna Martin, Secretary; Dale Miller, Harold Baker, Betty Burson, Leon Dreps, Faire Drewes, Mary Garrett, James Hainey, Rosemary Hansford, James Jen- nings, Bonnie Polk, Julia Sheumaker, Dorothy Smith, Carolyn Steel, Ruth Stucki, Viola Turner, Joan Wadhams, Ruth Wyatt, Dr. Irene Mueller, Sponsor; Dr. Harry Dildine, Sponsor, The Student Christian Association is an organization devoted to the expression of united Christian youth on this campus. It is interdenominational, and composed of the former Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. members. It was organized in the spring of 1945 and became officially recognized by the United Christian Council on May 22, 1946. Religious Emphasis Week was one of the main campus activities entered into by the Association. Members of the Association par- ticipated in the Week by presiding at daily assemblies and by being youth leaders in seminars. The goal of the Student Christian Asso- ciation is one that belongs to followers of Christ over the world, to bring his kingdom to earth. It is seeking to prove that Jesus Christ is Lord in education as well as poli- tics, economics, social welfare and religion. Page 92 FOKEIGIN STUUEINIS CLUB Top Row: Abelardo Patino, Thelnia Palma, President: Nicholas Marinos, Reporter: Pierre Sotieau, Secretary: Olindina de Castro, George Rocos. Row 2: Arminda Zelaya, Liticia Pinzon, Manuel Gadea, Vhe-Presiilent: Anais Vernaza, Treasurer: Diana Yip. Not Sboiin: Berta Escurra, Hilda Jolly. As President Jones once said upon intro- ducing the foreign students to a meeting, " They give us, with the information that they bring about their countries, much more than we give them. They contribute tow ard a bet- ter understanding between the Americans and a great number of other countries of the world. " In the summer quarter of 1947 a constitu- tion for a new Foreign Students Club was formulated. After a period of expectation the creation of the club was approved. Dr. Blanche H. Dow was chosen sponsor. There are nine nationalities represented on the campus. Europe, Asia, and South America have sent their young people to share the light of knowledge with their American friends. Page 98 CO-OPERATIVE INDEPENDENT CLUB The Co-operative Independent Club, an organization for college students who are not affiliated with a social sorority nor a social fraternity, was reorganized on the campus in the fall of 1946 after an absence of four years. The club has been successful in attaining many objectives during the past year. Among other things, much activity was devoted to the promotion of student leadership and school spirit among its own members and those who are not members of social organiz- ations and to the development of well- rounded students through wholesome recrea- tion and social activities. During the Homecoming Festivities the club members made and sponsored a float, presenting the Maryville Bearcats eating a Cape Girardeau Indian pie. Social life consisted of a gala Christmas party, informal dances, square dances, card parties, general parties, skit programs, a formal dinner and a trip to Kansas City. Top Rou: Clyde Bowen, Richard Palmer, William Elam, Vice-President; Lee Hoover, Richard Appleman, Robert Osgood, Harry Elder, Owain Jones. Row 2: Manley Thomson, President: Alice Spainhower, Mary Reece, Mary Hartmarr, Janice Grooms, Roberta Mitchell, Charlene Hartness, Dorothy Hunziger, Hazel Oliver. Row 5.- Nancy Dean, Margaret Elliott. Hayden Elroy, Mahlon Hewitt, Hubert Null, Doran Bowen, Treasurer: Miss Judith Thoni, Sponsor. Row 4: Miss Janet Dickey, Sponsor: Julia Sheumaker, Dorotha Adams, Rosemary Hansford, I.ucile Cockayne, Irnia Hull, Secretary: Wilma Bell, Hurst Hogan. No Shown: Donna Martin. Arby Edwards, William Bucker, Barbara Bucker, Darl Gard, Donald Lyle, Norma Snyder, William Schettle, Thelma Weaver, Willa Breck- enridge, Theodore Weichinger, Relden Jackson, Bonnie Polk. Page 94 NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club was organized «)n this campus in 1922, and is a member of the National Newman CAuh Federation. Mem- bership is open to all (Catholic students and other interested students who are accepted by the members. The object of the club is to foster the spiritual, social, and intellectual interests of its members, to make them mutually helpful and to contribute in every way possible toward the success of all activities of the school. Meetings, which are held in the Bearcat Den on alternate Thursday evenings, consist of lectures, discussions, study groups, busi- ness sessions, and social events. These meet- ings are a source of knowledge and stimula- tion to its members. Misses Margaret and Katherine Franken are the sponsors of the organization. Top Kott: Manuel Gadea, Charlene Harman, Howard Taylor, I ' iii-PitsuUul; Clifford Willis, James Hinche , Proj ram Commillif Chjirman: Ted Mtl.ain, Riporler: Marvin Doran. Row 2: Margaret Ford, Thelnni Palma. Mary Martin. Charles Hinchey, Socuil CommilUe Chuirmuii: Pierre Sotteau, Maurice Merrijian. Row 3: Rita Barniann, Dorothea Carter, Secmlary: Abel- ardo Palino, Mark Christine, PresiilenI: I.etiiia Pin on, Donald Merrij;an, Joseph Roach, Triiis in ' r. Row 4: Arminda Zelaya, Olindina de Castro, Mary Mc- Quaid, Kathryn Barmann, Catherine Carter, Anais Ver- naza, Diana S ' ip. Nol Shown: Miss Margaret l-ranken. Sponsor: Miss Kath- erine Franken, Sponsor. Page 95 COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB Top Row; Ted McLain, James Courtney, Dale Street, Lee Hoover, X ' tce-Piisidctit: David Arthur, Louis Watkins, Raymond Nally, Joseph Tolbert, Gaylord Coleman, Rob- ert Wood, Wendell Wilson, Howard Taylor, Harold Baker, Kenneth Bowers, Marvin Doran, Mr. Clifford Kensinger, Sponsor. Poif 2: Reva Jo Kerns, Ann Miller, Secre ary-Treasiirer: Margaret Teaford, Mrs. Margaret Neece, Sponsor; Thesis Robinson, Mary Neville, Jeanne Taylor, jack Summers, Mary Laughlin, Ruth Holbrook, Helen Fisher, William Grant, Gaylord Headrick. Row 3; Shirley Crow, Marilyn King, June Kennedy, Jean Jacoby, Deloris Lynch, Norma Blodgett, Shirley Judy, Veronica Stephenson, Alice Spainhower, Donald Merrigan, Manley Thomson, President: Thomas Atkins. Row 4; Miss Helen Johnson, Sponsor: Rosemary Feurt, Vonda Mason, Marilyn Jackson, Bernice Shaver, Joyce Heck, Puhticity Chairman: Beverly Johnson, Kathleen Jennings, Melville Strong, Mahlon Hewitt, Jack Slack, Mr. Sterling Surrey, Sponsor. Not Shown; William Bowness, Hayden Elroy, Edward Reece, Sylvester Lager, Loren Workman, Rjean Black, Herman Freel, Bettie Stevenson, Donald Kampman, Kath- ryn Krause, Donald Nance, Dorothy Howell, Eugene Ceglenski, James Malson, William Kilby, Arthur Walsh, Clyde Bowen, Gordon Bixler, Richard Schoneman, Alan Robb, Don Dressier, William Moore, Robert Waldmire, Hubert Null, Barbara Munson, Bob Anderson, Bruce Mitchell, Betty Barrett, James Waller, Patricia Hawman, Gene Upschulte, Gilmer Walker, Marjorie Burton, Joan Trively, Luther Belcher, Robert Wilson, Keith Thrasher, William H. Ward, Harold Walters, Robert Mann, Leslie Parker, Don Prindle, Warren Stanton. The Commerce and Business Administra- tion Club was organized on the campus in the winter of 1946-47. This organization has been successful in fostering an interest and understanding among the commerce students of the problems of the business world. C.B.A. has also provided greater social contact be- tween commerce st udents and faculty mem- bers. The social functions of the year included a get acquainted party, a skating party, movie dance party, and a spring dance. C.B.A. also presented a Mock Trial as an assembly. However, the event of the year was the C.B.A. Banquet held January 27, 1948 at Residence Hall in celebration of the club ' s first birthday. Page 96 ASSOCIATION for CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Top Row: RobiTl.i Mitilitll. I ' r.inics Pfamlir, BiKy J.uic Ticmann. DoroilK-.i Claricr, Ann C ' urnuii, Ikiloiina W ' hiti ' . Margaret (.urr , Margaret Ford. Bonnie Pace, i ' iii-Pitsi deni: Nancy Dean. Miss Chloe Millikan, SfKiusor. Row 2: Virginia I ' tz. Margie Ketiheni. W ' amla Ashlonl. Ha el Oliver, Delores Cook, Dorothy I ' uhrman, Wanila Praiswaier. Louise Chaney. Barbara ( " ampbell, Janet Aniller. Row i: Rachel Robinson. Triuisinit : Rose Marie Howe, Ethel Benson, Betty McCowen, RipotUr: Patti Bosch, llene Nicholson, Mary Clarke, Siirelary: Jeanne Bahl, Soti,il l.hahniun: Anna Parhani. Row 4: Dorothy Wilhoit, Arniinda Zelaya, Margaret lurner, PruitUul: Pauline Oanier, Margaret Elliott, Irene loland, Marilyn House, Mary Schooler, Dorothy Hun inger. Not Shown: Helen Davis. Belly McDonald, Alice Hoskins, (iucynctha Miller, Thelma Weaver, Elinerna McCoun, Mary Kirchofer, Alice Weir Colyn, Mary Botkin. The Association for Childhood Education is a student branch of a great international organization. The organization has as its chief interest the guidance of young children of nursery, kindergarten, primary and inter- mediate grade school levels. Soon after the chapter was reorganized for the year A.C.E. took top honors for a float in the Homecoming Parade. The chap- ter was also awarded third prize for a skit in the Variety Show. However, the highest honor of Homecoming week came when Miss Margaret Curry, an active member, was crowned queen of the festival. During the fall and winter months, cloth- ing and school materials were packed and sent to a group of needy children in Belgium. The Maryville Chapter was honored when Miss Rachel Robinson was chosen as the only student on the board to plan the National Convention. Miss Millikan and several mem- bers journeyed to St. Louis to the conven- tion the week of April 19. Page 97 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Top Row; Manuel Gadea, Leon Dreps, Reporter; Pierre Soiieau, Joseph Tolbert, Nicholas Marinos, John Parham, President. Row 2; Abelardo Patino. Olindina de Castro, William Grant, Vice-PresidenI; Cieorge Ashworth, John Garrett, Dr. John Harr, Sponsor. Row 3; Arminda Zelaya, Diana Yip, Anais Vernaza, Jeanne Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer; Anna Parham. Not Shown; James Jennings, Stanley Baker, William Schettle, R. D. Hall, Program Chairman; Helen Fisher. The International Relations Club is not an exclusive social organization but is com- posed of a group of students who are inter- ested in world affairs, international rela- tions and economic and political problems. They are students who are serious thinkers and who realize that national and interna- tional well being is as much their responsi- bility as it is the responsibility of those who execute governmental policy. The programs for the bi-monthly meet- ings are based upon discussion of world af- fairs. In these discussions the members do not attempt to solve the problems of today but to exchange information pertaining to the relations and affairs which constitute the problems. These programs are planned and participated in by students. The International Relations Club is as- sisted by the Carnegie Foundation which distributes news bulletins, International Con- ciliation Bulletins and suggestions for pro- grams and discussion. Page 98 VARSITY VILLAGERS Top Row: June Kennedy, Mary Queck, Mary Lou Laugh- lin. Norma Snyder, ' ice-President und Social Chairman: Bedonna White, Effie Moffitt, Bonnie Pace, Mrs. Harry Sheetz, Sponsor. Row 2: Alice Spainhower, Lucile Cockayne, Roberta Mitchell, Treasurer: Maxine Snyder, Ethel Benson, Phyllis Bagley, Florine Wolf. Row i: Martha Byerrum, Charlene Hartness, President; Dorotha Adams, Irma Hull, Ilene Nicholson, Wilma Bell, Arlene Davis, Secretary. Not Shown: Catherine Carter, Louise Helzer, Patsy Hagee, Sarah Harness, Beverly McCowen, Charlene Schenkel, Mary Reece, Beverly Tobin, Darlene Winslow. This organization is open to any college woman not residing in Residence Hall. Its purposes are to give town women an oppor- tunity for student government, to create a spirit of fellowship among the girls living in town, to promote high ideals and stand- ards of living, to create a cultural and social atmosphere and to develop leadership among college women. The governing body is the Varsity Villager Council, which is composed of the associa- tion ' s officers, a representative of each or- ganized house and proportional representa- tion of the students living in unorganized houses. Varsity Villagers sponsored an all school " Get Acquainted Party " the night of regis- tration for the fall quarter. Entertainment in- cluded mixers, dancing and eating. In February a reception was given in the Bearcat Den in honor of the housemothers. A Valentine theme was used. Page 99 DRAMATICS CLUB The Dramatics Club, under the sponsor- ship of Mr. Robert Gee, met early in Sep- tember, elected officers and set up the plans of the year. A new constitution was drafted with a point system for membership as the featured change. A student must earn 70 points in stage and crew work to become an active member in the Dramatics Club. The two main productions, directed by Mr. Gee, were the well known " JBlithe Spirit " by Noel Coward, and " The Playboy of The Western World " by J. M. Synge. These and many one act plays served to uphold the two purposes of the club which are to promote student activity in dramatics and to increase appreciation of the theatre and its arts. An " on stage party " was given early in January. Skits and story telling made up the evening ' s entertainment. Top Row: George MacLellan, Robert Wright, Zea Gris- singer, Presidenl; William Elam, Arthur Whitworth, Rich- ard Palmer, Richard Thomas. Row 2: George Silver, Robert Mann, Verlin Tompkins, Vice-President: Sammy Carpenter, Mr. Robert Gee, Spon- sor: Hubert Null, Reid Anderson. Row 3: Jeanne Taylor, Dorotha Adams, Jean Bush, Bev- erly Edelman, Mary Clarke, Ann Fay, Donna Martin, Betty Hudson. Row 4: Mary Scott, Betty Smith, Beverly McCowen, Lina Foster, Ruth McDowell, Treasurer: Betty Collins, Mar- garet Elliott. Not Shown: Margaret Fisher, Secretary: Kathleen Jen- nings, Leiand McGinness, Joseph Roach, Maxine Robbins, Gene Starr, Irene Toland, Naomi WTiite, Manetha White, Mary Lee White, Betty Williams, William Yates, Norma Yeater. Page 100 AG CLUB Top Row: Frank Stonner, James Greenwood, Robert Dun- can. Forest Meadows, Charles Hinchey, Dale Miller, James Hinchey, John Haun, Lyle Miller. Row 2: Donald Haun, Wilber Holland, Keith Thrasher, Richard Neal, Arthur W ' hitworth. William Manship, Donald Lyle, Carroll Scott, John Parham. Ron ?•■ Harold Clymens. Eldon Collins. Kenneth Privett. Edward Dakan, Max Jordon, Delbert Ciabbert, Darrell Grace, Wheaton Dawson. Row 4: Mr. F. B. Hou};hton. Sponsor: Bill Burns, I ' ice- President: Paul Clark, Svcri-lury: William A. Bowness. President: William Coons, Particinniiliiriun: David Arthur, Reporter: Maurice Merrigan, Treusiinr: Donald Grace, Richard Owens. Not Shown: Sammy Carpenter, John Ewing, Dennis Rice, Clifford Willis. Gene Whiimirc. Oren Sialey. Paul Baker, Harvey Wright. The Ag Club is one of the newest organiza- tions on the campus. It was organized on October 28, 1947 with Mr. F. B. Houghton serving as sponsor. Those charter members who were selected to lead the club in its first year were William A. Bowness, presi- dent; Paul Clark, secretary; William Burns, vice-president; Maurice Merrigan, treasurer; William Coons, parliamentarian; and David Arthur, reporter. Soon after the club was organized, the members began work on a float for the Homecoming Parade. Although this was the club ' s first attempt for recognition it was awarded third prize. In the spring quarter the club sponsored a Livestock Judging Contest. The awards were given at the banquet which the mem- bers and their guests attended. The Ag Club is proud of its achievements and is looking forward to next year ' s ac- tivities. Page 101 DANCE CLUB Members: Ruth Jean Burns, Marjorie Burton, Shirley Collier, Betty Collins, Vernelle Cox, June DeWitt, Mar- garet Elliott, Juanita Ford, Lina Foster, Dorothy Har- shaw, Vice-President: Dorothy Hunziger, Dolores Keown, Kathryn Krause, President; Dorothy Masters, Beverly McCowen, Patricia Mclntyre, Meredee Myers, Secretary: Marilyn Partridge, Sue Philp, Betty Smith, Thesis Robinson, Lavonne Wescott, Historian: Mary White, Lois Easton, Elaine Anderson, Treasurer: Pauline Cramer, Mary Booth, Hazel Oliver. The Dance Club under the direction of Miss Wincie Ann Carruth has presented sev- eral special programs in surrounding com- munities as well as the traditional Hanging of the Greens and the annual Spring Pro- gram. The highlight of the year was the privilege of working with Dr. Laban of the University o f Michigan, as a demonstration group in Kansas City on April 1. The Dance Club promoted a renewal of square dancing on the campus. Page 102 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Top Row: Ruth Siucki, Luanne Rhoades, Beverly Osburn, Margaret Teaford, Margaret Curry, Charlene Harman, Irma Jensen, Helen Fisher. Row 2: Julia Sheumaker, Joyce Wehrli, Wanda Ashford, Mary Lee White, Nila Geer, Mary Neville, Mary Booth. Row i: Frances Huntsman, Charlotte Turner, Patsy Hagee, Carolyn Steel, Jaunita Ford, Margaret Berry, Margaret Bowness. Row 4: Margaret Turner, Reporter: Vee Oyerly, Treas- urer: Dorothy Harshaw, Miss Bonnie Magill, Sponsor: Mary Bilby, Secretary: Lois Gorden, President: Meredee Myers. Not Shown: Dorothy Masters, Vice-President: Arlene Davis, Historian: Shirley Burton, Dorothy Smith, Maureen Bird, Lois Easton, Dorothy Hunziger. The Women ' s Athletic Association was organized in 1925 on the campus for the purpose of promoting a spirit of loyalty among girls, to encourage participation in healthful recreation, and to interest high school graduates in college. Major activities of the club were the soft- ball season, managed by Meredee Myers, the basketball tournament, managed by Beverly Osburn, and the annual spring playday under the direction of Dorothy Harshaw. Page 103 NORTHWEST MISSOURIAN The Northwest Missouri Staff came to the campus with varied ideas and intentions but have all had a vital interest in the pub- lication of the official newspaper of the Northwest Missouri State Teachers College. Besides the regular staff, which has been composed mainly of English and pre-journal- ism majors, students in Newswriting and Northwest Missourian Staff classes have contributed regularly to the success of the paper. Staff members have been impressed with the necessity of meeting deadlines in order that the paper might come out on time. The Maryville Daily Forum prints the paper which is received by the students, alumni, and other subscribers every two weeks. Top Row: Roger Wren, Bruce Peters, Robert Mann, Jewell Rice, James Waller. Roiv 2: Richard Kabel, William Agler, Paul Basford, William Logan, James Allan, Charles Rupe. Row 3: Jean Bush, Helen Fisher, Wilma Bell, Ludene Pollard, Barbara McGee, Alice White, Kathleen Jennings, Patsy Hagee, Daisy Schenkel, Delores Cook, Helen Spire. Row 4: Norma Scowden, William Elam, Associate Hdilor; Paul Gales, Editor; Miss Violette Hunter, faculty Ad- visor: Carolyn Steel. Not Shoun: Harold Johnson, Charles Scruby, Patricia Smith, John Milligan, Billie Coulter. P r-j- ' sisii Page 104 I ' OWER STAFF Top Ron: Melvin Hubble. Assislanl Art Eililor: William Elam. Charles Hinchey, Paul Gates. Athletics Reporter. Row 2: Mary Lou Laughlin. Personnel Editor: Robert Lindsay. Anna Parham, Assisliiiil lulitor: Ruth W ' yatt, Typist; William Baker. Row i: Helen Fisher. Copy Editor: Mr. Howard Rinpold, Faculty Advisor: John Parham, Editor: Jack Summers, Business Manager: Carl Kennedy, Art Editor. Not Shoivn: BeverK ' McCowen, Reporter: Rachel Robin- son, Reporter: Leon Dreps, Reporter: Richard Palmer, Miss Alta B. Carpenter, Literary Advisor. This year the Tower Staff has attempted to produce a book which portrays the life of the student on this campus and at the same time weave into the book a theme which emphasizes the cultural phase of the College. They feel sure that in future years the former students will wish to recall with pleasure those art reproductions belonging to the College. The Staff wishes to express appreciation to Miss Alta B. Carpenter for her long hours of literary advice, Mr. Howard Ringold, Ad- visor to the Tower Staff, Mr. Richard M. Ong of the Grimes-Joyce Printing Company, and Mr. John Colgan of the Colgan Engraving Company. Long hours of work have gone into the making of this book. The Staff hopes it meets with your approval. Page 105 WHO ' S WHO Top Row: Marilyn Partridge, Meredee Myers, Elanor Vogel, Richard Thomas. Row 2: Mary Garrett, Gaylord Coleman, Dorothy June Masters, Emerson Matthews, Janice Bentall. Row 3: Stanley Totoraitis, Roger Wren, John Garrett, Manley Thomson. Row 4: Paul Gates, Margaret Turner, Iris Wehrli, Richard Appleman. Not Shown; Theodore Mueller. These seniors have distinguished them- selves as student senators, presidents of clubs, teachers, athletes, writers, journalists, editors, actors, and honor students. In recognition of their outstanding achievement they have been selected to represent the College in the 1947- 48 edition of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Page 106 Administraiion Offiiers ... 32 An Cluh 101 Alph.i Phi Onu(;;i .... 82, H. Alph.i Psi Onuf;.! 89 Alpha Sigma Alpha ... 78, 79 Associaitun for Childhood Fducation 97 Athletics 59 Band 56 Barkatre M Baskethall .... 66, 67, 68, 69 Board of Repents 26 Cheerleaders 72 Choir 57 Christmas Ball 17 Clarinet Quartet 56 Classes 35 College Home Economics Club 81 Commerce Club 96 Contents 5 Dance Club 102 Dean of Faculty 26 Dean of Men 27 Dean of Women 27 Dedication 4 Delta Sigma Epsilon .... 80 Dramatics Club 100 Faculty 23, 29, 30, 31 Features 7 Football 60, 61, 62, 63 Foreign Students Club .... 93 Freshmen ... 51, 52, 53, 54, 55 Green and White Peppers ... 65 Hanging of the Greens .... 16 Homecoming .... 13, 14, 15 Homecoming Queen and Attendants 12 Horace Mann Faculty . . 31, 32 Horace Mann School 58 Independent Club 94 In Memoriam 28 Inter-Fraternity Council ... 34 Intermediate Grade Teachers Club 81 International Relations Club . . 98 Intramural Commission .... 72 Intramural and Play Nite Activity 73 Juniors 42, 43, 44, 45 Kappa Delta Pi 91 Kappa Omicron Phi 88 Library 57 •M " Club . . _ 74 Music Organizations ... 56, 57 Newman Club 95 Northwest Missourian .... 104 Organizations 75 Pan-Hellenic Council .... 34 Phi Sigma Epsilon .... 84, 85 Pi Omega Pi 90 INDEX President of College 24 President 1 nuritus 27 Ktsidencc Hal! 18 Risidincc Hall ( ' ouncil .... 18 Quadrangle 19 Quad Council 19 Seniors . . . 36, 37, 38, .39, 40, 4 1 Sigma Sigma Sigma ... 76, 77 Sigma Tau Gamma .... 86, 87 Social Committee 34 Sophomores . . . 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 Student Christian Association 92 Student Senate 33 Tower Dance 9, 10, 11 Tower Queen 9 Tower Queen Attendants ... 8 Tower Staff 105 Track 69, 70 Varsity Villagers 99 Walkout 20 Who ' s Who 106 Women ' s Physical Education . . 71 ART SUBJECTS Abraham Lincoln — St. Gaudens . 23 Discobolus — Myron 59 Frieze of the Horsemen — Phidias End Sheets Madonna and Child — Michelangelo 5 Moses — Michelangelo .... 35 The Kiss — Rodin 75 Venus de Milo 7 BOARD OF REGENTS Curry, James, Oregon, Mo. . Douglas, R. L., St. Joseph, Mo. Ford, M. E., Maryville, Mo. . Gaddy, J. V., St. Joseph, Mo. Kammerer, A. B., Chillicothe, Mo Wheeler, Hubert, Jefferson City, Mo 26 Wherritt, Alan F., Liberty, Mo. 26 FACULTY Anthony, Hettie M 31 Bishop, Clifford L 29 Bowman, Estella 30 Canton, Mrs. Ramona .... 30 Carpenter, Aha B 30 Carruth, Wincie Ann . 29, 50, 64, 102 Cauffield. Arthur J 29 Colbert, George H 31 Cook, Mabel 30 Cook, T. H 28 Cozine, June 30, 88 Cunningham, M. C 26 Davis, E. A 29, 69 DeLuce, Olive S 30 Dickey, Janet 30, 94 Dieterich, H R 29, 85 Dildine, Harry G 31 Dow, Blanche H 30 26 26 26 26 26 Drcps, Joseph A. . . . 30, 41, 92 Dykes, Mattie M 30 Franktn, Katherine 29 (iarrett, William Trago ... 29 Gee, Robert F 31, 89, 100 Grubc, Frank W 31 Hake, J. W 31 Harr, John 1 31, 34, 91, 98 Hartzell, Ralph E 30 Htlwig, Katherine E 31 Hopkins, Carrie 31 Houghton, F. B. . . . 29, 45, 101 Hunter, N. Violetle ... 30, 104 Johnson, Helen 31, 96 Jutten, Jessie B 29, 79 Keith, Mary E 29, 81 Kensinger, Clifford 31, 55, 84, 90, 96 Magill, Bonnie ... 29, 65, 103 Mauzey, Mrs. Elaine . . 30, 4l, 79 Millikan, Chloe E 29, 97 Milner, Ryland H. 29, 60, 68, 69, 74 Mueller, Irene M 29 Neece, Mrs. Margaret . . . 31, 90 O ' Grady, Mrs. Ray 31 Peterson, Herbert Don 29, 60, 72, 74 Phelps, Catherine M 30 Phillips, Homer T 29 Porterfield, J. M 29 Reser, Marilyn 30 Ringold, Howard .... 30, 105 Rose, Myron P 31 Sayler, J. N 31 Shepherd, Grace M 31 Smay, John L 30 Smith, Dora B 29 Strong, J. Gordon 29 Surrey, Sterling . . 31, 45, 90, 96 Taylor, John S 31, 33, 50 Thom, Judith 30, 94 Thompson, Kenneth T 30 Tucker, Grace 30 Valk, Donald N 30 White, Leslie W 29, 87 Wright, R. T 29, 33 HORACE MANN FACULTY Arnold, Anne 31 Arthur, Pauline 31 Bennett, Hannah Lou . . . . 31 Christine, Emma 32 Crozier, David W 31 Dorman, Virginia 31 Franken, Margaret 31 Fulkerson, Marilyn 31 Gamble, Martha 31 Garner, Buford W 31 Gorsuch, Anne 32 Graham, Avis Lair 32 McKee, Kathryn 32 Pederson, John N 32 Page 107 Pharcs, Frances 32 Phelps, Lawrence 32 Ross, Neva 32 Taul, Rachael 32 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Brown, Everett W 32 Brumbaugh, Lucile .... 32, 57 Garrett, Mrs. Hubert . . . 32, 57 Haminond, E. 32 Jones, J. W 24, 25 Lamkin, Uel 27 Lierly, John A 32 MuUins, Eureta 32 Neece, H. V 32 Price, Paxton Pate .... 32, 57 Rickenbrode, W. A 32 Sheetz, Mrs. Harry . 27, 34, 55, 99 Summerville, Leslie 4 Thompson, Betty 32 Thompson, Mrs. Nell ... 18, 32 Wells, C. E 32, 57 Wilson, Lon E 19, 27 Wormsley, Anna 32 Wren, Vivian 32 INDEX OF STUDENTS Adams, Dorotha, Wilcox, Mo. . .... 42, 92, 94, 99, 100 Adams, Lowell, Coin, la. ... 51 Adams, Rex, Maryville, Mo. . . 61, 62, 74, 86 Adams, Thomas, Jr., Wilcox, Mo. 42 Apler, William, Maryville, Mo. . 104 Akers, Virginia, Lawson, Mo. . 78 Allan, James, Craig, Mo. . . 46, 84. 104 Allen, Beverly, Smithville, Mo. . 51 Allen, Robert, Maryville, Mo. 36 Anderson, Arthur, Payne, la. . 84 Anderson, Bobby, Alton, la. . 84, 96 Anderson, Dorothy, Maryville, Mo 65, 78 Anderson, Elaine, Maryville, Mo. 42, 65, 102 Anderson, Reid, Clarinda, la. . 51, 100 Andler, Janet, Forest City, Mo. 18, 51, 64, 76, 97 Andrews, Betty Jane, Mound City, Mo 36, 76 Andrews, George, Maryville, Mo. 67, 68, 74 Andrews, Marjorie, Mound City, Mo 51, 76 Andrews, Wells, Tarkio, Mo. . 51, 82 Appleman, Richard, Skidmore, Mo. . 33, 36, 64, 69, 74, 94, 106 Arnold, Everett, Bethany, Mo. . 46 Arthur, David, Kearney, Mo. , 42, 85, 96, 101 Ashbrook, Ethel, Coffey, Mo. . 51, 81 Ashford, Wanda, Quitman, Mo. 36, 76, 97, 103 Ashworth, George, Maryville, Mo. 36, 98 Atkins, LeRoy, Jr., St. Joseph, Mo. 42, 96 Ausmus, Kenneth, Fairport, Mo. . 51 Bagley, Phyllis, Maryville, Mo. . 51, 99 Bahl, Jeanne, Mound City, Mo. 18, 46, 65, 72, 76 Bahr, Arthur, St. Louis, Mo. . 61, 87 Baker, Byron, Westboro, Mo. . 19, 61, 63, 74, 86 Baker, Harold, Stanberry, Mo. . 46, 96 Baker, Paul, St. Joseph, Mo. . 51, 101 Baker, Stanley, Maryville, Mo. . 97 Baker, William, St. Joseph, Mo. 46, 84, 92, 105 Baldwin, Robert, Seneca, Kan. . 82 Barmann, Kathryn, Arkoe, Mo. . 51, 80, 95 Barmann, Rita, Maryville, Mo 51, 81, 95 Barrett, Betty, Percival, la . 46, 96 Basford, Paul, Maryville, Mo. . 104 Beach, Arch, Maryville, Mo. . 42 Bears, Orville, Mt. Moriah, Mo. . 51 Belcher, Luther, Jr., Mar) ' viIIe, Mo 96 Bell, Wilma, San Diego, Calif. .... 46, 81. 92, 94, 99, 104 Bennett, Gerald, Mound City, Mo. 51 Benson, Ethel, Cameron, Mo. 51, 81, 97, 99 Bentall,. Janice, Shenandoah, la. 36, 57, 76, 91, 106 Berry, Margaret, Shenandoah, la. 46, 76, 103 Berry, Roberta, Shenandoah, la. 51, 81 Bilby, Mary, Skidmore, Mo. . 36, 103 Bird, Maureen, Maysville, Mo. 51, 103 Bithos, Franklin, Marj-ville, Mo. 85 Bixler, Gordon, Geneva, III. . 42, 83, 85, 96 Bixler, Robert, Geneva, III. 36, 82, 84 Black, Rjean, Braddyville, la. . 96 Blackman, William, Maryville, Mo 51, 72, 82 Blank, Ralph, Coin, la 46 Blodgett, Norma, Stewartsville, Mo 80, 96 Boeh, Bob, Wichita, Kansas . 61, 62 Bollinger. Franklin, Excelsior Springs, Mo 51, 69 Booth, Mary, Ottumwa, la. . . 51, 102, 103 Bosch, Patti, Maryville, Mo. 42, 78, 97 Botkin, Mary, Kirkwood, Mo. . 97 Bovard, Jane, Maryville, Mo. . 65, 79 Bowen, Clyde, Parnell, Mo. . . 42, 64, 72, 94, 96 Bowen, Doran, Parnell, Mo. . 46, 94 Bowers, Kenneth, Essex, la. . . 46, 83, 96 Bowness, Margaret, , Fairfax, Mo. 51, 76, 93 Bowness, William, Fairfax, Mo. 42, 76, 96, 101 Boyd, Calvin, Red Oak, la. . 46, 86 Boyer, F. J., Princeton, Mo. . . 61 Bradley, Robert, Clarinda, la. . 84 Breckenridge, Willa, Turney, Mo. 46, 81, 88, 94 Brinkley, Nylene, Linneus, Mo. . 36 Brown, Elwyn, Kansas City, Mo. 46 Bucker, Barbara, Maryville, Mo. 36, 94 Bucker, William, Marj-ville, Mo. 36, 94 Burger, Shirley, Adel, la. . 18, 64, 88 Burnham, Charlene, Fairport, Mo. 42 Burns, Bill, Barnard, Mo. . 46, 101 Burns, Ruth, Barnard, Mo. 51, 65, 78, 81, 102 Burris, Edward, Hamilton, Texas 42, 86 Burson, Betty, Maryville, Mo. . 92 Burton, Marjorie, Bethany, Mo. . 51, 96, 102 Burton, Shirley, Clarinda, la. 46, 103 Bush, Jean, Maryville, Mo. . . 34, 42, 57, 77, 89, 100, 104 Butherus, Paul, Maryville, Mo. . 61, 67, 68, 74 Butts, Phyllis, St. Joseph, Mo. . 36, 81, 88 Byerrum, Martha, Maryville, Mo. 51, 81, 99 Caldwell, Joan, St. Joseph, Mo. . 72 Campbell, Barbara, Elmo, Mo. 51, 97 Campbell, Verlene, Barnard, Mo. 51 Carey, Marlin, Elliott, la. . . . 61 Carmichael, Bruce, Maryville, Mo. 42 Carmichael, Marvin, Hopkins, Mo 68, 84 Carpenter, J. R., Maryville, Mo. 91 Carpenter, Sammy, Bolckow, Mo. 89, 100, 101 Carroll, Donald, Rockport, Mo. . 61 Carroll, Richard, Shenandoah, la. 61 Carter, Catherine, Maryville, Mo. 95, 99 Carter, Dorthea, Maryville, Mo. 36, 95, 97 Carter, Philip, Craig, Mo. . . . 46, 61, 69, 84 Ceglenski, Eugene, St. Joseph, Mo. 46, 68, 96 Chandlee, Howard, St. Joseph, Mo 61, 69 Chancy, Louise, Talmage, Calif. 51, 97 Cheek, Roy, Lawson, Mo. ... 51 Page 108 ( liriMinst ' M. Hilh. Ail.mlii. I.i. R,, r.l, 86 (:hri tinc, Mark, l-rccport. III. . 69, 9 CLirkc, Mary, Cairo. 111. . . . 36, 77, 89. 97. I Oil (Cleveland. Ncwionib. (ianienm. Mo ' (6 Clousc, Norman. Cirani Ciiy, Mo. Si Clymcns, Harold, Hopkins, Mo. SI, nil Clymcns. Mary, Hopkins, Mo. 46, 81 Cobb, Robert, Bedford, la. . . 86 Cockayne, l.uiile, Ravenwood, Mo 46. 92, 94, 99 Coleman. Ciaylord. Perry, la. . . .... . 6, 8S. 90, 91. 96, 106 (!oleman, Melvin, Cameron. Mo. 61 Collier. Shirley. McFall. Mo. . SI, 81. 102 Collins, Betty, Manhattan Beach, Calif. . . . . 4, SI, 100. 102 Collins. Eldon, Skidmore, Mo. 46, 101 Colyn, Alice, Lenox, la. . 46, 97 Colyn, John. Lenox, la. . . 46. 61 Combs, Phyllis. Princeton, Mo. . 42. 64. 76. 88 Conn. Robert. Pleasantville. la. SI, 61 Conway, James, Nelson, Mo. 82 Cook, Delores, Shenandoah, la. . SI. 81. 97. 104 Cook. John. Maryville. Mo. . 42 Coons. William. Smithville. Mo. 84, 101 Coulter, Billie, Maryville, Mo. . 61, 86, 104 Courtney, James, Maryville, Mo. 42, 90, 96 Cox. Vernelle. Graham. Mo. 51. 65, 79, 102 Cox, Gerald, Farragut, la. 46, 64. 82 Coy. Dorman. Grant City. Mo. . 51 Cramer, Pauline. Pasadena. Texas 65, 79, 97, 102 Crow. Shirley, Gravity, la. . . 46 Cruz. Francisco. St. Joseph, Mo. 51. 61 Cummings, William. Jr.. Mary- ville. Mo 46 Curnutt. Ann, Maryville. Mo. 65, 78, 97 Curry. Margaret. Oregon. Mo. . . . . 12. 46. 64. 76, 97, 10? Cushman. Ralph. Maryville. Mo. 69 Dakan. Edward. Skidmore. Mo. 51, 101 Dale. Donald, Smithville. Mo. . 85 Daly, John, St. Josej h, Mo. 46, 61, 69, 86 Davidson, Warren, Trenton, Mo. 51, 84 Davis, Arlene, Hopkins, Mo. 46, 81. 10.? Davis, Carl, Skidmore. Mo. . . 42 Davis, Fred, St. Joseph. Mo. . 42, 85 Davis. Ililin. Mary illc. Mo. ??, 46, 65, 78, 97 Davis. Roy. Maryville. Mo. 37 l a«s in, Whe.iion. Grant Cily. Mo 101 Dawson, W. T., Cirant City, Mo. 46, 86 Dean, Nancy, Maryville, Mo. . 46, 87, 94 Dearmott, Betty Jo, Maryville, Mo SI, 78 dcCastro. Olindina. Fortale a. Ceara. Brazil 52. 93. 95. 98 Dcitcr. Carl. Maryville. Mo. . 52 Derstler, Charles. Richmond, Mo. 19, 42, 69 Dewitt, June, (iilman City, Mo. 52, 78, 102 Donnelly, Robert, Stuart, la. . . 46 Doran, Marvin, Maryville. Mo. 33, 47, 87, 95, 96 Downing. Pauline. Holt, Mo. . 47 Drennen, Dewey, Maryville. Mo. 37. 61. 63. 74. 86 Dreps. Leon. Barnard. S. D. . . 47, 64, 98, 105 Dressier. Don, Chicago, 111. 52, 61, 96 Drewes. Faire. Graham. Mo. 47, 92 Duncan. Howard. Excelsior Springs. Mo 61 Duncan. Ralph, Mound City. Mo. 52 Duncan. Robert. Audburn. Nebr. 101 Easton. Lois. Bethany. Mo. 52. 76. 102, 103 Edelman, Beverly, St. Joseph, Mo. 42, 78, 100 Edie. Wilhelmina. St. Louis. Mo. 52. 78 Edwards. Arby. Hamilton, Mo. 47. 92, 94 Edwards, Richard, Platte City, Mo. 61 Elam, William, Maryville, Mo. . . 33, 47, 64, 89, 94, 100, 104, 105 Elder. Harry. Gilman City. Mo. . 94 Eldridge, Robert. Kearney, Mo. . 82 Elliott. J. D.. Barnard. Mo. . 47. 84 Elliott, Margaret. Ridgeway, Mo. 37, 94, 97, 100. 102 Elliott. Richard. Hamilton. Mo. 47 Elliott, William, Hamilton. Mo. . 42 Elliott. William F.. St. Joseph, Mo 61, 69 Elroy, Hayden, Maryville, Mo. 47, 82, 96 Emerson, Edwin, Lewislon, Mo. . 86 Engle, Betty, Mar)- ' ille, Mo. 52, 81 Escurra, Berta, Lima, Peru . . 93 Espey, Kathryn, Maryville, Mo. 12, 52. 65, 78 Ewing, John. Maryville, Mo. 52, 101 Farmer, Lewis, Plainfield, la. 52 Farmer. Roger. Kellerlon. la. 37 Faurot. (alvin. Sharpburg. la. . 52 Fay. Ann, Wesiboro, Mo. 42, 89, 100 Fell, Arthur Donald, St. Joseph. Mo 61 Icon, Rosemary. Jameson. Mo. 52, 96 Findley, Drville, New Hampton, Mo 37 Fisher, Helen, St. Joseph, Mo. 9. 34. 47. 76, 96, 98, 103, 104, 105 l-isher Margaret D.. Maryville. Mo 8. 47. 76. 100 Fisher. Paul. Maryville. Mo. . . 84 Foland, Neal. Parnell, Mo. . . 52 Ford, Juanita, Cameron, Mo. 42, 65, 76, 102 Ford, Margaret. Lenox, la. .... 18. 52. 77. 95, 97, 103 Foster, l.ina. Clarinda, la. 47, 81, 100. 102 Freel. Herman. Redding, la. . . 96 Freeman. Marion. Tarkio. Mo. . ... 19, 33. 47. 61. 69. 74. 86 French. Eugene. Maryville. Mo. 37, 74 French. Edwin, Maryville, Mo. 52, 76 Fries, Sergia, Maryville, Mo. 47, 65, 78 Fry, Kenneth. Cameron. Mo. . . 43 Fuhrman. Dorothy, Maitland, Mo. 47, 97 Fulk, Reta, Beverly Station, Mo. 90 Fulton. Donna. Fairfax, Mo. 52, 81 Gabbert, Delbert. Grant City, Mo. 52, 61, 86, 101 Gadea, Manuel. Lima. Peru, 93, 95, 98 Gamble, Don, Plattsburg, Mo. . 86 Gamble, William, Plattsburg, Mo. 19. 47, 61, 63, 74 Gard, Darl, Wilcox, Mo. . 37, 94 Gardner, Joe, Kansas City, Mo. 61 Garrett, John, Maryville, Mo. ... 37. 82, 85. 91, 98, 106 Garrett, Mary, Maryville, Mo. .... 33, 34, 37, 77, 92, 106 Garrett, William, Maryville, Mo. 84 Gates. Paul, River Grove, 111. . 37, 61, 63. 69. 74. 91, 104, 105, 106 Geer, Nila, Shenandoah. la. 52. 81 103 Geist. Maurice. Red Oak, la. . 19, 61, 62, 74 George, Virginia, Albany, Mo. 37, 65, 79, 88, 90 Gibson, Joy, Mound City, Mo. 52, 81 Gill, Robert, Hopkins, Mo. 47, 68, 84 Gillispie, Doris, Savannah, Mo. 34. 43. 80. 90. 91 Gillispie. Russell. Albany. Mo. . 52 Glavin. William. Maryville. Mo. 61. 63, 67. 68, 74 Godsey, Harold, Hopkins, Mo. . 47 Godwin, Charles, Jackson, Mo. 61, 67, 68 Gooden, George. Parnell. Mo. 47, 78 Page 109 Gorden, Lois, St. Joseph, Mo. . 37, 64, 76, 103 Gordon, Roland, Kansas City, Mo. 43, 86 Gossard, Irene, Pickering, Mo. 47, 101 Grace, Darrell, Burlington Jet., Mo 52, 101 Grace, Donald, Burlington Jet., Mo 52 Graham, Justyn, Ridgeway, Mo. 43, 82, 92 Grant, William, St. Joseph, Mo. 42, 90, 96, 98 Gray, Edward, Maryville, Mo. . 43 Gray, Wanda, Mar ' ville, Mo. . 43 Greene, Charles, Kansas City, Mo. 19, 47, 83, 86 Greenwood, James D., Brecken- ridge. Mo 101 Grissinger, Zea, Albany, Mo. 34, 47, 84, 89, 100 Groom, Joan, Kearney, Mo. . . 52 Grooms, Janice, Marj-ville, Mo. 43, 94 Haer, Darrell, Corning, la. . . 47 Hagee, Patsy, Maryville, Mo. 52, 81, 99, 103, 104 Hagman, Paul, Orrick, Mo. . . 52 Hainey, James, Maryville, Mo. . 52, 86, 92 Hall, Harold, Wilcox, Mo. 34, 43, 85 Hall, R. D., St. Joseph, Mo. . . 98 Ham, Billy, Albany, Mo. ... 84 Hamilton, Doris, Bedford, la. 47, 79 Hansford, Rosemary, Stanberry, Mo 52, 57, 92, 94 Harbour, Robert, Bedford, la. . 85 Harman, Charlene, Maryville, Mo. 52, 78, 95, 103 Harness, Sarah, Blanchard, la. 43, 99 Harshaw, Dorothy, Greenfield, la. 37, 64, 76, 102, 103 Hartell, Helen, Kearney, Mo. 52, 80 Hartman, Mary, Barnard, Mo. . 47, 81, 94 Hartness, Donald, Maryville, Mo. 61, 63, 74, 86 Hartness, Charlene, Maryville, Mo. 34, 47, 94, 99 Haun, Donald, Fairfax, Mo. . . 101 Haun, John, Maryville, Mo. 47, 101 Hausheer, Herman, Grant City, Mo 47, 82, 84 Hawman, Patricia, King City, Mo. 37, 96 Headrick, Gaylord, Maryville, Mo 52, 84, 96 Headrick, Garland, Maryville, Mo. 84 Heck, Joyce, Mound City, Mo. 34, 43, 80, 96 Hellerich, John, St. Joseph, Mo. . 61 Helzer, Louise, Graham, Mo. 52, 99 Henggler, Giles, Maryville, Mo. 82 Henggler, John, Maryville, Mo. . 37 Hewitt, Mahlon, Conway, la. 52, 94, 96 Hill, Otto, Kansas City, Mo. . 52 Hillgren, James, Stuart, la. . 52, 61 Hilliard, Carol, Camden, Mo. 52, 81 Hinchey, Charles, Turney, Mo. . 64, 95, 101, 105 Hinchey, James, Turney, Mo. . 64, 95, 101 Hinton, Herbert, Pickering, Mo. 82 Hochenauer, Max, St. Joseph, Mo. 61 Hoegh, Kenneth, Atlantic, la. 47, 69, 82, 86 Hoehn, Basil, Jr., St. Joseph, Mo. 19, 61, 69, 72 Hofer, Armand, Skidmore, Mo. 47 Hofer, Leland, Skidmore, Mo. . 47 Hoffman, Donald, Waukegan, III. 52, 61, 69, 72, 86 Hogan, Hurst, Bethany, Mo. 43, 92, 94 Hogan, Kenneth, Maryville, Mo. 84 Hogan, Weldon, Maryville, Mo. 84 Holbrook, Ruth, Oregon, Mo. . 47, 80, 90, 96 Holland, Wilbur, Kansas City, Mo 52, 101 Holt, Gerald, Helena, Mo. . . 52 Hoover, Lee, Blockton, la. 43, 90, 94, 96 Hoover, Phyllis, Malvern, la. . 52 Hornbuckle, Carol, Albany, Mo. 78 Home, Warren, Red Oak, la. 69, 74, 86 Horton, Joan, Des Moines, la. . 47 Hoshor, Dean, Maryville, Mo. . 84 Hoskins, Alice, Nevinville, la. . 97 House, Marilyn, Allendale, Mo. . 48, 81, 97 Houston, Donald, Lancaster, Mo. 86 Howe, Rose Marie, Savannah, Mo. 53, 80, 81 Howell, Dorothy, Burlington Jet. Mo 34, 48, 80, 96 Hubbell, Melvin, Parnell, Mo. 48, 105 Hudson, Betty, Watson, Mo. . 48, 80, 89, 100 Huggins, Willard, Clarinda, la. 87 Hull, Cathryn, Burlington Jet. Mo. 48 Hull, Irnia Lee, Elmo, Mo. .... 43, 81, 88, 91, 95, 99 Hull, Phillip, Tarkio, Mo. . 53, 61 Hunter, Kermit, Rockport, Mo. . 61 Huntsman, Frances, Maitland, Mo. 53, 103 Hunziger, Dorothy, Oregon, Mo. 53, 94, 97, 102, 103 Hurst, Beth, Maryville, Mo. 48, 65, 76 Hulson, Donavon, Quitman, Mo. 53 Jackson, Marilyn, Camden, Mo. 53, 96 Jackson, Reldon, Brooks, la. 53, 69, 94 Jacoby, Jean, Darlington, Mo. . 43, 81, 96 James, Norman, Albany, Mo. . .... 48, 61, 62, 69, 74, 86 Jantz, Peter, Maryville, Mo. . . 84 Jenkins, Bennett, Cameron, Mo. . 48 Jenkins, Betty, Sheridan, Mo. 43, 81 Jennings, James, Maryville, Mo. 69, 92, 98 Jennings, Kathleen, Stanberry, Mo. ... 48, 76, 96, 100, 104 Jensen, Donald, Conception Jet., Mo 84 Jensen, Irma, Stanberry, Mo. . 43, 64, 76, 103 Johnson, Betty, Maryville, Mo. . 48, 65, 78 Johnson, Beverly, Mar) ' ville, Mo. .... 33, 34, 43, 65, 79, 96 Johnson, Harold, Red Oak, la. . 12, 33, 34, 38, 61. 62, 69, 74, 86, 104 Johnson, Joyce, Nodaway, la. . 81 Johnson, Ross, Stanberry, . . . Mo 19, 43, 82 Johnson, Wilbert, Red Oak, la. . 86 Jolly Hilda, Chorley, Lancashire, Eng 93 Jones, Dwain, Burlington Jet., Mo 48, 94 Jones, Kenneth, Atlantic, la. . . 33, 53, 61, 63, 67, 68, 69, 74 Jones, Marlin, Maryville, Mo. . 68, 69 Jones, Richard, Conway, la. . . 53 Jones, Robert. Conway, la. 53, 84, 85 Jordan, Max, Skidmore, Mo. . 48, 101 Judd, Harland, Maryville, Mo. 48, 64, 84, 90 Judd, Marilyn, Maryville, Mo. 48, 64 Judy, Shirley, Mound City, Mo. 48, 80, 96 Kabel, Richard, Lenox, la. . 86, 104 Kampman, Donald, Pattonsburg, Mo 48, 96 Keith, Lois, Bedford, la. ... 79 Kelley, Bobby, Blanchard, la. . . 53 Kennedy, Carl, King City, Mo. 38, 105 Kennedy, June, King City, Mo. 53, 96, 99 Kent, Virgil, Rea, Mo 48 Keown, Dolores, Gilman, Mo. 12, 48, 65, 78, 102 Kerns, Reva Jo, Martinsville, Mo. 43, 96 Ketchem, Margie, Clarksdale, Mo. 34, 53, 80, 97 Kilby, William, Lenox, la. . 86, 96 Killam, Fred, Guilford, Mo. . . 53 King, Marilyn, Grant City, Mo. 48, 96 King, William, Kansas City, Mo. 48, 64, 86 Kinney, Max, Mound City, Mo. 53, 86 Kirchhofer, Mary, Maryville, Mo. 53, 97 Page 110;. I ' lovil, Fsscx, la V . 61, 63, 7- , 86 Krausc, Kalhryn, iMaryvillc, Mo. r.S, 79, 96, 102 Kurtritjht, Kalph, Alliany, Mo. .38, 61, 7f l.agcr, Sylvester, Ravenwood, Mo 13, 96 LaHue, Marihn, l.inj ilon. Mo. . . S3 I. ash, Janis, Tarkio, Mo S3 Lash, Phyllis, Tarkio, Mo. . . •(«, 80 hlin, Mary I.ou, Ciuilford, Mo 43, 78, 96, 99, lOS Lawrcnic, Belly, Sianherry, Mo. -iS, 78 Leet, Richard, Maryville, Mo. 33, . 8, H4 I.enz, Oorolhy, Oregon, Mo. . 53, 76 l.illey, Roy, Maitland, Mo ... 48 Lindsay, Roheri, Si. Joseph. Mo. 48, lOS Liisch, Beverly. Hopkins, Mo. 43, 6S, 78 Little. Burton, Brooks, la. . 53, 69 Lo{;an, William, Maryville, Mo. 61, 63, 74, 104 Long, Homer, Graham, Mo. 19, 48, 64, 74, 86 Loudon, Robert, Blanchard, la. . 53 Lovejoy, Walt, Pattonsburg, Mo. 48, 84 Lyle, Donald, Maryville, Mo. .... 33, 34, 43, 92, 94, 101 Lynam, Paul, Corning, la. . . 38 Lynch, Deloris, Sheridan, Mo. . 53, 96 MacLellan, George, Barrengton, Mass 43, 72, 100 Madden, Donald, Maryville, Mo. . 44 Malson, James, Albany, Mo. 48, 61. 64, 84, 96 Mann, Robert, Weston, Mo. 86. 96, 100, 104 Manship, William, Bolckow, Mo. . 101 Marines, Nicholas, Pallini, Greece 93, 98 Martin, Betty, Shenandoah, la. 18, 44, 64, 76 Martin, Donna, Guilford, Mo. 44, 92, 94, 100 Martin, Mary, Maryville, Mo. 38, 88, 95 Martin, Wilmer, Maryville, Mo. 34, 38, 87, 90 Mason, Vonda, Pattonsburg, Mo. 53, 96 Masters, Dorothy, " Maryville, Mo. 8, 33, 34, 38, 65, 79, 102, 103. 106 Matthews, Emerson, St. Joseph, Mo 38, 91, 106 McClellan, Charles, Grant City, Mo 48, 89 McClurg, Robert, Braddyville, la. . 69 McClurg, Lloyd, Maryville, Mo. . 38 McConkey. ( larcnce, Alb.iny, Mo. . 38 McCoun, Ilmerna, C ook, Wash. . 97 Mi(;o vin, Betty, Bl.inchard, la. 38, 97 McCiowcn, lk ' erly, Blanchard, la. .... 48, 99, 100, 102, lOS McDermott, Maxinc, Bridgewaler, la 12, 53, 64, 76 McDonald, Bctt , Maryville, Mo. 76, 97 McDowell, Ruth, Maryville, Mo. 48. 76, 100 McGee, Barbara, Oitumwa, la. . loi McCiinness, Leland Robert, Raven- wood, Mo 100 Mdntyre, Dean, Elmo, Mo. . . 53 Mclntyre, Patricia, Earragut, la. 53, 65, 78, 81, 102 McKowcn, Bette, Bigelow, Mo. . 53 McLain, Ted, Kansas City, Mo. 44, 85, 95, 96 McMahill, Mildred, Osborn, Mo. 38, 81 McMillen, Kenneth, Maryville, Mo 53, 86 McQuaid, Mary, Bedford, la. . 53, 95 Meadows, Forrest, Pattonsburg, Mo 48, 84, 101 Meek, Kenneth, Stanbcrry, Mo. . 48 Mclkowski, Louis, St. Joseph, Mo 53 Meredith, Glen, Maryville, Mo. 53, 84 Merrick, Joe, Maryville, Mo. . . 53 Merrigan, Donald, Conception Jet., Mo 53, 95, 96 Merrigan, Maurice, Guilford, Mo. 95, 101 Merritt, Audry, Burlington, Jet., Mo 48 Meyer, Norbert, Clyde, Mo. . . 74 Mickelson, H. Edwin, Villesca, la. 53 Miller, Ann, Clarinda, la. . 48, 76, 96 Miller, Dale, Maryville, Mo. 48, 92, 101 Miller, Gueynetha, Ravenwood, Mo 53, 97 Miller, Jackson, Platte City, Mo. 53, 84 Miller, Joan, Burlington Jet., Mo 8, 38, 56, 64, 76 Miller, Lyle, Grant City, Mo. . 101 Miller, Mack, Platte City, Mo. 38, 84 Miller, Madge, Hatfield, Mo. 39, 64, 76, 81, 88 Miller, Richard, St. Joseph, Mo. . 49 Miller, Robert, Bedford, la. . 64, 84 Milligan, John, Shenandoah, la. . 104 Mitchell, Bruce, Sioux Falls, S. D 39, 64, 72, 96 Mitchell, Roberta, Maryville, Mo 44, 94, 97, 99 Moffitt, Effie, Braddyville, la. 81, 92, 99 Moody, Walter, Mound City, Mo. . 86 Moore, Bradley, St. Joseph, Mo. 34, 44, 64, 84 Moore, William, Watson, Mo. 49, 86, 96 Morell, Edward, Hubford, Ohio . 61 Morrissey, Jerry, Maryville, Mo. . 84 Motsinger, Chester, Grant City, Mo. 49 Moulin, Nevin, (iilman City, Mo. . 49 Moyer, Paul, Maryville, Mo. . 49, 86 Moyer, Rex, Harrisburg, Penn. . 44 Moyer, William, Maryville, Mo. . 53 Mueller, Theodore, St. J ' aul, Minn. 106 Munson, Barbara, (Cameron, Mo. 33, 44, 65, 78, 96 Myers, Meredee, Ringstead, la. ... 39, 64, 76, 101, 102, 106 Myrick, Ronald, Stanberry, Mo. . 49 Nally, Raymond, Maryville, Mo. 33, 44, 86, 90, 96 Nance, Donald, Excelsior Springs, Mo 96 Neal, Richard, Maryville, Mo. . 101 Neville, Mary, Savannah, Mo. 53, 96, 103 Newton, Charles, Stuart, la. . 61, 68 Neylon, Thomas, St. Louis, Mo. . 86 Nichols, Earl, Bethany, Mo. . . 49 Nicholson, llene, Burlington Jet., Mo 49, 97, 99 Niewald, Alvin, Wellston, Mo. . 61 Null, Hubert, Pickering, Mo. 53, 94, 96, 100 Nunnelley, Barbara, Maryville, Mo. 53 Obermiller, Jerry, Maryville, Mo. 49, 61, 68 Oliver, Hazel, Clarinda, la. 39, 81, 94, 97, 102 Olson, Robert, Chicago, 111. 39, 61, 86 Osburn, Beverly, Savannah, Mo. 44, 65, 78, 103 Osburn, Robert, Savannah, Mo. 61, 74, 84 Osgood, Robert, Tina, Mo. . . 94 Owen, John, Maryville, Mo. . 54, 82 Owens, Richard, Bedford, la. . 44, 64 Oyerly, Thelma Vee, Mound City, Mo. ... 18, 39, 64, 76, 103 Pace, Bonnie, O ' Neill, Nebr. 49, 97, 99 Page, James, Raylown, Mo. 61, 68, 86 Palma, Thelma, Veraguas, Panama 39, 81, 88, 93, 95 Palmer, Richard, Maryville, Mo. .... 49, 64, 94, 100, 105 Parham, Anna, Maryville, Mo. 44, 97, 98, 105 Parham, John, Maryville, Mo. 44, 98, 101, 105 Parker, Leslie, Kansas City, Mo. 39, 82, 96 Parks, Harold, St. Joseph, Mo. . 49 Parsons, Kenneth, Hatfield, Mo. 49, 84 Page 111 Partridge, Marilyn, Skidmore, Mo. . 33, 39, 65, 79, 81, 88, 102, 106 Patino, Abelardo, Caldus, Colum- bia 54, 92, 95, 98 Patrick, Marlys, Tabor. la. . . 54 Peinberton, Gene, Cameron, Mo. 49, 61, 86 Perry, Jesse, Maryville, Mo. . . 49 Peter, Joan, King City, Mo. 54, 64, 76 Peters, Bruce, Creston, la. 39, 61, 69, 74, 104 Pfander, Frances, Burlington Jet., Mo 39, 97 Phillips, Carman, Blythedale, Mo. 54 Philp, Sue, Chillicothe, Mo. . . 12, 34, 39, 65, 72, 79, 102 Pierce, Russell, Blockton, la. . . 84 Pinzon, Lcticia, Veraquas, Panama 93, 95 Pipes, Donald, St. Joseph, Mo. . 84 Polk. Bonnie, Sidney, la. . 54, 92, 94 Pollard, Ludene, Cameron, Mo. 54, 65, 78, 104 Polsley, Jean, Coin, la. 33, 49, 57, 77, 81 Polton, Julia, Tabor. la. 54, 65, 77, 81 Pope, Earl, Maryville, Mo. 49, 85 Pope, John, Maryville, Mo. . . 49 Powell, Loyd, Ravenwood, Mo. . 49 Praiswater, Melvin, Bolckow, Mo. 54 Praiswater, Wanda, Fillmore, Mo. 54, 76, 97 Prindle, Don, Coffey, Mo. . 49, 90, 96 Privett, Kenneth, Bigelow, Mo. . 101 Pyles, Wilbur, Maryville, Mo. . 44 Pyles, William, Maryville, Mo. . 49 Queck, Mary, Orient, la. . . 54, 99 Rcece, Edward, Brownington, Mo. 34, 49, 84, 96 Reece, Mary, Savannah, Mo. 39, 94, 99 Reynolds, Donald, Hopkins, Mo. 67, 68 Reynolds, Harold, Maryville, Mo. 54 Rhoades, Lovanne, Rosendale, Mo. 49, 103 Rhodes, Janice, Maryville, Mo. 54, 80 Rice, Donnis, Pickering, Mo. . 100 Rice, Jewell, Pattonsburg, Mo. 54, 104 Richards, Helen, Grant City, Mo. 54 Richards, Robert, Grant City, Mo. 49 Richardson, Helen, Hatfield, Mo. 44, 65, 76 Roach, Elizabeth, Hatfield, Mo. 49, 80, 81 Roach, Joseph, Maryville, Mo. ... 49, 82, 86, 89, 95, 100 Robh, Alan, St. Joseph. Mo. . . 96 Robbins, Maxine, Maryville, Mo. . 100 Roberts, Donald C, Maryville, Mo. 54 Robertson, Roberta, St. Joseph, Mo. 18, 33, 44, 64, 77 Robinctt, Mary, Cameron, Mo. 44, 65, 78 Robinson, Rachel, Villisca, la. 44, 76, 97, 105 Robinson, Thesis, Weatherby, Mo. 54, 96, 102 Rockwell, Mary Lou, Mound City, Mo 49, 64, 72, 76 Rockwell, Mary Loyce, Skidmore, Mo 44, 76, 81, 88 Rocos, George, Athens, Greece 44, 93 Rollins, Fred, Platte City, Mo. . 49 Rowlett, Faye, Hatfield, Mo. . . 49 Royer, Bill, Essex, la. . . . 54, 61 Rupe, Charle s, Jr., Henderson, Mo. 19, 49, 64, 86, 104 Russell, Betty, Maryville, Mo. 54, 76 Russell, Jack, Maryville, Mo. . 44. 85 Scheibler, Mike, Shenandoah, la. . 61 Schenkel, Charlene, Maryville, Mo. 54, 99 Schenkel, Daisy, Maryville, Mo. 54, 81, 104 Schettle, William, Rivergrove, 111. 54, 94, 98 Schoneman, James, Tarkio, Mo. . 96 Schooler, Mary, Burlington Jet., Mo 49, 97 Schoonover, James, Mound City, Mo 54 Schottel, Ivan, Rosendale, Mo. 60 Schultz, Donald, Maryville, Mo. . 84 Schweikert, William, Mesopotamia, Ohio 86 Scott, Carroll, Maryville, Mo. . 101 Scott, Donald, Maryville, Mo. . 67, 68 Scott, John, Maryville, Mo. . . 61 Scott, Mary, Maryville, Mo. . 54, 100 Scowden, Norma, Savannah, Mo. 49, 80, 104 Scruby, Charles, Maryville, Mo. 61, 74, 104 Sears, Richard, Maryville, Mo. . 82 Shaver, Bernice, Cameron, Mo. 54, 96 Shell, John, Malay, la 75 Shelton, Earl, Maryville, Mo. . . 44 Sherard, Nellie, Fairport, Mo. . . 44 Sherer, Marian, Grant City, Mo. . 86 Sherman, Joseph, St. Joseph, Mo. 61, 68 Sherman, William, St. Jo,seph, Mo. 54, 61 Sherry, Glenn, St. Joseph, Mo. 54, 61, 69, 86 Sheumaker, Julia, Mount Ayr, la. . . . . 8, 54, 81, 92, 94, 103 Shipley, Leota, Grant City, Mo. . 54 Silver, George, Trenton, N. J. 49, 69, 82, 100 Silver, Irving, Trenton, N. J. . 49, 83 Simoff, Kenneth, Orient, la. . . 49 Sisk, Mahlon, St. Joseph, Mo. . 44 Skinner, Virgil, Barnard, Mo. . 82 Slack, Jack, Omaha, Nebr. . . . 33, 50, 61, 62, 74, 86, 96 Smith, Betty, Watson, Mo. 54, 81, 100, 102 Smith, Dorothy, Hopkins, Mo. 50, 92, 103 Smith, James, Maryville, Mo. 61, 74, 86 Smith, Naomi, Sidney, la. . . 54, 81 Smith, Patricia, Maryville, Mo 54, 65, 78, 104 Snodgrass, Arthur, Red Oak, la. 61 Snowberger, Virginia, Skidmore, Mo 50, 76, 81, 88 Snyder, Billy, Barnard, Mo. . . 54 Snyder, Donald, Gallatin, Mo. 61, 74, 84 Snyder, Maxine, Mercer, Mo. . 54, 99 Snyder, Norma, Maryville, Mo. 45, 92, 94, 99 Snyder, Robin, Gallatin, Mo. . 56 Sotteau, Pierre, Lyon, France 50, 93, 95, 98 Spainhower, Alice, Maryville, Mo. .... 39, 90, 92, 94, 96, 99 Spire, Helen, Maryville, Mo. . . 104 Spoor, Wendell, Maryville, Mo. 64. 82 Stabe, Russel, Grant City, Mo. . 50 Stacy, Jo Anne, Princeton, Mo. . 54 Stafford, Jo Ellen, Kansas City, Mo. 54 Staley, Oren, Rea, Mo. ... 101 Standage, Dale, College Springs, la 45, 87 Stanton, Walter, College Springs, la 54, 86 Stanton, Warren, College Springs, la 50, 69, 96 Starr, Gene, Spring Valley, Minn. 50, 100 Steeby, Dean, Cameron, Mo. . 45, 86 Steel, Carolyn, St. Joseph, Mo. 45, 92, 103, 104 Steele, Marylee, Maryville, Mo. . 54 Stegall, George, Savannah, Mo. . 82 Stephenson, Veronica, Maryville, Mo 54, 96 Stevenson, Bettie, Graham, Mo. 39, 96 Stewart, Paul, Ridgeway, Mo. . 61 Stickerod, Lydia, Tarkio, Mo. . 40 Stonner, Alta, Richmond, Mo. . 50 Stonner, Frank, Camden, Mo. 54, 82, 101 Straight, Patricia, Sheridan, Mo. 18, 40, 65, 88 Street, Murlin, St. Joseph, Mo. . 96 Strong, Melville, Maryville, Mo. 45, 64, 84 Stucki, Ruth, Helena, Mo. 55, 92, 103 Studley, Madge, Waverly, la. . 55 Page 112 Sumni.i, John, C ' .cntry, Mo. . 50, 84 Summers, Jack, Smichville, Mo. -(S, 8S. 96. lOS .Suiton, Helen. St. Joseph, Mo. 18. •((), 6-1, 77 Swanson. Hetcie. Mar ville. Mo. . •(() Sweat, (;iyde, Jacksonville, I ' la. . 61 Swenscn, James, St. Joseph, Mo. 55, 69, 84 Taff, William. Princeton. Mo. 40, 81 Tanner, James, Jacksonville. Fla. 67, 68, 69 Tarpley, ilarold. Maryville, Mo. 3.V 82 Taylor, Carroll. Pleasantville, Mo. 55, 61, 69 Taylor, Don, Maryville, Mo. 55 Taylor, Howard, Elmhurst, III. 40, 82, 95, 96 Tayli r, Jeanne. Pattonsburg. Mo. ... 40, 90. 91, 92, 96, 98, 100 Teaford. Margaret, Union Star, Mo. 96, 103 Tebow, Robert, Maryville, Mo. 55, 82 Terhune, Russell, Forest City, Mo. 55. 82 Thomas, Irwin, Atlantic, la. . 50, 84 Thomas, Richard, Hemple, Mo. .... 33, 40, 64, 89, 100, 106 Thompson, Clifford, Coin. la. . 55, 57 Thompson, Frank, Grant City, Mo. 61 Thomson, Manlcy, Agency, Mo. ... 40, 64, 90, 94, 96, 106 Thrasher, Keith, Biikkow, Mo. 96, 100 Tiemann, Betty. Westboro, Mo. 55, 81, 97 Tilton, John, Grant City, Mo. 45, 82 Tobin, Beverly, Burlington Jet., Mo 99 Toel, Helen, Bethany, Mo. 40, 65, 78 Toland, Irene, Mount Ayr, la. 55, 78, 97, 100 Tolbert, Joseph, Quitman, Mo. 45, 86, 96, 98 Tompkins, Verlin, Barnard, Mo. 40. 89. 100 Totoraitis. Stanley. Maryville, Mo. 40, 61, 62, 74, 106 Trively, Joan, Malvern. la. . 55. 96 Trout. Donald, Amity, Mo. 50 Tudder. Helen, Maryville, Mo. . 55 Turley, Paul. St. Louis, Mo. . . 50 Turner, Charlotte, Weston, Mo. 55. 103 Turner, Jack, Maryville. Mo. . . 50 Turner, Margaret, _Belton, Mo. . . .18, 40, 76, 91, 97, 103, 106 Turner, Viola, Camden Point, Mo. 92 Ulmer, Lane, Hopkins, Mo. . . 50 Underw x d, Max, Ringsted, la. . 61 Upschulte, Bernard, Maryville, Mo. 96 lliz, Virginia, St. Joseph, Mo. 40, 97 Vance, Clifford, King City, Mo. . 59 VanRyswyk, Ron, Knoxville. la. 61, 74 Veaich. Dorothy, Maryville, Mo. . 55 V ' erna a, Anais, Veraguas, Panama 40. 95, 98 Voas. Hollis, Maryville, Mo. . . 86 Vogel, Flanor, Bedford, la. 41, 91, 106 Voracek, Shirley, St. Louis, Mo. 55, 78 Wade, Margaret, Ciallatin, Mo. 18, 41, 76 Wade, Brooks, Ciallatin, Mo. . 45, 85 Wadhams, Joan, Percival, la. 55, 92 Waldniire, John, Springfield, III. 86, 96 Walker, Gilmer, North Kansas City, Mo 90, 96 Walker, Lois. Turney, Mo. . 55, 80 Walker, Thomas, Redding, la. 57, 68 Wallace, Fdwin, Maryville, Mo. . 45 Wallace, John, Maryville, Mo. 55 Waller, James, St. Joseph, Mo. 19, 86, 96, 104 Walsh, Arthur, Chicago, 111. 34, 41, 85, 96 Walter, Harold, Martinsville, Mo. 96 Ward, James, Maryville, Mo. 55 Ward, William, Maryville, Mo. 61, 62, 74, 86, 96 Warren, Lavelle, Bolckow, Mo. . 50 Waters, Paul, Atlantic, la. 45, 69, 74 Watkins. Louis, Trenton, Mo. 4l, 96 Watson, George, St. Joseph, Mo. 45, 61 Weaver, Thelma, Blockton, la. 94, 97 Weed, Marvin, Orient, la. . . 61, 74 Wehrli, Iris, Mound City, Mo. 41. 90. 91, 106 Wehrli, Joyce. Mound City, Mo. 55, 64, 76. 103 Weichinger. Theodore, Rivergrove, III 41, 94 Weidmaier, Vernon, St. Joseph, Mo 61, 62, 74 Welsh, Charlene, Grant City, Mo. 55 Wescott, Lavonne, Burlington Jet.. Mo 50, 76, 81, 88, 102 Weston, Robert, Maryville, Mo. 41, 69, 74 Whaley, David. Maryville, Mo. . 55 Wharton. Alice, Stanberry, Mo. 55, 65, 79 Wharton, Melvin, Stanberry, Mo. 87 Wheeler, Maurice, Maryville, Mo. 86 White, Alice, Cameron, Mo. 50, 76, 104 White, Bedonna, Blythedale, Mo. 55, 97 White, Hilton, Cameron, Mo. 50 White, Manetha, Maryville, Mo. 45, 100 White, Marjorie, Hopkins, Mo. 4l, 91 White, Mary, Bethany, Mo. . . . . 50, 64, 77, 100, 102, 103 White, Naomi, Maryville, Mo. 50, 99, 100 Whitmer, Ciene, Kidder. Mo. . 55, 100 Whitworth, Arthur, Macksburg, la. 55, 92, 100, 101 Wiard. Robert, Smithville, Mo. . 84 Wilhoil, Dorothy, Ciowcr, Mo. 55, 81, 97 Williams, Auburn, I.inville, la. . 45 Williams, Betty, Albany, Mo. 55, 76, 100 Williams, Feme, New Hampton, Mo 50, 78 Willis, Clifford, Maryville, Mo. 50, 95, 101 Wilmes, Virginia, Maryville, Mo. 50. 65, 76 Wilson, FIdon, Martinsville, Mo. 50 Wilson, Morris, Mound City, Mo. 55 Wilson, Robert, St. Joseph, Mo. 61, 86, 96 Wilson, Wendell, Maryville, Mo. 45, 90, 96 Winslow, Darlene, Hamilton, Mo. 55, 99 Wisdom, Tavner, Stanberry, Mo. 41, 56 Witt, Ernest, Easton, Mo. 41, 56, 92 Wohlford, John, Oregon, Mo, 61, 67, 68, 69 Wolf, Florine. Graham, Mo. 45, 81, 99 Wood, John, Maryville, Mo. . 55, 86 Wood, Robert, Kansas City, Mo. 90, 96 Woollums, Martha, Albany, Mo. . 41 Workman, Loren, Maryville, Mo. 50, 82, 96 Wormsley, Alvin, Maryville, Mo. 50, 61, 68, 69, 74 Wormsley, Sue, Polo, Mo. ... 55 Wren, Roger, Maryville, Mo. 33 34, 41, 61, 62, 74, 87, 104, 106 Wright, Robert, Richmond, Calif. 34, 86, 100 Wright, Harvey, Princeton. Mo. 55, 69, 101 Wyatt, Ruth, Maryville, Mo. 41, 90, 92, 105 ' ates, William, Farragut, la. . . 100 ' eater. Norma, Albany, Mo. 45, 80, 100 ■ ' ip, Diana, Shanghai, China 55, 93, 95, 98 ■ ' ounger, Lloyd, Phillipsburg, Colo. . 50, 61, 63, 67, 68, 74, 84 Zelaya, Arminda, LaPaz, Bolivia 41, 93, 95, 97, 98 Zink, James, Chicago, III. ... 84 Zirbel, Larry, Algoma, Wise. 50, 61. 63, 7 2, 74 Zuchowski, Patrick, St. Joseph, Mo 61, 62, 74, 86 Page 113 u toaf ' ctpnd arupt Page 114 _ fi toa rapnA mrapi • yruto ruphd arap llL Printing by: Grimes-Joyce Printing Company, Kansas Citv, Missouri Engraving by: Colgan Engraving Company, Kansas City, Missouri Photography by: Amos Studio, Maryville, Missouri Frieze of the Horsemen — Phidias — 447 B.C — 438 B.C. — Parthenon — Athens, Greece

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