Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO)

 - Class of 1937

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Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1937 volume:

, - ' ' Ulf. . H V U Urn YN. W... :Hg,4,3.14agAflu4l!t,......- - 4 U T,-,.uW.waa:ami-s'i?v'EB?l-G?.f..qfq+a+a3g:l-eg5 - F, -.- - v '. '. ...... .,.,,...-. . :. .gb --:::.:. .-::g.,- -':h--.---..- ::-- '-- .'-- ---- ff 1' ' - ' 7-- I-' -4 ' ' nun -4. +62 '1?i:1imia1F"1"'x'Li5l""if'-5-'4"""'w""'l""' 'qhxtx R . .gf 1. .41 ,-.5 A,-,-513,15-fqgk. ing T55 31 :7-,:i:::4 shite? 53-::.g:g:QQ:5'j91:?:f:52?I::?:I-:E:33.-t1:::.::-:r .1'.- - ..,- - -h-- t X-f?!1f.-'f'.s'::-H 'T' M - '3-95" f' H v k -. x y "1 ' , - vv 1-nf nl ,4 -n.f.v f IJ df: uuqsnu n..+-ru n-nc41.n-11 m--w.-.frx.n-w- K 'du -M-1-1 ansrdnr-r ' -1- -Q nr ,...-. -v,.s..,.n.v-4-.-u-Q-4.,n'q, qt . .. ,3 9, . A. A, , f 5722 ,. .ffr H H!!! f3V 2 'i 5 F . -.- . Wg, ,' ' f 1 ..7' 'iff Es, 4 H, 7 . . 4, ,-A -1 wx X , EI :Hats 'Y-H 4 W4 ,ily , . V A . ,L . ., ., L-,,, , V . . r M- 'J 4- .,f1v,, .A . f wi.. .7 , , , ,i , .M '- . M141 ,A V1 77'-xii? - ". ,M , , . ,f 4.--ff ,. A V, ,W .. -.., , I V I i'-f ' 0 7 ii 1 ' V I. T? -if , ' .MA ., A J ..,'f. , :If Q" 1 -0--aft' .' JQEWYX , 55. , id 10 . .- 5 , M . ,vim 11:1 -V 5 1 . fi,-+ M Lg- - ,n-12" -' QQ ' 1' A 7,4--5, i 'f-uzllkxg A Y " N , Q., . N. .-1---+,a.'-::"s'X'x2 , ' J , - . 1.5, 3 1 , , A 1 , 0 , ' ' ' "-7 ' . : W .,,,, , , A 4.4 -4 ,. l+g Y : ' W . ' f' 1 1-1 -1 ' ' Gen 378 T651 1937 378.1 N819 '37 TOWER '1 W, 1 V,,,,..- , ,N ,,. PM-W-" w - N GN Nl MCPL 00'ximMMxxvcxxxsxxxxwwwwmmmxxxmxxxxxmxmx . 0 0000 0Of?2?Eif,J S JM' ' ff ,ff6rvbl--pf y HMM Q f ,,,,,1.,.d,,fV A 'WM2 fW7f7ff MW Z3ff7Qa MM,gVffMWw gQQ fjmjwwff 1 WDM WP 70" Ii W W W Wg , OQWWQZEZ A I Q Wwwmwww 1 M7 Wcfmggwwgq f if L, Q I l E 4 2 iff The 1 9 3 7 W Town: 1 7 5 w i 9 1 . 1 Q 1 'E uf Q , lip E F T .. , I K f e Wfj H-j 1 E D H I , 1 I M f F ay, ? F E 3 R E Q N F l J 5 ? T 1 . 1 T g I I K ' NE Q '88 .3 2 I 5 53' 378.1 N819 '37 GN TOWER M MlLLEgd.WEEDAi I ' THEAUTHOR Nl MCPL 'to' lllllllllllllllllIllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllll ELIJON MTHQVMPSON l 3 M Q 3 oooo oo1s9229 2 f. Business Manager to ,4 ' . A , A, -... lv . X Published by the Junior Class of the Northwest Missouri State Teachers College at Maryville, Missouri ' fi THIS, the 1937 Tower, is a booic of today. We have endeavored to depart from the conventionalism oi Former yearbooks by placing sole emphasis on the events oi the past year and by retraining from the use of a traditional pattern. No attempt has been made to divert your mind from the fact that this is a memory book oi your past year in this institution. Qur intention has been to "say it with pictures." May the iollovving pages provide For you memories of 1936-37. if ,v , X dm i 1, foufff i fsl, 3' JW. K 46 Ax ff LW, X Q W f " WUT ' 4 X ff' N xx if M , . KW , 1 1 7 I r Qedicatian YQU, vvho have made the acquaintance of lVlr. T. l-l. Cook, have ac- complished one of the most worthwhile things oi your campus career. You, who have not met him, may indeed count it a privilege to do so. This gentleman has so enriched our College by his presence that anything printed in his praise is inadequate. Those intangible qualities, vvhich so endear him to faculty and students, are not easily caught by camera or pen. Qnly good advice can pe ohfered-get acquainted vvith lvlr. T. l-l. Coolo-he is truly a man vvorth lcnovving. vw M WW ,JW 5 3 7 Z 4 K f P, 4,555 rf A -'f K7 F . ' 1 . fi? KY K7 Ll my ,. Lgf'2g'5-i-dfffffff iff' ifjff? '53 ff? 'X S' If " ' " , gy' 1,1 ,'-,Kg ' ,A ,.j' .1 , I ,, -A ...- yy., xl, M,?,,--, 5,5 , :1 J Y f uf Y X ,MW ff K7 L5 'X 4 ' iff Ab fb ix Pg 57 +4 E 1 3 f 'W 4 'f F, .Q lmwwwfdng W, pw x .4 , , ,, y I x I fa 3 4 f 2 ? 'f 4 ' iv, 1 f , Www ' , 4 In Nw ,.f, ,fh' ,. f , 1, A, ,sf f v" , Afqw .5-.px .." ' " ,Q A .N . ,Q W-wiv' K -K . ' Wi X -W. ' S. N - my k ' ,K if M u , Wm, ww fffmf . sw bw , ,Al J- X f ,fm X f f, ,WWW W .. xx MW, f' F r A N rf g f f"?,,4' ,, 1 MA f'Tw'I','fT1 7, ,fi -H fx' fm V f- l.: 11 5 "I 1' X AAA! fg. L, f-f.'a ,'q,g-V, 'f.,f', f n .A J, NM , ., ,J .., ,f ,J '-f' ' 77 f'f'f" ',,4 .,-V, I .' ff.,-,w , 1 f ,.....,k, .i , 4 J I 4' J ,ff-, : ,- . , ff 7 ' . ,f XM lf' ,X-, x.,,,x.,,,,,x, ,xf ffl. V. R WW! ,MWWM ,Ns , 5,2151 Cf , jf K ,M 3 I .1177 ? Q f 1 5, ' 1 . f ff , df. 1 V' :E ,a 1 -L Y, , x , 1. 1 ,xg K , 7' Q ,fax lg ' 'Q ,, 0 ln!! :Q VV f fjfg fy, 1-, 1. K f 'i I fi 7 X1 307' f Q ,mtl X - ff' , w 1 , 1, U Sf fy I 9- -,f 'A Q 6' W, , , K , ll ,ff :sw dw , ' ' 'cf 'N 'S win ,f-fy, ,ff X , K, N0 :A 1 X A N w , ff J, X f s X . Q If X X 1 X- ff X Z Q-yi' Z? f wx X 1 L .1 QV x is x,:,X M, ,' V ,za , X sf X ' F I, X fx ,Z Sify Cantewto Visual I Statistical I Roster 0 5 E I . 5 li E4 I H r 5 I I1 E 5 1 x wx' X ltr R.-xf , K, Z, 3 A 1 fb f xx Nf, V-s""h--av. W ff u -Van - X K W WM ,, ' 'H m r cf if ,g J' vw JK PM -Mx, W 1 ,QQ ll W 1 4 UQ:- f ,,,-. ff ,'W',f , , fl . ,nam , C , LANL? XA' K PAR R 'E?R3Uf'f3'N5 'W R x S 1 N7 Board of egents i Dr. Jesse Miller Vice-President Maryville Jack Stapleton President Stanberry l W. A. Riclcenbrode Secretary Maryville l l Lloyd W. King, Ex-Officio State Superintendent of Public Schools Jefferson City Edmond McWilliams Dr. J. M. Perry pldtl5l9U"S Princeton R- L- Dvvslas A. T. Weatherby St- JOSCDIW Chillicothe V. E. Bird Treasurer Maryville lgl l Miller :sident fille Bird rer ille Page I KN. '-,! J Ng , KX A, , i ' ipix JA 17 .W si :fl J iff' i J A fi' EXE iviesiaait uf: W. Lam' in i , i t i ill ' ' T All l ! THIS is 'l937, tlie one lwundredtlw anniversary oi tlie year in vvliicli Horace lvlann assumed tne ollice tliat gave lwim tlie opportunity to render as great service to luis country as lwas been rendered by soldier, statesman or otlwer citizen. He served youtlw, and by serving youtli served menHand tlius lwis nation and manl4ind. You in tlwis College are clwallenged to a similar service vvlien you leave its lwalls. Not as spectacular, perlwaps--maybe not as remunerative as some otlwer vvorl4 vvliiclw one may do, education otlers opportunity un- excelled it you vvant to lwelp manldnd to a liiglier plane ol living. And that means a liappier, luller lile lor you, lo tlwose vvlio go out tlwis year, and to tlwose vvlwo stay vvitli us, may vve commend a study ol tlie lile and vvorl4 ol Horace lvlann as an example ol unsellislw devotion to tlie cause ol a better America. UEI. W. LAMKIN, President. Y A ,J sr ' , W' 4 ls' - J-JJ .in Q Eg W X ' 4, 'L 4 il f i' Q lajiljl if i XT! ii! if f A is J t I jx . 1' ' f . J J Q RA xg. ' I if ,I . fjlllff? I7 Dr. James C. Miller Dean of Faculty Margaret B. Stephenson Director of Women's Activities E Norvel Sayler Director of Men's Activities ,5 -tx 0 1 2 i ii L. i Heiiie M. Ani Dr. J, W. Halo 2 LaVerne E. Irv ,L Dr. O. Mykin F, it Chloe Ei Main i gi il ,I 4' Vw Dr , 3 He ii M C. ii I i ii ii t Q if F gf if-T' W. A. f Rickenbrod J5 Business Manager Roy Fergusm Assistant Business Manager L Puig. lff' Faculty Council Hettie M. Anthony Dr. J. W. Hake LaVerne E. Irvine Dr. O. Myking Mehus Chloe E. Millikan ,iw . . ga M if Dr. Anna M. Painter Homer T. Phillips Margaret B. Stephenson C. E. Wells i is W Administrative iiieers 1 , 111-,hm Q V ' . . X. 1 3.1-i f -Q. 41, f -li.. . E D' X f J.. . f I "2f'f'1S A ff fl P l f r 4, 1 A ' 1 W. A. Margaret Rickenbrode Stephenson Business Director of Manager Women's Activities Roy Ferguson Norvel Sayler Assistant Director of Business Men's Manager Activities I Ruth Villars C. E. Wells R. E. Baldwin Residence Librarian Registrar Hall Director Nell Hudson Lucille T. A. Gauldin Alumni Brumbaugh Publicity Secretary Assistant Director Librarian Members whose pictures do not appear: President Uel W. Lamkin Dean J. C. Miller Dr. F. R. Anthony Health Administration A. H. Cooper Extension Director gg i i HW M' D7 WW ,.,f3?"M,z9fiZf3+ FTW-5 5, ,L ' . e 'V 94-1 ' f If Stude t Senat WW' Mvewvgf V oGreen P dr n William Bills Vice-President Adams, Nixon, Stephenson, Somerville, Cofer, Rowan Tyson, Goza, l-lill, lvlaloy, Messner, Ostrus, Weary 'aww . sy M TA!! . 3 Q lx. xx WW Peck, f Mel IX Lfe BII S C ss r-le S I Pan- ellenic Council Peck, S. S. S. Maloy, A. S. A. Nash, S. S. S. Meadows, A. S. A. Leeson, S. S. S. Planck, A. s. A. Cofer, S. T. G. Bills, S. M. D, Sharp, S. T. G. Yates, S. M. D. Wright, S. T, G. nter-Fratezernit ouncil esi ence llall oard Cass Hester Shoemaker Mason I ? ' 5 0 1 V I I gf? V fy Sf W 5ffj5Jiii15jQjfff,f35jJi0Q w ug! U79 ' ,Off WK W' 2f1f?f1i5g22f4'?f5f2ziifc2 Wg? wg! Qffgffgyffjaffvfyfc' ff Wwfffgvifg, . M, , 6.5 My ,a ,ff f V fy eff Sfvmff if ifwffwf Tl-llf Green and White Peppers Usvving it," The Famous college dance band fthe editor doesn't approve of that question markl, Looks like lots of the Hlellersn Feel at home in these clothes, l-lovv do you like the array of 'Alvin club chests? Residence l-lall Hgalsl' posed For this picture For a vveek, This is another type ol Hsvvingn that's popular on the campus, Everybody loves a band,-yes, a band, More unlortunates, l'here's some- thing about a soldier, ldelledn is the only vvord lor it, Shovving oil again. Q Schne Pov P DaugF Box C I I J,LlQt' ' 6 U l fx -J orthwej-est lssourlan IX Way Y o Q i All f Justin King Mary Ann Bovard Virgil Elliott Raymond Harris Editor Society Editor Assistant Editor Sports Editor l er I Schneider Rowan l-lolt Wright Hamilton Catterson McConnell Keifler Daugherty I Bowen Strohm Wallace Schneider i W ,ly 5' Pebleyl UN! J Reimeq ef fl! FJ, V, I' I I H K A -ti 'I ' iff - k lr I JM Vi., .fur . s sy' -.jc i i i- ,i'. 1 , 24 1a'f1f4f'v vi, 8 ix- 'L ?i V . 2 5 in ., Y I i V ,, i , J l v - l ' i I i ll il - ' f l ' f l xl 'J I L ,rf Q5 , ,J lflll ry lf lf All fl ? m- f' A ' " 'lf 'ff 1 l ,jf 'N l Jgllll ,jf HQ ' wjf D I ls l l Rl fl! f ,1 3 lm 4 l . ?r'!f px J! pl Y! ,I .V , lrll lf! Rftlj! ll" ll ll l 1 , xfnl' ' , ,NS 0 . ' ' ll 11 l lf V llf P1 mega 1 yr ,ff lf y Q A A x - l Q lava Q an K' - l ff , E Holmes V, Adams ll Miss James Dr. Alexander q Wright 3 Carlton Strohm l Duncan t Farmer ' L l-lester 3 , l LW il an' l , llf' 'lx hf' I ll. 1 ' 'Cat on ff fl . r . lvlelmus U l fp D s r H l l ill! il fa C0514 l 1 l ' F r i , - ll lmjedufqs A Wgfll A V r.r rrqttv Y 3 'X rPSdo w1lllQY'd 2 j F AIM! L - l ll wmv - k , l Mrwylri 93,11 l l r ,A-1 l I A Q1 , Y ,Qi ull, My . rr!" Hal, "1 l P1 Gamma ll 3. V e a 'W w lf rr- ae, 1 A " L lf J Mar' All l .f ff FA' U, 'F' 'lj l. lflllv U x 1' N X Y ,'. 4 f MRF' ll Il - l l lf Q l W it ider X mir 4 wif livin gif f JE f . If ifflfpwf 35 Dr. Nl Ford Catterson Abbot Daniels Davis Geer Geyer Hitchcock Mitc Phipps F. Schneider Page 27 ehus Elliott Fender Dr. Foster Barker Campbell Carlson Dunlap Estep Gardner l-ladorn Hamilton Harris I-lolt Irvine Meadows Miller hell Myers Nystrand Obermiller Patchin Porter Reece Rowe Sampson J. Schneider Thomas Walkup Wanner Yates Social Science and International Relations Club lpha hi Sigma Mr, Sayler, Wolfe, Adams, Hill, Bills, Boyd, Duncan, Eppdfd Fordyce, Gates, Hiles, B. Maloy, M. Maloy, McCollum, Meadows, Myers Rosenbohm, Ross, Taylor, Turner, Tyson, Wilson, Woodburn Dr. Dildine, Sawyers, Elliott, Allison, Bray, Brown, Castle, Dr. Mehus Catterson, Copeland, Cox, Daniels, Davidson, Diclcerson, Harris, A. Hartman Cu. Hartman, Hepburn, Mitchell, Morrison, Musser, Qliver, Phipps, Wade, White oun Menis Christian ssociation Association For Childhood f of Education M M :Riff 9 of Q92Mf"Q ff J wfgfff W M mo 1 .x If Y -.X ,f , 1 '. Q ...., X ,,,, ,VK MM Wm wwiikwi KX Sb ii 3. if , , Hash Sllngefs Unlon Goza, Slirout, R. Brown, Bills, M. Rogers ' E. Brown, Johnson, Miss Villars, Robinson, R. Rogers, Zuclfiow i J -2 , W g VLH, Wagoner, Tracy, Bernau, Cofer, l-lowell, Morrow ' au Lv! all .,,6a-44 err 4K-Ina! 22.99 roi? A zwifwyvw- 1719-?w.fMf'4ffi f57fw- f A Fla ' B f Rowan Nystrand Dr. Kelley Bauer Williams Elliott Estep i Hitchcock Kelso Uh! f ' l 'fi b X C, 9, lla? at, l -X 'X Q ' I ygfyiw y n or 101- -441, M701 J ' ff RJFSPQMI ,uuali 1' .irf P Dr. Kelly A J M , 5 ,Q Miss Logan s ' l I 5 Hutchinson .Q Frerichs l l Patrick Allen Barker Bickett Bush Davidso Fl C. Corington E. J. Corington Cox Davis Estep Duncan Elliott Eppard Fleming Glenn Fisher Foley Fordyce Hamilton l-larris Kirkham Nlclvlullin -Uillidmg Mitchell Phipps Schulte Porter Prevvitt Schneider Sheets Turner Llt age 31 Z Slonecker Strohm Thomas Wartig Williams Yates 9Neillian ramatic Club KEN 3 -.AJh ,fk 1-f .x lg . , . .- V s-- W., - ,. VL- .Tw-3.11--,, QA 0 4 xl 6 a K f ' yi Lv-spa,-4 i 1 X 'i 1 ,4 ix .A , 4 . , - i . f Q! ' AVL. . . . lgg Liga 1 A -r 'J J- ' M ' k 1-wi 4! J' fs C ,X D 1 r' Q r A LA , A M 3 ,N 'H .AA N v i Rl , 3 if -- 4 X. . i -, l sn' -L A 1 A 4 3-5 x N " n ' xl 'fl .l l H49 l Q " l T Q lg N 2 1 Q ' NJ 'V ve i i- X W: x! ll 4 Q li 1 ., . L 5 Thx 1 K V x r V, 1 - V J x xx Q A , "U .H ix , l X 'l C rv I 'S It R' X' ' x' E53 e 1 ,l s S. R al 1 F X X c 1 ii' i l I Q,2'1.4.n-1?-A V. . rxxfy uvyfv., gf,'f'Ax . tk :J e 'B .. ,x fi-1. Miss Waggoner 552.1-tgnlylfaik , X c,g4.,fw4,A V , z K A N AMR A , 43. vi . 'Q-. Elo L ,di-HD O lvlaloy Adams Vavra Wolfe A Benson Messner A Patrick MMI Planck Meadows Bolfinenblust Bolm Ddnlr Bovard 'y Corington Elliott Gauglw H Bess Kirk Lewis Lyle Perry l'lur Prewitt Sifers Straight i Thomas f ' Turner V Me Utz Vogt i Wilson Wort Sta ,yi ' l lpha Sigma lpha, if 711151733 'ZW l x Bs..h,i4 4 - . 5 1 Aki -kgs Ili Jgrxxc mb. SG' flfvxnt. is Vavra wer Patriclc znblust Bolin Gaugh Perry ht Thomas lson Wort Page 3 Miss Logan Peck Leeson Miss Hudson Daniel Nash Harrison Allen Beggs Burch Eisenbarger Hiles Hunt McCartney B. McGee M. J. McGee Means Milliken Null Smith Staiiord Swiniorcl Utterback Walkup White Williams 4 Si ma Sigma Sigma ru V ,I ff J ,M' ,"- X JDE ll if PM ,',9"ld My - 'MHIRJV4 J' y at if f , i QQ - q Pl' JT' 'll 43-7 Sigma u eltabufxyjffw K23fT,,w'v' s , it rx., dj, .K 'Il ,- lx un 5 - . J K JJ 1 1'- M ,J f i fi J ,, ,, f aa N ,W ?zW?g7ZZQJ M PVWM fa of M 2? i' 5 P .J in ' E .,A.: r i P ' Mr. iehahch lag I , i ,f 0. a fww mwjwiwfw AA'A VVVI r- M 'WS i fs I? Ml 1 , Martin, McConnell, Miller, Mitchell, Murphy, Myers, Nixon Paul, Person, Petree, J. K. Phipps, R. Phipps, Schneider, Slonecker Swift, Tracy, Tyson, Weeda, Wells, Wilson -ai ' il iii , 1' ll 47 5' y 3 ' J rs -XV! K I-.4 sr , X! 5 Q QXNN 3 il D X. dn ,fr Bn P il I xxkbs X S N 'rm .T 3 E Q: Em- X . Q er n X, Nm i Y 'T X Q 513 EQ lfl Era 5'l li fri A Hi G. Hamilton ' M. Hamilton Hartley Hayes Holt Knepper f 1 1 z n Q A i f, . Liddle 5 .',4,ql,x x Lal, ' g in If , , fi ' P' li'-'f--,'i'a'z ' ,qv 1, , , . .- " " I I l ,ii I h Vllljf' 311 T 4- . , i 20,1 Wl , ,MVK- x 1 Ar a.'l ,, Mrs. l Dr. 1 Mr M Mr. S Mr. Co Pe Y Malog Covi Ad Ci C Flandw Fost Fra G i -0 la . adv J- f IZ , 9 ff- , l I, .a. 1 ,J at R , , .. far lift ffxf 32 . S fs W S 3 I . 1- r, ' , gf, J Sigma au Gamma Mrs. Clary Dr. Alexander Mr. Ferguson Mr, Davis Mr. Sayler Mr. Stalcup Cofer Renwell Wright Mr. Valk Mr. Wright Maloy Coverdell Adams Corington Creighton Driltmier Fink Flanders Foster Francis Gowing l-lull Kelso Lethem ,,,, 1..,,s,,x M gy X' 'N M , - ' ?f9Z?wJwffENs" ,El W Skt i '10 Il , VV' Neil, P. Newby, R. Newby, Rfander, Richards Rouse Rowan N J lb qoj 3 f ox Rulon, Sharp, tephenson, Tabor, Thompson Weary Yates i ? fl lliril Ml to 'NJOVJXBJNJ CXQ lr VQQQQISA, jgqg' jug J ,IJ X DJUJ Xl bhp X N ' A . if 'X - --i 1 I ,V s ,M X s, g . ,J , i , xy r - F. X fry if sa in ta wi .F 1 r fr X it f f l l A fj Vvpxxf Ely N' . r L V- wha " ' 'I 'r-, , 1 1 f -, it '-J. -. ' N 'l . A '- a r -' . ', '- 1., -, -7 xi sy A , .4 , , . If ,v . i,' L v x 'x y V 'KN js MJ fmt NJ T I . Art Chili Miss Deluce, Wilson, Bell, Matheny, McGee, Bentley, Breidenthal, Brown Donelson, Elliott, Eppard, Farrens, Gaugh, Graham, l-larman, M. McGee Keyes, Dalbey, McGinnis, Page, Reed, Taylor, Wells, Williams, Woodburn Miss Anthony, Williams, Keyes, Shoemaker, Utz, Pebley, Aclclin, Birdsell Buff, Ddlb2Y, Lyle, McGinnis, Peck, Switzer, Wilson J Tig., ri',g,,. ,t1fl",5 ,K 3 , , W Q A appa i W thi W ., ,, --if ' 4 ,I Y, fr qi s ,, ,Q . .4 I Page .50 5 2 I5 i :- 5 and Q 1 Mr. Wigell, Swift, Paul, Crockett, Coffman, Bing Smith, Boyd, Russell, Schneider, Nixon 1 1 iw' 1 E 4 Q ance and X I I'r1g1' 37 .50 i r hestra 1 2 W f horn 4 Miss Ostr Mis f"4Ig1',U VW' Freshmen Sextette M C D O T Varsity Quartette L k L E 2 Somervl Ile Woods Upperelass WUHIQHQS Trio I r QV' 0 f l.lGl-l-l'l.V battle scarred, A "sandy" Finish, ,lust try getting around this man, Up and over, l.ooks like another First for an All-American, The ubenchf' Kickotl, l.ooks like a close Finish-for Maryville, Grrrrrrrl, "l3op,s" favorite pass, Running through signals, "Brownie" is ready lor his 'jump-turn, shot, "Doc" and his educated toe. X may Q55 555 4 Z 0 s . 4, ,. ,,.,,-.., A-,-,,. .. .Fr ... Mya .--...,,...,,.,..,.,,L L.h.,,V.:-, ,, -.,., .rr :fl-Q,,f:y f f ,, . , 1 A 1 E. A. DAVIS Coach " i .- ' -7 , I 1 i- ' ,1 K I , I r. N. ,, 1 -J ,4J.'1,Ar-v,v7'zfL,4f j' -'ff 've'-Aj - i' M' 'J i' S , ,nw'.fLf6lAJJ.n.2- IZA 'fiz,.Vl,0-LL,-f r,,4...zz'fi--1 QQA lqff, fL.",7 fx.. . ,hi . . -I fffffynli ev ""' 'A' fp' . Ll,-1,4 44 je, ul Li'yg,fZ'-I L fungi" ffffnffffll f ' - fwwfi 41 ' Lp ..,4. V1 'Jw 'i I 1 QQMQQ ,ff- l lub xy! ,i ,ff M fl! OH! I . . ,. if ffj i ,of 1 i jli i jj 5 ,JJ I J!!! L' ,i, i aff , , f R Knepper, Hicks, Molitoris, Sijr t, Brown, I-iovveil, Green, Livingston, Sipes U ' Rouse, King, Flandersuyat si Meredith, Irvine, R. Rogers,Scott, McMuIlinjff 4 jf J ' lj' 1 Cox, M. Rogers, W goner uchowslci, Rulon, Wilhe!yi,5!AImquist, Moore X 01' ,jf ff ii JJ . V!" i X Wilson, Bernau' .fy ,W gf I ,if 1227! ' , , f i f , R ' N 1 i ,ff Q yy mf! 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Ca ow I M, W ,-., v, 9 2 I' ff s f1i5Qx I J 1 ' F fy 4 ,Q M i 1' ,5., X i 4 fa JAX D J :M , s 3 ff 1 . mf' ff 1 1 fl X BX X 1, X E 1 , J 'DJ ll f 19 Y 5 X K . Q if Vu! J P E 1' 1 uv m 1 ,f Y, f R NI ,J J KJ N f Rf ' l 1 X' 1 1 , ,v ,, 3 'X W X ,I an X I I 1 ' f ! . N f X X f x I 1, 1 1 . 'Y I L4 1 41 I 1 1 5 a r 3 Z 5 1 5: fa 5 Page 45 Walter- Moore Irvine Almquist Zembles l-lalfbaclc Tackle Fullback Guard Yates R. Rogers Rouse Fullback Guard Guard Kious Wilhelm Richards Tackle l-lalfbaclc Center E d, I-lanlng, Ell L 3 O I Q an 'U .C .2 E L 'U U .al .., w .M U 'U I N .C .JZ u. N... C LD ri Q ffm 3 O ln Q. O I- L N X, Younger, Kind O -O -U is E O CIT C .C O 5 J L O 3 oi .Z w X- :J O 7 P: 2 Tv Lf 'Li C 'D TJ I 3 O L .C LD oo C O .J Darr, French, ci J 2 19 Cf? .C U 'U O if 3 0 :- .C tl .. :s O LL L2 D fo Q .C u 'C O U N 'U fi' U D4 VT U .O E cv TNI sr, QU s, Alm 'O L. 'U .C .2 1 N an s. U -C7 rs, Flan Q2 R. Ro if Wilhe er, M. Rogers, Carter, W e, Bra U3 3 O Q4 N .C on 3 'O .O PS L3 U 3 I N C N 3 3 9 'E LE I- C .Q I! Gd C 5 D. 'U U .Z re, Cox, Berneu, Zuchows r Moo t6 n,Wa itoris, Livingston, Rye Mol u? .Ac .2 I u? 3 .Q 34 'G Z Francls,Vate e,Caneven, :C O O E L 3 .O 5 3 O l- 'U : 0 u o U7 Dev s X X X 5 -X X I-Iart ey, 1 Xl. ,f 1-1, if 0 I f ,. ,f V, N 14, L fy U AC sf' , EC 3 , L -U, ne, Woo es, Sain, Sharp, Irvi YH e, Ha Ac :S D N I5 o Rockh nson, .5 o T 3 O L Qi 2 LE Page 46 4 L y , f 2 I fi f f Alf f!! f I ' , 1 I if iff f if X ' ' ' 1 if I xx ff 4 J' , X xf ! J ,1 fn L X! 1,1 .ff 1 , 1 xf4,p f' ji, Af X X 1 X f ff, x 'J X f '1 f --f fu 1 ' . f fgf. ,f,jfL J' J i 4 5 MJUM, . 1 Wiww ' x 4 . U' V M95 . fi? 1 . UYXFJL LJVVXMJ J- 4 f 'gif .v- p'Z ,j by K .73cwizet .93a6E 4 V A w X O p Y f 1 w I 1 J-Iggy' ff? jf Q 5 J. ff-C' ' -jv W ifrblf wg" sf r ,r .Mfr ,, 'Pnge 48 rl ,wr Vw ffw 'Y in Q1 1 fi. i Nfl! T my ,, H f 1 '4"jP7. '-f, we ' Green Zuchowski Meredith Sl'M'0U6-' , ,lf " 1 t A J , W . A 1, f Center Forward Guard , P ,,2FOrWdraL, f , I u- , 4 r . VW' P 3' 'n "si V fu 'fig , ---J ' 1 ' A ,,-H f ' ,f'-. A h , 1,8 .L V A ,W L ,, . fl K - if I I ,,f veygr ',f1 'ge Ar,elr e,f r f , W rf 1 . - r , If 'Y r r X. I f L 5 ,cf er a.. L 1' ' A, f I RL I I s , un 1 A 7 , I -' J 1 px, , f. 8' , - ' " . x V' I 1 ? .fl gr, , 1 M. Y M-1-f ,fl I Jr! f- ,rg if r 1 'kv fy J 4 1 ff 1' 1, V -. ' J wif ,. W' ' 4 x 1' 'I' 4 ,, r , K 4 .fy Q ff , lx 1 , , NV It ik ,., 6 ,V .I , 1 A I , , , r , 1-'ti 1 1 .u 1. ' 1' r A' p f Q nf J - A .' f ,V 1 A 'Q r , "A H U ,V ',, r. V e f, ir fc' ' ' Vx I ' Q 7 f V1 -"' f -4" Ilrlgr' 40 1 Sharp, Shrout, Meredith, Woodside, Wright, Howell, Brown, Weary, Hicks Qstrus, Hackett, Goza, R. Rogers, Zuchowski, Wagoner, Sipes Sipes, Howell, Brown Howell Woodside, Brown Meredith, Shrout ersonalities J . , , 1 ' ,1,NV. .w -Aj' l,-Q, , C f 1 U 4 ,f .1 ..--,f,, Q, ,fp 'ff' a,Jg.n,,, I -'V -1 " - '- I V x' I I, ' : A, 2' ' .Y .4 fw,,4.- .gf jf! --" '-ff-,-dj! K" 0 A A if .. . f 1 ' 1' "L" 'f 4" 12 ,f - I f . '- , . , 1 K' F ' .7 .4 gig- ,W - .N V, - . , , ,. '47, , V- -rf A-4 f -.,. , Q ! I 1 A 5. A It " V p 1 , L-. " - , - - -. I X K ,AUX ,J ", y ' ,.-' ,- .1 . "" X f 5' I' .1' .fgr ,. , W -. ,, I T.. , I ' f , Vg R - 1 4 . -'.,- f 1, -'fi' -w 'A g HA., :iw M, f,,,,,m,, U " 1 . fl' f 4- ,O f " ' mf 11"-.,""-" "s'f"s --AP--. . , I , V U, f, ff f. ,y cf- 7 v Qr ,M , 4 f ,va 571 -My V '4Q'i 4 7 ,, 'V' ..-fir J "f' .f-QM-'ff A+., v -f'-ff""' . - L .J h ! .J ., - 'ff' f I L' If K--. , L- L'-C-464, -' -3- . . f - C31 I . V. ,, yJ'fT- ,A-A:-fr' Q f J Q f' 1 , ,V V I' , 1 I , - , ,, X, Jj A, .' ,rf,LA,p, . ff . , -jg. 6 , A ,L ,J , , 5 , H X ,, QA f 1 ,Alf .I 17' ' . J' fx I. H , . 1 ff' ff' f 1 ,. , f, -ff -1 .f - . 4 . . , f . 1' 1' ' J , wf 6541, -1 f if-If 1- f K7 v -X ' f fl," ' V 'g - V . ff 45- W- f 4- f , ,A . 1 f , f J'-' wif 7 Lf.. ff X - . If ,if " Q X ,fl . f lr ,fri-f I 'XII Xjf A ,fl il, - ,MXAH 11 ,I f , ' x ',' ' , . . , 1 ff V - ' f 1.4.41 fffff ,- ,Al .kj ff if ff J i . nyfyfq MA,-Q, nj ' V - ,f . f 1 . . f' ff , U , 5 , fl, ,. ?V "jf" 1,1 f f ,fur 'Z , j f'. , ,, f ,M , s w . 7, ' 2 X' ,f y. fvtfxh V .- , ' 4.1 ,f Y,,-1'. Q ""' J -.,fff2'.z7 ,,- ' f ,I A , P ff , 4 ff f y, , f f I - ' . .1 .1 f - f' ,- f f. -.'X-. ,n f-,QI1 y, .,,,,, 4. Y. ' 'f f' 1 -ff--fiflf' -Q i -X" ' 'A' ' " " 'AZ Y ,V - J f l ,, - rf , , X f ' I' -- 1 -f 1 .-.ff 7 f 'N 1-. ,,' f 1. -. --ff 1,1 - .f ff ff, f AL , 'V r Q- K. , ' f f -'., .. ' , , ' . fr, ,f , ' , I pf' fzif 1 Q' . ff fd ' . I " it -f " If I I NJ I' ,nj A ,f ff' .. ' , , - , ,, I , ,I 1, 1 V, I-I I Yr, ,Y ,., , 5 , . .-k ff. ,Q f ,ff I , , , f 1' , Ju - V. , . I, , , -,fo , 'f,.1"1AQ,1 ,f., ., X 4 , lr n , I X!! ky ' U - f .1 V, ,J 2 ,V f I f K' fl I 5'f"'f4'! JA3 'if ' ' 'H 'X l '41 ' I , 'I , . 'Q'-VFD f . " 9 Q 1 .ff V 4 fw , , h 9 , , 'X 2 JI 1 ' ' ' .H ' .J 19 - s .f f ,I 4- , , f , , , . I V, , f , . A I X, , 4 ff V f , , , , ' , f f . ,. 4' I I I X - ' fl 1 . . ff ,.... ' If , X f -' , f 5 . 1 1 , 1 v, ,X .xx , I H . ,, . Page 50 V , ,,f N Af, Z, ' W 0 Q mf X Q 'ff c wwf ,, gs, If , ,W ffia 5 ' X, , f, ff f, f, ,L 1, , , W M, 7 1 ff, 'V f f 7' " W ff ffwwp, G M MA Top Row: Sipes, Captain Neil, Green, Reital, Ostrus, Molitoris, Baker, Gallagher, Turner, Tabor, Reeves, Penwell, Taylor, Miller, Elliott. 2nd Row: Francis, Scott, Duke, Wilhelm, Rockhold, Tracy, Catterson, Jones, Spratt, Irvine, Adams, McLaughlin, Yourek, Coach Stalcup. L. HE?SCI-BBL ,ijt is l i X l U D il oi i it 1st Row: Kirkham, Gardner, Wilson, Mclvlullin, Bernau, Rulon, Zembles, Brewer, l-laning, Long, Brown, Sherman. quad Page 52 tl it lla 1 L , I fp F fi' , 1 ,fl " 1' ' -4 ,, l If f f , ,. f - ff,-1 1' -,, 4 Q 5 .4 ' ' 5 ' M 1,1 l. 5 . I " 2- 4 I y ,' 've . +4 zv . ' 'V if P r Ifpfj, ,Z , 1 ,Tiff 1 z 5 A i , ' l el K' , , V V I Mx I I, :if ' - A , J , ff McLaughlin Captain Neil Sipes Francis Gardner Zembies Green Rulon McMullin Scott Moore Yourek Tabor Wiison r fly, V7 Q ' 2 4 f Z7 f' f H711 ff? ,N 1 r ,5- 4f 4 I u .,!,,l f 'Ir , in , 4 I s ,1 f. ffvffl , f riff' f I ' 1 ,A 'v f I G --Q' L " -:Cf - ' .1 1 - ,r.4. 1,1 , r ,fffff f, , F, .042 1 ,rf , f 1 I 2, W? I fl rjfjf ' , I N 4 ,,, '54, , 1 riff -rf ,J , A I I A M' ' M1. I ,vi ff Z ef-2 a 1 "ly --ff-: fffff, , L ' .fu ,, F," 15 S if 4 v' " " , 4 'vUN M-. WS 'Sw 1 X ,AWQ M x 'N f XX. W fr W W M WZ? 4 if Zfjgf WW dm Q fi! MZ' M 4' ff ,W fy We , :ff ZZWX ya X 1 fo WW Wfy My ,A fu, ,ri , 'f LWW , 1. 5 3N,,',,W fry' fffvf' ' 41. Jw' fy Wg 4 ff,,V 0 , ny V ,,f, M277 -"MW,wWf' M 9,4 ' " WW ' W, rr r F ' L ,gjy nfn-' ,, ulgfwf m. w7,l,w,f .A 34 ' 9 622! fn ' W4-4:'f5M' We "" "ff, fy ff' 0 'f H -1 V' r V, ,. ,zvw ,.y, ,,ay,',v ,g ,,,, 'Q W , ', . Q nni sr rf, , ,,,.' in -U f ' ,, f --fx. - Q l : 5 f N 2 ,rfgi ffm? ig! mf . ,. , 1 4 ' ,- T 1,71 I, .V fi .4-M, X ,Wm , hw' 1- ' X , V, f , ' " 5 JWf Qyiilflwfxf ,ufx , wi ,.6Z9i.., , f f X, S 5 .,A:, xx , W ' m x 1 A , 1. Ash , wo 5 . gg- x X .wr 4 ,,:.,, ff .-, , frkk I mf " "" N"f1, N' ,Uffkyw I . , hs "Qf,2, . , I xk "lf x QQ ry ' 2 , Y , f ,, , 52,-Qx,.,5ff, ' 3,1 rg, I My rg N. 5 , w Sharp Smith HOU Person Rowan Zuchowski Golf x 1 4 wx, Q t Thompson fp: x" 3 0 KH" 551' fi' rf' 5 'fi a fi? 5 . I iz 1 Vu :vw , i I 51 Thompson I 1 I Cox Tracy ntramural ommlsslon Wagoner Wade s Benson pi QF if Miss Waggoner W,,, 'hqi Wort McFall Schneider Barrock Combs Corington Farmer in Graham Hixinbaugh Leeson Lepley Logan McGee, Miller, Qbermiller, Ripley, Spring, Wartig 0llll55ll,S thletic I ssociation Mr. Phillips Maloy Person Leet Wright Adams Allen Boh Bonham Bosch Bowen Brewer Brown Comb' Ddflle Dav Duncan Farrar Ford French Frerichs Gickli Gow Hac Harmon I-larrison Hester I-I i I es Holt Kelso Lees Leg Mason Maxted Mccartn Miller R. Mit G. lv Oli' Ph 1 K Page 51 . 2:5511-X X -Sgfv 255 , V K2 2 4 X :nd U XX 'F 1 ff! Ny fn W 'Q 1 ff 2 Q XX f xi f XM N x , .... fv 4 Y . . ,5 N 9. W, 2A ' ew f ff ,f Q W. f i f X x 2 X 1 5+ Y? ? 135, "" , X V ff' e J b7r1f K f . fy ,, f X Wa, 5+ x N 28 'f' SI. 3' X " x x f f 4, ,f .M f X Q 9 7' , sg M I X ,Z YA! S X X QQ Q ,df ? 492 ' A ag 5, 7 , -,ss f,.,, '22 1 sf XM Z XX. .,.,., Q u ,... ' ex Q Y Q? J W4 Y . x R155 4- 22 , 12255: H X f f fl A, w bb y ,fax 4 .. M, "' If f f' .. Z, f ,, ,f H75 f fm ff? L '47- ? X 3 1 ,ff W 7 I Y Q ' fi Q' x ff 'V N 2 fe X X - , X f, fi nf A f X ,' Q , ii A' EE 4 .S 2 ,,,,,,f,?3ig ,Z - L f I K .X v -zzz . W. V , ' fri, , 4 Zz X , S ff' W 2, v 1 X . fg f M if' 1 f fff M . , A 4" ' , 5 . if ' 'fum - , ,wry N :M Q x at ' ,I W , fvii A Y Z f I if f X 4 f X f fmy, .. 5 1 . A K Q, e ff, X rf X f f X w V Ki' Agn , gf f, If 1 8 Mn bf 4 ,jX53:4f,g,3i5 - -iijg , ld 1 1' 1-vii? 4 , A - f -1 -.. s W 11 m W X XXX? ,I gym ff? ff W iw W yi x fbi Q X W f ZZ 1 ew N 'Q-if W r f ES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES QURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATL FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEA ES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES URES FEATURES FEATURES FEATU EATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEA ES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES i'URES FEATURES FEATURES FEATU FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEA QES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES URES FEATURES FEATURES FEATU ES FEATURES FEATiT,ST1RES FEf3xT5TTS,,lRES TT :DEC EEATI TDEQ EEATI IDEQ EEATI EATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEA' ATL PM LW gui, 5 " . URES -.funn A FEA .A A ,..m!..... ,. M L- Q f x 5 . J X w--ff-1: nw' ATU TW ,L 2. 1 RH 3-:-.uf 1 JRES -1- u fXVT E .g,T, FEA ATI HIS IIIINUR the BEAUTY JUDGE www M 11 . jf I ,, I Q Q ,. 5 W W i 5 X ' u w ka Q xx, Q11 , ff K W1 N QM S22 1 f 4' sw 3 iii ' E! :Irs " .55 W Z I N X 'E . if ...,. . l x I al 42 4 ff S , Miss LUIS MQCARTNEV Rockport A -Q I i 4.1 yi ,iff 4 ff .. 3 Mp yew! 1 '4 ,Q-wi. A Nyfjw "' X fs L2 ! X? E K 1-ix. W, :gg N ' , E . 1 3 . ,glylsyf f, 4 , 7 , Xggx W, Q JZ X Q64 x ,f ,W N 7 - www- M, , . Miss ELIZABETH TURNER Barnard 5 ,S my . Y MISS MARY LUCILLE POWELL 'Gallatin f A is WW ffsx l v MMM MQ Mwifjg WML Wg, A- Qfmi,:gQ f A x ,f 1 , fzmxghfx. 0 . X I A .J 'ff WJ ff Alf fl A fff, pp' f I MX. M, XW N Miss MARY ANNE I-IAMILTCDIXI Maryville 5 w 6 F I V , Q I fb' ,f X ,, , ff I A ' 'J f ivy 17 X1 ff .ll w ER 'H Walkout Cpssst-Planck is trying to look nonchallant for this onelj I-Ii, Simerly, and everyone else in this picture. Bovard says that two in the hand is worth a dozen on the string. -Qur President- Qur M. D. practices what he preaches. Hplayboynflke I-lowell. Wade! Naughty, Naughty! I I I don't believe a word of 'it', "I-loss." That's right, Robinson .... Smile. 'VI-it, 6-in. Pardonfo-it. 'I'I-in. Western is really making those freshmen hustle. Clvlaybe Ike doesn't want to button for the camera man.D Part of the annual freshmen parade. -and here also. "Button-1, Q, 3- Looks natural, doesn't she? Oh boyl Some swell rearxviews. I guess Ike has changed his mind about button- ing. "SIacki' Yates and-well, I don't see anything slack about the other one, do you? -.... ,Wu ...,w...,.w,,. Y .,W--.,..,... , ,a,s.,.,, ,-,.,,, W if ss xii ag ,L-,,5..:Ll,,21' . , ,3"',,1, L,l.2.ii.- ' 4 Q,l...a,a.-.-.., rv ' Q Ive' 51 f I I 00 I f ,XM X I g II-it y 111 ionchallant for 1 this picture. wd is worth a aches. loss. e. u eshmen hustle. iutton for the C. about button- t see anything lou? Page 66 Snapshots Wigell in a hurry. What does this mean? Sigma Taus at a football game. A few of the dorm girls. A vacated spot in winter. l-low men undress. A typical dorm room. Students that study? Snapping a few on Walkout Day. Coach Stalcup's stride. l sl f Q1 A slight slant to you, but O. K. to them. - Must be a 'lgigolof' "Fresh in" from the West, Cl2edding, lovvab. May I open the door, please? Ummmm-nice profile- The long and the short of it. Be sure to pick out corners-f That much-traveled drive. "l-low do we look?" or this. Q. ul i 7 rf W 5 e i f X Z as X l X E . 5 bf E is li V , it E K fl .gl 3 x li f 7 fi W Q: 91, suv Z l i ti Il , N i S i Picture taken at a post-season date. The parking lot. About "3 in a hill," I guess. -fond memories, of thy rounded bodMsl?e: Looks like a south wind from here. member? Looks like brotherly love. "Boyl What a wind!" "lt pays to advertise." l-lello, up there-you too on the smokestack. "Oh boy! The water's Fine." "And now l pronounce you-3, napshots Pfigff Oil Did we bt Nice look Aerial vie "Say, did Looks like Can you l The correi MNOW in ls this a Fe This pictu Hold still DRIVE Sf Flying co Pclgti 170 Q- zlc. Page 68 Did we bury Rolla? Nice looking-yes? Aerial view of the power plant. "Say, did you ever here the one-" Looks like "love in bloom." Can you locate this monument? The correct way to study . . "Now in Russia, . . ls this a Familiar pose? This picture was censored, we hope! l-lold still, For just an instant. DRIVE SAFELY-DEATI-I IS SO PERMANENT. Flying colors of victory. Page 60 Snapshots i i Snapshots Who can Prevvitt and Bohnenblust be sitting with? A haystack with a couple of extra Hbalesn, on the country club porch. The "Sweetheart Dance". "lick" Foster and his fishing pole in front of "ABE" "Old rockin' chairs' H got them ..... Maybe "The Great Neil" and 'Kl?ock" are ashamed of her. Riddle is collecting pennies in a cup now. Wonder vvhy someone didn't cut the doorknob out of this picture, . . . . . Cvvords fail to express my feelings when it comes to making a "crack" about this oneD. Lefty must be illustrating one of his "stories" . .. Some of the l-lashslingers pose for the camera- man. "Skin 'em alive" Stephenson at vvork. "Love in bloom"-and here's another 'blossomf -and I always thought he kept his mouth closed vvhen he slept. , . . Mmmmmmm . . . . HELLO DGRIS. H-de das house is on fire!" X This is something seldom seen .... Neil and Duke must be rehearsing for a muddy day. l'lere's that Elizabethean-, Patrick.,.,--..-...-,.f. , -,--,..-, L-,.,. . ...,,,,..,.., ..,, ..,.. --. . .... W, .7,-.,.-...,.., ...,.-c,,,,. .,....-,.,......,,, .-.... E fi fi 3' 14 l X E ,f 7 t l Page 70 , - f.-.,4--,--.M Oxfords fc Not bad, ' "I love me feats. Tri Sigs at l The white Cl'-lovv al Must have Doctor Wa The famous Daugherty C'mon yoL paper be "A paddle "l2ockl' ani for pictu "i-low do, Smiles, dim Page 71 , Je sitting tales", on n front of , i lock" are now. doorknob CWords fail . . . . D I feelings Not bad, Zuch. ck" about "l love me" Vfartig in one of her superhuman ories" . . feats' le Camera' Tri Sigs at the dorm. The white caps arenit bad looking are they? Cl-low about the girls wearing them'?D 'blossom'. his mouth Must have been out late. Doctor Walker and her "patient, Cass". D DORIS. The famous Surrey "job," l Daugherty in one of her beauty sleeps. r a muddy Cmon youse guys! Look only at the waste- paper basket. "A paddle a day keeps things in sway." "Rock" and "Stub" don't seem to like posing ' for pictures. i "l-low do, folks." Smiles, dimples, 'n everything. i A ,.., gps.-1.f?x-4, L,, Page 70 Pagr 71 i , ying! napshots Z Take a Good Look, Folks - - Thi And This IS the Last of the Pretty Pictures And Now We Get Down to the 44D0pe on Thmgs Student Senate An organization elected by the student body for the purpose oi cooperat- ing with the faculty to develop a greater student interest in the various activities on the campus. Established fifteen years ago. l-las been a member of the National Student Federation ot America For Five years. Represented this year at the national convention oi the Federation in Nevv York by Vernon Green and Gerald Rovvan. Sponsors a Men's Campus Forum to discuss campus problems. Sponsor: Mr. J. Norvel Sayler Officers: Vernon Green . William Bills . . . James Stephenson . Representatives: Mary E. Adams Don Coier Willis Goza Eugene l'lill Bill Maloy Dolores Messner George Nixon . . President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Merrill Qstrus Gerald Rowan William Somerville James Stephenson Edvvin Tyson Neil Weary Virgil Woodside GNX9 Residence Hall The big bricl4 building surrounded by pines. l-lolds a vvealth oi college memories for the hundred and Fifty girls vvho malqe it their home. Activities include dances, teas, receptions, iaculty dinners, cozies, pajama brealciasts, and after-hour Feeds. Favorite song: HQur college lite is a dream life, And our college days are dreams, As vve study and play through the long happy days ln a miniature vvorld-so it seems, But there soon comes at time For a real lite And the end oi our care-tree days, So be gay vvhile you may, They will soon pass avvay Those dreamy, college daysf' Residence l-lall Board: Velma Cass Ethel l'lester . Mary Shoemalcer Lucille Mason . . President Vice-president . Secretary Treasurer Page 74 Pan-Hellenic Council Composed oi a sponsor, the president and two representatives of the two national sororities, Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Sigma Sigma. Meets monthly. Sets standards For rushing, pledging, and high scholarship. Qpens the rush weelc each fall with a Pan-l-lellenic tea entertaining the rushees of both sororities. Sponsor: Miss Estelle Bowman Qflicersz Mary peck . . . . President Marian Maloy . . Secretary-Treasurer Members: Sigma Sigma Sigma- Mary Peck Josephine Nash Beatrice l.eeson Alpha Sigma Alpha- Marian Maloy l Mary Meadows Elizabeth Planck GNN9 . . Inter-Fraternlty Connell ,ho Qrganized in the spring of 1935 under the supervision ol a Faculty com- mittee. uma Purpose-To bring about a better understanding between the Fraternities and to provide an agency lor promoting their mutual welfare. Chairmanship of the Council alternates annually between the two frater- nities. Sponsor: Mr. William T. Garrett Chairman: Don Coler Members: Sigma Tau Gamma- Don Coier Garth Sharp 'Jack Wright Sigma Mu Delta- . William Bills Virgil Yates 74 P 75 Tower Staff Composed ol an editor, a business manager, and 12 assistants. Commenced active vvorl4 on this book Qctober 1 and sent it to press Apri l'IQ. Sponsor ol the selection of college beauty queens. Co-sponsor ol the SCOOP Dance. Faculty Advisors: Mr. Roy Ferguson Miss Margaret B. Stephenson Editor-in-chief: Miller Weeda Business Manager: Eldon Thompson Assistants: ' Mary Ann Bovard Thelma Patrick Catherine Carlton Fredericlc Schneider Fred Davidson Garth Sharp Eugene l-lill Virginia Silers l-larl l-lolt , Turner Tyson Bill Maloy , Jacl4 Wright emo y Northwest Missourian Publication ol the Missourian came under the sponsorship of Student Senate in 1934. lssued in eight pages every Friday morning ol school year with Collegiate Digest, rotogravure section. X Fredericlc Schneider vvas editor-in-chief from September, 1935, until January 1, 1937, vvhen he resigned to accept a position on The Mary- ville Daily Forum. Justin King, then sports editor, became editor. Sponsor: Mr. T. A. Gauldin Editors: Justin Q. King . . . . Editor Virgil Elliott . . Assistant Editor Raymond l-larris . . Sports Editor Mary Ann Bovard . . Society Editor Contributors: Eula Bovven, Lorace Catterson, Frances Daugherty, Beulah J. Frerichs Mary Anne l-lamilton, l-larl l'lolt, Donald King, Edna li. l.amison, Charles McConnell, Thelma Morris Pebley, Loretta Reimer Gerald Rowan, Frederick Schneider, Jean J. Schneider, Paul Strohm, lvlfalter Wade, Ed Wallace, Elizabeth Wright. Pzie 70 I I ent iate ntil ary- chs, ison, er, limi 'age 76 Pi llmega, i National honorary commercial Fraternity. Founded March 15,1924 on this campus. 1 Beta Chapter. 136 members initiated. Requirements For membership: Major in Commerce, the completion ol ten hours in Commerce with i , A an average of "SH, Five hours in Education, and an average of 2 1 i l Y! 'i "M" in courses outside the Department of Commerce and Busi- ness Administration. ' i Sponsor: Miss Minnie B. James Qfficersz I Martha May l-lolmes . . , President g Elizabeth Adams . . Vice-president I Elizabeth Wright . . . Secretary-Treasurer l-lonorary member: Dr. l-lenry Alexander Members: Elizabeth Adams Thelma Duncan l-lelen l.eet I Martha May l-lolmes , Miller Weeda Elizabeth Wright 2 Z' Pledges: f . if Ethel l'lester V ' .V Marjorie Farmer 52 Catherine Carlton Paul Strohm t GNN9 5 i Pi Gamma u is ' i National honorary Social Science Fraternity. lts purpose is the inculcation of ideals of scholarship, scientiiic attitude, and method and social service in the study of all social problems. lts members attempt to i study all social questions in the light of scientific truth and by scientific methods. ,Q i t. Officers: ,A 7 Lorace Catterson . . . President Id l-larland Farrar . . Vice-President Dr. l'l. G. Dildine . Secretary-Treasurer 'A Page 77 3 i l i I L Seelal Seienee Club and Inter- national Relations Club Social Science Club-For those students ol the college vvho are interested in social advancement. international Relations Club-Founded 1935 on this campus. Purpose-lo study vvorld problems in order to bring about better international understanding and to develop international good will. Sponsors: Professor T. l-l. Coolc Dr. l-larry G. Dildine Dr. l-lenry A. Foster Dr. Q. Myl4ing Mehus Qihcers: l-lelen Ford . . Virgil Elliott . Marion E. Fender Lorace Catterson ,VlCI'T1lDCi'SI Margaret Adams Kenneth Allen Jo Allison l-lelen Ruth Barker Lucy Mae Benson Verne S. Campbell Leslie Carlson Lorace Catterson Harold Daniels Fred Davidson William l-l. Davis John Dunlap Virgil Elliot l-lelen Estep Marion E. Fender l-lelen Ford Rierce Gardner Grace Geer Edvvard Geyer l-lubert l-ladorn Mary Anne l-lamilton Raymond l-larris James l-litchcocl4 . . President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . Rublicity Chairman l-larl l-lolt l"larry lrvine Mary Meadovvs Gladys Miller Geraldine Myers Rhillip Q. Nystrand Marianna Qbermiller June Ratchin J. K. Rhipps Margaret Rorter Donald Reece lrilene Rovve Ruth Sampson Alex Savvyers Qlin Schmidt Frederick Schneider Jean Schneider Chester Smith Glenna Smith Kathleen Thomas Rauline Walkup Louise Wanner Virgil Yates Org Go Spa Rur Spa Cf Me Alpha Phi Sigma National honorary scholastic fraternity for teachers colleges. founded february 26, 1930 at Kirlcsville, Missouri. Beta chapter established on this campus April 9, 'l93O. Purpose: 'lo foster superior scholarship both in secondary schools and colleges. permanent membership awarded upon high scholastic attainment in College. Sponsor: Mr. J. Norvel Sayler Qfficers: Clara Ellen Wolfe . . . President Mary Elizabeth Adams . Vice-President Eugene l-lill ..... Secretary-Treasurer Members: Mary Elizabeth Adams, William Bills, llene Boyd, Thelma Duncan, Marjorie lfppard, Vivian Fordyce, Vera Gates, Doris l-liles, Eugene l-lill, Bill Maloy, Marian Maloy, Mary McCollum, Mary Meadows, Wilma Myers, Ruth Rosenbohm, Vivian Ross, Rebecca Taylor, Mary Turner, Ted Tyson, Portia Wilson, Clara Ellen Wolfe and Frances Woodburn. ' GXK9 Y. M. C. A. Qrganized in 1906. V Gospel team conducts services in other states. Sponsored seventh Annual lnternational Fellowship Banquet february 'l7. Purpose: Sponsors: Qfficersz Members: To uphold Christian ideals. Dr. Q. Myl4ing Mehus Dr. l-l. G. Dildine Mr. A. J. Cauffield Dr. J. C. Miller Mr. LaVerne E. lrvine Alex Sawyers . . . . . President Virgil Woodside . . Vice-President Myron Simerly . . . Secretary Virgil Elliott . . . . . Treasurer Edgar Abbott, Wilmer Allison, Roy Arnold, Ellis Bray, Gilbert Brown, I 78 Ralph Carmichael, Edward Castle, l.orace Catterson, Charles Churchill, Rex Copeland, John Cox, l-larold Daniels, fred David- son, Guy'Davis, l-lomer Dickerson, Virgil Elliott, l-larold farmer, Robert Forbes, Buford Garner, Vernon Green, Albert l-lagaman, Raymond f-larris, Addison l-lartman, Donald l'lepburn, James l"'litchcoclc, Robert Long, Lawrence Millil4an, Robert Mitchell, Gaylord Morrison, Billy Musser, Albert Needles, Merrill Qstrus, J. K. Phipps, Lester Realcsecker, Gerald Rowan, Alex Sawyers, Myron Simerly, Edwin Tyson, Turner Tyson, lra Glen Williamson and Virgil Woodside. Association For hildhood Education Maryville branch organized December 4, 'l9Q8. Composed of the National Council for Primary Education, the lnternational Kindergarten Union and the Association of Nursery School Teachers, the result oi a merger in 'l93'l. purpose: To promote progressive education in the nursery schools, kinder- gartens and primary group, and to encourage professional develop- ment ol teachers. Membership composed of students majoring in kindergarten- education. Sponsors: Miss Chloe Millikan Qificers: Velma Cass . Doris Kendall . Dolores Messner l.udmila Vavra . Members: l-lannah Lou Bennett lrene Bohnenblust Sally Bonham Sue Brovvn Velma Cass lrene Dunlap Marjorie Fisher Elizabeth Groby Vesta l'lelzer Eleanor l'lunt Doris Kendall June Kidvvell Beatrice l.eeson l.eon Mclntosh Miss Margaret Sutton . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary Treasurer Dolores Messner Geraldine Meyers Virginia Milliken Eloise Netherton Elizabeth Planck Mary Lucille Powell Mary Schmeling Alyce Marie Sturm Rebecca Taylor Elizabeth Turner l.ois Utterback Ludmila Vavra Rosalyn Venrick Dorothy Wort primary Page 80 Il Miss Four Pron Squq Me Page Hash Slingers Union Qrganized in 'l9Q5 for furtfierance of fellowslwip among tlwe men employed at tfme Residence l-lall cafeteria. Recognized officially as a campus organization in 1932, Sponsor: Miss Rutfi Villars Qfficers: Jofin Zuclwowsld . . . . President Ralplw Morrow . . . Vice-President f"lenry Robinson Secretary-Treasurer Riclward Slwrout . . Sergeant-at-Arm5 Members: William Bills Ermin Brown Roy Brown Bill Berneau Donald Cofer G. L. Jofinson Willis Goza Darryl Wagoner ' Fall Pledges: Alfred l"lowell , Marion Rogers Bob Rogers Raul Tracy GNK9 Debate Missouri Kappa Cfiapter of Pi Kappa Delta, National l-lonorary Forensic Society. Founded at Maryville, April 13, 1932. Promotes Utfie art of persuasion, beautiful and just" by encouraging inter- collegiate debate and public speaking. Squad debated in neigfiboring colleges and in a practice tournament in Maryville, tfie state tournament at Marslwall, and tfie Provincial Pi Kappa Delta tournament at Kirksville. Question debated: HResolved: -llwat Congress sfiould be empowered to enact minimum wage and maximum working lwour laws for industry. Members: T Dr. J. R. Kelly Gerald Rowan Louise Bauer Pfiillip Q. Nystrand Gara Williams James l'litclwcocl4 l-lelen Estep Allan Kelso Eileen Elliott Edgar Abbot Walter Wilson P 8 09Neillian Dramatic Club Qrganized in 1934, talcing its title From the name ol one oi Americais leading playvvrights, Eugene Q'Neill. Purpose: -lo provide a vvorl4shop for students interested in the theatre oi today. Sponsors: Miss Eileen Logan Dr. Joseph P. Kelly Qliicers: William l-lutchinson Beulah Frerichs Thelma Patriclc lVlCI'T1bCl'SI Nadine Allen Qlgalee Beal Mary Margaret Bentley l'lannah Lou Bennett Mary Virginia Bush Lorraine Conrad Chalmers Corington Emma Jean Corington John Cox Fred E. Davidson Guy Davis -lhelma Duncan Virgil Elliott Marjorie Eppard l'lelen Estep Marjorie Fisher Susan Fleming Rebecca Foley Vivian Fordyce Beulah J. Frerichs Elizabeth Glenn Ethelyn l-larris Ethel Hester William l"lutchinson Mary 0. Kirl4ham Virgil Yates . . President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Edna Frances l.amison Robert Long Forrest Magee Betty McGee Virginia Milliken Robert M. Mitchell Marian Nally . lrene Nelson June Patchin Thelma Patrick Mary Martha Peterson J. K. Phipps Margaret Porter Maxine Prevvitt Norma Jean Ripley Marjorie Schneider Nara Sheets Katherine Schulte Doris Stahford Pauline Stockwell Louise Straight Paul Strohm Phyllis Thomas Elizabeth Utz Mary Ellen Williams K Nut: lnclt Purp Spo Offi Men Ple Page 82 Founded in 1916 on this campus. Art lub Purpose: To Foster in the members a deeper appreciation ior art and to give them an opportunity to develop further their talents. Meets twice a month. Requirements For membership: A major or minor in art and a high scholastic standing. Sponsor: Miss Qlive S. DeLuce Qiiicers: Edith Wilson . Sue Bell . . Elizabeth Matheny Betty McGee . Members: Mary Margaret Bentley Mynatt Breidenthal Walter Brovvn, Jr. Margaret Donelson Virgil Elliott Marjorie Eppard Vesper Farrens l-lelen Gaugh Dorothy Graham . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary , Treasurer Mary l-larmon Mary Jo McGee Marjorie Keyes Dorothy Dalby Beverly McGinness Virginia Page Grace Reed C. V. Wells Gara Williams Frances Woodburn GX9 appa micron Phi Nucleus of a national l'lome Economics sorority which was Founded in 1922 by Miss l-lettie M. Anthony. includes, besides this Alpha chapter, Fifteen chapters in eleven states. Purpose: -lo develop Women with higher ideals, vvith a deeper appre- ciation of the American home, vvith high intellectual and cultural attainments. Sponsor: Miss l-lettie M. Anthony Qfiicers: Alberta Williams . . . President Marjorie Keyes . . Vice-president Mary Shoemaker . . . Secretary Elizabeth Lltz . . . Treasurer Members: Alberta Williams, Marion Burr, Mary l3ecl4, Elizabeth Utz, Mary Shoemaker, Edith Wilson, Eileen Elliott, Mary Louise Lyle, Lola Aclclin, Thelma Pebley, Beverly McGinness, Marjorie Keyes. Pledges: Dorothy Dalbey, Derotha McDaniel, Arlene Birdsell, Margaret Libbe, Marjorie Farmer, Eula Bovven. Page 83 Alpha Sigma Alpha Natidnal educational sorority. Founded at Earmville, Virginia, in 1901. Phi Phi chapter installed on this campus in May, 1928, but was previously Lambda Phi, a local sorority. Roll includes twenty-two chapters in only four-year teachers, colleges and schools of education in universities. Last year Phi Phi chapter awarded a silver loving cup for its efficiency rating Sponsor-Miss Mariam Waggoner Local Qfficers: Marian Maloy Elizabeth Adams Ludmila Vavra Clara Ellen Wolfe Lucy Mae Benson Dolores Messner Thelma Patrick Elizabeth l3lancl4 Mary Meadows Active Members: Pledges: Elizabeth Adams Lucy Mae Benson lrene Bohnenblust Dolores Bolin Mary Ann Bovard Emma Jean Corington Drury Davis Mildred Elliott l-lelen Gaugh Marian Kirk Mary Louise Lyle Marian Maloy Mary Meadows Dolores Messner Mabel Bradley Marianna Qbermiller . president Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer W Registrar . . Chaplain . ..... Editor . Pan-l-lellenic Representative . . Collegiate Representative -l-helma Patrick Marjorie Perry Elizabeth Planck Maxine Prewitt Virginia Sifers Louise Straight Kathaleen Thomas Mary Turner Elizabeth Utz Ludmila Vavra Jane Vogt Portia Wilson Clara Ellen Wolfe Dorothy Wort Elizabeth Turner Maudeen Wall4er Sigma Sigma Sigma National educational sorority. First clwapter Founded at Farmville, Virginia, April QO, 1898. Alplwa Epsilon cliapter and tlwe alumnae cliapter installed on tlwi Marcli 18, 1927. Faculty Advisor--Miss Nell l-ludson Sponsor+Miss Eileen l.ogan Patronnesses-Mrs. Forrest Gillam and Mrs. J. C. Miller l.ocal Qllicers: Mary Peclc . Beatrice l.eeson Josepliine Nasli . Maxine Daniels Edvyardena l-larrison Mary Allen . Active Members: Pledges: Mary Allen Maxine Daniels Edwardena l-larrison Doris Dee l-liles Eleanor l-lunt Beatrice l.eeson Mary Jo McGee . . President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . . Treasurer Keeper ol Grades Betty McGee l.ois McCartney Josepliine Naslw Mary Peck Glenna Smitlw l-lelen Svvinlord l.ois Utterback Earlene Beggs Rutli Marie Burclw Mary Eisenparger Wilperta Means Virginia Millilcen Katlwerine Null Margaret Staiiord Pauline Walkup Betty White Mary Ellen Williams s campus, Sigma Mu Delta Social Fraternity based on the principles oi Free Masonry and De Molay Founded in Emporia, Kansas, in 1921. Gamma chapter established on this campus in 1930, Has grown steadily and prosperously while upholding the ideals upon which it is based. Sponsors: Mr. W. T. Garrett Honorary Members: Dr. S. A. Durban Dr. R. C. person Qlhcers: William Bills Chester Smith Virgil T. Yates Leslie Carlson . John Cox Active Members: Lynn Bickett William Bills Thomas Boyd Verne Campbell Leslie Carlson John Cox Ursle Crockett Lloyd Dowden Wynn Duncan Edward Gickling Dale Hartley Frank Hayes Pledges: Robert Bowles Fred Davidson William H. Davis Willard Ford George Hamilton Mr. Mr. Harl Holt Ralph Knepper John Liddle Don Lindley Leonard Martin Lambert Miller Robert Miller Charles McConnell Albert Myers George Nixon Robert Paul Raul Person Mahlon Hamilton Robert Mitchell Wayne Murphy Jewell Myers C. Lloyd Qliver Mr. H. R. Dieterich Sterling Surrey Clare Wigell . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Editor Forrest Petree Robert Phipps Frederick Schneider Lowell Deane Slonecker Chester Smith Henry Swift Edwin Tyson Turner Tyson Miller Weeda James Wells Harold Wilson Virgil T. Yates J. K. Phipps Edgar Quillin Lester Reaksecker Paul Tracy John Joseph Ward Sigma Tau Gamma Qldest National Social-Professional Teachers College Fraternity. Founded at Warrensburg, Missouri, in 1920. Theta chapter installed on this campus April Q, 1927. Member of association ol Teachers College Fraternities. Purpose: To promote lasting lellovvship, training lor leadershipf enriched social orientation and adjustment, stimulate more extensive participa- tion in extra-curricular school activities, and emphasize social democracy. l-louse Mother: Mrs. Cora B. Clary Sponsors: Dr. l-lenry M. Alexander Mr. Roy Ferguson Mr. Norvel Sayler l-lonorary Member: Mr. E. A. Davis Officers: Donald Coler . l-larold Penvvell Jackson Wright . Bill Maloy . Mac Coverdell . Active Members: Ralph Adams Bill Blagg Donald Coler Chalmers Corington Mac Coverdell Rex Creighton Dale Driltmier Carl Finlc Lloyd Flanders Elliott Foster Mr. Wilbur Stalcup Mr. D. N. Valk Mr. R. -l-. Wright . President Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer . l-louse-Manager Donald Francis Gene Govving Bill l-lull Allan Kelso Walter Lethem Bill Maloy Paul Nevvby Ralph Newby l-larold Penvvell Charles Plander Bernard Richards Glenn Rouse Gerald Rowan Walter Rulon Lawrence Ryan Garth Sharp James Stephenson Eldon Thompson Neil Weary Jacl4son Wright Arthur Yates usic Music, Father of the best that is in men, is becoming more and more important in our college life. Not only are the several organizations spon- sored by the Music Department a source of great inspiration, much pleasure, and regular recreation to those who participate as members, but their ex- cellent vvorlc is enjoyed lar and vvide. Due to the great demand For its services, both on and ott the campus, the department is l4ept exceedingly busy. Consider For example, a very incomplete list of its activities from March '15 to May '15, to tal4e a tvvo month period this year. Full concerts in some cases, incidental programs in others, vvere given at Parnell, Barnard, Guilford,'i'l.iberty, Excelsior Springs, Maysville, l-lar- mony high, Dalevievv high, Westboro, Mound City, Maryville high and Rotary Club, and in lovva at Glenvvood, Villisca, Corning and Shenandoah. ln addition there vvas a total of Five broadcasts over WCW, Qmaha, KFEQ, St. Joseph, and KMA, Shenandoah. Furthermore the department sponsored the Northvvest Missouri College District Music Contests, sponsored the Nodavvay County l-ligh School and grade choruses, Furnished judges for several other smaller district contests, gave several lectures to music and civic clubs, and presented a college assembly program of music. Finally, and certainly not least, the Music Department presented a May Festival of extensive proportions, involving several evenings, the pres- entation of vvhich included a Mendelssohn Qratorio, a Beethoven Con- certo, a l-laydn Symphony and many other gems of the vvorld's greatest music. w Qnly through the cooperation of the administration oi the other depart- ments ol the College, and ol the students concerned, has it been possible for the Music Department to carry successfully such a tremendous program vvhile operating its regular College classvvorlc PERSQNNEI. OF SMALL ENSEMBLES Varsity Quartette: Merrill Qstrus Ted Tyson William Somerville Virgil Woodside Herman N. Schuster, Coach Upperclass Women,s Trio: Martha May l-lolmes l-lelen Shipman Dorotha Depevv Miss Marian J. Kerr, Coach and Accompanist LZ Y 1 L l Page 88 P026 39 IISIC freslwman Girlfs Sextette: Drury Davis Vivien Froyd f-lelen .lean Collins Nora Belle lXlOdl42S Dorotfiy l.acl4ey . Portia Wilson Miss l"lelen Cralnan, Coacfr .lean Dykes, Accompanist Students vvlwo are prominent officers in one or more of tlwe following organ- izations: Sympliony Qrcfiestra, tfie Concert Band, tlsie Clworus, and tfie College Dance Band: Robert Paul William Somerville Marian Kirlc Merrill Qstrus l'lelen Slwipman George Nixon Allan Bing Bruce Coffman Lois McCartney Edgar Quillin faculty: La Verne E. lrvine, Director of Music Education and Cfiairman of tlwe Conservatory of Music. l-lerman N. Sclwuster, Voice and Conductory of Chorus. Marian J. Kerr, Piano, l-larmony and Accompanist. l-lelen Cralwan, Voice and Public Sclwool Music. Alline Fentress, Violin, Piano, Conductor of Qrclwestra. Claire Wigell, Band lnstruments and Conductor of Band. "Pirates of Penzanceu Was it Mrs. Miller, tlwe wife of our Dean, vvlwo said slfie enjoyed our ovvn College performance of tfie famous "Pirates of Penzancen more tfian tlwat of a vvell-l4novvn professional company slie lwad seen previously in Clwicago? Under tfie direction of La Verne E. lrvine, Cfiairman of tfie Conservatory of Music, vvlwo conducted tlsre performance, assisted by Miss l-lelen l-laggerty, lwead of tfme Department of Plwysical Education, and Dr. Josepfi P. Kelly, Director of Dramatics, tlwis popular Gilbert and Sullivan Qpera, tlwe first of its lcind to be given on our campus in several years, proved to be a fruge success. ,- Athletlcs Coach E A Davis Coach E A l.efty Davis chairman of the department of physical education and instructor in football has coached at the College since 1927 Coach Davis came to Maryville in 1927 about the middle of the football season and has made a very good record since that time Q 44 vw . . . . . , . . . I 0 . . . I . I . . u Mr. Davis is an undergraduate of Kentucky University and Phillips University and played football, baseball and vvas a track man at those schools. For the past three years he has been attending summer school and has nearly completed his Master's degree. Upon graduation from school, Coach Davis took up professional base- ball for a living, but vvhen he failed to become a regular vvith the St. Louis Browns, he turned to coaching. f'le coached football at Missouri Weslyan for six years and produced five championship teams and one runner-up. ln 1924 he vvas coach of football, baseball and basket ball at Mclfendry College. The Mclfendry football, basket ball and baseball teams were undefeated in 1924. Next Mr. Davis vvent to Centenary and in 1925, he produced a conference vvin- ner in football there. Coach Davis has coached one M. l. A. A. championship team and four runner-up teams. Coach Wilbur Stalcup Wilbur Stalcup, youthful Bearcat basket ball and track mentor, has completed his fourth year on the coaching staff of his Alma Mater. Mr. Stalcup came to Maryville from Qregon high school where he vvas a member of one of the best basket ball teams ever produced in a Missouri high school. While in College he lettered four years in basket ball, three in football and four in track. ln 7932 Stalcup vvas chosen on several all-American basket ball teams, after the Bearcats had competed in the finals of the national tournament. After graduating from College, Mr. Stalcup spent a year in Jackson, Missouri, as coach of the high school. Since coming to Maryville he has had several good basket ball teams and has developed several outstanding basketball men in the state. l-lis track teams have vvon the M. l. A. A. outdoor meet once, and have made good shovvings every year. Stalcup deserves credit for de- veloping the greatest track man MSTC has ever had. 0.2 l ? g 90 Page 91 f 66 99 l-lonorary athletic organization. Composed ol men who have earned their letters in lootball, basl4et ball or traclc. Rurposes: lo promote better competition and sportsmanship, to promote a spirit ol unity among its members, and to establish a lasting memory among its members. Club has sponsored the "Varsity Drag", the high school tracl4 meet as part ol the Spring Contests, and this year a banquet lor its new members to be held as an annual atlair. l-lonorary Members: Mr. E. A. Davis Mr. l-l. R. Dieterich Justin Q. King Qliicers: Donald "Bon Sipes . . President Wallace "Pop" l-liclcs Vice-Rresident Lloyd ul-loss" Flanders . Secretary Chandis "Doo, Wilson . Treasurer Members: lrwin Almquist William Bernau Lester Brewer Roy Brown Clifton Cox Lloyd Flanders Donald Francis J. Rierce Gardner Vernon Green Wallace l-licl4s Allred l-lowell l-larry lrvine Romaine Kious ' Lawrence Knepper Qrville Livingston William McMullin Norin Meredith Edward Molitoris Walter Moore Wilbur Moore l-lerschel Neil Everett Richards Marion Rogers Robert Rogers Glenn Rouse Walter Rulon Raul Scott Richard Shrout Donald Sipes Darryl Wagoner Carl Wilhelm Chandis Wilson John Wright Arthur Yates Andrew Zembles John Zuchowslci Football """7 Starting on vvhat seemed to be one of the most successful seasons in the past fevv years, the Bearcats vvon their first four games vvith a povverful display of football talent. l-lard lucl4 featured their next contest vvith Rolla, vvho played their best game of the season. The final score vvas a tie. ln the Cape Girardeau battle the Bearcats started dovvn hill and lost. They lost not only the lndian game, but every other encounter they played during the season. ' Peru, Nebraslca Teachers were the first victims of the Green and White Warriors at the opening of the season. With the starting line-up dominated by freshmen, the Bearcats came home from Nebraska on the long end of a Q4 to 8 score. "Boch Yates-played one of the best games of his career at Peru and made a start on vvhat was to be his best year of football. f'lis punting lcept the bearcats Hin the game" throughout the rest of the season. St. Viators College of Bourbonnas, lllinois vvas the second victim of the rampant Bearcats. ln beating this team, Maryville defeated the best team they faced during the season. The final score was 'IS to 6. After the tvvo non-conference starts the Bearcats opened their con- ference play vvith Springfield as the rival and emerged the victor by a score of 'I3 to O. Central College of Fayette, Missouri, tried their hand at stopping the team that vvas becoming one of the highest rated teams in theistate. 'l-hey failed, losing to the Bearcats by a score of Qi to O. Rolla succeeded in stopping the Bearcats by tying the final score. After this game Maryville failed to vvin another contest the remainder af the year. Cape Girardeau, Warrensburg, and Kirl4sville each vvon over the Bearcats. To finish the season l?ocl4hurst College of Kansas City, vvho vvas doped to lose, vvon by a score of '13 to 6. SUMMARY OF Tl-IE SEASON Maryvi e .... ......... Q 4 peru ....... . 8 Maryvi e .... ... 'i3 St. Viator.. .. . 6 Maryvi e .... ... 'I3 Springfield. .. . O Maryvi e .... ... Qi Central.. . .. . O Maryvi e .... . O Rolla. ....... . O Maryvi e .... . 6 Warrensburg. . , . 7 Maryvi e .... . O Kirksville ....... . 7 Maryvi e .... . O Cape Girardeau. .. ... 7 Maryvi e .... . 6 Roclchurst ....... . . . 'I3 Page 92 Basket Ball Getting an early start in good shape and winning 'I3 oF 'I7 games in the season and a tie For second place in the conierence, with two men on the all-conFerence First team and one each on the second team and honorable mention list, is the Fact story oF the basket ball season For this year. l"low- ever, the Fact story tells none oF the thrills the hard-Fighting, smooth-working team produced. Neither does it tell oF the game won From the SaFeway Grocers oF Denver, nor oF the loss to the Stage Liners oF Kansas City. It was still Football weather when the Bearcats stepped out to beat Peru in basket ball. For the First time in many years, the Bearcats wore long stockings on the court, they made the team one oF the best-dressed around. A large crowd came to that game with the Nebraska Teachers- not because they thought it would be a close battle, but they wanted to see how the Bearcats would look later in the season and, most oF all, to see lke l-lowell, the 6 Foot 'FOM inch Georgia Giant. They were treated with the sight oF Ike hitting Four baskets in that First game. ,It wasnit long until Captain Roy Brown had settled the Fact that he was to be a great leader For the hard-Fighting Maryville Basketeers, he Finished the season one oF the high scorers in the conFerence and was picked as an all-state Forward. A Far greater honor was given him when he was asked to play with the Santa Fe Trails in the National Tournament- an honor which he accepted. Although the Bearcats were twice beaten in the conierence, they evened the total with both Cape and Warrensburg, and came through the conFerence season with a record oF eight victories and two losses to win second place in the lVllAA. ln their games outside the conFerence, the Bearcats won Five and lost two. They won From Peru, Pittsburg, Kansas Teachers, the Denver Safe- ways and two games From Pockhurst College. They lost once to Pittsburg and the Santa Fe Trails. SUMMARY OF TI-IE SEASON Mgnc, 40 Peru, Q8 MS C, 47 Rolla, 19 MSHC, 30 Pittsburg, Q8 MSQC, Q6 Cape Girardeau, Q3 MS-C, 34 Kirksville, QQ MSQC, Q4 Warrensburg, Qi MS-C, 33 Denver SaFeways, Q3 MS-C, 49 Rolla 'I6 MS-C, 'IQ Cape Girardeau, Qi MS-C, 42 Rockhurst, Q1 MSKC, Q8 SpringField, '17 MS-C, Q7 SpringField, Q5 MSWC, Q7 Santa Fes, Q8 lVlS-C, Q7 Warrensburg, 40 MS-C, 33 Rockhurst, Q7 MS-C, 34 Kirksville, 30 MS-C, Q8 Pittsburg, 34 Track The track and field teams of the Maryville Bearcats have the record of being undefeated for the past three seasons in dual competition. This season the team has been led by Captain l-lerschel Neil, an Al.l.- AMERICAN, vvho holds the National lntercollegiate record in the hop- step-and-jump of 49 feet 7 inches, and several conference records, both indoor and outdoor. Neil's indoor records in the M4 l. A. A. are the follovving: 50-yard dash-6.2 seconds 440-yard dash-53 seconds Broad Jump-QQ feet 7M inches l-lis outdoor records include: 'IOO-yard dash-9.7 seconds QQO-yard dash-21.8 seconds Broad ,lump-Q3 feet 3M inches Last year Neil was a candidate for the Qlympic team, but he vvas de- feated in the finals in Nevv York. l-le was placed on the All-American College track and field team for his record in the National lntercollegiate meet in Chicago. At the Kansas Relays he placed second in the 'IOO-yard dash and a Week later vvas one of the tvvo double Winners in the Drake Relays, Winning the 'IOO-yard dash and the hop-step-and-jump. A So far this spring the Maryville tracksters have vvon third place in the conference indoor meet vvith Q8 points. They hope to keep their record for being undefeated in dual competition clean this year. The Bearcats have dual meets with Peru, Nebraska Teachers, Went- vvorth Military Academy, Warrensburg, and St. Benedicts. With a group of promising freshmen out, there is little doubt that the Bearcats vvill be able to uphold their record. Page 94 Page 94 olf ennis Much nevv material vvill be used to complete the 1937 tennis squad. lvlr. Sayler vvill Form this year's team about Sharp, Smith and Thompson, the only three members returning irom last year's competition. The prospects scouted in pre-season form, leaves no doubt among S. T. C. fans as to the expected record oi the forthcoming seasonal tennis team. GNXN9 The return oi last yearis golf team for 1937 competition, vvill be an advantage that cannot be overloolqed. With l'lolt, Rovvan, Person and Zuchovvslci Forming the nucleus for this season's squad, Maryville will enter all of its meets displaying a type oi opposition that vvill be difficult to overcome. It is impossible to disclose the complete golf schedule, but it is very probable that Maryville vvill enter the St. Joseph Junior College, and the State meets. Page 95 Intramural Commission Organized three years ago. Purpose: To provide competitive sports for the men of the College not competing in varsity athletics. Composed of one man from each class, the freshman member to serve for his four years in school. Senior member serves as chairman. Members: Walter Wade, Chairman Clifton Cox Darryl Wagoner paul Tracy ' 6x9 Womon's Athletic Association Purpose: To promote a school spirit of loyalty among the vvomen and to , encourage participation in healthful recreation. Qffers hoclcey, basket ball, volley ball, baseball, svvimming, hiking, golf, l tennis and dancing. Each sport under management of student. Qfficers: Lucy Mae Benson . Elizabeth Wright Dorothy Wort . . Marjorie Schneider . Bonnie Mcl:all . Sponsor: Miss Miriam Waggoner Members: Mary Frances Barrocl4 l.ucy Mae Benson Li lian Combs Emma Jean Corington Majorie Farmer Jean Gibson Virginia Gibson Dorothy Graham Unity l-lixenbaugh Beatrice Leeson Maurine Lepley l-lazel Levvis . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary l-listorian . Reporter Nlorma Ruth Logan Bonnie Mcfall Mary Jo McGee Dolores Messner Gladys Miller Marianna Qbermiller June Patchin Nlorma Jean Ripley Marjorie Schneider Esther Spring Dorothy Wort Elizabeth Wright Page 96 Wc Este Pu r, Spo OF Ma ii l all l d to ii I I golf, V Cheer Leaders Composed of a l-lead Cheer Leader and tvvo assistants. Elected by the student body. Aim: To mold the student body into a compact organization vvhich vvorl4s for a common end, "VICTGI2Y". Where only a levv vvords may be said, it is impossible to give all the admiration due Hlommyn, "Rosy", and Hfxndyu. l-oo often the Cheer Leaders must bear the brunt oi an unsuccessful athletic year, but they. have proved themselves loyal in every sense of the vvord. l-lead Cheer Leader: Assistants: Eldon Thompson Rosalyn Venriclc Verne Campbell GXXL9 reen and White Peppers Women's pep organization. Established in the Fall quarter of 1927. Purpose: To add pep and enthusiasm to all school activities. Sponsor: Miss l-lelen l-laggerty i Officers: l Dolores Messner . President Mary Ann Bovard - Secretary Alyce Marie Sturm . TVZGSUVGV Norma Ruth Logan Captain I Members: l Lucy Mae Benson Dolores Messner f Dolores Bolin Marianna Qbermiller 5 Mary Ann Bovard Marjorie Perry Rebecca Foley Norma Jean Ripley , Doris Kendall Margaret Smith Pg96 H97 Norma Ruth Logan Mary Louise Lyle Marian Maloy Betty Marshall Bonnie Mcl:all Virginia Siiers Alyce Marie Sturm Jane Vogt Rosalyn Venricl4 Dorothy Wort Barkatze Men's and Women's Pep Qrganization with thirty-six women and thirty- two men. Organized during fall quarter ol 1932. Purpose: To add more organized pep to the Bearcats' activities ancl to the Student Body. Sponsors: Miss Marian Kerr Mr. l-lomer T. phillips Qllicers: Bill Maloy . . President Paul Person . Vice-President l-lelen Leet . . Secretary Elizabeth Wright . . Treasurer Members: Margaret Adams Nadine Allen Mary Frances Barrock lrene Bohnenblust Sally Bonham Virginia Bosch Eula Bowen Sue Brown Carlyle Breckenridge Lester Brewer Lillian Combs Maxine Daniel Mercedes Duncan Fred Davidson l"larland Farrar Cort Feurt Mildred French Beulah Frerichs Helen Ford Edward Gickling Gene Gowing l-lubert l-ladorn Martha l'larmon lfdwardena l-larrison Ethel l-lester Doris l-liles l-larl l-lolt Veryl l-lumphreys Eleanor l-lunt Allan Kelso Beatrice Leeson l'lelen Leet Maurine Lepley Don Lindley Bill Maloy Lucille Mason Durwood Maxted Lois McCartney Gerald Mitchell Robert Mitchell Gladys Miller Wayne Murphy Albert Myers Loyd Qliver Paul Person J. K. Phipps Durine Riddle Margy Lou Roach James Roberts Mildred Robinson Frederick Schneider Lowell Dean Slonecker Glenna Smith James Stephenson l-lenry Swift Kathleen Thomas Eldon Thompson l"loward loay Mary Turner Turner Tyson Lois Utterback Walter Wade Martha Weaver Lucille Wenstrand Jim Wells Gara Williams Ardell Woodrull Elizabeth Wright Page 98 Volume A-Z Number, Davenport O00 BEARKATFAX AN AWTHENTIK KOPY FOR THOSE WHO KARE For The Year 1936-1937 O FEECHURES By W Profezzer Gotrocks, B. O. profezzer Whoozengadget, B. S. 4351- - WAS 3952! BEARKATFAX Published about this time by a bunch oi lowerites who have gone nertz trying to be lunny. Rolland -loss lmia Wallcenbac Snoopy Drawers Youda Loveder Editor Assistant Dirty Digs Whatis Lett Price in the United States, 43c, they're given away in Canada. BEARKATFAX is a Firm issue, partly protected by the binding, the "un- iunnynessn Cto some peopleD is not worthy of reprint. VOIUITlCiA'Z Number-Davenport 000 Ulriggern Bell, the Arlcansas gal, be- lieves you can't paint the town red and feel in the pinlc afterwards. Mary -lurner's philosophy is that the girl who is as good as gold is prac- tically out of circulation today. Yes, Mary Ann, we still pronounce your name Bo-' -vard and not Bovardf Everyone should read J. 0. King's diary. It tells about his tear oi some women. l-li, Venrick and Vance. Allan Kelso: HGrandpa, were girls harder to l4iss when you were youngff' Grandpa Kelso: ul recl4on they were, but it wasn't near so dangerous. Qld Dobbin never smashed into a tree just about the time you got puclcered up." Dick Shrout: "Ethel, l guess you've gone out with worse-looking fellows than l am, haven't you?" CNO answer.D Dick: ul say, Ethel, l guess youive gone out with worse-looking fellows than l am, haven't you?" Ethel l-lester: ul heard you the First time. l was only trying to think." SPRING FEVER Monday: -loo tired after weelc-end. Tuesday: Canyt get boolc from library. Wednesday: Has date. Thursday: Weel4-end approaches. Friday: Week-end almost here. Saturday: Weel4-end is here. Sunday: Reads funny papers. Bill Maloy: HWill you marry me in spite oi my trouble?" Mary E. Adams: "What is it?" Bill: Uhalling hair." Mary E.: "You darling boy, to how much'?,' l-lere's wishing the Campus Kids at the Dorm lots oi luck next year. May they never be campused again. Mr. Siiers: Ulhe man who marries my daughter will get a prizef' The Ardent Hchubn Yates: UMay l see it please?" Dedicated to Eddie Giclding: l cut my candles all in two, Which startled all my friends, They've only half as long, tis true, But burn at all lour ends. Page 100 WARNING TQ BEGINNERS Un, son, beware the baby stare, Slcy-blue eyes, and golden hair. Then of this girlie be afraid, With Fire-red hair and eyes of jade. Beware the maid of mystery, too, With eyes and hair ol raven hue, Ch, sonl Ch, sonl beware them all Gr you will have no iaclc at all. Miss l.air: You don't read between the lines enough. You are too literal. John l.iddle: l can't. lt's hall erased. A Rosie: The thorax is in the throat, it is the organ of thought. "Say, Surrey, what lcind oi a car are you driving to college'?H ci 1 vi its an R. F. D. HWhaddye mean, R. F. Dfw "Rescued from the Dumpf, l-le asl4 her to wed, But she only said, UGO to iatherf' But she lcnew that he knew That her Father was dead, And she l4new that he lcnew What a life he had led, Sofshe l4new that he l4new What she meant when she said, UGO to father." l-le who laughs last has it explained to him. Page 101 Captain Condon: Cfxt the regular Monday night drill.D HWhen l was a little boy l had a set of wooden soldiers. Qne day l lost those soldiers and l cried very much. But my mother said: iNever mind, some day you will get your wooden soldiers bacl4.' And be- lieve me, you bunch of wooden-headed dumbbells, that day has come H Rrol. Garrett: ls that your cigarette stub? Zeke Kious: Go ahead, you saw it First. Dr. Painter: Who is your favorite author? C. Carlton: My father. Dr. Painter: What does he writer? C. Carlton: Checlcs. So says the Stroller editor: This is a good one, but we gotta graduate. ECQNQMICAL SHORT STORY Rich girl. Motor car. Lonely road. Breakdown. Ruilian. Scream. Poor boy. Rescue. Swoon. Love. Elope- ment. End. -Net saving-6,874 words.- Breidenthal: Didn't l get my last hair- cut in this shop? Barber: l thinlc not. Weive only been in business two years. GET TI-TIN EXERCISES By lVladam Skinen Bones This group of exercises will also bene- fit those suffering from fallen arches, knock-knees, ingrowing toenails, prom- inent ears, and dandruff if they are regu- larly forgotten each morning for six weeks. 'l. Stand on both feet-relax facial muscles, direct eyes toward end of..nose and touch same with tongue. Q. With right foot directly over left kidney, flex right ear until perfectly limp, at the same time lift arms to a div- ing position and say ah. 3. Place back of right hand under chin, fingers toward front. Standing on both feet, toes turned in, place left hand in small of back and with muscular action alone wave fingers of right hand in a rhythmical fashion as the face takes on a haunted look. 4. ln semi-squatting position balance on left foot, placing right foot in mouth, as index finger of right hand is placed in center of top of head. 5. With head between knees place tongue in left cheek, raise left eyebrow and squint right eye, flex knees a little and with a spring from the arches, head remaining in the same place, raise feet into air. l'lold this position for a minute or two and then call for help. ln the next installment Madam Skinen Bones will publish a set of exercises es- pecially composed for those unfortunates afflicted with that strange malady, "in- flated craniumf' Dr. Kellyf "I say, Jerry, what's a cosmopolitan?" Jerry: "Suppose there was a Russian Jew living in England with an ltalian wife, smoking Egyptian cigarettes, near a french window in a room with a Turkish carpet on the floor. lf this man drank American ice cream sodas while listening to a German band, after a supper of Dutch cheese made up as a Welsh rarebit, then you might be safe in saying that he was a cosmopolitanf, Hltfs the truth that l speak," Says Prater Greene, HA girl on the lap is worth two on the screenf, You're right, Wag., the daughters of the garbage men are not to be sniffed at. Dizzie lzzie rocked the boat, Dizzie Lizzie couldn't float. Exit Lizzie- Funeral note. ul-lell, yes," said the devil, picking up the phone. for a very small sum you can enroll in my course of love-making in ten easy lessons. Casanova Simerly. -adv- Pres. Lamkin: HCh, dearl lim so sorry your car is in the ditch. It was all my fault." Tourist: ulNlot at all, not at all. l saw you coming two miles up the high- way and could have easily turned into a side road." Page 102 "Doc" Yates says, that Monday and Tuesday are so close to Wednesday, that he has to rest Thursday and Friday to be ready to sleep Saturday and Sun- day. Mr. Cauffield: "What and where is the golden gate?" Madolyn Jackson: "The golden gate is the gate of heaven where all good children go after they are exported into the great beyondf' Bill Francisco thinl4s that the Ad. building is in the math. department. W. T. Garrett: "What is a worm?" J. Stephenson: "A worm is a guy or a room-mate that "cuts your throat." PATENTS Theme song: "Wool Wool Youiye got me Woo- - f 'ng MOU siisfpdna Depew My ability to barlc like a dog . . . Wynn Duncan My 'Elizabethean techniquei' . . . "Cotton" Morrow LQST AND FOUND Found: Masculine footprints on window sill of dormitory. Room TOT Lost? A number of Tri Sig Sorority pins in places seldom frequented. Found: My Hwayi' with women. Please refer to lrene Bohnenblust. H H Bo Sipes Page 103 ln the parlor there were three, She, the parlor lamp, and he-Two's com- pany, there is no doubt-So the parlor lamp went out. An honest confession is good for the soul, but not for the reputation. Sue Brown Willie l-leal told Dr. painter in English class, that he could not sit down because his 'conjuction' was still bothering him from last Frat meeting. Water Tower-A place where the grass is green, the nights abound with gentle breezes, the moon is still bright, but refuses to reveal what its smiling countenance beholds. ADVERTISEMENTS Note: These ads are not solicited. Wanted: Qne more girl lilce my "Love,"- Lester Brewer. I For Sale: Qne badly, bent Cmaybe she should have said 'brol4en'D heart .... Mary Lucille Powell For Rent: A boy friend in excellent shape. SI' hl d. I8 ty use Bonnie Mcl:all Wanted: 75 Udecentii boy friends. Dormitory Wanted: E2 new 'bull hides, for half-soling purposes. llce l-lowell l buy "Qld Gold". C23 Mary Meadows "Now," said Dr. Alexander, Hpass in all of your papers to the end of the row, have a carbon under each one, then l can correct them all at oncef' Doc Wilson thinlcs that a socl4 on the foot is worth two in the eyel l-le: Wanna ride? She: Going north? l-le: Sure. She: Give my regards to the Esldmos. Wi-IEN SOME BIG PRUNE The sun of a nut, Marries a lemon, And the pear l'lave a peach for a daughter, With Cherry lips, l-low in the devil Can you believe in heredity? Coverdell: l'm raising a moustache. What color do you thinl4 it will ber? Creighton: Gray, at the rate it's growing now. The student that cooks up alibis gen- erally finds that they seem half-bal4ed to the professors. FACULTY QUESTIONNAIRE Fools can asl4 questions that wise persons cannot answer. Perhaps that is why many students fail on some examinations. We feel that the following simple questions are as sane as some asl4ed on some exams we have to tal4e, so we feel that we have a right to asl4 the professors to answer them: These questions must be answered carefully, truthfully, and humorously. 'l, Are you married, single, or otherwise? Q. Do you reside in this city? lf so, why don't you mover? N 3 What Upulli' Cor bullj did you employ to get a position in this institution? 4. Do you expect to hold your position, and if so do you believe that it will affect the future enrollment of the college? 5, l"low do you rate with the students? 6. Do you have fallen arches or athleteis foot? 7. l-lave you at any time had garments on your back? lf so, how did you get rid of same? 8. Did your ancestors hang by their tails or by a rope? 9. IF you should be elected dean would you invite students to your home for dinner at least three times a week? NOTE: The last two questions are valued at one hundred each and they simply must be answeredl Page I0-I Financial Statement of the 1937 TGWER QUTCQME Rrinting, .............. ................. . . S Radio for TGWER office ...... 35 New slwoes For Editor. ......... 6 Dates witlm Beauty Candidates ........... Q0 Doctor's bill For 'l'liompson's breal4down .... 55 Advertising ........................ Engraving .. .... .... Postage stamps. ............... A 'Vi 5 Week-end trip to Kansas City ..... .... 4 50 Work on typewriter ...,.......................... 750 76 Gold medals to Bovard and Carlton, excellent secretaries. Farewell party For overworlced statiz 75 34 Tomato Juice.. 3 Favors. ..................,.. . Refreshments.. . .. Aspirins. . 2 50 50 75 .00 00 60 35 25 00 00 98 00 50 50 00 48 4'i 00 25 00 50 00 Miscellaneous .. 'l,786. 53,412 lNCQlVll5 5ale of annuals. .... .. ............. . .. S 9 Advertising .............. 'l Rebate from plwotograplwers.. 'I25 Printers Knocl4down,. . . 1,049 Miscellaneous: lnlweritances 800 Donations. . . 225 00 ? 1 552,209 DEFICIT ..... .. 551,202 75 66 ook hree P' PM X V4 x 4 ,:. 'X f ' fffm gg! 7 ' x 1 M S , ,MAA q t ' f 1 1, K A su inn... Say! We Almost Forgot To Mention Faculty and Classes! SO-0-O-0-O-0, Last But Not Least N M Dr. Henry M. Alexander Commerce A. B., Davidson College M. A., Princeton Ph. D., University of Missouri Facult Dr. F. R. Anthony Hettie M. sAnthony Health Home Economics A. B., Missouri State B. A., University of Missouri B. Pe., Missouri State M. A., Columbia University M. D., Washington University Study in University of Vienna Royal Ophthalmic Hospital, Glasgovv, Scotland Study in European Universities Estella Bowman Hazel Burns English English B. A., Washburn A. B., M. A., University of M. A., Kansas Nebraska Graduate Student-Cambridge, Study, University of California England, and Columbia and University of Wisconsin A. J. Caulfield George H. Colbert T. H. Cook Geography Mathematics American History A. B., Ohio Northern Univer- B. S., B. A., M. A., National B. S., Stanberry Normal SKY Normal University of Ohio Graduate Study, University B' S-I Cl'lC'39O University Graduate Student, University of Colorado M. A., University of Wisconsin Graduate Work, University of Colorado, University of Cal- ifornia of Washington Page 106' A. H. Cooper Helen Crahan E. A. Davis Education Music Physical Education B. S., Maryville State Teachers B. M., Syracuse University B. S., McLean College r College B. S., M. A., Columbia Uni- Graduate Work, Peabody and Ed. M., Harvard University versity Phillips University Study,, souri Graduate Work, Missouri South Kentucky and Tran-T sity and Chicago Universities Sylvania :rsities ,, M K QM - s T ,f if W Olive S. Deluce H. R. Dieterich W M B S Fine Arts High School B. S., A. M., Teachers College, A. B., Missouri Wesleyan Columbia University College . University of Paris A. M., University of Missouri Art Students League, N. V. Graduate Work, Ohio State Student of Andre L'l-lote and University Percival Del.uce, A. N. A. Dr. Harry G. Dildine Dr. Blanche Dow Dr. S. A. Durban I Social Science X French Chemistry B. A., M. A., Ph. D., North- A. B., Smith College B. S., Alabama Polytechnic . . Western Diploma, School of Expression Institute, Auburn, Alabama lverslty Boston M. A., University ol Texas A' My ph- D-I Columbia Uni' Ph. D., University of Nebraska versity Graduate Study, University of Paris gage 108 Page 109 i t i i i i 1 it l l . I i 1 i l l , A - W . 'l Mattie M, Dykes Alline Fentress Mary M. Fisher 5 R English Violin lndustrial Arts Y Sq Maryville State Tgagligrg S., George p6dbOClY COl- S., lVllSSOl.II'l l l College lege M. A., Columbia l M. A., Chicago Graduate of Ward Belmont Graduate Work, California . Graduate Student, University Graduate Study, CNCGSO MUS- l of London ical College 1 l l I S l . l I l l l i l A Dr. Henry A. Foster Katherine Franken Social Science Education 1 B. A., Vale B. S., University of Missouri M. A., Chicago M. A., Columbia University - l Ph. D., Leland Stanford Graduate Work-University of I Chicago and University of lovva l f l l l 4 Margaret Franken Hubert Garrett William T. Garrett l Education Social Science Biology i l B. S., University of Missouri B. S., Maryville State Teachers A. B., Westminster College Graduate Work, University of College M. S., University of Chicago lhl Missouri and Columbia Uni- M. A., Nebraska Graduate Study, University of l versity Graduate Work, Iowa Chicago It ' Page 110 f l A . 1 -iz 'a lt. B. M. Gr. I x A. M. S, Gre Stui Pagi le :ago y of -e 110 Helen Haggerty Dr, J, W, Hake Katherine Helwig Physical Education Physics MdflWCm6tiCS B. S., University of Minnesota B. A., Illinois University B' S-1 MGVYVTHG Slate Teachers M. A., Columbia University M. A., Northwestern Uni- College , 1 1 Graduate Work, University of versity ASTA!! fihfjso ,UnLllV?f5lfY Minnesota, Columbia Uni- Ph. D., University of Kansas Sig, an ' ISSOUH mmf- versity and Wellesley Col- Graduate Work, University of ICSC Chicago . N T ' , , f A' My SX 2 4, X w - . ' M ff , U C ff , , yfiif .Q is 1 ,S 1" :M , g 5 f I ,A Carrie Hopkins Dr. Frank Horsfall, Jr. Fine Arts, English Agriculture B. Pd., Greeley State Teachers B. S. A., University of Arkan- College sas B. S., Maryville State Teachers M. A., Ph. D., University of College Missouri Student, Chicago University LaVerne E. Irvine Minnie B, James Mary E. Keith Music Commerce Primary A- B-1 Uf1iVCVSifY of piftglillffi B. S., Maryville State Teachers B. S., fVliSSOUfl UDFVCVSWY M. A., University of Penn- College M. A., Columbia University SYlvania M. A., Colorado Teachers Graduate Work, Columbia College SfUdY1 CGVVYCBTC Tech- Graduate Work, Columbia Page III . Q, it Dr' 1022211 Kelly lgaixn Ker Ramona Lucille L'air A. B., Grinnlell College If' Piano - t 5pd."lSl' M. A., Ph. D., University of ' Oberlin CO B'3'ljdei:mn8Fleld Graduate Iowa ' ' . ' U ' 't FP ' St cl Graduate StuClY, Cornell Uni- X if Nilgridu Y versity I Eileen Logan Dr. Margaret Ruth Lowery Physical Education English B. S., University of Wisconsin A. B., Colorado State Teachers Certificate from Graduate College Teachers College of Win- M. A., University of Chicago netka, Illinois Ph. D., Yale University Dr. O. Myking Mehus Chloe Millikan Dr. Anna M. Painter Social Science Training School English A. B., Augsburg College B. S., Wa rrensburg State B. A., Earlham M. A., University of North 1 Teachers College M. A., Columbia University Dakota M. A., Columbia University Graduate Work, Sorbonne and Ph. D., University of North Graduate Work, University of University of California Dakota Vienna Ph. D., Yale Page 112 B.S T M.. Grai Sc B.S C Graf Ie Page l Homer T Phillips Education B S Warrensburg State Teachers M A Columbia Graduate Work Peabod Southern California G2 Ncrvel Sayler H N Schuster Mathematics Voice Maryville State Teachers Pupil of Thos Noble McBur College ney CChicagoD M S lowa University Francesco Daddl CChicagoD Y dn Graduate Work Iowa Uni Opera Company versity Florence and Rudolph Naymes CChicagoD A I v I . I l E ' 'I A. B., ' ' . - , V' . i . ., I d D .I . . t- g . . Q i, . 5 i i D i . G I . . I U . 4 4 Ph. B., Chicago University B. S., Maryville State Teachers Dora B Smith Leslie G Somerville Training School Extension l B. S., Warrensburg State Teach- College M ers College M. A., University of Missouri M. A., Columbia f J-K 4 WW 70,1 C. 0 J l 'l' f ki Wilbur SfalCUP Sterling Surrey a'9a'e on M l Physical Education Commerce ude FGC l B. S., Maryville State Teachers B. S., College of the City of ' 5Sl dnt ' l it College New york ., Mar 5l'!tState eacwf Lind GfdClU6fC Work, p25l3OdY Col' M. B. A., l-larvard Graduate Colle N l I lC82 School of Business Adminis-1 '- . ,Jr 'Nl tration f ' Or Clrxib Q d l . - , -llfi ,541 J-'S l ige 112 Page 113 We 'yy' f . l I! rf' K JL . rw - L -, ,sn-if 2 1 i ' . fr " l . yj' 'ffyfilfiv X liyh I my 1 'aff . X ,.4'-F...-V' 5, , ,lv -kv - ' - iv' -c ' 1 l P' My jd JJ' U! ' lv" 'N P N D. N. Valk Marian Waggoner Elizabeth White lndustrial Arts Physical Education , Education B. S., Kalamazoo State College B. A., Hanover College B. S., Warrensburg State M. S., Michigan University M. A., University of Iowa Teachers College Graduate Work,Michigan Uni- M. A., University of Missouri versity Clare Wigell R. T. Wright Music Agriculture B. S., Michigan State Normal B. S., University of Missouri Graduate Study, University M. A., University of Missouri of Michigan Cp- H I afij ff! Zz , 5 -, Ce. fy I - ' 'Al' fs--Y-Qffgl ' f , f. X, ' . ' ' f f ' 1 ' S 'J"5"'f' ' I' 'C-a ff ' fl-sf X, -'rf-'Lw'. J 5 JY-: ' I A f ' f. I X Y v?f' .gif 'J if C, 5.4. ' SM! J! ' ,A .api -H 'Xl ' 1 l 5' 4, 'rj ii ilfjn 1 . 5 I gf: Q , , L rl.. " 1 'i . I I 1 . v . Page 114 ? i 1 State l Kissouri V I I 5 I 1 i i 9 4 page 114 Page 115 .Students Walter Lee Rulon Shenandoah, Iowa William Bills Jameson Velma Cass Shenandoah, Iowa Dorothy Dowden Maryville Don Francis St. Joseph Martha May Holmes Plattslourg Carlyle Breckenridge Turney Lorace Catterson Maryville Lloyd Dowden Maryville J. Pierce Gardner St. Louis Lola Aclclin Graham Roy C. Brown Desloge Earl Coulson Hatfield Dale Driftmier Clarinda, Iowa Helen Gaugh Maryville Mary E. Adams Mt. Moriah Donald L. Broyles Clearmont Mac Coverdell Grant City Eileen Elliott Trimble Vernon Green Independence Mary E. Allen Cameron Verne Campbell 'larkio Dorotha DePew Gravity, Iowa Marion E. Fender Imogene, Iowa Mary Anne Hamilton Maryville Vlqi' ll0 1 tllen n pbell ePew owa 'ender owa ilton Ie age 116 Walter Rulon, B. S. Mathematics and Physical Education-Social Science. President Club, President Senior Class, Vice-president Junior Class, Football, Track, Basket Ball, Sigma Tau Gamma. Martha May Holmes, B. S. Commerce-Music. Pi Omega Pi, Y. W. C. A., Alpha Epsilon Psi, Chorus, Orchestra. Lola Actin, B. s. Home Economics-Social Science. Kappa Omicron Phi, Varsity Villagers, Y. W. C. A. Mary Elizabeth Adams, B. S. Commerce and Spanish. Student Senate, Alpha Phi Sigma, Pi Omega Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Mary Allen, B. S. Education-Music, English, Social Science. Pi Gamma Mu, Sigma Sigma Sigma. William Bills, A. B. Mathematics-Physics. Vice-president Student Senate, Alpha Phi Sigma, Y. M. C. A., Industrial Arts Club, H. S. U., Sigma Mu Delta. Carlyle Breckenridge, B. A. Business Administration-Economics. Student Senate, President Barkatze, Social Committee, Social Science Club, Interna- tional Relations Club. Roy Brown, B. S. Physical Education-Industrial Arts, History. Basket Ball, Track, I-I. S. Ll., Club, In- dustrial Arts Club. Donald Leroy Broyles, B. S. Commerce-Mathematics. Intramurals. Verne S. Campbell, B. S. Social Science-Music. Tennis, Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Cheer- leader, Growlers, Sigma Mu Delta. Velma Cass, B. S. Primary Education-Music, English, Soci- ologyg. Vice-president Freshman Class, President A. C. E., Green and White Peppers, President Residence Hall Board, Chorus. Lorace Catterson, B. S. Social Science-Economics, English. President Social Science Club, Student Sen- ate, President lnternational Relations Club, Alpha Phi Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu, Y. M. C. A. Page 117 Earl Coulson, B. S. Commerce-Industrial Arts. Mac Coverdell, B. S. Business Administration-Economics Sigma Tau Gamma. Dorotha DePew, B. S. Music-English. Alpha Epsilon Psi, Chorus, Girls' Trio, Barkatze, A Capella Choir. Dorothy Dowden, B. S. Commerce. Lloyd Dowden, B. S. Industrial Arts-Social Science. Industrial Arts Club, Sigma Mu Delta, Chorus, Glee Club, Growlers. Dale B. Driftmier, B. S. - Chemistry-Physics, Mathematics, General Science. Sigma Tau Gamma. Eileen Elliott, B. S. Home Economics-English. Kappa Omicron Phi, Book Club, Residence Hall Council, Debate. Marion E. Fender, A. B. Chemistry-History. Social Science Club, Secretary International Relations Club. William D. Francis, B. S. Commerce and Physical Education. "M" Club, Football, Track, Sigma Tau Gamma. J. Pierce Gardner, B. S. Sociology and Social Science-English. Social Science Club, International Relations Club, Club, Track, Intramurals. Helen Gaugh, B. S. Music-Fine Arts. Chorus, Orchestra, Art Club, Music Fra- ternity, Piano Recitals, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Vernon Green, B. S. Industrial Arts-Mathematics and Physical Education. President Sophomore, Junior Classes, Presi- dent and Vice-president Student Senate, "M" Club, Football, Track, Basket Ball, Industrial Arts Club, Howard Leach Medal 1935. Mary Anne Hamilton, A. B. English-Social Science. Northwest Missourian Sta FF, Varsity Villagers, Book Club. Raymond H. Harris Redding, Iowa Veryl Humphrey Grant City Margaret Lanning Gower Mary Meadows Pattonslourg George Nixon Leon, Iowa George Hartman Barnard Madolyn Jackson Sheridan John Liddle Maryville Gaylord Morrison Eagleville Thelma Morris Pebley Maryville Leland V. Hathaway Mildred M. Henslee Grant City Hamburg, lowa Marjorie N. Keyes Donald King Grant City Cameron Louise Lippman Norma Ruth Logan Maryville Maryville Geraldine Myers Herschel Neil Conway, lowa Maysville Charles Pfander Margaret Porter Burlington Junction Maryville Esther Hensleigh Blancha rd, Iowa Romaine Kious Carroll, lowa Marian Maloy Redding, Iowa Paul Newby Plattsburg Donald Reece Savannah Page 118 1 isleigh Iowa Kious owa 'laloy Iowa wby V3 eece ah Page 118 Raymond H. Harris, B. S. Commerce and Business Administration- Social Science. Y. M. C. A., Northwest Missourian Sports Editor. George Hartman, B. S. Industrial Arts-Geography. Industrial Arts Club, Y. M. C. A., Growlers. Leland Hathaway, B. S. Business Administration-Mathematics. Growlers, Mildred Marie Henslee, B. S. Music-English. Chorus, Girls' Band, Varsity Villagers Coun- cil, V. W. C. A., Assistant Director Freshman Girls' Sextette, Girls' Octette. Esther Hensleigh, B. S. English-History. Chorus Social Science Club, Book Club. Veryl Humphrey, B. S. Commerce and Mathematics-Social Science. Barkatze. Maclolyn Jackson, B. S. Commerce-English. Marjorie Keyes, B. S. Home Economics-Chemistry and Commerce. Varsity Villagers Council, Art Club, Vice- president Kappa Omicron Phi. Donald A. King, B. S. Chemistry-Mathematics. Newman Club, Northwest Missourian Stati. Romaine E. Kious, A. B. Biology-Chemistry. Football, "M" Club. Margaret Lanning, B. S. Commerce-English. John Liddle, A. B. and B. S. Chemistry and Physics-Mathematics. Orchestra, Growlers, Chorus, Band, Glee Club, Industrial Arts Club, Sigma Mu Delta. Louise Lippman, B. S. Mathematics. Student Senate, Chorus, Y. W. C. A. Page 119 Norma Ruth Logan, B. S. Physical Education-Geography and I-listory. Green and White Peppers, W. A. A. Board. Marian Maloy, B. S. Music and English-Mathematics. Chorus, Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Psi, Green and White Peppers, Pan-I-lellenic Council, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Mary Meadows, B. S. Music and Social Science-English. Social Science Club, Residence Hall Council, Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Psi, Orchestra, Pan-Hellenic Council, Chorus, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Gaylord Morrison, B. S. Agriculture-Mathematics, General Science and Music. Orchestra, Chorus, Band, Y. M. C. A., A Capella Choir. Geraldine E. Myers, B. S. Kindergarten and Primary Education. A. C. E., Chorus. Herschel Neil, B. S. Physical Education, Mathematics. "M" Club, Track, Football, Baslcet Ball, Sigma Tau Gamma. Paul Newby, A. B. Agriculture. Sigma Tau Gamma. George Nixon, B. S. Commerce-Music. Student Senate, Growlers, Orchestra, Chorus, Dance Band, Sigma Mu Delta. Thelma Pebley, B. S. I-Iome Economics-English. Chorus, Kappa Omicron Phi. Charles C. Pfander, B. S. Mathematics and Chemistry-Physics. Growlers, Sigma Tau Gamma. Margaret Porter, B. S. Social Science. Treasurer Junior Class, O'NeiIlian Club, Writers Club, Social Science Club, Varsity Villagers, International Relations Club, Northwest Missourian Stati. Donald Reece, B. S. Social Science-Matl12mdtlCS- Social Science Club, Intramurals. 'E' Grace K. Reed Maryville Mary Shoemaker Winston Lois Utterback Brimson Chandis Wilson King City Howard Ringold Henry Robinson Olin D. Schmidt l-loplcins Kingston Graham Chester Smith William Somerville James Stephenson St. Joseph Maryville Maryville Elizabeth Utz Ludmila Vavra Walter O. Wade St. Joseph St. Joseph Maryville Harold Wilson Clara Ellen Wolfe Dorothy Wort Skidmore Grant City Braddyville, Iowa POST GRADUATES Justin O. King Virgil T. Yates Cameron Bethany I ,r,, , f Paul F. Scott Maryville Frances Stuart Maryville Alberta Williams l-lepburn, lowa Elizabeth Wright Fairfax l flmlyt' 1-0 Scott fille Stuart lille Villiams , Iowa Wright ax Page 120 Grace K. Reed, B. S. Music-Fine Arts. Alpha Epsilon Psi, Chorus, A Capella Choir, Eine Arts Club, Y. W. C. A. Howard Ringold, B. S. Industrial Arts-Mathematics. Henry Samuel Robinson, B. S. Music-Mathematics. I-l. S. U., Chorus, Tower Stail, Alpha Epsilon Psi, V. M. C. A. oian D. Schmidt, B. s. Social Science-Mathematics. Social Science Club. Paul F. Scott, B. S. Agriculture-Industrial Arts. Track, Y. M. C. A., Club. Mary Shoemaker, B. S. I-lome Economics-English and Art. Secretary Kappa Gmicron Phi, Secretary Resi- - dence I-lall, Residence I-Iall Council. Chester Lee Smith, B. S. Social Science-I-listory. Vice-president Sigma Mu Delta, Growlers. William D. Somerville, B. S. Music-English and I-listory. Chorus, Orchestra, Band, Student Senate, Varsity Quartette, President Alpha Epsilon Psi. James M. Stephenson, A. B. Mathematics-Chemistry and Biology. Student Senate, Men's Glee Club, Chorus, Barlcatze, Y. M. C. A., A Capella Choir, Sigma Tau Gamma, Editor 'I936 Tower. Frances R. Stuart, B. S. Intermediate Ed ucation-Physical Education, English, Mathematics. Varsity Villagers. Lois Utterback, B. S. Primary Education. Barlcatze, A. C. E., Sigma Sigma Sigma. Elizabeth Utz, B. S. I-lome Economics-Social Science. Residence I-lall Council, Social Committee, Treasurer Kappa Omicron Phi, O,NeiIlians, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Page 121 Ludmila Vavra, B. S. Kindergarten and Primary Education-Social Science, English, I-lome Economics. Residence I-lall Council, Green and White Peppers, Social Committee, Tower Statl, Most Popular Junior Girl 1936, O'Neil- lians, Junior Prom Chairman, A. C. E., Alpha Sigma Alpha. Walter Wade, B. S. Mathematics-General Science. Barlqatze, Y. M. C. A., Chairman Intramural Commission, Industrial Arts Club, North- west Missourian Staff. Alberta Williams, B. S. I-lome Economics-English and Chemistry. W. A. A., President Kappa Omicron Phi, Varsity Villagers. Chandis Wilson Business Administration. "M" Club, Traclc. Harold Wilson Commerce-Mathematics. Sigma Mu Delta. Clara Ellen Wolfe, B. S. Mathematics-General Science. President Alpha Phi Sigma, Chairman Social Committee, W. A. A., Band, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Dorothy Gray Wort, B. S. Primary Education-Music, English, Physical Education. Green and White Peppers, A. C. E., W. A. A., Alpha Sigma Alpha. Elizabeth Wright, B. S. Commerce-English. Barkatze, Y. W. C. A., Phi Omega Pi, Q'NeilIian Club, W. A. A., Northwest Missourian Stati. POST GRADUATES Justin O. King, B. S. Physical Education-Mathematics. Editor Northwest Missourian, I-lonorary Member Club, Treasurer Newman Club. Virgil Yates, A. B. and B. S. English, Social Science, Economics. O'Neillian Dramatic Club, Inter-Fraternity Council, Social Science Club, Sigma Mu Delta. John Zuchowslci St. Joseph Margaret Adams St. Joseph Eula Bowen Maryville Don H. Cofer Fairfax William H. Davis Eagleville Frederick Schneider Stanberry Jo Allison Weston Sue Brown Richmond Bruce Coffman 3 Forest City Frances Daugherty Gallatin Mary Peck Fairfax Helen Ruth Barker Grant City Marian Burr Maryville John B. Cox Maryville Thelma Duncan Weston Clara Lippman Maryville Lucy Mae Benson St. Louis Leslie Carlson Essex, Iowa Roberta G. Craig Bolclcow Mary Lee Eisenbarger Martinsville fx ,ls X l f J rf ' i G: F: lil Josephine Aber Maryville Sally Bonham St. Joseph Catherine Carlton Bedford, Iowa Rex Creighton Coffey Marjorie Eppard Maryville Pags 122 Harl N' Beulal l Hub S. James Clar 1' M. S Page 12 Aber le ham ph iarlton owa hton f ppard lle Page 122 Harland Farrar Maryville Beulah J. Frerichs Fairfax Hubert Hadorn Savannah James S. Hitchcock Clarinda, iowa Ambrose M. Jennings Stanberry Page 123 Vesper Farrens Clarinda, Iowa Buford Garner Winston Alice M. Hanna Pickering Unity Hixinbaugh Creston, Iowa Marian Kirk Hopkins Lloyd L. Flanders Cameron Edward Geyer Graham Mary Harmon Rosendale Harl Holt Maryville Mary O. Kirkham College Springs lovva Susan Fleming Graham Dorothy Graham Creston, Iowa Edwardena J. Harrison Burlington Junction Eleanor Hunt Breckenridge Beatrice Leeson Maryville Elliott Foster Edgerton Paul W. Greene Fairfax Donald H. Hepburn Hopkins Harry L. lrvine Fairfax Helen Leet Maryville Margaret Libbe Maryville Josephine Nash Red Oak, lowa J. K. Phipps Grant City Durine Riddle Leon, Iowa Helen Shipman Mound City Mary Louise Lyle Skidmore Ralph M. Newby Plattsburg Robert Phipps Maryville Glenn Rouse Princeton Donald Sipes Graham ill f !dfr ifv AIIIJN A' - li ,gli if V! ., 'aj' X ' Lucilleiwakgy 'R' Bjlnfnie McFall Ralph Morrow Prineetonl lf I Smithville Plattsburg .. N V BQMY Noble Robert E. Paul Harold E. Penwell M'5VYVllle Bedford, iowa New Marlcet, iowa Elizabeth Planck Charles A. Plowman Mary L. Powell Bethany Pattonsburg Gallatin Germd B' Rowan Marjorie Schneider Kathryn Schulte dryvl Z Gregon St. Joseph Glenna Louise Smith Esther M. Spring Zerita Taylor St. Joseph Mound City Mt. Moriah P11 iw' 174 1, Eldon Clari Darryl Gil l l ly f Qi - 1 , il ai llyl 1 'A ,rl Il . .xxx " I V, ' fag. 4195 Eldon Thompson ' 4 i 2 , , ,. 4 Edwin T. Tyson Mary Alice Tyson Clarinda, lowa Skidmore Skidmore Darryl N. Wagoner Miller Weeda Gara Williams Gilman City M r ille Mar ville . f Y ,jljjv Walter C. Wilson 5 . F' Q Xb Maryville Y fy W fy J -T ff ' fl ' XM il Jjf Q! 5 K' 'W ff! . M3 W J ffyxjfnil my T Qm'A.,i ..,.a Q fly 'l lj ,V 'fl Wlnfwlk My .fl ,i,f'i- -'af IHA 'ff' yf-'ljllp ry I ,M L0 3 r M iff fy f if . W I i f l VV lv J, fp f L X ,ff 1 ,X I ' . , L' x 5 f . f 1 x f i I , I ,. 1 pf' -. M fo f f JY if ,W , f ,N i i if i DW l X45 I j Q jf jj J! j 2 ,QQ Q N, M jp!! 0 Qflii Q fl lvf fl fix 5 ,1 l f IW ff 'J f i ,H Xi, A ' A 25! 1 XJ! ti oil, ll Mil In if , . , I 1 I . I V -. . 41 . H . K ' ii' r ' "a L' :J f 1 YI f' - 5 'v my lf ,. jj T ii Q, 1 X 1 c . . 1 '- . 1, , ,, 1 O ,T iv , L ff r A jj ,Ui A KJ N51 I I I f I' D i I I X y N J b MV I Il I 1 i V r 1 9 T X 4 . , t f X , x fu F R 11,1 V , S, x f J' if' Q , r if I 1' , , i 1 '- v Curtis Chambers Burlington Junction Nadean Clay King City Margaret Coates Elmo Ruth Cofer Fairfax Loraine Conrad Maryville Bartlette Cook Maryville Emma Jean Corington Gower Clifton Cox Maryville Charles Curry Parnell Dorothy Dalbey Burlington Junction Maxine Daniel Maysville Fred E. Davidson Barnard Guy Davis Craig Homer V. Dickerson Jameson Margaret Donelson Gallatin Janice Dougan Lenox, Iowa Wynn Duncan Lineville, Iowa John Carl Dunlap Fairfax .N I R I I I i A i Garth A. Sharp I Craig , 3 Jackson A. Wright N Coower ,V ' j Ti Q Ethel Hester X K I I Mound City Xl ' in xl, Dolores Messner .1, 4 xx ' l. Albany Q: 'X I rl Sorenus L. Adams NR I xb I' ' f M Maryville J l J ' I Nadine Allen ,Q X , fl 5 , Kellerton, Iowa 3 hi X' Q ' Paul Allen af' X, of Richmond X3 xl Clarice Allison . Hopkins X I I Wilmer Allison YQ l 3 if I I Hopkins Y I Do oth X fi l is 't 3 E , Dale Andgrson I I Hopkins P as Q B Raymond Beedle r , X ' Ravenwood J I X Q Vg Arlene Birdsell Y I, X A Ravenwood I , 'g tj XX' s x I fl Mary Ann Bovard C I X Maryville 'R Q I Ed Robert Bowles I . I ' b I 1 Norborne 1 Q X , 5 ,N Fx ' 4 Ilene Boyd 1 3 , ylx n' ton B I Y 9 I Ke sing 53 E L S Mynatt Breidenthal Y l X X g .R Bethany l x Lester Brewer ' ? 'J Princeton N I 5 taxi Y NE Ei- ab iii ' X Q I , A Sue Brodeerick I Q as 5 A Ch Perrin NC lx X1 YN Q . X N g N ,C -3 Walter C. Brown, J 1 .. -X F Maryville BX- ' P QSQJ ..' I l Ada Burch 5 ij I2 a ' A avenwoo J X A ,ix T N 3 Rosalie Busby J Xi 1 Maryville B I Mary Virginia Bush I Fairfax Ralph Carmichael 1 Maryville N Sidney Melvin Carter I Richmond VLIIQA' iff Pd harp 'Vright er ssner tdams en OWG lSOI1 ISOI1 rson eedle se Iovard N es Ienthal wer Afxy' IL! fy.,- Q fi l'lC Ns. ls y a Bush lchael II' CI' I f 3 XX Mlldred Ellrott I-cl gerton Vrrgrl L Ellrott Barnard Helen L Estep Um n r Harold E Farmer Savannah Marporre L Farmer Cam rra owa Rebecca Foley Gallatin Helen Ford St Joseph Vrvran Fordyce l XFX Blockton Iowa Dwrght E Gates Clearmont lk' lx Esther K Gates Bracldyvllle Iowa Vera M Gates Maryville Grace Geer Corn Iowa l EdwardV Glclcllng Richmond WIllIS oza M I lx Max Grrffrth B XXX-I Sharpsburg Iowa Beulah Harman Maryvrlle Ethelyn Harrrs J-.-q,.1 New Market Iowa , Charles Dale Hartley s Savannah , PhrIrpD Harvey W L Hutchinson R. Graham Vesta Helzer X Barnard Doris Dee Hrles Burlington Junction Eugene Hull Calhoun Wrllram Hrndman Fairfax Fred Hornbuclcle Barnard 1 4-5 I ' 1 F Q I , t lx I I f - I r S 'A ' ' Q N3 lx , I I T itY 2 E 3 M O Std all 9 X l ' Qt , ' I 0 X , I I ' ' . il lx. Z V Jani? b , I I .E ll ,ja X l X lx I I I . 7 il 3? 2 ,Ein is Zn Y Q 5 I N UI 5 H 1 X . T3 ' 3 ' - st ts. If 5 .. L 0 S N sl ' v .4 S K xi Q I X IN X I tl ' I X I 0 , X fx I ' f y K tg ,Q g I A V Od X Q l ' lx A I ll X3 I , I gt q ,X Od xg I l IL. ' x' 8 K I l K I .K XA Rx ", Rl 3 .LX 2 xl ag Ns. I , . ' ' S L B Q- I I ' 1 ' li tg X ' - G le X VX R9 2? ounds, llltnois Il ld l - 3. ll . . , l Jn xx X fs RI at Q ll X N I f I ' I at MU W ' g 3 Q 'IN ' s ' Q is N 5 f x n i REX xl I I :h k X ' it NX . J 3 B S I5 M I' xx Rl x U Xl 2 lf' , I I 5 XS . . . 'Y I Q F 3 Fl gl I ss I I Q ' ch -2 ,yi FJ ' Od E S ,sl 5, I ' , 5 g FN-l XXX . . 9 - - - e r , A , I l .I .C 1 We a I A a ' ' D I I It I I ' d 5 A , . Ua,:e121 Q P1126 27 -1 I ' L ' A I I I Maryville Lucy Mae Jones I-la e Nydra .Iorgenson Barnard Max E R Kerffer Maryvlll Allan Kelso Grant Cnty Ralph Knepper Skidmore Helen Kyle Graham Margaret Kyle Graham Elarne Lannrng Rosendale Maurrne Lepley Maloy Iowa Hazel Lewrs Plattsburg John A Lrerly Gilman Cnty Ruth E Long Bedford Iowa Bull Maloy Reddrng Iowa Bernice Marlatt Cameron Betty Marshall Weston Leonard E Martin Guilford Wanda Martrn Allendale . ' ' V I l 5 I 9 Loretta Reimer ' 'Clearfield, lowa Paul Bernard Richards Oregon Margie Lou Roach St. Joseph Vivian Ross Ravenwood Ruth E. Sampson Albany Mary Schmeling Atchison, Kansas Billy Shadwick Rock Port Georgia R. Shelton Quitman Richard Shrout Calhoun Virginia Sifers Richmond Myron F. Simerly St. Joseph Ferne Sims Allendale Donald Spratt Weston Pauline Stockwell Forest City Paul R. Strohm Maryville Alyce Marie Sturm Maryville Henry Swift Grant City La Donna Switzer Grant City J. Durwood Maxted Tabor, Iowa Lois McCartney Rock Port Mary McCollum New Hampton Charles McConnell Maryville Mary Jo McGee Harris Beverly McGinness Barnard Ralph B. Merritt Skidmore Margaret J. Miller Fairfax Robert R. Miller Burlington Junction Gerald Mitchell Maryville Mildred L. Mix Amity Helen Morehouse Hopkins Genevee Kea Murren Braddyville, lowa Wilma Myers Turney Irene Nelson Barnard Jean L. Nickel Maryville Loyd Oliver Guilford Thelma Patrick Bethany Marie Peetoom Ridgeway Mona M. Pennington Kidder Paul Person Maryville Mary Martha Peterson Edgerton Forrest Petree Savannah Gail Powell l-latfield Page 1 '8 '-A C1'.2Y!117l-51573-el-5.53-FQ.iw.ncAIP - CE-kfiilijlllf -r .. -:ted BY Jm in -nell Bee I1 CSS 'itl ller ler tion ell lix ruse I iwa rs n :el rr ck Dm Oll 'I 5Ol1 ze II ge I2 6' John S. Tabor Kearney Rebecca Taylor Maryville Robert Taylor Gravity, Iowa Phyllis Thomas Parnell William Thomas I7arneII Elizabeth Turner Barnard Page 129 Emma Lee Vance Smithville Edward Vogel Tipton Maudeen Walker I-IoIt Ed Wallace, Jr. Maryville Lorene Wanner Lock Springs Charles Waterman Mounds, Illinois Jim Wells Maryville Nancy Western Maysvi I I e Betty A. White Whitesville Kathryn Wieser Bedford, Iowa Frances Woodburn Maryville Frances Bloomfield Faucett Irene Bohnenblust Pattonsburg Dolores Bolin Plattsburg John Bond Sheridan Virginia Bosch Maryville Thomas W. Boyd Forest City Mabel E. Bradley Redding, lowa Alban W. Bret Bonnots Mill Owen Brown Allendale Billy Brunk Tarkio Ruth Marie Burch Maryville Beulah Pauline Campbell Savannah Dorotha Carter New Hampton Margaret Carter Burlington Junction Charles M. Canavan Weston Edward N. Castle Wheeling Nina Christopher Gilman City Charles Churchill Bedford, lowa Merrill Ostrus Washington, lowa Francis Stubbs Fr llmore Mary Ellen Williams Quitman Gilbert H. Brown Jameson Edgar R. Abbott Union Star Ferne Adams Maryville Ralph Adams New Market Frances Ambrose Conception Junction Roy Arnold Shawnee, Oklahoma Darrell Ball Stewartsville Lee E. Barber Burlington Junction Mabel Addie Barrett Skidmore l Lane Bartlett Bethany Mary Frances Barrock Maryville Olgalee Beal Quitman Frances Elizabeth Bean King City Earlene Beggs Guilford Sue Bell Fort Smith, Arkansas Hannah Lou Bennett Maryville Mary Margaret Bentley Plattsburg Cathryn Bermond Amity Lynn Biclcett Farragut, lowa Alice Bilby Skidmore Glade B. Bilby Quitman Page 130 Dstrus n, lowa tubbs ire Williams ian Brown O0 Nbbott Star dams ille dams arket nbrose ation on nold Dlclahoma Ball sville larber Junction el iarrett DVC rtlett BY Z ille Beal ian rrock es Bean ,ity Beggs ard ell Arkansas i Bennett Ile f lentley Jrg :rmond Y clcett lowa ilby ure Bilby an Page 130 Helen lcairrw Collins ll!tlft'ill7S Lillian Combs kuiiilftg Rex Copeland King Citv Chalmer Corington lvlafyville Ursle Crockett, Jr. Maryville Avanelle Crouse Maryville Florence Darnell New Hampton William E. Davis DeKalb Robert Denton Richmond Jean Dykes King City Allen Elliott St. Joseph J. C. Elliott Stewartsville Marjorie L. Ellsworth Burlington Junction Georgetta Everett Camden Point Doris B. Fanning Maryville Wilma Fannon Barnard Carl L. Fink Qregon Marjorie M. Fisher Maryville Willard L. Ford Maryville Mildred Frazier Barnard Vivien Froyd Villisca, lowa Archie Gardner Winona Quentin Geyer Maryville Jean Elizabeth Gibson Blanchard 17111167 131 Elizabeth Glenn Tarkio Gene Gowing Shenandoah, lowa Violet Greaves Gower Dale Hackett Burlington Junction George Hamilton Maryville Mahlon S. Hamilton, Jr. Maryville William F. Haning, Jr. Sidney, lowa Chester Hanna Pickering Martha Gene Harmon Rosendale Addison B. Hartman Maryville Mary Margaret Hartness Hopkins Kenneth Harper Fort Morgan, Colorado Herbert Hawthorne Stanberry Orlo Hawk Parnell Frank Hayes St. Joseph Cary Haynes Richmond Eddie Holland Turney Ray Holloway Virden, Illinois Mary Virginia Lewis Elizatieth Matheny Nashua lnez Love Weston Naclene Malone Clearmont Addah Lee Marlct Oregon Miriam Martin Maryville Clarence Matheny Westboro William Metz Wiota, lowa Allene Meyer Oregon Charles Myers Braymer Jewell L. Myers Kidder Gladys Miller St. Joseph Lois Miller Grant City Alfred J. Howell Columbus, Georgia Bill Hull Maryville Ruth Henning Mound City Reva Lea Herbert Oregon R. Maxine Hise Gentry Ruth Houston Hopkins Nora Belle lnman Hopkins Lorene Janssen Hatfield Hershel Jennings Stanberry Robert Newton Jennings Stanberry Betty Lee Jones Hale Elizabeth Jones Wheeling June Jones Wheeling Lowell Jones Stewartsville Helen lda Karilcer New Hampton Leonia Kelley Hamilton Luretta Ruth Kemerling A larlcio June Kidwell Martinsville Raymond Kinder Maryville Max V. Kirlcbride Ravenwood Bill Kirlcham College Springs, Iowa Dorothy M. Lackey Burlington Junction Omega D. Larson Bedford, Iowa Doris Laurence Dearborn Page 137 :well zorgia Z ing My :rbert l Hise ton s nman S ssen I nings Y nings 'Y Iones Iones I9 es I3 nes ille ariker pton lley n I rling vell Ile Iinder Ie lcbride rod iam rings, Lackey Jncuon Larson owa 'CRCG YD Page 132 Rachel Miller Parnell Virginia Dean Miller Grant City Virginia Milliken Corning, Iowa Robert Mitchell Skidmore Lois Moore New Hampton Rolla Moore Richmond Mary Frances Morell Hubbard, Ohio Martha G. Mumford Pickering Wayne Murphy Winston Billy O. Musser Weatherby Marian Nally 'Blythedale Esther Nicholas Burlington Junction Marjorie Nicholas Maryville Ruthanna Noel Stanberry Mary Kathryn Null Pickering Marianna Obermiller Jackson Hilfred Olson Essex, Iowa Virginia Page Bedford, Iowa June Patchin Edgerton Marjorie Perry Mound City Maxine Prewitt Edgerton Ferne Pollard Kellerton, Iowa Eliza Ellen Porter Maryville James Powell Stewartsville Page 133 Glee Powell Allendale Ruby Reed Elmo Edwina Marie Rhoades Rosendale Norma Jean Ripley Maryville Virginia Robertson Graham Wilma Francis Robertson Fillmore Mildred Robinson Kellerton, Iowa Ruth Rosenbohm Graham Stanley Ross Ravenwood lrilene Rowe Redding, Iowa HazeISaIIee Ridgeway Fyanna Saunders Stewartsville Jean J. Schneider Stanberry James Scott Graham Clyde R. Seelinger Butler Nora Sheets Blythedale August Sherman Barnard Doris E. Shields Maitland Louise Wanner Lock Springs Belle Ward Hamilton Peggy Jo Wartig Hamilton Neil Weary Cainsville Martha Weaver Tabor, Iowa C. V. Wells Ravenwood 'Que XY Lucille Wenstrand Essex, Iowa David White Maysvi Ile Maxie L. White King City Jennie Whitfield Maysville Frances Williams Hopkins Marion Williams Maryville Portia Wilson New Market, Iowa Margaret Wyatt Rosendale Vida Mae Yates Shenandoah, Iowa Elsie Zimmerman Savannah Fern Slaughter Ridgeway Lowell Deane Sloneclcer Trenton Margaret Smith Gallatin Richard Lee Spahr Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Doris Stafford Conway, Iowa Margaret Stafford Ta rlcio L. Keith Stoner Ridgeway Louise Straight Blockton, Iowa Amelia Strohm Maryville Doris Stubbs Fillmore Mary Helen Swinford Burlington Junction Phyllis Taylor Graham Kathleen Thomas Redding, Iowa Edith Thompson Bedford, Iowa Paul W. Tracy Hubbard, Ohio Mary Turner Pattonsburg Marcia Tyson T Slcidmore Mildred Umbarger Fairfax Fern Vaughn Lawson Patricia Venable Ravenwood Jane Vogt Stanberry Eudora Margaret Waldeier Parnell Mildred Walker Lenox, Iowa Pauline Wallcup Bedford, Iowa Pilgf' IJ-7 'iter Y :cker nith l Spahr 'urgl mia ord :vva ifford :mer Y ight awa ohm e :bs v iford Jnction flor 1 OIIIBS JWd pson Jwa 'acy Dhio ner irg SOI! C barger ghn i nable od ist VY I sldeier 'alker wa ulkup ovva Page 134 ur ast Utteranee The final page of the lovver has been sent to press. Qur tired hands drop nervously from the glue brush and paper cutter, This littered office no longer echoes vvith the clatter of long-droning typevvriters. No longer are vve haunted vvith time limits and discount dates--The 1937 Tower is done. Producing the lower has not been without its glorifying incidents. Campus leaders, Usnapshot fiendsn, and others vvho longed for places of honor in this publication, approached us with an aspiring lool4 in March, only to give us frigid glances at the end of lvlay. Students, whose identifica- tions vvere misspelled or whose pictures vvere left out, have made serious accusations, but We have managed to remain alive and intactlwe mean, as intact as anyone vvho produces an annual, can be. We have done our utmost to prevent errors, so please remember that our mistalces were not intentional in any sense of the vvord. Some people are born crazy, others are temporarily insane, and others just edit a yearboolc. , You novv hold the product of one year's efforts and persisting endeavors of one of the most "true blueu staffs with which any editor has had the pleasure of associating. Fevv people can realize the hours of labor that are utilized in presenting even one page of this boolc. We wish to extend our most sincere thanl4s to our staff, Justin Q. King, lVlr. l'larvey Tripp of the Burger-Baird Engraving Company, lVlr. Joe Coclcrill of the Midland Printing Company, and Mr. Roy Ferguson, our Faculty Guide. ln fact we wish to thanlc everyone that has helped us in any vvay, and, last but not least-vve thanlc the Lord that it is finished. P The T937 Tovver is done. -"Weeds,' and Hlommien. Page 135 x utograph NAME ADDRESS v . If .! f- ' --p ' ' ' fJ-ffffpc.f-f-- f- .fy?.,4fu.f 44ff1.Ap4,4.,,,.,,7 41,4 L14 ' g1-- r ' 4 ? ,T ,Q , , A f ' - f. 1, , I. , , rc k ,,f ,' I ,. KY- - 14- f ., .,f -. W 4.1 , '-' In 4 f l,, jL'i, -, ' 4 . , 4 r, -L A LlQ,f,-3,,4f,. " 1 2' ,,7Y',L'.4g. .fl 4 424. ,L L . - f f I -, , , rf I n , V n A c j fy . f14,,,fp4f+- ,M,f,-. fy , ni' f , I 1 lf, A I V71 5,' x -S I l 1 1 ' f 111' 1' J --.J '- - V I f! 5 " I J JAXX ff I W! ' .ff f I 1 ff fjlo - fl I lf' I F A J f nf I ,Xl I X L jf! ff ' ' 1 ,' if f . 71' f ', f!!! 'ff' sy 31" If . t ff ,.l, . ,,.ff 4,6 if If -f ' . ' wwf , 11 - .1 -4 ' 1 j Apr!!! ' , A f GV' A ff 1 ffl' ww I l i f, A . , , 1 f 4 ' , y n ny - I Y 5 Page 136 Autographs NAME ADDRESS Administrative Gfficers-19. Alpha Phi Sigma-28, 79. Alpha Sigma Alpha-32, 84. A. C. E.-29, 80. Art Club-36, 83. Bands-37. Barkatze-57, 98. Basket Ball-47-50, 93. Bearkatfax-99-105. Board of Regents-16. Cheer Leaders--56, 97. Chorus-38. Debate-30, 81. Faculty-108-114. Faculty Council-19. Features-58+71. Football-43-46, 92. Freshmen-130-134. Golf-54, 95. Green and White Peppers-56, 97. H. S. U.-30, 81. Inter-Fraternity Council-21, 75. Intramural Commission-55, 96. Juniors-122-125. Kappa Omicron Phi-36, 83. , W "M', Clubf42, 91. Northwest Missourian--25, 76. O'Neillian Dramatic Club-31, 82. Orchestra-38. Pan-Hellenic Council-21, 75. Pi Gamma Mu-26, 77. Pi Omega Pi-26, 77. Pirates of Penzance-65. Residence Hall Board-21, 74. Seniors-116-121. Sigma Mu Delta-34, 86. Sigma Sigma Sigma-33, 85. Sigma Tau Gamma-35, 87. Small Music Groups-39. Social Science and International Relations Club-27, 78. Sophomores-126-129. Student Senate-20, 74. Tennis-54, 95. Tower Staff-24, 76. Track-51-53, 94. W. A. A.-55, 96. Y. M. C. A.-28, 79. Faculty - - Alexander, Dr. Henry M.-26, 35, Anthony, Dr. F. R.-19, 108. Anthony, Hettie M.-19, 36, 108. Baldwin, P. E.-19. Bowman, Estella-108. Brumbaugh, Lucille-19. Burns, Hazel-108. Caulfield, A. J.-26, 108. Colbert, George H.-108. Cook, T. H.-7, 26, 108. Cooper, A. H.-19, 109. Crahan, Helen-109. Davis, E. A.-35, 42, 46, 109. Deluce, Olive S.-36, 109. Dieterich, H. R.-34, 109. 0 Dow, Dr. Blanche-H109 Durban, Dr. S. A.-34, 109. Dykes, Mattie M.-110. Fentress, Alline-110. Ferguson, Roy-19, 35. Fisher, Mary M.-A110. Foster, Dr. Henry A.-26, 110. Franken, Katherine-9110. Franken, Margaret-110. Garrett, Hubert-26, 110. Garrett, William T.-34, 110. Gauldin, T. A.-19. Haggerty, Helen-56, 111. Hake, Dr. J. W.-19, 111. Helwig, Katherine-111. Hopkins, Carrie-111. Horsfall, Dr. Frank, Jr.-111. Hudson, Nell-19, 33. Irvine, LaVerne E.-19, 111. James, Minnie B.-26, 111. Keith, Mary E.-111. ower Index Dildine, Dr. Harry G.-26, 27, 28, 109. Kelly, Dr. .Joseph P.--26, 30, 31, 112. Kerr, Marian-11 2. L'air, Ramona Lucille-112. Lamkin, Pres. Uel W.-17, 19. Logan, Eileen-31, 33, 112. Lowery, Dr. Margaret Ruth-112. Mehus, Dr. O. Myking-19, 26, Miller, Dean J. C.-18, 19. Millikan, Chloe-19, 29, 112. Painter, Dr. Anna M.-19, 112. Phillips, Homer T.-19, 57, 113. Rickenlorode, W. A.-19. Sayler, Norvel-18, 19, 35, 113 Schuster, H. N.-113. Smith, Dora B.-113. Somerville, Leslie G.-26, 113. 27, 28, 1 12. Stalcup, Wilbur-35, 42, 46, 52, 113. Stephenson, Margaret-18, 19. Surrey, Sterling-34, 113. Sutton, Margaret-29, 113. Valk, D. N.-35, 114. Villars, Ruth-19, 30. Waggoner, Marian-28, 32, 55, Wells, C. E.-19, 26. White, Elizabeth-114. Wigell, Clare-34,114. Wright, R. T.-35, 114. 114. Page 138 ewer ndex lliontinuedj Students - - Women Aber, Josephine-122. Acklin, Lola-36, 116. Adams, Ferne-130. Adams, Margaret-57, 122. Adams, Mary Elizabeth-20, 26, 28, 32, 116, Allen, Mary E.-26, 33, 116. Allen, Nadine-31, 126. Allison, Clarice-126. Allison, Jo-122. Ambrose, Frances-130. Anderson, Dorothy Dale-126. Barker, Helen Ruth-27, 31, 122. Bartlett, Lane-130. Barrett, Mable-130. Barrock, Mary Frances-55, 130. Bauer, Louise-30. Beal, Olgalee-130. Bean, Frances-130. Beggs, Earlene-33, 130. Bell, Sue-36, 130. Bennett, l-lannah Lou-130. Benson, Lucy Mae-32, 55, 56, 122. Bentley, Mary Margaret-36, 130. Bermond, Cathryn-130. Bilby, Alice-130. Birdsell, Arlene-36, 126. Bloomfield, Frances-130. Bohnenblust, Irene-29, 32, 57, 130. Bolin, Dolores-32, 56, 130. Bonham, Sally-29, 57, 122. Bosch, Virginia-57, 130. Bovard, Mary Ann-24, 25, 32, 56, 126. Bowen, Eula-25, 57, 122. Boyd, Ilene-28, 126. Bradley, Mable E.-64, 130. Broderick, Elizabeth Sue-126. Brown, Sue-29, 57, 122. Burch, Ada-126. Burch, Ruth Marie-33, 130. Burr, Marian-36, 122. Busby, Rosalie-126. Bush, Mary Virginia-31, 126. Campbell, Beulah P.--130. Carlton, Catherine-24, 26, 122. Carter, Dorotha-130. Carter, Margaret-130. Cass, Velma-21, 29, 116. Christopher, Nina-130. Clay, Nadean-126. Coates, Margaret-126. Cofer, Ruth-126. Collins, l-lelen J.-131. Combs, Lillian-55, 57, 131. Conrad, Loraine-126. Corington, Emma Jean-31, 32, 55, 126. Craig, Roberta-122. Crouse, Avanellea-131. Dalbey, Dorothy-36, 126. Daniel, Maxine-33, 57, 126. Darnell, Florence-131. Daugherty, Frances-25, 122. Depew, Dorotha-116. Page 139 Donelson, Margaret-36, 126. Dougan, Janice-126. Dowden, Dorothy-116. Duncan, Mercedes-57. Duncan, Thelma-26, 28, 31, 122. Dykes, Jean-131. Eisenbarger, Mary Lee-33, 122. Elliott, Eileen-30, 116. Elliott, Mildred-32, 127. Ellsworth, Marjorie l..-131. Eppard, Marjorie-28, 31, 36, 122. Estep, l-lelen-27, 30, 31, 127. Everett, Georgetta-1 31. Fanning, Doris B.-131. Fannon, Wilma-'131. Farmer, Marjorie-26, 55, 127. Farrens, Vesper-36, 123. Fisher, Marjorie-29, 31, 131. Fleming, Susan-31, 123. Foley, Rebecca-31, 56, 127. Ford, l-lelen-27, 57, 127. Fordyce, Vivian-28, 31, 127. Frazier, Mildred-131. French, Mildred-57. Frerichs, Beulah-31, 57, 123. Froyd, Vivien-131. Gates, Esther K.-127. Gates, Vera M.-28, 127. Gaugh, l-lelen-32, 36, 116, Greer, Grace-27, 127. Gibson, Jean E.-131. Glenn, Elizabeth-31,131. Graham, Dorothy-36, 55, 123. Greaves, Violet--131. Hamilton, Mary Anne-25, 27, 63, l-lanna, Alice-123. Harman, Beulah-127. l-larmon, Martha G.-57, 131. l-larmon, Mary-36, 123. l-larris, Ethelyn-31, 127. l-larrison, Edwarclena-33, 57, 123. l-lartness, Mary M.-131. l-lelzer, Vesta-29, 127. l-lenning, Ruth-132. l-lenslee, Mildred-118. l-lensleigh, Esther-118. l-lerbert, Reva Lee-132. l-lester, Ethel-21, 26, 57, 126. l-liles, Doris Dee-28, 33, 57,127. l-lise, Maxine-132. l-lixinbaugh, Unity-55,123. l-lolmes, Martha May-25, 116. l-louston, Ruth-132. l-lunt, Eleanor-29, 33, 123. Jackson, Madolyn-118. Janssen, Lorene-132. Jones, Betty Lee-132. Jones, Elizabeth-132. Jones, June-132. Jones, Lucy Mae-127. Jorgenson, Nydra-127. Karicker, l-lelen lda-132. Kelly, Leonia-132. Kemerling, Luretta Ruth-132. 6 ower Index fllontinueclj Kendall, Doris-29, 56. Keyes, Marjorie N.-36, 118. Kidwell, June-29, 132. Kirk, Marion-32, 123. Kirkham, Mary O.-31, 123. Kyle, l-lelen-127. Kyle, Margaret-127. Lackey, Dorothy M.-132. Lanning, Elaine-127. Lanning, Margaret-118. Larson, Omega D.-132. Laurence, Doris-132. Leeson, Beatrice-21, 29, 33, 55, 57, 1 Leet, l-lelen-26, 57, 123. Lepley, Maurine-'55, 57, 127. Lewis, Hazel-32, 127. Lewis, Mary Virginia-132. Libbe, Margaret-124. Lippman, Clara-122. Lippman, Louise-118. Logan, Norma Ruth-55, 56, 118. Long, Ruth E.-127. Love, Inez-132. Lyle, Mary Louise-32, 36, 56, 124. McCartney, Lois-33, 57, 60, 128. McClurg, Maxine-132. McCollum, Mary-28, 128. McFall, Bonnie-55, 56, 124. McGee, Betty-33, 36, 132. McGee, Mary Jo-33, 36, 55,128 McGinness, Beverly-36, 128. McGuire, Ailene-132. McMullin, Etta-31, 132. Malone, Nadene-132. Maloy, Marian-21, 28, 32, 56, 118. Marlott, Bernice-127. Martin, Miriam-132. Martin, Wanda-127. Markt, Addah Lee-132. Marshall, Betty-56, 127. Mason, Lucille-21, 57, 124. Matheny, Elizabeth-36, 132. Meadows, Mary-21, 27, 28, 32, 118. Means, Wilberta-33, 132. Messner, Dolores-20, 29, 32, 56, 126. Meyer, Allene-132. Miller, Gladys-27, 55, 57, 132. Miller, Lois-132. Miller, Margaret I.-128. Miller, Rachel-133. Miller, Virginia Dean-133. Milliken, Virginia-29, 33,133. Nix, Mildred L.-128. Moore, Lois-133. Moreh-ouse, l-lelen-128. Morell, Mary Frances-133. Mumford, Martha G.-133. Murren, Genevee-128. Myers, Geraldine-29, 118. Myers, Wilma-27, 28, 128. Nally, Marian-133. Nash, Josephine-21, 124. Nelson, Irene-128. Nicholas, Esther-133. Nicholas, Marjorie-133. Noblet, Betty-124. Noel, Ruthanna-133. Null, Mary Kathryn-33. Obermiller, Marianna-27, 55, 56, 133 Olson, l-lilfred-133. Page, Virginia-36, 133. Patchin, June-27, 133. Patrick, Thelma-24, 31, 32, 128. Pebley, Thelma-25, 36, 118. Peck, Mary-21, 33, 36, 122. Peetoom, Marie-128. Pennington, Mona-128. Perry, Marjorie--32, 56, 133. Peterson, Mary Martha-128. Planck, Elizabeth-21, 29, 32, 124. Pollard, Ferne-133. Porter, Eliza Ellen-133. Porter, Margaret-27, 31, 118. Powell, Gail-128. Powell, Mary L.-29, 62, 124. Prewitt, Maxine-31, 32, 133. Reed, Grace-36, 120. Reed, Ruby-133. Reimer, Loretta-25, 128. Rhoades, Edwina-133. Riddle, Durine-57,124. Ripley, Norma Jean-55, 56, 64, 133. Roach, Margie Lou-57, 128. Robertson, Virginia-133. Robertson, Wilma-133. Robinson, Mildred-57, 133. Rosenbohm, Ruth-28, 133. Ross, Vivian-28, 128. Rowe, Irilene-27, 133. Sallee, l-lazel-133. Sampson, Ruth-27, 128. Saunders, Fyanna-133. Schmeling, Mary-80, 128. Schneider, Marjorie-31, 55, 124. Schulte, Katherine-31, 124. Sheets, Nora-31, 133. Shelton, Georgia-128. Shields, Doris E.-133. Shipman, Helen-124. Shoemaker, Mary-21, 36, 64, 120. Sims, Ferne-128. Sifers, Virginia-24, 32, 56, 128. Slaughter, Fern-133. Smith, Glenna Louise-33, 57, 64, 124. Smith, Margaret-56, 134. Spring, Esther--55, 124. Stafford, Doris-134. Stattord, Margaret-33, 134. Straight, Louise-32, 134. Strohm, Amelia-134. Stockwell, Pauline-128. Stuart, Frances-120. Stubbs, Iris-134. Sturm, Alyce-56, 128. Swinlord, Mary Helen-33, 134. Switzer, LaDonna-36, 128. Taylor, Phyllis'-134. Taylor, Rebecca-28, 29, 129. Taylor, Zerita-36, 124. Thomas, Kathleen-27, 32, 57, 134. Page 140 Thomas, Phyllis-31, 129. Thompson, Edithf134. Truman, Nora Belle-132. Turner, Elizabeth-29, 61, 129. Turner, Mary-28, 32, 57, 134. Tyson, Marcia-134. Tyson, Mary Alice-125. Umbarger, Mildred-134. Utterback, Lois-29, 33, 57, 120. urz, Elizdbahn-31, 32, 36, mo. Vance, Emma Lee-129. Vaughn, Fern-134. Vavra, Ludmila-29, 32, 120. Venable, Patricia-134. Venrick, Rosalyn-29, 56, 125. Vogt, Jane-32, 56, 134. Waldeier, Eudora M.-134. Walker, Maudeen-129. Walker, Mildred-134. Walkup, Pauline-27, 33, 134. Wanner, Lorene-129. Wanner, Louise-27, 134. Ward, Belle-134. Wartig, Peggy Jo-31, 55, 134. Weaver, Martha--57, 134. Wenstrand, Lucille-57, 134. Western, Nancy-129. White, Betty A.-33, 128. White, Maxie-134. Whitfield, Jennie-134. Wieser, Kathryn-129. Williams, Alberta-36, 120. Williams, Frances-134. Williams, Gara-30, 36, 57, 125. Williams, Marion-134. ower ndex lflontinueclj Williams, Mary Ellen-31, 33, 130. Wilson, Edith-36, 125. Wilson, Portia-28, 32, 134. Wolfe, Clara Ellen-28, 32, 120. Woodburn, Frances-28, 36, 129. Wort Doroth Gra -29 32 55 56 120. Y Y 1 1 1 Wrigir, Elizabeth-25, 26, 55, 53, 120. Wyatt, Margaret-134. Yates, Vida Mae--134. Zimmerman, Elsie-134. Students - - Abbott, Edgar R.-27, 130. Adams, Ralph-35, 130. Adams, Sorenus-52, 126. Allen, Kenneth-46. Allen, Paul-126. Allison, Wilmer-28, 126. Almquist, lrwin-42, 45, 56. Arnold, Roy-130. Baker, Frank-46, 52. Ball, Darrell-130. Barber, Lee-130. Beedle, Raymond-126. Bernau, Bill-630, 42, 46, 52. Bickett, l.ynn-31. Bilby, Glade B.-46. Page 141 Men Bills, William-20, 91, 93, 30, 34, Bond, John-130. Bowles, Robert-126. Boyd, Thomas VJ.-34, 130. Bray, Ellis-28. Breckenridge, Carlyle-116. Breidenthal, Mynatt-36, 126. Bret, Alban W.-130. Brewer, Lester-44, 46, 52, 57, 126. Brown, Ermin Lee-30. Brown, Gilbert-28, 52, 130. Brown, Owen-130. Brown, Roy C.-30, 42, 48, 50, 116. Brown, Walter-36, 126. Broyles, Donald L.-116, Brunk, Billy O.-1 30. 116. Campbell, Verne S.-27, 34, 56, 116. Canavan, Charles M.-46, 130. Carlson, Leslie-27, 34, 122. Carmichael, Ralph-46, 126. Carter, Sidney M.-46, 126. Castle, Edward N.-28, 130. Catterson, Lorace-25, 26, 27, 28, 52, 116 Chambers, Curtis-126. Churchill, Charles-130. Claybaugh, Jack-46. Cofer, Don I-l.-21, 30, 35, 122. Coffman, Bruce-122. Cook, Bartlette-126. Copeland, Rex E.-28, 131-. Corington, Chalmer-31, 35, 131. Coulson, Earl-116. Coverdell, Mac-35, 116. Cox, Clifton-42, 44, 46, 55, 196. COX, John B.-28, 31, 34,122. Creighton, Rex--35, 122. Crockett, Ursle-34, 131. Curry, Charles-126. Daniels, l-larold-27, 28. Dave-46. Davidson, Fred E.-+24, 28, 31, 34, 57, 126 Davis, Guy-31, 46, 126. Davis, William E.-131. Davis, William l-l.-27, 122. Denton, Robert-131. Dickerson, l-lomer-28, 126. Dowden, Lloyd-34, 116. Driftmier, Dale-35, 116. Duke, Norman-46, 52. Duncan, Wynn C.-34, 126. Dunlap, John C.-27, 126. Elliott, Allen-131. Elliott, J. C.-46, 52, 131. Elliott, Virgil L.-25, 27, 28, 31, 36, 127. Farmer, l-larold E.-127. Farrar, l-larland-26, 57, 123. Fender, Marion E.-27, 116. Fink, Carl L.-35, 131. Flanders, Lloyd l..-35, 42, 44, 46, 193- Ford, Willard L.-131. Foster, Elliott-35, 123. Francis, Don-35, 44, 46, 52, 531 116. French, Enos-46. Cuallagher, John-52. Cuardner, Archie-131. Gardner, J. Pierce-27, 52, 53,116 Garner, Buford-123. Tower Index CC0ntinuedj Gates, Dwight E.-127. Geyer, Edward-27, 123. Geyer, Quentin-131. Gickling, Edward V.-34, 57, 127. Gowing, Gene-35, 57, 131. Goza, Willis-20, 30, 50, 127. Green, Vernon-20, 42, 49, 52, 53, 116. Greene, Paul W.-123. Griffith, Max-46, 127. Hackett, Dale-46, 50, 131. Hadorn, Hubert-27, 57, 123. Hamilton, George-31, 34, 131. Hamilton, Mahlon S.-34, 131. Haning, William F.-46, 52, 131. Hanna, Chester-131. Hartley, Charles D.-34, 46, 127. Hartman, Addison B.-28, 131. Hartman, George-28, 118. Harper, Kenneth-131. Harris, Raymond H.-25, 27, 28, 118. Harvey, Philip D.--127. Hathaway, Leland V.-118. Hayes, Frank-34, 131. Haynes, Cary-46, 131. Hawk, Orlo-131. Hawthorne, Herbert-131. Hepburn, Donald H.-28, 123. Hicks, Wallace-42, 44, 46, 48, 50. Hill, Eugene-20, 24, 28, 127. Hindman, William-127. Hitchcock, James S.-27, 30, 123. Holland, Eddie-46, 131. Holloway, Ray-131. Holt, Harl-24, 25, 27, 34, 54, 57, 123. Horhbuckle, Fred-127. Howard-46. Howell, Alfred J.-30, 42, 48, 50, 132. Hull, Bill-35, 46, 132. Humphrey, Veryl-118. Hutchinson, William L.-3'1,127. Irvine, Harry L.-27, 42, 45, 46, 52, 123. Jennings, Ambrose M.-123. Jennings, Robert-132. Jennings, Hershel-132. Johnson, Carl-46. Johnson, G. L.-30. Jones, Lowell, 52-132. Keiffer, Max E.-25, 127. Kelley-46. Kelso, Allan-30, 35, 57, 127. Kinder, Raymond E.-46, 132. King, Donald A.-118. King, Justin O.-25, 42, 120. Kious, Romaine E.-45, 46, 118. Kirkbride, Max V.-132. Kirkham, Bill-52, 132. Knepper, Lawrence-42. Knepper, Ralph-34, 127. Lethem, Walter-35. Liddle, John-34, 118. Lierly, John A.-127. Livingston, Orville-42, 46. Long, Bruce-46. Long, Robert-52. McConnell, Charles-25, 34, 128. McMullin, Bill-42, 52, 53. McLaughlin, Bernard-52, 53. Maddox-46. Malay, Bill-20, 24, 28, 35, 57,127. Martin, Leonard E.-34, 127. Matheny, Clarence-132. Maxted, J. D.-57, 128. Meredith, Norin-42, 49, 50. Merritt, Ralph B.-128. Metz, William-132. Miller-52. Miller, Robert R.-34, 128. Mitchell, Gerald-57, 128. Mitchell, Robert-27, 28, 31, 34, 133. Molitoris, Edward-42, 44, 46, 52. Moore, Rolla-46, 133. Moore, Walter-42, 46, 53. Moore, Wilbur-44, 45, 46. Morrison, Gaylord-28, 118. Morrow, Ralph-30, 124. Murphy, Wayne-34, 57, 133. Musser, Billy O.-28, 133. Myers, Charles V.-132. Myers, Jewel L.-34, 132. Neil, Herschel-35, 44, 46, 52, 53, 1 Newby, Paul-35, 118. Newby, Ralph M.-35, 124. Nickel, Jean L.-128. Nixon, George D.-20, 34, 118. Nystrand, Phillip O.-27, 30. Oliver, Loyd-28, 57, 128. Ostrus, Merrill-20, 50, 52, 130. Paul, Robert E.-34, 124. Penwell, Harold E.-35, 52, 124. Person, Paul-34, 54, 57, 128. Petree, Forrest-34, 128. Pfander, Charles C.-35,118. Phipps, J. K.-27, 28, 31, 34, 57,12 Phipps, Robert-34, 124. Plowman, Charles A.-124. Powell, Glee-133. Powell, James-133. Reece, Donald-27, 118. Reeves, Avon-52. Reital, Norman-46, 52. Richards, Everett-45, 46. Richards, Paul B.-35, 128. Ringold, Howard-120. Robinson, Henry-30, 46, 120. Rockhold, Cecil-46, 52. Rogers, Marion-30, 42, 44, 46. Rogers, Robert-30, 42, 45, 46, 50. Ross, Stanley-133. Rouse, Glenn-35, 42, 45, 46, 124. 18. 4. Rowan, Gerald B.-20, 25, 30, 35, 54, 124. Rulon, Walter Lee-42, 44, 46, 52, 53, 116. Ryan, Lawrence-46. Sawyer, Alex-28. , Schmidt, Olin D.-120. Schneider, Frederick-24, 25, 27, 34, 122. Schneider, Jean J.-25, 27, 133. Scott, James-133. Scan, Paul F.-4Q, 52, 53, 120. Seelinger, Clyde R.-133. Page 142 ower ndex filontinuedj Sein, l-lovvard-346. Shadvviclc, Billy-H128. Sharp, Beverly-46, 50. Sharp, Garth-'21, 24, 35, 54, 126. Sherman, August-52, 133. Shrout, Dick-30, 42, 46, 49, 50, 128. Simerly, Myron F.-128. Sipes, Donald-42, 48, 50, 52, 53, 124. Sloneclcer, Lowell D.-31, 34, 57, 134. Smith, Chester Lee-34, 54, 120. Somerville, William-20, 120. Spahr, Richard L.-134. Spratt, Donald-52, 128. Stephenson, James M.-20, 35, 57, 120. Stoner, L. Keith-134. Strohm, Paul R.-'25, 26, 31, 128. Stubbs, Francis L.-130. Swift, l-lenry-34, 57, 128. Tabor, John S.-35, 52, 53, 129. Taylor, Robert-52, 129. Thomas, William-129. Thompson, Eldon-24, 35, 54, 56, 125. Tracy, Paul W.-30, 34, 52, 55, 134. Turner, l-lenry-52. Tyson,' Edwin L.-20, 28, 125. Tyson, Turner-24, 34, 57, 125. Vogel, Edward-129. Wade, Walter O.-28, 55, 57, 120. Wagoner, Darryl N.-30, 42, 48, 50, Wallace, Ed-25, 129. Waterman, Charles-129. Weary, Neil-20, 35, 50, I34. Weeda, Miller-24, 26, 34, 125. Wells, C. V.-36, 134. VVdB,Jmv-34,57,129 9VhMe,DaWd-28,134 Wilhelm, Carl-42, 45, 46, 52. Williamson, lra Glen-125. Wilson, Chandis-42, 52, 53, 120. Wilson, Harold-34, 120. Wilson, Walter C.-125. Woodruff, Ardell-46. Woodside, Virgil-50. Wri ht Jackson A.-21, 24, 35, 126. 3 1 Wright, John-50. Yates, Arthur-35, 42, 45, 56. Yates, Virgil-21, 27, 31, 34, 120. Younger, Tony-46. Yourelc, Franlc-46, 52, 53. Zembles, Andrew-45, 46, 52, 53. Zuchovvslci, John-30, 42, 44, 46, 49, 55, 125 50, 54 122. ' ',,. ajpwv-Cay I LM, ja, ra55w,.w J M1f,dc . M nwcdf H , NQ J dubai! ' ff- -owadf rf GD fdfbmy Af JJ Page 143 eeaziea n , 1 1 U 5 ii n :U U ' A I Qu W lil ' Eh 1 :rg r 1 wi , 13 N i I 1 N 'l li 3 1, ,1 y 'x a 1 1 1' Y lA ,, I I N i Y w W X , A I .3 l. 1 5 1 i 1 E 1 ' I I. 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Suggestions in the Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) collection:

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