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Bop Hon Susan McConkey Editor Wava Tackett Assistant Editor Roger Ambrosier Art Editor Joan Mann Secretary Bob Johnson Sports Editor Howard Ringold Faculty Advisor Frank Grube Literary Advisor JhoAe who or in a k rina Knowlectae, JhoSe who Guide the ambitiouA, r i Jhode who inspire the didcouraaed— in 3 pi i r J op L ardd in the eJjech! jp faculty Administration :TOWER ' 65 ♦ Jhe precious stones that must o P ollshed to brina out their luster— Jhe sJjiamonds in the f ouah. r TOWER tt ' QC0r »nb E S ' a2 v: : ' S 4 •? • ' -J 1 ■P - .•- ' ■ : ■ |jB3k v K ' w- f » s ■ 4 h r Jm • ' V . r - " : ♦5c-. -■ • " -A- V £. Vf ifjh M S£$ - vv I ... _, _ • ■ -«! ? • ei ■ ' - ' • Sm . Af time for fun and fellowdhip rJLed bu In kin ad and u the campus fcinad ana aueend _rn their r endt ezuouS wi th the rteartd. Social :tower ' 65: ■ ' ? : , v m Jhe hushed atmosphere of a tenSe moment, Jhe frustrations of near vi ictoruj Jhe ecstatic iou of- th • • na point- Cach wrouaht bu the lit 1 asters of the k lubs. Sports :tower ' 65: 5o a quiet aentieman who stands in the bacharound of everu student S colieae life, wh ode ear had b een rea du to h ear d tale and whose help had manu a Saa laie ana wnose neip often been a decidina factor in a uouna life, and who Somehow had taken the harshness out of the financial contacts of- the student with this colieae, to oLuther (y. dSeicher, ( lousiness rvlanaaer 9 we aratefullu dedicate the f965 ZJ J lAJc r . L:i m ♦ FAC ULTY L - MB mmK 1 INAUGURATION Governor John Dalton delivers the main address at the Inauguration of President Robert Foster. Dr. Robert Foster accepts the seal of office of President of Northwest Missouri State College. The Inaugural Party forms outside the gymnasium before joining the academic procession into the Inaugural Ceremony. 16 INAUGURATION 1 I A. I ■ml: fc " ' - £-».« President Robert Foster and Dr. Leon Miller (center two) pose with the Inauguration speaker, Governor John Dalton (left), and Dr. Willis M. Tate, luncheon speaker (right). President Foster is pictured here with his son Robert III, his mother, Mrs. R. P. Foster, Sr., Governor Dalton, and his younger son Kemp. The sign tells the story. Delegates arrived from colleges and universities across the nation for the October 6 Inauguration of Dr. Robert Foster as President of Northwest Missouri State College. 17 INAUGURATION President and Mrs. Foster, Dr. and Mrs. Jones, and the Board of Regents and their wives form a reception line in the Rose Room of the Union. Letters and credentials of congratulations from the 182 representatives of colleges and universities across the nation are displayed in the Union Rose Room. ii ■ ' $,£ . 18 Among the platform guests at the Inauguration are President and Mrs. Foster, Dr. and Mrs. Jones, Governor Dalton, and the Board of Regents. INAUGURATION Dr. Willis M. Tate of Southern Methodist University delivers the main address at the Inauguration luncheon held in the blue Room of the Union Building. The Tower Choir, under the direction of Byron Mitchell, performs at the Inauguration of President Foster. 19 Jhe f lorthweit III issouri itate L otteae is here represented bu a liahted lamp that shines forth to auide uouna men and women in their pursuit of learnina from the booh of hnowledae. Zshe lamp of learnina and book of hnowledae , made from native walnut of northwest III issouri bu ll r. fcobert S unkel of the Zrine trts Department, are Sumbols of this colleae as it continues to have far reaching influence on the lives of the students, facultu, administration, and friends of i orthwest ill issouri J tate (college. J.W. c, ones tmencement £une 2, 1964 20 BOARD of REGENTS flu : Dr, 1 1 Bdta Dalton, Harold SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Garvin Williams, W. M. C. Dawson, President Robert P. Foster, David W. Hopkins, C. F. Russell, J. P. Morgan. STANDING: Luther G. Belcher, Jr., Harold M. Hull. HAROLD M. HULL, a lawyer in Mary- ville, is President of the Board of Regents. He has served on the Board since 1953. W. M. C. DAWSON was appointed to the Board in 1951. He is President of the Citizen ' s Bank of Grant City, Missouri. GARVIN R. WILLIAMS of Williams Lawn Seed Company in Maryville has been a member of the Board since 1959. J. P. MORGAN, a lawyer and judge of the Chillicothe, Missouri, Circuit Court, was ap- pointed to the Board of Regents in 1961. The members of the Board of Regents are appointed to their positions by the Governor of Missouri. Each appointment is for a term of six years. C. F. RUSSELL is Director of Guidance in the Trenton, Missouri, public schools. He has been a member since 1961. DAVID W. HOPKINS of the Anderson- Hopkins-Wallace Insurance Agency in St. Jo- seph, Missouri, was appointed to the Board in 1963 by Governor John Dalton. HUBERT WHEELER, Missouri Commis- sioner of Education, is an ex-officio member of the Board. LUTHER G. BELCHER, JR., Business manager of N.W.M.S.C, is Secretary to the Board of Regents. 22 PRE-COMMENCEMENT EVENT The Board of Regents and officers of the college met with the Governor of Missouri, the Honorable John Dalton, at the close of Dr. Jones ' administration. FIRST ROW: Mesdames Dawson, Foster, Russell, Williams, Hopkins, Morgan, Jones, Miller, Koerble, Belcher. SECOND ROW: W. M. C. Dawson, C. F. Russell, Dean R. P. Foster, David Hopkins, Garvin Williams, Governor John Dalton, President J. W. Jones, J. P. Morgan, Dean Leon F. Miller, Dean C. E. Koerble, Luther Belcher. President of the Board, Harold Hull, and Mrs. Hull are not shown in the picture. Governor John Dalton, President J. W. Jones, the Board of Regents, the deans of NWMSC, and wives were present at the pre-commencement dinner. 23 ADMINISTRATION BUILD « 24 p M i lii f r ■TK i n y ATION BUILDING 25 DEANS Dr. Charles H. Thate Acting Dean of Administration Dr. Leon F. Miller Dean of Instruction Dr. Charles E. Koerble Dean of Students Miss Karen Licklider Dean of Women Mr. Jack Lasley Dean of Men. 26 ADMINISTRATION Bill Needels, B.S. in Ed. Student Loan Chairman Student Activities ' Director John E. Fuhrman Assistant Director Field Services Luther Belcher, M.A. Business Manager Everett W. Brown, M.Ed. Director of Field Services Glen Vogt Director of Food Service W) I -1?V Miss Helen O ' Connor Nurse Miss Pearl Dawson Nurse Mrs. C. Frances Steele Nurse 27 FACULTY ACHUTHAN, RADH Physics, B.E. in E.E., M.S. in E.E., M.S. in Physics. AKES, ZELMA Supervising teacher of third grade, B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed. ANGMAN, BERNDT Political Science, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. ARTHUR, PAULINE Supervising teacher of seventh and eighth grades, B.S., M.A. BA1SYA, HIRA Physics, M.Sc, M.S. BAKER, EARL Physical Education, B.S. in Ed., M.A. BARRATT, GEORGE Mathematics, B.S., M.S. BARROWS, FLOYD Humanities-Social Science, B.A. BEEKS, JOHN Agriculture, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. BELL, REBECCA Foreign Language, B.A., M.A. BEUERMAN, DONALD Chemistry, B.A., M.S. BLANKENSHIP, BILL Accounting, B.S., M.S. BOONE, LUKE Director 1MB and Reference Library, B.A., P.G., U.S.N.T.S., M.A. BOUSKA, VIRGINIA Home Economics, B.S., M.A. BREKKE, JERALD Social Science, B.S., M.S. BROWN, LETA Circulation Librarian, A.B. BROWNING, EDWARD Business, B.S. in Bus. Ad., B.S. in Bus. Ed., M.A. BROWNING, SHARON Business, B.S., M.A. BUCKRIDGE, RICHARD Physical Education, B.S. in Ed., MA. CARPENTER, SAM Chemistry, A.B., B.S., B.S. in Ed., Ph.D. CATES, PATRICIA Social Science, B.S., M.A. CATO, JULIA English, B.A., M.A. COOK, MABEL Home Economics, B.S. in Ed., M.A. CRIST, LeROY Industrial Arts, B.S., M.S., Ed. D. FACULTY CROZIER, DAVID Industrial Arts, B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. DADY, MILAN Education, B.A. in Ed., M.Ed., Ed.D. DENNING, ELVIRGA Library, B.S., M.A. DeVORE, ELWYN Business, B.S. in Ed., M.S., D.B.A. DIETERICH, H. R. Education, B.A., M.A. DREPS, JOSEPH Foreign Language, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. DUNBAR, VIDA Mathematics, A.B., A.M. DUNN, MARTHA Speech, B.A. DYCHE, LEWIS Physical Education, A.B., M.S. DYKE, DOROTHY Social Science, B.A., M.A. DYKE, DURWARD Business, B.S., M.A., L.L.B. FARQUHAR, EDWARD Chemistry, B.S., Ph.D. FERGUSON, RUTH Home Economics, B.A., M.S. FISCHER, DUANE Social Science, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. FISHER, CAROLYN Library, B.S. in Ed. FROELICH, DONALD Industrial Arts, B.S., M.S. FRY, CHARLES Humanities, B.A. FULSOM, RALPH Speech and Drama, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. GARRETT, WILLIAM Biology, B.A., M.S. GAYLER, GEORGE European History, B.S. in Ed., M.A., Ph.D. GEORGE, HOWARD Education, B.S. in Ed., M.S., Ed.D. GLEASON, JAMES Education, B.Sc, M.Ed., Ed.D. GORSUCH, ANNA Education, B.S., M.A. GRAHAM, AVIS Supervising teacher of sixth grade, B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. 29 FACULTY GREGORY, ROBERT Physical Education, B.S. in Ed., M.S. GRUBE, FRANK English, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. GUTZMER, MARVIN Mathematics, B.S., M.S. in Math, M.A. in Math. HANDKE, FREDERIC Finance and Insurance, B.A., M.A., M.A. HANDKE, LILLIAN English, A.B. HARR, JOHN Social Science-History, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. HART, RICHARD Biology, B.S., M.S. HASSENPLUG, H. FRED Mathematics, B.S., M.S. HASSENPLUG, LOUISE Home Economics, B.S., M.S. HERZIG, JOHN Marketing, B.S., M.S. HIGGINBOTHAM, HARLAN Chemistry, B.S., Ph.D. HILLIX, VIRGINIA Art, B.A., M.A. HINKHOUSE, JAMES Art, B.S. in Art Ed., M.S. in Art Ed., M.F.A. HINSHAW, GEORGE Speech, A.B., M.A. HOUGHTON, FLOYD Agriculture, B.S. in Ed., B.S. in Ag., M.A. HUNTER, VIOLETTE English, B.S., M.A. HURST, JAMES Social Science, B.S., M.A. HURST, JEAN English, B.A., M.A. JACKSON, LAUR English, B.A., M.A. JACKSON, MARY Foreign Language, A.B., M.A. JOHNSON, JAMES Library, B.A., B.S. in Lib. Sc. KALISCH, PHILIP Social Science, B.S., M.A. KENSINGER, CLIFFORD Accounting, B.S., M.Ed. KESSLER, CAROLYN Library. FACULTY i KNITTL, ESTHER Supervising teacher of fourth grade, B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed. KOERBLE, BETTY Speech, B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Speech. LAFFERTY, KERRY Speech, B.S., M.S. LAFFERTY, WILLIAM Mathematics, B.S., M.A., Ed.D. LANDWER, GERALD Physical Education, B.A., M.P.E. LEE, PETER Economics-Social Science, B.S., M.A. LEMLEY, CHARLES Education, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. LLOYD, EVA English, B.S., M.A. LONG, MYRL Chemistry, B.S., M.S. LONG, NANCY Physical Education, B.S. in Ed. LOVELAND, LOIS Physical Education, B.S., M.S. in Ed. LOWE, JAMES Sociology, B.S. in Ed., M.A., Ph.D. McKEE, KATHRYN Supervising teacher pre-school, B.S. in Ed., M.A. MacCOY, JOSEPH Reading Laboratory, B.A., Ph.D. MAGILL, BONNIE Physical Education, A.B., B.S., M.A. MATTHEWS, THOMAS Physical Education, B.S., M.A. MAUZEY, ELAINE French, B.S., B.A., M.A. MIDDLETON, JAMES Education, B.S., M.S. in Ed. MIDLAND, DALE English, B.A., M.A. MILLER, RUTH Supervising teacher of music, B.M. in Ed., M.M. MILNER, RYLAND Physical Education, B.S., M.A. MINTER, KENNETH Biology, B.S. in Ed., M.S., Ph.D. MITCHELL, BYRON Music, B.M.E., M.M.E. Music. MITCHELL, FRANCES 31 V- FACULTY MORRIS, HOMER English, B.A., M.A. MOSS, EARLE Music, B.S., M.A. MOSS, ROBERT Humanities, B.A. MUELLER, IRENE Biology, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. NELSON, HAROLD Accounting, A.B., M.A., M.B.A. PAGEL, EVELYN Home Economics, B.A., M.S. PALLING, BARBARA Library, B.S. in Ed., M.A. PATTERSON, MARY JANE Supervising teacher of first grade, B.A., M.Ed. PEEL, DONALD English, A.B., M.A. PENDLETON, WILLIAM Physics, B.A., Ph.D. PETERSON, CAROLYN Library, A.A., A.B., M.A. PYLE, JUDITH Library, B.S. in Ed. RANDOLPH, ELLEN Home Economics, B.S., M.S. RICHEY, BURTON Physical Education, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. RIDDLE, KATHRYN Physical Education, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. RINGOLD, HOWARD Industrial Arts, B.S., M.S. RIVERS, CHARLES English, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. ROBERTSON, DONALD Art, B.S., MA. ROSS, NEVA Education, B.S., M.A. ROUNDS, WARD Music, B.S., M.A. SANDFORD, DONALD Music, B.S. in Ed., M. Mus., D. Mus. Arts. SANDFORD, MARY Music, A.B., M. Mus. SAUCERMAN, JAMES English, A.B., M.A. SAVAGE, DEAN Supervising teacher of fifth grade, B.S. in Ed., M.A. 32 FACULTY SCHOTTEL, IVAN Physical Education, B.S. in Ed. SCHROEDER, EUGENE Biology, B.A., M.S. SCOTT, BILLY Biology, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. SHEETZ, LULA English, B.S. in Ed., M.A. SHELDEN, MIRIAM Physical Education, B.A., M.S. SIMMONS, GAYLE Education, B.S. in Ed., M.A. in Ed., Ed.D. SIMMONS, ROWENA Supervising teacher of second grade, B.S. in Ed., M.A. SMAY, JOHN Music, B.A., M. Mus., Ph.D. SMITH, DONALD Education, A.B., Ed.M., Ed.M. in Psych., Ed.D. SOLHEIM, JEROME Mathematics, B.S., M.S. SUNKEL, MARY Business, B.S.C., M.B.A. SUNKEL, ROBERT Art, A.A., B.F.A., M.F.A. SURPHLIS, ROSS Foreign Language, B.S., M.A. TACKETT, WILLIAM Education, B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed., Ed.D. THOMPSON, ELSIE Library. THOMPSON, HERBERT Social Science, B.A., M.A. THOMPSON, KENNETH Industrial Arts, B.S. in Ed., M. in I.A. Ed. TREESE, WILLIAM Agriculture, B.S. in Ag., M.S. in Ed. TRUBEY, DONALD Speech, B.A., M. of Communication Disor- ders. VALK, DONALD Industrial Arts, B.S., M.S. WALKER, DOROTHY Physical Education, B.S., M.Ed. WALKER, WANDA Education, B.A., M.S. in Ed., Ed.D. WEICHINGER, THEODORE Physical Science, B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. WEIGAND, DOROTHY English- Speech, B.S. in Ed., M.A. 33 FACULTY . - I ' ;» «k WEIR, E. LEE Industrial Arts, B.S. in Ed., M.A. in LA. Ed 1 _ m 0 Wm? ' " WHITNEY, GILBERT Music, B.M., M.A. WIDGER, CALVIN Geography, B.A., M.A. id WINSOR, JERRY Speech, B.S.E., M.S. WINZENREAD, MARVIN Mathematics, B.S., M.S. ZAHND, CAROLE Business, B.S., M.B.A. DORMITORY PERSONNEL Bruce Wake Director, Men ' s Residence Halls Cleo Perkins Housemother, Men ' s Residence Halls Dorothy Hildebrand Director, Hudson Hall Maxine Lock Assistant Director, Hudson Hall 34 Helen LaHue Margaret Wire Mable Hansen Director, Perrin Director, Roberta Assistant Director, Hall Hall Roberta and Perrin Halls SECRETARIES Monica Zirfas Secretary to the President Emma Ruth Harris Secretary to the Dean of Instruction Martha Cooper Secretary to the Dean of Administration Ruth Ny strom Registrar 35 SECRETARIES SEATED: Agatha Williams, Judy Saemisch. STANDING: Mina Bright, Shirley Gregory, Janice Maxwell, Mar- garet Moore. Business Office Secretaries Carol Lewis and Sue Wolcott. Secretaries to the Dean of Women and Dean of Men respectively. SEATED: Sue Collings. STANDING: Mary Alice Cornelison, Esther Sellers. Field Service Secretaries 36 SECRETARIES Janet Haag and Gloria West Secretaries to the Dean of Students Mrs. Faye Sherman Secretary to the Dean of Administration LEFT TO RIGHT: Gladys Raines, Marolyn Alloway, Eva Quinn, CaroL Compton. Secretaries to the Registrar. 37 COLDEN HALL CARDINAL KEY » 1 Sharon Bolin, Barbara Chick, Secretary; Carolyn Wiltshire, President; Judy Huitt, Treasurer. Cardinal Key, honor and service sorority for girls who make out- standing contributions to campus life, continued its practice of tap- ping new members at the Homecom- ing and Tower Dances. New mem- bers who were tapped in the fall included : Jane Stoner, Jane Shaver, Shirley Moore, and Nancy Timber- lake. Karen Licklider, Dean of Women, was initiated as co-sponsor. Activities for the year_ included working as class registration assist- ants and conducting an assembly to acquaint Juniors with graduation procedures. Cardinal Key also pro- vided readers for a legally blind student. Selected as Coeds-of-the-Month were Sandi Coffin and Pat Hillers. New tappees of Cardinal Key are Nancy Timberlake, Jane Stoner, Jane Shaver, and Shirley Moore. 42 BLUE KEY FIRST ROW: Ronald Fitch, Corresponding Secretary; Bob Dickey, Vice-President; Dr. Frank Grube, Sponsor; Bob Cotter, Secretary-Treasurer; Dr. Charles Koerble, Honorary Member. SECOND ROW: Donald Valk, Honorary Member; Bob Johnson, Bill Needels, Lee Weir, Dr. Donald Smith, Honorary Member. Blue Key National Honor Fraternity tap- ped seven new members at the 1964 Christ- mas Ball. These new members were : Mike Knepper, Bob Lewellen, Charles Summers, Larry Kirby, Mike Thompson, Dave Retten- maier, and Leo Papas. Blue Key activities included helping with freshman orientation and providing registra- tion assistants. A Christmas party, Spring Banquet, and several dinner meetings with Cardinal Key and alumni were held. Selected as Men-of-the-month were Ron Brumley, Mick Thompson, and Lenny Ander- son. Seven new members for Blue Key were tapped at the Christmas Ball. Shown are: Larry Kirby, Bob Lewellyn, Leo Papas, Dave Rettennjaier, Mike Thompson, Ron Fitch, Glen Acksel, Bob John- son, Dr. Frank Grube, Sponsor; and Bob Cotter. 43 SPRING COMMENCEMENT The long-awaited day has come, and no one could be happier than the ' 64 seniors as they file into Lamkin Gymna- sium to receive their degrees. President-elect Foster and retiring President Jones exchange greetings at Dr. Jones ' last com- mencement. 44 Governor John Dalton delivered an inspira- tional message entitled, " The Pursuit of Ex- cellence. " SUMMER COMMENCEMENT President Foster and guest speaker, Dr. Reuie Doolin, followed by President Emeritus J. W. Jones, lead the recessional at Summer Commencement. Among Dr. R. P. Foster ' s " first " as President was addressing the Senior Breakfast. The President and Mrs. Foster and Dr. and Mrs. Frank Grube greet the summer graduates at a reception held in the Seniors ' honor. 45 WHO ' S WHO GLENN ACKSEL BARBARA CHICK BOB COTTER BOB DICKEY RONALD FITCH BOB JOHNSON SUSAN McCONKEY MARGE MacDONALD JANE STONER CAROLYN WILTSHIRE 46 CLASS OFFICERS James Campbell Senior President I I Eileen Ross Senior Vice-President Linda Bouska Senior Secretary Mike Knepper Senior Treasurer Leo Papas Junior President Dale Dawson Junior Vice-President Dave Taylor Junior Secretary Phyllis Anderson Junior Treasurer Steve Neurotfi Sophomore President Dorothy Hardyman Sophomore Vice-Pres. Judy Miller Sophomore Secretary Clarence Miller Sophomore Treasurer Barbara Harr Freshman President Mack Clark Freshman Vice-President Lorna Stephens Freshman Secretary Kathy Seabaugh Freshman Treasurer 47 ■u CLASS OF ' 65 Congratulations are in order. Fred Anthony and Rick Okinaka shake hands after both graduated with the Class of " 64 on June 2. Glennon Acksel, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Sociology. Marilyn Agre, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Library Sci- ence. Alice Akers, Major: Elementary Education. Larry Andersen, Major: General Business, Minor: Agriculture. Gary Anderson, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Biology. Judith Anderson, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Biology. Margaret Anderson, Major: Ele- mentary Education. Ronald Anderson, Major: Business Agriculture. 48 SENIORS jsal • fflUrj f So- 9 t»J J De- Pamela Andes, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Biology. Keith Augustine, Major: Speech, Minor: Sociology. Evelyn Ayers, Major: Business Ad- ministration, Minor: Psychology. Lana Babcock, Major: History, Minor: Music. Donald Badger, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Mathematics. Tommy Baker, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Sociology. Karen Barker, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Psychology. Jeff Barnes, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business. Robert Barnes, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business. Joseph Bateman, Major: Industrial Arts, Physical Education. Nora Bayless, Major: Voc. Home Economics. Frederick Beason, Major: History, Minor: Business Administration. Robert Beck, Major: Biology: Minor: Health Safety. Robert Beilstein, Major: English, Minor: Biology. Marvin Bell, Major: English, Minor: Coaching. Sandra Bender, Major: Business, Minor: Home Economics. Clarence Benson, Major: Biology, Minor: Industrial Arts. Leo Blakley, Major: Social Science, Minor: History. Kathy Bogdas, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Psychology. Sharon Bolin, Major: Music Edu- cation. 49 SENIORS Linda Bouska, Major: Art, Minor: Sociology. Donna Boyer, Major: English, Minor: Psychology. Raymond Brady, Major: Business Administration, Minor: Psychol- ogy. Daryl Brager, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Biology. Larry Brandt, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health Safety. Glenda Bright, Major: Elementary Education. Barbara Briggs, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Karla Bright, Major: Elementary Education. Daniel Broyles, Major: Business, Minor: Marketing. Mary Jo Bruett, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Nancy Bruggemen, Major: Art, Minor: Home Economics. Tracy Bryan, Major: Physics Math. Galen Buckey, Major: History Business. Vicki Buckley, Major: Elementary Education. Elaine Buerkens, Major: Physical Education, Art. Ewart Burch, Major: Business, In- dustrial Arts. Beverly Burgess, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Loren Burkhalter, Major: Elemen- tary Education. James Campbell, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Finance Insur- ance. Vicki Carothers, Major: Elemen- tary Education. 50 SENIORS Louis Carper, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Geography Donald Carrel, Major: Biology, Minor: Mathematics. Donald Castle, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: General Science. Shanna Cellman, Major: Voc. Home Economics. Merlyn Chadwick, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Drafting. Wayne Chambers, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Chemistry. Mary Chappell, Major: Elementary Education. Barbara Chick, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Recreation. Steve Christensen, Major: Account- ing, Agriculture. Paul Christoffers, Major: Business, Minor: Business. Diane Clark, Major: Elementary Education. Richard Clark, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Geography. Walter Cobb, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Millie Cockrill, Major: Social Sci- ence, History. Judy Combs, Major: Elementary Education. Robert Cornelison, Major: Chem- istry, Minor: Mathematics. Sandra Cornett, Major: Pine Arts, Minor: Psychology. Robert Cotter, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology. Sharon Coughlin, Major: Business Education, Minor: Home Eco- nomics. Erma Coulter, Major: Elementary Education. as? 51 SENIORS Janis Courtin, Major: Elementary Education. Robert Crawford, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Sociology. Wanda Crawford, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Carita Culmer, Major: English. Annette Cushing, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Daryl Dalrymple, Major: Business, Mathematics. Larry Dannar, Major: Biology, Minor: Agriculture. Geneva Darnell, Major: Voc. Home Economics. Jeannine Daugherty, Major: Ele- mentary Education. Russell -Davidson, Major: Business, Agriculture. Donald Davis, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Social Science. Linda Davis, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Recreation. Judith Dewey, Major: Voc. Home Economics, Minor: Voc. Home Economics. Sandra Dickersbach, Major: Ele- mentary Education. Robert Dickey, Major: Political Science, Minor: History. Leila Douglas, Major: Elementary Education. Linda Drollinger, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Linda Drummond, Major: Physical Education, Minor: English. Dennis Duffield, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Business. Larry Duke, Major: Accounting, Minor: General Business. m 52 SENIORS - id Thomas Dunn, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business. Tegwin Dyer, Major: Mathematics, Minor: English. Lois Eisner, Major: Voice, Minor: Piano. Bernard Englund, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Economics. Carolyn Enis, Major: Dramatics, Minor: French. George Esler, Major: Social Sci- ence. Paula Evans, Major: English, Minor: History. Robert Evans, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Karenann Falk, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Home Eco- nomics. Charles Ferguson, Major: Indus- trial Arts, Mathematics. Ted Findley, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Biology. Sally Fiske, Major: Elementary Education. Ronald Fitch, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology. Jerry Fleming, Major: Business, Minor: Coaching. Evelyn Fletchall, Major: Social Science, Minor: History. Grace Foland, Major: Business Ed- ucation, Minor: English. Dennis Forke, Major: Accounting, Minor: Finance Insurance, James Frank, Major: Agriculture Minor: Biology. Larry Frazier, Major: Marketing, Minor: Finance Insurance. Karl Frederick, Major, Agriculture, Minor: Biology. 53 SENIORS " ■ il 4M Robert Freeman, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Finance. Donna Friend, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology. Gerald Fry, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Richard Fry, Major: Business, Minor: Marketing. Michael Furlong, Major: Chemis- try, Biology. James Galloway, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. George Garcia, Major: History, Minor: Sociology. Lawrence Gardner, Major: Indus- trial Arts, Minor: Biology. James Gaughan, Major: General Business, Minor: Accounting. Marna Gault, Major: Elementary Education. Robert Gawatz, Major: Business Administration, Minor: Finance Insurance. Nina Geiss, Major: Elementary Education. Richard German, Major: Social Science, Minor: Economics. Ann Gibson, Major: Business Edu- cation, Minor: Social Science. Patricia Gilley, Major: Voc. Home Economics. James Goforth, Major: Business, Minor: Mathematics. Evelyn Goldner, Major: Voc. Home Economics. Virginia Goodwillie, Major: Ele- mentary Education. Marjorie Gould, Major: Elementary Education. Carla Graf, Major: Social Science, Minor, Psychology, Sociology. 54 SENIORS d m Efc- Iff Condon Graham, Major: Business, Social Science. Mary Grantham, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Gary Graves, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science. James Graves, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Kay Graves, Major: Accounting, Minor: General Business. Richard Graw, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Psychology. Barry Gray, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Cheryl Gray, Major: Elementary Education. Lanny Green, Major: English, Minor: Psychology. Rodney Green, Major: Biology, Minor: English. Larry Greenwood, Major: Account- ing, Minor: General Business. Terry Guertin, Major: History, Minor: Accounting. Robert Hager, Major: History, Minor: Political Science, Social Science. Alvin Hagg, Major: Biology, Mathematics. Erma Hall, Major: Elementary Education. Iola Hall, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Robert Hall, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Physics. William Hallock, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Agriculture. Richard Halloran, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Monroe Hamilton, Major: Market- ing, Minor: Finance. 55 SENIORS John Hammond, Major: General Business, Minor: Marketing. Dean Hamon, Major: Accounting, Minor: Accounting. Duane Hance, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Business. Wilma Hanna, Major: Elementary Education. Judith Hargrave, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Kenneth Harlan, Major: Music- Vocal. Larry Harms, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: General Science. Sharon Harms, Major: Elemen- tary Education. James Hartman, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Agriculture. Linda Hartman, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Wayne Hartman, Major: Agricul- ture, Industrial Arts. Irene Hause, Major: Spanish, Minor: Sociology. Kathryn Hawley, Major: English, Spanish. Harold Hawman, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Finance Insur- ance. Robert Head, Major: Business, Minor: Sociology. Nola Helzer, Major: Medical Tech- nology. Nydra Helzer, Major: Elementary Education. Sandra Herzog, Major: Physical Education, Mathematics. John Hill, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Fine Arts. Patricia Hillers, Major: Chemistry, Mathematics. 56 SENIORS tral s . lei- Lonnie Hinders, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Business Ad- ministration. Ronald Hohneke, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Geography. Gary Honstedt, Major: English, Minor: Psychology. Carol Hopkins, Major: Voc. Home Economics. Larry Hornbostel, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. Roger Home, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Carol Hoshor, Major: Art, Minor: Home Economics. Ernest Howard, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Marketing. Janelle Howe, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Fred Howell, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Judith Huitt, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Library Sci- ence. Max Hull, Major: Accounting, Minor: Finance Insurance. Rodney Hunt, Major: Marketing, Minor: Mathematics. Linda Hunter, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. Lonnie Irvin, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Sociology. Jurel Jackson, Major: English, Minor: Psychology. Sandra Jennings, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Allan Jensen, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Eleanor ' Johnson, Major: Voca- tional Home Economics, Minor: Secondary Education. Harley Johnson, Major: Social Sci- ence, Agriculture. 57 SENIORS Kathy Johnson, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Physical Edu- cation. Thomas Kagay, Major: French, Minor: Spanish. Larry Kallauner, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health Safety. Larry Kilmer, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: Coaching. Diane Kinker, Major: Business Education, Minor: Psychology. Janice Klaehn, Major: Elementary Education. Martha Klever, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Martha Klinzman, Major: Voc. Home Economics. William Kneale, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Business. Barbara Knox, Major: Music Edu- cation. Jean Kobashigawa, Major: Ele- mentary Education. Fred Kratzke, Major: Biology, Minor: Drafting. Larry Kruse, Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business. Judith Krutz, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Eddie Kryselmire, Major: General Business, Minor: Psychology. Lloyd LaDoucieur, Major: Business (Marketing), Minor: Business. Karen LaHue, Major: Elementary Education. Jane LaMar, Major: Music, Minor: Music. Joann Lambertsen, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Keith Lambertsen, Major. Elemen- tary Education. 58 SENIORS lit ft Vie. tU 5c- rlfc I i m ■ .--- " Connie Landers, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Bemie Lane, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Biology. Carl Lanio, Major: Accounting, Minor: Marketing. Joleene Larimore, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Biology. Judith Lee, Major: French, Minor: History. David Lewis, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Nylen Lewis, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Coaching, Mathe- matics. Patricia Lininger, Major: Music Education. Georgia Linville, Major: Voc. Home Economics. Robert Loch, Major: Accounting, Minor: Marketing. Janice Lock, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: English. John Locke, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Finance. Katherine Lockridge, Major: Voc. Home Economics. Francis Logan, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Carol Long, Major: Voc. Home Economics. Laura Lowther, Major: Elementary Education. Pat Lyon, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. Susan McConkey, Major: Music. Glenda McCoy, Major: Elementary Education. Patricia McCune, Major: Business, Minor: Finance Insurance. 59 SENIORS Sharon McElwain, Major: Elemen- tary Education, Minor: Fine Arts. Bruce McGuire, Major: Agricul- ture, Minor: Psychology. Dena McKee, Major: Voc. Home Economics. Richard McKee, Major: Political Science, Minor: Economics. Patrick McLear, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History. Thor McMillen, Major: Music. Robert McWhirter, Major: Agri- culture, Minor: Biology. Marge MacDonald, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Nancy Magee, Major: Physical Education: Minor: Physical Edu- cation. James Mahoney, Major: Business Education, Minor: Physical Edu- cation. Leonard Mainquist, Major: Ac- counting, Minor: Finance In- surance. Mike Manning, Major: General Business, Minor: Finance. Glerald Marcinko, Major: Business, Minor: Business. George Marsh, Major: History, ' Minor: Sociology. Carol Martin, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: History. Patricia Martin, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Joseph Mazur, Major: Finance Insurance, Minor: General Busi- ness. Kenneth Menke, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Economics. Mel Merrill, Major: Business, In- dustrial Arts. Fred Messner, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Industrial Arts. 60 foe tial ■C. B Ajn- SENIORS i lb . 1:.- ■ A:- Ganl I - ' Q in Karen Metting, Major: Biology, Minor: Sociology. Marcia Meyer, Major: English, Minor: Music. Mary Meyer, Major: General Busi- ness, Minor: Accounting. Judy Miller, Major: Elementary Education. Kathleen Miller, Major: Elemen- tary Education. Mary Miller, Major: Spanish. Karen Mills, Major: Elementary Education. Frances Mitchell, Major: Music. Paula Modrell, Major: Voc. Home Economics. David Moore, Major: Accounting, Minor: Finance Insurance. Luetta Moore, Major: Elementary Education. Sharon Morehouse, Major: Voc. Home Economics. Sue Mortensen, Major: Voc. Home Economics. Ron Murawski, Major: History, Minor: Sociology. Geraldine Murphy, Major: Busi- ness, English. Mary Murphy, Major: Elementary Education. Myrna Myers, Major: Elementary Education. Richard Nash, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education. Virginia Neidt, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Spanish. Michael Neill, Major: Marketing, Minor: Finance Insurance. 61 SENIORS Charles Nelson, Major: Chemistry, Mathematics, Minor: Biology. Franz Nelson, Major: Biology, In- dustrial Arts. William Nelson, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology. Emily Nevitt, Major: Elementary Education. Larry Nielson, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Agriculture. Linda Nielson, Major: French, English. Robert Nordstrum, Major: General Business, Minor: Accounting. Carolyn Northwall, Major: Elemen- tary Education, Minor: Library Science. Susan Oberhelman, Major: History, Physical Education. Margaret O ' Connor, Major: Physi- cal Education, Minor: Recreation. Fritz Oeser, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Forrest Ohnesorge, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Biology, General Science. Richard Olenius, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Mathematics. Thomas O ' Neill, Major: History, Minor: Sociology, Psychology. Ethel Osborn, Major: Elementary Education. Lavonne Osborn, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Business. Sharon Ostrus, Major: Voc. Home Economics. Helen Owens, Major: Elementary Education. Karen Palumbo, Major: Business, Minor: Home Economics. Donna Parks, Major: English, French. 62 ab- ut Li :; SENIORS I w Gobi! la tin ,■-•:. » Robert Patience, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. James Pawlowski, Major: Finance Insurance, Minor: General Business. Charles Pearcy, Major: Spanish, Minor: English. Peter Pearson, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Speech. Carl Peterson, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology. Ethel Pettijohn, Major: English, Minor: Psychology. Delvin Phipps, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Geography. Phyllis Phoenix, Major: Secretarial Procedures, Minor: Accounting. Sharon Phoenix, Major: Elemen- tary Education, Minor: Library Science. James Polsley, Major: English, Minor: Psychology. Kenneth Price, Major: Speech, Minor: English. Gary Pritchard, Major: General Business, Minor: Finance In- surance. Ed Propst, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Business. Richard Pyle, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Agriculture. Lynda Queen, Major: English, Minor: Speech. Patricia Quigley, Major: Litera- ture, Minor: Language Com- position. Robert Rains, Major: Business Ad- ministration, Minor: English. Marcia Reaksecker, Major: Fine Arts, Physical Education. James Redd, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Social Science. Larry Reineke, Major: Account- ing, Social Science. 63 SENIORS Janice Reno, Major: Social Science, Minor: History . Coreen Rohrberg, Major: English, Mathematics. Ralph Roland, Major: General Business, Minor: General Sci- ence. James Rollins, Major: General Business, Minor: Marketing. Larry Rosenow, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Finance Insurance. Eileen Ross, Major: Elementary Education. Glenn Ross, Major.: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Industrial Arts. Jean Roth, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Physical Educa- tion. Elizabeth Rother, Major: English, Minor: Chemistry. Gary Rowland, Major: Industrial Arts, Biology, Minor: General Science. Marilyn Ruddell, Major: Social Science, Minor: Sociology. Alvera Saucerman, Major: Elemen- tary Education, Minor: French. Arthur Sauter, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: Psychology. Mark Scammon, Major: Business Education, Minor: Psychology. Kenneth Schaeffer, Major: Indus- trial Arts, Minor: Coaching. Dean Schantz, Major: History, Minor: Psychology. Sharon Schmidt, Major: History English. Forrest Schnobrich, Major: Social Science, Minor: Coaching. Garla Schrader, Major: Spanish, Minor: Social Science. Doris Schreiner, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology. 64 m, fern al Sd- taal H SENIORS :lr, ,iA Una- l-is- Ganl • Sol ■ |M John Schroeder, Major: Business, Minor: Psychology. Jane Schultz, Major: Accounting, Minor: General Business. Lorraine Schultz, Major: English, Minor: General Science. Roberta Sealing, Major: Physical Education, Business. Leonard Seckel, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Agriculture. Larry Seckels, Major: Elementary Education. Kenneth Seeley, Major: Business, Minor: Accounting. Norman Severin, Major: Econom- ics, Minor: Finance Insurance. Judith Seymour, Major: Voc. Home Economics. Jane Shaver, Major: Voc. Home Economics . John Shipley, Major: Biology, Minor: Sociology. Sharon Shipley, Major: English, Minor: Business. Don Shores, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: History. Orlo Shroyer, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: History. John Siehl, Major: Elementary Education. Jesse Simmons, Major: Political Science, Minor: History. Richard Sipe, Major: History, Minor: Economics. Patricia Slaybaugh, Major: Ele- mentary Education. Carolee Smith, Major: English, Business Education. Carolyn Smith, Major: Voc. Home Economics. 65 SENIORS J ii Mary Smith, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. Barbara Snow, Major: Elementary Education. Charles Snyder, Major: Business, Physical Education. Richard Snyder, Major: Chemistry, Biology. Marlys Snyder, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History. James Solar: Major: History, Minor: Political Science. Soren Sorensen, Major: Chemistry, Mathematics. James Speas, Major: General Busi- ness, Minor: Marketing. Barbara Spencer, Major: Elemen- tary Education: John Spencer, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science. Gary Stafford, Major: Business, Minor: Finance Insurance. Twilia Steele, Major: Fine Arts, Minor: Sociology. Alvin Stewart, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Sociology. Sue Stiles, Major: English, Minor: History. Margaret Stillwagon, Major: Span- ish, Minor: French, English. Stan Stillwagon, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Fine Arts, Drivers Education. Jane Stoner, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Mathematics. David Strickland, Major: Social Science, Minor: Economics. Mary Suess, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Fine Arts. Charles Summers, Major: Indus- trial Arts, Minor: Drafting. 66 SENIORS Robert Sutton, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health Safety. Ernest Talarico, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Industrial Arts. Judy Tate, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Patricia Teegarden, Major: Physi- cal Education, Minor: Recrea- tion. Allan Thomas, Major: Accounting, Minor: Finance Insurance. Kenneth Thompson, Major: Ac- counting, Minor: Finance In- surance. Sue Thompson, Major: Elementary Education. Vern Thompson, Major: Industrial Art», Minor: Drafting. Nancy Timberlake, Major : Voc. Home Economics. Lee Townsend, Major: History, Po- litical Science. Thomas Trainer, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Biology. Elvin Ungles, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Coaching. Joan Van Hoozer, Major: Business, Minor: Business. Bobby Vawter, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: General Science. Ruth Vawter, Major: Elementary Education. Jon Volkens, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Biology. Beverly Ward, Major: Elementary Education. James Ware, Major: Business Ad- ministration, Agriculture. Charlotte Watson, Major: Music. Robert Wedgwood, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: General Science. 67 SENIORS T Dale Weeks, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science. Jerry Weese, Major: Accounting, Minor: Business. Sharon Weir, Major: English. Peggy Whan, Major. Voc. Home Economics. Myrna Whigham, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. Jim White, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Business. Elizabeth Whitney, Major: Busi- ness, Minor: English. Lonny Wieland, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Health Safety. Kenneth Wilkenson, Major: Indus- trial Arts, Minor: Drafting. Margo Wilkinson, Major: Biology, Medical Technology, Minor: Chemistry. Beverly Williams, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Mathematics. Chandra Wilson, Major: Elemen- tary Education. James Wilson, Major: Accounting, Minor: History. Stanley Wilson, Major: Business, Minor: Finance. Carolyn Wiltshire, Major: Fine Arts, Minor: Language Composi- tion. John Wolfe, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. Judy Wolverton, Major: Physical Education, Minor: English. Betty Woodard, Major. Voc. Home Economics. David Wyckoff, Major: Physical Education, Social Science. Roscoe Young, Major: Agriculture, Minor: Biology. 68 SENIORS Connie Younger, Major: Music Education. Linda Younger, Major: Music Edu- cation. Eleanor Yuille, Major: French, Spanish. Ronald Zimmerman, Major: Physi- cal Education. Minor: Psychol- ogy. Congratulations are extended and received after the graduation ceremonie 69 CLASS OF ' 66 Adwell, Suecilla Alien, William Alwood, Jerry Ambrosier, Roger Anderson, Glen Anderson, Larry Anderson, Leonard Anderson, Phyllis Anderson, Robert Armintrout, Michael Armstrong, Arlen Arnold, Robert Mike Stephens puts his best foot forward in the AWS Style Show. }t il Atha, Charlotte Babcock, Arlo Baker, Elizabeth Baker, Margery Baker, Robert Balettie, Mario Ballain, Marlyn Banwart, Ronald Barber, Margaret Beaman, Lonna Bears, Darwin Becher, Harvey Beem, Richard Bell, Edna Bell, Roger Bergstrom, John Binter, David Bird, Patricia JUNIORS Bodle, Mary Bogardo, Charles Bohnenblust, Jack Booth, Ruby Borchardt, Richard Bo wen, Laura Bowen, Marvin Bowling, Earlita Bradfield, Mary Brannan, Dolores Bright, Virginia Briscoe, Raymond Britt, Roger Brown, George Brown, Judith Brown, Pat Brown, Peggy Brunkow, Charles Brus, Karen Bryant, Lanah Burger, Sandra Burson, Ronald Cameron, Cheryl Campbell, Marilyn Campbell, Ruth Carlson, Kathryn 71 JUNIORS 72 Dalzell, Samuel Dandliker, Diane Dath, Margo Carr, Susan Carr, Thomas Carrol], Sharon Casady, William Casey, Gerald Catlett, Vernon Chadwick, Judy Chadwick, Terry Chambers, Patricia Chastain, Linda Christoffel, Charlotte Chrostowski, Adam Clark, Harold L. Clark, Lyle Clark, Sharon Claussen, Lynn Clayton, Lynn Coder, Richard Coffin, Sandra Cogdill, Ronald Collins, Howard Collinsworth, Vernon Cooper, Jerry Cooper, Pamela Dottie Ray catches a bite at the Pan- hellenic Tea. 1 JUNIORS Davis, Sandra Dean, Leslie Degginger, Louis Deimerly, Jerald Dennis, Roger DeW inter, Donald Diekerson, John Diller, Robert Doane, Terry Duckworth, Marvin Duffield, Leo Duffield, Marlene Dugan, Richard Dunfee, David Ebbrecht, Richard Elifrits, Charles Elwick, Sharon Engemann, Geary Engemann, Linda Erb, Gloria Estes, Edna Ettelson, David Fabro, JoAnn Fattig, Charles Felt, Sherrill Fender, JoAnn Fetters, Dennis Fields, Ronald Fieseler, Michael P ' ine, Robert Fisher, Frank Flcckal, Roger _ 73 JUNIORS Fleming, Johnny Fletcher, William Foster, Greta Fowler, George Frazho, Larry Freedline, James Froyd, Sandra Furlong, Stanlie Galbreath, Gerald Gallagher, Jeffrey Garrison, Virginia Gates, Dennis Annette Cushing, Karla Bright, Sara Cop- man, and Patty Paxton seem to be prepar- ing for a speech. J JUNIORS OIJ Halsne, Harlan Halter, Twila Halterman, Gerry Hammond, Louise Hanna, Marilyn Hanon, Larry Hanson, Bert Harless, Bob Harrold, Cecil Harrold, Norena Harvey, Thomas Haskell, Daniel Hatch, James Hatheway, Ronald Hawkins, James Heathman, Minnie Henningsen, Carl Hiddleston, Roberta Higgins, James Higgins, Wilbur Hilger, Mary Lou Hill, Harriett Hillman, Alvin Hinton, Larry Holmes, Judith Hoskins, Norma Houser, Larry Howe, William Huffman, Joyce Hull, John 75 JUNIORS Hyder, Judy Irvine, James Iske, Dorothy Jackson, James Jackson, Sharon K. Jackson, Sharon L. Kariker, Eldonna Karpan, Mathew Kaster, Dennis Kauzlarich, Ronald Keller, Glenda Kelley, Jerry Kelly, John Kempton, Carolyn Kennedy, Gary Keplinger, Harold Kerns, Judy Kessler, Jack JUNIORS -.y- hi .fofH Killmon, Patricia Kilpatrick, Charles Kimbrough, Karen Kirby, Larry Kline, Daryl Knapp, Karole Knittl, Karol Knudson, John Knudson, Linda Koch, Richard Koski, Jane Krumme, Gail Kuester, Richard Kullbom, Richard Kurtz, Larry Lang, Steve Larsen, Larry Lathrop, Robert Lawler, James Lees, Connie Lefgren, Carolyn Lewis, Gloria Lewis, Jerry Lindstrom, Patricia Logan, Billie Long, Marilyn Loringer, Dennis Lupardus, Thomas Lynch, Judy Lytle, Jack McCallister, James McCann, Charles McCartney, Eileen 77 JUNIORS McClintock, Judith McCloney, Betty McCutchan, James McGinness, Thomas McHenry, Nancy Mcintosh, George Dan Gooding! Don ' t you know what that candybar will do to the shape of those legs ? McPike, Ardis Madden, Duane Magennis, Janice Magness, Danny Maher, Raymond Maltsberger, Eddie Manard, Sandra Marek, Robert Martin, Mary Martin, Patricia L. Martin, Ronald Mather, Mary Mathews, Gary Maxwell, Alice Mazaheri, Mohamed Mercer, Ronald Mergenthaler, David Merrill, Janet JUNIORS I D»«l Merritt, Ronald Messerli, Larry Messerly, Richard Messick, Nida Meyer, Judith A. Meyer, Patricia Meyers, Walter Miller, Becky Miller, Deloris Miller, Larry Miller, Mary L. Miller, Terry Mitchell, Warren Moore, Shirley Morehouse, Barbara Morgan, Ruth Morris, Vonna Moser, Marilyn Motsinger, Gaylord Mullenax, Lucille Murrell, Philip Myers, Linda Nelson, Joyce Nelson, Judy Nelson, Larry Nelson, Ronnie Newberg, Robert Newman, Lonna Nichols, Nancy Nordstrum, Douglas Norris, Kathleen Nurek, Charles Oder, Larry Oehrle, Joan 79 JUNIORS Oehrle, Norman O ' Riley, Ina Ossowski, Roger Otte, Betty Outs, Robert Owens, Joan Packer, Allan arman, Eddie Parman, Wallace Paulson, Carroll Pearce, James Peirce, Joseph Peppmeier, John Petersen, Dianne Petersen, Richard Peterson, Dorothy Petry, Rex Phillips, Helen Pierpoint, Lorna Pottorff, Jerry Pressley, Earl Price, Larry Proudfit, Thomas Pryor, Joseph Ramsey, Thomas Randall, Gary Rawlins, Larry Ray, Dorothy Reece, Robert Reichen, William JUNIORS m Idn cm r.J i. Dw • KH la . Hi £ AJau ML GUT Jerry Mason anticipates a fun-filled weekend. Reichenbacker, Judith Remund, David Rentfrow, George Richards, Margaret Ridge, Joyce Riley, Frank Rinehart, Robert Risser, Oakly Roberts, David Robertson, Stuart Robey, Jerry Robidoux, DeAnna Roe, Eddielea Rolf, Benjamin Rolf, Dale Roney, Nancy Ross, James Roudybush, Cheryl Roush, Ross Rus, Gary Sager, Judy Salfrank, Judy Sand, Mary Sauer, William Sauvago, Phillip Scheer, Edward Schieber, Patricia Schieber, Robert Schneider, Daniel Schooler, Terry Schuckenbrock, Patricia Schug, Jay Schwab, Gail 81 JUNIORS Schwieso, Dennis Scott, Ronnie Selby, Barbara Sell, Michael Severson, Marcene Severson, Ruth L « 1 ft -m w rw Spire, Edwin Spolar, Mike Spriester, Fred 82 Starr, Raymond Steckelberg, Rickey Steinhauser, William Shafer, Linda Shamberger, Margaret Shaw, Gary Shea, Paul Shepard, Norma Shepard, Patsy Sherbo, John Shields, Gary Shroyer, Dona Siddens, Lettie Slykhuis, Jennie Smith, Barbara Smith, Floyd Smith, Franklin Smith, Gretchen Smith, Lane Smith, Phyllis Smith, Stanley Valorie Wheeler and Carlene Young discover that packing for the weekend isn ' t always easy. JUNIORS Studious Bearcats cluster around the card catalog in the library. JrM dt Stenzei, Glen Stephens, Richard Stickler, Jonalee Stitt, Michele Stoll, Michael Stoner, Terry St. Peter, Judy Strachan, Linda Stratton, Tom Straub, Cheryl Strecker, Daniel Stuber, Douglas Sunderman, Judith Sundermann, Shirley Sutter, Anita Swaney, Charles Sweeney, Linda Sweeney, Patricia Tackett, Natalie Taekett, Wava Tadlock, William Tauchen, Richard Taylor, David Taylor, Jerry Taylor, Larry T. Taylor, William Thatch, Judy Thomas,. Sharon Thompson, Arnold Thompson, Bette 83 ,. JUNIORS Thompson, Celia Tietz, Sally Timmerman, Jean Timmerman, Lyle Tipton, Gerri Townsend, Herbert 84 Walker, Rhoda Wallace, Carolyn Wareham, Robert Wayman, Nancy Weisshaar, Nancy Welty, Judith West, Burris West, Glenn Wheeler, Kent Whitcomb, John White, Larry White, William JUNIORS -; ■ BE Life Roger Standard operates equipment in the KDLX Radio Station. i. ■ ■ kJI Whiteman, Susan Whitney, Diane Wilcox, Dwight Williams, Richard Wi ' .son, Richard Wilson, Twila Wilson, Vicky Winder, Gary Wittbrodt, Harold Wolcott, Sue Wolf, Donna Wolf, Joseph Wray, Linda Wray, Vernis Wright, Lillian Wright, Nancy Wuerfele, Perry Yackie, Alfred Yaple, Sandra Yeager, William Young, James Young, Martha Young, Melvin Zembles, Andrew Zimmerman, Harry Zimmerman, Paula Zwank, Ronald 85 CLASS OF ' 67 Am 4 Bailey, Linda Ballew, Alan Banks, Constance Barlow, Randall Barnes, Larry Barr, David I warn Happy-go-lucky cut-ups are these five Bearcat coeds. Bauman, David Bauman, Gerald Beesley, Donna Belitz, Joseph Benton, Larry Berti, Judith Best, Paul Bevins, Robert Bibel, William Birks, Linda Blom, Russell Bobst, Michael Abarr, Dawn Allen, Albert Allen, Mary Anderson, Donald Appleman, Jack Appleman, Norma Arens, Kenneth Armstrong, Margaret Audo, Clarence Austin, Ronald Babcock, Gerald Bailey, Donald SOPHOMORES k I V. T. -■ - ' HI 4riii4iii Boe, Judy Boeck, Franklin Bohling, Catherine Bollinger, Sherry Bonecutter, Terry Booth, Melvin Bowers, Judith Boyles, James Brinton, George Brooke, James Brown, Dianna Brown, Jack Brown, Marlin Brown, Nancy Brown, Phyllis Brown, Ronald Bruno, Lawrence Bryan, Barbara Bryan, Donald Buchanan, Richard Buffington, Norma Bumbacher, Donald Burch, Carol Busby, James Busby, John Butcher, Donald Cain, Benny Allan Packer knocks off a whisker in the men ' s dorms. Caldwell, Carol Campbell, Terry Canady, Carl Carr, Deloris Carstens, Kenard Carter, James 87 SOPHOMORES Casey, William Chappell, Linda Chaput, Carol Christensen, Delbert Christian, Solomon Christie, Harvey Crouse, Norman Cunningham, Carole Curnutt, John Clark, Judy Clark, Sherrie Clayton, Carol Clemsen, Dallas Cline, James Close, Ruth Clymens, Judy Cochran, Peggy Cochran, Rosemarie Coleman, Kay Colerick, Steven Combs, Charles Combs, Michael Combs, Zeta Conn, Dola Connell, Jennifer Copeland, Dave Corbett, James The majorettes lift Homecoming Game. em high at the SOPHOMORES 4» ■ ak SlT.j m Cnl Mi M 6 Hi Currey, Diana Currier, Carolyn Curtis, Gary Cushing, Joyce Darrah, Susan Daugherty, James Davidson, Alan Davidson, Donald Davidson, Jerry Davidson, Kenneth Davidson, Ken R. Davis, Donna Dawson, Leslie Deardorff, Karen DeCosmo, Stanley Dew, Ronald Dick, Ruth Dickerson, Doralyn Dietrich, Diann Diggs, Judith Dills, James Downing, Larry Duke, Byron Duke, Davetta Dukes, Karla Dunfee, Jeff Eggers, Frank Eisiminger, Melanie Elliott, Denese Ellison, Victor 89 SOPHOMORES Engel, Donald Engle, Janet Engle, Sharon Erganian, Nick Evans, Cheryl Evans, Donald Evans, Nancy Everhart, Jesse Falk, Bruce Felton, Kenneth Ferguson, Marilyn Ferguson, Rebecca Filley, Christopher Findley, Rex Finley, Merrill Fischbach, Fred Fletcher, Michael Foland, Harold Foley, Donna Forbes, Michael Foutch, Marsha Fowler, Mary Fox, Tomas Frizell, Larry Funston, Steven Gabel, Sharon Gahm, Judith Garafalo, Paul Gardner, David Gardner, Dennis m SOPHOMORES Garrett, Larry Gash, Joyce Gibler, Linda Gift, Slieryl Gillespie, Joan joldusky, Steven Goodwin, John Gray, Janet Griffith, Earl Grouse, Margaret Gruhn, Gary Hagan, Lonny Hager, Ronald Hagg, Jerry Haines, Larry Mainline, Clara Hall, Charles Halstead, Lana Hamilton, Kay Hamtil, Gregory Hanrath, Robert Hansen, Gary Hansen, Phillip Hanson, Brenda Hanson, Roberta Hapes, Judy Hardesty, Dona Hardy, Beverly Hardyman, Dorothy Hargus, Merylan Harmening, Paul Harmon, Keith Hartsock, Robert 91 SOPHOMORES lu Hasselbrink, Carolyn Hawley, Donna Healy, Michael Heflin, Leland Heifers, Larry Henry, Gary Henry, Kerry Hoffman, Judith Honey, Kerry Horrell, Bruce Houser, Janet Hughes, Larry Hukill, Dennis Hukill, John Hummel, Forrest Humphreys, John Hunter, Eileen Hurst, Alan Husted, Rowena Huston, Anne Hyatt, Jane Ijams, Earlene Ingels, Shirley Jackson, Diana Jacobs, William Jacobsen, Robert Jacobsen, Thomas James, Kenneth James, Ronald Jameson, Howard Jennings, John Johnson, Chloe Johnson, Clyde Charlotte Christoffel adds a touch of charm and fashion to the AWS Style Show. SOPHOMORES ■ » " ! Johnson, Danny Johnson, Gary Johnson, Judith Johnson, Terry Johnson, Vivian Johnston, Reanne Jones, Mary Jones, Pamela Jones, Patricia Kading, Carolyn Kampmann, Gary Keith, Kenneth Kelley, Janeth Kelling, Don Kelly, Cynthia Kemery, Bart King, David King, Richard Kirby, Charles Kline, Robert Knauss, James Knudson, Douglas Koch, Lawrence Kokesh, Jean Kolterman, Joel Kooker, Karol Kramer, Diane Kruggev, Mary Kurtz, Michael Lafferty, Carol 93 SOPHOMORES Lager, Shirley La Mar, Judy Larson, Richard Laumann, Sharon Lazear, Fred Leming, Donald Leonard, Jerry Lesher, Nancy A serious expression denotes serious business at Freshman Orientation. Lewis, James Lewis, John Lewis, Roger Linder, Edward Linville, Joyce Logan, Joe Logan, Richard Logan, Ruth Logsdon, James Long, Harlan Longacre, Frank Lonn, Richard Lopour, Eileen Lowrey, Darryl Luttrell, Larry McCIain, Donna McCloud, Gary McClure, Jack McComb, Edward McCord, Theresa McCoy, Nancy McDonald, Sherry McElfish, Peggy McGinnis, Kathleen SOPHOMORES k 2 233 An unidentified body lies exhausted in the grass after the annual bicycle races. Ji McGuire, Timothy McKee, Shirley McMinemee, Barbara McNeel, Ronald McQuigg, Karen Mackey, David Madison, Willis Mahan, John Majerus, Robert Makings, Vivian Mann, Joan Manning, Meredith Markham, Michelle Markt, Larry Marsh, Gregory Marsh, Nancy Martin, Dennis Mason, Sarah. Massie, Terry Mast, Mary Mauseth, Robert Meadows, Jean Meindertsma, Pete Mercer, Daryl Merker, James Meyer, Helen Meyer, Judith Michel, Peggy Michelson, Mason Miller, Howard Miller, Judith Miller, Shirley 95 SOPHOMORES Miller, Susan Mills, Donna Millsaps, Creed Minnick, Doug Mitchell, Paul Mitchell, Ronald Mitchell, Stephen Mock, Margaret Molendorp, Gene Moles, Neal Moore, Jay Moore, Robert Noble, Gerald Noe, Linda Noel, Phillip Moriarty, Dennis Morris, Ted Morrow, Glenn Moseman, John Moyle, Mary Mozingo, Nancy Muench, Douglas Nazarene, Jon Nedrow, Larry Neil, Larry Nelson, Kenneth Nelson, Mary " But Dr. Beeks, I know the AD Building was there this morning, " says Steve Christenson. SOPHOMORES hi ■tot y i.Mt Lury 1 iatf : - » $1 Norman, Dennis Olson, Alan Olson, Barbara Ortega, Sylvia Owen, Larry Owen, Jeannie Owens, Thomas Oxley, John Pabian, LaVergne Parton, Leanna Pascal, Diane Paxton, Patricia Peart, Larry Perez, James Peters, Karen Peterson, Harriette Peterson, Jeannie Petty, Carol Phillips, Randy Pierce, Milo Pierson, Ronald Piper, Philip Ploghoft, Susan Pomeroy, Ronald Porter, Philip Posler, Carole Posson, Charles Powell, Stephen Poynter, Harold Pratt, David 97 SOPHOMORES Prior, Linda Pritchard, Celia Przybylski, Thomas Quigley, Rodney Ranck, Lowell Randall, Shirley Rasco, Thomas Rasmussen, Karlene Redman, Rosalie Reed, Linda Reeder, Richard Reiman, Dale Reynolds, Raymond Richard, Jill Richards, Donald Riddell, Joyce Ridge, Dianna Ripley, Mary 98 Rissler, William Robbins, Donald Roberts, Edwin Robertson, John Robinson, Sandra Rockhold, Curtis Rodriquez, Alberto Roland, Warren Ross, Mick Roth, Larry Rotts, Nancy Russell, Jacqueline SOPHOMORES f The man in the spotlight is Mike Healy Saemisch, Richard Sander, Ronald Saner, Paul Saunders, Shirley Schafer, Shirley Schaller, William Schatz, Gloria Schenkel, Kenneth Schenkelberg, Michael Schieber, Sheila Schlegel, Roger Schnathorst, Dennis Schope, Jim Schroeder, Edward Schulenberg, Mary Scott, Alan Scott, Judy Seat, David See, Alan Seger, Raymond Seifert, Kathleen Seiverling, Willis Sexton, Sheryl Sharp, Larry Sharp, Rita Sherman, Elaine Shestak, David Shields, Joseph Shipley, Donald Siglin, Annette Simon, Michael Skinner, Mary Sleister, Paulette 99 SOPHOMORES ■ u- Smith, Charles Smith, David Smith, Donald Smith, Janet Smith, Kathryn Smith, Kenneth 100 Sorensen, Frederick Sorensen, Stephen Sparks, Terry Sprake, Janet Stackhouse, Elaine Stalling, Clyde Standard, Roger Stanley, Evelyn Steinhauser, Robert Stephens, Charles S tephens, Kelly Stilabower, Sandra Stilley, Edward Stoll, Clara Straight, Beverly Stream, Sherman Strecker, Dennis Streeter, Curtis SOPHOMORES Stroebele, Jerald Stuart, David Sturtz, Kenneth Sunderman, Luella Svvanson, Duane Talbott, Pamela Tasler, Ramona Taylor, Katie Taylor, Mary Taylor, Robert Taylor, Suanne Templer, William Tesi, Roger Thompson, Michael Thompson, Russell Thummel, Irma Thurnau, Gary Tietz, Gary Toppa, Ronald Torstenson, Tom Traylor, Diane Tritsch, Judith Trump, Lynn Tunell, Gary Turner, Linda Urich, Gary Vanderweide, Vincent Vessar, Lyndal Victor, Mike Wade, Jeffery Wakeman, James Walker, John Wallace, Beverly 101 SOPHOMORES Wortman, Martha Young, Carol Zaiger, Jordon Wallace, Ronald Walter, Ronald Walton, Paula Ware, Evelyn Ware, Michael Watson, William Webb, John Webb, Vincent Weibel, James Whetstone, Gano Whipple, Donald Whitlatch, Robert Wiegand, Jon Wilcoxson, Stephen Wiley, Marlene Wilhoit, Steve Williams, Helen Williams, Robert Williams, Shirley Williamson, Eddie Wilson, Eddie Wilson, Karen Wilson, Larry Wilson, Michael Wineinger, Ronald Winters, Gary Winzenread, Johanna Wisdom, Clinton Wissink, Gerald Don Peterson appears to be lost in deep thought. 102 i; CLASS OF ' 68 Ml Ml iMi IT- " - km JUi .fate! m UM ,» M Abilotrup, Michael Adams, Beverly Adams, Charlotte Adams, Meta Adams, Michael Adams, William Adkins, John Agre, Sally Ahrens, Larry Albert, Patricia Alexander, Steve Allen, Carol Allen, Cheryl Allen, Earnest Allen, Harold Allen, Michael Allpress, James Almquist, Rozanne Andersen, Curtis Andersen, Dale Anderson, Marvel Anderson, Ronald E. Andrews, William Annan, Maribeth Arbanella, Fred Arbuckle, Janet Archer, Leonard Arment, Dennis Arnion, Howard Arnold, Betty 103 FRESHMEN Arlington, Richard Atkinson, Mary Ayers, Janet Bahler, Lynda Bailey, Carol Bailey, Ronald Bain, Linda Baker, Barbara Baker, Cynthia Baker, Jeanne Ballentine, William Banes, Marsha Barge, Sharon Barker, Jim Barker, Lora Barnes, Joy Barnett, Zonia Barten, Robert Raymond Gass directs traffic as fresh- men invade the campus. 104 FRESHMEN Mt ft If Oft ft ' Bender, Kenneth Bender, Terri Bentley, Marilyn Benton, Leonard Bickford, Charles Biggs, Sondra Billings, Linda Birchmier, Brenda Bishop, Nancy Black, Elbert Black, Gene Blackford, John Blackwell, Beth Bliss, Larry Boggio, Frances Bogue, James Bohnenkamp, Elizabeth Bolinger, Mary Boltinghouse, Mary Booth, Martin Borkowski, Allan Boswell, Lorrane Boudewyns, Kathleen Bovaird, Dean Bower, David Bowman, James Bowman, Phyllis Box, Mervin Boyer, Lloyd Boyles, Sharon 105 FRESHMEN Brader, Donald Bradfield, Gayle Brady, Karen Bray, Kay Brinton, Dennis Brinton, Linda Bristol, John Bro, Richard Brooke, Lloyd A ' l W Pat Noah indulges in an unscheduled study break. Brooner, Patricia Brower, Robert Brown, Barbara Brown, Carole Brown, John Bruner, George Buetzer, Kim Burch, Cathy Burger, Mary Burk, William Burke, Richard Burnett, Robert Burtnett, Jerry Burton, Linda Burton, Norma Burton, Rochelle Bush, Karen Butterworth, Georgia m 106 FRESHMEN r.feT Byron, Kay Cain, Benny Cain, Cheryl Cain, Steven Calkins, James Campbell, Dennis Campbell, John Canon, Russell Carlson, Lynn Carlson, Roger Carlton, Cathleen Carnahan, Clark Carr, Marilyn Carter, James Carter, Sharon Casady, Janet Castle, Gary Castor, Barbara Ceplina, Sharon Chambers, Carole Chambers, Joyce Chappell, Patricia Chesnut, Allen Christensen, Cheryl Christopher, Don Cisco, Susan Clark, Carol Clark, Glenda Clark, Jane Clark, Joe Clark, Mack Clark, Sherry - 107 FRESHMEN Claussen, Stephen Clevenger, Linda Clifton, Harold Clinkenbeard, Virginia Clothier, Martha Clouse, Sharron Coccoran, Gary Cochrane, Dennis Cockrill, Michael Coffelt, Vickie Coil, Patricia Coldiron, John Cook, Patricia Cooper, Gary Copeland, Sue Corbett, Barbara Cottle, Hubert Couch, Anita Couch, Janice Courter, Raymond Cox, James Cox, Lana Craft, Allen Crain, Terry 108 FRESHMEN Nn Barber Harvey Hallum gives Gary Ran- dall a trim. 4J4J4J Craven, Robert Crawford, John Creason, Daryl Creveling, William Crites, Patricia Crookshanks, Janet Cross, Kenneth Crouse, Stephen Crozier, James Cummings, Don Curphey, Sandra Dagley, Gary Dague, Roberta Dale, Tyra Dann, Marshall Dannar, Wilbur Darr, James Dath, Diane Daughtrey, Gilbert Daumas, Kenneth Davis, Connie Davis, Linda Davison, Larry Deangelo, Ron Deardorff , David Deardorff , Dorothy Deisch, Gordon Delashmutt, Chris Delong, John Delong, Ruth 109 FRESHMEN mSm ' m 4km Dennis, Lynette Dent, Linda Denton, Keith DeShon, Thelma DeVorss, DeAnna Dew, Gertrude Dick, Earl Dick, Iris Ditamore, Janice Dooley, Kathleen Dowden, Cheryl Downing, Richard Drummond, Grace Duff, Carol Duffett, Roberta Dugger, Hilda Dunavan, Marsha Dunfee, Becky 110 Eckles, William Eddleman, Dixie Edgar, James Edwards, Carol Edwards, Joyce Edwards, Nick Edwards, Robert Egli, Dianne Egy, Donna Ehlers, Patricia Ehret, Sue Eivins, Jerry " " FRESHMEN Elam, Sharlyne Elder, Kay Elliott, Diane Ellis, Charlotte Ellis, Richard Ellison, Greg Epstein, Alicia Evans, Frank Everly, Charles Fagen, Willis Farquhar, Elda Fast, Janet Faulstich, Juliana Favinger, Cherilee Feekin, Duane Ferguson, Susan Fields, Gary Fine, Elaine Fine, Philip Fisher, Anna Fitzpatrick, Pat Flack, Dennis Flaherty, Dennis Fleshner, Lyle Fletcher, Nina Flippin, Sheryl Florea, Roger Ford, Dennis Forney, Edward Forret, Juanita 111 FRESHMEN Forsythe, Mary Foster, Robert Foster, Floyd Foster, Mark Fouts, John Frame, Edith Gardiner, Carole Gardner, Judy Garrett, Jacquilyn Garrison, Michael Gaule, Twylla Gayler, Larry George, Carolyn Geyer, Martha Gibson, Sharon Giffin, James Good, Deborah Goodell, Belinda 112 FRESHMEN , -p Goos, Jim Goracke, Lois Gosch, Larry Gough, John Grace, James Grace, William Graeff, Shirley Grame, Kenneth Graves, Joan Gray, Pamela Greener, Beverly Greeno, Jacqueline Gregg, Marvin Greiner, Kenneth Griffin, Ivana Griffin, Warland Grimsley, David Groom, Galen Groomer, Patricia Guhl, Avis Guling, Bill Hale, Eddie Hall, Margaret Hall, Rebecca Hall, Richard Halliday, Gail Halterman, Patty Hamilton, Laura Hamilton, Mary Hankins, Sharon Hansen, Patricia Hardwick, Robert 113 FRESHMEN Hardy, David Harmon, Helen Harr, Barbara Harrington, William Harris, Nancy Harris, Phillip Harris, Roger Hartman, Gary Hascall, Harold Hauber, Paula Hayden, Frank Hays, Amos Hays, Margaret Hayward, Robert Heitman, Duane Heifers, Patricia Heller, Ronald Helmkamp, Stanley 114 Laundry day has come for Carla Bright. to i it Mb -Hwld ft Ww ■.Dm Ml n FRESHMEN «i iii ' « c« " Operation Clean-Up " is begun by Jim Freedline. Hixson, Susan Hodge, Carl Hoefelmann, Linda Hoffelmeyer, Linda Hogue, Morris Holcomb, Dale Holden, Kay Holmes, Linda Holmes, Twila Hoover, Donald Hopkins, Dale Hopkins, Linda Hopper, Edward Horn, Linda Hornecker, Mary Hornick, Victor Houston, Iris Howard, Carolyn Howard, Mary Howitt, Ron Howlett, Normal Huber, William Hudnall, Linda Huffman, Terrance Hughes, Leonard Hughes, Wendell Hunt, Charlene Hunt, Etta Hunt, Judith Hunter, Marsha 115 FRESHMEN Hunziger, Ronald Hutchinson, Stephen Hwens, Emma Illingworth, Linda Ingle, James Ingram, Geraldine Jennings, Merlin Jeter, James Joesting, Marjorie Johnson, Bonnie Johnson, Charles Johnson, David Johnson, James Johnson, Kathryn Johnson, Marvin Johnson, Ruth Johnson, Toni Johnson, Wayne K. 116 ■u No FRESHMEN Johnston, Kristen Johnston, Sharon Johnston, Sheryl Jones, Evelyn Jones, Geoffrey Jones, Janet Jones, Joanne Jones, Larry Judkins, Jan Justice, Linda Kading, Marvin Kauzlarich, Jane Kavanaugh, Richard Kearney, Dowell Kelim, Leslie Kelly, Ronda Kelsey, David Kemp, Scott Kennedy, Mary Kennedy, Ruth Kenny, Charlotte Kerwin, Kenneth Kerns, Cheryle Ketelsen, Larry. Kidd, Nancy Kiernan, Lawrence Kincaid, John 117 FRESHMEN Kincannon, Sandra Kingery, Richard Kinker, Donald Kirkendoll, Judy Klein, Maurine Klein, William Kloewer, Leo Klump, Elmer Knepper, Mary Knittig, Dennis Knott, Mark Koboldt, Bruce 118 Langford, Nona Lantz, Gary Lantz, Richard Lappe, Frances Larison, Lynda Larson, Avis Lathrum, Barbara Lauhoff , Mary Laur, Barbara Leach, Allen Lee, Carol Lee, Lonnie FRESHMEN Leighninger, David Lemley, Grace Leonard, Karen Lesan, Richard Letz, Richard LeValley, Julie Lewis, Robert Libel, Kathleen Lichter, Michael Lillard, Janice Lilley, Gary Lillie, Allen Lincoln, Kenneth Linde, Cheryll Linville, Douglas Linville, Robert Little, Sidney Lockhart, John Loe, Marilyn Long, Adaline Long, Nancy Longfellow, Jack Loots, Marilyn Loutermilch, Sherrill Lovitt, Rudy Lowry, Kenneth Lucas, Sharon Lumm, Mary Lundquist, Linda Luth, Loren Lybarger, Judy Lyle, Elaine Lyons, Arnold 119 FRESHMEN McBee, Jerold McCampbell, Russell McCarthy, Trudy McCartney, Barbara McCarty, Pamela McCHntic, Katherine McCollough, Gary McCombs, Elaine McCord, Lorraine McCormick, Jeannie McDowell, Sharon McFarland, Garry McGaughey, Victor McGuire, Carolyn McGuire, Joseph McKenzie, Beverly McKnight, Bill McNally, Janet Macrander, Ella Madison, Diana Maharry, Maurice Main, John Malone, Kathleen Malone, Larry Malone, Lavera Manger, Carl Manning, Madilyn Marek, Joan Marnin, Douglas Marsh, Larry 120 FRESHMEN Marshall, Warrior Martin, John R. Martin, Ruth Mason, Frank Masters, Darith Mauer, Gary Mauer, Virginia Maxwell, Shirley Mayf ield, Donna Mead, Sharon Meadows, Irvin Mears, Charles Medsker, Gerald Medsker, Sandra Meredith, John Messerli, Ken Metzgar, Bill Metzgar, Thomas Meyer, Eugene Meyers, Zana Miller, Carolyn Miller, Cynthia Miller, Edwin Miller, Janice Miller, John Miller, Kenda Miller, Loring Miller, Mary E. Miller, Peggy S. Miller, Richard Miller, Robert G. Miller, Robert J. Milligan, Jennifer 121 FRESHMEN Mishmash, Donna Mitchell, Eugene Mitchell, Victor Monroe, James Montgomery, JoAnn Monthei, Pamela Moody, Mary Mooney, Louis 122 Judy Kerns is ready to receive in a fast game of table tennis. Mortensen, Duane Morton, Ann Mozingo, Jerry Mullen, Dianna Mullins, Donna Murphy, Michael My Ian, Lynne Nail, James Nash, Sharon Nauroth, Janet Nelson, Barbara Nelson, Bonnie Nelson, Colleen Nelson, James Nelson, Marietta Nelson, Regina Nelson, Roger Nerling, Joseph Netherton, Jerry Newbrough, Patricia Newcomer, Larry Newman, Janet Newman, Larry Newsome, Mary FRESHMEN • — ' PWl I w Newton, Marvin Newton, Ronald Nicholas, Sam Nichols, Charlotte Nichols, James Noble, Michael Norris, Carol Norris, Connie Nugent, Margaret O ' Dell, Hazel O ' Donnell, James Ogren, Maxine Olenhouse, Terrell Olsen, Marlys Olson, Duane O ' Rourke, Tim Osmond, Ronald Ostring, Nancy Owens, Judith Painter, Sharon Pallo, Daniel Palmer, Irvin Palumbo, Judith Parker, Linda Parman, Larry Parrish, Mardelle Partlow, Richard Patterson, Carole Patterson, Dennis Paulsen, Marlus Payton, Sharon Peart, Charles Pedersen, Eileen Wava Tackett returns the ball to re- ceive a point. 123 FRESHMEN 124 Pedei-sen, Georgea Pedersen, Linda Pederson, Jennifer Pendleton, Roy Perkins, Janet Perlenfein, Connie P rter, Janila Potter, Mary Potts, Mary Petersen, David Petersen, Janice Peterson, Martin Peterson, Pamela Petree, Joetta Petty, Lloyd Phillips, Billie Phillips, Cheri Phillips, Jimmy Phillips, Larry Phillips, Richard Phillips, Rodney Phillips, Tom Pickering, Marvin Pierce, Michael Pinckney, Robert Pitzenberger, Vergene Place, Phillip Sun, shadow, and snow combine to accent the beauty of MSC ' s campus. FRESHMEN ,- ' Potts, Richard Prater, Craig Price, Margaret Price, Ruth Price, Sarah Prieditis, Dagnia Pruitt, Alan Pulley, Robert Quinn, James Quinn, Janet Randle, Vern Rasmussen, Gary Ratliff , Renee Rea, Janet Redd, Regina Reed, Dennis Reedholm, Charles Rees, Merlyn Reeves, Rita Reid, Sandra Reineke, Cheryl Renken, Nancy Reser, James Reser, Phillip Reynolds, James Rich, Sheryl Riddell, Martha Riddle, Kathy Ridenour, Mona Ridgway, Cheryl 125 FRESHMEN Rigler, Roma Riley, Carolyn Riley, Sharon Ristau, Carol Roberts, Patricia Robinson, Kay Peter Jackson, Kenneth Geib, and Clara Timmons offi- ciate as Ron Zimmerman and Dave Ranum cast votes in the student body election. Rowe, Robert Rowen, Elihu Ruble, Vicki Rule, Raymond Rusk, Donald Russell, Donald 126 Russell, Marcia Saale, Suzanne Sadler, Jelane Saemisch, Juda Salf rank, Janet Salfrank, Susan Sawyer, Jane Schatz, James Scheller, Lynn Schieber, Joseph Schieber, Marilyn Schlichting, Kathryn FRESHMEN Schmidt, Robert Schmidt, Ronald Schmitz, Carmelita Schnegelberger, Lois Schneider, Linda Schnell, Joyce Schott, Eddie Schuler, Robert Schultz, Mark Schuster, Charles Scott, Larry Scott, Vincent Seabaugh, Kathryne Seely, Kendra Seipel, Lois Sell, Wayne Sexton, Larry Shaffer, William Sharp, Barbara Sharp, Mary Shaw, Janet Sheehan, Judith Sheehan, Pamela Sheetz, Beverly Shipley, Steven Shockley, Carol Shockley, Kay Sibley, DeWitt Sillik, Beverly Simmons, Norma Simons,-Sondra Simpson, James Skillman, Mary 127 FRESHMEN Slater, Sandra Slawson, Janice Sloan, Sally Smetana, Richard Smith, Cheryl Smith, Denney Smith, Janice Smith, Judith Smith, Otis Smith, Richard Smith, Stephen Smither, Louis MmA Sharon Gates and Diane Foland aid Jim Graves who snaps the shutter for another ID picture. 128 Snethen, Gay Snodgrass, Ruth Snook, Darwin Sommer, Edward Sorensen, Michael Southard, Woody Spain, Darrell Spangler, Adrienne Spicer, Marjean Spillman, Marlene Spoon, Kathleen Spraker, Alan Spurgeon, William Stalling, Ellen Staples, David Statham, Paul Steffens, Gordon Steinfeld, Judy FRESHMEN Steinhauser, John Steinman, Beric Stephens, Leonard Stephens, Rena Stephens, Lorna Stevens, Sharon Stevenson, Marsha Stevenson, Rodney Stewart, Gary Stewart, Robert Stewart, Roger Stitzer, Lowell Stoaks, Marguaretta Stone, Lyle Stookey, Carol Sullivan, John Summers, Douglas Swanson, Milton Swartz, Dennis Sweet, Raymond Swenson, John Swink, Marshall Taake, Jean Tanner, Cherie Tarwater, Patti Taylor, Carolyn Taylor, Larry Taylor, Rebecca Taylor, Ursula Thacker, Gregory 129 FRESHMEN 4J £d Thomsen, Deanne Thornton, Gloria Tiffany, William Tillotson, Terry Thomas, Linda Thompson, Edra Thompson, Everett Thompson, Kathryn Thompson, Norma Thompson, Robert Nancy McHenry and Marilyn Campbell, assisted by Janet Smith, check out for a " night on the town. " Tonnies, Marshall Torkelson, Ronnie Townsend, Sonya Tracy, Gary Trow, James Trow, Marilyn Trueblood, Thomas Tubach, David Tuchband, Thomas Tuggle, Sue Turner, Eugene Tuttle, Dixie Underwood, Mary Underwood, William Urban, Marlene Vanfossan, Jim Van Fosson, Linda Varley, Lawrence 130 l ttR pi ■M FRESHMEN Veylupek, Gary Vogel, Marvin Voyce, Jo Ann Wagner, Donald Wake, Reed Waldeier, Larry Walker, Diane Walker, Patricia Walker, Robert Walkup, Vivi Wallace, Linda Waltemath, Phillip Walter, Eldon Ward, James Ware, Diana Ware, Linda Ware, Phyllis Warren, Terry Warren, Wilbur Wasserfallen, David Watkins, Flame Watkins, Larry Watsabaugh, J. B. Watson, James Watson, Paul Webb, Harold Weddle.Jobn Weis, Richard Welsch, Robert Werf, Glen Westbrook, John Weston, Paula Wetzel, Martha Wharff, Marjorie 131 FRESHMEN Wheeler, Valorie Whetstone, Richard Whipple, Ben Whitaker, John Whitehead, Sharon Whitesell, Allan Whitesell, Charles Wible, Carolyn Wideman, Alan Widener, Deanna Wiegers, William Wiley, Diana Williams, Jane Williams, Sheila Willimann, Frances Willwerth, Ronald Wilson, Inez Wilson, Marilyn Wineinger, Carolyn Winn, Robert Wion, Lynne Wirt, Cheryl Wirt, William Wise, Fred Wolf, Linda Wolf, Phyllis Wolverton, Steve Wood, Dennis Wood, James Wood, Lyle 132 FRESHMEN m Zeiger, John Zeikle, Charles Zembles, Marthalee Zimmerman, Danny Wood, Robert Wood, Thomas Woodford, Susan Woods, Douglas Woodyard, Stephen Wozniak, Dennis Wray, Keith Wright, John Wright, Peggy Wright, Rebecca Wright, Russell Wyse, Ronald Xanders, Rita Yates, Jennifer Youell, Carolyn Young, Sandra Zagorniak, Albert Zehr, Barbara M-m-m-! Taste ' that Thanksgiving turkey. 133 HONORS BANQUET Guest of honor, President Jones, gave the main address at the American Association of University Professors Honors Banquet. The four top-ranking students from each of the four classes were present plus all professors and their wives. KAPPA DELTA PI on 134 FIRST ROW: Kay Graves, Treasurer; Alice Akers, Reporter; Sharon Schmidt, Presi- dent; Sharon Phoenix, Vice-President; Sandra Bender, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Sharon Elwick, . atricia Lininger, Darlene Guest, Kathy Lockridge, Karen Jorgensen, Linda Strachan, Donna Parks, Paula Evans. THIRD ROW: Sharon Bolin, Nancy Timberlake, Shirley Moore, Georgia Linville, Wava Tackett, Linda Nielson, Judy Salfrank. FOURTH ROW: Martha Klinzman, Carolyn Smith, Karen Barker, Linda Jones, Dean Schantz, Tom Trainer, Dr. John Harr, Counselor. GRADUATE STUDENTS I Dr. Charles Koerble aids in serving cookies and coffee to graduate students at a social time before the business meeting. " j c f r p MASTERS DEGREE CANDIDATES, Summer, 1964: FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Carpini, Thelma Van Hoozer, Roberta Westfall, Virginia Shain, Violet Stewart, Mary Ethel Pugh, Evelyne Haupt, Iris Litten. SECOND ROW: Daniel Heckman, Leslie Jeromes, George M. Ashworth, Wayne Curlile, Rich- ard Schlitter, Harold Lynch, William Nott, Bob Maxwell. THIRD ROW: William Euler, Robert Blair, J. O. Smith, Charles Cowdrey, Gerald Brown, Charles Burrl, T. R. Baker, Dick Foster. FOURTH ROW: George Kling, John Martin, Jimmy Ham, Bill McKinney, Bob Alcorn, Aaron Ranner, Robert Osburn, Gerald Trullinger, Norman Pearson. President Robert Foster, Dean Leon Miller, and Dean Schooling of Mo. University discuss the graduate program with candi- dates, 135 SENATE Fourteen members, elected by their respective classes, formed the nucleus of the Student Govern- ment Association of Northwest Missouri State Col- lege for 1964-65. The Senate was responsible for establishing and supervising the procedures for all major cam- pus elections. A definite improvement was achieved in the parking situation through the efforts of the Student-Faculty Disciplinary Com- mittee. Improvements were made in the constitution with the establishment of committees for making and adopting revisions. There was also a re-evalu- ation of the 1965 Who ' s Who selections. Interested in other colleges ' student govern- ment associations and their student problems, the Senate sent representatives to an exchange-of- ideas conference in Illinois. The Senate was also represented at the MSCSGA Convention in War- rensburg. I I GLENN ACKSEL President of Student Body PIM Thonps ley Moo Charles Herbert FIRST ROW: Kenneth Thompson, Sponsor; Sue Thompson, Secretary; Judith Miller; Glenn Acksel, President; John Hill, Vice-President; Mike Knepper, Treasurer; C. E. Koerble, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Mary Mast, Carol Workman, Shirley Moore, Marge MacDonald, Dean Hamon, Nancy Timberlake. 136 ACKSEL HEADS FACULTY AFFAIRS COM- MITTEE: Bob Dickey, Glenn Acksel, Dr. Charles Koerble, Chairman; Shirley Moore, Ron- ald Fitch. STUDENT-FACULTY DISCI- PLINARY COMMITTEE: Sue Thompson, Glenn Acksel, Shir- ley Moore. SECOND ROW: Dr. Charles Koerble, Advisor; Mr. Herbert Dieterich, Chairman; John Hill, Dean Hamon. SENATE ADVISORY BOARD: Bob Lewellen, Glenn Acksel, Mike Thompson, Ron- ald Fitch. 137 TOWER STAFF FIRST ROW: Kathy Riddle; Susan McConkey, Editor; Wava Tackett, Assistant Editor; Joan Mann, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Roger Ambrosier, Art Editor; Mr. Howard Ringold, Faculty Advisor; Bob Johnson, Sports Editor; Dr. Frank Grube, Literary Advisor. Bob Johnson is busy planning the sports pages. Art Editor Roger Ambrosier is skillful in drawing pages for the ' 65 Tower. 138 TOWER STAFF Pictured at a meeting with publishing representative, Pat Penniston, are staff assistents, Kathy Riddle, Nancy Boyd, and Cathy Baumli. Dr. Frank Grube advises Wava Tackett as she prepares copy for the Tower. Editor Susan McConkey checks lay-out with Howard Ringold. 139 NORTHWEST Sharon Shipley and Marvin Bell Co-Editors Circulation figures of the Northwest Mis- sourian climbed over the 4,000 mark during the 1964-1965 school year. These figures include cam- pus, local, and mailing list distributions and sub- scriptions. The college newspaper provided students and faculty with news and events on the campus level. During the 1964 Presidential election, the Mis- sourian printed a commentary concerning the event. Special coverage of President Robert Fos- ter ' s inauguration was complete with pictures and excerpts from President Foster ' s acceptance speech. The Co-Editors, Sharon Shipley and Marvin Bell, continued the practice of extra-page editions for such events as Homecoming and the Literary Editions. The local demands for more advertising space were adequately met by Advertising Manager Lorraine Schultz. National advertising was again carried by the Missourian. Circulation Manager John Shipley reorganized the complete mailing process to meet the welcomed problem of in- creased circulation. A special sports coverage staff headed by Co-Editor Bell, Sports Coordinator Mike Kindle, and reporters Turner Tyson, Dave Bell, Rick Phillips, and Bruce Horrell added emphasis to the Bearcat varsity and reserve team sports with more photographs, individual player features, and up-to-the-minute follow-ups. Mick Ware served as Photographic Editor, with assistance from Neil Chaput and Clinton Wisdom. 140 FIRST ROW: Sharon Shipley, Co-editor; Marvin Bell, Co-editor; Mr. Homer Morris, Faculty Advisor; John Shipley, Cir- culation Manager; Mike Kindle, Sports Editor; Lorraine Schultz, Business Manager. SECOND ROW: Carol Wolverton, Gano Whetstone, Janet Arbuckle, Suzanne Saale, Kathy Riddle, Donna Davis. THIRD ROW: Turner Tyson, John Cold- iron, Fred Fischback, Marjorie Wharff, Rick Phillips, Dave Bell. MISSOURIAN Marvin Bell Co-Editor Sharon Shipley Co-Editor Kathy Riddle and Lorraine Schultz Mick Ware and John Shipley Turner Tyson and Dave Bell 141 ALPHA PHI OMEGA ACTIVES FIRST ROW: Kenneth Thompson, Sponsor; Daniel Schneider, Mike Armintrout, Neil Chaput, Second Vice-President; Tom Lupar- dus, President; Bill Nelson, First Vice-President; Larry Rosenow, Treasurer; Keith Lambertsen, Kenneth Harlan. SECOND ROW: Myrl Long, Sponsor; Richard Reeder, Frederick Rohlfs, Gerald Marcinko, Robert Patience, Mike Bobst, Soren Sorensen, Rickey Steckelberg, Charles Posson, Alan Scott, William Rissler. PLEDGES FIRST ROW: Sam Dalzell, Steve Crouse, Steve Wolverton, Eamie Allen, Elbert Black, Raymond Brady. SECOND ROW: Neil Chaput, Pledge Master; Normal Howlett, Jim Jeter, Ronnie Torkelson, Stuart Robertson. 142 He! rn For its fifth year on campus, serv- ice was again the key word for Gam- ma Sigma Sigma. During their many hours of dedicated work the members published the student-faculty direc- tory, helped with Tower sales, pro- vided guides for visitors on campus, ushered at school functions, collected books and maeazines to send to work- ers in the Peace Corps, maintained the service of sewing boxes in the wom- en ' s restrooms, and made doll clothes for Par Ke Sook, a little Korean girl that they adopted last year. Working jointly with Alpha Phi Omega, Gam- ma Sigma Sigma sold concessions at football and basketball games. The fall pledge project was making books for the Retarded Children ' s school on campus. Social events included several in- formal mixers with Alpha Phi Omega, as well as the jointly sponsored Spring Formal. A rush party was held each semester for prospective pledges. Girls in the sorority receiving rec- ognition were Jo ' Ann Fabro, Harvest Moon Ball Queen; Judy Huitt, Card- inal Key; and Sharon Schmidt, Presi- dent of Kappa Delta Pi and State Treasurer of Student NEA. Sharon was asked to apply for three graduate scholarships: Danforth, Fulbright, and Woodrow Wilson. A4 Q Service and social events high- lighted the 1964-65 school year for the Beta Upsilon chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, MSC ' s service fraternity that celebrated its 25th anniversary year on campus. The major service projects carried out were directing traffic for special occasions, checking coats at major dances, assisting handicapped students to and from classes in bad weather, decorating the campus at Christmas, conducting campus tours for inter- ested groups, and organizing the an- nual " Ugly Man " contest to raise money for the Student Loan Fund. In cooperation with Gamma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega sponsored a book fair, conducted a campaign for the March of Dimes, and managed concessions at football and basketball games. The social aspect was keynoted by the annual Spring Formal, along with several mixers and a Christmas party with Gamma Sigma Sigma. Members active in the campus com- munity included: Soren Sorensen, President of Gamma Delta; David Neustadt, President of Men ' s Resi- dence Halls ' Council and Independent Student Organization ; Keith Lambert- sen, President of Student NEA; Lar- ry Rosenow, Pledge Trainer for Pi Omega Pi; Robert Patience, President of Student Christian Association and Co-chairman of Religious Emphasis Week; and William Rissler, member of " The Crucible " cast. Pat Hillers Belle of the Ball GSS-APO Spring Formal Gamma Sigma Sigma actives Jean Kobashigawa and Erma Hall prepare a display for the sorority. Alpha Phi Omega actives discuss their fraternity with a prospective pledge. 143 GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA ACTIVES FIRST ROW: Dona Shroyer, Sharon Phoenix, Mary Sand, Second Vice-President; Phyllis Phoenix, First Vice-President; Cheryl Gray, President; Erma Hall, Treasurer; Judy Thatch, Diane Whitney, Pat Hillers. SECOND ROW: Mary Jones, Pat McCune, Wanda Cox, Pat Bird, Beverly Burgess, Judy Tritsch, Dorothy Zaiger, Jo ' Ann Fabro, Jean Kobashigawa, Doris Schreiner, Judy Huitt. THIRD ROW: Lana Babcock, Nancy Boyd, Carolyn Lefgren, Jean Slykhuis, Marilyn Agre, Margo Dath, Sharon Schmidt, Barbara Olson, Linda Jones, Clara Hainline, Judy Lee. w " Legs, " with I Sig represen PLEDGES Marty Dn r TriSigsij. LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Furlong, Carol Young, Mary Sand, Pledge Mother; Margery Baker, Paula Modrell. 144 UGLY MAN CARNIVAL Everett Brown, AKL candidate and Ugliest Man on the Faculty, proudly displays his winner ' s nlanne Carl Peterson, Bob Johnson, Everett Brown, and Bill Dankers starred at the AKL stand, which brought in the most money at the Ugly Man Carnival. ' 145 m ™ a m a awm w m I J ' : IJ! . -y -c. ' f ' lw WELLS LIBRARY BOOK CLUB A review by Mary Kay Kuhn of Ian Fleming ' s You Only Live Twice was the target for discussion at Book Club ' s first meeting. It began and was representative of the following reviews that stimu- lated an interest in and -criti- cal analysis of new and popu- lar literature. Mike Knepper reported on The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass. At a Christmas party that was held at the home of Mrs. Harry Sheetz, one of the sponsors, Charlotte De- Somma gave a review of Eric Matson by Norman Katkov. Other monthly meetings were held in the Gold Room of the J. W. Jones Union Building. FIRST ROW: Carita Culmer, Dorothy Ray, Charlotte DeSomma, Secretary; Mary Kuhn, Presi- dent; Mike Knepper, Vice-President; Marge MacDonald, Jurel Jackson. SECOND ROW: Norma Burton, Donna Parks, Lorraine Schultz, Donna Davis, Shirley Maxwell, Nancy Wayman, Ruth Severson, Paula Evans. THIRD ROW: Frank Grube, Sponsor; Mary Potter, Gloria Lewis, Bar- bara Brown, Dianna Brown, Ruth Kennedy, Mary Kennedy, Mary Jo Bruett. FOURTH ROW: Wava Tackett, Barbara Sharp, Robert Baker, James Polsley, Coreen Rohrberg, Geraldine Mur- phy, Lynda Queen, Roberta Duffett. 147 KAPPA PI FIRST ROW: Nancy Bruggeman, Carolyn Wiltshire, Jean Slykhuis, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Donald Robertson, Sponsor; Doug Taylor, Vice-President; Darwin Hensley, President; Terry Stoner, Robert Sunkel, Sponsor. DANCE CLUB FIRST ROW: Sherry Bollinger, President; Tegwin Dyer, Sponsor; Ina O ' Riley, Secretary-Treasurer; Karenann Falk. SECOND ROW: Cathy Bohling, Judy Sager, Carita Culmer, Mary Murphy, Mary Hil- ger. THIRD ROW: Judy Hyder, Linda Drummond, Sue Cisco, Diane Collins, Virginia Neidt, Nancy Marsh. 148 B Club of p hllilr) UU11C makf tech] cast duct) Fo cast utile the( hold mug were and presi KDLX FIRST ROW: Gary Urich, Engineer; Tom Stratton, Technical Assistant; tion Manager;. Charles Summers, Technical Assistant; Robert Baker. Gary Mathews, Sta- DRAMA CLUB The members of Drama Club, working in all aspects of play production, helped build scenery and apply make-up, worked on the technical crew, and were cast members of each pro- duction. Fourteen members were cast in " The Crucible " . Other members took part in the Christmas play and " Be- hold This Dreamer " . An eve- ning of one act plays, which were directed by students, and " Le Misanthrope " were presented in the spring. FIRST ROW: Mr. Kerry Lafferty, Sponsor; Pete Pearson, Vice-President; David Shestak, Presi- dent; Ruth Martin, Secretary-Treasurer; Mina Halliday. SECOND ROW: Lynda Bahler, Linda Brinton, Cheryl Reineke, Lynda Queen, Suzanne Saale. THIRD ROW: Nshan Erganian, Craig Prater, Leonard Anderson, Carolyn Wineinger, Phil Reser. 149 Proposed plan for the new Fine Arts Building. FINE ARTS BED! 150 i Ha I flil AR lBUILDING Construction on the new Fine Arts Building has begun. 151 ALPHA PSI OMEGA MUSI The Kappa Sigma cast of Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary fra- ternity, conferred honorary mem- berships on President and Mrs. J. W. Jones at the Spring formal initi- ation after a matinee performance of " The Man. " The main project of the fraternity was the spring play, the proceeds of which were contrib- uted to the loan fund. This year ' s play was " Critics Choice " by Ira Levin. Each year after the Spring initi- ation, the fraternity elects two stu- dents to be honored. Last year Norm Wilcox received the best acting award and Ken Price was recog- nized for best service. FIRST ROW: Carolyn Enis, President; Doris Wilson. SECOND ROW: Judy McGinnis, Ken Price, Eddielea Roe. FIRS! tin, V THIPJ IGBa FORENSICS and PI KAPPA DELTA Forensics and Pi Kappa Delta students, coached by sponsors George Hinshaw and Jerry Winsor, enjoyed a challenging and reward- ing season comprised of many de- bate and speaking tournaments. In December NWMSC ' s seventh annual Nodaway Valley Speech Tournament was held with other college squads competing in the divisions of debate, extempore speaking, and oral interpretation. Some of the tournaments for the year were held with Kansas State University, University of Omaha, Bradley University, Rockhurst Col- lege, Northeast Missouri State Col- lege, Nebraska State Teachers Col- lege, Illinois State University, William Jewell, and University of Nebraska. The state tournament was held at Warrensburg and the National Pi Kappa Delta tourna- ment was in Washington. FIRST ROW: Jerry Winsor, Sponsor; Ethelee Osborn, Charla Albertson, Lynda Queen, Secretary; George Hinshaw, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Elbert Black, Vance Coleman, David Wasserfallen, Keith Augustine, Galen Buckey, Sharon Carter. 152 MUSIC EDUCATION NATIONAL CONFERENCE •f Alpha " ay fa. " y men. 4ij. Uttliijtj. rfonnance Ned of % play, • contrib- 1 year ' s ?byfa nnfiniti. itwosti- ' arNorm it acting Hrecog- FIRST ROW: Ruth Miller, Sponsor; John Smay, Sponsor; Lana Babcock, Secretary-Treasurer; Sharon Bolin, President; Pat Mar- tin, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Patricia Lininger, Pat Brown, Sharon Johnston, Edwin Roberts, Larry Rawlins, Rose Adams. THIRD ROW: Susan McConkey, Lois Eisner, Barbara Knox, Jane Mason, Edward Trecek, Charlotte Watson. FOURTH ROW: Millard Smith, Harold Hascall, Tom Lupardus, Jerry Cooper, Rickey Steckelberg, Larry Benton. MADRIGAL FIRST ROW: Jane LaMar, Dorothy Deardorf, Georgia Butterworth, Mary Jones, Sheryl Flippin. SEC- OND ROW: Donald Coulter, Larry Hanon, Gilbert Whitney, Director; Mike Combs, Gene Black. 153 FIRST ROW: Meredith Manning, Norma Thompson, Linda Ware, Martha Clothier, Barbara Knox, Presi- dent; Virginia Goodwillie, Barbara Laur, Cathy Baumli, Deanne Thomsen, Charla Albertson, Sherry Bollinger, Byron Mitchell, Director. SECOND ROW: Mary Jones, Rose Adams, Donna Beesley, Lynda Bahler, Lois Eisner, Jane Mason, Karen Wilson, Marsha Stevenson, Sharon Johnston, Pat Brown. THIRD ROW: James Graves, Kenneth Greiner, David Taylor, Elbert Black, Dick Harover, Dave Parr, Mickey Pierce, Bill White, Mike Combs, Ed- ward Trecek, Larry Hanon. FOURTH ROW: Larry Saxton, Kenneth Suetterlin, Ron Burson, Thor Mc- Millen, James Coleman, Jim Vanfossan, Jerry Cooper, Harold Hascall, Marland Gammon, Bob Huesgen, Larry Roth. TOWER chou COLLEGE CHOI 154 CHOIR LEGE CHORUS FIRST ROW: Rowena Husted, Reporter; Rochelle Burton, Eileen McCartney, Secre- tary; Karen Leonard, Jacqueline Greeno, Carol Crawford, Virginia Mauer, Janie Sawyer, Patricia Brooner, Charla Albert- son, President; Sharon Johnston, Pat Brown, Lynn Schiller, Patti Tarwater, Sharon Whitehead. SECOND ROW: Gilbert Whit- ney, Norma Thompson, Judy Smith, Cyn- thia Kelly, Betty Arnold, Nancy Marsh, Gay Snethen, Donna Ring, Carol Bailey, Susan Cisco, Diana Collins, Sherry Bollin- ger, Joan Marek, Carol Young, Gayle Brad- field. THIRD ROW: Pat Walker, Carla Baughman, Sidney Grote, Karen Lease, Kay Rogers, Roger Hartley, Connie Younger, Rickey Steckelberg, Vice-President; Glenn Morrow, Sharon Jackson, Diana Wiley, Adrienne Spangler, Marlene Urban, Barbara Zehr, Colleen Nelson, Ella Macrander. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Renken, Barbara Castor, Lyle Fleshner, Edward Rogers, Stan Sibley, Marvin Kading, Helen Harmon, Nancy Evans, Lana Babcock, Donna Mullins, Janet Fast, Charlotte Watson, Marilyn Frandsen, Mary Skillman, Karen Krell. 155 FIRST ROW: Dinah Owen Eldonna Kariker, Carol Wil- son. SECOND ROW: John Flora, Delores Killion, Carol Cunningham, Larry Rawlins, Pat Martin, Bob Patience, Karenann Falk. THIRD ROW: Nancy Buggeman, Rick Steckelburg, Pat Brown, Ruth Severson, Judy Sager, Patricia Moser, Rose Adams, Geari Engelmann, Linda Wal- ter, Ken Suetterlin, Charlotte Watson, Judy Boe. CONCERT BANI MARCHING BAND Drum mi are to The NWMSC Marching Band spends many hours practicing precision drills. 156 CERTI BAND FOURTH ROW: Ramona Kinder, Jim Carmichael, Tom Harvey, Dennis Martin, Carol Young, Carol Workman, Barry Martin, Don Morten- son, Doug Jackson, Richard Peterson, Steve Wilhoit, Paul O ' Connor, Linda Younger, Ron Newberry. FIFTH ROW: Millard Smith, Karl Baxter, Nancy Boyd, Donna Foley, Dennis Hukill, Carol Tyler. Drum majors for NWMSC ' s Marching Band are Ron Burson and David Taylor. Karenann Falk, Pat Sweney, Rita Sharp, Mary Hilger, and Carol Workman are majorettes for the band. 157 JAZZ BAND FIRST ROW: Jim Jeter, Jim Corbett, Connie Younger, Rickey Steckleberg, Larry Rawlins, Larry Benton, Ron Burson, Jerry Cooper, Dave Taylor, Larry Cook, Gary Curtis. SECOND ROW: Steve Dempsey, Gary Veylupek, Erwin Meadows, Richard Peter- son, Barry Martin, Bob Foster, Bob Williams. PIANIST: Ed Trecek. DIRECTOR: Mr. Earle Moss. FIRST seco: Edwin UNDER-GRADS Carol Workman, a junior music major, is shown with her in- structor, Mrs. Mary Jane Sandford, as they rehearse for try- outs for the Jefferson City Symphony Orchestra. Carol is the first to represent NWMSC in a contest of this type. FIRST ROW: Rose Adams, Diana Wiley, Reanne Johnston, Sharon Johnston. SECOND ROW: Ken Greiner, Larry Raw- lins, Dick Harover. THIRD ROW: Thor McMillan, Tom Lupardus. ORCHESTRA FIRST ROW: Jane Mason, Carol Workman, Rose Adams, Patricia Martin, Barry Martin, Barbara Knox, Dave Taylor. SECOND ROW: Susan McConkey, Charlotte Watson, Dr. Donald Sandford, Director; Lois Eisner, Mary Jones, Kenneth Harlan, Edwin Roberts. PIANO REPERTOffiE FIRST ROW: Jane LaMar; Carol Workman, Vice-President; Patricia Lininger, President; Patricia Martin. SECOND ROW: Marlene Urban, Edwin Roberts, Dennis Martin, Sherry Bollinger, Michael Combs, Marjorie Mathewson. THIRD ROW: Charlotte Watson, Ed Trecek, Rickey Steckelberg, Rich- ard Smetana, Mrs. Donald Sandford, Sponsor. 159 HORACE MANN LABORATORY SCHOOL 160 ASSOCIATION for CHILDHOOD EDUCATION ti flfi " FIRST ROW: Mary Kruger, Lynnette Bradfield, Judy Sunderman, Mary Mather, Glenda Bright, Sharon McElwain, Martha Klever. SECOND ROW: Suecilla Adwell, Beverly Burgess, Sheryl Gift, Vicki Carothers, Harriett Hill, Karole Knapp. THIRD ROW: Karen Mills, Linda Janson, Karla Bright, Emily Nevitt, Loren Burkhalter, Carolyn Kempton, Patricia Slaybaugh. FIRST ROW: Neva Ross, Sponsor; Kathryn McKee, Sponsor; Nancy McHenry, Alice Akers, Vice-President; Barb Briggs, President; Cheryl Gray, Secretary, Linda Strachan, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Karen Krell, Lynn Scheller, Rochelle Burton, Leila Douglas, Joyce Jeanblanc, Judy St. Peter, Kathy Carlson, Becky Miller. THIRD ROW: Glenda McCoy, Jan Courtin, Sharon Phoenix, Judy Salfrank, Elizabeth Baker, Laura Lowther, Marna Gault. FOURTH ROW: Paula Zimmerman, Janice Klaehn, Annette Cushing, Ethelee Osbom, Eileen Ross, Kathy Miller, Karen Jorgensen, Sandy Yaple. 161 STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION FIRST KOW: Dr. Wanda Walker, Sponsor; Cheryl Gray, Phyllis Phoenix, Secretary; Nancy Boyd, Coreen Rohrberg, Reporter; Keith Lambertsen, President; Joann Lambertsen, Sharon Schmidt, Treasurer; Martha Klever, Sandy Yaple, Mary Mast, Vice-Presi- dent. SECOND ROW: Kay Elder, Doris Schreiner, Donna Parks, Jean Kobashigawa, DeAnn Bowers, Judy St. Peter, Barb Briggs, Jan Courtin, Glenda McCoy, Barbara Morehouse, Janet Quinn, Barbara Spencer, Kathy Riddle. THIRD ROW: Pat Furlong, JoAnn Voyce, Mary Murphy, Kathy Lockridge, Eileen McCartney, Carol Crawford, Joyce Jeanblanc, Paula Modrell, Paula Zimmerman, Dorothy Zaiger. FOURTH ROW: Pam Jones, Wava Tack ett, Norma Martin, Ruth Price, Chloe Johnson, Marilyn Agre, Linda Jones, Christena Poole, Sue Oberhelman, Karen Barker, Karole Knapp, Joan Gillespie. FIFTH ROW: Jill Richard, Michael Forbes, Patricia Slaybaugh, Edwin Spire, Carole Posler, Terry Chadwick, Patrick McLear, Russell McCampbell, Phil Murrell, Linda Janson, Donna Mullins, Carolyn Kempton. FIRST ROW: Linda Shafer, JoAnn Fender, Laura Lowther, Mary Bruett, Eizabeth Baker, Glenda Bright, Mary Miller, Linda £fL 01 i ' n , ? McCloney, RoAnne Godsey, Margaret Richards. SECOND ROW: Dowell Kearney, Leila Douglas, Diane Kramer, JUnelee Usborn, Twila Halter, Pat Jones, Sharon Phoenix, Rose Adams, Linda Harrison, Judy Brown. THIRD ROW: Charlotte Watson, Vonna Morris Judy Nelson, Judy Kerns, Gloria Erb, Harriett Hill, Barbara Knox, Larry Rawlins, Mary Mather, Lynn- ette Bradiield. FOURTH ROW: Margaret Nugent, Lavonne Osborn, Mary Kuhn, Patty Gilley, Nancy McHenry, Loren Burkhalter, Dianne Petersen, Diane Clark, Ray Reynolds, Nancy Renken. FIFTH ROW: Margaret Hall, Gary Graves, Kent Wheeler, Marvin Bowen, Sandra Jacobs, Emily Nevitt, Vicki Carothers, Beverly Burgess, Ernest Howard. m Pa: NeU Eoi ■•;•■ 162 DELTA PSI KAPPA :■■• : M LEFT TO RIGHT: Roberta Sealing, Vice-President; Jane Stoner, President; Janice Rowe, Barb Chick, Sue Wagers, Judy Sager, Kathy Bogdas, Secretary-Treasurer. PEM CLUB U liter. FIRST ROW: Gerri Tipton, Kathy Bogdas, Mary Hilger, Second Vice-President; Roberta Sealing, Secretary; Judy Wolverton, President; Karenann Falk, First Vice-President; Joan Lynch, Treasurer; Pam McCarty, Jan Nauroth. SECOND ROW: Nancy Brown, Beverly Sheetz, Melinda Bauman, Janice Miller, Cheryl Cain, Susan Hixson, Bobbi McMinemee, Carolyn Wible, Christie Beal, Pat Noah, Judy Sager, Carol Wolverton. THIRD ROW: Beverly McKenzie, Rosalie Guyer, Nancy Magee, Cathy Bohling, Barb Nelson, Jan Merrill, Kerry Henry, Virginia Neidt, Linda Davis, Pat Teegarden, Jane Stoner, Barbara Chick, Sandra Herzog, Linda Greenwood, Peggy Wright. FOURTH ROW: Lucille Mullenax, Bonnie Johnson, Jan Gray, Elaine Murray, Judy Gahm, Judy Claycomb, Sharon Hankins, Vicki Ruble, Janice Rowe, Mary Moyle, Joyce Huffman, Phyllis Smith, Sue Oberhelman, Mary Koros, Sandra Simons, Gano Whetstone. FIFTH ROW: Joyce McQuerrey, Kathy Seifert, Sue Wagers, Beth Blackwell, Deloris Carr, Helen Harmon, Sandra Eckhoff, Kathy Schlichting, Elaine Buerkens, Marjorie Wharff, Denese Elliott, Sandi Selvig, Kathy Smith, Ina O ' Riley, Judy Hyder, Linda Drummond, Joleene Larimore. 163 SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB O m ] 1 FIRST ROW: Mary Sharp, Sharon Schmidt, Carol Wallace, James Hurst, Berndt Angman, Philip Kausch, Floyd Barrows, Duane Fischer. SECOND ROW: Dolores Brannan, Patricia Hill, Dorothy Zaiger, Kathy Riddle, Linda Hopkins, Pam Jones, Pat Jones, Ruth Kennedy, Mary Kennedy, Judy Meyer. THIRD ROW: Mike Piper, Charlene Sales, Mary Burger, Marjorie Hitchcock, Thomas Tyliski, Joe Zimmerman, David Binter, Lynette Dennis, Earlene Ijams, Diane Kramer, Dwight Wilcox. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Falk, Del Phipps, Harvey Becher, Neil Chaput, John DeLong, Leroy King, Michael Humphrey, Gary Tietz, Jim Schelling, Sheldon Spector. FIFTH ROW: Tim Darr, Bob Cotter, Bill Klein, Dave Schnell, Rod Quigley, Jerry Downing, Jim Thompson, Darwin Bears, Mike Fieseler, Mike Redmond, Jim Lawler. FIRST ROW: Robert Baker, John Harr, Sponsor; Dean Schantz, Vice-President; Marlys Snyder, Secretary; Tom O ' Neill, President; James Lowe, Calvin Widger, Tom Trainer. SECOND ROW: Doris Schreiner, Cheryl Dowden, Marilyn Ruddell, Karen Barker, Diane Seipel, Jill Richard, Linda Hunter, Dorothy Ray, Millie Cockrill, Ethelee Osborn. THIRD ROW: Ron- ald Fitch, Lonna Newman, Norma Martin, Shirley Ingels, Shirley Moore, Sue Oberhelman, Joan Graves, Kathi McClintic, Judy Steinfeld, Donna Friend. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Holbrook, Lyle Olson, Galen Buckey, Jerry Alwood, Doug Taylor, Louis Carper, David Gardner, Roy Pendleton, Carl Manger, Jim Solar. FIFTH ROW: Harvey Christie, Mike Spolar, John Wolfe, Patrick McLear, George Esler, James Hall, George Garcia, Dick Hansen, Tom Owens, Brant Downey, Russell Mc- Campbell, Robert Williams. 164 YOUNG DEMOCRATS ITa lTLj JLJ t i ij J V ■ " » v . 1 I imJk Ail ■ t L? wit 1 ' 1 - fe JPI , It ' ■ fit . 1 i FIRST ROW: Floyd Barrows, Nancy Wright, Diane Whitney, Reporter; Tom Trainer, Vice-President; Harvey Becher, President; Dianna Brown, Secretary-Treasurer; James Lowe, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Dolores Brannan, Cheryl Dowden, Marilyn Ruddell, Connie Davis, Millie Cockrill, JoAnn Voyce, Mary Murphy, Eileen McCartney. THIRD ROW: Jurel Jackson, Mark Knott, Ruth Price, Dennis Gates, Mike Redmond, Dona Har- desty, Carl Manger, Carita Culmer, Ronald Fitch. FOURTH ROW: Bob Cotter, Larry Phillips, Tom O ' Neill, Victor Ellison, Jim Thompson, Patrick McLear, Normal Howlett, David Gardner. FIFTH ROW: Junior Cour- ter, John Wolfe, Charles Kilpatrick, Bill Eckles, George Garcia, George Esler, Harvey Christie. YOUNG REPUBLICANS FIRST RQW: Edward Schroeder, Treasurer; Donna Davis, Secretary; Bob Freeman, Chairman; Randy Barlow, Vice-Chairman; Berndt Angman, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Mary Elliott, Rozanne Almquist, Dorothy Ray, Jim McCallister, Mark Foster, Mike Piper. THIRD ROW: James Reser, Martin Peterson, Robert Baker, John Whitcomb, Bruce Falk, Edward Reeder, Donald Brader. FOURTH ROW: Bob Arnold, Tom Dunn, Robert Stewart, Harold Hascall, Dean Trauger, Alvin Stewart. FIFTH ROW: Leroy King, Richard Jones, Mike Abilotrup, James Hall, Mike Bobst, Meredith Gierstad, Tom Owens. 165 HOME m • ' •• vV. ' • v y fp ! 3B9 r-N $ o .fr Vf ■ I X ' ■wj •( ... ' .t?l li MHMHHr MANAGEMENT HOUSE M 95 1 Si 1 i ljP=M=iO-r L T -- u T] 1 1 i :l:-l l Jp p mm 1 - — i ' 4 | r .Jfg " ' 5?? !l Si ; |? " 167 KAPPA OMICRON PHI I FIRST ROW: Darlene Guest, Treasurer; Georgia Linville, President; Carolyn Smith, Vice-President; Jane Shaver, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Dena McKee, Patsy Shepherd, Judy Veylupek, Martha Klinz- man, Kathy Lockridge. COLHECON FIRST ROW: Sharon Riley, Jo Ann Fender, Connie Waldeier, Joyce Riddell, Linda Chappell, Treasurer; Melanie Eisiminger, President; Zeta Combs, Vice-President; Margaret Mock, Secretary; Kathryn Johnson, Patricia Sweney, Cheryle Kerns. SECOND ROW: Barbara Morehouse, Carlene Young, Paula Modrell, Elaine Frame, Judy Clymens, Jelane Sadler, Marjorie Joesting, Marvel Anderson, Marlene Duffield, Judy LaMar, Jennifer Milligan, Linda VanFosson. THIRD ROW: Connie Freeman, Peggy Miller, Jeanne Fletcher, Linda Wolf, Beverly Greener, Juanita Forret, Maribeth Annan, Donna McClain, ' Beth Bohnenkamp, Sandra Curphey, Cynthia Baker, Sandra Reid. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Dick, Roberta Dague, Nancy Fuller, Marsha Stevenson, Karen Brady, Eileen Pedersen, Eleanor Johnson, Shirley Lager, Linda Noe, Davetta Duke, Paula Hauber, Clara Stoll. FIFTH ROW: Jo Ann Montgomery, Kay Holden, Becky Taylor, Phyllis Brown, Sheila Schieber, Donna Mills, Sandra Jacobs, Judy Gardner, Connie Lees, Martha Wetzel, Sharon Morehouse, Carol Gregory, Becky Dunfee. Thefi a PPro: 168 T STUDENT WIVES FIRST ROW: Mrs. Tracy (Lorraine) Bryan, Mrs. Bill (Janet) Haag, Secretary; Mrs. Pete (Gloria) West, President; Mrs. Warren (Sandy) Mitchell, Vice-President; Mrs. Richard (Juda) Saemisch, Treasurer; Mrs. Harley (Eleanor) Johnson, Mrs. James Middleton, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Gerald (Diane) Casey, Mrs. Roger (Jane) Bell, Mrs. Harvey (Joann) Becher, Mrs. Darwin (Mary) Hensley, Mrs. Michl (Karen) Fieseler, Mrs. Frank (Sandi) Teale, Mrs. Joe (Barb) Belt, Mrs. Larry (Dorothy) Brandt, Mrs. Jesse (Elaine) Everhart. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Dennis (Minnie) Karsten, Mrs. Jerry (Hannelore) Taylor, Mrs. Ron (Gail) Merritt, Mrs. Gary (Judy) Sherlock, Mrs. Ray (Linda) Hischke, Mrs. Vernon (Lois) Clemens, Mrs. Daryl (Roxanne) Brager, Mrs. Thomas (Mary) Hummel, Mrs. Charles (Mary) Ferguson. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Max (Gayle) Hull, Mrs. Lynn (Clarice) Greiner, Mrs. Robert (Louise) Reasoner, Mrs. Dennis (Sharon) Gates, Mrs. John (Doralyn) Dickerson, Mrs. John (Judy) Johnson, Mrs. Randall (Sue) Wolcott, Mrs. Dick (Nancy) Hansen, Mrs. Jerald (Lee) Stroebele. The year 1964 was the first for the Student Wives Organization on the MSC campus. The purpose of this newly es- tablished group is to become acquainted with other married students and share their problems and activities. The spirit of the organization is that of individual responsibility toward, and cooperative support of, the college community. The highlights of the year were the Christmas party, complete with Santa Clause and carols, and a program by Mrs. Gweldon Long on " The Role of the Young Wife in the Community and the Role of the Jay Cees in the Community. " At Thanksgiving the organization col- lected a basket of foodstuffs, which was presented to the Social Welfare Office in the name of the organization. Pro- grams dealing with child care and mar- ital relations were presented; several fund-raising projects were initiated and a spring picnic was held to honor grad- uating student wives and husbands. Groups, including crafts, exercises, knit- ting, bridge, and cake decorating, were taught by members of the organization. The first meeting for the Student Wives was a potluck supper that was enjoyed by approximately 45 wives. 169 PI OMEGA PI n ft n th fa in. I FIRST ROW: Elaine Walker, Jane Schultz, Vice-President; Diane Kinker, President; Shirley Sunder- mann, Treasurer; Sandra Bender, Seretary. SECOND ROW: Grace Foland, Geraldine Murphy, Donna Treese, Judy Walker, Sharon Elwick. THIRD ROW: Edward Browning, Sponsor; Marvin Bowden, Carole Zahnd, Sponsor. PI BETA ALPHA FIRST ROW: Glenn West, Vice-President; Warren Mitchell, President; Richard Borchardt, Treasurer; Stan Wilson, Secretary and Reporter; Edward Browning, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Dennis Duffield, Dan Broyles, Bill Casady, Tom Dunn, Bob Freeman, Ernest Howard. THIRD ROW: Thomas Lynch, Bob Nordstrum, Harlan Halsne, Bob Arnold, Arthur Treu, Richard Petersen, Raymond Brady. FOURTH ROW : John Johnson, Dick Fry, Dennis Forke, Ewart Burch, Roger Bell, Larry Duke, Gary Pritchard. Pi Beta Alpha, a_ fraternity for business majors of minors, com- pleted its second full year on cam- pus with much enthusiasm. During the past year, members received an insight into many business profes- sions through talks and programs presented by local and visiting businessmen. Field trips, films, and panel discussions were also used to supplement the educational pro- gram in order to fulfill the objec- tives of the organization. Early in the fall semester, a smoker was held to introduce pros- pective members to the fraternity. Money-earning projects of Pi Beta Alpha included working to set up the Homecoming and Tower dances. VETERANS ' CLUB The Veterans ' " Club began the year with the production of a Homecoming bro- chure, which included a complete listing of the weekend events, queen candidates, and parade order. The decision allowing Veteran ' s Club members to become associate members of the American Legion opened new social areas, including use of American Legion facilities. Besides their two regular meet- ings, the group also sponsored a steak din- ner for members and dates. The annual safety campaign included posters on many bulletin boards, and the group also began a program for support of financial legislation for ex-servicemen. Roger Bell and Alvin Stewart begin the annual Veterans ' safety campaign. :-.••• ' . " ■• ■ ■ - ■-;. m ,. .., . •.-.-. -;•.»: a: |j ■:.: ::::{•• 1 ;•; pMMi — . fell wtlsoojdto { jaatxd pro- JfiB the objec- ■ :■-■•■■■:. a 2 II M ' To ' Ter dances. FIRST ROW: Gerald Medsker, Secretary; Ross Surphlis, Sponsor; Bruce Mather, First Vice-President; Dr. Leon Miller, Sponsor; Roger Bell, President; Jerry Taylor, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Alvin Stewart, Second Vice-President; Rich- ard Nash, Gary Lilley, Mike Spolar, Larry Frizell,-Bill Pierce, Roger Mackey. 171 AGRICULTURE CLUB 172 FIRST ROW: F. B. Houghton, Sponsor; Bill Tadlock, Treasurer; Steve Christensen, Vice-President; Herb Townsend, Pres- ident; David Mackey, Loray Skoglund, Secretary; Ken Woolsey. SECOND ROW: Larry Dannar, David Seat, Russell Davidson, Wayne Hartman, Ron Anderson, Dennis Ford, Dean Bovaird, Beric Steinman. THIRD. ROW: Robert Hard- wick, Darryl Ldwrey. Fred Messner, Harley Johnson, Larry Oder, Richard Koch. J. O. Eivins. mi % ! i t t w 4 r V i ' r I t % p V £ ' J- J pf sS : q£ 173 INDUSTRIAL ARTS BUILDING 174 INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB FIRST ROW: Ethelee Osborn, Gregory Thacker, Marilynn Hallgren, Secretary-Treasurer; Jim Hawkins, Presi- dent; Roger Home, Vice-President; Tom Przybylski, Donld Beck. SECOND ROW: Edwin Spire, Gene Beck, Dennis Duffield, Garry Richardson, George Mcintosh, Gary Tracy, Richard Buchanan, Dennis Brinton. THIRD ' . ROW: Mike Fieseler, Ray Briscoe, Walter Cobb, Robert Walker, Robert Carlton, Kenneth Lowry, Howard Miller. FOURTH ROW: Lee Weir, Sponsor; Jim Cline, Glen Stenzel, Ewart Burch, Willis Madison, Jerry Kelley, Robert Evans, David Crozier, Sponsor. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Burtnett, Lonnie Lee, David Wasserf alien, Joe Logan, Fritz Oeser, Herbert Bell, Gary Rowland. ■ H n ofl , J5 fj , FIRST ROW: Burdette Bond, Paul Watson, Bill Tadlock, Loray Skoglund, Alvin Stewart, Larry Roth, Herb Townsend. SEC- OND ROW: Ernie. Talarico, John Hull, Donald Hall, Delbert Christensen, Roger Cornett, Charles Ferguson, Donnie Bryan, Bill Spurgeon. THIRD ROW: Donald Valk, Sponsor; LeRoy Crist, Sponsor; Jerry Myrtue, Richard Saemisch, Marvin Duckworth, Larry Oder, Richard Kullbom, Richard Seipel, Kenneth Thompson, Sponsor. FOURTH ROW: D. M. Froelich, Michael Mur- phy, Fred Messner, Wayne Hartman, Stan Stillwagon, Jerry Hagg, Charles Summers, Mick Thompson. Eddie Forney, How- ard Ringold. 175 Thirty-seven girls from Hudson Hall won the Ford Car-Stuffing Contest. m WOMEN ' S DORMITORIES Mary Kuhn, Donna Beesley, Judy McClintock, Gloria Lewis, and Trish Schuckenbrock enjoy the atmosphere of Roberta Hall lounge while they hold a folk-singing session. 176 FIRST ROW: Mary Mather, Second Vice-President; Carol Wallace, Third Vice-President; Sandy Herzog, Presi- dent- Mary Meyer, First Vice-President. SECOND ROW: De Ann Bowers, Jane Couch, Recording Secretary; Sharon McElwain, Treasurer; Joyce Riddell, Diane Pascal, Karol Kooker. 177 ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS FIRST ROW: Cheryl Cain, Barbara Morehouse, Dell Shierk, Kay Elder, Karen Krell, Linda Prior. SECOND ROW: Judy Sheehan, Paula Zimmerman, Sheryl Rich, Dorothy Hardyman, Ruth Martin, Barbara Brown, Kathleen Irvin. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Kading, Janice Klaehn, Judy Sunderman, Rita Xanders, Mary Kruger, Judy Palumbo, Suecilla Adwell. FOURTH ROW: Janet Salfrank, Gloria Erb, Marsha Banes, Pamela Andes, Patricia Groomer, Nancy Johnson, Clara Stoll. TOWN GIRLS ' COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Carol Wallace, President; Patricia Brooner, Treasurer; Judy Clymens, Vice-President; Judy LaMar, Secretary; Barbara Morehouse. SECOND ROW: Evelyn Goldner, Kay Coleman, Jane LaMar, Mary Nelson, Sue McKee, Linda Nielson. THIRD ROW: Nancy Lesher, Carolyn Smith, Ina O ' Riley, Nola Helzer, Billie Logan, Judy Hyder. 178 ROBERTA HALL COUNSELORS FIRST ROW: Patricia Slaybaugh, Karla Bright, Mary Chappell, Judy Huitt. SECOND ROW: Margaret Wire, Director; Sandra Jacobs, Emily Nevitt. ROBERTA HALL DORM COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Barbara Selby, Treasurer; Shirley Moore, President; Margaret Wire, Director; Sandy Rob- inson, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Judy Wolverton, Lynnette Bradfield, Sue Miller, Dianna Brown. 179 PERRIN HALL COUNSELORS FIRST ROW: Pat Martin, Grace Foland, Sandy Burger, Doris Schreiner. SECOND ROW: Martha Kle- ver, Louise Hammond, Alice Akers, Helen LaHue, Director; Joyce Huffman. PERRIN HALL DORM COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Kathy Miller, President; Karen Mills, Secretary; Helen LaHue, Director; Nancy Timber- lake, Treasurer; Patricia McCune, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Donna Hawley, Sandra Jennings, Pat Lindstrom, Sharon Laumann, Joan Gillespie, Meredith Manning. 180 HUDSON HALL COUNSELORS FIRST ROW: Linda Strachan, Barbara Knox, Carolee Smith, Judy Salfrank, Dorothy Hildebrand, Direc- tor. SECOND ROW: Kathy Carlson, DeAnn Bowers, Lorna Pierpoint, Karen Jorgensen, Peggy McElfish, Carol Crawford. THIRD ROW: Jane Couch, Sharon Wood, Nancy Boyd, Rosemarie Cochran, Eunice Curd, Jeannie Owen. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Smith, Norma Buffington, Barbara Olson, Phyllis Brown, Carole Cunningham, Jill Richard. HUDSON HALL DORM COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Peggy Miller, Vice-President; Cindy Darnell, Treasurer; Marjorie Wharff, President; Billie Phillips, Secretary; Dorothy Hildebrand, Director. SECOND ROW: Sandra Young, Kathryn John- son, Colleen Nelson, Maribeth Annan, Kathleen Dooley, Pat Newbrough. THIRD ROW: Mary Potter, Joycg Edwards, Dowell Kearney, Vicki Ruble, Sharon Carter, Kathy Griffin, Pam McCarty. FOURTH ROW: Julie Le Valley, Rebecca Wright, Anita Couch, Karen Lease, Kathryn Seabaugh, Diane Collins, Charlene Hunt, Pamela Gray. 181 MEN ' S DORM DORMITORIES 183 MENS RESIDENCE HALLS ' COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Bruce Wake, Director; Marshall Dann, Leonard Hughes, Dennis Ford, Bill Wirt, David Neustadt, James Rollins, Jack Lasley, Dean of Men. SECOND ROW: Bob Lathrop, David Shestak, John Meredith, Steve Wilhoit, Bill Jacobs, Ken Keith, Steve Ford, Jack Lytle. MENS RESIDENCE HALLS ' COUNSELORS FIRST ROW: Allan Jensen, Ernie Talarico, Harvey Hallum, Ron James, Ron Zwank, Doug Nord- strum. SECOND ROW: Bruce Wake, Director; Don Peterson, Bob Nordstrum, Ken Menke, John Hill, John Siehl. THIRD ROW: Charles Summers, Jack Lasley, Dean of Men; Kenneth Harlan, Jim Redd, James Freedline, Darwin Bears, Mike Armintrout. 184 RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS Reverend Neuman Rabbi Meyer Father Guillot Several book displays added interest to Religious Emphasis Week. Community Dancers 185 CATHOLIC NEWMAN CLUB FIRST ROW: Anna Gorsuch, Sponsor; Sheila Schieber, Mary McGuire, Vice-President; Jerry Knauss, President; Steve Neuroth, Treasurer; Charlotte DeSomme, Social Chairman; Reverend Lawrence Bossert, Chaplain. SECOND ROW: Karen Leonard, Dolores Brannan, Rita Farnan, Paula Modrell, Gerri Tipton, Carita Culmer, Mary Murphy. THIRD ROW: Judy Sheehan, Carol Roth, Kathleen Irvin, Kathy Boudewyns, Kathy Griffin, Carmelita Schmitz, Regina Nelson, Mary Pope. FOURTH ROW: John Craw- ford, Cathy Carlton, Vince Webb, Ron Murawski, Edwin Spire, Lois Gorocke, Clara Stoll. FIFTH ROW: Gary M cFarland, Alfred Yackie, Raymond Brady, Bill Eckles, Dennis Moriarty, Lee Hays, Gerald Wissink, Michael Lichter. Lois Garreau, Mary McGuire, Jerry Knauss, and Reverend Law- rence Bossert represented Newman Club at the Organization Fair. Newman Club began a successful year by acquiring a house to make the official meeting center. During the ' year, money-making activities were carried out for improvements and redecoration of the house. Pro- jects for these plans were a hoote- nanny, spaghetti dinner, and a dance. Periodical trips to Mt. Alverno and Conception Abbey for a day of recollection, business meetings after Sunday morning mass, and guest speakers from Conception Abbey, were regular events for the New- man Club members. 186 LIAHONA FELLOWSHIP fei FIRST ROW: Reverend Paul Hansen, Sponsor; Marjorie Gould, Secretary-Treasurer; Irene Hawley, President; Mary Nelson, Vice-President, Neva Ross, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Sharon Whitehead, Susan Woodford, Linda Hopkins, Jean Slykhuis, Sharon Boyles, Zonia Burnett. THIRD ROW: Irene Hause, Sandra Froyd, Nola Helzer, Patricia Brooner, Eldonna Kariker, Linda Nielson, Charles Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Roland Hayden, Leonard Stephens, Gene Black, David Grimsley, Fritz Oeser, Bob Patience, Reporter. " The Dedicated Educated " was the theme around which the Lia- hona Fellowship of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints centered its activities. Areas of concentration were in serv- ice, study, worship, and recreation. Special highlights of the year for the members of Liahona Fellowship included : attending the Liahona Leadership Conference in Independ- ence, the location of the world head- quarters of the church ; sponsoring a retreat, with Apostle Duane Couey as guest speaker, for the students at Maryville, the St. Joseph Junior College students, and the members of Older Youth Service Corps of the church, and attending Handel ' s Messiah. Fun and fellowship were derived from the recreation meetings. All members joined in to participate in the hayrides, wiener roasts, and worship services. Work projects were the operation of a food stand at Homecoming and picking up corn. A hootenanny was enjoyed by the members of Liahona Fellowship who participated in the Fall Retreat. 187 WESLEY FIRST ROW: Karen Krell, Connie Freeman, Roberta Duffett, Pat Hillers, Lynn Scheller, Linda Lundquist, Judy Huitt. SECOND ROW: Susan McConkey, Margaret Hall, Donna Ring, Paul Watson, Jeannie McCormick, Carol Crawford, Avis Larson. THIRD ROW: Betty Arnold, Joyce Riddell, Sally Agre, Marilyn Agre, Cheri Phillips, Joetta Petree, Cheryl Christensen, Jane Schultz. FOURTH ROW: Lawrence Peterson, James Madison, Steve Christensen, Chris Filley, Hubert Cottle, Bill McKnight, Charles Elifrits. I 188 FIRST ROW: Mary Jones, Secretary; Joe Zimmerman, Jan Courtin, Vice-President; Emily Nevitt, Frank Fisher, State Representative; Kathy Lockridge, President; Erma Hall, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Hitchcock, Lynnette Bradf ield, Mary Mather, Larry White, Mary Nevitt, Mary Jo Bruett, Mary Mast, Patricia Lininger. THIRD ROW : Kay Burton, Jelane Sadler, Ruth Martin, Lois Eisner, Paula Hauber, Carolyn Riley, Judith Meyer, Dawn Abarr, Iris Hous- ton. FOURTH ROW: Marvel Anderson, Carol Bailey, Barbara Knox, Carole Cunningham, Donna Mullins, Helen Harmon, Pam Robison, Jill Richard, Martha Riddell, Judy Clymens. FIFTH ROW: Bruce Falk, Larry Kilmer, Jim Quinn, Willie Rissler, David Wasserfallen, Terry Chadwick, Normal Howlett, Steve Dempsey, Jim Scheer, Edd Scheer. WESLEY FOUNDATION Plans are underway for the construction of the Wesley Foundation Student Center to be completed and in operation by the Fall of 1965. Reverend Raymond Gass Campus Minister Bob Schobert, Larry White, and Jan Courtin engage in a game of chess during recreation time of a Wesley meeting. The year 1964 revealed notable accom- plishments in the realm of fellowship, spiritual growth, study, and service for the members of Wesley Foundation. The theme " Biblical Faith and the Calling of the Church " was expressed in programs throughout the year and emphasized par- ticularly at the Eighth Quadrennial Con- ference of the Methodist Student Move- ment held at Lincoln, Nebraska. The year began with a rousing hoote- nanny and watermelon feed at the Wesley quarters. A ranch style Bar-B-Q was held at the Suess ranch where hikes, horseback riding, and touch football were among the events of the day. Homecoming was an outstanding event full of fellowship and fun. Again, Wesley can be proud of its contributions to the Homecoming activities. Included in these accomplishments were a first in house decorations and a third in the beauty float competition with " Gitchee Manitou — The Great Spirit. " An exceptional accomplishment was the second place honor in the variety show. This was the first year Wesley has had an entry in the variety show. Special interest during the year also included the car- stuffing contest, Christmas caroling, a fund-raising banquet for area ministers and laymen, drama presentations, MSM annual spring conference at the Lake of the Ozarks, deputation teams, and many ecumenical activities, including trips to the Conception Abbey and a variety of religious centers in Kansas City. Probably, however, the most exciting highlight of the year was the final preparation for ground breaking of the new Wesley Student Center at the entrance of the campus. 189 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION FIRST ROW: Carol Young, Donna Wolf, Mrs. Carole Zahnd, Sponsor; Linda Wolf, Sherrill Felt, Margery Baker, Joan Marek, Meta Adams. SECOND ROW : Merlin Jennings, Mary Lumm, Eileen Ross, Shirley Williams, Janice Lock, Sharon Mead, Cheryl Reineke, Linda Drummond, Judy Thatch. THIRD ROW: Eddie Smith, Merlyn Rees, Larry Rosenow, Charles Combs, Willis Madison, Robert Terry, Harold Hascall, Marshall Tonnies. FOURTH ROW: Jack Adkins, Loren Burkhalter, Robert Moore, Galen Buckey, David Seat. fa [i slow ] Stat FIRST ROW: Judy Snavely, Secretary; Charla Albertson, Vice-President; Fred Messner, President; Geary Engemann, Forrest Ohnesorge, Don Evans, Director; Gary Tomes, Linda Chappell, Sharon Elwick. SECOND ROW: Linda Enge- mann, Patricia Chambers, Jean Kobashigawa, Larry Dannar, Robert Evans, Patricia Walker, Phyllis Wolf, Judy Lee. THIRD ROW: Charlotte Nichols, Ruth DeLong, Kerry Honey, Denese Elliott, Kathi McClintic, Connie Rosier, Twila Wilson, Dowell Kearney, Cheryl Gray. 190 I BSU Th first student center owned and operated by a religious group on campus at NWMSC was dedicated on September 13, 1964. Dr. Earl 0. Harding, Executive Secretary for the Missouri Baptist Convention, gave the dedicatory address. Students who appeared on the program were Ken Bittiker, Fred Messner, President, and Robert L. Evans, student center host. The theme for this school year, " The Student in Worship, " was carried out at the pre-school planning conference held at Big Lake State Park. October found the BSU concert choir traveling to the Missions Conference at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary at Kansas City to provide music for two of the sessions. An early spring tour was also made by the choir. A representative group of students traveled to St. Louis for the Fortieth Missouri Baptist Student Convention. Other highlights included the winning of third place in Homecoming house decorations with the theme of, " Pandora ' s Evils Out For Kirksville, " opening mixer for freshmen, BSU, Roundup at Bauman Ranch, a caroling party at Christmas, a Spring formal banquet, and the annual track and field events day. Rev. and Mrs. Laverne Gregory, foreign missionaries from Costa Rica, visited the BSU for the second annual BSU Focus Week. BSU students attended Windermere Baptist Assembly located on the Lake of the Ozarks for their Spring Planning Leadership Conference. Mrs. Don Evans, Cheryl Gray, Judy Thatch, and Judy Lee show Reverend and Mrs. Melvin Hill, pastor of Xaura Street Baptist Church, through the newly dedicated Baptist Student Union. The Baptist Student Center extends a warm welcome to all NWMSC students. 191 LUTHERAN GAMMA DELTA FIRST ROW: Soren Sorensen, President; Kathy Smith, Treasurer, Reverend Norman Abbott, Advisor; Shirley Schafer, Secretary; Leland Aley, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Ivana Griffin, Pat Ehlers, Patricia Hansen, Marlus Paulsen, Betty Kelb, Marilyn Loots, Georgia Butterworth, Mary Kruger, Bonnie Johnson, Rochelle Burton. THIRD ROW: Carol Ristau, Susan Rogness, Julie Faulstich, John Iwen, Greg Ellison, Peggy Michel, Coreen Rohrberg, Kathryn Schlichting, Mary Maassen. The enrollment of many freshmen on NWMSC ' s cam- pus aided the Epsilon Lamb- da chapter of Gamma Delta in increasing its membership. Under the guidance of Rev- erend Norman Abbott, the group sponsor, a pledge training program was con- ducted to instruct new pledges in the work of Gam- ma Delta. Weekly meetings in the chapter room consisted of topic discussions, business meetings, and fellowship. Special activities of Gam- ma Delta were a Bar-B-Que welcoming new members, a Christmas supper with carol- ing afterwards, hayrides, and several bake sales. Co- lumbia, Missouri, was the site of a regional convention at which NWMSC Gamma Delta members were in at- tendance. Gamma Delta members enjoy one of their weekly study sessions under the leadership of Reverend Norman Abbott. 192 nt of may ABC ' s cam- psaonLamb- uuu Delta -tr.:-T-bip. lact of Rev- Abbott, the : i pledge a was con- tact new Nik of Gam- tap in the 00td of dj, busing eQovship. fa f,f Gn- UNITED CAMPUS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP n at ■ members, a jr with carol- , bayiides, b9 les. Cc- ni «• the ,1 convent (SC Can i were it «■ FIRST ROW: Elaine Sherman, Gary McCollough, President; Ken Keith, Vice-President; Sandra Slater, Secretary- Treasurer; Averill West, Campus Minister; Sherry Bollinger. SECOND ROW: Jo Ann Voyce, Elizabeth Baker, Janice Lillard, Sheryl Gift, Ruth Snodgrass, Trudy Dew, Mrs. Ted Weichinger, Sponsor; Mr. Ted Weichinger, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Marilynn Hallgren, Mrs. Harvey White, Sponsor; Eileen McCartney, Karen Peters, Judy Sunderman, Charlene Hunt, Linda Hoffelmeyer, Linda Schneider. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Hanz White, Sponsor; Janet Jones, Linda Illingworth, Joanne Jones, Norma Simmons, Carol Krokstrom, Larry Neil, Roger Harris, Lloyd Boyer. FIFTH ROW : Roger Cornett, Don Poage, Mike Armintrout, Melvin Bix, Harold Poynter, Edwin Lambright, Karen Mills, Gary Dagley. The United Campus Christian Fellowship made its appearance on NWMSC ' s campus at the beginning of the 1964-65 year. This new organization functions as a church-related movement with the Dis- ciples of Christ, the Evangelical United Brethren Church, the United Church of Christ, the United Presbyterian Church, and the Moravian Church participating. U.C.C.F. exists for the purpose of helping the members of the academic community to carry out the mission of the Church in their campus life. A get-acquainted party for college freshmen began U.C.C.F. ' s active year. Among the special scheduled events that followed this party was a talk by a Freedom Rider who had worked in Mississippi during the previous summer. At another time, Fred Messner, who was a summer missionary in Trinidad, gave a slide talk. Reverend H. Parr Armstrong showed slides and talked on world mission work. Don Corey, a minister at Liberty, Missouri, discussed " Religion on Campus. " NWMSC faculty members in the U.C.C.F. program. Mr. James Johnson reviewed the book Black Like Me. " Psychology and Religion " was the topic of Dr. William Tackett ' s speech. A discus- sion followed the presentation of the film " Far From Alone, " another special feature at a regular meeting. Other events of the year were a hayride and a folk singing party, a Christmas party and caroling, a swimming party, and a joint meeting with the Baptist Student Union. During the fall, four delegates attended the state U.C.C.F. Conference and reported on their trip at a regular meeting. The Lake of the Ozarks was the site for the Spring Retreat held in April. As a special service mem- bers aided in giving services at churches which have no ministers. The regular U.C.C.F. meetings were held every Sunday evening following a snack supper. Helping to make the program a success were Mr. and Mrs. Ted Weichinger and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey White, sponsors. Averill West served as Campus Minister. The newly organized U. C. C. F. group meets to plan the program for the following year of activity and study. 193 Frank and Sandy Teale and daughter Michelle Charlotte and Wayne Johnson MARRIED siidi ti Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lasley and sons Carey, Kirt, Kyle, Mark, Casey, and Clay. 194 L J iRMED Margie and Stan Stillwater STUDENTS Juda and Rich Saemisch Bob Cotter takes on one of his new duties. Jackie and Bob Cotter 195 m M r -- B ■ In B .-±m H Jane and Ron Brumley and children, Chris and Stephennie Jim and Charlotte Graves and children, Tammy, Rusty, and Kim MARRIED STUDI Jacque and Carl Henningsen and son, Jeffrey Norena and Glen Harrold 196 Sharon and Dennis Gates and son Jeff Lorraine and Ed Schultz HI STUDENTS Gary and Diane Foland H MHHi I li i J.W. JONES 200 JONES UNION BUILDING UNION BOARD Under the leadership of Chairman Bob Dickey, the Union Board reached heights of achievement yet to be matched. Through the eleven committees on the Executive Council, many accomplishments were made in the programming of the social life at NWMSC, and many improvements were made in the Student Union Building itself. Many well-known bands and entertainers performed for student enjoyment through the work of the Assembly and Central Party Committees. The Central Party Committee along with the Decora- tions Committee planned the Back-to-School, Walk-Out Day, Christ- mas, Tower, and Spring Formal dances. All the den dances were planned and prepared by the Union Dance Committee. Television and Movies Committee scheduled and showed a movie each weekend. The Publications Committee was responsible for the weekly news article in the Northivest Missourian informing the campus of Union Board activities, with short bibliographical essays of the members of the Executive Council added. The Publicity Committee publicized all activities sponsored by Union Board. Through the efforts of the Improvements Committee, a printing press and two bulletin boards were purchased; the juke box in the den was connected to the FM system for the purpose of special dances; a Union Board Office was set up in the den; and an announcing system was provided in the den for the purpose of announcing any activities of student interest. The Tournaments and Games Committee sponsored highly successful bridge lessons, Campus Bowl, the Annual Holiday Bridge Tournament, and inter-collegiate competition in bridge, chess, bowling, table ten- nis, and billiards. The Special Activities Committee planned Walk- Out Day, a ski club, and a ski trip to Colorado, which was taken during semester break. New art displays and an insignia symbolizing Union Board were the accomplishments of the Fine Arts Committee. To keep up-to-date on other Union Board activities, the members of the Executive Council had the opportunity of attending the Region 11 Union Board Convention held in Wichita, Kansas. Executive officers were: Bob Dickey, Chairman; Ken Thomp- son, Vice-President; Ron Tribolet, Treasurer; and Sally Craven, Secretary. Committee chairmen of the Union Board were: Bob Cotter, As- sembly; Bob Allen, Publications; Dick Tauchen, Union Dance; Gary Anderson, T. V. and Movies; Carolyn Wiltshire, Fine Arts; Chuck Summers, Decorations; Jerry Kelly, Improvements; Steve Neuroth, Tournaments and Games; Larry Kirby, Special Activities; Dottie Ray, Publicity; and Ron Fitch, Central Party. BOB DICKEY Union Board Chairman FIRST ROW: Dorothy Ray; Kenneth Thompson, Vice-Chairman; Ronald Tribolet, Treasurer; Bob Dickey, Chairman; Bob Cotter; Carolyn Wiltshire. SECOND ROW: Ronald Fitch; Jerry Kelley; Charles Summers; Bill Needels, Sponsor; Steve Neuroth; Larry Kirby; Luther Belcher, Sponsor. 202 VILLAGE STOMPERS OSCAR PETERSON TRIO SERENDIPITY SINGERS COMPLIMENTS of UNION BOARD!! 203 TOWER QUEEN CANDIDATES VIRGINIA BRIGHT Sigma Sigma Sigma and Phi Sigma Epsilon CHARLA ALBERTSON Veterans ' Club GERRI TIPTON Phi Mu CAROL LONG Alpha Kappa Lambda MARY LOU HILGER Delta Zeta and Phi Lambda Chi 204 N WcCo 1965 5, J outer V« een Sponj l by: Alpha Sigma Alpha mTajj Kappa Epsilon TOWER DANCE Charla Albertson and Galen Buckey Virginia Bright and Mike Thompson Mary Lou Hilger and Travers Booth Carol Long and Ron Murawski Susan McConkey and Dan Gooding Gerri Tipton and Leo Papas Mike Thompson, Virginia Bright, Ron Murawski, Carol Long, Gerri Tipton, Leo Papas, Glenn Acksel, Susan McConkey, Dan Gooding, Mary Lou Hilger, Travers Booth, Charla Albertson, Galen Buckey. 206 QUEEN SUSAN Suspense is high as student body president Glen Acksel crowns Susan McConkey 1965 Tower Queen! 207 YOUR .«., FAIR ■■ LADY OOi f COW VHfilMA BRIGHT f CHAW. A! CHARI.A! CHARLA! ft» INLlPENDENT ° x ci c , » ' Ml «■) ts J-. " 1 " : .- CROWN sUSAn QUEEN or ™ TOWER auu ir y h [SUSANMcCONKJ DUR DUTD TRER r i DlMEY ■ HI TOWER DANCE - » I Cardinal Key Tappees: Sandi Coffin, Jo ' Ann Fabro, Darlene Guest, and Kathy Bogdas. Luther Belcher makes a brief acceptance speech after Susan McConkey, Tower Editor, announced the 1965 DEDICATION. Editor Susan McConkey introduced the Tower Staff: Wava Tackett, Assistant Editor; Roger Ambrosier, Art Editor; Bob Johnson, Sports Editor; and Mr. Howard Ringold, Faculty Advisor. 209 HOMECOMING ATTENDANTS REANNE JOHNSTON Sigma Sigma Sigma and Phi Sigma Epsilon SHIRLEY MOORE Alpha Sigma Alpha and Tail Kappa Epsilon MARY FRANCES SCHULENBERG Delta Zeta and Phi Lambda Chi CELIA THOMPSON Phi Mu 210 . ' . ' ■:» HOMECOMING A bouquet of mums is presented to Queen Barbara at game half-time. Queen Barbara Knox steps from the royal coach at the Homecoming football game. Barbara Knox, Homecoming Queen, and her escort, John Siehl, descend to meet the approving public. 212 HOMECOMING " Aladdin ' s Magic Lamp " Phi Mu Second Place " Cinderella ' s Hour " Sigma Sigma Sigma First Place " Olympic Games " Sigma Tau Gamma First Place " Phoenix Bird " Industrial Arts Club Second Place 213 HOMECOMING " Camelot " Alpha Kappa Lambda " Gitchie Manito " Wesley Foundation " St. George and the Dragon " Tau Kappa Epsilon 214 " Isle of the Blessed " Phi Sigma Epsilon " Fountain of Youth " Delta Zeta HOMECOMING " Never Never Land ' Alpha Sigma Alpha $K ' Hftw GV c ' In Your Heart You Know He ' s Right " Young Republicans " Masters of the Ship of State " Young Democrats " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs " Phi Lambda Chi " Dog Patch " Alpha Phi Omega 215 HOMECOMING Delta Zeta Second Place Sigma Sigma Sigma First Place 216 vl HOMECOMING ■ 1 1 I ' M " Robin Hood " Sigma Sigma Sigma Second Place " Beocaf Tau Kappa Epsilon First Place " Peter Bearcat " Alpha Sigma Alpha First Place I 5 S Bf r i J ■!■ f v HI Charles Fry Master of Ceremonies Homecoming Variety Show " Pandora ' s Plight ' Wesley Foundation 217 HOMECOMING FIRST ROW: Diane Estes, Gary Shields, Sandi Coffin, Ronald Fitch, Co-Chairman ; Martha Klever, Co-Chairman; Virginia Bright, Dr. John Harr, Faculty Advisor; Linda Chappell. SECOND ROW: Dona Shroyer, Kathy Lockridge, Mary Mast, Nancy Timberlake, Wava Tackett, Kathy Miller, Emily Nevitt, Shirley Moore, Sharon Phoenix, Linda Nielson, Jo ' Ann Fabro, Darlene Guest, Gerri Tipton, Nancy Wayman, Susan McConkey. THIRD ROW: Ray Reynolds, Gene Beck, Larry White, Glen Harrold, Gary Stafford, Mike Bobst, Mike Knepper, Dennis Schwieso, Charles Summers, Mike Stephens, Larry Anderson, Ron Murawski, Doug Nordstrum. Receiving supremacy trophies from Dr. John Harr are Jane Shaver, Sigma Sigma Sigma, and Dean Hamon, Sigma Tau Gamma. Also shown are Martha Klever and Ron Fitch, Co-Chairmen of Homecoming activities. Elaine; dent F bouquet Shirley Moore found Homecoming time quite rewarding. Not only did she rep- resent Alpha Sigma Alpha and Tau Kappa Epsilon in the queen election, but she was also tapped to Cardinal Key. Pictured with her are Glen Acksel and Carolyn Wiltshire. 218 DORMITORY MEN PRESENT SNOW QUEEN Attendants Mary Lou Hilger, and Lorna Stevens, and escorts Travers Booth, and Howard Sjmon. Elaine Sherman flashes a pretty smile after Presi- dent Foster presents to her the Snow Queen bouquet. Attendants Sandy Manard, and Clara Stoll, and escorts Dan Magness, and Karl Frederick. CANDIDATES: Pat Hillers, Sandy Manard, Mary Mast, Tegwin Dyer, Sue Oberhelman, Clara Stoll, Lorna Stevens, Mary Hilger, Elaine Sherman, Sandy Slater, Cheryl Gray, Carol Petty. ESCORTS: Eric Johnson, Dan Magness, Bob Pettegrew, Bob Cornelison, John Hill, Frederick Karl, Howard Simon, Travers Booth, Dick Goforth, Gary McCullough, Robert Evans, Dean Hamon. 219 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Rosalie Guyer, Tegwin Dyer, Vice-President; Diane Kramer, Treasurer; Carolyn Enis, President; Kathy Bogdas, Secretary; Kay Pfeiffer, Judy St. Peter. SECOND ROW: Millie Cockrill, Marcy Severson, Carolyn Wiltshire, Patty Gilley, Sue Miller, Jane Shaver, Jan Merrill, Sandi Coffin. EVTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Ronald Fitch, Richard Olenius, Secretary; Bob Johnson, Treasurer; Bob Cotter, Vice- President. SECOND ROW: Larry Kirby, John Spencer, Larry Anderson, Bob Dickey, Dean Hamon. THIRD ROW: Jack Lasley, Sponsor: Glenn Acksel, Carl Peterson, Larry Messerli. NOT SHOWN: Travers Booth, President. 220 " GREEK SCHOLARSHIP and SPIRIT Bob Cotter, Tau Kappa Epsilon president, accepts the scholarship trophy for the men ' s division from President Robert Foster. Alphas Captured Scholarship Trophy for Fifth Consecu- tive Year! Receiving the trophy from President Robert Foster is Alpha Sigma Alpha president Carolyn Wiltshire. Bob Cotter and Bob Dickey accept the Spirit Trophy for Tau Kappa Epsilon from President Robert Foster. 221 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Carolyn Wiltshire President Karlene Hendrix Acksel 1964 Chapter Sweetheart Honors and recognition were bestowed upon the Phi Phi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha during the successful and rewarding year of 1964-65. Sally Cra- ven, beauty queen contestant, represented NWMSC at the American Royal in Kansas City. Later the Alphas were awarded the scholarship trophy for the fifth consecutive year at an all-Greek assembly. September meant Rush Week and new pledges. ASA sister, Kathy Bogdas, supervised the informal party, " ASA Pirate Cave. " The result was fifteen new pledges. With the Homecoming activities came a first for the Alphas. This was their Variety Show skit, " Peter Bearcat. " Their beauty float, " Never Neverland, " tied for third place. Shirley Moore was a member of the queen ' s court. The Founders ' Day Banquet honoring many returning alumnae was held during the Home- coming weekend. Special events of the year were numerous. During the Christmas holidays, Alpha Sigma Alpha and Tau Kappa Epsilon combined their efforts to bring joy to many children from the Noyes Home in St. Joseph. Also listed on the agenda was the Sweet- heart Dance, the ASA Tri-State Day held in Warrensburg, the Spring Formal, Awards Banquet, and the Senior Send-off. Officers for 1964-65 Carolyn Wiltshire, President; Millie Cockrill, Vice-President; Geneva Darnell, Recording Secretary; and Darlene Guest, Treasurer. Alphas busy in campus activities were Susan McConkey, Tower Editor, Tower Queen, Little Women, Miss Maryville Finalist, Homecoming Com- mittee; Millie Cockrill, Panhellenic Council Representative; Shirley Moore, Roberta Hall President, Student Senator, Homecoming Committee, Card- inal Kay, Kappa Delta Pi; Dorothy Ray, Union Board Publicity Chairman, Panhellenic Council Representative, Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Dorothy Hardyman, Sophomore Class Vice-President, AWS Council, Hang- ing of the Greens Committee; Linda Bouska, Alpha Kappa Lambda Sweet- heart, Senior Class Secretary; Darlene Guest, Kappa Omicron Phi Treas- urer, Cardinal Key, AKL Sweetheart, Homecoming Committee; Zeta Combs, Colhecon Vice-President; Marie Huff, Freshman Scholarship Award; Ann Trotter, Sigma Tau Gamma Sweetheart; Sally Craven, Union Board Sec- retary; Dianna Brown, Book Club Vice-President, Roberta Hall Council Representative, Secretary-Treasurer of Young Democrats; Kathy Bogdas, Delta Psi Kappa Secretary-Treasurer, Cardinal Key, Candidate of Delta Psi Kappa of the Year, Women ' s Intramural Council Chairman, Panhellenic Council Secretary; Carolyn Wiltshire, President of Cardinal Key, Union Board Executive Council; Barbara Chick, Cardinal Key Secretary, Delta Psi Kappa Reporter; Lorna Stevens, Freshman Class Secretary; Kathy Seabaugh, Freshman Class Treasurer; Jennifer Yates, Religious Emphasis Committee; Peggy Whan, Kanpa Omicron Phi; Carol Workman, Student Senator, Piano Repertoire Club Vice-President, Majorette, Hanging of the Greens Committee; and Geneva Darnell, Kappa Omicron Phi Recording Secretary. FIRST ROW: Marty Geyer, Secretary; Karen Franklin; Kris Johnston, Vice-President; Dana Hen- drix, President; Shirley Moore, Pledge Trainer; Lorna Stevens, Carole Brown, Carol Carstenson, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Jennifer Yates, Judy Owens, Jo Ann Montgomery, Karen Rosecrans, Kathryne Seabaugh, Phyllis Bowman, Sheryl Rich, Harriette Peterson. toolHonki 222 } s Kathy Bogdas s Millie Cockrill Zeta Combs Sara Copman Sally Graven Jenny Darnell Sharon El wick Virginia Goodwillie Judith Graham Carol Gregory Darlene Gueat Dorothy Hardy man Linda Harrison Carol Hopkins Kathy Johnson Judy Kimmet Susan McConkey Shirley Moore Judy Nieman Dorothy Ray Ann Trotter Mary Waldron Pegsry Whan Carol Workman 223 DELTA ZETA Rosalie Guyer President " DZ Goes Hawaiian " was the theme for the fall informal rush party of the Delta Zeta Sorority. After this event, seventeen girls were pledged. The sorority then entered campus activities. The Delta Zeta placed second in over-all ac- tivities of the 1964 Homecoming. Their efforts were rewarding when they received first place in the clown division. Representing the sorority in the queen ' s court was Mary Frances Schulenberg. For their outstanding performance in intra- mural bowling and volleyball, the Delta Zetas re- ceived a supremacy trophy. Social activities for the year included a hayride and dance given by the pledges, the annual Found- er ' s Day Banquet, the Christmas Party, the Spring Formal, Parent ' s Day Tea, various mixers, and a spring retreat. Officers for the year were : Rosalie Guyer, Pres- ident; Judy Miller, Recording Secretary; Martha Klever, Treasurer. Individuals leading in campus activities were : Mary Mast, Vice-President of SNEA, President of the District SNEA and FTA, Program Co-chairman of Wesley Foundation, DZ Scholar- ship Chairman, and Student Senate; Mary Kuhn, Book Club Presi- dent; Rosalie Guyer, Panhellenic Council, Homecoming Committee Co-chairman; Mary Schulenberg, Homecoming Queen ' s Court, Re- ligious Emphasis Committee, Assistant Pledge Trainer; Marilyn Long, Publicity Committee for Panhellenic Council; Judith Miller, Corresponding Secretary of Student Senate, Sophomore Class Secre- tary; Martha Klever, Perrin Hall Counselor, Homecoming Co-chair- man, Social Chairman of SNEA, Harvest Moon Ball Committee; Linda Chappell, AWS Representative, Colhecon Treasurer, Home- coming Committee; Sue Wagers, Intramural Council; Janet Merrill, Panhellenic Council, Intramural Council; Diane Estes, Homecoming Committee, Roberta Hall Dorm Council Treasurer; Mary Hilger, Majorette; Caroline Enis, President Panhellenic Council; and Phyllis Anderson, Junior Class Treasurer. |0 MM Sharon Couihl Martha Merrill 1964 Chapter Sweetheart « Mi Km ' " •(mil FIRST ROW: Ruth Severson, Christie Beal, Jane Koski, Treasurer; Mary Hilger, President; Sheila Schieber, Vice-President; Becky Taylor, Bobbe Dague, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Kathleen McGin- nis, Janice Miller, Kay Burton, Anne Huston, Cindy Miller, Mary Schulenberg, Assistant Pledge Trainer. THIRD ROW: Regina Nelson, Phyllis Anderson, Beverly Sillik, Jeannie McCormick, Patty Gilley, Pledge Trainer. 224 Rose Adams Margie Anderson Elaine Buerkins Sharon Carroll Linda Chappell Pam Cooper Sharon Coughlin Carolyn Enis Dianne Bates Pat Gilley Marilyn Hanna Mary Hilger Martha K lever Mary Kuhn Gloria Lewis Marilyn Long Judy McClintock Mary Mast Jan Merrill Judy Miller Judy Miller Shirley Miller Nancy Nichols Sheila Schieber Mary Schulenberg Ruth Severson Connie Smith Sue Wagers 225 PHI MU Sandi Coffin President Phi Mus dressed in pink pinafores to serve chocolate sundaes to their prospective fall pledges at the informal rush party entitled " Phi Mu Sweet Shoppe. " This and the formal party combined to pay dividends of twenty pledges. Cooperation, enthusiasm, and hard work brought the Phi Mus success in all Homecoming divisions. Most important among these was tying for first place in the beauty float division with their entry portraying Aladdin and his magic lamp. Celia Thompson attended the Queen on the Queen ' s Float. After the Homecoming game, an alumnae coffee was held in the chapter room. " Pledge Round-up " was the theme for the annual Phi Mu pledge party given for all the sororities ' pledge classes. During the Christmas season, the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity and the Phi Mu sorority united their efforts to give a party for orphans. Patients of the State Mental Hospital were recipients of a special Christmas program. Other activities included the Secret Santa Party, spring rush, Spring Formal and the family picnic. Officers for the year were: Kay Pfeiffer, President; Sandi Coffin, Vice-President; Patsy Shepherd, Secretary; and Michele Stitt, Treasurer. Active members in campus affairs were : Judy St. Peter, Panhellenic Council, Religious Emphasis Committee; Michele Stitt, Homecoming Com- mittee; Barbara Harr, Freshman Class President, Freshman cheerleader; Diane Kramer, Religious Emphasis Committee, Panhellenic Treasurer; Eileen Ross, Senior Class Vice-President, Religious Emphasis Committee; Kay Pfeiffer, Student Senate; Sandi Coffin, Cardinal Key, Homecoming Committee. Union Board; Marge MacDonald. Cheerleader, Student Senate, Newman Club Secretary; Sue Thompson, Student Senate Secretary, Student Faculty Disciplinary Committee; Rosanne Bartlett, Student Senate, Re- ligious Emphasis Committee; Celia Thompson, Cheerleader, Homecoming Qi en attendant. Karen Shields 1964 Chapter Sweetheart Crowned by Miss Laura Jackson FIRST ROW: Connie Norris, Secretary; Linda Prior, Patti Tarwater, Joi West, Terry Stitt. SECOND ROW: Sue Thompson, Pledge Trainer; Linda Billings, Tyra Dale, Cathy Bohling, Pam Jones, Rosanne Bartlett. THIRD ROW: Barb Harr, Pat Jones, Franni Willimann, Mary Atkinson, Vice-President; Jan Judkins. FOURTH ROW: Charlotte Christoffel, President; Elaine Lyle, Diane Traylor, Linda Gibler. 226 " i Cathy Bohling Linda Gibler Sharon Harms Pamela Jones Patricia Jones Diane Kramer Judy McGinness Marge MacDonald Carol Petty Kay Pfeiffer Linda Prior Eileen Ross Judy St. Peter Patsy Shepherd Sandi Stilabower Michele Stitt Celia Thompson Sue Thompson Gerri Tipton Judy Veylupek 227 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Jane Shaver President " Sigma Circus, " the informal rush theme, ush- ered in the year for Sigma Sigma Sigma with fif- teen new pledges. Happiness reigned throughout Homecoming as Tri Sigma secured the Supremacy Trophy for the third consecutive year. First place tie was awarded for the beauty float entitled " Cinderella ' s Hour; " first place for house decorations was " The Race to Victory; " a nd second place for the Variety Show skit was " Robin Hood. " Several groups of clowns added points for Tri Sigma. In October Alpha Epsilon Chapter was awarded the National Efficiency Trophy at a regional meet in Kirksville. The annual Christmas party was given for the collegiate chapter by the patronesses and the faculty sponsor. Other activities of the year included a pledge dance, the annual Spring Formal, Founders ' Day Banquet, activities with the brother fraternity, Phi Sigma Epsilon, a cerebral palsy drive, and the Phi-TRI Picnic. Officers of Sigma Sigma Sigma were: Jane Shaver, President; Mar- cene Severson, Vice-President; Ann Shamberger, Corresponding Secretary; and Jan Gray, Treasurer. Girls active in campus affairs were: Sharon Thomas, Miss Maryville; Tegwin Dyer, Dance Club Sponsor, Journalism Staff, Panhellenic Vice- President, Religious Emphasis Committee; Linda Greenwood, Second Vice- President of PEM Club, Religious Emphasis Committee, Intramural Coun- cil; Sharon McElwain, AWS Treasurer; Mary Meyer, AWS President; Kay Graves, Kappa Delta Pi Treasurer, Pi Omega Pi Historian; Jane Couch, AWS Recording Secretary, Religious Emphasis Committee, Fresh- man Counselor; Jane Stoner, President Delta Psi Kappa, President Sigma Phi Dolphins, Cardinal Key; Sue Miller, Dorm Council, Panhellenic Coun- cil; Reanne Johnston, Sigma Phi Dolphins Historian, Tower Choir, Jazz Quintet; Karol Kooker, AWS Bear Cub Chairman, Union Board; Elaine Sherman, Cheerleader; Virginia Bright, Vice-President Sigma Phi Dol- phins, Homecoming Committee; Marcene Severson, Cheerleader; Ann Shamberger, National Sweetheart of Phi Sigma Epsilon; and Jane Shaver, Kappa Omicron Phi Secretary, Colhecon Treasurer, Cardinal Key, Pan- hellenic Council, Religious Emphasis Committee. Marty Durfee Outstanding Senior of 1964 FIRST ROW: Gayle Bradfield, Jan Springer, Vice-President; Barbara Castor, President; Cindy Darnell, Secretary; Cheryl Cain, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Marcy Severson, Pledge Trainer; Lyndel Ross, Ronda Kelly, Paula Weston, Billie Phillips, Carmen Anderson. THIRD ROW: Peggy Wright, Elaine Murray, Pamella Robison, Patty Chappell, Sue Miller. 228 tE7 Virginia Bright Carol Burch Mary Chappell Jane Couch Kay Graves Karen Peters Annette Cushing Karen Davidson Linda Davii Jan Gray Linda Greenwood Linda Hunter Reanne Johnston Carolyn Kading Karen Kimbrough Karol Kooker Judi Krutz Eileen Lopour Ardis Mi-Pike Michelle Markham Mary Meyer T3 fp }i Pat Meyer Susan Miller Linda Reed Sandra Robinson Marcene Severs on Ann Shamberger Blaine Sherman Jane Stoner Sharon Thomas Nancy Wayman Karen Wilson 229 GREEK LIFE ASA-TKE Orphan Christmas Party DZ SSS-PSE Homecoming Preparations PM Winter Rush 1964 230 DZ Winter Rush SSS Annex PM All-Pledge Roundup PHI SIGMA EPSILON Pwparatioi Richard Olenius President Scholarship, leadership, and efficiency were the key words for the NU Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon. Each of these components aided the brothers in capturing the Phi Sigma Epsilon Na- tional Efficiency Trophy, which they proudly placed upon the mantel of their fireplace. After a rewarding fall rush party at the house, twenty-five men pledged the cardinal and silver. Immediately following, Homecoming caught the chapter in a swirl of activity. By working closely with the sister sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma, PSE was able to place second in over-all Homecoming supremacy. One of the highlights of the year came when Ann Shamberger of Sigma Sigma Sigma was named National Phi Sig Sweetheart. Other en- joyable occasions included the Christmas Ball, the Phi Sig Rumble, and the Orchid Ball. Executive officers for the year were: Rich Olenius, Presi- dent; John Spencer, Vice-President; Bob Thomas, Secretary; and Ken Thompson, Treasurer. Active in campus activities were: Tom O ' Neill, President of Social Science Club; Larry Messerli, Interfr aternity Council Representative ; Ken Thompson, Vice-President of Union Board ; Ron Tribolet, Treasurer of Union Board ; Terry Guertin, Treas- urer of Social Science Club ; Mike McLaughlin, Intramural Coun- selor; Jim Redd, Football Co-captain, Head Counselor in Men ' s Residence Halls ; Charles Summers, Union Board, Blue Keys ; Roger Ambrosier, Art Editor of Tower, and Gary Anderson, Union Board. Ann Shamberger 1964 National Phi Sigma Epsilon Sweetheart FIRST ROW: Bob Jacobsen, Garry Lust, Gary Gruhn, Lane Smith, Kenneth Bender, Robert Owens. SECOND ROW: Russell Thompson, Ben Rolf, Eddie Parman, Larry Peart, Bill Smoot, Jerry Mason. THIRD ROW: Jim McClung, Pledgemaster ; Steve Funston, Fred Lazear, Jerry Hanson, Dennis Fetters, Earl Griffith,- Benny Cain. 231 Roger Ami,.-osier Bob Comelison Buzz Knplund Glen Harrold Gary Anderson Chris Dahl Dennis Forke Danny Haskell Ray Briscoe Alan Davidson Larry Frazho James Johnson Roger Britt Richard Davis James Gausrhan Andy Jones if dk Gary Cain Frank Eggera Rodney Green John Locke tta Jim HcClung Mike McLaughlin Thor McMillen 232 li Robert McWhirter A Dave Ranum Gary Mathews James Redd ■lUll Larry Messerli Larry Rein eke Dennis Schwieso Willia Seiverling Dick Snyder Bob Thomas Doug Nordstrum Jerry Robey John Spencer Randy Phillips Rogrer Schlegel Charles Summers Ron Tribolet Jerry Weeee James Wilson 233 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Alpha Zeta chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda moved into their new home on campus in the fall to begin a year of activities and social events Having been awarded one of six National Executive Council awards at the National Conclave held in San Francisco in the summer, the AKLs continued to work hard to equal the previous records. AKL participation in campus affairs was high- lighted by their achievements in Homecoming com- petition. The fraternity received a first place tie Bob Johnson for all parade competition. Their beauty float President " Camelot " received third place. Clown entries placed first in group and individual events. Social events during the year included a hay- ride, Christmas caroling, a rush banquet, and sev- eral weekend parties in addition to the Pledge Christmas Dance, the Queen of Hearts Ball, the Founders ' Day Banquet, and the Spring Formal. Executive officers were President, Bob John- son; Vice-President, Carl Peterson; Recording Sec- retary, Junior Veak; and Treasurer, Gary Shields. AKL members active in campus affairs were Roger Walker, Intra- mural Commission; Steve Christensen. Vice-President of the Ag Club; Bob Johnson, Blue Key, Tower Sports Editor, and Inter-fraternity Council Treasurer; Robert Evans, BSU Student Center Host; Gary Shields, Home- coming Committee; Ron Murawski, Homecoming Committee; Larry Ander- son, Homecoming Committee; Lenny Anderson, roles in " The Crucible, " and " Le Misanthrope; " Joe Maltsberger, roles in " The Crucible, " and " Le Misanthrope; " and Willis Madison, Radio Club Vice-President. r am ■I Linda Bouska 1964 Chapter Sweetheart i ha r i FIRST ROW: Ron Murawski, Walt Meyers, Bill Fletcher, Al Yachie, Mason Michelson, Larry Ander- son. SECOND ROW: Leonard Anderson, Mike Wilson, Eddie Maltsberger, Bill Shaller, Vince Webb. 234 Ron Allen Georpre Brown Roger Glancy Bill Schaller A i Larry Anderson Leonard Anderson Ron Anderson Herbert Bell Charles Bogardo $ - ik Bob Chafin Steve Christensen Biff Evans Harry Fields Bill Fletcher £m d Larry Kruse Willis Madison Ronald Martin Kenneth Menke Walt Meyers Mason Michelson Robert Moore Joe Maltsberger Ron Murawski Gary Shields Ed Stilley Ronald Toppa Bernard Veak Roger Walker Vincent Webb Alfred Yackie Mrs. Faye L. Sherman, Housemother 235 PHI LAMBDA CHI Travers Booth President Iota Chapter of Phi Lambda Chi began the 1964-65 year in fine style. In a national survey of chapters the NWMSC chapter ranked ninth. On campus the Phi Lambs held the Intramural Supremacy Trophy and won the Big 8 Cycle Race. The Phi Lambs participated in the Home- coming activities and campus functions. Major social affairs of the chapter included the Mon- tecarlo Night, the Christmas Dance, and the Spring Formal. Various house parties and mix- ers also filled the agenda. Helping to make the Phi Lamb activities a success was their housemother, Mrs. Lucille Markham. During the summer she attended the Housemother ' s workshop in Greeley, Colorado. The Phi Lambda Chi Executive Council seats were filled by Travis Booth, President; Jim Campbell, Vice-President; Gary Richardson, Secretary; and Craig Dits- worth, Treasurer. Leaders on campus were : John Hill, Vice-President of the Student Body and Head Resident Counselor of the Men ' s Residence Halls; Jim Campbell, President of the Senior Class; Travis Booth, President of the Interfraternity Council; Ken Geib, Junior Class Senator; and Ron Zwank, Men ' s Residence Halls ' Council. . M Ian M 1964 Phi Lambda Chi Sweetheart Carolyn Enis B BB Bkl - U Q 9 pL B I B|c ; ' M B 1 F ' " ■ t H 1 BT JB J _ - MM ■ 1 Im mm r r % 6$ 9 5 H bB ' bB bB ' ■■.■- jJM - : ' - . ' V .■■ ' ■ BB FIRST ROW: Bruce Falk, Edwin Roberts, Michael Combs, Dan Strecker, Tom Przybylski, . Jon Stafford, Pledgemaster. SECOND ROW: Larry Nedrow, Steve Colerick, John Peppmeier, Roger Ossowski, Roger Fleckal, David Stuart, Bill Casey, Larry Frizell, Jim Hall, John Kelly, Ernest Livingston. 236 Detmif Kuttr kittobfe, m iJ.J Don Bailey Gene Beck Barry Brady Larry Bruno James Campbell Gary Curtis Donald Davis Roger Dennis Craig Ditsworth William Francis Karl Frederick Kenneth Geib Larry Hanon John Hill Dennis Kaster Bart Kemery Jerry Leonard Don McLaughlin Greg Harsh Bill Page Dennis Purviance Michael Redmond Ray Reynolds Garry Richardson Arthur Sauter Eddie Smith Edwin Spire William Sprague i iii 4 J miiii Dennis Strecker Dave Taylor John Tino Edward Trecek Don Van Sickle Gerald Vessar Don Weigel Jerry Wissink Ronald Zwank 237 SIGMA TAU GAMMA The Homecoming Supremacy trophy for 1964 was claimed by the Theta Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma. This accomplishment was brought about by their beauty float winner, " Legend of the Olympics, " a tie for over-all parade activities, and other entries that placed in the verious divisions. Taus played a major part on the gridiron with many members winning letters in varsity footbal l. Leo Pappas held the title of AU-MIAA quarterback Dean Hamon for 1964. Intramural sports events included many President members of Sigma Tau Gamma. Social events for the year were the Sigma Tau Gamma Christmas Ball, White Rose Dance, and various house parties. Ann Trotter reigned as queen of the 1964 White Rose Dance. Ed Adkins was the winner of the scholarship award. The outstanding Tau who had contributed most to the fraternity was Terry Day. Officers for the year were : Dean Hamon, Presi- dent; Ron Fitch, Vice-President; Doug Girling, Secretary; and Tom Ramsey, Treasurer. Active in campus organizations were: Glen Acksel, Student Body President, Blue Key President; Leo Pappas, Junior Class President; Ron Fitch, Blue Key Corresponding Secre- tary, Homecoming: Co-chairman, Student Senate Advisory Board, Union Board; Mike Thompson, Student Senate Advisory Board; Dean Hamon, Student Disciplinary Board, Student Senate; Kack Miller, Sophomore Class Treasurer; Stan Wilson, Pi Beta Alpha Secretary; Dick Tauchen, Jerry Kelly, and Bob Allen, Union Board. i lOfB Ann Trotter 1964 Chapter Sweetheart !■ I rri FIRST ROW: Jack McClure, Ron Kauzlarich, Don Peterson, Howard Jameson. SECOND ROW: Fred Counts, Assistant Pledge Trainer; Adam Chrostowski, Robert Outs, Allen McFall, Mike Thompson, Pledge Trainer. Donilj 238 Jerry Mathews Mel Merrill Rack Miller Leo Papas Kenneth Petersen Rick Phillips Ml Donald Robbing Dick Tauchen Vern Thompson Frank Viti Bill White Stan Wilson 239 TAU KAPPA EPSILON Bob Cotter President Sherry MacDonald 1964 Chapter Sweetheart The Delta Nu Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon enjoyed a rewarding year as the broth- ers entered every phase of campus life. Besides campus honors, the chapter received recogni- tion as being the top Teke chapter on small college campuses in the nation. The first highlight was the sponsoring of the New Journeymen on Campus for a concert. Then the Tekes turned their attention to more serious thoughts. During Homecoming, the brothers netted a first place in the Variety Show. The Scholarship Trophy was captured with a 2.67 all-member average. Another first for the Tekes was recorded when they became the first to win the new School Spirit Trophy for the football season. Tekes also continued to excel at intramural sports with a high football finish, a tug-of-war school cham- pionship, an all-Greek swimming championship, and a fast start in basketball. To round out their busy schedules, Tau Kappa Epsilon brothers engaged in an active social life. The traditional Gar- ter Party, Christmas Ball, Orphan Party, Red Carnation For- mal, and many house parties stood prominent on their calendar of events. Active members on campus were : Bob Dickey, Union Board Chairman, Vice-President of Interfraternity Council, Blue Key, and Student-Faculty Affairs Committee; Bob Cot- ter, Union Board, Interfraternity Council, and Blue Key Sec- retary-Treasurer; Roger Home, Industrial Arts Club Presi- dent; Mike Knepper, Senior Class Treasurer, and Senate Treasurer; Bob Lewellen, President ' s Advisory Board; Steve Neuroth, Union Board, and Newman Club Treasurer; Larry Kirby, Union Board; Jerry Knauss, Newman Club President; and Lee King, Intramural Board. Officers for the 1964-65 school year were: Bob Cotter, President; Bob Dickey, Vice-President; Al Hagg, Secretary; and Richard Jackson, Treasurer. £ •: FIRST ROW: James Bayles, Richard Petersen, Ron Jones, Assistant Pledge Trainer; AI Julius, Assistant Pledge Trainer; Ron Zimmerman, Pledge Trainer; Dave Rettenmaier, Richard Mes- serly. SECOND ROW: Alberto Rodriguez, William Templer, H. L. Poynter, Lonnie Hinders, Charles Kilpatrick, Joe Peirce, John DeMaio. ft TV , 240 Bill Baker John Banning Darwin Bears Gary Beatty Phil Burmeister • Kent Byron Tom Catlett Ronald Cogdill Bob Dickey Richard Evans Robert Garms Ron Gayler Michael George Larry Gerdes Richard G raw- Mike Guely Al Hagg James Holtz Duane Hankins Phil Hansen Thomas Harvey Jim Hawkins Stephen Hoy- Roger Home Gary Johnson 241 Ron Jones Douglas Keever Lee King Larry Kirby Mike Knepper Bill Lanio Jerry Lindstrom Gary Magill Don Mittelstadt Ron Mitchell Charles Nelson Steve Neuroth Kd Propst Dave Pross Bill Reiff Charles Riley Forrest Schnobrich Bart Thompson • Gale Triplett Paul Walker Gary Willett Dean Willrett Bill Yeager Ron Zimmerman 242 GREEK LIFE » ;- i vv i Darlene Guest 1965 AKL Sweetheart Sally Craven 1964 NWMSC American Royal Candidate All Greek Dance Karen Kimbrough 1964 Phi Sig Frolics Queen 243 FRATERNITY i$ fe 1964 Phi Sig Frolics Mary Schulenberg 1965 PLC Sweetheart PHI LAMBDA CHI FRATERNITY HOUSE 244 HOUSES TAU KAPPA EPSILON FRATERNITY HOUSE TKE ' s bring JOURNEYMEN SIGMA TAU GAMMA FRATERNITY HOUSE 245 ' 64 FESTIVAL of the ARTS Marcia Miller demonstrated her agile movements in a dance ' routine for the Spring Festival of the Arts. Carma Ibsen and Janelle Howe played in Save a Place for Me at Forest Lawn, a production for the Night of One- Acts. Doris Wilson, Jeffrey Falter, Carol Wilson, and Sharon Freeman ap- peared in Fumed Oak. 246 ART FESTIVAL A " Touch those toes! " effect is shown in this scene from " Sinfonia. " Up on your toes and reach for the stars is a movement from " Caprice. " " Divertissement d ' Auber " reveals the grace, poise, and swift action of the San Francisco Ballet. In time to the orchestra ' s rhythm, the dancers do a long stretch in their presentation of " Sinfonia. " Flying high, the dancers display their agile movements in " Caprice. " 247 ART FESTIVAL — ■ The cantata " Dona Nobis Pacem " by Vaughn-Williams was a major presentation of the chorus. Members of the large group are: Marjorie Mathewson, Frances Merritt, Lois Eisner, Barbara Knox, Sharon Bolin, Cath- erine Reck, Gilbert Whitney, director; Bonnie Foster, Virginia Goodwillie, Phyllis Pratt, Judy Brown, Jean Owen, Pat Brown, Pat Martin. SECOND ROW: Mary Jones, Connie Samuel, Susan McConkey, Karen Peters, Linda Birks, Jane Mason, Nancy Wilkes, Glen Morrow, Ron Goodspeed, Gary Pittsenbarger, Ken Harlan, Richard Graw, Thor McMillen, Bob Reck, Sidney Pratt, Jane LaMar, Charlotte Watson, Sherry Bollinger, Charla Albertson, Joanne Kuhr, Phyllis Ahneu. THIRD ROW: Ken Suetterlin, Donald Coulter, Michael Combs, Paul O ' Connor, Larry Hanon, Michael Ware, Ken Bittiker, Jerry Cooper, John Flora. Cecil Carstai a work of ar " My Funny Valentine " and " Once in Love with Amy " were part of the lighter music presented by the Madri- gal. Members are: Marjorie Mathew- son, Bonnie Foster, Barbara Knox, Virginia Goodwillie, Lois Eisner, Frances Merritt, Susan McConkey, Judy Brown, Jane LaMar, Frances Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Thorwald McMillen, Bob Cornelius, Ron Good- speed, Ken Harlan, Melvin Bradford, John Flora, Ken Suetterlin, Byron Mitchell, director. 248 The opera group is composed of: Marjorie Mathewson, pianist; Michael Combs, Gary Pittsenbarger, Barbara Knox, Sharon Bolin, and Jane LaMar. For the 1964 Spring Festival of the Arts, this group presented selections from " The Mikado. " -.1 ART FESTIVAL Cecil Carstensen, guest lecturer, and Robert Sunkel discuss a work of art. Dr. Joel Moss delivered an art lecture before the N WMSC students. Irma Rogell, harpsichordist, displayed technical perfection and excellent musicianship during her two NWMSC seminars and concert. A sculpture demonstration by Cecil Carstensen helped to fulfiH the Festival of the Arts schedule. rfri 249 ART FESTIVAL THE CAST FOR The Man: Left to Right: Mike Mutz, Carolyn Enis, Dr. R. E. Fulsom, Norman Wilcox, Kenneth Price, Sharon Freeman, Dan McLaughlin. The Undergrads, Larry Rawlins, Rose Adams, Tom Lupardus, Frances Merritt, and Thor Mc- Millen, were assisted in their in- terpretation of " Tea for Two " by Director Earle Moss and the jazz band. ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL: Richard Bateman, Kenneth Bittiker, Sharon Bolin, Sherry Bollinger, Joan Bolton, Margaret Coulton, Iola Easterday, Jesse Easterday, Ron- nie Goodspeed, Bethene Gould, Marjorie Gould, Allen Herman, Carolyn Houts, Eldonna Kariker, Jane Lamar, Charlotte Lewis, Patricia Lininger, Barry Martin, Sara Mason, Susan McConkey, Edwin McDonald, Maybelle McDonald, Thor McMillen, Nadine Pitluck, Louis Riemer, Roberta Riemer, Edwin Roberts, Louise Scamman, Roger Schneider, Karen Slayden, Carol Wilson, Ralph Yehle, Connie Younger, Linda Younger. DIRECTOR: Dr. Donald Sandford. SOLOIST: Dr. John Smay. 250 1 ART FESTIVAL " Sukey-Jump " dancers included Jane Gilbert, Terry Stoner, Sandy Yaple, first row; and Ina O ' Riley, Joleene Larimore, Carolyn Kading, Sherry Bollinger, second row. " Felinity " was a routine performed by Tegwin Dyer dur- ing the Evening of Dance. The Cast for the Dance Club Recital: Sandy Yaple, Richard Beem, Terry Stoner, Pat McCune. SECOND ROW: Mary Hilger, Janet Merrill, Tegwin Ryer, Jo Larimor, Jane Gilbert, Carolyn Kading, Karen Peters, Donna Davis, Joan VanHoozer, Marcia Miller, Evelyn Ayers, Jo Ann Fender. THIRD ROW. Dinah Owens, Pat Noah, Mar- garet Mock, Delores Carr, Judy Hyder, Ethel Osborn, narrator; Edward Gilliland, Ina O ' Riley, Kenny Felton, Sherry Bollinger, Sam Dalzell, Paula Zimmerman, Phil Murrell, Laverne Mclntyre, Kathy Seifert, Janet Gray, Barb Stephens, Gano Whetstone. 251 ART FESTIVAL The Conception Seminary Chorale presented a musical concert during the 1964 Spring Festival of the Arts. 252 Death Takes a Holiday, a comedy-drama, was a presentation of the Speech and Drama Department. Members of the cast were: Doris Wilson, Diane Toannan, Ken Price, Sara Copman, Dave Shestak. SECOND ROW: Peter Pearson, Eddielea Roe, Gene Probasco ' . THIRD ROW: Nick Erganian, Carolyn Enis, Carolyn Wilson, Jeffrey Falter, James Stand- field. HARVEST MOON BALL Students enjoy dancing at the annual Harvest Moon Ball, sponsored by Associated Women Students. Dr. Grube presents a bouquet of yellow mums to JoAnn Fabro, Queen of the Harvest Moon Ball. Illah Eversull and Karen Mills preside at the reception table. 253 ARTHUR MILLER ' S FIRST ROW: Reene Tackett, Keith Augustine, Kenneth Suetterlin, David Shestak, Lynda Queen, Doris Wilson, Leonard Anderson, Carolyn Enis, Veriel Nickell, John Zeiger, Gary Rasmussen, Eddielea Roe, Nick Erganian. SECOND ROW: Pete Pearson, Craig Prater, Bill Rissler, Minna Halliday, Cheryl Reineke, " Lynda Bahler, Margaret Price, Suzanne Saale. ALBERTO CASELLA ' S . Duke Lambert — Gene Probasco The Shadow — Jeffrey Falter Princess — Sara Copman Prince Sirki — Jeffrey Falter DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY FIRST ROW: Duke Lambert — Gene Probasco Princess — Sara Copman Grazia — Carolyn Enis Duchess — Eddielea Roe SECOND ROW: Rhoda Fenton — Doris Wilson Corrado — Nick Eurganian Baron Cesarea— David Shestak Eric Fenton — Peter Pearson Alda — Diane Tonnaif 255 Doug Mills — Mike Mutz Howard — Norman Wilcox Mrs. Gillis — Sharon Freeman MEL DINELLI ' S . . . THE MAN Mrs. Gillis — Sharon Freeman Howard — Norman Wilcox Howard — Norman Wilcox Mrs. Gillis — Sharon Freeman Mr. Franks — Dan McLaughlin Mrs. Gillis — Sharon Freeman Mr. Armstrong — Ken Price Ruth — Carolyn Enis 256 Celimene — Sara Copman Alceste — Keith Augustine Celimene — Sara Copman Alceste — Keith Augustine DuBois — Tom Burgess MOLIERE ' S . . . LE MISANTHROPE I t FIRST ROW: Mary Ray, Sara Copman, Eddielea Roe. SECOND ROW: Tom Burgess, Pete Pearson, Leonard Anderson, Keith Augustine, David Shestak, Phil Reser, Eddie Maltsberger, Dan McLaughlin, Michael Stoll. 257 LOUISA ALCOTT ' S ... LITTLE WOMEN Amy — Susan McConkey Meg — Sara Copman Mrs. March — Lynda Queen Jo — Kathy Johnson Beth — Susan Grube FIRST ROW: Connie McGinness, Kathy Johnson, Lynda Queen, Dave Copeland, Susan Grube, Susan McConkey, Margaret Richards. SECOND ROW: Jim Johnson, Keith Augustine, Richard StucKey, Sara Copman, Ken Price, Judy McGinnis, Mrs. Mary Burch. 258 ' 64 SWIM SHOW Artist ' s palette of colors is background for swimmers Virginia Bright, Nancy Brown, and Reanne Johnston. Senior swimmer, Nadine Lind, " Painted the Town Red " in her solo number. " Blue Rhapsody " by swimmers Karen Bixler, Sharon Phoenix, Barbara Howe, and Judy Wolverton was a presentation of the Sigma Phi Dolphin Swim Show. Barbara Howe, Patricia Bird, Judy Tritsch; and Second Row: Reanne Johnston, Carolyn Kempton, and Nancy Brown swam in a " Green Wonderland " as they presented a major feature of the show — a six chain Dolphin. 259 HANGING of Dancers, Charlotte Christoffel, Judy Sager, Nancy Marsh, Kerry Henry, and Patty Leslie, bring gifts at " The Hanging of the Greens. " The three wise men bear their gifts to the manger on that holy night. Martha Klever, Reader, narrated at " The Hanging of the Greens. " 260 the GREENS Snow Princess for the 1964 " Hanging of the Greens " was Judy Kimmet. Receiving the Honor as " Spirit of Christmas ' for 1964 was Sandra Herzog. Kay Puffer, Barbara Knox ' Barbara Chi . Patricia Hillers, and Nancy Timberlake were " Bearers of the Green . 261 CHRISTMAS DANCE The College Chorus, under the direction of Gilbert Whitney, bring the Christmas spirit to life with their caroling. The beautiful solo " Oh, Holy Night, " by Ken Bittiker, was a special feature. Students reac with enthusiasm as the Village Stompers perform in concert style. 262 GLOBETROTTERS A Harlem Globetrotter mockingly pleads for mercy from a disgusted referee. One Trotter aids another as they sink the ball for two points. Balance is the key word for this performer. An entertainer uses his head during the half-time of the Globetrotter game. 263 TORNADO m A group of ambitious students make work into play as they tackle a fallen tree. Sharon Smith, Sara Copman, and Rachael Loose grin and bear it during campus clean-up operations. The fury of the spring tornado left the NWMSC bus barns in shambles. Heave ho! And Ed Crooker, Ida Petherick, Marge Swaney, and Virginia Baker remove a broken limb from the NWMSC campus. Girls, as well as boys, pitch in to clear away the debris left by the savage winds of the 1964 spring tornado. WALK-OUT DAY Contestants pedal hard for the finish line in Walk-Out Day tandem bicycle race. The Gateway Trio entertains students during Walk-Out Day festivities. Students relax and enjoy Walk-Out Day ac- tivities, as do these couples. 265 I FOOTBALL RESULTS Wayne State Peru State William Jewell 14 ( Emporia Oj Warrensburg Kirksville Cape Girardeau 35 Springfield w. 1 ' FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF— Robert Gregory, freshman coach; Earl Baker, line coach; Ivan Schottel, head coach; Louis Dyche, assistant coach; and Greg Vock, student assistant. FOOTBALL TEAM RECORDS 6-3 SEASON s Going undefeated for the first six games, the 1964 Bearcat football team achieved its best season record since 1952. Despite the loss of the last three games to conference powers Kirksville, Cape Girardeau, and Springfield, and a fourth place finish in the MIAA, Coach Ivan Schottel ' s charges achieved a high water mark after three losing seasons. Led by all-MIAA quarterback Leo Papas and tri- captains Glenn Acksel, Jim Redd, and Lonriie Irvin, the Bearcats outscored their opponents 187-130 and shut out four opposing teams. Irvin and sophomore fullback Mick Thompson led in the point-producing department, Irvin scoring seven touchdowns and Thompson, six. End Ed Maxwell, the only sophomore on the all-MIAA team, caught 18 passes for a total of 316 yards. Papas, who made the all-conference team for the second year, completed 53 of 109 passes for a 48.6% average. Mike Peterson, first string half- back, contributed several long runs and kicked most of the points after touchdown. Outstanding on defense were Dick Hienen, named the best blocker, Ron Beck, the best tackier, John Flynn, Adam Chrowstowski, Roger Schlegel, and Lon- nie Hagan. Senior Hal Wittbrodt, who handled the punting chores all season, was an important factor in the MSC strategic attack. The Blue team or second unit provided able relief for the first team as well as a potent offensive weapon. Quarterback Joe Exposito led the Blue team with halfbacks Jim Blankenship and Bob Albanese, and fullback Dave Bussjaeger. Coming back next year for Coach Schottel ' s third season at MSC will be seven first team members in- cluding Papas, Maxwell, Thompson, Peterson, and Hienen, and all of the second unit. Papas and Thomp- son have been elected temporary co-captains for next year. 1964 FOOTBALL SQUAD— first row: Gary Foland, Gary Taylor, Bob Harvey, Mike Peterson, Leo Papas, Ed Maxwell, Jim Redd, Jim Perez, Ron Beck, Jim Wakeman, Ron Austin, Buzz Englund, Dick Hienen. Second row: Mike Corbett, Joe Exposito, Lonnie Irvin, Dave Bussjaeger, Mick Haverty, Harold Choate, Mick Thompson, Bob Rempe, Bob Albanese, Adam Chrowstowski, Mick Ross, Tom Hummel. Third row: Mike Karsnek, Ken Peterson, Ed Byron, Roger Schlegel, Jim Ballinger, Gary Hansen, Jim Blankenship, Dennis Gates, Dan Gooding, Hal Wittbrodt, Jerry Albin, Steve Johnson. Fourth row: Dave Stewart, Dave Peter- son, Drury McMillan, Ron Brumley, Glenn Acksel, Doug Voegle, Vince Vanderwiede, Ron Brown, Lonnie Hagan, Dave Ranum, Mario Balletti. Fifth row: Tim O ' Rourke, Marshall Tonnies, Dan Arholdini, Bob Reece, Gary Lafollette, Jim Freedline, Bob Woods, John Flynn, Larry Frazho. Sixth row: Coaches Robert Gregory, Earl Baker, Ivan Schottel, Louis Dyche, and Greg Vock, Jb .UuL BEg- M KsV- ws j Quarterback LEO PAPAS, all-MIAA for his second year, is ridden out of bounds by a Kirksville end. Bearcat game co-captains GLENN ACKSEL and JIM REDD lead the team on to the field against Emporia. JIM REDD, season tri-captain, prepares to make a down-field block in the Cape game. SEPT. 19 — The Bearcats opened the season away at Wayne State, Nebraska, where they shut out the Wild- cats 18-0 on a muddy, rain-drenched field. Playing a cautious, defensive game and using Hal Wittbrodt ' s booming punts on second and third downs, the ' Cats were able to dominate the game and maintain superior field position. Halfback Lonnie Irvin scored twice and fullback Mick Thompson made one TD. Coach Ivan Schottel alternated his first and second string back- fields to good advantage. The defensive unit was an especially bright spot as it recovered three Wildcat fumbles while holding the Nebraska team scoreless. SEPT. 26 — Game number two, against the Peru State Bobcats at Peru, Nebraska, saw the Bearcats roar to a 19-0 win after being held scoreless in the first half. A 69-yard punt return by halfback Mike Peterson set up the first touchdown early in the third quarter. With tackle Jim Redd and end Dave Ranum leading the way, fullback Mick Thompson hammered away at the left side of the line, scoring twice in the third quarter. The second TD came after tackle Dick Hienen recovered a fumbled quick kick. In the final quarter, Blue unit halfback Jim Blankenship raced 75 yards off tackle to record the ' Cats final score. MICK THOMPSON, sophomore fullback, struggles to free himself from an Emporia tackier. RON BRUMLEY, center, pulls out to lead an offensive charge into the Jewell sec- ondary. -All-MIAA end ED MAXWELL waits to receive one of his 18 passes as a Jewell lineman pursues. 270 ■ 8f ' L 3 V mivw rtnmtt End BOB HARVEY catches a pass and looks downfield for running room against Kirksville. Halfback LONNIE ERVIN, season tri-cap- tain, is stopped by a flying Kirksville tack- ier in the Homecoming game. Senior end DAVE RANUM watches intently before receiving a Papas pass against Kirksville. OCT. 3 — The Bearcats came from behind to win their home opener against William Jewell, 21-14, and to pre- serve their perfect record. A Mick Thompson-led drive in the second quarter resulted in one TD as quarter- back Leo Papas sneaked the ball over for the score. Soon after, Lonnie Irvin ran 33 yards from " his half- back position for a second score. At the half MSC led 13-7. The Cardinals came back with seven points in the third quarter to take the lead. Then Thompson put the game on ice, going over from the two in the last quarter. A two-point conversion pass gave the Bearcats the last of their 21 points. OCT. 10 — Scoring in every quarter, the Bearcats simply ran over the Emporia Hornets 39-0 ' and ex- tended their win streak to four. Senior Lonnie Irvin scored twice in the first period, once running and once on a pass from Papas. A fumble recovered by guard Glenn Acksel set up the second Irvin TD. Blue unit fullback Dave Bussjaeger brought the hometown crowd to its feet with a 50-yard run off tackle in the second quarter. Halfback Jim Blankenship followed up with a five-yard TD from a pitchout by quarter- back Joe Exposito. Mario Balletti hiked the score to 32-0 on a plunge from the one. An Exposito to Bob Harvey pass finished the scoring for the evening ; ROGER SCHLEGEL, voted outstanding lineman of the Homecoming game, fights off a Cape lineman. HAL WITTBRODT, Bearcat punter, pre- pares to kick the team out of danger from Cape. MIKE PETERSON, starting right halfback, hauls in a Papas pass for a first down against the Bulldogs. 271 Reserve quarterback JOHN FLYNN picks up a few yards as a Kirksville defender tries to bring him down. Defensive specialist ADAM CHROWSTOW- SKI braces himself as he diagnoses a Cape play. BOB ALBANESE (34) AND MICK ROSS, deep men on the ' Cat kickoff return unit , get together to receive this Cape punt. OCT. 17 — MIAA conference play began against the Warrensburg Mules on the Bearcats ' home ground. Led by Mick Thompson ' s 121 yards rushing, the ' Cats won 35-0. Thompson went 16 yards off tackle for the first touchdown. Joe Exposito passed to Mick Haverty for a 25-yard second quarter TD. After two third- period scores were called back, all-league quarterback Leo Papas hit halfback Mike Peterson on a scoring pass. 47 seconds later Lonnie Irvin intercepted a Mule pass on the 22 and ran it all the way back. In the final quarter Exposito and Dave Bussjaeger led the Blue team to paydirt. Bob Albanese carried for the TD. Credit for the fourth shutout in five games went to defensive team members Steve Johnson, Ron Beck, Dick Hienen, and Ron Brumley. OCT. 24 — Leo Papas led the Bearcats to their sixth straight win as they defeated Rolla 41-19 on the Miners ' field. Papas completed 11 of 16 passes includ- ing one for a TD. Mick Thompson and Dave Ranum scored in the first quarter, Ranum on a Papas pass. The Miners came back to tie the game 13-13 at the half. Lonnie Irvin put PSC back into the lead with a 15-yard sprint in the third quarter. Three TD ' s in the last period opened the game up as Mike Peterson, Jim Blankenship, and Bob Albanese all scored. MARIO BALLETTI, halfback, heads down- field for a first-and-ten against Emporia after a key block by RON BRUMLEY. JIM BLANKENSHIP, reserve half- back, strikes a classic pose to ward off a potential Cimiwii taclder Defensive standouts GLENN ACKSEL (65) and DICK HIENEN (73) stop a thrust by William Jewell. 272 Blue unit quarterback JOE EXPOSITO ducks under the charge of a Cape lineman. End STEVE JOHNSON fights with a Cape fullback in an effort to stop an extra-point kick. BOB REMPE, junior guard, stops an Em- poria end on a successful pass play. )B the inclnd- Ranirai s pass. at the with a OCT. 31 — Before a record - breaking Homecoming crowd of 11,500, the Bearcats lost a hard fought de- fensive battle to the Kirksville Bulldogs, eventual MIAA champions, 8-20. Twice in the second quarter Kirksville backs broke through the MSC line for touchdowns. After a 73-yard Hal Wittbrodt punt was called back, Kirksville drove into Bearcat territory and, aided by three 15-yard penalties, made their third TD. The Bearcats ' one TD came in the final three minutes of play on a Leo Papas to Ed Maxwell pass. NOV. 7 — Intercepted passes, lost fumbles and bad breaks cost the Bearcats their second defeat as Cape Girardeau conquered them 6-35. The MSC team lost five passes and numerous fumbles including a fumbled fair catch on the MSC one yard line. The ' Cats ' only score came on a final quarter drive by the Blue team with Joe Exposito taking the ball across. NOV. 14 — The injury-riddled Bearcats lost the last game of the season 0-42 to the Springfield Bears. With six key Bearcats sidelined including the top two quar- terbacks, the conference defending champion Bears ran away with the game. Sophomore quarterback Mike Corbett did connect for 90 yards passing in the final period but couldn ' t get the ball across the goal line. 1(6) Sophomore tackle JIM PEREZ squares off for an elbow contest with a Warrensburg blocker. Defensive lineman LONNIE HAGAN swarms over an Emporia runner. Junior tackier RON BECK winces as he slams a William Jewell halfback to the ground. 273 CHEERLEADERS Marcene Severson, Pat Noah, Linda Chastain, Elaine Sherman, Celia Thompson, and Marge MacDonald cheer to the VICTORY SIGN! HOMECOMING RALLY 274 CHEERLEADERS Marge MacDonald Linda Chastain Celia Thompson Pat Noah Marcene Severson Elaine Sherman FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS: Gayle Bradfield, Barbara Harr, Peggy Wright, Beverly Sheetz. 275 TRANSFER PLAYERS AID BASKETBALL SQUAD Coach Dick Buckridge Lacking a big man, a high scorer, a solid defense, or consistency, the 1965 Bearcat basketball team limped through a 3 - 20 season. The ' Cats defeated one MIAA team and one non-conference foe and won the third on a forfeit. Having lost Nick Neira, Bob Crawford, and Ed Maxwell from last year ' s 5-18 team, Coach Dick Buck- ridge did not have the high calibre team he needed to compete in the MIAA. Transfer players Bob Marek from St. Joseph J. C, Joe Pierce from Denver U., Mike Simon from K-State, and Dick Hansen from Brigham Young bolstered the squad of three returning lettermen — Dave Remund, Bill Yeager, and Rich Woods. The Bearcats lacked experience and had not worked together long enough to have a consistently strong attack. The Bearcats won two of their first five games, dropping Wayne State 79-78 and William Jewell for- feited their game because of an ineligible player. In the final 18 contests, including three, in the MIAA Holiday Tournament, the MSC team managed to win only a 66- 64 squeaker against conference foe Rolla. The Bearcats came up with a few good games only to lose them in the final minutes. The William Jewell, Peru State, and Pittsburg games were lost by a total of only five points. The ' Cats surprised N.A.I.A. power St. Benedicts with a strong first half effort, only to lose their momentum in the final period. Springfield also felt some Bearcat power as the ' Cats put on a 13 straight points rally in the closing minutes. Bright spots in a dismal season were the play of Marek, Pierce, Simon, Remund, and Mike Peterson, who came on strong in the last half of the season after break- ing his hand in football. Woods, who came back after a year ' s layoff, and Yeager also helped the Bearcat cause. The Freshman team, coached by Tom Mathews, won eight of ten games. Three promising freshman players who should ' add to next year ' s team are Elmer Klump, Duane Heitman, and Ron Howitt, all of whom played some varsity ball this year. The 1965 Varsity Basketball Team — Rich Woods, Dick Hansen, Dale Dawson, Mike Simon, Dave Remund, Coach Dick Buckridge, John Clemens, Bill Yeager, Bob Marek, Kermit Goslee, and Joe Pierce. 276 «? ' i n 4 KETBALL RESULTS ( MSC 2 William Jewell ; MSC 72 Peru State 8 MSC 79 Wayne State 7! MSC 69 Pittsburg 83 ' MSC 71 St. Benedicts 100 i MSC 64 Cape Girardeau 96 ] MSC 80 Rolla 94 MSC 57 Cape Girardeau 90 MSC 64 Peru State 6 " MSC 64 Warrensburg 7; MSC 66 Rolla 6 MSC 73 Wayi gtote 9 MSC 99 Buena Wsta 113 MSC 60 Kirksville MSC 77 Pittsburg MSC 68 Springfield 7b | MSC 60 Warrensburg 113 MSC 70 St. Benedicts 97 I MSC 67 Springfield 88 MSC 68 Kirksville 103 -m MIAA HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT MSC 56 Warrensburg 72 MSC 77 Kirksville 115 MSC 68 Rolla 8 - -?% lto Bob Marek (40) watches as another Bearcat and an opposing player engage in a low-flying fight for the ball. Bob Marek, 6 ' 3 " junior forward, flips a lay-up back over the hand of a Wayne State player. Dave Remund, 6 ' 5 " junior center, leaps above two William Jewell de- fenders. Rich Woods, 6 senior guard, drives for a lay-up in the Warrensburg game. Bill Yeager, 6 ' 4 " junior forward, does some fancy footwork against Cape. Dale Dawson, 6 ' 4 " junior forward, encounters some difficulty getting off a jump shot. Kermit Goslee, 6 ' sophomore guard, uses skillful ball-handling to outwit a William Jewell Cardinal. Joe Pierce, 6 ' 1 " junior guard, drib- bles his way out of a Jewell player ' s reach. Mike Peterson, 5 ' 10 " sophomore guard, prepares to take the ball down court against St. Benedicts. Mike Simon, . 6 ' 5 " forward, scores a two-pointer against William Jewell. Bill Yeager goes for two more for the Bearcats. 279 Dick Hansen, 6 ' 4 " junior forward, waits tensely for a rebound. Elmer Klump, 6 ' 3 " freshman guard, goes high in the air for a jump shot. Ron Howitt, 6 ' 4 " freshman forward, gets off a one-handed jumper. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD HAS 8-2 SEASON THE 1965 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM: FIRST ROW: Coach Dick Buckridge, Jay Cain, Jim Bailey, Ron Wise, Gary Hartman, Vic Miller. SECOND ROW: Howard Simon, John Gough, Ron Howitt, Gary Hoover, Bob Braver, Duane Heitman, and Elmer Klump. 280 SWIMMERS SET SIX RECORDS Frank Fisher led the Bearcat swimming team to a 5-4 season while setting three new school records and scoring a total of 144 points. Six new records were set by the 1965 team. Fisher: 100-yd. free style (51.2), 200-yd. free style (2:03.8), and 60-yd. free style (28.9); John Ridgeway: 200-yd. breaststroke (2:35.6) ; Bill Watson: 200-yd. backstroke (2:28.9) ; and Ed Smith: 200-yd. butterfly (2:46). Fisher was also undefeated in the 100- and 200-yd. free- style events for the season. Other men who made major contributions to the MSC effort were Chuck Nureck, diving, Dave Ettelson, free style, Gary Foland, breast- stroke, Joe Logan, diving, P. D. Fields, butter- fly, and Sonny Spicer, diving. None of this year ' s team are seniors and coach Lewis Dyche will have several eligible transfer students and freshman prospects to make up a better 1966 squad. Three swimmers are off the blocks in a sprint event at the MSC pool. ON THE 1965 BEARCAT SWIM TEAM: FIRST ROW: Frank Fisher, P. D. Fields, Bill Watson, Larry White, Ron Jones. SECOND ROW: Coach Lewis Dyche, Gary McFarland, Ron Rusk, Dave Ettelson, Ed Smith, Steve Dempsey. THIRD ROW: Mervin Box, Jim Coleman, Joe Logan, John Ridgeway, and Randy Phillips. Diver Joe Logan pauses a moment mid-flight. 281 CAT WRESTLERS RANK 8th NATIONALLY Coach Jerry Landwer The Bearcat wrestlers smashed their way through twelve dual meet opponents to complete their second consecutive undefeated season and extend their unbeaten record to 36 straight. The ' Cats have not been defeated since December, 1962, when Omaha squeaked by 14-12. Conquests of such big college powers as Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Omaha have earned the MSC wrestlers eighth place ranking in the NCAA College Division. They closed out the season by defeating three other teams in a quad- rangular at Warrensburg before heading for the NCAA College Division Tournament. Ron " Jesse " James ranked at the top on points scored with 66 and most pins with nine. Following him in both categories were Allen Packer and Lonny Weiland, both rated Ail-Amer- icans at last year ' s NCAA tournament. Freshman Al Borkowski, wrestling in the 177-lb. class, racked up 42 points for fourth place in points scored. Alan Jensen was fifth with 35. Three front-liners will graduate : Co-captain Lonny Weiland, Larry Kilmer, and Alan Jensen. Coach Jerry Landwer needn ' t worry since he has a lot of depth in every class and a freshman team which defeated the Eastern Illinois freshman team. Packer, also co-captain, will be back next year. 282 The 1965 Bearcat wrestling team — FIRST ROW: Bert Allen, Arnold Thompson, Alan Jensen, Harvey Hallum, Jerry Mason, Ron James. SECOND ROW: ' Bob Reece, Gary Grimes, Larry Kilmer, Allen Borkowski, Lonny Weiland, co-captain, Gary Randall, Al Packer, co-captain. THIRD ROW: Jeff Jones, John West, George George, John Whitcomb, Dan Gooding, Mike Healy, Bill Allen, Ron Scott, Paul Stehman. FOURTH ROW: Floyd Smith, Doug Baker, Charles Bickford, Doug Minnick, Rich Downing, John Swinson, Dave Stewart, Tim McGuire, Warrior Marshall, Ron Hager, and Juan Mohr. las ttve Al Borkowski, 177-lb. wrestler, agonizes as he forces his opponent down. All-American Allen Packer, 167 lbs., swings his Omaha opponent through the air. WRESTLING RESULTS MSC 33 Kansas U. 2 MSC 27 Missouri U. 3 MSC 22 William Jewell 6 MSC 29 Graceland 13 MSC 30 Springfield 15 MSC 22 Omaha U. 5 MSC 28 Warrensburg 18 MSC 31 Graceland 8 MSC 24 Nebraska U. 8 MSC 26 Tarkio TOURNAMENTS MSC 32 Simpson 5 Graceland 1st MSC 24 Parsons 7 Quadrangular at Warrensburg 1st Gary Grimes,. 147 lbs., executes a tricky arm hold. Three-year letterman Alan Jensen maneuvers for leverage to pin a Nebraska Cornhusker. 283 1964 TRACK TEAM SETS SCHOOL MARKS Although the 1964 Bearcat track team had an indifferent season in the won-lost column, it did succeed in setting three new school records. Leigh Ragle, a junior weightman, now holds the MSC shot put record with a 48 feet 8 inches performance. A team of James Schope, Peter Meindertsma, John Craig, and Mike Ross lowered the 440-yard relay record to 43.9 seconds. And Dan Haskell, Phil Frahm, Meindertsma, and Craig smashed the old mile relay mark with a 3 :24.4 timing. Other outstanding performers who consistant- ly scored points for the Bearcats were Larry Rich- ardson in the high jump, Ken Cheves in the broad jump, and Ken Carver in the shotput. Opening the season with two wins in three dual meets, the track men finished last in the MIAA indoor meet, sixth at the Graceland Relays, and again last at the MIAA outdoor meet at Kirksville. Members of the 1964 team, which was coached by Earl Baker, other than those men- tioned above, were Tom Boatright, Larry Brandt, Tom Casey, Bruce Falk, Joe Logan, Dennis Schn- athorst, John Sherbo, Larry Clem, John Hull, and David Schnathorst. By a chin — Anchorman Phil Frahm breaks the tape just ahead of the Peru runner to win the mile relay. TRACK RESULTS Indoor MSC 46 Peru 54 MSC 63V 2 Tarkio 27i 2 MSC 70 Tarkio 21 Outdoor MSC 52 Springfield 82 William Jewell 49 MSC 70 Washburn 70 MSC 89 Peru 47 MSC 67l 2 Peru 81 Tarkio 2IV2 MSC 113 Tarkio 22 MSC 731 2 Graceland 68 1 2 MIAA Indoor Meet 5th place Graceland Relays 5th place MIAA Outdoor Meet 6th place 5 li j li 3 Up and over — almost — Polevaulter Larry Crow brushes against the crossbar in an attempt in the Peru meet. With the greatest of ease — Mick Ross flies through the air to score points for the Bearcats in the broad jump. i 34 21 49 211 . ■01 phcc TENNIS SQUAD WINS 13 MEETS The phenomenally successful Bearcat tennis team swept all thirteen of its dual meets and placed a creditable third in the MIAA conference meet to complete one of the most successful sea- sons the team has enjoyed in recent years. The MSC dual meet record now stands at 70 wins, 6 losses, and 1 tie, ranking the Bearcats high in Midwest tennis circles. Coached by Robert Gregory and led by No. 1 player Neil Reynolds, the team was composed of lettermen Stan DeCosmo, Bruce Horrell, Wayne Mains, and Bob Schaag and Larry Harms, Richard Sellers, Dean Hammon, and Jerry Newman. Dr. Frank Grube assisted in coaching the team. A team of Reynolds and Mains placed third in the doubles competition at the MlAA meet. Stan DeCosmo makes a forehand return. MSC 6 MSC 7 MSC 9 MSC 7 MSC 6 MSC 6 MSC 5 MSC 6 TENNIS RESULTS Peru Mankato State 2 Tarkio Win Jewell 2 Park College 1 St. Jo Jr. College 1 Warrensburg 4 Peru 1 MSC 7 MSC 5 MSC 6 MSC 9 MSC 9 Wm Jewell 2 Parsons College 4 St. Jo Jr. College Warrensburg Tarkio MIAA Tournament tie for third 1964 Tennis Squad " Wow! I didn ' t think I ' d get that one, " says Larry Harms. Left to right: Bruce Horrell, Stan DeCosmo, Larry Harms, Wayne Mains, Neil Reynolds, and Bob Schaag. 285 On the way — Pitcher Steve Croley lets fly to catcher Ed Schultz as Jim Jacksor shortst op, watches. JIM JACKSON LEADS TEAM m TOP BASEBALL SEASON Under the guidance of Coach Burton Richey, the Bearcat baseball team compiled its most successful season to date, winning 15 games while losing only 7. Shortstop Jim Jackson, who led the team in batting average with .384 and in runs batted in with 23, was honored as the Bearcats ' most valuable player. Jackson also tied Gary Shaw for the lead in stolen bases with 10. Shaw was the top home run slugger. Ron Brumley, top pitcher in 1963, was again best in that depart- ment. With a 7-1 record and 40 strike outs, he was a major factor in the good showing made by the Bearcats. Co-captains Bob Crawford and Bernie Ricono, as well as seniors Howard Rolfe, Steve Croley, and Randy Wolcott, contributed to the effort. Lettermen who will be returning next season are Jackson, Shaw, Brumley, Jerry Albin, Benny Cain, Ron Harris, Lonnie Irvin, Ed Max- well, Ed Schultz, Robert Albanese, and Larry Messerli. BASEBALL RESULTS MSC 5 Morningside 2 MSC 14 13 Tarkio 3 2 MSC 11 7 Creighton 3 3 MSC 9 1 Peru 1 5 MSC 3 3 St. Benedicts 4 2 MSC 3 3 Warrensburg 12 4 MSC 9 1 Simpson 6 10 MSC 1 2 Warrensburg 2 MSC 2 4 Rockhurst 2 MSC 25 Tarkio 3 MSC 4 7 Nebraska Wesleyan 2 MSC 1 6 William Jewell 10 2 286 It ' s a hit — Freshman third baseman Jerry Albin takes a hefty cut and con- nects. You ' re out — First baseman Ed Maxwell steps on the bag to retire an opposing runner. Stevi tl GOLF RESULTS MSC 7 Wm Jewell 8 MSC 6 Kirksville 9 MSC 4 Warrensburg 11 MSC 4 Warrensburg 11 MSC 11 Graceland 4 MSC 12 Peru 3 MSC 11 Peru 4 MSC 5 Wm Jewell 10 MSC 9 Graceland 6 Don Peterson grimaces as he waits for his putt to sink in a match at the Country Club course. GOLFERS JUST UNDER RREAK EVEN POINT Six members of the Bearcat golf team were awarded letters by Coach Ryland Milner at the close of the 1964 season in which the golfers were just under the .500 mark with a 4 — 5 record. Veterans Don Peterson and Bob Pettegrew paced the team with the assistance of newcomers Steve Ander- son, Bert Hanson, and Jerry Robey. Other team mem- bers were Larry Nelson, Charles Allison, and Gary Barber. Defeating Peru State and Graceland College each twice, the MSC team lost to MIAA champs Warrensburg, William Jewell, and Kirksville. The Bearcats placed last at the MIAA tournament to end the season. Both Hanson and Allen made good showings at the meet. Next year ' s team should show improvement as the golfers become more experienced. None of the lettermen are seniors. Steve Anderson displays good golfing form as he tees off. Teammate Bob Pettegrew, second from left, and Peru State opponents watch. Bob Pettegrew prepares to stroke a putt in match play against Peru State. 287 iiii |mi, MARTINDALE JYMNA MALE GYMNASIUM 1 jO WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL COUNCIL: FIRST ROW: Carol Woverton, Gano Whetstone, Jan Merrill, Peggy Wright, assistant co-chairman, Cheryl Cain, Kathy Bogdas, over-all chairman. SECOND ROW: Sue Wagers, Deloris Carr, Kathy Smith, Joleene Larimore, Linda Kay Drum- mond, co-chairman, and Linda Greenwood. The Women ' s Intramural Council provided four activities — bowling, volleyball, basketball, and softball — for the women of the college to participate in. The Delta Zeta sorority was awarded the supremacy trophy for last year ' s ac- tivities. Over 400 women took part in the intramural program, twice the previous year ' s total. A Hud- son Hall team captured the 1965 volleyball title and the P.E.M. Club won the bowling tournament. Under the chairmanship of Kathy Bogdas the council offered leisure-time activities two or three nights a week. The sports give the participants a chance for physical exercise and a chance to keep physically fit. W : special j director. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL PR0( Touchi ner o] Volleyball players warm up before the big match 290 VERAL MSC dance students participate in a special practice session with a visiting director. A recreation class learns a new game in the Martindale gymnasium. PROGRAM OFFERS ACTIVITIES Touche ' — A fencing student scores a foil bending strike to her opponent ' s chest protector. En garde — Masked fencers square off for sonfe action in the women ' s fencing class. 291 f LAMKEV GYMNj 292 Ain GYMNASIUM MEN ' S INTRAMURAL COUNCIL: Tom Mathews, director, Ed Smith, John Hill, Mike Mc- Laughlin, Lee King, Jim Graves, student director. FIFTEEN SPORTS COMPRISE MEN ' S INTRAMURAL PROGRAM The Intramural Commission, under the leadership of Intramural Director Tom Mat- hews and Student Intramural Director Jim Graves, worked to provide a broad and inter- esting sports program for all non-varsity ath- letes on the campus. For the first time the competition was di- vided into two leagues — Independent and Fra- ternity. The league champions played each other for the all-school championship trophies and medals in each sport. The intramural program had over 915 men participating in five fall sports — football, ten- nis, tug - of - war, swimming, and wrestling. Audience participation was good with crowds of three to five hundred attending the all-school championship football and wrestling events. Other intramural sports offered to the men during the winter were basketball, bowling, in- door track, smash, volleyball, ping pong, and badminton. To finish out the intramural sports season were the spring sports — golf, Softball, and outdoor track. Fall results: the independent Zero team defeated the Phi Sig Zombies for the touch foot- ball championship; Jim Schilling and Jim and Bob Schilling won the tennis singles and doubles; the TKE ' s won the tug-of-war; the Flipper 4 independent team swept seven of eight swimming events; and independents won six of the ten wrestling weight divisions. 294 Two teams square off in the intramural tug-of-war contest while referee Chuck Nurek (center) watches center marker. Mike McLaughlin of the Phi Sig Zombies breaks up a pass play by the Zero ' s Jerry Hansen. John Locke catches a pass during the in- tramural championship game. A couple of co-educational bike racers compete in the walk-out day contests. With the encouragement of another participant, four intramural swimmers thrash through the water. Under the watchful eye of practice teacher ' Ed Schultz, a P.E. student tries a badminton serve. 295 IN RECOGNITION William Trago Garrett Mrs. Vincent (Thelma) Smith received her B.S. degree from Northwest Missouri State College in 1927 and her R.N. from St. Joseph School of Nursing in 1933. After teaching at Nishnabotna High School for a year, she came to MSC, where she was head nurse. " Smitty, " as she was known on cam- pus, was well respected for her sincerity and kindness. She has five children. William Trago Garrett, present Chairman of the Department of Biology, will retire July 1, 1965. Mr. Garrett was born in Portland, Missouri, and received his B.A. degree from Westminster College in 1923 and his M.S. degree from the University of Chicago in 1928. From 1923 to 1927, Mr. Garrett taught at Arkansas College in Batesville, Arkansas, after which he came to Northwest Missouri State College as an assistant professor. He has also done graduate work at the University of Chicago. Since coming to MSC, Mr. Garrett has served as sponsor to Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity since 1931 and has been a member of the Faculty coun- cil and religious, emphasis committee. He was elected to the Society of Sigma Xi in 1928, and is a member of such organizations as: National Association of Biology Teachers, American Asso- ciation of Advanced Science, Missouri Archaeol- ogy Association, Missouri Audobon Society, The Nature Conservancy, National Geography Soci- ety, American Institute of Biological Sciences, and the Danforth Foundation. He has been a Boy Scout examiner and active in the Methodist Church since 1927. Mrs. Thelma " Smitty " Smith 296 EN MEMORIAM E. A. (LEFTY) DAVIS Retired Faculty Member December 28, 1889-February 13, 1965 MRS. ERMA COULTER February 23, 1927-January 6, 1965 SLADE JACKSON July 9, 1944-April 5, 1964 TOM YATES June 6, 1944-July 13, 1964 297 Index ORGANIZATIONS ACE 161 Administration 26 Advisory Council 137 Agriculture Club 173 Alpha Kappa Lambda 234 Alpha Phi Omega 142 Alpha Psi Omega 142 Alpha Sigma Alpha 222 Associated Women Students 178 Baptist Student Union 190 Baseball 286 Basketball 276 Blue Key 43 Board of Regents 22 Book Club 147 Cardinal Key 43 Cheerleaders 274 Christmas Dance 262 Class Officers 47 Colden Hall 40 Colhecon 168 Commencement, Spring 44 Commencement, Summer 45 Dance Club 148 Dedication 10 Delta Psi Kappa 163 Delta Zeta 224 Dolphins 259 Drama Club 149 Dramatics 254 Faculty 28 Farm 172 Festival of the Arts 246 Fine Arts Building 150 Football 268 Freshmen 104 Gamma Delta 192 Gamma Sigma Sigma 144 Globetrotters 263 Golf 287 Graduate Students 135 Hanging of the Greens 260 Harvest Moon Ball 253 Homecoming 210 Homecoming Committee 218 Home Management House 166 Honors Banquet 134 Horace Mann Building 160 Hudson Hall Council and Counselors 181 Inauguration 16 Industrial Arts Building 174 Industrial Arts Club 175 In Memoriam 297 Interfraternity Council 220 Juniors 70 Kappa Delta Pi 134 Kappa Omicron Phi 168 Kappa Pi 148 KDLX 149 Liahona Fellowship 187 Library 146 Married Students 194 Men ' s Dormitories 182 Men ' s Dormitory Council 184 Men ' s Dormitory Counselors 184 Music 153 Newman Club 186 Northwest Missourian 140 Office Staff 35 Panhellenic Council 220 PEM Club 163 Perrin Hall Council and Counselors 179 Phi Lambda Chi 236 Phi Mu 226 Phi Sigma Epsilon 232 Pi Beta Alpha 170 Pi Kappa Delta 152 Pi Omega Pi 170 President of College 15 President Emeritus 21 Recognition of Retiring Faculty 296 Religious Emphasis Week 185 Roberta Hall Council and Counselors 179 Seniors 48 Sigma Phi Dolphins 259 Sigma Sigma Sigma 228 Sigma Tau Gamma 238 SNEA 162 Social Science Club 164 Sophomores 86 Student Senate 136 Student Wives 169 Swim Team 281 Tau Kappa Epsilon 240 Tennis 285 Tornado 264 Tower Dance 204 Tower Staff 138 Track 284 Ugly Man Contest 145 Union Building 200 Union Board 202 United Campus Christian Fellowship 193 Veterans ' Club 171 Walk-Out Day Wesley Foundation 188 Women ' s Dormitories 176 Women ' s Intramurals 190 Women ' s Intramural Council Wrestling 282 Young Democrats 165 Young Republicans 165 PERSONNEL INDEX Foster, Robert P. 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Margaret, Skidmore, Missouri, 86 Barten, Robert, Botna, Iowa, 104 Bartlett, Rosanne, Mound City, Missouri, 104, 226 Bassett, Kenneth, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 104 Bateman, Joseph, Red Oak, Iowa, 49 Bateman, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, 250 Baughman, Carla, Des Moines, Iowa, 104, 155 Bauman, David, Maryville, Missouri, 86 Bauman, Gerald, Verdon, Nebraska, 86 Bauman, Melinda, St. Joseph, Missouri, 73, 163 Baumli, Cathy, Barnard, Missouri, 104, 139, 154 Baxter, Karl, Maryville, Missouri, 157 Bayles, James, Clairton, Pennsylvania, 240 Bayless, Nora, Maryville, Missouri, 49 Beach, John, West Caldwell, New Jersey, 104 Beal, Christie, Mound City, Missouri, 104, 163, 224 Beaman, Lonna, Arispe, Iowa, 70 Bears, Darwin, Skidmore, Missouri, 70, 91, 164, 184, 241 Beasing, William, Falls City, Nebraska, 104 Beason, Frederick, St. Joseph, Missouri, 49 Beatty, Gary, Prescott, Iowa, 241 Becher, Harvey, Maryville, Missouri, 70, 164, 165 Beck, Donald, Sharpsburg, Iowa, 104, 175 Beck, Gene, Nodaway, Iowa, 175, 218, 237 Beck, Robert, Des Moines, Iowa, 49 Beck, Ronald, Exira, Iowa, 104, 269, 273 Bedell, Freda, Shenandoah, Iowa, 104 Beem, Richard, Winterset, Iowa, 70, 104, 251 Beem, Rodney, Winterset, Iowa, 104 Beemer, James, Bedford, Iowa, 104 Beesley, Donna, Fortescue, Missouri, 86, 154, 176 Beggs, Sue, Maryville, Missouri, 104 Beilstein, Robert, La Grange, Missouri, 49 Belinger, Donald, Kansas City, Missouri, 104 Belitz, Joseph, Omaha, Nebraska, 86 Bell, David, Maryville, Missouri, 104, 140, 141 Bell, Edna, Maryville, Missouri, 70 Bell, Herbert, St. Joseph, Missouri, 175, 235 Bell, Marvin, Maryville, Missouri, 49, 140, 141 Bell, Roger, Maryville, Missouri, 70, 170, 171 Bender, Kenneth, Ephrata, Pennsylvania, 105, 231 Bender, Sandra, Bethany, Missouri, •49, 134, 170 Bender, Terri, Lenox, Iowa, 105 Benson, Clarence, Jefferson City, Missouri, 49 Bentley, Marilyn, Macedonia, Iowa, 105 Benton, Larry, Carroll, Iowa, 86, 153, 158 Benton, Leonard, St. Joseph, Missouri, 105 Bergstrom, John, Maryville, Missouri, 70 Berti, Judith, Port Crane, New York, 86 Best, Paul, Churdan, Iowa, 86 Bevins, Robert, Grinnell, Iowa, 86 Bibel, William, Chicago, Illinois, 86 Bickford, Charles, Sand Springs, Oklahoma, 105 Biggs, Sondra, Kansas City, Missouri, 105 Billings, Linda, Indianola, Iowa, 105, 226 Bintner, David, Exira, Iowa, 70, 164 Birchmier, Brenda, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 105 Bird, Patricia, Omaha, Nebraska, 70, 144, 259 Birks, Linda, Logan, Iowa, 86, 248 Bishop, Nancy, Maryville, Missouri, 105 Bittiker, Ken, Wathena, Kansas, 248, 250, 262 Bix, Mervin, Maryville, Missouri, 193 Black, Elbert, St. Louis, Missouri, 105, 142, 152, 154 Black, Gene, Woodbine, Iowa, 105, 153, 187 Blackford, John, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 105 Blackwell, Beth, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 105, 163 Blakley, Leo, St. Joseph, Missouri, 49 Blankenship, James, Grandview, Missouri, 269, 272 Bliss, Larry, Wamego, Kansas, 105 Blom, Russell, Maryville, Missouri, 86 Bobst, Michael, Earlham, Iowa, 86, 142, 165, 218 Bodle, Mary, Maryville, Missouri, 71 Boe, Judy, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 87, 156, 157 Boeck, Franklin, Manilla, Iowa, 87 Bogardo, Charles, Homer, New York, 71, 235 Bogdas, Kathy, New Hampton, Mis- souri, 49, 163, 209, 220, 223, 290 Boggio, Frances, Dse Moines, Iowa, 105 Bogue, James, Kansas City, Missouri, 105 Bohling, Catherine, Auburn, Nebraska, 87, 148, 163, 226, 227 Bohnenblust, Jack, Pattonsburg, Missouri, 71, 239 Bohnenkamp, Elizabeth, Omaha, Nebraska, 105, 168 Bolin, Sharon, Coin, Iowa, 42, 49, 134, 153, 248, 250 Bolinger, Mary, Maryville, Missouri, 105 Bollinger, Sherry, Union Star, Mis- souri, 87, 148 , 154, 155, 159, 193, 248, 250, 251 Boltinghouse, Mary, Lenox, Iowa, 105 Bolton, Joan, Maryville, Missouri, 250 Bond, Burdette, Skidmore, Missouri, 175 Bonecutter, Terry, Des Moines, Iowa, 87 Booth, Martin, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 105 Booth, Melvin, Bethany, Missouri, 87 Booth, Ruby, Corning, Iowa, 71 Booth, Travers, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 206, 219, 236 Borchardt, Richard, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 71, 170 Borkowski, Allan, Audubon, Iowa, 105, 282, 283 Boswell, Lorrane, Oregon, Missouri, 105 Boudewyns, Kathleen, Des Moines, Iowa, 105, 186 Bouska, Linda, Ravenwood, Mo., 47, 50, 71, 223, 234 Bovaird, Dean, Corning, Iowa, 105, 172 Bowen, Laura, St. Joseph, Missouri, 71 Bowen, Marvin, Benton, Iowa, 71, 162, 170 Bower, David, Bridgewater, Iowa, 105 Bowers, Judith, Lathrop, Missouri, 87, 162, 177, 181 Bowling, Earlita, Fort Dodge, Iowa, 71 Bowman, James, Albany, Missouri, 105 Bowman, Phyllis, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 105, 222 Box, Mervin, Kansas City, Missouri, 105, 281 Boyd, Nancy, Marcus, Iowa, 139, 144, 157, 162, 181 Boyer, Donna, St. Joseph, Missouri, 50 Boyer, Lloyd, Gower, Missouri, 105, 193 Boyles, James, Maryville, Missouri, 87 Boyles, Sharon, Stewartsville, Mis- souri, 105, 187 Brader, Donald, Audubon, Iowa, 106, 165 Bradfield, Gayle, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 106, 155, 228, 275 Bradfield, Lynnette, Fairfax, Mis- souri, 161, 162, 179, 188 Bradfield, Mary, Fairfax, Missouri, 71 Bradford, Melvin, Maryville, Mis- souri, 248 Brady, Barry, St. Joseph, Missouri, 237 Brady, Karen, Carroll, Iowa, 106, 168 Brady, Raymond, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 50, 142, 170, 186 Brager, Daryl, Maryville, Missouri, 50 Brandt, Larry, Maryville, Missouri, 50 Brannan, Dolores, Audubon, Iowa, 71, 164, 165, 186 Bray, Kay, Weatherby, Missouri, 106 Briggs, Barbara, Shenandoah, Iowa, 50, 161, 162 Bright, Glenda, Lineville, Iowa, 50, 161, 162 Bright, Karla, Mercer, Missouri, 50, 74, 114, 161, 179, 204 Bright, Virginia, Maryville, Missouri, 71, 206, 218, 229, 259 Brinton, Dennis, Jewell, Iowa, 106, 175 Brinton, George, Washington, D. C, 87 Brinton, Linda, Ellsworth, Iowa, 106, 149 Briscoe, Raymond, Lohrville, Iowa, 71, 175, 232 Bristol, John, Stuart, Iowa, 106 Britt, Roger, Smihville, Missouri, 71, 232 Bro, Richard, Brayton, Iowa, 106 Brooke, James, Cowgill, Missouri, 87 Brooke, Lloyd, Cowgill, Missouri, 106 Brooner, Patricia, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 106, 155, 178, 187 Brower, Robert, Lake View, Iowa, 106, 280 Brown, Barbara, Blencoe, Iowa, 106, 147, 178 Brown, Carole, Hamburg, Iowa, 106, 222 Brown, Dianna, Hamburg, Iowa, 87, 147, 165, 179, 223 Brown, George, St. Joseph, Missouri, 71, 235 Brown, Jack, Winterset, Iowa, 87 Brown, Marlin, Maryville, Missouri, 87 Brown, John, Ravenwood, Missouri, 106 Brown, Judith, Chillicothe, Missouri, 71, 162, 223, 248 Brown, Nancy, Hamburg, Iowa, 87, 163, 259 Brown, Pat, Maryville, Missouri, 71, 153, 154, 155, 156, 248 Brown, Peggy, Skidmore, Missouri, 71 300 -Mi Brown, Phyllis, Villisca, Iowa, 87, 168, 181 Brown, Ronald, Rushville, Missouri, 87, 269 Broyles, Daniel, Bethany, Missouri, 50, 170 Bruett, Mary, Winterset, Iowa, 50, 147, 162, 188 Bruggeman, Nancy, Manilla, Iowa, 50, 148 Brumley, Ronald, Maryville, Missouri, 196, 269, 270, 272 Bruner, George, Des Moines, Iowa, 106 Brunkow, Charles, Oketo, Kansas, 71 Bruno, Lawrence, Torrington, Con- necticut, 87, 237 Brus, Karen, Denison, Iowa, 71 Bryan, Barbara, Maryville, Missouri, 87 Bryan, Donald, Princeton, Missouri, 87, 175 Bryan, Tracy, Maryville, Missouri, 50 Bryant, Lanah, Trenton, Missouri, 71 Buchanan, Richard, Newton, Iowa, 87, 175 Buckey, Galen, St. Joseph, Missouri, 50, 152, 164, 190, 206 Buckley, Vicki, Atchison, Kansas, 50 Buerkens, Elaine, Marshalltown, Iowa, 50, 163, 235 Buetzer, Kim, Seneca, Kansas, 106 Buffington, Norma, Onawa, Iowa, 87, 181 Buggeman, Nancy, Manilla, Iowa, 156 Bumbacher, Donald, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 87 Burch, Carol, Maryville, Missouri, 87, 229 Burch, Cathy, Kansas City, Missouri, 106 Burch, Ewart, Maryville, Missouri, 50, 170, 175, 239 Burger, Mary, St. Joseph, Missouri, 106, 164 Burger, Sandra, Harlan, Iowa, 71, 180 Burgess, Beverly, Des Moines, Iowa, 50, 144, 161, 162 Burgess, Thomas, St. Clair, Michi- gan, 257 Burk, William, Grinnell, Iowa, 106 Burke, Richard, Liberty, Missouri, 106 Burkhalter, Loren, Creston, Iowa, 50, 161, 162, 190 Burmeister, Philip, Harlan, Iowa, 241 Burnett, Robert, Forest City, Mis- souri, 106 Burnett, Zoniz, Kingston, Missouri, 104, 187 Burson, Ronald, Quitman, Missouri, 71, 154, 157, 158 Burtnett, Jerry, Oregon, Missouri, 106, 175 Burton, Linda, Independence, Mis- souri, 106, 188, 224 Burton, Norma, Clarksdale, Missouri, 106, 147 Burton, Rochelle, Toledo, Ohio, 106, 155, 161, 192 Busby, James, Barnard, Missouri, 87 Busby, John, Barnard, Missouri, 87 Bush, Karen, Gravity, Iowa, 106 Bussjaeger, David, Mission, Kansas, 269 Butcher, Donald, Pattonsburg, Mis- souri, 87 Butterworth, Georgia, Spirit Lake, Iowa, 106, 153, 192 Byron, Edward, Jersey City, New Jersey, 269 Byron, Kay, Mound City, Missouri, 107 Byron, Kent, Jersey City, New Jersey, 241 Cain, Benny, Kansas City, Missouri, 87, 107, 231 Cain, Cheryl, Kansas City, Missouri, 107, 163, 178, 228, 290 Cain, Gary, Oakland, Iowa, 232 Cain, Jay, Kansas City, Missouri, 280 Cain, Steven, Oakland, Iowa, 107 Caldwell, Carol, Cameron, Missouri, 87 Calkins, James, Maryville, Missouri, 107 Cameron, Cheryl, Osage, Iowa, 71 Campbell, James, Bolckow, Missouri, 47, 50, 237 Campbell, John, Avoca, Iowa, 107 Campbell, Marilyn, Graham, Mis- souri, 71, 130 Campbell, Ruth, Savannah, Missouri, 71 Campbell, Terry, Martinsville, Mis- souri, 87 Canady, Carl, Ames, Iowa, 87 Canon, Russell, Parnell, Missouri, 107 Carlson, Kathryn, Clarinda, Iowa, 71, 161, 181 Carlson, Lynn, Ogden, Iowa, 107 Carlson, Roger, Creston, Iowa, 107 Carlton, Cathleen, Des Moines, Iowa, 107, 186 Carlton, Robert, Craig, Missouri, 175 Carmichael, Jim, Independence, Mis- souri, 157 Carnahan, Clark, Kellogg, Iowa, 107, 282 Carothers, Vicki, Liberty, Missouri, 59, 161, 162 Carper, Louis, Clarinda, Iowa, 51, 164 Carr, Deloris, Rosendale, Missouri, 87, 163, 251, 290 Carr, Marillyn, Conception Jet., Mis- souri, 107 Carr, Susan, Agency, Missouri, 72 Carr, Thomas, Maryville, Missouri, 72 Carrel, Donald, Maryville, Missouri, 51 Carroll, Sharon, Des Moines, Iowa, 72, 225 Carstens, Kenard, Manning, Iowa, 87 Carstenson, Carol, Maryville, Mis- souri, 222 Carter, " James, Quitman, Missouri, 107 Carter, James, Pattonsburg, Mis- souri, 87 Carter, Sharon, Osceola, Iowa, 107, 152, 181 Casady, Janet, Norwalk, Iowa, 107 Casady, William, Bethany, Missouri, 72, 170 Casey, Gerald, Maryville, Missouri, 72 Casey, William, Binghamton, New York, 88, 236 Castle, Donald, St. Joseph, Missouri, 51 Castle, Gary, Cameron, Missouri, 107 Castor, Barbara, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 107, 155, 228 Catlett, Thomas, Hamburg, Iowa, 248 Catlett, Vernon, Hamburg, Iowa, 72 Cellman, Shanna, Maryville, Missouri, 51 Ceplina, Sharon, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 107 Chadwick, Judy, Maryville, Missouri, 72 Chadwick, Merlyn, Maryville, Mis- souri, 51 Chadwick, Terry, Creston, Iowa, 72, 162, 188 Chafin, Robert, St. Joseph, Missouri, 235 Chambers, Carole, Atlantic, Iowa, 107 Chambers, Joyce, Sheridam, Missouri, 107 Chambers, Patricia, Agency, Missou- ri, 72, 190 Chambers, Wayne, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 51 Chappell, Linda, Mascoutah, Illinois, 88, 168, 190, 218, 225 Chappell, Mary, Logan, Iowa, 51, 179, 229 Chappell, Patricia, Logan, Iowa, 107, 228 Chaput, Carol, Syracuse, New York, 88 Chaput, Neil, Syracuse, New York, 142, 164 Chastain, Linda, Leon, Iowa, 72, 274, 275 Cheney, Carol, Kansas City, Missouri, 223 Chesnut, Allen, Skidmore, Missouri, 107 Chick, Barbara, Shenandoah, Iowa, 42, 46, 51, 163, 223, 261 Choate, Harold, Maryville, Missouri, 269 Christensen, Cheryl, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 107, 188 Christensen, Delbert, Maryville, Mis- souri, 88, 175 Christensen, Steve, Audubon, Iowa, 51, 96, 172, 188 Christian, Solomon, Maitland, Missou- ri, 88 Christie, Harvey, New Hampton, Mis- souri, 88, 164, 165, 239 Christoffel, Charlotte, Aurora, Illi- nois, 72, 92, 226, 260 Christoffers, Paul, Maryville, Mis- souri, 51 Christopher, Don, Gilman, City, Mis- souri, 107 Chrostowski, Adam, Providence, Rhode Island, 72, 238, 269, 272 Cisco, Susan, Des Moines, Iowa, 107, 148, 155 Clark, Carol, Arthur, Iowa, 107 Clark, Diane, King City, Missouri, 51, 162 Clark, Glenda, Falls City, Nebraska, 107 Clark, Harold, Maitland, Missouri, 72 Clark, Jane, Des Moines, Iowa, 107 Clark, Joe, Woodbine, Iowa, 107 Clark, Judy, Maryville, Missouri, 88 Clark, Lyle, Savannah, Missouri, 72 Clark, Mack, Savannah, Missouri, 47, 107 Clark, Richard, St. Joseph, Missouri, 51 Clark, Sharon, Barnard, Missouri, 72 Clark, Sherrie, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 88 Clark, Sherry, Winterset, Iowa, 107 Claussen, Lynn, Walnut, Iowa, 72, 77 Claussen, Stephen, Ricketts, Iowa, 108 Claycomb, Judith, Weatherby, Mis- souri, 163 Clayton, Carol, Creston, Iowa, 88 Clayton, Lynn, Onawa, Iowa, 72 Clemens, John, St. Joseph, Missouri, 276 Clemsen, Dallas, Atlantic, Iowa, 88 Clevenger, Linda, Cameron, Missouri, 108 Clifton, Harold, Rock Port, Missouri, 108 Cline, James, Hopkins, Missouri, 88, 175 Clinkenbeard, Virginia, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 108 Close, Ruth, Quitman, Missouri, 88 Clothier, Martha, Chariton, Iowa, 108, 154 Clouse, Sharron, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 108 Clymens, Judy, Hopkins, Missouri, 88, 168, 178, 188 Cobb, Walter, Maitland, Missouri, 51, 175 Coccoran, Gary, Maryville, Missouri, 108 Cochran, Peggy, Hopkins, Missouri, 88 Cochran, Rosemarie, St. Louis, Mis- souri, 88, 181 Cochrane, Dennis, Perry, Iowa, 10j8 Cockrill, Michael, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 108 Cockrill, Millie, Platte City, Missouri, 51, 164, 165, 220, 223 Coder, Richard, St. Joseph, Missouri, 72 Coffelt, Vickie, Maryville, Missouri, 108 Coffin, Sandra, Grand Island, Ne- braska, 72, 209, 218, 220, 226 301 Cogdill, Ronald, Stan berry, Missouri, 72, 241 Coil, Patricia, Liberty, Missouri, 108 Coldiron, John, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 108, 140 Cole, Betty, Kansas City, Missouri, 108 Coleman, James, Oakland, Iowa, 108, 154, 281 Coleman, Kay, Hopkins, Missouri, 88, 178 Coleman, Vance, Oelwein, Iowa, 108, 152 Colerick, Steven, Falls City, Nebras- ka, 88, 236 Collins, Diana, Des Moines, Iowa, 108, 148, 155, 181 Collins, Greg, Marion, Indiana, 108 Collins, Howard, Skidmore, Missouri, 72 Collinsworth, Vernon, Ravenwood, Missouri, 72 Combs, Charles, Q., Stanberry, Mis- souri, 88 Combs, Charles R., Worth, Missouri, 108, 190 Combs, Judy, Hopkins, Missouri, 51 Combs, Mary, Grant City, Missouri, 108 Combs, Michael, Parkville, Missouri, 88, 153, 154, 159, 236, 248 Combs, Zeta, Stanberry, Missouri, 88, 168, 223 Conn, Dola, Fairfax, Missouri, 88 Connell, Jennifer, Cameron, Missouri, 88 Cook, Jim, Maryville, Missouri, 108, 158 Cook, Larry, Elwood, Kansas, 108 Cook, Patricia, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 108 Cooper, Gary, Shenandoah, Iowa, 108 Cooper, Jerry, 72, 153 , 154, 158, 248 Cooper, Pamela, Des Moines, Iowa, 72, 225 Copeland, David, Maryville, Missou- ri, 88, 258 Copeland, Sue, Maryville, Missouri, 108 Copman, Sara, St. Joseph, Missouri, 74, 223, 252, 255, 257, 258, 264 Corbett, Barbara, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 108 Corbett, James, Maryville, Missouri, 88, 158 Corbett, Michael, Chicago, Illinois, 108, 239, 269 Cornelison, Richard, Maryville, Mis- souri, 145 Cornelison, Robert E., Maryville, Missouri, 51, 219, 232 Cornelius, Robert, Easton Missouri, 72, 248 Cornett, Roger, Maryville, Missouri, 72, 175, 193 Cornett, Sandra, Maryville, Missouri, 51 Cotter, Robert, Panora, Iowa, 43, 46, 51, 164, 165, 195, 198, 202, 220, 221, 240 Cottle, Hubert, Skidmore, Missouri, 108, 188 Couch, Anita, Atlantic, Iowa, 108, 181 Couch, Jane, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, 72, 177, 181, 229 Couch, Janice, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, 108 Coughlin, Sharon, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 51, 125, 225 Coulter, Donald, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 88, 153, 248 Coulter, Erma, Barnard, Missouri, 51, 297 Counts, Frederick, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 238 Courter, Raymond, Coffey, Missouri, 108, 165 Courtin, Janis, St. Joseph, Missouri, 52, 131, 161, 162, 188, 189 Couts, Darryl, Maryville, Missouri, 71, 72 Coverdell, Jon, Maryville, Missouri, 88 Cox, James, Gallatin, Missouri, 108 Cox, Lana, Bolckow, Missouri, 108 Cox, Wanda, Bedford, Iowa, 144 Craft, Allen, Kansas City, Missouri, 108 Crain, Terry, Maryville, Missouri, 108 Craven, Robert, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 109 Craven, Sally, Grant City, Missouri, 72, 223, 243 Crawford, Carol, Earlham, Iowa, 88, 155, 162, 181, 188 Crawford, Robert, Uniontown, Penn- sylvania, 52 Crawford, Wanda, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 52 Creason, Daryl, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 109 Creveling, William, Beaconsfield, Iowa, 109 Crites, Patricia, Conception, Missouri, 109 Croley, Steve, Kansas City, Missouri, 286 Crooker, Ed, Maryville, Missouri Crookshands, Janet, Chillicothe, Mis- souri, 109 Cross, Kenneth, Carroll, Iowa, 109 Cross, Marvin, Brimson, Missouri, 88 Crosswhite, Rita, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 88 Crouse, Larry, Lathrop, Missouri, 88, 142 Crouse, Norman, Maryville, Missouri, 88 Crouse, Stephen, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 109 Crow, Larry, Kansas City, Missouri, 284 Crozier, James, Maryville, Missouri, 109 Clumer, Carita, Ashland, Oregon, 52, 147, 148, 165, 186 Cummings, Don, Oskaloosa, Iowa, 109 Cummings, Roger, Mound City, Mis- souri, 72, 239 Cunningham, Carole, Greenfield, Iowa, 88, 156, 181, 188 Curd, Eunice, Ogden, Utah, 181 Curnutt, John, Maryville, Missouri, 88 Curphey, Sandra, Sharpsburg, Iowa, 109, 168 Currey, Diana, Lagrange, Illinois, 89 Currier, Carolyn, Maryville, Missouri, 89 Curtis, Gary, Jefferson, Iowa, 89, 158, 237 Cushing, Annette, Earlham, Iowa, 52, 74, 161, 229 Cushing, Joyce, Earlham, Iowa, 89 Dagley, Gary, Lincoln, Nebraska, 109, 193 Dague, Roberta, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 109, 168, 224 Dale, Tyra, Adel, Iowa, 109, 226 Dalrymple, Daryl, Maryville, Missou- ri, 52 Dalzell, Samuel, Casey, Iowa, 72, 142, 251 Dandliker, Diane, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 72 Dann, Marshall, Des Moines, Iowa, 109, 184 Dannar, Larry, Grant City, Missouri, 52, 172, 190 Dannar, Wilbur, Bethany, Missouri, 109 Darnell, Cynthia, Savannah, Missou- ri, 181, 228 Darnell, Geneva, King City, Missou- ri, 52, 121, 223 Darr, James, Paton, Iowa, 109, 164 Darrah, Susan, Malvern, Iowa, 89 Dath, Diane, Norwalk, Iowa, 109 Dath, Margo, Norwalk, Iowa, 72, 144 Daugherty, James, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 89 Daughtrey, Gilbert, Raytown, Missou- ri, 109 Duamas, Kenneth, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 109 Davidson, Alan, Bedford, Iowa, 89, 223 Davidson, Donald, McFall, Missouri, 89 Davidson, Jerry, Murray, Iowa, 89 Davidson, Karen, Bedford, Iowa, 229 Davidson, Ken, Thayer, Iowa, 89, 232- Davidson, Ken R., Kansas City, Mis- souri, 89 Davidson, Russell, Maryville, Missou- ri, 52, 172 David, Connie, Fairfax, Missouri, 109, 165 Davis, Donald, St. Joseph, Missouri, 52, 237 Davis, Donna, Maryville, Missouri, 89, 140, 147, 165, 251 Davis, Linda, Des Moines, Iowa, 109, 229 Davis, Linda, Exira, Iowa, 52 Davis, Richard, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 232 Davis, Sandra, Marshalltown, Iowa, 73 Davison, Larry, Hopkins, Missouri, 109 Dawson, Leslie, Sidney, Iowa, 89 Dawson, Verle, Chariton, Iowa, 276, 278 Day, Terry, Kansas City, Missouri, 239 Dean, Leslie, Falls City, Nebraska, 73 Deangelo, Ron, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 109 Deardorff, Dorothy, Avalon, Missou- ri, 109, 153 Deardorff, Karen, Yale, Iowa, 89 Decosmo, Stanley, 89, 285 Degginger, Louis, 73 Deimerly, Jerald, 73 Deisch, Gordon, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 109 Delashmutt, Christine, Onawa, Iowa, 109 Delong, John, 109, 164 Delong, Ruth, Parkville, Missouri, 109, 190 Demaio, John, East Meadow, New York, 240 Dempsey, Steve, 158, 188, 281 Dennis, Lynette, West Des Moines, Iowa, 110, 164 Dennis, Roger, Boone, Iowa, 73, 237 Dent, Linda, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 110 Denton, Keith, Oakland, Iowa, 110 Deshon, Thelma, St. Joseph, Missouri, 110 Desomma, Charlotte, Garfield, New Jersey, 147, 186 Devorss, Deanna, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 110 Dew, Gertrude, Des Moines, Iowa, 110, 193 Dew, Ronald, Maryville, Missouri, 89 Dewey, Judith, Bethany, Missouri, 52 DeWinter, Donald, Thor, Iowa, 73 Dick, Earl, Winterset, Iowa, 110 Dick, Iris, Maryville, Missouri, 110 Dick, Ruth, Bolckow, Missouri, 89, 168 Dickersbach, Sandra, Malvern, Iowa, 52 Dickerson, Doralyn, Maryville, Mis- souri, 89, 169 Dickerson, John, Maryville, Missouri, 73 Dickey, Robert, Des Moines, Iowa, 5, 43, 46, 52, 137, 202, 220, 221, 241 Dietrich, Diann, Pemberton, New Jersey, 89 Diggs, Judith, Maitland, Missouri, 89 Diller, Robert, Marshalltown, Iowa, 73 Dills, James, Albany, Missouri, 89 Ditamore, Janice, Ravenwood, Mis- souri, 110 Doane, Terry, Highland, Kansas, 73 Dooley, Kathleen,. Cumming, Iowa, 110, 181 Dougherty, Jeannine, Maryville, Mis- souri, 52 Douglas, Leila, Lenox, Iowa, 52, 161, 162 302 . fe Dowden, Cheryl, Hopkins, Missouri, 110, 164, 165 Downey, Denis, Stewartsville, Mis- souri, 164 Downing, Jerry, Dekalb, Missouri, 164 Downing, Larry, Rushville, Missouri, 89 Downing, Richard, Creston, Iowa, 110 Drollinger, Linda, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 52 Drummond, Grace, Coffey, Missouri, 110 Drummond, Linda, Jameson, Missou- ri, 52, 148, 163, 190, 290 Duckworth, Marvin, Burlington Jet., Missouri, 73, 175 Duff, Carol, Kansas City, Missouri, 110 Duffett, Roberta, 110, 147, 188 Duffield, Dennis, Maryville, Missou- ri, 52, 170, 175 Duffield, Leo, Olathe, Kansas, 73 Duffield, Marlene, Maryville, Missou- ri, 73, 168 Duffy, Edward, Parkville, Missouri, 73, 168 Dugan, Richard, Davenport, Iowa, 73 Dugger, Anna, Gravity, Iowa, 110 Duke, Byron, Barnard, Missouri, 89 Duke, Davetta, Maryville, Missouri, 89, 121, 168 Duke, Larry, Maryville, Missouri, 52, 170 Dukes, Karla, Craig, Missouri, 89 Dunavan, Marsha, Atchison, Kansas, 110 Dunfee, Becky, Denver, Missouri, 110, 168 Dunfee, David, Denver, Missouri, 73 Dunfee, Jeff, Kansas City, Missouri, 89 Dunn, Thomas, Falls City, Nebraska, 53, 165, 170 Durfee, Marty, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 145, 228 Dyer, Tegwin, St. Joseph, Missouri, 53, 148, 219, 220, 229, 251 Dyman, Wayne, Binghamton, New York, 110 Ebbrecht, Richard, Maryville, Mis- souri, 73 Eckhoff, Sandra, Naples, Florida, 110, 163 Eckles, William, Maryville, Missouri, 110, 165, 186 Eddleman, Dixie, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 110 Edgar, James, Shenandoah, Iowa, 110 Edwards, Carol, St. Joseph, Missouri, 110 Edwards, Joyce, Truro, Iowa, 110, 181 Edwards, Nick, Cameron, Missouri, 110 Edwards, Robert, Smithville, Missou- ri, 93, 110 Eggers, Frank, Denison, Iowa, 89, 232 Egli, Dianne, Manson, Iowa, 110 Egy, Donna, Winterset, Iowa, 110 Ehlers, Patricia, Orient, Iowa, 110, 192 Ehret, Sue, North Kansas City, Mis- souri, 110 Eisiminger, Melanie, Amazonia, Mis- souri, 89, 168 Eisner, Lois, Muscatine, Iowa, 53, 153, 154, 159, 188, 248 Eivins, Jerry, Blythedale, Missouri, .110, 172 Elam, Sharlyne, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 111 Elder, Kay, Oregon, Missouri, 111, 162, 178 Elifrits, Charles, Ridgeway, Missouri, 73, 188 Elliott, Denese, Bethany, Missouri, 89, 163, 190 Elliott, Diane, Linden, Iowa, 111 Elliott, Mary, Verdon, Nebraska, 165 Ellis, Charlotte, Norwalk, Iowa, 111 Ellis, Richard, Jamaica, Iowa, 111 Ellison, Greg, Fredericksburg, Iowa, 111, 192 Ellison, Victor, Mount Ayr, Iowa, 89, 165 Elwick, Sharon, Grant City, Missouri, 73, 134, 170, 190, 223 Engel, Donald, Humeston, Iowa, 90 Engemann, Geary, Maryville, Missou- ri, 73, 190 Engemann, Linda, Maryville, Missou- ri, 73, 190 Engle, Janet, Madison, Kansas, 90 Engle, Sharon, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 90 Engleman, Geari, Parkville, Missouri, 156 Englund, Bernard, Kenosha, Wiscon- sin, 53, 232, 269 Enis, Carolyn, Kansas City, Missouri, 53, 220, 225, 236, 250, 252, 254, 255 Epstein, Alicia, Des Moines, Iowa, 111 Erb, Gloria, Manning, Iowa, 73, 162, 178 Erganian, Nick, St. Joseph, Missouri, 90, 149, 252, 254, 255 Esler, George, Independence, Missou- ri, 53, 105, 164, 165 Estes, Edna, Osceola, Iowa, 73, 218 Ettelson, David, Newton, Iowa, 73, 281 Evans, Cheryl, Corning, Iowa, 90 Evans, Donald, Albany, Missouri, 90 Evans, Frank, Des Moines, Iowa, 111 Evans, Nancy, Red Oak, Iowa, 90, 155 Evans, Paula, St. Joseph, Missouri, 53, 134, 147 Evans, Richard, Des Moines, Iowa, 241 Evans, Robert, St. Joseph, Missouri, 53, 134, 147, 219 Everhart, Jesse, Maryville, Missouri, 90, 169 Everly, Charles, Coffey, Missouri, 111 Eversull, Illah, Stuart, Iowa, 253 Esposito, Joe, North Kansa= Citv, Missouri, 269, 273 Fabro, Jo, Kansas City, Missouri, 73, 144, 209, 218, 253 Fagen, Willis, Grand Junction, Iowa, 111 Falk, Bruce, Essex, Iowa, 90, 164, 165, 188, 236 Falk, Karenann, Essex, Iowa, 53, 88, 148, 156, 157, 163 Falter, Jeffrey, Falls City, Nebraska, 246, 252, 255 Farnan, Rita, Guilford, Missouri, 186 Farquhar, Elda, Clearmont, Missouri, 111 Fast, Janet, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 111, 155 Fattig, Charles, Bethany, Missouri, 73 Faulstich, Juliana, Luverne, Iowa, 111, 192 Favinger, Cheri, Fullerton, Califor- nia, 111 Feekin, Duane, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 111 Felt, Sherrill, St. Joseph, Missouri, 73, 190 Felton, Kenneth, Winterset, Iowa, 90, 251 Fender, Jo, Imogene, Iowa, 73, 162, 168, 251 Ferguson, Charles, Maryville, Mis- souri, 53, 175 Ferguson, Marilyn, Churdan, Iowa, 90 Ferguson, Rebecca, Jefferson City, Missouri, 90 Ferguson, Susan, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 111 Fetters, Dennis, Carhishe, Iowa, 73, 231 Fields, Gary, Maryville, Missouri, 111 Fields, Harry, Red Oak, Iowa, 90, 235 Fields, Paul, Maryville, Missouri, 239, 281 Fields, Ronald, Conrad, Iowa, 73 Fieseler, Michael, Maryville, Missou- ri, 73, 164, 175 Fife, Bruce, Afton, Iowa, 90 Filley, Christopher, Turney, Missou- ri, 90, 188 Findley, Rex, Grant City, Missouri, 90 Findley, Ted, Worth, Missouri, 53 Fine, Elaine, Hopkins, Missouri, 111 Fine, Philip, Falls City, Nebraska, 111 Fine, Robert, Hopkins, Missouri, 73 Finley, Merrill, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 90 Fischback, Fred, Raytown, Missouri, 90, 140 Fisher, Anna, Sheridan, Missouri, 111 Fisher, Frank, Maryville, Missouri, 73, 188, 281 Fiske, Sally, St. Joseph, Missouri, 53 Fitch, Ronald, Kansas City, Kansas, 43, 46, 53, 137, 164, 165, 202, 218, 220, 239 Fitzpatrick, Patrick, Denison, Iowa, 111 Flack, Dennis, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 111 Flaherty, Dennis, Des Moines, Iowa, 111 Fleckal, Roger, St. Joseph, Missouri, 73, 236 Fleming, Jerry, Auburn, Iowa, 53 Fleming, Johnny, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 74 Fleshner, Lyle, Glidden, Iowa, 111, 155 Fletchall, Evelyn, Savannah, Missou- ri, 53 Fletcher, Jeanne, Indianola, Iowa, 111, 168 Fletcher, Michael, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 90 Fletcher, William, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 74, 234, 235 Flippin, Sheryl, Kingston, Missouri, 111, 153 Flora, John, Baxter, Iowa, 156, 248 Florea, Roger, Hopkins, Missouri, 111 Flynn, John, Atchison, Kansas, 269, 272 Foland, Diane, Maryville, Missouri, 128, 197 Foland, Gary, Maryville, Missouri, 197, 269 Foland, Grace, Grant City, Missouri, 53, 170, 180 Foland, Harold, Grand River, Iowa, 90 Foley, Donna, Manning, Iowa, 90, 157 Forbes, Michael, Murray, Iowa, 90, 162 Ford, Dennis, Cosby, Missouri, 111, 172, 184 Ford, Stephen, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 184 Forke, Dennis, Carroll, Iowa, -53, 170, 232 Forney, Edward, Hopkins, Missouri, 111, 175 Forret, Juanita, Adel, Iowa, 111, 168 Forsythe, Mary, Des Moines, Iowa, 112 , Foster, Bonnie, Albia, Iowa, 248 Foster, Floyd, Kansas City, Missouri, 112 Foster, Greta, Albia, Iowa, 74 Foster, Mark, University City, Mis- souri, 112, 165 Foster, Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 112, 158 Foutch, Marsha, Bethany, Missouri, 90 Fouts, John, Dow City, Iowa, 112 Fowler, George, Maryville, Missouri, 74 Fowler, Mary, Maryville, Missouri, 90 Fox, Thomas, Algona, Iowa, 90 Frahm, Phyllis, Denison, Iowa, 284 Frame, Edith, Bethany, Missouri, 112, 168 Francis, William, Lee Hall, Virginia, 237 Frandsen, Marilyn, Paton, Iowa, 112, 155 303 Frank, James, Lake View, Iowa, 53 Prank, Thomas, Union Star, Missou- ri, 112 Franklin, Karen, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 112, 222 Franklin, William, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 112 Frazho, Larry, Roseville, Michigan, 74, 232, 269 Frazier, Cheryl, Gallatin, Missouri, 112 Frazier, Larry, St. Joseph, Missouri, 53 Frederick, Karl, Stanberry, Missouri, 53, 237 Freedline, James, Dester, Iowa, 74, 115, 184, 269 Freeman, Connie, Tarkio, Missouri, 112, 168, 188 Freeman, Robert, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 54, 165, 170 Freeman, Sharon, Plattsburg, Mis- souri, 246, 250, 256 Friend, Donna, St. Joseph, Missouri, 54, 164, 229 Frizell, Larry, Greenfield, Iowa, 90, 171, 236 Froyd, Sandra, Conception Junction, Missouri, 74, 187 Frueh, Mary, Maryville, Missouri, 112 Frueh, Raymond, Pickering, Missou- ri,, 112 Fry, Gerald, Lathrop, Missouri, 54 Fry, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, 54 Fuller, Nancy, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 112, 168 Funston, Steven, Maryville, Missouri, 90, 231 Furlong, Michael, Trenton, Missouri, 54 Furlong, Patricia, Trenton, Missouri, 74, 144, 162 Gabbert, John, Weston, Missouri, 112 Gabel, Richard, Truro, Iowa, 112 Gabel, Sharon, Des Moines, Iowa, 90 Gahm, Judith, Kansas City, Missouri, 90, 112, 163 Galbreath, Gerald, Lathrop, Missouri. 74 Gallagher, Jeffrey, Des Moines, Iowa, 74 Galloway, James, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 54 Gammon, Marland, Pacific Junction, Iowa, 112, 154 Garafalo, Paul, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 90 Garcia, George, Bedford, Iowa, 54, 164, 165 Gardiner, Carole, Des Moines, Iowa, 112 Gardner, David, Sidney, Iowa, 90, 164, 165 Gardner, Dennis, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 90 Gardner, Judy, Pattonsburg, Missou- ri, 112, 168 Gardner, Lawrence, Albany, Missouri, 54 Garms, Robert, Algona, Iowa, 241 Garreau, Lois, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 186 Garrett, Jacquilyn, Maryville, Mis- souri, 112 Garrett, Larry, Barnard, Missouri, 91 Garrison, Michael, Bartonville, Illi- nois, 112 Garrison, Virginia, Lagrange, Illi- nois, 74 Gash, Joyce, Logan, Iowa, 91 Gates, Dennis, Maryville, Missouri, 74, 165, 197, 269 Gates, Sharon, Maryville, Missouri, 128 Gaughan, James, Denison, Iowa, 54, 232 Gaule, Twyila, Conway, Iowa, 112 Gault, Marna, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 54, 161 Gawatz, Robert, St. Joseph, Missouri, 54 Gayler, Larry, Rock Port, Missouri, 112 Gaylor, Ronald, Rock Port, Missouri, 241 Geib, Jerry, Craig, Missouri, 74 Geib, Kenneth, Mound City, Missouri, 100, 126, 237 Geiss, Nina, St. Joseph, Missouri, 54 George, Carolyn, Maryville, Missouri, 112 George, Michael, Maryville, Missouri, 241 Gerdes, Larry, Manson, Iowa, 241 German, Richard, Murray, Iowa, 54 Geyer, Martha, Wamego, Kansas, 112, 222 Gibler, Linda, King City, Missouri, 91, 226, 227 Gibson, Ann, Kansas City, Missouri, 54 Gibson, Sharon, Blanchard, Iowa, 112 Giffin, James, Guilford, Missouri, 112 Gift, Sheryl, Dallas Center, Iowa, 91, 161, 193 Gilbert, Jane, Maryville, Missouri, 251 Gillespie, Joan, Des Moines, Iowa, 91, 162, 180 Gilley, Patricia, St. Joseph, Missouri, 54, 162, 220, 224, 225 Gilliland, Edward, St. Charles, Iowa, 251 Girling, Douglas, Roseville, Michigan, 239 Gjerstad, Meredith, Livermore, Iowa, 165 Glancy, Roger, St. Joseph, Missouri, 235 Godsey, Ro Anne, Skidmore, Missouri, 74, 162 Goff, Arnold Robert, Dewey, Okla- homa, 74 Goforth, Dick, Maryville, Missouri, 219 Goforth, James, St. Joseph, Missouri, 54 Goldner, Evelyn, Shannon City, Iowa, 54, 178 Goldusky, Steven, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 91 Good, Deborah, Winterset, Iowa, 112 Goodell, Belinda, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 112 Goodell, John, Kansas City, Missouri, 74 Gooding, Danny, Altamont, Missouri, 74, 78, 206, 207, 269 Goodspeed, Ron, Maryville, Missouri, 248, 250 Goodwillie, Virginia, Kansas City, Missouri, 54, 154, 208, 223, 248 Goodwin, John, Weldon, Iowa, 91 Goos, Jim, Silver City, Iowa, 113 Goracke, Lois, Riverton, Iowa, 113, 186 Gosch, Larry, Lineville, Iowa, 113 Goslee, Kermit, Maryville, Missouri, 239, 276, 279 Gough, John, Iowa City, Iowa, 113, 280 Gould, Marjorie, St. Joseph, Missouri. 54, 187, 250 Grace, James, Albany, Missouri, 113 Grace, William, Albany, Missouri, 113 Graeff. Shirley, Osborn, Missouri, 113 Graf, Carla, Kansas City, Missouri, 54 Graf, Linda, Kansas City, Missouri, 74 Graham, Condon, Maryville, Missouri. 55 Graham, Judith, Platte City, Missou- ri, 223 Grame, Kenneth, Rushville, Missouri, 113 Grantham, Mary, North Kansas City, Missouri, 55 Graves, Gary, St. Joseph, Missouri, 55, 162 Graves, James, Maryville, Missouri, 55, 128, 154, 194, 196 Graves, Joan, Manning, Iowa, 113, 164 Graves, Kay, Fairfax, Missouri, 55, 134, 229 Graw, Richard, Marshalltown, Iowa, 55, 241, 248 Gray, Barry, Maryville, Missouri, 55 Gray, Cheryl, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 55, 144, 161, 162, 190, 191, 219 Gray, Janet, Maryville, Missouri, 91, 163, 229, 251 Gray, Pamela, Craig, Missouri, 111, 113, 181 Green, Lanny, Maryville, Missouri, 55 Green, Phyllis, Maryville, Missouri, 74 Green, Rodney, Albany, Missouri, 55, 232 Greener, Beverly, Dawn, Missouri, 113, 168 Greeno, Jacqueline, Shenandoah, Iowa, 113, 155 Greenwood, Larry, Maryville, Mis- souri, 55 Greenwood, Linda, Blythedale, Mis- souri, 74, 163, 229, 290 Gregersen, Cynthia, Atlantic, Iowa, 74 Gregg, Marvin, Mount Ayr, Iowa, 113 Gregory, Carol, Maryville, Missouri, 74, 168, 223 Gregory, Robert, Raytown, Missouri, 74, 269 Greiner, Kenneth, Oregon, Missouri, 113, 154, 158 Griffin, Ivana, Des Moines, Iowa, 113, 192 Griffin, Kathleen, Adair, Iowa, 181, 186 Griffith, Earl, Emerson, Iowa, 91, 231 Griffith, Timothy, West Des Moines, Iowa, 74 Griffith, Warland, Panama City, Panama, 113 Grimes, Gary, Newton, Iowa, 74, 282, 283 Grimsley, David, Independence, Mis- souri, 113, 187 Groom, Galen, Darlington, Missouri, 113 Groomer, Patricia, Pattonsburg, Mis- souri, 113, 178 Grouse, Margaret, Chillicothe, Mis- souri, 91 Grote, Sidney, Des Moines, Iowa, 155 Gruhn, Gary, Manning, Iowa, 91, 231 Guely, Jan, Des Moines, Iowa, 241 Guertin, Terry, Sibley, Iowa, 55 Guest, Darlene, King City, Missouri, 74, 134, 168, 209, 218, 223, 243 Guhl, Avis, Denison, Iowa, 113 Guling, Bill, Maryville, Missouri, 113 Guyer, Rosalie, St. Joseph, Missouri, 74, 163, 220, 224 Haag, Janet, Maryville, Missouri, 169 Haag, William, Maryville, Missouri, 74 Hagan, Lonnv, St. Joseph, Missouri, 91, 269, 273 Hager, Robert, St. Joseph, Missouri, 55 Hager, Ronald, Greenfield, Iowa, 91 Hagg, Alvin, Algona, Iowa, 55, 241 Hagg, Jerry, Barnard, Missouri, 91, 175 Haines, Larry, Raytown, Missouri, 91 Hainline, Clara, Skidmore, Missouri, 91, 144 Hale, Eddie, Eagleville, Missouri, 113 Hall, Charles, Westboro, Missouri, 91 Hall, Donald, Maryville, Missouri, 74, 175 Hall, Erma, Maryville, Missouri, 55, 143, 188 Hall, Iola, Sheridan, Missouri, 55 Hall, James, Boone, Iowa, 74, 164, 165, 236 Hall, Margaret, Des Moines, Iowa, 113, 162, 188 Hall, Rebecca, Hamburg, Iowa, 113 Hall, Richard, Independence, Missou- ri, 113 Hall, Robert, Clarinda, Iowa, 55 304 Hallgren, Marilynn, Munster, Indi- ana, 74, 175, 193 Halliday, Gail, Braddyville, Iowa, 113, 149 Hallock, William, Bethany, Missouri, 55 Halloran, Richard, Savannah, Mis- souri, 55 Hallum, Harvey, Tulsa, Oklahoma. 74, 109, 184, 282 Halsne, Harlan, Woodward, Iowa, 75, 170 Halstead, Lana, Blair, Nebraska, 91 Halter, Twila, Maryville, Missouri, 75, 162 Halterman, Patty, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 113 Hamilton, Kay, Margarita, Canal Zone, 91 Hamilton, Laura, Savannah, Missou- ri, 113 Hamilton, Mary, Blue Springs, Mis- souri, 113 Hamilton, Monroe, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 55 Hammond, John, Maryville, Missouri, 56 Hammond, Louise, Harris, Missouri, 75, 180 Hamon, Dean, Savannah, Missouri, 56, 136, 137, 218, 220, 238 Hamtil, Gregory, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 91 Hance, Duane, Creston, Iowa, 56 Hankins, Daryl, Norwalk, Iowa, 241 Hankins, Sharon, Osborn, Missouri, 113, 163 Hanna, Marilyn, Maryville, Missouri, 75, 225 Hanna, Wilma, St. Joseph, Missouri, 56 Hanon, Larry, Shannon City, Iowa. 75, 153, 154, 237, 248 Hanrath, Robert, Tarkio, Missouri, 91 Hansen, Gary, Blair, Nebraska, 91, 269 Hansen, Patricia, Fulton, Missouri. 113, 192 Hansen, Philip, Harlan, Iowa, 91, 241 Hansen, Richard, Maryville, Missou- ri, 164, 276, 279 Hanson, Bert, Pocahontas, Iowa, 75 Hanson, Brenda, New Market, Iowa, 91 Hanson, Jerry, Maryville, Missouri. 231, 295 Hanson, Roberta, Villisca, Iowa, 91 Hapes, Judith, Kansas City, Missouri, 91 Hardesty, Dona, Weston, Missouri, 91, 165 Hardwick, Robert, Gower, Missouri Hardy, Beverly, Maryville, Missouri. 91 Hardy, David, Grant City, Missouri, 114 Hardyman, Dorothy, Storm Lake, Iowa, 47, 91, 178, 223 Hargrave, Judith, Maryville, Missou- ri, 56 Hargus, Merylan, Fairfax, Missouri, 91 Harlan, Kenneth, Idaho Springs, Col- orado, 56, 142, 159, 184, 248 Harless, Bob, North Kansas City, Missouri, 75 Harmening, Paul, Carroll, Iowa, 91 Harmon, Helen, Independence, Mis- souri, 114, 155, 163, 188 Harmon, Keith, Rock Port, Missouri, 91 Harms, Larry, Farragut, Iowa, 56, 285 Harms, Sharon, Red Oak, Iowa, 56, 227 Harover, Richard, Lenox, Iowa, 154, 158 Harr, Barbara, Maryville, Missouri, 47, 103, 114, 226, 274, 275 Harrington, William, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 114 Harris, Phillip, Ames, Iowa, 114 Harris, Roger, North Kansas City, Missouri, 114, 193 Harrison, Linda, Des Moines, Iowa, 223 Harrold, Cecil, Maryville, Missouri, 75, 196, 218, 232 Harrold, Norena, Maryville, Missou- ri, 75, 196 Hartley, Roger, Palmer, Iowa, 155 Hartman, Gary, Stuart, Iowa, 114, 280 Hartman, James, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 56 Hartman, Linda, Rock Port, Missou- ri, 56 Hartman, Wayne, Barnard, Missouri, 56, 172, 175 Hartsock, Robert, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 91 Harvey, Robert, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 269, 271 Harvey, Thomas, Maryville, Missou- ri, 75, 157, 241 Hascall, Harold, Emerson, Iowa, 114, 153, 154, 165, 190 Haskell, Daniel, Bethany, Missouri, 75, 232 Hasselbrink, Carolyn, Grinnell, Iowa, 92 Hatch, James, Ames, Iowa, 75 Hatheway, Ronald, Maryville, Mis- souri, 75 Hauber, Paula, Grant City, Missouri, 114, 168, 188 Hause, Irene, Northfield, Minnesota, 56, 187 Haverty, Michael, Atchison, Kansas, 269 Hawkins, James, Pleasanton, Iowa, 75, 113, 175, 241 Hawley, Donna, Woodbine, Iowa, 92, 180 Hawley, Kathryn, Barnard, Missouri, 56, 187 Hawman, Harold, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 56 Hayden, Frank, Maryville, Missouri, 114 Hayden, Roland, Maryville, Missouri, 187 Hays, Amos, Murray, Iowa, 114, 186 Hays, Margaret, Rock Port, Missouri, 114 Haywood, Robert, Mineola, Iowa, 114 Head, Robert, Chillicothe, Missouri. 56 Healy, Michael, Jefferson, Iowa, 92, 99 Heathman, Minnie, Smithville, Mis- souri, 75, 98 Heflin, Leland, Barnard, Missouri, 92 Heinen, Richard, Algona, Iowa, 269, 272 Heitman, Duane, Plattsburg, Missou- ri, 114, 280 Heifers, Larry, Craig, Missouri, 92 Heifers, Patricia, Craig, Missouri, 111, 114 Heller, Ronald, Burlington Junction. Missouri, 114 Helmkamp, Stanley, Glidden, Iowa, 114 Helt, Jean, West Des Moines, Iowa. 114 Helzer, Dorothy, Maryville, Missouri, 114 Helzer, Nola, Barnard, Missouri, 56, 178, 187 Helzer, Nydra, Barnard, Missouri, 56 Hendrix, Dana, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 114, 222 Henningsen, Carl, Maryville, Missou- ri, 75, 196 Henry, Gary, Revenwood, Missouri, 92 Henry, John, North Kansas City, Missouri, 114 Henry, Kerry, North Kansas City, Missouri, 92, 163, 260 Hensley, Darwin, Marvville, Missouri, 148 Herod, Johnnie, Richmond, Missouri, 114 Herring, David, Creston, Iowa, 77 Herzog, Sandra, Kent, Iowa, 56, 163, 177, 229, 261 Hiatt, James, Bethany, Missouri, 114 Hicks, Roy, Farnhamville, Iowa, 114 Hidalgo, Liliana, Antofagasta, Chile, 76, 131 Hiddleston, Roberta, Atlantic, Iowa, 75 Higgins, James, Shenandoah, Iowa, 75 Higgins, Wilbur, Ravenwood, Missou- ri, 75 Hilger, Mary, Hamburg, Iowa, 75, 148, 157, 163, 204, 206, 219, 224, 225, 251 Hill, Barbara, West Des Moines, Iowa, 114 Hill, Douglas, Greenwich, Connecti- cut, 114 Hill, Harriett, Murray, Iowa, 75, 161, 162 Hill, John, Des Moines, Iowa, 56, 136, 137, 184, 219, 237, 294 Hill, Patricia, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 164 Hillers, Patricia, Blockton, Iowa, 56, 143, 144, 188, 261 Hillman, Alvin, New Hampton, Mis- souri, 75 Hinders, Lonnie, Allison, Iowa, 57, 240 Hiner, Larry, Belvue, Kansas, 114 Hinton, Larry, St. Joseph, Missouri, 75 Hintz, John, Oelwein, Iowa, 114 Hitchcock, Marjorie, Atlantic, Iowa, 114, 164, 188 Hixson, Susan, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 115, 163 Hodge, Carl, Hopkins, Missouri, 115 Hoefelmann, Linda, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 115 Hoffelmeyer, Linda, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 115, 193 Hoffman, Judith, Denison, Iowa, 92 Hogur, Morris, Albany, Missouri, 115 Hohneke, Ronald, Afton, Iowa, 57 Holbrook, Dennis, Clarinda, Iowa, 164 Holcomb, Dale, St. Joseph, Missouri, 115 Holden, Kay, Chyla, Missouri, 115, 168 Holmes, Judith, Graham, Missouri, 75 Holmes, Linda, Sidney, Iowa, 115 Holmes, Twila, Bedford, Iowa, 115 Holtz, James, Des Moines, Iowa, 241 Honey, Kerry, Kansas City, Missouri, 92, 190 Honstedt, Gary, Morton, Illinois, 57 Hoover, Donald, Purdin, Missouri, 115 Hoover, Gary, Maryville, Missouri, 280 Hopkins, Carol, Des Moines, Iowa, 57, 223 Hopkins, Dale, Tarkio, Misouri, 115 Hopkins, Linda, Des Moines, Iowa, 115, 164, 187 Hopper, Edward, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 115 Horn, Linda, Falls City, Nebraska, 115 Hornbostel, Larry, Maryville, Missou- ri, 57 Home, Roger, Gateway, Colorado, 57, 175, 241 Hornbecker, Mary, Oregon, Missouri, 115 Hornick, Victor, Carroll, Iowa, 115 Horrell, Bruce, Carbondale, Illinois, 92, 285 Hoshor, Carol, Barnard, Missouri, 57 Hoskins, Norma, Clarinda, Iowa, 75 Houser, Janet, Malvern, Iowa, 92 Houser, Larry, Raytown, Missouri, 75 Houston, Iris, Centralia, Missouri, 115, 188 Houts, Carolyn, Maryville, Missouri, 250 Howard, Carolyn, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 115 305 Howard, Ernest, Shenandoah, Iowa, 57, 162, 170 Howard, Mary, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 115 Howe, Janelle, Maryville, Missouri, 57, 246 Howe, William, Maryville, Missouri, 75 Howell, Fred, Creston, Iowa, 57 Howitt, Ron, St. Joseph, Missouri, 115, 278, 280 Howlett, Normal, Sikeston, Missouri, 115, 142, 165, 188 Hoy, Stephen, Falls City, Nebraska. 241 Huber, William, Troy, Kansas, 115 Hudnall, Linda, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 115 Huesgen, Robert, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 154 Huffman, Joyce, Creston, Iowa, 75, 163, 180 Huffman, Terrance, Glenwood, Iowa, 115 Hughes, Larry, Kent, Iowa, 92 Hughes, Leonard, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 115, 184 Hughes, Wendell, Maryville, Missou- ri, 115 Huitt, Judith, Des Moines, Iowa, 42, 57, 144, 179, 188 Hukill, Dennis, Stanberry, Missouri, 92, 157 Hukill, John, Sidney, Iowa, 92 Hull, John, Elmo, Missouri, 75, 175 Hull, Max, Maryville, Missouri, 57 Hummel, Forrest, Newton, Iowa, 92 Hummel, Thomas, Maryville, Missou- ri, 269 Humphrey, Michael, Clearmont, Mis- souri, 164 Humphreys, John, Grant City, Mis- souri, 92 Hunt, Charlene, St. Joseph, Missouri, 115, 181, 193 Hunt, Etta, Maryville, Missouri, 115 Hunt, Judith, Kansas City, Missouri, 115 Hunt, Rodney, Maryville, Missouri, 57 Hunter, Linda, St. Joseph, Missouri, 92 Hunter, Linda, St. Joseph, Missouri, 57, 164, 229 Hunter, Marsha, Albany, Missouri. 115 Hunziger, Ronald, Fillmore, Missouri, 116 Hurst, Alan, Bethany, Missouri, 92 Husted, Rowena, Rock Port, Missouri, 92, 155 Huston, Anne, Prairie Village, Kansas, 92, 224 Hutchinson, Stephen, Grinnell, Iowa, 116 Hyatt, Jane, Lincoln, Nebraska, 92 Hyder, Judy, Barnard, Missouri, 76, 148, 163, 178, 251 Ibsen, Carma, Des Moines, Iowa, 246 Ijams, Earlene, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 92, 164 Illingworth, Linda, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 116, 193 Ingels, Shirley, HoDkins, Missouri, 92, 164 Ingle, James, Easton, Missouri, 116 Ingram, Geraldine, Rock Port, Mis- souri, 116 Irvin, Kathleen, Des Moines, Iowa, 116, 178, 186 Irvin, Lonnie, Jefferson City, Missou- ri, 57, 269, 271 Irvine, James, Fairfax, Missouri, 76 Iske, Dorothy, St. Joseph, Missouri, 76 Iwen, John, Persia, Iowa, 116, 192 Jackson, Diana, Chillicothe, Missouri, 92 Jackson, Doug, Jefferson, Iowa, 157 Jackson, Gerald, Maryville, Missouri, 116 Jackson, James, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 76, 286 Jackson, Janet, Grant City, Missouri, 116 Jackson, Jurel, Maryville, Missouri, 57, 147, 165 Jackson, Kenneth, Lytton, Iowa, 116 Jackson, Sharon, Lytton, Iowa, 76 Jackson, Sharon, Elwood, Kansas, 76, 155 Jackson, Slade, Maryville, Missouri, 297 Jacobs, Sandra, Marne, Iowa, 76, 162, 168, 179 Jacobs, Stephen, Independence, Mis- souri, 116 Jacobs, William, Harlan, Iowa, 92, 184 Jacobsen, David, Adair, Iowa, 116 Jacobsen, Gene, Fontanelle, Iowa, 116 Jacobsen, Bob, Walnut, Iowa, 92, 231 Jacobsen, Thomas, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 92 James, Kenneth, Hopkins, Missouri, 92 James, Ronald, Chariton, Iowa, 92, 184, 282 Jameson, Howard, Platte City, Mis- souri, 92, 238 Jans, Kenneth, Earling, Iowa, 116 Jans, Marilyn, Earling, Iowa, 116 Jansen, Jerry, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 116 Janson, Linda, Eagle Grove, Iowa, 76, 161, 162 Jardon, Edward, Randolph, Iowa, 116 Jeanblanc, Joyce, Vincent, Iowa, 76, 161, 162 Jennings, John, Stanberry, Missouri, 92 Jennings, Merlin, Stanberrv, Missou- ri, 116, 190 Jennings, Sandra, Nevada, Missouri, 57, 180 Jensen, Allan, Glenwood, Iowa, 57, 184, 282, 283 Jeter, James, St. Louis, Missouri, 116, 142, 158 Joesting, Marjorie, Tarkio, Missouri, 116, 168 Johnson, Bonnie, Pomeroy, Iowa, 116, 192 Johnson, Charles, Maryville, Missou- ri, 116 Johnson, Chloe, Villisca, Iowa, 92, 162 Johnson, Clyde, Storm Lake, Iowa, 92 Johnson, Danny, Grinnell. Iowa, 93 Johnson, David, Lehigh, Iowa, 116 Johnson, Eleanor, Mary ville, Missou- ri, 57, 168, 169 Johnson, Eric, Osceola, Iowa, 116, 219 Johnson, Gary, Rosendale, Missouri, 93, 241 Johnson, Harley, Maryville, Missouri, 57, 172 Johnson, James, Agency, Missouri. 116 Johnson, James, Princeton, Missouri, 76 Johnson, James, Lombard, Illinois, 76. 232 Johnson, John, Maryville, Missouri, 76 Johnson, Judith, Maryville, Missouri, 93, 163, 169 Johnson, Katherine, Maryville, Mis- souri, 58 Johnson, Kathryn, Tarkio, Missouri, 116, 168, 181, 223 Johnson, Marvin, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 116 Johnson, Nancy, Grinnell, Iowa, 178 Johnson, Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 1, 43, 46, 138, 145, 209, 220, 234 Johnson, Ruth, Ridgeway, Missouri, 116 Johnson, Steven, Maryville, Missouri, 269, 273 Johnson, Terry, West Des Moines, Iowa, 93 Johnson, Toni, Maryville, Missouri, 116 Johnson, Vivian, Quitman, Missouri, 93 Johnston, Kristen, North Kansas City, Missouri, 117, 222 Johnston, Reanne, Lake City, Iowa, 93, 158, 208, 210, 229, 259 Johnston, Sharon, Cameron, Missouri, 117, 153, 154, 155, 158 Johnston, Sheryl, Chillicothe, Missou- ri, 117 Jones, Andy, Platte City, Missouri, 232 Jones, Daniel, Independence, Missou- ri, 76 Jones, Donald, Clearfield, Iowa, 76 Jones, Evelyn, Maryville, Missouri, 117 Jones, Geoffrey, Stuart, Iowa, 117 Jones, Janet, Dana, Iowa, 117, 193 Jones, Joanne, Dana, Iowa, 117, 193 Jones, Larry, Maryville, Missouri, 117 Jones, Linda, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 76, 134, 144, 162 Jones, Mary, Excelsior Springs, Mis- souri, 93, 188 Jones, Mary, Plattsburg, Missouri, 76, 144, 153, 154, 159, 248 Jones, Pamela, Lohrville, Iowa, 93, 162, 164, 226, 227 Jones, Patricia, Lohrville, Iowa, 93, 162, 164, 226, 227 Jones, Richard, Liberty, Missouri, 165 Jones, Ronald, Dawn, Missouri, 240, 242, 281 Jorgensen, Karen, Denison, Iowa, 76, 134, 161, 181 Judkins, Jan, Des Moines, Iowa, 117, 226 Julius, Allan, Manson, Iowa, 240 Justice, Linda, Manilla, Iowa, 117 Kading, Carolyn, Des Moines, Iowa, 93, 155, 178, 229, 251 Kading, Marvin, Casey, Iowa, 117 Kagay, Thomas, Amity, Missouri, 58 Kallauner, Larry, Maryville, Missou- ri, 58 Kampmann, Gary, Ridgeway, Missou- ri, 93 Karaff, David, Raytown, Missouri, 76 Kariker, Eldonna, New Hampton, Missouri, 76, 156, 187, 250 Karl, Frederick, Maryville, Missouri, 219 Karpan, Mathew, Melcher, Iowa, 76 Karsnak, Michael, Jersey City, New Jersey, 239, 269 Raster, Dennis, Afton, Iowa, 76, 237 Kauzlarich, Jane, Indianola, Iowa, 117 Kauzlarich, Ronald, Melcher, Iowa, 76, 238 Kavanaugh, Richard, Hamilton, Mis- souri Kearney, Dowell, Osceola, Iowa, 117, 162, 181, 190 Keever, Douglas, Maryville, Missouri, 242 Keith, Kenneth, Silver City, Iowa, 93, 184, 193 Kelb, Betty, Norborne, Missouri, 192 Kelim, Leslie, Martinsville, Missouri, 117 Keller, Glenda, Iowa Falls, Iowa, 76 Kelling, Don, Corwith, Iowa, 93 Kelly, Janeth, Hamburg, Iowa, 93 Kelly, Jerry, Graham, Missouri, 76, 175 202 239 Kelly, ' Cynthia, Redding, ' Iowa, 93, 155 Kelly, John, East Moline, Illinois, 76, 236 Kelly, Ronda, Cosby, Missouri, 117, 228 Kelsey, David, St. Joseph, Missouri, 117 Kemery, Bart, Villisca, Iowa, 93, 237 Kemp, Scott, Sumberland, Iowa, 117 Kempton, Carolyn, Tabor, Iowa, 76, 161, 162, 259 Kennedy, Gary, Bolckow, Missouri, 76 Kennedy, Mary, Bolckow, Missouri, 117, 147, 164 Kennedy, Ruth, Bolckow, Missouri, 117, 147, 164 306 Kenny, Charolotte, Skidmore, Missou- ri, 117 Keplinger, Harold, Kellerton, Missou- ri, 76 Kerns, Cheryle, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 117, 168 Kerns, Judy, Hemple, Missouri, 76, 122, 162 Kerwin, Kenneth, Parnell, Missouri, 117 Kessler, Jack, Maryville, Missouri, 76 Ketelsen, Larry, Redfield, Iowa, 117 Kidd, Nancy, Maryville, Missouri, 117 Kiernan, Lawrence, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 117 Killion, Delores, Greenfield, Iowa, 156 Killmon, Patricia, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 77 Kilmer, Larry, Perry, Iowa, 58, 133 Kilpatrick, Charles, Harlan, Iowa, 77, 165, 240 Kimbrough, Karen, Ridgeway, Mis- souri, 77, 229, 243 Kimmet, Judy, Kansas City, Missouri, 223, 261 Kincaid, John, Gas City, Indiana, 117 Kincannon, Sandra, Fairfax, Missou- ri, 118 Kinder, Ramona, Faucett, Missouri, 157 Ki ng, David, Bedford, Iowa, 93 King, Leroy, Blockton, Iowa, 164, 165, 242, 294 King, Richard, Afton, Iowa, 93 Kingery, Richard, Watson, Missouri, 118 Kinker, Donald, Carrollton, Missouri, 118 Kinker, Diane, Carrollton, Missouri, 58, 170 Kirby, Charles, Marquoketa, Iowa, 93 Kirby, Larry, Linneus, Missouri, 43, 77, 202, 220, 242 Kirkendoll, Judy, North Kansas City, Missouri, 118 Klaehn, Janice, Osage, Iowa, 58, 161, 178 Klein, Maurine, Hamilton, Missouri, 118 Klein, Wlilliam, Fort Dodge, Iowa, 118, 164 Klever, Martha, Gray, Iowa, 58, 161, 162, 180, 218, 225, 260 Kline, Daryl, Afton, Iowa, 77 Kline, Robert, Clarinda, Iowa, 93 Klinzman, Martha, Fairfax, Missouri, 58, 134, 168 Kloewer, Leo, Manilla, Iowa, 118 Klump, Elmer, Maryland Heights, Missouri, 118, 280 Knapp, Karole, Sharpsburg, Iowa, 77, 161, 162 Knauss, James, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 93 Knauss, Jerry, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 186 Kneale, William, Oregon, Missouri, 58 Knepper, Mary, Platte City, Missou- ri, 118 Knepper, Michael, Platte City, Mis- souri, 47, 100, 136, 147, 218, 242 Knittig, Dennis, Farnhambille, Iowa, 118 Knittl, Karol, Maryville, Missouri, 77 Knott, Mark, Coffey, Misouri, 118, 165 Knox, Barbara, Casey, Iowa, 58, 153, 154, 159, 162, 181, 188, 211, 212, 248, 251 Knudson, Douglas, Churdan, Iowa, 93 Knudson, John, Everest, Kansas, 77 Knudson, Linda, Manilla, Iowa, 77 Kobashigawa, Jean, Kekaha Kauai, Hawaii, 58, 143, 144, 162, 190 Koboldt, Bruce, Earlham, Iowa, 118 Koch, Richard, Stanberry, Missouri, 77, 172 Kokesh, Jean, Ridgeway, Missouri, 93 Kolterman, Joel, Blair, Nebraska, 93 Kooker, Karol, Des Moines, Iowa, 93, 177, 229 Koros, Mary Jo, Denison, Iowa, 118, 163 Koski, Jane, Dunlap, Iowa, 77, 224 Kramer, Diane, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 93, 162, 164, 220, 227 Kratzke, Fred. Ames, Iowa, 58 Krell, Karen, Toledo, Ohio, 118, 155, 161, 178, 188 Krokstrom, Carol, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 118, 193 Kropf, Carol, Norwalk, Iowa, 118 Kruger, Mary, Sanborn, Iowa, 93 161, 178, 192 Krumme, Gail, Faucett, Missouri, 77 Kruse, Gary, Mineola, Iowa, 118 Kruse, Larry, Denison, Iowa, 58 Kruse, Larrv W , Glenwood, Iowa, 235 Krutz, Judith, Corning, Missouri, 58, 229 Kryselmire, Eddie, Clarinda, Iowa, 58 Kuester. Richard, Red Oak, Iowa, 77 Kuhn, Marv, Council Bluffs, Iowa. 147, 162, 176, 225 Kullbom, Richard, Maryville, Missou- ri, 77. 175 Kurtz, Larry, Oregon, Missouri, 77 Kurtz. Michael, Oregon, Missouri. 93 Kyi. Janet, Des Moines, Iowa, 118 Ladoucieur, Lloyd, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 58 Lafferty, Carol, Maryville, Missouri. 93 Lafollette, Gary, Tabor, Iowa, 118, 269 Lager, Shirlev, St. Joseph, Missouri. 94, 168 Lahue, Karen, Rock Port, Missouri, 58 Lakavtis, Pricilla, Cameron, Missouri. 118 Lamar, Jane. Burlington Junction, Missouri, 58, 153. 159, 178. 248 Lamar, Judv, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 94, 168, 178, 248 Lambertsen, JoAnn, Maryville, Mis- souri, 58, 162, 248 Lambertsen, Keith. Maryville, Mis- souri, 58, 142, 162 Lambright, Edwin, Savannah, Mis- souri, 118, 193 Landers, Connie, Marvville, Missouri, 58 Lane, Bernie, Maryville, Missouri, 59 Lang, Steve, Essex, Iowa, 77 Langford, Neil, Albany, Missouri, 118 Langford, Nona, Corydon, Iowa, 118 Lanio, Carl, North Kansas Citv, Mis- souri, 59, 242 Lantz, Gary, Atlantic, Iowa, 118 Lantz, Richard, Coin, Iowa, 118 Lapne, Frances, Glidden, Iowa, 118 Larimore, Jo Leene, Onawa, Iowa, 59, 163, 251, 290 Larison, Lynda, Blockton, Iowa, 118 Larsen, Larry, Maryville, Missouri. 77 Larson, Avis, Deldit, Iowa, 118, 188 Larson, Richard, Plattsmouth, Ne- braska, 94 Lasley, Gene. Maryville, Missouri. 194 Lathrop, Robert, North Kansas City, Missouri, 77, 184 Lathrum, Barbara, Johnston, Iowa. 118 Lauhoff, Mary, Chillicothe, Missouri. 118 Laumann, Sharon, Rock Port, Mis- souri, 94. 180 Laur, Barbara, Westboro, Missouri. 118, 154 Lawler, James, St. Joseph, Missouri. 77, 164 Lazear, Fred, Chariton, Iowa, 77, 94 Leach, Richard, Cameron, Missouri, 118 Lease, Karen, Storm Lake, Iowa, 155, 181 Lee, Carol, Leon, Iowa, 118 Lee, Judith, Alexandria, Virginia, 59, 144, 190, 191 Lee, Lonnie, Maryville, Missouri, 118, 175 Lees, Connie, Hastings, Iowa, 77, 168 Lefgren, Carolyn, Hastings, Iowa, 77, 144 Leighninger, David, Stanberry, Mis- souri, 119 Leming, Donald, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 94 Lemley, Grace, Maryville, Missouri, 119 Leonard, Jerry, Adel, Iowa, 94, 237 Leonard, Karen, Waukee, Iowa, 119, 155, 186 Lesan, Richard, Eagleville, Missouri, 119 Lesher, Nancy, Clearmont, Missouri, 94, 178 Leslie, Patricia, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 94, 260 Letz, Richard, Des Moines, Iowa, 119 Leu, Randall, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 94 Levalley, Julie, Dayton, Iowa, 119, 181 Levis, Ronald, Allerton, Iowa, 94 Lewellen, Robert, Maryville, Missou- ri, 43, 137 Lewis, Carol, Maryville, Missouri, 94 Lewis, David, Prescott, Iowa, 59 Lewis, Gloria, Marshalltown, Iowa. 77, 147, 176, 225 Lewis, James, North Kansas City, Missouri, 94 Lewis, Jerry, Maryville, Missouri, 77 Lewis, John, Winston. Missouri, 94 Lewis, Nylen, Maryville, Missouri, 59 Lewis, Robert, Sac City, Iowa, 119 Lewis, Roger, Villisca, Iowa, 94 Libel, Kathleen, Leona, Kansas, 119 Lichter, Michael, West Des Moines, Iowa, 119, 188 Lillard, Janice, Savannah, Missouri, 119, 193 Lilley, Gary, Des Moines, Iowa, 119, 171 Lillie, Allen, Clearfield, Iowa. 119 Lincoln, Kenneth, Pacific Junction. Iowa, 119 Lind. Nadine. Parkville, Missouri, 259 Linde, Cheryl], Harlan, Iowa, 119 Linder, Edward, Oelwein, Iowa, 94 Lindstrom, Jerry, Kiron, Iowa, 242 Lindstrom, Patricia, Shannon Citv, Iowa, 59, 134, 153, 159, 188, 250 " Linville, Douglas, Bethanv, Missouri, 119 Linville, Georgia, Graham, Missouri, 59, 134, 168 Linville, Joyce, Graham, Missouri, 94 Linville, Robert, Del Norte, Colorado, 119 Little, Sidney, Omaha, Nebraska, 119 Livingston, Ernest, Excelsior Springs. Missouri, 236 Loch, Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 59 Lock, Janice, Sioux City, Iowa, 59, 190 Locke, John, Lombard, Illinois, 59, 232, 295 Lockhart, John, Stanberry, Missouri, 119 Lockridge, Katherine, Jamesport, Missouri, 59, 134, 162, 168, 188, 218 Loe, Marilyn, St. Joseph, Missouri. 119 Logan, Billie, Graham, Missouri, 77, 178 Logan, Francis, Parnell, Missouri, 59 Logan, Joe, Maryville, Missouri, 94, 175, 239, 281 Logan, Richard, Maryville, Missouri. 94 Logan, Ruth, Maryville. Missouri, 94 Logsdon, James, Maryville, Missouri, 94 Long, Adaline, Des Moines, Iowa, 119 Long, Carol, Grant City, Missouri, 59, 204, 206 Long, Harlan, Bethany, Missouri, 94 Long, Marilyn, Marshalltown, Iowa, 77, 225 Long. Nancy, Kansas City, Missouri, 119 Longacre, Frank, Falls City, Nebras- ka, 94 Longfellow, Jack, Lenox, Iowa, 119 Lonn, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, 94 307 Loose, Racheal, Grimes, Iowa, 264 Loots, Marilyn, Manson, Iowa, 119, 192 Lopour, Eileen, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 94, 229 Loringer, Dennis, Mineola, Iowa, 77 Loutermilch, Sherrill, Gower, Missou- ri, 119 Lovitt, Rudy, Gravity, Iowa, 119 Lowrey, Darryl, Pattonsburg, Mis- souri, 94, 172 Lowther, Laura, Carlisle, Iowa, 59, 161, 162 Lowry, Kenneth, Braymer, Missouri, 119, 175 Lucas, Sharon, North Kansas City, Missouri, 119 Lumm, Mary, Percival, Iowa, 119, 190 Lundquist, Linda, Thayer, Iowa, 119, 188 Lupardus, Thomas, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 77, 142, 153, 158, 250 Lust, Garry, Mitchellville, Iowa, 231 Luth, Loren, Walnut, Iowa, 119 Luttrell, Larry, Chillicothe, Missouri, 94 Lybarger, Judy, Denison, Iowa, 119 Lyle, Elaine, Maryville, Missouri, 119, 226 Lynch, Donnellen, Maloy, Iowa, 163 Lynch, Judy, Maryville, Missouri, 77 Lynch, Thomas, Maryville, Missouri, 170 Lyon, Pat, St. Joseph, Missouri, 59, 229 Lyons, Arnold, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 119 Lytle, Jack, Harlan, Iowa, 77, 184 Maassen, Mary, Walnut, Iowa, 120, 192 MacDonald, Marge, East Peoria, Illi- nois, 46, 60, 136, 147, 227, 274, 275 Macey, Donna, Cocoa, Florida, 120 Mackey, David, Bethany, Missouri, 95, 172 Mackey, Roger, Cosby, Missouri, 171 Maclellan, Norman, Gt. Barrington, Massachusetts, 120 Macrander, Ella, Gallatin, Missouri, 120, 155 Madden, Duane, Creston, Iowa, 78 Madison, Diana, Des Moines, Iowa, 120 Madison, James, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 188 Madison, Willis, Bethany, Missouri, 95, 175, 190, 235 Magee, Nancy, McFall, Missouri, 60, 163 Magennis, Janice, Fort Dodge, Iowa, 78 MaGill, Gary, Vail, Iowa, 242 Magness, Danny, Roseville, Michigan, 78, 219 Mahan, John, Winterset, Iowa, 78 Maharry, Maurice, Clearfield, Iowa, 120 Maher, Raymond, Red Oak, Iowa, 78 Mahoney, James, Maryville, Missouri, 60 Main, John, Mount Ayr, Iowa, 120 Mainquist, Leonard, Stanton, Iowa, 60 Mains, Wayne, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 285 Majerus, Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 95 Makings, Vivian, Smithville, Missouri, 95 Malone, Kathleen, Omaha, Nebraska, 120 Malone, Larry, Plattsburg, Missouri, 120 Malone, Lavera, St. Louis, Missouri, 120 Maltsberger, Eddie, Maysville, Mis- souri, 78, 234, 235, 257 Manard, Sandra, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 78, 112, 219 Manger, Carl, Turney, Missouri, 120, 164, 165 Mann, Joan, Farragut, Iowa, 1, 5, 95, 138 Manning, Madilyn, Albany, Missouri, 120 Manning, Meredith, Albany, Missou- ri, 95, 154, 180 Manning, Mike, St. Joseph, Missouri, 60 Marcinko, Gerald, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 60, 142 Marek, Joan, Polo, Missouri, 120, 155, 190 Marek, Robert, St. Joseph, Missouri, 78, 276, 278, 279, 280 Markham, Michelle, Harlan, Iowa, 95, 229 Markt, Larry, Oregon, Missouri, 95, 116 Marnin, Douglas, Stuart, Iowa, 120 Marsh, George, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 60, 239 Marsh, Gregory, Liberty, Missouri, 95, 237 Marsh, Larry, Albany, Missouri, 120 Marsh, Nancy, Grimes, Iowa, 95, 148, 155, 260 Marshall, Warrior, Sand Springs, Oklahoma, 121 Martin, Barry, Fort Dodge, Iowa, 129, 157, 158, 159, 250 Martin, Carol, St. Joseph, Missouri, 60 Martin, Dennis, Lenox, Iowa, 95, 157, 159 Martin, John, Sabetha, Kansas, 121 Martin, Mary Ann, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 78, 188 Martin, Norma, Maryville, Missouri, 162, 164 Martin, Patricia, Maryville, Missouri, 60, 153, 159, 180, 248 Martin, Patricia L., Westboro, Mis- souri, 78, 156 Martin, Ronald, Maryville, Missouri, 78 235 Martin, Ruth, Carroll, Iowa, 121, 149, 178 Mason, Frank, Shenandoah, Iowa, 121 Mason, Jerry, Chariton, Iowa, 81, 231, 282 Mason, Jane, Kansas City, Missouri, 95, 153, 154, 159, 248, 250 Massie, Terry, Fairfax, Missouri, 95 Mast, Mary, Excelsior Springs, Mis- souri, 95, 136, 162, 188, 218, 219, 225 Masters, Darith, Oregon, Missouri, 121 Mather, Bruce, Westboro, Missouri, 171 Mather, Mary, Tarkio, Missouri, 78, 161, 162, 177, 188 Mathews, Gary, Gladstone, Missouri, 78, 149, 233 Mathews, Jerry, Indianola, Iowa, 239 Mathewson, Marjorie, St. Joseph, Missouri, 159, 248 Mauer, Gary, Neola, Iowa, 121 Mauer, Virginia, Afton, Iowa, 121, 155 Mauseth, Robert, Iowa City, Iowa, 95 Maxwell, Lynn, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 78 Maxwell, Edward, Maryville, Missou- ri, 269, 270, 286 Maxwell, Shirley, Tabor, Iowa, 121, 147 Mayfield, Donna, Hopkins, Missouri, 121 Mazaheri, Mohamed, Conception Junc- tion, Missouri, 78 Mazur, Joseph, St. Joseph, Missouri, 60 McBee, Jerold, Des Moines, Iowa, 120 McCallister, James, Liberty, Missouri, 77, 165 McCampbell, Russell, Stanberry, Mis- souri, 120, 162, 164 McCann, Charles, Maryville, Missou- ri, 77 McCarthy, Trudy, Maryville, Missou- ri, 120 McCartney, Barbara, Amity, Missou- ri, 120 McCartney, Eileen, Fairfax, Missou- ri, 77, 155, 162, 165, 193 McCarty, Pamela, Leon, Iowa, 120, 163, 181 McClain, Donna, Carlisle, Iowa, 94, 168 McClintic, Katherine, Indianola, Iowa, 120, 164, 190 McClintock, Judith, Sac City, Iowa, 78, 176, 225 McCloney, Betty, Osceola, Iowa, 78, 162 McCloud, Gary, Lohrville, Iowa, 94 McClung, Jimmy, Casey, Iowa, 231 McClure, Jack, Decatur, Iowa, 94, 238 McCollough, Gary, Lawson, Missouri, 120 193 219 McComb, Edward, Glen Ellyn, Illi- nois, 94 McCombs, Elaine, Humeston, Iowa, 120 McConkey, Susan, Barnard, Missouri, 1, 46, 59, 138, 139, 153, 159, 188, 205, 206, 207, 209, 218, 223, 248, 250, 258 McCord, Lorraine, Ravenwood, Mis- souri, 120 McCord, Theresa, Ravenwood, Mis- souri, 94 McCormick, Jeannie, Independence, Missouri, 120, 188, 224 McCoy, Glenda, Maryville, Missouri, 59, 161, 162 McCoy, Nancy, Falls City, Nebraska. 94 McCrory, Suzanne, Mound City, Mis- souri, 90 McCune, Patricia, Florissant, Missou- ri, 59, 144, 180, 251 McCutchan, James, Creston, Iowa, 78 McDonald, Sherry, Rosendale, Mis- souri, 94 McDowell, Sharon, Rock Port, Mis- souri, 120 McElfish, Peggy, Rock Port, Missou- ri, 94, 181 McElwain, Sharon, North Kansas City, Missouri, 60, 161, 177, 229 McFall, Allen, Kansas City, Missouri, 120, 281 McGaughey, Victor, Savannah, Mis- souri, 120 McGinness, Thomas, Maryville, Mis- souri, 78 McGinnis, Judy, Maryville, Missouri, 227, 258 McGinnis, Kathleen, Carlisle, Iowa, 94, 224, 258 McGuire, Bruce, Vincent, Iowa, 60 McGuire, Carolyn, Oregon, Missouri, 120 McGuire, Joseph, Burt, Iowa, 120 McGuire, Mary Ann, Sun City, Cali- fornia, 186 McGuire, Timothy, Vincent, Iowa, 95 McHenry, Nancy, Harrisonville, Mis- souri, 78, 130, 161, 162 Mcintosh, George, Kellerton, Iowa, 78, 175 Mclntyre, George, Burlington Junc- tion, Missouri, 78 Mclntyre, Laverne, Burlington Junc- tion, Missouri, 251 McKee, Dena, Maryville, Missouri, 60, 168 McKee, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, 60 McKee, Shirley, Pickering, Missouri, 95, 178 McKenzie, Beverly, Des Moines, Iowa, 120, 163 McKnight, Bill, Braymer, Missouri, 120 188 McLaughlin, Daniel, East Moline, Il- linois, 78, 237, 250, 256, 257 McLaughlin, Mike, Maryville, Missou- ri, 232, 280, 295 McLear, Patrick, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 60, 162, 164, 165 McMillan, Druery, Maysville, Missou- ri, 78, 269 McMillen, Thor, Albany, Missouri, 60, 154, 158, 232, 248, 250 308 McMinemee, Barbara, Denison, Iowa, 95, 163 McNally, Janet, Chillicothe, Missouri, 120 McNeel, Ronald, Gallatin, Missouri, 95 McPike, Ardis, Quitman, Missouri, 78, 229 McQuerrey, Joyce, Cameron, Missou- ri, 120, 163 McQuigg, Karen, Redding, Iowa, 95 McWhirter, Robert, Baxter, Iowa, 60, 233 Mead, Sharon, Dawn, Missouri, 121, 190 Meadows, Irvin, Maitland, Missouri, 121, 158 Meadows, Jean, Kellerton, Iowa, 95 Mears, Charles, St. Joseph, Missouri, 121 Medsker, Gerald, Guilford, Missouri, 121, 171 Medsker, Sandra, Maryville, Missou- ri, 121 Meindertsma, Pete, Newton, Iowa, 95 Menke, Kenneth, Hebron, Nebraska, 60, 184, 235 Mercer, Daryl, Parnell, Missouri, 95 Mercer, Ronald, Maryville, Missouri, 78 Meredith, John, St. Louis, Missouri, 121, 184 Mergenthaler, David, Glenwood, Illi- nois, 78 Merker, James, Shenandoah, Iowa, 95 Merrill, Janet, Greenfield, Iowa, 78, 162, 220, 225, 251, 290 Merrill, Martha, Council Bluffs, Iowa. 224 Merrill, Mel, Princeton, Missouri, 60, 239 Merritt, Frances, Braddyville, Iowa, 248, 250 Merritt, Ronald, Maryville, Missouri, 79 Messerli, Kenneth, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 121 Messerli, Larry, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 79, 220, 233 Messerly, Richard, Vincent, Iowa, 79. 240 Messick, Nida, Maryville, Missouri, 79 Messner, Fred, Stanberry, Missouri, 60, 172, 175, 190 Metting, Karen, St. Joseph, Missouri, 61 Metzgar, Thomas, Mound City, Mis- souri, 121 Metzgar, Bill, Mound City, Missouri, 121 Meyer, Eugene, Dedham, Iowa, 121 Meyer, Helen, Maryville, Missouri, 95 Meyer, Judith, Hull, Illinois, 79, 95, 188 Meyer, Judith K., Maryville, Missou- ri, 164 Meyer, Marcia, King City, Missouri, 61 Meyer, Mary, Platte City, Missouri, 61, 177, 229 Meyer, Patricia, Modale, Iowa, 79, 229 Meyers, Walter, St. Joseph, Missouri, 79, 234, 235 Meyers, Zana, Morrill, Kansas, 121 Michel, Peggy, Northboro, Iowa, 95, 192 Michelson, Mason, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 95, 234, 235 Miller, Becky, St. Joseph, Missouri, 79, 161 Miller, Carolyn, Manilla, Iowa, 121 Miller, Clarence, Sioux City, Iowa, 47 Miller, Cynthia, West Des Moines, Iowa, 121, 224 Miller, Deloris, Hamburg, Iowa, 79 Miller, Edwin, Des Moines, Iowa, 121 Miller, Howard, Chillicothe, Missouri, 95, 175 Miller, Janice, St. Joseph, Missouri, 121, 163, 224 Miller, John, Stanberry, Missouri, 121 Miller, Judith, St. Joseph, Missouri, 47, 95, 136, 225 Miller, Judy, Greenfield, Iowa, 61, 225 Miller, Kathleen, Manilla, Iowa, 61, 161, 180, 218 Miller, Kenda, Kansas City, Missouri, 121 Miller, Larry, Scranton, Iowa, 79 Miller, Loring, Leon, Iowa, 121 Miller, Marcia, Savannah, Missouri, 246, 251 Miller, Mary, Chillicothe, Missouri, 121 Miller, Mary, Stanberry, Missouri, 79, 164 Miller, Mary P., Maryville, Missouri, 61 Miller, Peggy H., Corning, Iowa, 181 Miller, Peggy S., Indianola, Iowa, 121, 168 Miller, Richard, Clarinda, Iowa, 121 Miller, Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 121 Miller, Robert J., Denison, Iowa, 121 Miller, Shirley, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 95, 225 Miller, Susan, St. Joseph, Missouri, 96, 179, 220, 228, 229 Miller, Terry, Gilman City, Missouri, 79 Milligan, Jennifer, Ridgeway, Missou- ri, 121, 168 Mills, Donna, Murray, Iowa, 96, 168 Mills, Karen, Jameson, Missouri, 61, 161, 180, 193, 253 Millsaps, Creed, Rock Port, Missouri. 96 Minnick, Doug, Creston, Iowa, 96 Mishmash, Donna, West Des Moines, Iowa, 122 Mitchell, Eugene, Bedford, Iowa, 122 Mitchell, Frances, Maryville, Missou- ri, 61 MitcheM, Paul, Brooks, Iowa, 96 Mitchell, Ronald, Storm Lake, Iowa, 96, 242 Mitchell, Stephen, Fairfax, Missouri, 96 Mitchell, Victor, Independence, Mis- souri, 122 Mitchell, Warren, Maryville, Missou- ri, 79, 170 Mittelstadt, Donald, Storm Lake, Iowa. 242 Mock, Margaret, New Hampton, Mis- souri, 96, 168, 251 Modrell, Paula, Easton, Missouri, 61, 144, 162, 168, 186 Moles, Neal, Maryville, Missouri, 96 Monroe, James, Grinnell, Iowa. 122 Montgomery, Jo Ann, St. Joseph, Missouri, 122, 168, 222 Monthei, Pamela, Jefferson, Iowa, 122 Moody, Mary Ann, Manson, Iowa, 122 Mooney, Louis, St. Joseph, Missouri, 122 Moore, David, Maryville. Missouri, 61 Moore, James, Smithville, Missouri. 122 Moore, Jay, Savannah, Missouri, 96 Moore, Luetta, Maryville, Missouri. 61 Moore, Robert, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 96, 190, 235 Moore, Shirlev, Spencer, Iowa, 42, 79, 134, 136, 137, 164, 179, 210, 218, 222, 223 Morehouse, Barbara, Hopkins, Mis- souri, 79, 162, 178 Morehouse, Sharon, Maryville, Mis- souri, 61, 168 Morgan, Ruth, Kansas City, Missouri, 79 Moriarty, Dennis, Storm Lake, Iowa, 96, 186 Morris, Phyllis, Mound City, Missou- ri, 122 Morris, Robert, Gilman City, Mis- souri, 122 Morris, Ted, Kansas City, Missouri, 96 Morris, Vonna, Union Star, Missouri, 79, 162 Morrow, Glenn, Pickering, Missouri, 96, 155, 248 Morrow, Lois, Blanchard, Iowa, 122 Mortensen, Don, Maryville, Missouri, 122 Mortensen, Duane, Audubon, Iowa, 122 Mortensen, Sue, Rock Port, Missouri, 61 Morton, Ann, Shenandoah, Iowa, 122 Moseman, John, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 96 Moser, Marilyn, St. ooseph, Missouri, 79 Moser, Patricia, Wathena, Kansas, 156 Motsinger, Gaylord, Creston, Iowa, 79 Moyle, Mary, Lenox, Iowa, 96, 163 Mozingo, Jerry, Maryville, Missouri, 122 Mozingo, Nancy, Maryville, Missouri, 96 Muench, Douglas, Ogden, Iowa, 96 Mullen, Diana, Bedford, Iowa, 122 Mullenax, Lucille, Maryville, Missou- ri, 79, 163 Mullins, Donna, Essex, Iowa, 122, 155, 162, 188 Murawski, Ron, St. Joseph, Missouri, 61, 186, 206, 218, 234, 235 Murphy, Geraldine, Maryville, Mis- souri, 61, 147, 170 Murphy, Mary Lou, Greene, Iowa, 61, 148, 162, 165 Murphy, Michael, Shenandoah, Iowa, 122, 175 Murray, Elaine, North Kansas City, Missouri, 163, 228 Murrell, Philip, Winterset, Iowa, 79, 162, 251 Mutz, Mike, Maryville, Missouri, 250, 256 Myers, Linda, St. Joseph, Missouri, 79 Myers, Myrna, Agency, Missouri, 61 Mylan, Lynne, Adel, Iowa, 122 Myrtue, Jerry, Harlan, Iowa, 175 Nail. James, Kansas City, Missouri, 122 Nash, Richard, Maitland, Missouri, 61, 171 Nash, Sharon, Kansas City, Missouri, 122 Nauroth, Janet, Dunlap, Iowa, 122, 163 Nazarene Jon, Red Oak, Iowa, 96 Nedrow, Larry, Falls City, Nebraska, 96, 236 Neidt, Virginia, Marvville, Missouri, 61, 148, 163 Neil, Michael, Shenandoah, Iowa, 61 Nelson, Barbara, Sidney, Iowa, 122, 163 Nelson, Bonnie, Griswold, Iowa, 122 Nelson, Charles, Bolckow, Missouri, 62, 187, 242 Nelson, Colleen, Irwin, Iowa, 122, 155, 181 Nelson, Franz, Bolckow, Missouri, 62 Nelson, James, Maryville, Missouri, 122 Nelson, Judy, Atlantic, Iowa, 73, 79, 162 Nelson, Kenneth, Westboro, Missouri, 96 Nelson, Larry, Tabor, Iowa, 79 Nelson, Marietta, Barnard, Missouri, 122 Nelson, Mary, Bolckow, Missouri, 96, 178, 187 Nelson, Regina, Plattsmouth, Nebras- ka, 122, 186, 224 Nelson, Roger, Hamlin, Iowa, 122 Nelson, Ronnie, Sheridan, Missouri, 79 Nelson, William, Lucas, Iowa, 62, 142 Nerling, Joseph, Independence, Mis- souri, 122 Netherton, Jerry, Perry, Iowa, 122 Neuberger, Dean, Renwick, Iowa, 96 309 Neuroth, Stephen, Storm Lake, Iowa, 47, 186, 202, 242 Neustadt, David, Lagrange, Illinois, 184 Nevitt, Emily, Dexter, Iowa, 62, 98, 161, 162, 179, 218 Nevitt, Mary Lou, Dexter, Iowa, 96, 188 Newberg, Robert, Fillmore, Missouri 79 Newberry, Ron, Maryville, Missouri, 157 Newbrough, Patricia, Storm Lake, Iowa, 122, 181 Newcomer, Larry, Guilford, Missouri, 122 Newman, Janet, Maryville, Missouri, 122 Newman, Larry, Maryville, Missouri, 122 Newman, Lonna, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 79, 164 Newsome, Mary, Indianola, Iowa. 122 Newton, Marvin, Winterset, Iowa, 123 Newton, Ronald, Chillicothe, Missou- ri, 123 Newton, Vicki, Mount Ayr, Iowa, 96 Nicholas, Sam, Maryville, Missouri, 123 Nichols, Charlotte, Maryville, Mis- souri, 123, 190 Nichols, James, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 123 Nichols, Nancy, Tingley, Iowa, 79, 225 Nickell, Veriel, Maryville, Missouri, 96, 254 Nielsen, Larry, Maryville, Missouri. 62 Nielson, Linda. Barnard, Missouri, 62, 134, 175, 187, 218 Nieman. Judy, Manilla, Iowa, 96, 223 Noah, Patsy, Rock Port. Missouri, 96, 106, 162, 251, 274, 275 Noble, Gerald, Mount Ayr, Iowa, 96 Noble, Michael, Roseville, Michigan, 123 Noe. Linda, St. Joseph, Missouri, 96, 168 Noel, Phillip. Oregon, Missouri, 96 Nordstrum, Douglas, Garden Grove, Iowa, 79, 184, 218, 233 Nordstrum, Robert, Garden Grove, Iowa, 62, 170, 184 Norman, Dennis, Lansing, Illinois, 97 Norris, Carol, Oregon, Missouri. 123 Norris, Connie, Des Moines, Iowa, 123, 226 Norris, Kathleen, Griswold, Iowa, 79 Northwall, Carolyn, Spencer, Iowa, 62 Nugent, Margaret, Stanberry, Mis- souri, 123, 162 Nurek, Charles, Pontiac, Michigan, 79 Oberhelman, Susan, Parkville, Mis- souri, 62, 162, 163, 164. 219 O ' Conner, Margaret, Lawler, Iowa, 62 O ' Conner, Paul, St. Joseph, Missouri, 157, 248 O ' Dell, Hazel, Kellerton, Iowa, 123 Oder. Larry, Maryville, Missouri, 79, 172, 175 O ' Donnell. James, Conception Junc- tion, Missouri, 123 Oehrle, Joan, Maryville, Missouri, 79 Oehrle, Norman, Maryville, Missouri. 80 Oeser, Fritz. Independence, Missouri, 62, 175, 187 Ogren, Maxine, Council Bluffs, Iowa Ohnesorge, Forrest, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 62, 190 Okinaka, Rich, Makawao. Hawaii, 48 Olenhouse, Terrell, Chillicothe, Mis- souri, 123 Olenius, Richard, Stanton, Iowa, 62, 220, 231 Olsen, Marlys, West Des Moines, Iowa, 123 Olson, Alan, Irwin, Iowa, 97 Olson, Barbara, Manilla, Iowa, 97, 144, 181 Olson, Duane, Irwin, Iowa, 123 Olson, Lyle, Red Oak, Iowa, 164 O ' Neill, Thomas, Raytown, Missouri, 62, 164, 165 Oriley, Ina, Burlington Junction, Mis- souri, 80, 148, 178, 251 Oriley, William, Maryville, Missouri, 163 O ' Rourke, Tim, Saddle Brook, New Jersey, 123, 269 Ortega, Sylvia, Laredo, Texas, 97 Osborn, Ethel, Winterset, Iowa, 62, 152, 161, 164, 166, 175, 251 Osborn, Lavonne, Gentry, Missouri, 162 Osmond, Ronald, Omaha, Nebraska, 123 Ossowski, Roger, Moline, Illinois, 80, 236 Ostring, Nancy, Waukee. Iowa, 123 Ostrus, Sharon, Wiota, Iowa, 42, 62 Otte, Betty, Maryville, Missouri. 80 Outs. Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 80, 238 Owen, Dinah, Kansas City, Missouri, 156, 251 Owen, Larry, Mill Grove, Missouri, 97 Owen, Willa, Maysville, Missouri, 248 Owen, Jeannie, Denver, Missouri, 97, 181 Owens, Henen, Maryville, Missouri, 62 Owens, Joan, Clearfield, Iowa. 80 Owens, Judy, Maryville, Missouri, 123, 222 Owens, Robert, Sun Prairie, Wiscon- sin, 231 Owens. Thomas, St. Joseph, Missouri, 97, 164, 165 Oxley, John, St. Joseph, Missouri, 97 Pabian, Lavergne, Toledo, Iowa, 97 Packer, Allan, Chenango Forks, New York, 80, 87, 282, 283 Page. William, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 237 Painter, Sharon, Omaha, Nebraska, 123 Pallo, Daniel, Sugar Creek, Missouri, 123 Palmer, Irvin, Hamilton, Missouri, 123 Palumbo, Judith, Coco Solo, Canal Zone, 123, 178 Palumbo, Karen, Maryville, Missouri, 62 Paolillo, Vincent, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 235 Papas, Leo, Sioux Falls, South Da- kota, 43, 47, 139, 206, 269, 270 Parker, Linda, Martinsville, Missouri, 123 Parks, Donna, Carrollton, Missouri, 62, 134, 147, 162 Parman, Eddie, Hatfield, Missouri, 80 Parman, Larry, Eagleville, Missouri, 123 Parman, Wallace, Eagleville, Missou- ri, 80 Parr. Alfred, Humeston, Iowa, 154 Parrish, Mardelle, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 123 Partlow, Richard, Menlo. Iowa. 123 Parton, Leanna, Gallatin, Missouri, 97 Pascal, Diane, Pocahontas, Iowa, 97, 177, 229 Patience, Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 63, 142, 156, 187 Patterson, Carole, Carter Lake, Iowa, 123 Patterson, Dennis, Norwalk, Iowa, 123 Paulsen, Marlus, Avoca, Iowa, 123, 192 Paulson, Carroll, Ogden, Iowa, 80 Pawlowski, James, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 63 Paxton, Patricia, Maryville, Missou- ri, 74, 97, 229 Payton, Sharon, Des Moines, Iowa, 123 Pearce, James, Fairfax, Missouri, 80 Pearcy, Charles, Maryville, Missouri, 63 Pearson, Peter, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 63, 149, 252, 254, 255, 257 Peart, Charles, North Kansas City, Missouri, 123 Peart, Larry, North Kansas City, Missouri, 97, 231 Pedersen, Eileen, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 123, 168 Pedersen, Georgea, Storm Lake, Iowa, 124 Pedersen, Linda, Des Moines, Iowa, 124 Pederson, Jennifer, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 124 Peirce, Joseph, Englewood, Colorado, 80, 240, 276, 279, 280 Pendleton, Roy, Turney, Missouri, 124, 164 Peppmeier, John, Creston, Iowa, 80, 236 Perez, James, Kenosha, Wisconsin, 97, 269, 273 Perkins, Janet, Grimes, Iowa, 124 Perlenfein, Connie, Mount Ayr, Iowa, 124 Peters, Karen, Des Moines, Iowa, 97, 193, 229, 248, 251 Petersen, David, Exira, Iowa, 124, 269 Petersen, Dianne, Atlantic, Iowa, 80, 162 Petersen, Janice, Brayton, Iowa, 124 Petersen, Kenneth, Bethel, Kansas, 239, 269 Petersen, Richard, Earlham, Iowa, 80, 158, 170, 240 Peterson, Carl, Stanton, Iowa, 63, 145, 220, 235 Peterson, Donald, Big Rapids, Mich- igan, 102, 184, 238, 287 Peterson, Dorothy, Red Oak, Iowa, 80 Peterson, Harriete, Carl Junction, Missouri, 97, 222 Peterson, Jeannie, Corning, Iowa, 97 Peterson, Martin, Shenandoah, Iowa, 124, 165, 188 Peterson, Michael, Maryville, Mis- souri, 269, 271, 279 Peterson, Pamela, Atlantic, Iowa, 124 Peterson, Richard, Earlham, Iowa, 157 Petherick, Ida, Maryville, Missouri, 264 Petree, Joetta, Braymer, Missouri, 110, 124, 188 Petry, Rex, Maryville, Missouri, 80 Pettegrew, Bob, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 219, 287 Pettijohn, Ethel, St. Joseph, Missouri, 63 Petty, Carol, Des Moines, Iowa, 97, 227 Petty, Lloyd, Stanberry, Missouri, 124 Pfeifer, Dorothy, Maryville, Missouri, 220 Pfeiffer, Marilyn, Red Oak, Iowa, 227, 261 Phillips, Billie, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 124, 181, 228 Phillips, Cheri, Braymer, Missouri, 124, 188 Phillips, Helen, Prescott, Iowa, 80 Phillips, Jimmy, Osceola, Iowa, 80, 124 Phillips, Larry, Cainsville, Missouri, 124, 165 Phillips, Randy, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 97, 233, 281 Phillips, Richard, Stanberry, Missou- ri, 124, 140 Phillips, Rick, Maryville, Missouri, 239 Phillips, Rodney, Chillicothe, Missou- ri, 124 Phillips, Tom, Chillicothe, Missouri, 124 Phip ps, Delvin, Marshalltown, Iowa, 63, 164 Phoenix, Phyllis, Des Moines, Iowa, 63, 144, 162 310 Phoenix, Sharon, Des Moines, Iowa, 63, 134, 144, 161, 163, 218, 259 Pickering, Marvin, Winterset, Iowa, 124 Pierce, Michael, West Des Moines, Iowa, 124, 154 Pierce, Milo, Anita, Iowa, 97 Pierce, William, Lansing, Illinois, 80, 171 Pierpoint, Lorna, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 80, 181 Pierson, Ronald, Rulo, Nebraska, 97 Pinckney, Robert, Glenn Mills, Penn- sylvania, 124 Piper, Philip, Shawnee, Kansas, 97, 164, 165 Pittsenbarger, Gary, Hopkins, Mis- souri, 248 Pitzenberger, Vergene, Hopkins, Mis- souri, 124 Place, Phillip, Maryville, Missouri, 124 Planalp, Susan, Oregon, Missouri, 124 Ploghoft, Susan, Red Oak, 4owa, 97 Plymell, James, New Hampton, Mis- souri, 124 Poage, Donald, Maryville, Missouri, 124, 193 Polley, Brownnie, Ridgeway, Missou- ri, 113 Poloski, William, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 124 Polsley, James, Maryville, Missouri, 63, 147 Pomeroy, Ronald, Dedham, Iowa, 97 Poole, Christena, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 124, 162 Pope, Mary, Maryville, Missouri, 124, 186 Porter, Janila, Maryville, Missouri, 124 Porter, Philip, Tarkio, Missouri, 97 Posler, Carole, Ridgeway, Missouri, 97, 162 Posson, Charles, Parkville, Missouri, 97, 142 Potter, Mary, Sidney, Iowa, 124, 181, 147 Pottorff, Jerry, Mount Ayr, Iowa, 80 Potts, Mary, Hamilton, Missouri, 124 Potts, Richard, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 125 Powell, Stephen, Fairfax, Missouri, 97 Poynter, Harold, Maryville, Missouri, 97, 193, 240 Prater, Craig, Bolckow, Missouri, 125, 149, 254 Pratt, David, Red Oak, Iowa, 97 Pratt, Phyllis, Maryville, Missouri, 248 Pratt, Sidney, Maryville, Missouri, 248 Pressley, Earl, Maryville, M.issouri, 80 Price, Kenneth, Plattsmouth, Nebras- ka, 63, 152, 250, 252, 256 Price, Larry, McFall, Missouri, 80 Price, Margaret, North Kansas City, Missouri, 125, 254 Price, Ruth, Fairfax, Missouri, 125, 162, 165 Price, Sarah, Fairfax, Missouri, 125 Prieditis, Dagnia, Clarinda, Iowa, 125 Prior, Linda, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 98, 162, 178, 226 Pritchard, Celia, Maryville, Missouri, 98 Pritchard, Gary, Maryville, Missouri, 63, 170 Probasco, Gene, Newton, Iowa, 235 Propst, Ed, Des Moines, Iowa, 63, 242 Pross, David, Atlantic, Iowa, 242 Proudfit, Thomas, Rock Port, Missou- ri, 80 Pruitt, Alan, Elmo, Missouri, 125 Pryor, Joseph, Maryville, Missouri, 80 Przybylski, Thomas, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 98, 175, 236 Pulley, Robert, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 125 Purviance, Dennis, Maryville, Mis- souri, 237 Pyle, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, 63 Queen, Lynda, Tabor, Iowa, 63, 147, 149, 152, 254, 258 Quigley, Patricia, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 63 Quigley, Rodney, Albany, Missouri, 98, 164 Quinn, James, Maryville, Missouri, 125, 188 Quinn, Janet, Stanberry, Missouri, 125, 162 Rains, Robert, Rippey, Iowa, 63 Ramsey, Thomas, Graham, Missouri, 80 Ranck, Lowell, Corning, Iowa, 98 Randall, Gary, Maryville, Missouri, 80, 109 Randall, Shirley, Maryville, Missouri, 98 Randle, Vern, Sheridan, Missouri, 125 Ranum, David, Kansas City, Missouri, 126, 233, 269, 271 Rasco, Thomas, Barnard, Missouri, 98 Rasmussen, Gary, Walnut, Iowa, 125, 254 Rasmussen, Karlene, Harlan, Iowa, 98 Ratliff, Renee, St. Joseph, Missouri, 125 Rawlins, Larry, Amity, Missouri, 80, 153, 156, 158, 162, 250 Ray, Dorothy, Maryville, Missouri, 72, 80, 147, 164, 165, 202, 223 Ray, Mary, Barnard, Missouri, 257 Rea, Janet, Shenandoah, Iowa, 125 Reaksecker, Marcia, Maryville, Mis- souri, 63 Reck, Bob, Burlington Junction, Mis- souri, 248 Reck, Catherine, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 248 Redd, James, St. Louis, Missouri, 63, 145, 184, 233, 269, 270 Redd, Regina, Clayton, Missouri, 125 Redman, Rosalie, Leon, Iowa, 98 Redmorrd, Michael, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 164, 165, 237 Reece, Robert, Iowa Falls, Iowa, 80, 269, 282 Reed, Dennis, Des Moines, Iowa, 125 Reed, Linda, Des Moines, Iowa, 98, 229 Reeder, Edward, Lombard, Illinois, 165 Reeder, Richard, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 98, 142 Reedholm, Charles, Dayton. Iowa, 125 Rees, Merlyn, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 125, 190 Reeves, Rita, Hamburg, Iowa, 125 Reichen, William, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 80 Reichenbacker, Judith, Des Moines, Iowa, 81 Reid, Sandra, Harlan, Iowa, 125, 168 Reiff, William, Manilla, Iowa, 242 Reiman, Dale, Templeton, Iowa, 98 Reineke, Cheryl, Parkville, Missouri, 125, 149, 190, 254 Reineke, Larry, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 63, 233 Rempe, Robert, Pella, Iowa, 269, 273 Remund, David, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 81, 276, 278, 280 Remund, Kathy, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 98 Renken, Nancy, Palmer, Iowa, 125, 155, 162 Reno, Janice, Altamont, Missouri, 64 Rentfrow, George, Trenton, Missouri, 81 Reser, James, Clearwater, Kansas, 125, 165 Reser, Phillip, Independence, Missou- ri, 125, 149, 257 Rettenmaier, David, Carroll, Iowa, 34, 43, 240 Reynolds, James, Orient, Iowa, 125 Reynolds, Neil, St. Joseph, Missouri, 285 Reynolds, Raymond, Stanberry, Mis- souri, 98, 162, 218, 237 Reynolds, Eddie, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 98 Rich, Sheryl, Anita, Iowa, 125, 178, 222 Richard, Jill, Excelsior Springs, Mis- souri, 98, 162, 164, 181, 188 Richards, Donald, Tingley, Iowa, 98 Richards, Margaret, Bridgewateir, Iowa, 81, 162, 258 Richardson, Garry, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 175, 237 Riddell, Joyce, Cameron, Missouri, 98, 168, 177, 188 Riddell, Martha, Cameron, Missouri, 125, 188 Riddle, Kathy, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 125, 138, 139, 140, 141, 162, 164 Ridenour, Mona, Sheridan, Missouri, 125 Ridge, Dianna, Grant City, Missouri, 98 Ridge, Joyce, Agency, Missouri, 81 Ridgeway, Cheryl, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 125 Ridgway, John, Des Moines, Iowa, 281 Rigler, Roma, Adair, Iowa, 126 Riley, Carolyn, Van Meter, Iowa, 126, 188 Riley, Charles, Maryville, Missouri, 242 Riley, Frank, Hopkins, Missouri, 81 Riley, Sharon, Kansas City, Missouri, 126, 168 Rinehart, Robert, Boone, Iowa, 81 Ring, Donna, Maryville, Missouri, 155, 188 Ripley, Mary, College Springs, Iowa, 98 Risser, Oakly, Sheridan, Missouri, 81 Ris ' sler, William, Blue Springs, Mis- souri, 98, 142, 188, 254 Ristau, Carol, Luverne, Iowa, 126, 192 Robbins, Donald, Neola, Iowa, 98, 239 Roberts, David, Atchison, Kansas, 81 Roberts, Edwin, Grant City, Missou- ri, 98, 153, 159, 236, 250 Roberts, Patricia, Sugar Creek, Mis- souri, 126 Robertson, John, Albany, Missouri, 98 Robertson, Stuart, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 81, 142 Robey, Jerry, Maryville, Missouri, 81, 233 Robidoux, Deanna, Helena, Missouri, 81 Robinson, Kay, Gainesville, Texas, 126 Robinson, Sandra, North Kansas City, Missouri, 98, 179, 229 Robison, Pamella, Liberty, Missouri, 188, 228 Rockhold, Curtis, Allerton, Iowa, 98 Rodriguez, Alberto, Des Moines, Iowa, 98, 240 Roe, Eddielea, St. Louis, Missouri, 81, 152, 252, 254, 255, 257 Rogers, Edward, Carroll, Iowa, 155 Rogers, Kay, Craig, Missouri, 155 Rogness, Susan, Ames, Iowa, 126, 192 Rohlfs, Frederick, Maryville, Missou- ri, 142 Rohrberg, Coreen, Glenwood, Iowa, 64, 147, 162, 192 Roland, Ralph, Maryville, Missouri, 64 Roland, Warren, Atlantic, Iowa, 98 Rolf, Benjamin, Red Oak, Iowa, 81, 231 Rolf, Dale, Westboro, Missouri, 81 Rollins, James, Newton, Iowa, 64, 184 Roney, Nancy, Maryville, Missouri, 81 Rosecrans, Karen, Hopkins, Missouri, 126, 222 Rosenbo hm, Carol, Maryville, Missou- ri, 126 Rosenow, Larry, Defiance, Iowa. 64, 142, 190 Rosier, Connie, Mound City, Missouri, 126, 190 Ross, Eileen, Kansas City, Missouri, 47, 161, 190, 227 Ross, Glenn, St. Joseph, Missouri, 64 Ross, James, Bethany, Missouri, 81 Ross, Jeanne, Bedford, Iowa, 228 311 Ross, Mick, Maryville, Missouri, 98, 269, 272, 284 Roth, Carol, Des Moines, Iowa, 126, 186 Roth, Jean, Davenport, Iowa, 64 Roth, Larry, Kansas City, Missouri, 98, 154, 175 Rother, Elizabeth, Maitland, Missouri, 64 Rotts, Nancy, St. Joseph, Missouri, 98 Roudybush, Cheryl, Kellerton, Iowa, 81 Roush, Ross, Pickering, Missouri, 81 Rowe, Janice, St. Joseph, Missouri, 163 Rowe, Joan, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 126 Rowe, Robert, Savannah, Missouri, 126 Rowen, Elihu, Sheridan, Missouri, 126 Rowland, Gary, Albany, Missouri, 64, 175 Ruble, Vicki, Indianola, Iowa, 126, 163, 181 Ruddell. Marilyn, Skidmore, Missouri, 64, 164, 165 Rule, Raymond, Dunlap, Iowa, 126 Rus, Gary, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 81 Rusk, Ronald, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 126, 281 Russell, Donald, St. Joseph, Missouri, 126 Russell, Jacqueline, Des Moines, Iowa, 98, 113, 195, 198 Russell, Marcia, Graham, Missouri, 126 Saale, Suzanne, Chillicothe, Missouri, 126, 140, 149, 254 Sadler, Jelane, Correctionville, Iowa, 126, 168, 188 Saemisch, Juda, Maryville, Missouri, 126, 169, 195 Saemisch, Richard, Maryville, Mis- souri, 99, 175, 195 Sager, Judy, Stanberry, Missouri, 81. 148, 156, 163, 250 Sales, Charlene, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 164 Salfrank, Janet, Shenandoah, Iowa, 126, 178 Salfrank, Judy, Shenandoah, Iowa, 81, 134, 161, 181 Salfrank, Susan, Rock Port, Missouri, 126 Samuel, Connie, Winterset, Iowa, 248 Sand, Mary, Blockton, Iowa, 81, 144 Sander, Ronald, Palls City, Nebraska, 99 Saner, Paul, Shenandoah, Iowa, 99 Saucerman, Alvera, Maryville, Mis- souri, 64 Sauer, William, Hamlin, Kansas, 81 Saunders, Shirley, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 99 Sauter, Arthur, St. Joseph, Missouri, 64, 237 Sauvago, Phillip, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 81 Sawyer, Jane, Red Oak, Iowa, 126, 155 Saxton, Larry, Barnard, Missouri, 154 Scamman, Mark, Rock Port, Missouri, 64 Schaag, Dennis, Maryville, Missouri, 285 Schaeffer, Kenneth, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 64 Schafer, Shirley, Dexter, Iowa, 99 Schaller, William, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 99, 234, 235 Schantz, Dean, Red Oak, Iowa, 64, 134, 164 Schatz, Gloria, Falls City, Nebraska, 99 Schatz, James, Falls City, Nebraska, 126 Scheer, Edward, Maryville, Missouri, 81, 188 Scheer, Jim, Maryville, Missouri, 188 Scheller, Lynn, Toledo, Ohio, 126, 155, 161, 188 Schenkel, Kenneth, Maryville, Missou- ri, 99 Schenkelberg, Michael, Carroll, Iowa, 99 Schieber, Joseph, Conception Junc- tion, Missouri, 126 Schieber, Marilyn, Stanberry, Mis- souri, 126 Schieber, Patricia, Stanberry, Mis- souri, 81 Schieber, Robert, Stanberry, Missou- ri, 81 Schieber, Sheila, Stanberry, Missou- ri, 99, 168, 186, 224, 225 Schlegel, Roger, Dubuque, Iowa, 99, 233, 269, 271 Schlichting, Kathryn, Andalvsia, Illi- nois, 126, 163, 192 Schmidt, Robert, Kenosha, Wisconsin, 127 Schmidt, Ronald, Maryville, Missouri, 127 Schmidt, Sharon, Langdon, Missouri, 64, 134, 144, 162, 164 Schmitz, Carmelita, Parnell, Missouri, 127, 186 Schnathorst, Dennis, Baxter, Iowa, 99 Schnegelberger, Lois, Langdon, Mis- souri, 127 Richmond, Mich- Cosby, Missouri, Schneider, Daniel, igan, 81, 142 Schneider, Linda, 127, 193 Schneider, Roger, Crosby, Missouri, 250 Schnell, David, Des Moines, Iowa, 164 Schnell, Joyce, Grinnell, Iowa, 127 Schnobrich, Forrest, Casey, Iowa, 64, 242 Schooler, Terry, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 81 Schope, James, Marion, Iowa, 99 Schott, Eddie, Kansas City, Missouri, 127 Schrader, Garla, Knoxville, Iowa, 64, 90 Schreiner, Doris, Moville, Iowa, 64, 144, 162, 164, 180 Schoeder, Edward, Oregon, Missouri, 99, 165 Schroeder, John, Hebron, Nebraska, 65 Schuckenbrock, Patricia, Ludlow, Mis- souri, 81, 176 Schug, Jay, Storm Lake, Iowa, 81 Schulenberg, Mary, Hiawatha, Kansas, 99, 210, 224, 225, 244 Schuler, Robert, Atlantic, Iowa, 127 Schultz, Edward, Maryville, Missou- ri, 197, 286 Schultz, Jane, Malvern, Iowa, 65, 170, 188 Schultz, Lorraine, Maryville, Missou- ri, 65, 140, 147, 197 Schultz, Mark, Council Bluffs, Iowa. 127 Schuster, Charles, Waterloo, Iowa, 127 Schwab, Gail, Crestion, Iowa, 81 Schwieso, Dennis, Manilla, Iowa, 82, 218, 233 Scott, Alan, Kansas City, Missouri, 99, 142 Scott, Judy, Grant City, Missouri, 99 Scott, Larry, Carroll, Iowa, 127 Scott, Ronnie, Orrville, Ohio, 82 Scott, Vincent, Hopkins, Missouri, 127 Seabaugh, Kathryne, Savannah, Mis- souri, 47, 127, 181, 222 Sealing, Roberta, Maryville, Missouri, 65, 163 Seat, David, Denver, Missouri, 99, 172, 190 Seckel, Leonard, Dearborn, Missouri, 65 Deckels, Larry, St. Joseph, Missouri, 65 See, Alan, Peru, Iowa, 99 Seeley, Kenneth, Afton, Iowa, 65 Seely, Kendra, Algona, Iowa, 127 Seger, Raymond, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 99 Seifert, Kathleen, Cameron, Missouri, 99, 112, 163, 251 Seipel, Diane, Maryville, Missouri, 164 Seipel, Lois, Rosendale, Missouri, 164 Seipel, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, 175 Seiveling, Willis, Ephrata, Pennsyl- vani a, 99, 233 Selby, Barbara, Villisca, Iowa, 82, 179 Sell, Michael, Clarinda, Iowa, 82 Sell, Wayne, Silver City, Iowa, 127 Selvig, Sandra, Bode, Iowa, 163 Severin, Norman, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 65 Severson, Marcene, Jewell, Iowa, 82, 220, 228, 229, 274, 275 Severson, Ruth, Stanberry, Missouri, 82, 147, 156, 224, 225 Sexton, Sheryl, Logan, Iowa, 99 Seymour, Judith, Tarkio, Missouri, 65 Shafer, Linda, Redding, Iowa, 82, 162 Shaffer, William, Iowa City, Iowa, 127 Shamberger, Margaret, Maryville, Missouri, 82, 229, 231 Sharp, Barbara, Richmond, Missouri, 127, 147 Sharp, Larry, Carrollton, Missouri, 99 Sharp, Mary, Kearney, Missouri, 127, 164 Sharp, Rita, Mound City, Missouri, 76, 99, 157 Shaver, Jane, Plattsburg, Missouri, 42, 65, 168, 218, 220, 228 Shaw, Gary, Denison, Iowa, 82 Shaw, Janet, Denison, Iowa, 127 Shea, Jerry, Maryville, Missouri, 82 Shea, Paul, Maryville, Missouri, 82 Sheehan, Judith, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 127, 178, 186 Sheehan, Pamela, Des Moines, Iowa, 127 Sheetz, Beverly, Braymer, Missouri, 127, 163, 275 Shepard, Norma, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 82 Shepherd, Patsy, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 82, 168, 227 Sherbo, John, Maryville, Missouri, 82 Sherman, Elaine, Maryville, Missouri, 99, 193, 219, 229, 274, 275 Shestak, David, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 99, 149, 184, 252, 254, 255, 257 Sheilds, Gary, Mount Ayr, Iowa, 82, 218, 237 Sheilds, Joseph, Denison, Iowa, 99 Shields, Karen, Maitland, Missouri, 226 Shierk, Dlethea, Algona, Iowa, 178 Shipley, Donald, Burlington Junction, Missouri Shipley, John, Maryville, Missouri, 65, 140, 141 Shipley, Sharon, Maryville, Missouri, 65, 140, 141 Shipley, Steven, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 127 Shocklev, Carol, Grant City, Missou- ri, 127 Shockley, Kay, Grant City, Missouri, 127 Shores, Donald, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 65 Shroyer, Dona, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 82, 144, 218 Shroyer, Orlo, Savannah, Missouri, 65 Sibley, Dewitt, Red Oak, Iowa, 127, 155 Siddens, Lettie, Maryville, Missouri, 82 Siehl, John, Grinnell, Iowa, 65, 184, 212 Siglin, Annette, Jefferson, Iowa, 99 Sillik, Beverly, Omaha, Nebraska, 127, 224 Simmons, Jesse, St. Joseph, Missouri, 65 Simmons, Norma, Maryville, Missou- ri, 127, 193 Simon, Howard, New York City, New York, 219, 280 312 Simon, Michael, Falls City, Nebraska, 99, 276, 278 Simons, Sandra, Des Moines, Iowa, 127, 163 Simpson, James, Conception Junction, Missouri, 127 Sipe, Richard, St. Joseph, Missouri, 65 Skillman, Mary, Stewartsville, Mis- souri, 127, 155 Skinner, Mary, Lucas, Iowa, 99 Skoglund, Lawrence, Barnard, Mis- souri, 172, 175 Slater, Sandy, Red Oak, Iowa, 128, 193, 219 Slawson, Janice, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 128 Slaybaugh, Patricia, Stewartsville, Missouri, 65, 161, 162, 179 Slayden, Karen, Rea, Missouri, 250 Sleister, Paulette, Manilla, Iowa, 99 Sloan, Sally, Plattsburg, Missouri, 128 Slykhuis, Jennie, Dallas, Texas, 82, 144, 148 Smetana, Richard, Council Bluffs. Iowa, 128, 159 Smith, Barbara, Melcher, Iowa, 82 Smith, Carolee, S t. Joseph, Missouri, 65, 181 Smith, Carolyn, Centerville, Iowa, 65, 134, 168, 178 Smith, Charles, Blythedale, Missouri, 100 Smith, Cheryl, Fairfax, Missouri, 128 Smith, Connie, Maryville, Missouri, 225 Smith, David, Kidder, Missouri, 100 Smith, Denney, Lorimor, Iowa, 128 Smith, Donald, Fairfax, Missouri, 100 Smith, Eddie, Des Moines, Iowa, 190, 237 281 294 Smith, Floyd, Chariton, Iowa, 82 Smith, Franklin, Mound City, Mis- souri, 82 Smith, Gretchen. Malvern, Iowa, 82 Smith, Janet, Winston, Missouri, 100, 130 Smith, Janice, Kansas City, Missouri, 128 Smith, Judith, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 128, 155 Smith, Kathryn, Casey, Iowa, 100, 163, 181, 192, 290 Smith, Kenneth, Holstein, Iowa, 100 Smith, Lane, Gradview, Missouri, 82 Smith, Lenore, Margarita, Canal Zone, 100 Smith, Mary, King City, Missouri, 66 Smith, Millard. Blythedale, Missouri. 100, 153, 157 Smith, Otis, Chillicothe, Missouri. 128 Smith, Phyllis, Maryville, Missouri. 82, 163 Smith, Richard, Melcher, Iowa, 128, 145 Smith, Ronald, Grant City, Missouri. 100 Smith, Sharon, Bethany, Missouri. 100, 264 Smith, Stanley, Russell, Iowa, 82 Smith, Stephen, Kidder, Missouri, 128 Smither, Louis, Weston, Missouri, 128 Smoot, William, Excelsior Springs. Missouri, 100, 231 Snavely, Judith, Kansas City, 100. 190 Snethen, Gay, Falls City, Nebraska. 128, 155 Snodgrass, Ruth, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 128 Snook, Darwin, Grand River, Iowa, 128 Snow, Barbara, Elmo, Missouri, 66 Snuffer, Helen, St. Joseph, Missouri, 82 Snyder, Charles, Maryville, Missouri, 66 Snyder, Marlys, Maryville, Missouri, 66, 164 Snyder, Richard, Fairfax, Missouri, 66, 233 Sobalvarro, Carol, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 82, 131 Solar, James, Buffalo, New York, 66, 164 Sommer, Edward, Oregon, Missouri. 128 Sorensen, Frederick, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 100 Sorensen, Michael, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 128 Sorensen, Soren, Avoca, Iowa, 66, 142, 192 Sorensen, Stephen, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 100 Southard, Woodrow, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 128 Spain, Darrell, Farragut, Iowa, 128 Spangler, Adrienne, Cumming, Iowa, 128, 155 Sparks, Terry, Tarkio, Missouri, 100 Speas, James , St. Joseph, Missouri, 66 Spector, Sheldon, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 82, 164 Spencer, Barbara, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 66, 162 Spencer, John, Lohrville, Iowa, 66, 220, 233 Spicer, Marjean, Lenox, Iowa, 128 Spillman, Marlene, Albany, Missouri, 128 Spire, Edwin, Maryville, Missouri, 82, 162, 175, 186, 237 Spolar, Michael, Melcher, Iowa, 82, 164, 171 Spoon, Kathleen, Russell, Iowa, 128 Sprague, William, Glidden, Iowa, 237 Sprake, Janet, Faucett. Missouri, 100 Spraker, Alan, McChord A.F.B., Washington, 128 Spriester, Fred, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 82, 197 Springer, Janice, Savannah, Missouri. 228 Spurgeon, William, Des Moines, Iowa, 128, 175 Stackhouse, Elaine, Des Moines, Iowa, 100 Stafford, Gary, St. Joseph, Missouri, 66, 218, 237 Stafford, Jon, St. Joseph, Missouri, 236, 237 Stalling, Clyde, Burlington Junction. Missouri, 100 Stalling, Ellen, Barnard, Missouri, 128 Standard, Roger, Conway, Iowa, 85, 100 Standfield, James, Elwood, Kansas. 252 Stanley, Evelyn, Maryville, Missouri, 100 StaDles, David, Maryville, Missouri, 128 Starr, Raymond, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 82 Statham, Paul, Carrollton, Missouri, 128 Steckelberg, Rickev, Irwin. Iowa, 82. 142, 153. 155. 156, 158. 159 Steele, Twila, Dearborn, Missouri, 66 Steffens, Gordon, Primghar, Iowa, 128 Steinfeld, Judy, El Paso, Texas, 128, 164 Steinhauser, John, Stanberry, Mis- souri, 129 Steinhauser, Robert, Stanberry, Mis- souri, 100 Steinhauser, William, Stanberry, Mis- souri, 82 Steinman, Beric, Albany, Missouri, 129, 172 Stenzel, Glen, Hamburg, Iowa, 83, 175 Stephens, Barb, Forrest City, Mis- souri, 251 Stephens, Charles, Grant City, Mis- souri, 100 Stephens, Kelley, Maryville, Missou- ri, 100 Stephens, Leonard, Maryville, Mis- souri, 129, 187 Stephens, Michael, Raytown, Missou- ri, 70, 218 Stephens, Rena, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 129 Stephens, Richard, Mount Ayr, Iowa, 83 Stevens, Lorna, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 47, 129, 219, 222 Stevens, Sharon, Shawnee Mission, Kansas, 129 Stevenson, Marsha, College Springs, Iowa, 129, 154, 168 Stevenson, Rodney, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 129 Stewart, Alvin, Reading, Michigan, 66, 165, 171, 175 Stewart, Dave, Maryville, Missouri, 269 Stewart, Gary, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 129 Stewart, Robert, Springfield, Missou- ri, 129, 165 Stewart, Roger, Hopkins, Missouri, 129 Stickler, Jonalee, Maryville, Missouri, 83 Stilabower, Sandra, Chillicothe, Mis- souri, 100, 227 Stiles, Sue, St. Joseph, Missouri, 66 Stilley, Edward, Red Oak, Iowa, 100, 235 Stillwagon, Margaret, Maryville, Mis- souri, 66, 195 Stillwagon, Stan, Maryville, Missou- ri, 6, 175, 195 Stitt, Michele, Kansas City, Missouri, 83, 227 Stitt, Terry, LaGrange Park, Illinois. 226 Sitzer, Lowell, Falls City, Nebraska, 129 Stoaks, Marguaretta, Lenox, Iowa, 129 Stoll, Clara, Stanberry, Missouri, 100, 168, 178, 186, 219 Stoll, Michael, Harlan, Iowa, 83 Stone, Lyle, Gary, Iowa, 129 Stoner, Jane, Logan, Iowa, 42, 46, 66, 144, 163, 229 Stoner, Terry, Ravenwood, Missouri, 83, 148, 251 Stookey, Carol, Des Moines, Iowa, 129 St. Peter, Judv, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 83, 161, 162, 220, 227 Strachan, Linda, Red Oak, Iowa, 83, 132, 134, 161, 181 Straight, Beverly, Maryville, Missou- ri, 100 Stratton, Tom, Red Oak, Iowa, 83, 149 Straub, Cheryl, Maryville, Missouri, 83 Stream, Sherman, Shannon. City, Iowa, 100 Sttrecker, Daniel, Preston, Nebraska, 83, 236 Strecker. Dennis, Preston, Nebraska, 100, 237 Streeter, Curtis, Sheridan, Missouri. 100 Strickland, David, Anita, Iowa, 66 Stroebele, Jerald, Maryville, Missouri, 101 Stuart, David, Fairfield, Connecticut, 101, 236 Stuber, Douglas, St. Joseph, Missouri, 83 Stuckey, Richard, Maryville, Missou- ri, 258 Sturtz, Kenneth, Ames, Iowa, 101 Suess, Mary. Maryville, Missouri, 66 Suetterlin, Kenneth, Maryville, Mis- souri, 154, 156, 248, 254 Sullivan, John, Bridgewater, Iowa, 129 Summers, Charles. Excelsior Springs. Missouri. 66, 149, 175, 184, 202, 233 Summers, Douglas, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 129 Sunderman, Judith, Clarinda, Iowa. 83, 93, 161. 178 Sunderman, Luella, Griswold, Iowa, 101 Sundermann, Shirley, Westboro, Mis- souri, 83, 170 Sutter, Anita, Fairfax, Missouri, 83 313 Sutton, Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 67 Swaney, Charles, Hopkins, Missouri, 83 Swaney, Marge, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 264 Swanson, Duane, Hopkins, Missouri, 101 Swanson, Milton, Ogden, Iowa, 129 Swartz, Dennis, Shenandoah, Iowa, 129 Sweeney, Linda, Afton, Iowa, 83 Sweet, Raymond, Bethany, Missouri, 129 Sweney, Patricia, Shenandoah, Iowa, 83, 157, 168 Swenson, John, St. Charles, Illinois, 129 Swink, Marshall, Pickering, Missouri, 129 Taake, Jean, Des Moines, Iowa, 129 Tackett, Natalie, Maryville, Missouri, 83 Tackett, Wava, Glenwood, Iowa, 1, 83, 123, 134, 138, 139, 147, 162, 209, 218 Tadlock, William, Maryville, Missou- ri, 83, 172, 175 Talarico, Ernest, Des Moines, Iowa, 67, 175, 184 Talbott, Parmela, Lincoln, Nebraska. 101 Tanner, Cherie, St. Joseph, Missouri. 129 Tarwater. Patti, St. Joseph, Missouri. 129, 155, 226 Tasler, Ramona. Churdan, Iowa. 101 Tate, Judy. Gallatin, Missouri. 67 Tatman, Wilson, Platte City, Missou- ri, 93 Tauchen, Richard, Chillicothe, Mis- souri, 83, 239 Taylor, Carolyn, Tarkio, Missouri, 129 Taylor, David, Maitland, Missouri. 47, 83, 91, 154, 157, 158, 237 Taylor, Douglas, Maysville, Missouri. 148, 164 Tavlor, Gary, Maryville, Missouri. 269 Tavlor, Jerry, Maryville, Missouri. 83, 171 Taylor, Katie, Maryville, Missouri. 101 Taylor, Larry G.. Tabor. Iowa, 83 Tavlor, Larry T., Cedar Rapids. Iowa, 129 Taylor, Mary, Maysville, Missouri. 101, 112 Taylor, Rebecca. Kansas City, Mis- souri, 129, 168. 224 Taylor. Robert, Kansas Citv, Missou- ri. 101 Taylor, Stenhen, Festus. Missouri, 91 Tavlor, Suanne, Maryville, Missouri, 101 Tavlor, Ursula, Maryville, Missouri, 129 Taylor, William, Allerton. Iowa. 83 Te le, Hugh. Marwille. Missouri. 194 Teegarden. Patricia, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 67. 163 Temuler, William, Jewell, Iowa, 101. 240 Terry. Robert. Malvern. Iowa. 190 Tesi. Roger, Ntuley. New Jersey, 101 Thacker. Gregory, Hemple. Missouri. 129. 175 Thatch. Judv. Parkville, Missouri, 83. 144, 190, 191 Thomas, Allan, Emerson, Iowa, 67. 233 Thomas, Linda, St. Joseph, Missouri, 130 Thomas, Sharon, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 83, 229 Thompson, Arnold, Davis City, Iowa, 83, 282 Thompson, Bart, Maryville, Missouri, 242 Thompson, Bette, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 83 Thompson, Celia, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 84, 210, 227, 274, 275 Thompson, Edra, Amity, Missouri, 130 Thompson, Everett, Oakland, Iowa. 130 Thompson, James, Maryville, Missou- ri, 164, 165 Thompson, Kathryn, Conway, Iowa, 130 Thompson, Kenneth, Bedford, Iowa, 67, 233 Thompson, Michael D., Maryville, Missouri, 43, 101, 137, 206, 238, 269, 270 Thompson, Michael H., Quitman, Mis- souri, 175 Thompson, Norma, Hopkins, Missou- ri, 130, 154, 155 Thompson, Robert, Newtown, Missou- ri, 130 Thompson, Russell, Maryville, Mis- souri, 101, 231 Thompson, Sue, Maryville, Missouri, 67, 136, 137, 226, 227 Thompson, Vern, Redfield, Iowa, 67, 239 Thomsen, Deanne, Winterset, Iowa, 130, 154 Thornton, Gloria, Des Moines, Iowa, 130 Thummel, Irma, Bedford, Iowa, 101 Thurnau, Gary, Craig, Missouri, 101 Tietz, Gary, St. Joseph, Missouri, 101, 164 Tietz, Sally, St. Joseph, Missouri, 84 Tiffany, William, Grand Junction, Iowa, 130 Tillotson, Terry, Gainsville, Missouri, 130 Timberlake, Nancy, Bedford, Iowa, 42, 67, 97, 134, 136, 180, 218, 261 Timmerman, Jean, Nodaway, Iowa, 84 Timmerman, Lyle, Nodaway, Iowa, 84, 233 Tino, John, Torrington, Connecticut, 237 Tipton, Gerri, Grand Island, Nebras- ka, 84, 108, 163, 186, 204, 205, 206, 218, 227 Tirres, Danny, El Paso, Texas, 130 Toannon, Diane, Chicago, Illinois, 130, 252, 255 Tomes, Gary, Ridgeway, Missouri, 190 Tonnies. Marshall, Maryville, Missou- ri, 130, 190, 269 Toppa, Ronald. Middletown, Rhode Island, 101, 235 Torkelson, Ronnie, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 130, 142 Torstenson, Tom, Des Moines, Iowa, 101 Townsend, Herbert, Savannah, Mis- souri, 84, 172, 175 Townsend, Lee, St. Joseph, Missouri, 67 Townsend, Shirley, Guilford, Missou- ri, 84 Townsend, Sonya, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 130 Tracy, Gary, Des Moines, Iowa, 130. 175 Trainer. Thomas. Maryville, Missouri, 67, 134, 164, 165 Trauger, Harold, Luverne, Iowa. 165 Traylor. Diane, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 101, 226 Trecek, Edward, Logan, Iowa, 153. 154, 158, 159, 237 Treese, Donna, Ravenwood, Missouri, 84, 170 Treu. Arthur, St. Joseph, Missouri, 170 Tribolet, Ronald, Bedford, Iowa, 202, 233 Triplett, Emory, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 242 Tritsch, Judith, Braddyville, Iowa, 101, 144, 259 Trotter, Avery, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 223, 238 Trow, James, Maryville, ' Missouri, 130 Trow, Marilyn, Maryville, Missouri, 130 Trueblood, Thomas, Boxholm, Iowa, 130 Trump, Lynn, Worth, Missouri, 101 Tubach, David, Falls City, Nebraska. 130 Tuchband, Thomas, Western Springs, Illinois, 130 Tuggle, Sue, Ridgeway, Missouri, 130 Tunell, Gary, Maryville, Missouri, 101 Turner, Eugene, Griswold, Iowa, 130 Turner, Linda, Anita, Iowa, 101 Tuttle, Dixie, Breckenridge, Missouri, 130 Twaddle, Michael, College Springs, Iowa, 84 Tyler, Carol, Grinnell, Iowa, 157 Tyliski, Thomas, St. Joseph, Missouri, 84, 164 Tyson, Turner, Maryville, Missouri, 140, 141 Underwood, Mary, Sharpsburg, Iowa, 130 Underwood, William, Bedford, Iowa, 130 Ungles, Elvin, Skidmore, Missouri, 67 Urban, Marlene, Bendena, Kansas, 130, 155, 159 CJrich, Gary, Chula, Missouri, 101, 149 Vanderweide, Vincent, 101, 269 Vanfossan, Jim, Barnard, Missouri, 130, 154 Van Fosson, Linda, Braddyville, Iowa, 130, 168 Van Hoozer, Joan, Martinsville, Mis- souri, 67, 251 Van Houtan, Jerry, New Hampton, Missouri, 84 Van Sickle, Don, St. Joseph, Missouri, 237 Varley, Lawrence, Shenandoah, Iowa, 130 Vawter, Bobby, Coin, Iowa, 67 Vawter, Diana, Maryville, Missouri, 84 Vawter, Ruth, Coin, Iowa, 67 Veak, Bernard, Essex, Iowa. 84, 235 Vessar, Lyndal, Stewartsville, Mis- souri, 101, 237 Veylupek, Gary, Maryville, Missouri, 131, 158, 184 Veylupek, Judy, Maryville, Missouri, 84, 227 Victor, Michael, Prescott, Iowa, 101 Viti. Frank, Providence, Rhode Island, 239 Vock, Greeory, Chicago, Illinois, 269 Voegele, Douglas, Rulo, Nebraska, 84, 269 Voerel, Marvin, Blanchard, Iowa, 131 Volkens, Jon, Carson, Iowa, 67 Voyce, Jo Ann, Des Moines, Iowa, 131, 162. 165, 193 Wade, Jeffery. Weldon, Iowa, 101 Waeers. Sue. Stanberry, Missouri, 84, 163, 225. 290 Waener. Donald. Manning, Iowa, 131 Wake, Reed, Fairfax, Missouri, 131 Wakemsn. James, St. Louis, Missouri, 101, 169 Waldeier, Connie, Worth, Missouri, 168 Waldeier. Larry, Ravenwood, Mis- souri, 131 Waldron. Mary, Maryville, Missouri, 84, 223 Walder, Diane, Chillicothe, Missouri, 131 Walder, Elaine, St. Joseph, Missouri, Walder, Rhonda, Stanton, Iowa, 84 170 Walker, John, Van Meter, Iowa, 101 Walker, Judith, Des Moines, Iowa, 84, 170 Walker, Patricia, Cameron, Missouri, 131, 155, 190 Walker, Paul, Mount Ayr, Iowa, 242 Walker, Robert, Van Meter, Iowa, 131, 175 314 Walker, Roger, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 235 Walkup, Vivi, Oregon, Missouri, 131 Wallace, Beverly, Battle Creek, Iowa, 101 Wallace, Carolyn, Hopkins, Missouri, 85, 164, 177, 178 Wallace, Linda, Benton, Iowa, 131 Wallace, Ronald, Fort Dodge, Iowa, 102 Waltemath, Phillip, Darlington, Mis- souri, 131 Walter, Eldon, Prescott, Iowa, 131 Walter, Linda, Wathena, Kansas, 156 Walter, Ronald, Adel, Iowa, 102 Walton, Paula, Stuart, Iowa, 102 Ward, Beverly, Jameson, Missouri, 67 Ward, James, Shenandoah, Iowa, 131 Ware, Diana, Riverton, Iowa, 131 Ware, Evelyn, Kansas City, Missouri, 102 Ware, James, Pickering, Missouri, 67 Ware, Linda, Bedford, Iowa, 131, 154 Ware, Michael, Bedford, Iowa, 102, 141, 248 Ware, Phillis, Pickering, Missouri, 131 Wareham, Robert, Highland, Kansas, 84 Warren, Terry, Parnell, Missouri, 131 Warren, Wilbur, Easton, Missouri, 131 Wasserfallen, David, Fairfax, Mis- souri, 131, 152, 175, 188 Watkins, Flame, Falls City, Nebras- ka, 131 Watkins, Larry, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 131 Watsabaugh, J. B., St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 131 Watson, Charlotte, Stewartsville, Missouri, 67, 153, 155, 156, 159, 162, 172, 248 Watson, James, Bethany, Missouri, 131 Watson, Paul, Cameron, Missouri, 131, 175, 188 Watson, William, Tabor, Iowa, 102, 281 Wayman, Nancy, 84, 147, 218, 229 Webb, Harold, Ortonville, Michigan, 131 Webb, John, Parkville, Missouri, 102 Webb, Vincent, Bloomfield, Nebraska, 102, 186, 234, 235 Weddle, John, Hatfield, Missouri, 131 Wedgewood, Robert, Marshalltown, Iowa, 67 Weeks, Dale, Maryville, Missouri, 68 Weese, Jerry, Newton, Iowa, 68, 233 Weibel, James, Denver, Colorado. 102 Weigel, Donald, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 237 Weir, Sharon. Hopkins, Missouri, 68 Weis, Richard, Oregon, Missouri, 131 Weisshaar, Nancy, Creston, Iowa, 84 Welsch, Robert, Bridgewater, Iowa, 131 Welty, Judith, St. Joseph, Missouri, 84 West, Averell, Blockton, Iowa, 193 West, Burris, Maryville, Missouri, 84 West, Glenn, St. Joseph, Missouri, 84, 170 West, Gloria, Maryville, Missouri, 169 West, Mari, Adel, Iowa, 226 Westbrook, John, Atlantic, Iowa, 131 Weston, Paula, Maitland, Missouri, 131, 228 Wetzel, Martha, Chillicothe, Missou- ri, 131, 168 Whan, Peggy, Maryville, Missouri, 68, 223 Wharff, Mariorie, Des Moines, Iowa, 131, 140, 163, 181 Wheeler, Kent, Maryville, Missouri, 84, 162 Wheeler, Valorie, Bethany, Missouri, 82, 132 Whetstone, Gano, Casey, Iowa, 102, 140, 163, 251, 290 Whetstone, Richard, Anita, Iowa, 132 Whigham, Myrna, Maryville, Missou- ri, 68 Whipple, Ben, Red Oak, Iowa, 132 Whipple, Donald, Hopkins, Missouri, 102 Whitaker, John, Gilman City, Mis- souri, 131, 232 Whitcomb, John, Kellogg, Iowa, 84, 165 White, Jim, Blythedale, Missouri, 68 White, Larry, Winterset, Iowa, 84, 188, 189, 218, 281 White, William, Union Star, Missou- ri, 84, 154, 239 Whitenead, Sharon, Independence, Missouri, 132, 155, 187 Whiteman, Susan, Maysville, Missou- ri, 85 Whitesell, Allan, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 132 Whitesell, Charles, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 132 Whitlatch, Robert, Dallas, Iowa, 102 Whitney, Elizabeth, Maryville, Mis- souri, 68 Whitney, Diane, St. Joseph, Missouri, 3, 85, 144, 165 Wible, Carolyn, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 132, 162 Wideman, Alan, Denver, Missouri, 132 Widener, Deanna, Redfield, Iowa, 132 Wiegand, Jen, Storm Lake, Iowa, 102 Wiegers, William, North Kansas City, Missouri, 132 Wieland, Lonny, Maryville, Missouri, 68, 282 Wilcox, Dwight, St. Joseph, Missouri, 85, 164 Wilcox, Norman, Harlan, Iowa, 250, 256 Wilcoxson, Stephen, Lamoni, Iowa, 102 Wiley, Diana, Aurora, Colorado, 132, 155, 158 Wiley, Marlene, Quitman, Missouri, 102 Wilhoit, Steve, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 102, 157, 184 Wilkes, Nancy, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 248 Wilkinson, Kenneth, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 68 Wilkinson, Margo, St. Joseph, Mis- sori, 68 Willett, Gary, Des Moines, Iowa, 242 Williams, Beverly, Maryville, Missou- ri, 68 Williams, Helen, Corning, Iowa, 102 Williams, Jane, Maitland, Missouri. 132 Williams, Richard, Eaglegrove, Iowa, 85 Williams, Robert, Albany, Missouri, 102, 164, 158 Williams, Sheila, St. Joseph, Missou- ri, 132 Williams, Shirley, Malvern, Iowa, 102, 190 Williamson, Eddie, Maryville, Mis- souri, 102 Willimann, Frances, Independence, Missouri, 132, 226 Willrett. Dean, Algona, Iowa, 242 Willwerth, Ronald, Eagle Grove Iowa, 132 Wilson, Carol. Kansas City, Missouri, 156, 246, 250, 252 Wilson. Chandra, King City, Missou- ri, 68 Wilson, Doris, Gallatin, Missouri, 152, 246, 251, 255 Wilson, Eddie, Princeton, Missouri, 102 Wilson, Inez, Bedford, 132 Wilson. James, Maryville, Missouri, 68, 233 Wilson, Karen, Maryville, Missouri, 102, 154, 229 Wilson, Larry, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 102 Wilson, Marilyn, Chillicothe, Missou- ri, 132 Wilson, Michael, St. Joseph, Missouri, 102, 234 Wilson, Norma, Maryville, Missouri, 132 Wilson, Richard, Sheridan, Missouri, 85 Wilson, Stan, Maryville, Missouri, 68, 170, 239 Wilson, Twila, Rushville, Missouri, 85, 190 Wilson, Vicky, Maryville, Missouri, 85 Wiltshire, Carolyn, Liberty, Missouri, Missouri, 5, 42, 46, 68, 148, 202, 218, 220, 221, 222 Winder, Gary, St. Joseph, Missouri, 85 Winders, Susan, Blue Springs, Mis- souri, 132 Wineinger, Carolyn, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 132, 149 Wineinger, Ronald, Stanberry, Mis- souri, 102 Winn, Robert, Edgerton, Missouri, 132 Winters, Gary, Iowa Falls, Iowa, 102 Winzenread, Johanna, Maryville, Mis- souri, 102 Wion, Lynne, Beaconsfield, Iowa, 132 Wirt, Cheryl, Atlantic, Iowa, 132 Wirt, William, Dumont, New Jersey, 132, 184 Wisdom, Clinton, North Kansas City, Missouri, 102 Wise, Fred, Lytton, Iowa, 132 Wise, Ron, Maryville, Missouri. 280 Wittbrodt, Harold, Flint, Michigan, 85, 269, 271 Wolcott, Sue, Maryville, Missouri, 85, 169 Wolf, Donna, Rock Port, Missouri, 85, 190 Wolf, Joseph, Rock Port, Missouri, 85 Wolf, Linda, Rock Port, Missouri, 132, 190 Wolf, Phyllis, Rock Port, Missouri, 132, 190 Wolfe, John, Shenandoah, Iowa, 68, 164, 165 Wolverton, Carol, Stanberry, Missou- ri, 102, 162, 290 Wolverton, Judy, Stanberry, Missou- ri, 68, 163, 179, 259 Wolverton, Steve, North Kansas City, Missouri, 132, 142 Wood, James. Hopkins, Missouri, 132 Wood, Lyle, Elmo, Missouri, 132 Wood, Robert, Des Moines, Iowa, 133 Wood, Sharon, St. Joseph, Missouri, 102, 181 Wood, Thomas, Maryville, Missouri, 133 Woodard, Betty, Maryville, Missouri, 68 Woodford, Susan, Norwalk, Iowa, 133, 187 Woods, Carol, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 102 Woods, Douglas, West Des Moines, Iowa, 133 Woods, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, 276, 279 Woods, Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 269 Woodyard, Stephen, Des Moines, Iowa, 133 Workman. Carol, King City, Missouri, 136, 157, 158, 159. 223 Wortman, Martha, Des Moines, Iowa, 102 Wozniak, Dennis, Chicago, Illinois, 133 Wray, Keith, Parnell, Missouri, 133 Wray, Linda, St. Joseph, Missouri, 85 Wray. Vernis, Parnell, Missouri, 85 Wright, John, Fort Dodge, Iowa, 133 Wright, Lillian, Craig, Missouri, 85 Wrieht, Nancy, Weston, Missouri, 85, 165 Wright, Peggy, Kansas City, Missou- ri, 133. 163, 228, 275, 290 Wright, Rebecca, Corning, Missouri, 133, 181 315 Wright, Russell, Stuart, Iowa, 133 Wuerfele, Perry, Eastern, Missouri, 85 Wyckoff, David, Maryville, Missouri, 68 Wyse, Ronald, Richamond, Missouri, 133 Xanders, Rita, Kansas City, Missouri, 133, 178 Yackie, Alfred, St. Joseph, Missouri, 85, 186, 234, 235 Yaple, Sandra, St. Joseph, Missouri, 85, 161, 162, 251 Yates, Jennifer, Lake View, Iowa, 133, 222 Yates, Tom, Maryville, Missouri, 297 Yeager, William, Ontario, Canada, 85, 242, 276, 278 Youell, Carolyn, Skidmore, Missouri, 133 Young, Carol, Troy, Kansas, 102, 144, 155, 157, 190 Young, James, Maryville, Missouri, 85 Young, Martha, Osceola, Iowa, 85 Young, Melvin, Fortescue, Missouri, 85 Young, Carlene, Sheridan, Missouri, 82, 168 Young, Roscoe, Maryville, Missouri, 68 Young, Sandra, West Des Moines, Iowa, 133, 181 Younger, Connie, Maryville, Missou- ri, 69, 129, 155, 158, 250 Younger, Linda, Maryville, Missouri, 69, 250, 257 Yuille, Eleanor, Jamesport, Missouri, 69 Zagorniak, Albert, Newton, Iowa, 133 Zaiger, Dorothy, Audubon, Iowa, 144, 162, 164 Zaiger, Jordon, Brayton, Iowa, 102 Zehr, Barbara, Manson, Iowa, 133, 155 Zeiger, John, Stanberry, Missouri, 133, 254 Zeikle, Charles, Polo, Missouri, 133 Zembles, Andrew, Hannibal, Missou- ri, 85 Zembles, Marthalee, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 133 Zimmerman, Danny, Maryville, Mis- souri, 133 Zimmerman, Joe, Cameron, Missouri, 85, 164, 188 Zimmerman, Paula, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 85, 161, 162, 178, 251 Zimmerman, Ronald, Corydon, Iowa, 69, 126, 240, 242 Zwank, Ronald, Pella, Iowa, 85, 184, 237 Ulhoqraphed Bound by WALSWORTH Maicelin . Mo. U. S. V 316 ft

Suggestions in the Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) collection:

Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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