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Victorious Sonny Listen stood over Floyd Patterson after the shortest heavyweight championship bout in history. Former Gen. Edwin A. Walker escorted off University of Mississippi campus by U.S. Marshals as federal action upheld enroll- ment of James Meredith. Rfeji s - - " 4i George Romney, elected governor of Michigan (and family) were among the smiling new faces in politics after off-year elections. Postmaster Gen. Edward Day inspected this map outlining the $1.5 million mail robbery at Plymouth, Massachusetts. New York Yankees won the Series from San Francisco in spite of Chuck Miller ' s fourth-game grand slammer. Philharmonic Holl, first unit of New York ' s projected Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, opened in a blaze of light. Steeple at Oregon State College of Edu- cation , Monmouth, Oregon, fell before hur- ricane-force winds which raked the West Coast in October causing mojor damage and communication breakdown. U.S. ond French officials gathered to wel- come crated " Mono Lisa " as the priceless painting arrived in New York en route to a showing in Washington, D.C. ' s National Gallery. National Events in Review WIDE WORLD PHOTOS The Space Needle and Monorail train were hallmarks of the successful World ' s Fair in Seattle, Washington. Sabin oral vaccine was mode available nationally and offered promise of complete immunity from all types of polio. Left: Solid-fueled Minuteman, successor to more complex liquid-fueled ICBM ' S, begins 4,000 mile journey from Canaveral. Others went into readi- ness in Montana. Nuotear submarines USS Skate ond USS Seadragon rendezvoused at the North Pole, hundreds of miles from open sea. 1963 TOWER NORTHWEST MISSOURI STA TE COLLEGE MARTVILLE, MISSOURI Janice Leavell . . . .Editor Ellen Grube Assistant Editor Mary Ellen Disburg .... Art Editor Howard Ringold A d VIS or foreword Students Goal Is to Build Foundations for the Future Just as the fitness of the foundation determines the soundness of a building, so the calibre of education determines the quality of tomorrow ' s citizen. A sound foundation must be built step by step and must be uniform in strength. So must a good citizen be developed. College is but another phase in this process, but in our era of advanced civilization, a highly necessary phase. As each side of the building ' s foundation must be equal in strength, so must the qualities of the individual be equal. The student derives not only intellectual expansion from college, but also social, spiritual, and physical growth. All of these together are necessary if we are to have firm FOUNDATIONS for the FU- TURE. ggggn gg dministration f ' V,jj| nl •• » » J- y-r ,1 i Classes 186 1 •J Gr A: JO j Organizations 112 } Social Life , . . 60 i Sports 38 I Spiritual . . . .174 Tower Is Dedicated to Building Firm Foundations To be a well-rounded person is our goal. We desire not only intellectual growth, but social, spiritual, and physical growth as well. These are all equally important if we are to be soundly equipped for the future. To those forces which help us build strong Foundations for the Future, we dedicate this 1963 Tower. Additions and Repair Work Constitute The Administration Building has repair work done. The Administration Building is one of the oldest buildings on cam- pus. The old wooden bridge is one of the approaches to the NWMSC campus. Familiar Sights on the NWMSC Campus This massive parkway has been a much-needed addition on cam- pus. One of the most beautiful sights on the campus in the winter is the ice laden trees. The men ' s dormitories are being continually added onto and en- larged. Campaign Signs Reveal Thought and Work Students Socialize y Are Campus Leaders Tail Kappa Epsilon backed the football team by ringing their bell for each touchdown the Bearcats scored. Cardinal Key pledges tapped first semester are Mary Ellen Dis- burg, Janice Leavell, Anita Kuhlman, Lee Gary Hoist, Kathy Kinnick, and Jeanne Swope. Karen Mast, president, tapped the new members. Ron Kraft, representing Phi Sigma Epsilon, and Jan Taylor represent- ing Sigma Sigma Sigma, receive the Homecoming supremacy trophies for 1962 from Dr. Harr, Homecoming faculty chairman, and Dale Hunziger, student chairman. The coke machines are popular in the men ' s dormitories. Sherry Speer provided entertainment at numerous school assemblies and functions. Entertainment and Study Are The " Topcats " helped to increase school spirit at the basketball games as well as backing the team and entertaining the fans. Christmas decorations added a festive atmosphere to the Student Union Cafeteria. 10 Integral Facets of College Living 7 ' ' wf fc m i ' 1 1 I Ml I Gamma Sigma Sigma provided good times and fun for their prospec- tive pledges at the rush party. Suzanne Walker models a matching slacks and top outfit at the annual AWS style show in the fall. Amid all the fun comes a time for study. The perfect atmosphere for this is found in the Wells Library. 11 Eddie Scheer helps himself to a candy bar at the canteens in the lounge of Golden Hall. Fraternities Are Proud of Their Houses Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity House zi Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity House Phi Lambda Chi Fraternity House Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity House 12 Hudson Hall, named after Miss Nelle Hudson, is one of the new girls ' dormitories. One of the most recent men ' s dormitories is Richard- son Hall. Another men ' s dormitory goes into the service of the college. New Buildings Constructed on NMSC Campus The new Home Manage- ment house adds beauty to the campus. Modern, Attractive Campus Buildings The President ' s Home mmi»K-: Golden Hall Roberta Hall !«,•« - i .: ' ' ' ' t.i, . v ; : ' - Well ' s Library 14 Provide Background for Learning J.W. Jones Union Building Horace Mann Laboratory School Lamkin Gymnasium 15 Freshman Orientation Provides Both Fun and Educational Experiences Dean Koerble and Ivan Lyddon, student body president, help new students be- come oriented to college activities. Also on hand to offer advice are representatives of each of the Greek organizations on campus. Students become better acquainted at Orientation dances. Even returning students make new acquaintances and enjoy the Orientation dances. Here Debbie Price and Nurettin Uzuniglu swing out on the dance floor. Over 700 Freshmen attend- ed the meetings during Orientation week. After a long and hectic day of registering, students come to the end of the line. Advisors Miss Violet Hunter and Dr. Frank Grube help students with class problems and registration routine and hand out class entrance permits. Registering Is Hectic Tiring Enlightening Students come near to the end of the last line as they wait almost patierffly to pay their registration fees. Conferring with one another, students receive pamphlets and information from Maryville ' s ministers during registration. BDBQyBBB 3 NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE COLLEGE Mabyviixe, Missoubi OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT To the Students : For many years the program of the Northwest Missouri State College has stressed the development of the student in his intellectual life, his spiritual life, his social life, and his physical life. The 1963 TOWER brings together in an excellent graphic history how each of these phases of student life is reflected in life on the campus of the college. While the 1963 TOWER will be a lasting reminder of 1962-63 to those who have been on the campus, it will also serve as a valuable document in the his- tory of the college. I wish to congratulate the TOWER staff and the Faculty Advisor on this fine pub- lication. The approval of the 1963 TOWER expressed by the student body and the many friends of the college is a partial reward for their efforts. As the college enrollment has increased, student activities have increased. The most gratifying development, however, has been in the increasingly high quality of the work done by the student body. This is reflected in the 1963 TOWER and is a pertinent reason I am proud of the Northwest Missouri State College, its Faculty, and its students. President Northwest Missouri State College 20 il ««. . ' €- ' V I 4 i-m 11 NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE COLLEGE Makyville, Missouri Office of the Student Senate School Year, 1962- ' 63 Fellow Students: The Northwest Missouri State College has provided a " Foundation for our Fu- ture. " Its faculty, administrative personnel, advisors, counselors, and others of the staff have taken an active part in furnishing sturdy material. All have endeavored to provide us with academic, spiritual, and social building blocks for this founda- tion. But for all of their worthwhile efforts, they can provide no more than a founda- tion. The structure which we build upon this base can be either well-built or fr ag- ile. It depends on the care and craftmanship we exercise. Yes, the truly observable portion of our lives will be shaped by our own hands. Beneath and behind us will lie the foundations acquired as undergraduates, but we must build and shape the finished product. We must and we will build higher and greater knowledge. The opportunity is here because we have had access to a bigger and stronger base than ever before. And in turn we must eventually leave a greater foundation than was afforded to us. We are both receiving and building " Foundations for the Future. " The task is ours. J Sincerely, Ivan W. Lyddon 22 f i ' 1961-62 Board of Regents for the N. W.M.S. C. Board of Regents: Luther G. Belcher, Jr., J. P. Morgan, C. F. Russell. Garvin R. Williams, W. M. C. Dawson, Harold M. Hull, Harold N. Stevenson, President J. W. Jones. W. M. C. DAWSON, president of the board, is president of the Citizen ' s Bank of Grant City, Missouri. He was ap- pointed to the Board of Regents in 1951 and received reap- pointment by Gov. Dalton in 1963. HAROLD M. HULL is vice-president of the board. He is a lawyer in Maryville and a member of the board since 1953. HAROLD N. STEVENSON, formerly affiliated with the Rainbow Bread Company of St. Joseph, Missouri, has been a member of the Board since 1957. GARVIN R. WILLIAMS of Williams Lawn Seed Com- pany in Maryville has been a member of the board since 1959. J. P. MORGAN, board member since 1961, is a lawyer and judge of the Chillicothe, Missouri, Circuit Court. C. F. RUSSELL, director of guidance in the Trenton, Mis- souri, public schools, has been a member since 1961. HUBERT WHEELER, Missouri Commissioner of Educa- tion, is an Ex-Officio member of the board. LUTHER G. BELCHER, JR., business manager of N.W.M.S.C., is secretary to the board. Each appointment to the Board of Regents is for a term of six years. 24 Deans Offer Services to Students DR. ROBERT P. FOSTER Dean of Administration DR. LEON F. MILLER Dean of Instruction DR. CHARLES E. KOERBLE Dean of Students JACK LASLEY Dean of Men RALPH MESSERLI Assistant Dean of Men MRS. L. G. BLADT Dean of Women 25 Adequate Staff Supplies Services to Students Director of Roberta Hall MRS. HELEN LARSEN Director of Hudson Hall MRS. MARTHA NEWBY Director of Perrin Hall MRS. JANE THUMMEL J MRS. M. T. SHELDON Dietitian MISS HELEN O ' CONNOR Nurse MISS PEARL DAWSON Nurse 26 Administrative Personnel Help Direct College Director of Field Service EVERETT W. BROWN Business Manager LUTHER BELCHER Chairman of Student Loans Director of Student Activities BILL NEEDLES Faculty Lends Aid to Students Guides Intellectual Expansion MRS. ZELMA O. AKES, Supervising teacher of third grade, B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed. BERNDT ANGM. N, Political Science, B.S.. M.S., Ph.D. MRS. PAULINE ARTHUR, Supervising teacher of Seventh and Eighth Grades, B S. in Ed.. MA. EARL BAKER, Physical Education for men, B.S. in Ed., M.A. GEORGE BARRATT, Mathematics, B.S., M.S. FLOYD B. RROWS, Humanities-Social Science, B.. . JOHN BEEKS, Agriculture. B.S., M.A. DONALD BELL, Physics, B.S. 27 JEAN BENNER, English, B.A., M.A. H. GUY BENSUSAN, Humanities, B.A. LUTHER BLADT, English-Speech, B.A., M.A. BILL BLANKENSHIP, Accounting, B.S., M.S. LUKE L. BOONE, Director 1MB and Reference Librarian, B.A., P.G., U.S.N.T.S., M.A. MRS. VIRGINIA BOUSKA, Home eco- nomics, B.S., M.A. EARL BRAGDON, American History- Economics, B.A., M.A. MRS. BESSIE BRAGG, Home Econom- ics, B.A., M.A. EDWARD BROWNING, Business, B.S. in Bus. Ad., B.S. in Bus. Ed., M.A. in Bus. Ed. CAROLE CLEMMONS, Business, B.S., M.A. MABEL COOK, Home Economics, B.S. in Ed., M.A. LEROY CRIST, Industrial Arts, B.S., M.S. DAVID W. CROZIER, Supervising teacher of Industrial Arts, B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. MILAN B. DADY, Education, B.A. in Ed., M.S., Ed.D. ELVIRGA DENNING, Horace; Mann Li- brary, B.S., M.A. ELWYN K. DEVORE, Business, B.S. in Ed.,M.S., D.B.A. H.R. DIETERICH, Education, Principal of Horace Mann Junior High School, B.A., M.A. FRANK DITTO, Social Science, B.S., M.A. ELMA DOUGHTY, Supervising Teach- er of First Grade, B.A., M. Music Ed. JOSEPH DREPS, Foreign Language B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 28 VIDA DUNBAR, Mathemalirs, B.A., MA. B. W. EISSENSTAI ' , Humanilics — History, B.S., MA. RALPH FULSOM, Speech — Drama, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. WILLIAM GARRETT, Biology, B.A., M.S. GEORGE GAYLER, European History, B.S. in Ed., M.A., Ph.D. HOWARD A. GEORGE, Education, B.S. in Ed., M.S., Ed.D. JAMES GLEASON, Education, B.Sc, M.Ed., D.Ed. ANNA GORSUCH, Education, B.S., M.A. AVIS GRAHAM, Supervising teacher of Sixth Grade, B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. FRANK W. GRUBE, Langxiage and Lit- erature, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. FRED HANDKE, Finance — Insurance, B.A„ M.A. JOHN HARR, Social Science, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. RICHARD HART, Biology, B.S., M.S. FRED HASSENPLUG, Mathematics, B.S., M.S. F. B. HOUGHTON. Agriculture, B.S. in Ed., B.S. in Ag., M.A. ROBERT HENNEY, Chemistry, B.A., M.N.S. GEORGE HINSHAW, Speech, B.A., M.A. JOHN HERZIG. Marketing, B.S., M.S. ROBERT HUNTER, Accounting, B.S., M.B.A. VIOLETTE HUNTER, English, B.S., M.A. 29 JAMES HURST, Social Science, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. LAURA JACKSON, English, B.S., M.A. MARY JACKSON, Foreign Language, B.A. MRS. M. F. JACKSON, Business, B.S. PETER JACKSON, Industrial Arts, B.S., M.S. CHARLES JOHNSON, Fine Arts, B.A., M.A. JIM JOHNSON, Librarian, B.A., B.S. in Library Science. CLIFFORD KENSINGER, Business, B.S., M.Ed. ESTHER KNITTL, Supervising teacher of Fourth Grade, B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed. JACK L. KNUSEL, Economics, B.B.A., B.A., M.A. SARA BETH KURTZ, Physical Educa- tion, B.S. in Ed. W. A. LAFFERTY, Mathematics, B.S., M.A., Ed.D. GERALD LANDWER, Physical Educa- tion for Men, B.A., M.P.E. MYRL LONG, Physical Science, B.S., M.S. LOUISE LOVELL, Home Economics, B.S., M.S. JAMES LOWE, Sociology, B.S. in Ed., M.A. JOSEPH MACCOY, Reading, B.A., Ph.D. BONNIE MAGILL, Physical Education for Women, A.E., B.S., M.A. ELAINE MAUZEY, French, B.S., B.A., M.A. DARRELL McGINNIS, Fine Arts, B.A., M.S. 30 KATIIRYN MrKEE, Supcnising teach- er of Prc-School, B.S. in Ed., M.A. JAMES MIDDLETON, English, B.S., M.A. DALE MIDLAND, EngHsh-Spcc-ch, B.A., M.A. RUTH MILLER, Supervising teacher of Music, B.M. in Ed., M.M. RYLAND H. MILNER, Physical Educa- tion for Men, B.S., M.A. GORDON MORLEY, Biology, B.S. in Ed., M.A. in Botany. EARLE MOSS, Mu.5ic, B.S., M.A. MARION MOSS, Physical Education for Men, B.S., M.S. SHELA MOSS, Supervising teacher of Second Grade, A.A., B.S., M.S. IRENE MUELLER, Biology. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. BARBARA PALLING, Reference Librar- ian, B.S. in Ed., M.A. PAULA M.S. PARKS, Education, B.S. in Ed., DONALD PEEL, English, B.A., M.A. CAROLYN PETERSON, Horace Mann Librarian, B.. .. M.A. H. D. PETERSON, Physical Education for Men, B.S., M.S., P.E.D. KATHRYN S. RIDDLE, Physical Educa- tion for Women, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. HOWARD RINGOLD, Industrial Arts, B.S.. M.S. BURTON RICKEY, Physical Education for Men, B.S. in Ed., M.S. CHARLES RIVERS, EngUsh, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. NEVA ROSS, Education, B.S., M.A. 31 WARD ROUNDS, Music, B.S., MA. DONALD SANDFORD, Music, B.S. in Ed., M. Music, D.Mus. Arts. MARY JANE SANDFORD, Music, A.B., M. Music. JIM SAUCERMAN, English, B.A., MA. DEAN SAVAGE, Super ' ising teacher of Fifth Grade, B.S. in Ed., M.A. BETTY SAWYERS, Home Economics. B.S., M.S. ALBY SHARKNAS, Biology, B.E.D., B.S., M.S. LULA SHEETZ, English. B.S. in Ed., M.A. M. T. SHELDON, Education, B.S., M.A., D. Ed. JOHN SMAY, Music, B.A., M.Mus,, Ph.D. DONALD SMITH, Education, B.A., M.Ed., D. Ed. M. Ed., D. Ed. GORDON STRONG, Science and Math- ematics, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. MARVIN STUTZNER MARY JANE SUNKEL, Business, B.S.C., M.B.A. ROBERT SUNKEL, Fine Arts, A. A., B.F.A., M.F.A, BASHIR AHMED SYED, Physics, B.Sc, M.Sc, M.A. CHARLES THATE, Education, B.S. in Ed., M.S. In Ed., Ed.D. KENNETH THOMPSON, Industrial Arts, B.S., M.Ed. CLARA TIMMONS, Chemistry, B.S., M.Ed. DONALD VALK, Industrial Arts, B.S., M.S. 32 DOROTHY WALKER, Physical Educa- tion for Women, B S., M.Ed. WAND. WALKER, Education, B.A., M.S. in Ed., Ed. D. THEODORE WEICHINGER, Physical Science, B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. DOROTHY WEKIAND. English — Speech, B.S., M.A. GILBERT WHITNEY, Music. B.M., M.A. JOHN WICKMAN, Social Science, B.A., M.A. CALVIN WIDGER, Geography, B.A., M.A. R. T. WRIGHT, Agriculture, B.S., M.A. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 33 Secretaries Are Invaluable Assets Mrs. Marcia Ross is secretary to Dean of Stu- dents. Mrs. Emma Ruth Harris is secretary to President J. W. Jones. Mrs. Colleen Scott, Mrs. Mary Alice Cornelison, Mrs. Esther Sellers, and Mrs. Mary Ann Klinkefus, SEATED, are secretaries in the Field Service Of- fice. 34 To Administrators and Offices Mrs. Beverly Meade is secretary to the Dean of Women, Mrs. L. G. Bladt. Miss Shirley M. Gray is secretary to the Dean of Instruction, Dr. Leon Miller. Mrs. Ruth Nystrom, registrar, Miss Marilyn Hilton, . secretary to the Dean of . ' dministration, and Nor- ma Hunsicker, student worker, are in the Registra- tion office. 35 Office Staff Assists Students Mrs. Ted Jamison is secretary to Dean of Men. Mrs. Shirley Hanna, Mrs. Clara Smith, Mrs. Agatha Walker, and Miss Janice Leavell are secretaries in the Business Office. 36 As Well As Administration Mrs. Faye Sherman, secretary to the Dean of Administration, accepts a paper from one of the student helpers in the registration oflfice. — ... . . . ■■■ i i i ilf j llli j I Mrs. Monica Zirfas, Registrar ' s office, puts stu- dents ' cards in the IBM machine. Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Gladys Raines aid students in seeking information about degrees in the Registrar ' s Office. 37 BQBBDB Cats Suffer Winless Season but Show Promise for 1963 by Jack Gray Suffering from losses by graduation and plagued by injuries to key players throughout the season, the Bearcats of Coach Earl Baker suffered through a winless — -9 1962 gridiron campaign. The Bearcats were a young team and ap- peared to lack the experience to put up stiff opposition for such conference rivals as pow- erful Kirksville and Cape Girardeau. Highlights of the season would have to be listed as the strong showing against MIAA kingpin Cape Girardeau for three quarters in the final outing and the performance of fresh- man back Ray Livingston during the last half of the schedule. Livingston was the only Bear- cat to achieve a high ranking in conference statistics, as he compiled the second best rush- ing average in the loop. None of the MSC aggregation were selected to conference all-star squads; how- ever, center and co-captain Duane Abbott was a high vote getter for the conference sportsmanship award. Coach Baker has a rebuilding job ahead, but several of the returning standouts of this seasons should make the job a little easier. Assisting Coach Baker with coaching duties were Marion Moss, Robert Gregory, Jack Lasley, and Burton Richey. Coach Earl H. Baker Ed Whitaker — Co-captain Offensive and Defensive End 190 pounds Duane Abbott, Co-Captain Offensive Center 205 pounds Gary Taylor, sopho- more lineback, strains to bring down a Ne- braska Weslayan ball 40 Gary Poland Defensive halfback 1 70 pounds MARYVILLE 6 — PERU, NEBRASKA 7 — In their season opener the Bear- cats appeared ready to pull an upset as they dominated the game throughout the first half and led the Nebraskans 6 — at intermission. With 10 minutes left in the final period Peru tied the game on a 13-yard pass play and the all-important extra point was booted by Leonard Kinser to provide the margin of victory. MARWILLE — FT. HAYS, KAN., STATE 21 — An inability to take ad- v ' antage of scoring opportunities plagued the ' Cats in their second outing, as the locals managed to move inside the Ft. Hays 20-yard line or four occasions, but were unable to penetrate a stiff-necked Tiger line to paydirt. MARYVILLE — WILLIAM JEWELL 28 — It was a bad night all the way around in the Bearcat ' s home opener as an intermittent rain fell keeping fans un- comfortable, the scoreboard clock didn ' t work right, and William Jewell raced to a 28 — win at Memorial Stadium. A bevy of Jewell backs rolled up 264 yards rush- ing as the stingy Cardinal defense limited MSC to 139 yards total offense. MAR ' VILLE 6 — NEBRASKA WESLEYAN 13 — One way or another a losing streak had to broken in this outing, as MSC was in the throes of an eight game slump, and the Plainsmen of Wesleyan hadn ' t tasted victory over an 18 game span dating back to 1960. Unfortunately it wasn ' t the Northwest State string that was broken as an errant pass was picked off by Wesleyan ' s Tom Whiddon who went all the way for the touchdown and win with only seconds left. MAR ' VILLE — SPRINGFIELD 33 — An almost airtight defense and crush- ing offense overwhelmed the Bearcats, as they lost their fifth game of the season to league foe Springfield. The Bears roared to 348 yards rushing while holding the ' Cats to one yard on the ground. Don Daniel Offensive halfback Defensive safety 185 pounds ' 1 Ms- Earl Boyd Quarterback 195 pounds 41 John Massengale Offer tackle 203 pounds Larry Timmerman Offensive guard 190 pounds %- - ijri w ■1 ' ' ,. ' . " ' ' 1 MARYVILLE — WARRENSBURG 13 — Nearly 7,000 Homecoming foot- ball fans viewed disappointedly as the Bearcats failed to break into the win column again, going down to their sixth defeat of the season, 13 — 0. The win was the first of the year for the Mules. The ' Cats didn ' t give up until the final gun, and particularly outstanding was the play of juniors Don Daniel and George Redden. MARYVILLE 12 — ROLLA 26 — Rolla quarterback Jay Alford took to the air and set a new Rolla school record of 16 completions in 30 attempts for 261 passing yards as MSC suffered a 26 — 12 league loss. The Miners scored twice be- fore Maryville could muster an offensive play. After the Miners stopped scoring, Ray Livingston, MSC freshman, shocked the 7,000 Rolla fans with touchdown jaunts of 61 and 66 yards in the final quarter. MARYVILLE 7 — KIRKSVILLE 43 — The ' Cats suffered their worst defeat of the season in the next to last game, as Kirksville kept possession of the historic Hickory Stick, symbolic of the long-standing rivalry, by pounding Maryville to the tune of 43 — 7. Maryville played an inspired first quarter, but the Bulldogs rolled up 510 yards on offense as they tallied 22 points in the second period and 15 more in the final stanza. MARYVILLE 14 — CAPE GIRARDEAU 40 — An electrifying 98 — yard runback of the opening kickoff by Ray Livingston set the stage for three quarters of exciting action in the season finale, as the winless Bearcats hosted league cham- pion Cape. MSC trailed only 14 — 13 with seven minutes left, but then the roof caved in as Cape scored three times in the final stanza to insure the MIAA crown. MSC finished at the bottom of the MIAA final standings with an — 5 conference mark. Tom Baker Offensive guard 195 pounds Ray Maher Offensive tackle Defensive tackle 215 pounds Larry Holland Offensive tackle 218 pounds 42 I .t27i - - Ron Brumley Offensive tackle 225 pounds Jim Vermeesch Defensive tackle 240 pounds Jerry Howard Defensive guard 200 pounds Dick McBride Defensive end 190 pounds Doug Price Offensive and Defensive halfback 180 pounds Joe Bell Offensive halfback 185 pounds George Redden Defensive end 205 pounds Gary Taylor Defensive lineback Offensive fullback 215 pounds Bernie Ricono Defensive halfback 165 pounds Dick Snyder, sophomore speedster from Fairfax, Mo., looks for an opening in the rugged William Jewell forward wall as he skirts right end for short yardage. Bernie Ricono, halfback transf er from Arizona State, races around left end for a touchdown against Wesleyan. 44 Roger Voss Offensive end 235 pounds Dick Snyder Offensive halfback 185 pounds ..v . t V j ' II ri FIRST ROW: Tom Walton, Jerry Howard, Bernie Ricono, Roger Voss, Ernie Talarico, Ken Peterson, Ray Livingston, Gary Poland, Don Daniel, Ron Bash- or. SECOND ROW: Larry Holland, Tom Baker, Bob Rowley, Mike McLaughlin, Dennis Lancaster, Larry Richardson, Ron Brumley, Larry Mace, Joe Heater, Dick Snyder. THIRD ROW: Jim Vermeesch, Doug Price, Bernie Allen, Tom Hummel, Ray Maher, Darrell Cotter, Ed Martin, Adam Chrostawski, Larry Nelson, Dan Dowell. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Slykhuis, Bill Jones, Dean Wilkinson, Bob Rempe, Danny Haskell, Tom Greenlees, Larry Engdahl, Gary Taylor, Ed Whitaker, George Redden. FIFTH ROW: Ron Stan- der, Steve Lininger, Wayne Stash, Dave Timmer, Le- roy Miller, Ron Austin, Allan Packer, Duane Abbott, Dick McBride, Bob Schmidt. SIXTH ROW: Robert McWhirter, Richard Mellencamp, Michael Seel, Tom Wright, Bill Taylor, Druery McMillon, Bob Lenock- er, Joe Bell, Bill Howe, John Kelly. SEVENTH ROW: Lyle Timmerman, Carl Henningsen, Gary Steph- ens, Jerry Hites, Larry Timmerman, Earl Boyd, Glen Acksel, Karl Morrow, Harold Shephard. EIGHTH ROW: Ron Zwank, Stan Frahm, John Massengale, Jim Knapple. 45 Roger Voss Is Leading Scorer As Bearcats End Season Above .500 Coach Marion Moss led at halftime 40 — 26. Roger Voss, Maryville ' s 6-8 pivot, made his Bearcat debut a memorable one by pumping in 20 points. MSC 68 — Dallas 54 . . . Like a kitten toying with a mouse, the Bearcats harried the Dallas University Crusaders on the MSC hardwoods in p osting their second win of the season, by Jack Gray Roger Voss, a husky 6-8 transfer from the University of Colorado, paced the North- west State College Bearcats to an above .500 12 — 11 year as he poured through 565 points to become one of the leading single-season scorers in MSC history. All four regular starters averaged in double figures as Coach Marion Moss ' charges improved considerably on last year ' s 7 — 15 mark. Speculating is pretty easy to do when the season is over, but excluding a 4-game losing skid toward the end, the season would have given the Mossmen one of the best campaigns in recent years. Maryville played host to the annual MIAA Holiday Tournament late in December, and it was during that tourney that the ' Cats turned in some of their best ball and picked up second place. The only loss was to Cape Girardeau in the championship round 92 — 70. During the season, Maryville dropped three games to Cape, the Indians from Southeast Missouri State, who finished the season 21 — 2 and were third rated in the nation by the Associated Press. The Bearcats finished fourth in a rugged Missouri Intercollegiate Athletic Associa- tion race and proved to be the most improved team in the loop. Northwest State will go through their paces under the tutelage of a new mentor next year. Coach Moss ' contract was not renewed at the close of the season. His five year record at MSC was a creditable 57 — 53. Prospects are fairly bright as the ' Cats had a good freshman team and a strong bench. Dick Rishel will return for another campaign, and Voss, who has another year of eligibility, could don an MC jersey and assure the ' Cats of another winner. MSC 83 — Washburn 63 . . . Combining the fast break with a steady " set-it-up " ofTense and controlling the backboards, the Northwest Missouri State College Bearcat roundballers made their 1962-63 debut an impressive one by downing Washburn University of Topeka, Kan., 83 — 63. Maryville hit 56.5 per cent from the field and 68 — 54. Roger Voss unsheathed his claws as the big ' Cat meshed 26 points and snagged 12 rebounds. Senior forward Paul Lizzo chipped in with 16 pwints as the Bearcats hit 42 per cent from the field and gained a 47 — 30 rebound edge. BEARCAT VARSITY Bob Chaloupecky, Richard Woods, Dick Rishel, Paul Refsell, Larry Richardson, Roger Boss, Don Drake, Paul Lizzo, Bob Nelson, Terry Hiltabidle, Bob Crawford. In front are Coach Marion Moss and son Steve. 46 Paul Lizzo 6 ' 3 " senior guard MIAA Final Standings Cape Girardeau 9 — 1 Warrensburg 7 — 3 Kirksville 7 — 3 Mary iile 4 — 6 Springfield 2 — 8 Rolla 1—9 6 ' 5 6 ' 8 Roger Voss " junior center BEARCAT SCORING Roger Voss . Paul Lizzo . PT. 565 316 240 231 AVE. 24.6 13 8 Don Drake . Dick Rishel . 10.4 10.1 6 ' 4 " Don Drake senior forward Paul Refsell 1 " freshman fon- lard Dick Rishel 6 ' 3 " junior guard 47 Randy Wolcott 6-1 Junior Guard Richard Woods 6-2 Junior Guard Bob Nelson 6-2 Junior Guard MSC 60 — William Jewell 47 . . . William Jewell ' s scrap- ping Cardinals held the Bearcats in check for the first half, but they couldn ' t keep up the pace as the MSC Cage quint rolled to their third straight win of the season. The ' Cats, tied with the Liberty team 22 — all at halftime, broke the deadlock with 9:22 left on a lay-in by Voss. Voss finished with 26 points and 14 rebounds for game honors in both departments. Paul Lizzo added 12 points to the MSC offense. MSC 72 — Peru 79 . . . Coach Marion Moss " crew led by as many as 14 points in the early stages of the game, but were out-hustled in the second half as they suffered their first loss of the season, 79 — 72, to Peru, Nebr., State. Voss netted 28 points, Lizzo 12, and Rishel 11 for the ' Cats, who outhit the Nebraskans 30 — 27 from the field, but saw the loss come from the charity stripe where Peru gained a 25 to 12 advantage. MSC 78 — Pittsburg 63 . . . Maryville State canned 43 per cent of their floor shots in building their record to 4 — 1 with a 78 — 63 win over highly-touted Pittsburg, Kan., State. Four of the ' Cats scored in double figures headed by Voss with 26. Lizo managed 14, Drake 12, and 6-6 freshman Marvin Branch netted 10. MSC 71 — Rockhurst 79 . . . Late spurts in both periods gave the Rockhurst College Hawks from Kansas City a 79 — 7 1 win over the MSC Bearcats as they flew to their seventh win in eight starts and dropped the ' Cats mark to 4 — 2. Voss put on a shooting display for the Maryville fans as he banged home 29 points, but it wasn ' t good enough for game honors as 6-2 Dick Hennier pumped in 32 for Rockhurst. Branch added 14 and Drake 10 to the Maryville cause. MSC 64 — Tarkio 43 . . . Host Maryville, after a cold start, had little trouble downing MCAU power Tarkio College 64 — 43 in a first round game of the MIAA Christmas Holiday Tournament on the Lamkin Gym hardwoods. Roger Voss, suffering from flu, had to depend on his teammates to pro- vide the bulk of the scoring as Lizzo meshed 20, Riskel 17, and Drake 10 in downing the guest team. MSC 89 — Warrensburg 80 . . . Voss and Lizzo teamed for 57 points as the Bearcats won a thrilling overtime game from Warrensburg ' s Mules, 89 — 80, in semi-final MIAA tourney action. Voss netted 28 and Lizzo 29. Don Drake added 14 and Branch 1 1 to the balanced attack. Maiyville held a 44 — 37 midway lead, but the ' Cats saw Warrensburg put on a late spurt to make the score 79 — all at the end of regulation play. Drake hit a layup to start the overtime, and it proved enough win, as MSC outscored the Mules 10 — 1 in the over- time. Bob Crawford 5-8 Junior Guard Larry Richardson 6-6 Freshman Center 48 MSC 70 — Capp Girardeau 92 . . . Unhcaten Cape Girar- deau proved too accurate at the foul line as they took the cham- pionshi]} of the MIAA Holiday Tournanieut with a 92 70 tiiuniph o er Maryvillc in ihr liilc ii,aine. MSC 76 -- Springtiekl . ' )! ... Magiciati Marion Moss opened his bag ol tricks at Lainkin g in and pulled out a surprise one-type defense to rout the Springlield liears 76- — • 51 in the MIAA conference opener for both teams. Voss banked in ' .Vi points, 22 in the second half, and snared 19 re- bounds to lead the " Cats to their sexenth win in 10 starts. M.SC 53 — Kirks ille 59 . . . The Bearcats roared into a 10- point lead midway into the first lialf. but that lead dwindled to one point by half-time. Mary ille lost complete control of the boards in the last half and saw a late rush by the Bulldogs give them a 59 — 53 win. MSC 50 — VVarrensburg 61 . . . Northwest State faded in the closing minutes of a tightly-played game at Wanensburg and the Mules took a 61 — 50 MIAA decision from the MSC. roundballers. MSC 79 — Springfield 72 . . . Maiy ille reversed the pattern of recent losses and rolled late to top the Springfield Bears 79 — 72. Mary ille hit a torrid 56 per cent from the field. MSC 55 — Cape 66 . . . Don Ringstaff bombed home 27 points against his Maryville " cousins " for the .second time this season as the Indians pushed their record to 14 — by down- ing Maryville. MSC 94 — Wayne 86 . . . Wayne, Nebr., State ' s win skein was halted at seven straight by the invading Bearcats as Roger Voss poured in 38 points to lead his teammates to a 94 — 86 win over the Nebraska cagers. MSC 84 — Nebraska Wesleyan 71 . . . Visiting Maryville halted Nebraska Vesleyan " s home court win streak at 22 games as Voss pumped in 32 points and Lizzo added 20 to hand the Lincoln, Nebr., cage quint their second loss in 15 games. MSC 88 — Rolla 73 . . . Don Drake and Dick Rishel com- bined for 46 points in the home finale as the Bearcats snapped their losing streak at four games with an 88 — 73 conquest of Rolla ' s Miners. Drake, a 6-4 senior in his last game before Terry Hiltabidle, Wayne Stile.s and Bob Chaloupecky gave the Bearcat. ' ! a stron.e; bench. Maryville fans, put on the best performance of his career at MSC: with 24 points and 12 rebounds to take game laurels in both categories. Dick Rishel hit an incredible 10 of 11 long- range shots from the field, including his first 10, and wound up with 22 points. Voss didn ' t start for the MSC .squad, but came in midway through the first half and finished with 17 points. ■ K . •,.,..-.,-; .i- ' 4v-.C. " - 1 Hj M JU v« -J Wm i Q Don Drake bids farewell to Maryville fans with two of the 24 points he netted in the home finale against Rolla. Roger Voss helps close the home season on a happy note as he banks in two points in the 88 — 73 win over Rolla. 49 MIAA ALL-TOURNAMENT TEAM — Paul Lizzo and Roger Voss, KNEELING lower left, received early season acclaim when they were named to the all-star squad picked at the MIAA Holiday Tournament at Maryville. Others named to the team who were present for the picture are Bill Giessing and Carl Ritter, Cape Girardeau, kneeling next to the Maryville stars, and left to right on the TOP ROW. Charles Marshall, Springfield: John Reed, Kirks- ville: Bob Coambes, Springfield, and Gordon McFarland, Warrensberg. Voss was the tourney ' s leading rebounder and came within two of equalling the 3-game record. MSC 71 — Kirksville 68 . . . Determined to finish above the .500 mark for the season, the Bearcats assured such a finish by upsetting Northeast Missouri State 71 — 68 in the MIAA finale for both teams. MSC 84 — Rockhurst 86 . . . Upset-minded Maryville nearly pulled off the upset of the year in the season finale before losing an 11 point lead in the last 15 minutes and falling to Kansas City Rockhurst. Rockhurst, which finished the season 23 — 2 with a 16-game winning streak, trailed the Bearcats 57 — 46 with just over 15 minutes to play when high- scoring Dick Hennier ruined the upset bid with 19 points in the final 12 minutes. Warrensburg ' s Bill Pollock tries in vain to block a 10-foot jump shot by MSC ' s 6-8 Roger Voss. Other Maryville players are Don Drake, 50, Dick Rishel, 34, and Paul Refsell, far right. 50 Dick Rishel finds that it ' s easier to score when the defenders are all trailing you down the floor. Cape Girardeau defenders find out the hardvvay, by seeing two points go up on the scoreboard, that it tal es more than two defenders to stop MSC ' s " Big V. " The fast break proved effective in this instance as Paul Lizzo broke away from Rolla defenders to race in for a pair of easy point s. 51 " Give it to me! " exclaims Marvin Branch as he reaches in to take the ball from an unidentified Washburn Uni- versity opponent. Other MSC players are Don Drake, moving in at the right and Bob Nelson, trying to avoid a foul, left-centered. Voss hooks home two points, but his efforts were not quite enough as the Indians from Cape Tomahawked the Moss- men 66 — 55. Freshman team, left to right ; Doug Caldwell, Wayne Stiles, Bill Taylor, Dave Remund, Larry Richard.son, Paul Refsell, Ray Palmer, Bob Tonnies, and student coach, Don Spaulding. 52 Gibson Leads Cindermen with 65 Points W " " K ■m iv f :v 1 . .. K . -— " ' i«K — !■ £ FRONT ROW: Robert Sutton, Roger Pilcher, Don Gibson, Robert Clark. James Thompson, Denny Kceney. Ron Wells, Allan Jensen, Jack Gibson, Mar in Fine. MIDDLE ROW: Jon Hill, Gerald Casey, William Meyers. Co-captain, John Gilliland. Co-captain, Larry Ireland, Harold Gentry, Tom Baker, Harold Flagman, Tom Boatman. Ste e Cottle, Rus- sell Bennett, Gary Lemon. BACK ROW: Bob Mathew, As- sistant Coach: Larry Hornbostel. Darrel Cotter, Dick Sny- der, Leigh Ragle, Chris West, Don Banning, Ken Carver, Tom Hummel, Stan Stillwagon, Fred . nthony, Roger Still, Roger Walker, Earl Baker, Coach. Maryville ' s cindermen didn ' t fair particularly well in either the conference in-door or out-door meets, finishing sixth in both e ents. The " Cats ga e a somevshat better showing in dual meet action, winning two and losing three, and in tri- angular competition with a first and second in two outings. Leading scorer for the M.SC thinclads was bio ad-jumper Don Gibson who tallied 65 points, most of them with his specialty. Gibson was continually near the 20-foot mark and had a top effort or20 feet — 10 inches. Trailing Gibson as a distant second in the point column was distance man Allan Jensen with 45 markers. Jensen was one of the better milers in the MIAA and turned in a top time of 4:37, not bad for a freshman. One of the year ' s highlights was a mighty ]3ut of the 16- pound shot by freshman Leigh Ragle to eclipse the Bearcat record. Ragel lofted the iron ball 46 feet 3 4 inch to set the mark. John Gilliland, middle distance runner, racked up 23 points in his specialty, the 880-yard run, and in the mile relay event. Gilliland had a best half mile time of 2:00.5. The Earl Baker coached tracksters came up with a top- flight mile relay team that nearly smashed the school mark of 3:27.1. The fast foursome clipped ofT a best time of 3:27.7. Others who consistently scored their share of points were javelin record holder William Meyers, 29; quarter miler Jerry Casey 37; high jumper Chris West, 28; weight man Ken Carv- er, 25, and hurdler Larry Hornbostel. 17. Junior hurdler Robert Clark racked up 19 points and was injured a large part of the season. At the conclusion of the campaign John Gilliland and Wil- liam Meyers were elected honorary co-captains of the squad. 53 Atkins, McCoy, Fisher Guide Bearcat Tankers Through Third Successful Tear Another successful swimming season was enjoyed by the Northwest State College Tankers as they had compiled an 8 — 3 record when the Tower went to press. Guiding and coaching the Tankers to their third straight winning season in three years of var sity competition was Dr. H. D. Peterson, chairman of the MSC physical education department. During the 1961-62 campaign the swim team scored eight wins against two set- backs, and in the first year of competition, 1960-61 , a 4 — 3 slate was compiled. Top point-getters on the squad were Frank Fisher, Bob McCoy and Ed Atkins. FRONT ROW: Sonny Spicer, Jerry Rose, Frank Fisher, Jim Pickett, Harold Gentry, Gary Foland, Dave Ehlson, Bob McCoy, Larry White. BACK ROIV: Coach Peterson, Ed Atkins. 54 Ed Smith builds up a head of steam as he prepared to enter the final lap of the 200 yard butterfly event. Harold Gentry, with muscles tensed, prepared to enter the water after completing a perfectly executed one and one-half. They are not tired yet but 400 yards of fast paced action will tell a different story. Sonny Spicer shows the form that consistently net- ted him winning point totals in the diving competi- tion. 55 Wrestling Gains Major Status As Bearcat Grapplers Post Winning Season VVrestlinc;, quickly gaining status as a major sport at MSC, enjoyed a fifth straight winning season as Coach Jerry Landwer tutored his charges to a 13 — 1 campaign with only the AAU meet left on tap at ]3ress time. The only loss of the year was a two point affair to Omaha University in the year ' s third outing, 15 — 13. The Bearcat matmen scored wins in their last 1 1 matches. Harvey Hallum at 123 pounds and captain Da e Moore paced MSC to the winning season as both went undefeated. Moore, two-time Missouri Valley AAU champion at 167 pounds, wrestled at 167 and 177 pounds as he piled ujj seven wins without defeat. Hallum, a freshman grappler from Tulsa, Okla., won eight and tied three. Two of his ties were with Bob Benedetti of the University of Missouri wlio also went through the season undefeated. Among the other enviable records compiled by Northwest State grapplers were Jensen, 3 — 0; Hoyt, 7 — 2; Kilmer, 6 — 1; Betts, 3—0; Thompson, 5—2; LaButti, 4—1; Grimes, 3—0; Beach, 3—1 ; Croxell, 8—4, and Weiland, 4—0. Maryville ' s composite wrestling record since 1958 is an out- standing 53 10. This year the Bearcats established their su- |3remacy as the top wrestling school in the state while rolling to easy wins o er a ]jair of Big-8 schools, Missouri and Nebras- ka. FIRST ROW: .Mien Jensen, 12:! pounds; Richard Hoyt, 130 pound.s; Lyle Timmerraan, 157 pounds: Dave Moore, captain, 167 and 177 pounds. SECOND ROW: Harvey Hallum, 123 pounds: Bill Allen, 115 pounds; Tom Croxell, 167 pounds; Ron Betts, 137 pounds; Ron Scott, 130 pounds: Lonnie Weiland, 147 pounds: Roger Malmberg, 177 pounds, THIRD ROW: Coach Landwer, Ken Peter- son, heavyweight; Larry Kilmer, 130 pounds; Norm La- Butti, 137 pounds; Arnold Thompson, 137 pounds; Don Beach, 147 pounds; Ray Nunneley, 157 pounds; manager Paul Best ; .Assistant Coach Ralph Messerli. 56 Richard Noyt, left, applies one of his favorite holds as the referee scrutinizes the situation. Dave Moore presses his opponent to the mat on the way to one of his victories in a 7 — season. MSC 13 MSC 17 MSC 21 MSC 14 MSC 34 MSC 27 MSC 24 MSC " 16 MSC 27 MSC 24 MSC 18 MSC 30 MSC 21 Match Scores Omaha University 15 Missouri University 8 Missouri University 8 Nebraska University 11 William Jewell 2 William Jewell 5 Simpson College 6 Warrensbuig State 6 Warrensburg State 8 Graceiand College 8 Graceland College 10 Tarkio College 8 Tarkio College 10 Dave Moore applies the half-nelson as he grapples to a pin- ning win over 177 pounder Jim Karlberg of William Jewell. Ron Scott straddles his opponent on the way to an impressive vic- tory. 57 1962 Baseball Team Earns 4-14 BACK ROW: Coach Burton Richey, Dale Hansen, Bill Nye, Randy Wolcott, Mike Brentnall, Arnie Anderson, Jim Druen, Donald Rumelhart, Jim Sanders, Dick Nixon, John Schroeder. MIDDLE ROW: Dick Clark, Jim Jackson, Jim Palumbo. Jim Kleaver, Ron Brumley, Bill Ludwig, Dale Lesle, Greg Guenther. FRONT ROW: Terry Kremer, Steve Croley, Gary Bell, Gary Holmes, Walt Duffen, Rex Beavers, Tom Earp. A definite lack of timely hitting seems to have been chiefly responsible for the Bearcats ' poor 4 — 14 showing on the baseball diamond. Another contributing factor was an often porous defense that led to several heartbreaking defeats for the hard-toiling MSC hurlers. With several top performers from last season ' s squad re- turning, Coach Burton Richey hopes for an improved show- ing in the summer sport. Although the ' Cats ' bats were often silent they battered the horsehide with a vengeance in one midseason outing, bombing William Jewell 25 — 12. The offense produced more than five runs in only one other game, an 8 — 2 con- quest of Rockhurst. Dick Clark, slick fielding second sacker, was the top batter for the Maryville nine, pounding the ball at a .317 clip and knocking in 10 runs. Little Bernie Ricono was the leading slugger with two home runs and five double s dri ing in 13 runs. Ricono had a .296 average. Racking up three-fourths of the Maryville wins was fire- balling, left-hander Jim Sanders who compiled a 3 — 3 slate. Sanders carded a 2.44 ERA while striking out 41 in 4O 3 innings. When not on the mound, Sanders found time to hit the ball at a torrid .344 pace in pinch hitting and first base relief roles. As a team the Bearcats hit a rather meek .249. The pitch- ing staff had a respectable combined eared run average of 3.16. DOUBLE-HEADER SCORES Maryville 5 — 1 Maryville — 3 Maryville 4 — Maryville 5 — 4 Maryville 1 — 4 Maryville 25—5 Maryville 1 — 3 Maryville 1 — 2 Maryville 8—3 Peru 6 — 6 Mankato 2 — 1 William Jewel 9 — 3 Warrensburg 14 — 6 Concordia 6 — 6 William Jewell 12—11 Warrensburg 3 — 4 Creighton 6 — 1 Rockhurst 2 — 4 58 John Bregin Leads Tennis Squad The big three of the Bearcat net squad were, left to right, John Bregin, number one posi- tion: Larry Piper, number two player: and Neil Reynold, number three position. BACK ROW: Coach Robert Gregory, Merril Corley, Doug Mossberg, Jim Kelker, Larry Abbott, Dean Hamon. FRONT ROW: John Bregin, Larry Piper. John Bregin gained the MIAA singles title for the fourth consecutive year as the Bearcat tennis squad swept to anoth- er successful net season and went unbeaten in dual competi- tion. In addition to recording an 8 — mark in dual matches, the Bob Gregory-coached netters managed second place fin- ishes in the ML A conference meet, the Graceland Tourna- ment and the Kirksville Invitational. Maryville missed first place by a slim one-point margin in the conference meet as the local squad sought its fifth straight title. By going undefeated in dual match competition the Bear- cats extended their four-year record in that category to 31 victories and only two losses. Bregin, number one man on the squad, completed an out- standing collegiate tennis career by compiling a 14 — 2 record in singles competition. In his junior year he did not lose a match and was the NCAA regional champion. Last year he was the NCAA regional consolation champion and snared second place in both the Graceland and Kirksville outings in addition to his conference title. The doubles team of Neil Reynolds and Larry Piper took second in the conference meet. DUAL MEET SCORES Mary ille 7 Mar) ' ille 7 Maryville 6 Maryville 9 Maryville 8 Maryville 9 Mary ille 8 Maryville 9 Peru Nebraska VVeslyan Graceland 1 Tarkio Kirksville 1 William Jewell William Jewell 1 Tarkio 59 Interest and Spirit in Men s Intramurals " Watch the elbows! " hollers Tom Walton as he hauls down a rebound in hectic intramural action. Steve Croley, standing behind the referee, looks on in anticipation as teammate and opponent go up on a jump ball. Nobody seems to know who scored the basket, bu two points for the shirts. t it ' s an obvious Ron Brumley, right foreground, wonders what happened to the sphere in this scramble for a loose ball in intramural action. 62 Run High As Teams Vie for Championship The defender in white couldn ' t quite intercept this pass, which went for a long gain and put the ball in good position for a TD. Jim Rinehart uses his knowledge of the cross- body block to cut an opponent down to size. Unfortunately for Jim Rinehart he didn ' t have a tear-awar jersey and a little extra effort by TKE Paul Walker brought him down for a loss in intramural action. Dick Shipley, right, seems to be a third base in football intramurals. little confused as he starts a slide for 63 Intramural Wrestling Holds Interest Larry Kilmer, student referee, watches Jim O ' Riley, right, as he prepares to toss his opponent off balance on the way to a first- round wrestling win. Referee Jim Engstrom looks on as TEKE Ed Probst, bottom, gets ready to throw oflF his opponent during fast-paced wrestling intramurals. " Let ' s see some action you guys, " referee Engstrom seems to be think- ing as he supervises an intramural grappling match. 64 Of Competers and Observers A like Jerry Carricii has temporary advantage in an opening round match offiriatcd by Larry Kilmer, varsity wrestler. Everyone seems to think the s hole thing Is [irclty amusing, except for the intramural niatman on the underside who finally was pinned in first-round action. The fellow on the bottom strains with extra effort, but all he succeeded in doing was wearing himself out and losing by a close decision. 65 Volleyball Basketball Bowling Are Top Serena Robinson pushes that ball over the net. Kathy Bogdas and Barb Combs look surprised to see the re- bound snatched by someone else. Everyone reaches for the rebound. Serena Robinson sets up the ball for a return. 66 Barb Combs is struggling for the rebound just out of reach. sports in Women s Intramural Program Betty Joe McDanicl and Sherry Speer roll for a strike. Spirit reigns high at volleyball intramurals. Joy Couts, Carol Joje, Marcie Latham, and Debbie Price watch the score pad to see who is ahead. All players are on their toes for the jump ball. Top bowling teams are FIRST ROW: Mary Lee Clements, Sharron Camp, Ginger Barnes, Barbara Piatt, Shirley Townsend, Bonnie Foster, Myrna New- man, Judy Wolverton, Connie Campbell. SECOND ROW: Debbie Price, Carol Foje, Marcie Latham, Barbara Combs, Peggy Whan, Kathy Bogdas, Lois Davidson, Diane Campbell, Barb Thompson. THIRD ROW: Mary Brannan, Joy Couts, Betty McDaniel, Dr. Kathryn Ridde, sponsor; Elaine Buerkens, Shery Speer, Joan Lynch. 67 Four Frosh Provide Entertainment for Students Faculty and Townspeople The Four Freshmen entertain NWMSC students with humor and music. Showing their versatility, the Four Freshmen sang their favorite hit songs. k: ,?» " , ' ' M k HhS RPyji V The large audience of students and faculty en- joyed the music of the Four Freshmen, brought to NWMSC by the Union Board. TOWER Accolade Honors Dean Foster Dr. Rdhrit P. Foster exemplifies our Toivcr tlu-iiu- in that he is one of the forces that aids students in their four-fold development. Dr. Foster spends countless hours counseling and talkinsj with students about their respective problems. Coming to the college in 1948, Dr. Foster uas Registrar until 1959 when he was made Dean of Administration, In this same year, he was appointed to the Board of Trustees of Southern Methodist University. Dallas. Long acti e in scouting, he received the Silver Beaver award in January of this year " for his outstanding ser ice to boyhood. " Dean Foster was district chairman of the Otoe Scout District in 1961 and 1962 and is now ice- president of the Pony Express Council. Prob- ably his most venturesome act in this area was sponsoring a boy scout canoe trip to Cana- da in August, 1961. Dean Foster received his Masters and Doc- tors degrees from Missouri University where he was a member of Pi Kappa Delta, national honorar - fraternity. He is Northwest Missouri State College ' s representative to the National Commission on Teacher Education Profes- sional Standards. Dean Foster also holds mem- bership in both the National and Missouri As- sociation of Registrars, the Missouri State Teachers " Association, the American Legion, and is a charter member of the Maryville Jun- ior Chamber of Commerce. 69 Top Students Named to Who s Who Dale Sporleder Auburn Iowa Pat Keller King City, Missouri Linda Potter Sidney, Iowa Bob Cobb Darlington, Missouri Mary Ellen Disburg Manilla, Iowa Carolyn Host Avoca, Iowa 70 For Leadership, Scholarship Qualities Karen Mast Excelsior Springs, Missouri Larry Timmerman Nodaway, Iowa Janice Leavell Maryville, Missouri Dixie Gomel Ljis Vegas, Nevada Earl Boyd Rockwell City, Iowa 71 cc Androcles and the Lion Proclaimed Characters in the drama Androcles and the Lion were as follows: Jim McCarty, Jeff Falter, Donna Owens, Bob Grenier, Charles Jones, Dave Marlin, Bob Sandmaler, Cynthia Dalbey, Norman Wilcox, War- ren Schafer, Brantley Jackson. Production of the Jeanine Thompson, as a character in the drama, and Androcles, Bob Sandmaier, meet the lion, Leslie Tucker. Bob Sandmaier, Androcles, tries to keep Leslie Tucker, the lion, away from Dave Martin. Androcles and the lion seek the King ' s favor in the production of the play by George Bernard Shaw. S J 72 Success As First Major Dramatic 1962-63 Season On the road to Rome — this scenery — set the mood for the produc tion of " Androcles and the Lion. " Cynthia Dalbey, Norman Wilcox, and Bob Sand- maier were principal characters in the drama. Cynthia Dalbey, Jeff Falter, and Bob Grenier speak to the Roman peasants and Christians while Roman soldiers stand nearby. Appearing in the drama, " Androcles and the Lion, " were the following: Norman Wilcox, Cynthia Dalbey, Jim McCarty, two Roman soldiers, four Christians, a beggar, Rose Ann Card, more Christians and Roman guards. 73 The Imaginary Invalid Is Second Kathy Johnson, Sharon Freeman, Carolyn Enis, Mary Klinkafus, Kay Lawrence, Shirley Huber, Daphne Hickman, Judy McGinnis, Tom Cramer. Kathy Johnson, Sharon Freeman, Shirley Huber, Mary Klinkafus, Judy McGinnis, Tom Cramer, Kay Lawrence, Daphne Hickman. Shirley Huber, Kay Lawrence, Judy Klinkafus. 74 Major Drama Production of Tear Carolyn Enis, Kay Lawrence, Daphne Hickman. Daphne Hickman, Kay Lawrence, Judy McGinnis. Sharon Fri ' pman Kav Lawrenrp, Kathv Johnson. Shirley Huber. V— 1. v- M-i - i vy- Daphne Hickman, Mary Klinkafus, Kay Lawrence, Tom Cramer, Judy McGinnis. 75 ,- ' ' tv% Lana Green 1962 Homecoming Queen Queen and Her Court Reign Over Homecoming Festivities Kathleen Kinnick Donna Larson Betty Johnson Mary Ellen Disburg 77 Ivan Lyddon, Student Body President, crowns Lana Green 1962 Homecoming Queen. Our beautiful Homecoming Queen begins her reign over the 1962 Homecoming activities. 78 Queen Lana escorted by Steve Croley leaves her throne to lead her court from the auditorium. Queen Lana arrives to reign over the Homecoming football game. Queen Lana, Mary Ellen Disburg, Betty Johnson, Kathy Kinnick, and Donna Larson await the signal for them to proceed to the 1962 Homecoming variety show. • Queen Lana and her court are an important part of the Homecoming parade. 79 Homecoming Means Hard- work and Fun The Agriculture Club was awarded first place for their humor float entered in the Homecoming parade. Fraternities and sororiites help each other as they build their floats for the Homecoming parade. All the Greeks will agree that it takes a lot of hard-working hours to build a Homecoming float. Student clowns have lots of fun in the Homecoming parade President J. W. Jones and Herbert Whitaker, president of Junior Chamber of Commerce, present to the Parkhill, Missouri Band a trophy for their first place performance in the Homecoming pa- rade. Trophies Are Presented to First Place Bands The Homecoming festivities ended with the annual Homecoming dance. The Clarinda, Iowa Band receives a trophy during intermission at the Homecoming football game. The Clarinda band was rated as the number one Iowa band participating in the Homecoming parade. 81 Skits and Individual Acts Provided The Delta Zeta sorority placed third with their interpretation of the musi- cal production " Mary-Foo Song. " Dave Tandy and John Kelley emceed the Homecoming Variety Program. Awarded second place in the Homecom- ing Variety Show, Tau Kappa Epsilon did a take-off on " Sir Gideon. " " Northwest Side Story, " presented by Alpha Sigma Alpha, carried out the Homecoming theme of musical productions to win the sorority first place. Top Entertainment at Variety Show " Little Abner Goes To College, " awarded third place, was presented by the Independent Student Organization. Sigma Sigma Sigma won second place with their revised ver- sion of " Camelot. " A barbershop quintet, composed of Ken Lucas, Maynard Potter, Dick Bateman, r Jim Litsch, and John Flora, entertained between skits. Members of the Phi Sigma Epsilon Fra- ternity presented " Staglog 17 " as their variety skit for Homecoming and won first place. " Flower Drum Song and Blossom " Jumbo, " the Tau Kappa Epsilon float, received honors in the Homecoming parade. Delta Zeta sorority captured third place in the women ' s di- vision of the Homecoming parade with the float " Sayonara. " Third place was awarded to the Wesley Foundation in the Homecoming parade for their entry in the men ' s division, " Ben Hur. " First place was awarded to Sigma Sigma Sigma in the women ' s division of the Homecoming parade with their float entitled " Flower Drum Song. " 84 Time Capture First Among Floats The Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity placed second with their original rendition of " Alice in Wonderland. " " Tea House of the August Moon, " created by the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, was awarded second rating in the women ' s division. The Phi Mu float, " The King and I, " was awarded fourth place in the women ' s division. First place honors went to the Industrial Arts float, " Blos- somtime, " bedecked with many flower s. S5 Homecoming House Decorations " Ye Ole Mule Joust " won third place for the Art Club in the house decorations ' awards. Tau Kappa Epsilon ' s fraternity house became a showboat to win them second place in the Men ' s Division of House Decorations. " Macbeth " was the theme for the first place title awarded to Phi Lambda Chi. Feature Famous Broadway Hits ■ " ■« r 1 - r i 1 miiiiiiiiiiiiii ri •• V- J J K II 1 S 11 ■ ) i 1 II 1 1 Sigma Tau Gamma was awarded third place on their Homecoming House Decoration. " The Surrey With the Fringe On Top " was the Alpha Sigma Alpha house decoration awarded third place. Sigma Sigma Sigma placed second with their house decorations of the " Unsink- able Molly Bearcat. " First place honors went to Delta Zeta Sorority for their original house decoration. Gary Hoist Reigns as Queen of theTOWER Kay Pfeiffer Sharon Jeschke Judy Hullman 88 Jean Benefiel ri),. mil Cary Hoist Tower Queen Famous Towers Is Theme of Dance Dr. Robert P. Foster is being congratulated by Janice Leavell, Tower editor, on being chosen the outstanding faculty member of the year. r Ellen Grube, Donna Thcis, Kathy Swoboda, and Jerilyn Irvin are tapped for Cardinal Key by Janice Leavell. ■ VK_jj , ,? Gary Anderson takes the tickets of Lois Davidson and Larry A. Holland as they are greeted by the receiving line — Janice Leavell, Terry Kremer, Millie Cook- rill, and Dale Sporleder. 90 " Holding up the Tower of Pisa " are Hal Whitborough, Dick Dooley, Greg Vock, Linda Bouska, Barb Chick, and Kathy Swoboda. Melanie and Steve Help Crown Queen Melanic Parks and Steve Moss led the coronation processional as flower girl and cr own bearer. Unaware that she is the about to be crowned queen. Gary Hoist and her escort, Roger Cottle, enter the gymnasium. Bob Cobb, acting student body presi- dent, crowns Gary queen as Melanie hands her the bouquet of roses. The queen ' s court consisted of John Massengale, Kay Pfeiffer, John Siehl. Sharon Jeschke, Roger Cottle, Steve Moss, Gary Hoist, Mela- nie Parks, Bob Gobb, Jean Benefiel, Dick Houck, Judy Hullman, and Dick Snyder. Queen Gary Hoist following her coronation as the 1963 Tower queen. 91 Sherry Speer won acclaim as she tap danced at the annual Walk Out Day as- sembly. At the annual Walk-Out Day dance, Robin Smith and Linda Bouska participate in the latest dance craze — the UT. Walk-Out Day Features Assembly Movie Dance w The Walk-Out Day Assembly enter- tained many students. Betty Jo Bruns and Susan Bouska enjoy the music and fun as they twist at the Walk-Out Day Dance. 92 Jacqueline Cockrill Reigns Over Harvest Moon Ball The College women enjoy dancing with their choice of dates at the Harvest Moon Ball in the new ballroom of the J. W. Jones Union Building. Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Jones lead the serving line. Jacqueline Cockrill, senior, is crowned Queen of the Harvest Moon Ball by Dr. Koerble as her escort, Jack LaForce, looks on. 93 Gaiety Prevailed at the Christmas Ball The traditional " ' Twas the Night Before Christmas " was sung at the All-school Christmas Ball. The Christmas spirit prevails as couples enjoy dancing at the annual Christmas dance. NWMSC students were members of the band that played for the All-school Christmas Ball. The audience sings along with Mr. Gilbert Whitney and his chorus as they lead the group in Christmas carols. Christmas Assembly Featured Play ' ' A Child Is Born ' Vocal Music Kathy Johnson, Lanny Camblin, Donna Owens, Chythia Dalbey and Norman Wilcox star in " A Child Is Born. " Vocal music was presented by the Tower Chorus and Tower Choir directed by Gilbert Whitney. Harpist was Jeanette Bauman. Lanny Camblin, Donna Owens, Kathy Johnson, Cynthia Dalbey, Norman Wilcox in the Christmas Assembly. 95 Carolyn Hoist was named Spirit of Christmas. Gary Hoist Chosen to Roberta Edlin, Joseph; Jeanette Novogradic, Mary; Carla KirchhofF, Shirley Townsend, Sandy Herzog, kings; Ka y Fisher, snow queen. BEARERS OF THE GREEN: Kathleen Kinnick, Pat Keller, Patsy Robertson, Jacqueline Cockrill, Karen Mast. Reign As Spirit of Christmas LEADING SENIOR RECESSIONAL: Pat Keller, Patsy Robertson. READER: Stephanie Pershing. 97 TRIO: Nadine Lind, Barbara Knox, Karen Slayden. Cheerleaders Spend Long Hours Practicing, Virginia Peters, Margie McDonald, Linda Chastain, Kathy Johnson smile as Jane Porter is presented the outstanding cheerleader trophy by President J. W. Jones. Practicing yells, the NVVMSC cheerleaders are led by the head cheerleader Jane Porter. A " T " is formed by the cheerleaders for the photog- rapher. Time out to rest and joke awhile, the peppy cheerleaders are from left to right; Linda Chastain, Margie McDonald, Jane Porter, Kathy John- son, Virginia Peters. 98 Learning New Tells to Back the Bearcats Jane Porter, head-cheerleader Virginia Peters Kathy Johnson 99 Margie McDonald Study Friendships Socializing Are Karen Hersh approaches the stairs as Karlene Hendrix and Joyce Owens study. Furniture for the landing was purchased this year. Karla Bright, desk girl, assists Becky James as she " signs-out. " Susan McConkey and Phyllis Leu read, and others enjoy watching television in Hudson Hall lounge. 100 Integral Part of Dormitory Living Barbara May seems pleased with her mail as she waits for Dorothy Anderson who ap- pears to be anticipating " good news " also. TT ' V ii o Sharon Jeschke and Diane Morriss take a study break. Wonder what they are talking about. Must be the usual exciting subject . . . lessons, of course! ! Pat Allen and Nancy Bailiff have little use for the hard, wooden chairs and desks. ii 101 Quad Life Includes Some Study Gene Molendorf delivers cleaning to Roy Drisco. This is informal discussion time in Wilson Hall Lounge. 102 As Well As Work and Fun Rex Suell looks somewhat uncertain about his barber Carl Bax- ter ' s " professional " ability. Stan Stillwagon strikes a becoming pose as he watches Dennis Dinkla slave away at the washing. 103 Married Couples Have Become Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lee enjoy the comforts of their apart- ment off-campus. Kit ' ' ' ■ ' . ' ? " L ' i ' ■ • " • . ' «.V ' . ' « .. ' «■ ■t " ' . ti ' ' I. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kerns are pictured in their attractive trailer home. Smiling happily, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Merritt are seen in their trailer home. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Dalby and their attractive sons live in College Heights. 104 An Integral Part of College Life Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hunziger are sharing household duties in their trailer. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown enjoy Christmas greetings at their home off-campus. Mr. anc Mrs. Scot Michelson and chile ren relax at home in College Heights. P r f2 si J • m j0 r. , ' ! " M ■■aiMM u . V r i %M n ■ k 1 ' r n , i T «fli Mr. and Mrs. Ted Jamison and son enjoy family life out-in- town. 105 Student Union Provides Setting for The peaceful union lounge is a good place to relax and to study. ' JEMSC CM5C NWM5C RDLLA SEM5C SN;15 ' I lu fiA cn «« ■ui ' Mi ' " Snack Bar helpers are always willing and ready to aid customers seeking refresh- ments. Two MWMSC students find relaxation in listening to music. Many students enjoy the facilities of the Den where they can meet friends and enjoy refreshments. 106 Relaxation Study and Refreshment Students enter the Christmas spirit by decorating the Christ- mas tree in the Union Den. Students line up for a nutritious meal in the J. W. Jones Union cafeteria. NWMSC gentlemen hold the doors open for two coeds so that they may enter the cafeteria line. 107 Students find time in their busy days to relax and socialize in the comfortable Bearcat Den. . i M A Resourceful Library Aids Students in An NWMSC student finds the library very peaceful. Tackling their many studies, students find the li- brary very helpful as a quiet place for study and as an aid in research work. 108 Preparing Daily Assignments and Papers Mr. Luke L. Boone and Rex Pettigrew aid students in find- ing research books in the library. Dennis Wright uses the facilities of the library to complete his studies. Mr. Luke L. Boone aids students in their work. 109 Student Teaching Entails Hard Work from Both Students and Teachers Mrs. Arthur supervises her junior-high students as they work in co-operative study. Mrs. Knittle, supervising teacher, and Judy Killion, student- teacher, enjoy a puppet-show with the fourth grade pupils. Janice Tarwater, student-teacher, leads the second-graders in their reading assignment. Mrs. Sheila Moss, not shown, is the supervising teacher. Janice Hansen, student-teacher, arouses much interest from the fifth-grade students. Supervising teacher is Mr. Dean Savage. 110 Commencement Denotes Climax of Study and Beginning of New Career Happy to receive their diplomas, students file into the Lamkin Gymnasium before commencement. President Jones confers a Masters Degree with the aid of Deans Miller and Foster. A record crowd attends the commencement service in the Lamkin Gymnasium. Ill QBSQQB HQHjQQy w Service Is Key Word for Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority FIRST ROW: Dorothy Zai- ger, Patrica Allred, vice- president; Glenda Jamison, president ; Doris Schriener, Joanne Swope, pledge moth- er. SECOND ROW: Pam- ella Allred, Sharon Schmidt, secretary ; Marilyn Agre, treasurer; Paula Kaminska, Sharon Phoenix. FIRST ROW: Janice Murphy, historian: Sara Ferguson, recording secretary; Jeanne Swope, president; Carol Sue Miller, first vice- president; Janice Peterson, alumnus secre- tary; Joanne Swope, second vice-president. SECOND ROW: Rose Ann Card, Donna Arms, Jane Dunnihoo, Judy Lee, Marilynn Wallis, treasurer; Carolyn Rowe, Barb Pall- ing, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Diane Whitney, Cheryl Gray, Marie Hummel, Sharon Burton, Linda Kensinger, Patty Gillespie, Jean Kobash- igawa. FOURTH ROW: Maureen Greeley, Donna Rihner, Julia Henry, Pat Hillers, Mar- iann Hoffman, Pat Tryon, Pat Keller, Ruth Ann Elliott. FIFTH ROW: Sherrie Hartman, Carolee Smith, Shirley Hamilton, Eleanor Zipp, Linda Kay Jones, Martha McCall, Dorothy Walker, sponsor. The Alpha Gamma Chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma, serv- ice sorority, initiated several " firsts " during the 1962-63 school year. On October 13, the organization held its first Founders ' Day Tea in commermoration of the tenth anniversary. Also, the organization cooperated with Alpha Phi Omega in oper- ating concession stands at athletic events. Then, for the first time, the sorority entered a skit in the Homecoming Variety Show. It was " South Terrific " and took fifth place. Donna Rihner won first place in the individual clown division of the parade. Jeanne Swope, the president, was initiated into Cardinal Key honor organization. Again the girls decorated the cafeteria for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Aid was given the March of Dimes via the combined efforts of Gamma Sigma Sigma and Alpha Phi Omega. Other projects included participation in the Ugly Man Contest, conducting a baby-sitting service, providing a program entertainment for the Noyes Children Home, ushering at the Variety Show and various other assemblies, and giving service to the hospital. As before, the group compiled and printed the Student-Faculty Directory. 114 Social and Service Events Highlight Tear for Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity FIRST ROW: Mike Armimrout, treasurer; Jack Briggs, sccrrtar -; H. Srott Michelson, president ; Rcigcr Hallcck, vice-president ; Gary Mathews, sergeant-at-arms. SEC- OND ROW: Myrl D. Long, sponsor; Nei Chaput, Gene Beck, Duayne Dinsmore, Rob - ert Vande Brake, Kenneth Thompson, spon- sor. THIRD ROW: Larry Norfolk, pledge- master; Ronald Joe Hatheway, Fredrick R. Bradshaw, Bart Kenicry, Ron Bohlcnder, H. Guy Bensusan. sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Mark Rockhold, Richard Fox, Daniel Schnei- der, Ken Harlan, Tom Kitzi. FIRST ROW: Dalton Jones Jr., treasurer; Russell Van Vactor, recording secretary; Bill Brandt, president; John McClaran, first vice-president: Larry Norfolk, second vice president. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Thompson, sponsor; Ronald Norfolk, Richard L. Heal, Ronald E. Hestand, Bill Nelson, Myrl D. Long, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Frederick Rohofs, May P. McCuistiod, Dennis Mathes, Donald L. Rumelhart, Richard T. Smith, Ken Price, Guy Bensusan, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Bob Johnson, corresponding secretary; Paul Sorensen, Soren Sorensen, Bill Hardesty, Pat Murphy. Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity began the busy 1962- 63 school -ear with many social and service plans. The first event of the year was a smoker for prospective members. Other projects during the year were: directing traffic for sjDecial events, checking coats at the major dances, operating the union office in the Den, helping with the campus Christ- mas decorations, and organizing and sponsoring the " Ugly Man " contest to raise funds for the Student Loan Fund. Alpha Phi Omega and Gamma Sigma Sigma jointly man- aged the concession stands at the football and basketball games. The social events of the year were several informal mixers and a formal dance held with Gamma Sigma Sigma. One of the big events of the year for this chapter was help- ing host the National Convention held in Kansas City De- cember 27—29. 115 Senate Strives to Improve Campus FIRST ROW: Barbara Combs, parliamentarian; Bob Cobb, vice- president; Ivan Lyddon, president; Mary Grantham, secretary; Ken- neth Thompson, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Millie Cockrill, Dixie Gomel, Bob Cornelison, Dale Sporleder, Richard Okinaka. THIRD ROW: Peter Jackson, sponsor; Rich Cornelison, Earl Boyd, Harold Gentry. The student senate, in its endeavor to represent the stu- dents in every manner possible, has conducted various sur- veys throughout the year. Such things as the cafeteria, the den, and more activities during the week-ends are being considered by the senate. A Don Soper Memorial was established by the senate in memory of the late senator. This award is to be given to an outstanding senator each year. The senate was responsible for establishing and supervising the procedures for all major elections on campus. Many sec- tions of homecoming such as the queen election and her crowning were under the direction of the senate. They also supervised the walk-out day variety show. Long range projects include an ammendment to the con- stitution which applies to the hours a person running for of- fice may have, revision of the rules of Who ' s Who, to have better elections, to have less politics in queen elections, to im- prove school spirit, and to improve the organization of future homecomings. The student-faculty disciplinary committee, student court, communications board, and the student affairs committee were active all year. A meeting of the Missouri State College Student Govern- ment Association was held here this spring. 1 116 Union Board Increases Scope of Activities FIRST ROW: Twylia Rnckhold, secretary; Richard T. Smith, chairman; Dale Sporledcr, vice-chairman; Greg Guenthcr, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Mary Anthony, Charlie Wilson, Phil Richmond, John Roy Kelley, Luther Belcher, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Richard Cornelison, Jim Sanders, John Rog- ers Kelley, Bill Needels, sponsor. Bob Johnson, Bob Cobb, Ivan Lyddon, Ted Jamison comprised the 1962-63 Advisory Board. The Union Board increased in strength and scope both Un- ion — and campus-wise. Under the leadership of Richard Smith, president, tTie Union Board installed a speaker system in the Student Union. This year marked the first year the Un- ion Board was responsible for scheduling the all-school assem- blies such as the Four Freshmen. Each committee furnished improvement or enjo -ment to the campus. Central Party was in charge of the Christmas, Tow- er, and Spring Formal dances, for which the Decorations com- mittee decorates. The Union Dance committee planned and prepared for all the den dances both weekly and those held on week-ends. Television and Movies committee scheduled and showed each week-end movie. Fine Arts and Music commit- tee was responsible for the art exhibit held in the Union Lounge. Publications planned and published a pamphlet to acquaint the campus with Union Board and its activities. To urnaments and Games held a bridge tournament awarding trophies to the winning teams. Publicity committee kept the students informed on campus activities through the bulletin board in the Bearcat Den. To keep up-to-date on other Union Board activities, the ihembers of the Executive Committee had the opportunity of attending the Region 8 Conference at Iowa State Univer- sity in Ames, Iowa. 117 Play Production Is Major Work of Drama Club and Alpha Psi Omega X w im " ' - ' :Tmr ' wm- ■ r f.i %m u: FIRST ROW: Norman Wilcox, vice-president; Ken Price, president; Kathie Johnson, secretary-treasurer. SEC- OND ROW: Sharon Freeman, Kathleen Norris, Neta Rus- sel, Donna Owens, Miss Dorothy Weigand, spon- sor. THIRD ROW: Mr. Kerry Lafferty, sponsor; Shir- ley Huber, Judy Ann McGinnis, Sherry Tenhulzen, Cynthia Dalbey. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Pottorff, Jeff Falter, Charles T. Jones, Jeanne K. Thompson, Mike Stoll. The Drama Club contributed twenty-one members to the cast of Androcles and the Lion, the first play of the 1962-63 season which had a cast of seventy people. The other productions of the season were; The Imaginary Invalid and Girl Crazy which also casted members of the Drama Club. The traditional Drama Club — produced play for the all- school Christmas assembly was directed by Stephanie Persh- ing, a speech major completing her speech requirements. The title of the play was " A Child Is Born " by Stephen Vincent Benet. Only members of Drama Club participated in this play. Miss Dorothy Weigand and Kerry Lafferty were the spon- sors of the group. The presentation of Noel Coward ' s comedy, " Blithe Spirit, " was the major activity of the Alpha Psi Omega, honorary dramatics fraternity. The greater portion of the proceeds from the play were sent to the national Alpha Psi Omega Office as a contribution to the fraternity scholarship fund. " Blithe Spirit " was directed by the sponsor. Dr. Ralph E. Ful- som. Many of the activities of Alpha Psi Omega overlap into the academic speech requirements. Officers were Stephanie Pershing, president; George Foun- tain, treasurer; and Rose Ann Gard, secretary. Members of the fraternity were Daphne Hickman, Bob Sandmaier, Bill Hard- esty, and Jim Hurley. 118 Pi Kappa Delta on Campus 15 Tears This t ;iou[) makes iij) the coic of the foren- sics group. Tliey set up regulations for mem- bership in Pi Kappa Delta and hold an initia- tion ceremony and banquet each spring for their new initiates. This year is Pi Kappa Delta ' s fifteenth an- niversary and the Golden Anniversary Conven- tion will be March 19-23, at Southern Illi- nois University, at Carbondale, Illinois. FIRST ROW: . ustin Mueller; Jeanie Morris, pres- ident; Priscilla Porter, secretary. SECOND ROW: George Hinshaw, sponsor; George Fountain, Bill Hardesty. Forensics Has Active Debate Season Again the forensic students find them- selves very busy searching in the library and other places for information pertaining to their debate case which this year was re- solved: " That the Non-communist Nations of the World Should Form an Economic Community. " The students were not only busy in de- bate but also discussion, extempore, inter- pretive reading, oratory, and, often, dinner speaking. The forensics students also played host to their own tournament here on the NWMSC campus, December 14-15. Sponsor of the group was Mr. George Hinshaw. FIRST ROW: Diane Whitney, Jeanie Morris, George Hinshaw, sponsor; Priscilla Port- er, Ruth Ann Elliott. SECOND ROIV: . ustin Mueller, Wayne Stiles, George Foun- tain, Bill Hardesty, Bob Johnson. 119 Art Club and Kappa Pi Take Part in Art Exhibits and Homecoming Throughout the year the Art Club members participated in many interesting programs at the monthly meetings. Featured were lectures and films which broadened and enriched their knowledge and interest in the art world. Busy with various activities, the club took part in and assisted with the faculty art exhibit, the senior exhibit, and the student exhibit. Al- so, Art Club entered the Home- coming festivities with a house dec- oration which tied for third place. Art Club activities have been under the sponsorship of Charles Johnson, Darrell McGinnis, and Robert Sunkel. FIRST ROW: Darrell McGinnis, sponsor; Tommy Tucker, vice-president; Dick Brown, president ; Davie Kiesling, secretary-treas- urer; Robert Sunkel, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Twylia Steele, Nancy Bruggeman, N4ar- tha Merrill, Nadine Lind, Mary Helen Goff, Janet Hawkins, Charles Johnson, sponsor. THIRD ROyV: Mary Ellen Disburg, Carolyn Wiltshire, Mike Lee, Tom Fairlie, Gary Mo- zingo, Fredrik Edwards, Joe Neff. FIRST ROW: Martha Merrill, treasurer; Mary Helen Goff, president ; Charles John- son, sponsor; Davie. Riesling, Darrell Mc- Ginnis, sponsor; Mary Ellen Disburg. SEC- OND ROW: Robert Sunkel, sponsor; Tom Fairlie, program chairman; Dick Brown, Joe Neff. 120 Kappa Pi, National honorary fra- ternity for art majors and minors, had an active year under the super- vision of Mary Helen Goff, president, and Charles Johnson, Robert Sunkel, and Darrell McGinnis, sponsors. Kappa Pi held an exhibit in the art department lounge in connection with the Festival of the Fine Arts. Outstanding Freshman and Senior awards were presented. In 1962, Jane Howard received the Outstanding Senior Award. Near the close of the spring semester new pledges were in- itiated and honored at a banquet. Social Science Majors Find Fun and Knowledge in Social Science Club " I FIRST ROW: Earl Bragdon, John Harr, George Gayler. SECOND ROW: James L. Lowe, Bernard Eissenstat, Floyd D. Barrows, Berndt Angman, Calvin Widger. FIRST ROW: Judy Lee, Ramona Kind- er, Marilynn WaJKs, Carol Sue Miller, Ju- lia Henry, Dorothy Zaiger, Bobbie Wright. SECOND ROW: Pamella AUred, Char- lotte DeSomma, Marilyn Ruddell, Janice Reno, Dixie Bailey, Sharon Burton, Marlys Updegraff, Millie Cockrill, Mary Gepner, Doris Schreiner, Dr. Harr, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Larry Schulenberg, Nor- ma Martin, Marge Bovvers, Joyce Sundell, Linda Potter, Dixie Gomel, Janice Carr, Carolyn Stolting, Sandra Heater, Carol Kennedy, Vincent Paolillo. FOURTH ROW: Curt Streeter, Pat Harr, Michele Stitt, Jeanne Davis, Diane Goodwin, Bob Johnson, Mike Lee, Dean Schantz, Barry Brady, Sue Oberhelman, Robert E. Bak- er. FIFTH ROW: Gary Tomes, Larry Hornbostel, Harold Johnson, Jack Gray, Fred Anthony, Bill Hardesty, Bart Kem- ery, Ken Wald, David Lawnsdail, Roger Roy Halleck, Richard Flowers, Ronald Canada. 121 Field Trip Highlights Activities of Pi Omega Pi Business Fraternity FIRST ROW: Janice Leavell, reporter; Eileen Painter, sec- retary; Brenda Biddinger, treasurer; Karon Ott, vice-presi- dent; Elizabeth Whitney. SECOND ROW: Kay Courier, Carole Clemmons, sponsor; Judy Andes, Lois Davidson, Barbara Thompson. THIRD ROW: Edward Browning, sponsor; Norma Wuester, Harriet Carton, Anita Lee. Beta chapter of Pi Omega Pi, honorai business education fraternity, inducted six new pledges in the fall of 1962. Initi- ates were Joy Gouts, Norma Hohlfeld, Sharon Nelson, Terry Kremer, Kay Graves, and Linda Hartman. Harriet Anderson, president, led the group in their projects. The high-light of the year was a field trip to Kansas Gity October 25. The group visited the Board of Trade, Folger ' s Coffee Company, and Hallmark Cards. Lunch was served at the Myron Green Cafeteria. At the beginning of the fall semester a social hour was held for all business majors and minors and business faculty. The annual banquet was held in the spring. Awards were presented to the outstanding senior and junior of the chapter at the banquet. Other social events included the Christmas party and the spring picnic. Miss Carole Clemmons and Mr. Edward Browning are sponsors of the organization. 122 Book Club Provides Atmosphere for Study of Best Sellers and Classics FIRST ROW: Jeanic Morris, Jane Dunnihoo, sec- retary-treasurer; Sharon Kurtz, i)residcnt; Ellen Grubc, Marccline Latham. SECOND ROW: Glen- da Knott, Sandra Heater. Janet Tussey, Jean Voss, Sharon Nelson, Ruth Ann Elliott. THIRD ROW: Larry Schulenberg, Beverly Medsker, Nancy Rine- hart, Joyce Iwen, Martha Merrill, Pat Phillips, F. W. Grube, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Curt Streeter, Gary Tomes, Richard Wiederholt, James Hurley, Bob Johnson, Linda Potter, Linda Kay Jones. Honorary Education Students Are Members of Kappa Delta Pi Group FIRST ROW: Pat Keller, president; Carole Lin- inger, vice-president; Linda Kay Jones, secre- tary; Linda Potter, treasurer, Linda Kensinger, re- porter. SECOND ROW: Dr. John Harr, spon- sor; Norma Hunsicker, Dixie Bailey, Jane Porter, Karen Mast, Nancy Patton, Bobbie Wright. THIRD ROW: Janet Tussey, Eileen Painter, Bet- ty Cobb, Joyce Sundell, Kay Fisher, Marylyn Kog- er, Glenda Cooper, Ramona Kinder. FOURTH ROW: Carol Sue Miller, Karon Ott, Nancy Rinchart, Judith Andes, Harriet Garton, Di. ie Gomel, Marilynn Wallis. FIFTH ROW: Shirley Gibson, Mary Lee Clements, Ron Guthery, Jon Baier, Harold Johnson, Julia Henry, 123 Kappa micron Phi Presents Gifts to New Home Management House FIRST ROW: Karen Ruse, Gladys Hansen, Pat Keller, Norma Hun- sicker. SECOND ROW: Mabel Cook, sponsor; Lois Woolsoncroft, Mariann Hoffman, Patty Gillespie. THIRD ROW: Karen Shields, Glendena Taylor, Donna Rae Larson, Mary Ann Kneale, Carol Ann Foje. This fall Kappa Omicron Phi, a national professional fra- ternity, started the year ' s activities with the annual fresh- man party at which time all freshman home economics ma- jors were introduced to the fraternity. As major money-making projects, the girls sold flower bulbs and also held the annual apron sale during the Christ- mas season. Alpha Chapter takes pride in the gifts they presented to Home Management House. The gifts included candle sdcks, china, ci7stal, and linens. Special activities included house decorations for Home- coming, the Alum Homecoming Breakfast, a Christmas par- ty. Founders ' Day, and the senior send-off party. Demonstrations Highlight Colhecon Meetings FIRST ROW: Glendena Taylor, reporter; Jane Shaver, treasurer; Wanda Cox, secretary; Nora Caroline Codsey, vice-president; Sharon Ostrus, president. SECOND ROW: Sharon Morehouse, Lois Meier, Judy Goslee, Marcy Sever- son, Bonnie Sherman, Barbara Smith, Joyce Peterson, Don- na Wolf, Nann Dills. THIRD ROW: Evelyn Goldner, Genevieve Ross, Judith Dewey, Patsy Robertson, Marlene Adamson, Edwina Starks, Charlotte DeShon, Mary Lee Miller, Darlene Guest, Norman Hunsicker. FOURTH ROW: Norena Hale, Judy Veylupek, Peggy Whan, Louise Hammond, Joan Whiteaker, Nancy Timberlake, Jane Couch, Kathleen Miller, Alice Reynolds, Mary Miller, Jo Karen Nash. FIFTH ROW: Nancy McNeel, Karen Kimbrough, Sue Mortensen, Anita Boettner, Mary Stark, June Ann Butler, Carolyn Smith, Patricia Tryon, Sherry New, Karol Ann Knittl, Barbara Morehouse. The annual fall picnic for prospective members was the beginning of events for this organization. Other activities throughout the year were the Christmas party, Valentine party, the banquet, the annual spring style show, and a cook- out breakfast. The regular meetings of Colhecon were honored by the presence of several guests. Mrs. Mary Lee Wilkerson and Mrs. Albert Bell gave very interesting demonstrations on making fall flower arrangements and the selection of attractive place settings. Among other interesting meetings was a visit to the Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wiles ' residence. Their home is very cleverly furnished with antiques. Highlights of the Christmas activities included decorating a tree for the home economics lounge and the exchanging of homemade gifts at the Christmas party, which was held at the home of Mrs. Scott Savi7ers, sponsor of Colhecon. 124 4-H Club Emphasizes Service Fun The Bearcat 4-H Club expanded in scope this past year witli active participation in campus and community affairs. Service and fun were the key words of the year. Club pro- grams gave members insight into state 4-H Club differences, civic responsibilities, reli- gious emphasis. International Farm Youth Ex- change, and increased recreational experiences. Service was highlighted by member ' s con- tributions to homecoming and Religious Em- phasis Veck. The club, working with the coun- ty 4-H Clubs, set up signs welcoming isitors to Nodaway County and promoting safe driv- ing. The college group also sponsored a fun night for all the 4-H ' ers in the county. Club members took various responsibilities in the community as resource personnel in recreation and other fields. Fun was the chief note in the many social activities of the club, and often slipped into the ser ' ice projects. The get-acquainted mixer was followed by the Autumn Frolic and Christmas party. The second semester was highlighted by the spring retreat and was capped off with the last-of-school picnic. FIRST ROW: Norma Hunsicker, president; Gary Tomes, vice-president: Maureen Greeley, secretary: Larry Trede, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Barbara Smith, Edwina Starks, Bernice Northup, Carol Guilliatt, Nancy McNeel, Donna Wolf, Diane White. THIRD ROW: Ronald .-Andersen, Larry Hanon, Joann Kuhr, Glendena Taylor, Louise Hammond, Eldon Christensen. FOURTH ROW: Keith Lambertsen, Tom Hannemann, Fary Frohn, Averill West, Steve Christensen, Richard Flowers. Ag Judging Team Captures First The Ag Club began the 1962-63 year with the orientation of new agriculture majors and minors. As the year progressed, attention turned to a livestock judging tour of 4-H and FFA teams in this area. The judging contest, which is held yearly, was composed of several col- lege teams, also. A team of three members — ■ Al Waddell, Chuck Patterson, and VV ' ayne Hartman won first place college honors with Al Waddell being high scoring individual in the contest. Ag Club participation in Homecoming was well rewarded when the humor float, " Mules Hit Flintstone Baracade, " won first place in its division. The Ag Club was also honored by receiving first place in the jalopy division. Social events included the annual award banquet at which the members ' fathers were special guests, a hayride, and a picnic which concluded the year ' s activities. FIRST ROW: Tom Custer, social chairman; Harold Flagman, vice-president; Dale Hunziger, president; Jim O ' Riley, recording secretary; Charles Pattersen, secretary. SECOND ROW: Ronald L. .Andersen, Leon Mclntyre, Darry .- chenbaugh, Kenny Wookey, Ron Anderson, Rich Mowry, Jerry Newcomer. THIRD ROW: James W. Stephens, Roger Rainey, Richard Koch, Larry Oder, Herbert Townsend, William Tad- lock, Fred Mcssner. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Hall. Lawrence Meyer, William Prichard, Wanye Hartman, Van Price, Steve C. Christensen, Jerry Barrett, Albert Waddell. 125 A CE Stresses The Teacher in Today s World During 1962-63 FIRST ROW: Shirley Gibson, president ; Glenda Cooper, vice- president ; Carole Lininger, sec- retary; Kay Fisher, treasurer; Mary Lee Clements, Karen Mast. SECOND ROW: Myrna Nicklasen, Jane Porter, Jeanette McNally, Barbara Combs, Jac- queline Cockrill, Dean Spiller, Julia Ward. THIRD ROW: Helen Myers, Janice Murphy, Jean Spiller, Nancy Borkowski, Jeanne Wells, Jo Ann Lee. FOURTH ROW: Eleanor Zipp, Pat Rucker, Janice Han- sen, Kathy Swoboda, Alice Ak- ers, Marilyn Koger, Rhea Sab- us. FIRST ROW: Miss Kathryn McKee, sponsor; Susan Everly, Judy Killion, Mary Sue Jones, Jo Ann Rankin, Miss Neva Ross, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Jan- et Andersen, Mary Anthony, Twylia Rockhold, Nancy Patton, Ruth Ann Lamphier. THIRD ROW: Keith Lambertson, Martha Durfee, Doris Walden, Sandra Jorgensen, Donna Buck- ley, Marilyn Luhrs, Vicky Brown. FOURTH ROW: San- dy Yaple, Marie Hummel, Ro- zella Huffman, Marjorie Huss, Karen Randall, Judy Van Scy- oc, Karen Nielsen, Jean Nikla- sen. FIFTH ROW: Judy Nor- ris, Roberta Turner, Sharon Patterson, Marilyn Zbierski, Barbara Chenoweth, Judy Kep- linger, Barbara Speas. The association of Childhood Education chose " The Teacher in Today ' s World " as its theme for the 1962-63 school year. All study programs were centered around this central theme. The ACE started the year with a scavenger hunt to help their new and old members get acquainted. Soon it was time for the ACE ' ers to begin work on their Homecoming activities. Their float, " Babes in Toyland, " placed fifth. Myrna Niklasen and Sandy Jorgenson were in charge of this float. The house decorations also placed with the theme " Two for the See-Saw " under the direction of Jeanne Wells and Judy Keplinger. Special meetings held throughout the year were the Christ- mas Party, the Valentine ' s party and the spring banquet and Senior breakfast which are annually held at Armstrongs. Members and sponsors represented the NWMSC chapter at the ACE State Convention held in Springfield, Missouri. Some of the educational programs this year were " The Role of the Teacher, " " Appreciating our Heritage, " " Creativity, " " Knowledge of Human Growth and Development, " " Why the Change, " " It All Fits Together, " " A Spur to Intellectual Curiosity, " " In-Service Training, " and " What I See in the Mirror. " 126 Professional Standards Are Objective of Student National Education Association FIRST ROW: Dr. Wanda Walker, sponsor; Linda Potter, president; Harold Johnson, vice-president; Martha McCall, secretary; Joyce Iwen, treasurer; Carole Lininger, parliam, ; Betty Johnson, reporter; Keith Lambertsen, librarian. SECOND ROW: Ruth Ann Lamphier, Judy Norris, Barbara Ann May, Shir- ley Huber, Jeanne Swope, Eleanor Zipp, Linda K. Jones, Dorothy Anderson, Darlene Schmidt. THIRD ROW: Marie Hummel, Janet Tussey, Janice Murphy, Jeanette McNalley, Karen Nielsen, Martha Klever, Karen Mast, Mary Shepherd. FOURTH ROW: Kathleen Frederick, Dean Spiller, Jean Spiller, Cor- een Rohrberg, Carolyn Smith, Glendena Taylor, Mar- ilyn Zbierski, Sue Oberhelman, Karon Ott, Sharon Phoenix. FIFTH ROW: Mary Clements, Paul Schei- - berg, Robert Schobert, John Schiltz, David Gore, Robert Patience, Robert W. Smith, Gary Tomes, Paula Kaminska. t mii i S c ' j K T ' W Ui F ' " J SSA mfU Bft mI ' 1 n V. iyjL V - M rjL ' Jk p 4 f l-J Hi ' FIRST ROW: Sandra Ingram, Kathleen Hall, Rich- ard Beem, Charles Elifrite, RoAnne Godsey, Kay Pfeiffer. SECOND ROW: Mary Sue Jones, Nancy Bruggeman, Roberta Edlin, Vicky Brown, Sandy Yaple, Paula Zimmerman, Eileen McCartney, Doris Schreiner. THIRD ROW: Barb Briggs, Carole Duff, Sharon Kurtz, Mary Etta Meyer, Judy Robinson, Sharon Jeschke, Ginger Barnes, Lynnette Bradfield. FOURTH ROW: Vicki Carothers, Delores Dana, Judith Stokes, Rozella Huffman, Jane Mann, Sharon Schmidt, Carolyn Everly, Susan Karrasch, Joann Kuhr. FIFTH ROW: Richard Blakely, Richard Flowers, Larry Campbell, Bernard Veak, Jr., Marvin Bowen, Mike Armintrout, Bart Kemery, Mark Rock- hold. 127 PEM Members Enjoy Varied Activities The Physical Education Majors Club began its activities with a party for the new members. Joy Couts served as president of the organization with Mrs. Dorothy Walker as sponsor. Rhodetta Mardensen and Kar- en Ott joined Joy Couts and Anita Lee as actives in Delta Psi Kappa honorary fraternity. During homecoming, the sen- iors and alumni were honored with a tea at the home of Miss Bonnie Magill. A National Telegraphic Bowl- ing League included several of the members. The scores were ranked nationally with other participants. The meetings consisted of par- ticipating in swimming, dancing, trampoline and other activities. A meeting with the M Club was also held. All members of PEM are in AAHPER. fi o o FIRST ROW: Kathy Bogdas, Betty Jo Mc- Daniel, Joy Couts, Karen Frazer. SECOND ROW: Sharon Camp, Roberta Edlin, Jane Stoner, Anita Lee, Karenann Falk, Rhodetta Mardensen. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Walker, sponsor; Gail Merritt, Barb Chick, Connie Campbell, Judy Wolverton, Judy Sager. FOURTH ROW: Linda Greenwood, Judy Bol- on, Joan Lynch, Joyce Esch, Karen Ott, Mar- ion Smith. FIFTH ROW: Barbara Protzman, Ina May O ' Riley, Elaine Buerkens, Sherry Speer, Sue Oberhelman, Sharon Thomas. Rhodetta Mardensen, Joy Couts, Karon Ott, Anita Lee are members of Delta Psi Kappa. 128 Intramural Councils Provide Broad and Challenging Sports Program Members of this years women ' s intramural council were : Betty Jo McDaniel chairman; Marion Smith, co-chairman ; Sharon Thomas, volleyball chairman ; Ka- ren Ott, basketball chairman; Jane Stoner, bowling chairman ; Karen Frazer, Softball chairman. The councils special activities for the year included volleyball, basketball, softball, and bowling tournaments. PEM Club received the intra- mural supremacy trophy for hav- ing received the highest number of points in three consecutive years. The Intramural Council is sponsored by Dr. Kathryn Riddle. FIRST ROW: Kathryn Riddle, sponsor; Betty Jo McDaniel, chairman; Marion Smith, co- chairman; Jane Stoner. SECOND ROW: Con- nie Campbell, Karen Frazer, Barb Chick, Shar- on Thomas, Karon Ott. Dr. Peterson, Ted Herman, TKE; Larry Hag- an, student intramural director; John Rogers Kelley, Sig Tau; Larry Nulph, Phi Sig; Rex Pettegrew, Phi Lamb. 129 1963 Sigma Phi Dolphin Club Presents Dolphin in Wonderland as Swim Show - .„ ' y Aqua Winter: Bob Hall, Jane Stoner, Carolyn Gould and Rich- ard Smith. The Sigma Phi Dolphins started off the school year with a " splash " when they added seventeen new members to their ranks. New Dolphin members include Karen Bixler, Vanita Blair, Virginia Bright, Karen Davidson, Bonnie Foster, Sue Green, Paula Heath, Judy McClintock, Jerri Mercer, Sharon Phoenix, Dorothy Ray, Mary Sue Scramman, Barbara Speas, Jackie Vincent, Cheryl Wise, Judy Wolverton, and Paula Zimmerman. The organization is headed by President Nadine Lind, Vice-president Elaine Buerkins, Secretary-Treasurer Jane Stoner, Publications, Shirley Scott; Historian, Karen Hoys. Past president, Carole Lininger is the only other returning member. The theme for the 1963 annual swim show was " Dolphin In Wonderland. " Dates for the presentation of the show were April 24-26. JTtR LILAIX TIME. 9 FT. DEEP aLlPEEb r t A Lilac Time: Elaine Buerkins and Carolyn Gould. The Sigma Phi Dolphin swim club for 1963 included FIRST ROW: Elaine Buerkens, Nadine Lind, Jane Stoner. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Wise, Karen Bixler, Karen Hayes, Sharon Phoenix, Barbara Speas, Judy McClintock. THIRD ROW: Virginia Bright, Dorothy Ray, Carol Lininget, Bonnie Foster, Jacque Vincent. FOURTH ROW: Mary Sue Scamman, Judy Wolverton. 130 Activities Are Varied for NWMSC Lettermen t 1 1 Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Larry Holland, treasurer; Harold Gentry, Arnie Anderson, Doug Price. SECOND ROW: E. L. Burch, Steven Croley, Paul Lizzo, Bob McCoy. Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Tom Baker, Jack Rogers, president; Joe Bell, Larry Timmerman, Larry Kilmer. SECOND ROW: Duane Abbott, Jim Sanders, Ed Whit- aker, John Roy Kelley, Dr. H. D. Peterson, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Don Daniel, secretary; Harold Plagman, Glennon Acksel, Dick Snyder, Earl Boyd. FOURTH ROW: David Moyer, Edward Atkins, Jack Tipton, Ken- neth Carver, Karl Morrow. 131 Merits Dorm Council Promotes Understanding Among Quads The Men ' s Dormitory Council, under the direc- tion of President John Schiltz, Ralph Messerli, As- sistant Dean of Men, and Jack Lasley, Dean of Men, served to unite the men of the respective halls by promoting fellowship, clean living, and understanding among the men. Special events sponsored by the organization in- cluded a Turkey Run in early November and a Variety Show before the Christmas holidays. The Council also promoted interest and participation in the Intramural program and offered trophies to the highest scoring team from the dormitories. Other activities and programs were planned to im- prove domiitoi " y life. FIRST ROW: John Schiltz, president; Tom Whitney, vice-president; Marion Griesinger, secretary; Frankie Griffin, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Ralph Mes- serli, sponsor; John Hill, Wayne Paulsen, Garry Hamilton. THIRD ROW: Harold Flagman, Craig Hammond, Jack Lytle, Ted Herman, Jack L. Lasley, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Jon Denton, Howard Griesinger, Bill Brandt, Bob Chafin. Per r in and Roberta Halls Under Guidance of One Dorm Council During the academic year 1962-63, both Perrin Hall and Roberta Hall were under the guidance of one dorm council. The two night chaperones and fourteen counselors worked together to share the responsi- bility of the dormitories and to create a friendly atmos- phere for the girls. Ro berta Hall was under the direction of Mrs. Helen Larson. Mrs. Jane Thummel served as director in Perrin Hall. The counselors in Roberta Hall were: ground floor, Martha Shrimsher; first floor, Carolyn Everly and Ann Brown; second floor, Jerilyn Irvin and Linda Houck; third floor, Shirley Gibson and Myrna Nick- lasen. Night chaperon was Ann Brown. In Perrin Hall the counselors were: first floor, San- dra Jorgensen and Rhodetta Mardesen; second floor, Margorie Huss and Nadine Lind; third floor, Gladys Hansen and Judy Van Scyoc. Rhodette Mardesen was night chaperon. FIRST ROW: Karen Mast, president; Sue McNeil, vice-president; Sharon Ostrus, secretary: Jane Schultz, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Debbie Price, Maryls Updegraff, Judith Dewey, Sharon Bolin, Donna Theis, Sherry Speer. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Jane Thummel, director; Jean Spiller, Helen Lowery, Janice Hanson, Sandra Herzog, Mrs. Helen E. Larson, director. 132 Perrin Hall Counselors FIRST ROW: Sandra Jorgenson, Marjorie Huss, Rhodetta Mardesen, Judith Calvin. SECOND ROW: Judy VanSyoc, Gladys Hansen, Nadinc Lind, Shirley Hamilton, Mrs. Jane Thummel, director. Roberta Hall Counselors FIRST ROW: Linda Houck, Shirley Gibson, Jerilyn Irvin, Mrs. Helen Lar- son, director. SECOND ROW: Myrna Niklasen, .Ann Brown, Carolyn E%erly, Martha Schrimsher, Charlotte DeShon. 133 Hudson Hall, New Women s Dormitory Is Governed by Active Council FIRST ROW: Karen Davidson, treas- urer; Linda Haines, vice-president; Mrs. Martha Newby, director; Linda Greenwood, secretary; Sally Craven, president. SECOND ROW: Judy Chappell, Jo Ann DeCarlo, Linda Reed, Joyce Campbell, Kathleen Nor- ris, Carole Crater. THIRD ROW: Marcy Severson, Linda Chastain, Lana Teenor, Charlotte Fuller, Louise Ham- mond, Marilyn Peterson. Although the Hudson Hall dorm council was a new organ- ization on campus this year, it was an active organization. The council furnished the hall with a television set and a hi-fi set, utensils to be used in the kitchen, and wall plaques for the lounge. The group helped with the planning and pres- entation of the Harvest Moon Ball. They also served coffee in the lounge during open house at Homecoming. Also, the council held a tea in honor of Miss Nell Hudson, first registrar of N.W.M.S.C., for whom the hall is named. At Christmas, trees were decorated on every floor and in the main lounge. At that time, the council gave fruit plates to the nursing home and clothing to a needy family. The special committee chairmen from Hudson Hall were: Rosalie Guyer, fire; Linda Reed, budget; Charlotte Fuller, scrapbook; Linda Greenwood, music; Kathleen Norris, pub- licity; Linda Chastain, house decorations. Help given to the council by the housemother and sponsor Mrs. Martha Newby was greatly appreciated. Sally Craven, President, presided over all of the dorm meetings which were held after hours on the first Monday night of the month. FIRST ROW: Susan Everly, Glenda Cooper, Mrs. Martha Newby, Dianne Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Kay Court- er, Phyllis Leu, Alice Akers, Dee Decker, Norma Hohlfeld. ■Kill ' „ " Bffii 134 A WS Activities Range from Float Building to Style Show The Associated Wonu-n Students organization began the school year witli its an- nual style show for the freshmen to climax the big-little sister program. The show was planned and organized by Kathleen Fredericks, Patsy Robertson, and Mary Ann Kncale. Following the style show, work began on the Homecoming Queen ' s float, directed by Jeri Irvin. The plans for the yearly Sadie Hawkins week, climaxed with a dance, were imder the direction of Dixie Gomel, second vice-president. The yearly spon- sored " Penny Nights " were continued throughout the year. The Town Girls ' Association was again organized for a successful year with Joyce Narrigan, presiding. They, too, took part in all activities sponsored by the AWS. Sponsors of the group are Mrs. L. G. Biadt and Mrs. Helen Larson. Patsy Robertson acted as moderator at the annual AWS Style Show. FIRST ROW: Mrs. L. G. Bladt, Marceline Latham, his- torian; Linda Sue King, Bearcat Club chairman; Mrs. Helen Larson. SECOND ROW: Dee Decker, vice president; Dixie Gomel, second vice-president ; Kathy Swoboda, secre- tary; Joyce Iwen, corresponding secretary; Myrna Newman, president. FIRST ROW: Janice Murphy, Jean Nik- lasen, Karen Bixler, Myrna Newman, pres- ident. SECOND ROW: Isabella Belcher, Priscilla Porter, Judy Robinson, Neta Rus- sel, Marceline Latham, historian ; Linda Sue King. THIRD ROW: Mary Joyce Shephard, Michele Stitt, Becky James, Marcia Reed, Donna Flynn, Doloris Breit, Janice Reno. FOURTH ROW: Dee Deck- er, vice-president; Dixie Gomel, second vice-president; Kathy Swoboda, Suzanne Walker, Patty Walton, Joyce Iwen. KDLX Is Campus Radio Station ROW 1: Linda K. Jones, Dennis Mathes, engineer; Gary Mathews, manager; Pat Murphy, assistant manager; Richard Smith. SEC- OND ROW: Jerry Pottorff, Curt Covvles, Phil Murrell, Dennis Mor- ton, Neil Chaput, Ron Hestand. THIRD ROW: Robert C. Hoff- mann, James Marshall, Grant Nel- son, Ken Harlan, Bob Kordick. Amateur Ham Radio Operators Work with Civil Defense Authorities The M.C.R.C. amateur " ham " radio operators continued to handle many messages for students this year. The club, associated with the Ameri- can Radio Relay League and local and state civil defense radio networks, received another " Worked All States " award. Special projects for the year included instruc- tion to new m embers in radio theory and Inter- national wireless telegraphy. Technical assistance was provided to the campus carrier-current radio station, KDLX. FIRST ROW: Ray Trauernicht, president; Don Schltz, trustee; Neil Chaput, secretary-treasurer. SECOND ROW: Jack Alan Barton, Bob Hoffmann, Den- nis Mathes. 136 I A Club Learns from Field Trips FIRST ROW: Poter Jackson, Da- vid Crozier, LcRoy Crist, Kenneth Thompson, Donald Valk, sponsors. SECOND ROIV: Roger Cornett, Richard Mowry, John Hinklc, Mar- lyn Ballain, Neil Chaput, Larry Kurtz, Ronald Hunt. THIRD ROW: Richard Kullbom, Floyd Thompson, Jerry Runyon, Tommy Tucker, Homer Goldner, Lawranco Baker. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Wright, Larry Oder, Ray Briscoe, Jerry Lee Lelley, Eldon Christen- sen, Kennith R. Baker, Ronnie L. Nelson. FIFTH ROW: Robert Hoffman, Glen Stenzel, Wayne Hart- man, Gary Brasher, Jim Baier, Jer- ry Schultz, Kenneth Long. Initiating the activities of the Industrial Arts Club was an organizational meeting with election of officers for the coming year. These officers are: president, James Hartman; vice-pres- ident, Harry Combs; secretary-treasurer, Larry Nulph; ser- geant-at arms, Ronnie Nelson. The club got off to a good start with their success in the homecoming parade. The beauty float, " Blossom Time " won first place. In November, the club took a trip to Kansas City. On this FIRST ROW: Larry Coots, Thom- as Harvey, Harry Combs, vice-pres- ident; Jim Hartman, president; Lar- ry Nulper, secretary-treasurer; Har- old Whittlesey, Howard Ringold, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Roger Britt, Jerry Buck, Jerre Waltersdorf, Carl Baxter, Gene Beck, David Kies- ling, Robert Schobert, Gerald Hiley. THIRD ROW: James Barber, Ver- nis Wray, Daryl Sanborn, Tommy Eitmann, Byron Brunnino, Harold Johnson, Walter Cobb, Andy Jones, Merwyn Richardson. FOURTH ROW: Elvin Farquhar, Doug Nord- strum, Robert Matthews, Jerry Myr- tue, Frank Luther, Robin Smith, Fred Howell, Stephen Spriggs, Don- ald Lewis Shipley. FIFTH ROW: Nylen Lewis, E. L. Burch, John E. Meadows, Roger Still, Randy Mc- Kinley, Sam Simerly, Chuck Perry, Dennis Anderson, Charles Summers, Marvin Duckworth, Perry Wuerfele. trip the club visited the Sheffield Steel Corporation, and the Fairbanks-Morris Corporation. The members planned different activities and field trips, one of which was a demonstration and film by the DeWalt Division of the American Machine and Foundry Company. The Club also visited several modern industrial areas. Meetings are held every month with refreshments served after the business discussion. 137 Cardinal Key Blue Key Work for Betterment of the College Campus FIRST ROW: Janice Leavell, Pat Keller, secretary-rep.; Carol Foje, vice president; Karen Mast, president; Mary Ellen Disburg. SECOND ROW: Shela Moss, sponsor: Anita Lee, Jeanne Swope, Kathi Kinnick. Cardinal Key Colony National Honor Soci- ety, is an organization for outstanding women leaders which was formed during the school year of 1961-62 under the guidance of the members of Blue Key. Charter members in- clude Kay Anderson, Sue Crone, Carol Foje, Fanny Kavanaugh, and Thelma Gerdes. Last spring the group initiated six new members: Anne Miller, Oriana Schmitz, Pat Keller, Martha Gray, Elaine Cummings, and Karen Mast. Sponsor Mrs. Shela Moss entertained at her home for the monthly meetings. Cardinal Key also attended some of the monthly dinner meetings held at Armstrongs with Blue Key. New members tapped in the fall semester were Mary Ellen Disburg, Kathy Kinnick, Carolyn Hoist, Anita Lee, Janice Leavell, and Jeanne Swope. Faculty members for the 1961-62 year were Mrs. Linda Schooler, and Mrs. Sharon Browning. Faculty member this year was Miss Carolyn Peterson. Blue Key National Honor Fraternity ex- perienced another worthwhile year in 1962- 63. The chapter carried on its regular activi- ties of discussing campus affairs and selecting the Blue Key Man of the Month. Blue Key members distinguished themselves this year by serving in the offices of Student Body President, Student Body Vice-President, Chairman of the Union Board, Vice-Chair- man of the Union Board, members of the Senate, members of the Union Board, and fraternity presidents. During the first semester the organization selected Dale Hunzinger as the Man of the Month for October. Dale was chosen be- cause of his excellent work as Co-Chairman of the Homecoming Committee for 1962. Tapping of new members during the first semester took place at the annual all-school Christmas Ball. Those tapped were John Roy Kelley, Ron Kraft, Dennis Rhodes, Ted Jamison, and Richard Cornelison. FIRST ROW: Richard T. Smith, corresponding secretary; Earl Boyd, president; Bob Cobb, vice president; Larry Timmerman, secretary-treasurer. SECOND ROW: Dr. F. W. Grube, sponsor; Harold Gentry, Ivan Lyddon, Ron Guthery, Dale Sporleder. 138 Young Republicans Led by Bob Johnson Roger Hallcck, Jack Gray, Ruth Ann Elliott, vice president, Robert Johnson, president, Dr. Angman, sponsor; Roscann Lyle. Ted Jamison Leads Toung Democrats FIRST ROW: Larry Schulenberg, Betty Jo Bruns, vice president; Dixie Bailey, secre- tary; Curt Streeter, treasurer. SECOND ROW: James Lowe, sponsor; Mary Gepner, Karin Lund, Nancy Hope Wright, Doris Schreiner, Floyd Barrovk-s, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Glenda Knott, Charlotte DeSomma, Ted Jamison, president; Jim Meidinger, Jeanne Davis, Brenda Biddinger. 139 Northwest Missourian Gives Students Bob Cobb, Northwest Missourian sports writer, asks Mr. Don Peel, faculty advisor, for approval of his wording. Larry Schulenberg, the Northwest Missourian editor, edits and proofreads copy for the weekly paper. Staff —FIRST ROW: Larry Schulenberg, editor; Joyce I wen, associate editor; Bob Cobb, sports editor; Bob Johnson, photography editor; Ted Jamison, advertising editor. SECOND ROW: Betty Johnson, Jane Dunnihoo, Dorothy Ray, Rich- ard Wiederholt, Curt Streeter, Rosanne Lyle. 140 Complete Campus News Coverage riu ' Sottliu t l . li u uniiii has ;l cn iic ss coNeragi ' of cain])us aclivitics Ijy issuint; a weekly |jul)licalion. Tlie stall ' has pulihshcd special eight-page pajjeis, a Honiccoininir edition complete with pictures of floats, skits and decoations, and a literal edition. Several stafT members and Mr. Peel, the faculty ad isor, were delegates to the MC ' .NA Workshop ( |oiirnalisin Convention " ! at Clolum- bis. Larry .Schulenberg, Editor-in-chief, spoke to the respective college editors on the var- ious columns in the Xorlhiccst Missourian. At Honors Day Assembly Gold Key awards were received by Joyce Iwen, Carolyn Enis, Bob Cobb, and Larry Schulenberg. Thelma (Gerdes) Curnutt received the 1961-62 Publications award given annually to the graduating senior with outstanding achieve- ments in journalism. TOWER, NORTHWEST MISSOURIAN Staffs Compose Membership of Press Club FIRST ROW: Larry Schulenberg, president; Linda Kay Jones, vice-president; Betty Johnson, secretary; Jack Gray, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Jane Dunnihoo, Joyce Iwen, Ellen Grube, Mary Ellen Disburg, Janice Leavell. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Ray, Bob Cobb, Richard Wieder- holt, Curt Strceter, Rosanne Lyle. 141 Tower Staff Strives to Produce Ideal Book The Tower staff worked hard to meet the deadlines of the annual company. Many more pages were added as the editor and staff felt the annual should grow with the col- lege and its increasing en- rollment. Janice Leavell, editor of the Tower, planned the annual, proofread all pages before they were sent for print- ing, and over-saw all the duties which come with producing an annual. Mary Ellen Disburg, art editor, and Ellen Grube, assistant editor, drew-up the pages and wrote copy, respectively. Susan Mc- Conkey and Carol Guil- liatt were staff assistants. Mr. Howard Ringold is sponsor of the annual. Dr. F. W. Grube is literary ad- visor. Jack Gray handled the sports section of the annual. Janice Leavell, Jack Gray, Mary Ellen Disburg, Howard Ringold, Ellen Grube. Carol Guilliatt, Ellen Grube, Dr. F. W. Grube. Mary Ellen Disburg and Janice Leavell. Mary Ellen Disburg, Hovviard Ringold, Janice Leavell, Susan McConky, Ellen Grube, Carol Guilliatt. Carol Guilliatt, Susan McConky, Ellen Grube. Committee Plans and Executes Successful Homecoming Event FIRST ROW: Pat Gillespie, Betty Jo McDan- iel, Joyce Owens, Dr. Harr, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Shirley Scott, Janet Tussey, Jcrilyn Irvin, June Lee Nelson. THIRD ROW: Mary Ellen Disburg, Norma Hunsickcr, Carolee Smith, Pat Rucker. FOURTH ROW: Jim O ' Riley, Ivan Lyddon, Paul Sorensen, Larry Trede. FIRST ROW: Jan Smith, Lois Woolsoncroft; co-chairman, Debbie Price, Carol Sue Miller. SECOND ROW: Janice Leavell, Ellen Grube, Marylyn Koger, Stuart Binter. THIRD ROW: Jon Hill; business manager, Joyce Iwen, Judy Hullman, Ray Christie, Rodney Green. FOURTH ROW: R. Dale Hunziger; co-chairman, Robert A. Baxter, Jerry Schultz, Don Weigel, Dick Hicks. 143 ISO Is Active in Campus Activities i||fl|f iri||fi| fwi fir FIRST ROW: George Hinshaw, sponsor; Ted Marr, president; John Meadows, ' ice-president ; Ted Jamison, secretary ; Bob Johnson, treasurer; Marilynn Wallis. SECOND ROW: Glenda Knott, Janet Tussey, Linda Steele, Donna Rihner, Cheryl Wise, Helen Meyers, Barbara Smith, Roberta Hiddleston. THIRD ROW: Sue Han, Wanda Cox, Jeanette McNalley, Mary Alice Smith, Larry Schulenberg, Donna Rae Larson, Jeanne Davis. FOURTH ROW: Lloyd Thompson, Ed Scheer, Curt Streeter, Tom McGinness, Robert Eugene Baker, Linda Kay Jones, Linda Potter, James McCallister. FIFTH ROW: Richard Flowers, Russell Herron, Fredrick Edwards, Jerry Runyon, Jack Briggs, Averill West, Bob Smith, John Siehl, Louis Boone, Gary Clark. The Independent Student Organization began its first full year at NWMSC. A membership drive culminated with a successful rise in total members. Homecoming found the ISO justly proud of its accomplish- ments. Larry Schulenberg and Helen Meyers were in charge of writing and directing " Li ' l Abner, " ISO ' s entry in the variety show. This skit was awarded second place. " Peter Pan " ship and house decorations received honorable mention. Mixers and dances rounded out the social life of the co- educational ISO. Bob Head and Rita Sharp were co-chairmen of the social committee. ISO members active on campus include: Larry Schulenberg, editor-in-chief of the Northwest Missourian, president of the Press Club; Bob Johnson and Ted Jamison, advisory cabinet to the president of the student body; Ted Marr and John Meadows, homecoming committee; Curt Streeter, treasurer of Young Democrats ; secretary of Alpha Phi Omega pledge class, Jack Briggs; secretary of Colhecon, Wanda Cox; historian of Kappa Omicron Phi, Donna Rae Larson; and president of SNEA, Linda Potter. Officers for the past year were: Ted Marr, president; John Meadows, vice-president; and Marilyn Wallis, treasurer. 144 Dance Club Members Star in ' Girl Crazy y Prai ' ticp for Clirl Crazy. A foreign danre. Au ■■■ H ' j " i Hj HB i n MH liPV ' H hi MQ w % - ' . ' ■ ■■ n The West Coast. A mixer. Membership growth heads the list of accomplishments for Dance Club this year. From a small group of ten girls, the club has grown until the membership now stands at thirty. Under the leadership of President Tom Tucker, the club has worked on many forms of social dance including the West Coast Swing and the mambo. In the spring the group sponsored a trip to Kansas City to see the .San Francisco Ballet. The members also danced in the musical, " Girl Crazy, ' " which was presented in March. During the course of the year the group worked on folk dancing, modern jazz, and modern dance. Cha-Cha. 145 Concert FIRST ROW: Kathi Kinnick, Marilyn Ruddell, Sharon Tostrus. SECOND ROW: John Flora, Nancy Bruggeman, Donna Theis, Sherry Noah, Terry Stoner, Karen Mills. THIRD ROW: Dolores Killion, Larry Dean Rawlins, Joyce Singleton, Carolyn Evans Rasco, Nola Helzer, Jim Carmichael, Ruth Ann Severson, Geary Engemann, Linda Walter, Rose Marie Adams, Ron Yates. FOURTH ROW: Ramona Kinder, Thomas Harvey, Karen Niemann, Kath- erine Lockridge, Neil Chaput, Patricia Martin, Gary Mc- Queen, Ronnie Newberry, Ken Lucas, Linda Owens, Larry Miller, James Litsch, Barry Martin, Maynard Potter, Don Mortenson, FIFTH ROW: Robert Patience, Sue Morten- sen, Nonda Hilsenbeck, Bill Marion, Judy Gaumer, Jerry Runyon, George Mcintosh, Carl Baxter, Carole Hiett, Mr. Ward Rounds, David McConkey, Charles Elifrits, Bill Casady. Tower Choir FIRST ROW: Kathleen Kinnick, Rose Ann Gard, Pat Bush, Bonnie Foster, Barbara Knox, Bob Smith, Gilbert Whitney, Di- rector; Averill West, Oakley Risser, Sue Tebow, Karen Slayden, Helen Theisen, Marcia Reed, Judy Owen. SECOND ROW: Ramona Kinder, Rose Marie Adams, Jeanne Morris, Susan Mc- Conkey, Sharon Bolin, John Flora, Keith Augustine, Gary Pitts- enbarger, Ed Gilliland, Judy Brown, Melinda Bauman, Jerilyn Irvin, Donna Theis. THIRD ROW: Mary Jones, Donna Wolf, Nonda Hilsenbeck, Peggy Kreek, Lana Teenor, Marilyn Mar- tin, Maureen Gore, Bob Nelson, Jack Briggs, Claude Smith, Rudy Pappest, Kent Wheeler, Judy Robinson, Jane Schultz, Judy Huitt. FOURTH ROW: Larry Hanon, Bill White, May- nard Potter, Ken D. Lucas, Barry Martin, Jim Coen, Larry Van- fosson, Gerald Poppert, Ken Harlan, Glen Stenzel, Ray Forsyth, Ken W. Lucas, Joanne Kuhr, Fran Merritt. PIANIST: Judy McClard. 146 Band r € 1- « .V V a. t r ' ■yf BwA VSM PPlK ' HK i l S S Bll — - J FfRSr R( V: Helen Thiesen, Sharon Cross, Palri ia Sweney, Robert W. Smith. SECOND ROW: Karcnann Falk, Ron Langford, Carolyn Houts, Marcia Miller, Sue Tebow, Dick Bateman. THIRD ROW: Jack Briggs, Betty Bauer, Patricia Ann Martin, Mary Sand, Larry Groom, Patricia I.iningcr, Martha Schrimshcr, Patty Bush, Joyce Ernest, Karla Dukes, Janice Reno, Melha Noakcs, Connie Younger. FOURTH ROW: Eugenia Miller, Sidney Krebs, Gene Beck, Fran Merritt, Richard Davis, Kert MacDonald, Joanne Swope, Roberta Edlin, Ron Hanson, Charlaine Farrow, Phillip Mattox, Mary Henderson. FIFTH ROW: Ken Harlan, Galen Benton, Jim McCarty, Mike Armin- trout, Bart Kemcry, Jim Mackoy, Ronn Burson, Glen Sten- . zel, Dave Taylor, Jerry R. Cooper, Richard Shipley, Rollin E. Watters. Tower Chorus FIRST ROW: Sandra Ingram, Patricia Linninger, Evelyn Horton, Glenda Jamison, Virgie Twombly, Elnora Nebola, Lyn Lockard, Eugenia Miller, Patricia Martin, Darlene Weldon. SECOND ROW: Judy Gaumer, Nonda Hilsen- beck, Judith Sunderman, Jenny Slykhuis, Rozella Huff- man, Jane Stillinger, Judith Coulthard, Mary White THIRD ROW: Jo Ann Fabro, Mary Tucker, James Mey- er, Jane Smith, Richard Jackson, Larry Rawlins, Ernest Howard, Eddilea Roe. FOURTH ROW: Galen Benton, Stephen Westrup, Tom McGinnis, John Andrews, Ben Woolley, Ken Harlan, Ray Forsyth, Richard Kullbom, Douglas Nordstrum. 147 Music Groups Are Numerous Varied Trombone Quartet; Dick Shipley, Dave Taylor, Rawlin Burson, Jerry Cooper. Woodwind Quintet; Helen Thie- sen, John Flora, Pat Martin, Dick Bateman, Carolyn Houts. Members of Piano Repertoire Club have enjoyed listening to their fellow students play various piano selections. Most often featured have been Donna Theis, Judy McClard, Jeanie Morris, and Joanne Swope — all of whom have given senior recitals this year. In addition to actual performances, the club has had several informative talks given by such persons as Mrs. Donald Sandford, Mrs. Ward Rounds, and Miss Ruth Miller. A trip to hear a con- cert artist in Kansas City was the highlight of the year. Jazz Group: SINGERS; Maynard Potter, Nonda Hil- senbeck, Rose Marie Adams, Bob Smith. FIRST ROW Ron Hanson, Larry Rawlins, Connie Younger, Dick Bateman, John Flora. SECOND ROW; John Andrews, Carl Baxter, Dave Taylor, Jerry Cooper, RoHin Watters. THIRD ROW; Ken Lucas, Barry Martin, James Litsch, Larry_ Miller, Mr. Earl Moss, sponsor. • ..o aKsis K ■ I M " " ■ i ;jBP»w Br m flH u ■- 9 m. ' ■■ TTtfi- vMi 0 ' iitj sa- l »r. . T ■ 1 Piano Repertoire: FIRST ROW; Donna Theis, presi- dent; Karen Slayden, vice-president; Joanne Swope, sec- retary-treasurer; Mrs. Donald Sandford, sponsor; Ken Lucas. SECOND ROW: Patricia Martin, Judy Gaumer, Mary Alice Henderson, Carolyn Evans Rasco, Judy Brown, Carolyn Houts, Patricia Lininger. THIRD ROW; Jane LaMar, Eugenia Miller, Lana Teenor, Karla Dukes, Nonda Hilsenbeck, Rose Adams, Mary Joyce Shepherd, Linda Owens. FOURTH ROW; Patty Bush, Martha Schrimsher, Judy McClard, Galen Benton, Ronnie New- berry, Larry Miller, Fran Merritt. FIFTH ROW; Susan McConkey, Maynard Potter, Barry Martin, Connie Young- er, Jerry Cooper, John Flora, Robert Smith, Gary Pit- tsenbarger. To Appeal to Interests of All Students The NWMSC orchestra is composed of these members: SEATED; Jim Litch, Joann Swope, Donna Theis, Kathleen Kenniclc, Carolyn Houts, Helen Thiesen, Don Mortenson. STANDING; Dr. Donald Sandford, sponsor; John Andrews. Membership in Music Educators Na- tional Council is open to all music majors. Active in campus life, the group takes in- terest in Religious Emphasis Week, and is building a musical library for the benefit of all interested persons. Many educational programs were pre- sented at the monthly meetings. Students enjoyed guest speakers, films, and much discussion. In addition, the group journeyed to Kansas City for performances of the Bos- ton Symphony, Rubenstein, and the Kan- sas City Symphony. Trumpet Trio; Linda Owens, Ron Newberry, and Eugenia Mil- ler. Trumpet Quarter; Larr ' Mil- ler, Barry Martin, Sidney Krebs, Don Mortenson. Brass Quintet : Martha Schrimsher, Jerry Cooper, Galen Benton, Jim Litch. Mr. Ward Rounds, spon- sor. FIRST ROW: James Litsch, president; John Flora, vice- president; Judy McClard, secretary-treasurer; Ruth Mil- ler, sponsor; John Smay, sponsor. SECOND ROW; Judy Gaumer, Jane LaMar, Donna Theis, Carolyn Houts, Patricia Lininger, Linda Owens. THIRD ROW: Eugenia Miller, Joanne Swope, Karen Slayden, Larry Dean Raw- lins. Larry Miller, Nonda Hilsenbeck, Rose Marie . ' Kdams. FOURTH ROW; Patty Bush, Helen Thiesen, Susan McConkey, Don Mnrtensen, Galen Benton, Dick Bate- man, Dave Taylor. FIFTH ROW; Maynard Potter, Bar- ry Martin, Connie Younger, Jerry Cooper, Ken Harlan, Robert Smith, Ken Lucas. Phi Phi Chapter Alpha Sigma Alpha I AL A Epsilon Rho Chapter Delta Z ta . ' f.-y x eta Lambda Chapter Phi Mu $ M Alpha Epsilon Chapter Sigma Sigma Sigma , L LL ' i Iota Chapter Phi Lambda Chi $ A X Theta Chapter Sigma Tau Gamma L T r Delta Nu Chapter Tau Kappa Epsilon T K E Alpha Sigs Retire Scholarship Cup for Third Tear; Win Homecoming Queen The campus was the scene of Alpha Sigs in action as Homecoming activities began. The most exciting moment came when sorority sister Lana Green was crowned Homecoming Queen. The Variety Show skit, " Northwest Side Story, " won first in the women ' s division. The float, entitled " Teahouse of the August Moon, " placed second and the house decorations placed fourth in the women ' s division. The Founders " Day Banquet, held during the Homecoming week-end, honored many returning alumnae. The chapter was awarded the scholarship trophy for the third consecuti e year. Several members were enrolled in honorary scholastic organizations. Alpha Sigma Alpha and Tau Kappa Epsilon combined their efforts to entertain the children from the Noyes Home in St. Joseph at the annual Christmas party. Representation in campus activities included: Jacqueline Cockrill, Harvest Moon Ball Queen; Janice Leavell, Tower editor. Cardinal Key: Suzanne Walker, senior vice-president ; Barbara Combs, Student Senate parliamentarian, secretary of Roberta Hall; June Lee Nelson. Homecoming committee; Cary Hoist, Cardinal Key, Student Senate treasurer. Spirit of Christmas; Barbara Chick, sophomore vice-president; Pat Rucker, Homecoming committee; Jane Porter, cheerleader captain; Millie Cock- rill, Student Senator; Joyce Owens, Homecoming committee; and Carolyn Wiltshire, Homecoming committee. Officers of Phi Phi chapter for the 1962-63 year were Jacqueline Cockrill, president: Karlene Hendrix, ice-president: Pat Rucker, recording secretary; Lana Green, corresponding secretary; and Janice Leavell, treasurer. Jacqueline Cockrill FIRST ROW: Carol Hopkins, Judy Brown, song leader; Janet Byron, president; Mary San- ders, Joyce Campbell, Donna Alexander, Ann Trotter, Toni Weber, Betty Bauer, reporter; Darlene Guest, secretary; Tanya Driver, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Linda Bouska, Dorothy Ray, Diane Goodwin, Marcia Miller, Shirley Moore, vice-president; Kathy Johnson, Judy Kim- met, Carol Gregory, Susan McConky, Judy Wheeler, chaplain. 152 .1, s s Kathy Bogdas Millii- Cockrill Barbara Combs Lois Clifton Barbara Chick Caye Cross Geneva Darnell Lois Davidson Colleen Faga Lana Green Karlene Hendrix Carolyn Hoist Janice Leavell Marilyn Luhrs Diana Mitchell June Lee Nelson Christa Newerla Joyce Owens Janet Sue Plummer Jane Porter Pat Rucker Jan Smith Suzanne Walker Julia Ward Peggy Whan Carolyn Wiltshire 153 Delta etas Capture First with Homecoming House Decoration The winning of the Miss Maryville title by Kathi Kinnick began the year success- fully for Epsilon Rho chapter of Delta Zeta. A South Sea informal party ushered in the rush season which was culminated with the pledging of nine young women. Shortly after rush, the Deltas joined into the homecoming activities. The chapter ' s house decorations won first place in the women ' s division and the skit and float captined third place honors. Social activities included a " Beach Party, " given by the pledge class. Founder ' s Day Banquet, Spring Formal and mixers. Individual honors to acti ' e Deltas were: Karen Mast, president of Roberta Hall, President of Cardinal Key, secretary of Wesley Foundation; Martha Merrill, Kappa Pi treasurer; Dixie Gomel, student senate corresponding secretary, AWS vice- president; Sue McNeill, Roberta Hall vice-president: Myrna Newman, AWS presi- dent; Betty Jo McDaniels, chairman of women ' s intramurals; Elaine Buerkens, Sigma Phi Dolphin vice-president ; Harryette Anderson, Pi Omega Pi president ; Tina Rivas, Newman Club secretary: Martha Kleever, SNEA district chairman; Kathy Kinnick, Miss Maryville, Tower Choir secretary; Kathy Swoboda, junior class secre- tary; Karen Frazer, PEM Club secretary; Sherry Speer, Dance Club vice-president; Shirley Scott, Swim Club publicity chairman: Marilyn Zbierski, editor of Newman Club paper; Carolyn Enis, associate editor of Northwest Missourian. Marilyn Zbierski LEFT TO RIGHT: Sharon Carroll, Kathi Kinnick, pledge trainer; Carole Crater, Karen Frazer, Carol Wil- liams, Judy Coulthard, Elaine Buerkens, president; Sandy Palermo, Sherry Speer, secretary-treasurer; Ann Shackel- ford, 154 Harrycttc Anderson Betty Barr Jean Bcneficl Loretta Boatright Cathy Cihak Carolyn Enis Connie Ewing Marilyn Folden Harriet Carton Dixie Gomel Janet Gunson Linda Houck Kathi Kinnick Martha Kleve.r Karen Mast Martha Merrill Sue McNeill Pat Nappier Myrna Newman — Betty Jo McDaniel Nancy Patton Pat Phillips Karen Porter Tina Riv-as Shirley Scott Connie Smith Kathy Svvoboda Maryls Updegraff Marsha Walburn Dr. Wanda Walker Miss Louise Lovell 155 Sponsor Sponsor Phi Mus Gain Long-Awaited Chapter Room A Roman Holiday was in store for returning Phi Mus and their guests at the in- formal fall rush party. Fourteen girls were pledged following the formal party at which Carol Foje, president, presided. Coming close on the heels of rush was Homecoming in which Phi Mu placed fourth with their skit " Pajama Game. " Pledges and actives pooled their eflorts in building the beauty float based on " The King and I " and for the house decora- tions, " We ' re gonna wash that team right out of our hair. " earning third prize. Miss Mary Ellen Disburg served as a member of the queen ' s court. Fourteen pledges and numerous acti es " skipped " to Nebraska Wesleyan Col- lege in Lincoln Nebraska, highlighting their pledgeship and leasing the surprised actives open-mouthed. Secret Santas played a major role in boosting the Christmas spirit which was culminated with the annual Christmas party. The long dreamed of CHAPTER ROOM became a reality early in January and was gladly put into use though not completely furnished. Founder ' s Day and the spring formal added to the e ents during the second semester. Officers during the year were Carol Foje, president: Karen Shields, Vice-presi- dent: Debbie Price, secretary; Priscilla Porter, treasurer; and Ellen Cube, pledge director. Active in campus affairs were Debbie Price, student senate, sophomore class secretary; Man ' Ellen Disburg, Tower art editor. Cardinal Key; Ellen Grube, assist- ant Tower editor; Judy Andes, Pi Omega Pi; Judy McGinnis, Alpha Psi; Gladys Hansen, Kappa Omicron Phi; Carol Foje, Kappa Omicrol Phi. Cardinal Key; Mary Anthony, Union Board; Susan Karrasch, Panhellenic president; Priscilla Porter Pi Kappa Delta secretary; Karen Shields, Kappa Omicron Phi; Lois VVool- sencroft, Homecoming committee co-chairman, Kappa Omicron Pi. Carol Foje Counter-clock wise, CIRCLE; Phyllis Ivy, Judy Bolon, Helen Lowrey, Neta Russell, Celia Thompson, Virginia Eckard, Sue Irvine, Julie Goff. LINE FRONT TO BACK: Ellen Grube, pledge trainer, Debbie Price, assistant pledge trainer, Sally Kampe, president, Mary Grantham, vice- president, Jane Hawkins, chaplain, Sara Kreft. 156 Judy Andes Mary Anthony Mary Lee Clements Mary Christian Mary Ellen Disburg Arlene Ecklin Ellen Grube Marilyn Guymon Gladys Hansen Sharon Harms Diane Hunt Susan Karrasch Marcie Latham Judy McGinnis Priscilla Porter Debbie Price Kay Pfeiffer Twylia Rockhold Karen Shields Janice Tarwater Lois Woolsoncraft Sigma Sigma Sigma Captures Homecoming Supremacy Trophy in Women s Division After a combination " trail drive " and " barn-wai-ming " at the informal rush party and a journey through the traditional " Deep Purple " formal rush party, thirteen eager girls were pledged by Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma. Col- legiate members greeted rushees at the Sigma corral with a " Howdy, Pardner! " as they took their places around the campfire and chuckwagon. The Western atmos- phere was highlighted by authentic Western costumes and trappings. Sigma Sigma Sigma and Phi Sigma Epsilon combined their efforts by campaign- ing, working, and celebrating Homecoming as well as other campus activities. Betty Johnson represented Tri Sigma as Homecoming Queen attendant. " Flower Drum Song, " the beauty float entry, won first place honors in the women ' s division; and the house decoration entry, " The Unsinkable Molly Bearcat, " earned second place honors. " Winalot, " adapted from the Broadway production of " Camelot, " captured second place in the Variety Show competition. Several clown groups were declared winners for participation in the Homecoming parade. Their work was well-rewarded when the sorority was presented with the Homecoming Supremacy Trophy. The annual Christmas party and gift exchange was held at the home of Miss Neva Ross, sorority sponsor. In Januaiy the collegiate members were guests of the first semester pledges at a sock-hop. In the spring semester of the year, Sigmas feted their dates at the annual Spring Fornial and entertained alumnae at the yearly Founders ' Day Banquet. Darlene Weldon, President BACK AND FORTH, RIGHT TO LEFT, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Reinert, secretary; Marcy Severson, president; Nancy Wayman, Virginia Bright, Beneta King, Pat Meyer, Jo Ellen Elam, pledge trainer; Sherry New, Jennifer Darnell, Sharon McElwain, treasurer; Karen Hays, vice-president; Jane Shaver, Judith Krutz, Lyn S. Lockard, songleader. 158 BH K " HH ST Carol Beamon Susan Bouska Mary Lou Chappell Judy Dcwcy Marty Durfce Jo Ann Lee WW Jo Ellen Elam Karen Hersh Judy Hullman Betty Johnson Marlyn Koger Pat Lyons Ina Claire Makings Marlene McKee Jo Karen Nash Linda Raney Patsy Robertson Grace Ann Rucker Jane Stoner Janet Taylor Jeanne Wells Bobbie Wright 1S9 Phi Lambs Host National Conclave Are Active Participants on Campus Iota chapter of Phi Lambda Chi returned to their residence at 107 Lawn Avenue. Marion Gressinger supervised a successful fall rush resulting in sLx new pledges. The Phi Lambs were active participants in all Homecoming activities, earning an honorable mention in the float competition and first place in house decorations. Immediately following mid-term examinations Iota chapter played host to na- tional delegates in the first national conclave to be held north of the Mason-DLxon line. The conclave found Iota chapter capturing awards in a singing contest and bowling tournament. Main social events of the year included the annual alumni banquet, the Christ- mas Ball, and the Sweetheart Formal. Lesser items receiving attention were week- end house parties, and mixers held with different sororities. Many Phi Lambs were active participants in campus affairs. Some are as fol- lows: Ron Guthery, Blue Key; Jerry Ferrel, Walk-out day emcee; Rex Pettigrew, Student Intramurals Committee; Ron Guthery, secretary of the Senior class, and secretary of the Inter-fraternity Council ; Howard Harmenson, Marion Gressinger, Ron Guthery and Rex Pettigrew, members of the Religious Emphasis Week com- mittee. The Executive Coimcil for the year was Ron Guthery, president; Howard Har- menson, vice-president; Gary Hanson, secretary; Charles Peterson, treasurer; and Dick Houck, house manager. Ron Guthery, President Lanny Paul, pledge master; Robert J. Brodzin, vice-president; Howard Griesinger, treas- urer; Fred Howell, reporter; Richard Mires, pesident; Ronald Evans, secretary. 160 Robert Brodzin Terry Cellman Ronald Evans Jerry Ferrell Howard Griesinger Marion Griesinger Joe Growney Gary Hanson Howard Harmsen Jon Hill Richard Houck Marvin Jackson Kenneth Long Charles Peterson Rex Pettegrew Lanny i ' aul Edward Purdin Kenneth Sprague Ken Stites Nurettin Uzunoglu Don Weigel Dale Wood 161 Sigma Tan Gamma Holds Intramural Supremacy Trophy Places in Homecoming Theta Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma started the year as holders of the intramural supremacy trophy. The Sigma Tau Gamma African Party, Christmas Ball, and the White Rose Dance were the three main functions of the year. Beverly Needels was chosen queen of the 1962 White Rose Dance. Bill Needles was chosen as the most outstanding Sig Tau. Larry Kulesek was the winner ofthe scholarship award. The Sig Taus got ofT on the right foot athletically by winning in both intramural football and tennis. Several members also won awards in varsity sports. In Homecom- ing, Sigma Tau Gamma did a fine job of representing their fraternity by placing in all divisions of activities. Taus active in campus organizations are: John Roger Kelley, Phil Richmond, Jim Sanders, John Roy Kelley — Unior Board; Harold Gentry, Glen Acksel — Student Senate; Jack Rogers, president and John Roy Kelley, secretary — M-Club. Sigma Tau Gamma brought Zi Zentner to the NWMSC Campus for a concert. This proved to be a delightful band and many enjoyed his visit. Chapter officers for the year are Duane Abbott, president; Joel Crandal, vice- president; John Roy Kelley, secretary; Terry Day, treasurer; John Rogers Kelley, house manager ; Jim Sanders, chaplin. Duane Abbott jly r. m 162 Lee Nichols Ken Petersen Phil Richmond Michael Rish Jim Sanders Larry Skogland Dean Spaulding Tom Stephens Da e Tandy Harold Tornquist Glenn Acksel Edward Atkins Tom Baker Kenneth Batz Jim Burge Raymond Christie Larry Corll Darrel Cotter Joe Crandall Don Daniels Terry Day Ron Fitch Don Friday Harold Gentry Leslie Grow Dean Hammon Stephen Henderson James Hurley 163 Phi Sigs Are Possessors of Scholarship and Homecoming Supremacy Trophies Nu chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon returned to their residence, 940 College Avenue, as the worthy possessors of the preceding year ' s Homecoming Supremacy trophy and Scholarship trophy. Much work was done by members of the chapter during the summer months for the construction of a cafeteria in the fraternity house. The brothers are now enjoying the convenience of the newly built serving area. Plans were immediately put in action for the fall semester rush, and fourteen new members were added to the brotherhood of PSE. Once again the Phi Sigs were rewarded for the many hours of hard work in the homecoming activities. The success of the homecoming events was marked by a first in the variety show, a second in the beauty float, and first in the over-all pa- rade activities. The Homecoming Supremacy trophy was once again awarded to the chapter. The chapter enjoyed various social mixers with the different social sororities on the campus. The Christmas Ball, Phi Sig Rumble, and Orchid Ball were the high- lights of the brothers ' social life. The members serving on the executive council for the fraternity were as follows: President, Ron Kraft; Vice-president, Jack LaForce; secretary, Gerald Martin; treasurer, Larry Gelhaar; pledge master, John Phipps; house manager, Don Neidt; corresponding secretary, Don Vasos. Ron Kraft, President FIRST ROW: Andy Jones, president; John Casey, vice- president ; Bob Thomas, treasurer ; David Roberts, chap- lain ; John Massengale, assistant pledge trainer. SECOND ROW: John Wilson, John Phipps, pledge trainer; Donald Westfall, Larry Dawson, Brian Taylor. THIRD ROW: Bill Gibson, John Worth, Bob Beck, John Spencer, Larry Walker, Mike McLaughin. 164 Bernard Allen Ron Bums Dick Dooley Frankie Griffin Larry D. Holland Leland Anderson Bob Cobb Tom England Greg Guenther Gerald Horton Fred Arbuckle David Collins Jim Evans Terry Guertin Gary Hultquist Rex Beavers Jerry Collins Dennis Forke Jim Hartman Darrell Jontz Marvin Bell Bob Cornelison Richard Gebert J. E. Hess Dermis Karstens Earl Boyd Richard Cornelison Larry Green Dick Hicks Mark Klever Bill Brown Curt Cowles Rodney Green Larry A. Hollai 165 Terry Kremer Jack LaForce Richard Lappe Dale Lesle John Locke Gerald Martin John Messengale Gerald Meadows William Milton Karl Morrow Dick McBride Robert McWhirter Don Neidt Larry Nulph Richard Okinaka Gene Oilman John Phipps Harold Flagman Doug Price Wendell Ray Larry Saville Ron Severson Harold Shepherd Dick Snyder Ron Spencer Larry Stephens Dale Sporleder Ken Thompson Larry Timmerman Don Vasos Jerry Weese Larry Williams Charles Wilson Wayne Wormsley 166 Delta JVu Has Second Highest Grade Point ofTau Kappa Epsilon Chapters The selection of Delta Nu C.hapter as seioiul liigliest over-all grade jioiiit of province chajJlers signified Tan Kapjia Epsilon ' s emphasis on scholarship. Homecoming found ' I " au Kapjja E]isilon cai turing a ranking in each category in the men ' s divisions including second place position in the variety show and house decorations. To round out their program of activities arious members were active in campus organizations. These were: Dennis Rhodes, Junior class president; Nomian Wilcox, Drama Club vice-president; Jack Bennett, Freshman vice-president; Bob Miller; Agriculture Club treasurer; Ted Hennan, Intramural Chairman; Jack Gray, Tower Sports-Editor; Richard Schmitz, Union Board commiUee chairman and Newman Club vice-president ; Bob Dickey, Sophomore class president. Mr. Ward Rounds and Mr. Peter Jackson are the fraternity sponsors. Mrs. Claire Hollcman is the house mother. Dick Devers, President Mrs. Claire Holleman, Housemother FIRST ROW: Doug Johnson, president; Lee King, vice-president; Richard Evans, secretary-treasurer; Gary Schroeder, Allen Meyer, pledge master. SEC- OND ROW: Bob Howard, John Davis, Jim Tally, Jim Hawkins, Steve Cottle, Ken Bentley, Bob Dickey, assistant pledge master. THIRD ROW: Jack Bennett, Brownnie Policy, Gary Boggie, Jay Boett ner, Kent Binns, Charles Nelson. Roger Anderson Stuart Bintner Roger Caudle Bob Cotter Dennis Dinkia Dan Hill Ronald Anderson Michael Boos Jim Coen Tom Custer Dale Stephens Larry Albright Joe Bopp Harry Combs Larry Dalbey Don Fore Charles Allison Richard Bosch Jerry Carrico Daryl Dalrymple Jack Gray John Atwater Kent Bryan Jim Cox Mike Dewey Alvin Hagg Gary Barber Rod Burrell Bob Chne Bob Dickey Robert Hall Bob Baxter John Campbell Ron Cogdill John Dill Ted Herman 168 Abby Hoaihangian Peter Jackson, Sponsor Richard Jackson Larry Kirby Mike Knepper Mike Lee Bob Lewellen Mike Landry Roy Maas Gary Magi 11 Allen Meyer Robert Myers Jim ORiley Ed Propst Dave Pross Mark Renaud Denny Rhodes Ward Rounds, Sponsor Lanny Schlange Richard Schmitz Forrest Schnobrich Orlo Shroyer James Stephens B. C. Thompson Van Price Paul Walker Giles Walter Rollin Watters Norman Wilcox Lowell Wright Ron Zimmerman Bill Lanio Gelbert Moorman • Jerry Rose Mike Stephens Chuck Woodring 169 Fraternity House Living Provides The music room at the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity house is enjoyed by Denny Rhodes, Kent Binns, Paul Walker, Jim Coen and Doug Johnson. Roy Maas, Dick Devers, Larry Albright, Bob Levvelen, Dick Bosch, and Jerry Carrico engage in a game of cards in the comforts of their home . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon. Larry Gelhaar, Larry Reineke, and Mrs. Aldrich are enthused over their newly decorated house . . . Phi Sigma Epsilon. John Casey and Larry Gelhaar agree with Mrs. Aldrich, the Phi Sigma Epsilon housemother, that Wee Toy is a favorite of those living in the house. 170 opportunities for Lasting Friendships FROST: Jim Hurley, Mrs. Kelicy, Terry Day, Joel Crandall : BACK: Ed Atkins, John Magness, Dave Tandy, Don Friday, John Roy Kelley, Don Daniel, Glen .Acksel, and John Rogers Kelley admire the many trophies of Sigma Tau Gamma. A fraternity of brotherhood the Sigma Tau Gammas line up on the steps in the house — John Magness, John Roy Kelley, Mrs. Kelly, housemother, Dave Tandy, Richard Seipel, Don Daniel, Ken Peterson, Phil Richmond, Glen Ack- sel, Don Friday, Jim Hurley, Ed Atkins, John Rogers Kelley, and Jerry Young. Bob Brodzin, Rex Pettegrew, Don Weigel, Howard Griesinger Charles Peterson, Oren Bates, Howard Harmsen, Terry Cellman and Gary Hanson watch television in their Phi Lambda Chi house. John Kelly, Lanny Paul, Dick Houck, Ron Evans, Joe Growney, and Jon Hill look at the Phi Lambda Chi trophies. 171 Pan Hellenic Council Acts in Advisory Capacity to Sororitie s Jacqueline Cockrill, president of Alpha Sigma Alpha, receives the scholarship trophy from President J. W. Jones. FIRST ROW: Susan Karrasch, president; Julia Ward, vice president; Patsy Robertson, secretary; Jean Benefiel, treas- urer. SECOND ROW: Darlene Weldon, Karlene Hendrix, Jacque Cockrill, Mary Anthony, Barb Chick, Mrs. L. G. Bladt, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Karen Hersh, Marilyn Zbierski, Kathy Swoboda, Karen Shields, Carol Ann Foje, Jo Ellen Elam. 172 Solving Fraternity Problems is Job of Inter- Fraternity Council L I vini President J. W. Jones presents the scholarship trophy to Ron Kraft, president of Phi Sigma Epsilon. FIRST ROW: Ron Kraft, president; Duane Abbott, vice president; Ron Guthery, secretary; Dick Devers, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Ralph Messerli, Joel Crandall, Dale Sporleder, Joe Bopp, Richard Schmitz. THIRD ROW: Howard Harmsen, Phil Richmond, Marion Griesinger, Jack Lasley, sponsor. 173 BSBDiSBBB H» Religious Emphasis Week Committees Arrangements Committee: Left to right; Karen Shields, Linda Potter, John Roy Kelley, Charles Summers, Earl Boyd, Dale Sporleder, Marjorie Huss, Kathleen Norris. Religious Emphasis Chairman: Roger Homecker. Classroom Appointments Committee: Donna Wolf and Ron Kraft. Organizational Committee: Mary Ellen Disburg, Ellen Grube, Jean Slykhius, Glendena Taylor, Harry Combs, Howard Harmsen, Millie Cockrill, Donna Theis, and Nora Caroline Godsey. 176 Devote Numerous Hours of Planning Personal Conferences Committee: Jane Dunnihoo, Sharon Burton, Gary McQueen, Karlene Hendrix. Worship Committee: Barbara Combs, Jacque Cockrill Roger Halleck, Joanne Swope, Jeanne Swope. Book Display Committee: Carolyn Wiltshire, Janis Courtin, Barbara Ckick, Shirley Gibson, Carolyn Rowe, Judith Dewey, Jo Karen Nash. Program Committee: Richard Schmitz, Bob Johnson, Ron Hornecker, Averill West, Rich Lappe, Judith Krutz. Hospitality Committee: Tommy Tucker, Richard Smith, Gary Tomes, Jim Coen, Jerry Schultz, Jerilyn Ir in, Linda Potter, Jane LaMar, Mary Jo Bruett. 177 Publicity Committee: FRONT ROW: Gladys Hansen, Carolyn Stolting, Ramona Kinder. BACK ROW: Larry Schulenberg, . ndy Jones, Jack Gray, Dick Jackson, Gilbert Moorman, Jim Litsch. SCA ' ' Takes Time to " Help Others FIRST ROW: Carolyn Rowe, treasurer; Joanne Swope, secre- THIRD ROW: Mary Shepherd, Janice Peterson, Jeanne Swope, Alice tary; Judith Krutz, vice-president; Ron Hornecker, president, SEC- Akers, Martha McCall, Jeanne Davis, Judy Lee. FOURTH ROW: OND ROW: Joseph Dreps, sponsor; Ruth Ann Lamphler, Cheryl David Gore, Jerry Barrett, George Fountain, Gary Tomes, Robert Gray, Carol Kennedy, Jean Kobashigawa, Dr. Irene Mueller, sponsor. Smith, Joe Zimmerman. This year Student Christian Association, amid the busy ac- tivities of college life, adopted the theme — Take Time To . . . The year began with a Take Time to Get Acquainted Picnic at College Park. Noonday devotions, Thanksgiving Convocation, and the Easter Sunrise Service were sponsored by the Student Chris- tian Association during the year. Religious Emphasis Week was sponsored jointly by Student Christian Association and the Newman Club. Special meetings and projects for the year included the an- nual Fall Banquet, bake sale, Christmas party at the Rest Home, a February Kick-Off Party, installation of officers, and a Farewell Party honoring the seniors. The sponsors are Dr. Irene Mueller and Dr. Joseph Dreps. 178 Newman Club Provides Spiritual Growth for College Students FIRST ROW: Father Lawren Bossert, chaplain: Marilyn Zbierski, Rich Lappe, president; Terrene R. McGrath, Richard Schmitz, vice president. SECOND ROW: Rexine Crawford, Sherry Speer, Margie MacDonald, Helen Meyers, Lois Meir, Sharon Carrol. THIRD ROW: Janice Murphy, Nancy Borkowski, Patty Walton, Judy Kim- met, Diane Goodwin, Shirley Huber, Kay Pfeiffer. FOURTH ROW: Larry Hofman, Dale Rciman, Duane Konne, Michael Ryan, Eleanor Zipp, Janice Carr, Leonard Moran, Judy Norris. FIFTH ROW: Don Pietig, Dennis Forke, Ray Briscoe, Bill Brandt, Ron Peterson, Ronald Marcinko, Michael Schenkelberg, Al Werner. 179 Wesley Study Centers Around The FIRST ROW: Janis Courtin, Glenda Jami- son, Eileen McCartney, Joyce Peterson. SEC- OND ROW: Paula Zimmerman, Sandy Yaple, Janet Tussey, Neil Chaput, Ed Scheer. THIRD ROW: Janice Reno, Peggy Sue Kreek, Erma Hall, Mary Mather, Lynnette Bradfield. FOURTH ROW: Fredrick Ed- wards, Kathy Swoboda, John McClaran, Richard L, Beal. FIRST ROW: Patricia Razer, Laura Low- ther, Jean Spiller, Dean Spiller, Ronald An- derson. SECOND ROW: Sharon Pittman, Patricia Jayne Bird, Neta Russel, Lois Miller, Penni Gardner, Nancy Carder. THIRD ROW: Rick Suess, Roberta Jean Turner, Judy Coulthard, DeLores Dana, Sue Tebow, Wava Tackett, Judith Creason. FOURTH ROW: Vicki Carohters, Bob Smith, Larry Campbell, Larry Johnson, Robert Schobert, Larry Rawlins. Word the Worlds and the Sacrament yy FIRST ROW: Martha McCall, Carolyn Rowe, vice-president; Jerilyn Irvin, president; Mary Lee Bristow, treasurer; Karen Mast, secretary. SECOND ROW: Ramona Kinder, Carol Sue Miller, Mary Jo Bruett, Janice Peterson, Ruth Ann Elliott. THIRD ROW: Rev. Raymond Gass, sponsor; Karen Frazer, Mary Grantham, Emily Nevitt, Edwina Starks, Maureen Gree- ley. FOURTH ROW: Larry Kilmer, Ken Menke, Jerry Schultz, Steve Christensen, Carolyn Stoking. Following the suggested theme of the Methodist Student Movement — " The Word, the World, and the Sacrament " — the Wesley Foundation developed its year ' s program of worship, study, and service by discovering how the Word of God " became flesh " in Jesus Christ, how the Church — the community which receives the Word — witnesses to the world in which it lives. Activities were directed by Rev. Ray Gass, campus minister, and Jerilyn Irvin, president. The year was started by a representative group attending the Great Plains Regional Leadership Training Conference at Lake Poinsett, South Dakota. This conference provided leadership training for different areas of the general theme. Special activities during the year have included a Fall Plan- ning Retreat held at Knob Noster State Park, deputation teams which gave service to many churches in the area, pro- ductions by the Wesley Players, and the annual Spring Con- ference of the Missouri M.S.M. at the Lake of the Ozarks. Homecoming activities included entering a beauty float — " Ben Hur " — which received third place honors, a house decoration which received fifth place, and an open-house cof- fee hour for alumni and friends. Some of the new activities added to the program this year have included two mid-week worship services, a fellowship for the Methodist married couples, and various study groups which have covered such topics as " Christianity and Com- munism, " " Methodist Heritage, " and " World Religions. " Other activities included the opening watermelon feed, Christmas party and caroling, a Senior Reception, and Fri- day night fellowships. 181 Local BSU Hosts Missouri Baptist Student The theme of the BSU conference " God ' s Redemptive love " is exemplified by his modern picture of the Crucifixion. " Faith is the substance of things hoped for . . . the evidence of things not seen " was the theme for the pre-school planning meeting held at The Lake of Three Fires, Bedford, Iowa. The two-day meeting marked the beginning of the year ' s activities for the Baptist Student Union. Rev. Elgin Lee of Jefferson City was the guest speaker for this planning retreat. The highlight of the year was entertaining the Missouri Baptist Student Con- vention November 9 — 11. Twenty-seven campuses represented Missouii ' s BSU ' s. Program personnel for the meeting included: Dr. Roy Honeycutt, Professor Old Testament, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Missouri; Bill B. Cody, Associate Secretary for the Missionary Personnel for the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board, Richmond, Virginia; William A. Lawson, Director-teach- er, Baptist Student Union at Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas; Dr. Wil- liam Hall Preston, Student Department of Baptist Sunday School Board, Nash- ville, Tennessee; and Miss Meredith Kelley, motion picture and television writer and actress, H ollywood, Cal. The local group was represented at the Southwide Student Retreat at Glorieta, New Mexico, in August. Two representatives for the State BSU Council from NWMSC were Jim Coen, president and State Social chairman and Miss Joanne Swope, local Devotional Chairman and State Pianist. Activities included a Kick-OfT Party, Caroling Party, Freshman Frolic in Feb- ruar) ' , Spring Formal Banquet and a trip to the ozarks for the Spring Retreat. The group sponsored week-end revivals in several surrounding churches and a choir of some fifty voices. A Choir Ensemble sang for a Training Union mass meeting at Chillicothe, Missouri, in December. Jim Coen, Parkville, ser ed as president, and the Rev. Donald E. Evans was the Director. Rev. Howard Judah was the Pastor Advisor and Mr. Bill Blanken- ship served as Faculty Sponsor. Officers of Baptist Student Union are: FIRST ROW: Nadine Lind, Joanne Swope, Jim Coen; president, Cheryl Gray; secretary, Jean Kobashiga- wa. SECOND ROW: Gary Tomes, Donald Evans; director, Wayne Paulsen; vice-president. Convention Has Two on State Council FIRST ROW: Alvera Sauccrman, Carolyn Houts, Linda Kensinger, Sharon EKvick, Judy Chappcll. SECOND ROW: Judy Loc, Carol Wixon, Sandra Kellcy, Judy Thatch, Patsy Shepherd. THIRD ROW: Larry Houser, Non- da Hilscnbcck, Linda Dykes, Carol Hardwick, Jeanne Swopc, Barbara Richards. FOURTH ROW: Dar l Sanborn, Ron Hornccker, Forrest Ohnesorge, Gary Brasher, Avcrill West. FIRST ROW: Nancy Hope Wright, Mary Joyce Shephard, Sue Waldeier, Judy Kerns, Joyce Campbell, Eileen Painter. SECOND ROW: In Whan Oh, Karen Melting, Bobbie Wright, Lillian Painter, Judi Hargrave, James Wu. THIRD ROW: Mary Alice Smith, Thomas Proudfit, Harry Combs, Alice Akers, Duayne Dunsmore, Fred Messner. 183 Gamma Delta Members Strive for Service and Knowledge of Christ FIRST ROW: Leland Aley, Karen Lund, Myrna Nicklasen, Janet advisor; Vicki Buckley, Coreen Rohrberg, treasurer; Joyce Esch, Andersen, Sharon Ostrus. SECOND ROW: Bud Howard, Eldon Joann Kuhr, Richard Beem. FOURTH ROW: A. Paul Scherzberg, Christensen, Phyllis Hilsenbeck, Lawrence Abbott, Jean Niklasen, Ronald Abbott, Dennis Andersen, Paul Sorensen, vice-president: Joyce Iwen, president. THIRD ROW: Norman Abbott, pastoral Soren Sorensen, Keith Lambertsen. Service and knowledge of Christ is the meaning of the Lutheran organization, Gamma Delta. It is affiliated with the Midwest Regional District where members may attend the fall retreats and spring conventions at other colleges in this area. This year the spring convention was held at NWMSC. The meetings were held every Sunday Evening with rec- reation, supper, and fellowship with Christ. Joyce Iwen was pledge trainer of the new pledges who were activated in a special ceremony with a banquet follow- ing. Phyllis Leu was choir director for the group which sang at special services. Joyce Iwen was editor of the Gamma Delta News. The officers were: Joyce Iwen, president; Paul Sorenson, vice-president; Myrna Nicklasen, secretary; Coreen Rohr- berg, treasurer; Sharon Ostrus, program chairman; and Keith Lambertsen, publicity chairman. 184 In Memoriam In addition to his ontslaiuling teaching, Dr. Sterling Surrey dc ntf(l much of his time to activities designed to im])rn -e tlie life of both the students at Northwest Missouri State C ollege and his fellow towns- people in Maryvillc. Prior to the time when Federal Loans were avail- able. Northwest Missouri State C:ollege had its own Student Loan Fund. Dr. Surrey administered this fund and was instrumental in find- ing many new sources of money for the fund. He was the individual primarily responsible for the organization of the college Blood Donor Program. An outstanding advocate of student government, he served as Senate Advisor for many years. In addition, he wrote articles for the local newspaper, had a weekly radio program, served as chairman of the assembly program, and participated in many other college and town activities. Dr. Sterling Surrey Robert Miller Lilley, a scholastically high-ranking student graduated from NWMSC in 1960 with a physics and math degree. He was chosen as one of the top ten student scientists in a six state area. Mr. Lilley died in a tragic auto ac- cident at Webster City, Iowa on Dec- ember 3, 1962. He was working on his Doctorate at Iowa State Univer- sity at the time. Warren Thomas Bebo started school at NWMSC in the fall of 1958 and completed three semesters at which time he moved to Denver, Colorado and worked on con- struction jobs. Upon recovery from a serious auto accident, Warren return- ed to the Maryville campus in the fall of 1961 and completed the school year. Warren met his untimely death on a construction site July 3, 1962. He was a member of the Roman Catholic Chvirch and a pledge of the Phi Sigma Epsilon social fraternity. He will long be remembered for his pleasing per- sonality and ready smile. Donald F. Soper had an outstanding re- cord as an athlete in school activities. He was president of the sophomore class at NWMSC, where he would have been a junior this fall. He was a member of Student Senate, Blue Key National Honor Fraternity, Newman Club, Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity, the Union Board, and the M-Club. He won two letters in football. Through his friendship, dedication, poise, leadership, and great spirit, Don Soper will live as a lasting memory. Frosh Enrollment Sets New Record Marilyn Abel La Verne Ackerman Janet Acord Rose Marie Adams Suecilla Adwell Wanda Akers Jim Albrecht Donna Alexander Ronald Allen William Allen Jerry Allwood Janet Andersen John Andersen Larry Anderson Linda Anderson Michael Armintrout Lois Atteberry Ron Austin Eldon Auxier Evelyn Ayers Elizabeth Baker Lawrence Baker Robert Baker Marlyn Ballain James Barber Margaret Barber Ginger Barnes Jack Barton Betty Bauer Melinda Bauman Carl Baxter Gene Beck Richard Beem Donna Beesley Jo Ann Belcher Dave Bell 188 Paul Best Beverly Biddirk Patricia Bird Gary Bix Vanita Blair Russell Blom Margaret Bloomer Anita Boettner Burdetle Bond Ruby Booth Travcrs Booth Richard Borchardt Barbara Bosch Mar in Bowen Robert Bowen Mary Lynnette Bradfield M. J. Branch Judith Brandt Larry Brandt Dolores Brannan Karla Bright Ray Briscoe Roger Britt Judy Brown Maria Brown Norman Brown Vicky Brown Darvin Brummer Byron Bruning Karen Brus Marcia Bryte Maxen Burch Wayne Burchfield Dean Burke Philip Burmeister Gary Bumside . Linda Burrell Ronald Burson Patty Bush June Butler Charles Buzzard Linda Byrne 189 Doug Caldwell Lanthan Camblin, Jr. Sharon Camp Joyce Campbell Larry Campbell Marilyn L. Campbell Marilyn S. Campbell Kathryn Carlson Marion Carlson James Carmichael Artis Carpenter Thomas Carr James Carson Ronal Carter William Casady Tom Casey Judy Chappell Neil Chaput Joe Cheek Larry Christensen John Christman Nancy Clapham Gary Clark Lynn Claussen Sandra Coffin Howard Collins Vernon Collinsworth Larry Coots David Copeland Roger Cornet Richard Cottrell Jane Couch Judith Coulthard Fred Counts Darryl Couts Robert Crabtree John Crampton Carole Crater Sally Craven Charlene Crawford Sharon Cross Doug Crow 190 Cynthia Dalby Samuel Dal ell Jennifer Damell James Daviijhcrty Karen Davidson Larry Davis Richard Davis Gary Dawson Jo Ann DeCarlii Joyce Dent Charlotte DeSomma Villiani Devine Craig Ditsworth Frank Dodge Richard Dolan John Dougherty Tom Dougherty Linda Doughty Tanya Driver Linda Drummond Marvin Duckworth Jean Dugan Richard Dugan Karla Dukes David Dunlap Dwayne Dunsmore Sue Durlam Linda Dykes Sharon Eason Virginia Eckard Fredrick Edwards Tommy Eitmann Charles Elifrits Carol Elliott Sharon Elwick Geary EngemaQ.n Shelby England Gloria Erb Joyce Ernest Paul Espeland Diane Estes Elizabeth Evans 191 Sally Evans Sandra Everly Jo Ann Fabro Jeffrey Falter Patricia Farnan Phyllis Fastenau Charles Fattig Donald Fisher Frank Fisher, Jr. Richard Flowers Donna Flynn Grace Foland Harold Foland Stanley Frahm Judy Frazier Mary Jane Fredricks John Freese Judy Frueh Billy Fry Charlotte Fuller Rita Funkhouser Billy Galloway Jim Gartrell Judy Gaumer Ronald Gayler Kenneth Geib John Gibson Edward Gilliland Jane Glenn Ro Anne Godsey Max Goolsby Maureen Gore Judyth Goslee Shirley Gourd Shirley Grace Allen Green Lanny Green Linda Greenwood Cynthia Gregersen Carol Gregory Gary Grimes Darlene Guest 192 Carol Guilliatt Rosalie Guycr Larry HaKoman Linda Haines Norcna Hale Kathleen Hall Louise Hammond William Handy Eldon Hanes Leslie Hanna Marilyn Hanna Chuck Hansen Marilyn Hanson Dennis Hardcsty Barbara Hardman Carol Hardwick Paul Harmening Pat Harr Susan Harr Margaret Harris Linda Harrison Cecil Harrold Thomas Harvey Danny Haskell James Hawkins Roland Hayden Leslie Hayes Minnie Heathman David Heller Nola Helzer Carl Henningsen Pam Heriford Russell Herron Sherry Heyde Roberta Hiddleston Carole Hiett _ Mary Lou Hilger Garry Hill Harriett Hill James Hillman Nonda Hilsenbeck John Hinkle 193 Carl Hinton Linda Hirter Ray Hodde Anthony Hoelker Robert Hoffman Judith Holmes Carol Hopkins Gary Howes Richard Hoyt Joyce Huffman John Hull Laurence Hummel Judy Hyder Sandra Ingram Sharyl Ingram Sue Irvine Phyllis Ivy Brantley Jackson Frances Jackson Jurel Jackson Sharon Jackson Slade Jackson Sandra Jacobs Becky James Gary James Keith Jestes Larry Johnson Gene Jones Libby Jones Linda Joyce Jones Mary Sue Jones William Jones Diane Jontz Karen Jorgensen Matt Karpan Ron Kauzlarich Jerry Kelley Sandra Kelly Bart Kemery Elaine Kennedy Gary Keplinger Judy Kerns 194 Patty Killinori Karen Kimbrough Judy KimiiU ' t Connie King Mary ' Kinnison Gary Klindt Karole Knapp Karol Knittl Karen Krance Peggy Krcck Sara Kreft Karen Krciser Thomas Krupp Richard Kuester Joann Kuhr Richard KuUbom Donald Kunl;el Larry Kurtz giMiimm(m M Norman LaButti Kenneth Landers Cathie Lasher Robert Lathrop Ronald E. Lee Ronald K. Lee Carolyn Lefgren Edward Leistad Marilyn Lemons Bob Lenocker Lyn Lockard Katherine Lockridge Billie Jean Logan Harlan Long Dennis Loringer Jim Louden Annette Lovett Kenneth Lucas Garry Lust Joyce Lynch Judy Lynch Kent MacDonald George Mackey James Mackoy 195 Dan Macy Ronald Madden Margaret Malcom Ken Malick Mary Marcum William Marion James Marshall Marilyn Martin Norma Martin Patricia Martin Patricia Martindale James Mason Mary Mather Gary Mathews Phillip Mattox Dianna Maxwell John McAfee Ann McCalla James McCallister Eileen McCartney Jim McCarty Judith McClintock Betty McCloney Jerry McCrory Larry McDaniel Sherry McDonald Tom McGinness Nancy McHenry Donna Mcintosh George Mcintosh Lavern Mclntyre Patricia McKee Barbara McKeown Nancy McNeel Lois Meier Richard Mellencamp Carla Melvin Ronald Mercer Janet Merrill Frances Merritt Larry Messerli Gary Meyer 196 James Meyer Lawrence Meyer Lynn Meyer Patricia Meyer Deloris Miller Eugenia Miller Kathleen Miller Lois Miller Marcia Miller Mary Ann Miller Mary Lee Miller Phyllis Miller Terry Miller Karen Mills Richard Misner Gene Molendorp Kathleen Monteil Shirley Moore Leonard Moran Barbara Morehouse Vonna Morris Dennis Morton Gerre Murphy Philip Murrell Anthony Nelson Judy Nelson Larry Nelson Ronnie Nelson Sherry New Robert Newberg Jerry Newcomer Jerry Newman Mike Nichols Nancy Nichols Linda Nielson Karen Niemann Jean Niklasen Sherry Noah Gerald Noble Marvin Nordby Doug Nordstrum Kathleen Norris 197 Ray Nunneley John Obirek Darrell Oestreich Caroline O ' Riley Ina May O ' Riley Judie Owen Donna Owens Linda G. Owens Allan Packer Carol Pagel Sandra Palermo Gerald Pappert Rudolph Pappert Eddie Parman Wallace Parman Richard Patterson Thomas Paulsen Judy Peacock John Pearce Madge Penland Charles Perry Virginia Peters Dianne Petersen Dorothy Peterson Joyce Peterson Marylin Peterson Ron Peterson Waunita Peterson Robert Pettegrew Rex Petry Robert Phippen Jim Pickett Don Pietig Sharon Pittam Gary Pittsenbarger Jack Pitzer Lawrence Poage Brownnie Polley Mary Poore Margaret Powell Charles Pritchard Barbara Protzman 198 Linda Provin Sharon Pruddcn Joe Pryor Gary Puis Mary Rasco Thomas Rasco James Rasmusscn Larry Rawlins Dorothy Ray Patricia Razer Linda Reed Marcia Reed Bill Rcichen Dave Remund Janice Reno Marlene Rex Rodney Rhoden James Rinehart Oakly Risser Leon Roberts Shirley Robertson Judy Robinson Eddielea Roe Dale Rolf Martha Rong James Rose Gene ieve Ross Elizabeth Rother Edward Rowland Jerry Runyon Gary Rus Judy Sager Judith Salfrank Mary Claire Sand Sherie Sandeman Mary Sue Scamman Edward Schcer Robert Schmidt Ruth Ann Schmidt Daniel Schneider Terry Schooler Jay Schug 199 Reid Scott Michael Seel Barbara Selby Richard Sellers Marcene Severson Ruth Severson Bill Shadden Ann Shamberger Richard Sharp Rita Sharp Patsy Shepherd John Sherbo Gary Shields Linda Shields Donald Shipley Dona Shroyer Charlotte Silvey Sam Simerly Chuck Simmons Gary Simpson Robert Simpson Joyce Singleton Patricia Slaybaugh Jerry Slykhuis Barbara Ann Smith Barbara Jean Smith H. E. Smith Lane Smith Lisle Smith Soren Sorensen Marv Sparks Sammy Spencer Linda Spillman Mary Stark Linda Steele Glen Stenzel Barbara Stewart Florence Stiens Jane Stillinger Michele Stitt Richard St. John Nancy Stockton 200 Timiiiiy Stoddard Judith Stokes John Stoner Torry Stoner Judy St. Peter Linda Straihen Curt Streeter X ' etra Stuart Dennis Stumi Don Summers Shirley Sundcrmann Susan Surface Eddie Swaney Patrici a Sweney Wava Tackett William Tadlock Jim Tally Edward Talty Dick Tauchen David Taylor Philip Taylor Sue Tebow Lana Teenor Sheryl Tenhulzen Judy Thatch Jinny Thomas Kent Thomas Patricia Thomas Arnold Thompson Celia Thompson Jeannine L. Thompson John J. Thompson John W. Thompson Karen Thompson Sharon Thompson Margie Thummel Nancy Timberlake Jean Timmerman Lyle Timmerman Gerri Tipton Jerome Tobin Herbert Townsend 201 Ronald Tribolet David Trimmer Ann Trotter Carol Tucker Roberta Turner Dennis Twiss Larry VanFossan Joan VanHoozer Sharon VanSyoc Bernard Veak John Vecera Jacqueline Vincent Marilyn Vowell Jeffrey Wade Sue Wagers Kirby Wagner Cedric Wake Judith Walker Rhoda Walker Carol Wallace Linda Walter Jerre Waltersdorf Jim Walton Stacia Ward Gary Warnick Mary Lou Waters Nancy Wayman Robert Webb Donald Weber Judy Welty Al Werner Glenn West Craig Westberg Stephen Westrup Kent Wheeler Diane White Larry White Mary White Phyllis White William White Gary Whilmer Dean Wilkinson 202 Diane Williams Cheryl Willinan Dean Willrett David Wilson Doris Wilson Karen Wilson Larry Wilson Richard Wilson Cheryl Wise Carol Wixon Donna Wolf Susan Woodford Jerry Woodson Kenneth Wookey Sandra Yaple Thomas Yates Homer Yazel Mark Yehle Melvin Young David Zach Joe Zahnd John Zahnd Charles Zimmerman Paula Zimmerman 203 Sophomores Take Another Step on the Ladder Upward, Acquire New Learning Marilyn Agre Bernard Allen Dave C. Anderson Gary Anderson Margaret Anderson Ron Anderson Ronald L. Anderson Charles Arms Tommy Baker Karen Barker Garold Bateman George Bayless Marvin Bell Sandra Bender Karen Bixler Tom Boatman Kathy Bodgas Judy Bolon Cliff Bond Linda Bouska Kay Bowen Delores Breit Barbara Briggs Jack Briggs Glenda Bright James Brownlee Dan Broyles Mary Jo Bruett Nancy Bruggeman Tracy Bryan Jerry Buck Vicki Buckley Elaine Buerkens Chestine Bunch Ewart Lon Burch Connie Campbell 204 Vicki Carothers Donald Carrel Shanm Carmll David Christcnscn Eldoii Christoiiscp Steve Christensen Darlene Christian Diane Clark Millie Cockrill Ronald Cogdill Harry Combs Bill Cooper Merle Corley Steven Cottle Janis Courtin Joni Cowger Curt Cowles James Cox Wanda Cox Rexine Crawford Robert Crawford Daryl Dalrymple DeLores Dana Larr ' Dannar Geneva Darnell Catherine Derks Judy Dewey Mike Dewey Nan Dills Dennis Dinkla Glenda Drummond Jim Duesenberg Walter DuflFen Roberta Edlin Carolyn Enis Dave Ettelson Richard Evans Connie Ewing Karenann Falk Lorraine Faubion Virginia Favorite Ted Findley 205 Sally Fiske Ronald Fitch Evelyn Fletchall Larry Frazier Sharon Freeman Gerald Fry George Garcia Mary Ann Garrard Mama Gault Robert Giffin Evelyn Goldner Ken Goslee Mary Grantham Kay Graves Cheryl Gray Lana Green Bob Grenier Marion Griesinger Shanna Griffin Suzanne Griffith Terry Guertin Bill Guess Alvin Hagg Erma Hall Robert Hall Duane Hankins Ron Hanson Judy Hargrave Kenneth Harlan Sharon Harms Sherric Hartman Irene Hause Janet Hawkins Irene Hawley Karen Hays Sandra Herzog J. E. Hess Ronald Hestand John Hill Jon Hill Pat Hillers Gary Honstedt 206 Joe Hopper Larry Hornbostcl Carol Hoshor Ernest Howard Fred Howell Judy Huitt Max Hull Thomas Hunwiiel Rodney Hunt Ellen Hunzigcr Richard Jackson CFlenda Jamison Allan Jensen Bob Johnson Douglas Johnson James Johnson Virginia Johnson Thomas Kagay Sally Kampe Dennis Raster Larry Kelly Carol Kennedy Dolores Killion Larr) ' Kilmer Lee King Linda King Martha Klever Sandy Knavel William Kneale Michael Knepper Glenda Knott Barbara Knox Jean Kobashigawa Mary Ann Krumm Jane LaMar Keith Lambertsen Darwin Larson Donna Lawless Mary Leaming Judy Lee Michael Lee Nylen Lewis 207 Patricia Lininger Georgia Linville Carol Long Laura Lowther Joan Lynch Dennis Lynk Margaret MacDonald Larry Mace Ray Maher Leonard Mainquist Jane Mann Susan McConkey James McElhiney Sharon McElwain Dena McKee Richard McKenzi Basil Mclntyre Bernard McLaughlin Thor McMillen John Meadows Kenneth Menke Gail Merritt Karen Metting Mary Etta Meyer Judy Miller Kathleen Miller Diana C. Mitchell La Rose Moore Gilbert Moorman Jean More Diane Morriss Doug Mossberg Gail Motzkus Charles Nelson Franz Nelson Jo Karen Nash Emily Nevitt Ronald Norfolk Robert Nelson Karen Nielsen Susan Oberhelman Larry Oder 208 Forrest Oliiu ' sorge Richard Oleniiis Eugene Oilman Lavonnc Osborn Sue Oshcl Sharon Ostrus Helen Owens Linda Owens Donna Parks Lillian Painter Robert Patience Mike Perry Carl Peterson Kenneth Peterson Kay Pfciffer Sharon Phoenix Barbara Piatt Doug Price Ken Price Larry Price Ed Propst David Pross Linda Queen Thomas Ramsey Barbara Richards Larry Richardson Donna Rihner Bob Rempe Dave Roberts Serena Robinson Coreen Rohrberg Larry Rosenow Sherry Rothe Marilyn Ruddell Neta Russell Daryl Sanborn Larry Sawyer Dean Schantz Robert Schieber Sharon Schmidt Myrna Schnegelberger Forrest Schnobrich 209 Doris Schreiner Jane Schultz Shirley Scott Steve Sell Ann Shackelford Jane Shaver Betty Shelton John Shipley John Siehl Anne Simpson Carolee Smith Carolyn Sue Smith Jan Smith Mary Alice Smith Robin Smith Sharelle Smith Stan Smith Richard Snyder Barbara Speas John Spencer Stephen Spriggs Bill Steinhauser Julia Stigers Stan Stillwagon Jane Stoner Dan Stutzman Suz Sullivan Robert Sutton Glendena Taylor Bob Thomas Kenneth Thompson Stephen Thummel Shirley Townsend Larry Trede Tommy Tucker Deloris Tuttle Marlys Updegraff Sue Waldeier Larry L. Walker Paul Walker Roger Walker Patty Walton 210 Rollin Walters Dale Weeks Don Westfall Pe!?i;y Wliaii Keith Whisliam Jim White Diane Whitney Margo Wilkinson James Wilson Stan Wilson Carolyn Wiltshire Andrew Wolfer Judy Wolverton Miriam Wood Valeria Wortman Dennis Wright Nancy Wright Ronald Yates Janelle Vount Dianne Young James Young Eleanor Yville Dorothy Zaiger Joe Zimmerman 211 Juniors Approach Their Goal - Desire for Higher Education Lawrence Albright Duane Alff Pam Allred Patricia Allred Judy Andersen David Anderson Leland Anderson John Atwater Jim Baker Betty Barr Jerry Barrett Rex Beavers Bob Beck Robert Beeler Gary Bell Kenneth Bentley Galen Benton Barbara Bix Karen Bjorn Gary Boggle Kenneth Booth Blaine Borchers Nancy Borkawski Barry Brady Gary Brasher Ann Brown Kent Bryan William D. Burns John Burrell Paul Burrell Sharon Burton Judith Calvin Karen Campbell John Casey Terry Cellman Bob Chafin 212 Raymond Christie Pat Clark Lois Clifton Jim Cocn Barbara Combs Rich Cornclison Kay Courier Steve Croley Gary Croskrey Cayc Cross Jan Curtis Don Daniel Bill Dankers Jeanne Davis Gloria Decker Charlotte DcShon Dick Dooley Stephen Drake Martha Durfee Joyce Esch Albert Evans Ronald Evans Susan Everly Sarah Ferguson John Flora Bonnie Foster Rex Fowler Phyl Frahm Karen Frazer Judy Fuller Susan Garnet Harriet Garton James Gaughen Richard Gebert Mary Gepner Bill Gibson " Nora Caroline Godsey Julie Goff Carolyn Gould Mary Graham Jack Gray Maureen Greeley 213 Frankle GrifBn Leslie Grow Joe Growney Ellen Grube Gregory Guenther Larry Hagan Jerry Hall Shirley Hamilton Gladys Hansen Gary Hanson Bill Hardesty Howard Harmsen Wayne Hartman Joe Heater Sandra Heater Karlene Hendrix Karen Hersh Danny Hill Larry Hofmann Norma Hohlfeld Gevona Holbrook W. C. Holbrook Ron Hornecker Linda Houck Ronald Houston Carolyn Houts Shirley Huber Judy Hullman Gary Hultquist Norma Hunsicker Marjorie Huss Jerilyn Irvin Marvin Jackson Janet James Ted Jamison Sharon Jeschke Harold Johnson Andy Jones Richard Jones Sandra Jorgensen Paula Kaminska Dennis Karstens 214 rhyllis Kerns R.iiiioiia Kinder Larry Kirby Oliarl.i KirihliotV Marylyn Koger Robert Kordick Terry Kremcr Larry Krusc Judy Knitz Sharon Kurtz Jack LaForce Riiili Ann Lamphier Ron Langford George Leming Phyllis Leu Bob Lewellen Nadine Lind Jerry Lindstrom M Kenneth Long Ken Lucas Ann Madden Ina Claire Makings Ronald Marcinko Rhodetta Mardesen Martha Masters Martha McCall John McClaran Joe McKee Gerald Meadows Beverly Medsker James Meidinger Carol Sue Miller Diana L. Mitchell Lyndal Monday Judith Morris Richard Mow[y James Mutti Nelson Grant Christa Nevverla Melba Noakes Judy Norris Jeanette Novogradic 215 Richard Okinaka Karon Ott Joyce Owens Kenneth Owens Eileen Painter Barbara Palermo Vincent Paolillo Lanny Paul Bill Pendgraft Janice Peterson John Phipps Richard Pyle Karen Randall David Ranum Larry Reineke Nancy Reinert Alice Reynolds Merwyn, Richardson Fred Robbins Carolyn Rowe Patricia Salanski Arthur Sauter Dave Sawyer Paul Scherzberg Richard Schmitz Robert Schobert Larry Schulenberg John Sederburg Kenneth Seeley Barbara Shell Harold Shepherd Mary Joyce Shepherd Bonnie Sherman Karen Shields Nancy Shipley Karen Slayden Marion Smith Robert Smith Dennis Speas Ronald Spencer Dean Spiller Jean Spiller 216 Jon Stafford Gcneveive Staton Twilia Steele Edward Stcinman Dale Stephens Ken Stites Carolyn Stolting David Sundermann Herbert Sutter Douglas Taylor Robert Terry Donna Theis Carol Thomas Sharon Thomas Barbara Thompson B. C. Thompson ' ern Thompson Paul Tiemeyer John Todd Jary Tomes Virgie Twombly Sharon Underwood Judy VanScyoc Albert Waddell Ken Wald Doris Walden Lawrence Walker Marilynn Wallis Don Weigel Darlene Weldon Martha Whiteaker Harold Whittlesey Larry Williams Randall Wolcott John Worth James Wu 217 Seniors Depart Alma Mater Plan for Higher Aspirations DUANE ABBOTT, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education. IRA THOMAS ADAMSON, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science. MARLENE ADAMSON, Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. MICHAEL ANDERMAN, Major: Ac- counting, Minor: Marketing. DENNIS ANDERSEN, Major: Account- ing, Mmior; ' Marketing. DOROTHY ANDERSON, Major: Busi- ness, Minor: Business. HARRY ETTE ANDERSON, Major: Business, Minor: English. RONALD D. ANDERSON, Major: Ac- counting, Minor: Finance and Insurance. JUDY ANDES, Major: Accounting, Minor: General Business. JOHN ANDREWS, Major: Music. FRED ANTHONY, Major: History, Mi- nor: Social Science. FRED ARBUCKLE, Major: Industrial Arts. DONNA ARMS, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Mathematics. JOYCE AUSBERGER, Major: Elemen- tary Education. JON BAIER, Major: Industrial Arts, Mi- nor: Sociology. DIXIE BAILEY, Major: Social Science, Minor: Sociology. DON BANNING, Major: Accounting, Minor: Insurance and Finance. RICHARD BATEMAN, Major: Music Education. CAROL BEAMON, Major: Biology, Mi- nor: Chemistry. SANDRA BEARD, Major: Elementary Education. 218 MERLY.W BECKLER, Major: Indus- trial Alls, Minor: Physical Education. JOE BELL. Major: Health and Physical Education. Minor: Industrial Arts. JEAi BESEFIEL. Major: Elemen tary Education. BRESDA BIDDI C.EH. Major: Busi- ness, Minor: Business. JVDY BLACK, Major: English, Minor: Business. LORETTA BOATRIGHT. Major: Ele- mentary Education. LOUIS R. BOONE. Major: Business, Mi- nor: Economics. MICHAEL BOOS. Major: Marketing, Minor: Insurance and Finance. JOSEPH BOPP. Major nor: Finance. MARGUERITE BOVVERS, Major: cial Science, Minor: Sociology and tory. BARBARA BOYD, Major: History, nor: Sociology. EARL BOYD, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. .Accounting, Mi- Sq- His- Mi- MARY LEE BRISTOW, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Art. WILLIAM A. BROWN. Major: Indus- trial Arts, Minor: .Agriculture. BETTY JO BRUNS. Major: English, Mi- nor: History. DONNA BUCKLEY, Major: Elementary Education. ALICE BURGETT, Major: Business Ed- ucation, Minor: Business. RONALD BURNS, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science. JACQUELINE BURRI, Major: Elemen- tary Education. WILDA CAMPBELL, Major: Elemen- tary Education. 219 JANICE CARR, Major: Social Science, Minor: Physical Education. WILLIAM C. CARROLL, Major: Health and Physical Education, Minor: Psychology. MARY SUE CARTER, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. TEDDIE CARTER, Major: Agriculture. Major: Market- Major: Ele- ROGER D. CAUDLE, ing, Minor: Finance. BARBARA CHENOWETH, mentary Education. JOHN W. CHENOWETH. Major: Ac- counting, Minor: Finance and Insurance. MARY CHRISTIAN, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: Chemistry, Biology, and Gen- eral Science. CATHY CIHAK, Major: Elementary Education. MARY LEE CLEMENTS, Major: Ele- mentary Education, Minor: Library Sci- ence. BOB COBB, Major: English, Minor: Spanish. JACQUELINE COCKRILL, Major: Elementary Education. JESS WAYNE COLLINGS, Major: Ele- mentary Education, Minor: Psychology. DAVID R. COLLINS, Major: Chemistry and Mathematics, Minor: Physics. GLENDA COOPER. Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Library Science. MARY COPMAN, Major: Elementary Education. JOY COUTS, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Sociology. ELWIN CRABTREE, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Geography. BARBARA CRAIG, Major: Elementary Education. JOEL CRANDALL, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Industrial Arts. 220 KARFN JUNK CUTLER. Major: Ele- mentary Eduraliim. LARRY DAI.BRY. Major: AaountiiiK, Minor: (Jcncral Businrss. LOIS JICAX DAVIDSOX. Major: Busi- ness, Minor: Social Science. JON DENTON. Major: Chemistry, Mi- nor: Biology. DON DRAKE. Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Industrial Arts. JANE DUNNIHOO. Major: English, Mi- nor: Library Science. SAMUEL EDGAR. Major: Agriculture, Minor: Industrial Arts. JO ELLEN ELAM. Major: Elementary Education. EUGENE ELDER. Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Industrial Arts. RUTH ANN ELLIOTT, Major: Eng- lish, Minor: Spanish. RICHARD ERB. Major: Fine Arts, Mi- nor: Industrial Arts. JAMES EV ANS, Major: Business and Ag- riculture. Major: Elementary COLLEEN FAG A. Education. TOM FAIRLIE, Major: Fine Arts, Mi- nor: History. ELVIN FARQUHAR, Major: English, Minor: Industrial Arts. ELAINE FERGUSON. Major: Business and Mathematics. JERRY FERRELL, Major: Biology, Mi- nor: Psychology. ELINOR FINE, Major: Business, Minor: History. MARVIN FINET Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: English. WILLIAM FINNEY. Major: Accounting, Minor: Social Science. 221 KAY FISHER, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. CAROL FOJE, Major: Vocational Home Economics. MARILYN FOLDEN, Major: Business, Minor: Social Science. DENNIS FRAME, Major: English, Mi- nor: History. DIN A FRAZIER, Major: Elementary Education. KATHLEEN FREDERICK, Major: Vo- cational Home Economics. DON FRIDAY, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. BILL FULTON, Major: Business Admin- istration, Minor: Sociology. ROSE ANN CARD, Major: English, Mi- nor: Speech. LAVONA GARDNER, Major: Elemen- tary Education. ROBERT CARTON, Major: Business, Minor: Physical Education. LARRY GELHAAR, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Finance and Insurance. SHIRLEY CIBSON, Major: Elementary Education. PAT CILLISPIE, Major: Vocational Home Economics. MARY HELEN COFF, Major: Art: Mi- nor: English. HOMER COLDNER, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Agriculture. DIXIE GOMEL, Major: History, Minor: Sociology. ROY GOODLAXSON, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: General Science. DAVID GORE, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science. LARRY GREEN, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Chemistry and Physics. 222 JANET GUNSON. Major: Hoim- Eco- nomics, Minor: Library Science. ERMA HALL. Major: Elementary Edu- cation, Minor: English. ROGER HAl.LECK. Major: History and Political Science. JANICE HANSON, Major: Elementary Education. DALE HARVEY. Major: Mathematics, Minor: Physical Education. GARY HAWTHORNE. Major: Mathe- matics and Physical Education. GARY HAZELRIGG, Major: Health and Physical Education, Minor: Mathematics and Drivers Education. CAROLYN HEWTBRJNK, Major: Busi- ness and Biolog ' . JULIA HENRY, Major: Social Science, Minor: Spanish. SUE HENRY, Major: Vocational Home Economics. SALLY HERNER, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Psychology. RICHARD HICKS, Major: Business and Physical Education. GERALD HILEY, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education. SHARON HILL, Major: Vocational Home Economics. JACK HILSABECK, Major: Biology, Mi- nor: Chemistry. MARIANN HOFFMAN, Major: Home Economics. LARRY D. HOLLAND, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Sociology. GARY HOLST, Major: English, Minor: Psychology. BETTY HOOKER, Major: Vocational Home Economics. GERALD HORTON, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Mathematics. 223 ABBY HOSHAGIAN, Major: Chemistry. RICHARD HOUCK, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education. SAMMY HOWE, Major: Biology, Minor: Agriculture. CALVIN HUFFMAN, Major: Biology, Minor: General Science. MARIE HUMMEL, Major: Elementary Education. RONALD HUNT, Major: Industrial Arts. DALE HUNZIGER, Major: Business Ad- ministration and Agriculture. CAROLINE HUTCHISON, Major: Ele- mentary Education. JOYCE IWEN, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. . JAFARIAN, Major: Agriculture, Mi- nor: General Science. A. L. JAMES, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry. D. F. JONES, Major: Accounting, Mi- nor: Finance and Insurance. LINDA K. JONES, Major: English and Spanish, Minor: Library Science. PAUL JONES, Major: English, Minor: French. JOE KARR, Major: Industrial Arts, Mi- nor: Agriculture. SUSIE KARRASCH, Major: French, Minor: Biology. PAT KELLER, Major: Vocational Home Economics. JOHN ROGERS KELLEY, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Biology and Gen- eral Science. JOHN ROY KELLEY, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: General Science. MERLIN KENAGY, Major: Business and Accounting, Minor: Physical Education. 224 FRED KNECHT. Mafor: Biology and Chemistry. LINDA KENSINGER. Major: Elemen- tary Education, Minor: Library Science. JUDY KEPLINGER. Major: Elementary Education. MARTHA KIESZ. Major: Kdu- cation. Minor: Business. JUDY KILLION. Major: Elementary Education. KATHI KINNICK. Major: Vocal Mu- MARK KLEIER. Major: Business Edu- cation, Minor: Physical Education. MARY ANN KNEALE. Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. RON KRAFT. Major: Business. Minor: Economics. SHARAON LANDREE, Major: Elemen- tary Education. DONNA RAE LARSON, Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. MARCELINE LATHAM. Major: Eng- lish, Minor: Library Science. DAVID LAWNSDAIL. Major: Social Science, Minor: Sociology. JANICE LEAVELL. Major: Accounting, Minor: General Business. ANITA LEE. Major: Business, Minor: Physical Education. JOANN LEE, Major: Elementary Edu- cation. MARTIN LEE, Major: Accounting, Mi- nor: Insurance and Finance. JAMES LEESE. Major: .Accounting, Mi- nor: General Business. LINDA LEESE, Ma-jor: Vocational Home Economics. DALE LESLE, Major: Business, Minor: Physical Education. 225 CAROLE LININCER, Major: Elemen- tary Education. JAMES LITSCH, Major: Music. Paul LIZZO, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Industrial Arts. BARBARA LONG, Major: Elementary Education. HELEN LOWREY. Major: Elementary Education. JAMES LOWTHER, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: English. MARILYN LUHRS, Major: Elementary Education. DELBERT LUND, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Physical Education. KARIN LUND. Major: Elementary Edu- cation. IVAN LYDDON, Major: English, Minor: Journalism. ROSANNE LYLE, Major: English, Mi- nor: Art. PHILLIP MACKEY, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Sociology. LEWIS MARIS, Major: English, Minor: Library Science. GERALD MARTIN, Major: History, Minor: Social Science. JOHN MASSENGALE, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Sociology. KAREN MAST, Major: Elementary Ed- ucation. ROBERT MATHEW, Major: Social Sci- ence and Physical Education. BARBARA MAY, Major: Business, Minor: English. C4RL MAYES, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Fine Arts. JUDITH McCLARD, Major: Music. 226 DAVID McCOS ' KFY. Major: English, Minor: Library Scirnrp. MAIill.YN McCOrX. Major: English, Minor: Music. BETTY JO McDANIEL, Major: Phy- sical Education, Minor: Business. MARl.ENE McKEE. Major: English, Mi- nor: Psychology. KAREN McMAHON. Major: ' ocational Home Economics. JEAXETH McX ALLEY. Major: Ele- mentary Education. LEE McXICHOLS. Major: Business, Mi- nor: Social Science. PHILIP MESSXER. Major: Biology, Mi- nor: Chemistry. ALLEN MEYER. Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Agriculture. EDDIE MICK. Major: Marketing, Mi- nor: Science. BOB MILLION. Major: Business, Minor: .Athletic Coaching. RICHARD MIRES. Major: Accounting, Minor: General Business. JOHN MOBLEY. Major: Biology, Minor: Mathematics. JEANIE MORRIS, Major: English, Mi- nor: Music. KARL MORROW. Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education. JANICE MURPHY. Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Library Science. JOYCE NARICON, Major: Elementary Education. BEVERLY NEEDELS, Major: Social Science, Minor: Sociology. DON NEIDT, Major: Business, Minor: Biology and General Science. JUNE LEE NELSON. Major: Elementary Education. 227 SHARON NELSON, Major: English, Minor: Business. MYRNA NEWMAN, Major: Business, Minor: English. KAY NICKERSON, Major: Vocational Home Economics. GARY NIELSON, Major: Biology, Mi- nor: Chemistry. MARILYN NIELSON, Major: Vo- cational Home Economics. MYRNA NIKLASEN, Major: Elemen- tary Education. ROBERT NOBLE. Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Social Science. LARRY NORFOLK, Major: Accounting, Minor: General Business. BERNICE NORTHUP, Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. LARRY NULPH, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education. JUDY OLMSTEAD, Major: Elementary Education. CHARLES PATTERSON, Major: Agri- culture, Minor: Biology. SHARON PATTERSON, Major: Ele- mentary Education. WAYNE PAULSEN, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: General Science. STEPHANIE PERSHING, Major: Speech, Minor: English. CHARLES PETERSON, Major: Busi- ness, Minor: Mathematics. HAROLD PLAGMAN, Major: Agri- culture, Minor: Business. JANET SUE PLUMMER, Major: Eng- lish, Minor: Library Science. JANE PORTER, Major: Elementary Ed- ucation. KAREN PORTER, Major: Elementary Education. 228 PRISCILLA PORTER. Major: Biology, Minor: Speech. LINDA POTTER. Major: F,iii;lish and Social Science. BOB POWERS. Major: Matluniatics and Biology, Minor: General Science. r.-lA ' PRICE. Major: Industrial . rts. UII.LIAM PRITCHARD. Major: In- dustrial . rts and .• griculturc. OLIVER PROPHETER, Major: Chem- istry. Minor: Biology. WALTER PRZYBYLSKI. Major: Ac- counting, Minor: Marketing. WAXDA PULLEY. Major: Medical Technology, Minor: Chemistry. EDyVARD PURDIN. Maj.or: Accounting, Minor: Finance. ROGER RAINEY, Major: Accounting, Minor: Agriculture. JO ANN RANKIN. Major: Elementary Education. NANCY RINEHART, Major: English, Minor: French. TINA RIVAS. Major: Spanish, Minor: French. PATSY ROBERTSON. Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. TWYLA ROCKHOLD. Major: Elemen- tar - Education, Minor: Library Science. WENDELL ROLF, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science. JOANNE ROREBECK. Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: French. GERALD ROSE. Major: Marketing, Mi- nor: Insurance and Finance. GRACE ANN MUCKER. Major: Ele- mentary Education. PAT RUCKER. Major: Elementary Edu- cation, Minor: Library Science. 229 DONALD RUMELHART, Major: Phys- ical Education, Minor: Social Science. KAREN RUSE, Major: Vocational Home Economics, Minor: General Scie- ence. KENNETH SAND, Major: History and Social Science. DICK SCHILLER, Major: Biology and English. LANNY SCHLANGE, Major: Agricul- ture. DARLENE SCHMIDT, Major: English, Minor: History. JERRY SCHULTZ, Major: Mathemat- ics and Industrial Arts, Minor: General Science and Physics. DUANE SELSER, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Sociology. THOMAS SHERBY, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History. ROBERT SHERMAN, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History. JAMES SHIVERDECKER, Major: Gen- eral Business, Minor: Marketing. RONALD SIEVER, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Economics. KYNARD SIGLIN, Major: Elementary Education. DAVID SLEISTER, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: Social Science. WILLIAM SPEARER. Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Sociology. CICILY SPICER, Major: Fine Arts and Physical Education. LYLE SPILLMAN, Major: General Busi- ness, Minor: Sociology. DALE SPORLEDER, Major: Political Science, Minor: History. KENNETH SPRAGUE, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Physics and General Sci- ence. ROLAND STANTON, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Biology. 230 EDWINA STARKS. Majo, : Home Economics. MIKE STEPHESIS. Major: Markciing, Minor: Economics. DAI ID SrOCFFER. Major: Mallu-nut- ics and Social Science. JOYCE SUN DELL. Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: English. JEANNE SWOPE. Major: Elcmcntao ' Education. JOANNE SIVOPE. Major: Music. DAVID TANDY. Major: Marketing, Mi- nor: General Business. JANICE TARWATER. Major: Elemen- tary Education. ADA TAYLOR. Major: Elementary Ed- ucation. HELEN THIESEN. Major: Music. REBECCA THOMAS. Major: Elemen- tary Education, Minor: Psychology. LARRY TIMMERMAN, Major: Physi- cal Education, Minor: Biology. JOHN TIPTON, Major: Business Edu- cation, Minor: Physical Education. MILDRED TODD. Major: Elementary Education. PATRICIA TRYON. Major: Vocational Home Economics. NURETTIN UZUNOGTU. Major: Po- litical Science and French. DONALD VASOS. Major: Accounting and Social Science. GILES WALTER. Major: Accounting, Minor: Sociology. JULIA WARD. .Major: Elementary Ed- ucation, Minor: Library Science. SANDRA WEBB. Major: Elementary Education. 231 HELEN WEBSTER, Mafor: English, Mi- nor: Sociology. RODNEY WEGERMANN, Major: So- cial Science, Minor: Geography. JEANNE WELLS, Major: Elementary Education. ELIZABETH WHITNEY, Major: Busi- ness, Minor: English. RICHARD WIEDERHOLT, Major: English, Minor: French. LINDA WILKERSON, Major: Voca- tional Home Economics. ]AMES WILKINSON, Major: Biology, Minor: Industrial Arts. CAROLINE WILLIS, Major: Elemen- tary Education. JOE WILSON, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Industrial Arts. CHARLES WOODRING, Major: Busi- ness and Biology, Minor: Insurance and Finance. BEN WOOLLEY, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Music. WAYNE WORMSLEY, Major: General Business, Minor: Economics. LOWELL WRIGHT, Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business. ROBERTA WRIGHT, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History and Sociology. NORMA LEE WUESTER, Major: Busi- ness, Minor: Business. MARILYN ZBIERSKI, Major: Elemen- tary Education. ELEANOR ZIPP, Major: Elementary Ed- ucation. 232 Class Officer Elected by Popular Vote Freshman Glennon Acksel President Linda Chastain Secretary Kathy Johnson Treasurer Sophomore Robert Dickey President Barbara Chick Vice President Deborah Price Secretary Robert Cornelison Treasurer 233 Juniors Dennis Rhodes President Betty Johnson Vice President Kathy Swoboda Secretary Larry Stephens Treasurer Seniors Harold Gentry President Suzanne Walker Vice President Mary Ellen Disburg Secretary Ronald Guthery Treasurer 234 Who ' s Who at Northwest Missouri State Organizations ACE 126 Administration 18 AdvisoiT Council 1 1 7 AgClub 125 Alpha Psi Onicsja 1 15 Alpha Psi Omega 1 1 8 Alpha Sigma Alpha 1 52 Art C lub 1 20 Associatctl WouK ' ti Studonis 135 Baptist Student Union 182 Baseball 58 Basketball 46 Bearcat 4-H Club 125 BlueKev 138 BookCliib 123 Cardinal Key 138 Chirrlcaders 98 Christmas Acti ities 94 Class Officci-s 233 Colhecon 124 Commencement 1 1 1 Dance Club 145 Dedication 4 Delta Psi Kappa 128 Delta Zeta 154 Domi Life 100 Drama Club 118 Dramatics 72 Faculty 28 Football 40 Forensics 119 Fraternity Life 170 Freshmen 188 Freshman Orientation 16 Gamma Delta 184 Gamma Sigma Sigma 1 14 Hanging of the Greens 96 Hardest Moon Ball 93 Homecoming 76 Homecoming Committee 143 Hudson Hall Council 134 Hudson Hall Counselors 1 34 Independent Student Organization 144 Industrial Arts 137 In Memoriam 185 Interfraternity Council 173 Juniors 212 Kappa Delta Pi 123 Kappa Omicron Phi 1 24 Kappa Pi 120 KDLX 136 Libran.- 108 Lyddon ' s Message 22 Married Couples 104 MClub 131 Men ' s Dorm Council 132 Men ' s Intramui ls 62 Men ' s Intramural Council 129 Music 146 New-man Club 1 79 Northwest Missourian 140 Office Staff 34 Panhellenic Council 172 PEMClub 128 Perrin Hall Counselors 133 Phi Lambda Chi 160 PhiMu 156 Phi Sigma Epsilon 164 Pi Kappa Delta 119 Pi Omega Pi 122 President of College 20 Press Club 141 Quad I. iff 11)2 Radio Club 136 Registration I 7 Religious Emphasis Week C ' oinniillccs 176 Roberta- Perrin Hall Council 132 Roberta Hall Counselois 133 Seniors 218 Sigma Phi I )olpliins 130 Sigma Sigma Sigma 1 58 Sigma Tau Gamma 162 SNRA 127 Social Science Club 135 Sophomores 204 Student CUiristian Association 1 78 Student Senate 1 16 Student Teaching 1 10 Swim Team 54 Tau Kajijia Epsilon 167 Tennis 59 Tower Accolade 69 Tower Dance 88 TowwStafT 142 Track 53 Union 106 Union Board 1 1 7 Walk-Out Day 92 Weslev Foimdation 1 80 Who ' s Who 70 V omen ' s Intramurals 66 Women ' s Intramural Coimcil 1 29 Wrestling 56 Yoimg Democrats 1 39 Young Republicans 139 Student Directory Abbott, Duane, Creston, Iowa, 40,45, 131,162,173,218 Abel, Marilyn. Santa Barbara, Cali- fornia, 188 Achenbaugh, Darr) ' , Henderson, Iowa, 125 Ackennan, LaVerne, Atlantic, Iowa, 188 Acksel, Glennon, St. Louis, Missouri, 41,45,131,163,171,233 Acord. Janet, Kansas City, Missouri, 188 Adams, Rose Marie. King Citv, Missouri, 146,148,149,188 ' Adamson, Ira Thomas, Mamille, Missouri, 218 Adamson, Marlene, Maryville, Missouri, 124,218 Adwell, Suecilla, Shenandoah, Iowa, 188 Agre, Marilyn, Bayard, Iowa, 1 14,204 Akers, Alice, Exira, Iowa, 126,134,168, 183 Akers, Wanda, Decatur, Iowa, 188 Albrecht, Jim, Des Moines, Iowa, 188 Albright, LawTence, St. Joseph, Missouri, 168,170.212 Alexander. Donna, Kansas City, Missouri, 152,188 AlfT, Duane. Oakland, Iowa, 212 Allen, Bernard, Osceola, Iowa 45,165,204 Allen, Pat, Auburn, Nebraska 101 Allen, Ronald, Red Oak, Iowa 188 Allen, William, Independence, Missouri. 56.188 Allison, Charles, Osceola, Iowa, 168 Allred, Pamella, Coiydon, Iowa, 1 14, 121,212 Allred, Patricia, Corydon, Iowa, 1 14, 212 Allwootl. [errv, Mav.ssille, Missouri, 188 Anderman, Michael, 0(4uein, Iowa, 218 Andersen, Dennis. Elk Horn, Iowa, 137.184,218 Andersen, Janet. Manic, Iowa, 126.188 Andersen, John, Macjiioketa, Iowa, 188 ' Andersen, Judy, 212 Andersen. Ronald L., Exira, Iowa, 125,204 Anderson, .Arnold, Man- ille, Missouri, 58,131 Anderson, David. .Atlantic, Iowa, 212 Anderson, Dave C Cambridge, Iowa, 204 Anderson, Dorothv. Atlantic, Iowa, 101,127,218 Anderson, Gary, Corning, Iowa, 90, 204 Anderson, Harrvette, New Market, Iowa, 155,218 Anderson, Larry, Essex, Iowa, 188 Anderson, Leland, Corning, Iowa, 165, 212 Anderson, Linda, Stanton, Iowa. 188 Anderson. Margaret. New Market. Iowa, 204 Anderson, Roger. Hopkins. Missouri, 168 Anderson. Ronald D.. ManAille. Missouri, 168,218 Anderson, Ronald L., Red Oak, Iowa, 125,180.204 Andes, Judv, Maitland, Missouri. 122, 123,157,218 Andrews, John, Grant Citv, Missouri, 147,148,149 Anthony, Fred, Maryville, Missouri, 53.121 Anthony, Mary, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 117,126, 157,172 Arbuckle, Fred, Corning, Iowa, 165, 218 Annintrout, Michael, Kansas Citv. Missouri, 115,127,147,188 Arms, Charles, Mar - ille, Missouri, 204 Arms, Donna, Mary ille, Missouri, 114,218 Atkins, Edward, Chillicothe, Missouri, 54,131,163,171 Atteberiy, Lois, Gra ity. Iowa, 188 Atwater, John, Netawaka, Kansas, 168,212 Augustine, Keith, Marshalltown, Iowa, 146 Ausberger, Indianola, Iowa, 218 Austin, Ron, Lathrop, Missouri, 45, 188 , uxier, Eldon, Gower. Missouri, 188 Ayers, E elyn, Martins ille, Missouri, 1 8ft Baier, Jon, Wiota, Iowa, 123,137,218 Bailey, Dixie, Winterset, Iowa, 121, 123,139,218 Bailiff, Nancy, Corning, Iowa, 101 Baker. Elizabeth. Harlan, Iowa, 188 Baker, Jim, Independence, Missouri, 212 Baker, Kenneth, Martinsville, Mis- souri, 137 Baker, Lawrence. Independence, Missouri, 137,188 Baker, Robert E., Elmhurst. Illinois, 121.144,188 Baker, Tommy, Miami, Missouri, 42, 45,53,131,163,204 Ballain, Marlyn, Emerson, Iowa, 137, 188 Banning, Don, Des Moines, Iowa, 2 1 8 Barber, Gary, Plattsburg, Missouri, 168 Barber, James, Parnell, Missouri, 137, 188 Barber, Margaret, Denver, Missouri, 188 Barker, Karen, Nodaway, Iowa, 204 Barnes, Ginger, Maryville, Missouri, 67,127,188 Barr, Betty, Blue Island, Illinois, 155, 212 Barrett, Jerry, Audubon, Iowa, 125, 178,212 Barton, Jack, Gallatin, Missouri, 188 Bashor, Ron, Savannah, Missouri, 45 Bateman, Garold, Red Oak, Iowa, 204 Bateman, Richard, Parnell, Missouri, 83,147,148,149,218 Bates, Oren, 1 7 1 Batz, Kenneth, Yetter, Iowa, 163 Bauer, Betty, Chillicothe, Missouri, 147,152,188 Bauman, Melinda, St. Joseph, Missouri, 146,188 Baxter, Carl, N. Kansas City, Missouri, 103,137,146,148,168,188 Baxter, Robert, Grand Junction, Iowa, 143 Bayless, George, Ridgeway, Missouri, 204 Beach, Don, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 56 Beal, Richard, 115,180 Beamon, Carol, St. Joseph, Missouri, 159,218 Beard, Sandra, Kansas City, Missouri, 218 Beavers, Rex, Maryville, Missouri, 58, 165,212 Beck, Bob, Des Moines, Iowa, 164,212 Beck, Gene, Nodaway, Iowa, 115,137, 147,188 Beckler, Merlyn, Skidmore, Missouri, 219 Beeler,. Robert, St. Joseph, Missouri, 212 Beem, Richard, Winterset, Iowa, 127, 184,188 Beesley, Donna, Fortescue, Missouri, 188 Belcher, Isabella, Lathrop, Missouri, 135 Belcher, JoAnn, St. Joseph, Missouri, 188 Bell, Dave, Osceola, Iowa, 188 Bell, Gary, St. Joseph, Missouri, 58, 212 Bell, Joe, Waterloo, Iowa, 43,45,131, 219 Bell, Marvin, Maryville, Missouri, 165, 204 Bender, Sandra, Bethany, Missouri, 204 Benefiel, Jean, Creston, Iowa, 88,91, 155,172,219 Bennett, Jack, Atlantic, Iowa, 167 Bentley, Kenneth, Blockton, Iowa, 167, 212 Benton, Galen, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 147,148,149,212 Best, Paul, Churdan, Iowa, 189 Betts, Ron, Oelwein, Iowa, 56 Biddick, Beverly, Montreal, P.Q., 189 Biddinger, Brenda 122,139.219 Binns, Kent, Eddwille, Iowa, 167.170 Bintner, Stuart, Exira, Iowa, 143.168 Bird, Patricia, Omaha, Nebraska, 180. 189 Bix, Barbara. New Market, Iowa, 212 Bix, Gary, New Market. Iowa. 189 Bixler, Karen, Massena, Iowa, 130, 135,204 Bjorn, Karen, Atlantic, Iowa, 212 Black, Judy, Maiyville, Missouri. 219 Blair, Vanita, Creston, Iowa, 189 Blakely, Richard, Chillicothe, Missouri, 127 Blom, Russell, Newton. Iowa, 189 Bloomer, Margaret, Florissant, Mis- souri, 189 Boatman, Tom, Langdon, Missouri, 53.204 Boatright, Loretta, Rushville, Missouri, 53,219 Boettner, Jay, Rockport, Missouri, 167 Boettner, Anita, Watson, Missouri, 124,189 Bogdas, Kathy, New Hampton, Missouri, 65,67,128,153,204 Boggie, Garv, Marshalltown, Iowa, 167,212 Bohlender, Ron, Des Moines, Iowa. 115 Bolon, Judy, Davis City, Iowa, 128, 132,146,156,204 Bond, Burdette, Skidmore, Missouri, 189 Bond, Cliff, Nortonville, Kansas, 204 Boone, Louis, King City, Missouri, 144,219 Boos, Michael, Cower, Missouri, 168, 219 Booth, Kenneth, Altadena, Califor- nia, 212 Booth, Ruby, Corning, Iowa, 189 Booth, Travers, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 189 Bopp, Joseph, Brayton, Iowa, 168,173, 219 Borchardt, Richard, St. Joseph, Missouri, 189 Borchers, Blaine, Maryville, Missouri, 212 Borkawski, Nancy, 126,179,212 Bosch, Barbara, Maryville, Missouri, 189 Bosch, R ichard, Roseville, Michigan, 168,170 Bouska, Linda, Ravenwood, Missouri, 90,92,152,204 Bouska, Susan, Ravenwood, Missouri, 159 Bowen, Kay, Lamoni, Iowa, 204 Bowen, Marvin, Benton, Iowa, 127,189 Bowen, Robert, Bethany, Missouri, 189 Bowers, Marguerite, Mai-yville, Missouri, 121,219 Boyd, Barbara, Maryville, Missouri, 219 Boyd, Earl, Rockwell City, Iowa, 41,45, 71,116,131,138,165,176,219 Bradfield, Lynnette, Fairfax, Missouri, 127,180,189 Bradshaw, Frederick, Parkville, Missouri, 1 1 5 Brady, Barry, St. Joseph, Missouri, 121,212 Branch, Marvin, Hammond, Indiana, 52,189 Brandt, Bill, Holstein, Iowa. 1 15.132, 179 Brandt, Judith, Hooper, Nebraska, 189 Brandt, Lany, Hooper, Nebraska, 189 Brannan, Delores, Audubon, Iowa, 189 Brasher, Gary, Kansas City, Missouri. 137,183,212 Breit, Delores, Parnell, Missouri, 135, 204 Briggs, Barbara, Shenandoah, Iowa, 127,204 Briggs, Jack, Grand Junction, Iowa, 115,144,146,147,204 Bright, Glenda, Lineville. Iowa. 204 Bright, Virginia, Man ' ville, Missouri, 130,158 Briscoe. Ray, Lohrville, Iowa, 102.137, 179,189 Bristow, Mary Lee. Maryville, Mis- souri, 181,219 Britt, Roger, .Smithvillc, Missouri, 137, 189 Brodzin, Robert, St. Louis, Missouri, 160,161.171 Brown, Ann, St. Joseph, Missouri, 133, 212 Brown, Judy, Chillicothe, Missouri, 146,148,152,189 Brown, Maria, Easton, Missouri, 189 Brown, Norman, Villisca, Iowa, 189 Brown, Vicky Kay, St. Joseph, Missouri, 126,127,189 Brown, William A., Platte Citv, Missouri, 165,219 Brown, William R., Maryx-ille, Missouri, 104,120 Brownlee, James, Coin, Iowa, 204 Broyles, Dan, Bethany, Missouri, 204 Bruett, Mary Jo, Winterset, Iowa, 177, 181,204 Bruggeman, Nancy, Manilla, Iowa, 120,127,146,204 Brum ley. Ron, Cameron, Missouri, 43, 45,58,62 Brummer, Darvin, Newell, Iowa, 189 Bruning, Byron, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 137,189 Bruns, Betty Jo, St. Joseph, Missouri, 92,139,219 Brus. Karen, Denison, Iowa, 189 Bryan, Kent, Mooresville, Missouri, 168,212 Bryan, Tracy, Princeton, Mi.ssouri, 204 Bi te, Marcia, Shenandoah, Iowa, 1 89 Buck, Jerry, Princeton, Missouri, 137, 204 Buckley, Donna, Lenox, Iowa, 126, 219 Buckley, Vicki, Atchison, Kansas, 184, 204 Buerkens. Elaine. Marshalltown, Iowa, 128,130,154,204 Bunch, Chestine. Albany, Missouri, 204 Burch, E. L., Marwille. Missouri, 131, 137,204 Burch, Maxen, Shenandoah, Iowa, 189 Burchfield, Wayne, Panora, Iowa, 189 Burge, Jim, Mt. Ayr, Iowa, 1 63 Burgett, Alice, Adel, Iowa, 219 Burke, Dean, Stanton, Iowa, 189 Burmeister, Philip, Harlan, Iowa, 189 Burns, Ronald, Fairfax, Missouri. 165, 219 Hiinis. William, Omaha. Nrhiaska, 212 Bumside, Gaiy, Lewis, Iowa, 189 BuiTcll, Linda, Davis City, Iowa, 189 BuncU, lohii, Davis CUtv, Iowa, 212 Bunrll, Paul, Mt. Ayr, Iowa, 212 Biirifll, Rod, Mai - illi ' , Missouri, 168 Burri, Jacqwcline, St, Joseph, Missouri, 219 Burson, Ronald, Quitman, Missouri, 147,148,189 Burton, Sliaron, Bethany, Missouri, 114.121.177,212 Bush, Pattv, Forest City. Missouri, 146. 147.148,149,189 Butler, June, New Hampton, Missouri, 124,189 Buz ard, Charles, Ridgeway, Missouri, 189 B Ton, Janet. Mound City, Missouri, 152 ■ Bvrnc, Linda, Nebraska City, ' Nebraska, 189 Caldwell, Dousf, Sheridan, Missouri, 52,190 CaKin, Judith, Lenox, Iowa, 133,212 Caniblin, Lanthan, Falls City, Nebraska, 74.75,95,190 Camp. Sharon, Ridgeway, Missouri, 67,128.190 Campbell, Connie, Hannibal, Missouri, 67.128.129,204 Campbell. Diane, Des Moines. Iowa, 67 Campbell, John, Botna, Iowa, 168 Campbell, Joyce. Ferrelview, Missouri, 134,152,183,190 Campbell. Karen, Hannibal, Missouri, 212 Campbell, Larry, Walnut, Iowa, 127, 180.190 Campbell. Marilyn S., Chillicothe, Missouri, 190 Campbell. Marilyn S., Chillicothe, Missouri. 190 Campbell. Wilda, Bolckow, Missouri, 219 Canady, Ronald. Grant City, Missouri, 121 Carder. Nancy. Kansas City. Missouri. 180 Carlson. Kathr n, Clarinda, Iowa, 190 Carlson, Marion. Elk Horn, Iowa, 190 Cannichael, James. Independence, Missouri. 146,190 Carothers. Vicki. St. Joseph, Missouri, 127.180.205 Carpenter. Artis, St. Joseph. Missouri, 190 Carr, fanice. Agency, Missouri, 121, 179.220 Carr. Thomas, Forest City, Missouri, 190 Carrel, Donald. Union Star, Missouri, 205 Carrico, Jerrs ' . Redfield. Iowa, 65.168, 170 ' Carroll. Sharon. Des Moines. Iowa, 154.179.205 Carroll, William, St. Joseph. Missouri, 220 Carson, James, Carroll, Iowa, 190 Carter, Mary Sue, Guilford. Missouri, 220 Carter, Ronal, Bethany, Missouri, 190 Carter. Teddie, New Hampton, Mis.sfiuri, 220 Casadv, William, Betlutnv, Missouri, 146,190 Casey, John, St. Joseph, Mis.souri, 161, 170,212 Casey, Tom, Binghainton, New York, 190 Caudle, Roger, Troy, Kansas, 168,220 C ' ellman, Terry, Sigourncy, Iowa, 161,171,212 Chafm, Bob, St. Joseph, Missouri, 132,212 Chaloupeckv, Bob, St. Louis, Mis.souri, 46,49 Chap])ill, [udy, ' I ' urnev, Missouri, 1.34,183,190 Chappell, Mary Lou, Logan, Iowa, 159 Chaput. Neil. Syracuse. New York, 11 5, 136, 137, 146, 180, 190 Chastain, Linda, Leon, Iowa, 98,99, 1.34,233 Cheek, Joe. Lincoln. Nebraska. 190 Chenoweth. Barbara. Bethany. Missouri, 126,220 Chenoweth. John, Bethany, Missouri, 220 Chick, Barbara, Shenandoah. Iowa, 90,128,129,153,172,177,233 Christensen, David, Shelby, Iowa. 205 Christensen, Eldon, Kimballton, Iowa. 125,137,184,205 Christensen, Lariy, Casey, Iowa, 190 Christensen, Steve, Audubon, Iowa, 125,181.205 Christian, Darlene. Maryville, Missouri, 205 Christian, Mary, Maitland, Missouri, 157,220 Christie, Raymond, New Hampton, Missouri, 143,163,213 Christman, John, St. Joseph. Missouri, 190 Chrostawski, Adam, Providence, Rhode Island, 45 Cihak, Cathy, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 155, 220 Clapham, Nancy, Bethany, Missouri, 190 Clark, Diane, King City, Missouri, 205 Clark, Gary, Maitland, Missouri, 144, 190 Clark, Pat, 213 Clark, Richard, St. Joseph, Missouri, 58 Claussen, Lynn, Walnut, Iowa, 1 90 Clements, Mary Lee, Gallatin, Missouri, 67, ' l23,126,127,157,220 Clifton, Lois, Kansas City, Missouri, 153,213 Cline, Bob, Menlo, Iowa, 168 Cobb, Betty, Sheridan, Missouri, 123 Cobb, Bob. Darlington, Missouri, 70,91, 116,117,138,140,141,165,220 Cobb, Walter, Sheridan, Missouri, 137 Cockrill, Jacqueline, Platte City, Mis- souri, 93,96,126,152,172,177,220 Cockrill, Millie, Platte City, Missouri, 90,116,121,153,176,205 Coen, Jim, Parkville, Missouri, 146, 168,170,177,182,213 Coffin, Sandra, Grand Island, Nebraska, 190 Cogdill, Ronald, Stanberry, Mis.souri, 168,205 Collings, Jess, Creston, Iowa, 220 Collins, David, Quitman, Missouri, 165,220 Collias, Jeriy, Ravcnwood, Missouri, 165 (killins, Howard, Skidmore, Missouri, 190 Collinsworth, Vernon, Ravenwood, Missouri, 190 Clombs, Barbara, Clearmont, Missouri, 66,67,116,126,153,177,213 Cbmbs, Harry, Gra itv, Iowa, 137,168, 176,183,205 • Cooper, Bill, Lorimor, Iowa, 205 Cooper, Glenda, Emerson, Iowa, 123, 126,134,220 Cooper, Jerry, Stanberry, Missouri, 147,148,149 Coots, Lariy, Bethany, Missouri, 137, 190 Copeland, David, Maryville, Mi.ssouri, 190 Copman, Mary, St. Joseph, Missouri, 220 Corley, Merle, Burlington Jet., Missouri, 205 Corll, Larry, Ml. Ayr, Iowa, 163 Cornelison, Rich, Maryville, Missouri, 116,117,165.213 Cornelison, Robert. Maryville, Missouri, 116,165,233 Cornett, Roger, Maryville, Missouri, 137,190 Cotter, Bob, Tabor, Iowa, 168 Cotter, Darrell, Tabor, Iowa, 45,53, 163 Cottle, Steven, Skidmore, Missouri, 53, 167,205 Cottle, Roger, 91 Cottrell, Richard, Grant City, Missouri, 190 Couch, Jane, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, 125,190 Coulthard, Judith, Grimes, Iowa, 147, 154,180,190 Counts, Fred, Parkville, Missouri. 190 Courter. Kay, Coffey, Missouri, 122. 134.213 Courtin, Janis, St. Joseph, Missouri, 177,180,205 Couts, Darryl, Maryville, Missouri, 190 Couts, Joy, Maryville, Missouri, 67,128. 220 Cowger, Joni, Des Moines, Iowa, 205 Cowles, Curt, Broomfield, Colorado, 136,165,205 Cox, James, Shenandoah, Iowa, 1 68,205 Cox, Wanda, Bedford, Iowa, 124,144, 205 Crabtree, Elwin, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 220 Crabtree, Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 190 Craig, Barbara, Maryville, Missouri, 220 Cramer, Tom, Chillicothe, Missouri, 74,75 Crampton, John, Exira, Iowa, 190 Crandall, Joel, Lake City, Iowa, 163, 171,173,220 Crater, Carole, Kansas City, Missouri, 134,154,190 Craven, Sally, Grant City, Missouri, 1 34, 190 Crawford, Charlene, Shenandoah, Iowa, 190 Crawford, Rexine, Kansas City, Missouri, 179,205 Crawford, Robert, Uniontown, Penn- sylvania, 46,48,205 Creason, Judy, Kansas Citv, Missouri, 180 Croley, Steven, Kansas Citv. Missouri. 58,62,78,131,21,3 Croskrey, Gar ' , Toledo, Iowa, 213 Cross, Cave, Bedford, Iowa, 153,213 Cross, Sharon, Hopkins. Missouri. 147. 190 Crow, Doug, Parkville, Missouri. 190 Croxell, Tom, Griswold, Iowa, 56 Curtis, Jan, 213 Custer, Tom. Harlan, Iowa, 125, 168 Cutler, Karen, St. Joseph, Missouri, 221 Dalbey, Cynthia, Shenandoah, Iowa, 72.73,74,75,95,118,191 Dalbey, Larry, Maryville, Missouri, 104,168,221 Dalrymple, Daryl, Stanberry, Missouri, 168,205 Dalzell, Samuel, Casey, Iowa, 191 Dana, DeLores, Perry, Iowa, 127,180, 205 Daniel, Don, Norcross, Georgia, 41,45, 131,163,171,213 Dankers, Bill, St. Joseph, Missouri, 213 Dannar, Larry, Grant City, Missouri, 205 Darnell, Geneva, King City, Missouri, 152,205 Darnell, Jennifer, Grant City, Missouri, 158,191 Daugherty, James, Parkville, Missouri, Davidson, Karen, Bedford, Iowa, 134, 191 Daxidson, Lois, Bedford, Iowa, 67,90, 122,153,221 Davis, Jeanne, Fairfa.x, Missouri, 121, 139,178,213 Davis, John, Chicago, Illinois, 167 Davis, Larry Joe, Fairfax, Missouri, 191 Davis, Richard, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 147,191 Dawson, Gaiy, Maryville, Missouri, 191 Dawson, Larry, Sidney, Iowa, 164 Day, Terry, Kansas City, Missouri, 163,171 DeCarlo, JoAnn, Roseville, Michigan, 134,191 Decker, Gloria, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 134,135,213 Dent, Joyce, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 1 9 1 Denton, Jon, Denton, Kansas, 132,221 Derks, Catherine, Guilford, Missouri, 205 DeShon, Charlotte, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 124,133,213 DeSomma, Charlotte, Garfield, New Jersey, 121,139,191 Devers, Dick, Grant City, Missouri, 167,170,173 Devine, William, Primghar, Iowa, 191 Dewey, Judith, Bethany, Missouri, 124, 132,159,177,205 Dewey, Mike, Kansas City, Missouri, 168,205 ' Dickey, Robert, 167,168,233 Dill, John, Adair, Iowa, 168 Dills, Nann, Albanyj Missouri, 124,205 Dinkla, Dennis, Casey, Iowa, 103,168, 205 Dinsmore, Duayne, 1 15 Disburg, Mary Ellen, Manilla, Iowa, 9,7077,79,120,138,141,142,143.157, 176,234 Ditsworth, Craig, Jefferson, Iowa, 191 Dodge, Frank, Liberty, Missouri, 1 9 1 Dolan, Richard, Casey, Iowa, 191 Dooley, Dick, Marvville, Missouri, 90, 165,213 Dougherty, John T., Mound City, Missouri, 191 Dougherty, Tom, Gravity, Iowa. 191 Doughty, Linda, Tarkio, Missouri, 191 Dowell, Dan, Coin, Iowa, 45 Drake, Don Baileyville, Illinois, 46,47, 49,50,52,221 Drake, Stephen, Mt. Ayr, Iowa, 213 Driver, Tanya, Mary ille, Missouri, 152,191 Drimimond. Glenda, CofTey, Missouri, 205 Drummond, Linda, Jameson, Missouri, 191 Duckworth, Mar in. Burlington Jet., Missouri, 137,191 Duesenberg, Jim, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 205 Duff, Carole, Maryville, Missouri, 127 Dufifen, Walter, Mexico, Missouri, 58, 205 Dugan, Jean, Kellerton, Iowa, 1 9 1 Dugan, Richard, College Springs, Iowa, 191 Dukes, Karla, Craig, Missouri, 147, 148,191 Dunlap, David, Hamilton, Missouri, 191 Dunnihoo, Jane, Craig, Missouri, 1 14, 123,140,141,177,221 Durfee, Martha, Council Bluflfs, Iowa, 126,159,213 Dunsmore, Dwayne, Brookfield, Missouri, 183,191 Durlan, Sue, JefTerson, Iowa, 191 Dykes, Linda, Princeton, Missouri, 183, 191 Eason, Sharon, Carroll, Iowa, 191 Eckard, Virginia, Milford, Iowa, 156, 191 Ecklin, Arlene, Lenox, Iowa, 157 Edgar, Samuel, Crawfordsville, Iowa, 221 Edlin, Roberta, Platte City, Missouri, 96,127,128,147,205 Edwards, Fredrick, Winterset, Iowa, 120,144,180,191 Eitmann, Tommy, Council Bluflfs, Iowa, 137,191 Elam, JoEllen, Ravenwood, Missouri, 158,159,172,221 Elder, Eugene, Wathena, Kansas, 221 Elifrits, Charles, Ridgeway, Missouri, 127,146,191 Elliot, Carol, St. Joseph, Missouri, 191 Elliott, Ruth Ann, Verdon, Nebraska, 114,119,123,139,181,221 Elwick, Sharon, Grant City, Missouri, 183,191 Engdahl, Larry, Hooper, Nebraska, 45 Engemann, Geary, Wathena, Kansas, 146,191 England, Tom, Red Oak, Iowa, 165 England, Shelby, Griswold, Iowa, 191 Engstroni, Jim, Warwick, Rhode Island, 64 Enis, Carolyn, Kansas City, Missouri, 75,155,205 Erb, Gloria, Manning, Iowa, 191 Erb, Richard, Manning, Iowa, 221 Ernest, Joyce, Conway, Iowa, 147,191 Esch, Joyce, Indianola, Nebraska, 128, 184,213 Espeland, Paul, Atlantic, Iowa, 1 9 1 Estes, Diane, Osceola, Iowa, 191 Ettelson, Dave, Newton, Iowa, 54,205 Evans, Albert, St. Joseph, Missouri, 213 Evans, Elizabeth, Albany, Missouri, 191 Evans, James, Red Oak, Iowa, 165,221 Evans, Richard, Des Moines, Iowa, 167,205 Evans, Ronald, Faucett, Missouri, 160, 161,171,213 Evans, Sally, Des Moines, Iowa, 192 Everly, Carolvn, Coffey, Missouri, 127, 133 Everly, Sandra, Jameson, Missouri, 192 Everly, Susan, Jameson, Missouri, 126, 134,213 Ewing, Connie, Kansas City, Missouri, 155,205 Fabro, JoAnn, Kansas City, Missouri, 147,192 Faga, Colleen, Casey, Iowa, 153,221 Fairlie, Tom, St. Joseph, Missouri, 120, 221 Falk, Kareann, Essex, Iowa, 128,147, 205 Falter, Jeffrey, Falls City, Nebraska. 72,73,118,192 Farnan, Patricia, Guilford, Missouri, 192 Farquhar, Elvin, Clearmont, Missouri, 137,221 Farrow, Charlaine, St. Joseph, Missouri, 147 Fastenau, Phyllis, Clarinda, Iowa, 192 Fattig, Charles, Bethany, Missouri, 192 Faubion, Lorraine, Stanberry, Missouri, 205 Favorite, Virginia, Cristobal, Canal Zone, 205 Ferguson, Elaine, Grant City. Missouri, 221 Ferguson, Sarah, Clearfield, Iowa, 114, 213 Ferrell, Jerry, Valley Falls. Kansas, 161, 221 Findley, Ted, Worth, Missouri, 205 Fine, Elinor, Ludlow, Missouri, 221 Fine, Marvin, Hopkins, Missouri, 221 Finney, William, Faucett, Missouri, 221 Fisher, Donald, Maryville, Missouri, 192 Fisher, Frank, Maryville, Missouri, 54. 192 Fisher, Kay, Hamburg, Iowa, 96,123, 126,222 Fiske, Sally, St. Joseph, Missouri, 206 Fitch, Ronald, Kansas City, Missouri, 163,206 Fletchall, Evelyn, Savannah, Missouri, 206 Flora, John, Baxter, Iowa, 83,146,147, 149,213 Flowers, Richard, Creston, Iowa, 121, 125,127,144,192 Flynn, Donna, Shenandoah, Iowa. 135. 192 Foje, Carol, Persia, Iowa, 67,124,138. 156,172,222 Foland, Gary, Cameron, Missouri, 41, 45,54 Poland, Grace, Grant Citw Missouri, 192 Poland, Ilarolil, Grand Ri ci. Iowa, 192 Poldcn, Marilyn, .Skidniorc, Missouri. l,i. ' ),222 Fore, Don, C ' atncron, Missouri, IfiH Porkc, Di-nnis. C ' arroll, Iowa. 16. ' ),179 Forsvtli, Rav, Maivvillc, Missouri, 146,147 Foster. Bonnie. Kansas Citv, Missouri, 67,i;K),14(i,2i:i Fountain, George, Savannah, Missouri, 119,178 Fowler, Rex, Ellston, Iowa, 213 Fox, Richard, Randolph. Iowa, 1 15 Frahni, Phyl. Dennison. Iowa, 213 Frahni, Stanley, Arlington, Missouri, 43,192 Frame, Dennis, St. Joseph, Missouri, 222 Frazer, Karen, Norborne, Missouri, 128,129,155,181,213 Frazier, Dina, St. Joseph, Missouri, 222 Frazier, Judy, Manxille, Missouri, 192 Frazier, Larry, Gallatin, Missouri, 206 Frederick, Kathleen, King Citv, Mis- souri, 127,222 Fredricks, Mars ' Jane, Coffey, Missouri, 192 ■ Freeman, Sharon, Easton, Missouri, 74, 75,118,206 Freese, John, Council Bluffs, Iowa 192 Friday, Don, Mt. Ayr, Iowa, 163,171, 222 Frohn, Gary, Fairfax. Missouri, 125 Prueh. Judy, Maryville, Missouri, 192 Fn-. Billv, North Kansas City, Missouri, 192 Fry, Gerald, Lathrop. Missouri, 206 Fuller, Charlotte, Kansas City, Missouri, 134,192 Fuller, Judy, Emerson, Iowa, 213 Fulton, Bill, Indianola, Iowa, 222 Punkhouser, Rita. Murray, Iowa, 192 Galloway, Billy. Bethany. Missouri, 192 Gamet, Susan, Lenox. Iowa, 213 Garcia, George 206 Gardner, Lavona, Lamoni, Iowa, 222 Gardner. Penni, Kansas Citv, Missouri, 180 Garrard, Mary . nn, Parnell, Missouri, 206 Garten, Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 222 Garton. Harriet, Albany, Missouri, 122.123,155,213 Gartrell. Jim, Parkville, Missouri, 192 Gaughan. James, Denison, Iowa, 213 Gault, Marna. Council Bluffs, Iowa, 206 Gaumer. Judy, Murray, Iowa, 146.147, 148,149,192 Gavler, Ronald. Rockport, Missouri. 192 Gebert, Richard, Mar ' il!e, Missouri, 165.213 Geib, Kenneth, Craig, Missoin-i, 192 Gelhaar. Larrv. Denver, Colorado, 170,222 Gentry, Harold, St. Joseph, Missouri, 53.54,55,116.131,138,163.234 Gepner, Mary. Benton. Iowa. 121,139, 213 ■ Gibson, Bill, St. Joseph, Missouri. 164. 213 Gib.son. John, Gravity, Iowa, 192 Gibson, Shirley, Corning, Iowa. 123, 126,133,177,222 GifTui. Robert, Guilford. Missouri. 206 Giilil.Hul. Edward, .St. Charles, Iowa, 146,192 Gillispie, Pat. Ridgewav, Missouii, I 14, 124.143,122 Glenn, Jane, Marrill, Nebraska, 192 Godsev, Nora Caroline, Skidmore, Missouri, 124,176,213 Godsev, RoAnne, Skidmore, Missouri, 127,192 Goff, Julie, St. Joseph, Missouri, 156, 213 Goff, Marv Helen, Shannon Citv, Iowa, 1 20.222 Goldnor, Evelyn, Shannon City. Iowa, 124,206 Goldncr, Homer, Shannon Citv, Iowa, 137,222 Gomel, Dixie, Las Vegas, Nevada, 71 , 116.121,123,135,155,222 Goodlaxson, Roy, Creston. Iowa, 222 Goodwin, Diane, St. Joseph, Missouri, 121,152,179 Goolsby, Max, Mound Citv, Missouri, 192 Gore, David, Da enport, Iowa, 127, 178,222 Gore. Maureen, Davenport. Iowa, 146, 192 Goslee, Juidth, Clearmont, Missouri, 124,192 Goslee, Ken, Skidmore, Missouri, 206 Gould, Carolyn, Kansas City, Missouri, 213 Gourd, Shirley, Corning, Iowa, 192 Grace Shirley, Albany, Missouri, 192 Graham, Marv, Concord, Missouri, 213 Grantham, Maty, Kansas City, Missouri, 116,156,181,206 Graves, Kay, Fairfax, Missouri, 206 Gray, Chervl, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1 14, 178,182.206 Grav, Jack, Marv -ille, Missouri, 121, 139,141,142,168,177,213 Greeley, Maureen, Gravity, Iowa, 1 14, 125,181,213 Green, Allen P., Lorimor, Iowa, 192 Green, Lana, Prescott, Iowa, 76,78,79, 153,206 Green, Lanny, Creston, Iowa, 192 Green, Lany, Oelwein, Iowa, 165,222 Green, Rodney, Albany, Missouri, 143, 165 Greenlees, Tom, Auburn Hts., Michi- gan, 45 Greenwood, Linda, Blythedale, Missouri, 128,134,192 Gregersen, Cynthia, Atlantic, Iowa, 192 Gregory, Carol, Maryville, Missouri, 152,192 Grenier, Bob, MaryviDe, Missouri, 72, 73,206 Griesinger, Howard, Holland, Ohio, 132,160,161,171 Griesinger, Marion, Holland, Ohio, 132,161,173,206 Griffin, Frankie, Exselsior Springs, Missouri, 132,165,214 Griffin, Shanna, Woodburn, Iowa, 206 Griffith, Suzanne, Bethany, Missouri, 206 Grimes, Gary, Newton, Iowa, 192 Groom, Larry, Stanberry, Missouri, 146 Grow, Leslie, Clarksdale, Missouri. 163, 214 Growney, Joe, Maryville, Missouri, 161, 171,214 Grube, Ellen, Marwille, Missouri. 90, 123,141,142,14.3,156,157,214 Guenthcr, Gregory Von, Bedford, Iowa, 58,117,165,214 Guertin, ' Perry, Sibley, Iowa, 165,206 Guess, Bill. Albany, Missouri, 206 Guest, Darlene, King Citv, Missouri, 124,152,192 Guilliatt, Carol, New Market, Iowa, 125,142,193 Gunson, Janet, Blockton, Iowa, 155, 223 Guthery, Ronald, Atchison, Kansas, 123,138,160,173,234 Guyer, Rosalie, Maryville, Missouri, 193 Guvmon, Marilyn, Maryville, Missouri, 157 Gard, Rose Ann, Mai ' y ille, Missouri, 73,114,146,222 Hagan, Larry, St. Joseph, Missouri, 129,214 Hageman, Larry, Wathena, Kansas, 193 Hagg, Alvin, Algona, Iowa, 206,168 Haines, Linda, Atlantic, Iowa, 134,193 Hale, Norena, Eagleville, Missouri, 124, 193 Hall, EiTna, Independence, Missouri, 223 Hall, Erma Jane, Maryville, Missouri, 180,206 Hall, Jerry, Kellerton, Iowa, 125,214 Hall, Kathleen, Imagene, Iowa, 127. 193 Hall, Robert, Clarinda, Iowa, 168,206 Halleck, Roger Roy, Maryville, Missouri, 115,121,139,177,223 Hallum, Harvey, 56 Hamilton, Garry, Clearmont, Missouri, 132 Hamilton, Shirley, Clearmont, Missouri, 114,132,214 Hammond, Craig, Atlantic, Iowa, 132 Hammond, Louise, Harris, Missouri, 124,125,134,193 Hammon, Dean, Savannah, Missouri, 163 Handy, William, Jr., Iowa City, Iowa, 193 Hanes, Eldon, Parnell, Missouri, 193 Hankins, Duane, Norwalk, Iowa, 206 Hanna, Leslie, Pickering, Missouri, 193 Hanna, Marilyn, Maryville, Missouri, 193 Hannemann, Tom, Van Home, Iowa, 125 Hanon, Larry, Shannon City, Iowa, 125,146 Hansen, Chuck, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 193 Hansen, Gladys, Exira, Iowa, 124,133, 157,177,214 Hanson, Gary, Creston, Iowa, 161,171, 214 Hanson, Janice. Somers, Iowa, 1 10, 126,132,223 ' Hanson, Marilyn, Quimby, Iowa, 193 Hanson, Ron, Soldier, Iowa, 147,148, 206 Hardestv, Bill, Parkville, Missouri, 1 15. 119.121,214 Hardestv, Dennis. Overland. Missouri, 193 Hardman. Barbara, Polo. Missouri, 193 Hardwick, Carol, Gower, Missouri, 183,193 Hargrave, Judith Ann, Maryville, Missouri, 183,206 Harlan, Kenneth, Idaho Springs, Colorado, 1 15,136,146,147,149,206 Harmening, Paul, Carroll, Iowa, 193 Harms, Sharon, Red Oak, Iowa, 157, 206 Harmsen, Howard, Atlantic, Iowa, 161,171,173,176,214 Harr, Par, Maryville, Missouri, 121,193 Harr, Susan, Des Moines, Iowa 193 Harris, Mai ' garet Ann, Turney, Missouri, 193 Harrison, Linda, Des Moines, Iowa, 193 Harrold, Cecil Glen, Blythedale, Missouri, 193 Hartman, Jim, St. Joseph, Missouri, 165 Hartman, Sherrie, Glenwood, Iowa, -. 114,206 Hartman, Wayne, Barnard, Missouri, 125,137,214 Harvey, Dale, LeRoy, Iowa, 223 Har ' ey, Thomas, Bethany, Missouri, 137,146,193 Haskell, Danny, Bethany, Missouri, 45,193 Hatheway, Joe, Stanberry, Missouri, 115 Hause, Irene, Northfield, Minnesota, 206 Hawkins, James, Pleasanton, Iowa, 167,193 Hawkins, Janet, 120,156,206 Hawley, Irene, Barnard, Missouri, 206 Hawthorne, Gaiy, Lohi-ville, Iowa, 223 Hayden, Roland Eugene, Maryville, Missouri, 193 Hays, Karen, Rock Port. Missouri, 130, 158,206 Hayes, Leslie, Kansas City, Missouri, 193 Hazelrigg, Gary, St. Joseph. Missouri, 223 Heater, Joe, St. Joseph, Missouri, 45, 214 Heater, Sandra, St. Joseph, Missouri, 121,123,214 Heathman, Minnie, Smithville Missouri, 193 Heidtbrink, Carolyn, Graham, Missouri, 223 Heller, Daniel, Toledo, Iowa, 193 Helzer, Nola, Barnard, Missouri, 146, 193 Henderson, Mai-y, Jamesport, Missouri, 146,148 Henderson, Stephen, Jamesport, Missouri, 163 Hendrix, Karlene, Kansas City, Missouri, 100,153,172,177,214 Henningsen, Carl L., Omaha, Nebraska, 45,193 Henrv, Julia, Bedford, Iowa, 1 14,121, 123,223 Henry, Sue, Graham, Missouri, 223 Heriford, Pam, Princeton, Missouri, 193 Herman. Ted 129,132,168 Herner, Sally, St. Joseph, Missouri, 223 Herron, Russell Rav. Watson, Missouri, 144,193 Hersh, Karen. Independence, Missouri, 100,159,172,214 Herzog, Sandra, Kent, Iowa, 96,132, 206 Hess, J. E., Skidmore, Missouri, 165, 206 Hestand, Ronald Edward, St. Joseph, Missouri, 115,136,206 Heyde. Sherry, Stanberry, Missouri, 193 Hickman, Daphne, St. Joseph, Missouri, 74,75 Hicks, Richard, Kirksville, Missouri, 143,165,223 Hiddleston, Roberta, Atlantic, Iowa, 144,193 Hiett, Carole Gene, Stanberry, Missouri, 193,146 Hiley, Gerald, Ma ryville, Missouri, 137, 223 Hilger, Mary Lou, Hamburg, Iowa, 193 Hill, Danny, Story City, Iowa, 168,214 Hill, Garry, Clarinda, Iowa, 193 Hill, Harriett, Murray, Iowa, 193 Hill, John W.. Des Moines, Iowa, 206 Hill, Jon, Corning, Iowa, 53,132,143, 161,171,206 Hill, Sharon, Mar ' ville. Missouri, 223 Hillers, Pat, Blockton, Iowa, 114,206 Hillman, James, Essex, Iowa, 1 93 Hilsabeck, Jack, Guilford, Missouri, 223 Hilsenbeck, Nonda, Maryville, Missouri, 146,147,148,149,183,193 Hiltabidle, Teny, Allerton, Iowa. 46, 49 Hinkle, John L.. Bigelow, Missouri, 137,193 Hinton, Carl L., St. Joseph, Missouri, 194 Hirter, Linda, St. Joseph, Missouri, 194 Hites, Jerry, Malvern, Iowa, 45 Hodde, Ray, Hamburg, Iowa, 194 Hoelker, Anthony, St. Louis, Missouri, 194 HoflFman, Mariann, Braddyville, Iowa, 124,223 Hoffmann, Robert C, Emmetsburg, Iowa, 136,137,194 Hofmann, Larry, Acklev, Iowa, 179, 214 HohHeld, Norma, Mr. Ayr, Iowa, 134, 214 Holbrook, Gevona, Bethany, Missouri, 214 Holbrook, W. C. Bethany, Missouri, 214 Holland, Larry, Creston, Iowa, 42,45, 90,131,165,223 Holmes, Judith Marie, Graham, Missouri, 194 Hoist, Carolyn, Avoca, Iowa, 9,70,89, 91,96,153,223 Honstedt, Gary, Omaha, Nebraska, 206 Hooker, Betty, Parnell, Missouri, 223 Hooshangian, Abolfazl, 169 Hopkins, Carol, Des Moines, Iowa, 152,194 Hopper, Joe, Kansas Citv, Missouri, 207 Hornbostel, Larry, Falls City, Nebraska, 121,207 Homecker, Ron, Oregon, Missouri, 176,177,178,183,214 Hoshor, Carol, Barnard, Missouri, 207 Horton, Evelyn, Stanbeny, Missouri, 147 Horton, Gerald, Maiyvdlle, Missouri, 165,223 Hoshagian, Abby, Teheran, Iran, 224 Houck, Linda, Corning, Iowa, 133, 155,214 Houck, Richard, Corning, Iowa, 91, 161,171,224 Houser, Larry 183 Houston, Ronald, Hopkins, Missouri, 214 Houts, Carolyn, Smithville, Missouri, 147,148,149.183,214 Howard, Bob 167 Howard, Ernest Frank, Shenandoah, Iowa, 147,207 Howard, Jerry, Trimble, Missouri, 43, 45 Howe, Bill, Ankeny, Iowa, 45 Howe, Samuel, King City, Missouri, 224 Howell, Fred, Creston, Iowa, 137,160 Howes, Gary, New Market, Iowa, 194 Howell, Fred, Creston, Iowa. 207 Hoyt, Richard, Enid, Oklahoma Huber, Shirley, Easton, Missouri, 74, 75,118,127,179,214 Huffman, Calvin, Creston, Iowa, 224 Huffman, Joyce, Gallatin, Missouri, 194 Huffman, Rozells, St. Joseph, Missouri, 121,127,147 Huitt, Judith Ann, Des Moines, Iowa, 146,207 Hull, John, Elmo, Missouri, 194 Hull, Max Edwin, Elmo, Missouri, 207 Hullman, Judy, Corning, Iowa, 88, 91,143,159,214 Hultquist, Gary, Elliott, Iowa, 165,214 Hummel, Lawrence, Essex, Iowa, 194 Hummel, Marie, Essex, Iowa, 114,126, 127,224 Hummel, Thomas, Glenwood, Iowa, 45,53,207 Hunsicker, Norma, Eagleville, Missouri, 123,124,125,143,214 Hunt, Diane, Madison, Wisconsin, 157 Hunt, Rodney, Maryville, Missouri, 207 Hunt, Ronald, Martinsville, Missouri, 137,224 Hunziger, Dale, Maryville, Missouri, 9,104,125,143,224 Hunziger, Ellen, Maryville, Missouri. 104,207 Huss, Marjorie, Creston, Iowa 126.133, 176,214 Hurley, James, St. Joseph, Missouri, 123,163,171 Hutchison, Caroline, St. Joseph, Missouri, 224 Hyder, Judy, Barnard, Missouri, 1 94 Ingram, Sandra, Kansas City, Missouri, ' 127,147,194 Ingram, Sharyl, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 194 Irvin, Jerilyn, Westboro, Missouri, 90, 133,143,146,177,181,214 Irvine, Sue, Tarkio, Missouri, 156,194 Kt, Phvllis, Taikio, Missouri, 156,194 Iw ' on, fovrc, Persia, Iowa, 123,127.1: 5, H0, ' l41, It:?, 184,224 Jackson, Brantlcv, Rawilic, Missouri, 72, HM Jackson, Frances, Grant City, Missouri, 194 Jackson, J urel, Mary ille, Missouii, 191 Jackson, Marvin, Manvillc, Missouri, 161,214 Jackson, Richard, Kellerton, Iowa, 147, 169,177,207 Jackson, .Sharon, Lytton, Iowa, 194 Jackson, Sladc, Papillion, Nebraska, 194 Jacobs, Sandra, Marne, Iowa, 194 Jafarian, Mohammed, Maiyv ' ille, Missouri, 224 James, A. L., Northboro, Iowa, 224 James, Becky, 100,1.35,194 James, Gary, Sheridan, Missouri, 194 James, Janet, Clarinda, Iowa, 214 Jamison, Gienda, Coin, Iowa. 1 14.147, 180.207 Jamison. Ted. Mar - -iilc. Missouri. 104, 117,139,140,144,214 Jansen, Randall, Manning, Iowa, 163 Jen.sen, Allan, Glenwood, Iowa, 53, 56,207 Jeschke, Sharon, St. Joseph. Missouri, 88,91,101,127,214 Jestes, Keith, Maysville, Missouri, 194 Johnson. Bettv, Burlington Jet., Missouri, 77, 79,127;i40,141, 159,234 Johnson, Bob, Mar aille, Missouri, 115,117,119,121,123,139,140,144,177, 207 Johnson, Douglas, Carroll, Iowa, 167, 170,207 Johnson, Harold A., Tarkio, Missouri, 121,123,127,137,214 Johnson, James, Princeton, Missouri, 207 Johnson, Kathy, Maryville, Missouri, 98,99,152,233 Johnson, Kathie, St. Joseph, Missouri, 74,75,95,118 Johnson, Larry, Gallatin, Missouri, 180,194 Johnson, Virginia, Marv-ville, Missouri, 207 Jones, Andy M.. Platte City, Missouri Jones, Charles, Corning, Iowa, 72,1 18 Jones, D. F. Jr., Mary ille, Missouri, 115,224 Jones, Gene, Bethany, Missouri, 194 Jones, Libbv, Platte Citv, Missouri, 194 ' Jones, Linda Joyce, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 194 Jones, Linda Kay, Kansas City, Missouri, 114,123,127,136,141.144, 224 Jones, Marv Sue, Plattsburg, Missouri, 126,127,146,194 Jones, Paul D., St. Joseph. Missouri. 224 Jones, Richard F., St. Joseph. Missouri. 214 Jones, William Kenneth, Plattsburg, Missouri, 45,194 Jontz, Darrell, Baxter, Iowa, 165 Jontz, Diane, Baxter. Iowa. 194 Jorgensen, Karen Lee, Manilla, Iowa, 194 Jorgensen, Sandra. Manilla. Iowa. 126, 133,214 Kagay, Thomas, .Aniiiy, Missouri, 207 Kaminska, Paula, Kansas City, Missouri, 114,127,214 Kampe, Sally, Red Oak. Iowa, 156, 207 Kanne, Duane, Dedliam, Iowa, 179 Karpan, Matt, M(4(hcr, Iowa, 194 Karr, Joe, Quitman, Missouri, 224 Karrasch, Susie, St. Joseph. Missouri, 127,157,172.224 Karstcns, Dennis, Breda, Iowa, 165,214 Kaster, Dennis, Afton. Iowa, 207 Kauzlarich, Ron, Melcher, Iowa, 194 Keller, Pat, King Citv, Missouri, 70, 96,97,1 14,1 23, 124, ' l 37,224 Kelley, Jeriy, Graham, Mi.ssouri,194 Kelley, John Rogers, Graiiam, Missouri, 11 7 ' , 129, 163, 17 1,224 Kelley, John Roy, Maryville, Missouri, 82,117,131,163,171,176,224 Kelley, Sandra, Kansas City, Missouri, 183 Kelly, John, St. Joseph, Missouri, 45, 171 Kelly, Lari-y, Leon, Iowa, 137,207 Kelly, Sandra Joyce, Kansas City, Missouri, 194 Kemery, Bart, Villisca, Iowa, 1 15,121, 127,147,194 Kenagy, Merlin, Braddyville, Iowa, 224 ' Kennedy, Carol, Plattsburg, Mis.souri, 121,178,207 Kennedy, Elaine, Bolckow, Missouri, 194 Hensinger, Linda, Marv ' ille, Missouri. 114,123,183,225 Keplinger, Harold, Kellerton, Iowa, 194 Keplinger, Judy, Kellerton, Iowa, 126, 225 Kerns, Judy Ann, Hemple, Missouri, 194,183 Kerns, Phyllis, Albany, Missouri, 215 Kerns, Larry, Maryville, Missouri, 104 Kiesling, Dave, Creston, Iowa, 1 20. 137 Kiesz, Martha, Stanberry, Missouri, 225 Killion, Dolores, Greenfield, Iowa. 146 207 Killion, Judy, Greenfield, Iowa, 110, 126,225 KilJmon, Patty, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 195 Kilmer, Larry, Peny, Iowa, 56,64,65, 131,181,207 Kimbrough, Karen Kay, Ridgeway, Missouri, 124,195 Kimmet, Judy, Kansas City, Missouri, 152,179,195 Kinder, Ramona, Faucett, Missouri, 121.123,146,177,180,215 King, Beneta, Maryville, Missouri, 158 King, Connie, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 195 King, Lee, Blockton, Iowa, 167,207 King, Linda Sue, Parnell, Missouri, 135,207 Kinnick, Ka thi, Lohrville, Iowa, 9,77, 79,96,138,146,149,154,155,225 Kinnison, Mary, Ridgeway, Missouri, 195 Kirby, Larry, Linneus, Missouri, 169, 215 Kirchhoff, Charia, Marshalltown, Iowa, 96,215 Kitzi, Tom, Nixon, New Jersey, 1 15 Klever, Mark, Gray, Iowa, 165,225 Klever, Martha, Gray, Iowa, 127,1.55, 207 Klicnheskel, Oric, Primghar, Iowa. 163 Klindt, Gary, Harlan, Iowa, 195 Klinkafus, Maiy, Decatur, Iowa, 74, 75 Knapp, Karole Jeanne, Sharpsburg, Iowa, 195 KnaiJjjle, Jim, Bedford, Iowa, 45 Knavcl, Sandy, Iowa Falls, Iowa, 207 Kncale, Mary Ann, Graham, Missouri, 124,225 Kncale, William, Oregon, Missouri, 207 Knecht, Fred, Leona, Kansas, 225 Knepper, Michael, Platte City, Missouri, 169,207 KnittI, Karol, Maryville, Missouri, 124, 195 Knott, Gienda Rose, Coffey, Missouri, 123,139,144,207 Know, Barbara, Casey, Iowa, 97,146, 207 Kobashigawa, Jean, Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii, 114,178,182,207 Koch, Richard, Stanberry, Missouri, 125 Koger, Marylyn, Clearmont, Missouri, 123,126,143,159,215 Kordick, Robert, Des Moines, Iowa, 136,215 Kraft, Ron Audubon, Iowa, 9,164,1 73, 176,225 Krance, Karen Mae, Central City, Nebraska, 195 Krebs, Sidney, Storm Lake, Iowa, 147, 149 Kreek, Peggy Sue, Oregon, Missouri, 146,180,195 Kreft, Sara Jane, Lytton, Iowa, 156, 195 Kreiser, Karen, Savannah, Missouri, 195 Kremer, Terry, Persia, Iowa, 58,90, 166,215 Krumm, Mary Ann, Fountain Caty, Missouri, 207 Krupp, Thomas, Toledo, Ohio, 195 Kruse, Larry, Glenwood, Iowa, 2 1 5 Krutz, Judith Ann, Coming, Missouri, 158,177,178,215 Kuester, Richard Dean, Red Oak. Iowa, 195 Kuhr, Joann. Lewis, Iowa, 125,127, 146,184,195 Kullbom, Richard Dean, Okland, Iowa, 137,147,195 Kunkel, Donald, Oregon, Missouri, 195 Kurtz, Larry, Oregon, Missouri, 137, 195 Kurtz, Sharon, Maryville, Missouri, 123,127,215 La Butti, Norman, North Providence, Rhode Island, 56,195 LaForce, Jack, Smithville, Missouri, 93,166,215 LaMar, Jane, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 148,149,177,207 Lambertsen, Keith, Wiota, Iowa, 125, 126.127.184,207 Lamphier, Ruth Ann, Carrollton, Missouri, 126,127,178,215 Landers, Kenneth R. Thayer. Iowa, 195 Landree. Sharon Ann. St. Joseph, Missouri, 225 Landry, Mike, Kankakee, Illinois, 169 Lanio, 15111, Kansas Citv, Missouri. 169 Langford, Ron. Albanv, Missouri. 147, 215 Lappc, Richard, Carroll, Iowa 165,177, 179 Larson, Darwin M., Mary -ille, Missouri, 207 Larson, Donna Rae, Kirknian. Iowa. 77,79,124,144,225 Lasher, Cathie, Coffey, Missouri, 195 Latham, Marceline, Savannah, Missouri, 67,123,135,157,225 Lathrop, Robert, Kansas City, Missouri, 195 Lawless, Donna, Rockport, Missouri, 207 Lawnsdail, David, Des Moines, Iowa, 121,225 Lawrence, Kay, Gardner, Kansas, 74, 75 Learning, Mary, Des Moines, Iowa, 207 Lea ' ell, Janice, Mar) ' ville, Missouri, 9,36,71,90,122,138,141,142,143,153, 225 Lee, Anita, Clarinda, Iowa, 9,104,122, 128,225 Lee, Jo. ' nn, New Hampton, Missouri, 126,159,225 Lee, Judith, Alexandria, Virginia, 1 14, 121,178,183,207 Lee, Martin, 104,225 Lee, Michael, Thousand Oaks, California, 120,121,169,207 Lee, Ronald, Kansas City, Missouri Lee, Ronald K., Shenandoah, Iowa, 195 Leese, James O., Bolckow, Missouri, 225 Leese, Linda, Maryville, Missouri, 225 Lefgreh, Carolyn, Hastings, Iowa, 195 Leistad, Edward Lee, Elk Horn, Iowa, 195 Leming, George, Kansas City, Missouri, 215 Lemons, Marilyn, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 195 ' Lenocker, Bob, Dexter, Iowa, 45,195 Lesle, Dale, Auburn, Iowa, 58,166,225 Leu, Phyllis, Hastings, Iowa, 100,134, 215 Lewellan, Bob, Carson, Iowa, 169, 170,215 Lewis, Nylen, Weatheroy, Missouri, 137,207 Lind, Nadine, Parkville, Missouri, 97, 120,130,133,182,215 Lindstrom, Jerry, Kiron, Iowa, 215 Lininger, Carole, Rockport, Missouri, 126,127,130,226 Lininger, Patricia, Shannon Citv, Iowa, 123,147,148,149,208 Lininger, Steve, Rockport, Missouri, 45 ' Linville, Georgia, Graham, Missouri, 208 Litsch, James, Mt. Clemens, Michigan, 83,146,148,149,177,226 Livingston, Ray, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, 45 Lizzo, Paul, Bronx, New York, 46,47, 50,51,131,226 Lockard, Lyn, Lombard. Illinois, 147, 158,195 ' Locke, John, Lombard, Illinois, 166 Lockridgc, Katherine, Jamesport, Missouri, 146,195 Logan, Billie Jean, Graham, Missouri, f95 Long, Barbara, Gower, Missouri, 226 Long, Carol, Grant City, Missouri, 208 Long, Harlan, Bethany, Missouri, 195 Long, Kenneth, Gallatin, Missouri, 137,161,215 Loringer, Dennis, Mineola, Iowa, 195 Louden, Jim, Oregon, Missouri, 195 Lovett, Annette, Da is Citv, Iowa, 195 Lowray, Helen, ' oodbine. Iowa, 132, 156,226 Lowther, James B., Carlisle. Iowa, 226 Lowther, Laura, Carlisle, Iowa, 180, 208 Lucas, Ken, Bedford, Iowa, 83,146, 148,149,215 Lucas, Kenneth W., Ravenwood, Missouri, 146,195 Luhrs. Marilyn, Craig, Missouri. 126, 153,226 Lund, Delbert, Hamilton, Missouri, 226 Lund, Karin, Iowa City, Iowa, 139, 184,226 Lust, Garry, Mitchellville, Iowa, 195 Luther, Frank, Clarinda, Iowa, 137 Lyddons, Ivan, Stuart, Iowa, 16,23,78, 116,117,138,143,226 Lyle, Rosanne, Marv ille, Missouri, 139,140,141,226 Lynch, Joan, Maloy, Iowa, 128,208 Lynch, Joyce, Maloy, Iowa, 195 Lynch, Judy, Maryville, Missouri, 195 Lynk, Dennis, Marshalltown, Iowa, ' 208 Lyons, Pat, St. Joseph, Missouri, 159 Lytle, Jack, Harlan, Iowa, 1 32 Maas, Roy, Massena, Iowa, 169,170 MacDonald, Kent, Glidden, Iowa, 147,195 MacDonald, Margaret, Peoria, Illinois, 170,208 Mace, Lany, Essex, Iowa, 45,208 Mackey, George, Savannah, Missouri, 195 Mackey, Phillip J., Savannah, Missouri, 226 Mackoy, James, Blanchard, Iowa, 147,195 Macy, Dan, Osceola, Iowa, 196 Madden, Ann Catherine, Maryville, Missouri, 215 Madden, Ronald, Mai-yville, Missouri, 196 Magill, Gaiy, Vail, Iowa, 169 Magness, John, Roseville, Michigan, 171 Maher, Ray, Red Oak, Iowa, 42,45,208 Mainquist, Leonard, Stanton, Iowa, 208 Makings, Ina Claire, Smithville, Missouri, 159,215 Malcom, Margaret, Storm Lake, Iowa, 196 Malick, Ken, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 196 Malmberg, Roger, Shenandoah, Iowa, 56 Mann, Jane, Farragut, Iowa, 127,208 Marcinko, Ronald, St. Joseph, Missouri, 179,215 Marculm. Marv, Greenfield, Iowa, 196 Mardesen, Rhodetta, Exira, Iowa, 128,133.215 Marion, William. Maitland, Missouri, 146,196 Maris, John Lewis, Jr.. Maryville, Missouri, 226 Marlin, Dave, 72 Marr, Ted, Maryville, Missouri, 144 Marshall. James. Kansas Citv, Missouri, 136,196 Martin, Banv, Jefferson, Iowa, 146, 148,149 Martin, Ed, Shenandoah, Iowa, 45 Martin, Gerald, Craig, Missouri, 166, 226 Martin, Marilyn, Sheridan, Missouri, 146.196 Martin, Norma, Skidmore, Missouri, 121,196 Martin, Patricia, Westboro, Missouri, 146,147,148,196 Martindale, Patricia, Harlan, Iowa, 196 Mason, James, Weatherbv, Missouri, 196 Massengale, John, Pontiac, Michigan, 42,45,91,164,166,226 Mast, Karen, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 9,7 1,96, 123, 126, 127, 132, 138,155,181,226 Masters, Martha, Grant City, Missouri, 215 Mather, Mary, Tarkio, Missouri, 196 Mathes, Dennis, Red Oak, Iowa, 1 15, 136 Mathew, Mary 180 Mathew, Robert, Marvville, Missouri, 226 Mathews, Gary, Kansas Citv, Missouri, 115.136,196 Mathews, Jerry, Indianola, Iowa, 163 Mathews, Robert, Atlantic, Iowa, 137 Mattox, Phillip, New Market, Iowa, 147,196 Maxwell, Dianna, Tabor, Iowa, 196 May, Barbara Ann, Waldron, Arkansas, 101,127,226 Mayes, Carl W., Marvville, Missouri. 226 McAfee, John, Orrick, Missouri, 196 McBride. Dick, Oelwein, Iowa, 43,45, 166 McCall, Martha Ann, Kansas City, Missouri, 114,127,178,181,215 ' McCalla, Ann, Clarinda, Iowa, 196 McCallister, James, Liberty, Missouri, 144,196 McCartney, Eileen, Fairfax, Missouri, 127,180 ' ,196 McCarty, Jim, 72,73,147,196 McClaran, John F., Index. Missouri, 115,180,215 McClard, Judith, St. Joseph, Missouri, 146,148,149,226 McClintock, Judith, Sac City, Iowa. 130,196 McCloney, Betty, Osceola, Iowa, 196 McConkey, David, Barnard, Missouri, 146,227 McConkey, Susan, Barnard, MissoLiri, 100,142,146,148,149,152,208 McCoim, Marilyn, St. Josi ' |)li, Missouri. 227 Mc ' Cov. l5ol), Mar - iiic, Missouri, 5i. McC ' rory, Ji ' rry L., ChiinbiTlaml, Iowa, 196 McCuislion, May, Lee Summit. Missouri, 1 15 McDanicl. licltv [o, (lallatiu, Missouri, 67,1 28,129, 1 4:U. ' i, ' " ).227 McDanii-l, I-arrv, Davi.s C ' itv. Iowa, 196 McDonald, Margie, 98,99 McDonald, Shcriy, Rosendale, Missoini, 196 McElhini-v, James, Bethany, Missouri, 208 ■ McElwain, .Sharon, Kansas Citv, Missouri, 158,208 McGinness, Tom, Ridgcwav, Missouri, 144,147,196 McGinnis, Jud ' , Mary illc, Missouri, 74,75,118,157 McGrath, Terrence, St. Louis, Missouri, 179 McHeniy, Nancy, Kansas City, Missouri, 196 Mcintosh, Donna Larue, Graham, Missouri, 196 Mcintosh, George, Kellerton, Iowa, 146,196 Mclntyie, Basil Leon, Burhngton Junction, Missouri, 125,208 Mclntyre, La eiTi, Burlington Jimction, Missouri, 196 McKee, Dena, Marnille, Missouri, 208 McKee, Joe E., Emerson, Iowa, 215 McKee, Marlene, St. Joseph, Missouri, 159,227 McKee, Patricia, Red Oak, Iowa, 196 McKinley, Randy, Kansas City, Missouri, 137 McKenzi. Richard L. Beal, Creston, Iowa, 208 McKeown, Barbara E.. Council Bluffs, Iowa, 196 McLaughlin, Bernard Michael, Annandale, Virginia, 45,164,208 McMahon, Karen. Burlington Junction, Missouri, 227 McMillen, Thor, Albany, Missouri, 208 McMillen, Druery, Maysville, Missouri, 45 McNallev, Jeanette, Revere, Missouri, 126,127,144,227 McNeel, Nancv, Amity, Missouri, 124, 125,196 McNichols, Lee, Creston, Iowa, 227 McQueen, Gar% ' , St. Joseph, Missouri, 146,177 McWhirter, Robert, Baxter, Iowa, 45.166 Meadows, Gerald, Mound City, Missouri, 166,215 Meadows, John, Kellerton, Iowa, 137,144,208 Medsker, Be erlv, Graham. Missouri. 123,215 Meidinger, James C, Leona, Kansas, 139,215 Meier, Lois, Battle Creek, Iowa, 124, 179,196 Mellencamp. Richard, Clai ' inda, Iowa, 45,196 McKin, Carla, Hopkins, Missouri, 196 Mcnkc, Kenneth, Hebron, Nebraska, 181,208 Mercer, Ronald, Gentry, Missouri, 196 ♦ Merrill, Janet, Greenfield, Iowa, 196 Merrill, Martha, Sioux City. Iowa, 120,123,155 Menitt, Frances, Griswold, Iowa, 146, 147,148,196 Merritt, Gail, Marvville, Mi.ssouri, 104, 128,208 Messerli, Lariy, Council BlufTs, Iowa, 196 Messner, Fred, Stanberry, Missouri, 125,183 Messner, Phillip, Stanberry, Missouri. 227 Metting, Karen, St. Joseph, Missouri, 183.208 Meyer, Allen, Platte City, Mis.souri, 167,169,227 Meyer, Gary, Corning, Iowa, 196 Meyer, James E., Ravenwood, Missouri, 147,197 Meyer, Lawrence, Maryville, Missouri, 125,197 Meyer, Lynne, New Hampton, Missouri, 197 Meyer, Maiy Etta, Platte City, Missouri, 127,208 Meyer, Patricia Ann, Modale, Iowa, 158,197 Meyers, Helen, St. Joseph, Missouri, 144,179 Mick, Eddie, Merrill, Lathrop, Missouri, 227 Michelson, Scot, Maryville, Missouri, 104,115 Miller, Carol Sue, Bolckow, Missouri, 121,123,143,181,215 Miller, Deloris, Hamburg, Iowa, 197 Miller, Eugenia, Ventura, Iowa, 147, 148,149,197 Miller, Judy, Greenfield, Iowa, 208 Miller, Kathleen, Elliott, Iowa, 208 Miller, Kathleen, Manilla, Iowa, 124, 197 Miller, Lany, Scranton, Iowa, 146,148, 149 Miller, Leroy, St. Joseph, Missouri, 45 Miller, Lois, Stanberry, Missouri, 180, 197 Miller, Marcia, Savannah, Missouri, 147,152,197 Miller, Mary, Elliott, Iowa, 124,197 Miller, Maiy Lee, Stanbeny, Missouri, 124,197 Miller, Phyllis, St. Joseph, Missouri, 197 Miller, Terry, Gilman City, Missouri, 197 MilUon, Bob, Maryville, Missouri, 227 Mills, Karen, Jameson, Missouri, 146, 197 Milton, William, Maryville, Missouri, 166 Mires, Richard, Jr., Skidmore, Missouri, 160,227 Misner, Richard, Kansas City, Missouri, 197 Mitchell, Diane, Wathena, Kansas, 134,208 Mitchell, Diana L., Storm Lake, Iowa, 153,215 Mobley, John, Maryville, Missouri, 227 Molendorf, Gene A., Sibley, Iowa, 102,197 Monday, Lyndal, Grant City, Missouri, 215 Monteil, Kathleen, Kansas City, Missouri, 197 Moore, David, Ma(iuokcta, Iowa, 56, 57 More, LaRose, Macksburg, Iowa, 208 Moore, Shirley, Spencer, Iowa, 152,197 Moomian, Gilbert, Rockport, Missouri, 169,177,208 Moran, Leonard, Churdan, Iowa, 179,197 More, Jean, Harlan, Iowa, 208 Morehouse, Barbara, Hopkins, Mis- souri, 124,197 Morehouse, .Sharon, Maryville, Missouri, 124 Morris, Jeanie, Maryville, Missouri, 119,123,146,227 Morris, Judith, Craig, Mis.souri, 215 Morris, Vonna, Union Star, Missouri, 197 Morriss, Diane, Cameron, Missouri, 101,208 Morrow, Karl, Kansas City, Missouri, 45,131,166,227 Mortensen, Sue, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 124,146 Mortenson, Don, Audubon, Iowa, 146,149 Morton, Dennis A., Kansas City, Missouri, 136,197 Mossberg, Doug, Indianola, Iowa, 208 Motzkus, Gail, Stanberry, Missouri, 208 Mowiy, Richard, Maitland, Missouri, 125,137,215 Mozingo, Gary, Maryville, Missouri, 120 Mueller, Austin, St. Joseph, Missouri, 119 Murphy, Gerre, Maryville, Missouri, 197 Murphy, Janice, Walnut. Iowa, 114, 126,127,135,179,227 Murphy, Pat, Red Oak, Iowa, 136 Murrell, Philip, Winterset, Iowa, 136, 197 Mutti, James, Hopkins, Missouri, 215 Myers, Helen, St. Joseph, Missouri, 126 Myers, Robert, Atlantic, Iowa, 169 Myrtue, Jerry, Harlan, Iowa, 137 McNeil, Sue, Maryville, Missouri, 132,155 Nappier, Pat, Bedfore, Iowa, 155 Narigon, Joyce, Prescott, Iowa, 227 Nash, Jo Karen, Platte City, Missouri, 124,159,177,208 Nebola, Elnora, Massena, Iowa, 147 Needels, Beverly Fitch, Man ille, Missouri, 227 NefT, Joe, St. Joseph, Missouri, 120 Neidt, Don, Truro, Iowa, 166,227 Nelson, Anthony Edward, Corning, Iowa, 197 Nel son, Bill, Lucas, Iowa, 1 15 Nelson, Charles, Bolckow, Missouri, 167,208 Nelson, Franz, Bolckow, Missouri, 208 Nelson, Grant, Marcus, Iowa, 136, 215 Nelson, Judy, Atlantic, Iowa, 197 Nelson, June Lee, St. Louis, Missouri. 143.153,227 Nelson, Lam ' . Tabor. Iowa, 45,197 Nelson. Ronnie, Sheridan, Missouri, 137,197 Nelson, Robert, South Dayton, New York Nelson, Sharon, Mary -ille, Missouri, 123,228 Nevitt, Emily, Dexter, Iowa, 181,208 New, Sherry, Marv ' ille, Missouri, 124, 158.197 Newberg, Robert, Fillmore, Missouri, 197 Newberry, Ronnie, Maryville, Mis- souri, 146,148,149 Newcomer, Jeny, Guilford, Missouri, 125,197 Newerla, Christa, Spirit Lake, Iowa, 153,215 Newman, Jerry, Maryville, Missouri, 197 Newman, Myma, Albany, Missouri, 67,135,155,228 Nichols, Lee, 163 Nichols, Mike, Barnard, Missoiui, 197 Nichols, Nancy, Tingley, Iowa, 197 Nickerson, Kay, Bethany, Missouri, 228 Nielson, Gar) ' , Barnard, Missoiu-i, 228 Nielsen, Karen, Oregon, Missouri, 126,127,208 Nielson, Linda, Barnard, Missouri, 197 Nielson, Marilyn, St. Joseph, Missouri, 228 Niemann, Karen, Tarkio, Missouri, 146,197 Niklasen, Jean, Kimbalton, Iowa, 126, 135,184,197 Niklasen, Myina, Kimbalton, Iowa, 126,133,184,228 Noah, Sherry, Ft. Smith, Arkansas, 146,197 Noakes, Melba, Hopkins, Missouri, 147,215 Noble, Gerald, Mt. Ayr, Iowa, 197 Noble, Robert, New Flampton, Mis- souri, 228 Nordby, Marvin, Manilla, Iowa, 197 Nordstrum, Douglas, Garden Grove, Iowa, 137,147,197 Norfolk, Larry, Maryville, Missouri, 115,228 Norfolk, Ronald, Maiyville, Missouri, 115,208 Norris, Judy, Chicago, Illinois, 126, 127,179,215 Norris, Kathleen, Griswold, Iowa, 118, 134,176,197 Northup, Bernice, Emerson, Iowa, 125, 228 Novogradic, Jeannette, Kansas City, Missouri, 96,215 Nulph, Lari-y, Garden Grove, Iowa, 129,137,166,228 Nunneley, Raymond, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 56,198 Nye, William, Des Moines, Iowa, 58 Oberhelman, Susan, Parkville, Missouri, 121,127,128,208 Obirek, John, Knoxville, Iowa, 198 Oder, Larry, Cainsville, Missouri, 125, 137,208 Oestreich, Darrel, Chillicothe, Missouri, 198 Oh, In Whan, Seoul, Korea, 183 Ohnesorge, Forrest, Kansas City, Missouri, 183,209 Okinaka, Richard, Maui, Hawaii, 1 16, 166,216 Oenius, Richard, Stanton, Iowa, 209 Olmstead, Judy, St. Joseph, Missouri, 228 Oltman, Eugene, North Kansas City, Missouri, 166,209 O ' Riley, Caroline, Graham, Missouri,- 198 O ' Riley, Ina May, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 128,198 O ' Riley, Jim, Corning, Iowa, 125,143, 169 Osborn, Lavonne, Gentry, Missouri, 209 Oshel, Sue, Diagonal, Iowa, 209 Ostrus, Sharon, Wiota, Iowa, 124,132, 146,184,209 Ott, Karen, Union Star, Missouri, 122, 123,127,128,129,216 Owen, Judie, Adel, Iowa, 146,198 Owens, Donna, Prescott, Iowa, 58,74, 75,95,118,198 Owens, Helen, Maryville, Missouri, 209 Owens, Joyce, Hopkins, Missouri, 100, 143,153,216 Owens, Kenneth, Craig, Missouri, 216 Owens, Linda Gail, Craig, Missouri, 209 Owens, Linda, Hopkins, Missouri, 146,148,149 Packer, Allan, Chenungo Forks, New York, 45,198 Pagel, Denison, Iowa, 198 Painter, Eileen, Mound City, Missouri, 122,123,183,216 Painter, Lillian, Mound City, Missouri, 183,209 Palermo, Barbara, Kansas City, Missouri, 216 Palermo, Sandra, Kansas City, Missouri, 154,198 Palmer, Ray, Hooper, Nebraska, 52 Palumbo, Jim, Coco Solo, Canal Zone, 58 Paolillo, Vincent, 121,216 Pappert, Gerald, Stanbery, Missouri, 146,198 Pappert, Rudolph, Clyde, Missouri, 146,198 Parks, Donna, Carrollton, Missouri, 209 Parman, Eddie, Hatfield, Missouri, 1 98 Parman, Wallace, Hatfield, Missouri, 198 Patience, Robert, Maryville, Missouri, 127,146,209 Patterson, Charles, Osceola, Iowa, 125,228 Patterson, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, 198 Patterson, Sharon, Swea City, Iowa, 126,228 Patton, Nancy, McFall, Missouri, 123, 126,155 Paul, Lanny, Corning, Iowa, 160,161, 171,216 Paulsen, Thomas, Harlan, Iowa, 198 Paulsen, Wayne, Irwin, Iowa, 132,182, 228 Peacock, Judy, Jefferson, Iowa, 198 Pearce, John, Fairfax, Missouri, 198 Pendgraft, Bill, Oakland, Iowa, 216 Penland, Madge, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 198 Perry, Charles, McClelland, Iowa, 137,198 Perry, Mike, Goodland, Iowa, 209 Pershing, Stephanie, New Market, Iowa, 97,228 Peters, Virginia, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 98,99,198 Petersen, Dianne, Atlantic, Iowa, 198 Peterson, Carl, Stanton, Iowa, 209 Peterson, Charles, De Soto, Iowa, 161, 171,228 Peterson, Dorothy, Red Oak, Iowa, 198 Peterson, Janice, New Virginia, Iowa, 178,181,216 Peterson, Joyce, New Virginia, Iowa, 124,180,198 Peterson, Ken, Marshalltown, Iowa, 45,171 Peterson, Kenneth, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 56,163,209 Peterson, Marylin, Stanberry, Missouri, 134,198 Peterson, Ron, 179,198 Peterson, Waunita, 198 Pettigrew, Rex, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 109,129,161,171 Pettegrew, Robert, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 198 Petry, Rex, 198 PfeifTer, Marilyn, Red Oak, Iowa, 88, 91,127,157,179,209 Phillips, Pat, Council BlufiFs, Iowa, 123,155 Phippen, Robert, Adair, Iowa, 198 Phipps, John, Maryville, Missouri, 164,166,216 Phoenix, Sharon, Des Moines, Iowa, 114,127,130,209 Piatt, Barbara, Guilford, Missouri, 67, 209 Pickett, Jim, Algona, Iowa, 54,198 Pietig, Don, Carroll, Iowa, 179,198 Pilcher, Roger, 53 Pittam, Sharon, Parkville, Missouri, 180,198 Pittsenbarger, Gary, Maryville, Missouri, 146,148,198 Pitzer, Jack, Maryville, Missouri, 198 Flagman, Harold, Kimballton, Iowa, 53,125,131,132,166,228 Plummer, Janet Sue, Tarkio, Missouri, 153,228 Poage, Lawrence, Maryville, Missouri, 198 Polley, Brownnie, Ridgeway, Missouri, 167,198 Poore, Mary, Blockton, Iowa, 198 Porter, Jane, Tarkio, Missouri, 98,99, 123,126,153,228 Porter, Karan, Maryville, Missouri, 155,228 Porter, Priscilla Anne, Lamoni, Iowa, 119,135,157,229 Potter, Linda, Sidney, Iowa, 70,121, 123,127,144,176,177,229 Potter, Maynard, New Market, Iowa, 83,146,148,149 Pottorff, Jerry, Hatfield, Missouri, 118, 136 Powell, Margaret, Osceola, Iowa, 198 Powers, Bob, Maryville, Missouri, 229 Price, Deborah, Dawn, Missouri, 16, 67,132,143,156,157,233 Price, Doug, Maryville, Missouri, 4!5, 45,131,166.209 Price, Kt-n, Plattsiiiouth, Nebraska, 1 If). 118,209 Price, Larry, McFall, Missouri, 209 Price, Lewis Van, (Harinda, Iowa, 125,169.229 Prichard, William. I ' liiucton. Missouii, 125,229 Prichard, Charles T., Kansas Ctiy, Missouri, 198 Prophcter, Oliver Walter, Jr., Wathena, Kansas, 229 Propst, Ed, Osceola. Iowa. 64,169,209 Pross, David, .Atlantic, Iowa, 169,209 Protzman, Barbara, Manville, Missouri. 128,198 Proudfit. Thomas, Rockport, Missouri, 183 Provin. Linda Lu. Ridgewav, Missouri, 199 Prudden, Sharon Sue, Osborn. Missoiui, 199 PiTor. Joe. Kansas C ' ity, Missouri, 199 Pi-z)bylski, Walter, St. Joseph, Mis- souri, 229 Pullev, Wanda Jo, St. Joseph, Missom-i, 229 Puis, Gary, Bethany, Missouri, 199 Rainey, Roger, King City, Missouri, 125,229 Pyle, Richard, Baxter, Iowa, 216 Queen, Lynda, Tabor, Iowa, 209 Rainev, Roger, King Citv. Missouri, 125;229 Ramsey. Thomas, Graham, Missouri, 209 ' Randall, Karen, Craig, Missouri, 126, 216 Raney, Linda, Maryville, Missouri, 159 Rankin, Jo Ann, Bedford, Iowa, 126,229 Ranum, David, Kansas City, Missouri, 216 Rasco, CaroK-n, Barnard, Missouri, 146,148,199 Rasco. Thomas, Barnard. Missouri, 199 Rasmussen, James, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 199 Rawlins, Larry, Amity, Missouri, 146, 147,148,149,180.199 Rav. Dorothy Ann. Maryville, Missouri, 130,140,141,152,199 Ray. Wendell, Elmo, Missouri, 166 Razer. Patricia .Ann. Harlin. Iowa, 180,199 Redden, George, Kansas City, Missouri, 44,45 Reed, Linda, Kansas City, Missouri, 134,199 Reed, Marcia, Elliott, Iowa, 135,146, 199 Refsell, Paul, Blair, Nebraska, 46,47. 50.52 Reichen, Bill. St. Joseph, Missouri, 199 Reiman, Dale. Templeton, Iowa, 179 Reineke, Larr)-, Kansas City, Missouri, 170,216 Reinert. Nancy, St. Joseph. Missouri, 158.216 Rempe. Bob. Pella, Iowa. 45.209 Rcinund, Dave, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 52,199 Rcnaud, Mark, Maryville, Missouri, 169 Reno, Janice, 121.135.147,180,199 Rex. Marlcnc. Leon, Iowa, 199 Reynolds. Alice, 124,216 Rhodi-ii. Rodney, Glenwood, Iowa, 199 Riiodes, Dennis, Guthrie (Center, Iowa, 169,170,234 Rich.irds, Barbara, Irwin. Missouri, 183,209 Richardson, Laru ' , Raytown, Missouri, 45.46,48,52,209 Richardson, Mens ' vn, Kent. Iowa, 137,216 Richmond, Phil, Moimt Ayr, Iowa, 117,163,171,173 Ricono, Bernie, Kanas City, Missoini, 44,45 Rihner, Donna. Harlan. Iowa, 1 1 4, 144,209 Rinehart, James Lee. Hatfield, Missouri. 63.199 Rinehart, Nancy, Hatfield, Missouri, 123,229 Risk, Michael, Des Moines, Iowa, 163 Rishel, Dick, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, 46,47,50,51 Risscr, Oaklv, Sheridan, Missouri, 146, 1 99 Rivas, Tina. Council Bluffs, Iowa, 155.229 Robbins, Fred, Kansas City, Missouri, 216 Roberts, Dave, Atchison, Kansas, 164, 209 Roberts, Leon, Skidmore, Missouri, 199 Robertson, Patsy, Pattonsburg, Missouri, 96,97,124, Robertson, Shirley, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 199 Robinson, Judy, St. Joseph. Missouri, 127,135,146,199 Robinson, Serena, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 66,209 Rockhold, Mark, Allerton, Iowa, 1 15, 127 Rockhold, Twvlia, Lineville, Iowa, 117,126,157,229 Roe, Eddielea, Kirkwood, Missouri, 147,199 Rohofs, Fred, Avoca. Iowa, 1 15 Rohrberg, Coreen, Glenwood, Iowa, 127,184,209 Rolf. Dale. Westboro, Missouri. 1 99 Rold, Wendell, Westboro, Missouri, 229 Rong, Martha Jane, Clearfield, Iowa. 199 Rorebeck, Joanne, Shenandoah, Iowa, 229 Rose, Gerald, Kansas City. Missouri. 54,169,229 Rose. James Gordon, Bethany, Missouri Rosenow, Lany, Defiance, Iowa, 209 Ross, Geneviese, Grant City, Missouri, 124,199 Rothe, Sherry, Council Blufls. Iowa, 209 Rother, Elizabeth, Maitland, Missouri, 199 Rowe, Carolyn, Glenwood, Iowa, 1 14, 177,178,181,216 Rowland, Edward, Weston, Missouri, 199 Rowley, Bob, Ric hniond, Michigan, 45 Rucker, Grace Ann, Savannah, Mis.souri, 159,229 Rucker, Pat, Maryville, Missouri, 126,143,153,229 Ruddell, Marilyn, Skidmore, Missouri, 121,146,209 Runielhart, Donald Lee, Des Moines, Iowa, 58,115,230 Runyon, Jerry, Sheridan, Missouri, 137,144,146,199 Rus, Gary E., Council Bluffs, Iowa, 199 Ruse, Karen, Sidney, Iowa, 124,230 Russell, Neta, Graham, Missouri, 118,135,156,180,209 Ryan, Michael, Marshalltown, Iowa, 179 Sabus, Rhea, Jefferson, Iowa, 126 Sager, Judy, Stanberry, Missouri, 128, 199 Salanski, Patricia, St. Joseph, Missouri, 216 Salfrank, Judith, Shenandoah, Iowa, 199 Sanborn, Daryl, Chariton, Iowa, 137, 183,209 Sand, Kenneth, Kimballton, Iowa, 230 Sand, Mary Claire, Blockton, Iowa, 147,199 Sandeman, Sherie, 199 Sanders, Jim, Maryville, Missouri, 58, 117,131,163 Sanders, Mary, Mai-yville, Missouri, 152 Sandmaier, Bob, Clarion. Iowa, 72,73 Saucennan, .Alvera, Maryville, Missouri, 183 Sauter, Arthur, St. Joseph, Missouri, 216 Saville, Larry, Atlantic, Iowa, 166 Saw) ' er, Dave, Marshalltown, Iowa, 216 Sawvcr, Lany, Marshalltown, Iowa, 209 Scamman, Mary Sue, Rock Port. Missouri, 199,130 Shafer, Warren, Denison, Iowa, 72 Schantz, Dean, Red Oak, Iowa, 121, 209 Scheer, Edward E., Maryville, Mis- souri, 1 1.144,180.199 Schenkelberg, Michael, Carroll, Iowa. 179 Scherzberg, Paul, Gering, Nebraska, 127,184,216 Schieber, Robert, Stanberry, Missouri. 209 Schiller, Dick, Kansas City, Missoiui, 230 Schiltz, Johrt R., Wathena, Kansas, 127,132 Schlange, Lariy, Aubiu-n, Nebraska, 169.230 Schmidt. Bob, New York, New York, 45,199 Schmidt, Darlene, 127.230 Schmidt, Ruth Ann. Maryville, Missouri, 199 Schmidt, Sharon. Langdon. Missouri, 114,127,209 Schmitz, Richard. Parnell. Missouri, 169,173,177,179.216 Schnegelberger, Myrna. Langdon, Missouri, 209 Schneider, Daniel, Richmond, Michigan, 115,199 Schnobrich, Forrest, Casey, Iowa, 169, 209 Schobert, Robert, Nevada, Iowa, 127, 137,180,216 Schooler, Terry, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 199 Schreiner, Doris, Moville, Iowa. 114, 121,127,139,210 Schroeder, Gary, Dennison, Iowa, 167 Schroeder, John, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 58 Schug, Jay, Storm Lake, Iowa, 199 Schrimsher, Martha, ParkviUe, Missouri, 133,147,148,149 Schulenberg, Larr) ' , Mound City, Missouri, 121,123,139,140,141,144, 177,216 Schultz, Don, 136 SchuJtz, Jane, Malvern, Iowa, 132,146, 210 Schultz, Jerry, Kansas City, Missouri, 137,143,177,181,230 Scott, Reed, 200 Scott, Ron, Ornille. Ohio, 56,57 Scott, Shirley, Corning, Iowa, 143, 155,210 Sederburg, John, Clarinda, Iowa, 216 Sell, Michael, Clarinda, Iowa, 45,200 Seeley, Kenneth, Afton, Iowa, 216 Seipel, Richard 1 7 1 Selby, Barbara, Villisca, Iowa, 200 Sell, Steve, Clarinda, Iowa, 210 Sellers, Richard, Maryville, Missouri, 200 Selser, Duane, Red Oak, Iowa, 230 Severson, Marcene, Nevada, Iowa, 124,134,158,200 Severson, Ron, Albany, Missouii, 166 Severson, Ruth, Stanberry, Missouri, 146,200 Shackelford, Ann, Agency, Missouri, 154,210 Shadden, Bill, Logan, Iowa, 200 Shamberger, Ann, Maryville, Missouri, 200 Sharp, Richard, St. Joseph, Missouri, 200 Sharp, Rita, Mound City, Missouri, 200 Shaver, Martha, Plattsburg, Missouri, 124,158,210 Shell, Barbara, Kansas City, Missouri, 216 Shelton, Betty, Quitman, Missouri, 210 Shepherd, Harold, Bedford, Iowa, 45,166,216 Shepherd, Mary Joyce, Kansas City, Missouri, 127,135,148,178,183,216 Shepherd, Patsy, Kansas City, Mis- souri, 183,200 Sherbo, John, Kansas City, Missouri, 200 Sherby, Thomas, New York, New York, 230 Sherman, Bonnie, Barnard, Missouri, 124,216 Sherman, Robert K., Clarinda, Iowa, 230 Shields, Gary, Mount Ayr, Iowa, 200 Shields, Keren, Maitland, Missouri, 124,157,172,176,216 Shields, Linda Sue, Maitland, Mis- souri, 200 Shipley, Donald, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 137,200 Shipley, John, Burlington Junction, Missouri 2 1 Shipley, Nancy, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 216 Shipley, Richard, Loveland, Colorado, 63,147,148 Shiverdecker, James H., St. Joseph, Missouri, 230 Shrover, Dona, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 200 Shroyer, Orlo, Guthiie Center, Iowa, 169 Siehl, John II, Crinnell, Iowa, 91,144, 210 Sie ' er, Ronald, Independence, Missouri, 230 Siglin, Kynard, Lucas, Iowa, 230 Silvey, Charlotte K., Des Moines, Iowa, 200 Simerly, Sam, Maryville, Missouri, 137,200 Simmons. Chuck, Des Moines, Iowa, 200 Simpson, Ann, Kansas City, Missouri, 210 Simpson, Gary Michael, Grain Valley, Missouri, 200 Simpson, Robert E., College Springs, Iowa, 200 Singleton, Joyce, Craig, Missouri, 1 46, 200 Skigland, Larry, Maryville, Missouri, 163 Slaybaugh, Patricia, Stewartsville, Missouri, 200 Slayden, Karen, Rea, Missouri, 97, 146,148,149,216 Sleister, David, Manilla, Iowa, 230 Slykhuis, Jenny, Dallas, Iowa, 147, 176 Slykhuis, Jeny, Otley, Iowa, 45,200 Smith, Barbara Ann, VVinterset, Iowa, 124,200 Smith, Barbara Jean, Melcher, Iowa, 125,144,200 Smith, Carolee, St. Joseph, Missouri. 114,143,210 Smith, Carolyn Sue, Centerville, Iowa, 124,127,210 Smith, Claude, Himieston, Iowa, 146 Smith, Connie, Maiyville. Missouri, 155 Smith, H.E., Des Moines, Iowa 200 Smith, Jan, Truro, Iowa, 143,147, 153,210 Smith, Lane, Ridgewav, Missouri, 200 Smith, Lisle, 200 Smith, Marion, Margarita, Canal Zone, 128,129,216 Smith, Mary Alice, King City, Missouri, 144,183,210 Smith, Richard T., Maryville, Missouri, 115,117,136,138,177 Smith, Robert W., Dow City, Iowa, 127,146,147,148,149,178,180.216 Smith, Robin, Ridgeway, Missouri, 92,137,210 Smith, Sharelle, Graham, Missouri, 210 Smith, Stan, Maryville, Missouri, 210 Snyder, Richard, Fairfax, Missouri, 44,45,53,91,131,166,210 Sorenson, Paul, Avoca, Iowa, 115,143, 184 Sorensen, Soren, Avaca, Iowa, 1 15, 184,200 Sparks, Marv, Kansas City, Missouri, 200 Spaulding, Dean, Ferguson, Missouri, 163 Spaulding, Don, Ferguson, Missouri, 52 Speaker, William, Lohnille, Iowa, 230 Speas, Barbara, Maryville, Missouri, 126,130,210 Speas, Dennis, Maryville, Missouri, 216 Speer, Sheriy, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 10,67,92,128,132,154,179 Spencer, John, Lohrville, Iowa, 164, 210 Spencer, Ronald, Bedford, Iowa, 1 66, 216 Spencer, Sammy, St. Awn, Missouri, 200 Spicer, Cicily, LeRoy, Iowa, 230 Spiller, Dean, Atchison, Kansas, 126, 127,180,216 Spiller, Jean, Atchison, Kansas 1 26, 127,132,180,216 Spillman, Linda, Jamesport, Missouri, 200 Spillman, Lyle E., Jamesport, Missouri, 230 Sporleder, Dale, Auburn, Iowa, 70,90, 116,117,138,166,173,176,230 Sprague, Kenneth, Glidden, Iowa, 161, 230 Spriggs, Stephen, Creston, Iowa, 137, 210 Stafford, Jon L., St. Joseph, Missouri, 217 Stander, Ron, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 45 Stanton, Roland, Marv ' ille, Missouri, 230 Stark, Mary, Panora, Iowa, 134,200 Starks, Edwina, Red Oak, Iowa, 124, 125,181,231 Stash, Wayne, 45 Staton. Geneveive, Sheridan, Missouri, 217 Steele, Linda, Rockport, Missouri, 144,200 Steele, Twilia, Skidmore, Missouri, 120, 217 Steinhauser, Bill, Stanberry, Missouri, 210 Steinman, Edward, Falls City, Nebraska, 217 Stenzel, Glen, Hamburg, Iowa, 137, 146,147,200 Stephens, Dale, Maryville, Missouri, 168,217 Stephens, James, Clarinda, Iowa, 1 25, 169 Stephens, Gary, Hamburg, Iowa, 45 Stephens, Larry Neil, Conway, Iowa, 166,234 Stephens, Mike, Forest City, Missouri, 169,231 Stephens, Tom, Kansas City, Missouri, 163 Stewart, Barbara, Bethany, Missouri, 200 Stewart, Marilyn, Prescott, Iowa Stiens, Florence, Marvville, Missouri, 200 Stigers, Julia, Jameson, Missouri, 210 Stiles, VVavne, St. Joseph. Missouri, 49,52 Still, Roger, El Dor.ulo. Kansas, 53, 137 Stiilinger, Jane. 15iooks, Io va. 1 17,200 StilKvngon, Stan, Ravtown, Missouii Stiles, ken. New Market, Iowa, 1 1 " J, 161,217 Stitt, Michele, Kansas CHtv, Missouri, 121,135,200 St. John, Richard W.. 200 Stockton. Nancv, Stanberr) ' , Missouri, 200 Stoddard, Tomniv, Trevnor. Iowa, 201 Stokes, Judith, Newark. Missouri. 127, 201 Stoll, Mike, St. Harlan, Iowa, 1 18 Stolting, C ' arolvn Alene, Golden CUty, Missouri, 121,177,181,217 Stoner, Jane, Logan, Iowa, 128,129, 130,159,210 Stoner, John E., Logan. Iowa, 201 Stoner, Terrv, Ravenwood, Missouri, 146,201 Stouffer, David M., St. Joseph, Missouri. 231 St. Peter. Judy. Guthrie Center. Iowa, 201 Strachen. Linda. Red Oak, Iowa, 201 Streeter, Gurt, Sheridan, Missouri, 121,123,139,140,141.144,201 Stuart, Vetra, Barnard, Missouri, 201 Strum, Dennis, Clearfield, Iowa, 201 Stutzman, Dan, Roseville, Michigan, 210 ■ Swell, Rex, 103 Sullivan, Suz, Villisca, Iowa, 210 Summers. Charles, Excelsior Springs. Missouri, 137,176 Summers, Don, North Kansas City, Missouri, 201 Sundell, Joyce, Maryville, Missouri, 121,123,231 Sunderman, Judy, Clarinda, Iowa. 147 Sunderman, David, Westboro, Missouri, 217 Sundermann, Shirley, Westboro, Missouri, 201 Surface, Susan, Burlington Junction, Missouri, 201 Sutter, Herbert, Rockport. Missouri, 217 Sutton, Robert, Marwile, Missouri. 53,210 Swaney, Eddie, Hopkins, Missouri, 201 Sweney, Patricia, Shenandoah, Iowa, 147,201 Swoboda. Kathv, St. Joseph, Missouri, 90,126,135,155,172,180,234 Swope, Margafet Jeanne, Plattsburg, Missouri, 9,114,127,138,177,178, 183,231 Swope, Marjorie Joanne, 114,147,148, 149,177,178,181,231 Tackett, VVava, Glenwood, Iowa, 180, 201 Tadlock, William, Guilford, Msssouri. 125,201 Talarico. Ernie, Des Moines, Iowa, 45 Tally, Jim, Glenwood, Iowa, 167,201 Taltv, Edward R., Corning, Iowa, 201 Tandy. David. Grant City, Missouri, 82,163,171,231 Tarwatcr, Janice, St. Joseph, Missouri, 110,157,231 Tauchen, Dick, Chillicothe, Missouri, 201 Tavlor, Ada C:., Mound City, Missouri, 231 Taylor, Bill, Allerton, Iowa, 45,52 Taylor, Brian, St. Joseph, Missouri, 164 Tavlor, David, Maitland, Missouri, 147,148,149,201 Taylor, Douglas, Maysville, Missouri, 217 Taylor, Gary, Smithville, Missouri, 40,44,45 Taylor, Glendena, Ridgeway, Missouri, 124,125,127,176,210 Taylor, Janet, Silver Spring, Missouri, 9,159 Taylor, Philip Kent, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 201 Tebow, Sue, Maiyville, Missouri, 146,147,180,201 Teenor, Lana Jane, Union Star, M issouri, 134,146,148,201 Tenhulzen, Sheryl, Coin, Iowa, 1 18, 201 Terry, Robert, Malvern, Iowa, 2 1 7 Thatch, Judy, Parkville, Missouri, 183,201 Theis, Donna, Union Star, Missouri, 90,132,146,148,149,176,217 Thiesen, Helen, Manilla, Iowa, 146, 147,148,149,231 Thomas, Bob. Council Bluffs, Iowa, 164,210,201 Thomas, Carol, Dearborn, Missouri, 217 Thomas, Jinny, Mt. Ayr, Iowa, 201 Thomas, Patricia, Lineville, Iowa, 201 Thomas, Rebecca, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 231 Thomas, Sharon K., Coon Rapids, Iowa, 128,129,217 Thompson, Arnold, Davis City, Iowa, 56,201 Thompson, Barbara, Conway, Iowa, 122,217 Thompson, B. C, Oakland, Iowa, 169,217 Thompson, Celia. Kansas City, Missouri, 156,201 Thompson, Floyd, Maryville, Missouri, 137 Thompson, Jeanine, Gravity, Iowa, 72, 118 Thompson, Jeannine, Gravity, Iowa, 201 201 Thompson, John J., Davis City, Iowa, 201 Thompson, John W., Clarinda, Iowa, 201 Thompson, Karen, Grant City, Missouri, 201 Thompson, Kenneth, Bedford, Missouri, 166,210 Thompson, Sharon, Maryville, Missouri, 201 Thompson, Vern, Redfield, Iowa, 21 7 Thummel, Margie, Mary -ille, Missouri, 201 Thummel, Stephen, Mary ' ille, Missouri, 210 Tiemever, Paul, Rockport, Missouri, 217 ' Timberlake, Nancy, Bedford, Iowa, 124.201 Timmcrman, Jean. Nodaway, Iowa, 201 Timmernian, Larry, Nodaway, Iowa, 42,45,71,131,1.38,166,231 Timmernian, Lyle, Nodaway, Iowa, 45,56,201 Tipton, Gerri, Grand Island, Nebraska, 201 Tipton, John II., St. Louis, Missouri, 1 3 1 ,23 1 Tobin, Jerome, Maryville, Missouri, 201 Todd, John, City, Kansas, 21 7 Todd, Mildred, Alton, Iowa, 231 Tomes, Gary, Ridgeway, Missouri, 121,123,124,127,177,178,182,217 Tonnies, Bob, Maryville, Missouri, 52 Tornquist, Harold, Essex, Iowa. 1 63 Townsend, Herbert, Savannah, Missouri, 125.201 Townsend. Shirley, Guilford, Missouri, 67.96,210 Travemicht, Ray, Fairfax, Missouri. 136 Trede, Larry, Council Bluffs. Iowa, 125,143,210 Tribolet, Ronald, Bedford, Iowa, 202 Trimmer, Da id, Kansas City, Missouri, 45,202 Trotter, Ann, Kansas City, Missouri, 152,202 Trvon, Patricia, Defiance, Iowa, 1 14, 124,231 Tucker, Carol, Nebraska City, Nebraska, 202 Tucker, Leslie, Mary -ille, Missouri, 72 Tucker, Mar) ' , Aurora, Iowa, 147 Tucker, Tommy, Winterset, Iowa, 120,137,177,210 Turner, Roberta Jean. Dedham, Iowa, 126,180,202 Tussev, [anet. Orient, Iowa. 123.127, 143,144,180 Tuttle, Delores, Breckenridge, Missouri, 210 Twiss, Dennis, Kansas City, Missouri, 202 Twombly, Virgie Carole, Spraks, Kansas, 147.217 Underwood, .Sharon, Bedford, Iowa, 217 Updegraff, Marlvs. St. Joseph, Missouri, 121,132,155,210 Uzunglu, Nurettin, Kutahxa. Turkey, 16,161,231 Vanfossan, Lan-y. Barnard. Missouri, 146,202 Van Hoozer, Joan. Martins ille. Missouri, 202 Van Scyoc, Judv, Tabor. Iowa. 1 26, 133,217 Van Syoc, Sharon. Milo, Iowa, 202 Van Vactor, Russell, Stanberry, Missouri, 1 15 Vasos, Donald, Carroll, Iowa, 166,231 ' eak, Bernard. Essex. Iowa, 127.202 Vercera. John. Denison. Iowa. 202 Venneesch, Jim, Memphis. Michigan. 43,45 Vevlupek, Judy, MarN ille. Missouri. 124 Vincent, Jacqueline. Omaha, Nebraska, 130.202 Voss, Jean, Albert City, Iowa. 123 Voss, Roger, Austin, Minnesota 45.46, 47,49,50,51,52 Vowell, Marilyn, Peru, Iowa, 202 Waddell, Albert, Rochester, Illinois, 125,217 Wade, Jeffrey. Weldon. Iowa, 202 Wagers, Sue, Stanberry, Missouri, 202 Wagner, Kirby, Barnard, Missouri, 202 Wake, Cedric, Fairfax, Missouri, 202 Walburn, Marsha. Kansas City, Missouri, 155 Wald, Ken, Des Moines, Iowa, 121. 217 Waldeier, Sue, Bedford, Iowa, 183,210 Walden, Doris, Kansas City. Missouri, 126,217 Walker. Judith, Des Moines, Iowa, 202 Walker, Larry, Malvern, Iowa, 2 1 Walker, Lawrence, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 164,217 Walker, Paul, Dow City, Iowa, 169, 170,210 Walker, Rhoda, Stanton, Iowa, 202 Walker, Roger, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 53,210 Walker, Suzanne, Lathrop, Missoiu ' i, 11,135,153,231,234 Wallace, Carol, Hopkins, Missouri, 202 Wallis, Marilynn, Des Moines, Iowa, 114,121,123,144,217 Walter, Giles, Stanberry, Missouri, 169,231 Walter, Linda, Wathena, Kansas. 146, 202 Waltcrsdorf, Jerre, Creston, Iowa, 137,202 Walton, Jim, Dallas, Iowa, 202 Walton, Patty, Oelwein, Iowa, 135,179, 210 Walton, Tom, Manchester, Iowa, 45, 62 Ward, Julia, Dayton, Ohio, 126,153, 172,231 Ward, Stacia. Pattonsburg, Missouri, 202 Warnick, Gary, Allerton, Iowa, 202 Waters, -Mary Lou, Pattensburg, Missouri, 202 Walters, Rollin. Lake City, Iowa, 147, 148,169,211 Wayman, Nancy, Albany, Missouri, 158,202 Webb, Robert, Poplar Bluff, Missouri, 202 Webb, Sandi-a. Highland, Kansas, 231 Weber, Donald, Red Oak, Iowa, 202 Weber, Toni, 152 Webster, Hellen, St. Joseph, Missouri, 232 Weeks, Dale, Coon Rapids, Iowa, 21 1 Weese, Jerry, Newon, Iowa, 166 Wegermann, Rodney, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 232 Weiderhoet, Richard 140,141 Weigel, Don, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 143,161,171,217 Weiland, Lonnie, 56 Weldon, Dailene, 147,158,172,217 Wells, Jeanne, Mt. Ayr, Iowa, 126,159, 232 Welty, Judy, St. Joseph, Missouri, 202 West, Averill, Sheridan, Missouri, 125,146,177,183 West, Glenn, St. Joseph, Missouri, 202 Westfall, Don, Maryville, Missouri, 164,211 Werner, Al, Kansas City, Missouri, 179,202 Westberg, Craig, Shenandoah, Iowa, 202 Westrup, Stephen, Kirkwood, Missouri, 147,202 Whan, Peggy, Maryville, Missouri, 67,124,153,211 Wheeler, Judy, Des Moines, Iowa, 152 Wheeler, Kent, Nortonville, Kansas, 146,202 Whigham, Keith, Blanchard, Iowa, 21 1 Whitaker, Ed, Kansas City, Missouri, 40,45,131 White, Diane, Peru, Iowa, 125,202 White, Jim, Blythedale, Missouri, 211 White, Larry, Winterset, Iowa, 54,202 White, Maiy, Greenfield, Iowa, 147,202 202 White, Phylles, Kent, Iowa, 202 White, William, Union Star, Missouri, 146,202 Whiteaker, Martha, Cameron, Missouri, 124,217 Whitmer, Gary, Kidder, Missouri, 202 Whitney, Diane, St. Joseph, Missouri, 114,119,211 Whitney, Elizabeth, Maryville, Missouri, 122,232 Whitney, Tom, Leominster, Massachusetts, 132 Whittlesey, Harold, Parkville, Missouri, 137,217 Wiederholt, Richard, Guilford, Missouri, 123,232 Wilcox, NoiTTian, Harlan, Iowa, 72, 73,74,75,95,118,169 Wilkerson, Linda, Maryville, Missouri , 232 Wilkinson, Dean, Mound City, Missouri, 45,202 Wilkinson, James, Carson, Iowa, 232, Wilkinson, Margo, 211 Williams, Carol, Corning, Iowa, 154 Williams, Beverly Diane, Maryville, Missouri, 203 Williams, Lany, Maryville, Missouri, 166,217 Willis, Caroline, St. Joseph, Missouri, 232 Willman, Cheryl, Atlantic, Iowa, 203 Willrett, Dean, Algona, Iowa, 203 Wilson, Charlie, Albany, Missouri, 117,166 Wilson, David. Mound City, Missouri, 203 Wilson, Doris, Nettleton, Missouri, 203 Wilson, James, Newton, Iowa, 21 1 Wilson, Joe, St. Joseph, Missouri. 232 Wilson, John, Maiy ' ille, Missouri, 164 Wilson, Karen Kay, Ankeny, Iowa, 203 Wilson, Larry, Parkville, Missouri, 203 Wilson, Richard, Sheridan, Missouri, 203 Wilson, Stan, Maryville, Missouri, 211 Wiltshire, Carolyn, Liberty, Missouri, 120,153,177,211 Wise, Cheryl, Lytton, Iowa. 130,144, 203 Wixon, Carol, Kansas City, Missouri, 183,203 Wolcott, Randall, Ludlow, Missouri, 48,58,217 Wolf, Donna, Rockport, Missouri, Wolfer, Andrew, Elk Horn, Iowa, 211 Wolverton, Judy, Stanberry. Missouri, 67,128,130,211 Wood, Dale, Elmo, Missouri, 161 Wood, Miriam, New Market, Iowa, 211 Woodford, Susan, Norwalk, Iowa, 203 Woodring, Charles C, Maryville, Missouri, 169,232 Woods, Richard, Garden Grove, Iowa, 46,48 Woodson, Jerry, Menlo, Iowa, 203 Wookey. Kenneth. Emerson, Iowa, 125,203 Woolley. Ben, Leon, Iowa, 147,232 Woolsoncraft, Lois, Denison, Iowa, 124,143,157 Wormsley, Wayne, Kansas City. Missouri, 166,232 Worth, John, Worth, Missouri, 164,217 Wartman. Valeria, Hastings, Iowa, 211 Wray, Vernis, Barnard. Missouri, 137 Wright, Dennis, Craig, Missouri, 109, 137,211 Wright, Lowell, Bolckow, Missouri, 169,232 Wright, Nancy, Weston, Missouri, 139, 183,211 Wright, Roberta, Wathena, Kansas, 121,123,159,183,232 Wuester, Norma Lee. Burlington Junction, Missouri, 122,232 Wright, Tom, Red Oak, Iowa, 45 Wu, James, Hong Kong, 183,217 Wuerfele, Perry, Easton, Missouri, 137 Yaple, Sanra, St. Joseph, Missouri, 126,127,180,203 Yates, Ronald, Burlington Junction. Missouri, 146,211 Tales, Thomas, Bigelow, Missouri, 203 Yazel, Homer, Smithville, Missouri, 203 Yehle, Mark, Maryville, Missouri, 203 Young, Dianne, 21 1 Young, James, Bedford, Iowa, 2 1 1 Young, Jerry, Des Moines, Iowa. 171 Young, Melvin, Fortescue, Missouri, 203 Younger, Connie, Maryville, Missouri, 146,147,149 Yount, Janelle, Mound City, Missouri, 211 Yuille, Eleanor, Jamesport, Missouri, 211 Zach, David, Hamburg, Iowa, 203 Zahnd, Joe, Savannah, Missouri, 203 Zahnd, John, Savannah, Missouri, 203 Zaiger, Dorothy, Audubon, Iowa, fl4.121,211 Zbierski, Marilyn, St. Joseph, Missouri, 126,127,154,172,179,232 Zimmerman, Charles, Maryville, Missouri, 203 Zimmerman, Joe, Cameron, Missouri, 178,211 Zimmerman, Paula, St. Joseph, Missouri, 127,180,203 Zimmerman, Ron, Coiydon, Iowa, 169 Zipp, Eleanor, St. Louis, Missouri, 114,126,127,179,232 Zwank, Ronald, Pella, Iowa, 45,203 j«i !ii «lrA wSn- tS? Indian ormy mules ' packed supplies toward the Himalayan front in a futile attempt to halt Chinese invaders. Flanked by Vatican Guards, Pope John XXIII knelt in prayer in Saint Peter ' s Bo- silico opening first Roman Catholic Ecu- menical Council since 1869. U.S. Military advisers trained Lao soldiers v ith the latest American equipment in their fight against Communist infiltration. West Berliners lined Spree River and waved toward East Berlin as part of demonstrations marking the first anniversary of the Berlin Wall. Doctor ' s strike in Saskatchewan, Canada, against a go] ment medical care plan, left hospitals all but deserted! without means of caring for patients. I iclear lund ( ;ond$ Mof tests foreg ofter moun and test-ban talks continued. This 290-foot round) rose from Nevoda ' s desert floor three blost which left o 1200-foot croter. Buildings d were about 10 feet high. Live transoceanic TV began as Americon Telephone and Telegraph ' s Telstor relayed this image from U.S. to Europe over first privately-owned satellite. Algerian women cast ballots in referendum which resulted in independence and an end to nearly 8 years of war. International Events in Review WIDE WORLD PHOTOS rty crossed the finish line decisively beating lias Gretel in the deciding race for the Amer- kup. One of the worst earthquakes in modern times reduced dozens of Iranian towns to rubble and left 10,000 dead. Left: Cuban invasion prisoners made it home just in time for Christmas after being ransomed from Cuban prisons. Klght: USS Barry makes visual inspection of missiles on deck of Russian freighter Ano- sov as Navy patrol plane flies overheod after U.S. demanded removal of offensive weapons from Cuba.

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