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V. Vi ' M Woman sits amid wreckage of her home at Port O ' Connor, Texas, after hurricane Caria swept inland from the Gulf of Mexico to batter Texas and Louisiana. Late in the year the insistent rythyms of the Twist became an international fad giving rise to a rash of new songs, movies, and not a few strains and dislocations. Astronauts John H. Glenn, Jr., right, and Scott Carpenter with a Mercury capsule at Cape Canaveral, Fla. Glenn was named for this country ' s first manned orbital night; Carpenter as backup pilot. iTkBiiallikii ' ™ " ' ' ' ' iloijiilrtldiofraiJil bmiiitwpiilitiiti fe Alan B. Shepard, Jr., cianglcs in a harness as he is lifted to a helicopter from his bobbing space capsule which landed in the Atlantic Ocean after his suborbital flight from Cape Canaveral, Fla., in May. Widt World Tofieka Capital Journal This is all that remained of homes along a stretch of road in the Bel- Air section of Los Angeles after a orush fire swept the area — worst n Los Angeles history. i A freedom nder Ijus goes up in flames after a fi boi was tossed through a window near Anniston Ala. ogcr Maris, New York Yankees ' outfielder, finishes swing after hit- ting 61st homer at Yankee Stadium on last day of season. Model family fallout shelter holds attention of visitors at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville, symbolic of the upsurge of national interest in civil defense. Redstone rocket carrying Astronaut Virgil Grissom ' s capsule lifts off C ape Canaveral launching pad on ipace flight. President Kennedy and cabinet members before the first cabinet session at the White House. From left. Postmaster General Edward Day, U.N. Ambassador Adlai Stevenson, Vice President Johnson, Defense Secretary Robert McNa- mara, Agriculture Secretary Orville Freeman, Labor Secre- tary Arthur Goldberg, Welfare Secretary Abraham Ribi- coff. Commerce Secretary Luther Hodges, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, President Kennedy, Treasury Secretary Douglas Dillon and Interior Secretary Stewart Udall. Thelma Gere J iice Leavel JiMHowiri Howard Rin TOWER Thelma Gerdes Editor Janice Leavell Assistant Editor Jane Howard Art Editor Howard Ringold Advisor IBS! ore vord Advancing Frontiers of Kno edge The knowledge accumulated by man is pushing his horizon out- ward in ever accelerating expansion. Talk about the expanding universe! This situation is already almost out of hand, so that the frontiers seem to require a lifetime to reach. If only we could use jet planes to reach these outskirts, our years of preparation would be shortened; but we must be pedestrians, plodding our slow way, with frequent lifts from the various agents that drive us, encourage us, belabor us, support us, entertain us, and even thrill us with in- spiration. These agents are the faculty of our college, our class- mates, our fraternal associations, our study and professional organi- zations, our recreational programs, our sports, and our religion. Each is given its place in the 1962 TOWER. And So We Press Onward w ith UNION BOARD Table of Contents Administration .... Page 20 Classes Page 42 Greeks Page 88 Organizations Page 110 Social Life Page 142 Sports Page 184 Spiritual Page 200 The 1962 TOWER is dedicated to ' ' Advancing Frontiers of Knowledge " To those enterprising and imaginative minds that look to the future adventur- ously and courageously, we dedicate the 1962 TOWER. Our efforts in this book, electrified during the year by the historic flight in orbit by John Glenn, have been to feature people and events on our campus that seem to us to be directed forward across new frontiers. .■s --,.-, i -.. ■ ' ■.i» ' --v , ? : :.«K:j»a- ; iM)tawaiwwCTai A Lift from ii4 m$fMmmmBi»m Administration and Sometimes A Kick! the Years Passing by Classes . . . Freshman to Graduation! . . . A Slap on the Back from Greeks I . . . Buddy Buddies! . . . the Professional Spirit In -m ' ■ - Organizations 12 I Occasional Relief from the Grind Through W ■ " ' ' | ■ i - 1 r s |H .SBtMr ] - ' ■fe 1 1 1 ■K " je Ht T iH Hha pI n — _9 Hp ' Social Life 14 n . . . Fun! Fun! Fun! I 15 . . . Victory In Sports ■(■ 16 J AJT . ■ . . (We Get Our Lumps Too!) if ' — T--WV f ■• — V- . ?.. saJ The Higher Things of Life I Spiritual 18 . . . and Our Hopes for the Future . . 19 . . . A LIFT FROM " .I m i . . . AND SOME TIMES A KICK! A Message from — John F. Kennedy A Message from — Governor John M. Dalton i ...c« -SS " John VI. Df " • Governor State 3effersoi September City 22, 961 Students ot CoUege uv ttiembets . -Friet ds-. , students, i rial staff . better mav ! ! " J,e college and , as c oi tbis ettei v State j tiers oi Bv means ot est M sso cing ° a {riends oi ' ' " . ect ng s oi n and ti Tower tor = as a " ■„ tV c tV e 1962 io , education (-urrmg ' °J ' earbook. ...__,,, regarded « „ges o ' . .ent .friends oi ' ' " . ectmg s oi n d „ro Tower tor = as a " ■„ the c tV e 1962 to , education (.erring , „r e bave trau sion an " _ ;ti all 1 ' . „ tVvf ' ;! rnseWes and tneu ,,,s " " ' , in all ilelds oi n ,, ,o -f S.; oving i- ° . . 1. Kp lt ■ oVER ' HOR 24 n N ■ ; 3 ,1 y A Message from — President J. W. Jones o r 0S ' Ml " SSOl3 8 : ' GOV XSG yii r roi - ,Viss " ,oxs . W. ° fp e d o cB o? tus •p-B.ES ' ,1P« ' A Message from — President Joe Merrigan ' o . A1S ' ,so !. : ' co o yizxl .We, " Wl ' ss ' ,oun y .5oneS: pYgSl ' dei t Off c Di e Stude« Senate Sclao ' ,o Y eat 96V ' 62 YeUoV " ' s St i ' detvt - vje apV itoa ' c uAe5 etvo i ' g to ca« be l « v ov ev er jart Y prepa ' out ' iV e xY at res? ' v e lOW .siW .U es that t ave been iottu ' xe seWes lor ouv iutute CO! , ege educa ,uon- TVve iutvite can on V be V e. bevng oi tbef )ung decv .ust Aded nv ' .ost to se ' everf ours asp ' cute iCCt i tie. totno ' use ,ttoV an ' Ne tbe V d wattv nv ' .uot .ust 5ung out seat ' tbtou o e g in- nate out ai to ' V ' Pr otbe ta: cb Aents tot to tbe daV- ut- best can ■we ir;, v«»:! « n.»« be btv assutet n tbat gbt an ' dbe ' ttet On V sSV A e deet ' Atotts and bY ideas that iu- tute- s Vno ' ,v. edge dva ' noes n ceni .tutY ■we ust v v •itb tbese n ' adva be nces aV an ' aate tbe oi leaps bat an boutt ' ds .{tbe t e ' ;ntve ' ■w d t ' .onttt ' ■ bute -we out .ust n ' sn a ' do W P ' VJe latt nt .ust Veep :tb up vn tbett bebai M- idnttt ' .sttai XVOU: tbe bave {acu ftttn anc ioun tbe da- State CoV ,etve -fbto l tbe not -to- .be .iotgo ' itasp oi ' ' viV soUt-t, - ' ; ,,oUtV -- ,etve ,tten Gtasp ' ng ano ■we can but Ad S rbet : to g AatVon, " , ,, „, tto ' :„r ioundat a as eg« oiUnovv out : edge ' BY tbts f?.0 ' t:i o? ovJ idvat ' n tbese tbe t) Since ' ,re Y ' 4 7 - oe etttga Administration and staff Dean of Administration Dr. Robert P. Foster Dean of Instruction Dr. Leon Miller Dean of Students Dr. Charles E. Koerble Dean of Men Jack Lasley Dean of Women Mrs. L. G. Bladt 11 30 staff offer student services Director of Field Service Everett W. Brown Business Manager Luther Belcher Director of Roberta Hall Mrs. Helen Larsen Director of Perrin Hall Mrs. Irene Archibald Board of Regents W. M. C. Dawson Garvin Williams H. N. Stevenson J. P. Morgan Harold M. Hull C. F. Russell 31 Staff meets student ' s needs Mrs. M. T. Sheldon Dietitian Miss Pearl Dawson Nurse Mrs. Vincent T. Smith Nurse Don Schooler, director of student activities 32 Faculty gro vs with college MRS. ZELMA O. AKES, Supervising teacher of Third Grade, B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed. BERNDT G. ANGMAN, Political Sci- ence, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. MRS. PAULINE ARTHUR, Supervising teacher of Seventh and Eighth Grades, B.S., M.A. EARL BAKER, Physical Education for men, B.S. in Ed., M.A. FLOYD BARROWS, Humanities-Social Science, B.A. JOHN C. BEEKS, Agriculture, B.S., M.A. H. GUY BENSUSAN, Humanities, B.A. LUTHER G. BLADT, English-Speech, B.A., M.A. LUKE L. BOONE, Director 1MB and Reference Librarian, B.A., P.G., U.S.N. T.S., M.A. MRS. VIRGINIA BOUSKA, Home Ec- onomics, B.S. , M.A. MRS. DELORES BOWLES, Supervising teacher of First Grade, B.S. in Ed., M.A. in Ed. EARL D. BRAGDON, American History- Economics, B.A., M.A. I St t EDWARD BROWNING, Business, B.S. in Bus. Ad., B.S. in Bus. Ed., M.A. in Bus. Ed. CAROLE CLEMMONS, Business, B.S., M.A. MABEL COOK, Home Economics, B.S. in Ed., M.A. DAVID W. CROZIER, Supervising teacher of Industrial Arts, B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. MILAN B. DADY, Education, B.A. in Ed., M.S., Ed.D. FLOYD G. DELON, Education, B.S. in Ed., M.S., Ed. D. ELVIRGA DENNING, Horace Mann Li- brary, B.S., M.A. ELWYN K. DEVORE, Business, B.S. in Ed., M.S., D.B.A. 33 H. R. DIETERICH, Education, Principal of Horace Mann Junior High School, B.A., M.A. HARRY G. DILDINE, European and Religious History, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. JOSEPH A. DREPS, Foreign Language, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. VIDA E. DUNBAR, Mathematics, A.B., A.M. MRS. MARTHA M. DUNN, English — Speech, B.A. ROBERT W. ECKLES, Business, B.S., M.B.A. RALPH E. FULSOM, Speech — Drama, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. HARRY A. GAILEY, JR., Humanities, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. MRS. HUBERT GARRETT, Library WILLIAM GARRETT, Biology, B.A., M.S. GEORGE R. GAYLER, European His- tory, B.S. in Ed., M.A., Ph.D. HOWARD A. GEORGE, Education, B.S. in Ed., M.S., Ed.D Faculty guides j fi ANNA J. GORSUCH, Education, B.S., M.A. MYLES C. GRABAU, Biology, B.S. in Ag., M.S. MRS. AVIS GRAHAM, Supervising teacher of Sixth Grade, B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. ROBERT GREGORY, Physical Educa- tion for Men, B.S. in Ed., M.S. FRANK W. GRUBE, Language and Lit- erature, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. JOHN L. HARR, Social Science, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. F. B. HOUGHTON, Agriculture, B.S. in Ed., B.S. in Ag., M.A. VIOLETTE HUNTER, English, BS., M.A. 34 intellectual growth t i LAURA JACKSON, English, B.S., M.A. PETER JACKSON, Industrial Arts, B.S., M.S. CHARLES JOHNSON, Fine Arts, B.A., M.A. JAMES JOHNSON, Librarian, B.A., B.S. in Library Science. MICHAEL KAHNG, Business, B.A., M.A. RUSSELL KENNEDY, Physical Science, A.B., M.A. CLIFFORD KENSINGER, Business, B.S., M.Ed. MRS. ESTHER KNITTL, Supervising teacher of Fourth Grade, B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed. JACK L. KNUSEL, Economics, B.B.A., B.A., M.A. WILLIAM A. LAFFERTY, Mathemat- ics, B.S., M.A., Ed.D. MYRL LONG, Physical Science, B.S., M.S. LOUISE LOVELL, Home Economics, B.S., M.S. JAMES L. LOWE, Sociology, B.S. in Ed., M.A. BONNIE MAGILL, Physical Education for Women, A.E., B.S., M.A. MRS. ELAINE MAUZEY, French, B.S., B.A., M.A. DARRELL McGINNIS, Fine Arts, A.B., M.S. KATHRYN McKEE, Supervising teacher of Pre-School, B.S. in Ed., M.A. DALE MIDLAND, English — Speech, B.A., M.A. RUTH MILLER, Supervising teacher of Music, B.M. in Ed., M.M. RYLAND H. MILNER, Physical Educa- tion for Men, B.S., M.A. 35 Faculty points | f EARLE MOSS, Music, B.S., M.A. MARION MOSS, Physical Education for Men, B.S., M.S. MRS. MARTHA MOSS, Business, A.A., B.S., M.Ed. MRS. SHELA MOSS, Supervising teacher of Second Grade, A. A., B.S., M.S. IRENE M. MUELLER, Biology, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. MRS. KARAMANEH OSCHWALD, Mathematics, B.A., M.A. in Ed., M.A. in Mathematics. RICHARD OSCHWALD, Mathematics, B.A., M.A. BARBARA PALLING, Reference Librar- ian, B.S. in Ed., M.A. DAVID PARKER, Speech, B.S., M.A. PAULA PARKS, Education, B.S. in Ed., M.S. DONALD PEEL, English, B.A., M.A. H. D. PETERSON, Physsical Education for Men, B.S., M.S., P.E.D. MRS. DORIS PIERCE, Political Science, B.A. in Ed., LL.B., M.A. BURTON RICHEY, Physical Education for Men, B.S. in Ed., M.S. KATHRYN S. RIDDLE, Physical Education for Women, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. HOWARD RINGOLD, Indus- trial Arts, B.S., M.S. CHARLES RIVERS, English, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. NEVA ROSS, Education, B.S., M.A. C. WARD ROUNDS, Music, B.S., M.A. DONALD H. SANDFORD, Music, B.S. in Ed., M.Music, D.Mus. Arts. MARY JANE SANDFORD, Music, A.B., M.Music. DEAN E. SAVAGE, Supervising teacher of Fifth Grad, B.S. in Ed., M.A. 36 1 youth to future MRS. BETTY SAWYERS, Home Eco- nomics, B.S., M.S. J. N. SAYLER, Physics, A.B., M.S. BILL SCOTT, Biology, B.S., M.S. MRS. LULA MAE SHEETZ, English, B.S. in Ed., M.A. M. T. SHELDON, Education, B.S., M.A.. D.Ed. JOHN L. SMAY, Music, B.A., M.Mus., Ph.D. J. GORDON STRONG, Science and Mathematics, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. MRS. MARY JANE SUNKEL, Business, B.S.C., M.B.A. ROBERT SUNKEL. Fine Arts, A.A., B.F.A., M.F.A. CHARLES THATE, Education, B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed., Ed.D. KENNETH THOMPSON, Industrial Arts, B.S., M.Ed. DONALD VALK, Industrial Arts, B.S., M.S. E. G. VASSIAN, Chemistry, B.S., M.S. MRS. DOROTHY WALKER, Physical Education for Women, B.S., M.Ed. WANDA WALKER, Education, B.A., M.S. in Ed., Ed.D. MRS. PHYLLIS WALRAFEN, Catalog Librarian, B.A., MA. CECIL E. WALTON, Business, B.S. in Bus, M.B.A. THEODORE WEICHINGER, Physical Science, B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. DOROTHY WEIGAND, English — Speech, B.S., in Ed., M.A. GILBERT A. WHITNEY, Music, B.M., M.A. CALVIN WIDGER, Geography, B.A., M.A. R. T. WRIGHT, Agriculture, B.S., M.A. jTj ii 37 Office staffs handle array Mrs. Emma Ruth Harris, secretary to President Jones. Mrs. Gladys Raines, Ruth Ann Turner, and Mrs. Martha Moles, Registrar ' s Office „, ' 1 ' ' M Mrs. Monica Zirfas, Registrar ' s Office Mrs. Ruth Nystrom, Registrar 38 of letters and invoices Mrs. Agatha Walker and Mrs. Don Schooler of the Business Of- fice check receipt totals following registration. Miss Shirley Gray is secretary to Dr. Leon Miller, Dean of In- struction. Mrs. Margaret Owens and Mrs. Marjorie Spencer give suggestions as Mrs. Shirley Hanna prepares a report for the Business Office. 39 Office personnel assists adi Mrs. Esther Sellers and Mrs. Helen Gregory in the Placement Office. Mn Linda Messerli, Ellen Joyce Norris, and Ruth Busby, Registrar ' s Office. Hi The Administration Building serves as the central location of all ad- ministrative offices. sists administration and students Mrs. Jack Lasley, secretary, and Mrs. L. G. Bladt, Dean of Women. I .rf " THE YEARS PASSING BY . . FRESHMAN TO GRADUATION! Seniors, four happy years i Minor: Second- Minor: ANN ABARR, Major: Business, Library Science, Degree: B.S. in ary Education. KEN ADAMS, Major: Business, Economics, Degree: B.S. KAY ANDERSON, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. ROGER ANDERSON, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Physics, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education. EDDIE BARNETT, Major: Mathematics and Physics, Degree: B.S. KERALYN BATES, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Music, Degree: B.S. Elementary Education. JUDITH BAYLES, Major: Business, Minor: Home Economics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. JACKIE BEA, Major: Elementary Edu- cation, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. DENNIS BEAN, Major: Social Science, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. WARD BEAN, Major: Business, Minor: Economics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Edu- cation. CAROL BEAMON, Major: Medical Technology, Degree: B.S. BETTY BEASON, Major: English and Business, Degree: B.S. Secondary Educa- tion. DENNY BISSELL, Major: Business, Minor: Physical Education, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. GENE BOLLMAN, Major: Accounting, Minor: Mathematics, Degree: B.A. HELEN BONER, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Economics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. MARY BORKOWSKI, Major: Home Economics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Edu- cation. MARIAN BORNGESSER, Major: Ele- mentary Education, Degree: B.S. Elemen- tary Education. JOHN BREGIN, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry, Degree: B.S. Secondary Educa- tion. BOB BRIGGS, Major: Social Science, Minor: Psychology, Degree: B.S. Second- ary Education. GALE BROWN, Major: Elementary Edu- cation, Minor: Library Science, Degree: B.S. Elementary Education. 44 past, await graduation LARRY D. BROWN, Major: Business, Minor: Economics, Degree: B.S. Second- ary Education. LARRY L. BROWN, Major: Agriculture and Biology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Edu- cation. CAROL BUGG, Major: French, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Educa- tion. BILL BURGH, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: General Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. JEROME BURMEISTER, Major: Bi- ology, Minor: Ghemistry, Degree: B.S., Secondary Education. RONALD BURNS, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education. NANCY GANADAY, Major: Business, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. RICHARD CLARK, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Social Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. STEWARD CLINE, Major: Physical Education, Minor: English, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. HARLAN CONDON, Major: History, Minor: Social Science, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education. DALE COOPER, Major: Business, De- gree: B.S. EDDIE GOOVE, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Social Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. VIRGINIA COUGHLIN, Major: Mathe- matics. Minor: Business, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. DAVID COX, Major: Biology, Minor: Physical Education, Degree: B.S. Second- ary Education. DONALD COX, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Second- ary Education. CAROLYN CRAWFORD, Major: Busi- ness and French, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. KEITH CRAWFORD, Major: Business, Minor: Economics, Degree: B.S. Second- ary Education. MARY ELLEN CREIGHTON, Major: Business and Physical Education, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. SUE CRONE, Major: Elementary Edu- cation, Degree: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion. RONALD CROSS, Major: Accounting, Minor: General Business, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. 45 Seniors close some doors- CHARLES GROUSE, Major: Mathe- matics and Industrial Arts, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. MARLYN GROUSE, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Psychology, Degree: B.S. Elementary Education. ELAINE CUMMINGS, Major: Music, Degree: B.S. Elementary, Secondary Edu- cation. LINDA CUNNINGHAM, Major: Physi- cal Education, Minor: French, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. JERALD GURNUTT, Major: Biology, Minor: Ghemistry and General Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. LARRY DAVIS, Major: Ghemistry, Mi- nor: Biology, Degree: B.S. WILLIAM DAVIS, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Physical Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education. MIGHAEL DOYL, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education. PATRIGIA DUNHAM, Major: Speech and Mathematics, Minor: General Sci- ence, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. DANNY ELLIS, Major: Business, Minor: Economics, Degree: B.S. JULIA ELMORE, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Economics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. TOM ENGLAND, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. RODNEY ESGH, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Industrial Arts, Degree: B.S. Seondary Education. TROY EVANS, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: General Science, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education. GAROLYN EVERLY, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Business, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. TOM FAIRLIE, Major: Fine Arts, Mi- nor: History, Degree: B.S. Secondary Edu- ation. CAROL FANKHAUSER, Major: Home Economics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Edu- cation. JEAN FARMER, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Library Science, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education. LORETTA FARMER, Major: Business, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. DEWEY FASTENAU, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: General Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. 46 -gates of opportunity open Mate CLEANNE FERGUSON, Major: Home Economics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Edu- cation. RICHARD FETTERER, Major: Speech, Minor: English, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. ROBERT FINE, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Agriculture, Degree: B.S. Second- ary Education. KAY FISHER, Major: Elementary Edu- cation, Minor: Fine Arts, Degree: B.S. Elementary Eduation. NORMA FLETCHALL, Major: Mathe- matics and Biology, Minor: General Sci- ence, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. GEORGE FOUNTAIN, Major: Speech, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.A. JANICE FRANCIS, Major: Home Eco- nomics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Educa- cation. DON FRAZIER, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Mathematics, Degree: B.S. DON FRIDAY, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry, Degree: B.S. GARY FRUEH, Major: Accounting, Mi- nor: Mathematics, degree: B.S. DONNA FUHR, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Spanish, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education. LYLE FULK, Major: Social Science, Mi- nor: Agriculture, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. RICHARD FULLER, Major: Marketing, Minor: General Business, Degree: B.S. JULIA FUNKHOUSER, Major: Busi- ness Minor: Library Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. CHARLES GEORGE, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Marketing, Degree: B.S. THELMA GERDES, Major: English, Minor: Business, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. JERRY GILLILAND, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: General Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. JOHN GILLILAND, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Mathematics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. ROY GOODLAXSON, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: General Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. MARTHA GRAY, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Home Economics, Degree: B.S. Elementary, Secondary Education. 47 Seniors poised for flight SHARON GREENWOOD, Major: Ele- mentary Education, Minor: Music, De- gree: B.S. Elementary Education. CAROL GRESS, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. ROBERT GROUT, Major: Industrial Ar ts, Minor: General Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. SUSAN GRUBE, Major: Music, Degree: B.S. Elementary, Secondary Education. MARTHA GUEST, Major: Home Eco- nomics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Educa- tion. MARILYN GUYMON, Major: Business, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. GARTH HAER, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. MERLIN HALE, Major: Biology, Minor: Agriculture, Degree: B.S. Secondary Edu- cation. WILLIAM HOLLISTER, Major: Agri- culture, Minor: Business, Degree: B.S. ELIZABETH HANKINSON, Major: French, Minor: English, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education. LARRY HANNA, Major: Business, De- gree B.S. Secondary Education. JANET HANSON, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. JOYCE HARR, Major: Business, Minor: Music, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. PAT HARRIS, Major: Elementary Edu- cation, Minor: Psychology, Degree: B.S. Elementary Education. PAULA HARTMAN, Major: Home Eco- nomics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. RONALD HAZZARD, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Industrial Arts, De- gree: B.S. Secondary Education. MYRNA HENRY, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. DAVID HENSEL, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Eonomics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. LYNN HENSEL, Major: Social Science and Accounting, Degree: B.S. ERNEST HESTER, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: Biology and General Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. 3 . ' .I .1 i i 48 to new " world, vider horizons 1 DIANA HICKEY, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Biology, Degree: B.S. ELDON HILDEBRANDT, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: General Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. NANCY HILL, Major: Elementary Edu- cation, Minor: Spanish, Degree: B.S. Ele- mentary Education. DENNIS HISER, Major: Marketing, Mi- nor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. MARLENE HIZER, Major: English, Minor: Spanish, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. GARY HOLMES, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Education. KAREN HOLMES, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Library Science, De- gree: B.S. Elementary Education. JUDY HOLTMYER, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. MARLIN HOLTMYER, Major: Chem- istry and Mathematics, Degree: B.S. GEORGE HOOVER, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Social Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. DELSA HORN, Major: Elementary Edu- cation, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edua- tion. GAYLE HOUK, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. JANE HOWARD, Major: Art, Minor: Library Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. MICK HOWARD, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Industrial Arts, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. KENNETH HUGHES, Major: Business and Agriculture, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. KAREN HUMMEL, Major: Biology, Mi- nor: Chemistry, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. TREVA HUNTER, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary, Sec- ondary Education. RONALD IDEKER, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Agriculture, Degree: B.S. LARRY IRELAND, Major: Physical Education. Minor: Geography, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. DUANE IWEN, Major: Elementary Edu- cation, Minor: Library Science, Degree: B.S. Elementary Education. 49 Seniors end carefree days- ERNEST JACKSON, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education. CONNIE JOHNSON, Major: Home Eco- nomics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Educa- tion. JERRY JOHNSON, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. TIM JOHNSON, Major: English, Mi- nor: Social Science, Degree: B.A. GERALD S. JONES, Major: Chemistry and Mathematics, Degree: B.S. JUDY KAY JONES, Major: Art, Minor: English, Degree: B.S. Secondary Educa- tion. LINDA JONES, Major: English, Minor: Library Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. LARRY KARSTEN, Major: Accounting, Minor: Economics, Degree: B.S. FANNIE KAVANAUGH, Major: Social Science, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. ALLEN KEARNS, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Economics, Degree: B.S. MARION KECK, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. LARRY KENSINGER, Major: Account- ing, and Agriculture, Degree: B.S. JAMES KLOEWER, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Mathematics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. SAUNDRA KROKSTROM, Major: Ele- mentary Education, Degree: B.S. Elemen- tary Education. SARA BETH KURTZ, Major: English and Physical Education, Degre: B.S. Sec- ondary Education. DON LACY, Major: Social Science, Mi- nor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. WINNIFRED LANGSTON, Major: Ele- mentary Education, Degree: B.S. Elemen- tary Education. MARILYN LARSON, Major: Home Economics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Edu- cation. LARRY LAWSON, Major: Accounting, Minor: Mathematics, Degree: B.S. INA CLAIRE LISTER, Major: Elemen- tary Education, Minor: Mathematics, Degree: B.S. Elementary Education. I 50 -begin greater experiences DALE LIVENGOOD, Major: Account- ing, Minor: General Science, Degree: B.S. LOUISE LOCKHART, Major: Home Economics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Edu- cation. CAROLYN LOVELACE, Major: Ele- mentary Education, Degree: B.S. Elemen- tary Education. DAVE LOVELACE, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Biology, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education. JIM LOWARY, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Fine Arts, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. KAREN LUND, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. GENE LUST, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. LARRY MAKER, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Mathematics, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education. NANCY MAIN, Major: Business, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. JIM MEADOWS, Major: Mathematics and Physics, Minor: General Science, De- gree: B.S. BARBARA MENSING, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Home Economics, De- gree: B.S. Secondary Education. JOE MERRIGAN, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Physics and Mathematics, Degree: B.S. RALPH MESSERLI, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. SARAH MEYER, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Psychology, Degree: B.S. Elementary Education. WILLIAM MEYERS, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Industrial Arts, De- gree: B.S. Secondary Education. JERRY MEZNARICH, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. GAYLA MILLER, Major: Art, Minor: Business, Degree: B.S. Secondary Educa- tion. JOHN MILLER, Major: Social Science, Minor: Economics, Degree: B.S. Second- ary Education. KAREN MILLER, Major: English, Mi- nor: Library Science, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education. MARY ANN MILLER, Major: Elemen- tary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Education. li ai 51 Seniors, armed with degrees, CORBIN MILES, Afa;or; Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics, Degree: B.S. PAMELA MILES, Major: Art, Minor: Social Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. PAOLA MIRES, Major: Home Econom- ics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. EDITH MOATS, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Psychology, Degree: B.S. Elementary Education. JOHN MOBLEY, Major: Biology, Minor: General Science, Degree: B.S. DORIS MOCK, Major: Art, Minor: So- ciology, Degree: B.A. MARJORIE MORGAN, Major: Ele- mentary Education, Degree: B.S. Elemen- tary Education. LOLA MUNSHAW, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. HANK NARDONE, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Social Science, De- gree: B.S. Secondary Education. EVELYN NASH, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Library Science, De- gree: B.S. Elementary Education. CARROLL NELSON, Major: Mathe- matics, Minor: Physics, Degree: B.S. RUTH NELSON, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Chemistry, Degree: B.S. Second- ary Education. KENNETH NESTLER, Major: Indus- trial Arts, Minor: Agriculture, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. PEGGY NEWBERG, Major: Business, Minor: Home Economics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. DAVID NIELAND, Major: Social Science, Minor: History, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education. CAROL NORDBY, Major: Home Eco- nomics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Educa- tion. JERALD NORFOLK, Major: Mathe- matics and Physics, Minor: General Sci- ence, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. ELLEN NORRIS, Major: Social Science, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. HENRY NOWAK, Major: Accounting and Art, Degree: B.S. GLENDA O ' DOUGHERTY, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Ele- mentary Education. ready to tackle new jobs JAMES OFFENBACKER, Major: Physi- cal Education, Minor: English, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. ROBERT OGDEN, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. ALAN LEE OSHEL, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Economics and Sociology, Degree: B.S. DONALD PACKER, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry, Degree: B.S. KATHRYN PALMQUIST, Major: Ele- mentary Education, Degree: B.S. Elemen- tary Education. MONICA PARKS, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. KENNETH PEARCE, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Economics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. BILL PETERSON, Major: Biology, Mi- nor: Psychology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. DON PETRY, Major: Elementary Edu- cation, Minor: English, Degree: B.S. Ele- mentary Education. GERALD PIITTMANN, Major: Business and Fine . rts. Degree: B.S. in Secondary Education. ROBERT PRESTON, Major: Business, Minor: Economics, Degree: B.S. LEWIS PRICE, Major: Agriculture, Mi- nor: Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Edu- cation. Chemistry and Major: Home Secondary Edu- Civil Engineer- GARY PROSS, Major: Biology, Degree: B.A. EMMA MAE PRUITT, Economics, Degree: B.S. cation. LYNN PRUITT, Major: ing, Degree: B.A. BILL QUIGLEY, Major: Business and Social Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. ROSE MARIE RABE, Major: Elemen- tary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Education. WENDALL RAY, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Industrial Arts, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education. ROBERT RECK, Major: Music, Deg ree: B.S. Secondary, Elementary Education. ANNA MARIE REHM, Major: Social Science, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. 53 Seniors don cap and gown, 1 KEN RICHARDSON, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Marketing, Degree: B.S. GARY RICKMAN, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Physical Education, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education RALPH RUSSELL, Major: Biology, Mi- nor: Agriculture, Degree; B.S. GILBERT SANDER, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: History, Degree: B.S. Second- ary Education KATHERINE SAWYER, Major: Ele- mentary Education, Degree: B.S. Elemen- tary Education GARY SCHENKEL, Major: Physical Edu- cation, Minor: Industrial Arts, Degree: B. S. Secondary Education ROSE SCHLIE, Major: Physical Educa- tion, Minor: Biology, Degree: B.S. Second- ary Education ORIANA SCHMITZ, Major: Business, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.A. JIM SCHOOLEY, Major: Business, Mi- nor: General Science, Degree: B.S. CECIL SEABAUGH, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation LONDELL SEVERSON, Majorr Indus- trial Arts, Minor : Physical Education, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education FELICITY SEVY, Major: Elementary Education, Minor: Social Science, Degree: B.S. Elementary Education RICHARD SEWELL, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Agriculture, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ANNE SEYMOUR, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation BEVERLY SHELTON, Major: Business, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ELOISE SHIPLEY, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation GARY SIEFKEN, Major: Business and Physical Education, Degree: B.S. Second- ary Education MARVIN SKINNER, Major: Physical Education and Social Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education BOBBIE SMITH, Major: Home Econom- ics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education KENNETH SMITH, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education 54 then turn to work clothes !.%«: t MARVIN SMITH, Major: Accounting, Minor: Economics, Degree: B.S. MARVIN W. SMITH, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Industrial Arts, Degree: B.S. OLIVE SMITH, Major: Music, Degree: B.S. Elementary and Secondary Education. PHYLLIS SMITH, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation PRISCILLA SPECHT, Major: Music, Degree: B.S. Elementary, Secondary Edu- cation CICILY SPICER, Major: Fine Arts and Physical Education, Degree: B.S. Second- ary Education CHARLOTTE STAMPER, Major: Phys- ical Education, Minor: Business, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education WILLIAM STEVENSON, Major: Math- ematics and Physics, Degree: B.S. LOUISE STOLTING, Major: Elemen- tary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Education PHILIP STONE, Major: Social Science, Minor: History, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education CONNIE STOOPS, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation RICHARD STUCK, Major: Mathemat- ics, Minor: Physics and General Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education EDWARD SUNDELL, Major: Account- ing, Minor: Finance, Degree: B.A. CAROLYN SUNDERMAN, Major: Phys- ical Education, Minor: Business, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education KAY TAYLOR, Major: Elementary Edu- cation, Degree: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion RUTH ANN THORNTON, Major: French, Minor: Spanish, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education ROBERT TIETZ, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Mathematics, Degree: B.S. MARY ELLEN TIETZ, Major: Business, Minor: Economics, Degree: B.S. JOHN TIPTON, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Physical Education, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education HAROLD TOWNSEND, Major: Busi- ness, Minor: English, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education 55 Seniors receive diplomas, BILL TRIMBLE, Major: Accounting, Minor: Biology, Degree: B.S. DANNY TWADDLE, Major: English, Minor: Social Science, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education NURETTIN UZUNOGLU, Major: Po- litical Science and French, Degree: B.A. STANLEY VANDERWERF, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Physics, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education MARY RUTH VEACH, Major: Elemen- tary Education, Minor: Library Science, Degree: B.S. Elementary Education TERRY VEST, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education EUGENE VOGEL, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Mathematics, Degree: B.S. DALE WALKER, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education BARBARA WARDLOW, Major: Ele- mentary Education, Degree: B.S. Elemen- tary Education CHARLES WATKINS, Major: Math- ematics, Minor: General Science, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education LEE WEIR, Major: Industrial Arts, Mi- nor: General Science, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education JAMES WELLS, Major: Accounting, Mi- nor: General Science, Degree: B.S. VIRGINIA WELLS, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation ROBERT WETZEL, Major: Business, Minor: Mathematics, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education JAMES WHARTON, Major: Physical Education, Minor: Biology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education DIANE WHITE, Major: History, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Secondary Edu- cation MARTHA WHITEHEAD, Major: Eng- lish, Minor: Music, Degree: B.S. Second- ary Education JON WILL, Major: Business, Minor: Ec- onomics, Degree: B.S. LINDA WILLHITE, Major: Business and English, Degree: B.S. Secondary Ed- ucation JOHN WILLIAMS, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Mathematics, Degree: B.S. 56 I best wishes from NWMSC JUDY WILLIAMS, Major: English, Mi- nor: History, Degree: B.S. Secondary Edu- cation ROBERT WILLIS, Major: Mathematics, Minor: General Science, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education ERNEST WILSON, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education BARBARA WISE, Major: Elementary Education, Degree: B.S. Elementary Edu- cation ALBERT WORLEY, Major: Physical Ed- ucation and Industrial Arts, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education SAM WRIGHT, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Social Science, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education JEAN YEAROUS, Major: Business, Mi- nor: Mathematics, Degree: B.S. Second- ary Education ANN YOUNG, Major: Elementary Edu- cation, Degree: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion GENE YOUNGER, Major: Industrial Arts, Minor: Physical Education, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education BRENDA CARRINGTON, Major: Ele- mentary Education, Degree: B.S. Elemen- tary Education DAHLMAN DAVIS, Major: Social Sci- ence, Minor: Sociology, Degree: B.S. Sec- ondary Education VIOLA SWEET, Major: Elementary Ed- ucation, Degree: B.S. Elementary Educa- tion DAVID DRYER, Major: Physics and Math, Degree: B.S. Secondary Education 57 Juniors strive for higher, Duane Abbott Tommy Adamson Mike Anderman Dennis Anderson Dorothy Anderson Harryette Anderson Judith Andes John Andrews Donna Arms Marge Badgett Jon Baier Dixie Bailey Barbara Boyd Bruce Baker Marianne Banker William Bassett Oren Bates Patty Bazan Merlyn Beckler Joe Bell Jean Benefiel Charles Black Judy Black Marilyn Black L. R. Boone William A. Brown William R. Brown Loretta Boatright Michael Boos Susie Bouska Doug Brian Mary Lee Bristow Joe Broz Norman Buesing Alice Burgett Sharon Campbell 58 well-rounded education Wilda Campbell Janice Carr William Carroll Mary Sue Carter Roger Caudle Jacque Cockrill Barbara Chenoweth John Chenoweth Jerry Christensen Paul Christoferrs Cathy Cihak Leroy Claycomb Mary Lee Clements Bob Cobb David Collins Jess Ceilings Keith Collings Glenda Cooper Joy Couts Joe Crandall Bernita Crater Karen Cutler Harvey Dale Ron Davis Jon Denton Mary Ellen Disburg Gerald Daugherty Don Drake Arlene Ecklin Jo Ellen Elam Dick Erb Elvin Farquhar Chester Ferguson Elaine Ferguson Elinor Fine Beverly Fitch di l 59 Juniors have one year left Marilyn Folden Carol Ann Foje Pat Fowler Robert Garten Larry Gelhaar Harold Gentry Shirley Gibson Pat Gillispie Homer Goldner Brenda Graham Dina Grimes Charles Grooms Lucinda Guinn Ron Guthery Larry Hagan Erma Hall Gary Hazelrigg Carolyn Heidtbrink Jeanne Hein Julia Henry Sally Herner Dick Hicks Jack Hisabeck Mariann Hoffman Larry Holland Ronald Holland Richard Hauck Calvin Huffman Marie Hummel Dale Hunziger Caroline Hutchison Dean Isaacson Joyce Iwen Ted Jamison Ada Carolyn Jones Dalton Jones 60 to make the most of college Barbara Jones J. O. Kan Susie Karrasch Pat Keller Merlin Kenagy Ronald Kendall Judy Keplinger Judith Kerns Larry Kerns Martha Kiesz Kathi Kinnick Gary Klever Mary Klever Mary Ann Kneale Fred Kencht Ron Kraft Anita Kuhlman Sharaon Landree Marceline Latham Janice Leavell Jo Ann Lee Martin Lee James Leese Carole Lininger James Litsch Paul Lizzo Kenneth Long Peggy Long Delbert Lund Willard Luther Ivan Lyddon Nancy Marley Scott Marriott Gerald Martin Karen Mast Barbara May 61 Juniors hold most offices David McConkey Marilyn McCoun Betty Jo McDaniel Marlene McKee J. Lee McNichoIs William Milton Richard Mires Richard Monohan Austin Mueller Jan Murphy Gretchen Nardone Don Neidt Christa Newerla Myma Newman Kay Nickerson Marilyn Nielson Ronald Noah Robert Noble Joyce Nold Larry Norfolk Bonnie Norris Bemice Northup Judy Olmstead Sally Omou Wayne Paulsen Barbara Pennington St ephanie Pershing Charles Peterson Larry Peterson Harold Plagman Janet Sue Plummer Karen Porter Priscilla Porter Linda Potter Oliver Propheter William Prichard 62 and run student activities Lonnie Prince Walter Przybylski Dick Pyle Edward Purdin Daniel Ragland Roger Rainey Judy Neeve Mark Renaud Judy Reno Henry Riley Cementina Rivas Patsy Robertson John Robinson Twylia Rockhold Marilyn Rorebeck Bob Ross Ronald Rude Donald Rumerhart Hobert Rupe Karen Ruse Rhea Sabus John Schiltz Dick Schiller Norma Schmidt Jackie Scholl David Sevcik Thomas Sherby Jim Shiverdecker David Sleister Richard Smith Paul Sorenson Kenneth Sprague Edwina Starks Michael Stephens David StoufFer Jeanne Swope 63 Juniors Tvin campus prominence Joanne Swope Janice Tarwater Rebecca Thomas Sylvia Vollstedt Albert Waddell Sandra Warlen Julia Ward Suzanne Walker Sandra Webb Linda Weber Jeanne Wells Bill Welch Ed Whitaker Virginia White Tom Whitney James Wilkinson Caroline Willis Dale Wilson I Qence Sophomores seek success Lawrence Albright Duane Alff Leland Anderson Fred Anthony Mary Anthony Judy Arstrong Edward Atkins Gail Atkinson Roger Axtell Donald Badger Jim Baker Kennith Baker Gary Barber Betty Barr Carole Barton Jo Batemen Bob Beck Gary Bell Galen Benton Karen Bjorn Bonie Bledsoe Fredrick Bradshaw Betty Brand Gary Brasher Florence Brittain Donald Brown Kenneth Brown Kent Bryan Jacqueline Burger Gary Burns John Burrell Paul Burrell Sharon Burton Judith Calvin Karen Campbell James Campbell I 65 Sophomores step out as John Campbell Terry Cellman Bob Chafin Janice Chrisope Lona Christoffers Dennis Clausen Lios Clifton Jim Coen Carl Colhour Barb Combs Penny Conboy Richard Cornelison Bob Cotter Kay Courter John Coy Steven Croley Caye Cross Charlen Culver Richard Cummings Robert Curnutt Sharon Curtis Don Daniel Newell Daniel Losi Davidson Carol David Ellen Davis Jeanne Davis Gary Davis Charlotte Ann DeShon Sandra Dickersbach Larry Diggs Bill Dittmer Dick Dooley Stephen Drake Dennis Duffield Martha Durfee 66 I potential campus leaders Tom Earp Gloria Eickholt Susan Everly Collen Faga Sarah Ferguson Jerry Ferrell Kay Fisher Judy Fletchall John Flora Phyllis Frahm Pat Frakes Karen Frazer Susan Garnet Harriet Garton James Gaughan Richard Gebert Farah Geer Eileen George Bill Gibson Nora Cardine Godsey Carolyn Gould Jack Gray Maureen Greeley John Gregersen Frankie Griffin Bette Grouse Leslie Grow Joe Growney Ellen Grube Greg Guenther Jerry Hall Roger Halleck Shirley Hamilton Ronald Hammack Gary Hammer Jim Haney 67 New ideas, higher ideals Gary Hanson Gladys Hansen Bill Hardesty Paul Hargis Merlin Harrah Wayne Hartman Joe Heator Karlene Hendrix Karen Hersh Danny Hill Sharen Hill Judy Hoffelmeyer Norma Hohlfeld Carolyn Hoist Genova Holbrook W. C. Holbrook Penny Hopkins Ronald Hornecker Linda Houck Ronald Houston Carolyn Houts Ron Hughes Judy Hullman Gary Lee Hultquist Norma Hunsicker Diane Hunt James Hurley Marjorie Huss Jerilyn Irvin Ron Irvin Marvin Jackson Wickie Jackson Mary Lynn Jenson Andy Jones Betty Johnson Harold Johnson i I I 68 fill sophomores ' plans Virginia Johnson Sandra Jorgensen Dennis Karstens James Keever James Kelker John Kelley Marlene Kennon Linda Kensinger Inella Kerber Ramona Kerber Raymond Kirschbaum Marylyn Koger Bridget Kohler Alfred Kohler William Kraft Fred Kratzke Terry Kramer Judith Krutz Sharon Kurtz Jack LaForce Ron Langford Ruth Ann Lamphier Mike Landry Bill Lanio Richard Lappe Donna Larson Phyllis Leu Bob Lewellen Nadine Lind Jerry Lindstrom Lynette Linville Janet Looker Kenneth Long Kenneth Lucas Marilyn Luhrs Roy Maas m tm t AitiiM 69 Sophomores take step up Charles MacDonald Catherine MacPherson Ann Madden Wayne Mains Ina Claire Makings Rhodetta Mardesen Ted Marr Nancy Martin Mary Matthews Martha McCall John McClaran Jim McCoy Larry McDowell Marcia McElwain Bob McGinness Richard McKenzie Robert McLin Beverly McMenamin Beverly Medsker Martha Merrill Leon Messner Paul Mettle Helen Meyers Don Miller Carol Susan Miller Larry Miller Marilyn Miller Richard Miller Bob Million Diana Mitchell Jon Moberg Richard Moellenbernadt Lona Moeller Jan Mohr David Moore Jeanine Moore 70 the ladder of progress Frances Jean Morris Judith Morris Richard Morton William Murphy James Mutti Karen Nancarrow Patricia Nappier Mavis Neese Sharon Nelson Jim Newman Gary Neilson Myrna Niklasen Melba Nookes Richard Okinaka Connie Oliver Jim O ' Riley Karen Ott Joyce Owens Kenneth Owens Eileen Painter Barbara Palermo James Palumbo Eugene Parshall Nancy Patton Sammy Paul Reuben Paulsen Bill Pendgraft Penny Pendleton Fanny Peter Janice Petersen Rex Pettegrew John Phipps Pat Phillips James Polsley Jane Porter Maynard Potter 71 Sophomores Tvelcome Tvork — Richard Preston Judy Pritchard Linda Pugh Carol Sue Pulliam Karen Randall Linda Raney David Ranom Janet Razer Judy Recknor Gary Redmon Larry Reineke Alice Reynolds Denny Rhodes Merwyn Richardson Fred Robbins DeAnna Rodidoux Rita Robinson Mark Rockhold Patricia Rose Jim Round Carolyn Rowe Michael Ryan Marleen Salocker Lanny Schlange Martha Schrimsher Barbara Shell Harold Shepherd Mary Joyce Shepherd Bonnie Sherman Karen Shields Nancy Shipley Orlo Shroyer Audra Showen Dale Shull Keith Siefken Joan Simmons 72 shoulder responsibility James Simmons Jane Simpson David Sipes Karen Slayden George Sloan Carol Smith Marcia Smith Marion Smith Penny Snapp Don Soper William Speaker Ronald Spencer Dean Spiller Jean Spiller Dale Sporleder Suzanne Spraque Connie Stanton Geneveive Staton Twilia Steele Edward Steinman Roger Stickler Ken Stites Carolyn Stolting Tom Stratton David Sunderman Herbert Sutter Kathy Swoboda Sue Teale Robert Terry Donna Theis Helen Thiesen Sharon Thomas Barbara Thompson B. C. Thompson Ledah Thompson Jimmie Thomson 73 Sophomores set standards high Patricia Thompson Sharon Thompson Vern Thompson Sharon Tieman James Tiemeyer Paul Tiemeyer Ronald Timmerman Gary Tomes Patricia Tryon Janet Tussey Russell VanVactor Judy Van Scyoc Wayne Vyrostett Doris Walden Marilynn Wallis Judy Weidner Donald Weigel Kenneth Weis Darlene Weldon Ed Wells Chris West Bob Whyte Bill Wickham Richard Wiederholt Norman Wilcox Tim Willhite Larry Williams Roger Williams Charles Wilson Marilyn Winger Randall Wolcott Richard Wonderlin Richard Woods Fred Woolley John Woolley James Wu m Freshmen begin new career Glenn Acksel Marilyn Agre Alice Akers Stanley Allan Bernard Allen Patricia Ann Allen Ronald Andersen Anita Beth Anderson Martha Anderson Ron Anderson Tim Anderson Ellen Andler Armstrong Arlen Charles Arms Sue Ayers Nancy Bailiff Tommy Baker Karen Barker Robert Barnes Laurene Bateham Mary Lou Beattie Jane Beavers Joy Bein Judith Kay Bell Marvin Bell Shirley Bell Carol Bellagahba Sandra Bender Allan Bennett Tom Bennmett Roger Betts Linda Bish Karen Bixler Beverly Black Linda Black Jay Boettner Kathy Bogdas Ronald Bohlender Judith Bolon Clifford Bond Richard Bonde Rebecca Book ■■ r Numerous, energetic frosh I z Kenneth Booth Kay Bowen Nancy Bowman WiUiam Brandt Delores Breit Robert Brentnall Barbara Briggs Jack Briggs Glenda Bright Gary Brown Mary Jo Bruett Nancy Bruggeman Jerry Buck Vicki Buckley Elaine Buerkens Frances Bulen Bill Bullock Chestine Bunch E. L. Burch Kay Burr Janet Byron Allen Cain Connie Campbell Harvey Carmichael Donald Carrel Sharon Carroll Joyce Carstens Charles Cassity Linda Chambers Mary Lou Chappell Barbara Chick Mary Chivington David Christensen Eldon Christensen Steve Christensen Darlene Christian Betty Christiansen Diane Clark Harold Clark Sandra Clark Sharon Clark Vernon Clemens establish new tradition James Cline Loretta Close Mildred Cockrill Judith Cole Jerry Collins Harry Combs Karl Combs Mary Conway Merle Corley Robert Cornelison Sandra Cornett Steven Cottle Joni Cowger Curt Cowles James Cox Michael Cox Wanda Cox Rexine Crawford David Dack Lowell Damewood Delores Dana Geneva Darnell Larry Demick Catherine Derks Ronald Derks Jim Devers Connie Dew Judith Dewey Michael Dewey Bob Dickey Larry Diggs Nann Dills Doyle Dinkens Dennis Dinkla James Doran Joyce Dorrel Linda Douglass Jerry Dougherty Glenda Drummond Walter Duffen Joan Dygert Judith Early Freshman orientation — first Roberta Edlin Wick Eisenberg Merle Engleka Carolyn Enis Joyce Esch Connie Ewing Karemann Falk Lorraine Faubion Laree Feller Charles Ferguson Larry Van Fetterhoff Phillip Fetters Ted Findley Sally Fiske Ronald Fitch Sharon Fitzpatrick Evelyn Fletchall Pat Fletcher Dennis Forks Richard Frank Larry Frazho Larry Frazier Sharon Freeman Gary L. Frohn Gerald Fry Larry Fuller Sandra Funderburg Janet Gabbert Thomas Gabel Sheryl Gaines Sharon Ganoe Lawrence Gardner Mary Ann Garrard Marna Gault Jery George Jack Gibson Robert Giffin Tom Giffin Sharon Good Marlene Goodin Danny Gooding Kendel Goslee step toward higher goals Mary Grantham Kay Graves Cheryl Gray Leroy Gray Lana Green Rodney Green Garry Greer Sharon Gridley Shanna Griffin Suzanne Griffith Lynn Grebe Larry Groom Patsy Grooms Ruth Groves Bill Guess Terry Guertin Lana Guske Alvin Hagg Albert Hall Barbara Hall Robert Hall Ronald Hall Dean Hamon Ronald Hanson Judith Ann Hargrave Terry Harlow Larry Harms Sharon Harms David Hart Linda Hartman Kenneth Hatifeld Janet Hawkins Irene Hawley Karen Hays Gary Heese Charles Hein Jerome Heitman John Hembry Stephen Hendersor Kathryn Hendrix Wally Henkle Sally Henry Freshmen learn many Lenis Herbold Sharon Hersh J. E. Hess Ronald Hestand Judy Hill Pat Hillers Phyllis Hilsenbeck Frank Hinesbaugh Nancy Holman Gary Honstedt Joe Hopper Larry Hornbostel Carol Hoshor Robert Howe Judith Huitt Max E. Hull Rodney Hunt Jerri Hunter Carolyn Hurdel Richard Jackson Sally Jackson Glenda Jamison James Johnson Janet Johnson Kristin Johnson Robert Johnson Ruth Johnson Teresa Johnson Christiann Johnston Judith Jones Lou Ann Jones Darrell Jontz Robert Kaisand Sally Kampe L. Paul Kavanaugh Aneta Keith Larry N. Kelly Carol Kennedy Rex Kenyon Michael S. Kindle Linda King Martha Klever ' phases of college life Bill Kneale Michael Knepper Larry Knoke Glenda Knott Barbara Knox James Knox Jean Kobashigawa Mary Ann Krumm Dick Kunce JoAnna Kurtright Daniel Lahue Daniel Lair Helen Lakin Jane LaMar Keith Lambertsen Stephen Lang Ellen Langle Larry Larson Donna Lawless James G. Lawless Carolyn Layton Marna Lechliter Judith Lee G. Michael Lee Sue Lee Richard Leonard Roger Lewis Terry Lewis Frank Lierz Patricia Lininger Georgia Linville Larry Linville Carol Long Laura Lowther Judy Luetjen Sharon Luke Pat Lyon Margaret MacDonald Richard Machholz Gary Magill John Magness Leonard Mainquist New faces, new friends Larry Majers Ronald Majers Barry Martin Jerry Mathews Rita Mayes Joyce A. Mayfield Mary Sue McClain Edward McComb Susan McConkey Connie McDonald Mary Sue McDonald Sharon McElwain B. Leon Mclntyre Richard McKee Bernard McLaughlin Richard McLure Sue McNeill Judie McQueen Gerald Meadows Merlin Messner Karen Metting Barrett Meyer Charlene Meyer Mary Etta Meyer Bill Miles Donald Miller Nancy Miller Sandra Miller Ted Miller Diana Mitchell LaRose Moore Gilbert Moorman Jean More Sharon Morehouse Carol Morrow John Mortensen Doug Mossberg Gail Motzkus Gary Mozingo Marion Murphy John Musgrave, Jr. Sharon Mutti meet incoming freshmen Jo Karen Nash Bob Nelson Charles Nelson Franz Nelson William D. Nelson Emily Nevitt Gerald Nickerson Janice Nixon Susan Nold Ronald Norfolk Jan North Sue Oberhelman Jerry O ' Connell Larry D. Oder Forrest Ohnesorge Richard Olenius Gene Oilman Gerald Frederick W. R. O ' Riley Sandy Orton Donna Osborn Judy Osburn Kathleen Oshel Penny Oswald David Owen Kay Owen Helen Owens Linda Owens Lillian Painter Donna Parks Robert Patience Carl Peterson Kay Pfeiffer Barbara Piatt Roger Pilcher Robert Piatt Karen Popalisky Robert Porter Deborah Price Donald Price Ken Price Larry Price Freshmen arrive with Ed Propst Judith Protzman Thomas Proudfit, Carolyn Piveral Tom Ramsey Dorothy Randazzo Jr. Richard Rash Loren Rex Patty Rice Marilyn Richey Dianna Ridge Donna Rihner Mary Riley Michele Rinehart Core en Rohrberg Ben Rolf Judy Rolls Larry Rosenow Dickie Ross Sherry Rothe Marilyn Ruddell Theresa Ryan Richard Saccaro Daryl Sanborn John Scharp Karen Schmidt Sharon Schmidt Ronald Schmitz Myrna Schnegelberger Forrest Schnobrich Doris Schreiner Jane Schultz Larry Schuman Shirley Scott Steve Sell Ralph Shaffey Jane Shaver Betty Shelton Judy Sheldon Barbara Sherbo Ellen Shiffer John Shipley : dreams and expectations ■■w Sharon Shipley John Siehl Anne Simpson Harper Slagle Terry Smelcer Judy Smiser Carolee Smith Connie Smith Don Smith Ellen Smith Mary Alice Smith Sharelle Smith Sheila Smith Stanley Smith Dick Snyder Steven Sommer David Sonnenburg Soren Sorensen John Spencer Barbara Spieker Paul Speiker Sheryl Spies Vivian Stark Willia Steinhauser Joe Stephens Richard Stevens Stan Stillwagn Michael Stoll David Stone Jane Stoner Richard Strauch Sharon Stuart Larry Suiter Sue Sullivan Joyce Sullwold Robert Sutton Don Sylvester Norma Taggart Donnis Tanner Deanna Taylor Glendena Taylor Robert Taylor .i Whirl of campus events k.V.y «A Roma Taylor Donna Tharp Bob Thomas Denneth Thompson Stephen Thummel Linda Todd Shirly Townsend Larry Trade Shirly Trimble Joyce Troyer Luella Tryon Tommy Tucker Charles Turner Delores Tuttle Marge Tyler Marlys Updegraff Larry Vandawalker Jon Volkens Pat Wagner Marsha Walbum Elaine Waldeier Sue Waldeier Patsy Wallace Patty Walton Arthur Ward H. Charle Ware Curtis Ware Dennis Walters Dale Weeks Jerry Weese Richard Welch Averill West Peggy Wetzel Peggy Whan James White Jimmy White Susan Whiteman Howard Whiteside Barbara Wilkinson Ed Williams Stan Wilson Carolyn Witshire i challenges eager Freshmen Roger Wisdom Yvonne Wogan Andrew Wolfer Judy Ann Wolverton Miriam Wood Judy Woolgar Valeria Wortman Delbert Wright Dennis Wright Nancy Wright Sherry Wright David Wychoff Robert L. Yates Ronald L. Yates Dianne Young Roscoe Young Dorothy Zaiger Nellis Zion Class Officers Seniors President : Larry Davis Vice-President: Bill Needels Secretary: Margaret Christian Treasurer: Ann Young J uniors President: Bob Cobb Vice-President : Dixie Gomel Secretary: Joann Lee Treasurer: Ronald Kraft Sophomores President: Don Soper Vice-President: Richard Comelison Secretary: Janice Chrisope Treasurer: Judy Prichard Freshmen President: John Siehl Vice-President : Bob Piatt Secretary: Millie Cockrill Treasurer: Judy Huitt . . . A SLAP ON THE BACK FROM V P B . . . BUDDY-BUDDIES! Alphas win scholarship cup — Capture Homecoming cro svn An Alpha Sigma Alpha " Oogley " greeted the rushees at the informal rush party which headed the ASA fall agenda. Rush chairman Cicily Spicer conducted ac- tivities throughout rush week, and all welcomed the sixteen new pledges. Barbara Chick was elected president of the pledge class. In rapid succession came Homecoming activities. One of the most thrilling mo- ments came when sorority sister Anne Chick was crowned Homecoming queen. Placing high in skit competition in the Variety Show was another achievement. The Founder ' s Day Banquet carried out the Homecoming theme in the attendance of the first and last presidents of Phi Phi chapter. An outstanding honor of the chapter was receiving the scholarship trophy for the second consecutive year. Several members were enrolled in honorary scholastic organizations. The Christmas spirit was joyously celebrated with Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at the annual Christmas party for the children from the Noyes Home in St. Joseph. Officers of Phi Phi chapter for the 1961-62 year were Thelma Gerdes, president; Janice Leavell, vice-president; Martha Gray, recording secretary; Jacque Cockrill, corresponding secretary ; and Julia Elmore, treasurer. Busy in campus affairs were Thelma Gerdes, Tower editor. Student Senate; Jan- ice Leavell, assistant Tower editor; Anne Chick, ACE president, AWS vice-presi- dent, Student Senate; Martha Gray, cheerleader captain. Student Senate; June Lee Nelson, Student Senate; Penny Hopkins, Student Senate secretary; Christa Newerla, Miss Northwest Missouri; Joyce Owens, 1961 M-Club queen; Marilyn Miller, Art Club vice-president; Barbara Combs, dorm council; Jane Porter, cheer- leader; Judy Luetjen, cheerleader; Millie Cockrill, freshman class secretary. Thelma Gerdes, President I FIRST ROW: Pat Thompson, JoAnna Kurtright, vice- Wiltshire, Marna Lechliter, Caye Cross, Peggy Whan, Jan president; Karen Popalisky, treasurer; Barb Chick, presi- North. THIRD ROW: Sharon Gridley, Millie Cockrill, dent; Lana Green, secretary. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Suzan Sullivan, Barbara Combs, Judy Luetjen. I MubeK 90 ( A 1 Jo Bateman Marian Borngesser Carol Bugg Jackie Burger Anne Chick Jacqueline Cockrill Bernita Crater Julia Elmore Martha Gray Elizabeth Hankinson Karlene Hendrix Diane Hickey KM W mW Marlene Hizer Judy Hoffelmeyer Gary Hoist Penny Hopkins Wickie Jackson Janice Leavell Marilyn Luhrs r Marilyn Miller Diana Mitchell June Lee Nelson Ghrista Newerla Carol Nordby Joyce Owens Janet Plummer Jane Porter Pat Rucker Gicily Spicer Kay Taylor Suzanne Walker Julia Ward 91 DZ ' s fill membership quota — install Zeta Rho Chapter Attaining quota membership of fifty girls by pledging sixteen new members, Ep- silon Rho chapter of Delta Zeta sorority started the year in high gear. On October 21 the eight initiating officers of the chapter traveled to William Jewell College to install a new chapter of Delta Zeta, Zeta Rho chapter. Several members of Epsilon Rho chapter provided entertainment for banquets and other programs connected with the installation. Shortly after a successful rush season, the Deltas joined into the Homecoming activities. The sorority ' s skit, " The First Movie, " was judged second in the Variety Show. The float and house decorations received honorable mention. Honoring many returning alumnae highlighted the annual Homecoming banquet. The winter dance, directed by the pledges, carried out a beatnik theme. Most of the spring activities centered around the formal dance held March 3 1 . Individual honors to active Deltas included: Elaine Cummings. Homecomina: queen attendant, Wesley president. Organ Guild president, and Piano Repertoire club president; Dixie Gomel, junior class vice-president, SNEA social chairman; Pat Harris, Homecoming Committee co-chairman; Kay Anderson, ACE secretary, Pan-Hellenic secretary; Martha Merrill, Art Club secretary; Sue Henry, YWA vice- president, BSU publicity chairman; Karen Mast. Wesley secretary; Marilyn Zbier- ski, SNEA historian, NW District Chairman of SNE.A.-FTA, Editor of Newman Club paper. Karen Mast, President bijiM. " I ' Pledges — FIRST ROW: Dixie Gomel, pledge trainer; Joyce Dorrel, vice-president; Deanna Taylor, president; Judy Osburn, secretary; Judy Fletchall, treasurer. SEC- OND ROW: Barbara Hawkins, Marlys Updegraff, Marsha Walburn, Connie Wieng, Terri Herring. THIRD ROW: Connie Smith, Shirley Scott, Donna Talty, Cathy Cihak, Ellen Langley, Sue McNeill. 4 Limb Ha 92 I i Harryette Anderson Kay Anderson Betty Barr Jean Benefiel Loretta Boatright Virginia Coughlin r Elaine Cummings Marilyn Fold en Harriet Garten Dixie Gomel Janet Gunson Pat Harris Linda Houck Mary Lynn Jensen Kathi Kinnick Sara Beth Kurtz Betty Jo McDaniel Beverly McMenamin Martha Merrill Lona Moeller Myrna Newman Monica Parks Nancy Patton Penny Pendleton Pat Phillips Karan Porter Linda Pugh Tina Rivas Kathy Swoboda Martha Whitehead Marilyn Zbierski Dr. Wanda Walker 93 " Sail Along with Phi Mu " Is Fall Rush Party Theme " Sail Along with Phi Mu " prevailed as the over-all theme for the sorority ' s fall rush program. The informal party was centered around " Phi Mu Hits the Blue. " Marceline Latham added sparkle to the evening with her pantomime version of " Bell Bottom Blues. " Rush season was concluded with the pledging of sixteen young women. Next came Homecoming and again the sea reigned with the beauty float theme " Sailing to New Horizons. " Recei ing honorable mention, the float depicted the Mayflower. " It ' s a Fact, " an original skit, placed fourth in the variety show. Social events during the year included a Spook Hop, the Sweetheart Dance, the Spring Formal, and mixers with the fraternities. Founder ' s Day was observed March 4. Phi Mu ' s active on campus included Carol Foje, charter member of Cardinal Key; Marilyn Guymond, Judy Andes, Margaret Christian, Pi Omega Pi; Keralyn Bates, vice-president of Pan-hellenic ; Gladys Hansen, Kappa Omicron Pi; Margaret Christian, secretary of senior class; Susan Karrasch, president of AWS; Shirley Henney, secretary of Union Board; Mary Anthony, chairman of Fine Arts committee of Union Board ; Ellen Grube, Homecoming queen attendant. Mary Ellen Disburg, President FIRST ROW: Sue Teale, pledge director; Anne Simpson, vonne Osbom, Shirley Bell, Susan Garnet, Maryln Grouse, vice-president; Lena Ghristoffers, president; Kay Pfeiffer, THIRD ROW: Patty Rose, Karen Nielsen, Garole Barton, secretary; Deborah Price, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Diane Hunt, Dee Decker, Janet Gabbert. Janice Tarwater, Twylia Rockhold, Elaine Waldeier, La- 94 Judy Andes Mary Anthony Keralyn Bates Margaret Christian Mary Christian Mary Lee Clements Arlene Ecklin Beverly Needles Carol Foje Carol Gress Ellen Grube Marilyn Guymon k Connie Stoops Sue Teale ' Sharyn Thompson Linda Willhite Lois Woolsoncroft I Sigma Sigma Sigmas Take Tower Queen Honors ' ■Ship -ahoy " " was the velcoming en,- as twenU-three enthusiastic collegiate mem- bers greeted their guests at their informal " South Seas " rush party. Making the score 50-50. twenty-three new pledges boarded the ship to join the crew and begin the year ' s activities. The traditional " Deep Purple. " theme was used at the formal rush part) ' . Sigma Sigma Sigma and Phi Sigma Epsilon combined their efforts in cam- paigning, working, and celebrating homecoming as well as other activities. Oriana Schmitz was attendant to the Homecoming queen. All efforts in the float division were concentrated on the beauty float " The First Flowers of Spring, " which recei ed first honorable mention honors. Another first honorable mention was received by the ariety show skit depicting the first telephone. Sigma " spiked " another victory as their house decorations " The First Continental Railroad, " earned the second place award. Also placing was a crown group. The annual Christmas party was held at the home of the soro-Oriana Schmitz, president ritv sponsor. Miss Neva Ross. Two other annual events of the year were the spring formal and the Founders Day Banquet. Campus acti ities for Sigmas include: Ann Young, senior class treasurer, presi- dent of Panhellenic: Jo Ann Lee, junior class secretary; Janice Chrisope, sophomore class secretary: Judy Pritchard. sophomore class treasurer; Janice Chrisope and Marsha McElwain. cheerleaders: Sharon Hill and Sherry Wright, majorettes; Martha Guest. AWS style show chairman; CarolvTi Sunderman, Pi Omega Pi treas- urer: Sue Crone, Sigma Tau Rose Queen, Cardinal Key, student body vice- president ; Oriana Schmitz, dorm council : and Marylyn Koger, Homecoming ticket committee chairman. FIRST ROW: Jo Ellen Elam, Ina Claire Makings, treas- THIRD ROW: Jeanne Wells, Susie Bouska, Pat Lyon, urer; Marcia McElwain, secretary: Judy HuUman, vice- Sherry Wright, Karen Hersh, Jo Karen Nash. FOURTH president; Christiann Johnson, president. SECOND ROW: Lana Beamer, Ellen Kae Shiffer, Marcia Smith, ROW: Janie Beavers, Linda Wray, Dorothy Pfeifer, Lou Gloria Eickholt, Pat Grooms. . " Knn Jones, Sharen Hill, Judi Hargrave, Connie McDonald. Mar Oriana Schmitz, president . J- ' 96 mmt mm r Marge Badgett Carol Beaman Joan Bennett Janice Chrisope Sue Crone Martha Durfee Susan Grube Martha Guest Judy Hullman Betty Johnson Marilyn Kroger Marilyn Larsen Jo Ann Lee Ina Claire Makings Kay Nickerson Judy Pritchard Linda Rainey Bobby Smith Marlene Salocker Carolyn Sunderman fe.. til ■ Janet Taylor Sylvia Vollstedt Darlene Weldon Ann Young 97 Phi Lambs enjoy first year as national chapter On May 22, 1961, colonization on Northwest Missouri State College campus ended, and the Phi Lambs were recognized as Iota Chapter of Phi Lambda Chi Fraternity. Mixers, house parties, and intramural competition received the attention of all Phi Lambda Chi acti es and pledges throughout the year. The annual Christmas Ball, Founder ' s Banquet, and participation in Homecoming activities received much attention. In intramural sports, the fraternity ranked high with teams in bas- ketball, bowling, and football being among the top teams in competition. Iota chapter received the National Scholastic Award and is looking forward this year to the competition for the Inter-fraternity Scholastic Award. William Kurtz was elected Chapter Supervisor to assist the chapter, and Robert Smith was elected Missouri Governor to represent Iota at the National level. During the past year. President Gerald Piittmann represented Phi Lambda Chi well by being elected vice-president of Blue Key Honor Fraternity, and treasurer of the Inter-Fraternity Council. Officers for the past year were: Gerald Piittmann, president; Oren Bates, vice- president; Ronald Guthery. secretary: Edward Purdin, treasurer; Kenneth Sprague, house manager, and Charles Peterson, kitchen manager. 1: : I Gerald Piittmann, President Pledges — FIRST ROW: Tim Anderson, secretary; Larry derman, pledge master. SECOND ROW: Dennis Clausen, Bayles, vice-president: Gary Hanson, president: Mike An- Jon Moberg, John Fay. ( I 98 w»« P75,;. AA Mike Anderman Jerry Ferrell Bill Jetton Bill Peterson Oren Bates William Richard Brown James Campbell Terry Cellman Richard Goold Joe Growney Ron Guthery Richard Houck mA m John Kelly Don LeMasters Jerry Norfolk Lanny Paul Charles Lee Peterson Edward Purdin Ken Richardson John Robinson i ' MJ Kenneth Sprague Ken Stites Edward Sundell Stanley VanderWerf Bill Wickman Dale Woods Phi Sigma Epsilon Takes Homecoming Supremacy Trophy Nil chapter of Phi Sigina Epsilon returned to the residence. 940 College Avenue. with renewed isror for the ensuins college ear. A most successful rush was held with se ' enteen new members being added to the brotherhood. Homecoming acti ities foimd the brothers justly proud of their hard vork and sleepless nights. PSE captured first in the " ariet ' show, first in the beauty float, and first in overall parade participation. The Homecoming Supremacv trophy now rests on the mantle of Phi Siema Epsilon. Social mixers and house parties were held widi the difTerent social sororities on campus. The Chiistmas Ball. Phi Sig Rumble, and the Orchid Ball were high points of fraternity social life for the school year. Representation and participation in campus afTairs occupied the extra time of manv members as follows: Bill Quiglev. vice-president of the Inter-Fraternitv Council ; Lariy Da is and Dale Sporleder. Inter-Fraternity Council members : Earl Boyd. Union Board chairman; Dale Sporleder. Union Board treasurer: Larn.- Tim- memian. Union Board Committee chairman; Lany Timmerman. Earl Bcyd. and Bob Cobb. Blue Key; Bob Cobb. Larry Timmerman. and Don Soper. student sen- ate: Larrv,- Da is. senior class president: Bob Cobb, junior class president: Ron Kraft, junior class treasurer: Don Soper. sophomore class president: Rich Corneli- son. sophomore class ice-president. The executive Council was as follows: President. Bill Ouigley. vice-president. Lany Davis; secretar ' . John Massengale: treasurer. Ron Ideker: pledge master, LaiTy Timmerman. house manager. Larr Green: corresponding secretary Dale Sporleder. FIRST ROW: John Phipps. assistant pledge trainer: Jim fingwell. Larry Reineke. Joe Xeff. Jerrv- Horton. THIRD Xedrow. secretary; Ron Timmerman. co-captain: Larry ROIV: Taso . nthan. Chuck Ziegler. Dick McBride, David Stephens. Richard Okinaka, captain : Larry Timmerman, Ranum. Dale Stephens. Dick Dooley. pledge master. SECOXD ROH ' : Larry Williaims. Joe Lef- i A i: Bill Quiglev, President 100 m i m tf iik iMiJiM Fred Arbuckle Rich Cornelison Larry Green Charles Killingsworth Gerald Martin Harold Sheppard Earl Boyd Larry Davis Dick Hicks Terry Kremer Karl Morrow Dale Sporleder Ron Burns Jim Engstrom Dale Hunsinger Ron Langford James Offenbacker Don Vasos Ward Bean OIlie Cromwell Greg Guenther Ron Kraft John Massengale Don Soper Larry Brown Tom England Larry Holland Jack LaForce Don Neidt Larry Timmerman John Chcnoweth Bob Foley Ron Ideker Dave Lovelace John Phipps Charlie Wilson Bob Cobb Dick Gcbert Pete Jacobs Gene Lust Harold Flagman John WooUcy Dave Collins Larry Gelhaar Dennis Karstcns Lew Maris Ron Scvcrson Mrs. Ethel Aldrich, housemoihei Sigma Tau Gamma Succeeds in Winning Intramural Crown Theta chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma started the year as proud holders of the Scholarship Trophy, the Intramural Supremacy Trophy, and the Homecoming Supremacy Trophy. The Sig Tau Halloween party, Christmas Ball, and the White Rose dance were the three main social functions of the year. Sue Crone was chosen queen at the 1961 White Rose Dance. Phil Richmond supervised a successful fall rush resulting in 17 Theta chapter pledges to supplement the active membership of 50 men. Tau ' s got ofT on the right foot athletically by defending their intramural title, winning the tennis, football, and wrestling trophies. Many members of the fraternity also won letters in varsity sports. In Homecoming, Sigma Tau Gamma captured first place in house decorations, placed in the variety show competition, and received honorable mention for its beauty float. Tau ' s active in campus organizations are: Gene Vogel, Blue Key president and Homecoming co-chairman ; Bill Needels, senior class vice-president. Union Board vice-president, and student senator; Dale Hansen, student intramural director; Larry Kulisek, Pi Kappa Delta president; Lee Weir, 4-H Club president; Myrl Nichols, Young Democrats club vice-president; Larry Wilkinson, Carl Mayes, Larry Kulisek, Gene Vogel, Union Board committee chairman. Chapter officers for the year are Bill Needels, president; Bob Noble, vice- president; Gene Vogel, secretary; Harold Tomquist, treasurer; Bob Willis, house manager; Joe Crandall, chaplain. Bill Needels, President ■V FIRST ROW: David Purtell, secretary, treasurer; Scott Jay Rash, Randall Jansen, John Kelley, Jim Burge. Marriott, vice-president; Harold Gentry, president; Robert THIRD ROW: Ed Wells, Jim Hurley, Ray Christie, Keith Noble, pledge trainer. SECOND ROW: Jerome Ransom, Coilings, Bill Kraft. ■Bi H WM " Si ' ww hMc n n m M midiM Garrett Addison Joel Crandall Gary Hawthorne Phil Mackey Chuck Sanders Eugene Vogel Ed Atkins Charles Grouse John Kelley George Marsh Jim Sanders Lee Weir Dennis Bean Don Daniel Larry Kulisek Myrl Nickols Perry Spies Bob Willis John Bregin Terry Day Don Lacy Robert Noble Tom Stephens Sam Wright Kermit Bright Don Friday Jim McCoy Phil Richmond Bill Stevenson Jerry Young Larry Brown Vic Guyman Maurice McDonald Jack Rogers Harold Tomquist Steve Zimmerman 103 Teke ' s Capture 196l- ' 62 Student Body President Post Delta Nu chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon started its activities with a rush week which resulted in the acquisition of 14 pledges. Next came Homecoming activities in which TKE received second for the beauty float and best clown with Denny Rhodes. In keeping with the holiday tradition, the Christmas Dance was held with ap- proximately 100 couples in attendance. The Christmas orphans party held in conjunction with Alpha Sigma Alpha was successful. The boys from the Noyes Home ate dinner at the Fraternity house. The Order of Diana, our mother ' s club, has been extremely active all year long. They have given the house several nice gifts and they have held several dinners for the men and parents. For the men of TKE, individual accomplishments and combined efforts are count- less. A few examples are as follows: Joe Merrigan, president of the student body; Norm Wilcox, J. C. Combs, Bob Cotter, student senate; Denny Rhodes, Tom Custer, Bob Cotter, Pat Boyd, union board members; Bob Briggs, Northwest Missourian photographer; Allen Meyers and Whitey Nowak, Homecoming co-chairman; Dick Krambeck, president of Blue Key and Intra-Fraternity Council; J. C. Combs, band president, MENC president,, member of Blue Key; Bob Cotter, Pi Kappa Delta president, debate team; Chris West, Northwest Missourian sports editor. M l Dick Krambeck, president FIRST ROW: Denny Rhodes, pledge master, John Camp- Owens, secretary. SECOND ROW: Bruce Baker, Terry bell, president, Abby Hoashangian, treasurer, Kenneth Lewis, Sephen Drake, Bob Baxter, Bill Lanis, Jim Coen. J ■i.1 I 104 wuiter Xo, ' ™«Wil(, m Rod Burrell Jim Dick John Miller Jerry Rose Chris West Roger Anderson John Andrews Gary Barber Stu Bintner Joe Bopp Pat Boyd Robert Briggs Bob Cotter J. C. Combs Dale Cooper Steve Croley Tom Custer Larry Dalby Richard Devers Dwight Grantham Jack Gray Mike Landry Roy Maas Joe Merrigan Phil Messner Allen Meyer John Morgan Jim O ' Riley Rich Preston Van Price Gary Pross Mark Renaud Denny Rhodes Richard Schmitz Dick Shipley Gary Siefkan Ron Sievers Mike Stevens Bill Trimble Giles Walter Norman Wilcox Chuck Woodring Ben Woolley Lowell Wright Ron Zimmerman Ward Rounds, advisor Bill Scott, advisor 105 Houses are setting for fraternity living Phi Lambda Chi members try their luck at cards in the fraternity house living room. ' Members of Sigma Tau Gamma ad- mire the trophies displayed in the house lounge. A . ' 1 fi ' m Mascot Wee Toy is a favorite member of the Phi Sigma Epsilon household. 106 t y I Inter-Fraternity Council — FIRST ROW: Gerald Piitt- mann, treasurer: Bill Needels, secretary; Dick Krambeck, president; Bill Quigley, vice- president ; Mr. Jack Lasley, Dean of Men. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Sprague, Ed- ward Purdin, Phil Richmond, Rod Burrell, Dale Sporleder, Larry Davis, Larry Wilkinson. The TKE house decoration at Homecoming featured the first Homecoming football game. The house decoration of the Phi Lambda Chi fraternity depicted the " Last Rites " for the opposing football team. Members of Tau Kappa Epsilon eat all of their meals in the din- ing area of the house. Pan-Hell fosters bond in sisterhood A house decoration built around the ideas of the first railroad carries out the theme of ' " Famous Firsts and Lasts. " Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority entertains the prospective pledges at a South Seas rush party. Oooglies galore greeted the rushees of .Alpha Sigma .Mpha. The Delta Zeta rush party featured a Japanese theme. I 108 Pan-Hellenic Council — FIRST ROW: Janice Leavell, treasurer: Kay Anderson, sec- retary; Mrs. L. G. Bladt, spon- sor; Ann Young, president; Keralyn Bates, vice-president. SECOND ROW: O r i a n a Schmitz, Thelraa Gerdes, Dixie Gomel, Carol Foje, Mary Ellen Disburg. THIRD ROW: Karen Mast, Marian Bornges- ser, Jean Benefiel, Marge Bad- gett, Susie Karrasch. Alpha Sigmas entertain rushees at their Oogley party. 4 ' ? ) Delta Zeta rushees were greeted by girls dressed in the Japanese costume. The Phi Mu rush party centered around the sea. 109 i V 1 Mitt " tliiiwiiiiift . . . THE PROFESSIONAL SPIRIT IN " i ' : I S F l I t ..i ALMOST LIKE WORK! kil GSS lends helping hand t.r.i. FIRST ROW: Jeanne Swope, reporter; Gayle Houk, sec- ond vice-president ; Mary Ann Kneale, corresponding sec- retary; Janet Kaye Hanson, treasurer; Saundra Krokstrom, president: Evelyn Nash, recording secretary; Glenda ODougherty, historian : Pat Keller, first vice-president ; Ruth Ann Elliott, parliamentarian. SECOND ROW: Miss Barbara Palling, sponsor; Jacquline Bea, Donna Arms, Ramona Kinder, Sarah Meyer, Joan Simmons, Connie Johnson, Mrs. Dorothy Walker, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Elinor Fine, Marilynn Wallis, Eileen George, Nancy Hill, Anne Seymour, Janice Murphy. FOURTH ROW: Karen Hummel, Julia Henry, Karen Mast, Mariann Hoffman, Karen Holmes, Janice Peterson. FIFTH ROW: Joanne Swope, Martha McCall, Mary Ann Miller, Loretta Farmer, Linda K. Jones, Cleanne Ferguson, Penny Snapp. The local chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma became affili- ated with the national organization at the National Conven- tion in Boston in June. Alpha Gamma chapter began the year by helping with Freshman Orientation. This not only included assisting with the orientation tests, but also aiding Education I instructors in acquainting the new students with the campus. Publishing the Student-Faculty Directory was another contribution made by the sorority at the beginning of the school year. .A.n outstanding project was the sewing kits which were added to the women ' s restrooms. Thanksgi ing and Christmas were busy times with decorating the Union cafeteria and tables as well as helping Alpha Phi Omega put out the Christ- mas illuminaries to light the campus. Other projects included ushering at concerts and other college functions, participating in the Ugly Man contest for the Student Loan Fund, helping with the individual TO N ' ER pictures, and sponsoring a baby- sitting service. Many Gamma Sigs gained experience as guides when they participated as such at Career Day. The group enjoyed several formal and informal get- togethers with Alpha Phi Omega as well as sharing several work projects. Miss Barbara Palling and Mrs. Dorothy Walker guided the girls as sponsors. .«?--? FIRST ROW: Sarah Ferguson, Carol Sue Miller, Gayle Houk, second vice-president; Pat Gillespie. SECOND ROW: Sharon Burton, Edwina Starks, Marilyn Rorebeck, Carolyn Rowe, Linda Kensinger. THIRD ROW: Charlotte Stamper, Anna Marie Rehm, Carolyn Heidtbrink, Marion Murphy. v V v y Service club boosts loan fund FIRST ROW: John A, Bush, second vice- president; Phil Stone, first vice-president; Rich- ard T. Smith, president; Jerald Norfolli, treas- urer: Paul Sorensen, secretary. SECOND ROW: Harry Roberts, Jerry Gilliland, Richard L. Mc- Kenzie, John F. McClaran, John Gilliland, Larry Norfolk. THIRD ROW: Jim Coen, Dal- ton F. Jones, Pat Murphy, Bill Brandt, Chris West, Russell Van Vactor. Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity kicked off the 1961-62 school year with a smoker for prospective members at which the national executive secretary was the main speaker. Twenty-seveii men were pledged, the largest pledge class the fraternity has had for some time. Dr. R. P. Foster was in- ducted as an honorary member of the chapter. The fraternity continued its many services to the campus. Among these were providing coatcheck stands at the all- school dances, aiding with Campus Bowl, assisting with park- ing, and packing books for the library. Special projects during the fall semester were assistance with Freshman Orientation, a " Keep Your Den Clean " cam- paign in conjunction with Gamma Sigma Sigma sorority, and putting up Christmas decorations on campus. During the spring semester, the men of Alpha Phi Omega assisted the women of Gamma Sigma Sigma with a March of Dimes drive on campus and in April they organized the sec- ond annual Carnival in conjunction with the Ugly Man con- test for the purpose of raising money for the Student Loan Fund. In the way of fraternity social affairs, the group held sev- eral informal mixers and a formal dance with its sister organi- zation. Gamma Sigma Sigma. , - :.:ai k FIRST ROW: Larry LeCocq, secretary; James R. Wilson, vice-president; Thomas Lynch, president; Larry Larson, treasurer; John Bush, pledge master. SECOND ROW: Bill Nelson, Ron Norfolk, Bob Piatt, Bob Dickey, Bob Johnson. THIRD ROW: Rich- ard Welch, John Locke, Mike Knepper, Darryl Fryer. FOURTH ROW: Jim John- son, Howard Whiteside, Edward McComb, Larry Kelly. Senate adds advisory board FIRST ROW: Peter Jackson, sponsor ; Kenneth Thompson, sponsor; Penny Hopkins, sec- retary; Joe Merrigan, presi- dent; Sue Crone, vice- president; C. E. Koerble, spon- sor. SECOND ROW: Martha Gray, Thelma Gerdes, Larry Timmerman, Bob Cotter, Bob Cobb, Anne Chick, June Lee Nelson. THIRD ROW: Don Soper, J. C. Combs, Norman Wilcox, Bill Needels. The Student Senate, in its endeavor to represent the stu- dents in every field possible, suggested policies to the faculty on naming the buildings on campus, wearing bermuda shorts and slacks, leveling penalties for thievery, and making im- provements in the cafeteria service. A major project of the Senate was the revision of the Student Handbook. The Senate was responsible for establish- ing and supervising the procedures for all major elections on campus. Many facets of Homecoming such as the Pep Rally, ' ariety Show, and Queen elections were under the direction A new branch of government, the Presidential Advisory Cabinet, was added to the structure of the student body government in 1961-62. The cabinet was formed in an attempt to equalize student government representation and to provide more ideas for solutions to campus problems. Through the Student Body President, the cabinet works in conjunction with the faculty, student senate, and Union Board. of the Senate. An amendment to the constitution was made to improve class elections. Long range projects of the Senate have been to promote freshman class spirit, to have better elections, and to improve organization of future Homecomings. Those committees which were continually active during the year were the Student-Faculty Disciplinary Committee, Stu- dent Court, Communications Board, and the Student Affairs Committee. The cabinet acts as an observer for problems that are most prevalent on campus and presents them to the president with possible solutions. Some of the major items discussed included the problems connected with Freshman initiation, the phone situation in the women ' s dorms, and traffic problems on campus. The new code of motor vehicle regulations was drawn up by the cabinet. Richard T. Smith, Rich- ard Schmitz, Jimmie E. Meadows, Joe A. Merri- gan. FIRST ROW: Don Schooler, sponsor; Mary Anthony, Chris- ta Newerla, Judy HuUman, WiUiam Prichard, Luther G. Belcher, Jr., sponsor. SECOND ROW: Eugene Vogel, Harry Roberts, Larry Kulisek, Joe Merrigan, Larry Timmerman. wf Union Board increases scope of achievements The 1961-62 Union Board, sponsor of many student activi- ties, increased its scope of achievement this year. Numerous college students worked on the ten Union Board committees. With the leadership of Earl Boyd, President, the Board provided both social and scholastic activities for the student body. Den movies, after-dinner dances, and the three major all-school dances fulfilled the social aim. On the intellectual side, the Board sponsored the increasingly popular Campus Bowl. Another .project undertaken was the publication of the Student Handbook, which proved to be- a vital aid to fresh- men students. Union Board officers are Shirley Henney, secretary ; Earl Boyd, chairman; Bill Needles, vice-chairman ; Dale Sporleder, treasurer. ALPHA PSI OMEGA OFFICERS: Ronald Sandmaier, president; Stephanie Pershing, secretary: Bonnie Norris, treasurer: Pat Dun- ham, vice-president. Drama students are familiar with make-up and scripts In an effort to promote interest in dramatics, the Drama Club has produced a Night of One Act Plays — " Dust of the Road " and " The Wonder Hat. " In order that the speech student might gain more experience in dramatics, the stu- dents not only acted in the plays, but also helped direct them. Under the direction of the president, Pat Dunham, plans were made to attend some theater productions in other areas of the Mid-West. Of the number of students enrolled in Drama Club, thirteen participated in the production of " Tall Story " and four in " The Heiress. " Miss Dorothy Weigand has filled the position of Drama Club sponsor. Fon l| peted It lory, a The Drama Club — FIRST ROW: Stephanie Pershing, secretary- treasurer; Pat Dunham, presi- dent; Bonnie Norris, vice-presi- dent; Miss Dorothy Weigand, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Krumm, Rebecca Book, Daphne Hickman, Jeanne Hein, Carolyn Enis. THIRD ROW: Sandra Clark, Bob Cotter, Bob Gill, Ken Price, Denny Rhodes. FOURTH ROW: James Hur- ley, Bill Hardesty, Chuck Corri- gan, Norman Wilcox, Jerry Mathews. lain, Mr 116 Pi Kappa Delta — FIRST ROW: George Fountain, treasurer; Bob Cotter, president; Priscilla Porter, vice- president; Jeanie Morris, secretary. SECOND ROW: Mari- lynn Wallis, James Smith, John Miller, Jim Phillips. Bob Cotter, president, guided the year ' s activities of Pi Kappa Delta, honorary forensics fraternity. Other officers were Priscilla Porter, vice-president; Jeanie Morris, sec re- tary; and George Fountain, treasurer. The group met twice monthly for special programs. The year ' s money-making project was a car-wash held in October. Forensics students compete in national debate tourney Forensics students, coached by director of forensics David Parker, enjoyed a profitable and busy season. Students com- peted in debate, discussion, extemporaneous speaking, ora- tory, and oral interpretation. The debaters met especially strong competition at a na- tional tournament held at Emporia, Kansas, in October, when they debated teams from such schools as Northwestern and Dartmouth. Other tournaments attended were those at Wayne, Nebraska; Winfield, Kansas; and William Jewell College, Liberty. ■,ur ROH. ' eue, pus- ! ' :»■ tor «ca Bool, jdiia Hfii m « " ■■■ Forensics — FIRST ROW: Jim Phillips, Marilynn Wallis, Priscilla Porter, Jeanie Morris, James Smith. SECOND ROW: Bob Cotter, Bob Chafin, John Miller, George Foun- tain, Mr. David Parker, sponsor. 117 FIRST ROW: Martha Merrill, secretary; Marilyn Miller, vice-president; Mary Helen Goff, president; Daryl Sanborn, treasurer; Henry Nowak. SECOND ROW: Darrell Mc- Ginnis, sponsor; Jane Howard, Bonnie Bled- soe, Janice Nixon, Judy Kay Jones, Janet Hawkins, Charles Johnson, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Robert Sunkel, sponsor; Cicily Spicer, Tommy Tucker, Gerald Piittmann, Richard Erb, Nancy Bruggeman. FOURTH ROW: Jean Fegan, Fred Arbuckle, Darwin Hensley, Bill Bassett, Bob Fine, Tom Fairlie, Gayla Miller. Line and dimension interest Art Club and Kappa Pi Throughout the |3ast year the Art Club members have par- ticipated in many interesting programs at the monthly meet- ings. Featured were lectures and fihns which broadened and enriched their knowledge and interest in the art world. Busy with various activities, the club took part in and as- sisted with the faculty art exhibit, the senior exhibit, and the student exhibit. Also, for the first time, the Art Club en- Kappa Pi, national honorary fraternity for art majors and minors, had an active year imder the su|Dervision of Henry Nowak, president, and Charles Johnson, Robert Sunkel, and Barrel McGinnis, sponsors. During the year, Kappa Pi held an exhibit in the art de- partment lounge. Outstanding Freshman and Senior awards tered the Homecoming festivities with a house decoration for which they won third place. In co-operation with Kappa Pi, the Art Club will take part in redrcorating the Den during the coming year. Art Club activities have been under the able .sponsorship of Charles Johnson, Darrell McGinnis, and Robert Simkel. were presented. In 1961, Nancy Merrick received the Out- standing Senior Award. Other acti ities included designing a series of sketches pending approval to- decorate the interior of the old Den. Near the close of the spring semester new pledges were initiated and honored at a banquet. FIRST ROW: Cicily Spicer, Henry Nowak, president; Jane Howard. SECOND ROW: Dar- rell McGinnis, sponsor; Tom Fairlie, vice-president; Fred Ar- buckle, Charles Johnson, sponsor; Robert Sunkel, sponsor. Wl FIRST ROW: Ron Cross, president; Anita Kuhlinan, vice-presi- dent; Carolyn Sunderman, treasurer; Harryette Anderson, secretary: Edward Browning, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Guymon, Marilyn Folden. Carole Clemmons, sponsor; Judy Andes, Thelma Gerdes, Brenda Graham, Pi Omega Pi members build on business education Pi Oint E;a Pi, a national honorary business education fra- ternity, began the year with fifteen active members. However, three new pledges were added to the roll during the first semester: Janice Leavell, Norma Wiicster, and Judy Pritch- ard. Also, the chapter gained two new sponsors for the year — Miss Carol Clemmons and Mr. Ed Browning. During the year, the chapter held instructive panel discus- sions, viewed educational film strips, and heard guest speak- ers from the teaching profession and the business world. A field trip was taken first semester to St. Joseph where the group isited the Quaker Oats i lant and the Big Smith Clothing Co. The annual Pi Omega Pi ban(]uet was held at Armstrong ' s Restaurant in the S]5ring. At the banquet awards were |)re- sented to the outstanding junior and senior of the cha]3ter. Other activities for the year were the annual Christmas party, the two social hours to tell prospective members about the organization, and a spring picnic. 119 Top students are honored FIRST ROW: Thelma Gerdes, Kathy Palmquist, treasurer, Larry Kulisek, presi- dent, Carol Fankhauser, vice-president. Dr. John Harr, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Guymon, Judy Williams, Sara Beth Kurtz, Judith Andes, Nancy Hill, Ruth Nelson, Janice Leavell. THIRD ROW: Karen Hummel, Anne Seymour, Karen Mast, Dixie Gomel, Barbara Men- sing, Janice Francis, Anita Kuhlman, Anne Hill. FOURTH ROW: Ralph Mes- serli, Carole Lininger, Linda Potter, Joyce Nold, Ron Cross, Janet Hanson, Carolyn Sunderman, Norma Fletchall. Members of Kappa Delta Pi, national honorary education fraternity, held twice-monthly meetings consisting mainly of pane l discussions presented by pledges grouped according to major fields. Such topics as " P ' oreign Language in the Ele- mentary School, " and " Foreign Investment: Enlightenment or Enslavement? " were brought to the attention of the group. Other programs included a guest speaker, Mr. Earl Bragdon of the Social Science department who spoke on " Possibilities of the Peace Corps for Teachers, " and a mock interview and a discussion on " The Job Interview — Implications and Consequences. " Special occasions were not forgotten as evidenced by the Christmas party, a guest speaker during Religious Emphasis Week, and the annual initiation dinner meeting held at Arm- strong ' s. Club reviews latest books Attendance at meetings of Book Club, a departmental organization for English majors and minors, more than doubled this year under the leadership of Tim Johnson, president; Linda Jones, vice-president; and Nancy Rinehart, secretary. Membership cards were introduced. Johnson started the year with a review of the novel " Satur- day Night and Sunday Morning. " Another outstanding con- tribution was by Rose Ann Card and Jeannie Morris as they reviewed three new volumes of poetry. Beatnik poetry and novels were discussed by Bob Johnson at the Christmas meet- ing held at the home of Mrs. Harry Sheetz. Other club members gave reports during the year and discussed new literature as to its value and meaning. Club sponsors include Mr. L. G. Bladt, Mrs. Sheetz, Dr. Frank Grube, and Dr. Charles Rivers. Meetings were held monthly in the Gold Room of the student union. FIRST ROW: Bob Cobb, Tim John- son, President; Nancy Rinehart, sec- retary; Linda Jones, vice-president; Dr. F. W. Grube, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Ruth Ann Elliott, Sharon Nel- son, Karen Miller, Carolyn Hoist, Jeanie Morris, Judy Williams. THIRD ROW: Ellen Grube, Thelma Gerdes, Martha Whitehead, Peggy Long, Ivan Lyddon, Joyce Iwen, Marceline Lat- ham. FIRST ROW: Pat Gillespie, Mary Ann Kneale, secretary; Karen Ruse, treasurer; Carol Fankhauser, president ; Bar- bara Mensing, first vice-presi- dent: Pat Keller, second vice- president; Judith Bayles, guard. SECOND ROW: Emma Mae Pruitt, Carol Davis, Louise Lockhart, Marilyn Larson, Mariann Hoffman, Janice Fran- cis, Carol Foje, recording sec- retary. Another year opened this fall for Kappa Omicron Phi, a national professional fraternity, with a party at the home of sponsor, Miss Mabel Cook. Among the numerous activities undertaken by this group were money-making projects. This year the members made candy and cookies to sell at Homecoming and also held the annual apron sale during the Christmas season. Alpha chapter felt very honored this year to have the privi- lege to initiate into this organization two honorar - members. Dr. Pauline Garrett and Miss Neola Pollard. Four members, Louise Lockhart. Carol Fankhauser, Karen Ruse, and Pat Keller, attended conclave in Memphis, Term., August 22-26. They presented the Memorial Service at the Calvary Episcopal Church on Friday morning of the conclave week. Home Ec. plans for home and society The annual fall picnic to which prospective members were invited headed the calendar of events for Colhecon. New mem- bers and officers were installed at the succeeding meeting. Highlights of the year included the Colhecon-Ag Club hay- ride, the annual Christmas party at the home of sponsor Mrs. Betty Sawyers, the Valentine party, the banquet, and the annual spring show. Colhecon was honored with the presence of guest speakers throughout the year. Mrs. Elbert Godsey gave a demonstra- tion on making shell jewelry, and Jean Kobashigawa, a fresh- man from Hawaii, and Valgerdur Jonsdottir, a high school student from Iceland, spoke on their native countries. Members of Colhecon sold novelty Christmas trees and held bake sales in Roberta and Perrin Halls to finance their activities. Another project was to adopt a family at Christ- mas. 1 FIRST ROW: Norma Hun- sicker, Phyllis Leu, treasurer; Pat Tryon, secretary; Donna Larson, vice-president ; Char- lotte De Shon, presid ent; Cle- anne Ferguson. SECOND ROW: Judy Hill, Joyce Owens, Wanda Cox, Alice Reynolds, Sharon Ostrus, Shanna Grif- fin, Nann Dills. THIRD ROW: Edwina Starks, Judy Rolls, Geneva Darnell, Nancy Holman, Jane Shaver, Carol Long, Janet Byron, Nora Caroline Godsey. FOURTH ROW: Theresa Ryan, Evelyn Goldner, LaRose Moore, Peg- gy Whan, Rosalea Davis, Shar- on Morehouse, Christi Johns- ton, Mary Sue McClain. FIFTH ROW: Judith Dewey, Patty Walton, Patsy Robertson, Marion Murphy, Martha An- derson, Sharon Tieman, Mari- ann Hoffman, Glendena Tay- lor. t4« « Bwn naa Women ' s groups join forces The Town Girls Association, a branch of the AWS, worked this year to foster an integration sys- tem to coordinate the activities of the 200 girls living ofT campus with the dormitory projects. The Association held its meet- ings once a month and took part in suce activities as " Penny Nights. " An informal dance was the highlight of the year. Beverly McMenamin proved to be a ca- pable president for the organiza- tion as it enjoyed another suc- cessful year. FIRST ROW: Beverly McMenamin, president; Norma Fletchall, vice- president. SECOND ROW: Linda Wray, treasurer; Mrs. L. G. Bladt, sponsor. Representatives of the Associated Vomen Students were on hand to greet freshmen and upperclass students prior to regis- tration and to sell blotters which featured a calendar of cam- pus events for the year. The AWS Style Show, planned and organized by Martha Guest, gave freshman girls a glimpse of campus fashions and served as a fitting culmination to the big-little sister program executed by Judy HofTlemeyer. Pat Keller directed work on the Homecoming queen ' s float. a major undertaking for the members. The AWS sponsored their yearly project of " Penny Nights. " Sadie Hawkins Week, climaxed by the Sadie Hawkins Dance, gave the fellows a relief from date expenses. Other important activities directed by the executive council included sending two delegates to State Day in Columbia, and sending a delegate to District Convention at Kansas University. Mrs. L. G. Bladt sponsored the group. FIRST ROW: Susie Karrasch, president ; Anne Chick, vice- president; Betty Jo McDaniel, corresponding secretary. SEC- OND ROW: Marceline Lat- ham, Jeanne Hein, Myrna Newman, Dee Decker, treas- urer; Mrs. L. G. Bladt, sponsor. lA Club looks at industry ) ffUBfi Maad coy FIRST ROW: Roger Still, reporter; Ken Smith, secre- tary-treasurer; Lee Weir, president; Steve Croley, Vice- president: Charles Grouse, Richard Sewell. SECOND ROW: Richard Erb, Dick Houck, Larry Nulph, Ron Davis, Bill Meyers, Joseph Karr, Robert Grout, Mr. Peter Jackson, To get the year off to a good start, the Industrial Arts Club members elected leaders as follows: Lee Weir, president; Steve Croley, vice-president; Ken Smith, secretary- treasurer; and Roger Still, reporter. Its next endeavor was its beauty float in the Homecoming parade. The club ' s entry won fourth place honors. In November, the club took a field trip to Kansas City. On this trip, the group visited Sheffield Steel Corporation, the FIRST ROW: Larry Riley, Cleta Dowden, Mryna Nikla- sen, Patty Rose, Vem Thompson, Roger Wisdom. SEC- OND ROW: Gerald Meadows, Gurtis Ware, Kenneth Long, Dennis Wright, Gary Brasher, George Glute, Charles Ferguson, Howard Ringold, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Rich- ard Morton, Jimmie Thomson, Gary Rowland, Steven Cottle, James Donald Johnson, Dennis Duffield, Andy sponsor. THIRD ROW: Homer Goldner, Troy Evans, Robert Noble, Gary Hammer, Don Cox, Ron Holland. FOURTH ROW: Bill Prichard, Francis Weber, Bill Brown, Jerry Schultz, Robert Fine, Londell Severson. auto show, and Frank Paxton Lumber Company, where they were treated to dinner. Several delegates took in the Missouri Industrial Education Association convention in Columbia, Missouri, on April 13-14. Another field trip to Kansas City was taken in the spiing. Among the places visited were the General Motors assembly plant and the Trans World Airlines overhaul base. Jones, Ray Neese. FOURTH ROW: Merwyn Richardson, Larry Oder, Roger Home, Daryl Dalrymple, Jerry Buck, Rex Kenyon, Dennis Petty. Mike Dewey. FIFTH ROW: Marion Griesinger, Carl Colhour, Wayne Mains, Fred Kratzke, Orlo Shroyer, Stan George, Randall Wolcott, Kent Bryan. ' :. . AS ; a -, F ?5r fiOPT; Kathy Palmquist, Kay Anderson, secretary; Sue Crone, Anne Chick, president; Janet Hanson, treasurer; Nancy Anne Hill. SECOND ROW: Miss Kathryn McKee, spon- sor; JoAnn Rankin, Monica Parks, Sharon Campbell, Donna Buckley, Ann Madden, Miss Neva Ross, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Susan Grube, Jacque Cockrill, Kay Taylor, Kay Fisher, Marylyn Koger, Helen Meyers, Anne Seymour. FOURTH ROW: Karen Mast, Treva Hunter, Marilyn Zbicrski, Myrna Niklasen, Mary Ann Miller, Glenda Cooper, Colleen Faga, Carolyn Lovelace. FIFTH ROW: Jo Ann Lee, Ann Young, Shirley Gibson, Carole Lininger, Kathy Swoboda, Pat Harris, Carol Gress, Rose Marie Rabe. " Children in Today ' s World " Is ACE theme " Children in Today ' s World " was the theme around which the year ' s program revolved for the Association of Childhood Education. A " Get Acquainted " weiner roast in the Horace Mann cafeteria started the year. ACE participated in the Homecoming activities with the float " Free Public Education " and a house decoration, " Slam ' Em, " based on the McGUFFY READER as a famous first. Sharon Greenwood and Louise Stoking served as co-chairmen for the float, Shirley Gibson and Karen Holmes for house decorations. FIRST ROW: Sharon Harms, Sarah Meyer, Marie Hummel, Janice Murphy, Sharon Curtis, Judy Holtmeyer. SECOND ROW: Kay Pfeiffer, Judy Keplinger, Connie Stoops, Sharon Greenwood, Myrna Henry, Farah Gear. THIRD ROW: Twylia Rockhold, Shirley Bell, Edith Moats, Jeanne Wells, Connie Ewing, Louise Stolting, Carol Kay Smith. FOURTH ROW: Rhea Sabus, Mary Lee Clements, Kristin Johnson, Erma Hall, Sally Fiskc, Pat Lyon, Sandra Jorgensen, Karen Bjom. Special meetings during the year included the Christmas party, the Valentine party, the spring banquet at Armstrong ' s, and the Senior breakfast, also at Armstrong ' s. The group was represented at the ACE International Study Conference at Indianapolis, Indiana, in April, and also at the state meeting at St. Louis in May. Educational discussions during the year included " Children in Today ' s World at Home, " " Children in Today ' s World at School, " " The Mental Health of Today ' s Child, " " Science Never Stands Still, " " Fads of Education as They AfTect To- day ' s Child, " and " Teachers in Today ' s World. " 124 SNEA takes membership honors , Caok I Lr, m ■pt. Wt lot Man t Qmbs tnilSeidi ■dabox i ' Hiika t ' lWtridai i ' lasa I Hm To- ' FIRST ROW: Duane Iwen, treasurer; Evelyn Nash, Dixie Gomel, Karen Mast, secretary; Jerry Johnson, president; Linda Potter, vice-president; Marilyn Zbier- ski, Elaine Cummings, Saundra Krokstrom. SECOND ROW: Dr. Wanda Walker, sponsor; Doris Schreiner, Terri Herring, Ruth Ann Lamphier, Janice Murphy, Connie Stoops, Marilyn Rorebeck, Ruth Crawford, Carol Miller, Eileen George, Jacquline Bea, Richard Okinaka. THIRD ROW: Harrett Garton, Karen Ruse, Gale Brown, Marie Hummel, Sara Beth Kurtz, Karen Randall, Judith Krutz, Joyce Iwen, Delores Tuttle, Cathy Cihak, Glenda O ' Dougherty, Dianne Young, Keith Lambertsen. FOURTH ROW: Gary Rickman, Martha Whitehead, Mary Ann Miller, Mary Ellen Creighton, Carolyn Everly, Linda Weber, Gayle Houk, Jeanne Davis, Linda Cun- ningham, Linda K. Jones, Judy Williams, Lee McNichols. FIFTH ROW: Eleanor Zipp, Martha McCall, Jeanne Swope, Richard McKenzie, Loretta Farmer, Lee Weir, Merlin Hall, Robert Wetzel, Rex Kenyon, Lyle Fulk, Dalton Jones, Dick Houck. The John Dewey Chapter of the Student National Educa- tion Association, the largest organization on campus, had a very successful year under the leadership of sponsors Dr. Wanda Walker, Dr. Charles Thate, and Dr. Howard George. The president, Jerry Johnson, led the kick-off party in September. Among the many activities that the SNEA had during the year were the Halloween and Christmas parties. One of the highlights was the Missouri State Convention of Student NEA held in St. Louis. Nine delegates and sponsors attended. On October 12 the Northwest Missouri District FTA- SNEA meeting was held in conjunction with the Northwest Missouri Teachers ' Meeting. Marilyn Zbierski was elected to serve as District Chairman for the year 1961-62. A special service that SNEA does every year is the annual tour to surrounding high schools. The purpose of the tour is to answer any questions concerning college life and to intro- duce the organization to prospective future teachers. Other activities of the club included an Amateur Hour, films, speakers, panel discussions, and a banquet honoring graduating seniors. FIRST ROW: Karen Nielsen, Betty Johnson, Janet Tus- sey, Dorothy Randazzo, Sylvia Volstedt, Karen Miller, Shirley Henney, Carole Lininger, Kathy Bogdas. SEC- OND ROW: Jean Kobashigawa, Pat Phillips, Janice Peterson, Sharon Burton, Carolyn Houts, Laura Lowther, Glenda Bright, Rebecca Book, Carol Kay Smith, Karen Cutler, Barbara Sherbo, Sharon Carroll, Marilyn Folden. THIRD ROW: Joyce Harr, Nancy Patton, Sarah Meyer, Sue McNeill, Cheryl Gray, Glenda Jamison, Ramona Kinder, Betty Jo McDaniel, Barb Briggs, Shanna Griffin, Connie Hamm, Ruth Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Linda Pugh, Kathryn Hendrix, Donna Talty, Elaine Ferguson, Peggy Long, Norma Fletchall, Linda Jones, Virginia Coughlin, Karen Campbell, Carolyn Hoist, Jane Stoner, Harryette Anderson. FIFTH ROW: John Roy Kelley, Harold Johnson, Kay Fisher, Sheryl Spies, Pat Harris, Ann Abarr, Jerry Schutlz, Fredrick Bradshaw, Beverly McMenamin, Myrna Newman, Loretta Boatright, De- lores Dana, Carol Nordby. I_ KDLX plans radio to dorms The 1961-62 school year found the M.C.R.C. amateur " ham " radio operators engaged in a variety of activities. The club, associated with the American Radio Relay League and local and state civil defense radio networks, received a " Worked All States " award. Many messages were han- dled for students throughout the year, and many foreign countries were contacted. The club station " transmitter " was to be relocated in the basement of the new dor- mitories. Much needed electronic equip- ment was obtained by construction and purchase, and through the Western Elec- tric College Gift Program. Technical assist- ance was provided to the campus carrier- current radio system, KDLX. Plans were made to extend KDLX to the women ' s dormitories. FIRST ROW: Ray Trauemicht, Richard Cummings, Myles Grabau, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Dave Foss, secretary-treasurer; Tom Stratton, president; George Clute, vice- president. PEM Club fosters fitness ■n The Physical Education Majors club followed its program as a vigorous promoter of physical fitness exams, activities, and events throughout this year. Mary Ellen Creighton served as the organization ' s president. At the beginning of the fall term the group was honored in having Dr. Anita Aldrich, national president elect of Ameri- can Association of Health, Physical Education, and Recrea- tion (AAHPER), present for a coffee. Business carried out during the year included the organiza- tion of Delta Psi Kappa honorary fraternity. Persons estab- lishing and joining the fraternity were Miss Bonnie Magill, Dr. Kathryn Riddle, Mrs. Dorothy J. Walker, Mary Ellen Creighton, Anita Kuhlman, Martha Gray, Sara Beth Kurtz, Donna Fuhr, Joy Gouts, and Carolyn Sunderman. A National Telegraphic Bowling League, consisting of two games, included several of the members. The scores were sent in to national and ranked with other participants. Special projects for the year involved: " Lady Be Fit " day for faculty women; track and field clinic for teachers in the surrounding area: 100 % membership in AAHPER; and a tea and open house in honor of Mrs. Nell Martindale Kuchs, for whom the women ' s gymnasium is named. FIRST ROW: Karon Schmidt, Carolyn Everly, intramural chairman; Mary Ellen Creighton, president ; Barb Mensing, vice- president; Rose Schlie, secretary-treasurer; Kathy Bogdas. SECOND ROW: Judith Protzman, Connie Campbell, Aneta Keith, Sharon Thomas, Marion Smith, Barb Chick, Rhodetta Mardesen. THIRD ROW: Dianna Ridge, Janet Long, Jean More, Jane Stoner, Anita Kuhhnan, Betty Jo McDaniel, Karen- ann Falk. FOURTH ROW: Mary Lee Bris- tow, Joy Couts, Deanna Taylor, Sally Kampe, Judy Bolon, Sandra Miller, Lenis Herbold. FIFTH ROW: Sheryl Gaines, Cicily Spicer, Virginia Johnson, Linda Cunningham, Carolyn Sunderman, Charlotte Stamper, Karen Frazer. FIRST ROW: Ron Severson, Dr. H. D. Peterson, Terry Cell- man. SECOND ROW: Gary Siefken, Dale Hansen, chairman, Lee Weir. With the increased enrollment, the intramural program enjoyed the most successful turnout in the history of the school. With the fine cooperation of the intramural council, Dr. H. D. Peterson, director, and Dale Hansen, student director, were able to serve over 80% of the male enrollment, with 41 teams in football competition, 66 teams in basketball competition, and 127 entrants in the wrestling tournament. The tennis tournament was won by Doug Mossberg with Sigma Tau Gamma taking the honors in touch football and wrestling. Sigma Tau Gamma was also the winner of the 1960-61 intramural supremacy trophy. Intramural programs reach participation peak There was an increase in student participation in the Women ' s Intramural Council program this year. Members of the Council were Carolyn Everly, chairman; Joy Couts and Marion Smith, assistant co-chairmen; and the various special activities chairmen. The activities for the 1961-62 school year were basketball. bowling, volley ball, and swimming. The special activities chairmen were Betty Jo McDaniels, basketball; Cicily Spicer, bowling; Sharon Thomas, volley ball; and Linda Cunning- ham, swimming. Dr. Kathryn S. Riddle sponsored the Coimcil. FIRST ROW Joy Couts, co- chairman, Marion Smith co-chairman, Carolyn Ever- ly, chairman, Cicily Spicer, Betty Jo Mc- Daniel, Dr. Kathryn Rid- dle, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Vollstedt, Elinor Fine, Sharon Thomas, Linda Cun- ningham, Mary Lee Clements, Kay Taylor. FIRST ROW: Bill Meyers, Larry Timmerman, Jim Kloewer, Allen Keams, John Bregin, Ralph Messerli. SECOND ROW: Larry Green, Harold Gentry, Ron Davis, Jerry Howard, Mick Howard, Joe Bell. THIRD ROW: Harold Plagman, Dave Moore, Larry Elder, Earl Boyd, Larry Holland, Bill Waugh. FOURTH ROW: Scott Marriott, Ed Atkins, Jim McCoy, Jon Denton, Duane Abbott, Gary Holmes. FIFTH ROW: Terry James, Bob McCoy, Steven Croley, Ray Berry, John Unitus, Ken Adams, Dick McBride, Jim Round. Il I Lettermen Join Forces in " M " Club Activities Larry Green and Earl Boyd sign pledge paddles for incoming lettermen. Sigma Phi Dolphins Perform at Sw im Show This year ' s swim club includes BACK ROW: Ju4y Kep- linger, Jane Beavers, Carole Lininger, Jane Stoner, Nadine Lind. FRONT ROW: Linda Houck, Shirley Scott, Carolyn Gould, Elaine Buerkin. Mermaids in the 1961 Swim Show were Drorthy Cooley, Gretchen Dickey, Judy Keplinger, and Penny Pendleton. Practicing a synchronized swimming stunt are Linda Houck, Nadine Lind, and Carole Lininger. Swimmers from the 1961 show are Carole Lininger, Cicily Spicer, Linda Houck, and Jean Roberts. 129 Counselors and councils FIRST ROW: Karen Ruse, night chaperon ; Mrs. Irene Archibald, director; Penny Snapp. SECOND ROW: Glenda Cooper, Ledah Thompson, Loretta Farmer, Ann Abarr, Shirley Henney, Norma Hohlfeld. Eight upper-class women shared the responsibilities as counselors in Perrin Hall and proved to be students who not only knew day-to-day problems but were willing to discuss them with each of their twenty-six girls who were spending a first year at NWMSC. Supervision of this program was under the direction of Mrs. Irene Archibald, Housemother. Counselors and their respective floors were: Ann Abarr and Glenda Coopjer, fourth; Shirley Henney and Penny Snapp, third; Loretta Farmer and Norma Hohlfeld, second; and Ledah Thompson, first. Karen Ruse acted as night chap- eron. She lived on first floor and worked closely with Mrs. Archibald. Returning counselors were Ann Abarr, two years previous work; Shirley Henney and Karen Ruse, one year previous work ; and Loretta Farmer, one summer previous work. f {0 Keto, Lano. srt ni tcl Wor wre Heh lar coi arisiiK Com gfound The anoiln Composed of ten members, the Perrin Hall Dorm Council serves as the governing body for this Hall. Two girls are in charge of each floor. Mrs. Irene Archibald, director of Perrin Hall, guides the girls. The highlight of the year was the Harvest Moon Ball, co- sponsored with Roberta Hall. Other activities included the open house held at Homecoming and Christmas, the adoption of a needy family at Christmas, and impromptu floor parties. The council was also in charge of the devotional services held in the Hall. Comic i:;er ti The Moon Main. FIRST ROW: Shar- on McElwain, president ; Mrs. Irene Archibald, director; Penny Os- wald, vice- president ; SECOND ROW: Kathy Bogdas, treas- urer; Millie Cockrill, Janet Gab- bert, Carol Bellagamba, Karen Barker, Sue McNeill, Sharon Good, secretary ; Diana Mit- chell. 130 K i I govern dormitory affairs FIRST ROW: Patricia Keller, Mrs. Helen Larsen, director, Mari- lyn Folden. SECOND ROW: Shirley Gibson, Barbara Mensing, Jan- et Hanson, Jackie SchroII, Nancy Main, night chaperon. Working to make living more comfortable in Roberta Hall were seven counselors under the capable direction of Mrs. Helen Larsen, Housemother. These young women held regu- lar counselor meetings with Mrs. Larsen to work out any arising problems. Nancy Main sei-ved as night chaperon. Counselors and their respective floors were: Shirley Gibson, ground floor; Marilyn Folden and Nancy Main, first; Janet Hanson and Jackie Scholl, secon d; and Pat Keller and Barb Mensing, third. Counselors ' jobs include turning the floor lights off and on, giving noise warnings, and checking rooms. The dormitory seemed to take on an air of graciousness and cooperativeness for truly pleasant living. Through this warm, friendly atmosphere many friendships and good times were fostered. The Dorm Council of Roberta Hall provided leadership for another busy and happy year for the women living in the hall. The first Monday night in every month, the Dorm Council met with Mrs. Helen Larsen, Housemother, to admin- ister the government of the dormitory. The fun-filled activities of the year began with the Harvest Moon Ball under the guidance of social chairman, Nancy Main. The beautiful traditional Christmas ceremony, " Hang- ing of the Greens, " was enjoyed by the college faculty and parents of the Senior women. Co-chairmen of the event were Keralyn Bates and Jerilyn Ir in. Open house was held follow- ing the ceremony for all campus students. Devotional services were held each Thursday evening under the leadership of Joanne Swope and Kathy Palmquist. Special services were held on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Other activities in the dormitory included caroling, at which the men of the campus were the guests; senior send-off; and dorm parties. Shar- FIRST ROW: on Green- wood, presi- dent, Mrs. Helen Larsen, director, Nancy Main, vice-president. SECOND Oriana Schmitz, Elaine Cum- mings. Dee Decker, Myma New- man, secre- tary, Joyce Nold, Elinor Fine, treas- urer, Barbara Combs. 131 Quad Council wins improvements FIRST ROW: Harry Rob- erts, secretary-treasurer, Rod- ney Esch, president. Jack L. Lasley, Dean of Men. SEC- OND ROW: Larry Elder, Jon Denton, Dick McBride, Tom Cramer, Tom Whitney, Joe Merrigan. The Men ' s Residence Council, under the direction of Presi- dent Rodney Esch and Jack Lasley, Dean of Men, served to unite the men of the respective halls by promoting fellowship, clean living, and understanding among the men. Clean living was emphasized by the council. The organization was also instrumental in gaining cooking, washing, and recreational facilities, to be installed in the new dormitories under con- struction. Other steps were taken to bring dormitory living up to high standards. Blue Key backs progress, names Man of the Month Blue Key continued its practice this year of naming the Blue Key Man of the Month. Dick Clark received the first nomination this year for his leadership on the gridiron. Last spring, the organization initiated five new members: Roger Blackwell, Gerald Piittmann, Don Schooler, Larry Timmerman, and Gene Vogel. Mrs. Frank Grube was chosen as the 1961 chapter Sweet- heart at the spring banquet. This year. Blue Key was instrumental in helping to organ- ize a chapter of Cardinal Key National Honor Society, an organization for women, on campus. New members tapped in the fall semester were Earl Boyd, Bob Cobb, J. C. Combs, Richard Smith, and Lee Weir. FIRST ROW: Gerald Piittman, vice-president ; Larry Timmer- man, corresponding secretary; Gene Vogel, president; Ralph Messerii, secretary-treasurer. SECOND ROW: Bob Cobb, Richard T. Smith, Lee Weir, Don Schooler, Joe Merrigan. THIRD ROW: Dr. F. W. Grube, sponsor; Larry Kulisek, Dick Krambeck, Earl Boyd, J. C. Combs. FIRST ROW: Anne Chick, Harry Roberts, Joe Merrigan, Richard T. Smith, Marilyn Miller. SECOND ROW: Earl Boyd, J. C. Combs, Jimmie E. Meadows, Ivan Lyddon. The Assembly Committee under the direction of Dr. Ralph Fulsom and Dr. John Smay sponsored the various college assemblies. Aimed at both entertainment and education, the assemblies were humorous, spectacular, and instructional. Assemblies featured Walter Cronkite, Boston Pops Orches- tra, Cleveland Playhouse Players, and Myra Kinch and Com- pany. The Assembly Committee was made up of both faculty and student representatives. Campus committees coordinate and direct student affairs Plans for the 1961 Homecoming season began in May with the election of Gene Vogel and Pat Harris as student co- chairmen. Dr. John Harr again ably served as faculty sponsor. An over-all theme of " Famous Firsts and Lasts " was selected to be the idea under which all phases of Homecoming were planned. The committee roster held forty-nine names, representing twenty-nine campus organizations. With this representation. the viewpoints of the student body were voiced and plans made accordingly. To encourage more participation by independent organi- zations, the humor float division was limited to just such groups. It is hoped that in the future this field will grow in the number of entries. The committee brought its work to a close with a dinner meetins; November 27. FIRST ROW: Joyce Owens, Cicily Spicer, Pat Harris, co-chairman ; Gene Vogel, co-chairman; Dr. John Harr, sponsor; Dale Hunziger, busi- ness manager; Florence Brittain. SECOND ROW: Ron Kraft, Janet Gunson, Sarah Ferguson, Pat Kel- ler, Marilyn Foldcn, Sharon Green- wood, Jerilyn Irvin, Margaret Car- ter. THIRD ROW: Larry Davis, Sue Teale, Lois Woolsoncroft, Mariann Hoffman, Anne Seymour, Karen Hummel, Sylvia Vollstedt, Linda Potter. FOURTH ROW: Thelma Gerdes, Marylyn Koger, Judy McGinnls, Phyllis Leu, Joyce Iwen, Carol Beamon, Joe Merrigan. FIFTH ROW: Dennis Bean, Phil Messner, John Robinson, Harry Roberts, Dick Devers, Stuart Bint- ner, Don Cox, Larry L. Brown. [ 133 Aggies win top honors oiiii vr i« ■ . 1 fiF ' 1 •T ' . m f 1 v V " Z i K« Bk . k- PJ ! V u V r FIRST ROW: Lawrence Nowland, secretary; Dale Hun- ziger, treasurer; Charles Patterson, president; Robert Miller, vice-president; F. B. Houghton, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Rex Fowler, Ron Irvin, Harold Flagman, Larry Trede, Stev- en Sommer. THIRD ROW: Ronald Anderson, Irl Slaugh- ter, Bill Kilpatrick, Jim O ' Riley, Dale Cooper, Larry Brown, Darry Achenbaugh. FOURTH ROW: Larry Kensinger, Tom Schafrokh, Dale Shull, Melvin Tessman, William Prichard, Albert Waddell. Orientation for new agriculture majors and minors headed the agenda of Ag Club members in the fall. As the year progressed, attention turned to a livestock judging tour of 4-H and FFA teams in this area. NWMSC team members Al Waddell, Chuck Patterson, and Wayne Hartman, won the top college honors. Club participation in Homecoming was well rewarded when the humor float " Famous First Lines " won third place. Social events included the annual award banquet at which the members ' fathers were special guests, a hayride, and a year-end picnic. 4-H Club sends delegate to National Safety Congress The Bearcat 4-H Club began its first full year on the cam- pus with 24 active members. The piu ' poses of the club are to provide college students an opportunity to continue active membershi]3 in 4-H Club work, to imdertake worthy proj- ects for the benefit of NWMSC and the community, and to provide 4-H Club members the opportunity for acquaint- ance and fellowship. Under the leadership of president Lee Weir, the club had many activities: a get-acquainted dance at the beginning of school, an autumn dance, a Clhristmas party, and an entry in the humor float division of the Homecoming parade which won third place. In November Norma Hunsicker attended the National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago. Gary Tomes received an expense paid trip to the National Safety Congress in Chicago in Oc- tober. He was awarded the trip for his work in safety as a 4-H Club member. i FIRST ROW: Gary Tomes, vice-president; Bonnie Bledsoe, secretary; Lee Weir, presi- dent: Peggy Newbcrg, treasurer: Gary Rick- man. SECOND ROW: Judy Huitt, Norma Hunsicker, Sarah Ferguson, Maureen Gree- ley, Rhodetta Mardesen, Judith Calvin. THIRD ROW: Theresa Ryan, Marjorie Huss, Glendena Taylor, Emily Nevitt, Re- becca Book, Kristin Johnson, Shirley Town- send. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Ander- son, Larry Trede, Larry Kensinger, Steve Christenscn. Dennis Petty, Roger Caudle, Eldon Christcnsen. Social Science Club groTvs FIRST ROW: Dr. George Gay- len, sponsor; Anna Marie Rehm, treasurer; Philip Stone, vice- president; David Nieland, secre- tary; Dixie Bailey, Gilbert San- der. SECOND ROW: Diana Mitchell, Judy Williams, Bar- bara Thompson, Cathy Cihak, Elinor Fine, Barbara Boyd, Dor- othy Zaiger, Ramona Kinder, Dianne Young. THIRD ROW: Mr. Earl Bragdon, sponsor; Mil- lie Cockrill, Sharon Burton, Carol Sue Miller, Carolyn Stol- ting, Linda Potter, Lois David- son, Patricia Nappier, Dr. John Harr, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Calvin Widger, sponsor; Harold Johnson, Joyce Norris, Joyce Nold, Dixie Gomel, Jeanne Davis, Dale Sporleder, Theresa Ryan. FIFTH ROW: Mr. Floyd Barrows, sponsor; Bob Cotter, Gary Tomes, Tim Johnson, Doyle Dinkens, Dennis Bean, Larry Kulisek, Phil Richmond, Dennis Karstens. Increasing in range and strength, the 1961-62 Social Sci- ence Club sponsored many interesting speakers and discus- sions for its members. Leading the list of speakers was Mr. Jack Knusel from the economics department, Vkfho spoke on " The Warfare State, " and Mr. Litvak from the Commission on Human Relations in St. Joseph, who discussed the civil rights issue. Other speakers included experts from labor re- lations and the FBI. As a year-end climax, the club sponsored a banquet. Young Republicans debate on current vorld events The Young Republicans Club, imder the guidance of Dr. Berndt Angman, participated in various activities during the past year. Speakers were obtained for several meetings each followed by a brief social hour. Debates on such topics as Barry Goldwater were featured. The club also participated in a debate with the Young Democrats. The officers who provided leadership for this group were: John Miller, President; Gary Rickman, vice-president; Mar- garet Christian, secretary; and Dale Cooper, treasurer. FIRST ROW: John G. Miller, president; Gary Rick- man, vice-president; Dale Cooper, treasurer; Mark Renaud. SECOND ROW: Bruce Baker, Terry Lewis, Bill Lanio, Tom Custer. THIRD ROW: Jim Coen, Tim Johnson, Stephen Drake. Vocal and Instrumental Groups MENC — FIRST ROW: Ruth Miller, sponsor; Olive Smith, vice-president; J. C. Combs, president; Kathi Kinnick, secretary; Ken Lucas, treasurer; John L. Smay, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Donna Wood, Linda Owens, Phyllis Owen, Elaine Cummings, Anita Beth Anderson, Jane LaMar, Donna Theis, Carolyn Houts. THIRD ROW: Ralph Shafer, Helen Thiesen, Karen Slayden, Marilyn McCoun, Joanne Swope, Jeannie Davis, Robert Reck. FOURTH ROW: Galen Benton, Maynard Potter, Barry Martin, John Flora, Jack Briggs, Dick Bateman, James Litsch. ia Hai OS. Wal Rn ii Woodwind Quintet — Helen Thiesen, John Flora, Pat Fletcher, Carolyn Houts, Richard Bateman. Madrigal — Larry Peterson, Robert Reck, Kathi Kinnick, Sharon Greenwood, Giblert Whitney, sponsor. ips Interest Talented Musicians Brass Choir — FIRST ROW: James Litsch, Ken Lucas, Carl Hanson, Pat Fletcher, Pat Linninger, Martha Schrimsher. SEC- OND ROW: Larry Miller, Ralph Shaffer, Maynard Potter, Rollin Walters, Roger Winell, Larry Peterson. THIRD ROW: C. Ward Rounds, director; J. C. Combs, Galen Benton, Bob Reck. Progressive Jazz — FIRST ROW: Maynard Potter, Gary Crater, Steve Smay, Dick Bateman, Dennis Watters. SECOND ROW: John Andrews, J. C. Combs, Bill Prichard, Larry Peterson, Rollin Watters. THIRD ROW: Larry Miller, Carl Hanson, James Litsch, Earl Moss, director. The Piano Repertoire Club, sponsored social hours during which members listened to music of the piano. Among its activities of the year were several trips to Kansas City to hear famous pianists. During each meeting, several members pre- sented piano solos. Programs for the meetings included speakers or panel discussions on topic of interest and importance to the group as future music teachers. k, Sunn Piano Repertoire Club — FIRST ROW: Carolyn Houts, Donna Theis, secretary-treasurer; Elaine Cummings, president; Donna Wood, vice- president; Mrs. Donald Sandford, sponsor. SEC- OND ROW: Linda Owens, Jane LaMar, Joyce Shepherd, Anita Beth Anderson, Darlcne Weldon, Joyce Harr, Patricia Lininger. THIRD ROW: Ralph Shaffer, Phyllis Owen, Sharon Bolin, Barbara Knox, Karen Slaydcn, Helen Thiescn, Larry Miller. FOURTH ROW: Martha Schrim- sher, Penny Oswald, Marilyn McCoun, Joanne Swope, Jeannie Davis, Olive Smith, FIFTH ROW: Galen Benton, Maynard Potter, John Flora, Jack Briggs, Ken Lucas, Roger Winell. 137 Chorus, Choir, and Band Require Mi FIRST ROW: Francis Bulen, Pat Lininger, Cathy Mac- son. THIRD ROW: Susan Whiteman, Judy Osborn, Pherson, Bob Reck, Robert Arnold, Charles Ross, Ralph Joyce Sullwold, Ben WooUey, Donald Knepper, Penny Shaffer, Judy Early, Judy Huitt. SECOND ROW: Glenda Oswald, Pat Fletcher, Martha Shrimsher. FOURTH Jamison, Pat Allen, Flora Shawlen, Jeanne Davis, Judy ROW: Jack Briggs, James Wilson, Larry Peterson, Carolee Lee, Sharon Campbell, Evelyn Croldner, Anita Beth Ander- Smith, Valerie Wortman. 138 lire Many Hours of Practice FIRST ROW: Diane Mitche!, Judy Cole, Cathy MacPherson, Kathy Kennick, Robert Reck, Avcrill West, Loren Rex, Donna Thcis, Jo Ann Simmons, Gale Motzkus, Kathy Bodkas, Terry Herring. SECOND ROW: Debbie Price, Ramona Kinder, Ellen Grube, Sharon Bolin, Elaine Cum- mings, Roger Winell, Gary Shepherd, James Litch, Anita Beth Anderson, Marilyn McCoun, Phyllis Pratt, Jane LaMar, Donna Wood. THIRD ROW: Barbara Knox, Mainard Potter, Ken Lucas, Terry Smelcer, Ron Hammock, Jack Briggs, Charles MacDonald, Barry Martin, Gary Heese, Karen Slayden, Jerilyn Irvin, Nancy Bailiff. 139 FIRST ROW: Florence Brit- tain, feature editor; Ruth Ann Elliott, associate editor; Ivan Lyddon, managing editor; Bob Cobb, sports editor. SECOND ROW: Karen McClurg, office manager; Sharon Nelson, Car- olyn Hoist, Marleen Salocker, Pat Phillips. THIRD ROW: Gary Rickman, Kathy Palm- quist, circulation manager ; Martha McCall, Joyce Iwen, Marceline Latham. f. Ivan Lyddon headed the college newspaper staff as man- aging editor of the Northwest Missourian. Reporters were as- sisted by Mr. Donald F. Peel, advisor. The school paper was awarded second place in state col- lege newspaper competition. Various staff members attended journalism work shops during the year. Also this year, Gamma Upsilon, an honorary student pub- lications fraternity, was organized. Another new instigation was a literary contest sponsored by the staff and the publica- tion of a special literary issue of the paper. TypCTvriters tap out ne vs for Northwest Missourian Ivan Lyddon, managing editor, proofs copy in the rush to meet the Thursday noon deadline. 140 « • " «,Cjr. m m I ttai-: ht I.- Tower staff strives to meet deadlines ffotot put)- •■ injtiation ;5f Doblica- kondiTMCo . . . OCCASIONAL RELIEF FROM THE GRIND THROUGH (ij n a m . . . FUN! FUN! FUN! I The queen ' s court reigns over Homecoming fete Norma Fletchall Ellen Grube Oriana Schmitz Elaine Cummings 144 V I V 4 % Anne Chick Queen Anne leads Homecoming Shown following the crowning of the Homccom- mings, Bob Miller, Queen Anne Chick, Norma ing queen at the variety show are Bob Ogden, Fletchall, Jim Meadows, Ellen Grube, and Jim Oriana Schmitz, John Robinson, Elaine Cum- Sanders. Queen Anne Chick and her attendants, Norma Fletchall, Ori- ana Schmitz, Ellen Grube, and Elaine Cummings lead the Homecoming parade on the AWS float. Beaming, Queen Anne Chick reigns over the 1961 Homecoming 146 ung activities Marching bands from area high schools are a traditional feature of the Homecoming parade. First place in the humor float division went to the Ag Club. The lA Club ' s " First in our Hearts " received fourth place beauty float honors. The second place beauty float was con- tributed by the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon. f Famous Firsts and Lasts " Wesley Foundation Homecoming float, " The First and the Last " Phi Lambda Chi float, " From the First to the Last " Phi Mu float, " SaiHng to New Horizons " 148 I asts ' is ' 61 Homecoming theme si . Dr. J. W. Jones presents the trophy to the first place inarching band in the Homecoming parade. Sigma Tau Gamma float featuring Mt. Rushmore. Sigma Sigma Sigma float " The First Flower of Spring " 149 " The First Televised Homecoming " was the theme of Tau Kappa Epsilon entry. Homecoming variety Some ship wrecked sailors marvel at the sight of some campus beauties in the Alpha Sigma Alpha skit. The Phi Mu ' s " Lines " won the fourth place position. Contestants in the Freshman Beard Growing Con- test receive their prizes. sh " Tltl Epsik show draws capacity cro svd " The First Stone Coming " took first place honors for Phi Sigma Epsilon. Third place went to Alpha Sigma Alpha for " The First Time I Saw Maryville Homecoming. " Gerald Martin of Phi Sigma Epsilon tries some cave man tactics. Sigma Tau Gamma presented the fifth place skit, " Roman Ruckus. 151 ToTver queen coronation is gala affair Jeri Irvin June Lee Nelson Sue Teale 152 « ,J . Sue Crone Tower royalty reigns supreme — Joe Merrigan, student body president, crowns Sue Crone at the Tower dance. President Jones congratulates Sue Crone, 1962 Tower queen. Dancers enjoy the music at the Tower Dance. Students await the presentation of the queen. Accolade recipients are named Tower royalty and their escorts are Larry Kulisek, Sue Teale, Ron Zimmerman, June Lee Nelson, Sue Crone, Richard Cornelison, Jeri Irvin, and Ted Marr. Thelma Gcrdcs. Tower editor, congratulates Mr. Dictcrich as he receives the Tower honor. Dr. Mueller receives a congratulatory handshake from Thelma Gerdes. The Ray Auburn orchestra furnishes dance music for the Tower dance. 155 Pretty Sue Crone reigns at Coventory Dancers: Sandra Warlen and Judy Pritchard. Reader: Pat Dunham. Stick dancers join with Queen of Misrule. Bearers of the Greens: Oriana Schmitz, Sharon Greenwood, Thelma Lou Gerdes, Sandra Krokstrom, Elaine Cummings. tf Hanging of the Greens " 157 Staff Initiates Tower Accolade Since joining the faculty as Northwest Missouri State College in 1928, Mr. H. R. Dieterich has taken part in numerous and varied campus activ- ities. He was principal of Horace Mann High School until its closing two years ago and is now principal of the Horace Mann Junior High School. An associate professor in the education depart- ment, Mr. Dieterich also has an active interest in athletics. He is chairman of the Athletic Commit- tee at NWMSC and of the MIAA and is a mem- ber of the Missouri State High School Activities Association Board of Control and of the National Alliance Football Rules Committee. Being faculty sponsor of Phi Sigma Epsilon so- cial fraternity is another phase of his service to the campus. He is also a member of three educa- tion associations: Missouri State Teachers ' Associ- ation, National Education Association, and Na- tional Association of Secondary School Principals. Mr. H. R. Dieterich Dr. Irene Mueller Receiving her Ph.D. from the University of Ne- braska in -1940, Dr. Irene Mueller came to North- west Missouri State College in 1943. Dr. Mueller has served both as chairman and a member of many committees on the campus. At present she is chairman of the NWMSC Studies Committee. Another major contribution is her sponsorship of the Student Christian Association and her work with the Religious Emphasis Week Committee. Other campus committees of which she is an ac- tive member are the Merit Scholarship Commit- tee, Honors Day Committee, Assembly Committee, Graduate Program Committee, and Faculty Lec- tures Committee. A professor in the science department. Dr. Mueller has been selected for membership in Sig- ma Delta Epsilon, a national fraternity for grad- uate women. Also in her field, she is a member of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences and the Amer- ican Association for the Advancement of Science. 158 { 11 Martie Gray J. C. Combs Roberta Walker Smith Dale Cooper Students Named to Who ' s Who Dick Krambeck Eugene Vogel Ralph Messerli 159 Orientation and registration usher in year ' s activities Freshman orientation consists of tests and questionaires to be filled out. During a moment of relaxation, freshmen fellows exchange opinions on the orientation program. The largest freshman class on record, the 1961 class received its orientation in the Lamkin Gym- nasium. Conferring with advisors is an important facet of the student ' s registration procedure. The student ' s cards must be checked and rechecked. The end of the line comes with the paying of fees. 161 George Fountain and Jean Morris Bill Hardcsty, Norm Wilcox, Pat Dunham, Priscella Porter, George Fountain, Rose Ann Gard, Jeannie Morris, Rebecca Book Casts ' ' ' The Heiress " | Pat Dunham, Priscella Porter, George Fountain, Norm Wilcox, Rebecca Book, Rose Ann Gard, Bill Hardesty, Jean Morris I H P M Hii l H H r Ch ' v H S Rr T- J 11 JpU I V 1 B ' H ' • IH Ll EiB J Im ,,s - H 1 » . - ' ■ M:M N 3g | i£ - ' ' i HB ' E X B ' •h i • ' J Aa ■IX i Priscella Porter, Jean Morris, Rebecca Book Priscella Porter, Bill Hardesty, Jean Morris 162 present " The Tall Story " Jim Hurley, Diane Hunt, Bob Sandmaier, Brenda Bichel, Pat Dun- ham, Charles Corrigan Bob Sandmaier, Alan Nebola, Brenda Bichel James Hurley, Bob Sandmaier, Alan Nebola, Diane Hunt, Brenda Bichel Charles Corrigan, Brenda Bichel, James Hurley, Bob Sandmaier James Hurley, Diane Hunt, Ronald Hestand, Richard Goold Pat Dunham, Bob Sandmaier, Jerry Mathews, Stephanie Pershing, Jeanie Hein, Jim Hurley, Carolyn Enis, Kenneth Price, Richard Goold, Robert Gill. Little Foxes " Stephanie Pershing, Ken- neth Price, Robert Gill, Jim Hurley, Richard Goold, Bob Sandmaier. Jeanie Hein, Stephanie Pershing, Pat Dunham. Pat Dunham, Robert Gill, Kenneth Price, Jeanie Hein, Carolyn Enis. 164 Richard Goold, Bob Sandmaier, Stephanie Per- shing, Jim Hurley. 165 Teamwork is stressed in girls ' volleyball intramurals. Intramurals Challenging Get up in the air and spike it! 166 Living in the dorms offers Of Hudson Hall, the women ' s dormitory now under construction, will be ready for occupancy for the fall 1962 semester. Ramona Kinder, Judy Krutz, Marilyn Miller, Donna Theis, and Louella Tryon take time out for coffee and a glance at scrapbooks. Shirley Gibson takes advantage of new addition to Roberta Hall — a much-appreciated chair hair dryer. 168 i fers opportunity for fun and frolic Bill Brown, Randy Wolcott, and Richard Cummings watch Andy Jones and Jerry Lindstrom get letters from home. Quad Life Is Aci John Bush uses the radio equipment in the dormi- tory. Jim Meadows and Joe Merrigan review for a math test. We become expert card players in our spare time. Is it the line-up, or just time out for a gossip session? i Active, Relaxing T Bearcat den draws crowd Students study in a quiet ?? corner. Relaxation and refreshment are to be found in the Bearcat Den. The new part of the den provides a comfortable atmosphere for relaxing. Lots of free advice is offered to card players. 4 uiaiu .y 172 ' J As astronaut John H. Glenn advanced the frontiers of space, he drew a large crowd of students to the television set in the den. At noon, the snack bar is a popular stopping place. School supplies, books, and novelties can be obtained at the Den Book Store. Diana Mitchell, Cicily Spicer, and Gary Siefken are waited on by Carolyn Lovelace at the snack bar. 173 Intellectual pursuits lead students to Wells Library Students use the reference room for outside reading as- signments. Mr. Luke Boone, director of the 1MB at the library, teaches a student to use the tape recorder. Off- campus living is enjoyed by many couples Mr. and Mrs. Dale Kohler Mr. and Mrs. Ron Cross Mr. and Mrs. John Chenoweth Mr. and Mrs. Bill Needels 175 Married students are vital part of college enrollment Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bell Mr. and Mrs. Gene Younger and son .»: ' .i»J Members of the newly organized ISO line up for the wan- dering photographer. FIRST ROIV: Jack L. Lasley, spon- sor: William F. Prichard. treasurer: Norma Fletchall, vice- president: Jim Meadows, president: Bob Johnson, secre- tary: Jerilyn Irsin. assistant treasurer. SECOXD ROW: James Albert Smith. Peggy Close. Karen McClurg. Nancy Marley, Jan Murphy, Ruth . nn Elliott. THIRD ROIV: Paul Jones, Elaine Ferguson. Richard Mires, Sue Waldeier, LaRose Moore, Donna Rehner. Dorothy Zaiger. Wanda Cox. FOURTH ROW: Harry Roberts. Gary Rickman. Pat Hillers, Ruth Johnson. Julia Henry. FIFTH ROW: Rich- ard T. Smith. Mar in Jackson. Galen Brown. SIXTH ROW: Tim Johnson. Marilynn Wallis. Ted Marr. Roger Still, Marion Murphy, Ledah Thompson. Joe Out Bob Cotter and Sue Crone campaign during the Tower queen elpftions bv pinninc sisns on prospective voters. Joe Merrigan, student body president, prepares to ring the bell for Walk- Out Day. Campus experiences range from campaigns to student teaching Sharon Greenwood is student teaching at Horace Mann under the direction of Mrs. Marion Moss. Mary Christian selects a candy bar from a candy canteen in the Administration Building. Student teachers under the direction of Miss McKee ready the students for the bus ride home. The J. W. Jones Student Union Building is the scene of many student activities. A large crowd was in attendance at the Back-to-School Dance. The Lamkin Gymnasium has taken on an added beauty this year with the completion of the landscaping. 180 Pep sparks campus activities Sally Fiske, Connie Ewing, and Shirley Bell are ready to go home for the Christmas holidays. Anne Chick replaces books in the stacks at the library. Charles Butler has entertained with his singing at many assemblies. JJ Students use the Well ' s Library for doing research, daily assignments, or just relaxing. 181 Hudson Hal! for women will be ready for students next fall. Increased enrollment demands additional housing Added housing for men students will also be ready for occupancy next fall. An increase in enrollment necessitated the building of new dorms on cam- pus. The walls go up as the buildings near completion. 182 1 Commencement activities end campus careers The speaker for the 1961 commencement gives his address at the exercises. President Jones leads the speakers for the commencement onto the stage. Graduating seniors of 1961 take their scats for the commencement exercises. 1 The United States flag Is placed on the stage prior to the program. SS ' iBlliIl A large audience watches the commencement proceedings. 183 VICTORY IN . . (WE GET OUR LUMPS TOO!) Cheerleaders bolster Bearcat spirit Ready to enter the gym for a rousing game are cheer- leaders Heidi Lasley, Marsha McElwain, Kay Bowen, Martie Gray, Judy Luetjen, Jane Porter, John Gilli- land and Jerry Gilliland. Posing at the Lamkin Gymnasiimi are cheerleaders Heidi Lasley, Judy Luetjen, Kay Bowen, Jane Porter, Marsha McElwain, John Gilliland, Martie Gray, and Jerry Gilliland. 186 spirit sparks ' cat squad Season ' s Scoreboard We Tliey Fort Hayes 17 16 Pittsburg 35 Rolla 13 20 SW Mo. State 7 34 Northern Illinois 49 William Jewell 13 9 NE Mo. State 7 35 SE Mo. State 28 Warrensburg 13 44 The team goes into a huddle before taking to the field for the kirk-nff. KKCf h h. Duane Abbott Glen Acksel Charles Butler Larry Davis Bob Early Lettermen lead gridiron stars — f Trad Tom Baker Ronald Basher Joe Bell Earl Boyd Ken Carver Dick Clark Stewart Cline Don Daniel Larry Elder Harold Gentry Larry Holland Jerry Howard rnlHi Mick Howard Allen Kcarns John Massengale Dick McBride Richard Messbarger 188 s- kindle Bearcat enthusiasm Karl Morrow Doug Price David Ranum Richard Snyder Paul Soscheid Don Soper Larry Timmerman Tom Walton Ed Whitaker FIRST ROW: Coach Burton Richey, Coach Earl Baker, Paul Sol- scheid, Robert Freeman, Glen Acksel, Jerry Howard, George Redden, Bill Frazho, Larry Frazho, Don Soper, Doug Price, Larry Timmer- man, Mike Risi. SECOND ROW: Larry Elder, Duane Abbott, Don Daniel, Karl Morrow, Ed Whitaker, Larry Holland, Tyrone English, Joe Bell, Jim Haney, Bernie Heits, Allen Kearns, Dick McBride, Coach James Gregorey. THIRD ROW: Harold Gentry, Mickey Howard, Larry Davis, Dick Snyder, Stan Stillwagon, Gary Foland, .. John Massengale, David Ranam, Ronald Brumley, Tom Hummel, Larry Palmer. FOURTH ROW: Danny Gooding, Prime Williams, Charles Butler, Tom Walton, Dick Clark, Bernie Allen, Ron Bashor, Tom Baker, Ollie Cromwell, Stewart Cline. FIFTH ROW: Maury Hodge, Ray Ranstadler, Marv Griesinger, Jim Palumbo, Keith Mc- Claln, Jim Nixon, Fred Jensen, Ken Carver, John Magness, Steve Henderson, Jerome English. e ' nX ' , 5r; j% c,« Jl 64 97 -62 31 - 61 - 34-. B0-. 63 SCI Football Competition Is Keen Doug Price holds tight to the football on a reverse play against Pittsburg. Charles Butler of the Mar ' ille Bearcats plunges into the Pittsburg line as the crowd roars with excitement and enthusiasm. .««?iP534 . " ■ " -- 190 Season ' s S Manville Man- ille Maryville Mamille Mamille Mar Tille Maryxille Man- -iIle Maryville Mar - -ille Mamille Mar - ille Manville Marv-ville Manville Mar - ille Manville Maryville Maryville Man,ville Maryville 53 KirksviUe } 42 Springfield 60 Warrensburg Bearcat Players Rack Up Points Paul Lizzo Jerry Meznarich Don Drake Nick Neira J. D. Miller Bob Ogden Bob Ogden and Jerry Meznarich visit Coach Moss in the hospital. 193 Cagers Outmaneuver Opponents Bob Beck fights an opponent for a rebound. A tense moment is portrayed on the faces of the cheerleaders and spectators. Offic audi Etlelsc Don Drake puts in a jump shot for the Bearcats. Bob Gibson toes the line as he aims for a free throw. 3,- I STvim Team Has Winning Season Off to a racing start are Dick McBride, Gary Poland, E. L. Burch, and Bob Hall. SEATED are Chuck Sanders, Ed Atkins, and Dave Ettelson. The 1961 Varsity Swimming Team are FIRST ROW: E. L. Burch, Larry Knoke. SECOND ROW: Coach Guy Bensusan, Chuck Sanders, Dave Ettelson, Bob Hall. THIRD ROW: Dick McBride, Bob McCoy, co-captain; Ed Atkins, co-captain; Gary Poland. Swimmer Ed Atkins moves across the pool in a race. Harold Gentry participates in the diving for Maryville. 195 « M .. € c © ,: « tiir Mf ' y ;, ? ' " ' O- fii FIRST ROW: John Robinson, Tom Croxell, Roger Dahl, Larry Corll, John Hembry, Davy Weaver, Danny Sullivan, Darl Weaver, Jim Rounds. SECOND ROW: George Pawling, Mike McLaughlin, Ralph Messerii, Xorman Malnnberg, Bill Waugtt, Larry Kilmer, Ed Propst, Larry Timmerman, Al Jensen. THIRD ROW: Dr. H. D. Peterson, Dave Stone, Juan Mohr, Glen Ackoel, Danny Hill, Tom Green, Gary Anderson, Steve Drake, Dave Moore. Wrestlers wallop hopeful foes — host AAU open tourney f MT , GaryB tarn, Ralph Messerii applies a reverse head-lock. Glen Ackoel succeeds in applying a pin hold. Mne hi i»i? Ludwig leads Bearcat batters I ) i imatKmmf ■ v.v. ; f ■ ;u ' :■••;..»MVv F ?5 ftOH ; Greg Guenther, Gary Bell, Bob Jensen, Bill Durham, Rodney Esch, Steven Croley. Jim Kloewcr. Fred Potter, Coarh Bur- Gary Holmes, Bill Speaker, Bill Ludwig. SECOND ROW: Dale ton Richey. Cramer, Dick Clark, Dale Hansen, John Schroeder, Jack Tipton, 1961 BASEBALL SEASON MSC Warrensburg 12 2 Warrensburg 4 1 Peru 4 Peru 2 5 Jewell 4 1 Jewell 3 2 Peru 2 10 Peru 7 6 Warrensburg 1 13 Warrensburg 4 5 Rockhurst 11 9 Rockhurst 8 2 Nine returning lettermen formed the nucleus of the 1961 at bat. Other leaders were Richard Clark. .387; Howard Rolfc, baseball team coached by Burton Richey. Bill Ludwig and .323; Bill Durham, .300; Jim Kloewer, .294; and Hank Nar- Rodney Esch led the team from the mound with Ludwig done, .241. winning 3 and losing 2 and Esch winning 1 and losing 5. Lettermen for the 1961 season were Richard Clark, Steve Ludwig saw action in 35% innings and had a 3.50 Earned Croley, Bill Durham, Rodney Esch, Greg Guenther, Gary Run Average. Esch worked 32 innings and had a 5.63 ERA. Holmes, Robert Jensen, Jim Kloewer, Hank Nardonc. Fred Along with his pitching, Ludwig led the team in hitting Potter, Bill Ludwig, Howard Rolfe. Harold Sims, and Jack with a very impressive .692 average getting 9 hits in 13 times Tipton. 197 .M FIRST ROW: Tilmon Porterfield, Coach Earl Baker, Bob Beck, Richard Miller, Larry Ireland, Harold Gentry, Larry Sommer. SECOND ROW: Scott Marriott, Mickey Phil Jones, Bill Meyers. Howard, John Gilliland, Harold Flagman, Carl Colhour, Track team sets sights on MIAA crown Bill Meyers. ■ K- __ HpIL ' . ' KM ft r S. : ; ' LR9R Bk S!Hfl K 5SP Larry Sommer and Tilmon Porterfield. J Jack Freese executes a successful return. Freese and Bregin earned the MIAA doubles championship. John Bregin serves with the determination that helped him win the MIAA conference singles championship and the singles championship in the Graceland tourney. Tennis team wins fourth MIAA championship The MSC tennis team poses on the local courts. They are FIRST ROW: John Kelley, John Bregin. SECOND ROW: Coach Robert Gregory, Neil Rey- nolds, Jack Freese, Andy Cerio. THE HIGHER THINGS OF LIFE ■.J .IL- . . . AND OUR HOPES FOR THE FUTURE . . Student Christian Association directs daily noon devotions In accordance with the theme for this year " Attempt Great Things — Expect Great Things, " the Student Christian As- sociation has had a successful year. The year began with a Get-Acquainted picnic in college park. Special meetings and projects for the year included the annual Fall Banquet, the Homecoming Bake Sale, a Christ- mas party at the Rest Home, a February Kick-off party, and a spring Farewell Picnic honoring seniors. The SCA also par- ticipated in the Thanksgiving Convocation, the Religious Em- phasis Week activities, and the Easter Sunrise Service, and directed the dailv noon-time devotions. FIRST ROW: Gary Rick- man, reporter; Ron Hor- necker, vice-president; Jeanne Swope, president; Saundra Krokstrom, secre- tary ; Loretta Farmer, treas- urer; Joanne Swope, pro- gram chairman ; Dr. Joseph A. Dreps, sponsor; Joyce Harr, Kathy Palmquist, Jerry Johnson, Fred Rob- bins, Martha McCall, Anne Seymour, Dr. Irene Muel- ler, sponsor. FIRST ROW: Carolyn Houts, Elaine Cummings, Ruth Ann Lamphier, Jean Kobashigawa, Eileen George, Mary Sue Mc- Clain. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Gray, Carol Kennedy, Judy Lee, Delores Tuttlc, Janice Peterson, LaRose Moore. THIRD ROW: Marion Smith, Alice Smith, Doyle Dirkens, Gene BoUman, David McConkey, Gary Tomes, Carolyn Rowe. fa all 202 FIRST ROIV: Carol Bellagamba, Richard Lappe, treasurer; Gloria Eickholt, secretary; David A. Nieland, president; Joe Merrigan, vice- president; Anna Gorsuch. sponsor; Darrell McGinnis, sponsor. SEC- OND ROW: Dale Weeks, Loretta Roach, Sharon Fitzpatrick, Shar- on Carroll, Patty Walton, Barbara Sherbo, Theresa Ryan, Judy Protz- man, Monica Parks, Diana Mitchell. THIRD ROW: Pat Wagner, Jerry Dougherty, John WooUey, Marion Murphy, Rhea Sabus, Kay Pfeiffer, Colleen Faga, Bill Bassett, Marilyn Winger. FOURTH ROW: Mary Conway, Janice Murphy, Ellen Langle. Eleanor Zipp, Anna Marie Rehm, Marilyn Zbierski, Mary Sue Carter, Esther Zimmerman, Don Soper, James Zimmerman. FIFTH ROW: David Sevcik, Frank Lierz, Mike Thomas, Ron Tinnnerman, Dick Weber, Joe Growney, Michael Doyle, Harry Roberts, William Steinhauser, Richard Schmitz, Tommy Gabel. Newman Club Founds Newspaper Under the direction of the officers, the sponsors, and the Organization Commit- tee, the Newman Club had one of its most successful years. A Communion Break- fast was held each Sunday in St. Gregory ' s Hall after the 9:45 o ' clock Mass. After the breakfast, regular meetings were held. Each month an outside speaker was brought in for a lecture, which was open to all students and the general public. A spaghetti and meatball supper was held with Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Jones as guests of the club. A pilgrimage was made to Conception Abbey, Conception, Mo., and to Benedictine Convent and Chapel of Perpetual Adoration at Clyde, Mo. A newspaper. Catholic Chatter on Campus, was founded and sent monthly to all Catholic students. A bus provided transportation for the students to Mass each Sunday morning. The club also participated in Religious Emphasis Week. 203 FIRST ROW: Mary Lee Bristow, treasurer; Karen Mast, secretary; Elaine Cummings, president; Martha McCall, vice-president; Richard Cummings, publicity chairman; Eileen George, W.C.C. chairman. SECOND ROW: Penny Snapp, recreational director; Mary Ann Miller, cell leader; Karen Kent, cell leader; Richard T. Smith, motive chair- man; Larry Peterson, cell leader; Carolyn Rowe, deputa- tions chairman; Janice Peterson, cell leader; Marian Bom- gesser, cell leader; Anne Seymour, SCA representative. Wesley builds program on mission theme FIRST ROW: Ruth Ann Elliott, Ramona Kinder, Jeanine Moore, Jane LaMar, Glenda Jamison, Patricia Lininger. SECOND ROW: Mary Grantham, Patricia Tryon, Karen Frazer, Kathi Kinnick, Cathy Cihak. Dianne Young, Judy Huitt. THIRD ROW: Mariann Hoffman, Carol Sue Mil- ler, Carolyn Stolting, Kay Fisher, Glendena Taylor, Mau- reen Greeley. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Swoboda, Jerry Schultz, James Ware, Doyle Dinkens, Roger Winell. W( FIRST ROW: Ross Ann Gard, Jack Gibson, Ralph Shaf- Glenda Bright, Judith Bell, Luella Tryon, Ledah Thomp- fer, Susan McConkey, LaRose Moore. SECOND ROW: son, Delores Dana, Emily Nevitt. FOURTH ROW: Larry Doris Schreiner, Sharon Greenwood, Joy Gouts, Laura Kilmer, David McGonkey, Curtis Ware, Jack Briggs, Bob Lowther,, Jerilyn Irvin, Janet Tussey. THIRD ROW: Gurnutt, Dick Dooley. " The Mission of the Church to the United States " was the theme around which the Wesley Foundation planned its activities and programs for the year. Activities were directed by Rev. Raymond Gass, director, and Elaine Cummings, president. A representative group started the year off by attending the Seventh Quadrennial Conference of the Methodist Student Movement held in Urbana, Illinois. Special activities included an officers ' retreat held at the beginning of the year, Deputation Teams which visited many of the churches in the area, the choir, and the publication of the Wesley newsletter, the Wesley Informer. Homecoming activities included entering a beauty float, " The First and the Last, " which received third place, and house decorations which received fourth place. Fannie Kavanaugh, past president, was elected Conference Representative of the Missouri West Conference of the Mis- souri Methodist Student Movement. Two campus visitors sponsored by Wesley were Premala Edwards of Jabalpur, India, and Barbara Leonard, Salisbury, North Carolina, a missionary to the Philippines. Other activities included the Freshman Party, a water- melon feed, Christmas caroling and a party, a Senior Recep- tion, and Friday night recreation. Guest speakers for the year were Dr. Sterling Ward, Rev. Roy Neal, and John Swomley. The last major activity of the year was at annual Spring Retreat at the Lake of the Ozarks. Wesley members work on their beauty float for the Homecoming parade. Youth Director: Ray Gass. 205 BSU retr eats to Ozarks FIRST ROW: Loretta Farmer, secretary: Oren Bates, presi- dent; Jim Coen, vice-president; Ron Hornecker. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Houts, Linda Kensinger, Sue Henry, Jeanne Swope, Joanne Swope, Nancy Wright, Joyce Shepherd, Mar- garet Carter. THIRD ROW: Rev. Howard Judah, sponsor; Frank Hinebaugh, Gary Brasher, John Gilliland, Robert Reck, Rev. Donald E. Evans, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Fred Rob- bins, Wayne Paulsen, Robert Ranner, Lee Weir, Ken Lucas. FIRST ROW: Kay Owen, Betty Christiansen, Cheryl Gray, Jean Kobashigawa, Carolyn Layton, Judy Lee. SECOND ROW: Judy Williams, Judy Smiser, Anita Beth Anderson, Delores Tuttle, Brenda Carrington, Ruth Thornton, Cathie Macpherson. THIRD ROW: Alice Smith, Kristin Johnson, Nadine Lind, Alice Akers, Marilyn Rorebeck, Martha Schrimsher, Carol Kennedy. FOURTH ROW: James Wu, Daryl Sanborn, Thomas Proudfit, Forrest Ohnesorge, Jerry Gilliland, Gary Tomes, Reuben Paulsen. A mixer, " Under the Big Top, " started the year for the two hundred seventy-eight members of the Baptist Student Union. Leading the group as president was Oren Bates. The Rev. Donald E. Evans was the sponsor. Rev. Howard Judah was the pastor advisor and Mr. Earl Baker was the facuhy advisor. Some of the activities for the year included the Convention in Columbia, Novem- ber 3 — 5, a retreat in the Ozarks, and the Spring Formal Banquet. The BSU choral ensemble visited some of the churches in the area, and the group also took part in the city-wide Youth Sunday and Youth Week. Various programs were held during the fellowship hours each Sunday evening. A talent show was given by the freshmen under the direction of Daryl Sanborn, Freshman Council President. Rev. Donald E. Evans, sponsor 206 Rev. Norman V. Abbott, sponsor; Ronald Andersen, Jeanne Hein, Vicki Buckley, Joyce Esch, Coreen Rohrberg, Lonnie Prince. FOURTH ROW: Lawrence Abbott, Jason Gaiseric, Bill Dittmer, Paul Sorensen, Keith Lambertsen, Vernon Foje. Gamma Delta members seek fellowship with God and man Fellowship with God and man is the axle around which Gamma Delta, an organization for Lutheran students, rotates. Affiliated with the Midwest Regional District, members have an opportunity to attend fall retreats and spring conventions at other colleges in this area. This year the fall retreat was held at Rolla, Missouri, with five members — Barbara Men- sing, Joyce Esch, Sharon Ostrous, Rita Mayes, and Ken Schroeder — attending. Barbara Mensing is treasurer of the Midwest District. The spring convention was held at Car- bondale, Illinois. The fall season began with many picnics, volleyball games, and pledging. Pledge trainer Joyce Iwen instructed the four- teen pledges in the principles of Gamma Delta. The pledges were activated at a special ceremony in November. Meltings, held each Sunday evening, consisted of recrea- tion, supper, and study. The study period included Biblical or current discussions or films and worship. 207 Dr. Irene Mueller Program Chairman Anne Seymour Gene Bollman Book Display Chairmen Dr. Gordon Strong Over-all Chairman Students Direct Religious Emphasis Week Activities Carol Fankhauser Hospitality Chairman Ron Hornecker Ann Madden Worship Chairmen Dale Sporleder Marilyn Zbierski Arrangements Chairmen Joyce Iwen Tom Fairlie Publicity Chairmen Mary Ellen Disburg Richard Schmitz Personal Conferences Chairmen Stephanie Pershing Richard T. Smith Organizational Appointments Chairmen Carol Lininger John Bregin Classroom Appointments Chairmen 208 In Memoriam to telUb 3 ■■• " vhjiio H. T. Phillips H. T. Phillips, revered professor of Northwest Missouri State College, passed away in December of 1961 at Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he had resided for the past twelve years. Phillips came to Northwest Missouri State College in 1922. He was chairman of the education department and of the student placement com- mittee. He taught classes here for twenty-seven years leaving in 1949 to retire in New Mexico. His widow is the former Miss Louise Waller of Maitland. She was for- merly a teacher at Eugene Field Elementary School in Maryville 209 Organizations ACE 124 Administration 30 Advisory Council 114 Ag Club 134 Alpha Phi Omega 113 Alpha Psi Omega 116 Alpha Sigma Alpha 90 American Guild of Organists 136 Art Club 118 Assembly Committee 133 Associated Women Students 122 Baptist Student Union 206 Baseball 197 Basketball 191 Blue .Key 132 Book Club 120 Campus Life 178 Cheerleaders 186 Church Groups 208 Class Officers 87 Colhecon 121 College Heights 177 Commencement 183 Dalton ' s Message 24 Dedication 4 Delta Zeta 92 Dorm Life 168 Drama Club 116 Dramatics 162 Faculty 33 Football 187 Forensics 117 4-H Club 134 Fraternity Life 106 Freshmen 76 Freshman Orientation 160 Gamma Delta 207 Gamma Sigma Sigma 112 Hanging of the Greens 156 Homecoming 144 Homecoming Committee 133 Industrial Arts 123 In Memoriam 209 Interfraternity Council 107 Intramurals 166 Introduction 6 Juniors 58 Kappa Delta Pi 1 20 Kappa Omicron Phi 121 Kappa Pi 118 Kennedy ' s Message 22 Library 1 74 M Club 128 MENC 136 Men ' s Dorm Council 132 Men ' s Intramural Council 127 Merrigan ' s Message 28 Music 136 Newman Club 203 Northwest Missourian 140 Off-Campus Life 173 Office Staff 38 Panhellenic Council 109 PEM Club 126 Perrin Hall Council 130 Perrin Hall Counselors 130 Phi Lambda Chi 98 Phi Mu 94 Phi Sigma Epsilon 100 Piano Club 136 Pi Kappa Delta 117 Pi Omega Pi 119 President of College 26 Quad Life 170 Radio Club 126 Registration 161 ToTver Directory Religious Emphasis Week Committee 208 Roberta Hall Council 131 Roberta Hall Counselors 131 Seniors 44 Sigma Phi Dolphins 129 Sigma Sigma Sigma 96 Sigma Tau Gamma 102 SNEA 125 Social Science Club 135 Sophomores 65 Sorority Snaps 108 Student Christian Association 202 Student Senate 114 Student Teaching 179 Swim Team 195 Tau Kappa Epsilon 104 Tennis 199 Tower Accolade 158 Tower Dance 152 Tower Staff 140 Town Girls Association 122 Track 198 Trailer Court 176 Union 172 Union Board 115 Wesley Foundation 204 Who ' s Who 159 Women ' s Intramural Council 127 Wrestling 196 Young Republicans ' Club 135 Student Index Abarr, Ann, Mount Ayr, Iowa 44,125,130 Abbott, Duane, Clarinda, Iowa 58,128, 188,189 Abbott, Lawrence, Maryville, Missouri 207 Achenbaugh, Darry, Henderson, Iowa 122 Ackoel, Glennon, St. Louis, Missouri 75, 188,189,196 Adams, Ken, Osceola,Iowa 44,128 Adamson, Ira, NevinviUe, Iowa 58 Addison, Garrett, Cainsville, Missouri 103 Agre, Marilyn, Bayard, Iowa 75 Akers, Alice, Exira, Iowa 75,206 Albright, Lawrence, St. Joseph, Missouri 65 Alff, Duane, Oakland, Iowa 65 Allan, Stanley, Craig, Missouri 75 Allen, Bernard, Osceola, Iowa 75,189 Allen, Patricia, Auburn, Nebraska 138 Anderman, Michael, Oelwain, Iowa 58, 98,99 Andersen, Dennis, Elk Horn, Iowa 58 Andersen, Dorothy, Atlantic, Iowa 58 Andersen. Ronald. Exira. Iowa 75 Anderson, Anita, Cameron, Iowa 75,136, 138,206 Anderson, G. Kay, Malvern, Iowa 44,93, 109,124 Anderson, Gary, Corning, Iowa 196 Anderson, Harryette, New Market, Iowa 58,93,119,125 Anderson, Roger, Hopkins, Missouri 44, 105 Anderson, Leland, Corning, Iowa 65 Anderson, Martha, Stanton, Iowa 75,121 Anderson, Ronald, Red Oak, Iowa 75, 122,207 Anderson, Timmy, Green Field, Iowa 75, 98 Andes, Judith, Maitland, Missouri 95, 119,120 Andler, E. Ellen, Forest City, Missouri 75 Andrews, John, Grant City, Missouri 58, 105 Arthan, Taso, Kansas City, Missouri 100 Anthony, Fred, Des Moines, Iowa 65 Anthony, Mary, Council Bluffs, Iowa 95,115 Arbuckle, Fred, Corning, Iowa 118,101 Arms, Charles, Maryville, Missouri 75 Arms, Donna, Maryville, Missouri 58,112 Armstrong, Arlen, Parnell, Missouri 75 Armstrong, Judy, St. Joseph, Missouri 65 Arnold, Robert, Smithville, Missouri 138 Atkins, Edward, Chillicothe, Missouri 65, 103,128,195 Atkinson, Gail, Red Oak, Iowa 65 Ayers, Marna, Coon Rapid, Iowa 75 Axtell, Roger, Missouri Valley, Iowa 65 Badger, Donald, Bugley, Iowa 65 Badgett, Marge, Corning, Iowa 58,97,109 Baier, Jon, Wiota, Iowa 58 Bailey, Dixie, Winterset, Iowa 58,135 Bailiff, Nancy, Corning, Iowa 75 Baker, Bruce, Jefferson, Iowa 58,104,135 Baker, James, Independence, Missouri 65 Baker, Kennith, Bethany, Missouri 65 Baker, Tommy, Napton, Missouri 75,188 189 Banker, Marianne, St. Joseph, Missouri 58 Barber, Gary, Plattsburg, Missouri 65,105 Barker, Karen, Nodaway, Iowa 75,130 Barnes, Robert, Savannah, Missouri 75 Barnett, Eddie, Red Oak, Iowa 44 Barr, Ann, Blue Island, Illinois 93 Barton, Carole Pattonsburg, Missouri 65, 94 Bashor, Ronald, Savannah, Missouri 188 189 Bassett, William, Parkville, Missouri 118, 203 Batehan, Laurene, Menlo, Iowa 75 Bateman, Jo, Parnell, Missouri 65,91 Bateman, Richard, Parnell, Missouri 136 Bates, Keralyn, Oakland, Iowa 136 Bates, Oren, Garden City, Missouri 58,99, 206 Baxter, Robert, Grand Junction, Iowa 104 Bayles, Judith, Maryville, Missouri 44,121 Bayles, Larry, Creston, Iowa, 98 Bazan, Patty, St. Joseph, Missouri 58 Bea, Jacqueline, Elliott, Iowa 44,112,125 Beamer, Jane, Mount Ayr, Iowa 96 Beamon, Carol, St. Joseph, Missouri 44, 97,133 Bean, Dennis, Lake City, Iowa 44,103,133, 135 Bean, Ward, Aubun, Iowa 44,101 Beason, Betty, Maryville, Missouri 44 Beattie, Mary Louise, Barnard, Missouri 75 Beavers, Nancy Jane, Cameron, Missouri 75,96,129 Beck, Robert, Des Moines, Iowa 65,192, 194,198 Backler, Marlyn Chester, Skidmore, Missouri 58 Bein, Joy, Maryville, Missouri 75 Bell, Gary, St. Joseph, Missouri 65,199 Bell, Joe, Waterloo, Iowa 58,128,177,188, 189 Bell, Judith, Colfax, Iowa 75,205 Bell, Marvin, Maryville, Missouri 75 Bell, Shirley, Red Oak, Iowa 75,94,124, 181 Bellaganba, Maria, lonteuidcd, Uruguay 75,130,203 Bender, Sandra, Bethany, Missouri 75 Benefiel, Nancy, Creston, Iowa 58,93,109, 157 Bennett, Allan, Leon, Iowa 75 Bennett, Joan, Maryville, Missouri 97 Bennett, Thomas, Leon, Iowa 75 Benton, Galen, Guthrie Center, Iowa 65, 136 Berry, Ray, Winterset, Iowa 128 Betts, Roger, Coon Rapids, Iowa 75 Bichel, Brenda, Mineola, Iowa 163 Bintner, Stuart, Exira, Iowa 105,133 Bish, Linda, St. Joseph, Missouri 75 Bissell, Denny, Maryville, Missouri 44 Bixler, Karen, Massena, Iowa 75 Bjorn, Karen, Atlantic, Iowa 65,124 Black, Beverly, New Market, Iowa 75 Black, Charles, Maryville, Missouri 58 Black, Judy, Maryville. Missouri 58 Black, Linda, Maryville, Missouri 75 Black, Marilyn, Maryville, Missouri 58 Bledsoe, Bonnie, St. Joseph, Missouri 65, 118,122 Boatright, Loretta, Rushville, Missouri 58,93,125 Boettner, Jay, Rock Port, Missouri 75 Bogdas, Katherine, New Hampton, Missouri 75,125,126,130 Bohlender, Ronald, Des Moines, Iowa 75 Bollman, Fay, St. Joseph, Missouri 44, 202,208 Bolon, Judith, Davis City, Iowa 75,126 Bond. Clifford, Marion, Iowa 75 Bonde, Richard, Newell, Iowa 75 Book, Rebecca, Lacona, Iowa 75,116,122, 125,162 Boone, Louis, King City, Missouri 58 Boos, Michael, Gower, Missouri 58 Booth, Kenneth, Altadena, California 76 Bopp, Joseph, Brayton, Iowa 105 Borkowski, Mary, St. Joseph, Missouri 44 Borngesser, Marian, St. Joseph, Missouri 44,91,109,204 Bouska, Susan, Ravenwood, Missouri 58, 96 Bowen, Kay, Lamoni, Iowa 76,186 Bowman, Nancy, Fairfax, Missouri 76 Boyd, Earl, Rockwell City, Iowa 101,115, 128,132,133,188 Boyd, Patrick, Pleasant Hill, Missouri 105 Bradshaw, Fredrick, Parkville, Missouri 65,125 Brand, Betty, Mount Ayr, Iowa 65 Brandt, William, Holstein, Iowa 76,113 Brasher, Gary, Kansas City, Missouri 65, 123,206 Bregin, John, St. Joseph, Missouri 44,128, 199,103,208 Breit, Delores, Parnell, Missouri 76 Brentnall, Robert, Creston, Iowa 76 Briggs, Barbara, Shanandoah, Iowa 76, 125 Briggs, Jack, Grand Junction, Iowa 76, 136,138,205 Briggs, Robert, Nodaway, Iowa 44,105 Bright, Glenda, Lineville, Iowa 76,125, 205 Bright, Kermit, Conception Jet., Missouri 103 Bristow, Mary Lee, Maryville, Missouri ' 58,126,204 Brittain, Florence, Winterset, Iowa 65, 133,140 Brown, Donald, Maryville, Missouri 65 Brown, Gale, Beaconsfield, Iowa 44,125, 178 Brown, Gary, Denver, Missouri 76 Brown, Kenneth, Hastings, Iowa 65 Brown, Larry, Albany, Missouri 45,101 Brown, Larry L., Lamoni, Iowa 45,122,133 Brown, William, Creston, Iowa 99 Broz, Joe, Florence, Kansas 58 Bruett, Mary, Winterset, Iowa 76 Bruggeman, Nancy, Manilla, Iowa 76,118 Brumley, Ronald, Carbondale, Illinois 189 Bryan, Kent, Mooresville, Missouri 65, 123 Buck, Jerry, Princeton, Missouri 76,123 Buckley, Donna, Lenox, Iowa 124 Buckley, Vicki, Atchison, Kansas 76,207 Buerkens, Elaine, Marshalltown, Iowa 76, 129 Buesing, Norman, Clarinda, Iowa 58 Bugg, Carol, St. Joseph, Missouri 45,91 Bulen, Frances, Independence, Missouri 76,138 Bullock, William, Falls City, Nebraska 76 Bunch, Chestine, Albany 76 Burch, Billy, Braddyville, Iowa 45 Burrh, Ewart, Maryville, Missouri 76,195 Borge, James, Mount Ayr, Iowa 102 Burger, Jacqueline, Mound City, Missouri 65,91 Burgett, Alice, Adel, Iowa 58 Burmeister, Jerome, Harlan, Iowa 45 Burns, Gary, Rockport, Missouri 65 Burns, Ronald, Rockport, Missouri 45, 101 Burr, Kay, King City, Missouri 76 Burrell, John, Davis City, Iowa 65 Burrcll, Paul, Mount . yr, Iowa 65 Burrell, Rodney, St. Joseph, Missouri 105, 167 Burton, Sharon, Bethany, Missouri 65, 112,125,135 Bush, John, Maryville, Missouri 113,170 Butler, Charles, Waterloo, Iowa 181,188, 189,190 Byron, Janet, Mound City, Missouri 76, 121 Cain, Allen, Oregon, Missouri 76 Calvin, Judith, Lenox, Iowa 65,122 Campbell, Connie, Maryville, Missouri 76,126 Campbell, James, Bolckow, Missouri 65, 99 Campbell, John, Botna, Missouri 66,104 Campbell, Karen, Maryville, Missouri 65, 125 Campbell, Sharon, Red Oak, Iowa 58, 124,138 Campbell, Wilda, Bolckow, Missouri 59 Canaday, Nancy, St. Joseph, Missouri 45 Carmichael, Ray Maryville, Missouri 76 Carr, Janice, Agency, Missouri 59 Carrel, Donald, Union Star, Missouri 76 Carrington, Brenda, St. Joseph, Missouri 57,206 Carroll, Sharon, West Des Moines, Iowa 125,203 Carroll, William, St. Joseph, Missouri 58 Carstcns, Joyce, Manilla, Missouri 76 Carter, Margaret, Maryville, Missouri 133,206 Carter, Mary, Guilford, Missouri 58,203 Carver, Kenneth, St. Joseph, Missouri 188,189 Cassity, Charles, Chillicothe, Missouri 76 Caudle, Roger, Troy, Kansas 59,122 Cellman, Terry, Osceola, Iowa 66,99,129 Chafin, Robert, St. Joseph, Missouri 66, 117 Chambers, Linda, Harlan, Iowa 76 Chappell, Mary, Logan, Iowa 76 Chenoweth, Barbara, Maryville, Missouri 59.175 Chenoweth, John, Maryville, Missouri 59, 101,175 Chick, Barbara, Shenandoah, Iowa 76. 90,126 Chick, . nne. Shenandoah, Iowa 91,114, 122,124,133,145,146,181 Chivington, Mary, St. Joseph, Missouri 76 Christope, Janice, Raytown, Missouri 66, 87,97 Christensen, David, Shelby, Iowa 76 Christensen, Eldon, Kimballton, Iowa 76, 122 Christensen, Jerry, Shelby. Iowa 59 Christensen, Steve, .Audubon, Iowa 76, 122 Christian, Lois, Maryville, Missouri 76 Christian, Margaret, Maitland, Missouri 87,95 Christian, Mary, Maitland. Missouri 95, 179 Christiansen, Betty, Des Moines, Iowa 76, 206 Christie, Raymond, New Hampton, Missouri 102 Christoffers, Lona, Maryville, Missouri 66,94 Christoffers, Paul, Fort Dodge, Iowa 59 Cihak, Mary, Cedar Falls, Iowa 59,92, 125,135,204 Clark, Diene, King City, Missouri 76 Clark, Harold, Maitland, Missouri 76 Cl ark, Richard, Maryville, Missouri 45, 188,189.199 Clark, Sandra, Helena. Missouri 76.116 Clark, Sharon. Barnard. Missouri 76 Clausen, Dennis, Carroll, Iowa 66,98 Claycomb. Lcroy, St. Joseph. Missouri 59 Clemens, Vernon, Orient, Iowa 76 Clements, Mary, Galatin. Missouri 41,59, 95,124.129 Clifton, Lois, Kansas City, Missouri 66 Cline, James, Pickering, Missouri 77 Clinc, Stewart, Savannah. Missouri 45. 188,189 Close, Loretta, Fairfax, Missouri 77 Close, Peggy, Skidmore, Missouri 1 78 Clute, George, Kansas City, Missouri 123,126 Cobb, Robert, Oarlington, Missouri 59, 87,101,114,120,132,140 Cockrill, Jacqueline, Platte City, Missouri 59,91,124 Cockrill, Mildred, Platte City, Missouri 77,87,90,130,135 Coen, James, Parkville, Missouri 66,104, 113,135,206 Cole, Judith, Weldon, Iowa 77 Colhour, Carl, Stewartsville, Missouri 66, 123,198 Collings, Jesse, Creston, Iowa 59 Collings, Keith, Creston, Iowa 59,102 Collins, David, Quitman, Missouri 59, 101 Collins, Jerry, Creston, Iowa 77 Combs, Barbara, Clearmont, Missouri 66, 90,131 Combs, Harry, Gravity, Iowa 77 Combs, Joseph Carl, Clearmont, Missouri 105,114,132,133,136,159 Combs, Karl Michael, Stanberry, Missouri 77 Conboy, Penny, Maryville, Missouri 66 Condon, Harlan, Lake City, Iowa 45 Conway, Mary, Council Bluffs, Iowa 77, 203 Cooper, Dale, Jamesport, Missouri 45, 122,135,159 Cooper, Glenda, Emerson, Iowa 59,124, 130 Cooper, Gene, Maryville, Missouri 105 Coover, Eddie, Maryville, Missouri 45, 176 Corley, Merlin, Burlington, Jet., Missouri 77 Corll, Larry, Mount Ayr, Iowa 103,196 Cornelison, Richard, Maryville, Missouri 66,87,101,155 Cornelison, Robert, Maryville, Missouri 77 Cornett, Sandra, Maryville, Missouri 77 Corrigan, Charles, St. Joseph, Missouri 116,163 Cotter, Robert, Panora, Iowa 66,105,116, 117,135,167,178 Cottle, Steven, Skidmore, Missouri 77,123 Coughlin, Virginia, Cumberland, Iowa 45,93,125 Courter, Kay, Coffey, Missouri 66 Couts, Carol, Maryville, Missouri 59,126, 129,205 Cowger, Joan, Des Moines, Iowa 77 Cowles, Curtis, Broomfield, Colorado 77 Cox, Clarence, St. Joseph, Missouri 77 Cox, David, St. Joseph, Missouri 45 Cox, Donald, Marshall, Missouri 45,123, 133 Cox, James, Shenandoah, Iowa 77 Coy, John, Chillicothe, Missouri 66 Cox, Wanda, Bedford, Iowa 77, 121,178 Cramer, Tom, Chillicothe, Missouri 132 Crandall, Joel, Lake City, Iowa 59,103 Crater, Bernita, Ravenwood, Missouri 59, 91 Crawford, Carolyn, Earlham, Iowa 45, 125 Crawford, Homer, Clarinda, Iowa 45 Crawford, Rexine, Kansas City, Missouri 77 Creighton, Mary, Pattonsburg, Missouri 45,125,126 Croley, John, Kansas City, Missouri 66, 105,199,123,128 Cromwell, Ollie, Pontiac, Michigan 189, 101 Crone, Sue, Winston, Missouri 45,97,1 14, 124,153,155,157,178 Cross, Carolyn, Bedford, Iowa 66,90 Cross, Ronald, Mount Ayr, Iowa 45,120, 119,175 Crouse, Charles, Cainsville, Missouri 46, 123,103 Crouse, Maryln, Sioux City, Iowa 46,94 Croxell, Thomas, Griswold, Iowa 196 Culver, Charles, St. Joseph, Missouri 66 Cummings, Elaine, Bedford, Iowa 46,93, 125,131,144,146,156,136,202,204 Cummings, Richard, Cedar, Iowa 66,126, 204,170 Cunningham, Linda, Gatun, C.Z. 46,125, 126,129 Curnutt, Jerald, Barnard, Missouri 46 Curnutt, Robert, Maryville, Missouri 66, 205 Curtis, Sharon, Hastings, Iowa 66,124 Custer, Thomas, Harlan, Iowa 105,135 Cutler, Karen, St. Joseph, Missouri 59, 125 Dack, David, Ravenwood, Missouri 77 Dahl, Roger, Waterloo, Iowa 196 Dalbey, Larry, Maryville, Missouri 105 Dalrymple, Daryl, Stanberry, Missouri 123 Damewood, Lowell, Clarinda, Iowa 77 Dana, DeLores, Perry, Iowa 77,125,205 Daniel, Don, Norcross, Georgia, 66,188, 189,103 Daniel, Newell, Cameron, Missouri 66 Darnell, Geneva, King City, Missouri 77, 121 Davidson, Lois, Bedford, Iowa 66,135 Davis, Carol, Maryville, Missouri 66,121 Davis, Dawman, Bolckow, Missouri 57 Davis, Ellen, Des Moines, Iowa 66 Davis, Gary, Fairfax, Missouri 66 Davis, Larry, Guthrie Center, Iowa 46, 87,133,167,101 Davis, Larry, Rockford, Ohio 188,189 Davis, Ronald, Rushville, Missouri 59, 123,128 Davis, Rosalea, Graham, Missouri 121 Davis, Jeanne, Creston, Iowa 66,125, 135,138 Davis, William, Maryville, Missouri 46 Day, Terry, Kansas City, Missouri 103 Decker, Gloria, Council Bluffs, Iowa 122, 131, 94 Demick, Larry, New York City, New York 77 Denton, Jon, Denton, Kansas 59,128,132 Derks, Catherine, Guilford, Missouri 77 Derks, Ronald, Guilford, Missouri 77 DeShon, Charlotte, St. Joseph, Missouri 66,121 Devers, Jim, Grant City, Missouri 77 Devers, Richard, Grant City, Missouri 105,13 3 Dew, Connie Joan, Maryville, Missouri 77 Dewey, Judith Ann, Bethany, Missouri 77,121 Dewey, Michael, Kansas City, Missouri 77,123 Dick, James Arthur, Maryville, Missouri 105 Dickersbach, Sandra, Malvern, Iowa 66 Dickey, Robert, Des Moines, Iowa 77 Diggs, Larry Laverne, Maitland, Missouri 77 Diggs, Larry 66 Dills, N nna Mae, Albany, Missouri 77, 121 Dinkens, Doyle Ray, LaPorte, Indiana 77, 135,202,204 Dinkla, Dennis, Casey, Iowa 77 Disburg, Mary Ellen, Manilla, Iowa 59, 94,109,157,208 Dittmer, William Henry, Shelby, Iowa 207 Dooley, Dick Dean, Maryville, Missouri 66,100,205 Doran, James, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 77 Dorrel, Joyce Ann, Maryville, Missouri 77,92 Dougherty, Gerald, Marshalltown, Iowa 59 Dougherty, Jerry, Bedford, Iowa, 77,203 Douglass, Linda, Kansas City, Missouri 77 Dowden, Cleta Darlene, Barnard, Missouri 123 Doyle, Michael, Oakland, Iowa 46,203 Drake, Donald Keith, Baileyville, Illinois 59,193,194 Drake, Stephen, Mount Ayr, Iowa 66, 104,135,196 Drummond, Glenda, Coffey, Missouri 77 Dryer, David, Atlantic, Iowa 57 Duffen, Walter, Mexico, Missouri 77 Duffield, Dennis, Princeton, Missouri 66,123 Dunham, Patricia, Lock Springs, Missouri 46,116,156,163,164,165 Durfee, Martha, Council Bluffs, Iowa 66, 97 Dygert, Joan, Massena, Iowa 77 Early, Judith, Morrill, Kansas 77,138 Early, Robert, St. Louis, Missouri 188 Earp, Thomas, Independence, Missouri 67 Ecklin, Arlene, Lenox, Iowa 59,95 Edlin, Roberta, Platte City, Missouri 78 Eickholt, Gloria, Maryville, Missouri 67, 96,203 Eisenburg, Richard, Oregon, Missouri 77 Elam, Jo Ellen, Ravenwood, Missouri 59, 96 Elder, Larry Lee, St. Joseph, Missouri 132 Elder, Larry Max, Wathena, Kansas 128, 188,189 Elliott, Ruth Ann, Verdon, Nebraska 112, 120,140,204 Elmore, Julia, Kansas City, Missouri 46, 91 England, Thomas, Red Oak, Iowa 46,101 Engleka, Merle, Gravity, Iowa 78 English, Jerome, Wichita Falls, Texas 189 English, Tyrone, Wichita Falls, Texas 189 Engstrom, James, Warwick, R.I. 101 Enis, Carolyn, Kansas City, Missouri 78, 116,164,165 Erb, Richard, Garden Grove, Iowa 59, 118,123 Esch, Norman, Indianola, Nebr. 78,207 Esch, Rodney, Indianola, Nebr. 46,132, 199 Ettelson, Davis, Newton, Iowa 195 Evans, Troy, Maryville, Missouri 46,123 Everly, Carolyn, Coffey, Missouri 46,125, 126,129 Everly, Susan, Jameson, Missouri 67 Ewing, Constance, Kansas City, Missouri 78,92,124,181 Faga, Colleen, Casey, Iowa 67,124,203 Fairlie, Thomas, St. Joseph, Missouri 46, 118,208 Faulk, Karenann, Essex, Iowa 78,126 Fankhauser, Carol, Cosby, Missouri 46, 120,121,208 Farmer, Jean, College Springs, Iowa 46 Farmer, Loretta, Kansas City, Missouri 46,112,125,130,202,206 Farquhar, Elvin, Clearmont, Missouri 59 Fastenau, Dewey, Villisca, Iowa 46 Faubian, Lorraine, Stanberry, Missouri 78 Fay, John, Ellston, Iowa 98 Fegan, Jean E., Earlham, Iowa 118 Feller, Laree, Redfield, Iowa 78 Ferguson, Elaine, Worth, Missouri 59, 125,178 Ferguson, Charles, Red Oak, Iowa 78,123 Ferguson, Chester, St. Joseph, Missouri 59 212 Ferguson, Cleanne, Conception, Missouri 47,112,121 Ferguson, Sarah, Clearfield, Iowa 67,112, 122,133 Ferrell, Jerry, Valley Falls, Kansas 67,99 Fetterer, Richard, New Carwishe, Indiana 47 Fetterhoff, Larry, Mexico, Missouri 78 Fetters, Phillip, Lamoni, Iowa 78 Findley, Ted, Grant City, Missouri 78 Fine, Elinor, Ludlow, Missouri 112,59, 129,131,135 Fine, Robert, Ludlow, Missouri 47,118, 123 Fisher, Kay, Hamburg, Iowa 67,125,204 Fisher, Marlene, Independence, Iowa 47, 124 Fiske, Sally, St. Joseph, Missouri 78,124, 181 Fitch, Beverly, Lawson, Missouri 59,95 Fitch, Ronald, Kansas City, Kansas 78 Fitzpatrick, Sharon, Glenwood, Iowa 78, 203 Fletchall, Evelyn, Savannah, Missouri 78 Fletchall, Judy, Savannah, Missouri 67,92 Fletchall, Norma, Worth, Missouri 47, 120,122,125,144,146,178 Fletchall, Patricia, St. Joseph, Missouri 78,138 Flora, John, Baxter, Iowa 67,136 Foje, Carol, Persia, Iowa 60,95,109,121 Foje, Vernon, Persia, Iowa 207 Poland, Gary, Cameron, Missouri 189, 195 Folden, Marilyn, Skidmore, Missouri 60, 93,125,131,133,119 Foley, Robert, St. Joseph, Missouri 101 Forke, Dennis, Carroll, Iowa 78 Foss, David, Atlantic, Iowa 126 Fountain, George, Savannah, Missouri 47,117,162 Fowler, Pat 60 Fowler, Rex, EUston, Iowa 122 Frahm, Phyllis, Denison, Iowa 67 Frakes, Pat, Independence, Missouri 67 Francis, Janice, Marville, Missouri 47, 120,121 Frank, Richard, Union Star, Missouri 78 Frazer, Karen, Norbome, Missouri 67, 126,204 Frazho, Larry, Roseville, Michigan 78, 189 Frazho, William, Roseville, Michigan 189 Frazier, Don, Grant City, Missouri 47 Frazier, Larry, Gallatin, Missouri 78 Freeman, Robert, Wilmington, North Carolina 189 Freeman, Sharon, Easton, Missouri 78 Friday, Don, Mount Ayr, Iowa 47,103 Frohn, Gary, Fairfax, Missouri 47 Frueh, Gary, Maryville, Missouri 47 Fry, Gerald, Lathrop, Missouri 78 Fryer, Darryl, Hamden, Massachusetts 112 Fuhr, Donna, Maryville, Missouri 47 Fulk, Lyle, Clarinda, Iowa 47,125 Fuller, Larry, Clearmont, Missouri 78 Fuller, Richard, Emerson, Iowa 47 Funderburg, Sandra, Stanberry, Missouri 78 Funkhouser, Julia, College Springs, Iowa 47 Gaines, Sheryl 78,126 Gabbert, Janet, Weston, Missouri 94,130 Gabel, Thomas, Kansas City, Missouri 78,203 Gaiseric, Jason 207 Garnet, Susan, Lenox, Iowa 67,94 Ganoe, Sharon, Winterset, Iowa 78 Card, Rose Ann, Maryville, Missouri 162,205 Gardner, Lawrence, Albany, Missouri 78 Garrard, Mary Ann, Parnell, Missouri 78 Garten, Robert, Maryville, Missouri 60 Carton, Harriet, Albany, Missouri 67,93 125 Gaughan, James, Denison, Iowa 67 Gault, Mama, Council Bluffs, Iowa 78 Gebert, Richard, Maryville, Missouri 67 101 Geer, Farah, Shambaugh, Iowa 67,124 Gelhaar, Larry, Arvada, Colorado 60,101 Gentry, Harold, St. Joseph, Missouri 60, 102,128,188,189,195,198 George, Carl, Platte City, Missouri 123 George, Charles, Webb City, Missouri 47 George, Jerry, Princeton, Missouri 78 George, Laura, Webb City, Missouri 67, 112,125,202,204 Gerdes, Thelma, Craig, Missouri 47,90, 114,109,120,133,156,119,141,155,159 Gibson, Bill, Winterset, Iowa 67,194 Gibson, Jack, Newton, Iowa 78,205 Gibson, Shirley, Coming, Iowa 60,124, 131,168 Giffin, Robert, Guilford, Missouri 78 Giffin, Tom, Barnard, Missouri 78 Gill, Robert, Maryville, Missouri 116, 164,165 Gillespie, Pat, Ridgeway, Missouri 60, 112,121 Gilliland, Jerry, Lathrop, Missouri 47, 113,186,206 Gilliland, John, Lathrop, Missouri 47,113, 186,206,198 Godsey, Nora, Skidmore, Missouri 67,121 Goff, Mary Helen, St. Joseph, Missouri 118 Goldner, Evelyn, Shannon City, Iowa 121, 138 Goldner, Homer, Shannon City, Iowa 60,123 Gomel, Dixie, Las Vegas, Nevada 87,92, 93,109,120,125,135 Good, Sharo n, Red Oak, Iowa 78,130 Goodin, Lula Marlene, Princeton, Missouri 78 Gooding, Danny, Cameron, Missouri 78, 189 Goodlaxson, Roy, Creston, Iowa 47 Goold, Richard, Parkville, Missouri 99, 163,164,165 Goslee, Kendel, Skidmore, Missouri 78 Gould, Carolyn, Parkville, Missouri 67, 129 Graham, Brenda, Bethany, Missouri 60, 119 Grantham, Dwight, Kansas City, Missouri 105 Grantham, Mary, Kansas City, Missouri 77,178,204 Graves, Kay, Fairfax, Missouri 79 Gray, Cheryl, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 79, 178,204 Gray, Jack, Maryville, Missouri 67,105 Gray, Leroy, Maryville, Missouri 79 Gray, Martha, Bethany, Missouri 47,114, 91,159,186 Greeley, Maureen, Gravity, Iowa 67,204, 122 Green, Lana, Prescott, Iowa 79,90 Green, Larry, Celwein, Iowa 101,128 Green, Rodney, Albany, Missouri 79 Green, Thomas, Council Bluffs, Iowa 196 Greenwood, Sharon, Blythedale, Missouri 48,124,131,133,156,179,205 Greer, William, Orrick, Missouri 79 Gregersen, John, Audubon, Iowa 67 Gress, Carol, Marne, Iowa 48,95,124 Gridley, Sharon, Elliot, Iowa 79,90 Griesinger, Marion, Holland, Ohio 123, 189 Griffin, Frankie, Orrick, Missouri 67 Griffin, Shanna, Woodburn, Iowa 79, 121,125 Griffith, Suzanna, Bethany, Missouri 79 Grimes, Dina Kay, St. Joseph, Missouri 60 Grobe, Lynn, Oakland, Iowa 79 Groom, Larry, Stanberry, Missouri 79 Grooms, Charles, Maryville, Missouri 60 Grooms, Patsy, Lathrop, Missouri 79,96 Grouse, Bette, Chillicothe, Missouri 67 Grout, Robert, Tingley, Iowa 48,123 Groves, Ruth, Skidmore, Missouri 79 Grow, Leslie, Clarksdale, Missouri 67 Growney, Joe, Maryville, Missouri 67,99, 101 Grube, Ellen, Maryville, Missouri 67,120, 144,146,141,95 Grube, Susan, Maryville, Missouri 48,97, 124 Gwenther, Gregory, Bedford, Iowa 67, 101,199 Guertin, Terry, Sibley, Iowa 79 Guess, Bill, Albany, Missouri 79 Guest, Martha, Union Star, Missouri 48,97 Guinn, Lucinda, St. Joseph, Missouri 60 Gunson, Janet, Blockton, Iowa 93,133 Guske, Lana, Atlantic, Iowa 79 Guthery, Ronald, Atchison, Kansas 60,99 Guymon, Marilyn, Maryville, Missouri 48,95,119,120 Guymon, Victor, Maryville, Missouri 103 Haer, Garth, Craig, Missouri 48 Hagan, Larry, St. Joseph, Missouri 60 Hagg, Alvin, Algona, Iowa 79 Hale, Merlin, Murray, Iowa 48 Hall, Albert, Parnell, Missouri 79 Hall, Barbara, Kansas City, Missouri 79 Hall, Erma Louise, Independence, Missouri 60,124 Hall, Jerry, Kellerton, Iowa 67 Hall, Robert, Clarinda, Iowa 79,195 Hall, Ronald, Harlan, Iowa 79 Halleck, Roger, Perry, Iowa 67 Hamilton, Shirley, Clearmont, Missouri 67 Hamm, Constance, St. Joseph, Missouri 125 Hammack, Ronald, Ridgeway, Missouri 67 Hammer, Gary, Stanberry, Missouri 67, 123 Hamon, Howard, Savannah, Missouri 79 Haney, Jim, Marceline, Missouri 67,189 Hankinson, Elizabeth, St. Joseph, Missouri 48,91 Hanna, Larry, Pickering, Missouri 48 Hansen, Dale, Van Meter, Iowa 119, 103,129 Hansen, Gladys, Exira, Iowa 68 Hanson, Gary, Creston, Iowa 68,98 Hanson, Janet, Somers, Iowa 48,112, 120,124,131,207 Hanson, Ronald, Soldier, Iowa 79 213 Hardesty, Billy, Maryville, Missouri 68, 116,162 Hargis, Paul, Council Bluffs, Iowa 68 Hargrave, Judith, Maryville, Missouri 96 Harlow, Terry, Gallatin, Missouri 79 Harms, Larry, Shenandoah, Iowa 79 Harms, Sharon, Red Oak, Iowa 79,124 Harr, Joyce, Crosby, Missouri 48,125,202 Harrah, Merlin, Kansas City, Missouri 68 Harris, Patricia, Platte City, Missouri 48, 93,124,125 Hart, David, Quitman, Missouri 79 Hartman, Linda, Rock Port, Missouri 79 Hartman, Martin. Barnard, Missouri 68 Hartman, Paula, Rock Port, Missouri 48 Hatfield, Kenneth, Bedford, Iowa 79 Hawkins, Barbara, Corning, Iowa 92 Hawkins, Rosalind, Pleasanton, Iowa 79, 118 Hawley, Kathryn, Barnard, Missouri 79 Hawthorne, Gary, Lohrville, Iowa 103 Hays, Karen, Rock Port, Missouri 79 Hazelrigg, Gary, St. Joseph, Missouri 60 Hazzard, Ronald, Forest City, Missouri 48 Heater, Joseph, St, Joseph, Missouri 68 Heese, Gary, Kansas City, Missouri 79 Heidtbrink, Carolyn, Graham, Missouri 60,112 Hein, Charles . ugust, Chillicothe, Missouri 79 Hein, Jeanne Marie, Villisca, Iowa 60, 207,122,116,164,165 Heitman, Jerome Alvin, Plattsburg, Missouri 79 Heits, Bernard Ray, Craig, Missouri 189 Hembry, John J., Decator, Missouri 79, 196 Henderson, Stephen Kay, Jamesport, Missouri 79,189 Hendrix, Anne Karlene, Kansas City, Missouri 68,91 Hendrix, Kathryn Ann, Council Bluffs, Iowa 79,125 Henkle, Charles Wallace, Chillicothe, Missouri 79 Henney, Shirley Anne, De nison, Iowa 115,125,130,95 Henry, Elizabeth Sue, Graham, Missouri 206 Henry, Julie Marie, Bedford, Iowa 60, 112,178 Henry, Myrna Lee, Bedford, Iowa 48,124 Henry, Sally Louise, Norwalk, Iowa 79 Hensel, David Stuart, Auburn, Iowa 48 Hensel, Lynn E., Auburn, Iowa 48 Hensley, Darwin Dale, Maryville, Missouri 118 Herbold, Lenis Lee, Newton, Iowa 80, 126 Herner, Sally Ann, St. Joseph, Missouri 60 Herring, Terri Rae, Corning, Iowa 92, 125 Hersh, Karen S., Independence, Missouri 68,96 Hersh, Sharon . nn, Ravenwood, Missouri 80 Hess, James Elmam Skidmore, Missouri 80 Hestand, Ronald Edward, St. Joseph, Missouri 80,163 Hester, Ernest, Mound City, Missouri 48 Hickey, Diana, St. Joseph, Missouri 49,9! Hickman, Daphne .Ann, St. Joseph, Missouri 116 Hicks. Dick, Maryville, Missouri 60,101, 192 Hildebrandt. Eldon Carl, Shelby, Missouri 49 Hill, Anne Fields, Maryville, Missouri 120 Hill, Danny, Story City, Iowa 68,196 Hill. Judy, Exira, Iowa 80,121 Hill, Nancy. Kansas City, Missouri 49, 112,120,124 Hill, Sharon, Maryville, Missouri 68,96 Killers, Patricia, Blockton, Iowa 80,178 Hilsabeck, Jackie, Guilford, Missouri 60 Hilsenbeck, Phyllis, Maryville, Missouri 80,206 Hinebaugh, Frank, Parkville, Missouri 80,206 Hiser, Dennis, Shenandoah, Iowa 49 Hizer, Marlene, Kansas City, Missouri 49,91 Hodge, Maury Scott, Wichita Falls, Texas 189 Hoffelmeyer, Judy, St. Joseph, Missouri 68,91 Hoffman, Mariann, Braddyville, Iowa 60.112,121,133,204 Hohlfeild, Norma, Mount .Ayr, Iowa 68, 130 Holbrook, Gevona, Maryville, Missouri 68 Holbrook, Willis, Maryville, Missouri 68 Holland, Larry, Kansas City, Missouri 60,101,128,188,189 Holland, Ronald, Kansas City, Missouri 60,123 Hollister, William, Audubon, Iowa 48 Holman, Nancy, Independence, Missouri 80,121 Holmes, Gary, Jefferson, Iowa 49,199,128 Holmes, Karen, Council Bluffs, Iowa 49, 112 Hoist, Carolyn, .Avoca, Iowa 68,91,120, 125,140 Holtmyer, Judith, Maryville, Missouri 49, 124 Holtmyer, Marlin, Maryville, Missouri 49 Honstedt, Gary, Red Oak, Iowa 80 Hooshancian, Abolfazl, Teheran, Iran 104 Hoover, George, Pattonsburg, Missouri 49 Hopkins, Penny, Des Moines, Iowa 68,91, 114 Hopper, Joe, Kansas City, Missouri 80 Horn, Delsa, Sheridan, Missouri 49 Hornbostle, Larry, Falls City, Nebraska 80 Home. Roger, Mount .Ayr, Iowa 123 Hornecker, Ronald, Oregon, Missouri 68, 202.206.208 Horton, Gerald, Clearfield, Iowa 100 Hoshor, Carol, Barnard, Missouri 80 Houck, Richard, Corning, Iowa 60,99, 123,125 Houck, Linda, Corning, Iowa 68,93,129 Houk. Gayle, Pleasanton, Iowa 49,112, 125 Houston, Ronald, Hopkins. Missouri 68 Houts, Laura. Smithville, Missouri 68, 125,136,202.206 Howard, Jerry, Trimble, Missouri 188, 128,189 Howard, Michael, Maryville, Missouri 49.128.188,189,198 Howard, Jane, Maryville, Missouri 49, 118,141 Howe, Robert, King City, Missouri 80 Huffman, Calvin, Creston, Iowa 60 Hughes, Ronald, Maryville, Missouri 68 Huitt, Judith, Des Moines, Iowa 80,87, 204,122,138 Hull, Max Edwin, Elmo, Missouri 80 Hullman, Judith, Coin, Iowa 68,97,96, 115 Hultquist, Gary, Elliott, Iowa 68 Hummel, Helen, Essex, Iowa 60,124,125 Hummel, Karen, Essex, Iowa 112,120, 133 Hummel, Thomas, Glenwood, Iowa 189 Humsicker, Norma, Eaglerville, Missouri 68,121,122 Hunt, Diane, Shenandoah, Iowa 68,163, 94 Hunt, Rodney, Maryville, Missouri 80 Hunter, Jerrilyn, Kansas City, Missouri 80 Hunter, Treva, Kansas City, Missouri 124 Hunziger, Richard, Oregon, Missouri 60, 101,122,133 Hurdel, Carolyn, Jefferson, Iowa 80 Hurley, James, St. Joseph, Missouri 68, 102.116,163,164,165 Huss. Marjorie, Creston, Iowa 68.122 Hutchison, Caroline, St. Joseph, Missouri 60 Ideker. Ronald, Mound City, Missouri 49,101 Ireland. Larry, Dallas, Iowa 49,198 Irvin, Jerilyn, Westboro, Missouri 68,152, 133,155,178,205 Ir ' in, Ronald Blanchard, Iowa 68,122 Isaacson, Dean, Essex, Iowa 60 Iwen, Duane, Persia, Iowa 125.207 I wen. Joyce, Persia, Iowa 60,120.125,133, 140,207,208 Jackson, Wickie, St. Joseph, Missouri 68, 91 Jackson. Marvin, Maryville. Missouri 68, 178 Jackson, Richard, Kellerton, Iowa 80 Jackson. Sally, Maryville, Missouri 80 Jacobs, Marvin, Auburn, Iowa 101 James, Terry, .Atlantic, Iowa 128 Jamison, Glenda, Coin, Iowa 80,125,138, 204 Jamison, Ted, Maryville, Missouri 60 Jansen, Randall, Manning, Iowa 102 Jensen, Allan, Glenwood, Iowa 196 Jensen, Fred, Atchison, Kansas 189 Jensen, Mary Lynn, Denison, Iowa 68,93 Jetton, Benjamin, New Market, Iowa 99 Johnson, Betty, Burlington Jet., Missouri 68,97,125 Johnson, Connie, Skidmore, Missouri 50, 112 Johnson, Harold, Tarkio, Missouri 68, 125,135 Johnson, James, Princeton, Missouri 80, 123 Johnson, Janet, Bethany, Missouri 80 Johnson, Jerry, Oakland, Iowa 50,125,202 Johnson, Jim, Lombard, Illinois 113 Johnson, Kristin, Lucas, Iowa 80,206, 122,124 Johnson, Robert, Maryville, Missouri 80, 113,178 Johnson, Ruth, Wiota, Iowa 178 Johnson, Teresa, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 80 I 214 Johnson, Timothy, Maryville, Missouri 50,120,135,178 Johnson, Virginia, Maryville, Missouri 69,126 Johnston, Christiann, Maryville, Missouri 80,121,96 Jones, Ada, Trenton, Missouri 60 Jones, Andy, Platte City, Missouri 68,123, 170 Jones, Barbara 61 Jones, Dalton, Creston, Iowa 60,113,125 Jones, Gerald, Bethany, Missouri 50 Jones, Judith, Scottsbluff, Nebraska 80 Jones, Judy Kay, St. Joseph, Missouri 50, 118 Jones, Linda Carolyn, Grinnell, Iowa 50, 125 Jones, Linda Kay, Platte City, Missouri 95,112,120,125 Jones, Lou Ann, Dawn, Missouri 80,96 Jones, Paul, St. Joseph, Missouri 178 Jontz, Darrell, Baxter, Iowa 80 Jorgensen, Sandra, Manilla, Iowa 69, 124 Kaisand, Robert, Leon, Iowa 80 Kampe, Sally, Red Oak, Iowa 80,126 Kan, Jo 61 Karr, Joseph, Quitman, Missouri 123 Karrasch, Susan, St. Joseph, Missouri 61, 95,109,122 Karsten, Larry, Wallake, Iowa 50 Karstens, Dennis, Breda, Iowa 69,101,135 Kavanaugh, Fannie, Hamilton, Missouri 50 Kavanaugh, Leonard, Hamilton, Missouri 80 Kearns, Allen, Tabor, Iowa 50,188,128, 189 Keck, Marion, St. Joseph, Missouri 50 Keever, James, Quitman, Missouri 69 Keith, Aneta, Maryville, Missouri 80,126 Kelker, James, Red Oak, Iowa 69 Keller, Patricia, King City, Missouri 61, 112,121,131,133,169 Kelley, John E., Creston, Iowa 69,99 Kelley, John Rogers, Graham, Missouri 103,167 Kelley, John Roy, Maryville, Missouri 125,102,199 Kelly, Larry, Leon, Iowa 113 Kenagy, Merlin, Maryville, Missouri 61 Kendall, Ronald, St. Joseph, Missouri 61 Kennedy, Carol, Plattsburg, Missouri 80, 202,206 Kennon, Marlene, Maryville, Missouri 69 Kensinger, Larry, Maryville, Missouri 50,122 Kensinger, Linda, Maryville, Missouri 69 112,206 Kent, Karen, Ravenwood, Missouri 204 Kenyon, Rex, Stanberry, Missouri 80,123, 125 Keplinger, Judith, Kellerton, Iowa 61, 124,129 Kerben, Inella, McClelland, Iowa 69 Kerns, Judith, Maryville, Missouri 61 Kerns, Larry Russel, Cinn, Missouri 61 Kiesz, Martha, Stanberry, Missouri 61, 174 Killingsworth, Charles, Denver, Missouri 101 Kilmer, Larry, Perry, Iowa 205,196 Kilpatrick, William James, Harlan, Iowa 122 Kinder, Ramona, Faucett, Missouri 69, 112,125,214,136 Kindle, Michael, Maryville, Missouri 80 King, Linda Sue, Parnell, Missouri 80 Kinnick, Kathleen Karol, Lohrville, Iowa 61,93,204,136 Kirschbaum, Raymond William, Wathena, Kansas 69 Klever, Gary, Exira, Iowa 61 Klever, Martha Jane, Gray, Iowa 80 Klever, Mary, Aububon, Iowa 61 Kloewer, James Joseph, Manilla, Iowa 50,199,128 Kneale, Mary Ann, Graham, Missouri 61, 112,121 Kneale, William Richard, Oregon, Missouri 81 Knecht, Fred William, Leona, Kansas 61 Knepper, Donald Fredrick, Tarkio, Missouri 138 Knepper, Michael Allen, Platte City, Missouri 81,113 Knoke, Larry Gale, Griswold, Iowa 81, 195 Knott, Glenda Rose, Coffey, Missouri 81 Knox, Barbara Jean, Casey, Iowa 81 Knox, James Patrick, Pleasant Hill, Missouri 81 Kobashigawa, Jean, Kekaha, Hawaii 81,206,202,125 Koger, Marilynn K., Clearmont, Missouri 69,97,124,133 Kohler, Alfred Robert, Kansas City, Kansas 69 Kohler, Bidget Russel, Maryville, Missouri 69 Kohler, Dale, Maryville, Missouri 175 Kraft, Ron, Audubon, Iowa 61,71,133, 101 Kraft, William Frank, Algona, Iowa 69, 102 Krambeck, Dick, Model, Colorado 132, 167,159,104 Kratzka, Fredrick William, Amas, Iowa 69,123 Kremer, Terry, Persia, Iowa 69,101 Krokstrom, Saundra Lucille, Kansas City, Missouri 50,112,202,125,156 Krumm, Mary Ann, Corning, Iowa 81, 116 Krutz, Judith Ann, Coming, Iowa 69, 125,168 Kuhlman, Anita Jean, Clarinda, Iowa 61, 120,126,119 Kulisek, Larry, Council Bluffs, Iowa 115, 120,132,155,135,103 Kunee, Dick, Yale, Iowa 81 Kurtright, JoAnna, Albany, Missouri 81 90 Kurtz, Sara Beth, Oregon, Missouri 50, 93,120,125 Kurtz, Sharon Lee, Maryville, Missouri 69 Lacy, Don 50,103 LaForce, Jack, Smithville, Missouri 69, 101 LaHue, Daniel James, Rockport, Missouri 81 Lair, Daniel Dean, Hamburg, Iowa 81 Lakin, Helen, Stanberry, Missouri 81 LaMar, Jane, Burlington Junction, Missouri 81,204,136 Lambertsen, Keith Roger, Wiota, Iowa 81,207,125 Lamphier, Ruth Ann, Carrollton, Missouri 69,202,125 Landree, Sharon, St. Joseph, Missouri 61 Landry, Mike, Kankakee, Illinois 69,105 Lang, Steve, Essex, Iowa 81 Langford, Ronald, Albany, Missouri 69, 101 Langle, Ellen, Dumont, New Jersey 81, 92,203 Langston, Winnifred Sue, Elmo, Missouri 50 Lanio, Bill, N. Kansas City, Missouri 69, 135,104 Lappe, Richard Carroll, Iowa 69,203 Larson, Donna, Kirkman, Iowa 69,207, 121 Larson, Larry, Lombard, Illinois 81,113 Larson, Marilyn, Blockton, Iowa 50,97, 121 Latham, Marceline, Savannah, Missouri 61,140,120,122,95 Lawless, Donna, Rockport, Missouri 81 Lawless, James, Rockport, Missouri 81 Lawson, Larry, Churdan, Iowa 50 Layton, Carolyn Jean, Des Moines, Iowa 81,206 Leavell, Janice, Maryville, Missouri 61, 91,109,120 Lechliter, Mama, Auburn, Nebraska 81, 90 LeCocq, Larry, Bonneville, Iowa 113 Lee, Sue, Darlington, Missouri 81 Lee, George Michael Ashland, Oregon 81 Lee, Judith, Francis, Alexandria, Virginia 81,206,202,138 Lee, Leeland Martin, Clarinda, Iowa 61 Lee, Mary JoAnn, New Hampton, Missouri 61,87,97,124 Leese, James Otis, Bolckow, Missouri 61 Leffingwell, Joseph Allan, Montclair, California 100 LeMaster, Donald LeRoy, Council Bluffs, Iowa 99 Leonard, Richard Allen, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 81 Leu, Phyllis Eileen, Hastings, Iowa 69, 207,121,133 Lewellen, Robert Milton, Carson, Iowa 69 Lewis, Roger Dale, Villisca, Iowa 81 Lewis, Terry, Lynn, Riverton, Iowa 81, 135,104 Lierz, Frank Joseph, Steinauer, Nebraska 81,203 Lind, Nadine Elizabeth, Parkville, Missouri 69,206,129 Lindstrom, Jerry Donald, Kiron, Iowa 69 170 Lininger, D. Carole, Rock Port, Missouri 61,120,124,125,129 Lininger, Patricia Ann, Shannon City, Iowa 81,204,138 Linville, Georgia Kay, Graham, Missouri 81 Linville, Larry Jon, Barnard, Missouri 81 Linville, Sharon, Graham, Missouri 69 Lister, Ina Claire, Hopkins, Missouri 50 Litsch, James Daryl, Mount Clemens, Michigan 61,136 Livengood, Dale Eurod, Elmo, Missouri 51 Lizzo, Paul, N.Y.C., New York 61,192, 193 Locke, John Godfrey, Lombard, Illinois 113 Lockhart, M. Louise, Mound City, Missouri 51,121 Long, Carol, Grant City, Missouri 81,121 Long, Janet Elaine, N. Kansas City, Missouri 126 215 Long, Kenneth Lee, St. Joseph, Missouri 61,123 Long, Kenneth Wayne, Gallatin, Missouri 69 Long, Peggy, Worth, Missouri 61,120,125 Looker, Janet Sue, Maryville, Missouri 69 Lovelace, Carolyn Culver, Lathrop, Missouri 51,124,173 Lovelace, Dave, Atchison, Kansas 51,101 Lowary, Jim, Maryville, Missouri 51 Lowther, Laura, Carlisle, Iowa 81,125, 205 Lucas, Kenneth Dean, Bedford, Iowa 69, 206,136 Ludwig, William Dean, Exira, Iowa 199, 177 Luetjen, Judy, Smithville, Missouri 81,90, 186 Luhrs, Marilynn, Craig, Missouri 69.91 Luke, Sharon, Maryville, Missouri 81 Lund, Delbert Lee, Maryville, Missouri 61 Lund, Karin Louise, Iowa City, Iowa 51,207 Lust, Gene, Mitchellville, Iowa 51,101 Luther, Willard Frank, Clarinda, Iowa 61 Lyddon, Ivan, Stuart, Iowa 61,140,120, 133 Lynch, Thomas Joseph, Glen Ellyn, Iowa 113 Lyon. Patricia Joyce, St. Joseph, Missouri 81,124,96 Maas, Roy, Massena, Iowa 69,105 MacDonald, Charles Dewayne, Scranton, Iowa 70 MacDonald, Margaret Ann, Des Moines, Iowa 81 Machholz, Richard, Chillicothe, Missouri 81 Mackey, Phil, Bethany, Missouri 103 Macpherson. Cathy, St. Joseph, Missouri 70,206,138,95 Madden, Ann Catherine, Maryville, Missouri 70,124 Magill, Gary Dean, Vail, Iowa 81 Magness, John, Roseville, Michigan 81, 189 Maher, Lawrence Glen, Stanberry, Missouri 51 Main, Nancy, Lamoni, Iowa 51,131 Mainquist, Leonard Myron, Stanton, Iowa 81 Mains, Wayne, Council Bluflfs, Iowa 70, 123 McKee, Marlene, St. Joseph, Missouri 62 McKee, Richard, Maryville, Missouri 82 McKenzie, Richard, Creston, Iowa 70, 113,125 McLaughlin, Michael, Annandale, Virginia 82,196 McLin, Robert, Kansas City, Missouri 70 McLure, Richard 82 McMenamin, Beverly Joan, Dexter, Iowa 70,93 McNeil, Mary Sue, Maryville, Missouri 82,92,125,130 McNichols, James, Creston, Iowa 62,125 McQueen, Judy, Farragut, Iowa 82 Meadows, Gerald Lynn, Mound City, Missouri 82,123 Meadows, Jim, Kellerton, Iowa 51,1 14, 133.146,178,170 Madsker, Beverly Ann, Graham, Missouri 70 Mensing, Barbara, Greenfield, Iowa 120, 121,126,131 Merrigan, Joe, Stanberry, Missouri 29, 51,114,104,115,132,133,179,178,203,159, 170 Merrill, Martha, Council Bluffs, Iowa 71, 93,118 Messbarger, Richard, St. Joseph, Missouri 188 Messerli, Ralph, Maryville, Missouri 51, 120,132,177,128,196,159 Messner, Earnest Leon, Albany, Missouri 82 Messner, Merlin, Stanberry, Missouri 82 Messner, Phil, Stanberry, Missouri 105, 133 Mettino, Karen, St. Joseph, Missouri 82 Mettle, Oliver Paul, Gallatin, Missouri 70 Meyer, Allen. Eugene, Platte City, Missouri 105 Meyer, Barrett Paul, Denver, Colorado 82 Meyer, Charlene Marie, Maryville, Missouri 82 Meyer, Mary Etta, Platte City, Missouri 82 Meyer, Sarah Vail, Iowa 51,112,124,125 Meyers, Helen Jean, St. Joseph, Missouri 70,124 Meyers, William David, Morrill, Kansas 51,123,198 Meznarich, Gerald Louise, La Salle, Illinois 51,192 Miles, Bill Leroy, Farragut, Iowa 82 Miles, Corbin, Maryville, Missouri 52,177 Mi ' . ' s, Pamela Brown, Maryville, Missouri 52 Miller, Carol Susan, Bolckow, Missouri 70,112,125,204,135 Miller, Donald Gary, Chillicothe, Missouri 82 Miller, Donald Gene, Chillicothe, Missouri 70 Miller, Gayla. Stanberry, Missouri 51,118 Miller, Harold Lee, Chillicothe, Missouri 193 Miller, John Gary, St. Joseph, Missouri 51,105,117,135 Miller, Karen Kay, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51,120,125,169,95 Miller, Larry, Maryville, Missouri 70 Miller, Marilyn, Savannah, Missouri 70, 91,133,118,168 Miller, Mary Ann, Stanberry, Missouri 51,112,124,125,204 Miller, Richard Lowell, Overland, Kansas 70,198 Miller, Robert Glenn, Crescent, Iowa 46, 122 Miller, Sandra Kay, Albany, Missouri 82, 126 Miller, Ted Earl, Orient, Iowa 82 Million, Bobby, Bedford, Iowa 70 Milton, William Richard, Maryville, Missouri 62 Mires, Paola Joan, Elwood, Kansas 52 Mires, Richard Oral, Skidmore, Missouri 62,178 Mitchell, Diana Cheryl, Wathena, Kansas 82,130,135 Mitchell, Diana Louise, Storm Lake, Iowa 70,91,173 Moats, Edith Mae, Council Bluffs. Iowa 52,124 Moberg, Jon David, Creston, Iowa 70,93 Mobley, John Kent, Maryville, Missouri 52 Mock, Doris, Fairfax, Missouri 52 Moellenberndt, Richard, Gravity, Iowa 70 Moeller, Lona Lee, Pickering, Missouri 70,93 Mohr, Jan M,, Maquoketa, Iowa 70,196 Monahan, Richard Kendall, Creston, Iowa 62 Moore, David Charles, Maquoketa, Iowa 70,128,196 Moore, Jeanine Ellen, Savannah, Missouri 70,204 Moore, La Rose Bertha, Macksburg, Iowa 82,202,121,205 Moorman, Gilbert Wayne, Rock Port, Missouri 82 More, Jean Marie, Harlan, Iowa 82,126 Morehouse, Sharon Virginia, Maryville, Missouri 82,121 Morgan, John Richard, Guthrie Center, Iowa 105 Morgan, Marjorie Dee, Elliott, Iowa 52 Morris, Frances Jean, Maryville, Missouri 71,117,120,162 Morris, Judith Imogene Craig, Missouri 71 Morrow, Carol Verlyne, Maryville, Missouri 82 Morrow, Karl Hubert, N. Kansas City, Missouri 189,101 Morton, Richard, Skidmore. Missouri 71, 123,136 Mossberg, Douglas LeRoy, Indianola, Iowa 82 Motzkus, Gail Frances, Stanberry, Missouri 82 Mozingo, Gary, Maryville, Missouri 82 Mueller, Austin Gene, St. Joseph, Missouri 62 Munshaw, Lola Jackson, Union Star, Missouri 52 Murphy, Janice Ann, Walnut, Iowa 62, 112,124,178,203 Murphy, Marion Kay, Parnell. Missouri 112.121,178,203 Murphy, William Patrick, Red Oak, Iowa 71,113 Musgrave, Bill, Chillicothe, Missouri 82 Mutti, Jim, Hopkins, Missouri 71 Mutti, Sharon, Hopkins, Missouri 82 Nancarrow. Karen Sue. Exira, Iowa 71 Nappier, Patricia Ann, Bedford. Iowa 71, 135 Nardone, Gretchen, Maryville. Missouri 62 Nardone, Henry George, Maryville, Missouri 52 Nash, Evelyn Jean, St. Joseph, Missouri 52,112,125 Nash, Karen Jo, Platte City, Missouri 83, 96 Nedrow, James LeRoy, Falls City, Nebraska 100 Needels, William Homer, Kansas City, Missouri 87,114,115,167 Neese, Mavis Ray, Jamesport, Missouri 71,123 Neff, Joseph Homer, St. Joseph, Missouri 100 Neidt, Don Laverne, Truro, Iowa 62,101 Neira, Nick .Anthony, Pontiac, Michigan 193 216 nil ■in, A. ail I ■e lO?, Nelson. Carrol! Dean, Blanchard, Iowa 52 Nelson, Charles Alvin, Bolckow, Missouri 83 Nelson, Franz Edward, Bolckow, Missouri 83 Nelson, June Lee, St. Louis, Missouri 114, 91,152,155 Nelson, Robert Arthur, Karlsruhe, Germany 83 Nelson. Ruth Mildred, Bolckow, Missouri 52.120,125 Nelson, Sharon Kay, Maryville, Missouri 71,140,120 Nelson, William Durward, Lucas, Iowa 83,113 Nestlen, Kenneth Henry, Atchison, Kansas 52 Nevitt, Emily .Ann, Destcr, Iowa 83,205, 122 Newberg, Peggy .Ann. Fillmore, Missouri 52,122 Neweria, Christa, Maryville, Missouri 62, 91,115 Newman, Jim. .Albany, Missouri 71 Newman, Myrna Lee, Albany, Missouri 62,93,122.125,131 Nichols, Myrl, Bethany, Missouri 103 Nickerson, Gerald Lee, Bethany, Missouri 83 Nickerson, Kay, Bethany, Missouri 62.97 Nieland, David Anthony, Wall Lake, Iowa 52,135,203 Nielsen, Karen, Oregon, Missouri 125,94 Nielson, Marilyn, Barnard, Missouri 71 Nielson, Marilyn, St. Joseph, Missouri 62 Niklasen, Myrna Jane, Kimballton, Missouri 71,207,123,124 Nixon, James, Rock Port, Missouri 189 Nixon, Janice, Mound City, Missouri 83, 118 Noah, Ronald Dean, New Point, Missouri 62 Noakes, Melba Jean, Hopkins, Missouri 71 Noble, Robert, New Hampton, Missouri 62,123,102,103 Nold, Joyce Joan, Wathena, Kansas 62, 120,131,135 Nold, Susan Elizabeth, Savannah, Missouri 83 Nordby, Carol, Manilla, Iowa 52,91,125 Norfolk, Jerry, Maryville, Missouri 52, 113,99 Norfolk, Larry, Maryville, Missouri 62, 113 Norfolk. Ronald Jean, Maryville, Missouri 83,113 Norris, Bonnie Jean, Griswold, Iowa 62, 116 Norris, Ellen Joyce, New Virginia, Iowa 52,135,40 North, Jan, Denison, Iowa 83,90 Northup, Bernice Wanola, Emerson, Iowa 62 Nowak, Henry Frank, Maryville, Missouri 52,118 Nowland, Lawrence Vance, Jamesport, Missouri 122 Nulp, Larry, Garden Grove, Iowa 123 Oberhelman, Susan, Parkville, Missouri 83 O ' Connell, Jerry Warren, Barnard, Missouri 83 Oder, Larry Dewaine, Gainsville, Missouri 83,123 O ' Dougherty, Glenda Kay, Clearmont, Missouri 52,112,125 OfTenbacken, James Donald, Mound City, Missouri 53,101 Ogden, Bob, Maryville, Missouri 53,146, 192 Ohnesorge, Forrest, Kansas City, Missouri 83.206 Okinaka, Richard, Makawao, Hawaii 71,124,100 Olenius, Richard, Stanton, Iowa 83 Oliver, Connie Sue, Barnard, Missouri 71 Olmstead, Judy, St. Joseph, Missouri 62 Oilman, Eugene, N. Kansas City, Missouri 83 Omori, Sally Namiko, Capt. Cook, Hawaii 62 O ' Reily, Gerald Fredrick, Maryville, Missouri 83 O ' Riley, Jim, Corning, Iowa 71,105,122 O ' Riley, William, Maryville, Missouri 83 Osborn, LaVonne, Gentry, Missouri 94 Osburn, Judy, Skidmore, Missouri 92,138 Oshel, Alan Lee. Diagonal, Iowa 53 Ostus, Sharon, Wiota, Iowa 207,121 Oswald, Penny Hope, Langdon, Missouri 83,130,138 Ott, Karon Joan, Union Star, Missouri 71 Owen, David, Osceola, Iowa 83 Owen, Kay 83,206 Owen, Phillis, Adel, Iowa 136 Owens, Helen, Maryville, Missouri 83 Owens, Joyce, Hopkins, Missouri 71,9!, 121,133 Owens, Kenneth, Craig, Missouri 71,104 Owens, Linda, Hopkins, Missouri 83,136 Packer, Donald 53 Painter, Eileen, Mound City, Missouri 71 Painter, Lillian, Mound, City, Missouri 83 Palerno, Barbara, Kansas City, Missouri 71 Palmer, Larrie, Clarinda, Iowa 181 Palmquist, Kathryn Ann, Stanton, Iowa 53,140.202,120,124 Palumbo, Jim, Coco Solo, Canal Zone Parks, Kanna, Carrolhon, Missouii 83 Parks, Monica, Anamosa, Iowa 53,93, 124.203 Parsholl, Arnold Eugene, Burlington Junction, Missouri 71 Patience, Bob, Conception Junction, Missouri 83 Patterson, Charles Rex, Osceola, Iowa 122 Patton, Nancy Sue, McFall, Misso uri 71, 93,125 Paul, Lanny Carl, Corning, Iowa 99 Paul, Sammy 71 Paulsen, Reuben Ray, Irwin, Iowa 71,206 Paulsen, Wayne, Irwin, Iowa 62,206 Pawling, George Richard, St. Joseph 196 Pearce, Kenneth, St. Joseph, Missouri 53 Pendgraft, William, Oakland, Iowa 71 Pendleton, Bonita Susan, Chillicothe, Missouri 71,93,129 Pennington, Barbara Joan, Easton, Missouri 62 Pershing, Stephanie, New Market, Iowa 62,116,164 Peter, Fanny Belle, Skidmore, Missouri 71 Peterson, Bill 53 Peterson, Carl Marvin. Stanton, Iowa 83 Peterson, Charles, De Sota, Iowa 62,99 Peterson, Janice, New Virginia, Iowa 71, 112,202,125,204 Peterson, Larry, Lorimor, Iowa 62,204, 138 Peterson, William Charles, Maryville, Missouri 99 Petry, Don Duane, Westboro, Missouri 53 Pettegrew, Rex Edmund, Excelsior Springs, Missouri 7! Petty, Dennis Lyle, Corydon, Iowa 123, 122 Pfeifer, Dorothy Kay, Maryville, Missouri 96 PfeifFer, Marilyn Kay, Red Oak, Iowa 83, 124,203,94 Phillips, Jim, Sterling, Illinois 117 Phillips, Patricia, Council Bluffs, Iowa 71 140,125 Phipps, John, Maryville, Missouri 71,100 101 Piatt, Barbara Edith, Guilford, Missouri 83 Piittmann, Gerald Eugene, Avoca, Iowa 53,98,132 Pilcher, Roger Lee, Bethany, Missouri 83 Piveral, Carolyn Sue, Maryville, Missouri 84 Flagman, Harold LeRoy, Kimballton, Iowa 62,198,122,128 Piatt, Robert Leo, Early, Iowa 83,87,1 13 Plummer, Janet Sue, Tarkio, Missouri 62 91 Polsley, James 71 Popalisky, Karen Ann, Kansas City, Missouri 90 Porter, Jane Marvel, Tarkio, Missouri 71, 91,186 Porter, Karan, Maryville, Missouri 62,93 Porter, Priscilla Anne, Lamoni, Iowa 62, 117,162,95 Porterficld, Raymond Tilmon, Clearmont, Missouri 198 Potter, Linda Ann, Sidney, Iowa 62,120, 125,133,135,136 Potter, Maynard Clarence, New Market, Iowa 71 Preston, Richard David, King City, Missouri 72 Preston, Robert Lee, King City, Missouri 53,105 Price, Deborah Ann, Dawn, Missouri 83, 94 Price, Donald Douglas, Maryville, Missouri 83,189,190 Price, Larry Wayne, Plattsmouth, Nebraska 83,116,164 Price, Larry Wajne, McFall, Missouri 83 Price, Lewis Van, Clarinda, Iowa 53,105 Prichard, William Frederick, Princeton, Missouri 62,115,123,122,178 Prince, Lonnie Gilbert, Parkville, Missouri 63,207 Pritchard. Judy Kay, St. Joseph, Missouri 72,87,97,156 Propheter, Oliver Walter, Wathena, Kansas 62 Propst, Floyd Edward, Osceola, Iowa 84, 196 Pross, Gary Richard, -Atlantic, Iowa 53, 105 Protzman, Judith Ann, Maryville, Missouri 84,126,203 Proudfit, Thomas, Rockport, Missouri 84, 206 217 Pruitt, Emma Owens, Maryville, Missouri 53,121 Pruitt, Lyle Lynn, Maryville, Missouri 53 Przybylski, Walter Stanley, St. Joseph, Missouri 63 Pugh, Linda, Riverton, Iowa 72,93,125 Pulliam, Carol Sue, St. Joseph, Missouri 72 Purdin, Edward LaFayette, Eddyville, Iowa 63,99 Purtell, David Louis, St. Joseph, Missouri 102 Pyle, Richard Dwaync, Baxter, Iowa 63 Quigley, William, Albany, Missouri 53, 167,100 Rabe, Rose Marie, Griswold, Iowa 53, 124,95 Ragland, Daniel, St. Joseph, Missouri 63 Rainey, Roger, King City, Missouri 63 Ramsey, Thomas Orlan, Graham, Missouri 84 Randall, Karen Elaine, Craig, Missouri 72,125 Randazzo, Dorothy Lee, Kansas City, Missouri 125 Raney, Linda, Maryville, Missouri 72 Rankin, B. Joann, Bedford, Iowa 124 Ranney, Robert, New Franklin, Missouri 206 Ransom, Jerome Charles, Creston, Iowa 102 Ranstadler, Raymond James, Roseville, Michigan 189 Ranum, David Clair, Parkville, Missouri 189,72,100 Rash, Jay J., Iowa Falls, Iowa 102 Ray, Wendell, Elmo, Missouri 53 Razer, Janet, Malvern, Iowa 72 Reck, Robert, Loveland, Colorado 53,136, 138,206 Recknor, Judy, Creston, Iowa 72 Redden, George, Kansas City, Missouri 189 Redmon, Gary, St. Joseph, Missouri 72 Reeve, Judith, St. Joseph, Missouri 63 Rehm, Anna, St. Joseph, Missouri 53,112, 135,203 Reineke Larry, Parkville, Missouri 72,100 Renaud, Mark, Maryville, Missouri 63, 105,135 Reno. Judy, Altamont, Missouri 63 Rex, Loren, Lathrop, Missouri 84 Reynolds, Alice 72,12! Reynolds, Neil, St. Joseph, Missouri 199 Rhodes, Dennis, Guthrie Center, Iowa 72, 104,105,116 Rice, Patricia, Bethany, Missouri 84 Richardson, Ken, Storm Lake, Iowa 54, 99 Richardson, Merwyn, Kent, Iowa 72,123 Richey, Marilyn, Villisca, Iowa 84 Richmond, Phillip, Mount Ayr, Iowa 103, 135,167 Rickman, Gary, Maryville, Missouri 54, 122,125,135,140,178,202 Ridge, Dianna, Grant City, Missouri 84, 126 Rihner, Donna, Harlan, Iowa 84,178 Riley, Henry 63 Riley, Larry, Hopkins, Missouri 123 Riley, Mary, Ravcnwood, Missouri 84 Rinehart, Michcle, St. Joseph, Missouri 84 Rinehart, Nancy, Hatfield, Missouri 120 Risi, Michael, Garfield, Missouri 189 Rivas, Clementina, Montevideo, Uraguay 63,93 Roach, Loretta, Maryville, Missouri 203 Robbins, Fred, Gladstone, Missouri 72, 202,206 Roberts, Harry, Pine Hill, New York 113, 115,129,132,133,178,203 Robertson, Patsy, Pattonsburg, Missouri 63,121 Robidoux, De.Anna, Helena, Missouri 72 Robinson, John, Maquoketa, Iowa 63,99, 133,146,196 Robinson, Rita Ann, Ludlow, Missouri 72,95 Rockhold, Marcus, . llerton, Iowa 72 Rockhold, Twylia, Lineville, Iowa 63,94 124 Rogers, Jack, Kansas, Kansas 103 Rohrberg, Coreen, Glenwood, Iowa 84, 207 Rolf, Ben, Red Oak, Iowa 84 Rolls, Judy . nn, St. Joseph, Missouri 84, 121 Rorebeck, Marilyn, Shenandoah, Iowa 63, 112,125,206 Rose, Gerald, North Kansas City, Missouri 105 Rose, Patricia, Scotts Bluff, Nebraska 72 94,123 Rosenow, Larry, Defience, Iowa 84 Ross, Charle s, Albany, Missouri 84,138 Ross, Glenn, St. Joseph, Missouri 63 Round, James, Maquoketa, Iowa 72,128, 196 Rothe, Sherry, Council Bluffs, Iowa 84 Rowe, Carolyn, Glenwood, Iowa 72,112, 202,204 Rowland, Gary, Albany, Missouri 123 Rucker, Pat, Maryville, Missouri 91 Ruddell, Marilyn, Skidmore, Missouri 84 Rude, Ronald, Huxley, Iowa 63 Rumelhart, Donald, Des Moines, Iowa 63 Rupe, Robert, Pacific Jet., Iowa 63 Ruse, Karen, Sidney, Iowa 63,121,125, 130 Russell, Ralph, Kansas City, Missouri 54 Ryan, Michael, Marshalltown, Iowa 72 Ryan, Theresa, Conway, Iowa 84,121, 122,135,203 Sabus, Rhea, Jefferson, Iowa 63,95,124, 203 Saccaro, Richard, Chillicothe, Missouri 84 Salocker, Marleen, Denison, Iowa 72,97, 140 Sanborn, Daryl, Chariton, Iowa 84,118, 206 Sander, Gilbert, Plattsburg, Missouri 54, 135 Sanders, Charles, Maryville, Missouri 103, 195 Sanders, James, Maryville, Missouri 103, 146 Sandmaier, Robert, Clarion, Iowa 116, 163,164,165 Sawyer, Katherine, Maryville, Missouri 54 Schafroth, Thomas, Des Moines, Iowa 122 Scharp, John, Atlantic, Iowa 84 Schenkel, Gary, Maryville, Missouri 54 Schiller, Dick, Kansas City, Missouri 63 Schiltz, John, Wathena, Kansas 63 Schlange, Lanny, Auburn, Nebraska 72 Schlie, Rose, Atlantic, Iowa 54,126 Schmidt, Karon, Excelsior Springs, Missouri 84,126 Schmidt, Norma, Langdon, Missouri 63 Schmidt, Sharon, Langdon, Missouri 84 Schmitz, Oriana, Carroll, Iowa 59,96 109,131,144,146,156 Schmitz, Richard, Pamel, Missouri 105, 114,203,208 Schmitz, Ronald, Conception Jet., Missouri 84 Schnegelberger, Myrna, Langdon, Missouri 84 Schnobrich, Forrest, Casey, Iowa 84 Scholl, Jacqueline, Anita, Iowa 63,131 Schooley, James, Albany, Missouri 54 Schreiner, Doris, Moville, Iowa 84,125, 205 Schrimsher, Martha, Parkville, Missouri 72,138,206 Schroeder, John, Kansas City, Missouri 199 Schultz, Jane, Malvern, Iowa 84 Schultz, Jerry, Kansas City, Missouri 123, 125,204 Schuman, Larry, Oregon, Missouri 84 Scott, Shirley, Corning, Iowa 84,92,129 Seabaugh, Cecil, Savannah, Missouri 54 Sell, Steven, Clarinda, Iowa 84 Sell, Ralph, 84 Sevcik, David Toledo, Iowa 63,203 Severson, Londell, Maryville, Missouri 54, 123 Severson, Ronald, Albany, Missouri 101, 129 Sevy, Felicity, St. Joseph, Missouri 54 Sewell, Richard, Skidmore, Missouri 54, 123 Seymour, Anne, Tarkio, Missouri 54,112, 120,124,133,202,204,208 Shaffer, Ralph, New Market, Iowa 136, 138,205 Shaver, Martha, Plattsburg, Missouri 84, 121 Sheldon, Judy, Thurman, Iowa 84 Shell, Barbara, Kansas City, Missouri 72 Shelton, Betty, Quitman, Missouri 84 Shelton, Beverly, Quitman, Missouri 54 Shepherd, Harold, Bedford, Iowa 72, 101,206 Shepherd, Joyce, Smithville, Missouri 72 Sherbo, Barbara, Kansas City, Missouri 84,125,203 Sherby, Thomas, Maryville, Missouri 63 Sherman, Bonnie, Barnard, Missouri 72 Sheilds, Karen, Maitland, Missouri 72,95 Shiffer, Ellen, Des Moines, Iowa 84,96 Shipley, John, Burlington Jet., Missouri 84 Shipley, Nancy, Burlington Jet., Missouri 72 Shipley, Phyllis, Burlington Jet., Missouri 54 Shipley, Richard, Guthrie Center, Iowa 105 Shipley, Sharon, Grant City, Missouri 85 Shiverdecher, James, St. Joseph, Missouri 63 Showen, Audra, Stanberry, Missouri 72 Shroyer, Orlo, Guthrie Center, Iowa 72, 123 Shull, Dale, Riverton, Iowa 72,122 Siefken, Gary, Woodbine, Iowa 54,105, 129,173 Siefken, Keith, Woodbine, Iowa 72 Siehl, John, Grinnell, Iowa 85,87 Siever, Ronald, Independence, Missouri 105 Simmons, James, Excelsior Springs, Missouri 73 Simmons, Joan, Maryville, Missouri 72, 112 : 218 Kenneth, Maryville, Missouri Marcia, Kansas City, Missouri 54, 73, Simpson. Jane, Conception Jet., Missouri 73 Simpson, Violet, Parkville, Missouri 85, 94 Sipes, Dwight, Forest City, Missouri 73 Skinner, Marvin, Lucas, Iowa 54 Slagle, Ivan, Stanberry, Missouri 85 Slaughter, Irl, Bethany. Missouri 122 Slayden, Karen, Rea, Missouri 73, 136 Sleister, David, Manilla, Iowa 63 Sloan, George, Leavenworth, Kansas 73 Smelcer, Terry, Pattonsburg, Missouri 85 Smiser, Judy, Marccline. Missouri 85,206 Smith, Alice, Maryville 202,206 Smith. Carol Kay, Amity, Missouri 73, 124,125 Smith, Carolee, St. Joseph, Missouri 85, 138 Smith, Connie Kay, Maryville, Missouri 85,92 Smith, Howard, Mount Ayr, Iowa 85 Smith, James, King City, Missouri 117, 178 Smith, 123 Smith, 96 Smith, Marion, Margarita, Canal Zone 73,126,129,202 Smith, Marvin, St. Joseph, Missouri 55 Smith, Marvin, Maryville, Missouri 55 Smith, Mary, King City, Missouri 85 Smith, Olive, Maryville, Missouri 55,136 Smith, Phyllis, Maryville, Missouri 55 Smith, Richard T., Morgan Hill, California 41,63,1 13,1 14,132,133,178, 204,208 Smith, Roberta, Maryville, Missouri 54, 97,159 Smith, Sharelle, Barnard, Missouri 85 Smith, Sheila, Princeton, Missouri 85 Smith, Stanley, Russell, Iowa 85 Snapp, Penny, King City, Missouri 73, 112,130,204 Snyder, Donald, Fairfax. Missouri 85,189 Solscheid, Paul, Kansas City, Missouri 189 Sommen, Milton, Kansas City, Missouri 85,122 Sonnenburg, David, Indianola, Iowa 85 Soper, Don, St. Joseph, Missouri 73,87, 101,114,189,203 Sorenson, Paul, Avoca, Iowa 63,113,207 Sorensen, Soren, Avoca, Iowa 85 Speaker, William, St. Joseph, Missouri 73,199 Specht, Priscilla, Syracuse, Nebraska 55 Spencer, John, Louhville, Iowa 85 Spencer, Ronald, Bedford, Iowa 73 Spicer, Cicily, Leroy, Iowa 55,91,118,126, 129,133,173 Spicker, Barbara, Maryville, Missouri 85 Spicker, Paul, Maryville, Missouri 85 Spies, Perry, Maryville, Missouri 103 Spies, Sheryl, Wiota, Iowa 85,125,207 Spiller, Nelda, Atchison, Kansas 73 Spiller, Jean, Atchison, Kansas 73 Sporleder, Dale, Auburn, Iowa 73,101, 115,135,167,208 Sprague, Kenneth, Glidden, Iowa 63,99, 167 Sprague, Suzanne, Denver, Colorado 73 Stamper, Charlotte, Pattonsburg, Missouri 55,112,126 Stanton, Connie, Savannah, Missouri ' ' 3 Stark, Vivian, Maryville, Missouri 85 Starks, Edwina, Red Oak, Iowa 63,113, 121 Staton, Genevieve, Sheridan, Missouri 73 Steele, Twilia, Skidmore, Missouri 73 Steinhauser, William, Stanberry, Missouri 85,203 Steinman, Ed, Falls City, Nebraska 73 Stephens, John, Conway, Iowa 100 Stephens, Joseph, Kansas City, Missouri 85 Stephens, Larry, Conway, Iowa 100 Stephens, Michael, Forest City, Missouri ■63,105 Stephens, Tom, Kansas City, Missouri 103 Stevens, Richard, Albany, Missouri 85 Stevenson, William, New Hampton, Missouri 55,103 Stickler, Roger, Osceola, Iowa 73 Still, Roger, Falls City, Nebraska 123,178 Stillwaggon, Stan, Raytown, Missouri 85, 189 Stiies, Kenneth, New Market, Iowa 73,99 Stoll, Michael, Harlan, Iowa 85 Stolting, Carolyn, Golden City, Missouri 73,135,204 Stolting, Louise, Golden City, Missouri 55,124 Stone, David, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 85,196 Stoner, Jane, Logan, Iowa 85,125,126,129 Stone, Philip, Mount Ayr, Iowa 55,113, 135 Stoops, Connie, Shenandoah, Iowa 55,95, 124,125 StouflFer, David, St. Joseph, Missouri 63 Stratton, Thomas, Red Oak, Iowa 73,126 Strauch, Richard, Maryville, Missouri 85 Stuart, Sharon, Barnard, Missouri 85 Stuck, Richard, Maryville, Missouri 55 Suiter, Larry, Indianola, Nebraska 85 Sullivan, Daniel, Corning, Iowa 196 Sullivan, Susan, Villisca, Iowa 85,90 Sullwold, Joyce, St. Joseph, Missouri 85, 138 Sundell, Karl, Maryville, Missouri 55,99 Sunderman, Carolyn, Clarinda, Iowa 55, 97,119,120,126 Sundermann, David, Westboro, Missouri 73 Sutter, Herbert, Rock Port, Missouri 73 Sutton, Robert, Maryville, Missouri 85 Sweet, Viola, Easton, Missouri 57 Swoboda, Katherine, St. Joseph, Missouri 73,93,124,204 Swope, Jeanne, Plattsburg, Missouri 63, 112,125,136,202,206 Swope, Joanne, Plattsburg, Missouri 64, 112,202,206 Sylvester, Don, Glidden, Iowa 85 Taggart, Norma, Lathrop, Missouri 85 Talty, Donna, Corning, Iowa 92,125 Tanner, Donnis, Atlantic, Iowa 85 Tarwater, Janice, St. Joseph, Missouri 64, 94 Taylor, Deanna, Diagonal, Iowa 85,92, 126 Taylor, Eugene, Bethany, Missouri 85 Taylor, Glendena, Ridgeway, Missouri 85, 121,122,204 Taylor, Janet, Silver Spring, Maryland 97 Taylor, Kay, St. Joseph, Missouri 55,91, 124,129 Taylor, Roma, Diagonal, Iowa 86 Teale, Sue, Panora, Iowa 73,94,95,133, 152,155,169 Terry, Robert, Malvern, Iowa 73 Tessman, Melvin, Atlantic, Iowa 122 Tharp, Donna, Rock Port, Missouri 86 Theis, Donna, 136,169 Thiesen, Helen, Thomas, Thomas, 203 Thomas, Thomas, , Allan, Mike Union Star, Missouri 73, Manilla, Iowa 73,136 Emerson, Iowa 86 Roseville, Michigan 167, Rebecca, Coon Rapids, Iowa 64 Sharon, Coon Rapids, Iowa 73, 126,129 Thompson, Barbara, Conway, Iowa 73, 135 Thompson, Byron, Oakland, Iowa 73 Thompson, Ledah, Amity, Missouri 73, 130,178,205 Thompson. Kenneth, Bedford, Iowa 86 Thompson, Pat, Maryville, Missouri 74, 90 Thompson, Sharyn, Maryville, Missouri 74,95 Thompson, Vern, Redfield, Iowa 74,123 Thomson, Jimmie, Maryville, Missouri 73,123 Thornton, Ruth, St. Joseph, Missouri 55, 206 Thummel, Olin, Bedford, Iowa 86 Tieman, Sharon, Corder, Missouri 74,121 Tiemeyer, James, Langdon, Missouri 74 Tiemeyer, Paul, Rock Port, Missouri 74 Tietz, Mary, Maryville, Missouri 55,176 Tietz, Robert, Maryville, Missouri 55, 176 Timmerman, Larry, Nodaway, Iowa 100, 101,114,115,128,132,189,196 Timmerman, Ronald, Manning, Iowa 74,100,203 Tipton, John, Maryville, Missouri 55,199 Todd, Linda, Mound City, Missouri 86 Tomes, Gary, Ridgeway, Missouri 74,122, 135,202,206 Tornquist, Harold, Essex, Iowa 103 Townsend, Harold, Maryville, Missouri 55 Townsend, Shirley, Guilford, Missouri 86, 122 Trauemicht, Alan, Fairfax, Missouri 126 Trede, Larry, Council BluflFs, Iowa 86,122 Trimble, Bill, Jamesport, Missouri 56,105 Trimble, Shirley, Maryville, Missouri 86 Troyer, Joyce, St. Joseph, Missouri 86 Tryon, Luella, Defiance, Iowa 86,168,205 Tryon, Pat, Defiance, Iowa 74,121,204 Tucker, Thomas, Winterset, Iowa 86,118 Turner, Charles, GJadstone, Missouri 86 Tussey, Janet, Orient, Iowa 74,125,169, 205 Tuttle, Delores, Breckenridge, Missouri 86,125,202,206 Twaddle, Danny, College Springs, Iowa 56 Tyler, Marge, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 86 Updegraff, Marlys, St. Joseph, Missouri 86,92 Uzunoglu, Nuret tin, Kutalya, Turkey 56 Vandawalker, Larry, St. Joseph, Missouri 86 Vander Werf, Stanley, Maryville, Missouri 56,99 Van Scyoc, Judith, Tabor, Iowa 74 Van Vactor, Russell, Stanberry, Missouri 74,113 Vasos, Don, Carroll, Iowa 101 Veach, Mary, Trenton, Missouri 56 Vest, Richard, Mound City, Missouri 56 Vogel, Gene, Graham, Missouri 56,103, 115,132,133,159,178 Volkens, Jon, Carson, Iowa 86 Vollstedt, Sylvia, Manning, Iowa 64,97, 219 125,129,133 Vyrostek, Wayne, Jameson, Missouri 74 Waddell, Albert, Rochester, Illinois 64, 122 Wagner, Pat, Steinauer, Nebraska 86,203 Walburn, Marsha, Kansas City, Missouri 86,92 Waldeier, Kathryn, Worth, Missouri 86, 94 Waldeier, Sue 86,178 Walden, Doris, Parkville, Missouri 74 Walker, Dale, Bedford, Iowa 56 Walker, Suzanne, Lathrop, Missouri 64, 91 Wallace, Mary, Council Bluffs, Iowa 86 Wallis, Marilynn, Des Moines, Iowa 74, 112,117,178 Walter, Giles, Stanberry, Missouri 105 Walton, Pat, Oelwein, Iowa 86,121,203 Walton, Thomas, Manchester, Iowa 189 Ward, Arthur, Leon, Iowa 86 Ward, Julia, Maryville, Missouri 64,91 Wardlow, Barbara, Fillmore, Missouri 56 Ware, Curtis, Pickering, Missouri 86,123, 205 Ware, James, Pickering, Missouri 204 Warlen, Sandra, Kansas City, Missouri 64,156 Watkins, Charles, Braymer, Missouri 56 Walters, Dennis, Lake City, Iowa 86 Waugtt, William, Council Bluffs, Iowa 128,196 Weaver, Darl, Griswold, Iowa 196 Weaver, Davy, Griswold, Iowa 196 Webb, Sandra, Highland, Kansas 64 Weber, Francis, Shannon City, Iowa 123, 203 Weber, Linda, Greenfield, Iowa 64,125, 207 Weeks, Dale, Coon Rapids, Iowa 86,203 Weese, Jerry, Newton, Iowa 86 Weidner, Judy, Booneville, Iowa 74 Weigel, Donald, Guthrie Center, Iowa 74 Weir, Lee, Bedford, Iowa 56,103,122,123, 125,129,132,159,167,206 Weis, Kenneth, Oregon, Missouri 74 Welch, Bill, St. Joseph, Missouri 64 Welch, Richard, Winterset, Iowa 86,113 Weldon, Nancy, Barnard, Missouri 74,97 Wells, Charles, Coffey, Missouri 74,102 Wells, James, Maryville, Missouri 56 Wells, Jeanne, Mount Ayr, Iowa 64,96, 124 Wells, Virginia, Maryville, Missouri 56 West, Averill, Blockton, Iowa 86 West, Chris, Kansas City, Missouri 74, 105,113 Wetzel, Peggy, Maryville, Missouri 86 Wetzell, Robert, Maryville, Missouri 56, 125 Whan, Peggy, Maryville, Missouri 86,90, 121 Wharton, James, Marshalltown, Iowa 56 Whitaker, Ed, Kansas City, Missouri 64, 189 White, Diane, Maryville, Missouri 56 White, James, Beloit, Wisconsin 86 White, Jimmy, Blythedale, Missouri 86 White, Virginia, Creston, Iowa 64 Whitehead, Martha, Shenandoah, Iowa 56,93,120,125 Whiteman, Susan, Maryville, Missouri 86, 138 Whiteside, Howard, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 86,113 Whitney, Tom 64,132 Whyte, William, Chillicothe, Missouri 74 Wickham, George, Weldon, Iowa 74 Wickman, Betty 99 Wiederholt, Richard, Guilford, Missouri 74 Wilcox, Norman, Harlan, Iowa 74,105, 114,116,162 Wilkinson, Barbara, Pickering, Missouri 86 Wilkinson, James, Carson, Iowa 64 Wilkinson, Larry, Overland Park, Kansas 167 Will, Jon, Red Oak, Iowa 56 Willhite, Linda, Grant City, Missouri 56, 95 Willhite, Merril Tim, Grant City, Missouri 74 Williams, Edward, Chillicothe, Missouri 86 Williams, John, Maryville, Missouri 56 Williams, Judy, Plattsburg, Missouri 57, 120,125,135,206 Williams, Larry, Maryville, Missouri 74, 100 Williams, Nicholas, Chillicothe, Missouri 74 Williams, Prime, Wichita Falls, Texas 189,190 Willis, Mary, St. Joseph, Missouri 64 Willis, Robert, St. Joseph, Missouri 57, 103 Wilson, Charles, Albany, Missouri 74,101 Wilson, Dale, Stanton, Iowa 64 Wilson, Ernest, Conception Jet., Missouri 57,176 Wilson, James, Des Moines, Iowa 113,138 Wilson, Stanley, Maryville, Missouri 86 Wiltshire, Carolyn, Liberty, Missouri 86, 90 Winell, Carl, Maryville, Missouri 204 Winger, Marilyn, Maryville, Missouri 74, 203 Wisdom, Roger, Kansas City, Missouri 87,123 Wise, Barbara, St. Joseph, Missouri 57 Wogan, Yvonne, Union Star, Missouri 87 Wolcott, Randy, Ludlow, Missouri 74, 123,170 Wolfer, Andrew, Conception Jet., Missouri 87 Wolverton, Judy, Stanberry, Missouri 87 Wonderlin, Richard, Des Moines, Iowa 74 Wood, Dale, Elmo, Missouri 99 Wood, Donna, St. Joseph, Missouri 136 Wood, Mirian, New Market, Iowa 87 Woodring, Charles, Maryville, Missouri 105 Woods, Richard, Garden Grove, Iowa 74 Woolgar, Judy, Mound City, Missouri 87 Woolley, Ben, Leon, Iowa 105,138 Woolley, Fred, Lenox, Iowa 74 Woolley, John, Des M oines, Iowa 74,101, 203 Woolsoncroft, Lois, Denison, Iowa 95, 133 Worley, Albert, Forest City, Missouri 57 Wormsly, Clifton, Kansas City, Missouri 64 Worth, John, Worth, Missouri 74 Wortman, Valeria, Hastings, Iowa 87,138 Wray, Linda, St. Joseph, Missouri 96,122 Wright, Dennis, Craig, Missouri 87,123 Wright, Leo, Lathrop, Missouri 87 Wright, Lowell, Bolckow, Missouri 64, 105 Wright, Nancy, Weston, Missouri 87,206 Wright, Roberta, Wathena, Kansas 64 Wright, Sam, Maryville, Missouri 57,103 Wright, Sherry, Maryville, Missouri 87, 96 Wu, James, Kowloon, Hong Kong 206 Wuester, Norma, Burlington Jet., Missouri 64 Wyckoff, David, Bedford, Iowa 87 Yates, Linda, Bolckow, Missouri 64 Yates, Robert, Bigelow, Missouri 87 Yearous, Jean, Maryville, Missouri 57 Young, Diane, Mound City, Missouri 87, 125,135,204 Young, Jerry, Des Moines, Iowa 103 Young, Ann, Quitman, Missouri 57,87, 97,109,124 Young, Roscoe, Mound City, Missouri 87 Young, Virginia, St. Joseph, Missouri 64 Younger, Gene, Platte City, Missouri 57, 177 Zaiger, Dorothy, Audubon, Iowa 87,135, 178 Zbierski, Marilyn, St. Joseph, Missouri 64,93,124,125,203,208 Ziegler, Charles, Oelwein, Iowa 100 Zimmerman, Esther, Maryville, Missouri 74,203 Zimmerman, James, Maryville, Missouri 103,203 Zimmerman, Ron, Corydon, Iowa 74,105, 155 Zion, Nellie, Bolckow, Missouri 87 Zipp, Eleanor, St. Louis, Missouri 125, 203 I i 220 t II r I i . One of the year ' s most dramatic pictures as East Berlin soldier leaps over a barbed wire barricade into West Berlin. Adolf Eichmann, charged by the Israeli government with the murder of mil- lions of Jews, is flanked by guards in his bullet-proof dock during his long trial which started in April , Cuban government picture caption says this is Castro ' s militia i action in area of Laguna Del Tosoro (Treasure Lagoon) southeast c; Havana during unsuccessful invasion attempt by expatriate Cub2uid! (ituiga pnidat ■ ibcoiii Ui jutmhwhiitt Soviet-built personnel carriers tow artillery pieces through Plaza Jose Marti in Havana, Cuba, during parade honoring the third anniver- sary of Castro ' s revolution. In the background are five-floor high pictures of Castro and Lenin. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev embraced Russia ' s cosmonauts, Maj. Gherman Titov, left, and Maj. Yuri Gagarin, after both made space flights around the world. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev en change smiles with Mrs. John F. Kenned when they attended a concert in Vienn during the President ' s trip to Europe whic included a meeting with Khrushchev, Mk) Ike Oil, ifaiC«g ' iiiiiiii Katanga president Moise Tshombe placed a wreath on the coffin of United Nations Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold after Hammarskjold died in a plane crash while enroute to Congo cease-fire talks. Papers and confetti rain from buildings in Bogota as enthusiastic crowds greet President and Mrs. Kennedy to the Colombian capital. Princess Margaret and husband, Lord Snowdon, the former Antony Armstrong- Jones, with their first child, David Albert Charles, Viscount Linley. Delegates from United States, Britain and the Soviet Union resume nuclear test ban talks after end of Russia ' s 1 96 1 test series. i m m

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