Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO)

 - Class of 1960

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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1960 volume:

; j I ' ii -im ' !:■ ) Mwm m I Lii ' I , •AWIl i liiilillUlHIli jO CJI i Mary Kay Beason Editor Dee Mark Assistant Editor Pam Browne Art Editor Donna Arms Staff Assistant THE 1960 iRTHWEST MISSOURI STATE COEEEGE Howard Ringold Faculty Sponsor sv I I h» .! i ' IHHI ■ 1 1 i. ' : i i - II EnRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES i LOOK AT OUR m SPIRITUAL ACTIVITIES DEDICATION To choose a member of our faculty for the dedication of the yearbook is not always an easy assignment. This year, the emphasis throughout the book is upon the work done in and by the industrial arts department. The theme is related to the inter-action between cur- ricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities. Mr. Donald Valk has been interested in this coordination of the cam pus life of his students for many years; he has been head of the lA Department since 1932, and the staff feels that his work in the college has won him the honor of this dedication. To complete the day for the department, Peggy Humphreys was crowned Queen of the Tower at the Annual Tower Dance in March. Peggy is secretary of the department. Mr. Donald Valk. Mr. Valk is congratulated by the editor as Bob Chodwick looks on. Peggy Humphreys and Mr. Valk. ADMINISTRATION II nmmn message Congratulations on your 1960 TOWER. You have brought together here a record of the life on the campus of the Northwest Missouri State College that will mean much to the students of this college. The TOWER reflects your efforts to make it possible for the students to live again the happy days of 1959-60. Many years from now students of today will be able to recall the varied activities that made 1959-60 a memorable year. I am convinced that the 1960 TOWER will increase in value to the students as the years roll along. Your work deserves the praise of all of us, so speaking for all of the students, the Faculty, and the Administration I wish to say THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL 1960 TOWER. J.W.Jo fonei President 10 J. W. JOiS, PRESIDENT Mr. Horry Bowes Assistant Dean of Men Mrs. L. G. Blodt Dean of Women Mr. Lon Wilson Dean of Men Mrs. Elizobeth Luer Director of Women ' s Housing Mrs. Lucille Cuddy Director of Residence Hall Mrs. M. T. Sheldon Dietician Mrs. Thelmo Smith Nurse Miss Helen O ' Connor Nurse 12 I Dean of Faculty Charles E. Koerble Boord of Regents FRONT: W. M. C. Dawson, J. W. Jones, Harold M. Hull. BACK: Luther Belcher, Garvin Williams, A. B. Vogt, H. F. Simrall. ' 8 [ " Maturation " of the mind, which in essence is learn- ing, provides the means by which an individual prepares himself to make wise decisions. One significant aspect of learning is its ongoing nature. We con teach " old dogs " new tricks as our adult education movement is showing. Thus there is a challenge for each one of us to maintain a self-discipline that will provide time and motivation for further intellectual self-growth. In a formal educational environment such as is provided in our College, the learning process is more readily carried out by most students. The real test of our maturation, however, awaits the move from college into our professional lives. Ruts are dug by repetitive actions which signify that no further learning is taking place. Look now to your future since you ' ll be spending a long time there. College Treasurer Luther Belcher Regislrar Robert Foster Director of Field Service Everett V . Brown 13 mm Guy Bensusan Hisfory, B.A. L. G. Bladt English, Speech, B.A., M.A. Luke L. Boone Hisfory, B.A., Educational Adminisfration, M.A. Eleanor Caldwell Art Education, B.S., Fine and Industrial Arts, M.S., Art Education, Ed.D. David W. Crozier Supervising Teacher, B.S., M.A. Robert Davis Education, B.S., Physical Sciences, M.S. Helen Davis Education, B.S., Fine Arts, M.S. ElVigra Denning Librarian, Horace Mann, Education, B.S., Library Science, M.A. Elwyn K. DeVore Business, B.S., M.S., D.B.A. Charles E. Dills Chemistry, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Anna Gorsuch Supervising Teacher, B.S., M.A. Robert Gregory Education, B.S., Physical Education, M.S. 14 FAcyin Richard Hesler Speech, B.A., Speech and Dramatic Art, M.A. Violette Hunter English, B.S., M.A. Laura Jackson English, B.S., M.A. Peter Jackson Indusfrial Arts, B.S., M.S. James Johnson Library Science, A.B,, B.S. in L.S. Bonnie Magill Physical Education, A.E., B.S., M.A. Leon Miller Education, B.S., A.M., Ph.D. Chloe Millikan Education, B.S., M.A. Marion Moss Education, B.S., Physical Education, M.S. Myrle Long Physical Science, B.S., M.S. James Lowe Education, B.S., History, A.M. Donald F. Peel A.B., English, M.A. 15 FACOITY Margaret Prince Home Economics, B.S., M.S. Kathryn Riddle Physical Education, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Howard Ringold Industrial Arts, B.S., M.S. Mildred E. Ross Education, B.S., M.S., D.Ed. M. T. Sheldon Science, B.S., Fine Arts, B.A., School Administration, M.S., Guidance and Counseling, Ph.D. Sterling Surrey Business, B.S.S., M.B.A., Ph.D. Kenneth Thompson Industrial Arts, B.S., M.Ed. Donald Valk Industrial Arts, B.S., M.S. Wanda Walker Education, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Dorothy Walker Educa ;on, B.S., M.S. William Yates Economics and Commerce, A.B., Administration, M.Ed. 16 OFFICE STUFF ' v fd,D, Field Service; EstFier Nardin, Estfier Sellers, and Azelene Evans. ., Scfiool Field Service: Joyce N orris, Em mo lea Seddon, Carol Lilly and EditFi OIney. Housing Secretary. Donna Eisenberg. 17 Regi ' sfror ' s Office: Monica Zirfas and Martha Moles. OFFICE ST FF President ' s Secretary: Mrs. Emma Ruth Harris. Registrar ' s Office: Gladys Raines and Ruth Nystrom. 18 OFFICE m Business Office: Linda Schooler, Agatha Walker, and Margaret Owens. L Business Office: Kim Reeves, Shirley Hanna, and Julia Thompson. Dean of Faculty ' s Office: Nancy Hill, Linda Reaksecker, and Mrs. Foye Sherma. 19 Miss Mabel Winburn Miss Olive Deluce RETIRIi FACULTY In recognition of the work done by two of the most faithful servants of our college, the staff of the yearbook is dedicating a page to Miss Mabel Winburn and Miss Olive DeLuce. Miss Winburn served for many years as secretary to the President, and is a familiar figure to the older students. Miss DeLuce, as head of the Art Department for years, has long been a recognized instructor. These women retired at the end of the 1958-59 school year, and now reside in Moryville. It is with the greatest respect that we say " Thank you! " to these friends. 20 CLASSES i JrJk JUDY ADAMS Major: Elementary Education Degree: 6.S. Elemeniary Education TOM ADAMS Major: Physical Education and Math Degree: 6.S. Secondary Education MAHMOOD AHMAD! Major: Agriculture Minor: Science Degree: B.S. PEGGY ALLEN Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education DON ANDERSON Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. MARO ANTHAN Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education LUTHER ARMFIELD Major: Business Minor: Biology Degree: B.S. MYRNA ARMS Major: Business Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Education MARJORIE BAGLEY Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elemeniary Education RICHARD BARMANN Major: Math and Physics Degree: B.S. DICK BASLER Major: Business Minor: Biology Degree: B.S. Secondary Education DICK BAUMAN Major: Music Degree: B.S. Elementary and Second- ary Education GORDON BENSON Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. GARY BJORN Major: Social Science Minor: History Degree; 6.S. Secondory Education LOWELL BLANK Major: Math Minor: General Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ;;eioiis WALTER BOPP: Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. LELAND BORLAND Major: Math Minor: General Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education MARGARET BOYD Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education PHILIP BRAM Major: Biology Minor: General Science Degree; B.S. Secondary Education BOB BRISTOW Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Physical Education Degree: B.S. Secondary Education CHARLES BROOKE Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education LARRY BROWN Major: Economics, Social Science, and History Degree: B.S. Secondary Education LON BRUGGEMAN Major: English Minor: Library Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education PATRICIA BUMP Major: Elementary Education Minor: Sociology Degree: B.S. Elementary Education RICHARD CAROTHERS Major: Social Science Minor: History Degree: B.S. Secondary Education GARY CHAMBERLIN Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Math Degree: B.S. Secondary Education GEORGE CHANEY Major: Music Degree: B.S. Elementary and Second- ary Education MAUDIE CHIVINGTON Major: English Minor: French Degree: B.S. Secondary Education MEL CLARK Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science Degree: B.S. Secondar y Education RONALD CLARK Major: Music Degree: B.S. Elementary and Second- ary Education SENIORS ROSEMARY COATS Major: English Minor: French Degree: B.S. Secondary Education MICKEY COPELAND Major: Math Minor: Physics and General Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education PAT CORBIN Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education MAURINE COTTEW Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education CLIFFORD COX Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education PEGGY COX Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education JOHN CRACRAFT Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Physical Education Degree: B.S. Secondary Education KAREN CRAWFORD Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education MARSHA CROWELL Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education BILL CROY Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Physical Education Degree; B.S. Secondary Education CAROLYN CUMMINGS Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education HELEN DAYHOFF Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education GERALDINE DICKINSON Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education MARCIA DREHER Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education EDITH ECKHOFF Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Degree: B.S. Secondary Education 1 m m ROBERT EISENBERG Major: Chemistry Minor: Biology Degree: B.S. BEVERLY ELLIOTT Major: Elementary Education Degree; B.S. Elementary Education CAROLYN ELLIOTT Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education TYRON EMERICK Major: History Minor: Sociology Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ROCHELLE EPPERSON Major: Business Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Education RUTH EYCHANER Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education KEITH FEE Major: Business Minor: Math Degree: B.S. RICHARD FLEMING Major: Math Minor: Physics and Physical Education Degree: B.S. Secondary Education RAY FORE Major: Math Minor: General Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education RON FRANTZ Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Agriculture Degree: B.S. Secondary Education PAUL GATES Major: Agriculture Minor: Industrial Arts Degree: B.S. MARYANN GEPNER Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education KENNETH GERARDY Major: Social Science Minor: History and Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education MARGOT GERARDY Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education MARGE GIFFEN Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education W 1M m m MADELEINE GILLIS Major: Spanish and French Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Education CHARLES GOFF Major: Physical Education Minor: Industrial Arts Degree: B.S. Secondary Education WELDON GRACE Major: Business Minor: Math Degree: B.S. ROBERT GRAGG Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Agriculture Degree: B.S. Secondary Education JOHN GUENTHER Major: Social Science Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education MARILYN HALE Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education ROMONA HALL Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. and B.S. Secondary Education SHIRLEY HANER Major: Home Economics Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Education DAVE HANSEN Major: Pre-Law, Economics, History, Social Science Degree: A.B. KAREN HAWK Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education VIVIAN HEAD Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education BETTY HEFLIN Major: Physical Education Minor: Business Degree: B.S. Secondary Education RICHARD HENDERSON Major: Social Science Minor: History Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ALAN HERZBERG Major: Agriculture Minor: Biology Degree: B.S. Secondary Education DOROTHY HERZBERG Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Degree: B.S. Secondary Education m m RUTH ANN HIGGINBOTHAM Major: Social Science Minor: French Degree: 6.S. Secondory Education NANCY HIGGINS Major: Business Minor: Home Economics Degree: 6.S. Secondary Education GRANT HILBURN Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. LONNIE HILL Major: Physics and Math Degree: B.S. JOE HILLERS Major: Agriculture Minor: Biology Degree: A. 6. BILL HINDE Major: Business and Economics Degree: B.S. PATTY HINKLE Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education KENT HOLCOMB Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Agriculture Degree: B.S. Secondary Education JAMES HOLMES Major: History Minor: Business Degree: B.S. Secondary Education OLA HORN, JR. Major: Business Minor: History Degree: A. 6. MARIAM HOUSEWORTH Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education DELORIS HYAH Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education CAROLYN IHRIG Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education CORWIN INGRAM Major: Physical Education Minor: Business Degree: B.S. Secondary Education LELAND JACKSON Major: Chemistry Minor; Math Degree: B.S. SENIORS LETHA JACKSON Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education NICK JACOBS Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree; B.S. BETTY JOHNSON Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education EFFORD JOHNSON Major: Business Minor: Social Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education PHIL JOHNSON Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Agriculture Degree: B.S. Secondary Education EDDIE JONES Major: Business and Agriculture Degree: B.S. Secondary Education FREDERICK JOYNER Major: Business Minor: Social Science Degree: B.S. POLLY KARRAS Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education NORMAN KENAGY Major: Math Minor: General Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education JOYCE KERBER Major: Business and Math Degree: B.S. Secondary Education CAROLYN KING Major: Social Science Minor: History Degree: B.S. Secondary Education DAVID KINNEY Major: Math Minor: General Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education DON KIXMILLER Major: Math Minor: Physics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education RON KIXMILLER Major: Math Minor: Physics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education BOB KNIERIM Major: Math Minor: Physics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education SENIORS ALICE KOPPOLD Major: Physical Education Minor: Business Degree: 6.S. Secondary Education ED LAMB Major: Physics Minor: Moth Degree: 6.S. Secondory Educafion BOB LILLEY Major: Math and Physics Degree: 6.S. AUDRA LORANCE Major: Elementary Education Degree: 6.S. Elemenfary Educafion BEVERLY LYLE Major: Physical Education Minor: English Degree; B.S. Secondary Education IVAN LYNCH Major: Business Minor: Math Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion ARNOLD LYON Major: Chemistry and Biology Minor: General Science Degree: B.S. DONNA SUE LYON Major: Elementary Education Minor; French Degree: B.S. Elementary Educafion VICTOR LYON Major: Physical Education Minor: Moth Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion PHILIP MAHER Major: Physical Education Minor: Business Degree: B.S. Secondary Education MARILYN MANLEY Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion JIM AAARLEY Major: Math Minor: Physics and Chemistry Degree; B.S. ALLEN MARSH Major: Business Minor: Moth Degree: B.S. JOYCE McCOOLE Major: Elementary Education Degree; B.S. Elemenfary Education ROBERT McCOPPIN Major: Chemistry Minor; Math, Physics, and General Science Degree; B.S. Secondary Education m m LARRY McCORD Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ROSALIE McCRARY Major: Business Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ANITA MclNTYRE Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education GARL McLaughlin Major: Math Minor: Physics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education JAMES MEWHIRTER Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Business Degree: B.S. JOE B. MEWHIRTER Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Business Degree: B.S. JEANETTE MEYER Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education LEO MILLER Major: Physical Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Secondary Education HOWARD MILLS Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Biology Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ROBERT MOFFITT Major: Math Minor: Physics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education STEVE MOORE Major: Math Minor: Science Degree: B.S. JIM MULLIN Major: Business and Economics Degree: B.S. CHARLES MURPHY Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education JUNIOR MURPHY Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. PHILLIS NELSON Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education JO I SENIORS ANN NEWCOMER Major: Business Minor: Speech Degree: B.S. Secondary Education DELORES NEWMAN Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. SHIRLEY NOELCK Major: Music Degree; B.S. Elemenfary and Second- ary Education JANICE OLENIUS Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education JO ANN OUTS Major: English Minor: French Degree: B.S. Secondary Education LUKE PALUMBO Major: Biology Minor: English Degree: A.B. JACK PATTERSON Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. LOIS PEARSON Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education BETTY PIERCE Major: English Minor: French Degree: B.S. Secondary Education WILLIAM PITTHAN Major: Social Science Minor: Library Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ANN PORTER Major: Business and English Degree: B.S. Secondary Education MYRLE PORTER Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education SAM PORTER Major: Math Minor: Physical Education Degree: B.S. Secondary Education SARAH PORTER Major: Physical Education Minor: Business Degree: B.S. Secondary Education JOAN PRICHARD Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education f ■ ' -% -.J .w WILLIAM RABEL Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Physical Education Degree: 6.S. Secondary Education CARL REDMON Major: Business Minor: Speech Degree: A.B. MARY SUE RICHARDSON Major: Elementary Education Degree: 6.S. Elementary Education PEG RILEY Major: Art Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Education PAUL ROACH Major: Business Minor: Math Degree; A.B. JERRY ROADES Major: Industrial Arts Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Education AARY ROBERTSON Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elennentary Education CONNIE ROBEY Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education RAYMOND RODRIGUEZ Major: Spanish and Industrial Arts Degree: B.S. Secondary Education CHARLES ROSMANN Major: Business and Social Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ROBERT ROSS Major: Social Science Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Education NEVA ROYSTON Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education MARCIA RUCKER Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education JEANETTE RUTLEDGE Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education MARY ANNE SALFRANK Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education m m JANET SANDERS Major: English Minor: Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion ROBERT SAWYER Major: Biology Minor: General Science Degree; B.S. Secondary Education ED SCARLETT Major: Business Minor: Physical Education Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion SAM SCHIMELFENIG Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Agriculture Degree: B.S. Secondary Education CLIFTON SCHMITT Major: Industrial Arts and Physical Education Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion BEULAH SCHROEDER Major: Home Economics and Business Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion BILL SCHULTZ Major: French and Fine Arts Minor: Music Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion EMMALEA SEDDON Major: Elementary Education Minor: Library Science Degree: B.S. Elementary Education MARCI SENA Major: History Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion ZO ANN SEVERSON Major: Physical Education Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion LARRY SHELDON Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion MAURICE SHIER Major: Social Science Minor: Political Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education NOSSRAT SHILATI Major: Agriculture Minor: English Degree: B.S. JERRY SKIPTON Major: Business Minor: Math Degree: B.S. Secondary Education JACQUELINE SMITH Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education RICHARD SMITH Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Physical Education Degree: 6.S. Secondary Educafion ROBERT EMMETT SMITH Major: Social Science Minor: Industrial Arts Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ROBERT SNELL Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Educafion ELBERT SOBOTKA Major: Math and Physical Education Degree: B.S. Secondary Education CHARLES STADLER Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. WANDA STADLER Major: Business Minor: Home Economics Degree: B.S. DICKIE STALLING Major: Biology Minor: General Science and Industrial Arts Degree: B.S. Secondary Education PHYL STANDLEA Major: Biology and Agriculture Minor: General Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education SHARON SUNDERMAN Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education WILLIAM SUTTER Major: Business Minor: General Science Degree: B.S. SHIRLEY SWINNEY Major; Biology Minor: Social Science and General Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education CLIFF TAMM Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education LA DONNA TAYLOR Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education LOU JANE TAYLOR Major: Elementary Education Minor: Physical Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education MARTIN TAYLOR Major: Biology Minor: Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education I I i SEIORS KENNETH TOBIN Major: Business and Physical Education Degree: 6.S. Secondary Educafion JIM TOCK Major: Biology Minor: Math Degree: B.S. GLENDA TOWNSEND Major: Fine Arts Minor: French Degree: B.S. Secondary Education TOM TRAIL Major: Biology Minor: Business Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion VELMA TSCHETTER Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Educafion BERTHA TURNER Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion KAREN TUSSEY Major: Business Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion BRUCE TWADDLE Major: Business Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion JEROME ULRICH Major: Math and Physics Degree: B.S. WILLARD VANBUREN Major: Physical Education and Math Minor: Physics Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion MERLYN VANBUSKIRK Major: Business Minor: Social Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion CURT VANGILDER Major: Social Science and English Degree: B.S. Secondory Educafion GALEN VOGEL Major: Music Degree: B.S. Elementary and Second- ary Educafion MAX VOGGESSER Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. BRUCE WAKE Major: Math Minor: Science Degree: B.S. M fei i 35 SENIORS ■ » v. ' ' ™ -v-s w WK " - " ■; ' --; ' . ' ' «»« -r ROGER WAKE Major: Physics and Math Minor: General Science Degree: fi.S. MARJORIE WARE Major: Elementary Education Degree: 6.S. Elemenfary Education LARRY WAUGH Major: Business Minor: Industrial Arts Degree: 6.S. Secondary Educafion JAMES WEBER Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion CLYDE WEEKS Major: Elementary Education Degree E.S. Elementary Education LYLE WELCH Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Math Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ROSS WELLS Major: Math Minor: General Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion BETTY WHITE Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion BOB WHITE Major: Music Degree: B.S. Elementary and Second- ary Education LOIS V HITE Major: Business Minor: Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion DICK WILCOX Major: Business and Economics Degree: B.S. HAROLD WILKINSON Major: Physical Education Minor: Industrial Arts Degree: B.S. Secondary Education MARGARET WILSON Major: Elementary Education Minor: Library Science Degree: B.S. Elemenfary Educafion JOYCE WOLF Major: Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion GARY WOOLSEY Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. ! 36 A ICOliOil colion colion colion MARY ARGO Major: Business Minor: Spanish Degree: A.B. LELAND WRIGHT Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: 6.S. Secondary Educafion MARVIN WRIGHT Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Physical Education Degree: B.S. Secondary Educafion NANCY YOUNG Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Educafion mm CLASS OFFICERS :iilion ;alion :alion Setonii- Don Anderson President Anita Mclntyre Vice-President ofm ;olio(i :(j(io(i lotion Ann Newcomer Treosurer 37 Mary Adams Joe Anders Victor Anderson Wayne E, Anderson Gary Babb Paul Barker Elender Barrett Ward Bean Mary Kay Beason Sally Beezley Bobbie Beger Larry Benner Joan Bennett Sarah Billingsley Mary Ellen Birkenholz Jeannefte Bjorn A , i .. . 1 Jane Blezek Carolyn Boner Gary Booth Marvin Broadstone Clyde Brown Lester Buck Rex Burgett Gary Bums Edna Burnside George Carroll Margaret Carter Marlene Cary Sheryl Chambers Marlene Christensen rid Soner liwi Lois Clemens Peggy Clingman Sharon Cochran Jim Coniey Kathryn Cornell Carl Cramer hiiiw Jack Freese Marilyn Friziell Joyce Gibson Marilyn Gillis Larry Gtidewell Loreen Gould JUNIORS 40 .J « Judy Grant Dwight GrantKam Phil Gray Darret Guest Carl Haines Virginia Hall Jm j m X Hk LeRoy Hammond David Haner Dave Hargrave Mary Harris Kay Hawkins Phil Hayes Ruth Ann Haielbaker Janice Heinz Marvin Hiley Larry Hilsabeck Cecile Hoffman Nina Hopple Peggy Humphreys Benny Johnson Diane Johnson Helen Johnson Joe Johnson Stephanie Johnson 1 tP Larry Karsten Bob Kidd Ronald King Dick Krambeck Robert Kurtz Don Lacy i 41 ipple JUNIORS e Jjkiiw Carolyn Lungren Garry Lunsford Dee Mark Betty McCaig Robert McCollough Valeria McCoppin John McCowen Francis McGinness Gene McMichael Nancy Merrick Ernest Merti Tom J. Miller M Jerald Norfolk Carol Odell Barrie Parks Ronald Parrish Carolyn Patience lois Patton JUNIORS 42 Deloris Polsley Richard Popp Menlyn Russell Ken Sanders Glen Ramsey Pat Reini Evelyn Robison Marcia Seidf Ron Severson Phyllis Schirner Francis Shipley i£ k Bit! Simmons Harold Sims Frank Skipton Toni Skoglund Riggs Smith Gary Swaney James Schooley Gerald Terhune Aaron Thompson Carol Thornton Max VanderPol Darlys Vollstedt Ratty Logan James Wells Bob Wakely Leon Walkp S!ij.;i V ' arn ' - ' f Eugene Watson JUNIORS George Weed Julie Weiss Marilyn White Julia Williamson I kk: Ann Abarr Garrett Addison Kay Akers Roger Alexander John Andersen Kay Anderson John Andrews Carol Bang Richard Barrett Dorothy Barten Keralyn Bates Jackie Bea Merlyn Beckler Patty Bissell Roger Blackwell Henry Bramman Larry Brown Nina Brown 43 Pam Browne 1 i 4l lk. Max Buckner Bill Burch Janice Butrick Roy Carrel Karon Clark Carolyn Everly Carol Fankhaoser Lorctta Farmer Jerry Ferrell Wray Fife Don Fore i Don Frazier Gary Frueh Frank Fuller Richard Fuller Joyce Fulfon Felicia GarbowskI JBSiHil .jm Jj Robert Garten Jerry Gilliland John Gilliiand Charles Gtllis Sharon Greenwood Susan Grube Pat Guertin Martha Guest Shirley Haas Shirley Hague Katherine Hann Janet Hanson Janice Hanson Virgie Hanson Sheri Harper Joyce Harr Pat Harris Jerry Hawk Ron Haizard Dick Heiman Ernest Hester Dorothy Hiatt Jerry Lee Hill Nancy Anne Hill Rodger Hitt Gary Holmes Karen Holmes Martin Holtmeyer Bunny Hornback Marilyn Home Dick Houck Kenneth Hughes Karen Hummel Treva Hunter Duane Iwen Ken Jahde J JlHi. John L, James Mary Ellen James Jeanne Jay Carol Johnson Charles Johnson Connie Johnson Jerry Johnson Ted Johnson Dalton Jones Linda Jones Danny Karr Virgil Karsten Fannie Kavanaugh Evea Ann Keesey Eran Kennedy Judy Killion Larry Kimble Judy Klamm James Kloever Irvine Knepper Jeanne Kramme Saundra Krokstrom Larry Kulisek Sara Beth Kurtz Judy Lane Winnifred langston Peggy Leslie Betty Lindell Eliiabeth Long Richard Lonn Jim Lowary Nancy Main Mary McComb Alice McCombs John Robert McCoy Barbara Mensing Janice Mercer Joe Merrigan Corbin Miles Janell Miller John G. Miller Marilyn Miller Mary Miller Ann Milne H. D. Mitchell John Morgan Dennett Morrow Melinda Moses iijin Donna Norfolk Ellen Norris Glenda O ' Douqhertv Janice Ohrt Sharron Owens Kafhryn Palmquist Monica Parks Sharon Patterson Don Pefry Gerald Piittmann Nancy Ptumer Denny Powles Van Price Gary Pross Bill Quigiey Lucille Raney Ronald Rauch Wendell Ray Vernon Risser Clementina Rivas Nancy Roney Sharol Rorabaogh 4 Jerry Rudolph Jodine Ryan Charles Sanders Oriana Schmiti Larry Scholenb«rg Richard Sewell Anne Seymour Beverly Shelton Eloise Shipley Gary Siefken Marvin Skiner Patsy Smith Cicily Spicer Charlotte Stamper Ronald Stanton Larry Steinhauser Louise Stolting Philip Stone Connie Stoops Edward Sundell William . I- TL 1 T- _ _, Julia Thompson Luann Timmerman Preston Thomas " Bill Trimble Linda Turner Donna Ueligger Stanley Vanderwerf Terry Vest Eugene Vogel Ronald Wheeler Martha Whitehead Betty Williams John Williams Judy Williams Robert Willis Barb Wilson William Wilson Nancy Wrislnger Loran York Ann Young James Zettervall 51 f .- r ' ' FRESHIN Carry Achenbaugh Dave Alcott Brian Alexander Judy Alford Terry Allen Anne Alson Mike Anderman Dennis And- fsen Dorothy Andersen Larry Andersen Harryette Anderson Leiand Anderson Judith Andes Pat Andes 6€ ' C. Jean Benefiel Judy Black ' f Loretta Boatright Frank cry Bohr Louis Boone Oary Booth Earl Boyd Veriyn Boyet Willard Boyer |- Jean Bradley Maurice Brannan BrtT ' ' T " ' ' " " " Brislow Beverly Brown William Brown Phyllis Buehltr Conni. Burch Alice Burgett Rodney Burrell Don Castillo Merlyn Chadwick j . C J? Anne. Chick AAary Christian Mary Lou Citizen Mary lee Clements Bob Cline Jacqueline Cockrill David Collins mmm 52 Nancy Comer Louis Cook Dororhy Cooley Fvi tyn Cooley Glenda Cooper Jane Cooper Kirk Dalbey Sherene Davis Judy Fann Elvin Farquhar Joy Couts Elwin Crabtree Bernita Crater Sharon Craven Suzanne Craven Elaine Commings Gary Cunningham Mike Cunningham M Marguerite Judd Dent Carol Oevereaux David Devooght Mary Ellen Disburg Donaldson Shirley Dredge Jeanne Driskell Betty Dunfee Jane Dunnihoo Norman Edwards Jo Ellen Elam Eugene Elder Cleanne Ferguson Elaine Ferguson Ann Fields Elinor Fine Beverly Filch Norma FletcKall Carol Foje Marilyn FoWen Ronald Forbis Kathleen Frederick James Freedlme Paul Fricke fli 53 Ceui] im ;t Ivini I FRESHMEN Arden Gae, Myrna Gaskins Ha,oU Gentry Joyce Gibson Elaine Gilmore Dixie Gomel Anne Goodson Brend. Graham E«a lee Sray Gordon Groever Linda Gmgory Nancy Grimes Garland Groom Pat Growney i Gayla Guess Janet Gunson Linda Gustafson Sharon Hackett Erma Hall H. J. Halloran Edward Hammond Larry Hanna Robert Haskell Gary Hazelrigg Donna Hedrick Carolyn Heidtbrink Jeanne Hem Shirley Henny Alberta Herron Phil Hetrick Norm. Hohlfeld Clayton Honey Betty Hooker Marilyn Hopper Ruth House m I Sammy Howe Marie Hummel Dale Hunliger Bob Hulchins Sidney Hyde Joyce Iwen Karen James f(|- JkB i ' jflMllllk ' ■ ' ' k Barbara Joens Alice Johnson Carol Johnson Gary Jones Gerald Jones Linda Jonas Sosle ' »f|] || FRESHMEN 54 " h John Rodgers Kellew Carmelita Keimel Sharon Kenagy Judy Keplinger Martha Kiesz Joan Klever Maty Knaale Anita Kuhlman Dixie LaMar Larry Lamar Sandra Lapsley Judy Lents James Litsch Ann livengood Kay Lovett Barbara Loyd Mary Lyie Edward Lynam Barb Lyons Karen Madden Dixie Mann Karen Mast Lloyd Matthews Barbara May Carl Mayes Edward McCall Karen McCiurg " J " ' " . Peggy Jane David McConkey Max McCuistion McCollouah _ McCollouah C £ Bonnie McComber Betty Jo McDaniel Janice McDowell Robert McKelvey Beveriy McMenamin Oruery McMillan 55 imwm Monica McMorris Kendall McWilliams Allen Meyer Sarah Meyer Kay Middleton Richard Mires Robert Mitchell Donna New Donna Mueller Janice Murphy Jojn Myers Fred Nelson June Nelson Ruth Nt. Barbara Newlin Myrna Newman Kay Nickerson Vera Nickerson Barbara Noe Joyce Nold Larry Norfolk 0i Bonnie Norris Bernice Northup Glenn Odell Judy Officer Sandra Ogle Edith OIney Sally Omori im- ' - Paula Osborn Portia Oswald Wayne Paulson Ronnie Pennington Stephanie Pershing Kendall Petersen Charles Peterson Shelby Phillips Bill Pittman Pittse °barqer Betty Poffenberger Jim Polsley Karan Porter Priscilla Porter i w. Linda Potter Sharon Powell Sharon Poynter William Pritchard Edward Purdin Nancy Pursell Richard Pyle mmB 56 Jean Roberts Patsy Robertson John Robinson Twylia Rockhold Marilyn Rodr Neil Rogers Fred Rohlfs Marilyn Rorebeck Grace Ann Rucker Pat Rucker Karen Ruse Rliea Sabus Jerry Sackett Pearl Sa Odfkrio ichmldi Lorena Shaffer Sue Shaw Edwin Shrewsbury Barbara Siddens David Sleister SiiiHoy Smail K £0© James Smith Kalhy Smith Robert Smith Leatrice Snively Paul Sorensen Marilyn Spieker Ann Stanton ... ., , .... ,. . ,. 1 c J Margaret Jeanne Marjorie Joanne Glenn Taylor Janet Taylor Edwina Slarks Mike Stephens Carolyn Sunderman = Swooe " i " " " ■-ir " ' l. Darrell Templeton Bill Thomas Rebecca Thomas Sally Thomas Linda Thompson Karen Traster jandra Tri mwM fehlsr ] rl till Sharon Trump ' ' " ' ZITJ ' " Jewell Van Syoc Eleano, Vogel Melvin Voshell Sharon Voss Sharon Wagner Peggy Waldeier David Walker Suianne Walker Gretchen Wall Judy Wallace Gary Warner Rod Wegermann ; ,♦ imtil Vf " fmKmL r WKltK HHHB M Mfcw fcfc. ■ fci Virginia White Brenda Whitford Carolyn Wickiser Linda Wickiser O E. Wilkerson James Wilkinson p P C f P, Linda Willhite Ernest Wilmes Dale Wilson Curtis Wolf Wayne Wormsley Lowell Wright Richard Wright k Nancy lou Yamane Linda Yates Wilbur Zimmerman Richard Seipei 57 Dick Krambeck President, Junior Class Van Price President, Sophmore Class UKDERmSS OFFICERS Peg Humphefys Vice-President Thelma Gerdes Vice-President Lynda Sellers Secretary Judy Frese Secretary Garry Lunsford Treasurer Lorry Green Grace Ann Rucker Barbara Newlm Jean Benefiel . President, Freshman Class Vice- P res; c enf 58 Secrefory .... EXTRA-CURRICULAR 59 loresi. Gould ■yf-at :4SSIt» mu mm mm sorority Under the leadership of rush chairman Evelyn Robi- son. Phi Phi chapter began activities of the year. Rushees at the informal party were v elcomed into the " Alpha Sigma Red and White Castle " by Scottish lassies. The addition of twenty new members marked a fitting climax to the week. Homecoming plans were enthusiastically laid. High- light of the event was the election of sorority sister, Gaye Laughery, to reign as queen. A beauty float honoring the entrance of the fiftieth state, Hawaii, also received much recognition. Yuletide activities included the entertainment of orphan children of the Noyes Home in St. Joseph at the annual Christmas party with Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Chapter sponsors. Miss Bonnie Magill and Mrs. Elaine Mauzey, were honored for their faithful service at a Christmas tea. Importance of scholarship was not neglected. Karen Tussey and Marlene Brown were announced as the top students in their classes. Ten others were members of honorary scholastic organizations. Many Alphas were active in campus affairs: Bev Lyie, 1959 Phi Sig Frolics Queen and Panhellenic presi- dent; Peg Humphreys, 1959 runner-up for the national Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart, AWS president, and student senate treasurer; Peg Riley, Sigma Phi Dolphin president; Gaye Laughery, head cheerleader; Marty Gray, cheerleader and student senator; Janet Su Cox, student senate secretary; and Thelma Gerdes and Judy Frese, class officers. Vi 60 II FIRST ROW: Barbara Loyd, Treasurer; Paula Osborn, Janet Sue Plummer, Song Leader; Jacqueline Cockrill, Secretary; Anne Chrck, President; Donna New, Reporter; Anne Fields. SECOND ROW: Barb Newlin, Sheila Duncan, Koren Clark, Bonnie McC umber, Jean McCollough, Jone McCollough. THIRD ROW: Janice Leavell, Janice McDowell, Marguerite Donald- son, Bernito Crater, Beverly Brown, C icily Spice r, Sauny English. 61 Kay Anderson Mary Kay Beason Sandra Crater Virginia Coughlin Miss Margaret Prince Judy Dake Sheri Harper Pat Harris Ruth Ann Hozelboker Ruth Ann Higginbothom Betty Johnson Mary Sue Richardson Janice Olenius Sharon Kiel Mary Ellen James Pat Bump DELTA m Epsilon Rho chapter began a successful year by pledging 18 outstanding women on campus. Close on the heels of formal rush was Homecoming with actives and pledges participating full-heartedly in the festivi- ties. Sheri Harper was chosen as a princess in the Homecoming royal court. During the year Delta Zeta ' s were active in many other activities. Sara Beth Kurtz played a lead role in the interdepartmental production of " Brigadoon. " She also served as Mistress of Revelry for the " Hanging of the Greens. " Edie Eckhoff served on the student govern- ing body; Betty Johnson was a senior class officer; and Jean Benefiel was freshman class treasurer. Mary Ellen James was " Ag Queen " and served on the Associated Women Students General Council. These girls are officers in the following campus organizations: Betty Johnson, President of ACE; Judy Dake, Secretary of ACE; Barrie Parks, President of Newman Club; Pat Bump, Vice-President of Dorm Coun- cil; and Judy Dake, Secretary of Dorm Council. Lois Patton served on the Dorm Council and Virginia White and Karen Mast were members of Freshman Hall Dorm Council. Mary Kay Beason was Tower editor and Barrie Parks served as co-chairman for Religious Emphasis Week. The fall pledges presented the actives with a Thanks- giving dance. Plans were made for the future dances, campaigns, parties, spring rush, and the Delta Zeta Stote Day which was held in April. Miss Margaret Prince was the advisor this year. 62 Karen Mclntyre Margaret Neiby Carol Odell Barrie Parks Monica Parks Edith Eckhoff nKiel •n Jones lump Judy Klamm Carol Johnson Saro Beth Kurtz Carolina DeBow Emily Leckenby Joan Meadows Mary McComb Patty Logan FIRST ROW: Karen Mast, Reporfer; Judy Afford, Vice- President; Dixie Gomel, Treosurer; Ruth Ann Higgin- bothom. President; Virginia White, Secretory,- Bar- bora Wilson, Betty Poffenberger, Sharol Rorabaugh. SECOND ROW: Clementina Rivas, Marilyn Rodr, Ann Abarr, Mortha Whiteheod, Jean Benefiel, Corinne Ratliff. THIRD ROW: Linda Gregory, Carol Odell, Beverly McMenamin, Joan Meadows, Marilyn Folden. Lois Patton Sharol Rorabaugh I Ann Newcomer Susan Grube Karen Hawk Betty White Peg Cox Peg Boyd Nancy Merrick Mary Anne Sclfronk Lucille Raney Pat Reinert Pat Guertin Janet Sanders Lynda Sellers Ann Milne Martha Maris Connie Robey Shirley Haos Martha Guest Toni Skoglund Joyce McCoole Ann Young Jeanne Kramme 2o Ann Severson Marcia Rucker The Tri Sigma sorority began their journey through a good year by boarding the " Sigma Showboat " at their informal rush party. Fifteen enthusiastic pledges, trained by Joyce McCoole, honored the college mem- bers to a Sock Hop in a Sukiyaki House. Homecoming was successf ul for the Tri Sigma sorority, as they placed second for the Supremacy Trophy. They brought to life " The Bearcat Tribe " in the 1959 Variety Show, which received the honor of being the first place skit. Also placing first was the Sigma jalopy. The beauty float " Steps to Peace " tied for second place and the humor float " The Bear Facts " received third place. For the seventh consecutive year, Sigma Sigma Sigma was awarded the Scholarship Cup. Many Tri Sigmas were awarded honors during the year: Joyce McCoole, Bobbie Walker, Barb Noe, Linda Reaksecker served as cheerleaders; Bobbie Walker, Homecoming Queen candidate; Peg Boyd, Spirit of Christmas; Peg Cox, secretary of Panhellenic Council; Zo Ann Severson, Sigma Tau Rose Queen of 1959; Peg Boyd, Ann Milne, Marty Maris, Dorm Council mem- bers; Nancy Merrick, co-chairman of Homecoming and Art Club president; Luann Timmerman, Piano Repertoire Club president; Pam Browne, Art Editor of Tower and vice-president of Art Club; Donna Sue Lyon, vice- president of the student body. Many other Tri Sigmas were represented as officers and members of campus organizations. 64 Bobbie Walker Joan Bennett Delilc Duckworth Jody Newcomer Anita Mclntyre Nancy Young Carolyn Boner Pam Browne SEATED; Nancy Reinert, Vice-Presiden ,- Gretchen Wall, Linda Reaksecker, President; Barbara Noe, Linda Thompson, Secretary. STANDING: Kay Nickerson, Treasurer; Luanne Timmermon, Song Leader. Jerry Ferrell LeRoy Hammond i Lon Bruggemon Rex Burgert Lonnie Hill Pre side ni Ron Parrish House Manager Dick Houck Bob Liliey Ric la d Lonn PHI LAMBDA CHI The Missouri Alpha colony of Phi Lambda Chi Fra- ternity made their first year a successful one. Lonnie Hill served as president, Jerome Ulrich as rush chairman and pledge trainer, and Bob Leander as vice-president. Other officers were Jerry Skipton, secretary; Frank Skipton, treasurer; and Ron Parrish, house manager. Phi Lambs ' nev colony was represented by thirty actives and twenty-four pledges. The Phi Lambda Chi house is located at 107 Lawn Avenue. The actives and pledges worked hard to redecorate the house for future occupants. Remodeling was also accomplished by the members, and they were proud to be the first fraternity to serve regular meals at the house. Homecoming activities included a humor float and house decorations. A spring formal was held second semester with Glen Ramsey serving as social chairman. Ron Parrish, Paul Barker, Vernon Risser, Frank Skip- ton, and Rex Burgett represented the colony at the National Conclave of Phi Lambda Chi. 66 John McCowen Jerry Skipton Secretary Gorl McLoughlin Glen Ramsey (f ' • » JHBj Frank Skipton Treasurer Jerry Rudolph Bob Smith Jerry Ulrich Max Vender Pol Stanley VanderWerf SEATED: Tom Edwards, Jerry Ulrich, Pledge- master; Lonnie H. Hill, Jr., William Peter- son, Kent A. Bobcock. FIRST ROW: Louis Cook, Ray Rodriguez, Nelson Thornton, Jack Kelley, Rich Saomisch, Dick Bateman, Dick Benton, Mike Anderman. SECOND ROW: Jim Flynn, Jerry Marie, Max Wright, Myron Van Buskirk, Dick Brown, Ron Guthery. THIRD ROW: Lorry Deu, Ken Richardson, Bob Mitchell, James Bender. 67 I TOP ROW: Rich Fleming, President; Ron Kix- miller, Vice-President; Don Anderson, Secretary; Doug Drake, Treasurer; Bill Sutter, House Man- ager; Ward Beon. SECOND ROW: Larry Brown, Gary Burns, Gory Chamberlin, Gorrie Crider, Ken Gumming s, THIRD ROW: Don Frozier, Frank Fuller, Bob Garten, Ken Gerardy, FOURTH ROW: Larry Hilsabeck, Ken Johde, Phil Johnson, FIFTH ROW; Eddie Jones, Don Klxmiller. SEATED: Dole Hunziger, Lcrry Timmerman, Chaplain; Norm Edwards, Pledge Captain; Ed Jones, Jerry Peilo. FIRST ROW: Dorrell Templelon, Bob Wokely, Terry Ray, Kent Mc- Mahon, Lorry Joe Green, Ricky Suess, Charles Steadman. SECOND ROW: Don Word, Don Gibson, Chuck Downey, Earl Boyd, Ron Cooksey, Pot Growney, Harold D. Sims. THIRD ROW: David R. Collins, Larry Linville, Merlyn Chadwick, Bill Milton, Paul Fricke, Gene Frizzell. FOURTH ROW: Kenny Marsden, Scott Sittner, Larry Kimble, Jerry Durlam, Dick McQuillen, Charles Scott. 68 6 «r £ A?L PHI SIGMA EPSIM IMTnilV Members of Phi Sigma Epsilon returned to campus with much eagerness over the purchase of their new house at 590 W. 4th Street. The Phi Sigs held their Rush Week smoker in the chapter room after which twenty-eight men took the vows of pledgeship. The annual Founders ' Day Banquet was held in con- junction with Homecoming and in December the Christ- mas formal was held in the chapter room. Other high- lights for the year were the open house and the Phi Sig Frolics, " This Is The Captain Speaking. " Rich Fleming served as president of the fraternity this year. 69 TOP ROW: Bill Lippincott, Dave Lovelace, Phil Maher, Allen Marsh, Fritz McGuinnes, Gene McMichal, SECOND ROW: Tom Miller , Harold Mitchell, Stan Morris, Steve Moore, Jim Mullins, THIRD ROW: Richord Popp, Bill Quigley, Ken Sanders, Lorry Sheldon, FOURTH ROW: Bill Simmons, Bud Thomas, Wil- lard Van Buren, FIFTH ROW: MoK Voggessor, John Williams. I II Croy Lorry Eisenborgor Joel: Freest Lelond Jackson Marvin Powell ponding Secretary Under the leadership of Bob Snell as president, Theta chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma completed its thirtieth successful year with a wide range of activities in both scholastic and social areas. Don Lacy acted as Rush Chairman and Bob Chodwick as Pledge Trainer. The highlight of the year for the Taus, as well as for the entire college, was Homecoming, with Sigmo Tau Gamma again winning the Supremacy Trophy. Their first place winners were beauty float, humor float, house decoations, and clowns; a second place was won in the Variety Show. Taus Bill Needles, Jack Freese, Roger Blackwell, and Bob Chadwick served as Committee Chairmen on the Union Board, with Roger Blackwell serving as Student Senator. Many of the Sig Taus lettered in varsity sports. Sigma Tau Gamma placed five of its members on the Dean ' s Honor Roll and was proud to maintain the highest academic standing, thereby winning the Scholarship Trophy. The Sig Taus hod many social events including the Tau Tomb party at Halloween, the annual Hobo Party, the Christmas Pledge Dance, and the traditional White Rose Dance. Miss Zo Ann Holt was named queen of the 1959 White Rose Dance. Bob Severson was named outstanding Tau of the Year and Rex Stuck was named outstanding scholar. The Alumni Control Board, headed by Bill Phares, assisted the active chapter in various events and in the operation of the fraternity house throughout the year. Don Lacy Arnold Lyon 70 SEATED: Terry Day, J. R. Wells, Pledge Trainer; Garry Lunsford, Trainer; Marv Wright, Trainer; Robert Chad- wick, Ptedgemaster. FIRST ROW: Steve Tate, Keith Ray, Larry Wilkinson, Secretory-Treasurer; John Simmons, Richard Seipel, Sam Wright, Perry Spies. SECOND ROW: Lorry Corll, Lorry Nowlond, H. James Holloron, Ferd Bailey, Vice-President; Gordon T. Greever, Ronald Betzer, Gory Hawthorne. THIRD ROW: Phil Richmond, Richord Borngesser, Tom Johnson, AAaurice McDonald, Carl W. Mayes, Clayton Marvin Wrighl 71 Honey, Bill Brown, Mike Farmer, Allen Meyer. FOURTH ROW: Walt Togue, Gory Taylor, Billy Joe Robinson, Bob Cormichael, Karl Denly, James C. Wore, Robert L. Willis, Garrett Addison, Marvin McDonald, President; Ronnie Olson. KNEELING: Paul Krokstrom, Bob Chodwick, Chuck San- ders, Roland Stanton. SECOND ROW: Garrett Addison, J. R. Wells, Larry Eisen- barger. Bill Needles. THIRD ROW: Bob Snell, Mrs. Hazel Snell, Corbin Miles. David Hansen, Larry Brown, Dick Wilcox, Dave Hargrove, Nick Jacobs, Jim Marley, Jerry Poch, President Vice-Presideni Pledge Trainer Chaplain Treasurer Historian Sergeonf-o Arms Chuck Stodler Chuck Johnson Gory Frueh John Miller Gary Pucker Gary Pross Bill Trimble Dwight Grantham Ron Clark Nossrat Shilati Sam Schimelfenig Bill Joyner Joe Johnson Ernie Mertz Denny Powles Foul Roach Leon Walker Jim Tock Gary Bjorn Gary Woolsey This year marked a new milestone for Delta Nu chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon, for they moved into their new house at 222 W. Cooper. Mrs. Clarise Holle- man was employed for the position of housemother. As of November 1, meals were served in the house. Mrs. Carl Potter was hired as cook. With Dave Hansen as president and Harry Crowell as pledge class president, the TKE ' s hod a very success- ful year. Thirty-eight men were pledged under the leadership of Dick Henderson, rush chairman. Highlighting Homecoming was the election of Tau Kappa Epsilon ' s candidate for queen. Miss Gaye Laughery of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. Christmas time brought with it the Annual Christmas Dinner Dance, which was attended by approximately 90 members, their dates, and guests. Also the annual Teke Orphan ' s Party was held in the house with the cooperation of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. The chil- dren of Noyes Home in St. Joseph were brought up for an enjoyable day. Spring activities were highlighted by the Annual Playboy Spring Formal. Tekes were active in student organizations with Russ Phelps, Dave Hargrove, and Van Price serving on the Student Senate; Ray Fore as president of Student NEA and Wesley Foundation; Joe Johnson as librarian of Student NEA; Ernest Mertz as president of Gamma Delta; Dick Krambeck as president of the Junior class; Dave Hargrove as vice-chairman of the Union Board; and Dale Cooper on the Union Board. 72 Mickey Copeland, Secretary John Andrews George Cottle Dale Cooper, House Manager Lloyd Maple Benny Johnson John Morgan Dick Henderson, Rush Chairman Harold Wigger Dick Krambeck Ray Fore Hugh Hodden John Anderson J. C. Combs Mrs. Clarise Holleman Joe Merrigon Efford Johnson Dick Fine Peter Jackson, Sponsor Jerry Hawk Carl Haines Van Price Leon Miller, Sponsor Ga y Siefkin Roger Alexander Charles Johnson, Sponsor SEATED: Gary Clifton, Treasurer; Dennis Lumley, Secretary; Dick Wilcox Pledge Trainer; Gory Show, Vice-President; Harry Crowell, President; Dave Alcott, Reporter. FIRST ROW: Jim Bybee, David Koy, Bryan Alex- ander, Don R. Lowton, Gerald Lee Higdon, Ron- ald Anderson, Harold Gentry, Jim Cline. SECOND ROW: Paul Christoffers, Phil Messner, Joe Bopp, Lynn Taylor, Ted Herman, Robert Briggs, Tom Sabus, Jan Houck. THIRD ROW: Ralph Mes- serii, Jim Lyie, Fred Con- ner, Don Castille, Allen Long, Gary Jones, Kent Holcomb, Maurice Noel. FOURTH ROW: Patrick Rowan, Gary Hazelrigg, Giles Walter, Ben Wool- ley, Robert Stratton, Chuck Wye, William Simpson, Mark Renaud, Terry Lunders. 73 nmmm council SEATED: Evelyn Robison, Peggy Cox, Secretary; Beverly Lyie, President; Mary Kay Beason, Vice-Pres- ident and Treasurer; Mrs. L. G. Bladt, Sponsor; Edith Eckhoff. STANDING: Joyce McCoole, Marcia Ruclcer, Ann Porter, Barbara Burgess, Margaret Neiby, Mary Sue Richardson, Detila Duckworth. The Panhelletiic Tea for all girls interested in joining a sorority started the year ' s activities for the college Panhellenic Council of the National Panhellenic Con- ference. The Fall Rush Week of coke dates and informal parties followed the Tea. The rushees were entertained at the informal parties by a trip up the Mississippi River in a Showboat, by a voyage across the ocean to Scotland, and finally by a journey into Storyland. Fifty-nine eager and energetic pledges entered the Panhellenic world. Officers for the year were Beverly LyIe, president; Mary Kay Beason, vice-president and treasurer; and Peg Cox, secretary. Mrs. L. G. Bladt is sponsor of the Council. INTER-FRATEIillTY COUilL To start the year, the Inter-Fraternity Council signed a colonization agreement with the Phi Lambda Chi fraternity allowing them to establish Missouri Alpha colony on this campus. Rules for fraternity housing were drawn up by the Council to meet the requirements of the College. The Inter-Fraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council co- sponsored the annual All-Greek Dance which was held in March. Officers of the Council this year were president. Rich Fleming, Phi Sigma Epsilon; vice-president. Bob Snell, Sigma Tau Gamma; and secretary-treasurer, Dave Han- sen, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Dean of Men Lon Wilson served as moderator for the Council. SEATED: Ron Treasurer; Rich Vice-President. Kixmiller, Fleming, Dave Hansen, Secretary- President; Robert F. Snell, STANDING: W. T. Garrett, Sponsor; Roger Blackv ell, Robert Chodwick, Lawrence C. Brown, David Har- grove, Donald Anderson. 74 i LPHJ PHI mm Refinishing the entrance sign to the college and in- stalling stereo speakers in the new portion of the J. W. Jones Union were two of the projects carried out by the APO ' s during the 1959-1960 year. For the third year the boys gave much of their time in assisting a handicapped student to and from her campus activities. One of the social events of the fraternity was the informal dance held in the lounge of the union build- ing. A trip to the Ozarks was planned for the spring. Officers for the year were Bruce Wake, president; Tom Adams, vice-president; John Bush, treasurer; Ray Rouse, secretary; Phil Stone, sergeant at arms; Paul Shea, reporter; and Ron Parrish, parliamentarian. SEATED: Ron Parrish, Vke-PresidenI; Tom Adams, Treasurer; Bruce Wake, President; Lelond M. Long, Secrefory. FIRST ROW: MyrI D. Long, Sponsor; Larry Norfolk, Bob Hutchins, Lorry R. Bonhom, Ray Rouse, Por iomentorian; Dennis Mothes, Gerald Norfolk, Sergeonf-o -Arms. SECOND ROW: Kenneth T. Thompson, Sponsor; Philip L. Stone, Jerald Barten, Bill Schultz, Jerry Gilliland, John Gilliland, Dolton F. Jones, Jr., Myles C. Grabou, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Paul Shea, Jerry Ferrell, Wylie Rollins, Ron Williams, John Bush, Richard T. Smith. FOURTH ROW: John Thompson, Frederick Rohlfs, Ronald King, Paul Sorensen, Max P- McCuistion, Kent Lawrence. 75 DELTH PI The Z eta Lambda chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, national honor society In education, completed an active year. Pledges presented panel discussions as part of their pledge duties at the twice monthly meetings in the Lakeview room. Other highlights of the year included planning for the National Convention in Chicago and the second SEATED: Helen Johnson, Caiolyn Ihrig, Treasurer; Marilyn Monley, Reporter; Ralph Mulvonia, President; Roberta Kessler, Vice-President. 1ST ROW: John L Harr, Counselor; Connie Robey, Frances Shipley, Sheila Elswick, Carolyn Cummings, Joan Prichard, Lucy Taylor. 2ND ROW: Leiond Wright, Bob Knierim, Willard Van Buren, Rich Fleming, Tom Adams, Karen Tussey, Janet Su Cox. 3RD ROW: Bertha Turner, Potty Hinkle, Marilyn White, Barbara Burgess, Marilyn Gillis, Lynda Sellers, Ann Porter, Beverly Lyie. 4TH ROW: JoAnn Outs, Madeleine Gillis, Larry Clock, Ivan Lynch, James Beals, Beverly Elliott, Ken- neth Gerardy, Donald Kixmiller, Ron Kixmiller. annual presentation of the John L. Harr scholarship medal to the outstanding senior with the highest grade point average. This year the local chapter of Kappa Delta Pi was under the capable leadership of Ralph Mulvonia, pres- ident; Robert Kessler, vice-president; Marsha Crowell, secretary; Carolyn Ihrig, treasurer; and Marilyn Monley, reporter. mmmm committee " Events in American History from 1492 to 1959 " was the theme around which the 1959 Homecoming activities were planned and executed under the leadership and guidance of Dr. John Harr, faculty advisor, and Nancy Merrick and Bill Simmons, student co-chairmen. Prep- arations for the event included arrangements for the dance which was highlighted by the presentation of Queen Gaye Laughery. Sub-committee heads included Jerry Poch, business manager; Bill Needles and Sam Schimelfenig, parade; Lois Potton, campus decorations; Peg Riley and Bruce Wake, dance decorations; Carolina DeBow, variety show; Lucille Roney and James Holmes, publicity; Ron Kixmiller, program coordination; Don Kixmiller, Queen contest; Martha Gray, pep rally; Jean Fegan, tickets; and Sheila Elswick and Vic Anderson, bands. SEATED: Ron Kixmiller, Karen Crawford, Nancy Merrick, Co-Choirman; Bill Simmons, Co-Chorrman, John L. Harr, Genera Chairman; Jerry Poch. 1ST ROW: Moryln Crouse, Trudi Walker, Marsha Crowell, Evelyn Robison, Stephanie Johnson, Mory K. Beoson, Martha Gray. 2ND ROW: Bobbie Walker, Leiand Wright, Bruce Wake, Phyl Stondlea, Dale Cromer, Dick Johnson, Peg Riley. 3RD ROW: Lucille Raney, H. D. Mitchell, Phil Rollins, Bill Needels, Lois Potton, Pal Harris, Corolino DeBow. 76 1ST ROW; Peggy Humphreys, Treasurer; Mariha Gray, Don Kixmitler, President; Donna Sue Lyon, Vice- President; Zo Ann Severson, Janet Su Cox, Secrefary. 2ND ROW: David Hargrove, Von Price, Sterling Surrey, Spor sor; Edith Eckhoff, Kenneth Thompson. Sponsor; Roger Blockwell. First on the agenda for the Student Senate was the return of all senators to the campus one week prior to upper-class registration, for the purpose of orienting the freshmen. Senators aided in administering orienta- tion tests, acted as assistants to the faculty members at freshman mixers, and participated in various panel dis- cussions throughout the week. Other Senate activities included conduction of fresh- man initiation, securing judges for the selection of Homecoming Queen and Tower Queen finalists, the continuation of Student Court, and the Student-Faculty Disciplinary Committee, the revision of Who ' s Who re- quirements for candidates seeking elective office. mm urn This year the Union Board has sponsored a variety of activities which were of social, educational, and recreational value to the students. Highlighting the social program were the All-School Christmas Ball, the Tower Dance, and the Spring Hop. Monday night dances and others completed the social calendar. Ten members of the board attended the annual regional convention of union boards at Lincoln, Ne- braska. Those attending were Bill Needles, Ron Kix- miller. Bill Sutter, Bob Chadwick, Jack Freese, Pam Browne, Ann Porter, Marsha Crowell, Carolyn Boner, Janet Su Cox and Harry Bowes, co-sponsor. Mrs. L. G. Bladt was also a co-sponsor of the group. SEATED: Carolyn Boner, Secretory; Janet Su Cox, Ron Kixmiller, Cho rmon; David Hargrove, Vice- Chairman; Pom Browne, Coordinatton Chairman; Roger Blockwell, Treasurer. STANDING: Harry P. Bowes, Sponsor; Mrs. L. G. Bladt, Spor sor; Jack Freese, Bob Chadwick, Bill Needels, Ann Porter, Dole R. Cooper. NOT SHOWN: Jim Offenbocker, Marsha Crowell, Bill Sutter. i 77 ACE SEATED: Letho Jackson, Morcia Rucker, Social Chair- man; Betty Johnson, Pres ' dent; Jucy Doke, Secretary; Lucy Taylor, Vice-President; Connie Robey, Publicity Chairman. 1ST ROW: Deloris Hyatt, Faye Meek, Mary Sue Richardson, Lois Pearson, Jeonette Rutledge, Nancy Young, Joyce McCooie, Margaret Boyd, Peggy Cox, Chloe E. MilMkan, Sponsor. 2ND ROW: Kothryn McKee, Sponsor; Maryin Crouse, Emily Leckenby, Emmolea Seddon, Karen Hawk, Jac- queline Smith, Marilyn Hale, LaDonno Taylor, Geraldine Dickinson. 3RD ROW: Sharon Sundermon, Ruth Anne Eychaner, Carolyn Lungren, Nancy Rea, Jan Eilts, Beverly Elliott, Joan Prichord, Sharii Warner. 4TH ROW: Pot Reinert, Donna Sue Lyon, Stephanie Johnson, Peggy Gerordy, Marlene Christensen, Bar- bora Burgess, Ann Curd, Sharon Cochran, Kathryn Cornell. The Association of Childhood Education had " Pres- sures in Our School and Community " as the theme for the year ' s program. ACE started the year with a fun night for members and prospective members. ACE members were active in the Homecoming festivities. Emmalea Seddon was in charge of house decorations and Kay Cornell was in charge of the float which depicted Susan Blow ' s first kindergarten. Several discussions were presented at the meetings. One discussion on discipline was entitled " To Spank or Not to Spank. " Another of the discussions dealt with " Pressures on the Under Sixes ' . " At another meeting. Miss Chloe Millikan spoke on her trip to Russia. Other guest speakers during the year were Mr. Weichinger and Miss Harristhal. Marcia Rucker was in charge of the annual Christmas party. To begin the second semester. Miss Chloe Millikan and Miss Kathryn McKee, sponsors, gave a very enjoy- able party for the members. Other highlights of the year were the creative work- shop which was held and the survey which was taken of Maryville to find out about home pressures and situations. Several members attended the International ACE Conference which was held in Cleveland this year. The last activity of the year was the Spring Banquet. SEATED: Barrie Parks, Mary Adams, Carolyn Culver, Sue Crone, Helen Johnson. 1ST ROW: Koran Porter, Donna Krieger, Shorron Owens, Evelyn Cookey, Karen Mast, Judy Killion, Marilyn Frizzell. 2ND ROW: Janie Fellows, Joyce Fulton, Shelby Wat- son, Kothy Palmquist, Anne Seymour, Peggy Clingman, Pot Guertin. 3RD ROW: Mo.cia Seidt, Saundra Krokstrom, Jeanne Hein, Anne Alson, Jonell Miller, Linda Turner, Janice Heinz. 4TH ROW: Betty Lindell, Carol Odell, Sharon Pat- terson, Janet Hanson, Janice Hanson, Loretta Boot- right, Betty Corlson. 78 SEATED: LaDonna Taylor, Membership Chairman; Clyde Brown, Historian; Karen Crowford, Secretary; Richard K. Henderson, Treasurer; Lowrence C. Brown, Parliameniorian; Jocqueline Smith, Vice-President; Joe Johnson, librarian; Joan Prichord, Social Chairman 1ST ROW: Carolyn Lowry, Dr. Wanda Walker, Sponsor and State Adviser SNEA; Deloris Hyatt, Geraldine Dickinson, Em mo lea Seddon, Dixie Temple- ton, Sharii Warner, Mary Adams, Janice Ohrt, Pa- tricia Dunham, Morlene Brown, Ruth Nelson. 2ND ROW: Mory J. Robertson, Sharon Sunderman, Lester A. Buck, Karen Tussey, Ronald Clark, Ann Porter, Carolyn A. King, Sally Beezley, Morceline Latham, Marilyn Miller. 3RD ROW: Nancy Higgins, Marion Thomas, Judy Fonn, Dorlys Vollstedt, Carolyn Sunderman, Morlene Christensen, Peggy Gerordy, Ruth Crowford, Joyce I wen, Louise Slolting. 4TH ROW: Gerald PJittmonn, Rex Burgett, Eldon Gam me 1 1, Ivan Lynch, Duane I wen, Dick Stalling, Charles Corr, Mox Buckner, Dwtght Grantham, Jerry Johnson. NOT SHOWN: Roy Fore, President; Dee Mark, Reporter; Marsha C rowel I, Membership Chair- man; and Don Petry. rii I President Ray Fore, and sponsors. Dr. Wanda Walker, Dr. Leon Miller, and Dr. Howard George led the John Dewey chapter of the Student NEA this year. With 138 members enrolled, the organization was able to send seven delegates to the State NEA Convention in St. Louis, November 5 and 6. In addition thirty-six members and sponsors attended the convention to see Joe Johnson elected state vice-president for the year 1960-1961. La Donna Taylor, Jackie Smith, and Beverly Elliott planned and led an impressive pledging and initiation ceremony for new members. The SNEA-FTA meeting held in conjunction with the Northwest Missouri District Teachers Meeting was conducted by Karen Crawford, District Chairman. Don Petry was elected to serve in this capacity for the following year. Some of the other highlights of the year included the annual Christmas party, an Amateur Hour, a chili supper for foreign students, a songspiration, and guest speakers. The John Dewey chapter was host to students from Northwest Missouri and Southwest Iowa at the annual FTA-SNEA Conference which was held on March 16, 1960. Several members of the local chapter went on the annual tour to neighboring high schools on April 8, 1960. A statewide workshop was also held in the spring. SEATED: Diane Johnson, Julio Thompson, Jeanne Swope, Eugene Watson, Patricia Glodson, 1ST ROW: Phyllis Buehler, Leono Nickle, Marilyn Hale, Marie Hummel, Diane J. White, Joan Klever. 2ND ROW: Sarah Meyer, Karen Hummel, Glenda Cooper, Alice Johnson, Evelyn Nosh, Glenda O ' Dough- erty, Lois Pearson. 3RD ROW: Efford Johnson, Merlin Hole, Sheryl Chambers, Carl Cramer, Beverly Elliott, Ann Stanton, Beverly McMenomin, Joanne Swope. 79 FRESHm DORMITORY COUilL For the 1959-1960 school year, Elaine Cummings and Peggy Waldeier served as president and vice-president of the Freshman Hall Council. Mrs. Helen Larsen acted as an ex-officio member of the council; others serving were Suzanne Walker, treasurer; Janice McDowell, secretary; Rebecca Thomas; Nancy Yamane; Karen 1ST ROW: Nancy Yamane, Janice McDowell, Secre- tary; Peggy Waldeier, VicePresidei t; Suzanne Walk- er, Treasurer; Elaine Cummings, President; Mrs. Helen Larsen. 2ND ROW: Ann Livengood, Suzanne Craven, Re- becca Thomas, Virginia White, Karen Mast. Mast; Suzanne Craven; Virginia White; Ann Livengood. Duties of the Council involved disciplinary measures and the setting of house rules for the new girls. On the pleasant side, the freshmen assisted the upperclass girls in the sponsoring of the Harvest Moon Dance, Sadie Hawkins Week, and the Sadie Hawkins Dance. FRESHMM m[ COUNSELORS Student Counseling carries prestige as well as re- sponsibility. Counselors are carefully chosen from appli- cants with consideration given to character traits, abil- ities, and scholastic standings. Twenty-six girls are under the direct student counseling of each counselor. Supervision of the program is under the direction of Mrs. Helen Larsen. 1ST ROW: Bobbie Beger, Marjorie Bagley, Donna Krieger, Night Chaperone; Lucy Taylor, Janie Fellows, Mrs. Helen Larsen, Freshmon Dorm Director; Phyllis Schriner, Betty Ambrose. NOT SHOWN: Marsha Crowell. Jane Fellows, Marsha Crowell, Marjorie Bagley, Betty Ambrose, Bobbie Beger, Lucy Taylor, Phyllis Shirner, and Ann Abarr were counselors for the 1959-1960 school year. Donna Krieger was chosen as Night Chaperone. She lives on first floor and works closely with the Director of the Hall in all the mechanics necessary in operating the dormitory. 80 RESIDENCE HULL COUNSELORS 1ST ROW: Mrs. Lucille Cuddy, Housemother; Carol Lilly, Evelyn Robison, Mrs. Elizabeth Luer, House- mother. 2ND ROW; Betty Lou Heflin, Sarah Porter. SHOWN: Martha Maris, Diane White. NOT Familiar faces in Residence Hall this year were those of the counselors. Serving as counselors were Diane White, ground floor; Evelyn Robison, first floor; Betty Heflin and Carol Lilly, second floor; and Sarah Porter, Martha Maris, and Jane Blezek, third floor. These girls checked rooms, issued black marks and noise warnings, worked at the desk, turned lights on and off, and stayed around on the v eekends. Rosalie McCrary, night chaperone, had the duties of blinking the well known five minute lights, locking the doors at closing hours, recording black marks, and stay- ing up late for girls with late leaves. The effective work of these girls was made possible by the ever-willing guidance of Mrs. Elizabeth Luer and Mrs. Lucille Cuddy. RESIDEiL HALL DORM COUNCIL The Dorm Council, governing body of Residence Hall, co-sponsored the Harvest Moon Dance with Freshman Hall, setting the pace for the social events of the year. Parents and faculty members were guests at the " Hanging Of The Greens " Christmas Ceremony. Mar- garet Boyd was chosen " Spirit Of Christmas. " Ann New- comer was the reader and Betty Johnson, Ruth Ann Higginbotham, Joan Prichard, Delores Newman, and Peg Riley were " Bearers Of The Green. " Other highlights of the year were the Dorm Parties, open house, the senior sendoff, and the weekly devo- tions which have become an important part of college life for the girls in Residence Hall. 1ST ROW: Mrs. Lucille Cuddy, Sponsor; Lois White, Treasurer; Ann Curd, President; Judy Dake, Recording Secretory; Pol Bump, Vice-President; Mrs. Elizobeth Luer, Sponsor. 2ND ROW: Mary Sue Richardson, Margaret Boyd, Lois Patton, Mary Ellen James, Ann Milne. 81 l SSOCIi TED mWi STUDENTS 1ST ROW: Mrs. Elizabeth Luer, Sponsor; Phyllis Schirner, Bearcaf-Bearcub Chairman; Bobbie Beger, First Vice-President; Ann Curd, Recording Secretary; Peg Humphreys, President; Beverly Elliott, Historian; Loreen Gould, Corresponding Secretary; Barbara Burgess, Second Vice-President. NOT SHOWN: Jeanne Krcmme, Treosurer. During the 1959-1960 school year the AWS was led by Peg Humphreys, president; Bobbie Beger, vice- president; Ann Curd, secretary; Loreen Gould, corre- sponding secretary; and Jeanne Kramme, treasurer. Mrs. Elizabeth Luer was the sponsor. Under the leadership of Stephanie Johnson and Moryln Crouse, members of the AWS built the Home- coming Queen ' s float. Mary Anne Salfrank organized the AWS Style Show which was a part of the Big-Little sister program. Other activities of the AWS were the four " penny nights, " Sadie Hawkins Week, and the Sadie Hawkins Dance. mn RESIDEiE COUilE The Men ' s Residence Council was under the guidance of Mr. Lon Wilson, dean of men. The purpose and responsibility of the Council are to promote better fellowship and understanding between the men of the quads. Bruce Wake was president of the Council and Dale Cramer was secretary. The representatives from the respective quads include Dave Hansen, Quad 1; Dean Roberts, Quad 2; Bruce Wake, Quad 3; Luke Palumbo, Quad 4; Charles Goff, Quad 5; and Junior McLaughlin, Quad 6. Represen- tatives from the new quad are Ralph Messerli, first floor; Dale Cramer, second floor; Bill Stevenson, third floor; and Garry Lundsford, fourth floor. 1ST ROW: Ralph Messerli, Dale Cramer, Secretory- Treosurer; Bruce Wake, President; Lon E. Wilson, Sponsor; Paul Gotes. 2N0 ROW: Garl Junior McLaughlin, Luke Palumbo, Garry Lunsford, William R. Stevenson. 82 MARYVILLE COLLEGIATE RADIO CLUB SEATED: Robert D. McKelvey, Carl F. Cramer, Presi- dent; Kent Lawrence, Secre ary-Treosurer; Robert Fine. STANDING: Ardel Brink, LeRoy Ostrus, Charles Carr, Larry White, Chuck Riley, Robert C. Davis, Sponsor; Dennis Mathes, James A. Smith, Myles C. Grabou, Sponsor. This was the second year on campus for the Maryville Collegiate Radio Club. M.C.R.C. is an organization of students interested in amateur " ham " radio com- munications. The club is nationally sanctioned by the Federal Communications Commission and is officially licensed station KOUDL. Since it is a relatively new organization, the major theme of the year was " Building the Club. " This was carried out by many projects which included sending and receiving messages, helping members get F. C. C. licenses, acquiring two new radio transmitters and one new communications receiver, sound proofing the club room, and numerous experimental projects. II [mm CLue With the beginning of the fall semester, 1959, the Veterans ' Club showed a relatively small membership of twenty-eight. Officers elected and inaugurated for the 1959-1960 school year were Ed McCall, president; Doyle Jackson, vice-president; Bob McKelvey, secretary; and Dave Jones, treasurer. Veterans ' Club Members Tom O ' Day, Ed McCall, Bob McKelvey, and Bob O ' Day carried the Colors for the Homecoming parade. The Veterans ' Club scheduled such events throughout the year as dances, political campaigns and parties. A donation to the Student Loan Fund was also planned to carry out the club ' s policy of the last few years. SEATED: Robert D. McKelvey, Ernest D. Jackson, Edward L. McCall, David J. Jones, Joe B. Mewhirter. 1ST ROW: Weldon W. Grace, William B. Rabel, James R. Weber, Jim Schooley, Horley Winchester, Phyl Stondlea. 3RD ROW: John Cracraft, Sam Schimelfenig, Edward Kennedy, Thomas O ' Day, Charles H. Gillis, Robert O ' Day, Dolton F. Jones, Jr., James C. Wilkinson,. 83 Don Kixmiller Beverly Lyie Shirley Noeick Peg Cox Marsha Crowell Dove Hansen BillSchultz Lucy Taylor Karen Tussey Ann Porter Carl Redmon Connie Robey S This year twelve outstanding seniors were chosen to represent their class on the 1960 Who ' s Who. Selection was made with consideration to the student ' s scholar- ship, departmental interests, and campus leadership. PEG COX, A.C.E., Union Board, Dorm Council, Fresh- man Orientation, Sigma Sigma Sigma, and Panhellenic Council. MARSHA CROWELL, S.N.E.A., A.C.E., Freshman Orientation, Major Speech Department Productions, Kappa Delta Pi, and Union Board. DAVE HANSEN, Social Science Club, Debate, North- west Missourian, Speech Department Productions, Kappa Delta Pi, Tau Kappa Epsilon, and Interfraternity Council. DON KIXMILLER, Cheerleader, Freshman Orientation, Union Board, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Sigma Epsilon, and Student Body President. BEVERLY LYLE, PEM Club, Swim Shows, Women ' s Intramural Commission, Northwest Missourian, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha, and Panhellenic Council. SHIRLEY NOELCK, American Guild of Organists, Tower Choir, Major Musical Productions, Northwest Missourian, and Kappa Delta Pi. ANN PORTER, S.N.E.A., Union Board, Dorm Council, Sigma Phi Dolphins, Swim Shows, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha. CARL REDMON, I.A. Club, Student Christian Associa- tion, Major Speech Department Productions, Alpha Psi Omega, Phi Sigma Epsilon. CONNIE ROBEY, A.C.E., Northwest Missourian, Kappa Delta Pi, and Sigma Sigma Sigma. BILL SCHULTZ, S.N.E.A., Kappa Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Quad Council, Major Speech Department Productions, and Art Club. LUCY TAYLOR, A.C.E., PEM Club, Swim Show, Student Christian Association, and Kappa Delta Pi. KAREN TUSSEY, S.N.E.A., Union Board, Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha. 84 CO-CURRICULAR [4 S ic Countl Otgort NottM aPi.Alli ' i ' ,(iAsi»»- Alplio phiO ptodiiclio " ! ow,5l PiO I 85 CLUB SEATED: Donald N. Valk, Sponsor: Ray Rodriguez, Vice-President; Sammy Schimelfenig, President; Wil- liam B. Rabel, Secretary-Treasurer; Kenneth T. Thomp- son, Sponsor. FIRST ROW: Eugene Watson, Jerry Rudolph, Richard Sewell, Rex Burgett, Robert Grout, Lloyd Nelson. SECOND ROW: Ron Frontz, Ronnie Davis, Lee Weir, Don Castillo, Phil Johnson, Gary Chamberlin. THIRD ROW: Terry E. Allen, Bob Hutchins, Wroy Fife, Robert L. White, Ray Boyer, William Prichard. FOURTH ROW: Joseph D. Karr, Ronald Grout, Robert E. Smith, Robert Fine, Aaron Thompson, Ken Cummins, Robert D. McKelvey. The lA Club participated in various college activities during the year. The lA Club ' s Homecoming float, " Co-Eds Past and Present, " tied for second place. The club took a trip to Sheffield Steel Corporation plant in the fall. In February Dr. Storick of the Uni- versity of Missouri gave an illustrated lecture on the " Space Age. " The lA Club drew up a constitution to conform to the IVAU standards and petitioned for membership in the Missouri lA Association. They also sent several delegates to the lA Convention which was held in Columbia this spring. Other highlights of the year included industrial trips to various large and representative industries in Kansas City and the Midwest, industrial trips to visit Trans- World Airways and General Motors plants, and lec- tures by outside speakers on industrial and educational subjects. Officers for the year were Sammy Schimelfenig, president; Ray Rodriguez, vice-president; and Bill Rabel, treasurer. Sponsors of the lA Club were Mr. Valk, Mr. Ringold, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Crozier, and Mr. Jackson. SEATED: Howard Ringold, Sponsor; Marv Wright, Bill Croy, Joe B. Mewhirter, Peter Jackson, Sponsor. FIRST ROW: Roland Stanton, Don Burgher, Gerald Westergaord, Donald G. Cox, Larry R. Wough. SECOND ROW: John Crocroft, Lyie T. Welch, Elwin E. Crobtree, Dick Stalling, Laurence L. Hilsenbeck, George Carroll, Jr. 86 87 imnSIRIU ARTS i Mr. Jackson ' s electricity class Mr. Jackson takes a break INDUSTRIAL ARTS Jeanne Thompson, Kathy Burns, Virgie Hanson Julia Mickle, Karen Holmes, Donna Ueliger m --. ' ' i ilu - ■ Don Eil Robert Nat Fa er. Jack Taylor, Jack Boyd Gragg, Charles Booth, Mr. Ringold, lorry White n-.worth. 88 I Connie Stoops, Jackie Bea, Marcia Dreher, Sharon Son- derman, Marlene Cary, Evelyn Nash. Larry Waugh, Nancy Rea, Barbara Flynn Terry Vest, Kenneth Smith, Mr. Jackson Aaron Thompson, Terry Vest INDUSTRIAL ARTS I A fill Dove Phillips, Don Cox Don Eiler, Kent Holcomb, Maurice Mires f Mr. Thompson, Troy Evans, Clifton Schmitt Al Kyle, Mr. Thompson, Don Eiler k!«N ¥i lr feXl !i5l W — P c " - ' It ' ' wi Terry Vest, Robert Fine, Jerry Putnom, Mr. Thompson, Jock Boyd, Marvin Garrett, Maurice Mires. William Stevenson, Phil Johnson, Charles Kyser, Ron Frantz. 91 liUSTRIAL ARTS V i Mr. Valk ' s drafting classes 1ST ROW: Connie Burch, Mary Adams, Stephanie Pershing, Joyce Elaine Engleman, Goye Laughery, Marilyn Miller. 2ND ROW: Mary Prichard, Dixie Gomel, Betty Am- brose, Kay Nickerson. 3RD ROW: Keith Roy, Norm Edwards, Richard Hesler, Sponsor; Richard T. Smith. The members of the Drama Club presented a one- act play in January and a series of one-act plays in the spring. They also presented the Christmas assembly with the help of the college chorus and choir. They did stagecrew work for the major productions as well as for their own. The programs of the bi-weekly meetings were varied throughout the year. Some of the programs were in- formal discussions on the modern theatre and current plays, a session on the art of applying make-up, and an attempt to create an original scene of their own. Some of the meetings were turned into work sessions which were productive as well as entertaining. Betty Ambrose served as president pro tempore until the officers were elected. Mr. Richard Hesler was sponsor. Mm n OMECJi Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary dramatics fraternity. Throughout the year, the Alpha Psi program included play reviews, make-up sessions, and a project play production under the direction of Dr. Ralph E. Fulsom, the chapter sponsor. This year ' s production was the George Kelly comedy, " The Torchbearers, " which was presented May 5 and 6. The chapter sent two delegates, Dan DeMotf and Bill Price, to the national convention in Washington, D. C. SEATED: Morilyn Gillis, Secrefory; Dan H. DeMott, President; Ann Newcomer, Treasurer. STANDING: Bill Lippincott, Pat Murphy, John Bush, 92 11 PI KAPPA DEITA SEATED: Larry Brown, George Hinshaw, Sponsor; Mary Prichard, Marilyn Gillis. STANDING: Roger Blockwell, Dave Hargrove. The Missouri Kappa chapter of Pi Kappa Delta and the Union Board co-sponsored a monthly series of lecture forums on timely topics. In November, Dr. Goiley spoke on " South of the Sahara. " At the December meeting the members of Pi Kappa Delta presented a Jack Poor show. The local chapter sponsored the third annual Noduet Debate Tournament on campus January 29-30. They were host to many colleges and universities in the Midwest. Qualifying pledges were initiated at the January meeting. Officers for the 1959-1960 school year were Dave Hargrove, president ; Larry Brown, vice-president; Jeanne Kramme, secretary; and Roger Blackwell, treas. FOREKSICS SQUAD The 1959-1960 forensics squad participated in several speech tournaments. The debaters represented the col- lege in the Novice Tournament in Manhattan, Kansas; the Bradley University Tournament, the Tournament at Kirksville, the Pi Kappa Delta Provincial at Central Col- lege at Pella, and the Regional at the University of Nebraska. Members of the forensic squad entered tournaments in the following areas: poetry, interpretation, oratory, after-dinner speaking, extemporaneous speaking, dis- cussion and debate. The Bearcat debators and other members of the forensics squad received many excellent and superior ratings. Mr. George Hinshaw was coach for the group. SEATED: Ann Newcomer, Larry Brown, Mory Prichard, Marilyn Gillis. STANDING: Dave Hargrove, Mr. George Hinshaw, Sponsor; Roger Blackwell. •■qK m»- , ' Wf ». 93 KAPPA PI 1ST ROW: Kathleen Whitney, Peg Riley, Vice-Presi- dent; Nancy Merrick, Gaye Loughery, Secretary-Treas- urer. 2ND ROW: Brenda Kay Hedrick, Helen Davis, Spon- sor; Eleanor Caldwell, Sponsor. Kappa Pi began its fourth year on this campus under the guidance of the newly elected president, Bill Schultz. In conjunction with the Art Club this organization held a combined exhibit and banquet in the spring of 1959 to honor the retiring head of the Art Department, Miss Olive De Luce, who was also the former sponsor of Kappa Pi. Projects of the year included student art displays in the Art Department Lounge and the annual selection of the outstanding graduating art student and the out- standing freshman art student. The 1959 award went to Marsha Daniels Combs as outstanding senior and to Kim Reeves as outstanding freshman. Kappa Pi ended the year by initiating newly pledged members at the annuo! spring banquet. ART CLUB Monthly meetings of the art club featured educa- tional talks, discussions, displays, and slides. Variety was achieved by delving into the numerous different areas of art. Highlighting the year were such activities as the annual Christmas party with Kappa Pi, honorary art fraternity, and an educational trip to the University of Kansas, where the group viewed a crafts exhibit and toured both the University museum and the school of art. Members also participated and assisted with the student exhibit. The club was sponsored by two newcomers to the fine arts department. Dr. Eleanor Caldwell and Mrs. Robert Davis. Officers heading the organization included Nancy Merrick, president; Pom Browne, vice-president; Kim Reeves, secretary; and Edna Burnside, treasurer. 1ST ROW: Nancy Merrick, President; Peg Riley, Linda Gregory, Pam Browne, Vice-President; Rosonne Lyie, Gaye Laughery. 2ND ROW: Kathleen Whitney, Cicily Spicer, Kim Reeves, Secretory; Rae Ann Nixon, Eleanor Caldwell, Sponsor. 3RD ROW: Brenda Kay Hedrick, Helen Davis, Spon sor; Kirk Dalbey. 94 COLHECOI 1ST ROW: Emma Mae Owens, Jeanne Joy, Secre iary; Carol Fa nk ha user, Vice-President; Dennett Mor row. Treasurer; Connie Johnson, Reporter; Betty Williams, President; Margaret Carter, Donna Norfolk, 2ND ROW: Patty Gillespie, Pat Keller, Janice Ohrt, Elizabeth Bush, Mary Ann Kneale, Phyllis Schirner, Carolyn Wickiser, Bernice Northrup. JRD ROW: Betty Hooker, Yvonne Elliott, Koren Ruse Barbara Lyons, Carolyn Cu minings. Clean ne Far guson. Pearl Soville. 4TH ROW: Edwina Storks, Patsy Robertson, Roe Ann Nixon, Brendo Whitford, Betty Dunfee, Sheryl Cham- bers, Monica McMorris, Marilyn Spieker. r) f Members of Colhecon and Kappa Omicron Phi began their schedule of activities with an annual fall picnic to which prospective members were invited. At the next meeting new members and officers were installed. Officers for the 1959-1960 year were Betty Williams, president; Donnet Morrow, vice-president; Jeanne Jay, secretary; Carol Fankhauser, treasurer; and Connie Johnson, reporter. Highlights of the year included the Simplicity Style Show, the annual Christmas party, the Valentine party, and the spring style show. Members of Colhecon sold candy and novelty Christ- ma5 trees to finance their activities. Miss Thelma Long is the sponsor of the organization. mn muM phi Kappa Omicron Phi is a national professional home economics fraternity. Twenty actives of Alpha chapter of Kappa Omicron Phi had a busy and satisfying year. Freshman home economics majors were the guests of Kappa Omicron Phi and Colhecon at a get-acquainted picnic in the College Park. Some of the other memorable activities included the Homecoming coffee hour honoring alumnae, Founder ' s Day, the Christmas party, the impressive pledging and initiation ceremonies, and a tea for the parents which was held in the new department. The last activity of the year was the Senior Banquet. Miss Mabel Cook was sponsor of the organization. mMMiMM 1ST ROW: Carolyn Ihrig, Recording Secretary; Ger- trude Mulvania, Guard; Marilyn Manley, Distaff Re- porter; Virginia Hall, Historian; Patty Hinkle, Second Vice-President; Bertha Turner, Corresponding Sec- retary. 2ND ROW: Margaret Carter, Yvonne Elliott, Mabel Cook, Sponsor; Sonjo Skoglund, Betty Williams. 3RD ROW: Ruth Ann Jestes, Beulah Schroeder, Loreen Gould, Evelyn Robison, Frances Shipley, Sheila Els- 95 PI i SEATED: Karen Tussey, Historian; Marilyn White, Secretary; Rosalie McCrary, Vice-President; Phil Hayes, Reporter; Myrna Arms, Treas- urer; Leiand Wright, President. STANDING: Rochelle Epperson, Deloris Polsley, Dale J. Blackwell, Sponsor; James Beals, Kathleen Whitney, Cecile Hoffman. Pi Omega Pi is a national honorary business educa- tion fraternity for future teachers in the business field. Beta Chapter of Pi Omega Pi began the 1959-1960 year with fourteen active members. Six new members were added to the chapter during the first semester. They were Ronald Cross, Delilo Duckworth, Jean Marsh, Lucille Raney, Lorry Sheldon, and Darlys Vollstedt. During the year the chapter obtained guest speakers from the teaching profession and the business world. A series of panel discussions by chapter members was also held during the year. One field trip was planned this year. Members made an all-day business tour of Kansas City and visited the Federal Reserve Bank, Montgomery Ward ' s, Fisher Body Works, and the Chevrolet plant. The annual Christmas party was held at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Dale Blackwell. The guests enjoyed games and refreshments. Miss Rosalie McCrary, vice-president of Beta chapter, p resided at the punch bowl. Business Department study room. iEAl M Ploji Dwii n I 96 AG CLUB llo(MI. beri wos K made Bed tlie her tody SEATED: Charles H. Gillis, Recording Secretary; Joe Hillers, Treos- urer; Phyl Stondlea, Secrefory; Dick Johnson, President; Tim West, Parliamentarian; Bill Simmons, Reporter; f. B. Houghton, Sponsor. FIRST ROW: Richard Sewell, Don Burgher, Ed Hammond, Harold Flagman, Jerry Rudolph, Darry Achenbaugh, Nelson Thornton, Dwaine Guest. SECOND ROW: Duone Clement, Larry W. Nelson, Mark Klever, Sammy Schimelfenig, Dennis Padgitt, Bill Thomas. THIRD ROW; Phil Hetrick, Bob McCollough, Tom J. Miller, Phil Johnson, Eddie Jones, Harold Wilmorth. FOURTH ROW: Frank Bohr, Charles B. Lindstrom, Joseph D. Karr, Larry Kimble, Robert Fine, James E. Hannah, Allen Herzberg. home of Mary Ellen James, Ag Queen, and her court. The Ag Club started the 1959-1960 school year with an orientation meeting for all agriculture majors and minors. Other activities for the year included participation in Homecoming events, the annual Barnwarming, a Valentine dance, and the annual year-end picnic. The Dads of all the members were the special guests of the Ag Club at the Award Banquet. The Ag Club also held a Livestock Judging Tour for F.F.A. and 4-H teams in the area. Ag Club members and four visiting college teams participated. Officers of the Ag Club for this year were Dick Johnson, president; Phyl Standlea, secretary; and Joe Hillers, treasurer. 97 m CLUB PEM Club has had a busy and interesting year of activities. During the year, demonstrations and instruction by senior student teachers followed by participation and practice by the other members was the program for some of the meetings. This helped the members to learn skills, to understand their values to physical education. SEATED: Bobbie Beger, Assistant Intramural Chair- man; Carol Lilly, Reporter and Publicity Chairman; Betty Heflin, Vice-President; Alice Koppold, President; Sarah Porter, Secretory-Treosurer; Lois Patton, Intra- mural Chairman. FIRST ROW; Anita Kuhlman, Mary Lee Bristow, Carol Jean Johnson, Sally Thomas, Judy Van Ekeren, Mary Ellen Creighton, Sharon Craven, Martha Gray. SECOND ROW: Loretta Roach, Marge Badgett, Morionn Scalapino, Shirley Gibson, Barbara Mensing, Edith Eckhoff, Joy Couts, Beverly Lyie, Barb Newlin. THIRD ROW: Kay Hawkins, Charlotte Stamper, Carolyn Sunderman, Judy Fann, Dorothy Herzberg, Carolyn Boner, Rose Schlie, Carolyn Everly, Mary Prichard. and to learn some methods of teaching. Officers for the PEM Club this year were Alice Kop- pold, president; Betty Heflin, vice-president; Sarah Porter, secretary-treasurer; and Carol Lilly, publicity editor and reporter. Miss Joan Harristhal, Miss Bonnie Mogill, Dr. Kathryn Riddle, and Mrs. Dorothy Walker were sponsors. mmn liRAnunAL couiii The program of the Women ' s Intramural Council consisted of a variety of athletic activities for the women students of the campus. Because the women ' s gymnasium was not ready for use during the first part of the year, the activities of the council were somewhat limited. After the new women ' s gym was completed and ready for use, the Council worked for a bigger and better intramural program for the remainder of the year. Some of the activities for the year were basketball, volleyball, badminton, and bowling tournaments. Lois Patton and Bobbie Beger were co-chairmen for the Council. Dr. Kathryn Riddle was the faculty sponsor. SEATED: Alice Koppold, President ol PEM Club; Lois Patton, Women ' s Intramural Chairman; Bobbie Beger, Assistant Women ' s Intramural Chairman. STANDING: Mary Ellen James, Chairman ol Bosket ball and Delta Zeta Representative; Rose Schlie, Choir- mon of Badminton; Nancy Young, Sigma Sigma Sigma Representative; Beverly LyIe, Alpha Sigma Alpha Rep- resentative. 98 M CLUB SEATED; Bill Croy, Roger Wake, Secretory; Al Brooks, President; Lynn Peterson. FIRST ROW: Ralph Messerii, Joe Monachino, Marvin McDonald, George Weed, Harold Wilkinson, Paul Krokstrom. Starting off the 1960 school year with its usual antics, the M Club once again assisted the Student Senate with Freshmen initiation. Walkout Day activities were conducted by the lettermen as their first big activity of the year. Al Brooks served as president of the group, and SECOND ROW: Harold D. Sims, Philip Maher, Jack Mendenholl, Jack Freese, Woyne E. Anderson, Bill Wough. FIRST ROW: Col Hamilton, Lonnie Timmerman, Hal Wilmarth, Delbert DuBois, Bruce Wake. SEC OND ROW: Dale Hansen, Allen Keorns, Jerry Hill, Jim Kloewer. led them in their work to promote sound team backing and good sportsmanship among fans and players alike. The club members sold and collected tickets and checked activity cards at all games. They supervised the printing and selling of football programs and operated the concession stand at sports events. m% mwmw council Due to the increased facilities for intramural sports, interest and participation in the intramural program reached an all time high during the 1959-1960 school year. Ninety-eight tennis entries started the year ' s ac- tivities with the Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity winning this event. Thirty-nine teams participated in touch foot- ball which was won by the Phi Sigs. Wrestling which had a record turnout of eighty-three men was also captured by the Phi Sigs. Basketball was the most popular team sport with sixty teams. The Sigma Tou Gamma Fraternity won the 1958- 1959 intramural supremacy trophy by compiling the most points throughout the year. SEATED: Mel Clark, Willie Von Buren, President; Dale Cramer, STANDING: Jerry L. Ferrell, Dick Krambeck, Ken Cummins. 99 II PHYSICAL mmm 1. Loretto Roach, Marge Badgett, Gaye Laughery, Mary Lee Bristow, Felicia Garbowski. 2. Mary Prichard and Kay Hawkins. 100 101 PHYSICAL [DUC TIi Mrs. Walker explains a new dance Rosalee Anderson and Ruth Nelson UM KNEELING: Judy Grant. FIRST ROW; Janet Piummer, Darlys Vollstedt, Sharon Keil, Nancy Comer, James Polsley, Joel Pottinger. SECOND ROW: Jeanne Swope, Lu ann Timmerman, Robert Hutchins, James Morjey, Joanne Swope, Shay- Ronn VanHouten, Dick Baumann. THIRD ROW: Lawrence Hilsabeck, Stephen Smay, Robert Reck, Sandra Crater, Kathryn Polmqujst, Richard Barrett, Lorry Peterson. STANDING: Mr. Moss, drews, Stephen Brown. John An- MR CHOIR TOP ROW: Bob White, George Chaney, Joel Pottinger, Dick Bar- rett, Dave Walker, Don Ellis, Bill Schultz, Ernie Mertz. SECOND ROW: Lee Triplitt, Maurice Shier, Don Petry, Bob Reck, Phil Richmond, Rodger Hitt, Galen Vogel, Jim Morley. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Gillis, Margie Morgan. FOURTH ROW: Dixie LaMar, Karen Dotson, Susan Grube, Karen Miller, Delores Newman, Keren Mclntyre, Helen Bohr, Jane Blezek. FIFTH ROW: Elender Barrett, Mr. Whitney, Morsho Crowell. SIXTH ROW: Martha Maris, Keralyn Bates, Mary McComb. SEVENTH ROW: Shirley NoeIck, Carol Gulley, Anne Chick, Luann Timmerman, Jewell VonSyoc, Anne Alson, Paulo Osborn, Carol Johnson. ' n " 3 9 FIR 5.,, Cq:c S:CI Vi.| UB KNEELING: Cicily Spicer, Carolyn Yeager. FIRST ROW: Elaine Cummings, Ernest Mertz, Karen Miller, Susan Grube, Helen Bohr. SECOND ROW: leland Triplitt, Alice Johnson, Linda Jones, Joyce Harr. THIRD ROW: Victor Anderson, Maurice Coskey, Karen Most, James Litsch, Raymond Fore, Patricia Rucker, William Schultz. FOURTH ROW: Richard Bateman, Terry Allen, Robert White, Arlene Ecklin. STANDING: Olive Smith, J. C. Combs, Jane Blezek. Iliiti. Lvann M FIRST ROW: Kathleen Kinnick, Karen Miller, Sharon Craven, Joanne Swops, ChayRonn VanHoutan, Marsha Crowell, Jeanne Swope, Carol June Gulley, Olive Smith, Linda Wickiser. SECOND ROW: Mr. Gilbert Whitner, Director; Joyce Gibson, Jev ell VanSyoc, Robert Reck, Ernie Mertz, Roger Schneider, Bob White, Karsn Mclntyre, Luonn Timmcrman. THIRD ROW: Margie Morgan, Louise Stolting, Shirley Noeick, Carl Cramer, Ronald King, Leland Triplitt, Helen Bohr, Susan Grube, Sandra Crater, Sharon Greenwood. FOURTH ROW: Linda Turner, Dorothy Andersen, Joel Pottinger, George Chanty, Marvin Toft, Don Ellis, Norm Edwards, Jane BIczek, Alice Johnson. 103 iRTHisT Mmmm SEATED; Lorna Mayfield, Bob Lafferty, Rosanne Lyle. STANDING: Donna Lynch, Tim West, Shane Cavanoh, Donald LeMaster, Linda Jones. Af the top of page two in each edition of the Northwest Missourian can be found the words, " Entered as second class matter, November 9, 1914, at the post office at Maryville, Mo. " This year as in previous volumes the staff hopes it has lifted the paper to first class. For more than 45 years, this college newspaper has been serving the needs of the students at NWMSC, bringing them news, features, and items of interest about their school. During the 1959-1960 school year, the staff of the Northwest Missourian, under the guidance of Mr. Donald F. Peel, continued the traditions which have won many awards in the past. During the first semester the staff was headed by Nick Peck and was taken over for the second semester by Bob Lafferty. Other staff members during the first semester were: Dave Alcott, Ivan Lyddon, Kathy Palmquist, Rosanne Lyle, Ron Guthery, Lorna Mayfield, Karen Anglin, Margaret Boyd, Ruth Elliott, Jerry Hawk, Julia Henry, Linda Jones, Ronnie King, Linda Lewin, Joyce McCrary, Shirley Noeick, Suzanne Sims, Tim West, Mrs. Carlo Kuenzi, and Lawrence Schulenberg. Other staff members during the second semester were: Donna Lynch, Beverly Lyle, Linda Jones, Ivan Lyddon, Kathy Palmquist, Rosanne Lyle, Lorna Mayfield, Donald LeMaster, Paul Fair, Tim West, Ruth Elliott, Ronnie King, Shane Cavonah, and Tim Johnson. 104 A LOOK AT OUR YEAR 105 mmmm Mrs. Smith explains health registration |p JP 1 Nancy Hartzler and Carol Foje " receive " beannies from ji 1 j Don Ki : miller, Russ Phelps, and Bruce Wake. 107 ASSEMBLIES Architect Emil O. Bayerl speaks at the formal opening of the new Health and Physical Education Building. Bennett Cerf WALKOUT m 108 H. D. Mitchell MC ' s the Variety Show The Beauty Shop 109 T m mmmm mEiA Ts Peg Clingman Sheri Harper Mary Onken Roberta Walker 110 GHYE L UGHERY 111 Sigma Sigma Sigma beauty float 2nd place tie. Sigma Sigma Sigma humor floof Ag Club 2nd place humor float Tau Kappa Epsilon beauty float Jji Wesley Foundation beauty float Club beauty float 2nd place tie 114 - --T|v: cv - ' Alpha Phi Omega beauty float Sigma Tau Gamma clown, Jim Halloran 115 mmmm Hii Alpha Sigma Alpha surrey President Jones presents the Bond Trophies. irofl Phi Sigma Epsilon humor float Phi Lambda Chi humor float m [ HMiKS m{,[ I 116 What ' s that yon soy. Hank? The happy family and mistress of ceremonies, Peggy Humphreys. 117 umE OF THE mm I Senior processional Sophomore girls ' choir Sara Beth Kurfi, " Mistress of Revelry ' Sara Beth Kurtz and the dancers Hg|jg| M U ' ' jp ' T ' mtm. A ' ,%Jt - I BfeMP iHr 1 f ' M W ■ ' ' SKI Ik B 118 Mrs. Samson uses the microfilm machine The Reading Room i 119 Mary Argo checks new text books Roe Ann Nixon at the card catalog 120 Dr. Dills shows his latest pictures Pam Browne, Dee Mark, Marsha Crowell, and Mary Kay Season. Nita Provin at the cafeteria The Card Game 1 120 121 i Lunch time The Chess game ] mmmmM m uum Physics labort Home Ec Lounge ■ 132 123 I Elender Barrett and dancers Loran York, Dan DeAAott and villagers. Don Ellis, Dan DeMott, and dancers. Ernie Mertz and villagers Elender Barrett and Ernie Mertz dance after the v edding. Bill Price, Karen Miller, Ernie Mertz, Elender Barrett, Shirley Noeick, and Carl Redmon. Carl Redmon, Marilyn Gill is, Ray Rouse, and Bill Price. " THE mr 124 Charles the Dauphin cowering from his ministers. Cachon (Richard Fetterer) and Joan (Melinda Moses). Courtroom scene The Inquisitor (Ron King) Cachon, and Joan (Jeanne Kramme). 125 " THE DIARY OF Mi mr Walter Tibken and Jeanne Kramme Miep brings tidings from the outside .VK0_rld TOIR ATHNDMS Monica Parks I Marcia Rucker 126 TOWEI! QUEEW PEGGY HUMPHREYS 127 E I 128 Les Elgart ' s Band Mr. Valk receives the dedication from Mary K. Beason as Central Porty Chairman Bob Chadwick, looks on. 129 TOWER STAFF B. m n Hi 1 . ' im ' 1 . M. " ■ ' ' ' ■ ' ' ■ M ' m. Signing up Huh? Cicil Spicer faces an effective guard by Lois Patton Linda Cunniifghom explains a problem ot a swim jneet CHEEKLE DEliS FIRST ROW: Howard Comer, Mary Onken, Martha Gray, Gaye SECOND ROW: Joyce McCoole, Barbara Noe, Bobbie Walker, Loughery. Linda Reaksecker. THIRD ROW: Lo ' on York, Jer.y Gilliland, John Gilliland, Rodger Hitt. 131 FOOTBALL ROAD GAMES ! Wm. Jewell 13 NWMSC 8 Be Cape Girardeau 43 NWMSC 12 fo Worrensburg 18 NWMSC 13 Sf Kirksville 12 NWMSC 12 Re TOP ROW: Coach Paul Turner, Kendall Adams, Al Brooks, Jock Boyd, Stewart Cline. SECOND ROW; John DeVore, Delbert Du- Bois, Bill Durham, Fred Fuhr. THIRD ROW: Mourice Fulton, Grant Hil- burn, Larry Holland. FOURTH ROW: Ron Ives, Al Kyle. 132 FOOTBALL HOME GAMES 8 Bemidji NWMSC 12 Fort Hays 8 NWMSC 13 13 Springfield 12 NWMSC 14 12 Rolla 6 NWMSC 7 TOP ROW; Jack Lesley, Philip Maher, Jack Mendenhall, Joe Monochino, Mickey Nardin, SECOND ROW: Ken Sanders, Joe Smith, Gory Taylor, Jack Taylor. THIRD ROW: Lonnie Timmerman, Doyle Thomas, Bill Webb. FOURTH ROW: George Weed, Harold Wilkinson, 133 FOOTBJILL 134 A pass compfeted Almost out of bounds «jt a» . M .»» |:, Off for a long gainer Crushing tackle 1 1 ?Ts 1P 4 |; A- " - " ' ©■■ - •• •- Loss on a play Goal line stand 135 mmmy Leiand Jackson— Gene Jordan score for Bearcats BASKETBALL 136 Ken Lein Jerry Meznarich Bob Mitchell -r 7T CX KNEELING; Dale Cramer, Ken lein, Jerry Meznarich, Leiand Jack- STANDING: Rodney Esch, Bob Mitchell, Bob Gress, Chorles M. son. Gene Jordan, Charles Goff, Gary Burns, Student Manager. Gillis, Bob Ogden, Coach Marion Moss, Assistant Cooch Paul Turner. BASKETBALL SCOBES Washburn 52 NVVMSC 60 Warrensburg 48 NWMSC 59 Graceland 49 NWMSC 69 Groceland 68 NWMSC 76 Wayne State, Neb. 49 NWMSC 70 Springfield 58 NWMSC 57 Rockhurst 38 NWMSC 46 Rolla 63 NWMSC 64 Kirksville 66 NWMSC 56 Rockhurst 61 NWMSC 55 Kansas City U. 48 NWMSC 59 Cape Girardeau 60 NWMSC 66 Rolla 56 NWMSC 88 Springfield 76 NWMSC 57 Springfield 66 NWMSC 61 Kirksville 63 NWMSC 61 St. Ambrose 52 NWMSC 68 Washburn 60 NWMSC 65 Pittsburg 55 NWMSC 67 Warrensburg 61 NWMSC 69 Cape Girardeau 38 NWMSC 39 Pittsburg 67 NWMSC 57 Rolla 54 NWMSC 53 Home Games 137 FIRST ROW: Larrie Sogers, Bill Wough. John Robinson, Larry SECOND ROW: Dave Moore, Jim Wylie, Hal Wilmorth, Tom Whitney, Tlmmermon, Larry J. Green, Juan Mohr. Ronald Betts, Ralph Messerli. THIRD ROW: H. D. Peterson, Coach; Leiand Anderson, Jim Simms, Doyle Thomas. KNEELING: John Bregin, Jock Freese, Larry Piper. STANDING: Bob Foirchild, Duane Selser, Coach Frank Grube. 138 nWUliifj, Swimming relay Larry Timmerman, Larry Green, and Ron Betts far— CdB aMim... , 1 II iyr ' :-;0 ' J Kl ! Rfisf llOilHik. ' ysil ip ' fe ' fiy mm Back flip Doyle Thomas pins his man Back dive Two wrestlers grapple FRATERNITY HOUSES 140 Bill Needles, Paul Krokstrom, Corbin Miles Chuck Sanders, Bob Chadwick, J. R. Wells, Roland Stanton . , 141 FRATERNITY HOUSES Dale Cooper, Dave Hansen, Hugh Hadden, Den- nis Lumley, Terry Lunders, Chuck Johnson. Maurice Noel, Chuck Johnson, Terry Lunders, Dale Coo per. V[n VILLAGE Mr. and Mrs. KeJth Fee and family Mr. and Mrs. John Marsh and family Mr. and Mrs. Whitey Nowak Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dolph and daughter 143 TRi iL[i{ mm Mr. and Mrs. Don Riley Mr. and Mrs. Tom Adorns 144 Sharon Kiel and Ann Curd Karen Hummel, Dee Mark, Julia Thompson, and Jone Ann Blezek. i ond )» " ' Jeanne Driseol, Bobbie Beger, and Sharon Craven Nancy Hartzler, Mary Lou Eitzen, Joan Myers, Elaine Gilmore. QUAD LIFE 146 John Massengale, Bill Priehord, Chuck Gillis Rex Burgett QUi D LIFE Wayne Paulson Paul Lizzo QUAD m 148 Bill Brown Paul Liuo and Fred Bums RELIGIOUS 149 SEATED: Barrie Parks, co-choirmon; Lucy Taylor, co-chairman. Dr. Strong, and Dr. Mueller. f SEATED: Soundra Krokstrom, Karen Miller, Loretta Farmer, Monica Porks, Toni SkogluncJ, Elaine Cummings. 150 iWMM ClUB SEATED: E. K. DeVore, Sponsor; Paul Shea, Vice- Presided; Borrie Parks, President: Rose Schlie, Secre- tary-Treasurer; Anno Gorsuch, Sponsor. 1ST ROW; Monica Porks, Loretto Roach, Patsy Bissell, Pot Kemmer, Felicia Gorbowski, Janice Murphy, Jack Kelley, Lonnie H. Hill, Jr. 2ND ROW: Nancy Roney, Margaret Boyd, Vivian Heod, Beverly Elliott, Virginia Coughlin, Alice Kop- pold, Jim MuMin, Paul Roach. 3RD ROW: Potty O ' Tool, Rhea Sabus, ' im Flynn, Jerry Ulrich, Patrick Rowan, John Richey, Jim Conley, Ron- ald Berg. 4TH ROW: Jim Bagby, Jerry Curnutt, James Reiff, Jim Kloewer, Jim Judge, Edward Kennedy, Philip Moher, Bob Weber. New and varied activities were the mainstay of the Newman Club this year. Each Sunday night, Vivian Head and Pat Bissell arranged suppers for the group which was under the direction of Father Clarence Ryan. Guest speakers talked about marriage, philosophy, and other interesting subjects. Movies were shown, a fall dance was held, and a picnic provided much enjoy- ment in the spring. Communion breakfasts highlighted n the religious experiences of the members. One of the biggest steps forward was the acquisition of the Newman House at 321 South Davis near St. Mary ' s Church. Officers for the year were Barrie Parks, president; Paul Shea, vice-president; and Rose Schlie, secretary- treasurer. Dr. E. K. DeVore and Mrs. Anna Gorsuch were sponsors for the group. STUDENT CHRISTIi ASSOCIATION To start the year, the members of the SCA held a get-acquainted picnic in the Horace Mann cafeteria. Some of the special meetings of the year were a holiday banquet, a Christmas caroling party, a February winter kick-off party, and in May a spring picnic in the College park. Other highlights of the year were participation in the Thanksgiving Convocation, the Religious Emphasis Week activities, and in the Easter Sunrise Service held at the College pond. Officers for the year were Lou Jane Taylor, president; Betty McCaig, vice-president; Ronnie King, secretary; and Roger Blackwell, treasurer. Dr. Irene Mueller and Dr. Joseph Dreps were sponsors for the group. SEATED: Julio Thompson, Reporter; Betty McCoig, Vice-President; Lucy Taylor, President; Roger Black- well, Treasurer; Eugene Watson, World Relations Leader. FIRST ROW: Margaret Carter, Sharon Sunderman, Julio Williamson, Marie Hummel, Bernice Northup, Helen Johnson. SECOND ROW— Morceline Lotham, Edwino Storks, Edith OIney, Beverly McMenomin, Mary Ellen James, Ruth Ann Jestes. THIRD ROW: Kothy Polmquist, Finance Chairman; Anne Seymour, Jeonne Swope, Loretto Farmer, Mem- bership Chairman; Joanne Swope, Marilyn Monley, Saundro Krokstrom, Publicity Chairman. 151 mm] mm] ukiok SEATED; Ruth Anne Eychaner, Devotional Chairman; Joyce McCoole, Social Chairman; Kathryn Cornell, Secretary; Ross Wells, President; Ann Newcomei, Vice-President; Margaret Carter, Missions Chairman; Dr. Dale Blackwell, Sponsor. 1ST ROW: Helen Johnson, Jody Newcomer, Corolene Despins, Sharron Owens, Connie Stoops, Roger Downey, Music Chairman; Phyllis Schirner, Sunday School Chairman; Judy Williams, Retho Larson, Janet Creason. 2ND ROW; Charlotte Stamper, Training Union Representative; t Jancy Pursell, Bill Brownfield, Wayne Paulsen, Rex Burgett, David Zimmer- lin, Oren L. Botes, Lester A. Buck. 3RD ROW: Beauioh Schroeder, Arden Goer, Rodger Hitt, Norman Kenagy, Choir Director; Keith Keirsey, Jerry Gilliland, Transportation Co-Chairman; John Gilliland, Tronsportafion Co-Choirmon; Roger Blackwell, Citizenship Chairman. 4TH ROW: Potty Logon, Jeanne Swope, Joanne Swope, Betty Jo Thomas, Robert Ronnu, Loretto Farmer, Don Evans, Student Director; Marilyn Joanne Rorebeck, Marian Thomas. The Baptist Student Union, under the leadership of president Ross Wells and director Donald E. Evans, carried through the theme of " Toward Maturity in Christ. " This theme was developed in a number of ways during the course of the school year. Activities for the year included the " Kick-Off " party in the fall, the State Student Convention which was held November 6-8, 1959 in Kirksville, Missouri, and a hayride. The BSU was host to a Christmas Caroling party in December, a Jamboree in January, a Sweet- heart party in February and the Spring Formal Banquet, which was held in April for the purpose of installation of the new officers for the coming year. Other spring- time activities included a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks for a retreat by the lake and a farewell picnic for graduating seniors in May. The BSU also sponsored a forty voice Concert Choir. The Concert Choir mode five weekend tours besides doing a number of single concerts. The choir was under the direction of Norman Kenagy and Janet Creason accompanied the group. The choir tours covered much of this corner of Missouri and reached as far north as Audubon, Iowa. 152 WESLEY FOUKD TIO SEATED: Carol June Gulley, Secretary: Bill Schultz, State Vice- President; Ray Fore, President; Eugene Watson, Vice-President; Myrna Arms, Treasurer, FIRST ROW: Raymond Gass, Assistclr t Director; Donna Arms, Pot Gillespie, Saroh Meyer, Joan Klever, Sharon Greenwood, Nancy Plumer, Merle Imamoto, Mrs. Ralph Hicks, Twylio Rockhold. SECOND ROW: Deloris Hyatt, Jewell Von Syoc, Mary Prichord, Carolyn Elliott, Nancy Wrisinger, Glendo Estes, Edith Moots, Morlene Members of the Wesley Foundation of the First Methodist Church started the year ' s activities with an orientation mixer. Wesley Foundation hod seventy-five active members this year. Providing leadership for the group during Cory, Norma Reo Barnes, Julia Thompson, Joan Prichord, Rev. Ralph H. Hicks. THIRD ROW: Velma Tschettter, Koran Porter, Mary Ann Kneole, Mary Ann Miller, Joyce Nold, Patsy Robertson, Shirley Gibson, Edwina Storks, Julia Williamson, Elaine Cummings, Karen Mast. FOURTH ROW: Dee Mark, Alvin Seddon, Lelond Long, Marvin Broodstone, Jerry Bryan, Lorry Peterson, Gory Babb, Fannie Kova- naugh, Alice McCombs, Sharon Kiel, Frederico Dodge, Carolyn Cum- mings, Mary Lee Bristow, Emmolea Seddon. the 1959-1960 year were Ray Fore, president; Eugene Watson, vice-president; Carol Gulley, secretary, and Myrna Arms, treasurer. The Rev. Ray Gass, Methodist Church youth director, was the sponsor. Rev. Ralph Hicks is the minister. Homecoming activities included work on the beauty float and the Alumni Coffee Hour. Each Sunday evening members gathered at the church for a 5:30 supper followed at 6:00 by the meet- ings and then recreation. Some of the meetings in- cluded a watermelon feed, the Christmas caroling and party, and the annual Christmas dinner. During finals and mid-terms the program consisted of communion and quiet meditation. The Wesley Foundation held the annual pancake supper in the fall and the annual Sweetheart Banquet in February. Deputations teams and the Wesley Choir visited some of the churches in the area to tell them about Wesley. They also took part in the observation of student recognition day and held a Senior Reception. 153 COLLEGE CHURCH GROUPS Supplementing campus activities during the year were the activities of the various church groups in Maryville. Epsilon Lambda chapter of Gamma Delta, International Lutheran Students Organi- zation, has had many varied activities throughout the year. Each Sunday evening a 5:30 supper is served at the Hope Lutheran Parish Hall for the members of Gamma Delta. Some of the activities of the members were a banquet for the elders, a get- acquainted picnic, a Christmas party, an activation party, and a convention trip. Officers of the group for the year were Ernie Mertz, president; Duane Iwen, vice-president; Jackie Schrooten, secretary; and Rae Ann Nixon, treasurer. The Rev. Abbott is the pastor. Ernie Mertz is regional treasurer and Jackie Schrooten is regional editor. Members of the Presbyterian youth group have had varied programs throughout the year. They had a car wash in October in order to raise money for their Halloween party. They also hod a Waffle Supper and a mixer for potential youth group members. Programs during the year included a variety of films, recreational activities, and dis- cussion groups. Members enjoyed very much the discussions on " Life, Death, and Destiny. " Disciples Student Fellowship of the First Christian Church under the leadership of Saundra Krokstrom, president, and Larry Gray, Student Youth Director, had a busy year. They met each Sunday evening at 5:00 and had an evening meal at 6:00. Members attended two state meetings. One was at the Lake of the Ozarks in October and the other was at Canton, Missouri, in March. Other officers of the group were Marceline Latham, secretary; Linda Willhite and Jerry Johnson, fellowship committee; and Jo Ann Outs and Maurice Noel, worship committee. The Rev. Roy Fields is the pastor. 154 IN m} nm Mrs. Uel W. Lomkin Charles Reid Donald Pfost 155 TOWER DIRECTORY A.C.E 78 Administration 12, 13 Ag Club 97 Alpha Phi Omega 75 Alpha Psi Omega 92 Alpha Sigma Alpha 60, 61 Art Club 94 Associated Women Students 82 Baptist Student Union 152 Basketball 135-137 Campus Shots 118-122, 142-148 Cheerleaders 131 Church Groups 154 Colhecon 95 Dedication 8 Delta Zeta 62, 63 Drama Club .. 92 Dramatics 123-125 Faculty 14-16 Football 132-134 Forensics 93 Fraternity Houses 140-141 Freshman Hall Council 80 Freshman Hall Counselors.. 80 Hanging Of The Greens 117 Homecoming 110-115 Homecoming Committee 76 Industrial Arts . 86 In Memoriam 155 Interfraternity Council 74 Intra murals 130 Kappa Delta Pi 76 Kappa Omicron Phi 95 Kappa Pi 94 M Club -. 99 Men ' s Intramural Council 99 Music 102-103 Newman Club 151 Northwest Missourian 104 Office Staffs 17-19 Panhellenic Council 74 P.E.M. Club 98 Phi Lambda Chi 66-67 Phi Sigma Epsilon 68-69 Physical Education 100-101 Pi Kappa Delta 93 Pi Omega Pi 96 President of the College 10-11 Quad Council 82 Radio Club 83 Religious Emphasis Committees 150 Residence Hall Council 81 Residence Hall Counselors 81 Sadie Hawkins Dance 116 Senior Class 22-37 Senior Class Officers 37 Sigma Sigma Sigma 64-65 Sigma Tau Gamma 70-71 S.N.E.A 79 Student Christian Association 151 Student Senate 77 Swim Team 139 Tau Kappa Epsilon 72-73 Tennis 138 Tower Dance 126-128 Tower Staff 1 Underclassmen 38-57 Underclass Officers 58 Union Board 77 Vet ' s Club 83 Walkout Day ...108-109 Wesley Foundation 153 Who ' s Who 84 Women ' s Intramural Council 99 Wrestling 138-139 mn Aborr, Ann, Mount Ayr, Iowa — ...43, 63 Achenbaugh, Darry, Maryville, Missouri 51, 97 Adams, Judith, St. Joseph, Missouri 22 Adams, Kendall, Osceola, Iowa 132 Adams, Mary, Shenandoah, Iowa 38,78,79,92 Adams, Thomas, Maryville, Missouri 22,75,76, 143 Addison, Garrett, Coinsville, Missouri 43, 71 Amahdi, Mohmood, Tehran, Iran 22 Akers, Kay, Kellerton, Iowa 43 Alcott, Dave, Maryville, Missouri 51,73 Alexander, Brian, Maryville, Missouri 51,73 Alexander, Roger, Gravity, Iowa 43,73 Alford, Judy, Corning, Iowa.. 51,63,145 Allen, Peggy, Maryville, Missouri 22 Allen, Terry, Mound City, Missouri 51, 86, 103 Alson, Anne, St. Joseph, Missouri 51,78, 102 Ambrose, Betty, Ferguson, Missouri 80, 92 Anderman, Michael, Oelwein, Iowa 51, 67 Anders, Joseph, Leon, Iowa 38 Andersen, Dennis, Elk Horn, Iowa 51 Andersen, Dorothy, Atlantic, Iowa 51, 103 Andersen, John, Red Oak, Iowa 43 Anderson, Donald, Des Moines, Iowa 22,37,68,74, 141 Anderson, Kay, Malvern, Iowa 43, 62 Anderson, Horryette, New Market, Iowa 51 Anderson, Leiand, Corning, Iowa 51, 138 Anderson, Ronald, Atlantic, Iowa 73 Anderson, Rosalie, Clorinda, Iowa — 101 Anderson, Victor, Coin, Iowa 38, 103 Anderson, Wayne E., Audubon, Iowa 38, 99 Andes, Judith, Maitland, Missouri 51 Andes, Patricia, Maitland, Missouri. 51 Andrews, John, Grant City, Missouri 43, 73 Anthan, Maro, Kansas City, Missouri 22 Argo, Mary, Maryville, Missouri 37, 119 Armfield, Luther, Union Star, Missouri 22 Arms, Donna, Maryville, Missouri 1,51,153 Arms, Myrna, Maryville, Missouri 22,96, 153 Asklof, Shirley, Villisca, Iowa 51 Babb, Gory, Cameron, Missouri 38,153 Bobcock, Kent, Storm Lake, Iowa 67 Bodgett, Margery, Corning, Iowa 98, 100 Bagby, James, Maryville, Missouri 151 Bagley, Morjorie, Corning, Iowa 22, 80 Bahr, Helen, Wall Lake, Iowa 60, 102, 103 Baier, Jon, Wiota, Iowa 51 Bailey, Dixie, Winterset, Iowa 51 Bailey, Fred, Kansas City, Missouri 71 Bong, Carol, Shenandoah, Iowa 43 Barker, Paul, Nodaway, Iowa 38,66, 140 Barman, Richard, Maryville, Missouri 22 Barnes, Norma, Maryville, Missouri 51, 153 Barrett, Richard, Grand Junction, Iowa 43, 102 Barrett, Elender, Albany, Missouri 38, 102, 123 Barten, Dorothy, Botno, Iowa 43 Barten, Jerald, Westside, Iowa 75, 146 Easier, Dick, Maryville, Missouri — 22 Boteman, Richard, Pornell, Missouri 67, 103 Bates, Keralyn, Oakland, Iowa 43, 102 Bates, Oren, Garden City, Missouri 51,152 Baumon, Dick, Lake City, Iowa 22, 102 Beo, Jackie, Elliot, Iowa 43, 88 Beals, James, Murray, Iowa 76, 96 Bean, Ward, Auburn, Iowa 38, 68 Beoson, Mary Kay, Council Bluffs, Iowa .1, 8, 38, 62, 74, 76, 120, 128 Beckler, Merlyn, Skidmore, Missouri 43, 89 Beezley, Sally, Sheridan, Missouri 38,79 Beger, Bobbie, St. Joseph, Missouri 38,80,82,98,145 Bender, James, Lenox, Iowa 51, 63 Benefiel, Jean, Creston, Iowa 51, 58 Benner, Larry, Hiawatha, Kansas 38 Bennett, Joan, Moryville, Missouri, 38, 65 Bennington, Jerry, Rockport, Missouri 146 Benson, Gordon, Lamoni, Iowa 22 Benton, Richard, St. Joseph, Missouri 67 Berg, Ronald, Moryville, Missouri 151 Betts, Ronald, Oelwein, Iowa 138, 139 Betzer, Ronald, Kansas City, Missouri 71 Billingsley, Sarah, Clearmont, Missouri 38 Bissell, Patricia, Corning, Iowa 43, 101, 151 Bjorn, Gory, Exira, Iowa 22, 72 Bjorn, Jeonnette, Exira, Iowa 38 Black, Judy, Moryville, Missouri 51 Blockwell, Roger, Moryville, Missouri 43, 71, 74, 77, 93, 151, 152 Blank, Lowell, Coin, Iowa . 22 Blezek, Jane, Yale, Iowa 38, 102, 103, 144 Boatright, Loretto, Rushville, Missouri 51, 78 Bohr, Frank, Eoston, Missouri 51,97 Boner, Carolyn, Albany, Missouri 38, 65, 77, 98 Bonham, Lorry, St. Joseph, Missouri 75 Boone, Louis, King City, Missouri 51 Booth, Charles, Gilman City, Missouri 88 Booth, Gary O., Lamoni, Iowa. 51 Booth, Gory W., Moryville, Missouri 38, 142 Bopp, Joseph, Broyton, Iowa 73 Bopp, Walter, Broyton, Iowa 23 Borland, Leiand, Shenandoah, Iowa 23 Borngesser, Richard, St. Joseph, Missouri 71 Boyd, Earl, Lake City, Iowa 51,68, 141 Boyd, Jock, Moryville, Missouri 88, 90, 132 Boyd, Margaret, Shenandoah, Iowa 23,64,78,80, 117, 151 Boyer, Verlyn, Moryville, Missouri 51, 86 Boyer, Willard, Gravity, Iowa 51 Bradley, Jean, Kansas City, Missouri 51 Brom, Phillip, Denver, Missouri .. 23 Brommon, Henry, Avoco, lowo 43 Brannon, Maurice, Villisco, Iowa 51 Bregin, John, St. Joseph, Missouri 70, 138 Bridgewater, Betty, Hopkins, Missouri 51 Briggs, Robert, Nodaway, Iowa 73 Brink, Ardel, Castana, Iowa 83 Bristow, Mary, Moryville, Missouri 51,98,100,153 Bristow, Bob, Moryville, Missouri 23 Broodstone, Marvin, Bethany, Missouri .38,66, 140, 153 Brooke, Charles, Caldwell, Missouri 23 Brooks, Al, Independence, Missouri 99, 132 Brown, Beverly, Lothrop, Missouri 51,61 Brown, Clyde, Mound City, Missouri 38, 79 Brown, Lorry D., Albany, Missouri 43, 68 Brown, Lorry C, Moryville, Missouri 23, 72, 74, 79, 93 Brown, Marlene, Kansas City, Missouri .61,79 Brown, Nina, Woukee, lowo 43 Brown, William A., Platte City, Missouri 71, 148 Brown, William R., Creston, Iowa 51, 67 Browne, Pom, Kansas City, Missouri .1, 44, 65, 77, 94, 120, 144 Brownfield, William, Moryville Missouri 152 Bruggemon, Lon, Manilla, lowo 23, 66 Bryan, Gerald G., Bedford, lowo 153 Buck, Lester, St. Joseph, Missouri 38,79, 152 Buckner, Max, Mount Ayr, Iowa 44, 79 Buehler, Phyllis, Emerson, lowo 51,79 Bump, Patricio, Atchison, Kansas 23, 62, 81 Burch, Billy, Braddyville, Iowa . 44 Burch, Connie, King City, Missouri 51,92 Burgess, Barbara, Smithville, Missouri 61,74,76,78,82 Burgett, Alice, De Soto, Iowa 51 Burgett, Rex, Adel, lowo 38,66,79,86,89, 146, 152 Burgher, Donald, Blockton, Missouri 86, 97 Burns, Fred, Miltown, W. Virginia .148 Burns, Gory Lee, Red Oak, Iowa 38,68, 137 Burns, Kothryn, Red Oak, Iowa 88 Burnside, Edna, St. Joseph, Missouri 38 Burrell, Rodney, St. Joseph, Missouri 51 Bush, Elizabeth, Gravity, Iowa 95 Bush, John, Moryville, Missouri 75, 92 Butrick, Janice, Moryville, Missouri 44 Bybee, James, Independence, Missouri 73 Canter, Lucille, St. Joseph, Missouri .101 Carlson, Betty, Somers, Missouri 78 Cormichael, Bob, Hopkins, Missouri 71 Carothers, Richard, Anita, lowo 23 Carr, Charles, St. Joseph, Missouri 79, 83 Carrel, Roy, Union Stor, Missouri 44 Carroll, George, Stonberry, Missouri 38, 86 Carter, Margaret, Moryville, Missouri 38, 95, 151, 152 Cory, Marlene, Red Oak, lowo 38, 88, 153 Caskey Maurice, Bedford, Iowa 103 Castillo, Donald, Creston, Iowa 51,73,86 Covanoh, Shone, Morceline, Missouri 104 Chodwick, Merlyn, Anita, lowo 51,68 Chodwick, Robert, Orient, Iowa 8,70,71,74,77, 128, 140 Chomberlin, Gory, Ridgewoy, Missouri 23, 68, 86 Chambers, Sheryl, Leon, lowo 38,79,95 Choney, George, Moryville, Missouri 23, 102, 103 Chick, Anne, Missouri Valley, Iowa 51,61, 102 Chivington, Maudie, St. Joseph, Missouri . 23 Christensen, Morlene, Coon Rapids, lowo 38, 78, 79 Christion, Mary, Maitlond, Missouri 51 Christoffers, Paul, Algono, Iowa 73 Clark, Koron, Fly, lowo 44, 61 Clark, Laurence, Audubon, lowo 76 Clark, Mel, Torkio, Missouri 23, 70, 99 Clark, Ronold, Homlin, Missouri 23, 72, 79 Clark, Jeonnie, Crown Point, New York 61 Clemens, Lois, Orient, lowo 39 Clement, Richard, Duwoyne, Missouri 97 Clements, Mary Lee, Gallatin, Missouri .. 51 Clifton, Gory, St. Joseph, Missouri 73 Cline, James, Atlantic, lowo 73 Cline, Robert, Menio, Iowa 51 Cline, Stewart, Sovonnah, Missouri 132 Clingman, Peggy, Kansas City, Missouri 39,88, 110 Coots, Rosemary, King City, Missouri 24 Cochran, Sharon, Lenox, lowo 39, 78 Cockrill, Jocqueline, Smithville, Missouri 51, 61 Collins, David, Skidmore, Missouri 51, 68 Combs, J. C, Clearmont, Missouri 44, 73, 103 Comer, Nancy, Lorimor, Iowa 52, 102 Condon, Harlan, Lake City, Iowa 44, 148 Conley, Jimmy, Fairfax, Missouri 39, 151 Conner, Fred, Leon, lowo 73 Cook, Louis, Caruthersville, Missouri 52, 67 Cooksey, Ronald, Moryville, Missouri 68 Cooley, Dorothy, Dexter, lowo 52 Cooley, Evelyn, Atchison, Konsos 52, 78 Cooper, Dole, Jomesport, Missouri 44, 73, 77, 141 Cooper, Glenda, Emerson, lowo 52, 79 Cooper, Jane, Rockport, Missouri 52 Copelond, Mervyn, Skidmore, Missouri 24, 73 Corbin, Patricio, St. Joseph, Missouri 24 Corll, Lorry, Mount Ayr, lowo 71 Cornell, Kothryn, Cumberland, Iowa 39, 78, 152 Cottew, Mourine, Shenandoah, Iowa 24 Cottle, George, Skidmore, Missouri 44, 73 Coughlin, Virginia, Cumberland, Iowa .44, 62, 130, 144, 151 Couts, Joy, Maryville, Missouri 52, 98 Cox, Clifford, Bedford, Iowa 24 Cox, Donald D., Bedford, Iowa 90 Cox, Donald G., Marshall, Missouri 86 Cox, Janet Su, St. Joseph, Missouri 61, 76, 77 Cox, Peggy, Lenox, Iowa 24, 64, 74, 78, 84 Crabtree, Elwin, Burlington Junction, Missouri 52, 86 Crocroft, John B., Eogleville, Missouri 24, 83, 86 Cramer, Carl, Chillicothe, Missouri 39, 79, 83 Cramer, Dale, Chillicothe, Missouri 76, 82, 99, 103, 106, 137, 146 Crater, Bernito, Ravenwood, Missouri 52, 61 Crater, Sandra, Maryville, Missouri 44, 62, 102, 103 Craven, Sharon, Albany, Missouri 65, 52, 106, 145 Craven, Suzanne, Grant City, Missouri. 52, 80, 98, 103 Crawford, Ruth, Eorlhom, lowo 44, 79 Crawford, Karen, Earlham, Iowa 24, 76, 79 Creoson, Janet, Cameron, Missouri 152 Creighton, Mary Ellen, Pattonsville, Missouri 98, 130 Crider, Garrie, Moitlond, Missouri 39, 68 Crone, Sue, Winston, Missouri 44, 65, 78 Cross, Ronald, Mount Ayr, Iowa 44, 65, 78 Crouse, Morlyn, Carroll, Iowa 39, 76, 78 Crowell, Horry, St. Joseph, Missouri 73 Crowell, Marsha, Adel, Iowa 24, 76, 84, 102, 103, 120, 145 Croy, Bill, Maryville Missouri 24, 70, 86, 99 Culver, Carolyn, Lathrop, Missouri 60, 78 Cummings, Carolyn, Bedford, Iowa 24, lb, 95, 153 Cummings, Elaine, Bedford, Iowa 52, 80, 103, 150, 153 Cummins, Kenneth, Winterset, Iowa 39, 68, 86, 99 Cunningham, Gary, Menio, lowo 52 Cunningham, Linda, Gatun, Canal Zone 44, 130 Cunningham, Michael, Gatun, Canal Zone.. 52 Curd, Ann, Branson, Missouri 39, 78, 81, 82, 144 Curnutt, Jerald, Barnard, Missouri 151 Curtis, Rollin, Mossena, Iowa 147 D Dake, Judy, St. Joseph, Missouri 62, 78, 81 Dolbey, Kirk, Maryville, Missouri 52, 94 Davenport, Arnold, St. Joseph, Missouri 37 Davis, Dahlmon, Bolckow, Missouri 44 Davis, Ronald, Winthrop, Missouri 44, 86 Davis, Sherene, Nodaway, Iowa 52 Day, Terry, Hamburg, Iowa 71 Doyhoff, Helen, Silver Springs, Maryland 24 Deordorff, Judi, Yale, lowo 61 DeBow, Carolina, Parkville, Missouri 63, 76, 144 DeMott, Dan, Maryville, Missouri 92, 123, 125 Denly, Karl, Truro, Iowa 71 Dent, Judd, Humeston, Iowa 52 DeSelms, Jack, Maryville, Missouri 143 Despins, Carolene, Maryville, Missouri 152 Devereaux, Carol, Wiota, Iowa 52 Devers, Richard, Grant City, Missouri 148 DeVooght, Dove, Maryville, Missouri 52 Devore, John, Agency, Missouri 132 Dew, Larry, Burlington Junction, Missouri 67 Dickinson, Geroldine, Fort Morgan, Colorado 24, 78, 79 Disburg, Mary Ellen, Manilla, Iowa 52 Dittemore, Ronnie, St. Joseph, Missouri 39 Dodge, Frederica, Hamilton, Missouri 153 Dolph, Tom, Maryville, Missouri 142 Donaldson, Marguerite, Stanberry, Missouri 61, 52 Dorman, Shirley, Truro, Iowa 44 Dotson, Karen, Corning, Iowa 102 Dowell, George, Shenandoah, Iowa 44 Downey, Charles, Grant City, Missouri 68 Downey, Roger, Indianolo, Iowa 152 Drake, Douglas, Coon Rapids, Iowa 39, 68 Dredge, Shirley, Maryville, Missouri 52 Dreher, Marcio, Maryville, Missouri 24, 88 Driskell, Jeanne, Creston, lowo 52, 65, 145 Dubois, Detbert, Gower, Missouri 99, 132 Duckworth, Delila, Albany, Missouri 39, 65, 74 Duncan, Sheila, Kansas City, Missouri 44, 61 Dunfee, Betty, Tarkio, Missouri 52, 95 Dunham, Patricia, Lock Springs, Missouri 44, 79 Dunnihoo, Mary Jane, Craig, Missouri 52 Durham, William, Kansas City, Missouri 39, 132 Durlam, Jerry, Jefferson, Iowa 68 Dyer, Ronald, Osborn, Missouri 39 Eckhoff, Edith, Cristobal, Canal Zone 24, 63, 74, 77, 98 Ecklin, Arlene, Lenox, Iowa 103 Edwards, Norman, Des Moines, Iowa 52, 68, 92, 103, 125 Edwards, Tom, Bucklin, Missouri 67 Eisenborger, Larry, Bethany, Missouri 70, 71 Eisenberg, Robert, Maryville, Missouri . 25 Eitzen, Mary Lou, Clarinda, Iowa 51, 88, 145 Elam, Jo Ellen, Ravenwood, Missouri 52 Elder, Eugene, Wathena, Kansas 52 Elder, Lorry, Wathena, Kansas 39 Elliott, Beverly, Parkville, Missouri 25, 76, 78, 82, 151 Elliott, Carolyn, Ridgeway, Missouri 25, 153 Elliott, Yvonne, Burlington Junction, Missouri 39, 95 Ellis, Danny, Amity, Missouri 44 Ellis, Don, St. Joseph, Missouri 44, 102, 103, 123 Elmore, Julia, Kansas City, Missouri 52 Elswick, Sheila, Lamoni, Iowa 76, 95 Emerick, Tyron, Creston, lowo 25 Englemon, Joyce, Parkville, Missouri 52, 92 English, Sandra, Maryville, Missouri 52, 61 Ennis, Jacqueline, Bethany, Missouri 52 Epperson, Rochelle, Maryville, Missouri 25, 96 Erb, Richord, Garden Grove, Iowa 52 Esch, Rodney, Indianolo, Nebraska 136, 137 Estes, Glenda, Richmond, Missouri 52, 153 Euler, William, Graham, Missouri 39 Evans, Joyce, Stanberry, Missouri 52 Evans, Troy, Grand Junction, Iowa 91 Everly, Carolyn, Coffey, Missouri 44, 98 Eychaner, Ruth, Rosendole, Missouri 25, 78, 152 Fonkhouser, Carol, Cosby, Missouri 44, 95 Fann, Judith, Clarinda, Iowa 52, 79, 98 Farmer, Loretta, Kansas City, Missouri 44, 150, 151, 152 Farmer, Michael, Ogden, Iowa 71, 147 Forquhar, Elvin, Clearmont, Missouri 52 Fee, Keith, Maryville, Missouri 25, 142 Fellows, Jane, Bedford, lowo 37, 78, 80, 145 Ferguson, Elaine, Worth, Missouri 52 Ferguson, Cleanne, Conception Junction, Missouri 52, 95 Ferrell, Jerry, Valley Falls, Kansas 44, 66, 75, 99 Fetterer, Richard, Maryville, Missouri 124 Fields, Anne, Maryville, Missouri 52 61 Fife Wroy, Creston, Iowa 44, 86 Fine, Elinor, Utica, Missouri 52 Fine, Richard, Broddyville, Iowa 39, 73 Fine, Robert, Ludlow, Missouri 83, 86, 91, 97 Fitch, Beverly, Lawson, Missouri 52 Fleming, Richard, Winterset, Iowa 25, 68, 74, 76 Fletchall, Norma, Worth, Missouri 52 Flynn, Barbara, Shenandoah, Iowa 88 Flynn, James, South Deerfield, Massachusetts. 67, 151 Foje, Carol, Persia, Iowa 52, 106 Foje, Vernon, Persia, Iowa 39 Folden, Marilyn, Skldmore, Missouri 52, 63 Forbis, Ronald, Albany, Missouri 52 Fore, Donald, Cameron, Missouri 44 Fore, Roy, Cameron, Missouri 25, 73, 103, 153 Frontz, Ronald, Grand Junction, Iowa 25, 86, 90 Frazier, Don, Grant City, Missouri 45, 68 Frederick, Pat, King City, Missouri 39 Frederick, Kathleen, King City, Missouri 52 Freedline, James, Dexter, Iowa 52 Freese, Jack, Council Bluffs, Iowa 39, 70, 77, 99, 138 French, Larry, St. Joseph, Missouri 58, 61 Frese, Judy, Indionolo, Iowa 52, 68 Frizzell, Marilyn, Chillicothe, Missouri 39, 78 Frizzell, Gene, Shenandoah, Iowa 68 Frueh, Gary, Moryville, Missouri 45 72 Fuhr, Fred, East Detroit, Michigan 132 Fuller, Frank, Princeton, Missouri 45, 68 Fuller, Richard, Emerson, Iowa 45 Fulton, Joyce, Leon, Iowa 45, 78 Fulton, Maurice, Leon, Iowa 132 G Goer, Arden, Harlan, Iowa 53, 152 Gammell, Eldon, Emerson, Iowa 79 Garbowski, Felicia, St. Joseph, Missouri 45, 100, 151 Garten, Robert, Moryville, Missouri 45, 68 Goskins, Myrna, Runnells, Iowa 53 Gates, Paul, Grant City, Missouri 25, 82 Gentry, Harold, St. Joseph, Missouri 53, 73 Gepner, Maryann, Mount Ayr, Iowa 25, 61 Gerady, Kenneth, Atchison, Kansas 25, 68, 76 Gerody, Margot, Atchison, Kansas 25, 78, 79 Gerdes, Thelma, Craig, Missouri 58, 60 Gibson, Don, Albany, Missouri 68 Gibson, Joyce Ann, Mound City, Missouri 39 Gibson, Joyce Ann, Kellerton, Iowa 53, 103 Gibson, Shirley, Corning, Iowa 98, 153 Gillespie, Patricia, Ridgeway, Missouri 95, 153 Gilliland, Jerry, Lathrop, Missouri 45, 75, 152 Gilliland, John, Lathrop, Missouri 45, 75, 152 Gillis, Charles H., Maitland, Missouri 45, 83 Gillis, Charles M., Moryville, Missouri 97, 137, 146, 147 Gillis, Madeleine, Moryville, Missouri 26, 76 Gillis, Marilyn, Mound City, Missouri.. .38, 76, 92, 93, 103, 123 Gilmore, Elaine, Clarindo, Iowa 53, 145 Glodson, Patricia, Albio, Iowa 79 Glidewell, Lorry, St. Joseph, Missouri 39 Goff, Charles, Grant City, Missouri 26, 136, 137 Gomel, Dixie, Albuquerque, New Mexico 53, 63, 92 Goodson, Anne, Ravenwood, Missouri 53 Gould, Loreen, Jamesport, Missouri 39, 60, 82, 95 Grace, Weldon, Moryville, Missouri 26, 83 Gragg, Robert, Parnell, Missouri 26, 88 Graham, Brenda, Bethany, Missouri 53 Grant, Judy, Jefferson, Iowa 40, 102 Grantham, Dwight, Kansas City, Missouri 40, 72, 79 Gray, Etta Lee, Gallatin, Missouri 53 Gray, Martha, Davis City, Missouri 61, 76, 77, 98, 130, 131 Gray, Phillip, Pattonsburg, Missouri 40 Green Larry, Oelwein, Iowa 58, 68, 138, 139 Greenwood, Sharon, BIythdale, Missouri 45, 103, 153 Greever, Gordon, Strahon, Iowa 53, 71 Gregory, Linda, Albany, Missouri 53, 63, 94 Gress, Bobby, Moryville, Missouri 137 Grimes, Nancy, Chillicothe, Missouri 53 Groom, Garland, Vinton, Iowa 53 Grout, Robert, Tingley, Iowa 86 Grout, Ronald, Tingley, Iowa 86, 91 Growney, Patrick, Quitman, Missouri 53, 68 Grube, Susan, Moryville, Missouri 45,64,102,103 Guenther, John, Bedford, Iowa 26 Guertin, Patricia, Sibley, Iowa 45, 64 Guess, Gayla, Moryville, Missouri 53 Guest, Darrel, King City, Missouri 40 Guest, Martha, Union Star, Missouri 45 64 Gulley, Carol, Lathrop, Missouri 60, 102, 103, 153 Gunson, Janet, Blockton, Iowa 53 Gustofson, Linda, Atlantic, Iowa 53 H Haas, Shirley, Chillicothe, Missouri 45, 64 Hackett, Sharon, Griswold, Iowa 53 Hodden, Hugh, Jackson, Michigan 73, 141 Hague, Shirley, Rockport, Missouri 45 Haines, Carl, Moryville, Missouri 40 73 Hole, Marilyn, Murray, Iowa 26, 78 79 Hole, Merlin, Murray, lowo. 79 Hall, Ermo, Independence, Missouri 53 Hall, Romona, Moryville, Missouri 26 Hall, Virginia, Hopkins, Missouri 40, 95 Holloran, James, Savannah, Missouri 53, 71 Hamilton, Calvin, Clarindo, lowo 99 Hammond, Edward, Princeton, Missouri 53, 97 Hammond, Leroy, Moryville, Missouri 40, 66 Honer, David, Moryville, Missouri 40 Haner, Shirley, Moryville, Missouri. 26 Honn, Katherine, Burlington Junction, Missouri 45 Honno, Larry, Pickering, Missouri 53 Hannah, James, Torkio, Missouri 97 Hansen, Dale, Van Meter, Iowa 99 Hansen, David, Atlantic, Iowa 26, 72, 74, 84, 141 Hanson, Janet, Somers, Iowa 45, 78 Hanson, Janice, Somers, Iowa 45, 78 Hanson, Virgie, Soldier, lowo. 45, 88 Hargrove, David, Moryville, Missouri.. ..40, 72, 74, 77, 93, 128 Harper, Sheri, Kansas City, Missouri 45, 62, 110 Harr, Joyce, Cosby, Missouri 45, 103 Harris, Mary, Forest City, Missouri 40 Harris, Patricia, Kansas City, Missouri 45, 62, 76 Hortzler, Nancy, Kansas City, Missouri 106, 145 Haskell, Robert, Stewartsville, Missouri 53 Hawk, Jerry, Cameron, Missouri 45, 73, 58 Hawk, Karen, Atchison, Kansas 26, 64, 78 Hawkins, Koy, Leon, Iowa 40, 98, 100 Hawthorne, Gary, Lohrville, Iowa 71 Hayes, Phil, Union Star, Missouri 40, 96, 143 Hazelboker, Ruth Ann, Fort Dodge, Iowa 40, 62, 144 Hozeirigg, Gory, St. Joseph, Missouri 53, 73 Hazzord, Ronald, Forest City, Missouri 45 Head, Vivian, Essex, lowo 26, 151 Hedrick, Brenda, Guilford, Missouri 94 Hedrick, Donna, Fairfax, Missouri 53, 145 Heflin, Betty Lou, Britt, Iowa 26, 81, 98 Heidtbrink, Carolyn, Graham, Missouri 53 Heimon, Richard, Persia, Iowa 45 Hein, Jeanne, Villisco, Iowa 78, 53 Heinz, Janice, Cosby, Missouri 40, 78 Henderson, Richard, St. Joseph, Missouri 26, 73, 79 Henney, Shirley, Denison, lowo 53 Herman, Ted, Dexter, lowo 73 Herron, Alberta, Rockport, Missouri 53 Herzberg, Allen, Moryville, Missouri 26, 97 Herzberg, Dorothy, Moryville, Missouri 26, 98 Hester, Ernest, Mound City, Missouri 45 HIdgon, Gerald, Leon, Iowa 73 Higginbothom, Ruth Ann, Albany, Missouri 27, 62, 63 Higgins, Nancy, Griswold, lowo 27, 79 Hilburn, Grant, Moryville, Missouri 27, 132 Hiley, Marvin, Winston, Missouri 40 Hill, Jerry, Burlington Junction, Missouri 45, 99 Hill, Lonnie, Moryville, Missouri 27, 66, 67, 151 Hill, Nancy, Kansas City, Missouri 45 Hill, Robert, Kansas City, Missouri 97 Hillers, Joe, Blockton, lowo 29 Hilsobeck, Lorry, Guilford, Missouri 40, 68 Hilsenbeck, Larry, Ravenwood, Missouri 86, 102 (I !! 0,«l Hi, Hinde, Bill, Oregon, Missouri 27 Hinkle, Patty, Bigelow, Missouri 27, 76, 95 Hitt, Rodger, Ookland, Iowa 46, 102, 118, 152 Hoffman, Cecile, Clarindo, Iowa 40, 96 Hohfeld, Norma, Mount Ayr, Iowa . 53 Holcomb, Kent, Coffey, Missouri 27, 73, 90 Holland, Lorry, Kansas City, Missouri 132 Holland, Ronald, N. Kansas City, Missouri 148 Holmes, Gary, Jefferson, Iowa . 46 Holmes, James, Gainesville, Missouri 27 Holmes, Karen, Council Bluffs, Iowa 46, 88 Holtmyer, Marlin, Red Oak, Iowa 46 Honey, Clayton, Kansas City, Missouri 53, 71 Hooker, Betty, Sheridan, Missouri 53, 95 Hopper, Marilyn, Kansas City, Missouri 53 Hopple, Nina, King City, Missouri 40 Horn, Ola, Moryville, Missouri 27 Hornback, Merle, Parkville, Missouri 46 Home, Marilyn, Mount Ayr, Iowa 46 Horton, Jerry, Clearfield, Iowa 73 Houck, Richard, Corning, Iowa 46, 66 House, Ruth, Gallatin, Missouri 53 Houseworth, Mariom, Carrollton, Missouri 27 Howe, Samuel, King City, Missouri 53 Hughes, Kenneth, Moryville, Missouri 46 Hummel, Karen, Essex, Iowa 46,79,144 Hummel, Marie, Essex, Iowa — 79, 53, 151 Humphreys, Peggy, Manilla, Iowa 8, 40, 58, 60, 77, 82, 127, 128 Hunter, Treva, Kansas City, Missouri 46 Hunzinger, Dole, Oregon, Missouri 53, 68 Hutchins, Robert, Algona, Iowa 53, 75, 86, 102 Hyatt, Debris, Carrollton, Missouri -27, 78, 79, 153 Hyde, Sidney, Council Bluffs, Iowa 53 Ihrig, Carolyn, Blockton, Iowa - 27 Imomoto, Merle, Lahoing, Hawaii 153 Ingram, Corwin, Moryville, Missouri 27 Ives, Ronald, Rolfe, Iowa 132 Iwen, Duone, Persia, Iowa 46, 79 Iwen, Joyce, Persia, Iowa 53, 79 Jackson, Ernest, Moryville, Missouri 82 Jackson, Lelond, Barnard, Missouri 27, 70, 136, 137 Jackson, Letha, Moryville, Missouri 28, 78 Jacobs, Nick, Harlan, Iowa 28, 72 Johde, Kenneth, Schleswig, Iowa 46, 68 James, John, St. Joseph, Missouri 46 Jomes, Karen, Elmo, Missouri., 53 James, Mary Ellen, Mount Ayr, Iowa.. .46, 62, 81, 97, 98, 151 Joy, Jeanne, Grant City, Missouri 46, 95, 144 Jestes, Ruth, Union Star, Missouri 95, 151 Joens, Barbara, Audubon, Iowa 53 Johnson, Alice, Ridgewoy, Missouri 53,79,103 Johnson, Benny, Shenandoah, Iowa 40, 73 Johnson, Betty, St. Joseph, Missouri 28, 37, 62, 78 Johnson, Tom, Kansas City, Missouri 71 Johnson, Carol Jean, Griswold, Iowa 53, 98, 102 Johnson, Carol June, Canton, Ohio 46, 63 Johnson, Charles, Scronton, Missouri 46, 72, 141 Johnson, Connie, Skidmore, Missouri 46 Johnson, Diane, St. Joseph, Missouri 40, 79 Johnson, Efford, Council Bluffs, Iowa 28, 73, 79 Johnson, Helen, Breckenridge, Missouri 40, 76, 78, 151, 152 Johnson, Jerry, Oakland, Iowa 46, 79 Johnson, Joe, Gainesville, Missouri 40, 72, 79 Johnson, Phillip, Essex, lowo 28, 68, 86, 90, 97 Johnson, Richard, Red Oak, lowo 76, 97 Johnson, Stephanie, St. Joseph, Missouri 40, 76, 78 Johnson, Ted, Lenox, Iowa 46 Jolly, Forrest, Atchison, Kansas 146 Jones, Dalton, Creston, lowo 46, 75, 83 Jones, David, Atlantic, Iowa 83, 97 Jones, Gary, Chicago, Illinois 73, 83 Jones, Linda C, Grinnell, Iowa 46, 103, 104 Jones, Linda K., Platte City, Missouri 53 Jordan, Gene, Maiden, Missouri 136, 137 Joyner, William, St. Joseph, Missouri 28, 72 Judge, Jim, Moryville, Missouri 151 Korr, Danny, Quitman, Missouri 46, 86, 97 Korros, Polly, St. Joseph, Missouri 53 Korstens, Larry, Wall Lake, lowo 40 Karstens, Virgil, Wall Lake, Iowa 46 Kouffman, Charles, Audubon, Iowa.-- 146 Kavonaugh, Fannie, Hamilton, Missouri 46, 153 Kay, David, Moryville, Missouri 73 Kearns, Allen, Tobor, lowo 99 Keesey, Eveo Ann, Clarindo, Iowa 46 Keirsey, Keith, Independence, Missouri 54, 152 Keller, Patricia, King City, Missouri 54, 95 Kelley, John E., Creston, Iowa 54 Kelley, John Rogers, Grohom, Missouri 54 Kelmel, Cormelita, Rovenwood, Missouri 54 Kemmer, Patricio, Easton, Missouri 151 Kenagy, Norman, Garden City, Missouri 28, 152 Kenagy, Sharon, Clearmont, Missouri 54 Kennedy, Edward, Corning, lowo 83, 151 Kennedy, Eron, Bolckow, Missouri 46 Keplinger, Judith, Kellerton, Iowa 54 Kerber, Joyce, Clearfield, Iowa 28 Kessler, Roberta, Moryville, Missouri 76 Kidd, Robert, Moryville, Missouri 40, 70 Kiel, Sharon, Goodland, Kansas .. .62, 102, 144, 153 Kiesz, Martha, Stanberry, Missouri 54 Killion, Judy, Greenfield, lowo 46, 78 Kimble, Larry, Mount Ayr, lowo 46, 68, 97 King, Carolyn, Brimson, Missouri 28, 79 King, Ronald, Shenandoah, Iowa 40, 75, 103, 124 Kinney, David, Imogene, Iowa 28 Kinick, Kathleen, Lohrville, Iowa 103 Kixmiller, Donald, Carson, lowo 28, 68, 76, 77, 84, 106, 128, 141 Kixmiller, Ronald, Carson, lowo 28, 68, 74, 77, 89, 128 Klamm, Judith, Kansas City, Missouri 46, 63 Klever, Mark, Gray, Iowa 97, 146 Klever, Joan, Hamlin, lowo 54, 79, 153 Kloewer, James, Manilla, lowo 47, 99, 151 Kneale, Mary, Graham, Missouri 54, 95, 153 Knepper, Irvine, St. Louis, Missouri 47 Knierim, Robert, Rockport, Missouri 28, 76 Koppold, Alice, Harlan, lowo 29, 98, 130, 151 Krombeck, Richard, Walnut, Iowa 40, 58, 73, 99 Kromme, Jeanne, Des Moines, Iowa 47, 64, 124, 125 Krieger, Donno, Avoco, lowo 78, 80, 89 Krokstrcm, Paul, Kansas City, Missouri 71, 99, 140 Krokstrom, Saundro, Kansos City, Missouri 47, 78, 150, 151 Kuhlmon, Anita, Clarindo, Iowa 54, 98 Kulisek, Larry, Council Bluffs, lowo 47, 70 Kurtz, Robert, Oregon, Missouri 40 Kurtz, Sara Beth, Oregon, Missouri 47, 63, 117 Kyle, Alfred, Weston, Missouri 90, 132 Kysar, Charles, Palmdale, California 90 L Lacy, Donald, Bethany, Missouri 40, 70 Lofferty, Bob, Moryville, Missouri 104 La Mar, Dixie, Elmo, Missouri 54, 102 Lamar, Larry, DeKalb, Missouri 54 Lane, Judith, Council Bluffs, Iowa 47 Langston, Winnifred, Elmo, Missouri 47 Lapsley, Sandra, Council Bluffs, Iowa 54 Larson, Marilyn, Blockton, Iowa 54 Larson, Retha, Shenandoah, Iowa 54, 152 Lesley, Jock, Maryville, Missouri- 133 Latham Marceline, Savannah, Missouri 54, 79, 151 Laughrey, Gaye, Bayard, Iowa 61, 92, 94, 100, 111, 131 Lawrence, Kent, Gardner, Kansas 73, 83 Lawton, Don, St. Joseph, Missouri 73 Leavell, Janice, Maryville, Missouri 54, 61 Leckenby, Emily, Hamburg, Iowa 41, 63, 78 Lee, Jo Ann, New Hampton, Missouri 54 Leese, James, Blockton, Iowa 54 Lein, Ken, Roland, Iowa ' 36, 137 LeMaster, Donald, Council Bluffs, Iowa 54, 104 Lents, Judith, Bridgewater, lowo 54 Leslie, Peggy, Avoca, Iowa - 47 Lilley, Robert, Maitland, Missouri 29, 66 Lilly, Carol, St. Joseph, Missouri 81, 98 Lindell, Betty, Villisca, lowo 47, 78 Lindstrom, Charles, Maryville, Missouri 97 Linville, Larry, Barnard, Missouri 68 Lippincott, Bill, Atlantic, Iowa 41, 69, 92 Lister, Paolo, Hopkins, Missouri 41 Litsch, James, Hollywood, Florida 54, 103 Livengood, Ann, Braddyville, Iowa 54, 80 Lizzo, Paul, Bronx, New York 147, 148 Logan, Patricia, Kansas City, Missouri 42, 63, 152 Long, Elizabeth, Forest City, Missouri 47 Long, Leiand, Maryville, Missouri. 41, 75, 153 Long, Willard Allan, St. Joseph, Missouri 73 Lonn, Richard, Red Oak, Iowa 47, 66 Lorance, Audro, Maryville, Missouri 29 Lovelace, David, Atchison, Kansas 41, 69 Lovett, Kay, Leon, Iowa 4 Lowary, Jim, Atlantic, Iowa 47 Lowry, Carolyn, Council Bluffs, Iowa 41, 79 Loyd, Barbara, Chillicothe, Missouri 54, 61 Lumley, Dennis, Jamaica, Iowa 73, 141 Lunders, Terry, Colfax, lowo 73, 141 Lungren, Carolyn, Stanton, lowo 41, 78 Lunsford, Garry, Bigelow, Missouri 41, 58, 71, 82 Lyie, Beverly, Maryville, Missouri _ 29, 60, 74, 76, 84, 98 Lyie, Jim, Burlington Junclion, Missouri 73 LyIe, Mary, Savannah, Missouri 54 Lyie, Rosanne, Maryville, Missouri 94, 104 Lynam, Edward, Corning, lowo.. ■ 54 Lynch, Donna, Maryville, Missouri 104 Lynch, Ivan, Hatfield, Missouri 29, 76, 79 Lyon, Arnold, St. Joseph, Missouri 29, 70, 142 Lyon, Donna Sue. St. Joseph, Missouri 29, 77, 78 Lyon, Victor, Gilman City, Missouri 29 Lyons, Barbara, Menlo, Iowa 54, 95 Mackey, Phillip, Bethany, Missouri Madden, Karen, Diagonal, lowo 54 Moher, Philip, Red Oak, lowo 29, 69, 99, 133, Main, Nancy, Lamoni, Iowa Manley, Marilyn, Union Star, Missouri 29, 76, 95, Mann, Dixie, King City, Missouri Maple, Lloyd, Stanberry, Missouri Marie, Jerome, Washington, lowo .67, Maris, Martha, Albany, Missouri 64, Mark, Dee, Oakland, Iowa ...1, 41, 80, 119, 120, 144, Marley, James, Bedford, Iowa 29, 72, Morley, Nancy, Bedford, Iowa Marsden, Kenneth, Emerson, Iowa 124 65 151 47 151 54 73 140 102 153 102 130 68 Marsh, Allen, Villisca, Iowa 29, 69 Marsh, John, Lamoni, Iowa 142 Mast, Karen, Excelsior Springs, Missouri 54, 63, 78, 80, 103, 145, 153 Mothes, Dennis, Red Oak, Iowa 83, 75 Matthews, Lloyd, Forest City, Missouri 54 May, Barbara, Forest City, Missouri 54 Mayes, Carl, Maryville, Missouri 54, 71, 147 Mayfield, Lorna, Hopkins, Missouri 54, 104 McCaig, Betty, New Hampton, Missouri. 41, 151 McCall, Edward, Craig, Missouri 54, 83 McClurg, Karen, Hopkins, Missouri 54 McCollough, Betty Jean, Lawson, Missouri 54, 61 McCollough, Peggy Jane, Lawson, Missouri 54, 61 McCollough, Robert, Lawson, Missouri 41, 97 McComb, Mary, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 47, 63, 102 McCombs, Alice, Anderson, Missouri 47, 153 McConkey, David, Barnard, Missouri 54, 147 McCoole, Joyce, Atchison, Kansas 29, 64, 74, 78, 131, 144, 152 McCoppin, Robert, St. Joseph, Missouri 29 McCoppin, Valerie, St. Joseph, Missouri . 41 McCord, Lorry, Cameron, Missouri 30, 142 McCowen, John, Coin, lowo 41, 67 McCoy, John, Maryville, Missouri 47 McCrary, Rosalie, Mosby, Missouri 30, 60, 96 McCuistion, Max Phil, Lee ' s Summit, Missouri 45, 75, 148 McCulley, Ronald, Jameson, Missouri -.- -- 54 McCumber, Bonnie, Maryville, Missouri 54, 61 McDoniel, Betty, Gallatin, Missouri 54 McDonald, Marvin, Maryville, Missouri 71, 99 McDowell, Janice, Grand River, Iowa 54, 61, 80 McGinness, Francis, Ames, Iowa 41, 69 Mclntyre, Anita, Maryville, Missouri 30, 37, 65 McKelvey, Robert, Grand Junction, lowo 54, 83, 86 McLaughlin, Garl, Osceola, Iowa 30, 67, 82 McMahon, Kent, Sioux City, Iowa 68 McMenamin, Beverly, Dexter, Iowa 54, 63, 79, 151 McMichoel, Gene, Albany, Missouri 41,69 McMillan, Druery, Maryville, Missouri 54 McMorris, Monica, Leon, lowo 55, 95 McQuillen, Richard, Jefferson, Iowa 68 McWilliams, Kendoll, Maysville, Missouri 55 Meadows, Joan, Kellerton, Iowa 63 Meek, Fay, Maryville, Missouri 78 Mendenholl, Jock, Audubon, Iowa 88, 99, 133, 142 Mensing, Barbara, Greenfield, Iowa 47, 98 Mercer, Janice, Mount Ayr, lowo 47 Merrick, Nancy, Maryville, Missouri 41, 64, 76, 94 Merrigan, Joe, Clyde, Missouri 47, 73 Meriz, Ernest, Glencoe, Missouri 41, 72, 102, 103, 123 Messerli, Ralph, Council Bluffs, Iowa 73, 82, 138 Messner, Lonnie, Stanberry, Missouri 99 Messner, Phillip, Stanberry, Missouri 73 Mewhirter, James, Elliott, Iowa. . 30 Mewhirter, Joe B., Elliott, Iowa 30, 83, 86 Meyer, Allen, Platte City, Missouri 55, 71 Meyer, Jeanette, Vail, Iowa 30 Meyer, Sarah, Vail, Iowa 55, 78, 145, 153 Meznarich, Gerald, Lo Salle, Illinois 136, 137 Middleton, Kay, Yale, Iowa 55 Miles, Corbin, Wyondott, Michigan 47, 71, 140 Miller, Janell, Manilla, Iowa 47, 61, 78 Miller, John G., St. Joseph, Missouri 47, 72 Miller, Karen, Loveland, Colorado 102, 103, 123, 150 Miller, Leo, Bedford, Iowa 30 Miller, Marilyn, Lake City, Iowa 47, 79, 92 Miller, Mary, Stanberry, Missouri ' o ' oT Miller, Tom, Blockton, Iowa 41, 69, 97 Mills, Howard, Menlo, Iowa 30 Milne, Ann, Oregon, Missouri 47, 64, 81 Milton, William, Maryville, Missouri... °° ii 71 5,133,1 " .47,!! ' j,n I ml!! 73,81 " ' ■ " .7! J Mires, Maurice, Maryville, Missouri 41, 90 Mires, Richard, Skidmore, Missouri 55 Mitchell, H. D., Sioux City, Iowa 47, 69, 76, 128 Mitchell, Robert A., Kansas City, Missouri . .136, 137, 140 Mitchell, Robert D., Corning, Iowa 55, 67 Moats, Edith, Council Bluffs, Iowa 153 Moffitt, Robert, Eroddyville, Iowa 30 Mohr, Juan, Maquoketo, Iowa 138 Monachino, Joseph, Elba, New York 99, 133 Moore, David, Maquoketo, Iowa .....138 Moore, Steve, Wesion, Missouri 30, 69, 101 Morgan, John, Guthrie Center, Iowa -47, 73 Morgan, Marjorie, Elliott, Iowa... 102, 103 Morgan, Richard, Garden Grove, Missouri 41 Morris, Patricio, Oregon, Missouri 41 Morris, Stanley, Atchison, Kansas 41, 69 Morrow, Donnett, College Springs, Iowa 47, 95 Moses, Melindo, Ottumwo, Iowa 47, 124 Mueller, Donna, Griswold, Iowa 55 Mullin, James, Creston, Iowa 30, 69, 151 Mulvanio, Gertrude, Rockport, Missouri 95 Mulvonia, Ralph, Rockport, Missouri 76 Murphy, Charles, Maryville, Missouri. 30 Murphy, Janice, Walnut, Iowa 55, 151 Murphy, Junior Dean, St. Joseph, Missouri 30 Murphy, Patricio, Des Moines, Iowa 92 Musson, Terry, Des Moines, Iowa 87 Myers, Joan, Oakland, Iowa 54, 145 Nardin, Michael, Roseville, Michigan... 133 Nash, Evelyn, St. Joseph, Missouri 48, 79, 88 Needles, Bill, Kansas City, Missouri ...70, 71, 76, 77, 140 Neiby, Margaret, Atlantic, Iowa 63, 74 Nelson, Fred, Malvern, Iowa 55 Nelson, June, St. Louis, Missouri 55, 97 Nelson, Lloyd, Skidmore, Missouri 86, 91 Nelson, Phyllis, Bolckow, Missouri 30 Nelson, Ruth, Bolckow, Missouri 55, 79, 101 New, Donna, Maryville, Missouri 55, 61 Newberg, Peggy A., Fillmore, Missouri 48 Newcomer, Ann, Creston, Iowa 31, 37, 64, 92, 93, 144, 152 Newcomer, Jody, Creston, Iowa .41, 65, 144, 152 Newlin, Barbara, Harlan, Iowa 55, 58, 61, 98 Newman, Dolores, Clorinda, Iowa 31, 102 Newman, Myrna, Albany, Missouri 55 Nichols, MyrI, Bethany, Missouri 71 Nickerson, Kay, Bethany, Missouri 55, 65, 92 Nickerson, Vera, Bethany, Missouri.. 55, 119 Nickle, Leona, Clearfield, Iowa 79 Nielson, Carolyn, Audubon, Iowa 48 Nixon, Roe Ann, Mound City, Missouri .41, 94, 95, 119 Noble, Robert, New Hampton, Missouri 48, 71 Noe, Barbara, Bethany, Missouri 55, 65, 131 Noel, Maurice, Algona, Iowa.. 8, 73, 141 Noeick, Shirley, Westside, Iowa 31, 84, 102, 103, 123 Nold, Joyce, Watheno, Kansas 55, 153 Norby, Carol, Irwin, Iowa 48, 60 Norfolk, Donna, Maryville, Missouri 48 Norfolk, Jerold, Maryville, Missouri... 41, 75 Norfolk, Larry, Maryville, Missouri 55, 75 Norris, Bonnie, Griswold, lowo 55 Norris, Eldon, New Virginia, Iowa .-. 48 Nowok, Henry, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania 142 Nowland, Lawrence, Jamesport, Missouri 71 Nulph, Larry, Garden Grove, Iowa 147 Nye, Charles, Atlantic, Iowa 73 O ' Day, Robert, Hemple, Missouri 83 O ' Day, Thomas, Maryville, Missouri 83 Odell, Carol, Corning, Iowa 41, 63, 78 Odell, Glenn, Corning, Iowa 55 O ' Dougherty, Glenda, Clearmont, Missouri 48, 79, 89 Officer, Judith, Kansas City, Missouri 55 Ogden, Robert, Maryville, Missouri 137 Ogle, Sandra, Parkville, Missouri 55 Ohrt, Janice, Hamburg, Iowa 48, 79, 95 Olenius, Janice, Villisco, Iowa. 31, 62 OIney, Edith, Redding, Missouri 55, 151 Omori, Sally, Captain Cook, Hawaii 55 Onken, Mary, Sibley, Iowa 110, 131 Osborn, Paulo, Sheridan, Iowa 55, 61, 102 Ostrus, LeRoy, Wiota, Iowa 83 Oswald, Portia, Rockport, Missouri 55, 145 O ' Tool, Potty, Auburn, Iowa 151 Outs, Jo Ann, Maryville, Missouri 31, 76 Owens, Emma, Hopkins, Missouri 95 Owens, Shorron, Maryville, Missouri 48, 78, 152 P Padgitt, Dennis, Kellerton, Iowa 97 Polmquist, Kothryn, Stanton, Iowa 48, 78, 102, 151 Palumbo, Luke, Cristobal, Canal Zone 31, 82 Porks, Borrie, Maloy, Iowa 41, 63, 78, 150, 151 Porks, Monica, Maloy, lowo 48, 63, 126, 128, 150, 151 Porrish, Ronald, St. Joseph, Missouri 41, 66, 75 Patience, Carolyn, Conception Junction, Missouri 41 Patterson, Sharon, Swea City, Iowa 48, 78 Patton, Lois, Oregon, Missouri 41, 63, 76, 81, 98, 130 Paulson, Vv ' ayne, Irwin, Iowa 55, 147, 152 Pearson, Lois, St. Joseph, Missouri 31, 78, 79 Peila, Gerald, Longmont, Colorado 68 Pennington, Ronald, Chillicothe, Missouri 55 Pershing, Stephanie, New Market, lowo 55, 92 Petersen, Kendall, Anita, Iowa .-. 55 Peterson, Charles, De Soto, Iowa 55 Peterson, Lorry, Lorimor, Iowa 102, 153 Peterson, Lynn, Audubon, Iowa 99 Peterson, William, Exira, lowo 67 Retry, Donnie, Westboro, Missouri 48, 102 Phelps, Russell, Exira, Iowa 106 Phillips, David, Maryville, Missouri 90 Phillips, Shelby, Creston, Iowa 55 Pierce, Betty, Stonberry, Missouri 31, 60 Pittmonn, Gerald, Avoco, lowo 48, 79 Piper, Larry, St. Joseph, Missouri 138 Pitthon, William, St. Joseph, Missouri 31 Pittsenborger, George, Hopkins, Missouri 55 Plagman, Harold, Kimbollton, Iowa 97 Plumer, Nancy, Carson, Iowa 48, 153 Plummer, Janet, Tarkio, Missouri 61, 102 Poch, Jerry, Atlantic, Iowa 72, 76 Poffenberber, Betty, Greenfield, Iowa 55, 63 Polsley, Deloris, Coin, lowo.. 42, 96 Polsley, James, Blonchord, Iowa 55, 102 Popp , Richord, Manning, Iowa 42, 69 Porter, Ann, Mound City, Missouri 31, 61, 74, 76, 77, 79, 84 Porter, Koran, Maryville, Missouri 55, 78, 153 Porter, Myrle, Jamesport, Missouri 31 Porter, Priscilla, Lamoni, Iowa 55 Porter, Samuel, Farley, Missouri 31 Porter, Sarah, Farley, Missouri 31, 81, 98 Potter, Linda, Sidney, lowo 55 Pottinger, Joel, Prescott, lowo 102, 103 Powell Marvin, Mount Ayr, Iowa 70 Powell, Sharon, Mount Ayr, lowo 55 Powles, Dennis, Sidney, Iowa. 48, 72 Poynter, Sharon, Bigelow, Missouri 55 Price, Von, Clorinda, lowo 48, 73, 77 Price, William, Princeton, Missouri 123 Prichard, Joan, Bridgewoter, lowo 31, 76, 78, 79, 153 Prichard, Mary, Bridgewoter, Iowa 92, 93, 98, 100, 153 Prichard, William, Princeton, Missouri 55, 146 Pritchard, Charles, Delphos, Iowa 86 Pross, Gary, Atlantic, Iowa 48, 72 Provin, Nita, Ridgeway, Missouri 120 Purdin, Edward, Eddyville, Iowa 55 Pursell, Nancy, Tarkio, Missouri 55, 152 Putnam, Jerald, Elliott, Iowa 90 Pyle, Richard, Baxter, Iowa 55 Q Quigley, William, Albany, Missouri 48, 69 R Robel, William, Maryville, Missouri 32, 83, 86 Ramsey, Glen, Earlham, Iowa 42, 67 Raney, Lucille, Maryville, Missouri 48, 64, 76 Ranner, Robert, Watson, Missouri .152 Ratliff, Corinne, Shenandoah, Iowa 56, 63 Rauch, Ronald, Grant City, Missouri 48 Ray, Brent Terry, Anita, Iowa 56, 68 Ray, Keith, Savannah, Missouri 71, 92 Ray, Wendell, Elmo, Missouri...- 48 Rea, Nancy, Shenandoah, Iowa 42, 78, 88 Reoksecker, Linda, Maryville, Missouri 65, 131 Real, Karon, Gilman City, Missouri 56 Reck, Robert, Denver, Colorado 102, 103 Redding, Patricia, Griswold, Iowa 56 Redmon, Carl, Houston, Missouri 32, 84, 123, 126 Reeves, Kim, Des Moines, Iowa 60, 94 Reiff, James, Manilla, Iowa 151 Reinert, Nancy, Savannah, Missouri 56, 65 Reinert, Pot, Savannah, Missouri 42, 64, 78, 117 Renoud, Mark, Atlantic, Iowa 73 Reno, Judy, Altamont, Iowa 56 Richardson, Ken, Storm Lake, Iowa 67 Richardson, Mary Sue, St. Joseph, Missouri. ...32, 62, 74, 78, 81 Richey, Jean, Villisca, Iowa 48 Richey, John, Hopkins, Missouri 48, 151 Richmond, Phillip, Mount Ayr, Iowa 71, 102 Richter, Marjorie, Union Star, Missouri 56 Riley, Charles, Des Moines, Iowa 83 Riley, Donald, Van Meter, Iowa 142 Riley, Peggy, Kansas City, Missouri 32, 61, 76, 94 Risser, Vernon, Ravenwood, Missouri 48, 67 Rivas, Clementina, Montevideo, Uraguay 48, 63 Roach, Loretto, Maryville, Missouri 98, 100, 151 Roach, Paul, Maryville, Missouri 32, 72, 151 Roodes, Jerry, St. Joseph, Missouri 32 Roberts, Jean, Fall City, Nebraska 56 Robertson, Mary, Kansas City, Missouri 32, 79 Robertson, Patsy, Pattonsburg, Missouri 56, 95, 153 Robey, Connie, Maryville, Missouri . 32, 64, 76, 78, 84 Robinson, Billy, Jomesport, Missouri 71 Robinson, John, Maquoketa, Iowa 56, 138 Robison, Evelyn, King City, Missouri 42, 60, 74, 76, 81, 95 Rockhold, Twylio, Lineville, Iowa 56, 153 Rodr, Marilyn, Griswold, Iowa 56, 63 Rodriguez, Raymond, Atchison, Kansas 32, 67, 86 Rogers, Neil, Osborn, Missouri 56 Rohlfs, Fred, Avoca, Iowa 56, 75, 148 Rollins, Phillip, Kansas City, Missouri 76 Rollins, Wylie, Oakland, Iowa 75 Roney, Nancy, Maryville, Missouri 48, 151 Rorobough, Shorol, Corning, Iowa 48, 63 Rorebeck, Marilyn, Shenandoah, Iowa 56, 152 Rose Gerald, North Kansas City, Missouri 148 Rosmann, Charles, Harlan, Iowa 32 Ross, Robert, Osceola, Iowa 32 Rouse, Ray, Des Moines, Iowa 75, 123, 146 Rowan, Patrick, Manilla, Iowa 73, 151 Royston, Neva, Jomesport, Missouri 32 Rucker, Gary, Maryville, Missouri 49, 72 Rucker, Grace Ann, Savannah, Missouri 56, 58, 65 Rucker, Marcia, Savannah, Missouri 32, 64, 74, 78, 126, 128, 144 Rucker, Patricia, Maryville, Missouri 56, 103 Rudolph, Jerry, Amozonia, Missouri 49, 67, 79, 86 Ruse, Karen, Sidney, Iowa. 56, 95 Russell, Merilyn, Graham, Missouri 42 Rutledge, Jeonette, Shorpsburg, Iowa 32, 78 Ryan, Jodine, Leon, Iowa 49 Sobus, Tom, Churdan, Iowa 73 Sobus, Rhea, Churdan, Iowa 56, 151 Sackett, Jerry, Corning, lowo 56 Sogers, Lorry Lee, Maquoketa, Iowa... 138 Saemisch, Richard, Atlantic, Iowa 67 Solfronk, Mary Anne, Rockport, Missouri 32, 64 Sand, Kenneth, Kimballton, Iowa. 133 Sanders, Charles, Maryville, Missouri 49, 71, 140 Sanders, Janet, Villisca, Iowa 33, 64 Sanders, Kenneth, Jefferson, Iowa 42, 69 Soville, Pearl, Redding, Missouri 56, 95 Sawyer, Robert, Bedford, Iowa 33 Scolopino, Marionn, Everest, Kansas 98 Scarlett, Edward, Atchison, Kansas 33 Schlmelfenig, Sam, Weatherby, Missouri 33, 72, 83, 86, 87, 97 Schirner, Phyllis, Indianolo, Iowa 42, 80, 82, 95, 152 Schlie, Rose, Carroll, Iowa 98, 151 Schmidt, Dorlene, Rockport, Missouri 56 Schmitt, Clifton, Savannah, Missouri 33, 90 Schmitz, Oriona, Carroll, Iowa 49, 65 Schneider, Roger, Cosby, Missouri 103 Schooley, James, Albany, Missouri 42, 83 Schroeder, Beaulah, Hamilton, Missouri 33, 95, 152 Schrooten, Jackie, Sac City, Iowa 60 Schulenberg, Lawrence, Mound City, Missouri 49 Schultz, William, Ridgeway, Missouri 33, 75, 84, 89, 102, 103 Scott, Charles, Council Bluffs, Iowa 68 Seddon, Alvin, Mound City, Missouri 153 Seddon, Emmaleo, Mound City, Missouri 33, 78, 79, 153 Seidt, Marcia, Utico, Missouri 42, 78 Seipel, Richard, Maryville, Missouri 57, 71 Sellers, Lynda, Maryville, Missouri 58, 64, 76 Selser, Duane, Red Oak, Iowa 138 Sena, Morcella, Santa Fe, New Mexico 33 Severson, Ronald, Albany, Missouri 42 Severson, ZoAnn, Maryville, Missouri 33, 64, 77 Sewell, Richard, Skidmore, Missouri .49, 86, 97 Seymour, Ann, Tarkio, Missouri 49, 78, 151 Shaffer, Loreno, Parkville, Missouri 56 Show, Sue, Pattonsburg, Missouri.. 56 Show, Gary, Denison, Iowa 73 Shea, Paul, Shenandoah, Iowa 75, 146, 151 Sheldon, Lorry, Thurman, Iowa 33, 69 Shelton, Beverly, Quitman, Missouri 49 Shier, Maurice, St. Joseph, Missouri 33, 102 Shilati, Nossrat, Tehran, Iran, 33, 72 Shipley, Frances, Burlington Junction, Missouri 42, 76, 95 Shipley, Elolse, Burlington Junction, Missouri 49 Shrewsbury, Edwin, Lathrop, Missouri 56 Siddens, Barbara, Albany, Missouri 56 Siefken, Gary, Woodbine, Iowa 49, 73 Simmers, John, Eddyville, lowo 71 Simmons, Bill, Shenandoah, Iowa 42, 69, 76, 97 Simms, Jim, Osceola, lowo 138 Simpson, William, Exiro, Iowa 73 Sims, Harold, Anita, lowo 42, 68, 94 Sims, Suzanne, Fairfax, Missouri 61 Sittner, Norman Scott, Ridgeway, Missouri 68 Skinner, Marvin, Lucas, Iowa 4y Skipton, Frank, Atlantic, Iowa 42, 67 Skipton, Jerry, Atlantic, Iowa 33, 67 Skoglund, Sonja, St. Joseph, Missouri 42, 64, 95, 144, 150 Sleister, David, Manilla, Iowa - 56 Slusher, Judith, Kansas City, Missouri 60 Smail, Shirley, Maryville, Missouri 56 Smith, Kathleen, Meriden, lowo- 56 Smith, Jacqueline, Kansas City, Missouri 33, 78, 79 Smith, James Albert, King City, Missouri 56 Smith, James Guy, Woonsocket, South Dakota 83 Smith, Joe, Waterloo, Iowa 133, 146 Smith, Kenneth, Maryville, Missouri 89 Smith, Olive, Maryville, Missouri 103 Smith, Patsy, Bromer, Missouri 49 Smith, Richard Taylor, Creston, lowo 75, 92, 147 Smith, Richard Wayne, Maryville, Missouri 34 Smith, Riggs, Ridgeway, Missouri 42 Smith, Robert Emmett, Milford, New York 34, 67, 86, 140 Smith, Robert Leon, Jameson, Missouri 56 Snell, Robert, Maryville, Missouri 34, 70, 74 Snively, Leatrice, Shombaugh, lowo 56 Sobotka, Elbert, Maryville, Missouri 34 Sorenson, Paul, Avoca, Iowa 56, 75, 148 Spicer, Cicily, LeRoy, Iowa 49, 61, 94, 103, 130 Spieker, Marilyn, Manning, Iowa 56, 65, 95 Spies, Perry, Boone, lowo 71, 128 Stodler, Charles, Maryville, Missouri 34, 72 Stadler, Wanda, Maryville, Missouri 34, 86 Stalling, Dick, Burlington Junction, Missouri - 34, 79 Stamper, Charlotte, Pottonsburg, Missouri .49, 98, 152 Standlea, Phyl, Maryville, Missouri 34, 76, 83, 97 Stanton, Anne, Eureka, Missouri 56, 79 Stanton, Roland, Savannah, Missouri 49, 71, 86, 140 Storks, Edwina, Red Oak, Iowa 56, 95, 151, 153 Steodman, Charles, Maryville, Missouri 68 Steinhauser, Lawrence, Stonberry, Missouri 49 Stephens, Michael, Forest City, Missouri 56 Stevenson, William, New Hampton, Missouri 82, 90 Stolting, Louise, Golden City, Missouri 49,79,103 Stone, Philip, Mount Ayr, lowo 49, 75 Stoops, Connie, Shenandoah, Iowa 49, 88, 89, 152 Stratton, Robert, Quimby, Iowa 73 Suess, Richard, Maryville, Missouri 68 Sundell, Edward, Conway, Iowa. 49 Sundermon, Carolyn, Clarinda, Iowa 56, 79, 98, 151 Sundermo n, Sharon, Griswold, lowo 34, 78, 79 88 Sutter, William, Rockport, Missouri 34, 68 Swoney, Gary, Hopkins, Missouri 42 Swinney, Shirley, St. Joseph, Missouri 34 Swope, Jeanne, Plattsburg, Missouri 56, 79, 102, 103, 151, 152 Swope, Joanne, Plattsburg, Missouri 56, 79, 102, 103, 151, 152 T Tague, Walter, Kansas City, Missouri 71 Tomm, Clifford, Denison, Iowa 34 Tote, Gary, Gallatin, Missouri 71 Taylor, Gory, Smithville, Missouri 71, 133 Taylor, Glenn, Maitland, Missouri 56 Taylor, Jock, Caruthersville, Missouri 88, 133 Taylor, Janet Sue, Silver Springs, Maryland 56, 145 Taylor, LaDonna, Kansas City, Missouri 34, 78, 79 Taylor, Lou Jane, Silver Springs, Maryland 34, 76, 78, 80, 84, 151 Taylor, Lynn, St. Joseph, Missouri 73 Taylor, Martin, Ridgeway, Missouri 34 Templeton, Darrell, Corning, Iowa 56, 68 Templeton, Dixie, Independence, Missouri 79 Terhune, Gerald, Forest City, Missouri 42 Thomas, Betty, Rockport, Missouri 152 Thomas, Doyle, Grant City, Missouri 133, 138, 139, 146 Thomas, Judith, Mount Ayr, Iowa 89 Thomas, Morion, St. Joseph, Missouri 79, 152 Thomas, Rebecca, Coon Rapids, Iowa 56, 80 Thomas, Sally, Council Bluffs, Iowa 56, 98 Thomas, William Gene, Wales Lincoln, Iowa 56, 97 Thomas, William Preston, Corning, lowo 49, 69 Thompson, Aaron, Quitman, Missouri 42, 86, 89 Thompson, Jeanne, Morill, Nebraska 60, 88 Thompson, John, Albany, Missouri 75 Thompson, Julio, Hopkins, Missouri 49, 79, 144, 151, 153 Thompson, Linda, Kansas City, Missouri 56, 65 Thornton, Carol, Roytown, Missouri 42 Thornton, Nelson, Osceola, lowo.. 67, 97 Tibken, Walter, Cumberland, lowo.. .125 Timmermon, Lorry, Nodaway, lowo 68, 138, 139 Timmerman, Lonnie, Nodaway, lowo 89, 99, 102, 133 Timmermon, Luonn, Audubon, Iowa 49,65, 102, 103 Tobin, Kenneth, Maryville, Missouri 35 Tock, Jim, Cherokee, Iowa 35, 72 Toft, Marvin, Exiro, Iowa 103 Townsend, Glenda, Maryville, Missouri 35 Trail, Thomas, Faucett, Missouri 35, 71 Troster, Karen, Hopkins, Missouri 56 Trimble, Bill, Jamesport, Missouri 49, 72 Trimm, Sandra, Albany, Missouri 56 Triplitt, Lee, Jefferson, Iowa 102, 103 Trump, Sharon, Worth, Missouri 57 Tschetter, Velma, Keosauqua, Iowa 35, 153 Turner, Bertha, Maryville, Missouri 35, 76, 95 Turner, Linda, Avoca, Iowa 49, 78, 103 Tussey, Karen, Orient, Iowa 35, 60, 76, 79, 84, 96 Twaddle, Bruce, Maryville, Missouri 35 Ueligger Donna, Rosendole, Missouri 49, 88 Ulrich, Jerome, Plattsmouth, Nebraska 35, 67, 151 VanBuren, Willord, Von Meter, lowo .35, 69, 76, 99 VanBuskIrk, Merlyn, Hitchcock, South Dakota 35, 119 VonBuskirk, Myron, Hitchcock, South Dakota 67 VanderPol, Max, Pella, lowo 42, 67, 140 Vanderwerf, Stanley, Pella, Iowa 49, 67 VanEkeren, Judy, Pella, lowo 98 VonGilder, Curt, Albio, lowo 35 VonHoutan, ShayRonn, Martinsville, Missouri 57, 102, 103 VonSyoc, Jewell, Milo, lowo 57, 102, 103, 153 Vest, Richard Terry, Mound City, Missouri 49, 89, 90 Vogel, Eleanor, Lenox, lowo 57, 145 Vogel, Galen, Lenox, Iowa 35, 102 Voggesser, Max, Maryville, Missouri 35, 69 Vollstedt, Darlys, Manning, Iowa 42, 79, 102 Voshell, Melvin, Oelwein, lowo 57 Voss, Sharon, Morne, Iowa 57 Wagner, Sharon, Fairfax, Missouri 57 Woke, Bruce, St. Joseph, Missouri 35, 75, 76, 82, 99, 106, 146, 147 Wake, Roger, St. Joseph, Missouri 36 Wokely, Robert, Graham, Missouri 42, 68 Waldeier, Peggy, Grant City, Missouri 57, 80 Walker, David, Chillicothe, Missouri 57, 102 Walker, Leon, Barnard, Missouri 42, 72 Walker, Roberta, Council Bluffs, Iowa 50,65,76, 110, 117, 131 Walker, Suzanne, Lothrop, Missouri 57, 80 Walker, Trudi, Maryville, Missouri 50, 61, 76 Wall, Gretchen, Kansas City, Missouri 57, 65 Wallace, Judith, Nodaway, Iowa 57 Walter, Garland, Lenox, Iowa. 50 Walter, Giles, Stanberry, Missouri 73 Word, Don, Maryville, Missouri 68 Wardlow, Barbara, Skidmore, Missouri 50 Ware, James, Pickering, Missouri 71 Ware, Morjorie, Pickering, Missouri 36 Warner, Gary, Maysville, Missouri 57 Warner, Sharii, Maryville, Missouri 42, 78, 79 Watson, Eugene, Cameron, Missouri 42, 79, 86, 151, 153 Watson, Shelby, Derby, Iowa 50, 78 Waugh, Larry, Maryville, Missouri 36, 86, 88 Waugh, William, Council Bluffs, Iowa 99, 138 Webb, William, Doraville, Georgia 133 Weber, James, Shannon City, Iowa 36, 83, 151 Weed, George, Orient, Iowa 43, 99, 133 Weeks, Clyde, St. Joseph, Missouri 36 Wegermonn, Rodney, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 57 Weir, Lee, Bedford, Iowa 50, 86 Weiss, Julie, Wall Lake, Iowa 43 Welch, Lyie, Audubon, Iowa 36, 86 Wells, James Eugene, St. Joseph, Missouri 57 Wells, James Ray, Mount Ayr, Iowa 43, 71, 140 Wells, Ross, Maryville, Missouri 36, 152 West, Tim, Edgerton, Missouri 97, 104 Westergoord, Gerald, Adair, Iowa. 86 Wheeler, Ronald, Elmo, Missouri 50 White, Betty, Blythedole, Missouri 36, 64 White, Diane Jean, Maryville, Missouri 79 White, Larry, Maysville, Missouri 88 White, Lois Dempsey, Maryville, Missouri 36, 80 White, Marilyn, Union Star, Missouri 43, 76, 96 White, Robert Lawrence, Chillicothe, Missouri 83 White, Robert Lee, Maryville, Missouri .36, 102, 103 White, Virginia, Creston, Iowa 57, 63, 80, 130 Whitehead, Martha, Shenandoah, Iowa 50, 63 Whitford, Brendo, Fairfax, Missouri 57, 95 Whitney, Kathleen, Maryville, Missouri 94, 96 Whitney, Thomas, Leominster, Massachusetts 138 Wickisher, Carolyn, Craig, Missouri 57 Wickiser, Linda, Falls City, Nebraska 57, 95, 103 Wigger, Harold, Clarksdole, Missouri 73 Wilcox, Richard, Harlan, Iowa 36, 72, 73 Wilkerson, O. E., Stanberry, Missouri 57 Wilkinson, Harold, Mound City, Missouri 36, 71, 99, 133 Wilkinson, James, Carson, Iowa 57, 83 Wilkinson, Larry, Kansas City, Missouri 71 Willhite, Linda, Grant City, Missouri 57 Williams, Betty, Maryville, Missouri 50, 95 Williams, John, Maryville, Missouri 50, 69 Williams, Judy, Plattsburg, Missouri 50, 152 Williams, Ronald, Shenandoah, Iowa 75 Williamson, Julia, Lathrop, Missouri 43, 151, 153 Willis, Robert, St. Joseph, Missouri 50, 71 Wilmarth, Harold, Kent, Iowa 97, 99, 138 Wilmes, Ernest, Conception Junction, Missouri 57 Wilson, Barbara, St. Joseph, Missouri 50, 63 Wilson, Dale, Red Oak, Iowa 57 Wilson, Margaret, St. Joseph, Missouri 36 Wilson, William F., Emerson, Iowa 50 Winchester, Harley, Maryville, Missouri 83 Wolf, Curtis, Eldon, Iowa 57 Wolf, Joyce, Weatherby, Missouri 36 Woolley, Ben, Leon, Iowa 73 Woolsey, Gary, Des Moines, Iowa 36, 72 Wormsley, Wayne, Kansas City, Missouri 57 Wright, Max, Melcher, Iowa 67 Wright, Leiand, Menio, Iowa .....37, 76, 96 Wright, Lowell, Bolckow, Missouri 57 Wright, Marvin, Gallatin, Missouri 37, 71, 86 Wright, Samuel, Stewortsville, Missouri 71 Wrisinger, Nancy, Richmond, Missouri 50, 153 Wylie, James, Sidney, Iowa .138 Y Yamane, Nancy, Waimea, Hawaii 57, 80 Yates, Linda, Bolckow, Missouri 57 Yeager, Carolyn, Toledo, Ohio 103 York, Loron, Perry, Iowa 50, 123, 131 Young, Ann, Quitman, Missouri 50, 64 Young, Nancy, Quitman, Missouri 37, 65, 78, 98 z Zettervall, James, Brainerd, Minnesota 50 Zimmerlin, Daniel, Mulhouk, France 152 Zimmerman, Wilbur, Gainesville, Missouri 57 S7 :%a V 36 50 I] 57 35 7] m J«,7! 57 I I ' , I 1 i m ' 1 i 1 ' , ■ 1 1 ' 1 1 t 1 V ll t %

Suggestions in the Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) collection:

Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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Northwest Missouri State University - Tower Yearbook (Maryville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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