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Text from Pages 1 - 156 of the 1955 volume:

' Monday -cots • fO Vf. oay - OM A. O y I A_fVg£K A T NtVAtSC .... t9rS • J ' . " ts:l-jiii " M-. ' -- p 4 Inf t Marca Dick, editor. Harold Addington. art editor. Mr. Howard Rinsold. fac- ulty advisor: Don Herren. assistant editor: Barbara Don 1 -er. Donald Rob- ertson. Charlotte Patterson. Not shown: Dr. Frank Grube. literary advisor. CONTENTS I Monday — Classes Tuesday — Social Organizations Wednesday — Departmental Organizations Thursday — Administrati on and Faculty Friday — Sports Saturday — Non-class Activities Sunday — Religious Organizations FOREWORD " A Week at Northwest Missouri State College " could not adequately represent the many activities of the school year unless imaginatively we picture that week as being a school term in length. A writing staff consisting of Sally Bolin, Marcia Woodcock, Louise Novinger, Lillian Beggs, Beverly Thomson, Barbara Nixon, Beverly Garrett, Pat Fowley, Maxine Carmichael, Arlene Rinehart, Pat Baker, Carol Tilton, and Bill Baldwin assisted those pictured on the previous page in recording the academic and social fimctions on campus. The staff of the TOWER through the medium of the camera and the pen offers a review of a mythical week of campus life in this 1955 TOWER. Page 4 DEDICATION Dr. Sterling Surrey This 1955 Tower is dedicated to Dr. Ster- ling Surrey. His service to the students and his interest in them is evidenced by his par- ticipation in a variety of collegiate activities. Representatives to the student senate report that Dr. Surrey, a student senate adviser, is a man of many ideas and much enthusiasm. This report rings true in his work with the Student Loan Fund and with the teacher- student composed Assembly Committee. Bearcat basketball and football fans enjoy and look forward to Dr. Surrey ' s announce- ments at the games. His remarks are not guar- anteed to be unprejudiced but rather they are typical of the school spirit he displays and inspires. Pages OUR CAMPUS ■ ft6ic-rtfi ' .. Page 6 WHO ' S WHO These students have earned for themselves the honor of being Hsted in " Who ' s Who " for the year of 1954-1955. Only seniors who have maintained a grade average of 1.75 are eligible for nomination, and the records of each as responsible leaders on the campus were appraised. A mathematical point system for evaluating extra-curricular activities was used as a basis for selecting these students as outstanding among those who were nominated. John Barrett. Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Sigma Kpsilon presi- dent. Interfraternity Council. Student Senate. Social Committee, sophomore class vice-president. Tower King, general manager of student contestant. Franklin Bayless. Phi Sigma Epsilon. Northwest Missour- ian staff, president of student body. Student Senate, Social Committee, junior class vice-president. Assembly Committee. Homecoming Committee. Tower King. Earl Bridgewater. Kappa Delta Pi. Phi .Sigma Epsilon vice-president. Interfraternity Council, senior presi- dent. Homecoming Chairman, coach of college " B " team (basketball). J. D. Hammond. Tau Kappa Epsilon president. Tau Kappa Epsilon secretary. Interfraternity Council. Student Senate. A.ssenibly Committee. Homecoming concession stand chairman. Student Loan Fund Drive chairman. Senate Concession Grants chairman. Roberta Kordes. Swim Show. Kappa Delta Pi. Kappa Omicron Phi, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Student Senate. Religious Emphasis Week Committee. Louise Noringer. Intermediate Club president. Alpha Psi Omega, Kappa Delta Pi, Independent Club secretary. Northwest Missourian staff. Student Senate. Social Com- mittee, cheer leader. Annie Lou Cowan. Kappa Omicron Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Hand, Alpha Sigma Alpha president two years. Panhel- lenic Council, Student Senate vice-president. Homecoming Committee, Gerry Struck, departmental group member, departmental group president, major departmental production, honorary scholastic departmental fraternity. Alpha Sigma Alpha. Intermural Commission. Maxine PeShon Gofj. Tower Choir president, musical productions. Kappa Delta Pi. .Sigma Sigma Sigma vice- president, Panhellenic Council, .Student .Senate, Social Committee, fres hman treasurer, junior .secre- tary, 1952 Homecoming Queen. Homecoming Committee. Bill Summa. departmental group member, honorary scho- lastic departmental fraternity. Northwest Missourian staff. Phi Sigma Epsilon. football — varsity letter. Homecoming Committee, general manager of student contestant. Inter- mural Commission. Intramural Athletic Director. Fage7 SENIORS MONTE GENE ADAMS Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Agririilturi ' Degree: U.S. Secondary Education HAROLD ADDINGTON Major: Fine Arts Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Education REID ANDERSON Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education HARRIET APPLETON Major: Business Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Education BYRON BAILEY Major: Mathematics Minor: Business Degree: B.S. Secondary Education BILL BALDWIN Major; Physical Education; Mathematics Minor: Physics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education PATRICIA BAKER Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education JOHN BARRETT Major: Social Science Minor: Spanish Degree: B.S. Secondary Education Pages SENIORS FRANK BAYLES Major: History Minor: Political Science Di ' Rrt ' t ' : A.B. LLOYD BISHOP Major: Business Minor: Economics Dt ' gree: B.S. S ' condary Education MARY BOGLE Major: Business Minor: French Degree: B.S. EARL BRIDGEWATER Major: Social Science Minor: Physical Education Degree: B.S. Secondary Education JOYCE BROWN Major: Business Minor: Music Degree: B.S. Secondary Education TERRY BULLOCK Major: Social Science; History Degree: B.S. Secondary Education MARK BURNS Major: Physical Education Minor: Business Degree: B.S. Secondary Education RAYMOND BUTT Major: Agriculture Minor: Industrial Arts Degree: B.S. Page 9 SENIORS MAXINK CARMICIIAKL Major: KIcmrnlory Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education DAVID COCHRAN Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Social Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ROBERT CONLEY Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. PATRICIA COOPER Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ANN CORLESS Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ANNIE LOU COWAN Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education CAROLYN CRISWELL Major: English Minor: Music Degree: B.S. Secondary Education FRANCES CROSS Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education Page 10 SENIORS ELIZABKTH CUSHMAN Major: Physical Education Minor: Business Degree: B.S. Secondary Education HOWARD DAVENPORT Major: Industrial Arts; Physical Education Degree: B.S. Secondary Education CENA DAVIS Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education JOHN DAVIS Major: Biology Minor: Industrial Arts; General Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education SHIRLEY DAVIS Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education MARCA DICK Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education HAROLD DINSMORE Major: Agriculture Minor: General Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ZANE DODGE Major: Agriculture Minor: General Science Degree: B.S. Pngr II SENIORS PHYLLIS E. DYER Major: Elementary Education Dfgree: R.S. Elementary Education CORWIN ELLIOTT Major: Music Degree: B.S. Secondary and Elementary Education MARILYN ELLIOTT Major: Music Degree: B.S. Secondary and Elementary Education MYRNA FALK Major: Music Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Education DUANE FREEMAN Major: Industrial Arts: Physical Education Degree: B.S. Secondary Education BARBARA FOX Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education VIRGINIA FUHRMAN Major: Primary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education DONALD FRENCH Major: Agriculture Minor: Social Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education Page 12 SENIORS DONALD GARDNER Major: Elementary Education Dogwv: B.S. Elementary Education JOHN GARNER Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Physical Education Degree: B.S. Secondary Education CAROL GROOM Major: Social Science Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Education MAXINE GOFF Major: Music Degree: B.S. Secondary and Elementary Education J. D. HAMMOND Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: A.B. EDWIN HASCALL Major: Mathematics Minor: General Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education BERNARD E. HATTON Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. PHYLLIS HAYES Major: Physical Education Minor: Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education Page 13 SENIORS DAVID HKLM Major: Agriculture Minor: Biuluf y Di ' gree: A.B. BONNIE HENDERSON Major: Vucatiunal Hume Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education JACK HILL Major: Music Degree: B.S. Secondary and Elementary Education EVELYN HILLMAN Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education RUTH HOOPER Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education CLYDE HULET Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Speech Degree: B.S. Secondary Education SARAH HUTT Major: French Minor: Art Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ROBERT HUMPHREVILLE Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Page 14 SENIORS JACK KINDER Major: Biology Minor: Chcmi ' itry: General Science Degrt ' o: U.S. Secondary Education ROBERTA KORDES Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education JANET McCLARD Major: Music Degree: B.S. Elementary Education OWEN McINTYRE Major: Agriculture Minor: Chemistry Degree: B.S. Secondary Education LARRY MATHENY Major: Biology Minor: General Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education LORRAINE MAU Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education DANIEL MILLER Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Busine. ' is Degree: B.S. Secondary Education JANET MILLS Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education Page 15 SENIORS ONO MONACHINO Major: Physical Education Minor: Mathematics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education DIXIE MOORE Major: Physical Education; Business Degree: B.S. Secondary Education MAX MOORE Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education JEANIE MULVANIA Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ALMA MURRELL Major: Business Minor: English Degree: B.S. Secondary Education BETTY NAZARENE Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education PATTY NEFF Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Educatio n CALVIN NELSON Major: Mathematics Minor: Agriculture; Physics; General Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education Page 10 SENIORS MAURICE LEE NELSON Major: Agriculture Minor: Biology Dcgri ' o: U.S. Si ' conclary F.ducation LOUISE NOVINGER Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education CHARLOTTE PATTERSON Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education MIZELLA PEARSON Major: Business Minor: Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education NORMAN PEARSON Major: Music Degree: B.S. Secondary and Elementary Education MILDRED PEERY Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education ROBERT PUMPHREY Major: Busini ' ss Administration Minor: Economics Dt ' gree: B.S. MARY RICHARDS Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education Page 17 SENIORS ARLENE RINEHART Major: Vocational Home Economics Di ' fjree: B.S. Secondary Education ROY L. RINKHART Major: Agriculture Minor: Biology Degree: B.S. Secondary Education CAROLYN RISSER Major: Vocational Home Economics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education JOHN RUSSELL Major: Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. BOB SAWHILL Major: Mathematics Minor: General Science: Physics Degree: B.S. Secondary Education COVEL D. SEARCY Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementarv Education EVELYN SHALINE Major: English Minor: French Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ROBERT SHEA Major: Social Science Minor: Sociology Degree: B.S. Page 18 SENIORS HKRNIECE SHORT Major: Buf incss Minor: English Di ' grt ' f: B.S. Secondary Education DON sklp:nar Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry D. ' grec: B.S. Secondary Education EARL SPRONG Major: Business; Physical Education Degree: B.S. Secondary Education GERRY STRUCK Major: Physical Education Minor: English Dsgree: B .S. Secondary Education JOHNN LEE THOMPSON Major: English Minor: Speech; Library Science Degree: B.S. Secondary Education ROBERT THORNE Major: History; Social Science Minor: Political Science D ' L ' gree: B.S. Secondary Education DOUGLAS THORPE Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education MARLAN TIEMANN Major: Agriculture Minor: Industrial Arts Degree: B.S. n o Page 19 SENIORS Ail4id DONALD W. TILSON Major: Social Science Minor: Sociology Deftree: A.B. MAURICE TOBIN Major: Business Administration; Economics Minor: Social Science Degree: U.S. KAY VEST Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education HENRY VOSS, JR. Major: Business; Social Science Minor: History Degree: B.S. DONA WALKER Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Elementary Education PHYLLIS WATSON Major: Elementary Education Degree: B S. Elementary Education JACK WIECHMANN Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Physical Education Degree: B.S. Secondary Education MAURICE WHEELER Major: Mathematics Minor: General Science; Industrial Arts Degree: B.S. Secondary Education Page 20 JUNIORS Mnry Aiuloisoii CliaiU ' ne Ashley Halph Hainolt Vii ' iin K Mendor ICIhert Blair Barbara Boyd Charles Brown ] Bonnie _ ' ani|)l)ell Veldeva ( xhraii Hoger Cook Lex Creamer Marym Croy ( " onnie ( iitler B C.. Darby Wanda David i ' rank Davis hb rA Pa lie 21 JUNIORS -Icin Ann IVnrI ' " H - m m f K . ms. JH J " ■■—III lu-maCmliill Shannon r.reen I wen ( ifove ■itr l osalie Hamilton " - t ' .eorse Haskey mm Janice Hvink Teggy Henry Marylyn I.aMar I-uwana I inke Dayrel McClure Page 22 JUNIORS U.)iiu-i M.Coolt Ann McNeill .lo Ann Meek Carolvn Mix Dean Moore Kenneth Moore Duune Newman Martha Newman Dave I ' eiiwell Difk Phillips Hruce Fierce Richard I ' istole iiM Wiihiir Powell Roland Ray Iris Reece B N Roherts Page 23 JUNIORS Mary K. HoU Donna Kuoff Dannie Smith Harold Smith Kolicrl Smith Jack Spence Robert Staggs Doris Staples ■i . W. Stone Kenneth Stone Delore Stoutfer Jeanette Stouffer Dorotiiv Thiessen Russell Thompson Carol Tilton Richard Tilton Page 24 JUNIORS Teresa Tohiii HIizabethTokuda liarhara Don Tver I) Ti,il l Warford .lohn Fred WhitfonI Mar ia Woodcock .lolm Woodv ,Io Ann Volk Virginia Watken Marge YounK KIsie Youiigi)er{ Wanda Kingsolver Audra Lorance Page 25 SOPHOMORES I ' aliicia Adams Charles Adair Frances Addison lionita Allen Ann Allison Sandi AlnKiiiist Jo Ellen Anderson Edward Appleton Nellie Argo Walter Arms Harold Baker Lonnie Barker Gordon Bates Jim Bishop Tom Bishop Marvin Black Yvonne Blair Sally Bolin Pat Boydston Larry Brennan Page 26 I SOPHOMORES I.a erne Hro Mi Arlluir Hu.kinKli: Kdciv Hush r.arrv Kullor Darlcne ( ase I ' iuil Clark Marjorie rockayne Darlene Coleman .Janice Commons Betty D. Cooksey B Ton Cooper Donald Cordell Ruth Crane Vic Cr Pat Crouse Del Davidson Charles Davis Ramona Dickinson Richard Dinkel Montra Dorm an Page 27 M, SOPHOMORES C.alcn Dronnan Wantia I)iiKK ' John Dunn Mania Klv I!()l) Krnst F.lla Erp Elmer Evans Mary Fast Conrad F ' otliergill Kaye Ferguson Dick Frizell Mary Ann Funkhouser Karen Gardner Franklin Garey Lorraine Garside Marilyn Garlrn Bill Geer «!j» Jeanne Goodscn Charles Gorton Lanny Gray Page 28 SOPHOMORES Ha ' nu n l ( irt ' ev Wilma lii ' OViT Norma (iriffilh James Oromor Charles Hagee Lester Hall John Harvey James Headrick Mary Lou Hedstroiii Shirley Heits Dave Henkowski Carroll Benson Kilwin Herde Norman Higginliotli Ui.hard Houston Hill Humphrey William Hunt C.ary Hutchison James Jackson Sally Jackson Page 29 SOPHOMORES Gordon I,emar Robert Lillie George Lockridge Florence Loose Doris McKinley Jack Madsen Fred Maher •lames Martin Page 30 SOPHOMORES l.arry Marrs ' ilas Martin Marlin Mauiir, .Ir Kaf M.MKl.Miliall Marii- Mollis Uiis.-ioll Morris Shirley MolsiiiKor Heverly Murphy ISarbara Nixon Nina .lo Noellsch Kirhy Norman I ' atricia O ' Brien Marilyn O ' Connor Man O ' Neal Kldon Patterson Uurdette I ' ierpoint Hettebelle I ' itts Heverly I ' orter Neva I ' ullen Nancy Kainey Page 31 SOPHOMORES Donald Kidpatli Donald l{oliprl,son James Roll Donna Lea Ross Roger Rowlett Larry Rowley Bill Schultz Kathryn Smith Richard Smith James Snapp Lura Stafford Darlene Stamp Jean Swanson Lauretta Taylor Alice Terhune Joan Terwilliger Page 32 SOPHOMORES Curtis Thomns KoIhikIo Thompson Ile ' erly Thomson Uelores Tietz Kohort linn.ll Aileen Turner Harold Voggesser Wilma Walker Marjorie White Pat Wood Lester Wooten Sue Wright (icrald Wiirster Rita Yehle Arlene Uthe Paul Zarhary Ralph Zarhary Itichard Zacharv JthJ Page 33 m FRESHMEN Virginia Barks Kaye Barnes Carolene Berk ■liuiy Beemer Joanne Beeson Joyce Bender Joyce Benedict Don Bennett Warren Bennett Merton Beurerman Virginia Birbeck Beverly Blohtn Larry Bolar I ' hiilip Bram Roger Brandes Carol Bressler Page 34 FRESHMEN Arlflii Hiiike Wilhari. lU.rns CfiaUliiu- Hiishv Kuth Husliv I ' cKSy Hush Katherine Huttermore I.arry Caiiipbell Marjorie Canon Shirley Clevenger Keith Collier Mildred Cook I ' hyllisCox Beverly Cooper Doreen Coulson Virginia Cox Sandra Craven Louise Daily Shirley Dieterirh .Janet Dinkel Page 35 FRESHMEN I ' at Donaldson •lanice Dowden (lary Kdwards Shirley Kllyson Susan Ely Carolee Evans Kd Farquar Clyde Ferguson Bill Feuerbacher Joe Frederick Mary Fulton Gary Funkhcuser Carol Gamble Elinor Garside Melvin Gibson Jo Ella Gill Helen Gillis Miriam Gose Roena Gossett Robert Gragg Page 36 FRESHMEN Nonun ( ' .lantcer I ' t-K Ciranthiim ColettaC.ietMi ( ' it ' orKf Cireen Danny Gregory Mary C.riffin .lean (Irisliain Glee Guess Wendell Guess Peggy Guthrie Jennie Hajek David Hanna Jean Hardcastle James Harre Ron Hatten Sandra Hayzlett Vivian Head Kllen Hedstrom Kldon Heflin Vernon Jenkins Page .37 FRESHMEN Mary H.-icle Di.ii ll.-nen liunnir llooki-r VVillnir Hc.nihiickle Frances Howell Alice Hoy Mary l.oii Hushes Koliert .lames Nanry .Jamison .lean .Jenson Beverly -lohnson Charmaine .lohnsi Shirley Johnson Beatrice .Jones Marilyn .Jones Barliara .Julius Tamara Kennedy Betty King Mary I.andon Macyl I.andphair Page 38 FRESHMEN .Ioy e I.iish Slanlfv I.HUKtiton ' roiiiMiy I.nwlor N ' omiM I-imi; Olive Long Sarah Lorance I arry McC ord Gloria Mc-Conkey Chnrlt ' s MiCrary Doiin-i McElfresli Bill M.Kee Marilyn McKern Rex Malson Glentla Martin ( arolyn Massie Lloyd Matlu-r Kvelyn Mathews Vera Mattson Kflward Maxon ( " ■ail Medsker Page 39 FRESHMEN p,T - ' ' Don Milloi y Anita Milligan dene Mitchell Robert Maffitt Shirley Moore Ona Morrison Verla Mosman Larry Motsinger Helen Mulvania -Janice Murphy Richard Neff Katy Nicholas Ronald Noah Marge Nyrene Evelyn O ' Connell Kenneth Olney Charlene Olson Sharon Olson Page 40 FRESHMEN Hela Peterson Do.i I ' ifipoiiil I ' at Piper Marjorie Pistole Dannie I ' lirtle Rodney Quinn Ixiis Ramsev .leannette Ranch Anna Roberts Marge Robinson Aletha Rogers Pat Runyan Gay Ryan Sondra Sawyer Betty Schrader Elaine Schroeder Larry Schutz Ron Searcy Don Shaniberger iT Page 41 FRESHMEN l r(a Spratt Maxine Spry Donna Stark Charlene Steiner Loren Stuvi -k Richard Suetterlin Maurice Sullivan Velma Swartz Bill Taylor Marva Taylor Marjorie Thomson William Throckmorton Lavonne Van Meter Marylan Wahlers Barhara Walden Carol Walker Page 42 W FRESHMEN Sharon Walsh l.vlf Warford Nan ' Worlc ' James Warner I. vie Welch Kvelyn West Rirhard Westlako Virginia Wharton Shirley Woodring Kay White Orvillc Willis Verna Wright Clarence Yeo I-. D. Young Raynionfl Youngberg Gene Younger Karen Zach Dorothy Snook Page 43 WHAT ' S COOKIN? A ' H m Page 44 TEST TUBE SYMPHONY Page 45 REGISTRATION Page 46 I INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL wT n 1 s- r- i r n 11 Fronr Rou ' : John Barrett. Vice-President. John Hiissell. President. J. D. Hammond. Secretary-Treasurer. Reid D. Anderson. BacJb ftou): Jack Kinder, John Gamer, Earl Bridgewater. Membership of the Inter-Frater- nity Council is made up of the presi- flent, vice-president, and one other member from each of the frater- nities. The Council works to cement re- lations between the fraternities and non-Greek organizations on the campus. Its job is to .set up regula- tions for pledging and rushing and also to build a bond of friendship between the fraternities. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The promotion of good will and scholarship among the sororities on campus and the supervision of inter- sorority functions are the activities of the Pan-Hellenic Council. This is a national organization composed of the president, vice-president, anrl one other representative from each Greek sorority. Sigma Sigma Sigma again cap- tured the Scholarship Cup awarded by the Council. Miss Barbara Taylor of Delta Sigma Epsilon was president of the Council this year. Front Row: Bonnie Henderson. Vice-President. Barbara Taylor, Presi- dent. Annie Lou Cowan. Secretary. Back Row: Marcia Woodcock. Carole Kay Trotter. Lauretta Taylor. Bettebelle Pitts, Carol Groom. Martha Newman. Page 47 INDEPENDENT CLUB With executives Joyce Brown, Wanda Da- vid, Veldeva Cochran, and Bill Schultz in charge, the Independent Club has completed one of its most successful years. Homecoming, parties, dances, and political campaigns were but a few of the year ' s highlights. First of the 112 members to step forward to pay his dues was Charles Hagee, while Bonnie Hooker had the dubious honor of be- ing last to join. It was people like these two — and all those in between — who made the club a great organization. During the week of fall enrollment, the club sponsored a " Hobo " party for the fresh- men. With Louise Novinger supervising, the groups of " tramps, " " bums, " and " vaga- bonds " were sent separately on scavenger hunts which ended at College Park. There, with a huge campfire providing the atmos- phere, everyone consumed great quantities of marshmallows, and participated in nonsen- sical skits, the brainstorms of Bill Schultz, Betty Cooksey, and Louise Novinger. Each of the 120 who were present finally got their pop even though Corky Elliot and Fred Whit- ford suffered skinned knuckles and other minor injuries while opening bottles by make- shift methods. The strength of the I.C. ' s was very much in evidence during Homecoming weekend. A representative. Miss Pat Wood, rode as an attendant to the Queen. In overall Homecom- ing participation, I.C. captured second place by virtue of a first award in parade activity, first in jalopies, second in beauty floats, and thirds for skits and clowns. Other Homecom- ing memoirs: The can-can girls . . . Maria Gamboa ' s mambo . . . The towers on the float — too big for the bus barn door . . . Charles Hagee ' s " Dead Bear " in Bakyr ' s store win- dow. Page 48 INDEPENDENT CLUB Front How: Jeanette Stouffer, Mildicil Peery. Monte Gene Adams. IClvin I. on;;, Larry I ' arman. Betty Heyser. Hetty Crowley. Second How: Sondra Sawyer, Delores Tietz. I ' eggy Jo ( " .uthrie, Maxine Spry. Betty Kinf, ' . Sherry Ryan. Aileen Turner. Helen Mulvania. Third How: Mary Herde. Arleta Hurko. Peggy Henry, Reta Opal Peterson. Wan da Kingsolver, Karen nch. R-.iniona Dic-kinson. Jeanie Mulvania. Back How: Edwin Herde. Carroll Hen son. Dick Phillips. Roland Ray. .lohn F Whitford. Eldon K. Patterson. Donald R Miller. Franklin Carey. From How: Dolore Stouffer, Beverly F ' orter. Peggy Ann Bush, Alice Terhune Virginia Fuhrman. Iris Reece, Ruth Crane. Second How: Peggy Grantham. Nini .lo Noellsch. Bonita Allen, Mary E. Rolf. Jean Hardcastle. Darlene Coleman Nor- ma Ward. Laura .Stafford Third Row: Mary K. Fulton. Marv Lee Landon. Glenda Rice. Wreatha Jarvis. Roena Gos.sett. Carolene Beck, Glenda Kay Martin. Charlene Steiner. Anna Roberts. Fourth Row: Alice Hoy. Pat Wood. Kath- ryn Delores Smith, Evelyn West. Gay Ryan, Barbara Walden. Shirley Cleven- ger. Back Row: Gene James. Gary Hutchi- son. Richard Henry, Bill O ' Leary. B ' ll Dunlap, George R. Green, Charles R. Hagee. Front Row: Jack Cole, Parliamentarian: Veldeva Cochran, Secretary: Wanda Da- vid, Vice-President: Joyce Brown, Pren ' - dent: Betty Cooksey. Historian: Louise Novinger, Bill Schultz, Treasurer. Second Row: Dorothy Snook. Miriam Gose. Lola Anderson. Gloria MK onkey. Barbara Ann Boyd. Doreen Kay Coulson. Donna Burger, Shirley Jo Woodring, Elizabeth Tokuda. Third How: Joyce Benedict. Sarah Lo- rance. Kay White. Vera Matt.son. Bev- erly Johnson. Peggy Andrews. Marjorie Cockayne. lionna Ruoff. Donna McEl- fresh. Norma Jane Granteer. Back How: Dick Phillips. Don Sklenar. Harold D. Smith. Jimniie Martin. Larry MVCord. Roger Brandes. Page 49 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Alpha Sigmas started the year with a bang as they presented a Gay Nineties informal rush party. Plaid tablecloths, candles in quaint champagne bottles, and root beer gave just the right atmosphere to those western bal- lads. Closing the week of rushing was the impres- sive formal rush party. Twenty-four pledges were added to the roll. Homecoming with its many activities brought with it problems and fun. The orchid float, the argyle sox, and Fran and Carole Kay carrying their trusty fender added to the parade. The Alpha Sig skit gave to the Homecoming audience a glimpse of the " Bear- cat ' s Hideaway. " Pat Adams was the attrac- tive representative in the contest for Home- coming Queen. Colleen Beggs, Coletta Green, Carole Kay Trotter, Judy Cross, and Doris McKinley kept the chapter well supplied with choco- lates as everyone helped them celebrate the event of receiving a frat pin or a sparkler. One of the pledges, Geraldine Cooley, proved to be a star of the stage when she played a lead in Arsenic and Old Lace, a col- legiate troupe presentation. Another Alpha Sigma beauty, Nancy Kari- ger, was choice for Tower Queen candidate. The Sweetheart Dance was highlighted by the crowning of a senior queen, Betty Naza- rene. Pledges in traditional gunny .sack .skirts made their appearance during Hell Week loaded down with buckets of food for the actives and paddles for them to sign. Again hitting the mark of an all-out suc- cess was the mother-daughter tea held the day before Christmas vacation. Behind the scenes for all these activities was a capable president, Annie Lou Cowan. She was assisted by Bettebelle Pitts, vice- president; Janet McClard, secretary; and Pat Cooper, treasurer. Page 50 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA O O r-i Front Row: Evelyn Hillman, Chaplain: Cierry Strurk, Registrar: .liiiiet McCliird. Sfcretarv: Annie Lou Cowan. I ' rrxidi ' ril: Hettebelle I ' itts. Vice-l ' resiittnl: I ' al ( " " ooper. Treasurer. Second Row: Colleen Beggs. Nancy Kar- iger, Nancy Rainey, Doris McKinley. Carole Kay Trotter, Kaye Ferguson. Back Row: Jeanne Goodson, Betty Na - arene. I ' at Adams, Kran Ooss. Lorraine Mau. Front Row: Marge Canon. Katy Nich- olas. Judy Cross. Beverly Murphy. Sandi Almquist. Second Row: Evelvn O ' Connell, Verda Whitehill. Veda Whitehill, Marjorie Ny- ren. Back Row: Coletta Green, Ruth Busby, Judy Beemer, Beverly Cooper. Front Row: Tamara Kennedy. Carol Gamble, Margaret Ann Young, Charlene Olson, Marilyn McKern. Second Row: Elaine Schroeder, Shirle ' Motsinger, Ann Schilling, Vivian Ann Head. Back Row: Beverly Blohm. Norma T ong. Carol Bressler. i »f4 ; t,i ' A. t 11 o r o I " ,. Pa fie n 1 DELTA SIGMA EPSILON And your first event, ladies and gentlemen, is " Come to the Circus. " Notice, if you please, the contented look on the faces of the rushees who are munching candied apples, popcorn, and peanut.s — distributed by informal rush vendors Shirley Heits and Marcia Ely. Damp- ness in weather has no effect on the enthusi- asm of performers, who are Lauretta and her cobras; Marcia, the trained monkey; Beverly, alias Bobo the clown; Chee Chee the candy clown or Carol Fields; and the Surrey broth- er-sister trapeze act. Now we catch a glimpse of beautifully at- tired ladies in formals — the occasion is the candle lighting ceremony of the formal rush party. You are witnessing the hustle and bustle of Homecoming, Delta style. As the whistle blows to start the parade, beauty float chair- man Barbara Taylor puts the finishing touches to the miles of ruffles and roses on the gowns worn by Lauretta Taylor, Marge Thompson, and Rosalie Hamilton as they take their places on the float to give " Roses to the Team, " a fifth place winner. Yes, that ' s Marcia Woodcock, our queen candidate, taking time from her attendant duties to direct " The Big Catch, " fourth place winner in the decorations. We take a look now, my friends, at other chapter activities . . . the visit of Miss Eliz- abeth Daniels, National President . . . War- rensburg Conclave . . . Mother ' s Day Tea . . . work days . . . faculty tea. Deltas want to pause just now to take hats off to our sponsor. Miss Mabel Cook, and to our patronesses, Mrs. Eugene Fields, Mrs. R. T. Wright, and Mrs. Sterling Surrey. Delta Who ' s Who includes . . . Ellen Head- strom and Marcia Woodcock, Dorm Council . . . Ellen Headstrom, Tower Queen candidate . . . Rosalie Hamilton, Managing Editor of the Northwest Missourian . . . Barbara Tay- lor, Student Senate. Page 52 DELTA SIGMA EPSILON I ' ront How: Kvelvn Kiiiter. Chupldtii: Mania WoixUoik. Vic. " - ' r.-«i vi , I ' iiiila Surrey, Mascot: liarbara ' I ' aylor, I ' ri-st- dent: Lauretta Taylor. ' I ' reasurcr Hack How: Norma Jean Ciriffith, Hever ly ' I ' homson. Shirley Heits. .lo Kllcii An (lerson, Aleta Butler, Mania I ' .lv Not Shown: Doniia Potter. Front Row: Sharon Olson. Evelyn Math- ews, Helen Gillis, Kathlyn Taylor. Car- oiee Evans. Back How: Marjorie Thomson, Marva Sue Taylor, Ellen Hedstrom. Macyl I. ndphair. Front How: Sandra Craven, Janet Dinkel, Shirley Johnson, Katherine Buttermore. Mary driffin. Huck How: Lavonne Van Meter, Rosalie Hamilton. Verla Mosman. Shirley EUy- .son, Carol Walker. Page 53 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA % The opening day of college found numerous groups of enthusiastic co-eds bursting with news of summer events. Soon they were calling, " Come one, come all, to the greatest show on earth, " when the Tri Sigmas entertained twenty-five girls at an informal rush party. The formal rush party, " A Garden of Roses, " ended in a flowering climax when twenty-four girls became Tri Sigma pledges. Tri Sigs believe Homecoming this year was the best ever, but they may be prejudiced, because Pat Boydston was queen, the Tri Sigmas came in first with their skit " Our Dis- covery, " second in house decorations, third in parade participation, and last but by no means least, tied with the Sig Taus for the Supremacy Cup. The Tri Sigmas were also well represented at the Homecoming game by the cheerlead- ers: Mary Ann Funkhouser, Barbara Nixon, Jane Dyer, and Nancy Snidow; twirler, Char- mine Johnson; and numerous Tri Sigma band members. This year ' s pledges carried on the tradition of the " Sock-Hop, " which they gave for the members. After this event the Tri Sigmas all agreed that the cutest " cats " on the cam- pus are Donna Stark and Janice Dowden. The floor show proved to the actives that the Tri Sigma pledges are not only cute, but very talented. The Tri Sigmas lifted their heads with pride at their other honors . . . awarded the scholarship cup . . . Darlene Stamp, president of Residence Hall . . . rated third among all other college chapters for efficiency . . . the Tri Sigma candidate for Tower Queen — Bar- bara Nixon, ran a close race. It takes only three words to describe this year for the Tri Sigmas — " It ' s been great! " Page 54 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Front Row: H..I..iIm Kordos, Dona Walker. Second How: Jo Ann Meek. Corrcspoiul ing Secretary: Alma Murrell. Trcdsum. Bonnie Jean Henderson. President: Mar- tha Newman. Vice-President: Ann Mc- Neill, liecording Secretary: Jane Dyer. Keeper « llie Grades. Ihich Row: Teresa Tobin. Carol ( " iroom. Doris .Xiin Staples, Bonnie Cnmpl.eil. Front How: Marilyn O ' Connor. Marylyn LaMar, I ' at Boydston. Second Row: Carolyn Mix. Barbara Fox Maxine Goff, Mary Anne Funkhouser. Barbara Nixon. Marca Dick. Back Row: Ruth Tebow, Marym Croy, Darlene Stamp, Barbara LaMar. Front Row: Joanne Beeson, Kaye Barnes Jean Jensen. Marylan Wahlers. .Icjin Swan.son. Carolyn Massie. Second Row: Lois Jean Ramsey. Velnia Swart . Barbara Bennin . Neva Bulleii Gini Cox. I ' at Piper. Virginia Wharton Third Row: Barbara Anne Julius, Jennie Lou Hajek. Gail Medsker. Connie Cut- ler. Janice Dowden. Nancy Snidow. Bach Row: Charmaine Johnson, Nancy Jamison. Sandra Hayzlett. Donna Stark. A n fl ( T o !•(■ TtA W -3 Jiik 1 Page 55 PHI SIGMA EPSILON Front How: W. T. Garrett. Sponsor: Earl I ' Bridgewater. Vice-President: John Harrett. President: Gordon Strong, Spon- litich How: Glenn J. Hoffman. Honorary Member: Kdwin Ha.scall, Secretary: Har- old Dinsmore. Treasurer: H. K. Dieter- ich. Sponsor. I ' ront Row: B. N. Roberts, Laveme P.rown. Gerry Wurster. .lohn Harvey, ( ' lordon Robertson. Hack Row: Dick Frizell, Bill Geer, Gor- don Lemar, Lanny L. Gray. I ' ront How: Roger Cook. Historian: Zane 1 )odge, Vir Cromer. Norman Higginboth- ain. Editor: Bob Staggs. % Hack How: Harold Baker, Fred Maher. I. ester Wooten. Frank Bayless. Dave I ' enwell, Corresponding Secretary. Page 56 PHI st(;ma epsilon The Orchid Ball, the tilth annual produc- tion of the Phi Sig Frolics, and active partici- pation in Homecoming activities were features of another great year of fraternal life. The Phi Sigs constructed and introduced the first self-propelled float for the Home- coming parade. The time and efforts of Bob Staggr., Lanny Gray and Neil Boatright were responsible for its success. The pledging of a competent group of men occupied much time during the year. Another first for Phi Sigma Epsilon was help from the sister sorority at the smoker in the form of the snappy Tri Sig Trio. Phi Sigs and guests swayed to the music of Johny Nelson at the Winter Formal held in the Union Lounge. The evening climaxed the regional conclave with guests from War- rensburg. Kirksville, Cedar Falls, and Pitts- burg. The Orchid Ball, the social peak of all func- tions of Phi Sigma Epsilon, was given on April IB. Each Phi Sig proudly escorted his date, resplendent with her orchid corsage, to the ball for a delightful evening. Rehearsals — publicity — tickets — lines: All were problems that preceded another success- ful presentation of the Phi Sig Frolics. An enthusiastic audience enjoyed the minstrel capers on both nights of presentation, May 5 and 6. The memory of Neil Boatright, who lost his life in an auto accident in December, will long remain in the hearts of his brothers. The fraternity greatly mourns the loss of this outstanding member. Happier things to remember: Pinning cere- monies — good men lost: Arms, Wooten, Staggs, Brown. Bayless: student body presi- dent. Bridgewater: " B " team coach. Ickes: pledge trip to police station. Living in Quad No. 3. These are the rich memories of 1954-55 for Phi Sigs and who know them. Page 57 SIGMA TAU GAMMA Lex ( " rcaiiitr, Tom Bishop, Davis. John Woo ly, Jack iVo Shown: Larry Rowley. Morlyn Bar- rett, Larry Fett. Ronald O ' Dell. Dale Hague, Ed Messbarger. Front Row: Duane Freeman, Sprong, Kirby Norman, Robert Jimmy Gillett. Jerry Lillie, Back Row: Kenny Dowden, Bill Baldwin, Ono Monachino, Lewis Linville, Melvin Clothier. Front Row: John Garner. Vice-President: Paul Clark. Chaplain: John Russell, Pres- ident: Frank Russell. Treasurer; Robert Smith. Secretary. Second Row: Jack L. Wiechmann. Wel- don Dowden. Corresponding Secretary: Kenneth Moore. Saga Reporter: Larry Jones. Historian. Buck Row: Curtis Thomas. Rex Stuck, Frank J. Pebley. Page 58 SIGMA TAU GAMMA Tln ' ta chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma frater- nity enjoyed one of its most successful years. With the help of Bob Smith, Weldon Dowden, and Bob Colville, the Taus were honored with the scholarship trophy for the second consecu- tive time. Under the leadership of President John Russell the Taus obtained top honors in the 1954 Homecoming with firsts in beauty float, humor float, and house decorations. Spirit and enthusiasm in all their efforts en- abled them to tie for first place for the greatest honor of the Homecoming activities, the supremacy trophy! Under the new intramural program, with competition among fraternities, the Taus won the football championship trophy and exhib- ited their strength in the other activities. Social functions are always a major item on the agenda. The 1954 Rose dance was held at the Maryville Country Club and Miss Sally Jackson was crowned Rose Queen. In addition to this spring highlight many other informal social functions were held. On different occasions the Tau Tones, a newly organized vocal group, made their appearance and were well received. Quad One, official home of the Taus, could relate many an exciting tale were she given the opportunity. The Taus are sincerely grateful for the kindness and helpful advice that our housemother, Mrs. Lawler, has given them throughout the year. The Taus sent Larry Jones and Rex Struck to the National convention in Milwaukee, Wis- consin. They brought back many helpful ideas which the Sig Taus hope to put into practice to make their organization even better and stronger in the coming year. Page 59 TAU KAPPA EPSILON k MSt " " lift " ' " ' -- ' ■ tT- ' cn [ 1 J. I). Hammoml. presulenl .lack Kinder. rice-presideni -James Clromer. serrp rv John Davis. treasurer Arthur Buckingham. rush chairman Reid Anderson Richard Dinke! Charles Gorton Bernard Hatton Larry Matheny Martin Maune •James Snapp •J. W. Stone Richard Tilton Page 60 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 5 ■--, ' ■■ 1 ' ■ ACS I T _.M. ' -tV! Behind the tacts and news of the activities of Delta Nil chapter ' s first year on campus are left the memories of social events, service, and fellowship. A memory is something that eludes the pen; however. Tommy TEKE re- calls the year ' s events in hopes they will stir up a few recollections from the smouldering ashes of the TEKE ' s first bonfire at NWMSC. A year ago May 15 and 16, Delta Nu be- came the one hundred and eighth unit of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Thirty-seven men were in- stalled as active members. Armed with their charter and mugs, they set out on their mis- sion. It was the year that the TEKE float went up in flames during the Homecoming parade. Ah! Tommy forgets all the work but not the hats the men sold, nor the Homecoming skit, nor Nancy Jamison besmeared with gold paint. The TEKES tied for first place with their beauty float, received second on their skit, and were given a third in all-over Home- coming participation. Smokers were held in September and Feb- ruary of the school year. The TEKES and Alpha Sigmas teamed together for a fire-chief ball held the first .semester. At Christmas time Tommy played Santa Claus for boys from the Noyes Home in St. Joseph. But it was the unscheduled events which linger longer; Reid Anderson ' s fare- well party, bridge with Mother Sherman, those 101 bull sessions, the odor of pop corn that frequently invaded Quad four, laughs, and no regrets. Oh, yes! Delta Nu chapter had officers, too. Tommy decided to let such who ' s who material lie hidden away in the minutes and files. He certainly has no intent to belittle anything and realizes he has omitted much important material from this write-up. All Tommy asks for is a lighted pipe and a quiet corner for meditation, so he can sit back and gaze at the likenesses of the men who were his brothers in the bond during a great year of books and memories. Page 61 SUMMER GRADUATION Page 62 ■ ' IK STUDENT SENATE Front liiiw. I.ois Simons, Sponsor: Kenneth Moore. Treasurer: Maryni Croy, Secretary: Frank Bayless, Pres- ident: Annie Lou Cowan, Vice-President: Zane Dodge. Bad; Hole: Teresa Tobin. Darlene Stamp, Edwin Has- call. J. D. Hammond. E. C. A. Recorder. Mike Hutcheon. Art Buckingham, Laverne Brown, Roger Cook, John Barrett. The Student Senate for 1955 operated un- der the presidency of Frank Bayless and the sponsorship of Dr. Surrey and Simons. The Senate has a list of responsibilities which range from Walkout Day supervision to the election of Homecoming Queen. The most closely guarded secret of the year was of course the date of Walkout Day. Many students, believing that the observance would be on a Monday in October, refrained from studying for tests. Teachers, on this Monday, greeted half-filled classrooms and found most of the students lining the windows in antici- pation of the traditional ringing of the bell. They waited in vain, however, as the event was not heralded until the following Wednes- day, Other Senate activities include the super- vision of the bulletin boards, supervision of elections, granting of concession stands, se- lection of a Who ' s Who Committee, revision of the Student Handbook, and selection of Social Committee members. The Senate also voted to take complete control of Walkout Day next year, and decided to revise the So- cial Committee. Officers of the Senate were J, D. Ham- mond, E.C.A. recorder; Gus Clothier and Kenny Moore, Treasurers; Marym Croy and Bettebelle Pitts, Secretaries. Annie Lou Cow- an filled the post of Parliamentarian as well as performing her duties as Vice-President. Bob Smith took the place of Zane Dodge as official " adjourner, " and John Barrett was the most prominent discussion leader. Page 63 SOCIAL COMMITTEE Front row: Joyce Brown, Teresa Tobin. Treasurer . Shirley Motsinger, Darlene Stamp. Back row: Frank Bay- less. Member Ex- Oflicio. Art Bucking- ham, John Barrett. Chairman, Karl Bridge- water. Not shown: Frank Hii.-isell. The social committee i.s a subdivision of the student senate whose membership is appointed. This group has the responsibility of planning and directing many of the .social activities of the college. This year the committee was charged with sponsoring Sadie Hawkins Day and the Christ- mas Ball, and co-sponsoring the Tower Dance. Fostciiim in;!n nitcr-dinner dances, after- game dances, and weekend movies was an additional duty performed by the group. Enthusiastic is the term that can be used to describe the student to the social activities. Not only were they well attended but everyone had a wonderful time and school spirit was strengthened. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Front row: Arthur Buckingham, J. D. Hammond, Dixie Moore, Melvin Cloth- ier, Bob Wilson. Second row: Dr. Irene Mueller, Frank Bay- less, Dr. Glenn Hoff- man, Dr. J. K. Sow- ards, Dr. Sterling Surrey. Back row: Miss Estella Bowman, Mr. Donald Sanford, Miss Doris Hysler. Dirk Wilbur, Bonnie Henderson. A very important factor of higher education is contact with profe.ssionals in fields of litera- ture, diplomacy, and entertainment, and the awakening of an appreciation for these ad- mirable endeavors. It is the duty of the Assembly Committee to secure the services of the various speakers and entertainers who are to be presented at the regular weekly assemblies. The committee hopes to provide superior programs during the year 1956, which is the golden anniver- sary of our college. Members of the group are drawn from the faculty and the student body, with Dr. Surrey serving as chairman. Page 64 DORM AND QUAD COUNCIL Front How: Marcia Woodcock, Mrs. Elizabeth Luer. Sponsor: Darlene Stamp. President: Pat Boydston. Back Hole: Ellen Hedstrom, Barbara Nixon. Bettebelle Pitts. Joan Terwilliger, Dona Walker, Norma Jane Granteer. l-r, nt liou: Homer Mil ' oole. John K. James, Ono Monachino, Jack I.. F. Whitford Wie ' hniann, Back How: Bill Crowley. Hex Sturk. Neal Boatright. Vernon Jenkins. Arlen Hoach. Not Shown: Lon Wilson, Sponsor. Page 63 NORTHWEST MISSOURIAN Front How: Janice Commons. Shirley EUyson, James Roll, Editor. Rosalie Hamilton. Managing Editor. Ann Allison. Second How: Ella Erp, Jack Spence, Shirley Heights, Hiram Lilley, Arthur Cauffield. Wreatha Jarvi.s, John Harvey. James Jackson Bob .Sawhill. George Green. Jeanne Goodson, Miss Himter. Sponsor. Front Row: Joe Frederick, Patricia Cooper. Gerry Struck. Sc halinc. Dchh Moore. Edward Appleton, I arry Jones, Second Row: Richard Dowel). Stan Stewart, Evelyn Melvin Clothier. Bettebelle Pitts. Ronald O ' Dell. Darlene Stamp. Page 66 KAPPA DELTA PI Front Row: Terry Bullock, I ' residenl: Loiiist- Novinger. Vice-President: Carolyn Criswell, Reporter: Roberta Hor- des. Secretary: Don Sklenar, Treasurer. Second Row: John L. Harr. Counselor: Maxine Goff, John Barrett. Pat Cooper. Martha Newman. Barbara Fox. Carol Cirooni, Robert E. DuBey, Sponsor. Third Row: Annie Lou Cowan. Mary Anderson. Jerry Sprong, Earl Bridgewater. Peggy Henry, Myma Falk. Back Row: Marylyn LaMar. Kenneth Moore. Robert Smith. John V. Whitford. Russell Thompson. JoAnn Meek. Gerry Struck. Another busy year has drawn to a close for the twenty-six members of the Zeta Lambda Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, the national hon- orary society at Northwest Mi.ssouri State College. At the October meeting, Maxine Goff pre- sented and explained slides of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth of England. Maxine had taken the pictures during her trip to Europe. The Christmas party held in the Student Union Lounge proved to be a hilarious event. Who would have expected the " scholarly " members of Kappa Delta Pi to make such a gala event of drawing twenty-five cent gifts from a grab bag? Incidentally, Dr. Harr, the faculty counselor, displayed great talents as an artist during one of the contests. Again this year the pledges presented to the active members panel discussions on top- ics of interest to the group. In January these eighteen pledges were initiated into Kappa Delta Pi. Rev. Vaughn, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Maryville, spoke to the group dur- ing Religious Emphasis Week using the topic " Who Do I Believe? " Foreign students on campus presented a panel discussion for the February meeting. Members were enthusiastic in their interest in " Education in Foreign Lands. " The April Charter Day banquet held in the Lakeview Room of the Student Union building climaxed a year of fellowship and intellectual stimulation. Page 67 PT OMEGA PI Front How: Marjorie Person. Sponsor: JoAnn Meek, Alma Muirell. Secrelarv. Back Row: Jerry Sprong, President; Evelyn finter, Treasurer: Don Richmond. Sponsor. Jerry Sprong received the .surprise of his life when he discovered that although he was elected as vice-president of Pi Omega Pi, he was to serve as acting president this year. He was not particularly overburdened, how- ever, for he was well assisted by Alma Mur- rel as secretary, and Evelyn Finter as treas- urer. Mr. Richmond and Mrs. Persons watched over the group to see that the busi- ness was not all forgotten in favor of pleasure. Among the activities for the year was the Homecoming luncheon for a large group of alumni. Another program was the annual Christ- mas party. The following were properly initi- ated as active members: Mark Burns, Dirk Wilbur, Evelyn Finter, J. W. Stone, Jo Ann Meek, Frank Davis, and James Hamilton. Bingo was played as a prelude to the gift ex- change. Dirk Wilbur invaded Chicago in Decem- ber, or rather he invaded the 14th Biennial Convention held in Chicago. He returned with many interesting ideas including reports from the Palmer House, Cinerama, Club Wai- kiki, and Chinatown. But business is of prime importance to the business fraternity, and many projects were completed during the year, not the least of which was its service to the Student Loan Fund. During the first semester. Pi Omega Pi initiated as new members: Colleen Beggs, Donna Ross, Aleta Butler, Nancy Kariger, and John Patton. Page 68 COLHECON ? Front How: Arlene Rinehart. Secretary: Mar a IJick. Vice-President: Euiela Hrown. Sponsor: Harhara Fox, President: Erma Cirabill. Treasurer: I ' at Cooper, Re- porter. Second Row: Barbara LaMar, Pat Baker, Carolyn Ris- ser, .lean Ann leuil, Martha Newman. Teresa Tobin, Roberta Kordes, Jeanie Mulvania. Bach Row: Charlotte I ' atterson, Marym Croy, Doris Ann Staples, Virginia Birbeck, Karen Zach, Charlene Steiner, Carolee Evans. Colhecon is the college section of AHEA and is made up of girls interested in home economics. Skits, parties, talks, and picnics, supple- mented by many other activities, briefly sum- marize the year ' s activity. To begin the year and to acquaint the freshmen with the club, Colhecon worked with Kappa Omicron Phi to give the freshmen a picnic at Roadside Park. In October nine enthusiastic girls were initiated into the organization. Think of twenty-four girls turning over ta- bles and lamps, looking behind and under chairs, each .searching for the hidden trea.sure which bore her name! THIS began the Christ- mas party! Refreshments were served by Mrs. Jaunita Myrtue, Carolee Evans and Karen Zach. After a short rest and the recovery of vim, vigor, and vitality, strenuous activities such as " passing the bell " were again re- sumed. One of the headline events of the year ' s activities was a trip to the state meeting at Jefferson City, March 2.5, where one of the members, Bonnie Henderson, presided as state president. Orchids go to her for a suc- cessful and enthusiastic meeting as well as for doing a tremendous job as state president this year. Outstanding programs of the year were: Dr. Cozine ' s talk on her European trip, Miss DeLuce ' s talk and demonstration on the use of accessories, Lili Glynos ' and Lorraine Mau ' s discussion of life in their home coun- tries, Dr. Roy Chevill ' s talk during religious emphasis week, and a style show. Paf-e 69 KAPPA OMICRON PHI Front Row: Annie Lou Cowan. Secretary: Roberta Hor- des. 2nd Vice-President; Carolyn Risser, 1st Vice-Presi- dent: Fat Baker, President: Martha Newman. Treasurer: Erma Grabill. Guard. Bud Nnu l ns.i Tobin. Barbara Kox. Carolyn Mix. Pat Cooper, Ann MtNeill, Barbara Taylor. Marca Dick. Mabel Cook, Sponsor. A plaque honoring Miss Hettie M. Anthony, president emeritus of Kappa Omicron Phi, and the founding of the national home eco- nomics fraternity, will be presented to Alpha chapter at national conclave. The plaque will be placed in room 311 of the Administration Building where the idea for Kappa Omicron Phi originated. The idea of erecting the plaque was started at the regional meeting which was conducted on our campus in August 1954. Alpha Chapter was hostess to seven other chapters at the regional meeting. One of the highlights of the meeting was the banquet honoring Miss Anthony, founder of the or- ganization. Miss Anthony gave an inspiring address to the group. Mabel Cook, sponsor of Alpha Chap- ter and national president, will preside at the national conclave in Albuquerque, New Mex- ico, in August 1955. Kappa Omicron Phi with Colhecon ' s help decorated the Home Management House as a part of Homecoming activities. A coffee hour for returning alumni was also sponsored Ijy the group. Founders ' Day, December 11, was observed with the traditional candle lighting service, a dessert party, and an exchange of gifts. In the spring a banquet honoring seniors Annie Lou Cowan, Carolyn Risser, Pat Baker, Bar- bara Fox, Pat Cooper, and Roberta Kordes was sponsored by the other active members. Kitty Koo was the name chosen for the doll which the girls dressed and gave away at the Benefit Tea in December. Page 70 DRAMATICS CLUB l- ' ront Row: Marge Canon, Kllioit Ulan (aiolvn I )innv Gloria McConkey. Second Row: Geraldine Cooley, Larry Ramsey. Koger Wavnien, Kirby Norman, Charlene Steiner. ALPHA PSI OMEGA h ' ront Row: Bob Lister, Elbert Blair, Kaye Ferguson, Ruby Back Row: Ralph Fulsom, Walt Hopkins, Bob Wilson, Wispe, John l e Thompson. Geraldine Cooley, James Warner. Page 71 ART CLUB Front Row: Jo (.ill. Connii- (uti.i Sar.ih Hutt. Olive lia.l. l;. ' i, Mi.n on (iU,„i 1),.m,,I.1 I ;..Ii,i ison. Donald DeLuce. Sponsor. Carol Gamble. ice-Preaidenl. Millei, Harold Ad.luiKluii. I ' rrsuUnl. .Shirley Motsinger, Secretary- Treasurer. Not Shown: Nancy Snidow. Bob Lafferty, Neal Boatright, Clyde Hulet. Rolande Thompson. Page 72 FUTlRi: TEACIU-RS OF AMKIIICA h ' ront How: Monie tiene Adams. Treasurer: Kathr " n Delores Smith. President: James Johnson. Sponsor: Gwen Grove. Vice-President; Bob Sawhill. Librarian. Back Bow: Louise Daily. Wood. Don Sklenar. J. W. Stone, Harold Addington. Second How: Shern. Ryan. Marcia Kly. Mary K- Fulton. Connie Cutler. Carroll WTieeler. Robert M. Thome. Lorraine Garside. Patricia LNTERMEDUTE CLUB Front Row: Pat Boydston. Mar - Rolf. Vice-Prestdent: Betty Heyser. President: Arlene tithe. Treasurer: Wanda Kingsolver. Back Row: Louise Novinger. Kathr Ti Delores Smith. Sally Jack.son. Bettebelle Pitts. Janice Commons, Janet Reed, Alice Terhune. Page 73 Second How: Sandi Almquist. Delores Tietz, Naomi Shipley. Gwen Grove. Carolene Beck. Darlene Stamp, Mar ' Fast. A. C. E. Fniiil Hnir: Barbara Iyer. I ' lihltci y C ' hairnwn: l-or- raine Mau. Vice-President: Kvelyn Hillman, Treasurer: Janet Mills, President: .lanet McClard. Publicity Chair- man: Jane Dyer. Secretary: Chloe Millikan. Sponsor. Second Row: Elizabeth Tokuda. Pat Crouse, Janet Din- kel, Elinor Garside, Mary Lou Hughes, Marjorie Bagley, Mary Richards. Mildred Peery, Ramona Dickinson. Third Row: Sandra Craven. Beverly Porter. Marge Wal- lace. Mary Lou Hedstrom. Shirley Davis. Ruth Crane, Fioronre Loose. Miriam (lose, ,Shirlc - .lo Woodring. Norma Jane Granteer. Lavonne Van Meter. Fourth Row: Dolore Stouffer. Marcia Woodcock. Helen Phares. Jeanette .Stouffer. Neva Pullen. Marge Young, Carol Tilton. Doris McKinley. Norma Jean Griffith, Phyllis Kelley, Betty Crowley. Back Row: Cena Davis. Dona Walker. Jeannette Rauch. Jean Grisham. Bonita Allen, Geraldine Cooley. Connie Cutler. Frances Cross, Barbara Nixon, Kay Vest, Virginia Fuhrman. Jan Hvink. Using as the theme for the year, Children Learn Through Experience, Janet Mills, pres- ident of A.C.E., worked toward a broader un- derstanding of children. Credit for the success of the many activi- ties of the year, from the first coke party for new members to the senior breakfast, goes to the Social Committee which is headed by Janet McClard. A.C.E. took the third place honor in the Homecoming parade with their humorous float " Tumbling to Victory. " Success was probably due to the efforts of co-chairmen Marge Wallace and Mary Lou Hedstrom and much cooperation from the club. House deco- ration " Raggedy Ann and Andy, " planned by Beverly Garret, drew many well earned words of praise. Last spring the green and white " Bearcat " bus filled with members journeyed to Spring- field for the state A.C.E. convention. Sleepy members they were, too! Who wants to get up at 2:00 a.m. to start on a trip? Again this spring A.C.E. members boarded the bus, but this time their destination was the national convention held in Kansas City. Among many of the .social traditions of the organization were the Valentine party, given by Miss Millikan, the annual formal banquet served March 16, and the senior breakfast. In spite of the difficulties of a broken hip, received from a fall early in the new year. Miss Chloe Millikan was soon back giving her time and enthusiasm to the work of the or- ganization. Page 74 SIGMA PHI DOLPHINS Front Rou Namv Kaiiijcr, Bailmin Kuii .c. Virginia Wharton. Marjorie White. Pat Adams. Second Row: Carolyn Massie. Judy Beemer, Marilyn O ' Coniiur. Margaret Ann Young. Shirley Sierp. Beverly Blohm. Veldeva Cochran. Back Roiv: Virginia Watkins, Barbara Benning, Shirley Dieterich. Dixie Moore. Ruth Rethemeyer. Ella Erp. Fourteen aqua-belles were added to the roll of the Sigma Phi Dolphin Swim Cluli at the beginning of the year. In order to become members the girls had to pass certain tests, demonstrating their ability in various strokes and stunts. New Dolphins entertained the active mem- bers at the initiation with impromptu water ballets, original dives, and relays. One relay included swimming the length of the pool while reading a newspaper aloud. " Rainbow Rhythms " was the theme used for the animal swim show. The April pre.sentation included numbers that were planned and di- rected by the girls. Shirley Sierp, Marilyn O ' Conner, Barbara Kunze, Virginia Watkins, Dixie Moore, Shirley Dieterich, Nancy Kariger, Beverly Blohm, and Pat Adams were directors of individual num- bers presented the night of the Big Splash. Top notch originality was displayed in such numbers as " Blue Moon, " " Deep Purple, " " Little Brown Jug, " and " Black Magic. " High school students were entertained on Senior Day by a short program and demon- stration given by the Dolphins. Officers for this year of success were Nancy Kariger, president; Marjorie White, vice-presi- dent; and Pat Adams, stunt captain. Miss Bonnie Magill is the sponsor of the Dolphins. Page 75 DANCE CLUB %-- ' V . ' ' y Dance Club, an active organization on cam- pus, is enjoyed by both members and audiences for whom the members perform. One of the outstanding activities of this group during the fall semester was the Decem- ber assembly. Audience favorites from the program were dance numbers " Sleigh Ride " and " Horseplay. " Miss Hysler is to be especially commended for her outstanding abilities as dance director and costume designer. Much of her time is freely given in attempting to perfect each number and in designing just the right cos- tume for it. Dance Club is open to everyone and is fun for all who take an active part. The Spring Dance Club Recital was the most outstanding of all programs given by the group, and was received enthusiastically by a large audience. Much hard work goes into rehearsals for the programs, but there are funny incidents which make each rehearsal period enjoyable, such as the curtain opening to the accompaniment of totally unfamiliar music. Page 76 PEM CLUB Front Row: Barbara Kun e. Secretary. Marilyn O ' Connor. Vice-President. Dixie Moore. Pre.iident. Nancy Kariger. Bonnie Magill. Sponsor. Second Row: Barbara Banning, Nancy Rainey, Elizabeth Cushman. Phyllis Hayes. Virginia Watkins. Gerry Struck. Back Row: Judy Beemer, Pat Adams, Charmaine Johnson. Nancy Jamison, Ruth Rethemeyer, Norma Ward, Ann Corless. This year proved to be a very busy one for the Physical Education Majors. On the first Monday of every month the girls in the group enjoyed dinner together at the Student Union, after which the regular meeting was held. The annual PEM Club Homecoming break- fast was held bright and early on that eventful day and present members joyously welcomed familiar alumni such as Mallard Maune, Lois Jean Kemper, and Vernelle Cox back to the campus. Northwest Missouri was well represented at the Sports Day held in Kirk.sville on March 12th. Elizabeth Cushman, Phyllis Hayes, Ann Corli-ss, Nancy Rainey, Nancy Kariger. Pat Adams, Virginia Watkins, Ruth Ruthemeyer. Marilyn O ' Conner, Barbara Kunze, Barbara Benning, Sandra Hayzlett, and Dixie Moore comprised the volleyball team that partici- pated against eight other teams. During the course of the year, enlightening discussions were held on subjects ranging from the simplest form of sport to the most complex. The year came to a close with a picnic, which as usual was loads of fun. All in all, PEM Club experienced a very interesting year. Dixie Moore. Nancy Kariger, Marilyn O ' Conner filled the executive posts, and Miss Bonnie Magill and Miss Doris Hysler offered their supervision. Page 77 W. A. A. Front Row: Bonnie Magill, Sponsor, Janice Commons. Reporter, Barbara Kunze. President, Phyllis Hayes, Vice- President, Ann Corless, Secretary-Treasurer. Back Row: Elizabeth Cushman. Nancy Kariger. Judy Beemer, Ruth Rethemeyer, Carolene Beck. Virginia Wat- kins, Marilyn O ' Connor, Arlene Uthe. The Women ' s Athletic Association, which was organized on the campus in 1925, is the center of women ' s recreational activities. The purpose of the organization is to promote interest and activity in women ' s recreational sports. It encourages school spirit and sports- manship through team and individual com- petition while providing excellent opportunity for any girl who is interested in sports to participate. The year opened with activity in individual sports such as archery, badminton, aerial darts, shuffleboard, and table tennis. The round robin tournament in basketball, which is normally organized during the winter months, was not held this year, but the event will remain on future schedules if enough interest is shown. Janice Commons, Judy Beemer, Judy Cross, Arlene Uthe, and Katherine Buttermore rep- resented the W. A. A. in the bowling tourna- ment for women students which was graciously sponsored by the Nodaway Lanes Bowling Alley. The W. A. A. and PEM Club shared duties and profits of the operation of the concession stand at the basketball game with Springfield. Barbara Kunze was in charge. Officers for the year were Barbara Kunze, President; Phyllis Hayes, Vice-President; Ann Corless, Secretary-Treasurer; and Janice Com- mons, reporter. Miss Bonnie Magill is the sponsor. Page 78 AG CLUB Front Row: James Jackson, litpurlc Secretary: Maurice Nelson, fresiilenl. Zaiie Dodge. V ' lic- Fresiclent: R. T. Wright, Chairman. Agriculture Depart- ment. Second How: Byron Cooper, Raymond Butt, J. David Helm, Roy L. Rinehart, Lester Hall. Third Kuw: Owen Milntyre, Monte C.ene Adams. Mar- Ian Tiemann. Harold Dinsmore, Sterling Evans. Donald Miller. Back Row: John Harvey, Wayne Jackson, Kenneth E. Holmes, Wilbur Hornbuckle. The first project to utilize the Aggies ' time and skills this year was Homecoming. Their float, " The Bear Went Over The Mountain, " placed .second in the humorous division. As in previous years, coffee and hospitality were offered to Aggie alumni at the farm shop. Second highlight of the year was the an- nual Barnwarming. In the spotlight was Miss Marilyn Madden, crowned as 1954 Barn- warming Queen. The evening ' s events were preceded by the ceremony at which the dates of the club members were put to official test. The fellows, led by master of ceremonies, Charles Brown, assembled on the steps of Residence Hall. One by one, the girls were called forth to answer some pertinent and simple question. Upon her inevitable failure to do so, each girl was given the alternative of kissing either her date or the mascot, a goat. Events of a more serious nature included a livestock judging contest and the subsequent award banquet. Don Blackford skillfully ac- cumulated the most points and was presented with the coveted Golden Bull. Last spring the Ag team placed second in both Junior and Senior divisions at the Okla- homa Intercollegiate Livestock Judging Con- test. They were awarded a first in beef cattle judging in the Junior division. The team was composed of Donald Blackford, La Verne Brown, Jim Jackson, Marian Tiemann, and Max Nelson, with Marvin Triggs and Harold Baker as alternates. Page 79 INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB ■(..a II : ' ili .L 11 i. » ' t,li Fron( ffou ' : Raymond Butt. Carl Lake. . anc Smdu ' . Charlotte Patterson. Joyce Brown. Mildred Peery, Lor- raine Mau, Gordon Bates. Donald Warford. Second Row: Mack Pullen. Franklin Garey, Bob Paxton. Keith Collier. Edwin Herde. Ralph Hicks. Elvin Long. Donald Valk. Sponsor. I hint Ui ' U Man. 1(1 L) .Smith. .Stanley Laughlin, Lyie Warford. Stan Stewart. Bob Michael, Edmund Peters, Byron Cooper. Max Akin. Back Row: Arnold Throckmorton. Donald E. Ridpath, Bill Yeary, Marian Tiemann. David Cochran. Don Sklenar, Gordon Lemar. Ron Bradley. Front Row: Jim Gillett. Connie Cutler. Jeanette Stouffer. Helen Phares. Evelyn Shaline. Shirley Davis. Pat Donald- son. Janet McClard. Carroll Wheeler. President. Second Row: Larry Butler. Edward Messbarge r. John R. Davis. Monte Gene Adams. Roland Ray. Howard Daven- port. Don Schenkel. John Garner, Ronald Wray. Robert Myrtue. Treasurer. Third Row: Larry I. Fett. Daniel Miller. Rus.sell L. Morris. Gene James. Jarrit Geer. Bob Merkle. Dannie Smith, Dayrel McClure. Jr.. Dean Laverentz. Sgt.-at-Arms. Fourth Row: Irving W. Long. Ned F. Steel. Burdette W. Pierpoint. Richard Smith. Charles B. Davis. Clifford M. Waugh. Harold Slaight. Duane Freeman. Dan M. Barger. Back Row: Ernie Hutchings. Jack Wiechmann. Kenneth Olney, Gary Hutchin.son. Edward L. Cox. Dick Grun. Don Black, D. W. Crozier. Sponsor. Kenneth T. Thompson. Sponsor. Paget ALPHA PHI OMEGA Front Row: l.ili, . ireasurer. Bill Schultz. Vice- President. Donald Waiioni. President. Stan Stewart, Proj- ect Chairman. Edward T. Vann. Secretary. Second Row: Myrl D. Long. Sponsor, John H. Cole, George Lockridee, Eldon E. I ' atterson. Marvin J. Richter. Elbert L. Blair. Leonard Levy. Sponsor. Back Row: Kenny Olney. Keith Collier. John Harvey. Bob Paxton. Larry Parman. Elvin Long. Alpha Phi Omega, continuing its policy of service to the college, has chosen as its prime project this year the erection of a large, per- manent sign at the entrance to the campus. Although construction has not yet been begun, the plans have been drawn and it is expected to be finished this year. The repainting of the identification signs for each of the buildings on the campus was finished this year also. Another of the projects is the conversion of the southeast corner of the Bearcat Den into a dance floor. A. P. O. contributed a wild west theme to the pageantry of the Homecoming parade. After a frantic and extensive search, a genuine stagecoach was found by President Don War- ford and some of the other memb ers. Elbert Blair ably directed the Variety skit and the entry in the house decoration competition also placed well. In November, the fraternity traveled as a group to the Sportsmen ' s dinner in Mound City, where they enjoyed sampling the bear, moose, elk, and other rare game meats which were included on the menu. The members of Alpha Phi Omega wish to acknowledge their debt to their sponsors, Mr. Myrl Long and Mr. Leonard Lev ' . who have contributed tireless assistance and support. Officers for the second semester are: Bill Schultz, president; John Harvey, vice-presi- dent; Eldon Patterson, secretary; Elbert Blair, treasurer; Hiram Lilley, reporter; Stanley Stuart, projects chairman. Page 81 ARMORY DEDICATION Page 82 PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE You will enjoy this issue of the TOWER. It tells the story of life on the campus of your favorite college in an interesting manner. Herein we have a clever use of an idea by the resourceful editorial staff of the TOWER. I wish to congratulate them on the excellent TOWER of 195.5. But to those of you who look at the TOWER I would add a few words of caution. Be not misled by this presentation. Life on the campus of the Northwest Missouri State College is not so easily classified into daily activities. In each day ' s activities there will be found some of each of the activities shown in the Tower. On some days certain activities seem to dominate. Inspection of what goes on wiU show some of each of the things herein happen every day. That is what makes life on the college campus so interesting, and I hope, worth while. As our students live through the seven activ- ities in each day ' s life on the campus I trust that they will develop those traits of character which Chaucer attributed to the knight, who was the first person he described in his Canter- bury Tales. This knight loved chivalry, truth, honor, freedom, and courtesy. In his life he practiced the virtues he loved. A college educa- tion that is so designed as to bring into the environment of its students the activities shown in this TOWER will contribute to the development of these same virtues — and give the student an opportunity to live by them. — J. W. Jones Page 83 BOARD OF REGENTS 4 L Hr H B ' " ' mJ ' K- ' . ! Experiences, ideas, and activities which will result in the development and expansion of Northwest Missouri State College are of prime concern to the Board of Regents. Members of the l)oard are appointed by the Governor of Missouri by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. The college is under the general control and management of its Board of Regents. By law the Board of Regents has the responsibility of establishing the policies under which the school is operated. Those who are members of the board are Mr. M. E. Ford, Maryville, president; Mr. Harold M. Hull, Mary- ville: Mr. R. L. Douglas, St. Joseph; Mr. W. M. C. Dawson, Grant City; Mr. H. F. Simrall, Liberty; Mr. A. B. Vogt, Stanberry. and Mr. Hubert Wheeler, member ex officio. Mr. W. A. Rickenbrode, Maryville, is secretary of the board. DEAN OF FACULTY DEAN ' S MESSAGE In the present year final plans are being made for the introduction of a graduate program at Northwest Mis- .souri State College. This is a forward step in teacher education and one which will be of benefit to many students of the college as well as to the public schools of Missouri. The great concern today is a shortage of qualified teachers, but enlightened thinking is directed also toward constant improvement in the quality of teachers. A pro- gram embracing five years of formal study even now is viewed as a desirable minimum in the preparation of a teacher. Your college is dedicated to the dual task of prepar- ing more and better teachers for the public schools of Missouri. W. A. Brandenburg Page 84 DIRECrOR OF S ' lUDENF ACTIVITIES DIvVN OF MEN Miss Lois Simons serves the college in the position of Director of Student Activities. Prior to this first year as a staff member at NWMSC she served at the Naval District Headquarters in Seattle. Washington, and on the Recruit Training Staff at Bainbridge, Maryland. As a civilian, she taught physical education at LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and was an Admissions Coun.selor at the University of Wisconsin. She holds the B.S. and M.S. degrees. Mr. Lon Wilson schedules men ' s labor, su- pervises men ' s housing and serves as counselor of men. During the of the year he is in contact with almost all the male students on campus. He also is a spon.sor of the Inter- Fraternity Council. He holds the B.S. and M.A. degrees. REGISTRAR - COLLEGE TREASURER No student at Northwest Missouri State College will ever forget the friendly smile and helpful advice of Mr. Robert Foster. He assists students with their schedules. His office is in charge of all records, grades and transcripts. He has been in charge of this department since 1948. Mr. Luther Belcher has been the treasurer of our college for the past two years. Besides handling the daily business affairs, he is in charge of all the student labor, w-ages and records pertaining to financial matters. His office regulates the incoming and outgoing money of each organization directly sponsored by the college. Page 85 DIRECTOR OF FIELD SERVICES As Director of Field Services, Everett W. Brown has a variety of responsibilities. Field Service is a combination of three offices, Placement, Extension and Public Relations. The Placement Office is responsible for placing graduates and alumni of the college in .suitable positions, and the placement bureau is in contact with high school superintendents at all times to see that the graduates are having the best of advantages. Extension courses offered to persons who are not enrolled in the daily classes of the college are the prime concern of the Extension Office and in turn the Public Relations office is in charge of all school publicity. Mr. Brown ' s versatility is proved in many other ways such as his visits to high .school seniors for student recruitment and his assistance to various departments on numerous planned days, such as Play Day, Spring Contests and Senior Day. GUIDANCE Dr. Koerble, Director of Counseling and Guidance, is responsible for aiding the students in making their adjustments to college and in reach- ing the goal of collegiate success. His is the personal touch that makes students aware that this college is interested in the progress and success of the individual. In addition to the duties of counseling, Dr. Koerble is an instructor in the Department of Education in the area of mental hygiene and in techniques and principles of counseling. This is Dr. Koerble ' s first year on this campus. He holds B.S., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees. HEALTH AND WELFARE Pearl Dawson Thelma Smith Ruth Burke Elizabeth Luer W. A. Rickenbrode Horace Mann nurse college nurse dietitian Residence Hall housemother business office Page 86 FACULTY DIVISION OK KDUCATION Front Hoif. Avis Graham. Supervising Teacher Mary Keith, MA. Neva Ross. M.A.. Supprrising Teache Back Row: Robert DuBev. Kd I) . Inslniclional Materials Anthony Aldon. M.S ' .. Assistant Librarian Pauline Arthur, M.A.. Siiperrisinf; Teacher Leonard Levy, M.S. Front Row. Barbara Wilson, M.S. in L.S. Kathryn McKee, M.A.. Supervising Teacher Esther KnittI, BS . Supervising Teachc Back Row: H. R. Dieterich. A.M. James Johnson. B.S. in L.S.. Librarian Not Shown: Everett Brown, MA. Front Row: Chloe Millikan, MA. Virginia McGinness, B.S.. Supervising Teacher Dora B. Smith. A.M. Back Row: Harriet Williams. M.Ed.. Supervising Teacher Leon Miller. Ph.D.. Division Chairman Charles Koerble. Ph.D.. Counselor of Students Ann Gorsurh. M.A.. Supervising Teacher Page 87 FACULTY DIVISION Ol ' MUSIC FrnnI row: Donald H. Sandford. M Mus.. Actinf; Chairman of Music Department Ruth Miller. M.M.. Supervising Teacher Back Row: C.erhard Krapf. MM. AA.G.O. Gilbert Whitney. M.A. Earle Moss, M.A. DIVISION OF LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Front Row: Violette Hunter. M.A. Lula Mae Sheetz. M.A. Teacher Ruby V. Wispe. M.A. Dorothy Weigand. M.A.. Supervising Teacher Back Row: Estelle Bowman, M.A. Joseph A. Dreps, Ph.D.. Chairman of Foreign Language Department Ralph E. Fulsom, M.A.. Acting Chairman of Speech Department J. K. Sowards. Ph.D. Frank W. Grube. Ph.D.. Diitsion Chair- man. Chairman of English Department Mattie M. Dykes. M.A. Not Shown: Elaine Mauzey. M.A. Supervising DIVISION OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS Front Row: Vide Dunbar. A.M. William Garrett. Af.S.. Chairman of Biology Department J. Gordon Strong. Ph.D.. Division Chair- man. Chairman of Physical Science Department Irene Mueller. Ph.D. Back Row: William Lafferty, M.A.. Acting Chair- man of Mathematics Department Densil Cooper. Ph.D. Theodore Weichinger. Jr., M.S., Supervising Teacher Myrl Long, M.S. Pagei FACULTY DIVISION OK FINK AND AITI.IKI) AHIS i ' mnt Hnw. v. H. HouRhton, MA Olive S. DelAKO. AM.. Chmmuin of Fine Arts Dcpurtrnvnt rlime Co .ine, Ph.D.. !)irisi in Cfutii nitm. Chnirntan of Home Krononui Department Louise Johnson. M.A.. Stiperrisin ; Instructor Charles L. .lohnson, M.A.. Supervising Teacher Hack How. Kiircla Brown, B.S.. A.M. David W. Crozier, M.Ed.. Superuisinn Teacher Kenneth T. Thompson, M.Ed. Howard Ringold, A ..S. Donald N. Valk. M.S.. Chairman of Industrial Arts Department n. T. Wright, M.A.. Chairman of .A riculture Department Mahel Took. M.A. DIVI.SION OF HEALTH AND PHY.SICAI. KDUCATION Front Rou-: Bonnie Magill, M.A.. Aclin ; Chairman of Women ' s Physical Education Department Joann W. Harristhal. M.A.. Supervisini; Teacher M. Doris Hysler, MA. Hack Fow: Rvland .1. Milner, MA. H. D. Peterson. Ph.D.. Chairman of Division. Chairman of Men ' s Physical Education Department Burton Richey. B.S.. Supervising Teacher Robert Gregory, A ..S ' . DIVISION OF BUSINE.SS Front How: Marjorie Person. B..S ' . Sterling Surrey. Ph.D.. Division Chairman Edwardena Schneider. B..S ' . Ed., Supervising Teacher Hack Row: Elwyn K. DeVore, M.S. in B. Ed. Don Richmond. M.A. ,v. Page 89 DEPARTMENTS DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCE Front Row: Harry G. DiUiine, Ph.D. George R. Gayler. M.A. John L. Harr. Ph.D.. Division CI Harold Mulford, A ..4. Hiwl; How: Garland W. Fothergill. M.S. Glenn J. Hoffman, Ph.D. J. K. Sowards, Ph.D. Gortion W. Price. Ed.D., Super v Teacher LIBRARY STAFF Left to right: Seated: Kay Dolph, Erma Grabill. Dr DuBey, Mrs. Hubert Garrett. Anthony Alden. Pat Cooper, Barbara Steele. Standing: Sherry Ryan, Darlene Cole- man, Dolore Stoiiffer, Ella Erp, Jean Suni- mer.s. Mr. Johnson. Marjorie Cockayne. Marjorie Bagley. George Welch. Page 90 CO-RECREATIONAL COUNCIL Front row: Rosalie Hamilton. Marilyn O ' Connor, Barbara Kunze, Nancy Rainey. HucI; row: H. U. I ' l-ltisdn, ).( Iso . Larry Jones, Dick Phillips, Daryl E. Flint. Roger Cook, George Haskey. The idea of men and women together com- prising teams and vying for honors with simi- lar teams in organized and supervised compe- tition is comparatively new, but the plan has proved to be one of the finest socializers in the modern educational system. NWMSC can be indeed proud that it is among the leaders in developing such a program. Under the plan, actual mixed team and mixed doubles competition is offered in swim- ming, tennis, badminton, volleyball, ping pong, and golf. Only occasionally is it neces- sary to modify the standard rules of the game to make them applicable to co-recreational participation. In such case the Co-recreational Council is called upon to provide jurisdiction. The Council consists of the five men of the Intramural Commission, assisted by five women chosen in an identical manner. The broadest purpose of the Council is to promote interest in the program in general since it is definitely a pioneering organization operating in a new field. To this end the recreational facilities of the college are open with supervision on definite regularly posted hours. The gymnasium and the pool are utilized and the tennis courts are lighted on two nights per week. Keep up the enthusiasm, guys and gals, and look to the future when bowling will be added to the Co-rec list! Strike! Page 91 ii M " CLUB Front Hoiv: Daryl E. Flint. Ronald O ' Dell. Duane Free- man, President: Loren Putney, Secretary-Treasurer: Richard Tilton. Second Row: Larry Butler, Billy Summa, Doyle Hen- drickson, Lewis Linville, Bill Baldwin, Darrell Walker, Mickey Mallen. Third Row. Ernie Hutchings, Weldon Dowden, Howard Davenport, Cliff Agenstein, John Garner. Jim Swaney. Dale Hague. Back Roiv: Fred Maher. Jack Spence, Jim Gillett, Don Black, Jerry Davis. Lex Creamer. Not Shown: Dr. H D. Peterson. Sponsor: J. R. Gregory. Sponsor: R H. Milner, Sponsor: Garold Walker. Vice- President: Ono Monachino, Larry Rowley, Mark Burns. The " M " Club, an organization whose aim is to promote and uphold the standards of the college through athletics, is composed of men who have completed the prescribed require- ments for lettering in a varsity sport. Under the leadership of President Duane Freeman, the club functioned to promote good sportsmanship among the fans as well as players, to encourage wholehearted par- ticipation in all sports, either as a spectator or player, and to develop an attitude of team- work instead of individual participation in all of the functions of the school. Fall activities found the club staging a successful Walkout Day and sponsoring a Dads ' Night football game which was followed by a banquet for the players and their par- ents. February 26, the " M " Club presented the annual " M " Club Ball, with music by Dee Peterson. Nancy Jameson was chosen queen, and her attendants were Wanda Dugger and Nancy Rainey. Members of the club acted as hosts to high school basketball teams of the area in the county, subregional. and regional tourna- ments. In the spring, the club handled all of the arrangements and activities of the 195.5 High School District Track Meet, during which a high school girl from the district was selected and crowned queen. The " M " Club picnic rounded out the year ' s activities. Page 92 441% f99 M " CLUB DANCE Page 93 INTRAMURAL COMMISSION Front row. Daryl E. Flint. Roger I ' ouk, Chairman. H. D. Peterson. Sponsor. ach row. Dick Phillips, Larry Jones. George Haskey The Intramural Commission was established in 1947 under the slogan " Sports For All. " The objective of the group is to supplement the regular sports program of the school so that no one who has an interest, regardless of ability, will be left out. It of course provides for wholesome recreation for any student in his spare time. Five members promote the system and keep the program running smoothly. One represen- tative is selected from each of the three frater- nities, one from the Independent Club, and one non-organizational member is included. These athletically minded fellows furnish excel- lent supervision while the teams are being organized and set up schedules for the differ- ent tournaments. These are the boys to see if you have gripes about rules or officials. Rules for the various competitive sports and an established point system are recorded in the " Intramural and Co-Recreational Sports Handbook " which is available through Dr. Peterson, who sponsors both groups. Playing in the intramurals provides more than the thrill of competition and personal .satisfaction in winning. The traveling suprem- acy trophy is awarded to the organization with the largest accumulation of points throughout every phase of the competition. The individual who garners the most points for himself also receives a trophy which offers some basis for recognizing him as one of the outstanding athletes on the campus. Page 94 CHEER LEADERS Fage 95 WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Page 96 GOLF . TENNIS • TRACK Bud Galpin, David Cochran, Tom Bishop. Curt Thomas. Charles Adair. Bob Smith. Danny Evans. Paul Clark. Front Row: Doyle Hendrickson. Lester Hall. Lewis Lin- vUIe. Ric Tilton. Marvin Black. Loran Putney. Jerry Davis. Back Row: Larry Butler. Mark Burns. Weldon Dowden. Vic Cromer, Fred Maher. Coach Ryland Milner. Page 97 M -m FOOTBALL Front Row: Don Schenkel, Dant-ll Walker. Cliff Agen- stein, Mel Gibson, Fred Maher, ( " lorden Bates. Second Row: Ron O ' Dell. Ernie Hutthings, Bob Mer- kle. Ron Wray. Larry Rowley, Larry Butler, Ono Mona- chino. Third Row: Jerry Dancer, Ed Mes.sbarger, Vie Cromer, George Haskey, Jim Snapp, Wendell Guess, Tom Welch. Fourth Row: John Sthulze, Harold Greaves, Jim Joy, Leonard Bunnell, Bill Baldwin, Walter Arms, Mickey Mallen. Bach Row: Jim Swaney. Harold Voggesser, George Lockridge, Glee Guess, Bob Hunt, Ru.ssell Davenport. Plagued by lack of reserve strength and untimely injuries, the 1954 Bearcats finished the season with a record of 2 wins and 6 losses. The Maryville " Ironmen " opened the sea- son with a brilliant 20-7 victory over a pre- season picked, Nebraska Wes- leyan. William Jewell topped the Bearcats 13-7 on an unearned run. The Jewell defeat was fol- lowed by a 20-7 loss to Ft. Hays State of A tired, reserveless Maryville eleven, lead- ing 20-18 at halftime, gave up a fourth quar- ter touchdown and lost to Kirksville. Rolla ' s Miners followed by beating the Cats in their second conference game 19-13. Fired up before 7,500 homecoming fans, the Cats pasted Springfield 20-6. This victory was followed by two conference losses, 12-6 and 27-6 to Warrensburg and Cape Girard- eau, respectively. Darrell Walker with 51 points, O ' Dell, Mal- len, Monachino, G. Walker, and Baldwin fig- ured in the Bearcats ' season scoring. Darrell Walker and Ernie Hutchings were selected to the all-conference first team, with second team honors going to Mark Burns and Bill Baldwin. Seniors donning the green and white for the last time were Gillett, Hutchings, and Baldwin, tri-captains, Burns, Monachino, G. Walker, Agenstein, and Swaney. Page 98 FOOTBALL Cliff AKtnstein liill Haldvsin Lconnrd lUiiinuil Mark Burns Vic Cromer •Ifrry Dancer Kussell Davenport •liiiiC.illelte Harold Creaves Dale Hague George Haskey Krnie Hutchings I- ' red Mayer ImI Messharger Ono Monachino Mickey Mallen Kon ODell l.arry Rowley 1 )on Schenkel •lohn Schuize Page 99 FOOTBALL ■liiii Swaney D.irrell Walker Gerald Walker 1. -.1 V .».4«j».fii ' ' -if -.fhl- ' JLMKi (fm:r Page 100 FOOTBALL ,» m£ ' ' ' ' - ' I ' ugf iUl BASKETBALL ' •n Front Row: I ' aiil Clark. John Garner, Ono Monachino. Bill Baldwin, Jim Swaney, Dana Sharp. Second Row: Lex Creamer. Daryl Flint, Mike Hutcheon, Weldon Dowden, Dick Phillips. Bach Row: Coach Robert Gregory, Logan McGinness, Bob Smith. Under the guidance of a new coach, Robert Gregory, the Bearcat basketball team ran up a season record of 9 wins against 11 losses, during 1954-55. A record of 3 wins and 7 losses placed the Cats fifth in the MIAA Conference. Sophomore Daryl Flint, leading scorer for Maryville last year, repeated his performance this year with a 15 point per game average. Flint was followed by senior Ono Monachino, who averaged 14 points per game. Both boys, besides being leading .scorers, proved them- selves invaluable in the rebounding depart- ment, as they worked both the offensive and defensive boards tirelessly. Monachino, a four year letterman, finished his hardwood career by joining Flint on the second MIAA conference team. Lost by gradu- ation besides Ono are guards Jim Swaney, a two year letterman, and Bill Baldwin, a three year letter winner, and forward John Garner, a four year letterman. Page 102 BASKETBALL LETTERMEN Hill HiiUlwm I ' aul Clark l,ex Creamer Weldon 1 )o V(lon Darrell KliiU .lohn C.anier Mike Hutrheon Logan McGinnis Ono Monachino Dick Phillips Dana Sharp Bob Smith Page 103 BASKETBALL Page 104 BASKETBALL Page 105 Br r r . . . Page 106 K TOWER OUEEN A Page 107 HOMECOMING QUEEN ATTENDANTS Nancy Kariger Shirley Sieip Barbara Nixon Ellen Hedstrom Page 108 TOWER DANCE Page J 09 BAND Front Kuw: Bill Franklin, Marylyn LaMar, Gary Fuii.v house; ' . Second Row: Ona Morrison. George R. Green, Anna Roberts, Wreatha Jarvis, James M. Cobb, Peggy Jo Guthrie. hird Row: Shirley E. Clevenger. John F. Whitford. Ueon Jensen. Back Row: Corwin Elliott. C. E. Enyart. Stanley Laugh- lin. Bill Schultz. Gordon Rea, Mr. Earle Moss. Director. Always a thrill at the Bearcat football games is the College marching band. During half-time they present outstanding drills for the entertainment of the crowds. This year their performances were particularly snappy under the leadership of Director Earle Moss, and Drum Major Corwin Elliott. When bas- ketball season rolls around the band continues its activity. A pep band entertains at every home game. During the remainder of each semester, the band spends mo t of its time in the prep- aration and presentation of concerts both on and off the campus. The group made its an- nual concert tour of neighboring communitie:; in northwest Missouri. This year brought about an experiment in progressive jazz with the College having its first faculty sponsored jazz group under the guidance of Mr. Moss. The book was the end and the cats blew up a storm on several per- sonal arrangements by Mr. Moss. A real gone time was had by all. Although the band is an activity of the Mu- sic Division, membership is not restricted to music majors. It is open to all students. Sen- ior music majors are given excellent oppor- tunities to act as directors. Outstanding stu- dents share conducting honors with the leader at concert time. Much emphasis is placed on the literature and materials which will be useful to the student after graduation. Page 110 BAND ' f Front Row: Frances Seat. Marcia Ely, Wanda David. Second Row: Lavonne Van Meter. Peggy Ann Biish. Jerry Troxell. Veldeva Cochran. Third Row: Joyce Ely, Jeanne Goodson. Marylan Wah- lers. Dorothy Snook, Shirley Woodring. Fourth Row: Jim Miller. Eldon E. Patterson. Wendall Harper. Don Bennett. Jean Jensen, Gordon Robert.son. Back Row: Vernon Jenkins, Donald K. Scheib, Burl Wal- ter, Jr. I ' agf 111 TOWER CHOIR Front Row: Charlotte Patterson, rhyllis Kelley. Barbara Stuber, Reta Spratt, Mary Lou Hushes, Ruth Tebow. Marylan Wahlers. Second Row: Glenda Kay Martin. Jeanette Ackley, Bev- erly Cooper. Virginia Birbeck. Jeanne C.oodson, Gary Funkhousei ' , Robert K. James, Donald Riegel. Third Row: Charmaine Johnson, Katherine Rogers, Mar- ilyn Garten, Judy Beemer. Maxine Goff. Anna Roberts. Sharon Olson. James Roll. Roger Rowlett. Back Row: Nancy Jamison. Sandra Hayzlett. Joyce Bender. Verla Mosman. Shirley Clevenger. Donald Wat- son. John F. Whitford. Jimmie Martin. Corwin Elliott. George R. Green. Front Row: Kay Edwards, Madeleine Mongold, George R. Green. Wanda David. Veldeva Cochran. Elaine Grif- fey, Madelyn Bell. Back Row: Ruth Tebow, Sue Wright. Marcia Ely, Wil- liam Schultz, Joan Terwilliger. Fred Whitford. Peggy Henry. Wreatha Jarvis. Standing: Roger Rowlett. Donald Sanford. director. Pianist: Anna Catherine Roberts. Page 112 TOWER CHOIR Front How: Sue Wright, Peggy Ann l.u li Olive Long. Kvelyn O ' Connell. Susan Ely, Rita Yehle. Ciail Medsker. Ann Schilling. Second Row. Rex Malson. Jerry Troxell. Donald Herren. Sondra Sawyer, Elaine Schroeder. Marjorie White, Joan Terwilliger. Third Row: James Gromer. Jack Hill, Edwin Herde, Deon Jensen, Jim Scholley. Beverly Blohm, Barbara Anne Julius, Veldeva Cochran. Bach Row: Floyd A. Worley, Tom Welch, Max Bartram, John Ciuemple, Charlene Olson, Vivian Head. Wretha Jar is, Tamara Kennedy, Roena Gossett, Of all the activities sponsored by the Music Divi.-,ion, the Tower Choir is one of the most important and rewarding. This year revealed the best sounding group we have had in re- cent years, besides being the strongest in numbers. Well remembered by the students will be the fine programs presented on the campus. Among these were the Christmas assembly presented in conjunction with the speech de- partment in which Vaughn Williams ' Festival Te Deum and the incidental music to the Christmas play, Why the Chimea Rang, made a most effective impression. The choir made its regular tour of high schools in this area, presenting a diversified program ranging from historical choral works to selections from The Student Prince. The trip encompassed several towns in the north- west Missouri area, as well as an appearance at St. Joseph Junior College and one radio performance. The choir owes particular thanks to George Green for his untiring assistance at the piano. The pr esentation of Gian Carlo Menotti ' s one-act comic opera, The Telephone, featur- ing Barbara Stuber and Jack Hill, was a source of much fun and real pleasure. Another subdivision of the Choir was the Madrigal group, which presented some charming exam- ples of early vocal expression. Biggest production of the second .semester was Mendelssohn ' s great oratorio, Elijah, which was presented very impressively under the direction of the choir ' s leader, Gilbert Whitney. Page 113 WALKOUT DAY " J " . V Page 114 WALKOUT DAY Page 115 QUEEN ' S ATTENDANTS Pat Wood Marcia Woodcock Pat Adams Louise Novin er Dixie Moore Page 116 HOMECOMING QUEEN Page 117 HOMECOMING Page 118 HOMECOMING Page 119 HOMECOMING COMMITTEE Front Row: Bettebelle Pitts. Pat Cooper, Earl Bridgewater, Chairman. Barbara F " ox. Martha Newman. Elbert L. Blair. Second Row: Raymond Butt. Frank Russell. John Garner, Evelyn Finter. Jim Roll, Evelyn Hillman, John L. Harr, Faculty Chairman. Back Row: Marca Dick. Jomc HiDwri, . ii Hii. kiiiuliani. Harold Dinsmore. Janet Mills Not Shown: Corwin Elliott, Duane Metcalf, J. W. Stone. John Whitford, John Barrett, James Hamilton. The responsibility, success, and spirit of Homecoming rest upon the shoulders of the Homecoming Committee. They must make arrangements for the variety show, pep rally, parade and dance; make signs and posters; and select judges for the various events. Faculty sponsor Dr. John Harr and chairman Earl Bridgewater did an excellent job in seeing that the committee made Homecoming of 1954 a bang-up event! The skits represented everything from the life of Coach Milner to an impersonation of Mr. J. W. Bearcat. The Tri-Sigmas took top honors in giving a rendition of Coach Milner ' s life; we even met " Mother Milner. " Versatile emcee Lyle Martin and his assistant Bugs Williams pleased everyone with their jokes and hill-billy music. The climax to the 1954 Vari- ety Show was the crowning of Queen Pat Boydston. Where else but at Old State would you see " This Old House " come chugging down the street? The TKES weren ' t satisfied by winning first place with their beautiful float; they wanted some excitement! Those golden statues suddenly came to life when the float caught on fire. Again the fighting Bearcats lived up to their reputation of winning their Homecoming game by rolling the Springfield Bears. The climax to the Homecoming weekend came with the Homecoming dance, which was attended by many students, friends, and Alums. Page 120 CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES Page 121 RESIDENCE HALL MEN S QUAD Page 123 COLLEGE HEIGHTS Page 124 NEWMAN CLUB FrunI Rim. Hits Yphle. Maria ( ' ■ainhoa. Patricia DBi ' ien. Second How: Don Skienar, Kuth Busby. Vivian Head. Vice-President. Virginia Watkins. President. Barbara Lola Anderson. Marilyn O ' Connor, Teresa Tobin, Arlen Kunze. Secretary-Treasurer. E. K. DeVore. Sponsor. Roach. Back Row. Maurice Tobin. Richard Dowell. Dick Weher, Ono Monachino, Fred Maner. Monte Schaufler. George H askey. RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK Page PJ5 o» V » i » Front Row: Myrna Falk, Program Chairman; Marcia Ely. Treasurer: John F. Whitford, President: Terry Bul- lock, Vice-President: Wreatha Jarvis, Reporter: Darlene Coleman, Secretary. Second Row: Joseph A. Dreps. Sponsor: Miriam Gose. Edwin Herde, Joyce Ely, Peggy Andrews, Sherry Ryan, Alice Terhune, Helen Mulvania. Irene Mueller. Sponsor. Back Row: Betty Heyser, Wanda Kingsolver, J. W, Stone, George R. Green, Karen Zach, Helen Jennings. Jeanie Mulvania. The Student Christian Association seeks to provide an opportunity for students to unite in the realization of a full and creative life and a growing knowledge of God through worship, study, and action. To this end, a well-rounded program of social and religious activities was prepared and directed by the student officers and the club sponsors. Opening the fall semester with an outing, the S.C.A. group enjoyed the usual picnic with games and toasted marshmallows. The S.C.A. ' s spiritual activities reached a double peak in the first semester. First, the Mary- ville group journeyed to Tarkio, taking with them Mr. Gerhard Krapf, who was featured on the program. The second peak was reached when the Rev. David Thomas gave his inspir- ing message at the annual Christmas ban- quet. The S.C.A. concluded its activities of the first semester by carolling for retired fac- ulty members and by presenting a needy fam- ily with a ba.sket of food. The opening of the second semester found the association engaged in preparation for Religious Emphasis Week, which is annually sponsored by the College Administration, the Newman Club, and the S.C.A. Other events included Tarkio ' s return visit to Maryville on March 17th, and the second observance of the Easter Sunrise service. The S.C.A. is associated w ith the Student Councils of the Y.M.C.A. and the Y.W.C.A., and it annually sends representatives to the district conferences and the retreat camps sponsored by these organizations. Page 126 IN MEMORIAM Neal Boatright. Fine Arts Major Miss I.urile Urumbaugh, Assistant Librarian Page 127 TOWER DIRECTORY A At; Club 79 Alpha Phi Omi ' ga 81 Alpha Psi Omega 71 Alpha Sigma Alpha 50, 51 Art Club 72 Armory Dedication 82 Assembly Committee M Association for Childhood Education 74 B Band 110. Ill Basketball 102-105 Board of Regents 84 f. Campus Scenes 6 Cheerleaders 95 Christmas Activities 121 Classes 8-43 Colhecon 69 College Treasurer 85 Contents 4 Co-Recreational Council 91 Counselor of Students 85 D Dance Club 76 Dean of Faculty 84 Dean of Men 85 Dedication 5 Delta Sigma Epsilon 52, 53 Departmental Shots 44, 45 Director of Field Service 86 Dorm Council 65 Dramatics Club 71 F Faculty 87-90 Football 98-101 Foreword 4 Freshmen 34-43 Future Teachers of America . 73 G Golf 97 Guidance 86 II Health and Welfare 86 Homecoming Snaps 118, 119 Homecoming Committee 120 Homecoming Attendants 116 Homecoming Queen 117 I Independent Club 48, 49 Industrial Arts Club 80 Intermediate Club 73 Inter-Fraternity Council 47 Intra-Mural Commission 94 In Memoriam 127 J Juniors 21-25 K Kappa Delta Pi 67 Kappa Omricon Phi 70 L Life at College Heights 124 Life at Residence Hall 122 Life at the Quads 123 M M Club . 92, 93 N Newman Club 125 Northwest Missourian Staff 66 I ' Pan-Hellenic Council 47 P E M Club 77 Phi Sigma Epsilon 56, 57 Pi Omega Pi 68 President of the College 83 it IJiiad Council 65 R Registrar 85 Registration Day 46 Religious Emphasis Week 125 S Student Senate 63 Seniors 8-20 Sigma Sigma Sigma 54, 55 Sigma Phi Dolphins 75 Sigma Tau Gamma 58, 57 Social Committee 64 Sophomores 26-33 String Group 112 Student Christian Association. .126 Summer Graduation 62 T Tau Kappa Epsilon 60, 61 Tennis 97 Tower Attendants 108 Tower Choir 112, 113 Tower Dance Snaps 109 Tower Oueen 107 Tower Staff 3 Track 97 W Walkout Dav 114, 115 Who ' s Who " 7 Women ' s Athletic Association.. 78 Women ' s Physical Education 96 STUDENT INDEX Ackley, Jeanette Anne, Marshalltown, la 112 Adair, Charles Rovce, Bethany, Mo 26, 97 Adams, Monte Gene. Elmo. Mo .8, 49, 73, 79, 80 Adams. Patricia Janette. Red Oak, la. 26, 51, 75, 77, 116 Addington, Harold R., Maryville, Mo 3,8,72,73 Addison, Frances Hagan, Maryville, Mo 26 Agenstein, Cliff Sr., Gallatin, Mo 92, 98, 99 Akin, Lowell Max, Graham, Mo 34,80 Allen, Bonita Marlene, Elmira, Mo 26,49,74 Allison. M. Ann. Mound City. Mo .26,66.107 Almquist. Sandra Joan. Pacific Junction. la.. .26. 51. 73 Anderson. Jo Ellen. Burbank. Calif 26. 53 Anderson. Lola Marie, Parkville. Mo 49. 125 Anderson. Mary. Maitland. Mo 21,67 Anderson, Reid, Clarinda, la 8, 47, 60 Andrews, Margaret Ann, Tarkio, Mo 49, 126 Appleton. Edward C. Hopkins, Mo 26 Appleton. Harriet Carol, Hopkins, Mo 8, 66 Argo, Nellie Ann, Maryville, Mo. 26 Arms. Walter Eugene, Maryville, Mo 26,98 Ashley, Charlene Frances, St. Joseph, Mo 21 Bagley, Donald Wesley, Barnard, Mo 34 Bagley, Marjorie Ann, Diagonal, la 34,74,90 Bailey, Byron K., Maryville. Mo 8 Baker, Harold Dean. Barnard. Mo 26,57 Baker, Jerald Leroy, Elliott, la 34 Baker, Patricia Ann, Maryville, Mo 8, 69, 70 Baldwin, William Robert, Maryville. Mo. 8. 59. 92. 98, 99, 102, 103 Barger, Dan M., Maryville, Mo 80 Barker, Keith Alongo, Lenox, la 26 Barks, Virginia Ann, Sheridan, Mo 34 Page 128 Barnes, H.l.ii Km . ' , McuikI CiIv. Mo 34,55 Barn. ' tl. Hiilpli Lok m. Kansas Cilv. Mo 21 liarrt ' tl. .Idhn Ira. W. ' sll.on., Mo, .7. 8, 47, 57, 63, 64, 67 Bartram, Max Kllicrt. .Skidmoro, Mo 113 Batf.s. Cordon Ualc, Oakland. la 26,80.98 Bavless. Franklin Dale. Coin. la 7,9,57,63,64 Bei-k. Carolene Mae. Lenox, la 34,49,73,78 Becmer,Judith Ka.v. Bedford. la, 34, 51, 75, 77, 78, 112 Bceson, Jo.sephine Ann. Shenandoah. la 34,55 Begg.s, Colleen Ann. Marvville. Mo 51 Bender. Jovc-e Elaine. Mailland. Mo 34,112 Bender, Viron Kay. Oregon. Mo 21 Benediet. .lovce Bauline, Shenandoah, la 34,49 Benedict. Donald Kirk. Marvville. Mo 34 Bennett. Warren. Mt. Ayr. la 34 Benning, Barbara Ann. Maryville. Mo 55, 75, 77 Beuerman. Harvev Merton. Van Meter, la 34 Birbeik. Virginia Mae. King City. Mo 34,69, 112 Bishop. Claud James. King Cilv. Mo 26 Bishop. Thomas S.. King Citv. Mo 26,59,97 Black, Donald 1,., College Springs. la 80,92 Black. Marvin Dean. Marvville. Mo 26,97 Blair, Klhert L.. Barnard. Mo 21,71,120 Blair, Yvonne L.. Barnard. Mo 26 Blohm. Beverly Jean. Atchison, Kans 34, 51, 75, 113 Boatwright. Neal. Rushville. Mo 65, 127 Bogle, Mary Jane. Rockport, Mo 9 Bolar, Larry Coyle, Bethany. Mo 34 Bolin, Sallv Ann. Coin. la 26 Boyd, Barbara Ann. Council Bluffs, la 21,49 Bovdston. Patricia Gavie, Sharpsburg. la 26,55,65,73, 116 Bram. Philip Edward. Denver, Mo 34 Brandes. Roger Keith. Hancock, la 34,49 Brennan. Laurence Jo.seph. Marvville, Mo 26 Bressler. Carol. Grant City, Mo 34,51 Bridgewater. Earl Francis, Hopkens. Mo. 7. 9. 47, .57. 64, 67. 120 Brown. Joyce Elaine. BIythedale, Mo. 9. 49, 64, 80, 120 Brown. L. La Verne. Maryville. Mo,. 27, 57, 63, 79 Buckingham, Arthur Eugene, St. Josejjh. M . 27, 60, 63. 64. 120 Bullock. N. Terrv. Maryville, Mo 9, 67, 126 Bunnell. Leonard Melton. Kansas City, Mo 98, 99 Burger. Donna Rae. Van Meter, la 49 Burke. Doris Arleta. King Citv, Mo 35,49 Burns. Mark, Beverlv, Mo 9,97,99 Burns, William Richard, Bedford. la 35 Busbv, Geraldine Ann, Barnard, Mo 35 Busbv, Ruth Ellen. Maryville, Mo 35,51,125 Bush. F:dd Joe. Corning, la 27 Bush. Peggy Ann. Forest City, Mo. 35,49, 113 Butler. Aleta Louise, Pleasanton, la 53 Butler. Larry Orr. Bethany. Mo 27, 80, 92, 97, 98 Butt, Raymond Val-Jean.Westboro, Mo.. .9, 79,80, 120 Buttermore, Katharine, Hamburg, la 35,53 Campbell, Bonnie. Barnard, Mo 21, 55 Campbell. Larry Duane. Martinsville, Mo 35 Canon. Marjorie Ann. Maryville. Mo 31,51,71 Carmichael. Mildred Maxine. Hopkins, Mo 10 Case. A. Darlene. Bolckow. Mo. , 27 Cauffield. Arthur. Marvville, Mo.. 66 Clark. Paul F., St. Jo.seph, Mo 27, 59, 97, 102. 103 Clevengcr, Shirley E,. Savannah. Mo 35.112 Clothier. Melvin L.. Manning, la 59,64.66 Cobb. James M.. Maryville, Mo 110 Cochran. David Allan. St. Joseph, Mo 10,80,97 Cochran. Veldeva V., Sharpsburg, la 21,49,75, 112. 113 Cockayne. Marjorie L.. Quitman, Mo 27, 49. 90 Cole. John H.. South Bend. Ind 49.71 Coleman, Darlene M.. Cameron, Mo 27, 49, 90, 126 Collier. Keith V.. Shenandoah, la 35,71,80 Commons, Janice E,. Pattonsburg, Mo 27, 66, 73, 78 Conley, Ftobert L., St. Joseph, Mo 10 Cook, Mildred A.. Osceola. la 35 Cook, Roger, Eagleville. Mo 21,57,63.91,94 Cooksey, Betty Jean, Maryville, Mo 27, 49 Cooley, Geraldine, St. JfKseph, Mo 71, 74 Cooper, Beverlv. Marvville, Mo 35,51, 112 Cooper. Byron. Guilford. Mo 27,79,80 Cooper. Patricia. Sheridan. Mo 10, 51, 66, 67, 70, 90, 120 Cordell. Donald, Quitman, Mo 27 Corless, Ann, St. Joseph. Mo 10, 77, 78 Coulson. Doreen Kay, Granger, la 35,49 Cowan. Annie Lou. Maitland, Mo 7,10,47,51,63,67,70 Cox. Edward Lee, Maryville, Mo 80 Cox. Phyllis Jean, Jame.son, Mo 35 Cox, Virginia Ann. Lenox, la. 35,55 Crane, Ruth, .Salt Lake City, Utah 27,49,74 Craven. .Sandra, Weston. Mo 35,53,74 Creamer. Lex. Union Star. Mo 21,59,92,102.103 Criswell, Carolyn, Mound Citv, Mo 10,67 Cromer, Vic. Carothersville. Mo 27, 57, 97, 98, 99 Cross, Frances, Bedford, la 10,51,74 Cross, Judy RoUene. Bedford, la 35, 51 Crouse, Patricia L., Mound City, Mo 27, 74 Crowley, Betty Lee. Lawson. Mo 49, 74 Crowley, Billy Mac, Lawson, Mo 65 Croy, Marym, Maryville. Mo 21, 55, 63, 69 Cushman. Elizabeth Ann, Joplin, Mo 11,77,78 Cutler. Constance Jean. St. Joseph, Mo ...21.55,72,73,74,80 Daily, Mary Louise, Barnard, Missouri 35, 73 Dancer. Jerrv Lee. Marvville, Mo 98,99 Darby, B. G., Bethany, Mo 21 Davenport, Howard Bryson. Red Oak, la 11,80,92 Davenport, Russell Wavne. Kellerton, la 98, 99 David, Wanda, Mound City, Mo 21,49, 112 Davidson, Delman, Guilford, Mo 27 Davis, Cena June. Eagleville. Mo 11,74 Davis, Charles Bradford, Maryville, Mo 27, 80 Davis, Flovd Jerome. Chillicothe. Mo 92 Davis. Frank E., Maryville, Mo 21, 59 Davis, Jerrv 97 Davis, Johii R.. Maryville, Mo 11.60.80 Davis, Shirley Jo. Mar.yville. Mo 11,74,80 Denny, Carolyn Ann, Maryville, Mo 71 Dick, Marca Evelvn. Maryville. Mo. ' 3, 11, 55, 69, 70, 120 Dickin.son. Ramona Arlene, Bedford. la 27, 49. 74 Dieterich. .Shirley Ann. Maryville, Mo 35, 75 Dinkel, Janet Sue. Greenfield. la. 35, 53, 74 Dinkel, Richard Eugene. Greenfield, la 27, 60 Dinsmore, Harold. Blanchard, la 11,57,79,120 Dodge. Zane. McF all, Mo 11,57,63,79 Donaldson, Patricia Ann. Maryville. Mo 36.80 Dorman. Montra De Vezz, Maryville. Mo 27 Dowden. Janice Lee. Parnell. Mo. 36,55 Dowden. Kenny Lavelle. Parnell, Mo 59 Dowden, Laurel Weldon, Marvville, Mo 59, 92, 97, 102, 103 Dowell. Richard Gordon 66, 125 Drennan, Galen Gene, Corning, la 28 Dugger, Wanda Lee, Anderson, la 28 Duke. Robert Lee. Bethany. Mo 22 Dunlap. William Max. Shannon, la 49 Dunn, John W.. Bolckow. Mo 28 Dyer, Phyllis Elayne. Forbes. Mo 12,55,74 Edwards. Garrv Lee. Fillmore. Mo 36 Edwards. Kay " 112 Elliott. Corwin A.. Princeton. Mo 12,110,112 Elliott. Marilyn, Maryvil le. Mo 12 Ellyson. Shirley Jean, Atchison, Kans 36, 53, 66 Ely, Marcia Ann. Hamilton. Mo 28,53,73, 112, 126 Page 129 Ely. Susan Joyce. Hamilton. Mo 36, 113, 126 Envart. Clarence Edward, Stanberry, Mo 110 Ernst, Robert L 28 Erp, Ella Sophie 28, 66, 7, ' 5, 90 Evan.s, Carolee Rose, Stanberry, Mo 36, 53, 69 Evans, Elmer Daniel, Pickering, Mo 28,97 Evans. J. Sterling, Maryville. Mo 79 Falk. Myrna Jean, Stanton, la 12,67,126 l ' " ar(iuliar, Edward Lerov, Hopkins, Mo 36 Fast, Mary, Villisca, la 28.73 Ferguson. Clyde Richard, Clearmont, Mo 36 Ferguson, Kathleen Jovce, Hamburg, la 28, 51, 71 Fett, Larry L., Audubon, la 22,80 Feuerbacher. William Porter, Oregon, Mo 36 Feurt, Jean Ann. Jameson, Mo 22,69 Finter, Evelyn Faye. Maryville, Mo 22,53,68, 120 Flint. Darvl Eugene, Martinsville, Mo 91, 92, 94, 102. 103 Fothergill, Charles Conrad, Rosendale, Mo 28 Fox. Barbara Christine. Mound City. Mo,70. 120 Franklin, William Dwight. Shenandoah. la 110 Frederick. Joseph William. King City, Mo 36, 66 Freeman, Duane, Maryville, Mo 12,59,80.92 French. Donald Ray. Percival, la 12 Frizell. Richard Dean. Liberty, Mo 28, .57 Fuhrman. Virginia Lee, Maitland. Mo 12.49,74 Fulton, Mary Katherine, Leon. la 36.49.73 Funkhou.ser, Gary George. Maryville, Mo. .36. 110. 112 Funkhouser. Mary Anne. Plattsburg. Mo 28, 55 Galpin, Bud. Gallatin. Mo 97 Gamble. Carol Ann. Plattsburg, Mo 36, 51, 72 Gamboa. Maria Isabel, Heredia, Costa Rica 22, 125 Gardner. Donald Dwain. Maryville, Mo 13 Garten. Marilyn. Maryville. Mo 28, 112 Gardner. Karen Elizabeth. Anita. la 28 Garev, Franklin Henry, Griswold, la 28, 49, 80 Garner. John Franklin, Winston, Mo 13, 47, 59, 80, 92, 102, 103, 120 Garside, Elinor Edna, Anita, la 36, 74 Garside, Lorraine, Anita, la 28, 73 Geer, Billy Wayne, Coin, la 28, ,57 Geer, Jarritt, Shenandoah, la 80 Gibson, Melvin, King City, Mo 36, 98 Gill, Jo Ella. Maryville. Mo 36. 72 Gillet. Jim. St. Joseph. Mo 59.80,92.99 Gillis, Helen Kathryn, Oregon, Mo 36,53 Goff, J. Maxine, Stewartsville. Mo 7.13,55.67.112 Goodson. Jeanne. Ravenwood, Mo 28, 51, 66, 112 Gorton, Charles Frederick, Hopkins, Mo 28, 60 Gose. Miriam Doretta, Corning, Mo 36,49, 74, 126 Gossett, Roena Faye, King Citv, Mo 36,49.113 Grabill, Erma Dean. Eagleville. Mo 22. 69. 70. 90 Gragg, Robert Lee, Parnell, Mo 36 Granteer. Norma Jane. Hastings, la 37,49,65,74 Grantham, Peggy Pauline, Ravenwood, Mo 37, 49 Gray, Lanny Lloyd, Craig, Mo 28,57 Greaves, Harold Llovd, Plattsburg, Mo 98. 99 Green. Colletta. Gallatin. Mo 37,51 Green. George Richard, Fairfax, Mo 37, 49, 66, 110, 112, 126 Green, Shannon, Westboro, Mo 22 Greever, Wilma AUene. Fairfax. Mo 29 Greever. Raymond, Maryville, Mo 29 Gregory. Danny Gene, Albany, Mo 37 Griffen. Elaine. Stuart, la 112 Griffin, Mary Margaret 37, 53 Griffith, Norma Jean, Exira, la 29, 53, 74 Grisham, Marlene Jean, Platte City, Mo 37, 74 Gromer, James Rav, St. Joseph, Mo 29.97.113 Groom. Carol E.. Maysville, Mo. Grove. Gwendolyn Joanne, Clarinda, la 22, 73 Grun, Dick, New Hampton, Mo 80 Guemple, John Robert, Fillmore, Mo 113 Guess. Glee. Albany, Mo 37,98 ( Wi ' ndell, Albany, Mo 37,98 Guthrie, Peggy Jo, Mound City. Mo 37.49, 110 Hagee, Charles Raymond, Mound Citv, Mo 29,49 Hague, Dale, Adel ' . la 92.99 Hajek. Jennie Lou. Lock Springs. Mo 37.55 Hall, Charles Lester, Maryville, Mo 29,79,97 Hamilton, Ko.salie K.. Brimson, Mo 22,53,66,91 Hammond, J. I)., Maitland, Mo 7,13,47,63,64 Hanna, David, Maryville, Mo 37 Hardca.stle, Jean, Mound City, Mo 37, 49 Harre, James, Farley, Mo 37 Harvev, John S., Savannah, Mo 29, 57, 66, 71, 79 Hascail, Edwin A., Maryville, Mo 13,57,63 Haskev, George Ed, St. Joseph, Mo 22, 91, 94. 98, 99, 125 Hatten, Ronald Gene, Bethany, Mo 37 Hatton, Bernard, Corning, la 13, 60 Haves, Phyllis Mae, Corning, la 13,77,78 Havzlett, Sandra Anita, Graham, Mo 37, 55, 112 Head, Vivian Ann. Essex. la 37,51, 113, 125 Headrick, James Robert, Marvville, Mo 29 Hed.strom, Ellen, Nodaway, la 37,53,65,108 Hedstrom, Mary Lou, Villisca. la 29, 74 Heflin, Eldon, Pickering, Mo 37 Helm, David, St. Joseph. Mo 14,79 Heits, Shirley Pearl, Craig, Mo 29, 53, 66 Henderson. Bonnie Jean, Carrollton, Mo... 14, 47, 55, 64 Hendrickson. Doyle Dean. Grant City. Mo 92, 97 Henkowski, David Homes, St. Joseph, Mo 29 Henry, Peggv Elaine, Bedford, la 22,49,67,112 Henry, Richard Dale. Alton. la 49 Henson. Carroll Eugene, Parnell, Mo 29, 49 Herde, Edwin Ellis, Parnell, Mo 29,49,80.113.126 Herde, Marv Elmira. Parnell. Mo 38.49 Herren. Donald Dean. Macksburg. la 3.38.113 Hevser, Betty Jean, Altamont. Mo 22,49.73,126 Hicks, Ralph W., Gallatin, Mo 80 Higginbotham, J. Norman, Albany, Mo 29,57 Hill, Jack Richard, St. Joseph, Mo 14,60, 113 Hillman, Evelyn Marie, Shenandoah, la. .14, 51, 74, 120 Holmes. Kenneth Eugene. Barnard, Mo 79 Hooker, Bonnie Jean, Parnell, Mo 38 Hooper, Ruth, Marvville, Mo 14 Hopkens. Walter M., St. Joseph, Mo 71 Hornbuckle, Wilbur Lee, Maryville, Mo 38, 79 Houston, Richard Dean, Maryville, Mo 29 Howell. Frances, Llnion Star. Mo 38 Hoy. Alice Almeda. Marvville, Mo 38,49 Hughs, Mary Lou, Osborn, Mo 38, 74, 112 Hulet, Clyde, Clearmont, Mo 14 Humphreville, Robert Dean, Clarinda, la 14 Humphry, William Fishell, Clearmont, Mo 29 Hunt. Robert Jr.. Plattsburg, Mo 60, 78 Hutcheon, William Michael, Kansas City, Mo 63, 102, 103 Hatchings, Ernest Frank, Pittsburg, Kans 80, 92, 98, 99 Hutchison, Gary Roe, Pleasanton, la 29,49,80 Hutt, Sarah Harness. Blanchard, la 14, 72 Hyink, Janice Lyn, Villisca, la 22, 74 Jackson, B. Wayne. Barnard. Mo 79 Jackson. James Robert, Skidmore, Mo .29,66,79 Jackson. Sally Leone. Mt. Ayr, la 29,73 James. Gene Harold, Shenandoah, la 49,80 James. Robert Keith, Albany, Mo 38.65.112 Jamison. Gloria June, Des Moines, la. .38, 55, 77, 112 Jarvis, Wreatha, Maryville. Mo 30, 49, 66, 110, 112, 113 Jenkins, Vernon, Faucett, Mo 37,65 Jennings, Helen, Maryville, Mo 126 Jenson, George Deon, St. Joseph, Mo.. .30, 60, 110, 113 Page 130 nson, .I.Mii Mali, ' . Kcd Oak, la 38,55 Imsuii, HcviTlv, Ksscx, la 38,49 hnson. Charmainc, Clarinda, la 38,55,77, 112 linson. -lames Hoy. Hrimson, Mo 73 hnsdii. .Shirli-y. .Stanton, la 38, .53 ncs. Boalricc. HurlniKton .let.. Mo , " 38 nes, Larry A.. SI. .loseph. Mo 30,59,66,91.94 Joni ' .s, Marilyn Liianno, Riverton, la 38 Joy. Jim R., Conci-ption Jc-t., Mo 30,98 Julius, Barbara Ann. City, Mo 38,55, 113 Karigcr, Naniv. Ralhoa. Canal Zone 30,51,75,77,78, 108 Kfllcv, I ' hvllis. Klliolt, la 30,74,112 K(-nm ' (lv, Tamara. St. Joseph, Mo 38,51, 113 Kinder, Jack Allen, Mound City. Mo 15,47.60 King. Bettv Ann. Cameron, Mo 38.49 Kingsolver. Wanda, Karragut. la 25,49,73, 126 Kordcs, Roberta. Cameron, Mo 7, 15, 55, 67, 69, 70 Kunze, Barbara, Lewis, la. 30. 75. 77. 78, 91. 125 Laffertv. Robert. Marvville. Mo 30 La Hue. Bill C . Langdon. Mo 30 Lake, ( arl Chandler, Tburman, la 30 Lake. Carl James, Emerson, la 30 LaMar, Barbara, Burlington Jet., Mo 30, 55, 69 LaMar. Marylyn, Burlington Jet., Mo...22, 55, 67, 110 Landon, Mary Lee. Leon, la 38. 49 Landphair, Macyl. Pleasanton, la 38. 53 Lash, Joyee Lee. Jamesport. Mo 39 Laughlin. James Stanley. Guilford, Mo 39,80, 110 Lauverentz, Dean, Atehison. Kans 80 Lawlor. Thomas Vinrent, Plattsburg, Mo 39 Lemar. Gordon. Graham. Mo 30.57 Lilley. Hiram. Maitland. Mo 66,71 Lilley, Robert, Spencer, la 30,59 Linke, Luwana Louise, Clarinda, la 22 Linville, Lewis Fred, St. Joseph, Mo 59, 92, 97 Lister, Robert Carl, Bolekow, Mo 71 Lockridge. George William, Pattonsburg, Mo 30, 71. 98 Long. Elvin Barrel. Maryville. Mo 49, 80 Long, Irvin Wayne, Gilman City, Mo 71,80 Long. Norma Louise, Grant City, Mo 31, 51 Long, Olive Irene, Quitman. Mo 39, 113 Loose, Florence, Riverton, la 30, 74 Lorance, Audra Lea, Maryville, Mo 25 Lorance, Sarah Ellen, Shenandoah, la 39, 49 McClard, Janet. St. Joseph, Mo 15, 51, 74, 80 McCIure, Davrel, Jr., Brimson, Mo 22,80 McConkey, Gloria, Barnard, Mo. 39,49,71 McCoole, Homer, Atchi.son, Kans 23,65 McCord, Larrv LeRov. Cameron. Mo 39. 49 McCrarv. Charles, Grant City, Mo 39, Donna, Rushville, Mo 39. 49 McGinness. Logan, Council Bluffs, la 102, 103 Melntvre, Owen Merrill. Mound City, Mo 15, 79 McKee, William, Mound City, Mo... 39 MeKern, Marilyn. Leon, la 39, 51 McKinlev, Doris. Glidden. la 30, 51. 74 McNeill. Ann. Maryville. Mo 23, 55, 70 Madsen. Jack Lynn. Atlantic. la 30 Maffitt. Robert. Stanberrv. Mo 40 Maher. Fred. Red Oak, la 30.57,92,97,98,99.125 Mallen, James E., Platt.sburg. Mo 92,98.99 Malson. Rex. Albany. Mo 39,113 Marrs. Larrv. Mound Citv, Mo 31 Martin, Glenda Kay, Fillmore. Mo 39,49,112 Martin, James Russell, Ravenwood, Mo 30,49,112 Martin. Vilas. Guilford, Mo 31 Massie, Carolyn, Hopkins, Mo 39, 55, 75 Mathenv. Larrv L., Blanchard, la 15, 60 Mather, Lloyd D., Sidney, la 39 Mathews, Evelyn, Oregon, Mo 39. 53 Malison, Vera, Slanlicrry. Mn. .39,49 Mau, Lorraine. Honolulu. Hawaii 15,51,74,80 Maune. Martin F. Jr.. St. Joseph, Mo 31,60 Maxon. Edward. Maryville. Mo 39 Medsker. (lail. Graham. Mo 39, .55, 113 Meek. Jo Ann. Maryville. Mo 23,5.5,67,68 Mendenhall. Kae, Hopkins, Mo 31 Merkle, Kob. ' rt, Coin. la 40,80,98 Messb.irger, Edward. St. Jo.seph, Mo 80,98,99 Milhr, Daniel E., Maryville, Mo 15,80 Miller, Donald R., Central Nyack, N. Y 40,49,72,79 Milligan, Anita Beth. Gilman City, Mo 40 Mills. Janet, Redfield, la 15,74, 120 Mires, Charles E., Maryville, Mo 40 Mitchell, Eugene, Grant City, Mo 40 Mix, Carolyn. Osborn, Mo 23, 55, 70 Monachino, Ono. Elba. N. Y 16,59,65,98,99,102,103,125 Moore, Dean, Braddvville, la 23,66,112 Moore, Dixie. Maryville, Mo 16,64,75,77,116 Moore. Kenneth. Maeksburg. la 23, 59, 63, 67 Moore. Max. Braddyville, la 16 Moore. Shirley, Maryville, Mo 40 Morris, Marie, Pattonsburg, Mo 31 Morris, Russell. Pickering, Mo 31,80 Morrison, Ona, Excelsior Si rings, Mo 40. 110 Mosman, Verla, Cumberland, la 40, 53, 112 Motsinger, Larry, Atchison, Kans 40 MoLsinger, Shirley, Grant Citv, Mo 31,51,64,72 Mulvania, Helen, Rock Port, Mo 40,49, 126 Mulvania. Jeanie. Rock Port, Mo 16,49,69,126 Murphy, Beverly Ann, .St. Joseph, Mo 31, 51 Murijhy, Janice, DeKalb, Mo 40 Murrell, Alma. Albany. Mo 16,55,68 Myrtue. Robert. Mapleton. la 80 Nazarene. Betty, Red Oak. la 16. 51 Neff, Patty Ann, Maryville, Mo 16 Neff, Richard D.. Maryville, Mo 40 Nelson, Calvin W., Bolekow, Mo 16 Nelson, Maurice Lee. Maryville, Mo 17, 79 Newman. Duane E.. Essex, la 23 Newman, Martha, Carrollton, Mo 23, 47, 55, 67, 69, 70, 120 Nicholas, Kay, Atehison, Kans 40, 51 Nixon. Barbara. St. Joseph. Mo 31,55,65,74,108 Noah, Ronald D., Cainsville, Mo 40 Noellseh, Nina Jo, Maryville, Mo 31,49 Norman. Kirby. Maryville. Mo 31,59,71 Novinger, Louise, Gravity, la 7, 17, 49, 67, 73, 116 Nyren, Marjorie, Sergeant Bluff, la 40, 51 O ' Brien, Patricia Louise, Imogene, la 31, 125 OConnell, Evelyn, Kellerton, la 40,51,113 O ' Connor, Marilyn, Cameron, Mo... 31, 55, 75, 77, 78, 91, 125 O ' Dell, Ronald, Chillicothe. Mo 66,92,98,99 O ' Learv. Bill. Shannon Citv, la 49 Olnev. Allan Kenneth, St. Joseph, Mo 40. 71.80 Olson, Charlene L., St. Joseph, Mo 40, 51, ,53, 113 Olson, Sharon, Shelbv, la 40,72,112 O ' Neal, Alan L., Tingley, la 31 Parman, Larrv, Marvville. Mo. 41.49. 71 Patterson. Charlotte. ' Maitland. Mo 3, 17, 69. 80. 1 12 Patterson. Eldon. Parkville. Mo 31,49,71 Paxton, Lawrence R.. .Savannah, Mo 71,80 Pearson. Mizella. Maryville. Mo 17 Pearson. Norman. Marvville. Mo 17 Pebley, Frank. Craig. Mo 59 Peerv. Mildred. Jamesport. Mo 17,49,74,80 Penwell. Dave. Villisca. la 23, 57 Peters, Edmund, Conception, Mo 80 Peterson, Reta Opal, Albany, Mo 41, 49 Page 131 hares, lU ' lcn. Dawn. Mo 74,80 hillips. Dick. Boiiklir, Colo 23,49,91,94 ieroe. Brut-. ' . DeKalh. Mo 23 ierpoint. Burdettc, (Juitman. Mo 31,80 icr|)oinl, Don, Maryvillo, Mo 41 ipcr, I ' atriiia. Kint; ( ' it . Mo 41,5,5 istolc, Marjoric, rukiTinf;, Mo 41 i.xlole, Hii-hard, Pickcrinf;. Mo 23 itts, Bottobpllt, DoKalb, Mo. :)1, 47, 51, 65, 66, 73. 120 ortcr. Hev. ' rlv. Marvvillp. Mo 31,49,74 invcll, Wilhur. SIcwait.svile, Mo 23 ulliii. Mack. Orctjon. Mo 80 iillcn. Neva. Orog in. Mo 37,55,74 uinplircv, Hdhirt H., St. .loseph. Mo 17 iirllf. Dannie. Wo.stboro, Mo 41 utnev. Lorcn. Elba. N. Y 92,97 Quinn, Roflncy, Albany. Mo 41 Hainpy. Nancy Ruth, Stanberry. Mo 31,51,77,91 Ramsey, Larry, City, Mo 71 Ramsey, Lois Jean, Jamesport, Mo 41, 55 Raiuh. Jeannette. Mount Ayr, la. 41, 74 Ray. Roland. Elmo. Mo 23,49,80 Rea. Gordon. Farragut. la 110 Reece. Iris. Stanberry, Mo 23,49 Reed, Janet, Lenox, la 32,73 Rethenipvpr. Ruth. St. Joseph, Mo 75,77,78 Riip. Clenda. Piekering, Mo. 32,49 Riihards. Mary. Northboro. la 17,74 Rirhter. Marvin. Union Star, Mo 71 Rulpalh. Donald E., St. Joseph, Mo 32,80 Hi. gel. Donald. Corning, la 112 Rinphart. Arlene, Grant Citv, Mo 18,69 Rinehart. Roy L., Grant City, Mo 18,79 Risser. Carolvn. Ravenwood, Mo 18,69,70 Roach. Arlen. -St. Joseph, Mo 65, 125 Roberts, Anna C, Grant Citv, Mo 41,49, 110, 112 Roberts, B. N., Conception jct., Mo 23, 57 Robertson, Donald, Maryville, Mo 3, 32, 72 Robertson, Gordon, Fillmore, Mo 57 Robinson, Margaret, Clearfield, la 41 Rogers, Aletha Katherine, Maryville, Mo 41, 112 Rohlk, James, Storm Lake, la 32 Rolf, Marv Elizabpth, Hamburg, la 24,49,73 Roll, James, Lenox, la 32,66,112,120 Ross, Donna Lea, Mound City, Mo 32 Rowlett, Roger, Mound Citv, Mo 32,112 Rowley, Lawrence, Council Bluffs, la 32,98,99 Runvan, Patricia, Marvville, Mo 41 Ruoff. Donna, St. Joseph, Mo 24,49 Russell, Frank. St. Joseph, Mo 59, 120 Russell, John, Maryville, Mo 18,47,59 Ryan, Gay. Leon, la 41,49 Ryan, Sherry, Leon, la 49,73,90,126 Sawhill, Bob, Clarinda, la.. 18,66,73 Sawyer, Sondra Diane, Bedford, la 41,49,113 Schaufler. Monte. Maryville, Mo 125 Schenkel, Don, Maryville, Mo 80,98,99 Schilling, Ann, Maryville, Mo 51, 113 Schooley, James, Albany, Mo 113 Schrader, Bettv, Conception Jet., Mo 41 Schroeder, Elaine, St. Joseph, Mo 41, 51, 113 Schultz. William Dudlev, Ridgewav, Mo 32,49, 110, 112 Schultz, John, Verdon, Nebr 71,98,99 Schutz, Larry, Macksburg, la 41 Searcy, Cove ' l D.. Coffey, Mo 18 Searcy, Ron. Albany. Mo 41 Shaline, Evelyn Ruth, Maryville, Mo 18,66,80 Shamberger. Donald, Graham, Mo 41 Sharp, Dana, Newburg. Mo 102, 103 Shea, Robert, St. Joseph. Mo.. 18 Shipley, Naomi, Grant City, Mo 42, 73 Shipps, Phvllis, Agency. Mo. 42 Short, Bernipcp, Adel. la 19 Sierp. Shirley,, la 75, 108 Sklenar, Don. St. Joseph, Mo 19,49,67,73,80, 125 -Slaigbt. H.irold I. . Gravitv. la 80 .Smith. Helsy Barbara. O.sborn. Mo 42 Smith. ( ' arol n .Sue, Gallatin, Mo 42 .Smith. Dannie, Winston, Mo 24,80 .Smith, Harold. Eagleville, Mo 24,49,80 Smith, Kathryn Delores, Blvthe.dale, Mo 32,49,73 Smith, Richard D., Malvern, la 32,80 Smith, Robert. Maryville. Mo 24,59,67,97, 102, 103 Snapp, James A., .St. Jo.seph, Mo 32, 60, 98 Snidow. Nancy, Kansas City, Mo 55, 80 Snook, Dorothy Louise, Edgerton, Mo 43, 49 Spence. Jack, Maryville, Mo 24,57,66,92 Spratt. Reta Louise, Burlington Jet., Mo 42, 1 12 Sprong, Earl F., Marvville, Mo 19 Sprong. Gerald, Chillicothe, Mo 59,67,68 .Spry. Maxine, Bedford, la 42, 49 Stafford, Lura, Forest City, Mo 32,49 Staggs, Robert, Dearborn, Mo. 24,57 Stamp, Darlene L., Lewis. la.. .32, ,55, 63, 64, 65, 66, 73 Staples, Doris Ann, Burlington Jet., Mo 24, 5.5, 69 Stark, Donna, Marvville, Mo 42,55 Steiner, Charlene, Amity, Mo 42,49,69,71 Stewart, .Stan, Dawn, Mo 66,71,80 Stone, J. W., Bigelow, Mo 24,60,73,126 Stone, Kenneth, Braddvville, la 24 Stouffer, Dolore, Fairfax, Mo 24, 49, 74, 90 Stouffer, Jeanette, Fairfax, Mo 24,49,74,80 Struck, Gerrv, Dexter, la 7,19,51,66,67,77 Stuber, Barbara, St. Joseph, Mo 112 .Stuck, Rex. Mount Ayr. la 32, 59, 65 Stuvick, Loren,, la 42 Sutterlin, Dick, Maryville, Mo 42 Sullivan, Daniel Maurice, Corning, la 42 Summa, Billy F., Maryville, Mo 7,92 Summers, Evelvn, Mount Ayr, la 90 Swanev, James. Marvville. Mo 92, 98, 102, 103 Swan.son. Jean, Red Oak. la 32, 55 Swartz, Vplma, Graham, Mo 42, 55 Taylor, Barbara, Marvville, Mo 47, 53, 70 Tavlor, Kathlvn, Maryville, Mo 53 Taylor, Lauretta, Omaha, Nebr 32,47,53 Tavlor, Marva, Omaha, Nebr 42, .53 Tavlor, William, King City, Mo 42 Tebow. Ruth. Marvville, Mo. ,55,112 Terhune, Alice. Forest Citv, Mo.. 32,49,73,126 Terwilliger, Joan, Mount Ayr, la 32,65,112,113 Thiessen, Dorothv .S., Hamburg, la 24 Thomas, Curtis Welby, Stanberry, Mo 33, 59, 97 Thompson, Johnn Lee, Maryville, Mo 19, 71 Thompson. Rolande. Ravenwood, Mo 33 Thomp.son, Russell, Clearmont, Mo 24, 67 Thomson, Beverly, Fairfax, Mo 33,53 Thomson, Marjorie, Fairfax, Mo 42,53 Thorne, Robert M., Hopkins. Mo 19,73 Thorpe, Douglas, Marvville, Mo 19 Throckmorton, William Arnold, Guilford, Mo. .42, 80 Tieman. Marian, Westboro, Mo 19,79,80 Tietz, Delores, Griswold, la 33,49,73 Tilson, Donald W., St. Joseph, Mo 20 Tilton, Carol. St. Joseph, Mo 24,74 Tilton, Richard, .St. Jo.seph, Mo 24,60,92,97 Tinnell, Robert, Blanchard, la 33 Tobin, Maurice, Burlington Jet., Mo 20, 70, 125 Tobin, Teresa, Burlington Jet., Mo 25,55,63,64,69,125 Tokuda. Elizabeth, Honolulu, Hawaii 25,49,74 Trotter, Carole Kay, St. Joseph, Mo 47, 51 Troxell, Jerry, Maryville, Mo 113 Turner, Aileen. Moravia. la .33,49 Tyer, Barbara Don, Stewartsville, Mo 3, 25, 74 Page 132 Uthc. Arlcnc, l ' atti)nsl)urt;. Mi .33, 73, 78 Van Meter, Lavonne, Pattonsburg, Mo 42, 53, 74 Vann, Edward, Kai .sas ( itv. Mo 71 Vest, Kav, Farrafjut. la 20,74 VoKgesser, Hamld, Atlantic, la 33, 98 Volk, Jodv, (lallatin. Mo 25 Voss, Henry J. .Jr., St. Joseph, Mo, 20 Walilers, Marvlan Jovce. Jamesport, Mo. .42, 55, 1 12 WaUleii, Barhiira, Bigelow, Mo 42,49 Walkir, Carol Ann, Bravton, la 42,55 W ilk.r. Darrell. Stanlicrrv, Mo 92,98 Walk.r, Dona, (leritrv. Mo 20,55,65,74 Walk.r. VVilma. Barnell, Mo .33 Walkuc, Mariorie, Villisea, la 74 Walsh. Sharon. I ' iatlsl.urK. Mo 4.3 Ward. Norma. Marvvill... Mo 49,77 Warford. Donald. I ' atton.shurK. Mo 25,71,80 Warford, L.vle. Pattonsburg. Mo 43, 80 Warner, .lames. Adair, la 43, 71 Wartig. Virginia. Marvville. Mo 125 Walkins. Virt;inia. Trenton. Mo 25,75,77,78 Wat.son. Donald. St. .Joseph. Mo 112 Wat.son. I ' hvllis. Maitland. Mo 20 Waugh, Clifford, Rockport, Mo 80 Wavman, Roger, St. Joseph, Mo 71 Weber. Dick, Shannon City, la 125 Welch. George, Princeton, Mo 90 Welch, Lvle Thomas, Audubon, la 43,98,113 West. Evelyn, Farragut. la 43,49 Wcstlake. Richard, Martinsville, Mo 43 Whar(on. Virginia. Gentrv, Mo 43,55,75 Wheeler. Maurice Carroll, Elmo, Mo 20,73,80 White. Kav. Winterset, la 43,49 White. Marjorie. Emerson, la 33,75,113 Whit. hill. Veda, Tabor, la 51 Whit. hill. Verda. Tabor, la 51 Whitlord. John Fred, l- ' airfax, Mo 25,49,65,67,110,112,116,126 Wiechmann, Jack, Atlantic, la 20,59,65,80 Wilbur, Dirk E., Marvville, Mo 64 Willis. Orville. Cainsville. Mo 43 Wil.son, Bob. Marvville. Mo 64,71 Wood. I itricia, Cameron. Mo 33,49,73,116 Woodcock. Marcia. Coin, la 25,47,53.65,74,116 Woodring, Shirley Jo, Atlantic, la 43,49,74 Woodv, John, St. Jo.seph, Mo 25, .59 Wooten. Lester. Barnard. Mo 33, .57 Worley, Floyd, Maryville. Mo 113 Worlev. Nancv. Gallatin. Mo 43 Wrav, ' Ronald. Marvville. Mo 80.98 Wright. Eleanor Sue. Graham. Mo 33,112,113 Wright. Verna Lee, Bosworth, Mo 43 Wurster. Walter Gerald, Lenox, la 33,57 Yearv. Bill, Marvville, Mo 80 Yehle, Rita, Maryville, Mo 33,113,125 Yeo, Clarence, Kansas City, Mo 43 Young. L. D., Quitman. Mo 43 Young, Margaret Ann. Trenton, Mo 51, 74, 75 Youngberg. Elsie, Red Oak, la 25 Youngberg, Raymond, Red Oak, la 43 Younger, Gene, Platte City, Mo 43 Zach. Karen. Rockport, Mo 43,49,69,126 Zacharv. Paul. Mound Citv, Mo 33 Zachary, Ralph, Mound City, Mo 33 Zacharv, Richard. Mound City, Mo 33 FACULTY INDEX Aldon. Anthony 87 Arthur. Pauline 87 Bowman, Estella 88 Brown, Eurela 89 Cook, Mabel 89 Cooper, Densil 88 Cozine, June 89 Crozier, David 89 De Luce, Olive S 89 De Vore, Elwvn K 89 Dieterich, H. R. 87 Dildine. Harry G 90 Dreps. Joseph A 88 Du Bev. Robert E 87 Dunbar. Vida E 88 Dykes. Mattie M 88 Fothergill, Garland 90 Fulsom, Ralph E 88 Garrett. William 88 Gayler, George R 90 (iorsuch. Anna J 87 Graham, Avis 87 Gregorv. Robert 89 Grube. Frank W. 88 Harr. John L 90 Hoffman. Glenn J 90 Houghton. F. B 89 Hunter. Violette 88 Hysler. M. Doris 89 Johnson, Charles 89 Johnson, .James 87 Johnson, Louise 89 Keith, Mary E 87 Knittl, Esther 87 Koerble, Charles E 87 Krapf, Gerhard 88 Lafferty, William A 88 Levy, Leonard 87 Long, Myrl D. 88 McGinness. Virginia 87 McKee, Kathrvn 87 Magill, Bonnie 89 Mauzev, Elaine 88 Miller, Leon F 87 Miller, Ruth 88 Millikan. Chloe E 87 Milner, Rvland H 89 Moss, Earle 88 Mueller, Irene 88 Mulford, Harold 90 Person, Marjorie 89 Peterson, H. D 89 Price. Gordon W 90 Richey. Burton 89 Richmond. Don 89 Ringold. Howard 89 Ross, Neva 87 Sanford, Donald 88 Schneider, Edwardena 89 Sheetz, Lula Mae 88 Smith, Dora B 87 Sowards. J. K 88,90 Strong, J. Gordon 88 Surrey, Sterling 5, 89 Thompson, Kenneth 89 Valk, Donald N 89 Weichinger. Theodore Jr 88 Weigand. Dorothy 88 Whitney, Gilbert 88 Williams, Harriett 87 Wilson. Barbara 87 Wispe, Ruby V 88 Wright. R. T 89 ADMINISTRATION INDEX Belcher, Luther 85 Brandenburg, W. A 84 Brown, Everett 86 Foster, Robert P 85 Jones, J. W 83 Rickenbrode, W. A 86 STUDENT SERVICES INDEX Burke, Ruth 86 Dawson, Pearl 86 Koerble, Charles E 86 Luer. Elizabeth 86 Simons. Lois 85 .Smith. Thclma 86 Wilson. Lon 85 Page 133 I I ' S r: ' i. - ' ? ► ' Aifii , , v «, . »

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