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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1950 volume:

' - r 4 r ■r Administration Building Page 2 THE 1950 TOWER EDITOR .... Jewell Rice BUS. MCR. Richard Gordon ART EDITOR . . Jim Hill Presented by the Students of Northwest Missouri State College, Maryville, Missouri. FOREWORD This year s 1 ower comes to you at a time of progress and loresignt evidencea by long range plans at our College. Every day of the year has given indication of tne hard and time consuming work done by the ad- ministration and faculty of the school as they worked together in an effort to give us, the students, a better college in which to work and live. Their struggle to improve the curriculum and courses of study to bet- ter meet our needs is evidence of the inter- est our College takes in us. Plans are under way to provide three new building projects on the campus, including a student union building. This, the students of MSC have long waited and hoped for. This year, through their strong and united efforts in indicating their desire and their belief in the need, the administration came through. 1 he steady flow of new students into the College to take the place of those who grad- uate has kept the enrollment up to the place where those who make the workable plans could see fit to build additions to the men s and women s dormitories. All this has come about, in plan, during the year that this book represents. And so, the 1Q50 Tower represents to you a year of accomplishment in the realm of advancement for the Northwest Missouri State College . . . For those of you who remain, may the next year be one of achieve- ment of these high goals. Claaass Page 4 " :■ DEDICATION 1 o Miss Olive DeLuce and the splenclid contriniilions made by her and her department toward the welfare of the school, the Tower staff of 1950 dedicates this edition. Miss DeLuce and her students in art have done much during the past year toward tlie success of many events in wliich they have directly or indirectly participated. Do we have Homecoming every Fall? Surely, we do! Do we have a great many dances in the course of each year. Of course, we do! Do we luive an enormous numrjer of campaign sessions each year? You tiet. we do! . . . Ana in each of these and many ottier or the things that go to mafce our College the enjoyable place in which we live, the art depart- ment, directly inspired by Miss DeLuce. contributes much of trie time and labor. Many have been the fine things turned out by them. Our theme this year is Art, and so we very happily make our dedication to Miss DeLuce who gives her time that Art may be pre- served and forever expressed out on the liill at MSC. Pmji- " i fr r-- •a. V yf: ' " ■■ ' . ' ■• bi ,» i M m is aiPPfflR K - W ' MISS MARY LOU ROCKWELL 1950 Tower Queen Page 8 1950 TOWER DANCE Hialili jl)lii»« tlic ii li ilirs ill tlic |0 " )() lower I )ance wns Inc iclorions lower ( uccii. Mary I .on Rockwell. Miss I ock- wcll won over lour otiicr oiitciiclors. Sliarlis Marplo. liarl)ro Holiiulcr, Katie Espey. and I It ' lcri I ' .i lit( ' rliii ». wlio nccamc her altend- anls lor lli( coroiialioii (crcnioiiy. Miss Julia I ' olloii, -40 er Queen ol I lie Tower, ste[)pea aside al llie decorated entrance to reveal llie new tiueen. In tlie coronation marc li tlial proceeded Ironi one end or tne dance lioor in room 111 to the sta e at tne otner entl. Miss Rockwell was preceded i)y Stevie Brown, wno carried tne crown; Jane darner, wno carried tne queens nouc]uet : and Mary Oinson, wno strewed [lowers alonj the way. hollowing the queen were her attendants. In the crowning sf)ectacle. Jewell Rite, Tower Editor, [jiaced the crown and con- gratulated the new queen. F ' ollowing that, the C|neen and tier escort danced the Queen s r3anct and later the lour attendants and their escorts joined in. Dancing was then contiiuied to the music ol Bol) I enow and his C ollegians. Decorations were red, white and gold in (Jitfpii . ttrntl41nts: Sliiirlis Marplf. Barliro Boliiulrr. Om.|.ri . ll((ic iiM(s, K.ilic- l; |l. , 11,1,11 Ij lil.rlini;. color. Artificial walls ol red and white were made more natural by red [jillars placed at intervals around the room, reminiscent 01 the art theme or the ruined cities or Greece. Jewell Rice made the announcement or (he Tower dedication to Miss Olive DeLuce, head or the art department. Miss DeLuce, e.xpressed her gratitude to the stair. Bill Elam and Herman Hausheer intro- duced the guests to the receiving line which included. Editor Rice and Miss Marilyn Gruber; DicK Gordon and Miss Bedonna White; Jim Hill and Virginia Hill; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ringold; and Dr. and Mrs. Jones, and Miss C)li e DeLuce, honor guest. Helen Fisher was in charge or the guest list for the dance. Sue Condon. Joyce Bush, Jean Long, and Jim Hill planned the ar- rangements for the coronation of the queen. Paint smearing and designing were done by lim Hill with capable assistance from mem- Ijers of the art department. Margie McGee was chairman of the foods committee. The dance programs were de- signed by Martha Nelson, assistant art editor. Page 9 I ' mw 10 Page ( I Page - ' ESCAPE BY CORBU O FEATURES WALKOUT DAY Walkout Day arrived last Fall, just as it always does, on the day when almost everyone supi osed it could not possibly be. Many were the wailings and moanings or the Freshmen as the husky members or the M-Club herded them into double rile rows and headed them in the general direction oi town. On the way to the business section, a few small burdens were loaded upon the shoul- ders of the suffering first-year men. How- ever, the real test of their endurance came when they arrived at the court house. There, various means of torture were devised by the big badmen. Some of the girls suffered the pangs of pulling tape out of a tangled mass of hair, and a great many of the boys had no hair left from which to pull anything. Long to be remembered are the two Fresh- men pushing the potatoes down Second Street with their noses, as a penalty for try- ing to escape. From there, following the many attempts at buttoning on Main Street, the merry group proceeded to the College pond where the traditional dunking of a few characters was enacted. For the first time in the history of the College, a Freshman of the opposite sex was also dunked. Alyce Whitlatch be- came the first woman to be initiated by a bath in the pond. From the pond, the girls sought to regain their shoes from a pile containing all the freshman shoes in school. Then to the col- lege park where the whole school joined together in an all-school picnic. Page 14 WALKOUT DAY Page 15 REGISTRATION DAY Registration Day arrives five times a year at M. S. C. By tne term, registration, is meant tne ratal signing up for all tne classes you plan to struggle through for the ensuing quarter, giving the college authorities the information they need lo know at)out you as a student, and that very minor necessity, trading your money in for a locl er key and a lew small cards. During the past year, a system of pre- registration has been devised. This system gives the student who knows what he plans to take for the coming quarter a chance to fill out his cards and get his advisor s sig- nature before the mad rush of the actual registration day. The day, having been one of continual, rugged struggle, is generally finished off in the evening with something more enjoyable, generally a party or a dance. Page 16 CHRISTMAS BALL HANGING THE GREENS Always a favoriU " i)ail ol tlic Yuloticle leslivilios is llie aimnal C liristmas hall. I liis year, tlu- danre was llic lirst lornial all sriiool allaii ol tlic school year. It was lielci Saturday niglit. December 10. in iIk {iym- iiasiuni. Mr. Herman Haiislieer was cliairman oi (lie planning committee. Monty Pitner was in cnarge of llie inter- mission program, and Helen Fisner handled the relreshmcnts. Tickets and their sales were taken care of by Margie McGee. E ob C ' ufhiand and Bill Edie capably led the able decorators who set the atmosphere for the music of Bob W ' iard and his band. T he Hanging of the Greens has been an tinnual affair since IQli. I his year, the event was held on Sunday afternoon. December 18, 1949. Betty Hudson read the story of Christmas; the girls ol Residence Hall, members of the Dance Club and music de()arlment per- lornied the traditional dances and musical numbers. Mary Booth was the Spirit of Misrule. Bearers of the Greens were Margaret Ctirry, Bill Edie, Ruth Holbrook, Mary Lou Rock- well, and Paidine Cramer. Norine Norris served as the Spirit of Christmas and Margie McGee and Shirley Jennings lighted the Yule Log. Page 17 COLLEGE MUSIC DEPARTMENT College Band The band possesses new uniforms wliicn are displayea both in marching and con- cert band. Membership is extended to all college students who can play a band in- strument. The string ensemble consists of string players whose playing proficiency makes their position in this stimulating organiza- tion possible. String Ensemhle Page 8 ower Choi loir I ne college choir is maintained lor lliose students wno enjoy expressing themselves through the medium oF fine choral music. Membership is open to any college student having sufficient abilitv. I he small ensembles, both instrumental and vocal, entertain not only the college audiences but are invited to appear many places in our vicinity. Girls ' Sextette PagetQ LIFE AT THE QUADS Page 20 LIFE AT RESIDENCE HALL Page 2 ( ResiJence Hall Quads RESIDENCE HALL COUNCIL Top How: Betty Curry. Norine Norris, Jean George, Mary Rigney. Frances Kirkpatrick. Marilyn Alexander. Belly Lou Lawrence. Marjorie Lewis. Mary Booln, Vivian Kowitz. Row Two: Joyce Welirli. Secretary: Sharlis Marple. Presidenf; Mrs. Tlionipson. Sponsor; Margaret Tearora. Social Chairman; Uii «r . Walker. Treasurer. Page 22 CLASSES WHO ' S WHO vifai 1 i ' M i Jr M Top Row: Margaret Curry. William Elanu W liiiam Ctlristen- sen. Sammy Carpenter. Rote Two: Helen Fislier. Norman James. Manley Vance, Jane Bovard. Roir Tliree: Jeanne Mover. Herman Hausneer. Jack Slack. Doris Jean Hamilton. These students as seniors nave distin- guisned themselves as student senators, presidents of clubs, teachers, athletes, writers, journalists, editors, actors, and honor stu- dents. In recognition of their outstanding achievements, they have been selected to represent the Northwest Missouri State Col- lege in the 19-49-50 edition of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Chosen by a faculty committee, they have also been selected on a basis of contribution to the welfare of the school, as well as for their own personal development during their school years. Scholarship and evidences of preparation for the future were considered as factors in the selection of these honored stu- dents. During each of the four years that these people have spent at the College, many ac- tivities were planned and promoted by the students. Many were the dances, plays, parties, publications, and general activities that were constantly on the move at the Col- lege. Leaders are necessary for each of the activities that go on, and these people who are now honored have done much of that leading. The best wishes of the school, both in ranks of faculty and students, go with these people as they go out to the various jobs for which they have been prepared. Their wish is that these students, who have gained so much success during their college careers, may continue to do the e.xcellent work for which they are so honored on this page. Page 24 Adonis All™ ArnoM ll.irlr.uii Ili ' MtU ' ll lirrrv I li.ll,,.- I, Bill.os l l..nk lioiin,l,.r Bovard Boyd Bradley Carpenter Carier CLASS OF 1950 George Adams: B.S. in Secondary Education; Plii Sigma Epsilon. James Allan: CliPmislry: Phi Sigma Epsilon. " M " Club. Malli Cliil). Homecoming Com- mittee. Everett Arnold: Physical Hditcalion. Maurice Bartram: B.S. in Secondary Education. Gerald Bennett: B.S. in Secondary Education; Alpha Phi Omega. Off Kampiis Kliih. Vice- President of Alpha F hi Omega. Margaret Berry: B.S. in Secondary Education; Tower Choir. W.A.A.. Sigma Sigma Sigma. Sigma Phi Dolphin. Sigma Sigma Sigma Keeper of the C iradcs. Tower ()iieen Allendanl. Franklin Bithos: B.S. in Secondary Education: P u Sigma Epsilon. Kappa Delta Pi. . lpha Phi Omega. Debate Squad. Lucille Bithos: B.S. in Secondary Education; Independents Club, Student Christian Asso- ciation. F.T.A.. Home Ec Club. President of independents Club. Ralph Blank: Social Science. F3arbro Bolinder: English; Foreign Students Club President. Sigma Plii Dolphin (_ lub. Dramatics Clid). Independents Club. [Barbara Jane Bovard: A.B.; Alptia Sigma Alpha. Green and White Peppers. Dance Club. Social Committee. Homecoming Com- mittee. r- resident Green and White Peppers. Who ' s Who. Calvin Boyd: B.S. in Secondary Education: Sigma Tau Ganuna. Robert Bradley: English; Phi Sigma Epsilon. Sammy Carpenter: B.S. in Secondary Educa lion; Phi Sigma f psilon. Alpha Psi Omega. Dramatics Club. President of Student Sen- ale. Who ' s Who. Philip Carter: B.S. in Secondary Education; Phi Sigma Epsilon. " M " Club. Page 25 r«21 CLASS OF 1950 Gene Ceclenski: Bl ' M " Club. Bill Christensen: Pliysical Education; Sigma Tail Gamma, Kappa Delta F ' i. F.T.A., Math Club. Choir. President of Kappa Delta Pi, Reporter for Sigma Tau Gamma, Who ' s Who. Newcomb Cleveland: C iPmisfry; Sigma Tan Gamma. Treasurer of Sigma I au Gamma. Norman Clouse: Music: Choir. Rand. Joan Cooper: Social Science. Gerald Cox: B.S. in Secondary Education: Alpha Phi Omega, fiarkalze. Chorus. Presi- dent of Barkatze. Reporter of Alpha Phi Omega. Phyllis Crawford: B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion: Sigma Sigma Sigma. Barlcntze, A.C.E., Social Chairman for A.C.E. Sh Cr IRLEY ROW B, William Cummincs: f lathematics; Math Club. Chairman of Math Club. Margaret Curry: B.S. in Elementary Education: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Band. A.C.E. , W.A.A., Secretary Freshman Class. Homecoming Queen 1947, Who ' s Who. John Daly: Physical Education: Sigma Tau Gamma. " M " Club, Howard Leach Medal. Betty Davis: Home Economics: Sigma Sigma Sigma. Kappa Omicron Phi. Residence Hall Council. Secretary of Senior Class. Treasurer of Sigma Sigma Sigma. Nancy Dean: B.S. in Elementary Education; A.C.E., Independents Club. Robert Donnelly: Physical Education. Marvin Doran: Business. Page 26 Onrif |)„rl.,n.l II I I lliolt U rllh.ll I ' .litiy TisiitT D. Grunt W. (rr.uit Oroul lainilton CLASS OF 1950 Ruth Durie: hlcmcnlary Itdiicdlion. BiRNEY Dl ' RLANI): A n( lP fl(l(lCS. W ' lLLtAM Hlam ; Speech: Tower Staff. Who s W ' fio. Alpha PsI Omega. Dramatics Cluh. Northwest Missourian. Student Senate, hide- dependents Club, Barkatze, Bearcats Tale. J. O. Elliott: 3.S. in Secondary Education; I. A. Cliih. Phi Sigma Epsilon. Student Senate. Intra-Fraternlty Council. Barkatze. Treasurer of Phi Sigma Kpsilon. RiriiARi) hLLfoTT: C iPfiiis rv. H AYDEN CLLROY Bv Helen Fisher: B.S. in Secondary Education: Sigma Sigma Sigma. Social Committee. In- ternational I ' ielations C nil), [editor of Tower, [ resident ol Signia Sigma Sigma. ' ice-Presi- dent of Senior Class. Pan-Hellenic Coimcil President. Tower ()ueen 1Q4!S. Who ' s Who. AALW Junior Scholarship Award. Margaret Ford: B.S. in Secondary Education: Sigma Sigma Sigma. Kappa Omicron Phi, Residence flail Coiuicii. Student Senate. Band. Chorus. Kappa Delta F ' i. [ resident of Kappa Delta Pi. Student Senate Se retary. Herman Freel: Business. ' u.LiAM Ciarrett: History. [Dorothea Grant: Elementary Education. William Grant: Business. Dale Grout: Industrial Arts: Independents Cluh, I.A. Cluh. )] i Hainey: Business. Doris Jean Hamilton: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion: Dance Clul). Northwest Missourian. Tower Staff. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Residence Hall Council, Green and White f eppers. Vice-President Residence Hall Council, Reg- istrar of Alpha Sigma Alpha, Secretary- of Green and White Peppers, Who s Who. Page 27 Jackson James Jenkins D. Jones V. Jones CLASS OF 1950 Mary Hartman: Home Economics; Kappa Omi- cron Plii, Independents Club. Herman Hausheer: Biology Chemistry; Alpha Phi Omega. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Student Senate, Social Committee. Homecoming Committee. AAUP Honor Student. Who ' s Who. Horace Heckman: Agriculture. Arm AND Hofer: Industrial Arts: I. A. Club. F.T.A. Leland Hofer: Physics Chemistry; I. A. Club. Math Club. Ruth Holbrook: Business: Delta Sigma Epsi- lon. Student Senate. Kappa Delta Pi. Pi Omega Pi. President of Delta Sigma Epsi- lon, Vice-President of Student Senate. Gerald Holt: B.S. in Secondary Education: Independents Club. Band. Dorothy Howell: Business. Betty Hudson: B.S. in Secondary Education: Tower Staff. Delta Sigma Epsilon. Kappa Delta Pi. Dramatics Club. Alpha Psi Omega. Walter Richard Huff: B.S. in Secondary Edu- cation; Band. Tower Choir. Independents Club. Alpha Phi Omega. Dramatics Club. Mack Arthur Jackson: B.S. in Agriculture; Ag Club. Independents Club. Dance Cliui. Norman L. James: B.S. in Education: " M " Club. Sigma Tau Gamma. Who s Who. Roy Bennett Jenkins: B.S. Secondary Educa- tion; Band, Chorus, Tower Choir, CB.A. Club. Chamber Orchestra. DwAiN Jones: Physical Education. Wendall Jones: Physical Education. Pago 28 II IncM M I,mI,I l.,v,n,.l Kaiiipliiaii King CLASS OF 1950 Harlani) Lee Judd: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion: Phi Sif ma Epsiion. Pi Omega Pi. Barkatze. F ETTA MAKri.YN Jldd: B.S. ill St ' condory Educa- tion: Kappa Omicron Phi. Sigma Phi Dol- phins. Fiarkatze. Charles Fi. Juvenal: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion: I. A. Cluij. Sigma Tau Gamma. Donald R. Ka.nipman: B.S. in Secondary hduca tion: Commercial C Inn, Pi Omega Pi. Marilyn F.olise King: B.S. in Education: Inde- pendents Ciub.-FHome F£c Club. Commercial Club. Pi Omega Pi. Frances Kirkpatrick: B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation: Delia Sigma Epsiion. A.C.E., ' .. .. .. Stiinent Union Council. Betty Lou Lawrence: B.S. in Secondary Edu- catior : F ome F.c Club. F.T.A.. Residence F ali Council. Alpha Sigma Alpha. Frances W. Lemmon: B.S. in Education: Kappa Omicron Phi. Robert H. Lindsay: B.S. in Business: Band. Tower. C.B.A. Club. F4attie Litscii: English. Raymond Malotte: Geography. James E. Malson: B.S. in I ' Jenientary Education; Phi Sigma Epsiion. Fiarkatze. Norman K. McDowell: B.S. in Secondary Edu- cation. Ruth Elaine McDowell: B.S. in Secondary Education: Orchesira, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Pan F4elienic Council. Kappa Delia Pi. Dra- matics Club. Band. Marvin L. McMorran: B.S. in Education: Stiidenl Chrislian Association. Off Kampus Klub. F.T.A.. Math Club. Page 29 McQucrry Meadows Meek Mereiiglii Milba..k OMill.r R. Miller Molfiit Moody Moore CLASS OF 1950 Elizabeth McC uerry: B.S. in Eleineiitaiy Edu- cation: Independents Club, A.C.E., Varsity Villagers. Cliorus, F.T.A. William Miles Meadows, Jr.: B.S. in Secondary Education. Kenneth Leland Meek: B.S. in Secondary Edu- cation; Band, Chorus. Independents Club. Frank Merenchi: Spanish; Advertising Man- ager of Nortlivvest Missourian. Byron Milbank: Pfiysical Ediuation. Dale L. Miller: B.S. in Secondary Education: Ag Club, l.A. Club, Student Christian Association. Richard Miller: AgririiZ urp. Effie M. Moffitt: B.S. in Secondary Education; Independents Club. Kappa Omicron Pni. Home Ec. Club. W.A.A.. O.K. Klub. Var- sity Villagers. Walter Moody: Business. William H. Moore: B.S. in Business; Sigma Tau Gamma. Jeanne Bahl Mover: B.S. in Education; Resi- dence Hall Council, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Green and White Peppers. A.C.E.. North- west Missourian. Who ' s Who, Kappa Delta Pi. Alva R. Murdock: History. Gerald Murphy: Physical Education. Richard Clarence Neal: B.S. in Secondary Education: Ag Club. l.A. Club. Donnie Dean Neil: B.S. in Secondary Educa tion; " M " Club, l.A. Club. Page 30 i,l,ols,. IVi- Parsons I ' ilnrr I ' riiullr Pylcs Recce 11. Riclmrds (). R. Ri. Riglli ' y Rohl, Ronerts(ni CLASS OF 1950 Charles Newton: Speech; Alpha Psi Omega, Dramatics Club. Independeiils Club. Earl Nichols: Business. Irma Nicholson: English. Bonnie Pace: B.S. in Licnx ' nldiv llduccilion: ACE. Kenneth Ray Parsons: B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation: PU ' i Sigma Epsilon. Student Senate. Internu ' diate Club. Inter-Fraternity Council. . ' loNTV I rlce f- iTNER: B.S. ill Education; Tower Staff. Independents Club. Alpha Psi Omega. Dramatics dub. Cheerleader. Barkatze. Northwest Missourian. Don a. Prindle: B.S. in Secondarv Education; Chorus. Orchestra. Band. C.B.A. Club. Pi Omega Pi. Kappa Delta F- i. Northwest Mis- sourian. William [ " " yles: Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club. C. Edward Reece: B.S. in Business Administra- tion; Phi Sigma Epsilon, Student Social Committee, President Senior Class. Helen Witmer Richards: B.S. in Elementary Education; Intermediate Cliuj. Othel R. Richards: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion; Ag Club. I.A. Club. Ruth Lenore Richards: B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation; A.C.E., Student Christian Associa- tion. Independents Club. Varsity Villagers, Intermediate Club. Mary Margaret Rigney: B.S. in Biology; W.A.A.. Residence Hall Council. Alan Arthur Roiib: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion. Barbara L. Robertson: B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation; A.C.E.. Barkatze. Sigma Sigma Sigma. Page 31 Sclietlle Schonemann Schuster CLASS OF 1950 Marv Lou Rockwell: B.S. in EducaHon: Cheer- leader. Sigma Sigma Sigma. Barkatze. W.A.A.. Sigma Phi Dolphin Club. Charles F. Rupe. Jr.: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion; Dramatics Club. William Schettle: Elementary EducaHon. James Richard Schonemann: B.S. in Education: Phi Sigma Epsilon. " M " CKib. l.A. CKib. F.T.A. Raymond J. Schuster: B.S. in Secondary Edu cation; Pi Omega Pi. Marion Joe Sherer: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion; Band. Choru.s. Collegians Dance Or- chestra. Sigma Tau Gamma. Pi Omega Pi. Kappa Delta Pi. George Silver: Social Science; Alpha Phi Omega, Dramatics Club. Alpha Psi Omega. Northwest Missourian. Irving Silver: B.S. in Secondary Education; Alpha Phi Omega. Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi. Jack Slack: Business; Who ' s Who. President of Sigma Tau Gamma. Dorothy M. Smith: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion; W.A.A.. Student Christian Associa- tion, Independents Club. Tower Choir. Naomi Evelyn Smith: B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation; Independents Club. Intermediate Club. Future Teachers of America, Home Economics Club. Donald Snyder: B.S. in Secondary Education; Band, Chorus, Orchestra. Phi Sigma Epsilon, " M " Club. Margaret Fisher Snyder: B.S. in Secondary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma. Tower Choir. String Ensemble. Band. Dramatics Club. Dance Club. Norma Snyder: English. August Fred Steeve: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion; O.K. Klub, Ag. Club. F.T.A. Page 32 , lniiii . iiiiitiid r...i ,„i Ir.uil I ' l.... ' r ..„,.- W.,lk,.r WhIi,.,, WVm. II l,.-.l,.r ilson CLASS OF 1950 F ' rank D. Stonnkr: B.S. Ill Secottdarv Educa lion: Alplui Phi Omega. I. A. Cliil), Ay. Cliil). . ' IlLMLl.i W. Stkonc: U.S. ill Business Kdniin islralion: Plii Siymit Kpsilon. liarKatze, Slii- (Iciil Senalc. Coinnirr(( ' aiul liiisines.s A l- inini (rali )n C liil). Iiuluslrial Arts Clul). .loMN SlMMA: Business Adininislialion : P Sigma Epsilon. M. Rr.AR(T E. TiAFoRi): B.S. Bioloqy : W.A.A.. Resicleiu • I lall Coiinc il. A.A.U.P. Honor Sluclent. Donald Ray.vionp Trout: B.S. in Secondarx Ed ucalion: .. . duf). kiciiAKi) I.ANi. L ' l.vier: B.S. Ill SpcofiJarv Educa- tion: -yy Club. i.A. Qui,. F.T.A. ■ Manley N ' ance: B.S. in Secondary Education; Alpha f hi Omega. Alpha Psi Omega. Stu- dent Senate. Dramatics CIuli. Dorothy Veatch: English. I.ois Maxine W ' ai.keh: B.S. in Education: Delta Sigma hpsilon. Resicleiice I lall Counril, Pan- Hellenic Council. F.T.A. Janice G. Walsh: B.S. in Secondary Education: f aiue CImI). liKlcpendenl Clul). Chorus. f-:t.a. Morris Walton: English. h A I.. Wescott: B.S. in Secondary Education: Sigma Sigma Sigma. Kappa Omicron Phi. Home Economics Club, Dance Clul). Maurice D. Wheeler: B.S. in Secondary Edu- cation: Sigma Tau Ciamma. Hilton T. White: B.S. in Secoitdary Education: Sigma I ail Ciamma. I.A. Club. Eloon Lowell Wil.son: B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation: Ag. Club. Page 33 CLASS OF 1950 Robert Earl Wilson: B.S. in Secondaiy Educa tion; Commerce CIiio, Industrial Arts Club. Truman Wilson: Physical Education. LoREN Workmen: Industrial Arts; Alplia I lii Omega. Alvin Wormsley: Physical Education; " M " Club. Robert Wright: Indiisliiol Arts: Sigma Tan Gamma. Lloyd Raymon Younger: Pliysical Education: Phi bigma Epsilon, Vice-President of M Club. Vincent P. Zuchowski: Physical Education; Lettered 4 Years in Football. Lettered 5 Years in Track. Northwest Missourian Staff, Sigma Tau Ciiimma. Page 31 JUNIORS Top Kow. Kennelli usinus. Or ille Dean Btars. Rnlii-rla Hirrv. I slie Dean Boggs. Herman Boswell. Jack Brown. Ron ' Two: Raymond C. Bums. Ramnna Calliins. Jolin Clark. Melvin Coleman. Pauline Crammer. Dottie Doris Davidson. Roll ' Tdree: Carl Deik-r, Diane C Dresselir. I linr ' Cgger. Kalie Espey. Grace Marie Evans. Paul lislicr. Roil ' Four. Donald Lee Fosler, Julin Irrndi, Edmond Fuersl. Delberl Gabbert. Nila Geer. .lean George. Roil ' l " ti ' e; Betly Jane Grace. Darrel Grace. Donald C_irace. lustyn Graham. Joan Groom. Jean llan. ' ieii. Rou ' Six: Mahlon Hewitt. Jim Hill. Donald Hollman. Kenneth Jones. Margie Ann Ketchem. Fred Killarii. Page 35 JUNIORS Fop Row: Charles Dean Knodle. William I nger. Cliarles McDowell, Glen Meredilli. Gaylord Meyers. Edward Mirlielson. Roll ' 7 ' iro: Daniel Miller, Harry Miller. ,Iack Miller. James Montague. Mary Lou Neville, Norine Norris. Row Three: Carmen Phillips, Bonnie Poll , W ' illinr T ' ollard. Jan)es Poole. John Pope. Dorolhy Porter. Row four: R.ilph (Juiriiliy. Rosemary Reeie. Jewell Kire. Iliesis Robinson. Roy Rupp, John Russell. Roir liue: Mary Marie Sriiulle, Mary Virginia Srolt. Dennis Sheil, Maurice Sheil. I ota Shipley. Ruth Slaten, Roil) Si-V.- Donna Clare Slalter ' . Joyce Marie Smidi, Chades Sprall, Jo Ann Stacy. Russell Perhune. lielty Tieiuaiui. mi 1- . Page 36 JUNIORS ■;■(. ) R„w: lii.k Ir,,.!, (■|,„rl.,llr I wrn.-r. I„l,r. W.iIIm,,-, Wiln.n Walkins. Iny,,- I.„m WVIirl,,-. Il.-,lu, W ' Row Two: Arthur W ' liifwotlli. . K nlii Wolillolirl. Inink f ' .rul).-. Social Advisor: Sterling Surrey. Htisirwss a( ' is«r. Page 37 SOPHOMORES Top Row: Lowell Adams. Sylvia Roger Adcock. Marilyn Alex- ander, Mary Ann Almquist. Don Anderson. Delores Andrews. Rol ert Arthur. Ro(t ' Two: Herbert Awe. Patricia Barton, Mar ' Belle Bast. Arlene Beavers. Patricia Beels. Pnynis Bender, Kenneth Bennani. Roil ' Three: Arlene Blank, Bill Blohin. !la Bridge. Richard Bryson, Donna Burks. John Carlson. Robert Cascio. Rout Four: Charles Clute. Martha M. Clymens, Joe Collier, Myrtle Comer, Betty Conrad. Jane Coslello, Ivoldene Crabtree. How Five: Betty Curry. Sarabel Davis. Lee Dubowsky, Barbara Ensign, Gordon Erickson. Marjorie Espey. Larry Fell. Page 38 SOPHOMORES i. ■ Top Roir: Mart " Frame. Paul Fuersl. Lois F ulton, Jo Ann Corner. Ki. Iianf ( " ..inli.n. R.ilu-rt ( Killiliiini Runiil.l Fugene Margin. Rtur Tii ' o: In Ann Mariirr. Mary I len glrr. M.irtli.i I fill. Jarrt-I I lof«-r. loan Infer. Nnrnian I Inllmaii. Frances Iiintsman. Ro.r T ,ree: OarrN I luj.nsun, Frank lolin.on. Nl.rv U.II lonr.. Kennel li Kifiurz. Wayne Kinnian. Orelta Knipmeyer. Vivian Kow ' ilz. Row ' our; Ronori Faiiglilin. Dee I Jppemolt. ( i. liurl Ijtile. Mary lo Marple. Simrlis Marple. Lyie Martin. Joan Masters. Roil ' I ifc: F)(ir(»tii Mi ( arlrny. Doris McOinness. Flelen r„.,r,-, Mary l.„„ M,,,,,,-. Willi.,,,, Nnn. ,-. Marilyn N.-U.-n. I.ttirrc e Nelson, Page 39 SOPHOMORES Top How: Ray Nixon. Terry Noaii. Cliarles Oellermann. Jeanne Overstreel, Billy Pease. Beverly Pile. Odetla Potlortl. Roir Two: Glen Pri( e. .lolm Price. Carolea Prilcnarci. N ' irginJa Pulley. Charles Ramsey. Phillip Ranch. Martha Reeves. How Three: Kenneth Reynolds, Frances Richards. Nadlne Rovstoa. Jean Sluirl, Norma Sniilh. luhn Stexenson. Phvllis Stewart. How Four: Betty Slroad. C liff Thompson, Men in Twaddle. Mary Jo Wrnon. irginia Wade. Jessie WVddle. Jai k W ' ief limann. Ron ' rire: Onn W illsie, James B. Wilson. Jo Ann riglil. John urt li.ik. IMiillip .apli. Joe Zelenz. Mr. Robert Gee. !».«- ' Ju T w ' Page -(0 FRESHMEN tip RoiJ ' : l.n ((uelinf Asluirsl. ernon Asimis. Marion A res. loyre fiaili . Kulierl Baker. I lieorlore Fiaker, Kennel 1 1 Barnes. ( teorge Barrett. Row Two: y iir BaiiiiMn. Nona Biason. Ia k Bel Imt. Au(lr v Benlail. " iruinia Binl. B...well. I arl Bra.sfi.-M. la. k Bright. Rtm- 1 lirep: Roy I-ee Brink. Patrkia Burton. Joyi e Biisli. LaRii Biitler. ( arlnyn Bull. xti Butt, f onnie Cannon, Clyde Capps. Row four, Margaret Carstens. If)onia«i ( arver. Melvin Clolhier, Sue C ondon. George C oulter. Nadine Cramer. I lovd Criss. Rolierl OiMkell. Roil ' i ' ii ' c: Peggv Cross. Norma lean ( usiinian. Mar ' Cliarles Dearclorlf. Kenriell, Denl.ani. Cl.ta Di.mul.lie. W ' illian. Dunfee. ( leorge Ounlap. Row Six: Helen I « lilerling. Marjorie Elani. Duane ru kson. Frances f ' ,rzen. I [ " .sberk. Mary l-wing. John Ferrel. Oarrell Pell. Row Seven: Anita I ink. James lord. Pliyllis loster, Gloria Fouser. Donald FTendi. Mary Belli ! ries. Opal tries, Sandra C»ardner. Page 4 1 E FRESHMEN Top Ran ' : LawretM-e Garrett. Leonard Gefl ecL Joyce Gilkspie. Betty Goodell. Jane CwjofWin. Carralou Greene. Marjorie Greene. OonaM Gre ry. Kocr TuTO: Lila Greimarm. Jane GrisKam. Nfardyn Grooms, Alice Gros=. Maxine Gui er. Beverly Harkl. Katluy Haine ;. Ella Ray HanJdn«. Rou: Three: Maril Ti Hartell. Joyre Hartman. Beverly Harvey. Norma Hawkins. Lcwell Heifner. RicKard HolIeni ect. Darrell Henningsen. Don Heruy. Row four: Beverly Hooter. Barliara Hudson. Gene Huston. Niartna Ingles. »birley Jennings. Mr-Ma len en. Martha JadaK, Donald Kammerer. Row rire: Alfreda Karle. Cnarlene Kines. JoKn Koffinan. RoDert Krauze. E -a Jean Kuntzman. Paul Lamm. Judy Land- falner. William LasK. RocT Six: Marjorie Lewis. Henricus J. Leyer. Carroll LiecLti. Joyce IJgnttoo . Donald Lincoln. Rosalee Logsdon. Gw eldon Long. Jean Long. Row Seven: Be eny Lalirs, Eva Mae LyncK. Jo Ann Magnuson. Hersnel Martin. Norma Jean Masters. Margaret Maxwell. Georgia . fcCanipf ell. Patricia McClaren, I 1 I Pag .42 FRESHMEN Mf P yL L ■f Top Rotr: Roimi McCinre-. j aii M.lni«. Ciiaiies McComk HJ« McDooJJ. Eva Jean McO«r 4l. Ba. VUrXvTr. Ekk MndaJttli. Dnuil Rav MdU. Ror T.«. DDCtitkv MilW. Max MiiW. la J Moon . Duie Mocr- Itoosr. Haman MoliwisiKardL Rajaooa MnnaT. balxj Nasiu Roir Thm: KWt M NeL «i. Lvilb Neisw. Martita SeUn. Domkr NorlU4i. Alew Sone. Rolieit OlUrt. ' aaJ» RaiUiarst. Lonita Parne. R »- F«« - Cafl P»im. MaiT Janr P«k Saia . na Pmy. Je T PskO. Ror Fm: Nona RandaB. RosHta RmL Mana RnwUsL Bailara RkianisaiL U. Bttk Rkkanfam. Camlni Riagk. I R«lw. Jbmt Rmk- Ro. ' Six.- Bna R« PmJ Rosl B»i«n R« L DJe RawW. Cankn Sa«- vis. iKaorfene SAanriaiifn lanes xntt. Maidn RoH- S««i- Max ro«. . nn Sfars. Mamr Sk aLer. Siclrk Join 5bJ dl. yUAn 5-ak. Nlcfril S| XaiKT Pa9r13 FRESHMEN " () ) Roir: Cliarlolte Slegnll, William Slone. Martlia Strirklrr. CiillxTl Sudhrock. Ann ' lant-y. Ada .li)an ' r.iylnr. Di.rnlliv Tayliir. I " ' nyllis TerFiune. (iii ' ii ' i. Marilyn I lioinp on. Carolyn I urntr. Margaret I lirnt-r, Mary 1 nrpin. N ' iiginia Gale ' an lipssen. I. D. ' nlL Anna Mae Walker. Alice Ward. Koir Three: Carolyn Ward. IVelvn W,,rl,.r,l. Charles Walson. Il.irriel Wal.son. Sliirlev Walson. William Weigman. Martin Wlielan. Alv.e Wliillatdi. Roil ' I ' onr: Dwan Wi( k. Rette Williajns. Maurice Williams, r.leanor Williamson. Jo I ' .llen Wilson. Oa e inslow. Dean Wintermille. Will)iir Wriglit. Roic I ' ii ' c: Katnleen 1 oiing. Rila imtiierman. Mr. ( lillord Kensinger. Httsiitess , ( r ' i.sor; Miss Martlia Ltuke. Suciiil .Ai cisof. Page 44 LABORATORY SCHOOL Horace Mann Laborator ' School is an integral [)art of the College, designed to give [)rospecti e teachers well-rounded e. [)eri- ences. Attending the school are children Irom nursery school through high school. Belore a student recei es his B.S. de gree in Education, he must have had two quarters of teaching in the laboratory school. There- lore, it seems necessary that the college re- vol e around the Horace Mann School. 1 he administrators stri e to make it pos- sible for each student teacher to have the lullest experience inside and outside the classroom to meet sKilllully the problems of a teacher. It is necessary lor the school to have mod- ern and ellicient ( ' C]ui[)ment as well as good methods ol teaching. f " or this purpose, well cjualified supervising instructors are assigned to each group of students taught. Each stu- dent teacher must observe and participate until finally he has full responsibility for pre[)aring lessons and teaching the class. 1 he student teachers have the ojjportunity of participation from nursery school through high school. Not only is the student teacher responsible to the colleg( jMotessor concern- ing his methods, but his teaching is also under the suf)ervision and observation ol the supervising teacher. Although the stu- dent teachers change from quarter to quar- ter, the supervising teacher insures continu- ity in the Horace Mann classes. Each week a seminar is held for all stu- dent teachers. These are organized, and the president, with lour other members, selects the programs for the quarter. Student teachers and su|)ervisors may turn in a list ol topics they desire to have covered. Many of the supervisors take their student teachers to obser e other schools that have done outstanding work along similar lines. Page 45 LIBRARY Under the cajjable leadersliip of Mr. James Johnson, chief librarian, the library has continued to grow in service to the stu- dents, faculty, and alumni of the school. The browsing room, which is enjoying its second successful year as a part of the library, has become even more popular with the students this year. It is that comfortable place with the easy chairs where one may Top Kow: Gene Porter. Roberta Walker, Frances Kirkpalrick. Mrs. Victoria Cuniniings. Mrs. llene Emerson. Pal Ostjorn. Betty Lou Lawrence. Helen MtDonaid. Donald Hoffman, Row Two: Mr. C. E. Wells. Librarian Emcrilus; Rutll Richards, go to read his home town newspaper, and the current magazines and books, in all the comlort of home. The Instructional Materials Bureau has also been of great benefit to the students and faculty during the year. Along with these other features, the ReserNe Room has given its usual valuable assistance. . liss I ucile Brumbaugh. Cataloger: Mr, .lames Joimsun. Litrar- ian; Miss Leona FunK. .Assislani Librarian; .loan Harper. Mrs, Hubert Oarrelt Page 46 FACULTY ,. DR. J. W. JONES President of the College. Page 48 A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT I Mill silad llinl llif loNNci Sliill Ims dcdi calcd die |U " )() lower to a iiiomljrr ol our Icadiinq stall. Miss Olivo I ) -Luco lias un- liil)iit (l a iVK-at deal to llic tJrowlli ol tliis ( (illcoc. Slic lias cnlcicd w liolclicaitt ' dU ' into die lilr ol l f ( oiiiiiiiiiiils and llic district. Slic lias nccn iirispariiiy in lici cllorts to help olli -rs and to atKancc tliosc lmii{«s in wliicli she lias liccii most inl M slfd. SIk lias |)nt lici [irolession above sell. Miss DeLuce lias loiiclied the lives ol many people, botli as a teacner and as an artist. Her talents in hotli liclds are oufstand- insi. She has used these |ualities toward the lietlermtMit ol the lives of others. Il is rejifreltahle that h( r duties as a lea( her have Ke()l her Irom si)eii(liii more time at her easel, hut the satislartion ol her influence on her students is undoubtedly worthwhile compensation. No group in this community or district has ever ask (l Miss I )el .ii e lor liel|) in the lield ol art find lotind her miwillinti ' to he ol service. She has tra ' led lar in all kinds ol weather to be ol assistance in her lield ol specialisation. To stiiiiiilate ()tli rs to hit li le cls ol ace ()m|)lisliment is the woik ol a teacher, lo add to the erijoyiiienl ol others is the work of an artist. Miss DeLuce as a teacher-artist has done both. By dedicating the 1Q50 Tower to her, the students have found a fit- ting means of saying: " Thank you. Miss DeLuce. for yoiu " influence on the lives of the men and women ol this college. President ' s Residence Page 49 -- . I op Roic: J. ' . Gaudy. St. Joseph : Alan I " . W ' lierrill, Lib- erty; J. V. Jones. President of the College. Row Tifu: R. L. Douglas. Vice- President, St. Joseph; M. E. hord. President. MaryvtUe; A. B. Kaintiif ' rer, (Shillicotne; Joe M. Roljerts. Gallatin. BOARD OF REGENTS Working with Dr. J. W. Jones, College president, the Board of Regents has done an outstanding job or promotion ror the Northwest Missouri State College this past year. Through the efforts of Dr. Jones and this hard working board have come the valuable plans for construction of the three new building projects on the campus. I his board is selected by the governor or the state of Missouri from the nineteen counties of the Northwest District. The men are selected on a basis of their interest and loyalty to the cause of promoting education at the college, and their efforts have been outstanding during the past year. To their efficiency and hard work, the college owes much of its continuing progress. PRESIDENT EMERITUS UEL W. LAMKIN President Emeritus Uel W. Lamkin has served our College well for more years than any of the students today can possibly re- member. He has been a staff to lean on and a leader through good days and bad for many years. Back in 1923, the Tower staff called him, A true American Diplomat. That, he has always been. In 19-46, Dr. Lamkin wrote in the Tower: The college can not and will not stand still. The needs are not the same as they were some twenty-five years ago. Northwest Mis- souri must be served differently and better. All youth in Northwest Missouri must be given a chance for formal cultural, and vo- cational education beyond the high school level. That, he always believed. In 1947. he said. Every generation stands on the shoulders of the former one. That is the only way for progress. We of the Tower staff wish to take this opportunity to thank our President Emeritus. Page 50 II K ' III) i I ct: KOMI k I I ' losil K K i ' yi (r ir BUSINESS MANAGER In the position ol Business Manager lor the College, Mr. Harold . Neece hcinules the linancial affairs of the College. This position inrlnoes o erseeing the incoming and outgoing money of each organization directly sponsored by the school as well as the larger financial [jronlems that occur. Mr. Neece received the B.S.. and A.B. degrees from the Southwest Missouri State College and the M.S. from OKlahoma A. f-M. College. DEAN OF WOMEN , Iiss Martha LocKe serves the students ol the College as Dean of Women. Among her duties are the scheduling of women s lanor. arranging the sports and social cal- endars, anci supervising the women s hous- ing programs. Miss Locke has the B.S. and M.A. degrees. MAKItIA I.OCKL Dvun (»f W fxrifri LO. WII.SON Dean of Alcii REGISTRAR Coming to the College in the fall of 1948. Mr. Rohert losfer assumed his present posi- tion as Registrar. In this official capacity, he fakes care of transcrif)ts. grades, transfer records, and all other records of past and present students. Mr. Foster is a graduate of the Central Missouri State College, at Warrensburg, and has done graduate work at the University of Missouri. DEAN OF MEN As Dean of Men, Mr. Lon Wilson is the personal advisor and friend to the men on the cam( us. His job as counselor, housing arranger, and male student labor planner brings him into contact with nearly all the male students at some time during the year. Mr. Wilson has the B.S., and M.A. degrees. ORGANIZATION OF THE COLLEGE BOARD OF REGENTS REGISTRAR X PRESIDENT I DEAN OF FACULTY Human Development and Social Growth Academic Dev. and Professional Growth Student Welfare and Health Quads Dean of Men College Dept. I Residence Hall Dean of Women Off Campus Nurses Dietitian of Quad Dielilian of Residence Hall House Managers Dietitian Assistant Dietitian X BUS. MANAGER Supt. of BIdg. Janitors Maintenance Crew Firemen Watchman Bus Drivers Ag. Biol. Bus. Eng. Ed. F.A. E. Lang. H. Ec. l.A. Libr. Sc. Math Music Men ' s P.E. Women ' s P.E. Phys. Sc. Soc. Sc. Speech Library Horace Mann School 1 DIST. nELD SER Extension and Corre.spondence Placement Public Relations Page 52 DIRECTOR OF FIELD SERVICE Everett vV. Brown, Director oj I ' ield Service, IVS., M.A, Fvrrelt W. Brown STUDENT HEALTH AND WELFARE V. A. RicKenbrode, Secretary to the Board of Regents ana Bursar, M. Accts. Helen Hofer Gee. Counselor, B.A.. M.A. John F. Wolfe. Manager of Bookstore. Mrs. Nell Thompson. Director of Residence Hall Betty Thompson. Horace A ann Nurse, R.N. Barbara Silver. College Nurse, R.N. FACULTY AGRICULTURE Richard T. Wright. Chairman of Agriculture Department, B.S.. M.A. F. B. Houghton. Agriculture, B.S., M.A. BIOLOGY William Trago Garr ett, Chairman of Biology Department, A.B.. M.S. 4am x ■■ ■■ [»k Page 53 p FACULTY Irene M. Mueller, Biology. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. BUSINESS Sterling Surrey, Chairman of Business Depart- ment, B.S.S.. M.B.A.. Ph.D. Cliffora Kensinger, Business, B.S., M.Ecl. Dale J. Blackwell, Business. B.S.. M.Ed. Buford W. Oarner, Sttpennsing Teaciier, Busi- ness. B.S., M.A. Effie Mae Morrey, Business. B.S.. M.B.A. EDUCATION Clifford L. Bisliop. C iairmon of Education Department ana Director of Laooratorv Scnool. A.B.. A.M., Ed.D. H. R. Dielericli. Education and Principal of Horace A aiin High School. A.B.. A.M. Pauline Artnur, Supervising Teacher, Jun ior High. B.S., M.A. France.s Davidson, Supervising Teacher, Nurs- ery School. B.S. Katharine Franken, Izducalion. B.S.. M.A. Mary E. Keilh. Education. B.S., M.A. Kalhryn McKee. Supervising Teacher. Kinder garlen. B.S. Chloe E. Millikan. Education, B.S., M.A, Homer T. Phillips. Education, B.S,, M.A, Dora B. Smith, Education, B.S., A.M., Ph,B. Avi.s Lair Graham, Superi ' ising Teacher, Intermediate, B.S., M.Ed. Myrtle Hea.ston. Supervising Teacher. Intermediate. B.S. Anna Cior.such, Superi ' ising Teacher. Inter- mediate. B,S., M.A, Neva, Supervising Teacher, Primary, B.S.. M.A. ENGLISH Frank W. Grube. Chairman of English Depart- ment. B.A., M.A,. Ph,D, Page 54 FACULTY llslella Bowin.iii. ' iKi is i. A. IV. M A. Malli.- M. Dvk.-s. Ii„f,lisl,. IVS.. M.A. Dorlhir C " . II..II. Unfilisl,. A.I ' ... M.A. iololt«- lliiiilri. linglish. li.S.. M.A. FINE ARTS ()livt ' S. iJt ' l.iKc. ( Ixiinuan o| liiif Alls Department. M.S.. . .M Hllerv L. Ciil). ()n. Sn x ' ii ' i. ' iiiK ( ' (ic icr. iiic • Vr .s.H.I ' .A.. M.A. KOKEIC.N LANGUAGE .losepli . . Dreps. Acliitq Cliairnutn of " oreifjn Language Department. . .W.. M.. .. Ph. I). Elaine Maiizey. Frp,. i. B.S.. A.B., A.M. HOME ECONOMICS June Cozine, C inirniaii of Home Economics Department. B.S.. M.. .. Ph.D. Manel Cook. Home Izconoinics. B.S.. M.. . INDUSIRIAL ARTS Donald N. Valk. (liaiinKin o) liidustiUil Arts Department. B.S.. M.S. David . Crozier, Supervising Teacher. Industrial Arts. B.S. Howard Ringold. Industrial Arts. B.S., M.S. Kenneth T. Thomp.son. Industrial Arts, B.S. LIBRARY James Johnson. Librarian. B.S. in L.S. Liicile Brumoaugh. Ca(o ogpr. B.S. C. E. Wells, Librarian Emeritus. A.B.. A.M. . Irs. Hiiherl Ciarrelt. Library. Leona Funk, ijbrary. B.S.. B.L.S. MATHEM. TICS William A. Lafferly. Acting Cliairnian of the Mathematics Department. B.S.. M.A. Margaret M. Franken. Suppri ' i ' sinr Tcnr ipr. Mathematics. B.S.. M.A. Paue ■ ■s - FACULTY Helen F. Marklaiul. lathematics. A.B.. M.A. MENS PHYSICAL EDUCATION E. A. Davis, Director of AJen s Athletics and Pliysical Education Department Rvlan d H. Milner. Weji s Plivsical Fiduca (ion. B.S.. M.A. MUSIC lolin L. Smay, Music. B.A.. M. Mus. Thomas C. Pierson, I hisic, B.A.. M. Mus. Donald Sonnedecker. A tisic. B.M. Ed., B. Mus., M. Mus. Ri.lh M. Miller, Music. B.M. Ed.. M. Mus. PHYSICAL SCIENCE John Gordon Strong, Acting Chairman of Physical Science Department. B.S., M.A.. Ph.D. Arthur J. Cauffield, Geograp iv, B.S., A.B.. A.M. Myrl D. Long, Physical Science. B.S., M.S. Leslie W. While. Geography. B.S., M.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE John L. Harr, Chairman of Social Science Department. A.B.. M.A., Ph.D. Harry Cr. Dildine, Social Sciei ce. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Myron P. Rose. Social Science, B.S., A.M. Rachael Taid, Superi ' isinc Teaclier. Social Studies. B.S.. M.S. John S. Taylor. Social Science. A.B.. A.M. George R. Gaylor. Social Science. B.S., M.A. SPEECH Ramona T. Canton, Chairman of Speech Department, A.B., M.A. Robert F. Gee. Speech. B.A., M.A. WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Bonnie Magill. Acting Chairnutn of Women s Physical Education Departnwnt, B.S., M,A. Jessie B. Jiilten. Supervising Teacher. Women s Physical Education. B.S.. M.A. Page 56 SURF BY WAUGH ATHLETICS BEARCATS FOOTBALL SEASON Co captains: Norman James. Dnnaltl Harlness, M„rvin ;; . E. A. Davis, Direclnr of Men ' s Alhlelics: Rylanil Milner. Coach; Dewey Allgoocl. A.ssis an( Ctuuli: I ,on Wilson. Page 38 .tjM FOOTBALL SQUAD ■fei w ■ k ■t- t ,. -r- SB 19ltSmMm 39$ 15 !ur I ' K II ki. »p Roir: Manin eed. Gerald Weed. Genrge Hawes. Joe ( i.trdntr. ' arn-n Greslmin. Rol»eri O-iluim. lulm 1 Irlleri li. Alvin W ' onnslfv- How I ii ' u: Burlrni Ri«rrK . Diilc M.teiu RnlxTt Hi-nn-nwav. I ' liihp C " .,rt.r. Don Harln.s . I„[in Viir.l„,k. I ' .,ul Todin. CM,- I lioniijsoi]. Roil ' T iree: W ' avne Kiiwiian. George ( ouller. Kennelli Jones. C»»iylord Meyers. Donald Hulfnian. Pele ounger, Willmr Pol- lard. C»iles Menggeler. ( narles Granani. Koir Fottr: Dewey Allgood. Assisloni Coach. William Cliristen- son. yianagpr. Max Hoi Iienaiier. Ronerl Barrett. Glenn Snerr . . ornu..i K.Mu-s. , Mtlner. Gonrfi. ( .Hill,., r.ilri.k u(lio ki. iMand BO ' ITOM PKTl ' RI ' Oft Rnii ' .- Morris Wilson. I.d ard I .entnion. Miirlin ( .irey. William Davis. C arrol C ox. Hernert I lill, Row Two: Charles Thomas. Ronert rietzrlniirger. Rohert Max- well. Duane Newman. Kenneth Revriolds, Row Tnree: William Shennan. Freddy James. Charles Oeller- rnann. Donald French. William Slone. Lynn Ijefferl. Row Four: Joe elenz. Man in Iree. Larry Felt. Glen Price, I arr I lolinson, Howard Dnnian. Mark Burns. Page 5Q FOOTBALL Top Roic: HorKenauer. HoffiiiHn. Carter. G. Weed, M. Weed, Graliani. Roir Two: Rirliey. Coulter. Helleriili. ' tirtliak. Hernenway. MARYVILLE 27 ROCKHURST ] 3 With Jonn Hellerich recovering a fumble on tKe opening kick-off, the Bearcats lost no time in getting the grid machine rolhng. A few plays later, it was Marvin Weed going over for the first score. Another tally came when Al Henningsen intercepted a Rock- hurst pass and romped over from the Hawk 34. From here on it was Weed, James, Zuchowski. and Richey, a combination that could not he stopped until the final gun, MARYVILLE 21 COLLEGE OF EMPORIA It was the Bearcats all the way! Invading the College of Emporia hy air, the Bear- cats tallied three touchdowns and defeated the Kansans f or their second consecutive non-conference victory. It was the aerial combination of Richey to James that stimned the Emporians. Seven completions clicked for 135 yards. MARYVILLE 14 N. W. LA. STATE 3 1 Maryville started out with a bang, break- ing through the line to spill the Louisiana backfield. It was the Bearcats holding the 1 p rnttwf sherry. How TJirpf. W oniislev. Coulter. G. Meve Tohii upper hand through the first half, but then the Southerners exploded in the final quar- ter. The tricky ball handling of the Demons from Northwest Louisiana came from be- hind to upset the Bearcats, and hand them their first defeat in three starts. MARYVILLE 41 CAPE GIRARDEAU 14 A capacity crowd filled Memorial Sta- dium to witness one of the finest Home- coming games ever played on the College gridiron. The first score of the game came when Norman James, Maryville s Gal- loping Ghost broke into the open and started the score rolling. George Coulter caught a Richey pass in the end zone to make it number 2. From here, the Green Wave pulled away easily. With a hand- off from Thompson, it was James going over for another tally. Chuck Graham inter- cepted a Cape pass to set up another Mary- ville tally. Henningsen later recovered a fumble to level off the final score for the Bearcats. Hoffman converted five times and brought his record to sixteen conversions in nineteen attempts. Pafle60 VC ' tf | ' - t fZm FOOTBALL Top Roiu: James. Younger. Pollard. Thompson. Zuchowski. ): Lemnion. Henggeicr. Wilson. Kinman. Barralt. Jones. Roil ' Tu MARWILLE 27 KIRKSVILLE 20 Facing a big and rugged Bulldog team, Maryville came from behind to score tbree touchdowns in the third period and one in the fourth, in the crucial battle for the hick- ory sHclc, which Maryville brought home for the third time straight. The scoring was done by Norman James, who tallied up two touchdowns, and ends Weed and Yurchak. both of whom snatched passes to chalk up 6 points each. Hoffman converted with three for four. MARYVILLE 13 ROLLA 41 In the first quarter, the Bearcats moved into the lead and held a 7-0 edge over the Miners. Another counter was gained by the Big Green early in the second stanza to give the home team a 13-0 lead. From here on. the Miners let loose with every- thing they had. and by halftime had rolled up three touchdowns to pull out ahead 20-13. MARYVILLE 14 Suffering heavily SPRINGFIELD 14 „„ .... ,. rom injuries after re- ceiving two defeats, the Bearcats came back ( " iresliani. Knrr TUree : Oslxirn, llagui-. (jarclncr. to hold a favored Springfield team to a 14-14 deadlock. The first quarter was scoreless, but it was James early in the second period, who took the apple over the line. It was Weed, James, and Zuchowski, — a triple threat. With this combination, the Cats battered the wall of Springfield to their own five, and Weed took it over for the second marker. Hoffman converted to add the extra points. MARYVILLE 40 WARRENSBURG 12 Milners Bearcats clima.xed the 1949 sea- son with a decisive smash win over the War- rensburg Mules. This win placed Maryville and Springfield in the second place of the M.I. A. A. It was Maryville from the open- ing whistle to the final gun. as eleven sen- iors gave it their all in their last battle for their Alma Mater. Highlighting the game was unveiling Mil- ner ' s surprise spread formation which proved good for two touchdowns. Scoring for the day was done by Weed. James, and Tobin. and Hoffman s|)lil the uprights four times in si.x attempts. Page 61 i f BASKETBALL LETTERMEN op Row: Yurcliak, 1 anner. Carnii liacl. Men rs, Henninysen. Row 1 iro: Andersoti. Jones. ' ooa. Rcynolns. Lyle, BASKETBALL SCORES Row Ihree: lounger, Ramsey. Buckridge. Ceglenski, Coulter. 5-4 Maryville B uena Vista 36 Maryville . . . .St. Benedict s 59 Maryville 58 Maryville 36 Maryville 51 Maryville 45 Maryville 59 Maryville . Nebraska LJniversity Baker Pittsburg . St. Benedict s Mankato . East ' Texas 41 Maryville Pittsburg 60 Maryville fort Hays 44 Maryville Fort Hays 73 Maryville Rockburst 49 Maryville Fort Hays 24 40 Maryville . Springfield 30 35 49 Maryville Cape Girardeau 38 58 51 Maryville . . . Rolla 38 41 40 Maryville Kirksville 43 41 49 Maryville Kirksville 43 47 42 Maryville Warrensburg 51 48 31 Maryville . Springfield 35 57 59 Maryville Rockburst 47 49 54 Maryville Warrensburg 48 78 45 Marvville Cape Girardeau 44 59 54 Maryville . . . Rolla 51 40 41 w on 15 . . . . . Lost 9 Page 62 BASKETBALL Page 63 BASKETBALL SQUAD Top Row: Charles Raiitsry. Allan Honningsen. I ete lounger. George Coulter. James Tanner. Don Reynoias. Kennetn Jones, Mar ' in Cartnicnael. Row Two: Ryland Milner. Coach: Mick Anderson, Gaylord Meyers, Ronald W ood, Larry Vaudrin, Richard Buckridge. Kirby Lyie. John Yurchak. Gene Ceglenski. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPS Page 64 M-CLUB I lie M ( liil) is .III Imiioi.ilA oiyiini .iilioli lii(li liiis Ik ' cii in cxislcruc many yt ' urs. Il is ( oniposcti (il Nduiiu iiKMi ol mv rollcife who liavc ( ()m|)l(li(l iIh- [iicsc lined i( " (|uir( ' - m nls lor lclloiin in a aisil ' spol. I lie M-Cliil) is one ol llii ' oldcsl orgnnizalions on lilt ' canipus. I lie main aim ol tiic oiyani .a lion is to proinolf and ii| liold liolclicail t ' div till- slandaicls ol llic (kIIcoc iJirontjli allilrli(s. Soiiir ol ils IiiikIIoiis arc promol- iiio oood spoiismansliip amontJ liir laris as well as llic plavcis. cik oiiia( ina wliole- licarlcd participation in all sports, citncr as a phncr or a sprilaloi. dcvclopint, ' an atli- liidc ol Icaniwoik instead ol individual par- li(ipali(in in ,ill die liiiKlions ol tlie s( liool. rlie lisli Iry in llie sprinti is one ol the annual events whit h all the members ( njoy jjarticularly. Top Kr ii ' . 15ml 1.11111111111. Rolnrt Oslnirn. Man in Oiriiiii li.n I. Iiilin ll.iiiriili. Diiniiii ' Nrii. lot- Cuirtlner. IJiilr IImbih- Roir 7 ' iro. Wall Slanlon. Miik . nclerson. liill Slicrinaii. IJnii llarlni ' . s. (iii ' iiii Slurry. Gi ' iir Cegienski. Irnnti Bnycr. Wnrri-n ( iri ' sluim. K ' l.M ' T irpc- Hill Murnliam. W ' ill.iir r ' rnrn-sjioiijing . .•m-ldry: Niiriiian J.inii-s. ' n-si iTil . lim I ..nniT. PiiWicily f ' iiiirninn.- Ken Jones, Secretary and Treasurer : Pi-Ip ' iiungrr. ' iie President: Max Hnrlicnaui ' r, Sprgeanl al rrn. ' i. Top Rolf- Don llollnian. Charles Ramsey. Pliil CarUr. . l Henningsiii. Ron ' an Ryswyk. Gus Henfigeler. Roir Tiro: .lolm M. Daly. Burton Richey. . ' Mvin Wornisley. M.irvin Weed. Pal Zurliowski. Wayne Kiniiian. Lane R. I In,, r. Roil ' Three: Bill Coulter. Gaylord Meyers. Dirk Sciioneman. Kred James. Jim Allan. Jolin urcliak. ■Vol Shown: Jack Stark. James Smith. Don Reynolds. Page 65 TRACK Under the tutoring of Coach Ryland Mil- ner, the Bearcat Cindermen had an impres- sive 19-4Q season, sweeping all their dual meets, and winning the M. I. A. A. cham- pionship. Only once did the Milnermen taste the bitterness of defeat in " 49 , and that was brought upon them by a fleet footed Texas tribe from Abilene in a triangular meet with Abilene, Maryville, and Ottawa, Kansas, taking the ribbons respectively. Topping the season was the conference meet, which was held at Columbia, on the grounds of Missouri University. It was the Big Green Wave rolling over all competi- tors, and defeating the defending champions from Rolla and taking 49 points to the Miners 40. Highlighting the meet was the 60 yard dash. It was in this event that the Bearcats quickly and easily picked up twelve points, to put them in the Blue Ribbon Bracket. Scoring in the 60 yard dash was done by Donnie Neil, Pat Zuchowski, and Phil Carter, who finished first, second, and third respectively. Tup Row: Ddfiitlcl Haiisdii, I idiard Appleiiian. Norman James. Morris Wilson. Paul Blillieris. Tom Walker. Koiv Tivo: Ryland Milner. Coach: Lane Ulmer. Marvin Free. James Allen. Philip Carter. Donnie Neil, Freday James. Row Three: Jolin Daly. Don Anderson, William Burnliam, William Coulter. Patrick Zuckowski. Ricliard Sclioneniann. Marion Freeman. Page 66 Page 67 MISS JOYCE BAILEY, HOMECOMING QUEEN Atlendunls: Alari yri Alexander, Sarubel Dcwis, Norine Norris. jean Short. Page 68 HOMJ-rOMING COMMIITKI.: Top Uo,r. George Silver I lerhic Awf. f ' .Mon Wilson. James Allen, Snni ( nrpenter, Miintn Dornil. H.mslieer. (irrnlrl ( " n . Ociiiiild K.itnp- man. HOMECOMING Changing horn one or the big events that happen every year to just about the biggest that happens all year. Homecoming. 1040 lashion. vaulted into the limelight on Friday night, October 28. It all began on the audi- torium stage where Barbara Munson, Mis- tress or Ceremonies, [jut the Variety Show on its way before a rull house. After a tvvo and a half hour show with twelve organizations com[:)eting, the judges avvcirded the lnde[3endents Club the first place plaque for their skit. The ACE won second: the Alfjha Sig-Sig Tau skit won third: and the Delta Sigs and 1 ri Sigs tied for fourth. Climaxing the show. Miss Joyce Bailey was crowned Homecoming Queen. Following the show, a giant pe[)-rally was held in Memorial Stadiimi. Monty Pitner. co-captain of the cheerleaders, presided. Saturtlay morning, following all sorts of breakfasts, teas, and coffee hours in honor of returning alimini. the fjig parade got under wav. About twenty organizations from the scnool. fourteen high school bands, and many clowns. I)icyclists, and jalopies f)ar- ticipated. The Ag Club won first j)lace in the parade. The M-CIub took second prize: Hoir iiro: Rutli Kit luirds, ianr Bovanl. Miirjoric MtCjcc, iviaii Kowitz. Carolea Prildiarfl. Iti .- nn Garner. . " larjorie Kelrliuni, Joan (rrooni. Ir).mnr ' rit. ' lil. [ ( ' tt Davis. ACE won third; Al|jha Sigs won fourtri; and the Delta Sigs and Kappa Omicron Phi tied for fifth. The 1 ri Sigs won the prize for the most originality and for parade partici- pation. Keeping the ball rolling toward making a f)erfect weekend for the alimini, the Bear- cats marched to a thrilling 4 I - N victory over the Cape Indians. Norman James and Wil- bur Pollard received trophies for being named the best back and lineman, respec- tively, during the Homecoming game. Ali)lia I hi Omega won the Iiouse decora- tions contest and Al|)ha Sigs came in sec- ond. 1 he Tri Sigs won third; the Delta Sigs won fourth: and Phi Sigs took fifth. Saturday night, the weekend activities were drawn to a close when students, fac- ulty, and alumni dancetl to the music of Beruiy Strong and his orchestra at the Home- coming Dance. The following week s assemf)ly program announced the Independents and 1 ri Sigs as co-winners of the 1949 Supremacy Plac|ue. for general participation. Jane Bovftrd antl Bill Elam served with Dr. John Harr as Homecoming Cliairmen. •69 Paqe TO Page 71 3: tmm CHEERLEADERS Selected by a committee appointed by tne Student Government Association, the cheer- leaders are appointed each year irom a group of interested candidates for the job. They are chosen on the basis of pep and enthusiasm and originality. This year s group has certainly displayed all of this and much more. More originality was cooked up fjy the co-stunt captains. Marge McGee and Monty Pitner, than has been seen around this old school in many a moon. The group, as a whole, did a fine job throughout the year. Some of the acrobatic stunts that were jjerformed by the group as a whole were outstanding. The little performances pre- sented extemporaneously by Monty Pitner were among the never-to-be-forgotten things that happened at the ball games this year. Left to Right: Diane Dressier. Sliirley Jennings. Marge McGee. Belle Sickels. MartKa Stricltler. Mary Lou Rockwell. Dorothy Noellsch. Page 72 WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION I lie onicii s I ' lusical r.diKalion I )(• piirlnifiil is [ c ideal oroaiii alion lor all tlirls no ctijoN spoils. Il oi cs tlic tliris a rliaiui ' lo parli( ipalc in aiioiis a(li itics, and pio id( s a iccrealional prot raiii lor everyon Since lime lias clianjicd dancing into an enerfjetic sport, many dance classes cire ollered. I liese classes f)rovide the oppor- liinilv lor all irls to accjuire a certain deitree ol undi-rstandiii ( ol inatiN ' danri s. I Mere is also proN ision made lor oiildoor S[)orls: len- nis. tfoll. arc lieiy. and lield lioc Key rate ni(, ' n witli (lie tJirls participalin(t. I lie aims ol iIk ' Women s PInsical I ' .dii cation l epartmenl pro icle lor additional recrenlionn! activities ollered hy tlie WOM- EN ' S ATHIFTK ASSOC lATION. DANCH CLUB, and IHt SIOMA PHI DOLPHIN CLUB. These organizations are [)rovided for those who are interested in the varied courses which are ollered. I ' aqe 7} mmmsL Page 74 Fia5T 5NOV BV NICHOL-Q.S ORGANI- ZATIONS TOWER STAFF We are your Tower Staff, and we hope you will like trie job we Have done for you, the people associated with the College. If you like it tell us about it or if you do not like it tell us too. Jewell Rice has given fiis time as Editor. Dick Gordon has pencilled his way through the Business Manager s job. Jim Hill is re- sponsible for much of the art work as his job is Art Editor. Helen Fisher served as Assistant Editor, and Bill Elam is credited with all the editorial comment. Martha Nelson was Assistant Art Editor, and Joe Zelenz reported the material for the sports pages. Jean Long was Faculty Editor; Marjorie Lewis was Copy Editor: Monty Pitner Organization Editor: other members or the staff helped with the many other jobs that go into publishing a yearbook. The thanks of the Staff go to Mr. Howard Ringold and Miss Dorthie Hall who gave much time as facultv advisors. M ' M ELAM MURRAY - GRISHAM _ STROUD . Page 76 STUDENT SENATE I 1)0 executive i)owcrs ol llir Sluuent Sen- ale are vested in a i)nsi(lcnt and vice presi- dent who arc elected l)y tlie student body; and a secretary, treasurer, and parliamen- latiaii who are selected hy the vote of the Senate. T he le[ islalive and judicial [)owers are held hy the [)resi(ient, vice-[)resident, and Four niemhers ol each class exce[)t the ireshnien. viio have two. In the annual all-sdiool election ol IQ49. Sam Carpenter was elected president, and Ruth Holhrools, vi( e-[)resident. The new oil leers and senators were sworn into olrice in Aj)ril, 10 19. As soon as the new senators came into ollice, the secretary, Peggy Ford, the treas- urer, Andy Runge, and the parliamentarian, Bol) Cuthland, were elected. One of the first functions of the Senate in the new school year was to helj) on Regis- tration Day. The i)ractice of handing out numbers for students to use in the hook-line was continued. Registration Day was brightened up I)y the tradition of green hats for the Freshies which was revived. Other duties of the Senate during trie fall quarter were the handling of " Walkout Day which was conducted by the Senior Class under the auspices of the Senate, and the selection of the clieer leaders and the Social Committee. The biggest project whicli was under- taken by tKe Senate this year was the or- ganization of a Student Union. This idea was instigated and carried out by a com- mittee from the Senate. This committee was headed by Bob Cuthland. After the initial work on this project was done, the plans were turned over to a group composed of representatives from various organizations that were interested in the Union. Top Roil ' . Sam Carpenter. PrefUlenI: Rutli Hnlhrook. Vice- PresUlont: Margarel Ford. Secretary. kmr 7 " iio Rofiert Gutliland, PaAiamenlarian : lolin S Taylor. S jofisor; RoKerl Gee. Sponsor. Roil ' T irpp. Dean Boggs. I. D. Ellioll. Rirliard Gnrrlon Roll ' Four: Barbara Hudson. Norman lames. I lolinson. Roll ' Fii ' e: Sfiarlis Marple. Kenneth Parsons. John Pope. Roil ' S .v. Jerr - Shell. Melville Strong, Manley Vance. o( Shoirn: . ndy Runge. Page 77 lop Roic- Moiily Ptiner. George Dunlap. Robert GulKlaruI. Dean Knodle. William Blolun. Lyle Martin. I Ru Butler. Oonalci KiininKTer. Hoiv Two: Jolinny Carlson, I erne WilliaTiis. Lois Ijjng. Yvonne Davis, Leiand ioler. Row 7 firee: John Price, Matiaging Editor: Prank Nlerengni. Aavcrtisiny A onager; V ' iolette Hunler, Faculty Adviser: Herbie Awe, Sports E,(iitor: Myrtle Comer, Nut Shown: Jim Hill, Earl Brassfiem. Mary Bast, Mary Baunian. Mary Daniels. Carl Deiter. Marvin Doran, Beverly Luhrs. Mvron Mock. Vincent Zucliowski. NORTHWEST MISSOURIAN The Northwest Missourian staff has en- aeavored to provide the students of the col- lege, as well as the alumni, with interesting and worthwhile reading material. During the past few years, the Missourian has become established as one of the lead- ing college newspapers in Missouri, under the leadership of Miss Violette Hunter, faculty advisor. The cjuality and the quan- tity of interesting articles have placed the paper among leading student publications in many states. During the scholastic year of 1947—18. with Paul Gates as student editor, the Northwest Missourian was elected as the best Class B student newspaper in the Mis- souri College Newspaper Association con- test. The papers were judged by members of the faculty of the School of Journalism at Missouri University in Columbia. In recognition of this honor, the North- west Missourian was awarded a gold MCNA Globe-Democrat Plaque to be held for one year. The Northwest Missourian is a member of the Northwest Missouri Press Associa- tion, the Missouri College Newspaper As- sociation, and the Associated Collegiate Press. It is published twice a month from September through May. In 1948-49, with Reva Jo Kerns as edi- tor, the Northwest Missourian was again judged the best Class B student newspaper in the Missouri College Newspaper Associa- tion contest, and again the gold MCNA plaque was held by the school. Permanent possession of the plaque will be gained if the Northwest Missourian should win first in the state contest once more in the next four years. As the 1 ower goes to press, editors for 1949-50, Herbert Awe and John Price, hope they can make this year the once more year. Page 78 SOCIAL COMMITTEE I Ik- SIikIcmI So( iiil C oiimiiltcc lias spon- sored a I ' tcslimaii Mixer, a l e islrali()n I )ny Dance, aller-( aiiie (lances (luriiio llu- tool I)all and hasKiMnall seasons, tlie Sadie Hawkins l)an(e, and the Christmas Hall wliicli was tile lirsl lorinal dance ol Ine year. I lie lower l)atice was sponsori I - notli the Social Coniinitlee and the lower Stall. Sadie Hawkins Day was its usual unicjue sell and the Sadie Hawkins Dance was held on Saturday e eninf« ol Sadie Hawkins Week, The Christmas Ball was very colorlul this year, since special C hristmas decorations were purchased lor the e ent. Bob Wiard and his Band provided the musical hack- ground. I he Tower Dance, with the crowning of the queen. Mary Lou Rockwell, during intermission, was the most looked-ior dance of the vear. INTRA-FRATERNITY I he Inter-Fraternity Council was lirst organized on this campus in 1935. Its aim is to promote and maintain mutual welfare and friendship between the two social fra- ternities. 1 his organization in the past year has set up several requirements concerning the [pledging of men. so that a man must have a scholastic average of ' M and must have attended this college for one quarter in order to be eligible. 1 he membership ol the Inter-Fraternity Council is made up of the respective organi- zational presidents and three members chosen at large. The fraternity president whose organization is in majority is the chair- man, and this chairmanship alternates an- luialN ' . PAN-HELLENIC This year the Council has been especially active. Pollowing a revision of the consti- tution last spring, the main rusliing season was held the fourth week of tfie winter quarter. 1 his rush week was opened by the annual ran-Hellenic tea. ( )ne (il the main a( ( omplislimenis ol the (oiuKil tfiis year was to revise the constitu- tion to meet NPC s stipulations. I ' rider the auspices ol the couik il, the s holarship ( uj) was i)resenle l lo die I ri Sigma sorority for the secoiul coriset uli ' vear. .at. Y Mil tt %» t SOCIAL COMMriTHi; Op Riiir: Marjorie is. Helen Ftslier. Marge MfCiee. Ron- i iro: Robert Ciulliland. Miss Martlia I rKP. Sponsor; Her- iiiHii ifausneer, Knaimian. Nol Shown: Willieliiiina Edie. Monty i iln»r. ( " Iiarles R. Wright. INTRA-I RATIIRMTY COl ' NCIl. Left lo R ' ghl: Dr. lolin !.. I liirr. Spon.sar. I. I), Illliotl. KennetJi Parsons. Ciiairnian: Cnen Merenitli. Secrptary: lark Slark. Sot Sftotfn: diaries R. Wriglit. Vice C huinnan. i ' iii:i.i.i:mc coixcii. e» Roir Marilyn .Mextiruler. Ruth M( D(i M ' II. lane Bovard. NiHry I?..„ll,. Roir I tro: Helen Fisher. f ' eri(, Miss Martha Ix rKe. Sponsor; Rutli Holhrook. Secretary; Katie Fspey. o( S ioii-n: Polly Cramer, ' it ' e President; Lois Walker. Page 79 - ,a»-iB SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA 70() (Hi ' ; Jc ' iid George. Lois MiDeniioll. Shnrlrs Marple. Miir ' iiret Berry. Roll ' Tiro. Belly Davis. Trecis rirer; Helen [islier. President; Rulli M.Dowell. Vice Presi Jeiil. Top Rod ' . I ' liyllis Crawford. Marilyn Alexander. Mary Fink Belly Wilson. Diane Dressier. Margarel Fort!. Koii 7 ' ii ' o. Margaret ( " urry. Mary Lou Roikvvell. Helen .loyce Moore, loyce Welirli. Top Roll ' .- .loyre Sniilli. Nina Ctilliland. Mary Jo Vernon. Beverly i ile. Virginia Iranie, Saraliel Davis. Roie Th ' o: Frances Ricliards. Koljeria Walker. Barbara Rob- ertson. Arlene Blank. I ' ol 5 ioirii; Lavonne Wesioll. Belly Grace. Opal Fries. ,lo Magnuson. Donna Slaltery. Peggy Carstens. Marilyn Har- lell. Anila Fink. Alice Gross. Mary Marie Scliulte. Norma Cusliinan. Mella .Jensen. Vir- ginia Bird. Anna Mae Walker. Marllia Sirickler. Mary Bau- Toan. Cliarlene Kinies. Rila Zininiernian. Marjorie Elani. Isabele Nasli. Beverly Lubrs. Belle Sickles. Mary Jane Peck. Mary Belli Fries. Jane Grisbani. Dorolliy Noellscb.Eva Jean Mc- Dowell. Palricia Burton. Mari- lyn Tboinpson. Jo Ellen Wil- son. Joyce Busli. Pat McClaren. Marjorie Lewis. Clela Dinw id- die, .lean Overslreet. Norma lean Morgan. Page 80 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA . l|)li.i Kpsilon cliaplcr ol i i ' iiia i( iiiii it in i. associate mcrnnci ol tlic National I ' ati-I Icllcnic C onlcmuc. lias Ijccii an ac- tive organization on this campus since 1927. lo Ijegin tile Near. I ri Sigrnas won the coNoteci scholarship ( ii|) lor the second con- seculi e year. I he cup has been set up as a scholastic competition anion the three so- rorities on the campus. Homecoming lollovvetl with I ri Sigmas and Indeix ' iulents tying lor first place for the Sujjremacy C uj). I he theme of the float enteretl in tlu ' parade was Hold I hfit Line, which was carried out in the [nirple and whiti- (olors ol the sorority, i wo ol the atterulanls at the ( ueen Coronation were Marilyn Alexander and Sarabel Davis. Sig- ma sisters. I ri Sigma s entry in the Variety snow was a skil. I he Sheik ol Arahy. Rushing was during the winter (|uarter. and 1 ri Sigmas used a gay Mexican theme at the rush |)arly, which was held at the ( oiuilry C lul). As a result ol the party. I ri Sigma gciined thirty-lour new [)le(lges. I wo I ri Sigmfis were honored at the 1950 lower Dance: Mary Lou Roclcwell was chosen I ower ( ueen, and Sharlis Mar- pie was one ol tlie I ower Queen attend- ants. Other events ol the sorority year included the annual C hristmas Party with tui ex- cnange ol gilts, the Founders Day Ban- quet , the Cieorge Washington Dance and Theatre Party, and the cunuial S[)ring Formal. Dr. Juru- Cozine is s()onsor ol our sororitv. Page 81 iSMT HH 9 ti» «)H ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Top Roic; Marge McGce. So ciat C ioirman; Jane Bovara, Norine Norris, Registrar; Belty Lou Lawrence, Joanne W rignl, Reporter. Row Two: Jean Short. Secre- tary ; Polly Cramer, Presiaent ; Katie Espey. Vice President; Marl ha Clyniens, Treasurer. Top Row: Joanne Masters. His torion ; Betty Stroud, Assistanl Treasurer; Bill Edie, Sergia Fries. Row Two: Mary Roninett. Bar- bara Munson, Donna Burks. Doris McGinness. Keeper of Grades. Fir Willi. Top Row: lerne Williams. Ciiarlene Welsli, Doris Jean Hamilton. Jo Slacv. Jean Bress- ler. Ron ' T(( ' o: Lois Queck, Jean Fuhon, Beverly Henderson. I jjrila oung. Page 82 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA We re file Alpha Sigmas iiinl wc re nere lo say ... I his year has been success! ul in ' ery a ' ... I he lall o 10 vvill always recall ... I lir lliiill ol I lomecomiiiy lo us all . . . The campus — oui Iidusc tlic show, t)ur sKJI ... I he paiadc. oui ' lloal — a weekend hit! . . . I wo atteuuanls to the Queen . . . Short. Jean and Norris, Norine . . . On Oc- tober 20. the l)ari(|U(M ol our Founder s Oa ' . . . as held at the C lul) in tlu- usual way . . . Flowers and candlelight and smiles galore ... A Song in Our Heart and many more! . . . Accompanying a Ireshly lallen snow ... 1 he tinkle or sleigh bells and Christmas trees aglow ... 1 he ASA Christmas I ea For our Motiiers ... At Mrs. All)( rt Kuchs s l)rought many another s . . . Wish for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The 1950 |)e[)py Pvp Queen of M. S. C. ... An ASA gal Marge McGee! . . . Pea- nuts! l ' op(()rn! C ra( KcrjacKs ! ... is the (irciis in town. ' ' Here are the facts: . . . Rushccs louiid themselves tarried away . . . 15) ' the excitement atnl enthusiasm or ASA! . . . Entertainment was local and you d never guess . . .The f ' al Lady or the Thin Man the way they were dressed! The sweetest Sweetheart we ve ever had . . . Was Polly Cramer, and all were glad . . . To praise her work as our President . . . Highly efficient, reliable, and diligent . . . The ASA spring formal was one of the best . . . Tradition carried out with zest! . . . And now just one word of farewell . . . Farewell! ! ! Page 83 HPfRVRH DELTA SIGMA EPSILON op Rolf: Belly Umlson. Sf r (fccin .- Pfiyllis Kcncler. Record inq SeiTetury; Frances Kirkpat- ricK. C naplain. Row Two: Margie Ketcneni. Freastirer: Lois Walker, ice- President: R u t li Holbrook. President : Joan Ciroutn. Corre- ■ ponding Secretary. " op Roil ' : Beverly Har ey. 11 1- 1 (■ n Ii ( li t e r I i n j . Dorolliy Howell. Row Two: Evelyn W ' arforo. Mary Bootli, Historian: Kalnryn Ba rm a n n. AUtnini Secretary; irginia Wade. Top Row: Beelonna W hite, Ivoldene Crabtree, Marllia Hill. Merry Ann AInikuist. Row Two: Jo Ann Harper, Mary Lou Moore. Mary Jo Winn. Reporfpr; Betty Morene C onrad. ol Shown: Allreda Karle. Dorotliy Ann Taylor, Carolyn Butt, Barbara Hudson. Bonnie ( annon, Carolyn 1 urner, Joan ( utier. Dorotliv Jean McCart- iwy, Mar ' hjlen Daniels. Ros- flla Reed. Page 84 DELTA SIGMA EPSILON Al[)ha Phi cliaplcr ol I )( ' lla Sifjma Lp- silon is a iiu ' iiiIxt ol tlic National Pan- I Ifllcnic roiiiuil aiul as cslanlislicd on tliis (ainpiis in I ' ) 17. I lie aims ol llic soior- it arc to develop ( liaractor, to pioinotc s( liolarsliip. and to d( ' vclo|) Icadcisliip. Active ineinners ijiive a Halloween pledge daiire honoring the new [iledges in the Bear- cat r en in Octoner. During Homecoming, the house decorations. Iloat. and skit took honors. Christmas acliN ' ilies included llie annual Christmas lea lor the lacull ' wohkmi. iun a Christmas Bazaar. I he month of January was full of activi- ties beginning with the traditional Snow Festival, this being the first to be a formal affair. The following week, an informal rusli parly built around Magazine I lictne was held at the ( ountry C lub. Helen l " .( hierling. Delta Sigma, was one ol the I ower ( ueen attendants honored at the 10 I ower I )ance. Activities lor the spring (uarl -r in( liided a S[)ring formal and an installation ol offi- cers in May. Social services by the Delta Sigs in- luded contributions to the infantile [)aralysis lunds and gills to the Carville. Louisiana, f los|)ital lor I larisen s disease. To Keep a tradition ol the national (or- ganization, several girls this year [)reserited tlie chapter witli a bo. of candy soon after tKeir engagements were announced. In August, several girls from the chapter will go to Chicago wliere they will attend the national conclave. Paqe 85 PHI SIGMA EPSILON Top Row: F. W. Grube. Hon orary Memfcpr: Ken England. SetTpfory; Ken Hogiin. H. R. Dietericli. Sponsor; Robert Bradley. Roil ' Tu ' o: Cbarles Clule. Jack Miller. Vice President. • Herman Hauslieer. Kennetli R. Parsons. Presidenl. Bob Giilliland. For (iomenlaritin: J. D. Elliott. Treasnrer. Roic Three: Bill Sipes. .lim Pool. Eddie Reece, Jerry Slieil. Corresponding Secretory; Dean Bogys. Hislorian, W. T. Gar- rett. Sponsor. Top Row: Earl Niiliols. Sam Carpenter. Glen Meredith. Myron Mo l . Bill Garrett. Jack G. Highley. Roll " Two; Jack Clark. Eyie Martin. Jack D. Trost. Maurice Slieil. Glen I- rice. Roir T iree; Melville Strong. Anily Runge. William Baker. Frank Jolinson. Dick Scbone- man. Darrell Grace. Top Roir; William R. Breit. Bob Arthur. Earl Brassfield. Truman Wilson. Row Two: Ted Baldwin. Mar- vin Carniichael. Terry D. Nonli. Row Three: Johnny Carlson, Billy L. Pease. Bill Blobm. Bob Brandt. Not Sdoirn; Kenneth Bruncr. Paul Fisher. William Ogden. Harlan Judd. }R6 PHI SIGMA EPSILON I l)o Nu Cliaplei (il IMii Sigma Epsilon social frntornily lias coiitiiuicd lo uplinld its lii jn ifloais or nrothciliood past tlu niicullc ol llic (ciiliiry. lis incmlxTs liavc coiilril)- ulfd Id the nettt ' iiiiciil ol llie college tl)rc)ui M |iarli( ipatlon in slnilcrit goN crmiHMit. Iicip- iiiy ti) estahlisli a Sliuiciil L iiioii. and many other campus cictivities. I hree teams ol rhi Sigs played in the intramural hasKetnali leagues. During the annual Homecoming festivi- ties, the fraternit ' helped with the N iriety Show, decorations, and the parade. At this lime, a hreaklast was held loi the active and alimini meniners. Two pledge classes were held during the year, oringing a ruminer of new members into the organization. Among llie many social lunctions of the Iralernily were several inloriiial get-to- gether tfances held in the Bearcat Den. 1 he organization also sponsored an after- game dance lor the entire student body, the [proceeds of which were donated lo a needy family at Christmas time. In Jamiary. twelve memners attended the Missouri Regional Conclave at Warrens- l)urg for the [)ur()ose of [)romoting netter cooperation and f)rotherhood with the other chaf)ters in the state. The year was climaxed hy the traditional S|)ring Formal held at tfie Country Club and tlie presentation of tfie Plii Sig of the Year trophy. This [jresentation is made to t ' le fraternity meml:)er who has best lived u[) to tlie fraternity ideals during tlie year. Page 87 ni ' »% • " • t0»A« SIGMA TAU GAMMA Top R-Ow: Ricliaru Frans. Mnr vin Doran. Jolin E. Frencli. Willintii Moore. Dean Sleeby. Roto Two: Max Kmney, Secro tary: Newconib Cleveland. Treasurer; M. R. VVliarton, Social Chainimn: Jolin Harr. Sponsor. Row Three: Jack Slarlt. Presi Aetit: Cliarles R. VVrtglit. Vice Presidenl: Clyde Tlioiiipson . Historian; Norman James, Ser geanl at Arms. Top Row: George Haws. Wil- liam Cliristensen. Edward Lem- Row Two: Don Holfnian. W. k. Moody. Melvin Coleman, Saga Scrihe: James P. Ranck. Corresponaifiq Secrelary. Ron ' Three: Kennetli Reynolds. Delhert Gal)l)er1. Glen Sherry. Marion Sherer. Top Roiv: James S. Hainey. Hihon Wl.lte, Wilbur Pollard. James Doran. Rir liard Plii[)[is. Donald Hanson. Rote Two: Cliarles Oellerniann. Austin Pollard. I rry Fetl. Donovan Willsie. William Coulter, Not Shown: Calvin Boyd. Olen Reynolds. James Smitli. Mau- rice Wlieeler. William Terry. Page 88 SIGMA TAU GAMMA Signia 1 iui Ciainnia was IouikIciI in QH) on llic (aiiipus ol Inc C cntial Missouri talc C olu-i»t ' . arrcnsniirt;. Missouri. It was Ilic desire lo pt-rpetuatc student Iriendsliips in an or atti .ati )n dedicated lo true nrolner- liood that cA llie cliarter niernners lo estan- iisli Siyriia I au ( larnnia. S« ' ven yi ' ars later, I liela C liaplii ol Sigma Inn Cjomma was installed on tliis campus. The outslaiidiny acnieNcment in I OK) lias been the recent acquisition ol the lormer R Clul) as a chajiler room. I hrouy ' li the untiriiit) ellorts ol e er ' (iKMiiner, the R Cliiu was redecorated in the Iralernily col- ors ol nlue and white, and renamed the I au C lul). leeling conlideril that the lace- lifting joj) was a success in every way, the acti e menuiers invited the local alumni to a hullet dinner Novemoer I). The [)olen- tialities ol the I au C lul will undounledly l e a great asset lo ihe Iralernily in the liiture. I heta C haptcr in ( ()- )[)eration with the Phi Phi Cha|)ter ol the Alpha Sigma A ) n sorority enacted a skit at the Variety Show during the Homecoming activities. A lloal was entered in the [)arade, and ihe chat)ler also decorated a house lor the occasion. ( )n Salurda ' . ()ct(ji)er 29, a l)an(|uel was held at the local American Legion hall lor all acti es and returning alumni. In the sjjring a delegation ol twelve mem- bers were guests or Delta Chapter at Em- (joria, Kansas. In the afternoon the two clia[)ters engaged in a sollball game. The crowning event of the visit was the Rose Dance which was held t hat evening. Page 89 H ALPHA PHI OMEGA Top Row: George SiKer, W il- liam Gram. Reporter: Billy L. Pease, Recording Secretary: Mil- lard Haning, William R. Yauch. Ed Mitkelson. Row Two: R(.lK ' rt W. Baldwin. Jack M. Price, Sergeant-at- Arms: Herman Hausneer, Frank D. Slonner. Pfcdcje Master: Ricliar i B. I ran , Presiaent : Jewell Rice. Top Row: Daryl H. Johnson. Joe E. Collier. Treasurer; James F. Monlgomery. Donald R. Davis. Myron P. Rose. Sponsor. Roic Two: Justyn L. Graliam. Gordon B. Bennett. Herman C. Boswell. Historian: John W. Stevenson. Russell Terliune, Jess Masters. Top Ron-: II. R. Dieterirli. Honorary Meniher; P. J. Scliell- liorn. James Montague, Harold Grout. Gene Conrad. Roil ' Two: Don Kammerer. Jim Ford. Boh Baker. Boh McCIure. Bill Lash, John I larr, Sponsor, Nof S ioM ' n. Loren Workman, Irving Silver. Roherl Osgood. Gerald Bennett. Page 90 ALPHA PHI OMEGA hcl.i I ' psiloii Cli.iplci ol Alpliii iMii ()m« ' { a this ciir oiu liuK ' d ils cK ' Nciitli yciir al lilt ' Norlluvi ' st Missouri Stale C ollctJc. Being a service fraternity. Al[)lia Plii Omega crosses all lines ol honorary, social. and prolessional Iraternilies. and inenioers of the other campus organizations may also he actixc in this fraternity. Alpha Phi ()mega is not in competition with any other campus group, nut. on the (ontrarv. seeks the co-operation ol other organizations to hroaden its sco|)e ol service. I he year s activities hegan with the an- nual lall smoker which attracted prospective memners. Some of the ac tixilies participated in diuing the year were taking |)arl in Home- coming, in which Aljiha f hi won lirst place i[i house decorations and placed second lor suprcmacx ' trophy: o|)eraling a (heck stand at the Christmas Hall, and puhlishing the second annual Student Directory, and s[)on- soring the hlood hank and March ol l)imes cami)aign. Mr. Myron I . Rose has giNcn mu( h ol his time and service as faculty sf)onsor and has done rTuich to make the cha[)ter what it is today. Although Al[)ha Phi Omega is essen- tially a service Iralernity. it does enjoy cer- tain social activities. I he outstanding social events of the year included an inlormal dfince during the winter f|uarter, a nan((uet, and the animal Spring lormal at the Coun- try Club. Page 9( • fifm CO-OPERATIVE INDEPENDENT CLUB Top Rou ' ; Birney R. Durland. James Hill. Bill nlain. John Pope. Dale Groul, Dick Huff. Roic Trro: Mrs. Helen ( lee. Na De M arilyn King. Effie Moffill. Janite W ' alsli. Naomi Stnith. Hall. SpoixsOT. Row 1 hree: Rirliara FHiolt. Treasurer; Oretia Knlpmeyer. Secretary; Monty Rilner, Vice PresiAent; Lufille Bitlios, Presi- clenl: Cliarles Newlon. l-.ois Long. Reporter; IJiznnetli Mr- Querry. Top Roil ' : Bon Cascio. Ken Ki- fjurz. Dick Gordon. Charles McDowell. Leot a Shipley. Mahlon Hewilt. Carolea F rilch- ara. Ron ' Two : Thesis Robinson. Marjorie Mae Espey. Odetta J oltorff. lames Montague. Mari- lyn Nelsen. VVilma Watkins, Charlotte J urner, Ardra Cor- nelius. Roil ' Three: Sue Bailey, Mar- jorie Lewis, Heroie Awe. Nlla Geer. Virginia Pi.llry. Phyllis Stewart. To J Roil ' ; Ronert Lloyd Leon- ard. Joe E. Co ' lier. Wilbur Wright. John R. Hamillon. Lowell B. Ileifner, Robert Gra- liani. I. C Hall. George Dun- lap. Roic Tiro: Mar Belle Bast. Mickey McComb. Bill Keever, Harold Grout. Rlu.da Nichol- son. Phyllis Foster. Marjorie Elam. RoN ' T .ree: Orville Bears. Rich- ard Collinson, Patricia Barton. Betty Goodell. Barbara Hudson. Maxine Shipley. Norma Smith. iVoi Shoirn: Roberta Berry. Dotty Davidson. William Davis, Donald Dauglierty. Robert Dreher. Denald Gregory. Mary llarlnian. Kyle Hayworth, Gene Huston. Ciene (ones, Robert Lister. Kenneth Meek. Jtinies Moure. William Nance. Ray Nixon. Roberi O Hare. Jolin Price. Robert Rol ertson, Nor- man Rollins. William Shennan, Robert Skaith. Walter Stanton. Man in Walslon. Dwan Wick. Agneta Wohlhdirt. Barbro Bo- lin.h-r. i iac J2 CO-OPERATIVE INDEPENDENT CLUB I lie C o-oprr iiliv I ' ItKlrjiciinctil ( Itih. a social orfjiuii itlioii lot lliosc sludcnls wlio arc not alliliat -(l witli any six iai sotoiity or Iralcrnilx. lias Ix-cn a(li ' on Inc (arnpus lor llic past llifcf years, lollowiny ina(li il (liiriny Inc war. I lie Indcpcndcnls stalled llie y ' ar willi a welcome |)arh ' lor llie new students. Early in llie year. I)iy plans willi prolilanle results w ' re made lor I lomei x)iniiif . I lieir lloat lied lor second as the most original idea lor a lloat. T Ik lloat was Iniill around the tlieme ol till ' lootnall teciiiis shoes and the slogan on the float was Tnroiign these shoes pass lamous people. The Indei)endent slcit •on lirst place in tlie Variety Show. 1 he sKit, written oy Monty Pitner. was a take-off on a 49 er s dream of a school come true. In the lirst scene were the angelic students and their adoralih ' piolessor. while the second scene was the school in realilv. — a lied lam — ' . It ended with the old miners, it shouldn t ha()pc n to a clog. Sigma Sigma Sigma and the ( o-operative Independents lied lor the Su[)remac v ( uj) which is an annual award given tcj the or- ganization which has givcTi the nest all- around participation in the I iomccoming cictivifies. Various parties during the year inchidea the annual Halloween Masquerade party, the Christmas party, and the Mardi Gras. Big social events are in the making for the rest of tliis year and next. Sponsors ol the Independents are Mrs. Helen Gee and Miss Dorthic Hall. Page 93 msmp leaMimetammmf jrAi 5 i» ' « " GREEN AND WHITE PEPPERS This year has been a busy one for the Green and White Peppers, an all-girl pep organization. It started off with a bang with the initiation of twenty-five new members, bringing the membership up to forty. The initiates wore the green and white uniforms in true Pepper fashion. The Peppers attended one out-of-town football game this year at Kirksville. In spite of troubles with the bus door, we all got back safe and sound. The same held true for the out-of-town basketball game Top Ron ' : Kalie Espey. Jean Short, Doris Jean Hamilton, Secrc tary: F- ois Quecit, Alice Gross. .lo Ellen W ' ilson. Roic Two: Jane Bovard. President; Feme Williams, Donna Burks. Sergia Fries. Norinc Norris, Martha Clymens. Pauline Cramer. attended at Warrensburg. Incidentally, we cheered the Bearcats on to victory in near freezing temperature. Although our feet and hands felt frost-bitten the cold did not keep us from yelling. At Homecoming, the Peppers gave a chili luncheon in honor of returning grads, and we had a fine time swapping reminiscences. The Peppers also marched in the Homecom- ing parade and really looked sharp in their snappy uniforms. The organization was founded in 1927, and is sponsored by Miss Bonnie Magill. Cheerleaders: Margie McGee. Stunt Captain: Shirley Jennings. Not Shown: Patricia . ' gan. Joyce Bailey. Sue Condon. Joan Cooper. Beverly Dunlap. Wilhelniina Eaie, Georgia Kirwan, K- ' lt illiani-, ln,tn Wright. Vice-President: Barbara Munson. Top Row: Jo Ann Magnuson. Alice Ward, Kathleen ouny, Jane Costello. Doris McGinne ss, Martlia Ingels. Miss Magill. I tnv Two: Jean Long. Sandra Gardner. Lorita oung. Betty Stroud. Joanne Masters, Nadine Cramer, Marjorie Lewis. Page 94 BARKATZE The Rarkal .c |) " |) luh, lourulcd in l )22. is inslnirniiilal in bacKing our team lnii)ii jli i(l()r or (Iclcal. Its nicnilx-rs iiulii lc notli men aiul wonu-ii, I )iiriii i this s( liool year, the BarKnlze at- tftulcil two out-ol-towu athletic contests: a loolhall {Janie at Northeast Nhssouri State Teachers Colle{ ( in KirKSNilh-. aiul a nas- Kelnall . ' ame at Ci-ntral State ( ()lletJ:e in arreiisuury. Al I loriiec oinin ihey served u ( hill siip- [)(i to all members, ahuiini. and guests. On January 6, the Barl al .e held its lOlO Pep Dance, at which a l e|) Kiiifj and ( ueen were chosen. I he or anizcition also con- tributed to the hall time entertainment dur- inj, ' our home basKetball jjames. [)ro idin j some stimulating programs. The stunts con- sisted of a mocK basKetball game cirid sciuare dancing. TOP Pin LRf: Top Row: J. C. Hall. Lyie Martin. Charles Hinrliey. WilliHii, Elarii. I. D. F.llioll. Jack Trosl. HarlanJ Judtl. Row Two: Melville Strong, ite-Presit eril; Oorlliie Hall. Span sor; Joyce Bush. Margaret Curry. Bart ara Robertson, ivian Kowilz. Treasurer; Charles Clute. Roir Three: Phyllis Crawford. Joyce W ' ehrli. Roberta Walker. Secretory; Ntarilyn .-Xlexander. Beverly Pile, . lariiyn Judd. Row Four: . lary Lou Rofkwell. C ieer eaaer; Shirley Dietritli. yjascot; Monty Pitner. Cneerleaaer. BOITOM PKTlRi: Top Roi,..- LaRu Butler. Ki,l,ard l:lli„ll. Rol.erl Cull, land. iTiinK Jonnson, Norma Kantiall. Betiv ilson. Roiv Two: Edaie Recce, Mar ' Joe Marple, Mitltey McComb. Gerald Cox. President; Sharlis Marple. Roti ' Three: Rosemary Reece. Jerry Sneil. Johnny Carlson. Marjorie Kelcnem. Page 95 • tptlt f) lop Row: Dorothy Jean McCartney. Historian; Mary Baunmn, Effie Molfitl, Ju Ann Culler. Leota Snrpley. Metta Jensen, Reporter; MHrilyn King, Mary Ewing. Eleanor W illianison. Row Two: f atricia Barton. Jo Ann Harper. Barbara Hudson. Joyce Harlnian. Marjorie Elarn. Marilyn Thompson, Carolyn Ward, Nila deer. Jane Goodwin. Row Three: Mary Belle Bast. Belty Curr ' , President; Rosetta Reed. Ella Ray Hankins. Vivian KowUz, Vice-President; Mary HOME EC CLUB Tne i urposes ol the College Home Eco- nomics Club are to promote rriendsnip and genuine teamwork among home economics students, to develop good leadership and intelligent fellowship, to encourage creative arts, to encourage improvement in scholar- ship, to provide social, business, and pro- fessional experiences, and to cooperate with other local clubs, and state and national groups. In the fall, the president, Betty Curry, Leota Shipley, Rosetta Reed, and Jo Ellen Wilson, went to Oklahoma College for Women, Chickasha, Oklahoma, to attend the National Province Workshop and to set up the year s program. The theme for the year was Putting Yourself in Home Economics. Crafts were carried out through the year such as cro- cheting, knitting, glove making, textile paint- ing, tooling of leather, and work with plas- tics and metals. Demonstrations of the vari- ous crafts were shown at the regular meet- Burger. Ireasiirer; Rutli Slaten. Secretary: Jean McClurg. Ellen Wilson. jVo( Shown: Shirley Alden. Nina Gilliland. Alt e Gross. Marilyn Harwell. Mary Harltnan. Marina Juaali. . llre la Karle. Betty Lou Lawrence. Beverly Lunrs. Barbee Mrlntyre. Carolyn Sawyers. Gail Van Fosson. Anna Mae Walker. Harriet W alson. Frances Leninion. Mary Fink. ings. Another project was learning to play bridge. A bazaar was held as one of the special money-making projects. Part of the proceeds were sent to the American Home Economics Association to help sponsor the Interna- tional Scholarship Fund and to contribute to the Permanent Headquarters Building funds, which will establish permanent head- quarters for the American Home Economics Association with which the Home Econom- ics Club is affiliated. At Christmas time members of the club contributed a game or a stuffed toy, all of which were sent to the Indian Children s Hospital, Tacoma, Washington. Pins representing the Home Economics Club were also purchased by the club members. The annual May Breakfast was one of the spring events given in honor of the Senior girls by Kappa Omicron Phi and the Home Economics Club. rage 96 . AG CLUB Sliulcnts who iirc majors or iiiiruirs in acririillurc, aiul oilier slndciits w lio nave a riiulliirc iiilcrcsls. arc I ' liyinlc lo ncioriK " niemoers ol llir . o ( lnl). Mcdihrrsliip in flic ( liil) is iiilciulcd to t ' tianlc stiulciils ol similar narlvf ' ronrul. iiilcrcsls. and Iraininy to carry on activities ol tiuilual Ixru-lil. Mr F. B. Houghton is sponsor ol the organiza- tion. During the Homecoming celebration, the Ag CIul) partiriijaled in tiu- [jarade with a float w hirh took lirst place. I he lloal con- sisted ol a miniature looloall lield. and a slaughter house. It was pulled by a color- lully decorated jeej). In December, the club held its lirst barn- warming, wliich is expected to be an annual event in the future. In the spring, when vocational agricul- ture and h. h. A. contests are held annually by the agriculture department, members of the club assist with the contests. The club has its own official emfjiem and colors. The emblem is a massive head ol a bee! null woin on llic lia(k ol a gold ant! I)la( K ja( ket. I he bull s head represents one ol the major livestock enterprises lound it) nortriwest Missouri and southwest Iowa, beel ( atlle. I his area. Irom which most ol the Ag C lub members come, is also noted lor its black soil and the ears ol golden corn |)iled high in the (ribs at harvest tini ' . I he major actixity ol the (lub during trie school year is the livestock judging contest, lollowed b ' the annual award barK|uet. I lie contest was held this year on Afjril I , with all ol the members participating. Several classes of beel cattle, srieep, and hogs were judged, and scores were compared with those of experts. Medals were awarded to the high point indi idual in cattle, hogs, and sheep, with a golden steer trophy going to the high [joint man of the contest. All awards were presented at the award ban- quet held at Residence Hall on April 21. Special guests at the banquet included Dads of th e club members, administrative olficers of the college, and stockmen who furnished the livestock tor the contest. I nfi Roll ' : Rirliard N ' eal. Spcrptary: . lax Miller. f ' rHnl lin Bollinger. C Maries I ' . Hinrliey. Junior Roney. Artliur liilwortli. Mauriie . elson. Darrell C«. Diggs. Treosiirrr. Koii ' Tii ' o; Kenneth Kiljurz. Kennein Benliani. IJillv Cadle. lames . lontague. Alvin , ' tlaiiis. IMiillip H. Z.ipl. Delln-rl Gabhert. Charles R. Spratt. ■ 7 iree; Otliel Rirliards. Presii eril; RalfMi Cushiiian. Rus- sell I erhune. DitK rliip()s. I errv l). Noah. r. B. Houghton. .Ir.. Bernard Brown. Roy Lee Rinehart. j o( Snnirn: . lark Jackson. CfWelcion Long. John Stevc ' nson. Dale Miller. We Presicient; Howard Breilenhue her. Ciene Huston. Stanley Butt. Herschel . eIson. . ugust Steeve. Ross Wilson. Page 97 w KAPPA OMICRON PHI Kappa Omicron Phi is a proiessional nome economics fraternity lor girls witn nign scholastic rating and high ideals. The Alpha chapter of Kappa Omicron Phi was organized on this campus with Miss Hettie M. Anthony as founder, on Decem- ber II, 1922, thus giving our College the distinction of being the first chapter of this national organization. Dr. June Cozine, our sponsor, is past National President of the organization. Miss Mabel Cook, our co- sponsor, conceived the idea for the organiza- tion. The theme of our programs for this year was The Kappa Omicron Phi Girl, Her Philosophy and Code of Conduct. This program was designed to improve the char- acter and personality of each girl. One of the actives was held responsible for bringing before the group one phase of this theme in an entertaining and educational program each month. The Kappa Phi girls have purchased a radio phonograph, which they have placed in the home economics lounge at the Col- lege. The radio phonograph is used after home economics meetings, during parties, at teas, dinners, etc. This piece of furniture not only adds beauty to the lounge but is entertaining and useful for playing the music for our initiation ceremonies. Some of the activities of the year include the Founders Day Dinner, Senior Day Din- ner, Cake Walk, Candy Sale, Picnic, etc. A party is being planned for this spring. Top Row: Raiiiona Calkins. Betty Lou Davis. Polly Cramer. Nila Geer. Roberta Wailter. Norine Norris. MaryBelle Bast. Rulli Slaten, Vivian Kowilz, Mary Margaret Hartnian. Joanne Wright, Betly Curry. Betty Wilson. Row Two: Sergia Fries, Corresponding Secretary: Eifie Moifitt, Second ' ite-Pres(t ent; June Cozine, Sponsor: Mabel Cook. Peggy Fortl. President: Frances Leninton. First X ' ice Presiaent; Mary Burger. Lavonne Wescott, Treasurer; Marilyn Judd. Dis a f Reporter; Leota Shipley, Recording Secretary; Marilyn .Ale.xander. Pafle98 7 ' o . Ruir Iol,„ Wi.ll.ur. Ar riititxl I lulcr. Kititiilli I ' .irsiMis. Kill I.I W ' .llM.r l ' Mjirvin MiMiirran . Ainjnst Strrv,. Ri)ii ii ' o: Jo a 11 tie I I n I i-r . (Iiiirlfs Ncwliin. Prlr uiink ' ' . iHriirv Miilson. ( liHrlt ' s Uti| -, ( r illr Brars. .laiiifs Ryl ik. K ' orr lirrr : Kill Drill Nrlsiin. Riill. M.n.mrll. hrv Mill. Ilrlcn IisIht. Mary H.iii man. Martfi Kelt liciii, Ifjintic Mii rr. Marurrl I uriirr. K ' dtr ' cMir; Kay Mfilskcr. Maritii) Snt-rrr. loy t- Smitli. Viit ' Prvsulvnt : Barti.irii ! linl son. rmisiircr. Man Bury r. Prvsiilvnt; UU Hi. li.,r.Un„. N ' .iniMi Snittli FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA I lie lolm Uewey Cliaplt-r ol llii ' lutuK ' Teacluis ol America was reorrtaiiizccJ on this campus this year. Mr. James RyoaK is tne sponsor. 1 lie [)urposes ol tlic cIuIj iire: to cleM-iop amonji yoiin jieople an organization wlii( n sliall be an integral |jart of state and national etiuralion associations: to acc|i(aint teachers in training with the history, the ethics, cind the program ol the organizccl jjrolession; to give teachers in training practical experience in working together in a democratic way; to interest the Lest yoting men and women in education; and to encourage carerul selec- tion of [jersons admitted to schools which [)repare teachers. INTERMEDIATE EDUCATIONAL CLUB The Intermediate Grade Teachers is an organization for those students who plan to teach in the intermediate and junior high grades. A meeting is held every two weeks at Horace Mann, with every third meeting being a social one. The programs are de- signed to helj3 the members when they be- come active in the teaching profession. Miss Mary Keith is the club s sponsor. ©X ' ' 7i 1 i tS i » WHk eM, The club took part in Homecoming by decorating a house, entering a float in the parade, and [presenting a skit in the variety show. In November, the club sponsored its sec- ond annual all-school scjuare cuince find was honored to have Mr. Durvvard Dewitt of the Youth Movement from Kansas City take charge of the program. I nji Rod ' : Jnst ri L. C»ralinm. Il,l,.n Clmrles Mr- Dnwfll. R()l)crt H. Graham. Jr.. Bcllv ]nnv Tieniann. Dean B,-„rs. Koti ' Two: Nacline Royslon. Jes- ir WVflrll... Marilm Hill. Jo , nn ( larnrr. Arlrnr l i-avers. Bctly Gooclcll. Man E. Keith. Sponsor. Row Three : Man lyn Nelsen. ornia Joan Masters. Naomi Sniitli. Presulenl: Marjorie Mae l-spey. Patsy OeJiring. Norma Morgan. Page 99 ■SS? " D RAMATICS CLUB Top Roic; Ray Nixson, Dwan Wuk. Jolin Pope. Bill Elani. President : Charles Newton . Jim Hill . Jolin Price. How Two: Richard Huff. James Pool . James Montague. Charles Rupe. Andy Runge . Herbie Awe . Betty Hudson . Alyce Whitlatch. Roil ' Tiiree: Robert Lister. Secrefory ; Ann Faye Espey. Vir- ginia Bird. Sue Condon. Carolea Prilchard . Beverly Graham. olde Crabtr Bedon White. Diane Beverly Dunlaj). Dressier. How Four: Agnela Wohlfahrt. Barbro Bolinder. T ot Shown: Betty Grace . Sam Carpenter . Monty Pitner Mr. Robert Gee. Sponsor. Denotes Alpha Psi Omega menioers. With the ultimate aims being to gain experience in acting and obtaining pleasure and amusement from the work, the Dra- matics Club was organized ror 1930. William Elam was chosen president; Monty Pitner, vice-president; and Robert Lister, secretary. Joan or Lorraine by Maxwell Anderson was the first major production. Ivoldene Crabtree had the leading role . — - that of por- traying Joan. Others in the cast were: Charles Rupe. John Pope, William Elam, Herbert Awe, Barbo Bolinder, Monty Pit- ner, Sue Condon. Charles Newton, Jim Hill, Jim Pool, Alyce Whitlatch, Andy Runge, Robert Lister, John Price, Dwan WicK, and Carolea Pritchard. An experimental play. The Father, by Johan Strindburg, was presented in The Little Theatre before invited groups. Andy Runge played the father which was the lead- ing role. Other members of the cast were: Sue Condon, Ray Nixon, Barbro Bolinder, Charles Newton, Dwan Wick, John Pope, and Diane Dressier. The play was directed by Barbro Bolinder and Agneta Wohlfahrt. The second major [jroduction, William Shakespeare s The Comedy of Errors, was presented during the spring quarter. The father of the Dramatics Club, Alpha Psi Omega, which is a National Honorary Dramatics fraternity, is made up of those students who show an active interest in the art of acting and who meet the require- ments of the organization. Officers for this year are: president, Betty Hudson; vice-president, Betty Grace; and secretary-treasurer, Manley Vance. Mr. Robert F. Gee, speech instructor, is sponsor of the club. He directed all plays and coached other activities of the club. Page 100 F.ige in I Top Row: M. S. Pettet. Carroll Lieclili. Forresi Lowe, Dwan Wirk. Darrell Haer, Mar ' in MtMorran. Max Kinney. Vice CImir man; Kennel li Meek. Roii 7 cro: Rayniona Mn- lotle. William Cum tilings, Chairman; Kenneth Nelson. Ralph Quiniljy, Reporter: Lewis Farmer, DonaUf Walkup, Lee Dubowsky. LeIancI Hoier, August Sleeve. Rou ' T .ree; W. A. Lafferly. Sponsor; Gene Whitnier, Melvin Coleman. Secretary and Treasurer: Newrtimb Cleveland. DuuM Willsie, Helen Mark land. Spo isor; Margaret Franken. Sponsor. MATHEMATICS CLUB The Mathematics Club of Northwest Mis- souri State College had its oeginning March 25, 19-4Q. The senior students vho were majoring in mathematics met and organized for the purpose of gaining mathematical experiences not afforded in regular class room work. The charter members were Foster Baker, Robert Birbeck, Doran Bowen, Roy Ijlly, FOREIGN STUDENTS CLUB Richard Owens, Irvin Thomas, and Frank Thompson. In September, 1Q49, the club reorganized, and the members of the club decided to in- clude not only seniors of the college, but all students majoring or minoring in mathe- matics. The purpose of the reorganized club is to promote interest in the study ol mathe- matics and to contribute to the welfare of the mathematics department of the College. The Foreign Students Club is the smallest organization of the campus with only five members. The purpose of the club is to develop con- tacts and friendship between American stu- dents and students from other countries, to create a bettoi- understanding of foreign na- tions, and to prove that even in other parts of the world, problems, thoughts, and reac- tions are essentially the same. The most important work during the year was the establishing of the Blanche Dow Scholarship Loan Fund, which will be awaiflocl lor the first time this spring. Left to Rig il. Berta FsrurrB. Pom; Hiins Leyer. Holland; Agneta W ' olilfalirt. ! treclen. Secretary; Barnro Bolincier, Sll ' eden, President; Diana Yip, Cliina. Not Shown: Miss Martha Locke. Sponsor. Page 102 ■r;i nil Page t03 KAPPA DELTA PI Top Row: W ' illmr Pollard, John Hellericli. Bill Cliristen- sen. Pres ' uienl: Ining Silver. Don A. Printlle. Vice President. Rote Two: Gaylord Meyers, Ruth Holnrook, Helen Fislier, Thesis RoLinson, Marion Sherer. Betty Hudson. Ron ' Three: Katherine Franken, Sponsor; Joyce Smith. Ruth MtDowell. Margie Kettheni. Jeanne Moyer. Dr. John Harr, Sponsor. Nol Shown: Dorthea Grant, Francis Leninion. Peggy Ford. Gene Porter. Bob Osgood. Al Henningsen. OFF KAMPUS KLUB Top Row: Dwan T. Wiclc, James Montague, Richard Gordon, President; Harry Hatnilton. Joe F. Collier, Robert O Hare. Lee Kissick. Row Two: Martha Locke, Sponsor; Marjorie Lspey. Myrtle Comer. Rhoda Nicholson, EHie Moffitl. Social C toirfrinn ; Liki Greimann. Irma Nicholson. Barbara Richardson. Ron ' Three: Marjorie Greene. Sandra Gardner. Lowell Adams. SecreJary and Treasurer: Jewell Rice. Reporter; Fleanor Wil- liamson, Phillip R. Zap!, Kenneth Ausnms. Roic Four; Shirley Watson. Mary Turpin. Patsy Oehring, Ella Ray Hanliins. Odelta Potiorfl. Marilyn Nelsen. Reporter; Norina Morgan. Page 104 KAPPA DELTA PI Kapi)a Delia I ' i. an lionor scxiciN ' in edu- cation, is [o education wnal Plii Beta Ka|)|)a is to tlie liheral arts school. I lie [jurposes ol the orijani .ation are to encourage hifjh in- tellectual, personal, and prolessional stand- ards. Meninership is extended only to stu- dents ol Junior or Senior standini % no rank among the upper quartile ol the student l)ody and who are |)reparing lor llie teach- ing [)rolession. In aculition. these slud( nts shoiud possess comniendanle [jersonal qual- ities and worthy educational ideals. I he lour i)rincipal ideals ol Ka|)pa Delta Pi are: (i) the ideal of a science which means lidelitN ' to the cause ol tree inquiry and to the ideal ol Aerilied truth. (2) the ideal or fidelity to humanit . the mainte- nance of faith in the im[)ro al)ilit ' ol human nature. (5) the ideal of sersice which is the spirit ol ediualion. ( I) the ideal ol toil wh ich means that through laitlilul work, lile is given larger Ireedom and nonler vision. eta I .amnda chapter was installed on the Northwest Missouri Stat - ( Ollege cam- [)us on April 27, lOIH. with l()urlc Ti char- l r members. fourteen new memners were formally ini- tiated on January 25. 1050. following the initiation, a formal diruier was held at l esi- dence Hall, with the Reverend Arthur I ae- side as guest s[ eaKer. A second dinner was held in Afiril in honor of the second anniversary of tlie in- stallation of Zeta Lamf)da ctia()ter. Faculty sponsors are Dr. John L. Harr, Mr. H. 1 . Phillir)s. Miss Katfierine Franken, Miss Grace Shepherd, and Miss Chloe Millikan. OFF KAMPUS KLUB The Off Kampus Kluli was organized in the fall quarter with Miss Locke, the Dean of Women, as sponsor. It is a group much like the Varsity Villagers liut has a co-ed membership. At the first official meeting of the stu- dents, tile organization received its present name. The Off Kampus Klub. The officers for the first term were also chosen. They are. President. Richard Gordon; Vice-President. Effie Moftitt: Secretary-Treasurer, Lowell Adams: and Reporters, Marilyn Nelson and Jewell Rice. it is the purpose of the club to he a serv- ice group as well as a social organization. If helps to give opportunities for service to students who ofiiervvise would get little or no chance to help with much of tlie neces- sary work carried on by service fraternities and other organizations. Our first real activity of the vear was a float for the Homecoming parade. Because of the time element and our loose organiza- tion at llie lime, this was our only contriliu- tion to the annual affair. following the Winter quarter registra- tion, the cIuIj held a party and square dance. This party was to let more people l now afiout the organization, and to let new mem- bers get acquainted with each other. For this year, our activities have been necessarily confined to organization. At the present time we are few in num- ber, and as an organization are little known. There are, however, indications that our membership will grow considerably in the next year or so. As the club increases in size and prestige, it will help students living off the camps to become more interested in the school activities and to participate in them. It is the fond hope of those who have helped to form this club that it will grow to be one of the leading organizations on the campus, and that it will be of as much serv- ice to its future members as it is to the pres- ent ones. Page 05 INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB All students, majors and minors, or otners who have taken courses in Industrial Arts, are eligible for membership in the Indus- trial Arts Club, 1 he club was discontinued during the war, but was reorganized again TOP PICT LIRE Top Row: Lelnnd Van Fossen. Roy Clieek. William Breil. Marvin Carnirdiael. J. D. Hllioll. Konnelli Parsons. Earl Boucner, Caniien Pliillifis. Hotv Tiro: John Wallace. Harry Jones, Glenn Snerry, Artliur Wliilvvortli. Pete Younger, Jim Malson, Sam Croce. Orville Bears. Roiv Three: f loward Ringold, Sponsor; D. N. Volk, Sponsor; Daniel Miller. Arniand Hofer. Lelnnd Holer, Jarre! Hofer, D. W Crozier. Sponsor; Kciiih-iIi IlKunpson, Sponsor. Row Tour: Mel ille Strong, Joanne Holer, Kay Medsker. Cnarles Rupe. BOTTOM PICTURE Top Row: Cliarles Vest. F alpli Pierce, Ernie Connell, Dale Grout. R. C. Burns. W. W. Kinman. Harold Grout. Donald Foster. in 1949. Faculty members of the Industrial Arts department serve as the club sponsors. The purpose or the club is to develop social contacts and departmental fellowship among its members. Roil ' Tfi ' o: Darrell Haer. Ralpli Duncan. Lewis Farmer, Orville Lrjjpold, Jr., I- rrv Felt, Loren Workman. Russell Terliune, WhIi t Hall. Row Three: Lane LNmer. Bermontl Hull. Herman Boswell, Otliel Ri( luirds. Jack Wiechmann, Kenneth Bruner, C liarles Davis. Rt hard Haynre. Roir Tonr: Clyde Tlionipson. John Russell, President; Richard Neal. Sergeant al Arms; Harrol Shorley, Vice-Presiaeri(; Robert Baldwin. Serrefary; f hillip Hull. Alvin Adams. Not Shoii ' ti: George Coulter. Rooert Douglas, Veral CliadwicK. Dean Lauman, Lloward Breitennucher, Ronert Brandt. Barhee M( Intyre. Harry Jones. Kenneth Reynolds, Rol)ert Baghy. Wil- liam Pvles, r. lward Mickelson. Don Anderson. Charles Thomas, Howard Duncan, George Harris. Myrl Carter, Dan Miller. Calvin Boyd, Irank Stoner, Charles Spratt, Jean Porter, John Stevenson, Melvin Huhhie, W. E. Ogden. l iqe 100 PI OMEGA PI Top Row: Nornihn ( louse, Donal Rkhrnotul. I hesis Rohinson. Spcrp(«ry: DutiaM KiiTiipman. Trpasiirer; Marion Snerer. Raw Tir„: Rull, I l,.ll.,.,„l . Donald Prin.llr. I,t,.ni : Dnli- l!l„.U,ll. S,.,i I liiiil iii iii, lifiiorU ' r. K,i riMiii(i Si liu tiT. in ' I n ' s ilrut ; Irances i o( 5 ioirri; Dorothy I uller. Irving SiKer, Eva Reynolds, Jean Hansen. Winifred Neidel. Harland Judn. Helen F ' islier. James I lainey. Donald Davis. Belly Stroud. Malilon Hi-witt. Joyce Sinitli, Betty Conrad. C». A. Killings. Kirliard Goi lon. Pi Omega Pi is a national honorary fra- ternity vvnosf ' [)urf)ose is to create prores- sional grovvlli and a feeling of fellowsni[) among students interested in the advance- ment of business education. Memners of this organization are required to meet high scholastic standards in business and edu- cation sul)jects. Of tfie sixty-six chapters in existence in the United States. Beta Chapter was the second to he organized. Beta Cha|)fer meets semi-montiily to dis- cuss activities anri c]uestions concerning busi- ness education. Some of its activities include the pulslication of a year Ijook every second year, an annual breakfast for graduating seniors of Pi Omega Pi, parties, and dis- cussion meetings. A panel discussion on the future of business teachers was given in January by f r. Sterling S. Surrey, Mr. fiufoid Garner, and Mr. Everett W. Brown. Mr. Dale Blackwell, who holds life mem- jjership in the Alfjha Zeta Chapter at South- west Missouri State College, succeeds Miss Helen Johnson fis sjionsor of the fraternity. The honorary memfjers are: Miss Elfie Morrey, Dr. Sterling Surrev, Mr. Clifford Kensinger, and Mr. Bufor Garner. Page 107 mvrTT. msi STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Top Row: Rutli Rirliarcls. Bonnie Polk. W ' iltiin W ' atkins. Arlenr Beavers, Arthur W ' riitw ortli. Lewis Farmer. Riilli Slalen. Man- Belle Bast. Patricia Barton. Naomi Smitli. Row Two: Jessie Wedcile. Secrefary; C arl Martin. PresideTil : I. Mueller. Sponsor: Mars ' in McMorran. Treosurer; Oretla Knip- tiieyer. iter resident. Sot Shown: Dr. Dililine. Dr. Dreps. Betty Martin. James Montgomery. Pat MrClaren, Keiuietli Kifjurz. W ' ni. Davis. Irene liressler. NEWMAN CLUB Charles F. Hinchey, George Top R.OII ' : Bill Stone, James Doran. Mailer, Junior Rone ' , John Aech. Roiti Two: Kalherine f ranLen. Frances Frzen, Ronerl Leonard. George Couller. Richard Myers, Bolt Wiard. Bill Gram. Margaret Franlten. Ron ' Three: Jerry Sheil, Rita Zimmerman. Secretary; Bob Bar- rett. SergeariI-o .Arms; Maurice W. Sheil. President; John Yurchak, Kathrvn Barmann. Social Chairman: Lois McDermolt. Correspon(iirig 5ccre((iry; Marilyn Neisen. Page 108 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION I lie Sluclrnt C lirislinn Associalion was orcniiizecl in Q{5 arul was romposecl ol loinicr Y. W. C. A. and Y. M. C. A. nuMn- bers. It is an organization ol inlcrilenomina- tional uniloo C lirisfian yoiitli on tlic cani[)us. 1 lu " jjoal ol llif Stiulfnl C lirislian Associa- tion is llu " same as llial ol all lollowers of Cniist — to nrinrt His Kin (lom to cartn. T no organization set-Ks to i)ro ' that ,l " sus C lirist is Lord of education as well as politics, eco- nomics, social wcllarc, and rclirfion. To fnr- tlier its goal on tnis cam|)iis. tlie associalion largely devotes its labor and services to aid- ing Christian [irograms and activities. 1 lie organization meets every second and foiirtn Thursday of each month at 7:50 p.m. I he [)rogranis are devoted to worsliii) serv- ices, ronnd-tal)le and panel discussions on subjects of interest to the group, special music, and social e ents. One of the main campus activities in wnicn the Student Christians took pa rt was Religious Emphasis Week. Members of the association participated successfully in this program by leading in the worshif) services at the daily asseml)li( s, and in the youth seminars, rive special leatlers were on the cam|)us lor ihe week. Or. T. Z. Koo ol ( hina. Dr. I ' .ugene ' . Dawson. Director of Religious Activities at Pittsburg. Kansas; I3r. Marvin Sansbury. [)astor ol the University Christian ( hurch in Des Moines. Iowa; Mr. I ' . K. Houdek. h.. ecutive Secretary of the Kansas City Social Hygiene Society, and Father William Rresnahan, O.S.R.. Con- ception Abbey. Conception. Missouri, hel(}ed to make the programs during the week very worthwhile. 1 he ministers of the churches of Maryville were also participants in the activities. Plans are being made for several members of the association to attend the Annual Estes Park Youth Conference this summer to gain both spiritual and material aids for the com- ing year s work. It is also planned to send members of the association to the United Christian Council Conference to be held at the University of Iowa. Iowa City. NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is a cliuj of Catholic culture and fellowship organized in order to deepen the spiritual and enrich the tem- poral lives of its menibers through a bal- anced program of religious, intellectual, and social activities; to weld the Catholic stu- dents into a common luiion: find to assist the college and its students whenever pos- sible. The Newmarj Club is an international organization, e.xtending from Montreal to British Columbia in Canada, on out to Hawaii. Jajjan. and China, and has over 500 clubs in the largest colleges and uni- versities in the United States. The majority of these are joined together in an international organization called the Newman Club Federation. To facilitate the work of the federation, provinces have been formed in different sections, each of wliich has a chairman whose duty is to carry out the policy of the federation of his province. Each Newman Club has a chaplain ap- pointed by the bishof) in whose diocese the college is located; his function is the spir- itual guidance anci assistance of club mem- bers. Father R. E. Graham, pastor of St. Patrick s Church, is chaplain. Activities of the Newman Club range from corporate communions, discussion study clubs, retreats. lectures, and debates, to parties, dances, picnics, dramatics, and card parties. The ideals of the club are the ideals of its patron. Cardinal John Henry Newman, namely, love of truth, sincerity, candor and intellectual honesty, humility, courage and manliness, gentleness, refinement of man- ner, purity. aA ersion for vulgarity and coarse- ness, and hatred of duplicity. Poge 109 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Top Row.: Donna Slatter ' , Martha JiiHali. Lois Querk. irf inia F rance, Beverly rile. Margaret Rignev. Margaret 1 eaforn, Hotv Two: Cnarlolle I urner. Nona Beason. Mary Booth. Belty Jane 1 iemann. Ardra Cornelius. Mary Lou Neville, Treasurer; Arlene Beavers. Row 7 irec. hn ( c Welirli. Vice President; Margaret Berry. h ranees Hunfstiian, President: Saralx-I Davis. Rpporier; Nlla Oeer, ! ecrelary: Kathryn Barmann. Roherta Bcrr ' . Not Shown: Delores Andrews. Phyllis Bender. Frances Erzen. Jean George. Minora Hennegin. Frames Kirkpatri k. Jo Mag- nuson. Marian O Neal. Jean Overstreet, Ros fta Reed. Eva Reynolds. Dorothy Smith. Dorothy Slanlon. Ann Ulmer. ASSOCN FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Top Row: Dorothea Granl. Carolyn Turner. Mary Beth Fries. Joyce Bush. Jane Costello. V ' ice-Prestdenl; Carolea Prttchard. Bedonna White. Myrtle Comer. Margaret Curry, June Reeves. BarF)ara Robertson, Secrelary; Lois McDennott. Row I wo: Barbara Lnsign. Sue Condon. Jean F-,ong, Martha Ingels. Barbara Richardson. Ljais Queck. Bonnie Pace, President: Wilma Watkins. Treasurer; Joan Taylor. ArFene BFank. RutK Richards. Roti Three: Kathryn MrKee. Co-Sponsor; Norma Cushnian. Margie Ketcheni. ' irginia Pulley. Pfggy Cross. Barbara Roush. Audrey Bentall. Jeanne Bahl Moyer. Nancy Dean. Odetta f oltorlL Phyllis Crawford. Chloe E. Millikan. Co-Sponsor. Row Four: Phyllis Stewart, Belle Sickels, Joyce Lighth)ot, Mary Furpin. Norma Smith. Margaret Turner. Elizabeth McQuerry. iSot Shown: Ruth Durie, Maribelle Gee. Georgia Kerwin. Frances Kirkpa trick. Georgia McCanipbell, Ramona Murray. Jackie Schoneinan, Martha Strickler. Page t tO WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION I lie ' ' onicn s Allilolic Association, an a(ti ( ' ort, ' arii .alioii. was t)rijaiii .( ' (l on our catiipiis in l )2 " ). I lie purpose ol lliis ort an- i .ation is to proniotc sports lor women, stiiool spirit. lo alt , anil teamwork. Any coile ' e fjiri wlio lias partitipated in .A.A. cjrtivilies cltirin i one (|iiarler is eliainle lor memnersliip. Soltball anil liikini were tlie arti ities sponsored by W.A.A. ilnrina ||u ' lail c]uar- ter. Soltliail was iiniler tiie ilirertion or Mary liootli. liett) .lane I icmann was in cliargc of the hiking. At the close ol the quarter, lor these at livities sr en new members were inilialetl in W.A.A. 1 hey were Frances Er- zen, Jean Overstreet, Dorothy Stanton, Ros- etta Reed, Martha Jiidaii, Jo Magnuson, and Nona Beason. 1 he W.A.A. had the concession stand at the football game with Warrensburg on Noveml)er N. A large number of enthusiastic girls came out for l)asketball, the sport sponsored dur- ing tlie winter c]uarter. Dorothy Smith was in charge of this sport. A round roljin tour- nament was played after several practice games. I he following girls [)arti( ipaled in a demonstration game lor the ( lirls Kerrea lion Assoiiation ol Horace Mann I ligli School: Kathryn Bariiiann. Nona l eason, Roberta Kerry, Mary l oolli. I .ois Hull, Joan Culler, Pegg Cross, Jo Magnuson, lean Overstreet, Lois C ueck, Doroth ' Slanlon. Wanda Smith, Mary Lou Neville, and Joyce Welirli. Sjjring cjuarler activities included a volley ball tournament, work day. and the animal l layday. A number ol teams entered tfie round robin volleyball tournament held each Monday e ening in f oom I I ). I he annual l layday for tlie senior higfi school girls of the Northwest District was held on Satur- day, A[)rif 20. Each member vas responsi- ble for earning a cfollar on work day. The officers of W.A.A. are: President, Frances Huntsman; Vice-President, Joyce Wehrii; Secretary, Nila Geer; Treasurer, Mary Lou Neville; Reporter, Sarabel Davis; Playday Chairman, Margaret Teaford. The W A.A. had full responsibility for the " SnacK Bar for recreation activities at the main gymnasium. ASSOCN FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION I lie Association for Childhood Educa- tion International is a student branch of a great international organization. It has for its purpose active cooperation with the home, the school, and the community, all of which are working in the interest of chil- dren. Meetings are held tfie second and fourth Mondays of each montfi in tfie Horace Mann kindergarten at 7:15 p.m. Subjects of interest and value make up the program planning. Understanding Children opened the programs, and many other inter- esting ones follow ' ed. The past year s activities opened in Sep- tember with a ( arty for new members. On October tenth, the branch held its pledging and initiation. A skit, " What Is A.C.E. " was presented. A red letter day was Octolier 20, when A.C.E. was awarded the third prize for its float in the Homecoming parade. At that time, tlie organization was hostess to the visiting alumnae at a lunclieon at the Meth- odist Churcfi, Other outstanding social events for the year were the Christmas party, the Valen- tine party, and the May Morning breaklast for graduating A.C.E. memfjers. Plans for a trip Iiy bus to Asheville, North Carolina, to attend tlie national convention dominated the members efforts through the year. Miss Chloe Miflikan is sponsor of the organization. Page 1 1 1 TV Dante Club AfemLers: Delores Andrews, Mfiry Booth. Ricnard Callison. Fred Haynes. Mary . Hrngglcr. lint Hill. Mart n a Judali. Boh l isler, Harmon Motlierslieafl. Ricliartl Myers, Kny DANCE CLUB By assuming the role or the choreogra- phers, members of the Dance Club during the fall, winter, and spring quarters have made an attempt toward the development of the whole personality as well as the physical ability necessary in the execution of dance movements. The techniques learned have been used as the tool lor cre- ative use of movement in which group activ- ity has been emphasized in preference to solo work. Nixon. Mar ' Jane I rtk. Rosrita Reed. I liesis Runinson. Bariiara Rousli, lo Ellen Wilson. The dances composed obviously have evolved into forms unique in the combina- tion of these personalities and their ideas. A special effort has been made to coordinate the objectives of the physical education pro- gram with those of art expression and obser- vation of works of art. Sponsors were Miss Mary Goodman. Fall quarter, and Miss Helen Raattama, Winter and Spring quarters. Page I2 SIGMA PHI DOLPHIN Sifjnia Phi Dolpliiti ( liil is a icorfjaii- izatioii ol In ' Sifjma IMii Swimmiiii ( Iiil) tliat lormcrly uas ac ' li « ' on lliis cami)iis, I lu ' purpose ol llic clul) is lo f)romote appre- cialion ol aiul participation in swininiint; ac- livitii ' S. I lie sponsor ol llic clul) is Miss Jessie Jutlen. In Ine spring quarter, the club gave its annual s[)ring program. I his program con- sisted ol an imagiruiry tour or the United Top Row: Wiirhm liolindt ' r. Isabel Nasli. Betty Stnuitt. Jeanne C)verstrret. N!ar I .on Mimrc. M.Trtliii Nelson. N ' rrginin Birn. Run- Tim M,iri. ,ir l Birr . Roliorl.i B.rrv. .Nl.iry l.ou Neville. .Norine .Norris. iie fVesu ent; Miirtlid CUtiiens. Mar ' Ewing. I ' rances Erzen. Snirley Jennings. Stales. I he numbers were characleristic of ihe various sections ol the I ' . S. A. I hese numhers were wrillcii l) - tneinncrs ol llic clul). Ihe (Jul) gave llic progiaiii at St. Josei)n and E.xcelsior Springs. Short demonslralions were given al the intramural Swinuning Meet, Senior Day, and W.A.A. Play Day. Rtui ' I nn-f ; l » rriKtri, rcd.sdrrr ; M.irv B »iln. S ' rcltirv ; MartH ' M (lee, frrsUlvrit: Sliirlry I.)ieteri li, Muscol; Saratx-I Davis. Stunt Captain: Mar ' Lou Rorkwell. Refyarter. i o( lOl( ' f(.■ Miss Jessie Jutten. »porisnr. Page 113 f Karen Ringold iflP : IN MEMORIAM Page 114 INDEX Adntini ' lrnliuii Htiildiittf .... 2 . g Clul. 07 .Mplm Plii Onu ' itu . W. 01 .Mpliu SigiiHi .Mplm ... .S2. 8T .As. ' itM ' inlion lur ( liiKlluMMl I ' lluinliiiri no. Ill . llilrlics 57 Barkntzc Ol Busine. ;s .Munogcr 51 Campus Scenes 6, 7 Candid Slii ls . . . 12. 74. 105 C iiecrleaders 72 CKrislmas Ball 17 Classes 25 Dance Clul) 112 Dean of Men 5 1 . 58 Dean of Women 51. 7y. 102. 107 Dediralion 5 Delta Sigma lipsilon .... 84. 85 Dramatics Clulj .... 100. 101 Faculty .... 47. 55. 54. 55. 5f) Features 15 Foreword 4 Foreign Students Clult .102 Freslunen 41. 42. 45. 44 Future Teachers of America . . . Q Oreen and White Peppers 04 Hanging ol the Greens . . . 17 Flomeconiing .... h8. ( y. 70. 7 1 Home Fc Club J8 Independents ( lub .... 02. 05 Imluslrial .Nrts Cluli I (Id Intermediate F.ducational (luh 90 Intra-Fratemity Council .... 79 In Memoriam 114 Juniors 55. 50. 57 Kappa Delta Pi . 101. 105 Kappa Omicron Phi 98 Laboralor ' School 45 Lihrar - 46 Life at Quads 20 Life at Residence Hall .21 MCluh 65 .Mathematics (luh 102 Music Department 18. 10 Newman Clul. .... 108. 100 .Northwest . Tissoiiriun . ... 78 Organizations 75 Organization of College .... 52 Off Kanipus Kluh .... 104. 105 Pan-Hellenic Council ... 70 Phi Sigma Epsilon .... 86. 87 Pi Omega Pi 107 President of College 4.S Presidenl I ' .riM-ritiis 50 I ' resi.hril ' s M.-ssage 511 51 Kigisti.iliiin Diiy Id Kesi.l,-.,,,- Il.dl C,,,,,,,!! .... 22 Seniors 2 " ). Ht. 27. 28. 20. - o. 11. - 2. l ' ). v Siiiiiiii Plii Di.lpliin in SigiDH SijJiiui Siijnm . . . 80. SI Siffina Inu ( ' ainiiiii .... 88, 8Q Social C ' oniniilU ' e 70 Soplioinorps IS. TO. 10 Sludent Clirislian Asso. iaiiun . 108. 100 SluWt-n! Senalt 77 Tower Dnn i ' 0. U). 1 I I ower Qtu ' tTi S I ower Staff 70 Walkoul Day M. Kt Wonien s Athletic Association . .Ill BOARD OF REGENTS R. L. Douglas. St. Jost ' pli M. E. l-orcl. Mar ' ville . . I. . Caddy. St. Joseph I. v , J )nes, NIaryville . B. Kaninierer. Clitliicothe ic),- M. Roberts. Ciallalin . i ' . W ' lierrill. Liberty . 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 DIKIXTOR or I IIJ.D SP.RNICF I ' .veretl Brown 55 DIVISION PAGES Escape by Corbino 15 First Snow by Nicholas .... 75 Hidden Valley by Sandzen ... 25 Miranionde by DeLuce .... 47 Surf by Waugh 57 FACn.lV INDI.X Pauline , rthur 54 Clifford L. Bishop 54 Dale Blackwell 54. 107 I ' .stelia Bowman 55 Lucile Brunibaiigli .... 46. 55 RaiiKma ( anion 56 .• rlhur I. Caiidield 56 Mabel Cook 55. 98 lune C ozine 55. 98 David Crozier 55. 106 Frances Davidson 54 E. A. Davis 56. 58 Olive S. DeLuce 5, 55 H. R. Dielerich .... 54. 86. 90 Harry G. Dildine . . . . 56. 108 loseph Dreps 55. 108 Page fS M.illi. Dylies 55 K.illi.rin.- I r.inl«-n . . 54. 104. 108 M,.ru.„nl I r„„k.-n . . . 55. 102. 108 L..IM,, I link 46. 55 liiilord Cinrner 54 George ( laylor 56 Wiiliaiii I riign ( Mirnll .... 55 . Irs. Hubert Ciarrill .... 46. 55 Robert Gee . . 10. 50, 77. 92. 100 IJIiry Gibson 53 . ' nna Gorsuch 54 Avis Graham 54 Frank Grube 54, 86 Dorlliie I hill 55. 92, 95 John I larr . . . 56. 70. 8K. 00. 104 Myrlle Mraslon 54 I. B lloiii-hlon 55 ',lli- lliirilcr 55. 78 l.iiiMs Inhnson 46. 55 lessie Jullen 56. 1 15 Mary Keith 54. 09 ( lillord Krnsinger 54 WilllHi., Lafferty .... 55. 102 i lyrl Long 56 Bonnie Magill 56. 94 Helen .Nlarkland .... 56. 102 Elaine Nlauzey 55 Katheryn McKee . . . 54. 1 10 Ruth Miller 56 Chloe Millikan 54. 1 10 Ryhind .Nlilner . . 56, 58. 50. 04. 66 F ffie Morrey 54 Irene M. .Nhielhr .... 54. 108 Homer T. PliilJips 54 I ' hoiMiis I ' i.rsoii 56 Howard RingoM . . . 55, 76, 106 Myron P. Rose 56. 90 Neva Ross 54 -lohn Smay 56 Dora B. Smith 54 Donald Sonnedecker 56 J. Gordon Strong .... .56 Sterling Surrey 54 Rachael Taul 56 John S. 7aylor 56. 77 Kenneth I honipson .... 55, 106 Donald N. Valk 55. 100 C. E. Wells 46. 55 Leslie White 56 Richard Wright 55 SI I ' DENT INDE,X .-Xdanis, , lvin Porter, Grant City . 97, 100 Adams, George Thomas, Maryville , 25 Adams, Ijowell Elmer, Coin, Iowa 58. 104 Adcock, Sylvia Rogers, Ravenwood , 58 Agan. Patricia I. e. Chillicothe 94 .Alden. Shirlev .Ann. Brim.son . . 96 Alexander. Marilyn. Albany . . . . 22. 38. 79. 80. 95. 98 Allan. James Ray. Craig . 25. 65. 66. 69 Ainiquist, NTerry Ann, Chariton, Iowa 58. 84. 99 Anderson. Don Dean. Atlanlic. Iowa 58. 64. 65. 66. 106 Andrews. Delores Evelyn, Moryville 58. no Arnold. Everett. Betliany ... 25 Arthur. Robert W.. Kearney 58. 86 Ashurst. S. Jacquehne. Excelsior Springs 41 Asnius. Vernon. Manning. Iowa 4 1 Ausnius, Kenneth Ray. Faiqjorl . 55 Awe. Herbert L., River Grove, III. 58. 69. 78. 92. 100 Ayres. Cloy Marion. Shenantioah. Iowa 41 Bagby. Roberi. Maryvllle . . 106 Bailey, Barbara Sue. Carroll ton . 92 Bailey. Joyce Colleen, Maryville 4 1 . 94 Baker. Robert E.. Beverly . ■ 4 1 . 90 Baker. Theodore R.. Barnard . . 41 Baker. VVilliani R.. St. Joseph . . 86 Baldwin. Robert W.. Seneca. Kans. 90. 106 Baldwin, Theodore R.. Maryville . 86 Barmann. Kathrvn Ann. Arkoe . . . .... 84. 108. no Barnes. Kenneth D.. Blanchard, Iowa 41 Barratt. George W., Cainsville . 41 Barrett. Robert De . Kansas City 59. 61. 108 Barton. Patricia Ann. Seattle, Wash- ington . ... 58. 92. 96. 108 Bartrani. Maurice E., Skidrnore 25 Bast, Mary Belle. Dexter. Iowa . . . ' . 58, 78. 92. 96. 98. 108 Bauman. Mar) ' Elizabeth. Savannah . . . . . . 41, 78. 80. 96, 99 Bears, Or ille Dean. Mount Moriah 55. 92. 99. 106 Beason, Nona Ethel. Jamesport . 41. 110 Beavers. Arlene. rlepburn. Iowa 58. 99. lOH, no Beets. Patricia Ann, Bethany . 58 Belcher. Jack. Mar TilIe . . .41 Bender. Phyllis Jean. Mailland 58. 84. 110 Bennett, Gerald Dale. Maryville . 25. 90 Bennett, Gordon Berrv. Geneva. Ill . 90 Bentall, Audrey L., Shenandoah, Iowa . . . ..... 41. no Berry. Margaret, Shenandoah. Iowa . ' 25. no. 115 Berry. Roberta. Shenandoah. Iowa 55. 92. no. 1 15 Bird. Virginia Ann, Barnard 41. MO. 100. 115 Bithos. Franklin, Maryville . .25 Bithos, Lucile. Maryville ... 25 Blank. Ralph, Coin. Iowa . 25. 99 Blank. Rulh Arlene, Coin. Iowa 58. 80. 1 10 Blohni. William D., Dexter. Iowa 58. 78. 86 Boggs. Leslie Dean, Rusbville 55. 77, 86. 99 Bolinder, Barbro, Sandivken. Sweden 9. 25. 100. 102. 115 Bollinger. Franklin C. Excelsior Springs 97 Booth, Mary Margaret. Ottuniwa. Iowa ... .22. 79, 84. 110, 115 Boswell. Herman C, Mound City 55. 90. 106 Boswell, Wanda. New Point . ( 1 Boucher. Earl, Kansas City . . 106 Bovard, Barbara Jane, Maryville 25. 24. 69. 79. 82. 94 Boyd, Calvin. Glenwood. Iowa 25. 88. 106 Boyer. Frank I. Princeton . . .65 Bradley. Robert C .. C larinda. Iowa . ; 25. 86 Brandt. Roberi G.. Galesburg. III. 86. 106 Brassfield. Earl E.. Chula 41. 78. 106 Breit. William R.. Maryville . 86. 106 Breitenbuclier. Howard. I renlon 97. 106 Bressler, Estelle J., Grant City . . 82 Bressler. Irene L.. Winston . 108 Bridge. Ila June. Mount NToriah . 58 Bright, Jack E.. Princeton . . .41 Brink. Roy Lee, Shenandoah. Iowa . 41 Brown. Bernard E.. Corning. Inwa . 97 Brown. Jack Rodney, Maryville 35 Bnmer. Kenneth M. Conway, Iowa 86. 106 Bryson. Richard E.. Villisca. Iowa 58. 99 Buckridge, Richard D., Burlington Jet 64 Burger. Mar I .. ' an Meter. Iowa . . 96. 98. 99 Burks. Donna Marie, Maryville 58, 82. 94 Bumhani, W ' ' iIIiani N., St. Joseph 65. 66 Burns. Martin W.. Weston ... 59 Burns, Raymond C. Tarkio . 55. 106 Burton. Patricia S., Stanberry 4 1 , 80 Bush. Joyce Ann. Maryville 41. 80. 110 Fiutler. I .aRu Jean, Coming. Iowa 41, 78. 95 Butt. Carolyn E.. Westboro . 4 1 . 84 Butt, Lois Elizabeth. Blanchard. h)wa 41 Butl. Stanley John. Westboro . . 97 Cadle. Billy ' Elvis. Grant City . . 97 Calkins. Raniona Joyce. Hopkins " 55, 98 Callison. Rirliarcl W.. Cliarllon. Iowa 02 Cannon. Bonnie Dene, Beverly . . -11 Capps. Clyde Dean. Cameron . . 41 Carey. Marlin F.. Elliott. Iowa . 50 Carlson, Jonn W.. Snenandoan. Iowa 58. 78, 8fi. 05 Carniicnael. Marvin I.. Mopkins 04. ()5. 8(1. inri Carpenter. Sammy, Bolcknw . . . . 24. 25. 60, 77. 8fi. 00. 100 Cascio. Bot v.. Cliirago. III. . 58. 02 Carstens, Margaret, Marvville , 4 1 , 80 Carter. Mvrl. Maryville . 25, 106 Carter. Phillip Rav. Craig 50, 60, 65, 66 Carver, Smilnville . . ,41 Ceglenski. Gene F., St. Joseph 26, 64, 65 Cnadwick. Veral A., Orient, Iowa . 106 Clieek, Roy Allium, Lawson . .106 Cnristenson, Bill, Atlanlir. Iowa 24, 26, 50. 88. 104 Clark, John ,Mlen. Cameron 55, 86 Cleveland, Newrornh, Cameron 26, 88, 102 Clothier, Melvin L.. Manning. Iowa . 41 Clouse. Norman Russell. Grant Citv 26. 107 Clute. Charles W.. I.alhrop . 58. 86. 05 Clyniens. Martha M.. Maryville 58. 82. 04. 115 Coleman. Melvin G.. Cameron 55. 88, 102 Collier, Joe Edward, Shenandoah. Iowa . . . . 58. 00. 02. 10 1 Comer. Myrtle Jane. Maloy. Iowa 38, 78, 104. no Condon. Sue Cranor. Maryville 41. 94, 100, 110 Connell. William E.. Gower .106 Conratl. Betl ' Morene. Adair. Iowa . . 58, 84, 107 Conrad, Gene. Clarinda. Iowa . . 00 Cooper, Joan, St. Joseph ... 26 Cornelius, Ardra M., Stewartsville 92, 110 Costello. Jane M.. St. Joseph . 58. 94. 110 Coulter. Bill J.. Maryville . . . 59. 60. 65, 66, 88 Coulter, George F., Burlingame, Calif. . . 41. 59. 60. 64. 106. 108 Co.x. Carrol Wood, Ferrelview . . 59 Co-x, Gerald Allen, Farragut, Iowa 26. 60, 95 Crabtree, L. Ivoldene. New Hampton 58. 84, 100 Cramer, Joyce Nadine. Pasadena. Texas 4 1 , 94 Cramer, 1. Pauline. Pasadena, Texas 35, 79. 82. 04, 08 Crawford. Phyllis, Tahor. Iowa 28, 80, 05, no Criss, Lloyd. Atchison, Kans. . . 41 Croce. Sam, Maryville , . .106 Crockett. Bob F.. Albany .41 Cross. Peggy Anne, Maryville . 41. 110 Crow, Shirley Mae. Gra ity. Iowa . 26 Cunmiings, William V., Bethany 26, 102 Curry. Betty Fern. Rockport . . . . . 22. 58, 06. 98. 00 Curry. Margaret. Oregon . ' 24. 26, 80, 95, 1 10 Cushman. Norma Jean, Maryville 41, 80. 110 Cushman, Ralph E.. Maryville 97 Cutler. Jo Ann. Northboro, Iowa . 86, 99 Daly, John, St. Joseph , . 26. 65. 66 Daniels. Man- E.. Lathrop . 4 1 . 78. 84 Davidson. Dotty D.. MrFall . 55, 92 Davis. Betty Lou. Gallatin . . . . . . . 26. 60. 80. 98 Davis. Charles. Fillmore .... 106 Davis. Donald R.. Hopkins . 00, 107 Davis. Sarabel .. Ottumwa. Iowa 58. 80. no. 115 Davis. William. Parker.sburg. W. Va. 50, 02, 108 Da is, uvonne. Eagleville ... 78 Dean. Nancy loan. Maryville 26. 02. 110 Deardorlf. Charles. Fairfax . . .41 Deiter. Carl. Mar ville . . 55. 78, 09 Denham, Kenneth, Stanberry . 41 Diggs. Darrell C... Maryville . . 07 Dinwiddle. Cleta. Oregon . 4 1 . 80 Donnellv. Robert. Stuart. Iowa . . 26 Doran. James V.. Maryville . 88. 108 Doran. Marvin R.. Maryville 26, 69. 78. 88 Dougherty. Donald. Hopkins . . 02 Douglas. Bob. Albany .... 106 Dreher. Bob Lee. Parnell ... 02 Dressier, Diane C Chicago. III. 35, 72. 80, 100 DuboHsky. Edward Lee, St. loseph . 58. 102 Duncan. Howard D.. Excelsior Springs 59. 106 Duncan. Ralph A.. Mound City . 106 Dunfee, Bill Arch, Grant City . .41 Ounlap. Beverly Jean. Cameron . 94. 100 Dunlap. George. Corydon. Iowa 41. 78. 02 Dure. Ruth .Arlene. Liberty . 27. 110 Durland. Birnev. River Grove. 111. 27, 02 Echterling. Helen. Maryville 0. 41. 84 Edie. W ilhelmina .lane. St. I uis 82. 04 Eggi ' r. Henry. Oregon . . .55 II. Hd. " 2. I " ' I I M„rj„ri.-. M.l ..I rluin. Willi...... M.irvvill.- . 2 . v. " i. " ' i:iii..ii. I n. Nr,.ryviii.- . . jr. rr. ro. hi., rl| ' |„ll. ' k.,l,.i..l. I ' ..ri. . . 1 lin.v. ll.,,.l.n. M,.rNNill. I IIUI,..!.!. KrIIIX ' lll. Iii ' ll..l..v I .i lU.i. Miill .ita. ( II rill. IriikMin. IVmii-. l ' iirr.i«ul. Iii " .i l.riiksiin. ( ' Minim.. Ki ' il Oiik. Iiiwii l 7i-ii. I ' niiin-s. l ' iiiiKl.l .-f|isl -. I ' ll. 11. Ill)«k. I.4iiiiiir li-.ii ' . Uraylii... Iii " .i |- ' .smrrii. hrrlii. Lima. l i-ni I (MV. , mi I av. Marvvilli ' Lsprv. Kali.-. Marvvilli- ». 11. T ' K «.!. " I Kspoy. Mari..rii-. Marvvilli- - .s. " X W. 101 I ' v.ins. ( " iraii- Marir. Slanlii rr l ' «iilK. Mary .Miii-. Marvvilli- 1 r.ini.i-r. I.rwis. I lail.tii-lil. Ii.w .. 1(12. I ' l-m-l. Iiili... I.m,. . I ill. narn-ll. Ainllllinii. Ii.vva I III. l...rrv. , iiiliilicir.. Ii.vva 5M. " ) ) Fink .- nita. Ort-giin Fink. Mary. Oregon Fislu-r. Helen. Si. Iiisepll 2-t. 27. 70. HO. DO I isla-r. Caul. Marvvill,- . . l " or l. Margari ' l. I .ei.iix. Iowa . 1)1). IIIO )-,. 10(1 •. 02. o ' l 2 " . M(. ■iS. I 10 11 1 1 " . II 102 I (HI II. 0(1. I I " 10(1, HIS II 41 88. 10(1 41. 80 88. Oh 10-4. 107 ■55. 8fi 08. 104 . 41. 00 " li. 106 41. 02 Ford, lames. 1 ' niix. liivsa Fosler. Oonalil. Spii karj 1 osier. Pliylis. I nioii Slar louser. ( " ' Iiiria. Bearonshelil. Iowa 41 rrame. Mary. Oregon . . . " lO. 110 I rans. Kiiliaril. St. losepl, . . 88. 00 Iree. Marvi... Cameron . . ' jO. M I reel, lli-rroan. Ke.liling. Iowa . 27. 00 Frend.. Donald. I ' eriival. Iowa 41. 80. 110 I ' renrli. lol.n. Marvville . " 55. 88 Frie.s. Marv. I ' lallsliurg . . 41. 80. 110 l- ' ries. Ojlal. . ' Vnila. Iowa . l- " ries, S«-rgia. . " laryville I ' liersl. r.ili.iond. C ' larinJa Fuersl. Paul. Clarinda. low-a . " 0 Fuller. Dornlliv. Burlington lunction . . . . .28. 84. 107 (■ " ullon. Ijiis. lairfax . CaWierl. Delhert. Grant Cil Gardner, loe. Kansas City Gardner. Sandra. Bethany Garner, .lo Ann. Winston Garrelt. Laurenie. Braddyville. Iowa 42 Garrett. William. Maryville . 27. Sn Gee. Marilielle. Sl.enandoali. Iowa . I 10 Geer. Nila, SI.enaniloali. low-a •)-). 02. 06. 08. 1 10 George. lean. Alhany . 22. -«. 80. 110 Genken. Leonnril. .Atililson. Kans. . 42 Gillilaml. Nina. Ludlow ... 80. 06 Gillispie. .loyie. Savannah . . -12 Goodell. Betty. Malvtrn. Iowa 42. 02. 00 Goodwin, lane. Martinsville 42. 06 Gonlon. Rirliard. Hopkins -50. 77. 02. 104. 107 Grace. Betty Jean. Maryville ii. 80. 100 Grace. Darrell. Maryville ' !. 86 Grace. Donald. Maryville . . . 55 Graham, lustin. Ridgevvay " 55. 00. 00 Graham. Beverly St. .loseph 100 Crrahan.. Charles. N ' illisia . . 50. 60 Graham. Roherl. Bogard . . 92. 00 Gran.. Bill. Marvville ... 00. 108 . . 41. 80 82. 04. 08 Iowa 55 . 30. 82 55. 88. 06 50. 61. 65 41. 04. 104 56. 60. 00 („,„l |)„„.ll„.. N I..M-|ih 20.101.1111 11..,!,.. r, NI.ix 1. Si. I pi. 50. (.0. (.5 C.ra.ii; Willi . ' Sl. losi-ph .27 lliiU.Arn.aiiiK; Skill re 28.00.106 Cr-i-ne. Ciirralou. Ml ,- yr. Iowa . 42 1 loh-r. larn-l. k.ih....r, ' ' „ ' ' ' " ' C„i.i-,.i- Marjo.ii-. Di.ino.ial. hiwa 12. 101 I hih r. hia. ki.lm..r,- . 50. 00. 106 C.ri-gi.rv l)..,.„l.l. B,-ll,a..N . . 12 02 I Li-land Soil. Skidmore . . ,- . ' ■ 1 I L- II low, I ' Kit . ■ - . ( iri-iiiiaiii.. I. .1.1. Ni-lli-rlo.i. low.. I-. nil - ■ ■ • - , ,.. C.ri-sham Warren. I ' arkvilli- . 50.61.65 I loll.,,...,. Donald ... Wa.iki-gan. Ill • . I I I r- 11 Mil 55. 46. 50. 60. 65. 88 ( 1. 11.1- Gi.wi-r 42. Mil - ■ - ' ' - ■ - - ., Groom, hian. Ki-arney . . 55.60.8 1 I lo Nor..,an. Waukegan. Ill Groom. Marilyn. Marvville ... 12 ' ,. ' ' , ' ,■, ' ' t ' I ' l u Gross Mill- Ca nm . 42. 80. 04. 06 ihigan. Kenm-lh Don. Maryville . 8(. Grout. Dale. Tingh-v. Iowa 27. 02. 106 1 loll.rook. Ki.lh. Oregon _ . Ciroul. Harold. Iowa 00. 02. 106 - - «- V , " •, " V " " ' " ' , Coilisir. Maxim. I airlax . ... 12 I lo li-iilii-, k. I i. liar, D. An Iowa. 42 C...ll,l,.ml. Kiili.-rl. St. Louis . . !! " ' ' i- " ,: " ' •, N. ' " " -ii- ■ ■ To Y) — " 8 " O ,H(i 05 I looker, lii-vi-rlv. Maysville , . . ti ll.okl. hi-vi-rly .Ann. Uiukport ' ■. ■ . 42 [ ' " if ' ' " " n I- I ' • w ' T ' " ' 1 ' l06 Haer. Darrell L.. Corning . 102. 106 llulii.ell. Mi-lv.n W kavi-nwi.od . 106 Hague. Homer Dale. Adi-I. lovva . _ H-l-.- I -I-- ' J —, ,i„, .„, I! " v-Jan- S: Nl ryvili; 2 ' 88M;7 ll,.,U„„. U. la..,-. W " " , ;,„„ ,„., M l. iuc■w ' l ' " o 05 ll,.ll. Ka,l,h-,-n 1.. Lln.o . . . 00 I Waller W.. Iowa . 106 " • ,)V..Ii.t .■ l-rd. I l.i.o 2H. 0-. Hamilton. Doris lean. Bi-dlord. lovva " ' I ' VI ' ' V T ' ' 106 24 27 82 04 Hull. I ' hillip Lug.-ne. 1 ark.i. . ■ - 1 " " I )a..,iltoii. ' 1 l.irrv Owen. ' I ' lnio ' . ' . 104 Huiils...a,i I ram es. M " ; ' l»nd " - ' " j;- ' ' « Hai on. liihnR. Corning, low-a . 92 Huston. W. Gene. Adel. Iowa 42. 02. 97 Haning. M rd A. Farragut. lovva 90 Iddings Geiirgi- A. I allons lurg _ 07 Hankiris |-;lla Ray. Osliurn . 42. 96. 104 Ingels. Mari l.a e,.i,. Maryvlle 42. 94 110 Hansen. K. lean. Conception Junction lai kon. Mai k .V. Hopkins . . 28 , 35 107 lames. Lreddie loe. ,- ll.anv . 59. 65. 60 Hanson. Don ' E.. ' Gridley. California James. Norman. Alliai.y . . - _- d g8 . . 24. 28. 58. 50. 61. 65. 66. ,. 88 Hargin. Ronaid Eugene. ' Shenandoah. ' lenkins. Roy Bennett. Cameron . 28 |,| ._ -,0 Jennings. Shirley Ann. Ollun.wa. HarTie ' r. Jo Ann. Carrolllon 50. 46. 84. 06 Iowa •.■■,• ' ' jo on ' ifi HarrLs. George S.. Mound City . .106 enseri. Mella ISlanlii-riy. «• ™ ' Hartell, Marilyn I.. Platlshurg 42. 80. 06 Jo inson. Daryl H Riisi-nilali- 0- 50. 00 Hartman. Joyce Elaine. Barnard . 42. 06 lohnsori Irank. Koj " ' - ' " j ' ' " - " • « " ■ NIarv Margaret. Barnard ones, « " ' I- . ' ' ' If ' ' ' ' ' , ;, ' .Qg 18 0 " 06 08 lones, Harry Nash. Waukee. Iowa . 100 H« ' rln;ss. Donahi D.. ' Ma ' ryCiHe ' . Jones. Kenneth, Allanlic. Iowa . . . . . . 58. 50. 61. 65 . . ■ ■ ■■ ■„ ' - ' - ■ n„ Ha ' rvev. Bi-vedv Marie. Blylliedale . 1° " " ' - ' it ' ' l H W NI i. ' -ili; -8 61 42 84 liines. Wei.dall Wniv. Maryville 28. 01 Hausl.; i. Gran. CHy . ' j " ' ' " " -.! ' ? ' ' T ' tf Ul. ' " 24 28 60 79 00 ludd. Hadand. Kamlli-ll. ' kl.ilion.n . ,■,■■., ' ,. " .r ' ■ ' ,,-) . . 20. 86. 95. 10, Hawkins. INorma. I airtax . .1- ,■,, ' ., ' i ' m || on on 08 Haws. George W.. Shenadoah. -AA. Marilyn Map-v.He . 20. 95, 98 |o„.a 59 88 Juvenal. Chades. Maryville . . ■ Haynie. Richard M.. Perc ' ival. ' Iowa . ' 106 Kammerer, Donald B., Chillicothe _. Havvvorlh. Kyle N.. Clarinda. lovva .02 ,. ■ ' ' j-. ' I ' l p ., ' „!, ' „,„ Iff u I ' I „„.;ll« 98 Kampnian. Donald, ratton.fliurg . Heckman. Horace I... .vlaryx-ille io ivaii....... Heifner. Ijiwell. Maryville 42. 02 • - - ■ ' l,.,. ' . ' ' , ai 06 Hellerich. John W.. St. Joseph . . Kade. Alf-da Mae. dhsca 42. 84. 06 59. 60. 65. 101 Keever. Bill Dean. Lornmg. Iowa vz If ' ' li I vx ' I. I ' ' ' Kelrhum Margie . nn. Clarksdale Hemenway. Boh Walter. Kansas Netchum, 1 larg Henilerson, Bevedy Ann. Excelsior ' Kihur. ' , K;nnelli ' I.. Charilom lovva _ He ggeler. Giles B ' .. Mary ' vili; 59. 61.6 Kil ' lann Fred l. Guilford . . - 33 Henggler. Marv E. Marvville . . 50 -- Anil " Charlene Maryv.lle 4 Hennfngsen. Allan C. Allanlic. Iowa King. Mar.lyn. C-anl ( ..y «- " ' " " 64 65 104 Kinmnn, Wayne Welsey. (. Henning sen. Darrell E. Allanlic. Iowa 42 . Iowa ... V. , " ' ' ' ' ■ , ' IJ) Hennegin. I Jniira. Sheridan . . .HO Kinney. Max W. Mound C , . -88.102 Henry-. Don LeRoi. I ke View. Iowa 42 Kirkpatrick. Frances. K- ' Vi lle . Hewitt. Malilon. Conway, lowa . _ _ . _. . . K. ' St ' Ji epli ' 04. ' I 10 Hill. Herh ' ert NL. ' SlewarLville . . 50 ' -- ' ' • ' ' ' «rl - ' ' " -- V " " 59 92 lo8 Hill, lim W.. College Springs. Iowa Kniproeyer Oretta Ann. Alma W 92. 108 55 78 92 Knodle. Charles Dean. Ij-nox. low-a . o Hill, Martha C.. Coin. Iowa ' . . ' . ' Kolf.nan. lolin H Sr b.uis ... 42 50 84 99 100 Kowilz. ivian I.. Helena 111 ' ; -i I ' i- T ' ' m ' OT ins 22. 59. 69. 95, 06, 98 Himhev. C harli-s I ., Tumey 92.07, 108 . - - ■ vi II 4- Hil elherger, Kohert, Sl. Joseph . . 50 Krause. Roliert I.-rry. Maryville . 4 ' » fuije M7 ■ fff 36 39 106 59 65. 88 Kuntznian. Eva. Stidniore ... 42 Lamm. Paul. Helena 42 Landfather. Judy I e, Maryville . 42 Langer. William P.. St. Joseph Lauglilin. Robert. Guillord Laumann. Dean Henry. I arkio Lawrence, Betty Lou. Stanberry 22. 29. 46, 82. 96 Leffert. Lynn T.. Slienandoan. Iowa Letnmon, Edward Dale, Savannah 59, 61. Leonard. Robert L.. Corning. Iowa 92. 108 Lewis. Marjorie C Cameron 22. 42. 79. 80. 92. 94 Lever. Henricus J., Heemstede, Holland 42, Liechti, Carroll, St, Joseph . 42 Lightfool. Joyce, I ' arragul, Iowa Lincoln. Donald. Bedford. Iowa Lindsay. Robert H.. St. .losepli Lippincott. Dee, Stanberry Lippold. Orville. New Point Lister. Robert C. Storm Lake. Iowa 92. 100 Litscn. Hattie. Hopkins .... 29 Little. Gerald D.. Brooks. Iowa . . 59 Logsdon. Rosalee. Maryville ... 42 Long. Gvveldon. Grant City . . 42, 97 Long, Imia Jean, Maryville , 42. 94. 110 Long, Lois Eileen, Bethany , . 78. 92 Lowe, Forrest G., Gilman City . 102 Luhrs. Beverly Ann, I angdon 42. 78. 80, 96 64 42 Lyle. Kurby Eugene, Maryville Lynch, Eva Mae, Sheridan Magnuson, Jo Ann, Kansas City 42, 80, 94, 110 Maher. George L., Red Oak. Iowa . 108 Malotte. Raymond. Hamilton . 29. 102 Malson. James. Albany . . 29. 99. 106 Marple. Mary Jo. Albany . 59. 95 Marple. Sharlis, Albany .... 9. 22. 59. 77. 80. 95 Martin. Betty Seeley. Prim elon .108 Martin. Carl, Maryville . . .108 Martin. Herschel. Shenandoah. Iowa . 42 Niartin, Lyle Ldward, Bedlord, Iowa . . ! .... 59. 78. 86. 95 Masters. Jesse. Grant City ... 90 Masters, Joanne, Maryville . 39. 82. 94 Masters. Norma Jean. Stewartsville 42. 99 Maxwell. Margaret. Stanberry . . 42 Maxwell. Robert A.. Nashua . . 59 McCampbell. Georgia. Stanberry 42. 110 McCartney. Dorothy Jean. Tarkio . . 59. 84. 96 McClaren. Patricia. Elmo . 42. 80, 108 McClure, Bob Lee, King City . 43, 90 McClurg, Wilnia Jean, Maryville 43, 96 McComb, Charles H., Elmwood F ark, III 43, 92 95 McDerniolt, Lois Ann, Orient, Iowa 80, 108. 110 McDonald. Helen M. Maryville 45. 46 McDowell. Charles A.. Maryville . 56. 92. 99 McDowell, Norman, St. Joseph . . 2 ' ) McDowell. Ruth. Maryville . 29. 79. 80, 99, 104 McGee, Marjorie L. , Ottumwa, Iowa 69. 72. 79. 82. 94. I 15 McGinness, Doris .lulia. Barnard 39. 82. 94 Mclntyre. Barbee. Joan. Illmo 43. 96. 106 McMorran. Mar in. Corning. Iowa 29, 99, 102, 108 McQuerry, C, Elizabeth, BIythedale . . ' 30. 92. Meadows. William M.. Maryville . Medsker. Martha. Skidmore . 99. Meek, Kenneth, Stanberry 30, 92, Mendenhall. Elvis, Lenox, Iowa Meredith, Glen Uel, Maryville 36. 79. Merenghi. Frank P.. Newark, New Jersey 30. Meyers. Gaylord Dean. Atlantic. Iowa . . . . .36. 59. 60. 64, 65. Mickelson, Ed. Villisca, Iowa 56, 90, Milbank, Byron, Maryville Miller, Dale L., Maryville . 30. 94 Miller. Daniel. Cainsville Miller. Dorothy L.. Union 102 bller, Denxil Ray. Maryvil 102 Miller, Harry Frank. St. Jf 42 Miller, Jack R.. Platle City 42 Miller, Max H.. Graham 29 Miller. Naomi. Bigelow 59 Miller. Richard Rigley. St. 106 Mock. Mvron. Martinsvilh- Sta 56. 36, 43. ej)ti Moffitt. Effie. Brad. Idyyille. 00. 104 90. 108 30 88 59. 80 45 92 lowii 50. 92 Montague, Jantcs 1., St. Joseph 36. 90. 92. 97. Montgomery. James F.. Maryville Moody. Walter R.. Mound City . Moore. Helen Joyce. Fairfax Moore. Jack. Marvville Moore. James l e. Lineville. Iowa Moore. Mary Lou. Lineville, Iowa Morehouse. Dixie F.. Pickering Morgan. Norma Jean. Westb( Mothershead. Harmon. Pi kering Moyer. Jeanne Bahl. Maryville 24. 50. 99. 104 Munson. Barbara Ann, Cameron 8 Murdock, Alva R.. Independence Murphy. Gerald I.. St. Iose|)h . Murray, Ramona, Braymer Nlyers. Richard Lee, Maryville Nance, W illiam Lee, Stanberry Nash, Isabel, St. Joseph . 45. 80. Neal, Richard C. Maryville 50. 97. Neidel. Winifred. Pickering Neil, Donnie Dean, Mary ille 50, 65 Nelsen, Marilyn Mary, Prescott, Iowa 59, 92, 99. Nelson. Hershel O.. Skidmore . 45. Nelson. Kenneth Duane. Blanchard. Iowa 99. Nelson, Lyilis M.. Westboro 43, Nelson, Martha L.. Maryville . 45. Nelson. Maurice Lee. W estboro 59. Neville. Mary Lou, Prospect, Oregon 56. no. Newton. Charles E., Stewart, Iowa 51, 92, 99, Nichols, Fad D., Bethany . . 51, Nicholson, Imia Mari.-, Hopkins 31. Nicholson. Rhoda. Hopkins . . 92. Nixon. Ray Leiand, I miox, lowii . . 10. 92. Noah. Terry Dale. Cainsville 40. 86. Noellsch. Dorothy. Oregon . 43, Norris. Crystal A., Gilntan City Norris, M. Norine. Independence , . . . 22. 56. 82. 94. 98. Oehring. Patsy Ruth. Dubuque. Iowa 99. Oellermann. Charles. St. I ouis 40. 59, Ogden. William Eugene. Maryville 86. O ' Hare. Robert H.. Jameson 45. 92. 104 110 O Neil. Marian Joanne. Tingley. Iowa 110 50 Osbum. Robert A.. Savannah 59, 61. 65 106 Osgood. Robert. Tina . . . 90. 104 102 Overstreet. Jeanne M., St. loseph 45 40, 80, 110, 115 86 Pace, Bonnie Lou, Easton . 51, 110 Parkhurst, Wanda M„ Amity . 45 78 Parsons, Kenneth Ray, Hatfield 31, 77, 79, 86, 99, 106 10 4 Payne, Loretta, Gilman City . . 43 106 Pearson. Carl. Bolckow .... 45 50 Pease. Billy Lee. Mound City . 40. 86. 90 97 l eck. Mary Jane. Tarkio . . 45, 80 106 Peery. Sara Ann. Brims m ... 45 45 Peters. Robert. Cainsville ... 45 45 Pettet. Marion Sherman. St. .loseph 102 56 Phillips, Carmen S.. BIythedale . 56. 110 86 Phipps, Richard K.. I arragut. Iowa 97 45. 88. 97 . 99 Pierce. Olen Ralph, Clyde . . 45. 106 , 50 Pile, Beverly Ann, Oregon 40, 80, 95, 110 86 f ilner, Monty Bruce, F.ssex, Iowa , . . . 51. 78. 79. 92. 95, 99, 100 96. 98 ( ,lk. Bonnie C Sidney. Iowa . 36, 108 Pollard. H. Austin. Canteron . 88 Pollard, Wilbur L. South Bend. Indiana . 36. 59. 61. 65. 88. 99. 104 Poole. James W.. Albany . . 56. 100 Pottorff. Odetta Van. Hatfield 40. 92. 104. 1 10 Pope. John Paul. North Fargo. N. Dak 56. 77. 92. 100 39.84, 113 Porter, Dorothy W. Cower . . 36.99 Porter. Gean Paul. Gower . 46. 104. 106 Price. Glen E.. Malvern, Iowa 40, 59, 86 80, 09, 104 Price, lohn Milton, Maryville . . 45 40. 78. 90. 92. 100 Prindle. Don .Mbert. Coffey 51. 104. 107 1 10 r ritchard. Carolea. Maysville III 40. 69. 92. 100. 110 50 Pulley. Virginia Mae. Amity 40. 92. 110 50 Pursell. Jesse Lee. Westboro . . 45 no Pyles. William T. Maryville . 51.106 108 Queck, Lois Joan. Orient. Iowa 92 43. 82. 04. 110 113 Quiniby, Ralph Leon, Corning 56, 102 106 Ramsey. Robert Charles. Hopkins 107 40, 64. 65 66 Ranck. James P., Leno.x. Iowa . 40, 88 Randall, Norma Doris. Forest City . 43 108 Reece. Charles E., Brownington 97 51. 86. 95 Reece. Rosemary. St. Louis . . 56, 95 102 Reed, Rosetta G.. Janiesport 104 45. 84. 96. 110 115 Reeves. Martha June, Mercer 40, 99, 110 97 Reynolds, Donald G.. Maryville 40, 64, 65 Reynolds, Marva S.. Maryville . . 43 113 Reynolds. Olen Kenneth. Corning. Iowa 39. 88. 106 100 Rice, Jewell. Pattonsburg . 36. 90. 104 86 Richards. Frances Ann. Jameson . 40. 80 104 Richards. Helen Witmer. Grant City 101 31. 90 Richards. Othel R.. Grant City . too .... 51. 46. 69. 97. 106. 108 97 Richards. Ruth Lenore. Northl)oro 51. 110 72 Richardson. Barbara Lou. I amoni. 45 Iowa 43. 104. HO Richey. Burton L.. Coming. Iowa 113 59. 60. 65 Richmond. Donald Max. Mount Ayr, 104 Iowa 107 88 Rigney, Mary Margaret, Albany , . 22, 51. 110 106 Riggle. Carolyn Ann, Maryville , 43 45, 59 K ' Ki.v I..-.-. ( ' t.iiiI ( ilv . . »7 K..I.I.. All.n Artlii.r. ( ' .ninl Cilv . II Kiiliirlsiiii. liiirltiira. Si. Iiis ' pli . MO. I)-,. 1 10 Koliint ' tl, Mary I ' nincos. ( mM ' n)n HI Kol.inscm. Ili.-i« II.-. " . WV.illi.rl.N -.(.. ' II. HI I. lo: KniU.II. .N|..rv I. ..11. M...m,l CiU s. ii. Ti. »n. n. 1 1 " . I ..ilm . K.v. ( )Mkh.n.l. I..«.. r . 01 K n.■ . Itininr ()|i .• . . !,,rvv.ll.- n. ' ) " . ION ! ,.» . livn.n ki.l..rl. hnt.l.K m!!.- . . I " . I ' aul Irvi... hra.l.lvvill.- ... I " . K..nsli. Barliara Si. I..s.|.li CS. NO U,.«l.y. Half ' .. . llanli . Imva ' Ki.yslim. I.oln N ' ailini ' . lallK-s.m 10, ' I ' ) Runt;. ' , (nll.crl . rul . C.ifiuTi.n 77. .S(i. 100 Klip,-. ( " Iiarles I . ll,„,l.rM,n. I.. ,. -)2. 00. 100. III ' . Kll| |.. R.iv W ' avn, ' . St CliarLs 10 Kii. s.ll. I..lm 1... Hcfikiiis . . -1(1. I Oh Sawvcrs. ( arnlyn. Maryviiii ' H. 0(), I ' .l.r I . Si l..s,pl, . . 00 S.-Ii.-Ill. ' . Willi.iiii I.. Kiv.r Cray.-. Ill . . . -,2 S li(.n r)iaiiti. la. (lu.-iinf. I .irkio I " ). 110 Silionrniann. . lames U.. I arkto j2. () ' . ' ' " . Kit S liull.-. Mary Mar!. ' . ()r,u ' ..n " ' ' i. «! Siliu.sliT. I ayin. ii.l I. I ' ll.. I CriiM- . . -i2. 107 S...II. Marilyn Kulli.;. " ..v 1 " ., 00 Sriill. Mary X ' irginia. Maryyillc ' it Sroll. Max. .Mhany n Sears. ivian .Ann. Mary villc t Sheil. Dennis C .. Maioy. Iiiyva fi, 77. Hti. 0-). I OS Siieil. Maurice. Maioy. l6. 8(i. lOK Slierer, Marion, Ciranl Cily )2. 88. 00. lOt. 107 Sli.rnian. W.liiani P.. Si. Joseph 50. () " ). 02 Sherry. ( .lenn . 1.. St. lasepli 50. f)0. 63. 88. lOh Shipley. Leola Mae. (irant City 36. 92. 06. 08 Sliipl.-y. Ma.xine. Grant City . -15. 02 Sh..rl.y. Harrol ().. Si. losepli . 106 Short. Jean .Ann. Kxcelsior Springs 40. 82. 04 Sickels, Belle, Mount Ayr. Iowa 45. 72. 80. 00. 1 10 Stiver. C.rorge. I renlon. .New Jersey 52. 69. 00 Silver. Irving. I r Tll(in. New Jersey 52. 90. 104. 107 Sipes. William H., Denison, Iowa . 86 Skahill. lohn. Iniogene. hiwa 45 Ska ih. Ki.hrrt 1.. Maryviii.- . 82. 02. 08 SUk. Ja.k D.. Omaha. Nehr. . . 24, 52, 65. 70. 88 Slalen. Ruth. BlofktiMi. Iowa 56. 06. 08, 00. 108 Slatterv. Donna C lare. C)ttum ya. Iowa 56. 80. no Sn.ilh. D ,r..lliv Ma.-, ll.ipkins . 52.110 Smith, James I iaroul. Mary rile 65. .S8 Smith. Joyce Marie. Marwtlle 56. 80. 00. lot. 107 Smith. NFarlin R.. IJwo .... 45 Smith. .Naomi, iclney, Iowa . 32. 92. 99, 108 Snyder, Donald Lee, Gallatin . 32 Sny.l.r. M.iru ' .it.l. Maryvilh- ... 52 Snv.l.-r. N..rni,i I ..itiis.-. Maryvilh- . 32 Sjii-g.-l. M.rrlll Dean. I City 45 Sprall. Cliarhs, hurlingtiin hi. 55, 07. 106 Spuria, k. Nan. v Su.-. Minncafiolis. Kans. . 45. 00 ,S|a. y. I.I . nne. I ' rrni.-ton 56. M2 Slanl..n. D.niitliv ' ., C.ill.-g.- Sprinifs. h.yy.i 0 ). 110 .--l, W ' .ill.-r C... ( iilh-L ' .- Springs. I,i«„ 65. 02 .S|.-. . . Aiigiisl I ii.l. 52. 07. 00. 102 Sl.g.ili. ( h.irl ■ W.. Savannah II Sli-y.-nsDU. I.)lin Ward. ( .rahiini 10. 00. 07. 106 .S|e«,,rl. I ' hyllis R,. King Cilv 10. 02. 110 SIdih-. Williarii l-ugen.-. Icirl.-s. u.- 41. 50. 108 .Sto.uu-r. I rank D.. Cani.l.n 55. 00. 106 Martha. Ros.vill.-. 111. . . 44. 72. 80. I 10 M.lyiil,-. Maryyilh- . . . 55. 77. 86. 05. 106 Slr.iii.l. ISilly l.or.-n.-. liig.ii.w 40. 82. 04. 107. 1 15 Su.llm,.k. C.illwrt. Si. Chail.-s . . 44 Suiniiia. I.ilin. ( .entry .... 55 I aney. Rose Ann. I ' .x.elstor Sl)rtngs . 44 Tanner, .lamt-s W .. rhi. 64. 65 layhir. h,ai., I . . . 44. 110 I avior. Dorolhy , nn. Xillis.a. Iowa 44, 84. 00 l.-al.ird. Marganl. Star 22, 55. 110 I eriuine. Phyllis. I ' orresl ( ' ity . . 44 J eriiune. Russell. P.irrest City 56. 00. 07. 106 lerrv. Bill D.. l.,-n.,.v. loyy.i ... 88 I ' Charley K.. St. 50, 106 rhoinpson. ( lifl E.. Coin. Iowa 40 I liumpson. ( Jyde C, Moun.l City 50. 61. 88. 106 l ' honi|)si,ii. Marilyn. Hallield 44. 80. 06 I iemann. Beltv lane. Weslboro . . . . . . . 56. 99. 1 1 Tohin. Hdward. lit. . 59, 60 Trost. Ja k D.. l..nox. low., . 57. 86. 05 Troul. Donald R.. Ainily ... 55 Turner. C arolyn. Uojikins 44. 84. 1 10 Turner. Charlolle. Weston 57. 02. 00. Ill) I urner. Margaret. I Iounl Ayr. Iowa 44. 00. 1 10 Turpin. Marv C... SkidML.r.- 44. 104. 110 Twaddle. Melvin. M,.nvill - . . . 40 I ' liner. Anna Mae. Maryvilh- . .110 I hiier. I nt- R.. Hopkins 55. 65. 66. 106 ' ance, . " lanley. King C ily 24. 53, 77 Van I ' ossan. Leiand. Ravenwood . 106 Van I-ossan. Gail ' .. Slewartsville 44. 06 Van Rysyyyk. Ron. RIeasanlville, Iowa 65 X ' audrin. I trry. Miniu-apniis. Minn. . 64 ' eat. h. Dorothy. Maryyilh- ... 64 ' ernon. . larv .lo. N ' illis. a, Iowa , . . . . . 40. 80. 84. 1 1 " . est. Charles. Moun.l Cilv . . . 106 Volk. J. D.. Gallatin .... 41 Wade. X ' irginia Ij e. Sa annali . 40. S-l Walker. . nna Mae, Stanherry 44. 80. 06 Walk.-r. Lois Maxin.-. I urney 55. 79. 84. 00 Walk.r. Gentry- . . . 22. 46. 80. 93. 98 Walker. I III. mas K.. Redding 66 W ' alkup. Donald I . IVdlord. Iowa . 102 Walla... lohn William. Maryville . 57. 00. 106 Pmjc- (19 W,iMi. lam..-. Maryvilh- . . 55. 02 W.ilslon. Marvin LyI -. Sharpslmrg. hm.i 92 W ' Morris. Maryvilh- ... 55 Ward. Ali..- Iri-n.-. Maryvilh- 44. 1 N, C.inilvn. Iowa 44. 96 W.irlor.l. I y.-lvn 1. I ' allonshurg 44, 84 W.ilkins. Wilm.i I. Br..yin.r 57, 02. 108. 1 10 W.ilM.n. Ch,irl.-s. I ill n- . . . 44 Il.itri.l. Maryvilh- II. 06 Watson. Shirh-v. Batnar.l . 4 1. 0 ' ). Kit VW.Idl.-. I. ' ssii- I,,-,-. Kid.l.-r 10. 00. IDS Wi-ed. I).. Oriinl. Inwa 50. 60 VV.-.-il. M.irvin I .. Iowa 58. 50, 60, 65 W ' .hrli. loy,,- I lean. Mound Cily . 22. 57, 80, 05. no K.-nl. Weston . 44 Welsh. Charh-n.- Ma.-. Grant Cily . 82 Wes.olt. I-:va L. Burlington J l. 53, 80, 98 Wharton. Melvin R . Stanherry . . 88 Whela.i. Mailin. Ch-aniiont 44 While. Bedonna h-an. BIylhedale 57, 84. too. I 10 Whili-. I ' .. Cameron 35, 88 Whillalrh. ,My e. Russell. Iowa 44. 100 Whiliiier. Gene .Austin. Kidder . 102 Whityvorlh. .Arthur B. Markshurg. Iowa .... 57. 07. 106. 108 Wiard. Rohert .Adair. Trimhie . 108 Wi( k. Dyvan. .Alton. Iowa 44. 02. too. 102. 104 Wierhniann. .Ia k. Alhintii . loyya 40. 106 Williams. Belle, Maryville . . 44, 94 W illiams. i ern.-. New Hampton 78, 82, 94 Williams, Mauri, e. Smithville 44 Williamson. I throp 44. 06. 104 Willsie. Donovan Lee. Maryville 40, 88. 102 Wil.son. Arrh Ross. Alhany ... 97 Wilson. Belly Ann. Oregon 80. 95. 98 Wilson. KIdon I... Martinsville . 54. 69 Wilson, lames B.. Guilford ... 40 Wilson, lo Lllen. Maryville 44. 80. 91, 96 Wilson, Morris A., Mound City 59, 61, 66 Wilson, Rohert I ' arl, St. Joseph . . 53 Wilson. Irunian l arl. Ruslivilh- . 54, 86 Winslow. David. Bigeloyy ... 44 Wintermule. Dean. Blorkton . . 44 Wohlfahrt. Agnela. Domnarvit, Sw.-den .... 57. 92. too. 102 Wood. Ronahl W.. Hoopeslon. III. . 64 Workman. Loren. Maryville 54. 90. 106 Wormsley, Alvin, Fxcelsior Springs . 54. 50. 60. 65 Wright. Charh-s. Ri. Iiiiiond, Calil. 54, 79. 88 Wright. . |. loanne. Maryville . . 40. 69. 82. 04, 98 VVrighl. Wilhiir. Ki.hler . . . 44. 92 Yauih. William R.. Chilli.ollie . . 90 Yip. Diana. Shanghai. China . . 102 Young. Donna K. Maryyilh- 44. 04 Young. I rita. , Iuryville ... 82. 04 . luiger. Lloyd R.. Phippsnurg. C.ilo . 51, 50. 61. 64. 65. 00. 106 iir. Ii ak. lohn. K.insas C ily. Kans. 40. 50. 60. 64. 65 apl, Phillip. 40. 0 " , 104 Zeih, l.)hn, Marvvilh- .... 108 Zelenz. Joseph B.. Waukegan. III. 40. 59 immernian. Rita. Maryville 44. 80. 108 ui howski. in. ent. St. Joseph 34. 59, 61, 65. 66, 78 Autographs Page (20 I ) I

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