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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1944 volume:

::j : : p ii m ,, : ■ ■ m W ■Sb: ' i A . ISi i T " ' ' I imMm tmiS.. o! r i w ::rr H " V. v ' :vv; f:n " - " £ ' .■ ' " ■iita :JSrr .«r- h - t -X-je-»- C , ' ' t iy THE 944 ooaa THE U I? GO TO KEEP AN UNBROKEN THREAD OF MEMORIES BETWEEN THE YEARS THAT HAVE PASSED AND THE YEARS THAT SHALL FOLLOW I NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE MARYVILLE, MISSOURI •• . i EDITORS Helen Boyersmith Bennie Lu Saunders PEQ80 mr n UEL W. LAM KIN PRESIDENT His all is for the Col- lege, the students, and their education. The Presi- dent is one of the fore- most advocates of study now, as a foundation for the future, hie personally symbolizes through the unfailing energy of ac- complishment the true value of education, hlis is the hand which pulls the strings and clears the lines for a better, a co- ordinated, an influential school. BOARD OF REGENTS Pulling for the College and rejoicing at its success, the Board of Regents, appointed by the Governor of the state, gives ever vigilant background supervision to school affairs. They cannot meet very often now, but t heir suggestions are carried out by the President of the College. E. C. Curfman, Maryville, Mo.; R. L. Douglas, St. Joseph. Mo.: Edmond McWilliams. Plattsburg, Mo.; M. E. Morris, Trenton, Mo.; Roy Scantlin, State Supt. of Schools, Jefferson City, Mo. Not shown: James Curry, Oregon, Mo., and Alan Wherrit, Liberty, Mo. [ 6] J. W. JONES DEAN OF FACULTY A smile and an encour- aging remark from Dean Jones have helped many a student with curriculum and other problems. In wartime spirit he has also taken over the job of Registrar, which entails all the scholastic data of the institution. First among his desires is doing his job; secondly come his garden, his camera, and his dog. PERSONNEL DIRECTORS Mom and Dad just can ' t follow Mary or Johnny to college and most assuredly the kids can ' t leave their problems behind. Thus, such questions as a place to live, a job, social diversion, and a distribution of books and fun fall to the competent hands of the Per- sonnel Directors for solution. DOROTHY TRUEX Director of Personnel for Women HAROLD V. NEECE Director of Personnel for Men [7] ROW 1: Lucille Brumbaugh, Acting Librarian; Jewell Ross Davis, Director of Public Relations; Margaret Owen, Assistant Librarian; Mrs. Kyle Phares, Manager of Book Store. ROW 2: W. A. Rickenbrode, Bursar; Ruth Villars, College Dietician; Edwin Wells, Librarian; Lon E. Wilson, Supenintendent of Buildings. NOT SHOWN: Dr. F. R. Anthony, Health Administrator. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Food without salt or a college without administrative officers, either would be utterly hopeless. What do you do when the sneezes begin — run to the doctor. What ' s the procedure when the reference book ' s In demand — the library, of course. Where do you turn for a party — to the office of person- nel. What ' s the remedy for a craving thirst — the book store. Who is to publicize your school and your friends — the director of publicity. Yes, they are a willing group, personally Interested in helping you flavor your busy col- lege days. I 8 J FACULTY JULIAN C. ALDRICH Social Science, Chairman ESTELLA BOWMAN English MRS. HAZEL CARTER Music HETTIE M. ANTHONY Home Economics WINCIE ANN CARRUTH Physical Education for Women, Chairman ARTHUR J. CAUFFIELD Geography T. H. COOK Social Science A. H. COOPER Education Director of Extension GEORGE H. COLBERT Mathematics W. W. COOK Commerce JUNE COZINE Home Economics, Chairman E. A. DAVIS Director of Athletics and Physical Education for Men OLIVE S. DeLUCE Fine Arts, Chairman M. C. CUNNINGHAM Education REVEN S. DEJARNETTE Music, Chairman I 9 H. R. DIETERICH Education, Principal of Horace Mann High School BLANCHE H. DOW Foreign Languages, Chairman MATTIE M. DYKES English HARRY G. DILDINE Social Science JOSEPH A. DREPS Foreign Languages MARJORY ELLIOTT Home Economics HENRY A. FOSTER Social Science MARGARET FRANKEN Education MARY M. FISHER Industrial Arts KATHERINE FRANKEN Education WILLIAM TRAGO GARRETT Biology, Chairman KATHERINE E. HELWIG Mathematics FRANK HORSFALL Agriculture J. W. HAKE Physical Science and Mathematics, Chairman CARRIE HOPKINS Fine Arts [ 10] A. E. HOY Mathematics ROBERT T. HUBBLE Vocational Agriculture MRS. A. C. KRUER Mathematics ZONA HOYT Physics MARY E. KEITH Education RUTH LANE Mathematics MARGARET RUTH LOWERY English CHLOE E. MILLIKAN Education INEZ R. LEWIS Commerce BONNIE MAGILL Physical Education for Women RYLAND H. MILNER Physical Education for Men and Industrial Arts IRENE M. MUELLER Biology RUTH NELSON Music LEWIS MOORE Industrial Arts HAROLD V. NEECE Commerce. Chairman I 11 I MRS. RAY O ' GRADY Mathematics VIRGIL F. PARMAN Music ANNA M. PAINTER English, Chairman ALTA E. REECE English LOIS JANE ROPER Physics WARREN R. ROBERTS Industrial Arts H. T. PHILLIPS Education JOHN J. RUDIN Speech, Chairman E. E. SEUBERT English DONALD TRULLINGER Physics DORA B. SMITH Education D. M. VALK Industrial Arts, Chairman LESLIE G. SOMERVILLE Education DAVID WHITE Physics JACOB M. PORTERFIELD Physics MRS. NORVEL SAYLER Mathematics KENNETH T. THOMPSON Industrial Arts JOHN G. STRONG Chemistry R. T. WRIGHT Agriculture J. RICHARD WILMETH Social Science NOT SHOWN: Grace M. Shepherd, Education; Marian Kerr, Music; L. E. Wilkins, Physics; Donald Keller, Geography. [12] SECRETARIES: Mrs. Mary Juvenal, Mrs. Florence Barry, Miss Marie Bluel, Miss Martha Mae Holmes, Mrs. Evelyn Young, Miss Mabele Win- burn. Not Shown: Miss Ruth Miller, Mrs. Mary Wagner. ROOM TEACHERS: Seated: Julia Fussier. Maxine Decker, Lillian Run- nels. Standing: Marjorie Powell. Lois Tripp, Mary Beth Carpenter. Not Shown: Eileen Isom, Mrs. Belvidene Garrett, Mildred Trotter, Mrs. Mary Ann Scott, Neva Ross, Mrs. Marjorie Holmberg. SECRETARIES Teachers and Administrators are not the only contributing factors in the success of college activities, for nnany of them have secretaries, those efficient people who type letters, answer questions, and generally keep things in order. ROOM TEACHERS To the room teacher goes the task of allaying the apprehensions of the student teacher, and helping him build confidence and competence. Besides supervision she must also teach classes in her room, mak- ing her purpose two-fold; that of training prospective teachers, and that of teaching her pupils. [13 J CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR Elizabeth Ann Davis President Sue Moore Vice-President Melba Seitz Secretary lone Thompson Treasurer JUNIOR Clifford Foster President Berniece Goforth Vice-President Cleta McClurg Secretary-Treasurer SOPHOMORE Martha Polsley President Vernon Weidmaler Vice-President Vivian V ilson Secretary Ruth Ann Scott Treasurer FRESHMAN Bob Pick President Paul Pierson Vice-President Merilyn Bailey Secretary Ardina Combs Treasurer [14] SENIORS ROW I: MARGARET ARNOLD, Bridgewater, Iowa Major — Commerce. Minor — Home Economics. MARGARET BAKER, Maryville, Missouri Majors — Music, English. ROW 2: VERNELLE BAUER. Maryville. Missouri Major — Vocational Home Economics. ELIZABETH BENNETT, Maryville, Missouri Major — Elementary Education. HELEN BOYERSMITH, St. Joseph, Missouri Majors — Art, French. ROW 3: KENNETH BRESSLER. Pickering, Missouri Major — Social Science. Minor — English. MARJORIE ELLEN BUSCH. Oregon, Missouri Major — Vocational Home Economics. MARGIE CHAPMAN, Coin, Iowa Major — Vocational Home Economics. ROW 4: MARJORIE WRAY CUMMINS. Maryville, Missouri Major — Elementary Education. ELIZABETH ANN DAVIS. Derby. Iowa Majors — English, French. Minor — History. MARY LOUISE DEWITT, St. Paul, Minnesota Major — Intermediate Education. ROW 5: J. LUTHER DOUGAN, Hamburg, Iowa Major — Social Science. Minor — English. MARY ELLEN FOTHERGILL. Rosendale, Missouri Major — Music. Minor — Social Science. MARIE GILLILAND. Kansas City. Missouri Major — Chemistry. Minors — Biology, Physics, Mathematics. ROW 6: JEAN GILPIN, Faucett. Missouri Major — Mathematics. Minors — Biolo gy, General Science. ELAINE GORSUCH. Barnard, Missouri Major — Vocational Home Economics. THELMA FERN HALL. King City, Missouri Major — Home Economics. Minors — Art, English. ROW 7: ALICE MARIE HANSEN, Conception Junction, Missouri Major — Commerce. Minor — English. IRENE HEIDEMAN, Maryville, Missouri Maior — Primary Education. Minor — Music. MARJORIE JORGENSON, St. Joseph, Missouri Major — Music. Minor — English. ROW I: BEULAH KELLEY, Burlington Junction, Missouri Major — Elementary Education. Minors — English, Physical Education. EMMA RUTH KENDALL, Maryville, Missouri Major — English. Minors — Speech, Connmerce. KATHLEEN KENNEDY. Rosendale. Missouri Major — Social Science. Minor — Mathematics. ROW 2: BARBARA KOWITZ, Helena. Missouri Major — Vocational Home Economics. BERNIECE LAUGHLIN, Guilford, Missouri Major — Vocational hHome Economics. PATSY ANN McDERMOTT, Cumberland, Iowa Major — Vocational hlome Economics. ROW 3: DOROTHY ELLEN MASTERS, Maryville, Missouri Major — Elementary Education. SUE MOORE, Maryville, Missouri Major — Commerce. Minor — Speech. MIRIAM MURREN. Vancouver. Washington Major — Vocational Home Economics. ROW 4: ALICE NOLAND, Maryville, Missouri Major — Commerce. Minor — English. COLEEN O ' BRIEN, Brookfield, Missouri Major — Chemistry. Minors — Mathematics, Physics, Biology. LILLIAN RUNNELS, Pickering, Missouri Major — English. Minor — Speech. ROW 5: MELBA SEITZ, Skidmore, Missouri Major — Commerce. Minor — Music. DARLENE SHOWALTER, Sheridan, Missouri Major — Vocational Home Economics. ROBERT TERRY, Kansas City. Missouri Major — Commerce. Minor — Speech. ROW 6: BETTY JOE THOMPSON, St. Joseph, Missouri Major — Vocational Home Economics. lONE THOMPSON, Mt. Ayr. Iowa Major — Vocational Home Economics. BETTE TOWNSEND, Savannah. Missouri Major — Commerce. Minor — Art. ROW 7: MILDRED TROTTER. Ridgeway, Missouri Major — Elementary Education. GRACE WALKER, Skidmore, Missouri Major — Vocational Home Economics. ROWENA HULL WILSON, Maryville. Missouri Major — English. Minor — Music. UNDERCLASSMEN ROW I: Frances Louise Adkins, Dearborn, Missouri, Freshman. Joyce Ellen Agler, Maryville, Missouri, Freshman. Floydine Alexander, Pickering, Missouri, Sophomore. ROW 2: Mona Alexander, Shenandoah, Iowa, Junior. Anna B. Allison, Chiilicothe, Missouri, Freshman. Barbara Anne Anderson, Clarinda, Iowa, Sophomore. ROW 3: Berva Arnold, Grand River, Iowa, Sophomore. Georgia Bailey, Oregon, Missouri, Sophomore. Merilyn Bailey, Oregon, Missouri, Freshman. ROW 4: Donald Barber, Skidmore, Missouri, Freshman. Lois Evelyn Beavers, Hepburn, Iowa, Freshman. Celia Birkenholz, Maryville, Missouri, Freshman. ROW 5: Marian Bressler, Grant City, Missouri, Freshman. Mary Bruce, Browning, Missouri, Sophomore. Lilybell Bucker, Elmo, Missouri, Sophomore. ROW 6: Maries Busby, Maryville, Missouri, Freshman. Lois Jean Bunch, Craig, Missouri, Junior. Mary Ellen Burr, Maryville, Missouri, Sophomore. ROW 7: Jane Cable, Clearmont, Missouri, Freshman. Eva Maria Calix, La Ceiba, hHonduras, C. A., Sophomore. Dorothy Carter, Fairfax, Missouri, Junior. ROW 8: Betty Louise Chandler, Essex, Iowa, Freshman. Ruth Collins, Blanchard, Iowa, Junior. Ardina Combs, Maysville, Missouri, Freshman. ROW I: Maxine Cook, Maryville, Missouri, Junior. Jim Corken, Burlington Junction, Missouri, Junior. Olen Crockett, Albany, Missouri, Sophomore. ROW 2: Velma Crockett, Albany, Missouri, Freshnnan. Virginia Culver, Blanchard, Iowa, Sophomore. Bernetta Cushman, Maryville, Missouri, Freshman. ROW 3: Mary Louise Dean, Maryville, Missouri, Freshman. Alma Donahue, Maryville, Missouri, Freshman. Pauline Duff, Barnard, Missouri, Freshman. ROW 4: Dorothy Elsimlnger, Savannah, Missouri, Sophomore. Shirley Elliott, Edgerton, Missouri, Freshman. Tharen Erickson, Imogene, lov a. Sophomore. ROW 5: Eulaine Fox, Coin, Iowa, Junior. Betty Fuhrman, Mound City, Missouri, Freshman. Merllyn Fulkerson, Savannah, Missouri, Freshman. ROW 6: Mary Margaret Gantt, Maryville, Missouri, Sophomore. Bernlce Goforth, Savannah, Missouri, Junior. Louise Gorsuch, Barnard, Missouri, Freshman. ROW 7: Ellin Graham, Norton, Kansas, Sophomore. Bernard Gram, Maryville, Missouri, Freshman. Mary Rose Gram, Maryville, Missouri, Sophomore. ROW 8: Marjorle Gray, Maryville, Missouri, Freshman. Geraldine Gray, Gower, Missouri, Sophomore. Marjorle Gregg, Maryville, Missouri, Freshman. ROW I: Agnes Gus+afson, Elmo, Missouri, Sophomore Jean Harvey, Clearfield, Iowa, Sophomore. Harold Don Haynes, Richmond, Missouri, Junior. ROW 2: Mildred Marie Hayter, Stewartsville, Missouri, Freshman. Betty Lou Hazelton, Clearmont, Missouri, Freshman. Helen Lee Hodgin, Maryville, Missouri, Sophomore. ROW 3: Velma Holmes, Mercer, Missouri, Freshman. Beverly Holt, Quitman, Missouri, Sophomore. Avis Hower, Savannah, Missouri, Freshman. ROW 4: Dorothy Ingram, Clearmont, Missouri, Sophomore. Mary Belle Ivie, Stewartsville, Missouri, Junior. Betty Jean Jennings, Stanberry, Missouri, Junior. ROW 5: Catherine Law, Stanberry, Missouri, Freshman. Richard Leet, Maryville, Missouri, Freshman. Martha Lewis, Clarinda, Iowa, Freshman. ROW 6: Jean Little, Blanchard, Iowa, Sophomore. Annie Lee Logan, Skidmore, Missouri, Sophomore. Mary Jean Logan, Quitman, Missouri, Sophomore. ROW 7: Carrie Margaret Martin, Maryville, Missouri, Freshman. Allene Tripp Mathis, Ridgeway, Missouri, Junior. Evelyn Matter, Maysville, Missouri, Freshman. ROW 8: Cleta McClurg, Maryville, Missouri, Junior. Janiece McCoy, Clarinda, Iowa, Freshman. Betty Lou McDonald, Maryville. Missouri, Freshman. ROW I: Virginia McSinness, Skidmore, Missouri, Sophomore. Betty Lou McPherson, Maryville, Missouri, Sophomore. Helen Marie Medsker, Graham, Missouri, Freshman. ROW 2: Billie Doyle Miller, Burlington Jet., Missouri, Freshman. Frances Moffitt, Braddyville, Iowa, Sophomore. Mary Ruth Moffitt, Braddyville, Iowa, Freshman. ROW 3: Betty Jo Montgomery, Maryville, Missouri, Junior. Jennie Moore, Gallatin, Missouri, Sophomore. June Morris, Trenton, Missouri, Junior. ROW 4: Irene Mumford, Maryville, Missouri, Freshman. Helen Mundell, Gallatin, Missouri, Sophomore. Marian Mabel Murphy, Coin, Iowa, Freshman. ROW 5: Dorothy Jeane Myers, Bethany, Missouri, Sophomore. Marjorie Neal, Maryville, Missouri, Sophomore. Betty Neill, Bethany, Missouri, Sophomore. ROW 6: Gertrude Eleanor Nixon, Maitland, Missouri, Freshman. Ruth Noll, Jamesport, Missouri, Sophomore. Betty Lou O ' Brien, Brookfield, Missouri, Sophomore. ROW 7: Carmen Pages, San Jose, Costa Rica, Sophomore. Virginia Pfander, Clarinda, Iowa, Sophomore. Robin Philp, Chillicothe, Missouri, Freshman. ROW 8: Maxine Poff, Gentry, Missouri, Junior. Martha Polsley, Coin, Iowa, Sophomore. Rebecca Powell, Hatfield, Missouri, Freshman. ROW I: Alice Provow, Braddyville, Iowa, Freshman. Betty Richardson, Orient, Iowa, Sophomore. Roberta Richardson, hiatfleld, Missouri, Freshman. ROW 2: Dorothy Rickman, Pickering, Missouri, Freshman. Cecile Elise Robertson, Albany, Missouri, Freshman. Virginia Russell, Hastings, Nebraska, Sophomore. ROW 3: Johann Saemundsson, Olaphord, Iceland, Sophomore. Bennie Lu Saunders, Bethany, Missouri, Sophomore. Virginia Schmille, Westboro, Missouri, Freshman. ROW 4: Wanda Schopfer, Rosendaie, Missouri, Sophomore. Ruth Ann Scott, St. Joseph, Missouri, Sophomore. Virginia Scott, Bethany, Missouri, Junior. ROW 5: Lillian Eileen Shields, Maitland, Missouri, Freshman. Thelma Shively, Maryville, Missouri, Sophomore. Dorothy Smith, Bridgewater, Iowa, Sophomore. ROW 6: Mary Marie Smith, BIythedale, Missouri, Junior. Betty Lou Snyder, Ravenwood, Missouri, Freshman. Maxine Sobotka, Diagonal, Iowa, Sophomore. ROW 7: Betty Jo Stanton, College Springs, Iowa, Sophomore. Anna Ruth Steele, Van Wert, Iowa, Junior. Edna Stephens, Redding, Iowa, Junior. ROW 8: Jeanne Stewart, Maryville, Missouri, Sophomore. Wren Stirlen, Shenandoah, Iowa, Freshman. Betty Stroeber, Macksburg, Iowa, Freshman. V ROW I.- Helen Strong, Maryville, Missouri, Junior. Darlene Sybert, St. Joseph, Missouri, Sophomore. Mary Lloyd Taul, Smithville, Missouri, Freshman. ROW 2: Mary Ellen Tebow, Maryville, Missouri, Sophomore. Constance Thompson, Ravenwood, Missouri, Freshman. Lucille Timmons, Wheeling, Missouri, Freshman. ROW 3: Dorothy Troth, Graham, Missouri, Freshman. Americo Usandivaras, Lima, Peru, Freshman. Tracy Van Camp, Forest City, Missouri, Junior. ROW 4: Eldora Van Fleet, St. Joseph, Missouri, Junior. Mary Alice Wade, Gallatin, Missouri, Sophomore. Nadine Wallace, Maryville, Missouri, Freshman. ROW 5: Mary Watts, Bethany, Missouri, Freshman. J. Vernon Wheeler, Bolckov , Missouri, Junior. Jeanne Whisler, Panora, Iowa, Freshman. ROW 6: Dorothy White, Maryville, Missouri, Freshman. Janet Marie Wilson, University City, Missouri, Freshman. Vivian Wilson, Skidmore, Missouri, Sophomore. ROW 7: Kathleen WIntermute, Bedford, Iowa, Sophomore. Roberta Wray, Maryville, Missouri, Junior. Barbara Wyatt, Maryville, Missouri, Sophomore. ROW 8: Mary Margaret Yates, Shenandoah, Iowa, Sophomore. Rosalie Yeater, Albany, Missouri, Sophomore. Yvonne Yeater, Albany, Missouri, Sophomore. HUBERT T. GARRETT MERTON W. WILSON In memory of Hubert T. Garrett, who so faithfully served his college in past years. Mr. Garrett, a member of the Social Science department, and head of the Office of Recommendations, served on the college faculty from 1930 to 1943. hie took his work in the field of the Social Sciences seriously, believing it his duty to make better citizens of the young people in his classes. Mr. Garrett was a man with broad civic interests. He will be remembered for his active participation in local as well as school events. In memory of Merton W. Wilson, who so faithfully served this college for twenty-nine years. Mr. Wilson, head of the Chemistry department, was a member of the fac- ulty from 1914 to 1943. He was a man who held scholarship in high esteem and who always encouraged his students to go forward in their education. Mr. Wilson was a very popular man on the campus. He was sponsor of the Junior class, and took an active interest in the athletic program. He will always be remembered for his lively spirit and desire to serve the student body. I 23 I rSSE ri LT. RALPH K. BROWN Keeping 400 men (sailors at that) corralled is no easy task — so you will have to hand it to the " cap- tain, " for he has certainly done a fine job as Com- nnanding Officer of this Navy V- 1 2 unit. The C. O. is known by everyone on the campus — civilian and sailor alike, hlis jovial way and willing- ness to help make him a favorite personality at M. S. T. C. NAVY PERSONNEL Every ship must have a ship ' s company — the S. S. Maryville is no exception. What V-12 A S hasn ' t taken P. T. under Lieut. Faggetti? — or waited impatiently for the first of the month for that paycheck from Ensign Gorman? — or watched with crossed fin- gers the restricted list posted by Lieut. Nystrom? — or gone up to sick bay to see Lieut. Comdr. Reuter about that sore thumb? Aboard the S. S. Maryville the C. P. O. ' s instruct P. T., and they are the ones we see at noon muster inspecting, and giving out orders and demerits. The rest of the ship ' s com- pany, yoemen, storekeepers, and pharmacist mates, are all necessary to keep the ship operating smoothly. LIEUT, (j.g.) ALBERT FAGGETTI, JR. [24] ENSIGN LORRAINE A. GORMAN LIEUT. CLARENCE NYSTROM LIEUT. COMDR. FRED. L. REUTER OFFICIAL COMMUNIQUE On July I, 1943, total war, with a capital T hit us, and part of the largest navy in the world, the good old U. S. Navy, moved in on its objective — namely Northwest Missouri State Teachers College . . . After a few minor skirmishes the college became a naval shore station. Decks, ladders, and portholes were surrounding us. Food was now Chow. The flag was not lowered perfunctorily by a janitor at 5:00, but by a squad of sailors in true naval style, and mind you, at 1700! Gossip was no longer dirt, chatter, or gore, it was scuttlebutt — and when even gossip is changed that IS revolutionary . . . After a very few weeks of Navy Blues we began to get accustomed to the sight of uniformed men, and we ' re all so used to the Navy by now that it is hard to imagine getting along without these sailors. CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS David D. Fuller Fred Croce Daniel Shura ENLISTED PERSONNEL FRONT ROW: J. P. IVIcFadden E. Kutz D. M. Hackbart R. T. Mitchell O. K. Harwood BACK ROW: R. F. Dorroh W. A. Bauer M. O. Shemwell J. Budnick J. LaBorde I 25 1 FRONT ROW: R. C. Baum, R. D. Berendzen, R. M. Berendzen, H. E. Allen, R. E. Aldrich. MIDDLE ROW: E. G. Blenapfl, J. N. Beach. L. R. Ament, H. Barron. BACK ROW: R. L. McClay, K. M. Bays, H. T. Godwin. FRONT ROW: G. A. Arrowsmlth, J. F. Ask, 0. R. Avery, R. E. Batterson, A. Ben- detti, J. V. Burton, D. E. Anderson, V. C. Bennett. MIDDLE ROW: A. M. Andrews, L. D. Bensmiller, W. A. Armstrong, L. A. Bass, J. J. Amad, G. A. Anderson, D. C. Aasland, M. B. Bredvold. BACK ROW: D. A. Bitters, L. A. Hanre, H. F. Bryand, W. N. Altken, B. A. Ander- son, S. D. Adier, W. J. Barber, F. A. Baker. ||M Mif5»i»s ' 7t;W isWSt f -,.« 0 H 0fl A [26] Jpt 0 ft .♦, ■- FRONT ROW: A. M. Broadbent, K. R. Brown, J. A. Borg, T. H. Boulay, K. A. Par- sons, A. Phillips, C. E. Ewert, C. Dachroeden, K. L. Cassat. MIDDLE ROW: L. S. Braam, L. W. Gaylord, H. C. Briggs, T. D. Boyce, A. Allen, A. J. Berger, J. E. Bell, J. E. Brown, P. W. Crawford. BACK ROW: R. N. Davis, B. J. Brzenski, J. B. Chatten, C. G. Burns, R. R. Cannon, W. O. Burman, J. O. Bouzek, T. L. Brown, R. W. Brooke, H. L. Bland. FRONT ROW: M. Christine, R. A. Clark, C. D. Foster, R. H. Day, R. D. Dencker, E. A. Conley, J. D. Goodman, C. R. Beck, L. J. Green. MIDDLE ROW: R. A. Daggs, G. W. Campbell, H. D. Clemmensen, G. T. Cloyd, R. R. Cosgrove, G. C. Beebe, J. L. Corken, N. J. Decker. BACK ROW: L. A. Coburn, C. D. Carpenter, J. A. Clarity, L. S. Bishop, R. L. Cros- key, T. E. Dederick, C. L. Cramer, G. W. Coleman. - " IHE 4R ' E-im : 1 1 1 " t . « » - ' M ' f-. f-»».i.rf.$s» 127] r FRONT ROW: C. S. Dickson. W. E. Gildow, K. J. Gurian, D. J. Dolphin, 0. E. Gra- tias, R. Ferris, R. M. Dodds, N. P. Dye, G. W. Entrietto. MIDDLE ROW: C. D. Foell, K. L. Eaton, G. E. Faulkner, F. A. Ervin, A. G. Bru- baker, B. J. Gaudette, J. G. Fay, D. M. Dillon, E. Dockter. BACK ROW: D. D. Farrara, W. Duggleby, R. P. Darigan, R. B. Fick, J. B. Erickson, W. L. Donat, L. D. Finecy, R. W. Ambrose. FRONT ROW: D. B. Jacobs, B. J, Hillen, C. J. Imig, A. B. Holbrook, A. Hoekstra, H. J. Hinton, G. L. Hurst, H. H. James, C. A. Jacobson. MIDDLE ROW: M. S. Hopper, D. L. Jarvis, 0. 0. James, R. D. James, R. R. Horn- yak, E. G. Gatlin, R. A. Enrietto, H. L. Honett. BACK ROW: W. K. Leonard, R. D. Jackson, W. M. Hopp, R. B. Ilten, J. F. Hoffman, R. E. Greene, W. M. Hickman. ' - " % " ■ [28] t XJ.JJI : :,♦; ■» • --i itl ' . ' ii. , it , o x s$ r:: :: ---Ci ' y !£ vri ;, ,. -% w ' ¥ ' ' FRONT ROW: N. D. Gentzler, J. Kehoe, L. W. Stroud, J. D. Kelsey, C. J. Keidel, N. K. Jungk, V. L. Arne, W. B. Loyd, H. E. Hennis. MIDDLE ROW: R. J. Schillito, R. B. Kasner, E. H. Pickner, J. D. Kempkes, J. E. Kendrick, W. F. Grisham, L. G. Jones, G. A. Hettler. BACK ROW: T. H. Saltsman, D. O. Powell, B. M. Heatcn, F. S. Creacy, M. E. John- son, K. W. Jones, D. L. Jung. FRONT ROW: R. E. Logan, C. W. Knauer, B. D. Klas, K. W. Kinney, J. P. LeBlanc, M. W. Jennings, L. D. Lyon, V. A. Pobis, F. D. Krusemark. MIDDLE ROW: G. R. Lonning, J. A. Kuhn, J. J. Leonard, D. B. Lindsay, O. A. Wadewitz, H. K. Manning, J. K. Lepley, C. W. McAllister. BACK ROW: V. Hoar, G. E. Ludwig, M. J. Menfeld, R. C. Whitebread, M. J. Treb- toske, W. R. Harms, R. R. Grubbs. [29 1 - flv .l !!. 1 1 1 ' ' WW ' t t 1 -Jlm ' iMf . bL - VL ' ' ' W - V V ' ' T 1 FRONT ROW: R. M. Madeson, W. C. Moulder, G. F. Le Roux, G. E. Hiatt, G. R. Grant, L. W. Kaul, J. M. Housley, G. C. Huggins. MIDDLE ROW: T. C. McCarthy, F. Naxera, J. L. Lindberg, W. L. Forsland, G. W. Knoeber, D. E. Foster, R. A. Kirk, S. M. Marshall. BACK ROW: U. E. McElflsh, H. L. Kent, L. M. Kirts, R. L. KIndall, D. U. Hickek, R. J. Kranz, D. R. Hassett, D. W. Hansen. FRONT ROW: M. D. Heaney, J. R. Heaton, W. E. Neff, G. C. Wachter, D. J. Ham- mer, D. W. Grefthen, E. F. Goetz, T. R. Martin, G. M. Wesley. MIDDLE ROW: K. R. Parsons, F. D. Parker, G. E. Nesmlth, J. D. Fry, W. E. Moore, A. F. Mork, J. E. Mitchell, W. J. MIneau. BACK ROW: R. J. Ervin, M. J. Thomas, J. L. McSherry, F. L. McFarland, G. W. Fromknecht, B. E. Mick, D. K. Montez, R. M. Moore. L30] L« 1. 5 48 ' -« ■ pt r N f t »fl Lf f » . ' ' B r % ' % ' V FRONT ROW: T. A. Nutting, C. D. Oviatt, P. P. Pierson, R. G. Preston, E. F. Mose, T. H. Reimers, E. N. Prothero, F. L. Searcy. J. Reilly. MIDDLE ROW: W. T. Mueller, D. E. Patton, E. L. Reardon, S. F. Nelson, L. F. Guiter, G. J. O ' Donell, L. T. Young, T. J. Hastings. BACK ROW: F. C. Pascale, M. F. Piburn, W. D. Noakes, G. E. Weiss, E. W. O ' Leary, L. E. Nelson. J. H. Tenpenny. FRONT ROW: M. V. Samuelson. C. Saville, R. N. Haugen, N. E. Schrage, W. W. Stevenson. J. A. Stice, W. E. Robinson, R. L. Rolling, D. E. Rittierodt. MIDDLE ROW: W. C. Reynen, H. F. Rice, W. R. Schooler, L. C. McGraw, B. R. Roark. G. C. Robinson, B. L. Woolfork, T. L. Namminga. BACK ROW: H. R. Sheppard, E. D. Rustand, I. L. McClure. P. J. Sherbroun, D. Rondberg. C. N. Reynolds, L. G. Scott. $ J t t t t $- $,%. ,% ,$ f f » • [ 31 1 FRONT ROW: D. E. Shultz, F. J. O ' Hara, R. M. Silver, R. L. Slocum, J. J. Poppino, W. R. Purvis, D. L. Spencer, R. L. Steckel, R. A. Stelter. 1V1IDDLE ROW: K. W. Johann, G. P. Theilmann, G. I. Luymes, L. D. Vander Schaff, J. C. Williams, C. E. Strlfler, E. Wiggins, F. W. Trites. BACK ROW: N. T. McHugh, R. C. Smith, W. Morgan, R. L. Munger, W. A. Speagh. R. Hughes, L. V. McKibben, T. R. FRONT ROW: J. H. Warden, P. I. Wells, L. N. Taylor, C. W. Thierfelder, J. M. Trump, S. A. Szabo, L. R. Witsaman, D. Rose, E. E. Stiles. MIDDLE ROW: D. R. Witherspoon, J. W. Whit, F. R. Welch, J. W. Weil, V. C. Weidmaier, J. B. Weigand, N. K. Zaezkowski, D. A. Wright. BACK ROW: J. C. Tapp, O. K. Van Roekel, W. J. Waggoner, E. S. Wilson, J. A. Wood, E. E. Wormhoudt, R. V. Wilson. C. B. Watts. [32] FRONT ROW: J. F. VanHotten, W. T. Warren, W. E. Tuomi, J. R. Witthar, K. E. Underwood. BACK ROW: D. A. Wood, E. K. Warne, G. C. Wood, W. G. Zimmerman, R. T. Webster. LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Parks, H. Ward, T. Boyce, C. Luke, J. Ludke, R. King. [33] FRONT ROW: H. R. Beakley, A. J. Morian, J. G. Lindsay, E. B. Klein, W. R. An- derson, D. P. Stark, J. E. DeBoris, A. M. Dredge, M. Benson. MIDDLE ROW: E. M. Ancin, R. A. Clark, G. E. Allison, W. M. Campbell, E. T. Becker, K. R. Hartwig, R. L. Miller, R. Amber, R. Blauser. BACK ROW: V. A. Forss, S. Brill, R. A. Klein, W. S. Billings, J. B. Morgan, D. L. Venn, C. L. Fritz. FRONT ROW: T. G. Wylie, E. H. Matyas, D. H. Vetterleih, J. J. Bubser, M. B. Huntley, J. F. Brent, J. J. Janisch, R. W. Stempel. MIDDLE ROW: R. Woods, L. J. Marchinski, H. Howard, B. J. Zerbey, J. A. Wln- terling, R. D. Mclntyre, H. L. Wolf, G. E. Leichllter, J. L. Nelson. BACK ROW: R. F. O ' Donnell, J. E. Kajander, J. C. Sansone, J. W. Marshall, G. P. McCarrey, R. L. McBicker, R. A. Parker, J. S. Fisher. L34] ur.r! I ♦ t «» t ,t- •,$ ♦ ♦ J V MH 9 FRONT ROW: M. Johnson, H. Schneck, W. First, H. A. Fedderson, R. Fink, R, O. Hagman, A. Green, V. E. Eaker. MIDDLE ROW: R. E. Hartmann, G. Erspamer, J. S. Smith, A. VonderEsch, J. R. Weiss, K. E. Going. BACK ROW: S. Green, A. Wensley, W. K. Schniedau, R. O. Gauvain, N. Tanner, R. H. Wilde, W. J. Schumm. FRONT ROW: J. Nl. Brosena, S. W. Burke, L. W. Barlow, R. L. Arnholt, E. W. Blocker, P. J. Boyer, D. E. Anderson, J. E. Church. MIDDLE ROW: M. R. Brown, J. Boyd, M. E. Duncan, C. R. Bergen. O. V. Buchanan, A. Limoggio, H. M. Lund, A. F. Murnane, W. R. Cady. BACK ROW: J. D. Barton, M. R. Becker, E. Onofrio, P. T. DiPasquale, A. M. Dunn, D. W. Boyd, R. S. Peugh, D. E. Dowe. x ' v . -. » ' ■.„ft.?;sr ' ' -tm V i I 35 J FRONT ROW: G. R. Smith, Z. M. Wells, P. J. Dennihan, P. E. Petrofsky, A. E. Bry- son, D. E. Bolen, J. B. Norris, E. J. Marks. MIDDLE ROW: N. Chmura, J. P. Nelson, T. M. Marks, R. W. Gaston, A. B. Cook, W. E. Edgecomb, A. D. Lovelace, J. S. Stanley, D. M. Miller. BACK ROW: D. L. Parnell, H. L. Halverson, R. A. Odom, C. J. Litteken, E. M. Kieke, T. D. Harkins, R. M. Crump, L. A. Steinweg, J. H. Dorough. FRONT ROW: J. D. Allen, W. Blacklock, D. E. Glum, B. G. Nunley, C. M. Wood- worth, J. R. Booth, J. R. Herron, G. G. Presnall, W. F. Traver. MIDDLE ROW: J. E. Baker, W. J. Brehm, B. R. Smith, M. H. Golden, D. A. Lensing, T. J. Sheehan, G. S. MacKnight, W. G. Campbell, G. F. Sullivan. BACK ROW: R. Q. Foote, J. M. Pettit, J. H. Swanson, M. H. Wills, I. B. Rose, H. W. Engel, R. M. Sattler, L. N. Werthmuller. r , t • M w m M y mmi ' mr ' ii «.. ♦ ' m % % !j, W. [36] . • ' .•■. ' ■AcX ' : FRONT ROW: J. R. Engstrom, J. K. Burns, J. J. Grindinger, B. L. Varner, O. F. Schick, J. Howe, W. E. Goodman, B. H. Olson, R. H. Diskin. MIDDLE ROW: G. C. Gutknecht, R. J. Finney, R. L. Elsenbarth, D. C. Crews, W. T. Davis, J. K. Zukauskan, H. D. Taft, G. Everson, R. E. Moore, E. M. Fine. BACK ROW: F. H. Johnson, F. J. Drinkwater, R. M. Schelble, C. E. Fanslow, E. W. Donahue, W. L. Faust, F. Kiefer, E. P. Elliott, D. F. Tschirhart. FRONT ROW: E. L. Redman, R. R. Holman, L. A. Hunke, J. E. Rogers, W. M. Westberg, O. A. Madison, D. A. Cook, J. V. Cain, J. G. Davis. MIDDLE ROW: B. A. Schmidt, E. C. Signaigo, K. H. Broadfoot, B. G. Barco, J. J. Dixon, A. G. Gelser, H. A. Hark, G. Q. Poole, D. W. Orendorff, R. C. Snyder. BACK ROW: N. E. Pinfold, K. H. Mayor, J. C. Willms, M. A. Gaiter, R. G. Miller, C. E. Curington. W. H. Hill, P. M. Ross. [37] . f , t f t f . t ' f f ,♦ f t " , % ' ' FRONT ROW: C. J. Lewitz, W. M. Stewart, W. R. Zeltner, E. T. DeVine, R. D. Mc- . Ilroy, W. F. Needham, J. L. Shoulders, R. J. Fairhead. MIDDLE ROW: P. W. Freeman, J. T. Wells, J. C. Caraway, J. R. Wallls, A. M. Em- bree, C. C. Stevens, R. L. Scott, J. L. Butler, R. Climer. BACK ROW: J. M. Stangner, K. S. Reed, C. E. Owens, J. R. Brown, R. O. McDougal, F. C. Burkett, J. W. Fisher, L. B. Tuttle. FRONT ROW: E. J. Ruyf, J. W. Cobb, N. L. Morlarty, B. F. Hearne, T. Singletary, D. D. Vaughan. MIDDLE ROW: K. C. Kelly, W. Coffey, J. 1. Holmes, M. E. McClish. H. T. Burtschn, BACK ROW: J. L. McCandles, R. J. Long, H. A. Walsh, F. G. Clark. [38] STUDENTS NOT SHOWN John Adams Catherine Aldrich Nadean Allen Shirley Anderson Beverly Archer Robert L Birbeck Raymond Braun Patricia Bush hielen Campbell Dorothea Carter LaVonne Cederlind James Condren Mary Ellen Corington John Cretzmeyer Carolyn Curnutt Dorothy Davis Kenneth Day Florence Devers Kenneth Dewell Charles Dickson David D. Donlon Woodrow Elliott Margaret Englemann George Entrikin Jack W. Fisher Valeria Fourt Lawrence Fox Herbert Hackman Kenneth D. hiarris Jack M. Heacock Vern E. Hillman Audrey Hisel Gayle S. Hornbaker Mary Jane Hoshor Lois Hoyt Lucille Hutchison Margaret Irvin Donald D. Jensen J. Robert Johnson Lois Johnson Margaret Johnston Mildred Keenan Robert Lalumondier Darlyne Linguist Catherine Lykins Jones Mason George Messer Esther Miller William Neff James Nicolaisen Richard Norland Bruce Olson Elizabeth Fennel Roland Peterson Frances Pfander Charles Pickering Phyllis Jean Price Merril Rainey John Sheil Richard Smith Blaine Steck Kathryn Stewart Betty Strange Clara Belle Sullenger Marjorie Sweat Floyd Thomas Louise Thomas Thomas Tobin Joseph Weakly George Wesley William Wilcox I 39] A A, ' -n ' I i U t-:x A OQGA r n TDO i ' ' wP i ilfe X -wij- r t (» ipt» uj jK li 4- " V g lau— LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. John J. Rudin, sponsor; J. Trump, K. Stewart, B. Townsend, R. Terry, H. D. Haynes, B. Schooler, M. Alexander, vice- president; J. Dougan, president; M. R. Gram, secretary; C. Parks, K. Lepley, E. A. Davis, J. Morris, treasurer; E. Miller, V. Bauer, G. Knoeber. STUDENT SENATE The Student Senate, which is a representative group of students, is the governing asso- ciation on the M. S. T. C. campus. Among the varied activities performed by the group this year were the Ersatz Dance, which replaced the traditional Walk-Out Day; the care and improvement of the Bearcat Den; supervision of the sale of Christmas Seals and War Bonds; appointment of the Social and Assembly committees, and the Cheerleaders. The Senate sponsored the publication of the Student hiandbook, and was responsible for cleaning the textbooks to be sent to war prisoners. A temporary memorial to alumni killed in action has been placed in the Bearcat Den until a permanent monument can be erected. The Senators are elected from each class. A Junior or Senior having served three terms in the Senate is presented with a Senate Key. Those receiving the key this year are: J. Dougan, M. Alexander, J. Morris, E. A. Davis, C. Parks. B. Townsend, and M. R. Gram. [42] SEATED: J. Gilpin, M. Sobotka, vice-president; M. M. Yates, treasurer; Miss Dorothy Truex, sponsor; E. Fox, president; H. Mundell, secretary; E. R. Kendall. STANDING: A. R. Steele, M. M. Gantt, V. Culver, B. J. Jennings, T. Hall, F. Moffitt. NOT SHOWN: D. Smith, C. O ' Brien, W. Stirlen, M. J. Hoshor, L. John- son, L. Hoyt, B. J. Holt. VARSITY VILLAGERS COUNCIL The Varsity Villagers Association is a social organization for all the girls who live oft the campus, which includes all the girls now. The council, which is connposed of the Varsity Villagers officers and the presidents of approved houses, serves as a governing body and helps plan all social events. The plan is to have at least one social event each month. Some of the main events this year have been: Treasure hunt for the freshmen girls, theater party with entertainment in the Tivoli lounge afterwards, informal Christmas Dance with the Navy Dance Band furnish- ing the music, and the Penny Carnival given for the new Navy boys. In addition to these social activities, the Varsity Villagers have served on the campus as ushers for major entertainments, guides for Senior Day, and assistants in all-school projects. [43] TOWER STAFF Time — Money — Film — and W-O-R-K — are all necessary for putting out a yearbook, and we were definitely short on all. But have a 1944 Tower we m-u-s-t! So with the decision made and the big offensive started, things began to work out. First came priority on films, workers rallied to the call and began to produce. But there was that money ele- ment that proved to be very stubborn (what with the scarcity of rubber, It didn ' t seem to stretch very well). But by cutting down here and grouping there, we finally found our- selves with a Tower ready for publication. Here It is — we have done our best. We owe a great deal of the success of this publication of the Tower to our sponsor. Miss Truex, whose unceasing helpfulness was so graciously given. FRONT ROW: Mary Lroyd Taul, Alice Noland, Helen Boyersmlth, Yvonne Yeater, Miss Dorothy Truex, Patsy McDermott, Bennie Lou Saunders, Margaret Arnold. BACK ROW: Anna Lee Logan, Tharen Erickson, Rosalie Yeater, Emma Ruth Kendall, Janiece McCoy, Roberta Richardson, Vivian Wilson, Alice Provow. NOT SHOWN: Ardina Combs, Bernice Goforth, Betty Jennings, Phyllis J. Price, Mary Watts. , JL, giiiSg NORTHWEST MISSOURIAN STAFF .sf Playing hunches and trailing sources the Northwest MIssourian staff has again scooped the campus news. Editor Esther Miller has capably led her squad In a thorough covering of Important events. ESTHER MILLER A feminine staff, with the exception of the V-12 sports writer, they have never been accused of " petticoat scruples. " Of special note is the effort which has been made in the Armed Services Column to follow the students who have attended college here. Several men have written back to say that they had located their former buddies through the Missourian. For the past year the dates of publication have been twice monthly instead of weekly, on account of the paper and manpower shortage. SEATED: C. B. Sullenger, Miss Mattie M- Dykes, sponsor; R. Yeater, STANDING: M. Arnold, V. Bauer, C. Foster, Sports editor; V. Wilson, A. Noland. NOT SHOWN; E. A. Davis, M. Baker. SEATED: M. Neal E. R. Kendall, corresponding secretary Miss Inez Lewis, sponsor M. Seitz, vice-president S. Moore, president J. Moore STANDING: B. Townsend, historian A. Hansen, chairman scholarship committee Mr. Harold V. Neece, sponsor M. A. Wade V. Scott Pi OMEGA PI Beta Chapter of Pi Omega Pi, under the sponsorship of the Connmerce Departnnent, has been active during the year w ith entertaining speakers, constructive meetings, and social events, such as the annual banquet and informal party for pledges. STUDENT SOCIAL COMMITTEE Besides the usual social affairs of the year, the Social Committee has had an added duty this year — that of co-ordinating civilian and Navy activities. Among committee-sponsored events of the year were the Christmas Ball, All-School Dances, and Leap Week. LEFT TO RIGHT: M. L. DeWitt G. Coleman E. Gorsuch, chairman V. Wilson Miss Dorothy Truex, sponsor J. Corken B. Kowitz [46] FIRST ROW: V. Bauer, secretary- treasurer Miss Mary Fisher, sponsor I. Heideman, president SECOND ROW: J. Gilpin V. Wilson B. J. Montgomery E. Graham PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The council consists of members chosen from the two sororities with Miss Mary Fisher acting as faculty supervisor. They are in charge of fall rush season, which they open with a tea for rushees of both sororities. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Since Its establishment in 1935, this council has been concerned with promoting good will between the two fraternities, and between them and the non-Greek organizations on the campus. Three principal meetings were held to discuss pledging each semester. SEATED: H. D. Haynes R. Terry, president Mr. R. T. Wright, sponsor STANDING: J. N. Beach J. Corken, secretary NOT SHOWN: R. Leet. vice-president [47] PHI SIGMA EPSILON FRONT ROW: W. G. Zimmerman, R. L. Munger, J. Trump, H. Clemmen- son, pledge master; A. Benedetti, sergeant-at-arms; K. Cassat, R. Wilson, ROW 2: B. Steck, A. McClay, R. W. Ambrose, K. Lepley, D. Dolphin, K. L. Eaton, A. Alle n. L. Bland, C. Parks, vice-president; H. Haynes. ROW 3: R. Terry, president; D. Barber, R. Leet, treasurer; J. E. Bell, K. Parsons, L. S. Bishop, J. V. Burton, J. Brown, L. Guitar, W. B. Loyd, O. Crockett. BACK ROW: H. R. Dieterich, sponsor; R. Smith, W. R. Hughes, D. Patton, K. Parsons, secretary; R. Smith, K. J. Gurian, W. T. Garrett, sponsor. Again the armed forces have made a big difference in the membership of this fratern- ity. New sailors have come " aboard, " old sailors have gone " on leave, " and a few civil- ians have stuck with us throughout the year. Social events such as smokers, informal dances, parties in the Bearcats ' Den, and the Greek-Letter formal, have been the main functions this year, hlowever, the main event of the year was the formal dinner dance at the Country Club in February. New honorary members initiated this year were Lieutenant Ralph K. Brown, and Lieu- tenant Clarence Nystrom. [48] Ml FRONT ROW: K. M. Bays, secretary; R. A. Daggs. R. T. Wright, sponsor; N. E. Schrage, vice-president; J. Corken, president; G. T. Cioyd, treasurer; J. R. Witthar. MIDDLE ROW: B. Miller, A. M. Andrews, R. M. Dodds, W. Fisher, G. Anderson, E. A. Conley, J. H. Warden. BACK ROW: J. Amad, J. N. Beach, R. Cosgrove, sergeant-at-arms: W. A. Armstrong, W. N. Aitkin, G. L. Cramer, H. E. Allen, R. W. Aldrich. SIGMA TAU GAMMA Theta Chapter of this fraternity was established on this campus in 1927, and is one of the oldest national social professional teachers college fraternities. The objectives are so- cial enrichment, extensive participation in extra-curricular activities, leadership, and fellow- ship among members. The Tau ' s were handicapped very much in the fall by havin g only four old members re- turn and, the chapter room being needed by the Navy, hlowever, the Navy sent some fine fellows here and the Tau ' s wish to express their appreciation to the Student Senate for use of the Bearcat Den as a meeting place. Social events consisted of smokers, a dinner, Greek-Letter formal, initiation, and fun. [49] All aboard! Plane leaving for England, Russia, and China. Tri-Sigma opened her rush season by taking a tour through the allied nations. Picnics, nnovies, dances, and a lot of fun have been hers! Mrs. Ennnna Teichgraeber, national inspector, visited us, and the pledges entertained by giving a lovely tea in her honor. The major social event was our spring formal — it was the climax to a very successful year! Our national social service project for the year was contributing to the museum in an Argentine school. We contributed a box containing interesting articles and pictures from Missouri, and were the first chapter to write a letter to this school. We also gave aid to the local nursery school and rolled bandages one night each month In the Red Cross room. FIRST ROW: W. Stirlen, M. Alexander, vice-president; B. Goforth, B. Anderson, M. Polsley, recording secretary; V. Pfander. SECOND ROW: E. Stephens, V. Wilson, corresponding secretary; J. Cable, H. Strong, V. Bauer, president; G. Bailey, M. DeWitt, P. Bush, P. Mc- Dermott. THIRD ROW: J. Moore, M. Gram, keeper of grades; B. Chandler, M. Bailey, J. Gilpin, treasurer; E. Gorsuch, H. Mundell, A. Allison, L. Gorsuch, M. Arnold, M. Gray. FOURTH ROW; Miss Owen, sponsor; J. Wilson, M. Lewis, D. Smith, M. Yates, B. O ' Brien, M. Chapman, M. Wade, R. Philp, Miss Cozine, sponsor. SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA [50] Yes, it did happen +o us. The Phi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha started the year off with a bang — by moving into our beautiful new sorority home on west Seventh. Our outstanding social activities of this year have varied from theater parties to teas, from formal dances to informal gatherings at the house. Our " Prexy " was sent to McComb, Illinois, for the installation of a new A. S. A. chapter. Members of whom we are proud are Melba Seitz, Sue Moore, Bette Townsend, and Emma Ruth Kendall for being in Who ' s Who; Mary Bruce, Football Queen; and Clem Shively, Bond Queen. We are indebted to our swell house mother, Mrs. Moore, and to our sponsor, Miss Lewis, for guiding us through a successful year. FIRST ROW: S. Anderson, secretary; M. Irvin, M. Bruce, B. Cushman, J. Agler, H. Campbell. SECOND ROW: C. Curnutt, A. Combs, E. Kendall, M. Seitz, B. Town- send, treasurer; E. Graham, vice-president; V. Schmille, H. Medsker. THIRD ROW: T. Shively, Mrs. Moore, J. Stewart, chaplain; B. Mont- gomery; P. Price, editor; J. Morris, registrar; Miss Lewis, sponsor; I. Heideman, president; C. Martin. FOURTH ROW: L. Johnson, B. Thompson, A. Hisel, K. Stewart, B. Laugh- lin, M. Smith, C. Aldrich, S. Moore, D. Myers, M. Baker, Historian. NOT SHOWN: N. Allen. ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA [51 ] CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club was organized on the campus this year by a group of Navy men in- terested in photography. The amateur photographers studied the art of taking good pic- tures, developing, etc. Mr. Marcell, city photographer, lectured to them, demonstrating correct methods for taking portrait pictures. They worked with the Tower staff taking pictures for the yearbook. The members were: Eugene Stiles, president; John Cretzmeyer, vice-president; Paul Woll, secretary and treasurer; Thomas H. Saltsman, Don Goodman, Wayne Tuomi, Ken- neth Dewell, Vernon Weidmaier, Ralph L. Rolling, Robert Cannon, Bob Silver, Jim Tapp, Laurence Fox, Richard Slocum, Dean Powell, Chester Strifler, Darrell Wright, Lloyd Bens- miller, with Lieut. Albert FaggettI, Jr., as sponsor. FRONT ROW: R. Yeater M. Yates C. Curnutt L. Bucker I. Mumford M. Irvin BACK ROW: V. Russell S. Moore J. V. Wheeler Mr. J. Rudin, sponsor B. Terry E. Kendall L. Runnels SPEECH COUNCIL Speech and Dramatics activities are sponsored by the Speech Council. The Council inaugurated the Speech-Social Science discussion of Russian affairs, and debaters garnered two " Excellent " ratings at the Pi Kappa Delta provisional tournament. INTERMEDIATE GRADE CLUB Intermediate Grade Club was established for the purpose of acquainting prospective teachers with the responsibilities and privileges of the intermediate field. Besides regu- lar meetings, the club sponsored a tea for new members and a Christmas chili supper. SEATED: M. B. Ivie, secretary- treasurer M. Logan, vice-president Miss Mary Keith, sponsor B. Arnold B. Richardson M. Fulkerson STANDING: J. Harvey T. Erickson, president E. Fox M. Trotter M. Hayter, reporter M. DeWitt F. Moffitt KAPPA OMICRON PHI FIRST ROW (left to right): H. Strong, D. Showalter, V. Wilson, E. Gor- such, first vice-president; P. McDermott, M. Murren, recording secretary. SECOND ROW: C. McClurg, B. Laughlin, B. Kowitz, president; Miss June Cozine, sponsor; T. Van Camp, I. Thompson, treasurer. THIRD ROW: R. Collins, G. Walker, keeper of archives; V. Bauer, second vice-president; M. Cook, M. Chapman, guard; M. Busch, corresponding secretary. Kappa Omicron Phi is the professional home economics fraternity. This year the activities have been centered around South American themes. The fra- ternity members have become acquainted with their customs, occupations, food fancies, architecture, and the future role of hlome Economics in those countries. To become an active member it is necessary to have completed a minor in home eco- nomics, and to be in the upper twenty per cent of the Home Economics students with grades In all subjects. Among its many activities, rush parties, the annual Founder ' s Day Banquet, serving for the Christmas Ball, and several open house parties for Navy men, added to the zest and fun of the year. [54] ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION FIRST ROW: D. Smith, M. Sobotka, B. McDonald, M. Gregg, L. Cederlind, F. Alexander. SECOND ROW: M. Cummins, I. Heideman, D. E. Masters, treasurer; Miss Chloe E. Millikan, sponsor; L. Beavers, L. Gorsuch, V. Pfander. THIRD ROW: M. Alexander, E. Bennett, vice-president; B. Kelley, G. Bailey, M. Polsley, president. NOT SHOWN: P. J. Price, secretary; E. M. Calix, M. E. Corington, P. Duff, M. Gray, F. Pfander, B. J. Montgomery, K. Wintermute, D. Rickman. The Association for Childhood Education, familiarly known as the A. C. E., is a student branch of a great international organization which has as its chief purpose and interest the guidance and education of young children — nursery, kindergarten, and primary. Young women who are preparing themselves for teaching in this field are invited to become mem- bers. Miss Chloe E. Millikan, Director of Early Childhood Education, is the sponsor. Meet- ings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. The year opened with a tea for prospective members early in September. The pledging and initiation party, the Christmas party, the Valentine party, and the May breakfast are social events which are still on the calendar. The other meetings are of a professional na- ture. The community service project this past year was a continuance of our support of the city day nursery. [55] " Yea! Maryville, " shout the Barkatze. After twelve years of having a membership of about twenty boys and twenty girls, the organization, due to lack of civilian manpower, changed its constitution for the duration. Now it is an all female group that you see wear- ing the traditional green jackets and white culottes, supporting their team so enthusiastic- ally. Their group spirit helped them in putting on several successful stunts and two well- attended chili suppers. They are looking forward to another year with their sponsors. Miss Wincie Ann Carruth, and Mr. W. W. Cook. FIRST ROW: J. Wilson, V. Pfander, B. Anderson, L. Gorsuch, P. Bush, B. O ' Brien, T. Erickson, J. Moore, M. Chapman. SECOND ROW: G. Bailey, M. Bailey, J. Gilpin, M. DeWitt. B. Saunders, M. Alexander, vice-president; B. Archer, M. M. Yates. THIRD ROW: M. Taul, R. Philp, E. Gorsuch, secretary; M. Mundell, V. Scott, stunt captain; A. B. Allison, B. Jennings, M. A. Wade, B. Kowitz, E. Fox, president; V. Bauer, B. Wray, Miss Wincie Ann Carruth, sponsor. THE BAR!K ATZE w msmrn;. : ' . ? :-M ' :% ' [56] I FIRST ROW: M. Arnold, V. Wilson, treasurer; M. E. Corlngton, secretary; J. Little, C. Curnutt, M. Bruce, S. Anderson. SECOND ROW: J. Morris, M. Lewis, K. Stewart, Miss Bonnie Magill, sponsor; C. Aldrich, S. Moore, president; B. Townsend, vice-president; E. Graham. THIRD ROW: M. Busby, M. Polsley, B. Cushman, M. Gray, H. Boyersmith, B. Laughlin, M. Seitz, J. Stewart, A. Combs. NOT SHOWN: E. M. Calix, E. R. Kendall, stunt captain; H. Campbell, D. Rickman, S. Elliott, J. Agler, V. Schmille, M. Irvin, B. J. Montgomery, P. J. Price, R. A. Scott. J. McCoy. T. Shively, N. Allen. GREEN and WHITE PEPPERS The Green and White Peppers, a women ' s organization, was organized during the fall of 1927. The purpose of the club is to encourage the athletic teams, to promote good sportsmanship, and to contribute to the entertainment of the public at athletic events. New members are selected by a unanimous vote of the Peppers. The Peppers in their green and white uniforms have been present at every game to spur the Bearcats on to victory. They are girls who have plenty of vim, vigor, and vitality. In addition to their loyal support they have put on stunts between halves at several games. [57 1 FIRST ROW: M. L. Taul, E. Fox, T. Erickson, president; D. E. Masters, Miss Bonnie Magill, sponsor; F. Moffitt. SECOND ROW: M. M. Gantt, L. Beavers, W. Schopfer, C. Lykins, D. Sybert, V. Russell, F. Devers. THIRD ROW: B. Richardson, M. Moffitt, B. Archer, D. Eisminger, B. Fuhrman, B. Stroeber. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Women ' s Athletic Association was organized in 1925 for the purpose of pronnoting school spirit, loyalty and teamwork. Any woman in the college maintaining an " M " aver- age in all school work, and who has earned seventy-five points in the Women ' s Athletic Department of the college is eligible for membership. They must have a vital interest in the type of work In which the organization engages. This year W. A. A. sponsored a basketball tournament during the winter semester and soft ball for girls during the spring semester. It also sponsors volleyball, hockey, and vari- ous other minor sports under the guidance of its sponsor, Miss Magill. [58] THE " Y " The Y. W. C. A. Is one of the active organizations on the campus. The weekly Thursday night meetings have consisted of group discussions of current events and other topics of interest, and short worship services. Guest speakers were Reverend Jones of the First Methodist Church, Miss Frances hHoHlday of the Eugene Field School, and Dr. Dildine of the College. In January the " Y, " in co-operation with the Senate, sponsored a successful World Stu- dent Service Fund Drive, and in March helped in the Red Cross Drive. The social side of the organization has not been neglected. On Thursday before Christ- mas vacation, we met at the Methodist Church for a chili supper, followed by caroling. We are looking forward to a slumber party in the " Y " hut this spring and the summer conference at hlollister. FIRST ROW: M. Logan, treasurer; E. Davis, president; P. Duff, M. Murphy, V. Culver, B. Stroeber, A. Provow. SECOND ROW: Dr. Irene Mueller, sponsor; L. Cederlind, D. Troth, M. Bressler, V. Holmes, L. Beavers. THIRD ROW: D. Davis, B. J. Stanton, vice-president; G. Gray, E. Matter, L. Adkins. NOT SHOWN: R. H. Scott, secretary; B. Laughlin, K. Wintermute. DANCE CLUB An organization under the able direction of Miss Win- cie Ann Carruth, whose pur- pose is three-fold: First, re- creation; second, self-expres- sion through the dance; and third, a broader apprecia- tion of the art of the dance. This group combines en- tertainment for the public with its other activities. Cli- maxing the social program, a formal banquet is held each spring. MEMBERS i ' ' t,:i- h. M. Bruce L. Bucker D. Carter C. Curnutt P. Duff A. Gustafson E. R. Kendall M. Neal B. Nelll A. Noland, president B. O ' Brien V. Russell B. L. Saunders A. R. Steele B. Steele B. J. Thompson D. White M. L. Dean, accompanist -■ ' «e?fr m MUSIC DEPARTMENT The Music Department was limited this year because it had no boys. As usual, there was the Women ' s Chorus, Women ' s Ensemble, String Quartet, and String Ensemble. These groups were active all year and made several public appearances. With the coming of the Navy, a marching band was organized which played at the football games and for Dress Inspection. These and a few other Instrumental groups and the Navy Quartet made up the Music Department, which helped with various campus activities. WOMEN ' S ENSEMBLE LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Pfander B. J. Montgomery R. A. Scott M . Polsley M. Baker M. E. Tebow V. Wilson E. R. Kendall Miss Marian Kerr, sponsor WOMEN ' S CHORUS FIRST ROW: (Left to Right) L. Cederlind M. E. Fothergill I. Mumford L. Bucker M. Gregg B. Neill B. McPherson M. Baker A. L. Logan A. Gustafson R. Wilson SECOND ROW: D. Linguist L. J. Bunch L. Beavers D. Troth M. Fulkerson W. Schopfer R. A. Scott V. Wilson M. E. Tebow E. R. Kendall M. L. Dean THIRD ROW: V. Pfander M. Polsley B. J. Montgomery M. Jorgenson M. Hayter B. Holt R. Powell E. Robertson E. Van Fleet D. White F. Alexander P. Duff Dr. Reven S. DeJarnette, sponsor 0y ' €• " " " ' M nrz run 1 c zi t ' J: , Bernetta Cushman Ben Brzenski Mary Lloyd Taul CHEERLEADERS Are these faces familiar? If not they should be, for here are three people who attend- ed every home game, football and basketball, rain or shine; who cheered the loudest and jumped the highest — all for the spirit of the game. When enthusiasm lagged and Bearcat points were a little weak, the cheerleaders were there to spur the team on to greater ef- forts; and when points were rolling in thick and fast, it was the cheerleaders again who led the happy throng in songs and yells. They didn ' t forget the opposing team, either. Nearly every game there were fifteen rah ' s for someone besides Bearcats, and exceptionally fine plays by the opposing side were applauded. Sportsmanship, pep, ability, and enthusiasm are just a few of the characteristics neces- sary to a good cheerleader, and we are proud to say that our leaders possess all of them. Now, let ' s have three cheers for TEAM, a big Bearcat Locomotive, a couple of cart- wheels from Ben, and — another goal, please! [64 J Betty Jo Montgomery Ellin Graham Mary Bruce Sue Moore Carolyn Curnutt FOOTBALL QUEEN Half time at the Homecoming game had been called. Green and White Peppers and Barkatze had performed their stunt and were waiting in place on the field, and the crowd was in suspense as a roadster bearing the football queen and her attendants drove on to the field. Not a hint as to her identity had escaped, so no one knew that Jay Dougan was to crown Mary Bruce as 1943-44 Queen of Football. Candidates and their escorts took their places on a platform built on the field. Mary was crowned Queen and then presented with a football bearing the names of the mem- bers of the football team. The Queen reigned over the Homecoming dance following the game. I 65 1 ■a m »wvMf T WJx; f w m OBI FOOTBALL Starting the football season with only letternnen Dygert and Weidmaier, Coach " Taffy " Milner built up a hard hitting and high passing squad of Navy lads. They marched down the field for five wins, one tie, and one defeat. The Bearcats opened the season at Rosecrans Field on September 18, against the Rose- crans Flyers, and Van Pelt ' s passes to Dygert clicked for a 6-0 win. Bringing the game to the home field on September 24, the Green and Whites trounced the Missouri Valley Vikings by a score of 14-0. Flashy Joe Flad showed his running power when he dashed 78 yards for a touchdown. Doane College delivered to Maryville, on October I, its only defeat of the season, when their Dick Thompson aggressively squeezed through the Bearcat line for an 18-14 margin. On October 8, the Bearcats, on their home field, handed the Peru Bobcats a 25-7 defeat, and Behrens almost tied Flad ' s running feat when he made a 75- yard return. Clemmensen, Benedetti, and Guiter showed their usual backing skill. 166] FRONT ROW: W. J. Waggoner, R. R. Hornyak, L. T. Young, S. A. Szabo, J. Corken. D. Patton, G. Fromknecht. SECOND ROW: R. E. Greene, W. A. Speagh, J. D. Kempkes, W. T. Warren, P. Pier- son, A. Benedetti, D. Dolphin, M. Thomas, B. Steck. THIRD ROW: R. Fick, J. Trump, J. C. Williams, H. Clemmenson, L. Bland, L. Guiter, S. Nelson, L. A. Hamre, J. Dieterich. BACK ROW: Coach Milner, G. I. Luymes, K. Parsons, E. L. Reardon. Chief Fuller, V. Weidmaier. F. W. Trites, D. Norland, Lt. Faggetti. Getting the Bearcats on their home field, October 16, the Bobcats settled for a 0-0 tie. With both teams depleted by Uncle Sam ' s transfers, the Rosecrans Flyers met the Bear- cats again, but on the Bearcat ' s home field, and suffered a 19-0 defeat. Journeying down to Warrensburg to close the season, November 20, Maryville met the Mules and returned home the victor. Twice, " Pinky " Pierson plunged over the line in the last quarter, to bring the score up to 20-13. Thanks to the spirit of the fighting Navy which carried over into the spirit of fighting Bearcats, the Green and White finished another successful season. [67 J FIRST ROW: J. Kempkes, B. Roark, B. Moore, J. Borg, J. Brown. SECOND ROW: D. Barber, Jim Corken, D. Foster, W. Hopp, K. Lepley, Jerry Corken, B. Stack. THIRD ROW: Chief Fuller, L. Guiter, R. Hansen, G. Coleman, A. Benedetti, Coach Milner. BASKETBALL The Bearcats Cage team romped through the season with erratic scoring. With no let- termen, except Jim Corken, late in the season the whole squad saw action in almost every contest. Navy lads, Borg, Moore, Foster, and Brown sparked the team for many a fast game. Starting the season December 9, at hlutchinson, Kan., against the Naval Flyers, Mary- ville lost 43-23. Stopping at Parkville on the homeward journey, the Bearcats lost that bout 20-17. On the home court, December 17, the Bearcats bowed to the Rockhurst hiawks when Drennan, the rugged center for the hiawks, led his team to a 36-30 victory. On December 26, the Green and Whites put up a terrific battle with the Hutchinson Fly- ers, but again came out losers when the score totaled 32-27. The exchange shots of Borg [ 68] and Spurlock of the opposing team kept the score in a deadlock for the last seven min- utes of play. January 7, the Bearcats revenged the former defeat at the hands of Park- ville by trouncing them 43-23. Then on January 18, the Maryville Cagers defeated the Hawks of Rockhurst at the Mason-hlolpin Court in Kansas City by a close tally of 33-31. Keeping up their winning streak, on January 20, Jerry Borg made a push shot in the last 15 seconds of play for a 33-3! victory over the Peru Bobcats. Despite Brown ' s five field goals, the Warrensburg Mules took Maryville for a 43-31 score on January 27, on the Maryville court. On January 31, the Olathe Clippers clipped the Bearcats 40-23. After winning over the Bobcats again 35-20, and losing to the Mules of Warrensburg and the Leavenworth Flyers 64-44 and 51-33, the Bearcats ended their season with a sensational vic- tory over former victors, the Olathe Clippers. Foster, always a steady start, went wild and tossed 13 field goals and 12 free throws for 38 points out of the 58-48 score. With only five wins out of the 13 contests, the Bearcats had a good season. Every game was a battle in which anything could happen, therefore, the outcome was always a surprise. [69] INTRAMURALS The intramurals this year re- volved around the rivalry of the Quad men with the Dormates, and every contest was a bitter battle to the end. It brought back mennories of the days when the fraternity rivals Taus and Phi Sigs, used to slug it out. The civilian boys were not left out, however, for during the Basketball season they got up a team and jokingly called themselves the 4-Fers. The biggest hit of the intra- mural season came when the ex- hibition boxing matches were held. With swollen jaws, bloody noses, cut lips, and black eyes, the contestants came up grin- ning and held that grin for days afterwards while they continued to look like escapees from a lo- cal morgue. The Baseball season followed in the spring and again the ri- valry persisted between the Stinky Quads and the Royal Dormates — or was it rivalry be- tween the Royal Quads and the Stinky Dormates? [70] ST. JOSEPH GOLDEN GL OVES CHAMPS E. Allen, B. M. Heaton, Chief Croce, F. Trltes, M. J. Thomas. WINNERS OF M. S. T. C. TOURNEY FRONT ROW: F. Trites, R. M. Berendzen, B. M. Heaton, K. E. Mitchell, G. E. Ne- smith, G. Hettler. BACK ROW: W. G. Zimmerman, K. M. Bays, M. J. Thomas, F. L. McFarland. E. Conley, C. L. Cramer. RUNNERS-UP OF M. S. T. C. TOURNEY FRONT ROW: G. W. Knoeber, M. Piburn, R. L. Kimball, R. D. Berendzen, D. Smith, L. A. Hamre. BACK ROW: L. V. McKibben, E. S. Wilson, B. Gildow, D. L. Jung, F. R. Welch, G. L. Hurst. [711 ■1 X I I I C Z1 hoQoiTQ a ' {? OD NAVY HAPPY HOUR The C. P. O. ' s and A S put their heads together and decided to have a fun frolic to show what the Navy could do. The result was the Happy Hour, which, as the name inn- plies, was an hour filled with laughs for everyone. The V-I2ers appreciated the participation of the officers in the program — especially the vocal work of Chief Fuller and the jokes by master-of-ceremonies Chief Shura, and the audience laughed heartily at the typical orders shouted by Chief Croce. It just goes to show that even the C. P. O. ' s aren ' t such bad guys after all! An evening of fun was drawn to an impressive climax when a hundred sailors rose and marched down the aisles to stand at attention before the flag detail while the " Star Spangled Banner " was sung. FRONT ROW: 0. P. O. Shura D. Patton C. Pickering P. Pierson C. P. O. Croce J. D. Kelsey BACK ROW: R. L. King B. Brzenski C. W. IVIcCallister J. B. Erickson R. Davis G. C. E. D, L. I. Luymes P. O. Fuller IVIoser Norland FInecy [76] SSRHSUSSTTu , ANCHOR ' S AWEIGH! Here comes the Navy! Ten+Ion! Forward — March! " Shave and a hair cut? 0800 Color Guard. Any demerl+s today? •Old Glory. " [77] Irene Heideman Anna B. Allison Vivian Wilson Kathryn Stewart Mary Lloyd Taul 1944 TOWER QUEEN Preceding intermission at the Scoop Dance, President Lamkin crowned Mary Lloyd Taul, Smithville, Missouri, 1944 Queen of the Tower. The Queen and her escort led the grand march and, with her attendants, presided over the dance. y ci i CAMPUS LIGHTS OF ' 44 When the last great front is finished And the songs of warring die And the lights of joyous cities Gleam against the peaceful sky, Then the minds of you returning Having what you struggled for Will be lit again in memory By Campus Lights of ' 44. Musters in the blue of morning Towers grey against the sky And the striving for the finish Thoughts like these can never die. And the years will pass more quickly And the new songs replace the old And the hashmarks shall be added To the Navy Blue and Gold. But the rustic bridge at evening, And the Campus white with snow Will be etched upon your memory No matter where you go. All these things you will remember Milestones in a path you wore To your goal. Lit by the memory Of Campus Lights of ' 44. — Mrs. D. C. Shura. [80] CAMPUS LIGHTS OF ' 44 Gay costumes, glittering lights, gorgeous girls and giddy gobs, and music sweet and jivey to the strains of the Campus Lights orchestra, made up the delightful musical revue — Campus Lights of ' 44. This musical extravaganza, presented by more than one hundred students, under the di- rection of Yeoman Jack Budnick, comprised a variety of talent ranging from melodrama to the latest in tunes. [81] BOND DRIVE In conjunction with the nation-wide war bond drive, M. S. T. C. held theirs under the motto of " Buy a war stamp or bond and help select the Bond King and Queen, " and $4,500 in bonds and stamps were sold. Climaxing the drive, the Navy Ball was held at which Lieutenant Brown crowned Jerold Borg and Thelma Shively Bond King and Queen. [82] NAVY BALL " Welcome aboard the S. S. Gymnasium! " greeted the officer in charge. We walked up the gangplank, saluted the flag and found ourselves aboard a dream ship — blue sky overhead, and ocean waves around us, dancing to a Navy orchestra. It was a dream in real life. For doing things in the novel naval way this dance was the crowning example. For the first time we danced on the formerly touch-me-not-with-street-shoes gymnasium floor . . . for the first time we could actually purchase cold drinks on the second floor of the gym building . . . and certainly for the first time we imported a V- 1 2 band from the neighboring Teachers College, Warrensburg. Girl-friends from the old home-towns were imported, taxi company 502 had a very busy night, and an unheard-of amount of money was spent on corsages. A gala occasion for gay gobs, and glamorous gals. " Nuff sed! " [84] The Library, former sanctum sanctorum of study (no remarks!), has now become Naval Headquarters. The lower floor where the reserved books were kept now is full of books on Naval Reservists. There is much standing at attention, standing on the " carpet, " and standing in line for various things . . . The beautifully equipped Horace Mann School, too, is the place where sailors see films on " The Navy Way " . . . Sandwiched between these two buildings are two chiefs — and, what is it chiefs usually have around — Squaws??? Pardon us! . . . Upper right-handedly we see what potential naval officers should not look like . . . And didst know that petunias grew, and flourished in the urns in front of transformed Residence Hall in spite of the change to he-man residents? [853 [86] [87] HBi HiiiiHii v - S ' J [90] In Appreciation of the Co-operation and Excellent Work Done by ARTCRAFTS ENGRAVING CO. St. Joseph, Mo. and COMBE PRINTING CO. St. Joseph, Mo. which nnade this publication possible. [91] GENERAL INDEX Page Administrative Officers 8 Alpha Sigma Alpha 51 Appreciation Page 91 Association of Childhood Education 55 Athletics 62-71 Barkatze 56 Basketball 68-69 Board of Regents 6 Bond King and Queen 82-84 Camera Club 52 Campus Lights 80-8 I Cheerleaders 64 Class Officers 14 Dance Club 60 Dean of Faculty 7 Faculty 9-12 Features 72-90 Football 68-69 Football Queen 65 Happy hi our 76 In Memoriam 23 Interfraternity Council 47 Intermediate Grade Club 53 Intramurals 70-7 I Kappa Omicron Phi 54 Lieutenant Brown 24 Music Department 61 Navy 26-38 Northwest Missouri an 45 Pan-Hellenic Council 47 Personnel 4-39 Personnel Directors 7 Phi Sigma Epsilon 48 Pi Omega Pi 46 President Lamkin 6 Room Teachers 13 Secretaries 13 Senate 42 Seniors 15-16 Ship ' s Company 24-25 Sigma Sigma Sigma 50 Sigma Tau Gamma 49 Speech Council 53 Student Social Committee 46 Students Not Shown 39 Title Page 1-3 Tower Queen 78-79 Tower Staff 44 Underclassmen I 7-22 Varsity Villagers 43 Women ' s Athletic Association 58 Y. W. C. A 59 [92] FACULTY Page Aldrich, Julian C , 9 Anthony, Hettie Mae 9 Bowman, Estella 9 Carpenter, Mary 13 Carruth, Wincie Ann 9, 56 Carter, Mrs. Hazel E 9 Cauffield, Arthur 9 Colbert, George H 9 Cook, T. H 9 Cook, W. W 9 Cooper, Bert 9 Cozine, June 9, 50, 54 Cunningham, M. C 9 Davis, E. A 9 DeJarnette, Reven 9 DeLuce, Olive 9 Dieterich, H. R 10, 48 Dildine, Harry G 10 Dow, Blanche H 10 Dreps, Joseph A 10 Dykes, Mattie M 10,45 Elliott, Ma rjory 10 Fisher, Mary M 10 Foster, Henry M 10 Fran ken, Katherine 10 Fran ken, Margaret 10 Fussier, Julia 13 Garrett, William 10, 48 Hake, J. W 10 Helwig, Katherine 10 Hopkins, Carrie 10 Horsfall, Frank 10 Hoy, A. E II Hoyt, Zona I I Hubble, Robert T M Keith, Mary E M Kerr, Marian J II Kruer, Mrs. A. C I I Lane, Ruth O M Lewis, Inez I I, 51, 46 Lowery, Margaret Ruth II Magill, Bonnie I I, 57, 58 Millikan, Chloe E 11,55 Milner, Ryland H 11,67,68 Moore, Lewis I I Mueller, Irene I ' ■ 59 Neece, Harold V 7, 11,46 Nelson, Ruth t I O ' Grady, Mrs. Ray 12 Painter, Anna M 12 Parman, Virqil 12 Phillips, H. T 12 Porterfield, Jacob 12 Powell, Marjorie I 3 Reece, Alta E 12 FACULTY— Cont ' d Page Roberts, R. Warren 12 Roper, Lois Jane 12 Rudin, John 12,42, 53 Sayler, Mrs. Norvel 12 Seubert, E. E 12 Shepherd, Grace M 39 Smith, Dora B 12 Somerville, Leslie 12 Strong, John 12 Thompson, Kenneth 12 Tripp, Lois 13 Trullinger, Donald 12 Valk, D. M 12 White, David 12 Wilmeth, J. Richard 12 Wright, R. T 12,47,49 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Anthony, Dr. F. R 39 Brumbaugh, Lucile 8 Davis, Mrs. Jewell Ross 8 Jones, J. W 7 Lamkin, President Del W 6 Owen, Margaret 8, 50 Phares, Mrs. Kyle 8 Rickenbrode, W. A 8 Truex, Dorothy 7, 43, 44, 46 Villars, Ruth E 8 Wells, C. Edwin 8 Wilson, Lon E 8 SECRETARIES Barry, Mrs. Florence 13 Blue!, Marie 13 hlolmes, Marth a Mae 13 Juvenal, Mary 13 Winburn, Mabel Claire 13 Young, Evelyne I 3 BOARD OF REGENTS Curry, James 6 Curfman, E. C 6 Douglas, R. L 6 McWilliams, Edmund 6 Morris, M. E 6 Scantlin, Roy C 6 Wherritt, Alan 6 SHIP ' S COMPANY Page Anderson, LeRoy, Storekeeper 2 C 39 Bauer, William A., Yeoman I C 25 Black, Robert N., Pharmacist Mate 3 C 39 Brown, Ralph K., Lieutenant 24 Budnick, Jack S., Yeoman 2 C 25 Burdette, Howard, Pharmacist Mate 3 C 39 Cregan, James J., Chief Pharmacist Mate 39 Croce, D. Fred, Chief Specialist 25,71,76 Dorroh, Robert F., Storekeeper 2 C 25 Fagetti, Albert, Jr., Lieutenant (jg) 24,67 Fuller, David D., Chief Specialist 25, 67, 68, 76 Gorman, Lorraine A., Ensign 24 Hackbardt, Donald M., Storekeeper I C 25 Harwood, Oliver K., Pharmacist Mate 2 C 25 Kutz, Edward, Pharmacist Mate 2 C 25 LeBorde, Garold C, Pharmacist Mate I C 25 McFadden, John P., Storekeeper 2 C 25 Mitchell, Ralph T., Storekeeper I C 25 Nease, Pearl G., Seaman 2 C 39 Nystrom, Clarence, Lieutenant 24 Reuter, Fred L., Lieutenant Commander 24 Shemwell, Max O., Storekeeper I C 25 Shura, Daniel C, Chief Specialist 25, 76 Weber, Wayne W., Storekeeper 2 C 39 STUDENTS A Aasland, Donald Christopher 26 Adams, John Ferdinand 39 Adkins, Frances Louise 17,59 Adier, Stanley D 26 Agler, Joyce Ellen 17,51 Aitken, William Nelson 26,49 Aldrich, Catherine 51, 57 Aldrich, Ray Edward 26,49 Alexander, Floydine Olivia 17,51,54 Alexander, Mona C 17,42,50,55,56 Allen, Archie, Jr 27,48 Allen, Hayes Elgin 26,71,49 Allen, James D 36 Allen, Nadean 39 Allison, Anna B 17,50,56,78 Allison, George Eugene 34 Amad, Joseph John 26, 49 Amber, Richard Donald 34 Ambrose, Robert Walter 28, 48 Ament, Lewis Richard 26 Ancin, Lewis Michael 34 Anderson, Barbara Anne 17,50,56 Anderson, Bernard Alfred 26 Anderson, Donald Eugene 26, 35 Anderson, Gordon Andrew 26, 49 Anderson, Shirley Maxine 51,57 Anderson, Wilmer Richard 34 Andrews, Arthur Max 26,49 [93] INDEX— Continued Page Archer, Beverly Jean 56, 58 Armstrong, William Alvin 26, 49 Arne, Vernon Lee 29 Arnholt, Roy Lee 35 Arnold, Berva Dawn 17,53 Arnold, Margaret Virginia 15,44,45,50,57 Arrowsmith, Gerald Arnold 26 Ask, John Frederick 26 Avery, Cecil Russell 26 B Bailey, Georgia Reid 17,50,55,56 Bailey, Merllyn Bliss 17,50,56 Baker, Fred A 26 Baker, James Edward 36 Baker, Margaret 15, 51, 61 Barber, Donald Russell 17,48 Barco, Robert G 37 Barlow, Lincoln Wayne 35 Barron, hierman 26 Barton, James Donald 35 Bass, Lawrence Arvil 26 Batterson, Richard Earl 26 Bauer, Vernelie 15,42,45,47,50,54,56 Baum, Robert Combs 26 Bays, Kenneth Maxwell 26,49,71 Beach, James Neil 26,47,49 Beakley, Herschel Robert 34 Beavers, Lois Evelyne 17,55,58,59,61 Beck, Charles Richard 27 Becker, Eugene Thomas 34 Becker, Marvin Roy 35 Beebe, George Clifton 27 Bell, James Edgar 27,48 Benedetti, Albert 26, 48, 67, 68 Bennett, Elizabeth Ellen 15,55 Bennett, Vernon Clark 26 Bensmiller, Lloyd Dale 26 Benson, Marvin Reford 34 Berendzen, Ray Malcolm 26,71 Berendzen, Roy Donovan 26,71 Bergen, Charles Robert 35 Berger, Arnold Joseph 27 Bienapfl, Eugene George 26 Billings, William Stanley 34 Birbeck, Robert Leiand 39 Birkenholz, Celia Frances 17 Bishop, Louis Cheridan 27,48 Bitters, Donald Allen 26 Blacklock, Wayne 36 Bland, Herbert Louis 27,67.48 Blauser, John Rodney 34 Blocker, Edwin William, Jr 35 Bolen, Donald E 36 Booth, John Richard 36 Borg, Jerold Ardin 27, 68, 83 Boulay, Thomas Hugh 27 Bouzek, Joseph Otto 27 Boyce, Thomas Duane 27, 33 Boyd, Dan Wesley, Jr 35 Boyd, James, Jr 35 Boyer, Paul Gerome 35 Boyersmith, Helen Marie 15,44,57 Braam, Leonard Steketee 27 [94] B Page Braun, Raymond E 39 Bredvold, Marlin Benjamin 26 Brehm, William John 36 Brent, Jack Frank 34 Bressler, Kenneth Jason I5 Bressler, Marian Rose 17,59 Briggs, Hugh Carpenter 27 Brill, S 34 Broadbent, Arthur Marion 27 Broadfoot, Kenneth Herbert 37 Brooke, Richard Whitman 27 Brooks, Frank 36 Brown, Jay Edward 27. 48. 68 Brown, John Richard 38 Brown, Karl R 27 Brown, MyrI Robert 35 Brown, Thomas Lester 27 Brosena, John Michael 35 Brubaker, Alvin Galen 28 Bruce, Mary Katherine 17,51,57,60,65 Bryant, Harry Foster, Jr 26 Bryson, Arthur E 36 Brzenski, Benjamin Joseph 27. 64. 76 Bubser, James John 34 Buchanan, Orville Vern. Jr 35 Bucker, Lilybelle 17, 53, 60, 61 Bunch, Lois Jean 17,61 Burke, Samuel Woodson 35 Burkett, Frederick C 38 Burman, Wallace Oren 27 Burns, Charles Gaffney 27 Burns, James K 37 Burr, Mary Ellen . 17 Burton, James Virgil 26.48 Burtscher, Henry Thomas, Jr 38 Busby, Maries Dean 17.57 Busch, Marjorie Ellen 15,54 Bush, Patricia Ruth 50, 56 Butler, Jimmy Lee 38 Cable, Jane Ermile 17,50 Cady, William Raymond 35 Cain, James Vincent, Jr 37 Calhoun, Burrell Howard 39 Calix, Eva Maria 17 Campbell, George Willis 27 Campbell, Helen LaDean 51 Campbell, W. G., Jr 36 Campbell, William McBridge 34 Cannon, Robert Read 27 Caraway, James Campbell 38 Carpenter, Clifford Delmont 27 Carpenter, Wallace 39 Carter, Dorothea M 17,39,60 Cassat, Kenneth Lyie 27,48 Cederiind, Donna LaVonne 55, 59, 61 Chandler, Betty Louise 17 Chapman, Margie 15,50,54,56 Chatten, Junior Beam 27 Chmura, Norbert 36 Christine, Mark 27 Church, John Edward 35 Clark, Frank Gann 38 INDEX— Continued Page Clark, Richard Adkins 27 Clark, Roy Alvin 34 Clarity, James Archibald 27 Clemmensen, Harvey Dwayne 27, 48, 67 Climer, Robert 38 Cloyd, Gordon Thayer 27, 49 Cobb, James Weldon 38 Coburn, Loran Alva 27 Coffey, Wi!liam M 38 Collins, Ruth Verle 17,54 Coleman, Gaylord Wallace 27, 46, 68 Combs, Ardina Lynn 17,51,57 Condren, James C 39 Conley, Eugene Allen 27,49,71 Cook, Andrew, Jr 36 Cook, Donald Albert 37 Cook, Maxine 18, 54 Cooper, LeRoy F 39 Corington, Mary Ellen 57 Corken, Jerry Lee 27,46,47,49,68 Corken, Jim 18, 67, 68 Cosgrove, Robert Russell 27, 49 Cramer, Charles LaRue 27,49,7! Crawford, Paul Willis 27 Creacy, Fred Smith, Jr 29 Cretzmeyer, John Willis 39 Crews, Durward Cornelius 37 Crockett, Glen Curtis 18,48 Crockett, Velma Bernice 18 Croskey, Richard Lee 27 Crump, Richard Morcom 36 Culver, Virginia Marie 18,43,59 Cummins, Marjorie Wray 15,55 Curington, Charles Edward 37 Curnutt, Carolyn Jeanne 51,53,57,60,65 Cushman, Bernetta Lee 18,51,57,64 Page Dolphin, Donald Joseph 28,48,67 Donahue, Alma Alice 18 Donahue, Elmer W., Jr 37 Donat, Ward Linn 28 Donlon, David Douglas 39 Dorough, Joseph Henry 36 Dougan, J. Luther 15,42 Dowe, David Ernest 35 Dredge, Albert Matthew 34 Drinkwater, Fred J. Ill 37 Duff, Pauline 18, 59, 60, 6! Duggleby, Wayne 28 Duncan, Marvin Eugene 35 Dunn, Arthur Montgomery, Jr 35 Dye, New Patterson 28 Eaker, Vincent E 35 Eaton, Kenneth Leonard 28, 48 Edgecomb, William 36 Eisminger, Dorothy Martina 18,58 Elliott, Edwin P 37 Elliott, Shirley Jeanne 18 Elliott, Woodrow W 39 Eisenbarth, Ralph Lee 37 Embree, Austin Martin ill 38 Engel, Henry W 36 Engelmann, Margaret Louise 39 Engstrom, John R 37 Enrietto, Robert Alfred 28 Entrikin, George William 39 Erickson, Tharen Elaine 18,44,53,56,58 Erspamer, Gordon Eugene 35 Erwin, Francis Allan 28 Erwin, Raymond Joseph, Jr 30 Everson, Gordon, Jr 37 Ewert, Carl Ernest, Jr 27 Dachroeden, Charles III 27 Daggs, Robert Austin 27 Darigan, Rush P 28 Davis, Dorothy 1 59 Davis, Elizabeth Ann 14, 15,42,59 Davis, James G 37 Davis, Roger Nelson 27, 76 Davis, Warren T., Jr 37 Day, Kenneth 39 Day, Robert Henry 27 Dean, Mary Louise 18,61 DeBonis, Joseph Edward 34 Decker, Noel Jerome 27 Dederick, Theodore 27 Dencker, Robert Duayne 27 Dennihan, Patrick Joseph 36 Devers, Florence 58 Devlne, Eugene Thomas 38 Dewell, Kenneth Irving 39 DeWitt, Mary Louise 15, 46, 50, 53, 56 Dickson, Charles S ; 39 Dillon, Donald Michael 28 Di Pasquale, Peter Thomas 35 Diskin, Richard H 37 Dockter, Emil 28 Dodds, Ralph Marvin 28,49 Fairhead, Robert J 38 Fanslow, Clayton E 37 Faulkner, Glenn E 28 Faust, William L 37 Fay, John George 28 Fedderson, Harry Arthur 35 Ferrara, Donald Dominic 28 Ferris, Richard 28 Fick, Robert B 28.67 Finecy, Leiand Dwight 28, 76 Fine, Earl Martin 37 Fink, Raymond 35 Finney, Robert J 37 First, William Louis 35 Fisher, John Swarely 34 Fisher, Jack Warren 37,49 Fisher, Robert Lee 39 Foell, Cecil Duane 28 Foote, Richard Quentin 36 Forsland, Wallace LeRoy 30 Forss, Vincent Alexander 34 Foster, Clifford Donald 27,45 Foster, Darrell E 27,68 Fothergill, Mary Ellen 15,61 [95] INDEX— Continued Page Fourt, Valeria King 39 Fox, Eulaine 18, 43. 53, 56, 58 Fox, Lawrence Weber 39 Freeman, Paul W 38 Fritz, Charles Ladd 34 Fromknecht, George William 30, 67 Fry, John Dale 30 Fuhrman, Betty Claire 18,58 Fulkerson, Marilyn Lee 18,53,61 Galtner, Morris Arnold 37 Gantt, Mary Margaret 18,43,58 Gaston, Robert Wylie 36 Gatlin, Ellis Garland 28 Gaudette, Bernard Joseph 28 Gauvain, Robert Oliver 35 Gaylord, Lloyd Warren 27 Geiser, Anton G 37 Gentzler, Norman David 29 Gildow, William Evan 28,71 Gilliland, Evelyn Marie 15 Gilpin, Margaret Jean 15,43,47,50,56 Glum, Do nald E 36 Godwin, Harold Theodore 26 Goetz, Edward Francis 30 Goforth, L. Bernice 18,50 Going, Kenneth Eugene 35 Golden, Marion hiarvey 36 Goodman, Joseph Donald 27 Goodman, William Edward 37 Gorsuch, Elaine 15,46,50,54,56 Gorsuch, Mary Louise 18,50,55,56 Graham, Ellin Margaret 18,47,51,57,65 Gram, Bernard Joseph 18 Gram, Mary Rose 18,42,50 Grant, Glenn Russell 30 Gratias, Charles Edwin 28 Gray, Mariorie Lucille 18,50,57 Gray, N. Geraldine 18,59 Green, Aaron 35 Green, Lawrence James 27 Green, Stanford 35 Greene, Robert Eugene 28, 67 Grefthen, Daniel Woodrow 30 Gregg, Marjorie Kathleen 18,61,55 Grindinger, John Joseph 37 Grisham, William Franklin 29 Grubbs, Robert Ray 29 Guiter, Loren Frederick 31,48,67,68 Gurian, Kenneth Jay 28, 48 Gustafson, Agnes May 18,60,61 Gutknecht, Gene C 37 H Hackman, Herbert W 39 Hagman, Robert Oliver 35 Hall, Thelma Fern 15,43 Hal verson, H. S 36 Hamre, Lawrence Allen 26, 67, 71 Hansen, Alice Marie 15,46 Hansen, Roland Wentworth 30, 68 Hark, Hurbert August 37 [96] H Page Harkins, Thomas Dean 36 Harms, Walter Richard 29 Harris, Kenneth Dale 39 Hartmann, Robert Elliott 35 Hartwig, Kenneth Robert 34 Harvey, Dorothy Jean 19,53 Hassett, Daniel Richard 30 Hastings, Thomas John 31 Haugen, Robert Nathan 31 Haynes, Harold Don 19,42,47,48 Hayter, Mildred Marie 19,53,61 Hazelton, Betty Lou 19 Heacock, Jack Mills 39 Heaney, Merle David 30 Hearne, Benjamin Foreman, Jr 38 Heaton, Blaine Manly 29,7! Heaton, John R 30 Heideman, Irene Mae 15, 47, 51, 55, 78 Hemmer, Donald Jerome 30 Hennis, Henry Emil 29 Herron, John Robert 36 Hester, Harold Veilin 39 Hettler, Glenn A 29, 71 Hiatt, George Edwin 30 Hickman, Wilbur Max 28 Hickek, Donald Ulysses 30 Hill, William Henry 37 Hillen, Bernard Joseph 28 Hillman, Vern Ernest, Jr 39 Hinton, Harry Joseph 28 Hisel, Audrey 51 Hoar, Verne, Jr 29 Hodgin, Helen Lee 19 Hoekstra, Anthony 28 Hoffman, John Frederick 28 Holbrook, Allan Bertrand 28 Holman, Robert Ray 37 Holmes, Jack Irwin, Jr 38 Holmes, Velma LaVeda 19,59 Holt, Beverly Jo 19, 43, 61 Honett, Howard Lee 28 Hopp, Wayne Merlin 28, 68 Hopper, Marvin Shannon 28 Hornbaker, Gayle Story 39 Hornyak, Roy Robert 28,67 Hoshor, Mary Jean 43 Housley, John Mitchell, Jr 30 Howard, Hugh 34 Howe, Jerome Lee 36 Hower, Avis Fern 19 Hoyt, Lois Jean 43 Huggins, George Chester 30 Hughes, William Rudd 32,48 Hunke, Lloyd Alden 37 Huntley, Mahlon Ballard 34 Hurst, Gordon Lowell 28,71 Hutcheson, Leatha Lucille 39 I llten, Robert Brammer 28 Imig, Charles Joseph 28 Ingram, Dorothy Neille 19 Irvin, Margaret Louise 51,53 Ivie, Mary Belle 19,53 INDEX— Continued Page Jackson, Robert Dale 28 Jacobs, Donald Bernard : 28 Jacobson, Charles Allen 28 James, Clarke Charles 28 Jannes, Howard Henry 28 James, Robert Dale 28 Janison, John Joseph 34 Jarvis, David Leo 28 Jennings, Betty Jean 19, 43, 56 Jennings, Milton Woodrow 29 Jensen, Donald Dale 39 Johann, Kenneth Wilbie 32 Johnson, Floyd H 37 Johnson, Joseph Robert 39 Johnson, Lois Doston 43,51 Johnson, Margaret Eliene 39 Johnson, Martha Earl 29 Johnson, Milton Henry 35 Jones, Kenneth Warren 29 Jones, Lester George 29 Jorgenson, Mrs. Marjorie 15,61 Jung, Darrell Lee 29,71 Jungk, Norman Knight 29 K Kajander, John Elmer 34 Kasner, Edmund Broughton 29 Kaul, Lyman William 30 Kays, Olaf 35 Kehoe, Joseph 29 Keidel, Charles Jack 29 Kelley, Beulah F 16,55 Kelly, Kenneth Campbell 38 Kelsey, John Dean 29, 76 Kempkes, James Dunlap 29, 67, 68 Kendall, Emma Ruth 16,43,44,46,51,53,60,61 Kendrick, John Edward 29 Keenan, Mildred Jean 39 Kennedy, Kathleen Louise 16 Kent, Harold Louis 30 Klefer, Fred 37 Kieke, Earl Max 36 Kimball, Richard Lee 30,71 King, Russell Lloyd 33, 76 Kinney, Keith Willis 29 Kirk, Robert Allen 30 Kirts, Lynn Merrill 30 Klas, Bruce David 29 Klein, Edwin Benedict 34 Klein, Robert Anderson 34 Knauer, Charles William 29 Knoeber, George William 30, 71 Kowitz, Barbara 16, 46, 54, 56 Kranz, Richard John, Jr 30 Krusemark, Fred Donald 29 Kuhn, James Arthur 29 Lalumondier, Robert Israel 39 Laughlin, Bernice Evelyne 16,51,54,57 Law, Catheryne Isabelle 19 LeBlanc, Joseph Patrick 29 Leet, Richard Hale 19,48 Page Leichliter, Glenne 34 Lensing, Dean Arlou 36 Leonard, James John 29 Leonard, William Kendall 28 Lepley, John Kenneth 29,42,48,68 Le Roux, Gene Francis 30 Lewis, Martha Ellen 19,50 Lewitz, Cecil J 38 Limoggio, Anthony 35 Lindberg, Jerome Leon 30 Lindsay, Donald Bryce 29 Lindsay, John Graham 34 Linguist, Darlyne Elayne 61 Litteken, Cornelius J 36 Little, Jean Marie 19,57 Logan, Annie Lee 19,44,61 Logan, Mary Jean 19,53,59 Logan, Robert Eldred 29 Long, Robert James 38 Lonning, Gordon Robert 29 Lovelace, Arlon Dowell 36 Loyd, William Butler 29,48 Ludtke, James Buren 33 Ludwig, George ElUrd 29 Luke, Clinton Lemar 33 Lund, Harvey Melvin 35 Luymes, Glenn Irwin 32, 67, 76 Lykins, Catherine Jean 58 Lyon, Lloyd D 29 M MacKnIght, Guy Stanley 36 Madeson, Robert Manley 30 Madison, Ormon Ansley Franklin 37 Manning, Howard 29 Marchinski, Leonard John 34 Marks, Earl J., Jr 36 Marks, Thomas M 36 Marshall, Joseph Walter, Jr 34 Marshall, Samuel Mac 30 Martin, Carrie Margaret 19,51 Martin, Thomas Russell 30 Mason, Jones 39 Masters, Dorothy Ellen 16,55,58 Mathis, Allene Tripp 19 Matter, Evelyne Elizabeth 19,59 Matyas, Emil Henry 34 Mayor, Kenneth Warren 37 Mc McAllister, Clyde Walter 29,76 McCandies, John Lock 38 McCarney, Gene Phillip 34 McCarthy, Thomas Carrell 30 McClay, Arnold LeRoy 26,48 McClish, Maurice Eldredge 38 McClure, Irvin Leslie 31 McClurg, Cleta Ruth 19,54 McCoy, Janiece Margaret 19,44 McDermott, Patsy Ann 16,44,50,54 McDonald, Betty Lou 19,55 [97] INDEX— Continued Mc Page McDougal, Robert Lewis 38 McElfish, LaVerne Eugene 30 McFarland, Frank LeRoy 30,71 McGinn is, Virginia 20 McGraw, Leiand Ches+er 31 McHugh, Noble Tyrus 32 Mcllroy, Raymond Dale 38 Mcln+yre, Robert David 34 McKibben, Lloyd Vance 32,71 McPherson, Betty Lou 20,61 McSherry, John Lawrence 30 McVicker, Roger Lloyd 34 Medsker, Helen Marie 20,51,53 Menfeld, Michael James 29 Messer, George Joseph 39 Mick, Bernard Eugene 30 Miller, Billie Doyle 20,49 Miller, Donald M . ' 36 Miller, Esther Minna 42,45 Miller, Richard Gene 37 Miller, Richard LeRoy 34 Mineau, William Joseph 30 Mitchell, James Eugene, Jr 30,71 Moffitt, Frances Anna 20,43,53,58 Moffitt, Mary Ruth 20,58 Montez, Donald King 30 Montgomery, Betty Joe 20,47,51,61,65 Moore, Jennie Marie 20, 46, 50, 56 Moore, Raymond Ernest 37 Moore, Richard Maxwell 30 Moore, Sue Elizabeth 14,16,46,51,53,57,65 Moore, William Edwin 30, 68 Morgan, James B., Jr 34 Morgan, Ted Robert 32 Morian, Albert Joseph, Jr 34 Moriarity, Norbert Lauren 38 Mork, Alvin Freeman 30 Morris, Helen June 20,42,51,57 Moser, Ernest Frederick, Jr 31 Moulder, William Calkin 30 Mueller, Wallace Theodore 31 Mumford, Irene 20, 53, 61 Mundell, Helen Louise 20,43,50,56 Munger, Robert Lynn 32,48 Murnane, Arthur Francis 36 Murphy, Marian Mabel 20, 59 Murren, Miriam Elaine 16,54 Myers, Dorothy Jeane 20, 51 N Namminga, Ted Lloyd 31 Naxera, Frederick III 30 Neal, Mariorie Marie 20, 46, 60 Needham, William Felix, Jr 38 Neff, William David 39 Neff, William Earl 30 Neill, Betty Myrle 20.60,61 Nelson, James LeRoy 34 Nelson, James Paul 36 Nelson, Lowell Eldred 31 Nelson, Stuart Foster 31 Nesmith, George Eugene 30,71 [98] N Page Nicolaisen, James Glenmont 39 Nixon, Gertrude Eleanor 20 Noakes, Warren David 31 Noland, Alice 16, 44, 45, 60 Noll, Ruth 20 Norland, Donald Richard 67, 76 Norris, John B 36 Nunley, Bobby Jean 36 Nutting, Thomas Adelbert 31 O ' Brien, Betty Lu 20, 50, 56, 60 O ' Brien, Coleen Anita 16,43 Odom, Ralph Edward 36 O ' Donnell, George Joseph 31 O ' Donnell, Raymond Francis 34 O ' Hara, Francis Joseph 32 O ' Leary, Edward Waller 31 Olson, Bruce H 39 Onofrio, Edward 35 Orendorff, Donald Wayne 37 Oviatt, Charles Dixon 3! Owens, Charles Eugene 38 Pages, Carmen 20 Parker, Floyd Darlington 30 Parker, Richard Allen 34 Parks, Chester Alvin 33,42,48 Parnell, Dale E 36 Parsons, Keith Alvin 27,48,67 Parsons, Kenneth Ray 30,48 Pascale, Frank Charles 31 Patton, Donald Eugene 31,48,67,76 Penfold, Norman E 37 Pennel, Elizabeth Jo 39 Peterson, Roland Lee 39 Petrofsky, Paul Eldon 36 Pettit, James Moore 36 Peugh, Roy Sidney 35 Pfander, Olive Frances 39 Pfander, Virginia Irene. ' 20, 50, 55, 56, 61 Phllp, Robin Aikin 20, 50, 56 Phillips, Arthur 27 Piburn, Marvin Frank 31,71 Picker, Ernest Herman 29 Pickering, Charles William 76 Pierson, Paul Preston, Jr 31,67,76 Pobis, Victor Anton 29 Poff, Maxine 20 Polsley, Martha M 20,50,55,57,6! Poole, Grover Quinton 37 Pop pi no, James Justice 32 Powell, Dean Omar 29 Powell, Rebecca Helen 20,6! Presnall, Coney Gene 36 Preston, Robert Gene 31 Price, Phyllis Jean 51 Prothero, Earl Nelson 31 Provow, Alice Irene 21,44,59 Purvis, Wilmer Royce 32 INDEX— Continued R Page Rainey, Merrill Marlon, Jr 39 Reardon, Earl Leiand 31,67 Redman, Edward L 37 Reed, Kenneth Shell 38 Reilly, James 7. . 31 Reimers, Thomas Henry 31 Reynen, Willis Cornelius 31 Reynolds, Charles Naylor 3! Rice, Hulbert Frandson 31 Richardson, Betty Alene , 21,53,58 Richardson, Roberta 21, 44, 50 Rickman, Dorothy Dee 21 Rittierodt, Donald Earl 3! Roark, William Rox 31,68 Robertson, Cecile Elise 21,61 Robinson, Galen Clyde 31 Robinson, William Ellett II 31 Rogers, James Edward 37 Rolling, Ralph Leo 31 Rondberg, Daniel 3 I Rose, Donald 32 Rose, Irving B 36 Ross, Peter Moody 37 Runnels, Lillian Lorene 16,53 Russell, Virginia Lee 21,53,58,60 Rutland, Ellis Duane 31 Ruyf, Earl James 38 Saemundsson, R. Johann 21 Saltsman, Thomas Haley 29 Samuelson, Melving Victor 3! Sansome, John Charles 34 Sattler, Ronald 36 Saunders, Bennie Lu 21,44,56,60 Saville, Clyde 3 I Schelble, Robert M., Jr 37 Schick, Otto Frederick 36 Schmidt, Bobby A 37 Schmille, Virginia Beatrice 21,51 Schneck, Herbert 35 Schniedau, William Keith, Jr 35 Schooler, William Richard 31,42 Schopfer, Wanda Maxine 21,58,61 Schraqe, Norville Emil 31,49 Schumm, William John 35 Scott, Lawrence Gene 31 Scott, Ralph L 37 Scott, Ruth Ann 21,61 Scott, Virginia 21, 46, 56 Searcy, Franklin LaFrenz 31 Seitz, Melba 14, 16,46,51,57 Sheehan, Donald J 39 Sheehan, Thomas James III 36 Shell, John Lyndon 39 Sheppard, Howard Reece 31 Shields, Lillian Eileen 21 Shillito, Robert James 29 Shirbroun, Perry Jacob 3! Page Shively, Thelma Clementine 21,51,83 Shoulders, Joe Louis, Jr 38 Showalter, B. Darlene 16,54 Shultz, Dwight Elbridge, Jr 32 Signaigo, Edward Charles, Jr 37 Silver, Robert Marvis 32 Singletary, Thomas Gerald 38 Slocum, Richard LeRoy 32 Smith, Basil Robert 36 Smith, Dorothy Marie 21,43,50,55 Smith, George Race, Jr 36 Smith, Joseph Seton 35 Smith, Mary Marie 21,51 Smith, Richard Lester 39,48,7! Smith, Robert Ballantyne 35 Smith, Roy Cowey 32,48 Snyder, Betty Lou 21 Snyder, Roy Curtis 37 Sobotka, Mary Maxine 21,43,55 Speagh, Walter Allen 32, 67 Spencer, Donald Lewis 32 Stangner, Julius Mills 38 Stanley, Jack Stewart 36 Stanton, Betty Jo 21,59 Stark, Donald Paul 34 Steck, Blaine F 39,48,67 Steckei, Robert Lee 32 Steele, Anna Ruth 21.43,60 Steinweg, Lester A 36 Stelter, Robert A 32 Stempel, Richard Woodruff 34 Stephens, Edna E 21,50 Stevens, Calvin Cecil 37 Stevenson, William Wenzel 31 Stewart, Eleanor Jeanne 21,51,57 Stewart, Kathryn Ann 39,42,57,78 Stewart, William McDonald 36 Stice, John A 31 Stiles, Emmett Eugene 32 Stirlen, D. L. Wren 21,43,50 Strange, Betty Fern 39 Strifler, Chester Eldridge 32 Stroeber, Betty Jane 21 Strong, Helen 22. 50, 54 Stroud, Leonard Warren 29 Sullenger, Clara Belle 45 Sullivan, Glenn F 36 Swanson, Hovland James 36 Sweat, Marjorie Charlene 39 Sybert, Darlene 22, 58 Szabo, Stephen Alois 32, 67 Taft, Harold Dewey 37 Tanner, Norman 35 Tapp, James Clifton 32 Taul, Mary Lloyd 22,44,56,58,64,78 Taylor, LeVerne Newton 32 Tebow, Mary Ellen 22, 61 [99] INDEX— Continued T Page Tenpenny, James Henry J I Terry, Robert A 16,42,47,48,53 Theilmann, Glen Paul 32 Thierfelder, Charles Wright 32 Thomas, Floyd, Jr 39 Thomas, Louise Brownies 39 Thomas, Melvin John 30, 67, 71 Thompson, Betty Jo I 6. 51, 60 Thompson, Constance Mae 22 Thompson, lone V 14, 16,54 Timmons, Lucille Alice 22 Tobin, Thomas James 39 Townsend, Bette J 16, 42, 46, 51, 57 Travers, William F 36 Trebtoske, Michael Joseph 29 Trites, Frank William 32,67,71 Troth, Dorothy Jean 22,59,61 Trotter, Mildred Lucille 16,53 Trump, John Mountford 32,42,48,67 Tschirhart, Denis Ferdinand 37 Tuomi, Wayne Elmer 33 Tuttle, Lawrence Bythal 38 u Underwood, Kenneth Earl 33 Usandivaras, Americo 22 V Van Camp, Tracy L 22, 54 Van Fleet, Eldora 22,61 Van Hatten, Joe Francis » 33 Van Roekel, Otto Kermit 32 Vander Schaaf, Leon Dick 32 Varner, Burl Lamar 37 Vaughan, Donald DelRoy ; 38 Venn, Daniel Lamar 34 Vetterlein, Donald Hart 34 Vender Esch, Albert Harry, Jr 35 w Wachter, Gene Caldon 30 Wade, Mary Alice 22,46,50,56 Wadewitz, Oswin Alfred 29 Waggoner, Wilbur James 32, 67 Walker, Grace Royanne 16,54 Wallace, Barbara Nadine 22 Wallis, James Randolph 38 Walsh, Arthur J 38 Ward, Howard Christian 33 Warden, John Helms 32 Warne, Earl Keith 33 Warren, William Thomas, Jr 33, 67 Watts, Cecil Bowen 32 Watts, Mary LaVerne 22 Weakly, Joseph Charles 32, 67 Weigand, Jack Bernard 32 [ 100] w Page Weil, Joseph William 32 Weiss, Gordon Emmett 31 Weiss, Jay Ronald 35 Welch, Franklin Ray 32,71 Wells, John Turner 38 Wells, Martin, Jr 36 Wells, Paul Irven 32 Wensley, Alfred Wadsworth 35 Werthmuller, Lloyd N 36 Wesley, George Martin 39 Westberg, William Moard 37 Wheeler, J. Vernon 22, 53 Whisler, Norma Jeanne 22 Whit, James William 32 White, Dorothy Lee 22,60,61 Whitebread, Robert Curtis 29 Wiggans, Everett Hugh 32 Wilcox, William V 39 Wilde, Robert Hamilton 35 Williams, John Cordell 32, 67 Wilms, John G 37 Wills, Marion Hanon 36 Wilson, Edgar Stevens 32,71 Wilson, Janet Marie 22,50,56 Wilson, Roger Vernon 32, 48 Wilson, Rowena Hull 16,61 Wilson, Vivian 22, 44, 45, 46, 47, 50, 54, 57, 61, 78 Winterling, John August 34 Wintermute, Kathleen Clara 22 Witherspoon, Dwayne Russell 32 Witsaman, Leslie Robert 32 Witthar, James Robert 33,49 Wolf. Howard LeMar, Jr 34 Wood, Doyle Alfred 33 Woods, Gerald Clinton 33 Woods, Jack Albert 32 Woods, Robert 34 Woodworth, Charles Milton 36 Woolfolk, Bill Lewis 31 Wormhoudt, Eugene Edward 32 Wray. Roberta 22, 56 Wright, Darrell Arthur 32 Wyatt, Barbara F 22 Wylie, Thomas George 34 Yates, Mary Margaret 22,43,50,53,56 Yeater, Rosalie Ann 22,44,45 Yeater, Yvonne 22, 44, 53 Young, Leo Thomas 31,67 Zaezkowski, Nicholas Kilian 32 Zeltner, Walter R _. 38 Zerbey, Benjamin Joseph Smith 34 Zimmerman, William George 33,48,71 Zukauskan, Jerome K 37

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