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Text from Pages 1 - 160 of the 1936 volume:

ub- GEN. 378 T651 1936 Tower MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Genealogy 8 Local History Branch 317 w. Highway 24 G E Independence, MO 64050 l EK 2 n S J 1 . 1 I 1 2 V ! -1 3. I ! 3 i Q I Q 3 i i r W 1 I r W . JJ'- Y QD if f W if t 1 93 6 Q I P .jlhfahuwwz EDITOR h V MANAGER Z FQ, A I. V f M fif 7 -i I ?AIRgIIQg3f zIIAI'fIf 5-irQ,lIYv'fffQf,4fff I :I W W IW N., - I I' S fl .. il-f Vx, Sgsz N- I f N I f I If ,QM I III!!! UN, ,Binding and Covers By MIDLAND PRINTING CO. .I soN CITY, Mo. fl ffl' 'NWN Z' r 9,53 046.6 15 , l C? E if if fifffgg 1- fi? ,vfffr I ., I IA fr 2,4 :wb QB 1 T n S13 'I 5 cn I !ju1Nu.l.g.9uml -'P I 'Ll-LI' tuvggtu ',:.g:1Zl' I - wu un... "" QQJEM, ""5"L--- .0.saL- Je Aa: uwfl- '--1----A LQXT'-"'Q 5, FNISAA N 1 ,, 'Vg I9 ,S 'S' ' Q 6?51YlEfS?,-EI II I J-U 4 1 ,, VK , . I 533, ff M I LGU XVI! wwf ix ffm. 2 I .IQ ' ?6x' slggirfw X gl- raw F . gvwm IH f K x I1 if fix fx f f x Z .x ,, MQ-CDNTINENT Puauc LIBRARQI . .TI .... , g..-.,1 wwf Q 5:55 . jfiiig 6552 4 5 - Q? f ,Z x g X E-3:5 7 faqs? 'SNA' Il X E ' y W Assy: D, 90? 'Ib OAG-Q1 g i'.r2J9I'1 I A 3 U RX 4 Il IZ! gagaff , f 9 Wg ga, LS.gG'Ef",w4's b0Q916fv 'e 7 QI' V A C39 Qw690f Qsaal, '13, md Gggj rv C Q if QB c- I W QQ? f css fv Cmufcggwz Q5 6. Q 6' if ws af? gm Q53 I f Q15 I NM N if lf' D WMM Affrfriljwmw ffm XV nf 71 772ah7fvvQfZe, WZQJULUM. 1 l 5 r l l l l f fniQiigigMl1illiiigQil'ii will Gur purpose has been to present a cross-section of student activity which is representative of college life on this campus. We attempted to accomplish this purpose by using as our theme a scrap-hook, a scrap-book present- ing a conglomeration of ideas all contributing to one general effect, representative student life. M Order of 5522? Books 1 Af? ' tejjiwgg ?Q2iij?i5gg23-2ji3 1Tu:CoHege li FH gi gig xixli 353 Q it si? Q - Q' 3 M of Organizations Lolo!!-lllagil ii My IGM, Was f sf Q5 if Athletics A55 Q 1 mfgmw' Tam ,cwfi ' Features an 2 H22 iii 9 Sgifiiiiff X e 1,15 111-ALJ , ,- S ,Y . 2 b , 1 N , 5 - n 3 3 522-fi fit X T x N I Q ,Q -. , kx 9, N .gg - 'J' I 3 . . : .Sri : V 2 ... .,,",, : ,.-X 2 - 2 - .-, ,-:.' T.: A ,.. Q 1' X ,: -,. V 'I 1 .5 , p-5 V2 iQ.-N ,- .. ' .- ,Q i5 -5' Q 1 It E E E "' E i E:-w 74 t ii 1 U H E if-4 w v., in -...,: .s-T. ,.. -' ,QX H' 'Ll' ,IVE J i3 -1- :f 25 Z 2- ige... ---W - -if x L Il 4 -' "- 4 .. ,-.,-'-'.: - V'-' 'liiigi J-'-Engl, --l ::r"rrrm:.L,, I r J we! 1 i,,.'-i'5'l'rJE 5' Il?-If Ewrg Hg' :,...-:,j " .-mf--"' gh PT fi gl 'fi 5- 'Q-': wg ag ff-ikif - Le .s... ...+- -if. ff .i,. -"il "',..- ,- .-f..-1 . EDICATED to one whose quiet and efficient service has lightened the load of every college student. 'I' I ,IW XI. I. I I I I I I I Ig :IN 'I III II' I I I I, I IIII2 - II I, II v Q. Ili I ' I I WI ' II III. III III III III If III , I II' ,, II II I II II II II I I I I , II I .I I , II' I I I I I ' I I X I I If - I ? I I I I 'II I I I I I I I I I , I. L. wffwwwffwwwz Residemee HQLH S L s .1 L I Ewf' Lf? gli: ,,,,.. i v' 2' A I mr vnu M! I zzz: XI, ' IU X Page Il Gymnasium Admimisfmraltiwn Buildimg Page I3 1 N 1 N I X 1 wx I .1 4 X Q I w il I, F :il P , ii H 1 M ,. 'C I ii 1 , A N , R , I E. li tw 4 i , , H -K H 'Q s ,. 11 311 I. 4, ,U iw 2 U :xg W J N i M Z Pdjla' I4 5'5- ff' wx q Q, - an ' I 8 Q ' If 9 Q qvagqnay 'I ,rw 717WffQx.1f" "M cf 'G 'cugxi fin! K-V I 5 il ,SSL " g lv!! ij jf of r .1 4 K 1 K X Q Ky I S J' r iz 4 I 2 P ll , 1 11 Wi J w F! J ,E 31 J -W 1 11 w ig V 1 M I if X, W! Zyl, INS H2 il A ,J fx Tl 1 :P 1 iw qw ru 1 N 4 W i 1? . . 'r J 1 , , ,N F W ! ,W E g R 5 f Memo for-' our: noe . D 1 1 MAY,gl5-I9l7 , THQ l , I lED V, . wx X ...W , 'mo .355 X ,vs 'fi fl VAA- A f 1 HE following was taken from the Northwest Missourian of October 19, 1934. John L. Ford, of the class of 1935, is the author of the feature which qualified as the best feature story in the state contests held in Columbia last year. Many years ago Mike Hour dog" was the most popular figure on the campus. His sudden appearance from no one knows where and his decision to stay, met with the approval of students and faculty alike. One of his first acquaintances upon the campus was M. S. Boase, secretary to the President of the College, and it was through this friendship that Mike became accustomed to college life. He was warmly welcomed by the Student Body who soon recognized him as an integral and indispensable part of the institution. Every morning Mike would report for classes as regularly as the sun and no doubt more so than the students and professors. Every evening he would select the particular instructor with whom he wished to spend the night and to that lucky instructor's home would he proceed as guest of honor. Among his favorites were Mr. Boase, the dean of the faculty, the President, Mr. Bicken- brode, and Mr. Hawkins. On warm days, Mike spent his time chasing rabbits, digging for ground squirrels, and assisting Mr. Brink in superintending the work about the grounds. He was the only being who ever dared dispute the authority of Mr. Brink. He would dig holes in the tulip beds and in the soft turf and the holes would be filled and new flowers planted. Of course he was at the games. He always appeared at the scene of an athletic contest clad in his green and white blanket with a white "M" on each side. There were no questions asked when he drank out of the water pail on the side lines or when he walked the basket ball courts. "He was Lord-High Chancellor and he knew itf' .... . . . May 15, 1917, turned out to be one of the saddest days in the history of the College. The day was warm and the Agricultural class was spraying trees with lead arsenate. Mike had spent his time chasing rabbits. "The white spray resembled milk-and he was so thirsty! The efforts of the students and veterinary were of no availf, Mike was to roam the campus no more. A small box bearing the inscription "For the love of Mikei' was placed in the hall and enough nickles and pennies were placed in it to erect the small marker which may be seen today across the drive from the east entrance to the Administration Building. 5 "Mike" To the Memory of our Dog Died May 15, 1917 Page 17 if E- J ACK STAPLETON President Stanberry LLOYD W. KING, EX-OtIie1o State Supermtendent of Pubhe Schools Jejjferson City V. E. BIRD, Treasurer Maryville EDMOND MCWILLIAMS Plattsbiirg R. L. DOUGLAS St. Joseph DR. J. M. PERRY Princeton A. T. WEATHERRY Chillicothe Board of Regents DR. JESSE MILLER Vice-President Maryville W. A. RICKENBRODE Secretary Maryville Pug IN The President's Message to the Tower Too often a college is measured by the size of its student body. If we used that standard, the present year 1935-36 is the most successful in its history, for the total enrollment in each of the three quarters has been the largest in the respec- tive quarters since it was established. But the real measure PRESIDENT UBL W. LAMKIN of such an institution is i the quality of Work that is done in it, and the success of those Who complete its courses. This year marks the second full year of our general courses. Some of you go into your junior year, some start teaching. We will be interested in knowing Whether or not the general courses "Work.', And We, who are here at the college from year to year, will be interested in each of you Whose names are in this book, and in each of you who get one of them. No matter What you may do, nor where you may be, We hope the Tower will be, not only a reminder of the days you were here, but a tie that will bind you to your college and to your friends, and them to you, throughout the years. UEL W. LAMKIN, President. I-'gl Dean of Faculty JAMES C. MILLER came to the Northwest Mis- souri State Teachers Col- lege September 1, 1935, as Dean of the Faculty. He received his Bac- calaureate Degree from the Central Missouri State Teachers College at Warrensburg in 1925. He did his graduate Work at the University of Chicago receiving the degrees of Master of Arts and Doc- tor of Philosophy from m the former institution. DEAN J AMES C. MILLER 6 . His professional ex- periences consist of teaching in rural schools, teaching in High Schools, Superintendent of Schools, Principal of the University Elementary School, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, Dean of Christian College, Columbia, Missouri, and later acting President for a time. He Was cashier of the Bank of Fortuna, For- tuna, Missouri, for three years before enlisting in the United States Navy. During the World War, he served in the United States Naval Reserve Force. A large part of the term of his service Was spent overseas. After the Armistice, he had an opportunity to travel in a number of the countries of Europe. As Dean of the Faculty his Work has to do With the general educational Work of the college as it relates to the curriculum, regis- tration and classification of students, student counseling, faculty study, various types of committee Work, and teaching. He is chair- man of the Faculty Council, acting president when the President is away, and chairman of the Committee on Admissions, Classifications, and Advanced Standing. I P 0 Faculty Council DR. ANNA M. PAINTER DR. JOSEPH W. HAI-:E C. E. WELLS c,, Sgy 54 X Q XY ' ppp.. K T ,':",-- I 'V W E G! 'fu I My ,, X 54 'Q as ,Q suv ' CARRIE HOPKINS MARGARET STEPHENSON HUGH G. WALES N Pres. Uel W. Lamkin and D I1 J C Miller are members M C1-ILoE E. MILLIKAN ea - - DPMQMYKING EHU5 Whose pictures do not appear on this page. HOMER T. PHILLIPS Page Z1 HELEN BITSB Y Administrative Officers F3 W. A. RICKENBRODE NELL HUDSON Business Manager R631-9i7'0?' Rov FERGUSON Assistant Business Jllanager HELEN BUSBY Assistant Registrar A. H. COOPER Director of Extension DR. F. R. ANTHONY Health Administration MARGARET STEPHENSON C. E. WELLS ESTELLE CAMPBELL Di1'6Cl0l' Qf.Women's Librarian Residence Hall Director Activities HUGH G. WALES LUCILLE BRUMBAUGH RU'l'H MILLETT DH'HCi0V-Of.M6n'S Assistant Librarian Director of Publicity A ctzmties Page 22 DR. HENRY M. ALEXANDER Commerce HETTIE MAE ANTHONY Home Economies ESTELLA BOWMAN English HAZEL BURNS English Page 23 A. B., Davidson College M. A., Princeton Ph. D., University of Mis- souri B. A., University of Mis- souri ' M..A., Columbia Univer- sity European Uni- versltles B. A., Washburn M. A., Kansas Graduate Student-Cam- bridge, England and Columbia A. B., M. A., University of Nebraska Study, University of Cali- fornia and University of Wisconsin A. B., Ohio Northern University B. S., Chicago University M. A., University of Wis- consin Graduate Work, Univer- sity of Colorado, Uni- versity Of California B. S., B. A., M. A., Na- tional Normal Univer- sity Of Ohio Graduate Student, Uni- versity of Washington B. S., Stanberry Normal Graduate Study, Univer- sity of Colorado B. S., Maryville State Teachers College Ed. M., Harvard Uni- versity Graduate Work, Missouri and Chicago Universi- ties A. J. CAUFFIELD Geography GEORGE H. COLBER1- M alhemalies T. H. COOK Social Science A. H. COOPER Education B. S., McLean College Graduate Work, Peabody and Phillips University Study, South Kentucky and Transylvania X E. A. DA VIS Athletics B. S., A. M., Teachers College, Columbia Uni- f versityg Univ. of Parisg ' Art Studentse-League, N. Y., Graduate study, Columbia Univ., Stu- dent of Andre L'Hote ' and Percival DeLuce, J 1 . 1 I I II I 1 f A A. N. A. V OLIVE S. DELUCE ,V F ine Arts ii .xl - ll . . A. B., Missouri Wesleyan College f I A. M., University of Mis- souri I f Graduate Work, Ohio il State University l I all liff l l H. R. DIETERICI-I i 3 High School it if' all H' at ,'. Northwestern . HARRY G. DILDINE 5 Social Science 7 B. A., M. A., Ph. D., B. S., Maryville State Teachers College M. A., Chicago Graduate Student, Uni- versity of London MATTIE M. DY KES English B. S., Missouri M. A., Columbia Graduate Work, Califor- ma MARY M. FISHER Industrial Arts B. A., Yale M. A., Chicago Ph. D., Leland Stanford HENRY A. FOSTER Social Science B. S., University of Mis souri M. A., Columbia Uni- versity Graduate Work-Univer sity of Chicago and Uni- versity of Iowa K.-KTHERINE FR.-XNKFX Educalion Page 4 R 19 hi gf, ZEN e2-1 LIIARGARET FRANKEN Education ALPIIONSE GAILEWICZ Music HUBERT GARRETT Extension WILLIAM T. GARRETT Page Z5 Biology B. S., University of Mis- souri Graduate Work-Univer- sity of Missouri and Columbia University Mus. B.-Oberlin College Extension, University of California Summer School, Univer- sity of California Mus. M., Oberlin College B. S., Maryville State Teachers College M. A., Nebraska Graduate Work, Iowa A. B., Westminster Col- lege M. S., University of Chi- cago Graduate Study, Univer- sity of Chicago B. S., University of Min- nesota M. A., Columbia Univer- sity Graduate Work, Univer- sity of Minnesota, Co- lumbia University and Wellesley College B. A., Illinois University M. A., Northwestern Ph. D., University of Kansas B. S., Maryville Teachers College A. A., Chicago University Student, University of Missouri Graduate Work, Univer- sity of Chicago. B. Pd., Greeley State Teachers College B. S., Maryville State Teachers College Student, Chicago Univer- sity HELEN HAGGERTY Physical Education, Women DR. J. W. HAKE Physics KATHERINE HELWIG Mathematics CARRIE HOPKINS Fine Arts, English f W ...A 46" . A Arkansas P B s A Univemt of V73 M. A., Ph. D., University A 1 of Missouri FRANK HORSFALL, JR Agriculture A. B., University of Pitts- burgh M. A., University of Penn- sylvania Graduate Work, Colum- bia Study, Carnegie Tech. LAVERNE E. IRVINE illusic B. S., Maryville State A. B., Grinnell College M. A., Ph. D., University of Iowa Graduate Study, Cornell University B. S., Springfield Graduate Student, Uni- versity of Paris Study, University of Mad- rid 'JOSEPH P. KELLY Speech RAMONA LUCILLE L'A1R Spanish Teachers A. B., Colorado State M. A., Colorado Teachers Teachers College M. A., University of Chi- Graduate Work-Colum- C330 bla Ph. D., Yale University MINggi75gr'I2MES MARGARET R. LOWERY English . ,, A.B.,Al 'ff A A B. S., Missouri Unlversit ugs nirg cfoueoe 'rQ.ff"f' y M . 2 Ax M A C I b, , . A., UH1NCTSlty of , gyersii Oum la Um' North Dakota U s - y Ph. D., University of North Dakota , S MARX' E. KEITH O. NIYKING Mrcuus Primary Sofia! Sfifnfc P1 c' lt .lg - E AIR DRY 5 26 B. S., Warrensburg State Pupil of Thos. Noble Mo- Teachers Burney CChicagoj M. .A., Columbia Univer- Francesco Daddi CChicago Slty Opera Companyj Graduate Work, Univer- Florence and Rudolph sity of Vienna N aymes CChicagoj CHLOE E. Mu.1.1KAN Pfimflfy H. N. SCHUSTER Voice B. A., Earlham M. IA., Columbia Univer- Ph. B., University of Chi- sity cago Graduate Work, Sorbonne B. S., Warrensburg State and University of Cali- Teachers f0I'Ilia A M. A., Columbia Ph. D., Yale . ANNA M. PAINTER DORA B. SMITH English Training School B. S.,Warrensburg B. S-, Maryville State M' A, Columbia Teachers College Graduate Work, Peabody M' A".UniVerSit'Y of Mis' and Southern California SOl1I'l LESLIE G. SOMERVILLE HOMER T. PHILLIPS . Exlenszon Education A. B. Mar ville State , Y Teachers College Q B. S., Maryville State M. S., Iowa UHlVCISll.y Teachers Cgllege Graduate VVork, Iowa Graduate Work, Peabody University College NI S LER VVILBUR STALCUI' c iz x L . Y - . L i l A A .fllhlelzcs Alallzenzalics Page 27 D. N. VALK B. S., Kalamazoo State College M. S., Michigan Univer- B. S., -University of Mis- Sity S0lII'l Graduate Work, Michigan M. A.,. University of Mis- University sourl Induslrial Arls J R' T' WRIGHT Agriculture B.A',Han0VeI. College B. S., Maryville State M. A., University of Iowa Teachers College NELL BLACKWELL MARIAN WAGGONER Physical Education Physical Educalion HUGH G. WALES A. B., Smith College Diploma, School of Ex- pression, Boston A. M., Ph. D., Columbia B. A., Washburn University M- B- A-, HaI'VaI'd Graduate Study, Univer- sity of Paris 4 DR. BLANCHE H. Dow Commerce ELIZABETH WHITE Extension M. W. WILSON Chemislry B. S., Maryville State B. S., Warrensburg Teach- Teachers College ers M. A., University of Mis- souri A. B., Olivet College Bgilzgr-r SYFHCUSC UHiV0I'- M. S., University of Chi- B. S., M. All Columbia C330 University MARGARET SUTTON Training School HELEN Clurrxx illuxif ljugv JN ,. I? W . , 1 W , wx, 116 1 wi W., .W gm 'I -W F! ,,1 Wu fff-"' x .-ffrqwn my '15 Q1 32' f Q 'S J' 9 hh , gy f 1 f im X W j ' 5 f 'ya ' My x , E tj 1 X l, if f, H11 HQ' J W f Hifi ,411 13321 , it X x fill - fs X5 iii, IQ' V Q xl STUDE T GO ER ME T Ji. i, ., H' A if I. M . , 1 Yjlxk iri 41 A gl 1.2 13.3 wp mi 5 nv 1- : Nr-! 32 E13-' Lag 5:3 MEF fi , .Qz Q iii!!! rf: 11 .. Q.. M ni? gif .N 5,5 .fluff 7" "w 'iw wp A 4 , .3 ' Q 15 ii Y sf ' yr w ' lf, W. W: U A V Women's and Men's Activities ALL OF college life is not con- fined to classes. Living, Working, and playing with oth- ers is a very real part of a stu- dent's education. Having a share in the plan- ning of student Activities - whether as a member of the Student Senate, a club program committee, or a group to plan a social affair-adds to a stu- dent's interest in college. Re- MARGARET B' STEPHENSON sponsibility for and participa- tion in debates, dramatics, school publications, clubs, and assemblies help to develop initiative, self- confidence, and the ability to co-operate with others. Director of Womerfs Activities If students are to become Well-rounded men and Women, it is necessary for them to take advantage of the many opportunities to meet others socially-at teas, dinners, and dances. Poise in meeting social situations is only gained through experience. Many of the pleasant mem- ories of college days and long enduring ties of friendship are rewards of participation in extra- class activities. Guidance is essential to suc- cess in student activities, and it is in the role of directors that Miss Stephenson and Mr. Wales have contributed valuable serv- ices. The high plane on which student activities have been con- ducted is evidence of the qualifi- cations of Miss Stephenson and Mr. Wales for their positions. Dimtor of Men-S Act,-,,,-,ies HUGH G. WALES Page 30 Student Senate Tnrfz close of the present school year marks the fourteenth year of the Student Senateis existence upon the campus of S. T. C. During these years, the machinery and functions of the Senate have grown until at present there is a Well-dehned service rendered by that body to the Col- lege-faculty as Well as students. The membership consists of a presi- dent and a vice-president elected by the student body at large, three members of each of the upper classes, and two members of the freshman class. Service on the Senate is one of the highest honors that comes in the college life of a student, as Well as affording valuable training in many ways. The Maryville State Teachers College is a member of the National Student Federa- tion of America, having sent four members, Dean Miller, Louise Bauer, Virgil Woodside, and Miller Weeda as delegates to the 1936 Congress held in Kansas City. DEAN MILLER President MAX SEYSTER Vice-Pres idenl CROW GRAY, Toon, MoN'rGoMEm', BAUER, BHECKENRIDGE, BILLS CATTEnsoN, LIPPMAN, VVEEDA, VVUODSIDE, '-PAYLOR, HILL Pggl SANDISON ZELLEB PECK COE GROH BENSON Pan-Hellenic Council Q I! o 0 Inter-Fraternity Council WAMSLEY S13 YSTER BIRD BRADLEY HAMMAN lag 32 Pan-Hellenic Council THE Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of a sponsor, the president and two representatives of the two national sororities, Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Sigma Sigma. The offices of president and secretary-treasurer alternate yearly between the two sororities. The Council formally opens the rush season each fall with the Pan-Hellenic Tea, entertaining the rushees of both sororities. The Council sets the standards for rushing, pledging and high scholarship. The monthly meetings provide an opportunity for discussion upon all phases of sorority activity. Mrs. W. W. Sharp, national president of Alpha Sigma Alpha, visited the Council during the winter quarter. The officers of the Council are: Barbara Zeller, President, and Virginia Coe, Secretary-Treasurer. The Sponsor is Miss Estelle Bowman. Membership: Barbara Zeller, Lucille Groh, Lucy Mae Benson, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Virginia Coe, Dorothy Sandison, Mary Peck, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Inter-Fraternity Council THE Inter-Fraternity Council was organized in the spring of 1935 under the supervision of a faculty committee. The organization began to function the following fall, and it has had a very successful year. The purpose of the organization is to bring about a better understanding between the fraternities and to provide an agency for promoting their mutual good. The chairman of the Council is held alternately by a member of the Sigma Mu Delta and the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternities. The chairman is a non-voting member. The members are: Harold Bird, Bernard Hamman, and Robert Wamsley, Sigma Mu Delta, Max Seyster and Ford Bradley, Sigma Tau Gamma. OFFICERS f ROBERT WABISLEY . . . . . President FORD BRADLEY . . . Secretary DR. HENRY ALEXANDER . . Sponsor Pg33 'ls FRANCES TOLBERT VELMA CASS HELEN SHIPMAN MARY PECK Residence Hall RESIDENCE HALL is the center of the social life of the college. Every night at seven the crowd gathers to dance until the quiet hours for study begin. Throughout the year the women of Residence Hall entertain with formal dinners, faculty receptions, dances, after hour cozies around the fireplace, and Weekly pajama breakfasts. The hall is more than a place to live. It is an opportunity for young women of very different backgrounds to live and Work together. Often at dinner they may be heard singing together. RESIDENCE HALL BOARD FRANCES TOLBERT ...... President VELMA CASS . Vice-President HELEN SHIPMAN . . Secretary MARY PECK . . . Treasurer- HOLLY' college life is a dream life and our college days are dreamsfl I 34 Pg3 Pg35 SENIORS 2 ,uf QQ fy QV ix JN f qwkr 'LW N., IL .KJ IJUKE PALIINIBO. llzihhard. Ohio ELBEli'1' L. BARRETT, lWaryz'ille EUNICE SCOTT, Weslori ANITA AIJIJRIKIII, Elmo JACK ALSBAUGH, Sl. Joseph HAROLD C. BIRD, Kansas Cily GER.ALD BOATWRIGHT, Slanberry FORD BRADLEY, Maryville CLEOLA FAE CARR, Maryville VELMA CASS, Shenandoah, Iowa VIRGINIA COE, Nlaryville DENSIL COOPER, Sheridan FRANK WARREN CROW, Maryville VIRGINIA LEE DANFORD, Slanberry MABEL MAXWELL FIDDICK, Cameron DON FRANCIS, Sl. Joseph C. F. GRAY, Sheridan LUCILLE GROH, Sl. Joseph BERNARD L. HANIMAN, Rushzville, Ill. MX'BTLE HANCOCK, Weailzerby JOSEPH XV. HARTLEY, Mercer LEONA M. LIASELNVOOD, Sl. Joseph ADIBER I'IERlKlMAN, Zllound Cily EUGENE T. LIUFF, Nashville LAVVRENCE HIIIIPHREY, Independence MARGARET IIUMPIIREYS, Laredo WILSON L. l'lUN'1'SMAN. ullailhmd JESSIE JUTTEN, Sl. Joseph Page 36 ghirgu-I i llelfh jmiuslrir Ynrsit y Element Hall Col W. A. A Northwf Foreign Internal Social S Ball, Inl Physica English O'Nellia tions Cl Tower. Home l Kappa 4 Kinderg White I English- Writers Physics Senate. English mural Club, P English Stall. I Hall B Science l"IzyI' V' io le Y rry wa yv ille nberry Cameron ille, Ill. Y Ifoseph Lily endence do and Page 36 LUKE PALUMBO. B. S. Chemistry and Physical Education-UM" Club, H. S. U., Barkatze, Newman Club. ELRERT L. BARRETT, B. S. Industrial Arts'-Industrial Arts Club, Band, Orchestra, Varsity Tennis, Adv. Mgr. N. W. Missourian. EUNICE SCOTT, B. S. Elementary Education-Chorus, Barkatze, Residence Hall Council. ANITA ALDRICH W. A. A., Barkatze, Y. W. C. A., Alpha Sigma Alpha, Northwest Missourian. JACK ALSBAUGH, B. S. Foreign Language-O'Nellians, Social Science Club, International Relations Club. HAROLD C. BIRD, B. S. Social Science-Sigma Mu Delta, "M" Club, Basket Ball, Inter-Fraternity. GERALD BOATWRIGHT, B. S. Physical Education-Barkatze, Y. M. C. A. FORD BRADLEY, A. B. and B. S. English and Social Science-Sigma Tau Gamma, O'Nellians, Social Science Club, International Rela- tions Club, Growlers, Interfraternity council, Editor Tower. CLEOLA FAE CARR, B. S. Home Economics-Y. W. C. A., Varsity Villagers, Kappa Omicron Phi. VELMA CAss, B. S. Kindergarten and Primary Education-Green and White Peppers, A. C. E., Residence Hall Board. VIRGINIA COE, B. S. English-Sigma Sigma Sigma, Social Committee, Writers Club, Pan-Hellenic Council. DENSIL COOPER, B. S. Physics and Mathematics-Alpha Phi Sigma, Student Senate. FRANK WARREN CROW, B. S. and A. B. English and Social Science-N. W. Missourian, Intra- mural Commission, Student Senate, Social Science Club, Pi Gamma Mu. VIRGINIA LEE DANFORD, B. S. English and Social Science-Alpha Phi Sigma, Tower Staif, N. W. Missourian, Dramatic Club, Residence Hall Board, Sigma Sigma Sigma, 0'N6ll1HflS, S0Cl3l Science Club. Page 37 MAREL MAXYVELL FIDDICK, B. S. Primary Education-A. C. E. DON FRANCIS Barkatze, Sigma Tau Gamma, "MH Club, Track, Football. C. F. GRAY, B. S. Chemistry and Physics-Y. M. C. A., Barkatze, Senate, Business Mgr. Tower, Alpha Phi Sigma. LUCILLE GROH, B. S. Primary Education-Green and White Peppers, Alpha Sigma Alpha, A. C. E., Residence Hall Board, Pan- Hellenic Council, Social Science Club, Chorus. BERNARD L. HAMMAN, B. S. Sz A. B. History and Social Science-Sigma Mu Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, Inter-Fraternity Council. MYRTLE HANCOCK JOSEPH W. HARTLEY, B. S. Social Science and Commerce-Social Science Club. LEONA M. HASELWOOD, B. S. Commerce-Pi Omega Pi, Barkatze, Mask and Gavel, Y. W. C. A. AMBER HARRIMAN, B. S. Primary Education-A. C. E., Barkatze, Alpha Epsilon Psi, Chorus, A Cappella Choir. EUGENE T. HUFF, B. S. Social Science--Pi Gamma Mu, Social Science Club, International Relations Club, Northwest Missourian, Debate. LAWRENCE HUMPHREY, B. S. and A. B. Social Science. MARGARET HUMPIIREYS, B. S. Primary Education-Art Club, Northwest Missourian Staff, Sigma Sigma Sigma. A. C. E., Pan-Hellenic Council, Residence Hall Board. WILSON HUNTSMAN, B. S. Social Science-Sigma Tau Gamma, "M" Club. .lEssIE JUTTEN, B. S. Physical Education-Social Science Club, WV. A. A., Alpha Sigma Alpha. 4" LJTIIA WV. .IENNlNGS, Slanlferry SYLYI-:STER J. REEFR. Larisforrl. N. D. JUSTIN U. KING, Cameron, IJELI-IN KHANIICII, lllaryville RALPH JOHN Kf!AT'l'LI, Krzolmosler NIONILIA LASH, Hoseridale ROBERT C. LAWRENCE, Alaryville CHARLOTTE LEET, Maryville BEATRICE LEMON, Maryville JOHN WILLIAM LIDDLE, Nlaryville LUCILE LINDBERG, Shenandoah, Iowa E. HERBERT LINDLEY, Slanberry DORIS LOGAN, Maryville HARRY M. LYLE, Maryville GLENN L. MARION, Mailland M.AX1NE MIDDLETON, Bolckow CALLISTIA MAE JVIILLER, lllaryville DEAN MILLER, Maryville EDNA RXIARY MONK, Burlinglon Jcl. JEAN NIONTGOMERY, Maryville GAYLORD MORRISON, Eagleville MILDRED G. MYERS, Sl. Joseph MEIICEDES MCCANIPBPII.1a, Sl. Joseph LOIS NEFF, Bellzany IJAHOLIJ J. PERSON, Jlary1'ille ICLNA PETERSON, Sl. .Joseph M RS. ICIIAINI: XYEST IJXNISICY, Savannah CLARK F. HlNI'1lIAll"l', Ifzllyezmzxv flux. JS .,.v 1 in f1UI Sign N121 Clu Fra Mif Soc En, A 1 Agw Orc Qu CO Sig Slg A 1 SOI Ph tio Bif IM: ', N. D. ster flle flle , Iowa TY ville Jct. 'oseph zvannah Page 38 OTIIA W. JENNINGS, B. S. Agriculture-Y. M. C. A., Band, Chorus, A Capella Choir. SYLVESTER J. KEEFE, B. S. Commerce and Biology-Journalism Club, Alpha Phi Sigma, Library Force, Newman Club, Y. M. C. A. JUSTIN O. KING, B. S. Mathematics and Physical Education-Journalism Club, Newman Club, Trainer. HELEN KRAMER, A. B. French and English-Sigma Sigma Sigma, Northwest Missourian, Social Committee, Writer'S Club. RALPH JOHN KRATTLI, B. S. Social Science-Social Science Club. MONICA LASR, B. S. English-O'Neillian Club, Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., A Capella Choir, Chorus. ROBERT C. LAWRENCE, B. S. Agriculture and Music-Y. M. C. A., Men's Glee Club, Orchestra, Band, Chorus, A Capella Choir, Men'S Quartette, Alpha Epsilon Psi. CHARLOTTE LEET BEATRICE LEMON, B. S. Commerce-Orchestra, Dramatic Club, Alpha Phi Sigma, Pi Omega Pi, Chorus. JOHN LIDDLE Sigma Mu Delta, Growlers, Orchestra, Band, Chorus, A Capella Choir, Industrial Arts Club. ' LUCILLE LINDBERG, B. S. Social Science and English-Pi Gamma Mu, Alpha Phi Sigma, Social Science Club, International Rela- tions Club, Y. W. C. A., Northwest Missourian. E. HEIKBERT LINDLEY, A. B. Biology and Chemistry-Growlers, Band. DORIS LOGAN Page 39 HARRY M. LYLE, B. S. Social Science and English-Pi Kappa Delta, Debate Social Science Club, International Relations Cl GLENN E. MARION MAXINE MIDDLETON CALLISTIA MAE MILLER, B. S. Elementary Education-Chorus, Band V arsit Vil- lagers, Alpha Phi sigma, Y. W. O. A. i Y DEAN MILLER, B. S. Commerce-Student Senate, Pi Omega Pi, O'Neillian Dramatic Club. EDNA MARY MONK, B. S. Music-Alpha Epsilon Psi, Alpha Phi Sigma, Barkatze. JEAN MONTGOMERY, A. B. and B. S. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pan-Hellenic Council, Green and White Peppers, Social Committee, Student Senate. GAYLORD MORRISON, B. S. Agriculture and Mathematics-Band, Chorus, A Capella Choir, Y. M. C. A. MILDRED G. MYERS, B. S. I Home Economics-Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Omicron Phi. MERCEDES MCCAMPBELL LOIS NEFF, B. S. Social Science-Social Science Club, International Relations Club, Pi Gamma Mu, Y. W. C. A. HAROLD J. PERSON, B. S. Mathematics-Student Senate, Y. M. C. A., Sigma Mu Delta, Band, Social Committee, Northwest Missourian. ELNA PETERSON, B. S. Kindergarten-Primary-A. C. E., Social Science Club, A Capella Choir, Senior Octette, Alpha Epsilon Psi. MRS. ELAINE WEST RAMSEY, B. S. Commerce-Pi Omega Pi, Y. W. C. A. CLARK F. RINEIHART, B. S. Social Science-Social Science Club, International Relations Club. 1 I b, Mask and Gavel Club. O'Neillians Club, Y. M. C.uA. if, V 1 M fl vm f fm one ' X 0 yy' Wm X W MQW Wiwfx ff f .MC f Awe, ,, ff'IJ'J,!fv .A ' . X f.,,,,7z': ' RAYMOND liOBER'rS. Savannah FRANCES E. RUSSELL. flflanila. P. I 'DOROTHY SANDISON, lllaryville BTAX SEYSTER, tllaryville JOHN VV. SHANNON, Maryville FRANCES SHIVELY, Hamilton MILDRED SORRIE, Maryville JESSE DEAN TAYLOR, Watson HARRY' THIESFELD, Fairfax LELAND THORNHILL, Burlington Jct. FRANCES TODD, Trenton VIRGINIA M. TODD, Turney FRANCES TOLBERT, Gallatin ROBER'f L. TRACY, Hubbard, Ohio MARGARET TURNEY, Forest City ROBERT WAMSLEY, Maryville ADA MAE WOODRUFF, Richmond MORRIS YADON, Barnard BARBARA ZELLER, Oregon DEROTHA DAVIS, Dearborn DONALD H. LINDLEY, Maryville VERNE S. CAMPBELL, Tarkio RAYMOND HAMIVIOND, Parnell W. DONALD CLINE, W'hitesville ITUTH B. STR KNGE, Srnitlzvillc Wag: 41, I li uw! Social Comm Maths Maths Math katze Kind O'Ne Prim VVhil Page - ., P. I. on Jcl. Ohio ily md lle 'e Page 40 RAYMOND ROBERTS, B. S. ROBERT L. TRACY, A. B. BllSlIlCSS AdrIliI1iStI'8ti0I1-Y. M. C. A. History-"M" Club, H. S. U., Social Committee Track, Football. FRANCES E. RUSSELL, B. S. Social Science+Barkatze, Social Science Club. M ARG ARET TURNEY B S Kindergarten and Primary Education-A. C. E. Alpha Sigma Alpha, O7Neillian Dramatic Club. DOROTHY SANDISON, B. S. Commerce-Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu, Pan-Hellenic Council. ROBERT WAMSLEY, B. S. . Business Administration and Social Science-Sigma Mu Delta, Inter-Fraternity Council, Mask and Gavel MAX SEYSTER, B. S. Club. Commerce and Business Administration-Student Senate, Sigma Tau Gamma. ADA MAE WOODRUFF, B. S. JOHN W. SHANNON, A. B. Home Economlcs' Chemistry-Barkatze, Y. M. C. A. MORRIS YADON, B. S. Music-Y. M. C. A., Alpha Epsilon Psi, Social Science Club, Band, Orchestra, Chorus, A Capella Choir, Varsity Quartette. FRANCES SHIVELY MILDRED SORRIE BARBARA ZELLER JESSE DEAN TAYLOR, B. S. Commerce-Pi Omega Pi, Sigma Tau Gamma. DEROTHA DAVIS, B. S. Home Economics-Green and White Peppers, Kappa HARRY THIESFELD, A. B. Omlcron Phi' Mathematics and Physics-Barkatze, Y. M. C. A. I DONALD H. LINDLEY LELAND THORNHILL, B. S. Mathematics-Barkatze, Y. M. C. A. VERNE S. CAMPBELL, B. S. Social Science-Sigma Mu Delta, Growlers. FRANCES TODD, B. S. Mathematics, Physical Education-W. A. A., Bar- katze, Residence Hall Board, Student Senate. RAYMOND HAMMOND, B. S. Agriculture-Y. M. C. A., Chorus. VIRGINIA M. TODD, B. S. Kindergarten and Primary Education-A. C. E., O'Neillian Club, Chorus. W. DONALD CLINE FRANCES TOLBERT, B. S. R B S B S Primary Education'-Alpha Sigma Alpha, Green and . UTH J TRANGE, ' ' W'hite Peppers, A. C. E., Residence Hall Board, Chorus. Commerce-P1 Omega P1. Page 41 7 9 Page 43 Page 43 UNIORS A-xx ini '1' ', 22 c. Az E, TM! Wk f . 19 VERNON GREEN. Independence XVALTER LEE PIULON, Slzenamloah, la. IJELEN CQAUGH, Alaryville INTARY E. .ALLP1N, Cameron LOREE ALIIEN, Skidmore MARY ELIZABETH ADAMS, IWI. Moriah EVELYN M. BADGER, College Spgs. Ia. LOUISE BAUER, Slewarlsville WILLIAM B. BILLS, .Jameson CARLYLE BRECKENRIDGE, Turney ROY C. BROWN, Desloge MARJORIE A. CARPENTER, Helena LORACE CATTERSON, Maryville CHARLOTTE CLAPHAM, Cedar Bluffs, Neb. MAC COVERDELL, Grant Cily GILBERT B. CROSSAN, Slewarlsville J. B. CUMMINS, Maryville DOROTHA DEPEW, Gravily, Iowa DOROTHY DOWDEN, Maryville LLOYD DOWDEN, Maryville DALE DRIFTMIER, Clarinda. Iowa J. PIERCE GARDNER, Sl. Louis ALPHONSE A. GRAX'ES, Nlaryville LOUISE GUTTING, Kahoka FRANCES M. GORDON, Sl. Joseph MARX' ANNE IIAMILTOIN, J Iarlvville Wfk1'NE IIAHRULD, fl!II.II.YI'I'llP PAUL HALTBEIK, .lllemlalw 1115.1 .14 Xlillrll? Nl xR'l'H YIAQRI L Ifv ER El MA DOL AMRROI VIRGIN NELLE MA RJO' MARGA AMY LI LOUISE NORMA JACK L ESTELI. MARIA' KENNE MONTE MARY . VELINIA DOROT' GERALi DORIS DOROT HERSCI PAUL P GEORG CHARL' Page 45 F doalz, I a. F. ZWOrial1 Spgs. Ia. prney elena Yle ?lajfs,Neb. 'lsville 'owa le Iowa iis fville oseph iryville Page 44 ,XIII mufn Nl, IIIQNSLEIQ, lIfUI1OlIf'ffvlO7Ull V IIITII I M xx IIULMES, Plalisbzzrg YISIU I, I'lImI'IIlIEx. Gran! Cily Ex lfII!lj'l",l' Ii. llmIN. Elmo MAIIOLYN J AOKSON, Sheridan AMBIIOSE M. JFINNINGS, Sianberry VIRGINIA JUDAH, Sl. Joseph NELLE KELIIOGCS, Craig MAIIJOIIIE K,EYES, Gran! Ciiy NIARGARET LANNING, Gower AMY LEUTZINGEH, Osborn LOUISE LIPPMAN, fllaryville NORMA RUTH LOGAN, Maryville JACK LOUDEN, Oregon ESTELLENE LYLE, Maryville MARIAN MALOY, Redding, Iowa KENNETH M. LIANIFOLD, Coin, Iowa MONTE B. MEACHAM, Maryville MARY' MEADONVS, Pattonsbarg VELMA MOZINGO, Maryville DOROTHY MURPHY, Weston GERALDINE E. MYERS, Conway, Iowa DORIS NICPHERRIN, Oakland, Iowa DOROTHY MCPHEIKRIN, Oakland, Iowa HISRSCHEL NEIL, Maysville PAUL NEWBY, Plallsbarg GEOIIOE D. DIIXON, Leon, Iowa CIIAIILES C. PEANIJEH, Burlinglon Jct. Page 45' MARGARET PORTER, flrlaryville DALE O. RICHMOND, Nlaryville HENRY' S. T108-INSON, Kingslon GLENN A. HOUSE, Priricelon GERALD B. ROWAN, Maryville OLIN D. SCHMIDT, Graham MARY SHOEMAKEB, Winslon CHESTER LEE SMITH, Sl. Joseph TROY JAMES SMITH, Maryville WILLIAM D. SOMERVILLE, Maryville FRANKLIN SPRATT, Weslon LESTER R. STANLEY, Mercer JAMES M. STEPHENSON, Nlaryville FRANCES R. STUART, Maryville CORA DEAN TAYLOR, Platlsburg ESTHER THOMPSON, Maryville VERNON F. T RAUERNICHT, Fairfax ELIZABETH UTZ, Sl. Joseph LUDMILA VDAVRA, Sl. Joseph VVALTER O. VVADE, Dlaryville CHANDIS VVILSON, King City HAROLD VVILSON, Skidmore CHARLENE XYILEY, Hopkins DOROTHY GRAY XVORT, Braddyzwlle. Hou ARD E. XYRAY. IT1Gl'y1'I'llF ELIZABETH XYRIGHT, f'lllI'l'1ffl.l' NTEDFORD BICFALL. Srnillzz-ille EDR IN BOLIY. Cforzceplion .lllflfll-OH I lsuljn' -FO I ,I 4 h yll ll 9 lirf 3' SOPHOMORES V kia FZ? ly , !x VX x Cpgxulf ' 70555, f 5 ' fx VCD. HARLAN FARRAIK .Maryville MAIIVIN STFINSIETZ Platlsharg DONAT D QIPES Graharn K FINNFTH ALI EN Richmond Ol.A ABIZITT Lenox I a. CLYDE E. BAILEY Clearfield Ia. LORENA BALDWIN Hopkins HEI FN RUTH BARKER Grant City L. O. BARTON Oregon ELEANOR C. BATT Henderson, Tex 1301 Orr II BFR JXIA1iY I RAY NIO E. HA R I ELAN DOIN AI I HAROLI HARL J , I 'X Hshll J I sh J , 'Z I L' ., L 1 FJAKIIAND ADAIR, Reddirlfl, la. ALICE I Y A J Q I A 7 7 1 4 , 7 4 . I . , I 1 J , Y J A 7 , . QUINTON BEGGS, Guilford LUCY MAE BENSON, St. Louis JAMES BESINGER, De Kalb BETTY BOSCH, Maryville EULA BOWEN, Maryville CLEO BROCK, Ridgeway IRENE BURKE, Maysville MARIAN BURR, Maryville FRANCES CARMEAN, Fairfax LESLIE CARLSON, Essex, Ia. CATHERINE CARLTON, Bedford,!I a. DON H. COFER, Fairfax an ARLIE BRUCE COFFMAN, Forest City JOHN B. COX, Maryville ELINOR CBATER, Ravenwood REX CREIGHTON, Coffey FRANCES DAUGHERTY, Gallatin W. HENRY DAVIS, Eagleville RACHEL M. DAY, Villisca, Ia. THELMA DUNCAN, Weston ALICE M. ELLENBAUM, Slanberry FRANCES FEURT, Jameson KENNETH FINE, Hopkins J. LEE FINLEY, Clarinda, Ia. SUSAN FLEMING, Graham BEULAH J. FRERICHS, Fairfax PAULINE GALLUS, Maysville EVA A. GATES, Clearmont EDWARD DAVIS GEYER, Graham Page 48 DOROTI HELEN HARRY ROBERT LA VEN DORIS 1 R. QUA' MARIA? MARY I4 BEATRI1 HELEN CLARA 1 MARY I AVIL L' BERNEI IRMA L LUCILL H. EDS HELEN ANNA J DOROT JUNE I' FRANC MARY RALPH NAOMI MARJC BILLIE J OSEPI Pug 0 bury la. ud ld, Ia. s Int City rson, Tex. ouis P ax la. 1 ford,!I a. Forest City Jod illatin Iille i, Ia. 1 Vtanberry ri IIa. zirfaa: 'ilte at Graham Xllliiill, lfmx Ann GEX, Gralzanz txlIHU'l'llY GSTREIN, Lawson Hl,'IiFR'1' IIADORW. Savannah M 11311. Nl. HANNA, Pickering NIABY HARIIION, Hopkins IKAYMUND IJARRIS, Redding, Ia. E, THAIXRISON, Burlington Jet. LELAND IIATHAVVAY, Grant City IEONALD H. 1'1EPBUBN, Hopkins H,AlKfJLD IIOLMES, Plattsbarg LIABL IIOLT, JR., Nlaryville DOROTHY HOOPER, lllaryville HELEN HORN, Platte City HARRY L. IRVINE, Fairfax ROBERTA JOHNSON, Illaryville LA VENA KABEL, Skidmore DORIS LOUISE KENDALL, Maryville B. QUAYLE K,ENNAUGH, Hopkins NIARIAN KIRK, Hopkins MARY KIRKHAM, College Springs, I a. BEATRICE LEESON, Maryville HELEN LEET, Maryville CLARA LIPPMAN, lllaryville MARY LOUISE LYLE, Skidmore AVIL LYNCH, Maloy, Ia. BERNEICE LYNCH, Redding, I a. IRMA LYNCH, Redding, Ia. LUCILLE MASON, Princeton H. EDSON MAY, Bedford, Ia. HEIIEN B. MEYER, Maitland ANNA KATHRYN MINOR, Kidder DOROTHY NELL MOORE, Maryville JUNE MORGAN, Gallatin FRANCES E. MORRIS, Graham MARY KATHRYN MORROW, Lawson RALPH MORROW, Ptattsbarg NAOMI MUMFORD, Pickering NIARJORY MURRAY, Oregon BILLIE tX1CLAUGHLIN, Grant City JOSEPIIINE NASH, Red Oak, Ia. Page 48 Page 49 IAALPH TWEVVBY, Plattsburg MARY JANE NEWLON, Hopkins BETTY NORLET, tVIary1.ville ANNA K. OVERLAY, Maitland ROBERT E. PAUL, Bedford, Ia. MARY PECK, Fairfax HAIlfJLD PENWELL, New Market, Ia. DODIE PETERSON, Fairfax FLORENCE PETERSEN, Maryville J. K. PHIPPS, Grant City ROBERT PHIPPS, Nlaryville CHARLES A. PLOWMAN, Pattonsbarg JOHN KAY PORTER, Plattsburg MARY PORTER, Platte City PAUL PORTERFIELD, Braddyville, Ia. MARY POWELL, Gallatin KATHERINE REECE, Parnell FREDERICK SCHNEIDER, Stanberry MARJORIE SCHNEIDER, Oregon RICHARD SHAY, Maloy, Ia. HELEN SHIPMIAN, Mound City NORWOOD SHISLER, Stanberry R. T. SIDENER, Lansford, N. D. AILEEN SIFERS, Richmond BETTY JANE SMITH, Gallatin ESTHER M. SPRING, twound City LOIS STEEN, Blockton, Ia. PHILIP STENGER, Shenandoah, Ia. BEECE STREETEB, Sheridan MARY FRANCES SUTTON, Pattonsburg C. M. SWINFORD, Burlington Jrt. ROBERT TAYLOR, Gravity, Ia. .ELDON VFHOMPSON, Ctarinda, la, FRANCES THOMPSON, Aflaryvitle MARY VFIMMONS, Wheeling 'FHELMA VFODD, Trenton RAMONA TROX EL. Gallatin BARBARA VFIIRNER, King City EDNVIN TYSON, Skidmore MARY ALICE TYSON. Steiftnlore AJ .X ,D A R R GA LEOMII BETH GENEL MILLE ALETI1' R. GO IRA G EDITH VIRGI1 BURNI CLARA JOHN ' JOHN , llugv tklgu Q , 'PUIINEH 'l'1's0N, Skidrnore 9 5 I I I I i f king MARTHA VENAHLE, Gallatin HOSALYN VENIKICK, Smithville nd DAIIHYI, WAGONEH, Cilrnan City Ia. GAROLD W.AI.KER, Pattonsbzirg LEOMA VVALKER, Gravity, Ia. arket, Ia, BETH WEAVER, Tabor, Ia. GENEVIEVE WEBB, New Market, Ia yville MILLER PI. XVEEDA, Maryville ALETHA VVHARTON, Stanberry 1 2 R. GOHY WIGGINS, Princeton lvnsbury 5 IHA GLEN WILLIANISON, Elmo 'UVQ EDITH WILSON, Oregon 3 VIRGIL WOODSIDE, Independence yville, Ill- f BURNICE VVINGER, Stewartsville V I ll I CLARA ELLEN WOLFE, Grant City anberry Q JOHN WRIGHT, Oklahoma City, Okla 'gon 5 JOHN ZUCHOWSKI, St. Joseph l 5 lily 1 Try E V. D. l l in 5 f E d City L nah, Ia. ri zttonsburg lon Jcl. I a. la, I a. yville Yity more Page 50 Page il f 1 w I i ' w X ' w ' ,W lx N, ,1 w e, E V U r l u' w 4 , I sl 1 2' 21' W Q iq I w U wi A w M wg 13' W1 ,Q U H' W ll w ' 1' Y, ,yy 3 lm Will! 1k 1 52' W1 N W li H 1,11 F QE T v EW A 14' , 12:11 ' 's l L .s V gl il M M a , 1 1 FRESHMEN Pg53 lT-i-1-l'l- I if 'X Wnnmm Til EASTD l f I Qlgf mf? 435 t ,J f A f I nf' 1 i' "' 2-?flF!iffMg,M HW N3 60' Q 'Q Q 3 3 ff? QQJFVN Nqr I ff ff 4, n f xl h x X-1 X l fJl.ARl'1NCE STARR, Sl. Joseph CQAIILAND E. ANTRIM, Parnell CHRISTINE ANDERSON, Carrollon VVILMER ALLISON. Hopkins PAUL ALIJEN, Riclzrnond LELA ALLDREDGE, Hosendale SOHENUS ADAMS, Maryville WELUON L. BAILEY, Gallatin CLIFFORD BAKER, Slanberry JESSIE BALDWIN, Hopkins FERN BARRER, Craig FRANK BARKER, Grant City BEN E. BEASLEY, Trenton JENNINGS B. BEAVERS, Grant City RAYMOND BEEDLE, Havenwood ELAINE BENDER, New Hampton RUTH ELLEN BENNETT, Mound City ROMA F. BENTHIEN, Clearmont RALPH BERGER, Maryville ARLENE H. BIRDSELL, Ravenwood BONNIE MAXINE BORING, Quitman ELIZABETH ANN BOTKIN, Skidmore ILENE BOYD, Kensington, Kan. MARY ANN BOVARD, Maryville RICHARD BRACKEN, Maryville MYNATT BREIDENTHAL, Bethany LESTER BREWER, Princeton SUE BRODERICK, Perrin GALE BROVVN, Hamburg, Ia. JESSIE FERN BROWN, Gallatin WALTER BROWN, JR., Nlaryville ADA BURCH, Ravenwood ALETA BURNHAM, Detroit, Mich. ROSALIE BUSRY, Nlaryville MARY VIRGINIA BUSH, Fairfax FORREST BYEROO, Barnard LOIS DEANE COPPAOE, Hale ELENORIA CAHMICHAEI., Pickering SIDNEY M. CARTER, Hielmzonil IQATHRYN CASTILLO, Elmo Pug: 54 .IOII N YIDCII FHA RUTH JAMES EDRA KINSE NEI.IJI FLORII VVYALTI CHARI CLEOT DORO1 MAXIJ FRED . GUY I VIRGII- F. M. LEO D MAYBQ JOHN 1 IMOGE CHAS. MARY MILDR VIRGII HELEIA MARJC M. FA ERSEL CORT C RPIBEC HELEP GEORI Piggy if ph tell rolton I ile in .Y V rant City aood npton ound City nont enwood Quitman Sk idmore Kan. 'v ille Iille zthany 1 fl. ztin yville Mich. irfaa: l le cker ing 'tond eq urns fiIlAMllERS, Burlington. Jet hum fl'HlKlS'l'lANSUN. Bosendale E u'u.1.r: CHUNING. Fortescae ifu INLIICS Cm YTON, New tllarket. Ia Rum COFER. Fairfax M. CUIJ-IEVIAN, New Hampton L. FRANCES COLLINS, Bethany BARTLETTE COOH, lllaryville NIAUHICE COOR, Barnard ICMMA JEAN CORINGTON, Gower JAMES C. CORINGTON, Edgerton EDRA COTTRELL, Gilman City KINSELL COULSON, Hatfield NELIJIE COUSINS, Grant City FLORIENE CRATER, Havenwood W ALTER CUMMINGS, Pattonsburg CHARLES CURRY, Parnell CLEOTA DACK, Bavenwood DOROTHY DALEEY, Burlington Jet. AIAXINE DANIEL, Maysville FRED E. DAVISON, Barnard GUY DAVIS, Craig VIRGINIA DE LONG, Ravenwood F. M. DICK, Edgerton LEO DONAHUE, Maryville IWAYBEL DOUGAN, Lenox, Ia. JOHN CARL DUNLAP, Fairfax IMOGENE EASTON, New Hampton CHAS, M. EBERHART, Gilman City NIARY L. EISENBERGER, Martinsville NIILDRED ELLIOTT, Edgerton VIRGIL L. ELLIOT, Barnard HELEN ESTEP, Union Star N1AliJORY FARMER, Cromwell, Ia. M. FARQUHAR, Burlington Jet. ERSEL FASTENAU, Hepburn, Ia. ff0R'1' FEURT, JR. Jameson HEREc:c,'x FOLEY, Callatin HLLEN FORD, St. Joseph UEORGIZ C. FRACKER, Wooster, O. Page511 I 7 I, 41-- FIIANCES FREIER. Ladrlonia FRANCES FULK, Shornbauyh. Ia. JOHN GALLAGHER, Nlaryville JWIILIJRED GALLOWAY, fwarlinsrille HOPE ELEANOR fIASKILL, Craig DWIGHT E. GATES, Clearrnont ESTHER K. CJJATES, Braddyville VERA M. GATES, lllaryville SAMUEL A. GOODING, Stanberry WILHELMINA GOULD, Pattonsburg WILLIS GOZA, Mounds, Ill. ELLA MAE GRAHAM, Hosendale MARY POLLET GSTREIN, Lawson MARGUERITE HAENNI, Savannah BEULAH HARNION, Maryville ETHELYN HARRIS, New lWarket LYLE HARRIS, Worthington, Nlinn. PHILIP D. HARVEY, Graham ELDON PI. HASKELL, Stewartsville BETTY JANE HATFIELD, Nlaitland ELIZABETH M. HAYDEN, Pickering VESTA HELZER, Barnard ETHEL HESTER, Mound City DAVID HIGGINS, Platte City DORIS HILES, Burlington Jct. EUGENE HILL, Calhoun ROBERTA HIMES, Smithville JAMES HOLBROOK, Clearrnonl EDNA HOLMES, Fillmore ALOIS HUIATT, lvlaitland ANNABEL HULL, lllaryville JOE M. HUNT, Redding, Iowa EVAN J. HUNTER, Virden, Ill. GLENN A. HUBLBUTT, Tabor. la. WILLIANI HUTCHINSCDN, Maryville EUGENE JOHNSON. .llaryrille NIAXINE E. JOHNSON, Shenandoah JIMIII' JOHNSON, Jlaryville NIIJRA JORGENSON, Barnard WVIRGINIA JUIIAII, IJI4ClQt'l'l-Ilyj I M AX ,ALL3 Nl IR' ll ALF ALBL HPJLI NIAR MILK NIAR' JVEHD ROSE MAU FORI1 HAZI HOBI RUTI HELI JOHN MAR1 BILL RUTI BETT MON WAN' DURI HALF DOLC ROB! MAR1 GERA MILE WIL12 HELP EI.Izf GENE ALBE WILN NIAR1 CHAR CLAR Pa gl 2 I QQ? '11 lr, Ia. lle 'tinsville Craig font 'ville berry Qnsburg 'zdale ,awson uannah lle 'arket 1, Minn. cm zrtsville la itland Pickering 'ity fy Jet. 'le iont e owa , Ill. bor, Ia. laryville 'ille 2nandoah Ye ard W Page 56 Alu li. R, lXlnlFF'Hli, .Skidmore ,XII xw .lxEI,SO. llral , . It Ldv NIAIIGIFI lxENnRlf:R, N. Market, Ia R,Xl.,l'H L. RYEPPER, Skidmore Al,BlQll'I'A J. KIINREL, Oregon. HELEN V. li YIIE, Gralzam MARGARET IRYLE, Graham MILDRE11 E. LACKEY, Burlington Jet RIARCELLA I1AIlB, Braddyoille, Ia. VERN LAWLER, Hopkins ROSEMARY LEAKE, Hamilton RKIAURINE LEPLEY, Maloy, Ia. FORREST M. LEWIS, Bedford, Ia. HAZEL LEVVIS, Plattsbarg ROBERT LIGGETT, King City RUTH E. LONG, Bedford, Ia. HELEN LONGFELLOW, Bedford, Ia. JOHN J. LOTT, Halls MAIXGARET MAGEE, Albany BILL MALOY, Bedding, Ia. RUTH MARRINER, Oregon BETTY MARSHALL, Weston MONA MARSHALL, Gilman City WANDA MARTIN, Allendale DURWOOD MAXTED, Tabor, Ia. RALPH B. MERRITT DOLORES MESSNER, ROBERT R. MILLER, MARGARET MILLER, Skidmore A tba ny Burlington Jct. Fa irfax GERALD MITCHELL, Maryville MILDRED MIX, Amity WILBUR L. MOORE, Earlham, Ia. HELEN MOREHOUSE, Hopkins ELIZABETH MORROW, Rosendale GENEIVE MURREN, Braddyville, Ia. ALBERT MYEIXS, Maryville XVILMA MYERS, Turney MARION MCCARTNEY, Lorimor, Ia. CHARLES MCCONNEIJL, Fairfax CLARK NICIDOVVELL, Clarinda, Ia. Page 57 BONNIE BETSY MCFALL, Smithville ISEVEIKLY NICLLINNICSS, Barnard FLORENCE MCINTOSH, Villisca, la. ROBERT NEELY, Hosendale IRENE NELSON. Barnard ELOISE N ETHERTON, Jameson LOYD OLIVER, Guilford ELIZABETH OZENBERGER, St. Joseph GWENETHA PARMAN, Grant City T HELMA PATRICK, Bethany MARIE PEETOOM, Ridgeway ESTELLA JUNE PENCE, Ctearrnont MONA M. PENNINGTON, Kidder FORREST PETREE, Savanah PAUL PERSON, Maryville MARY MARTHA PETERSON, Edgerton VIRGINIA ANNE PLACE, Cameron GEORGIA PORCH, Parnell HELEN GAIL POWELL, Allendale BOB POYNTER, Mound City WILMA PRITCHARD, Maysville LORETTA REIMEB, Clearjield, I a. CHAROLD ROBERTS, Bedford, Ia. IRENE RISSER, Bedford, Ia. GERTRUDE E. ROBERTS, Weston GARNET ROBERTSON, Jameson LELA ROGERS, Maryville VIVIAN ROSS, Ravenwood W. LEE ROWLAND, Lawson RUSSEL V. RINEHART, Crant City MILDBED JEAN RUTH, Princeton ELISE SALMON, Nlaryville LA VEDA L. SEALES, Lorirnar, Ia. MARY JANE SCOTT, Maryville EVA NIAE SHADES, fkfaryville MILDREIJ SHADES, Maryville BILLY SHADWVICK, Craig CLARTH SHARP, Ilrlound City GEORGIA R. SHELTON, Qizilman RICHARD H. SHROUT, Ufllllfiltll Pug, X' IH M 1 ROE V IR- P AL AMI AND CAL CHA WEI CHR LYL CLII SYL' ANN PAU PAU ALYI ILEP HEIY ELE. RER D. D PHY. F L01 CATI ELIZ LOU EMM LORI BUTE VIRC J AMI JOE BETH J ACB A. J. IQATI FRAI' ARDI ALIC BERP J ACK PAU I NIILI. Page .---:KWH . Q Tm itll v il le 'narrl ftisca, I a. SON St. Joseph t City Y armont 'idder , Edgerton Imeron endale Y ville ld, Ia. Id, Ia. l. 7eston 68077. 'I int City nceton oar, Ia. ille Tlle lle ftman Ioun Pagel58 NJIIHIIXI I SIIf'IArIIs., lilifllllltllltl MY RON SIMIAIIIIA, Sl. Joseph IKOIIEIVI' SIMPSON. SlIer1'flan, VIRGINIA SIMPSON. Slzeriflan PAUL NY. SIMS, ,illcuflale AMY SLAUIIIITEII, Ridgeway ANNA SLAIICIITER, Ridgeway CALYENA SLAYTON, Plattsburg CHARI,O'1"I'E SMITH, Maryville AVENDELL SMITH, Oregon CHRYSTAL SNIDER, Forteseue LYLA SPENCER, Kellerton, Ia. CLIFFORD STANDLEY, Gentry SYLVESTER STEINMETZ, Perry, Kan. ANNABELLE STICKEROD, Rockport PAULINE STOCKVVELL, Forrest City PAUL STROHM, Maryville ALYCE MARIE STORM, lvtaryville ILENE SVVANN, Barnard HENRY SVVIFT, Grant City ELEANOR TAYLOR, Goto. Sps., Colo. REBECCA TAYLOR, Burlington Jet. D. M. TENNANT, Bedding, Ia. PHYLLIS THQMAS, Parnell F LORINE THOMPSON, Bolckow CATHERINE T HORP, Maryville ELIZABETH TURNER, Barnard LOU ELLA TURPIN, Skidmore EMMA LEE VANCE, Smithville LORENE WANNER, Lock Springs RUTH WARD, Hamilton VIRGINIA WATT, Maryville JAMES E. WELLS, Maryville JOE VVHITAKER, Bedford, Ia. BETTY AVHITE, Wlziteszville JACK VVHITT, Gallatin A. J. VVHITTERS, Platte City IQATHRYN WIESER, Bedford, Ia. FRANCES VVOODBURN, Maryville ARDEL VVOOIIRUFF. Glenwood, la. ALICE M . WOODSIOE, Independence BERNICI4: VVORDEN, Stewartsville JACKSON VVRIGIIT, Gower PAIIL WYMAN, Quitman A'Jll.UliED YATES, Shenandoah, la. Page 50 IN MEMOBIAM Our Beloved Classmate JOHN KRAMBECK Pg60 Page 61 TWO Page 62 g6Z W W I EY ET L cw 'ff - L. 7,Nf' V Gs Wx W2 ff 1, W f Q Mg, AZZQ ti, Q X f 44 2 E91 XIIAIZVW w, T X Y N M E I f , 2 f V 1 , ef i ll , M g 14 ? it g f J. , , fi 4 ' a , 1 4 W I A i N , EM El! 'i N 1, . , . 'M i ,A SW i 14 f M, , H EH A36 " i N! Dji . U Ya L. Tower Staff LTHOUGH at times the work of the 1936 Tower Staff has been laborious and arduous, group spirit has dominated. CO-operation has been willingly given at all times, not only by the Tower Staff, but by students and instructors as well. Yearbooks are often classified as memory books for Seniors, but this book is to be considered as designed for the entire student body. We have attempted to abstain from all impressions of ornateness by using simplicity as our watchword. We have tried to create enthusiasm and approval by changing as much as possible from former Towers, which have tended to closely resemble each other, year after year. Of course, there are certain standards and conventions which must be abided by, but change is essential to progress. We have hoped, during the entire course of our planning and actual construction of the book, that the 1936 Tower would be accepted as a repre- sentative portrayal of Northwest Missouri State Teachers College. J AMES STEPHENSON Ed iior-in-Chief KENNETH MANIFOLD Business Manager BATT, BOWEN, HEPBURN, HOLT, MORGAN, ROBINSON, SCHNEIDER SIFERS, THOINIPSON, VAVEA, WEEDA, WIGGINS, WRIGHT Page 65 FREDERICK SCHNEIDER ELEANOR BATT DENSIL COOPER JUSTIN KING Editor-in-Chief Society Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor orthwest issourian Once each week-at 11 o'clock on Friday mornings-students of the College gather around room 210, the home of The Northwest fllissourian, for the purpose of receiving their eight-page copy of the newspaper which carries announcements, schedules, and the latest in happenings at their college. Fifteen hundred copies are printed each week, eight hundred of which are sent to alumni of the College, and to friends and relatives of students. This is the second year that the editors of The Missourian have been ap- pointed by the College student senate. A staff of nineteen contributors has assisted the editors in striving to make the newspaper a credit to the College. Miss Ruth Millett and Mr. J. Fred Hull have acted as sponsors of the Missourian for this year, and the staff is most thankful to them for their assistance. BAUER, CATTERSON, Cnow, GR.A.vEs, HIARRIS, HUEF, IRXYIN, KEIFFER KRANIER, LINDBERG, BIITCHELL, REIMER, SIFERS, STROHM, YVIGGINS Page 66 LEMON, SANDISON, ALEXANDER, JAMES, WALES, MILLER, TAYLOR ADAMS, FEURT, MEYERS, RAMSEY, STRANGE, WRIGHT Pi Omega Pi I OMEGA PI, honorary commercial fraternity, was established June 13, 1923, at Kirksville, Missouri. Beta chapter has twelve members and two pledges. The requirements for full membership are: A major in Commerce, the com- pletion of ten hours in Commerce with an average of "S," five hours of Education, and an average of "M" in courses outside the department of Commerce and Busi- ness Administration. Its purpose is to encourage and create interest in business and professional life. OFFICERS BEATBICE LEMON .... . . Presidenl MARIAN VAN VICKLE . Vice-President DOROTHY SANDISON . . . Secretary DEAN MILLER . . . Treasurer JESSE DEAN TAYLOR . . H istorian MISS MINNIE B. JAMES . . . Sponsor MEMBERS BEATRICE LEMON JESSE DEAN TAYLOR MRS. ELAINE WEST RABISEY MARIAN VAN VICKLE MARTHA MAE HOLMES ELIZABETH WRIGHT DOROTHY SANDISON RUTH STRANGE LEONA HASELWOOD DEAN MILLER MILDRED MYERS MARY ELIZABETH ADAMS PLEDGES HONORARY MEMBERS FRANCES FEURT DR. HENRY M. ALEXANDER MADOLYN JACKSON MR. HUGH G. WALES A trip to Kansas City for the purpose of visiting and becoming acquainted with various large business Organizations, modern business equipment and methods, was sponsored March 20, by Pi Omega Pi. Page 67 MR. COOK DR. DILDINE DR. FOSTER MR. GARRETT DR. MEI-IUS LUCILLE LINDBERG EUGENE HUFE MARGARET PORTER LORENZO BARTON ELEANOR BATT FORD BRADLEY CARLYLE BBECKENRIDGE LORACE CATTERSON GILBERT CROSSON WARREN CROW VIRGINIA LEE DANFORD CARL DUNLAP PIERCE GARDNER EDWARD GEYER FRANCES GORDON ALPHONSE GRAVES LUCILLE GROH JOSEPH HIARTLEY HARL HOLT JESSIE JUTTEN BIAURINE LEPLEY HARRY LYLE M,kXINE MIDDIIE'fON J EAN MONTGOMER 1' LOIS NIEFF CLA RK R IN EHART Pug L CU! JGE RD Page 68 LINDBERG, CROW, DILDINE, CAUFFIELD, COOK, HAMMAN, NEFF GARRETT, FOSTER, CATTERSON, WELLS, HUEF, MEHUS, WALES Pi Gamma Mu I GAMMA MU is a national honorary Social science fraternity. It has for its purpose the encouragement and appreciation of the study of society. Its members attempt to study all social questions in the light of Scientific truth and by scientific methods. I OFFICERS LUCILLE LINDBERG ...... President WARREN CROW . . Vice-President DR. H. G. DILDINE . . Secretary-Treasurer Social Science and International Relations Club HE Social Science Club, under the direction of Dr. O. Myking Mehus and Professor T. H. Cook, has presented, for those students of the College who are interested in social advancement, programs of unusual and significant importance. The International Relations Club, sponsored by Dr. Henry A. Foster and Dr. Harry G. Dildine, is a new organization in the college this year. It has for its purpose the study of International Relations from the standpoint of estab- lishing a great World Order. OFFICERS Fall Quarter VVinter Quarter LORACE CATTERSON . President . . LUCILLE LINDBERG WARREN CROW . . . Vice-President . . EUGENE HUEF HELEN FORD .... Secretary-Treasurer . . HELEN FORD CARLYLE BRECKENRIDGE . Publicity Chairman . . MARGARET PORTER Page 69 MR. SAYLI-:R DENSIL COOPER C. F. GIKAY ELIZABETH ADAMS CLARA ELLEN VVOLFE HOPE LZASKILL LORENA BALDWIN ELIZABETH BOTKIN EULA BOWEN ILENE BOYD ELEANOR CHATER J. B. CUMMINS VIRGINIA LEE DANFORD T IIELMA DUNCAN FRANCES FEURT VERA GATES VIRGIL GEX DORIS HILES EVEBETT IRWIN LA VENA KABEL BEATRICE LEMON LUCILLE LINDBERG MARION MALOY BILL MALOY MARY MEADONVS CALLISTA MAE MILLER GERALD MITCHELL EDNA MARY MONK ELOISE NETHERTON MARY JANE NENVLON VIVIAN ROSS MARVIN STEINMETZ REBECCA TAYLOR EDXVIN TYSON EBINIA LEE VANCE FRANCES WOODBIJRN MII,DRED NYATES Page 70 Alpha Phi Sigma ALPHA PHI SIGMA, national honorary scholastic society, which was organized for the purpose of fostering superior scholarship in high schools and teachers, colleges, has provided interesting instructive programs for its members once each month. Thirty- five college freshmen were given associate membership in recognition of superior high school scholarship. Permanent membership is awarded upon high scholastic attainment in college. Beta chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma was organized on our campus, April 9, 1930, only a month after the founding of the organization at the State Teachers' College, Kirksville, Missouri. OFFICERS C. F. GRAY .... . President MARY ELIZABETH ADAMS . Vice-President DENSIL COOPER . . Secretary CLARA ELLEN WOLFE . . Treasurer NORVAL SAYLER . . SPOHSOI' Pgil ,gn ROBERT IAWRENOE MR. IRYINE MR. CIAIIIFIVNICZ BXIARY EVIEADOWS EDNA NIARY MONK MISS VVILFLEY MR. SCHUSTER EDWYIN TYSON MYNATT BREIDENTHAL ALETA BURNHAM MARJORIE CARPENTER DOROTHA DEPEWV ROBERT KENNAUGH MARIAN KIRK MARION MALOY BETTY NOBLET ELNA PETERSON HENRX' ROBINSON WILLIABI SOMERVILLE NIARTHA VENABLE DOROTHY XVORT BIORRIS XVADON 1 IAL ER I LE Pg7Z Alpha Epsilon Psi ALPHA EPSILON PSI is a professional public school music fraternity, open to men and Women students having superior standing in the music department. This fraternity was organized in the spring of 1932 through the efforts of Charles R. Gardner, then head of the music department of this college. The aims of the organization are to raise the standards of public school music teaching, to uphold the standards of the department, and to make music a vital force on the campus. Each year the organization takes a trip to some musical concert. OFFICERS ROBERT LAWRENCE . . . President MARY MEADOWS . . Vice-President EDNA MARY MONK . . . Secretary GRACE REED . . Treasurer EDWIN TYsoN . . Historian Pg73 Q p- fm BARRARA ZELLER MISS VVAGNFIR MISS BLACKWVELI, MISS SUTTON MARION MALOY MARGARET' TURNEY FRANCES TOLBERT MARY IZLIZABETH ADAMS CLARA ELLEN WOOLFE LUCILLE GROH LUCY MAE BENSON ANITA ALDRICH MARY ANN BOVARD ELEANOR CRATER HELEN GAUGH BELVA GOFF DOROTHY GSTREIN JESSIE JUTTEN NELL KELLOGG MARY KIRK MARY LOUISE LYLE BETTY MARSHAL MARY MEADONVS DOLORES MESSENER THELMA PATRICK ELISE SALMON ANNABELLE STICKEROD MARY FRANCES SUTTON ELIZABETH LTTZ LUDMILA VAYRA VIRGINIA NVATT Hg: Alpha Sigma Alpha LPHA SIGMA ALPHA, national educational Sorority, was founded at Farmville Virginia in 1901 Its cha ter roll includes tw A . , , . p enty- two chapters in only four-year teachers' colleges and Schools of education in universities. Phi Phi chapter was installed at the Northwest Missouri State Teachers College in May, 1928, but was previously Lambda Phi, a local sorority. l Page 74 Page 75 LOCAL OFFICERS BARBARA ZELLAR ....... President MARIAN MALOY . Vice-President MARGARET TURNEY . . . Secretary ELIZABETH ADAMS . Treasurer FRANCES TOLBERT . Registrar MARY E. MEADOWS . .... Chaplain CLARA ELLEN WOLFE ...... Editor LUCILLE GROH . . Pan-Hellenic Representative LUCY MAE BENSON . . Collegiate Representative ACTIVES MARY MEADOWS DELOBES MESSNER THELMA PATRICK MARY FRANCES SUTTON FRANCES TOLBERT MARGARET TURNEY ELIZABETH UTZ LUDMILA VAVRA VIRGINIA WATT CLARA ELLEN WOLFE BARBARA ZELLAR ELIZABETH ADAMS ANITA ALDRICH LUCY MAE BENSON ELINOR CRATEB HELEN GAUGH LUCILLE GROH DOROTHY GSTREIN MARIAN KIRK MARY LOUISE LYLE M.ABIAN MALOY PLEDGES RUTH ELLEN BENNETT MARY ANN BOVARD EMMA JEANNE CORINGTON DIXIE LEE ELLIOT BELVA GOFF HAZEL LEWIS BETTY MARSHALL VIRGINIA ANN PLACE VIRGINIA SIFEBS CHARLOTTE SMITH ANNABELLE STICKEROD DOROTHY WORT MILDRED ELIOTT SPONSOR MISS MARIAM WAGGONER 'TS-W 1 '74-'ER M, QI 4 X W-1 VIRGINIA COE MISS BUSBY MARY PECK HELEN KRAMER JEAN MONTGOMERY CHARLOTTE CLAPHAM BEATRICE LEESON MARGARET HUMPHREYS MARY ALLEN VIRGINIA LEE DANFORD MAXINE DANIELS LOUISE GUTTING EDWARDENA HARRISON FLORENCE MCINTOSH MARY JANE NEWLON DOROTHY SANDISON FLORENCE PETERSON Slgma Slgma Slgma LPHA EPSILON Chapter of S1g1na S1gIna S1g1na was 1HSt3ll6d at the Northwest MISSOUTI State Teachers College March 18 1927 At the same tune, the alumnae Chapter was also founded The first Chapter was founded at the State Teachers College, Farm- vllle, V1rg1n1a, Aprll 20, 1898 Although Slgma Sigma S1gIna 1S an eduoat1on sOror1ty, the organ1zat1On also fosters sOC1al aot1v1t1es M1ss Nell Hudson and M1ss Helen Busby are the sponsors of the sororlty The patronesses are Mrs Forrest Cullarn and Mrs J C M1ller LOCAL OFFICERS VIRGINIA COE ........ Preszdent MARY PECK . . Vzce-Preszdent HELEN KRAMER . . Recordzng Secretary CHARLOTTE CLAPHAM . Correspondzng Secretary JEAN MONTGOMERY . . . Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS VIRGINIA COE HELEN KRAMER CHARLOTTE CLAPHAM VIRGINIA LEE DANFORD MARGARET HUMPHREYS JEAN MONTGOMERY DOROTHY SANDISON MARY PECK LOUISE GUTTING MARY JANE NEWLON BEATBICE LEESON MARY ALLEN FLORENCE PETERSON EDWABDINA HARRISON FLORENCE MCINTOSH PLEDGES iq,-P' 0 0 0 7 7 1 l -1 MARY JANE SCOTT ELIZABETH OZENBERGER ALICE ELLENBAUM J OSEPHINE NAsH DORIs HILES CLAUDIA SWINFORD Page 76 Page 77 .pw MR DIETERICH MR. fIAlRlll'l'I"l' IVIR. CIAILEVVICZ MR. WALES HAROLD BIRD ROBERT WAMSLEY HAROLD PERSON WILLIAM BILLS DR. R. C. PERSON CLYDE BAILEY RALPH BERGER MYNATT BRIEDENTHAL VERNE CAMPBELL LESLIE CARLSON JOHN COX WALTER CUMMINGS LLOYD DONVDEN GEORGE FRACKER BERNARD HAIVIMAN HARL HOLT RALPII KNEPPER JOHN LIDDLE ROBERT LIGGETT DONALD LINDLEY ALBERT MEYERS GEORGE NIXON PAUL PERSON CHESTER SMITH GAROLD XVALREIK JAMES NYELLS ACTIVE MEMBERS 'Uv' A Sigma Mu Delta HE Gamma Chapter of the nat1Onal sOe1al fraternlty Of S1gma Mu Delta s1nOe Its Installatlon on the campus of the Northwest RTISSOUTI State Teachers College, December 13 1930 has been an aotlve and rapldly growmg organlzatlon The natlonal chapter, based On DeMOlay and Masonry, was founded at Emporia, Kansas, 111 1921 HAROLD BIRD . . . . . Preszdent ROBERT WAMSLE1 Vwe-Preszdent WILLIAM BILLS . . Secretary HAROLD PERSON . Treasurer CLYDE BAILEY ...... Edztor 3 5 l 5 I CLYDE BAILEY RALPH BERGER HAROLD BIRD WILLIAM BILLS LESLIE CARLSON VERNE CAMPBELL JOHN COX WALTER CUMMINGS LLOYD DOWDEN RUSSELL DOWELL WJEORCE FRACKER ALBERT GRAY BERNARD HAMMAN RALPH KNEPPER TOHN LIDDLE ROBERT LIGGETT CDONALD LINDLEY EIAMBERT MILLER ALBERT MYERS LIEORCE NIKON HAROLD PERSON PAUL PERSON 1 HESTER SMITH LIAROLD WALKER ROBERT WAMSLEY HAROLD WILSON PLEDGES MYNATT BRIEDENTHAL JOHN CHRISTIANSON MAURICE COOK BRUCE COFFMAN WYNN DUNCAN HARL HOLT VERN LAWLER FRANK LEE CHARLES MCCONNELL CLARK MCDOWELL ROBERT PHIPPS MILLER WDEDA OFFICERS I Q I i I MARION INSLEY JIM WFLI S I SPONSORS MR. W. T. GARRETT NIR. H. R. DIE'1'ERICH A' HONORARY MEMBERS DR. R. C. PERSON MR. HUGH G. WALES MR. A. A. CTAILEXVICZ Page 78 2. Page 79 1 I L MR. FERGUSON MR. STAIICUP MR. SAYLER DR. ALEXANDER FORD BR.ADLEY MAX SEYSTER GERALD ROWAN MAC COVERDELL FRANKLIN SPRATT DON COFER REX CREIGHTON J. B. CUMMINS F. M. DICK DALE DRIFTMIER DONALD FRANCES JOE HUNT WILSON HUNTSMAN ALLEN KELSO JACK LOUDEN BILL MALOY JUNE MORGAN PAUL NEWBY RALPH NEWBY HAROLD PENWELL CHARLES PFANDER JOHN KEY PORTER PAUL PORTERFIELD DALE RICHMOND GLENN HOUSE WALTER RULON GARTH SHARP PHILIP STENGER JAMES STEPHENSON JESSE DEAN TAYLOR ELDON THOLIPSON JACK XVRICHT uga M ACTIVE MEMBERS Sigma Tau Gamma If IIA :AU CAMMA 1S the Oldest nauonal sOC1al frate1'n1ty w1th Chapters exCluS1vely on Teachers College Campuses Slgma lau was founded at Central M1SSOur1 S T C at Warrensburg MO June 28 1920 Theta Chapter was estabhshed On our Campus In 1927 for the purpose Of furthermg l1fet1me fellowshlp and fr1endSh1p among Its IHCIIIDGTS OFFICERS FORD BRADLEY Preszdent GERALD ROWAN Secretary MAC COVERDELL Treasurer FRANKLIN SPRATT House Manager DON COFER HAROLD PENWELL DALE RICHMOND LOUIS TROTIER VIAC COVERDELL ESSE DEAN TAYLOR DON FRANCIS FRANKLIN SPRATT VIAX SEYSTER TACK WRIGHT BILL MALOY ACK LUDEN LIERALD ROWAN BR AMMER LEA COX BERNARD RICHARDS PAUL NEWBY RALPH NEWBY REX CREIGHTON ALLEN KELSO PHILIP STENGER WILSON HUNTSMAN GARTH SHARP ALFORD DODDS ELDON THOMPSON WALTER RULON JOE MAX HUNT JAMES STEPHENSON JUNE VIORCAN PAUL PORTERFIELD DALE DRIFTMIER CHARLES PFANDER F M DICK FORD BRADLEY ARNOLD CARLSON ROBERT GEIST GLEN ROUSE J B CUMMINS PLED GES Q . V f 1 T z ll Y 9 s ' - I I Q a o , 1 ' 7 7 ' . MAX SEYSTER ...... Vice-President l ll l l I me I 3 Page 80 MARVIN PEARMAN SYLVESTER STEINMETZ, JR. DONALD SPRATT EARL KAUFFMAN JAMES MCCRAY FOREST PETREE GORY WIGGINS EDGAR MILLER Page 81 PAUL STROHM DEACON TENANT A. J. WHITTERS LEO DONAHUE ARDEL WOODRUFF GLEN HURLRUTT RAYMOND ROBERTS CLIFFORD STANLEY 7 N 'Zv- nf' Tvs, Alba, MISS MILIIIKAN FRANCES SHIVELY MARGARET TURNEY MABEII FIDDICK LUCILLE GROH VELMA CASS MARGARET IIUMPHREYS N ELL KELLOGG DORIS KENDALL ESTELLENE LYLE DOLORES MESSNER MERCEDES MCCAMPBELL TVIEDFORD MCFALI, ELNA PETERSON BETTY JANE SMITH MILDRED SORRIE VIRGINIA TODD FRANCES THOMPSON FRANCES TOIIBERT ELIZABETH TURNER ROSAIIYN VENIKIQTK BARBARA ZELLER Association for Child hood Education F WHE Maryvllle branch of the Assoclatlon for Chlldhood Educa- tion Was Hrst Organ1zed, December 4, 1928, under the NHIIOHHI COUIICII for Primary Educatlon In 1931, the Natlonal COUHC11 for Pr1mary Educat1on the Internatlonal Klndergarten Unlon and the AssOc1at1On of Nursery School Teachers merged Into one body O be known as the ASSOC1Ht1OH for Chlldhood Educatlon and the Maryv1IIe branch automatlcally became a member of that Asso c1at1On The Assoclatlon IS to promote progresswe educat1On ID the nursery schools kmdergartens and pr1mary grades and to encour age professlonal development of teachers In th1s Held Chlldhood KEYS Educatlon 1S the OIIic1aI Journal of the Organ1zat1On The memberSh1p of the local branch IS composed of students who have Selected kmdergarten prlmary educat1on as the1r mayor The ASSOCIHTIOH In add1t1on to 1tS profess1OnaI Interest IS actwe OFFICERS PBE1-L FRANCES SHIVELY ....... President MARGARET TUBNEX Vzce Preszdent MABEL FIDDICK Secretary LUCILLE GROH Tf'eaSw'6f' ACTIVE MEMBERS VELMA CASS VIABEL FIDDICK ELIZABETH GROBY UCILLE GROH AMBER HARRIMAN VIARGAREI' HUMPHREYS YELLE KELLOGG DORIS KENDALL ESTELLENE LYLE VIERCEDES VICCAMPBELL VIEDFORD MCFALL DOLORES MESSNFR EI OISE NETHER1 ON ELNA PETERSON LAURA PHOEBE ROSFBERRY FRANCES SHIVELY BETTY JANE SMITH MILDRED SORRIE ALICE MARIE STURM REBECCA TAYLOR FRANCES THOMPSON FRANCES TOLBERI ELIZABETH TURNER MARGARET 'I URNFX LUDMILA VAVRA ROSALIN VENRICK BARBARA ZELLAR . . . . O D 7 . . . , I T I UO I 9 , , I I f A I A ' - , . I g . . . .. , . I 0 . N a 9 7 ' r ' I I 0 1 - as ' - - - - ' I . .. . .7 . . . . . 7 . g. . In the soclal act1v1t1es on the campus. A II I 5 , E i -. f -J F 3 4 5 n , 1 .. I Page 33 P ,4 93 SPONSORS MISS CHLOE MILLIKAN MISS MARGARET SUTTON M. F RANKEN, KEEFE, TIMMONS, BRODERICK, PALUMBO, K. FRANKEN GALLAGHER, GALLUS, HARMON, HATFIELD, KING, NASH SHAY, SIDENER, M. STEINMETZ, S. STEINMETZ, STROHM, ZUCHOWSKI cwman Club HE Newman Club was organized on our campus in 1922, and is now a member of the Federation of College Catholic Clubs, an international organization. A Club House is maintained at 311 West Third which is a home for College girls. The proceeds from this project will ultimately furnish loans for Worthy students. OFFICERS SYLVESTER KEEFE . . . President MARY TIMMONS . Vice-President SUE BRODEBICK . . Secretary-Treasurer R. T. SIDENER . . . Lecturer MARVIN STEINMETZ . . . Reporter SPONSORS 5 MISS MARGARET FRANKEN MIss CATHERINE FRANKEN MEMBERS SUE BRODERICK PAULINE GALLUS BEULAH HARMON BETTY JANE HATFIELD SYLVESTER KEEFE JUSTIN KING J OSEPHINE NASH LUKE PALUMBO RICHARD SHAY R. T. SIDENER MARVIN STEINMETZ SYLVESTER STEINMETZ FRANCIS PAUL STROHM ALYCE MARIE STURM MARY TIMMONS J OE WHITTIKER JOHN ZUCHOVVSKI JOHN FRANKEN WILLIAM VANV ACTOR CLARENCE DAVIS RIARGARET FRANKEN CATHERINE FRANKEN Page I p 94 Il' g u 3 LE 'WW We 3 JM MM' 47 'x I ' 47' s 4 .. me N II age S5 Scenes FRQM Tae Neuman House I Xftfffl I X ' - f, r Lev? sexo IT spec:-mf N I C1-I-IT BEFORE 'EX-RMS LORENA BALDWIN JESSIE BALDWIN ELAINE BENDER SUE BRODERICK MARGUERITE COLEMAN LOIS COPPAGE 11, 95 34 GFIN I MAKE THE CLH55 ? X 3: , il X V EVENING 'FIT BEFORE THE DHNCE ME-FIL TI MFE I IMOGENE EASTON ALICE ELLENBAUM PAULINE GALLUS MARGARET LANNING JOSEPHINE NASH IRENE RISSER 'rue f ,f f,,. GARNETT ROBERTSON CALVENA SLAYTON MARY TIIIIMONS MARY ALICE 'TYSON BETH WEAVER NANCY XVESTEHN MISS SMITH MONICA LASII EVA GATES MISS STEPHI-:NSON MISS DELUCE BE'l"I'Y NORLET CHRISTINE ANDERSON GARLAND ANTRIM EVELYN BADGER ELEANOR BATT AHLENE BIRDSELL ELIZABETH BOTKIN ILENE BOYD ALETA BURNHAM CLEOLA CARR EDRA CATRELL FRANCES CLAYTON ELINOR CRATER DOROTHY DALBEY RACHEL DAY MARJORIE FARMER LOUISE GUTTING MABJOHIE KEYES MARY KIRKHAM ROSEMARY LEAKE LUCILLE LINDBERG LOUISE LIPPMAN ESTELLENE LYLE M.ARY KATHRYN MORRONN' MARJORY MURRAY XVILMA MEYERS FLORENCE MCINTOSH DOROTHY NICPHERRIN DORIS MCPIIERRIN MARY M. PETERSON MARGARET PORTER ELAINE ILAMSEY GERTRUDE ROBERTS CHARLOTTE SMITH LOIS STEEN FRANCES THOMPSON HUTH XVARI3 CLARA ELLEN WOLFE MIIIDRPIIJ YATES The Young Women's Christian Association THE Young Womenis Christian Association, as an association having as its purpose, 6'To Write in a desire to realize a full and creative life through a growing knowledge of Godg to determine to have a part in making this possible for all people, to seek to under- stand Jesus and to follow Him," must necessarily raise the standards of all who come in contact with it. The Y. W. C. A. has accomplished much since its organization in fulfilling its aim. Organized in 1906, a year before the resent P administration building was erected, the Y. W. C. A. is the oldest organization on the campus. This year has been an active one for the organization. Activi- ties have included hut parties, a 'cget-acquaintedw party, and joint meetings with the Y. M. C. A. A OFFICERS MONICA LAsH . ..... , President EVA GATES . . . Vice-Presideni CHARLOTTE LEET . . . Secretary BETTY N OBLET ...... Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN ELEANOR BATT ....... Pabliciiy CLEOLA CARR . . . . Hui MARTHA MAE HOLMES . . . Music MRs. ELAINE WEST RAMSEY . Social Service EVELYN BADGER . . . Devotional LOUISE GUTTING . - SOCEIZ BETTY NOBLET .... - Finance SPONSORS MISS DORA B. SMITH MISS LUCILLE BRUMBAUGH Miss OLIVE S. DELUCE Mlss MARGARET STEPHENSON Pggg Pg87 The Chorus presented the "Pirates of Penzance" on May 14th and 15th. MORRIS YADON ...... ' . President WILLIADI SOMERVILLE . Vice-President EDNA MARY MONK . . Secretary ROBERT LAWRENCE Treasurer MARTHA HOLMES . . . Librarian MYNATT BREIDENTHALL Librarian Varsity Quartette The Varsity Quartette, organized two years ago, has proved quite popular in Northwest Missouri. The accompanist, Edwin Tyson, does not appear in this picture. Y ROBERT LAWRENCE MORRIS YADON WILLIAM SOMERVILLE VIRGIL WOODSIDE Page as Orchestra The College Orchestra, composed of twenty-three members, has played at several programs this year. Several ensembles have been organized from the group. Band The College Band has twenty-three members this year. It has furnished the music for all the athletic events and several Assembly programs. ! 1 Pg89 LYNCH, FRENCH, BAUER, F EURT, ABBITT, FORD, LYNCH, FRERICHS MEYER, BOSCH, PATRICK, ESTEP, DANFORD, MCINTOSH, TODD, SHIVELY ALSBAUGH, MILLER, FRACKER, HUTCHINSON, LYLE, WEBB ' eillian Dramatic Club HE O'Neillian Dramatic Club was organized in 1934, taking its title from the name of one of Americais leading playwrights, Eugene CVNei1l. The purpose of this dramatic Organization is to provide a 'iWork- ShOp" for those students interested in the theatre of today. The presentation of one one-act play and demonstrations of make-up and lighting Were included in the activities of this organization. OFFICERS LOUISE BAUER . . . . . President FRANCES FEURT . . Vice-President VIRGINIA DANFORD . . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS OLA ALICE ABBITT JACK ALSBAUGH LOUISE BAUER BETTY BOSCH FRANCES CARMEAN VIRGINIA LEE DANFORD HELEN ESTEP FRANCES FEURT HELEN FORD GEORGE FRACKER MILDRED FRENCH BEULAH FRERICHS BILL HUTCHINSON VIRGINIA JUDAH MONICA LASH AVIL LYNCH IRMA LYNCH FLORENCE MCINTOSH ROBERT MILLER VELMA MOZINGO HELEN MEYER GAIL POWELL VIRGINIA TODD MARGARET TURNEY ELIZABETH UTZ LUDMILA VAVRA Page 90 'QS 'Q MORGAN, ROWAN, KELLEY, BAUER, BOVARD LIGGET, HUFF, ESTEP, LYLE Debate EBATING has been called the greatest of intellectual games. The value of the game can best be measured by the number of people who are given experience through participation in the game and by the quality and quantity of the experience gained. From these standpoints the debate season was suc- cessful. Debating this year, under the direction of Dr. Joseph P. Kelley, head of the department of speech, gave experience to fourteen men and Women. The college was represented in four tournaments including the National Pi Kappa Delta convention at Houston, Texas, the state tournament at Fulton, the Culver- Stockton tournament at Canton and a practice tournament at Maryville. The Pi Kappa Delta question used in all tournaments Was: "Resolved: That Congress should have the power to over-ride by a two-thirds majority vote decisions of the Supreme Court declaring laws passed by Congress unconstitu- tional." MEMBERS JUNE MORGAN PIIILLIP NYSTRAND HELEN ESTEP DR. JOSEPH KELLEY GABA WILLIAIVIS WILLIAM HUTCHINSON LOUISE BAUER V GERALD ROWAN HELEN FORD EUGENE HUFF ROBERT LIGGET REBECCA FOLEY HARRY LYLE lVlARY ANN BOVARD ED RUSSELL Page 91 PALUMBO, BILLS, BROWN, SHROUT, GOZA YOUNGER, ROBINSON, Miss CAMPBELL, TRACEY, JOHNSON, BERNAU MARVIOK, COFER, WAGN'ER, O. JOHNSON, ZUCHOWSKI, MORROW, BROWN Hash SIinger's Union HIS is an Organization Of the men who Work in the College Cafe- teria. This union was Organized in 1925 and given campus recognition in 1930. The purpose of the union is to promote closer fellowship among its members. Their chief All-School Activity is the Annual Hash Slinger's Ball. This year marked their 10th anniversary celebration. OFFICERS ROBERT TRACY . . . . President WESLEY MARVIOK . Vice-President HENRY ROBINSON . Secretary-Treasurer JOHN ZUCHOWSKI . Sergeant-at-Arms ACTIVE MEMBERS WILLIAM BILLS G. L. JOHNSON ERMINE BROWN GRVILLE J OHNsON ROY BROWN RALPH MORROW LUKE PALUMBO PLEDGES BILL BURNEAU WILLIS GOZA DON COFER RICHARD SHROUT JAKE FLANERY DARRYL WAGONER TONY YOUNGER Page 92 Q-,lr I I I I ll I I Z I Q ' 1 I 5 I ii T FRACKER, LAWRENCE, CROSSAN, WOODSIDE, ROBERTS, SIMS YADON, HAUBER, THIESFIELD, SCOTT, ROLAND, HAMMOND, O. JENNINGS SHANNON, TRAUERNICHT, BESINGER, H. DANIELS, HARTMAN, SAWYERS, MORRISON Q. BEGGS, ALSBAUGH, E. TYSON, CUMMINGS, LYLE, SIMERLY, WILLIAMSON Young en's Ch i ti A ' t' ls 1 , . . . . . , HE Young Men s Chrlstian Assoclation of the College IS affillated with the national and State organizations, but does not necessarily adhere to the -Q policies of these organizations. y Though undenominational, the Y. M. C. A. is definitely religious. Its 'S I objectives are: 1. To lead students to a deeper faith in God through the study of the Bible and through prayer. 2. To lead students to active membership in the Christian church. 3. To assist students to devote their lives to Christian service. The Y. M. C. A. Gospel Team conducts religious services one Sunday of every month in Northwest Missouri churches. Thirty such services have been conducted during the past year. The faculty advisors for the past year Were: PRESIDENT UEL W. LAMKIN MR. HUGH C. WALES DR. O. MYKING MEHUS MR. LAVERNE E. IRVINE DR. HARRY G. DILDINE MR. A. J. CAUFFIELD DR. JAMES C. MILLER OFFICERS ALEX SAWYERS ..... .- President ROBERT LAWRENCE VLCG-Pf'6Sld6fLi EDWIN TYSON . . Secretary MYRON SIMERLY . TVCUSUFCI' 185 92 Page 93 I I 6 3 I l . 1 5 .xi ' ' 35'- il I, ' 5 553 6- 'yff 1,020 LEET, SCHUMAKER, MIDDLETON, MYERS, MISS ANTHONY UTZ, KEYES, CARR, JUDAH Kappa Omicron Phi HE Kappa Ornicron Phi Sorority of Maryville State Teachers College is the nucleus of a National Home Economics Sorority founded in 1922 by Miss Hettie M. Anthony. In fourteen years it has grown to include, besides this Alpha chapter, fourteen other chapters in ten states. The purpose of the organization is to develop women with higher ideals, with a deeper appreciation of the American home, and with higher intellectual and cultural attainments. OFFICERS MILDRED MYERS . . President MARJORIE KEYES . Vice-President ELIZABETH UTZ . . . Secretary EDITH WILSON .... Treasurer MISS HETTIE M. ANTHONY Sponsor ACTIVE MEMBERS CHARLOTTE LEET MILDRED MYERS M ARY SHOEMAKEP, MAXINE MIDDLETON MARJORIE KEYES VIRGINIA JUDAH CLEOLA CARR ELIZABETH UTz PLEDGES DEROTHA DAVIS MARIAN BURR DOROTHY NELL IVIQORE EDITH WILSON GABA WILLIAMS M ARY LOUISE LYLE MARY PECK Page '74 ,555 1 . 9 04' .- N f vm, Q .Q A f Nx f ws I C fi' x V f A l... f 9' 'AW f, n x . 1 f ,ff , flags 95 , JW Q s "" -1. 0 1 um May Festival IKE the dance festivals previously held J at this college, the 1936 production, "The Countess of Tokayi' under the direction of Mrs. Nell Martindale Kuchs was a tremendous success. It was a resplendent production of fascinating gypsy music and dances, display- ing elaborate costumes and scenery in which approximately six hundred students partici- pated. The Misses Nell Blackwell and Lilian Blanchard, assistants to Mrs. Kuchs, contributed much to the success of the '36 production. Mrs. Nell Martindale Kuchs is a graduate of the University of Kansas, attended Sar- gent's School and Harvard University. She has her M. A. degree from Columbia Uni- 1 L.- versity of New York City, and has done NELL MARTINDALE Kucus graduate work at the University of Kansas. Her ability as a director is unparalled. Her successes were evidenced in '4Janice's Garden," "Wizard of Toylandf' "Magic F lute," "Bluebird of Happinessf' "Alladin,s Lampf' and "Peter Pan." , The story of "The Countess of Tokay" was a Hungarian love story which took place during the three-day grape harvest at the chateau, Tokay. The setting was very realistic, consisting of a castle, a gypsy camp and an inn where peasants and gypsies gathered together and sang harvest songs. The Countess arrived to take over her ancestral estate, but the will revealed she must be married to receive her inheritance. Infuriated with her Uncle for planning her marriage to his son, a young Lieutenant whom she had never seen, she immediately asked a handsome gypsy violinist to marry her. He readily consented and his people honored them with a wedding feast. J ust as the Countess began to regret her rash deed, the Lieutenant appeared to watch the ceremony. Many things happened before the Lieutenant learned the true identity of the Countess, but in the end they were married as was planned by the Uncle. The Gypsy violinist, to whom the Countess was temporarily betrothed, was appeased by jewels. Frances F eurt as the Countess, Orval Johnson as the Leiutenant, Ralph Westfall as the gypsy, and Norma Ruth Logan as the gypsy maid, contributed much to the success of the production by their outstanding dramatic ability and dancing. However, the several hundred students who participated were equally outstanding for their grace and technique in executing their various group dances. Through the dance festivals Mrs. Nell Marindale Kuchs has earned a splendid reputation for herself as a director. The cooperation of the Industrial Arts, Music and Speech Departments, has been of unlimited value in this work. The dance festivals as held at this college have been valuable advertisements, and their absence in the future will be an unfortunate loss to the college. The student body, by whom she was much admired and respected, extends a regretful farewell to Mrs. Kuchs. Page 96 Page 9 Page 97 THREE Page 96 i w a fX W - lyffqii T5 NV f- ,feb 2-N ff' ,I 5, N xfkfww fmw,4 I x X ffixyy fxfwjvx b X , P! W? If Xxx Rf' Ap! Q 4 10' 7411 Xjf fm? j TJ QV Xl f I Z X, f W ix 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 ' 9 1 5 1 I 1 1 ' 1 11 ' S 1 1 1 11 11 1 ,1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 141 1 I ,1 1 11 11 111 11 T11 '11 1 111 11. 1 1 11 1 ly 11"1' 11 11 1 111 ,1 ' 1" 11 1 11.111 1111 1 1'1 Q1 ' 11 1 1 1 11 11? 1 11 1 11 1 1 11 1: '11 11 1' 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 111, 113' 11 1 1 11 11 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 I Athletics oA.cH E. A. "LEFrY" DAVIS, chair- man of the department of Physical Education and football coach here since 1927, is one of the best qualified coaches in the M. I. A. A. conference. Coach Davis is an undergraduate of Kentucky University and Phillips University, and was a member of football, baseball, and track teams in these schools. Upon graduation from school, Coach Davis took up professional baseball for a living, but when he failed to become a gg regular with the St. Louis Browns, he turned to coaching. Mr. Davis coached football at Missouri Wesleyan for six years. While there, he produced five champion teams and one runner-up in football. In 1923 and 1924 he was coach of football, baseball, and basket ball at McKendry College. The McKendry football, basket ball and baseball teams were undefeated in 1924. From McKendry, Coach Davis Went to Centenary, and in 1925, he produced a conference Winner in football there. In 1927, Mr. Davis came to Maryville as the Bearcat tutor. His teams have captured one M. I. A. A. championship and have completed four seasons as runner-up. Wilbur Stalcup, youthful Bearcat basket ball and track mentor, has com- pleted his third year on the coaching staff of his Alma Mater. In 1928, as a senior in Oregon High School, Mr. Stalcup was a member of the team that won the Missouri State High School basket ball championship. During the next four years, Stalcup lettered three times in football, and four times in basket ball and 'track. He was a member of the famous Bearcat team which fought its Way to the finals of the National A. A. U. Tournament in 1932. He was chosen on several All-American basket ball teams that season. ,MR. E. A. DAVIS During his first years as a coach, Mr. Stalcup has a very impressive record. The Jackson High School basket ball team of which he was the coach was runnerup in the State High School tournament. In the last three years Stalcup has kept Maryville basket ball up to the high standard it was when he played here, and has coached a M. I. A. A. tI'aCk Cllampioll team. MP.. WVILBUR STALCUP Page 101 17, my is CAPT. PALUMBO YATES BULON FRANCIS FLANDERS ZUCHOWSKI BEBNAU HUNTSMAN ROUSE HIcKs BOATWRIGHT LIVINGSTON The Maryville Bearcats reported to Camp a Week before the beginning of school and began practice. Coach E. A. Davis and Coach Stalcup Worked the men hard and by the end of the first Week were able to pick a fairly repre- sentative squad. The Bearcats squad consisted of 55 men mostly freshmen and non-lettermen. There were but eight lettermen to start the season and very little experienced material. Peru Bobcats came to Maryville and left the victor by a 7-0 score, in the first game of the season for either team. Coach Davis was faced with the proposition of starting an almost green team in this game. However, the team gave a good accounting for themselves and outgained the opponents. Pug., 102 9 . MoL1ToR1s CLAYBAUGH MOORE K irksville Game Central college, a newcomer on the Bearcat schedule, was the next opponent of the Green and White. Playing a much better and also a much faster game than the week before, the Bearcats emerged the victor by crossing the goal line twice. The final score was 12-0. lt was in this game that the passing combina- tion, "From Bulon to Zuchowskin got its start. Conference season opened for the Bearcats November 11 when Springfield came to play here. With the passing of Bulon and the punting of Yates and Berneau keeping them on the run, the Bearcats were able to win by means of a lone touchdown and a goal kick. Final score 7-0. Bulon passed to Zuchowski for the score. After their conference start the Bearcats played another non-conference team. Bockhurst College of Kansas City came here for the fourth straight Page 103 QM I " , 5 i T 4 ,V e iii f K in ., A. .. W. ,. m 1, 'Zi 7 ll ,Q CARTER "LUKE,' BREWER K irksv ille Game home game for the Bearcats. With one of the best coached and a deceptive offensive teams that ever played here, Bockhurst beat the Bearcats 13-6. Again it Was a pass that put the Bearcats into scoring position. A long trip, the first of the season, the first in college for many of the squad, and a loss in their second conference game was next in the offing for the Bear- cats. The trip to Cape Girardeau was long, the day hot, and the Indians had one of the best teams they ever produced. Final score, Cape Girardeau 20 and Maryville 7. Another long trip, Rolla, and a very heavy rain and a conference victory. Earnest Sorenson, freshman fullback became eligible for this contest and played an excellent game. McGregor, the Rolla flash, was Well taken care of and the final score was Maryville 7, Rolla 0. '6Kirksville wins agairf'-Yes, they Won, 20-6, but they were forced to Page 104 Front row-GOOD, MOLITORIS, BERNAU, MOORE, SORENSON, COURTER, FRANCIS, LIVINGSTON Second row-HUNTSMAN, CLABAUGH, HOUSE, CAPTAIN PALUMBO, FLANDERS, RULON, ZUCHOWSKI, HICKS Third row-COACH STALCUP, YATES, BREWER, IRVIN, JOHNSON, CARTER, CREECH, WOODRUFF BOATWRIGHT Fourth F010-KING, Trainerg PORTER, BINDER, RHOADES, Cox, PIEEVES, NICKLE Fifth row-BRAMAN, FLANARY, FORDYCE, K. ALLEN, TOAY, COACH DAVIS show all their power. When Rulon passed to Good, who lateralled to Zuchowski for a touchdown the Bulldogs were but one point in the lead. But, more power, more reserve material soon wore the Bearcats down until two scores were pushed Over in the last two minutes by the Conference Champs. Traveling again this time to Warrensburg and a victory for the Mules. One of the very unusual games that one sometimes sees. Warrensburg 3, Mary- ville 2. The Mules kicked a goal, the Bearcats scored a safety, and no one crossed the goal line for a score. Mud, and rain kept the Bearcats passing attack from functioning. Page 105 1 W1th the last game of the season came the long waited for trip to Chicago. St Vlator s College at Bourbonnas, Illinois, battled the Bearcats to a 6-6 tie. The Bearcats then traveled to Chicago, stayed over night, saw the Northwestern vs Iowa game on Saturday and returned to Maryville on Sunday. As a fitting end to the football season, Captain Luke Palumbolwas chosen Captain and Center of the All-Star Team. SUMMARY OF THE SEASONS FOOTBALL Maryville .... . Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville .... . . Maryville ...12 GAMES 0 Peru ..... Central ..... 7 Springfield ..... 6 Rockhurst ..... 7 Cape Girardeau ..... 7 Rolla ......... 6 Kirksville. . . 2 Warrensburg. . . 6 St. Viator ..... Page 106 BASKET BALL -fv. -an A 'N X 'G sf A x f' . -:s ,955 ff-SX fjl Ju! 7 v J .y I ,I H-, ,.." V ' WT LU JOHNSON BROWN TARTING the season before Christ- mas the Bearcats Won their first two starts. Their first game was with the Bowmans of Kansas City and the second with Bockhurst College, also of Kansas City. After the first two games the Bearcats failed to play the brand of ball that made them feared by all conference opponents. There was a time that, lasting for four games, the Bearcats con- tinually came out on the short end of the score. It was during this losing streak that the Bear- cats started their conference play. The losing streak ended when the Bearcats met and defeated the strong Warrensburg Mules. It then seemed as if the Bearcats were to if Sums HUNTSMAN BIRD WAGONER MEREDITH WRIGHT Basket Page 108 Ba Page 109 I SHROUT GATES GALLAGHER GozA PALUMBO GREEN ZUCHOWSKI win the remainder of their games but small-pox vaccinations stopped them and they lost two games be- fore all the sore arms could be cured. With a few days rest the team back in shape and anxious to make up for their loses the Week be- fore, the Bearcats came back to Win from the Rolla Miners by the biggest score of the year, 51-15. The next three games were taken in their stride, with three successive victories. Then came the National Cham- pion Santa Fe Trails of Kansas. This team outlasted the Bearcats and won by a large score. The Trails presented one of the best passing teams ever to play on the floor here. With but two games remaining Orval Johnson, star guard, became sick and was in the hospital for the remainder of the season. The two remaining games were won and the season closed with most of the squad unable to report for practice because of sickness, thus eliminating any possibility of the Bearcats playing any post-season contests. Orval Johnson and Roy Brown were picked on the all-state team with Brown as center and captain and Johnson as guard. SUMMARY OF THE SEASON Maryville. .... . . . Bowmans. . . . Maryville .... . . . . Bockhurst. . . . . . . Maryville. .... . . . Cape Girardeau. . Maryville .... . . . . Kirksville. . . . . . . Maryville .... . . . . Maryville .... . . . . Cape Girardeau . . Murray Ken. Tea. . . Maryville ..... . . . Warrensburg. . . . . Maryville. .... . . . Tarkio. . . . . . . Maryville .... . . . . Springfield. . . . . Maryville ..... . . . Warrensburg. . . Maryville ..... . . . Pittsburg. . . . . Maryville .... . . . . Rolla Miners. . . . . Maryville. .... . . . Springfield. . . . . Meiyville ..... . . . Rolla Miners. . . ., Maryville ..... . . . Bockhurst. , . . . Mei-yville ..... . . . seiiie Fe Trails. . Maryville ..... . . . Kirksville. . . . . Maryville ..... . . . Pittsburg. . . . . Totals .... .... 5 5 1 Page 110 12 ffl? f M ,Nw f P1 ' HAY P" ,L 0 VXI x yn M X TRACK AND TENNIS 'W Xyws 4 N QL NXXE NEIL SOME sixty men reported for track this spring with the freshmen in prominence and letter- men at a bargain. With the help of Miller Brown, a former Missouri athlete who gained national promi- nence while in school, as assistant, Coach Stalcup hurriedly shaped a team to enter the M. I . A. A. indoor meet. Cape Girardeau, aided by its earlier track season, produced a team which Won the meet by a large score. The Bearcats, led by Herschel Neil, highpoint man of the meet, were second. Sco'rT TRACY NEIL GREEN SIPES Track Page 112 Track if Page 113 MooRE The outlook for the outdoor season is good. With lettermen in the dashes, the hurdles, the pole vault, the javelin, and the two-mile run, the Bearcats have an excellent opportunity to maintain their undefeated dual meet record. LETTERMEN Neil, dashes, broad jump, and relays, Scott, dashes, Rhodes, hurdles, Wilson, two-mile rung Rulon, javeling Francis, javeling Moore, pole vault. lbw? PWWQW' gin: f ' , 7" 1 1-5 1 1 :ff- e Q Track Squad WILSON Mooma RULoN FRANCIS RHODES Tennis and Golf I CAMPBELL BARRETT WHITT, THOMPSON, WRIGHT, SHARP, WITAKER, SMITH At the time the Tower went to print, the entire tennis squad for 1936 had not been chosen. With two veterans, Campbell and Barrett, back this year, Smith, Sharp, Whitt, Wright, Hamman, S. Steinmetz, Whitaker, and Thompson as prospects, and the squad under the direction of Mr. Sayler, Maryville should have one of the strongest teams in years. Harl Holt, Gerald Rowan, Paul Person, and John Zuchowskigrepresented Maryville in golf this year. At the time the Tower went to print, all of the meets were not scheduled. The meets scheduled at the time, were with St. Joseph Junior College and the State Meet at Springfield. HOLT PERSON ROWAN ZUCHOWSKI Page' Il 2 vIITH .. . f ,P-iff fag' Ef f , ,rf . I K LLJOEQQ asDALEva LATOMMIE11 Cheer Leaders HE Hunt, Richmond, Thompson combination instilled '!Victory" into the team and student body alike. Their enthusiasm combined with their yell leading ability were assets which especially equipped them for their positions. Although they started the year as three inexperienced yell leaders, they finished the 1935-36 season as veterans. Constantly, both off and on the field these men were Working for a bigger and better S. T. C. spirit. Eat 'Em UP! Tear 'Em UP! Give 'Em Hell! Bearcats! Yea Green! ssssssSSSSS Boom! Yea White! Yea Bearcats! Yea Maryville! Fight! Fight! Fight! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! V-I-C-T-O-B-Y! V-I-C-T-O-B-Y! Yea Bearcats! Victory! Victory! Victory! Page 114 Page 115 Go Maryville Go! Yea Maryville Yea! Go Maryville! Yea Maryville! Fight 'Em! Fight ,Em! Fight 'Em! Th Green and White Peppers WATT, N. R. LOGAN, BOVARD, DAVIS, CASS, SALMON, STURM, ZELLAR SMITH, BENSON, LYLE, SUTTON, MISS HAGGERTY CSponsorj, GROH, JOHNSON, VENRICK FEURT, MARSHALL, MALOY, TOLBERT, KENDALL, D. LOGAN The Growlers HUNT, SHAY, NIXON, ROWLAND, SELL, F RACKER, HARTMON, LINDLEY, MORGAN, CLINE, Cox BAILEY, WILLIAMSON, W. SMITH, PFANDER, T ENNANT, ROBERTS, WALKER, KNEPPER CAMPBELL 9 C. SMITH, HORNBUCKLE, CORINGTON, PLOWMAN, MCCONNEL, DICK, RICHMOND, COOK STROHM 7 Page 116 3. Green and White Peppers HE Green and White Peppers, girls' pep Organization, was established fall quarter, 1927, to add pep and enthusiasm to all school activities. This year, the faculty sponsor has been Miss Helen Haggerty, director of women's physical education on this campus. OFFICERS MARION MALOY .... . President DORIS LOGAN . . . Captain NELLE KELLOGG . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS LUCY MAE BENSON MARY ANN BOVARD VELMA CASS INEZ DANIELS DEBOTHA DAVIS FRANCES FEURT LUCILLE GROH MAXINE JOHNSON NELLE KELLOGG DORIS KENDALL DORIS LOGAN NORMA RUTH LOGAN MARY LOUISE LYLE MARION MALOY BETTY MARSHALL DOLORES MESSNER ELISE SALMON Growlers BETTY JANE SMITH EDRA MAE SMITH MARY FRANCES SUTTON ALYCE MARIE STURM FRANCES TOLBEBT LUDMILA VAVRA ROSALYN VENRICK VIRGINIA WATT BARBARA ZELLER HE Growlers is the Oldest pep Squad on the campus. It is an Organization with a membership of 36 men. It was founded in the fall of 1929. OFFICERS VERNE CANDYD CAMPBELL ..... President DARRYL NIKON . . . . . Vice-President RICHARD G. SHAY . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS WALTER BROWN DAYLE ALLEN CLYDE BAILEY CHALMER CORINGTON JOHN B. COX DONALD CLINE VERNE CAMPBELL F. M. DICK LLOYD DOWDEN FRED HORNBUCKLE DARRYL NIKON CHARLES PFANDER Page 117 LEE ROLAND RICHARD G. SHAY CHESTER LEE SMITH IRA GLENN WILLIAMSON GERALD WALKER JOHN LIDDLE LELAND HATHAWAY GEORGE FRACKER GEORGE HARTMAN JOE MAX HUNT RALPH KNEPPER FRANK LEE, JR. ROBERT LIGGETT HERBERT LINDLEY JUNE MORGAN CHARLES MCCONNELL CHARLES PLOWMAN CHAROLD ROBERTS. PAUL STROHM HUBERT SELL D. M. TENNANT JACK WESTON MAURICE COOK WENDEL SMITH r 5 t I l I f r r K Pngl 7' " l ,,, ff I X , , . WW'-.5 fir! . ,N ggell8 Barkatze HE Barkatze Pep Squad was Organized during the fall quarter Of 1932 for the purpose of giving more organized pep to the Bearcats and to the student body. The organization has grown rapidly and now has a membership of thirty men and thirty Women. Miss Nell Blackwell and Mr. Homer T. Phillips are sponsors of the organiza- tion and through their efficient leadership the pep squad has grown in popu- larity. OFFICERS CARLYLE BRECKENRIDGE . . . President JIMMY STEPHENSON . . Vice-President EUNICE SCOTT . . Secretary-Treasurer MISS NELL BLACKWELL . . . Sponsor MR. HOMEB T. PHILLIPS . . Sponsor MEMBERS ROBEBTA JOHNSON BETTY BOSCH CHARLOTTE LEET EDNA MARY MONK EUNICE SCOTT CORA DEAN TAYLOR CLARA LIPPMAN B. LEESON MILDRED FRENCH BETH WEAVER JIMMY STEPHENSON WALTER WADE J. W. SHANNON ERMINE BROWN HARLAND FABBAB PAUL PARSONS BOB SIMPSON HUBEBT HADORN CORT FEURT LESTER BREWER Page 119 VIRGINIA SIFERS CATHERINE CARLTON HELEN LEET FRANCES TODD DOROTHY FERN MURPHY LAVENA KABLE GARA WILLIAMS EULA BOWEN AILEEN SIFERS LOUISE GUTTING HARRY THIESFIELD CARLYLE BRECKENRIDGE J. K. PHIPPS ELDON THOMPSON HABL HOLT J IMMIE WELLS GERALD MITCHELL BILL BERGER ALLAN KELSO CLARIS ADAMS ANITA ALDBICH DOROTHA DEPEW LUCILLE MASON THELMA TODD AMBER HARRIMAN CHARLOTTE SMITH VIRGINIA J UDAH ELIZABETH WRIGHT LYLA BELLE SPENSER LUKE PALUMBO LELAND THORNHIIL VYRLE HUMPHREYS C. F. GRAY GERALD BOATWRIGHT DONALD LINDLEY BILL MALOY QUINTON BEGGS DURWOOD MAXTED BURNICE WINGER ALBERT MYERS LYNCH, TIMMONS, SCHNEIDER, WRIGHT MCFALL, BENSON, LYNCH, NORLET, WORT, MCPHERRIN WOLFE, ALDRICH, J UTTEN, MISS WAGGONER CSponsorJ, F. TODD, T. TODD, DACK Woman's Athletic Association OFFICERS ' JESSIE JUTTEN ....... President ANITA ALDBICH . . Vice-President ELIZABETH WRIGHT . Secretary-Treasurer FRANCES TODD . . . Historian DOROTHY WORT . . . Reporter MIRIAM WAGGONER . . . Sponsor BOARD ANITA ALDRICH . . . . Hockey THELMA TODD . Baseball BETTY NOBLET . . Basket Ball DOROTHY WORT . Volley Ball LUCY MAE BENSON . . Swimming ESTEL DACK ....... Hiking THE purpose of the Womenis Athletic Association is to promote a school spirit of loyalty among the girls, and to encourage participation in healthful recreation. The Department of Physical Education, through the W. A. A., offers the following sports during the year: hockey, basket ball, volley ball, baseball, swimming, and hiking. Each sport is under the management of a student director, and at the end of each season a tournament is held. By participation in the activities of W. A. A., women may earn points toward an UM" sweater. pg IZO MOLITORIS, SHROUT, BROWN, HICKS, GREEN, LIVINGSTON, JOHNSON ZUCHOWSKI, WAGNER, YATES, SIPES, RHODES, PALUMBO, TRACY, BOATWRIGHT WILSON, ROUSE, BERNEAU, MOORE, RULON, SCOTT, GRAY, HUNTSMAN, MEREDITH 66 99 HE "M" club is an Organization of the men of the college who have been awarded letters in one of the three major Sports, namely: Football, basket ball and track. The club encourages higher Scholastic standing among its mem- bers. It was organized to promote unity and school spirit, to take part in the social activities of the college as a group and promote athletic activities on the campus. The "M" club promoted the "Varsity Drag" during the fall quarter, and a high school track meet as a part of the Spring Contests. OFFICERS WALTER RULON .... . . President WILSON HUNTSMAN . Vice-President GLEN ROUSE . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS WILLIAM BERNEAU HAROLD BIRD GERALD BOATWRIGHT ROY BROWN JACK CLABAUGH LLOYD FLANDERS DON FRANCIS ALBERT GRAY VERNON GREEN WALLACE HICKS Page 121 WILSON HUNTSMAN ORVAL JOHNSON ORVILLE LIVINGSTON EDWARD MOLITORIS WILBUR MOORE NORIN MEREDITH HERSCHEL NEIL LUKE PALUMBO LYLE RHOADS DERONDA MOORE GLENN ROUSE WALTER RULON PAUL SCOTT RICHARD SHROUT DONALD SPIES ROBERT TRACY DARRYL WACGONER CHANDIS WILSON JOHN WRIGHT ARTHUR YATES JOHN ZUCHOWSKI 1 1 1- 1 1 1 11 1 , ,, 1 11 Q1 1 1 11 5 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 : ' I , , 1 1 1 , 1. 1. 151 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1' 1 1 11 1 1, 1 ,X 1 1: 1 1 1 15 '. 11 1 V 1 ,,,,, 1 , , 1 1' 1 ,1 1 , 1'11", 1' 1 : .X 1 , '1111' 1 1 .1'1 1 1 1 11111 1 11-11 1 1,2 1 1. 1 , 11 1 - 11 111111151 1 111 1111111 111 111 1,1 1 11 1 1 111 W 5 11 '1 ' 111 11 1 I11 1 11, 'V 5 11 1, 1 1 11's ' ' 1 1 N 1' ' 1.1 1 1 I- 1, 11. 1 11 1111 1 1 1,1 Page 123 FOR Page 124 I fvx,-. 1.1.2 XJ V Page 125 Y., 5 3 1 1 I 5 3 D I 1 A E 4 3 4, 4 2 4 Q 7 f i 5 5 5 5 a I 5 i 1 v A E v I I ,V I x The-:COMPANY ww. 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In ! 3 ,QQ ' . 1 ' Q Ii, ' 1 i r! r ' f if T i M 1 ' y 1 , 1' ' 1 I Y 1 W' ' 1 N' I , M , w ,' U, P w W w , L ,-,I L , , r yl ii I, 1, lj , , I1 I 31' tus! ':',iZ""f ' U Ly pw Ei: X ij! 'i 3 5 Hf5If1 ?H H WW w32'fi'3ifiw5 Mew N Wif ' ww" ' 11 H , 1 ' i 1 1 Y " Y xv!! W - V5 'N W1 'W 1 Q va V ' , , ,, , M N , rf N VY W H ' C w J F 4 U V x 5 r I s V 5 offs ofggzzn :- i , wi M53 r r in 1 .M 1 u r 6. -as 5, , x 'x x I K. I L 4, 1 . V 1 .L xl X, ,f r ,Q l z Y 1 n I S , I A 1 1 N P W L., ws ,11 1,,,3,L Jn it V4 V' ,p. ,1 W 5111 'A IH' ,N 4 , I lwi H21 M 141 Nl! Few M V F V 1? ,- E+ tl: fl !5 ,. I 5 !i1'1w " Mx L nw w 1 A 1 i . ! f ,: , .v ix,,M,,N - ,., ix 1, lx! M wxilil I ' 1 X . , f w x i'1:fiQ , 1,3 Ii xii 4 w- f5ai1's1'3" x'HJ'1:1' lrjmlf W , - Niw- +1 2 ll: Q Nw 'nip' .I MP, M ,ff MW :Il':e,"l- ilmlzfwx 'lglv ,WN -:w,1, ,, INT .: Wi: ' M34 E 'I' 3 ,,Qg11gN ,, 'wiv 1 b'iMk,!!g,QlZl ' l:l M W L,4V .EA. rl? 1 rw ,rJ' .5 ,- ,, X 4 5 a i QQw ilvrfiww l i j J : igll E 5351! ylxifliii wi 2 1- f1',1 ",. 'N13I,' 4 M, " 111, , 1 1V Char! 0176 fqef E 5 L, 1 , 1, 431 5' 1 i , if El! Su ' N, , 1 ' QL, 'lx l W W g 1, 115 'QU ,p -Mr E3 M3 Q W2 W1 W , 133 QLQEN fl Us 411 ly N' 1 eu Us ' W iw? il IA' 1' l 2: V im 115 lil 5 .IW A v Nfl lg 4' um 1,f'i.11! ,fiHgWf1N' 3 .lx X! 'V ':. 1! " 'si-1 : ff' iilwlligj ' ' lx: 51:'5',1'!5 l i f51?- fl Q1.lWQ:,i 3? 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VERNON GREEN LUDMILA VAVRA Page 150 f FRANCES FEURT DONALD SIPES These students, representing the four classes, are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character and versatility. ELEANOR TAYLOR EUGENE HILL Page 137 l QF! Sf N' gf X WM!! iw N7 hl if if N d t9 QX ,594 ,A IFA 4, L X Tao pinls and one af u lS S Ml xrwwfilli hx Tarkio's Hol-Rock Iowa's Pride and Joy Three M uskeleers Kelly's Inlellecis 'Phonse and ?? As Abe Sees Il Four of A Kind Behind the Smoker A Hoi Day for the Freshmen Who? What? Where? Sigma Tau Bus People And-Henry I l was Cold Last Winler "M" Club Varsity Drag "M ills Please" 5 1 if ll" X QW CAR Kandld-Kamera mx tbwijsf , 1 Ax- Q X3 WL Nl I X i X ffl all ml X ' gl Editor Librarian Pedagogues Worms More Worms Dean, Sr. Superintendent of Buildings Future Architects Enrollment Day Our Freedom Spring Pendergast Cacophony Four Omce Bresh Turner ,Q 138' Page139 f"N . 'QSNN Q Tb I Aix C I if Q "JJ, Oup es ,SJ Q' MUN Tj ,k X j, 1 JZ' ' Q f if ,SEN 411477 XX--.S--daN..2: XCIS' xx,, ff'Nx Y AND S0 IT GOES ON, ONQ ETC Bilge-Wash xjj, ik W 9 ff ,,f'g -4 , f 'f 'Q 4 lx N xlff w lzx SEEP L .' : 1 E4 2 S 1' My X 'Q PEOPLE K u1 Ii f '. PLACES 'm,z- STUFF THINGS 7 'V' r fy' Q ,f VZ if v i l ff .' .,,,.., www W Z if S. 1: -.hx-gf 2 my P f :Wy g345' Y K-1 X Page 141 K1 'X' ? X VN . . . " Q My Sophlstlcatlon "2 " ur a gl - 'fir' G 1 I ' l f-'4 . 52: "1 4 I gtg: I 5115, ,I Q 6 2 4 All ,df ,fe flat X X I fyu ly eff '4f'f,,yff, f' , ag :Si 1 ..- E?-52 yea ' ' vi 1.2 , g.,' ffffz If ' r"E I," '4 ol vz' '4 - l Y ! . 0: gf' gfa 121. rlf f 4 I f ! N 55,155 Q " 2219 f . 14 5 7 5:3327 ' " ff 4 - l f ,fl-f:'?:!'In"i1'1'7G 'r 1 iw-'vias i'n1e'1.1 I . . ,.-..-.ww .-av f 1 1 5.9:-y22a2z1,:e4 K '--A.-' go' A .21- Y L H"'frf MM 1 ' ' lm 1 . 1 L 1 J K2 X, 1 X N lk Wall Doris Woody Man With A Hoe Watt, Golf, Newby, Logan Cass " The Great" Neil Gold-D igger Z uch Red Poynter, Trotter, Sharp Pledges Oar Golden Glove Ghamp ion gf fl: I ' ,SA i 4. Page lil Page l 3 J 1 7 ,I 9 x ,G 5 rf, an fb Snow xy fxxx ,QQ vw ANP! 4 f f 4 JU PROOF OF THE YEAPUS RECORD BREAKER Portal Hero Just an Old Rake Frans Power Maestro Prexy's Puddle A Smile and A Chest That Barn Again Squirts Memories Long-Walk Dopes Same Puddle Love, Sweet Love Page Paul Sports Typical The Grocery -J I I . 9 .xg E X , '1f,,g, 4 ,f Ffzfzz L x2f.f,"', ,,,. -Q iw 1 1 F , E D080 144 Page 145' VVQUQ-Out Day l . i 1 1 l l w l l l l K ll ln Tower Index Alpha Epsilon Psi-72-73 Alpha Phi Sigma-70-71 Alpha Sigma Alpha-74, 75 A. C. E-82-83 Band-89 Barkatze-118-119 Basket Ball-107-110 Board of Regents-18 Business Management-22 Cheer Leaders-115 Chorus-88 Debate-91 Faculty-23-38 Faculty Council-21 Football-102-106 Golf-114 Green and White Peppers-116-117 Growlers-116-117 H. S. U.-92 Inter-Fraternity Council-32-33 International Relations Club-68-69 J uniors-43-46 Kappa Omicron Phi-94 "MH Club-121 May Festival-95-96 Newman Club-84-85 Northwest Missourian-66 O'Niellian Dramatic Club-90 Orchestra-89 Panhellenic Council-32-33 Pi Gamma Mu-69 Pi Omega Pi-67 Quartette-88 Queens-127-135 Representative Students-136-137 Residence Hall-34 Seniors-36-42 Sigma Mu Delta-78-79 Sigma Sigma Sigma-76-7 7 Sigma Tau Gamma-80-81 Snapshots-138-145 Social Science Club-68-69 Sophomores-47-52 Student Senate-31 Tennis-114 Tower Staff-65 Track-111-113 W. A. A.-120 Y. M. C. A.-93 Y. W. C. A.-86-87 Faculty Anthony, Dr. F. R.-22 Anthony, Hettie M.-21, 23, 94 Alexander, Dr. Henry M.-23, 67, 80 Blackwell, Nell, 28, 74, 118 Bowman, Estella-23 Brumbough, Lucille-22 Burns, Hazel F-23 Busby, Helen-21, 22, 76 Campbell, Estelle-22, 92 Caufield, A. J.-23, 69 Colbert, G. H.-23 Cook, T. H.-23. 68, 69 Cooper, A. H.-22, 23 Crahan, Helen-28 Davis, E. A.-24, 101, 105 DeLuce, Olive S-24, 86 Dieterich, H. R.-24, 78 Dildine, Dr. H. G.-24, 68, 69 Dow, Dr. Blanche-28 Dykes, Mattie M.-24 Fisher, Mary M-24 Ferguson, Boy-22, 80 Foster, Dr. Henry A.-24, 68, 69 Franken, Katherine-24, 84 Franken, Margaret-25, 84 Gailewicz, Alphonse-25, 72, 78 Garrett, Hubert-25, 68, 69 Garrett, W. T.-25, 78 Haggerty, Helen-25, 116 Hake, J. W.-21, 25 Horsfall, Frank, Jr.-26 Helwig, Katherine-25 Hopkins, Carrie-25 Hudson, Nell-22 Irvine, LaVerne E.-26, 72 James, Minnie B.-26-27 Kelly, Dr. Joseph P.-26, 91 Kieth, Mary E.-26 L'air, Ramona Lucille-26 Lamkin, Uel W.-19 Lowry, Dr. Ruth-26 Mehus, Dr. O. Myking-21, 26, 6 Miller, Dr. J. C.-20 Millett, Ruth-22 . Millikan, Chloe E.-21, 27, 82 Painter, Dr. Anna M.-21, 27 Phillips, Homer T.-21, 27, 118 Rickenbrode, W. A.-18, 22 Saylor, J. Norval--27, 70, 80 Schuster, Herman-27, 72 Smith, Dora B.-27, 86 Somerville, Leslie G.-27 Stalcup, Wilbur-27, 80, 101, 105 8, 69 Stephenson, Margaret B.-21, 22, 30, 86 Sutton, Margaret-28, 74 Valk, D. N.-28 Waggoner, Marian-28, 74, 120 Wales, Hugh G.-21, 22, 28, 30, 67, 69 78 Wells, C. E.-8, 21, 22, 69 White, Elizabeth-28 Wilson, M. W.-28 Wright, R. T.-28 Students-Women Abbitt, Ola-48, 90 Adams, Mary E.-44, 67, 70, 74 Adair, Oakland-48 Aldrich, Anita-36, 74, 118, 120 Alldredge, Lela-54 Allen, Loree-44 Allen, Mary-44, 76 Page 146 Anderson, Clnristinc-54, 86 Antrin, Garland-54, 86 Badger, Evelyn-7444, 86 Baldwin, Jessie-54 Baldwin, Lorena-48, 70 Barker, Fern-+54 Barker, Helen Buth-48 Batt, Eleanor-48, 65, 66, 68, 86 Bauer, Louise-31, 44, 66, 90, 91 Bender, Elaine-54 Bennett, Ruth E.-54 Benson, Lucy Mae-32, 48, 74, 116, 120 Benthien, Boma-54 Birdsell, Arlene-54, 86 Borring, Bonnie M.-54 Bosch, Betty-90, 118 Botkin, Elizabeth-54, 70, 86 Bovard, Mary Ann-48, 54, 74, 91, Bowen, Eula-48, 65, 70, 118 Boyd, Ilene-54, 70, 86 Broderick, Sue-54, 84 Brown, Jessie F ern-54 Burch, Ada-54 Burke, Irene-48 Burnham, Aleta-54, 72, 86 Burr, Marian-48 Busby, Bosalie-54 Busch, Mary V-54 Carlton, Catherine-48, 118 Carmean, Frances-48 Carmichael, Eleanora--54 Carpenter, Marjorie-44, 72 Carr, Cleola Fay-36, 86, 94 Cass, Velma-34, 36, 82, 116 Castillo, Kathryn-54 Chuning, Lucile-55 Clapham, Charlotte-44, 76 Clayton, Frances-55, 86 Coe, Virginia-32, 36, 76 Cofer, Buth-55 Coleman, Marguerite-55 Collins, Frances-55 Coppage, Lois-54 Corrington, J eanne-55 Cottrell, Edra-55, 86 Cousins, Nellie-55 Crater, Elinor-48, 70, 74, 86 Crater, Floriene-55 Dack, Cleota-55 Dack, Esthel-120 Dalbey, Dorothy-55, 86 Danford, Virginia-36, 68, 70, 76, 90 Daniel, Maxine-55, 76 Daugherty, Frances-48 Davis, Dorotha-40, 116 Day, Rachael-48, 86 DeLong, Virginia-55 DePew, Dorotha-44, 72, 118 Dougan, Mabel-55 Dowden, Dorothy-44 Duncan, Thelma-48, 70 Easton, Imogene-55 Eisenbarger, Mary-55 A Ellenbaun, Alice-48 Elliott, Mildred-55 Estep, Helen-55, 90, 91 Farmer, Marjory-55. 86 Farquhar, Mildred-55 Feurt, Frances--48, 67, 70, 90, 116, 136 Fiddick, Mabel-36, 82 Page 147 Fleming, Susan-48 Foley, Rebecca-55 Ford, Helen-55, 90 French, Mildred-90, 118 Frerichs, Beulah-48, 90 Frever, Frances-56 Fulk, F rances-56 Galloway, Mildred-56 Gallis, Pauline-48, 84 Gaskill, Hope-56, 70 Gates, Esther-56 Gates, Eva-48, 70, 86 Gates, Vera-56 Gaugh, Helen-44, 74 Goff, Belva-74 Gordon, F rances-44, 68 Gould, Wilhelmina-56 Graham, Ella Mae-56 Groh, Lucille-32, 36, 68, 74, 82 Gstrein, Dorothy-49, 74, 116 Gstrein, Mary-56, 135 Gutting, Louise-44, 76, 86, 118 Haenni, Marguerite-56 Hamilton, Mary Ann-44 Hancok, Myrtle-36 Hanna, Alice-49 Harmon, Beulah-56, 84 Harmon, Mary-49 Harris, Ethelyn-56, 66 Harrison, Edwardina-49, 76 Haselwood, Leona-36 Hatfield, Betty J ane-56, 84 Hayden, Elizabeth-56 Helzer, Vesta-56 Henslee, Mildred-45 Harriman, Amber-36, 118 Hester, Ethel-56 Himes, Roberta-56 Hiles, Doris-36, 70 Holmes, Edna-56 Hooper, Dorothy-49 Horn, Helen-49 Huiatt, Alois-56 Hull, Annabel-56 Humphreys, Margaret--36, 76, 82 Jackson, Madalyn-45 Johnson, Maxine-56, 116 Johnson, Roberta-49 J orgenson, Nydra-56 Judah, Virginia-45, 56, 94, 118 Jutten, Jessie-36, 68, 74, 120 Kabel, La Vena-49, 70, 118 Kellogg, Nell--45, 74, 82 Kendall, Doris-49, 82, 116 Kendrick, Margie-57 . Keyes, Marjorie-45, 86, 94 Kirk, Marian-49, 72, 74 Kirkham, Mary-49, 86 Kramer, Helen-38, 66, 76 Kunkel, Alberta J 0-57 Kyle, Helen-57 Kyle, Marjorie-57 Lackey, Mildred-57 Lanning, Margaret-45 Lash, Monica-38, 86 Laub, Marcella-57 Leak, Rosemary-57, 86 Leeson, Beatrice-49, 76, 118 Leet, Charlotte-38, 94, 119, 133 Leet, Helen-49, 118, 131 Lemon, Beatrice-38, 67, 70 Lepley, Maurine-57, 68 Lethem, Dorothy-118 Leutzinger, Amy-45 Lewis, Hazel-57 Lindberg, Lucile-38, 66, 68, 69, 70, 86 Lippman, Clara-31, 49, 118 Lippman, Louise-45, 86 Logan, Doris-38, 116, 129 Logan, Norma-45, 116 Long, Ruth-57 Longfellow, Helen-57 Lyle, Estellene-45, 82, 86 Lyle, Mary Louise-49, 74, 116 Lynch, Bernice-49, 90, 120 Lynch, Avis-49, 90, 120 Lynch, Avil-49 Magee, Margaret-57 Maloy, Marian-45, 70, 72, 74, 116 Marriner, Ruth-57 Marshall, Elizabeth-57, 74, 116 Marshall, Mona-57 Martin, Wanda-57 1 Mason, Lucille-49, 118 Meadows, Mary-45, 70, 72, 74 Messner, Dolores-57, 74, 82 Meyer, Helen-49, 90 Middleton, Maxine-38, 68, 94 Miller, Callista Mae-38, 70 Miller, Margaret-57 Minor, Kathryn-49 Mix, Mildred-57 Monk, Edna Mary--38, 70, 72, 118 Montgomery, Jean-31, 38, 68, 76, 136 Moore, Dorothy-49 Morehouse, Helen-57 Morris, Frances-49 Morrow, Elizabeth-57 Morrow, Mary K.-49, 86 Mozingo, Velma-45 Mumford, Naomi-49 Murphy, Dorothy F.-45, 118 Murray, Marjory-49, 86 Murren, Genevieve-57 Myers, Geraldine-45 Myers, Mildred-38, 67, 94 Myers, Wilma-57, 86 McCampbell, Mercedes-38, 82 McCartney, Marion-57 McFall, Bonnie Betsey-58, 120 McFall, Medford-46, 82 McGinness, Beverly-58 McIntosh, Florence-58, 76, 86, 90 McLaughlin, Billie-49 McPherin, Doris-45, 120 McPherin, Dorothy-45, 86 Nash, .1 osephine-49, 84 Neff, Lois-38, 68, 69 Nelson, Irene-58 Netherton, Eloise-58, 70 Noblet, Betty-50, 72, 86, 120 Newlon, Betty J.-50, 70, 76 Overlay, Anna K.-50 Ozenberger, Elizabeth-58 Parman, Gwynetha-58 Patrick, Thelma-58, 74, 90 Peck, Mary-32, 34, 50, 76 Peetoom, Marie-58 Pence, J une-58 Pennington, Mona-58 Peterson, Dodie-50 Peterson, Elna-38, 7 2, 82 Peterson, Florence-50, 76 Peterson, Mary M-58, 86 Place, Virginia Ann-58 Porch, Georgia-58 Porter, Margaret-46, 68, 86 Porter, Mary-50 Powell, Helen-58 Powell, Mary L.-50 Pritchard, Wilma-58 Ramsey, Elaine-38, 67, 86 Reece, Katherine-50 Reimer, Loretta-58, 66 Risser, Irene-58 Roberts, Gertrude-58, 86 Robertson, Garnet-58 Rogers, Velia-58 Ross, Vivian-48, 70 Russell, Frances-40 Ruth, Mildred Jean-58 Salmon, Elise-58, 74, 116 Sandison, Dorothy-32, 40, 67, 76 Schneider, Marjorie-50, 120 Scott, Eunice-36, 118 Scott, Mary Jane-58 Seales, LaVeda-58 Shades, Eva Mae-58 Shades, Mildred-58 Shelton, Georgia-58 Shipman, Helen-34, 50 Shively, Frances-40, 82, 90 Shoemaker, Mary-46, 94 Sifers, Aileen-50, 65, 118 Sifers, Virginia-59, 66, 118 Simpson, Virginia-59 Slaughter, Amy-S9 Slaughter, Ana-59 Slayton, Calvena-59 Smith, Betty Jane-50, 82, 116 Smith, Charlotte-59, 86, 118 Snider, Chrystal-59 Sorrie, Mildred-40, 82 Spencer, Lyla Belle-59, 118 Spring, Esther-50 Stockwell, Pauline-59 Steen, Lois-50, 86 Stickerod, Annabelle-59, 94 Strange, Ruth-40 Stuart, Frances-46, 67 Sturm, Alyce Marie-59, 116 Sutton, Mary Frances-50, 74, 116 Swinford, Claudia-50 Swann, Ilene-59 Taylor, Cora Dean-118 Taylor, Eleanor-31, 59, 136 Taylor, Rebecca-59, 70 Thomas, Phyllis-59 Thompson, Esther-46 Thompson, Florene-59 Thompson, Frances-50, 82, 86 Thorpe, Catherine-59 Timmons, Mary-50, 120 Todd, Frances-50, 118 Todd, Thelma-50, 118, 120 Todd, Virginia-40, 82, 90, 120 Tolbert, Frances-31, 34, 40, 74, 8 Turner, Barbarha-50 Turner, Elizabeth-59, 82 Turney, Margaret-40, 74, 82 Turpin, LouElla-59 2, 116 Page 145' Troxel, Ramona-50 Tyson, Nlary Alice-50 Un, E1izabethh46, 74, 94 Vance, Emma Lee-59, 70 Vavra, Ludmilla-46, 65, 74, 136 Venable, Martha-51, 72 Venrick, Rosalyn-51, 82, 116 Walker, Leorna-51 Wanner, Lorene-59 Ward, Ruth-59, 86 Watt, Virginia-59, 74, 118 Weaver, Beth-51 Webb, Genevieve-51, 90 Wharton, Aletha-51 White, Betty-59 Wieser, Kathryn-59 Wiley, Charlene-46 Wilfley, Geneva-72 Williams, Gara-118 Wilson, Edith-51 Wolfe, Clara Ellen-51, 70, 74, 86, 120 Woodburn, Frances-59, 70 Woodruff, Ada Mae-40 Woodside, Alice-59 Worden, Marjorie-59 Wort, Dorothy-46, 72, 120 Wright, Elizabeth-46, 65, 67, 118, 120 Yates, Mildred-39, 86, 70 Zeller, Barbara-32, 40, 74, 82, 116 Students-Men Adams, Claris-118 Adams, Sorenus-54 Allen, Kenneth--48, 105 Allen, Paul-54 Allison, Wiler-54 Alsbaugh, Jack-36, 90, 93 Bailey, Clyde-48, 78, 116 Baily, Weldon-54 Baker, Clifford-54 Barker, F rank-54 Barrett, Elbert-36, 114 Barton, Lorenzo-48, 68 Beasley, Benjamin-54 Beavers, Jennings B.-54 Beedle, Raymond-54 Beggs, Quinten-48, 93, 118 Berger, Ralph-54, 78, 118 Berneau, Bill-92, 102, 105, 121 Beesinger, James-48, 93 Bills, William-31, 44, 78, 92 Binder, Bob-105 Bird, Harold-Jay-32, 36, 78, 102 Boatwright, Gerald-36, 102, 105, Bolin, Edwin-46 Bracken, Richard-54 Bradley, Ford-32, 36, 68, 80 Braham, Howard-105 Breckenridge, Carlyle-31, 44, 68, Breidenthal, Mynatt-54, 72, 78 Brewer, Lester-54, 104, 105, 118 Brock, Cleo-48 Brown, Ermin Lee-92, 118 Brown, Gale-54 Brown, Boy Carl-44, 92, 108, 121 Brown, Walter-54 Byergo, Forrest-54 Page 149 1 1 Campbell, Vern-40, 78, 114, 116 Carlson, Leslie-48, 78 Carter, Sidney-54, 104, 105 Caterson, L. E.-31, 44, 66, 68, 69 Chambers, Curtis-55 Christianson, John-55 Clabaugh, Jack-103, 105 Cline, Donald-40, 116 Cofer, Don Joan-48, 80, 92 Coffman, Bruce-48 Cook, Bartlette-55 Cook, Maurice-55, 116 Cooper, Denzil-36, 66, 70 Corrington, Chalmer-55, 116 Coulson, Kinsel-55 Courter, William-105 Coverdell, Mac-44, 80 Cox, Clifton-105 Cox, John-48, 78, 116 Creech, Bill-105 Creighton, Rex-48, 80 Crossan, Gilbert-44, 68, 93 Crow, Frank W.-31, 36, 66, 68, 69 Cummins, J. B.-44, 70, 80 Cummings-Walter-55, 78, 93 Curry, Charles-55 Daniels, Harold-93 Davidson, Fred-55 Davis, Guy-55 Davis, Wm. Henry-48 Dick, F. M.-55, 80, 116 Donahue, Leo-55 Dowden, Lloyd-44, 78 Driftmeyer, Dale-44, 80 Dunlap, John-55, 68 Eberhart, Charles-55 Elliott, Virgil-55 Farrar, Harlan-48, 118 Fasteneau, Ersel-55 Feurt, Cort-55, 118 Fine, Kenneth-48 Finley, Lee-48 Flannery, J ake-105 Flanders, Lloyd-102, 105 Fordyce, Homer-105 Fracker, George-55, 78, 90. 93, 116 Francis, Don-36, 80, 102, 105, 113 Gallagher, John-56, 84, 109 Gardner, Pierce-44, 68 Gates, Dwight-56, 109 Gex, Virgil-49, 70 Geyer, Edward-48, 68 Good, Marvin-105 Gooding, Sam-56 Goza, Willis-56, 92, 109 Graves, Alphonse-44, 66, 68 Gray, Albert-121 Gray, C. F.-31, 36, 70, 118 Green, Vernon-44, 109, 112, 121, 136 Haddorn, Hubert-49, 118 Hamman, Bernard-32, 36, 69, 78 Hammond, Raymond-40, 93 Harris, Lyle-56 Harrold, Wayne-44 Harris, Raymond-49 Hartley, Joseph-36, 68 Hartman, George-93, 116 Harvey, Phillip-56 Haskell, Eldon-56 Hathaway, Leland-59 Hauber, Paul-44, 93 Hepburn, Donald-49, 65 Hicks, Wallace-102, 105, 121 Higgins, David-56 Hill, Eugene-56, 136 Hill, Victor-31 Holbrook, J ames-56 Holmes, Harrold-49 Holt, Harl-49, 65, 68, 78, 114, 118 Huff, Eugene-36, 66, 68, 69, 91 Humphrey, Lawrence-36 Humphrey, Veryl-45 Hunt, Joe-56, 80, 115, 116 Hunter, Evan-56 Huntsman, Wilson-36, 80, 102, 105, Hurlbutt, Glenn-56 Hutchinson, Wm-56, 90 Irvine, Harry-49, 105 Irwin, Everett-45, 66, 70 Jennings, Ambrose-45 J ennings-Otha-38, 93 Johnson, G. L.-92, 105 Johnson, Jimmy-56 Johnson, Orville-92, 108, 121 Johnston, Eugene-56 Keefe, Sylvester-38, 84 Keifer, Max E. R.-57, 66 Kelso, Allan-57, 80, 118 Kennaugh, Robert-49, 72 King, Justin-38, 66, 84, 105 Knepper, Ralph-57, 78, 116 Krattli, Ralph-38 Lawler, Verne-57 Lawrence, Robert-38, 72, 88, 93 Lewis, Forrest-57 Ligget, Robert-57, 78, 91 Lindley, Don-40, 78, 118 Lindley, Herbert-38, 116 Livingston, Orville-102, 105, 121 Lott, John-57 Louden, Jack-45, 80 Liddle, John-38, 78 Lyle, Harry-38, 68, 90, 91, 93 Maloy, Flavel Bill-57, 70, 80, 118 Manifold, Kenneth-45, 65 Marion, Glenn-38 Marvick, Wesley-92 May, Edson-49 Maxted, Durwood-57, 118 McConnell, Charles-57, 116 McDowell, Clark--57 Meacham, Monte-45 Merritt, Ralph-57 Meyers, Albert-57, 78, 118 Miller, Dean-31, 38, 67 Miller, Robert-57, 90 Mitchell, Gerald-57, 66, 70, 118 Molitoris, Edward-103, 105, 121 Moore, Deronda-113 Moore, Wilbur-57, 103, 105, 121 Morgan, June-49, 65, 80, 91, 116 Morrison, Gaylord-38, 93 Morrow, Ralph-49, 92 Neely, Robert-58 Neil, Herschel-45, 112 Newby, Paul-45, 80 Newby, Ralph-50, 80 108,121 Nickel-105 ' Nixon, George-45, 78, 116 Oliver, Loyd-58 Palumbo, Luke-36, 92, 102, 103, 105, 109, 118, 121, 136 Paul, Robert-50 Penwell, Harold-50, 80 Person, Harold-38, 78 Person, Paul-58, 78, 114, 118 A Petree, Forest-58 Pfander, Charles-45, 80, 116 Phipps, J. K.-50, 118 Phipps, Robert-50 Plowman, Charles-50, 116 Porter, Ernest-105 Porter, John Kay-50, 80 Porterfield, Paul-50, 80 Poynter, Bob-58 Reeves, Avon-105 Rhoads, Lyle-105, 113, 121 Richmond, Dale-46, 80, 115, 116 Rinehart, Clark-38, 68 Rinehart, Russell-58 Roberts, Charold-58 Roberts, Raymond-40, 93, 116 Robinson, Henry-46, 65, 72, 92 Rouse, Glen-46, 80, 102, 105, 121 Rowan, Gerald-46, 80, 91, 114 Rowland, Lee-58, 93, 116 Rulon, Walter-44, 80, 102, 105, 113, 121 Sawyers, Alex-93 Schmidt, Olin-46 Schneider, Frederick-50, 65, 66 Scott, Paul-93, 112, 121 Sell, Hubert-116 Seyster, Max-31, 32, 40, 80 Shadwick, Billy-58 Shannon, John-40, 93, 118 Shay, Richard-50, 84, 116 Sharp, Garth-58, 80, 114 Shisler. Norwood-50 Shrout, Richard-58, 92, 109, 121 Sidener, R. T.-50, 84 Simerly, Myron-59, 93 Sims, Paul-59, 93 Simpson-59, 118 Sipes, Donald-48, 108, 112, 121, 137 Smith, Wendell-59, 116 Smith, Chester-46, 78, 114, 116 Smith, T. J ames-46 Somerville, Wm.-46, 72, 88 Sorenson, Ernest-105 Spratt, Franklin-46, 80 Standley, Clifford-59 Stanley, Lester-46 Stark, Clarence-54 Steinmetz, Marvin-48, 70, 84 Steinmetz, Sylvester-59, 84 Stenger, Philip-50, 80 Stephenson, James-46, 65, 80, 118 Streeter, Reece-50 Strohm, Paul-59, 66, 84, 116 Swift, Henry-59 Taylor, Robert-50 Taylor, Jesse Dean-40, 67, 80 Tennant, D. M.-59, 116 Thiesfeld, Harry-40, 93. 118 Thompson, Eldon-50, 65, 80, 114, 115, 118 Page 150 Thornhill, Leland-40, 118 Toay, Howard-105 Tracy, Robert-40, 92, 113, 121 Trauernicht, Vernon-46, 93 Tyson, T urner-51 Tyson, Edwin-50, 70, 72, 93 XVade, Walter-46, 118 VVagoner, Darryl-51, 92, 108, 121 Walker, Garold-51, 78, 116 Wamsley, Robert-32, 40, 78 W'eeda, Miller-31, 51, 65 VVells, Jim-59, 78, 118 Whitaker, Joe-59, 114 Whitt, Jack--59, 114 Whitters, A. J.-59 Wiggins, Gory-51, 65, 66 Page 151 Williams, Ira-51, 93, 116 Wilson, Chandis-46, 113, 121 Wilson, Harold-46 Winger, B. A.-51, 118 Woodruff, Ardel-59, 105 Woodside, Virgil-31, 51, 88, 93 Wray, Howard-46 Wright, Jack-59, 80 Wright, John-51, 108, 114 Wyman, Paul-59 Yates, Arthur-102, 105, 121 Yadon, Morris-40, 72, 88, 93 Younger-92 Zuchowski, John-51, 84, 92, 102, 105, 109 114, 121 f V...x MID- r-.. . pm. CUIUIIIVUVTP X usuo W LIBIIA my 'ri wg 31' 52. 3 WSL' H x ,. .1 is if .Y- Wiif V 45+ .5- 'ri an 55 1 1 , I 4 4: T- Q-il, , ? gf? sp, 1 Qhff' Ol elif A 5 in

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