Northwest Mississippi Community College - Rockateer Yearbook (Senatobia, MS)

 - Class of 1986

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YL-l s 4 19 f x 1 1 Zn ' 1 4 F 1 .Hi S 3 -J ,-M" .L Campus Life Honors .... Features . . . Faculty . . . Clubs . . . Sports . . . Classes . . . Centers . . . Closing . . . Table of Contents . 2 98 126 142 168 202 278 348 422 XSSXSSXYYX 6 0169 M ovdxw 931 NN goexovs some xssxsswvx xl ov C it S O0 Y' SMG KG CWA time 6ampbf5 life N. 'f V , , '7 I ' .Some Lehnnn flfnf flue .Soutlf if flfn ,mrfion nf flue cuunfry nnlnnnn flue Analyze if fain! Luck wlzere Auf-efgolecf famihea wifA lwuml Jaw reaf on fron! porclzea ffiacuaainf auclf mullerf uf life fudf olecenf ruin or crop rolafion. Pa-Anne. give nf n Lnnnkf 'lffflnk flnn nf-nnn fun nfiff Ln ninwefl in fnnfn mmf, il ia cerfuinfy flfn n..fn,,finn. nnflwn flzan flu- md. Wnnflnnenf fnnfnnnnn nn., nl? En-nfnd fn flue Ann,-f nf lbfnf, nnfl flue onfy time ,nn'!fhnJ nn inn! Lfnln an nnlnnn .nnnnnfnfnl auf, Cnnn- ,nnn We nlfnngnn nlnffy, Lnf flw mffnnnnnf never .Jfnn L9f'n gfnnl ffnfn ia nof happening on in own, nn malw il Aapppn. 'l.4,L'nn n Ln Lnnfl. fo Querffowing llfilll flzaf 90011 UA .gloufllern Q v 4 J ry B. Koon 19324985 QRTHWEST .14 .S,0llfA0l'I'l A part of the South for more than half a century, Northwest stands strong and proud today. A pacesetter in the field of education, her growth stands as a reminder of her strength. Five campuses, all located in the heart of Dixie, and a record number of students from eleven supporting coun- ties and the surrounding area, serve as a source of great pride for one of the South's finest institutions of higher learning. Rich in tradition, with just the right combination of academics and leisure, Northwest will always be known as a SOUTHERN DELIGI-IT! W. iii? 2, Q 2, ar 'T + ,fig ,1- 4 6 " 41, , . Y 5 R .J A'-.' JE s gum' 1:- 'H' . 'Pi sg Je , A gl rn ' ' 'f ' I W 04 "Bl 1 Q 1, , 'V JE.: 5 I-. .,., -L My NW af I . . V . - -I , M i :NSS Q I " Y ,Q 'wiv . LQ,' , N 1- H' " A. I '. bk ,1 , I " , L' Q , i " ,V 'C' S.. T V "1 ' m ,A , 'M' , J Q' ' V I q 1 M 1 2 A 1 Q, ' I A A 5 'sl Q n , Q 5 In 1 r i, I 4 , ' " f "1 . E ' p- ,,,,, l A ' I 4 ,zz If Northwest "' qu X ul -43-:H YQ ,qi 3 iv' ,"'9vu il il What makes a college? Is it the classes? The buildings, roads, or land? Those things make a campus. What makes a college is the living, breathing humans that are known as faculty, students, staff, and administra- tion. Without these people, a college would be a ghost campus. What makes Northwest? The pride we feel. Why does a band member blow his horn so hard that he gets dizzy? Why do students at a sporting event scream until they are hoarse? Why does a professor try to educate a student? Why is it that when Northwest is mentioned, heads turn? All of these phenomena are due to one thing, pride. We at Northwest have every reason to be proud. That's why others try to be just like us. Some say Northwest struts like a peacock showing its feathers. That may be true, but maybe we have earned the right to do so. Carnival '85 Xdsf l'Q1 f' x V . . ' , V 1 be VN .!l -as 'sf V ll eyes searched for the ap- proaching plane. The drone of the engines could be heard, yet nothing could be seen. Suddenly it was sighted. One by one, everyone found the plane in the afternoon sky. As the crowd watched, three objects leaped from the plane and hurtled toward the earth. All breathing stopped as Skydiv- ing Memphis opened each of their parachutes and glided toward Ranger Field. There were cheers as jim Gehringer delivered the game ball to the team captain. That was the exciting preamble to our Homecoming game, but Carnival '85 had begun on Monday when Kelly Buell was crowned Homecoming Queen, and her court was presented. A week of festivities were all packaged in Ranger Week. Concerts, bands, Carnivals, picnics, and a victory over Mississippi Delta were the crowning glories of our Queen's reign. Carnival '85 was lauded as the best homecoming celebration in NWIC history. Hell yes, damn right, hoddy toddy, gosh amighty, who in the hell are we??? Hey! Flim flam, bim bam, GRTHWEST 4 Q. , a'lI ar--M-f' by DAMN!!! up -54-tv F In-. ln.-,I 2 lv! Q 1 'M 1- ,, S 3 i A, il -nav-ulIl1mlS"' 'UH' uslhlf 1' F" :Qi- ffm H 5'41f. Spirit eople Thin, fat, black, white, student, or faculty - we're all people, Some lead, some are led. We either do things on campus or we find things to entertain us off campus, fhiccupll. No matter what we do at Northwest, we are all a part of that great fraternal group. We have people who are fun, dull, interesting, exciting, and those who are just there at the time. Northwest would be nothing without its special brand of people. wfwl Q H L U H 4 5 J fl 1 5' i lx .Qi .R fi ia' Q1 1 1 sf, i wi Sw W5 1? 25 Iii! Q1 :U .11 323 W 1 1 1 M , , N11 ,Ml 1 1 W ! H 1 , .v 3' 3 i , z 1 A s XI V, 1-' 'Iv-' G :Sk W QF? A ,X Q : E S ' , S I Z' ' T u X L Xl N I i fi ff 11 1 i! I 'N .A I Q. , i-. It I Q .ls 'wif fi! fl is JWW P VRLV ni? v N . S ' v .PY ,- ,yn ' 1-4 AY . 1 jg' I ,IHQ ,fb V4 -sa .1 I . , - , '.7+g',,,v-. , - v '- - , .-- V . .. W' """"" 3-:wwf H -,ff -wi A .X 'W' v 99'F"-,J ' V -.'Q1"r+.-Vi'-A ar' ,, "' .. X . H-1-' A 'H -- "-- '-ikrhk -' "W .A 4 x -1' "JI-1-. as ' hi" JI . - , ' ' " .-I ' go' .i ' 'A ' ' 1 l.'l f-L ' .Lv -' 1' , . , , , 5 ltla. ' I 'I . ', .1-,v-Pri-, '.Ak.,- 13.w'. . . , u Viv! -.-1. '."' ,kiygif b " ' ,uw la .1'f'.' nj " IL. I .1- r,w4 J CIW!!! .-'TN KAN E '-0 NWJC HHH i. 4. X 'Q O' AV' T' N. ,,,. R, . ,ax J 4, We .LQ H 1 X . fx 7' -if Ag' 1 ', N. xx . jf,g.. ,,,. ,aa all - . f 5 . f ,Stl ii We ,L ISA? K me if R , x , 'Q .435 45 wk 4 4. af f my wi 4" Siuv it 6 H 'f ,447 'an -Q., ' ' v W. ,, . ef is ,,-., .fag '54 2,51 MQ' It all begins with a mad dash to your room. You run to the shower, rush out and get dressed. In the guys' dorms, there are lines in the bathroom. ln the girls' dorms, curlers and hairspray fly. Why all this activity? lt has something to do with nightlife - that time of day we all enjoy. Whether we get to Memphis or Oxford, or even if we stay in our room, it doesn't really mat- ter. We are partying with our friends, and we have a great time. xx I P00 I. ROOM r 5 2' Q, V. F, .M Q "r E. ,aff 4: , fmff' 'E' - -ff f7ij' """ :M ,, ", , A- , .Q Aff , Y Tia' . . J "F M f4'f W -f mHn.......n 'v Nl li:Y:S'L'g,mY3 l L.?"'3' v I ,L .A 5-jyf A-Q A b w .Y- ' vmmmBH fm Lb!-BE.. - Q .lvl 1 :1 ' Q g'., , 1 1-51' 'rl 'o 1 .' ' H , an-T-nt . .m, -h L E ,iu ik' ' 1 'fu A3 N 'lf' '.M 3BQUEB g Ef91kQ!!IlIl I X LIQL H 1 u x .5 ' ru ,W xr' .. rf- KQ 32. V' 5' ., X ' , 1 ' "1 A . x- "' " N 1 3 ' 7 Q " - la -' . h ,,, .. i -'41 ' Q N 4, . - -1 -b 1 , r 1 f I I z - .... L .- . .- I f . ., A Q . ' i I - , ., ....- ",,...,.-A ,, ' -"" ' .MN 1 F ie if VF Q K , Fi i i X -1 ii 5 1 f 'J K 'i E. j 'z 1' L ko. 1 l l l l I I l li i I l l il ii ii ii il li 1 l l l l i l l l i L ,i 3 l l -0 aww isqiwy Q in 'Fl- tr-rv. ,p"" 2 as aj 2 xl iifj., 3 ,L i ' ff ' 4:1 gl , "1 l ou sweat as you near it. Your heart is pounding as your eyes meet that small pane of glass. When you see the interior, two reactions are possible: you may be elated, or you may get the usual feeling of rejection. What causes such reactions? A small metal object, your post office box. A PO. Box is one of the few inanimate objects on our campus that can create a world all its own, and clerk Shirley Welch is one of the few staff members who can put a smile on your face in a Mississippi minute. For the lucky few that find a "real" letter, it can mean a very happy day. For the rest of us, it means we will have to find our joy elsewhere. 5 it 1 kj, ll 1 1 If , L.- S 11 M , , A,,.r he first glance at your room can be a frightening ex- perience, if you are a freshman. Immediately you notice there is no microwave. You should panic only for a mo- ment, it could get worse. The ceiling may be cracked, stud- ded with pennies, painted, perfect, or "decorated" with an etching of Elvis. As your parents revive you, you hear a sophomore down the hall yell with excitement, "Hey, they've redecorated!" You pass out again. Living on campus is an experience that no college student should do without. Our dorms feature pillow fights, authorized and unauthorized visitation, all night bull ses- sions, card games, fights, eavesdropping on the phone in the hall, and various other activities all designed to give our students a well-rounded education. 1' .3 26 i I 5. Y i Q., l ll ,Ns if ll 4 4 I ' if 4 ls i ' s WJ! ,px if 3, N ig -5,4 'x ' wi Y 1-xr, ' Rx P , . W U, , .Q A H" 'Y '31 r. 1 -in 4 L' ' fl . ,W I wg, I V . F' , h s ' it W 1 W xnxx It M13 . M N M. 5 35' , Wil HC - 1 .ls- S . -' -fs "Wt at N3 "UI ou've just been dumped. Your American Lit. test was a disaster, Your allowance is gone, and you're out of cigarettes. Who do you turn to? Most of us turn to a friend. Friends are a complicated group of people, but they are worth the trouble. A friend will make your day, then turn around and bite your head off. I-le or she will find something wrong with your ward- robe and then bring out a gift to make up for it. Then, when you're feeling great, and they feel like they've been hit a Mack truck, it's your turn to cheer them up. It's all a system of give and take, but without friends, the world would be a very lonely place. picture is worth 9. 1, . L, 5 fi , 5. is l if W r . H 11 H ,. :M gi F E, l 3 Hr 9 x , E v YP' ""' ' Y I 1 I r i 'e I f P F P f ' y i ,Q i 4 1 J L r I i a thousand words!!! i 2 l 1 1 J W' I L I V r k A ,L """ ""Qm..,,,, .A, A A A. U':V W 2 E? v"l'1F1""F"l 'Ya g5i,i A """""""""" ...M ,'l 'MA .ur I E. Q QA 3 l MX ' M . 11 xxi' - f- , H if-M .Lx 'W' Vi, '- ., ,,- V .M 3 ,V a,f"' .Y 1 9 -A l. 44 K y, TIN ri! 7 f you attended any pep rallies, you noticed something a bit different, they were fun. At each pep rally students were treated to a marvelous performance from the Rangerettes. The cheerleaders did a variety of cheers, and the band played exciting tunes. Some students formed their own cheering cliques and joined in. Some stood still as stone, never uncrossing their armsp they were known as the untouchables. We had something to cheer about this year, and the majority did it with pizazz. L... VT i-.11 L... ep Rallies .J 172,33 T- ' , .X , 1.2 w215','114i-' ' f - A-'r' L 'lm-. til 0, , :ffl-m . 6 .sko- rf I AQ.-aw ,wx r ,. xr 1- ivy, xi.. g,, -,.f-ffm., " x 4,v i 'a Wiki 'S 'l"1 xl 'n . U I 1 1 4 5 Y v i 5 1 , 4 r I 1 5 5" -i. Af b K9 I, 1 nr, ' 1, ' fr' x ! -N7 1 xr I, ' "v 1 1. 4, ' ' r 1 X' -ff 'V 1 1 , 1724, 14' ,+ .f-' i-. in 1 I. A I I in .JW v '--I 47 ,Q ,. pl A 1, r 4 v B A lc. 34 1 l ll 7 1 l l l rl l ll li ,, 3 l l l 1 if l ll 1 l 1 l l l l l if Z DARLE E FERGUSO Beaut Review Darlene Ferguson of Senatobia was named Most Beautiful at the fifth annual Beauty Review held Oct. 22 in the Fine Arts Auditorium on the Senatobia campus. Miss Ferguson, daughter of Durene Ferguson of Independence and IoAnn Lott of Hernando, was chosen from a field of 38 contestants. A graduate of Hernando High School, she is a 21- year-olcl sophomore paralegal major. Named to Who's Who Among Students in American junior Colleges, the 5-3 blue-eyed blonde is a former cheerleader and Rangerette. Chosen as beauties were Tina Bursi of Hernan- do, lill Bone of Southaven, Vanessa Wallace of Hernando, Trisha Cowen of Southaven, and Kel- ly Buell of Nesbit. Iudges for the contest were: Leland Earp, member of the Senatobia Home and Gardens Club and Board of Trustees for the First United Methodist Churchg Ann Pulliam, past member of the Fashion Board at Memphis State University and a "Dreamboat" for USFL's Memphis Showboats. Richard Blackmore, former professional foot- ball player with the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers and past track coach at Nor- thwest, and jerry Brewer, former play-by-play announcer for the Mississippi State University Baseball Network and past president of the Senatobia Iaycees. Emcee for the event was D'Layne Smith, radio and television instructor at Northwest. Students are what one thinks of when a college is mentioned, but the faculty, staff, and administration keetp Northwest on the move. I the faculty at NWIC had just one special talent, it would be that they care. Where else could a student drag into a professor's office at t e semester's end, beg for a second chance, and in most cases get it. Gur men- tors are wi ling to go that extra mile to see t at we get the best education possible. The administration directs the internal affairs of the college and sets the policies and regulations we must all live by. But, they 7-1. I - u,,,, , A giver wif C. are not some evil force out to make your stay at Northwest unenjoyable. They always keep the students in mind, helping NWIC maintain its reputation as one ofthe nation's leading junior co leges. The honor of being the backbone of our school goes to the support staff. Daily this group brings together the essentials that keep the workings go- ing smoothly. in ,ga -on 4 1 1 1 1 4 1 . vii .gg pr X s JI , b 4 Q H -x - .- 4 -.- 1' Jqql .l , .NN Q.. . I : 6 K 'si ' 39 f 1-we li " ,f ' -. 1 , 'I l... .,.- .w -D ' 4' w ' '- " ,' - - QL, Q , 4 f '-'A ' . if '- 1 , .4 -5. , W ... , , . .-I ,,, wg, ' n,..g . 14- ,, Lk- H. 4. - .- , - I - '- 5-,v-1.23. 3- Fl-4:5-.'hg.Z,-g rs. -.1 3251 figs -f--fr ,N 3, .. S1 fi -' -tru - -A' -' .i ,. ' -4- -4 a -Q - H 'al -"-3: f '.-5L'i'r"' -f 1 'J--'if'--3 5-1-1-' ' e .-.P:i5,'El1-.'!-"'-:E.f', ,-: ' .-......,..,-. , ' ' v - ---- -- n I Q- -.,.,f,.,.h-....,....-. 1 ' ti so ---, ,--....,1r..........5 ...Q .,,,,:-. i"f iq7Tii"T'1!"fi'Q117'i:'QlrQff'i1T1-,?irQ, Q, ',,'f' . Ds. :J g Z. 'xy ilu, ' ,, 111- if' "L 3 4 I all -2' 1 is Q-ff 4525 f1:n,.r-1P- r-1, - Pt r 4ye'ff.,1- Lf. ?"ry'f. R V. Lf - at 1- r '. as 45 a is . -aw AA' fi' 5"'M" . fy z 5 E -' -923 A -. ,-X ,t Egg pg "Auf ' f ga 1 ' - 1 - . v T F g 1 iv ' W . 1 , - , . A V ,Vg Swat . -Vx g, fl va, -4, vt, Q a J 'L .9 A -Q U ' M - V' -X ' Li ni- 1 -af' f 'rf-'10,-W-sri' Y' F? aim. ...rea tif A W I.. ' X' T' ' Q I n', ' 'I -1 - - It lv t ,A lull a 1'T'l1'i1 ll lvl 1 F177 I t . , i - r - , -- . - -A - e 7. . ,. .. -as ..-...- .....,.....4.- ...-., : ' I - A ' f, All -. .: u Q 3--Q' , YY ' , D 7 U, 'g 1. f"".". """'1""'f. 'b""'vi'.- . ' I ' 1 Y 1 .uf 2, lf- .5 Nj 5 QI tg "J ' f 1 I 1 3 3 ! 3, 1 Us A Q uf , ,5 'u . 5 'Q QQ T . ' , - :N at s at 04 Q rig-.e..+ l I . I Q .u .4 13 N " V ' gk iv E . J- l Q . , . E' -I gk ,h ,F I 2 4 1 0 Q . J , '. I 7,17--,vi,I'.f-.4 J ,i , 'a.t'.gf.-tile-. -ulriq If-ax' 'LQ fig ,fc , .-Qld.. ,I ' 4 - o+,o.QQ.v.Qs.6v.o.0,c.v. 10,c.v.o.v,Q.9.6.v.v.0.1AvLv4i4nui'nv.5.aQu..A.,., 544.1 63, ' ' ' M' . 7 ' ' ' 'n ' " A' - ' ' ' . . n i resents Northwest at its ve best. With each rforrnance, the marching Rangers P 'Y Pe give a show unequaled by any other. From the first note by the horns, to the last beat by the percussion, and to the flurry of lf the Rangerettes in between, all members give until it hurts. The band promotes spirit, co-operation, enthusiasm, and most importantly, pride: pride in themselves, their organization, .- and best of all, Northwest. The 170 member troupe is under the direction of Glenn Tripplett lr., Ferrell Lunceford, Dee Brown, t James Strain, and Rangerette sponsor, Cheryl Cannon. Drum majors for the 85-86 Marching Ranger Band are Thomas Blanks, T . and Kim Pope. Flag captains are Margaret Walthall, and Annice Brookes. Captains of the rifles are Reba Umberger, and Judy Leverette. A , , - ' . 3 I , I 54:1 lx ,- . 1 'gill' 5: 5.2 ' QKTQAHQ x .' 'L an--. ' 1 ,W In x 'A - "- f 'll lf. f al, ' .f .",. V- H- ' 1, . ' "eff" '4' Jig-C yy E! -- H v0RF:,'f1-s"' .mm -' " I jx II i ' 9,'S: .1 1 IIQV ., Q. . 7 'lbs J Y-"1""' - ri' '- -..., .. .1 , ,-1 g Nl kd I i . X J N V .. ' . M f, ,L 1 A 4 Hx " iL 1'f 'N' Ax x A P I N- 1 ,..,., V: m, Z fxi- ' , 1' , ., N iufkj. W- 10H.x'i -"Wh i yin Ff ,. Z.. - ,H LW. V M-R .0 T- RN N. K-f"1 f , 1 gg Q la 0 5 1 . e 'U a .I f u' 0 V415 "2 Q, V if " "'- ing!-ETS Lafionf JIOWUI 2' Q A Af-Vs fy., ' K 'thin - 1., ,,,,,.:'-5.-.......,4 ,TQEKP ,Wah I 6, as-,531-v ' I Q r ' 44 ' A Q""' "9"'5.:'f ..,,f -.J --.1 ' "" ,5 13 h n .1 -wa. - , .4 . i -"uba.4" J 1-..,,,Q.- wav'- '-bas-4, "!' 1 1 1 'I .va fs? -i "fum w ail? , . ,N i 0-Tech IQ? G 1 ff 9 WHO ff' + Th H LLL. 4-v-" Gameroom H www ...I 47 'r "" 57 ' 1 1' 'frffjf' ' - 4:21-2. :f.':l'arv-igivif-gg, u.,g,.i. ,-eg fp was sv. l.!-4w -' xv , ,1 - - :V --- .pl V-,--Q .f ' .- r V. YQ., . A V, 1,1 -. , . V, V7... " - J , -- V - . -. 1.-1 A 4,221 . - 1 Y ! w' -' . . - - V - " 1 - .-wr , '.l, 48 if--,Ju " f'1!'9"!- no-41. was 5 Lx. .lf 1 wk X. V 9 xii w ,X ... X AW. CD rn 1,-H ,e, 4 4' I .-,., 2212852 ,M ' W 'rlffvu 7' yifvp ' - -325 fjfixfm , V im f -.ffuw i ,rdf W 2 'AT X v F92- f sg, .44 l',.,v.A .ev w- -. , . 4g.- '-,-- , , 'fi-4 pq. ,."!'Ag,- -I . 1-RA: -Q x fm .4..:'r,C""' ""' x . x. W -1 - l "M 'Q ...J ini?- ff-Ig,.av N4 .g' d "if, ., JFXY ELECTIU 'H I THE RESULT -1 in Cafeteria 47 4x 4 1- - 4 I - 53 i 4 429 lf Il!! C N xf' ,QSRVW Q1 -l ll- " -fix AWN-' 'S if viii? bi WS' ' XM Q N 1 Fifa V' as ? 1 lvlr fi-"WJ S... C. 'Inq' WERE YUU THERE? 4 X i 'S'4, H+ in 4-rx-v. H 3 22257 l rf -Vw I E ffl 1 t I s f 2 s 1 I r I ft L Asn. "2 J,lfIf'fAf f I Q, --J .....-uv" 3-fa A Q: 7' 1 - l T: 5 ,mv r 'lg IAMQAW i Q ' v F vx ,N X, X ,. 2 xv wx-'-2' ,N X X , "M ,Q-,N ,X Q Q .:g.-4 X fx ,Ni f Ww':Q WN 'X JMX , 0 MQ N 'I 'D -vu. E . ja' Eager ft- ..,..., -IQ -2- if , Q, :V 1 , h - -0 , A xi"i I .K I l NM I ,I """! f XR wx 'I' j vSX.,:.fxt,g, . 1:.j.4,.,gg.':f:HR' . ,fm , -- 1-1.5:J 'gg f- 'M-35 -. ggi' ',e'A,- , V.: ,V ., 31 15 ' X ,X N- -- ' ' ' - . 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N N f . . key- ,, 1. wqfgfv.. , - U .en-0. ' ' . v., -, .- 1 jg Q...4ow 0' ,. -x A . 595 .4 A . 1 K v I W 1? F 111' Q, k x 1 n V W x X N r I. A .il ' 4 a A 1 V l 4 w J QU wg ,I L FW fx 4 . I S V ,V gf? I QW Aa ff' Q' 'ANAL ' 1 :"n , , N at W-filmwm .WW wv"1".B"9"' , 2 K Ln xg, A-. ,' ,v,. . N 9 , 'seg 'Z ff V ' 'w"l3.,. 5. 5.x ' Q .V- 'Aa N 10 uw- .M 5 fi Light the lights, it's Christmas We struggle through most ot a semester. Some of us seemed at our wits end, and then came Christmas. The Christmas season hegan at Northwest December 5 with a tree lighting ceremony in the Mclendon Union lohhy. President Haraway did the honors as he flicked the switch and 500 lights came to life on the 15 toot tree. Spectators sang carols as did the Northwest singers. SCA President Chris House read from a Truman Capote story, "A Christmas Memory", and the events were broadcast live on WNIC. 'B M ,Q Pi' .Hi 9 QM he M0 fb W , Avb, 19's J 1. -uw' 4 , .,,, N. , I ' 44 , , ' 5' P ?oSl 4 a . ? -- sf, . 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'E mn l E .g-, dll ,P --A 5.4.1 A1 i --3 K- 5' 1 i I Tl 3 - ,. -o " . 1 1 I' Q4 ' 0C333f-:,x,,W ,rf- A+ fi f,-A 0 , i 5,2-'fi ' ' X .f - ' '52 .Ei t .-bl: 7 ' : ' - . 53517 45,12-'f . - . ' W I HERE's 1.00141 G AT YOU! k if X A 'L X 1 R N1 A S , , M 2 I 5- :f' 13" ,f XXL! I ,r .f WI 1 ,gy Hg 3,4 . 4 an - -Q Zi' ixziiw' I A-x . .f .Y ,.,, W lg V V - A W, A-. r., X f i : ! 1 -af-un. sp. 1, 40 olive: 5333 L,5fS'Q X' '+-'zuif' P , an , u.. "li R Q 'wr ' Northwest Farm I .4..m.--.n-- it' "" l"' ""'I I1 K P 1 X 4 Y I I f Q N x li ,P W A , 1 f I u ! I I I 21 y l lvfa yr ,IC fi, H,,,,,.Aw Aw-v1anv-f-'L ,vwwfwwuvl ,y.,,.-f,f..fAw f " M ,,,,,,,,.,.,, W VV l ,,.. W. .,-,- 'nan' nun! -wnv0H9'U"" "" ' 6 4, ,gp-wv ' ,,,,, awp-e-qxvs wguwrm rw' my 1 My ,, 0? Y J- 'IW' """ ' ' -,mv ' . , img ,Q . ' M , , I ' " '4 9 ,-Ury. Y I 1 ' ' ' - -'Wm ww- "w"f""""' ' M ' - .1 ff 42 ..-o-'q,i'Q 1 In: - ,ay V A 4 A . 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'-1 -v V 2511, A. , 1 4 Q lx W I 2 6 H , Y 'A fu? w 35 if ' 1 M Q f I ' A" V. 1- M , 5 - 7, Am 1 Vw .ez 4 V' V' 'L"'H5 V 12' W' , it A 6, i ,I V ,- 4 . gg-1, V . , 3 , Avg, A, K N orthwest's Southern Belles -4 Si F ..,Q ,W- Q W. , ,wal ,X '. 'Q .Arg EAW . ,. .7 , ,, I my ,l P .-, . , 4 'lx A pw as D-ig if , . ,f ' 1 'S fi rr 1 3 w 1 'f-ji' :QV -1. J I . .v Aim. fm "HUD-w....:,-.,,, orthwest's Southern Beaus ' "3 ' ' 1' QR B8 tlbfv. . L in . I W'-!+ff '1, zM... v l f- P v. 4 'T S I X 4 '-1 ... , -, 4 1 0 -.3124 "wg ff'- -W ni" . M. ...., . f, sf' .gf , .f . Jn' gl. b, "" g,,f,:f,j5..R'Avr'-4 ,,,.,h ff,e. .i ' V . 1 - 1'5" v- a sw -. vc- I-"'Q 'bs s-av , -nn ,Q 1 NORTHWEST i C -ww - ' 'un HN I 's ...N ., .'U Q01 4' x x " Q I dai.:-0 I tv 0 -- U We is x x 'ii Y R-' Y 3f'F'Sa. fx 51" 1 ,X kf if s Southern Delights . 3 n f' J J. w I , .43 f X . 1 -ff X ' X ,: - 54 4 ' -Q ' 11 -'fM.,. A 2- 'avi xv, 1 V, Q ' gf-QA A 4 i x 1 ,fw-mv-'f,f.,f,,:.. , Nu Q wwe-Qi., 2, A' ,Q M, 5 'T Southern Delights , ! va ww 44 1 fi kil Ill W 35 1 I .glf li. I if :L ll' l, lf' 7 11:15. ff: H 25251 QM.: I Q' . va '51 I , 'pf 2 if in ,l I ' Southern Delight -.1-ill N-."" A , .--5, 63.1 v 5. 1'Qtllg..v" I ---, ' .,-'rfig ff' 1... , Q"'- . ,'fw.,,1.. ' fc.-hlgi Q l, 'mfg' 1, dQ"'?" ' x. 3. .gn ,V , hi . ,we r A.-N v- I I I I I I I L I I I I I I r I I I II I I E? I I I ,I I I I I , WE! 0 I II . W III II I 1 I I I I r I I I I 1 I n I I III III ' . rf!IIII9I' 1 mf: I I W QIIIII IW-. . I 'fv'IE+fI I HIKISI 4i..I."'I'l IIIWIII, , If my I .4 4 I I I I I 0l'l0l"5 4 Tj S sl QI I I . i weoafer alehnea H.jJonorUA aa, Han acualemic cliafincfion con Arran! on u Auperior aluzlenlu,9erior,H id alehneJ aa, Ho! lziglzer MHA, quahfy, of im,,0ffam." Ceffuinf, aff Worlhweal .duclenfa are mfnerior, lzow euer , llzere are llzoae we recognize as Leing euen more oufofamlzng. H jraaklionaffy, our Jfmlmlo mul? lug!! afmlemimffy, am! illu ,wr Agfa! :me fo form. 311.2 foffowzng ,MWA are Jedzmfed fo our Ligl. ml.: euer 4 - llzoae ofualenla wlw Am Lew named fo :lm JJCJK of Sam' M Oumumlzng Sfudenn, of lo flw 'lfUl.0', WI. J4m.m9 .S?uJent4 in American Junior Comp, 641 Qqorfllwed I5 proud fo llonor fizeae ine .4CAOfl1I'5 0 , .243 one of flze .goufllld hneaf inafifufiond of lziglzer Aarning, I l 417 The highest honor a student can achieve, Hall of Fame, recognition is bestowed only upon sophomores. Faculty members nominate students 'll ti ' Ev-Us 'U 4 x x ' Q P 1 a P I X l 1 5 l N ,dsl- 9 R E 1 L I I s ' 06 L Qlxii -z Y fi " f' fff v ' e 3 4 3.1 ".+7"'S,lg w"'M Q ? I 1 P 1 I w 1 I fa en fu ing 2 'le 'Q 'lu 3 CATHY IO ANDERSON BUSINESS FRENCHSHELLA ARCHER INTERMEDIATE FRENCH if ,,f,,,,, 1 - 'Wifi 0 1 MARIA BELCHER ELEMENTARY EDUCATION CURTIS DANIEL BRADLEY RADIO AND TV BROADCASTING '95 I HUGH BREWER MATH -fa -IQ 2 QQ MARTY BROWN Q NURSING Q LARRY CHARNES . Q ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY 2 3 -IQ -fa -N 3 ROMUS FAULKN ER SOCIOLOGY IAMES BYRON HOUSTON MATHEMATICS QZI JIMMY ISOM ENGINEERING ri N N N LEONARD COOPER LEWIS ALLIED HEALTH 2 REBEKAH I. LIPSCOMB 0 Q SCIENCE 'IQ 'G 'IQ S 3 L. Ai li L. 5 i 5 I1 is 1 SI-IELIA MANNING SECRETARIAL SCIENCE enfa fu '19 ni ufgsfa TAMMY MARTIN IOURNALISM BRENDA POWERS TECHNICAL CLERICAL Q11 1 , IG ,E I. 'l, I! 'B I 5 I I , ,L li I I I 1 DIANE REINKING DRAFTING AND DESIGN enia fu '19 i all f ia bl BEULAH ROWSEY B.S. NURSING SHERRY WILLIAMSON PARALEGAL STUDIES 1 1 'SHI-YI 1 I u K Q H 25 3? 'I 4' 3-3 ll 1 l 5 121 Who's Who Among Students MATTIE BELL ADAMS RANDY AUSTIN ff BRENDA LYNN ALLEN 'D . IUNA BRASHER V11 CATI-IY IO ANDERSON L- HUGH BREWER, IR. LISA MOSLEY BRISCOE In American Junior Colleges JAMES DAVID BUCHANAN 4 , " Q JAMES ALBERT COOK KENNETH HAROLD DUNLAP ev 11" V' ' LUTHER EDWARD HANBACK CHRISTOPHER BRYAN EDWARD F. HUDSPETH MINNIE LOUISE JONES HOUSE Who's Who Among Students SHERRY DENISE KING xfff' TAMMY JEWEL MARTIN I LEONARD COOPER LEWIS Q s DIANE E. REINKING I REBEKAI-I JANE LIPSCOMB BEULAH PAY ROWSEY REBECCA L. SCOTT In American Junior Colleges LINDA PAGE SHARP MITZI IO SWANSON 'WT' Y PI-IILLIP A. VAUGI-IAN KIMBERLY I. VOYLES Not Plctured TRACEY R. ANDREWS BRIAN A. BURFORD RUTH C. COOK CAROL NIX CRAFTON ANN MARIE HONEYCUTT GINA L. LEHMAN IANICE LYNN LEVY MARIE A. RICHARDSON DOROTHY EDWARDS SYKES F Q D IUDITI-I S. WILLIAMS jeafured 'Will N 5. Z. UA., .S?,..fL Aw Aug, Aw. L,.,,..f,. jar il.s Lwuf.'f2,f..ff,,,..,.. unc! uf 7411:-IA 14fr I .sl you .sr 1:r1 e of .:bi.xie'.s uma! lLl,ll"IlIill9 young fgufim. Lu ll'l1!!MJ Aumfu Jrrz ff gvnlkfnwrz. .7Ae fjeulurw Jwfinn of me 1986 ldnLefeer Jisfzfuyn our .11 Auofs rluul. 1f4,!AefAe'ruie1uir1g ,u'flure.1 of WHMJ Wlorllrwml, unc! Wfliu Zgeuufim. or My Jlffofneu 1rr11 ' ng Cllllff, you lun 1-ml uuurecf fAuf ufAuf you?-e uwing Jome of flu' mmf Juzzhng young ,WA ,,,,, WM ,,,,,w4W. UA? mm,mf.-1f.,n for Mm ,w,ff.'.,,..+ IJ duff, unc! MX, My ,Ml flllfjlllllfllillg cvomv ouf on fop. ll'!lAfAouf u clougf, you ufi!fhr1clfAi.1 fo 4' vb' X f f L? UH? 0 !lAl' IHUJI JPAI 1l!,Jl'l'fi0ll.5 0 Il UNI' FUPLOOL. , fl ? 'af Mr. and Miss WIC Wm AJ 'ff' ' '1- 3 r rrxk K P 1,K7"fk., kb 4 Q 'fx 'L x.,., 128 5 Greenville- is a member of Student Union, andiNorthwest She was chosen Sophomore i Homecoming maid and dorm president of Taylor Hall. i Miss Hall plans io further her education at Ten- nessee State University and become a surgical nurse. by popular business ad- the son, of Mr. and is ao member of the NWIC the president of the Society of Love. i . . ' Mr, Fields hopes to be manager of his own business after completing his education at Memphis .State University. i IVIISS NORTHWEST Wiizi Swanaon W :lk I . 4 ov, .0 -l v . .I ff .fi s,. 'Q-nu-..v. .,,,A,,M . , .',c'n.,. 1 .,, -' -'. .',.' 1 .8 I , . H04 .mmffw k IVIGST BEAUTIFUL gbmane 31Q,.9,,,1,,,,, CID ' fl H eaufieb Jill Bone YA 8CllflflQ5 I l l Kelly Buell A -w vu, 2 ,uyfhf x. r' . -., ""c.5-f.-Qvf-A . iff! ' '-ay, h -- 5 ,, . , FT?-,.4 . .V - N, . -. f' 1' . gf .f, . , .V A ' I U 'f 3 :WI ' lj! ' ', V- p . ' , , --- D ,' . Ya ' i V I Mi, '.VS.,s g V , 3--. X ' " 'f . 1, LN " 1. ,.'?. ',-'f.,. -, 9 N : ' 4. Yi , .5 - mx. ,,'1 , x N 1 4 Q x , S, ' R, s .V x V. '. 5 N 'N 4 x x , ' , J 4- -M.-. . 13 A 9' 4 , x N X x eaufiea Trisha Gowen geaufie.4 Vanessa Wallace Y' ! 5 4.1 gdlflflkg "ill I ig, i I Lbpdzmffm. ia flu, ww! flmz LMI Jw.-ffm .W adn..-,,.'.,1mf1f,,.. fafuhy and nuff JL!-I. Ja, film fnJf.,fJuuA .DOW zogffllw WHA one firing in mind - preaenling 7flf, uf in LM: ff, flu, ,mimi Locly, flue mmmunily, Wiaaiaaippi, ffm .szufk unc! flue nufiun. cfm .luring flw fougfzedq of fimeo, WorfAweJf ,MWA pu!! fogelfwr, worging lm! in Land lo promofe ,Muffy in mr, mu. 'MMA My LaJml.f,, of a fm,-gA1eJ ZQWJ of .cjruafmm .W W Jemned fo go far, fo fm-A ,WA ml fo Je.-.W My .Wy Amr Arm for flu, .'Mf.'fu1:0n. z r. David McWilliams Haraway was named the sixth chief executive of Northwest Mississippi Junior College by the institution's Board of Trustees in a special meeting September 26, 1985, and assumed office October 1. Dr. Haraway has been an ad- ministrator at the college for the past 10 years. He previously served as Director of the Computer Operations Centerg Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Operations, Assistant Director of Research and Development, and Director of Fiscal Af- fairs at the college's DeSoto Center. After graduating from Olive Branch High School, he received the Bachelor of Business Administration, the Master's of Education in educational administration and supervision degrees from The University of Mississippi. President Haraway served in the United States Ar- my, Artillery Branch, and later taught at Olive Branch Junior High. While working on his doctorate, he was a research associate for the University of Mississippi School Planning Laboratory and has taught graduate- level courses for the university at the Southaven Center. His professional memberships include Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, American Association of School Administrators, National Association of Col- lege and University Business Officials, and the Mid- South Research Association. Dr. Haraway .is the son of Mrs. lane Haraway and the late Maury Haraway. Married to the former Ellen Allen, also of Olive Branch, Haraway has three children. PRESIDE T HQ A-ww sn A 5, K' f t . - 'tanks'- ,Q ' xg. .- W1 - Q-xy i Q , x - james H. Aldridge Marks Sam Allison Sarah Douglas Autry Ashland Lawrence Autry Holly Springs Albert Broadway Hernando Donald M. Clanton Secretary Senatobia Dudley R. Davis, jr. Houlka Daniel Edwards Crowder jimmy Eubanks Tunica Grady Ferguson Pittsboro joan Gee Marks William D. Gooch Marks X "4 pls. I Ji Ni lei la ll li Not Pictured: I. M. Ash, Holly Springs W. L. Brewer, Charleston Frank Brooks, Water Valley E. P. Gresham Hickory Flat joe B. Hartley Batesville C. E. Henry Uxford jamie Howell Senatobia Leroy Matthews Marks jim Nelson Oxford Dr. B. H. Papasan Tunica Dr. Michael Shaheen Como Thomas E. Smith, jr. Vice-Chairman Coldwater Clarence M. Sparks, I Walls Edwin P. Thomas Webb H. M. Wallace Coldwater R. T. Ward Chairman Marks Henry Womble Water Valley Ben Wynne Coldwater ig., P f? cf 1 i ' lt' . 6 f Dr. Iune S. Gardner Dr. june Sneed Gardner was appointed acting president of Northwest Mississippi junior College by its Board of Trustees at a special meeting in Senatobia june 6, 1985. On recommendation of the Personnel and Administrative committees of the Board, Dr. Gardner was approved by ac- tion of the full board to serve "with all power of the president until a permanent successor is chosen," according to Chairman of the Board R. T. Ward. Dr. Gardner succeeds Henry B. Koon, who died of a heart attack May 28. An Administrator at Northwest for the past 21 years, Dr. Gardner is the first woman in Mississippi to serve as the head of a junior college. Dr. Gardner came to the college in 1964 as Director of Guidance, and in 1966 she was named Dean of Women. The following year she became Dean of Student Personnel, a position she held until 1974 when Koon assumed the presiden- cy and named her Executive Assistant for Administration and Education. In 1975 her title was changed to Vice-President, and in the current year her position has been that of Vice President for Student Development. A three-time graduate of the University of Mississippi, she eamed her B.S. in commerce in 1951, a master's degree in business education in 1961, and the doctor of education degree in 1968. In an address to the academic and vocational-technical instructors on the Senatobia campus August 12, Dr. Gardner requested faculty cooperation during the administrative transition. "Let's make this year a good beginning for many years of quality education for the students who come to Northwest," she said, "I would like your full cooperation and support for me and for the permanent president." Dr. Gardner resides in Senatobia with her husband, Maynard Gardner, and Accountant. They have two children, Mrs. Kimberly Tatum and Don Gardner, both of Hattiesburg. 57 V s M. Kenneth Lindsey Director Senatobia Campus Carolyn Ainsworth Executive Assistant to the President jerry Boutwell Athletic Director ff 5 5 52 F , 4 Price Darby District Dean Vo-Tech Education Michael Dottorey District Director Student Personnel t 151 X Top Left: Dr. Linda jackson Director Continuing Education Top Right: Steve Klepzig Business Manager Bottom Right: Don Randolph Academic Dean X 'ar 35 i A 11, ray- I- 5 55' V1rg1n1a Sowell Assistant Academic Dean Senatobia Campus, Director Special Services Dr. Ann Y. Whitten Director of Counseling and Testing -' 153 jo Adams Chemistry Gwen Aldridge Math Rose Baenke Math Brenda Baird Vo-Tech Business Gaylon Baird Physical Education jane Baker Developmental English Barbara Baxter English Bill Beck Electronics Dee Brown Band jackie Brown Auto Body and Fender Repair Willie Brown Physical Education W. N. Buchanan Horology Claudia Burkes Nursing Mary Ann Burkhead Physical Education Bettina Caldwell Child Care Dr. Robert Campbell Economics i Jimmy Carr Civil Engineering Technology Don Castle V Developmental Math, Baseball Shirley Clanton Foundation Studies Director Dr. Ieptha Clemens Paralegal Earline Cocke Business Dr. Greta Coger English and World Literature Jacqueline Collinsworth Government Br. Marilyn Comer Psychology Jo Ellen Cox Speech Robert Cox Law Enforcement Pam Darnell Business Margaret Darby Math Dale Davis English Richard Demuth Agriculture Frances Dixon Nursing joe Elliott Vo-Tech Counselor Frances Evans Science Jill Ferguson Home Economics in Dennis Fondren Distribution and Marketing Kathy Foresman Psychology Lynette France Psychology Gregory Freeman Mathematics Constance Gallant French and History Robert Gaston Aerospace Studies Lisa George Nursing Keith Godbold Business Karen Gray Physical Education Betty Guess Vocational Counselor Sandra Hanlen Nursing Freddie Harmon Auto Mechanics ' Linda Hogan Computer Programming Dr. jerry Hollis A Science Allen Holliday Agriculture Carson Holloman Liberal Arts Director Frank Houck Tool and Die William Hudspeth Science Denton jackson Accounting Kathleen Johnston Nursing Chuda Kaveparsit Science Deborah Kent Music Robert King Science Department Director Fredric Koeppel English Mary Catherine Koeppel Speech and Drama Paul Lawrence Physics Forrest Lax History Ellen Lomenick Nursing Mary Long Cosmetology Russell Lott Business Ferrell Lunceford Band Barbara Manning Nursing james Mercer Math joel Meredith Electronics Technology Deborah Moore Business Iean Moore English Sturgis ,Monteith English Wayne.Newman Refrigeration and Air Cond Vicki Odell Cosmetology William Oliphant Sociology john Osier English james Petrea Data Processing jimmy Presley Ag Equipment Technology Gail Price Speech Sheila Regan Vo-Tech Business joan Reid Accounting Onia Renfro Cosmetology Raymond Rogers History JoAnn Rone Child Care Dr. 1. D. Ross Science ell S ,QU I. f.. .spa l l r l il , t V l l Q, :il it l 3 l l l l l l l fp l 4 l 1 i l ll 4. -4 I 1. Rohert Seay Sociology Frankie Shows Foundations Math Rosemary Simmons Music . Ed Simpson Physical Education William Sissell Science D'Layne Smith I Radio and TV Broadcasting George Smith Refrigeration and Air Cond Marilyn Spears V Child Care Ann Springer Nursing James Strain Band lane Sullivan Nursing E. E. Thompson English Glenn Triplett Fine Arts Director Rebecca Triplett Music Lane Tutor Art judy Vernon English Kathleen Wait Business Marilyn Walker Vo-Tech Business Pattie Warren Drafting Anita Wilborn Math Chad Williams Science jane Williamson Business Ronald Wilson Drafting and Design Everette Woolfolk Technical Math 1 l jan Womble Developmental English Iac Young Art Lawrence Young Beef Cattle Management David Yount Auto Diesel Technology L-' 51645. '. Harry Adair Women's Basketball Coach Kenneth Barnett Supervisor of Transportation Charles Barton Director of Student Development Wilbert Beard Supervisor of Student Union, Recruiter Tommy Carpenter ABE Supervisor Charlotte Cooke Accountant Patricia Davis ABE and Continuing Education Coordinator William Dees ABE and Continuing Education Coordinator Terry M. Douglas Public Relations Assistant Yearbook Advisor Ieff Farese Student Development ' Assistant Maebell Fly Librarian IoAn Franklin Foundations Assistant Signy Givens Director Computer Services Polly Gordon Campus Director of Vo-Tech Education William jackson Industrial Representative Vo-Tech Education .ln I. Martha Ann King Student Information Assistant Shirley Maples Personnel Office Assistant jamie Mercer Public Relations Assistant Marjean Mercer Payroll Officer Jim Miles ' Baseball Coach Chester Morgan Financial Aid Assistant Steve McClellan Assistant Business Manager Marvelene McCullar Librarian Betty McKibben Counselor Nancy Patterson Radio Station Manager Mary C. Puryear Librarian Michael Robertson Public Relations Assistant Student Newspaper Advisor Gary Spears Registrar Betty Sykes Librarian Charles Tarver Special Services Counselor Sarah Adair Vo-Tech Secretary Peggy Baker Credit Union Manager Debbie Billingsley Library Secretary Mary Boling Switchboard Operator Tracey Brewer Secretary Wanda Brown Student Loan Clerk Karen Buck Computer Operator jorean Corkern Nurse Anne Crockett Administrative Secretary Bobbie Darby Financial Aid Clerk Lorrie Downen Accounts Payable Clerk Virginia Durley ABE Secretary Betsy Farrow Secretary Presidents Office Betty Ferguson Dorm Supervisor William Fore Transportation Gregory Harrel Chief of Security joyce High Clerk Registrars Office Charles Hood Radio Station Hazel Long Personnel Office Assistant Patricia Mclntire Secretary Registrars Office Annie Neal Dorm Supervisor Linda Ogg Nursing Department Secretary jean Payne jTPA Bookkeeper juanita Pierce Purchasing Assistant jackie Ross Food Service Erline Shelton Secretary Student Development james Simpson Media Assistant Tracy Skeen Secretary Fiscal Office Sandy Sowell Administrative Secretary Sherry Sowell Secretary Physical Plant Elaine Stewart Food Service Director jack Tucker Campus Security Delores Veazey Administrative Secretary Melinds Vick Computer Programmer janetta Walters Cashier La Sonya Ware A Clerk Financial Aid Office julia Warren Key Punch Operator Shirley Welch Postal Clerk Dorothy Woolfolk Dorm Supervisor CE, " "1 1 I. 5... 'lfllllaf euef flag zoforoof of a afaolorf, Worflaooof lla, a Job fo raatolr if. .14 uariefy of organizufiona promoting a wialo range of ao- tiozlioo oar Lo fauna! oo campuo. jlloroa a muaic ofab, a ,ollyoioaf ezlucafion cfub, a flzeafricu! Job, anal a CAL fo promofe jo arra hom. Wo Aaoo a rooleo ofab, a Luaineaa cfub anal a morluary ocience cfub. .7fnere are organizaliona 9 aaera ofadoaf acfiuiliea, a CAL flzuf programa ann! oooa Au cfub Lao ooo! .glya eaay fo uncfemfanzl wily we lzaue auclu a wefzrounclerl alu- JEIII WAHI! yOu ,UAB fl0fiCe of tk? lndlly CAIL5 auaifaLA OH uf! AU? 0!0lll' !,'CllYl,JM.50.4. '54 X, 9 2 ug...- r-E 1 I 1- :Hilti 'QI7 lf- se of Q ri CD s.z OD f 91' C811 I'I'l ties in 1.111 rt e f In OI' f O HO t 8 911 EIUCS 1'l ud ndall, ok, ar- f T D I tat ve Seflate 6 P65611 COI'1'1II'l H99 C I' GE GTI E ITIEIS H1 P To t OH A-I 5.34 c :si .54 fry SDH E t E I' ISS SQCI'Et3 I'lI'l I'1 vis, 3 t 3 l'I'1'1a tt t V 8Ct O11 Ei FITIHII 4-1 4-I 4.4 ui HF1 I aff Y 91111 S Ll DC I'S 9 GS, O11 I Ps. 0 VEHS 81169 CI O onty are als GJ I 311 EH Y arr tt nstructors Pa 6St orthw N T nda Q-.CZ 3 l11'1 Y f OJ! I-'I-' f an HIT P15 4-J f SOI' b Q ocief The A i Society o Certified En ineering Technicians A CET is comp ' d st i gineerin ech l gy ields, and keeps them inf d o new oppo i ' th i pec ive fields. Mee ings are held the first and third Monday o each month. Officers include: K y D l p, presiden 5 R Havens, vice president, Andy i ry-treasurer, P M ic , re orterg Vic Holliday, p i 5 im Co la i gcommittee chairman, M y h , mbership i hairmanp Kel inH m , i iy commi ee ch i ng Kelly Wrigh , parlimentarianp and Deborah D nomina ing commi ee ch i . Memb i 1 de:D i Bullard, Forrest Br an,L yCharnes, im Cook, Deborah Dav Kenn D l , Kevi Hrmon, Mark Havens, R Ha , Vic H llida , Kenneth mmy Lo ti , David Mahan, William Masterson, Perr Myrick, Wad Perkins, M omas, and Andy i ll. i y W d oel Meridith mem ers. Advi s or he club are immyC dliverette Wool olk. .14 an el"lC BS '19 's 3 ss IQ 2 us -E 2 .2 2 Q as Qs NJN -3 R N C ---1" ' 9xkll'f 3 , ! Y v f 1 k 172 1-- d P 1'1'1 I'11St1' C at Ona s a denom n H-1 P14 .CI S 'H-4 9-A-1 qmw Un on t Studen St t Ba The pose o +4 I -L-J -A-1 7. n b S TE I' of th tS studen 6 S8 Tuesda On tS ITIEE VC We -A-i A-I -A-I 4-I rl, t d evot ona 5 at noon each ers nc ude Annette Y CD D- I ES ITT Ia Ma a tha g retW CG I' all W-A-4 -A-J Scott Green and U 'UQ iiaf 3 3 fll0l'l 'Cu :SEQ EH Ei 32 Eton ag ""O.b ,cam QI 3:25 Ord 3.2"U at aw: UE Q-'Cf x asf: -' m4-12 o U im -C7 gee it 5,2063-' U35 0-'OO cu ace wie 'MST EEE ..-4.'-1.52,-g: QJCF4 ,-4'-ZUJI" 1:24 mf' E416 ..-4 , -A-J.,-1 ,,.?Z1-C: URM E3 525.2 2 'Hg-JE PXO'-'v-1 Q5 64" O Q.aU..C CI 4- 0 P:-4.2 'G 3 Q '.EJ"",-5 "'.-Ts-1 ucv U...... Q14-353 Q QQ we-E -52 Q --ECE cn ""'.-CIM - .avg as so MGE, 4-0 E'-' S-'Cn Ox: v-4fU Q55 52 -CCL..5,U"QbZ. s: Umm? funds:-UEG, e - ODGJ.f.ECI'J:'U cn2UC1 O-V6 ,.C'..-Cong U5 '-I-1 Qfvag cz' ' N ge an ' .Q L 173 m .f"' 74 P GJ .-CI 4-0 4-J '-A-4 'wt-1 so-4 OD The Chess C ub :L es J. SCF U derat on ess Fe Ch 'EE Un ted Sta d the E111 D CA M Elf OH C SO he ISS SS d afl affle t d an Earn 1:0 311 tS s studen t ve D.. -5-I P th h t f GTI h stud etewt I I'S aff! CE P ff Louie QITISOI1 EI' EIZ uane B 1 promotes interest in the ame o chess. This club is a ilia ed with M'iippiC ssAs ii Q i i Q P tici ation in his club gi opportunity l for improve heir g co i s rom o er colleges. i : immy Buc anan, president and Danny Bradley, ice presiden . emb i 1 : Reb Scott, Missie Mills, Sherry Willi , Rodney Holley, Smith, Mike B y, Lisa Knox, Cindy Botto, and D r i . Ad i or the Chess Club is Russell Lott. Ca EC nc ude I'S m O M e GTI' f 1' SO V , -, DQ '33 . A. SN A - 5 J 'V Q .Q .Qp . Q X ,W J .V 'f Q , ' -I ' . , ,J U . V Q N ra gpg' ' 5 .ik ' ' N-ri, .I ' Q : f 'Dig I HQ . '4 273' Q u-4 " " , - if I 'fix 'O A, I ' 437'-'. - "', bxlg q', ai, ' I 'r ' inf . - , , -qw, Y'-fe ,Fr-3 V, if 1 "C P Q A In a L 'I lv- Q N 1 x 5,4 fw 4 i I' .-'-'-5 vw-mcummmx EG -G2'aw1E'a.8' Q46 'gg Qin L. O U E mx H3 'uctgmqgg EO-:TODUDM gd UesJ-Dj ,Z :O 52556255 "" cu' P-WCUCU 34-v G"'C'1O4-'Om P4 ,-..v-4 L U" Q-EENZM Om CIJEQQJ 'umm 0079 -z-v-PNEEE -Q53 :JUQEF-2342: Ei -Iaxgfxmffog ka Q, . xxxx ,gb Simgigfggg 30' Ed.9!w"s:r:::-GM uc g.sGQ'5igMQ-20,2 7,0 mzzgmz fu H: 50:13 'QLJ 075 VH.-G Q57-COC --I I-4 X KU... 'U Ocu :..U,..uaOC cv: ...E QJ ma-EOZCQJ cv 5-gggh-gxgsj Q ED N:,2.EQe-CUE 8g"3E'Ecsgms.TE:,-EQ Q ww5325igg3iq3 ffggwszoweeg 5055223552521-H 0:9-own E-- mt? --'QQ-9,,Q.-DCJp,QJE2xOx 'Q 3..1'UmD-xgdwvogoo cv wggc Zvw- s: Q 'PH-C QQEC 'GQQJO 2g"'--Umm3gw-UGA Q. 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"T'... bb 535 3-53 gg U3 Q-ga.: DUDE QESU -mm E Env, -1 v-4 -1 uIU"U - Q2 'U -cs monies 2. oo U3 Uv-1 CDF, O0 E N -- D .-D .-. v-1 SNE 530265: ... Q.: HZFEQQLJ.-C1 sfffgkui ,Q C1 25 5 oQ",..UE:E'U .cg Cv tv, 3U E ODD Mociafion fbi elif fa all Mia! egaf U ,fl roup presents con- of the Ba Salf1'll1SCa I'I'lI1StI' aters .Eg IQ Y c afl aI'I'1ES Living W i i l i i y ptist Student Union. The g certs in churches throu a. Memb i l de: H rold Irb , Angie Bryan, Annette Clanton, Scott G n, Kell bach, Paul Eubanks, Donald Ne ly, Marg t Walthall, Randal B , d Brenda M IEE orthwest are are out the N gh a DCU Pwcu GIS P6 ie iuing a 1 , 'Q 7 ...v -..: l .3 ,. an '. Q N-. 53 -4 A QL ' 4 4. A t 19" ' li Sf' fa I x ', U ix xx X. 6 f 'fglf C f'f"g Q scat f"'l -vw- 2.1.4 . 9, L i 5 i I n in S 12 , nl Ii 5 V. IX, J pq Q, 3 in 5 1 l 4-I C1013 E252 D-.E Q U 56 Q 2 5 E 5 93 C- an 1: 2 'U as U Cs-Q E .-C1 W-A-1 Q. cm' 8 O Q.: in ,Q s: O cn CD4. C ug E s: 56 a 'Tx amp: 'Q Eg 35' 80 O 4-I 593 4.5- UD GJ E Dt 'E ES f.: mg E"922 was mg :S 2? 825 GJ no I N at - .CI 2 P- QMX aa C- ' -cs 3 ij F-4 .C bd cu v-1 U -Q L 'EE Q eu 'J-U 8 E s: .Q .-. .SE W rg.,-3::D .2 E cn ...Ta-1:5 8,q'e'57E+- '-1 -A-A o'5,H32 'as-Ci:-44-'lg-1 ' OPEL-4 EOE:-.Sail 1 'QMS v E J Q.,.,U-9-.-TCU + L- sw cm.. Q5 x a?',-' as 3 H25 t weH. vfcfu I "' 2 1 235a' u CI 4: L "l'fQcn I 1 I ""ecs'gz' C .. 1 525 cu'-0-'U , .3-352 v 3, E1 H-'Eu-1 L-4 .,.,.E ,Q Pu :ES ! ""4E"v-4 X 1 GJ ,U -44 ucafom ugic C0 einen, 0l'l ,mfg .Q Q 'hs S xi! gig!- S 'L su I. Tia ,Q -N 'H '-H l ' I K ,Isl :?s':'i .:,a,g, If .Gull SCI QU' 'I I I I v I I .0 at i I I if If, + I I I I hm I I I J, U I I I I I Nell I It I I I I mus c an non mus c ma ors W Deborah Kent and g rs s com know ed e n voca arran Ca US H1 EI 4.a 'Tx 'LE HCC CU i GORE I Eff EBSQ USSR ' e obb C s tte orr Cl I OOCD an . . bum P14 3 ,JL 0U1aS ES 3TH I CLAS OD r-. U3 W EIS Y a Vw M 5x I 6 ee D Lov ke D.Ps P'-x Har SO I H fa 3 0 Zlgu ES ff Ion CU Fr erson Pau Gunte ber bd HSOH The Northwest Sin e i prised of i d - i j ho wish to broaden th i i 1 l g i l gernents. The group is directed by om anied by Rebecca Triplet . M bers include: Suzette Blackmon, una Brasher, Tina Bursi, Lolita Dowler, Deborah Fondren, S Gooch, R Griffin, Ch y McMurry, eryl Pass, L Robertson, Bobb Shettles, Charlie Mae Smith, Mar aret Walthall, Lara Baternan, An uine , Mari Dar , lvia Hall, anette I-lol , renda McKnatt, Missie Mills, oy M i , Sharon Rie lm Rodg , Earmie ri t, arnes B , Th Blanks, Scott Courtne , Harold rb hris O'H ll , essie Pettigrew, L d Riley, eff Tri lett, C-ar Da b , a 1 Eubank Ro t i , 1 r, G o , Terry Lisenb , Mi i g, Donald N 1 y Iulian Robi , Terry Rockett, Melvin Ross, Scott Steele, and en Taylor. ' ingem .Hsu " :S :Eff If 'H 1 V1 V 5. I, Q, . l l . I, i 5-6-4 11,153 9 OI1 Cam HIGH fl 311 USBIIIIG Y de HIICEI' P? pres Y e P e ed W h ntramura eams The c ub meets the fourt ers are 9-A-1 C c S6CI'Et2l1' Q OD 8I'I'OW 5x r-i E? OISS OI'WO0 PT X v-. ?s. S GS HI' C E a GS an I'lI'lE Sa S yC a gner fat al' raves ow ove a oust cr st T s e S it fl I1 ?w v-q I'1SO1'1 I St 1.1 OD O-. M! M P.E.M. is an organization o the physical education majors. The club works with campus i l t . Une o their s ecial services is to sponsor the C C d pus. l , n sda of each month. The club is advised b K Gray. lub offi 1 Richard Asbridg , ident, ohn McKay, vice presi t d S Re d, y. Members are: Fred B , Adam Mickens, Stanley Price, Reginald Wils , Hershel Burnett, Efrem N d, D l Linzy, Rita Fondren, ames Townsend, Dwa ne Melton, h l Thi pin, Bert Foster, K le Brigance, ohnn Ra , Marsharril Sanders, Rodney effries, i Profit, Crai Young, Ida G , H d Armstrong, Willa D il , David dmond, eith Kil ore, Matthew L l d , H on gnew, Dann ole, Melvin Adams, P tricia Adams, RichardAHampton, ohn McKay, oe Ri , Willi in Washin ton, Su Reed, y oh , Denise Gil i , o y He l y, Kevin Hall, and Richard Asbridge. Yo S .Q 3 S 2 .S 'Q -M .Q 3 RJ G Q S 'K---9' 1 'bb-5"'a-' .J iii, 9 W Q . Z . y .X ' o. 44. 1 -11 K. 4 FIM... I .N-.I ff I n in VII CE 0 after re 3 8 CI' 0IltaV SHI III eg ee co or arts EHCE SC f Gal' y for two D-1 d rd th d S ga35g edthefrsta QIILS IEC? V stud P b de E8 tlona H8 Sa E1 Ka Theta Ph Oa t OP me HCH GJ 1, S reasurer t p en I'1'l SCO L GJ CI' W V S bry lite fa B Btn P f TS fce orrest Lax an v sors or th an 1'1 o hto OD C Y 311 t porter an fe 8 EI' V hrens P1- I-L1 Ps. QD h eb D El' tz Dan Karen S I'I1 da Be the M Y VODDG C WaI'lSOI'l bs. P GJ GJ PT IT, P4 Pu v+ III Scott Sh man OWSG Y e 1: Z EIT i pp i ' l l rshi fraternit -y ll es. Limited to full ti demic students workin toward a achelor o i degr , bership is en ll i in . radep i a eand maintaininga . i i g m mbershi .Me i gs areh l i n i We nesda of each month. O fi or the club are: Hu h Bre , president, Coo er Lewis, vice-presid 5 onja 1 y, vice-president, Kim el yles, secretary, Reb kah ip b, T 5 una Brash , 5 d Sherr Ki , is ' . Ad i f e group are F d ConstanceG ll . Members include: Mitzi S , Ray Clolinger, Brad Bradshaw, immy Buchanan, Kimberl Ann White, ara Y Masse , T rry Lisenb , Alisa A , Vi ian Tucker, a ' ll A , l , ora R. avis, Sheryl ains, Corrine H. Hall, Linda urt, imm som, effre Lee ohnston, Russell Ketchum, Sandra H. McG , ickie Sue ewma , Willie L. Prid , Beulah R y, ip , Margaret Walthall, Sh y illi , ' gren. tter Marie Ze HH son and A Wam 190 -r-1 w .:: mo. no. 2,0 Mi i i pi, i b students interested i ding the sch The annual r i top awards f , , , , the Miss1ss1 I e from yi 4-n tions C1 CD 9 OJ 001 n recor 1984 edi and 1985 1983 1982 81 19 S staffed y or ss ss p ece ved 41" 5 I X X1 - ,,-L--' I "Q--sw ,K 'Q 11 S i 4 ' 4 :M 3 , I1lCeI'9St8 students H OI'S 311 T113 SHI I'I'l O11 f Q-1 O GTS tO 'O f CO HS a f HH Gal' V SOI'S EI' IIC tterl n h an 6I'lCSOI"l est eve ke Rob hgh E 5x 01.156 Carrawa rewer bs Ds. cn arrs L 9,0 Q.-Cl mll ff I'1Cl1 GIS I 8 C T1 Ia OI' an THE RANGER ROCKET is com rised o j li j d i d in l i g ny ph newspaper work. The purpose of THE RANGER ROCKET is to pr - mote pro essionalism an encourage memb develop their journalistic talents to the i l 1. xecutive Editor is Tamm Martin and Assistant Editor is Cath i McIlwain. Ad i are Mi dDr. An W i . Staff memb i 1 de: Pattye d, Rhonda Williams, Christy , Rhonda Dicker- son, i Dodd, oe Ciara a, Mi lle H i , ind e Howell, Hugh B , Chris H , Bo Hanback, Brinkley O. Tayl , d Melanie Walker. ' Clflgel' 0CL8f 31411 1 1 Q , Cf-K a 1:5-ffl? J ix lf vvgy Q ,L S s: as 2 'U C2 C3 5 as O U5 4-4 F4 ru v-. ' cu P an .f 3 ,Q .fi U 4. tk 33 'QR MH . . O V cn ru as 5-4 ,f C5 Px C ix C1 C2 as b ,-, 'U Elf E an E 3 Vx E 1 Q v-x bs' Q ' 1 UQ v-. Q Cl Ks ig 5 ' 5 'U O 54 S 'E 5 53 H 63 LVL C42 5 2 cn fs-W Q ff' w as -25, S Q .M A cz. 'U el. 1 ! I s E Q' N4 bb 5x z : 35 2 w'.9""1 7' l C ..J" -U 1 -5'-Cm. 5 g a.a.....v-2 U3 . gauge: -E :LEAD as cuz N 3 210.-D-5415 5 . seg 5 1 Essex Q' ' GJ Q3-u-T D V s-4 'gt 53 Egg '54 X -A-1 map. .U EE " 5 .5gQ..,a3 . CUTS GJ 5 Sens: 3 4-v'::O 3... uf Sim 'L l 30x vw -csxg E .Hmvgj -- 1 www: . I QQ'-'bw D-X ...."UO,g, 'U ,wig T2 1 EE! 6 A V3 I P I -L-'Um 1: r 55 4 3 Q 'iimhj , +-'Cum i "'cSg4:g-D Sas Q5 1 .gn cv Q.a"""' awfx -3.5 USD'-1 ' FGCBGJQJC f-M2354 U L-4 'S III:-r-4 X42 1 FQ , 1 A ,. ,Au rf l N N If I I , Lg N : 1' 'Q ' I TEH-lx Q? 'Q ., pl r xv' L 45 hd af ...- Af. s L ' 's ,II EIB I ,M 'I J I I XIII I I I I I .' I I I I w I I I I 1 I I I. 1 IIY1 'II I I I I I I ll' , 11 P971 I 1294 . 'JI I ' III uI II I 'fav .T II .fx- it u f oup t dent S 'the for OHS m'nat' 110 a cam var'ous s from VG at' 'U The Senate is com r'sed of re resent s arran eect'ons a O-4 f-4 t Assoc'at'on. CII VEITHT1 I SOI1 ffl 8 CITY TEWEI' Stewart Scott k OD . 3 ll aI'I'E1W HES I 1. Ps. unter p 1 p 1 ll pus organ1zat1ons Th1s gr he ge 1 1 , pproves new clubs an 1 1 1 u Go 1 1 Members plctured here lnclude Chr1sty C y, H h B , Sh W1ll1 , Pau G , Br an Rush, an1e eff , Cassie Ferguson, M1ss1e M1lls, Rebe ah , r1ce, Kun Metzger, ames Smlth, Karen Dantzler, and Chrlsty Douglas PT L efldfe . 'Y' . S-. W, wg. Xi I 23 XA M raw. it lt, G . 1 D .1 I vt. 4'- ' 1 A N e r L r' I 1 r r r v r V ! W i I I i I n 5 I i I E ' 1 1 I i 5 I M r 1 1 V N W we fi? Cm Qs-4 '-ismcu ug 'aiu' A 6.43 lm mg ' GJ .31-1 OE 4-3 GJ 5x DDQ: 5 5 '-5 'O 8 30: 5: U GJ -4-0 s: 2 as 3-4 3 L as 5 D H o CU G D p11 -5-4 .G .Q s: '3 2 5 D U W 2 E gm w-. mt: :1 CII CB QE o."'q,fU,J s: 24, s: 8 FD O w- : an BJ. C 4-:GJ 12. 3-43-4F1- 4-1 was rs 2 E fl- Q.: cu E no as 12 5 O E cn O Q4 -5, X ,gf QE Q92 :: 2 :EU Q. ,U mg I-4 ii-DLE CE Emu -O 'U if .-E uf E E I 3 w xu. M E .2 3-4 ,E 5 55m Sm -O Q QQZE 'IQ U3 U5 , N E3 -D . 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Q W A X' fir - t ,L 'S V A I' """ v 5 ' 'L 'iz if HQ. in '1- 1-.! n Name john Sydnor Troy Watson Michael Edmonds Tim Iolly Howard Armstrong Anthony Campbell Patrick Virgil jimmy Isom Luther Barksdale Leon Reed lary Tindall jeffrey Shegog Stanley Murray Clarence johnson Arthur Avant Houston Agnew james Wortham Robert Brown Chris Holliman Steve Ross Andre Boyd Reggie Edwards Michael joiner Doug Shaw Keith Miller johnny Fondren Gregory Newson os. CB WB QB K DB SE WB CB TB QB K FS QB SE K TB FB TB CB TB CB LB CB SS CB RB LB lit 6-0 6-1 6-1 6-0 5-11 6-0 5-9 5-11 5-11 5-11 5-9 5-10 5-10 5-9 5-10 6-1 5-9 5-10 5-11 5-11 5-9 6-1 5-11 6-2 5-11 5-11 6-1 Hometown Evanswille, IN Memphis Phenix City, AL Olive Branch Calhoun City Calhoun City Senatobia Bolivar, TN Batesville Senatobia Batesville Batesville Montgomery, AL Montgomery, AL Senatobia Senatobia Calhoun City Myrtle Beach, SC Myrtle Beach, SC Alachua, FL Senatobia Alachua, FL Oxford Southaven Hernando Oxford Nesbit Name Leatrice Pickett Timmy Nickens Jimmy Walter ,Williams Brad Bradwhaw Larnarikown X '," Q -- ggfllarldxgieixtas . fp 3. Eric 2 Daron Maxwell Anthony Lesure Charles Harding 1oelSweatt Dennis Faulkner Billy Martin Roy Hart David Johnston Clint Fisher EfranNorwood Alger Williams Gerald Perry Tim Distel Carl Painter Marty Algee Richard Hampton Edward Mitchell Whit Lawrence Phillip Vaughan Ht. 6-0 6-1 ' 6-2 6-2 6-0 A -5-11 -Q. , . .. -y.- 4- '51 rv- - ,f 653 5-10 6-0 5-11 6-1 6-1 6-1 6-1 6-2112 6-3 6-2112 6-0 6-7 6-2Vz 5-1 1 6-2V2 5-11 6-1 6-2 6-ZV2 Wt. 200 ,235 , 5...e,". 225 225 240 235 260 245 210 220 223 230 245 260 250 235 255 235 245 290 235 255 225 1 85 200 195 220 Hometown Webb Charleston Newport, AR Memphis Charleston Water Valley Cape Coral, FL Dayton, OH Olive Branch Coldwater Southaven Dayton, OH Hernando Coffeeville Batesvurg, SC Gainesville, FL Batesville Memphis Memphis Columbia, SC Shalimar, FL Southaven Southaven Tutwiler Holly Springs Sardis Batesville l- 'Q 44 PL -1 4., .pd :Dr ff ,, rw' I ' "- ig,-W, , V ,J 'VI' , .. ,,, , ,BNF it I . , 1 'A ,, i . ,, ,, 1, I 'ff """' Qian. .. 4 AWN. ,, ""' 'NM --lm. ati..-. ,, nj .3 If " !g,,gg,,f. 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S-,' SCORECARD 1 I i L.- YR K 1 4 5 I 3 WT 5 214 A . s. gr"'- Q' 454 UM: " I VA? . 0 I in -my - fffff' faq hi, phi' "'::u.'t. S. i f , f' :J 1 , 4 . -gm 'X fn e 'XX , Q ,Q . 4 4: ,- 'ni' ' . ' ' B , 1Yq5.l. . Q-,f 4- - A-I JI' I rv QA .af J , . 4 1 .wx 1 F.-,..4-sfi ' .15-. ' .59 ,F ND, HQ -rw' 4 i"'o-. li av' nik 5' fav. Q-,??1E'11 ' -4- 1 -J Ls 7' N A W Q r ,N I ef i J ,, . 5 wg H161 W J, I I ILL ! 1 l 3 1 1 1 N M ., ,, 216 . 'm?,:k 5. , ,.,,,,,, ' ' ...I 6 . M A . , 4 531' 'Qu 'UIQEA .S r -of vi1'7Q-Qmv' Y--57, in fwqifwqf Freq-5 ,-4 a ii. ' 'Z U Nj 3 -'Cl 122'-'Q 'El' Q., VN, '.,'. xtib J' -vp. G4 ""'a' Q 2' ..1 n W a bg ht V HQ2pg'..i..q. f s" 'M I' - . .xp 6 A' wl 'A x N". it AE' A f ,R N7 ' ,W QA I W 'W ff nu, 1 'Q ll 32 , IN Qf'.- f ss., Ni' 1985 FOOTBALL - When football players reported for practice Aug. 8 under the sweltering Mississippi sun, a feeling of anticipation hung in the air. Would Northwest once again reach the heights of football' supremacy it had long been known for? After a mediocre 5-4-1 record in 1984, Coach Bobby Franklin and his staff, went to work immediately to replace key players lost to graduation. The North Division coaches, knowing Franklin's ability to produce winning teams, took notice. The Rangers were picked to finish first in the division and possibly contend for another national title. The season began on a low note, as Northwest fell to defending Ranger Bowl Champion jones County. But, there were bright spots. Leon Reed, a Freshman from Senatobia, stepped in as quarterback and showed promise. A host of running backs, including Robert Wortham, Lea Pickett, Luther Barksdale, Steve Ross, Houston Agnew and Robert Brown gave the backfield added depth and plen- ty of firepower, '6!"g . 8, :""'f A With sophomores Brad Bradshaw, Gerald Perry and Marth Algee and freshmen Tim,my Nickens, joel Sweatt and David johnston, the offensive line improved each week. Anthony Campbell more than proved his worth as split end. Kicker jary Tindall and Tim jolly, punter, gave the speciality teams the necessary footwork. Anchored with the likes of Roy Hart, Eric Lewis, Mark Agientas, Phillip Vaughan and Walter Williams, the defensive line, more often than not, became an unwelcomed guest in the offensive backfield. Linebackers jimmy Neal and Anthony Lesure played their position to perfection. The secondary, led by Chris Holloman, Doug Shaw, jimmy Isom, Michael joiner, Andre Boyd and Howard Armstrong, continually thwarted penetration into Ranger territory. The season didn't produce a National or State Championship and a second place finish in the division and a loss to Gulf Coast in the playoffs were disappointing. But the long, hot days of practice did have their rewards. With every touchdown run and every bone- crushing tackle, the message was clear. NORTHWEST WAS BACK! YQ, ' alfa I 'S' 1 az .... , 8 . , ff f ,M W.-.,fff5..pv.., f ew. K.. 1 Alger Ull. lltl re than ' n lollx . V t gxemaf . molten ' , 1 tllield. T lUHl'lUl1 l ,thai . strong f l I. ll iipanl lmlltr ix iicedli li 'btw aid ll In IONES - Taking advantage of several Northwest turn- overs, the Bobcats captured a 32-17 season-opening win over Northwest in Laurel. Two early fumbles allowed jones to grab an early 13-0 lead. Reed scrambled in from 16 yards out to narrow the gap, but the Bobcats retaliated with a touchdown and field goal before halftime. Tindall booted a 28-yard field goal and Robert Wortham scored from one yard out in the third quarter and it appeared the Rangers would make a comeback. But, jones returned the ensuing kickoff 90 yards and later added a 39-yard field goal to put the game out of reach. Despite the loss, Northwest owned a 263-190 advantage in total offense. HOLMES - A stingy Ranger defense, allowing only 93 yards rushing in 43 attempts, and Steve Ross' one-yard plunge in the third quarter proved the difference as Northwest topped Holmes, 12-3, in the home-opener. Tin- dall's 28-yard, second quarter field goal held up as the game's only score until the Bulldogs answered with Shane Iohnson's 25-yarder. Tindall nailed a 47-yard field goal midway through the third period, before Ross added his in- surance run. "I thought the defense kept us in the ball game until we could score some points," said Franklin. "They made a few big plays on us, but the defense kept them out of the end zone." Houston Agnew had 108 yards on 17 car- ries before an injury kept him out the entire second half. 'EN y ...Nvidia if 1 5 tv ,AQ N a -1 rg, Exif 4 EAST - "We had our hands full trying to fight back, but we just didn't give up." That's how Franklin described the Rangers' 38-33 win over the Lions, in Scooba after trailing 20-3 at halftime. Reed ignited the comeback, hitting Anthony Campbell with a 78-yard scoring strike. Iimmy lsom added a 45-yard interception return two minutes later, and the lead had been cut to four. The Lions scored on a blocked punt before Agnew and Lea Pickett scored on six and one-yard runs, respectively, to give the Rangers a 27-24 lead. The Lions came storming back and regained the lead on an eight- yard TD pass with under four minutes to play. Steve Ross took care of that problem though. The freshmen from Alachua, Fla., gathered in the ensuing kickoff and raced 75 yards to give Northwest their second win of the young season. PEARL RIVER - Steve Ross' 75-yard kickoff return helped spark the Rangers to a 41-24 win over the Wildcats in Senatobia. The victory helped ease the memory of last year's loss to "The Pearl." Reed threw touchdown passes of 65, 14 and six yards, and Houston Agnew scored twice on runs of 11 and 10 yards. The Rangers racked up 449 yards total offense, and despite giving up 24 points, "the defense played well," according to Franklin. "Our secondary improved from the week before, and our players had more intensity than before. We had the chance to put them away several times, but we let them come back." The win left Northwest with a 3-1 slate. mum , ltllllf V. Hear- t6J l- IlS0ll. if 1 l lltll. lJEl0Ir limi, CCAHOMA - For a while it appeared as though a new scoreboard might be in order for Ranger Field, as Northwest pulverized the hapless Coahoma Tigers, 73-0. And, yes, it was every bit as bad as it sounds. Steve Ross and Houston Agnew combined for seven touchdowns, the Rangers had 551 yards total offense, and the Tigers could muster only 46 total yards, 40 of that coming early in the second quarter on a fake punt from deep in their own territory. The punter was a 6-5, 280-pound defensive tackle. "I was pleased - I couldn't help but be pleased," said Franklin. "I don't like to run up the score and didn't intend to." SOUTHWEST - Offense was again the name of the game in the Rangers' 49-17 romp over the Bears in Summit. Reed tossed touchdown passes to Anthony Campbell and Patrick Virgil and ran one in himself from nine yards out. Ross had two scoring runs, and Agnew and Robert Brown found paydirt from 11 and 5 yards out, respectively. Reed finished the night with 175 yards passing, and Agnew was the leading ground-gainer with 136 yards. With a 5-1 record, Franklin assured himself of his fifth winning season in as many years. r MISSISSIPPI DELTA - "Carnival '85" was the theme, but the Trojans didn't have too much after Northwest took a 28- 21 win in the annual Homecoming contest. Agnew provided Northwest with its' only first half points on a three-yard run late in the first quarter. Delta quarter back Levon Davis knot- ted the score at 7-7 just before intermission. The two teams matched each other score for score until Reed connected with Anthony Campbell on a spectacular 33-yard touchdown pass with 7:41 left in the contest. Despite losing six of eight fumbles, Northwest rolled up 496 yards total offense, while limiting Delta to 199. The Rangers improved to 6-1 and vaulted to ninth place in the NICAA football rankings. NORTHEAST - The Rangers took a 31-13 win over the archrival Tigers in Booneville, but not without a fight. Tindall gave Northwest a 3-0 lead with a 41-yard field goal midway through the first period. Two quick turnovers, a blocked punt and a fumble, allowed Northeast to grab a 13-3 lead with 12 minutes left before halftime. Troy Watson and Robert Brown both scored second quarter touchdowns, however, and the Rangers held a 17-13 lead at intermission. Third period scores by Brown and Reed locked up win number seven, and the Rangers began preparations for a showdown with co- division leader Itawamba. it 'f 1 . f H. ....-,.--- A 9 .- fer the l Tindall , udwav dpunt 15 vilh lf I . Brown 3 ' Il dlhe lt penod l Hn, and l 1th co- 1 1 . gl f ,- .t ' 1 t Q ..,,..i . . sb Q Q u-,aww ..-aw. t ....,,,,,,, ,sw , .. , 1 . .-.,,L'5x,., The Indians took a 17-0 halftime lead ITAWAMBA - and withstood a furious Northwest rally to claim the North Division Championship, 17-13, in Fulton. "It's hard to ex- plain," said Coach Franklin. "We seemed flat in the first half. The week before the game we had as good a week of practice as we've had all year." The Rangers did, however, give Itawamba a run for their money in the second half. Reed hit Anthony Campbell with a 34-yard touchdown pass, and Robert Brown slammed in from the one. But, it was too little, too late. The Ranger defense did stiffen, but the offense couldn't put the points on the board in the final period. "They played four full quarters," added Franklin. "We played the second half - that's the difference in the ball game." , .v!i wt--f X1 'gl u f X' 'iw w-4 'I--11... it EAST CENTRAL - Northwest "treated" the Warriors to a 44-7 whipping on a rainy Halloween night in Senatobia to close out the regular season with an 8-2 mark. Seven dif- ferent Rangers got in on the scoring act. Reed threw scoring strikes to Marthy Algee and Houston Agnew and ran one in himself from nine yards out. Luther Barksdale, Lea Pickett, and Patrick Virgil each scored one rushing TD, and Tindall booted a 24-yard field goal. The rain put a damper on the statistics as Northwest totaled only 240 net yards and suf- fered seven fumbles. "We expected a close game," observed Franklin. "With the wet ground, turnovers were probably the key factor as it was when we played Itawamba." The Rangers finished regular season play ranked 10th in the NICAA poll. 'NDQUKQ 9 5 I... . R," K"-afttiitft , .p,,...,j ,A ' ps xx. . its N 2 H . . 'V if fa in at . X . pf ' Labs 'H Qi? X lgpsgr I . W tlixglzir wi . if ' ' X GULF COAST - Five turnovers proved costly to 10th- ranked Northwest as the Bulldogs, rated fifth, handed the Rangers a hard-fought 17-13 defeat in the first round of the state playoffs. Houston Agnew put Northwest on the board first, capping a 72-yard drive with a seven-yard run. The Bulldogs scored twice in the last five minutes of the first half on a 21-yard field goal and a 29-yard pass to grab a 10-6 lead. Agnew's third quarter 11-yard run put Northwest on top again. The lead didn't last long, however, as Gulf Coast took the ensuing kickoff and drove for what proved to be the win- ning points on a 37-yard pass. Even though the Rangers out- distanced the Bulldogs, 311-255, in total offense, the season came to an end for Northwest and Gulf Coast advanced to the State Championship. The Rangers ended the season with an 8-3 mark. . 5 H, 3. I V . A 5 - N 1, - 'Q A 'T Q4 -- ' , v ,F Q 1BiGl Mimi ' G- ' fi' ,1 , L.-1 fn 343 Q S QPU? :ip I ' ,g,,f"-aw-1-X . i 'ff K v-.. 1, 5 f W.. 1 4 ur-1 .. ...M 4,-,,,, Y fn, 1-an-.1 +A2..w,.,,,N 4. N 'Vdc , ,iv ,. .fM. ,. wa Q ff, 'Y'-if"ff . J , . 1 r. y -rv! -'il' F YY. j 35--5' - .- , .h E-I ' A. r -xii. . , K -y. S , V l i , w hy" '.--"gr fi -J .-I .J fy W ..,v"'5 . 1 'ff'-.4, "'.' -rv F--, ', M 5 4 x ,..1,--' -.-'Qc ' 'F vp A ' 'vi-ix 1 - tw w . gc 'Y Nl' I N' .- . l U' , n-".,... , . . ,P 'fffx-': px . , V.: . x 1 -- ' . x Ns. f ' ,-' . .r,. ".".f' '4,. , . ' . "ff: --.H-'i.'.3-Xw,4' -'.g- V. - ,. A 0 t ll. . 1 kms.. 41,1 - -A, .-Fi., x.h - ' ' ' . ."w:. '.,, 'P ', fl 4 - I A ' n ,- .- ,mm K , . gb-N4 .-'. -WWI, ' 'lofi .SQL 'n --J vu had sf. BASK Q59 , ' -A , . . " " "N .:' 5 ww, 'r 'NW 1 ' , f--v--W , '--.V---,-V , ,, ' m '. . T' ' "T" Y-Vi , ,A .. ' k- , ' ,..- . '...' -3 A 'tx . - I I - 'I Z... '4 ' 'D Y ' Q ,u 4 . , lv- 'A' '12 Nj" 4 '. Q A ' -, ,' . .' X .-, - 'fl' .I A A ,I in ,,Ah:' I I 1 , K. .5 X, , lx D . I . 4 I Y rw A I. .I .. 57 . A-A , M 5.-Q 4'-4 an 1 ,x .:' . gf . . . ,vi I - ,J A . . ,, , fn .N ',g , Y , Y 'X A ' A . 4- G . 6 . 1 oz' ,, 1- , ,' '.h QA A 1. ,N - "A ' F .- .' ' .Q . I ' 1 ltY'.. VN 5 1 ' 'x ,'f,'- v a . 3,1 A . 9 . " ' , If ' 'I ' . 1 A , 1 4 ' . , ' 1 ' Kr . y . l 4 . "1 :A ' , , . r H' f 1 . . 14- , Y! . X " ' " -. o 'K , ' , - I 1 n, x I qt7 ' .I I 5 . I u Y A 1 ' ' n 4 ' 1, 'A u I n ' x x 191 I x A I v Y ' + x. . ,g .N ,V x' X .-- Ye," furmx .t N 1 Q X . 2.94 'Q W N Q., , S x Y V J ,,WC':,, b N. S L xzqg, ,M 1 A .MV , Q A . .. 5 Q, V, , ,. . 1 , . - X A, x .. , . K. . BQ W pl J 1 V R ' 1 - 1 .4 x X .mm ., ""'0y4,.,, X , V K it Q " www' - y ' A 'WMA' -. 1' - . .5 , 4 , P . N - x Y N . 1 ' . 1 N . " N , W !...,....,-- 1 xx . . ,K . ., G H - I A x X X xx ' - t W , , - ,, Y. Xl I A, x ,' I, ,f . Q. , STN? X -........ H-"T 5 ., P 'g W ' . - 1 M 2 1 X H 1 x N A ,l, ,1 x 1 I 1 a ,QE , BALL Q w sm. in I X . X l . Q, v- Q3 !,- With the loss of all-everything guard Rhonda "KK" Mikes and the rest of the starting lineup, the 1985-86 Lady Rangers, it was thought,' might fade into the shadows. Wrong. Coach Harry Adair reached into his bag of tricks and came up with another winning team. The Lady Rangers finished second in both the North Division and Stateg qualified as the number two seed in the Region 23 Tourna- ment, and posted a 20-4 mark - all four losses coming to undefeated and fifth-ranked Northeast. Unlike the previous two seasons, Northwest couldn't rely on one player to pull them through, a balanced attack was needed, and that's what Coach Adair got. Rita Fondren, a 5-4 transfer from Shelby State, and Valerie Martin, a 5-7 sophomore from Lafayette High School, took over the guard positions and provided the finesse and speed needed to direct the offense. Ida Graves, a 6-2 center from Martin, Tenn., and 5-9 Lin- da Liggins of Oxford, shared playing time at the center posi- .hc 12? ' - i Q --in Y tion and gave the Lady Rangers plenty of "points in the paint." Cindy Broome, a 5-10 forward from Magnolia Heights, and Bruce native Willa Daniel, a 5-8 forward, although both freshmen, played their positions with skill of true veterans. Evelyn Willingham, a 5-11 sophomore from jf North Panola, and Shannon Adams, a 5-7 sophomore from Magnolia Heights, came off the bench to spark the Lady Rangers in several games. After a season-opening 77-53 win over Utica, Northwest roared to seven straight wins before falling to Northeast in Booneville. The Lady Rangers continued to blast opponents and except for the losses to the Lady Tigers, only two teams came within 10 points of Northwest all season. So, despite some disappointing losses to our archrivals the 1985-86 season was a success. The team stuck together rl through some rough times, held their heads high when they did lose and kept alive that championship tradition Northwest has long been known for. VY IU .J ea H1 1 onen ' +691 .0 A-smhuodwf' N DATE Nov. Dec. Ian. Feb. .... at ,uf , M S45-an Opponent Utica Dyersburg, TN Shelby State, TN Mississippi County, AR Southern Baptist, AR Coahoma Mississippi Delta Northeast Shelby State, TN Itawamba East Mississippi Holmes Mississippi County, AR Northeast Coahoma Mississippi Delta Itawamba East Mississippi Holmes Coahoma East Mississippi Northeast Co-Lin Northeast "tt l- s.-" iff-il T 72. i,'?f1f5'f1'5f , if Q , " ' ,'t, 5 H4. ,, ., 2 ..-iii? ' ,,,,.,, M: ,. 11-X , j , ti, K, 5, MV. ,. .127 , M'- V r sf: . J' ,' ,- sx- H1 , yt if is , lv 1 ,K 'Q S,-in . Et., ,pr 4 j 4 Q .Z :L N 9 ' "' ,za fy, A fit, v 35,551 'ff if at 4 cf -5 Yggf 1 I 1 ty fr 5 f if 3g'lf'54 if , . 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H 6 J., --QT' 'ix' ,F 3- -' - 1 Uv" 1' J 5 I M. . . . . n - H1 AK I1 k I flex 'Q Q Y 1' I . X ' Qf-2 mls- "' . -gf' X - - - M M 1 ' i - -i N 5.3. 'fl 'I . ' - +I ' x ' A ,M 5 , We q 'A' k'x is N ' A , x ' - . 4 ' ' , Is: AL A A "' 5 H -rf A V ' " I ' w , . 5 5 A .. ., 6 p ' .., . u if V l 4. ' . x -wa-if-Q-.1 'J J' v - - - ' ' ' . . ,..'ff. -- -' ,153 31' -. ., , , ' - , '., ,uv ,- ' " 4' .- - a ...D+ 1 "ff um I - if 3' 1. avi! nn 5 v 5 1 x R, u It. A Ihr lu, 'm- 9 hm .L. Ivl ,-. ,. 1 L. A , W ui' Y 5 '7 hh I -fx 1 V N I Q r,- " :lv ' w -nf" Xu S4 4 3 A H3 . U' - Ii aa.. -C 5. . m'l."' V ,A-' ' 'Q ,io 7. hx .,-k x xn."'- ,..r .1 . W",-1' X f-f 'Z 'sb ' "-L ' 71' lf' 9 5 v 1 l A S rj-P ..,. Add a bucket here and a steal there, and the 1985-86 Ranger basketball team might have been a contender for the state championship. Instead, forced to play with a lineup that included only two players at least 6-5, Northwest head- ed into the Region 23 Tournament with a 10-10 record. Seven of those losses came by a total of 21 points. Coach Kenneth "Cat" Robbins did, however, produce a team that scratched and clawed its way through every con- test - a trademark of his teams. And Robbins didn't have a lot of leftovers from the 1985 State Champion team. Only one starter returned, and the lack of veteran players took its toll. The team did gain respect, though, and finished third in the tight North Division race. Ronnie Miller, a 6-1 guard from Hernando, provided leadership on both offense and defense that pulled the Rangers through many games. Sophomore, 5-11 guard Curtis Stephen of Bruce, playing the other guard position, thrilled audiences with his ball X f Q handling skills and ability to slam despite his size. Forwards Harold Lewis, 5-9 freshman from North Panola, and Edward Anderson, 6-2 freshman from Holly Springs, gave consistent performances all season, providing plenty of firepower on the inside. Freshman Walt McKellar, a 6-5 product of Magnolia Height, playing the center posi- tion, continually battled taller players and came through with key plays when the going got rough. The Rangers opened the season with a 115-105 win over Utica and came back five days later to top perennial powerhouse Shelby State, 107-86. In fact, the future looked bright at the Christmas break, as the team recorded a 6-3 mark. Close losses to ltawamba, Northeast and Coahoma set the pace for the remainder of the season. Although not reaching the heights of past teams, the 85- 86 Rangers never gave up. With the experience gained from each game, the team matured. Every opponent knew a game with Northwest meant trouble. 4... DATE Nov Dec. Ian. Feb if 'S ,Q . :-, . aj' OPPONENT Utica Dyersburg, TN Shelby State, TN Mississippi County, AR Southern Baptist, AR Coahoma Mississippi Delta Northeast Shelby State, TN Itawamba East Mississippi Holmes Mississippi County, AR Northeast Coahoma Mississippi Delta Itawamba East Mississippi Holmes Holmes 'X' ft. .4 SITE Senatobia Senatobia Memphis Senatobia Walnut Ridge, AR Clarksdale Moorhead Booneville Senatobia Fulton Southaven Goodman Blytheville, AR Senatobia Senatobia Senatobia Senatobia Scooba Senatobia Booneville J '1- SCORE 115-105 107-86 83-88 94-75 94-70 86-84 94-98 89-102 91-79 80-83 102-92 74-80 73-75 78-79 75-76 85-63 85-71 78-94 63-62 67-72 X l '!!ne,,,g, 1 ' -f 1 1413 .. - ,,-,si"'- ' ' V .1-4' ""'U"'t'4-vv 58 ' 0 U Q-1uv,,,. g-49' ,. Wwe... M., 1 .-V" ." in m' 5 5 1 4 1 6 Q ffiqir' g,. fa' ' "MA 'o zz?-' ' "fs ,-,. 'U '13 4 ' 4? 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"Only four sophomores from last year's team were on the roster. We feel fortunate to have gone as far as we did with such a young club." ' Seven Northwest sluggers were tabbed for All-State or All- Region 23 honors, with two claiming spots on both lists. Roger Smith, right fielder from Memphis Craigmont and Dan Thorn- ton, third baseman from Covington, Tenn., were named to both teams. Chosen All-State were Fred Kramer, pitcher, Fairfax, Va., Rodney Bright, second base, Memphis Craigmont, jon Bradley, left field, Memphis Raleigh, Paul Bakke, center field, Memphis White Station, and Steve Benton, pitcher, Pine Bluff, Ark. 1 1 1 . " a M l ,lf HW wp! .531 -x nu K 4 '? H4 W 'Jvf' Eff ' PR lf-ff' 'V .W V .W QM. Q1 1 1 0 Q E 3'13f i?fA r i-.A A -'A' vsxf., 7, 5'-vvtwma-,W .', ,. 'f .- A 9 5 ' -4 ,,?,Y, 1 .4 ,4 v".1'V- . ,N ug", Q. , 1 x Q 5 2 Y U'S NA X' 3 Q' . 1 ,x. xs ,ill lvl sixth ' f -213 i 1 1 I W W ' X N l W 11 li JM 'an '2 V5. . ' f I .':,jV:.,3 an .km ,V .. 1-904 , ' , Q- ,. 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Q A ,., ' il Z mf. ,,,,., r K 7, I K Q v is "" Lfi 4 ,gi V A - 3 ' ' Q .W nl iw P ,. ,Wing lr A 0 g gk ,xv 4-3 ml V1 ,t A N V Q , A i V N. fit' 0' . ,.,. 5, in M -47 -i, wg X 5 -1: W 43 QM :Z -' f T! mm X . I .li F: h u '1 I- uv , . F his 'Sl 1? 4 'F 3? 'QAQQ 'N ,Q . -1 R' did -Q? ff- ff?"v5ZPU . an-f 5:-If ,...r, 41.0 ru JJ i T1 Vw' 'lfwwvnv I 4 ki! I 15X I TM.- J 1, . . 1: M' '3 -'W N si '.lf,1"!vA'gbf "- .ms2l'g.-mgfgf .. X Hz... ' 4' .'w.l -dig H -'Q' n af' ,,x"'A:1 t2? Hang' kk L .4: ff M Ala: --, v 7'4g I .Ak .1 Y ,073 A 'xx '. fvl NK M I ' 4 iw! W' '3 iff -L wx?" "f-'rig 'M r nu l v wi? if f ,V I .7 Ig ' i X . 1 Y 1 A I u if v 25. xr: 191 i 2 -' , wr W Jaw! 'S ll 272 A L K . , 24 x 49 'I 15' lv '-x 1 A '1 WF! 7' 1 J K 274 955' 1 ' e J ' 54,1 I f x -1 Q. 'NHXE 9 H " I N ' "L K ' 'Q -r "WP x 'Wm NN' ' I I 58 1' A Q3 ez:-1" 5 Cfddded I 5-gn --n 1 4 Someone nn-.1, "gun give me gm! nn, gn, fl..-nA Wnfflnnnnf ia lin, Len." We!! 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Abram, Southaven, F Bill Adair, Independence, S Brenda Adams, Memphis, S Dane Adams, Paragould, S Ioyce Adams, Marks, S Mattie Bell Adams, Darling, S Melvin Adams, Moorhead, F Phyllis Adams, Coldwater, S Shannon Adams, Senatobia, S Shelley Adams, Southaven, F Virginia Adams, Coffeeville, S Alisha Ahrens, Charleston, S Cynthia Albritton, Senatobia, F Patrick Alford, Charleston, S Brenda Allen, Senatobia, S Chester Allen, Memphis, F Deborah Allen, Senatobia, S Elsa Allen, Senatobia, F john Allen, Byhalia, F Lisa Allen, Senatobia, F Valerie Allen, Memphis, S Scott Allison, Southaven, F Cathy Io Anderson, Red Banks, S Edward Anderson, Holly Springs, F Mark Anderson, Hernando, S Martha Anderson, Batesville, F Susan Anderson, Holly Springs, F Carolyn Andrews, Batesville, F Paul Andrews, Olive Branch, F Elizabeth Archer, Clarksdale, F Frenchshella Archer, Batesville, S Rose Armstead, Batesville, S Gloria Armstrong, Vardaman, F jamie Arnold, Grenada, S jeremy Aron, Bruce, F Tina Ash, Byhalia, F Maura Ashcraft, Charleston, S Charlie Ashford, Coldwater, S Calvin Askew, Crenshaw, F Sherrie Atkins, Sarah, F Cora Ashborn, Pope Allen Austin, Lambert Dianne Austin, Oxford Karen Austin, Darling Mary Austin, Grenada Patrick Austin, Senatobia Randy Austin, Darling Vance Austin, Courtland Patricia Autman, Marks Audrey Avant, Senatobia Antoinette Axthelm, Batesville Gary Babb, West Memphis Terry Babb, Memphis Dorothy Badie, Holly Springs Brenda Bailey, Senatobia Daniel Bailey, Holly Springs jim Bailey, Lambert Craig Baker, Water Valley X ie..- X J Linda Baker Batesville 1 Murry Baker Bruce, Susan Baker Courtland, Thomas Baker Olive Branch 1 Gail Baldwin Olive Branch, Ben Bane, Dyersburg, Shannon Banier Senatobia, Elaine Barber, Holly Springs, Terry Barmer, Como, Gerald Barnes, Marks limbo Barnes, West Memphis: Randall Barnes, Oxford Kerry Bamett, Senatobia, Lara Bateman, Memphis Sharon Battles, Hemando Vickie Beard, Horn Lake, Clay Batts, Lamar Kathryn Bean, Bruce jackie Beard, Oxford, Ricky Beard, Courtland Maria Belcher, Senatobia Fred Belk, Holly Springs Ron Belk, Tunica Timothy Bell, Marion 0-5 1 f r r 1 1 i I. w A 2 F 2? -L.. ' QEQQELAFQ L In A ' -' 1 51:52,-H , gmllw rv! P i l ' NJ ' W " ' I',. If::l ,i . M !.,, ,. . li 'G N 5 . 11 4' ' A f ' ,PJ ' U' f ,i ,, H ., '-ff l Y , f af , A, W fs? aa.. l -' ' , , rl we s-1 ff il 1 X .. 'fi' - x I 1 i N I l E l i l Q ,l "111l2 Leslie Bennett, Grenada, F Bruce Benson, Oxford, S Mike Berry, Memphis, S jimmy Berryhill, Batesville, S Rodney Besinger, Southaven, F Mark Best, Batesville, S Laurie Ann Bevon, Walls, F Angie Billingsley, Senatobia, F jeff Billingsley, Senatobia, F Tim Billingsley, Como, S Dave Birdno, West Memphis, F Pam Balcj, Sardis, S Deborah Blackburn, Pope, F Chenelle Balckmon, Holly Springs, F Suzzette Blackmon, Water Valley, S Dorothy Blair, Byhalia, S Penny Blair, Coldwater, S Tammy Blair, Batesville, F Annette Bland, Pontotoc, F Anthony Bland, Sledge, F Susan Blankenship, Southaven, S Thomas Blanks, Marion, F Ann Bledsoe, Batesville, F Lowan Boatner, Potts Camp, F David Bobo, Senatobia, F Sonya Bobo, Batesville, F Iill Bone, Southaven, F Gatewood Boone, Oxford, F Cindy Botto, Southaven, S Ioann Bowen, Holly Springs, F Dorothy Bownes, Batesville, F james Bowens, Tunica, F Evie Boyd, Senatobia, S Pattye Boyd, Crowder, S Sharon Boyd, Coldwater, S Ion Boyden, Oxford, F Lisa Box, Byhalia, F Deborah Bradford, Cascilla, S Danny Bradley, Hickory Flat, S Michael Bradley, Senatobia, S Brad Bradshaw, Charleston, S Sonja Brantley, Olive Branch, S Duane Brasher, Charleston, juna Brasher, Batesville, Gregory Brassell, Oxford, Martina Bratzert, Hernando, Rodney Brazeal, Hughes, Hugh Brewer, Senatobia, jesse Brewer, Cascilla, jimmy Brewer, Batesville, Robert Brewer, Batesville, Kyle Brigance, Olive Branch, Lisa Briscoe, Oxford, Scottie Brister, Coldwater, jamie Britt, Grenada, Margie Britt, Senatobia, Shawn Broadway, Coldwater, Chris Brogdon, West Memphis, Annice Brooks, Senatobia, Doris jean Brooks, Oxford, Cindy Broome, Batesville Renee Brower, Crowder Angela Brown, Pittsboro: Beverly Brown, Oxford Debra Brown, Byhalia Frankie Brown, Water Valley Lloyd Brown, Marks Marty Brown, Senatobia Tish Brown, Batesville, Senatobia Vonda Brown, Yvonne Brown, Memphis Angie Bryan, Batesville Ralph Bruce, Oxford Michael Brundage, Horn Lake Richy Brunner, Southaven Vickie Brunson, Byhalia Donna Bryan, Dyersburg Forrest Bryan, Taylor Carrie Bryant, Lambert Karen Bryant, Sarah Sonja Bryant, Hernando Denise Bryson, l.amar james Buchanan, Memphis Karen Bushanan, Houlka 1 1 1 1 S S S F S S F F F F S S F F F S F S 'Ffa' nl l lil!!-. F F F F F F F F F F F S S S S F S S I. S S S S S Wul- i 5 , . , i r l Yolanda Buck, Crenshaw, F Gwen Buckley, Batesville, S David Buie, Senatobia, F Tim Bumpus, Holly Springs, F Michael Buntin, Batesville, F Edwin Burchfield, Tunica, F Antwione Burks, Memphis, F Pam Burks, Nesbit, S Carlene Burlison, Potts Camp, S Susan Burns, Arkabutla, S Tim Burns, Charleston, S Tins Bursi, Hernando, S joey Busby, Forest, S james Russell, Byhalia, F Brenda Butler, Sardis, S David Butler, Marks, S Edward Butler, Sardis, S Steve Butler, Senatobia, F li 1 i i c s v I t v i f' I l, ff i ...I 1 Carolyn Butts, Como, F Rose Byers, Byhalia, S jean Bynum, Charleston, S Lauren Byrd, Charleston, F Tim Byrd, Hernando, S Ryan Byrne, Glendale, F Rodney Cain, Coldwater, F Allive Calicutt, Batesville, F Mart Calvert, Madison, F Charles Campbell, Tutwiler, F Chris Campbell, Senatobia, S Marsha Campbell, Senatobia, F Brenda Camper, Robinsonville, F Ianice Cannon, Holly Springs, F Phyllis Canon, Clarksdale, F Barbara Canoy, Water Valley, S Carol Carlisle, Darah, S Eric Carlisle, Water Valley, F Sandra Carlisle, Tunica, F Sarah Carlisle, Batesville, S Ella Carr, Batesville, F Gary Carr, Hernando, F Patrick Carr, Coldwater, S Michael Carson, Independence, F Mark Caulder, Oakland Carolyn Chaffin, Coldwater, Nell Chambers, Crenshaw Holly Chapman, Water Valley Larry Charnes, Southaven Melanie Cheshier, Southaven Vickie Chism, Grenada Chris Chrestman, Batesville, Kevin Chrestman, Bruce, Clemistine Christian, Nesbit, Annette Clanton, Senatobia Angela Clark, Charleston Arbedella Clark, Holly Springs, Connie Clark, Bruce Annett Clark, Holly Springs john Clark, Nesbit Ioyce Clark, Enid: Linda Clark, Batesville I K Lisa Clark, Marks Teresa Clark, Sarah Stephanie Clayton, Coldwater Lance Clement, Water Valley Kevin Clements, Southaven Lisa Clements, Calhoun jeff Clemons, Oxford Ernie Cleveland, Hernando Belinds Clifton, Potts Camp Ray Clolinger, Scobey Anquinette Cobb, Senatobia Charlie Cobb, Lambert Michelle Coffey, Calhoun City Pamela Cohran, Oxford Catherine Cole, Batesville Danny Cole, Batesville Alicia Coleman, Oxford john Coleman, Pittsboro Terry Coleman, Crenshaw Sid Coleman, Senatobia Wendy Coleman, Coldwater Craig Coleman, Senatobia Andrea Collins, Marks Mike Collums, Crenshaw I f 1 t I I 133 X ii li It he it i l N t 1 s i N, I, Na., gust? 'Www . t , 'Q 9 Z KX V ,. 'e S 'Q " i 'Z l 'Q' .if- guns Cheryl Colson, Batesville,F Annie Conard, Water Valley, F Evelyn Conley, Tunica, S Virginia Conley, Sledge, F Greg Conn, Senatobia, S Angela Conner, Bolivar, F Barbara Ann Connor, Batesville, F Roy Conrad, Gloster, S Andrew Cook, Oxford, F Chuck Cook, Batesville, S Curtis Cook, Taylor, F Iim Cook, Sledge, S Milers Cook, Clarksdale, F Tony Cook, Oxford, F Ken Conley, Marks, F Ierome Cooper, Marks, F Suzanne Cooper, Batesville, S Tony Cooper, Stark, S .KN '- W- s,:i1s: "" ': .,, 3 fx 0 vi Y 5 0 vi Q r it K X 2 .. , -. Qi ..,. 3 J as i X, y Phil Cordel, Lambert, F Thelma Corruthers, Sardis, S Perry Cosby, Enid, F Lee Cossitt, Hickory Flat, F Lisa Coughran, Hernando, S Staci Countiss, Bruce, S Scott Courtney, West Memphis, F Anita Cowans, Olive Branch, F james Cox, Hickory Flat, F Wyanda Cox, Water Valley, F Tom Craig, Memphis, F jim Crawford, Southaven, F Lynne Crawford, Tillatoba, S Greg Crenshaw, Memphis, P Susan Crook, Byhalia, S Betty Crosswhite, Savage, F james Crump, Charleston, F Tony Cummings, Victoria, F Denice Cunningham, Oakland, F Dewayne Culver, Coldwater, F Miranda Curry, Waterford, S Betsy Dalomba, Senatobia, S Ieff Dalton, Oxford, S Gala Dandridge, Coldwater, S Gary Darby, Harmontown Karen Daniel, Bruce Willamena Daniel, Bruce Bernard Daniels, Memphis Karen Dantzler, Coldwater Leslie Darby, Pope Mari Darby, Batesville Teresa Daves, Independence Terri Daves, lndependence Ioebe Davidson, Sardis Deborah Davis, Crenshaw Deborah Davis, Hernando Debra Davis, Byhalia Don Davis, Senatobia Fannie Davis, Tunica Lola Davis, Tunica Mark Davis, Water Valley Patricia Davis, Tunica Randy Davis, Cascilla, Rhonda Davis, Independence Rick Davis, Tunica Shirley Davis, Sardis, Tyrone Davis, Senatobia, Billy Ray Dean, Senatobia Evelyn Dean, Coldwater james Dean, Lula Lake Deloach, Cleveland 1 Tina Dickerson, Senatobia, Karen Dillingham, Walls, Dwight Dobbins, Columbus Becky Dobbs, Memphis Sharon Dobson, Holly Springs, Janice Dobb, Batesville 1 Penny Doles, Calhoun City, Dewilda Dorris, Crowder, james Doss, Memphis Fred Doster, Southaven Christy Douglas, Holly Springs johnny Douglas, Bartlett Sherry Dover, Marks Carol Dowler, Hernando Lolita Dowler, Hernando r 1 r r 1 john Doyle, Clarksdale, S james Drake, Brandon, S Bryan Drannon, Batesville, S Larry Dubois, Pope, F Brenda Dukes, Hernando, S Pam Dungan, Charleston, S Cynthia Dunlap, Olive Branch, F Linda Dunlap, Crenshaw, S Kenny Dunlap, Olive Branch, S Cheryl Dunn, Red Banks, F Becky Durham, Senatobia, F Deborah Durley, Senatobia, F Todd Durley, Senatobia, F Brenda Dye, Sardis, F Stanley Ezell, Vardaman, F Mary Ezell, Hernando, F Hazel Exson, Oakland, F Walt Everton, Memphis, S KV v' Barbara Everett, Coldwater, S Rex Evans, Bruce, F Percy Evans, Holly Springs, S Paul Eubanks, Senatobia, F james Ennis, Hernando, S Ricky English, Winona, F james Embrey, Coldwater, S Renee Elmore, Lk. Cormorant, S Mike Ellis, Sardis, F Martha Ann Ellis, Batesville, F Elliott Valerie, Holly Springs, F Carla Ellard, Bruce, F Raymond Eldred, Horn Lake, F Keith Eldred, Nesbit, F Susan Edwards, Bruce, F Renee Edwards, Sardis, F Reggie Edwards, Alachua, F Priscilla Edwards, Lake Cormorant, S Patricia Edwards, Lake Cormorant, S Michelle Edwards, Big Creek, F jeff Edwards, Oakland, F Cathy Edwards, Potts Camp, F john Edmonds, Phenix City, S David Edmond, Calhoun City, S Mark Eddie, Hernando, john Echols, Southaven Alisha Eads, Crowder Karen Fair, Sledge Chris Farmer, Senatobia Andrea Farrell, Courtland Connie Farrow, Coldwater, Romus Faulkner, Senatobia Temetra Faulkner, Senatobia Cassie Ferguson, Bruce, Darlene Ferguson, Hernando, Kenneth Fellows, Sardis, 1 Norris Fields, Memphis, Danny Finley, Holly Springs, Margaret Finnie, Batesville, Beverly Floyd, Batesville, Connie Frazier, Senatobia, Danny Ferrell, Batesville 1 1 1 1 fl 4. F F S S F F S S F S S S F S S F S F 1-v . Mel Freeman, Senatobia, Tammy Freeze, Independence 1 Iames French, Nesbit, Robert Frierson, Oxford, S F F F Eddie Frizzell, Oakland, S Ronnie Frizzell, Covington, joseph Frush, Senatobia, Annie Fondon, Water Valley, Charles Fondon, Water Valley, Tommy Fondon, Water Valley, Deborah Fondren, Batesville, F S F S S S Freda Fondren, Taylor, S Linda Fondren, Taylor, Rita Fondren, Memphis, Barbara Forel, Senatobia, Diana Ford, Courtland Magalene Ford, Batesville Bert Foster, Grenada Casandra Foster, Marks Covington Randy Fowler, Tod Fuller, Coldwater Brent Gaines, Coldwater Coldwater, Perry Gaines, Sheryl Gaines, Senatobia 1 1 S S S F F F F S S S F S i it l K' l l 'itil .. Hi' , ti' ft ',1 1 v 4 fy' - l 'V 1 Ora Galloway, Holly Springs Cindy Gandy, Potts Camp, F Laura Ganslow, Webb, F Cathy Garner, Batesville, S George Garner, Grenada, F Mimi Garner, Nesbit, F james Garrett, Senatobia, F janet Garrett, Senatobia, S Renae Garrett, Crenshaw, F Ricky Garrett, Hernando, S Matt Garrison, Atoka, F Thomas Garrison, Holly Springs F Vanessa Garrison, Lake Cormorant S Charles Gary, Senatobia, S Cathy Gaston, Lambert, F Lee Gates, Charleston, F Cindy Gatlin, Oxford, F Brian Gee, Marks, F s f i Bryan Geeslin, Coldwater, F Chris Geeslin, Coldwater, F Sabrina George, Marks, F Crystal Gibson, Walls, F Lydia Gibson, Walls, F Prince Gibson, Abbeville, F Reginals Gibson, Como, F Steve Fibson, Sardis, F Susan Gibson, Bruce, S Cary Gilbert, Southaven, F Denise Gilchrist, Memphis, F Michelle Gillespie, Covington, F LouAnne Gilliam, Potts Camp, F joseph Garaffa, Senatobia, S Delores Gleaton, Batesville, F ludy Glasper, Lambert, F Lola Glover, Holly Springs, F Loretta Glover, Holly Springs, F Lorenzo Glover, Holly Springs, F Chris Gober, Olive Branch, F Michael Golden, Marks, F Bernard Golliday, Gore Springs, F Mike Gooch, Oxford, F Paul Gooch, Hernando, S Susan Gooch, Hernando, Dwan Gordon, Batesville, Gary Gordon, Moorhead, Trisha Gowen, Southaven, Carl Grant, Glendora, Lee Graham, Abbeville, jeff Graves, Holly Springs, Angela Gray, Batesville, Deneen Gray, Holly Springs, Bruce Green, Bruce, Caroline Green, Memphis, Tammy Green, Olive Branch, Delinda Greer, Como, Robin Greer, Water Valley, Scott Green, Blytheville, Carlton Gregory, Oxford, Tina Gregory, Byhalia, Pattie Griffin, Batesville, W , G SJ:-:J Reese Griffin, Batesville, Shane Griffin, W. Memphis Sheley Griffin, Batesville: Roger Griggs, Michigan City Shawna Guffey, Holly Springs Stephen Gullett, Hernando Susan Gullett, Hernando jerry Guajardo, Hughes Paul Gunter, West Memphis, Patirce Guy, Sledge joan Hadden, Byhalia Blake Haferkamp, Southaven Barbara Hairston, Oxford Sharon Hale, Byhalia Alecia Hall, Askew Sandy Hall, Senatobia Beverly Hall, Coldwater Corrine Hall, Tunica joann Hall, Bruce Lynn Hall, Batesville Mary Ann Hall, Tunica Sylvia Hall, Greenville Carolyn Halliburton, Tunica Annie Hamer, Michigan City W1 ,,4 a I 1 1 3 ' . Q 4 P'-S P, 1 1 I 4 ' f v . .i ,I vi t . . 'FQ 1 jl I, 1 1, I ? E i i n ll I I ? 4 l tl I f lj V L I 3. i 4 r T as V I W '..,. f t ! , to t tv 1, ' X! A' 6 xx 6 Q Sf 1 ' ff, , f' i Q 21 f. ' R ., 6 tx Q L gli fi 1 ' Q wx a sf' 'B' X I -f X K if ,Q x s 3-Exe S K Q' Mm Q ,i....,,,..o :aa-,..,.,, ea,-..:4. , li Veronica Hamilton, Senatobia, F Cynthia Hammond, Senatobia, S Dorothy Hammond, Horn Lake, S janet Hammond, Senatobia, S Tamme Hammond, Senatobia, S Holt Hancock, Independence, F Bo Hanback, Senatobia, S Stephanie Hannah, Holly Springs Felicia Hannah, Holly Springs, S Shueri Handal, Senatobia, S Martha Handy, Crowder, F Herron Hardin, Tutwiler, F Robert Harding, Southaven, F Anita Hardison, Senatobia, F Darrell Hardy, Dundee, S Richard Hariston, Taylor, F Kevin Harmon, Water Valley, S Kimberly Harmon, Sardis, F H X. auf", .Mig l 'Fax u ' yi? 43' X Mildred Harmon, Waterford, F Clyde Harper, Ashland, S Ginger Harrell, Nesbit, F jay Harrington, Marks, F Clint Harris, Senatobia, S Cora Harris, Senatobia, F Dorothy Harris, Crowder, S Harlen Harris, Sardis, S james Harris, Holly Springs, S Keith Harris, Memphis, F jerry Harris, Tillatoba, S james Harrison, Sardis, F Michael Harris, Holly Springs, F Patrick Harris, Water Valley, F Stacy Harris, Coffeeville, F Deborah Harrison, Courtland, S Steve Harrison, Potts Camp, F Wade Hartsfield, Covington, F joni Hassell, Memphis, F Leslie Hassell, Hemando, F Brenda Hatch, Ripley, F jennifer Hawkins, Sledge, F Mark Havens, Oxford, S Kelvin Hayes, Tunica, F , F Melissa Hayles, lN ator Yallex Renee Havens, Oxtord Cindy Hazelrig, Sli-mpliis Antonio Heard, Lonio Clara Hearon, Crowder Billie Hedgpath, Oxford Kelly Heimbach, lit-rnando Brenda Henderson, l ako L orniorant Pearlie Henderson, Batt-sville Tony Hensley, 'soiitliaven Rhonda Henson, Hardis David Hentz, Pope Fredrick Hentz, Courtland jeff Hentz, Courtland Lisa Ann Herndon, Randolph Tina Herndon, Southaven Ruby Herod, Abbeville Brian Herring, Horn lake 'lt Q, Sharon Herron, Hernando Shelia Herron, Coldwater Vicky Herron, Southaven Stacy Hester, Lambert Debra Herronm, Hernando Tear Hibler, Senatobia Cary Higginbotham, Bruce Pamela Hightower, Houlka Angela Hill, Olive Branch Ann Hill, Lake Cormorant Norma Hill, Senatobia Elizabeth Hill, Senatobia Everette Hill, Como jimmy Hill, Charleston john Hill, Oxford Keith Hill, Olive Branch Winford Hill, Como Shannon Hixon, lklemphis Erik Hodges, Gulfport Tonya Hodges, Oxford Rodney Holley, Batesville judy Holcomb, Hernando Steve Holcomb, Marion john Mann Holland, Batesville Mickey Holland, Hernando, F Lee Holliday, Senatobia, S Tim Holliday, Senatobia, S Victor Holliday, Senatobia, F Tammy Holliman, Coldwater, F Tina Holliday, Hernando, F Gloria Holman, Enid, S Clarence Holloway, Tutwiler, F Beverly Holt, Water Valley, F Richard Hood, Oxford, F jeffrey Hoop, Grenada, F Dan Hope, Collierville, F Richard Hopper, Hernando, S Michael Houpt, Water Valley, S Beatrice House, Sardis, F Chris House, W. Memphis, S Rosemary House, Oakland, F Shelia House, Oakland, S Yvonne House, Sardis, S Linda Hoskin, Lambert, F Byron Houston, Batesville, S james Houston, Batesville, F Stafford Houston, Nesbit, S Rodney Houston, Water Valley, F Patricia Howard, Batesville, F Walter Howard, Batesville, S Mike Howe, Batesville, F Carie Ann Howell, Senatobia, S Tony Howell, Hernando, S Linda Hubbard, Batesville, S Roy Hubbard, Batesville, F Trey Hubbard, Batesville, F Karen Hudson, Coldwater, F Jacqueline Hudson, Tutwiler, F Michael Hudson, Hernando, F Frank Hudspeth, Crenshaw, S Sherry Hudson, Memphis, S Brent Hufstatler, Southaven, F Kelly Hughes, Hernando, F Russell Hughes, Coffeeville, F Iames Hunt, Water Valley, S Ronnie Hunter, Senatobia, F Tammy Hunter, ,-Xrkaluillri Demitra Hutchinson, lialvsx :Ill- l.anier Hurdle, llolly Springs Linda Hurt, I-nirtlis Marchelle Ingram, Byh.iIi.i Suzzanne Ingram, 5L'Il.lIUlWI.l Harold lrby, Hvn.itoI1i.i Phyllis lrby, L oltlxxgitl-r Earnestlsabell, lunita jimmy lsom, Iioliyar Phylisha lsom, Holly Springs Annette jackson, Si-natolwia Donald jackson, 'St-natolwia Dorothy jackson, Senatobia Marcia jackson, Grand lum tion Ora jackson, Senatobia Priscilla jackson, Coldwater Chandra james, Batesville 3' ff? . "1 'I 4- "LF Daphne james, lxlilwaukee Shelia james, Batesville Shirely jamison, Kosciusko Tisha jamison, Coldivatc-r Eddie jarrell, Cotfeeyille Becky jarrett, Holly Springs Rhonda jaudon, Batesville Tommy jaynes, Soiitliayc-ii Libby jayroe, lnclcpcnclcncc janie jeffress, Oxford Earnestine jefferies, Ilolly Springs Bertha jeffries, Holly Springs Genejeffries, llolIy9pr1ngs jackolyn Feffries, Colclwatvr Patricia jeffries, Holly Springs Rodney jeffries, llolly 'Springs Danny jenkins, Soiitlmwii Marshajenkins, Ilcrnantlo Scooter jenkins, lN'.iIt-r Valley Tonya jenkins, Brute Alecia johnson, Ilatcsyillv Carlos johnson, llolly Springs Carolyn johnson, Diimlvt- Debbie johnson, Pope wut l l 1 i l l l l i l I I l l l l l t l t l 1 l l I l l t l i l 5 I? i L ff f -i ue ' I ni -A' . X -i....,.,' wav' 'iff--M.. AM- ""' -V A til gl , ' 'Ha ,. Wh Q- -- V I i 4 Q li I 9 i 4 l 1 I l Dwain johnson, Sardis, S Florence johnson, Tutwiler, S Gloria johnson, Batesville, F Helen johnson, Dundee, S jim johnson, Crenshaw, F james johnson, Marks, S Martha johnson, Batesville, F Michelle johnson, Southaven, S Nance johnson, Como, F Patricia johnson, Byhalia, S Rita johnson, Batesville, F Terence johnson, Marks, S Thelma johnson, Pope, F Tyana johnson, Columbus, F Vakita johnson, Batesville, S jeff johnson, Como, S Rick johnston, Coldwater, S Ada joiner, Batesville, F Ruth joiner, Sardis, F Anita jones, Water Valley, F Betty jones, Mt. Pleasant, S Chet jones, Coffeeville, S Cynthia jones, Holly Springs, S Dales jones, Belen, F Don jones, Southaven, S Doris jones, Holly Springs, F Faye jones, Senatobia, S Geoff jones, Olive Branch, F jammar jones, Columbus, S j. j. jones, Nesbit, F judith jones, Crenshaw, F Leon jones, Holly Springs, F Minnie jones, Darling, S Nora jones, Taylor, S Penny jones, Byhalia, S Randale jones, Michigan City, S Reenovera jones, Houlka, F Shirley jones, Marks, S Randolph jones, Sumner, F Tim joyner, Horn Lake, F Rob juhan, Sardis, S john Kaiser, Hernando, F Donna Keel, Coldwater Paul Keel, Batesville Kenney Kelley, Byhalia Tony Kelley, Coldwater Beth Kelly, Nesbit johnny Kelly, Hemando Chuck Kelso, Senatobia Denise Kelso, Horn Lake 1 jerome Kerney, Como, Patrick Kerney, Como, Lawrence Kerr, Darling Russell Ketchum, Horn Lake Sarah Key, Hernando john Keys, Tunica Patrick Keys, Tunica Ronnie Keys, Tunica Patricia Kincaid, Senatobia Rich Kimbrell, Walls Tim Kinard, Coldwater Darryl King Cincinnati Leslie King, Holly Springs, Louise King, Bruce, Odessa King, Crowder, Ruthie King, Bruce Sherry King, Sardis Lisa Klenk, Horn Lake Teresa Klepzig, Abbeville Keith Knighton, Holly Springs Lisa Knox, Como Barbara Kohlheim, Tupelo Renae Krumm, Southaven Greg Kuntz, Olive Branch Gary Kuykendall, Charleston Tony Lamar, Sardis Loyd Lambert, Calhoun City Michelle Lambert, Como james Landreth, Vardaman Mike Lariviere, Bartlett Terry Lark, Crenshaw Frank Laster, Batesville Sharon Lawrence, Holly Springs Dorothy Lawson, Batesville 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Angela Layrock, Hernando, S Bob Layman, Cleveland, S Roberta Leatherwood, Coldwater Susan Ledbetter, Southaven, S Teresa Ledford, Sarah, F Regina Lee, Marks, S james Lee, Sumner, S jeff Legge, Senatobia, F Belinda Leggette, Southaven, S Patara Leland, Batesville, F Dawn Lemmons, Southaven, F Mellisa Lesueur, Holly Springs Judy Leverette, Senatobia, F Elaine Leverson, Coldwater, S Cooper Lewis, Sardis, S Eva Lewis, Sardis, S Harold Lewis, Como, F Iulia Lewis, Phillip, S hw ,,.. Patty Lewis, Lake Connorant, F Linda Liggins, Oxford, S Rita Liggins, Oxford, F Lylynne Liles, Sardis, S Delores Linzy, Sledge, F Hattie Mae Linzy, Sledge, F Pamela Lipford, Senatobia, S Becky Lipscomb, Como, S Laura Lipsey, Nesbit, F Ieanna Little, Tutwiler, F Ieri Little, Charleston, S Paula Little, Senatobia, F Erma Locke, Senatobia, F Angela Loftin, Batesville, S Tommy Lofton, Salhoun City, Anthony Logan, Nesbit, S Doug Logan, Coffeeville, F Sandee Logan, Bruce, F Gail Long, Sardis, S julie Long, Troy, S Kelly Lott, Coldwater, S Tabby Lott, Batesville, F Billy Love, Pope, S Eugene Love, Pope Mike Loving, Marion Thomas Lovelady, Water Valley Angie Lowe, Senatobia Gary Lowery, Southaven joey Lowery, Tunica Terry Lowery, Tunica Tony Lowery, Tunica Margaret Luellen, Lamar Ora Lumas, Water Valley Shawn Luther, Crenshaw Robert Mabry, Coldwater Virginia Mabry, Senatobia Mary Lynne Mack, Hernando David Mahan, Senatobia Sharmon Mahan, Sardis Bobby Malone, Senatobia Cheryl Malone, Memphis ll I r it David Malone, Oxford Sylvia Mangrum, Tunica Melissa Mangrum, Tunica Shelia Manning, Coldwater, Louretta Market, Courtland r Anneliese Markwell, Coldwater, Latore Hector Marreno, Arecibo, Sandra Marshall, Batesville, Bobbie Martin, Senatobia 1 Bruce Martin, Oxford, Lori Martin, Coldwater, Tammy Martin, Bruce, Valerie Martin, Taylor, Yvonne Massey, Senatobia, Sharon Mason, Lamar, Perry Mask, Crenshaw Michael Massengill, Hickory Flat jane Massey, Water Valley: Teresa Massey, Coldwater William Masterson, Batesville Beau Matthews, Sardis Michelle Matthews, Byhalia, Vivian Mayo, Sledge Debertha Mayes, Oxford, 1 r I i I . F 1 I i i 3 2 4 ,, ,. Michelle Mays, Byhalia, F Missy Melton, Water Valley, F Dwayne Melton, McKenzie, F Chris Melton, Batesville, F Ben Melton, Tunica, S Bonnie Melton, Grenada, F Angela Melton, Senatobia, F Monica McGhee, Crenshaw, F Sharon Meeks, Senatobia, S Angie Medlin, Waterford, F Carolyn Meriweather, Heman Kim Metzger, Oxford, S Tammy Meziere, Byhalia, S Adam Mickens, Senatobia, S Craig Micou, Charleston, S Larry Mims, Sumner, F Samuel Minor, Coldwater, S Ladonya Minor, Senatobia, F 4 5 , hi l 4 , Y f' ,Rl X. 4'1- Cana Minor, Waterford, S Anita Minor, Senatobia, F Tim Mills, Water Valley, F Sharon Mills, Somerville, F Missie Mills, Potts Camp, S Lisa Mills, Hickory Flat, F Flint Michigan, Hom Lake, F Scott Miller, Covington, F Robert Miller, Senatobia, F Ronnie Miller, Hernando, S Ioyce Miller, Hemando, F Bill Miller, Hom Lake, S james Miles, Pope, S Tammy Milan, Coldwater, F Nicole Middleton, Memphis, S Dawn Mitchell, Oxford, S Arletha Mitchell, Oxford, S Billy Mitchell, Oxford, F jason Mitchell, Hernando, F Parthenia Mitchell, Batesville, Scottie Mitchell, Byhalia, F Thomas Mitchell, Taylor, S Sandra Mixon, Crowder, S john Mize, Como, F do, F F David Mock, Senatobia Ana Molina, Ni-sbit Marty Montgomery, Olive Branch Raymond Montgomery, Olive Bram h Tina Montgomery, Coldwater, jim Moore, Southaven Pamela Moore, l ambert Rob Moore, Senatobia Shelli Moore, Senatobia Susanne Moore, Sardis john Moran, Abbeville Clay Morgan, Kosciuslso, Kelvin Morgan, Pope Ryan Morgan, Michigan City Steve Morgan, Bruce Cassandra Morris, Batesville, David Morris, Batesville Daphna Morris, Batesville ,II . ALF fi, 9' -:gba , m 'fll ...--.V " Q lv joy Morris, Hernando Ronnie Morris, Coldwater, Denise Morrow, Batesville Kim Morrow, Oxford, Louise Morrow, Bolivar Crystal Anne Mosley, Taylor joann Mosley, Sledge Patricia Mosley, Senatobia Carolyn Moss, Sledge Linda Moss, Sledge Andy Mothershed, Sardis john Moyer, Sardis Greg Munday, jackson Kim Murphree, Hernando Beverly Murray, Marks Michael Myers, Mem phis, Nancy Myles, Marks Perry Myrick, Water Valley Bart McAtee, Senatobia joni McArthur, Marks Cynthia McCain, Batesville jimmy McCain, Plea-.ant Grove Ronnie McCain, Senatobia Cinney McCartney, Nesbit I f 1 g s- I l y l K i ' rv A X - Q P 't rf -5 QA Emma McClellan, Senatobia, F Shelia McClellan, Taylor, S Connie McCloud, Batesville, S Crescent McCloud, Holly Spring, S Carla McCollough, Senatobia, S Perry McCormick, Bruce, F Alan McCullar, Coffeeville, lf Cheryl McCullar, Batesville, S Bart McCulley, Batesville, F William McDaniel, Batesville, F Anthony McGee, Tunica, F Chita McGee, Taylor, F Mark McGee, Coldwater, S Sandra McGee, Big Creek, F Iudy McGinnis, Hernando, F Denise McGreger, Pittsboro, F Loretta McNairy, Holly Springs, F Catherine Mcllwain, Courtland, F i l ,i i tl F 'fi k l I , , qt fi 3 ' 4 iii Y. 0 3 I S M' , ,M I g Qs WV' ,s , Ap i is in f Angie McIntosh, Memphis, S Eric Mclntosh, West Memphis, F Bobbie McKinney, Dundee, S Walt McKellar, Senatobia, F Tina McKenzie, Hernando, F Beverly McKiney, Vardaman, F james Eric McKee, Walls, S Dianne McKinney, Dundee, S Ida Mae McKinney, Holly Spring, Lisa McKinnon, Holly Springs, F Detra McCloud, Water Valley, F janet McLarty, Byhalia, F Brenda McKnatt, Horn Lake, F Kristy McMaster, Nesbit, F Tracey McMaster, Nesbit, S Molly McMillian, Batesville, F Cherry McMurry, Courtland, F Sharon McNail, Senatobia, F Audrey McNeese, Sledge, S Craig McNeese, Memphis, F Mike McNeil, Southaven, S Cary McRae, Southaven, F Bonnie Nabors, Holly Springs, F Debbie Nails, Horn Lake, S Shelia Nash, Coldwater Floyd Neal, Oakland jennifer Neal, Oxford Pam Neal, Coldwater onald Neely, Horn lake Gary Neslon, Memphis George Nelson, Big Crt-ek Tommy Nelson, Southaven Patti New, Walls Valeria Newman, Calhoun City Vickie Newman, linid Darryl Newson, Senatobia Brenda Nichols, Senatobia Eva Nolen, Ashland Ora Nolen, Holly Springs Linda Norwood, Sardis Susan Norwood, Sardis Jeanette Nunn, Hernando Carole Nunnery, Southaven, Engligh O'Banion, Oxford Chris O'Halloran, Memphis, Heather O'Herron, Olive Branch, Brenda Oliver, Holly Springs, Gloria jean Oliver, Batesville, Angie Orr, Calhoun City, james Orr, Horn Lake, David Osborne, Southaven Rodney Overall, Southaven Ezekiel Owen, Holly Springs Garfield Owens, Taylor Patricia Paige, Ashland Rhonda Paige, Ashland john Palazzola, Grenada, Mary Palazzola, Grenada Blake Palmer, Waterford Lisa Palmer, Batesville Rodney Pannell, Holly Springs Henry Parker, Holly Springs Rhonda Parker, Bruce Scott Parks, Byhalia Sharon Parks, Sledge Tom Parrott, Germantown 6 jeryl Pass, Holly Springs, S Mark Patrick, Senatobia, F Tim Patrick, Nesbit, S Harold Patterson, Bruce, F Terry Payne, Holly Springs, F Gregory Payton, Olive Branch, S William Payton, Holly Springs, S Deborah Pease, Coldwater, F Michael Pelts, Batesville, F Gary Perkins, Coffeeville, F Wade Perkins, Marks, F Pam Perkins, Marks, F Iavits Perry, Memphis, F Linda Perry, Charleston, F Melody Perry, Oxford, S Ted Perry, Charleston, F Vanessa Perry, Sardis, F Pamela Peterson, Hemando, F -gr ' -' if U a 8945- A 'iris ' H3 David Pettigrew, Byhalia, F Iessie Pettigrew, Byhalia, F Gregory Pettis, Oxford, F Iohnny Pettit, Banner, F Cardell Phillips, Holly Spring, S Denese Phillips, Water Valley, F Karen Phillips, Coldwater, S Patricia Phillips, Sarah, S Shirely Pickens, Sledge, F Brian Pinlae, Millington, F Caroline Pinkston, Lambert, F lean Pinkston, Lambert, S Ricky Pipkin, Senatobia, F Saldia Pipkin, Senatobia, S Larry Pirtle, Hemando, F Paulette Pitts, Coldwater, S Alma Polk, Water Valley, F Mary Pool, Holly Springs, F Kathy Poole, Walls, F Kevin Poole, Potts Camp, F Debra Pope, Tunica, F Kim Pope, Independence, S Sam Posey, Memphis, F Kimberly Potera, Hom Lake, F john Powell, llernantlo, Sharon Powell, Holly Springs, Lisa Power, Como, Brenda Power, Coldwater, Roy Powers, Holly Springs, Sondra Powers, Hernando, Stephanie Presley, Covington, Alice Price, Como, Sharon Price, .fXl1lwxillo. Stanley Price, Oxlord, Stuart Price, Nt-slut, Toni Price, Rolwinsonx ille, Willie Pride, Batesville. Eddie Prigmore, Charleston, Phyllis Pruitt, Senatobia, Creamzella, Lambert, Kip Profil, Cotteeville, Bill Purdy, Lambert, 4' ,.t,W'tS? 1-4 fu-ei' 1 F i l .' J vi.. Lee Pullen, Water Valley, Larry Quarles, Oxford, Roxanne Radwan, Senatobia, Bonnie Raimey, Holly Springs, Mary Ramsey, Oxford, Keith Rankins, Memphis, Michele Randolph, Potts Camp, Darryl Ranson, Marks., Renee Ratcliffe, Batesville, Beth Ray, Independence, john Ray, Coldwater, john Ray, Lamar, Mary Ray, Senatobia, Michael Ray, Hernando, Casey Rayborn, Nt-shit, Sharon Rayburn, Crenshaw, Danny Rayford, Sledge, Debbie Redding, Holly Springs., Maureen Redmon, Senatobia. Cathy Reece, Oakland, Bobby RCCCI, Cliarlvslon, Gloria Reed, Charleston, jerry Reed, Holly Springs, Mildred Reed, Senatobia, S I. I, I-, S l I, S S I. I. S S I-, I: I: I: I. F F F F S S I: F I: S S I: 5 F S I: S I. I: I: S S I: S s , A r an A ri. ,H . 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Memphis, S Cheryl Self, Crowder, F Katrina Sellers, Lambert, l- Ierry Shackleford, Senatobia, S Cammie Shackleford, Southaven, S Terence Shannon, Tunica, S Daniel Shaw, Southaven, S Doug Shaw, Southaven, S Kim Shaw, Holly Springs, S .z-:twat-r-.frnavsafwsafmt Lisa Shaw, Charleston, S Susan Shaw, Water Valley, S john Shelton, Nesbit, S Shelia Shelton, Holly Springs, F Billie Shepard, Sardis, S Ronnie Shepard, Helena, S Bobbi Shettles, Como, F Scott Shipman, Senatobia, S Ann Shipp, Senatobia, F Cynthia Shipp, Holly Springs, S Wanda Shorty, Coldwater, F Thomas Shows, Batesville, F Debbie Sibley, Batesville, F Frederick Simmons, Charleston, S Sam Simmons, Memphis, S Arthur Sims, Sardis, F Shipp Sissell, Batesville, S Michael Skelton, Holly Springs, F Susan Skelton, Holly Springs, F Karen Smallwood, Charleston, S Audrey Smith, Coldwater, F Bob Smith, Batesville, F Brenda Smith, Hernando, F Charlie Mae Smith, Tunica, S Darrel Smith, Batesville Dianne Smith, Como Idm9S Smith, Clldrltwttill Jerry Smith, ixpat-f vaiit-yf Keith Smith, Horn l,alct', Kevin Smith, llope Lee Smith, Southax en Lora Ann Smith, Lambert Louie Smith, Hernando, Maurice Smith, Lambert, Peggy Smith, Charleston, Randy Smith, Southaven Stephanie Smith, Memphis Teresa Smith, Senatobia Terry Smith, Cascilla Tim Smith, Olive Branch Vaiden Smith, Water Valley Veronica Smith, Senatobia po r' ',,. r ti : fl Vickie Smith, Senatobia, Lisa Smitherman, Grenada, Lisa Sones, Oxford, Krista Sossaman, Oakland, Kim Spearman, Senatobia, Vickie St. john, Hernando, Ion Stafford, Senatobia, Rebecca Stamps, Byhalia, Tina lo Standard, Senatobia, Lisha Stanford, Nesbit, Rickey Stanford, Batesville, Paul Stanley, Batesville, Ronnie Stark, Water Valley, Denise Stanton, Holly Springs Damen siarks, Oxforcli Scott Steele, Bartlett Martha Steen, Bruce Curtis Stephen, Bruce Clay Stevens, Coldwater Williams Stevens, Water Valley Betty Stevenson, Sardis Gloria Stevenson, Lambert Sandy Still, Coldwater Leslie Stokes, Marks i f j 'i S i T i ty , W 1 L 5 5' tw i l It ll if in Gini. ig: ' 5 E ' It ,- 'W' l f'.. W k m VT' K7 Sara Stone, Olive Branch, F Shelley Stone, Thaxton, F Angelia Story, Hernando, S Robert Stoval, Grenada, F Linda Street, Courtland, F Lynn Street, Courtland, F Chester Strickland, Senatobia, F Vinney Strong, Memphis, F Brad Styers, Oxford, S Mae Suggs, Enid, S james Sullivan, Webb, F Marty Sullivan, Memphis, S Willie Sumner, Webb, S Mark Sutherland, Hernando, F Glynda Swan, Senatobia, S Michel Swanson, Pittsboro, S Mitzi Swanson, Houlka, S Tina Swindoll, Hernando, F 9 -Q is , if ' i s""m 'Lt f ...V 9,--""' Shaw '-"J F l in F tl fl G, Ei. I F , l itil n- ,v i r 3- S I 'UV 2 Iohn Sydnor, Mt. Vernon, S Pamela Sykes, Oakland, F Arlen Taliaferro, Water Valley, F Cass Tapley, Senatobia, F Chris Tarver, Oxford, F Beverly Tatum, Water Valley, F Ronnie Tatum, Southaven, S Brian Taylor, Senatobia, F Brinkley Taylor, Potts Camp, F Carl Taylor, Robinsonville, S Douglas Taylor, Marks, F Idell Taylor, Como, F Ken Taylor, Hernando, F Leslie Taylor, Batesville, F Lisa Taylor, Senatobia, F Maleria Taylor, Sardis, F Mark Taylor, Coffeeville, S Robert Taylor, Banner, F Romie Taylor, Holly Springs, S Sherry Taylor, Coffeeville, F Steve Taylor, Senatobia, F Terry Taylor, Tunica, S Vivan Taylor, Tunica, F Nina Tedford, Senatobia, F Patsy Telford, Water Valley Michael Thaxton, Horn Lake, Andrew Thomas, Como Cynthia Thomas, Coffeeville, Donnie Thomas, Holly Springs Doris Thomas, Marks George Thomas, Holly Springs Cwendlin Thomas, Sardis, Iohn Thomas, Waterfors Monty Thomas, Batesville julie Thompson, Sardis Katherine Thomas, Sardis Sherrie Thomas, Robinsonville, Iessie Thompson, Marks, Marvin Thompson, Comoi Monique Thompson, Darling, Burnadette Thornton, Bruce, S Margo Thompson, Scobey f 1 1 I , 5 V 1 . 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Memphis, S Fay Vollbracht, Grenada, S Laura Vincent, Holcomb, F Cheryl Venable, Charleston, F Phillip Vaughn, Batesville, S Patricia Vaughn, Tunica, F Ernest Vassar, Oxford, F Greg Varner, Oxford, F Y - amnauquuuunursnurm -MQ. my Q ' W. .. - - , nam gf- i, t K , l fi - ,ix - "L W 'R :E fezsrr , ' ' . 4.-.-. W, ..., Q. ., V 'Q wi. E , -1 -mf? ,, X :tw-I-sf N ix W . . w- a it te . - N Q Q tg, x N, , tw, QQ.: X DQ X 1 .ff , X SX 'ya f Z , f' Y N K A X Q Q w-11124-aw v up t 0 , Q hh if X t aw sk i by 6 I " rt! .. be. 'V M M ' tl ,F A .ts , V x ft B' ' r abc' , ' WE' Iver? w ,ai ,. "w,'1Cr'," 'ff' "3'g! ' 1' ' 'Tit , . tm 4 . 'mi ,paw ' ' 'ali , Qt., I 15. - - 'f' C 'c 5 Y ff if-L5 ""fff'T,. 1 ,- it i u fa,E,,g3araa-W kg, V, A , ,t if '15j-,- ' 2, -pil, f ff' ,f Ma ' .--,. , 1 - .. ,M l L '53 L , 2 fgjgffx' L A In - . Lg T x ,.- I u, Q. '- . gg '-,gg -. " , ,Inf Ha, .J.l5,:r 13 f.f',5,.p: -piggy , V - - ." . . t ' ,, ia-H-H ga-. , -' ,931 f,fH,,4,I6'.,3?v, ,- .1 4 1 ,,g. 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" Vicky Wilson, Hernando, F 1 V Z Lonnie Windless, Sledge, F I, r ' 'ii Janice Wolfe, Hemando, F Joyce Woodard, Water Valley, F i Keith Woodard, Batesville, F Linda Woodard, Michigan City, F Ruth Woodard, Senatobia, F Troyze Woodard, Tunica, F Virginia Woodard, Calhoun City Billy Scott Woods, Grenada Doris Woods, Tunica Melissa Woods, Gxford Vera Woods, Tunica Sherry Wooldridge, Hernando Billy Woolfolk, Senatobia Dianne Woolfolk, Sarah Debra Wooten, Coldwater Mike Wooten, Coffeeville Tammy Wooten, Coldwater Elaine Wortham, Abbeville Robert Wortham, Taylor Romie Wortham, Como Don Wright, Batesville Earmie Wright, Batesville joyce Mary Wright, Senatobia Lora Ann Wright, Byhalia Lynne Wright, Lambert Mark Wright, Southaven Randall Wright, Senatobia Regina Wright, Marks Stanley Wright, Coffeeville Thad Wynn, Memphis: Gina Wyse, Coldwater Cynthia Yarbrough, Crowder jennifer Yarbrough, Water Valley, jeff Yeager, Southaven, Lisa Yon, Senatobia Lee York, Batesville Charol Young, Holly Springs Clara Young, Como Craig Young, Olive Branch David Young, Batesville Gina Young, Southaven jackie Young, Byhalia Karen Young, Holly Springs Rish Young, Grenada Bonnie Yount, Sarah Michele Yount, Sarah john Zeman, Hernando Ann Marie Zettergren, Senatobia 1 -1 ,-flilll nl 1 1 1 1 1 F WL 9 :N P 1 4 1 1 ua I Y ,h W 5 , I Mx N up , W M F 7Q W , 'f 12 N 'N f ld' P Q . 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I I I 1 1 1 ! FACULTY AND SUPPORTI G STAFF Patti Austin Nursing Assistant Margie Beck Cosmetology Dale Boatright Business Evonne Burdison English jack Butts Business Mary Caldwell Practical Nursing Ann Clisby Practical Nursing Keny Goodwin Assistant Director Patricia Robbins Medical Clerical Eunice Roye Nursing Assistant Lavonia Treloar Secretary Ionell Wells Basic Related Studies Roy Young Vocational Counselor FUN FUN FUN! -ll. YII1 EE. s-- . 14.5--P x I t 1 A Vonda Aguianna Linda Allen Victoria Ayers Linda Bailey Karen Baldwin Melinda Beardin Teresa Belfour Marcia Bibbs Malisse Blakley Laura Bratton Francis Britt Vickey Britt Paula Brown Sharon Brown Zina Brown Katie Brummett Brenda Buford Beverly Burks Janice Burt Linda Burt Shelia Busby Lisa Butler Marie Carothers Clarise Childress Dora Lark Emily Coleman Gloria Cook Ruth Cook Deloris Curry Clara Davidson Sophia Dennis Becky Drewery Willa Duke Melanie Duncan Wanda Fleming Sabrina Prison Aneatha Gaston Deborah Goodson Wanda Goolsby Sallie Gordon Margie Gray Sandra Green Lisa Grose Iannie Hale Stephanie Hall Susan Hall Veda Hall Fredonia Hairston Mary Hodge Peggy Holland Shirley Holland Janice Holley Jerdean Holmon Birtha Howard Shirley Jamison Dwight Johnson Gail Jones Ivy Jones Mozella Jones Lynne Jordan Elaine Kavyas Lori Key Elizabeth King Rhonda Langford Clarence Laughter Janice Levy Phyllis Lewis Pauline Malone Sandy Maples James Mathis Arnite Miller Janice Minter Christy Mitchell Elizabeth Moody Lois Mooney Gail McAuley Patricia McCoy Annie McGee Linda Nichols Barbara Orange Georgia Orange Wilma Palmer Vanessa Parker Eva Patterson Kim Patterson Barbara Peacock Brenda Pearce Mary Pettis Andrea Pierce Gretchen Rines Neta Rogers Francine Ruffin Karen Smith Joanne Smith Laura Smith Sh elia Spears 4 l l . 1 l 1 , l l Faye Stone Mary Tatum Linda Tedford Rosann Tidwell Floretta Toles Cecil Turner Sarah Turner Brabara Wadley Stephanie Waller Donna Warren Hiburnia White Susan Wilbanks Beth Wilburn Wanda Wilkins Eunice Williams Latonya Williams Ruth Wortham Christy Young Rosaland Young .k ISI nr ,Q canola Macine Transcription Business Math Accounting Word Processing II Oufifandmg Sfiwlenfi Office Procedures all i n al a Kai Ay Wegncla geardin Cosmetology Uufdfandmg Sfudmfd d Typ Warcca A anice Kari Elementary Typewriting Ouffifanclzng .S'fW!mf4 if' Intermedlate Typewrltmg I good Oil mf. Jsfwzge Introduction to Business 'R' Obli5iCll'lC!ll'lg .S,tlfl6!9I'lf5 if arence Iaug fer ' Ar X Y C I , 4 if fc 4 it 'lsr A X 2 -" i X' i f ' ' Practical Nursing 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 1 11 1 EPQIIJG Pearce Word Processing I Quffifanclzng Sfudmn ? 1 in ?,'ia42I3L1.c: Office Machines aren .gmiflz E ,I I N 4. ,R l , I N I 5 1 i Nw 'I I V W xl a E U 5 I 5 E I 6 3 E A W J 1 ig I 5 367 V 1 , . Faculty and Supporting Staff William Autry Industrial Sewing Charles Cummings Housebuilding Rena Emerson JTPA Instructor Orville Fortner Welding Martha Mitchell Counselor Patsy McGill Cosmetology Shirley Ortiz Recruiter Larry Simpson Related Studies Mabaleen Smith Secretary Tommy Whiteside Cosmetology Lockie York Clerical 1. 6 V i "1 W r 'QQ 0 I' .1 7 .-an-If Q. , '--r EI' Mr. and Miss on Marshall C Richard Brown Debbie Shields STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSGCIATION Members of the Benton Marshall SGA mclude Charles judge Iaudlne Holloway Richard Roberson Secretary Advisor is Ellzey Autry Brown, Tanya Thompson, Linda Martin, Vice-President, Vivian jones, President, and Sherrie l F ., 1 l COSMETOLOGY CLUB Cosmetology Club Members include Sandra Ambrose Callie Bills Tina Boddie Debra Britt Bethany Byrd Linda Enlow Donna Garrett Jill Gregory Penny Hearn Hazel Hopkins, Mary E. jones, Vivian jones, Sarah Lambert, Wanda Leopard, Linda Martin, Sherry Rhea, Carolyn Tomlinson, Brenda Tomlinson, Donna Tucker, Joyce Washington, and Rachael Young. Ad- visors are Patsy McGill and Tommy Whiteside. 374 1 14' -as OUTSTANDING STUDENTS BRENDA MARY DELOISE TCMLINSON N EELY COSMETGLOGY INDUSTRIAL SEWING Sandra Ambrose Patricia Anderson Danny Ayers Callie Bills Celestine Boddie Christine Bolden Shirley Bowden Glenda Boxley Christine Briggs Deborah Britt Linda Brown Richard Brown Ronald Butler Rebecca Byrd Ianie Campbell Bobbie Cathey Ann Clark Teresa Clayton Pattie Dickerson Linda Enlow Bobby Evans Luedella Faulkner Sandra Faulkner Sharon Faulkner STUDE TS STUDE TS Donna Garrett Clyde Gill Linda Gorman Annie Gray Catherine Gray jill Gregory Frankie Hankins Gary Harris Ruthie Harris Solm Hayle Penny Hearn Karen Hill jennifer Holbrook jualdine Holloway Lisa Holmes Hazel Hopkins Patricia Holye Ioan Hurdle Betty Isom Emma Isom Jeffery Ivory Charisse jones Mary Jones Vivian jones Charles judge Beth Joyner Barbara Knighton Rodney Knighton 0 Sarah Lambert Gary Lewis Kelvin Lewis Oenia Luke Edith Lumpkin Linda Martin Janet Matlock Betty Mercer Tayna Nance Karen Neely Mary Neely johnnie Nunnally Arthur Poplar Gennie Prinine Sherry Rhea Sherrie Roberson Michael Rose Debbie Shields Mark Steward Antione Stinson STUDE TS STUDENTS Dawn Yeager Lucy Yeager Rachel Young Ierlean Strickland Pamela Swinford Martha Talley David Taylor Vanessa Taylor Carey Todd Brenda Tomlinson Carolyn Tomlinson Donna Tucker Trent Tucker Donna Turner Brenda. Washington Ioyce Washington Doris Whaley Cheryl Wilburn Linda Williams Linda Williams Cindy Wison Linda Wilson Claudia Yancy Fur Richard Darby Center Director 1 1 Facult and Supportmg Staff Bobby Beard Truck Driving Bill Burbeck Machine Shop David Cantrell Aviation Dee Duke Commercial Art Rhonda McNail Secretary jerry Nichols Vocational Director Sam Perry Maintenance Robert Sanders Welding Diane Sanders Offset Printing lim Stanford Maintenance Beverly Stark Counselor Eugenia Trousdale Art Www ,Lai-, Mg.- , 'W-me ' x JM: 005 , w w Tyrone Akins Tim Alexander joel Ashford Rachel Booth Eddie Brewer Carl Brown William Brown Sammy Caviness john Daniel Steve Davis Ryan Dees Stella Doyle Becky Edwards Lisa Edwards Paul Fulton Perry Fulton jim Gehringer Adrian Golden Thomas Grafe jimmy Hines Larry johnson Oliver jones Amy Kimbrough STUDENTS Ronald King Clifford Lanier Lanell Letson jerry Mabry Phillip Marchand Eric Martin lim Medlin Angela Mercer Lisa Montgomery Chris Muirhead Betty Neece jack Perkins Charles Riley Cliff Roberts Richard Roberts jeff Simpson jimmy Smith Kevin Sowell Michael Thomas Kim Thompson Alvin Walker Robbie Walters Stacy Walters Earlene Williams Scott Williams Greg Windham Mike Witt Richard Wolfle Lin Workman OUTSTANDI G STUDENTS S Edward Brewer Aviation Maintenance Lisa Edwards Commercial Art ...J Not Pictured: Percy L. Echols, Commercial Vehicle Sammy Caviness Machine Shop Amy Kimbrough Offset Printing MR. and MISS E BRANCH CEN LIV T Stacey Walters Oliver lCootl jones Members of the Commercial Art Club include: joel Ashford Carl Brown Lisa Edwards, Rebecca Ed- wards Thomas Crafe jimmy Hines Eric Martin Angela Mcrccr Lisa Montgomcry Richard Roberts Kimberly Thompson Stacey Walters and Lindsey Workman Advisors: Dee Duke and Eugenia Trousdale. VICA members are Ryan Dees Lisa Edwards Gliver l- jones Amy Kimbrough Lanell Let son Angie Mercer Cliff Roberts and Earlene Williams Sponsor for the club is Robert Sanders 1 1 1 a 1 x 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I H 1 1 C - 1 I - 1 1 ' I f ' Q O fb v-4 n in 93 p-A V1 FP QUID I DD I qn I I X 1 1 N N 1 r r ie xf 1 A 4 r ' f X .'X X 5 Q16 ' WN ,X, ly -N X., X 5, ,s LMXXX sr: Q' X-w wwf ,ew ,Xf- , we FELL- X-Q f : ' XwQXfX we -A -Ns: 'mm X X .pf X ' W6 ,Q : X 5 2 Q, gf I Xa .,,.,. E M "lie: ' A ,f -K I I W? O ,exe X I U 'X .S X fX'f X X J?" " Y XQ X.. X X X Kilim TN" X, X. mb X 51 , we w.X.g , X is w XX X xr' X XXX XXX' X .Y Q X X .-X XX X XX, Kiifsyy X . , X H .LX,k X , . vsmfs-Ff x - X X- ASV, X ,. -N . five' .. -, . x.,X','I-'Fafqf' V ',-Y: " XCXX A XX! X X X X ,RX X, 5 X'5'fN LX: :xii x Y ar 1n Reid Center Dlrector Sally Askew English Nyla Breshears Financial Affairs joe Broadway Vo-Tech Director Elizabeth Burns Counselor Edward Cash Evening School Juanita Cheek Science Lela Delaney Medical Clerical Gayle Ferguson Secretary Iayne Fields Nursing Duane Gardner Respiratory Therapy Maynard Gardner Accounting Pamela Gaillard Nursing Deborah Gibson Nursing Lillian Harris History Fay Johnson English Bob Koonce Hotel Motel Restaurant Mgt. Richie Lawson Mortuary Science Mary Leavell Related Studies Iohn Mitchell Mortuary Science Betty McCollough Librarian james McCormick Accounting Linda Owen Math Willie Parker Clinical Coordinator Carolyn Ralston Nursing gk Q gl' I a-'S 41 Broadus Weatherall Math Bertha White Maintenance Rose Marie Wilson Debby Rutledge Secretarial Science joseph Sam Science Scottye Stewart Business William Thornton Business Nursing Lab Coordinator Faculty and Supporting ' Staff ug" eq.. 5 . 1 Xl' xi. '-- --kr . 440143651 ...xi . 6 ' r-- . 1 V 'Multi ,iii Ly. L-I '. Qsiffsei... -z . ' .ZX QR ALL I DAYS WORK! Yolanda Arnold, Memphis, F Alza Azor, Nesbit S Tammie Ball, Southaven, F Rodney Barber, Coldwater, S Y'Dell Bardwell, Byhalia joy Barham, Southaven ,F , F Don Barr, Memphis, F David Bennett, Memphis ,S james Bennett, Memphis, S Stephanie Bostic, Germantown, F Virgil Brandon, Holly Springs Bridgett Bray, Southaven ,F ,F Sandra Browder, Memphis, F Debra Brown, Memphis, F Rebecca Buckner, Walls, F Kelly Buell, Nesbit, S Lesia Bullard, Nesbit, Tara Bullard, Nesbit, Christopher, Hom Lake, Wayne Bynum, Byhalia, S F F F TUDE TS juli Camburn, Southaven, F Eva Campbell, Horn Lake, F Iannice Cannon, Holly Springs, F Cheryle Carpenter, Southaven, F Linda Caruthers, Horn Lake, F john Chalmers, Hom Lake, F Suzy Childers, Southaven, S Edna Chunn, Southaven, F Paula Clack, Byhalia, F Danny Clark, Southaven, S john Clarke, Nesbit, S Susan Clemmons, Memphis, F Billy Coleman, Southaven, S Barbara Cox, Horn Lake, F Ronny Crockett, Southaven, S Ray Cross, Southaven, F Alisa Cuadd, Walls, F I-larold Davis, Bartlett, S jeff Day, Southaven, F Brenda Dennis, Hernando, F Karen Dunlap, Southaven, S Carla Eaves, Southaven john Erickson, Southaven Steve Evans, Memphis Lisa Fennell, Memphis Shirley Franklin, Memphis , F Mohammed Ejjawi, Memphis, , F F , F , F Sandra Franklin, Lk. Cormorant, , F S Lisa Gartrell, Olive Branch, F Tim Catlin, Memphis, F Marian Gawac, Memphis, F Kathleen Gillespie, Olive Branch, S Pretha Gray, Southaven, john Griffith, Byhalia, Mary Grillo, Southaven, Lynn Hamilton, Southaven, F F F F Phil Handrahan, Memphis, F Christy Hankins, Senatobia, F Karen Hannah, Holly Springs, S Pat l-larpole, Southaven, F V O'l ' 'er TUDE TS S i L 1 4 Iv 6 i ' , P4 2 STUDE Loretta Harris, Memphis, F Donna Hayes, Southaven, F Tammie Henderson, Southaven, F john Hendrichousley, Southav Ieannie Hendrix, Memphis, S Carolyn Hibbler, Marks, F Phillip Hickey, Memphis, F Frances Hobbs, Southaven, F Melissa Hobson, Hom Lake, F Leigh Holiday, Memphis, F Cheryl Hudson, Horn Lake, F Reginald Hughes, Memphis, F Dennis Ison, Memphis, F Gloria jackson, Hernando, F Iudy jenkins, Southaven, F Kelly Ierome, Horn Lake, F Darran Kea, Kingsland, AR, F Melinda johnson, Walls, F Floyda Kelly, Memphis, S en Bambi Kirk, Horn Lake, F " Pete Knight, Indianola, S , Lynette Kuendorf, Southaven, S Wayne Lacye, Southaven, Fs Evelyn Latza, Southaven, F Steve Lawson, Southaven, F Lea Layman, Cleveland, F Lucinda Letson, Nesbit, F Lori Lewelling, Olive Branch, S Robin Lincoln, Olive Branch, F Danan Little, Southaven, F , Angie Long, Nesbit, S ludy Lubbers, Southaven, F Margie Lumley, Olive Branch, F Mark Magill, Southaven, F Iimmy Malone, Hernando, F Ioye Marsh, Walls, F Stacy Massey, Southaven, S 9-t I .. 1' QS' julie May, Memphis, F Neva McCord, Senatobia, S STUDE TS Becky McFall, Memphis, S Jeffery McKendree, Southaven, F Desdra McLaughlin, Southaven, F Velinda Melton, Memphis, F Tammy Melancon, Southaven, F Robie Middleton, Senatobia, S Lois Moore, Nesbit, F Matt Morean, Southaven, F Patricia Mozader, Southaven, F Wendora, Olive Branch, S Darrell Nephew, Southaven, F Rhonda Newcomb, Charleston, S Kimberly Newton, Nesbit, F Regina Nichols, Horn Lake, S Ashley Omedeo, Walls, F Ezekiel Owens, Holly Springs, F Brenda Parchmayr, Memphis, F Lana Parham, Olive Branch, F Cherie Parker, Southaven, F Larry Parker, Bruce, S Laura Parker, Walls, F Debora Payne, Southaven, F Cathy Pearson, Horn Lake, F Ronald Peek, Southaven, F Patricia Penix, Memphis, F Preston Perkins, Hom Lake, F Ioyce Petty, Southaven, F Nancy Phillips, Olive Branch, F Lisa Pickens, Olive Branch, F Stephanie Pierce, Southaven, F Randy Porter, Southaven, F Tolann Powell, Southaven, S Dan Pulley, Southaven, F Brian Redden, Sledge, F Mechelle Reliford, Holly Springs, S Carrie Reynolds, Southaven, F Michael Rice, Hernando, S Tracye Richardson, Holly Springs, F Mary Ridley, Southaven, F Cynthia Piper, Southaven, F Q i -1 F I t :rf STUDE 5 -I I N A Z , 1 4 I s -se? af- TUDE Denise Rivers, Hom Lake, F Patricia Robbins, Hom Lake, F Iudy Rutherford, Bartlett, F Sharon Sanders, Marks, F Kimberly Scott, Lamar, S Laura Selby, Walls, F Barbara Senn, Memphis, F Shirley Shackelford, Olive Branch, F Marilyn Shackleford, Olive Branch, F Mark Sharbono, Southaven, F Brian Sharp, Memphis, S Linda Sharp, Southaven, S Renae Sharp, Southaven, F Connie Shaw, Southaven, S joseph Shaw, Parkin, AR S Cindy Shifflett, Hom Lake, F Dorothy Shifflett, Horn Lake, S Tina Short, Southaven, F Shelia Sides, Memphis, F , Allean Simmons, Hernando, F Missy Skinner, Southaven Debbie Smithnieks, Walls Daniel Smith, Olive Branch Wanda Smith, Horn Lake, Robert Snell, Southaven Theodore Sones, Southaven Kara Sparks, Walls Chris Steiner, Southaven Keith Stone, Horn Lake Shane Stout, Southaven Melissa Stribbling, Walls, David Surratt, Olive Branch Renay Swain, Memphis Tammy Swords, Southaven Dorothy Sykes, Horn Lake F ,S Aubrey Smith, Memphis, , S F F F ,S F ,S F F F ,S ,S ,S ,S Angela Taylor, Memphis, S F Elaine Taylor, Memphis Ioyce Taylor, Memphis I , F Dianne Teleton, Cormorant, S P I TUDE T David Thornton, Memphis, F Phyllis Towers, Memphis, F Shawn Towns, Southaven, E Marla Turner, Southaven, F Pam Turner, Southaven, F Lori Umstald, Memphis, S Phyllis Vaughn, Southaven, F Salameh Wael, Memphis, F Sheri Wagner, Olive Branch, F Vanessa Wallace, Hernando, F Michelle Walters, Southaven, Tommy Walton, Olive Branch, Gary Weatherspoon, Memphis Laura Whittle, Memphis, S Robbie Willett, Memphis, F Steve Williams, Southaven, F Shirley Willis, Memphis, S Iudie Wilson, Southaven, S Leonize Wilson, Hernando, F Paul Wildon, Southaven, S . I Evolyn Wiseman, Memphis, Kemely Wiseman, Memphis judy Worsham, Southaven, Cindy Wuerdeman, Horn Lake Vickie Yarbrough, Southaven, F Larry Young, Nesbit, F Susan Young, Southaven, S I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I , ,I I 5 I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 . I I I I I ,I I I I I I I ' I I f I I I I I I I 407 408 h Y 1' t V Pe QI1 Chester A Nb-4 I1 W I'O P Y iv, 4.4 f GFS O en'se ton 9 Car obb HIGH oud MCC t TESCSH go ax'ne Joh Ll he 8 8C6 BHESSH Hmm EIT .Q-C yuh ws:- .co-C -Uni .4-l Ferl all CE 0011 I'S v'so 'Q E -1. -1 p - 75 .1 . sg. , Q1 . .2 ' if , . " .N 1 Y . E Qian ,- m.,+ Vg, . .g' was It .j 5. ui. - -,VxA!.Ha l 4-lt, . 632. 5. ,, in CK A . . 41,43 1f":'.4. gif ' -el... ' U. . 3 P7 bfi' tl .'Q.,.guv! K tt' , ."'f"xf - 'V 'Wy wx I .P- f.. , o .41- of mirw. A I . ' 0 . Y ' N su" I 'Kit Student Nurse Assoc at on members nc ude L nda She ton L nda Caruthers Ed U11 PT I GSH OOIE EI' H an Luann Eaton EIS Y IDBI' ll v-CL. PN. 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Allen, Lisa Karen Allen, Mary Ann Allen, Valerie M. Allison, Travis Scott Ambrose, Ever enia Ambrose, Sandia L. Anderson, Cathy jo Phillip Anderson, Henry Edward Anderson, james Walker Anderson, Martha l"l Anderson, Patricia An Anderson, Susan Delores Anderson, Thomas Mark , Andrews, Paul Ryder Andrews, Tracy Renea Archer, Elizabeth Archer, H. Frenchshella Armstead, Claude Edward Armstead, Rose Lee Armstrong, Gloria jean Armstrong, Howard Lewis Arnett, jenny Kim Arnold, james Harold Arnold, Yolandra Renita Aron, jason Earl Aron, jeremy Franklin Asbridge, Richard Willian Ash, Tina M. Ashcraft, Maura Dawn Ashford, joel Lawrence Askew, Calvin Cley Atkins, Sherrie Renee Ausborn, Cora L. Charles Allen Austin, Austin, Dianne McKie Austin, Karen Austin, Mary Melinda Austin, Patrick Austin, Randy Austin, Vance Rice Autman, Patricia A. Boyd Avant, Arthur Mitchelle Avant, Audrey Michelle Ayers, Danny Thomas Ayers, Victoria Smith Azor, Alza Lee -12- Babb, Dennis Gary, jr. Babb, Terry Neal Badie, Dorothy A. Lesueur Bailes, Beverly S. Bailey, Brenda Carole Bailey, Daniel Bailey, Deatrice Demetrivs Bailey, Donald Elmer, Bailey, jimmy Carl Linda Marie Timothy Roy Craig 1 Linda B. Murry Allen Susan D. Thomas Earl Paul Christopher jr. Bailey, Bailey, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Bakke, Baldwin, Karen Lea Baldwin, Theresa Gail Ball, Tammie jo Bane, Benjamin Stacy Banks, Kerin D. Baptist, Cheryl Elaine Barber, Rodney j. Barber, Shirley Elaine Barch, Cindy Ann Barclay, Rhonda jean Barham, joy Alise Barkle , Doyle S., jr. Barkstlile, Luther Lamar Barmer, Terr L. Barnes, Geralld T. Barnes, james Howard, jr. Barnes, Robert Madison Barnes, William Randall Barnett, Kerry Lance Barr, Alisa Denise Barr, Donald Sumners Barrow, Fred Douglas Bass, Robert Bateman, Lara Lynn Battles, Sharon Looney Batts, Clay Bernett Bdeir, Walid M. Beach, Paul D. Bean, Kathryn Levette Beard, jac ueline H. Beard, Ricclcy T. Beardain, Melinda B. Bechel, jeffrey Alan Belcher, Maria Anne Belfour, Teresa Michelle Belk, Fred M. III Belk, Ronald R. Bell, Timothy Dewayne Bennett, james Staten Bennett, john David Bennett, Leslie janice Bennington, jeffery Alleo Benson, Bruce D. Berry, Ronald Brent Berry, William Michael Berryhill, Carol Lisa Nome Berryhill, jimmy Dean Besinger, Rodney Neil, jr. Best, Mark Anthony Bevan, Laurie Ann Bibbs, Marcia Valeria Billingsley, Angie Eunice Billingsley, james A. Billingsley, Steven jeffse Billingsley, Timothy Edwjn Bills, Callie S ight Birdno, David, Lee Black, Pamela Denise Blackburn, Deborah R. Blackmon, Chenelle Blackmon, Suzzette Blair, David Glynn Blair, Dorothy Faye Blair, Tamela Rena Blakley, Malisse A. Blanchard, Norman j., jr. Bland, Annette Marie Bland, Anthony Dewayne Blankenship, Debra j. Blankenship, Susan jones Blanks, Thomas Cameron Blanton, Sherr L nne Bledsoe, Ann gririfin Boatner, Lowan Bobo, David Lynn Bobo, Sonya Michelle Boddie, Celestine Boehm, Virginia Kay Bohanna, Vincent E. Bolden, Angela Casatta Bolden, Christine Nannetue Bone, jill Renee Boone, Gatewood Booth, Rachael Lee Booze, Darnell Bostic, Stephanie C. Botto, Cynthia Diane Bowen, joanne Grier Bowen, Shirley Denise Bowens, james Kizer Bowens, Mack Arthur Bowie, Mary Alice Bowles, Patricia javer Bownes, Dorothy jean Bownes, james, jr. Box, Lisa Carmen Boxley, Glenda Boyd, Evie Brooks Boyd, Keith Andre Boyd, Pattye Marie Boyd, Sharon Shuronde Boyden, jon Whitten Boylan, Glenn Elbert, III Bozeman, Melissa Ann Bradford, Deborah F. Bradley, Curtis Daniel Bradshaw, joe B. Brandon, john D. Brantley, Sonja Renee Brasher, Duane Howard Brasher, juna Suzanne Brassell, Gregory Allen Bratton, Laura jean Bray, Bridgett Denise Brewer, Hugh Durward, jr. Brewer, james Paul Brewer, jesse Orland Brewer, Robert Benjamin Brewer, Robert Edward Brigance, Robert Kyle Briggs, Christine Briscoe, Barry Kevin Briscoe, Lisa Mosley Brister, Scottie Clark Britt, Deborah T. Britt, Francis Louise Britt, jamie jo Britt, Margaret jo Bentoo Britt, Vickey Reid Sledge Britton, Luretha R. Lewis Broadway, jeffrey Shawn Bro don, james Cqiristopher Brooks, Avery D. Brooks, Doris jean Brooks, Elizabeth Annice Brooks, Mark D. Brooks, Sharon Broome, Cynthia D. Browder, Sandra Denise Brower, Phyllis Renee Brown, Richard Brown, Robert Brown, Robert Lee Brown, Sharon Goolsbv Brown, Palm Brown, Brown, Tish Carol ' erur Vonda Maples William Edward, jr. Brown, Brown, Yvonne Carol Zina Mae Bruce, Winston Ralph, jr. Brumm Brumm ett, David A. ett, Katie W. Brunner, Lawrence Richare Brunson, Vickie L. Bryan, Angie Camille Bryan, jimmy Forrest Carrie L nn Bryant, Karen Egaina Bryant, Leah K. Bryson, Bessie Denise Buchanan, james David Buchanan, Karen Buck, Yolanda Yevette Buckley, Gwendolyn Buckley, johnnie Buckner, Rebecca Ann Buell, Kelly jean Buford, Brenda F. jones Buford, Cara Lisa Buie, David Leon Bullard, David S. Bullard, Donna Sue Bullard, james Dennis Bullard, Kathryn Bullard, Lesia L. Bullard, Tara Rene Bulliner, David Scott Bullock, jennifer Carole Bumpus, Timothy Newman Buntin, jose h Michael Burchfield, Edwin Macarti Burford, Brian Alan Burks, Antwione Burks, Beverly H. Burks, Pamela jo Burlison, Carlene Campbeml Burlon, Christopher Todd Home Brown, Admiral Edward Brown, Angela Brown, Beatrice Brown, Beverly Martin Brown, Carl Ennis Brown, Daniel Ray Brown, Debra Brown, Frankie Brown, jackie B. Brown, james Ellis Brown, james, jr. Brown, jimmy Lee Brown, joe Louis Brown, Lamar Brown, Linda Cathy Brown, Lloyd Even Brown, Margaret Ann Brown, Paula M. Brown, Paulette Brown, Rena Faye Gillard Burnett, Hershel Lee, jr. Burns, Alecia Glyn Hall Burns, james Clint Burns, Susan Vira Burns, Timothy M. Tina Bursi, Burt, janice R. Toles Burt, Linda jean Burwick, Robert Samuel Busby, Donna Michelle Busby, joey D. Busby, Shelia jean Busby, Sletta j. Bussell, james L. Butler, Brenda Ann Butler, David Earl Butler, Edward Caurthur Butler, Lisa Ann Shannon Louise lButler, Reatha Mae Butler, Ronald Ray Butler, Steven K. Butts, Carolyn Renee Byers, Rose Mary Bynum, jean E. Byrd, Lauren R. Byrd, Rebecca Byrd, Terry 'Byrd, Tim M. I Byrne, Ryan Edmund F-6- Cain, Rodney Franklin Caldwell, Brenda M. Calicutt, Allive Calvert, Mart A. Camburn, juli Ann Campbell, Anthony W. Campbell, Charles Earl Chunta, Richard Allen Church, Cynthia j. Churchill, Alicia Lorra Churchill, janet B. Clack, Paula Kennedy Clanton, Sherryl Annette Clark, Angela Marie Clark, Ann McAllister Clark Arbedlla Clark Connie Paige Clark, Dora McGee Clark, jennett Clark, joyce Marie Clark Linda Ann Clark Lisa Carol Clark, Stephan D. Clark, Teresa E. Clark, Willie Cook, james Albert, jr. Cook, Milers L., jr. Cook, Rebecca Ann Barre Cook, Ruth Chambless Cooper, jerome Edward Cooper, Suzanne Renee Cooper, Tony Lee Cooper, Tony Reeves Cordel, Philli Ray Corruthers, Thelma B. Corruthers, William M. Cosby, Perry L. Cossitt, Leland Glenn Coughran, Lisa Gail Countiss, Staci Lynn Courtney, G. Scott Covington, Susan Frances Clarke, Edwin Morton Clarke, john William Clay, Theresa Sands Cowans, Anita Michelle Clayton, Stephanie Felis Eads, Alisha Cam bell, Christopher Clbjy Campbell, Eva Michelle Tbs Campbell, Hilda jean Campbell janie S. Clayton, Teresa Clement, O. Lance Clements, Kevin Ra Clements, Lisa Gaylle Clemmons, Susan Lynn Daves, Teresa Lynne Daves, Terri A. Davidson, Clara Lick Davidson, joe Lee, jr. Davis, Angela Renee Davis, Charles B. Davis, Cheryl Ann Davis, Darvita Renell Davis, Deborah Lynn Davis, Deborah Renee Davis, Debra Ann Davis Davis , Donald Paul , Fannie Mae Davis, Harold Lewis' Davis, john Lawrence Davis, Kelly Dale Davis, Lola B. Davis, Patrick Tyrone Davis, Randy L. Davis Rebecca Miller Davis Rhonda E. Davis Rickey M. Davis Davis, Davis Shirley Rena Steven Anthony Duke, Robert Alan Duke, Willa Kay Dukes, Brenda Renia Dukes, Tommy joe Dunavent, jamey Kaye Duncan, Melanie Anne Duncan, Michael Bruce Dun an, Pamela j. SeTby Dunlap, Cynthia Ann Dunlap, Karen Ann Dunlap, Kenneth Harold Dunlap, Linda Dunn, Krista Cheryl Dunn, Robbie Dunn, Terry Wade Durham, james Boyd Durley, Deborah Lynn Cox, Barbara Armstrong Cox, Christopher Cox, David Wa ne Cox, Eveatina Cox, james Edward Cox, Wyanda Kay Crafton, Carol Nix Craig, Thomas Clemons, jeffrey Dees, Yuvonne Campbell, Marsha Denise Cannon, janice Denise Canon, Phyllis Suzanne Canoy, Barbara Ann Cantrell, Charles Wayne Cardosi, Edward j., III Cariness, Sammy Carlisle, Carol Ann Carlisle, Eric V. Carlisle, Sandra Pierce Carlisle, Sarah Louise Carothers, Rosie Marie Carr, Gary M. A Carr, George Ella Carr, PatricktDarnell Carr, Thomas Wayne Carraway, Christy Lynn Carroll, Angela jean Carson, Michael Wayne Carter, Mary Frances Caruthers, Linda Lou Cathey, Bobbie jean Catron, Gloria L. Caulder, Mark A. Chadwick, Anthony Gregory Chaffin, Carolyn Kay Chambers, Barbara Nell Lbn Chapman, Holly Hill Chapman, Mary Ann Charnes, Larry Michael Charrier, Cynthia Helen Cheshier, Melanie Cheshier, Randall Lee Childress, Clarise Lasheme Chipman, Sherry Lynn Chism, Vickie Renee Chrestman, Charles Kevin Christal, Lois Christenbur , Paul A. Christian, Cllemistine Christmas, Charles Brian . Cleveland, Earnest D., III Clifton, Belinda C. Clolinger, johnny Ray Cobb, Anquinette A. Cannoo Cobb, Charles Norman Coffey, Valarie Michelle Cohran, Pamela Kaye Cole, Catherine Cole, Cathy Sue Cole, Danny R. Coleman, Alicia Coleman, Coleman, Coleman, Coleman, Coleman, Coleman, Coleman, Billy Gene Craig Alan Emily Re ina john Rein? jr. Lori S. Nina Lou Terry Dewayne Coleman, Wendy jean Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Andrea Daniel Mason jacquiline Tiney Sherman Collums, Michael Wayne Colson, Cheryl L. Conant, Rose Marie Hull Conant, Sonya R. Conard, Annie Orphan Conley, Evelyn Conley, Kenneth Keith Conley, Virginia Fa e Conn, Gregory Michael Conner, Angela Connor, Barbara Ann Conrad, Roy L. Cook, Andrew james Cook, Anthony Alexander Cook, Charles Ray Cook, Curtis Anthony Cook, Gloria Craine, Gennie Mae Craine, Michael H. Crane, Debrah A. Crane, Versia Mae Scrug Craven, Clifford Andrew Crawford, jennifer Lynn Crawford, jill M. Crenshaw, Gregory Bryan Crider, Arthur D. Crocker, james Michael Crook, Susan Michelle Cross, Patricia Denman Cross, Ray Dean Cross, Shari Bonette Crosswhite, Betty Sue Crump, james Cruse, Dudley Mark Cuddy, Chris D. Culver, Claude Dewayne Cummings, Tony Lynn Cunningham, Aqunarda Denjs Cunningham, Letitia Ann Curbow, Barry Ennis Curry, Deloris G. Curry, Miranda Ora -13- Dalomba, Betsy Baker Dandridge, Gala Lavern Dandridge, Gala Lavern Daniel, john L. Daniel, Karen Lynette Daniel, Robin Rachelle Daniel, Willamena F. Daniels, Bernard Dantzler, Karen Denice Darby, Angela Maurice Darby, Gary Lynn Darby, Leslie A. Davisi Steven Mark Dawson, Lewis Dale Day, jean Michelle Durley, William Tood Dye, Brenda Kay Dye, Tamela Denise -gf- Eason, judy Karen Eaton, Rose Luann Day, jeff Shane Dean, Angela Marie Dean, Billy Ray Dean, Darrel K. Dean, Evelyn Dean, Howard Brian Dean, james Clifton, III Roger Ryan, jr. Eaves, Carla M. Echols, john L nn Eddie, Mark Thompson Edgar, Craig Arnold jonet Edlin, Mark Allen Edmond, David Lee Deloach, George Lake, Ill Dennis, Brenda Diane Dennis, Sophia Goolsby Dewitt, Eric Alfornea Dickerson, Pattie Diane Dillingham, Karen Lynn Distel, Timothy Micheal Dixon, Sheila Wolfel Dobbins, Dwight Devern Dobbs, Rebecca Claudeen Edmonds, john M. Edwards, Cathy C. Edwards, jeffery Howard Edwards, Lisa D. Edwards, Michelle Edwards, Patricia Edwards, Priscilla Edwards, Rebecca Ann Edwards , Reginald L. Edwards, Renee Edwards, Susan Dobson, john M., jr. Dockery, Louisa D. Dockery, Rochelle D. Dodd, janice Marie Dodson, Sharon Cathey Dodson, Tonia Yolanda Doles, Penny Michelle A Donahou, Denver Lee Dorris, Dewilda Leverna Doss, james Christopher Doster, Ken Frederick, jr Douglas, Anna Chrystine Douglas, john Wesley Dover, Sherry Dowler, Lolita Lynn Doyle, Durand Doyle, john David Doyle, Stella Booth Drake, james Bentley Drannon, Bryon D. Drewrey, Rebecca ' Sparks g Drews, Kimberly Ann Dubois, Larry C. Ejjawi, Mohammed Ali Eldred, Keith Morris Eldred, T. Raymond Ellard, Carla Denine Elliott, Melisa Hope Elliott, Valerie Elliott, William G. Ellis, Martha Ann Ellis, Michael jerome Elmore, Renee Elizabeth Embrey, james Morris En lish, Ricky Lee EnFow, Linda S. Ennis, james Rodney Erickson, john Ivar Eubanks, Paul Anthony Evans, Aza Denise Evans, Bobby Lee Evans, Claire Evans, Margaret A. Evans, Percy Evans, Queen Evans, Rex Wayne Evans, Steven Paul Everett, Barbara Whitworuh 4 4 Everett, Charles Henry Everton, Walter Allen Exson, Hazel Lee Ezell, Mary E. Ezell, Stanely Patrick -51- Fancher, Forrest iglfy Farmer, Christopher Ni If FarreTl, Andrea Christe Faulkner, Dennis Lynn, jr. Faulkner, Luedella Faulkner, Martha Lynn Faulkner, Romus Faulkner, Sandra K. Faulkner, Sharon R. Faulkner, Termetra Leve Fellows, Kenneth Ray Fennell, Lisa Carole Ferguson, Cassie jean Fernstrom, Harriet jenn Ferrell, Danny Lee Fields, Norris Willis, jr. Finley, Danny Finnie, Margaret Ann Fisher, Clinton Doyle Fitzgerald, Leonard Fleming, Wanda Darlene Flo d, Beverly Anne Folkerts, Cathy jean Fondon, Annie Denise Fondon, Charles Edward Fondon, Tommy Lee Fondren, Buck Fondren, Deborah Kaye Fondren, Freda Sharon Fondren, johnny Nathanal Fondren, Linda jeane Fondren, Rita Lana Ford, Barbara G. Ford, Diana Ford, james D. Ford, Magalene Foster, Casandra Yvette Foster, Clifton Wayne Foster, Robert Lewellyn Foti, Christo her Alan Fowler, Randpall Dewayne Fowler, William David Franklin, Anthony H. Franklin, Frederick Franklin, Ingrid Miranda Franklin, Sandra joyce Franklin, Shirley Ann B. Frazier, Connie j. Freeman, Laurie Virginia Freeze, Tammy C. French, james Robert Frierson, Robert Lvnn Frison, Sabrina Marthan Frizzell, Ronald Oren Fuller, Donald Victor Fuller, Linda Robbins Fulton, Paul A. Fulton, Perry Gadd, Alisha Renae Gaines, Charles Brent Gaines jr., james Grady Gaines, Perry A. Gaines, Sheryl Anne Gallowa , Ora M. Gandy, Cynthia Dawn Ganslow, Laura j. Garaffa, joseph jude Garner, Cathy Freeman Garner, George, III Garner, Mimi Michelle Garrett, Donna Lee Mundz Garrett, james Bernard Garrett, janet Fay Garrett, Renae Dyneoce Garrett, Ricky Wayne Garrison, Matthew Wayne Garrison, Thomas Glenn Garrison, Vanessa Gartrell, Lisa Leann Gary, Charles William Gaston, Aneather Ann Gaston, Cathy Laverde Gates, Mitchell Lee Gates, Porta jevonne Gatlin, Cynthia Kay Gatlin, Tim Gee, Brian A. Geeslin, Bryan Keith Geeslin, Christopher Gehringer, james Michael George, Sabrina Dawn Gibson, Crystal Leigh Gibson, john Steve Gibson, Lydia Grace Gibson, Prince Edward Gibson, Susan Michelle Gilbert, j. Cary Gilchrist, Audrey Denise Gill, Clyde L. Gill, Debroah Embry Gilles ie, Andrea Miclaelme Gillespie, Kathleen Gilliam, Betty Louanne Gilmore, Robert Earl Gipson, james Gipson, Reginald R. Glasper, judy Mae Glasper, Linda Sue Wilbosn Gleaton, Delores Ann Glover, Alice Glover, Lola Mae Glover, Lorenzo Glover, l.oretta Gober, james Chris Golden, Michael j. Golliday, Bernard Gooch, Mike Todd Gooch, Paul Wayne Gooch, Susan Kay Gooden, Andrea Darnell Goodson, Debora Gale Goolsby, Carolyn Renea Goolsby, Wanda Eushell Gordon, Debra Gordon, Erma j. Gordon, Gary Duncell Gordon, Melissa Kay Gordon, Sallie Gorman, Linda jean Goss, Donna Haggard Gowen, Mary Patricia Grady, Mary j. Shaw Grafe, Thomas Carl Graham, jerry Lee, jr. Grant, Grant, Grant, Carl C. Lee Anthony Micheal Graves, Cedric D. 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Sims, Arthur Singleton, Irene Sisk, Joanna Sissell, William Shipp Sitter, Mark J. Skelton, Michael E. Skinner, Melissa Joy Smiltnieks, Debbie Jean Ta lor Scruggs, Brad J. Seale, Robert Anderson Seamans, Teresa Jean Moose Selby, Laura Elizabeth Self, Cheryl Ellis Sellers, Kathy Lee Sellers, Katrina Senn, Barbara Jean Sewell, Donald K. Seymour, Donald Gregory Shackelford, Marilyn K. Shackelford, Shirley Ann Shackleford, Cammie Floye Shannon, Michael Wayne Shannon, Terence Sharbond, Mark Allen Sharp, Brian Lee Sharp, Daniel Bryan Sharp, Linda Page Sharp, Marsha Renae Shavers, John Fitzgerald Shaw, Connie L nn Shaw, Douglas Eldward Shaw, Eric Matthew Shaw, Gregory Bain Shaw, Kim A. Lisa Diane Susan Michelle aw, Shegog, Jeffrey Kendell Shegog, Tanya D. She ey, Joseph Heath Shelton, John M. Shelton, Linda Goode Shepard, Billie E., Jr. Shepard, Ronnie Shettles, Bobbi R. Shields, Debbie Shifflett, Cynthia Jane Shifflett, Dorothy Raley Smith, Albert Maurice Smith, Aubrey Eugene Smith, Audrey Elaine Smith, Barry Michael Smith, Brenda F. Smith, Charlie Mae Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Daniel Elliott Darrel Lee Dianne Marie Donald Ladell James Kevin James Lee James Lewis Smith, Jerry Wayne Smith, Jimmy T. Smith Keith Andrew Smith Keith Andrew Smith Ladine Smith Laura Gale Smith Lora Ann Smith, Louie Smith, Marcia Karen Sones, Lisa B. Sones, Theodore Robert Sorrells, Scott Pattersoo Sossaman, Krista Suzanne Sowell, Kevin R. Sparks, Kara Michelle Spatz, Tryon James Spearman, Kim Annette Spears, Sheila Spears, Stephen Anthony Spoon, Patricia Diane St. John, Vickie Lee Stac , Wendy L. ' Stafford, Jon Stamcps, Rebecca Marie Stan ard, Tina Jo Stanford, Lisha Michelle Stanford, Rickey . Dewayne Stanley, Paul Herbert, Jr. Stark, Ronald Wayne Starks, Darrell D. Steele, Scott Anthony Steen, Martha Jean Stephen, Curtis -Lamont Stephen, Douglas Lee Stevens, Richard Clay Stevens, William Earl Stevenson, Betty Lynn Stevenson, Gloria Dersie Steveson, Barry Lee Steward, Mark Anthony Stewart, Samuel Scott Still, Sandra Kay Stinson, Antione Stokes, Leslie Mae Stone, Harold D. Sylvester, James R. -j- Tabor, Stacy E. Taliaferro, Arlen Cornayto Talley, Martha M. Tapxley, Clarence il orn Tarver, Christopher T. Tate, Willie Ruth C. Tatum Tatum, Tatum Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor Taylori Taylor Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor Beverly Ann Mary Brite Ronald Vane Angela Marie Brian Caz Brinkley O. Carl L. Daniel Lloyd David C. Douglas Arnold Frances Idell James Edward Joyce Rodgers Kenneth I. Leslie Monroe Linda Malera Ta lor, Mark Anthony Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor Taylor, Naomi Robert A. Romie Sherry Levon Steve Sylvester Lewis Terry Allen Vanessa L. 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Tracy, Yates Mitchell, Jr. Trammell, Martha Lynn Trezevant, Bonita Tribble, Tommy J. Trice, Kenneth Lawayne Triplett, Thomas Jeffrey Trotter, Blythe Scott Troxler, Terri L nn Truddle, Pamella Degail Tubb, Doyle Macwade Tucker, Delores Diane Tucker, Donna K. Andrew Thomas, Andrew Clay Thomas, Barbie Humphrey Thomas, Cynthia Kite Thomas, Denise Michelle Thomas, Donnie Sue Thomas, Doris A. Thomas, Eddie Lee Thomas Geor e f 8 Thomas, Gwendlin Faye Thomas, Ervin N., III Thomas, John Patrick Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas , Katherine , Kevin Michael Michael Lidell Monty Mobley Sherrie Renee Thomas, Thomas, son, Sherry Deanne Tucker, Samuel Wayne Tucker, Vivian Sowell Tunstall, Phyllis Renee Turner Bobbie Turner, Cecil Wa ne Turner, Charles Turner, Christie Lee Turner, Corrine Turner, Donna Ree Turner, Gay Sheree B. Turner, Janet Moore Turner, Janice Anita Turner Linda Denise Turner Marla Gaye Turner, Melissa Dawn Turner Pamela L. 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Whitaker, Michael Carrolm White White White White White I Christine Evonne Hiburnia Lee Kenneth Leon Kenny Eugene White, Kimberly Anne White, Rita Faye White, Ronald Keith White, Samantha L. Whitehead, John David Whitehead, Rodney Wallace Whitehurst, Cheryl Lee Whitehurst, Patricia Kay Whiting, James Lee Whitin , Pamela K. Whitsei, Angela Dale Whitt, Mike Rodney Williams, Jackie Q. Woods, Doris Wllllamsf l0ll.Ma1'k Woods, Evelyn Jean WllllH1'f1Sf ludllh lane Woods, Melissa Ann Williams, Latonya Woods, Vera Mae lvlffllfhellll Woodson, Robert Louis Williams, Linda Faye Wooldridge, Cathy Williams, Linda Kay Lynn W1111amS, LISE1 Dah Wooldridge, Sherry A. TeY10f , Woolfolk, Bill 1. Williams, Mary Allison Woolfolk, Chili? Willems, Orlando Woolfolk, Edna Dianne Wllllamsf Ralph Wooten, Debra Denise Williams, Rlmlada lrYllll Wooten, James Micheal Williams, Rita Jean Wooten, Tammy Jfalalllo Yvonne Wllllamsf Rflbell Word, Sandra Leigh Williams, Scott Austin Workman, Lindsay Williams, Steven Harold Charles Williams, Thomas B. Wortham, Elaine Wllllamsf Tlmml' Wortham, James Mike Williams, Walter L. Wortham, Robert Ir- Williams, Willie Wortham, Ruth G. Andrew Williamson, Norris Williamson, Patricia Ann Williamson, Sherry L lnn Williford, Sharyn Wright Willingham, Evelyn Joy Willingham, Shelia Ann Willis, Adreon Keith Willis, Johnny Wayne Wilson, Bedeliah Wilson, Brenda Lajoyce Wilson, Cindy Kaye Wilson, Darrell Wilson, Deborah Carol Wilson, Eric Wright, Donald Howard, Jr. Wright, Earnie Wright, Kelley Lynne Wright, Mark David Wright, Queen Ester Wright, Randall Howard Wright, Ra field Wright, Rebecca Ann Wright, Regina Ann Wright, Stanley Davis, Jr. Wuerdeman, Cindy Buckle Wynn, Tllladdeus inmen Wyse, Regina Denise Yancey, Claudia Ette Yarbrough, Cynitha Marie Yarbrough, Jennifer Yarbrou h, Vickie Lynn Yeager, Eff Neal Yeager, Lorrie Dawn Yeager, Lucy G. Barnett Yon, Lisa Ann York, Robert Lee, Jr. York, Tina Kay Young, Brenda Diane Young, Charol Renee Young, Christy Lee Young, Clara M. Young, Craig T. Young, Jacqueline Young, Karen Lynn Young, Larry Wayne Young, Leland David Young, Lula Ann Young, Melvin Young, Monte Rish Young, Rachel Christine Young, Robert Young, Robert Joseph Young, Rosaland Yavette Young, Susan Anita .Yount, Bonnie D. Yount, Bonnie Michele Zinn, Seleter Veon J 431 Colophon t Twenty-five hundred copies of the 1986 ROCKETEER were printed on one hundred pound enamel paper stock. The cover was a special embossed with a krinkle pattern and applied colors. Headlines were done with Coronet Bold Italic lettering and body copy was set in Palatino Standard. Most of the candid photography was done by the ROCKETEER staff. R. -. v,, I 3' A na- ' Lgi-.'1"f-. ,J 0 Wr- --ii 1- ' 'aff

Suggestions in the Northwest Mississippi Community College - Rockateer Yearbook (Senatobia, MS) collection:

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