Northwest Mississippi Community College - Rockateer Yearbook (Senatobia, MS)

 - Class of 1982

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Northwest Mississippi Community College - Rockateer Yearbook (Senatobia, MS) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 444 of the 1982 volume: I 1 - - 1'.1V- .,'. . .4.:.- 'Q'-i hgr.:-. 2- , II, .111 '-Jn-'r 57:52 ' ." 5II::,,-G J ,..ZfVg9,fkg J" T3-.ij gQJ1T,L-,Lf,.f QM :-- : ::'.fI-,1I fV.-,wg-'ft ,I,,---424 .1411 v. .,-V' ef-..,. 'ur' .-4---1 ", :I:.. '15 f7L4c,., '-..'V -3 .' 1:-Ii. ya-144, 'H-I. .:.-,rf .- -,gp Vg. L-.1 ' . . '2 -.fVi-.- f-'Vff:,,'.-z-fiw6545-.3I:1 -ggF,I,:-.1451'ZQQL'1.'V-.wx-Eff' ff-P: P-5z3':g'7:4':"L!' "'s"' .I . I -,,.,.II: . ' A . 3" I, . ' ,3. "' - - - - -A , .Ag IL- 1, , ,fir-.311 .Lg V..-1 V. 'V V JI f -. I. V -- A -. :fzfp If-1'f:., -, -4 - .A .V V ,gat I f- IVg?a7f' A, .I II. I . I. I Q -.. , .VI I .I:I.., :I Ibyxf' I,II,4. k " A ' . ffawn -1 if'-2 ' - ' ' . ' "-,fu ff,-12 I"2L. ,I , -I I .... . I ,I II I-I i,.I,.,,I,., x,5I.j.I I . I , 1. V, , .V -. ,. - . -gl V1..'..4 .-'Ig -'1 , li ' .5 - :Hg L,-:iff-5455-z -:-':'- .:.,,.: -' -5 '- ,- -1..4zVV:1w'-5-.W "' 14:-'T' .'- f ' . 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H121-I1EI.I '. qF.,.C. q,,'1f:'l-,mn II '-5-Lygggri. .-JV , ,-fr 47 I aku ,f I - gg I TABLE OF CONTENTS CAMPUS LIFE .............. 2 FEATURES .......... .... 1 14 HONORS .................. 138 ORGANIZATIONS ........ 166 SPORTS ............. 196 FACULTY ........... 274 CLASSES ................. 298 BRANCH CENTERS ...... 368 DIRECTORY ............. 422 CLOSING ........... .... 4 32 U, if lt., 1 'A 'W' Q L 4 ,, ,. WY W ,J fp ,. Jhv E 1982 ROCKETEER MISSISSIPPI JUNIOR COLLEGE SENA TOBIA, MISSISSIPPI Volume 43 CAMPUS LIFE LCJOKING AHEAD . . . to good times i 'a 2 -... nv iff' .0 Ax Y., s lil .' ,Q Nlgy, ff' 1: .Q inC'r'1.P nf? H+ Y 'hi in ', 4 x C 1 54 r. 5? x I' '-r -,A 'QI '- sir ,Q 1, K ls, .fa ff. G Q x. ' Q . . , f Ji ii C rl "' 9 ' . K W' ' 'a ' Q c xxx? N l r . ww s :X - , - 'Uni .u t. '3, kilns: 'I ! ' X' 1- 54 ' ' ,. ' x. Q -. 2 is , wi- 1? Q A 1 K ski - fs. f ' 'Q 8 o ,I A K H Y ,I 'Q' .I 35.552377 inf? .. --rr - -ef ,. . . .. 1 , U. . L' 1 'f',: f-r' .5, .fi x , U. J- Hal " -.zum "-'Q ,sy 3.0, .' . :N ,. M, 11 1 1 I 7 lfaiic '45- Y' fg 'V .germ -' "7 6 - h X ,gQ The seeds of memones ore plonfed of NWJC, ond we begin to look oheod, onticipofing the flower. ff! 6 6 A fi' 'fl 1 , 'Q uf ' l "Y, '-vu ...g--""""""" Q 1 a-"F iv we-4 , 7'- RQ I M na-u 1 WN w. V 'Y J wx., . , V - .-f,"1.i1L4-asffev,f2tw ' 221,11 ' .,.1f" ' , 3fqg.,,,, s , ,Q .4 . 'K' , x 5 fi 1' 'Aw V ff:-1'-:M,.'1m1,'-a.f1- 1, , W 6 , 5 H A li .SEV - ag 15 ".' X , ' "W xg: 1 E 1 1 me Y e 15 i? .ff tl w , t, V, 1 V I L." u ua 51 w A A z 5 IQ 1 1 1 S4 fx 14 QE P an YP L 4 I F' Vi Q ? il ii H Q x i 14 T I I" " ff? fr'-13' A -4 .'. , 1. - not .W Nw!- . qs .p. if-r , 6-hiv' 'sul . bk V V, ' 1.7 la, SQ "' -Sig 064 LA... qi- il.. N S. QM X H .Ai f i it J 5, 1 v 4 T' I 5 l :- X As time trovels olong the corridor of the future, pulling the seed from the soil, to the bud, ond finolly to the blossomed rose, so does our knowledge ond experience grow ond prosper. x M A ' 1 I AEE' ' 1 Wm? VL gg, X 'f M 'Wf h' h X ' Tl A 'ffl -5- fs""EfTfiTf" vm, ,,,,..,'iE .... '51"s's.!l. " flin- 45 ! x 5 - I 94 6 , f E4 i ? -ci .4 I 5 X mn 4 "ia uw- 14 Memories ore the stuff thot history is mode from, ond history is the foun- dotion for the future. We ore ston- ding on this foundotion of memories, looking oheod, to our future. J mm N 'W W ifv , xv, X .XL 1- ,- 55.- .4. , f 1 .. PLL' . 1 :J .2 "ff - ffflvbr ' ' 1 1 ,ag , N: ' 'if mvfflf-f 'Jn--' -+,,'f-. .1 ,egf QQ.-L -535.4731 ., ,Nm ,,,.:5y- L5-5" -riffs? gzgw fiifwwgf aj ., ' Q 11 f-'bw - -V 'x . "L-1, .15 I- X 5.2 N, 1 -" H:'ff-ur., f .Y ' "Q if E'5v 9X7?i?E2iQfeLe'5 f fd 'TE V51-,' . ., I, UW. .113 , ,pa 'T ,N , Q 2 v,,.,. , W- e'ii2,:2,. f " ' 539.35 .iigfxi ' K iff' ' P ,lsz1Ef.' , . 5-fl ,,4sY,j3 Registration 81 0 of 'Zi' Selecting carefully the seeds that will be sown along the fertile furrow of the future and bond desire to destiny, we begin looking ahead to the hole harvest when the dream will beseem reality. f-"""'r'., on ' 9' 'f LJL,lL,lI-Ju . 4 G l S i 1 l Y l l 3 t V 1 D gg L, u If I I FH gl Wh: N. I , ,4 3' Q .Yxw if a , .Y .nf N -,az 1. I 49 'f' .1 ,. TY A. v , w i n MW fr Rfk ! v 'K AX ' F RF A A N f Eff' , rp. Z , , n ,.., 'ax 5' x Ir' - Ax 1-,i 13 A XM L I . Y 5 R S Z1 p ,. x "X QL HW .S- I .r U rf' L NF Vi, A - ' L' ' nk :Ivan , , ,3,, , 4 1. ., v cl J ' u, - . fy- 1 - ,E VH . 1.7! J, Q-'T' . L 1 Q V , , , ' Q N - A 4 E., 'V I X I' x -Q 1 1 9 I ,. .. M, K L sip V,-yigg' 5' it My in VV... . 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'X ...KI-' y ,N . 54. 4. 1, ww :germs b Y Q-1. Q -V - .. """ if"'w7 , .l ,. fa. 4 , I' I W-at 'X' -ff.. I 'I 3 Ziffimlf. Al I ,nf ,W Y ,Ia ' li "1 vi 'wg' I JUN'-"-' -, 4 I 4-do ' " 1... . 21 IX 0 fl Studying? 4 ' 5 Q "A reosonoble facsimile of N WJC students accumulating knowledge" - if you overlook the sunny smiles stoged for the express benefit of,our photogrophers or the pleo- sont expressions produced by secret, extrocurriculor thoughts ond mogozines hidden behind textbooks, you might find someone studying. , .735 5 Y --of :ic f- QW . , "' A' ' -1 f wie 2 Y ' 4 ' at 1 - F, fin, ,ifyysfu " , 2, , ' ,S Q ,, L .!, H, 1 , Look Familiar? 11 fbqxl ,- ' 'j nik by 'll on Q J Gag i"1'3Q11' - I in H ww YS ' A A ' A"- , 5 f, ,W i Y Qi' ,.,- W' " 1 dv gy, ,S f fm, fx 14 my - 0, , 4 -wg, wg 7 a t 2... N F' ,V K Y qv lv ln '5- 'H' ,x,, X .W fx ,Q if fr Q . +-I , . , ., .mg 50 W .' 6 C9 6+ ,WM V.. fl x xxx ?'74'g- I J' Q 'I 2 11 i 3 'n X ,,... .V WN- ijl-: . 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'FH-" " - 1. i I -fi-., fauna-,' ', ,Q -. ,.f.-gc ag.. 'H LQ, Benton-Morsholl Center Tommy Plunk - Desoto Center Beouty Jonuory snow Cornmercuol Arr student Connne Pullen wmv J 5 Q... ,,: - - SQ' , ,. ' 3 5 ' A wfs-:fig , fl.. , . 'f HM-J' X ., ,S ,I 8 lf. .l""' ,SM xxx .2 1 ,au .13 W .pf ., - 1 on ann?" V, 36? Aff' -' 'L v , , . rm f N .- A ' R yi- """". V pF...'.-L """'s.,,.Mv 'TMR' , 44" C ,1:f7f,4J .6"" x , ,V t 'l.' X iq l ,1 it i 2 ll V ,l it X N. ' li 3 l is 4 . X .. i i i 5. 2 l it i i i il l : fl 5? 'l V V ,Y Y, , ...,..,,,, ma Even now, the songs ond loughter echo in our memories. And os time goes on, these psyco-sounds will multiply, stifling recollections of the pressure ond hordships of motriculotion. 2 . ..., ,Ml it rl li 3 I , it 4 , 4 l I l ,, i i i 5 ll I xl 5 3 ,r , l, l . w i - rx i li I r 36 l 1 1 if Q-as IL ' 15: 1 l T 1 I 1 1 AE E! 1 2 ' 1 1 E ,J Z i i E 1 1 I F I 7 5. .N 1 3 f4 .Ai 4 Jw, I. . 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A ' s 4 N -, :HZ -irq f -2 Ui!-1 'Q ' ' '14, 3 'tw 34 '3 'MSNSC "" A X Lis 5 1,-fx Q. ixxf 'Fd 'fly ,li 'Xi' T 9.2: ' P .V ., 9' 1- - 'iw iii- - .h H1f'1:?Ak,y 'I xkzkt H Y- N . ,,,,,l.wmN P 4 ' Y ,- , -N I I ' ' 4 I ' 'J' .mum ' Q-iaih.:."TQf Nj - -' "'f.- -, 4, 3 5 . mu mlb.. MBLAZING QI EER BURGE 13 FRIES uwn: U Northwest residents U Wi sleep, work, ond ploy. .r""' 1- X s .elf ' 11201-ff'.. r x i I C - . .,. -,L- x ,Q u, L M. Y 1 R If lj ' Qgitfn.. W M71 , - "fwe2a,, A A . 'Q A w, "ki 1 ,, Q. xx nv 'I , 6 uf " ' ', , ,f 1, .-..,.-. .I - ,V - -' .1 .H , A 'fy' , - A , -- v- Is- Q x . ,J x, fl f N - ,- . ,. ,HI .xl ... W ,A '-- 1 vi,-A V, 5 ng.. v- A 5 , 0 .121 ,...gA4 - sank.: ...'- -1-2.1.1 ,..i......:..,-..w.5.4.lL... --J ,WS ' 'U ws. 4. -Q ..,. 1 Ear. 'ln N .. xi' X1 17 1 1 3 u 5 n I Y i nyp-V 'A f X. V . .. , - N' - ' ' ,. 4 1 , -' 'A' . ' ,Ji-if A ' .- '-fzx, 4.1 ' .,.- 454-' z ,, , ' 1 A .3357-1' - - .1""s 5 -Y M-ap'-S 'Q 52? 'Pfs 'f"4"'34' ' Ml! K U' " 5 t - K ,, X . f a Q - 5 ? l 5 I 1 ,: F, if e. E 5 E 1 1 1 I 1 . t . , . -,A -,Q fs 'Q I .v 4 , . ,, pqfgnga I F' 1 0 5 .f' ,"'lI r' 4 r "I I l r "Q ,i', l f Y P l 4 '4 '4 74 7 4 P rl 4 ri sq P4 5 Q 5.7. , r 6 ' v,Q,Q 9,5 x55 ,f 5 f 5 l , K, W Vbqwnmfwfv 2' A 1 R' 1 5... r' in S 4' x Q' f' X T ff' ' . 1. V RUN X ., I, l 5 I .l Q- vw 955 T514 X . ,- - . .,m.,M 'A fgei?fix'fft2 if - f. x wif- ' ' gf.'fV':,mX,g-X-W' vw q gf, af? 2,4 .X W ,y - ,v '- -v ,Mn " Y-3 "v 5 iv - -f ZX YFSYDBVX LV ii479f'!i?5V I I T I' ff? .3 Y 'fn I 5 Ll I l i fftkxi ,T .A-P ,NX 7 s "'4'3Q 1 N: 2 ,-'r' E A-'-, ' .5551 ' . EM I r x xl r i I I I , M Q' .Nw.1c l g . II ' E I Q Sillllllllllllll L! 2' i , f I. ,. 'N if r , 1 I w R W, NI J. l or .... J.-vhl. , x ' frm. I f ff 2 "VN x' . v' ff! lt'13h.x?,fl :fZlylA fl, ' 1 1 s H. W if qf ,f 4 'I f EQ V. 'rf' X iss.: bf 5' Q" ' l." 4 f 'rv 'f'1'w5,'-4g', --'ff, 5' '.j','f , . f'."5f'l.-Lilly' ' ' Q ' nm' , f' .W A Ifarvl 'I :vi sv: 4 -f sq- U, . r f . 4' v .- ' 5 IL'-' "6qJ'f.v '1"t,'f.' Q '-U' 'A 1 ' - QL! 1' ' 'I ,'N'. ' nu. 5-'.' tf ' ' ' - V! , f ' ' 'V' ' "J 54. '. ' '1' 'va vs' 'Jr A51 The Mississippi Junior College Press Associotion's Foll Conference wos held ot NWJC's Desoto Center cornpus. lt become one of the highlights of the yeor for students connected with the Roclseteer ond The Ronger Rocket, os the 1981 Roclseteer cloirned third ploce in overoll excellence for yeorboolfs. Quolified guest speolsers shored their tolents, knowledge, ond experience with students from Mississippi's junior colleges. Mississippi Junior College Press Association KU' Q93-9 .QQ McLendon Union I? '.. 'T T-X . 1.-'E x W -I M. !,' x s Q 'R r lf" 0. 'Ein 2 don Umon IS o ploce where friends become odversorues or leosr or the gome rooles Besude breedung pool husrlers ond cord shorlss mme IO rhe Umon produces treosured Iosnng friendships ai "4-boil, corner poclser" - The McLen- 'x psy' ,f N49 Q-0 , 'wx . , Cofeterio iii 2 "Just like mommo used to make" - The A Lo Corte dining room ond The Born, 0 575,000 renovotion project, brought deli-type sondwiches, unique entrees, ond speciol solods to NWJC studentsg NWJC students brought good friends, good conversotion, ond good times to the Cofeterio. .,, .f 4 Northwest Form -4. "' V , -.4 . .'. , - 1 , , 1 P ' 1 'Ve 5""'f1 ' 'i -' G 1354. J ll . ffq 14 f- .7 sg V A . it ,4.. i x A ,o.1, t p , ' f ,t.,y 4 'X X k . . ik li K f i 1 , -- 5 1 f- ' X. .J 4:-V 1 '- ii 1 1 'J 5 It Q6 sv 9 -' --ff Ju.. 1141 19' "Meanwhile, bock or the form" - Agriculture students ore exposed to oil phoses of form work on the 400-ocre Northwest Form. Locoted four miles west of the compus, the form is the home of AOO heod of prime beef cottle thot require individuoi ottention from time to time, os do the troctor drivers. X 7 . i i sr ,, wi sfrrl ,-A -JE . .1 -ns Dorm Life ' . Mb! ! "Dorm life" - Dormitory residents Ieod very octive lives. Sociol octivities include donces, movies, sports events, dorm por- ties, girl wotchingfboy wotching, visiting with friends, ploying jokes on unsuspecting dormmotes, ond horossing roommotes. Educotionol octivities, such os finding time to study, ottending closses, workshops ond conferences, going on field trips, ond ottending orgonizotionol meetings, ore olso o port of this group's doily routine, "Home owoy from home" - The guys ore in Goiney, Quitmon, ond Yolobusho dorms, The girls live in Bobo, Ponolo, Tote, ond Toylor. Lifelong friendships ond pleos- ont ossociotions with individuols with diverse bockgrounds ond cultures ore estoblished in these resident holls. "Living ond leorning" - Moking new friends, shouldering new responsibilities, leorning new moteriol, ond enjoying new experiences - whot o woy to go! mi., 1, - w htm L - . ,,,,, , ...Y .,, Jmvlv 5 ' Q s3P""'V" WMM: Mg, bM.5Q'W'm9GX,Ai -me 4 A ,.... A '-nf .- vs'4'.,. .,..5!b-ffmfmul x 4 1 i K N 4 x XX X X as ix -6 W9 vt X R-:KW 1 X , 'vlw J' lgiai S 4.2. 'Q if dill M' J v 1' r K an hm' " 15' 'NYG' zM:iiv,Q.n-QRS.-nag " ..,..-Q-aw 5 if Q 1 'fix , 'E Y 1 K 'f s W A .1 af- , d 2 . , . ,- 4 Y Q f .5 .t . S 1 HN gi-W W' ' .V s 5, . . Q- 4 ,iw- x A. X wx ,- Y , 54 ., WA. S i, ws . ffm N VCA gym, . QW, .p , . as px 1 5' :X 'F A .. ,X , , z J . W, S QV , . Xi vu- ', 'D 1' , 4 , . Z is 4, Sw 1,6 Q11 V gez. ' vi., as GX. 4 4,5 , Q uf: vw' 'Ns 1 "1 vw xxx I 'inf . Q xt x Q u. 1 2 X ,. A 4 4, A ,. ,'2:- H is A xx 3 ec' xx: y A , ff N ' kin" X' ., .53-', X,- Q :Q 1 . , 1' Q Q X ,I - , Riff' it .5 X f e- 5, " we Q '11 '- .. .N ' w gx 'IA X :wa . 'gk ,N Y ,F ' 4 . F - .AA 12 f bf 'XL xx .Kr 1 f -0+ . .. . Q W 3 5 E! -'ar I iyl' . iff 3 S 'Q' Who colled "misdeol"? 'IQ-x. lg ' xx-1 :K X Xb? PJRCCNNELL Basec f Bookstore l., ' I x A,- A, w. ,wi fi , A 7 --Q 1 ,Q - I '1" ' Lv A o f 7 fs '1 1 ee gf if K1 ur f' ""h' " M I 'sn -4 Q-0 fav' A new beginning For college students the Ieorn rng process begnns I0 the Bookstore Requrred textbooks ond supplres for courses ore bought here Other :tems such os physrcol educotton untforms sweotshtrts Jockets stotronery cords poperbocks gift Items ond snock food ore olso ovotloble Locoted on the ground floor of the Ad mrntstrotton Butldrng the Bookstore rs open from 7 45 4 BO p m Mondoy through Frrdoy Not only ts the Bookstore the hub bub of octrvtty ot the begrnnrng of eoch semester tt rs o very busy ploce ot the end of eoch semester when students ore selltng thetr books bock to the school for someone else to use next tame oround lp ' fi 'I . in Q B I , I t R' 1 f 1 2 H ' 2 Q Q ' QW ., 'Y , D aa. ' 3 ' Z 4 . . ' r A. 2' 'X Vg .5 ff my ffffl . if 4 gg if , 1 . 1 NJ The first donce of the yeor, Flicker. wos sponsored by Student Progromming Boord Doncrn ?! Boogie Time During the frrst weeks of sprung semester everybody got the sponsored by the Physrcol Educotron Mo Jors Club Preppres punks ond stronge murorrons of both exernplrfred true body rhythm lf Bob Fosse sow thus hed sell vocuurn cleoners for o lrvrng chonce to perfect their boogie or o donce ...anal ff'- nuff" acl" ' Z X , fi 'vs-f"' a Michele lsom ond Corol Schmidt, known os "Josmine," stoged on outstonding performonce in the Fine Arts Auditorium Februory 3. The duo's jozzfpop sound reflected the influence of 'oOs rock ond roll, eoriy Motown soul, ond o voriety of musicol styles from the '4Os. Josmine left its NWJC oudience still wonting to heor more ofter o dynomic two-hour concert ond one encore. is 0-O I- Us I "FD y, X , ml i. '.: i , . .1 .tg :aigwi-iii l'1"""FxN W 1 . I X ' ' I xx - K Q Xxx ' .,.,..,.- ,xQ,:'.g X -' '-'ETQH' -1 l'fv'.- i ,' Vt- .QKIVQ-"' t VY n -. . ' xkf H 1, . Fn'tXQx.k:1,i:. Q Q X ' - X V4 F! 'p - -ws. "'1'!?f.'9L .-. WG GQ 89 Sweetheart Q t Valentines gathered at the Sweetheart Ball sponsored by the Student Programming Board on February 10. Were those guys dancing orjust dodging Cupid s arrows? l, .vp 14 T1 1i ,, IL il li 1 1 1 1 1 1 i I i I I 14 . 71 1 iq J 1 11 1 IE O' 1l 15 i 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 '1 1 1 I 1 1 I 15 xx H I 1 31- F 9 1 gi nine, A-'NEW r .maui 0 V igl.-fu. Q-f Ranger Week ,QF 1935 ,,,.- ...vw -,, '.'f-."""'--- HUG f. ., - ' M51 f ..-1 ......- f I I l r 3 Clubs ond orgonizotions mode Ronger Week o success with innovotive octivities ond ideos. The Union lown wos grociously fertilized by cows brought in for disploy from the NWJC Form, compus police were boprised in the dunking booth, ond some students disployed their reol personolities ofter o visit to the moke-up booth. The Ronger Foir ond compus decorotions cought the ot- tention of students, stoff ond foculty. It wos o week of fun ond ploy, preporing for the big doy - Homecoming! 75233353 iw 4' 'uv' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I ,I Ii I I I I I I II I II I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I II II I I I I I I I I I J 535 Christmas 81 Q I .. .NX A, J. ,J f xy X a Q! km!! 4 x Holidoy Cheer Mistletoe decorotions porties surprise pockoges ond semester breok ore oll things we look forword to ot Christmas. ITGGS, lil' The orroy A wi' xl . ' t .It N, , l . zu" L tai, 'J ,qui 1 .. I an Q ' ' 4 o.'r tx J 'I :J q 'Q .1 1 vi Q 0 Y lglxim. ,xy , V. 1 - 1 ' , ' ' 1' V ' v w ' , , -V -- nk A . ,' . , V' . f'xuAH -v if . ' hf 4 I ' K 5 Yfv- ,P p ' , , ff .. ,l 1 cl -A 9 A A a . f 'I , ' sq uf fo L, fwshflfl I' ., I xx ' ?'Q -' 11. ' . If V.. 4 'WA,Q'x.U "Sf f " ' M 4 - K' .4 4 2, ', i .J 'll LV 4 A' K? ..w,rf:.1i .. ,li 4 "AF" ' li Q '11 W2 V .ggi 'nr r'Y4'f " UT lif r" ,f Lf wiix of tronsportotion modes were endless in 1981-82 ,rms saggy .... t rock ,,....-ns1'1""-'-' llllllllIl 100 VOCALISTS - Corlo Brownlee, Amy Collins, Teresso Donoldson, Donny Helton, Mike Jones, Wode Lenrz, Joy Phillips, Cori Proctor, Vonessor Wolron, Jonice Weeks, Mono Liso Willioms, ond Kot Wright. BAND MEMBERS - Boss - Terry Eubonks Acoustic guiror - Jim Jolley Drums - Bruce White Piono - Mrs, Deboroh Kem, Director 101 102 a-If Ai" Northwest SINGERS - Mike Anderson, Benjamin Ayles, Corlo Brownlee, Priscillo Coldwell, Prirnelo Christ, Amy Collins, Angelo Cole, Teresso Donoldson, Chris Enlow, Terry Eubonks, Corrie Hollrnon, Liso Hoynie, Donny Helron, Morvin Henson, Jeffrey Huddlesron, Kevin Hughes. AQ Singers Jim Jolly, Suzonne Moore, Brendo Nichols, Joy Phillips, Corl Proctor, Tyrone Roberts, Erick Speors, Kim Speck, Som Tillmon, Venessor Wolton, Jonice Weeks, Bruce White, Mono Liso Williorns, Shelly Woods, Kot Wright, ond Mrs. Deboroh Kent, sponsor. 103 NORTHWEST , , . . .mn ,HY ' Field Commander Ted Bigger f mayb-.Wag ' f-- M, V f alms. M V 4: 5 V--A .-WN Q ww j' R..-P"r .,,,..q..If Q.. ff -me 5'-M ,As- ,Jr lqafdtxsmum f,1,v,fQ,5:?... ii ww -ws st wg-is-Insult-ll' W ., c.-Q, 'Mi Mia-5' - ., fx-.. FLUTEIPICCOLO - Ruby Caldwell, Patsy Dennis, Sheila Havens, Tinner Perry, Charlotte Wallace, Venessar Walton, Morcie Sue Whitehorn, Angela Williams, Robin Wrightg CLARINETS - Mark Arnold, Karen Bellew, Susan Brooks, Premela Christ, Angela Cole, Denise Eubonks, Lynanci Jennings, Angela Reed, Scott Stewart, Pamela Wells, ALTO SAXOPHONES - Kent Falkner, Clovis Harvin, James Jones, Chris Minyord, Basil Oigbokie, Dwight Vick, James Washington, Jerry Watkins, TENOR SAXOPHONES - Chris Enlow, Dennis Perryman, Robert Anderson, Brenda Cleveland, James McCullough, BARI- SAXOPHONE - Robert Daniels, Jay Phillipsg TRUMPET - Floyd Anderson, Davis Blackmarr, Donald Clark, Kevin Cockerell, Susan Dicken, Rita Dulaney, Thomas Embrey, Paul Forsythe, Casandra Hanks, Danny Helton, Harold Howlett, James Jolley, Albert Lee Jones, Timmy Jones, Morgan Lentz, Mark Mask, Erlando McDonald, Gary Poundersg MELLOPHONE - David Pace, Lacye Prewitt, Ronald Wallace, Rex Gatling TROMBONE - Ben Ayles, Richard Barclay, Terry Briggman, Tony Brown, Andy Davis, Rickie Johnson, Carl Procter, Michael Thompson, James Walker, Jerome Mattlock, BARITONE - John Beshears, Terry Eubanks, Charles Johnkin, Jim Laughlin, David Morris, William Morrow, Phillip Needham, Steve Thompson, Mike Warren. A.-. we Arefvdtfifwfff 104 N145 fi. -X Twlrler Karen Chrismon P '-fur-r if ' i", 4 , igri- .. F A 33,1 ll .I D ft: " A' M 4 I H Y-lv--vo-1. ' v- .. jynlopgye- y4,4T2r"'l'Ib-H -"F" -' f -in .Qu MYR ' CP' "'-uni lik -' QL, . W. Eli, I ul"""'lNx..,,,, S, W ' ""lllau-,D fnwqw,-N-Fu?-w1s..fwssqn.-p,,,,..,,,,, l""f"?,w',sl., 3 fm -- W- - - . TUBA - Mork Blockburn, Eorlie Gordon, Dovid Johns, Clifford Morrow, Lorry Muse, Jr., Richord Neeley, Koren Phillips, Rodney Whiteg PERCUSSION - Koren Austin, Leonord Boothe, Richord Forris, Borney Gilliom, Colvin Horwell, Juon Hicks, Chorles Holt, Jr., Chorles Hughes, Tommy Jones, Jones, Kevin Lindsey, Jerome Modlock, John Neeley, Erick Speors, Bobby Stewort, Jr,, Lee Thurmon, Tommy Word, Joe Webb, Bruce White, Colvin Wilkins, Herbert Wood, Robert Woodollg MALLETXBELLS - Gerold Groce, Corrie Hollmon, Trocy Phillips, Jonice Weeks, RIFLES - Rebecco Borhom, Corlo Brownlee, Amy Collins, Morcio Johns, Koren Longston, Sherri Pounders, Corol Schmitt, Borboro Spence, Melisso Boioni, Debro Bollord, Robin Bornobo, Dixie Bossie, Robbie Ann Byers, Mory Angelo Clevenger, Vickie Dority, Jody Gross, Debro Hendrix, Wendy leloidnis, Kelly Ann Jockson, Sophie Lee, Pomelo Moore, Lindo Norwood, Cindy Roberson, Lynn Smith, Angelo Stonford, Judy Turner, Liso Wollsg RANGERETTES - Leigh Ann Brondon, Dono Bryon, Leigh Bryon, Tommie Dovis, Dorlene Ferguson, Amy Ford, Liso Foshee, Cindy Goforth, Andreo Honkins, Ginger McReynoIds, Denise Medlin, Roydel Miller, Rebecco Minor, Liso Nelson, Kotherine Perkins, Jill Pittmon, Rhondo Sovoge, Lynn Wildmon, Shelly Woods, Cheryl Young. J' S -Zim J :gj fs., 4 X. B PE L' 7 in .' --VV ' .kgyf N A I I , V . 3 2 y , ,gs J A K To 32 iivf- V-'E x,' I Si Q' 1. .. I A 5 1 ,.-' ,i. ' - ,g ' . .M ' . ' . L ' ,. fJ,,' , 4 Twirler Kellee Stewort AQ.-121151: .....-. V r X X V4 i A J 1-" ' ' 1 ' V 3' 1 P V X 1 f l 1 W 4 fn , "r N s.,.' 1 Z.'ZL"'......'3' - 1 f " ' T3 +5-' iilifif V - Q ' X X .ni- -4 W. il Y I r N ,xl ii il if 5: If i gl i I E i i 1 ! a I The Art Deportment presents both stu- dent ond foculty ort exhibits. Les Fouve, NWJC's ort club, olso holds o Christrnos Art Sole eoch yeor. Works on convos os well os pottery pieces ore disployed ot every event. Below left, o lowly potter produces o future Kung or Lody ti' ,. ffl Reodem Theone The Readers' Theatre, a branch ofthe North west Players, presented the drama, "The Ransom of Red Chief." Readers' Theatre pro- vides appartunities that help develop dramatic talent to its fullest. "A Raisin in the Sun" mf' M. , ,.-1, f , , an-1 vwmwwwf, ,R f ,,X fi Ven. Y 'ww 4,4 st! Qty i ,FH 3li, If ' '-:-f Q ':" .f-,"- '. fy, . xg, :,,x ,1 . K: x- , f .a Q f -,' ' ' ' .4 . 'f ' sim .1 my Q if 9 f , fi' V ff Q f 1 X V 5' ,V ' ' 5 s , . - iff: A x Q .gw 'I 'Mug A . - ff' 1 5 T- ' 1 X.. 'K 2 f ' -.M LJ: A ' , .W - 1? , ' fo QM ,,,,,. , M-, ,aw V K g, i 1, Q n A , W, --..,- W. V .f .-1 1 1 - 1 4 A"4-- Q-pf 1 I 110 X I - , .Mm 'V - . 4 QU. 1- V . I C :gf in My J., ,. fr wwf l A -. .c J ,M , fp 7 - i l l W , 25 ' 1 I Y 1 i X 19? Jw me V iw? WJ. 4kf Q.-c..g-,.-4's,.,.-..j. --,. L 5 F 5 , if 4, ,W 3 5, "A Raisin in the Sun" was written by Lorraine Hansberry, and featured a predominantly black cast. The action of the play is set in Chicago's Southside, sometime between World War ll and the present. Cast was as follows: Ruth Younger - Karen Echols Travis Younger - Erlando Rene McDonald Walter Lee Younger - Donald P.. Clark Benetha Younger - Venessar Walton Lena Younger CMamaJ - Patsy D. Dennis Joseph Asagai - Christopher Black George Murchison - Richard Farris Karl Linder - Chris Enlow Bobo - William Thomas Morrow Moving Man - Herbert Shannon "Tom Sawyer ft X, f 4 fr. S I isis. sro, if , V-,C in tgp, ' xtrwkx . . K Y, . 1 ..t. i' . Q. , Tom Sowyer wos on operetto wrutten by Gwendolyn Sleeens bosed on the closstc story by Mork Tworn The cost Included Joy Phtlllps Jonlce Weeks Premelo Christ Jim Jolley Mike Wlllloms Corrle l-lollmon Wode Lentz Make Anderson Ben Ayles Tony Brown Potsy Den nts Donny Helton Cllff Morrow Corl Proctor Venessor Wolton ond Kot Wrtght Jones, Lorry Muse, Chris Enlow, Mono Liso v o J 'Q -N V X 5 li I x '.. . . .ft l . 9 :fix FEATURES LOOKING AHEAD . . . to specicjl ottrocfions 1 1 1 1 4 1 i 1 K 1 1 I 1 l 1 E1 P. r 9 1 1 11 1 1 1 ' 1 1! 11 5 'v 1 1 K 'Ar 1 1 1 .413 5 1 11 ,lx 1 11, Koren Berryhill, Editor I I Wim Worfkwedf i987 1 2, I .l ' . ,, HY' 'till' X 9' 1 af' 'B 118 Wino Worfkweaf Was? v pageanf 1981 if 1., FQLOGPJG v'1 ""'v-v Q 1, i 5 KF 8 'Q' 4 545 pageanf a ---'k------ M........iqg... N 'W N vM,,, N A J , v M' ' 1.3-1 ' . - , 1'-K, 13.3 L . X 5 pus nin- U,I ll 'T 1,1 Q ' I 'nil 4 i, pf af if 1 'R af, X1 3' Z Dual, y . Pnorl. BANK A T 1. -MSHUWWW Porode in-3 :TIF 19? 453' f-'N lui., ' ff Qi QQ 1 Hb' f -yr K SM! .W ,,,1m I '7 .v is W.-wx P Coronotion Ceremony -q . v ' -.A .., 4: an ? ww Q41 ri, v I., I 1' -1-1 Q A I , OA' ' ' ,, A rf.. , ' . vi ' 1' " f ' I, aff-3. lx , xref' X W . 1- ' - 4 .-, - 4 , r , If , 'Va -' YQ' twin. in - '- , 'Y' ' f x . - r ,,, .M...M...w " .w "V .fV.V - - W A "Ti 72.14125 A " , W . ' - ' ' -f.-1 Q X V , fm.. V g - -V, g, vy,W.g',4Jf 5' - . ",: . A A A' 5 - Uh , ff w i' Q wsffz S2 T"' , "W Siis-X. e.,f rr- ' w , ,: A,,,,s-' Q? Y-"-' ,,., . ., .g:- Q 1, 44,12 :q v-w,1',fw V' fQgz,w.f ' xv- . g-W Q. .siqgrkv-A ,,: 3' 3.35. X, ,:, 1 Q 4 ff. J J 4, .. S , ,Q 1 1, 2 y . , ,- , ,.. '--- u ., 1 ' vw :,, 1 Q uia, . fq ,' .5 -- , www. , if . - Z ff- v fa . ' Q X ' ' 11235. 4153-'4- g,j,':.g: -,. 5::,,.-,,.' - 1- - 515 V If , . . .. , , . , ,,.. kim, , ' JG, l"'N1 --A Qfi 44lif5a't"" " ,GMA nf- Wm. ,' 1-2,4 F'-his 3 1 , 1 , i 1 , ' , I . I A V we J W A is . vi ' ' ' , 4- 1 , , 5 I . ' - T f ! . ' , I x L! 5 . J , 1 x ji 1 , 5? . lf . , ,, Q 5, R v . z 3 . .A - V w ' 3 '- ' - L 3 - ' - , 41 , iw qi- , , is ,V p A K ' f " '-" f 'X . - N, 5 I : ' -Unk. 1 Q- -:-Qf .- by h g ' x l 4- V. , 1' 1 . ' 1 v "6 , 'TVW bk X- N , I-, '-'- - " A -X ' ' .. - ' ' -' i 7' E X xl g1f,.Ag ' x 'v ,:'f.AK . x ,gj Q. 'T h '- .U -- , '-- ' .A '-'xx-rn V ' P . N-n. ,ing-Jlr' in 1 ,a- ' . V . Ik, ' 1,0 ,N L .4341- cf 71,"", - - 1' A- - Jovi en l98l .Homecoming ueen Lori Allen Pot Mulvihill 7 Mr NWJC Freddy Rodgers wx S1 'W 1 ll 21 f r P P 1 1 I w x w N W A w 131 if pzffman quditfwfw L fl n 1' . wha ,AA wrrvf' Woaf geaulifuf oliigia Welton M 51 is 0 mini 35 -rljgisspfff I Qf nogb 'Q we J f nf-IP! H-'13, W U ww m 1 N mfs dig 3 fb ve. Q If endif, Wig 49 Q .i - gpiilw' Y-3 efeia afllel' 'RW LI' -an-H'-Sh K 45 isyigk Z 2 " '4 Sv HCDNCDRS LOOKING AHEAD . . . to future achievements Shelley Campbell, Editor Shendon Hope Theotre Motor Outstondlng Speech Student Ployers Club Student Progrommrng Boord Bopttst Student Unron Sophomore Homecoming Moud Deon s Lust 'r Q. AL X io' .hr as Alfred Morgan Phi Theta Kappa Elementary Education Hall of Fame Mary Jackson Medical Technology Science Club Phi Theta Kappa Presidents List I Q iv? I. ,4 1 .1 . O F F V I T Q M X 1 ' ' ' ' X 4 N l W P f lm Sv W Wi KJ 1 F i I w l i E I , , f 'fw f' ,JT 'TJ-izmib-513,18 if Q UJU 3 V wif iD fs1:11Qf m Ewa fiwwgu Twww Jima Efewffiwie-aes. WQLE5 I - . mirmaa.amvf Ciafgfmmm Bbw ffiKQI5IY15WQf1T' mafia-wzm me-5 ESU SGGWQSM MU" Clif?-im w K A , ,7,,,,,, ma y ,, N 1 1 , ' 'A ' W ' ww '1"""' T , I f L 1 P W 4 N N 7' , v 'WW Q1 513 r 1 1 A V i I ,u........-,M-. V- vl.. A.YY. 7 ,,,v,, , 5 l ! W 11 ll M yw JH l ,V ,W , xl M 'E 3i f 1 1 ' Q 1 ' X V ff 1 1 iY'. N.. N Y Y v Q ..... ' , ' k"il-M 525 ' X X" f-5x . Fx ', H1 s MR 3 V- -Q . " iw:-A 5 ' -AN . x Q VM N' . Q Y X I Y KX X-N 4, su 3. 'f"'f5' 0 x 5 X -.13 X XX K I gm ,whyslw Y! 1 Xjxx X ' X 'N l ,fx in xml X Y W, A'Y'i"I' , J K , A ,x 'NT 'Wy ,, 1N'i.,,, K! 55, 'nf J 6 ','w!5"" I Y 'A 3 , I I 377'-SX U- v -X 4 , - 43. Uv , f I ' I T, , :wx-,X Q N if w' I 'V J I A' 'I , .z J V fl W1-ff "5 'Xxx ik f f f 1' +1 l 2 f f ' g :F I f 5' l + al lx J I I! A i VW? X 524 ,V , If A : g , T ' X iiffg : ' ? 5 -, 5 1 ' Y 1 i E 'f V4 l i 551+ iii. i 'JMX-,-,,A,ffw, A HU i'f3' 'f we :Y -,igwv 'riifgu - ff' Y 7' ' .., . . , E f'lfJL,A 'D W X "Jim 1. , u i K-ku '-I3-1.3 ! 3 if "W Dionne Hrggrns Clvll Engineering Technology Tech Club Treasurer Senore Representative VICA Srofe Compennon Presldenr s Lrsr Q . 1 1 Randle Kyle Dye Low Enforcement Low Enforcement Club Presldent Senote Representotrve Phu Theto Koppo Speclol Services Tutor Low Enforcement Outstondlng Student Presudent s Lust The Ronger Rocket, Associote Editor 144 I Holl of F ome Holl of Fome IS the highest honor o student con ochleve ond IS only be worthy of thus honor They ore then selected by populor vote omong the foculty To be consldered for Holl of Fome sophomores must hove o 30 grode overoge stowed upon sophomores. Foculty members nominote students they feel Who's Who Among Students Robert Burke Denise Compbeli Q 146 I I C O In Amerlcon Jerry Clements iQ 1 Connie Dooley Junior Colleges Z John R. Cunningham - Q Mory E. Douglos Shelio Dunowoy Rolph Dunn Who's Who Among Students QQ ,,. ff farm'- 1"""'g'. Q M Riro Higgins Wode'HoIldnd ' in Americon Junior Colleges Cecelio McCoin 4' 'Ti' YW? I. Cornelio McCoin Brendo Nelson f Richard Poxfon Mindy Purvis 14 Who's Who Among Students Clinton Holey Chuck Hughes Jimmy Reedy Jockie Smith Not pictured: Who's Who Among Students Freddy Roger h h I I ldW 150 EQ lf in Clinton Holey Chuck Hughes Jimmy Reedy Jockie Smith Nor pictured: Tony Brown .w Ff Q .,. A X ox 1 . - - Rolph Dunn Horry Hunter Who's Who Among 1' 2 'E 1? 4' we - .I 'Win , Donnie Volley Minority Students K Thomos Tlpro Bobby Wallis 1 153 0 Journalism Jocqueline Crockett Cutstonding Students 5 I i X 1, ,JN 43, , Q- f c A Leon Hicks I Civil Technology fs? X ' XX' 4. gp x X " ' 2 c ,- , c l x, f A x A 154 I 'x i I I r 1 V ll H l i f X Q I Y w I4 i N c I i A I w I I I ce 1 1 Zi ,I 'i ce I I i I M I 1 i Ql Y 1. , is Bh- 1. Broodcosring Terry Eubonks W as Q 1 Sheridon Hope Speech Q. 1 0009 U Shoron Bullord Secrerorlol Science Sheilo Dunowoy Sociology Julio Scores Home Economics mfs- X 3 A 1 ,J .f gy, Dorrell Roberts Offset Prfnring ,-.1 .,.,,,.,,......-----H I E' Tool ond Die Bobby Word Gutsfcnding Students Allied Heolrh Corol Spour Wade Hollond Business X Cutstonding Students 'x 1 E I W sl 5 f H Brendo Nelson -, Low Enforce-menr Y 1 .,,, 5 ,Y jx. Q I I I I. 1 P 1 4 I Ibn Qs.. Tereso Birdsong Pre-ver Corlo Luther History - if-5 ," f 9 5,4 Virgil Groce Moth an GH- X453- English Meiindo Thonure Outstanding Students Iro Glover Welding J Ixl Morrouche Engineering Ch ld Gutstonding Students Fron Wolron i core E -' I I ur,- I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , 'I I I II Ir II I I I I I I I I I I I II ,I I W. Jeon Swindle Education 1 X 'H . his 'V f 9 ' 4 x Q- NL F. g X ,I R". Porolegol W Myron Douglos Agriculture Nursing Ann Taylor Not pictured: Joey Hamilton Physical Education Robert Allen Drafting and Design Keven Miller Cfreshmant Roger Gaines Csophomoreb Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Dwight Lewis Auto Body and Fender Repair Henry Milligan Radio and TV Repair H In I L 1 V - 1 i 1 :fl I V I French N I Jackie Smith I I 1 1 l Y My I V x w I 1 1 2 S f"" is P! 7 Ur RW' P Cutstonding Students Y f ll ,, V3 5, Qi if l I A 1 5 I H g: 59 i ' f W ' ' 11 .5 .f 3' 2 vi, , -. , ' 1, Ju 4 ' ,C 1:05 A N in 4 M, M. '41 E -'Q ' 3, 1:0 1 s .14 Q5 an , 4 w 1' ily Chrus Gordon Science 1 ig CDRGANIZATICDNS LCDOKING AHEAD to stronger unity Reno Moxwell, Editor ffh --'Tb . 'f av 1 fT?""r:'3 00 C3 4, - Q4 UU 1? 1. 13235 s tw? I Q5 f- jxwi '23 -1.3 ,' '.,, PE N M525 we R . rm C 1. , I f""',lr x I I f I f f Jerry Clements Editor in Chief Section Editors: Features - Karen Berryhrll Organizations Rena Maxwell Sports - Libby Gaskrn Vickey Wright Faculty - Linda Spina Classes, Branch Centers Martin Whitt Photographers: Donna Sherard Tommy Taylor Linda Spina Barry Raley Randle K. Dye Staff: Timmy James Christy Gallagher Art Editor Jacqueline Crockett Copy Editor Editor ................. .............. . . . Jocqueline Crockett Associote Editor ...... Advertising Monoger .................................. Photogrophers Morty Brodford, Borry Roley, Tommy Toylor, Lindo Spino ...... Rondle K. Dye . . . Kelly Jockson Writers Lindo Adoms, Rondy Cose, Timmy Jomes, Dione Enlow, Andrew Lee, Erlondo McDonold, Lindo Norwood, Richy Reeves, Tony Morgon, Dwight Vick, Donny Wilson Stoff Mork Arnold, Nopoleon Colemon, Jerry Clements, Libby Goskin, Borboro Homilton, Angie Horris, Anito Hodo, Reno Moxwell, Helen Neely, Potricio Nichols, Dorrell Roberts, Geroldine Wilkins, Borboro Combell, Vicki Wright Art Work!Grophics Lori Allen, Koren Berryhill, Pom Cossidy, Christy Gollogher, Alvin King, Moureen Redmond, Donno Sherord, Ginny Willioms Advisor . . . . . . Dione Sonders ft . :ravi 5 mais? i, s. - me 1 , 'z A9 .p ,. F, .. .. gihzj , - ' g i rv, -vm-4 fha ?CU'lger Toolset ., """"L::::::2- V U A J 'W f-dvr Ou I rut approved, renewed QD' et editor nomec 9 9 9 0.Qrd1r'.ofe'd . ' lf fr- fs. 'lf A 5, ' 4 I Y Y S Fm 2 , 2' 5 a i 3 I :A V Q -' ' ur' , .,, i 1 vu, ..- ,,,":j'N 'Q ' ,rs g Ig 5-,as , ,v S 11" i 'f . I f: 'J fi 'U 1 A1 ' i s f ,v 'FHQQV ,,'74 . . ' Wgfgixvf. j 2-'rs .ff -ff 3 xxx.,'scFAl f-JU! iw' Q' ' ' n Chris Block, Tony Brown, Prernelo Chris, Donold Clork, Potsy Dennis, Koren Echols, Chris Enlow, Sheridan Hope, Wode Lenrz, Dovid Morris, Williom Morrow, Lorry Muse Porricio Owens, Joy Phillips, Sherri Roone, Anno Smith, Bobby Srewort, Venessor Wolfon, ond Morcie Whitehorn. GE 5 ll u , ,,. ' 1 I S M15 ai" by w s- 1533 :m..'yr.f.'Mf ' gwziwbiwr '- Q ey-gfergjf ' f I ',16i'zQf,,fw Wssmfl 'fjv y f 1,.s.5w'wSwVs,ff:- . -A., ,. C mi f , J fm. 1, 4 '- ifrlsg J ,I W V W f W f f ef - f MH. , 9, fA,f5,.,,.-1 , I4 Ns:5zf,,wMi'ffXS ,'-.,-s,q..,Q mpgs, 4.f',m,Q,7 ?7f5:f?4i,g1fT'5 f f'M'wft2a' iw 0459" 't ' N ,fffggz 2444 WW Ki - rr,.,QtC, 9 f 1 mm fy: MENC 3 E K.: Q? Premelo Christ, Amy Collins, Vickie Dority, Chris Enlow, Terry Eubonks, Jerry Curoce, Corrie Hollmon, Donny Helton, Jeff Huddleston, .lim Jolley, Wode Lentz, Joy Phillips, Jonice Weeks, Bruce White, Mono Liso Willioms, Kot Wright, Dovid Morris. IV l ,- 7- ,X -s. Commerciol Art llllllll WlllW Lori Allen, Hubert Berry, Koren Berryhill, Lorry Brozul, Dole Carrington, Pomelo Cossidy, Jon Chism, Christy Gollogher, Willie Hordnett, Kelly Jockson, Terry Joclsson, Alvin King, Borboro Long, Connie Pullen, Maureen Redmon, Donna Sherorcl, Billy Toylor, Annette Thompson, Betty Thomp- son, Timothy Thompson, Ginny Willioms. - 1 H ,...,530,wf,q,5m'v'eg' J WA' , I-nl f 3 f "Q -. . Ey...'t,,. ' , ... ef! if 4" SCIENCE CLUB SCIENCE CLUB - Teresa Birdsong, Connie Bishop, Phillip Bradford, Eric Bryant, Teresa Burns, Tommy Byers, Jeff Clenney, David Daniel, Andy Davis, Susan Dicken, Lisa Foshee, Lydia Anne Fredrickson, Catherine Hall, Walter Hopper, Ken Howard, Gary Jackson, Mary C. Jackson, Albert Jones, Stan Mistilis, Tony Morgan, Jill Pettman, Johnny Regan, Ginger Redd, Cindy Reid, Sabrina Richmond, Crystal Roach, Kevin Ruth, Carol Schmitt, Angela Scott, Jan Sutton, Tammy Thurber, Rodney White, and Mary Lee Williams AG CLUB - Robert Allen, Susan Allen, Clay Black, Don Blair, Marty Brewer, David Brock, Alexa Brown, Bob Brownlee, David Wayne Childers, Denny Crenshaw, Alan Dogan, Myron Douglas, Al Dunaway, Buck Duncan, Lee Ford, Mike Forrest, Melinda Fryer, Christy Gallagher, Harold Greer, Steve Hamilton, Sammy Hanna, Willie Har- rell, Frank Harrls, Chuck Holt, Danny Kingsley, Jeff Lancaster, Chuck Lucas, LuAnn Mize, Steve Mize, Justin Nance, Tommy Neergaard, Charlotte Power, Dena Priddy, Angela Purdy, Sherrie Raithel, Ginger Redd, Colle Sanford, James Stegall, Chris Stewart, Bobby Streitenberger, Ronnie Tollver, Jo Walton, Susan Weeden, Max Whit- ten, Gary Williams, Patrick Wilson, Spencer Woody RODEO CLUB - Pamela B. Adams, Joel K. Allen, Robert E. Allen, Susan R. Allen, Michael C. Black, Don A, Blair, David M. Brock, Alexa Brown, Robert T. Brownlee, David W. Childers, Kenneth D. Crenshaw, Alan K. Dogan, Myron Douglas, Robert F. Duncan, Thomas D. Fielder, Michael W. Forrest, Melinda S. Fryer, Howard K. Green, John H. Harrell, Ill, James L. Huey, Daniel A. Kingsley, Chorles Lucas, Steven O. Mize, Justin B. Nance, Thomas M. Neergaard, Charlotte Power, Sherrie L. Raithel, Robert C. Sanford, Christopher Stewart, Bobby E. Streitenberger, Tamarah L. Thurber, Max D. Whitten, Patrick R. Wilson 5 Efvgg , 5 fx .JU if ,fx- V V, ., ' s I QE! Q. 1 ,,.. - any 1. Q 'i 4, Q E X. K D 'V I B 2 'L . tal. g.?Sk 41. Zimmie Baorhe, Angela Breland, Dennis Cannon, Jim Davis, Carolyn Dimock, Don Embrey, James Ferguson, Frank Fernandez, Dee Jones, Carlo Laney, Greg Moffirf Jerry Oaks, Don Reed, Nancy Thomas, Tommy Weeks, Karen Gray, sponsor. L1 Genie Bornes, Koren Dunn, Rhondo Flowier, Borney Gillion, Liso Glenn, Down Holon, Lowondo Irdy, Debbey Mockeuzie, Leonno McEIhoney, Kirnrnie Pope. Beth Rogon, Korie Rondoll, Cindy Roberson, Terri Sanderson, Denise Smith, Free-mon Turnoge, Tereso Vorner, Liso Word. Denise Wulff Q. -10- ,W 'sa "nn 2 v., .- Robert Abram, Roy Alexander, Sharon Allison, Mike Anderson, 1st V-Pres., Theresa Brown, Sharon Bullard, Leigh Bryan, David Chimahusky, Jerry Clements, Rhonda Collins, Jonalyn Dahl, Ellen Embry, President, Amy Ford, Secretary, Joy Fagen, Lisa Glenn, Rosie Glover, David Hillard, Wade Holland, Steve Hudson, John Ingram, Carla Luther, Kimberly Martin, Joey Morrow, Candy Mullins, Rep., Mandy Rogers, Treas.g Janet Smith, Sen. Rep., Roy Turner, Jo Walton, John Walker, Martin Whitt, Scott Williams, 2nd V-Pres., Carolyn Williamson, Dee Wolfolk, Parliomentorian, and Andy Young. Y? nr- w Leigh Ann Brandon, Alexa Jo Brown, Robbie Byers, Jerry Clements, Jonolyn Dahl, Vickie Dority, Randle K. Dye, Susan Erber, Lydia Anne Fredrickson, secretary, Gerald Grace, Karen Holland, Wade Holland, president, Harold R. Hughes, Lawanda Irby, Mary E. Leeper, Carla Luther, vice-president, Alfred Morgan Jr., Brenda Nelson, Larry Pettit, Kimmie Pope, Mindy Purvis, Terri Sanderson, Angela Scott, Jackie Varnell Smith, treasurer, Carol Spaur, Teresa Gayle Thompson, Melinda Thomure, Ernest W. Todd Jr., Alfonso Tuggle, Judith Turner, Martin Whitt, Martha Lynn Wildmon, Mary Lee Williams, David Wilson, and Juanita Wilson. vb S f",.'I.T..,'L,,,,W 1 .Y 3:19 3, if- .i,,, ww, ., X . I 1, - 'Q .1 is , 4 5 " iw 'iKi1,', . ,I , . X ' 5 if , V is 'X 19, u we W 3 3. ,k 4 x' Qi l wi -4 Chris Block, freshman closs president, Potsy Dennis, sophomore closs president, Vickie Dority, secretory, Chuck Hughes, president executive council, Brendo Nelson, president of judiciol council, Cloy Phillips, vice-presidentp Donny Volley, senote president. Reno Briscoe, Corlo Brownlee, Sylvio Cobb, Vickie Doriry, secretory: Roso Flowers, Borney Gillen, Brendo Nelson, presidenrp Corol Schmitt H3 ff- Wes Blockwood, Koren Echols, Tommy Estes, Steve Hondy, Phyllls King, Brendo Nelson, Potrlcio Owens, Joy Phillips, Sherry Boone, Deon Smith, ond Angle Williorns. Myrno Cloy, Karen Echols, Rosa Flowers - cholrmonp Sherldon Hope, Sherri Roane, Anno Smlfh, BIII Sneed - co-cholrmonp ond Pot Owens M , Ma-uv. - .. .... . .. A..,.1u . N -. A A , Ea, ' ' 'W Ie A i 2 M ,QS 4 , i' 4 f 5 5 ' 1, x Q' nm- K? f F 2 f.x..0w .ly -5 ky xi -x ml l I l I i I l W i i I Vi f,,, F ,.....,-1-..,,,..... ,-.W-........ .........- .,...,......f f X -s':'ffz ws. nirrnu IN hbgfifgiaxs 'T -V ,aw WAY' Donnie Volley, president. Members include o representative from oil clubs, orgonizotions, ond dormitories on compus. ws xw Q., N srswff 5:1--q'sfv,Qie xxx tf"'-'rmvwwi an fx.-L gf ' I 'fsviww .. , 2 l'.-,fi 'J fi 'X Zfvtaf 'VE?:U7f! ' x E45 ,f '-' . . .23 K A A . 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QQJJ-I-' " LES FAUVES MEMBERS - Mike Blonserr, Townyo Chopmon, Fred Collier, Ruby Cox, Denise Eubonks, Menno Flynn, Ken Howord, Joseph Jomes, Bryon Lumpkin, Stocy Nolon, Fronces Poog, Chorles Richord, Aniro Smith, Kim Speck, Berry Ann Thompson, Renee Weorheroll, Lynn Wildmon, Robin Wright. .lj l ll 1 l J 'l 4 4 i i ,,,............- ww U M l l 4-, , 1. spy, ,ii-,if :ip-5'-Z"f " ""' ' 4 ' ' ' M b ,,::. Q .Mft T f X x . W 5 W R' .ww WMA-W mm ,W W i My Mu WH-Naam W V., l , t " .,.,. 1,-pn., naulw if HL- iw- 3: 712.7 77 by A Q F71 T A ' . -vu 4 I lf T. R 1 - Q , 'Q' 'U it Ji! l if i A .:!:s..., A , l l 4 T, f 1 3 'x i X' ,EZLQ-..-,,.+,,.:l . , - 2 , , .,.,,..,. 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Advisors - Jimmy Carr CCivil Techb, Bob Long CDrafting and De-signb, Mary Long CCosmetologyD. Vicki O'DelI CCosmetologyJ, Tommy McFarland CDiesel Mach.7, Jimmy Reed CRadio and Repairb, Parry Warren CDraf1ing and Design? - ' t nf F fl x':' f avi?" -35. 'S rf- A We , , f K at ' B I' , -, 'K l , N , CFirsr rowb Jomes Jockson, sponsor, Freddie Flowers, Donold Roe Clork, presidenrg Ruthie Sonford, Cecelio McCoin, secretory, Shoron Bullord, treasurer, CSecond row! Angelo Reed, Koren Echols, Corolyn Hubbord, Brendo Dillord, Denise Connon, Mory Norwood, Kojovio Horris, Tommy Foster, CThird row? Robin Reynolds, Pomelo Bell, Porricio Nichols, Helen Neely, CSfondingD Romonio Jones, ossisronr sponsor, Glorio McCollins, Phyllis King, Morion Brown, Doris French, Lindo Lee, Berry Horris, Rosie Glover, Roberro Abrom, Chris Block. Ava Nw Alfonzo Toggle, Pres. Cornelio McCoin, Sec. Connie Dooley, Treos. Denise Compbell Erin Moore Sonic Robbins, Sponsor mx fm A H .Q M' ., if l ' .4 Tony Brown, Bobby Sreworr, Dennis Perrymon, Terry Eubonks, Gory Pounders, Jeff Huddlesron, Clifford Morrow, Corl Proctor, Lorry Muse, Dovid Poce, Terry Briggmon Joy Phillips, Dovid Morris, Albert Jones, Chris Enlow, Phillip Needham, Richord Neeley, Dovid Johns, Jomes Walker, Joc Young, Glenn Triplert, Ferrell Lunceford, sponsors y,,......f-Q,., i 1 4-H 5 i..'X Y! 'F , ,. , 2--',4f k ' R lm, ee , , ,. ., 4455, de X . M, ? I ,,. ,, f:- ,,, ,. , , 7,3 G 14 Q if f 1 elf-ell. ' ' -. 'rg 1 ,""Ff ,-. A 'Q ,, ' -- 4: Q .-QV' 5 V' v,'QE"" ' I -' Q 3 BSU membership is open to oll Norrhwesr srudenTs. Vw' Q 3 4? Z vw: ff? Nd'-41' SPGRTS LooKiNG AHEAD . . . to lively competition Y ii? fu 5, 1 i 0- 'X N Vi il i i I ii, xv I - u Y i i 196 A - 1 Libby Goskin, Vickey Wright, Editors 3 a vi IN ' x I f- .iff A 1 M1 f f- . JN- K , ' lf- 'Sn , ,pff V 7 ' ,W elk " , g ,V fhivf f jV f V' ' Vi. 'I W , 4. , ' V KV ,V"- , V .V ,VV ,j,VVV V xxq QNVVV"xV'X-,M 'wx 4 V - 'Vx W. 'wx , V Q V .,VV A, -wx . V V V! 3 hwxywqx XX-,X fx VV , V V5 if ,UV ' fjgmwwxix X '-X f' , W"-g7'f'V3, 'Q 3 j - N, + if f V 3 - ,' ,fif- 0 ' J ' H 5 u, ' 1 .f Q' ' A an 1 " ' XQUH3 Q1.. " A' f- V V, 1 ff -V , Vf y 'QV V A. 'ig V W 'f , A 3, VV: ,MQ 'Lf in-,gut Aw' , y ,yy ' -. -Vw V , ' V 'QV "g.v,.' ,. f ' VV . fm , N Q' ' ' "'f:+w 'TC-Q"-f 9' ' X 'gl 15' V"f"' "Bw ww 'mf gfvw Q v V .Q Af,-,fy my s. -, 'fn . Q., V, - . , ...., .- VV,-.V ,vv f , ,, U 9, ,V M V, VVVV VVVV.VVV VV, , Vw V. V 'VV ,V V , V V.-,..,.V LV V ff m ,,,,iM -Zf"f"'2'N if ' H ' . X A -aw ifglfffff -4 .' V-V VV' 7.425 nf ya f WA ww, afar,-yffm , -.. . e ,V VV . Vg . M VV V95 ,Veg V VV , QVVV V, V V VVV ,V VVQVVV V V VWWVVVV V ' ' V . M., ., - . ,VW 258:52 ?"'aQ?:VwV?fig'5fV :ff ,NV VV 3 , M VV?-. Vw A ,V .,,. 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Team Members Alon Barrios Terry Bean Morris Boydsrun Andy Brouer Jim Broughron Bill Buckley Phillip Cable Steve Cairo Piichy Cravens John Cunningham Kent Daniel Don Embry James Ferguson Jeff Frossard WN, Rich Gerhardr Mike Hall Mike Havens Keith Hunt Jeff Kidd Gary McDonald Pat Mulvihill Jeff Paxton Jim Reed Scott Rowland Mark Rowan Scott Sherman Robert Taylor Vince Venezia -l 'fri wil 'l l l l V.. l V, ., 5 ,. l i , J li l ip l 'P' 1 2?-W Jim Miles, Don Castle, Head Coach Asst. Coach 'K .. .ws- 0 I 5 i l 4'-lr N T l I lr T ,M , J ,W J T, fr .gspvnw 'W' A ' K M ' Q4 C 'I i yr' '-1 I S U' Jw ix 'Aw 1- +R. ar 'fu -e .ra 'H' 'ii "" '3t:'.'!S.nL4m , - -ug r 4 r- T F T 4 T' i""' - l I l -wc ,Mm , Mr Y.. , Z V M, ,V . ,., , , X - b , , 7 1 b , i- xc . Q., g 9 . , . 1. , W ,Q ,,, A 0 X A -V ' ov " A 2 ' ff JMM . A X Q Q 6 VQGA , , v ., ,, Q- ' ' ' .,'C4"'. - 1, 1'9" H? I. w lv 'iv Q- ' ,' , -J' " -, " I ' - 'D' ., -1 9 uf-W f- M b f ff , 21:51-.'?7'W1f,3W' fix f 1 - -. Os f "SQ 15" yfj'-'ffm I, 1 - fig? A, 'f , - is .:5W4.-wlvf I ,,- 3 ' g vga wt g 1 ,hw ,iw , W 6. Q , Q5 2 J-it nfisalg' ' sf' t 1 , ,T 5 2,,5,.',N,, 1 N, -WAS, f, l, ,wfwvw H fp. ,,,5,w,,.f,. 1, ' " 1 -V--8 T 1 2 M"',,,.,.l.wQw. - ,, F9522 2 K , , , if c Kr" -.jsiski -f 1 .zgffxzxlii Rongers Lose Title to Bulldogs In o repeot of the 1980 seoson, the NWJC boseboll teom bowed to Gulf Coost in the 1981 Stote juco chom- pionship Moy 1-2 ot Perkinston. On Fridoy, the Rongers ond Bulldogs split o poir, setting up o decisive third gome on Soturdoy. Gulf Coost took the opener 8-2, but the Rongers bounced bock in the nightcop prevoiling 7-6. ln the chompionship gome the Bulldogs outlosted the Rongers in o slugfest 12-9 to toke the title. "lt wos o heortbreoking loss," soid Cooch Jim Miles. "The guys worked hord oll yeor, ond it hurt them inside very much." The Rongers ended their seoson with the best record ever ot Northwest, 80-6. Thot record could eosily be broken in the Spring of 1982. Foll Boseboll 1981 As NWJC wound up o session of foll boseboll, Heod Cooch Jim Miles predicted thot the spring roster would hove experience, speed ond pitching expertise. A schedule of senior college teoms listed Ole Miss, Shelby Stote, Christion Brothers College, Memphis Stote, Freed Hordmon, ond Delto Stote os opponents during the foll. "Even though we ployed tough senior colleges, we stoyed in every bollgome up until the very end," soid Miles. "We feel we goined o lot of experience by ploying four-yeor schools, ond when we storted ploying in our leogue this spring, we were oble to hold our own." 200 I - w I I ful 2 I , . Mm' OOSY lm? mside y be ould fore, sold ng in fi -nm ia fmif' Wir? r 4"-UWM I 2 Mg A ,, 5, 1? I 2 2 3 Q Z 3 .1 A . f,.,g in-uf. 4Xdf,,g A. AAT mviagygpw, , ,, is KN , Y V ,, V. . pk ., V ib1yuq ff ' - ww ff 'K ...W ' f -W-wen 'A 'M- ' , f -. ' -V X.. W ' 1 an .Ki V V jg. 3, ., X, if-f'.,vQ3K, uf EN :,.,v,, ,. v '4"'w 7. 'WV0'v'- .A H an 'A' ' Mfg nf 1 N 5' 1 ,, g,W,, .K , i. M, M fi 1 M af - K f ",,,5,,f ' .f'f 1 -1, -ff 31 , Q-.IM 9.5 V,.,g34,."":'w1' :+T4"?"'F"f-wr"1:'.f:h.5.sf 1 we . , A 'W . . V 'Wm Ea. ' A 514 2,1 + " R' ' 'Y y vA"'V, "'3f,"s""M' ,ij '54-' ',.,,f . ':z- :fri x , + VJ' ,, Hin ff , ,? '53 1 'th " ' 9 , . X ' ' 'f EV 'ff' 3 ' 'bf Z A- ' ' 3' F. L. my ,2A.n,,.f, gxiyfh ,vm K in gb ,4?Z,.k,fw, .74 ,, ,KMJQVW A ff W ...A-Q ww bf fi-f'1f3w,,k4"'xiQdff:?i'?f 'jfgfi'5,23'5',6fw,ei121f ff ,Y ,..,, -W J K . A, A V , f- Jw .aA.,g,,p.A A-44 -IA. Ll? L ,bhvfi V, 7:6 Q V wklfw, K , J i I 6 A ,gqtn ,hi My 'wif ,fs Mk 6 , W X, f ,Q at 4 ffm. -V I f- , V- A I JAAQ .4 4 Q X f '-Mi'1' ,f fd Y ,H L ,,, ,Jia ,I W 3, N Q ' . 1 ' Q , 'Q mf ' I -a ' I gx 1 , yy, . 4 , g. ,ZW Q, M 4 M A , Ki Q M Aw . if mf'-N P? ., .ef ' .4.: - K A 5 Www wa- ,, E A . www-flaw - A K' ,,,,- Y . 'KQ3,g,-,V A ' , W mv l : N ww, V, ,L 0' ,. 55741-lids-f :ww ,W wx- ,Q .-A . . ' ff' - M ' - .ia,'?" 1- 4 sw- an V L M- I7 .ss ' W 'W Mb 25,3 as X w. .5 ' ry, 14" " M A "" K gg ' wa., , , -fp f "4 492, QW' Z M ' 't fm if . , M ' N . . Fgfw ' ' ' Q 14 3534-" ' Y w 'f' v 1 fy , sw W . ' ' . ,,,, W 4 '1i1'i"'s 'V , ff s ,gr , AQ ,, 5 In si A , gil :.jwl,4f,,fQm A 6 J 4 J Q- -1--,'-, ' WN-muvfww ,N K- M Q r . . A . ,I 1 M ' ,Agn I uf o 4 t ., ,, x - fx 9 W' 'x'f.,v -'Sf 5- AkA,,,s - a w ,wmv H ,X Q 1 J - V , , :'5s"' ,zm 'rf' , AWG- FQ tif' f' vw-asv jf" Q- M ff' "' ' 3: Xgjg, axwg? Qsgigwx A1J.M K ,ml A 8 V f . Y .jx,', ,.Er,H'v" .ws qw N, 4 X Q, on F W 1 ""...,.,-,fb hw K ' Q Ay L., fffiizfv' - 'K i i-me s-vm 4 W " 5' " ' , w.,:..'Qfw ""57'x"'g. fri, ' r". v , ' - ' - , . , ' 4. , I 4 ' R . ' A- 2' 1 V f 5 B '+-dmv .., Q, mf -' i ' iff ra' k I my L., Gaylon Baird, Coach This years young tennis team bettered itself in each match they played and three qualified for the state. They were Kyle Fudge and Tim Hale District 1 champions and Angie Gilbreath a runner-up in the district. Members of the tennis team are: Angie Gilbreath, Leanne Harpole, Mindy Purvis, Donna Sherard, Gordon Cooper, Kyle Fudge, Terry Gwinn, Tim Hale, Ronnie Thomas, David Von l Boechman. TENNIS I Sl is is nf, fm ,' V ff," fi . . f 47 ,AH I-Q I ,, 'IAQ--TTT R 1 1 1 x I I ' X I i I Q 1 4 1 I : 1 i 0 I " ' J I Ja I x X X I 4 J i I If ll ,af I .Q 11: 411 !ll III 1 ill Ji!! ll 1: lg, X s . I if 1 - A l I l Qt ex 1 Q Q I , J 'YH' 11 W2 kQ:Q'i" - ,QW ali Q , K . V., QP p 0 Q HM x .E A 3' F Z .r 1 Q 14 K A da 6' mf Syd., " "32eQ5 "f ' A "' BB' 33" R, Q i 1 ' 4 , . i I f ,...,, Muna.-2 . ' H we ' .WM 1 A , x 3, 1 Wg fm 4 f Qmvfb' 'x' 'jj 'fm ,aff --.-awww - . x 'A :QS vo , Mvw,.,,..l ,gui h ,. M li "-'T -- ......,,.. -, H M-. Q 5 I Q 0' W Mkgx . 5w.,..X.ggv x X A mme, X.g.EQ,A,,X PW' Q, Maw Vdlssvmv . 9' ww ii v u rx UN.. 7' ww ww w..,,l,, -,,. Q' ww.: Www , , .www V ,l , N7 4 5' fin 'Y . V ,. , uhh "5 ww-w "M" Wgmwm, 7 ' ,, ff Q W-fx ' ,Q I '53 ' 1 x ' . 42 , - ' ,A ' .1 1 k L my , - X. ' ,gt ' K "--.qwf-a'Z""'j'f1' M" " - , ' Q. 'H W 'h h , .fl ln.. WWC' ' - ,,' V' ,Eff 6, gain- .-, Q nf, qi ,QA NO" ' A 5 2 Edword Srompley Cooch 206 di?" fx mal-, V f-fu R .VQHH - SQA, .A ,4n'Mt hgh 'Q A -Q Uv. .fa- 'S fsii-iifnif 2 Rig' .nl dixstjsfgfg " " 2. . ',x..n '--'Q Q., K . 3,,w.i ,, 5 K b. -M Q vu. t " h -' , x ..- -'-'Y ' ' 'Q - ' ' hw f 3. -Q vi ff". ff ... TRACK PRI I SI s WA rj A 4' -,-,'. 9 ann? f,':g7:Iii I f. 'iz' V 1 ...PU-Q, s T-. BA 1 V Q M' Y 4 ' I" f an , x Q 'wil , ,,JA.,.g,f 4. fs 1 Queens 553 imsfsg 1 Lyn .,,w ,pi gextwnvvm , ,W V V fr. vw! ' iliijcbiv. ' it W 'Al ?f5f ML Fw A Northwest trocksters hod onother excellent yeor ending with o perfect regulor seoson record of 6-O. The Rongers broke stote records in the pole voult, ond the three mile run ond five trocksters quolified to go to the NJCAA meet. The Rongers were North Holf Chompions ond ploced third in the stote. Members of the 1981 trock teom were: Jeff Arthur, Donny Chopmon, Eddie Culley, Roy Fronklin, Ronnie Grohom, Willie Hordnett, Keith Howkins, Alvoro Jimenez, Normon Jones, Sommy Jones, Jeff Mitchell, Timothy Morris, Eric Nelson, Roy Peorson, Clifton Pettis, Freddie Rodgers, Lee Rudd, Rickey Seomore, Jeffries Sheilds, Willie Sullivon, Josper Sullivon, Jonet Thompson, Micheol Thompson, Donnie Volley, Guy Wode, Reginold Wolker, Joshuo Willioms, Lindo Williomson, ond Bobby Willis. J 16 YT. J' 31 ' V, H' 1 ze, lr! 1" ,Q Y sig Q ' Q News J ss. -au.. Q4 , W1 N-1.-.Q -W. M xg N., MM- vw "" 31 " 'ea El rw' ,M 3371, . 1? ,,?.,,,Q,?w: , ,AAT 15351 , , . W, 4 f .5 4 W 6. V , t , M H . ta, ,- A .J Lady Rangers Basketball as News x we, QQ., X .. Agana ,E sw: x M- 210 -1 - ui.,- Del Gordon LoConger Cohron ...Nxt xx n-"as 1981-82- . .X Moxine Tucker "Lody Rongers opened with offensive fire power." rx XM Bevelin Gillespie Cooch Adoir You hove ro win your home gomes if you expect ro go . onywhere. " DATE Nov. Nov. Nov Nov Nov Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. lon. Jon. Jon. Jon. Jon. Jon. Jon. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 9 12 16 20-21 24-25 1 8 4 7 10 17 7 11 14 18 21 25 28 1 4 8 11- Feb. 15-19 Feb. Mor. 22-26 2-6 LADY RANGERS BASKETBALL SCHEDULE SCHOOL Mory Holmes Urico Mory Holmes Cumblond Clossic CLebenon, TND Open Meridion Norrheosr Shelby Srore Coohomo Delro Jockson Store Shelby Store . l..l.C. Clrowonboh Eosr Mississippi Holmes A Meridion Norrheosr Coohomo ' Delfo 1 i..l.C, Clrowombol Eosr Mississippi Holmes ' North Holf Meridian . .. l.l.C. Eosr Mississippi Store Tourney Co-Lin Eos! Mississippi Region Vll Tourne Peorl River Roone Store Y SCORES 87-38 80-52 74-48 100-66 82-61 82-79 88-70 80-61 80-59 77-56 85-74 88-70 75-46 82-64 72-67 96-66 77-57 85-47 66-61 6 58-59 91-70 102-66 72-50 ' 75-55 72-65 1 B4-65 70-46 A 47-53 lf. i 5' l l I i 1 l ! il -if lg , i. I ll I, I 5 l l 1 r i l is l 1 l . E . l 1 I l .Vx , A M .- ll . 1 ' ' . I I l ,' WMA' ff Judy Douglos Deboroh Benson 1 r l li sl l 212 ll V I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .J i M...-...--ff A , Mory Douglos wh-'xt Qx . II 'I I I I I I I I I I 'I J- t"""w , -,I A 4,1 I x if 'Q Sf X X I I I Bridgert Jones :Miha 1 9' ',, J ' i v l .Q '1 If Harry Adair, Head Coach If 5? 5, uh, we .. .. . min FX '! ii. ,G A HN ' Brenda Gray, Asst. Coach Willie Drown, Asst. Coach af' ' Valeria Tucker, manager Coaching Staff E u K t E" H F . .. r - Q , 1 1' . .rv 5 As 'L Isis "Mentally it's hard to get up for every game, but the one you don't get up for may beat you." Sl' . H, A, bg U 'A' W' N W.. , U I ll H u Y nf S Qf' Vivion Jones Andreo Washington .. 'Wm' 3 , ,,SEQg,QTQ2LLM -f A ' A A K, ff - 1.1: Y. Tf.m..u ' I. r, .-Ay-QQ df' X v -A v M,f: .- m mxkkm. J- M., v,,.w 4 Vx .f A 2 i V Gvhx iZwf""f ?,l,jg1i'f ' 'W kg :M , A 4i"f'f iTf' . f f ' - I " my W. ,Q jjj fin: 5, Xxw I V' ,rg gl 352 -JM N V, 2 .- 5 'xiii I z SM , .. 4 , V . , 15-3.11-'.: K 4 Y . .fur FEW. :. . ' .mm M, , 1- P 4 iv. ' Vw Region VII ends seoson for Lody Rongers By Donny Wilson The Lody Piongers copped off onother QVGOT yeor by being ronked number one in the notion ot the end of the seoson, despite the loss of their first regulor seoson gome since 1979 in o 58-59 heortbreoking loss to Eost Mississippi. The loss to EMJC wos the only blemish on on otherwise outstonding 21-1 record. The highlight of the seoson come os the Lody Rongers won the Cumberlond Clossic Tourney in Cumberlond, Tenn., Nov. 20-21, Northwest defeoted Clevelond Store 82-od in the opening round ond then knocked off Cumberlond 100-oo in the chompionship gome. Mory Douglos, sophomore from Vordomon, Deboroh Benson, freshmon from Memphis, ond Moxine Tucker, sophomore from Holly Springs, were nomed to the All-Stor teom, Douglos overoged 21 points in the contest ond Benson overoged 15. Tucker, the Lody Rongers 5-10 ploy-moker, scored eight points ogoinst Clevelond Stote ond 10 in the chompion- ship motch. Scoring, however, wos not her most impor- tont contribution. Her quickness, speed, ond possing obili- ty were her strong points os she controlled the boil move- ment for Northwest. Becouse of her importonce to the Northwest couse, Tucker wos nomed the Most Voluoble Ployer for the clossic. The Lody Piongers hod o 20 gome winning streok going until the loss to EMJC, with outstonding offensive gomes such os: 100-oo ogoinst Cumberlond, 96-oo Holmes, ond ogoin defeoting Holmes, 91-70. Top defensive gomes in- cluded on 87-88 win over Mory Holmes, 75-Ao over Shelby Store, ond 85-47 Coohomo. The Lody Piongers cloimed the North Holf regulor seoson No. 1 position, the North Division title ond the Stote Chompionship title, Their seoson ended 27-2 with o loss to Roone Store in the Region VII tournoment Morch 5 or Howord Coliseum. 2 Ranger Basketball yu! " 5,141 ,fx .gg 1 K 4' 'giwg' H Q, I- ,-'ii s-VM! V., N E. I ., 4: .W 1' F m7Xf1W:?+u vm. YJ lift' . WW' .mum K wk ,,,9Q, y' I V ,'9fQ,,.f 1-Q "V" N., wk at -A Tgfyglfmhg AHL 'sr , 9 0 ,W'1ffQl2f+ .5 ! ' 81-82 "We have the chonce to beot anybody if we just ploy ball." Horry Hunter Tony Jones 'ef L-, 3 'ltunu 1 , 1 1 --in yi hr in-a Lorry Ronsom A FZ WK: '-.. -ff 'SJ JK. f ,f ,ii 'fb X . M., .m..,-ff Rolph Dunn "It's o lot better going into the locker room with o five point leod than to be down by five." Greg Mofflt Y- H. ',,. 2 Q A .qnvv W- A-M1 'ff-...A A N", 'Q wi ,nib A1 " 'vt T V J' I Reginald Volley A D wayne Harris ' , "-Q' 5 -1-'hi 1, 5: - - im" - .,,s.:' sf DA TE Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec Dec Dec. Dec Dec Dec. Dec Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb, Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. RANGERS BASKETBALL SCHEDULE SCHOOL Mary Holmes Utica Mary Holmes Open Meridian Northeast Shelby State Coahoma Delta Paducah Tourney CPaducah, Kentucky? Jackson State Shelby State l.J.C. Cltawambab East Mississippi Holmes Meridian Northeast Coahoma Delta l.J.C. Cltawambal East Mississippi Holmes North Holt State Tourney Region Vll St. Catherine College SCORES 74-59 66-70 47-61 60-56 57-60 67-96 90-72 53-57 51-52 53-55 59-63 54-52 55-53 58-55 56-52 67-45 59-56 70-55 66-62 55-53 54-49 46-45 79-80 , . J J. if . A' Q .1 J ' QLY Y VLQW., k L -,,.z,,fw A 1 wi- -1 me -X , ,I 25.69, pg. WM -ig fi .f pg L ' . 5.1.6 5 .1 s- A Q I EVM 4 I l x Y 9 U Bloke Rondolph Arnold Houston ., 19 , Don Reed . J -5 . 4"s,,'. , . . UI' -1 .wsu 1 A 1 S 2 an Q 0 , . '51 ,W H, ,G ...,,,. 6 6 y .f W 6 x "We have to ploy the best we can to win every game. - Kenneth "Cor" Robbins, Heod Cooch Goylon Boird, Asst. Cooch -i' 3- F X I 5 . F 3 P- ' " '1 wa-'Q If 1-it .it Rangers ranked No. 4 in state By Danny Wilson The Rangers started out the season on Va strong note by defeating Mary Holmes, 74-59. After that they went into a skid that left them with a 4-8 record. After being defeated in the opening round of the Paducah tourney, they started a 12-game winning streak including wins over Coahoma 70-55, East Messe-.rppt 67-45, and shenby store sow. The Rangers also pulled out some close games such as 46-45 against Holmes, 55-53 ltawamba and losing one game in overtime in the Paducah tourney 51-52. ' "it took some time for our younger players to get a feel of the game. We had a good group of players returning from last year, and we'll have a good group coming back for next year. Harry Hunter, sophomore from Horn Lake, did a great job for us ar center as well as being a leader. All the sophomores did a great job helping the freshmen come along," said Head Coach Kenneth "Cat" Robbins. ' On the strength of the 12-game winning streak, Northwest was crowned the number one team in the North half. Basketball season for the Rangers ended in Mem- phis during Region Vll tournament play with a loss to Sr. Catharine College of Kentucky on March 1. The Rangers closed the season, ranked No. 4 in the ate, with a 16-11 mark. 1 M z -M Cheer IGCldeI'S support ,XY ,f Il !l g E ' ye I Q I Ln - 11" ' A 230 I iT........ Rangers in all sports .s K ics, , if is A... mf V- .L nvs1E,.,,,,,qf.B ' s i. r 1 .fn sf 4 ' ' x ,Q mg 9 X.. ?"g7" sw r T, fl ' ' 'PQ4 its its... Q 5 rf! .xi -G'-iv X Jil s r y, 2 precede Ranger games whether they are played on home turf or away Practice, rehearsals, and pep rallies F.- I if v ' r 'I is 1-'ll 924 fv9'Q A K 5 'I . s. -.,.,.,.- Lu. 'Q X +....-., i 1,..f sim Pep rollies provide on opportunity for everyone to get in the oct. "TP-w ,-il 1" '54 , I 1 3 3 r t 1 3 f i t 1 E I 4 i 0000 angers! . .Am AMA., . JP Ns- A - - - v-fiznt, -6.31 'u. If K .x NLHB.- J--ACH 1 5. in HALF TIME 1' 7 K ENTERTAINMENT W V ,M W 1 I A, M , A ,WYV4 mf Tl ' ji , X ,fx YP? 11' g N' X ' 1 '- - 'vw' af , Y , 1 J Y' ,NK-5. ,mfg 1 ,V lf + , 9 , 01 , 4 ex .fl '14 -1 E ff lg- 'i 1 980 Ranger Football September 5 September 10 September 17 September 26 October 1 October 10 October 17 October 22 October 29 November 5 mi-- ,, , , Gulf Coast Holmes East Central East Mississippi Co-Lin Coahoma Mississippi Delta ltawamba Northeast Hinds p Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest resh Mclnrlre Soph s . QT Q, yy 89 Mlchoel Dennis Lone Morthew Cox Jeff Long Cooching Sroff , Bobby Fronklin, Heod Henry "Honk" Jomes Shows Roy Poole, Jr., Steve Coldwell, Mlchoel Dorrorey Mikie Rowon, ' Tim House, Cooch ond Scoufer Cooch Cooch ond Equipment 240 W qi AW-f . 'Wsffe ' 'w4'5JS'fl! ' ' I' gi ,ro 'L fi fa.,-Q .Lf :ip Jwkf- ff I 155 i nh j sh Y ah ah 1 wh Vg 31 5 EH sh in W 1. sh ab, IH an -.... Nw, W' "wa: '-'-1-N-' rex . --f--g--1,3 QV- A-...M .,,.M.,,... , ,,.,,A ,, D, MA l-u 'W' ' '-- - -- ' 'A-f----- , . ,, , www-,,,.,-,,,,,, ,,.-. MA- , ,,,.,.,., A ...,M. M.. , -1-1,-l ,,,Y .....,.-.a...,...,...,.N. . .... - L. 5,5 :Y-.... ,,,. -......,.,.M- .w , ,,,........ , U l an V MA.. ,,,wL.., wi MMJWM M if M ---ll -...:.....A...,A-,,,,,.,,,..,.,- . ,...,....,..w,....u- .ww.fv..f,2a..a-.....,..,.-.....A.,M...,.. ...M , . ' ' - - '- , ---M1 ...Q ,,..,,, ,, , ....,-.m:,:.6naq wwf--y,- - , M ,. N . - -, . A .,y..,.4,..w..,,,,v .fx Q mu... -. ,,,., Q' """""' " ' r-......4 I -1. ,Y--K..w-was nun- u. I i'N"""' ru '--,-' ,f,-M-:-1-Lrg 7 , .... . . .-0.-,.x..,-.-... .....:,- M-, , ..-i ern...- ,..., WN -...,..m..,:g.- fi . j- J 4 1-ll, 5- i :K tiff Q fa iv ,. Afh ff ,, ,,, f on 1' 4' Q - -' 4 y if .S A, l A xx I", K K 'W '- ,h y f, 1 h , ,1 . 'h 'D gf dk M , ,x Q - , f l A W 1 Q E 1 - J l ? A lla- mi igxifg N... fy-,.f3..i A -EixM..i L Eb.. B. ',, i 5 , V"ll'L l"i I'N'lY l twink fllllwvulrwaw-umm-5 .i'4 41 v 241 h gl -' A h v. 1 A M V Q , r P 9 A f Q A -4 MM W ,, Q hr? Q W h' ' . , n- 5 h 2 .. H ' -an , A' n is Q , -, hi- iv - h .. ' 77 'HN ... .. 'K As. ' I A Q I: A 3. W L W :xnx G ' A I , ' S I I I I 5 1 I i Q . X 1 I ? l N s P' 1 ill" j ii , -1-...l..-L '- K . f ' H - , V ,, 4 - 1 Q inn l ,. ,....,.e.,..,.,........4.....N....V,.. ..,...M,,,...4..-.. ,.-. .emmmummmiry .uw s,e,.,..Kf ,, ,.W...,J,,,..... mf.. ..-,,.,.,,. .nnunismwx ' ' ' ' ' O .............,......,. Runmeng B0S!55,s eese s e k sss A, ,- , s 4, Xu., NM, , ,,,, ,, . egg, ,,,,,,,, -4 ,,v,,,,,,,,.q.,,mmm.1,,3,Q A ,-, .,-.mwwfw-ws-wav--an -If,-'H-H - . JN , A . ,,, v ,ei , M L Q . f .1-.V M, ..,-MQ.-Haan: le:-s..,,1-,,, sg, uf Q 9 j ,dw Q 7 ,gigs x ,. gif, , I , ,Nd 'vcr S-.. 3 .i,.- , Mn:-,W px V ' -M.-- e,..,. , ...... ,X WW 4 L 1 url V W - ' 'Q' V 1,A4Vw,'3.: .. fe- 1, .Lg- Wide Receivers Rangers stort seoson with two upsets. vs V F' . . Fw, 9 EY" "kg: " ' 4 -My V 1 vx 'ht nas. .. ..,- u .J ,- w iz yi , , ,iz ga . N xv W ' ,,,,..:Jf:'-,...' ' T151 :Q , lllwu--M Cf "'sp ff' vi I , is 'ifhii 1.1.2 LAQN 4 - J ,' ..fvi TN W ' B , 'TA ' WN... .-...,..,..,., ., . .. as ' - ...ilm --.l......... "Nil-:an..-,,u.L x "ll F- 1 3 f .- 9 "'n.,., Cffensive Linemen Mm - .,,. ff:-.ef If Z.. , -fn. -. ..: We- :fs-2 .aa 25:1 : .9113-ves.,q,ffcs-ee: fy W - 'Wi' WN 1 " V' ' X -, .- -.. X W S4--Q it .M 3 ' f' we linm l -11 ofarig, Y 'Ml' E , . A. . ,yum Ak it gm ' ,iam li- Defensive Ends .-" -.Aw , 1 .MM .WM M M. ,U ,, , ,..-y..4,.M..,'---Y -'::,faff2'x' QW. . ,W w',kf.N V4-fwflrfr , , v.., ..,, , ,- - W, , , , ,,,,. . ,.. 1 AQ A , W, N ,, , .,,, , ,, .4 ,,., we .-..,, ,lege ....., f Q Q W MY rm I5 M-AH - S 44,11 i fy --is wt If W "' ...L . ,...,L 4 ,gl 'W -..M,f.4 L . mms., ,V Defensive Linemen 1-,.-,-V, I llls---in ,xigfl n v 1i 1 , If- I, 'is Quorterbocks , 1 x . -by 1 f--,-,-W-..- ., .,w,,,.,.. ,Q I -u., -qua-1-p 1 ...Z U-Q' uY Defense holds tight . . . credited with superb ploy. 4 4" Q H H '-T 1 M 12 V? P-iW'3 x ' 3 f ,E ..,,. G 4 7 L. fx if ' I Qg b ygmff 9 f7' Em ' 'Nm -W ...Q Defensive Ends Awesome offense, fenocious defense route Coohomo 49-O. 1.-1 2 , , IZ I ! wx .F -K rf- Kickers " 'T ' "' ' 1wE4E'm3""-vvfv, I, - Q ian: :xwrsaw Q 'f"""""i Nu... . 1' . A ,..u..... -WN "ii.a..., " s- --v-1:11. L. 'ff-'WM---iwzs... -.-A -- Line ockers 4 4 2: T ,mlfm Q 1 -- v,'x'i' 7 X. N45-.. x , ,MAN .. M f , Y Q 1,. rw. Q Q., at 1. Au- k . -3 X , 1, ,. A, , . M., ,.V,, V . X."'f, ,IV X' 2 , llrx, S E ' rm .. -x' wht - Q ,,Wf,m,1-fw X, X -ff.-1 fx , 'pg Q 5"E-5:51 546-1 X, 131212. Q5 Ski 1611452 5 Ckxim WML Y ,',,,s,,.353NX. - v, , , Mwfx- .,-Q, , x 5, s V. A 'HI 37121 25PEa""4Q,Q ,ff -' . :ww:f,N,'N aww: :x1:,,f:f:'-,. f ' V4 5- ZW 1'-2 W. :f f ' YS I - ' :. ,4 -' sg: . U Q 5-eff' . X pw -Shy' ways 4, 9 4 -4 SQSV5 Q w1",i:,.L,. iq " .,NXgiii3N?fS1f5j?? ,f A X , , - 4. ' AK? 1 Srl Y . .4 Q, ,., N53-xw ,, A j ,,,. A "W,,Qq,Q5s, MQ , 45.44525 ta .:, 1 X, x, 33585 W X W., rf' " S' ' 1 my .xxx f- f Q-fgifi Q Q , W x 2 fi x - ,jf X.: , Mfl1'w.I -X f 'a2?aw!fJ'f1E -I' kL.'i'ifi2 1 'A , ,, V , L 1 - Q 'fl :xx-:,r.bsQ,Q. V- vs,-yt-rf - X , . x - 1 1943? ?mf'- fs-.. . ' ' gf , X - W , -qn,f7M:fw:.M1. 2f,s ,. 3nmQrsxM.4:,:f11N xg-Wvgyg . . er, , Y . X Qxggk Saas., x -Q rv 1 fqg6,fyzwg,:,:1 - ,g,.3S5w-:ff-'z I., F 'f' 2stfEif,.QS:-'sv 5 ,, ., , H it ,Q , yr '.w2yQ'--f,wif-1.Q ry . . - , Wig- ix- LM' X5 .T X . -X 1s.xx,..N.zg- . , A v rg 5 was ,Y-if.,,y .Q Q4 M1 LL 'sg3vfXFfkg:Qf FSM' ,. E ,,, - kllpxyvn, ,N , X , . f. myxxg, S-N x-- yf' ' M ' A , f' 1, A A' A, ' 5- 4 Y SN z W Q 45 5 2. ' T?iN' " 1 'X s w' ,X R ff Q. wfgig, QM M f, if f ,zz - ':-- - N f wi-X 2' X. .Q-1 , ug- ge . ,1 WA X- .f X my 1X2S.Q,fQ,',wf:f-1' ww .sth Q .-vw.-.' :..:.,.:efNfa my , A W vm-Qzsjfiiw.5f-1f2Wf'wS.1sw?afzf-4--Ax, ziizfr-. " -11. 9 - N f ' 472 ' ' ff" , QA X '52f??fQ'k-f,r,2 X: JS? z S -'SQ 2f'EY3141'i'-322N4.?.f X uf - J ' 'L :':.':f?1-335,111 Hifi:-:mi.QL..Y,Qs.,-vsL wlfqq , .,yH,,,. A A W ' ' -.5,.-, 5. 1-all, ,w D' 5-iq? ' ' 'sg 1 v ' 9: "W" . Nw- rl . 'fafjfn ll:-Q-. Na+ xwrq ' X .fx ,M A V. V .L N 2 ,,..gN- . im Y f Q ..', , N p.-..M,.,,. 1 9 .N N me 3' W , x . F' --7 M .f-L", L.-A V 5 - A 'M W. - U. M , A N. - "5 , Us.. Av ' Q ' U 1 - All .... Tj 3 V-Wu. .. ,. I Q Y' n F. r.. - F , i wx a 14 .i ff lt ,pr Vg 3 ,Y , ay rv vf V 5 19 -ww 7 5? 5' ' Q b N-'Yin ' 'hai' .' 5 255554 if 1, L l ma. - Q ff , A gg. ' vi fi .- , 1? "Z v 59 ' 1 -245 5 s 1 . . , ., 44 A 5 x Af 5 e if 4? Q ,x die, ' ' v 5 N A --N. , . 1, .1 o - v 4 u. in , , R.-,a.-.. 6 ,, 5 4 Q -up rf wa --., Q X av'-4' ' My . , 'pf' 1 x 'M vi -rf X - W Q' fw 14fr-f"" , , , -'4v,,g.f,S.ffA.j'1- 1' 'T-I 'W f gli" 5 fx., ' x. 5- - uxaulf.. ' 4-4' ' W- --f ' . ,Www 4., 11 '+.f.w-mi ..""'r 'ff 15' A' , "P f . " .. 4 . A 'fag' ,ftltwfff ,WMV-' 1 , TL, F :biz .J A ,X 1 , 1 , ,- "'1 .' .' '., ,. V, .- ., I . VP ' 'Q' 'W -' - 5 , , i WAN, "5 S Mfg .i fa Y K. m 'fem ,. vgma 1 lx , , 4 ' , QF 'a ...' 'f7'Q'y1k.n Q I .4 an a iw 'bu W 'ex l .-an ,-. , - f Sl g,g,AJl,h'A,:,Y,5a? ,Q fl x M ,., -'WA .55 ' '4'!Qi,w'A if . F, J Lf, 4 p , Vfv... 'x 414, 'i sis ' . .T jll Qu nf-'N Y Pi. - . It . -. ., . 'H'-J vm. W' -y A, 5 .,R4..:N. s 1. x C x A 4 V. 1 - -"NI""' fs wg. ' ' ' X ' Y Last home game of the season, Rangers mud- wrestle with UC. Y' X A xXx SCX if wvnfwdde Q 4-K -:Eb-1 X' A Y ,Q . . , 1 .. i ,A , 0 v , 3,1 WM 5 , 1 sk' -- I ' 'W' lK9'3,-4'7f- 'vm vis W4 as A' pw M ,nw Q' 'mm I PW' mdk mywcswmah 'nah gu- -49 1 kbp ., f ., ':'2: , ' . 533' X, , M,4aW? s ff 'z WL IAQ 43- X 51:51 ,ff . 1? M ' 'V' ""fe4M. , , ,,.X, ., Ye Si, fi 5.5. kk Qs igers end season on winning note The Rangers did more than just end the season on a winning note with a 27-15 vic- tory at Hinds. With that scoring performance they chronicled a 54-1 record and produced a winning season for Head Coach Bobby Franklin. "l'm pleased we finished with a winning season, but we could have been Q-1 easily instead of 5-4-1," said Franklin. "Make that 10-O - we could have won them all. We're not going to be satisfied until we get in the playoffsp we should have been there this year." Two games were lost by only three points CHolmes 10-7 and ltawamba 25-225, one by only one point CGulf Coast 7-ob, and the soggy Homecoming game by six CMississippi Delta 19-137, the Rangers' worst defeat of the season. Then there was the 10-10 tie with Copiah-Lincoln. Wins were over East Central 207, East Mississippi 18-12, Coahoma 49-O, Northeast 21-O, and Hinds 27-15. "I think we played one of our better ballgames against Hinds," said Franklin. "We didn't run as well as we might have, but we threw the ball more, and our passing game looked good." 'U L.. J M744-:.,, rf EfZ'akH 'lm 15 'f"Wf2?'f5Yi4evsf: - E 1 . .w.. ' .L ,fax 'r 9 W Q:-A ,, . :A M ,dv , 5 1, if Q M. V I , - ?' 6 4 1 W if Q Q Q f 1, , Q g 2 it ,fi -1 O Football Intramural -...Q W W ,mga-.pgwa5 .I , , ,ff a,,.,,,a,. N ' ' i , jfkfff-Q ' ! . 5- , , i ' ' f' . "', 4 ,. Q, A , U5 KJ-' if h REE, 1' J Q t , -' ' ' V' , M6 , 'Q "' , 4 ., , I .,"'5"?' j H' 'l " 4, J .I n I 54 , ,A , . 4' A , 9 , ,. f I ' N 1 V.: - fm pw , - -Q ,, ,K J . V , Q. Y . -E K vm. H4 K ' ver 1 ' - f , : Q5 - ' f ,V sv 1610 Nl af W -yv-b'H l lf, aw. . x x 5 1 .Q , , WL: . Q 1 - fwfr ffl, 4 mg, ,Qi , V sy?-KQV! ,ri a ,,i 5 , , J , ,V , 'Q Action QS. A ""Q ix.. nl. rf' I Q in 'Nw W' Ns. 41? 3. .S wbgv, . 4. dill. :, .,.., Whip . .ff I lei' 'bf nj" , K., 3' ,I .v-H ,Q eff' H41 H1 Q dl 'fi Intramural ,ly 4, - u ,yu W ,h - f-441315. MESA? l 1 - 7' X k A ,.n,:,q5 f ,-.r,,. 1, I 4 A 1 I 4 r ,f A 11 V 4 1 ' . 1 L - ff 23, 4, ' . BIake's Bad Beauties Blake's Bad Beauties captured the women's intramural football title. Members of the team are: Vickey Weeks, Tammy Weeks, Sissy Beard, Melissa Carpenter, Charlotte Power, Sheila Williams, Hollie Springs, Linda Springs, and Robin Howard. Jerome Blake and Michael Forrest coached the champion team. rs., 3 if Q 035221, , J te 3 Y ff-J' The First Fomily The First Fomiiy won the men's inrromurol foorboll rirle. Members of the feom ore: Rickey Porrick, Ronny Joiner, Jerry Moyes, Evererre Shegog, George Hunter, Ivory Jones, Jimmy Smirh, Aurhor Shonnon, Kelvin Thompson, Tim Thompson, Jerome Woodoli - Head Coochp Jonet Thompson, Quentin Fox, Joe Boskin, Kolvin Compbell - Assistont Cooches. Chompions 1.,, 53 12 R x wx- - rid: ,Q -. -wg f.- . -.S-nr' 262 ' K X da 1 '95 ang' Bosketboll Intrcmurols Basketball Champs 1' Robert Armstrong, Melvin Ellis, Fre Gunn, Alvin King, Keith Shelton, James Sims, James Williams, Bobby Willis, Mitchell Young, Tony Jones, Coach, Mario Ivy, Coach. 1' Barbara Campbell, Perry Dawkins, Angie Elion, Linda Jackson, Phyllis Malone, Juanita Pittman, Marleen Shaw, Josephine Tolbert, Janet Thompson. 5- I ,ed .S QNX RODE z'!,"' ,,,f,f' . 7-11 - ,- ' "TLC V ,' inf, . . Q ff. WJ' ',:,fQ2ft,f W M' 5 5 ,,.,, , The NWJC Rodeo Teom is o member of the Notionol ln- tercollegiote Rodeo Associotion. Ronger cowboys ond cowgirls hove the opportunity to compete ogoinst students from other southeostern colleges in stondord rodeo events. NIRA ond NRA rodeos sponsored by the club ore held ot the Northwest Form oreno. Bud Young is the Rodeo Teom odvisor. ,. V X N w 268 ,fx 552: -is-1 wwf, 'IW 4 FUND f A ,..Q xf " af., ,.f,,lx'r I ",4xA w , Y A Y G A A ' ,ww 7 M33 i . . 'Kirks 3 G if 1 ' , - -'sp Q 9? 2,1 fy' Sb 2 33 "'W'mm it ' "?1ag.vifx'51f.',.- ' ' ' iz ' .4 YA 112 6,01 ,, JW ' an IJ V 7 . ff .lf K W, V 'T 1 525. 4, vi ,X Z S '16 4. 4 . 1 X IN F' A,- M qfrvm if 'JV' ll yd I. mg -' ' g 3 5 q 1 - rf '- JK if f f , ' '5' ff .,,,-9 269 X 1 'T"vN i V , . Q". w ,M -92 Q5 MM A. EQ ,, P -nov' 6 yx 'PW ,V Mix- .Y -v , -.J 'v Y' I .Af ,-'1,K.- f, ww Q ,S -:ww - ,vt , 'A' K ....:...::g:U .. bby gk.. " s im. - 'Z 1. :Mn Mxv-:rim Y., ' . ' jfs, .fa ,5:,'Mx,,g ,, un R Ha 1 -., wb 4 0 ii r W. . ,M -V ' nv QW" 'V ."21 -,:' " ff, , f i , 35 w I 5 E 'xv x 3 Qs.-if A , v , .f Y .f s:N 7, P., f".1 -1? w QL! .1- 1 W' 1 ,,. 9 .fn v I -f , 'VMS f wwwry N ,- V 1, A -, . Q - 8, uw Af,-ff, My-i'!5" ,,, - - :M Af .f mi! MK NN 0-m4 .f"""'N4k '7 ,Q WMS? . '-,. . 1 I k B ,,- 4 0 o v f- 1 4 Q b 'xv 'L .Mak gs.-4 lk J .15 T I Mx FACULTY LCDCJKING AHEAD . . . to inquisitive minds ' .mating fu:-.viihsrv Ii Lindo Spina, Editor Jomes Aldridge Quitrnon Lowrence Autry Morsholl . AN Winston Bruce Lofoyette Dudley R. Dovis Jomes D. Eidt Colhoun Quirmon :gg :ff A .ff'f2?'f Som Allison Tore 1 . l c .... S x..l I ,. ef' W. L. Brewer Tollohotchie Morion Choote Quitmon Jimmy Eubonls Tunico -N Douglos Autry Benton Albert Broodwoy DeSoto 119 Donold M. Clonton, Secretory Tote v 1- vig 'Su-...,,',, Williom D. Gooch Quitrnon BCJARD CDF TRUSTEES gi ,l Q JJ l l J l, li F l l li 4 l F rl J il 'V SIX R ,, X z l 'J - I N, , x 3 ff 1 I Q Sl O. D. Hamblin Joe B. Hartley Jamie Howell Q3 Calhoun Panola Tate i i all lr fl li, if il 'li ','l r ii ' 1 gl Il l l 1, l F l 2 1 J T Dr, Michael Shaheen Y Thomas E. Smith Joe L. Tennyson Tate Tallahatchie l l z Panola , l l l ,-If l 1' J-ff Wm R. T. Ward, Chairman Billy Williamson William Wofford Quitman Yalobusha Quirman l Norplcrured J M Flick Ash Marshall Chairman Tallaharchle E P Gresham Benton John McCracken DeSoto B H Papasan Tunica Q 'Q M . Z 5' .. . ,, W. Brewer, Vice n .1 0 X 1 ' ' I K J J. Henry Womble Ben G. Wynne William Young Yalobusha Tate Quirman BOARD CDF TRUSTEES ,4-.T N as Henry B. Koon President un., N, w .V H Vice-President June Gardner ,hmdv 280 V ? i I i 2 2 L JQF' s I Y 1 E Q 5 A A09 lr' vis -.ff ,bi Q fi: M J ' f'l. .if ' '.-Pa'-' 11 vel. T' -or f gn- 5 O N 1 Administrative Personnel Carolyn Ainsworth Direcror of Personnel, Assistant to President, Affirmative Action Officer Robert Brandon Director of Fiscal Affairs Don Christenberry Director of Curriculum Development Jim Darby Deon of Academic Education Price Darby Deon of Vocational-Technical Education 282 Lydia Davis 5DlP Coordinator Ann Lindsey Director of Planning Ken Lindsey Vice-President Jim Mercer Vice-President T' Y 'S . "- affirm 1' Bc, ei M55 Gary Spears Director of Admissions and Records, SDIP Ann Whitten Director of Public Relations fins' iitusif' it 475' 9 2 v ,fa-'93 Professionol Stoff 4 X vi J' I ,- f 21" 5 I 7-MM-sv' , 'aw ,nav-W"""' Chorles Dovidson Counselor, Vocorlonol-Technical Nano Deoron Busrness Office Monoger Michoel Dottorey Athletic Assistant Terry Douglos Bookkeeperffvlonoger Joseph Fondren Counselor! Vo-Tech Bobby Fronlslin Heod Football Cooch Roy Gollowoy Senior Accountant Zulo Glenn Union Director Jomes Goodwin Doro Processing Monoger Polly Gordon Director of Vocotionol- Technicol Education Betty Guess Administrative Assistant Clint Holey Computer Programmer Shermon Hordin Bookstore Monoger W. E, Hordin Director of MDTA X CE TA 284 3 l lf Nil l i i ll li l l i i l ll l. li il l l l l l I l l l l l l l l l il li It l l l li ll ,i l I A41 t .. Professionol Stoff ,,,,--fn... ,QHYN 5' , l 1 Qi l 1' . f W 1 7 5 . 1,9 ' i " l 5-" f , -.,..- ,....... .. .I 5-Ez: l l in if ff fl A' 1- X Q , I QW' f S 11219 X! Y.. 'fs -ati' yuh, M. .L s , Jomes Shows Director of Student Development Debbie Smith Assistant, Finonciol Aid, 5DlP Rosie Smith Counselor Edword Stompley Assistont Footboll Cooch Chorles Torver Counselorf5peciol Services Jomes Treloor Credit ond C ollecrion Monoger Billy Jockson lndustriol Representative Jomes Mercer WNJC Progrom Assistonr Jim Miles Admissions Counselor ond Boseboll Cooch Bob Miller Vice-President of Pilot Food Services J, K. More Coliseum Director Roy Poole, Jr. Assistont, Finonciol Aid Roy Poole, Sr Athletic Director Jonnett Riley Bookkeeper Kenneth Robbins Bosketboll Cooch Felix Robinson Assistant Director of Vo- Tech Educotion Goyle Senter Counselor! CE TA Honls Shows Athletic Assistont Q 285 Sarah Adalr Head Bookkeeper Rose Baenke Secrerary Brenda Baird Secretary Peggy Baker Cashier, Fiscal Office Personnel Debbie Billingsley Secretory Mary Bollng Dupllcaror Operator Billy Bowie BSU Director Nylo Breshears Bookkeeper Charlotte Cooke Accounts Payable Clerk Anne Crocker: Secretary Bobby Darby Secretory Patricia Dhoriry Secretary Charlotte Ferguson .Secretary Gayle Ferguson Secrerory, SDIP Tammy Godbold Secretory Margaret Holmes Secretary -aw? '7""'f"b 'U' it ff?" 'Y' , '-sV1 V 6. , X if G g: g ilig I f 'l" ir Silk --" " l,l" i ,ff ,Af 5 ,., ,xg , fi az W, M Q gr f ,, 62545 I . f I 5 224 ar 'K 425 7' rw -. ek ss, NY ' I ,f ,f 'D-. X '1"' X I IVR ' I vm -QE' .. C Q H .1 sv 'Nh X Y vw lik I X. , Mgiy f , ,- Vw Us . N. -fl' vw g 1 Personnel '7-+-1 1 2, A , :fy Qffgfr f If ' 1 ,Q ""' ,I ,A f ,sf f ,A x , Q 1 I J M I ,Z Morjean Mercer Payroll Clerk Annie Neol Dorm Hostess Joe Neal Technician, SDIP Korrle Nolen Secretary Judy Payne Personnel Assistanr Lindo Ogg Secretory Claire Puryeor Librarian Margaret Rogers Librorion Mike Rowan Football C ooch Loura Sowell Secretory Louis Stevens Game Room Monoger Lovonio Treloor Clerk, Registrars Office Romania Jones Program Dlrecror -- WNJC Mory Leovell .Secretary Marjorie Maddox Bookkeeper Shirley Moples Personnel Asslsronr I I ' Jo Adams Coordinoror of Faculry Advisory Program, Chemistry Gwen Aldridge Morhemarics Dr. Greta Avery-Coger English a di Gaylon Baird Assistant Baskerboll Coach, Physical Education Jane Baker Foundoqan Srudies Sandra Beken Morhemorics 288 Faculty 'Wk ili- iii Jackie Brown Body and Fender Shirley Brown Foundorion Studies 140 il Wr- L fill , l l ,pa-lu l l l i l l I ll l .-4' . -wgfg mr. , , I Faculty if ii 'U ii g .. l l f 11 Q. rf' E C q,. A ' , ,r Z 1 ' 3 ' i i E i ri it g ' Qs . f 7-'lf ..'v ' - x Sig Frank Childrey English Jeprha Clemens Paralegal Education Willie Brown Physical E ducarion Mary Ann Burkheod Physical Educafion Bob Campbell Business Jimmy Carr Civil Technology Berry Carroll Child Core Technology R, D. Corroll Electronics 2 0 Eorline Cocke Business Jocqueline Collinsworrh 5ociol Science Morilyn Comer Direcror of Educorlon Deporrmenr Robert Cox Low Enforcement Horrierr Drogo Commercial Arr Jonice L. Dunn English F oculfy uf' UN X Fronces Evons MLT Program John Flowers Philosophy ef I c X H, 'KZ " ws V t 1 n 2 Q -gps-ni' l' x O-1' e""" my E I, 1 t I i i i i fi -A fi if w i i il is I i i I i i Q i yi 134' ll' 1 ii ' lf :Ii I 7 5 , Ti . rl ' ii! H11 l if V i it l ,. -i f l ,, l ug! P i .-i 221 3 1 I v Wir 6 i i ul, ii' tk, 3 ip ,' 4 J wif 1 A7 'f'V fp e'.'N Facuhy I 5 lx "F", ,E 5 vk -E S' t W Kf K ,ang fx ' V., A-A 1' .ln' 3 Kathy Foresrnan Psychology Lynette France Social Science Constance Gallant Liberal Arts Petrecio Gates Director of F oundotions Studies Keith Godbold Business Billie Gray Moth ond Technical Education Brenda Gray Assistant Women 's Basketball Cooch Marie Gray Business Freddie Harmon Automotive Technology Cornie A. Hoyes Jr. 09 Nurs! Corsa Dzrecror of Liberal Arfs Allen Homdoy An1mol5c1ence, Form Manager Efedric Kogppel Mary Cogfigrine Koeppe! .speetfh Forrest Lox A Qbglol Science : ,Q 1 44. Sf? , 292 ' My . it John Lofrin Agriculture Jo Logon Speech Mory Long Director of Cosm - , , Robert Long Drafting ond Design Russell Lotr Business Ferrell Lunceford Assistant Bond Director Air A. W f - -lfwgwxie A ,,,,. , 7, 4, r ' ..fgfjQ5j .'vr 2 iss? N N V. , wr' W' iw .M A fi fi, " i . ,,, ffwm, ' 9' ,- 4 ffyfg ,,,M,1 f 1 , V Esmf. 1 , H fe r Q 5, 435, 1 .L .lzgmf 2 A W ,, AL Y 1 ffl, ' " ,irq ' J, . Q Q, 4.. 5, "gift 3 -. 4 ,fa malls, Qfs pc' Yi, s :YE . il gear w 2 Vicki O'DeIl Cosmerology Sonny Orrell Direcror of Physical Education John Osier English Vickie Parker Child Core J. B. Peirea Cornpurer Technology Gail Price Speech Jimmy Reed Radio and TV Repair Joan Reid Accounring Sonia Robbins Languages Faculty rf' Y-,-MA! 5, X. is z .Q ai if 4 'R muah ,..plul!15' 91 Q 1 VU YUM san., G' is 'Q U' jew - M ,...., 1 1. -N -yr Q Q Q 1 F 'W P ,ww-ng. S, ' . rg: H: . , ,, I W ri. ,,, ES F X A A A W X A - 5 h x- - .- ,f XR, i , .A ,gggsg f r S 'X vf ' 7' , ls, ,N Lx Y. M QL Y-H P 4 V..--W 5. sf , .-'. ' X 5? off Tf , ' Foculfy K 'Vx N 2 3 .S A 413 , , AM,fw .1 ,, , -- ff 0+ 1- '1 ' - 4, ,IJKSQ - ,Q w J , 4. . . ' Q A f 'I V , . X... W.,MN.V .. K .,, X W N H . A -- ' rf- 5 3 P 'M ' 1 Wf as , ' 2: Roymond Rogers Sociol Science Glodys Ross Foundorion Srudiesf5DIP J. D. Ross Direcror of Science Deporrmenr Williom Rouse Electronics Dione Sonders Offser Prinring Robert Sonders Weiding Robert Seoy SocioIogyfSDlP Fronkie Shows Foundarion Srudies Rosemory Simmons M usic 5 X Faculty Williom Sisseil I Science 4' Fronces Smith English I '-315 f George Smith W Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration .Q,,,.1 i x if: , S' Moriiyn Spears Learning Resource Lab an Rhonda sim Reading K . 1 Milton Thornton ,, Agriculture Equipment 5 r- ., iw "u.,,,f ax 3 ,A 456, 4 ,, il: B is 5-A. 3 we if Ns i Q l if li l I H Y l il L , ll fl Al 1 ll ll 4 Fi l ll 4 1 i i ! ll 'I l l l T 1 E , 1 l -'S-l" Q2-at Eg 1 V7 it C5 ixw.. - fs' an Faculty ,4l' 1 , - i U53 :X s I Fi n . 7 'N XY, 7 K I 114 A 9 X-.- re, if Nw 2 l. ,I s ,vw 1' j Qv3 . , .N.:W , as ...L Lawrence Young C orrle M anagemenr Lane Tutor Arr Parry Warren Drofring ond Design Aniro Wilborn Marhemarics and Physics Chad Williams Science D'Loyne Williamson Communications Jane Williamson Business Ann Womble Learning Resources Lab Jan Womble Basic Sk1llsfSDlP J ac Young Art 5,5 5 .-v"', CLASSES LCOKING AHEAD to AIS, B'S, C's, D' I O I S, and Mortin Whitt, Editor 29 SOPHOMORES Tony Adair, Senatobia Monte Adams, Batesville Amy Ahrens, Charleston Tracy Aiken, Senatobia Kathy Albersan, Ashland Mark Aldridge, Courtland Ray Alexander, Calhoun City Lori Allen, Oxford Robert Allen, Drummonds Susan Allen, Drummonds Jim Allensworth, West Memphis, Ark. Lynne Amacker, Oxford Donna Anderson, Olive Branch Kenneth Anderson, Byhalla James Appleton, Courtland Randy Armstrong, Bruce Robert Armstrong, Calhoun Clty Mark Arnold, Senatobia Patty Arrants, Nesblt Jeff Arthur, Germantown Perry Ashford, Coldwater Wlllle Atkinson, Vardaman Deborah Atkinson, Batesville Gregory Ayers, Lamar Joel Azuaje, Senatobia Bryan Bailey, Pope Chrls Baker, Batesville Kathy Baker, Coldwater l l l l l ll i il l l l l l l . r l 1 I 1 tl l li 'l ll ll is It it rl .v I ll l E I if lf , il 1 .l 1 ,, l l il ll Ji ll l ' l l ll Q 1' : fa l l 'll it l ill f. il 1 C fill l if lf? K, l x, gi!!! Q 3 '41 bv fe!! U T 6 1,,a ,yg-3, fi Zia f if 5 ' Y -U 'N-s if 4 cr- , 433 x 1' Y li K x . is l i 4 N ZS HQTI7' fb l SOPHOMORE Penny Boker, Senotobio Terry Boldridge, Coohomo Debro Bollord, Olive Bronch Lofoyerte Boptist, Nesbit Mike Borksdole, Holly Springs Robin Bornodo, Sordis Eugenio Bornes, Morks Beth Bornert, Sordis Chorlie Bornert, Boresville Grover Borron, Miomi, Flo. Dixie Bossie, Cleveland Robert Borrs, Holly Springs Celeste Boum, Potts Comp Terry Beon, Pontotoc Tereso Beord, Senorobio Thomos Beorcl, Horn Loke Spencer Beckley, Bruce Lynn Benson, Courrlond Deboro Berry, Memphis Hubert Berry, Columbus Koren Berryhill, Byholio Pommy Berry, Woter Volley Steve Betso, Memphis Jone Billingsley, Senotobio Tereso Birdsong, Southoven Alford Blockmon, Holly Springs Noncy Bootwright, Holly Springs Josephine Bogord, Holly Springs SOPHO ORE Richard Boland, Olive Bronch Luvenia Bolden, Memphis Leonard Boothe, Sardis Zimmie Boothe, Batesville Debbie Borowslsi, Charleston Rebecca Borthwicls, Lambert Sheila Bowen, Hernando Richard Bowes, Batesville Lisa Box, Independence Morris Boydstun, West Helena, Ark. Jaclsy Bramlitt, Southoven Leigh Ann Brandon, Hernando Tina Brewer, Southaven Terry Briggmon, Walls Georgia Broolss, Oxford Jimmy Broughton, Memphis Alexa Brown, Nesbit Betty Brown, Vardamon Jerry Brown, Taylor Joseph Brown, Nesbit Joyce Brown, Memphis Theresa Brown, Holly Springs Tony Brown, Memphis Rich Browning, Batesville Brett Bryant, Coldwater Tim Bryant, Hernando Karen Buck, Senatobia Charles Buell, Senatobia If It Wg 5 4 B ,s 95' M 0 'V PFS fw F at 1- 4' If Cf 1 s, 45 se f 7 f , 1. W' '47, " mir ,SS I s- , 1, gf- Wm SOPHOMORES Tony Bolo, Nesbir Shoron Bullord, Nesbir Roberr Burke, Holly Springs Bill Burnerr, Boresville Trocy Burney, Coffeeville Tereso Burns, Oolslond Robbie Ann Byers, Boresville Kondy Coffey, Senotobio Andy Coin, Bruce Debbie Coldwell, Hernondo Leiso Coldwell, Senorobio Priscillo Coldwell, Noshville Ruby Coldwell, Coffeeville Colvin Compbell, Oxford Denise Compbell, Hernondo Gerold Compbell, Oxford Sherri Cornpbell, Bruce Deonice Connon, Hickory Flor Dennis Connon, Hickory Flor Donny Corgile, Senorobio Horold Corpenrer, Coldworer Melisso Corpenrer, Holly Springs Joclsie Corver, Boresville Porn Cossidy, Wells Gregory Chondler, Crowder Lyndo Chondler, Bruce Benny Chresrrnon, Houlko Gwen Chew, Vicrorio 4 SOPHOMORES Jan Chism, Hernando George Christ, Sardis Ilsend Ciafre, Senatobia Marilyn Clark, Robinsonville Melanie Clark, Grenada Myrna Clay, Coffeeville Kelvin Clayborn, Holly Springs Jerry Clements, Vardaman Sylvia Cobb, Hernando David Cochran, Holly Springs Amy Collins, Bruce Edgar Collins, Holly Springs Rhonda Collins, Bruce Angela Cole, Hernando Ester Coleman, Tunica Henrietta Coleman, Oxford Cedric Connor, Holly Springs Theresa Cox, Sordls Sandra Crane, Holly Springs Richard Craven, Water Valley Sammy Crawford, Olive Branch Sherry Creamer, Durant Tommie Creekmore, Oxford Kenny Crenshaw, Millington, TN William Crenshaw, Hernando Louis Culver, Coldwater Clndy Cummings, Hernando John Cunningham, Memphis X L H ,!.,,,'!W F 40 5555 KC 9 --V5 QQ. ,, on YF? 9 SOPHOMORE Greg Curtis, Botesville Jonolyn Dohl, Chorleston Devorio Dondridge, Coldwoter Terry Dondridge, Sordis Dovid Doniel, Soulsberry Kent Doniel, Storkville Jerry Dornell, Coldwoter Fronkie Dovis, Tunico Jornes Dovis, Senotobio Juonito Dovis, Senotobio Mortho Dovis, Holly Springs Regino Deon, Oxford Nellie DeLorme, Horn Loke Potsy Dennis, Memphis Morris Denson, Batesville Devito De5hoy, Senotobio Jose Dioz, Sordis Suson Dicken, Senotobio Brendo Dillord, Potts Comp Lyndo Dillord, Potts Comp Pecolor Dillord, Sordis Corolyn Dirnock, Woter Volley Cynthio Dixon, Coldwoter Shirley Dockery, Hernondo Doug Dodd, Webb Derek Dodson, Crenshow Connie Dooley, Oxford Chorles Dorris, Crowder SOPHOMORES Mory Douglos, Vordomon Don Downs, Botesville Pierre Droper, Sordis Tino Driver, Hernondo Clorence Dunowoy, Loke Cormoronr Sheilo Dunowoy, Como Mory Duncon, Lyon Doro Dunn, Chorlesron Rolph Dunn, Cxforcl Terry Durley, Oxford Rondle Dye, Ponofoc Verrie Ecfor, Tunico Dorrell Edwords, Olive Bronch Jerry Edwords, Nesbir Jimmie Kote Edwords, Como Robert Edwords, Tunico Jockie Ellet, Coffeeville Bruce Ellis, Tutwiler Chorles Ellis, Coldwoter Leonord Ellis, Lyon Willie Ellis, Turwiler Donald Embrey, Colclworer Chris Enlow, Hernondo Dione Enlow, Hernondo Tommie Enlow, Hernondo Suzon Erber, Senotobio Edno Ervin, Sledge Tommy Estes, Hughes, Ark. 'Inf' 4 1 I r A vw W. Q 1 X l x" l .5 ,...---v V2.1 sv' Qu--1 6.2.1 '95 ,tw- SOPHOMORES Terry Eubanks, Independence Brenda Faulkner, Senatobia Derrick Feernster, Helena, Ark. Donna Ferguson, Pittsboro James Ferguson, Coldwater Susan Ferguson, Coldwater Frank Fernandez, Coffeeville Mike Fields, Germantown Greg Flaherty, Nesbit Frederick Flowers, Pope Harvey Flowers, Batesville Rosa Flowers, Oakland Debra Foreman, Senatobia Michael Fondon, Water Valley Quentin Fox, Oxford Randy Frazier, Senatobia Ray Franklin, Tunica Lydia Fredrickson, Sardis Jeff Frossard, Aberdeen Kyle Fudge, Southaven Tod Fuller, Coldwater Phillip Gadd, Hickory Flat Roger Gaines, Oxford Jorge Galindez, Hernando Christy Gallagner, Red Banls Bettye Gant, Batesville Linda Gardner, Olive Branch Mildred Gardner, Oxford SOPHO ORES Guy Garrett, Hernando Libby Gaslsin, Calhoun City Rhonda Gentry, Coldwater Michael Gibbs, Oxford Brenda Gibson, Potts Camp Susan Gibson, Potts Camp Kathleen Gillespie, Olive Branch Barney Gillion, Abbeyville Cindy Goforth, Batesville Charolette Goodson, Bruce William Gore, Coffeeville Jeffrey Gowen, Crenshaw Virgil Grace, Olive Branch Doris Graham, Coldwater Carl Gray, Southaven Eddie Greenlee, Batesville Charlotte Greenwood, Independence Katherine Griffin, Olive Branch Vriginia Grubbs, Southaven Frederick Gunn, Bruce Robert Gurien, Southaven Terry Gwinn, Southaven Donald Hale, Southaven Cindy Hall, Tunica Mike Hall, Memphis Sharon Hall, Holly Springs Truda Hall, Memphis Barbara Hamilton, Senatobia ,i ,L I 1.4, in it fx- 9 Q if W , Hi .ft , if X s ii' if 3 . -2-'ii 1 'I' VL J 4 2 if f i f,'eit,,.x f A ' Q M 1 , W A qv- , M , ,i I . 'ii'-'ff f 2 I 'S 'K , f K I 4' it 1 f " if Ts? 'X .,-,,f ix. Q! SOPHOMORES Joey Homilton, Vordornon Seleno Homilton, Colhoun City Steven Hornilton, Pittsboro Mitchell Hommon, Senotooio Vivion Hornmond, Senotobio lone Honcocls, independence Vonesso Honkins, Hernondo Moe Honks, Crenshow Down Honlon, Coldwoter Cheryl Honrner, Senotobio Probert Honnoford, Senotobio Joe Honsen, Byholio Clovis Horbin, Scobey Rebecco Horbin, Gore Springs LeAnn Horpole, Sledge Jeroldine Horrell, Crenshow Bettie Horris, Coldwoter Chorles Horris, Wotter Volley Donno Horvey, Enid Shelio Hovens, Colhoun City Kim Howl-sins, Morks Cheryl Hoyes, Memphis, TN Poulo l-leofner, Botesville Verlin Henderson, Crowder Glenn Hentz, Botesville Fore Herd, West Heleno, Ark, Glenn Herring, Horn Loke Penny Herrmonn, Horn Loke SOPHOMORES Hazel Herron, Senatobia James Hester, Hernando Larry Hester, Crowder Paula Hicks, Senatobia Pamela Higganbothan, Senatobia Rita Higgins, Ponotoc David Hill, Charleston Jeanette Hill, Sledge David Hillard, Columbus Grady Hinds, Nesbit Gile Hines, Sordis Jeff Hineman, Southaven Phyllis Hodo, Sledge Albert Holland, Bruce Karen Holland, Charleston Wade Holland, Hickory Flat Tammy Holmes, Potts Camp Brenda Hood, Coldwater Debra Hood, Nesbit Leon Hood, Calhoun City Sheridan Hope, Senatobia Llsa Horne, Olive Branch Arnold Houston, Oxford Karen Houston, Grenada Elaine Howard, Coldwater Kenneth Howard, Senatobia Vivian Howard, Dundee Charles Howell, Coldwater Wt we 'f 17 1 Q7 N. w Xl fu H QD 'T' -, .5. .Q S, ,,g,, fv- 'W' Q- Q-vvw 4 I IX Q.. '25 f' YT OPHOMGRES Harold Howlett, Nesbit Carolyn Hubbard, Crenshaw Jeffrey Huddleston, Ashland Gloria Hudson, Tutwiler Tina Huffman, Horn Lake Melba Hughes, Calhoun City Randy Hughes, Oakland Delaine Hunter, Oxford David Irby, Senatobia Lawanda Irby, Marks Robert Earl lsom, Holly Springs Joseph Ivy, Memphis Christine Jackson, Courtland Gary Jackson, Water Valley Gloria Jackson, Tunica Kelly Jackson, Horn Lake Mary Jackson, Calhoun City Mary Jackson, Sardis Mary Jackson, Senatobia Valerie Jackson, Como Sharon Jackson, Potts Camp Willie B. Jackson, Calhoun City Joseph James, Victoria Michael James, Batesville Betty Jeans, Nesbit Gwen Jefferies, Nesbit Lisa Jenkins, Bruce Mary Jenkins, Nesbit SOPHOMORES Susan Jenklns, Sordls William Jenkins, Nesblt Thomas Jenkins, Calhoun City Mei-Lynn Joe, Sledge David Johns, Hernando Charles Johnkin, Glendora Audrey Johnson, Batesville Dorothy Johnson, Como Garry Johnson, Charleston Sharron Johnson, Wells Albert Jones, Tillatoba Alvln Jones, Holly Springs Bobby Jones, Sordls Dwight Jones, Holly Springs Ivory Jones, Tutwiler Pearl Jones, Tunica Sammy Jones, Olive Branch David Keel, Nesblt Willlam Keen, Water Valley Tlna Kelly, Senatobia Rebecca Kemp, Dundee Donna Kerr, Oxford Jeff Kidd, Southaven Michael Kilgore, Charleston Alvin King, Bruce Edward King, Memphis Mammle Kirkwood, Batesville Trunda Lafayette, Bruce if 15 . :gs-Q gs!! cs. -m"'-7 b Q w eak. .f,Q'- pf - - L gl , if I6 ,T .-v ,ix wiv? lsxf A Q 4 - . 'V V f, ,rr ,A it l ,"' -.5--1: '. f I .4-.. ' tj I! 1' XII, I' l 31' " f li' 1,11 v- ., Xi 3' . B L 'Y ' ' ,dr If ,V K ,N X 'K uf ' '-sg ' 479 ,J 46 2 ra SOPHO ORES Dennis Lane, Senatobia Rick Laney, Oxford Barbara Lang, Hernando Porn Latham, Senatobia Jeff Laughlin, Batesville Alecia Leake, Southaven Larry Lee, Hernando Martha Lee, Senatobia Scott Lee, Hernando Sophia Lee, Charleston Mary Leeper, Southaven Dwight Lewis, Oxford Ruth Liebau, Oxford Rodnay Lincoln, Hernando Pamela Little, Horn Lake Bill Livingston, Batesville Betty Logan, Hernando Debra Lollar, Senatobia JoAnn Love, Hernando Brian Lumpkin, Southaven Carla Luther, Senatobia Debbey Mackenzie, Senatobia Robert Madison, Crowder Vernessa Madison, Sardis Brenda Malone, Byhalia Patricia Marion, Waterford Jolil Marrouche, Senatobia Peggy Mask, Senatobia GPHOMORES Shoun Moson, Holly Springs Priscillo Mossey, Holcomb Peggy Morlock, Senorobio Glorio Morrhews, Sledge Morgie Morrhews, Crowder Reno Moxwell, Olive Bronch Shirley McAdory, Turwiler Morjorie McAlexonder, Worer Volley Cecelio McCoin, Boresville Cornelio McCoin, Botesville Mocie McCollins, Ooklond Sheilo McCoy, Grenodo Lori McCrife, Holly Springs Donold McDoniel, Memphis Grocie McDoniel, Coldworer Sron McDoniel, Coldwoter Annette McDonold, Ports Comp Leonno McElhoney, Coldworer Terry McGhee, Coldworer Cynrhio McLoin, Memphis Williom McLemore, Sordis Bonnie McMillon, Booneville Stevie McMinn, Boresville Len McNeil, Sordis Edno McNeil, Boresville Elizoberh McPeok, Soroh Enoise McPherson, Holly Springs Jenny Megown, Senorobio vw' Q 'fx' 7 " is A KJ 1 fr 'yfn Wxfiw TW' Qs E 5 :IN 5.4 '- N ,. SOPHOMORES Debbi Metcalf, Ripley Brent Merts, Oxford Janice Mickens, Senatobia Mary Middleton, Hernando Lorean Miller, Summer Raydell Miller, Gainseville, GA Cynthia Miner, Hazlehurst Samuel Minor, Coldwater Chris Minyard, Summer Jeff Mitchell, Millington Luann Mize, Senatobia Steve Mize, Southaven Janice Moore, Bartlett, TN Pamela Moore, Olive Branch Robert Moore, Hernando Shelia Moore, Batesville Terry Moore, Southaven Olga Mora, Senatobia Alfred Morgan, Senatobia David Morris, Memphis Gwendolyn Morris, Batesville Rusty Morris, Batesville Susan Morris, Water Valley Tim Morris, Paragould, AR Clifford Morrow, Memphis Jackie Morrow, Batesville Joey Morrow, Batesville Anthony Mosley, Holly Springs SOPHOMORES Brendo Moss, Sledge Lindo Moss, Sledge Shermon Mosley, Senotobio Condy Mullins, Independence Curtis Mullins, Independence Pot Mulvihill, Springfield Alon Murphree, Bruce Corl Murphree, Oxford Geneno Murphree, Enid Ricky Murphree, Bruce Lorry Muse, Webb Glenn Noil, Tutwiler Shelley Neol, Botesville Phillip Needhom, Southoven John Neeley, Horn Loke Richord Neeley, Horn Loke Tommy Neergoord, Gerrnontown, TN Brenda Nelson, Memphis Liso Nelson, Oxford Sondro Newson, Senotoblo Allon Newton, Webb Suson Nickle, Botesville Potricio Nichols, Byholio Mory Norwood, Sordis Jerry Ooks, Drew Bosil Oigbokie, Benen City, South Africo Poulo Oliver, Holly Springs Don Ocsoi, Senotobio fa' S' ,A A Hulk 1- 1-s pl- S ,M f i :xx if if --x ffl' .rift ,Q img 3'-M: fr ,if sf wt, l 'Q' 3, A ,X Y, 'T 'QQ , i 4 I 1: i ef ' X, Y, CTI-I OPHOMORES Alisa Overall, Sardis Harold Owen, Senatobia David Owens, Hernando Patricia Owens, Hernando Charles Pace, Memphis Natalie Palmertree, Batesville Portie Parks, Southaven Sherri Parsons, Southaven Jeff Paxton, Memphis Darla Payne, Horn Lake Kenneth Pegues, Holly Springs Thomas Pennington, Bruce Katherine Perkins, Hernando Gregory Perry, Senatobia Dennis Perryman, Independence Larry Pettit, Pope Clay Phillips, Memphis Mildred Pickett, Tunica Wayne Pinion, Sarah Jill Pittman, Southaven Mornelle Plunk, Batesville Gwen Polk, Sarah Jimmy Polk, Senatobia Kimmie Pope, Byhalia Gary Pounders, Hernando Peggy Pounders, Coldwater Tamar Powell, Calhoun City Fannie Presley, Sledge SOPHOMORES Tommy Pressley, Coldwater Carl Proctor, Memphis Sandra Pugh, Senatobia Mindy Purvis, Hernando Linda Quarles, Oxford Betty Ranew, Senatobia Johnny Ray, Independence Leagh Ray, Lambert Phyllis Ray, Coldwater Carolyn Rayborn, Nesbit Stu Rayburn, Sordis John Read, Horn Lake Ginger Redd, Crenshaw Maureen Redmon, Coldwater Don Reed, Hickory Flat Effie Reed, Batesville Tammy Reeves, Oxford Christy Regel, Olive Branch Carole Renfro, Southaven Keith Replogle, Walls Robert Riley, Water Valley Crystal Roach, Enid Cynthia Roberson, Batesville Anthony Roberts, Horn Lake Gloria Robertson, Batesville Pearl Robertson, Hernando Charles Rogers, Oxford Freddy Rogers, Helena, Ark. Y W , Hs f- 1 6. fi 45' Q ,, A ,s wifi I 1' uf' Q al if ' fi 'QF ,2 , sez 4'- Q ng!-7' 'I U' ' f Z2 x ,,, ig: v y X 4 sf? W il X1 gav- Q-.nv SOPHO ORES Mandy Rogers, Marks Kenny Rotenberry, Coldwater Melissa Rousseau, Byhalia Franklin Rowan, Batesville Mark Rowan, Senatobia Kim Roy, Abbeville Alice Russell, Nesbit Jennifer Russell, Batesville Pam Russell, Bruce Kevin Ruth, Hernando Ronald Salter, Sardis Diane Sanders, Sardis Terri Sanderson, Ashland Colle Sanford, Southaven Mary Sanford, Courtland Ruthie Sanford, Courtland Lalita Sorup, Memphis Jeff Savage, Coldwater Julia Scates, Como Angela Scott, Senatobia John Shankle, Charleston Arthur Shannon, Hernando Herbert Shannon, Chicago, III Marlene Show, Abbeville Keith Shelton, Independence Keith Shelton, Memphis Nikki Shelton, Senatobia Donna Sherard, Southaven SOPHOMORES Jeffery Shields, Coffeeville Edward Shipp, Southaven Steve Short, Oxford Cassandra Simmons, Coldwater Debbie Simmons, Batesville Leslie Simpson, Sledge Constance Sims, Senatobia James Sims, Tutwiler Billy Skinner, Victoria Sandra Smalley, Courtland Debbie Smith, Olive Branch Denise Smith, Coldwater Eddie Smith, Tunica Jimmy Smith, Hernando Judy Smith, Marks Julius Smith, Dundee Kathleen Smith, Southaven Lloyd Smith, Blytheville, Ark. Ravanna Smith, Calhoun City Tracy Smith, Grenada Al Snellgrove, Batesville Deborah Sowell, Coldwater Carol Spaur, Como Linda Spina, Nesbit Hollie Springs, Senatobia Angela Stanford, Batesville Patrice Starks, Como John Steele, Hernando Wm. 1' hw' " 47 L2 Zrfv igkfi-122 HL ':"i?1." , lg '? y if A flu , ,W V 43 I' f-1 L ,yr an 4 I fwfr 5 1 If .. ,kj 3 f V755 ' K Y, 54 N Q Ai- s Q., S 3 , 1 W Nl 1 5 14 A" Q Nm ,rf SOPHOMORES Richard Steinman, Senatobia Gayle Stephenson, Olive Branch Bobby Stewart, Hernando Catherine Stewart, Lamar Chriss Stewart, Millington Lisa Stewart, Hernando Melissa Stewart, Bruce Steve Still, Batesville Joan Stinson, Holly Springs Rita Stitts, Tunica Karen Stockton, Hernando Daniel Stone, Holly Springs Jerome Streater, Schlater Bobby Streitenberger, Memphis Michael Strickland, Sardls Mike Strickland, Ashland Donald Strider, Charleston Roy Suddoth, Sarah Hershey Suggs, Tunica Sandra Sultan, Grenada James Summers, Hernando Margaret Sweatt, Hernando Wilma Swindle, Southaven Sandy Swindoll, Robinsonville Ann Taylor, Senatobia Cassie Taylor, Coldwater Gloria Taylor, Olive Branch James Taylor, Water Valley SOPHOMORES Nerlean Taylor, Como Patrlcla Taylor, Memphls Carlos Teran, Senotobla Eddle Terry, Tunlca Frances Thaggard, Senotobla Bettle Thomas, Batesvllle Beverly Thomas, Tunlca Nancy Thomas, Memphls Phyllls Thomas, Senatobia Teresa Thomas, Senotobla Annette Thompson, Hernando Janet Thompson, Oxford Mlchael Thompson, Bruce Steve Thompson, Holly Springs Tlmothy Thompson, Oxford Mellnda Thomure, Senotobla Lee Thurman, Memphis Dlane Tlppltt, Senotobla Davld Tlsdell, Dundee Ernest Todd, Hernando Josephine Tolbert, Coldwater Lucy Tolbert, Oakland Benlta Tomlln, Como Brenda Townsend, Sardls Yolanda Townsend, Roblnsonvllle Raymond Trantham, Corlnth Debra Trlmm, Southaven Gall Trussell, Duck Hlll OPHOMORES Debbie Tubbs, Batesville Maxine Tucker, Holly Springs Roy Tucker, Tunica Alfonzo Tuggle, Hernando Beverly Turman, Crenshaw Joseph Turman, Holly Springs Teresa Turman, Holly Springs Judy Turner, Olive Branch Nellie Turner, Independence Roy Turner, Derma Donnie Valley, Helena, Ark. Reginald Valley, Blytheville, A Cheryl Vance, Batesville Mollie VanNada, Tunica Karen Van Sickle, Senatobia Charles Vaughn, Nesbit Michael Vaughn, Tupelo Joaquin Vergara, Hattiesburg Phyllis Verner, Tunica Cheryl Vick, Batesville Barbara Wade, Coldwater Barbara Wages, Germantown Lucius Woldon, Potts Carnp Harold Waldrip, Sardis Elton Walker, Senatobia James Walker, Walls Wayne Walker, Hernando Karen Wallace, Olive Branch SOPHOMORES Linda Wallace, Tunica Lorene Wallace, Sledge Mark Wallace, Southaven Elizabeth Waller, Oxford Dianne Walls, Sardis Cynthia Walters, Batesville Connie Walton, Hernando Bobby Ward, Bruce David Ward, Coldwater Sharon Ward, Como Donald Ware, Batesville Dynitha Washington, Darling Jerry Watkins, Southaven Karen Weaver, Southaven Joe Webb, Bruce Linda Webb, Como Susan Weeden, Olive Branch Janice Weeks, Pittsboro Peggy Weeks, Batesville Tammy Weeks, Charleston Lisa West, Batesville Marty Whalen, Senatobia Bowius White, Hernando Brenda White, Calhoun City Harvey White, Sordis Marcie Whitehorn, Memphis Rowland Whitsell, Senatobia Martin Whitt, Hernando l l i i l l l i l l l l i i l l l l l r l l i l i l l l -l l, 1, i l all B... 1 I 5-5- JAX.. 'Vx f , v'- ' ig' if I S 1 ,.: ' 4 f N - ,: Q , is is -'.:f' f v 5232 - vw ' gif E If l 315.9 ,T-1 -1 , i Qi SOPHO ORES Diena Whittington, Byhalia Earline Wilbourn, Hernando Lynn Wildmon, Southaven Geraldine Wilkins, Senatobia Angela Williams, Memphis Brenda Williams, Holly Springs Carole Williams, Memphis Charlene Williams, Senatobia Gary Williams, Olive Branch Ira Williams, Coldwater James Williams, Humboldt, TN Jessie Williams, Tunica Mary Lee Williams, Senatobia Rosita Williams, Senatobia Sheila Williams, Grenada Virginia Williams, Jef-ferson, WI Linda Williamson, Michigan City Larry Willingham, Water Valley Bobby Willis, Vardaman David Wilson, Marks James Wilson, Marks Juanita Wilson, Coldwater Patrick Wilson, Memphis William Wilson, Southaven Lisa Wimberley, Senatobia Cedric Winters, Tunica Frederick Winters, Tunica Bennie Wolfe, Sardis SOPHOMORES Patsy Womack, Hernando Cynthia Woodard, Senatobia Jerry Woods, Hernando Mattie Woodson, Holly Springs Dee Woolfolk, Senatobia Denise Wulff, Hernando Beatrice Wright, Batesville Brenda Wright, Batesville Diana Wright, Coffeeville Kat Wright, Nesbir Robin Wright, Cof-feeville Vickey Wright, Derma Zebedee Wright, Charleston Howard Wyman, Ports Camp Maxine Yarbrough, Senatobia Patricia Yates, Coldwater Dewayne Young, Coldwater Michell Young, Como Ronald Young, Bruce Zachary Young, Vicksburg Cheryl Youngblood, Independence K I 455 be xi? to Z 'A-. fin ' tv 'v 5 2 is K Wk vig 1 2. 'V sf is 1, " ,. Cv: ' i . ,- ,gyx l , ,,, 'S ff K .. ,W FE? i I Ml xi' H' , 5 V. 'L . I V, ,. Y" , ,pa , L.. qs IK' "5 ti? -ew Z 1 ,- ' is mf! ff SCJPHCJMCDRE CLASS Cfflcers PRESIDENT Pars y Dennis Dixie Bossle VICE PRESIDENT IEE! 327 F RESHMAN CLASS Gfficers PRESIDENT Chris Block VICE PRESIDENT Be verl y Griffin E 'Ev Q-ev I l l Q s lj- Q l 4 A N. s Q-1 FRESHME Liso Abby, Hickory Flor Roberto Abrom, Como Lilliom Adoms, Chorleston Toro Adoms, Botesville Chris Ainsworth, Senotobio Ronnie Alexonder, Collierville, TN Tony Alexonder, Olive Bronch Kenneth Allen, Potts Comp Shoron Alliston, Hernondo Chip Allred, Sordis Sherrill Amiroult, Byholio Bruce Anderson, Lomor Dovie Anderson, Courtlond Floyd Anderson, Memphis Jeonine Anderson, Hernondo Jessie Anderson, Holly Springs Romono Anderson, Holly Springs Robert Anderson, Sordis Sheilo Anderson, Batesville Evelyn Appleberry, Tunico Kenneth Applewhite, Botesville Potrick Archie, Oxford Brunell Armstrong, Como Coroline Anderson, Woter Volley Cynthio Armstrong, Courtlond Florion Armstrong, Como Joyce Armstrong, Como Phyllis Armstrong, Hernondo Molcomb Arnold, Chorleston Dwoyne Arnold, Memphis Corolyn Ashford, Coldwoter Mory Alice Ashmore, Southoven Donno Austin, Lombert Koren Austin, Dorling Benjomin Ayles, Oxford 330 FRESHMEN Harold Baggett, Water Valley Cynthia Bailey, Coffeeville Denton Bailey, Enid Elizabeth Bailey, Horn Lake Mark Bailey, Senatobia Melissa Baioni, Marion, Ark. Sandra Baker, Coffeeville Angela Banks, Glendora Kenneth Baptist, Nesbit Ricky Barclay, Southaven Brad Barefoot, Charleston Nancy Barfield, Vardaman Rebecca Barham, Independence John Barlow, Crenshaw James Barmer, Fulton Audrey Bartholomew, Hernando Pam Barton, Senatobia Joe Baskin, Abbeville Louise Bean, Bruce Doyle Beard, Como Jamie Beard, Sardis Tommy Beard, Senatobia Wilma Beavers, Oxford Lisa Beck, Byhalio Tommy Belew, Huntingdon Gordon Bell, Tula June Bell, Holly Springs Karen Bellew, Senatobia Angle Bennett, Germantown, TN Deborah Benson, Memphis Freddie Benson, Nesblt Ralph Beshears, Southaven Rusty Berry, Alexandria, VA Scott Berry, Sarah Janie Berryhlll, Hernando 0165. - 1 3 I Ii W " Qkgfvx ?":' . .i ii f Q ,- .if-Z.-4 -. . . 1 - 4 .I M W 4,274-A: yi 4 . Q7 N V . , X 3 , 2 ,Q , 1-'fi ff, ,,- ,gig QQ:-gg? V' , V- , , it ..- J " "i 1' j D Q8 ig- ,V A, 'X 'V ll., - g - W ,, , 5 s E Y.,,,,, if T7 gd i -.R W A X -f r.l' i ,X . .,- 15" 'K-4' Mw- X FRESHMEN Randy Berryhill, Tutwiler Theresa Berryhill, Senatobia Ted Biggers, Marion, Ark, Ellen Billingsley, Como James Billingsley, Senatobia Connie Bishop, Oxford James Bishop, Hernando Suzanne Bishop, Tunica Brian Black, Memphis Chris Black, Como Michael Black, Oxford David Blackmarr, Oxford Wess Blackwood, Water Valley Don Blair, Nashville, TN Vicki Blair, Batesville George Blakely, Coffeeville Mike Blansett, Cascilla Ralph Bley, Hernando Michael Blount, Independence Patricia Bobo, Courtland Sarah Bobo, Sardis Sid Bogard, Holly Springs Keith Bolen, Batesville Eddie Booker, Grenada Sandra Bonne, Hernando Steven Borden, Senatobia Jackie Boss, Olive Branch Margaret Boston, Oxford Martha Boswell, Tunica Melanie Bawe, Batesville Sherry Boyd, Senatobia Eddie Bradford, Cascilla Phillip Bradford, Memphis Dink Bradshaw, Olive Branch Larry Brasel, Batesville 3 FRESHMEN Peorly Brossell, Senotobio Ledo Broswell, Hernondo Peggy Brotton, Lofoyette Lorry Broziel, Tunico Beverly Breedlove, Michigon City Debbie Breedlove, Michigon City Angelo Brelond, Clevelond Morvin Brewer, Olive Bronch Potricio Brewer, Soroh Tino Brewer, Crenshow Albert Bridges, Memphis Victor Briggs, Lornor lolo Bright, Dundee Renee Briscoe, Botesville Mory Brite, Oxford Dovid Britt, Oxford Mike Broodwoy, Olive Bronch Don Brock, Botesville Dovid Brock, Tehulo Ronold Brooks, Memphis Suson Brooks, Senotobio Trocy Brower, Coffeeville Antoinette Brown, Hernondo Donold Brown, Southoven Donno Brown, Botesville Jeff Brown, Botesville Jeffery Brown, Coldwoter Jerry Brown, Thoxton Joey Brown, Bruce Korlo Brown, Webb Morion Brown, Coldwoter Morlo Brown, Webb Ronold Brown, Soroh Sheilo Brown, Coldwoter Shirley Brown, Woter Volley ' , A ' - ' ' 'Q , 3 ' ' I 'Y " .L -mum, .... . ,. ' X 3 '4' "M lf'- .tial ff 43, -"iw , M i if in , , V f I B.. ,tx . 2 3 11, lg. X iff L'. -c ffl N lf! Q U,xKRN-'i.i' X2 N 's 'Qt fo 4.1-- wk .Q 'X I fo 4 A I Q X FRESHMEN Carla Brownlee, Senatobia Robert Brownlee, Senatobia Dana Bryan, Batesville Leigh Bryan, Batesville Aubrey Bryant, Sarah Eric Bryant, Nesbit Suzanne Bryant, Memphis Tanya Bryant, Big Creek Celestine Buck, Crenshaw James Bula, Halfway, OR Jacqueline Burl-se, Holly Springs Lynn Burnett, Batesville Spencer Burnen, Coldwater Dorothy Burnside, Senatobia Teri Burt, Senatobia Sheila Burton, Eupora Rhonda Busby, Memphis Rose Byers, Olive Branch Tommy Byers, Olive Branch Francine Bynum, Byholio Cornelius Byrd, Dundee Mildred Byrd, Dundee Barbara Compbell, Memphis Charles Campbell, Lexington Dawn Campbell, Marks Kenneth Campbell, Holcomb Shelley Campbell, Batesville Prentiss Cannon, Holly Springs William Cantrell, Batesville Melvin Carlock, Nesbit Mary Carmichael, Charleston Michael Carr, Water Valley Dale Carrington, Coldwater Angela Carroll, Southaven Gary Carter, Memphis FRESHMEN Minnie Carter, Sardis Paul Carter, Senatobia Jenna Case, Oxford Elena Casson, Southaven Norris Cathey, Senatobia Floretta Certion, Oxford Karen Chambers, Tunica Michael Champion, Horn Lake Michael Chapman, Pope Tannya Chapman, Nesbit Henry Chatmon, Charleston Miriam Childress, Water Valley David Chimahusky, Hernando Pam Chism, Arcola Pot Chism, Grenada Karen Chrisman, Monette, Ark. Premela Christ, Sardis Betty Christian, Memphis Lisa Clark, Southaven Willester Clark, Olive Branch John Clarke, Hernando Sherry Clark, Bruce Marie Clay, Marks Stephanie Clayton, Coldwater Willie Clayton, Olive Branch Barbara Clayborn, Tunica Ray Ann Clements, Bruce Jeff Clenney, Hernando Brenda Cleveland, Coldwater Angie Clevenger, Cleveland Clyde Cobb, Batesville Hope Cobb, Batesville Ronald Cobb, Batesville Lisa Cochran, Coldwater Kevln Cockerell, Memphis FRESHMEN Laconger Cohran, Oxford Cindy Cole, Hernando Albert Coleman, Crenshaw Anthony Coleman, Sordls Cathy Coleman, Coffeeville Judy Coleman, Sardls Ken Coleman, Senatobia Melodie Coleman, Crenshaw Napolean Coleman, Memphis Fred Collier, Horn Lake Jacqueline Collins, Holly Sprlngs Cothie Collums, Crenshaw Tammy Collums, Crenshaw Braxton Comer, Senatobia Shirley Conley, Memphis Tina Conner, Oxford Willie Conner, Senatobia Norma Conrad, Como Joy Cook, Batesville Roosevelt Corrothers, Oxford Michael Cowan, Holly Springs Levl Cox, Holly Sprlngs Matt Cox, Ollve Branch Randall Cralg, Senatobla Sandra Crane, Holly Sprlngs Beverly Crave, Memphis Bradford Crawford, Lambert Carter Crawford, Forrest Clry, Ark. Donna Creek, Greenwood Candace Cress, Jackson Jeff Crews, Coldwater John Crider, Memphis Lisa Crockett, Senatobia Jacqueline Crockett, Senatobia James Crockett, Senatobia FRESHMEN Tlna Crockett, Senotobla Stephen Cross, Horn Lake Stan Crowder, Memphls Glorla Cunningham, Horn Lake Wall Curry, Holly Sprlngs Robertson Dolley, Charleston Lenetter Dandrldge, Coldwater Vlcky Danlel, Coldwater George Daniels, Senatobia Robert Donlels, Coldwater Eddle Darby, Botesvllle Frank Darby, Coldwater Sandro Darby, Botesvllle Donna Dark, Senotobla Brenda Daugherty, Pope Cheryl Davls, Botesvllle Dean Dovls, Batesville Dorothy Dovls, Botesvllle Hershel Davis, Holly Sprlngs James Davls, Marks Marcella Dovls, Tunlca Mark Dovls, Ollve Branch Susan Dovls, Botesvllle Taml Dovls, Hernando Wllllam Dovls, Bruce Petry Dowklns, Memphls Jonathan Dawson, Walls Sandra Doy, Potts Camp Gwyn Delooch, Sardls Yvonne Delooch, Sands Cheryl Denley, Coldwater Mlchael Denley, Calhoun Clty Donna Denny, Tutwller James Detter, Botesvllle Bllly Dean, Senatobia if 1 FRESHMEN Beverly Deberry, Byhalia Sandy Debridge, Abbeyville James Delasho, Oxford Jerry Dickerson, Hernando Dale Dimock, Water Valley Lillian Dimock, Water Valley Kerry Dobbs, Vardaman Pam Dodd, Webb Lee Dodson, Collierville, TN Alan Dogan, Grenada Teresa Donaldson, Arkabutla Virginia Donaldson, Arkabutla Myron Douglas, Charleston Judy Douglas, Vardaman Dianne Douglas, Vardaman Keith Dorris, Bruce Vickie Dority, Hernando Nita Dover, Marks Theresa Dover, Hernando Bryan Drannan, Batesville Margaret Dubois, Batesville Rita Dulaney, Marion, Ak James Dunlap, Olive Branch Magnolia Dunlap, Holly Springs Frankie Dunn, Oxford Karen Dunn, Oxford Ramona Dunn, Sledge Charlene Echols, Como Karen Echols, Coldwater Mike Edlin, Bruce Tracey Edlin, Bruce Robert Edmonds, Hernando Mark Edwards, Calhoun City Angela Elian, Coldwater Michael Eldred, Southaven FRESHMEN Terrell Elion, Coldwater Elaine Elliff, Como Ellen Embrey, Batesville Thomas Embrey, Coldwater Denise Eubanks, Senatobia Shann Evert, Senatobia Kent Faulkner, Holly Springs Tom Fannell, Germantown, TN Debbie Farris, Hernando Richard Farris, Coffeeville Angelo Farrow, Waterford Sandra Farrow, Independence Jacqueline Faulkner, Holly Springs Letha Faulkner, Holly Springs Willie Faulkner, Holly Springs Chet Felts, Nesbit Eric Fent, Memphis Alan Ferguson, Coldwater Annie Ferguson, Hernando Darlene Ferguson, Coldwater Jeff Ferguson, Ponotoc Jackie Farrell, Hernando Sheila Fesmire, Olive Branch Chris Festman, Nesbit Thomas Fielder, Coffeeville Carol Fillyaw, Charleston Cedric Finley, Memphis, TN Paul Fischer, Southaven Randy Fitch, Hernando Kenny Fletcher, Helena, AR Lizzie Fletcher, Sardls Tim Flinn, Hernando Wllllam Floyd, Charleston Menna Flynn, Senatobia Harold Fond, Oakland 1 l 'ff ll A s 3 . mv l l 5 .CA 2 L, l f 5 I I I II II I II II I I I I il li lf ll I I I I I I I I I I 'I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I. I it I I Il I , Al' I L K. S -6 fr if E 1? ' T T if K 'I FRESHMEN Amy Ford, Batesville Dabney Fore, Senatobia Bernard Foreman, Helena, Ark. Micheal Forrest, West Memphis Paul Forsyth, Water Valley Lisa Foshee, Sardis Rubye Foster, Hernando Tammy Foster, Waterford Judi Fowler, Grenada Rhonda Fowler, Senatobia Steven Fowler, Southaven Nellie Foxx, Coffeevllle Joyce Franklin, Senatobla Mil-se Franklin, Grenada Cheryl Frazier, Marks Gorlin Freeman, Byhalla Jeff Freeman, Horn Lake Melinda Fryer, Memphis Andrew Fuller, Southaven Paulette Fuller, Pleasant Grove Shirley Gadson, Tunica Frances Galnes, Batesville Darlene Gandy, Potts Camp Pam Gandy, Potts Camp Greg Gardner, Hernando Mary Garner, Senatobla Linda Garrett, Como Samuel Garrett, Hernando Sharon Garrett, Senatobla Bobby Gastln, Webb Lisa Gaston, Bruce Karen Gatewood, Marks Wendy Gee, Lambert June Gean, Senatobla Griff Gatlln, Southaven FRESHMEN Lindo George, Holly Springs Jim Gidden, Tunico Shelley Gilbert, Senotobio Jo Gill, Hernondo Steve Gill, Hernondo Bevelin Gillespie, Olive Bronch Gwen Gillespie, Olive Bronch Anito Gipson, Como Kothy Glebus, Senotobio Liso Glenn, Botesville Potsy Glosson, Hernondo Rolond Glosson, Hernondo Belindo Glover, Holly Springs Dewitt Glover, Holly Springs Iro Glover, Holly Springs Rosie Glover, Como Doug Gooch, Batesville Jomes Goodin, Southoven Susie Goodin, Sourhoven Ross Goodmon, Byholio Betty Goodwin, New Albony Chris Gordon, Senotobio Del Gordon, Senotobio Eorlie Gordon, Calhoun City Jomes Gordon, Water Volley Jeff Gordon, Senotobio Ruthie Gore, Chorleston Gerold Groce, Olive Bronch Ronold Grody, Coldwoter Joey Grondberry, Memphis Potricio Gront, Botesville Vicky Gront, Southoven Liso Gross, Woter Volley Brendo Groy, Memphis Steve Groy, Memphis A 5 .1 'Q sv' any fh- FRESHMEN Vickie Gray, Batesville Howard Green, Memphis James Green, Memphis Robyn Greenwood, Coldwater Beverly Griffin, Batesville Emma Griffin, Courtland Marshall Griffin, Courtland Joe Grimsley, Crenshaw Jennifer Grist, Bruce Sandie Guy, Hernando Cindy Hadley, Walls Cindy Hadskey, Coldwater Donna Halbert, Memphis Debbie Haley, Charleston Brenda Hall, Byhalia Catherine Hall, Senatobia Jeanette Hamilton, Holly Springs Rebecca Hamilton, Senatobia Victor Hammond, Como Jessie Hampton, Holly Springs Sammy Hanna, Olive Branch Andrea Hankins, Hernando David Hankins, Hernando Patricia Hankins, Batesville Cassandra Hanks, Crenshaw Patricia Hardaway, Holly Springs Harvey Hardin, Bruce Lefond Hardison, Senatobia Robert Hardy, Memphis Margaret Harper, Olive Branch John Harrell, Ripley Angie Harris, Hernando Dwayne Harris, Hickory Flat Josephine Harris, Como Kajavia Harris, Holly Springs FRESHMEN Fronl-s Horris, Greenville Mory Horris, Morks Colvin Horwell, Memphis, TN Bonnie Hotch, Bruce Debbie Hoyes, Coffeeville Dennis Hoyes, Morlss Jeff Hoynes, Horn Loke Cynthio Heord, Corno Brendo Heftner, Memphis, TN Eugene Heimboch, Hernondo locqueline Henderson, Coldwoter Pouline Henderson, Botesville Perry Henderson, Booneville Gerold Hendrick, Horn Lolse Betty Hendricks, Horn Loke Billy Hentz, Courtlond Potricio Hermon, Holly Springs Anthony Herod, Woter Volley ltoster Herron, Scobey Juon Hicks, Senotobio Pomelo Higgonbothorn, Senotobio Debbie Higgenbottorn, Coldwoter Potty Higgins, Ponotoc Beverly Hill, Nesbit Hunter Hill, Hernondo Morilyn Hill, Wolls Anthony Hillord, Hernondo Vivion Hilliord, Oxford Fronces Hobocls, Red Bonlss Kevin Hogon, Hernondo Jerry Hollidoy, Lornbert Melisso Hollingsworth, Botesville Glodys Hollis, Coscillo Bobbi Hollowell, Olive Bronch Doris Hollowell, Senotobio 'S 4 5 4' pv 1 , W ,. ,,,.. , iw. z ,,,..:'.. sl 'Q9"x 3-. .1 2 1 it QQ? 3' . FRESH E Glorio Holmon, Enid Eorlene Holts, Senotobio John Hood, Colhoun City Bruce Hopkins, Byholio Wolter Hopper, Hernondo Doris Horne, Sumner Kevin Horne, Botesville Perry Horton, Southoven Corlo Hoskins, Coldwoter Solly House, Pope Robin Howord, Greenwood Annie Howell, Independence Colvert Howell, Woterford Jim Howell, Senotobio Wondo Howell, Como Louro Hoyle, Holly Springs Steve Hudson, Botesville Jomes Huey, Yozoo City Jonet Huffmon, Horn Lolse Fronces Hunt, Soroh Bob Hunter, Stroyhorn George Hunter, Memphis Poulo Hurdle, Holly Springs Steve Hurdle, Southoven Jomes Hutchinson, Oxford John lngrom, Botesville Mognolio lngrom, Holly Springs Kevin Irby, Southoven Morgoree Irby, Tunico Joyce Isoioh, Lofoyette Mory lsom, Hickory Flor Mochelle Ivy, Memphis Billy Jockson, Tunico Curtis Jockson, Tunico Dennis Jocl-sson, Tutwiler FRESHMEN Doris Jackson, Senatobia Gregory Jackson, Memphis James Jackson, Sardis John Jackson, Sardis Linda Jackson, Coldwater Luella Jaclcon, Crenshaw Renetha Jackson, Nesbit Roderick Jackson, Nesbit Shelia Jackson, Hernando Terry Jackson, Hernando Dana James, Charleston Harry James, Memphis Ronnie James, Southaven Timmy James, Calhoun City Curtis Jamison, Tunica Steven Jarrell, Southaven Cllff Jeans, Olive Branch Nathaniel Jeffries, Nesbit Rodney Jeffries, Holly Springs Clay Jenkins, Bruce Nancy Jennings, Sulphur Springs Marcia Johns, Hernando Donald Johnson, Water Valley Hugh Johnson, Arkabutla Jesse Johnson, Vicksburg Joseph Johnson, Batesville Keith Johnson, Calhoun City Leroy Johnson, Lambert Lorene Johnson, Nesblt Linda Johnson, Marks Rlckle Johnson, Batesville Sherrlon Johnson, Byhalla Ted Johnson, Coldwater Alvln Joiner, Tunica Nettle Joiner, Horn Lake FRESHMEN Jomes Jolley, Horn Loke Alitisio Jones, Senotobio Annette Jones, Potts Comp Billy Jones, Nesbit Bridgette Jones, Dundee Cecil Jones, Southoven Cynthio Jones, Hernondo Dee Jones, Southoven Grocie Jones, Holly Springs Greg Jones, Woter Volley Jomes Jones, Hernondo Jeonette Jones, Belen John Jones, Coldwoter Lindo Jones, Woter Volley Lorenzo Jones, Tutwiler Loyd Jones, Holly Springs Mike Jones, Horn Loke Regenio Jones, Oxford Rodney Jones, Holly Springs Timothy Jones, Southoven Tony Jones, Wynne, AR Williom Jones, Olive Bronch Ezekiel Joubert, Sordis Rhondo Justice, Southoven Robbie Joyce, Southoven Dennis Korr, Oxford Wolt Korser, Morion, AR Dorothy Kelly, Morks Hortis Kemper, Jr., Southoven Terry Renfro, Botesville Evelyn Kennedy, Sumner, TN Mory Kennedy, Tutwiler Philip Kidd, Memphis Steve Kidd, Southoven Christy Kilgore, Hernondo FRESHMEN Clara Kimmons, Sardis Roosevelt Kimmons, Sardis Sylindar Kimmons, Coldwater Donna King, Hickory Flat Susan King, Oxford Danny Kingsley, Memphis Jerry Kizer, Memphis Thomas Kizzioh, Senotobia Jimmy Knichel, Southaven John Koelz, Hernando Tony Kopf, Senatobia Deborah Locefield, Senatobia Raymond Ladd, Como Pamela Lamb, Olive Branch Michael Lancaster, Oxford Jeff Lancaster, Duck Hill Carla Laney, Southaven James Lance, Senatobia Tracey Lance, Oxford Jeff Loster, Southaven Lisa Lotum, Coldwater Terry Lawrence, Holly Springs Eric Lawson, Byhalia Williom Lawson, Holly Springs Carlton Leochman, Bruce Joey Ledbetter, Batesville Andrew Lee, South Africa Linda Lee, Botesville Lynda Lee, Hernando Margaret Lee, Bruce Mary Lee, Coldwater Michael Lee, Hernando Kathy Leggitt, Oxford Shelia Lemons, Hickory Flat Mark Lentz, Coldwater Q i i FRESHMEN Morgon Lentz, Coldwoter Corolyn Lesett, Rondolph Eric Lester, Holly Springs Glodys Lester, Memphis Arleon Lesure, Holly Springs Renee Lesure, Holly Springs Robert Lewis, Senotobio Vodo lewis, Abbeville Robin Lincoln, Olive Bronch Chris Lindsey, Millington Kevin Lindsey, Colhoun City Chuck Locke, Botesville Dolly Loftin, Southoven Cynthio Logon, Hernondo Gertrude Logon, Coldwoter Lindo Logon, Bruce Mory Logon, Southoven Cloro Long, Olive Bronch Jeff Long, Hernondo Juli Lott, Hernondo Betsy Lovelody, Oxford Chuck Lucos, Oxford Edword Lucos, Heth, AR Louro Luther, Holly Springs Koy Lynch, Oxford Willie Lyons, Southoven Chorles Mobryf Colhoun City Chorles Mock, Olive Bronch Jerome Modlocls, Sordis Johnny Mogee, Pope Doniel Moggord, Horn Lolse Jomes Molone, Coldwoter Merlin Molone, Botesville Dione Moncini, Sordis Dionno Monning, Soroh 4 FRESHME John Morkwell, Coldwoter Somiro Morroche, Venezuelo Zohiro Morrouche, Venezuelo Terry Morsholl, Botesville Bobbie Mortin, Hernondo Delois Mortin, Memphis Kim Mortin, Colhoun City Nothoniel Mortin, Holly Springs Peggy Mortin, Southoven Jovier Mortinez, Son Juon Clint Mossie, Horn Lolse Mork Mosk, independence Perry Mosk, Crenshow Dovid Mossey, Senorobio Cothy Motthews, Como Billie Mottson, Senotobio Koren Moy, Fort Smith, AR Jerry Moyes, Oxford Brett Moyozo, Hernondo Morio Moyozo, Hernondo Deboroh McBride, Southoven Hoyle McCoin, Sordis Juonito McClinton, Memphis Glorio McColIins, Enid Nothoniel McCook, Hernondo Loretto McCorkle, Morks Curtis McCrite, Holly Springs Ephren McCullor, Botesville Jomes McCullough, Coldwoter Vicky McCurdy, Pope Erlondo McDonold, Byholio Billy McGee, Southaven Dovid Mc6ehee, Coldwater Louro McGowen, Nesbit Billy McGregor, Holly Springs 4 A ,gf- x fvs- v gl., QV i as , Q 'V' 5 , . 'D all 4:1-X 32, li -5 FRESHME Scott McGregor, Botesville Jomes Mclntyre, Swon Loke Mory McKoy, Tunico Vickie McKnight, Southoven Brion McKinney, Hernondo Lorry McKinney, Sordis Sondro McKinney, Tunico Sonyo McKinney, Memphis Johnny Mcl.oin, Senotobio Lloyd McMonus, Oxford Christopher McMosters, Como Rondy McMinn, Botesville Potricio McNeol, Senotobio Lindo McPhoil, Senotobio Ginger Mclkeynolds, Senotobio Jeon Meode, Independence Denise Medlin, Olive Bronch Horvey Medlin, Olive Bronch Pottie Meredith, Independence Tereso Merrit, Tunico Volerie Milom, Coldvvoter Brendo Miles, Pope Jomes Millbrook, Olive Bronch Russel Millbrook, Olive Bronch Alice Miller, Waterford Dwoyne Miller, Hernondo Kevin Miller, Coffeeville Loverne Miller, Senotobio Mortho Miller, Hernondo Volencio Miller, Hernondo Youlondo Miller, Oxford Henry Milligon, Hernondo Colleen Mills, Botesville Kenneth Mills, Botesville Morgoret Mills, Senotobio FRESHMEN Wllllam Mllls, Potts Camp Jettle Mlnor, Horn Lake Rebecca Minor, Horn Lake Andy Mlslta, Oxford Stan Mlstlllis, Oxford Mlke Mlster, Vardaman Eddle Mlrchell, Coldwater John Mltchell, Waterford Sharron Mltchell, Oxford Sherry Mlrchell, Holly Springs Patty Mlxon, Water Valley Teresa Mlxon, Senatobia Jane Mlzell, Senatobia Greg Mofflrt, Hlckory Flat Nancy Moncrlef, Coldwater Charles Montgomery, Coldwater Glenda Moore, Lambert Teresa Moore, Water Valley Tony Moore, Horn Lake Wayne Moore, Enld Susanne Moore, Sordls Jonle Marel, Memphls Ida Morgon, Hernando Tony Morgan, Bruce Cheryl Morgan, Hernando Dovld Morgan, Hernando Wayne Morgan, Hernando Cleatha Morrls, Charleston Llnda Morrls, Batesville Wllllam Morrow, Memphls Sollle Moses, Marks Blll Mosley, Strayhorn Thelma Mosley, Senatobia Valera Mothershead, Sordls Nelta Murphee, Coldwater 'Z' i I q...-v-' 63: 5 55 4 I fr lf f i J i Y.-. I it is Ln., A ,, -., 5 T , Y- rr N.. 5, ,J in ' .X , , N A2 FRESHMEN Greg Murphree, Senatobia Thomas Murphy, Strayhorn Brenda Murry, Coffeeville Tommy Myles, Calhoun City Justin Nance, Memphis Gary Naramore, Grenada Tommy Nasce, Starkville Bennie Neal, Southaven Elmer Nelms, Hernando Debbie Nelson, Vardoman Kristy Nelson, Como Dana Newson, Byhalia Jimmie Newson, Hernando Kenneth Newson, Coldwater Jere Newton, Hernando Brenda Nichols, Olive Branch Byron Nichols, Byhalia Floyd Nickson, Tunica Stacy Nolan, Sardis John Norphlet, Oxford John Norton, Crenshaw Linda Norwood, Water Valley Robert Norwood, Batesville Mitchell O'Conner, Southaven Johnny Oliver, West Memphis Shelia Oliver, Hernando Vera Oliver, Hernando Teresa Orr, Calhoun City Sharon Ortiz, Ashland James Owen, Holly Springs Dottie Overall, Holly Springs Daisy Pace, Hernando Joy Pagan, Southaven April Page, Coffeeville Jeff Papason, Tunica i 351 FRESHME Paige Parker, Calhoun City lean Parks, Arkabutla Ricky Patrick, Memphis Anna Pavone, Venezuela David Payne, Senatobia Sandra Payne, Holly Springs Bill Pearson, Southaven Harry Peel, Memphis Terry Pegram, Southaven Donna Pendergrass, Coffeeville Ruby Pernell, Charleston Linda Perry, Charleston Tinner Perry, Coldwater Reason L, Peters, Charleston Clifford Petris, Como Irby Phillips, Olive Branch Karen Phillips, Tutwiler Kathy Phillips, Tutwiler Mary Phillips, Olive Branch Tobie Phillips, Senatobia Tracy Phillips, Memphis John Piotroski, Oxford James Pipkins, Senatobia Mack Pittman, Batesville Maribeth Pitts, Batesville Chuck Poe, Senatobia Sharon Pollard, Batesville Mina Pope, Independence Beth Poppenheimer, Hernando Larry Powell, Swan Lake Charlotte Power, Tunica Maurice Powers, Memphis Lacye Prewitt, Nesbit Marsha Price, Memphis Dena Priddy, Grenada lass., , V 1' fi- X fir "' A" ""' 1- V K I if FRESHMEN Mory Pride, Botesville Tim Pruitt, Senotobio Connie Pollen, Big Creek Brion Pund, Botesville Angelo Purdy, Coffeeville Bonito Rogon, Coldwoter Michoel Roglond, Thoxton Sherrie Roithel, Millington Borry Roley, Oxford Millie Romseux, Independence Morilyn Romsey, Coldwoter Mory Romsey, Coldwoter Korie Rondoll, Greenwood Deron Rondolph, Hickory Flot Lorry Ronsom, Somerville Thurmon Royborn, Nesbit Cleo Redd, Sumner Angelo Reed, Coldworer Belindo Reed, Botesville Cynthio Reed, Botesville Kelvin Reed, Memphis Johnny Regon, Senotobio Cynthio Reid, Hernondo Suson Reid, Hernondo Robbie Reynolds, Holly Springs Bonito Rhines, Sordis Sobrino Richmond, Holly Springs Keith Ricks, Grenodo Pot Rikord, Oxford Jornes Riley, Hernondo Thomos Riley, Batesville Sherri Roone, Nesbir Betty Robinson, Coffeeville Corol Robertson, Pope Dorrell Roberts, Coldwoter FRESHMEN Williom Roberts, Holly Springs Lori Robinson, Woter Volley Borboro Roddy, Tunico Vivion Rogers, Byholio Alon Rone, Hernondo Melisso Ross, Sordis Corrie Rounds, Colhoun City Sherry Rowsey, Hernondo Connie Rucker, Coldwoter Jone Rucker, Holly Springs Jomes Sonders, Hernondo Stocy Sonders, Hernondo Lyndo Sortoin, Water Volley Rhondo Sovoge, Hernondo Debbie Soyles, Morks Dione Schenzel, Southoven Katherine Schultz, Senotobio Sherryl Scruggs, Coldwoter Wondo Scott, Como Lee Seols, Byholio Tommy Seomon, Memphis Norris Seoy, Holly Springs Ricordo Segrero, Boton Rouge Dennis Sessom, Olive Bronch Jonice Sexton, Lomor Colvin Shorp, Holly Springs Adonno Show, Charleston Burnie Show, Memphis Gory Show, Lofoyette Koren Show, Holly Springs Mory Show, Pope Tommy Sheorer, Coldwoter Everette Shegog, Pope Gole Shegog, Pope Morgle Shelley, Ashlond '47 l l 1 i i l I i l l i I l l l l i Lb ,AE 5 TSS of 41 f' P K7 'fb A Q rib ,F FRESHMEN Bettie Shervington, Memphis Chris Shinstock, Coldwater Kathy Shipley, Independence Richard Shivers, Oxford Steve Shuffield, Water Valley Richard Shumway, Coldwater Mark Sibley, Batesville Peggy Simmons, Batesville Angie Sims, Bruce Jacqueline Sims, Holly Springs Loyce Sims, Batesville Pam Shipp, Coldwater Verna Sipp, Coldwater Tracey Skeen, Coldwater Teri Skelton, Hernando David Skinner, Ollve Branch Alvin Smith, Lamar Anna Smith, Oxford Blll Smith, Senatobia Brenda Smlth, Senatobia Janet Smith, Pope Loretta Smith, Marks Mark Smith, Olive Branch Melody Smith, Southaven Ralph Smith, Botesvllle Rebecca Smith, Senatobia Robert Smith, Southaven Sarah Smith, Southaven Victor Smith, Memphis Terry Snider, Botesvllle Tim Sora, Nesblt Danny Sowell, Hernando Mike Sowell, Ollve Branch Paul Sowell, Hernando Virda Spain, Sardls FRESHMEN Alfredio Spares, Tunica Ethelene Spearman, Coffeevllle Erlck Spears, Sardis Shella Spears, Courtland Kim Speck, Hernando Barbara Spence, Senatobia Dellso Spencer, Sarah John Spencer, Coldwater Tlm Spencer, Tunica Debbie Sprarlin, Vardaman Llnda Sprlngs, Senatobla Llso Stanford, Lake Comorant Tekla Stanley, Memphis Stephen Staten, Horn Lake James Stegall, Coldwater Gloria Stewart, Marks James Stewart, Batesville Leon Stewan, Olive Branch Kellee Stewart, Memphis Llndle Stewart, Batesville Marlbeth Stewart, Batesville Mary Stewart, Bruce Scott Stewart, Hernando Hazel Stlgler, Senatobia Dennls Stlll, Batesville Carl Strogner, Ollve Branch Kevln Street, Ollve Branch Kelth Strlbllng, Southaven Franclne Strlckland, Ashland Thomas Stone, Southaven Denlse Sullivan, Batesville John Summers, Coffeevllle Sassene Sumner, Como Wlllle Sumner, Swan Lake Jon Sutton, Corinth FRESHME Morcus Sutton, Botesville Robert Swonson, Oxford Corolyn Swilley, Horn Loke Mike Swindie, Botesville Donny Tote, Coldwoter Phyllis Tote, Memphis Kenneth Tollent, Bruce Allere Tollie, Ashlond Doris Toylor, Tunico Fredrick Toylor, Sordis Iro Toylor, Chorleston John Toylor, Heleno, AR Robin Toylor, Senotobio Tommy Toylor, Southoven Tonio Toylor, Memphis Bonnie Tenniol, Holly Springs Joson Tennyson, Chorleston Sondy Theodore, Woter Volley Angelo Thomos, Tunico Jody Thomos, Senotobio Liso Thomos, Hernondo Betty Thompson, Senotobio Deboroh Thompson, Hernondo Demetrus Thompson, Chicogo, IL Gerry Thompson, Horn Loke Kevin Thompson, Oxford Michoel Thompson, Dorling Steve Thompson, Hernondo Ben Threodgiil, Big Creek Borry Tinboll, Botesville Scott Tobin, Oxford Jonice Todd, Hernondo Rebecco Todd, Horn Loke Thelmo Todd, Coldwoter Lester Toliver, Como FRESHMEN Ronnie Toliver, Botesville Allen Tomlin, Como Leonord Tomlin, Como Scott Tomlinson, Woterford Alofoir Toolie, Tunico Rochel Troywick, Sordis Dione Truddle, Coldwoter Trocy Tubbs, Summer Soroh Tucker, Montochie Volerio Tucker, Holly Springs Freernon Turnoge, Holly Springs Debto Turner, Woter Volley Julio Turner, Grenodo Lorroine Turner, Chorleston Morgoret Turner, Colhoun City Mory Turner, Tippo John Tyler, Wolls Tereso Vorner, Oxford Keith Vescovo, Dermo Dwight Vick, Colfeeville Jomie Vick, Oxford Thereso Wolron, Lombert Vonessor Wolton, Oxford ldell Wolls, Sordis Liso Wolls, Oxford Chorlotte Wolloce, Independence Ronold Wolloce, Independence John Wolker, Potts Comp Sondy Wolker, Woter Volley Songso Woitoyongkoon, Thoilond Deboroh Woges, Coldwater Josephine Wodley, Hernondo Pom Word, Hernondo Tommy Word, Morion Beverly Worren, Senotobio GN .fl x If Q49 11.7 -1 -ii: 'N '52 l l l ' i 'U- i i i i l i i l i l 1, 2 l i I t i l E l v- I-g, l i i i t l ,,-me FRESHME Mike Warren, Horn Lake Nathaniel Warren, Southaven Rickey Warren, Holly Springs Andrea Washington, Memphis James Washington, Tunica Chris Watts, Batesville David Watts, Horn Lake Ralph Watts, Red Banks Roselyn Weatherall, Hickory Flat Thomas Weaver, Bruce Terrie Webb, Hernando Vickie Weeks, Charleston Missy Weir, Hernando Terry Welch, Sarah Pamela Wells, Southaven Ivory Westbrooks, Charleston Michael Westerfield, Memphis Elizabeth Westmorland, Sardis Gary Wheeler, Memphis Jerald Wheeler, Southaven Sophia Wheeler, Como Angie White, Vardaman Bruce White, Sardis Fay White, Sardis Shellie White, Bruce Elwanda Whitehead, Memphis Mark Whitten, Batesville Max Whitten, Senatobia Rodger Whittle, Crenshaw Cheryl Wilbourn, Marks Little Sis Wilbourn, Como Jonathan Wiley, Sardis Nancy Wilhite, Independence Alan Wilkins, Byhalia Rodney White, Batesville FRESHMEN Kalvin Wilkins, Oxford Anthony Williams, Sardis Callio Williams, Holly Springs Calvin Williams, Hernando Carl Williams, Coldwater Clarice Williams, Senatobia Dianne Williams, Senatobia Henry Williams, Tunica Jacqueline Williams, Byhalia Jeffery Williams, Charleston Karla Williams, Houlka Leonard Williams, Memphis Linda Williams, Water Valley Mona Williams, Batesville Norman Williams, Tutwiler Pamela Williams, Calhoun City Robert Williams, Vicksburg Scott Williams, Grenada Shirley Williams, Hernando Tom Williams, Southaven Carolyn Williamson, Water Valley Marlon Williamson, Hernando Oscar Willis, Memphis Ruby Willis, Tunica Danny Wilson, Hickory Flat Teri Wilson, Batesville Kevin Winders, Earle, AR Howard Winston, Oxford Lewis Wood, Coldwater Paula Woodiel, Southaven Shelley Woods, Olive Branch Terry Woods, Nesbit Tony Woods, Coldwater Spencer Woody, Coldwater Jeff Wortham, Oxford 'ii Qi: it Nh. K' 1 di i '. ,. .. ir , gi x 'f tl, M? ii ii -629' fr? ,. ,V FRESHMEN Michoel Wooten, Senotobio Noncy Wooten, Woter Volley Bobbie Wright, Nesbit Oretho Wright, Botesville Williorn Wulff, Hernondo Andy Young, Boresville Chorles Young, Hernondo Cheryl Young, Olive Bronch Freddie Young, Nesbit KoRhondo Yount, Askew Ricky Zinn, Bruce ,, . . 2 3 .- 5 , 1 i 'U 1 ! 41' 9 "IJ .f . Y 'uv' , i Q . 'i wYf'5x f-ww-.-.,....,,,,, N , X mv Q . .1 Mqggizi M, QE Q, ,N 0 fx, R x N ix , 1 ...x YQ, V V 5 ff 'hr 'ay "M, is f 'Q J Y 5-94 L I 1, II I II II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I 4 ' , HT - ,I cu-I-K X, I K Classes, clubs, and campus actlvitles provide outlets for student talent. ff S N1 Q, arm-.4 if f W W ' A fm .ef mf, rv , 934, W , X, m .Y X 2453: Q Q '44-,. . ' .J vs? ,3- R. W sw 5335. 2 V M . ,'f. F X Nagig . ,. VR' s.- Y b "'f:.s...1""- .I 1 V ..,.., in -1' QL U A Elin Q.. M 2 jg me-was Q -un A 1 365 5 J I KX X V -2--'s if S , -f.-v4.mwM-,, -.ff Q FM M ,vu na+s4wH'9 - my ,A af Wx: I 1 gg.. V K, AQTYF' fy. 1 ' fr. , 2 ,f f 1 J 2 9 'M V BRANCH CENTERS LGOKING AHEAD . . . to serving oreo students Mortin Whitt, Editor 369 I 1 Y 'Q L . ?"' , Z' K.. 4. 'S -I 'xx 1 'E :vm A 1 is IJ! Iv, .l 4 Eg M Weige- . il, 'J-5 r .3 fx N7 , r , , xsxb! I--1,1 Q' . ,S' , . 0 W, K.. f X " N s I f fu li sg-it v V m A 1 r K P we 'x v + L ix W 4 l 1 lx r, , f 1 I ! M N All I! I In I i E, , M. W ig, Cir :YW ' x l I Q1 ,fi ' 'N ,Ms 3 5 v W I i 1 1 Q .r G K Y '2 xl xx N 1 E x 5 N X X v L 'ilu-I' 'Q W ' , is A . --J . 1 'Ez in if 1 - ' A. si , My X 1.35 . s X . ,wr Wtki if A Q 1'-- ii, - .r ll ' 1 . M X 1 W 114 A ii-if 1 1 . V The Oxford Center is cenrroily iocored in the 11-county NWJC district ond serves os heodquorters for oliied heolrh progroms, odulr bosic educorion, communiry ond evening school progronns. , of 374 i Mory Helen Arnold Regorner Booker Wondo Brodley Brendo Brown Glendo Burchfield Morsholl A. Burr Genell Coldwell Louro Corwile Mory Roberson Cosby Delores Crouch Donno Culpepper Evo Dovis Lindo M. Defer Ollie Dowsing Dorlene Drewrey Kotherine Ford Brendo Foster Soro Fox Brendo Fronklin Sondro Gooch Emmo Griffin Liso Hodley Joonn Honcock Borboro Hence Billye Henry Anito Hill Lindo Howord Lowondo Howell Dorsie Ivy Hozelteen Jenkins Dorothy Johnson Annie Jones Potsy Jordon Glorio Konnodo Shirley Keel Jon Lemons Cynthio McCord Alice McCormick Leigh McElreoth Potti McMinn Dophene Melton Dorothy Milton Lois Mooney Borboro Morris Shirley Murphree Dorothy Norris Lexonne Porker Borboro Peorson Debro Phillips Geroldine Plumos Sherry Pope Suson Rikord Dorothy Sondlin Emmo Simms Bonnie Sporks Vonesso Spence Sondy Stonton Vicki Swonson Borboro Totum Mortho Telford Anito Toliver Renee Troxler Verno Vines Betty Word Lindo Weover Delois Wilson Anno Wimberly Moy Lou Wright Goil Yotes J i K if 'ri , Q l gf , 2 , kc - 2 ' , A I 2 Axxt Administrative Officers, Instructors, ond Personnel George Ayres, Director of Oxford Center Betty Guess, Associote Director of Allied Heolth ond Evening School Ed Simpson, Sr., Supervisor of Adult Borboro Collier, LPN Instructor Bosic Educotion Lynn Dolton, Secretory Bonnie Skelton, Secretory Joe Elliott, Jr., Adult Bosic Educotion Deboroh Treloor, LPN Instructor Keny Goodwin, Assistonr Director of Evening School 7 Y X f ' xxx X 315114 ' ' H ' l...,,., gy -..f, , t"T Y , , N to . ' 1""1'1 , get-.l'i a T T Q f K i X 'fi 1 ' N 'V' X . X , . t ,X , r- J '7 'ITV' - X Af xx ,GEF " I QF: , I l Ji Chorles Ainsworth Director Q, 5, 0 L' 'X '-al. D F T ,Xl . . J it , it m ' ,sw 343,55 is Q , we -" rwtg i , wir E fvlrnl 2? S, XX lf! yft t Xa? ,,,.4ff Y . - 'W - S , .C A , 6 Y gfgk , Margie Beck Cosmetology , f gf, 4 fc, 1 M,,.4 if 'Q' ',' E r Orville Fortner Welding S . 1 xi . ii 'T we V ggi' Elzey Autry Industrial 5e wing To 7 K 1 Pot Childers Cosmetology 'Wg , 6 i fa! 'V :T K, ,..-., T' is as M- ,Il vs- f Dee McCormick Secretary ,,f,11'iflt R'-fs. arf , 'tw'-:gg fr:.':Qi'f2g' A fgggfg v- 1: f"3"5"f39' ' TT'-5?-Fr "Z:21"' Q :gf A Twig' .Q 1?- 4H'+f"ff'I R I 35.3 5211 Poul Baker Commercial Vehicular Training 6 K ,fl-me ww. lip 44"5"gJg?3 5 f Charles Cole Janitor A I V' ML, -'Q 1: .M T- ' 'f -W '-L a " s A QU A! 4 N- ' ' isj.. if, i A I K Y XM' wkff lr Q , St." Q. tl - w . ' r ,Q 'X 'if ,Qty bjgpgkv-Q 1. ci ll. " ' 0 t ' I l QQ. ,. - s Martha Mitchell Counselor BIII Beck Radio and TV Repair .N K- rr-- . YN N :M l 'l,,Mf Af? Charles Cummings Housebuilding Trades ' gs Hs. ' '15 lr if sgqgfg, ss 4 ,Q -fn- K , - r ics 'Qi' X Larry Simpson Remedial Studies ,L qu f K iw., Q. '- QM I S--swf" Commercial Vehicle Driving Timothy Brandon, William Briggs, Joe Eddie Burns, Paul Ford, Terry Goolsby, Franklin Jones, Timothy McNamee, Alvin Patterson, Charles Shelton, Ronnie Sweeney, James Taylor, Marvin Tunstall. l I l lift' l . l z f""" 5 ff' I i xl , ,, 4, K A 'll Kristine Branch, Lee Francis Brown Lottie Brown Helen Cole, Carol Faulkner Pearl Faulkner Carol Hampton Georgia Harris Emma lsom Pinkie Mae lsom, Dorothy Moore, Shirlean Moore, Angela Paige, Lois Scales, Charles Sellers, Beatrice Shelton, Winnie Shelton, Jewel Walton, Sheila Williams, l ? iam . 4 We 91 355 V1 W If ' Q. 133 f l l f ,. ss, ,,. ,pw 5 sl r W ,rs I 'gg-vm vw -4 3' W I I Mory Lee Bogord, Jomes Bowen, Mike Bright Rondell Cheotwood, Jeffery e Dovrs Elester Gotewood Jomes Grrffln Dovrd Hompton Wtllre Lorkett Roger Lollor Wrllre Nunnolly Mork Reoves Horoce Tlpler f 1 1 1 fy - J . N ..... A- ' ' s as erm-no , J 'mf A ,WN ftif A ,- :J ,. L J 3 , ,fi We f , , A I ' . .1 W ,N Q----J' 1 ' J ee .Q Q 1 s .J Q. JM -R y my , so lk we - L Q. Eflxrvvii ASX wi' . U tw p . ' Q 5 B f fr r Q' A R' f Wi Cosmetology Bonnle Ambrose Morvre Doll Pomolo Botemon June Bell Brion Brodley Ellzobeth Foulke-nberry Letho Foulkner Llndo Foulkner Bellndo Glover Llndo Hoynes Ester Hncl-ts, Normo Hobson, Corolyn Houston, Dorothy Jeffrles, Ruby Johnson, Annette Johnson, Pouletre Johnson, Jonne Lone, Tornmle London, Reglno Luellon, Letho Mc- Clellon, Volrio McFodcien, Corolyn Morgon, Velvo Mull, Vlrglnlo Nichols, Betty Norton, Potricio Penilton, Geotgio Rhee, Sotoh Rucker, Annie Stephens, Juonlro Woshlngton, Sondro Woshington, Belindo Westmoreland, Deloris White, Shoron White, X f X !Pfc'444W 2 X wr 2-gif! xvi Fletcher Adknn llene Byrd Morgorer Choney Bobby Evons Mozell Hompron Dock Morgon Wolrer Morgon Ricky Turner Kenneth Wolron Jim Workln Jag .fm ' 5 fgwfgig . 4 NH .,,,,,W ,T J, .I q V j 5 V? I. Q K Y . I ig t x b 1 , , - X , -.3 a A X A Q , 1 ,y., 3 J 5 xx i , I y , 6 wx .4 :A K Q ' 1 5 . , t- ix 1. 1 . t N. ,fm H . , ,V -, I ' 1 I P 2' .b V X f 4 .. q A ' Y ci -gif V .- -J ' . , V A ". ,, " 1 X " 'li '99 1 'M 4- FQ.--.1QL' Q . 1 c ' Y N gg, K 5.51 A 5, V - ' f , Qi , ' bt xt . 7:1 KK 4 . ,, : ww 'Q an xt if-Q if P xiyiy S, N - 'M' h tx e . y A ' 4 . b , .-ML, , in c 1 .ff .ga K A ,,--' ' W ffm, ,1 . f , f ,i W A ,ff , ,- ' "iff ' 1 , ,4 ' P. 'X 3 ., ' .i ,.'.z P - , fi, ' 'lv L. Rodio ond TV Repoir , 1' .., '- 1 f ,fl Ti 5' 1 f l I jx y :gg 2.1 " 5, 1 Cody Brown, Dovid Gloss, Jomes Hompron, Dwight Horris, Ricky Morrhew, Chorles Smith, Lee Thompson, Lorry Tucker, Rondell Woodord. 5009 X N 4 fg , 1 L 5 f A wolk ocross Desoto Center's '171!2 ocre com- pus con provide o welcomed escope from the drudgery of morriculorion. iii-mp, A C' w I WW 384 I xg-- il I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ggi, II if . z-V , . - Q 12- I K H glib EL x ,. ' ' F , , Q, Ipuxfy -V I fx,-X I, - -xwzfwnf NI, Q, .M If 4-we-mx : - 5'5" ISS 65.91 R.. , W 'tn .fM?T,.mf:. I... X. A 1 1 w H ' 1 WWWNWHfWW Q WW WWfffl W M 'Mlm . l NIMMHW1lH1UsW1 I ww + my , ww- + 45+ ww v 1 N1WPWNl nUaH:MwMWWJW W W f WWW W W'f'H'IlaNlualL4uaNv 4' + + f v MU" K MM W NM WHHW! Nil ll JL H UWilm411ma4lxlnMlx4 Munamw HHN? llH1r1lHH4MM L + s , 1 HW44 P ,, , 5 1 K I U l I 1 ' ,N Q 1 1 5 LEU lf? I Ile!! Q f .I 102-f Af' N55 ,.-4 FWS. 'xg 'S v -Q, ! 2: 5 '. ., 'S Q . ' ' '34--M X EN W 'Qi, f'f 'i Z rt' " fix . I yn . . ' fi! ,A my 1,0 iw Student Lounger N 5 . if ,.,. .,,......,,.., ,ns 'V li 0" .0 me f 3' s I Q Q ' O Q. 5 wa' T,..,..m '. li K PM 3 . w . Q 1 s 392 , .sm 2, 'P- - un - It ' lid A TL 9 Img.. ' f. . a!f?5ft"' afl- iv' The student lounge is the hub of Desoto Center octivity - o ploce thot provides oll of life's necessities: cokes, conversotion, ond PAC MAN. 4 i W1 9: Ng,-QM 'A-rn ,L 1 Pm, Jnxgqy ' ig' -S, 1 N 1 1 ' 11M 811' X auxx 'li Q ,s K' 31 ,..X4X'x-X. A Q ' s Q Q' V, n wx . 5 Q 4 if . X X QW xii 'ipa- B I-2 NWJC!Desoto Center makes college education available to all citizens of the area including the high school graduate, the adult, the housewife, the employed, the veteran, the businessman, and the retiree. Students may choose a career oriented cur- riculum or an individualized course of study. af' r .BPT . -K " T 'NI' S K -,!I.,-,J-vf""' , f .ff JA ef. . . 21, f. lr, 5. 5 fv T? V, ,N flsvw-f The opening of NWJC's first sotellite compus in 1975, brought the dreom of o college educotion close to home for the people of Desoto County. A steody increose in student enrollment in both doy ond night closses hos resulted in new ond exponded course offerings eoch semester in on ottempt to meet the educotionol needs of oreo citizens. I I I I I I I I I I I I I II ,I ,l , I I II ' IE II I I II II I II II I II II I I I II II I I II I I I I II I II I. I II 'I I I II II II II II I I I I I I I I I I I I , I I I I I I I 401 I Q f a ., Miss Desoto Center sssJ4f'd0s,F4' , ,W ,., v.,. ,,. F manga:-1 , ., 5 -. -Q-Q -mf. , 1-,:.-.-, I.. . Y V3 . V E g"""' Mr. Desoto Center Keith Parker 'h"1'7'mf'f'1iW4 ' 'ii 4 , 'gm f 316, v """""""' """'u""" ' " 'N' ' t I 'W' ' ' ,nm fy, f ' ""f3"7 " G"??"3STT5Ef1wA-liyfv -i.f2'j'3e eg?'W"iv wwf- We " -'.-'fg::::ge::f:, ' . , ,, W. , xg X, ,,,. .,,, . ,, ..,...., ML, ,.gg..59.z5L5fQ 'Siam'-,, f 4 O4 r 1 - ---f ' I Ugylyj af, V Q 2,- I i ,QT f-qw . 'Za Nfl vu-- Mosf Beoijfifbl Tommy Plunk x fr if 0 1 .2 ,.., A 25 5 si... , . -az. win. 'gin Ji: 'S 2:1 if .-Sp., , I x 553 Q Y .Q , ff ? . 1, L ,Q , ,fl Fllif . QQ 1 'Qin ,zigii X.. .4 ' lv. mg +.,.:z'gLgz.:3:s.. .'1.... . .h 5 gn, af Z , lx be -,xx wg: M1 X 3 ' Vv . o ooo n , if 5 if x I Homecoming Moid Yvonne Pinegor 4 O5 4 of lm ,, Ei 1 J SS H2 -my A ey W 'S Eze Kim 9 wi 5 A 0.1 Emlly Force Q' ' Q , . 2 ., Mmfw Q . . . , 1 A sg i i A - 4, M X X A ' - V ui"'f15fifi4?ff1iT5 l Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges 1 s V. , ff r 5 1 P 'I X wi V 4. : xx, VPU fx S I V 3 6 H c w f 'f' Si nf 5 a Wi f 4' ,Q ' ji 'n L I s "' f "9""""' . 4 ' fl 'sf ff 345 1 'T Kime ' 4 i F 4 N 5 1 i 1 I 5 l 2 Russell Lomb ' 15 Holl of Fame 352 ,as 4 in 3421 ...Q "w 054 ,P A7 -PR , r C31 A s s Xi . i 1 ,Af E 2 5, 'Y' x - 2 " ' ki X! h I Ruth Adkins, June Aldridge, Dorrell Arnold, Berry leon Barber, Lynn Brewer, Berry Coin, Joe Dempsey, Emily Force, presiclenrg Lindo Geriner, Sondy Gillis, Sonyo Homby, Williom Hill, Rilo Jones, Lindo Kime, Russell Lomb, Clorice Moyes, Alice Meyers, Louro Noegle, Corolyn Poppenheimer, Ricky Reeves, Jeon Swindle, Suson Toylor, Suson L. Toylor, Jonice Trim, ond Duffy White. fxk, 'A-l 17' Freddie Benson, Tereso Doniel, Chuck Ervin, Jono Jomes, Mory Medlin, Keith Porker, President, Poulo Pulse, Robert Weorhers, Tiffony Young. Willord Bell, Bort Benson, Ed Brooker, Lon Bullock, Scott Cosh, Jock Clork, Jennifer Clork, Hozel Ervin, Guy Gorrett, Cobert Grohorn, Steve Hollond, Sophio Hopkins, Jock Johnson, LeVero Jones, Pot Kizzoh, Robert Loney, Clyde Long, Roy Mottox, Chorlotte McKinney, Olphio Milkins, Jo Beth Murroy, Bobby Phelps, Gregory Phillips, Dennis Sonders, Ronold Show, Dovid Tishlell, Chuck Thomas, Cindy Wolters, Billie Whit- tenburg, ond Steve Willioms. 'Y' 0 410 ..-ffl. .J ss:-1 jmwfwwm Ng...--f 'WN vvm K 'L' uaa.,,,g5,w"i5'-N NW .I g 1' ' A L3 'F if '53 -Y! Z , 5 f ' 2 Q 3 g 2 " ' , ij? ,Q i : l 1 i Wa ,. ,E ., A Q 5 'ig 2' ' if Q 1 ' 5 -is I 'wi .t' 'SK v"8'w"!f5un:ng " " iv- gfT'i'iiN A", 4,5-4-,zx ', , fu ' 4 'Q' Y XMB Y , gy " f 1, N I' ji 5 5 435- f W 'Y . M3 ' 1 Q fs Q ' gl l" ,S li' fix' I 4 K :law sk 'Q ' 5 5 iff! K 59 ,f an - A, ' lin ' x Yee i f i 4 W5 Q eg Q K 0 , ' A ' Q" a ,x-.Q C - N' ' U J H , 0 o on , X Q, ? mlms rc: lon E5 11 vl ' " 5 1 93 Q: - ' , 1 M ' W y, ue' bf , , ' - ,gi At , ,gs ,V v .75 252 A- 'K' V H ' js' ,f -"s, K 2, , . , .., . X S! S: n gxgx ' is xi' ' l,:x.1'. , f 2f w ,,V , - , F , tiki K -3 gf" , V V I A ,v"' I , L ' YA Q ' sf - ,, ' '-sf ' ' if .fm , f ,Ld-,gfxn-, is ,wx 5 Qvvs .sl . "'1j,.w-T 'U 1' " ' Yi ' 'x if-6 ug igsryx z i I 'p ,503 .N. gqgproodwoyl. I ' ' , . X V Y Qigfcgfofyhstr ptiofn - p 'Y 'ekgiefvo-Techs ' S Q1 '.i , . I L Q ' . 6 iw . . u ' Q' l Q 'wtf' , ' I- 7 'p, I '4.l. lg v- I gs. ' :u ' ff. 1 .'y ' 411 Q l an J. Faculty Sally Askew English fo "" Lavonia Bell Secretary '5' I Edward Cash Morruory Science Juanita Cheek Science Bob Gray Technical Math George Herrl Director of Evening School A Lillian Hill ' Social Science Charles Ingram Social Science Fir Foy Johnson English Colleen Long Secretary Betty McCoIIough Llbrarlan 412 r Faculty 'haf' 'Tk John Weatherly Respiratory Therapy Bertha White Maintenance ff? Marion McCormick Mortuary Science Sarah Middleton Science Sheila Regan Business Derrick Roberson Counselor Debby Rutledge Business Education Penny Steward Hotel-Motel Restaurant Management Scortye Stewart Secretarial Science Bill Thornton Business Broadus Weatherall Mathematics and Science SOPHOMORES Bott Benson, West Memphls Brendo Blolr, Wolls Pomelo Booker, Memphls Wllllom Bright, Nesbit Bridget Brown, Sourhoven Lon Bullock, Sourhoven Betty Coln, Hernondo Brendo Coldwell, Nesblt Shlrley Coldwell, Sourhoven Robyn Cothey, Sourhoven Jock Clork, Hoywood, TN Jlmmy Cloy, Wolls Hottle Conwell, Memphis Ronold Crowe, Sourhoven Cheryl Dovls, Memphls Jeffery Dovls, Hughes Judy Dovls, Sourhoven Tlm Dougon, Memphls Angelo Duncon, Sourhoven Dolores Edwords, Sourhoven Vernlce Elom, Senotoblo Jerry Flemlng, Dermo Emlly Force, Nesblt Roymond George, Ollve Bronch Anne Gibson, Memphls Colbert Grohom, New Albony Llso Grondberry, Memphls Desere Howklns, Ollve Bronch .ii Cb .Z X ,ax f 1 K .7 fm, , 1 f ',- r . Q5 A l V -.,,., , I I g fi 2, . SOPHOMORE Jomes Howkins, Coldwoter Kotherine Holmes, Wolls Kothy Holmes, Wolls Sidney Johnston, Memphis Rito Jones, Horn Loke Shirley Jones, Southoven Chorles Kemper, Southoven Lindo Kime, Southoven Clorice Moys, Wolls Chorlotte McKinney, Duck Hill Mory Medlin, Olive Bronch Cori Montogue, Southoven Debbie Moore, Memphis Shoron Morris, Southoven Joon Morrison, Southoven Stephen Osborn, Southoven Thereso Porker, Nesbit Corol Perry, Nesbit Bobby Phelps, Botesville Michoel Pierce, Southoven Chorlene Prestoge, Lombert Volerie Rice, Wolls Debbie Rodgers, Victorio Robert Sonti, Memphis Mory Smith, Lake Cormoront Suson Smith, Memphis Theodore Sones, Memphis Shoron Toylor, Southoven 4 4 CPHOMGRES Susan Taylor, Olive Branch Janice Trim, Horn Lake Duffy White, Memphis Willda Whitmore, Memphis Rosalind Wilkins, Nesbit Sandro Williams, Senatobia Stephanie Yarbrough, Nesbit 93-J Xx A. Jw -4 -ff? le , . i 1 'GLA , ,R Y, rx' V Y Q... v FRESHM Lino Adoms, Southoven Ruth Adkins, Southoven Greg Aldridge, Olive Bronch Jomes Anderson, Olive Bronch Julie Boker, Wolls Suson Boldwin, Horn Loke Jomes Bormer, Fulton Robin Bonus, Southoven Dovid Borton, Southoven Butch Bennett, Olive Bronch Dominic Bionchi, Memphis Tereoso Bishop, Hernondo Liso Blackburn, Southoven Rhondo Blount, Horn Loke Keith Briscoe, Southoven Virginio Brown, Wolls Jimmy Brownlee, Olive Bronch Brion Buchonon, Southoven Frenchie Buchonon, Nesbit Connie Buckner, Wolls Jorvis Bynum, Byholio Phyllis Collohon, Southoven John Comp, Southoven Jennifer Corlisle, Southoven Lyndo Cormichoel, Wolls Scott Cosh, Southoven Robert Churchwell, Memphis Liso Cigolino, Wolls Jennifer Clork, Brownsville Terry Coots, Wolls Nick Conner, Southoven Suson Cook, Southoven Scott Cooper, Southoven Keith Cothom, Southoven Corol Croin, Southoven N 4 4 FRESHMEN Mark Crawford, Southaven Carolyn Cross, Southaven Cheri Darling, Southaven Teresa Doniel, Southaven Cheryl Deering, Southaven Howard Drake, Southaven Shirley Durham, Walls Anita Dye, Walls Hazel Ervin, Memphis Trudy B. Fore, Horn Lake Betty Foshee, Southaven Verna Freeman, Olive Branch Linda Geriner, Southaven Sondra Gilless, Horn Lake Jeff Glenn, Hernando Shirley Graves, Walls Shelia Gray, Southaven Carol Ann Hagel, Southaven Anita Hall, Byhalla Steve Harris, Memphis Trisha Haskett, Southaven Donna Hetringer, Southaven Mark Hignite, Memphis Addie Hlll, Memphis Gall HlllHouse, Southaven Angle Hoffer, Southaven Janie Holland, Memphis Stephan Holland, Memphis Sophia Hopkins, Memphis Jeff Howard, Memphis Klm Hughey, Olive Branch Alisa Hutcherson, Southaven Velero Jackson, Horn Lake Jana James, Nesblt Susan Jefferies, Southaven Y... Qc? FRESHMEN Joan Johnson, Nesblt Charlene Jones, Nesbit Dana Jones, Southaven Sherrl Jones, Southaven Lyn Jordan, Walls Jeanne Karakurt, Horn Lake Joanna Kee, Hernando Sonja Klng, Southaven Setena Knox, Memphls Charles Lamb, Southaven Kim Lambert, Southaven Robert Laney, Southaven Angela Llpe, Walls Clyde Long, Clarlcsdale Martlna Maples, Memphis David Marlin, Memphis Pattl Maxwell, Southaven Cynthia Mayhall, Southaven Dana McCrady, Southaven Brenda McCroy, Memphis Bruce McKIm, Southaven Erlca McKIssack, Memphis Llnda Medlock, Southaven Rlta Mobley, Ollve Branch Tracy Moore, Ollve Branch Jacqueline Randle, Memphis Keith Parker, Hernando Davld Payne, Olive Branch Penny Pllgrlm, Memphls Yvonne Plnegar, Southaven Tammy Plunk, Memphis Barbara Quellette, Southaven Blll Raggett, Colllervllle Johnny Rasberry, Southaven Janet Roy, Horn Lake FRESHMEN Jenne Reeves, Southoven Ricky Reeves, Southoven Myro Rhodes, Southoven Phillip Rizzo, Southoven Lynn Robbins, Memphis Borry Robinson, Memphis Debbie Rockhold, Horn Loke Kelly Rodgers, Southoven Leigh Rodgers, Southoven Delmor Rogers, Horn Loke Jeonette Roundtree, Southoven April Rush, Horn Loke Dovid Sonders, Southoven Dennis Sonders, Winono Dovid Schiele, Memphis Tony Shorp, Southoven Ronold Show, Holly Springs Vonce Simmons, Southoven Anito Smith, Wolls Cindy Smith, Southoven Bridget Sneed, Memphis Bloir Sneed, Olive Bronch Keith Stevens, Memphis Sondro Stocks, Horn Loke Comille Toylor, Memphis Chuck Thomos, Holly Springs Brendo Thompson, Hernondo Michoel Threott, Southoven Borboro Towns, Memphis Borboro Trusty, Olive Bronch Louie Volle, Southoven Hubert Wode, Memphis Cindy Wolter, Southoven Belvo Word, Southoven Honk Weover, Southoven FRESHMEN Regino Weover, Sourhoven Denise Weddle, Memphis Berry Welch, Sourhoven Beverly West, Sourhoven Jeff Wheeler, Jr., Sourhoven Corol White, Horn Loke Rusry Whirfield, Sourhoven Morjorie Wilbonlas, Horn Loke Robby Wilbonks, Olive Bronch Joyce Wilson, Southaven u3""""'w N ,xr .4 Lee Arnold Arnold, Malcolm W. Arnold, Mark Gentry Arnold, 5Mary Helen Arants,' A tricia K. Arthur, , rey Ashfordffarolyh B. Ashford, Perry M. Ashmore, Mary Alice Ashmore, Raymond Ashworth, Emily Aske A ,Chauncey Atkl ' Imothy Atki f , Deborah Atk , Willie Earl Au anna Sue Au H Karen Ayers, Gregory Lynn Ayles, Benjamin Azuaje, Joel Alberto Baptist, Willette B v Baptist, erber, Felecra Ja Jamie Ann Jeanette Beard, Teresa M. Beard, Thomas Vincent Beard, Tommy Beaumont, Kimberly Beck, Elisa Jo Beckley, Spencer Belew, Thomas Allen Belfour, Teresa Bell, Gordon Brady Bell, Pamela Denise Bellew, Karen Bennett, Angela Gale Besheard, Ralph John Benson, Barbara Lynn Benson, Deborah Kay Benson, Freddie Lee Berry, Debora Berry, Hubert Floyd Berry, James Hugh Berry, Marvin Scott Berry, Pamela J. Berry, Russell Wilson Berryhlll, Janie Berryhlll, Karen Berryhlll, Randy Berryhlll, Theresa Betsa, Steve Alan Betz, Mary B air, Rebecca He Boston, Margaret Bowe, Melanie Leigh Bowen, Gall Burnette Bowen, Shelia Fay Bowes, Richard Clyde Box, Lisa Renee Boyd, Sherryl Anne Boydstun, Morris Boyette, Karen Marie Bradford, Eddie Ruth Bradford, Phillip Mart Bradley, Wanda Nell Bradshaw, James Brame, Susan Curl Bramlett, Julie Bramlitt, Jacky M. Branan, Lisa Steward Brandon, Leigh Ann Brasel, Larry Eugene Braswell, Leslye Bratton, Peggy Sue Braziel, Larry James Brazul, Larry Johnson Breedlove, Beverly Jo Breedlove, Bebble Breland, Angela Gail Brewer, Marvin Brewer, Patricia L. Brewer, Tina Brewer, Tina Louise Bridges, Albert Lee Briggman, Terrance Jo Mae Susan Wayne Allen Joann Pittman Donna Faye Jeffrey Alan Jeffrey Glenn Jerry Lynn Jerry Lynn , Jerry Jimmy Ray, Jr. Joseph Mark Joyce Renee Karla Kutrina Marian Kaye Marla L. Phynillia Ronald Paul Brown, Shelia Brown, Shirley Faye Brown, Theresa D. Brown, Tony Dwayne Browning, Rickey Gene Brownlee, Carla Ja Brownlee, Robert Brubaker, Rhonda Bruckner, Robin Gaye Bryan, Dana Elizabeth Bryan, Oloiva Leigh Bryant, Aubrey Bryant, Eric Charles Bryant, Suzanne Bryant, Tanya Renee Bryant, Timothy Alvin Bryant, William Buck, Celestine Buck, Karen Annette Buell, Charles Glynn Buford, Sharron Bula, James Alberto Bula, Joseph Anthony Bullard, Felicia Bullard, Sharon Burchfield, Glenda A. Burke, Jacqueline K. Burke, Jerry Lynn Burke, Robert Darryl Burnett, Merlinda Burnett, Norma Lynn Burnett, Patricia Burnett, Spencer T. Burnett, William F. Jr. Burns, Teresa Ann Burnside, Dorothy J. Burt, Marshall Ann Burt, Teri Lynn Burton, Shelia Denise Busby, Phillip Paul Busby, Rhonda Delynne Bulter, Reatha Byers, Robbie Ann Clark, Byers, Rose Mary Byers, Tommy Lynn Byford, Shelia Byno, Ernest Bynum, Francine Byrd, Cornelius Byrd, Georgia Ann Byrd, Mildred Jean Coffey, Kandy Regina Cain, Andy Joe Cain, Betty Grace Cain, Kenneth Caito, Steven Joseph Caldwell, Deborah L. Caldwell, G. Leiso sherry L. , Caldwell, Mary Caldwell, Priscilla A. Caldwell, Ruby Nell Colomese, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Donoi Barbara Ann Barbara Brenda Calvin Charles Dawn Gerald James Kenneth H 1 Campbell, Sherri Cannon, Cedric Cannon, Deonice Cannon, Dennis Cannon, Prentiss Lee Cantrell, William Cargile, Danny Joe W, Carlock, Melvin S Carlton, Joyce Mae Carmichael, Linda K. Carmichael, Mary Ann Carpenter, Harold W. Carpenter, Melissa Carr, Michael Carrington, Dale Carroll, Angela Coroll, T. Gerard 5" ' Carter, Gary Lee " s Carter, Minnie ' 3 E Carter, Paul Michael Carver, Jackie W. Corwile, Laura ' Case, Jenna L. Case, Tommy I P amela Q Mavis Mavis v Childress, Miriam Chimahusky, David Chism, Jan Stewart Chism, Pamela Ann Chism, Patrick A. Chresman, Benny J. Christman, Karen Lynn Christ, George M. Christ, Premela Tara Christian, Betty A. Ciafre, llsend Carmen, Clark, Donald Ray ' Clark, John Eddie Clark, Marilyn Joyce Clark, Mary.Al15ge Clark, Melanie JK' , n Clark, Rickie Clarke, John Clay, Marie Clay, Ricky Clayton, Clayton Mary Angel Massey Jake Hope Cole, Coleman, fCoIeman, Judith Coleman, Ken Coleman, Mary Louise Coleman, Melodie Coleman, Napolean P. Collier, Fred H. Collins, Amy Belinda Collins, Edgar Morris Collins, Jacqueline Y. Collins, Collins Covington, Susan Cowan, Michael Lee Cox, Lee Vie Cox, Matthew Thomas Cox, Rubye Golden Cox, Theresa Craft, Estella Craig, James Randall Crane, Sandra Gail Craven, Richard H. Crawford, Bradford Ma Crawford, Carter Crawford Crawford, Creamer Creekmoore Creighton, Cress Lenora Lenetter Elaine Dewey Donna Jerry A Davis, Linda Davis, Marcella Davis, Mark Alan Davis, Martha Dismuke Davis, Davis Davis, , Mark , Susan Lawanna Davis, Davis, Davis Davis Melanie Pattie Ann Robbie Lynn Tami Evelyn William Andy Dawkins, Petry Ann Dawson, Jonathan E. Day, Sandro Kay Dean, Billy Ray Dean, Regenia Dean, Virginia Deberry, Beverly Ann Defer, Linda M. Kent Delasha, James W. Jr. Delbridge, Dandy Faye Deloach, Deborah Deloach, Yvonne Delorme, Nellie Denley, Cheryl Denley, Michael Dennis, Pasty Dianne Denny, Donna Gayle Denson, Norris Ray Deshay, Derita D. Dettor, James Robert Dewees, William Diaz, Jose Dominic Dicken, Susan M. Dickerson, Jerry B., Jr. L. 4s'fDickerson, Sarah Dillard, Brenda K. Dillard, Pecolar Dillard, Linda Fay Dimock, Carolyn Ann Dimock, Dale Eugene Dimock, Lila Faulkner V Dixon, Cynitha Dixon, Dawnitta Dobbs, Kerry Lyroid Dockefy, Shirley Anne Dodd, Doug Alan Dodd, Pamela S. Dodson, Derek Ivan Dodson, Lee Odis Dogan, Alan Kerr Dollahite, Sherry Donaldson, Teresa Donaldson, Virginia Dooley, Connie Dority, Vickie Lee Dorris, Charles Dorris, Keith Edwards Douglas, Dianne Douglas, Judy Ann Douglas, Mary Evelyn Douglas, Myron Dover, Cathy W. Dover, Nita Gayle Dover, Theresa Ann Downs, Donald Gordon Dawsing, Ollie Drannon, Bryon Draper, Pierre. .. ,. , snmww r Clarence ...J-vi, 'sf -W? '47 J L ' Dunnl Dunn, Dunn, Dunn Karen ye Flinn, Flovggars Bowers, Flowers, Flowers Griffin J a Catherine Dean Diane Mark Edward Charles Ray Ellis, George Wesley Ellis, Leonard Frank Ellis, Julia Ellis, Melvin Ellis, Willie Kee Embrey, Donald Wayne Embrey, Thomas Embry, Ellen A. Enlow, Chris Steven ' Enlow, Diane E. Enlow, Erber, Suzan Ervin, Edna Earl Estes, Tammi Lynn Eubanks, Denise Eubanks, Terry Evansfllarry ,J Iy,n Floyd F n Fontain Ford Ford, Fordj Harold Ford, Fore Foreman Jay Foreman Forrest Forsyth, Pau Foshee, Lisa Foster, Brenda Rubye . Tammy Fowler, Judy Lynne Rhonda Gail Fowler,.Steven Van Fax, QuentinQDwQy,g,Qg L Fox, Sara A. f V. Foxx Nellie Jeanf Franklin Franklin, Franklin Frayser, Frayser, Frazier, Doris F rierson, James Edward Shelley M. Gllbreath Gerald Gill, Jo Langley Gill, Melinda Gill, Steve Wright Gillespie, Bevelin D. Gillespie, Gwendolyn Gillespie, Kathleen Gilliam, John Gillian, Barney Ray Glpson, Anita Joyce Gladney, Marry Glass, Glenda Glebus, Glenn, Lisa Glosson, Glosson Glover, Lynn Lee James Lee Goodin, Susie Ann Tab Goodman, Ross, Jr. Goodman, Lynn Goodman, Ross, Jr. Goodson, Charolette Goodwin, Timothy Gordon, Christopher Gordon, Del Marie Gordon, Earlie Wilson Wayne Jane Joann V Michael Steve Andrea Gayle Ella Louise Margaret G. David Ellen Everett, Fagan, Falkner, K'eQLB, arl Alan Frossard, Jeffrey - J David Derrick A f rost, ryer, ?l'Fudge K Fuller, Duller Gordon, James Elbert ,ik , Jeffery Lyle if Ruthie Yevette illiam Allen Go en, Jeffrey L. Grace, Gerald, David Grace, Virgil Eugene Grady, Ronald Dale , Todd Joey Jay Gray, MOTIG Joe Hardaway Hardaway, Patti Jean Harvey.L Hardison Lou Gray, Gray Gray, Green Lee Green Ferrell, Ferrell, Fersire, Harris, Dwayne Eddie Harris, Sherry V. Harrison, Earnie Harvey, Donna Kay Harwell, Calvin Hasket, Trisha Haskins, Dovid Hatch, Bonnie Lee Hatcher, Nancy Havens, Shelia G. Hawkins, Kimberly S. Hawkins, Reglna Hawkins, Robert Hayes, Cherie Coke Hayes, Cheryl Hayes, Debbie Lee Hayes, Harry W. A Haynes, Robert H. Hoynie, Jeffery Lynn Hoynie, Lisa Deonne Hays, Dennis Ray Heafner, Paula C. Heard, Cynthia Denise Heaton, Lynnie Heffner, Brenda Lewis Heimbach, Ronald Helm, Wanda Carr Helton, Danny Ray Hence, Barbara Henderson, Jazqueline Henderson, Pauline Henderson, Perry Lee Henderson, Sammuel Henderson, Verlin Jr. Hendrick, Gerald Hendricks, Betty D. Hendrix, DebroLynn Henry, Barbara Jean Henry, Billye J. Henson, Marvin Eugene Hentz, Glenn Edward Herd, Fate lll Herod, Abthony Herndon, Phyllis Herring, Glenn Edward Herrmann, Penny Kay Herron, Hazel Herron, ltaster Herron, Ruby Stine Hester, James Russell Hester, Larry Dean Hibler, Dorothy Hibler, Pennin Hibbler, David Hicks, Juan Everett Hicks, Paula Rena Hicks, Shirley Higganbothan, Pamela Higganbothan, Susan M. Higganbottom, Debbie Higgins, Patty Ruth Higgins, Rita Dianne Hill, Anita Hill, Beverly A. Hill, Hunter Byrd' Hill, Jackie Gail Hill, Jeannette Hill, Marilyn Dye g P Hill, William David A 'i Hillord, Anthony Hillord, David f Hillord, vivion Y, il,i Hindman, Jeff .g Hinds, Grady Lashay' Hoey, Willie E. Hogan, Kevin Holland, Albert Holland, Karen Holland, Wade Allen Holliday, Edna Holliday, Jerry Glenn Holliman, Robert Hollingsworth, Melissa Hollis, Gladys Holloway, Mary Ann Hallowell, Bobbi Hollowell, Doris Holman, Gloria Ann Holmes, Margaret Holmes, Tammy Jo Holt, Chaties Ray Holts, Eariine Hood, Brenda J. Hood, Debra Jane Hood, John Burke Hood, Richard Leon Hope, Sheridan Hopkins, Bruce My-ron .J Hopper, Walter V. J A Horne, Lisa Horne, Bentley Horne, Doris Horton, Perry Hoskins, Carla Hoskins, Denise House, Sally Houston, Arnold Houstin, Clifton G. Houston, David Houston, Karen Howard, Bernice Howard, Calvet Howard, Joyce B. Howard, Kenneth S. Howard, Linda Howard, Robin D. Howard, Vivian Kay Howe, Thomas Marion Howell, Annie Joyce Howell, Charles E. Howell, Jamie Whitten Howell, John Howell, Lawanda F. Howell, Rebecca Howell, Shirley Ann Howell, Trudy Howell, Wanda Weaver Howlett, Harold Hoyle, Anthony Hoyle, Deloris Hoyle, Alma Marie Hoyle, Laura Ann Hubbard, Carolyn Jean Huddleston, Jeffrey Hudson, Steve Lewis Huey, Jomes.rry HUffmQf1,:.f6f'i5f ' Huffman. Tina Marie Hughes,-Charles Hughes, Harold- Hughes, John Wesley ' Hurdle, Steve Hurdle, Toni Hutchins, Alice Hutchinson, James lelaionis, Wendy lngram, Angela lngram, John lngram, Magnolia lrby, David lrby, Lawanda Ann lrby, Margaree lsiah, Joyce Marie lsom, Mary E. lsom, Robert Earl Ivy, Darsie Ivy, Joseph Mario lvy, Kevin Todd lvy, Machella Elone Jackson Belinda S. Jackson Billy Joe Jackson Christine Jackson Curtis Jackson Dennis Ray Jackson Doris Day Jackson Gary Brown Jackson Gloria Dean Jackson Gregory Jackson, James M. Jackson, John Jackson Kelly Ann . Jackson Linda Joyce Jackson Luella Rena Jackson Mary Annj P Jackson, Mary C, Mary Jean Jackson, Patrice J Jackson, Pennye Jackson, Renatha Jofgkson, Robert Wayne Jakkson, Roderick 'Jackson Sandro R Jackson, Sharon Jackson, Sheila R, Jackson, Terry Lee Johnson Dorothy Ann Johnson Dorothy Ann Johnson, Garry Lynn Johnson Hugh Michael Johnson, Jeanette Johnson, Jesse Green Johnson, Joan E. Johnson, Joseph Johnson Karen Johnson Leroy, Jr. Johnson Linda Joyce Johnson Lorene Johnson Marianne Johnson Morilyn Johnson Reba Carol Johnson Rickie Allen Johnson Robert Johnson, Rosie Johnson, Sharon M. Johnson, Sherrion Ann Johnson, Ted Johnson, Tressie Jean Joiner, Alvin Joiner, Nettle L. Joiner, Ronny Senary Jolley, James Blake Jolly, Printess Jones, Albert Lee Jones, Alirisia A. Jones, Alvin Lee Jones, Annie Echols Jones, Beverly Janes, Bobby Earl Jones, Brenda Kay Jones, Bridgette Jones, Carolyn Jones, Cecil Tommy Jones, Cynthia Jones, Dwight Jones, Glenda Faye Jones, Gracie Mae Jones, Gregory Mathis Jones, ivory Burnett Jones, James, Jr. Jackson, Valerie B. Jackson, Velero Jackson, Willie B. James, Dana L. James, Harry Ronald James, Joseph Alfred James, Michael F4 Roland Allen James, Timothy Ray Jamison, Curtis Jarrell, Steven E. Jeans, Alonzo D4 Jones Jones Janes , James Nathan . Jeanette , John Michael Janes, Karen Dee Janes Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones. Jones. 4 , Linda Carol. , Lorenzo Lou Verne Loyd C. Malcolin L. , Michael Eugene Panela Pearl Jeons,..13etty Janice Jeffries, Gwen Fay Jeffries Jeffries. Jenkins, Jenkins, Nathaniel Rodney Detric Hazelteen Jenkins, Jamie Lynne Jenkins, Lisa Loraine Jenkins, Mary Louise Jenkins, Jenkins, Jenkins. Richard Clay Susan William Glen Jones, Regenia Jones, Ricky Lynn Jones, Rodney Jones, Romania Jones, Somjy Jones, Sammie Lee . Jones, Timothy Jones, Tony Gary Jones, Victor Jones, William Janes, William Joseph Hughes, Kevtnglarnes R Hughes, Kimberly - Hughes. Hulbert. Metbo Lynda J Donna Ann ' irlullette, Melvo Hunsucl-rer, Tammy Hunt, Frances Diana Hinds. Sharon 1 ' Hunt, Tracy Hines. Willie H""0"',?f9le f -' 'ii -QBUFTGFI Bob Hobagifrances ,, ,x,gA . A. George, Jr. A Hodgsstiiiiinstts, .,,l is i H0ffvGef1e .. il ifl?5fQst?f3.2?3iilm?'f TY"-'S - Hodo. . Pautntf . f . i g' . ' ns X ss . . s es, v -A -- xess.Eis.,w.:xset::..:-:-ary., ie ' wiser-.ease-,Q3f'..if'ssgf-..v A-s--.xl ' - 1..Qjx,s yvxssy-1 ' -,fiwfskgs j- , . Q . :is 3 'Jedi fzksi-.H - -. I Jennings, Lynancy Jennings, Roy Jennings, Thomas Jimlnez, Alvaro 1 l Jobe, Terry Lloyd ' Joe, Mei-Lynn Johnkin, Chorley -+ Johns, David D. Johns, Marcia D. Johnson, Alfredo Johnson, Audrey Johnson, Brian Keith Johnson, Donald Lee Jordon, Patsy R. Joubert, Zekil, Jr. Joyce, Robbie S. Justice, Thonda L. Kaiser, Jognes Kannada, Gloria Karr, Dennis Keel,-David Marlon - Keel, Shirley C. Keen, William K., Jr. Kelly, Dorothy Ann Kelly, John E., Jr. Kelly, Margie Ann Kelly, Tina Campbell Kelso, Carol Ladell Kelsoe, Timothy Ray Kemp, Charlie Kemp, Randy - Kemp, Rebecca Eileen Kemper, Harris, Jr. Kennedy, Evelyn Kennedy, Mary Ann Kerr, Donna Hurdle Kidd, Jeff L, Kidd, Philip Daryl Kidd, Steve Allen Kilgore, Christy Rene Kilgore, Michael Kinard, Bulah Kimmans, Clara Kimmons, Joseph, Jr. Kimmons, Roosevelt Kimmons, Sylinda Ann Kincaid, Shayran Y, King, Alvin Bernard King, Donna King, Edward Moody, lV King, Joel Dean King, Phyllis King, Susan L. Kingsley, Danny Kirkpatrick, Robert L. Kirkwood, Mammle Lee Kitchens, Ellen Kizer, Jerry Lee Kizziah, Thomas Klepzig, Jae Roy Knlchel, Jimmy G. Koelz, John Lloyd Koph, Tony Edward Lacefield, Deborah Lackey, Mark Ladd, John Ladd, Raymond E. Lafayette, Trunda Lake, Andrew Fidel Lamb, Pamela Lynn Lancaster, Jeff Legge, Jakeeta Leggltt, Kathy Daniel Lemons, Jon Nicholson Lemons, Sheila J. Lentzjorline W. , Lenilf Mark A. ' Lentz, Morgan Holden Lentz, Wade Mahoney Lester, Alberta ' Lester, Cynthia Lester, Eric Ewayne Lesure, Arlene Lesure, Aslee Lesure, Renee Lecita Lewis, Dwight Lewis, Eric Lewis, Robert E. Lewis, Robert Scott Lewis, Teresa Lewis, Vada R, Liebau, Ruth McLester Lincoln, Robin Lynn Lincoln, Rodney L. Lindbert, Jane Lindsey, Christopher Lindsey, Kevin Earl Lindsey, Wanda Lipe, Angela Lisenbee, Cynthia Llshmon, Jorene Litten, Earl Little, David Little, Pamela C. Littlefield, Sherry Livintston, Wm. Kidd Lizano, Rolando Locke, Charles Laftin, Dolly Logan, Betty Mae Logan, Bobby Logan, Cynthia Key Logan, Gertrude Logan, Linda Ja Logan, Mary S. Marion, Patricia Markwell, John Thomas Morkwell, Paul Marrouche, Samira Marrouche, Jalil Marrouche, Zahira J. Marshall, Judy Davis Marshall, Terry Wayne Martin Bobbie Martin, Danny Martin, Delais Mills Martin Katie Martin, Kimberly Martin Nathaniel Martin Peggy Jean Martin, Westbrook Martinez, Navedo Mask, Mark Embrey Mask, Peggy Fern Mask, Perry Michael Mason, Shaun Derrick Massey, Clinton, Jr. Massey, David Scott Massey, Priscilla K. Mathis, Jae W. Matthews, Cathy Lynn Matthews, Gloria Matthews, James Matthews, Margie T. Mattisan, Billie Jean Maupin, Chriseve Maxwell, Rena Denise May, Keren Lee Mayes, Jerry Lynn Mayhan, Chris Mayozo, Marie Jean Mayaza, Brett Clayton McAdory, Shirley Ann McAlexander, Marjorie McBride, Deborah B. McCachren, Floyd McCain, Cecelia Rasa McCain, Cornelia Ann McCain, Hayle Alton McKay, Mary Lee McKinney, Brian McKinney, Danny Ray McKinney, Larry D. McKinney, Sandra Gale McKinney, Sanyo McKnight, Vicki McLain, Cynthia McLain, Johnny F, McLemare, William McManus, Lloyd McMasters, Christopher McMillan, Bonnie McMillen, Mary Janie McMinn, Patti Anthony McMinn, Randy Lynn McMinn, Steve Eric McMullen, Angelia McNeal, Patrice McNeil, Edna Hubbard McNeil, Len Elizabeth McNeil, Lenoir McPeak, Elizabeth Fay McPhail, Linda Lois McPhail, Lisa McPherson, Enois McReynolds, Ginger G. Medlin, Harvey Ray Medlin, Tonia Denise Medlock, Charlie Meek, Charles ' Megown, Jannlfer Lynn Melton, Daphene Moore Meredith, Pattie Merrell, Joe Merritt, Teresa Wayne Metcalfe, Deborah Metts, Brent Karl Meurrier, Sandra Micken, Janice Carol Middleton, Mary Jane Milam, Valerie Miles, Brenda Lau Miles, Tommy Ray Lancaster, Michael Lance, James Burnett Lance, Tracey Collett Lane, Dennis Ray Laney, Carlo Jane Laney, Rick F, Lang, Barbara Jean Langston, Karen Joyce Lontrip, Delores Laster, Jeff Thomas Latham, Pamela Denise Laughlin, Jeffrey Laughlin, Jimmy Dean Laundre, Bertha Marie Lawrence, Terry Wayne Lawson, Eric Zerone Lawson, William Grant Leach, Carolyn Leachman, Carlton Leake, Alecia Faye Leavell, Mary Cook Ledbetter, Joseph A. Lee, Lee, Lee, Andrew George Carolyn Larry Donnell Lee, Linda Diane Lee Lynda Faye Lee Margaret Marie Lee Martha S. Lee Mary Ann Lee Michael Lee Michael Gaines Lee Richard Lee, Sophia Lee William Scott Leeper, Mary E. Legett, Carolyn Lollar, Debra Jean Lang, Clara June Lang, Clyde Long, Jeffery Lord, Lisa Lott, Juli Alitia Love, Joann Loveberry, Raymond Lovelady, Betsy C, Lowrey, William Lucas, Edward Luckett, Donna Lumpkin, Bryan David Luther, Carla Renee Luther, Laura Lambert Lynch, Kay Alyce Lyons, Willie Edward Mabry, Charles E. Mack, Charles Edward Mackenzie, Deborah Madison, Robert E. Madison, Vernessa Madkins, Modie C. Madlock, Jerome Magee, Johnny Lynn Maggard, Daniel M. Malone, Brenda Carol Malone, James Rushing Malone, Melvin Malone, Phyills Maman, Melvin Mancini, Diane Maness, Ja Nell Mangrum, Dorothy Ann Manning, Dianna B. Marchand, James Marian, Florida McClain, Rasie McGlatchey, Ollie Mae McClintan, Juanita McClurkin, Iola McColllns, Gloria McColllns, Macie Lee McCook, Nathaniel McCord, Cynthia Dobb McCorkle, Lorette McCormick, Alice T. McCoy, Shelia Ann McCrite, Curtis McCrite, Lori Ann McCullar, Ephren McCullough, James A. McCurdy, Vickie McDaniel, Donald Ray McDaniel, Gracie McDaniel, Herman McDonald, Annette McDonald, Erlando McDonald, Jacqueline McElhaney, Leanna McElreath, Lillian McFarland, Robert McGee, Annie Ruth McGee, Billy Joe McGehee, David Powell McGhee, Terry McGill, Robert Thomas McGlothian, Caroline McGowen, Laura Diane McGreger, Billy Lamar McGregor, Janet McGregor, Kenneth Mclntyre, James Mclntyre, Teresa Millbrook, James Millbrooks, Roy Miller, Alice Faye Miller, Carolyn Jean Miller, Danna Kay Miller, Dwayne Edward Miller, Elizabeth Ray Miller, Gary Miller, George Kevin Miller, Lavernia Miller, Lorean Miller, Martha Ann Miller, Valencia Y. Miller, Youlanda Milligan, Henry Yates Mills, Colleen Mills, Kenneth Ray Mills, Margaret E. Mills, William Mlltan, Dorothy Jean Miner, Cynthia Dianne Minor, Jettie Hester Minor, Febecca Elaine Minor, Samuel Dubois Minyard, Nathan Misita, Anthony Jay Mister, Jacqueline Mister, Michael Lynn Mlstillis, Stanley Mitchell, Dawn Renee Mitchell, Earnest Lee Mitchell, Eddie, Jr. Mitchell, Jeffrey Mitchell, John Samuel Mitchell, Sharon Jane Mitchell, Sherry Mixan, Patti Lynn Lynn o Lavaughn Alice Ida Mae Keith Wayne Wayne Morris, Martin Mo-ris, Cleotha , Mitchell Morris, David , Bozil E. Morris, Johnny Will Morris, , Paula Kay Morris, , Shelia Vera r, Willie Morris f , Clifford Morrow Wt i Moss Moss, Jo Annj Mass, Linda Faytrica Mothershead, Valera Mullins, Candice Lynn Mullins, Curtis Lee Mulvihill, Patrick Murphree, Alon Dovid 1Murphree, Carl E., lll Murphree, Curtis Murphree, Geneva Murphree, Gregory Murphree, Neito Kay Murphree, Shirley C. Murphy, Thomas Murray, Brenda Jean Murray, Laura Causey Muse, Larry Wade, Jr. Nail, Glenn Owen Nance, Justin Naramore Maramore, Nasce, Mowfkit gg gx nn is M. -- F i i ly. Orr, Teresa Kay Ortiz, Sharon Lee Oscai, Dan Ray Ott, Patsy Pinkstan Overall, Aliso i.Overall, Dottie Ann Owen, Harold Edward Owen, James Wade, ll Owens, Callie Owens, Carol Worley Owens, David Edwin Owens, Patricia Ann Poce, Charles David Pace, Daisy Nelson Page, April Alesia Palmertree, Natalie Papasan, Jeff H. Parker, Lexonne Parker, Lisa Paige Parker, Wilbur Parks, Wanda Porsons, Sherri Partain Partain Dorlo David Sandra Dean Pegrom, Frankie Pettit Pettit, Petty, Pew, Irby F. Karen Kathy Mary Malone Phillips, Tobie Phillips, Tracy Leon Pickett, Mildred Pierce, Lisa Jo Pinion, Wilson Wayne Piotrowski, John Pipkins, James P. Pirtle, Peggy Thomas Pitman, Mack Earl Pittman, Jill Helene Pittman, Juanita Pitts, Maribeth Plumos, Geraldine Plunk, Mornelle Marie Poog, Frances Pie, Charles Michael Polk, Gwendoiyn Joyce Polk, Jimmy Dale Pollard, Sharon Pope, Kimmie Ann x Pope, Nino , M Pape, Sherrye Hardin ' Poppenheimer, Elizabeth Pounders, Gary L Peggy Anne Sherri Lorry Lynn Tamar Alan Lee Thomas Prewitt, Locye Anne Price, Marsh Lynn Price, Toni Renee , Diana Lisa Mary Ann Carl Douglas , Timothy Scott , Doisy Mae , Gwendolyn Sandra Kay Connie Brion Antone Purdy, Angelo Carol Purdy, Ken Purvis, Mindy Quarles, Linda Faye Ragland, Michael Ragon, Bonita Rogon, Peggy Larose, Ragsdole, Mike . Raithel, Sherrie in , .t ., .3 LIS' Raley, Barry Dean Ramoge, William Ramseux, Mildred A. Ramsey, Marilyn Ramsey, Mary Ramsey, Willie Randall, Katie Lynn Randolph, Deron Blake Ranew, Betty E. Ransom, Larry Oneal Rasberry, Randall Ray, Donna Jean Ray, Johnny Allen Ray, Leagh Rebecca Roy, Phyllis Rayborn, Carolyn Anne Royborn, Thurman Lean Rayburn, Stu R. Read, John M. Redd, Cieo Redd, Ginger Gail Redman, Maureen Reed, Angela Denise Reed, Belinda Joyce tg., Reed, Reed Reed, Reed, Reed, Cynthia Kay Don R. Effie B. James Wilson, Jr. Kelvin Gene Reedy, Jimmy Fred Regan, Johnny R. Reeves, Craig Reeves, Ricky Reid, Cynthia Carole Regorner, Faye Booker Regel, Christy Lee Renfro, Carole Jean Renfra, Terry Lynn Replogle, Keith Allen Reynolds, Clinton, Jr. Reynolds, Robbie Rhea, Dorothy E. Rhines, Bonita Joyce Rice, Wiliie Rich, Marshall Richard, Charles Richard, Keith Richmond, Sabrina B. Ricks, Keith Wayne Riem, Susan Gail Rikard, Patrick Guy Rikard, Susan Lynn Riley, James Michael Riley, Lolette J Riley, Robert S. Riley, Thomos Farrell Roach, Crystal Ann Roane, Sherri Lyn Roberson, Carol Jean Roberson, Cynthia Ann Roberts, Anthony Roberts, Donell Lee Roberts, Gloria Jean Roberts, William Tyro Robertson, Gloria Ann Robertson, Pearl Robinson, Betty Robinson, Linda Robinson, Melvin Robinson, Vivian Ann Robison, Lori Ann Rodgers, Clara Rodgers, Freddy Lee Rodriques, Roland Rogers, Amanda Ruth Rogers, Charles Rogers, Timothy Rogers, Vivian L. Rone, Alan Douglas Rosenburg, April Rosenberg, Arthur 427 1 I r 5 F I 'ii w D V4 lx A9 'F - -us 1- Qwxf P 'Un ' 5' -c-cf' 4, 5 Ng- -L Q. fljri I V 5, .HQ mwiw, 6' '4 my :Sv .-,gf-N A 45,14 .' ,, A' QQ: M., i'!gg..j' ww. 'Si ' A Vg-:QD Y :pm V N, . ri Hf wi, S xf ? Q A . 1. V I Q in' if nh 5 5 Q K,ie3Hgp 1--.Nf ,gy ' at W if F . 'f 34,7 :J "...f ., h 5 N '- ,:':,'j,, l W ' QQ? ra.. L11 .K I 5,f3,"Qi3i..A Vx 3: 1 . :av . ,-.Q ' p, w . - A Q ' 2 va' , 'W 'X V U 'Q ' '15 V ' ' '93 J63Q6,31 ,. 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Larkett, Willie Lollar, Roger D. London, Tommie L. Luellan, Regina Matthew, Ricky McClellan, Letha Mae McFadden, Valrla McKay, Roy C. McNamee, Timothy Moore, Shlrlean Morgan, Q 51 3 . Morgqgki I .fll S Velva Nlchokgfwlrglnia Norton, Betty Nunnally, Paige, Patterson Penllton, Reaves Rhee, Rucker Scales, Lois Sellers, Charles Skelton, Charles Smith, Charles Stephens, Annie J. Sweeney, Ronnie Taylor, James Anthony Thompson, Lee Elvle Shelton, Beatrice Shelton, Winnie Jean tis Cooper TJTGSSO Am James Carlton Lean . Barnes, 'Alisa Dawn Barton, Qavld Mike Bora, A . Bean, Earlin R. . , Beard, Doyle, Jr. A Dalton M James Bay Von HlIIHouse Holland Jeff Sterlyn Huggins, Louis Hughes, Greory l-lughey Velero L. Jana Lea Susan Dawn Jenkins, Karen Deonic k, Lawrence Willl Johnson, Joan Elizable Johnston, Donald Dale Johnston, Sidney Earl Jones, Amy Lou Jones, Charlene T. Jones, Dana Suzanne Jones, Janette Anita Janes, Lavera Hodfes jfjones, Lavern gf W ES, Rift! 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Medlin, Mary Agnes Medlock, Linda Kay Merrell, Betty Suzann Sarah F. Anita Cherry Mobley CJBUY L Manta EveIYfW Tracy Joan Lynn Todd Burns Pace, Poppenimer, Potts, Billy W. Powell, Marilyn Powell, Pat Barbara Oneita ' Marsh Lain wi Rasberry ' A Ray, Janet Sue Reeves, Jeanne Carol Reeves, Ricky Duane Regan, Sheila Yount Renfro, Patricia Anne Rhodes, Carrol E. Rhodes, Myra Lanette 2 rr, Rhodes, Teresa Joanne it HQQQQQKN Rice, Valerie Richardson, Beverly R. F Richardson, Terri V. , Rider, Jim G. Rizzo, Phillips M. 2 Robinson, Linda Cantre - Robinson, Barry G. Rockhold, Debbie Davi ii Rodgers, Deborah Rodgers, Kelly Dean 1 J 1, Brenda Dale , Sharon Anne , Tommy D. Kim Jane Miceal D. Lillian Barbara Ann Russell Barbara Jane , Billy Wo Steven Carl n Frank Janet Elaine Tammy L, Louie Antony Vanderburg, Susan K. Vandusen, Randall Jam Vickers, Bernice O. Wade, Hubert Theodore Walker, Linda Wright f. ,5 Walters, Cynthia L. 23 Ward, Belva Barnes Waters, Sherry Earlyn Weathers, Robert J, I Weaver, Henry Hubert K WNSKEVEN Regina France 1 WebUgQRoberta Taylor Weddfel Denise Renee S Weinjggr, Rebecca Lynn Weldlft Betty Jean Rodgers' Ann f ,...s.f--.. a:::- -is eith Dewoyne SVA Roop, Woirerw. 4 . . J ,T i Westif. veflYAf10 Roundtree, Jeanette MI Weitpn, Joe Rowsey, Jacqueline D. Jr.. Randle, Jacqueline E. 5 - i Rush, April Hope W Qqblayne Sanders, David Alexan Qtephen onders, Dennis Earl Robert Carol A arol Dovid Kevin :ir ,,itfieId, s rx. Katy Lee Hltmore, Whittenbur ?BilIie F. Tony Paula Ronald s, Vance Annie Janet Theodore Bradley Micheal Lisa Marvin Wllbanks, Marjorie Rhonda Robby J. Vickie Ann Dwight Ellen Joyce Wiseman, Wolfe, Viriginia Woodbury, Dianne Worsham Barry W Wright, Karen Melisa Yarbrough, Stephaine Young, Lula Ann Cxfard Center Vlnsa Keith Michelle 50ndy M. Thomas Arnold, Mary Helen Wanda Brenda Glenda Davis Defer Linda Dowsing Ollie Drewrey Darlene Ford lvy, Qprsie Jenkins, Hazelteen ghnson, Dorthy Jones, Annie' Jordon, Patsy Kannada, Qprla Keel, Shirley? Lemons, Jqn McCord, Cynthia McCormick, 'ce McElreath, Le gh McMinn, Pattief Melton, Dapheriie Milton, Dorothyg Mooney, Lois K Morris, Barbara Murphree, Shirley? Norris, Dorothy Parker, Lexanne Pearson, Barbdifa Phillips, Denise Plurnos, Geraldine Pape, Sherry Rikardiigj Ban Sandlin? orothy C. Simms, Emma Sparks,gB,onnie Spencefi-Vanessa Stanton, Sandy Swanson, Vicki Barbara martha Anita Renee Verna Betty Linda , Anna Lou Z' I ,,.- Closing f 0 .44 ,Xc- Words connot express the woy I feel right now os I send the lost poges of the 1982 Rocketeer to the publisher. Over the post few months I hove reolly been on edge, wondering, "Will I get this picture? Will I meet my deodIines?" You nome it ond I worried obout it, I hove osked myself mony times, "Is it worth it?" Even with oll the problems, lost pictures, ond long hours, Icon honestly soy "Yes, it wos worth it." As you go further into your life, I hope thot you will think of your time ot NWJC. I know I will. This hos been o full yeor for me, one thot begon in July, 1981. I hove worked hord to bring to you, the students, o book of memories thot you con corry with you throughout your life ond look bock ond remember these yeors ot Northwest. For whot is life, but o collection of memories? As you look oheod to your future, my wish is thot you corry whot you hove Ieorned here with you ond creote for yourself on exciting life, full of even more memories. I wont to thonk o few people for their help in getting this book to you. I connot express the grotitude thot I feel to Mr. Chod Willioms ond Mr. Buddy Thompson for help with photogrophy ond to Mr. Nicky Droke of Toylor Publishing Compony for his ossistonce ond potience in plonning the yeorbook. But my deepest oppreciotion goes to Mrs. Dione Sonders. She helped me through the difficult moments ond helped greotly in keeping my sonity intoct. I olso wont to thonk the entire 1982 Rocketeer stoff for oll their work ond dedicotion. Once ogoin, enjoy the yeorbook becouse it wos puf together for you, the student body. mgbvwmimv I 1 - - 1'.1V- .,'. . .4.:.- 'Q'-i hgr.:-. 2- , II, .111 '-Jn-'r 57:52 ' ." 5II::,,-G J ,..ZfVg9,fkg J" T3-.ij gQJ1T,L-,Lf,.f QM :-- : ::'.fI-,1I fV.-,wg-'ft ,I,,---424 .1411 v. .,-V' ef-..,. 'ur' .-4---1 ", :I:.. '15 f7L4c,., '-..'V -3 .' 1:-Ii. ya-144, 'H-I. .:.-,rf .- -,gp Vg. L-.1 ' . . '2 -.fVi-.- f-'Vff:,,'.-z-fiw6545-.3I:1 -ggF,I,:-.1451'ZQQL'1.'V-.wx-Eff' ff-P: P-5z3':g'7:4':"L!' "'s"' .I . I -,,.,.II: . ' A . 3" I, . ' ,3. "' - - - - -A , .Ag IL- 1, , ,fir-.311 .Lg V..-1 V. 'V V JI f -. I. V -- A -. :fzfp If-1'f:., -, -4 - .A .V V ,gat I f- IVg?a7f' A, .I II. I . I. I Q -.. , .VI I .I:I.., :I Ibyxf' I,II,4. k " A ' . ffawn -1 if'-2 ' - ' ' . ' "-,fu ff,-12 I"2L. ,I , -I I .... . I ,I II I-I i,.I,.,,I,., x,5I.j.I I . I , 1. V, , .V -. ,. - . -gl V1..'..4 .-'Ig -'1 , li ' .5 - :Hg L,-:iff-5455-z -:-':'- .:.,,.: -' -5 '- ,- -1..4zVV:1w'-5-.W "' 14:-'T' .'- f ' . Igfx-: jV'5fq?'i..55A.IIg,V-, ...Ig .15 Vi-1 ,haiL,:gV1'-Z,-V 4"2g..:,,f.vib' ':.,f . 2' -' .f3"ke.' ' '--L3 f9f:v'l4.f -f "iw U' x .- ' 'rl 'hug-JT ' 3951 ' '-7' " :M ff' "E-Lf , f 4.-,Q .-B.-1 1. --7,1 ,. . , I ,,'.:4:,l mf, I- -,sf .1 NL- - IQ5 ' . ' Tri' a I 5. ... ' " I 01? Q .iii if :- I 4 :I .-F.-11. ' , .2 . - - .- -. . - - . .,.., ..A -f. . -- . ...ri HRW- 1' ' . .'.'-5. ., . '..:.. cf "-:- .u,4:.g'- .rv -. -f-gn gf"-.41-1--",:Lfq.V f -11.1+"'-" -"-'- ,-4.i- .. 4' ' . -:,.f':.:'1-' '..-A-' zz . r-ly,-Vw f -fi, ,-V5"'fr"'-- 1: .45 ' .:'f'--- 1 Lv.-v: .O s:':-. -ah? 1' 5' '- -'-1"-" M' MQ,-I A ..7-,1 I'-I--,.-.HI I I..g,Ig,jIgv:i:fv: ,Qgwfyr , -f 1,1fIII,.,,1.5I. 4.45116 MVf?.'A:31f5g-' i:LJ'fy1.wf1.' njv.-:f'5'g,.-if 7 ff --T' QV ' ff x '.:'1 f4'- , r 5- 'LA-..g '- 1 I 11.54 . H121-I1EI.I '. qF.,.C. q,,'1f:'l-,mn II '-5-Lygggri. .-JV , ,-fr 47 I aku ,f I - gg I

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Northwest Mississippi Community College - Rockateer Yearbook (Senatobia, MS) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


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