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V! ,.J1 5 iw 'Y . ?S.'i23'T ZZ! 'S 594 53 'E' ' el F.-U "Y- x 1.1 4, I . ,.l ' T 4' 'QP' ,n-1 1 1967 ROCKETEER Northwest Mississippi Junior College Senatobia, Mississippi I 39" M bv. :QT-R Af,-fi" A V .Q - h ,nm i if . EMN4! ' ,, ' -v. -, ' 1 " " 'Y V ff - .P 'V . - ' . ..f+f.d-.3'-'vfg- P - .N-s' kliffx' 4 + .1 413 1 ' . v " 'fN,"""'g.,,lF. -fl 3 ,, 4-' T, 4-.-xixcf .1 WE", XWQ-3.9 E1 Ha - I Q Y H QF ' . . . ,, viii ,. Y .-Q-QA,s,,:9'HQ:,, fr 'J sq"-Q, r W X Nw.. .' xt'x'3".'f'? QQ 4 1 , -nl U' u ., Q Q . ' 1. . I 9 1 ' 1 Q . 5 1 nv" A 0 i V h M 5 0 g - ng. - X I r A F v 1 -g I 3 -r Y ' I V X P Qfgvmsblf. 5, Q 3 'P Y Q Ab ,.,.g W 4 .Nbv 6 1 x 1 'tg U I , n ' '1 V 0 AA 1 . kv: L' X. K V , Y I , V D , ,L . i tv ' ' l Z., fi 2 I Aw' 'To if fl M29 4? Q , ,Q nom:-o,. .fly , 1 4""' l.. la ' F1 - 'YH' . .. "+s'5-ge . ' QQ. .- A' ,' , ' J 10 -, 5 Y , ' qu v J' In . v - Q -1 5' ' ' " 'Q' Wx , 'GQ' x S P..- . o ' 5 f J 3, ,s WY. v ' '..'x". . ',0t q,".'o V ' . "fu X ' ' ighfvsl, I 4 x ' J 'x . " I . ,N ' 5 . . . l I . . ,g., 'I '. nl. ' 1 . ' . I rs. 'is ..."- A ' -J' vi 1 VS nv". ', I ' l 'v . ' l I . IA ", Q fc: ' ' t ' - 'tw 1 , ' . - 'A' ' 1 Q, , :,n,,'6,o. . ' . . .5 1 , - . -1. 11-x - -. . ' , . ' fs: 'X' gfiw, ' . J- ' x ., 'r . 0 . N tx ,Q I Q, . U. ' I 'y ' I wx I N: X , -'Y 1,. . 1 O . 4553 . x .9 0 If typ .' vi ' ' flu' ' 9'3" . an r '9 " 's 'ff ' ' o Q . 'Q ' . ' , O . A.4 .J A a"""N ,. M ,-,QQ . 0 .ns-.8 . .pn-4' . x..,,,--"',i.,,- - L " - A--a-- u-- , - " ' - ' .ggi ,.,.g' 'Ilia , 1 , . 'leavin YHMIU-If-lin-I ---L-Q--lil! LkY1llIlI1l1-1-Q-Q11 IFJ-I Try to remember when life was so lender lhal no one wept except I - 1 IY I - H-'-IH' II I'------IH--I-I 01153511 g li lllillilillill' Illulll-I ffl Ml illxli-ifllilllli-lI0lQ 1 l1Q1-1l1Vl1l11li! .O 'l . l "M, 11 ii! -Qi-11'-L-I-' YI - -I 11111-lrlllil-liilihl Q 110'--III lillllili A X . lhe wlllow, fry To remember when life was so lender that dreams N i'C1'iiQ1 i i 'Z lilllli I I 1i Q1- qx ll-1 iL.'ll1llQ ll? N lil " lISl1l1C li - X , V - I iiZ 1 XX i13lQ11l1iQlii1i ' I lill!1llI1illKCQIi 1 IYS-- 0 I Q X were kept beside your pillow, try To remember when llfe was S0 ilnillin lfliiill --lil1li'il1l1l.?.l1Y'1IlS X 1"lT'1"'lT"l 1..ll-1l- Il-I 1'- X ' iI 1l I I I rr In 1 ri Z 11 . - 11: H1nl..l.A1.l iii 1 I 11 f--1' 11IIl I 1 l1ll111Hln.l1il1i-lull I-ll il a a a IlVl1Zl1lS1lZll1 ll-Will! tender that love was an ember about to billow, fry to remember and if you remember, then follow . . . ill ill iii! llI11H-l...l..lllllSl 1 1 iilmi- lil ! I 1 1 Sllli 1'i"-lljH1iI1Il-1-lliill, mn - I1 1 -lIQlY.'Z1..ll -v 4 ,,f'f' -A'- Table of Contents Academics - 20 Organizations - 90 Sports - 728 1 Features - 172 Special Awards - 190 Special Events - 204 Campus Lite - 228 - my eq-Q ' , V wx 'ff lf , 'zf-, .ff 'Z' 'fa 3152.5 ' - My ' 1 'zum -an -Q. . 1 ,.1,-We fu ,- ff -W -Qfmf 82' 4 . ibn? ,luw-'-, - , . fvxv- M 1'-X WA .M A - -- - xx. - - 1 . ,. , it X -V K ,Q . . . . ., fy ,M X . J , f ' .1 af V' ,a ,-41-5 5 , . 4. :fm :r- ' ,,,:4gcg,12. L. b V,-Asda. 0 . 2 M f 4 - '- '-...V "2-- JT? ,x i X :N -""'rfi"'-:H-fvk I M' -"fl--vf'T5 ff-ff --" f. ' .-. 53,14 -' .--"fri ' 'L' X xxx 5 , ybl, QQ. 4' -. QQ K L f V N nEli'. Q- M, "Y - " A "' fl -. Q-' , f A ,W . mn 1' , f ,... ,, -' '1'w'?f.-:Yf- 1 X---'f""'1'f1f4'9 Q fa. k V-' '-W ':,QJ'2"2x , M. ' ' 35" 2 1 . x ' P Q .Y MN' -eff 'EJ .rv ' " ' N V, , ' xiii' - ' 1 .A , fo-nw' 1 4. 15 P 5 w- ,... 'f y L E, 4. 4 A., 3 if --,..-P I ',3g.7,gp',:ggI-gk I . ' ,AM fy. K ' ... .V - 5 ., ':gxfl,f'eR.2'i'?11' fx, V,,,...f-'- 'A f " if ,,,...---3' 3 5 , V W., .,.1f,..'i. ',',5,1 - - V WQQMT.: Y' -M , -,fy 6' ,Sf -"J-gr3':f-L ig ,Au N J -1-5' , , N W. ' ,ga '- A . , , ,-.. D 5 , k -wvizii , Q - I ,1 .V -A .. . xx W ,, it 4 . t.. X ' l , Mx X ' -' 'v 2 . I -x . ' -as " V. V ,, ' , 4-1 . ll' he ' U - X . I 1. - . -2. W . 5 1? Y, 1 I " v' ,vu A 'nn X THN X wx 1 lfx 5' 1 r --MXUXQ3 .MA '?f3!'4vf. t, ' A - 1 - pf .: A k-z2:'1,?wff . J.. J A-0 , Qx 4 , x V," ,, , .q ,,...,-, 1M,,31,Ls..N.'L1 ,V . ' E ' ,,4vv-X i -A .35 R Q nj: l . . X 3 . , M .. i X A ,-Q r- -. " ' ' - Y-' "',.. Q NA -. Q' ' V .-Q 1 " 5, . "Y ,--""'-. " W 2 Q f .11 f . 5 Y S ,. ,. 4' 4'-X x - J , .0 .. ,Q 1 , 1 ' ' - "'...,. 'f - 1 5 'Q tl o . Ai ' I 1 I ' J 52.1.2 W 2 K '71 H. I , , ff' -f ' -,.,f"' ,. Z ,,,-- . f' , ,,. -1' 1? . ' ,., ggi ' 'H "' ' "JA 0' ,--'- J' 1- .---. L' - + ' X lv' f ,. ,.., ff- YIM ff. ":,,5v:!i'gl'Lf F . 'ff' , I ,y " i:f1,,'v3'I'f ' 2, - gg ' I V H 'gf X ' Fr 1 F .A -' Ein, Ai. r Q vb 9 'K 23. 1 I Prix.. of hospitality and fnendhness fwuchmewi ,ii ff ff' I . I ff' 1 X - X ff 'K - fx 'Mi I -J 'X i Nff3XM ix--Qf 7? , D i ff! fag f D Q .D f' xg 12 .. ,Q f A-Q 3,5 fQ, Qglifwmw ff Q! X ' ' f Mk 1, W' 1 wx F40 :I fb IIQL i N ff? Q mi' 5' fri vw f uc, Qz,ffmfQcf.491fx 25 C .nf 4 I f--- KT -X 5 fi f S... M, W bf, f 1,-,Y KN! 'I "Ar, If A J 1 4 X114 K I If-:Q 1, ge .w P I M RX X V! J S. fgf 'X remember U fha -'14 740ZmZze4 N w 5s A . 4 , ,I do-, O ,431 'wiv' Bragl hiv. RQ f"""""""",.....1m,...-...'.:i L and if you remember, follow fry fo remember gsww . 59 -'11 41 '6 F F' ffl Q '71 N 0 QQ 'V4 59 r08l,4 . M159 'I2 5 ullllliu Xffqg' , ,Cl-A? 4- Q T 5 ...V, f' fi., .,5W?:,:.r A ,s'-,- 5. -KM ,, . V 1, 5,e,M, ,,-wg'-, ZA U, mf., , M . ,, 11 f W1 1 .-1-vfwv, V -5f?'.f51-5'i'- 55:5 f2 5,-4'?5!fV 5 'Zff5',f' wt f 5H5'w. 515215 uf "i255"'5f?-f5'3"f','.if 'T ff? -54 -P55554 'rflfif " 'M' V, u.p,i?fp Q 5- ,. RQ. 3 -, - nn A ,, n ,151 5 Y ,, H ' A mi 5 'faq .,,g::,' , .f iv: 4. N wiki 44,0 555555555555 H HJWEMQHHH N 5523 architectural drawing for the proposed student union building Me Y 52 and if you remember, follow 13 fry to remember El Z UU like Spam! 1-T1 114 i.,E.3-4591, IEE-'L' ,... g:n-1:-i1 I4 that is Northwest and if you remember, E52 P 95, '37 r,,, ft '52 4.r . :v 0 , ,, A, srl 5 F f .QM 1 hm-W gf 1? , 1 Y f Q ,wif N 4 - r fe acfewhzp that makes Northwest what it is today f""""'g N 2.f,,,,s 7 k- and it you remember, follow . . . Deep rn December D iii" f ber, anhough A ' femem H? ll is nice lo we know the snow will follow . . . s . Wwe ,Mm W , f. " , U '3qq, I Deep in December our hearts will remember, and follow. fx P bi .X N T8 X -S XXX g , .xy X, , ,:- -.y a ,. V' L N ew . D - ,M if " .lt -1 gel' J'- i I r v , - ,- ' r. . ,.,,- 40 , R 1 . ., 'gf Aa., , I I N 1 " Q' l li Pg 2' 'SJ X 5 t X J AN it ,Q In , 3 A Z,-1 0 s 0 l ' Q: fr 45, , f- !i I, - . K z ll y y ,JL , , " f . f i -5" . A -- Q "N . '49-L f li W: 9 3 ' h .TS I '- 0- -'L-Q A fl ff I 'Lg if 5- fb L XJ ft' ..r-aft!-2 ...Q 1 .M,,.--"'-'-x. MRS. ELIZABE'I'H CRISLER CHASE To a teacher whose skill and intelligence are evident . . . to a woman of lhtegrity . . . to a leader of youth who has a sincere interest in her students . . . to one for whom the students of Northwest, as well as all who know her, have greart respect and admiration . . . we, the annual staff, dedicate the 1967 ROCKETEER. I9 1 -1 me 140 .F I 20 X 0 0 'F 8 4 Q 1' 6 .5 0 ,Q 1 an ti 1 'Q W an 4 we 5 Q " in " s ' s O cmd if you remember, follow Board of Supervisors BENTON COUNTY Wyatt Thomas G. M. Davis Bryant Hines J. K. McGaughy Earl Childers CALHOUN COUNTY Stanley Williams E. W. Overby John Warner Bill Blue Lon Pryor DESOT0 COUNTY W. M. Maxwell Harvey D. Hamilton L. A. Scott R. E. Darby H. S. Sheeler LAFAYETTE COUNTY Walker H. Houston Franklin Parks Thomas Ray Gunter Frank T. Ramage Jim Q. Tatum MARSHALL COUNTY J. C. Totten Edgar L. Bolden J. P. Woods O. Dell Wilson C. R. Pipkin PAN OLA COUNTY Frank Barnett Bill Knox M. N. Alderidge D. Vowen Wilson W. S. Jones QUITMAN COUNTY J. D. Pettit H. M. Chrestman Clint Mitchell W. B. Moore Fletcher S. Haynes TALLAHATCHIE COUNTY J. C. McCachren Julium M. Roberson Guy Wolfe A. A. Mabus Jim Pennington TATE COUNTY Delma Baker Leroy Crockett James Rhodes E. F. Hale, Jr. W. G. Todd, Jr. TUNICA COUNTY W. A. Leatherman T. O. Earnheart Paul Battle, Jr. Shelby C. Wilson W. D. Garrett, Jr. YALOBUSHA COUNTY Frank Pate E. Dole French T. S. Swearengen Vernon Craig Ben T. Simpson E - .T'-"ii i ' ..,, - - I Q '-'-'-' g 0 3 tm. - Mr. Don Bartlett of Como is president of the Board of Trustees for North- west, and Mr. C. B. Walker of Senatobia is secretary. The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Northwest. Members of the board are selected by the Board of Supervisors of their respective counties. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Don Bartlett L Como C. B. Walker Senatobia Homer B. Appleton -...L Holly Springs David H. Bennett - Lamar J. D. Bennett Ashland Max Billingsley Senatobia W. L. Brewer Charleston C. H. Caffey L Lambert Mrs. J. L. Campbell -L..-... Belen Walter S. Carter, Jr. .l-Q.. Hernando J. E. Cook Pittsboro L. V. Craig Marks L. Stacy Davidson tl.-.L Batesville Wilson Edmondson -.-ll. Crowder Richard B. Flowers -L--L Tunica Melvin Ford an Oakland Otho Givens, Sr. +i...i....h- Senatobia Mrs. T. P. Howard --i Lake Comorant Simpson Hurdle E--. -.- Moscow, Tennessee James D. Jones Oxford John Rich Marks J. T. Schultz Tunica W. J. ShaCkelf0rd .-Aiii-.i Cascilla V. H. Spier Arkabutla George Swindoll 1. 1 Calhoun City Mrs. W. S. Taylor Sledge H. M. Wallace Coldwater T. G. Wells . Oaklalnd Ben G. Wynne Coldwater Sam Yarborough Paris 24 Our President Mr. Reese D. McLendon came to North- west Mississippi Junior College in 1953. Since that time he has devoted his time and energy toward making Northwest one of the best iunior colleges in the state. From 1953 to the present, the enroll- ment of the college has increased to more than four times what it was before Mr. Mc- Lendon became the president of North- west. The physical aspects of the campus have also changed, as there have been many new buildings added in the last fourteen years. But the physical changes can not show the deeper influence that Mr. McLendon has had on Northwest. His spirit has permeated every activity and has raised the students' school spirit as he has raised the standards in education. ln fact, the whole image of Northwest has changed due to his influence. When he came to Northwest he brought with him his charming wife, who has done a great deal to make the North- west campus beautiful. She is truly an artist in flower arrangement, and this skill is shown by the lovely arrangements that she places in the buildings. She also super- vises the planting and care of the many flowers and shrubs on the campus. In general, the growth, progress, and spirit of Northwest are a living tribute to the tremendous ability of our President and his wife. JAMES McBRO0M Athletic Publicity Director BOYD WORLEY Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds '. if :,, 2 ":l.:, 5 i,: E , V-9 2522, ya K SUE BURKS EARL CARTER Assistant Registrar Director of Manpower Program B. A., University of Mississippig B. A., University of Missq Graduate Study University of M. A., University of Miss. Mississippi Security Officers R. A. BUSBY, R. R. ROBINSON, WESLEY WOOLFOLK, DAVID ROSS 31 Carolyn Ainsworth, Secretary to the President, Carolyn Meacham and Mary Mitchell, Bookkeepers. Winnie Sykes, Business Office Manager. Office Secretaries: Mary Claire Puryear, Doris Upton, Bobby Smart, and Margot Wingert. Office Secretaries: Gloria Powell, Bar- bara McMillen, Ann Robinson, and Betty McKibben. 1 if 2 MRS. LULA DANIELS MRS LUCILLE MRS. ANNIE MRS. SARAH WILSON Hostess-Gainey Hall PLUMLEE ADDISON HOSf6SS-Tate Hall Hostess-Bobo Hall Hostess-Yalobusha Hall JAMES PRICE Bible B.A., Millsaps College, B. D., Emory University BRUCE JOLLY Baptist Student Union Director B. A., Union Univ.g M.R.E. Baptist Theological Seminaryg Advanced Study, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary as 'vs JULIA WHEELER R. N. Myrtle Crumby, Betty Gilbert, and Earline Copeland Student Center Cafeteria 34 Fred Morgan, Manager of Cafeteria Iva C. Robinson, Assistant fi V'- 'i 1,--. 0 ' NAM, . JOSEPHINE GULLY BETTY McCOLLOUGH Librarian Assistant Librarian B. A., University of Mississippig B. A., Florida State University M. S., Louisiana State Universityg Graduate Study, Columbia University Students prepare papers in the research room of the library is 1 f f E wr R N 4 ' 35 l "Wig f , N -. I .T-T' A. M. BRISCOE EDDIE DESHAZO ERNEST L. SCRUGGS DOYLE A. REDDICK Department Chairman Livestock Tech. Horticulture Livestock Technology B. A. University of B.S.A., Arkansas B. S. Mississippi B. S. A., Arkansas Mississippi, B.S.M., State College, State University State College Miss. State Univ., Additional Study, Advanced Study, Miss. Arkansas State College State University Agriculture A course of study in general agriculture is offered to the student who de- sires to enter the four-year course of general agriculture with advanced stand'- ing. The Associate in Science degree is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the course. livestock technology is planned for young men, who after finishing high school, wish to train as managers of livestock farms, meat processing plants, and general farming. The Associate in Applied Science degree will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the course. JE GX-filvf sa. mm .9 SAM CHRIST EUGENIA DOWLING JAC T. YOUNG Speech Art and Speech Art B.M.E., University of Mississippi, B.F.A., Memphis Academy of Artsg B.F.A., Memphis Academy of Artsg Additional Study, University of Additional Study, Memphis State M.F.A., Tulane University Mississippi University Af . .,., 5, O .':- ',-' X F was Bill Adair and Sherman Cooper ar- range an exhibit of student art. 38 't"" JAMES KEYSER VIRGINIA AVERY REBECCA TRIPLETT GLEN TRIPLETT B.M., M.M., Louisiana B-M-, M-M-, UHiVC1'sitY B.M.E., University of Department Chairman State University Of S0UtheI'U Mississippi Southern Mississippig B.M.E., University of M. M., University of Southern Mississippig Mississippig Additional M.M., University of Study, University of Mississippig Additional Mississippi Study, University of Mississippi Arts The Associate in Arts degree is offered to the student maioring in painting or design and leads to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The design maior is planned for the student interested primarily in commercial art, the painting major for the student primarily interested in fine arts. In the music field three Associate in Arts degrees are offered. They include music, music education, and sacred music. Speech and theatre majors who com- plete the course of study in either of these areas are also entitled to the Associ- ate in Arts degree. 39 KATHLEEN WAIT JAMES B. PETREA LEONE DAVIS KING JACK BUTTS Business Education Business Business Education Business Education B.A.E., University of B. S., University of B.A.E., University of B.S. Delta State Collegeg Mississippig M.B.E., Mississippi, M.B.E., Mississippi, Additional M. B. E., Mississippi State University of Mississippi University of Mississippig Study, University of Universityg Advanced Advanced Study, Univer- Mississippi Study, University of sity of Mississippi and Mississippi University of Miami ...4 GEORGE COX DALTON WHITT MILDRED GOLDEN MERRITT SANDERS Business Business PRYOR Business B.B.A., University of B. S. Delta State Collegeg Business B.S., Arkansas State Mississippig Additional Additional Study, BB-A-, M9mPhiS State College, M-B-A.. Study, University of University of Mississippi Universityg M. B., Memphis State University Mississippi Memphis State University, Advanced Study University of Mississippi 40 ,. The Associate in Business degree is offered in many areas. The business education curriculum is designed for the student who wishes to continue in senior college and become a teacher of business subjects in high school or college. Many courses of study are offered that may either terminate at the end of the two years or be transferred to a senior college. Those courses of study include: general business, executive secretary, salesmanship, legal secretary, medical secretary, hotel-motel manage- ment and data processing technology. The inten- sive iunior executive training course of study en- titles the student to at Certificate in Junior Executive Training at the termination of nine- months study. The certificate in Secretarial Training is awarded to the student who satisfactorily completes the nine month intensive secretarial course. had a class in Berry Hall Business VASANT BHATNAGER JOAN REID H. DAVID BLACKWELL Economics Business Department Chairman B. A. Allabad University B.S.E. Delta State College, B. S. Delta State College, M. A. Kansas State M.B.E. University of M. B, A., Mississippi State Universityg Advanced Mississippi, Advanced University, Advanced Study, Kansas State Study, University of Study, University of University Mississippi Missouri AMYE S. FUGATE Business Education B. S. C. University of Mississippi, M.B.E., University of Mississippi HENRY B. KOON MARGUERITE HOWARD CARPENTER Basketball Coach, FOWLKES Department Chairman Education Education Social Studies B A Unlversity of Miss.g B.S., Mississippi Stateg B.S., Delta State College MA University of Miss.g M.S., Mississippi Stateg M.A., George Peabody Advanced Study, Advanced Study, College, Advanced Study Unlverslty of Mississippi University of Mississippi University of MISSISSIPPI WALTER LAVELLE CLYDE W. FUGATE UPTON Social Science Coach, Psychology B.S., Tenn. Polytechnic B.S., Millsaps Collegeg Instituteg M. Ed., Additional Study, University of Mississippig University of Mississippi Advanced Study, University of Mississippi An Associate in Education degree is offered at Northwest for the student working toward the Bachelor of Science degree in Education. Education courses include Orientation lrequired of all freshman studentsi, Introduction to Educa- tion, Human Growth and Development, General Psychology, and Educational Psychology. . The Social Science department includes history, political science, and so- ciology. History courses include Western Civilization, a survey course empha- sizing the history of man, and American History, a course intended to give the stud'ent a broad, general view of the development of the commonwealth from the colonial period to the present. Political science courses are Federal Govern- ment and State and Local Government. In Sociology, Fundamental Principles of Sociology and Problems in Sociology are offered. 42 Science 42, L iff if sex.. R, E, RUTHERFQRD EMMIE ELLEN DONALD RAY EURE LULA MAE FOWLER Education and History WADE HiSf0l'Y HiSf0l'Y BDA., Miss. College: Department Chairman B.S., M.A., Mississippi B.A., Grenada Collegeg M,A, University of History State University M.A., University of Mississippi: Advanced B.A., M.A., University Mississippig Advanced Study, University of of Mississippig Study, Columbia Mississippi Advanced Study, University and Tulane University University of Miss. Social Science Bugiding 43 EMILE RAMSEY ELIZABETH CRISLER PAULINE HOLLADAY C. C. HOLLOMON, JR. English CHASE English English A.B., Mississippi State Department Chairman B.A.E., University of B.A., Millsaps Collegeg College for Womeng English Mississippig M.A., Advanced Study, M.A., Mississippi State B.A., Newcomb Collegeg University of Mississippi University of Mississippi Universityg Advanced M.A., University of Miss. Study, University .of Mississippi English English composition is required of almost every academic student at North- west. The purpose of the course is to ensure mechanical correctness of language in ordinary speech and writing. The survey course offered to sophomores in English literature places emphasis on the maior works of representative men of each literary period. 44 Both French and Spanish were taught at Northwest this year. ln elemen- tary courses in both French and Spanish emphasis is on grammar, pronuncia- tion, and reading. ln the second year course in both languages emphasis is placed on grammar, review, translation, conversation, and reading. Emmy MAE BALLEW CAROLYN JoHNsoN FRANCES SMITH EMILY LAWRENCE Modern Languages English Enghsh , English B.S., University of B.A., Delta State Collegeg B-A-, Blue Mountain B-S-, MemPl1iS State New Hampshireg M.A., M.A., Mississippi State C01!eee:.M-A-, BaYl0f UniVeI'Sity: Additional University of Mississippi University UmVer?'fY5 Advanced Study, Memphis State Study, Wilham and Maryg University Mississippi College 45 Areas of study leading to Associate in Science degrees are science, pre- med, medical technology, and home economics. Pre-Pharmacy and pre-Nursing are also offered. ln mathematics either the mathematics and physics or the pre-engineering courses can be pursued. Many students in other major fields of study will be required to take some mathematics and science courses. Mathematics and Science NELL TIPTUN LANELLE RAWLINSON ZULA GLENN ANITA S. WILBORN Mathematics and Science Mathematics Department Chairman Mathematics and Physics A-B-, William CHYCY B.S., Troy State Collegeg Mathematics B.S., University of Colleges M-S-, UfliV91'SitY Additional Study, B.S., University of Southern Mississippig of Mississippi: Advanced University of Mississippi Southern Mississippig M. M.A., University of Study. University Of C010-. A., University of Miss. Mississippig Advanced ' Stud Texas A. 8: M. Abilene Christlan College, y, and Pepperdine College 46 H Li Na M9 K ARL I Be 1: tic if Cs. As Se 'ff' 0 Pb as Pri ROBERT LEE KING C. C. WILLIAMS BONNIE WASHINGTON JO CALDWELL ADAMS Department Chairman Science Biology ll10f Pictllredl B. A. University of B. S. Delta State College, B, S, University of Chemistry Mississippi, M.S. M. S. University of Mississippi, M, S, B. A. Mississippi State University of Mississippi Mississippig Advanced University of Mississippi College for Women, M. S. Study, Mississippi State University of Mississippi University The industrial education department is dedicated to training students in their chosen fields of interest. The department offers a number of terminal curricula as well as preparatory curricula for further study in the field of industrial educa- tion and industrial arts. The curricula in automotive technology, civil technology, drafting and design, electronics, mechanical technology, farm machinery, tool and die making, and refrigeration and air conditioning are designed as terminal in nature. Graduates of these curricula are prepared to accept positions in in- dustry. Mr. Thomas D. Coats is the Associate Dean in charge of technical edu- cation. lndustrial Education MAIJCOLM H, VENABLE CARL N. MAJORS FELIX E. ROBINSON GODFREY M. DELCUZE T001 and Die Tech, Refrigeration and Drafting and Design Farm Machinery BOS., Mississippi State Air Conditioning Technology Study, Study Mississippi State University: M, EW U. S. Navy Universi-ty of Mississippi University Miss. state University Instructors School l. 48 fi JOYCE B. STALLINGS 1,013 HQRTON Cosmetology Study Cosmetology Degree Mississippi Delta Junipr .CQ11ege: LaVera's, Little Rock, Ark.g Advanced Instructor's Certificate Mississippi State Hairstylingy University of Mississippi Board of Cosmetology Cosmetology A course in cosmetology is offered at Northwest to train students to become proficient in hair styles, manicures, facials, scalp treat- ments, and all other phases of beauty culture. This course is approved by the Cosmetology Board of the State of Mississippi. A student who completes the course is issued a certificate which entitles her to take the State Cosmetology Board examination for beautician's license for use in the State of Mississippi. 50 Physical Education Physical education courses are required of all freshman students at North- west. Courses for women are folk and modern dance, volleyball, fundamentals of movement, basketball, and softball. Courses for men include basketball, softball, football, volleyball, physical fitness, gymnastics, and tumbling. There are also some co-educational courses offered such as archery and badminton. A maior is offered in health, physical education, and recreation. It is designed for the physical education maior who plans to continue his college education be- yond the iunior college level. Satisfactory completion of this course entitles the student to the Associate in Education degree. CONSTANCE EARL BILLY JOE COX ROBERTA HALLIDAY Department Chairman Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education, Health Head Football Coach B.S.P.E., University of Mississippi B.S.P.E., University of Mississippi B.S.E., Arkansas State College: Additional Study, M. A., University of Mississippig M. A., Murray State College University of Mississippi Advanced Study, University of Mississippi WmY l 51 Sophomore 52 ' -1.-I William Acree Olive Branch, Miss. Keith Ales Batesville, Miss. Mike Allen Pittsboro, Miss. Upton Almond, .Ir. Sumner, Miss. Margaret Anderson Potts Camp, Miss. Karen Arnold Sardis, Miss. Donnal Ash Potts Camp, Miss. Kenneth Ash Potts Camp, Shirley Autry Ashland, Miss. Elizabeth Bailey Vardaman, Miss. Eugene Beard Ba-tesville, Miss. Karen Beavers Senatobia, Miss. Wade Beavers Senatobia, Miss. George Beck Memphis, Tennessee William Beckett Bruce, Miss. Salty Blair Memphis, Tennessee Jerry Blaylock Calhoun City, Miss. Kay Bolen Senatobia, Miss. John Bond Somerville, Tenn. Wanda Bouchillon Hernando, Miss. Larry Bowie Lambert, Miss Jerry Bowler Bruce, Miss. Warner Bradford Hickory Flat, Miss. Billy Branscomb Courtland, Miss. ..... 1967 Q-5, - i9 . 3 I l 1 i . Duane Brewer Olive Branch, Miss. Gloria Britt Sardis, Miss. Linda Brower Bruce, 1VIiss. Kaye Brown Olive Branch, Miss. Freddie Brown Ashland, Miss. Barbara Brurnmett Oxford, Miss. Sue Bryan Allen Park, Mich. Carol Bryant Senatobia, Miss. Adrain Bullard Bruce, Evonne Burdison Tunica, Miss. Rita Burford Independence, Miss Linda Burgess Sledge, Miss. Freddie Burton Ashland, Miss. Bonnie Byers Batesville, Miss. Scotty Calvert Crowder, Miss. Suzy Carey Memphis, Tenn. Jerry Carlisle Coldwater, Miss. Mary Ann Carpenter Senatobia, Miss. Sherian Carpenter Holly Springs, Miss. Larry Carr Water Valley, Miss, Joe Carter Tutwiler, lVIiss. David Casey Senatobia, Miss. Sa-ndra Champion Charleston, Miss. Sharon Christ Sardis, Miss. Gail Clanton Coldwater, Miss. Bobby Cloner Sledge, Miss. David C. Cole Pope, Miss. Marilyn Coleman Eupora, Miss. Laurence Collier Marked Tree, Ark. Thomas Collins Bruce, Miss. Kathy Cook Hemando, Miss. Sherman Cooper Como, Miss. Mary Ann Couch Hemando, Miss. Alan Covington Calhoun City, Miss. Charles Crouch Batesville, Miss. Dear Crowell Horn Lake, Wayne Currie Olive Branch, Miss Jackie Dalton Yocona, Miss. Ernestine Daniel Bruce, Miss. Danny Dancy Crowder, Miss. Jeanette Dancy Crowder, Miss. Don DeLeo Ashland, Miss. Charles Dennis Holly Springs, Miss. Edna Denton Calhoun City, Miss. Tommy Donaldson Batesville, Miss. Sue Dodd Eupora, Miss. James Robert Dickson Bruce, Miss. Bonnie Dickerson Hickory Flat, Miss. 1967 i 'L' 1--A -'X 'I ,, " IG our Y' Sophomores , . Q ,, mi , , i .5 I as 41 X , KG Barbara Duke Philip, Miss. Ruth Dunn Crowder, Miss. Don Easley Vardaman, Miss. Donna Eddie Hernando, Miss. Eddie Edge Ashland, Miss. Bobby Edmondson Crowder, Miss. David Ellington Webb, Miss. Bonnie Embrey Independence, Miss Tommy Faison Bruce, Miss. Larry Fields Webb, Miss. Charles Fly Oakland, Miss. Benny Flynn Hernando, Miss. Barbara Ford Oakland, Miss. Ronney Ford Ashland, Miss. Jerry Fowler Hickory Flat, Miss Frances Furman Sardis, Miss. Tommy Gadd Hickory Flat, Miss. Jerry Gant Sardis, Miss. Alexis Garrison Senatobia, Miss. Carolyn Gartrell Lake Cormorant, Miss Nickey Glaser Memphis, Tenn. Sonia Golden Bruce, Miss. Norma Goode Hickory Flat, Miss. Jimmy Goodwin Wa-ter Valley, Miss Mike Gresham Hickory Flat, Miss. Hilly Griffin Coffeeville, Miss. Walter Griffin Charleston, Miss. Charles Griffith Charleston, Brenda Gunter Hickory Flat, Miss. Sue Gurley Potts Camp, Miss. Billy Haire Batesville, Miss. Danny Hale Automotive Technology Lynn Hamblin Pittsboro, Miss. David Hall Pope, Miss. Nancy Hardin Hernando, Miss. Don Harding Water Valley, Miss. Doc Harris Hernando, Miss. Robert Harris Walls, Miss. Linda Hatcher Lake Cormorant, Miss. George Hathaway Batesville, Miss. Calvin Hefley Sardis, Miss. Wilbur Hefley Sardis, Miss. Brenda Helms Calhoun City, Miss. Guy Hendrix Calhoun City, Miss. Hershel Hendrix Crenshaw, Miss. Kay Hentz Batesville, Miss. Sylvia Hickey Charleston, Miss. Terry Hill Pope, Miss. 1967 Kay Hobbs Hernando, Miss. Lynn Hodges Calhoun City, Miss. Tommy Holden Senatobia, Miss. Gary Holliday Tunica, Miss. Linda Hopper Southaven, Miss. Mary Ann Hopper Hernando, Miss. Dale Horne Lambert, Miss. Johnny Hughes Bruce, Miss. Sherri Hughey Olive Branch, lVIiss. Dianne Inman Bruce, Miss. LaVelle James Oxford, Miss. Imogene Jarrett Oxford, Miss. Brenda Johnson Hernando, Miss. Harvey Johnson Sardis, Miss. Ray Johnson Holly Springs, Miss. David Jones Oxford, Miss. Kay Jones Oxford, Miss. Lynn Jones Byhalia, Miss. Phillis Jones Memphis, Tennessee Jimmy Keathley Hernando, Miss. Calvin Keeton Lambert, Miss. Billy Kelsey Collierville, Tenn. Danny Kennedy Hickory Flat, Miss. Charles King Hickory Flat, Miss. Jimmy W. King Lambert, Miss. Ronald Kingsley Sardis, Miss. Ernestine Kilpatrick Walls, Miss. Preston Kopf, Jr. Senatobia, Miss. Betty Jo Lance Phillip, Miss. Sonny Langston Bruce, Miss. David Lantrip Sardis, Miss. Allen Latimer Horn Lake, Miss. Bonnie Lewers Senatobia, Miss. Dennis Lightsey Batesville, Miss. Patsy Little Southaven, Miss. Frances Livingston Pope, Miss. David Loftin Olive Branch, Miss. Walter Lyons Nesbit, Miss. Gary McBride Ashland, Miss. James McCachren Enid, Miss. Talmadge "Jack" MCCOmm0n Hickory Ridge, Ark. Otis McCord Oxford, Miss. R. Thomas Mc!Knight Marks, Miss. Carnes McCormick Coffeeville, Miss. Charles McGehee Batesville, Miss. Stella McGee Charleston, Miss. Lynn McKee Batesville, Miss. Larry McKibben Bruce, Miss. 1967 I wry f Sophfomores Houston Magee Batesville, Miss. Bobby Martin Coffeeville, Miss. Linda Ruth Massey Olive Branch, Miss. Tommy Massey Crowder, Miss. Ellis Masterson Batesville, Miss. Tom Mather Sardis, Miss. Roy Matthews Sledge, Miss. Genelle Mattox Sardis, Miss. Robert Maughan Senatobia, Miss. Ken Maynor Water Valley, Joyce McMinn Ba-tesville, Miss. Joyce Merriman Batesville, Miss. William Miller Charleston, Miss. A. M. Moore Marks, Miss. Jim Moore Nesbit, Miss. Bobby M. Moorhead Marks, Miss. Sandra Morgan Independence, Miss. Phil Mote Senatobia, Miss. Walter Myers Olive Branch, Miss. David Neal Bruce, Miss. Jean Needham Ashland, Miss. Patricia Ann Nelson Southaven, Miss. Martha Newsom Coldwater, Miss. Earl Nichols Water Valley, lVIiss. Frankie Nicholson Southaven, Miss. Linda Ogle Senatobia, Miss. Sonny Orrell Charleston, Miss. Calvin Ozier Somerville, Tenn. Tommy Parker Sledge, Miss. Wilma Parker Oxford, Miss. Suzanne Pasley Sardis, Miss. Jane Patterson Southaven, Miss. Linda Perkins Olive Branch, Miss Judy Perkins Marks, Miss. Larry Perry Lambert, Miss. Teresa Phelps Batesville, Miss. Glen Pinion Lambert, Miss. Bill Pipkin Kilmichall, Miss. Donna Pitcock Pope, Miss. Rudy Pollan Senatobia, Miss. Gerald Pope Senatobia, Miss. Donald Pryor Senatobia, Miss. Sherry Quenichet Coldwater, Miss. Bill Ray Water Valley, Miss Larry Rayburn Como, Miss. Jim Read Memphis, Tenn. Judy Reed Holly Springs, Miss. John Repulto Tunica, Miss. 1967 I, . 'N . , gill!! X 41' Sophomores 'WNW Faye Rhodes Coldwater, Miss. Delmar Richardson Nesbit, Miss. Mike Roark Leland, Miss. Pat Rogers Ashland, Miss. Ann Rowland Hickory Flat, Miss. Henry Rowland Hickory Flat, Miss Jane Rowland Corinth, Miss. Billy Russell Sardis, Miss. Gary Russell Sardis, Mi-ss. Rebecca Russell Crowder, Miss. Dale Russworm Senatobia, Miss. Leo Ruthledge Crenshaw, Miss. Doc Sanders Marks, Miss. Max Sanders Sardis, Miss. John R. Sanderson Charleston, Miss. Linda Schiele Lambert, Miss. Sandra Schneider Tupelo, Miss. James Scott Arkafbutla, Miss. Dianne Shaw Hernando, Miss. Mary Shoemake Water Valley, Miss. Carolyn Simpson Ashland, Miss. Kerry Simpson Ashland, Miss. Clarence Shepherd Lake Cormorant, M Roger Shields Water Valley, Miss Gary Smith Luxora, Ark. Harold Smith Hernando, Miss. Jimmy Smith Sardis, Miss. Richard Smith Senatobia, Miss. Ronnie Smith Senatobia, Miss. Ronnie Smith Oakland, Miss, Rormie Sowell Senatobia, Miss. David Spencer Senatobia, Miss. Robert Sproles Minter City, Miss. Gloria Starnes Oxford, Miss. Fred Steward Independence, Miss John Still Sardis, Miss. Mitch S-tone Potts Camp, Miss. Larar Stout New Albany, Miss. Dan Stroud Webb, Miss. Nancy Stroud Tunica, Miss. S. C. Sullivant Batesville, Miss. Glynn Taylor Water Valley, Miss. Julius Taylor Charleston, Miss. Marlin Taylor Denmark, Miss. Brenda Teasler Senatobia, Miss. Robert C. Terry Calhoun City, Miss Kenny Thomas Ashland, Miss. Tony Thompson Bruce, Miss. Sophomores Jerry Tindall Coffeeville, Miss. Larry Tidwell Batesville, Miss. Alice Tomlin Tunica, Miss. Ann Turner C-offeeville, Miss. Callie Turner Coldwater, Miss. Max Turner Batesville, Miss. Carol Umberger Olive Branch, Miss Betty Van Winkle Water Valley, Miss Donna Varner Oxford, Miss. Mac Veneable Charleston, Miss. Eddie J. Waldrup Batesville, Miss. Dotsy Waller Crowder, Miss. Gene Walker Water Valley, Miss. Jean Wallis Front Royal, Va. Shorty Watkins Millington, Tenn. Bill Webb Marks, Miss. Juanita Wells Oakland, Miss. Chester Whalen Senatobia, Miss. Paulette Whaley Potts Camp, Miss. Tim Whitey Jackson, Miss. Charles Wilkinson Jacksonville, Fla. Dotty Wilkerson Batesville, Miss. David Williams Stray Horn, Miss. Jo Ann Williams Senatobia, Miss. Lonnie Williams Memphis, Tenn. Bubba Wimberly Lambert, Miss. Hunter Wood Sardis, Miss. Larry Woods Water Valley, Miss. Judy Woolfolk Senatobia, Miss. Charles Young Tunica, Miss. Darlene Young Victoria, Miss. Gerald Young Byhalia, Miss. James Young Batesville, Miss. Laurence Young Hernando, Miss. Lana Yount Crenshaw, Miss. Who put starch in my football pants? Jane Abemethy Water Valley, Miss. John Acree Olive Branch, Miss. Jerry Adams Coffeeville, Miss. Phil Adams Bruce, Miss. Joyce Ales Batesville, Miss. Mary Algee Senatobia, Miss. James Alger Oxford, Miss. Jimmy Alfred Bruce, Miss. Cornelius Allen, Jr. Como, Miss. David Allen Calhoun City, Miss. Nancy Allen Charleston, Miss. Terry Allen Sardis, Miss, Carl E. Anderson Senatobia, Miss. William Anderson Olive Branch, Miss. Phylis Arnold Sardis, Miss. Mildred Ash Holly Springs, Miss Jerry Autrey Batesville, Miss. Carolyn Avery Independence, Miss. Susan Avery Eupora, Miss. Larry Bailey Senatobia, Miss. Susan Bailey Charleston, Miss. Jimmy Baker Batesville, Miss. Mary Louis Baker Hemando, Miss. Randall Baldwin Hickory Flat, Miss. 1967 0 Qs Freshmen I Danny Barfield Coldwater, Miss. Lamar Barber Olive Branch, Miss. Carolyn Barkley Independence, Miss. Billy Barner Sardis, Miss. Billie Barnett Senatobia, Miss. Frances Barnett Senatobia, Miss. Dianne Barton Calhoun City, Miss Roger Bell Sledge, Miss. Patricia Belote Sardis, Miss Bill Bennett Holly Springs, Miss. Rhonda Bennett Hickory Flat, Miss Freddie Berrey Memphis, Tenn. Jack Bicket Indianola, Miss. Doc Billingsley Senatobia, Miss. Jerry Bishop Oxford, Miss. Kaye Blaylock Calhoun City, Miss. Becky Blocker Olive Branch, Miss. Wayne Bloodworth Charleston, Miss. Mary Bolen Crowder, Miss. Mildred Bonds Oxford, Miss. Melvin Booker Oxford, Miss. Barbara Borgognoni Clarksdale, Miss. Earl Boswell Memphis, Tenn. Belvia Bourland Coldwater, Miss. Jimmy Brady Olive Branch, Miss. David Bramett Bruce, Miss. B. G. Brasell Grenada, Miss. Gordon Brasher Bruce, Miss. Hilda Brasher Bruce, Miss. John Brasher Bruce, Miss. Mike Breedlove Moscow, Tenn. Bobby Brewer Batesville, Miss. Judy Brooks Byhalia, Miss. Carolyn Broome Starkville, Miss. Frank Bronson Memphis, Tenn. Gene Brougher Tutwiler, Miss. Jackie Brown Oxford, Miss. Lynda Brown Charleston, Miss. William Brown Sardis, Miss. Jane Broviming Batesville, Miss. Johnny Brummett Bruce, Miss. Peggy Bryan Allen Park, Mich. Katie Bryant Lula, Miss. Claude Buchanan Batesville, Miss. Joe Buda Calhoun City, Miss. Jimmy Burgess Leland, Miss. 'I'homas Burnett Olive Branch, Miss. Steve Cahill Oxford, Miss. 1967 Q' 2' Q5 Freshmen 'WW W dt. 1-my 'U'-uw.. Hugh Cannon Calhoun City, Miss. Leroy Carlisle Sledge, Miss. David Carpenter Potts Camp, Miss. Linda Carpenter Eupora, Miss. Clara Carter Senatobia, Miss. .Jimmy Carter Horn Lake, Miss. Larry Chambers Water Valley, Miss. .Iohn Chapman Horn Lake, Miss. Jan Childress Water Valley, Miss. Tully Childs Calhoun City, Miss. Robert Clark Houston, Miss. Joe Clayton Potts Camp, Miss. Mike Clements Oxford, Miss. Billy Coaten Grenada, Miss. Carolyn Coche Senatobia, Miss. Nancy Coche Memphis, Tenn. Johnny Coker Bruce, Miss. Wesson Coker Charleston, Miss. Butch Cole Southaven, Miss. Becky Coleman Coldwater, Miss. Bettye Collums Bruce, Miss. Amos Conard Senatobia, Miss. Sarah Conrad Holly Springs, Miss Don Correro Clarksdale, Miss. Franklin Cosby Pope, Miss. David G. Cost Bruce, Miss. Patricia Cothem Red Banks, Miss. Rita Courson Hickory Flat, Miss. Rodney Covington Bruce, Miss. Jack Craig Tillatoba, Miss. Charles Crain Byhalia, Miss. Bill Crawford Coldwater, Miss. Doris Crump Byhalia, Miss. Mitch Curl Holly Springs, Miss. Kay Curtis Ashland, Miss. Kathy Darby Batesville, Miss. Ralph Darnell Independence, Miss. Danny Davis Coldwater, Miss. Roger Davis Tunica, Miss. Katherine Dean Memphis, Tenn. Larry Dean Sumner, Miss. Mary Ruth Dean Senatobia, Miss. William Davis Olive Branch, Miss Ricky Denley Coffeeville, Miss. Darrell DePriest Abbeville, Miss. Danny Dever Horn Lake, Miss. Glenda Dickerson Senatobia, Thelma Dowis Pope, Miss. 1967 Q-.- thy vw James E. Dobbs Holly Springs, Miss. Harold Dodson Tunica, Miss. Melvin Dodson Lula, Miss. Eva Dorris Clarksdale, Miss. James Downs Ashland, Miss. Candace Drake Batesville, Miss. Dickie Durrett Sardis, Miss. Calvin Dye Vardaman, Miss. Wright Edrington Senatobia, Miss. David Edwards Water Valley, Miss. Ruby Edwards Tunica, Miss. Cheryle Elder Olive Branch, Miss. Wanda Ellis Lambert, Miss. Ronnie Elmore Batesville, Miss. Robert England Calhoun City, Miss. Scot Etheridge Holly Springs, Miss. Bonnie Everett Batesville, Miss. Tommy Farrie Horn Lake, Miss. Donna Fauldenberry Ashland, Miss. Harry Fergerson Tunica, Miss. Johnny Ferguson Independence, Miss. Vernon Ferrell Batesville, Miss. Linda Fewell Tunica, Miss. Terry File Pope, Miss. .James Finnie Batesville, Miss. Jimbo Fite Sardis, Miss. James Fitts Como, Miss. Don Fiveash Olive Branch, Miss Brenda Flemons Vance, Miss. Glenda Flower Coldwater, Miss. Charles Flynn Horn Lake, Miss. James Fly Coffeeville, Miss. Linda Fortune Collierville, Tenn. Paul Franklin Batesville, Miss. Nancy Franks Coldwater, Miss. Everett Frazier Tunica, Miss. Dorthie Freeman Coldwater, Miss. Donna Frye Columbus, Miss. Billy Fuller Memphis, Tenn. Kay Gabbert Senatobia, Miss. Sherry Gamble Senatobia, Miss. Larry Garret Bruce, Miss. Kerron Gaston Phil1iPP, Miss. Eddie Gentry Como, Miss. Larry Gideon Horn Lake, Miss. Becki Gilbert Senatobia, Miss. Kay Gimer Sardis, Miss. Barbara Glaze Shelby, Miss. Freshmen Q Judy Goforth Batesville, Miss. Margee Gordon Charleston, Miss. Allen Gray Hickory Flat, Miss. Billie Gray Bruce, Miss. Bobby Gray Memphis, Tenn. Carolyn Gray Coffeeville, Miss. Cynthia Gray Batesville, Miss. Willie Gray Batesville, Miss. David Green Bruce, Miss. James Greer Tunica, Miss. Lola Gregory Bruce, Miss. Jimmy Gresham Hickory Flat, Miss. Sue Grimes Sardis, Miss. David Guest Sumner, Miss. Steve Gulledge Bruce, Miss. Ken Gunion Oxford, Miss. Johnny Haire Batesville, Miss. Brenda Hales Marks, Miss. Nancy Hall Clarksdale, Miss. Marilyn Hamilton Memphis, Tenn. Sally Handwerker Pleasant Grove, Mi Melba Hardin Big Creek, Miss. William Harmon Paris, Miss. William L. Harmon Byhalia, Miss. SS I. W. Harper Batesville, Miss. Lexie Harper Eupora, Miss. Louis Harris Batesville, Miss. Bob Harrison Ashland, Miss. Tommy Harrison Calhoun City, Miss. Georgia Hartzell Batesville, Miss. Brenda Havens Charleston, Miss. Danny Joe Hawkins Bruce, Miss. Doniel Floyd Hawkin Calhoun City, Miss. Mike Hearn Hickory Flat, Miss. Rebecca Hellum Bruce, Miss. Eddie Helms Calhoun City, Miss. Harold Henderson Water Valley, Miss. Thomas Hendrix Batesville, Miss. Hal Herran Eureka Springs, Miss. Turlene Higgenbottom Coldwater, Miss. Airlene Hiiggenbottom Coldwater, Miss. James Hill Water Valley, Miss. Edward Hogan Holly Springs, Miss. Richard Holden Batesville, Miss. Valley Holder Senatobia, Miss. Dianne Holliman Crenshaw, Miss. David Holloway Calhoun City, Miss. Bobby Hood Calhoun City, Miss. 1967 1' E' W 7 'Y' -is Mary Ann Horton Oakland, Miss. Ellen House Marks, Miss. Wayne House Marks, Miss. Cherry Houston Strayhorn, Miss. Bobby Howard Potts Camp, Miss. Bobby Howell Bruce, Miss. Clyde Howell Hickory Flat, Miss. Dot Huddleston Tutwiler, Miss. Suzy Huffstatler Independence, Miss. Ralph Hughes Coffeeville, Miss. Don Hunsucker Lamar, Miss. Sue Hurt Coldwater, Miss. Rodmond Ivory Oxford, Miss. Elizabeth Ivy Senatobia, Miss. Ann Jackson Batesville, Miss. Gertrude Jasper West Point, Miss. Calvin Jeffords Webb, Miss. James Jenkins Memphis, Tenn. Johnny Jennings Tutwiler, Miss. Paul Jennings Water Valley, Miss. Linda Johnson Senatobia, Miss. Lloyd Johnson Osford, Miss. Mary Johnson Olive Branch, Miss. Charles Jones Hickory Withe, Miss Clay Jones Memphis, Tenn. Dewey Jones Horn Lake, Miss. James Jones Coffeeville, Miss. Pamela Jones Senatobia, Miss. Donald Jordan Ashland, Miss. Bobby Joslin Batesville, Miss. James Kaaras Olive Branch, Miss Thomas Kerr Tillatobia, Miss. Donald King Grenada, Miss. John King Memphis, Tenn. Allen Kirk Hemando, Miss. Kenneth Kopf Coldwater, Miss. Earlean Lambert Como, Miss. Elaine Lambert Hernando, Miss. Larry Lambert Horn Lake, Miss. David Lavender Charleston, Miss. Shirley Laye Webb, Miss. Donald Lea Carthage, Ark. Daniel Lee Calhoun City, Miss. Pat Ledbetter Batesville, Miss. Winton Lesure Coldwater, Miss. Harvey Lewis Potts Camp, Miss. Judy Lewis Glendora, Miss. Kennon Lewis Charleston, Miss. Freshmen 'QF' Jerry Lightsey Batesville, Miss. Steve Lindley Charleston, Miss. Jerry Listenbee Bruce, Miss. Joy Loftin Olive Branch, Miss. Larry Loftis Darling, Miss. Clovis Logan Bruce, Miss. Louise Logan Potts Camp, Miss. Patricia Long Batesville, Miss. Willie Love Senatobia, Miss. Faye Lovett Jackson, Miss. Carol Lowe Senatobia, Miss. Nils Lundgren Sardis, Miss. Charles McAtee Webb, Miss. Jeannie McAtee Webb, Miss. Mary Lou McCackren Batesville, Miss. Charlotte McCauley Hickory Flat, Miss. Charles McCord Bruce, Miss. Greg McCormick Coffeeville, Miss. Samy McCracken Coffeeville, Miss. Lynn McCuiston Booneville, Miss. Bobby McCullar Batesville, Miss. Bette McDaniel Taylor, Miss. Ben McEwen Memphis, Tenn. Benford McGarrity Charleston, Miss. Taylor McGlawn Oxford, Miss. Jerry McGlown Oxford, Miss. Jane McGregor Vardaman, Miss. Gail McMullen Hickory Flat, Miss. Carol McNeal Lambert, Miss. Joe McNunley Ashland, Miss. Mary McPherson Senatobia, Miss. Bob Maberly Hemando, Miss. Charles Mabry Calhoun City, Miss. Sherry Mabry Calhoun City, Miss. Larry Magee Pope, Miss. Dwight Maneu Memphis, Tenn. Charlotte Mann Calhoun City, Miss. Kenny Martin Victoria, Miss. Charles Massey Batesville, Miss. Perry Wayne Masse Bruce, Miss. Robert Massey Bruce, Miss. Tommy May Independence, Miss. Carey Mayer Potts Camp, Miss. Sandra Mehan Pope, Miss. Daniel Michel Oxford, Miss. Ben Miller Ashland, Miss. Kay Miller Hernando, Miss. Donald Mitchell Byhalia, Miss. Y 1967 T' Freshmen rr Y' Randy Mitchell Crowder, Miss. David Mooney Water Valley, Miss Becky Moore Sardis, Miss. Belinda Moore Senatobia, Miss. Hal Moore Hawthorne, Calif. Roselyn Moore Tunica, Miss. Brenda Morris Bruce, Miss. James Morris Batesville, Miss. Shirley Morrow Batesville, Miss. Dwight Mosby Oxford, Miss. Robert Mothershed Senatobia, Miss. Brenda Murplu'ee Bruce, Miss. Cynthia Myers Batesville, Miss. Joe Neal Germantown, Term. Deborah Nelson Batesville, Miss. Douglas B. Nelson Petersburg, Va. Mickey Nelson Oxford, lVIiss. Tyrone Newsom Charleston, Miss. Joe Newton Senatobia, lVIiss. Christy Noal Batesville, Miss. Bob M. Nunley Coldwater, Miss. Melissa O'Nei11 Como, Miss. Clark Orman Hickory Flat, Miss. Mark Orman Hickory Flat, Miss. Ginger Oswalt Horn Lake, Miss. Terry Oliver Wodden Lake, Miss. Phyllis Person Water Valley, Miss. James Perkins Batesville, Miss. Carol Peeler Ashland, Miss. Carolyn Peckenpaugh Cleveland, Miss. John Micheal Pearson Marks, Miss. Bubba Peacock Water Valley, Miss. Ken Palmertree Batesville, Miss. Phyllis Pardoe Batesville, Miss. Mike Parker Memphis, Tenn. Janet Parker Marks, Miss. Betty Parker Calhoun City, Miss Gene Parks Sommerville, Tenn. Catherine Pattridge Batesville, Miss. Terry Payne Memphis, Tenn. Sandra Petit Horn Lake, Miss. Wanda Phillips Clarksdale, Miss. Nancy Pierce Vance, Miss. Betty Poore Tunica, Miss. Betty Jean Powers Hernando, Miss. Dorothy Ann Powers Hernando, Miss. Marlene Powers Memphis, Tenn. Dwayne Proctor Ashland, Miss. 1967 G. l A 1" 1:-f Q1--+ X W , . Tr' Freshmen spas... Jimmy Ramsey Calhoun City, Miss. Gwendolyn Randle Hernando, Miss. Hubert Ray Sivley Philipp, Miss. Marcia Ray Lake Cormorant, Miss Alfred Redden Horn Lake, Miss. Carole Reeves Memphis, Tenn. Iris Regel Marks, lVIiss. Joe Regel Marks, Miss. Buddy Reid Bruce, Miss. Ralph Respress Horn Lake, Miss. Ronnie Respess Lambert, Miss. Butch Rhodes Senatobia, Miss. Betty Ritchie Independence, Miss. John Roberts Oxford, Miss. Boyd Wayne Robertson Calhoun City, Miss. Diana Roberson Batesville, Miss. Ruby Roberson Batesville, Miss. Nadine Robertson Horn Lake, Miss. Charley Robinson Oxford, Miss. Connie Robinson Memphis, Tenn. Kenny Robinson Batesville, Miss. Sandra Robinson Senatobia, Miss. Don Rodgers Ashland, Miss. Ava Rogers Oxford, Miss. Freddie Ross Tutwiler, Miss. Linda Ross Memphis, Tenn. Bill Rouse Grenada, Miss. Bill Rowe Memphis, Tenn. Mary Rowe Horn Lake, Miss. Bob Rowland Charleston, Miss. Francis Rowland' Charleston, Miss. Connie Russell Nesbit, Miss. Lana Ruth Bruce, Miss. Paula Ruth Bruce, Miss. Don Sanderson Vardaman, Miss. Louis Sanford Como, Miss. Jimmy Sasser Senatobia, Miss. Max Schiele, Jr. Lambert, Miss. Mike Schmitz Water Valley, Miss. Ronnie Schoggen Crenshaw, Miss. Donald Scott Hernando, Miss. Doris Scott Southhaven, Miss. Randy Scott Coldwater, Miss. David Seale Holly Springs, Miss. Aubrey Seymore Tutwiler, Miss. Jack Shaffer Holly Springs. Miss. Danny Shannon Whitehaven, Tenn. Barry Shaver Charleston. Miss. Freshmen Judy Shaw Coffeeville, Miss. Romiie Shearer Independence, Miss. Leroy Shelton Bruce, Miss. Joey Shinault Byhalia, Miss. Billy Simmons Pope, Miss. Jane Simpson Calhoun City, Miss. Joyce Sims Houlka, Miss. Gene Skelton Holly Springs, Miss. Sue Skelton Houston, Miss. Sandra Sledge Coldwater, Miss. Patsy Smart Coldwater, Miss. Donna Smith Southaven, Miss. Joe Smith Batesville, Kenny Smith Pope, Miss. Lester Smith Lambert, Miss. Ray Smith Swan Lake, Miss. Ronnie Smith Sumner, Miss. Ronnie Lee Smith Swan Lake, Miss. W. F. Sneed Senatobia, Miss. Linda South Lake Conlorant, lVIiss Lynn Stample Olive Branch, Miss. Richard Stanford Charleston, Miss. Vicky Steadman Clarksdale, Miss. Joan Stevens Coldwater, Miss. Benny Stewart Bruce, Miss. Larry Dean Stewart Bruce, Miss. Mike Strange Senatobia, Miss. Dorothy Striplin Clarksdale, Miss. Irma Strong Marks, Miss. Samuel Stroup Ashland, Miss. Janice Styers Oxford, Miss. Phillip Swblett Hernando, Miss. Jerry Surette Water Valley, Miss. Scotty Surrette Water Valley, Miss. Kathy Tarrow Olive Branch, Miss. George Taylor Charleston, Miss. Larry Taylor Olive Branch, Miss. Paula Tedford Crowder, Miss. Murray Therrell Joiner, Ark. Jimmy Towler Batesville, Miss. David 'llhompson Hickory Flat, Miss. Willie Thomson Oxford, Miss. Peggy Tidwell Batesville, Miss. Virginia Tindall Coffeeville, Miss. Bea Travis Jackson, Miss. Dale Treadway Olive Branch Bill Trussell Batesville, Miss. Charles Turner Batesville, Miss. 1 . VK .ff H.- Q - .. ..'-fe ' ifffat'-R rr. !'+4w'.- vo ,U 1' f 4 -1 f.x' Q ,J I 1 fr 'f , an Av Ili' ,Q-.1 S., f it , 5' . ,If 13. I967 "N-vp I9 Freshmen ,gr-be Quay, William Valentine Slayden, Miss. Teresa Vaughn Water Valley, Miss. Bob Venters Senatobia, Miss. Bennie Waggener Memphis, Tenn. Rita Walker Independence, Miss. Peggy Wallace Olive Branch, Miss. Dale Waller Coffeeville, Miss. Bermy Walls Vardaman, Miss. John Walton Calhoun City, Miss. Lela Walton Southaven, Miss. Wade Waid Oxford, Miss. Patricia Ann Warno Batesville, Miss. Martha Warren Olive Branch, lVIiss. Margie Watson Lambert, Miss. Mike Webb Bruce, Miss. Roger Webb Bruce, Miss. Sue Webb Southaven, Miss. Ellen Welch Senatobia, Miss. Frank Welch Rich, Miss. David Wells Water Valley, Miss. Debby West Coldwater, Miss. Judy Westmoreland Batesville, Miss. Gilda White Sardis, Miss. Becky Whitt Senatobia, Miss. ck Amy Whitten Greenwood, Miss. Betty Whitten Charleston, Miss. Dianne Whitten Charleston, Miss. Van Wieker Batesville, Miss. Lannie Wilbourn Oakland, Miss. Jim Wiley Whitehaven, Tenn. Lynn Wilhourn Water Valley, Miss. James A. Wilkins Oxford, Miss. Anne Williams Holly Springs, Miss. Cecil Williams Bruce, Miss. Charles Finley Williams Derma, Miss. Chuck Williams Olive Branch, Miss. Steve Williams Water Valley. Miss. Tim Williams Independence, Miss. Tracy Williams Olive Branch, Miss. Phii Williford Pope, Miss. Sandra Willis Calhoun City, Miss. Billy Wilson Somerville, Tenn. Gloria Wilson Horn Lake, .Miss. Paul Winstead Memphis, Tenn. Phil Wolfe Water Valley, Miss. Fran Wood Batesville, Miss. Lynn Woods Water Valley, Miss. Percy Woods Crowder, Miss. 1967 1 73 Freshmen i Blow it out, Mary Louise Donald Woolfolk Coldwater, Sue Wright Lake Cormorant, Miss Jean Wynne Coldwater, Miss. Carolyn Yancy Independence, Miss. Ronnie Yancy Sardis, Miss. Rita York Denmark, Miss. Linda Young Senatobia, Miss. Janette Zimmerman Holly Springs, Miss. , a typical Teachers and students look over the new machinery. classroom scene ,..-4 ,..-19' 1 s 89 ahh 460444 Vw and if you remember, follow t u 9 I1 E 1- eff. John F, "Butch" sun Linda Hopper PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT The Student Council is an important organization on the Northwest Missis- sippi Junior College campus, because it provides the students with training for citizenship in a democratic country. The students participate in the self govern- ment of the college. The Student Council assumes certain responsibilities such as the planning of intramural sports, dances, religious programs and other ac- tivities. This organization is composed of six officers and representatives of the freshman and sophomore classes and of each dormitory, all of whom are nomi- nated and elected by vote of the student body. Donna Eddie Rudy P0l1eI1 Jayne Patterson SECRETARY TREASURER REPORTER . v wut E, ' 5 at q, J IR , 2 92 i 1 O U I1 C Paulette Whaley Roger "Shorty" Watkins" PARLIAMENTARIAN PRESIDENT SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row From Left to Right: Debbie West, Linda Schiele, Sissy Lambert, Ernestine Daniel, and Wilma Parker. Second Row: Mr. Ainsworth, Sponsorg Walter Lyons, Sammy McCracken, Jackie Dalton, and Miss Glenn, Sponsor. Third Row: Jan Childress, Charles Crouch, Mike Clements, and Danny Barfield. Fourth Row: Don Easley, Larry Dean Stuart, Ken Gunion, Allen Covington, and Bill Crawford. ,Q 5, gi! Q , 331m l in i7'5'v" ' " All ., ,L 93 F' Phi Theta Kappa Phi Theta Kappa is a nonsecret national society which has as its objective the promotion of scholarship, the development of character, and the cultivation of fellowship among the young men and women of Northwest Junior College. Members must be fulltime academic students who are working toward bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degrees. Each member must possess recognized qualities of character and leadership and must be within the upper scholastic ten per cent of the regularly enrolled students of the college division. OFFICERS 5 iff' F 1 ' 'M Mary Ann Carpenter-President Frances Livingston-Vice President Karen Beavers-Secretary Eddie Waldrup-Treasurer LaVelle James-Program Chairman Mary Ann Hopper-fl-Iistorian mot pictured! 94 l plsfxt x 'FT' l vig, Phi Theta Kappa pledge signs the membership book as a part of the initiation ceremony. Sandra Morgan and Catherine Pattridge This year the Northwest chapter of Phi Theta Kappa was proud that one of its members, Sandra Morgan, became the state president of the orginiza- tion. Catherine Pattridge will serve as state reporter next year. Pictured below are the pledges who joined Phi Theta Kappa first semester. 1 1 95. First Row: Mr, R. E. Rutherford, Sponsor, Butch Still, Dotsy Waller, Linda Schiele, Paulette Whaley Frances Livingston, Donna Varner, and Mr. Carpenter, Sponsor. Second Row: Charles Reid, Dottie Wilkerson Shirley Autry, Margie Gordon, and David Cole. Not pictured is Mr. Chad Williams who is one of the sponsors of Sigma Tau Sigma. Sigma Tau Sigma The Northwest chapter of Sigma Tau Sigma is affiliated with the national social science organization. The club seeks to establish. interest in social science, honor students, who have excelled in social studies, and confer awa-rds on out- standing students who have contributed to the organization. The local chapter also honors with awards outstanding citizens of the community. The letters, Sigma Tau Sigma, Greek equivalent of S.T.S., signify the ideals of Scholarship, Truth, and Service, which the organization seeks to promote. 96 Officers are: Mary Ann Hopper, Presl- dentg Linda Hopper, Vice President: and Paulette Whaley, Secretary and Treas- urer. Pledges joining Sigma Tau Sigma first semester are: First Row: Sandra Robinson, Linda Jones, Donna Varner, Jane Knapp, and Edna Denton. Second Row: Butch Still, David Cole, Dottie Wilkerson, Jayne Patterson, Evonne Burdison, and Shirley Autry. 97 Phi Beta Lambda Trains Business Leaders of Tomorrow Phi Beta Lambda is the Northwest Mississippi Junior College Chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America. Called Beta Lota, the Northwest Chap- ter was organized to promote fellowship among business students at North- west. This national business organization is devoted to the training of tomor- row's business leaders. OFFICERS: Eddie Waldrup-Presidentg Mary Ann Carpenter - lst Vice Presi dent: Larry McKibben-2nd Vice Presi dent: Frances Livingston - Secretary Shirley Autry-Treasurer: Judy Per- kins-Historian. 98 N. Student Education The Student Education Association of Northwest Mississippi Junior College is commonly referred to as SEA. This organization is made up of students ma- joring in all fields of education. SEA was established to help develop leadership skills in the students. Various activities are planned throughout the year for its members. Q Officers of SEA this year are: Nancy Stroud, President, Jan Childress, 2nd Vice President, Linda Burgess, lst Vice President, and Susan Carey, Secretary. Association Kili- perq, . . 'sts t .I 5,5 : fe ' fi? " aff. I in .I Q4 xr f l. 1 -.,' rf 5' . 1 ff! , v.. -'f 5 'BLS- ,Q 99 E at A-Q ul fi Shorty Watkins, Ken Gunion, Valley Holder, James Read, Bill Crawford, John Sanderson, and William Valen- tine 4 not pucturedb. Men's Council The Men's Council was formed for better communication between men students and the faculty. The iudicial council serves as a discipline committee for men students. This committee attends all cases and usually recommends or approves disciplinary action. Robert Sproles-Vice President Dennis Scott-President Ken Gunion-Secretary 100 S-J' 9 Q3 OFFICERS OF THE JUDICIAL COUNCIL are, left to right: Karen Arnold, Representative from Tate Hallg Mary Bess Shoemake, lst Vice President, Ernestine Daniels, Presidentg Kathy Cook. Representative from Bobo Hallg Betty Van Winkle, Treasurer: and back row: Judy Woolfolk, com- muting student representativeg Nancy Hardin, 2nd Vice Presidentg and Donna Eddie, President of Bobo Hall. Not pictured is Lynn Jones, Secretary. Women's Council DORMITORY OFFICERS ARE: Phyllis Jones, Bea Travis, Donna Eddie, Sue Grimes. Carolyn Peel enpaugh, Linda Burgess, Frances Rowland, Jan Childress. Karen Arnold. and Nancy Hardin. 101 90 ,, Rf? 'T' T , 'Z W W . wah 5 Agriculture Club Discusses Employment Opportunities The Agriculture Club is sponsored by the Departrrent ot Agriculture for students whose maior is agriculture. This organization has as its obiective the promotion ot the training and interests of students in this field. The club holds regular meetings twice each month to discuss the various employment opportunities in agriculture. ln addition, it affords opportunities for participa- tion in special events such as judging contests and livestock shows. OFFICERS Don Harding - President John Bond - Vice President Eddie Edge - Secretary and Treasurer Tony Thompson - Reporter Dale Waller - Parliamentarian 102 OFFICERS V A 'Z' Jerry Bowles - President Stiff Keith Ales - Vice President Malcolm Manning - Secretary and Treasurer Automotive Technology Club The Automotive Technology Club on the Northwest campus is made up of members who express an interest in automobiles. The purpose of this organi- zation is to further the spirit of advancement and knowledge in the field of Automotive Technology, to sponsor prograncs and activities relating to this ma- ior area of study, and to contribute to the promotion ot maximum personal de- velopment. The club has regular meetings twice each month to discuss prob- lems and opportunities in the field ot technology. , . - W 7 -5-f 1 - 2 L we sr . " 4 urs ,, 103 First Row, Left to Right: David Allen, David Spencer, Charles Wilkerson, Hilly Griffin, and Billy Haire. Second Row: Dale Russworm, Lynn Hamblin, Lynn Hodges, Robert Sproles, and Rudy Pollen. Back Row: Glen Taylor, Gary Smith, Mr. King, Charles Crouch, Lynn Jones, and Lynn Stampley. Science Club The Science Club of Northwest Mississippi Junior College was organized to stimulate interest in the field of science. During the year visiting lecturers and scientists are invited to present up-to-date information to the group. All students who are enrolled in any science courses are eligible for membership and are urged to ioin the organization. Dale Russworm-President Billy Haire-Vice President Jeanette Dancy-Secretary-Treasurer Betty Jo Collums-Reporter . it .A 2, - - r r-1 Q- sg.: S1 ' ,E gli- - - f , xy ,g. ll ..,.,., S ITI 9 OFFICERS: Charlotte Mann, Presidentg Betty Parker, Vice Presi- dent, Lola Gregory, Secretary and Treasurerg and Cheryl Elder Reporter. First Row: Nancy Little, Brenda Flemons, Paula Tedford, Pat Ledbetter, Barbara Borgognoni, and Wanda Phillips. Second Row: Gertrude Jasper, Kay Blaylock, Phyllis Person, Vicky Steadman, Joyce Sims, and Sue Skelton. Third Row: Barbara Glaze, Joyce Ales, Brenda Perkins, Susan Bailey, Jody Owens, Mary Dean, and Carolyn Broom. Fourth Row: Paul Franklin, Earline Lambert, Betty Ritchie, Betty Ivy, Cheryl Elder, Betty Parker, Lola Gregory, and Charlotte Mann. i Q? S f L 105 OFFICERS Max Turner - Presidentg Brown Sulli- van-Vice President fnot picturedjg Billy Fuller-Secretaryg Calvin Keeton-Pub- licity ,not pictmedj. Northwest Engineering and Technical Society The Northwest Engineering and Technical Society was organized this year to promote excellence in the fields of engineering and technology. The Club aspires to encourage young people in these fields. Sponsors of the club are Mr. Marcus Williams and Miss Zula Glenn. 'IO6 OFFICERS Doug Craig, President, Wanda Ellis, Vice Presid e n t g N a n c y Franks, Secretary and Treasurerg Evonne Burdison, Program Chair- man. Bilingual Club Promotes Interest in Languages The Bilingual Club was organized this year to promote interest in modern foreign languages. This year both first and second year French and Spanish were taught. The Belingual Club, which meets once each month, is sponsored by Mrs. Hal L. Ballew, the modern language teacher. ve' I07 ,f 1 ,iff if Gif? 3 Denominational Groups Join Together in Christian Fellowship Christian Fellowship is an organization comprised of the different denomi- national groups on campus. By sponsoring such activities as Religious Emphasis Week, this organization strives to provide religious activities for all Northwest students. Officers for Christian Fellowship are: Linda Jones, President, Brenda John- son, Vice President, Joyce Merriman, Secretary, Joyce McMinn, Reporter, Susan Carey, Publicity Chairman, and Teresa Phelps, Pianist. Representing the denomi- national groups are: Stella McGee, Baptist Student Union, Charles Crouch, Wes- ley Foundation, Billy Haire, Newman Club, Charles Griffith, Church of Christ Youth Group, Jean Wallis, Episcopal Representative, and Jane Patterson from the Presbyterian Group. The sponsor for the Christian Fellowship is Miss Virginia Avery. 109 OFFICERS: Dotsy Waller, Presidentg Sandra Schneider, Vice Presidentg Barbara Ford, Secretaryg Linda i Jones, Devotional Chairmang Joyce Merriman and Teresa Phelps, Music Co-Chairmeng Faye Rhodes, Mission Chairman, Joy Jones, Publicity Chair many and Larry McKibben, Social Chairman. Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union is the largest denominational group on cam- pus. Reverend Bruce Jolly, director ot the group, is an asset to the organization through his guidance and understanding. The Baptist Student Union desires to remind the students of their goals and Christian responsibilities and to help them achieve these goals. Through their regular meetings, their prayer meetings, their Morning Watch tshort devotionals each morn-ingl, they strive to reach large numbers of students on campus. First Row: Left to Right: Joyce Merriman, Jean Needham, Jane Patterson, Suzy Carey, Patti Nelson and Stella McGee. Second Row: Joe Newton, Teresa Phelps. Dotsy Waller, Linda Jones, Nancy Hardin Kathy Cook, Nancy Hall, and Sandra Schneider. Third Row: Donna Varner. Faye Rhodes, Linda Ross Mary Ann Couch, Brenda Helms, Larry McKibben and Rev. Bruce Jolly. 110 OFFICERS President, Paulette Whaleyg Vice President, Elizabeth Baileyg Sec- retary and Treasurer, Evonne Bur- dison: Reporter, Tom Mathisg Pub- licity llhairman, Sharon Christ, Representative to Christian Fel- lowship, Charles Crouch, Repre- sentative to the Board of Directors, Dale Russworm. Through a close association with the local Methodist Church, Wesley provides an inspira- tion and a fellowship for Methodist students on campus. There are a variety of types of pro- grams - student programs, film strips, worship, service programs, and guest speakers. ln Association with the Methodist Student Movement, delegates from the Wesley Foundation attend state and regional conferences at various times during the year. Wesley attempts to serve as the church on the campus. Seated left to right are: Marilyn Mansfield, Paulette Whaley, Mary Ann Horton, Char- lotte Tippitg standing are, Elizabeth Bailey, Kay Hentz, Sharon Christ, Judy West- moreland, Brenda Johnson: and back row, Tom Mathis, Mr. Bobby King, Sponsor, Dale Russworm, Charles Crouch, and Mary Ann Hopper. W ' ' UAT l 9 S e o y u n a t i 0 n ill Seated, Left to Right: Margie Gordon, Elton Blair, Bonnie Lewers, Jan Childress, and Charles Griffith. Stand- ing, Left to Right: Mary Ruth Dean, Vicky Steedman, Gary Smith, Susan Bailey, and Linda Ogle. Senatobia Church Sponsors Church of Christ Group This Year Under the guidance of the Senatobia Church of Christ and Mr. David Chad- well, their minister, a new program has been launched this year. Each week Church of Christ students meet for devotionals and fellowship. After a program given by the students, by invited guests or by ministers from nearby communi- ties, the students enioy a dinner prepared by members of the Senatobia con- gregation. In addition to these meetings, special Sunday School classes are held at the Senatobia church for college students, and parties are planned for special occasions throughout the year. Officers for the Church of Christ Youth Group are: President, Gary Smith, Vice President, Linda Ogle and Secretary, Margie Gordon. 'I I2 Catholics, as well as non-Catholics, are given the opportunity to under- stand Catholicism through the Newman Club. Father Tony, sponsor of the New- man Club, does much in stimulating interest in the Catholic religion. "Falling From Grace", "Predestination", and "PreMarital Sexual Relationships" are only a few of the topics which have been discussed at these meetings. The Newman Club meets every other Tuesday night under the leadership of its President, Billy Haire. Newman Club Front Row Left to Right: John Hughes, Sally Dickerson, Mary Johnson, and Johnny Haire. Back Row: Catherine Pattridge, Billy Haire, Jean Wallis, Father Tony, and Nickey Glaser. 'll3 Rocketeer Records Events of the Year A yearbook is designed to give a pictorial account of life on a campus. lt was with this purpose in mind that the Rocketeer Staff has striven to capture the excitement and rewards of the past year in a picture book of memories. Working with the staff are several faculty advisors, Mrs. Josephine Gully, Mr. Jac Young, and Mrs. Faye Johnson. Photographs for the Rocketeer are taken by Mr. James McBroom of Sardis, Mrs. Mildred Meacham, Mr. Larry Mc- Millan, and student photographers. The staff hopes that this yearbook will be a long treasured remembrance of the very best-Northwest! Co Edltor Nancy Stroud Co-Editor: Paulette Whaley This year's staff are, left to right: Lynn McKee, Doris Crump, Brenda Gunter, Donna Faulken berry, Carol Peeler, Mary Ann Hopper, Ruth Dunn, Patricia Nelson, Rhonda Bennett, and Linda Schille Working on the yearbook in the pictm-e below are: Jayne Patterson, Nancy Hardin, Jean Wallis, Jack McCommon, Sherian Carpenter, Rita Courson, Gloria Starnes, Frances Livingston, Wilma Parker, and Sandra Robinson 'IIS Ranger Rocket, EDITOR D3V1d Cole David Cole Larry Joe Taylor Joe Powell Linda Schiele Fran Wood Catherine Pattridge - Herbert Vinson James Alger David Carpenter Mike Pittman Freddie Ross Campus Newspaper, Spreads News on Campus The Ranger Rocket IS the offuclal ba monthly publucatnon of the student body of Northwest It as prmted bythe Tate County Democrat Eduted by capable students, it is under the dlrectlon of the Journalnsm Department The advusors forthe newspaper are Mrs Mnldred Meachem and Mr Larry McMullen Pictured below are the Ran er Rock t staff st d f Sandra Robinson, Larry Joe and Linda South. Seated are Marching Bond ond Misses Perform for Northwest Football Gomes ond Porodes 'I'l8 This year's Misses were, tfirst row, left to rightjz Lana Ruth, Sonia Golden, Wanda Kay Ellis, Betty Poore, Fran Wood, Ellen Welch, Carolyn Peckenpaugh, Linda Massey, Debbie West, Pat Long, and Ellen House. Second row: Linda Brown, Kathy Cook, Linda Ross, Susan Avery, Kay Gerner, Judy Perkins, Joy Jones, Carla Berry, Donna Eddie, Rita Bm'ford, Margie Watson, Betty Jo Lance, and Marcia Ray. 1.7 Captain - Ellen Welch Freshman Lt. - Kay Gerner Sophomore Lt. - Donna Eddie H9 TROMBONES John Clark Van Wicker Bill Pipkin Joe Neal BARITONES Doc Harris Walter Lyons Wayne House TUBAS David Jones Terry Oliver Joe Regal Ken Lewis FRENCH HORN Tom Mathis Di Ann Shaw Lynn McCuistion TRUMPETS Larry Perry John Cooper Jerry Lightsey Concert Band Harvey Johnson James Young Jim McArthLu' Ronnie Yancey Leroy Shelton STRING BASS Murray Therrell SAXOPHONES Tommy Faison Mary Louise Baker Benny Flynn Barbara Duke Joe Newton Harold Smith BASSOON Robert Sproles OBOE Olivia Weatherly CLARINETS Cindy Hutchinson Marilyn Mansfield 120 Sharon Christ Judy Westmoreland ALTO CLARINET Peggy Wallace BASS CLARINET Joyce McMinn John Hughes, Jr. CONTRA-BASS CLARINET Larry Taylor PERCUSSION Kaye Bolen Barry Shaw Mike Webb Larry Garrett Bob Nunley Carnes McCormack FLUTE Sissy McKnight Wanda Bouchillon Becky Blocker 'rw The FEATURETTES are Qleft to righty Mary Louise Baker, Lana Yount, Kaye Bolen, BAND OFFICERS Tommy Faison - Captain Carnes McCormack - Captain Kaye Bolen - Drum Majorette Benny Flynn - Lieutenant Larry Perry - Lieutenant David Jones - Lieutenant First row, left to right: Olivia Weatherly, Ellen Welch, Kay Jones, Hilda Brasher, Wanda Bouchillon, Cindy Hutchinson, Linda Jones, Ruth Dunn, Linda Brown, Pamela Jones, Kathy Cook, and Evonne Burdison. Second row: Kay Gabbert, Sharon Christ, Sherry Christ, Connie Robinson, Bill Blaylock, Benny Flynn, John Clark, Peter Harper, Leroy Shelton, Jim Young, Hal Moore, Joe Meurrier, Carnes McCormack, Ronnie Yancey, Joy Jones, and Carla Berry. Third row: Judy Westmoreland, Mary Ann Carpenter, Phyllis Jones, Frances Bar- nett, Billy Fuller, Jerry Lightsey, David Jones, Larry Taylor, Barry Shaw, Bobby Edmondson, Sammy Mc- Cracken, Joyce Merriman, Linda Perkins, and Kay Curtis. Back row: Mary Johnson, Becky Blocker, Doris Scott, Paulette Whaley, Susan Avery, Becky Coleman, Marvin Earnheart, Gordon Wright, Ken Lewis, Tracey Williams, Tommy Hawkins, Mary Ann Hopper, Martha Warren, Joy Loftin, Linda Massey, Sue Hurt, Joyce McMinn, and Jane Knapp. Northwest Singers SINGERS OFFICERS Carnes McCormack-President Joyce McMinn-Secretary Jim Young-Treasurer 122 e ,H Yr, Q E ii' X Q, , , 4.1 'Ml -I wg 1 ' I 1 ' 2 .5, A Cappella Choir First row, left to right, Kay Gabbert, Kay Jones, Cindy Hutchinson, Ellen Welch, Olivia Weatherly, Mary Louise Baker, Joyce Merriman, Jane Knapp and Joy Jones. Second Row: Martha Warren, Sharon Christ, W a y n e House, Carnes McCormack, Becky Coleman, Sue Hart, Frances Barnett, Judy Westmoreland, Marilyn Mansfield, Jan Childress and Pamela Jones. Third Row: Joyce McMinn, Paulette Whaley, Hilda Brasher, Bill Blaylock, Peter Harper, Jess Dickerson, Tracey Williams, Bobby Edmondson, Barry Shaw, Ronnie Yancey, Joe Murrier, and Jim Young. Fourth Row: Mary Johnson, Becky Blocker, Mary Ann Hopper, Larry Garret, David Jones, Tom Mathis, Jerry Lightsey, Ken Lewis, Larry Taylor, Murray Therrell, Terry Oliver, Frank Garret, and Alec Davis. 123 MENC OFFICERS Jim Young - President Jerry Lightsey - Vice President Joyce McMinn - Sec. and Treasurer Linda Brown - Reporter Music Educators' National Conference First row: Linda Brown, Mary Louise Baker, Olivia Weatherly, Judy Westmoreland, Sherry Christ, and Jane Knapp. Second row: Miss Virginia Avery, Sponsor, Becky Coleman, Phyllis Jones, Kay Jones, Joyce McMinn, and Cindy Hutchinson. Third row: Hal Moore, Barry Shaw, Sammy McCracken, David Jones, Ronnie Yancey, Benny Flynn, and Leroy Shelton. Fourth row: Jim Young, Carnes Mc- Cormack, Larry Taylor, Ken Lewis, Wayne House, Murray Therrell, and Jerry Lightsey. 124 Women's Chorus This year the Women's Chorus was composed of, First Row, left to right: Kay Gabbert, Kay Jones, Cindy Hut- chinson, Ellen Welch, Olivia Weatherly, Mary Louise Baker, Joyce Merriman, and Jane Knapp. Second row left to right: Martha Warren, Sharon Christ, Becky Coleman, Sue Hurt, Frances Barnett, Judy Westmoreland Marilyn Mansfield, and Jan Childress. Third row, left to right: Joyce McMinn, Paulette Whaley, Hilda Brasher Joy Jones, Mary Ann Hopper, Becky Blocker, Mary Johnson, and Pamela Jones. 125 I it 7 H4 2- r 14' Q -R wg is ,, X J if 1, 'QQ d ' si "'k' ' Q sq 5 4 .9 , ff f -5 . 2 Q S. ,. 6 o-'Oli i i LM g i q QW 5 Q Q Q ,, h E ,gf .- ,Q 4. x5 X. sei, ew '- N. mx g I A '- 2 .Y . R 1 S If :Em Q KS .N- Y' A i W4 Trebletones Perform for Special Occasions 'l'he girls' sextette, The Trebletones, is composed of Sherry Christ, Linda Brown, Pamela Jones, Kaye B'olen, Rebecca Coleman, and Olivia Weatherly. These girls saw many occasions when their talent was greatly appreciated. Miss Virginia Avery is the sponsor of the group. Northwest Players Provide Dramatic Entertainment The Northwest Players, who present dramatic an d musical productions during the year, began this year with the play, "The Egg and I." Members of the Nor thwest Players pictured below are, left to right, Connie Robinson, Sharon Christ, Charlotte Tippit, Carole Ree ves, and Kay Gabbert. On the second row are Sylvia Hickey, Bill Hardin, Phyllis Jones and Bill Blaylock. f"'li'vgA , . i x 'Sr -1 ...Q . ..' ,I ,. - . QQ' ' 'I27 try fo remember 9 and if you remember, follow X5 'lllfb . 9 0,9 ff? ' - V S, S l927l O I , 1 I- 1 ' . O l 2 l J, x yy QX 0 '- SXQ 0814 . M65 393110 Xi 041' X5 'N 1 Horace Williams, Director of Athletics The 1966 Northwest Coaching Staff Ranger fortunes were guided this year by line coach Lavelle Upton, head coach Billy Joe Cox, and backfield coach Sanford Powell. Coach Upton came to Northwest this year from Millsaps College. Coach Cox assumed head coaching duties for the first time this fall, and coach Powell came from Hemando High School where he was head coach. 130 1-1 .P, f-if a .J . i 'fl' lg A ' , if il. 1 B1 fe! Fu Row: Larry Stewart, Donald Scott, Mickey Nilson, Tyrone Newsome, Bob White, Charles Ellard, Calvin Jeffords, Rickey Parsons, Bubba Peacock, Buddy Emanuel, Joe Nunnaly, Bob Harrison, Hank O'Connor, Charlie Robinson, Coach Sanford Powell. Second Row: Larry Brasher, Kent Robertson, David Loftin, Joey Treadway, Milton Cushman, Don Key, Malvin Jeffords, Micky Easly, John Hardy, Somay Orrell, Tolly McClatchy, Don Easly, 'lrainer Ken Dickson, Coach Billy Joe Cox, Coach Lovelle Upton. Third Row: John Hartley, Rickey Patrick, Charles Turner, David Garner, Doug Davis, Pete Weeks, Hiram Sanders, Lynn Stampley, Rickey Wolfe, Allen Saucier, Harold Henderson, Valley Holder, Charles Crain, and manager Dale Treadway, The Rangers The traditional team prayer serves as inspiration to players and spec- tators before each Ranger football game gets underway. 131 Northwest 27 Jones 0 The Rangers started the season in high gear by licking the Jones Bobcats 27-0 behind a two touchdown outburst by tailback Malvin Jeffords. The Bobcats from Ellisville never got closer than the 20 yard line as the Ranger defense, led by Charlie Ellard's 'l3 tackles kept pressure on the enemy for a full 60 minutes. Things looked good for the Ranger title defense because Jones was figured to be one of the best teams in the Missis- sippi Junior College Conference. Bubba Peacock 1803 and Don Key 1339 close in on a unhappy quarterback. Time after time, during the season, the defense was magnificent. Northwest 7 Holmes 7 Playing in Goodman, Miss., the Rang- ers had to fight for their lives to preserve a 7-7 tie with the charged up Bulldogs. Malvin Jeffords scored the only Northwest touchdown on a 'I9 yard run. The iniury bug struck when sophomore quarterback Joey Treadway broke his leg on the last play of the first half. However, freshman Harold Henderson filled in well for the in- jured starter. A tie football game has been likened unto kissing one's sister, but the Rangers were fortunate under the circumstances to be kissing anyone at all in this one. j f K.. 'M Despite King Edward cigars and Red Man Tobacco, the Ran to Right: Brown Sullivan, Ken Dickson, and Dale Treadway 133 4 .,.P' , Alflf ' -h f1rf1'H,I 't wk 15 ' ' MWC!" 1 I fs- -v J I f ' if Q "B-s. i e ' XP nfiirl ger managers even worked a little. Left Northwest 6 opiah-lin oln 5 Northwest tumbled to the howling Wolves of Copiah-Lincoln in the season's third contest i5-6. Neither team was able to generate much offense with all three touchdowns in the gazme marked up via the air lanes. Co-Lin scored on 63 and 68 yard pass plays while Henderson was hit- ting end Gerald Young with an i8 yarder for the only Ranger tally. The Ranger re- cord after this game was 'I-l-1, but it was not the end of Northwest's championship hopes. Only a year ago, the Blue and White dropped two games and played a tie, and it was good enough for the con- ference crown. 'Hx sf l with Quarterbacks and ends are partic ularly noted for their superior in- telligence. Some centers aren't particularly noted for anything. 4 Northwest 30 East Mississippi I8 The Rangers upped their record to 2-'l-'I with a 30-'I8 win over the Lions of East Mississippi behind a sterling perfor- mance by quarterback Harold Henderson. The rangy freshman scored two touch- downs and tossed to split end Rickey Pate rick for two more scores. Pete Weeks kick- ed a 38 yard field goal and hit on three extra point attempts in as many tries. This game was an indication of the hidden talent that was to dominate the maiority.of the season. After the Co-Lin fiasco, the win was especially sweet be- cause the Rangers were able to rebound and defeat a strong Lion squad. At this point of the season, Perkinston led the league with a 4-0-0 record with the Rangers holding down fourth place. Cham-. began to look dim for a title shot. Sometimes there just ain't no place to go. "Pay? Why fried chicken after the game of course." "If he does it again, slug 'em Northwest 43 outhwest 35 Northwest scored five touchdowns in the last half to outlast the Southwest Bears 43-35. The Rangers took a 9-0 lead in the second quarter on the strength of a 28 yard field goal by Pete Weeks and a scor- ing plunge by Henderson. Southwest came roaring back with two scores and the Rangers trailed at half- time 'I4-9. ln the second half, Malvin Jef- fords tallied twice, Rickey Patrick once, and Henderson added his second and third scores of the night. The win moved Northwest up a notch in conference standings with a 3-l-1 re- cord. "With a six yard average and still on the suicide squad Xs. Sz "I said stay down." 136 Mommas and Poppas after the game l Northwest 24 ltawamba I5 The Rangers built up a 24-0 lead by halftime against the ltawamba lndians in Fulton then coasted to a 24-'I5 win and moved into second place in the conference standings. Pete Weeks got things started with a 28 yard field goal. Jeffords scored from 'I0 out, Sonny Orrell caught a six yard scoring toss from Henderson, and Rickey Parsons ran an intercepted pass back 54 yards for the final Northwest score. The lndians scored twice in the se- cond half, but for all practical purposes the game might have well been called off at the half. This was one of the most de- termined Ranger efforts of the year. Now at 4-'l-'l, momentum was pushing the comeback Rangers. "Looks like they found those steel forearm pads." Don't worry about this league, Lombardi's looking at you "Is this what you mean by running guard coach?" 137 Northwest 7 Hinds 2l The Rangers ran into the proverbial buzz saw in Raymond playing the sup- posedly downtrodden Hinds Eagles. Northwest scored only one touchdown on the Eagles and allowed three . . . thus the final score 7-21. The lone Ranger tall- iy was registered by sub tailback John Hartley on at 68 yard punt return. The Blue and White did not play u bad ball game. They iust caught the Eagles A yard short! at their homecoming and they were mak- ing plays that the featrsome 'foursome of the L.A. Rams would have difficulty in con- taining. The season record dropped to 4-2-'I. "fo: Q-sfo" "Wait 'til next year!! "We'11 not fight about it, lads." 138 "Aw, ref, it looked good to us." "Of all the Northwest 2l Pearl River 7 Rickey Patrick, Malvin Jeffords, and Mickey Easly scored touchdowns for North- west and the defense held Pearl River to a single marker in the Rangers fifth win of the season. Pushed back into second place in the league standings, Northwest trailed lea- gue leading Perkinston by only one-half game. P' Despite a few anxious moments, it was a Ibreeze. i'Come on slow poke." Top level post-game chat by old friends. Patrick makes a catch between three de- fenders. Northwest 35 Delta 6 An overflow Homecoming crowd of nearly 3000 sports fans saw the Rangers earn o 35-6 win over Mississippi Delta and push their season record to 6-2-'l. End Rickey Patrick had possibly his finest night as a Ra.nger, catching eight passes, three for touchdowns. H a r o l d Henderson hit on 'l7 of 30 tosses for 310 yards and four scores to pace the danger- ous air attack. Milton Cushman and Ger- ald Young also scored for Northwest. All-State linebacker Don Key had a good defensive night along with Rick Par- sons, Charlie Ellard, Valley Holder, and Charles Crain. Hartley up the middle "Cool, real cool." "Sorry 'bout that." 40 Part of the homecoming crowd Northwest I7 East entral I4 East Mississippi provided the Rangers with 60 minutes of action packed football before finally yielding 'I7-'I4 with a last quarter field goal by Pete Weeks providing the margin of victoryo Northwest wound up the season with a 7-2-1 record good enough for second place in the conference behind Perkinston 8-2-0. Had Perkinston lost to Jones in their season, finale, the Rangers would haNe copped their second consecutive conference crown, however, Perk nipped Jones 2l-14. Many of the Rangers will return for another season of football in the Mississip- pi Junior College Conference, and with the experience gained by freshmen this year . . Q 'I967 could be the year that "North- west takes it all." Y? H -ss . .FW .. 's is 35353. -rf , 1 -x ftfxgsi' T Qziwfd . K.,-as " 'X V Q Patrick snares an aerlal offermg "If I had the wings of an angel, over th i The Rangers By Positron Front D3Vld Loftm Davxd Garner Back Charles Cram Gerald Young Charhe Robmson 1 , Jam we an lf I 'L Q' QL ,.,--v' i' Guards: Donald Scott, Valley Holder Charlie Ellard. -,,, ' ,Q Qi Q ' 'YF' 1, X SQ y 4' -, . Guards on Bo : Tyr e Newson, b White, Bob Harrison, Joe Nunnally. Quarterback: Joey Treadway. Fullback: Micky Easly. 143 J Quarterbacks: Harold Henderson, Rickey Wolfe, Larry Stewart. an ., Y Q 4 2. -Q it 2? 6 Tailbacksat John Hartley, Bennie Howard, arry Brasher, Malvin Jeffords, Rickey Parsons. Wingbacks: Kent Robertson, Milton Cushman, Calvin Jeffords, John Hardy. 44 1 gf' . Tackles: Don Easley, Tolly McClatchy, and Lynn Stampley Liuebackers: Don Key and MDW!! 145 Tackles: "Buddy" Emanuel, Doug Davis, and Allen Saucier :J-e H L i'l - Cheerleaders Boost School Spirit The Ranger Cheerleaders gave the football and basketball teams their full support during the games at home and away. They were responsible for "pep"' posters and organizing numerous pep rallies to show the Rangers that everyone was behind them all the way. Y -f--3' CAPTAIN: Judy Woolfolk 146 W1 ,,-vu Front: Judy Woo16o1k, Jane Patterson. Back: Darlene Young, Frances Rowland, Candace Drake, Connie Rob- inson, and Sheri Hughey. i ALTERNATE CHEERLEADERS Bennie Waggener Martha Warren Vicki Cunningham , wiv-. W, ,fr 147 5' Q kj if' ? First Row: Mike Hearn, Jerry Fowler, Cecil Williams, Jackie Dalton, and Mitch Stone. Second Row: Charles King, Gary McBride, Rodney Covington, Pat Rodgers, Dennis Fondren, and Phil Mote. Third Row: Mike Cle- ments, Odis McCord, Billy Gilmer, Billy Bob Gray, and Coach Koon. Henry B. Koon Coach I49 Cecil t1u'ns corner on Holmes, good for two! VS. Jackie racks two of many against the Bulldogs 150 Williams takes advantage of a screen by Gray VS. Billie makes a move of his own now! 152 Hey Phil, get the one behind you. He's got his eyes closed! VS. I' Yeah, McBride! Every little bit helps. 153 Cecil Williams Guard Phil Mote Center :IQ 4- Jackie Dalton Guard Billy Gilmer Forward l ik' rf' 1, ur' G f Pat Rodgers Mitch Stone Guard-Forward Guard Billy Bob Gray Gary McBride Center-Forward Forward 156 l N x, W S Rodney Covington Jerry Fowler Forward Guard Mike Hearn Dennis Fondren Guard Forward 157 'Listen to me, listen to me, Listen to me!" You - - right. He fouled! "O.K. Buddy, one more time." Lf K nfs , f 1 158 4."Sbg "Now see Gilmer, if you'd only done what I told you Yv 9 W1 4, - if?-Uhr? , M -1w,,g,k::f 'Q 4 I ' f . YT All right now, let's have one shot 159 ww' Track Team Front Row left to right: Coach Upton, Don Easley, Pete Weeks, Ralph Darnell, Tyrone Newsom, Rickey Parson. and Bob White. Second row: Lymm Crum, William Miller, Tracy Williams, Pat Rodgers, Dale Horne, Tunrny Williams, Gene Brougher, Harvey Johnson, and Joey Treadway. Back row: Willie Thompson, Thomas Wlute, Charlie Robinson, Bob Harrison, Randall Baldwin, James Roy Neal Jr., W. D. McArthur, and "Jack McCom- mon QAssistant coachl. Would you believe? Bench Warmers! 160 1 Coach Upton cracks funny's with his returnees. Treadway stretches way out for the ball, but he's not looking at it. Watch out for that bird, Gene! 3,4 y I6'l Pete, your leg still isn't high enough! 6 2 Harvey, who does your laundry? So you struck out. Don't feel bad X" . Qi: 1 Y V I 18 , I 3 r Q , 'W Ig Ranger Baseball Team Front row left to right: Calvin Jeffords, John Hartley, Larry Stewart, Bubba Peacock, Duck S -tt, and Bobby Brewer. Back row: Harold Henderson, Lanny Winborn, Larry Finke, Tolly McClatchy, Charles Crain, and Ronnie Roy. Henderson pushes hard in the stretch! 'I63 That's right boys, relax while you can. Get set! Wait a minute! the gun isn't loaded! "You gotta be kidding. That ain't no bat!" I N xl, XL' 1 Nice chunk Tolly. What are you throw- ing? 1 Boy, that's a long way up, Larry Caught looking again. Don't you ever do anything? It hm! wgQ.!.w 'Q "' 5 QQQSQQQ 165 i lntramural Archery l During the month of October, the intramural archery tournament was held. Sally Dickerson, Senato- bia freshman, won first place in the girls division with a score of 212 points. She was followed by Dorothy Striplin, Lyon freshman, who scored 209 points. Following in third place was Alice Tomlin, Tunica freshmaun. Marlin Taylor, Denmark soph- omore, finished first in the boys division with a score of 317. Ed- die Eubanks, Lambert sophomore, scored 307 points to capture the second place in the boys' division. Placing third was Pefte Weeks, freshman. Intramural Basketball Intramural basketball was played and enioyed by both boys and girls. Teams were formed from the different dormitories. This gave the students a way of using their extra energy. The games were officiated by members of the officiating class. 167 9M...!Q ntramural Flag Football Under the direction and leadership of Miss Constance Ea-rl and Miss Ro- berta Halliday, all men's dormitories organized flag football teams. The win- ning team was from Gainey Hall. This team consisted of Ken Maynor, Tick Ray, Charlie Scruggs, Ronnie Smith, Gene Walker, Bill Webb, Tim Whitey, Larry Woods, Victor Wyatt, Charles Young, Lawrence Young, Chick Childress, David Ellington, Cleve Londreth, and Bill Allen. I68 volleyball While the weather was bad outside, many girls enioyed intramural volly- ball. Teams were formed and the winning team was from Tate Hall. This team consisted of Dorothy Striplin, Sandra Schneider, Rita Courson, Tina McPherson, Rhonda Bennett, Jane Abernathy, and Doris Scott. l A 'I69 All-State--Sonny Orrell, Don Key, Doc Sanders. The lineup. 70 Northwest Rangers receiv- ing honors are Don Key, Malvin Jeffords, Gerald 4 Young, Sonny Orrell, Rickey Patrick, H i r a m lDocJ Sanders. All State Honorable mention All-Staters are David Loftin, Rickey P a t r i c k, Charles Crain, Gerald Young, Mal- vin Jeffords. fry to remember Zhe ,f""U 'I72 ima KGS: ff' and if you remember, follow 4 Y A A .v 0 ff? .2 New MM 4wkZ5N6RaXv ff ww fu ,mv wwww.,-u-,gb .,. Y ........,. DONNA EDDIE Donna Eddie is aln elementary educa- tion maior from Hernando, Mississippi. Her friendly smile and leadership abilities helped her obtain the honor of Miss Northwest. As President of 'Bobo Hall, she was dorm representative to the Women's Council. She also showed her leadership abilities as secretary ofthe Student Coun- cil. This year Donna was a sophomore lieutenant in the Northwest Misses, a pre- cision marching group. 7 John F. "Butch" Still Popularity with all the students, ver- satility, and leadership are important as- pects in the election of Mr. Northwest. All these qualifications fit John F. "Butch" Still, Mr. Northwest of 1966-1967. Butch is a history major from Sardis, Mississippi. He showed outstanding leadership as Pre- sident of the Men's Council and President of the Student Council. Besides being chos- en as Mr. NWJC., he was voted Most Likely to Succeed and Best Personality. X Q wh WG? Q XM MW Q.-mx Xwlxx 6 M , wg .wfy.,N M Z ,, , 2 f f ,f , ' 1 X ' fam, 'K Q yy .. WA v zeaxygjr 'H y 'fa f xg., f, 77 178 E r 5 I P 181 .. , -fwfwv 1 H14 'af,,zwsa:- 'lyiinxw ,5?'5"iYx-Sn' A, 5 7' .g U 5 TW " 5-,,lf,ffwf'47f ii, Lf ,ww - ' -f0Zy,,,Q,,f Q x I.: , ' 173. , , 5, V , 2:13 , 4 .3 .,,fw',,,i,,gg,,, 1,4 K I Lf. ,Qfi 1 , f5f',239ff 4 w, 1, Q4 ' f V . ,.,1,,w, f . 4.1, W ' 4 ,wfffz " 1 f ywwz' .,. 'WX 'Z ,., . , I JV ha., , f fi WNW 'VS tl' im' -ga x ' ,.-7 x -' 'asf " ':5I 'If51 '52. il-A "" 'i "" , 2 .' 5 ..,.. Q NY ,x N 182 ffl? Jane Patterson Sherri Hughey Wilma Parker ,Wx Favorite Sophomores Tv Frances Rowland Bennie Waggener Nancy Pierce Favorite Freshmen 'A A553-3? ' .Ama ' n A-l -sfjff V ' '- FQ' . H Parsons 186 ardy Mickey Easley Sophomore Preferred Men V .4 1' Y. I .r .X I-, Pete Weeks I Mickey Nelson Freshmen Preferred Men John Hartley I 87 ii-T 2 Kampus Kooks Fred Rowland Peggy Bryan Most Versatile Marvin Earnheart Kaye Bolen Who's Who Best Personality Butch Still Sheri Hughey Friendliesf Tracy Williams Karen Arnold fry to remember like Spec I , , ' XE, 90 S xc ff 5 S E ! Q a 4 4 1 , -- .f4v--,--n- -r ' 1 if' wifi.: A " H , X r I I V4 , Y N-Tw' A QQ -'vow rm A1 X5 I -I 3 .J 4-.X N 9 . , 1 ' ,.,Q ' D, - 1'4" , , ,gf ':'. .Q I A V V ' A ', . .Y , 3 V ' ",g,'.f .2 mn, ,,.,,,Mf-fl' 3.1 9, N E, rf 4'-.W "f :,.'1f1:' M' ' 1 and if you remember, follow 'R if f 'wifi , A, ,ff , Hall of Fame Mary Ann Carpenter of Senatobia, a business major, personifies the quali- ties of leadership, participation and scholarship a student must have to become a member of the Hall of Fame. A talented vocalist, she received the Delta Psi Omega trophy for the best performance in a minor role for her singing part in last year's musical production of "Camelot." The soloist is a member of the Northwest Singers. She is also president of Phi Theta Kappa, national honorary scholastic and leadership fraternity, and vice president of the Phi Beta Lambda, business organization. She was selected the outstanding business education student this year. 192 Hall of Fame Jackie Dalton of Yocona, a business maior, was captain of the basketball team for both 1965-1966 and 1966-1967. He was the leading scorer for the Northwest Rangers. Jackie also received honorable mention for the 1965-1966 state junior college All-Star team. He is a representative on the Student Coun- cil this year and holds memberships in Phi Beta Lambda, business organization, Phi Theta Kappa, Sigma Tau Sigma, social science fraternity, and the Baptist Student Union. 193 Y WM -ff 'S ,gif ,rf QTWT -Nc. Hall of Fame Jayne Patterson, an education maior from Southaven, has received several honors from her fellow students and has been active in many phases of student life. She was elected a maid in the 1966 Homecoming Court and in the annual Who's Who contest was chosen a campus leader and sophomore class favorite. She is secretary of the Student Council, captain of the Cheerleader squad, a member of the Rocketeer staff, Phi Theta Kappa, and has been a member of the Science Club, Northwest Players, and the Shelby County Club. She was chosen the outstanding student in the education department. 194 - .. 4 ,ss M- , " .,.. 3 :tr-P' P " fi cart'-P, l ' AA . W, ' S we Q, fm ,ku s - 1' XFN - w s get Q -:Sir 'lx-. 'S -fi -5 clan- ,gc mn, , 3 99" Hall of Fame Paulette Whaley, a liberal arts maior from Potts Camp, engages in a va- riety of activities at Northwest. Probably her most demanding activity this year was that of the editorship of the Rocketeer, a position to which she was elevated after being a staff member last year. Besides performing her duties as editor, Paulette was parliamentarian of the Student Council, president of Wesley Foundation, Methodist organization, secretary of Sigma Tau Sigma, social science club, and holds membership in Phi Theta Kappa, Christian Fellow- ship, the Northwest Singers, and the Bilingual Club. She was named the out- standing student in modern languages this year. 195 Hall of Fame Jim Young of Senatobia, a music major, has been named the outstanding student of the music department. His participation in activities is proved by the fact that he is president of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, men's music fraternity, and will be the regional representative to the 1967 national convention. He also serves as president of the Music Educators National Conference. His other activities include the Northwest Singers, of which he is the treasurer, the band, and Phi Theta Kappa. 196 wkiefiiif Q ., at E235 '+R ' r fi? V 1 ,V 'f N, 3 'mc wr' .. fe .- .rf 'av ' M .sz ,fm 1' N .Q 4 :ygg , I Q1 1 ., i ff.. 5 f e If-ff Morris Bomar, Jr.-Speech and Theater James Steve Young-Music Outstanding Scholars Lynda South-Journalism David Pitt-Art ix A 'I97 , X gf. iw if -WM Jayne Patterson-Education Paulette Whaley-Modern Language Cutstcmding Scholars Evonne Burdison-English Virginia Anne Cooke-Social Studies 198 'I 36 C s' 'asf ZW" if ,J .C ,. , A.-1 . g it X 'S' Y J-..mA'iffM1v.+fQ 4' -.AM . The Northwest Livestock Judging Team consists of: lFront row, left to rightlz Don Harding, Billy Wilson, John Bonds, and Robert Clark. tBack rowlz Robert Massey, Joel Surrette, Coach Eddie DeShazo, Coach Doyle Red- dick, Eddie Edge, and William Acree. The Northwest Livestock Judging Team entered the competition of the Mississippi Junior College Judging Contest and came away with seven trophies. The contest was held on October 14, 1966 at Jackson, Mississippi. The team was placed fourth in the state in the overall competition. Being placed first in the beef division, the team also won trophies in the polled Here- ford class, the Angus class, and was placed high in Hampshires. Northwest was proud that two of its boys were placed first and second in the state in beef cattle. Clavin Ozier was placed first in the state, while John Bonds was placed the second. John received a trophy in the Hereford division and Calvin in the polled Hereford division. William Massey was the high state alternate in overall judging. Mr. Eddie DeShazo and Mr. Doyle Reddick were the coaches for the teams. All members of the judging team are members of the Agriculture Club sponsored by the agriculture department at Northwest. u u 1 Mary Ann Hopper David Qole .J Donna Varner Eddie Waldrup Sigma Tau Sigma Awards Mary Ann Hopper and Eddie Waldrup received this year's Sigma Tau Sigma Scholar Awards for outstanding social science students. The Outstanding Sigma Tafu Sigma Student Awards went to David Cole and Donna Varner. The National Sigma Tau Sigma Honor Award went to Mr. Safle Lilly of Charleston, Mississippi. The award was given for Mr. Lilly's contributions to the welfare of the community, state, nation, and to humanity through his sincerity, unselfish service, vision, and leadership as an educator. Judge Kermit Cofer of Water Valley, Mississippi, received the Servo Hominibus Award. The Greek name of this award means "servant to mankind", Judge Cofer is worthy of this award because of his outstanding public service and for no- table contributions to the welfare of humanity. 202 Mr. Sale Lilly Judge Kermit Cofer lent contest were also a Northwest group. Mary Ann Carpenter was accom- panied by Murray Ther- rell, Carnes McCormack, and Ronnie Yancey. The Phi Beta Lambda State Con- vention was held on March 3 and 4 at the University of Mississippi. Winning first place in the state and the title of Mr. Future Business Executive was Frank Garratt. In the picture opposite, Frank is shown with Mrs. Amye Fugate, busi- ness teacher. In addition to the other awards, Northwest won first place for having the most members of any club in the state. 0.9- Phi Beta Lambda Awards Q The winners of the ta- i4"?2g'?F"' Three of Northwesfs girls, Bonnie Lewers, la- velle James, and Peggy Hill won in the vocabu- lary relay competition. 203 gl 5. try to remember 51260 'Q K 3 2 3 204 Lal faefwii 205 mtv U? WNW, K sr-'2 R .gg- f-X 1-vs and if you remember, follow '+V i'e"" I-'I fl 'Oc Everyone Will Remember A beautiful fall day welcomed Northwest's students, alumni and friends to the annual Homecoming on Saturday, November 12, 1966. The theme was the completion of the technical complex of five buildings and the dedication of three recently completed buildings. Northwest was honored to have Governor Paul Johnson present for the festivities. The day's events began with a pep rally in downtown Senatobia. The procession left Northwest at 12:15 p. m. led by the Northwest Misses and the Ranger Band. The first car was occupied by the Sophomore Maids, and the , Ff-"' 206 '-4. Homecoming T966 second by the Freshmen Maids. The court was made up of Betty Van Winkle, Water Valley sophomore, Jane Patterson, Southaven sopho- more, Judy Woolfolk, Senatobia sophomore, Bennie Waggener, Memphis freshman, and Frances Rowland, Charleston freshn-an. The car carrying the cheerleaders followed the court. They were followed by cars from the various Northwest organizations, beginning with the Student Council car. The cars were gaily deco- rated with the names or emblems of the organi- zations their occupants represented. The pep rally, sponsored by the Student Council, got the day off to a good start. l"?1a' .,, . J 1 'N' " f 4 . 2 .' u . v-'I' . .' 4' QQ I ' -- .. 'T - L.. i - . 1 1-+11 f4al , vw-. . tl , -N--M-W -an-1 l- i 1 l 1 ww pn . 5-, .T Y W all . x. ' A 1 f . T f S gx.5.f, Dg, r S '. "" I .fit 207 5 , Ai- '5 2 mdk ff- 'JJ X 1: A 1 5. '11-.274 The Homecoming Court 3 3 ,V ,lr my ef'9"""'-. wife U X.,.....-J" .V Jane Patterson, Benny Waggener, Betty Van Winkle Judy Woolfolk and Frances Rowland 2 08 OLLEGE Y 1 , ' .L 'J' OTTHXAIQST fUmf-U - , - ' XX T- ,. f 7 X f H X, iii I t 'a'-:S,:.',:' ' 'I fy mr!! X i I A I . W A , S QN RX ' h wx' , K 1 1 f C?-7" ' Lu!! "'A Rf ' f fr' . I Y , . 1' . 1 i . x. f..f1 Wah 77' LL" angers' fr 25' -.l -1-i ' w. 209 lk l':2---l-L-1 - -.J EA. -li .r , 1 ...i "'-'--i- anxiously awaiting int 5 Homecoming Court With Escorts Bennie Waggener, Bill Rowe, Jayne Patterson, Earl Wimberly, Betty Van Winkle, Tommy Faison, Judy Woolfolk, Hal Ferrell, Frances Rowland, and Johnny Pennington. 210 Putt dy Woolf 212 Sophomor e Maids .5 5 6? Freshmen Maids yW ff' the lineup '5 214 Betty Von Winkle receives crown Campus events began at 2:00 at Berry Building, where everyone was anxiously waiting to know which one of the lovely maids had been chosen by a vote of the stu- dent body to be Northwest's Homecoming Queen of 1966. The Ranger Band played for the cere- mony of the Queen's Coronation and the presentation of her court. Governor Paul Johnson crowned the Queen, Betty Van Win- kle. The presentation of the court 'wk W X Q s 215 .is.s.mi'!i Reception Honors Governor And Special Guests After tours of the technical buildings and Gainey Hall, a men's residence building, the next event of the afternoon was a reception from 3:00 until 4:00 in honor of Governor Johnson, A. P. Fatherree, director of the Division of Voca- tional and Technical Education of the Mississippi Department of Education, for whom the agriculture technology building is named, and members of the Berry and Gainey families. Berry Building is narred in honor of the late P. W. Berry, who was the first president of the Junior College. Gainey Hall is named in honor of the late Andrew G. Gainey, who was the first president of the high school which later became the Junior College. ln the receiving line with Governor Johnson and his wife were Mr. and Mrs. Fatherree, ncembers of the Berry and Gainey families, President and Mrs. R. D. Mclendon, Mr. Don Bartlett of Como, president of the Northwest Board of Trustees, and Mrs. Bartlett, Student Council president, Butch Still, and Queen Betty Van Winkle. 216 The climax of the afternoon events came at 4:30, when the ceremonies to dedicate the new buildings were held in the auditorium. An address was given by Governor Johnson. Prseident R. D. McLen- don presided at the program, and Mr. Don Bartlett, president of the Board of Trustees, introduced the Governor. Mr. Wilson Ed- mondson, chairman of the building com- mittee of the Board of Trustees, made the presentation dedicating the A. P. Fatherree Agriculture Technology Building and Gain- ey Hall. The presentation dedicating Ber- ry Building was made by Mr. C. B. Walker, secretary of the Board of Trustees. "God Bless America" and "Dixie" were sung by the Northwest Singers. Govemor Johnson Mr. Bartlett and Mr. McLendon 217 - ..,,,...,N4..-,ff . , ,-. ,, ww w'u,m1:'x .V .,,, an-'mln 5 'Q F ' .fr 1 WW .3 E WW 'K' A ..en:ala1..s1a J -.,sfz EcW'L .293 inn I-7,7 W. ..,. T. ,s Mw f,4fwws. 9 1, 1 wwf. ,'w44ouw,f4W..,..,, , ., 'x f, I - . ,, - ,, 4 "'mmW""' "'Mf"'fYW 1fmfT- , fny, ,A 2 V, U 1 - ,J-1 '- f Q ,.' M MID'-5 E . 5 , ' , i , . V 1 V- , 'Wff.i,5's"'. M.-1.1 wi xJ 0 A Q 3 I N.-f' X --lzi -11 ' n J is! 192 u- ,fin ,QA-, .f X " 5 M' I Q Q3 s i f t if? + V X 3 's 2, , ' ' 0 tx if x Rangers VS Mississippi Delta 35 218 SN Si' 1 .M-... Q7 'A J i F V vt" The final event of the evening was a Homecoming Dance from 10:30 until 12:00 in the gymnasium. The decorations for the dance included a set of wedding rings in the center of the dance floor. Hanging from the rings were the signs "Academic" and "Technical." They represented the marriage of the academic and technical programs at Northwest. As the evening crept away, tired Northwest students, alumni, and friends also left richly rewarded with memories of a wonderful day to cherish as they await the next Northwest Homecoming. K 219 f 1 The Spring Formal Court The annual Spring Formal was held in the gaily decorated gymnasium on March 31, 1967. Reigning over the dance was the Court, composed of 'Five Northwest beauties selected by the student body. The Queen and her Maids chose their escorts for the e'vening's events. During the dance the Queen was crowned, and there were various types of entertainment. The Court included from left to right: Pamela Jones, Bobby Edmondson, Sharon Christ, David Jones, Rita Burford, Hal Herro-n, Sherri Hughey, Mickey Easley, Wilma Parker, and Jerry Beeler. 220 22 Maid Pamela Jones 222 Maid Sharon Christ Maid Wilma Parker I E 223 Maid Sherri I-lughey "Look boss, I don't care what kind of night you had-watch what you're dictating' The Pajama Game Hines Marvin Earnheart Preg C David Jones Hasler Jim Young Gladys Kaye Bolen Sid Sorkin an Jerry Brewer Mable Connie Robinson First Helper Dickie Flynn Charlie C B "Doc" Harris Babe Williams Kay Babbert Mae Dianne Pierce Brenda - Pat Reid Poopsie Bertha Craig Salesman Benny Flynn Pop - James Keyser Virginia Ellen Welch Carmen Sherry Gamble Charlene Miriam Carpenter Sandra Olivia Weatherly Janice A Mary Ellen Baker Jean Sharon Christ V I V' xi' ,na 'l Friends, Romans, Countrymen "You expect me to drink all of that?' YR Sz: 4, ,, "To think-My mother wanted me to be a school teacher!" 225 "Pardon my arrogance, but I know what I'm talk- ing about! " 7 I "You mean that grubby old man is our neighbor?" ThE dl e gg an Betty MacDonald B - Sharon Christ Don - Morris Bomar Anne - Connie Robinson Joan Carole Reeves Thad - Bill Hardin Delicate Daisy - Phyllis Jones Mr. Manic-Depressive - David Jones Corinne Linda Ogle Fishface Bob Nunley Hi-Baby C B Benny Flynn JJ Kenny Martin Ross - Bill Blaylock The Lingery Lady Charlotte Tippit Millicent Ames Kay Gabbert Thermometer Tessie Sylvia Hickey Miss Linden or Kay Hobbs Grady Steve Gulledge Paula Gloria Starnes Toni Becky Coleman Lolly Linda Ross Mitzie , W Charlotte McCauley 226 I 5 N---. . Sul HBV? .140--ll""1'q. p EL ' Q "W-it li I Qi Just as I promised-the latest thing from outer Mongolia! What d'ya mean I'm supposed to have my dress off? Keep pu11in'!" 227 fry to remember -9- gem 228 229 and if you remember, follow try to remember the times at Northwest when you . . registered 230 . -455 1 x 3 L 5 J ,fn wwf I X I' began to eat in the cafeteria '15 W L. ..-AX 45" and made friends 232 moved into the dorm . . I 'X went on school trips 233 . . . practiced for school activities . . Y Qa- i 'i:',YAi's'1xl ,, .A ,'jv,:,:'1':f,1 4'-gy, ' 1: 'vmazd-Qr': -f-Y, .gf f ' f H" 2 ,f V gf' g- 1 ,,?zF?,?' ' 4? 11 265-4 . attended school activities . . . . . participated in grou IR 59' sk-YN-. 234 . . were amazed by 'fs Gfv 'xii' some things . . activities . . . 235 WWW' caught faculfy members and in the act of being W, ,VM 1 -4, A , . 236 l 'S 'ni' saw them like gx " ' 5 -.g' this everyday 239 " , , 1 .Q DP V 5 1 1 1 1 I f L... 1 . r.. A-- n-igfl attended parties 240 moved into the new dormitories . X" ,E s Mn S' X 'f had fun together . . . it 1 Q gi if sf '-fs.-f'MM""K.-" W-v" 242 'iv Maxim' f. 11 , 53, X fl ...rv ,x yu gf ' 2 ,Mg ,., 'K . f. x 3 'Q 5 V , ., as ! 1 ,i f Za ,f We , 243 N, . . - sffr ,B-L i 9' - Xgk' A. I 4?'1,l! - ,V 4 x. Sw, x ? i 244 went fhrough fhe daily routines . . TW! ,ff-, A M ff, f A wi' mf M. Y 1 Whnqp """'4 ov ,- W 4n." 'vs A Wa 245 could have danced all night 246 'G Rep? your dreams beside your pillow 247 248 listened 'Bi 3. 5 3 1.25.2 x , ff- . J' f' 3 fialgi W , 51 5 , Gwynn, 0 and 'practiced and practiced and thought .sgjw ' :-:- . -- M J SAB - 249 x . JYITVZA .1 Q4 I eff QJ ' N' 1 eg? . . . and studied toward . . . researched like Mr .,' ,ID li JU the goal. '92, , -w ' JY- 1 -' 3, - -, - 4 .tfzi u w ! n w, .inf w ' 'D - " gil X, 7 -4 . l , Y 1 qu P55 S Y !j,3?,,, 'x -"N A ' u R. 1 :v 0 7 ' , ,,3. 5 'Q A Q? 5 ma? Lfgw' LM ' ., .. '. 'H - .Q fwyglk " v 1- rf Y. 2 'I' .,,,,, -,,- - "i, , V fs.-ff X-+5 i ' A 3 1 wg ' k 412' 1- as ' ' , 1 N 5 4 . Q ,i 1. V, , wr 1-13. 1 q u 0 m :fel I A vasigwg Y- ,Q X Q ik af a n 1 f 1 2 ' s .ill - XY , ,, ' ,L , y' .IA g--- . . 1,fJ7,g,V g V A ' fs 1 1 ax Ki.. Y y 4 I 'i 5 4'-xl ,ni K sl? x is yi 0 -ffl. fix . , , 2 , , , ,. V , K Q ' ', , 1 K ,gmt Q , ' ,V 3 ', f ' w ' ff5',!',' , . ' , ,nv Y V 'Q ,wg ev f ifq 'Y . f, 4 , ,. ' Q -,.-' ' J 1 5 f y , . Y Q " . av v .., 15 -f fm Q ., .-.,- 2 A V2 ', ' Y 4 :.lJ" Ng awhir Ov 1 3 wx i af! . 'pri' I I , It ' J xf Y 0 My ,K 'QIY nj A, 1 f , 1 n f H, to! t E , . 5 aff 2 Q Q 1 14 .1 :Y ' 4' I ' . , L5 43 ,I C 'N 'Sm w k if 1 A cv lv,' x Q V A Q, 2 I dn lm' , , :6?Q,: Nj. X V Y A A, . . P 4 HHN , ,I '- - , A' , " f A 1 My 11, , . , . 'x , 4 Y .1 , a . I I . X . , my V ..,' 4 - ,s-aff, Q 1 4.4, , W- ' Fwftii 1 . -7 'P ,f4fR','j, Q 63,0 1 . J N iz , 1 he , if I , Q Cf ,, ' G ' f 4 Q kv: f 0 , 0, , x 4. f , ,K : I J z , ' X ,A 4.-vF"f '- ' 1- ff 'M .-'H-'.' H:-ff, A 4' H 2" "' ,QW 'f' uf .ff 5 . 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Suggestions in the Northwest Mississippi Community College - Rockateer Yearbook (Senatobia, MS) collection:

Northwest Mississippi Community College - Rockateer Yearbook (Senatobia, MS) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Northwest Mississippi Community College - Rockateer Yearbook (Senatobia, MS) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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Northwest Mississippi Community College - Rockateer Yearbook (Senatobia, MS) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Northwest Mississippi Community College - Rockateer Yearbook (Senatobia, MS) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Northwest Mississippi Community College - Rockateer Yearbook (Senatobia, MS) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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