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my ff rf . ykiffuyy J dm , A X if 1 t 'CAG . Eicyxigccaggkj 1SLZfc4,0Za 7 ,Q f 1 . Kqfffjj 7 if ,A.. ' 64555324211 rffvaad oriliwesi . 777 VZ! Q ,,,3f,,,'Z E Unity Foreword Our school is unique. Other buildings, other scenes, other faces may resemble ours, but they are never the same. This school is ours aloneg we have molded its solid walls from our mirth and our sorrowg we have forged its beams in the crucible of our characterg we have put its parts together with the cohesive stuff of our tears and ourlaughterffhe strength of the whole come from the UNITY that makes all the various little parts fit together. 'Qi are one of those essential partsg Q15 is the spirit that makes for unityg and unity is the source of our strength. 2 1 ,Q ffl X rf- : rf 1 :rf ,sexe S 1 r s fir " x iv A' A ' ff 1 wg Q X I , . NL ' W , -' 2 sa .' f g g I ,f ' - , ,. . e is 'f Ni - -V ,r,..s,., . -f "N . ,, ,, 4. ,W we , ' ' " 17" H, -f rg-4 - - :W-ma. A .. ., .. , 'K 5 gff,,f,,1, f1,zrqbiQ,5,,5,yg,3,ekg,5gfi1.-1.f , H - f. -, A ir y my V, , 1 :.. . W t,, :,,s 4 ,,,, ,, s , ggg,.. tz.. , q,g.t,r,. A, is a t A t sys!- wr-sa. ' t he t - is - - 'Q A f . g ' Www, i f ' - ,. M t, n A L, ff. Qfffflmg- fan , affwiif . :PL ft W . .. f ' ,fi . ' ,?v2i2f'-1 aafjl ' -Q. ,N,,4fg,zg 5 A - . ' - ni V '57- 'skits Fi1t,??1'iflfagT91.t :fer J ' Kskmewfafewiww my Q7 M" LGI "f3'1'W 7'E?f77'- L-7 "'l9'lifm'iifkfiigijijg?jf,,gf'f K 'nf-E34 gi-' tlEQ?"iiL3fZ' 1 ,a ai f fzggg- W , 1: tl , 4 H 1,5124 11 5-:f f ,.- ,. 3. 5 I . , : iso gezgy in i'?5fm1P'fw i , . , ,ff WML KV K . 1 fmt r . Q -f 1' us., f't1,Qafg.L'lY.5.ff , -2' . - pu,-1, . ,ff 1,-+.,w:,Ns4fg. -Af" ' , f' 7, E:'?5's?1fT'?f?'.' f:f3:f373Y"?f35M T-tml' 4 Wi ,,. -M j ' A , ' , V . ,Q . . fu, ,. 2'w,."t ' ' . A " " , A f' A' ,f L-W's :JY f flwifqrlweete- Q1 "'1'J"4V t Y, ,.,m 5kvsLL,?7,,gvk,,,,,,,xs:.V,sA, .. ill KL:-.K .rm ,. awftsggig - f f ef raw' 'r sh, ugtygirwf ga isfgg3g,k'J'F?ml',,,-41haf, MIT lang. ,Q 55 - -1-. -K .,. K 3 'Cid' PM,L,,,.zgii,,gpg.g.gggrg3k,sxgfgap ,J Q -f 3355, ,,,,v5fg?z ' -fi !-H? ' -W'iK'4 tt' "SVN wif: X ,lil-1 is - ,,- ff nvaziffz sl ish, me , M x1lr ,.l...MM 1 ' Bgwf H IVV, E A ,V lfirm Q 7. Q- gsgggffw , A , .V V Kirin gr -I , H .r ,ta k4,,,.,4 -L ,gig -ew xii!-expr, is ,V -9 - ,Awww it ww Mmm - ' - --ua- uf' . -'win ,Nw . f-fwkz:-f 196 1 Zoftati Volume VI Northwest High School JENNY LYNN JOYCE Winston-Salem, North Carolina 3 s 4 United We Stand Unity is the hope of the world. It means shared joy and sorrow, success and failure, prosperity and povertyg it means understanding, with its attendant sympathy. It is loyalty and love and strength. It is the solid ranks that free people oppose to oppression. At Northwest, unity means school spirit that leads us to cheer our teams in victory or defeatg it is the pride of the entire school in the high achievement of any of its membersg it is our loyalty to our tra- ditions. x V To our ideal of unity throughout the world and in our own small part of it, we, the staff, dedicate TOHARI, 1961. X 4 LUOIQ 12 Activities Classes Advertising Table of Contents A day-any day-is a lovely, many splendored thing. It is a g olde n coin given us at dawn from the vast treasure store of eternity. We cannot hide it away or hoard it for future sp e n d i n g because it is taken from us at twilight. It is a coin that we must spend, wisely or foolishly, each a c c o r d i ng to his nature, but by some strange andwonder- ful paradox, once we have exchanged our golden coin in the mart of life for whatever merchandise we most desire it then becomes our own to keep forever in atreasure chest we label MEMORIES. From such a store of beloved fragments and bits we h ave constructed a com- posite day as we have lived it here at Northwest. 5 Pat Gibson gets up an hour later than the other stu- dents, because she lives next door. Mom ents 50 Re m emlg e r . U,,W,,,,m,,,,,,5,,5,,,,,,,,, siwifzswhfii is if Hugh Allen, our Student Council president, presides at each assembly. Hugh receives the gavel, along with the duties of the Student Council, from the outgoing 1959-1960 president, Steve Kiger. f"- ,dk .f 1 6 Are Hasflioned Qrom . Teaching s tude nts to parallelpark is all ,a part of a day's work for Mr. Jarvis, the Drivers Training instructor. Camilla Mclrmis, an envious junior, admires the new class r1ngs of seniors Harry Downs and Jewell Childress. ,,,f"fY ' x, 3 f. il. "" q:w'i,.f'f . ri F ff. N. Jenny Lynn Joyce, the unsuspecting Homecoming Que en, awaits her turn to ride out on the football field. Mr. Nifong is mimeographing a test forh math class. is general Council members serve Mrs. Penner and Mr. Nifong at the annual Student Council tea for the teachers. The Tuttle triplets, Mary Ann, Mike, and Marcus, are directed to a freshman homeroom by Student Council representative, Brenda Moore. Hriendly gaces w.,,W-gweiewrfiiwm' Wonder if these sophomores are taking in everything Mrs. Hauser is te aching them ? Mr. Gibson welcomes Frank Dorn, a new student at Northwest, and makes him feel at home. 8 5 mow: yew Jenny Lynn Joyce, Alice Smith, and Sheron Fulk add a musical note to the South Pacific theme of the 1959-1960 Junior- Se nior Prom. Yvonne Merritt takes advantage of Santa's visit to the Student Council Christmas Dance. flamilier Scenes, , These three couples enjoy a moment in the limelight at the Homecoming Dance. During football season, the cheerleaders encouraged s chool spirit even as far as decorating the goal post. ScHool Spirit, 5eam foyalty, 1-2-3-4. . . an exercise that the football players practice each day of the season .Q-ts: ,, P aul Hepler, a 1959-60 graduate, realizes his imminent departure from Northwest as he receives his diploma from Mr. Frank Stith, II. The excuse has been given and a cc epte d... now Brenda Shelton has only to sign the checkout sheet. Achievement. 3:05 is here, and all the students at Northwest are seated on the buses, waiting to return home. ,.. ,: ..,.,, ,,... .sf . Y - A ,, , . f p q.,,,, Unity Wore . .. All schools, of course, exist for the benefit ofstudentsg but the core, the heart of the school is a combination of students, teachers, and curriculum. At Northwest ourqcurriculum attempts to meet the needs of all our eight hundred studentsg and our teachers try, with h ' us varying degrees of success, to put curriculum and students together into a armonio and well-blended whole. The process is something after the fashion of whipping up a little five-layer devil's food with fluffy white icing! Sometime s a wholly satisfying product emerges from mixing bowl and oven, and then again it falls flat in the baking. When such a catastrophe occurs, we get together, study the causes of failure, and try again. 13 P. T. A. Officers Builds A Weil-Rounded Curriculum. School Board The P T A is an organization who se purpose is to unify the school by bringing the students' parents and teachers into closer understanding. PTA Offic ers are as follows: Mrs. W. K. Joyce, Secretaryg Mrs. C. E. Hartgrove, Presi- dent: Miss Jessie Threlfall, First Vice--President. Standing: Mrs. C. C. Mertes. Second Vice-Presidentg Mr. J. Alvin Fulk, Treasurer: Mrs. Blanche R. Zimmerman, Historian. 3 Q ,. The s ch ool committee serves the school by taking charge of some of the administrative problems. Seated: Mr. Kar1G. Williams, Chairmang Mrs. Ed Phelpsg Mr. james Wall. Standing: Mr. Winburn Craftg Mr. Ken Leinb achg Mr. George Petree. Mr, Julian Gibson, Principal ,,,,,,.,............-....--- Mr. Gibson, our principal, is a leader set- ting an inspiring example, a friend helping all who need help, and a g oo d citizen performing his duty to society. Because of his never-ending dedication to his job, his genuine interest in the welfare of the individuals around him, his sim- plicity and friendliness, his fairness and integrity, he has earned the respect and admiration of all who know him. The handling of the school's finances is taken care of by Mrs. Hix, the school treasurer, and her student assistant, George Livengood. In the office next: door, Mrs. Se ats, the school secretary, finishes some correspondence. me..-I s xxx Has An Efficient Staff. Each office a s s i st a nt is kept busy with the Various tasks that are to be done in the office each day. The seniors who serve as office assistants are, from left to right: Sharon Adkins, Rachel Davis, jenny Lynn Joyc e, Ba rb ar a Sprinkle, Gail Sapp, Becky Tuttle, Pat Tuttle, and jane Lane. anne f sl No livelier class can exist any- where than our journalism class, wh i ch publishes both newspaper and yearbook. There is always a dead- line to meet, and we are forever late. Me m b e rship is restricted to juniors and se ni ors. Staff members are required to attend summer work- shops at local and ne arby colleges. We look forw ard to an annual field trip to visit the city newspapers and talk with members of their staffs. Libby Elias brings to the attention of editor S andr a Barnes a funny item in an issue of a newspaper. Betty Cooke draws away, while G. C. Petree proofreads a stencil. The journalism class is busily at work. Artists + Zypisfs + writers 2 ournalism These girls busily typing to meet the deadline are Lynda The all-important task of getting the mime og raph Blackmon, Jane Williams, and Anne Varellas. machine on the rig ht track is being taken care of by Sharon Ridge, Yvonne Merritt, and Brenda Slate. 17 dr , mLm,' ,L1,, , i Q Q may Upper Upper Q., 51 22 O fs will ri H Nl ., .A- - if .. if , .ay .Q ,sl iuris up 1. gfsffi if I sf. is I 5 C QW' ci? f Mrs. Ne cerning Mrs. Snglisfi Classes Stress Creafivit iw l ? 3 .5 ful f L Y Xi 4LAs y, Research left: The five English teachers meet in the teachers' lounge to look over the latest issue of the teachers' magazine right: Ann Brock admires Miss Threlfa1l's automobile, which is just another evidence of her school spirit! Q PL wman carefully scans the newspapers in search of clippings con- Northwest activities to put on her bulletin board. Gentry looks as if the morning mail has brought her some good HSWS. 18 Themes, themes, themes! Long ones occasionallyg short ones almost daily. Clarity and fluency in speaking and writingg w i de and comprehensive readingg locig al reason- ing and org anizingg wo rcls, words, words! Of such are English classes made. And we still find time to listen and lookztelevision, motion pictures, radio contribute to our pro- gram as we learn to disti ng ui sh between good and mediocre and try to develop that indefinable something called "taste. " -P . : dm XP 'ri in lg? 5' '46 .mm it W J Doris Smith finishes a bulletin board on short stories. Self-Expression Mrs. Cox, a teacher who beg an her teaching in the middle of the year, is welcomed by Joanne Tally. Q-N V iilllt ' Ivirs. Hauser plans her garden for this summer when school is out. The all-important research p ap er, which requires letter- perfect exactness is being prepared by Ronnie Hamilton, Steve Jones, and Frank Purvis. 19 ,4 Small World of fanguagesg Mrs. Sprin.kle's Latin cl a sses are crowdedg Caesar's Gallic wars are fought daily, and all Gaul gets divided into more than three parts with am azing regularity. Latin I and II are offered to freshmen and sophomores chiefly, though upper classmen are generously sprinkled throughout many of the classes. A hundred fifty-five of our students choose to study Latin. Mr. Ivey wears a Tyrole an hatg his French car wears a Paris license plateg his classes e nte rt ain in assembly with French songs, skits, and monologuesg and his graduates bring home A's from college French. Only juniors and seniors may e le ct French, which is largely taught by the direct method. To start off the surprise birthday party for Mrs. Sprinkle, Sandra Young presents her with a gift from the se c ond period Latin class. "You aren't trying to run away with Mrs. Sprinkle's Roman bookends, are you?" says Sharon Wall to Susie Newsom and Gail Clayton. Will this last minute cr am ming for the French test pay ofi in the end? Sizzly luicy! Mrs. Sprinkle proudly shows Mr. Ivey the work of one of her Latin students. 20 N Barge World of Books iw ' ' " 5 Carol Welborn finds Miss Smith's assistance a big help in working with reference books. Our library, of 4446 volume s, seems to be the center of school life as it is conveniently located in the school's central hall. Whether we desire research material, or just want to scan the latest In ag azines, we always feel free to take advantage of the opportunities our library affords. . i ' " if .1-1 .ff - Miss Smith puts the finishing touches on the C 211' O1 110119 is Seen W01'ki1'19 On the lO1'1Q and Week bulletin board in the library. tedious job of s o rt i ng m ag a z i n e s and other Ruthie Meade asks Judy Rutledge's opinion of the book Ivanhoe as she' checks it out. periodic al literature . Robert Wesley is learning in his first year that he can study better in the quiet ness of the library. Mr. Larrimore takes time to explain the new work on plotting equations to Sandra Young, who has been absent. Mr. Idol finds that being ateacher not only requires grading papers, but also a certain amount of book- keeping. Jimmy Speas catches his mother free for a few moments so that she can help him with a difficult trigonometry problem. Math Courses Trig, general math, s o 1 i d g e o m e try, plane geometry, senior math, commercial math, first year algebra, second year a lg ebr a, advanced algebra. . . something for everybody in our mathematics department. . . everybody gets his ch oi c e. . . and then some. 22 It's complicated, but it hasn't sttunped Iris Anderson yet. Are got Sveryfiody No doubt Dock Clement and Deenie Blackburn can recognize these geometric designs since they have completed their geometry course. A a 23 NJ "Wonder how I ever got the job of planning the intramural schedule?" says Mr. Nifong. "I'd rather teach math any day. " 5" 4 H' yi, 1 f Stuart big project that he has just c omplete d for social studies. Gordon has good reason to look proud of this AF' .M is - "l'll just tell my stude nts that I'm looking up the history of baseball. " Final plans for a trip to Old Salem are confirmed by Mrs. Zimmerman for her U. S. history class. Uirougfl Knowledge K J: I ,-" 'Et-, Maggy lili by j , X fy' 2 aj:-.E-..-L' H M W l' A an 1 a ff fl 2 L,,. WW: ,zilwz 432311: , . ff.. -N-w.fw..,,Wf,, .L fr sefszf-If swiw ' f 1,255 f , A 1 , ,. ,,,tt,,iij r . ' sf . fi aw -S 'g,,,ipfAi.r5 f, 'W A ,ya ff' :',f,iV7i5ffiWI3 szffligl , K ji 57 r ig r Here entering the school together is Northwest's only husband and wife teacher team, Mr. and Mrs. Nifong. "Boy! I'm glad I wasn't General Lee." 24 , j w Mifflrwf Wi Corwdglyhdelygtsjlfldifgif Godyfljs World .f - fpj M' llf My 0 DMV! l QSXJFRX jifgylvu fr "I have to have this projector ready for the next period," thinks Ronnie Morgan. Betty Elliot is only one of many students who stop Miss Peterson in the halls to see her new engagement ring. United States and world history are re quire d of all studentsg and other courses in ancient, modern, and con- temporary history are popular electives. In sociology we investig ate alcoholism w i t h speakers from Alc oholic s Annonymousg narcotics and delinquency with case workers from the local health depart- ment. American government and geography have acquired new importance through current World events. "Here she comes. I hope she likes my pro j e ct. " Rober Shutt and Nancy C a llo W ay complete projects for history. Mrs. Nifong is an American government and geography teacher, but she still finds time to fill her position as the cheer- leaders' sponsor. V- ,N I :Mi ,-,f - ,p f .. , "'.' -,ii " ' , 1 Q . 4 ' 11" A 'Q'EiEi' ' 'if A 1' f" nwwwfisf? f W N FJ. - i sei?-.ii-ima 'krhh 9 A ' .,: --f- Y , .lf li . - Y V, , . K img " 71 I , ie, 1 , e is i N 1 5? , 1 , 1. xi - ,fp to ik - Zwf.. ' z V fl E, ' ' zu .iff N. HI- V gbfi, xii . '- agf'-xg, 1 ' fir' 1.5 -Q W'-W WWW: ' 1. 'Vex f , , - , M'-is A ' ' ifl , ,- H, Y Q' - f ' bi. 0 fkfrr. H fit Wi l .. WQQ, m3'w'f?g2w i give Courses Upper left: Tyrone Browder can hardly believe what's before his eyes as he looks through the microscope. Upper right: "I'm glad I don't have this kind of job at home, " jimmy Helsabeck, a chemistry student, thinks to himself. Side: "Gee, I hope I'm fixing this right," is Carolyn Hill's only thought, as her classmates and teacher look on. Lower right: Mr. Wilhelm listens to a question raised by a stu- dent concerning space explorations. 26 Qntrigue 5542 Science-Minded Linda Carter, along with other students in the chemistry d e p a r t- ment, is learning of relationships of elements and compounds. N o r t hw e s t has a well-equipped science department offering in s t ru c tio n in general science, biology, chemistry, and physics. Students use the modern facilities afforded by three laboratories, one of which was completed last winter. The annual science fair sponsored by the Northwest junior Engineers Club works through the science department in encourag- ing students to develop interests in scientific fields. .sl fy ' L.. gp.. ,nur-fee Upper right: Besides t e a c hi ng science, Mr. McLamb must call the absentees and find the reasons for their absence. Lower left: "I know his liver is here some- where,." exclaims Pat Eddinger. Opportunities For -org V we These freshman girls learn early how important it is to be good cooks. Mrs. Benton gets ready for a day's study in meal preparation. One senior girl makes her gown for a june weddi ng. .. b e a ut i ful costumes are readied for the spring fashion show. . .everybody etches aluminum trays for Christmas. . . info rm al teas are almost weekly events. . . The whole school uses and enjoys the beautiful new room added to the department in De ce mber. The kitchens are used many evenings for community services. "No, Ididn't buy this--I made it." Sandy Cox proudly exclaims. Mrs. Penner finds some time to sew for herself for a change. Better Home ffiving . . Can you repair this broken chair? What kind of clover shall I plant? How can I stop e rosi on? How can I start my old truck? What shall I feed my prize calf? You ask the que sti on, and either Mr. Selle or Mr. Jarvis will come up with exactly the right answer as they steer their classes into the joys of self-expression through wood work and growing things. The agriculture boys keep our lawns green and our shrubbery pruned. The well-equipped shop is a busy place, l-4 eeping many hands and minds alert and occupied. In a two-county Tool Identification Contest Roger Hughes, Charles Selle, jr., Gary Arrington, and Wayne Allen were first place winners. In the Wildlife Plantings sponsored by the Forsyth Wild- life Club, William Lane and George Dull were winners. V. D. Wall won a first place on tobacco at the Dixie Classics Fair. Front row: Roger Hughes, Charles Selle, Jr. Back row: Gary Arrington, Wayne Allen. Mui Mr. Jarvis and his daughter Lynn exchange Charles Selle, jr. watches the expert hands of his father in the shop. early morning bits of news as they arrive at school together. 29 Better jobs . at eeeeeeeeee oooeooooooe ii 906006090099 Mrs. Byrne gives a quick glance around the class- room to see if everyone is ready forhis timed writing. Mrs. I-Iix explains, "Now repeat after me. . . 'B' is typed with the index finger, and 'V' is.. . " Five units in commercial subjects are required for a diploma in that department. ln 1961 only fifteen such diplomas will be issued at Northwest. Almost every student in our high school takes p ers on al 'typing during his junior or senior year and applies his skill in the service 'of the journ alis m class, the office staff, the library, or just in improving his own grades on themes. Many of our students go directly from Northwest into desirable office positionsg some go on to future business study in Mrs. Newsom, a commercial te ache r, finds time collegeg others, of course, get married and confine their com- for her hobby as she watches the lunch line- mercial skill to letter writing and making market lists! -ag, "Eyes on copy. . . begin!" From the expressions on these girls' faces, one would think that Nancy Golding and Rachel Davis enjoy their shorthand class. I Better Health Physical education is required of freshmen and sophomores only. We are aware that it should be required of all students, but our space and equipment c annot take care of any more than it now does. A whole section of our mo de rn new building is devoted tothe gymnasium, physical education classes, offi c e s, storage space for e quip rn e nt, and dressing rooms. It is still not enough! Basket- ball, softball, volleyball, baseball, football, are the sports for which we have both space and equipment. 47 ist I x Q if ijjfy 3 - ,, ., if Frank Dorn, M.r. Wyatt s assistant, helps the p ysical education teacher supervise his students' exercises. Mr. Wyatt, physical education t e a c h e r, but also varsity bas- ketball coach, lets his son Mark give the boys a pep talk fora change. Butch Cox and Bill agility in handling the basketball during a class period. Miss Dowell supervises a thrilling basketball game, which is typical of her physical eudcation classes. Parks show 31 Mr. Snyder, the glee club director, has helped many students learn more about playing our new organ. ,Ag We Discover Our Zalents . Northwest students sing carols during the Christmas Dance. X ,X W5 Mr. Deaner considers a new selection for the band. 32 ww' ,iw H K s The school's new storage space for band instruments is a pleasant convenience for band members Dickie Speas, Hugh Allen, and Charles Conrad. 1 yr. Hilda LeVan, an undecided senior, discusses schedule changes with Mr. Ivey, assistant counselor. we Plan 301' Our Huture Charles Conrad, an inquiring senior, receives W information on opportunities offered to him after graduation. 5 5 ,A 5 5 I 1 r , . E f f if P I Q Ni , mn 7 U 22523232 is? , .WW , ,- in ' Q i s 5 2 i k,3r..'.sV ,gif 3 3 Mr. Underwood can easily put his finger on any infor- mation by looking in his det ai le d files. His able assistants are Betty Lawson and Becky Smith. Well-Balanced Meals Are Ure Result 0 .. X Va . K, Mrs. Azalea Fariss, Mrs. Mamie Bowen. Mrs. Hattie Boles, Mrs. Addie McDowell. Mrs. Lexie Shouse. Mrs. Mary Livengood. Left to right: Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. Boles, Mrs. Flippin, Mrs. Fariss, Mrs. McDowell, Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. Livengood, Mrs. Shouse, Mrs. Sapp. r ,,A" , f 4'-L-......,, of Careful Planning Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. Sapp, dietician. Mrs. Flippin. if 3 - 1 . 5 Q f 35 QQ E11 sf nf? Y? fx 2 yi-ww Mrs. Allen. 35 Unity Activities . . . In our activities we learn to work and play together. Unity is e s s e nti al to both. ' Isl d entire of itself " wrote John Donneg and nowh er e is that more "No man is an an , , a arent than in the te amwork needed to make a strong team, a successful club, a PP winning unit in any department. At Northwest we work hard and play hard and seek in all things to win with honor and lose, when we must, with grace and ser e nity. We consider a good program of activities essential to the well-rounded individual we want each of our students to be. 37 TONY PETREE Vice President Unity Between Students 95 Boosted By HUGH ALLEN President Susan Furches, Ji m my Morg an, and Stuart Fisher present morning devotions over the public address system, a regular duty of the Student Council. 38 PAT GIBSON Secretaiy G. C. PETREE, JR. Treasurer X f 5 E Q 2 3 2 5 if 5 3 and fdaculfy Student Council First row, Junior Representatives: Tony Petxee, Jimmy Helsabeck, Judy Spainhour, C or a Law, David H a us e r, Neil Shouse. Second row, Senior Representatives: Brenda Moore, Stuart Fisher, Milton Ba ug u e ss, Kent Earnhardt, G. C. Petree, Jr., Hugh Allen, Alice Smith. First and second rows, Freshmen Represen- tatives: Billy Hickman, Bill Long, Mike Petree, Karen Kiger, Derenda Cox, Judy Howard, Judy Shelton, Sue Bowen. Third and fourth rows, S o p h o m o r e Represen- tatives: Judy Davis, Betty Elliot, Jeanette Spencer, M arth a Boo ze, Pat G i'b s o n, Vernon Powers, Jimmy Wall, Ralph Sechrist. From eachhomeroom at Northwestcomes one represen- tative who meets with the four officers every week. These wig I fdilk, ,,.., 1 students are elected by the student body every spring pre- ceding their term in the fall. The main purpose of the Stu- dent Council is to bring the young people of Northwest into closer working contact with the faculty. Some of the more important activities performed by this organization include operating the bookstore, planning and carrying out the homecoming festivities, sponsoring various dances, arrang- ing the assembly programs, and conducting daily devotions. SPONSOR Miss Jessie Threlf all Pat Gibson and the Student Council supply store have attracted Mary Hall and Nancy Golding, some prospective customers. i kiky , ., ,,kX, , ,, Q 5 lx L H Ls iifw u Q ,,...,,,...,,..n,,,,,,,,s- , Officers: Tony Petree, Treasurer, Neal Shouse, Secretary, Marvin Thomson, Vice-President, Larry Tise, President, Key Club Means The Key Club is an honorary society for high school boys who have excelled in c h a r a c t e r, service, and scholarship. Selection of me mb er s is based upon the fo ll ow i n g qualities: clean sp e e c h and thought, an average of 80 in all subjects, service to the school, and a life of Christian ideals. Some of the activities of the school year 1960-61 are as follows: Q11 presentation of a S200 scholarship Q21 running the concession stand during fo otb all and 'basketball season Q3j planning and partially building a school park . President Larry Tise and Mr. Underwood discuss the big-scale project for this school year. i i, 4 . swf? ei fig - "1" ig its A i z i 5 5 1315 Key Clubbers Stuart Fisher, Larry Tise, and Marvin Thomson serve Sandra Barnes, Frank Dorn, Becky Tuttle, and Barbara Sprinkle from the concession stand, which the club operates during the sports events. The FHA girls devoted one Thursday night out of each month to serving the Key Club boys at their dinner meetings. 40 .- - :Q sr fb 'K Qi if F' fra! 1 WH be Service got All Above left: Sponsor, Mr. Underwood. Above right: Hard work on the park is tackled by some members. Below right: "Operation Bundle Day Drive!" .iw - va A kkkx . 'V l 7 K kg rf - eggs: z Kil. In W- K .M y ir, , 151, -in : -A -zz, :Y '31 A H 5-' A gs, ff 11" A A t . A W, 1 , First row: Wayne Burkette, Paul Snell, Philip Leon, Jimmy Morgan, Stuart Gordon, Hugh Allen, Marvin Thomson, David Hauser, Ralph Sechrist, jimmy Helsabeck. Second row: jimmy Fearrington, jimmy Wall, Tony Sherrill, G. C. Petree, Jimmy Speas, Tony Petree, Milton Bauguess, Kent Earnhardt, Larry Tise, Stuart Fisher, Robert Leon, Mr. Underwood. 41 5 The National Honor Society T i 3 2 F? w.v,,...J SPONSOR Mrs. Newman Ralph Gross, Susan Furches, Marvin Thomson, and jimmy Morgan, members of the National Honor Society, are checking over the current book list in the library. First row: Marvin Thomson, Iris Anderson, Sheron Fulk, Susan Furches, Yvonne Merritt, Alice Smith, Judy Simmons, Jimmy Morgan. Second row: Hu h Allen R 1 h G K E nh ' ' Petree. g , a p ross, ent ar ardt, Milton Bauguess, Larry Tise, Tony Petree, G. C. 4 I o x Recogniges Achievement The purpose of the National Honor Society is to honor students who have excelled in academic work, demonstrated ability as school leaders, served the school in a variety of activities, and displayed exemplary personality traits in school and community life. As an honor ary society, the Northwest Chapter selects its members on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. After the induction ceremony, the student must keep these high standards in order to maintain his membership in the society. Iris Anderson and Judy S i m m o n s light the candles as Kent Earnhardt, Milton Bauguess, and Hugh Allen show the emblem at the 1960 Fall induction. Officers, left to right: G.C. Petree, Jr., Presi- dentg Milton Bauguess, Vice-Presidentg Tony Petree, Secretary- Treasurerg George Livengood, Sergeant-at-Arms. Members, first row: Paul Snell, Doug jones. Sec ond row: Allen Tothill, Steve Crotts. Third row: Jimmy F e a rring t o n, George Livengood. Top: Ralph Gross. Members: Judy S p a i nh o ur, Lynn I-Iabich, Brenda Petree , Lynda Blackmon. The objectives of the Monogram Clubs are to promote good sportsmanship and to learn new gamesg to raise money for the school and to buy athletic e q u i p m e nt for the scho o 1. Projects include intramural sports programs and the sale of programs at the football and basketballgames. The Monogram Club ,, Mak W gt - Treasurer, Judy Spainhour, Secretary. Honors Athletes Members, first row: Eddie Smith, Eddie McKinney. Sec ond row: Bill Walker, Tony Petree. Third row: Stuart Fisher, G.C. Petree, Jr. Top: Milton Bauguess. Officers, left to right: Jenny Lynn Joyce, Vice- President, Sharon Adkins, President, Lynda Blackmon, Members, bottom to top: Jenny Lynn Joyce, Glenda Clanton, Vickey Cozart, Judy Tudor, Sharon Adkins. 1: Q, f' Sli f-'fed , 0' :QD 45 ff f 1' " ' . 4 , if ,,,. Q a left to right: Donna Crump, Judy Davis, Miriam Booze, Susie Boaz. Left to right: Barbara Whicker, Ja n e t Wood, Linda Ballard. I Elsie Jo Mertes, Beverly johnson, Joanne I-Iammond. PRO HUMANITATE, or P. H. O. , is less than a year old and has forty-two members. It serves the double pur- pose of teaching students about careers in medical and health fields and giving students an opportunity to serve. wWsvmwW Its membership is not restricted to girls, but Northwest boys have not yet become interested in joining. P. H. O. members read to children in the pediatric wards of local hospitals, hold Sunday School for them, study home nursing, do small services for the inmates of a nearby home for the aged. Left to rightslris Anderson, Sandra Butner, janet Blakely, Bonnie Sue Tuttle, Beverly Bergen. I Z left to right: Betty Lou Conrad, Kay Davis, Carol Ferguson, julie Habich, Sandra ' 1 ,Q Boyer. 46 :afs.5.e:, ::- 5 V 5 is hs-' Q nQ..i4,...... Left and right: Frankye Boles, Carole Earnhardt, Jane Caddell, Diane Bremer, jenny Adams. P. Serves School and Community I U, ..., . Tmywi 14 3- 'vu x , 5,5 1 ,A V , r .I Lx V 4' 2 9' H. ,, .seas ' Q ,S W D ,X , !,.W Seated: Pat Shore, Ann Adell Thomas. Standing:Nancy Shouse, Karen Sprinkle, Sharon Wall. ,.., ' -:gif ' '.,m-M3335 4 if S, si 23? 'Z 95 Y. ,I 25535 lg i V .V ,,,V L ,,. ASQ f 4 aa T 'f' - .' Q 7 , ' - , K K , fa is , f . , V .... 1' ' , ' K ' 'Y i , . 5 Q 'ff' rv sm. ,ru .ri A .. ."- V it may "2 fl aissziiefgsfiil g r , .V,,1., A vri- . . , I " 5 iw :f mf be-2 s 12.551 W fl gsgz . ,.-fr WN-W W 142' 1s?.QsiL1a'f?:f2i1,' j 141 421 if-iii W' 1, 'KW SN ' -Q 'frsllfzm-if-xy.,IX' ' , ' -:g1','gggl"' ,raw-iQ,,vsfs mfs, -Yagwgqga, , f , ,swag , agfu A ,f1,fV'1 NTT, ima A?i"5f'YWYi's 7V 'Esf::'igEia:..-:Q:?2fw- - - :lflfflf 2-5257? I ' Y ., f L-gi A' -1 ,jixF' M 1' l s.. H .n k WP' A Q H . ,. J' , .s 4-"""" -M.. 4- 1 ., - , , S, 'M ' ,, fr ' a -ffssflgzgglsspsw -"-- 3 ,Ng.fw,:2zss- 1-f 2 me:.gz3i1smsi:ig V A A 5 my fr, eww-2 :fix .W 1952 f .:s,zf2gf2agzii Y ' -i9Fiiif51'3Ll2i ' '.it5s:ET?if2-I i . 'fi-faxsizws 2 f ia Arial Left to right: Lynn H ab i ch, Secretary, Susan Furches, President, Carolyn Coble, Vic e - Pre sidentg Ruth Smitherman, Treasurer. , W-:FY ' Left to right: jane Rowley, Judy OgbLu'n, Gayle Robbins, Anna Miller, Sandra ft' 'N A 1 . .ff sl SPONSOR Miss Elizabeth Smith The Library Club Keeps 556 fibrary Running Smooinly Officers: Sandra Doub, Vice-President, Betty Cooke, Pr e s i d e n tg Margaret Hall, Secretary- Treasurer. Members, first row: Janie Butner, Judy Bennett, Rita Tuttle, Betty Jo Hicks. Second row: Delores Kinyoun, Lynda Blackmon, Betty Cooke, Margaret Hall, Judy Rutledqe. l ii 3 3 i 2 Ther e quire m ents for members of the Bible Quiz Team R is that flj they must attend the Youth for Christ Rallies, and 1 12, be a member of the Youth for Christ Club. Q The team quizzes monthly on Saturday nights at Moore Elementary School. This team has been questioned on the book z of john, and 1st and 2nd Thessalonians. I 3 , Captain: Martha Booze. Co-Captain: Chiquita Utt. Desire got Christian flellowsflip Qnspires Bible Quiz Team , Members, kneeling: Marsden Cleckley, jimmy Morgan. Second row: Faith Anderson, Joyce Parrish, Harriet Kornelis, Laura Ridge. Third row: Martha Booze, Susan Furches, Ruth Smitherman, Chiquita Utt.' 49 I, fri 4 1 iw or-08 -me was ,av ?,g Af, ,1 'C f ws, 5 6 ' + ' Q i Offmcrs. Martha Booze, Vlce-Presldent, Sandra Young, Secretary Treasurer, Ronda Kay May, Program Cha1rman,Ch1 Chl Utt, Pres1dent iii? in IQFKQXQ hr IEQLJK 7119.59 X' N 'V-lQ"4-8 Q-me T fill, I :IPX T1 1' ivlli 144.3 all Members, first row: Jimmy Morgan, lewis Brown, Martha Booze, Chi Chi Utt. Second row: I-Iarriette Kornelis, Joyce Parish, Pat Shore, S andra Butner, Carol Fe rg uso n. Third row: Mary Ann Wall, Sue Lawson, Camilla Utt, Sandy Motsinger, Sandra Tate, Judy Vaden. Fourth row:Marsden Cleckley, Sandra Young, Susan Furches, Ruth Smitherman And Youth For Christ Club Martha Booze is quick with the answer. Almost stumped, Martha helps pull Northwest through for another victory. The purpose of this group is to reach the unreached, to develop Christian leadership, and to provide Christian fellowship for every indivi- dual. YOUTH FOR CHRIST PLEDGE: ". . .forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before, Ipress toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ jesus. " Future Farmers of America Sncourages Agriculture . . Development of good supervised farming programs at home is encouraged by the F. F. A. and most of its acti vi tie s. All members are urged to excel in scholarship and to d e ve lop in leadership. The chapter usually has at least one money-raising drive or project during the year. One of its main projects is to improve the school grotmds. Sponsors: M.r. Charles Jarvis, Mr. Charles Selle, Sr. r 4 Members, left to right: Raymond Farmer, Eddie Gray Marion, Jimmy Ogburn, jerry Arrington, Gary Arrington, jerry Norman, Donald Holston, James DeHart, Steve Triplett,. Delano Widener, Charles Selle, Jr. , Jerry Tise, Charles Selle. Second row: Tommy Shouse, Eddie Sharp, Farrell Blakely, jimmy Cline, Chipper Holland, Gene Walker, Ken Moore, Carlie Martin, jackie Simmons, Charles Jarvis, George Smith, Marvin Swa.rtzel. Third row: Mike Crotts, Gary Bennett, Paul Spainhour, Charlie Smith, Winburn Craft, V. D. Wall, Jerry Weaver, Mike Smitherman, Jerry Boger, Melvin Whicker, Ray Myers, Gary Graham, Shirlie Mahala, Bobby Garmon. Fourth row: Tommy Sapp, Charles Sprinkle, Larry Creech, Connie Matthews, Wayne Linebach, Tommy Canter, Charles Allen, Wayne Hunter, William Lane, Johnny Cates, Dole Hunter, Jerry Bonner, Vernon Reed, Eugene Howell, Larry Frye. Holding Banner, Clyde Dahmer, Wayne Allen. 52 ,,m,,1,, sa' ', N: 1 -we Qs l ' W A, l vw ww W E i -. 4 . .r vw, A lf K ' .A iffx A As.. W' Y H K, 51+ Jail e -fi. , ' R' few Qggfifa We 9 QQQQLV , fm 'e fy K 'V 'Ki .'-V4f1f",Q if f' 57? f J +1w+.r ,a Q N in Hag: -mx ., A ,ef"'l,',fg ' W' ww.- L, 1141 'ffm x '- il sf? fe: ,lf N ,, ,4sQg,,,a,.'iz-Q , A 1 Offrcers, kneehng. Marvm Swartzel, Treasurer, Carhe Martm, Pres1 sf Yg,j,fL gfgwj K L, Kgpigij. dent. Standing:Char1es Allen, Vice-President5Wayne Allen, Reporterg if?1f'5"f,Q5.QfZQ'f,gl"Qig"bfgfiiiiiig Af . 'jr 4. I 'wyi-. Q Ayn, My Clyde Dahmer, Sentrnel. 74-Ifws w,j,f HIV 4 K' "ff 'Q Qyfdze'-'M H' ,' Z? ,H 4.-',t5'l V V' 'WMM 34' 42- flx' qrmrfeh, r,',,,1 A., ,Zii'3ftf,1' ,J Eyfflllf fiw 5+-ff'9yr9lgal" -'li While F. H. A. Encourages Homemaking The Future Homemakers of America is a club open to all high school girls interested in becoming good homernakers, improving themselves, and helping others. This year the girls prepared and served meals to the football team and the Key Club boys. The only requirement for member- ship is that all girls must pay dues each month. Officers, left to right: Barbara West, Treas- urer, Pat S hous e, Vice-President, C ar o l Terry, Song Leader. Second row:Jan Peoples, President 5 Bonnie Lawson, Parliamentariang Ann Griffin, Reporter, Kay Dosher, Historian. rf..s r i Sponsors: Mrs. Vera Penner, Mrs. Faye Benton. Left to right: Becky Gordy, Patricia Harrell, Sandi Boose, Darlene Warren, Elizabeth Bodenheimer, Gaynell Marler Shirley Styers, Carolyn Parks, Vicki Hailey, Lorraine Griffin, Beth Hall, Sharon Hughes, Bayle Stewart, Pat Frances Cranfield, Patsy Tuttle, Kay Dosher. Second row: Jerri Griffith, Mary McGuire, Judy Rutledge, Carol Terry Pat Eddinger, Mariam Boose, Sue Lawson, Lee Ann Smith, Linda Speas, Pat Lane, Cheryl Whitlow, Bonnie Bouvier . . . . . , i . I . I c C1 Lynn Jarvis, Paulette Rickard, Nancy Sprinkle, Doris Smith Betty Lawson Third row Brenda Aldridge, Betty Lawso Gayle Robbins, Rita Tuttle, Gerry Lowe, Patsy Grubbs, Linda Grubbs, Brenda Roberson, Tommie Patterson, Wan Williams, Libby Gentry, Carol Sue Spillman, Sandra Bayer, Betty Isaacs. Fourth row: Shirley Sapp, Eilene Pfaff, Be Westmoreland, Barbara West, Pat Shouse, Betty Jo I-licks, Brenda Fulk, Inez Jester, Sylvia Ring, Norma Long, Je c Kearney, Carolyn Saunders, Carol Earnhardt, Linda Carithers, Linda Gordon, Judy Kreeger Fifth row: Rachel Willia Carolyn Gilley! Geraldine Wilmoth, Glenda Mcl-lone, Elsie Mertes, Jane Rowley, Margo Flynn, Bonnie Lawson, Lin Farmer, Jane Lane, Jan Peoples, Carolyn Williams, Linda Rutledge, Bonnie Williams, Eula Dean Triplette, Glen: Nicholson. 54 D ig Hi - Y Qs Affiliate of M. C. A. . Egan The I-Ii-Y, which is chiefly a service club, is sponsored by the Young Men's Christian Association. Boys who seek member- ship must maintain at least a C a verag e throughout the year. Attendance at the meetings is required unless the member has been officially excused, otherwise, he is subject to being dropped from the club. Mr. Larrimore, who is the club's sponsor, works with the members on the projects which they Lmdertake. He also helps them in the planning of their athletic and social programs. Officers: Bill Flynt, Treasurer, Denny Davis, Vice- President, Jimmy Wall, Secretary, Bobby Garmon, President. Members: Front row, left to right: Roger Briles, Jimmy Wall. Second row: Doug Jones, Charles North, Denny Davis. Third row: Harry Downs, Billy Flynt, Ronnie Liner, Mike Overton, Gene Poindexter. Fourth row: Steve Jones, Bruce Foster, Johnny Grubbs, Larry Lentz, Mike Hawks, Allen Brock, Arnold Griffin. Fifth row: Rommie Gross, Mike Oehman, Tommy Moore, Gray Hutchens, Phil Watts, Bobby Garmon. 55 The purpose of the Y.W. C. A., which sponsors the Y- Teens organiza- tion, is "to build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals ofpersonal and social living to which We are committed by our faith as Christians. " Certain standards of membership are upheld, they are as follows: 1. Membership is open to every school girl in grades 9- 12 who believes in, and will work to realize the pur- pose of the Y.W. C. A. in her own living, in her group, in her associa- SPONSOR tion, in the c ommunity, nation, MiSS Elizabeth Peterson world. 2. The Y.W. C. A. membership is fifty cents. 3. Club dues are paid according to the individual club policy. Officers: Libby Elias, Secretary, Phyllis Grubbs, President, Judy Simmons, Vice-President, Brenda Slate, Treasurer. And Y - Teens of lj. LU. C. A. Senior Y - Teens Members, left to right: Gail Sapp, Peggy Lescault, Carolyn Coble, Judy Simmons, Brenda Moore, Hilda LeVan, Yvonne Merritt, Mina Haney. Second row: Carolyn England, Sandy Cox, Beverly Reich, Jane Williams, Vickie Hall, Marty Dillon, Sandra Bodenhammer, Gayle Robbins, Carol Sapp. Third row: Becky Tuttle, Myrtle Little, Phyllis Grubbs, Becky Smith, Brenda Slate, Pat Tuttle, Sandra Doub, Pat Danner, Bonnie Carlton. Fourth row: Betty Lawson, Sharon Ridge, Anne Varellas, Libby Elias, Sherry Williams, Sandra Barnes, Lynda Blackmon. 56 SPONSOR Mrs. Gerotha Gentry Officers, left to right: Camilla Mclnnis, Presi- dent, Carolyn Cooke, Secretary, Patsy Gaultney, Treasurer, Cora Law, Vice-President. Have Separate Club 3rom'.lu1'1iOr Y - Teens . . . Members: First row, left to right: Debra Tuttle, Jenny Lee Adams, Jane Shouse, Anna Miller, Peggy Robinson, Ann Brock, Bonnie Tuttle, Lillian Chilton, Cora law, Joanne Bouton, Brenda Zachary, Robin Hester. Second row: Janet Grogan, Diane Kimel, Jeanette Synder, Ophelia Lott, Peggy Scott, Wanda Parker, Margaret Hall, Sandra Robb, Brenda Porter, Penny Allen, Karen Pfaff, Kathryn Adams. Third row: Ann Moore, Barbara Clement, Cecelia Kandzer, Judy Tudor, Camilla McKnnis, Joellen Stith, Vickie Cozart, Di anne McCaslin, Wanda Phelps, Bonita Osborne, Brenda Shelton, Donna Kay Corns. Fourth row: Betty Logan, Jeanette Choplin, Patsy Gaultney, Brenda Rothrock, Carolyn Hill, Annette Yarbrough, Judy Roush, linda Carter, Ila Foltz. 57 SPONSOR Mrs. Mary Hauser Officers: Lynne Collins, Janice Moore, Judy Kay Kiser, and Sandra Brann. And Sophomore Y - Teens . . . dry? . v,i'4z11f1 if -," 2' K, V' Qiagtfvv ri - - Mfiigiaig 'F i lly "' " : V 5 fa-- ' "I -V i ..,., , jf: M l ' " A V - ,' 5 A W.Z-lil, ,.,. . ' V First row: Judy Kiser, Diane Bremer, Bonnie Hunter, Johnnie Clanton, Pam Walden, Martha Chappell, Janice Raisner, Linda Reavis, Deenie Blackburn. Second row: Patty Griffin, Betty Ann Kirby, Beverly Mathis, Brenda Burgess, .Jane Budd, Janice Moore, Sherry Snow, Melinda Kapp, Joanne Hammond. Third row: Judy Davis, Jeannette Spencer, linda Ballard, Lynne Collins, Doris Lee Pyrtle, Pam Moore, Becky Scott, Sandra Brann, Norma Mac encup, Fourth row: Frances Glavan, Mary Gail Harpe, Kay Hartman, Susan Stewart, Susie Boaz, Brenda I-Iibbitts, Beverly Bergen, Ronye King, Gayle Wright, Carol Southard. Fifth row: Bain Ridge, Pat Gibson, Betty Elliott, Mary Hall, Julie Stegall, Renee Gilland, Janet Fulcher, Kay Tuttle. 58 3 I fl. I . at :if as ',,, 39. SPONSOR Mrs. Peggy Cox Officers, left to right: Derenda Cox, President, Lynn Young, Vice-President, Dottie Law, I. C. C. Representative, Shelby Moss, Secretary, Sharon Wall, Treasurer. And Freshman Y - Teens Members, left to right: Ann Crowder, Patricia Holt, Marilyn Miller, Lynda Petree, Shelby Moss, Judy Howard, Beverly Johnson, Holly Fulk, Mary Ann Tuttle, Marilyn Hammond, Nancy White, Sandy Snyder, Dottie Law, Jeannie Barbara, Sheron Reich. Second row: Donna Jo Redding, Shirley Merritt, Paulette Brown, Judy Mason, Teresa Brown, Becky Creech, Jane Cadell, Kay Sheek, Derenda Cox, Susan Hauser, Brenda Myers, Lynn Young. Third row: Earlene Gavin, Martha Bodenhammer, Sandy Lackey, Joanne Tally, Connie Guthrey, Vickie Blackburn, Sharon Wall, Barbara Whicker, Lynn Swaim, Karen Kiger, Sandy Snyder, Gloria B1ackbLu'n, Sue Bowen, Judy Shelton, Frankye Boyles, Peggy Wright. Fourth row: Avis Richardson, Carol Brown, Rita Hanley, Ann Thomas, Rona Kiser, Susie Newsom, linda Crutchfield, Sandr a Whitley, Delsue Dull, Libby Anderson, Sandra Hauser, Charlotte Blackburn, Betty Wright, Connie Wolf, Gail Clayton, Linda Reid. 59 Debating Club Zeaches Qrganqed Argument . . Members, left to right: Jimmy Morg an, Sheron Fulk, Sandra Butner, Milton Bauguess. Second row: Sherry Williams, Sandra Doub, Iris Anderson, Doug jones, Faith Anderson. Third row: Jimmy Speas, Hugh Allen, Stuart Gordon, Glory Fowler. Fourth row: Allen Tothill, Robert Leon, Ralph Gross. The Debating Club was organized under the direction of Mrs. Zimmerman for the purpose of giving students a chance to learn the proper procedures used in debating. After the unusual success of Northwest's first debating team, a debating club was naturally considered to give students an idea about debating and to give practice to those who Wa nte d to become members of the Debating Team. Deb ating has proved a challenge to those who have participated. Office rs, left to right: Milton Bau- guess, Vice-Presi- dentg Sandra Butner, Program Chairmang Sheron Fulk, Secre- tary- Tre asurerg jimmy Morg an, President. SPONSOR Mrs. Blanche Zimmerman l The Freedom of Speech Club is composed of mem- bers of Mrs. Zimmerman's public speaking class. It was organized in order that the class might practice parlia- mentary procedure and therefore carry on the pub lic speaking class in a more organized and d e m o c r a ti c manner. 'K Officers, left to right: Carolyn Coble, Program Chairman, Judy Si m mons, Secretary, Tony Petree, Vice-President, Milton Bauguess, President, jimmy Fearrington, Treasurer. Practice Produces Polished Speahcrs Members, left to right: Mrs. Blanche Zimmerman, Sponsor, Carolyn Coble, Judy Simmons, Judy Shumate, Carol Sapp, Sandra Tate, Kay Davis. Second row: Eddie Watson, Frank Sterns, Nancy Watts, Harry Downs, Ralph Gross, Denny Davis. Third row: Charles Conrad, Jerry Gillispie, Doug Jones, jimmy Fearrington, Tony Petree, Paul Snell. Presiding Milton Bauguess. 61 Music for Northwest is provided by the Glee Club under the direction of Mr. Paul Snyder. The chorus is composed of students of each class who are interested in music. The main event of the year was a Christmas music program. Songs are not learned ove rn i ght, and these members take extra time to learn their parts. Glcc Club Produces Musical Sounds . . . . W. . I Y ' l ' Y I . X. First row, left to right: Kay Reid, Nancy Robe rs on, Mina Haney, Sue Lawson, linda Payne, Lynn Swain, Barbara Whicker, jan Peoples. Second row: Elizabeth Bodenhamer, Linda Speas, Brenda Rowsey, linda Fowler, Lee Ann Smith, Gayle Robbins, Avis Richardson, Ann Poindexter, Harriet Kornelis. Third row: Jerry Weaver, Tommy Snell, Barrett Poindexter, Mike Hendrix, Charles Harper, Bob Evans, Larry Hilton. Fourth row: johnny Dwiggins, Gary Kiger, Butch Redmond, Gene Walker, Bobby Garmon, Bill Mustain, Billy Ragsdale, Ronald Johnson. 62 ,, 41 H 3 K . ai? Officers, left to rig ht: Mrs. H. K. S au nd e r s, Instructorg Beverly Reich, Pr e si d e ntg Linda Speas, Vice-Presidentg Ruthie Mead, Se cret ary- Treasurerg Mr. ja m e s Ivey, Sponsor. 63 Members of the Art Club get a lesson in anatomy. Art Club portrays flntcrcsting Sights The Art Club at Northwest was for me d during the spring s e m e ste r of 1960 to further the interest in art. Members of the Art Club are introduced to many media and art forms. After a lecture-demonsiration, the students are encouraged to experiement and to produce as much material as possible. The spring exhibit is a. culmination of the students' efforts. Local artists provide the instruc- tion. . If Boys in every part of the United States and in foreign countries: participate in the Science Clubs of America. The clubs are furnished with information on science projects and many other suggestions fori effective a ct i viti e s. Through encouragement and distribution of! information by Science Service, over a half million young people show science and technology exhibits and projects annually in local science fairs. Eachyear Westinghouse gives science scholarships and awards, which amount to about thirty-four thousand dollars, and honorable recognition for second place winners. Mr. Marshall McI.amb and Mr. jimmy Wilhelm. Researcfi Un Science Clubs of America . Kneeling: Jimmy Ogburn, David Gilbert, joe Lineberry, Terry Carter, Terry Fulcher, Tommy Shermen, Vernon Powers. Second row: Eddie Oliver, Ray Smith, James Hedrick, Gary Taylor, Rickey Powers, Billy Varellas, James Fare, Sammy Tuttle. Third row: Tommy Colburn, Sammy Hutchens, Dennis Hauser, Rickey Scott, Randy Ferguson, Keith Griffin. Fourth row: Dwight Morris, Bud Hedrick, Newton Scott, Fary Sprinkle, Chris Fulk. 64 3 1 1 I The Junior Engineers Club spon- sored by the Senior Engineers Club of Winston- Salem through its many projects tries to stimulate interest in various scientific fields, particularly engineering. The primary project of the club is the annual science fair held in the spring. Officers, left to right: Stuart Gordon, Vic e - Pr e s i d e n tg Tommy Hamilton Secretary- Treasurer, Kent Earnhardt, President. Sxploration Un Junior Engineers' Club ,, . -wx iw, Kneeling: Ben Johnson, Johnny Burt, Tommy Chappell, Preston Bumgardner, Danny Gilbert, jerry Norman. Second row: William Keane, Tommy Sheets, Eugene Strupe, Marvin Thomson, Stuart Gordon, Ralph Gross. Third row: Larry Sheppard, Don Coe, Charles Thomson, Kent Earnhardt, Stuart Fisher. 65 JENNY LYNN JOYCE Co- Editor ALICE SMITH Co-Editor In the fall of each schoolyear, a new yearbook staff is chosen from the members of the journalism c las s. Then begins the task of editing the TOHARI. This staff continues its Work untilthe de adline, when the yearbook goes to the publishing com- pany sometime in the early spring. Tohari Staff Compiles Greasured Memories gn Uearbooh . . we STAFF MEMBERS Left to right: PHILIP LEON, Art Editorg BETTY COOKE and JIMMY SPEAS, Business Manag e r sg TONY SHERRILL, Art Editorg SHERRY WILLIAMS, Literary Editor. 66 ' ta f . , -fi F e s X 5. MRS. LOUISE NEWMAN Adviser SANDRA BARNES Editor Hi-Lito Staff Supervises Pugfication of Newspaper me 3 3 , , ,. --mass . V , , -r:?m:e.:.. ' S F SSSS.S SS,SSS i ig F fh STAFF MEMBERS Seated, left to right: JUDY TUDOR, Managing Editor5 YVONNE MERRITT, Business Managerg BETTY COOKE, Art Editorg SHARON ADKINS, Sports Editor. Standing: SHERRY WILLIAMS, Fashion Editorg HUGH ALLEN and TONY SHERRILL, Publicity Editorsg PHILIP LEON and LIBBY ELIAS, Art Editorsg G. C. PETREE, Sports Editorg ANNE VARELLAS, Fashion Editor. 67 A.- 5 Gene Walker, Don Shouse, Stuart Gordon. Our Safety ffies 911 : m,,. ,L., . 5 Bob Evans, Charles Conrad, Kent Shropshire. J .,., 1 Doug Jones, Bobby Boles, Marsden Cleckly. .Un t,,x.,L, n n Ken Posey, Wayne Myers, jerry Shelton. H d S O fu B u S e I. S I ' ikz I M N ggi - i , aw KW 7 ' A 5, .md mf ing 5,53 W ,gb L as! NNN? is k ff-aww: v, 4 Gray Harper, Carlie Martin. 33222 9 ' f aw if E 55 4 , ' Lf'fif,l KW ' " Melvin Wilkins, Charles Allen, Philip Watts. Hugh Allen, Jerry Weaver, Eddie Chambers. Jimmy Morgan, Gary Kiger, Kent Earnhardt Gary Worrell, Mike Overton, jerry Fowler. LW ' T, V,LVLL The Bus Drivers Club seeks to pro mote safe driving A ...V V, , M' 1 and g o od citizenship among students. It offers assistance f iwiiii 9 of N' to students and faculty members and carries out the task of 6 providing student transportation more efficiently. Any student authorize d to drive a Forsyth County school bus is eligible for me mb er ship. The club meets once every two Weeks. Offi c e r s: jerry Weaver, Vice-President, Jerry Shelton, Secretary, Eddie C h a m b e r s, Treasurer, Mike Hendrix, President. MR, JERRY PEO PLES Sponsor who Compose Bus Drivers' Club. Front row, left to right: Gary Kiger, Jerry Shelton, jerry Weaver, Mike Hendrix, Gary Worrell, Doug Jones, Don Shouse, Bob Evans, Torn Blair. Second row: jimmy Morgan, Gray Harper, Melvin Wilkins, Eddie Chambers, Bobby Boles, Gene Walker, J. M. Petree, Charles Conrad, Kent Shropshire, Wayne Myers. 70 Youth Commission Representatives The Forsyth Youth Commission is an inter- scholastic organization which s e r ve s as a tie betwe en the schools of Winston- Salem and Forsyth County. It is composed of two members from each school, one boy and one girl, who are elected during their sophom ore year to serve for two years. The Youth Commission is inter-racial, non-partisan, and is counseled by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Y outh Commission Representatives: J i m m y Morgan, Joellen Stith. M f Journal-Sentinel Correspondent The duty of the lournal-Sentinel correspondent is to report school news weekly to the staff reporter ofthe Winston- Salem Twin Qfy Sentinel's "Te en - ag e Page, " whi ch appears in the Saturday evening Sentinel. Mi Iournal-Sentinel correspondent: Alice Smith. was A .' nf'-""' . t,'.sf'WWx.f-3. at 4 V,.N.i3.j .. ., .f. v,-1 vw:f.1u,,, , af . . . ,ALI-p ,.,A:V,s,. , M. X ,fs A' v VA K A L ' A. f gap 3 5, 'il' f-s3f'f?'M:, - 1 has ,Q ""Jr.Q'ff2" K. fs N 7' " ' . ' X, - 'HQMJW , f 'ff ,Q M " -' -7 as Q. 4f,'W:,c3s"w be if 'N' 'J-' . ff W' I W' ff" f' 'tfggii -9- I -A I I ' - f, N W A ,-4. Band Stirs Pride within Sveryone z' ' ..., - 'A m'h- . ., if BAND DIRECTOR Mr. T. W. Deaner The Northwest marching band has given us much pleasure and support by playing at our football games this year. With the rnajorettes they also made their annual public appearance in the Winston-Salem Christmas parade. The band is sponsored by the Band Boosters' Club. in fs ca a--fx w l i " W is "i m ay Q7 ii I 1'-A :eff " 'W if f 'S' . i s K:-m i , S, b :Y JK Xi . CONCERT BAND 53 , 1 xixzgpf Abt. U rv , Ye, fs r f' f"+: r4w f 1 ' , A M it or u a F The band spends many hours of practice in prepara- tion for its performances. v-W Q.. Elsie jo Myrtes and Jerry Weaver review the scales before class begins. 73 E 1 ,. M 210 re t te s LIBBY ELIAS, PAM MOORE, BECKY SCOTT, PAT SHOUSE, SANDRA BRANN, HILDA LEVAN SANDRA BRANN HILDA LEVAN is BEC KY SCOTT PAT SI-IOUSE Co Chief LIBBY ELIAS Chief CAROL SUE SPILLMAN PAM MOORE Left to right: Diane Kimel, Judy Tudor, Vickey Cozart, Pat Gibson, jenny Lynn Joyce, Sharon Adkins, Glenda Clanton, Barbara Clement, Bain Ridge. Cheerleaders Qnstili Scfiool Spirit JENNY LYNN JOYCE Chief GLENDA CLANTON A Co-Chief SHARON ADKINS 5. was ,A ,,- 4 VICKEY COZART - V - - 4, ., K , ifgm- ,1.A, ,ff Jx"uMM!!'.' zzifisg ff, A R .. T 1 K' 'V Q ,,u, Qt. Wx, A 7 5' f ' ' -.wif PAT GIBSON JUDY TUDOR f 'L' 71" S BAIN RIDGE . A . ' ' 'y5I5i'6" A BARBARA CLEMENT DIANE KIMEL The cheerleaders are always ready to lead the school spirit at Northwest. X Northwesf Coaching Staif55Jyg!j l wiv M all W LD ' MR. coLoN NIFONG U X Football and Baseball Coach V ' T,C'jJ xx MR. CARL WYATT Basketball and Junior Varsity Football Coach MR. WILLIAM GREGG Track Coach MR. A. C. LARRIMORE N junior Varsity and Assistant Varsity Basketball and Football Coach 78 NOR THWES T CO-CAPTAINS: G. C. Petre e, All- Conference End, Ge org e Livengood, All-Conference Center. Football JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM, left to right: Billy Tesh, Billy Ragsdale, Butch Cox, Ronnie Liner, Steve Lineback, Robert Wesley. Second row: Tommy Swink, Bill Park, J. C. Elliot, Phil Marion. Larry Black, Buzz Smith, jack Cromer. Third row: Eddie Oliver, Newton Scott, Donald Holston, Edward Burrelson, Gary Godby, Richard Sprinkle, Lynn Lineback. FoLu'th row: Larry Coffee, James Hedrick, Mike Petree, Jimmy Parker, Johnny Pitts, David Covington, Coach Wyatt. Fifth row: Rommie Gross, Frank King, jeff Wade, Steve Triplett, Allen Brock, Mike Crotts. air are A fyt iitt elyy im S , fm, is it kv 'nl ,6 . ttie . Q' 5, -Q- V , 1 ,Mia eSie45 z 24 1960 Varsity u ,S wi M, 7 A .. .,,, 1 "" i :-- 1A."' , , g- f jf BILL WALKER ,M '+a.?:ll-'ff-l.'Q22'f'ii5'-l':f,,f"TI,, :H . .'-ih HH3fb21Ck 1 ":' ":' , ZH Z5 in A?" " WW, ""'5lKf"S1n-.. A Gordon, Helsabeck J k Q22 . - J - ..1 - K fu ..,,. A , f 1,-,,. ' fi' ' ' ' 4 Xwtsszw- wg . is " - LM. ,, , 21 1 .91 , 3 ,. 2 , 1. :g,.5g,s,xf 2.gff' i ffffff 'g:kjii :g' " " 'K 29142112sz22if3fS?YQz,Yif ff l if O H :Q31aEs22,zzs :NfTf . :wx L - 'i:1':-1'-E -Q-5 ::"Z-1 ' 1' Lifzllkiiwii si 'df f. A- ' 17 1" fail fs gYg?ffe.1wp,ff,-g,g, 4.11.1 2- ., . e f- - . K ,- 'A -gt g N PV? 1 rd? - .uf I , ' - gas: f l V' v1fif5fii52iEff J ., ., . , .W fza f , A , -Y GEORGE LIVENG OOD Center RALPH GROSS Tackle 80 Grubbs, Third row: Dock C 1 e rn e nt, Northwest 6. . . . . . . Morehead 6 Northwest 7 .... Northwest 27. . . Northwest 40 .... Northwest 2 1 .... Hanes 21 . . Children's Home ON . . . Mineral Springs 13' . . . . Walkertown 13 f Q Gridders ROBERT LEON Fullback Northwest 21. . . Northwest 46. . . . Northwest 32. . . Northwest 35. . . HSN-:Y . . Glenn . . . . . Griffith . . . . . . . Kernersville Madison- Mayod an Northwest 13. . . . ........ Southwest 25 kj wi - 5 3 if I QQ ,"k7 ,qu 'H -i : Aff ,15:.- 'fi 1 S -' elif' rj ,, H " W, -- , xv.: 5 1 'J 1 ' :E 12 0 LARRY TISE 0 Tackle 7 81 jones. ress Reporters: Marvin Thomson, Stuart Fisher, Doug ef ..,1,..1,f, N. " -2'j.':,.',-1 ."'.1 e f ., W N. Q.. 1-N gi,-j.,-:wf4.fI'y4g, ,5f mb if ' -4' 5,1-'ig-5495311 52253.32 "--1+-.s":,t:-fir. .rl-23"-5-'.p-. ,. --A-fr 'vS5:YMf7,rsfff- wwf ,- --L 22vfw25wzfRse'? .ll ..-gr Ei,.,.fr , . M ' ' : -' ..'Zs-31:55 rnffzahizsgs , .,":' .' . T' tk' f 14123 .-fin, .?.41.,.-11?-595 . ,M ..., 5 , gmfaz-Eegz 'f -. ,, 1, , ,, 7,311.1 f A ,A f .' mae. -zu. ., ' V f . f A N G. C. PETREE End Co-Captains: Lynn I-Iabich, Judy Spainhour. Coach: Miss Maxine Dowell. Falconettes, Girls' Varsity Team FALCO NS - 63 vnhhhv Zfaw Q" f 93 sf' S S' 'xv 2 Kwai' X X 6, , X' 'N 'V 1 ' w Oi. 1' Q Aw Managers: Yvonne Merritt, Nancy Calloway. ' A 1 D ff g 1 82 ISITORS "' 55 10 '8 I4 51:0 NY in W' N K W ,- g pw-M ,rf . as of J v J il . Left to right: Betty Elliot, Judy Roush, Brenda Petree, Mary Gail Hart, Pat Shore, Johnnie Clanton, Julie Stegall, Coach Maxine Dowell, Sandra Motsing er, Mary Ann Wall, Glenda Hauser, Dinah Wall, Lynn Habich, Pat Danner, Judy Spainhour, Sue Bowen. 13 GLENDA I-IAUSER BRENDA PETREE Forward Forward PAT DANNER Guard Snjoy Sxcifing Season 83 Left to right: Guy Flynt, Hugh Allen, Tony Sherrill, Allen Tothill, Tony Petree, Nlilton Bauguess, Larry Tise, Jimmy Speas, Denny Davis, G. C. Petree, Wayne Burkette, Steve Crotts. Kneeling: Ronnie Morgan, Captaing Mr. Carl Wyatt, Coach. Falcons Spark? Season o Managers: Jimmy Parker, Jimmy I-Ielsabeck. 84 G. C. PETREE i 1, MILTON BAUGUESS JIMMY SPEAS AV CX , M :L .r , 19 60 51 ' . N My QL A N, ,I 42 HUGH ALLEN RONNLE MORGAN Captaxn L '22g,zA, A, . Q- " , ' fv rG'g, , ,gf..,:51. 'z2 'V W - - z.-N,,4,Q , . - Q- U ' ,I kwx ' .,4f i DENNY DAVIS ALLEN TOT1-IILL 85 fx 22 1 LARRY TISE Chai Ccrfaln Defermznaflons Kernersville Wall-certown Griffith Mor ehe ad Madison Southwest Mineral Springs Glenn Hanes Kernersville Walkertown Griffith Madison Southwest Mineral Springs Glenn Hanes Q . 3 . X if 'Lf M .7-Jw ip-ht v X gg. M2-'fs W v M- M X , Q 5 gf!! 2 I L x ' 1 1- :V .. Ug,, I Girls' Junior Varsity Basketball Team Earlene Gavin, Helen Kiger, Kay Dosher, Janet Wood, Betty Wright, Sandy Snyder, Lynn Young, Glory Fowler, linda Reid, Judy Davis, Rita Hanley, Peggy Wright, Judy Shelton, Rona King, Connie Wolf, julie Habich, Miss Dowell, Coach. Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest N orthwe st Northwest N orthwe st N orthwe st J. V. Scores 88 Glenn Griffith Wall-:ertown Ivlineral Springs Kernersville Glenn Griffith Walkertown J. V. Scores Northwest 56 Northwest 35 Northwest 38 Northwest 60 Northwest 60 Northwest 64 Northwest 66 Northwest 78 Northwest 65 Northwest 56 Glenn Mineral Sprmgs Griffith Morehe ad Southwest Mineral Sprmgs Griffith Gray Hanes Walkertown Boys Junior Varsity Basketball Team Kneelmg J C Elhot, Jeff Wade, Frank King, Lynn lineback, David Covington, jack Cromer, Romrn1eG1-oss, Allen Brock, Rrckey Powers Standmg Mr A C. Iarrirnore, Coach, Bruce Foster, john Crews, Robert Flynt, Newton Scott, Dav1d Allen, Gene Pomdexter, Wayne Allen, Sammy Tuttle. Q AW Q 2. Kneeling, left to right: Frankie Thornton, G. C. Petree, Neil Shous e, Harry Downs, Steve Crotts? Ralph Sechrist Standing: Mr. Colon Nifong, Coachg Eddie McKinney, Tony Petree, Robert Flynt, Guy Flynt, Ronnie Morqan. l 961 Baseball Team ,wi . .ax if im , '1 gl K QV, .V 11 f, If 3 C? ? 1- ' 35 i a ' C Q 55 f Q M' Qmwmw flwwwb., I Q ' r x . 4 M ' 4 W ,--' fl We In LM X Mig J.. - , M, LM.. " wx. 4 N "--' l Qxiiiv-if A 'K I ., ,N W4 rf-,rgkifkteiflv wi W. . . lbw, , V . 'germ 'W A WA ne... M,,,1 l, p, V if-Vx. ' 59 44-9+w"N 1f,5'i f 55if?5ff"7 "ff 9 nv . l.xMi?'?1W ,- G. C. RETREE RONNIE MORGAN 90 HAR RY DOWNS NEIL SHOUSE EDDIE MCKINNEY TONY PETREE Frankie Thorton, Ralph Schrist, Robert Flyntf GUY FLYNT 91 STEVE CROTTS Yi R SS Q i, Sli H Kneeling: Paul Snell, Marvin Thomson, jerry Gillispie, Pete Johnston, Coach Bill Gregg, Tommy Jordon, Newton Scott, Hugh Allen, johnny Moore. Second row: Stuart Gordon, Manager, jimmy Wall, Philip Leon, Sammy Cope, Milton Bauguess, Robert Leon, Ralph Gross, Eddie Smith, Gary Taylor, Ralph Folden, Tommy Cash. isrr M Jumpers And Runners Paul Snell is an outstanding tra ck boy in the mile run. He Won the conference title, the district title, and placed third in the state track meet, during the 1960 spring season. Milton Bauguess, a Wi nning track star, finds himself day dreaming during class. 92 L asf: it 5 ...I "Up and over!" Bauguess has done it again lFOI' '61 i Cross-country broke its way into the sports program of Northwe st for the first time this year. Track c o a ch Bill G r e g g felt that this sport would be a good conditioner to precede the regular track season in the spring. Since this was its first year, only six boys participated in the sport. The members of the team are Paul Snell, Philip Leon, Jimmy Wall, Dwight Morris, Eddie Alley, and Frank Stuart. The distance the boys run in cross-country me e ts is approximately two and two-tenths miles. Coach Gregg started early in the year getting his boys in condition for the grueling race. Northwest placed seventh out of eighteen schools tking part in the state cross-country meet at Raleigh. Jerry Gillespie and Milton Bauguess compete for first place in the high hurdles. '5 K gi 3 35 Si 5 2 Q 12 fa fa fi Q 41 ss xr is 2? 5 5 3 :Z 92 f? 3? 55 3 if X A ? 1 Z. 33 s m si 1 1231 Q: 1' 3 ' , f f. ,.s4-.rm .. -, X . -gas.. Q K s ' Q X A-T N Se in ,f Q :we In Yi u 12: as ffv s .YLN x ,Q 'E Qt sg M53 -2 as 1 x.M.,wM,..,.w, 1 vw---MW.. Q W- 5 ss 1- ii 5 .Q rg I-IOMECOMING COURT Left: Susan Furches and Cora Law, homecoming chairmen, discuss p 1 a n s with Miss Threlfall, the homecoming adviser, Upper right: The cheerleaders precede the queen and her court. Lower right: The surprised queen admires her bouquet of roses. 95 5 ,df rg ,A w, L5. Jf Q' GLENDA CLANTON Homecoming Attendant "SMH 9 Compare Gfiee SHARON ADKINS Homecoming Attendant nv" ,Aff 50 A 5ummer's Day?" BRENDA SLATE Homecoming Attendant ,.,.,-"W l V ,Vi uh V! w PAT TUTTLE Homecoming Attendant 3, as - k gg5g4sfz,fi'sf1gs ' -' . -A - W .sissKi542IVi!ie? W ' " , ' he Qavswele A , g Q " -- :5E ,i,5.xn... Unif U Classes . . . And here follows a reference work you will value more with each p assing year. Who was the cute freshman you used to chat with on the school bus? Which jLmior was chief marshal that year? How did you used to wear your hair? Here are the students at Northwest, from the newest freshman transfer to the state- liest senior. Here are YOU and YOU and YOU, a f amily Lmited-God bless us every one. 99 Q "1 'ffw3,,,, gimgii-:ww , , 'IVWJY1 . S 4,1 , 'K Q gi, 3 Q , 'S g ' 'fy gif t A, r V S zAfLz A, LW,N M ,L ,A , ...,., A , 1 ,,..,, "wwf 1 2. 'z U ffgzzQw.w, ' ' WIQQVV . r ,NWN . , A l,f f fmesiigw 1 i V Zi 3' , we , ff' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MILTON BAUGUESS. ....................... President YVONNE MERRITT. . . . . . Nice-President STUART FISHER. . . Treasurer BRENDA PETREE. . . 6 E . G . . Q Q , , S : Secretar Y SHARON ANN ADKINS EDDIE TYREE ATKINS LYNDA ANN BLACKMON JOHN HUGH ALLEN SANDRA MARLYS BARNES SANDRA GAIL BODENHEIMER IRIS ELIZABETH ANDERSON MILTON VAUGHN BAUGUESS BARBARA ANN BOOZE 5 101 Sc-:mor Class ffm: aa W . Q G.c. PETREE, Graduation Speaker .Q E ,, , .- aw TONY RICHARD BOOZE HENRY EDWARD SANDRA GAIL BUTNER BONNIE ANNE CARLTON CI-IAIVCBERS, IR. JEWELL ADENE CI-IILDRESS GLENDA ANN CLANTON 102 of '61 MARSDEN ASBURY CLECKLEY, III CAROLYN ANN COBLE BEST ALL AROUND Alice Smith I Hugh Allen Senior Superlatives CHARLES WILLIAM CONRAD 2 LEWIS CONRAD BETTY EVELYN COOKE 103 .41 104 SANDRA LEE COX PATRICIA ANN DANNER JAMES BENNY DAVIS KAY LINDA DAVIS DENNY STEPHEN DAVIS RACHEL EVONNE DAVIS Senior Class MOST POPULAR jenny Lynn Joyce G. C. Petree, jr. Senior Superlatives MARTHA ANN DILLON SANDRA CAROL DOUB DANIEL WALTHER DONATHAN WALTER AUSTIN DOUB, -an! J FRANK RUNALS DORN HARRY ODELL DOWNS 105 grids' Q 'K Wfglv, ff KENT CLINE EARNHARDT ROBERT HAROLD EVANS GRADUATION SPEAKERS STUART FISHER SHERON FULK CAROLYN REBECCA ELIZABETH TIM ELIAS ENGLAND CAROL ELIZABETH FERGUSON STUART GORDON FISHER 106 Class BRENDA LEE F OUSHEE SHERON ANN F ULK MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sheron Fulk jimmy Morgan A Senior Superlatives ROBERT LEWIS GARMON IIBBY ANN GENTRY JERRY WARREN GILLESPIE 107 MOST TALENTED Hilda Levan Gary Kiger Senior Superlatives RALPH SPRINGER GROSS LINDA LEE GRUBBS NANCY LEIGH GOLDING EDWARD STUART GORDON, JR. Senior 'fans 'Qyp-4 108 Class PATSY DALE GRUBBS PHYLLIS LUVENA GRUBBS VICKI HALL MINA DUKE HANEY GLENDA JEAN HAUSER JERRY WAYNE I-IAUSER MICHAEL RICHARD HENDRIX BETTY Jo HICKS RICHARD JACKSON KERRY MICHAEL JAMES ANDREW DOUGLAS JONES JENNY LYNN JOYCE Senior Class MOST INTELLIGENT Judy Simmons Stuart Fisher Senior Superlatives GARY WAYNE KIGER CHARLES HENRY LAWSON se' L M , ,g , fix 'f imm' JANE ELIZABETH LANE CAROLYN SUE LAWSON BETTY CATHERINE LAWSON ROBERT ANGELO LEON if 111 5 K MARGARET LOUISE LESCAULT Seniod E -K2 A,.,. K , as ' V 2523, BEST GROOMED ' . K if Vicki Hall :'h"' Denny Davis ' LSP 19 , . . . HILDA LUCILLE LEVAN Semor Supcrlatlves O f ' k GEORGE MONROE LIVENGOOD GERALDINE JEAN LOWE 5, , .W if .. IWW n W' - . N , . .... M .W A ,. A-----, 1 22- 1 112 Class TOMMY LUPER BRENDA YVONNE IVIERRITT .F- A as M465 EQ in Of H 1 .UPF 4. BRENDA ANN MOORE H JAMES LOUIS MORGAN RONALD IEE MORGAN MILTON LEE MOSS 113 S169 S fs SWK, I I if I sr V - gy H , ., i , Q. QE? 'W .av MICHAEL OEHMAN GEORGE CURTIS PETREE, J w""'W'1sos- REBECCA SMITH Business Student of the year MIKE BRENT OVERTON RONALD WAYNE PETREE vm 5 if I . 3:77 qui' 114 JAN DISHER FEOPLES CHARLES REDMOND Senior Class BEVERLY BYERLY REICH DONNA GAYLE ROBBINS NINA SHARON RIDGE ,..-ff' 3 ,.,Ek l ' . . , I ,, 4 , t LV K 5: k rl' : Y 1 - AABA N f A A , Y 1 WITTIEST Myrtle Little Mike Hendrix Senior Superlatives BRENDA KAY ROBERS ON 'YUM , ., if 5,1 V 115 NANCY CAROL ROBERSON BEST LOOKING Brenda Slate Allen Tothill Senior Supcrlatives MARY CAROL SAPP VIRGINLA GAIL SAPP ERNES T PRES TON ROBERTS ON DONALD EUGENE RUTLEDGE Senior Ye Class JERRY RUCKER SHELTON PATRICIA ANN SI-IOUSE KENT SHOUSE SI-IROPSHIRE JUDY SI-IUMATE JUDY SUE SIMMONS BRENDA KAY SLATE 'ffm- A YJJJ M Tsar 5:-- .. ,K.. . , ,-.,. A.. f wil, iv 5 WY , W ,M Vg ,. A w , W ,,yL. Z,.Vag,m1g5, ,,,- fwwqlfgmf gif, JW1- fgggw "" ,, swing, 41174 fm- +4 W ALICE BRANDON SMITH OLLLE REBECCA SMITH Q-.rf LEE ANN SMITH THOMAS SNELL JUDY KAYE SNYDER JAMES IRVIN SPEAS 118 Senior Class P MOST ATHLETIC lvl F Brenda Petree JT Ronnie Morgan bw N H 44V Senior Superlatives LINDA MARIE SPEAS WAYNE ALLEN STEWART f .,T' lk 'Y BARBARA HALL SPRINKLE SANDRA DOLORES TATE 55 119 ROBERT ELWOOD SPRINKLE MARVIN WILLIAM THOMSON r if T I E T 'Emu ml.. I LARRY EDWARD TISE PATRICIA ANN TUTTLE VIRGINIA ANNE VARELLAS ALLEN KYLE TOTHILL RITA ELIZABETH TUTTLE CHARLES WILLIAM WALKER BECKY BRILES TUTTLE CHIQUITA DUANE UTT GENE TRAVIS WALKER 120 VERNON DAVIS WALL, JR. y NANCY LYNDON WATTS N PHILIP WATTS ' " -M151 1 ll wg I . fi -"""'w MELVIN WILKINS Semor Class GERALD EDMOND WEAVER 121 wiv 4,-,4lI9" fit BRENDA DIANNA WINDSOR SYLVIA JANE WILLIAMS SHERRON LYDIA WILLIAMS WANDA KAY WILLIAMS RALPH VERNON WOLF GARY WILBUR WORRELL L -f , . 4 ' n 'i L .,., V K E f. K AWN ' f-,gn-..... if ' A ' MRS. LOUISE NEWMAN English, journalism MR. A.C. LARRIMORE MRS. FLORENCE Algebra, Geometry NEWSOM Typing, Shorthand, and Business Law Sponsors MRS. MYRTLE BYRNE MISS JESSIE THRELFALL Typing, Bookkeeping English 122 Honor Graduates of The Class of '61 HUGH ALLEN IRIS ANDERSON SANDRA BUTNER STUART FISHER 123 E "Ci" SHERON F ULK RALPH GROSS Honor Graduates of KENT EARNHARDT JANE LANE 124 in K 95721357 .lex mea! .VL 'ff' - V., E V aj Q' 7" , wg , R ,iff as E .- , ' 5 'Y ,E Exe, ' K SS, 2. ff, g-V3 ,ww -hw .. . s . A .. -1-2 ,1 Sir fi" 'f?,vEP5l2f1:f.fx?x1s?L' ,?L!?f??9?1 N, I'-ig ' ' ,-L- 3 wh " A " 5, ,.., ffl Sw, za4r1m.fE:3'. 'fs . f f wg, 6591531 Wi 2221 Ili. - -W' A 14: ',ggfwwfgzmwffsffffiafbileiff ww? aff .zu ,Q ,, ,,,, lim, ., .. f gQJ,,1M,QW ., ' 1 iitxl 52 ' A wie! T ,SA X nul'l"'5 1 -K y-,r YVONNE MERRITT The Class of '61 JUDY SIMMONS W l W G. C. PETREE, JR ALICE SMITH L4 if 1+ W' s em i Sw Kysex X 1 on S ig ' 'wg'-isssgisp LARRY TISE :" 051127 f f . Honor Graduates of The Class of ,6l F ALLEN TOTHILL Girls' State Delegates Citizens to the legendary Girls' State are selected bythe A m e ri C a n Legion Auxiliary on the basis of citizenship, leadership, and scholar- ship. Sheron Fulk and Carol Ferguson, two senior girls, were thisyear'srepre sentatives. Ms, iii, VY' t 5, 7 ' f ,. it M , , iw, - ,, - K .V .:L. w e me r 4 .. "e i, 5 stl i ll ' M-4' it-YQQ .X xx , 55. mf ki' l 113 35 1 in E ., 'kf""'r f U X. I i u ., 45, 'L gi in , '3 Q f ry, '92, sa' if si ,ir Q Q Q ,Q ei 5, F v 1' kwin" ' :aff "V" 11' VESPER SPEAKERS Larry Tise, Yvonne Merritt, Alice Smith, jimmy Morgan. The D.A.R.Good Citizen Award is presented each year to a girl in the senior class who is se- lected by the faculty. This award is sponsored by the Old North State chapter of the D.A.R. The faculty's choice this y e ar was S he ro n F ul R, daughter of Mr. andM1s. I. Alvin Fulk. ,, fi ' ljifr' E4 ff' A Vg Q T ., . . , ,, ,, if 127 if ii Q 5 -1 35? "- ' f L... '4 , , I ii ,T I n Na J, 3 4 5 ifgif it his J' f 1 xx k ii ff 1 "" - E ,sp if f if ,ff i K s ,K if ' F is 4 , dy H W Q I . if ' i w Q53 K .1 'vs Tia? T ' A f , - gf. 'f -- , 1 ri Q ts' Sw - fa-fr - E'iF-ff2yp',- f" ff' 4,24 f M- v i X M ,il fn ,, yidizfyffw ' -, ,pn - 'Z ' V- L' ,se , ,afa+'v Y 2' Q Mwggwf ,W . '., . if . ,A E1 , gzsrffgsw, - W N vLmf,,1 M, awp. ffvfw ,V V. It M ff AEM- L, A Y ,rf fwsfifgifz exp ,X , L .WA . nga, '73, :.,w.,5,3,1 3-F':q.g ejyzsk K - Q Q' t r, :Q f' y x A U J: 'WAV ,Ny , 7,38 ,vb 5. ,L KU ,P , ,E vi, ,f L, , 'ff 2 A T' 5 T is wwf A Q, 5 f f i , .Ai -V if-:iw waffle' Q, 2. 'afailwf Ti.4M?,,wnBf52s' gf.: ,V WINNER OF CIVITAN AWARD Larry Tise The Civitan award is a coveted honor. At Northwest it is presented annually to the senior considered by his classmates and the faculty to be our best student citizen. The winner must be outstanding in service, in character, in leadership, in scholarship. There is no reason to review Larry's achievements here since they are already r e c or d e d throughout the entire book. E1 ,M p ,,p, v ff pw W 1 Q' s -v S ,La ,S 3 - w x Q3 it Q 'T' 2 ,, Him ..AA 2 ., l X1 U 'K XE 'vm V --Mg, 35. . Am. F "',.g.f 'Ziff , W wif will , V M .. M wrt Q 1? 1 M tx gf'-fr-::i':2if1'I SWF. JS 3 gL, 5 JENNY LEE ADAMS JERRY ADAMS KATHRYN ADAMS WILLIE AI.DER.MAN CHARLES ALLEN Junior Class .O'b"'Q PENNY ALLEN NATE ANDREWS GERALD BANNER JANET BLAKELEY MIKE BOAZ JOANNE BOUTON 9 MARIAM BOOZE Yfnvsp- JANE BOWEN IZ9 ANN BROCK BOBBY BULLARD if .. ii' X ff fn, 3 f - I ,. V- fm., N . my LQQI ELSLMQ 6 ' " Aviv" S5 SUSE 4 Q S P my x l i A Y kiggkj.x Q, ,, is 1 flak'-'ffi'+ lf- Sidi 1-, fy as -1 E 5' wif: 4' is 1 ff , s ' mf A- ..r 2 WAYNE BURKETTE DORIS CALLOWAY ..-ff., 11 na if - 3 s 2 i Lg JANET BLAKELEY, Co-Chief Junior Marshal Graduates NANCY CALLOWAY 1. C. CAMPBELL TOMMY CANTER LINDA CARTER BILL CHAMBERS LILLIAN CHILTON 7,450 , A iw. , 130 MACK CARITHERS JEANETTE CHOPLIN X X A5,: 'V,V W GERRI ANN CARTER BARBARA CLEMENT , az- 2 fi CH " A C A 1, lem' ' I . K, 513: K DONAID COE BETTY LOU CONRAD VIC KEY C OZA RT of '62 DONNA CRUMP CAROLYN COOK DONNA CORNS FAY'E COX I '15, H15 W - FRANCES CRANFIEID JANET CREWS STEVE CROTTS RONALD CROWDER JIM Del-IART ., fl fl!" A fm? . : I: V' -f - :n ROBER SHUTT, Co-Chief Junior Marshal , 131 JUDY DOUB DOUGLAS DRAKE JOHNNY EDWARDS JIMMY GUY FLYNT ILA FOLTZ JERRY FOWLER LARRY FULP WOODY FULTON SUSAN FURCHES , ,Q 5 PATSY GAULTNEY DONNA CRUMP, Junior Marshal J ' U H 1 0 I' 1 'if , ,Y V. , Q . , Q JC? . YW J . JJ W 7 I ' N.AJ,L h f j L Yi 'fi' 132 "'! I.. if Y i CAROLYN GILLEY f-'NL 53- JEE E '9 Rik, JANET GROGAN Cl 21 S S WAYNE BURKETTE, Junior Marshal . VZii LYNN HAEICH MARGARET HALL CHARLES HARPER PAT HARPER BILL HARTCROVE DAVID HAUSER CLARENCE HEDRICK JIMMY HELSABECK ROBIN HESTER CAROLYN HILL L ' 'Vi 133 E 5 ,L.,- SHARON HUGHES BILLY HUMMEL RONNIE HUMPHRIES WAYNE HUNT BEN JOHNSON CECILIA KANDZER JEAN KEARNEY DEAN KIGER JERRY KIGER DIANE KIMEL SUSAN FURCHES, Junior Marshal Gr Zldll 21 te S ,V 5 7 fs F gg' DOLORES KINYOUN com LAW 4410 WU' . l i?'Z,3J,:f2 ga 3, K 23.3 V- 5 ., Y V " wfwiviy .,,wiVIf'-., Q A -0 511 -. BETTY LAWSON SHIRLEY LAWSON JERRY LEINBACH WAYNE LEINBACI-I PI-IILLIP LEON of '62 5 , 3 . , , 3 x , I , K ' - A 1 if g ES . if JEFF LINEBERRY EUGENE LIVENGOOD BETTY LOGAN ' , JIMMY LONG TONY PETREE, Junior Marshal NORMA JEAN LONG OPHELIA LOTT CHARLIE MARTIN 135 L5 113. Wm wa 'Sf .76 E ,, E 2' 'hw Y 1 X 'l5M'l7i-'3'7- "fl" , , Ii 5.8" : a s ,s W h . is xr WAYNE MATHIS RONDA KAY MAY I K SANDRA ROBB, junior Marshal Junior CAMILLA MCINNIS DIANNE MCCASLIN EDDIE MCKINNEY ANNA MILLER ANN MOORE TED WAYNE MYERS SHELBY NANCE ANN NAYLOR NEUENSCHWANDER CHARLES NORT 136 5 E vm P Wx.. , Je , s'?"iu -f ,. A flgf L: E 'W ,, H5E1,E:. ,YH ,,. . F, 2-xr 1 v 529 E A w if: 'W ' wr 'Ax' 1 X X. 'H' H WE -A-I... H E WUI!" 9? af? E S E aw E Qrdiiiim S ii? K 5 P Jgikbfh he I 3 5,1 . fL.-N522 ,-q5gQz41sm,' I sfflsws ' A A 52 my wigs, H ,gag ' ,sz .wfgwfff S , :xg -1,-ff -wg f --E, 3- ,ff-gf' .,, nm I1"'WiAi'f ' '1iiHV": Vis BONITA OSBORNE HUGH PACE WANDA PARKER J. M. PETREE TONY PETREE Ig.-r I M3 KAREN PEAEE WANDA PI-IELPS BRENDA PORTER JIMMY POUNDS DORA REID C1 a S s EDDIE SAMUELS, junior Marshal 2 JIMMY REID RAY RICHARDSON 2 137 4 W Mn SYLVIA RING SANDRA ROBB JUDY ROBERSON PEGGY ROBINSON BRENDA ROTHROCL JUDY ROUSH JANE. ROWLEY LINDA RUTLEDGE PEGGY scoTT EDDIE SHARPE BRENDA SHELTON, Junior Marshal Gt Zldll 21 te S .-A BRENDA SHELTON TONY SHERRILL ii K vt' A I I AYJ 138 'Q PAT SHORE NANCY SHOUSE NEIL SHOUSE of '62 DORIS SMITH RUTH SMITHERMAN EDDIE SMITH PAUL SNELL GARY SNYDER 139 HQ' JANE SH QUSE ROBER SHUTT PAUL SNELL, Junior Marshal JEANETTE SNYDER JUDY SP AINHOUR f"U"' T ggi xi, If ,ai , E V QN.L::i Ll Y ,J R A M 0? CHARLES SPRINKLE NANCY SPRINKLE FRANK STEARNS 32 A Q'- f ' -VL. 3, K VL ,.k, i , kV,k :Vk l" wi .,,.. 1 JOELLEN STITH DAVID STRADER MARVIN STYERS GRADY THOMAS EUGENE THOMPSON Junior Class JUDY TUDOR BONNIE TUTTLE DEBRA TUTTLE PATSY TUTTLE ALICE STOLTZ EULA DEAN TROPLETT CHARLES WAT KINS 140 EDDIE WATSON CAROL WESTMORIAND MR. WILLIAM GREGG Chemistry, MR. JAMES IVEY Biology French, English CAROLYN WILLIAMS ' 'M . 'S -Waiiii' ' ml' i I '4""""""', , Z 1 wsu., N. . F Z k " .-,L '.'L W S 'Q- Z -nn. -,.,l, RACHEL WILLIAMS GERALDINE WILMOTH ANNETTE BRENDA ZACHARY YARBROUGH Sponsors MR. MARSHALL MCLAMB MR, JERRY Biology, PEOPLES Senior Science History 141 MRS. LUCILE MRS. BLANCHE SPEAS ZIMMERMAN Algebra, History, Public Geometry Speaking ? 8. 5 fi wi f .Lx EI Y Y President Treasurer Secretary -President BRENDA AIDIDGE DAVID ALLEN WAYNE ALLEN GARY ARRINGTON LYNDA BALLARD Sophomore Class 143 SANDRA BAYER JUDY BENNETT BEVERLY BE RGEN SAND RA BRAN N DIANE BREMER Graduates TYRONE BROWDER DEENIE BLACKBURN FARREL BLAKELY SUZI BOAZ ELIZABETH BODENHANIER PAT BOOX MARTHA BOOZE LARRY BOYD JANE BUDD BRENDA BURGESS SHIRLEE CARDWELL LINDA CARITHERS TERRY CARTER JIMMY CASEY JOHNNY CATES MARTHA CHAPPEL IOHNNIE CLANT ON DOCK CLEMENT JIMMY CLINE CHARLES COLEY Of '63 Q,-Q VOM' 5' LYNNF COLLINS W A WILBURN CRAFT JOHN CREWS I 'TFT' JUDY DAVIS A KAY DOSHER J .IJ ii JOHNNY DWIGGINS A Rf' M V ' wx. CAROLE EARNI-LARDT .-,: 1 QTY' PAT EDDINGER BETTY ELLIOTT A. it -A .2 1, 'Yew JAMES FARE RAY FARRELL LARRY FERGUSON RANDY FERGUSON 5 ' J 9 MARCO FLYNN L BILL FLYNT ROBERT FLYNT BRUCE FOSTER JOHNNY FOUSHEE K"-A A 'xy Aung. .A-, ni, YHEYR 11 fig Nasir ilk JANET FULOHER TERRY FULCHER 145 .f 2 I KW Ls L5 Q F, .F,5WiF5If2IfI. I 545. grrgezfg X V55 'QI '51-uf' , , . If ' 5 Eflii. -- I3 I ' .' -W5 Q,v. ..4- .1 1: :syn f -5' gi if jaylfgv If 3 I ' few msn I BRENDA F ULK CHRIS FULK PAT GIBSON RENEE GILLAND FRANCES GLAVEN GARY GODBEY LINDA GORDON LARRY GOWEN S Sophomore -,gf '11 KEITH GRIFFIN I KEN GRIFFIN I PATTY GRIFFIN W, I W MARY HALL JOANNE HAMMOND RONNIE HAMILTON MARY HARP DELORES HART RONNIE HART KAY HARTMAN DENNIS HAUSER MIKE HAWKES J,- di xf"""'4'1' , if , -I ,AIX I, Class JAMES HED RIC K JOE HED RIC K NANCY HENDRIC KS BRENDA HIBBITTS ANDREW HOBSON in x 'Kiwi' CHIPPER HOLLAND BONNIE HUNTER 'Wg' DOYLE HUNTER JERRY HUNTER f-.1 ' ,dill ifww-5, 1 MN 9-' 33 -gg' JANET HUTCHINS BETTY ISAACS ARLENE JOYNER MELINDA KAPP L , MIKE KETNER rw K A HELEN KIGER jk ik ECYE J EIE J 'ff ROME KING ij 1 :.1 ffm, BETTY KIRBY JUDY KISER JUDY KREEGER SUE LAWSON 147 'WS' apex. 4 di? ggi!! 'ISV 431' "fl'P"' CAROL LONG EDDIE LYNCH KEN MARTIN GAYNELL MARIJEIR NORMA MASENCUP CONNIE MATTHEWS BEVERLY MATHIS GLENDA MCHONE RUTHI MEADE ELSIE JO MERTES DENNIS MOORE DWIGHT MORRIS Graduates JANICE MOORE PAM MOORE RUFUS MOORE TOMMY MOORE SANDY MOTSINGER EMMETT OGBURN JUDY OGBURN 148 TOMMIE PATTERSON of '63 3' JERRY PHILLIPS JOHNNY PITTS VERNON POWERS DORIS PYRTLE JANICE RAISNER MARILYN RANDLEMAN 'xg' LINDA REAVIS MIKE REICH BAIN RIDGE JUDY RUTLEDGE GENE POINDEXTER STEVE ROBERTSON RICHARD ROGERSON BRENDA ROWSEY LINDA RUTLEDGE Lwnuwf' 3' ,ggi A 'H' Am A L'-'P' 0.0 M02 A-673 "Y'Q 3 SHIRLEY SAPP BECKY scoTT H A f I soNNY scoTT -mf-5-gA+ 'f 9 I V - RALPH sEcHR1sT, JR. A L g A J LAR, AJL. ' W A I A Q L' af ,L A A CHARLES SELLE, JR. 4 4 ff Q J -. 1, . ' "57 5, I 49 Sophomore TOMMY SHEETS DON SHOUSE SI-IERRY SNOW CAROL SOUTHARD RUDY SIMMONS TOMMY SHOUSE LARRY SPEAS JEANNETTE SPENCER CAROL SUE SPILLMAN DEWEY SHROPSHIRE GARY S PRINKLE KAREN SPRINKLE 1 50 JULIE STEGALL Class J 'iw SHIRLEY STYERS CAMILLA UTT SUSAN STEWART GARY TAYLOR .S N 3 x KAY TUTTLE SAMMY TUTTLE 151 JUDY VADEN DINAI-I WALL CAROL TERRY FRANKIE THORNTON MARVIN TUCKER BILLY VARELLAS PAM WALDEN Y Graduates of '63 LEWIS WARNER JIMMY WALL BONNIE WILLIAMS DENNY WILLIAMS MARY ANN WALL JANET WOOD GAYLE WRIGHT EDDIE YARBROUGH GENE WARREN SANDRA YOUNG If 3 LINDA YOUNG 1 52 BARBARA WEST , - Ti T M. A Y. YYYY Y. L-A JPY . I X as fue- fu-- Q I 6' Y MRS. GEROTI-IA GENTRY MR. CHARLES JARVIS S po n so r s MRS. MARIORIE NIFONG MRS. VERA FENNER up ff. QW My f A ' M , f gf' if K" 'if "ff V ' 4- W - ff nz: ::. , tiff? dj I V' X -, 6 K : A C i ? l1 Q! .V rl' .rkgkyi :ig Vkx. , 'T' 3 gf- I ff fl X A S", M If M R. MRS. EVA B. SPRINKLE MR. J- K- WH-HEI-M 153 'K 1 , 1 554 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS BILLPARKS .... .... . ...... ......President EDDIE OLIVER. . . . . . . . Vice-President LYNN YOUNG. . . . . . . ..... Secretary LYNN LINEBACK. . . . . . . ITrez-lsurer Freshman Class JERRY ARRINGTON JEANNE BARBER GARY BENNETT JOY BENNETT CHARLOTTE BLACKBURN GLORIA BLACKBURN LARRY BLACKBURN VICKIE BLACKBURN MARTHA BODENHEMLER JERRY BOGER LARRY BOGER FRANKYE BOLES BETTY ADAMS EDDIE ALLEY GARY ALLRED FAITH ANDERSON OLIVIA ANDREWS 155 f' L, A T 1 JERRY SANDY BONNIE SUE BOWEN MARIE BOYD ROGER ALLEN BON NER BOOSE B OUVIER Graduates Of '64 BRILES BROCK CAROL BROWN LOUIS BROWN PAULETTE BROWN STEVE BRYSON PRESTON BUMGARDNER EDWARD BURLESON STEVE BURROW JOHNNY BURT JANE CADDELL JIMMY CALDER TOMMY CHAPPELL CALL CLAYTON STANLEY COE LARRY COFFEY A. J. COLE SANDRA COPPLE DAVID COVINGTON CHARLES COX DERENDA COX BECKY CREECH MIKE CROTTS ANN CROWDER LINDA CRUTCHFIELD ROBERT DAHMER DARLENE DARREN IKEY DISHER CAROLYN DOUGLAS JANET DOUGLAS DELLA sUE DULL JOHN ELLIOT RAYMOND FARMER GLORY FOWLER LYNDA F OWLER DIANNE FULCHER HOLLY FULK WAYNE GARNER EARLEEN GAVIN DANNY GILBERT DAVID GILBERT BEGKY GORDY LEROY GRANT JERI GRIFFIN LORRAINE ROMMIE GRIFFIN GROSS RKWD, 5 ,, L ? 2'-:z14': ,L " Ln??5Ef,5'., R' ' -A-f-Le " my M5755 ' L 552 5 .gf A i fsibilfif , 3, I i .- - 'ff Z ' ,gl LA., ig' ' ' If ' WsL2fEg27fzs:f ::2if5li:S':F' W E ' I Freshman Class CONNIE IU LIE VIC KIE MARILYN RITA GUTHRIE I-IABICH HAILEY HAMMOND HANLEY if PATRICIA BOB DAVID GRAY NORRIS ROSE SANDRA HARRELL HARTMAN HAUSER HAUSER HAUSER I-IAUSER HAUSER Aix 4-CY: Gradual S USAN HAUS ER DAVID HENDERSON GA RY HILTON LARRY HILTON JAMES HOLDER DONALD HOLSTON PATRICIA HOLT JUDY HOWARD EUGENE HOWELL DALE HUNTER GRAY HUTCHINS SAMMY HUTCHINS BEVERLY JOHNSON RONALD JOHNSON JAMES KETNER TERRY KETNER KAREN KIGER FRANK KING RONYE KISER GEORGE KITCHEN ICS HAR RIET DANNY KOMELIS IANE of 64 STEVE LINEBACK JOE LINEBERRY RONNIE LINER BILL LONG DWIGHT LONG SHIRLIE MAI-IALA PHIL MARION JUDY MASON MARY MCGUIRE KEN MEDLIN DALE MERRITT WANDA MERRITT MARILYN MILLER SHELVY MOORE SHELBY MOSS JANIE MURPHY GENE MURRAY BILL MUSTIAN TERESA MYERS SUSIE NEWSOM PATRICIA DOTTIE LAW BOBBY LARRY LYNN LANE LAWSON LENTZ LINEBACK gi . I 159 JERRY JIMMY EDDIE SANDRA JIMMY VIC KIE BILL PARK! NORMAN OGB URN OLIVER PARDUE PARKER PARKER Freshman Class JOYCE PARRISH LYNDA PAYNE LYNDA PETREE MIKE PETREE EILEEN PFAFF REBECCA PIERCE ROBERT PITTS DON PIAKE ANN POINDEXTER BARRETT POINDEXTER RICKY POWERS BILLY RAGSDALE DONNA Jo REDDING VERNON RIED, JR. KAY REID LINDA REID DONALD RI-IYNE CARROLL RICE AVIS RICHARDSON LAURA RIDGE ARTIE ROBB GAYLORD STEWART ELISHA ROBERTSON RANDY SCOTT LINDA SEGRAVES ALLEN SETTLE KAY SHEEK JUDY SHELTON ToMMY SHERMAN JACKIE SIMMONS JIMMY sLooP DANNY SMITH RAY SMITH MIKE SMITHERMAN SANDY SNYDER ROBERT SPAINHOUR DIC KIE S PEAS PEGGY S PEA S RICHARD S PRINKLE RICHARD S PRINKLE RAYMON STANSFIEID BILLY STEWART FRANK STEWART A-Ag ' DDMQPJ Graduates of 64 JT ww' DAVID LYNN TOMMY JO N E, ADELL STUHR SWAIM SWINK T JOHN 'FATE THOMAS BOBBY STEVE AMES MARCUS MARY ANN THOMAS T RIPLETTE TURPIN TUTTLE TUTTLE Freshman Class MIKE TUTTLE DONNA VESTAL JEF F WADE SHARON WALL JAMES WARREN BARBARA WATSON CHARLES WATSON DELANQ WEDENER ROBERT WESLEY BARBARA WHICKER MELVIN WHICKER NANCY WHITE SNADY WHITLEY CHERYL WHITLOW ROBERT WHITMAN CONN IE WOLF BETTY WRIGHT PEGGY WRIGHT SHARON WRIGHT Sponsors MISS MAXINE DOWELL MR. COLON NIFONG Math, Boy's Physical Education, Coach MISS ELIZABETH PETERSON History and English MR. CARL WYATT General Science, Boy's Physical Education, Coach MR. CHARLES SELLE Agriculture Health, Girl 's Physical Education, Coach MRS. MARY HAUSER English MR. MANYON IDOL Physics, Mathematics swat' EDWARD LYNN JERRY YARBROUGH YOUNG ZINGLAR MRS. FAY BENTON Home Economics , , Unity in Advertisements Dear Advertisers: Thank you for helping to make this issue of TOHARI possible. Unity between school and community means h armo ny and a pleasant relationship. Your interest in us, and your w i 1 lingnes s to help us, reflect your concern for the well-being of the youth of America and hence for the country itself. You have worked with us as a team to make this the best possible yearbook, and we are lastingly grateful. Many of you have advertised with us every year of the six that TOHARI has existed as a yearbook and Northwest as a school. Your loyalty means much to us, and we pledge you E loyalty in return. Many, many co pi e s of this yearbook will go on even for generations as treasured possessions, so your willingness to become a part of it should be a source of pride and profit for a very, very long time. The students of Northwest thank you for your support and your cooperation. 5 165 A PURE WHITE l MODERN FILTER , IS ONLY THE BEGINNING OFA WINSIUN f', A, HS whats up ronf that counts nr IT HASNT GOT lT g4-- HERE --vi IT HASNT m GOT IT! Winston's got it-l FILTER-BLEND I-fine, mild tobaccos specially processed for filter smoking! Without flavor you miss the whole idea of smoking. So Winston developed to give you the 'ucflkfnfs best-tasting filter cigarette ever made. You'll enjoy discovering why Winston is America's best-selling WlIlSl011 filter cigarette. R. .L HUA 'xlmi lils 'Fill uair'l'cm l'li., X Yi listlrlx- Sul L-lli , X. V. WI N UKEA cfcmnfrrf SHOULD! 166 Cooke and Mabe Monument Works, Inc: Phone WO 9-3595 or Phone WO 9-3590 Rural Hall, North Carolina Margaret Hall proved to be very skillful in handling not only one baton, but two. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! W. E. GRAHAM AND soNs DIVISION VULCAN MATERIALS COMPANY Producers of Crushed Stone for Safer Highways-- 167 Senior Activities SHARON ANN ADKINS Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Homecoming Attendant 45 I-li-Lite Staff 4, Sports Editor5 Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, President 45 Inter Club Council 45 Offi c e As si st a nt 45 Bowling Team 3. IRIS ELIZABETH ANDERSON National Honor .Society 45 Y- Teens 1, 2, 35 PHO 45 Band 1, 2, 35 junior 35 Debating Club 4. LYNDA ANN BLACKMON Cheerleader 25 Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Nurse s Club 45 Hi-Lite Staff 45 Home- coming Sponsor 45 Cheering Block 25 library Science 4. SANDRA GAIL BODENHEIMER Hanes 15 Reynolds 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 2, 35 Bowling Team 25 Student Council 15 Latin Club 15 Sophoteens 25 French Club 3. BARBARA ANN BOOZE Y-Teens 15 FHA 1, 25 Chorus 15 Cheering Block 1. SANDRA GAIL BUTNER Bible Club 3, 45 Bible Quiz Team 25 FHA 25 Junior Mar- shal 35 PHO 45 Debating Club 4. BONNIE ANNE CARLTON Lexington 1,25 FHA 1,2, Treasurer 1, Secretary 25 Science Club 15 French Club 2, French Club Marshal 25 Y- Teens 3, 4. JEWELL ADENE CHILDRESS Junior Varsity 15 FHA 2, 35 Art Club 45 Library Assistant 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3. GLENDA ANN CLANTON May Court 15 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Co-Chief 45 Home- coming Court 45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN ANN COBLE Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Art Club 35 Speech Contest 45 PHO 4, President 45 Glee Club 15 Bible Club 1. BETTY EVELYN COOKE Debating Club 35 Library Science 3, 4, President 45 TOHARI Staff 45 I-li-lite Staff 45 Homecoming Sponsor 4. SANDRA LEE COX library Club 1,2, 3, President 35 Public Speaking 25 Y- Teens 4. PATRICIA ANN DANNER Junior Varsity 15 Varsity Basketball 3,45 FHA 15 Y- Teens 2, 3, 45 Bus Driver 4. KAY LINDA DAVIS FHA 15 Y- Teens 25 Debating Club 35 Art Club 35 PHO 45 YFC 45 Freedom of Speech Club 4. RACHEL EVONNE DAVIS FHA 15 Y-Teens 2, 35 Office Assistant 45 library Club 25 J. V. Basketball 25 Bible Club 25 Chorus 2, 35 Library Assistant 2. MARTHA ANN DILIDN Tombinson JuniorHigh, Lawton, Okla. 15 Public Speak- ing 15 Glee Club 15 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Officer 45 Chapel Choir 3. SANDRA CAROL DOUB Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 35 library Club 4, Vice- President 45 Bus Driver 45 Debating Club 45 Journalism 4. ELIZABETH TIM ELIAS Hanes 15 Majorette 1, 3, 4, Chief 45Y-Tee1'1S1,2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 45 Inter Club Council 45 Band 1, 3 45 Hi- lite Staff 4, Art Editor 45 PHO 45 Cheering Block 2 CAROLYN REBECCA ENGLAND Y-Teens 1, 2, 3,45 Chapel Choir 35 Cheering Block 35 Bible Quiz Team 35 Art Club 3. CAROLE ELIZABETH FERGUSON Y-Teens 1, 25 FHA 35 Chapel Choir 35 Debating Club 45 Girls' State Representative5 PHO 45 Library Club 45 Bible Club 4. BEACON HILL MOTEL Reynolda Road Winston-Salem, North Carolina MOORE 8: SLATE Distributors of Sealtest Dairy Products Phone WO 9-3505 u.s. Highway 552 Stanleyville, North Carolina Compliments of Commercial and Farmers Bank Member F.D.I.C. Rural Hall, North Carolina LeVan's Beauty Shop Shattalon Drive, Route I OPERATORS: Dot Sprinkle Lee Ann Randleman Glenda Clanton Connie Sams Phone WA 4-8560 Open nights by appointment only! ..l-i.-- LeVan's Barber Shop Shattalon Drive, Route I Operators: Craig LeVan Bobbie Whitfield Phone WA 4-8334 REID'S ANIOCO SERVICE Fuel Oil Delivery - Road Service Intersection of Cherry St. Ext. and Highway 4452 Phone PA 5-3984 We wholesale all leading brands of motor oil in case lots. TONIIVIIE CHOPLIN'S SHELL SERVICE Fresh Vegetables, Meats, Groceries 2907 Reynolda Road PA 5-9238 Senior Ac tivitics SHERON ANN FULK JANE ELIZABETH LANE National Honor Society 3, 4, Officer 4, Junior Marshal 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, Officer 3, Debating Club 4, Officer 4, FHA 1, Senior Superlative 4, Girls' State Citizen 4, DAR Good Citizen 4. LIBBY ANN GENTRY Yadkinville 1, 2, 3, Class Secretary 1, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, Glee Club 1, 2, Library Club 1, 2, 3. NANCY LEIGH GOLDING FHA 1, Homecoming Sponsor 1, J.V. Basketball 1,2, Library Club 2, Officer 2, Y- Teens 2, 3, World Peace Speaking Contest 3, Office Assistant 4. LINDA LEE GRUBBS Y-Teens 1,2, FHA 3,4, Intramural Basketball 1,2,Journa- lism 4, Perfect Attendance 3. PATSY DALE GRUBBS Y-Teens 1,2, FHA 3, 4. PHYLLIS LUVENA GRUBBS FHA 1, Y- Teens 2,3,4, Y- Teens President 4,Junior Class Representative. VICTORIA DAVIS HALL Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Superlative 4. MINA DUKE HANEY Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, FHA 1, Chorus 4. GLENDA JEAN HAUSER Varsity Basketball 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, Y- Teens 3. BETTY JOAN HICKS Y- Teens 1, FHA 2, 3, 4, Library Club 4, Intramural Bas- ketball 2, 3. JENNY LYNN JOYCE Cheerleader 2, 3, Chief 4, Senior Superlative 4, Home- coming Queen 4, Co- Editor of TOI-IARI 4, Student Council 1, 3, Vice-President 3, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 4, Class Secretary 1, Y-Teens 1. 17 O FHA 3, 4, Secretary 4, Office Assistant 4. BETTY CATHERINE LAWSON Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 4, Chapel Choir 3, Cheering Block 3, Office Assistant 4, Intramural Basketball 1,3, Art Club 3, Journalism 4. CAROLYN SUE LAWSON FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Gle e Club 4, Intramural Basketball 1, 2. MARGARET LOUISE LE SCAULT Pep Club 1,2, Bowling Team 1,2, Captain 3, GAA 2, Library Assistant 4, Y- Teens 3,4, Intramural Basketball 3. HILDA LUCILLE LeVAN Y- Teens 1, 2, 3,4, Student Council 1, Chapel Choir 2, 3, Bowling Team 3, Senior Superlative 4. GERALDINE JEAN LOWE Y-Teens 2, Art Club 3, Bible Club 3, FHA 1, 3, 4, Public Speaking 3, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. BRENDA YVONNE MERRITT Student Council 1, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Debating Club 3, Secretary 3, Debating Team 3, Junior Marshal 3, Class Officer 3, 4, Vesper Speaker 4. BRENDA ANN MOORE Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 2, Student Council 4. BRENDA JOYCE PETREE Class Secretary 2, 4, Se ni or Superlative 4, Varsity Bas- ketball 2,3,4, Monogram Club 3, 4, Bible Quiz Team, J. V. Basketball 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. NINA SHARON RIDGE Library Staff 1, Library Club 1, Cheering Block 2, Bowling Team 2, 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. DONNA GAYLE ROBBINS 4-I-I 1,2, 3, FHA 1,2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 4, Art Club 3, Glee Club 4, PHO 4, Debating Club 4. Parent-Teacher Association of Northwest High School Warren's Drug Store A Complete Drug Store Fill Any Doctor's Prescription Two Registered Pharmacist Phone WO 9-2965 Rural Hall, North Corolina , ELECTRI CAL CONTRACTOR S 38 Years Experience . Wiring . Repairs . Fixtures Electric Heating Estimates PArk 4-5554 Nights and Holidays Dial Park 5-3754 or 3-2056 Benton Electric Service Co lOl4 Ivy Avenue Winston-Salem, North Carolina Senior Activities BRENDA KAY ROBERSON Y-Teens 1, 2, FHA 3,4, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, Perfect Attendance 3, Journalism 4. NANCY CAROL ROBERSON Gray, Gle e Club 1, 4, Homeroom Vice-President 2, Y- Teens 3, Hall Monitor 1, 2. MARY CAROL SAPP Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Bowling Team 2, 3, Cheering Block 2, Freedom of Speech Club 4, library Club 1, Library Staff 1. VIRGINIA GAIL SAPP Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Office Assistant 4, Journalism 4. PATRICIA ANN SHOUSE FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, Vice-President 4, Majorette 4, Co-Chief 4. JUDY SHUMAT Y-Teens 1, 2, YFC 3,4, Homecoming Sponsor 3, Bible Quiz Team 3, Intramurals 2, Cheering Block 2. JUDY SUE SIMMON S Senior Superlative 4, Chapel Choir 2, 3, Junior Marshal 3, Freedom of Speech Club 4, Art Club 3, National Honor Society 3,4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Junior- Senior Committee 3. BRENDA KAY SLATE Reynolds 1, Girls' Service Club 1, Vice-President 1, Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, 4, Bowling Team 1, Home- coming Sponsor 3, Homecoming Attendant 4, Senior Superlative 4. ALICE BRANDON SMITH Class Tre asurer 1, Vice-President 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, President 4, Student Council 3, 4, Senior Superlative 4, Senior Vesper Speaker 4, Junior Marshal 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, President 3. LEE ANN SMITH FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Intramurals 1, 2. OLLIE REBECCA SMITH Class Vice-President 1, Homecoming Sponsor 2, FHA 1, Y-Teens 2,3,4, Student Council Representative 3, Office Assistant 4, Intramurals 2. JUDY KAYE SNYDER Library Assistant 1, Library Club 1, Chapel Choir 3, Y- Teens 2, 3, Art Club 4. LINDA MARIE SPEAS Art Club 3,4, Vice-President 4, FHA 1,2, 3, Glee Club 1 , 4. BARBARA HALL SPRINKLE Office Assistant 4, Y-Teens 3, FHA 1. SANDRA DOLORES TATE FHA 1, Y- Teens 2, Debating Club 3, Art Club 3, PHO 4, YFC 4, Freedom of Speech Club 4. REBECCA BRILES TUTTLE FHA 1, Library Club 2, Secretary 2, J. V. Basketball 1, 2, Y- Teens 3, 4, Perfect Attendance 1,2, Cheering Block 2, Office Assistant 4. PATRICIA ANN TUTTLE Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, Inter Club Council 2,3, Student Council 2, May Court 1, Homecoming Sponsor 1,2, 3, Home- coming Court 4, Office Assistant 4, Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, Cheering Block 2, Intramurals 1, 2. CHIQUITA DUANE UTT YFC 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4, Bible Quiz Team 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, J. V. Basketball 2, Library Club and Staff 2, FHA 1. VIRGINIA ANNE VARELLAS Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, library Club 1, Library Staff 1, Cheering Block 2, Bowling Team 2, Debating Club 3, De b ating Team 3, Hi-Lite Staff 4. NANCY LYNDON WATTS FHA 1, Y-Teens 2, Debating Club 4. DAIRY CASTLE Sandwich Shop and Ice Cream 3700 Reynolda Road Old Town, North Carolina P it T 7 J.V. STANLEY 8: SONS U.S. Highway 52 StanIeyviIIe Phone WO 9-4587 Groceries - Meats - Produce GRUBBS USED CARS, S.P. Phone PArk 2-l56I R.F.D. W7 Winston-Salem, North Carolina Congratulations Seniors! PRESTON STUDIO Northside Shopping Center LEINBACH MACHINERY COMPANY Hardware and Farm Machinery Highway 67 at Old Town School Phone WA 4-933i Congratulations Seniors! 7 OLD TOWN CLEANERS Sandra Brann and Lynne Collins made a big hit with the Charleston Rag in the Senior Talent Reynolda Road Show presented in February . 173 SHERRON LYDIA WILLIAMS National Honor Society Page 25 Hi-Lite Staff 45Cheeri1'1g Block 25 Bible Club 25 Public Speaking Club 15 Y- Teens 2, 3, 45 Debating Club 45 TOHARI Staff 45 Homecoming Sponsor 25 Student Council 2. SYLVIA JANE WILLIAMS Varsity Basketball 2, 35 Library Club 1, library Staff 15 Y- Teens 2, 3, 4, Service Chairman 45 Cheering Block 25 Journalism 45 J.V. Basketball 15 Intramural Basketball 15 Perfect Attendance 1, 2. WANDA KAY WILLIAMS Y-Teens 1,2, 35 Bible Club 15 Bible Quiz Team 15 FHA 45 Art Club 3. BRENDA DIANNA WINDSOR FHA 1, 2, 3, 45 Y- Teens 15 Office Assistant 45 Intramurals 1. JOHN HUGH ALLEN Student Council 2,3,4, President 4, Secretary 25 Key Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 25 National Honor Society 3, 45 Senior Superlative 45 Class President 2, 35 Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Bus Driver 4. MILTON VAUGHN BAUGUESS Class President 45 Student Council 45 Key Club 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 Varsity B ask e tb all 2, 3, 45 Varsity Football 2, 35 Track 2, 3, 45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4. HENRY EDWARD CHAMBERS, JR. Bus Driver 3, 4, Treasurer 4. MARSDEN ASBURY CLECKLEY, III Bible Club 2,3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 Auditorium Technician 3, 45 Student Council 15 Band 3,45 J. V. Baseball 35 Bible Quiz Team 2, 35 Bus Drivers Club 3. CHARLES WILLIAM coNRAD FFA 1, 2, 3, 4-H Club. JAMES BENNY DAVIS Bus Drivers Club 15 Bowling Team 15 Band 1, 2. 174 FRANK RUNALS DORN Central, Salem, Wis., 2, 35 Navel Service 1,25 Key Club 4. WALTER AUSTIN DOUB, JR. FFA 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1. HARRY ODELL DOWNS Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Monogram Club 45 I-li-Y Club5 Free- dom of Speech Club 4. STUART GORDON FISHER National Honor Society 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Key Club 3, 45 Monogram Club 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Junior Engineers' Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Junior Marshal 35 Morehead Scholarship Semi-Finalist. ROBERT LEWIS GARMON I-Ii-Y Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 45 FFA 1, 45 Chorus 2, 45 Bus Drivers Club 3, 4. EDWARD STUART coRDoN, JR. Key Club 3, 45 Monogram Club 45 Junior Engineers' Club 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Band 1,25 Bus Driver 45 Art Club 45 Public Speaking Club 45 Track Manager 2, 3. RALPH SPRINGER GROSS McClintock Junior High, Charlotte, N. C., 15 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Monogram Club 1, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Junior Marshal 35 Student Council 15 Junior Engineers' Club 3, 45 Freedom of Speech Club 4. ALBERT GRAY HARPER, JR. Bus Drivers Club 3,45 FFA 1,2, 3. MICHAEL RICHARD HENDRIX Bus Drivers Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 45 Hi-Y 15 Chorus 45 Bowling Team 35 Bus Driver 2, 3. KERRY MICHAEL JAMES Junior Engineers' Club 1, 25 Art Club 3, 4. ANDREW DOUGLAS JONES Monogram Club 3, 45 J. V. Basketball 1, 25 J. V. Baseball 1,25 Bus Driver 45 Hi-Y Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Foot- ball Manager 1,2, 35 Basketball Manager 3. Pine I-Iall Brick and Pipe CO. 2701 Shorefoir Drive Box 4325 Norfh Sfofion Phone PA 4-833i Winston-Salem, North Coroiino 1960 graduates find an old annual and compare their treshmen pictures with the way they look on gr aduation night. 1 For The Besf In Movies And Food, Visit One Of The "Big Three Winston - Salem Drive - In King Drive - In Bel Air Drive - In I X Senior Activities GARY WAYNE KIGER Bus Driver 3,43 Senior Superlative3 Chapel Choir 23 Glee Club 2,43 Art Club 23 Hi-Y 1, 23 J.V. Basketball 1,2. ROBERT ANGELO LEON Key Club 2, 3, 43 Bible Club 1,2,33 Public Speaking Club 1,23 Monogram Club 43 Debating Club 43 Football 2,3,43 Track 3, 43 J. V. Basketball 2. GEORGE MONROE LIVENGOOD Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 43 Monogram Club 2, 3, Officer 43 Bowling Team. JAMES LOUISE MORGAN National Honor Society 43 Debating Club 3, 4, President 43 Key Club 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 43 Student Council 2, 33 Youth Commission 2, 3, 43 Se ni or Superlative 43 Bible Club 2, 3, 43 Pub li c Speaking 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 1. RONALD LEE MORGAN Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 43 Baseball 1, 2, 43 Mono- gram Club 43 Hi-Y 33 Chorus 4. MILTON LEE MOSS FFA 131-li-Y 23 Bowling Team 33 Bus Drivers Club 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. MIKE BRENT OVERTON Band 23 Basketball 33 Track 13 Junior Engineers' Club 13 Hi-Y 1. GEORGE CURTIS PETREE, JR. National Honor Society 3,43 Key Club 2, 3, 43 Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, President 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3,43 Student Council 4, Tre asurer 43 Junior Marshal3 Senior Superlative. JERRY RUCKER SHELTON 4-H Club 23 Bus Drivers Club 3, 4, Secretary 43 Bus Dri- ver 4. THOMAS RICHARD SNELL Journalism 33 Hi-Y 1,23 Chorus 43 Bus Drivers Club 33 Bowling Te am 3. JAMES IRVIN SPEAS Key Club 2, 3, 43 Varsity Basketball 3, 43 TOHARI Staffj Debating Club 43 Public Speaking Club3 Journalism 4. ROBERT ELWOOD SPRINKLE Bus Driver 3, 43 Hi-Y 3. WAYNE ALLEN STEWART Bus Drivers Club3 FFA 1, 2, 33 4-H. MARVIN WILLIAM THOMPSON Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Key Club Vice-President 43 National Honor Society 43 Junior Engineers' Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 33 J. V. Baseball 13 Track 2, 3,43 Football Press Representative 4. LARRY EDWARD TISE Key Club 2, 3, 4, President 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Most Improved 33 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Debating Team 43 Vesper Speaker 43 Junior Marshal 33 Bible Club 3. ALLEN KYLE TOTHILL Monogram Club 3, 43 Junior Engineers' Club 4i Debating Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Football Manag er 2, 3, 43 Basketball 43 WOW History Award. CHARLES WILLIAM WALKER Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Monogram Club 3, 43 Bus Driver 4. GENE TRAVIS WALKER FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 43 Bus Driver 4. VERNON DAVIS WALL, JR. Agriculture 1, 2, 3,4, Vice-President 43 Bus Driver 3, 4. GERALD EDMOND WEAVER FFA 1,2,3,43 Bus Drivers Club 3,4, Vice-President 43 Bus Driver 2, 3, 43 Band 3, 43 Chorus 4. Pl-IILLIP LEE WATTS Bus Driver 3, 43 Band 4. GARY WILBUR WORRELL Art Club 33 Bus Drivers Club 43 Band 33 Bus Driver 4. ED BANNER'S RESTAURANT Highway 52 North ELLIS ASHBURN STATIONER. INC- Complete School Supplies Books - Bibles - Gomes - Gifts Your Pcitronclge Apprecioted Hugh A11en,master of ceremonies at the Se O NON-Iqside Shopping Cem-er Talent Show, listens hopefully as Betty Coo e Phone 5 whispers sweet-nothings in his ear. Congrotulotions ond L. ROBERTS Best Wishes COX Pharmacy "You Always Save At COX'S" Phone PA 3-3627 or PA 3-3628 COLLEGE VILLAGE Winston-Solem, North Corol ino Winston-Solem, North Corolino RUTH'S BEAUTY SHOP Complete Beouty Service Stonleyville, North Carolina Phone WO 9-2520 Ruth Hurt, Operotor Portcfs Market Fresh Mears ond Groceries 4523 N . Cherry Sfreef EXT. Winston-Solem, Norfh Ccrrolino Phone PA 3-6992 TOWN 84 COUNTRY FURNITURE CO. IVIAURI CE WATTS Exccivofing Confrocfor Phone WO 9-2455 Cvermonfon, Norfh Cc1roIinc1 KING FUEL OIL SUPPLY CO. WhoIesoIe Dealer Burner Service Call YU 3-5685 King, North Ccrrolino JEAN'S BEAUTY SHOP Rurol Hc1II, Norrh Cczrolinci Phone WO 9-2985 WELCOME FALcoNs STULTZ, INC. RESTAURANT Sfonleyville, Norfh Corolincu U.s. Highway ff52 Phone WO 9-4501 We Colfer To Privofe Pcirfies REICH'S BARBER SHOP College Sfreei' RuroI Hc1II, Nor'rh Cc1roIino Phone WO 9-33IO Tiny Diny Cafe Phone YU 3-9305 King, Norfh Cc1roIinc1 OLD TOWN HARDWARE Hunting and Fishing Equipment Paint and Paint Supplies Hardware - Kitchenware Marvin R. Ferguson - Owner Phone WA 4-9l85 37lO Reynolda Road Winston-Salem , North Carol ina H.C. PIE COMPANY Phone WO 9-4046 "Delicious Pies and Pastry" We Are Always Happy To Serve Y Route l Rural Hall, North Carolina OU Hill pantomines "Honey Bun" in the charactenstlc sa11or su1t. Phone PA 5-O65i S. Stratford Rd . Hafo Distributors, Inc. Wholesale Floor and Wall Covering and Supplies Winston-Salem, North Carolina REYNOLDS OAKLEY'S ESSO SERVICENTER USED AUTO PARTS Some Parts For All Cars- All Parts For Some Cars 24 HOURS WRECKER SERVICE R.F.D. T, Rural Hall, N.C. WO 9-2255 Wash, Lube, and Waxing Atlas Tires and Batteries Groceries Route 7, Highway 452 Ervin C. Oakley, Owner Phone PA 5-9443 , ,I . ' 5'i'5 E HARRIS BUILDERS SUPPLY Complete Line ot Building Materials, Plumbing Appliances, Paint, Hardware, and Electrical Appliances FREE DELIVERY KING FURNITURE CO. Quality Furniture Reasonably Priced YUl4on 3-9762 King, North Carolina Congratulations Seniors! BRENNER IRON 8: METAL COMPANY Congratulations to the Seniors of -'gl I96I I We Aim Te Plegge HAUSER'S AMOCO SERVICE Phone PA 5-0291 Highway 67 VISIT OUR VARSITY SHOP A Complete Showing ot Ivy and Continental Styles For the Young Man WIIINNIIOW' Y! 'IINMIUHUIHIIIHIIIIMIIIIIIlllllllllmdllllllm Illhpmm 'FRANKA STITH C0 W' Altim---...........1l' pluuumunuuulmumummuumulliAalllw:wm3llp4' SMART FASHIONS FOR MEN AND BOYS Compliments of Duplan 180 K ef A 53, ,M .5 84,3 I W. if ' z X ? I I L I ,sf ,I 'Lii I s Emma Miller and Melvin Dodson are constantly busy with the cleaning of our school. Walnut Cove, N .C. Phone LY 1-2451 Phone YU King, N .C. 3-5915 State Planters Bank Member of Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. Checking Account Saving Account Safe Deposit Box Congratulations Seniors! HIGHLAND BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY CLARK "BUDDY" KIGER FURNITURE CONIPANY Air-Conditioned Cash Discount and Credit Terms Phone WO 9-2491 or WO 9-5705 Rural Hall, North Caroiina 181 Buyers And Houlers of Live Poultry .V I 6 M HUGH PFAFF POULTRY CO. BRDILER FFED!NG PROGRAM TDBACCDVILLE, N. C. HUGH PFAFF' BILLY EDWARDS YU. 3 E700 DLDTDWN WA. 4-B765 YU 3 322D One Hour Martinizing 3301 N. Patterson Avenue Liberty St. ot Ogburn Station 182 ESSO PRODUCTS FOR LESS M.E. CHURCH 3484 Robin Hood Road Winston-Salem, North Carolina Congratulations Seniors! DON'S BARBER SHOP Phone YU 3-5361 King, North Carolina BOLES HARDWARE COMPANY Maytag - Westinghouse - RCA King, N.C. Pinnacle, N.C. Phone YU 3-8935 FM 8-2592 Old Town Pharmacy Phone WAbash 4-9130 3716 Reynolda Road Prescription Specialists Ed Phelps Motors ALL MODELS NEW AND USED CARS 902 Waughtown Street Winston-Salem, North Carolina Phone Day PA 4-3207 Phone Night PA 3-9990 Meta Breeze Estates Between Shattalon Drive and Becl4's Church NEW HOMES FOR SALE PA 3-7535 PA 3-9990 PA 3-7630 Congratulations Seniors! ROSANELLE'S BEAUTY SALON Winston-Salem, North Carolina Phone PA 2-1007 Congratulations Class of 1960-61 B I LTlVl0RE DAIRY FARMS Winston-Salem, North Carolina Phone PA 2-2555 COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Mt.Tabor Food Market 3445 Robin Hood Road Winston-Solem , North Corol inc: Old Town Grill i Highway 67 ' 2, Winston-Salem, Norfh Carolina Y Phone WAbc1sh 4-9125 If r , X Curb Service Orders To Go U tax Open 24 Hours A Dm hgh ' .,j,.i,i75.3:5. W. D . Rumple "NOTHING BUT THE BEST FOR LESS" Libby E1ias's modern dance routine was a very popular success with the Northwest students. 184 Town and Country Gulf Service Reynolda At Old Town Winston-Salem , North Carol ina BRADY FURNHURE COMPANY, INC. Manufactuers of Quality Furniture Phone WO 9-2425 Rural Hall, North Carolina Congratulations to the Senior Class from ROBERTS MEN AND BOYS SHOP Downtown and Northside Shopping Center DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY GORDON'S HARDWARE King, North Carolina Phone YU 3-8595 KELLY TYPEWRITERS Winston-Salem, North Carolina Spinet Pianos PHONE PA 2-7993 Grand Pianos JESSE G. BOWEN MUSIC COMPANY HIGH GRADE PIANOS HAMMOND ORGANS 931 W. FIFTH ST. WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Wall Glade Hill Funeral Chapel l2OO Glade at West Fifth Street Winston-Salem, North Carolina Hennis Freight Lines, Ine. Box 6l2 Winston-Salem , North Carol ina SAND K' POULTRY BROWDER SERVICE Gant Gas - Fish Tires Douglas Batteries Phone WO 9-276i Rural Hall, North Carolina Curt Browder Owner and -Operator Customer Work on Wednesday Richard Speas YU 3-5256 James Keiger YU 3-5256 King, North Carolina W2 A 32 2 S ra fi 0 n Furniture and Hardware Co. 4219 N. Liberty Street Winston-Salem, North Carolina Dial PA 3-6333 Karl Williams, Manager 5 Senior Boys Congratulate Tahari Staff N if' r.i t i ii ' E,.i , i f ,i 2 f ,,, rg. " ' ,ii .g. ,' iw aiir if,l 'iri ri ,'-A , ,..i -4p- 1 I 4-i V M V A V 1N..: , gtg Vl ..,. M K A A 2 6 .sal Q it -fidafl 1 1 186 xi 'R Wig ' 3 K .5 4, A ' Wi fc Q I, ., Q 'of 2 ,lf I I In Z , ,- 1 gy, 7, MMM W. ,,,,. I . , . - in ,, "fl ,c F if ami. A M in I I I ad- ' ix 'fx flax -, , f ' ' - f-M f.-. -f"v .,. .af uf f W I 1 ' ' 6 nm I af- was , A .1 'tjgw ,J J' , , ' Senior Girls Congratulate Tohari Staff Wall Monument Company established 1905 - 1961 4296 Indiana Avenue Winsfon-SaIem,NorIh Caroiina LONG'S GRCCERY I..M. LONG .IEWELERS 2222 West Polo Road I It l lt King, Norfh Carolina WmSTOnPESr:ngAEiggO?Oro mo KEITH ' LUWERY FURNITURE CU. CO' BUD N. LIBERTY ST. NEAR PEPPER'5 WHEE- A WINETUN'5ALEM, N. C. ' TEL. PA 4'2434 King, North Carolina RCA TV SALESMAN B AUTYREST MATTRESS gllv J' "e W Wiley R. Jones Insurance Service 3722 Reynolda Road Phone WA 4-9294 or WA 4-8778 187 Nm Wafzellafi A portrait - the perfect gift for any occasion GRIGG STUDIO on the campus WAKE'FOREST COLLEGE 8 Dcwcy Lon g Construction Co. General Contractor "When Better Houses Are Built We Build Them" Complete Planning Service King, North Carolina Phone YU 3-5I75 RURAL HALL MACHINE SHO Rural Hall, North Carolina P A. L. PAYNE gl SONS One-Stop Food Market Rural Hall, North Carolina Phone WO 9-2805 Congratulations Seniors! DOUGLAS NORMAN Congratulations Seniors! FOREST HILL LUNIBER COMPANY Winston-Salem, North Carolina CAUDLE'S MT. TABOR TEXACO SERVICE A Phone PA 5-92I4 Wachovia Oil Company "Locally Owned and Operated" R.F. Morris M . . .the world's finest heating oil Ivy Avenue at I7th Street Phone PA 5-0557 and PA 5-0558 Crystal Lake Reynolda Road Just Beyond City Limits On Your Left Open Daily - 8:00 A.M. To I0:00 P.M. Sunday - I:00 P.M. To 7:00 P.M. Swimming - Boating LARGE TIERED SUN DECK Free Picnic Areas Phone Pa 5-9498 PA 3-2079 Best Wishes GROVER Mc NAIR SUMMIT STREET PHARMACY, INC. Foot of Summit Street Hill Phone PA 2-I I44 Winston-Salem, North Carolina GROVER SHUGART FORD Rural Hall, North Carolina Phone WO 9-2235 Congratulations Seniors! E.L. KISER SUPERNIARKET Rural Hall, North Carolina Phone WO 9-2975 TOM'S RADIO AND TV SERVICE King, North Carolina GWYNS SHELL SERVICE Rural Hall, North Carolina Ammons Esso Scrviccntcr, Inc. Road Service - Tires - Accessories - Batteries Linwood Ammons - A.C. Motsinger, Owners Robin Hood and Reynolda Roods Winston-Salem, North Carolina Phone PA 5-2681 190 CLYDE E. HAU SER Fresh Poultry 81 Eggs Phone YU 3-5263 Tobaccoville, North Carolina EAST BEND DRIVE-IN THEATER where you can always see a good movie DRAG RACING every Sunday Afternoon Highway 67 East Bend, N.C. Fishing Equipment Archery Sportsmads Supply Co., Inc. 604 N. Cherry Street Wholesale Distributors of Sport Equipment TROPHIES RECREATION SUPPLIES AWARD JACKETS AND SWEATERS it! Mark seems to be following in the exact f t Steps of his dad, Coach Wyatt. Congratulations Seniors! KOOLER'S FOOD CENTER Phone YU 3-9755 King, North Carolina , X ., 11 1 I, BGIIQSIQVQHS QHomv ol Better V I C. H. SMITHERMAN OIL COMPANY Distributor Esso Products Pfcitftown, North Carolina Highway 67 Burner Service Telephone WA 4-2400 OLDTOWN' BEAUTY SALON 3706 REYN LDA RD. WA 4-8603 OFFICE HENDERSON BEAUTY SHOPS HENDERSON BEAUTY WAUGHTOWN BEAUTY S 6 S t SALON SHOP 35 MOTOR RD., . W. 1203 WAUGHTOWN ST. WINSTON-SAL M, N. C. WINSTON-SALEM. N. C. b PA M ST 8-7221 KEY u COhc:n's - Robirfs Complete Line of Loclies' Fashions 223 4th Street ond Northside Shopping Center Hugh's Auto Repairs Phone WA 4-2175 19 Vogler Service Funeral Directors - Ambulance Service PArk 2-6lOl Winston-Salem, North Carolina Congratulations Seniors! Cgburn Electric Co. Phone WA 4-8655 or Phone WA 4-2463 Murray Road, Route l, Winston-Salem, N.C. Staley's Drive - ln Restaurant House of Fine Sandwiches 2803 Reynolda Road Wall Esso Service Box 396 YU 3-889i King, N.C. Distributors GATES 8. DENMAN TIRES Wheel Aligning 8- Balancing Recapping gg 193 m Hilda LeVan Paul R. Hcipler Photographer . 'S+ ' . 'sg- ,fw ws: fF11i'Q34 Rural Hall Norflm Carolina 194 OLD TOWN FABRIC CENTER " Cottons Notions Woolens Simplicity Patterns Phone WA 4-8755 3738 Reynoida Road PIEDNIONT BRAKE SERVICE INC. T76 Waugintown Sam Tudor PA 5-O48I HOLIDAY'S CHARCOAL STEAK HOUSE Highway 52 f' o if -..:.?w :"'f ' 'flu K 2135 " ifgiw - f ,1,A Mm fee: ef, fw, ' Beffy Cooke Photo Specialty Shop Leoksville, North Carolina 196 Activities Advertisements Agriculture Department Art Club Band Baseball Team Bible Quiz Team Boys and Girls Monogram Club Boys junior Varsity Basketball Team Boys Varsity Basketball Team Bus Drivers Bus Drivers Club Cheerleaders Civitan Award Winner Classes Coaches Commercial Department Contents D.A. R. Good Citizen English Department Football Teams Foreword French Department Freshman Class Freshman Y-Teens Future Farmers of America Future Homemakers of America Girls State Delegates Girls junior Varsity Basketball Team Girls Varsity Basketball Team Guidance Department HI-LITE Staff Hi-Y Club Homecoming Attendants Homecoming Court Homecoming Queen Home Economics Department Honor Graduates Introduction journalism Department journal-Sentinel Reporter junior Class junior Engineers Club junior Marshals junior Y-Teens Key Club Latin Department Library Club Library Department Lunchroom Staff 36-97 166-193 29 63 72-73 90-91 49 44-45 89 84-85 68-69 70 76-77 127 98-163 78 30 5 127 18-19 79-81 2 20 154-163 59 52-S3 54 126 88 82-83 33 67 55 96-97 95 94 28 123-126 6-11 17 71 128-141 65 130-139 57 40-41 20 48 21 34-35 Majorettes Math Department Music Department National Honor Society Northwest Freedom of Speech Club Office Staff Physical Education Department P. H. O. Club Principal P. T. A. Officers Science Club of America Science Department Senior Class Senior Superlatives Senior Y-Teens Social Studies Department Sophomore Class Sophomore Y-Teens Student Council TOHARI Staff Track Vesper Speakers Youth for Christ Youth Commission Representatives NWN 1 cl , rifd My Q1 lnclcx 103, 105, 107, 105, 111, 112, 115, 198 74-75 22-23 32 42-43 61 16 31 46-47 15 14 64 26-27 100-122 116, 119 56 24-25 142-153 58 38-39 66 92-93 127 50-51 71 M , Autograph WA WWW Q52 qff Q' , ' Q2 , -L h sw WBNffB E2 Q ' D 56,5 Anqb fu yy, if 9 gm W Q Wg '1' J . . ,,,, gy! . " rd J., Q, ,fav Xidffb igavfxx fy, UM. , ,QQQJQQQHQ-,fix giymwgf Wlgiiiiz my AL? f Autographs x W W W W ,Bw wMy Www QSQQM + ii 4.952 cproduct of n -I-er GUIIPIIIY 333 INDIANA AVENUE WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. 1 M5346 may XXVQLL-aaaio t i.oAsf9- -SSfxmw'fwm5xBN-XM'-A EQ , WQQQFXWM x . ,y W f , w gl " my lj 'D 'lx' XX! KN 8 'A 1 . x X 9 'I NV ,K ', V u f- J Y 5, L I xr V f I .Af fx NG . J' . ' ' N 'dk H I YY u 1 A 'ov 'K- ' Y,F Nag V x ? Y! J .1 N X AT LN I rf' V , ' ff K7 X x In WLXZI All F ff wi Q EL' xg? Y' x Y I r 5 Y J .V Wx, 1 Y Q ff JAX -V ' rp' J 1 , 'J x Ik. I gi, , X , MW, : f- , ' X , -, X 1 . I , X' J b x x ' ,fv Q' .g XV X' 1 ,Q

Suggestions in the Northwest High School - Tohari Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) collection:

Northwest High School - Tohari Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Northwest High School - Tohari Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Northwest High School - Tohari Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Northwest High School - Tohari Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Northwest High School - Tohari Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 113

1961, pg 113

Northwest High School - Tohari Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 183

1961, pg 183

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