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2 5 Y Ei Q ? ss S 3 4 5 3 Q2 if 9 5 3 2 E 5? , Y E ff 5 5: 5 Q? s EE 5? Q 2 E 3 if 5 Q 55 ii S 3 5 ,K 4 2. 5 ri E Q. 9? fi 2. 5: az Q if 1' My ff WM WX AJ 1 1 , w x 1 1 4 5 f w r f 1 K 4 yn, ' , 4 L- !! ,, . .. M . ,A vim, I 45 .5 y- 1"F V W .,,,,,k4 .. .. 2, , mf , "HN ' I - , ' ' " , . ' I gfwx , Y l , Q! " A M 'M W- " ' ' , ,HW N w fb E Me WW ZW yiifxfi, Qiffigif big -ji EQ ii V 5? 2' ' E E V 5 rf M new W Sfgfyg W W 'MXvWW,, WM? fin ff? WM! M ' . . A D - - JM... AMW . . he n 'l5'd?34Ege' w Qff ?fFrf"wMW'Hfnf-f,1sMkfEM.i:g....,.,:Q4gg,4jS5W '- K . . N , ll , K -' ky A K QWWWW Wswgww , -- -W2 fw f ' w f i ,g 5sf'H- 2- fm: ,. ,- p me ff-- fi .mf 1, fi, 'W ' t .. . ,, ' ,M - J' , , 'N hh WSE? :, ,N ,9p,g1m- ' H V2 H A EA a:1f, . ,. g,,N,.g.."!w mf -- P The Nineteen Hundred And Sixty 2 Volume V I k X .4- 1 Q9 mf 2 r 9? 535313 3 .Wm www? 135239553 '54 Q' 5355552 i?rE33f5'W?r: 55535253 rzzsgmi E532 - f E91 Q ,rgifrswifgzig ZZQZWW. , fssegiagss or QM 'Q 5 3? Qs? iii? 5. 4 Wiki 3355 sw? if w Q M as: 351 NORTHWEST HIGH SCHOOL Murroy Rood Winston-Salem, North Corolino 3 mg 4 ,. S fi M3255 f 133934455 im? N555 jgwiiiiuirx 3 2, U 55561 a rs Ego? :ag Q A rig: 1 53555: 5155425512 2 w 54 S5 3:3 F 2 s X 15:2 axis.: 2 3 wie: 5255 Ss ag sgsgxgz Jw Gggiwfivf wgggggfwma .. 4 ir U 0 33? 2. I 2 3 V, FOREWORD Your 1960 issue features one of the "little people, " a little chap familiar to our school and community. When he emerged from the drawing boards of the school newspaper two years ago, he acquired a name as well as a distinct personality. The newspaper staff christened him Nortavest. Nortavest is a composite of our students, and hence of high school stu- dents everywhere. Sometimes he is stupid, occasionally, clever, sometimes he is good, often, bad, always he learns too late and comments to himself about the clever retort he should have made and the wise thing he should have done-even as you and I. We hope little Nortavest, drawn here by Robert Coltrane, will be one more among the pleasant reminders of yourhappy school year thatwe have tried to capture for you between the covers of your 1960 yearbook. UIIIEIII5 DEDICATION ............... ............ 6 ADMINISTRATION ............. ....... 8 ACTIVITIES ..................... ......... 2 O SPORTS ..................................................................... 56 FEATURES AND SPECIAL EVENTS. .......... 82 HONORS ................................................................ IO2 STUDENTS ...................... ........ I I6 ADVERTISEMENTS .............. ....... I 82 Dedication MRS. ROY HOLLAND Mrs. Holland came to Northwest from Old Richmond School when the new school opened in 1955. During that first yearshe served as sponsor for the publications. It was she who fashioned the name of this yearbook, TOHARI, by combining syllables from the schools-Old Town, Rural Hall, and Old Richmond. Mrs. Holland labors faithfully and successfully toward the end that her students shall be as well prepared as possible. She gives generously of her best efforts to pro- mote the development of both school and community. The TOHARI staff is proud to offer to Mrs. Holland this recognition of her services. K 'SS' Q---........,,wuw Yi Even in her spare time Mrs. Holland thinks of her respon- The encouragement of student writing is high on her list sibility as a teacher of English. of obligations. Her warm smile and her sincere interest in her students add generously to her pleasant personality. f if s.t,,.t, -, if M., .- .2 In the classroom Mrs. Holland is willing and delighted to And like most other teachers, Mrs. Holland can often be give individual help to any of her students. found recording grades. 7 5 The Administrative Stff of Northwest High School is composed of men and women who are dedicated to the task of molding a better world. With know- ledge, patience, kindness, understanding, and skill they do their best to plant knowledge in the minds of our youdi . They know the importance of a good education. They understand that the future depends on the stand- ardsyche knowledgegghe coura9e,and the ideals instill- edinthe mlndsofyouthffhey formulate the policies which govern our particular school and fit it to the needs of th individual communities to which it be' longs . 'bf W 3 is nr is 32 is ii? if? in s E ,H ,fs gb. gigs p age is ii Six, S, EX vi Q. qfmp g gigs he Q 5 i t N 82 3? 'X WWTTQ Egg' 51 mm EEE , 155 5, , sw! , 212 J ' 'ggi SRE 351' x i , xy ' ff W' 'gh Mg 2 iv it Q ,Z im 5 A uf M X 7 ' 52' 5 iff ff' if ,, H 5 Eff J 3 . W. Newman .H Tune: O Tannenbaum rdfflvqfilffglfffglll North - west, be - neath a south - ern sky, Thy col - ors ev - er proud - ly fly. Proud - Fal - con fly -ing ev - er high, Ac - cept no bound-'ry but the sky. With field of pure and stain - less white, A - bove the vel - vet black of night. Let Wis-dom guide thy swift - wingedfight, To scale the steep-est moun-tain height. E FIV 'MVIVEVYVQJ VNV' QV' Thy flame of faith, thy torch of truth, Shall always guide the steps of youth. Prize more than all thy liber - t y, Thy right to fly un-chained and free. M JtMJ7P1M HJ ,i ,ng And in de - feat or vic - tor - y, Shall hon - or still come first with thee. And ev - er shall thy soar - ing wings, At - tain the val - iant n o - b 1 e things. . 'Y N mils OR NoYs?5A9g,7 IQSQIWEST X9 NORTHWEST 959 1.960 10 The School Board, Mr. Gibbs, The P. T. A., Mr. T. R. Gibbs, superintendent of Forsyth County S choo ls, has just addressed adistrict teachers' meet- in 1 18 im, 'L f The local school board. Standing, left to right: Mr. Winburn Craft, Mr. Kenneth Leinb ach, and Mr. Carl W i llia ms. Seated: Mrs. Ed Phelps, secretaryg Mr. Frank Stith, jr. , ch airm ang and Mr. James Wall. P. T. A. o ffi c e rs: Left to right: Mrs. Eva B. Sprinkle, parliamentariang Mrs. Lucille Speas, first vice presidentg Mrs. C. E. Hartgrove, presidentg Mrs. P. H. jordan, second vice presidentg and Mr. Bill McGee, historian. Mr. Gibson looks for a student's record card. Mr. Gibson pauses in one of his endless school duties. Mr. Gibson, All Northwest students, past and presentwill defend with fervent loyalty their contention that our principal is the very best principal in the whole world. His dedication to his job, his genuine interest in the welfare of every student, his civic pride and servicehave earn- ed for him the respect and admiration of the entire community. MR. IULIAN GIBSON Principal 12 Mrs. Benton gives several freshmen "Let me see your homework," says Mrs. Miss Dowellwonders about the out- instructions on cutting out ablouse. Byrne to an unsuspecting student. come of the next ball game. And The Faculty ' MRS. FAYE BENTON E Home Economics Mr. Grabbs keeps a watchful eye for late students. MISS MARTHA MRS. MYRTLE BLACKWELDER BYRNE Typing, Shorthand Typing, Bookkeeping r MISS MAXINE DOWELL Girls Physical The high light of the year for Miss Blackwelder was her engagement ring. Education, Coach MR. CHARLES MR. O. O. GRABBS FERRIS Science, Biology Band "Ready, " says Mr. Ferris as he prepares to direct the band. Mr. Larrimore returns some recent Mr. Gregg writes an excuse for a waiting "Good morning, class, " says Mrs. test papers to his geometry class. student. Hauser. "I have a surprise for you- a test! " 4 ' .. ,,. J yl , . t S 5155 nk , he my s rvv r tris G d 0 ':i"' Wm my i i, UI e Ur In ' A " A A ' fgr A f :I:-, .f,. r ' e s rrgg A .as 1 Ms., x . Q ,rrt A lx E MR. WILLLAM MRS. MARY MRS. HENRIETTA GREGG HAUS ER HOLLAND Science, Biology, English English "I asked you to be quiet, " Mrs. Mathematics Holland reminds her class. .ln MR. I. L. IVEY MR. CHARLES MR. A. C. French, English E. JARVIS LARRIMORE Agriculture Algebra, Geometry NLF- Jarvis makes 3 thorough Check Of the Stu' "Now, this is near la maison de bebe. " Mr. dent's checkout list. Ivey instructs his French class. "Now when the paramecium meets Mrs. Nifong listens to her students give "HG1'6'S 2 QOOCI play, " Says Mr. the amoeba and the hydra. . . " says reports. Nifong as he shows films of a foot- Mr. McLamb. The Right Direction And Mrs. Newman takes a moment out Science to pose for the photographer. '50 'W "You forgot to thre ad your machine, " Mrs. Fenner informs a bewildered beginner. g. ,z A21 WY., 5'-I--4 ' is B Footb all Coach ball game to the monogram Club. Ak.-' I ii if , t,' L, is T i" is I. s'gg,lJ J,,,, , K 51,5 MRS. LOUISE MRS. MARJORIE NEWMAN NIFONG English, journalism American Government MR. COLON MRS. VERA MR.J. W. PEOPLES NIFONG PENNER History M6lf1h9mHfiCS, Home Economics "What are you doing out of class?" Mr. Peoples asks some students. Mrs. N e w s o m e r e p l a c e s Mrs. "The first person to spillblood on the floor Robinson in the commercial depart- ment. MRS. DAPHNE MRS. FAYE SIMTS ROBINSON Secretary Typing, Shorthand, School Treasurer . ,, ec -f..: gm. - 5562 : V t S. oiiio i r , ,,.:k , " , f ,V.kk.k ? Lafv - J' :U 7""A4'J iq 5-.4 1 Q , 772 MISS ELIZABETH MRS. MARY SMITH SNYDER Librarian English Mrs. Speas gives instructions to her algebra class. Nw-Mwmgq ,,,.. ww... W 'F' ! " Mr. Selle warns his s in shop fmachinej work. MR. CHARLES SELLE Agriculture MRS. LUCILLE SPEAS Algebra, Geometry "Does he deserve an 'A' or a 'B' wonders Mrs. Snyder. Prepare Us To Mrs. Seats is ready to begin the day's work. "Encyclopedias?" Mrs. Smith helps a fresh- XT13.1'1. is "Why, this doesn't pertain to Latin," "O-o-h, watch that acid, " begs Mrs. Miss Threlfall checks a list of says Mrs. Sprinkle. Sutton. Classics. nu. c lts A kk- .qi Kali M ww. ss. Become Loyal Citizens, l MRS. EVA NIRS. JOYCE MISS JESSIE B. SPRINKLE SUTTON THRELFALL "Let me Show You how to Shoof 3 Latin Physics, Chemistry, English ball, " suggests Mr. Wyatt. Biology 3 f ..."' C l l r Q fir y 4 f'-4-X MR. HARRY MR. CARL WYATT MRS. BLANCHE M. UNDERWOOD Boys Physical ZIMMERMAN Sociology, Education, History, Guidance Counselor Basketball Coach Public Speaking Mr. Underwood helps Joanne Swannack with Mrs, Zimmerman finds time to work her plans for college. on her blue sheet. rfb The Office Assistants Lend Willing Hands And i E The office assistants are: Carolyn Crater, Christine Sprinkle, Dianne Perryman, Faye Speas, Barbara Oliver, and Sara Lynn Isom. Mr. Gibson gives Mrs. Seats her assignments for the day. Each day the office assistants perform their routine chores -typing absentee lists, tests, and announcements, answer- ing the telephone, distributing the school mail, greeting visitors, making n e c e s s ary announcements, and doing other tasks to help Mr. Gibson and Mrs. Seates. Faye Speas staples together some tests. Sara Lynn Isom and Dianne Perryman straighten up the office. 18 The Cafeteria Staff Prepares Attractive And Whales e D Under the direction of Mrs. Sapp, dietitian, Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Harper, Mrs. Livengood, Mrs .W . E. Shouse , Mrs. McDowel1,'and Mrs.Roy Shouse prepare an excellent variety of food in our modern cafeteria. Even though the menus are planned for all schools, our staff has to decide how much of everything and how long to allow for the total preparation of each dish. Our food is always wholesome, abund ant and attractive. Best of all, twenty-five cents will buy a meat, two vegetables, rolls and butter, and milk. No wonder our students look forward to lunch. QJMAWTW 1 Mrs. Livengood and Mrs. Shous e cut a few of the thirty-five pies they bake each day. Mrs. Bowen, Mrs.' Harper, and Mrs. Roy Shouse lunch hour to -t we fu Mrs. Sapp, cafeteria manager, ke' a check for the next, menu ' ff' I J '7qlN' 7 19 rffiflf My to .fl Mrs. McDowell and Mrs. Holland prepare spaghetti. .tw Time for work. . .time for play There are clubs for all tastesgthere arehonor and servace clubs, clubs for athletesl, clubs forbus drivers. There xssomethxng for everybody. 'NW-.I 'ls I'4.14.4'5 wi 14" pi sei: ,5?x'P"q .v-151' .K :gh 5163 'i' 4 -fir-.A -an H" 7.262 4 - it '-QQIQQQZQQ, iq: N 4 em-'fv-4 V ' ' A vga 9.12 , ' Q - , 'Er' Vg' Q .sg fs 5 , ' t, A V E gm . W 1 R TIES The Student Council , , x ,fain WP 132'-f d 'A' , -1 1' f l gv' x fe to 3 'L A K Lai V 5 '-:- , L- 71 . w ifi W il? if a wk- fu My . . if Q P 32. 2 ' V, .W c a w f 4,5 A - 5 ix Officers And Sponsor The Officers of the Student Council are Steve Kiger, presidentg jenny Lynn Joyce, vice presidentg joellen Stith, secretaryg and Frances Tuttle, treasurerg Miss Threlfall, sponsor. S' A Promotes Leadership In The School Freshman Representatives: Sherry Snow, Bain Ridge, Jeanette Spencer, Frankie Thornton, Carol Long, John Crews, Jimmy Dean Long, and Johnnie Clanton. Sophomore Representatives: Penny Allen, Joellen Stith, Nancy Calloway, Margaret Hall, Eddie McKinney, Neil Shouse, Jimmy Fearrington, and David Hauser. Each spring elections for Student Council officers are held for the following year, at which time the various representatives are elected by homerooms. Their activities include operating the book store, publishing a handbook, carrying out the homecoming celebration, sponsoring dances, conducting daily devotions, scheduling assembly programs, displaying bulletin boards in the lobby and cafeteria, sponsoring the Citizen of the Year, sponsoring orientation week for the freshmen, organizing fire drills, reviewing applicationswith the National Association of Student Council of America, and sponsoring outher projects to benefit the entire school and neighborhood Junior Representatives: Jimmy,Morg an, Marvin Thompson, Becky Smith, Alice Smith, Jenny Lynn Joyce, and Bill Walker. Senior Representatives: Priscilla Shouse, Katie Stanley, Carolyn Crater, Frances Tuttle, Melvin Walker, Steve Kiger, Pete Morgan. The old members: Jeannie McDonald, Nancy Robb, Rachael Motsinger, Burnette Blakely, Frances Tuttle, David Boaz, and Ken Hartman rehearse for their induction ceremony which was held in November. The National Honor Society Service, Leadership The purpose of the National Honor Society is to honor students who have excelled in academic work, demonstrated ability as s chool leaders, served the school, and displayed exemplary personality traits in school and community life. The Northwest High School Chapter held its in- duction c e r e m o n y on November 11, 1959, at which time eight seniors and four juniors were inducted into membership. The program c onsis te d of an introduction by Rachael Motsinger.. .the president, devotionals by Two new inductees prepare to return to make the pledge and tohave their candles lighted: Ronda Holland and Carol Winfrey. 24 Members, Front row, left to right: C. Winfrey, F. Tuttle, M. Stultz, A. Smith. S. Fulk, R. Holland. Second rowzj. McDonald, M. England, B. Oliver, R. Motsinger, K. Stanley, C. Fuller, N. Robb, Mrs. Newman, Represents Scholarship, And Character Jeannie McDonald, explanation of the emblem by David Boaz, and short talks by Nancy Robb, Burnette Blakely, Ken Hartman, and Fr an c e s Tuttle. After the induction ceremony, the new inductees and the old members must maintain the high standards of the club if they wish to remain a member. umowt MONO? SQCIETY S52 "'-f 1' 'Q S T, . K It If N National Honor Society Officers: Katie Stanley, vice president, Alice Smith, trea- surer, RachaelMotsinger, president, Frances Tuttle, secretary. sponsor. Third row: K. Hartman, T. Cash, G. C. Petree, D. Boaz, L. Tise. B. Blakelev. 25 Members enjoy refreshments during a meet- ing. W Ji' .f 4' 3 j The Boys' Monogrom Club Members: Front row, left to right: G. Livengood, G. C. Second row: D. Davies, T. Cash, T. Peoples, W. Lucas, Petree, B. Ogburn, S. Kiger, R. Bovender, S. Cope. Mr. Nifong, sponsor. jimmy Fearrington, Bill and Melvin Walker, Guy Flynt, and Paul l-lepler, take a rest during their initiation. 28 Stresses Sportsmanship. The Monogram Club is made up of students whohave earned a letter by participating in various sports, or connected with the athletic program in the school. It is an honorary athletic club with the objectives of pro- moting good sportsmanship, learning new games, and raising money for athletic equipment. Its projects in- clude intramural sports programs, and the sale of pro- grams at football and basketball games. This year the following boys were added to the list of members: jimmy Fearrington, Melvin and Bill Walker, Guy Flynt, Paul Hepler, Steve Crotts, Pete Johnston, Paul Snell, Tony Petree, Stewart Fisher, Eddie McKinney, Allen Tothill, and Neil Shouse. Officers, left to right: Richard Bovender, vice president, G. C. Petree, secretary-treasurer, Tommy Cash, ser- geant at arms, Bill Ogburn, president. 5 The Monogram Club boys enjoy watching afilm dur- ing one of their meetings. Melvin Walker, Paul Hepler, and Bill Walker during one of the steps of the initiation. Some boys being initiated are happy that the initiation, which lasted for one week, is over. The Hi-Y Is A Service Club And . . Members: Front row, left to right: R. Redding, K. Hartman. Second row: H. Key, E. King, L. Shouse. Third row: D. Davis, D. Brewer, W. Lucus, I. Stockberger, P. Dreylinger. Fourth row: H. Downs, B. Bodsford, B. Farmer, T. Barkley, C. Richardson, D. Rymill. Fifth row: B. Garmon, P. Hepler, D Greer, R. Greer, R. Morgan, Jones, R. Sprinkle. Sixth row: Berry, I. Anderson, G. Deal, R. Folden, j.Wal1, M. Andrews, I. Ketner, 1. Hicks. The Hi-Y, under the sponsorship of the Young Men's Christian Association, is chiefly a service club. It is open to all boys who maintain at least aC average through out the year. A member must be formally excused from attending the meetings or he will be dropped from the club. Under the direction of Mr. Larrimore, the boys this year have enjoyed a Hi-Y basketball team which has played nine games with other Hi-Y teams. Ourboys have won three games and lost six. OFFICERS Bill Farmer, vice president, Ken Hartman, president, Gerald Deal, representative, Tony Barkley, secretary-treasurer. 30 The Girls' Monogrom Club Serves The School Through The Athletic Department, Monogram Club meeting in the varsity dressing room. The Girls' Monogram Club, like the boys' monogram club, aims to promote good sportsmanship, raising money for the athletic program and buying equipment for the sports department. The girls promote girls' games in the intramural program, and the sale of football and basketball programs. Its members must have acquired a letter through participating in a sport or in a sports activity such as a cheerleader. Members, first row, left to right: K. Stanley, G. Clanton, L. Blackm F. Tuttle, C. Crater, I. L. Joyce, S. Atkins. Second row w F Officers, left to right: Io Anne Frye, trea- s u r e r, Eleanor B o d e nh a m e r, secretary, Carolyn Crater, vice pr e s id e n tg Jeannie McDonald, president. on, M. Long, E. Bodenhamer, I. A. Frye, : J. Spainhour, 1. McDonald and Miss Dowell, sponsor. mm. my my ,fav 5 .gm , We Y v V1.2 liiitfy it The Senior Y-Teens Senior Y-Teens, left to right: P. Burrow, S. Sheek, B. M. England, K. Shouse, G. Holt, R. Matthews, I. Nance, C. K. Cline, J. Swannack, M. Spencer, N. Robb. Second D. row: P. Shouse, B. J. Lingerfelt, D. Cole, S. L. Isom, M Oliver, M. Stultz, L. Weaver, R. Holland, C. Winfrey, I-Ielsabeck, C. Roush. Third row: C. Fuller, Perryman, A. Whitman, M. Waller, F. Speas, Bowen, M. A. Harrison. Senior Sponsor Senior Y-Teens Meeting Junior Y-Teens Meeting 32 MISS BLACKWELDER The Y-Teens, in association with the Y. W. C. A. is open to all high school girls. Its purpose is to build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of per- sonal and social living to which we are committed by faith as Christians! MRS. SPEAS Junior Sponsor The Junior Y-Teens SENIOR OFFICERS Sallie Sh e ek, president, Priscilla Shouse, secretary, Peggy Burrow, treasurer, Betty Jo Lingerfelt, vice president, Sara Lynn Isom, inter club council. IUNIOR OFFICERS Pat Tuttle, I. C. C. ,Alice Smith, president, Libby Elias, treasurer, Sharon Fulk, secre- tary, Mina Haney, assistant vice president. junior Members, left to right: A.Smith,'V.l-lall, C. SSPP, S. Doub, P. Danner. Fourth row: I. Anderson, M. Little, E. Elias, L. Blackmon, S. Williams, C. England. Second. B. Hall, G. Hauser, R. Davis, N. Golding, R. Robinson, row:j.K. Snyder, C. Coble, J. Simmons, N. Watts, P. Lescault, P. Grubbs. Fifth row:B. Smith, B. Briles, B. Moore, M. Dillon, W. Williams. Third row: S. Fulk, S. Ridge, B. Slate, P. Tuttle, J. Williams, B. Reich, G. Sapp, B. Petree, Y. Merritt, S. Barnes, M. Haney, A. Verellas. 33 The Sophomore YfTeens And First row: O. Lott, P. Scott, B. Tuttle, D. Corns, J. Roush, J. Choplin, P. Gualtney, C. Westmoreland, I. Kearney, R. Smitherman, R. K. May, S. Furches, A. Yarbrough, R. Hester, D. Calloway, 1. Blakeley. Fourth row: S. Robb, J. Slate. Second row: L. Chilton, J. Stith, N. Calloway, A. Moore, I. A. Boulton, N. Shouse, K. Pfaff, P. Allen, I. Foltz, B. Shelton, B. logan, C. Kandzer, D. McCaslin, I. Tudor, C. Mclnnis, B. Ruthrock, B. Clement, W. Parker, M. Hall. Third row: C. Westmoreland, L. Carter, C. Hill, V. Cozart, SOPHOMORE OFFICERS C or a Westmoreland, v i c e president, Judy Slate, t r e as ur e rg Karen Pfaff, secretary, Perry Allen, president, Susan Furches, I. C. C. 1. Grogan, D. Tuttle, C. Cooke. Fifth row: J. Snyder, M. Hutchinson, B. Osborne, J. Crews, J. Tesh, J. Doub. FRESHMAN OFFICERS Pat Gibson, I. C. C. 5 Jeanette Spencer, sec- retary, Be cky Scott, treasurer, Doris Lee Pyrtle, president, Melinda Kapp, vice pres- ident. w 34 The Freshman Y-Teens MRS. HAUSER Freshman Sponsor The Y-Teen goals are flj to grow as aperson, QZQ to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions, and nationalities and Q35 to grow in the knowledge and love of God. At Northwest we have juniorY-Teens, made up of freshmen and sophomores, and Senior Y- Teens, with a membership of upper-classmen. Sometimes a speaker addresses joint meetings which are held at night. Devotions always open the pro gr ams, and usually refreshments and a social hour provide pleasant diversions. Freshmen: First row, left to right: L. Reavis, S. Stewart, N. D. Masencup, K. Hartman, B. Elliott, B. Hunter B. Ridge, P. Moore, M. G. Harpe, D. Pyrtle, M. Kapp Second row: S. Brann, L. Collins, M. Chappell, I. Stegell, A Sophomore Y-Teen meeting. A Freshman Y-Teen meeting. MRS. SNYDER 't'. V Sophomore Sponsor QW P. Gibson, J. Spencer, S. Snow, J. Moore, D. Bremmer, D. Blackburn, R. Gillian. Third rowzj. Davis, J. Raisner, B. Williams, I. Fulcher, P. Eddinger, S. Lawson, I. Budd, T. Patterson, F. Glavan, B. Scott. 'woo-u 1"Qbo Q ,M - - ."f-eff... is 4 , sttgt sttti S .ior g if f 225 2 ,,.. " . ' " ' - W ' N Y I Q J., . M. ,..,,.,. L . A,..,,,L . , The 4-H Club Interests Many 4-I-I Members, left to right: G. Wilmoth, N. Hendrix, D. Arrington. Third row: L. Warren, D. Longworth, B. Fulk, N. Shouse. Second row: J. Shouse, B. Chambers, G. Arrington. President johnny Barber conducts the meeting. The 4-H Club is opened to all students who are intere ste d in the organization's varied activities. The members of the club strive to improve their homes, their farms and stock, and their communities. Because Ot Its Voried Activities. y s,ii il 4-H Club Officers, left to right: jerry Shouse, vice pres- leaderg Bill Chambers, secretaryg and David Arrington identg Gary Arrington, presidentg Donald Longworth, song reporter. 37 The Future Farmers Of America Top row, left to right: B. Brown, R. Stoltz, 1. Flynt, R. Whitman, D. Stewart, J. D. Long, T. Cantor, T. Sapp, D. Newsome, R. Bennett, K. Moore, I. Hemrick, H. A. Cates, J. Simmons, M. Swartzel, W. Allen, J. Cates, C. Dahmer, L. Phillips. Second row: W. Bodehamer, D. Shous e, C. Matthews, B. Harrison, R. Childress, T. Disher, C. Martin, J. Moore, K. Martin, T. England, J. Wood, M. Tucker,A. Boger, R. Myers, W. Lane, M. Styres. Third row: B. Brewer, Mr. Jarvis, sponserg D. Bukas, C. Holland, R. Hart, M. Crotts, C. North, T. Shore, D. Moore, I. Pitts, L. Weaver, C. Allen, W. Craft, W. Leinback, C. Smith, Mr. Selle, sponsor. Fourth row: W. Hauser, V. D. Wall, M. Wilkins, D. Long, R. Rogerson, W. Hunter, G. Walker, C. Sprinkle, M. England. Fifth row: J. Dehart, I. Cox, -I.Dwiggins, j. Weaver, G. Dull, G. Marler, R. Farmer, L. Creech, C. Coley. Last row: R. Anders, J. Cline, C. Petree. V wb T .. fs N -' .rr t We Y, it fi- 'r2ti".. 4w - if it ,Q , . g., 1 if TERRY SHORE V. D. WALL GEORGE MARLER IARRY GRIFFIN President Vice President Treasurer Sentinel 38 Advances Interests In Agriculture, And WAYNE HAUSER Reporter 39 The Future Homemokers Of Americo Encourages Homemoking. R The Future Homemakers of America is a service club open to all high school girls interested in homemaking and its attendant activities. The FHA has adopted a motto, "Beautiful hands are those that do." This year has been a busy one: the girls have planted and tended the trim and beautiful flower beds about the building and groundsg they keep the lobby immaculate. Throughout the football season they prepared a meal for the football players before every game. They prepared and served the Mother-Daughter banquet in the springg they sold the Northwest license plates that appear on so many local automobiles. They also prepared and served special meals for the Key Club once a month. At Christ- mas they dressed dolls for underprivileged children. FHA Officers: Ann Terry, presidentg Carolyn West, vice presidentg Ian Disher, treasurerg Mary Westmoreland, parliamentariang Christine Sprinkle, song leaderg Carolyn Gr o s e c lo s e, reporterg Sally Lawson, histori ang Patsy Marsh all, secretary. The Junior Engineers Club Promotes Science And Engineering. Thejunior Engineers Club is open to all high school students who are interested in engineering. It is sponsored by the Winston-Salem Engineers club. Under the direction of Mrs. Sutton and Mr. Grabbs, the club participates in the annual Science Fair, works on science projects, sponsors professional engineers to tall: to the group, and distributes educational literature to members. Tony Smith, presidentg Mrs. Sutton and Mr. Grabbs, sponsors, 1 Ralph Gross, secretary-treasurerg Pete Johnston, vice presi- dent. . U Front row: L. Sheppard, S. Gordon, M. Taylor, T. Boose, P. Johnston, T. Hunter, T. jordan, K. Earnhart, S. Fisher, B. johnson, E. Strupe, M. Thompson, M. Cushing, I. Hauser, M. Norman, K. Shropshire. W. Keane,j,W, Lgng, T, Smith. R. Gross,T.Hamilton, 41 The Bible Quiz Team Is A Religious Organization ... .,, i First row, left to right: J. Shumate, J. Morgan, C. Utt, L. Chilton, A. Terry, K. Tuttle, S. Young, F. Cox, S.Boaz, M. Spencer. Second row: M. England, B.B1akeley, The Bible Quiz Team is open to any interested high school students. The only requirement for the members are that flj they must attend the Youth for Christ Rallies, and f2j be a member of the Bible Club. The group quizzes monthly on Saturday nights at thejames G. Hanes Community Center. This year the team has been questioned on lst and 2nd Timothy, lst and 2nd Peter, James, and lst, 2nd, and 3rd john. Bible Club Officers, left to right: jimmy Morgan, president, Milton Baugess, vice president, Chicquita Utt, secretary, Larry Tise, social director. S. Fulk, C. England, M. Cleckly, J. Crews, M. Boaz, H. Allen, L. Tise. 42 The Library Club Encourages Library Science. Seated: B. Zachary, S. Ring, C. Parks, F. Cranfill, C. Welborn, J. Bowen, S. Lawson, B. Briles, B. Cook, B. Gordy, C.West. Standing, first row: N. Long, S. Lawson, C. Gilley, N. Jester, 1. McDonald, P. Harper, B. Bullard, B. Wolff, J. Kearney, M. Long. Second row: S. Cox, B. johnson. MISS SMITH Librarian Brenda Zachary, trea- s ur e rg Madelyn Col- lins, secretary, Norma Jester, vice president, Sandy Cox, president. 43 The Public Speaking ,Class Anc First row: J. Morgan, B. Evans, K. Hartman, R. Sprinkle, B. Ogburn. Thirdrow:A. Varellas, B. Cooke, N. Golding, K. Marshall. Second row: A. Tothill, L. Tise, W. Lucas, Y, Merritt, G. Lowe, M. A. Harrison. Speaking contestants speaking on "The United Nations in the Space Age" were Ken Hartman, Nancy Golding, Yvonne Merritt, and Larry Tise. 44 Ken Hartman was winner of the contest. lhe Debating Team Develop Potential Public Speakers. The Debating Team is a new organization at Northwest designed to increase the speaking ability of interested students. Started by Mrs. Blanche Zimmerman, the group wrote their own constitution. At various times of the year the grouphas gone to Wake Forest College to get pointers from their debating team. The officers are: Joanne Johnston, president, Sandra Barnes, vice president, and Yvonne Merritt, secretary-treasurer. Several members of the Debating Team dis- cuss the topic of their next debate. The Debating Team, kneeling, left to right, M. Stultz, ing: K. Hartman, P. Shore, B. Cooke, I. Johnston, L. Habich, A. Varellas, Y. Merritt, S. Barnes. Stand- J. Davis, S. Tate, G. Kiger. 45 The Northwest High School Band and majorettes practice their marching routines on the front lawn before they perform for the school The Marching Bond And Mcaiorettes 46 y Concert Bond Front row, left to right: I-I. LeVan, L. Elias, J. Johnston, B. Hartgrove, D. Williams, S Young,j Tuttle Fourth Second row: L. Warren, P. Burrow, C. Helsabeck, row: I. Weaver, J. Crews, S Cope, H Allen, L Shouse, E. Mertes, I. Rowley, S. Boaz, I. Anderson. Third row: J. Sprinkle, E. Thompson, P Maloney, R Matthews, M. Boaz, C. Conrad, M. Cleckly, I. Foltz, E. Strupe, Mr. Ferris. Officers Of The Bond Boosters Club The Band Boosters Club is a busy and enthusiastic group of adults de- dicated to the task of providing our band with everything it needs and can use. Band Boosters Club, lefttoright: Mr. Frank Strupe, Mr. D. E. Helsabeck, Mr. john Warren, and Mrs. D. E. Helsabeck. ,,.-on fs- ,Q 47 MR. FERRIS Band Leader With The Chapel Choir And First row, left to right: J. Tudor, V. Cozart, B. Clement, M. Stultz, P. Shore, H. LeVan, N. Calloway, G Holt, S. Fulk, D. Tuttle, R. Holland, 1. Simmons, S. Snow, B. Hunter, A. Smith, S. Boaz, S. Young, D. Kimel, B. Lawson. Second row: G. A. Carter, J. Snyder, J. Stith, W. Parker, C. Mclnnis, R. Matthews, Y. Merritt, R. K. May, J. L. Joyce, S. Williams, J. K. Snyder, L. Elias, M. Dillon. Third row: I. Davis, D. Crump, The ChapelChoir, with the student director, David Boaz, provides music for assem- bly programs and other special occasions. Fifty voices, carefully selected and trained, lead the students in singing, or provide special music. O. Thompson, 1. Grogan, A. Moore C England, C. Fergurson, I. Foltz, M. A. Harrison, M Booze 'Fourth row: D. Boaz, director, I. Kiger, L. Sheppard, B Brown, K. Earnhart, L. Tise, J. Crews, J. Speas, S Cope, B. I-Iartgrove, H. Allen, K. Marshall. DAVID BOAZ Director NANCY CALLOWAY Accompanist 48 I'he Glee Club T First row, left to rightzj. Fulcher, S. Lawson, R.K.May, row: P. Jarvis, F. Sterns, S. Stewart, C. Spillman R. Williams, C. Groseclose, J. I-Iutchens, J. Tesh, E. Smith, D. Stewart, C. Long, W. Myres. Fourth row S. Doub, J. Budd, I. Ogburn. Second row: B. Wolff, K.HawkS, M.Oeman, D. Coe, W. Creasman, J. Norris I. Butner, B. Williasms, D. Thompson, B. Flippin, G.A. E. Morgan, R. Bennett. Carter, B. Boose, C. Westmoreland, J. Robinson. Third The Glee Club is composed of interested students of each class. Directed by Mr. Ferris, the chorus brings music to Northwest suited for every mood. And finally the performance. Each year they join the band in presenting the Spring Festival.They also perfrom at the vesper exercises. Rehersal More rehersal ...- E gi QTIIW. P ., ..... I .,.. ." f - Q g is .YM ..... . I '5' ' fa ' '3fLjfli?l y., ,A w , Q Charles Allen i"" i'i"i I A ' I ff ' I 'ilffj 7 K K rl ' V .... f..,-,J Rich ard Bovender I. 1. K ,J I I y r v : T '1' W' J W ' L in 1 " ' I Q ' I fi 2.. Helen Cates Gray Harper i........-..............i 2 1 'uf Q1 1 If .. 4..,eA i r 'W II un l Q swaying Li .,' SQL, 2 - fri 4 Tl Ted Hunter X U ' '--- -1 , Q ,A,, ij, HI 1 'Q I. L r l r 1 7, in H I M A L. It i4 l Eddie Atkins Don Brewer Robert Coltrane ii - 11 5 f Q 4. .rr.. : I -,.. . w swf l'rr H' A ,WAN X. E ,ern r a ,, ,G 5 .T i Wayne Hauser li 'M i " . I 1: ww : M M .- 1 1 Phil Jarvis If 95 I a "M" ,,,.,,f.,..,.,.. Ji z ,Q a V I is , ii! 5 , 9 Tony Barkley - 6, l ,. .,... WTI' ,, ' 'T K A Q TW H. A. Cates -' - 'Q,.,jff"'if',QQfl,f, Q' rl, 1 , 'E , h..7 Va grgw-"5'ry r 3 r , 3 I Q., ,, MM Bobby Garmon Mike Hendrix , ..i..,...T,..,,.i,.....,....2x. , ,gllf 1 gf img? xv., A ,V ...l,...... -ww--Y A' ,. T L , George Marler 50 m f 13 E F I '. 5 'mn-T , .:'. .1 ,, LL K . M., v Q gf, 1, , 1 E X ra, I' Gwyn Berry Willis Bodenh amer The Bu 1: . Z. ! N5 H Xl 9' ?1l Q' Q- + ,A Q 1 Q 5 N " ' P ' 3 is f gs r , f- at Q, 4 J r r 1. X E , r . 53 Sf . L . w .. r 33 E - 1, 5 1, K farwsy, 1,-ilk? X K 3 ,ja r t , rr W , Y an Barry johnson Tommy Jordon Gary Kiger Drivers liill In if - A, , - 'W ,-.:,:.r,L -H I U 7 E 1 l Elbert King ,Q L -fa L Wayne Lucas Douglas Newsom e Clark Rich ardson n sssj N1 '11 Y '1 Q 1 I ll F Lynn Shouse '-n"""""nn' L'-u"ui'ni'ni"n'1 -"Fu,"-,":,1 U F 1111: .1 1- ui ,S .. 11111 -V 1 1 U 'Jn' fi ,ag 1 H g if I ,, -5 1 ff! Ii I , -., - I 13 ., ss .. 4 L, L, 4, - 11 7f,,ff'V sl ,V ..... ID' 'U L t I 2 lf 1 Q ll 5 i I WWE? ,995 K S L I zf Y L s S. Gerald Sullivan johnny Tally V. D. Wall 51 1 l Ronald Jester r - J. A" Q ,Z 'Qu' -yr ,, H I wa I Q u F il A l 7 .isi Q 7 El KL in 1 f Mac England iii! l mm I1 I I , V HI I Q I 1 R Q ,SK I -23118 I 'l 'VI I7 1 I 5 Don Rutledge Tony Smith .Zane ere'- ng.--111 rin 3 .. ,L .M I .,,,., ,,L...,,,,,,..e ..i,.L.,,..,,.,,,.i.. , 5 , .- .W : I VV W. ..., 4, J u ,... ' R T I l Larry Weaver Karl Marshall Easley Pace Jerry Shouse Robert Sprinkle Lonnie Yarbrough Form The Bus Drivers Club. Front row, left to right:T. Smith, L.Weaver, R. Chambers, D. Adams, R. Coltrane, J. Tally, G. Berry, M. Hendrix, W. Hauser, G. Kiger. Second row: G. Harper, E. Atkins, E. Pace, B. Davis, L. Yarbrough, G. Sullivan, Mr. D. Brewer, T. Barkley, C. Richardson. Standing: Peoples, sponsor. Kneeling: Easley Pace, vice president, Eddie A t k i n s, president. Standing: Mr. Peoples, sponsor, Gwyn B erry, s e cr et ary, Mike Hendrix, treasurer. The Bus Driver's Club seeks to promote safe driving and good citizen- ship among the students. It offers assistance to students and carries out the task of providing student transportation efficiently. Any student authorized to drive a Forsyth County school bus is eligi- ble to become a member in this club. 52 The Tohori Staff, rr: 35 V-ul REBECCA MATTHEWS NANCY ROBB Business Manager Editor MYRA SPENCER Business Manager Members of the staff working on plans for the subscription drive. ,,.n-5 GALE DRAKE MRS. NEWMAN Art Editor Advisor 53 i ROBERT COLTRANE Art Editor .i..t,..,. iL FRANCES TUTTLE STEVE KIGER Sports Editors . NP!! RACHAEL MOT SINGER Managing Editor The Hi-Lite Staff CI-I ERY FU LLER KATIE STANLEY Business Manager Editor The Hi-Lite staff in action. ROBERT COLTRANE GALE DRAKE Art Editors ...--m........P.,.. 54 First row, across: R. Matthews, S. Kiger, C. Fuller, D. Cole. Fourth row: G. Drake, T. Snell, R. Motsinger. M. Spencer. Second row:A.Terry, J. Anderson, S.Barnes, Fifth row: B. Coltrane, K. Cline, D. Perryrnan. Sixth L. Weaver. Third row: C. Pinkston, F. Tuttle, j.Tal1y, row: R. Holland, S. L. Isom, Seventh row: N. Robb. p And The Journollsm Class Rachael Motsinger runs off a page. Johnny Anderson Myra Spencer, Dot Cole type the news. art work. MRS. NEWMAN Bobby Coltrane d o e s Advisor KATIE STANLEY Journal S Sentinel Reporter I-r-M. l'T'r-f-f 4 Our sports program includes football, basketball, baseball, track, and bowling. Led by enthusiastic majorettes and cheerleaders, the students are always on the sidelines rooting for their teams. Northwest Falcons have worked hard and well, and, consequently, have earned honors in practically every school sport. So it brings a thrill to any North- west student to talk about. . . 'Q ng.. Q s--,.? n 1 f 12:32:25 -.:':::5' P11335 9147-21 EE3i3Ei" 112:31-4 . , . . I 9 'Q Q. X 1 , .' Q ':. ' Q' 'Q .5 ' . . oo, , an o . O K I " X " X, I 1 iw EWR I 5 W g new.. , , f f. ' Left to right:G. F1ynt,M.Tay1or, R. Bovender, P. Hepler, M. Walker, G. Livengood. Third row: J. Fearrington, B. Ogburn, S. Kiger, L. Tise, W. Lucas, T. Cash, E.McKinney,P. Snel1,T.Petree, S. Cope, M. Bauguess, N. Shouse. Second rowsj. Moore, R. jackson, B. Garmon, T. jordan, G.C.Petree, T. Boose, E. Smith, 1. Tally. R. Gross, G. Banner, S. Crotts, R. Leon, B. Walker, The 1959-60 Varsity Football Team MR. LARRIMORE MR. NIFONG Assistant Coach Coach 4 ,fi I 5 8 W ' 'Wm -1 .m.......... Or, W H U 1 MR. GREGG MR. WYATT Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Ended The Season With A 3-5-2 Record. First row: J. Casey, E. Lynch, L. Fugerson, G. Banner, D. Kiger, J. Crews, S. Fisher, R. Sh utt, W. Davis, E. Smith, D. Clemet, R. Sechrist, P. Snell, M. Crotts. J. Fare, F. Thorton. Second row: R. Crowder, B. Chambers, G. Snyder, d HA W - " -, ' 'nm fm Y .amz ' A' if - , 59 A In i TOMMY BOOSE RICHARD BOVENDER TOMMY CASH Halfback End Guard Co-Captain Northwest O Morehead City 27 Morehead High School bombarded Northwest with three touchdowns in a wild second quarter and went on to win the first game 27-O. Senior Richard Bovender, playing end, and sopho- more Guy Flynt, quarterback, were the outstanding play- ers for Northwest. Northwest 6 Mount Airy 14 Northwest lost its second straight game to Mount Airy 6-14. Northwest scored late in the second quarter when quarterback Guy Flynt passed 15 yards to halfback Steve Kiger on the one yard line. Then Guy Flynt ran for the touchdown. A 75 yard run by Mount Airy in the third quarter gave the Bears their victory. Northwest O Mineral Springs 0 Northwest and Mineral Springs battled to a O-0 tie September 21 in a AA conference game at Northwest. Northwest's passing superiority gave the Falcons a big edge but Mineral Springs m atch ed it with ground power. Northwest 12 Reidsville 19 Reidsville scored two quick touchdowns in the first period and battled off a secondhalf comeback attempt by Northwest to give Northwest a record of 3-O-l. Northwest 26 Walkertown 13 Northwest flashed its best offensive attack of the sea- son to defeat Walkertown 26-13 for its first win in five games. Bill Walker and Steve Kiger paced the heavy ground attack for Northwest. Wayne Lucas and Tommy Cash were outstanding in the line play. Northwest 14 Griffith 13 Northwest Falcons went into third place when they edged Griffith 14-13 on October 12. The game was every bit as exciting as the score would indicate. SAMMY COPE PAUL HEPLER TOMMY JORDON Tackle Guard Tackle STEVE KIGER WAYNE LUCAS BILL OGBURN Halfback Guard cFullback, Captain Griffith scored their two touchdowns in the first half. Northwest's only first half points came on a safety. But in the second half Northwest played an improved game led by Eddie McKinney, Bill Ogburn, Guy Flynt, and Steve Kiger. Northwest 19 Glenn 7 Northwest scored two second half touchdowns to beat Glenn 19-7 in a conference game at Glenn. Bill Ogburn sparked the Falcon's second half splurge. Larry Tise, Richard Bovender, and Tommy Jordon anchored the Northwest line and did a most outstanding job in the second half. Northwest 6 Hanes 7 On October 23, Northwest found out that one point can mean a football game as they lost to Hanes by one point. Hanes' only touchdown was in the first quarter after they recovered a Northwest fumble. MART IN TAYLOR Gu ard Northwest scored on a pass from quarterback Guy Flynt, to end G. C. Petree. Northwest 6 Kernesville 13 Kernersville's Red Raiders came back in the last half to beat Northwest 13-6 in a AA Forsyth Conference foot- ball game at Northwest. It rained through most of the game which definitely handicapped Northwest's passing game. Bill Ogburn, Bill Walker, and Steve Kiger led the offense for Northwest. Northwest 25 Southwest 25 Northwest and Southwest, rival high schools, battled to a 25-25 tie, November 7, 1959, in aAA conference football game. G. C. Petree and Bill Ogburn each scored twice for Northwest, Petree's score coming on passes by Guy Flynt. After the game a dance was held and the victory bell, owned by the two schools, was represented to Northwest. MELVIN WALKER End Rah, Rah, Rah!--senior football players imitate the grace and skill of the cheerleaders. The band entertains at a football game Students And Faculty ! Guy Flynt practices his passing Yea, Falcons! 62 313 x 4- UQ Cheered Their Team. The foo tb all m an a g e rs, left to right: Doug jones, jimmy I-Ielsabeck Stewart Gordon and Allen Tothill. 7 K . Tommy Cash and Steve Kig er watch as the referee flips a coin. N Bi11Ogbum and Mr. Nifong discussa play. Cold weather doesn't prevent the cheerleaders from being happy over a victory. 63 ELEANOR BODENHAMER Guard, Co-Captain HELEN GATES f Forward Bottom row, left to right: M. Long, L. Habich, S. Sheek, MARILYN ENGLAND J. Spainhour. Second row: I. Roush, G. Hauser, J. McDonald, Guard H. Cates, B. Petree, P. Danner. Standing: Miss Dowell, I0 ANN FRYE MARY LONG Guard Guard 64 The Girls' Basketball Team JEANNIE MCDONALD Forward, Co-Captain -M ,,aA W JUDY NANCE N Guard M. England, P. Shore, A.Whitman, Ljohnston, E. Bodenhamer, DOT COLE and SARA LYNN ISQM I. Williams, J. A. Frye. Managers SALLIE SHEEK ANN WHITMAN Forward Guard 65 ai 'av ll Y' 'I 2 wi i .img lf ' o A Q ff ,A HW., ,. In ww -ow 1 Q :li .. . . . 4 'fig .K -9 "'-3 IZJJUQ 3 f n Z: .x Z., WY' AU- W "",..'f-T' J H ii T! N--1 ll' 'L " 1 I f . : rr xy., ,1 y . 1 RICHARD BOVENDI-IR U -, L. ,I I, I f 45' 1 WMVIV 94 " 'af' few! JMX f, 1 1, ' WM The Boys GERALD DEAL Aft STEVE LKIGER Kneeling: Mr. Wyatt, coachg Steve Kiger, captain. First row: Hugh Allen, Jimmy Speas, Easley Pace, Richard Bovender, Larry Tise, Basketball Teczm Gerald Deal, Guy Flynt. Second row: Ronnie Morgan, Tony Sherrill, Michael Overton, Milton Bauguess, G. C. Petree, Bill Ogburn. 69 Li7Q'z? 5" , .. " 5 . : K 3 4, 465 4 Lv qt rg A ggi ' S 5 ees ' Q ar? F fires? 2 if S .vi Q? 11 5 E .- E g fiifkf B B A fbi M ff fir: 'YPYH Qt as st ggi Q 21 t i? - Y j - was ETF! fig? ,A fi, V, .. 5'v:I',: 7' . -1 Xia., A ,,, ' A B fit 1 1 55? L. .f?,s,ge,g,Wyfwgg Zf sywrs w' 1 - ww f' , , , ..,:. .PL ,..:3-15,3 ,, --., . ,er ,..:,E.,.rE:i fi ' 1" FQQ.:j11:1s23., iaii: . 1 ' va . 2 ia 4322 E2 s wift I 5322 we 1- - t. I 'E 'its , E , Z as L", I F.. 1 217: : X V Y .. ,L s-fy. wsu uf- 2 fe W, J Keir r 1? f T' fx il K ia 4 M K 7 J it Q 'Q P ii, 5? w - r .:' 'ff A Z, . It QQ, -H- .12 at BILL OGBURN EASLEY PACE Managers and Score Keepers Pete Johnston Don Brewer Tony Smith wap BOYS' I. V. BASKETBALL SCORES Home Team Northwest 47 Northwest 3 8 N orthw est 2 7 Northwest 2 4 Northwest 40 Northwest 29 Northwest 35 Northwest 35 Northwest 34 Northwest 32 Northwest 39 Northwest 46 Northwest 47 Opponent Glenn Griffith Southwest Hanes W alkertown Mineral Springs Kern ersvi lle Glenn Griffith Hanes Southwest W alkertown Mineral Springs Boys' Junior Varsity Basketball Team Kneeling, left to right: D. Jones, manager, J. Grubbs, R. Sechrist, M. Carrithers, S. Crotts, B. Foster, C. Holland, D. Clemet, L. Ferguson, manager. Standing: Mr. Larrimore, coach, W. Fulton, manager, R. Flynt, R. Humphries, T. Petree, C West, S Scott, D Allen, G. Poindexter, J. Crews, D Hunter, I Helsabeck, manager. Knooiingz P. Gibson, P. Moore, K. Dosher, J. stogou, M. Boose, 1. Wood, s. Snow, B R1d9e, M155 DOWQH J. Davis, M. G. Harpe, D. Wall, A. Yarbrough. Stand- coach. ing: I. Clanton, B. Elliott, B. Hunter, B. Scott, B. Fulk, Girls' Junior Basketball Team Home Team Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest GIRLS' I. V. BASKETBALL SCORES Opponent 22 Glenn 22 Griffith 18 Southwest 14 Walkertown 23 Mineral Springs 24 Kernersville 25 Glenn 28 Southwest 22 Walkertown 71 , N M Cl I o re He s CAROL HELSABECK MARGARET HALL PAT MALONEY PEGGY BURROW Co-chief Chief LIBBY ELIAS REBECCA MATTH EWS 74 Peggy Burrow, Pat Maloney, Rebecca Matthews, Libby Elias, and Carol Helsabeck complete a routine. The Majorettes of Northwest High School are select- ed in the spring of each year. Through a summer of hard work and practice, following their election, they prepare for the football season. They must leam many of the original routines and create new ones of their own. One of their special ro ut in e s includes twirling fire. When footballseason is over, their work is not finished. They are apart of the band and play with that group for the entire year. Majorettes rehearse in the lobby. The Northwest High School Baseball Team was a little late in beginning this year because of snow. However the tra i ning was soon c om ple te cl and the team was composed of twenty eager, capable boys. .. ' is N 'EW fsiwr. 4, 15' 7? 4 i 1 lf P ' WI K? .1 f f 51 hifi . W , . f 17 ' J 0 if e ig? 'f P 37? 'L 5a f P7 f an X agmggf L M ,cunii--'alms' -Wham gr , - .gg gy Q .1 44 sl ' Baseball Team A " " ROGER BENNETT Left to right, first row: F. Blaylock, N. Shouse, D. Davis, Petree, R.Hamilton,B.Ogburn, D. Arrington, R. Bennett, S. Crotts, G. Flynt, F. Thorton, E. McKinney, j.Crews, R.Flynt, T. Petree, S. Fisher, A. Banner, Mr. B. Garmon, R. Sechrist, H. Downs. Second row: G.C. Nifong, Coach. 'TS ,X 2 PMG? N532 fi2i55 '? ' W W 4 21,3 1 Q ygiif f W M as P lx? 3 uw 7352? kwvkwkgk Ji Y? + 1 SP X .2 a a, as xx Z 55243-1, wg 3 26 A es 22 21 as K9 iw Y M5 ,YQ 4, 5 fri 5 9 9 EM A A Q ef af X mffwf,w,+1w fs A G Xi-9351336:fQfi:QMI?x1E'gff wi f Q, , E,MfQ,gf,. ,MS 3 , '5'w11gf:,4:v' 6 A ,Q Y Sl' 5' fx wa ff , M.. i-JM. W - Aw, .,,, My 55, V. Q2 wg P Biff' ' FREDDIE BLAYLOCK STEWART FISHER HARRY DOWNS G. C . PETREE BOBBY GA RMON i HIGH HURDLES Pete johnston, jerry Gillespie, Milton Bauguess. First row, left to right: P. Snell, E. G. Taylor, 1. Moore, R. Leon, R. row: M. Thompson, S. Cope, McKinney, P. Leon ross, H Allen Second T. Cash, C. Watkins, POLE VAULT Sonny Scott with Mr. Gregg, coach in the background. SHOT PUT George Livengood, Tommy Cash, Sammy Cope, Larry Ferguson, Tommy jordan. 1 4 ' fsnjxzox M967 LJ,-:fl Wal' ,T D ,MA , ,Y ,, jg ,nwvf 'Ld fgfwfffyt lfflyttgy. Y .ijgbbffld X1 A!! P47 CNA V 1 pri' , ,atv L ,,,,,, V The Track The Track team, under the direction of Mr. Gregg, has worked hard this year. Our boys have been outstanding in this field and have GVCII set many DSW I'GCOI'dS2 - n SPRINTERS john Moore, Phillip L e o n, Ralph Cross, Marvin Thompson, Hugh Allen. .. Ferguson, I . Gillespie, R . Folden, L. M. Bauguess, P . Johnson, S. Scott. Team llilton Bauguess-120-High Hurdlesg Larry Tise-880-2:20.15 Tommy ordon-Discus-121' 5 1f2". LOW HURDLES Gary Taylor, Robert Leon DISTANCE RUNNERS Larry Tise, Charle s Watkins, Paul Snell, Eddie McKinney, and Ralph Folden. 'Z' fm! A T .. I A... ...nn First row, left to right: C. Helsabeck, S. Ridge, C. Sapp, J. Nance, B. Elliot, H. LeVan, S. Atkins, 1. Tudor, S. Boaz, S. Stewart, P. Lescault. Second row: N. Calloway, J. Spainhour, J. Choplin, M. Hutchinson, M. England, B. Hunter, L. Revis, M. Long, P. Gautney, F. Tuttle, K. Stanley, S. Young. Third row: B. Cooke, P. Shore, P. Shouse, B. I. Lingerfelt, R. Redding, T. Yates, The Bowling Teams And Captains of the bowling teams: Nancy Calloway, Bill Ogburn, Barry Brown, and G. C. Petree. Davis, C. Fuller, C. Mclnnis, C. Kandzer, J. Corgan, Burrow. Fourth row: B. Davis, E. Kin g, B. Garmon, Yarbrough, M. Hendrix, L. Tise, R. Leon, R. Gross, Hamilton, G. C. Petree. Fifth row: G. Berry, I. Ball, Kiger, B. Ogburn, P. Hepler, W. Bodenhamer, Booze, D. Rymill, B. Brown, R. Barrow, L. Shouse. , , B First row, left to right: S. Furches, B. Oliver, D. Blackburn, P. Burrow, B. Hunter, B. Lawson, R. Motsinger. Second row: R. K. May, L. Chilton, B. Tuttle, M. A. Westmoreland, N. Robb, R. Williams, S. Snow. Third row: J. Doub, R. Gilland, M. Kapp, C. Southard, B. Bergen, L. Revis, C. Westmoreland. Fourth row: A. Griffin, C. Ernhart, L. Young, D. Bremer, J. Clanton, I. Moore, D. Pyrtle. Fifth row: K. Tuttle, L. Carrithers, C. Saunders, C. Gough, P. Griffin, J. L. Joyce, V. Cozart. Sixth row: B. Osburne, B. Shelton, C. Westmoreland, C. England, P. Gibson, J. Stegall, Spencer. Seventh row: L. Weaver, P. Shouse, D. Perryman, B. J. Lingerfelt, J. Swannack, A. Terry, C. Fuller. The Cheering Block The cheering block spells N H S l ---ci 81 During the course of this school year many im- portant events occurred that all Northwest students want to remember, the junior-Senior Prom, gradua- tion, homecoming, the opening of our new auditor- ium, and, of course, intramuralsf The pretty girls pictured here were garnered from "among those present" atvthese occasions .PatGibson, a freshman, dreams of hills and flowers. A warm glow will surely always accompany our bacl-:ward glances at these. . . f, 1, gl!! Az ff' V 'Qt ,P .- fm -.J X X 7,6'?X1V' 'A -WW' A, ,, ,, s-W5 K I S W' 'speePEATHRES , .- , MW .W-ff5,3'g?fff-'sewffgpgg-'Qw,m-ww-if'1' f f f W .- ff:--ggi , -1 -,Vw-gg - H K- ' uri" 'fffm - f- ,- -- .1 - gh, 7 N g -:yi . .1 arm We The 1958-'59 Seniors On May 15, 1959, the annual junior- Senior Prom was held in the gymnasium at Northwest High School from 8:00 P. M. to l2:OO P. M. To represent the theme, "Stairway to the Stars, " midnight blue streamers with silver stars formed a great dome centered with a large tinseled star. Plain blue crepe paper covered the walls. To Tommy Boose and Jeanette Snyder Steve Kiger, Frances Tuttle, Ted Hunter and Myra Spencer sit on the sidelines of the dance floor. Enioy Their Prom the right side, a silver stairway extend- ed to the edge of the dome from a cloud-covered staircase. Five hundred guests danced to the music of Bennet Simpson and his combo. Brightly colored stars were given as fav- ors, and refreshments were served in the lobby. Bobby Setzer and Gerri Ann Carter Pat Maloney and Lynn Shouse, Katie Stanley and Richard Bovender, and Carole Roush and B111 Farmer dance 1n front of the stairway 85 Seniors Of '59 Receive Their Cherished . -.1kZ Y Q - Ag VKVA V I If M'-QQ -...E 'Q if e f 'X 5 f e if s ji in ' ik 'KVW M ,ggr i Huw' V V V s is V V kvkk +- M -0 , Q, ' ,. N X: M X WZLL K K xx i 1.K--qgszfgfff mm , 4 .b, V P L at fe" f "W Y K 'me'-+-U gli: z-.1, s.f g:g - 3 fjcsff-27-g.,e t fn Q g g i!! Q ew. A 4- . vrtt ,,.: ,ai P A ., A A fffi, XASHM .V 'Q .,', ' ff' 1 mt is s fi ., 5 g s 'ffm x 7 :ra ,. .nw-f ia The graduates of 1958 follow five of the marshals into the gymnasium for the graduation exercises, while parents and friends watch proudly. The seniors receive their diplomas. Following the exercises, the graduates are escorted out of the gym by the marshals. 86 Diplomos And Deporf But On May 28, 1959, at 8:00 P. M., one hundre d and twenty three Northwest High School Seniors filed into the gymnasium for their graduation exercises. The seniors entered to the "March from Aide. " Tim Powell presented the Invocation which was followed by speeches from Frank Stith, III, Linda Barr, and Joan Foster. Mr. Wesley Watkins awarded the diplomas to the last group of seniors to graduate in the school gymnasium. After receiving their diplomas, the class sang the school song and then slowly made their final exit to "Pomp and Circumstance. " 1 a The last graduate walks out with the marshals following. High school days are really over for them 87 Return To Witness FRANCES TUTTLE Homecoming Queen 88 The Homecoming Events. The 1959 Homecoming events were held in the gymnasium l because of bad weather. The festivities began with a welcom- ing address to the alumni after which the sponsors of the foot- ball players, their escorts, and the homecoming court were introduced. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Queen Frances Tuttle by Becky Gowens, the queen of '58. -Each mem- ber of the court was presented with a crown and beautiful bou- quet of White chrysanthemums. The sponsors and their escorts then led the Grand March as the prelude to an evening of dancing and fun. The homecoming sponsors and their escorts start the festivities with the Grand March. The court and sponsors enjoy the first dance. The sponsors and their escorts are presented and the queen receives her crown. Each of the other attendants receives a smaller crown. 89 4 Cn January 27, The Opening Of The OnIanuary13, 1960, seven hundred proud students marched in- to the new auditorium for the first time to hear Dr. Karlis Leyasmeyer, a renowned European educator and lecturer, speak. However, the of- ficial opening't unti1Wednes- day, January 27, 1960. At this time a "Belated Birthday Party" was held. The program consisted of skits presented by each class and the winning class, the juniors, was awarded five dollars. The skits in- cluded "Spelling Bee Between the The auditorium under construction. A lic e S m i th, J e n ny Ly nn J oy c e , The student body and teachers listen attentively to Dr. Karlis Larry Tise, Sheron Fulk, Hilda Levan, and Leyasmeyer during the first program in the new auditorium. Hugh Allen presented the student body with first devotionals in the new building. Dr. Leyasmeyer spoke on "The The student body enters the building for the first time. Fateful Problems of the Atomic Age. " 90 New Auditorium Wos Thrilling. School of Culture" by the freshmen, "A Bit of Court Room Drama" bythe sophomores, the "Huntley and Brinkley News Report" by the juniors, and "Listen My Children and You Shall Hear" by the seniors. While the judges were making their d e c is i on, Jenny Lynn Joyce, Alice Smith, and Sheron Fulk, sang several songs, Steve Kiger presenteda speakers stand to Mr. Gibson, Katie the History of Northwest, and the student body voted approval of a new school "Song of the Fa1con" written by a senior English teacher, Mrs. Newman. The speakers stand presented by the r students was accepted by Mr. Gibson. p The stage as it looked at the beginning of the school year. A portion of the junior class skit which won the prize for the best skit presented. The completed stage. Intromurols Brought An Exciting Senior boys against junior boys. Intramurals are sponsored by the Monogram Clubs to give all students a chance to participate in competitive basketball sports. For only a dime students can watch their class teams play in an at- tempt to win the handsome Intramurals trophy. The winning teams--boys and girls playthe faculty on the final day. Two freshman teams battle for a win. Senior girls oppose junior girls. Frankie Thorton tries for a basket. Addition To The Yeor. Freshman boys scramble for the ball. Senior girls and junior girls Anxious players jump for a rebound Two senior teams play Senior boys versus junior boys angina 1 . I I . . .K J V, . J A f fm, I W, 5 A 7 Q Wg LL 'A ' gg., . ,,., 3 Mfg wb ,1 K' . ci JJ' L A 0 GL, f f - - ff 1 V' . a ma a Q' , A , f af? J x .1 fJVV 4Mw,I K fi. K , . L +'.,,,l n 'KW ! fe K K awww., 1- - fzswrnwwvgygjgglg. , ff?,5j51ig, Wi 7 QE , S 1 il F f BETTY JO LINGERFELT www iw L 5 S svn Y K is is S, S. i fj - 1 1jf2,iQgL1f5gfg3jfgYggfgigjkisgg 31 4,55 Q if f - , iff5 S".3 2, ' ' 1, 'gg ' 347,557 :QA H1 .ff,2 i- ,?55Bis?53w3i f - me-z :B2sw9,,,iix ml, miF'55eE5?f,8YQ sp 42 W ,qv ,MM A i-T3,lfl?r if Lf, 2 mm w255LF'iil5EEfftm1 , , ' sale-,L-W,gG3,,ggN " i:iz,FiQE21Q5Qg3Z4 5, ,!EE??5lffa:a:CZ1 Q N N ,i?E5ii?555'f'2??ffVf9'g9', ' GL UV 1izI5::Qw:r:z,' M Cfgfvfwf ,, A "w2,afd,,mZwf- 1 wwf' 2 -ag L1 4522712-' 5 , g W " A ??f'??Zs-fgbli ,flegr Q51 .,.,f:f'3sn 'K ' ' . , ,y,-wv,ifg'eweig5::f 'isp Vw xl if fy , ,fr-W,1,,2m,fw,. .. fWwL,!e12n?'i5ii5i'f ,H ,. , .a::f3s:fi:viv:: ,f v ' 5: wzfgsfizzwfw-3,'. , V , 1 ' f ' 5. f' ., 'fE:?,1,f,' W V 12, 2 , , , , , , f2qi ,,zg,z, , 'ff'-vw:f'1gaf,vff,,lzEw ' - --Q, ,rifa 1 M, gw,5,f ,,f,,f,,f,,, , 3, z3,237,f',, 31 ,,,,,:. wf- Wwvsf H ulfww ' f ,Wf s 9 ,-4 . -- , ii 21'- wwy . 1 A J 1 l - ,Thi ww Q UW if 1 H . 1 , , Q , J . i WQETE, ?E32s?2g4s:.-1:51, sgsagsigzw z,f:f2w e umafegfsN wiesfazwggefs, Y 2' 1- 5: 2 QW' 533322 fm-vr ww aww: K-i 'K -wi .sghxeg ima- L, f ,ff , ,mvz - mn, 11.1 BRENDA SLATE 'ft if JUDY SLATE 1 X ww M., ffzW,.m-M' 3 S ,,..pW,.J.,w- ummm! 2 4 ELEANOR BODENHAMER Northwest, each year, honors a few outstanding personalities among its students. Notable accomplishments, service b eyond re- quirement, and exceptional merit receive recogni- tion on Awards Day. 'S Qiqfiyefff 1 iii I .6- :.' f if I ,wr rs X ffl ,gig iif.. X YZ, ,ii ,4.. , "i'lTL FJ' i s if is ,, gif M pg gggj: .elif I iff' 9- "alib- -rf' 'K 5. , 1 21 . 2I"':Hzf S4565 Q Y' " -'fiffi Ig' F.:-.77 f - 'J ,if :' 5: iff? . Q 4- K., izgixmt. ,Y xr 11' A ' . - we ,ry 'I'-Qgisw-sw. f .: -ia' ,".,- sz' A K.: 1 51" gx- X fl . "ck 'L' fi' ff, ji? ' ' if '1 '- ,jf-he ' ., se M' ' qw-msn HSM 5 BURNETTE BLAKELEY CI-IERY FULLER MARI LYN ENGLAND The Honor Graduates KENHARTMAN 104 ww-w.......,..,,,,,,, -N-Ml:-vm-..,,.,., Q RONDA HOLLAND Are Academically The Outstanding BARBARA OLIVER 1? 105 fi 1 I RACHAEL MOTSINGER NANCY ROBB :3'N7'f 122, A ., 3 t, f,. , . - E" - 'lm 'il 'Sw S A AAaa S as A 5 Hlihiiwfeiis filing, Q 1' Q aww?-'iii 55 f s Q ' my 2 X 5 Qs. gg :ww ol? Z? 2 : QI V 'ilu 4 E 5 ' KATIE STANLEY ANN TERRY The Honor Groduotes The honor graduates for the class of 1960 were selected after the first semester. The selection is based on the aca- demic rating of the students in the senior class. According to the point system approved by the Southern Association of Secondary Schools: the grades were totaled with an "A" counting as 4 points, a "B" as 3 points, a "C" as 2 points, and a "D" as lpoint. All candidates' scores had to be at least 63 in order to be one of those selected. The highest score that one could attain was 70. Of one hundred and forty-eight seniors, eleven met the required standards. Girls' State Delegates KATIE STANLEY and FRANCES TUTTLE Katie Stanley and Frances Tuttle were elected by the D. A. R. in the spring of 1959 as the Girls State Delegates from Rural Hall. Girls State is a mock legislature made up of representatives from communities all over the state which convene and hold meetings like the regular legislature. It is designed. to interest girls in the government of the state. Boys' State Delegate 'qbummw RICHARD BOVENDER Richard Bovender was chosen in the spring of 1959 to attend Boys State in Raleigh. Boys State is run on the same principle as Girls State, as a mock legisla- ture to interest young people in the government of the state. The most outstanding boy, or girl, goes to Washington. 107 an W fm,L ,,.L, A. Gross, Sheron Fulk, ther. .JDM ,W ,.h, K ,, ,,. 1. 'ff fm. ' V - '-1" ALL' 'LLLY x 4 4 i 5 , , .. wif :V ,..W W , , x , Hugh Allen, fisher, Ins Anderson, G, C. and Aliceiqgmitlx, co-chief. , , , :VV - M . . .... I ..,,. ,Q I .ieegsifiiflf - I gz5gQEf44f1s?1'iW l ' gy. ff ,1'.. 'A' ,WM 'Vrns 'Q wi , .WH fu, A s Q r 4 ' - a Q' M. Qnfclw in 4 9. , 'o,w as 1 ry .fi H. i A-1 " ai is A ,, ' -we :gi ' f . fi fi -, , -vp, M., , . .1'f, Y xiymw a mf y 1 Q V I s .xx A ' x 4 .,i, Y . Q' 9 I 5 ,.,, 4 V ,QA ,-. ,IV , 1 - , Lf . ', A "fi H ,X U Fl! 5 0 xi ,f 1+ 4, x all .. .5 ,, W 4 , f 54 1' , , . s f., n rx .- 335' 1 - . 1 iww I if Y 3 ' 41-gli P 3 , is 1 7 W , X ,V mg, fb ff, rig, . W ,a r ,gl I Merit Sem: MOST TALENT ED Jeannie McDonald David Arrington BEST ALL AROUND Katie Stanley Richard Bovender 112 Senior i , q we MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Nancy Robb Ken Hartman Northwest seniors still like the t ra- ditional Senior Superlatives. To suggest leaving them out brings a howl of pro- test from the seniors, so the staff happily Superlotives BEST LOOKING Frances Tuttle Terry Shore ncludes these favored students chosen my their classmates in secret ballot as meing outstanding in certain areas. MOST INTELLIGENT Rachael Motsinger Burnette Blakeley MOST ATHLETIC Eleanor Bodenhamer Tommy Cash 113 W., Senior Superlotives MOST POPULAR Carolyn Crater Steve Kiger WITTIEST Mary Long Willis Bodenhamer 114 BEST GROOMED Betty jo Lingerfelt Tony Smith D. A. R. Good Citizen A RachaelMotsinger was elected by her classmates and teachers as the D.A. R. Good Citizen in the spring of 1959 for the forth- coming year. The Good Citizenship contest, which is sponsored by the Old North State Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolu- tion, is based on the dependability, leadership, service, and patriotism of the nominee. In the spring of the school year junior girls who meet the qualifications are nominated by their classmates. Then the school faculty decides the winner. Prize-Winning Future Former Of Americo Terry Shore, North w e s t Senior, has been named as Forsyth County's outstanding Future Farmer of America of the year. With this honor, he won a free trip to the annual National FFA convention in Kansas City on October 13-17. The trip is sponsored by the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce. Terry was accompanied by Mr. Charles Selle, North- west's agriculture teacher. Civifon Aword FRANCES TUTTLE Each year the Civitan Club presents an award to the student chosen as the best school citizen. The winner of this award must be out- standing in service, leadership, character, and scholarship. A handsome plaque goes to the successful nominee,and a photograph is placed on the Civitan scroll in the library. A school is the sum of its students, its faculty, its community. Students at Northwest are alert, eager, lively, and happy. An aura of warmth and friendliness adds to the charm of the surroundings. Here are the. . . NV! flwsunscualalff uw K s . HUUENH x, Freshmen talk in the lobby Sophomore group chat in hall junior chemistry class performs experiment Seniors take aptitude test 118 Freshman Class OFFICERS Jeanette Spencer, presidentg Bain Ridge, vic e presid entg Susie Boaz, secretary, Frankie Thornton, treasurer. LARRY ADAMS BRENDA ALDRIDGE DAVID ALLEN WAYNE ALLEN ROBERT ANDERS MICKY ANDREWS GARY ARRINGTON JUDY BANNER JOHNNIE BARBER SANDRA BAYER " ga, A ix gen-fr , , Y wwf, 'g P f I2 , ff C ,lf J 1 ' 3 sn- I K Q LINDA CARRITI-IERS TERRY CARTER JIMMY CASEY JOHNNY CATES MARTHA CHAPPELL ROBERT CHII.DREss JOHNNIE CLANTON DOC CLEMENT JIMMY CLINE TOM COBURN ip: gig' V P' If ' ASEAY, I F If-Wm 'MF' A if Fi R: EM I 555532, JUDY BENNET BEVERLY BERCEN DEENIE BIACKBURN EARREL BIAKELY SUSIE BOAZ MARTHA BOOSE SANDRA BRANN DIANNE BREMER TYRONE BROWDER JANE BUDD DEAN BUKAS JANICE BUTNER 16 Q ,I L' C, ew 'tr A ' R 4 Class JOHNNY DWIGGINS TERRY ENGLAND PAT EDDINGER BETTY ELLIOT CAROL ERNHART JAMES FARE RAYMOND FARMER LARRY FERGUSON RANDY FERGUSON MARGO FLYNN BILL FLYNT E, SW' ,Q CHARLES COLEY LYNNE COLLINS JOE COX LARRY CREECH JOHN CREWS MIKE CROTTS CLYDE DAHMER JUDY DAVIS KAY DOSHER JANET DOUGLAS d l 5 ! wk, - - ,, as Y 'A Q , '22 ' I J 5 JIMMY FLYNT Q! isa ff? 9 JI ROBERT FLYNT RALPH FOLDEN BRUCE FOSTER I JOHNNY FOUCHE JANET FULCHER A I-I ' I TERRY EULCHER W- I g f BRENDA FULK 3,5 CHRIS FULK A 'L ' .QI PAT GIBSON of E A 121 'xv YR REN EE GILLAND A , -I fr K "f f I I ' E 'il ,mp 1 Q I Sw f. W1 . ,w.1ss, - - L , Freshman IOANNE HAMMOND MARY GAIL HARPE RONNIE HART KAY HARTMAN DENNIS HAUSER MIKE HAWKS DAVID HENDERSON JAMES HEDRICK NANCY HENDRIX BRENDA HIBBITTS GARY HILTON LARRY HILTON .IE S I an I 54 I1 ggi 'r 2 Six E 25,555 FRANCES GLAVAN LINDA GORDON CAROL GOUGH LARRY GOWENS ANN GRIFFIN ARNOLD GRIFFIN KEITH GRIFFIN KEN GRIFFIN PAT GRIFFIN RONNIE HAMILTON 1 QQ. . IEEE 2, Q, I 2- wk ' '..,,: , Egg. I I gm. 5 , 555 I - : if 2 1 I , 'S 35 E. 1 W ' 2' SEI I W QI 'W I I I vi 3 I W I I Y' -Jw 122 ANDREW HOBSON CHIPPER HOLLAND BONNIE HUNTER DOYLE HUNTER JERRY HUNTER WAYNE HUNTER JANET HUTCHINS PHILLIP INGRAM AR LENE IOYNER MELINDA KAPP JAMES KETNER MIKE KETNER BETTY ANN KERBY HELEN KLGER RONYE KING IUDIE KISER JUDY KREEOER SUE LAWSON CAROL LONG DWIGHT LONG .wi 1, DENNIS MOORE JANICE MOORE PAM MOORE RUFUS MOORE TOMMY MOORE KENNY MOSER SANDRA MOTSINGER RAY MYERS EMIT OGBURN JUDY OGBURN if If Y wif ' ' Eis 'ii .f , EY. -' ,f f EQ . - . 25 LJVEM ' fu, . if i 55321555 ,mf I sf Y S wi 'WV 1457 Wigfiiil-1' A Y, A E J A 5 I .1 "LY M ai, ' ., 1 as 123 PM 'I . f-sf K JIMMY DEAN LONG DONALD LONGWORTH EDDIE LYNCH TREVA MABE GAYNELL MARLER ALFRED MCGEE KEN MARTIN NORMA DEAN MASENGUP CONNIE MATTHEWS BEVERLY MATHIS BARBARA MATLOCK ELSIE JO MERTES Class I . , Q fif - I 59 .1. A I J , A I - aiu, E-,: i - A , , W A J f rkf Y. 3 f 1 I A A ' ,M , .,., ,f.,M 3 TOMMIE PATTERSON J. M. PETREE JERRY PHILLIPS LAWRENCE PHILLIPS JOHNNY PITTS BARRET POINDEXTER GENE POINDEXTER VERNON POWERS DORIS PYRTLE JANICE RAISNER -- I If, .,.,. II, S, I. " IPS ,. RV .. , Q 'wean ,L 'Q sv RALPH SECHRIST CHARLES SELLE, IR. EDDIE SHARP TOMMY SHEEK CIL SHOUSE DONALD SHOUSE SANDRA SHOUSE DEW EY SHROPSHIRE EDWARD SHUMATE JACKIE SIMMONS KS if I .x ., gh MARILYN RANDLEMAN LINDA REAVIS MIKE REICH BAIN RIDGE DONALD RHYNE STEVE ROBERTSON RICHARD ROGERSON BRENDA ROWSEY JUDY RUTLEDGE CAROL SAUNDERS BECKY SCOTT SCOTT 4 Freshman ,gif rea' . - 'R -E-iifvgf - ' fi in :gi my:-' L. 3 ., ,gn 7 Class In L U ' X 1 LBTB A - J 7 ' A 5,5- SHIRLEY STEWART SUSAN STEWART SHIRLEY STYERS MARVIN SWARTZEL GARY TAYLOR CAROL TERRY FRANKIE THORTON MARVIN TUCKER KAY TUTT LE SAMMY TUTTLE CAMILLA UTT JUDY VADEN 1 2 'MW ELIZABETH SMITH SHERRY SNOW CAROL SOUTHARD LARRY SPEAS IEANETTE SPENCER CAROL SUE SPILLMAN GARY SPRINKLE KAREN SPRINKLE JULIE STEGALL DoLoREs STEWART M, , Hiaw- .Ef vs z fu 7 - Mfg, awk . A214 55335, RR , . I f 3 4 A A i ' 1 I ALWA -I' W' 2 A M A V 1, A gf Y " L Y 2 3 +4 R 1 gg,nL,,5!fY!, Lib' ,Ng ,. 4 BILL VARELLAS PAM WALDEN DINNA WALL JIMMY WALL DWINDLE WALKER LEWIS WARNER FAYE WEBB BARBARA WEST BETTY IO WESTMORELAND ROBERT WHITMAN BONNIE WILLIAMS 6 D1-:NNY WILLIAMS A " JOANNE WILLIAMS ig JANET Woon EDDIE YARBROUGH LINDA YOUNG SANDRA YOUNG MI II N . A. 7: W 'ull K The Freshman girls learn how to boil water in Home Physical Education helps the boys in their basket ball. Economics Class. Mr. Selle instructs the boys in the shop work. 1 Lunch is the favorite subject of the day. Sophomore Class OFFICERS Ruth Smitherman, secretaryg Cora West- moreland, treasurerg L a r ry Sh e p p a r d, presidentg Susan Furches, vice president. JENNY ADAMS KATI-IRYN ADAMS WILLIE ALDERMAN PENNY ALLEN NATE ANDREWS GERALD BANNER TONY BILLINGS JANET BLAKELEY MIKE BOAZ JOHN BOHIAND DON BOLES MARIAN BOOZE JANE BOWEN LARRY BOYD A PATSY BRAY ANN BROCK BOBBY BULLARD IOANN E BOLTON NANCY CALLOWAY DORIS CALLOWAY I.C. CAMPBELL MAC CARRITHERS 128 Sophomore GERRI ANN CARTER LINDA CARTER H.A. CATES BILL CHANIBERS RUSSELL CI-IILDRESS M' M xi , E ? , En f t t 1 :nw-f Q fy X x X D FRANCES CRANFIAIA JANET cREws STEVE CROTTS LILLIAN CHILTON IEANETTE CHOPLIN BARBARA CLEMENT DONALD COE BETTY LOU CONRAD CAROLYN COOKE DONNA CORNS FAYE COX VICKIE COZART WINBURN CRAFT ROGER CROWDER Class JIMMY FEARRINGTON CECIL FERGUSON BOBBIE FLIPPIN GUY FLYNT ILA FOLTZ DONNA CRUMP NANCY CULLER MICHAEL CUSHING JAMES Del-IART TOMMY DISHER JUDY DOUB DOUGLAS DRAKE GEORGE DULL v Y X N E J . W " iw Ev Y fL-, gin ffjifz. mm' A ,.,., T OJ K Q SK V Q nf, 5 ff? 2 I M 'QM 3 34 ,.,, f ' w r - K 27+ la , -f Y' 44 S. E. 1 51 -.'V ' z Q 129 Q 5 L , I G, ki: , is 1' 1 4, ,J LENON HARPER PAT HARPER BILLY .HARRISON BILL HARTGROVE DAVID HAUSER KENNETH HAwKs BUD H1-:DRICK Jos HEDRICK JIMMY H ELSABECK ROBIN H EST ER CAROLYN HILL KONNIE HU MPHRIES MARTY HUT CH IN SON JERRY FOWLER LARRY FULK WOODY FULTON SUSAN FURCHES PATSY GAULTNEY CAROLYN GILLEY LINDA GRIFFIN JANET GROGAN JOHNNY GRUBBS Sophomore LYNN HABICH BETH HALL MARGARET HALL TOMMY HAMILTON INEZ IESTER JOHN JOHNSON BRENDA JOYCE GEGILIA KANDZER WILLIAM KEANE Class JEAN KEARNEY DEAN KIGER DALE KIGER DIANE KIMEL BETTY LAWSON SALLY LAWSON PHILIP LEON JERRY LEINEAGH E Z 4 Q f 3 1 W , E I 4 W? I I 2 3 , I 55' R ,ww 'E Y kia 5 N 3 532 : A V 5, Y YJ ig f if f I . ,N ' 1, QW' F" ': : 5'i:E,f:Z' z, l 5 'E I W L T IS L E 512 ' 7 1'..z :H ,E-QE? 2Z,"qg Y 5.': :::2'5: 4f3f.+?ffbEQg, . . 1 H. f :HI SI g 3 1? Wi? ,T I 5 V If Y JEFF LINEBERRY EUGENE LIVENGOOD BETTY LOGAN JIMMY WAYNE LONG NORMA LONG OPHELIA LOTT DLANNE MGCASLIN CAMILLA MCINNIS Ai . M wf - 'la ' aff- 'Um , V' "z, f'15I,,gQ lx 131 EDDIE MCKINNEY CARLY MARTIN WAYNE MATI-HS RONDA KAY MAY ANN MOORE WAYNE MYRES SHELBY NANCE ANN NAYLOR BONITA OSBORNE CHARLES NORTH HUGH PACE WANDA PARKER CAROLYN PARKS STEPHEN PETREE TONY PET REE KAREN PFAFF BRENDA PORTER JIMMY POUNDS DORA REID . . 7.1 1 I- -,H ay.. , , I islf' YEJ' I T42 'Y JIMMY REID SHIRLEY REYNOLDS PAULET TE RICKARDS RAY RICHARDSON SYLVIA RING SANDRA ROBB IUDY ROBINSON BRENDA ROTI-IROCK I 31 - fi R u l.. lags' f ' ' S,-, . Q ,, f-Rim f I 2' I , 1 I I4wff.2gggzggUfhf12ggk- ,nl 1-5 - a ,f,t7i' S1.!6?5lS55 I WSW - ., Sophomore JUDY ROUSH JANE ROWLEY LINDA RUTI-ILEDGE BRENDA SAPP SHIRLEY SAPP ,fr M EDDIE SMITH HAROLD SMITH RUTH SMITHERMAN PAUL SNELL Class GARY SNYDER JEANETTE SNYDER CHARLES SPAINHOUR JUDY SPAINHOUR NANCY SPRINKLE FRANK STEARNS DANNY STEWART JOHN STEWART JOELLEN STITH 133 ROBER SHUTT RUDY SIMMONS JUDY SLATE DOUGIAS SLOOP TOMMY SAPP CHARLIE SAPPINGTON PEGGY SCOTT BRENDA SHELTON LARRY SHEPPARD TONY SHERRILL PAT SHORE JANE sHoUsE NANCY sHoUsE NEIL sHoUsE qgpw. DAVID STRADER EUGENE STRUPE ALICE STOLTZ MARVIN STYRES JOHN SUMNER IOAN TESH I GRADY THOMAS 'EJ ww '5- CI-IA RLES WAT KINS EDDIE WAT SON PHI LIP WATT S CAROL WELBORN CARTER WEST CAROL WESTMORELAND CORA WESTMORELAND C AROLYN WILLIAMS i. A RACHEL WILLIAMS V GERALDINE WILMOTH BETTY WOLFF lg ANNETTE YARBROUGH .,x,., A BRENDA ZACHARY 1' ,gfgiqj ses: max I, QQ - -M. - Y 5, , 1- EUGENE THOMPSON JUDY TUDOR I BONNIE TUTTLE DEBRA TUTTLE PATSY TUTTLE GENE WARREN -ww I T IAIA I J -,lg " 3 '57ff'? , , 7' ILL I4 L7WSw2Mf .LEM1192f,f'sfi,. ,. Effie!-: SES Si 134 ERI I fgnwuaiil ygyhzfid K jimi WZ me , 6, nf ll , r l l Junior Class OFFICERS Hugh Allen, presidentg Alice Smith, vice presidentg Yvonne Merritt, secretaryg G. C. Penree treasurer. J JERRY ADAMS SHARON ADKINS HUGH ALLEN IRIS ANDERSON RALPH ASHLEY, IR. EDDIE ATKINS SANDRA BARNES RALPH BARROW Junior MILTON BAUGUESS LYNDA BLACKNLAN BARBARA BOOZE TONY BOOZE 136 BECKY BRILES GEORGE SANDRA BUTNER TOMMY CANTER BUMGARDNER C I cu s s BONNIE CARLTON EDDIE CHAMBERS IEW ELL CHILDRESS GLENDA CLANT ON CAROLYN COBLE CHARLES CONRAD LEWIS CONRAD BETTY COOK 137 SANDRA COX RICI-IIE CRATER BILL DANCEY PATRICIA DANNER .I u n IO r BENNY DAVIS DENNIS DAVIS KAY DAVIS RACHEL DAVIS MARTHA DILLON JAN DISHER SANDRA DOUB WALTER DOUB 138 HARRY DOWNS KENT EARNHARDT BETSY ELDRIDGE CAROLYN BOB EVANS NINA FELTS ENGLAND CAROL FERGUSON STEWART FISHER DON HOLDEN BRENDA FOUSHEE 1 39 LIBBY ELIAS Class SI-IERON FULK BOBBY GARMON JERRY GH-I-ESPIE NANCY GOLDING STEWART GORDON J u n IO r RALPH GROSS LINDA GRUBBS PATSY GRUBBS PHYLLIS GRUBBS BARBARA HALL VICKIE HALL MINA I-IANEY GRAY HARPER 140 GLENDA HAUSER JERRY HAUSER MIKE HHXIDRDC BETTY JO HICKS Class TED HUNTER RICHARD MICHAEL JAMES JOANNE JOHNSTON JACKSON MARVIN DOUG JONES JENNY LYNN CAROLYN KETNER JOHNSTON JOYCE 141 L,,Tywg5?iff i?ikf?2i5 ii i 1' , - ?g3Q,3mgg:a5,aw,gt swwffrw ev - f GARY KIGER JERRY KIGER JANE LANE ff R wQEEQWWmmfww ":2 :W - A' ' ' Q 5 R lyk J 2 MHQQXV 2 QB! T . A if I 6 'Al l Ein? M Mwww 4 m T - 395, J W , N, . M gf '1 X a w Kisgffilf gwzf, Sf Q wi gg?-f if U 7 QM ? 4 -,. .fa ifyliilil . L, ,, .. , , Q Fizz f f,M1Pwflffl-nf, .wwzf-,f ww .M,,f,,,,,L,,-A,,,Afm .mg gm: 1 Z f L.',-Yf?l355Z3Q'?7' .gm-"fEL?lF: :gf wept ww: f' zsmsis uf3?'52fi5 af- J 'K M3115 3:5-zisfw V t . ,. . 'f,,,f1.s'M,-y.v K Q W A ' sl , L g. fszggggm if ig? .si-:Yf'g3:f 'z fc 19 :'ff.fg'f,1fiQf'4i1s ., BETTY LAWSON m Junior A BONNIE LAWSON SUE LAWSON ROBERT LEON PEGGY LESCAULT QQQWWWSAW 7 ' ,sy-.2357 'fi ,gf'ssSf'Q:gffq5Li.f fg :aw wkw',mmm, wg . f +2 :"g,gS'5v2,9':f Su. iz - 'fi YT: -xx ' J, fm 5'f?:f iz-"Ml . K : ff? f ' V ff- -wiht". ,- ,-, fqgni fmifww me k ' sggrgsx , i f , :ifgi HILDA LeVAN MYRTLE LITTLE GEORGE GERALDINE LOWE LIVENGOOD 142 D fllafaifis -'Wibi i .Q DORA MCKEE YVONNE MERRITT 3 W, Wm YES 4 af-4. X if K suit 1? S ,-at as ' 5 9 Q .1 rg 'fwfr K I S 1 ex ,., ..4,.1 ,X .. . 19 kms A ,- nz :ff ag ff'f1'5ff' iff ' 4 M K 'Tix X 1' ff gap, X U X JA? ,ZS gui ,sg Q M , mg 1 img W1 Hffjrfg Q4 A ? 3 x vywgx, 1 5142 Q .gm Nw N , xi 5' PH 4 'R Q 9, M24 5' as fi Q RONNIE MORGAN MILTON MOSS MIKE OEMAN is Q . 3 E. , im, A S f is ,... IV .Q V: N Mfg? ' A W wi 4 i L53 v f H af h' r' A ,gm 3 , f N 'qi J? -1l.O , 2 ' -My 1 .V ,Q :' mf 1-xi. M . ww ML 1 A , id.: ,QPJWMS 2, S mg ,5 as K K www "' ,S , L . ',A, ,L .,lALZ M :VH I .,.:. A .:,. I ,ggwf nf , Umzijggssp- L- BRENDA MOORE JIMMY MORGAN 33 K Ka si 13 w 2 1 if ew B 5 11 4 X QE, y 1 ,N-' - A Xri QW V op' W. ,p Y X , gstrr QQ, A .ff c - O . V X, MAX NORMAN S' GLENDA NICHOLSON MIKE OVERTON RONALD PET REE G. C. PETREE 143 RJf I BRENDA PET R EE BEVERLY REICH SHARON RIDGE BRENDA NANCY ROBERSON DON RUTLEDGE CAROL SAPP GAIL SAPP ROBERSON Ju n ior JERRY SHELTON PAT SHOUSE KENT SHROPSHIRE JUDY SHUMATE 144 fj- -'..-5" if 'v:vI . V X 44' .J 1 I mf' 132 RK 9. vw '-' :limiyi 'mf l,5g ,, A ...+I , I W - xffsfm-,QMO T 1 mf 5133? :RE . 'Teri , BRENDA SLATE ALICE SMITH 1 W ZW ff Cass i BECKY SMITH Y I T Y I W? N- .I , gg 1 H ' isp Y S JIMMY SPEAS I I 5 5 GLENDA SMITH LEE ANN SMITH THOMAS SNELL JUDY KAY SNYDER LINDA SPEAS ROBERT SPRINKLE ALLEN STEWART 145 SANDRA TATE DENNIS TAYLOR MARVIN LARRY TISE Junior ANN VARELLAS THOMPSON ALLEN TOTHILL PAT TUTTLE RITA TUTTLE CHICQUITA UTT BILL WALKER GENE WALKER V. D. WALL 146 RONALD WARREN NANCY WATTS PHILLIP WATTS JERRY WEAVER A ' - ':',AkA A"T RA'A W TT,LT I I I S I Rl T,W MELVIN WILKINS JANE WILLIAMS SHERRY WILLIAMS WAN DA WILLIAMS GARY WORRELL 147 Class juniors learn the right way to drive a car. Every junior looked f o r w a r d to his T.B. shot, even Larry Tise. 3? -412. S "I'm on my way tothe moon," ex- plains Mike Hendrix. "Now Myrtle, the camera is straight ahead," the photographer informs Myrtle Little. V V n X wx KN -Il , - gfefrffagsgw .w,,, A. W - M f'l,,4,'w.,?.:h-3 H kag fau i , ff wgw, M ' ZF , 1. , . ,. ,. ,, .. .. .. - , . gww m W, .... , ri.: :I-1..J:,,.1 WMS! rw ,ms A 0 3 m ,Y U m X g EQ Senior Class OFFICERS Frances Tuttle, treasurerg Ken Hart- man, secretaryg Katie Stanley, vice presidentg Richard Bovender, presi- dent. 1l"" A DONALD GRAY ADAMS "Human life is basically a comedy." BETTY LOU ALLEN "The dews of heaven fall thick in blessing on her. " Senior JOHN NATHANIEL ANDERSON "A constant friend is a thing rare DAVID WESLEY ARRINGTON "Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. " f 1, gh, a, WILLIAM ANTHONY BARKLEY "Once a gentleman, always a gen- tleman. " 150 and hard to find." .fy ti liio 5 45 5 JAMES FEDERICK BECK "A silent, shy, pe ace-loving man. " Class CHARLES GWYN BERRY "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. " CHARLES FREDRICK BLAYLOCK "He rewards his deeds with doing them. " NORMIE CARROL BLACKBURN "Her acts are always kindly. " X DAVID EDWARD BOAZ P- "B e doers oz-'the Word and not l hi? rs only. " FN L L VA f NSR U w A N, to DOUGLAS BURNETTE BLAKELEY "Ambition is the growth of every clime. " ELEANOR FRANCES BODENI-IAMER "Blessed are theywho have the gift of making friends, for it is one of God's best gifts. " ALTON RAY BOGER Now Ihave done a good day's work. " A iv BILLY FRANKLIN BODSFORD "A loyal, just, and upright gentle- man. " WILLIS LEE BODENHAMER, JR. 'Tis a good thing to laugh at any rate. " MARGARET ANN BOWEN "God helps those that help them- selves. " RICHARD ROY BOVENDER "Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful. " I THOMAS ARTHUR BOOSE n Io r' Life is not so short but there is al- ways time for courtesy. " 152 1 ,HY 1 I 1 Q Vx . If 5,5 xt f f N X ff iistr A J A rrin , 1Pp f BRUCE WAYNE BREWER A R RR "What sh o u ld a rn a n do b u t be , A , ',1'iA me YYY ? " - DONALD WAYNE BREWER "Life is great. " BARRY RONALD BROWN "A friendly way is the best way " PEGGY JEAN BURROW "Life, happy or unhappy, success- ful or unsuccessful is extraordinar- ily interesting. " Class THOMAS DALTON CASH, IR. "Know1edge is the key to ambi- tion. " 153 HELEN MARIE CATES "Life is too short to worry. " KAREN HOPE CLINE A wise and understanding heart." ROBERT MCKINLEY COLTRANE "Of his best he gave the people." Senior DONALD ANDREW COLBERT "Playing well the game of life. " in 5 .- I I 1 : 7' K' f E if .S fm. - ' as is ' 'if ' 'xfv d Mp W xx? S5501 IJ " Q iam wi? ' 'Lis 11 XY sg 21' A Us . . an 532525 wiv V ' A W--, J SAMUEL EDWARD COPE "Every moment is the right one to be kind. " 154 DOT MONEDA COLE "Sweetness and grace personified. " A4 Maid? JWJQJ RAW www fwi am' me mfew CAROLYN FAYE CRATER "A true friend is the greatest of all blessings. " Closs l' RONNIE I-IOYLE CU LLER "Thy quiet nature is richer than a crown. " JOHN PAUL DREYLINGER "How good is man's life, the mere living! " GALE DRAKE "Things won are doneg joy's soul lies in the doing." MARILYN PATRICIA ENGLAND "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches. " 155 GERALD WILSON DEAL "Not too serious, not too gay, but a real good sport in every way. " MAC ARTHUR ENGLAND "An honest mind and plain, he must speak truth! " CHERYL ANN FULLER "Happiness courts thee in her best array. " GLADYS IO ANN FRYE "A quiet and gentle nature had she. " WILLIAM RAYBURN FARMER It matters not how long we live, but how. " 5 . i i t .tii i ROBERT EDGERLY GREER "A friend to one and all. " DONALD WARD GREER "His humor b ubb le s like a foun- tain. " O BETTIE JOY GORDY n IO r Smile and the whole world smiles with you. " 156 if Siil eg 1 i. he A 1 ' 11 LARRY EDWARD GRIFFIN ". . . to find the way to heaven by doing deeds of hospitality. " CAROLYN LEE GROSECLOSE "Happy is as happy does. " MARY LOUISE I-IARGADON "Live, love, and be happy." MARY AGNES HARRISON "High-erected thoughts seated in a heart of courtesy. " Class 157 WANDA DIANE HANN "A meek and gentle soul. " KENNETH GRAY I-IARTMAN "If you have knowledge, let others light their candles by it." Senior WAYNE LEE HAUSER 'Full of fun and laughter. " CAROL JEAN HELSABECK "Live truly and thy life shall be a great and noble creed. " 251' i PIM y 1 'wi-.1 I I . if ,I "' ":' ' I ELEE mix.. -, w 1?f,12fsj5f2?2,. 1 I llllh El N -':' NANCY IDU HENDRIX ' Honesty is the best policy. " PAUL RUFUS HEPLER, II "For he's a jolly good fellow. " 158 IVAN HEMRICK "I have an answer. . .will serve all man. " 5 JOHN CLINTON HICKS "I'11 make assurance double and take a bond of fate. sure , Class ' A Q A K L L it i s r 4 , V .. ,..i: RONDA KAY HOLLAND "A friend of man was she, and thus, she was a friend of God. " GLENDA FAYE HOLT "Happiness is the greatest gift of all. " sg .ii . NORMA JEAN JESTER "We will have these moments to remember. " PHILLIP EVANS JARVIS "'Tis ever common that men are merriest when they are from home. " 159 SARA LYNN ISOM "So sweet is the blush of bashful- ness. " ' L .V I , ,r A 4' L. 7. RONALD DAVID IESTER "I bequeath a happy peace." BARRY LEE JOHNSON "What? Me worry!" PETER LENT JOHNSTON "Give the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you. " f . K . Il .1 533515, Mi l? ' -' P: 'Faq . , Sl i : S TOMMY I-IAYWOOD JORDAN "Playing well the game of life. 3. STEVE EDGAR KIGER "Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. 3 Il 5 ELBERT EDMON KING, JR. "Why take life seriously?" HUGH LLOYD KEY, JR. Sen i0 I' "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm bn my way. " 160 I Q, J Le. 4 'war' 50 SALLIE GERTRUDE LAWSON "The days of our youth are the days of our glory. " 'M' I BETTY JO LINGERFELT "Sweet innocence and beauty meet in one. " ' 3 ln.. 1' ROBERT DEAN LITTLE "I must. . . laugh when I am merry." MARY CAROLYN LONG "Born with the gift of laughter. " Class WILLIAM WAYNE LUCAS "He has achieved success who has lived well, and laughed often. 161 PATRICIA INGRID MALONEY "With a smile on her lips and stars in her eyes. " GEORGE EDWARD MARLER Speech is silverg silence is gold en." GLORIA MARTIN MASENCUP "Greatness is from within. " - .K .1 la 5'??57st A I g.,V. WW, - -I I ze- S 2? SSX:-eij,, . - 4, .. KARL MADISON MARSHALL "Better to be small and shine than to be large and Cast a shadow." MADELYN REBECCA MATTHEWS "Let not your heart be troubled. " 162 Senior PATSY LOUISE MARSHALL "Forever warm and shining in her ways. " .fpp'uqy SARA DEAN MCCARTER "Slow to speak ill of anyone. " Class I t 1 'iff 4+ MORGAN LEE MCCASLIN, JR. "Happy am I, from care I'm free, why't they all like me?" r L3- E'3'7'?" qui' dlwv f6""..-in JEAN MARIE MCDONALD "A good disposition is more valu- able than gold. " lwfse gf . . sk 7 3,- MW A ik 9'k'fY 2' -rg A - . 8 - .. m gfei ELLA JANE MERRIT T "The gentleness of all the gods go with thee." WM JOHN THOMAS MOORE "An ounce of wit is worth more than a pound of sorrow. WILLIAM MITCHELL MOORE "His care was' never to offend and every person was his friend. " 163 ELLIS MORGAN "Great is his act of kindness. " in in sr... F i,,,,a1ll- I GEORGE MARVIN MORRIS, IR. "The behaviour of this young gen- tleman gives him out to be of good capacity and breeding. " RACHAEL DELLA MOVT SINGER "Great is the power of truth." JUDY KAY NANCE "Another step forwardg many more to go." A I n I I 1f,k, I Mg, I I I iie lsi L yo,itt A M wh . g..,l I wap fr I ,,. , V , . BARBARA ANNE OLIVER ' "Honor is purchased by the deeds we do." 5 WILLIAM MASTEN OGBURN "It is not in 1ife's chances, but in its choices that happiness comes to the heart of the individual. " I DOUGLAS WAYNE NEWSOME Se n IO I' "I am wealthy in my friends." 164 5 ,1 V. :LE , was iw m X , 'I tsl' , A A .I 'AAV A V" .e l f ' i X WILLIAM EASLEY PACE, HI "He is great in knowledge and ac- cordingly valiant. " THEODORE ORVILLE PEOPLES ,1R. "There is no substitute for hard work. " MARY DIANNE PERRYMAN "Both short and sweet. " 2 t FLoRA KATHRYN P1NKsToN A "A sense of humor. " E: - i DAVID CORNELIUS POINDEXTER "We get out of life what we put in- to it. " C I G S S RICHARD HICKS REDDING "Poss essing a will that loves to 165 play. " f .. W,,,,...wl' K ,ijt CHAMP CIARK RICHARDSON "Iwi11 be the pattern of all pat- ience. " - , .1 or-aff l f W' JANE CAROLE ROUSI-I "Always a smiling face." "Happy an lg from care I'm fr Senior THELMA JANE RING "The best is yet to come. " NANCY RACHEL RUTLEDGE 166 ee. GERTRUDE NANCY ROBB "Honor lies in honest toil. " fs' o ,C ,fum 'li-I RICHARD LOWELL RYMILL "As good-natured asoul as e'er trod on shoe leather. " Closs vm! ,A f ifinz Q f ,,ym,ge, ji 7 , 22' 'l :- as 'fl far R it gr BOBBY KAROL SETZER "A spirit of laughing sunshine. " SALLIE ANN SHEEK "Short, sweet, and select." CLINTON LEE SHOUSE "He is always willing to lend ahelp- ing hand to a friend in need. " ALBERT LYNN SHOUSE "Perseverance. . . keeps honour HUGH TERRY SHOR E "A pleasing countenance is no slight advantage. " W r . 2 5 , .',,i' I 'layi- JERRY HOWARD SHOUSE "A generous action is its own Re- ward. " bright. " . 167 Zyf' yer -2 5 he as Ifw..Itts,.g,,..g,yI-E -,': .mul WILLLAM EUGENE SMITH "He who serves well and speaks not merits more." PRISCILLA ANN SHOUSE "Act well you part, there all the honor lies. " KAYE FRANCES SHOU "A soft answer turne aw thi. " ,,1e'752,ff'Q , IV ,r. L,. ,AAQ I . ,,,,, , .I ,I fri 4 NANCY Lou SP1-:As I ',rA- "Still inthe right hand carry gentle peace. " JERRY LEON SPAINHOUR "The force of his own merit makes his way. " lil' E I WILLIAM ANTHONY SMITH Sen IOI' "Only deeds give strength to life. " 168 IEWELL FAYE SPEAS Golden daysg fr u i t f u I of golden deeds. " is i HARVEY EDWARD SPRINKLE "I'11 note you in my book of me ry ll Class O rn- VSV ,, MYRA GAIL SPENC ER "Good things come in small pack- ages. " ,115 is ,- ,, , JOHN EVER ETT STOCKBERGER, JR. "The world belongs to the energetic man!" 169 ALMA CHRISTINE SPRINKLE "Zea1ous, yet modest." V feb' KATIE ANN STANLEY "I count myself in nothing else so happy as in asoul remembering my good friends. MARIE ROWENA STULTZ "I will sing with spirit, and Iwill sing with the understanding. " LINNEA GERALD SULLIVAN "The mirror of all courtesy. ll K . V.,i V' pgumfyg h hy 1 4 iil " ":' gfigg i 1 ,-" A IH n n niin I I V LV .A I iini 1 JOHNNIE MONROE TALLY "A jolly good sport, and all around guyg such a pal money ca,n't buy." CLARK MARTIN TAYLOR, JR. "Ambition has no rest. " 170 Senior 5 I : g ill f If I ' Si? " A f - - A Ni fi g Qf ' I ' f r ,M L ldn is L 1 Y ' S 'F W 5 4 -1- iz: JOANNE SWANNACK "Full of common sense and fun. " LINDA ANN TERRY "Simplicity and truth dwell in her heart. " Class Qfj - . ,: S E A? I . ia a i O 5,, I ' I FAITH OLIVIA THOMPSON "Gentle blood will gentle manners -X breed. " Vk I ,sw ee 1 SARAH ALICE VANHOY "Charming waygwinning smile. " A FRANCES CAROLE TUTTLE "Beauty and honour in her are so mingled. " JANET TE MAY TUTTLE "I can do all things through God who strengthens me. " CAROLYN FAY VAUGHN "Her ways are ways of pleasant ness." 171 DORIS GORDON WALKER "It's the song you sing and the smile you wear that make the sun shine everywhere. " ...Q JOSEPH MELVIN WALKER "To be honest, as the world goes, is one man picked out of ten thous- and. " eewe W vw e e 1 A LARRY DANIEL WEAVER "I have survived. " gQg!vpggf MABEL MARIE WA 1.1.3 "The smile that won't come off." A 1 ROBERT STOKES WARREN Laugh and the world laughs with you. " LINDA LEE WEAVER " 'Tis virtue that doth make her most admired. " 172 CAROLYN ELIZAB ETH WEST "The daintiest lass to make the world most sweet. " Sen IO r MARY ANN WESTMORELAND "Silence is the most perfect herald of joy. " THOMAS LEE VVHICKER x "I hold my duty, as Ihold my soul to my friends." PATRICIA ANN WI-HTMAN "Friendly and ready for fun. " PW 5 if -i yyrrr yrrr CAROL CHARLINE WINFREY "As patient as a female dove." JERRY ALLEN WOOD 'E "He whistles as he goes. " C I G S S ALONZO FRANCIS YARBROUGH "'Tis a good example of faith. Fill- ed to the fullest with life." 173 . ,,.. - v.--4 3252.21 ' 'i ' ROBERT OTLEY ZIGLAR "There is fair behaviour in thee. " Senior Activities DONALD GRAY ADAMS F.F.A. l, 25 Bus Drivers Club 43 Chorus 3. BETTY LOU ALLEN F.H.A. 1,25 Guidance Office 3, 4. JOHN NATI-IANIEL ANDERSON Hi-Y 2, 4, jr. Engineers 35 Band 2. DAVID WESLEY ARRINGTON F.F.A. 2, 3, 43 Baseball 3, 4, 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 4, Report- er 43 Football lg LV. Basketball, Senior Superlative. WILLIAM ANTHONY BARKLEY Glee Club 2, Bus Driver 3, 4, Public Speaking 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 45 4-H Club l. JAMES FEDERICK BECK Chorus 2, 3, j.V. Basketball l, 2. CHARLES GWYN BERRY j.V. Basketball 15 LV. Football lg Jr. Engineers Club 23 Hi-Y 3, 45 Bus Drivers Club 4. NORMIE CARROL BLACKBURN Sr. Y-Teens, Glee Club lg F. H. A. l, 2, 3. DOUGLAS BURNEI' TE BLAKELEY Student Council lg Bible Club 3, 45 Key Club 3, 45 Nation- al Honor Society 3, 4, Junior Marshal 35 Vesper Speaker 4. 174 MRS. NEWMAN Senior Sponsor Senior CHARLES FREDRICK BLAYLOCK j.V. Basketball l,j.V. Baseball l, 2,VarsityBaseball 3, 4. DAVID EDWARD BOAZ Honor Society 3, 4, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Chapel Choir Di- rector 4. ELEANOR FRANCES BODENHAMER Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Secretary Girls Monogram Club 4, Homecoming Court 4, Senior Super- lative 4, Y-Teens l, 2, Vice President 2. WILLIS LEE BODENHAMER, JR. F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Bus Driver 4, Glee Club 4, Bowling Team 4, Senior Superlative 4. BILLY FRANKLIN BODSFORD Public Speaking 2, 3, Key Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 4, Hi-Y Bas- ketball 4. RICHARD ROY BOVENDER Freshman Class Treasurer, Sophomore C lass President, Senior Class President, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Football 3, 4, Key Club l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4. ., ,. -wi. wig, Some of the seniors en route to College Day. Activities Joanne Swannack, like most sen- iors, studies in the library. MARGARET ANN BOWEN F.H.A. 1, 3, Y-Teens 4, Glee Club 1, Library Club 2. BRUCE WAYNE BREWER F.F. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Bus Drivers Club 2. DONALD WAYNE BREWER Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Bus Driver 3, 4, Chorus l, 2. BARRY RONALD BROWN F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4-H Club l, 2, 3, Chapel Choir 4, LV. Basketball 2, Bowling Team 4. PEGGY JEAN BURROW Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Majorette, CQ-Chief 3, Chief 4, Journalism 4, Cheering Block 4. THOMAS DALTON CASH Baseball 1, Track Team 3,45 Football l,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, Monogram Club 3, 4, Officer 4, NationalHonor Society 4. Senior Activities HELEN MARIE CATES Glee Club 1, 35 F.H.A. 1, 2, 35 j.V. Basketball 25 Varsity Basketball 45 Bus Driver 4. KAREN HOPE CLINE jotunalism 45 Glee Club 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 4. DONALD ANDREW COLBERT F. F. A. Il, 2, 3, Officer 35 Bus Driver 2, 3. A DOT ,MONEDA COLE 4-I-I Club 15 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3,45 j.V. Basketball 1, 25 Bas- ketball Manager 45 journalism 4. 1 ROBERT MCKINLEY COLTRANE "Hi-Lite" Staff 45 TOHARI Staff 4, Art Editor 45 Glee ' Club,l5 Bus Drivers Club 4. SAMUEL EDWARD COPE Football 1, 3,45 Monogram Club 3, 45 Chapel Choir 45 Track Team 45 Band 1, 3, 45 Bible Club 3. CAROLYN FAYE CRATER Student Council 1, 2, 45 Ch e e rle ad er 2, 3, 4, Chief 45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 45 Senior Super- lative 45 Homecoming Court 45 Office Assistant 4. GALE DRAKE Y-Teens 2, 35 F.l-I. A. 1, 45 Student Council 15 "Hi-Lite" Staff 45 TOHARI Staff 4, Art Editor 4. GERALD WILSON DEAL Basketball 2,45 Hi-Y 3, 4, Officer 45Varsity Basketball 4. JOHN PAUL DREYLINGER Science Club 15Hi-Y 45 Bowling Team 45 Student Coun- cil I5 Art Club 4. MARILYN PATRICIA ENGLAND Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basketball 3, 45junior Marshal 35 National Honor Society 45 Bible Quiz Team 45 Bowl- ing Team 4. Q5 515 382.2 :viii E ,Q H Y5. :iw I T25-Q SF? vii' s 'YQXSZSQ Ted Hunter is on his way to sell cookies, one of the senior class projects to raise money for a gift to the new auditorium. MAC ARTHUR ENGLAND F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, J.v. Basebaii 1. WILLIAM RAYBURN FARMER VarsityBasketball 15Hi-Y 3, 4, Vice President 45Bowling Team l. GLADYS JOANNE FRYE Nancy Reynolds School 1, Y-Teens 2, 35 Monogram Club 4, Treasurer 45 Varsity Basketball l, 3, 4. CHERYL ANN FULLER Forsyth Youth Commission 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Editor, "Hi-Lite" 45 junior Marshal 35 Honor Graduate 4. BETTY JOY GORDY F.H.A. l, 25 Library Staff. DONALD WARD GREER I-li-Y 3. Senior Activities WANDA DIANE HANN Y-Teens 4. MARY LOUISE HARQADON F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, chorus 2, 3. MARY AGNES HARRISON Glee Club l, Jr. , Sr. Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Chapel Choir 4. KBXINETI-I GRAY HARTMAN Freshman Class Presidentgl-li-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Pres- ident 3, 4, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Senior Class Secretary, Jr. Marshal 3, Senior Superlative, Student Council 2, 3. WAYNE LEE HAUSER F.F.A. 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4, J.V. Football l, 2, J.V. Base- ball 2, Bus Driver 3, 4, Bible Quiz Team l, 2, Bible Club l, 2. CAROL JEAN HELSABECK F.H.A. 1, Public Speaking 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Secretary 2, Band 2, 3, 4, Majorette 2, 3, 4, Band Boosters Club 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 4. IVAN I-IEMRICK F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4. 5 i if .-', .V - , .. ., x 4 3. e 'F' ,,, ir... Johnny Anderson admires a Sheakespearian stage constructed by a senior. NANCY LOU HENDRIX F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, Library Staff 2. PAUL RUFUS HEPLER Football 3, 4, Baseball 4, Monogram Club 4,Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Jr. Engineers Club 3, Bowling 3, 4. JOHN CLINTON HICKS Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, Baseball 4, Hi-Y Basketball 2, 3, 4. RONDA KAY HOLLAND Y-Teens l, 2, 3,4, Student Council 2, Sophomore Class Officer, Jr. Marshal 3, National Honor Society 4, Honor Graduate. GLENDA FAYE HOLT Y-Teens 4, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, Officer 3, Youth for Christ 3, Chapel Choir 4, Band 1, 2, Alternate Majorette 2. SARA LYNN ISOM Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4,Varsity Basketball Manager 3, 4, Office Assistant 4, May CourtAttendant 2, Journal- ism 4. PHILLIP EVANS JARVIS Glee Club 3, 4, F.F.A. l, 2, Bus Driver 4. NORMA JEAN JESTER F.H. A. l, 2, Y-Teens 3, Library Club 4, Officer 4, Glee Club 2, Guidance Assistant 4. RONALD DAVID JESTER Student Council 1, F.F. A. 1, 2, 3, Bus Driver 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 4, Bus Drivers Club 4. BARRY LEE JOHNSON Bus Drivers Club 4, Jr. Engineers Club 2, 3, 4. 177 Senior Activities "Oh dear, I forgot my book, " wails Marie Stultz. PETER LENT JOHNSTON Key Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Jr. Engineers Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 45 Varsity Track 3, 43 Monogram Club 4. TOMMY I-IAYWOOD JORDAN Track 3, 4, Football 2, 3,Basketba1l 2, jr. Engineers Club 2, President 3, 4, Bus Drivers Club 3, 4. HUGH LLOYD KEY, IR. Hi-Y 2, 4, Football 2, junior Engineers Club 3, Reporter for Hi-Y 2. STEVE EDGAR KIGER Football 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Cap- tain 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Presi- dent 45 Monogram Club 2,3,4, Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Team 4. ELBERT EDMON KING, JR. Baseball 2, 3, 4, Bus Drivers Club 1, I-li-Y 1,25 Bowling Team 1, Basketball 1. SALLIE GERTRUDE LAWSON F.H.A. l, 2, 3, Officer 4, Library Science 4. BETTY JO LINGERF ELT Asheboro High School 35 Sr. Y-Teens 3, 4, Officer 4, Superlative 43 Cheering Block 3, 4. Rom-:RT DEAN LITTLE F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. MARY CAROLYN LONG F.H.A. 1, Y-Teens 2, 3, Officer 2, J.V. Basketball 1,23 Varsity Basketball 3, 43 M o n o g 1' a m Club 3, 4, Senior Superlative 4. WILIIAM WAYNE LUCAS Football l, 2, 3, 43 Monogram Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Bus Driver 3, 4. PATRICIA INGRID MALONEY Y-Teens l, 2, 3,43 Band 2, 3, 45 Majorette 2, 3, 4, Co- Chief 4, Band Boosters Club 2, 3, 4. csoacr EDWARD MARLER r.F.A. 1, 2, 3,4. KARL MADISON MARSHALL LV. Basketball 1, 2, Glee Club 25 Public Speaking Club 2, 3, Vice President 2, 33 Key Club 3, 4, Bible Club 4,Bus Driver 3, 4. PATSY LOUISE MARSHALL Y-Teens lg F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4. GLORIA MARTIN MASENCUP Basketball 1, 2, 35 F.H.A. lg Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. MADELYN REBECCA MATTHEWS Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 2, 3,45 Business Manager TOHARI Staff 4, Chapel Choir 45 Journalism 4 5 Allied Youth l. SARA DEAN MCCARTER Y-Teens l, 2, 3, F.H. A. 4. MORGAN LEE MCCASLIN Latin Club 2 QGray I-Iighj, Personal Relations QGray I-Iighj. Senior Activities ELLA JANE MERRITT F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. JEAN MARIE MCDONALD Class Secretary 1, 3, Student Council 3, Monogram Club 3, 4, Officer 45 Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Senior Superlative 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. WENDELL RAY MooRE F. F. A. , 4-H Club 1, 2. w1LuAM MITCHELL Moons F. F.A. 2, 3, 4-H ciub 2, H1-Y 3. ELLIS MORGAN F. F.A. 1, 2, 3, Bus Drivers Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 43 Bus Driver 3, 4. RACHAEL DELLA MOTSINGER National Honor Society 3, 4, President 45 Junior Marshal, Co-Chief 3, Student Council lg D.A. R. 35 Senior Super- lative 4, "Hi-Lite" Staff, Managing Editor 4, Cheering Block 4. JUDY KAY NANCE Band 2, 3, Majorette 2, 3, Varsity Basketball 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 2, Bowling Team 4, Glee Club 1. DOUGIAS WAYNE NEWSOME F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 35 Bus Driver 4. WILLIAM MASTEN OGBURN Freshman Class Vice President, Hi-Y l, 2, Football l, 2, 3, 43 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Class President, Public Speaking Club, President 2, 35 Monogram Club 2, 3, Pres- ident 4, Junior Class President. BARBARA ANN OLIVER Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Sponsor 3,Homecoming Court 45 National Honor Socie ty 4, Junior Marshal 35 Treasurer, Y-Teens 3. WILLIAM EASLEY PACE, III Key Club 2, 3, 4,1-Ii-Y 2, 35 Bus Drivers Club 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball l, 2. THEODORE ORVILLE PEOPLES J.V. Football l, 2, 3, F.F.A. 2, Monogram Club 3,4. MARY DIANNE PERRYMAN F.H.A. 1,23 Y-Teens 3, 4, Student Council 3gBible Quiz Team 3, Cheering Block 4. FLORA KATHRYN PINKSTON Crossnore School lg Pineland Jr. C olle g e, Salemburg, N. C. Honor Council 3, House President 3. DAVID CORNELIUS POINDEXTER Bus Drivers Club 4. RICHARD HICKS REDDING Band l, 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Bowling Team 2, 3, 4. .KN , , I ' Tim . Dot Cole and Sara Lynn Isom measure Pete Johnston for his graduation cap and gown. Senior Activities CHAMP CLARK RICHARDSON, IR. Jr. Engineers 15 Hi-Y 3, 45 Bus Drivers Club 45 Bus Driver 4. THEIMA JANE RING Chorus 15 Senior Y-Teens 35 F.H.A. 1, 2. GERTRUDE NANCY ROBB Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 jr. Marshal 35 Senior S uperlative 45 Editor of TOHARI 45 Honor Graduate 4. JANE CAROLE ROUSH F.H. A. 15 Freshman Basketball 15 j.V. Basketball 25 Pub- lic Speaking 2, 35 Y-Teens 4. NANCY RACHEL RUTLEDGE F.H. A. l, 25 Library Staff 1. RICHARD LOWELL RYMILL Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Bowling Team 45 Glee Club l. BOBBY KAROL SETZER Band 15 Hi-Y 25 Science Club 35 Hi-Y Basketball. SALLIE ANN SHEEK LV. Basketball 1,25 Varsity Basketball 3,45 F.H.A. l5 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, President 4. HUGH TERRY SHORE F.F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice President 3, President 45 Bus Drivers 35 Key Club 25SeniorSuper1ative. CLINTON LEE SHOUSE Football 2. AIBERT LYNN SHOUSE Football Manager 15 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45Bus Driver 45 Band Booster 3, 45 Baseball 2. JERRY HOWARD SHOUSE 4-H Club 1, 2, 3,45 Bus Drivers Club 4. KAYE FRANCES sHoUsE oiee Club 15 F.H.A. 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 4. PRICILLA ANN SHOUSE Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Secretary 45 Student Council 3, 45 Cheer- ing Block 3, 45 Bowling Team 4. NANCY LOU SPEAS Chorus 1, 25 4-H Club 15 Glee Club 25 Library Staff 2. IEWELL FAYE SPEAS Glee Club 25 F.H.A. 2, 35 Y-Teens 45 Office Assistant4. MYRA GAIL SPENCER Business Manager of TOHARI 45 Y-Teens 3, 45 Bible Quiz Team 45 Library Club Officer 25 Homecoming Sponsor 45 Cheering Block 4. ALMA CHRISTINE SPRINKLE F.H. A. 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 35 OfficeAssistant45 F.H.A. Song Leader KATIE ANN STANLEY Student Council 2, 3, 4, Officer 25 National Honor Society 4, Officer 45 Class Officer 3, 45 Cheerleader 45 "Hi-Lite" Staff 45 Vesper Speaker. HARVEY EDWARD SPRINKLE F.F.A. 1, 2, 35 Bus Driver l. MARIE ROWENA STULTZ Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 I. C. C. 25 National Honor Society 45 Chapel Choir 45 Debating Team 45 Public Speaking Contest 3. JOANNE SWANNACK Transfer Morristown 35 'Y-Teens 3, 45 Cheering Block. Senior LINNEA GERALD SULLIVAN Baseball 15 Track 35 F. F. A. 1,25 Bus Drivers Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CLARK MARTIN TAYLOR, JR. Freshman Class Officer5 Library Club, Vice President 25 jr. Engineers Club 3, 45 Football 3, 45 Track 35 National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 4. IOHNNIE MONROE TALLY Football 45 Bus Driver 3, 45 Bus Drivers Club 45Iournalism 45 F. F.A. 1, 2. LINDA ANN TERRY F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3, President 45 Bible Quiz Team 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Bible Club 3,45 Public Speak- ing Contest 35 Journalism 45 Cheering Block 45 Honor Graduate. FRANCES CAROLE TUTTLE Cheerleader 3, 4, Co-Chief 45 Monogram Club 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary 45 Co-Chief Mar- shal 35 Class Treasurer 3, 45 Student Council Treasurer 4, Vesper Speaker 45 "Hi-Lite" Staff Sports Editor 4. JANETTE MAY TUTTLE Y-Teens 15 F. H. A. 2, 35 Band 2, 3, 4. Q SARAH ALICE VANHOY F.l-l.A,,l, 25 Guidance Office Assistant 3, 4. I. .CAROLYN FAY VAUGHN Y-Teens 15 F.H.A. 2, 35 Guidance Office 4. DoR1s coRDoN WALKER F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, clee Club 1, Jr. varsity 1. JOSEPH MELVIN WALKER Key Club 2, 3, 45 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Student Council l, 2, 3,45 Monogram Club 45 jr. Engineers Club 35 Public Speaking 2. MABLE MARIE WALLER F.H. A. 1, 25 Glee Club 25 Senior Y-Teens 3,45 Guidance Assistant 4. ROBERT sfroxts WARREN Band 1, 2, 3, H1-Y 1, 2, 4-H ciub 1, 2, Football 2. LARRY DANIEL WEAVER Bus Drivers Club 2. LINDA LEE WEAVER Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Ch e erin g Block 3, 45 journalism 45 Homecoming Sponsor 3. Activities CAROLYN EHZABETH WEST F. H. A. l, 2, Officer 3, 45 Cheering Block 35 Glee Club 15 Library Club 45 Homecoming Sponsor 3. MARY ANN WESTMORELAND Y-Teens 1,25 F.H. A. 3, Offi c er 45 Cheering Block 45 Glee Club 3. THOMAS LEE WHICKER Agriculture 1, 2, 3. PATRICIA ANN WHITMAN F.H.A. 1,25 Y-Teens 3, 45 Varsity Basketball 45 Glee Club 2. .JERRY ALLEN woon 4-H Club 1, F.F.A. 2, s,4. CAROL CHARLINE WINFREY Y-Teens 1, 45 Library Staff 15 Public Speaking Club 2, 35 Jr. Varsity Girls Basketball Team Manager l, 25 National Honor Society 4. ALONZO FRANCIS YARBROUGH Football 15 Baseball 25 F. F.A. 1, 25 Bus Drivers Club 4. ROBERT OTLEY ZIGLAR Track 3. Myra Spencer waiting to make an announcement. Our adveftisers point the way to greater ease in living and hence to more happiness and more leisure for enjoying the good things in life. The TCJHARI staff is grateful forthe assistance of these advertisers in making his book possible. "----...,. X f 1 4 psf .X N W , QW ! ' ,A " ,b f CO, 'vi fx l , ont' "-Q L, A ' T' o. nf:--:.w'. o:.-,,:,-,Th .hn..,. ' I- , so AUVHU IEHVIHWS olnez. Smoke 0 comes Cir QU Camel fo l" . eflt' enjoyfn The best tobacco makes the best smoke ! 184 VISIT OUR VARSITY SHOP A Complete Showing of Ivy ond Continental Styles for the Young Mon 'llllllllllllll lllllllll 'I . III 'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIILINIIIIIIII I SMART FASHIONS FOR MEN AND BOYS Students wait in lunch line. Compliments of D UPIAN 185 BOYLES FLORIST Flowers For Every Occasion Phone Yukon 3-8535 MONUMENT WORKS, INC. King, North Carolina Memorials and Tennessee Building Stone Compliments of Phone WO 9-3590 SLATE FUNERAL HOME or King, North Carolina Phone WO 9-3595 - Route No. l YU 3'8l9l Rural Hall, North Carolina Bethabara Church, built in 1753, is one of the landmarks of out community. WALL GLADE l-llLL FUNERAL CHAPEL 1200 Glade at West Fifth Street Winston-Salem, North Carolina 186 LE' NBACH NORTHWEST BARBER SHOP 3708 Reynolds Rd. Ph A 4-2 MACHINERY WORKS W 840 Elkin Highway Compliments of Winston-Salem, North Carolina G. L. SNYDER CONSTRUCTION Route 7, Winston-Salem Phone WA 4-9331 Phone Rural Holl - Cornwallis slept here! House in Bethania where the English geheral had his headquarterst TOWN AND COUNTRY GULF SERVICE Reynolda At Old Town Road Winston-Salem, North Carolina 187 Old Richmond School. Graduates of this elementary school attend high school at Northwest. EAGLE BEAUTY Br BARBER SHOP Opposite Old Richmond School Elkin Highway Phone WA 4-833i Customer Work On Wednesday GENTRY ai MOS.E-R CC Richard Speas - YU 3-5256 Eizjgggl QSZISQFZS James .W. Keiger - YU 3-5256 Groceries Kung, North Carolina King, North Carolina - YU 3-9755 Best Wishes To Our Neighbor Northwest High QGBURN ELECTRIC CQ. Phone WAbash 4-8655 or Phone WAbash 4-2463 Murray Road, Route i, Winston-Salem, N.C. 188 .l.V. STANLEY gl SONS U.S. Highway 52 Stcnleyvil le Phone WO 9-4587 Groceries - Meat - Produce WARREN'S DRUG STORE Compliments of COMMERCIAL AND FARMERS BANK Rural Hall, North Carolina Member F.D' LC. Rural Hall, North Carolina Phone WO 9-2065 Rural Hall School. Many Northwest students cherish happy memories of elementary school years here. 189 Old Town School. "O1d Tovim, dear alma mater. "Many of our students completed the eighth grade here. Congratu lations Senior Class OLD TQWN GRILL QLD TOWN Highway 67 Winston-Salem, North Carolina Phone WAbash 4-9125 Y Curb Service - Orders To Go Open 24 Hours A Day W- D- Rvmple 3704 Reynolda Road Phone WAbash 4-9130 Prescription Specialists 190 4 iw The PTA entertains at a Valentine party. Northwest High School Porent-Teocher Associotion West entrance. at Northwest 191 GORDON'S HARDWARE King, North Carolina Phone YU 3-8595 KING FURNITURE CO. Quality Furniture Reasonably Priced YUkon 3-9762 King, North Carolina OLD TOWN GI ANT SERVICE STATION Gas for Less Across From Old Town Pharmacy STALEY'S CHARCOAL STEAK HOUSE 2000 Reynolda Road Reynolda At Old Town Road Winston-Salem, North Carol ina NORTHWEST SELF-SERVICE Shattalon Drive Phone WAbash 4-9955 Groceries, Notions, Meat DOUG SHROPSH I RE'S ESSO SERVICENTER Lube - Wash - Waxing Tires - Road Service - Batteries Across From Oldtown Telephone System Phone WA 4-2804 Compliments of SALEM ELECTRONICS 336 Waughtown Street Winston-Salem, North Carolina CLROUSE'S GROCERY Germanton Road Phone PA 3-7951 I5 Gallons of Gasoline Given Away Each Week FQREST HILL LurvxBEi2 CQMPANY Dealers In All Kinds Of Building Materials Home Construction Polo Road, Winston-Salem, N.C. Telephones PA 5-6790-PA 5-475I W.D. Craft - O.W. Allen - E.R. Strupe 2, -.:.v by PEGGY BURROW PAUL R. I-IEPLER Photographer Rural Hall, North Carolina 193 RQLAND BENNETTS LUNCHEQN 226 North Liberty Street Melvin Dodson and Emma Mil elp keep Northwest shining . TGVVN AND CGUNTRY GULF SERVICE Corner Reynolda ot Old Town Road Winston-Sole N h C I N t, REYNOLDS USED AUTO PARTS Some Parts for All Cars- All Parts for Some Cars 24 HOURS WRECKER SERVICE R.F.D. T, Rural Hall, N.C. WOrth 9-2255 OLD TOWN HAR DWARE Hunting and Fishing Equipment Paint and Paint Supplies Hardware - Kitchenware Marvin R. Ferguson - Owner Phone WA 4-9185 ED PHELPS MOTORS ALL MODELS NEW AND USED CARS 902 Waughtown Street Winston-Salem, North Carolina Phone Day PA 4-3207 Phone Night PA 3-9990 META BREEZE ESTATES Between Shattalon Drive and Beck's Church NEW HOMES FOR SALE PA 3-7535 REYHOICSG Road Winston-Salem, North Carolina PA 3-7630 WACHOVIA OIL COMPANY "LocaIly Owned and Operated" R. F. MORRIS gi ...the world's GUM, finest so ma H ar hemmg ml Ivy Avenue at T7th Street Phone PA 5-0557 and PA 5-0558 New seats for the auditorium. Courtesy of THE KEY CLUB TOWN AND CAMPUS SHOP 424 West 4 Street Winston-Salem, North Carolina Phone PA 2-7030 PETE KNIGHT TELEVISION 8. APPLIANCE , INC. Thruway Northside Shopping Center Shopping Center Phone PA 3-9639- Phone PA 2-8l86 ROBIN HOOD CURB MARKET I204 Reynolda Road Phone PA 4-7521 ESSO PRODUCTS FOR LESS M.E. CHURCH 3484 Robin Hood Road Winston-Salem, North Carolina LONG'S GROCERY 2222 West Polo Road Winston-Salem, North Carolina Phone PA 2-9201 H. C. PIE COMPANY Phone WO 9-4046 "DELICIOUS PIES AND PASTRY O We Are Always Happy To Serve You QW .DW Route I Rural Hall, North Carolina MILK THE SENIQR BUYS Comgrotulote Tl-IE TQHARI STAFF Congratulations to the Class of '60 ROBIN IIGGD DRIVE-IN THEATER 3400 Robin Hood Road, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Phone PA 2-6608 or PA 3-8668 L8VAN'S BEAUTY SHOP BUENA VISTA GULF SERVICE . W C II F d D I' N. Cherry iurtcmlalana Avenue e REABNSEEVICZ Iver Dor SPRINK LE - JUANITA vooLER Come' Buena VMS Owner Craig LeVan and Reynolda Roo . Phong PA 5-3844 Winston-Salem, North Carolina Winston-Saiem, North Carolina Phone .PA 5-9200 C.E. Motslnger, Manager WW STORES SOUTH'S LARGEST JEWELERS WINSTON-SALEM ECKER'S JEWEL BOX 116 WEST fouizm 51. - Phone PA 5-0431 Congratulations Seniors! DUMP TRUCK SERVICE THE OAKS CAFE Sanclrock - Stone - Dirt Pfafftown Phone PA 4-T672 198 4 PHOTCD SPECIALTY SHCDP Leaksville, North Carolina J. D. BANNER Contractor Rural Hall, North Carolina Phone WO 9-4753 Congratulations and Best Wishes COX PHARMACY "You Always Save At COX'S" Phone PA 3-3627 or PA 3-3628 COLLEGE VILLAGE Winston-Salem, North Carolina OLDTOWN BEAUTY SALON Highway 67, Just off Hwy. 421 Winston-Salem, North Carolina Phone WA 4-8603 Wade L. Tillev Lavinia Gwvn KING GULF SERVICE Phone YU 3-9655 TINY DINY CAFE Phone YU 3-9305 King, North Carolina King, North Carolina Complete Auto Service Operators Frank Calloway Fred Kapp, Jr. BOLES HARDWARE COMPANY Maytag and Westinghouse Appliances Sporting Goods, Toys YUkon 3-8935 EMerson 8-2592 King, 'N,.C. Pinnacle, MAURI CE WATTS Phone WO 9-2455 Germanton, North Carolina 200 THE SEN :QR on ms r 7 Con g ro Tulo te W mips J: ' ggyy I Tl-IE TQHARI STAFF 54 I K ,. "k' I V git. M I I .if fl , 1 jfihi' I I2 . ill :iff I I f '::':: v uf: ' viigx J, ,,., -. I !,gf Compliments of 4 Corner 4th and Trade Winston-Salem, North Carolina MARKEN'S INFANT AND CHlLDREN'S WEAR 2l5 W. Fourth St. - PA 4-2498 Thruway Shopping Center - PA 5-9 67 Congratulations We Invite You To Visit Us. NlcPHAlL'S, INC. 4IO N. Spruce Street Thruway Shopping Center Jewelry, Silver, China, Crystal and Gifts for Every Occasion. VALLEY VIEW BEAUTY SHOP Mrs. Ralph H. Moore, Prop. 45I9 June Avenue For Appointment Dial WA 4-4905 WELCOME FALCONS STULTZ, INC. RESTAURANT Stanleyville, North Carolina U.S. Highway 452 Phone WO 9-46ll We Cater To Private Parties Compliments of STANLEY'S SHOES, lNC. 244 N. Trade Street Thruway Shopping Center Winston-Salem, North Carolina i Qngruiulutinus to the class of l960 MERITA BREAD AND CAKE V. D. Matthews - Manager MT. TABOR FOOD MARKET 3445 Robin Hood Road Winston-Salem, North Carolina TI QL. . - M 'if Q I f C N X , ,I Fx in X 'gill 1 NOTHING BUT THE BEST FOR LESS" Compliments of Milk and Ice Cream 202 MYRA SPENCER A portrait-The perfe-CT gift for any occasion Qu Studio Zim Wake Forest College 203 Best Wishes To The Class Of '60 From The Faculty foe? 741. wgfazb h gm' ' .51 VM 'ggi xhm-7'Vg VS- in-xo-v.uWS2l,QQ,.,QQLs....Q. my. , zA,, , ,Q f 7afz4f!! ,Q phfyimdf M41 fdflfldff MMM 62. Q. emmu AWwn 564-. N. . ' I 4-1 ov! awk, 77, A1 37 ,famed Qwmw agidmlfiein' Index ADVERTISEMENTS ..... .... 1 84-203 AUDITORIUM ................... .... 9 0-91 BAND BOOSTERS CLUB OFFICERS ..... . . . 47 BASEBALL TEAM ..... . . . 76-77 BIBLE QUIZ TEAM .... . . . 42 BOWLING TEAMS ........ . . 80 BOYS MONOGRAM CLUB .... . . . 28-29 BOYS STATE DELEGATE ............. .... 1 07 BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM ........... 67-69 BOYS JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM ....... 70 BUSDRIVERS.................... .... .......5O-51 BUS DRIVERS CLUB .... ...52 CAFETERIA STAFF ..... . . . 19 CHAPEL CHOIR .... .... 4 8 CHEERING BLOCK .... . . . 81 CHEERLEADERS ........... . . . 72-73 CIVITAN AWARD WINNER .... . . . 115 CONCERT BAND ....... . . . 47 D. A. R. GOOD CITIZEN .... .... 1 15 DEBATING TEAM ...... . . 45 DEDICATION ..... . . . 6-7 FACULTY .... .... 1 3-17 FEATURES ......... . 94-101 FOOTBALL TEAMS ..... . . 58-63 FOREWORD ........ ..... 4 FRESHMAN CLASS. . . 119-126 FRESHMAN Y-TEENS .... . . . 35 205 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA. . . . . . . . . 38-39 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA .... GIRLS MONOGRAM CLUB ............ GIRLS STATE DELEGATES .......... ....4O 31 107 GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM . ........ 64-66 GIRLS JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM ..... 71 GLEE CLUB ........ .... 4 9 GRADUATION-1959 .... . . . 86-87 4-I-I CLUB ...... . . 36-37 HI-LITE STAFF. . .. . . . . . 54 HI-Y .......... .... 3 0 HOMECOMING ........ . . . 89 HOMECOMING QUEEN ..... ..... 8 8 HONOR GRADUATES .... 104- 106 INTRAMURALS .... . . 92-93 JUNIOR CLASS .......... 135-148 JUNIOR ENGINEERS CLUB ..... ....... 4 1 JUNIOR MARSI-IALS .... 108- 109 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM .... . . . 84-85 JUNIOR Y-TEENS .... . . . 33 JOURNALISM CLASS ..... .... 5 5 JOURNAL-SENTINEL CORRESPONDENT .... .... 5 5 KEY CLUB ...... . . . 26-27 LIBRARY CLUB .... .... 4 3 MAJORETTES ...... . . . 74-75 MARCHING BAND ....... .... 4 6 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY .... . . 24-25 Index NATIONAL MERIT sam-F1NAusTs ...... . .... 111 SENIOR CLASS... ........ 149-174 OFFICE Ass1sTANTs. . . . .. ......... 18 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES ..... ..... 1 12-114 OUTSTANDING FUTURE FARMER. ..... ..... 1 15 SENIOR Y-TEENS. ..... ..... . . . sz PRINCIPAL. . . . . . .............. . .... .. 12 SOPHOMORE CLASS ..... . ..... 127-134 P.T.A. oFF1cERs.... .... 11 STUDENT COUNCIL ...... . .... ..............2z-za sUPER1NTRND1-:NT OF FORSYTH COUNTY PUBLIC SPEAKING cLAss ........ .... . . 44 scHooLs ....... 11 sc1-1oo1.BoARDo1fsDucAT1oN....... ......11 TOHARISTAFF ............ scHoo1. SONG ...... ...... .. ...... 10 TRACK TEAM.. .. .. .. 78-79 SENIORACTIVITIES........ . .... ...1 4181 vrzsm-:R sPaAK1:Rs..... 110 av N51 xg? .Q WWW' . K by UV R 1?wfn.4,,..,h,..,5 111.1415 A D5 1 TW - 31lQ.m.9JL,, :n-4, A10 11, ,, Q Y' If my Y'-Q.. hm I NW hs UfOQl'Clp S VGGTUTYNLNJQ W WMW V191 9 N QM XBQ'-QJJL, i 4 f EE? 0 I X ly if OV gg 14 1 WSJLAD-W H.1"3'y -Tiff hwy 1 11 4 Wfigifkw 13 'ZWv 4 bt af? W Cfebfbfvy f'WQA,,2 206 Vmsiifswrw . I , - V T, H 1-, .- - ,A A ig-. -j ,-'J -7. . .q:,7i... Autographs . 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N r' , HW 'wY,,'14,,,,3,f , ,,1,.,',-,p L, M NQWQS 7 , A .1, w a 4. '1 -' ff - ' M" ' ' K .5 . - " x . 1 1 - ., . WL " ' ,- "" ' .pg K., ,:,., . , ,. y W X " L x' it . QV W' " " ' K 1 ' ff-A -A 42? 7 14-WWQ-, , X , 6 . 'A M' + ig' 1- W xffr' - 5 , . , i 6 ,ff .. ' A , ' . .- - W .', 5 .V u' 'ii , 5. ' 9 M' W M N My WW Q www W f1"T5? if wg Wvkfj wffwb f 'x Aff W W W f 55 I My W M ' 6a WM ' W X, 1 Pb - .f A ' V QQ Y W BQ ESR! QWQE h O . 4. 'A . , ' uh ' ' AQ Vfvjg W www t bv , 1 K - vi ,I C. K V Nw,- A. .. -,J W 1 1,,ef,fA1, .,l 4 'r x A v I M. 1 4 4' .L . 'iw 1 P F t MMWW E f 3551113 Swim Qi' if 5 ,M dave , Ce D WJZM gmfg? JC'.' j mwlww J MMM? W 4 WGN' if G Yi J Wjgxlyyyvpf Q2f.bJWw5M M iilqmjiwf CZ'i"wL0 wwpm Y ew Vw 0 WW Lp ,awww W XM JUCMJQ WA, ozwighwkl Wxp? 1 S 's E 5 5 Z 3 E 5 3 s E 2 fs h Q 5 3 5 E E 5 5 F 3 a 2 5 2 5 E X z 31 E f: Q z 3 5 f if 5 Q E 5 s, E 5 id'-2 QL . - .'i-i211l'Jf?3Z'1."? ,Zt:1f2"".i''BF'-f21'S3Lii11z.1fZ355Hi 44Eh'fi2.?Jsla4i2fE'l1JiEi? 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Suggestions in the Northwest High School - Tohari Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) collection:

Northwest High School - Tohari Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Northwest High School - Tohari Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Northwest High School - Tohari Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Northwest High School - Tohari Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Northwest High School - Tohari Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 39

1960, pg 39

Northwest High School - Tohari Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 159

1960, pg 159

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