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Northwest High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Canal Fulton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Cover

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. K ,gy 'Q J -f , 'Qs of W J' WWWKKV yawn pw Wf A 5" V Wfjffp Mui? QL, Q9 WSG! QP PM M' A 756 W Q A 50' Joi! 55 Q,M?5yW fxowv QR W 05 011 Wx 6 0 QDYQMMWF ggi by Uafyxxwi wk w5xpwk AQQ7 3,7 Q A ' O P 0- M em' ol ' Q35 gli X Y-1"Mw'?'0 4 WW gzip! Kdydvr TjSmJyQwX JW I, vtyztwfw 1 M HQ M fofgif ?yW"IBl 2' wf' - ff' M A ff V"hM'Wy K aff 05? My vw Q-fag pffw! X0 Ap' r X . , 59 Y' , If ,MQ Y ' 4 , fi? ff ff A OC ff v ff fb JY! 9 A N QX7 HRM! pjffy Frjjfrwbx JJ? My Os wif if E0 O' Cb by of 5VQ P9 ' of JW? WAN, bug, 3201 Xb 'QL JU ' QM Q U? N QA 900 559 vb WASQDPQ X N ggqCql96! P94 VVBQ X? Q X3 we M 0 R I' bc QL lf, px-5 XXDO 9 440 Q26 ' wywyywg Qw6M QC A Ppxl' XX CB! Qflvg mev Q V, D0 QL, ggwl U QTQQQ. Nj Q SWNQ figs , b Oqykobf dl-'X bay -JMX L QXVCP GMO qw O' ,,. M SQ -. ya M W Nix Nay' W9 lugcxbj' XX 0' X J' 99 Xb W H-U vb W L N GSA X4 My gl, f' P' O XY' Q-Nb 'ig . XQQVXC 550 fy J YZ gf O X9 N my N V3 00.013 ' do 0- fu 'bf'-fUJY1cD, Lkjoqije QM? WMI, bum Tbgliihuwf had Do fm Emo J w"Wt! l . ?0Ww"O0 flwui-, LU 6.0m wmiwwwmi ,'Ufrng,0. Q8 hmmm Ou, daoodofmcf Uh Lugz? 'Q . oZ?0UQ'b wfwgowsd c7'hofn S-0 -5 in V 9 I fl ' 2 X Q 5 Lf! ' ' I . f . q uf , NMEMQRY OF -"' C" Mm sgiqa' 'UJTHER Nita. H? gs 5 ,fY,,i.Q yr X ,bt tv ,f I L, Qs: ig an Jgggzx - N 'I' A , db - A 5 'Q 'X ., 'Q n'1 :-...n-5: l Q NORTHWEST HIGH SCHOOL 8590 ERIE AVENUE CANAL FULTON, OHIO ,, , ., ., .,,A,WW, V A NICE PLACE TO BE AROUND 1985 CHIEFTAIN Seniors 5 juniors 37 45 53 Drage Sophomores Freshman 61 Student Life Sports Arts Orgamzatlons Special Events Faculty Advertlsements 7985 IN REVIEW. . THE MADONNA LOOK I5 "IN". A NEW COMPUTER ROOM SENIORS HA VE EXTENDED TIME. A BRAND NEW PLAY 4 ...W W...A..,,5 -......., --f-L .LL MR. CORRAL AND MR. IONES WATCH CAFETERIA EXPAND. -Aflvlf..-1 -L..---""' ,,---f"-"' .,,.i. -. - , h,,.-...- -kg- 1.-1,-..,..-,. ,,-- ,-,,-v- ...lf-f 1-1- L- ...- ,.,L.......---- ,l.-Qii- E IOR SENIOR S UPERLA Tl VES! MOST MASCULINE MOST MOST FEMININE SCHOLASTIC jim Finefrock and Tina Dolin Randy Moore and Alice Lent PRE TTIES T EYES PR E TTIES T SMILE BEST PERSONALITY Shelley Bowman and Doug Carlson MOST RADICAL Doug Buchanan and Cindi Lindic Chrisi Rapp and Dean Kosco Deidre Duncan and john Neidert 6 MOST TALKATIVE April Eiseman and Chuck Hough MOST GULLIBLE Chris Nesitz and Brad johnson BIGGEST WHINERS Gary Galehouse and Melissa Brisendine SIENIIUIIQS SENIURS SENUQRS MO IKEL ST L Y TO BE IN A VIDEO Tom Eck and jenny Hancock CLASS CLOWNS MOST FRIENDLY Ann Koehler and Chad Thompson Mafk WHSVTCV and 1800 Gabbflfd 'X--6 1 ' , , MOST IN NEED MOST ATHLETIC BIGGEST EA TER OF julie Coffman and Phil Steiner N' k Prexta and Carolyn Okey CLOCK. I Ovendorf and Theresa Elliot A - Q- 5 Sf- X SENIDHS Q! I S? I MOST SPIRITED MOST POPULAR BIGGEST FLIR TS h d Thompson and lcnary Hancock Mark Wagner and Ann Swigart Randy Richardson and Kelly Schilling CUTEST COUPLE NICEST HAIR Anne Swigart and Nick Prexta john Ahern and Shelly Bowman D , P I f I fc XI "llllW' MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Walt Gleghorn and Robyn Golay if 'Un MOST SHY MOST LIKELY TO BEST DRESSED Tracey Bowman and Randy Moore Todd Traxlcr and Darla Segers Doug Buchanan and Deidre Duncan 5-N, J -.., N... wx 3, gf '7' Q N15 A . Q ' 1 .-an 'airway "N--.X 4 2 55 fi 5 frail ' ffxkgo if ar . 5 ' 'F qs S .S - . 5 era 4 A 'Cb' lf fy L 1 X'-x 5 5,,, . A 3 ., 'Q 1 WSL-v If 1 Ai LN Q .,..7.-. i ' x Senior women dress up for Halloween. ABOVE: Seniors go over Powder Puff strategy. LEFT: A Senior class. BE- LOW: Senior Ca- reer Day. my I W, WMM, Z , IWMMZW, ' T'-5 Melissa Steinman and Donna Siemienski. Rusty Gehm in a familiar pose. X. , M' ,, lf., 45 Nancy Hazel at Powder Puff practice. 41 .J ly iq. Mother's Club feeds the team. CLASS COLORS RED AND BLA CK SENIORS CLASS MOTTO CLASS FLO WER RED ROSE SOME PEOPLE LOOK AT THE PAST AND ASK WHY WE LOOK AT WHAT HAS NEVER BEEN AND ASK WHY NOT jOHN F KENNEDY THE FOLLOWING SENIORS WERE ASKED TO FILL OUT THE INFORMATION LISTED BELOW A NICKNAME B LIKES C DISLIKES D FAVORITE CLASS E FAVORITE SAYING F. AMBITION N MISTER AND MISS NORTHWEST: Doug Carlson and Robin Golay I ll is 'QQ IOHN ALLEN AHERN IOSEPH ALLEN AHERN TERRIE ALLEN A. Pokey B. Mel, Snoopy, Bloom County A. Tokyo B. Kelly S., Rocky's, Weekends A. B. Guys, Music C. Licorice, Miller Bad C. PS, Warm wine, Stuck-up people D. C. Ml, Govt, Most of the Freshman class breath, D. Mr. Armstrong's Psych E. F. VB's classes, DiaI's Hist E. Hey, Big Guy! D. Mr. Healey's Soc. E. Mok-da, Tang- Go to college F. Go to college, Get a job, Settle down sin-ui E. Drive a beer truck, work in a morgue TRACIE LYNN ALLMAN JAMES ARGABRIGHT TED MATTHEW BAILEY A. Spacey B. Going out with my friends A. Augie B. Cars, Money, Women, A. Theo B. Christie, Led Zeppelin, ELO C. People who talk behind your back Parties C. School, 64 Triumph Spitfires C. Miller, jones, Freshman D. Soc., VB E. D.VB's research writing E. Hi Baby! F. To D. VB's Adv. Comp. E. Badness! F. To How's life? F. To be VP of a National succeed in anything I do! become a Pimp, rich, or both! toy factory, to marry Christie. .S .ii MELISSA LYNN BARNETT CHRISTINA MARIE BARNHART MELISSA A. BEAVER A. Missy Bee, Barney B. Pickles, Making A. Baby Chrissy B. Crusing thru A. Beave B. PW, Driving Paul's Chevelle people laugh, Sun C. Fish, Bossy people, Massillon C. Comp. Prog, Two-faced C. Getting up early, Being bored D. being sick D. Yalgerps Lab E. Ooo Baby! people D. Soc., Alg. I E. Oh well! F. To DiaI's Hist., Stallings French Ill E. Don't F. Start my career, possibly settle down. get a job, make money, have a be stupid! F. Go to Stark Tech, marry successful life! Paul. ELIZABETH ANN BELFORD MARGRET BENDER KRISTINA K. BENEAR A. Hteb B. Girls night out, Laibs, WB C. A. Kris B. GPC, MG, convertibles, men French class, Snobs, Perfect hair D. C. Mondays, alarm clocks, being quiet Millers Alg II E. What? F. To be D. Eng Lit, lunch E. Oh, my golly! Oh successful, get my Mercedes, jeep, RX7 ell! F. Be a successful fashion designer. EDWARD PAUL BOOTH VICTORIA LYNN BOOTH IEFFERY TODD BOWMAN A. TDK B. KL, '67 Vettes, LIK fgasl C. PS, A, Tori Lynn, Phone B. KC, Harsh, A. joe Drummer B. Kess, Drums, Fridays Band, GM, stuck up people D. VBs class, animals C. Bleach blonds, Big Noses D. C. Mon-Thurs, Burnouts, Red and Gray, Dials class E. Rick, got your Algebra? F. Soc, VBs E. I Love you mostest, KC! F. OSU D. Soc., Adv. Math E. No Sweat! F. Get a Vet from each year l'53 on upl Marry KC, Have two kids, money to Move to a tropical island, drink Pina make life easy. Coladas ""UHU. .M . , F tn. SHELLY RENEE BOWMAN TRACEY BOWMAN MELISSA RUTH BRISENDINE A. Shelly Renee, What did you say? B. A. Trace B. Unicorns, End of the A. Melissa Ruth, Tell the truth! B. Pina Shopping C. People who ask for gum D Rainbow C. People too good to talk to Coladas on beach in P.R. C. Liars D. Adv. Math E. Sit down Waldo, Kill it! F. ya D. Acct. E. l'm starving of thirst F. Adv. Math E. Kill lt! F. Be seen in public Be seen in public without Melissa Become a VP of a major company without Shelly. DOUGLAS IOHN BUCHANAN Ill IAMES THOMAS BUKUTS CHRISTINE LOUISE BUTCHER A. Bondo Loki Freon B, Money, A. Bubba B. Getting A's, Eurythmic's C. A. Chris, Butch B. Spot, Men, Corvettes Concerts Levi's C. Being broke, Pheen, Getting B's, Miller, Martin's Govt. D. B. Snobs, MilIer's crude remarks, D. Dress clothes D. Soc., Driver'5 Ed, E, N0 Spanish Ill, Physics E. Oh, Yes! Ah! F. To Dials Hist, Rochus' Bio. E. How ya doin? problem! F. To obtain a perfect tan! be richp marry a woman with money. F. Get married, have a bunch of kids X ,"0'V F. THERESA LYNN CALEY DOUGLAS RAYMOND CARLSON BRENDA SUE CASTO A. Terri, Gabrielle B. Starry nights, A. Dee Cee B. GCA, Friends, Baseball C. A- Fidel B- Money, DOH, Florida, beaches Rainbows C. Getting up early, Govt. Burnouts, Quitters, Getting up, C's D. C. Martin's Govt., Snobs D- AP BIOI-, tests D. French lil, Short story E. l'm the PeItz's AP syudy Hall E. No Problem F. Adv. Math E. Righy Raymond F. To get only me! F. Major in Foreign language. To own a Porsche a degree in Biomedical Engineering X if--H I LEISA CAUSMAN zz NOELLE CHRISTMAN IULIE ANN COFFMAN A. LEisa B. Summer, convertibles, A. New York B. Scuba diving, talking C. A. jules B. Magic johnson, Scarin RR, Mustangs C. Snobby people, Not having Homework, People that glide their feet IN, TH at CE C. CE's b.s., State Park, 5- money! D. E. Whatever! Later On! F. Get when they walk D. Rair's Govt. E. Oh 65's D. Rair's Govt. E. Really? F.To go to a job, make money, leave Ohio Well F. Live wfculture shock of going O.U., Be a Geologist and strike oil! off to college " Wi Wg., C 3 .Y A KEITH CRABB ORVA EARL DICE Ill MICHELLE M. DOBBINS A. Chip B. Football, GCA, DS, Concerts A. Shell, Whiner B. Bob, Sunbathing C. C. Razorbacks, Homework D. US History Onions, Bees, Braggers D. VB's Adv. E. Wa'sup MoMo? F. Go to college, Comp. E. I'm sorry F. Become a medical make a lot of money, Buy a Porsche transcriptionist, marry a Doctor-to-be. -sly 'T TINA MARIE DOLIN DEIDRE SUE DUNCAN THOMAS ECK I A. Teen B. My family, Tim, Christmas C. A, Rick B. The Stones, Springsteen C. A. Tom-EK, God B. Punk Rock, the Rainy days, Govt. tests D. Anatomy E. The Establishment D. VB's Am. Lit. E. Go Clash C. NHS, Heavy Metal D. Mr. I'm serious, you guys! F. Be successful in ask Alice! F. Be a detective with Healey's E. Uh F. Form a punk rock Med. Tech, Have a happy life. Scotland yard! band with Doug, lohn, and Kirk, Save the world. VT. . 5 " , gn as W Y I f CHARLES E. EDMISTEN RHONDA MARIE EDWARDS APRIL RENEA EISEMAN A. Flex B. GCA, Friends C. Burnouts D. A. B. Ralph Tropea, concerts C. being A. Chester B. Miller, lbecause no one Dial's History E. Tastywave and a cool alone, Comp. class D. Mr. A's classes E. else doesl C. NHS, Doritos D. Algebra ll buzz and I'm fine F. Be a successful love you, Ralph F. Marry Ralph, have E. What a Homo! F. Graduate from engineer. kids and a happy marriage. college, Become a Nun, Win the Ohio Lotto. TERESA YVETTE ELLIOTT KIRK ETHERIDGE SHELLEY ANN EYRICH A. TE, Sweesa B. Dam0n Heflln, OCGSU A. Keith Alteridge B. The Who, Pizza C. A. Shell B. Christopher, Snow C. Miller C. Being broke, Sn0bS D- Am- UI-1 Adv. The whole world and 99.9"!a of the Rude people D. Adv. Math F. Finish E. Shell, Quit Whining F. Specialize in people D. Healey's Soc. E. Who cares? F. college, be successful and happy. Pediactrics I wanna Rock! 'Mfr .sf QA", .J .43 'fx KATHLEEN MARY FERMOYLE RENEE LONA FERRE IAMES RAY FINEFRCCK A. Kathy, Gargoyle B. being with friends A. Na B. Softball, food, C. School, an A. Belushi B. GCA, Parties, Cars, women C. MiIIer's stupid nicknames D. Dial's empty refridgerator D. Adv. Math E. No C. Burnouts, BS D. VB's Adv. Comp. D. Hist. E. Shine F. T I E B problem F. Be the first and only women lt's Miller Time, Wags E. Go to college, pilot for United airplanes. Own an expensive car. Y LISA RENEE FINEFROCK KELLEY SUE FORSTER SCOTT FREED A. Frock B. Phil, suntans, snow, Florida A. Guppy B. Mark Zellers, Horses C. A. Fonzie B. cars, Girls, outdoors C. C. School, tests D. Adv. Study Hall E. Ya School, Burnouts D. Lunch E. I'm sure School D. Trig., Blueprint reading F. To know what I'm saying? F. Become rich you guys F. Become a professional horse be a machinist and happy. twith Phill trainer. RHONDA FUNK A. Ron B. Mickey, Motorcycles, MSB C. Preppies, Snobs, Know-it-alls D. Sci. French, Acct. E. F. Get a good job, marry, lotsa lil rugrats, win lottery. RUSSELL W. GEHM A. Russ B. Cafe., serving VB and PP, parking odd C. Commies, Drunk drivers D. Am. Lit., Govt. E. Do ya wanna starve during lunch? F. Be an auto mechanic. idin-....., ROBIN LYNNE GOLAY A. B. Guys, Leather, Dad's charge cards C. Miller, the Barn, Wed. D. Helen's math Dial's Hist. E. You're so weird! F. To be rich, marry for convenience. IANE ANN GABBARD A. Squirrel, Janice B. Sunshine, Ice cream, 4-leaf clovers C. Govt. projects, preppies D. Physics, Adv. Comp. E. My name isn't lanice F. Be successful! "'lI::Lr-" BRETT GIBSON A. B. Heather, Copenhagen, Snowmobiles C. Not having a snowmobile, my speling abillity! D. Eng. Lit., Eur. Hist. E. Kelli, do you have money? F. Open my own business. LINDA MICHELLE GRAHAM A. Adnil B. Girls night out wfBeth and GARY ALAN GALEHOUSE A. GEORGE OF THE BACKBOARDS B. "Wee Wee" Working out C. Being called a "lock" D. Mech. Dwrg. Ill, Math E. Mearle made me do it F. Earn a Ph.D, Beach Bum! WALTER DAVID GLEGHORN A. Walt B. Chew, Money, C, Stale chew little girls, Burnouts D. VB's Adv. comp. Dial's Hist. E. Bull, Hang ten or twelve F Own a massage parlor MIKE GRAVES A. Gravey B. Football, Cars, Swimming Mel, 480 C. Waiting, Rainy days, Eggs D. C. Schools and Teachers D. Diesel Art III E. l'm too creative for this! F. To Mech. E. F. To get out of school be happy lthat takes care of it alll in - 1 i t :QQ . 4'14-I W BECKI GROFF KARL GROMES TRACIE GROMES A. Sprout B. Dougie, Bonfires, C. Fake A. TRA B. Eddie, Bonfires, Going out C nails, Martin's Gov't class D. Alg 2 E. l've Gov't, Something on my contacts D come to the conclugion that , , , F, Armstrong's Classes E. Dream on F Get Become an executive Secretary a Condo by the beach l I - CHARLES HALL IENAY HANCOCK WILLIAM E. HARMON lll A. Nay-lay B. Christmas, Gymnastics C. A. Showtime B. Kim, Hoops Quonset Pop quizzes D. Study hall, Gov't E. No, Hut C. Homework, Line Drills D Av You're Kidding! F. Become Rich and Math E. Yo, What's Shaking? F To Live Sucessful and Die l IAMES HOWARD HARRIS, IR. NANETTE C. HARTY DAVID HECHMER A. limbo B. Football, Lori, Hunting C. A. Netty B. Rocky Horror, Track, Biology A. Mr. Rock-N-Roll B. Led Zepplm C Raff, Coates D. Peltz' Adv. Study hall E. C. Computer, Essay Tests D. Mech Dwng Frocks, New Wave D. Study Hall E Ay Wa'Sud Buzz F. Graduate, Make my E. Growl For Us Mr. Martin F. Become Ay, Ay F. Graduate, Tour Us With Map Mom proud An Architect, Get Rich PETER JOHN HENRIKSSON CRAIG BRADLEY HOFFMAN KIMBERLY ANN HOLMES A- Petrik B- music: VZ-ICGIIOFIS C. Two- A. Bruddy B. El CBFDIDOES, Girls C. Girls A, Kimmie B, Purple, unicgrng, Prince C faced Pe0Ple D- Adv. Math E- D0n't that play mindgames D. Uncle Gary's Snobs, Orange D. Mr. A's Psych E. I'm fake life W0 5e"l0USlY F- G0 I0 College, Am Hist E. Right dad F- G0 I0 COIIGSC, serious F. Move to South Carolina and study music own a house be happy swf: ,Y KIMBERLY DAWN HORN CHARLES MICHAEL HOUGH JULIE IETT A. Kim Horny B. Mazda RX-7, Craig C. A. Spidey B. Food, girls C. journey, A. Mouth B. Robert, smurfs, GTO's C. Senior Men D. Armstrong's class E. No journey fans D. Healey's Soc, US Hist E. Stuck-up people D. Stenofword Proc. E. problem F. Go into the medical field, be Hey, hey how's it going? F. loin Navy, Does this look dumb? F. To marry single forever steal an F-15 Robert and be happy BRAD JOHNSON BRIAN THEODORE KENNEDY MELISSA ANN KETLER A, Zak B, Corvettes, Nikes, Golf C, Peas, A. Red B. Old Chevys C. lndecisive A. B. Dave, Purple, Prince, cats C. Steelers, Converse D. VB's Adv Comp E. people D. Mech Dwng E. What a buzz! Sausage, two-faced people D. Ther Rec No wayl F. Win a bet from VB, play golf F. Get into the field of Mechanical E. I don't care. F. Graduate go to and win S1 million. Drawing. college, become a social worker 1 .ai LISA MICHELE KITTLE ANN MARIE KOEHLER DAN KOROSA A. Kibbles B. Snow, Tim, Guys C. A. Annie B. Smiley faces, Rainbows C. A. Hippie B. Fast Mopars, A good time Mondays, Stuck-up people D. Spanish Rainy days, being cold D. Dial's Hist. E. C. Narks Fulton cops D. Shop, Math E. Ill, Ellis' Adv. Comp. E. I don't know F. Smile!! F. Go to college, marry, and have Get a job F. Be the best mechanic in my Go to college, Marry, and be blessed lots of kids. field. with no kidsl DAVID KOROSA DEAN KOSCO MICHELLE KUPPER A. Chaunsy B. Hard work, Good pay C. Narks Preppies, locks D. Shop E. ls there a problem here? F. To own my own business. in IOHN LAVIS ALICE PATRICIA LENT CYNTHIA LEE LINDIC A. Peanut B. Prince, WZAK, Shelli, A. Al B. British accents, uniforms C. A. Cinders B. Brad Nettle, Prince C. WDMT C. Homework D. Martin's Govt., demi, rejection D. VB's Am. Lit. E. Don't State Park Rangers D. Rair's Govt. E. This Sociology E. Hey man, Be lammin' F. question it, you sick individuall F. Work definitely is not casual! F. Move to Graduate, and become a gigolo or go to for Scotland Yard. California, and go to UCLA. college. ' .1 Y STEVE LYBARGER MELISSA IO MANN KRIS MARTI A. B. Fast cars, Good-looking women C. A. B. Horses, Christmas vacation, A, GUS B, Guys, Rock-n-Roll, Parties C. Stuck-up people D. Government E. ls it summer C. School, Rain D. Sima's Govt. D, Therapeutic Recreation E. Go for it! Friday yet? F. To make a lot of money! E. Go for it! F, Get a good job, Raise F, Marriage and go to college for and show horses. Physical Therapy. LEILA MCCARTY IOE MCCLYNN CHRISTOPHER EDWARAD MERCIER A. Lyle B. ROCk-r1-ROII, Parties C- A. Merc B. Mrs. VB, Night Ranger, Kelly Preppies, locks, School D. Dial's Study C. Freshman, Mondays D. Government Hall E. Hey Dude, What doin'? F. Get a E. What are you, Stoned? F. To pass Mr. good job and travel. Martin's Government class. ' if ILENE MEYERS KEVIN S. MILLER CHERI MITCHELL A. SITOYIY B. PFIDCG, KIIIGHS, Snow C- CF, A. Kev B. Food, Bowling C. Boring A. Cherry B. Chris, RG Drage C. Nosey Bl., 5H0bS D- Mill6f'S Alg- ll E- Are YOU classes D. Lunch, Study Hall E. Mok-da, people D. Cosmetology E. I'm sure! F. Serious? F. BGCOTTTQ an executive Tang-sin-ol-o-mo-hi F. Bowl in the 1988 Become a successful hair stylist and secretary and get married. Olympics, make a good living. EJ: BRADLEY MORGAN RANDY MOORE A. MORG B. VW's, Dawn, Parties C. A. B. Airplanes, exotic sports cars, Govt Girls with bi mouths D Art g . . , y . wfSingleton E. Yea, Yea, Right. Do it up! Dial's AM. Histg Mech. Drwg. E. When is F. To teach the whole world to B.S. l JOHN Etms NEIDERT A. lack B. Girl's, OSU, Germany, Olds 44 M 2 C. Communism, Notre Dame D. artin's Govt. E. Drop the Bomb! F. Graduate from college, own a Porsche DOUGLAS SCOTT NITZ A. Baby Beater B. Girls, Wrestling, C. Go Sh vt. D. Keller's Geometry class E. Bull ip F. Computer degree and coach a female wrestling team! WGCL C Cold weather Monda s D this class over? F. Airplane-related career CHRISTINE NESITZ MICHAEL MURPHEY A. Smurf B. Girls, Baseball, Girls C Overbearing Teachers D. Shop E. That s awesome F. To play pro baseball BARB NICHOLSON A. Nezmith B. Cheering, Michigan, A. Little-It B. Eric Shockey C. Told Im Skiing C. Govt. tests, Trip D. A.P. Study too short! D. Lab and Lunch E. I dont Hall AnatfPhys E. Oh Well! I'm sure! know! F. To marry Eric and have kids Gross! F. To travel and be successful. Xt' .1 I , LYNN MARIE NOPPER CAROLYN SUE OKEY A. Boom B. Friends, Saturday mornings A. Carolyn Sue, How do you do? B C. Whiners, Gum under chairs, Byder's Taco Bell, Pizza, Roses C. Carbon-copied clothes, AIG D. Adv. Math, Dial's Hist, people D. Walther's classes E. My Bud! lunch E. No Problem F. Hello? F. Go to Greece, marry a rich man! 'Z CHRISTINA GRACE ORR MELANIE DENICE ORR IIM M. OVENDORF A, Chris B, Being with Danny, Friends C. A. George B. 3-D's, MSB, 480 C. Deficit A. B. Canada, my Camaro, my guitar, Fake friends, Goodbyes D. Graphic Arts Beth's bumper sticker D. Ellis' Eng Lit E. Sylvie C. Know it alls D. Gen. Bus., Eng. E. This is stupid! F. To live for God and Have a clue! F. Travel with Beth and Lit. E. No problem F. Successful in all I to do His will Linda, break hearts internationally attempt, attempt all I choose. , DEBBI PENCHALK CHARLES CURTIS PITZER NICHOLAS IOSEPH PREXTA A. B. jeff, music, having money C. Being A. Pitz B. having money, lim Bob A. Nick B. Ann, Chew, Wrestling, broke, not having a car D. E. Honey F. turning red C. Authority, working D. Football C. No money, People thinking Get married, go to beauty school, own Adv. Math E. Doesn't do diddly squat! F. l'm drunk D. AP Study Hall, Adv. Math my own beauty shop. Retire A.S.A.P., Have fun! E. You got some chew? F. Go to college fl ls- Q4""'rv'll IENNIFER ANN RADICK CHRISTINE MARIE RAPP ROBYN ANN RICHMOND A. Who, Radical B. Led Zeppelin, Black A. Chritch B. Prince, Basketball, the dark A. Robyn Ann, Yes you can! B. Tom, leather, Horses C. NHS, Narks, Rednecks C. Staying home weekends, bright lights true friends C. Fighting wfTom, one D. Dial's Am. Hist E. Okey, dokey, Pokey D. Rair's Govt E. Wakeup and smell the study hall D. Dial's Hist. E. lt was "WEE' F. Get out of NHS, be respected again coffee F. Graduate from OU, live happy little F. College, marry Tom be happy l I VY .I A X - , lll" 5 'J 1l' llYf' I. - T' I .-I... 15 Qg? KEVIN SCOTT RIES MIKE B. RIFFLE CHRISTOPHER ALAN RILEY A. B. Soccer, People who like to have A. Riff B. Severe weather, Disasters A. Tope B. Music, Good friends, Oboe, fun C. Nw, Snobs D. Restaurant Soccer C. Prologue to Canterbury Tales TT C. Mowing grass, Slush-n-mush, Management E. Have fun! How's it D. Computer, Adv. Math E. Sufferin Govt. D. Band, Dr. Dean's Adv. Biol. E. going? F. Graduate, Own a restaurant Succotash F. Air Force, Air Traffic Excuse me? F. Become famous, make Control lots of money. ur, 'I 'ar' N r Egg: L", .' Ag, I A WAYNE ROHR ROD ROMANOSKI IEANNINE MARIE RUSSO A- Twig B. GCA, VHDHBICD, LF's Parties A. Nene B. Steve, Ho-Ho's, New York C C. Sl, Mondays, No money, no gas D. Waiting, Ohio D. RG Drage, Graphic AP Study hall, Dial'S Hi5f0fY E' "5'UP?" Arts E. No doubt, Hey Dude! F. Have F. Move to California and attend UCLA one song make it big, Professional model v 'tt RICHARD DONALD SAXBY III IIM SCHILLING KELLY SCHILLING A. Sax B. Girls, Friends, Music, Golf C. A. lugs B. Men, Dancing, Partying, Burnouts, Snobs D. Dial's History, VB's Stones C. Mondays, Snobs, 2-faced Adv. Comp. E. Hey, Buddy F. Be a people D. Dial's Am. Hist. E. What's successful doctor, travel around world your problem? F. Go to college, Own the Chippendales. CABOT SCHULTZ A. Cabich B. Fast cars, Women, Parties C. My slow car D. Study Hall, Physics E What? F. To become the best car theif in the Northern Hemisphere. my IN WT.. if DONNA MICHELLE SIEMIENSKI A. Lon B. Dancing, Good music, Sunshine C. Snobs, Tests, Getting up early D. Porter's Chem., Gym E. That bugs me! F. Decide on a job I'II enjoy Successful rg! 'U' DARLA SEGERS BEATRICE SHAMBLIN A. Bea B. People, Drage, Working at Chapel Hill Mall C. Ellis' BiblefMyth Arrogance D. Miller's Geometry E. Gad Zooks! F. Become a Nurse, Have a family 1 DAVID SMITH FRANK SMITH A. Smitty B. Kellerbusters, JAG D. Miller byder's clothes D. Adv. Math, Physics, Lunch E. !?:+8t'Voi4fCQ F. Be successful in everything I try. T' 'I Q V1 C. v .n' 'ff . 9. ,. LYNNE MARIE SMITH MICHELLE SPENCER IACK STALNAKER A- Lima L90 BA Craig, Sunshine, Going A. Chele B. Iohn, LK, fat babies, thunder out C. Snobs, Gflfliftg UP early D- LUHCIW, C. concieted people, boring parties D. Lab E. l'm Sure! F. Get married: Lead a Miller's Alg. II E. Are you serious? F. To good life. travel to warm exotic islands with john, be happy. Y 54 A H ff . 5 A -' ' . ' f f- ' 3 " : f. , Q Q . ' Q: in-1,5 Y I Q- . 9.711 ,Va 1 . .' , , , :Qin lf-2: X , - , - . 105 .. .i ' fmt.. . I IA ..- -XY -Sl -'17 PHIL STEINER MELISSA LEE STEINMAN LAURIE STEWART A. Moron B. Lisa, Blonds, Van Halen, A. Miss B. Weekends, Hot fudge A. Lou B. Monkey faces, Maynards moon C., TNT's Big Beak, '76 Malibus D. sundaes C. Rain, Homework, Conceited Mom's apple fritters C. Burnt porkchops Dial's classes, AP Study Hall E. What's people D. Porter's Chemistry E. Oh, D, Acct. I, Walther's Biol. E. Chill out up, MoMo? F. Make lots of money to how retarded! F. Be successful, make a will you? F. Famous Apple Fritter Chef give to Lisa. lot of money. .- - v .--.av savour: ' ffm .. f - 5, ,' 1 2 if . bv- 57 ., s - ii V. '.'.k . 'hx . .Q , , 1 ' tbl, TU: 'X xl ,' ht W - A . .l A x TIM STOCKWELL DEAN WILLIAM STOLL CHERYL LYNN SULZBACH A- Dt-2300 B- lennifer, GUIIBYS, Marshall A. Fartface B. Tommy, True friends C. amps C. Top 40, Mondays, Poverty D. Sitting in the back seat D. Any of Adv. Math, Dial's Am. Hist E. Crank it MilIer's CHA!! E. That's my Bubba! F. To up! F. Rock-n-Roll Star, Electrical Eng. get a degree in Nursing and marry Tom. ... Q J 1 R. BRUCE A. SUNDHEIMER ANN CHARLOTTE SWIGART DAVID A, SWINEHART A. Guk B. Managing, Soccer, Hockey C. A. B. Nick, Smiles, Watermelons, A. Swine B. Marines, Nudist Colonies C. Losing, Waiting, Mondays D. VB's classes Cheering C. Trying to lose weight, Not Russians, Martin D. Govt., Chemistry E. Dial's classes E. Whatever! F. Become a smiling D, Dial's Hist., AP Study Hall E. Drop the bomb. F. To be the first rich Mechanical Engineer. I'm sorry! F. Pass Adv. Plcmt. Biology teacher at NHS to teach something. Q.- STEVE MICHAEL SZEKELY A. Zeke B. L.K., Weekends, Friends B. ' A. Legs B. Dean, Cosmotology, Fast cars School, Martin, D. Am. Lit., Govt. E. Mok-Da, Tang-sin-ui, O-Mo-Ni F. To own a Lamborghini Dean, be healthy, happy, Own a fast car! TODD TRAXLER MARK WAGNER A. Wags B. Springsteen, Football, Chew C. Math, Communists, No chew D. Dial's E. lt's Miller time, Belushi F. Make my mark in Asbury Park. .jk ANDREA THOMAS CHAD THOMPSON A. POCO B. U2, Redman, Asher lmy dogl C. Waking up, Michael jackson, Clean lockers D. Soc., AP Study Hall E. C. CFPD, Snobs, Rain D. Drage, Cosmotology F. Be successful, marry fish with my dog. ix "XT DAWN RENEE VAN FOSSSEN VALERIE MAE VARDON A. Renee B. Choir, School plays, Peanut A. Spaz B. Harrison Ford, Duran Duran brittle C. Braces, Govt., Washing dishes C. Cold toilet seats, Alg II, Govt. D. Mr. D. Yeager's filmfLit E. F. To be the best Dean's Adv. Biol E. Pardon? F. To be word processor, live in log cabin home. successful in everything I try. ,--MQ' qi' IOHN WEBER MONICA WETZEL A. Moni B. Pizza, Men, Movies, R-n-R C. Martin's Govt. D. Computer, Psych E What? F. Go to college and become a Certified Public Accountant. What kind of chew you got? F. Canada, PAUL WILLOUGHBY VICKI WISENER CHERYL ANN WITTE A. Willobeast B. MB, my Chevelle SS, W. A. Shirley B. beaches, Italian food C VA C. Fords, arguments, Onions D. snobs, burnouts, pushy people D Dial's Hist E. I don't know, what do you Armstrong's Hist. E. l'm out of here F t think? F. Hotel Mgr., happy and success in everything I do successful life ll f..+.2l3it DAVID WITTMAN Those not pictured: Cindi Artman Chris Baker Tammy Beichler john Berry Gary Bush Scott Chapman Tim Collmar Keith Crabb Ken Davis Michelle Diller Tim Dupler joe Gajovski V LORI WOODALL ANGELA WOODS Larry Grey Bob Grimes Rodney Gunn Mary Ann Hall Sherrie Halsell Howard Heitger Kim jenkins Chuck Kassinger Kevin Ketler Chris Klebbs Scott Miller Beth Moore A. Angie B. Cumby, Guys Led Zeppelin C. Mondays, colds, two-faced people D Thera Peutic Recreation E Do what? F graduate, have a good job leave Ohio Diane Morris Kathy Noffke Ana Maria Pardes Randy Richardson Kathy Shear Brad Stewart Dan Sweet lohn Wilken Troy Williams Mike Winstead Jodi Young Dave Yovichin BABY PICTURES CLASS OF '85 ' :wx Af WSN' - ,J QV: I ,t K V LVM 1 qs ' Lfiyiiiiffim , , 'f -W F eww W., .S . Tracie Allman Ted Bailey Missy Barnett 1- TWCY Bowman jeff Bowman Vicki Booth M ' L 'Www Beth Belford Melissa Beaver Chris Barnhart . 'iw t ,W 1 ' P. , fl ,f s x wi " Melissa Brisendine Doug Carlson Michelle Dobbins Kirk Etheridge X bbs 1 an r x I -' -f Shelley Eyrich Renee Ferre Rhonda Funk lane Gabbard A s 7 42 V6 1 "E J . , ,, - I w Gary Galehouse Brett Gibson Walt Gleghorn Linda Graham Qs. RK 1 4, fr lenay Hancock Bill Harmon lim Harris Craig Hoffman 5 5 ,-5 3' 0 'K ,rl -vy- fww IW A f. I If ,, bt' . 1 ,W , .N " ' wi vi S WMM 'Z it 'E f 9 Way Kim Holmes Kim HON! Chuck Hough Brad johnson ' , R o ne "' .g ,..A. W Q. ., 'jf Hx 1 f 'ff ii f ., , X '. jf f- , C , is - 5 ,lcv ,- R AQ-, ,. xf -Q 1 X. V will Ann Koehler Alice Lent Cindi Lindic Kevin Miller .A X vi Q - suv 5 , - X N X - , , 31375 'Q'-'A' I R , ' A f . 5 w lux KX ff , .,.f . ,M - . fm! Q Lynn Nopper Robyn Richmond Mike Riffle Chris Riley S - -K pl . okob' 1 W' si ss 'l ' xx . Xl ,N P ,A 'Q' 70 'ki ilS, i 32 Rod R0mar10Sl4i Jeannine Russo Rich Saxby Donna Siemienski Michele Spencer Melissa Steinman Freshman General Science-1982 Dean Stoll Cheryl Sulzbach f X X-fl D x aww' ft i .EK 'N Elementary School 17" .!:':.-4 - Valerie Vardon 1. I.-if Cheryl Witte Mark Wagner Freshman General Science-1982 50 5 vi N f ' Q M., ti ' F 3 Y? Shelley Bowman Nm X K- X. .. f " " . . . .... .. in .- -X 'Y-' ,. Q ww 9 BOMB CAR: Cabot Schult Z 6 SENIORS NOT PICTURED PREVIOUSLY Cindi lean Artman Michelle Rene Diller Marjorie Ann Frank Sherrie Halsell Howard L. Heitger, III Bobbi lean Nitz l l Randy Lee Richardson Daniel R. Sweet Mary Hall IV1 fl ASX ' JUNIORS Bob McCall and john Prexta in Chemistry. ABOVE Tracy Mlssy Kessle and Kris BELOW Tum Bodner lim Slates, Kevin Neitz and Brian Nelsen goof off. Gene Wrsc from WKDD vlsrts Northwest Brlan Bowen and Debbie Sucss X u i 4 2' -G .it at tw, A ' 5 Q fx 'WN vi' M X s ". -- 5 , Q K Q '+.-i -t 'N kk 2' ts' L X : L Y aft? 6 A ,rf l X ' in ,, it 4,3 , 5 A i. ' ' 1. ' gg N' fit ' 1 ' X J ' , ' TS: . F f ::, ,gg M ,. , M sf 'fr , ,K ll . z iz . v::'1.+-M. , 1 ' 4 t F3 S 4 . Q Eff, as L ei 5 si- H l 1 - .ax - . , K e i 7 K gy is 't - ' il X X ll W, ...Wi , WE lui' -I -ay? 19' 11553 'its' L ,- X , l IX! , , . , ,, ,av - , wy :lv THE DYNAMIC DUO: Melody lohnson and Becky Lyons ,el I ff"W' 'i"f"f'Y2 V' Li -mf .. yi m,,,,, J 5 l ii if l 1, 1 li- x - ,, X "' ' V ' Ili vm' 13 as A ia , 5 if A -A, '- F3 if .. , . 2 v V- 'rf ,Av,, . DX, aa, am. A VV V ,. -, ,Q 3. s. va- . I . 5 mu! .X k A 5 ,J Vicki Artman Denise Barnett lon Beck Scott Bee Sherry Blair Brett Bleichrodt Tim Bodnar Charles Bohon Craig Bohon joe Boles Gina Boley Patricia Boron Tim Bostic Brian Bowen Kim Bowman Lori Bowman jill Boyd jay Briggs Gary Brown Deanna Brubaker Leigh Burrell Sara Cameron Chris Collings Tonya Connolly Bill Cook Ronald Cottle Tilda Cowger Kim Crawford David Creighton Linda Critchfield Tami Crowder Kerstine Crumrine Robert Culp Sandra Cunningham Dan Czartoszewski Kevin Daiger Roxy DePue Linda Devecka Thersia Dillon Gerald Drabeck Craig Dunlap Charles Eberhardt Debbie Elliott lon Elvin Bryan Filing Kelly Floom Robyn Foutty Marjorie Frank Tami Freeman Laura Frost Janice Gabbard David Ganyard Loretta Garrett IU IORS NO WAY! -im Q. Brian Riffle, Chris Prather, and Rick Siemienski. I ..... .... L-. . In March, Sara Cameron traveled to Cincinnati where the State of Ohio Speech Competition was held. She competed with "Illusions", by Amzie Strictland in the category of Dramatic interpreta- tion. She placed as a semi-finalist. ri . .. 1 . . ,a ,... ..... , .,:.,:., .. .... ':.:.:4 ..... , ,'n":,'n ,, ','a,l,'l,'o, 1 .:-.:' ' 1 .g.r.g-73.55 .' .- ' ' .'.,f,g.,',,'.,-. , ,lg f 'ff l'm Bad! junior Woman Lynnette Weigand .t A .wil 'ai .wax J: X f ' N 7-Tl, 4 rift 1 'Aft t l' K ll K x i .s x 1- -Q. . Q. X 1 sk . E s as i ,K 'J 2 K l LXX' Sgt? xg ra FF wi L i at E3 tjkx Sd XX xi I I, K 3 K Mwvrrx nt . 4 ,T I .M +1 2.5 5' t in r a W .1 af , NN,, NWT ., ,.,. . . ,, fem , ,f.f,'.M L Was it something I said? 4- 'fb- 'vii I -,f , ,.,. . -,mf m V V r , ,gy I x X ..-1 7 J . , W 3, l ,h. ,ar We fr ' Cindy Gaston Richard Germano Tina Gibson Pam Gingerich Laura Gipson Mike Good Cindy Grafton Kris Grafton Kathy Grage Sally Greenwalt Lori Griffin Todd Gromes Lisa Gum Janelle Hall Rich Hanus Shelley Harper Scott Harris Heather Haveman Tom Hawkins Lisa Heinselman Scott Heinz Paula Henry Barbie Hester Dale Hillman Christine Hines Bob Holmes Bryan Hosking Chylece Houck Darren Humbert Vicki Ingham Rick james Melody lohnson Wendy johnson Kathleen Ioyce Pam Kame Bill Kassinger Scott Koprivec Joe Kraft Terri Lacey Mike Lautenschleger Tami Lerch Bobbie Lewis Steve Lowe Becky Lyons Carla May Bob McCall Kim McCarty Lori McClaskey Chuck McClung Gary McDonnell Carla Mellott Edward Metzger Cary Michaels Ron Miletich Lisa Molnar N q'5'y ROTAR Y EXCHANGE STUDENTS sf X Q.. .N , X h 1 i '29 ' Ti!! 'SJ -f f 4 ' X' 3. 'bf' r Q " .-- X A Sli ,ef .. 3 ' 'Nat - f C , i x , fr' its A 3 iv Q Q s il' ii? g be ,,,. ,C tk lrx t 'sizes-3 C , 3 'X if . il k 5: I J N xt YQ S S S C tx., saves Si' N S- W l N t Q.. .X si' N S . ' I x t t Q l Q , :il .Q visa - my 1 xt S A E kv Salt ,. i 5 ski? 1 s. t 3 -ss 5 1 C X S X' X s is X ,.. lsr W X C., se. s Q 1 ,XM si SK ii I' , Q is ' Kina W X sg: s t ,. it fi. iw is R' J if . Y sit Refs fsfw i in-N3 K SQ f W' . H C N C fag, Q G5 Q ,. .. Q X. is .. 9 N Q L , . ya. X , . t.. 3 5' ,C .if i. E a 'si' l if e ux an C 5 C N' its .,- x 0 N vw, , 7 1 i i 5 uv .- 1 is 9 1. , fs C- ,, Q 'if X 3 S X 1-' X Q 2? K V X ,ix I T- QE' ' 1 W sa K X L ug WWW 9 b Nsaff XS. x . ' 1-of vit V J rt Y J V gre ls . 3 is is ' i vi, fi 2 W ey .. fl 25' i 'ifiv ' 6 Aix' 9' ' .'1f'Vat' H ., .ti Irwin Ji N Mike Hanus Kim Morrison Chris Myers Sandra Myers Chris Neil Kevin Neitz Brian Nelson jeff Neuhauser David Notch Gail Ocepek Ann Marie Paredes jamie Patterson Michelle Patterson Rhonda Peters jon Peterson Chris Prather john Prexta Tracy Price Derek Pullen Kris Rathbun Bill Rea Valerie Rider Brent Riffle Brian Riffle Missy Romanoski Deneen Ross Sundae Ruddock Cami Samples Debbie Schoenfeld jason Scott Terrie Shadley Laurie Shafer Rick Siemenski Kim Simon jim Slates Michelle Smith Kelly Spindler Sean Stephan Sheri Stevens Kessie Stewart Mark Stewart Debbie Stutzman Debbie Suess Candace Swiger Donna Swinehart Gene Taylor Al Tesch Lisa Thornton Tony Traxler Gary Triplett Colin Trout Wendy Veney Cindy Wagner Lee Wagner Scott Ward Richard Wayne Tom Weber Lynette Weigand jim Wigginton Mark Wiley Suzanne Willmont Cindy Wilson Kenny Wilson Christine Woods jenny Woods Doug Woodyard Dave Rex David Browne Mike Bush David Colllngs juli Crabtree Tom Gesaman NOT PICTURED jeff jackson Vic Merrill M1ssy Meyers john Miller Bill Moore jerry Nicholas Bobbie Nutz lim Norman Bill Schaffer Becky Spence loe Stefan Aaron Strange Kim Reay Buddy Reedy Dave Robinson joe Stefan Bobby Rose jerry Ruthraff joy Vaught . Le 1 1 ' l ' 1 1 l 1 1 l l 1 Every year, the juniors have to have class activities to attend the prom. Working in the concession stand during basketball games, wrestling match- es or volleyball games is one of the ways to receive an activity. Motto: lf you can imagine it, you can achieve it lf you can dream it, you can become it. Rhonda Watson -1-il Color Scarlet and Grey Flowcr: White Rose X X Sgtggf MKS 'H fi '. N X I DRAGUE R. G. DRA GE CAREER EDUCATION CENTER W ILLDINC If I 5 QV ' .- 1 .',' ,,,.- J' Iwi, 5" .A - l g,,.."'. a7.f"' V L ' 'ETC . 'ii' A ' A A .dw , -'WW Aa H N- AGRICULTURE PRODUCTION AND INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT-AG AUTO BODY AND MECHANICS 'TSW BUSINESS GFFICE ED U CA TI ON ig. In xx A I , 'Q v W? R521 QQW' -4 K. XX Vg VA,i je' 1 fi?-sg tis? R353 'Q . 9,5 I RADUAYIO f, 5, S N ,N W S JE' 3? Q f" X -eg Wi' Q ' N517 ,Q ed S. Q. 4 F x COSMETOLOGY I Aa-'J 7"'V-' "" -v-""f' nl? FOOD PROCESSING X Q ,jj -, 'ij' E x 1 wi., GRAPHIC ARTS MMA Q ..E"t1 , no Qs 9, I 0 4090 fly," 00,191 IRGW t "ra lik, 094 nf' "0 90 00" hh. 6 l 0 95' " l"'V lr 'to7"o ul ik lr rg.. "R.G. Drage is like a second home. lt helps you mature faster and take on more responsibility because of the fact that you are actually doing the work in lab class of your specified field, it's just like a job. Also they treat you like adults. All this helps you prepare for the outside world. Graphic Artsis all the steps in prepairing things to go on the printing press, then printing it and also the bindery work that is to be done after printing. We learn to use a phototypesetter- a machine that produces different size letters Cwordsl in different styles that develops on film, to make negatives in the darkroom, the use of the 35mm camera and making enlargements paste-ups and layout work of the copy that is to be printed, stripping up nega- tives in the correct position, burning a plate for the print- ing press, working on different sizes of printing presses, and doing bindery work of the finishedvproduct- like drill- ing, scorning, perforating and trimming it down to the finished size. We also learn to silk screen. Graphic arts is something that is used everyday in our lives. It's a way of communicating. It is an excellent field to get into because jobs for it are unlimited. It's alot of fun, but like everything else it takes some thinking. We have alot of fun especially in the darkroom! R.G. Drage is a place to help you grow." Jeannine Russo R490 1 0 Q 0906 sang. W "n 0 "o"9ro S 01' "n ll an 9 004 0 0- 'TEL' n . 1 'fo 11700 1.x 6 , ' l i 12302 li? 9 60 o o MACHINE TRADES A D DIESEL TRADES .nf A I D ' Af x . V, Q . f T Y I' 9 .Q TN ,D I 21 lb ' with I I -l Q- 'F gi,-fy.-: L, I "- V 2S' ' ,- vfst -T' -s,,7.f 1 ,af K - EL. ,, gt,-,isa . , - A- O I "I'm in Diesel Mechanics at R.G. Drage. I ap re- ' t th f h I I ' t d h pl cia e e act t at 'm earning a ra et at 'm , 0 9 interested in. The academics are easy but informa- 9 O 4 Q tive. The school is immaculate. . . ' The class that I'm taking is very open and light- Q I Q0 d hearted. Mr. Speedy had been in the Navy for 30 h 0 d Q years working on Nuclear and Diesel submarines. Also on refridgerator units. Q Q Q I recommend the school to anyone interested Q Q Q in a variety of things, such as, auto, meat-cutting, nursing, restaurant, or secretarial." 0 lay Briggs O RES TA URAN T MANAGEMENT McD0nald'S . l .Q restaurants THERAPEUTIC RECREA TIGN 1'-1 rx I . 6 C251-K7 Q ifl fi SEIPHIQMIQRES ,v I T 5. - LGSQ ,V ,, , -. MS: 1, 2? Q ' if ff.: , 7,""lx X . ,A 4 'Ei Q ffigzg Vie. V 'ui 5, Y me " ' -. 5 , y cj' xi Jjk' Q mt' Y 5 Y,-X jg u X V '5 I 1 R4 CNN , f xl A t. M Et"'-:sr ' ,. . R 'V' . 2 -f W X5 N' me -1 W--1 K 13 -1.4 X A . X at we Q.- x -Li r ,Tl 1 wb lf ' 53.5 C 'iv-'- Y . 3 , up Y? K . . , 1. t , ,e J? tt it qw- vw' 4 . -,A i Y.. mgxtfe. . ..., g 5 - .N 2. Q - f , 2' R' s Q 5' Q., "7 6 4 R M: rf nxn .s 535 4 W3 f. 4 it . .Q ,ff f wer sc s il -L 4. fi 5 T-we taee 7 Hg ,skit T5 Q J-ff s K gi q N xi: 5 Tim Conyers Tressa Crano Clavon Crumrine jim Culver Chuck Curkendall Debbie Currin Ray Dannemiller Paula Dice Q 3 , ALJ -my -1 -, i r Q r 1 4:5225 wavy if A Philip Aber Mark Adams tf Pam Allen Allan Austin Kristen Bailey Rachelle Bast Kristin Bebout fi ,.f-v n Chrissy Beck V V- Buffy Becker t Kevin Beitzel Dawn Bennett Beth Berthinee Tina Bloom . .Q . ii fy, 5 4 If .- 5 Lila Lliik TEN in A . -V ,-r,y,,.,,7,s- ,.., is F,?,.,,,,U?,, 2. , L, if ' ,f 4 i ' f ' we s ,. .2 , - f. 1 e 7 x f - ' . " , w 1 - Brian Bloomer A A Jeffrey Bodkin Stacy Bogard Dan Bowman jerry Boyd Valerie Brandon .M Kelly Brown i 3 6 5 i acl 3 Q? a ... A ., 'V' uv. ' l if I!- - A em- - fa, ' f Thomas Bucka at fi 'ffl W2 ,i Sandra Burger 1 , rfrwg, w ,g. , V, , , , ,L : ,, 1 A v aw ' .4 ,, I Vkf, ' , V My My as L , . ft i, 4 Q LTL- -H , . C pgs -.-.V V, et' T l - 'f Charles Burke ' loe Burke Melissa Bushkill Brian Butcher Beth Butler Eric Caldwell is 4 Shawn Carpenter Kirk Chapman Regina Clark William Coates David Coleman I ,,,,,,.W ,.,,,. T , , ,r,. , ., srraallaa Eric Carpenter I X s . , . Z, 4 Michelle Collins DA W BENNETT This year sopho more Dawn Bennett made Northwest High School history by becoming the first girl to ever make it to Cross Country She also was chosen to be a member of the All Ohio League team and also the All Stark County team Dawn placed tenth in the district and went on to the re gional meet the district finals in 2' "Are you sure this isn't a bowling ball?", asks Laura Ross. 1. NM. - SCO!! Rair and Derek Puller: fight off the women. 56 .,, If Mike Finefrock and Steve White check out the class rings. "Ohhl'1h .,.. hasn't the bell rung yet?" vf X :C G -' s i J! ,ig 1 qi 3 ,J L l x. john Romanoski is freakin' to the beat. iw xt gs .N .N 1 I Q ,- 3 -Q 4 rv:--'fs-rg-: f .1 - Q9 we . .,tt.M., v a T Todd Diller lenni Drummond Tim Earnsberger Dawn Edwards Gary Edwards l l l this year on October 19, 1984. There were many lean Frangos Cindy Freshwater Bonnie Funk Sue Galleher Dave Garvin Chris Gasper Harry Gehm Don Gerry Annamarie Giles Michelle Glace Kevin Glass Cathy Gleghorn Carol Goddard Mike Graf Gary Graves jerry Gross Eric Gruber Tom Gunter Deanne Hamrick E 'x Kris Elvin 1 lenni Etheridge T Mike Evans CO3-X X S' lason Everhart l e Ewicka ,. , .Q 0 CLASS RINGS ORDERED ,ig g fig, tx 7 Sophomores ordered their class rings from jostens g C 5 Mk F, f k different styles, colors, and side panels to choose Salaemgse 'OC from Pictured above are Chris Mehl Duane Hodg- ,- -21 son, Eric Whitmore, Mike Graf, and jason Everhart. A vw tip P A R 'ff is ' NT. X is tv C sicc y 'fi tif Q S 4: in is Q"'f S E' . , a ' L ' I J A t. C T. It , E, F, y V y ,W , L, H C, 4 Q, 1 A J Q - .59 rw- f friqg! , .Q ,. N ' 'vi' ' , Yr . ., L L X -. ,C it ' 5' ' W? g gi!! ' ff if , .- ff age -we .1 vv ., ' "- ' 'S-T 'Z , T :inf ex --E l.. --'N T xk t CLASS UF '87 Rhonda Harbaugh Edward Hawks 57 on 001- " - :fg 5.21315 Q11-':3g1',f-QQ. a f vfld fn!! SGPHOMORES 563151, Above: Amy Kul in Chemistry 'f I A L si ick, Leslie Houser, and Lissia Ingham 1 f" Below: Kristin Steiner and Chris Beck say hello. ww. N 1 'QQWWHHUIIK f X e,.... ,sg 5 . .L E K 1 V .. -- . 'yi lx .L :gt .- if x X 1 . 1 NK t . in i 1 s . li ' L .1 0 i' - i X . L - -E i Q ' ...JK-. ' L. . in X t ig , Q 67, V. y yu" Q . -' , ws, , Q , 1 . so L ' X .ei . ' Rx a- N R . ex. l Y 1 5 - ix L C X f , L 59 1 if-i'gf"l' -l--,ff is-' A ex is L wwf- me B' .f 12 - sf f' W gf: X 1 ' 4 X ss 'X ' Saw-VX fi 2 - f .' N M, 5 -, , EW .e.e X . as W .. .Ni 'ik . is --J as Q- g A A vs . .. ,gn Q fl Q9 3 X 5 ' X ' ' fe 'ff 4 t . Sl ' K TVA I ' X K f Q' X ' 5: ff A X SMC L C ,.Q,eeX..e. E .i..f C .L lg, Et.,.,, , K , .L 9. 1 ' Q' , cf A 1151? . is N-.1 Q Q i A S ss me sim" i , xx-v ' , Mft X i..1,...., ,. :XX Rachel Healey Teresa Hechmer Wade Henry Michelle Hess Erik Hickman Lori Himelrigh Rickie Hodge Duane Hodgson Tim Hose Greg Houck Leslie Houser Tony Hyde Lissia Ingham Chris johnson Marci johnson Jodie Kammer Steve Kennedy Bernie King Kim Klebs Lesa Klingenhagen Larry Koons Chris Kraft Mike Krause Kelly Lamb Andrea Leszek Mark Lose Alan Maas Kathy Manda Elaina Manka Eric Mann Shelly McAleese Aaron McCoy Kevin McGrew Grace McRobie Chris Mehl Dawn Mercer Missy Militich Annamarie Mitchell Jeanine Mong Mark Mumaw Andrea Neitz Sara Nelson Shelly Nicholas I 1 A 'k:,, F x ,.f..-th t ti Y if au ., 4 ,,,1, S is ' A X Xi- a F A x,i Y, ' a X9 .5 , A ' W Y f a. 'II N Q 4' iii WI s if .L P . S t 60 Ss' ., . X E X W if 'Q A .sv rf 3' x N t r X tt My t. 3 it N st z - E ss 4 we Ns Q sf X ii Q A XA -xt ti: Q N Q R T Q it Rx 6 S .s Ni! li X 4 A ape iit .5353- . . t K. i .. .I , - . F s ax X 3, A ' ' t i I vi? ix Ls it C are Q i gi E X ii ss, , tow y : L' 'H s wif .x W Q Q t in -A N swy Nu.. - Wig- , Q. X' X at-,,, jacki Wilds Carmen Witte Dia Wooden April Wycuff Matt Ogg Cheri Owen Bob Paul Chris Peddicord Mark Peters Dave Phillips Missy Piat Lisa Prueit Amy Racin Scott Rair Holly Remark john Reynolds Sally Ripley David Rollins john Romanoski Gina Roop Becky Rose Laura Ross jennifer Ruehling jackie Russell Don Schilling Dave Seesdorf Rosemary Sernicola joe Shaffer Adam Siemienski Larry Simcox jim Slisik Doug Snook Kathy Smith Keith Spencer Kay Saum Tracy Stalnaker Kristin Steiner Lynn Stephenoff Kelly Stevens Kelly Stiver Kara Stohr Christy Stoll jim Stoll jennel Suess Carol Swigart Scott Tesch Amy Thompson Tracy Turner Doug Valarik Kris Vardon Mike Vranich Susie Wagner Monica Weils Shelly Weigand Wendy Weitzel Matt Wetzel Eric Whitmore Steve White Lisa Wilhelm Missy Williams W1 fi FRESHMEN 'Qi . sz'-cas i f .3 . 'Q l Q. Y a t I 1 Y t it . . i fx 5 Ni ,.. I ' ve , f . - v k'-L- 9,8 A ' , , ,IS val t t 1 xx ii s i as is is t .. S. T -- Nr, s , .. t. S C -- .A Q ::' ZS X 5 X S it Q. jim .-4 - . i I Lie i tn I . xx' F AF D ! F I F .1 tt " Q " in E, QW awww X sa I' .R ,., . Erika Dougherty Denise Downey Z...-. Qk XY WV" ii. A Kenny Adams Candy Adkins Phil Austin Kim Ayers Mike Baker Sandy Barnett Randy Bass Robby Beichler jeff Bender joe Benedik Roger Berry Audrea Blank Chris Bloom Theresa Boles Tracy Bosley jim Bramlett Scott Brandon Carol Brosch Don Browne jim Burns Christina Carlson Shauna Carper Deanna Chase Laurie Clark Teresa Clark Tracey Cleavenger Cara Coates jason Condo Tim Corley Diana Crews Dawn Croskey Boyd Crossland Todd Davey Al Dangelo David Dawson Clint Decker Kevin Denbow Kristin Derry Marvina Dillon Kim Dills Donnie Dobbins Kelly Dougher Bobby Edwards .- --iq Robyn Eisenmann Y , N Tonya Elliott -1 - 5 T' Tiffany Filing V K Q r -F 'lll i' Stephanie First I if Tawn Fowler E t I joe Fox . - In B n'l'lx..3f."'1 , ' Mike Fox ef' Kristy Freshwater ,T B bb' F ll l j A , f O le U er Kelli Gibson shows her spirit during "Hat Day" 5 ':,. ALAA. .. ,X t..s at , ,..j-is ,..' I Q A 1 4 it ' -:V T titi ,SW sssys e . 'N' is . i is S - t . - K '-:' f ..., ' iii l ll S , - q N gf ll , ,F ,.:.: ..... s wx ..,, - . 4 , via: x F as ,.:t F '. . . ,, A . , ,Q KT T fi I, X Xxx x i f I D New N KM-S .,.t 1 t A. . X eb I V' . . t . .X - . . 'ff' F ' Q X s , N y l , l . l K ' gx A f . . C N X -4 N " sm : Xg.ES Q QK,Q 5 5 . it x,-A Y. -Q16 5, is ,L 3 K ws. Donna Funk Rod Funk Vince Galbraith Gary Galensky Renee Garrett Stephanie Garrett Ray Gesaman Walt Gesaman Tim Gingerich john Gladish Brian Glass Dean Goff Kris Good Mark Steffee and jim Kohan wait in line for lunch. Sandy Barnett, Dawn Croskey and Kris Goodsit in their General Science class All freshman are required to take one science course. N 'F X N S? x N li XSS X S K RS t QNXX N wt . H x ik k xg X Q XR at sf gf Q Q St 5 30 X' X3 Q SK is te A Ei' X X A Q S Y' X' ' wi' J 5 ' ' X. X t . Q t t X, , Q 9 K N if li X X N Q is S 5 e www W 3 cg X vi Q A. 1 S S N X Kelli Gibson it s S D 'UAH t , ' Q . Q - X Q atv , .. - 1 - 'S J 4 sY 7 t X, X X ws L .1 .R v S L as Q Sm X 5 K at k 5 t i 'X-,S ' , . l n X? ' t Q 5 Qk '- N , 1 'Sf lf it it t . X-X , X Q we so it S ,E Q X Q se Q A . S , . 1-QD . , St f .1 X -:af 1 41? it , ""' + N L A L ffl ,W X j .. Aw " A A . G 'T' - A S Y 'fm-Y B - - if -f it li? Qs, .s 5 I S. ,alkyl - S a srs ss ias S - t r r S if 'ift . ' , fl ss., " 34 of ii Mike Grage jenny Grand Amy Grebenstein Scott Gresser Pat Grimes Kristen Gschncll Terri Haggerty john Hall Cindy Hammen Mike Hammon Dawn Hanus Donnie Harbaugh jennifer Hardy David Hawks Devin Hayes Michelle Heintzman justina Heitger Sue Hershberger Debbie Hillman Christy Hoffman Stacy Hodgson Dawn Holmes Michele Hoops Robert Hume Lynne Huprich Dave jenkins Don johnson Shannon johnson , ex? C - L - . if 'Ss N 5- 1 - T5 - Q at Q X gh ,Q . ed s x i- S 4 as Q it Tier . X s , lb 'kL. is S is Q f sf . i ,W , s Q its x X sq, is x U A if s ik. N if 'F N159 . .ii.5NL- . K ravi 'cg in 5 , i- 2 XE? L Ls 5 i . - - . -, Yi mr " ., ,- . A 3 ifliliit X 1 i Q S 'Sf N ,T Xe S35 2 x g i if :.. 'L 5 I i S x 6 ' vs 1 sr 1 is HQ ,, . 'gl Craig jones Garry justice jamie Karaginis jennifer Karcagi jessica Karcagi Russ Kaser Mike Kimler Stacy Knutson Suzie Kobe Teresa Koehler jim Kohan Scott Kovacs Scott Kumer Greg Kunkle Robert Kusmits jenny Kyler Tony Laterza Susie Lauer Kim Leiter Kathy Lent Bryan Lindic Christine Long Stephanie Markus Greg Martin jenny Maurer juli May Dave McClaskey Erin McCollum Pat McGuire Dawn Mellott Tina Merrill Randy Metzger Tricia Milkey Chris Miller Kim Minard Leslie Moore Roger Moore joe Morgan Gina Morris Brian Morrison john Murphey Sherry Myers Steve Nitz Frank Nopper Vicki Notch Kris Ovendorf jeff Pasino Beverly Payne Scott Pitzer George Powell jeff Price Annette Quattrocchi Robert Raper Vicki Rapp Amy Rawlings Kim Rea Shannon Reeder jodi Reedy Andrea Reischman Kim Richards Dana Richmond Bronc Rider Heather Ries Kirk Ries jim Ripley Tom Roderick Gary Roop Don Ross Doug Ross Wanda Ross x 0 V p r 3 L f Rav... ' X S J . X X cf .,' " - ... .4 Q X il X. S 'T :S .5 if me-Wg S -- .1 .iff - . . 5 ' Xb .R I X 'Gig li .Sirk Q U X. 1' C 1 . . , 1' ' K s jxj S X et" 'S 5' iff E7 x sl f - .X EX t i 'Vi .. -V+ me .f . 5 li . F . LLlL L g -if , 4 4- fri t C, g Ng.. A Rx. . .3 s 5 S fb. xg K :. . X. 5 .... .. -- -seg. R K. ' W ' Q1-v N gm. - 4 -N -. ' 7 Nc at N-4' es. - Q . Y T is 5 Carla Sandmann Sonya Scaffidi Peter Schantz Cliff Schoenfeld Rod Schembechler Angel Schilling john Schilling Paula Schilling Tina Schuckert Heather Seifert Suzi Shankel Karen Siemienski Stacy Silvey Tom Simmons Theresa Simon Rick Singleton Chad Smith Shelli Smith Tamara Smith Cindy Starr Chuck Staubs Mark Steffee jessica Steiner Scott Steinman Bret Stephan Kathy Stiver David Strabley Brad Sullivan Kim Sulzbach Paul Sunderland Val Swigart Amy Swiger Steve Sybrandt Laura Tallman Zach Tessmer Dean Trompower leff Trout Diane Tummel Chris Ulrich Devin Underwood gf' t , :,,. . 'fi ' l ' 'fel L L . , m 1 f" V. l .. I, X ' . if " : if ' A Y ' h i K is at wsf ' i ' 1 ., , s'-5 LVAAAI ' lll Y ., 5 K 7 V , , , I nf! V , X Mi hex.: y Y S as X , ,sf ' ' y , ' f I X. 'iff . ,V ,f W 1- A 'J . K 3.5 ssse ' v ' I " U A ":" Ax, .0 ,H ,Ai, is ,A,, , - ww , M WW P S alla 3' 2 f , i 4, Harold Unrue Eugene Vance Todd Van C-order Curtis Vaughn Scott Veney Shannon Wade Daryl Wagner David Walker Mike Waltz Carrie Warren Chris Wennerstrom Scott White Lori Whitmore Kevin Williams Sherri Williams Sherri Wilson Adam Wirt Danelle Witte Stan Wolsky Kim Woods Eric Wright Meredith Wyles Debbie Yoskey Dennis Young Heidi Young Holly Young Deeanna Zeh We regret that these students were not alphabetized Kris Bebout Tina Bloom Don Eagan Scott Flynn Dave LaFeber David Marks 66 Q ' Mfg? gf W X .JG 0 , 0 if I my is SCHGOL LIFE SPIRIT WEEK or '84 POWDERPUFF FOOTBALL GAME A FIRST FOR NORTHWEST! This year we decided to start something new at Northwest. As a part of Spirit Week, a girls football game was added for Thursday evening before the bonfire. The players consisted of two teams: the junior girls and the Senior women. The idea was brought to us by lane and janice Gabbard who came to Canal Fulton from Iowa. The Senior women were coached by ms. Lauer and Miss Porter, and the junior girls were led by Mr. Held. The game was officiated by Dr. Frost and Mr. Corral, who received a shaving cream bath by the Se- nior Cheerleaders. lsix senior guys!! The winners of the game were the Senior women, How- ever, we all enjoyed a spirited evening. The bonfire was sponsored by "The Tribe", and was a huge success thanks to all involved. Buchanan. made. The junior Girls: Back row: Lisa Thornton, Debbie Elliott, Lori McClaskey, Rhonda Peters, jenny Woods, Tina Holmes, Lori Bow- man, Paula Henry. Front row: Gina Boley, joy Vaught, Debbie Suess, Kim Reay, Deneen Ross, Janice Gabbard, Carla May, Kelly Spindler. , THE CHEERLEADERS 1 Pyramid:Tom Eck, Chad Thomp- 1 son, Bill Harmon, Randy Rich- ardson, Nick Prexta, and Doug THE SIGN: Bill Harmon, Nick Prexta, Randy Richardson, and Tom Eck hold the sign Dave Hechmer and Troy Williams Snake dance at the Bonfire! THE SENIOR WOMEN.' Back r0w.' Lisa Kit- tle, Shelley Eyrich, Linda Graham, Netty Harty, Mary Hall, Lynne Smith. Middle row: Nancy Hazel, Noelle Christman, jane Gabbard, Vicki Booth, Cindy Lindic, Kim Horn, Kathy Noffkee, Kelley Forster, Beth Belford, Brenda Casto. Kneeling: Tracey Bowman, Ms. Lauer and friend. Rick Singleton acts and looks like a Nerd while Eric Wright looks on in disbelief, Q4 NERD DAY AT NOR THWEST During Spirit Week each day has a theme thet the students dress up to to show their own spirit. This year they chose to have a "Hat Day", "Nerd Day", "Concert T-Shirt Day", "Army Day" and "Red and Gray Day". The halls fill with laughter and cheers. 5 David Notch is an Assistant Nerd in Mr May field's gym class ninth period. Richard Hanus "nerds" around in the com puter class. Bob McCall and Ed Metzger during "H at Day 1984 HOMECOMING "STILL LOVING YOU" OCTOBER 5-6, 7984 The 1984 Homecoming Dance was sponsored by the Student Council and was held in the gym. The theme of the dance was "Still Loving You" from the song by the Scorpions. Entertainment was provided by the band "Ris ue" q . The Homecoming Queen was Lisa Finefrock and was escorted by Phil Steiner. Senior attendant was Tina Do- lin who was escorted by Tim Hardy. john Beck was the escort for junior attendant, Kris Grafton. The Sopho- more attendant, Kristin Steiner, was escorted by Scott Graves. Freshman attendant, Tina Shuckert was escort- ed by Scott Veney. FR ESHMAN SOPHOM OR E JUNIOR ABOVE: jim Harris leads the way through! RIGHT: Lisa is crowned by former Queen Debbie. 70 SENIOR Tim and Tina Scott and Kristin ,. if My my if 'e ,M qi 'M ,- 0 ,Q ,Mew f john and Kris Ui WML , wxvgwawwf W bw' ,Y - W ,lr COLLEGE NIGHT Over 100 colleges send representatives. Canton Civic Center opens ested students who wish to talk to representatives from col- leges and universities located throughout Ohio and the na- tion Many of our students take advantage of this informative evening its doors in September to inter- lunior joe Boles wisely begins his search for the "right" college early. This night is offered to all stu- dents and their parents. 72 S 3 i ,1- Rich Saxby seriously searches for a medical school. Ann Swigart, Nick Prexta, joe Boles, and Chip Dice take time to chat with friends. W l "it , ' f ' ' l d l "'.L ,, it J' l ft 5 1" -4- xv" 1 V '. 1 . . 'TZ"'A nt at Melissa Brisendine and her mother discuss all options. CHRISTMAS AT NHS Christmas elves and packages roam the decorated halls during December here at Northwest. Canned goods and money are collected from students to distribute to the needy. The Cheerleaders help to pro- vide a breakfast for our Senior Citizens. The choir, band, and Tribal Tones perform for them during the annual Christmas as- sembly. We enjoy sharing our spirit with our wonderful friends! Teresa Elliott and Shelley k E yrich 'F L. ,f . Donations were placed under the tree. SENIOR CITIZENS SHARE THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS WITH US VARIETY SHOW Top Left: Kim Crawford sings a solo. Top Middle: Ann Swigart sings about raindrops falling. Top Right: Scott Decker and john Romanoski break dance for us. Middle Left: jane Gabbard and banjo. Bottom Left: Sara Cameron sings, "How great Thou Art." Bottom Right: Kelli Gibson sings accompanied by Mike Cameron. 74 S',cNl llr' STUDENTS DISPLAY HIDDEN TALEN TS IN CHOIR SPONSORED SHOW. 5344-11 - , - I X ku .A , Q ' R , 9 l 3 Q X 4 Jl, Q EJ 0 av 3 l f l lf ' 1 1 1 11 ..- , Top Left: Shelley Eyrich and Mark St t 'n d t ewar st g a ue. Top Right: The Tribal Tones perform. Middle Left: Dave Notch and accordian, Middle Right: Danelle Witte and jenny Maurer sing and dance. Bottom: Peter Henriksson plays well. SWEETHEAR T DANCE Carolyn Okey, Todd Traxler, Robyn Richmond, Shelley Bowman, Gary Calehouse, Melissa Brisen dine, Doug Carlson, Charlie Edmisten, john Lavis and former Queen Cindy Morrison. The Sweetheart Dance is sponsored by the Y-Teens and is held in February each year. This year Shelley Bowman reigned as Queen, escorted by King Gary Galehouse. Attendents included Melissa Brisendine, Robyn Richmond, and Carolyn Okey. Their escorts were Doug Carlson, Todd Traxler, and Charlie Edmisten. john Lavis escorted former Queen Cindy Morrison. The Music was provided by "Fast Lane" and the gym was excellently decorat- ed to the theme, "PurpIe Rain". "PURPLE RA IN " CINDI AND TIM LAURA AND MIKE QUEEN SHELLEY AND CHARLEY KRIS AND ION U 5 A ? 6 , ATIO AL HUNUR SOCIETY Alice Lent Take the best ,of Character- Add a heavy dose of Scholarshipg Pour in Leadership qualities. Sprinkle with Service to all. Laura Frost 1 RECIPE NATION AL HONOR SOCIETY S 5 -.. 1 L f X il Vs if PRESENT MEMBERS SENIORS Ann Swigart, President Doug Carlson, Vice President Robin Golay, Secretary Gary Galehouse, Treasurer lamie Bukuts Sherrie Halsell jenay Hancock Alice Lent INDUCTEES SENIORS Scott Freed Lisa Kittle Randy Moore Rich Saxby Dean Stoll IUNIORS Gina Boley Sara Cameron Laura Frost Tracy Price Brent Riffle Brian Riffle Kessie Stewart Suzanne Willmott Brent mme Gina Boley lm' ...ZA L X N ff E i? 7 ill! 5 1 MVS- Ellis, MF- Rochus, and Suzanne Willmott Scott Freed is escorted by Robin Golay and Sherrie Halsell HONORS BANQUET LEADERS OF TOMORROW Wagner, Frost, and Sims President Wagner and Alice Lent Moore receives award. The faculty of Northwest High School and the Canal Fulton Rotary sponsored the 26th annual banquet to recognize those students, who by their efforts and scholastic achievement, have brought honor to themselves, their families, and their school. To be invited, a student in grades nine through twelve must have a 3.5 or better grade average for the first two nine weeks. FOUR-YEAR AWARDS jeff Bowman jamie Bukuts Doug Carlson Robin Golay jenay Hancock Lisa Kittle Alice Lent Randy Moore THREE- YEAR A WARDS Margie Frank Laura Frost Vicki Ingham Tracy Price Kessie Stewart Suzanne Willmott Kevin Daiger jerry Drabeck Ed Metzger Brian Nelsen Brent Riffle Brian Riffle TWO-YEAR AWARDS Lisa Finefrock Lori Berdyck Allan Austin Dan Bowman Beth Berthinee Andrea Leszek Elaina Manka jennifer Ruehling Christie Stoll Susie Wagner Wendy Weitzel Danielle Wooden jason Everhart Duane Hodgson Holly Remark Dave Seesdorf Adam Siemienski Keith Spencer Lisa Wilhelm Gayle Zellers FIRST-YEAR AWARDS Pat McGuire Scott Freed Peter Henriksson Sara Cameron Robyn Foutty Cami Samples Cindy Wagner Chuck Bohon Gary Brown Kevin Neitz Bronc Rider Peter Schanz Curtis Vaughn Kim Ayers Chris Bloom Robyn Eisenman Tiffany Filing jennifer Hardy jamie Karaginis Kim Bowen jennifer Karcagi Lissia Ingham Stacy Knutson Amy Kulick jenny Kyler Cheri Owen Lynn Stephanoff Melissa Ward Carmen Witte Brian Bloomer jeff Bodkin Phil Austin Tim Corley Kevin Denbow Gary Galensky David jenkins Robert Hume Scott Kumer Greg Martin Kathy Lent jennifer Maurer Dawn Mellott Vicki Notch Beverly Payne Dana Richmond Paula Schilling Val Swigart Diane Tummel Shannon Wade Danelle Witte Meredith Wyles Holly Young fl GONG SHOW GENE WISE HELPED JUDGE The Gong Show was a great success with Gene Wise from WKDD helping judge the acts. john Romanoski won the S100 prize by break dancing. Many acts were gonged before they had a chance to thrill the audience. The yearbook pictures did not turn out so we would like to thank Pam Kame and Mrs. Singleton and apologize to the other acts that were not pictured. Balas clowns around. The Wrestling Team. A Wise Notch. IOHN ROMANOSKI BREAKS FOR 5 700! i.. in nifxrsilflibfu E W l on an el An act that was turned down! IM fl SPORTS 'x- .- R 4, ,.m ,. in M, HOME , GUEST - ,rf ' www wsu on um. 1 .. W' fm A 2 fx 0. , gg.- .., MfHZ7.' fw'm7aT:Q,5ff fin M 1fLfNsm',?nm A 31 'R i BB Q B14 501,49 R3 12: 22 , 17lg,42Qv,39fg,, TT! 'fix fb iJi4if14!'FQ4 1 L,.Q:'?W WffQ7x ,S 152 xofxasf f:B4f1 k37 77 N va A89 'f'4lH'i? if up 1 'A V -14144 -3 Wayan' W ,. 4, My , SENIQRS '5 ' - +1 -1' l, ye . w.. 9 Will' in yxtllli W t-"ff ,fr 2' ' I W A J - Ill' 1 iv' 'i 41 'l Karl Gromes, Brett Gibson, Phil Steiner, Dave Swinehart, Chip Dice, Dan Sweet Mark Wagner, Nick Prexta, Scott Chapman, Chad Thompson, Rod Romanoski Randy Richardson, lim Harris, Doug Buchanan, joe Ahern Phil Steiner throws a pass. Chip Dice takes two. Norwayne Doylestown Farrless Orrville Tuslaw Sandy Valley Manchester Triway NW 21 22 NW 24 0 NW 14 ' 9 NW 0 ' 59 NW 22 42 NW 14 Coventry 29 NW 16 West Holmes 30 NW 7 13 NW 0 S0 NW 25 ' 21 Randy and Chip block for Scott. lim Harris gets some advice from Peltz. 83 SCORES West Holmes 16- Manchester 14- Coventry 22- Sandy Valley 20- Orrville 42- Doylestown 22- Fairless 22- Tuslaw 14- Norwayne 26- 6 'b Q 4' S Back row: C. Mehl, T, Earns- berger, S. Tesch, D. Hodgson B. Paul Center row: G Graves, M. Evans, E, Caldwell M. Ogg Front row: M. Peters S. Rair, A. McCoy, E. Car- pinter, S. Carpinter 16t 14t 8w 14w 20l 0 l 22t 12l 8 w Coach Venebles sends Bryan Filing into the Back row: S. Ward, D. Pul- len, 1. Stefan, I. Boles, S Stephan, 1. Neuhauser, M Stewart Front row: M Good, S. Harris, B. Culp, I Prexta, B. McDonnell, 1 Beck, 1. Elvin, B. Filing Nl 1 .,' - Q7 1 1 1 l TMS, I Gary Graves pulls ahead. , u ' r. Qt 5 " - X I' 0 f A ff , , 1 .- ,,,4,,4' ' l I , .ff Q Hi l MFL. ,t J ,g f , , ,Z pf. , I f 1, .JJ ' l .l. ta Mark Stewart enters the game. S1 K f,1,fs?,4. 4, 'bi '. If .,.:V,4,,4h,w?dV,fw.,4 Y, t.3f5wjsx"' ' VW ,Sa L Wg f. fy, .. . t 4' J' . T f ry. ft V wqf. r f Scott Tesch enjoys the meal provided by the Mother's club. L V A Av 1 Mike Evans heads down the field. FRESHMA FOOTBALL Row 1: joe Benedik, Chris Miller, Scott Luttrell, Bryan Lindic, Dave Dawson, Don Harbaugh, and Kirk Ries. Row 2: Cary Roop, Rod Schembechler, Greg Kunkle, Frank Nopper, Kevin Williams, David McClaskey, Tony Laterza, Coach Nettleton, Coach Rair Row 3: joe Fox, Dean Trompower, Pat McGuire, Scot Kovacs, Mike Kimler jim Bramlett, G. Powell, Paul Sunderland Row 4: leff Trout, Doug Ross, Brian Lukinac, john Schilling, Don johnson, and Buddy Ross. Trompower shows his form as he plays his first year as quarterback. ,ui Lezgwwwwez-. - The 1984 Freshman football team finished the season with a 4-3 record. Two games were determined in the last several seconds of play. This provided a very exciting season for their devoted fans. When asked what was their favorite play of the season, lim Bramlett replied, "When john Schilling and l blocked for the winning touchdown against Waynedale in the last twenty-two seconds. "The best play was Chris Miller's 77 yard run against Triway," said Greg Kunkle. "Twenty-six Blue," was Dave McClaskey's quick reply. Coach john Rair was proud of the team and wishes them luck next year as they try out for the reserve team. Scott Luttrell blocks his opponent to help Trompower gain yardage. Kirk Ries brings his soccer experience to the football field. Ji? S- Adl'o K5 ' M. I , , '-xv. 5 A '. -. - ,. 3 M., I A. 2, 'X ,' fa '31 JJ . .V Q : A be 05 ,Ip JR Q.. , 1 .f L' 'Q 2 h ,4 5.1, ages C. - 45 1 - 1 'ga' .t ag, .W :JA H 'E' 'Q . 3 'V cis: X - -..'--,-.5 1- ' " . 5. gig! '-1 gg-'E . 5 . pK"'.g:'4 - .SHCI 'Q' R95 ur - NW- ur ' S .1 '. Q x g' ny In 6. " -QV tf if sq - . ,s ff -. 1 L 4- :fi aa., -4, 31. ' - 5. fgmw f- .- An 'vs 4 7, " 0 1? -,Kd -. -- -j, - an 9, 4-" "si 3 it Qx -'ft8,'Qfk'v.. .A- ' S' ' Q - f' Q we si if It xl . V", H A .f xfn'.j,, '. 4 W 6. " 'Q N . Qi . A I Bgqa' . i ',:' 'fc ' , M i' 0 n ?"if :N ' F Q Ur' Z 1. ' - V ., -U A ,, '.- ga ., '. L , - ,, p , 1 - . 7 ,j,- I , ' W V f' z .AVAV A? , Qgnxv .A 5' ' - ' W1 , T I .1 ' H " Q fl A f fs ' I , Q , I ' Il, I - 522 A x 5 4, . 3 3 .5 A .. '12 sf I fig? , V ' W Q ' V, , W - V ' 'Q Lf , W 4' ' ' ag X I I , '41 , V' v 5 , ' "1 ft X-Q. QI W , 1 fd 1' f' I f ' L' .. L+: bp sky 1 A gl- I 5, ,S ' -g , , I ,Q ., U 8 A "tx, , '5-'Q "mf x A ix- ' . Q55 Ting Nr 64' ,V ,YN N Q94 lil" A A 'W V' A 1 4 i 'H an V .' f-Q f ,J 1 rm ,N f f ' 4. 1333 ' YK , 1 ENV 6. 4 fm 'f is ,- 1 'N I aw! .. I I gg if , Q1 .+ 1 ! .N Y iw! 5 L b Q ' .. 1, 1 , 'A M JL ,s I . . 4 LLB P A 4 l'I if :N P" 'slr' w-V-"x-1-m1.,.,,'-.-.4,,,,,, iailaaf -v--' L w W- w . sl pr, - -,, A N of-'Q g..1i.:L Lixv' a 54V Lyla-5 - 1431- fs- W- -. K I, 5--'fffarf F x fit- S., x4,'f"Q.f'-":f'1f- J W Q "rr mg 4: my Y .KN X 'g"'A " " b-aff., 'X Y .rf XR I I C1 1 , HJ? -fm 1 1 " '- I O Q ul 400105 ' .. , .W .. , . , - I 13 L' if A " 1 N - wg V , x ' ' " ' .,,.'. V, - V 'Nw 4. 5 - I J K 'M , v , Q ' Q xx QM. i ,N- i Q x , 5 X. "f"aY is - -'pg' iKx?'W' , . fu -J, .F u , N asv! - wi 'Q4?f"VP4 -x 9 -' gf xy' . Let's go team ja. f fe f A RESERVE C E RLEADERS H I Top: Tina Gibson Middle: Amy Racin and Carla May Base: Leigh Ann Burrell, P f Dice and Ch .ey SATURDAY MORNINGS SPENT AT THE FIELD OR THWEST Ll KSTERS A 'ZVP 1 M' 4 1 IP- xiii' Scniors: Cary Galchouse, Doug Carlson, Brad johnson, John Ncidcrt and Rich Saxby. Upper Right: Mark Taylor-Medalist Coach Wcckcsscr Rcsvrvz-s.' Back Row - Dave Collings, Chris Collings, Brian Bowen Front Row - Eric Whitmore, Rich Saxby, Dick james, Clay Crumrine 90 Rich Saxby TALENTED TEAM BECOMES ALL-OHIO LEAGUE CHAMPS! The Golf team, under the guidance of Coach Tom Weck- esser, remained undefeated during its season. The many hours of practice on the home course at Chippewa paid off, and Northwest became the All-Ohio League champions! The Varsity team won first place trophies for the Chippewa and Orrville Invitationals. Doug Carlson was chosen for the All Stark County team, and Gary Galehouse became a mem- ber of the All-Ohio League team. Mark Taylor was chosen for the honor of Team Medalist. This award is given to the golfer with the lowest total score for the season. We are very proud of the total team effort dis la ed by the Gary Galehousc P Y golfers. The 1984-1985 Golf team will remain in our memo- ries and their trophies will grace our showcases for many years to come. john Neidert f' in f W The team proudly displays their trophies Brad johnson Doug Carlson CROSS co TR Y Charlie Pitzer Chrisi Rapp COACH ARMSTRONG SAYS, "TEAM PEAKED AT THE RIGHT TIME . . . " The Cross Country team earned many accomplishments and awards indicative of a fine season. Dawn Bennett was the first girl chosen to qualify for the districts, and was also selected for both the All-Ohio League team and the All Stark County team. Charlie Pitzerand jerry Drabeck were both chosen for the All-Ohio League team and the All Stark County team. john Peterson was chosen for the All Stark County team, and Gene Taylorwas chosen to be a member of the All-Ohio League team. Charlie Pitzer traveled to Columbus at the end of the season to compete in the state meet for his second time. He received the Most Valuable Runner award for 1984-1985. "We had several new runners who did a super job for their first year," said Coach Bri- an Armstrong. He added that he is looking forward to next year. Todd Traxler Senior Randy Moore with teammates Chris Prather and Steve Sybrandt. "l felt it was an excellent year . . . considering the transition to the new league." -Randy Moore "The team next year looks like they can qualify for state." Drabeck NW- NW -40 NW- NW 32 15 -20 NW-42 NW NW- NW NW NW NW NW -33 21 17 19 18 -22 -16 BOYS SCORES Triway Canton South East Canton Fairless Lake McKinley Orrville West Holmes Coventry Triway Coventry Massillon Manchester district meet. NW- NW NW NW NW -16 -24 -36 -44 -38 -43 -33 -47 NW 35 -32 -36 -35 -34 23 GIRLS SCORES East Canton Fairless McKinley Orrville Conventry West Holmes Conventry Manchester Dawn Bennett took her Indian Pride to the 23 NW 35 20 16 47 39 NW 19 Coach Armstrong gives encourage- ment to the female runners. "lt was a fun season which included exceptional runners." Lee Wagner Chris Prather Peter Henriksson Mike Lautenschleger A. A n drea L eszek Most Valuble Runner -22 -36 -24 -21 -20 -23 Gene Taylor is psyched and ready to runl VARSITY OLLEYBALL I Smith Melod ohnson, Melissa Romanoski, Laura Frost, Renee Ferre, Kim Coach Cornacchione, Michee , y I Bowmen, Tracy Price, Susie Wagner, Mr. Snyder SENIOR RENEE FERRE "" S PLA YS LAST SEASON Laura Frost comes in for a save 94 45-1 5 Missy Romanoski and Michelle Smith block a spike. ----.-..... 1 I K- --............. RS Y ii' use I C 'Sf ' T! Tracy Price sets ball for Melody johnson's spike. Renee Ferre dives for a point. The 1984 Volleyball team began prac- tice during the warm summer days and finished late in the fall. They had an 8 - 12 season which included several close games that went into three sets. This year s varsity team was again coached by Miss Cornacchione and as- sisted by Mr. Snyder. Michelle Smith was awarded Best Setter The Top Serv- er and Spiker awards were won by Kim Bowmen. Smithville Manchester Fairless Coventry Kenmore Norwayne Orrville Triway West Holmes Central Manchester Tuslaw Doylestown Fairless Coventry Smithville Kidron Orrville Triway West Holmes Ei-EEE,-EE l'l'I"l"'l- W W L W Captains Renee Ferre and Laura Frost IHIIIVYSTH.. 1' lN Plllli I 1,95 Kim Bowmen was awarded "Top-Spiker" for the season 95 RESER VE OLLEYBALL Q Back Row.' Miss Cornacchione, Wendy Weitzel, Lori Himelrigh, Amy Thompson, Tracy Williams, lean Frangos, Kris Grafton, Stacy Hodgson, Coach Snyder. Front Row.' Dana Richmond, Vicki Notch, Rachel Healey, jennifer Ruehling, Shannon johnson, and Shelly Wcigand. i TEAM WORK SPOILS TUSLA W'S HOPES FOR PERFECT SEASON The junior Varsity team played a good season with A 14-6 record. Coach Snyder was assisted by Miss "C". He said the players were very competative and had good 1 attitudes which helped them to win against many talented opponents. "We had a good season, and a lot of fun. This was one of the best teams- Everyone got along real WeIll" said Wendy Weitzel. Tracy Williams is shown to the left helping the girls set up the net. The I V team wins this privilege before each home game. Co-captains Rachel and jennifer Ruehling 31:1 I il 2 I 1 Q L fa 'Z .,t..t,c..v. 8 'X - v sm. K X :N v X. an Stacy Hodgson sets the ball. The team is alert! ..s .Q to W guard' Q' , if ., " .- Rfk'-?Q:!Lt, , "if: if Regs xt 1 Si . x ,-Q Eiga... v' ' -, X, -C., my 1... Kris Grafton saves the point. lean Frangos backs her up. U A., 3 L 1 ffgmx I x s L L -- Er 'x GY 231 i-' 1 ' , - ll U .IC Y Q f'fL.1ff'f'W""'f"...'!' Qfflf ' ,n , ,, . ,AM L M- ' 1: wma!! , tlinn-'W W C v--are 3 ' Qu. I V jennifer Ruehling sets the ball for Shelly Weigand Rachel Healey hits it over. Smithville L Manchester W Fairless W Coventry W Kenmore W Norwayne W Orrville W Triway W West Holmes W Central W Manchester W Tuslaw W Doylestown W Fairless L Coventry W Smithville W Kidron L Orrville L Triway L West Holmes L 1 Wendy Weilzel ruins the opponents spike. y , J VARSITY BASKETBALL Coach Rafailedes, Tim Hose, Mike Lautenschleger, Bill Rea, Dave Collings, Bill Har- mon Mr Sassman, Coach Weckesser. FRONT: Bruce Sundheimer Ron Cottle Todd SCORES Doylestown Triway Trinity Rittman Fairless Orrville W. Holmes Doylestown Coventry Smithville Triway Tuslaw Orrville Fairless W. Holmes Ciaraway Manchester Norton Coventry Minerva NW 58 NW 78 NW 86 NW 86 NW 55 22 NW 58 NW 56 NW 77 NW 45 NW 75 30 40 Wm NW 70 Manchester NW 69 NW 61 NW 66 NW 76 NW 42 NW 67 NW 65 NW 66 NW 95 NW 59 The 1984-1985 Northwest Fighting Indians finished the season with a 9- 12 overall record. This was the first season we played in the All-Ohio League. Coach Weckesser had a full time assistant with Coach Rafailedes, and Coach Venables took over as j.V. coach. The team would like to send their appreciation to Mr. Sassman for all his help and devotion. Traxler jason Everhart, jeff Neuhauser, Eric Whitmore, Coach Venables. I i g. -L. 'Gr SENIOR FIGHTING INDIANS PM ii Bill Harmon Todd Traxler Phil Steiner SENIOR PHIL S TEINER MA KES ALL OHIO LEA G UE TEAM NY X 'S XUXX A xfg -P L, Bill Rea jumps BOYS I. V. BASKETBALL HN This year's boys l.V. basketball team, HII4. I under the leadership of Coach Vena- JIM' bles had a 10-10 record. The team nn in--' showed great sportsmanship through- out the year, and we are proud of them on their fine record. Back row: Coach Venables, Scott, Stephan, Hose, Everhart Front row: Nelson Whitmore Neuhayser, Taylor f sv X2 jason waiting for Brian Nelson to be open. , is . ' X Q K' 'Xi -N Tim Hose strives for the ball from Manchester. 100 -f 1, ,.,' SMX Nelson's determination for two points. j V SCORES Northwest Doylestown Triway Trinity Rittman Fairless Orrville W. Holmes Doyiestown Coventry Manchester Triway Tuslaw Orrville Fairless W. Holmes Caraway Manchester v Norton 55 vs 52 48 59 68 33 50 70 46 61 45 56 54 44 46 43 47 57 34 29 Smithville 29 37 45 57 43 42 56 61 50 48 46 38 50 53 64 61 57 60 68 34 f V , T5 jason striving for two points to win the game Coventry ni 'gi x :Cv 5- 7 f' if 'x ggi, . ' M tl I I 1 21' ' ' W K' The block was no good against Eric Whitmore. A Slam dunk by Sean Stephan! FR ESHMA BASKETBALL What a save! Mike Baker shoots for two! x I f fi 1 Vcncy awaits offensive rush! Veney and Roop defend against Tiian! I ,' Li. - x krh' V' ' 'Vi H M I .f :fff , o This fheff tulle , J- theEggkdefffthampionchips. --: fWiff!1 ' Q on ffffff , tc Mr Muf4bh3f??angi all of xheffffplqyggrsjfforf gggat seagon! . ffff . fn 1- e K Z hoop 'EF V, : I EJ HEER LEA DERS F 1 Vi Z f V Chris Melissa RESER VE CHEERLEA DER5 e, Leigh Ann, Amy, Leslie, Carla and Paula FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS Lori, juli, jamie, Tina and Karen. VARSITY WRESTLING 1984-85 VARSITY lNDlVlDUAL'S 98 98 105 105 112 119 126 132 138 145 145 155 167 175 185 HVY HVY 104 WIN RECORDS Cliff Schoenfeld 8-8 Steve Nitz 8-0 Chris Miller 11-13 Dean Veneziano 4-5 Doug Nitz 31-1 Danny Czartoszewski 13-7 lim Stoll 10-8 Howard Heighter 25-3 Dean Kosco 15-6-1 Bryan Filing 9-11 Mark Peters 9-5 lim Harris 17-6 Nick Prexta 19-10 john Prexta 9-8 Kevin Miller 2-20 Duane Hodgson 5-5 Dave Swinehart 2-3 'iflflll WWA. L K, Miller D. Swinehart D. Kosco Doug Nitz has been on the team for four years. He took first place in the Springfield, Doylestown, Northwest, and All- Ohio League tournaments. He placed first in the district and regional tournament and took third place in the state meet. Howard Heitger has wrestled for three years. He took first place in the Doylestown, Northwest, and All Ohio League meet. He placed second in the district and first in the regional. He went to the state tournament this year. COACHES AWAIT THE WIN , . .f .,, . Coaches Nettle and Stump 'N if Jw Back Row: D. Veneziano, Coach Langley, S. Nitz, C. Miller, D. Kosco, D. Nitz, I. Stoll, K. Miller, I. Schilling, N. Prexta, D. Czartoszewski, l. Prexta, Coach Nettle, 1. Harris, Coach Stump, H. Heitger Front Row: S. Rair, E. Vance, R. Dannemiller, P. Sunderland, S. Kovacs, 1. Bramlett, D. Swinehart, D. Hodgson, M. Stewart, M. Peters, H. Gehm, D. Bowman fi' LJ lim Harris has wrestled for two years. He placed fourth in the Doylestown tournament, second in the North- west tournament, and first in the All Ohio League Tour- nament. He received an honorable mention for the All County Team. Nick Prexta has wrestled for two years. He placed fourth in the Doylestown tournament, third in the Northwest, and second in the All Ohio League tournament. He was selected for the second team in the All County Team. i 1 4 1 4 1 w 4 1 + VARSITY BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Coach Weigand julie Coffman Chrisi Rapp Rhonda Edwards Tracy Williams Laura Ross Chris Myers Robyn Foutty Coach Armstrong FRONT ROW: Susie Wagner Cheri Owen Dawn Mellott Beth Butler Shelly Nicho . VARSITY SCORES Dalton SENIORS jULlE COFFMAN RHONDA E,21',?jIfiXn EDWARDS AND CHRISI RAPP PLAY 1-lfllllfld Fairless Orrville Tuslaw West Holmes Coventry Manchester Copley Fairless Orrville West Holmes Coventry Manchester Triway Rlttman Doylestown NW Louisville .. 0 ' ' VZ , 1 , , , ' , ' las NW 42 NW 11 NW 25 ' A NW 33 ' 1 NW 30 ' NW 36 Massillon LAST SEASON OF BASKETBALL. NW 36 - NW 27 ' NW 30 NW 15 ' NW 42 NW 30 ' NW 41 y NW za ' NW 27 ' NW 15 NW 40 NW 40 NW 51 ' NW 42 ' NW 32 30 ' ' A 5 fx, 23 ,,..1 'S an NK QNQQS -L.. , . 12.5, 2 1 '- 4 47 -'f' O 8 V ,ggj .J' 1 .A Q91 x. Q , . L. J ff 4 ,-.1 N , . N. NM LADY I DIAN5-RESER VES SCORES Dalton Doylestown Smithville Massillon Garfield Triway Fairless Orrville Tuslaw West Holmes Coventry Manchester Triway Copley Fairless Orrville Coventry Manchester Rittman Thru 25 25 31 47 22 45 West Holmes 21 10 40 27 .ft.fu"' s Q-.Q Holly Remark brings the ball down The I V s had a very good season with an 8-12 record Considering our team started five freshman we had a successful season Next year we ll come back with experience said Coach Welgand Shannon johnson takes a shot. Lissia lngham jumps high' if r' N unity, NNI XKVHH' Weigand Dawn Mellott Kim Ayers Lissia Ingham Stacy Knutson Vicki Rapp Coach Armstrong. no 2 42 24 Front Row: Diane Tummel, Holly Remark, Beth Berthinee, Tonya Elliott, Shannon johnson. Coach x V , fx t lg Q X , 5.- ,,-, l fn.. l l ' .xv tv, 'fe Kg 5 .1,',e.s' 'X-I. ', l ' X V , S 'tl t x-.-K: 7 X ,ll 5 l - A " 'S ri - - a is .- . ja -.'9 yr XR, . - N pix 7 l as A f ' V 5 I ' I ' 1 .. 3 l x V l x. Ng lk X ,v , xiii GIRLS TRACK Y X X 455 BACK ROW: Snyder, Richards, Carlson, Boyd, Myers, Good, Schultz MIDDLE ROW: Wil- liams, Reedy, Weitzel, Witte, Whitmore FRONT ROW: Himelrigh, Bennett, Filing l CAPTAINS: Wendy Weitzel and Dawn Bennett 112 Coach Snyder discusses the strategy CARMEN WITTE AND WENDY WEITZEL STA TE TO , 1. BOYS TRACK BACK ROW Peltz Drabeck Gromes Pullen Elvrn Woodyard Prather Traxler SChUlI7 MIDDLE ROW Peterson Stoll Evans Hodgson Gehm Coates Briggs Rapp PIt7Cf I A . X I ,A , I ...4-1 CAPTAINS: jerry Drabeck, Charley Pitzer, jon Elvin, Todd Traxler fi R1 wg ' , H33 W yl ' 'Q '9Q.'1.F AQ -9 I lxlylr ' .flrli k X' wfffiis K! X., Au x-, ,Q lfsxtx I - K N Q- 1 I WN! 'A I if Q U' A F . - , I 1- J, pe 2376? k Q. ,,vplv1 l I 1 1 X ww., hm. 0,3 VN X N4 in-in gif W ,' an' VARSITY S FTBALL Sherhag FRONT ROW: R. Foutty M. johnson Thompson 1. Gabbard L. Thornton ff., ww, x +5 , f 3. .- "f "F 4 yy, 2 ' yas. gg nw? BACK ROW: R. Edwards, M. Romanoski, C. Lindic, I. Coffman, R. Ferre, L. Nopper, T. Williams, "" ' 'Wi 112. f , , , Q, iv' kj. D ffl bf.. 2 A T TT in " f 15' A Q " 4 fi . ' ' Eff' V. - Af. .k.. .V Li ,Q . .4 xv.. f . ,lam A all . wr " ' 5 K I '- 1 'N Q2 3 H 1- .- "5 1. AA ' r CAPTAINS: julie Coffman and Renee Ferre .N , . . if -A 's - ' 3,4142 ' vm . . . .f . .- w Yl wx M . 4 ' 7 Wan 139 . Vx , . w if K T s .. ,x: - -4 M V ,. 5' . 4' N -.V nxt' 'f 'V 3, r . - 4 Q-T " ,, A 1 fx ,.,, 7 " Qjsmf RENEE FERRE VOTED ALL-OHIO LEAGUE "PLAYER OF THE YEAR " , - All vf' VARSITY BASEBALL .Duce, T. Earnsburger, G. Galehouse, M. Lautenschlegal, I. Neuhauser, CAPTAINS: hm Fmefrock and I ll ephan, Murphey FRONT ROW: D. Carlson, M. K1mIer,l. Flnefrock, M. ies, C. Edmisten, D. Seesdorf LOWEST ERA: JIM FINEFROCK MVP-DOUG CARLSON I. V. BASEBALL Coach john Rair and the l.V. team WERE NOT TAKEN OF BASEBALL THE STAFF REGRETS THAT ACTION PICTURES P 'R C x Q X f 'bww' A FUN PART OF ACADEMICS PR OIE C TS FRENCH CLASS COOKS FOOD,' CELEBRA TES MARDIS GRAS. F FOODS CLASS BAK ES CA KES 3 31,35 HZ DECORATING CAKES IS FUN FOR MOST. . . GOVERNMENT STUDENT RAISE MONEY FOR HUNGRY SCIENCE CLASSES CATCH BUGS DROP EGGS, AND BUILD BRIDGES. " , ' ,Q ww- X' 5 'unsung W J! A " B XT 8 t P' 34 CHILD DEVELOPMENT CLASS RUNS A PLAY SCHOOL FOR A WEEK. -'xl 1' on g , "Wi x I f , xf x A FEW FUND RAISERS . . . DONA TED BY BLOOMFIELD'S ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT RAFFLES A CLOCK AND A CAR! BAND FATHER'S PUT ON A FASHION SHOW . . , 4, 4,,5,gf:,a' t, X, + - ' 5 ,Qgfg ?MQ,f""gi4,yH ,g, 12,9211 5 A , ,, mwg W, , V, , EE' wk, FRIENDS L... 1 , WW MNNSLW QW M M W2 WW QVXEM ? mf ACADEMIC CHALLEN M WWMWWWLJW W MH 3 IR3l!5'7Z'I?S' MUSIC "S TIL L Tl C K I "' A NEW MUSICAL BY LARRY MCKENNA , 1 4, The Vocal Music and Drama Clubs presented a brand new mu- sical to pleased crowds. Michelle Patterson and Sheri Stevens were student directors assisted by Mrs. Oates and Mr. Sherhag. The musical is about a widower who enrolls in the same college as his daughter. The situations are hi- larious as he deals with his daugh- ter, his roommate, and the boys in the dorm. The music was provided by three talented students: Chris Butcheron the piano, Kathyloyce on the flute, and jerry Ruthrauff on the saxophone and clarinet. Lori Griffin and Lisa Thornton were the stage managers. The tickets were sold by Becky Lyons and Melody johnson. THE CAST lln order of appearancel Tim Wisniewski Mike Stewart Mary Dougherty Ann Swigart George Douglas Dave Notch Girl 1 jane Gabbard Girl 2 Kelly Starr Girl 3 Lisa Kittle jimmy Ellis Chris Riley Paul Dutton C. Wennerstrom Ken Edwards Craig Dunlap "Weasel" Homer 1. Miller Moose Malloy Nurse Pickett Brian Bloomer Keith Crabb Derek Pullen Sherry Halsell Doc jimmy Slates Noreen Coyle Leslie Houser Girl 4 Kim Dills Donna Cheryl Witte Anna Wisniewski Michelle Patterson 126 1 Mark Stewart and Dave Notch Dave Notch, Derek Pullen and Ann Girls Dorm Dave Notch and lim Slates 'l'lZl.lZPHO a Dawn Mercer and Mrs. Oates , s g , N .4 Mrs. Sherhag: Make-up Chris Wennerstrom and Chris Riley Sherry Halsell and Dave Notch Chris Riley and fans Mr. Sherhag: Stage Crew l lilouu llrnous i 5 I l r l GOLF IQ!! I M W4 f Bryan filing and Doug Woodyard help with lights Left page- Girls of chorus Right page- Guys chorus NOR THWEST AR T R-N "-wvlIluuQ WQWTA TWH'--H13,L'mS?5Fi-mwlisi W lnl'5QunllnuIlqq1g:,""' nnuQmnmf,f N i y than inhumane if . . W ' Nw we - " ' .,. . R W eh.. K , r wa - . """ ir iw .. we . . gf 1 'M 6 e T ,' ' l . f if ' 1 f if M5 . 5, .X . -...r.,, 1 1 y " .x ' ' ' . ag ' 7 l N l if ' 1. 5 0 - N' J ' - :fl e QM.. A 3 .. , . .,.,.Nk. ART l ,N ,V l ,, T w 3 Q ff K 1 r if l T if i 4 . :Q ka x 4- 9' X A ART II, Ill, IV ' - 1.1. 'I y yi. :il 3 ' . xy 4, ,.,. f . 1 V4 :K Q ' W li,.'tw 3 Z. LVTL 1 . ? J we , T V A l, K ' i rf X A ,, 5 A 2, K Q L ll' . M - V f'2- ...N -T - M ' We V" .QM rl LJNMZQ Z xx Lf N . X 'Y 'X 2.53 ' .,,, 4' F A 1, "" , f..V , ' 5 Mike and Tim Michelle, Lori and Gayle Melanie and Linda Tracey and Chris i' 1 K .sw..,- 5gv'.wIF-l 4' ' fkk"' 3 3 0 7 sg: ww f , nigga g f,-,.g.,g"::Q2f.i-Q ." "" wil Llfl - Q W Chris and Nancy .,1. . H . Y ri. .... 1. W fsb xv! ..., ..,.., . X , " ix! Q f l N- 128 Matt Wetzel Shelly, lim and Sally ,A -..l my N... - K ' ..k If ,""W--an . . -... . .. ,,,., , . A .xx Q iw-N Beth Belford is W, -ft! IAMIE B UK U TS WINS "BEST OF SHO W" RIBBON -v-1-rv v- www- m 'uw ogg? KQO 'U 'Ting :ln-.Eg ZIUW eaten' 2 I' 2 v-ff vw- . Iamie Bukuts "Best Of Show" SCHOLASTIC ART COMPETITION Beth Belford- Honorable Mention Silkscreen . Pam Kame- Honorable Mention, Photograph 1 QU: Linda Graham- Honorable Mention, Pencil Drawing Lisa Finefrock- Honorable Mention, Watercolor ' I Tracey Turner- Honorable Mention, Watercolor Tw " Gayle Zellers- Honorable Mention, Acrylic painting , 'll ,. Q REGIONAL GOVERNOR'S COMPETITION: ' I , r 1 , Beth Belford- Silkscreen P Linda Graham- Pencil Drawing I f f J lenni Etheridge- Silkscreen f I I 5 Pam Kame- Photograph and Silkscreen , Lisa Finefrock- Silkscreen ' Wifigi Gayle Zel-lers- Acrylic painting FINALIST GOVERNOR'S ART SHOW: Zi Gayle Zellers- Acrylic Painting entitled, "Chapter 26" An Show OHIO MEDIA COMPETITION: Tfafey Turner Pam Kame- Photograph, First Place ,fl . ,,, xsane lg Us Ira' A "5 f' wal -Q, If .4 ' lf f"l'f ia'!l1fi."i-IQ' Art Festival '85 'E' I , I' 'if 'I' lf! M Gayle Zellers, Pam Kane, Linda Graham, Beth Belford 129 OR TH VVES T CHOIR Phil Austin Todd Diller Peter Henriksson lodi Reedy Kris Bebout Kim Dills Tina Holmes Andrea Reischman Tina Bloom Shelly Eyrich Melody johnson Chris Riley Brian Bloomer lane Gabbard Kim Leiter Mike Morrison Kim Bowen Janice Gabbard Becky Lyons Paul Schilling Kim Bucka Kelli Gibson Greg Martin limmy Slates Chris Butcher Brian Glass jennie Maurer Kathy Smith Renee Cox Kris Good Roger Moore Candy Swigar Kim Crawford jenny Grand Sherry Myers Ann Swigart Ray Dannemiller Donald Harbaugh Michelle Patterson Val Swigart Michelle Diller Eddie Hawks Kim Rea Doug Valarik Don Browne Dawn Holmes Shannon Reeder C. Wennerstrom ,mi jim Wigginton Cheryl Witte Danielle Witte David Notch lenni Woods Meredith Wyles Debbie Yoskey Kelli Starr Sherrie Halsell Becky Rose joe Stefan and Mark Stewart Chris Riley and limmy Slates . T-1?-W..- TRIBAL TONE5 WMzWMwilllmh f Q, l l ll ii TRIBA Brian Bloomer Chris Butcher Sara Cameron Kim Crawford Deidre Duncan Shelly Eyrich Sherri Halsell jane Gabbard Chris Riley jimmy Slates joe Stefan Mark Stewart A S ' rt L TONES nn wiga Lynette Weigand Peter Henriksson ACCOMPANISTS Carla Mellott Chris Butcher DIRECTED B Y MRS. OA TES was-f i if ' xv X xo -I 1 , h x c' xl " 'E ' "sul .3 MARCHING BA The yearbook staff regrets that it cannot put the band members name under their picture, however, a list of members is located within this section. Circle One: Suzanne Willmott and Sheri Stevens flash. Circle Two: The Flags brave the brisk breezes. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MR. GARY MASOWICH . . Before the above words are spoken over the P. A. at football game halftime shows, before the last button is buttoned on the bright red uniform, before the frantic rush for the bus or the commotion in the band room, many, many hours of practice are piled up one upon the other. Whether it's practice at home, during sum- mer camp, or during ninth period and after school these students put long hours into their shows. The fans who sit in the bleachers to watch, understand and ap- preciate this. The Northwest Marching Band plays at all football games and they have appeared at the Stark County Fair, Tuslaw, and West Holmes band shows. ln addition, they perform for many parades including the Professional Football Hall of Fame Parade held in Canton, Ohio each summer. When asked their thoughts on band we received many replies from the members. Here are a few: "Fun and fulfilling!"-Dave Garvin, Sophomore "l'd rather be getting a massage in Rio." -Richard Hanus, junior "Can't wait to initiate next years freshman." -Vicki Notch, Freshman "Squad one is number one!"-jim Slates, junior We feel the whole band is number one! lAnd thanks to the parents that feed us at the games, tooll ABNF ,V fi ,. ,,., .15,,f ,V . A . Q ,, , , "' i f gfgfih, F' -df ' , ,, . 8 ' , l' V , V - - M "' V ' V' " 4 ' . fu V, , , Q . ' L L ' V i E, ... ,.y'a-1 W 5' I., -Q"1A,Z im, ,gV V ff? 1 -LLVVA VV , , 'V ' + A f X L " -' ?'. ". ' -.-'V' ' "TLS, wwx? V V fjj"f' VV ' QMVW' W' 3 .. f 7 Y TV lil' I Pl K' i ' ? "'f f ' ffW?9"Wf9'?MVV . g FV if i-N 4 V , - A Q-,Q wtf., 3 , . .A -. A V, . ,l , ,I ,9 V ..,,.,.V.,,,,Q,,,W fl Y ,,.y,. ,, . A A 3 .. ffffsi -1 7 Iggy 42 - V F N3 'ff' .if ' '- f i"'Mw-'fwl f 'iff -' V' V- s ,- ...Q V4-'f"!'Z'?1" inf . A uw , V' 5? i . 1545 fi' Pr " 4 ,4 ' 'HV 'im'--fm nw - 5' , A VV r"' V+ -"i7'j. X113 ,s-'vii-4-fifq., ,. ,H f1,rdk'6"" "f3.lg1VA "Qgf.nV'f-s:VV ' ', tf'Z,.l..i' 33. X , ' vw- " ' f' , - W ., LT - - '1..f,,fV,tuQ A ,-,QV Magix,-g,g K A Tiff ,gn , , , VM' ,I 1 '17, VTAZVVVV I I ew., t, lm WV In V tm ., :L 1. x- "V -.XL-8 ks + -'fg'.f'l"'VV-' bug" 13' gg? ' ,X 'yy-3'zEk QS VV W my " ... ,I . 22113451 QV- ' 4- ' fl ' V - 'Af VV , ' '15 ""Y':' -, qi-, VI.-.Hx-fV5f '. ,fi ' gy.- -- 'ff+':' ' f-Viv. - . - vis gvw' -V - .. -- 'V- .. Q ,xx . ,A . , :YV wx.. 45 ,IYA,,:ii:.GV?LZgw! l ,3AVh'hZU .H l m g w 4 f ' s ' '- Q. V-, ,,V4,,Va:V2ggJV7 Q N' . 7" 5,3 V 4. 83132 wwwxl 'VVa1:mjd,nV1wgWkWn ',ff'?',Z , M' Q 1-'V 15' lkvxy, 1 " ,. - ' in 2"-V M.-sa-f"V1, 1 Vw.fs,LLQ,,,x."' v'?"K"'f ZW '4W,b4C"1V 'www - A. f - V ,,,. ..-f 1 ' ,L 7 f- V 3 M ,A V ' wi' me "L" ' , liveyh' KV :M M ll if 1 " wi' 93' 'il' ""'aLfA5!'?"T'2 w"'f"l " X V X 1 ---5 + ,im ,,.+.1m4VV. g ,,ygf',,Vh V113 , Y 4 . t K ,nghssksk M Ld: nvk.:i,':f.f,5fl,A L. sA,,5.g,:x5:ga?g,-bMf,5.N,.axkg K N ma Q,.VM.i, .Ay ., , V ,,,gg.'f'F'.1...' ,J 43113,-Q:VVVV2iVVl-f 4 " ' ' 4, . .yi-f.,x. V ,V ,n "' '..- U ' f ,, f -QV -N ' :ll.1i"6 'y'll'f The band puts ,-. many long hours into their shows-during all kinds of weather. lim Slates with a K well made doll. , ,tv Mb " A ,., , ,,i. 1 mgis. -4. n...a.. h swf is Q li , ,,.L 5? 5 SWR V , I ' X, gk, , 7 l Q' 'N . . g Y, Z A 4 , . , . - ,vs ' 'P' I ' ..N,,,,,,,,.W A Mwwfm h li? t 1, .rt MKN, ,wiv , I :VJ lrg if - V . 3, V' V 1 f . '7Vl"V 'I ' X u: ,, . . 2, AV QKVWV, EQ M Wm nw-1.4 Y,-1 A , Gm ,-A 5.53 ,J 1' 5,-, Mg. K u i vw .V 'c' ,.pfi,f. A H 1' l far V ' ff-at A .' ' ' E 4- 'wa'.4.4 1- ..-E1 QQ. -.-f,f'.,n, .J-f 3 G.. Viffv V, .. . Vw- ., 5v??ff1?f'fV-'A :ff'f3V34s, s -1',,, 4 ' . Vf"' ' - " .5 V vffm :gf V 2.4 .. ,. , fjyf9a,as'n...l' , ,f, . ygg' L4Ag""fVf-:riff . u0w::3r55.5,.W:'f41 ,,.?,,y. ' S ui, -V , V k .f. v,',,,w.t,- ,mmifiblwl ,3,fv,f,.,.,rfk,r .'4,:lf,.i,?lLhf,1 ,4-g,Y"... 4 ,,.f . V Q, 1 , L V., 1 m Y' 4 v +i,wwwmi . ,, V. ,1-,,:V,-x . ., VV 4 plz. -IM .V ' ,fu .,K,B 4 W n. . vw' Lynn Nopper listens to the squad. AA M M in A W V l l It In M4 CONCER PI e I f h pg J lam e Bukuts sec mary jenn fer Radrfk Kevin Mmer Chris Rlley President Lynn Nopper Vice President Val Vafdon Treasurer X- , f , . NOR TH WEST BA PUFFENBURGER AWARD: CHRIS FLUTE Kathy joyce Gayle Zellers jennee Maurer Stephanie Fortstopher Amy Crebenstein Tiffany Filing Beth Butler Stacey Bogard Sherri Williams Heather Seifert Pam Allen Sonya Scaffidi CORNET jim Slates Tom Weber Lynn Nopper Sara Fites joe Burke jim Steiner Pete Schanz Vicki Notch Kevin Denbow jessica Karcagi CLARINET Suzanne Willmott Sheri Stevens Lisa Wilhelm Lisa Preuit jennifer Radick Chris Bloom Heidi Young Beth Berthinee jenny Kyler Holly Young Lynne Huprich Erin McCollum FRENCH HORN Brian Butcher Kessie Stewart Carmen Witte Kris Rathbun jennifer Karcagi BARITON Barbie Hester Laurie Clark Lesa Klingenhagen MAIORETTES Rhonda Peters Suzanne Willmott Kris Rathbun Lisa Heinselman Sheri Stevens Kristin Steiner OBOE Chris Riley Mark Adams ALTO CLARINET Sally Ripley BASSOON jeff Bodkin Lisa Thornton Kim Woods CONTRA-AL TO CLARINET Carla Mellott TROMBONE Scott Kumer Shelly Nicholas Chris Wennerstrom Tim Conley Ray Dannemiller Carrie Warren TUBA Dave Garvin Rich Hanus jim Slisik FLAGS Lisa Thornton Lesa Klingenhagen Lisa Molnar jennifer Radick Becky Lyons Carla Mellott Barb Hester RILEY BASS CLARINET Kris Vardon Dana Richmond ALTO SAX jerry Ruthraff jamie Bukuts Val Vardon Lisa Heinselman Kim Rea Cindy Starr TENOR SAX Mike Hanus BARITONE SAX john Reynolds PERCUSSION Kevin Miller Chris Casper john Hall Rob Hume Bob Edwards Brett Stephan Scott White Steve Dark MALLET5 Brent Riffle 'Nun-r if 1 im fi I ui ll ORGANIZATIGNS DRILL TEAM CAPTAINS ANN KOEHLER KELL Y SCHILLING Q ' :imi- H22 V., , BACK ROW: Veney, Ripley, Nopper, Ruddock, Schilling, Siemienski, Steinman, Berdyck MIDDLE ROW: Starr, Grand, Gabbard, Crano, Ross, Thornton FRONT ROW: Gabbard, Koehler, Manka - - - TA TIS Tl C IA NS jerry Drabeck checks stats from julie Coffman. NATIONAL X Willmott, Stewart, Boley FRONT ROW: Galehouse, Swigart, Carol- son, Golay. HONOR SOCIETY x 'f Z R Qi GYM LEADERS v- S5 6 MQQQQ Ph -Ed N , BACK ROW: Lent, Cameron, Moore Saxby, Riffle MIDDLE ROWS: Bu- -E - kuts, Frost, Riffle, Price, Hancock, BACK ROW: Neuhauser, Romanoski, Gibson, Sundheimer MIDDLE ROW: Richmond, Groff, Manda, Lyons, Weigand FRONT ROW: McClas- key, Koehler, Miletich, Wooden, Stohr .. 9 3 l 4. BACK ROW: Swinehart, Stewart, Woodyard FRONT ROW: Chris, Notch Cameron, Cottle, Weigand 139 e t dance un February. It IS advised by Mrs. Wachunus. LIBRARY AIDS RR e-..- . f:, ir .- 1- slaaafyfszssaslaiiirssis FOREIGN LANGUAGE CL UB XIX .': , .49 ry. 'RJ 140 Y q P t ART CL UB X Art Club members show where the new display case they are donating to the school will be hung. Members include: Linda Graham, Melanie Orr, Beth Belford, jenny Etheridge, Pam Kame, and Tracy Turner. The Art Club donated pictures to Echoing Ridge. BACK ROW: C. Riley, V. Booth, K. Spindler, M. Beaver, P. Willoughby MIDDLE ROW: M. Myers, C. Rapp, S. Wagner FRONT ROW: E. Manka, T. Milkey, C. Houck, M. Patterson, L. Gibson A. Racin FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA 3 S -L SIP BACK ROW: Mrs. VanBremen, Mark Wagner, Rich Saxby FRONT ROW: Ed Booth, Dave Notch, Kris Rathbun, Rick james Dave and Jim work at the "Favorite Teacher" fund raiser. 141 SPEECH AND DEBATE BACK ROW: Spindler, Martin, Riffle, Triplett MIDDLE ROW: Saxby, Gibson, Houser, Stewart, Orr, Graham FRONT ROW: Prather, Patterson, Cameron, Riffle, Swinehart The 1984-1985 F.H.A. Club and Advisors GUIDANCE WORKERS BACK ROW: johnson, Lyons, Ingham, Elliott FRONT ROW: Williams, Siemienski, Steinman, Segers, Dolin 142 FUTURE HOMEMAKER5 OF AMERICA 3 J..-I 69 Q-X MAKER XZQQXY, SOA Q, ' Q 0: D K fn t- I EDJ 29 A - 1 IJ 2 A Co 0 "" Q fe, P STUDENT COUNCIL BACK ROW: Wa ner Notch Slates Lautenschle al Neu S f f 1 S 1 ' hauser MIDDLE ROWS: Williams, Woods, Price, Remark, Swigart, Stoll, Dice Weitzel, Wooden, Dice, Stoll, Steiner. FRONT ROW: Romanoski, Edmisten, Galehouse, Hancock, Carlson, Stewart PEP CL UB Q Q Cgf. BACK ROW: Schuckert, Karaginis, Siemienski, May, Gib- son, Kulick, johnson FRONT ROW: Swi art, Racin, Houser, 8 Dice, Stoll, Hancock, Stewart LAB ASSISTANTS BACK ROW: Coffman, Sulzbach, Lent MIDDLE ROW: Casto, Eiseman Wooden, Remark, Cameron FRONT ROW: Bowman, Brisendinc, Rich- mond, Dice, Earnsberger, Lavis CLASS OFFICERS A IUIDIHIUMUUIIQIES PRESIDENT - DAWN BENNETT VICE PRESIDENT - AMY KULICK SECRETARY - SUSIE WAGNER TREASURER - IENNIFER RUEHLING J IUNIIIUIIQS PRESIDENT "' PRESIDENT - LYNETTE WEIGAND VICE PRESIDENT - TINA GIBSON SECRETARY - TRACY PRICE TREASURER - MISSY ROMANOSKI IFIIQIESIHMKI N PRESIDENT - GREG MARTIN VICE PRESIDENT - STACY KNUTSON SECRETARY - SHANNON WADE TREASURER - LORI WHITMORE Terrie Allen Gina Boley Beth Butler julie Coffman Chip Dice Charley Edmisten Debbie Elliott Renee Ferre Robyn Foutty CHIEFTA IN STAFF Kelly Forster Margie Frank Laura Frost Cary Galehouse Laura Gibson Eric Hickman Kim Holmes Tina Holmes Robert Holmes Pam Kame Jodie Kammer jim Kohan Alice Lent Bob McCall Dave Notch Becky Lyons Chris Prather Kim Rea Buddy Reedy Missy Romanoski Jeannine Russo Carla Sandmann Dave Smith Kelly Spindler Matt Wetzel Suzanne Willmott Gina Boley and Suzanne Willmott Charley Edmlsten takcs pictures ,sa Missy Romanoski and Robyn Foutty worked on the junior section. Sally Ripley was editor of the faculty section THE CHIEFTAIN STAFF WISHES TO THANK: TROUP AND PLUTO PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO THE SIGNAL MR. IOHN BOWEN MRS. NICHOLAS MR. SASSMAN MR. IIM TRIFFIN MRS. LINDA ZABADAH GREG SANTOS OF "PICTURE THIS" STUDIO Ml 1 I l I P I I I V1 fl 5 f O .diem 'o0d"'g c 9 'J AQf'5'zk"1i'f" an I." I J X ki RN O I Q l 'o I 0 0 55. Q o O O 0 O I 0 0 ' :ms 0 0 4 A 5' . fy o"'0 , lg? v"E 5 af fain W v 1 'T 9' qv Qin? 39 e g Qflie. f 2 -f 'Q-' . was sv-M SL, o X I 2 2 B 0 r A 15 B 0 0 7 5 ,i O 7 loo - SPECIAL EVENTS JUNIUR -SENIOR PR UM '85 4' X 12? fl 3 X gfkmjif f ,4' . I, K f iff 1 N K dn If A ' l i l GRADUA TION julie Coffman receives her diploma from Mr. Corral. Brad johnson and Rod Roman- oski also receive their diplomas on a very windy day in the Northwest stadium. Tra- cie Allman and Michelle Spencer get ready for the occasion. Cheryl Witte, Michelle Diller, and Ann Swigart fight back tears as Mrs. Fair helps April Eiseman get they sing for the last time with the Gary Galehousef Chris Nesnz, and Charlie ready for the Cefem0fly. choir. Edmisten receive their diplomas. We BEST OF LUCK TO THE GRADUATES OF 7985 um V . X wx V K AN sg X -N-.. X 1 Xl NA ' ln MX N MW X N5 X217 x X ?-,vb M ,nm , Y H1 U' J x. A .,, ,HN urn, ,J yy I v 11 f w A XX , X 1, - Q Nw: v ' T --w.f,,g7 , .gf 'H'4'."fgfti ' Q M fw gf' ' Q' L- T L,-4 ,,,,,,y,L F ,,, 1 - - 6 .,,k -n 2 2 3- 1 Q f 3 gig' W W I kykk .4 A N WE T f Qj Wf ir Nvsq- f f Q X Wx ! N " ' - 111 N ' ' P I ' I I I V1 fl f , , I :lg I I W ig wam ' f FACULTY 1 1 if FACULTYA ,-fllfk 4353, lk , Mr. Corral, Principal Mr. jones, Asst. Principal 59 Mrs Zabadah Secretary HMIM Mr. Balas, Guidance Mrs. Fincfrock, Secretary Mrs. Kideloski, Guidance Secretary Mrs. Best, LD, Mrs. lellison, LD Mrs. Wachunas, Librarian Mrs. Selch, Special Ed. Mrs. Wagner, Guidance Mr. Clifford, In School Suspension N ft' IN MEMORY OF MR. LUTHER ADMINIS TRA Tl ON ... .-,, LJ pie 4. Naomi Coffman Dolores Russell , Norma Maynard x ll , - , 'f ' xl EK 'PP-. ' L ru . r v X 13: ' 'QA-. A CW.. . 1 fi K I Northwest Busdrivers 1. Stephan, C. Hose, I. Brillhart, V. Beaver W Y ' Y 158 Mrs. Ellis on maniac ,..i wan V I Ml kann Miss Krantz-French ENGLISH Mrs. Fair-Spanish , Aff Mr. Murphey Mrs. Hercules-Spanish Mr. Rafailedcs PMI. 31 5 EQ? .Y K9 .N g MX , ,i ,fl Wi xt 1' 1X1 fl ,. xfw fi f l f, IQEY7 fur L Mr. Shefliiig Mrs. Van Bremen Mr. Weigand Mr. Byder Mr. Nettle MF- Snyder No Photo Available l .1 1, , .f--wvff wwf' ar zz SCIENCE fXfXf, 1 Miss Porter Mr. Coates Mr. Walther Mr. Rochus I H Mrs. Keller L ,br - 1'- Mr. Miller Mr. Langley Left: Mr. Pardee Right: Mr. Venables BUSINESS 'Q Mr, Held Mr. Triffun Mrs. Yost HIS TDR Y Mr. Dial Mr. Armstrong Mr. Healey -. '4 .na Mr. Martin tk Mr. Rair Mrs. Oates and Mr. Masowich A k-1L'31': " .L ' HOME ECONOMICS N Ei if mx l1.'1 'J xi ia ' Q 'lx 5 ' ' '- .N f , I 4-'N Mrs. Springer f A I -. . .l ,...-.H 117 Fw! ,E ' 'J-V497 1 -'r-'rgrr ns ls 1 Z nf' -Q Mrs. Cates Ms. Lauer Mr. Mayfield Mr. Weckesscr ABOVE: Mrs. Ocepek BELOW: Mrs. Singleton ,EMM Mr. Peltz The Yearbook Staff would like to dedicate this book to all of our advertisers. Were it not for their support the books would cost each student twice as much as they already paid. Please support these fine area businesses and tell them you saw their ad in your yearbook. P TR ONS Western Stark County American Red Cross DeVerlo's Pizza is the best, and that's why it s "Thanks for your supportI" not like all the rest! 854-3534 GOOD LUCK, INDIANS! FULTON PHARMACY Avalon R.V. Center Lucas Nursery and Landscaping We deliver groceries over S2010 miles from the store Try us youll like us SNIVELY AND KIMMINS SCHALMO BUILDERS INC :MV Dear jim Alice It s not just the things youve done We are so proud gf you! Melissa and paul, That bring us pride and joy. i Love, Mom and Dad The very best of luck to both If 5 the Pef?0n YOUVG SVOWU 'mo of you. With all of our love, Mom and Dad , I t-f.f5"' From that little boy. You're the greatest! We love you. Mom and Dad nm, I You've brought me I-au g h ter! E,,:z:. ' You've brought me Tears, But most of all- You've brought me Love. A May God watch over you , Now and Forever. I'm so very proud of you, Mom A Wx . 1. 'Sf it 55, A ' " , f vt ,A 5 4 W Q . . . ,. .F 12, 31 Q8 ,425 fm 1 if fir-. W- - f A 2 A 1 Q 9 in i 'ba Iw- CLINTON DELI Barberton 825-3135 162 MARY ANN HALL ex is-if iii, .est ij ,L .1 , I ,Q I Wi RL 1+ 1 Q ,, ' " , A- X V 4 ' Z? g ZH V wr ,' I ADVERTISING DKD A UTO SER VICE 315 Cherry St Canal Fulton OH Hours Mon Fr: 7 9 Sat 8 9 NOR TWES T VE TER INA R Y HOSPITAL 2174 Locust SE Box 202 Canal Fulton OH 44614 854 3009 Peoples Federal 211 Lrncoln Way East Massillon Ohro 44709 DIAMONDS MEN SHOP 250 Romrg Road Akron OH 44320 soon Lucx TIGERS CJ5'!',i'5' DEL S SHUES '5!!:'!1,S'2f' 1 COMPLETE FAMILY SHOE STORE COSE BEINER FOX INSURANCE 14 FO MASSI LO O O 44646 O CE 833 8578 RALPH BEINER B32 6236 PHIL FOX 832 4146 I .77 ' si rx' 59 Ml 12,1 15 we 'lv ,N 295 M, ,,,f', C,-you 1 ' fy " GE R c " YOUR "l'Fl7MlF"' lltidflillif AGENV 57 URTH STREET S.E. L N, HI FF! - UIMQMEEBN l X ornsworth THE DEMADKABLE INGREDIENTS C0 lce Cream Parlour Canal Fulton 854 2214 Sandwlch Shoppe Good Luck Class Of F Q Food and Spmts Q Lunchegon gpecaals F 0 A agalllfoif 0 0 Q A 7803.l2?!,?.S3E?3 F 8823811 W, eww? A0 3 854 2271 Nllllll 1 WORKMANS AUTO PAR TS 811 Cherry St Canal Fulton orpef Sfurmture X aff Pzcture Thzs les I Q. Sen or Portralt Famxly 8: Chlld Portraits Weddx g 125 N CanalStreet Canal Fulton OH 44614 854 5438 Greg Santos Photographer M 3""' 1 r5Zl'l15'r'?,X' gg LINDY S Paint 8: Pattern lllll l03 S Canal St Canal Fulton Ohio 44614 854 2868 PJ s Stamed Glass No project too blg or too small Desngners Craftsmen Eshmales Penny Porter 12161 499-2896 Janice Jones I is ES PHONE 3 - BO ll V .8: V Studzo ,85 1 . I .' B . n s EQ g ' Q xv I I , 2 . ,, - C 0 Q ' Q . . -:I ' -if f QQ . . 1 .. I M. A - APA. , Compliments Of I FULTON ANIMAL I H OSPI TA L Canal Fulton, Ohio I My Amencan Associauon of Orthodontists I ' JOSEPH T. MELLION, D.D.S., M.S. NICHOLAS P. MELLION, D.D.S., M.S. PRACYICE LIMIYKD YO ORYHODONVICS TELEPHONE OFFICE HOURS CANAL FUL ON 354 5422 By App01NTMENT zsso wEsY MARKET s'rnsE'r - Axnon. or-no ual: ' Kzxsl 867-2 I I AKRON 1 ISIOICLEVELANDAVENUE. N.W. ' UNIONYOWN, OHIOALBHS ' I2! D699 5389 RONALD STANICH, D.D.S., INC. DENTIST BEVERLY HILLS COMPLEX 2184 LOCUST IPORTAGEI ST I CANAL FULTON OHIO 44614 HERITAGE SQUARE PHARMACY 7774 Manchester Rd Canal Fulton, Ohio 854-4949 1 I SHA WN F KENNE Y DALE5 SHELL ALIGNMENT Attorney At Law 107 N Canal St 2166 Locust St 854 6891 Canal Fulton Ohlo 854 4541 Q Congratulatlons Class Of 85 Good Luck Class Of ,,,,,,,W"""""' zum Locusr smssr cum. ruuou omo usu OFFICE 854-6637 CANTON 494 3667 LOU DISTEFANO RESIDENCE 854 5402 WILDS SOHIO IEFFERY A DUFFEY MD 146 E Cherry sr 7801 Manchester Rd I F l Cana u ton Ohio 854 216 854 4574 5290 ' 1 Q A 'Q '- E513 .. - l - -him- --l'-'- T7? 741' 1 :I IK "'l-'-l'lu -'I'-'IQ-llllm - - -ll I t.l ' - 15.14 n..-an 1-I-1...m-' 1 tv-1-Al-1-vwk'Iv'.x-rwtfnr ' l YOUN e Aouu ' ' ..-...M-.v I CANAL FULTO Veterans Of Foreign Wars Post 9795 The VFW Supports The Community And The Northwest School District Congratulations To The Class Of 85 We Invite All Eligible Veterans To join This Fine Organization Honor The Dead By Helping The Living 257 N. Canal St 854-9995 Y .U Ig. ' 1 wqWWh'H!a:Nil-.mlfwmmwmmwwnw , 41 , 2'- PAQK -A 5 1 -1+ i "1,M Allr- I A ' . I f u: ',-:- -4n- , ENJOY OURIQAORE UNIQUE SWIMMING I f LAKE Q WITH SAND BOTTOM S SAND BEACH ' 1'-?.:., XX X ' -- N ,. . --. "" CANAL ' . FULTON 1 - CLA YS PARK 350 Foot Double II g m R 55013 T wATEn SPEED suns ' ' ' EXITS Ti- E UF I PO Box 182 - - -. J Canal Fulton Home Of The cg-:ns 9 85445691 Yankee Peddler I Butterburldge Rd. . TOMASSILLON WPI' IIIIILII1' IQNOQQOLATIES 5 B25 6808 C D E CANAL LAND FLORIST "Omg O,,mIDI" lVlcCALL'S SERVICE P0 BOX 512 1695 WOOSTER ROAD W. BARBERTON. OHIO A4203 S' Canal St' Canal Fulton, Ohio TIRES DIESEL B 'TTEPIES OCKS 216f854-4500 169 T ""'w.,. , ,, v.,,,KNm ! SKIPCO AUTO SALES CHUCKS COMPUTER CENTER No. 2 K NOPP'S FAMIL Y STORE 9 AM To 10 PM, 7 Days Clinton, Ohio REMEMBER LEONARD D. MODUGNO D. D. S. Office Hours By Appointment 7780-F Manchester Rd Canal Fulton, Ohio l2'l6l 854-4897 Gyafaf 0694! RESTAURANT 81 LOUNGE 2433 Whipple Ave., N.W. Canton, Ohio E. Open Mon.-Thurs. 477-5934 MARGARET STILES WHEN AR T STUDIO lvl ,X L 11 AND Yr,'-Q GIFT SHOP Church H use 133 Canal St 'mques 854 3200 U54 3122 Open Wed adayth Snurdl 1100 B009 ' '9 K RAUS PIZZA 3 1 S 2067 Locust I Tables li Cha rs lOakl Rug R Hoosiers Lamps CNN Co dies Canal Fulton Glassware Vue 854-6475 Crocks Flowers 1 Ulf . li f' I Di s, 4 S1160 ' , Qt- N24 x . ' si. Q . QF . ' 0 Canal Fulton :ss I-Gan sum X A CW' F-Nw. OM no ru Y Z ll' If ' : l,m,to : .m. X, Q Sunda 1 A ,- 'N 12: noontogz n.m. 45 f N ,I .5 XX b 6 1 . - 4, X , ,A X All p i ugg n s . . v l -fl 4 ' ,I 5 5' 'fqlifff' f l lb' e7 xl B J Y2JEVF5ZJZ'T'?'?'f GYMNASTICS 11916 Portage St NW Canal Fulton, Ohio . CANAL FULTON 854-4411 BOEBINGER ts 7 l REALTORS 1 X X .,Lf-f Robert D. Clay 308 Cherry NE Canal Fulton 354-2231 "We Specialize In The Gymnast" KID STUFF A Collection Of Gently-Worn Children's Clothing 2172 Locust St. Tues-Sat 10 AM To 4 PM 854-6314 Cheri Kohan Congratulations To The Graduating Class Of 1985 . nfeinmf doom l6fdLCh6ifl'0Gj Your Chevy Dealer Sin:o1937. Canal Fulton PO. Box 488 S. Conol Srreer, Conol Fulton, Ohio 44614 FOR YOUR PLEASURE GZYONS CDEN 93 AT 21 CANAL FULTON, O. 854-9910 PHILL Y MIGNON Rolling Acres Mall Akron j ig , -L Ri, 5 1-w '- X - Picture Perfect! PLUT0 PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Jusw vusc,-.mwns .fmvrm own uma vELiwcNfl216u'wwnf1 JOS TENS FEW Aw M

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Northwest High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Canal Fulton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Northwest High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Canal Fulton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Northwest High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Canal Fulton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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