Northwest High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Canal Fulton, OH)

 - Class of 1953

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Northwest High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Canal Fulton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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5 .iz A gg X -5. 1 ff i 2 -L ,xv 'SFR Q is H .3 '3J0i. W Q. Q., in 'Q 'V+ Y an Y.. . ,I K -A w1g,vg,Q Q A .. l W w Qi Q 54 sf x if 'if is Q .5 hw... 'W' 'Y' sl. m Rza 'iff 'Z .s5.Q Q U 1. 0,1 ,O 4 as 5 if as I' l Q " 5 fs xanax' 1 .FP Q J yi I ik x 'S 9 4 N H ' Q ' , , . 2 if Kp K f,x.b'A X Y ' f ,M 4 xx A is ,fa .Ev has G E ng ' 4F 1 x 9 9 ,I E H .ai -,,,,, K ,qwguwf , vN'x2wrW .,,R an X if ea Jw, 'X' ,Y 'V a 1, -A H I 6 'Wi ,. was 5 :Exif aqui-1 fiend, A,-Q Y' kd. J' ,-,Q 1 . fa, C fax- 5 JPLQE 'qt f -f n iuvg Ag , 7 if 1 H M! :L H? 4 I X N , I I E ,N:..' .gilt J ghd ?1f? ' f'V?'fLg, ' if ,Q mr 3.5 .24. 4 If W! toss ,Auf X ' vizwvi. ' N414 f,,xK', if Q f W 40' 1 Swiss fi' nv w if f. up .1 : . . :Qi 'W K U Q , . K N ' th N5 Q, Q N "' MF 'Paw if if Q S Q ,Q 'P X any .Q . up 8 a XFX M sqft " If N 1 3 . is Ef- X x A 5 'E 3 5 41 S EE E 5 I- -I NN u H I.. WMNZHMCU WIDHZMW HRT EHHUE5 EFQETE MI-ISIC I '-F' H F' Fl T 4 E S I gg X f-N v X KK if WRX 49' X, I MQ 5 eff K FF- WILLIAM H. KNIGHT FRANCES SHOOK Superintendent of Schools School Secretory F V Clerk of the Board BOARD OF EDUCATION WILLIAM A. WAGNER DON H. MCMILLEN C. RANDALL KURTZ CLYDE GESAMAN President WILBUR FELLMETI-I 5 fp MR. HAGGERTY MH- TQTH Custodian Cusfodlem E0 YAJXXL YMVQYEXGYXH YNY? YMQQCXKEYX YRPXN GENE VXPNSXGPS REBER SXXJXVSOS YX9?wNXPN XLXXAS QXOYBYHY WLYJWYXR mlxxlxliktvo SIXYRPYS XOSUQYX QEROYLQV Y THE MUSIC OF THE BROOK SILENCED ALL CONVERSATION - Longfellow - ff had 5 MR. KLEIN Class Sponsor Flower Red Rose Colors - Scarlet and Gray Motto - Knowledge comes but Wisdom lingers We've journeyed long together. - Robert Burns Home EC. Club l-2-3-4 IEAN ANITA SCHEMBECHLER "Ieanie" "Leave it to lean," Band l-2-3-4 Y-Teens l-2-3-4 Sweetheart Attendant 3 Class Treasurer 3-4 Home Ec. Club 1-2-3-4 Home Ec. Secretary 2 Home Ec. Treasurer 3 Home Ec. President 4 Band Secretaig 4 Homecoming ttendant 4 Annual Staff 4 admire, for in the games Commercial Club 3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Orchestra I-2-3-4 P.O.D. Project Ir. Play Business Manager IANET MARIE GEIER LQWELL BYRON H "Geief" AUGHENBAUGH Her many friends are won "Augie" bY her PerSOnClhlY-H "He-'s well on his way to Band 1-2-3-4 success for studying Band Treasurer 3 his l1Gppil'ieSS." Band Vice President 4 Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 Y-Teen Vice President 3 Y-Teen President 4 Class President 2-4 Student Council 3 Student Council Vice President 3 Latin Club 1-2 Commercial Club 3-4 Glee Club I-2-3-4 Orchestra 2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Senior Scholarship P.O.D. Project Band 1-2-3-4 Annual Editor 4 Scholarship 1-2 Senior Scholarship Hi-Y 3-4 Latin Club 3-4 Projector Club 3-4 School Reporter 4 Annual Staff 4 Hi-Y Basketball 3 Band Treasurer 4 Hi-Y Secretary 4 Freshman Play Iunior Play Glee Club l-2-3-4 "An athlete whom we all Solo and Ensemble 1-2-3-4 Essag Contests l-2 P.O. . Project ROBERT PAUL KNOTTS "Spike" "Iunie" "Anything she takes in stride, is always on the IUN E MARY BRIGHAM he's quite a star." Annual Staff 4 Football I-2-3-4 Football Co-Captain 4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Basketball Captain 4 Hi-Y 3-4 Junior Play Student Council 3-4 Student Council President 4 Class Vice President 3-4 Agriculture 2-3 Declamaticn 4 Senior Scholarship P.O.D. Project WILLIAM WESLEY STANFORD "Bill" "The captain of our foot- ball team and one who is worthy of much esteem." Lorain Andrews l Hi-Y 3-4 Football 2-3-4 Football Captain 4 Basketball 2-3-4 Annual Stall 4 Agriculture 2-3 P.O.D. Project sunnyside." Home Ec. Club 1-4 Class Secretary 3-4 Glee Club l-4 Annual Staff 4 junior Play Newspaper Staff 4 Newspaper Editor 4 Commercial Club 3-4 Scholarship 2 Senior Scholarship P.O.D. Project SHIRLEY MARIE SHOEMAKER ..Pug,, "She's never seen wearing a frown for she's as jolly as a clown." Home Ec. Club 1-4 Commercial Club 3-4 Glee Club 1-4 Newspaper Staff 4 Newspaper Editor 4 Annual Stall 4 Scholarship 2 Senior Scholarship P.O.D. Project 1 ' 0 BARBARA ANN WEAVER ROSEMARY ELIZABETH ANNE ELIZABETH GAINEY "Barbie Ann" MCARDLE "Anne" Brown hair, eyes ol blue, "Meant" "For tour successive years with ilenfy of mischief "She's waiting for a guy she has led our high and talent too." named Royg in him she school cheers." Home EC- Club 1-243.4 finds her pride and joy. cheerleader L2-3-4 Y-Teens 1-2-4 Freshman Play Bend 1 Home EC- SSCTSTCYY 3 Cheerleader l-2-3-4 Orcheslm 1 Home Ec. Ways and Means Ch Z r. Glee Club l-2-3-4 Band 1-2-3-4 Majorette 3-4 Homecoming Attendant 4 Commercial Club 3-4 Solo and Ensemble 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 Newspa er Staff 4 Band Ligrarian 1-2-3-4 Glee Club Librarian 1-2-3 Iunior Play Business Mgr. P.O.D. Project Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 Y-Teen Membership Chr. 2 Y-Teen Social Co-chr. 4 Y-Teen Treasurer 3 Home Ec. Club 1-2-4 Home Ec. Publicity Chr. 2 Declamation Contests 1-2-3 Essay Contests l-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club 3 Latin Club 3-4 Iunior Play Ass't Annual Editor Senior Scholarship P.O.D. Project RAYMOND DONALD WEBER .-RQYH "Not cr worry, not a carey things he says and does others wouldn't dare." Football 3-4 Basketball 4 Hi-Y 4 Projector Club 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Scholarship I Senior Scholarship Student Council 4 P.O.D. Project HENRY MARVIN DOWNEY "Hank" "Full ot vitality, full of fung Henry rates high with everyone." Middlebranch 1-2-3 Football 4 Basketball 4 H-Y 4 Annual Staff' 4 P.O.D. Project EVA GRACE MOORE HEVGH "Personality plus." Atlanta, Georgia 3 Y-Teens 1-2-4 Horne Ec. Club 1-Z-4 Home Ec. County Secretary 2 Glee Club 1-2-4 Latin Club 1-2 Commercial Club 4 P.O.D. Project IAMES IULIUS NEIDERT .tl-im.. "In this world he will go tarp all he needs is a road, a map, and a car." Agriculture 2-3 Orchestra 3 Band 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 - Football 4 Basketball 2-4 Hi-Y 4 P.O.D. Project Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Homecomireg Attendant 4 Home Ec. ub I-2-4 Y-Teens l-2-3-4 Y-Teen Music Chr. 3-4 Solo and Ensemble l Freshman Play P.O.D. Project NORMA IEAN WAYNE ARTHUR SHIRLEY ANN GERSTENSLAGER DOUGLAS HILTBRAND "Gertie" "Shortie" "I-lildy" She made a sweet queeng "He offers good looks and "Variety is the spice of life." no wonder she was a swell personality." Bond 1234 chosen by our football team." Y-Teens l-2-3-4 Glee Club l-2-3-4 Homecoming Queen 4 Cheerleader 3-4 Band l-2 Commercial Club 3-4 Newspaper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Orchestra l-2 Latin Club l Home Ec. Club 4 P.O.D. Project 'Me and my shadow." Annual Staff 4 Cwlee Club I-2-3-4 Orchestra 1-2-3-4 Solo and Ensemble 1-2-3-4 Band l-2-3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 Hi-Y Vice Preside Hi-Y President 4 Band President 4 Class Treasurer l junior Play Student Council 4 Drum Major 4 P,O.D, Project nt3 SHIRLEY ANN ROBERT lOl-IN WILLIAMS RUDERSMITH "Butch" "Shirl" "'C.F,H. is his station, he Latin Club 1-2 Glee Club l-4 Commercial Club 3-4 junior Play Newspaper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 P.O.D. Project 4 SHIRLOC PAUL RUDERSMITH ..RudY.. "l'm not alone," goes to school to act a fool, and not for educa- tion," Football l-2-3-4 Basketball l-2-3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Agriculture 2-3 P.O.D. Project HAROLD EARL OTT "Bud" "A manly build, a manly look, everything he knows he didn't learn from a Football 2-3-4 Agriculture 2-3 Annual Staff 4 P.O.D. Project book." Football 3-4 Basketball l-2-3 Annual Staff 4 Agriculture 2-3 P.O.D. Project C-lee Club l-2-3-4 Y-Teens l-2-3-4 Home Ec Club l-2-3 Snowball Attendant 3-4 Y-Teen Treasurer 4 ' Home Ec Vice President 3 Annual Staff 4 Commercial Club 4 Band Librarian l-2-3-4 Solo and Ensemble 3-4 P.O.D. Project CLEDA IoANN BRUEGGER ROBERT LOUIS FLAKE IANET MARIE "Tootsie" "Bob" I-IARDGROVE .. t., Humor and wit are all "Tall, dark, and good-1ook- lane hers." ingg you can be sure up "Cuter dimples have Band 1-2-3-4 lglggkiiseve mischief is been flashed. rglillegfrlfbaii ' gjeegicgef Q'2'2'4 - - . u - - - Home EC' Club 2 Emi? 31,2 ll is cofmefcmi Club 3-4 Iumor Play GclgeeCliclb 2 Newspa er Stall 4 Annual staff 4 Hi-Y 3-4 Annual Em, 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Commercial Club Solo and Ensemb Glee Club 4 P.O.D. Project 3-4 le 3 Latin Club l-2 Scholarship 1-2-3 Annual Staff 4 Essay Contest 1-2 Football 3 Solo and Ensembl P.O.D. Project e l-2-3-4 WILLIAM LAWRENCE FRICKE "F rick" "A twinkle in his eye that you shouldn't pass by." Annual Statt 4 Football I-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 Agriculture 2-3 IEAN NELL DONALDSON "Ieannie" "Hair of gold, eyes ot blueg she has a smile for every- one too." Gustine, California I-2-3 Home EC. Club 4 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Commercial Club 4 P.O.D. Project Senior Scholarship BARBARA ANN NICHOLS ..Bmb,, "Charms strikes the heart, but merit wins the soul." Y-Teens l Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Home Ec. Club I-2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 Commercial Staff 4 Newspcgaer Stall 4 P.O.D. roject Glee Club 4 Y-Teens 4 P.O.D. Project RICHARD DAVID HARBAUGH ..DiCk,. "Wavy hair and blue eyedp give him a car and he's satisfied." Annual Staff 4 Football I-2-3-4 Basketball l-2 Class Vice President 2 Agriculture 2-3 P.O.D. Project Home Ec. Club l-2-4 Snowball Attendant I Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 Y-Teen Service Chr. 3 Y-Teen Social Chr. 4 P.O.D. Project HEVSI' MARY LAVONDA LYONS KENNETH ARNOLD MARY MARGARET "Mary" DARKOW HANSEL Not too shy, not too bold, enny Peggy eyes ol brown, heart of "Full of nonsense, lull of "Nice things come in small gold." lung he can talk a leg packages," Band 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3 Orchestra 1-2-3 Home Ec. Club 1 Y-Teens 1-2-3 Junior Play Annual Staff Newspaper Staff Declamation Con P.O.D. Project tests 1-2-3-4 . x , vt' oft anyone." Mt. Dora, Florida 1 Glee Club 2-3-4 Football l-2-3-4 Hi-Y 3-4 Ahnual Staff 4 Class President 3 Agriculture 2-3 Student Council 3 P.O.D. Project CARL EDWARD NORRIS RICHARD LEE HARTMAN "Ed" "Scooter" "His ways are as change- "His manner of speaking able as the weather." may change in tone, but Ann lst H 4' you'll have to admit he Hi,Yug,4 G has a giggle all his own." Qggfgfliiijefls Annual staff 4 ELIZABETH HELEN MARKUS ..Beny.. "Her hair is her crowning glory." Y-Teens 1-4 Home Ec. Club 2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 Commercial Club 3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Newspa er Staff 4 P.O.D. Igoject Agriculture 2-3 P.O.D. Project GLENN HOWARD REICHENBACH mrexu "A fellow who looks so timid and shy, but once you know him he's quite a guy." Agriculture 2-3 Football 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 Senior Scholarship P.O.D. Project Band 1-2-3-4 Orchestra 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-4 Class Vice President l Annual Staff 4 Newspaper Staii 4 Home Ec. Club 1-2-4 Solo and Ensemble 3-4 P.O.D. Project Front Row: Marilyn Ferdinand, Karl Gilcher, Robert Duncan, Gwenna Stanford, Ioan Brigham, Florence Branstetter, Mary Martin, Genelea Fox, Sally Hammer, Lois Cormany. Middle Row: Lewis Etling, George Ott, Glenn Mauger, Paul Stockert, Larry Anderson, Ted loliff, Alvin Notch, Ronald Leaver, Paul Shonk, lames Ebert, Mary Bogard. Back Row: Robert Eicher, Steve Markus, lanet Miller, Marvon Sullivan, Duane DeWalt, Marilyn Evans, Robert Lawrence, Mary Ann Schroeder, lanet Gill, Mary lo Greene. '....,, .ga Was? s.....: gat '-vga iff we ff Q X' K J K X ' my 69" givin? -Qs 'bw Ni is-fi' Front Row: Carolyn Hartong, Margaret Donaldson, Donald Singer, Patricia May, Ruth Ann Friclce, Marilyn Simons, lanet Heather, George Venables, Gaynal Woods, Linda Geasman, Roberta Roop, Marcella Sweigert, Thomas Fox, Carol Sweigert. Middle Row: Russell Mitchell, Ralph Moore, loe Wise, Albert Ott, Ronald McClay, Glen Snyder, Robert Oser, lohn Weaver, Nich Notch, Marvin Hardgrove, lim lenkins, Clifton Smith, Mr. Prokop. Back Row: Lee Hammock, Evelyn Singer, Ben Bloomfield, Don Douglas, Gary Anderson, loyce Kraft, Susan Hann, Barbara Crowe, Betty Lawrence, Bill Stockert, Nancy Stephan, Catherine Hansel, Lillian Ruehling, Betty Ries. It 1-,XG fx- Back Row: lanelle Staver, Roger Fricke, Barbara Campbell, Ruth Bogard, Esther Harm, Sue Green, Alberta Ott, Ann Preece, Barbara Zimmerman, Dorcas Ochsenbein, Frank Donaldson, David Duncan, Betty Gill, Sandra Moore, lerry Gerstenslager, Beverly Barber. Middle Row: George Retfner, Floyd Kirkpatrick, Fred Remark, Lee Hammock, David Krnach, Harlan Weygandt, Barbara Dittmer, Ralph Eberly, Charles Keefauver, Iohn lust, lohn Stewart, Leonard Koenig, lerry Semelsberger, Linda Mathews, Mr. Rannigan. Front Row: Shirley Gesaman, Ann McMillen, Cherie Cuthbert, Raymond Schernbechler, David Ferdinand, Doris DeWalt, Shirley Ludwick, Lauren Rohr, Robert Hartong, Allen Thorn, Iohn Roth, Nancy Dye, Carol Miller, Mary Lou Gaddis, lim Hiltbrand. im Blu., if i fig G-If J lil! 'x NMIIANVQ 433 Q m Y-TEENS I-H-Y M WJ-v FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA f'l ,,,1' ,, l ,I 111 ,,,A 1,,f'lA,,1f5- CGMMERCIAL CLUB Am-ww, Q ,.,- 5' Lg R if 2 5 ? 3 XX K LATIN CLUB M W-13-1 ,.....f' NEWSPAPER STAFF Compliments of Waldorf Dairy im I wwf Q'-ami? STUDENT COUNCIL PROIECTGR CLUB RESERVE CHEERLEADERS f'A.-.-.vxflvnfsn-vin Al Exfrvtl-nn Llllvrflffrntl '2 A X M 2 4 I 4 f L' xp -ff I ggi m "e"""e. -' ,9 " Q w e":if-51 Vx Yf" g at 5' fQ'i W 2 Q -Q l K P 5+ Qwfk 3- inf? 1.5?5'l Qlf ,K Kgvggmx W M3 -3 .--, .ww -' Q ' fW N if Qs:-3 'ff .Ss . g v 4 . "' sir fur ,, FW' A MH- '- 7, 9 Wg34fgM g, 1 ir Wi! 3 S? X Z ' M' ' N3 ww x. :HQ Q' if gggnf f ,X P Q '. Mid QQ 1 . " V. , a . x S ! .xff .K X 4 e 'ZW 'Q ri 1f qv 5 lffispiz 'iii x run 5.5! J 3 N AF" 5 5'7fw', 1' . Y' elf? , fig,-fd 5xQg::,,."-311-,Q flag ', ,":'g,f om, X W 'H J, V ,,:M ,R W 'V .1 .v,w, L1 s ' , Q - 1....... f " w f I .,, ix' W 2 ls Complifnents of R E H ardgrove Compliments of Harry Nelson GLEE CLUB AND ORCHESTRA Our Glee Club this year has sung at the Christmas program, February concert, and Baccalaureate. Everyone has enjoyed Glee Club and the interest has grown considerably. The orchestra has been extremely active this year. They have played tor many dances and the Iunior and Senior plays. We shall play tor Commencement. All the members have enjoyed their work this year. ...e Compliments of Max Rupe QV! .2 4 1 fe N' fav , 4'-IUT1 iz- MR. KETTER MR. KLEIN Coach Assistant Coach .4 M, , , WL . Manchester Waynesburg Middlebranch Hartville East Canton St. Ioseph Iackson Navarre Compliments of B. 62 M. Grill FOOTBALL SCHEDULE They 7 6 0 7 U 0 13 33 We U U 6 33 26 20 15 19 rrznm-lun :un--zmm -Tm Glen xxx . , if' U V , , X I xx. in xeu rm 35" 7'-'df' Stark CouNf7Co-ChamPs 9? A .QEL W., .,H, E 2 M S.. W Bud Bv?'ch Bob Kaul! Dick C pl t 1'W FII th,Ir. Compliments of Denison and Diehl FFlU4NFmIU WIDHZNW RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM CHEERLEADERS rw ,qw C -1 1 'Elms KTI KQS 23 "AK TQURNAMENT TEAM Compliments of Commercial Photolith Co. Inu-:-I 'M l K JD 1 96' 0 9 18' 0 CQRA CARR L I ' Principal IOSIAH MAXWELL VIRGIL SUMMERS WILLIAM COGAN ...Q LAVONDA CORLEY DOROTHY SUMMERS ETI-IEL KNIGHT BERNICE cocszm I BETTY HANKS LIVINA MOSGROVE EIGHTH GRADE Front Row: Rosella Hartman, Carol Otto, Terry Kroeger, Iudith Fudge, Ada Iean Baum, Richard Gindlesber- ger, Iohn Shonk, Robert Mansfield, Thomas Reighart, Virginia Fox, Iunior Weber, Roy Ray. Middle Row: Mr, Summers, Richard Norris, Robert Gindlesberger, Ierry Nicholas, Lois Stockert, Marie Le Berth, Richard Swisher, Melvin Mansfield, Rita Mathews, Robert Blachly, Back Row: Lois Hoover, Ann Fletcher, Elizabeth Siber, Alice Markus, Phyllis Griffin, Betty Woodring, Sue Ann Cuthbert, Sandra Neal, Sharon Gilcher, Georgia Host, Iudi Moke, Richard Stoughton. It SEVENTH GRADE Front Row: William Simmons, Gary Leaver, Buddy Hartman, Paul Goerke, Herbert Blachly, Gary Zurschmit, Carl Smith, Ianet Cormany, Miguel Guzman, Albert Cooley, Ioyce Ries, Lowell Gesaman, Roger Fox. Middle Row: Mr. Maxwell, Randall Woodall, Dennis Iohnson, Iames Selch, Iohn Wise, Glenn Mullins, Mar- gie Mohler, Elinor Ruehling, Ioel Schimke, Iudy Semelsberger, Ruth Parker, Rita Volk. Back Row: Nadine Eckroate, Dale Ferryman, David McCartney, Kenneth Fricke, Gerald Duncan, Lyle Kirk- patrick, Earl Minks, Lawrence Notch, Kenneth Sick, lerry Turner, Carol Fellmeth, Ronald Hague. 3: -. M wr-'Xia wav W I I ral?-2-is SIXTH GRADE Front Row: Iudy Iust, Hope Thorn, Lucretia Fowler, Iames Finefrock, Neil Baker, Wanda Hofstetter, Wil- liam Fischnick, Marion Weygandt, Nyda Noftsinger, Thomas Norris, David Nichols, Iohn Tipple, Wil- liam Swigart, Richard Schmachtenberger, Clifford Mansfield. Middle Row: Patsy Furr, Carole Rupe, Carson Ripley, Dorothy Parker, Iacequeline Little, Elfie Breitenstine, Gerald Hammock, lane Reid, Ronald Ries, Thomas Otto, Clifford Casto, Linda Suderow, Linda Ott. Back Row: Richard Dye, Maxine Casto, Glenn Weber, Harry Downey, Kenneth Waggoner, Georgia Ketler, Barbara Iohnson, Iudith Mann, Iennie Hancock, Phyllis Baum, Karen Ellis, Donald Miller, Robert Gar- rett, Nan Ensminger, Raymond Ferryman. xl FIFTH GRADE Front Row: Ronald Williams, Iames Fellmeth, Bruce Gesaman, Duane Weygandt, Iohn Kistner, Ruth Ann lnghram, Marilyn Greene, Mary Ellen Weidner, Doreen Cuthbert, Robert Wagner, Iack Davis, Thomas Gesaman, Raoul Helwig, Polly Turske, William VVittman, Alex Markus. Middle Row: Henry Host, Marion Fricke, Robert Woodall, Denny Lee Smail, Richard Weigand, Helen Stockert, Elda Knight, Norene Browne, Charles Hass, Ellen Schimke, Thomas Gincllesberger, Iudith Snyder, Garnett Davis, Thomas Nicholas, Mr. Cogan. Back Row: Cora Boser, Rita Hann, Betty lane Fudge, Linda Nicholas, Vernon Siber, Ronald Neidert, Marlene Parker, Sundra Franklin, William Greenawalt, Norman Tippel, Marion Stewart, Iames Iust, Mary Alice Moore, Sandra Hammock, Ralph Blachly, Donald Decker. FOURTH GRADE Front Row: Mary Ries, Gary Rhoades, Mary Lou Ketler, Sherrv Ann Pierce, Merrie Ensminger, Pauline Dye, Irene Mohler, Paul Inghram, Margaret Moore, Marilyn Mann, Donald Shearl, Thomas 'Baum, Ramona Guzman, Edward Markham. Middle Row: George Shuman, Larry Iohnson, Monroe Host, lean Klais, Peggy Wood, Newton Bogard, Marsha Roop, Trini Shonk, Ronald Lawrentz, Gerald May, Daniel Miller, Catherine Lusk. Back Row: Mrs. Corley, Florina Reichenbach, Delbert Woods, Karen Kirkpatrick, David Tipple, Kathryn Donaldson, Kathleen Young, Gary Hoelt, Carolyn Hass, Mable Norris, Ioyce Welsch, Kenneth McCul- lough, Harry Bobb. THIRD GRADE Front Row: Thomas Casto, Marcia Swigart, Marge Fischnick, Marilyn Fischnick, Toni Sauerbrei, Linda Toomey, George Bobb, Richard White, Tana Hartman, Donald Hoover, Ellen Turley, Connie Pierce, Kenneth Tesch, Paul Edwards. Middle Row: Gary Parker, Sarah Norris, Gary Iohnson, Frank Brown, Lois Rupe, Iudy Bogard, Charles Kraft, Terry Ketter, Gene Shuman, Shirley Ott, Armena Host, Charlene Laurentz, Ruth Ann Baughman. Back Row: Mrs. Blank, Iudy Baker, Evelyn Hann, Wanda Weber, Beverly Geiger, Ianet DeWalt, Dan Pen- chalk, Carolyn Greenawalt, Catalina Guzman, Martha Blachly, Glenn Garrett, Charlene Waggoner, Neil Weygandt, Brian Cuthbert. SECOND GRADE Front Row: Sandra Boron, Marie Bobb, Barbara Shook, Dennis Wittman, Linda Hiltbrand, Timmy Lohr, Sharon Brand, Roger Mayes, Richard Turske, Peggy Cuthbert, Linda Garrett, Mary Nicholas, Karen Wittman, Glenda Moore, Iacqueline Roach, Middle Row: Gregory Simmons, Lawrence Stockert, Betty Wood, Ronald Mansfield, Rosellen Smith, Lois Mc- Millen, Robert Moke, Thomas Reid, Dan Klais, Clifford Bachtel, William Lusk, Linda Mohler, Ray Fow- ler, David Wagner. Back Row: Mrs, Cogan, Trudy Hopper, Barbara Haynes, Iohn Greene, Loren Witherow, Ierry Long, Kenneth Martin, Kenneth Tippel, Marilyn Neidert, Diane Cullen, Iames Wheeler, Charles Myers, Ralph Wei- gand, Ianet Park, Roberta Powell. if 25' FIRST GRADE Front Row: Linda Rhoades, Tommy Neidert, Paul Hamilton, Glenn Decker, Virgil Martin, Darius Dauis, Dale Lohr, lack Park, Ioan Fellmeth, Denny Roach, Stanley Miller, Iimmy Pierce, David Shearl, Karen Mul- lins, Timmy Gesaman. Middle Row: Victor Host, Gary Kaufman, Vera Rohe, Pat Hanks, Iimmy Grover, Tommy Hardgrove, Eileen Fricke, Dick Root, Clarence Soltan, Kathy Foster, David McClay, Roger Edwards, Gregory Chapman, Barbara Ott, lane Brown, Paulette Levers, Ralph Laughlin, David Morris. Back Row: Mrs, Mosgrove, Iudy Blatti, Wanda Case, Iohnnie Hoeit, Roger Woodall, Gary Iohnson, Steve Root, Mike Durinsky, Eddie Tesch, Norman Woods, Merle Ferryman, Keith Crawford, Kenneth Einefrock, Kenn Co k T A d' B ' ' ' y o, erry ma io, etty Turley, Diana Lepley, Sherry Swxgart, Nancy Iolly, Mrs. Knight, Absent: Paul Host. MORNING KINDERGARTEN Front Row: Kap Lepley, Bonnie Weller, Thomas Rhoades, Karen Willmann, Kathy Ellis, Wayne Baum, Dorothy Boland, Christine Geiser, Iean Majo. Back Row: Mrs. Hanks, Karen Burns, Margaret Otto, Alice Ann Roberts, Donna Gindlesberger, Sherry Pitz, David Simmons, Donald Koenig, Linda Oser. M, AFTERNGON KINDERGARTEN Front Row: Peggy Kline, Mary Beth Meibert, Lynn Penchalk, Gary Grover, Kathy Smith, Pamala Remark, Edward Hardgrove, Kathy Appleman, Richard Moore, Richard McMullen, Mildred Dye. Back Row: Dennis Staver, Harold Norman, Rebecca Lockhart, Iayne Smith, Christine Laughlin, Eugene Dannemiller, Patricia Greenwalt, Iohn Norris, Dale Iolly, Bernard Soltau, Mrs. Hanks. CADET BAND CHEERLEADERS BASKETBALL TEAM PHE REVEREND FATHER IOHN L. MAURER Principal FACULTY SISTER MARY ST. IOAN SISTER MARY EWALDA SISTER MARY NATHANIEI. GRADES ONE AND TWO TEACHER: SISTER MARY EWALDA, S.N.D. Front Row: Ioanne Williams, Minta Lerch, Carol Weber, Ioyce Stephan, Thomas Richardson, Gene Gabor, Richard Chenevey, Michael Knopf, Daniel Youngblood, Thomas Remark, Barbara Wagner, Diane Paul, Donna Boak, Mary A. Seifert, , Middle Row: Mary M. Rohr, Nancy Remark, Patricia Ott, Ramon Yingling, Timothy Ilg, Iames Gill, Vincent Yurick, Mary Boland, Nina Garman, Nancy Workman. Back Row: Carol Paul, Anastasia Dedlow, Dennis Stephan, Robert Koenig, Galen Gozdan, William Lerch, Arthur Seifert, Donald Steiner, Iohn Youngblood, Barbara Gill, Karen Etling. GRADES THREE, EGUR AND FIVE I I TEACHER: SISTER MARY NATHANIEL, S.N.D. Front Row: Iames Remark, Kenneth Aman, Robert Rohr, George Gabor, lames Chenevey, Allan Yingling, Gary Etling, Doris Boak, Mary Ann Remark, Barbara Kendle, lane Culp, Rosemary Gill. Middle Row: Karl Youngblood, Terry Willmott, CarolTinsler, Linda Youngblood, Mary M. Garman, Kathleen Garman, Patricia McFarland, Anne Weinrich, Ioyce Talalas, Michael Gozdan, William Williams. Back Row: Floyd Freed, Paul Seifert, Ioyce Yingling, Barbara Burger, Mary Lou Stitz, Ioyce Shondel, Eileen Simpkins, Mary Alice Young, Donna Ferdinand, Verla Yingling, Mary Lois Bloomfield. GRADES SIX, SEVEN AND EIGHT TEACHER: SISTER MARY ST. IOAN, S.N.D. Front Row: Tom Culp, Roger Rohr, Mary E, Brigham, Mary Demelas, Iames Koenig, Iudy Burger, Martha Blank, Louise Seifert, Gary Stephan, Roseanne Oser, Annette Schalmo, Gary Heather, Tom Burger. Middle Row: Robert Shafer, Dale Stephan, Rita Bloomfield, Rita Young, Ioanne Workman, Charlotte Ott, Marlene Freed, Iudy Heather, Larry Etling, Thomas Tinsler. Back Row: Walter Talalas, Clarence Workman, Albertine Seifert, Lucille Boak, Robert McFarland, Raymond Yurick. Iohn Shondel, Gretchen Geier, Ioanne Appleman, Robert Gill, Donald Young. SNHII UES ' ZA w gfjlffyz -Qailmg 'M ,nn. . . -di" lnfqf' . u ,tw ...N--J . . ,tln 4-""' ,aw ,wif ,,,.f katkua ahdkllinm These are American HE foreign language newspapers you see here are as American as the funny papers. Yet these papers are pub- lished in languages that look very strange to most of us. They are just a few of the many hundreds of foreign lan- guage newspapers published in America. The publishers of these papers have the same freedom to express their views and support their interests that English language newspaper publishers have. The right to publish what we please, and in any language we please, is one of the freedoms guaranteed to us by our Constitution along with the right to secret ballot, freedom of worship and many others. In some countries these rights are being wiped out because they stand in the way of a totalitarian state. There, free-speaking newspapers have been replaced by state- owned propaganda machines. Religion has been suppressed. History re-written to glorify the state. There are those in this country who would like to re-write our Constitution so that it would wipe out our rights, too. The only way we can prevent this is to stand up for our rights whenever we see them threatened. L Remember, they're your rights, so treat them right! newspapers! DO YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHTS? As Americans, we have the greatest freedom and the highest standard of living in the world. Help keep it that way by knowing your rights and guarding them well. Some ot them are: Freedom ol worship Right to secret ballot 'Right to know hou' your union spend: your duet Freedom of speech Freedom ol the pren Right to criticize uliirials 'Right to know salaries of your union nficialr Freedom Irorn xearrh without warrant petition government for redress of gricvnnrer krlou' il your union ollicerx are Communist: 4'Right to know how your union ix run Right to .tpeedy and publir Irial by jury Right to help of a lawyer 'Right to hear your employer? ride of diiagreementr Right not to appear ax 4 witnen againxt yourself 'l'Right to refute to permit the "check-oH" ol union dues "'Right to go direct to your boss with a grievance Right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty Freedom to own property 'VRight to work despite union jurisdictional disputes Freedom to work in any locality 'Right to proper xuperririou of your union u-rllarc fund: Freedom to start and manage a business Freedom to make a profil 'Right not to be lired by union leaders Right to "Right to "These are rights you cnioy under the Taft-Hartley law. THEY'RE YOUR RIGHTS, TREAT THEM RIGHT! THE TIMKEN ROLLER BEARING COMPANY "The right to work shall not he abridged or made impotent" CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1953 BLCOMFIELD CHEVRGLET SOUTH CANAL STREET Canal Fulton's Most Modern Auto Service A-Always B-Buy C-Chevrolet Compliments of Raymond Ries and Richard Simmons Compliments of C. R. KURTZ Compliments vf Canal Castings Company ALUMINUM AND BRASS CASTINGS Canal Fulton, Ohio E. E. PARKER MOTOR CO. De Soto - Plymouth Compliments of H. 1. ROTHWEll FITTING C0.. INC H. J. Rothwell, Pres. Compliments of BURTON'S DEPT. STORE "Your Community Dept. Store" And thru the long, long, years to come - The best of Luck to all of you in the Class of "SS" from B 0 R D N E R ' S Canal FuIton's Finest Food Market BEST- WISHES To The Cluss of I953 YOUR WESTINGHOUSE STORE YOUR SPORTING GOODS STORE YOUR ZANDER'S AND RUSS' HARDWARE STARK COUNTY'S ONLY DRIVE-IN HARDWARE CANAL FULTON PHONE 2397 W. E. GILCHER LUMBER COMPANY Complimenfs of THE OBERLIN DAIRY Pasfeurized Dairy Products Mule Hide Roofing "QUALITY SERVES YOU BEST Lumber 0 Sash 0 Doors Millwvrk Phone Massillon 4666 West of BIO Station sf. N. w. PHONE nes. 2256 sus. 2337 Congratulations to the Class of T953 THE ELMER R. STAUDT AGENCY Best Wishes to the Class of "53" T. K. REED Massillon, Ohio Compliments of Dr. Frederick l. lnuster, D.D.S. Massillon, Ohio Best Wishes to Graduating Class of 1953 THE IRWIN STEEL C0 YOUR NEWSPAPER Is a symbol of the Freedoms so precious to all Americans THE EVENING INDEPENDENT 'lcd II lv I 12l!22!221I-22.2 iI22"'...3I212!i!2ilI!22II22: 'N llI332233522IEIIIISSEIZHHSIIREX asssssssssssassaeaasssessssseeaszf.. sassasssasssasesf..f.f-::...f21assss:s2ss-1 5aseasssaassssssmsseassiaisd-1- ssiiiseiisseaew' ...::e:sif2'feea1, E552f?:"'f...::ssz2i"EIZi? if ha ppie r ..... .. .. .... 55.Q"1.4.1.-iiiEiiiiiiiiiiiiziiiiziiiii.l .I1.IZ.Hu-llII!lZI3IlIlIl!3lI722H"I 22Eilhu.-."""12I'2lI222!!Sl3:llIII:l'? .:............................... 1 eesE'rsEr' 2 E with 3 Compllments of MILROSE DRIVE-IN Curb and Table Service Located on Route 21 3'!2 Miles North of Canal Fulton' ED PATRIS, MANAGER Compliments of SUPERIOR PROVISION CO. Phone 2-1591 MASSILLON. OHIO New, Used and Reconditioned We Rent Sell and Repair All Makes BENSON TYPEWRITER CO. 336 - 4th Street N. W. Canton, Ohio BEST WISI-IES tothe CLASS of 1953 'A' THE STERN AND NIANN COMPANY Canton, Ohio Compliments of GILCHER LUMBER CO. BOB SWIGART Manager Phone 2 2 22 Compliments of Florian P. Cuthbert, M.D. SCHALMO IMPLEMENT McCormick - Deering Tractors and Implements I H Refrigeration New Idea Spreaders O Repairs Fence and Farm Hardware Best Wishes To the Class of 1953 MIDLAKE DRY CLEANING COMPANY Ninmisila Road East of Traffic Light Manchester, Ohio Complimenfs of MASSIll0N INDEPENDENT RETAIL JEWELERS GLENN P. HECKERT SUTTER'S JEWELER J. L. FROMHOLTZ C. J. DUNCAN PITCOCK and WAGNER, Inc. Compliments of Tremco Manufacturing Company CLEVELAND, OHIO Masfic Specialfies, Painfs, Enamels, Profecfive Coafings for Mainfenance and Consfrucfion Mr. C. F. Murphy B 221 Norfh C t Ohl Phone 9379 Congratulations to Class of 1953 S T A N F O R D ELECTRIC CG. HART'S Frozen Food locker and Grocery GATTUSO MUSIC CENTER 130 Market Ave., S. CANTON 2, OHIO Phone 2-6907 King Band Instruments Le Blanc Woodwinds Selmer Instruments Repairing - Lessons Compliments of ClAYS PARK Congratulations to cl.Ass or 1953 FINEFROCK BROS. Best Wishes to the Class of ..53.. STARK GLASS, INC Compliments of T0 SMES TERRY AU Massillon's Largest Used Car Dealer Over 4500 Satisfied Customers Cor. Sth and Lincoln Way E Open 9 A. M. To 9 P. M. PHONE 2-7463 Compliments of MEEK-SEGNER CO. Compliments of C. 0. FINEFRDCK CO. Quality Home Furnishings since 1902 641 Lincoln Way W. MASSILLON, OHIO Compliments COMMUNITY STORE 2922 Lincoln Way, N. W. Massillon, Ohio Compliments of STONE BROS. Clothes Large Selection of Suits for the Graduates W. B. MYERS Ford Cars and Trucks S Sl k - J k IC,d.:ts ff- liurnislzcilgits PHONE 23 3 3 104 Lincoln Way W. Massillon, O. EL Congratulations Refrigeration and Electrical Service Commercial and Domestic PHONE 2397 to , The Class of 1953 Sterling Bakery WHY TAKE CHANCES in not belonging to the motor car owners guardian. Cost only 510.00 per year The Massillon Automobile Club Compliments of W. M. Kyser Sales Co. Compliments of Morrison Music Service Band Instruments Phone 7560 - 220 Lincoln Way E. Compliments of EDNA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE AND EARl.'S BARBER SHOP Phone 2212 CANAL FULTON, O. H. C. ALLISON Water Well Drilling Canal Fulton, Ohio PHONE 2437 The Koons Wallpaper Co Wallpaper - Window Shades Linoleum 55 N. Erie - Dial 4434 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN MASSIIION MASSILLON'S ONLY NATIONAL BANK , The Bank of Friendly Service K R A F T 8. P 0 T H PLUMBING AND GAS FITTING Steam And Hot Water Heating, Jobbing Phone 5253 1320 First Street, N. E MASSILLON, OHIO The Sanitary Laundry and Dry Cleaning MYERS SPORT SHOP 421 First Street, N. E. Massillon, Ohio Fishing Hunting and Athletic Supplies Plenty of Parking Space 37 Erie Street N. Drive in oft the street One block 'south of to our front door St. Mary's Church SHEll SERVICE STATION Glenn Heller, Prop. Gus, Oils, lotteries, Tlres Corner State Routes 93 and ZI The Exchange Bank Co. DEPOSITS INSURED Canal Fulton, Ohio Dial 2356 Paul R. Swzlgart Funeral Dirrcior Infualid Car Ser-'vita M anumml: Rex Typewriter Co. Adding Machine and Typewriter Sales and Service 332 Erie St. S. MASSILLON, OHIO Pauline Schembechler Compliments of Manchester Beauty Shop I.EY BROS. TURKEY FARM OHIO TENDER GROWN TURKEY'S Phone 2712 Canal Fulton, Ohio 1953 Fultonian Covers Manufactured by The Mueller Art Cover 8. Binding Company Compliments of Western Auto Associate Store E. W. HARRIMAN, OWNER Canal Fulton, Ohio Compliments of Crosby Shoe Store SHOP AT Compliments MORTONS Stationery - Gifts - Luggage Greeting Cards -- School Supplies 45 Erie S'treet, North MASSILLON, OHIO MADELYN'S For Your Graduation Dresses and Gifts SHOP AT Schrocks Variety S1-ore Complete Hobby Supply 3244 Lincoln Way E. MASSILLON, OHIO Phone 4488 Moll Chain Saw Sales E5 Service SPENCER EQUIPMENT CO. 726 Lincoln Way W. MASSILLON, OHIO SEGEL'S Where You Will Find Lovely Things To Wear 28 Lincoln Way, E. MASSILLON, OHIO Phone 4829 The Modern Home Is All Electric THE 0HIO EDISUN C0 Compliments of T e Massillon Army h and Outdoor Store Compliments of F. W. Arnold Agency 37 Erie Street S. Massillon, Ohio Compliments o f Hofsfefer Bros. DON'T FORGET: We Buy Furs, Hides Compliments of THE STATE BANK C0 MASSILLON, OHIO Best Wishes to the Class of "53" ETlING'S RESTAURANT M. H. MARTIN High Fidelity Music Systems for the Home, Custom Built Radio and Television Chassis Best Wishes to the Class of "53" CUTHBERT JEWELRY Oser Dairy Home Delivery CANAL FULTON - CLINTON WARWICK - MANCHESTER Phone Canal Fulton 2093 Mimeograph Sales 8. Service SPIRIT DUPLICATORS AND MIMEOGRAPHS 119 - 12th N. W. Canton, Ohio Compliments of Ar1"s Barber Sho P Art Lowry, Owner CANAL FULTON, OHIO Compliments of Bob's Lunch MANCHESTER, oH1o Compliments of Fulton Beauty Shop Dr. A. D. Weinswelg 47 Lincoln Way W. MASSILLON, OHIO Phone 7639 Compliments of Joe Goldenfield QUALITY MENSWEAR 169 Lincoln Way W. MASSILLON, OHIO Be sure to stop when you go thru Clinton Kemble-'s Kusi-ard Sandwiches - Sundaes Milk Shakes - Candy Boston Coolers Compliments of VI0lA'S BEAUTY SHOP MASSILLON, oH1o DUMONT ATHLETIC CO. Sweaters - Iackets 134 -2nd Sc., s. E. Canton, Ohio " 35233-Ein. ' " , 'L ' it A , Y 'V-rv yi wx sf av 3' ws wi 'ls 6 A. A an f ai' 'N -- ff" 1 ag: .x,,,,Mi,.L V 3 if ' V fi' X mf, Tix, 5'- 4 xgskxvlxi ' f..i,'Yr wi QQ! -ra mwgw ..2?'Q- AX A3 1' v , .4 A I. 2 5 x ' nl 1 Q, F,-1 . as an A , 4 w 'hw I4 0 N V X W f if .i m ,Ari ,HA .- JW Y .M Tw' Q ff' wa. 4v""" L if tl i ,, if Y , sg QQ Q,,x 1. vb. as, 5 W x lf" 4 , o 1 aw kiwi., I 4 my . X., -ti qv ,V . 'Q4',vNs.' :nf 'Q , Mus- . . r ,!'w!,'F, I wsu Clip ilu., aj? E ffif' w 3 841, 'gf' -1 ,.: . I Q' W f-. 'gill vi wi ek' X M 5- '-zu iggv g ml ' Y 'Eff M ,Lg-1 g ' . 'Z iff f , . Y 3 - ,IJ wb , . Q . S ,. an M Q, , D 'Nw sw Kr in A5 W .ii ,Jfrkb ,H 5, 5 1,37 . - vw. A 'As X2 it 4 5 EPM I as M 1 1. A , Mft. 1,1 5 3 .W 'K M, ,S is 1' 'tl 1f" ',i Q' K5 X ' ' W , bv? 5 ' 5 g W A ff N .Qc fb Q Aw A' f Wk 2' Q W f 5 Af " , A :.- If Q 'Q.5,1' 14 w 6' 5 ' avi' x W V' fr ,f 4 7 X- A l Y gi A N r 4 ii ,Q aww ,fir in A 51,nM7A W 1 '.3il...w ,

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