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Northwest High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Canal Fulton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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...hw . 1? Y ,Nui-wnfrf W 434, W is S k W, ,fm Mg. 1 if ..-.. W ,yea . k,, - T -wmv " M WAS lulifsf 4 ff-. 33 ..,,, -'gsm K ef r 0 wg-Q ,..,.,. n Mm 1 -W p.. . . W V l xl fx Q K it is ,K , . Y .1 mf Q ' ' ' Ns. 'Af , ' ,,,, -'Qs . W , N. ' 'T' 4 M4 -W W , N P A f 1 V LA , tix wqgg, lbw. Q 4 ' 1 ' ' s , L 5 ,,...f of ,ak H V, ,N Q 7 A A , . S I1 I 0:39 Qi , , 1 A .., im. ,nf r ' M' -112 ' M '!?3"'W""'W'f 'M' H Qgfffx ., ,N 351,351 xx f a ' ' ' um f, x ' f f 'V -nsi"4g,' L 4 .fffff-Q4 my '-'A ' ' f -'H if f - 2252" Q.. 4' X5 tx., N -V ,N v A 5' 1 au:ct'M4W' ' "J I 4' , 5 I Ax . sw 0551 Al' -Q.. . , 1 was vw 'HEAR g Ha- 4 Leg-vm, -411- vev , 45" AX X , Jef .1 4... T. Www JmW,,,..,- 'Q 'agp W . .M it I-1 fa 'Y N. 6 I My-W-4 ,, f we , M ,E . aff . A' N x i lx :Tr mtg sq. .... , ,, f Q is , vw ' in , v N- ' " .Q f 1' , ' 'Q V, . 4,,' ' 'A x. A , 'a fi.-,J 1 af I AQ ,w 1 5. x Q. 'L .V Q kg huh: . ' " L X 1' "- 4' 5.1, I A my ug F R Xlbniuu .ff Www 'fs The CLASS 0F 194 THE I IHA 'i'li'alimL "Where shadows play on still waters, cmd quiet brings peace For being a sincere iriend as well as our teacher and sponsor, we the senior class oi 1947 wish to dedicate this annual to Mr. Rousomanoif XM! jf N in . 'N' is , ,xx ' xxx N, ribs-...,,., """"--- 5 w-p-.....w. .. AQ Bw X ix .X R 'NX if Hx. NNN. Mx---. X THE HIGH SCHOOL 11. M 'Sf' H X iii TX' '-xx X xx E. E. PARKER WILLIAM WAGNER KENNETH MARKHAM BOARD OF EDUCATION ARNOLD BLANK, HARRY MYERS President Clerk CUSTODIANS A MR. HAGGERTY MR. TOTH --as ""'!' unt changes have change trorn these MR . ' S uperintende nt ararno fd id ch ot Qciat, 8. two p ' e vlor ace.E-a s ot s Dear 'loung Peopi . During your schooi iite taken ptace throughout the entrr peace to warfa change trorn war to pe changes bringing with it fnany tiie transition econornic and poiiticai natures. May X predict another transition in seyerat yearsf "Depressionf' What have you done during the past tour ars in high school to heip you hurdie this obstacte? do when you ieaye here that wiii heip t onster? 'der what is best tor hign to 'ii you his 10 const ye What wt you in tighting seriousiy be yours, Let May each one nd do it. s and happiness fffnffjfj erintendent do a succes 711 j r N I Sup S eCI'etGrY W M AB E Es THE FACULTY MISS FLETCHER MR. ROUSOMANOFF MISS SIMPSON I MISS REPEDE MISS BRAUNLICH MR. PUFFENBERGER MR. CROCK 0 E ,vs A ., ..,. , -E? -, ,ge MR. ROUSOMANOFF Class Sponsor CLASS COLORS: Blue and White CLASS FLOWER: Red Rose Class Motto-"Today The Classroomg Tomorrow The World" .num PAUL RHOADES WANDA SMITH CAROL-E BAAB, BYRON KOHN President Secreigry Treasurer Vice President WILLIAM DEMHARTER ..Red,. NIO., Man is the noblest creature Life's no longer it we hurry, on earthy I am a man. life's no better if we Glee Club l Newspaper Staff Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Annual Staff 32 months Navy IAMES DUNCAN "General" He's a genius-it you don't believe it, ask him. Hi-Y 2 Annual Staff Kent State l TED HARDGROVE "Hardy" Great men are dying, and I don't leel well myself. Football 3 Basketball 3 Hi-Y 2, 3 Annual Staff Newspaper Staff Glee Club l, 2 Football Manager 1 Basketball Manager l Projector Club 2, 3, 4 IO-ELLEN ARONHALT worry. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 G3 R. Chairman of Publicity Assistant Librarian 3 Librarian 4 Scholarship 3 Annual Staff Commercial Club 4 PATTI BAUMAN "Boots" Many a cute thing comes in small packages. Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club l, 2 Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4 G, R. Treasurer 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 Annual Staff Newspaper Stall Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3 Home EC. Club Vice Pres. 3 MARY BOAK "Blondie" Oi all treasures Iair to see, a tiny ring is the thing for me. Home Ec. Club l, 2 Commercial Club 3, 4 Annual Staff Glee Club l DAVID STANFORD "Dave" Too bashtul to be known. Annual Stall Massillon Lorin Andrews l , t t MARY BELASCO Independent to the n'th de- gree. Home EC. Club 2 Commercial Club 3, 4 Annual Stall Newspa er Staff Iunior Play CAROLE BAAB "Babs" There've been some changes made. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 Class Secretary 3 Class Treasurer 4 Scholarship 1, 2 Assistant Librarian 3 Annual Staff LEONARD DITTMER "Ditty" What a man dares, 1 dare F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. Sentinal 3 F. F. A. Pres 4 Football 4 Projector Club 3, 4 Annual Stalf RITA BOAK GEORGE GRUBB "Tiny" "Itchy" Reserved-lor Don's future. Small but mighty. Home EC. Club l, 2 Girl Reserves l Commercial Club 3, 4 Annual Staff IIM LEHMAN "Dinh" Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Newspager Staff Annual taii Projector Club 2 Iunior Play Manager IIM SCHWENDIMAN "Cork" Some think the world is School is the ruination of made for lun and irolic, civilization. and so does' he. Football l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Stat! Class Pres. 2 Class Vice Pres. 1 Hi-Y 2 3 Iunior 'Play Hi-Y 2, 3 Football Manager 1, 2 Basketball Manager l, 2 Football Reporter 3, 4 Newspaper Staff Projector Club 3, 4 Basketball Reporter 3, 4 Annual Staff 43 fl""""!'p HELEN RAE MARTIN "Marty" Personality-plus! Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4 G. R. Vice Pres. 2 G. R. Publicity Chairman 4 Scholarship 1, 3 Student Congress 4 Class Treasurer 1 Librarian 2, 4 Band I, 2 Glee Club 1 Annual Stat! MAURINE BRUMITT "Tinker" Dainty, demure, and well poised. Home Ec. Club 1, 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 Annual Staff Newspaper Staff Iunior Play HELEN KIKO "Kik" Curly hair and eyes of blue, With plenty oi mischief mixed in too. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff Annual Staff Iackson 1, 2 Home EC. 1, 2, 3 Commercial Club 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 ARTHUR NORRIS "Art" A little fun now and then Is good for us important men. Projector Club 1 Newspaper Statt nior P a Tu Y 12 months Navy DORIS GREENAWALT "Curly" My heart is gladder than all these, Because my love has come to me. Glee Club 1, 2 Scholarship 2, 3 Newspaper Staff Annual Stali Girl Reserves 1, 2 Home Ec. Club 3 Akron South 1, 2 S. Club 2 Booster Club 1, 2 PHYLLIS KOBIE "Puddles" And people think the owl is wise. Majorette 3, 4 B d 3 4 an , Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4 G. R. Social Chairman 3 G. R. Service Chairman Glee Club I Newspaper Stati Annual Staff Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3 Home Ec. Club Vice Pres. Commercial Club 3, 4 ROBERT PAULUS "Bob" 4 I like school-all except the studies. Projector Club 3 Annual Stott "Ioanie" It's nice to be natural, When you're naturally nice. Annual Stall IOANNE HAHN Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff Commercial Club 3, 4 Annual Staff Akron Iennin s l Akron North , 3 Sz LUCILLE LONG "Lorrie" Mcm has his will, But a woman has her Home Ec. Club 1 2 Girl Reserves 1, 2 Librarian 2 Glee Club l, 2 Scholarship I Annual Staff Iunior Play Scholarshi 1, 2 Projector glub 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff Commercial Club 3, 4 Assistant Majorette 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 PATTY GILL BYRON KOHN "Pat" "Red" Nice girls now days are Artists are born, not made. hard to find. 1-1i.y 2, 3 Hi-Y Treasurer 3 Class Vice Pres. 4 Glee Club 3 Band l, 2, 3 Basketball l Proiector Club 4 Newspaper Staff Annual Stall lunior Play 23 months Navy GRACE LYONS "Gracie" A girl rich with common way. sense. Librarian l, 2, 3 Annual Staii Iunior Play SAM PAVKOV RICHARD POWELL "Sammy" "Dick" Ii I keep up, I am bound Dick is a blushing lad, to make a hit with some- A versatile fellow who one. never seems sad. Projector Club 2 Annual Stall Iunior Play PAUL RHOADES "Dusty" TOM HUMBLE "Kid" I would rather be right He was a beautiful baby than president. F. F. A. 1, 2 Protector Club 3 Hi-Y 2, 3 Class Pres. 4 Glee Club 3 Iunior Play Annual Staff Football 4 28 months Navy ALICE SCHWARTZ "Allie" She has her value. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 Librarian 2, 3 Scholarship 2, 3 Newspaper Staff Annual Staff Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3 Commercial Club 3, 4 But weren't we all. Student Congress 4 F b ll 4 oot a Projector Club 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff lunior Play Annual Staff Basketball 4 Massillon Longfellow l Glee Club 2 17 months Navy BARBARA MILLER "Barb ALICE SIBILA "Ally Mae" She doesn't say much u She sure thinks a lot Girl Reserves Annual Stall Commercial Club 3 4 The nice things said about her are true. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 G. R. Service Chairman 3 Glee Club 1 Newspaper Staff Annual Staff Home EC. Club 1, 2, 3 Commercial Club 3, 4 Queen's Attendant Student Council 1 Orchestra 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Band Sec'v 3 CARL HUDDLESTON Illvl KURTZ "Huddie" "Randy" Reserved. bl-ll well liked bY A light heart liveth long. everyone. 1-1i-y 2, 3 F' F. A. 3' 4 Hi-Y Treasurer 3 F. F. A. Vice Pres. 4 Class Treasurer 2 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Projector Club 3, 4 Manchester l Annual Staff Class Vice Pres, 2, 3 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 Student Congress 4 lunjor Plav Annual Staff Annual Editor-in-Chief Band Treasurer 4 123 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Band Sec'y 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 CHARLES STUMP "Ducky" His friends there are many, His foes are there any. Hi-Y 2, 3 Class Pres. 3 Glee Club 1, 2 Student Congress 4 Football 1. 2, 3 Proiector Club Z 3 4 Newspaper Staff I Basketball 1 EDNA MAE SICKMAN "Pinkie" Generally speaking, Edna Mae is generally speak- ing. Girl Reserves l, 2, 3 Librarian 1, 2, 3 Glee Club l, 2, 3 Annual Staff Home EC, Club l, 2, 3 Commercial Club 3, 4 Newspaper Staff Z Si My Eg All- SALLY SCHROEDER "Sal" Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4 G. R. Chaplain 2 G. R. Pres. 4 Annual Staff Class Sec'v 1, 2 Orchestra 1, 3. 4 Glee Club 1. 2, 4 Band l, 2. 3. 4 Maiorette l, 2, 3, 4 Scholarship 2 Football Queen 4 Band Vice Pres. 3, 4 G. R. Vice Pres. 3 know her is to like her. LAURABELLE MAYS WARREN RYDER Laurie Red Ryder Whered you get those Theres honesty, manhood dimples! and good fellowship in Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4 hlm- G. R. Sec'v 3 F. pl A, 3 4 G. R. 'Social Chairman 4 F. F. A' Cabinet 4 Llbfcrlqn 21 4 Projector Club 3, 4 Glas Cl'-lb ll 2 Annual Staff Newspaper Staff Hi,Y 1 ANT'-101 Smlf Indiana lohn Hill High l llglflf Salziub 2 a Nl'mChes'e' 2 Home Ed, Club secfy 3 2 "'o"'hs New WANDA SMITH "Skippy" Cutting up now and then is pleasant. Girl Reserves l Class Sec'y 4 GI Cl b l 2 ee u . Student Conqress Newspaper Staff Annual Staff Akron Garfield l, 1 2 Commercial Club 3, 4 Scholarshiv 1 STANLEY SUDEROW "Stan" He came to school with one purpose, To get all the education he could find. Hi-Y 2, 3 Hi-Y Vice Pres. 3 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Band Pres. 3. 4 Class Pres. 1 Class Treasurer 3 Proiector Club 2, 3, 4 fbrchesgfx l, 2, 3, 4 unior ay Annual Staff Scholarship CLARA WAGNER BARBARA YOUNGBLOOD Shortxe ' Thumper Quietly sufficient, suifi- If at first you don't succeed ciently quiet. -forget it. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 librarian 1. 2 Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3 Band 1. 2, 3, 4 Glee Club l, 2 OYCTISSVFG 3 Annual Staff Gl Cl b l 2 ee u , Commerciul'Club 3, 4 Scholarshin 1, 2, 3 Annual Staff CHARLES NOEL "Chuck" Big hearted, big souled big! F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4 71... ,5 .--I J. '-U ?,,l, gf .ill '-D ..-IJ 1 E IUNIOR CLASS Front Row: Mary Schwartz, Iudy Rhoades, Barbara Rose, Edna Lohr, Elizabeth Hardqrove Mary Rhoades, Marabelle Hunter, Carol Wittman, Martha Ott, Hazel Street, Wanda Boser, Vera Pavkov, Ioan McArdle. Middle Row: Carol Simmons, Mary Kurtz, lack Greenhoe, Glen Lautzenhiser, Winona Nicholas, Donald Neidert, Warren Shook, Norma lean Smith, Betty Ott, Edward Murphy, Patricia Hardgrove, Mabel Shook, Isabelle Lockhart. Back Row: Iames Butler, George Hann, Leerie Summers, lerry Schwendiman, Merle Gordon, Delbert Burwell, Donald Albright, Donald Ludwick, Richard Chapman, Fred Darkow, Mr. Puflenberger, Absent: Robert Shull. IUNIOR OFFICERS I . ' ' ,, ' A . "V"l, ' ' .4i'1B- . AZTYWTEQ SOPHOMORE CLASS Front Row: Robert Stanford, Donald Hallet, Iohn Gibbs, Edward Miskevich, Ralph Suderow, Homer Bruegger, Lawrence Hann, Philip Dittmer, Gordon Ebert. Second Row: Earl Scheetz, Betty Huddleston, Mary Alice Brinker, Leila Ioy Schroeder, Evelyn Stocker, Iames Donnenwirth, Sally Gordon, Marilyn Gill, lola Mae Ochsenbein, Martha Markham, Barbara -Ries, Dorothy lunn, Barbara Krites, Nathalie Nicholas, Carol McClay. Third Row: Mary Ann Hahn, Carol Lawrence, Ruth Krites, Shirley Mauger, Gene Sibila, Iohn Colopy, Dolores Boron, Laura lean Bauman, Ioseph Decker, Ianet Pitz, Martha Schmachtenberger, Glenn Sibila, Wanda Greenhoe, Charles Suchka, Iames Colopy. Back Row: Alice Arman, Harlan Davis, Raymond Bremkamp, Tom Stanford, Donald Nelson, Ruth Moore, Richard Ries, Donald Stephan, Paul Hessedence, Victor Foxx, lack Rossiter, Thurl Gindlesberger, Marion Helmuth, Miss Repede. Absent: Beverly Klein, Elaine Heather. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS FRESHMAN CLASS Front Row: Bruce Sullivan, Duane Ellis, Carl Koppes, Philip Moore, Evelyn lolliff, Virginia Fricke, Marilyn Flounders, Richard Davis, Donald Schwendiman, Robert Lockhart, Middle Row: Ianet Bauman, Roland Lindsay, Edna Gill, Mary Lou Bauman, Lawrence Kobie, Donald Shilling, Ervin Dye, Gloria Nicholas, Irene Suchka, Miss Simpson. Back Row: Dorothy Zuni, Pauline Hardgrove, Pauline Wolgamott, Varist' Haggerty, David Baughrnan, lack Ames, Calvin Knotts, Earlene Moore, Ioanne Duncan. FRESHMAN OFFICERS MR. PUFFENBERGER 'V' -v .nn- -n 4- -1.1-1.1 q .- ii:-1-5 nn- -ln. D SENIORS During the past year We, the members of the Band, have enjoyed the leadership of our fine instructor Mr. Puftenberger. This year We have par- ticipated in halt-time drills at most ot the football games. Also We have sponsored a Clinic Band consisting of students from many schools through- out the state. This Band was under the direction of Mr. Ebbs of Hobart, Indiana. Compliments of Max Rupe Some of our other accomplishments were a Fall Concert, a December concert, a Christmas Concert, a concert in February, and a Spring Concert We have also played in the District Band Coniest at Kent. This year new hats and trousers were purchased for the Band, We, the Senior members, have enjoyed the past years in the Band. u i fi 3 Compliments of Arthur McGrew, Rexall Druggist Y. rung Muaamx ,ww .mm MAIORETTES Compliments of Ray Remark G Son, Phone 2214 .L S v 2... l D'-,, K! ?3 1 1 S iw'- I mi I my gmgwx '11 KY 5.13 m if 5. 1 gi N' fy ,R 13513233 my W, as M. W. HUNTER, Coach KURTZ, LEHMAN, GRUBB 1 f Q X N DR. SWOGER Assistant Football Couch Q VARSITY SQUAD FOOTBALL SQUAD Compliments of The Village Restaurant DiftY" "TOI1'1" Paul I , "nm" --Dinkf' 'Itchy" Compliments of Green's Radio G Electric NBER... Compliments of The B G M Grill Lehman Humble BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Dec. Dec. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Dec. We They DSC- Sept. 14 Barberton ....... ........ 1 4 0 Dec' Sept. 21 Brewster ............. .....,.. 1 2 0 Dec' Sept. 27 Middlebranch ....... ........ 0 6 oct. 4 Hartville ......... ........... 2 0 o Tan- Oct. 1 1 E. Canton ....... ........ 0 21 km' oct. 18 Kent state ......... ........ 1 3 6 Ian- Oct. 24 Iackson ....... ........ 0 46 km' Nov. 1 Navarre ....... .,...... 0 12 Ian' Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. Feb. Feb. Feb. Compliments of Dr. R. 1946 3 6 13 14 17 20 1947 4 7 10 11 14 17 24 28 31 1 4 7 Orrville ......... Uniontown ....... ......... Beach City ....... ......... Waynesburg Brewster ........... ......... East Sparta ......... ......... n Navarre ....... Hartville ....... Marlboro ......... ......... Doylestown ......... ......... Navarre ........... ......... Brewster ........... .......... East Canton Wadsworth ......... .......... 3 6 Greentown ....... .......... 5 6 Rlttman ............. ......... Jackson ................. ......... Middlebranch I. S woger They 35 40 27 50 25 33 40 50 26 58 36 32 39 41 36 49 57 43 Compliments of Ednc1's Beauty Shoppe CHEERLEADERS 5 2 Compliments of Resseger 6? Morgan, Manufacturers of Toy Balloons ANNUAL EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER SENIORS ACTIVITIES PHOTOGRAPHS SPORTS ART MUSIC ANNUAL STAFF NEWSPAPER STAFF Compliments ot Armcrn's Potato Chips PROIECTOR CLUB HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Compliments of Blank Coal Co F. F. A. Y-TEENS Compliments of Elmer Schroeder STUDENT CONGRESS IUNIOR-SENIOR PROM Compliments of Frank Schalmo M K Compliments of Nicholas New CS Used Goods, Phone 2453 S SCHOOL CALENDAR EPTEMBER 4-Strike! First day of school. No Sports, No School! 5-First full day of school. 12 -- Cheerleaders elected. l3-Pep meeting. View team for first time. 14-One down, seven to go, Beat Barberton Reserves 14-0. l7-Senior class officers elected. All for Paul. Girl Reserve picnic. 18 Assembly, Reverend Fudge spoke. 2Q Iunior class officers elected. All's bright for Albright. 21 Fulton in spotlight. Night game at Brewster. We 12, They U. 25 - Assembly. 26-Best Bib 6. Tucker for annual pictures, Hobo Hike for Home Ec. 27-Lost to Middlebranch 6-0. 30-Norris vs. Humble tillegal, of coursel. OCTOBER l-Scrimmage with Orrville. 2 Mr. Hunter bans balloons from school. 4 Beat Hartville 20-0. 7 Charlie Noel back in school. 10-Pep meeting and bonfire. School dismissed to hear Bricker. ll - Hornets sting Indians 21-0. 14 Curly Owens talks in assembly. His S15 loss is our gain. 15 Retake on annual pictures. Somebody broke the camera. 17 "RED LETTER DAY" Report cards. 18 HOMECOMING. Beat Kent State 13-6. Sally Schroeder reigns as queen. 22 All witches come to Y-Teen Halloween Party. 23 Pep meeting and bonfire. 24 Fulton's darkest day. Iackson 46, Fulton 0. 28 Senior pictures taken at Davis studio. Everyone brings lunch for going AWOL. 29 Black cats and cornshocks-Home EC. Club Halloween Party. 31 All spooks, goblins, and Fultonians prowl the streets. NOVEMBER 1 Last rose of summer-Lost football game to Navarre. 4 X-rays taken of all high school students. 8-Basketball practice starts. Quite a turnout. ll No school-Armistice Day. 15-Boys go hunting and girls go hunting alter boys, 22 Iunior class play "Aunt Susie Shoots The Works." Popularity contest. 27-28-No school-Everybody has iridigestion from too much turkey. We have a lot to be thankful tor. DECEMBER 2- Student congress elected. 3 - Orrville trounced Fulton. 6-Uniontown 405 Fulton 36. Compliments of R. E. Hardgrove Coal Co. most opular Teacher fi if Jolliest Junior .1 if Nhat - . . ... La- ... 5 J I 10-Scrimmage with Manchester Home Bc Chrlstmas Party ll-Band Concert First Student Congress meeting 12-Band Clinic 17-Beat Brewster Y Teen Clllll supper 20-Christmas Party and gilt exchange Merry Christmas and Happy New Yearl 27-Alumni game IANUARY 10-Marlboro game We 41 They 26 ll-Doylestown and Fulton 58 44 Guess Whol 14-Fulton and Navarre 38 35 15 - Senior supper tor Mr Rousomanoft and Mrss Braunltch 16-PTA Dads Night Cadet Band 16-17 - Exams 17 - Fulton 24 - Fulton 28 - Fulton 31 - Fulton FEBRUARY l - Fulton 4 - Fulton 7 - Fulton 14 - Valent 12-13-15-Basketball tournament 18 - Band Concert 19-20-22-Basketball tournament MARCH 7- Senior Scholarship exam 8-Stark County Music Clinic 14 - Medina Clinic 15-County Music Contest 22 -Literary Contest District Solo and Ensemble Contest at Mount Union College 28-29 - Northeast Ohio Band Contest at Kent State University APRIL 1 - April Fool s Day 4 - Good Friday No school 14-Assembly Chief White Eagle 18 - Senior Class Play 19- Grade School Music Contest at McDonald 25 - Mount Union College Festival MAY 3 - Iunior-Senior Prom 8 - Band Concert 18 - Baccalaureate 28 - Commencement 28- End of school Complzments of W H Fellmeth 5 cgi-W f fi 'Wav Sifigggi 'X 1 i , , -X I-554: rf ':k5i:5L.L W :..2 3 1, 4,, E1,, 2 ws.-H ONQW., GRADE SCHOOL MR. SUMMERS MRS. CARR MRS. WELCH MISS LIOSSIS GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY 0-NS QI we ' Xb-'QQ' 'HW MRS. HUNTER MRS. SMITH MRS. SUMMERS MISS KEEFFER EIGHTH GRADE Front Row: Thomas Stocker, Ioan Ott, Mary Ritchie, Donald Hague, Aletha Weaver, Donald Reichenbach, Shirley Byers, Carl Zimmerman, Kay McClay, Mary Ellen Dye. Middle Row: Thomas Ries, Iames Shull, William Smail, Robert Hiltbrand, Ruth Ann Schroeder, Dixie Lee Rose, Wanda Boyd, Harry LeBerth, Lois Ann Hunter, Mr. Summers. Back Row: Carolyn Schmachtenberger, Melvin Cormany, Mary Lou Burwell, Iohn Stockert, Ronald Temple, Ray Baughman, Kenneth Chapman, Betty Nichols, Geneva Swisher. Absent: Doris Flakes, SEVENTH GRADE Front Row: William Green, Shirley Fudge, Roy Ellis, Don Sullivan, Ierry Cuthbert, Dawn Swisher, Gloria Schwartz, Coyla Hann, Robert Humble. Middle Row: Iames Smith, Larry Douglas, Iames Fox, Kenneth Boyer, Lois Hadley, Kenneth Decker, Edward Moore, Patsy Fox, Mrs. Hunter, Back Row: Glen Swigart, Marjorie Neidert, Bonnie Long, Larry Ochtsenbein, Clyde Lyons, Carol Bauman, Ianet Hill, Esther Twaddle. Compliments Ilg dl Seifert Truck Service SIXTH GRADE Front Row: Barbara Weaver, Harold Ott, Lester Decker, Ann Gainey, Mary Lyons, Shirley Burt, Norma lean Dantz, Shirley Shoemaker, Edward Norris, Wayne Douglas, lessie Puftenbarger, Doris Dye, Middle Row: Connie Long, Billy Fricke, Glen Reichenbach, Shirloc Rudersmith, Alvin Notch, Raymond Weber, Ianet Hammock, Allen Notch, Shirley Hiltbrand, Byron Aughenbach, Lorene DeWalt, Richard Hartman, Mrs. Carr. Back Row: Cleda Bruegger, Barbara Nichols, Betty Streharsky, Iames Neidert, Norma Gerstenslager, Kenneth Darkow, Io Ann Chapman, Eva Moore, Richard Harbaugh, Robert Knotts, Gary Williams, Shirley Rudersmith, Martha Knapp. FIFTH GRADE Front Row: Karl Gilcher, Dicky Fischnich, Genelea Fox, Patty Lou Taylor, Duane DeWalt, Lee Hammock, Lois Cormany, Paul Shonk, Robert Duncan. Middle Row: Eleanor Thompson, less Williams, Patty Ann Boyd, Teddy Iollifi, Iames Ebert, Shirley Schilling, Darlene Croft, Mary Ann Schroeder, Marvon Sullivan, Mrs. Margaret Smith. Back Row: Eddie Dickerhoof, Mary Io Greene, Glenn Mauger, Patsy Ulrich, Charles Goodman, lanet Miller, Paul Stockert, Marilyn Evans, Paul Rose. Fulton Feed and Supply img," FOURTH GRADE Front Row: Iunior Fox, Ierry Gerstenlager, Betty Reis, Ruth Anne Fricke, Evelyn Croft, Peter Schilling, Barbara Hague, Linda Lee Gesaman, Mary Lou Gaddis, Frank Shoemaker. Middle Row: Don Douglas, Iohn Weaver, Lillian Ruehling, Shirley Ann Ludwick, Betty Io Miller, Calvin Franklin, loan Gesaman, Patricia May, Io Ann Swisher, Ronald Boyer, Mrs. Leona Welch. Back Row: Ronald McClay, Susan l-lann, Ralph Moore, Charles Keefauver, Marvin Hardgrove, Russell Mitchell, Nicholas Notch, Ir., Melvin Mansfield, loyce Kraft, Billy Stockert. THIRD GRADE Front Row: Carol Miller, Edwinna Boyd, Roberta Gay, Shirley Gesaman, Sandra Moore, Doris DeWalt, Alberta Ott, Ioan Nelson, Iames Hiltbrand, Beverly Barber, Nancy Dye, Middle Row: Marlene Greene, Gary Williams, Esther Hann, Carol Hunter, George Temple, Roger Fricke, Ronald Huffman, Harlan Weygandt, Barbara Zimmerman, lohn Gesaman, Marlene Knapp. Back Row: Floyd Kirkpatrick, Richard Schilling, Ann McMillen, Gerald Semelsberger, David Duncan, Dorcas Ochsenbein, Ierry Nicholas, Robert Gindlesberger, Mary Ann Decker, Iudith Herkes, Mrs. Summers. Compliments Ley Bros. Turkey F arm SECOND GRADE Front Row: Virginia Lee Fox, Iunior Weber, Albert Cooley, Ronald Hague, Linda S. Weaver, Sue Ann Cuthbert, Iohn Shonk, Rosella Hartman, Morris Higdon, Ada lean Baum, Tommy Reighart, Nancy Puffenbarger. Middle Row: Sharon Gilcher, Robert Blachley, Donald Keller, Marie Ann LeBerth, William Keefauver, Lois Hoover, Richard Norris, Lois Stockert, Carol Ann Otto, Iimmy Selch, Richard Swisher, Miss Katharine Liossis. ' Back Row: Elizabeth Ann Siber, Sandra Neal, Richard Gindlesberger, Iohnny Smith, Terry Kroeger, Ann Louise Fletcher, Dennis Iohnson, Gerald Hammock, Richard Stoughton, Robert Mansfield, Iudy Fudge. Absent: Doris Higdon. ,491 FIRST GRADE Front Row: Buddy Hartmann, lanet Cormany, Iudith Gesaman, Iudith Schwartz, Miguel Guzman, Roger Fox, Lowell Gesaman, Ioyce Ries, Glen Weber, Kenneth Sick, Betty Williams. Vliddle Row: Eleanor Ruehling, Ronald Ries, Donna Huffman, lohn Higdon, lerry Duncan, Herbert Blachly, Kenneth Fricke, Paul Krnach, Lawrence Notch, Iohn Tippel, Thomas Nicholas, Miss Virginia Keeler. Back Row: Carol Fellmeth, Clifford Miller, Frederick Croft, Norma Goodman, Lyle Kirk- patrick, Carson Ripley, Ruth Parker, Robert Schilling, Harry Taylor, Patty Nelson. Absent: Iudy Semelsberger. Compliments of Fulton Flower Shop IUNIOR POLICE GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM Compliments of Adams' Grocery GRADE SCHOOL CHORUS CADET BAND GRADE CHEERLEADERS Compliments ot The Fulton Market Y. 'N rf' ,Q-1-' 9 I St. Phillips and Iames Parochlal School PAROCHIAL FACULTY SISTER MARY LEONCIA Grades 6, 7, and 8 SISTER MARY ST. IOAN Grades 3, 4, cmd 5 SISTER MARY EWALDA Grades l and 2 if-H Q wifi 255 5, Hr-n L49 W W PAROCHIAL SCHOOL Grades 6, 7, and 8 Front Row: Marvin Hunt, Paul Ferdinand, Rosemary McArdle, Nancy Butzer, Ianet Hardgrove, lean Schembechler, Doris Steiner, Donald Steiner, Richard Shafer. Middle Row: Robert Williams, Shirley Gallagher, Rosemarie Bremkarnp, Mary Louise Smith, Iames Stephan, Iames Gill, David Collins, Ianet Geier, Ioan Iastraub, Margaret Glancy, Walter Gill. Back Row: Herbert Swigart, Lois Remark, Ioan Colopy, Margaret McArdle, Elizabeth McCabe, Theresa Martin, Mary lean Rohr, Rita Shiplett, Bert Boak. Absent: Paul Iastraub. F' ,ci W Grades 3, 4, and 5 Front Row: Robert McKenna, Raymond Schembechler, Barbara Hunt, Betty Gill, Carol McAvinew, Ianet Heather, Mary Iane Volk, Peggy Boak, Rosemarie Ilg, Barbara Lee, Freddie Remark, David Ferdinand. Middle Row: Larry Byron, Charles Rockson, Iohn Hammer, Raymond Shiplett, lack Baumgartner, Lewis Etling, Lawrence Iastraub, Charles Brown, Albert Ott, Ierry McAvinew, Benny Bloomfield. Back Row: Ierry McDonald, Robert Oser, lack Yanke, Mary E. Whisler, Sally Hammer, Mary Martin, Ioan Gallagher, Ianet Gill, Marilyn Ferdinand, Frances Arnold, Leo Hammer, Iames Rohr. Absent: George Ott, Lauren Rohr, Nancy Stephan. fi: di Y 1 ll I -,cg A A lt 4, I :W We fd :J Grades 1 and 2 Front Row: William Butzer, Albertine Seifert, Nick Rockson, Robert Gill, Raymond Yureck, Tommy McDonald, Iohn Magyar, Ioseph Magyar, George Baughman, Gretchen Geier, Lucille Boak. Middle Row: Rita Young, Donald Young, Robert McFarland, Walter Talalas, Billy Gardner, Larry Etling, Robert Scheetz, Dale Stephan, Iudy Ann Heather, Charlotte Ott. Back Row: Ioanne Appleman, Nancy Paul, Tommy Culp, Tommy Burger, Robert Shafer, Iohn Shondel, lack Iuersevich, Rita Bloomfield, Marlene Freed. Absent: Martha Ann Blank, Mary Ellen Beaver. "May the merriment of boys to come, in their work and play, echo the spirit of the boys who lett us but will live forever as boys." i we LE falnrv Compliments of the following Massillon Business Firms and Congratulations io the Class of '47 A. 8: P. Super Markel Becker Hardware Co. Blafz Shoe Sfore Blaumeiser Hardware Co. Brighlen-Up Slore, lnc. Cope Bros. C. J. Duncan C. O. Finefrock Co. The Firsl Nalional Bank in Massillon The Firsl' Savings 8x Loan C He ring's Grocery The ldeal Company Jean Frocks, lnc. Linde's Long 8: Pielzcker Co. McLain Grocery Co. Massillon Hardware Co. Massillon Relail Grocers 8: Meal Dealers Massillon Savings 8: Loan Co Meek-Segner Co. Ohio-Merchanls Trusl Co. J. C. Penney Co. Peoples Federal Savings 8: Loan Associalion Reliable Office Supply Co. Sears, Roebuck 8: Co. Segel's D. M. Siff Shoe Co. Spuhler's, Inc. S+a+e Bank Company Sfark Dry Goods Co. Sl'uhldreher's Cigar Slore Workingman's Sl'ore BENSON TYPEWRITER CO. ROYAL STARR COUNTY DEALER 336 Fourth Street, N. W. Canton, Oh THE CERES SUPPLY CO., INC. ROBERT R. HESS AND SON Manufacturers of CERES FRESH FEEDS HIGHER QUALITY FEEDS FOR LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY Millers of High Grade Pastry and Blended Family Flour Made From YOUR Wheat FARM SUPPLY Carload Shippers and Receiver of Grain Tremont Ave. W. at B. 8: O. R. R. Phone SI I I MASSILLON, OHIO ELLIS BROS. General Contractors Builders Homes U Store Fronts 0 Industrial Commercial Buildings Mason 0 Concrete 0 Cement Work of All Kinds Excavating 0 Grading CANAL FULTON, OHIO PHONE 2373 Compliments of HOFSTETER BROS. DON'T FORGET WE BUY FUR, HIDES AND WOOL FINAL .YCOPE OPPDNENTS 5 I 11 1 Lbx , Women prefer ine floover 2 fo I over any or E k i 5 orner make. 'M W More Man 6,000,000 Hoover: have been " 5 X - w H ne,, x THE HOOVER COMPANY Nonrucaunrou-oulo MCMILLEN HARDWARE ON THE SQUARE CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1947 BLOOMFIELD CHEVROLET SOUTH CANAL STREET Canal Fulton,s Most Modern Auto Service A-Always B-Buy C-Chevrolet Complimenfs of GRANT TOTTEN, COMPANY lWl1olesale Only, Everyfhing for fhe Roofing, Hea'I'ing and Sheei' Mefal Dealer I2l5- I9 McKlNLEY AVE., S. W. CANTON, OHIO MEET ME AT CLUB 21 SlBILA'S NEW PLACE Compliments of GILCHER LUMBER C0 BOB SWIGART . GARDNER-GREEN H A R T 'S Recapplng 0 Repairing VI g N 1 fnozfn rooo Locxfn ' " "A encfidfnv Compliments of THE OBERLIN DAIRY PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone Massillon 46 6 6 H. L. FRIEND MCTOR SALES CADILLAC 86 OLDSMOBILE 306 ERIE STREET N. MASSILLON, omo PHCNE 76 3 5 GREEN'S MUSIC STORE A Complete Music Service Since 1920 THE KOONS WALLPAPER CO. Wallpaper o Window Shades VS I Linoleum 'eel ss N. ERIE DIAL 4434 , "l' '3f::5:,fff5fgf:f-2555-I I if ' 'V 1 'N We Repair-Buy-and Trade New and Used Instruments We Teach All Band Instruments 124 Cleveland Ave. S. W. Phone 4-3522 CANTON 2, OHIO Compliments of TUSCORA FOUNDRY SAND COMPANY OTIS D. CLAY 86 SONS C. R. KURTZ GAS AND OIL HEATING lYN'S LUNCH FOUNTAIN SERVICE Lunch and Candy Cigareffes Ralph and Mary Frase Manchesier, Ohio Compliments of ATEXACO GAS smlon Route Q21 Canal Fulton, Ohio O A. C. MAY, Proprietor MEET ME AT CLUB 21 SIBllA'S NEW PLACE Compliments of GILCHER LUMBER C0 BOB SWIGART Manager D GARDNER-GREEN H Q R T 'S Recapplng 0 Repairing Vulcanizing 0 New Tires fnozfu foon Locm ' " "A GR6EIdERY Compliments of Compliments of YALE . DeLuxe Dry Cleaning 55 FOREST AVE., S. E. if -I- 308 N. Market Canton, Ohio Phone 8404 ROY BLCOMFIELD Mgyygggy BEST WISHES tothe CLASS of 1947 'k THE STERN AND MANN COMPANY Compliments of GEORGE SCHROEDER Compliments of Complimenfs SUPPLY CO. of , Florian P. Cuthbert, M.D. D' 'b ofrs B F GOODRICH TIRES T b - B teries d A S pplies d A SHT ON CRYSTAL SPRINGS ERIll sfnvlcf AND GARAGE sqm ",joj1QYjj'SP""gS R f 93 C I I: I BEER WINE SANDWICHES Ope T'll I 00 a. m. W. E. GILCHER LUMBER C0. Phone 2337 KUNKLE HARDWARE General Hardware MYERS WATER SYSTEM o Clinton, Ohio Phone 2 6 6 6 SCHALMO IMPLEMENI McCormick - Deering Tractors and Implements I New Idea Spreaders I Repairs Fence and Farm Hardware Complimenfs of FULTON RECREATION POCKET BILLIARDS SPORTING RESULTS O Phone 2262 Compliments of K A N NE R' S 32 Lincoln Way E. V Massillon's Leading Men's Clothing Store BE MODERN! Save Food Save Time Save Labor ELECTRICALLY! -,,- The 0HIO PUBLIG SERVICE G o . MASSILLON, OHIO Compllments Stark Glass Co. o f Glass Contractors -I' Stark County's Largest Distributor of Large Mantle Mirrors THE COMMERCIAL PHUTULITH T CU. 505 Erie Street N. Phone 5697 137 First Street, N. E. Massillon, Ohio MASSILLON, OHIO ROGERS Your Friendly jewelers FAMOUS FOR DIAMONDS Watches of the Airways MASSILLON, OHIO Phone 7560 Morrison Music Service Band Instruments Pianos, Accordions, String Instruments Victor, Columbia and Decca Records 30 Iiictory St. S. E. Massillon, Ohio Compliments ot DUMON T ATHLETIC GOODS W. V. Studer and T. A. Studer 134 Second Street, S. E. CANTON, OHIO Compliments of O. E. WHITE GENERAL STORE Manchester, Ohio STONE BROS. Clothes SUITS OF ALL PATTERNS FOR THE COMING GRADUATES A Complete Line of Sport Slacks, Coats and Twosomes Hats ' Furnishings ' Shoes 104 Lincoln Way E. Massillon, Ohio For Finer Quality Everything in Iewelry R. K. Sutter, .leweler MASSlLLON'S QUALITY STORE Credit Terms Phone 5858 25 Factory St. S. E. The Sanitary Laundry and Dry Cleaning TIGER BOWL 421 First Street, N. E. Massillon, Ohio Beer, Wine and Lunch Plenty of Parking Space Drive in oft the street One block 'south oi I2 I9 FIISI SIreeI N' E' to our tront door St. Mary's Church MASSILLON. OHIO The Exchange Bank Co. DEPOSITS INSURED J. L. FROMHOLTZ Distinguished jewelry and Friendly Service 154 Lincoln Way W. Phone 5915 MASSILLON, OHIO Compliments of Nfmfnr a sous 'ACK Swmrs HOME DRESSED MEAT f Beef 0 Pork Good All Pork Sausage Distributors of Home Rendered Lard JOHN-DEERE Young Tender Beef FARMING IMPLEMENTS Complimenfs of Manufacfurers Disfribufors 81 Foriress Combinaiion . WINTER WINDOWS and SUMMER SCREENS Heating and Plumbing o W. L. RINGLEY Facfory Represenfafiwe Phone Massillon 5407 MBhCh6S+6f R.D. I, CIinI'on Compliments of Ohio Home and Auto Supply Co. Distributors of B. F. GOODRICH TIRES 0 TUBES 0 BATTERIES AND AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES AND ACCESSORIES Canal Fulton, Ohio Dial 5281 Machine Shop Service Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Pau! R' Siwlgart Funeral Director 224 Lincoln Way, W., Massillon, Ohio Phone 3056 Infvalid Car Ser-'vice Monument: 1 LINDE'S Q 5 E R S LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR 23 LINCOLN WAY EAST G I A N T E L M Exclusive But Not Expensive 'p,..,,.., D A' R Y LOCKHART Farm Lakes Dredging Scoops Backhoes Shovels Earth Movers CONTRACTORS Water and Sewer Street Grading Bulldozers Cranes, Clams Air Compressors Concrete Breakers "Atlas Held The Earth" "We Move lt" Lines Oftice and Yard Residence 535 Spicer Street Canal Fulton and HE - 0823 McDonaldsville Road .IE - 4528 R. D. gtl Akron 11, Ohio Canal Fulton, Ohio R I E S TRANSPORTATION CO. Canal Fulfon Phone Canal Fullon 2688 Complimenfs of William A. Wagner HYBRID SEED CORN 0 Canal Fullon, Ohio Compliments o f COXEY'S TAVERN Beer - Wine - Liquor CHICKEN and STEAK DINNERS Served Family Sfyle B E E R -W I N E McCULLOUGHS' PLEASANT VIEW INN Inlersecfion of Roule 24I and . Canal Fullon - Norlh Canlon Rd. North Lawrence, Ohio Ph Rooms for Phone 9-9862 one 9 141 Privafe Parfies or 4-9585 w 'Es gm gi, N., and ,, 5 al I t' gm . 'WP ,, . fn- ,, 'fi'-'f' f Q' 1 M .fr N awk ,xxx RSM! f'WNw- 0 , Li. :Q-'. ., .Q .x 1 JL, Y.. . 'tiff -, ' . J f , . 1 f 1 J nf' 'J . W -i '.J'1v,, -- , .. 1.1f.,,.A.-4 . k.:114----.4.- ' . ly -.f'a" 1 ., :ix MZ? .I ' 5 J -I! t - "TT, f' . ...P . -Q5 .4- -'fvl' ' 1 "L"-?'1 , aw 4 v,.:fi,j. , I h . ., Q. X. -, ' Q' -'-:Q uf, . ,'.:P:. ' .. , 1 'f . 4.4.55 ' ff -Q. , -1 '-i " Y LL. VW, WS! i1w.fJ.'f .' 2 - . :IEA , -at xt an 35 3 . .A '1- .'u'F '-2 " X' .Lf ' :'iY:K-,- f '.',. 2 .,' ,.v. Q t..-.1 cf- if -' A . Ly-,.n -1 ' 'w?'!Q':- ' ,if J Qf- Q N.-U .. . . V ' , 4 .M f A 1 , pa ,Vi .u I fo g:Zg,.n,. , L: . . I ,f...i'.l'-., - 5., "ur Q ,Ju '. ,J ,i I-mlfgnig . vw Uv. ,-M. ,1- f 1. 5 .. :FM i J, fg '..fgQ!f'. 4 :.-f3':f'- 'f Y 4fv1.,w'5f'- '-MTL ,nag A H-: ,.,4.?,g?21?wE5f-f? fu .V , ,nfs ' 1 , "YK" E.:f fa' 1 1. ' niiilx' -N H5 '-11-gf. , 11. - JK ,,' in 4 'PLL .,.vl,,l 1 1 v F .T '-" 1' . ,Z, H5 L,3..,.9i,'2 if f'51',?.Q ' 22 ' '-' 1 . . '. ' f 'fa -faffi 'effh I I A . w 9 N ..A., . .. . ' . 4. A .V .., H.. --J , ."'-."": ., ALL, F il-. . ,, , .K , I. MV. A. - .- .': I 'B dx? -Q ,. ,, 1 . . 414' - . ' Q-' y1...!ff' if 77' '- V I' .z-112: . - ,1 .- ,, " ,' ' .J , W. ". VL-X. ,M Ui..-4... . .A 5243.-3-Y' 'f,. ,, 1 ' Nl NX! . '25, 13' 1 H53 -p. ,Q-:.,. . Q , -,gg fi , , . , , -.,,,4.-,, My., -- . -.xi-lf ftfi- ,' Z, ,jg 1 Q V-3-an 4. ..fy4. . 'Q J - 1 2 - . rn.-.. . ffm, ,mu 4.41 I -1,z'.Vg. . 1 1 I

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