Northwest High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Canal Fulton, OH)

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Northwest High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Canal Fulton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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wx ff W W 3557352 M wJ"'A ,Q fri 1 rf f. . W, THE CLASS Or 1944 THE FULTUNIAN We, the Senior Class of 1944, dedicate this Fultonian in sincere appreciation to all those who have gone from our class to enter the Armed Service and to those who yet may be called to wear the uni- form of their country. CLINTON RooT JAMES FLETCHER l , LLOYD SMITH DARREL COGAN Moana Brummit As a tribute to a member of the Junior Class who passed away October 4, 1943 in her sixteenth year, this page is re- served in memory of Moana Brummit. She was a true, sweet, loyal and sincere friend to all who knew her. Her con- genial manner, cooperative spirit and warm smile will long be remem- bered by her fellow students. ADMINISTRATICN ff'-53 if 2 Y ,a x A . erru MABEL GIBBS S bool Secretary HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY MARY FLETCHER PAUL RINKES IDA HUNTER HELEN SIMPSON VIRGINIA STEINHAUSER VINCENT SIMON ERNEST GARZIERI BOARD OF EDUCATION GEORGE Hoov12R E. E. PARKER ARNOLD BLANK CUSTUDIANS HAIRRY MYERS WILLXAM WAGNER HERMAN FRICKER MRS. IDA HUNTER, Class Advisor "Goodbye N ow" As our four years of high school studies and pleasures draw to a close, We, the seniors of 1944, look back with pride and appreciation upon the many class- mates and teachers with whom we have been asso- ciatedg and with sorrow and regret upon the class- mates and patrons we have lost. Graduating under the conditions and handicaps which the war has wrought, has made little difference in the good times and activities which we have enjoyed. As we enter the ocean of worldly affairs, we hope that those students yet to graduate from Canal Fulton High School will benefit as greatly from school life, as We have. ff , 1 ,ly fu' li, 0 ,I Y ,LQ M ii L ance lot- I: ke R ICHARD SWIGART "Dick" He is a representative of our rlass spirit, sportsmanship, and 3 endeavor." Band 1, 2, 3, 4 ofehesm 1, 2, 3, 4 LAWRENCE ARMAN Glec Club 1, 2, 4 Q, ,, Football 1, 2, 4 Fuzz Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 H Humor and wit are hisf' Massillon 1, 2 Hi-Y President 4 Hi-Y 3. 4 Annual Staff 4 Student Sun, Massillon 2 Newspaper Staff 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y Vice President 3 Band Vice President 3 Class President 2, 3, 4 Annual Business Manager Junior Play Sports Reporter 4 CLASS COLORS THELMA SHOEMAKER "Honesty is the best policy." Home Ee. 1, 2 Commercial Club 4 Newspaper Staff 4 JEANNE FLETCHER "Through three successive years she has led our high school 31 cheers "Fletchie" JUNE M. ROSE Girl Reserve I, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 2. 3, 4 Glee Club I, 2, 4 junior Play Librarian Z, 3, 4 Dramatic Reading l Asst, Editor of Annual Newspaper Staff 4 Band Librarian 4 Glee Club Librarian 4 sure thinks a lot." Glee Club 1, 2, J, 4 Orchestra l, 2 Home Ec. 1, 2 Girl Reserves I, 2 Commercial Club 4 Commercial Club Treas. 4 "She doesn't say much but she ANNE Bnnlcx QQH0nl! News a er 4 . . . P P "A momenfs thinking IS an hour in words." Librarian 3, 4 Home EC. l, 2 Royal Blue and White JAMES YOUNGBLOOD it-Iimys "lt marie u big 1lijfere11e1' when he wasrft in the game." Cadet Band 1 Football I, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff DELORES E. LINDSAY KQLYHQ! "What a joy to find a friendly girl." Home EC. l, 2 Librarian 4 Glee Club l, 2 Newspaper Staff 4 Commercial Club 4 Commercial Club Sec. 4 EARL R. Wooo tiwoodyw "An alhlefe yozfzl like io merlg when he's in uclion he can'! be beat." Doylestown 1 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, J, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Hi-Y Secretary 4 Glce Club 4 Stunt Committee 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Class Vice President 3 Annual Surf RUTH SHOEMAKER "A good heart is betler than o Commercial Club 4 Home EC. I, 2 Newspaper Staff 4 DOROTHY MAE GILL llD0ttlC,, "True she is as she has proven herself." Home Ec. 1, 2 Scholarship l, 2, 3 arent fameln War Sramp Secretary 4 Class Treasurer 2, 3 Commercial Club 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 AUDREY L. GAUDAUR flllinxl! "A jivrsofzality that can never he duplieaferlf' Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Band President 4 Glce Club 1, 2. 4 Glce Club Librarian 2 Glce Club Secretary 2 Orchestra 3 Girl Reserves I, 2, 5, 4 Girl Reserves Vice Pres. 3 Girl Reserves President 4 Class Secretary 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Reading I, 2 Scholarship 1, 2, 3 Literary 1, 2 Vocal Trio I, 2, 4 junior Play Spelling Team 2 Football Queen's Att. 3 Football Queen 4 Librarian 4 Annual Editor FRANK STUMP lQDeWey!l "If school hooks dealt with foot- ball Pa' get the highest grades of all." Basketball 1, 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 5, 4 Hi-Y Chaplain 4 Junior Play Baseball 3 Newspaper Staff 4 Class Treasurer 4 Projector Club 4 Asst. Bus. Mgr. Annual JEAN M. Rosa "I know a lot but I carft think of it." Girl Reserves l, Z Home Ec. 1, 2 CLASS FLOWER Band 1. 2, J, 4 HELEN J. Flucxs Orchestra 1, 2, J, Glec Club 1, 2, 3, 4 4 u-Ion "She who does not talk saw: trouble." Home EC. l, 2 Newspaper Stal? 4 Commercial Club 4 Librarian 3, 4 STELLA J. Scnnozmax "Blondie" "Blondie's always full of fun. She's liked by almost everyone " Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4 RUTH GIBBS Band l, 2, 5, 4 u ' u Orchestra 3 Gif' Chili 4 "Quiet and demure, of h Commercial Club 4 I ,, Annual Stag B70 I 'lllays 51473. Glee Club 2 Home Ec. l, 2 Commercial Club 4 Var Stamp Secretary 4 Newspaper Sui 4 Annual Staff 4 ef 100 JACK STITZ tecappyn "Who said hurry? Live slowly, it feels better." Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Asst. Editor of Annual Junior Play Projector Club 2, 3, 4 Red Carnation VERLA Rox-nz "The work she does is nothing but her best." Band 2, 3 Scholarship 1, 2, 3 Newspaper Sui 4 Commercial Club 4 Home Ee. 1, 2 Librarian 4 RALPH SCHEETZ Hlckyli "It is not wise to be wiser than necessary." F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. Treasurer 3 IR15 E, LQNG F. F. A. President 4 U H Class Vice President 4 Itsy Basketball 4 N Baseball 3 They are only truly great who Gln Club 4 are truly good ." Home Ec. 1, 2 Glee Club 1, 2 Girl Reserves 1, 2 Newspaper StaE 4 Commercial Club 4 Projector Club 3, 4 ROY HOSTETLER BETTY JUNE HILL "Belle" Q "Hair of raven hue, and lovely eyes of blue." Class Treasurer l ' Srude t C 'l l l L "ROY BOYD Gi.. E1..b"KnZ' "I exist us I am and that is Band 1' 2' 3 ELDUS Fgx Home Ee. 1, 2 enough? Commercial Club 4 "A storehouse of knowledge. Try him and see." F. F. A. 1, 2, 3,4 F. F. A. Chaplain J F. F. A. Reporter 4 Debate 1, 2 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3,4 F. F. A. Reporter 3 F. F. A. Vice Presid Glee Club 4 Projector Club 4 Football Queer-Us Attend. 3 Football Crowing Queen 4 ent 4 Newspaper Stalf 4 DOROTHY SHOCK uDotl3 In music zz cburm lies hidden for those who can 1tllKICYSfd7llI.n Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 CLASS MOTTO: We have crossed the bag cm club 114, ' DONNA M. LONG Brass Scxrct I, 2 Cornet Trio I, 2 "DOb" V lT' 4 . CTS: scggtary I "To bc ul school is no! my mlm" Annual Staff Mt. Eaton 1, 2 Band Treasurer 5 Music 1, 2 Girl Reserves 1, 2 Glcc Club 3, 4 LOAH G. LAUTENSCHLAGER "Dimples" "Taka cwcryfhiug wifb I1 smile." Glcc Club 1, Z, 5, 4 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 Commercial Club 4 Home Ee. 1, 2 BETTY JANE HILTBRAND l!Hildy1! "Of giggling I am of! uccusvrf, for frcquerflly I am amused." Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Ofchesffl S, 4 DOLORES Gmssn Glee Club 4 I H Cornet Trio l, 2 uD0d1e Girl Reserves 1, 2 A 1 I Junior play "This girl possesses may wzlcs. ' Cheerlridvf 4 Her most important ones are CECELIA PAULUS Annual Staff smilesln tKCe1ia,, Glee Club 1, 2, J, 4 Home EC. 1, 2 Newspaper Staff 4 Commercial Club 4 Com'l Club Vice Pres. 4 "Study is my n'rrcaliou.', Scholarship 2. 3 Newspaper Staff 4 Home Ec. I, 2 Commercial Club 4 Hoc' 0c'c'a11 lies before us LLOYD SHULL lipeteb "A girl, u dalf, I1 rar, 0111 11110: a class, a quiz, no pam, whiz." Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3 Baseball 3 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y Treasurer 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Annual Staff gfl' S e ANN SUCHKA "To know ber ix to likr bw." Scholarship I Glne Club 1, 2, 4 Commercial Club 4 Ccm'l Club President 4 Newspaper Editor 4 Home Ec. 1, 2 Librarian Z, 3, 4 junior Play Annual Staff nior Class Uffic E K fmt .-. I J' Nw. +659 Thar They' G'0 ,I Our Gang Chums! if i iz ' . Rear View! Sweet, trim, petite. Why Mothers get gray Methodist Camp Group! Third Row-Tom Lockhart, Dick Zabadah, Gertrude Sickman, Carl Oscr, Jean Selch, Betty Barthlow, Flo Kurtz, Warren Ryder, Keith Gainey, Lois Sibila, Harriet McArdle. Second Row-William Miller, Robert Powell, John Parker, Dorothy Hofsteter, Dale Hardgrove, Marvin Gorden, Byron Kohn, Robert Martin, Paul Rhoades, Robert Neidert. First Row--Dora Wagner, Virginia Hansel, Ann Sullivan, joe McArdle, Gene Suderow, Oran Wagner, Thais King, Rosellla Rohr. JUNIOR CLASS qv 23.5 'ifzesfsfff' .'Q bv X T' JM lil Il V Whosezzo. i Third Row-Roland Faust, Frank Lockhart, joe Murphy, Leo Buchtcl, Ted Long, Evelyn Hessedence, Lorna Butler, Mary Lou Hiltbrand, Alfred Barber, Elmer Heather. Second Row-Dick Shubert, Clarence Dittmer, Terry Bremkamp, Gerald Stephan, Marion Thomas, Carl Hessedence, John Foxx, Clifford Gaudaur, Richard Stanford, Arthur Norris, Don Pitz, George Suchka. Firsl Row-Ted Hardgrove, Robert Ries, Eunice McCabe, Rita Brueggcr, Grace Smith, Betty Albright, Helen Lindsay, Shirley Richardson, Vera Hostetler, Beverly Boron, Doris Flounders, Betty Sullivan, Dolly Hill. SOPHUMURE CLASS ft. QQ ,Kd 4 U if RM X I ww x X li l i lx K i Hazj Dgv-Y 0 Third Row-Stanley Suderow, Louise Baker, Alice Schwartz, Helen Martin, Sally Schroeder, Robert Hensley, Faye Decker, Edna Sickman Mary Hartong Lucy Smith Phyllis Kobie Lelia Havert 1 1 y 1 Y, Second Roux-jim Kurtz, Grace Lyons, Laura Mays, jo-Ellen Aronholt, Carole Baab, Lucille Long, Al Paulus, Charles Martin, Fred Roy Mynk. ice Smith, Don Fletcher, Sam Pavkov, Leonard Dxttmer, Charles Nowell, Harlin Grubb, jim Lehman, Robert Kittinger, Jim Schwinderman. Firsl Row--Jean Schlaugh, Patricia Gill, Clara Wagner, Barbara Miller, Pattie Bauman, Rosemary Fletcher, Marlene Belnsco, Alice Sibila, Mary Boak, William Livingston, Barbara Youngblood, Rita Boak, Kathryn Becker, Richard Powell, George Grubb. FRESHMAN CLASS I V 5,711 Ag.-1-" I U UTA 5 Q I A Gr' Ch Sprouts' K tif? 'M .WN X? ,. Qi I Wanted:-Verny" Caught By Surprise "That Gang" "Junior Trio" Cutest Couple "Detention Hall Kid" hi Q x!'ilLoX6'5 X W mai? I M , W up W f' ::1m'fCT14?'3YfF1i+fzg55gQX x eg VX ,Lg Q J if w ., SS' 2? . as A YQ? f 15,9 3 fe: I ,E .P Q A V 5 in Q Q if xx if ,, si QF? ,Uv M mud 9 W jf, ggfi, P swab ,mx 9-5321 U 3 55 In .X,, , , L 1' V A 4 RV wf 'mv' - QP f:112 A 5 A 4 5 5 C 2 H E .:,. M if M ,' mA 7 if is 3 J K W iw 3: '3'f QS ? ?f X .::,.::..Vv. 1 .:., IQ," V':V"' -f-2-2-v-- .:.: f se, lf e ggs S, -:...:: v.,,f5g'::: "i5'?:,:5..:::.- ' Egfr 6 , G 5? 'Mif ,, sf' '37 gf' 4:1121 1 .A,.' , A 52551, : :Eff-' -V f 1 I EW A A .sa we Third Row-Elmer Heather, Alfred Barber, Bob Ries, charles Martin, Frank Gindlesbcrgcr, Tom Lockhart, Carl Oser, William Livingston. Second Roux-Leonard Dittmer, Paul Rhodes, Terry Bremkamp, Marion Thomas, Carl Hcsscdence, Wfarren Ryder, Tom Caldwell, Frank Lockhart. Firsl Row-Glen Rohr, Clarence Dittmer, Foy Hostetlcr, Ralph Scliectz, lllclus Fox, Oran Wagner, Mr. Rinkcs. Second Row--Tom Humble, Dick Zabadah, Leo Buchtel, Robert Neidert, Roy Hostetlcr, Frank Stump, Dick Shubert, Elmer Heather, Oran Wagner, Robert Ries. First Row-Warren Ryder, Frank Gindlesbergcr, Ralph Scheetz, Arthur Norris, Carl Hcsscdencc, Don Pitz, john Foxx, john Stitz, Mr. Rinkes. Second Row-Anne Babick, Helen Fricke, Delores Lindsay, Anna Suchka, Dora NVagner, Audrey Gaudnur, Thais King. First Row-Jeanne Fletcher and Verla Rohr. Srcomf Row-Iris Long, Verla Rohr, Ruth Shoemaker, Delores Lindsay, Jeanne Fletcher, Dolores Gciscr, June Rose, Betty Hiltbrancl, Thelma Shoemaker, Lawrence Arman, Miss Stcinhauser. Firsl Row-Helen Fricke, Frank Stump, Ruth Gibbs, Earl W'ood, Anna Suclika, Lloyd Shull, Cecelia Paulus, jack Stitz, Dorothy Gill. First Row-june Rose, Loah Lautenschlager, Thelma Shoemaker, Lindsay. Serond Row-Verla Rohr, Ethel Shook, Lois Sibila, Cecelia Paulus, Third Row-Harriet McArdle, Dolores Geiser, Shirley Burwell, Flo Kurtz. Fourfb Row-Betty Bnrthlow, Jean Sclch, Betty Hiltbrand, Mildred Helen Fricke. Ruth Shoemaker, Iris Long, Delores Ruth Gibbs, Dorothy Gill. Stella Schroeder, Gertrude Sickman, Roby, Miss Steinhauser, Anna Suchkn, Third Row-Rosella Rohr, Ann Sullivan, Shirley Burwell, Mildred Roby. Srronrf Row-Monica Youngblood, Tom Humble, Dorothy Hofsteter, Byron Kohn, Bob Martin, John Parker, Bob Neidcrt, Oran Wagner, Miss Simpson. First Row-Paul Rhodes, Dora Wagner, Harriet McArdle, Lois Sibila, Ethel Shook, Jean Selch, Gertrude Sickman, Flo Kurtz, Keith Gainey. is K Q W' BER? S551 'X Ka 5' fr . WF T' mga-V I iii 5 dir W, A 'Q I- zll, V K f fi? I - ..:-::'s 1: ,,.,, .. Q 4 . ' A J P - tg f ,J Q , L xii ' 130 M , l E . Wi ,M . , :rz ::. 1 , Ax 5 isa R, , ,, , W v . EMM Y, Q 3 , FQQZEAZI iiyaw "Conch" A H 7 BASREXBQY1 FUUTBALL September 17 Navarre ...... September 24 Canal Fulton .... September 28 Manchester a..e October 1 Waynesburg .... October 8 Canal Fulton--- October 1 5 Jackson ,...n,. October 22 Canal Fulton r,.. October 28 Caanl Fulton ,C., November 5 Brewster---- BASKETBALL December 3 Brewster --- December 10 Clinton .... December 11 Manchester --- December 17 Greentown .... December 18 Canton St. John .... December 22 Navarre ....... December 30 Orrville .... January 7 Beach City --- January K8 Wadsworth --- January 14 Canton Twp. --- January 2 1 Navarre .... January 24 Greentown --- January 29 Jackson .... February 4 Brewster --- February 5 Beach City --- February 8 Jackson ....... February 12 Manchester ............. 2... Won-10 SCHEDULE at Canal Fulton at Middlebranch ---at Canal Fulton -----at Canal Fulton ----at Greentown ---at Canal Fulton ----at Doylestown -----at Greentown -----at Canal Fulton SCHEDULE They We --- 17 35 --- 15 33 ---- 19 17 ---- 23 29 ---- 65 27 ---- 34 27 ---- 18 47 ---- 33 23 ---- 28 39 --- 32 33 ---- 31 27 --- 44 40 --- 21 62 --- 26 46 ---- 33 31 ---- 37 57 20 44 Compliments of Denison and Diehl Compliments of Max Rupe Compliments of Arnold Blank 3 ,E nd! qi Q-W 5'- A 'Q' 4 fm .,.,., 5 5 236 ,ik ix .1 f 1 ,. - ,V E, : ,, ? in wana 6 'X ww Q. 1 k V uv Q 2 ,vm t 1 sl 3 'M gpvfflllkww Q A . Vll, .- tg... ',. I ,-- I ,AA I i ,... .... ., ... E ,- I if u..,,-v H 1' 5 ff 'HIS' fi ws, .A if 5 -Lv 2 W 4' z Q--,A ,. -:-.: .-'-: : Q., 0 , , Y V K V , ifgm , si: 'Je 6 ft. - This was "Pete's" fourth year of basketball, in which he played center. Be- sides being our leading scorer, fine backboard work and con- sistent shooting made him an important cog in the team's set-up. He was chosen one of the centers on the Stark Co. Tournament Team. 5 ft. BM in.-Playing a for- ward in this, his fourth year of basketball, "Woody" was one of our leading scorers. His shooting ability, alert mind, and knowledge of basketball made him a very capable captain. 5 ft. 10 in.-Another four- year man, who played guard. Dick showed outstanding floorwork and reliability as a foul-shooter, besides hitting the hoop regularly. Compliments of Ioe Adams 5 ft. 9 in.-This was Ralph's Hrst year of basketball during which he showed great ability in working the ball into the basket. His back-guard posi- tion gave assurance to the rest of the team. I 6 ft.-Also completing his fourth year of basketball, Jack's excellent long-shot ability proved an asset to the team. 5 ft. 11 in.-Jim's flrst year of basketball showed great sportsmanship and team spirit. 'Q Ffa MLLSZJQ 1 I 9 29' 1 - QC S'i m o n foe. 4 Wim W . x Kiwi YQ mg, J ' "X, .k ,, gg,.,,.,MS F5 4 Y ,i!q:nw IE. Q4 iii Q Q ana A ,, . AA R ? 7 ry " 1 YQ E Qi YJ Q J ' W J 4 I. . 11 Ili K - 52,9231 :Er , ,: ia Q ,L js. is fi Q g, ., E K I--. A f""'KE ', X 2-' is A mb dh Wagf' M In t .3 lv 4 7 6 -' 1" is 1 ui W FN ygnfi P 4, lg ,N , tn, ik XQQGQW3 ,Q 5' ,j I5 i -Q ' f -' Q. F iii ,Q H' 4- "'0 ri, Fi fglzfw LJ k"" 1 A-.E-L. And The-,rn . Frank M. ff Q f i , 2 , :fy .a' 3, '.'bJ, , . ,Eff , U , gs? , . 4 . I , z Q 5 ', w Y ' if .12 'gf' 52, 'X ,X X :tw -if LU". ,rg ffgfii -' vriglii .1 'K 2 gf .2 Ei f ,ffl 57 4 I ', 7' i ' fi f ff 1331: 4 7 -u, A , Y sg . Vw, . :SQ .ar . Q ., 1 , f Q .gg K f 1 fr ara! 5 . f VIRGIL SUMMER5 MADELYN SHIELDS MRS. NELL KELLER FX C LQ D MRS. CORA CARR Miss D. D. HAMMOND MRS. DOROTHY SUMMERS MRS. Susxxa SMITH Miss IRMA MARTIN Eighth Grade Fourih Row-Bob Shull, Eddy Miskervich, Vera Pavkov, Donald Ludwick, Donald Finefrock, Gene Heller, Judy Rhodes, Thurl Gindlesberger, Mabel Shook, Carol Simmons. Third Rou'-Patty Hardgrove, Ralph Hitchcock, Norma jean Smith, Fred Darkow, jim Butler, George Sewell, Mary Kurtz, Betty Ott, Mary Rhodes, Mr. Summers. Srcoml Row-Lerry Summers, Isabel Lockhart, Don Neidert, Barbara Rose, George Ilann, Carol NX'ittman, Gerry Schwendiman, Mary Schwartz, Edna Lohr Firxl Row-Donald Albright, Paul Hahn, Donald Mauiger, Merle Gordon, Delbert Burwell. Seventh Grade Fourlb Row-Beverly Kline, Joseph Decker, Barbara Ries. Harlan Davis, Nathalie Nicholas, Alice Arman, Kenneth Becker, Donald Hallett, Victor Foxx, Dick Ries, Forrest Norris. Tbirtl Row-Sally Gordon, Shirley Mauger, Evelyn Stocker, Carol M Cl. ' NV. d c ay, an a Greenhoe, Vera Simmons, Suzanne Rinkes, Laura Jean Bauman, janet Fitz, Delores Boron, Mrs. Shields. Srfoml Row-Arthur W'agner, Francis Livingston, jim Donnenworth, W'illiam Gibbs, Robert Decker, Charles Suchka, Donna Gesaman, john Gibbs, Martha Markham, Iolamae Ochsenbein, Leila Joy Schroeder. First Roux-Ch , , p Suderow, Earl Singer. ester Smith, Paul Hessedence, Billy Gcsaman, Lawrence Hann Homer Bruegger Ral h S Sixih Grade Third Row-Gloria Nicholas, Roland Lindsay, Richard Davis, Ervin Dye, Donald Shriner, Sonia Gibbs, Donald Schwcndiman, Bruce Sullivan. Second Row-Mrs. Keller, Evelyn jolliff, Patricia Havetry, john Sewell, David Baughman, jack Ames, Pauline Hardgrove, Mary Lou Bauman. First Row-Duane Ellis, Donald Hague, Carl Koppes, Robert Lockhart, Janet Bauman, Virginia Frickc, Janet Ganyard, Irene Suchka. Fifth Grade Third' Row-Tommy Stocker, Harry LeBerth, Alethn Vfcaver, Tom Ries, Billy Smail, Wanda Boyd, james Slaull, Dixie Lee Rose. Second Row-Bob Mynk, Ruth Ann Schroeder, Bobby Hildbrand, john Swckcrr, Ray Baughman, Janice Shriner, Beuford Hensley, Mary Lou Burwell. First Row-Joan Ott, Mary Ellen Dye, Ted Koppes, n rcw cr cy, McClay, Tom Sewell. A d K l Melvin Cormany, Dale Singer, Kay i 1 Fourih Grade Third Row--Dawn Swisher, Patsy Foxx, Larry Douglas, James Smith, Bonnie Lon D' k H b h g, ic ar aug , Janet Hill, Glen Swigart. Strand Row-Charles Becker, Carol Bauman, Larry Ochsenbein, james Baker, Ester Twaddle, Kenneth Decker, Clyde Lyons, Marjorie Neidert, Miss Hammond. First Row--Billy Greene, Coyla Hann, Roy Ellis, Naomi Baker, Cal Arthur, Shirley Fudge, Don Sullivan, Gloria Schwartz. Third Grade Third Row-Bassie Kerley, Doris Dye, Shirley Burt, Edward Norris, Barbara Weaver, Byron Aughenbaugh, Judy Rinkes, Lester Decker, Thelma Becker, Betty Becker, Glenn Ricchenbach, Mrs. Virgil Summers. Second Row-james Neidert, Martha Knapp, Betty Streharsky, Shirley Hiltbrand, Mary Lyons, Billy Fricke, Lorene DeWalt, Norma Gerstenslager, Celia Neissen, Cleda Bruegger, Gary Williams, Jack Shriner. First Row-jay Koppes, Raymond Mynk, Shirley Shoemaker, Roberta Hitchcock, Harold Ott Wa ne y Y Douglas, Anne Gainey, Harold Crock, Bobby Geasman, Doris Sewell, Connie Long, Richard Domer, Kenneth Darkow. Second Grade Third Row--jesse Williams, Patricia Boyd, Marilyn Fvans, Shirley Ludwiclc, Marvin Sullivan, Mary Ann Schroeder, Ronnie McClay, Jo Ann Swisher, Dicky Fischnich. Second Row-Susan Hann, Glenn Mauger, Mary jo Greene, Paul Stockcrt, Patsy Ulrich, Teddy -IolliH, Janet Miller, Paul Rose, Edward Fletcher. First Row-Barbara Hague, Benny Geasman, Patty Lou Taylor, Roland Crock, Donald Hathaway, Ronald Leavers, Karl Gilcher, Genelea Foxx, Paul Shonk, Fred Smith, Mrs. Smith. Firsi Grade Third Row-Miss Martin, John Gesaman, Robert Stahl, Gerald Gerstenslager, Don Douglas, Robert Baker Thomas Fox, Frank Shoemaker. Second Row-Melvin Mansheld, W'illiam Stockert, Marvin Hardgrove, Thomas Brubaker, Ronald Norris John Weaver. Firsl Roux-Mary Lou Gaddis, Barbara XVood, Betty Ries, Ruth Anne Fricke, Shirley McMillcn, Lois Domer Jack Gesaman, Lillian Ruehling, Richard Tallman. AN... Second Row-Mr. Summers, jerry Schwendimnn, John Gibbs, Chester Smith, Donald Hallet, Billy Gescman Mike Hessedence, Harlin Davis, Earl Wood. First Row-Gene Heller, Merle Gordon, Donald Albright, Delbert Burwell, jolm Mauger, jim Butler Leery Summers, Victor Foxx. Mabel Shook, Sally Gordon, Carol McClay, Judy Rhodes. Sefond Row--Francis Livingston, Charles Suehka, Lawrence Hann, Tom Ries, George Harm, Isabelle Lockhart, Vera Pavlcov. First Row-Merle Gordon, jim ut er, e er - , x y Gindlesberger, Victor Foxx. B l Dlb t Burwell Ierr Schwendimgm, Stanley Sualerow, Thurl Third Row-Dave Baughman, Narhelie Nichlos, l..u1rn Bauman, Delbert Burwell, .lim Butler, Theril Gindelsbergcr, Beverly Klein, Lelia joy Schroeder. Sefoml Row-Billy Fricke, Dick Davis, Carol Simmons, Nlahel Shook, Shirley Mauger, Martha Markham, Pauline Hardgrove, Shirley Fudge, Norma Gerstcnslnger. Firsl Row-Tommy Stockert, jerry Cuthbert, Glen Swignrt, Alice Armgin, Harlin Davis, Glen Lautenheiler, Kaye McClay, Francis Livingston. PAIIUCHIAI. scHooL VY l STS. PHILIP AND JAMES FACULTY SISTER MARY ST. HELEN Grades 1, 2 SISTER MARY LEONQIA Grades 3, 4, 5 SISTER MARY IMMAc:uI.EEN Grades 6, 7, 8 REVEREND FATHER JOHN L. MAURER Grades 6, 7, and 8 Bark Row-Louis Lamb, Donald Stephan, james Martin, Allen Hammer, Ray Bremkamp, james Colopy Middle Row-Earl Scheerz, William Remark, Edward M h L K b urp y, arry u ie, Glenn Sibila, john Colopy, David Collins, Gene Sibila. Front Row-Kathryn Rohr, Elenor jastraub, Mary O'Connor, Kathleen Seifert, joan McArdle, Elizabeth Hardgrove, Mary Louise McArdle, Marilyn Gill, Elaine Heather, Edna Gill. Y 5 i Grades 3, 4, and 5 Bark Rau,-James Stephan, james Gill, Thresa Martin, Margaret McArdle, Rose Bremltamp, Janet Gier, Elizabeth McCabe Mary jean Rohr, John jastraub, Paul jastraub. Middle Rau,-Joan jastraub, Janet Hardgrove, Donald Steiner, Walter Gill, Herbert Seifert, Robert Williams, jack Baumgartner, Burt Bunk, Lois Remark, joan Colopy. From' Row--,loc Marthey, Richard Shafer, Mary Mostode, Doris Steiner, Cecelia Marthy, Rose Mary MCArdle, Mary Martin, Sally Hammer, jean Schembechler, Paul Ferdinand, Marvin Hunt. Grades 1 and 2 Back Roux-janet Gill, Marilyn Ferdinand, Larry jastraub, Albert Ott, George Ott, Louis lltling, john Hammer, Leo Hammer. Frou! Row-james Rohr, Benny Bloomfield, Janet Heather, Mary lflilabeth Xlfhistler, Nancy Stephan, Peggy Boak, Gary Marthcy, Robert Oser. Inseparable Couple Stinky Steinie Simon's "Kerosene Kittyu F I "Oscar 85 Puss" "Sisterly Love" OCTOBER -juniors and Sophomores elected class officers. 24- SEPTEMBER -School began-much to the disgust of everyone involved. -Elected cheerleaders. -First football game. Rams outplayed the Indians. -Seniors elected class officers. Game at Middlebranch. School party welcoming Freshies. -Assembly by Mr. Diehl who gave an interesting talk on his original epigrams. -Manchester invaded Canal Fulton. NOVEMBER 1-Game with Waynesburg on home field. 5-Last football game for the Seniors -First annual pictures taken by Mr. Davis. -Mr. Hoover talked at assembly. Topic: Con- sritution. -East Canton game. -Matinee-"Bambi"-for all grades. -Homecoming game and dance. Audrey crowned queen. We do have jitterbugs, don't we? -Game at Doylestown. The team invited to Tiger Stadium. -Afternoon off. Thanks to ration book four. -Indians went to Greentown. -N. E. O. T. A. Senior individual pictures taken. DECEMBER -Armistice Day. No school, so we caught up on our lost sleep. -Junior and Senior party. -Assembly by Rev. Barthlow. -P. T. A. Meeting. -Freshman and Sophomore party. Senior party for Darrel Cogan, who left for the Army on November 20. -First edition of school paper "Big Chief" off the press. Assembly by Father Maurer. -26-Thanksgiving vacation. 1-Assembly by Mr. Swigart. 3-First basketball game. 9-The Junior Class showed their dramatic ability by presenting "Plain Crazy" as the annual junior play. -Basketball game at Clinton. Assembly by Capt. Donaldson, formerly of the R. A. F. -Manchester beats Fulton by two points. -Grade school sees a matinee. -Brandt trio puts on a musical assembly. 16-P. T. A. Glee Club with Harold Gill, as soloist, furnished entertainment. 17-Game with Greentown. 23-Christmas assembly by Glee Club. 30-Orrville game. Calendar JANUARY FEBRUARY 3-First day of school in '44, 4-Indians traveled to Brewster. 7-Beach City vs. Indians. 5-The Pirates beat us by two points. 8-The Indians romp over Wadsworth. 10-G. R, date night, 14-Indians score another triumph. This time over 12-Fulton get revenge an Manchester. 44-29- Canton Twp. by two points. 1 1 -F. F. A. b . 15-Commercial Club holds a dance. 6 assem Y 17-Assembly by Mr Verda native Assyrian 17-18-19-Basketball Tournament at Washington Hi. 20-21--Mid-year exams. Need we say more?? 21"A5SemblY bY Mr- Ellet- 24-Mr. Garzieri's first day at C. F. H. 22-No school-Washington's birthday. George is 28-Grade cards came out with the results of a half a real father' year's work. 23-24-More tournament 29-Canal Fulton romped over Jackson 62-21. 25-Assembly by Rev. Winters. MARCH 1-Senior assembly. What talent!! 8-Assembly by Rev. Maurer. 10-Senior Scholarship test at Canton Twp. 11-County Literary contest. G. R. Leap-Year Sweater Hop. 15-Freshman Assembly. 22-Assembly by Rev. Fudge. 29-Junior Class shows their ability by having the assembly. APRIL MAY 1-April fool's day. Who's the biggest fool? 3-Hi-Y assembly. 5-Rev. Barthlow holds assembly. 5..0Peretea by Glee Club. 7-Good Friday' No school' 10-Assembly by Faculty. What talent! 9-Easter. , 14-Baccalauerate Services. 12-Sophomore assembly. 17 Band ass mbl - e y. 14-Senior class lay. Beware of backsta e romances! , P g 19-Commencement. We Seniors now take leave of 18--G. R. assembly. the school we loved so dear. 26-Commercial Club assembly. 26-Last day of school. Compliments of Fulton Dry Cleaning Johnny Shull Phone 75 60 Morrison Music Service Band Instruments Pianos, Accorrlions, String Instruments Victor, Columbia and Decca Records 30 Factory St. S. E. Massillon, Ohio GILCHER LUMBER CO. "GiIcher for Good Lumber" Compliments of " O. E. WHITE Route 93 643 Holmes Ave. CANAL FULTON BARBERTON, OHIO GENERAL STQRE Phone 26I I Sherwood 2922 Manchesief- Ohm CARL BRADY, Owner Compliments of SPARTAN I EWELERS Class Rings Class Pins BUFFALO, N. Y. For Finer Quality Everything in jewelry R. K. Sutter, Jeweler MASSILLON'S QUALITY STORE Credit Terms Phone 5858 25 Factory St. S. E. The Sanitary Laundry and Dry Cleaning Courtesy of 421 First Street, N. E. Massillon, Ohio CO' Plenty of parking space Drive In off thc struct' Ono block south of to our front door St. 1V1ary's Clmrclz The Exchange Bank Co. DEPOSITS INSURED Courtesy of STERN 86 MANN CO. CANTON, oH1o Compliments ot the following Massillon Business Firms and Congratulations to the Class of "44" Q?'ii'E'i? A. 61 P. Super Market Linde's Becker Hardware Co. Blatz Shoe Store Blaumeiser Hardware Co. Brighten-Up Store, Inc. C. I. Duncan C. O. Finetrock Co. The First National Bank in Massillon The First Savings 6. Loan Co. I. L. Fromholtz, Inc. Glenn P. Heckert Hering's Grocery The Ideal Company lean Frocks, Inc. Kanner's, Inc. Long 6: Pietzcker Co. McLain Grocery Co. Massillon Hardware Co. Massillon Retail Grocers and Meat Dealers Massillon Savings 6. Loan Co. Meek-Segner Co. Miller Furniture Co. Ohio-Merchants Trust Co. I. C. Penney Co. Reliable Office Supply Co. Sears, Roebuck and Co. D. M. Sift Shoe Co. Spuh1er's, Inc. State Bank Company Workingman's Store Compliments of THE OBERLIN DAIRY PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone Massillon 46 6 6 HOF STETER BROS. Raw Fur and Hides STONE BROS. clothes SUITS OF ALL PATTERNS FOR THE COMING GRADUATES A complete line of Sport Slacks, Coats and Twosomes Hats 9 Furnishings ' Shoes 104 Lincoln Way E. Massillon, Ohio Complimenfs of W. H. FELLMETH' Complimenfs of W. B. MYERS JOHN WALKER Compliments of Dumont Athletic Goods W. V. Studer and T. A. Studer 134 Second Street, S.E. Canton, Ohio GILCHER LUMBER CO. "Cilcher for Good Lumber" ll Route 93 643 Holmes Ave. CANAL FULTON BARBERTON. OHIO Phone 26l I Sherwood 2922 CARL BRADY, Owner For Athletic Equipment See Canton Hardware Co. 2l5 Market Avenue, South CANTON. OHIO BILL SNYDER, Manager In Business For Your H ealtb ART. McGREW Rexall Druggist Compliments of McMillan Hardware The Way To A Better Job! Don't be satistied with any kind ot a iob-here today and gone tomorrow. Train yourselt tor a better iob-a iob that leads toward a tuture, with better pay, better hours, better surroundings. We are placing every trained student. Aslc tor turther information- No obligation The lllassillon Commercial lnslilule, Incorporated A. E. PATTON, Director of Instruction F urth Floor, The Ohio-Merchants Bldg., Massillon, Ohio Telephone 343i Compliments of the Ohio Public Service Company ELECTRICITY is cheap and not rcrtioned. but use it wisely! If you expect to get all of the WESTERN STANK COUNTY NEWS You - - - MUST READ TNE and we know most' people in Canal Fulfon do- HOW ABOUT YOU? THE A. C. EYNDN PLUMBING CO., INC. fEstc1b1ished 1888l Plumbing - Heating - Ventilating - Air Conditioning Industrial Piping - Water Solteners Power Plant Piping Contractors ' Engineers 236 Walnut Avenue N. E. D 1 39131 CANTON OHIO PLYMOUTH ' DE SOTO ' PHILCO Names +o conjure wirh h P Symbols of Fu+ure H w en eace comes . . . appiness and Pleasure FOR THE DURATION - WE OFFER YOU Parts - Supplies - Repairs and Complete Towing and Wrecker Service E. E. PARKER MOTOR COMPANY CANAL FULTON, OHIO Compliments of GEORGE SCHROEDER R O Y A L Dealers for Stark County Benson Typewriter Co 336 Fourth St. N. W. Canton, Ohio 'i"1'i'f?3f!'f' 'fjnfrrvm + -ffl x- 2 2 W' Q-'H 1"'.--3515" g'f+grA-f :,": fw-2312155 - - . , . - - ,.'f,. . - Q X - 1, v-' . 'Q J' ' r ' te :X , ' T ' ' n ' ' ' L ' f 9 ' . K 1... , . 1 . . . ,, V. Y , 'L A I . 1 ' 4 xxx n '-' PAROCHIAL SCHOOL h , 1 STS. PHILIP AND JAMES 1 x 1 :ig b-it fy 4 1 - m 1 1 :xg as 5 gi rg RL :Af .N A ff: QQE 1 x if X- x 1- x X 4. ' 16155K Eg A 4 ,sw lyggkilk.. V, 'ff' ww' Q 3? 'W bf 'HY ' Qififfgg- "f ' J H sqgfw ,tp ..,, + fs afxk .M 5383193-X . r W ,wt gi, YQ? 'Jn ,Q fffk ff ,V uf, f gr I X A W Ai 4' Y S ',,' ' 5 Y A P ? -'f . . wr W 4 K I gikfyf I W i -", fi!"-.. A va vii? k t3:gf s ,: Ana K , 4 T ,x M "Wm, 'fi' M i5i"""i 4 1 F ' 345913 , 45 fax, , ,, W :iw , I qu. H- . X . - , ,sf Q- ' 'iq vig' vm htm -Wa-3 'S egmr'fW 'E . 2 V P, -Esgag QQ wfR..,Q-44 www W ' Y 5 i M its Wm T55 ' Xie W 5 'rg 5 f M ,Q W h mi K W x 3 3'-x , Qhw Q ' . g 5 , M ,.-. A , if W . 2 SX ,A 3 wav D ,eggq W 2 1 4 S., , Q A if Q tb ' s g Jw gf 5 1 N"'fwg j .4 i f 3 iw' Q 2 R qi. 1 f ,Q A 'K 'im x vi. f - 4 '- , JL,-9' is "R-' in as wr :J M in 'gi in B 4 gg ig X 1 T 3 gif s 5 'X V' ' fa, if A .W lf, Niq.

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