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NO, AMMLM MIM, G CLLEG! Fafgebgjlbm Qxgffp W ,Wi ,fffw Gnd I no 3 aw EE 906 vm it- QQ VFJLVQ 5'3"-fihtif , f'1fu,.V-X4 6161, 1, Agri-W m X' fe d G' Ari ei mLg,f "H' Clk 'C W. l ,5f?g5 f' Quai, am' half ang I ffikfyf aummw, Gp 5? , ' df5ff,ff J gag ff Wifi! MMI X jj 4--R5 argl 4 gc f: . M M fy ffffi 'S-.'I:Qf3:f'5 . Effff 4506 f'sL L,-3135, ff C-V 'L if gp j 1 Jmji' df H UU i Llbg, I' a C5 'f AL,l fa, ,.4 i KC L Q 911 . . , ,Q ,N U- fm ' V V , , cfs? If wif, LV 2 Eg 2 Q , 3 'N 2 Q Sf f IL fi ' K 3 ' JxCv.g I E S EBSQ? E H 1 5-Q 3 g O MDQU X - gig?-2 Q" Sam ofLcJMDfjfE.f i 832223 Www? 5213332 5 2 gee if S9ifE222i2i25 5 5352 N My + 2 T 5 Qgaifissig QW ' v 9 ' 2 Cf 4 m 4 vw KEY P0rWC i45 WQXLYLEA QNQAQELQ, UQ ' , D-Cxggz QQ' k6iLQJQ'O'1-vLUvCL kuitkcwi Jim L ' 7 5 ' A AGU fN'Nf'xL..c1, ww 'wxc5'xQ V :Sm www - ., . L0'Q:'X,CDQi, ug- ' ,:x-1, ,fb L.,,S'3x.,fN'N r5.Qw, x ., C5uq,,Q 'J ' Q,f-Zwwxsaiv xx Cf'N'w-' xiii ' kexL,Cx XCR Aifxx, .SUYNxQ.- ggf,N,.q,, is NNxCkQ 3qil1 Lkygxkgvqx S N Wm-V W ,nm w K , ,lf A w . ,MN ,. ., , x ..,,,.1 , N 'Q- e X 3 L I I X I E s , , , . g I , , ,L . , 3 ,M u AW W ,,,L . . 9701 J Mr 1111111611 fllliflffgd' 11424111 111 ll lfdff' a1111' fyv-11151 1yf1-11111711114 4171114011611 f111111f 1lc1111f1W11'A' 1141'- 0'1111c1f fy 151' fklldfllllf 1111111yl11f kryfhe Kj1a1b1'N1J1w1111f LZ911111. Q1J17f1y111v111191 15111- ffllfftifi fbfilfd, 011' .r11111Q111.f CYIfIfI1Z11F1I! 111 yllll' 11111 1156 chwvom 10J1ll!01lM' ZIIKIIZZKIQ' . Qwf 211711 111 1117111111 5-411111Q, 11114171 156 1!'t"lIll11' 11611111 11151 111711111114 1414 Jl1I0!l7Z6S' Wm! 111 124191 ffffllflzly 1111115641115 II 11!g111cyl1f111Qy 1Il1lZf124Il111?5I. . K M111 11111111191 1111111171 111 M1711 t!51l0f'1f6 1f1f1r11l111'11111Ss', 1f11h1'11111Q 114'1'4:f171f J111124711J 111'1'111f1f 111 ?31y1111 111 A157671 1111111 1I4Il1lT 10 151' fllllfd' ty 17711 .7m111Lf111' f 531111114 67771, :Rr 11111.f1 ,r11111Q11Ar fillf IIIIM' 1711' 111111 AN1111' 11111117 11gj111f 1111 .r1711111f111111'. Q7111' 11111' 121196111111 111 IAA? NIA' 11111s' 11K911'1111A ff 1111111191 1111414f 15111111111 114 'l27I11lf'A', .7511 ff5l7ll, 10111111111111111 11111r 1111Q 11j111 1111044 lllliiy. .3131 1111111111441 111111111121! 1116 111111111711 fjllf 111191 1111111411 1111144 1117-111f1f 1414 J111511' 111 1111' .91ff1'11.M111f11 6124112011111 111111!1f111711f 111111 llydlflllbf. .ZY1111 111111 111111111711 1111, 11111111191 1111M' ff51'1lYIlI1f'. .Zn 1111711 fAff2Yf11l1111H' 511101141 51311111 111111f1111111l1f 1111110111.ff?11' 1111' 1'1:f1 11111171 A111:f. V Sandra Bowman, wzledictoriqn, gives 11 j7n1zl wie of ronfdence to lbe gradualing clan of I 987. jf1f1111ff 6'0f'l7lQ?y 1'1111411!m 1116 11111 l11111sf l1y'1i1 11111171 - gg 10502 M17 J1111 65911111 111 mfr. fx. w 4!I'MAllJGIAlXlA1'll1 A Mark Gzbson and Shelley M1Vey JIM!! dance to the 1111115 of The F1z11111J lit Shame Band. If ,. 12? ' s f S? P Prom Atten- danlx: Row I: Eddie Brown, Greg jordan, Shane jarkfon. Row 2: Angela Garrett, Belly Willard. Amber Moreau. Kelly Wlaitafre. jenny Zimmerman. 4 The graduating clan of 1987 awaitf that preeious moment - the receiving of the diploma. 4 j u n i o r AfHf'J'l7t1llJ.' Row 1 .' Nnifole Holmex. Patti Welch, Andrea Andrea-1. Row 2: Andrea Hodgin, Toby Alderin, Terry Steele. Glenn Kerley, jenny Brown, Kelly Ed- wards. L i A Doug Armstrong and Katheryn Lee Jmile for the famera af7er being named the 1987 prom King and Queen, PROMMlJGKADUATIllU5 u v E Q 5 When school ended in June, Northwest students started in different direc- tions. While many stayed at home and did nothing, some worked, and others trav- eled. Boats, planes, cars, bikes, and skateboards car- ried them to destinations unknown. Some students iourneyed across the seas to places such as Spain, France, Jerusalem, Switzer- land, the Bahamas, and of course Myrtle Beach. Al- though most students stayed within North Carolina, they all enjoyed their leisure time catching up on their sleep. Improving hobbies was a big task for some who were perfecting their skateboard- ing and bicycle stunts. The summer was useful in many ways but as the summer ended they were all ready to complete the intriguing 1aa7-'lass school year! Q A John Lavender sailed away with many of his friends es they were heading to- wards the Gulf. jM iv ' A Rachel Strulson adventured off to Jerusalem and exploits her photographic eblllty while on the coest. P Seniors Mark Daniels, Amy Curtis, and Christy Hell relax while enioying the sun end the company of their friends et Myr- tle Beech. I i 4 4 3 I Y 1 P' 2 S 'Q i 1 l N w N V i 5 W I P P 1 4 K 1 Qh Friday atter the Haet HU rahg at HW the etudehte HUT THE HQAD te a deed time. Seheet was aut ter the uoeehehd ahd thte was the time te ge eut ahd party ahd he with yeur trtehde. ut, where did they ge? What did they de? Qh Friday htght th the hatll yeu eeulld tthd meet etudehte at a Herthweet teetn hallt game ahd theh ett te Pizza Hut te eellehrate a ytetery er te eattety their exdutette taeteet Wheh a Saturday htght retted areuhd - yeu eeulld tthd HWSH etudehte at the matt, meytee er just eruieihg the etreete et Greehehere iz 3 Q eepeetatty High Pemt Headtlit Het et the ttmee deetdihg what te de was ehlly a matter et deetdihg where te eat. Ceulld it he Taee Bellll, Burger Kthg, lM1elDehatde, er Suhway? T Se, tt yeu were SUUIHHQ heme allehe eh Friday er Saturday htght yeu eheutd have dehe eut ahd HUT THE HQAD hes e uee yeu eeutd have teuhd telllleufi ytkihge atmeet ahyufihere yeu WQITBT., i T g 2 ,., - .,, Q 1 lr . , T 2 l 5 ' ,Q y rap, I 1 ! 1 I v Q 'rw-v1s"l'1H-1!'!' A Juniors Greg Jordan, Jason Widener, Greg Hill, and Sophomore Brian Getler stan out their Saturday night by meeting at the local Pizza Hut to make further plans. momma iw -Q v-if-,tl f -may: f" 'm,, . X 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 'lim fm A Q v ! Q 1 N004 1 , E ' .y , I . 0. , 5 L M, ,,---..:-..- llxf.. , M933 I 5 U 1 is i 1 I.: . I P I 1 i wa , ,, Wai 'Wig' :HT ff 12? . L V I 'Wh 'Q . QV' . sd . -0 " '- '. ' Ir Q fi., . 1 ' , 1 4 ' ' N . O .Q f li t I.. "3 ' 1 , 6 L 'N ' we . ' Q' ,I Q . ir- ' , , 4100 r i W -.4-.xKiY fuer. I X s v Y 1 5 A Senior Bobby gelovitz. poses, for a picture with his friend. the Californra raism. I fx, fu . wt,-if ,. an si EEEFRT The sfeddy sound of drum beoT filled The dir ond d sfredm of color could be seen in The disfdnce. There wos o chill in The dir becduse The sun hod gone down GD hour ogo. The sighTs ond sounds confinued ond They could only be from The Norihwesf Guil- ford Mdrching Bond. Mdny long hours They procTiced, going Through eoch sTep ond re- heorsing eooh song. This wenT on Throughoui The foil on cool, brisk even- ings. Such hdrd work pdid off when They looded The buses ond heoded off To conTesTs. Their spiriT filled The dir of pep rdllies ond home fooiboll gdmes. If Took o loT of hdrd work ond dedicoTion To geT The show Togeiher, buT wiTh edch member giving his besT, They Took To The field JAMMIN' TO THE BEAT dnd finishing hedds dbove The resT. 12X BMD VJunior Doniel Roberson ond A Freshmon Erick Wheeler give if dll They've gof for The Idsf eighT counfs. Drum Mojor-Cindy Powers, C-uord -Tonyo Brown, Jill Collier, Rebeccd Eller, Jennifer HudspeTh, Suzdnne Hunf, Jennifer Hufchens, Kim Moser, Jennifer Pegrom, Jdnef Poindexfer, Rufh Price, Cord Rdndlemon, Sherri Shelfon, Mory Ellen Smifh, Sfocy Sulfon, Cdndy Vdughn, Lindsey Woldrep: Drumline -V Suson Alley, Jimmy Arrenddle, Bruce Bennefl, Mdfl Collins, Jimmy Dunmon, Kelly Hicks, Joy Hill, Sfeven Hufson, Eric ide, Brion Jockson, Jdson Jomes, Rob Jessup, Anne Knowles, Crisli Mobe, Ddvid Nelson, Akil Romsey, Elizobelh Rdynor, Tim Smifh, Rochel Sfrulson, Emilie Von Poucke, Plccolos - Elizobefh Coldwell, Kelly Dillord, Shelli Kenf, Dionn Morshollp Flufes - Tino Bollord, Amondo Douglds, Melonie Edwords, Kelly Henderson, Crysfol Jessie, Shoynd Smoll- wood, Corrie Sfyers, Pom Svedelius, Cindy Wilson: Clorinefs - Jimmy Connor, Wendy Huffmon, Kelly LoveTT, Koren McDoniel, Korissoi Nelson, Jennifer Siler, Dovid Sformerp Sdxophones - Josh Brown, Jeremy Conn, Amy Gwyn, Doug Keyser, Kevin Wolers, Michoel Wilson: Trumpefs - Phillip Bronde, Chris Cdrler, Jdmi Hunler, Ndfhon Johnson, Mike Plesh, Doniel Roberson, Bobby Schrier, Sordh Sfrulson, Erick Wheeler, Tommy Zdunczykg Mellophones - Mdrci Biggs, Sieve Duncdn, Hedfher Freemong Trombones - Chris Borringer, Joseph Dix, Brion French, Rufh Kellom, Tino Sims, Chod Turner, Croig Wood, Chris Wrighfg Borilones - Chris Alkins, Mofl Fosfer, Jennifer McFdrldnd, Sonio Porsons, Williom Purcell: Tubo - Amy Bunce, Russell Hill, Cldy Monroe, Fronkie Sweeney, Corey Wellbom. 4' 7 fl., ,f1,., , A-if ws' 3 ' 8 ,, 2 4 Q, H M... fi ff' V Iunior Eddie Mcldourin is the epitomy of spirit os he V At pep rallies, spirits soar to new heights, in ontici- goes oll out to support the Red cmd White. potion of yet another Northwest victory! - I ,llii , .A . ig , x15 . X ,is if X J 'Q' f E A The traditional orch-rivalry between the Hornets and the Vikings continues os on enthusiastic North- west student sums it all up in two words . . , Western Who? iUSPltfI' it t it if ,W . ,N 5 it A i f il' 1 ri"v. 1 if 1' X'1.,, , n 1-ipwwv-: -hifi in F I V li- in 1' pgs' , 1 ,t if. iiiilg fi ,ff ,.MUf in if ,I 34 vifl' S ff ' 32, ' sa. Yen lliuugli we were l ll1El'E UBS Slill l'DlJlTl lil! IDI... The halls are cluttered with multi- colored paper. lt's on the walls in the form of eye-catching banners. The tiny red and white squares of confetti covering the floor tell the story of the mornings activity. A locker is ajar, un- able to shut because of the miniature pom-pcm pushed between the spiral notebooks and folders. Your train of thought is broken by a group of Seniors chanting on the way to horne- room, "VVe're number one!" As the bell is about to ring, you rush in the door, tired but happy. Plans for the weekend rush through your mind - ball game and Pizza l-lut tonight, party M' tomorrow. lt's clearly evident that Northwest students know the true meaning of spirit. Fridays always brought spirit to a crescendo. The feeling was exhibited not only at pep rallies, but in a variety of ways. Everyone's participation was seen daily in different forms. Our loyalty was put to the test on a special week set aside each year - the ever popular Spirit Week. This five day festival began in comfort with ev- eryone looking bad, but feeling good. The bums were king for a day. Per- haps the strangest part of the week came next, when the guys dressed as girls and the ladies looked like the guys. New meaning was given to the old Switcheroo. Wednesday, every- one wore formal attire in order to lm- press that special person. As the week drew to a close, Double Day al- lowed students to experience life as a twin. School colors were seen every- where, from decorated cars to painted faces, during Filed and White Day. As illustrated by the student body this year, spirit ultimately meant one thing - being true to your school. A Seniors with the mecxsles'?l No! lt's just Tino Sims cnd Tonya Cummings breaking out into that Viking Fever. 4 These football players prove they oren'l only 9951 in the conference, but ffl with spirit os well - wcy lo go quvsl .sa SPlRl'l'l 15 JA Wi H4 iii if, -at my wa, v JST ,gf nz 144, 2 1 W, ,,, W 53 W 1 1 W-'we ' ra 4 Q -ff. I aww 'I' aa fs Qs sn F l ,, 1 ev SIA ff? Mosf Senior Lefs play a Wife word associaiion game. jusf say fhe firsf word fhaf OmLsfand1'ng CIGL-V5 JC O 'A' X comes fo mind' "awesome" . . . Cfass of 'XA' fyoufre doing good so farlf "M osf Oufsfanding Senior" . . . .Yheffey McVey. Apparenffy you aren? alone. This year, ooff of 263 Seniors, Sheffey was vofed Mod OMILIILCZHCJIAHNQ by her peers. Sheffey was an oufgoing, popular sfudenf fhroughouf high schoof. Her diverse afhfelic inferesfs ranged from playing on fhe Norfhwesf fennis feam fo parlicipafing on her church 's soffbaff feam. She peiformedjusfas weffacademil cafQ and was a member of fhe Na- fionaf Honor Sociefy. Ufher cfubs Sheffey fooh parfin were, fhe Pep C1146 , Civineffes, N-Cfub, I-'.C.A., SADD and she was a vifaf assef fo .Yfudenf Coorncif. 5he!fey's feadership was evidenf in her rofe as Presidenf of fhe sfwdenf body, where she dedicafed morf of her energies fhis year. As iffusfrafed, Sheffey was afhfefi- caffy and academicaffy giffed. However, she was afso ggcfed wifh oeamfy and charm. .fheffey was chosen as fhe 1987-'XX Homecoming Queen, much fo everyone's dehghf. Aff in aff, Sheffey proved fo be a driv- ing force af Norfhwesf and her perseverance made her even more successful Congrahvffafions .fheffey on your ehfe 1"iHe of Mosf Owfsfanding Senior! Andrea Andrews john Cfarhih Margie Cfarhe Mfr 2..'j IL Top Ten BJ, Green Chrirfy Haff 1 . 1 r Gfenn Kerfey Amy Merrf'H Brad Smlffx Terry .Sfeefe 1 ,,.1:.:x la.: 'ix :H A'-if Amy Sfevenfon v 1TlPm4fl9 5 p I iv' M off Honerf ana' Dependable M aff Sghggl-,Spirifgd QQQBTHWIEW' e ?Df SlH'ERMTlVl'B Glenn Kerley Pam Cbnara' ' L Diane Chrisfy Kim Clapper Mod Mu:lccu'Q Tafenfed .Scoff H Udglh john Clarkin Class of 'XA' Ben' All-Around Glenn Kerley ana' .Shelley McVey ' Q. .V Glenn Kerley Mod Courfeoux Pal Chnard QQRYHWESQ ,, S 22 'Le 1 . gif' lr Morl LikeQ fo Succeed Terry Sfeele and Andrea Hodgin Albion Armrfronsq Randy Gregg fVl0J'l Afl11ffI'C SUPHUMTVEEKZ1 BAPB RRY? Worlang For The Many Northwest students held down ken if, bill Hencouragedn their kids to work. V lunior Richard Norris works hard as a bugger at Bradlees. part-time jobs, kept up with school work, and were involved with after-school activi- ties. The question asked by most was why or how did they manage to do it? The an- swer was found in the need to have a fun- filled weekend. The amount of money needed for athletic events, movies, dates, and other activities started to add up after a while. Many parents tired of footing the Many Seniors saw how much money their parents had spent for invitations, caps and gowns, and application fees and felt obligated to help out. The thought of college tuition also gave some Seniors the incentive to get a job. No matter what the initial reasons for working, at least part of the earnings went for the WEEKEND! ,, ,Wi - .M ivit . mor Room ' A Senior lill Stanley earns her money for the weekend by working at Pack Room. ZZXJOBS is 'Af P Senior Danilaii Holmes bags a purchase while lill Stanley assists a customer on the phone. Sweet Revenge 5, 4, 3, 2, I the clock counts down. The whistle sounded, then you heard the victorious cries of the Iuniors! Yes, the annual Powder Puff game had come to an end. The Seniors were defeated hy the Iuniors -- 20-6. This year marked the first time a team had won without the game going into overtime. It Q, 'YH7 was also the first gear the playing field had been reduced to the 20 yard lines. The crowd witnessed an evening of exciting foot- ball as hath teams struggled to score. The Iuniors proved to he strong contenders at the onset of the game. The Seniors put forth their hest effort, hut the Iuniors' determination ultimately overpowered the hall. my ,rf W' . dt: 9 , , the next play. X .4 'Ze V Seniors leff Lyons and Scott Staley show their extreme school spirit hy cheering at the annual Powder Puff game. them. The following day, the Seniors congratulated their victorious counterparts. However one Senior, Britt Foster summed up their attitude toward the game hy saying, "lt's not whether you win or lose, it's when you graduate!" 4 lunior Michelle Garrett looks intently at the opposition as Dawn Paschal prepares to hihe 'Y 4 Senior lulie Hamilton listens carefully to Coach Shannon Childress as he explains POWDER PlI'FlZl Cultural Experience This year Northwest was fortunate to host a foreign exchange student from Denmark. His name was Soren Ramsing and he was a junior here at Northwest Senior High. Soren chose this area because of his prior knowledge of the United States and his cur- iosity about the South. Before coming to the United States he had taken five years of En- glish which placed him in twelfth grade En- glish. His favorite part about Northwest was the drama department, which was easy to see when he was on stage. WWW? W5 r' 5 MM W at Wifi Wi m 1 7' 1 Z4lEXCHANGESI'UDBff Fiiliilliililili Eliilli The Governor's Page program en- abled hi h school students to spend a week in Raleigh at our state's capitol. They leamed how our govemment op- erates and were able to meet important bfficials such as, Governor Jim Martin and Lt. Governor Bob Jordan. Each Page stayed with a family in Raleigh and reported for work each morning at BUD 8:00 a.m. During their eight to five day, they ran errands, copied papers, and did other odd jobs. The Govemor's Pages for this year are as follows:fpicturedJ Joel Bullard, Val- erie Kerley, Ginna lvlclntire, Laurie Sumner, Beth Brown, fnot picturedj Laurie Inman, Molly Roberts, and Richard Stever. v ,. Q. . 1 NA , ... K y qi? at .fal- 5 " 'f-- Vx is., Other students interested in leader- ship positions were those chosen for such honors as attending the North Car- olina School of Science and Math, Gov- emor's School, North Carolina Close-Up, Boy's and Girl's State and Hugh O'Brian Seminar. These programs are offered in the summer time and students had to apply. S lIJVilil0l'S PAGElZi If . fhufwf 61:11f11'1! .W1 11.11 rw! firml- n111Jf11y1'11f1f 11 11 111117111 1cw1fr11f111'1f X1 11 1f111u1y1.f11' 1Q11f11A11f1f .yi 13 M111 J1m161r6f 0' ffw .7n1'ff11f1'11m1f1g f11g1f11f1f, 111104 fir 11u'1f01f11 ww 1'1fW1frf1111f14Wr1ff11vf 11f111ry1f11f1q dufy 1111 I fix' 14111111 11111 ff' f111mw1f 6fr1Xfm11J f111f1'11, .7f111A1y, ffw1'wf1A1ff' ff, 111111 11 111711 1y"1c11'10fm1f11f, ,Vip 1-f1111111f 11I11h'A1'1f flfff 712111, .4g11,1r41'ff11ff 011111 !941yy 1011! 11f1f11'M110f1ffA1' m11n11ff1f111A1'11 ffw 1211121111 1111f11AfA1f 1'1'1'111111'1f A.AL1ukW kgfley kmvfumlanfz fomx M12 raflnwfa HMW Aefbiy luunfnf 191577 6141131711113 611111944 jzzeelz. Z6!lIHRIS'I'MAS COURT .11 nm! ,,,f,,, I, Afffffmm fy QW, 1,4 of ffm ffff 1111413 ,,,1,,,1,,1, .W1 11111411 14111111111 1,4,fW,,, ffff 1,4 ,fW1,,1f.,,,, 2421 1,2 If 11,74 11" firm! ffffl ,L ".721f 1 fffffff Aww rf M1 1-1'11ff 11f11ffr41'1'r 1fy'1frKsfr111'01vf1f.7Z11M1!7 , ,fff Www ffff M 111 ,ml ff. 1711, . rwfi, 1'11-11l1A'11110.v1. -CWf114flf11f1e ffw rffff n4f1111f17y'11.J M40 61111111 11.1.1 fffzf 1111 fffffym fzmz' 1 1111 f fllfll 0 '1ff11f11f11f4f fr . yay 0: 1 lfrffl 11 lflfv f f41f 111 '11f 64ff1.1fff11I.A j 111f1'11 . KVA ffff 1111 11I1 f AJO'f11'1f1'f10'11f4f, ffw A1117 1l1111 1 10'1f 1 lflfff f11f11'1f zflc 'nf 1111 "11f11ffl41f f,'l15'7 71X1Q1q 6ff1lfm11,A Xj11wf11 11 .... 1014 fnnfy ,f0f111fn.11w11. 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M ffafddm . qkfzyloinorz- 1W4rf'x116zk'1wA.' 5:5111 Izfrkefr, furor! iwafnafy -,hifAlMI1Q? PJCUWK .fyayfnllng milk, ewofrf .,f' tglfan rovfoy Zfnwlgy eJr0M' LQWAIMI Vmfliongfzffy fj7f2MZy, www! F mm: ffzfreaeefhzkrlea .' fgdmzna ja 1113, wroxf L Q76211fA?1,' Zglcveer, focofrl Iyziznnzy Jcnfdg .f21. 'fiffm exon! Ygdzfv LA?I1J,'C!E7lllfIf AIAIII, wroofl mravufonf gfgzfziyf wwf? ,7QyJe'r, earoofl 91044: CHRISMAS COURT ' 21 P Seniors Terry Steele and Shelley McVey in "The Bogus Bride, " an entertaining performance given by the 5th period Drama II students. Needless to say, the show was a big hit with the audience. Y Kim Drew, Emily Garner and Hilary Bumm on the set of"The Infamous Soothing System of Dr. Maillard" - a one act play brilliantly performed by the 6th period Drama students. A "And that's all from Channel 5, " Britt Foster states as she signs off for another morning. The Drama De- partment diligently took charge of TV production this year and Britt was just one of numerous contributors. 281 lf2fI'FKlAINMFNf Four' Star' This year brought numerous changes to Northwest High School. However, at least one aspect remained the same - Viking Entertainment. Not sur- prisingly, the characteristic ta- lent and charisma were apparentg even an extra 'flairu was evident in 1987-'88. The band gave a practically flawless holiday performance in December that put everyone in the Christmas spirit. Under Mr. Smith's superb direction, the members played beautU'ul ren- ditions of "I'll Be Home for Christmas" and "Silver Bells" among other pieces. Ms. Henley and the chorus also treated the student body to some holiday cheer by singing Erimterbajiriument various songs of the season. Congratulations goes to the chorus for appearing on "The Good Morning Show" in De- cember - they represented Northwest with style. On the subject of style, the Drama Department performed their version of "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" follow- ing the Music Department's program. Seniors Brad Smith fthe grinchj and John Clarkin this dogj stole the show with their original portrayals that kept the audience constantly laughing. The Drama Department con- tinued the Viking entertain- ment with their production of "Harvey" in the spring. After competitive auditions were held, long hours of building sets, practicing after school, de- signing costumes and learning lines consumed the time of par- ticipating students. Conse- quently, the show was a smash- ing success and a definite crowd-pleaser. With the band's musical mas- terpieces, drama's originality, the chorus' melodious har- monies and professional televi- sion productions, quality enter- tainment was provided through- out the year. A 'fourstarv rat- ing is deservedly bestowed upon all of the talented students who shone brightly in each perform- ance. Juniors Pam Landon and Dana Hamilton sing with spirit in the NW chorus. Q A Besuies providing entertainment for Northwest, the band members also participated in worthy causes. Shown here playing for the Salvation Army, these band members were active in the library club, which spon- Sored the event. WWAIMWTXN OF TWO CLUBS, THE FUTURE STUDENTS. THE NEED FOR NEW MET THIS NEED WITH THE ADDITION BODY POPULATION ALSO IN- AND HOBBIES PURSUED BY THE INCREASE IN THE STUDENT CREASED THE VARIOUS INTERESTS CLUBS AROSE AND NORTHWEST , ,Aw 1,fM '?? ff v ef 1 , 2 ' .. ,L WW, A 2 f f ii f 2 . . L, f W I f EDUCATORS OF AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL ARTS STUDENT ASSOCIATION, THE IITRODUCTION OF THESE NEW CLUBS BROUGHT THE NUMBER OF NORTHWEST ORGANIZATIONS TO OVER THIRTY. EACH CLUB WOR IED HARD THIS YEAR AND EACH DESERVED RECOGNITION. DUR NG THE BT-88 SCHOOL YEAR, Eh f NORTIWIEST WAS DEFINITELY . I IRABBAIA QM? I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I l IIAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIII' WIIIIY 1IIl I II I III I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIYYI IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'II IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I 1 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I L IIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII III I ll AIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIII I IIIII I IIIII IIIIIII IIIIIII IIIIIII IIIIIII IIIIIII IIIIIIII IIIIIIII II IIIIIIIILII IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIII I A III I I IIIIIIIIIII IIII 'Ill I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIII I II I llIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ll II II Illl IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII ll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII lllll IIA IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII II IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IL AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIITIIIIIIIIY IIIIY II I IIII ll II IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII IIFIIIIIIIIII lIfIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII I II IIIIIIII lf! IIIIIIIIIII A Ill I IIIIIIIIIIIIII I Il QI IIJIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIL IIIIIIIIIIII I III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIII' WIIIIIIIIV II IIYIY IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIY IIIIIIII II I V IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIII III IIIIIIII III IIIIIIII ll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII III :nur II III! IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII Ilr WI III Q IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIY II luv- IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII III ll If gy IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I . :IllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII cr ll lr. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII AIIL IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII .4llIlL.llllllulnlnnlllIlnn:I11ulll1uu1nIll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!lllIII!ll!lIlQII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL-allllllull-I-I-II IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII H I 4 I - r IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIfIIIl IIII ILIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII II W A II IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I . . I g . w in A I. , - 'II ' - . I I A I . r L Ig I y .l . . r - . A ,. h - . I . ' .Al - - P ' I . . II' A u i. ' L H II .II , A : ' I . L I If A ' I WMM "Roving Swamp "Swamp rats" became roving rats in this 'ilamm' Packed" year. With no swamp, you could find Student Council members almost anywhere hard at work making arrangements for graduation, preparing for the prom, setting up the ordering of class rings, and organizing the Homecoming and Christmas Court celebrations. Advisory Board members could always be found on holidays, decorating the cafeteria. One thing done in the past P Shelley McVey, President of the Student Council, gets ready to announce the Christmas Queen. IQXWIIJENF COUNCIL that the Student Council could not do this year was "a big White Christmas project. " This was because of the lack of storage for all the clothes and the food. This event was left up to individual clubs. After the prom on April 30th and graduation on May 28th, the Student Council 's work was done. That is until the week before school started when the officers came back and prepared the school for yet another school year. Rats ll ff? " 51'45'ff t g B f ,Q I f fi " f' ,E 5.5.5, ,..' ' ' g -.....- -,. - 6, I . .., :1 -. ..-", :.v '.k, , :" pre tsp: 4 .f:-- ...,, I .1 :,,-.,,,.. I., .-'. .,", ,,'., . . I 'tn' -' "" 'I . . lkkr , ' t , N 3 1, few, K i i s teke Akee ,11 A ' ' W ii7iW' iiiii '1'i ' i- ' ,1" " -11" ' N '111 ' -ii"' tlii A Madame Morris explains to the Christmas Court ladies and their escorts what to do that night, December 1 1 th. F51 X Packed With Knowledge ontributing to the aca- demic service organiza- tions at Northwest are the well-respected honor societies. The National Honor Society, Sophomore Honor So- ciety and the Quill and Scroll International Honor Society performed their usual outstand- ing jobs this year by providing services to the community and to the school. The NHS visited nursing homes throughout the year to 3 Q-gg spend a day with the elderly people in our community and to help with such things as garden- ing and decorating for special activities. The students also treated the teachers on special holidays. The Sophomore HS contin- ued to aid the teachers of Northwest by grading papers during exam time. They also sponsored a scholarship given to the most deserving Senior. The Quill and Scroll Interna- A Shelley McVey and Randy Gregg pause for the camera as they collect dues for NHS. 34fH0!0R SUCIETIES tional HS, made up of the Newspaper and Yearbook staffs, as well as the Writer's Guild, continued to sell the re- nowned red and white pom-pons at the football and basketball games. They also spent an after- noon Christmas caroling for the teachers during the holiday season. The 1987-1988 school year was jamm' packed for each of the honor societies at North- west. M b b BTW, NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY gy. ,V im g ,J g .SL 3- '-Z' if XS t 6' in ,IVV A Honor Society students dryft into deep thought when asked for an idea td ttt 'F mf Q E4-www Behind f was fhe day oefore fhe deadhne and behind fhe Arfroom dooryou coufd hear efeven sfajf rnernoers Wing up fhe foose ends ry! a yearbook deadhne. You coufd hear demands for rwiers, penciis, and picfures. Kefw Edwards, fhe Edifor, coufd be seen proof-reading everyone's fayoufs and correcfing as she wenf aiong. Those 36lYEARBO0K Cfosed Doors i who were finished wifh fheir own i pages, ojyered fheir asslsfance fo fhe ofhers. Everyone worked fogefher fo make fhe producfion of fhe yearbook a group ejjlorf. V In fhe end if was saiisfying fo see fhaf fhe ejlorf had paid of, and lhaf fhe Wking woufd be a memoralvfe bookfor 4 years fo come! V X Q X RN '2 7 0048? A A Fronf' john Lavendar. M1ddfe.'Paf Chnard, Kelhl Edwards, Toni Burneffe, Heafher Karas, Pam Cfinard. Earle- Ricky Morgan , Pam Weafherford, Marian Eakes, Afhson Armsfrong, jiff Tmfife. L Pam cools of, whife working affer hours on fhe yearbook. QKUURSUQ N X. s'x ' x MM Rf. 'ix X X . ,,X:: 2 . '33 Q X NN 'NN 1. xg- Q? 'L Q84 3-XSx.Q4:v S x .1-'F' ,gk S X fffi A Thefrrrf .vfajjc meeflng IJ hefa' fo gefpre- paredfor Me work fo come. P Mr. Wray .mggerfmme new approaches for Marian fo canxider. L 'Qi Pk i ,L J 4 Pam ana' Paf .rfruggle fo heb one anaffrer idenijy name: for a club pidure. YEARBOOKI 31 orthwe t EXPRESSzon The definition of a journalist is an editor of, or writer for, a newspaper. This technical def- inition doesn't tell the whole story. A journalist is one who has the dedication and ambition to attain perfection. They must be willing to accept assignments they don't want, and still do a good job. They must be willing to devote their time to deadlines and other events. It is a chal- lenge few people are willing to acceptg however, there are twenty people who have ac- knowledged and accepted this challenge. They are the mem- bers of the Express Staff. The members of the Express produced eight issues of the paper, including the renowned Senior Issue. They worked many long hours after school in order to ensure that the student body received their issues on time. The dedication and stamina required to operate an organization like the Express is unbelievable. The Express staff however, was able to rise up and meet this challenge and produce a newspaper that could be en- joyed by all. ' S 38 f NEWSPAPER ""' - ...., Nt-XX A Juniors Eddie Brown and Angel Pegram discuss layout ideas for an up- coming issue of the Express. P Junior Ben Milstead offers sugges- ,,,,p X tions to the other members ofthe staff in a preproduction meeting. 5 S if K Xa J: r Lf xv pu- .ly Nw Z 9 sgri M I i TWO H012 TO Handle A pair of organizations here at Northwest have excelled in promiting school and com- munity service, with such un- surpassed energy that they are truly an inspiration. The gen- uine concern felt by the Future Homemakers of America and Civinettes kept members con- stantly on the move improving our surroundings. While talented in the culinary arts, FHA has an unlimited ca- pacity beyond the kitchen 's per- imeter. Monthly meetings were often held at local restaurants. After dinner, club officers led discussions on issues of particu- lar concern to teenagers, with topics such as drug abuse and teen suicide. I n addition to their regular menu plans, the group baked and sold cakes during the Yuletide season for faculty members. The revenue amounts indicated what a huge success this fundraising project was and consequently their good fortune was shared with others. The FHA also participated in White Christmas, sponsoring a five member family with gifts of food, clothing and toys. Under the guidance of new adviser, Ms. Heise, the FHA ex- perienced an active and reward- ing year. Ms. Heise, who pre- viously taught at Western Guil- ford, was a welcome asset to the Northwest faculty. School and community ser- vice were primary con- siderations for a group of young ladies known as the Civinettes. Renowned for their involvement and the leadership of club adviser, Ms. Fulp, students seeking acceptance must meet certain criteria. For the dura- tion of Spirit Week, Civinette hopefuls were required to dress in the corresponding attire. Once a member, the extra- curricular activities abounded. Various projects for MDA, March of Dimes and Multiple Sclerosis were scheduled. Less fortunate residents of the com- munity, such as the elderly in Countryside Manor Nursing Home and needy families were given support through visits and donations. Whether performing volunteer work at the Sum- merfield Elementary Fall Fes- tival or sponsoring our very own Powder Puff football game, Civinettes showed 100'Za dedica- tion. Beside the aforementioned accomplishments, members of both clubs expanded their inter- ests while simultaneously learn- ing more about themselves in the process. Numerous pro- jects, coupled with positive attitudes made these groups "two hot to handle." i , ,,,,, ..,,,,.,,. A D0r1m1 Sumner and FHA member Kfisfy Miner efeafe Easter baskets filled A Getting back to basics is a fundamental aspect of the Home Economics depart- with delectable sweets just in time for the Easter season. mem, The Students here prove learning can be fun. 40 l CIVlNEl'l'ESlHlA BX' x..n.,.. X + IGI ls Ya- eggs il- 5 5- T, Q . ,,, T f in" ff v +5 f iv I T , . A U yu "Yr A . V Q h' 5 K . A A ,, Clvlnef1esRow1 T Sums T Cummings E Myers C Peasly H Boylslen M Wlllrams J Tuflle Ms FuIplAdvlserJ A MemT1lPresl McVeylVPJ A AndrewslSec1TreasJ D Paschal M Brooks R Eller M Bonney J Scofl B Brown M Rredl W Ozmar P Landon M Lamb K Tucker M Smith V Kerley C Osbome K Sums Row 3 M Clark T Scorl J Brown J Zlmmerman D McLeymore M Jones N Mussroom J Connover S Thurmond K Hansook J Chambers K Redmond S Alley S Emory B Twlddy Rowd C Hall T Rusnrng B Leach D Swlcegood D Dillon C Lawlor S Cox C Caudle K Drew S Breazeale M Eakes A Cummlngs A Moreau S Mrlls L Klrby R Kellam A Armstrong i f 6 Q if gi R 5 X .0 , 1 it 0 F .X r 4 , ' ' 4 A N " k ls an X . 5, 5 l I - ' I Q sf ' 3 6 gferg. I ' 'A Q ga -I N S gy gi W Q QR Ex if Q J X as A T Thompson, M. Wane-n, K. Clapper, l2, Sfrulson, T. Brown Row 2: H. Hudsoni K: Edwards, L Ii-Z'Z-i'i'C'Z'Z'Z'Z'1'?'I'I'I' I'i'i'ifi'CfZ-C'I-I'I'Z-I-DZ-I-I-I-I'I'I'i'FD? -Cx 3 , ,u f-:-:-.-.-:-:f .-:-.w:-- -Lv:-J.-:4-:-.-. .-:-:-:':-:-:+:' 2:5 'E:?:2-5153 ::2:55cI:lfF:Iitirgkkfizif-?gt1:7:Pf:1:f:f:5'7'" - :tI'?:1:T" ds .f V? 151:- -' '::-:::- :-: -:-:-'-:-'.g:-' ,.g.g':. .-:-:-'-:-:-"':5:-.::3: -45:-:. 2.-: '-:-:-: '-:-:-:-'4:-:':-:1:f:f:-:f:': ' ' Q 1' A x x ' ne of the largest This club was open to all and most active students currently clubs at North- enrolled in Latin, or those west was the French club. students who had taken it The French club had ap- in the past. There were proximately 75 members. three area schools that They participated in such participate in the JCL: activities as City Stage, Southwest,Southern,and and sponsored a family at Northwest. Thanksgiving and Christ- The JCL often met at mas. During foreign area restaurants for the language week, several convenience of the three students traveled to area schools. At each meeting elementary schools to the students watched teach youngsters a day of films, slides, and listened French. to speakers on social and The Spanish Club was educational topics. The alsoa large and very active Northwest JCL students club at Northwest. The sponsored a family at students learned about Christmas and contributed Spanish customs and to a county-wide effort to cultures during several of raise money to send two their meetings. students to Italy in June. A new club at All in all the Northwest Northwest this year was foreign language students the Guilford County gained "Culture in their Junior Classical League. words." 42! FURHGN LANGUAGE A Pet food piles up in Ms. Morris' room ready to be taken to animals of needy families. f DC QW A, 1 hx V: V :E E ' wt "Wi , ' Hb Q , ' ' 5 - ln X ,I v 25,4 t 4, ,j ' ar fr :U , , ' ' .vi r t .Y . ,gk ' ' Atgki-nu!! vt V f Ik -' P' ',V.4V' 'Q W A Kim Drew works in the French Club booth at City Stage as Shannon Emory smiles for the camera. One organization Northwest was renowned for was its Choral Department. Divided into three sections, each group had its own unique style. However, they shared one quality, talent. This talent was shared not only with the student body but also with the public on various occasions. During the Christ- mas season, they sang for sev- eral special events including a prestigious appearance on the "Good Morning Show" at Christmas. The chorus also sang at the Four Seasons Towne Center, Blandwood Mansion and a United Way Luncheon. Several chorus members were honored for their talents. Kim Clapper, Kim Sims, Brian Steele, Terry Steele, Heather Edwards, Amy Dougherty, and Mary Dunne were selected for the North Carolina Honors Chorus. Kim Clapper, Kim Sims, Pam Landon, Dana Ham- ilton and Ray Wallace were chosen to attend' the Mars Hill A Mrs. Jody Henley, Choral Director. P Freshman Mary Dunne helps the chorus with another of their outstand- ing productions. MXCHORUS Choral Clinic in February. Kim Clapper was also a semi-fnalist in the Coca-Cola All World Chorus scheduled to sing at the opening ceremonies of the 1988 Olympics. The Chorus performed at contests throughout the year and scored high at each com- petition. The dedication and hard work paid off and it was evident that the Chorus was def- initely musically inclined. 4 NC Honors Chorus: Row 15 Amy Doughtery, Heather Edwards, Mary Dunne, Row 2: Jay Reddick, Kim Clapper, Brian Steele, Kim Sims, Terry Steele. 4 Sr. Terry Steele carefully studies his music as he prepares for his next en- trance. V Jr. Ray Wallace lends his voice to the Christmas Concert. the Pflzfccf Vikings The Drafting Club offered ex- tracurricular acti vities for those students enrolled in drafting classes. This club, sponsored by Mr. Thacker, was involved in such fund raisers as selling fruit and locker shelves. Along with the Drama Club they adopted a family for Christmas. They Hard worked toward such goals as plans for Gateway Education Center and establishing a pro- gram to identyfy special risk homes for fire safety. They par- ticipated in a regional VICA contest. They hosted the 1987- 88 Guihford County!Greensboro City Drafting Contest at Four at Work Seasons Towne Centre. TheAutomotives Club, led by Mr. Crewsvwas quite active this year. They sponsored a family at Christmas and participated in a basketball tournament with other clubs. They invited guest speakers to attend Northwest and entered a skill Olympics. 46X DRAFFINGXAIHUMTTIVFIS A Seniors Richard Honeycutt and Pat- rick Clark repair various motors, such as this one, in automotives class. L Steve Wall reaches for one of the many tools used for repairing cars. rl, ,V :V 55596-, igffw f.-N? ff ,jf jf, ,,.. ,I f , , M 1. ' ' Q -Aw Q J ' W' x 'i " l ,-. ,pr ag, ,, VV :V V,m, h , Em 3 xg 'G Jumor Scott Turkett does his work carefully look- 15 mg at zt from every angle. Q -1 W 'fa , A : ks ss ' if XE . . R SM WWE 'P we , o ,.-WN --EN ,Q- Building For the Future When taking a trip through the Vocational building many sights and sounds can be ob- served. Whether it's Mr. Mitchener discussing the day's assignment in bricklaying class or students working in the greenhouse during horticulture MMM, ' ,, V, ' .. f -. , "f1+- 1 , . ' Us. ,, . f , , ,yd pu, ,,,. , . f A f class, you know they're up to something productive. Some- times you can even smell the fresh saw dust from a recent carpentry class. These students worked hard in class as well as after school during club meetings. Partic- 1-ig., , ws., 481 BR!CKl.AYIN1lCARPlINl1lY!I-FA A Junior Danny Sumner utilizes his carpentry skills on one of Mr. Gannon's many projects. P Thomas Chambers sets the foundation in bricklaying class. He's one of many Vikings "Building For the Future." ipating in specialty contests on district and state levels and fun activities such as basketball and softball tournaments were just part of what made Bricklaying, Carpentry, and FFA an excel- lent part of Northwest. pottmg this ,ef J Q Corpentry, Row 1: T. Nelson, T. Williamson, D. Sumner, S. Kimmer, Mr, Gannon. Row 2: B. Mills, P. McCormick, R. Goudy, B. McGee, C. CKJI14. Row 3: D. Grovely, K. Pegrom, T. Bor1Ieh', S. Goudlin, D. Teosler. 2 'S 3. S . s M., . .kv ff il- Reaching Your Goal The Bus Driver's Club was one of many spirited clubs at North- west. During the year, members sold boxes of candy to raise money for needed items, such as brooms, trashcans, and hoses that help keep our buses clean. At the end of the year, the bus drivers went on a Held trip to Thomas Busing Company and then had a banquet to reward them for all the hard work. Another active club at North- west is Students Against Drunk Driving KSADDQ. This year SADD sponsored a family for White Christmas. They also con- tributed commercials on Channel 5 and put out help group ads in the EXPRESS. Many members collected news- paper articles about the victims of drunk driving and exhibited them in Mr. Hughes' display case. Most importantly, they hung posters telling everyone "DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE." Another productive organiza- tion is the Library Club. Besides promoting the library, it is a so- cial club. During the Christmas holidays, some of the members who were also in the band, trav- eled to Friendly Shopping Center and played to raise money for the Salvation Army. On St. Pat- rick's Day, the club sold green lollipops to earn money. The Bus Driver's Club, Students Against Drunk Driving and the Library Club proved, even with diferent goals, they could each gain valuable seU'- satisfaction in the process. A Junior Danny Sumner listens intently as Mr. N oell explains what his duties are on his bus route, as Suann Locklear looks on. ' P Ms. Klem watches members of the Library Club as they play for the Salvation Army. 50 l UBRARYIBUS DRIVERSXSADD V These committed SADD members are support- ing their school by informing the N, W, students of the consequences that you might face when you drink and drive. '- - - if i Q ,. is as its ' r + J 5 fiiilniriff 1im.W., rears Q sifkg fr. Ffemmfra: Sufism' f-'-- f - , ,-A . W ,gy 'QL BusDriversClub:Row1:Mr.NoeIl,C.ATkins,S.Locklear,R l-lenderson,C Word,J Siler. Row 2: A. Rogers, D Sumner, T, McCormick, F. Payne, T. Pilgrim. Row 3 N Gray, B. Mills, R Hardy, S. Tolben, S. Gee, J. Lavender, M. Mitchell -:-' Iirrl ' -:'f 1 ai, 2. : .',2Q?.1. ' ...... df, ,a,,i,,,.E , egg rgifgigfwligifflegfffri'gsf1-will 342 if YJ. Giga , si 23522 VE, ..... .,... W',,-N 35235 5??E? l Zii' A "i'h ""i' ' ' ' i""'i' i"'ii:iiiii iii Yh' ' ' ' Library Club: Row 1: Ms. Moody, S. Shelton, K, Moser, A. Andrews, W. Purcell, C. Wood. Row 2: T. Cummings, M. Bonney, M. Riedl, S. Lee, J. Hunter, P, Brande, Ms. Klem, Row 3:T, Simms. ' gg R. Gregg, S. Alley, J. Mori, J. Brown, M. Collins, P, Syedelius, Row A: R, Hill, J. Morion, E, Raynor, C, Monroe, C. Barringer, J. Connor, K, Karrick. 3152 5 ,,, .,, ..,, M, ,. ,.., ., ,, , .,.. , ,,,.s,,,.,,. ,,,..,,.. .,,,, ..,,,... , ,. .. ., . . , ,iiii ,,f::,, ...,. ,.,...,,,.- , , . " "ii ' C' ii""ii i"ii A Eiggggi ggifihsiismsisiirgv issxe 5 sasfxei 32253 25535 EEE? 1 -,'f:i V -'., is , s.-' ff.,- 2,1 ggi. i ,...,..' fii. se,.gg:f, ' -1 ,wi ,. ,,.. '-', s'ii ' SADD: Row1:Mr,Hughes,H Freeman,S. Alley, T, Collins, T. Chaney,D Holi, R. Kellam, B Dalion, Row 2:T. Thompson, A. Trexler,J. Poindexier, A. Hill.W. Aikins,C l-lines, J. ScoTl,J fjiflfffg Sydell, D, Keyser, E. Raynor, C. Holi, Row 3. N. Missroon, A, Sweeney, K. Henderson, M Richards, W. Powell, C. Caudle, C, Monroe, J, Upchurch, C. Barringer, P. Syedlius, J. Brown Row A: J, Keen, A. Hill, D Harnilion, J, Hamilion, G. Austin, G. Robinson, R Gregg, J Lys? Recldick, M, Collins, J Connor. My? r .... if X 'f M 4. rirf'l5'1, fi H 5 A i s 2 4, 2 LP il Creative Endeavors Artists express their styles in numerous ways through a vari- ety of outlets. Whether created with pencils or paints, written or performed, a select few students have the capabilities to cultivate their talents in these fashions. A trio of clubs high- light just such creativity - the Art Club, Writer's Guild and Drama Club. For those individuals with scheduled Art classes and others who hold a keen interest in the subject, the Art Club was an ideal organization. Their masterpieces appeared on display year-around, in the form of originally designed posters and banners that kept hallways alive with vibrant color. At various meetings, skills were enhanced when com- munity artists gave demon- strations on improving tech- nique. This revision allowed members, along with the admin- istration and athletic depart- ment, to transform the gym into a Court fit for a Queen. Art Club participants enhanced the beauty of the Christmas Court nominees with their festive dec- orations. The visual spectrum was focused upon by another Jine Arts club this year. The Writer's Guild selected "Colors of the Rainbow" as the theme for the literary magazine, Primings. Their publication reached the presses, due largely in part to an M8zM's fundraiser. Members visited each English class pro- moting Creative Writing Week and encouraging students to submit poems, short stories and essays to the magazine. Rewarded for their achieve- ments, these literary en- thusiasts ventured to Asheville, touring author Thomas WoUfe's home and enjoying the mountain scenery. Another beneficial excursion occured on the High Point College campus, home of the Phoenix Festival. Guild members had oppor- ,IH is ef im . -.-A , I ' , . .,,. if A Hours after the regular school day ended, Writer's Guild members could be found working on this year's edition of "Primings. U 52l AITFlDRAMAlWRITER'S GUIID tunities to enter writing contests and attend seminars while they enjoyed an entire day to cele- brate word usage. With success comes celebra- tion, and the Drama Club was not overlooked by any means. More Vikings than ever before participated during produc- tions, as the population growth divided Dramatics classes into groups of Advanced and Hrst year students. The actors and actresses worked separately on three diferent plays, then com- bined their efforts into one ac- tion-packed show entitled "Bogus-Bonanza. " Several ex- perienced and talented students were also selected to represent Northwest in the North Car- olina Theater Contest at N.C. A8zT State University, achiev- ing second place. Each of these clubs proved that their endeavors, though separate , were equal in creativ- ity. After all, actions speak much louder than words. w w 4 Lewis Story's extra-sensory per- ceptions are accurate during his por- trayal of a fortune teller in the play "Eden," 5 if w S 5 "The Bogus Bride" proved marriage isnt total bliss, as the friction between Juhe Hamilton cad Ronnie Mechiingsfs characters indi- c e, .53 X, wi' ernr w "fQ3 - e e ft iii ,eir eerryef .er f ag ou- P , K.: ' -K, K 1 . ,V Q T 74' Fellowship Sports and Spiril A Chad Kota and friends enjoy a weekend alone. are dll A Senior Lewis Story sits in art 5 Here membefs Of the FCA li-Yfefl class thinking about his weekend. mtently to Ms' S'ke5 at their monthly meeting. 54 l FCA! N XPEP The "N" Club, Pep Club, and The Fellowship of Christian Athletes were three of the biggest and most active clubs at North- west. The Pep Club was composed of students whose job was to promote school spirit. The Pep Club members under the ad- visement of Ms. Smith worked hard making posters and ban- ners to support Viking spirit and athletes. Students who lettered in Var- sity sponfs were the students who made up the "N" Club. This club was involved with White Christmas and they helped with the fall and spring banquets. Ms. Sikes was the adviser of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This club met every other Monday. During their meetings students discussed friends, pressures, and their re- lationships with God. FCA had a fund raiser to collect money for their end of the year beach trip. They also went to High Point-A ndrews to listen to guest speakers. .M ti ai A QQ f. ii ?5 22 51 5, - K, 5 : 1.-wx'-zq, 1-1-.yn:,-,565,f5gu,g,E:fQ:?:sax,,'zizmszlffszl,zaieimzsyr.:vffi"S2Zsw:-'famefresszeeissnfsfwesfms,fifszfaffeswzfianifmiivrfizwfiwfesismzfmsakfamawe2ii222fwI:ems2:'Lawwanna:fsffI2fsffH12w221azi The future Business Leaders of America CFBLAj, the Dis- trict Education Clubs of America CDECAJ, and the In- dustrial Cooperative training IICTJ were quite busy this year preparing students for their future careers. FBLA started the year off by selling Tom Watt merchandise and made over S6,000. Ginger Smith, Elizabeth Raynor, and Craig Hendrix collected over S150 for the Leukemia Society "Hand -on" for the of North Carolina in a type- athon. At Christmas-time, the club adopted 2 families and also provided pet food for the el- derlys' pets. They also gave each member of the faculty a Christ- mas gift. In February, seven FBLA members entered in Dis- trict 5 Competitive events. DECA contained 30 mem- bers, who participated in a Career Development Confer- ence at East Forsyth. They also took part in the DECA Compet- Future itive Events at Four Seasons Mall on January 275 and attended the State Convention in Char- lotte from March 10-12. ICT members attended classes in the morning and left during 4th, 5th, or 6th to get the "hands-on " experience working part-time. FBLA, DECA, andICT were the clubs to be a part of for the "hands-on" experience needed in future careers. I L f if A Mr. Way UCT adviserj takes time out from his busy schedule to confer with Coach Groves. SSIFBWDHJMCT 4 A hard working business student is so engrossed in her work, that she is oblivi- ous to the camera. 5 6' 3 , Y '4- ICT: Row 1: A. Holt, L. Coner, T. Mounce, V. Hunt, T, Nelson, C, CTork, Row 2' J Abexonder, L. Alexander, K. Jester, P. Bronson, J. McPherson, T. Chambers, D, Peeden, M McCrcJw, Row 3: D. Gro ,D. Holmes, R. Morshokl, J.Wo1son, B, Holcomb, R. Hedrick, T. Tucker. D Atkins. B, Phillips, Clark, s What,s new n the Club Scene With a jamm' packed popula- tion this year, Northwest devel- oped two new organizations to accommodate the expanding needs of the student body. The Future Educators of America fF.E.A.j and the American ln- dustrial Arts Student Associa- tion fA.I.A.S.A.j offeredfuture teachers and industrial arts enthusiasts an opportunity to discover more about their respective interests. Mr. Woody served as adviser for F .E.A. He spent countless hours recruiting club members and promoting education in general. One of the numerous activities F .E .A . participated in was American Education Week in November. Members wrote personal "thank you" notes to the Northwest faculty and ad- ministration for jobs well done. In December, the prospective educators held a Christmas party to celebrate the holiday season. An agenda was estab- lished in January for the remainder of the year which in- cluded guest speakers and re- cruitment at the middle school. F.E.A. had rewarding ex- periences due to the dedication and enthusiasm of everyone in- volved. The American Industrial Arts Student Association began a productive year with the aid of adviser Mr. Houck. A.I.A.S.A. aw A A.I.A.S.A. adviser Mr. Houck illustrates his expertise in technology with this very interesting demonstration ofa highly sophisticated robot. P At this F .E.A. meeting, members discuss the pros and cons of teaching, while gaining first-hand experience through various projects. 58 I F.E.A.lA,l.A.S.A. V was formed primarily to encourage interest in technol- ogy and the industrial arts. Dur- ing 1 987- '88 the club had almost twenty members and expects to grow even more in the future. All of the members gererously supported the Muscular Dystro- phy Association fMDAj fund- raiser, while they also contributed to the A.I.A.S.A. Spring Ex- position. Both the Future Educators of America and the American In- dustrial Arts Student Associa- tion captured the Viking spirit this year as they built the vital foundations for enhancing the club scene at Northwest. wk I P , K. Sims lSec.1, E. : D. Marshall, A. Johnson, R. Gregg, allace, Pal Clinard 41 ssl .EC .. wg' 1 997' Amencan Induslnal Arls SYudenlAssocla1lon Rowl T Marshall G Coslazo T Wllllams J Holliday T Sonnet Row3 A Nelson M Clayton M McRone Mr Houck ayes M Muller Num. D. Sealy, s. conyle. B. Suhon, Row 2: D. Himes, J. MqcLQiin,'J. scoggihs, J. wongf BI 1987-'88 WILL LUNG BE REMEMBERED AS THE YEAR FRESHMEN WERE INCLUDED AS A PART UF THE SENIOR HIGH. MUST UF TIIE FRESHMEN TIIUUGHT IT WAS GREAT BEING IN- CLUDED WITII THE "BIG KIDS". BUT AS EXPECTED, WITH ADDED PRIYILEGES CAME ADDED PRDBLEMS. MANY STUDENTS YYERE FURCED TU SHARE LDCKERS UNTH. THE NEYY UNES ARRIVED IN DECEMBER. TIIERE WERE ALWAYS DUNG LINES TU BE CUNTENDED WITHQ IN ATTENDANCE, IN GUIDANCE AND ESPE- .. CIALLY IN TIIE CAFETERIA. HUWEVER, STUDENTS WERE ABLE I TU UYERCUME MUST DF THE PRDBLEMS AND HAVE A FUNFILLED I AS WELL AS A PRDDUCTIVE YEAR EVEN THUUGH THE NDRTIIWEST HALLS WERE IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIII I I I III ll IIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I 1 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Y L IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII III l ll AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIYIIll IIII ILIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII III' llll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII III I I III II II II I IJ IIII IIIII IIIIIII Y IIIII' IIII I I AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII IIII I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII! I II I llIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII II II II 'Ill IIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII If IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII' IIIII III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I IIIIIIIII AI IIIIIIIIILII IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIL I IIIIII7 I IL IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIY II IIIIIIIIII 'IIIIIIIIY IIIIY II I IIII ll ll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIFIIIIIIIIIIIII IIVIIIIIIIIIIIII I IIIII I II IIIII IIIIIIII Ill IIIIIIIIIIIIII I III I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I II QI I AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I Ill IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII- .IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIY' IIIIIIII II I If.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII ' .an IIIIIIIY -ll -' IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII' I.. A III .I III All III.lII IIIIIIY IIIIII .III IIIV'II'AIII. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII II' WI.III'I-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII ll'.IEll'-'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII III If If lv- .IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII If II'4I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII if lI.l7. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIK ILIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIII -alllllwllllnllllllulllllIlI:l'I1ululllllnl1lull lll ln. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I I l I I II I I QJ I I I I I g,IIl IllllllllIlllllllllllllxI:I....I.l.1.I..Il ..I-2.4 :.I.I.4ll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Illlllllllnllllllllllllllllnllllllllllllllllln ' III I Illllll IIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIYYI IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Ill IVII Ill I I Y' ' I W I A . . I I E - an A ' '-4 . 'II - . A I . ' nv in . I .I . A 7 B F- ... . A WWW I"s,,,.f in mn- 1987-19862 Valedicforzan and 5aluz"aforian During fheir produdive and harmonious years af Norlhwesf, fhe class qc 'XJ' coniinu- ousw gave 10071 in each of lheir academic endeavors. The group consisfed of over- achievers who were dedicafed fo fheir educa- iion. Two, of fhe 263 Seniors, excelled iv be- come fhe 1333 Valedicforian and Salufaforian, Nof surprisingw, Terry Sfeele and Andrea Hvdgin are fhe dynamic duo being described. As Valedicforian, Terry represenfed fhe essence ofa model sfudenf. He acfiveQ parfici- pafed in Norlhwesfs clubs K such as ihe Na- s, ff?" ' -, " . ,Mi iional Honor Sociefy and lhe French Clubi. Terry has been a devofed member of fhe Chorus ihroughouf his high school career. He was a lcey player of fha soccer feam and simub faneousQ mainfained an unbelievable 4.3! grade-poinf average. He was oufgoing and well lilced by bolh feachers and classmafes. On fhe same nofe, Ialufaforian Andrea Hodgin also had a shining personabfy. 5 he was a friendQ, vivacious and mofivafed sfudenf. Andrea confribufed lv numerous clubs over fhe years and was an officer in several cyl fhem. Lihe her counferparf, she had an oufsfanding GPA, 4.33. Lasf, buf cerfainw nor leasf, Andrea spenf counfless hours during and affer school dihgenfly working as edifor of fhe school newspaper, The Express. Terry and Andrea TTMQ deserved fhese prerhgious disiindions of Valedicforian and Salufaforian. Their fellow Seniors admired such commilmenfs fo excellencef fhey were definifely role models for lhe enfire sfudeni body. ef , or e, ? 62! V AmM 1987- IBXA' Mr. and Ms. Viking Anofher dynamic duo fhaf deserved special recognifion war fhi.fyear'.r Mr. and Mx. Wlcing. Affer fhe ballofx were carefulhl counfed, fhe anficlpafed momenf arrived. Who had fhe Seniors Jelecfed as ihe luchy pair . . . Glenn Kerley and Shelley McVey.' The lille: of Mr. and MJ. Viking are given each year fo fhe fwo xfudenf: who besf represenf' 0M'lLJ'l'dI1dl'l1g achievemenf in xporfx, leaderrhlp, good Jporirmanxhip, and lberfona- ldy. Alfhough fhere wa.: compefifion by fheir falenfed peers, Glenn and Shelley ea.riQ gualgfiedfor fhe honor. Glenn was alwayf exz'remeQ en1'hu.w1a.rfr'c abouf fhe .rporfr he ,barliclpafed in, expeclalw foofball and baseball. Thi: seaxon, Glenn along wifh his foofball feammafex, achieved fhe ulfimafe goal. The group became fhe Triad 3-A Conference Championxf He mofivafed bofh fhe player: and rfudenf body fo have faifh in Norlhwerfs afhlefic program. The baseball feam wifh Glenn'.r con- iribufionx advanced fo fhe .rlafe pbyojjlx in 7937. Anofher example of how hi: love for .rporfr benefhbfed Norfhwerf, Glenn exhibifed leadership of fhefeld, foo, He wa: acfive In .fuch club: as fhe Nafional Honor Sociey, N- Club, and Fellowship of Chrirlian Afhlefef. Shelley served on fhe .ffudenf Council, wax adive in fhe Nafional Honor Jociefy, and fhe N-Club. During her .renior year :he wa: Prexidenf of fhe Fellowxhljn of Chriffian Afhlefex and Presidenf of fhe .S'z'udenf body. From ninfh grade fhrough her Senior year, Shelley was an irreplaceable member of ihe Whing fennix feam. .She progrexxed rapidQ fo become a compefihve , rexpecfed afhlefe hnown for her PUIHTIVB ahlifude, which enabled her fo rank ar lop xeed. Shelley war a powerfulnngler and doublef player during her four years of fennix. Her infinife C0l11Lfl.60lfl'0I1I infpired ofher: fojoin fhe feam and conflnue fhe winning fradi- Hon. COIZQCIITVEQ, Terry, Andrea, Glenn, and Shelley were f6.S'POI1J'l'bIE for many proud momenf: af Norfhweff. Their accomplixh- menf: will rfand fhe ferl of lime and will be a fough ad fo follow for fhe Clam' of QY9. MR. AND MS. VIKING HB Seniors Reading , wriiing and arifhmefic - everyone reabzes fhe basics ofan educafion , yefmanyfaiffo com rehend whafan P enormous milesfone has been erecfed and surpassed uniif a speciai dafe sef aside in May. fhreshofd in 1"he aufumn sunbghf. A marked advanfage nou iransgressed - as juniors , ihe safufafion seemed friendber fess domineering and we reabzed he was preparing us for fh. inevifabfe. Yeffor fhe momenf, we were sfiii bhe Orem Four years ago, our high schoof 1'ransH'ion began. To- cream - frapped in fhe middfe. gefher, fimid, uncerfain and hesifanf abouf fhe upcoming years, our ffedgfing fives seemed desfinedfor defeaf by an omnipresenf being fermed "Senior," Wondering af fimes gf we woufdpufi ihrough, some- how, someway, enough cour- age was musfered fo confinue. The "iowQ Sophomore" year came rapidQ upon our quivering souls, which sfiiffeif fhe ejecfs of being fhree sizes foo smaff in an aduif worid. -However, by now we were fa- mibar wifh our peers. Whaf franspired ihe foifow- ing year can onQ be describec as a remarkable wonder. Sud denQ, fhe worfd was our. afone,' darkness dissipafed anc magnanimousjoy ffied every crevice. We had 0ferafQ ex- panded enough in size fo be- come fhe fargesf Senior clas. ever af Norfhwesf, numbering approximafeQ 263. Upper- ciassmen coufd conquer ali, wilh fofaf dominafion - fogefheri You see, somefhlng else occurred afong ihe academic journey . . . ihe Ciass of'J'fY had grown up, surrounded Wig! fove. Our reign qfciaffy bzsfed a brieffwo semesfers, buf our mufuaifove and respecffor one anofher shaff iasfan efernhy. Anofher radianf summer ensued and once again fhe abominabfe gianf greefed us as we crossed fhe schoofs 64lSl'YIl0RS Amy Adkins Susan Alley Allison Armstrong Karen Atkins EL, Toby Alderin John Alexander Dean Alley Jamie Amos Andrea Andrews Sabrina Angel Stephanie Ashworth Melissa Atchison Brian Atkins ,N WH fir - Mary Atkins Steven Atkins Delila Bailey smonsfss if ' 4 wfiff Ja ff f,z,.M x Wi Mfr .is A Rf 3 1' l ii 3' Tonya Cummings Amy Curtis 68lSENl0RS 1 Tim Connor Donnie Cox Renee Crawford Jamie Cummings xflh Gloria Dalton David Damm , ,,'f 1 ig, mm if A M , ,ie my U Mark Daniel Beth Davis Kim Dickson Tommy Dickson Kelly Dillard Deanna Dillon Lisa Dillon Mike Donailiiig A Kathleen Dougherty N4 A, Malcolm Ferrell Tanya F uquay WGN, ,el Kelly Edwards I 4. , Britt Foster Steve Garner Lori Evans YW . W my . ,.,...x. L' NLY1LY L94 K alhy Freeman Ki Brad Garris Barbara Farr Janice Friddle 'U' ,, M ' . Brian Gauley I 'Wim A Seat! Gee Ben George Rene Gillea Kevin Goudy ,- -Qt NAL! ', N. if il fl 3 R hm, Delena Hedrick R0l9l9i6 Hedrick Chris Hill .lay Hill Scott Hodgin Nicole Holmes lr Timmy Hooker Chris Houck I K N. x.. .-Y fm. . af' Il, Rose Marie H endren Russell Hill i 1 A 53 Andrea Holt Heather Hudson Angie Hiatt Andrea Hodgin Richard H oneycutt Wendy H ujjfman SDIIRSXY1 531.13 xilfxxs W Q lx Derek Ashley Jenkins David Johnson YZXSWRS Heather Karas Jami Hunter X J If ,f whiff i- Kim Jessie Jennjer Jones Jeff Keen if M' "'hii J.. Dawn H utchens Julie Jackson Rob Jessup Clark Jinnette Lisa Jones Pam Jose in M E9 Ruth Kellam Glenn Kerley ff' f S-...,.,i 4? 4 4 I I J, xj RN Y .f--" - K H. .,.- f- - '51 ff Aww, 'M' A? ii: Karen McDaniel Brad McGee Shelley McVey Ronnie Mechling Mike Mitchell Ricky Morgan YUSMORS Kim Moser Tommy Moser Ron M CM ichael Amy Merritt Brad Morris Greg Manning John McPherson J 4. J- Talena M esser 4 . A 1 'Q' ". Jimmy Morton Jackie Murphy 1 :nn if 5' il,2 , " gr ff y ' i ,Q ' ' 'wh' rx Sherri Shelton Jennyfer Siler Brad Smith Timothy Smoot Kim Stanley 45- Lewis Story J.J. Sumner Q79 Terry Steele John Stevens Everett Stout Clint Strickland 9 1- I Al Sutton Pam Svedelius lil. .vi Amy Stevenson Rachel Strulson iw 'ti w . , I sf' V' 'W .. 5' Deborah S wicegood X7 X, 'il I 'Iii-. X A lwqhyf Dina Swink Brian Thomas Melissa Thompson Staey Tolbert 78lSDfIOKS .x I .ix -Q. iii ali 12: Nm 'UW f -3 'bf R7 3 -r -I . 1. view 'W is Q, Karen Webster Pattie Welch Jef Westmoreland Kim Wheeler f bw X, H ,,-41.1-'G' mi? N, R wi' . A Jack Whitley Julie Williams Marc Williamson April Wilson .V "ZH ' 1 H r l Chris Wright Mark Yaun Not pictured: Ansley Brown Scott Campbell Patrick Clark Clinton Gilreath Susan Gray Tammy Harrell Jimmy Holland Dannilaii Holmes Jerry Marsh Mary McLeymore Kim Parker Timmie Tilley 80lSlNORS .......-na.. Bobby Adkins Leslie Alexander Marian Alexander Wade Alexander Chad Apple Cheryl Atkins Laura Atkins Tim Atkinson Gerry Austin Lee Bailey Christine Baker Lance Baker Nanette Ballard Tina Ballard Chris Barham Phil Barrow Johnny Baskins Anthony Belton Chad Belton Ken Bilbrey Jason Blalock Laura Blievernic Kim Bolen Angie Bondurant Melissa Bonney George Bouras Shannon Breazeale Chris Brooks Beth Brown Dawn Brown .5 . ,,s. 12 - , E P I V In 1' krgk K K ,- 2:."'i A -' ' - .,. , A X 7 qkifwiiz N Q m ay K x 2 x"y-:A -1, ,.- A L, Vii is A iiii it i.t 1 B , ..., iil' if . 5 . ' Q ii V T5 ffffffiiffffil it 4 . tiiii,,,,.i E5 ,,,... , A . 5 , ,... X N Rey:-Q as X 5 . v as iiitlgiiii F a kk ' 3' E L 1 1 if,,i, iirr - f""f' ws Y 525721-' , I Q 1 r .. . if F XR 5 A, ysi .www N an iii s if X S X it L MNH? if it tyii ttyii is is is tttiiiittttiiii it,,ti t,iiii 3iit,ii ysii y Iii ' .. A iieie 'iiiii ,L iii. eee A f 1 A 1 ,- 45 as L it iiii t 1 L, nigh .K K .gg I kglkk ,ig .V . S, ' 1. L , L' f',ii. I A 'tili'i A'i"i , za A 'B ' ' s iiiiiii ww l i 5:4 ' ' .. , 51 A zi' y '- A' if :-:,- i - 1-i 1 ii ' X : f 'Q 1 'iii 'iiiii I iill I 1 Y f - A V ii. Yii gi? fi:,12- 3 WW, Q Ns! 3 V - . . isis 1 vi A ' 'D 'A Tx ' 'Y .fri ., ,, DSL, . I X N l A Nun. s Q 'K X QI.,-7 s , , kr. .1 , 44' , K , i K . ' , Q, , 4 1.4 .. ' . " .. 4' ,. 41 .H 1 N I , . S kv " an R, 'X ' '9. A A 1 sf" l I 1 ni 'A f 1 5 '-' f " mms ' . Qi b5lBG9Vf9GNQiQ .QM l X fl .Al . . 4 L1 .M l .fr Q 'W : ' , I we l 'L 7 S v , xt . Q 'Y 'Str K-.3 X KT? Q . X A ' 4 Eddie Brown Jenny Brown Ken Brown Bubba Brumfield Sammy Bryant Wendi Bryant Jennjer Bull Sonya Bullins Hilary Bumm Wayne Burchett John Butler Kenny Carrick John Carter Steve Carter Cami Caudle Stephen Chandler Tabitha Chaney Deanna Childers Alex Clendon Jennqfer Coker Jill Collier Paige Collins April Comer Jeremy Conn Jimmy Connor Jenny Conover Rusty Cotton Sharmin Cox Allison Cummings Roxanna Cummings Bobbi Dalton Shane Dew Andy Doss Dwayne Dotson Gina Dowdy Kim Drew Jimmy Dunman John Dunning Marian Eakes Kim Edwards Todd Eiord Shannon Emory Brian Evans C lhff F agg Owen Farmer John Franklin Heather Freeman Timmy F uquay Marie Garner Angela Garrett Michelle Garrett Robin George Donald Gourley Neal Gray Dana Hamilton Rodney Hardy Angela Harrell Lea Ann Harrell Darran Hemingway Tarran Hemingway 'Sz iam. - , 5' gg--'v xxx' " s., x . L ., zf 1 - i K Nr '54- + X5 if I be 5 1' . if kiaw, Rf if 1. E 'K r 3 in M QW , .QQQWMQWHQ wr ik -0-2 Vezina, saw' -. :.s-::.. :aff , , 4 :Su f .. 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Lorrie Murphy Pat Nadolski David Nelson Adam Newell Frankie Nicholson Richard Norris Becky Nunn Chuck Nusskern Jamie Odom Chris Osborne Crystal Osborne Anne Owen Todd Owens Tony Owens Wendy Ozmar Brian Parrish Drake Parrish Robert Parrish Dawn Paschal Michelle Patterson Stephanie Payne Benji Peebles Angel Pegram Bobby Pegram Tammy Pegrarn Nick Plesh Carrie Pope Terry Powers Angie Pratt Brad Queen JUNIORSl8'l Soren Ramsing Kristin Ray Jay Reddick Kim Redman Heather Redmond Becky Reising Erica Reynolds Thomas Richards Amy Robbins Daniel Roberson Edwin Roberson Ginger Robinson Allen Rogers Treva Rushing JennQ'er Sapp April Satterfield Julie Scott Tammy Scott Janice Sebastian Dana Segraves Pam Seiler Nick Shepherd Tanya Shular LaSaundra Siddle Marty Simmons Sonia Simmons Tonia Simmons Tracey Simmons Angie Smith Ginger Smith mm V! P z . J? Jfvi lv tiki. Sa t -Q wwf 9 pf sgigqs 1 N. -t-- ,eqgae V5 'V W,3fSg2ifQg,5x64E1 fiiwtfl? 530 C611 "'rai- J. 3 nit" 2 mm. Q f A ,. 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A ,Q 353' K we X 1- X X 3 H ss- ii X- 7, it 'M kx"" 57 5 .. ,... , ., A , N WR Craig Hendrix Tina Hicks Carla Hine Jeff Hobson Donna Hodgson Stefan Hoffman Erynn Holland Stephen Holland B.J. Holmes Brian Holt David Holt Sandra Holt Gretchen Harley Jeremy Houghton Kevin Hudgins JennU'er H udspeth Ty Huggins Walter Hutchins Jennier Idol Michael Idol Laurie Inman Michelle Isley Annette Jackson Brian Jackson Christina Jeidy Jonathan Jessup Jennyfer Johnson Nathan Johnson Doug Jones Margee Jones Michele Jones Meredith Joyce Steven Keen Jenny Kellam Doug Keyser Greg King Tim Kiser Christy Knight Todd Knight James Kramer Amber Lawrence JennU'er Ledergerber Joe Lisk Kerry Loggins Rob Lovell Kim Lunsford Kenny Marshall Dale Martin SOPIIIIHRYBXEE 94lSOPIllm'B Pam Martin Geoff Maynard Chad Mays Amber McCollum Annette McDaniel Cayce McKinney Angie McKoin Stephen Meeks Robin Meyer Amy Milam Terry Millen Stephanie Mills Kristy Miner Nancy Missroon John Monaghan Clay Monroe Jennyfer Moore Billy Morris Tracy Morris Brian Morton Nickey Nicholson Steven Nix Lisa Nusskern Carolyn Osborne Dana Overby Tricia Owens Allen Page Michelle Parker Chris Parrish Sonia Parsons Chucky Patterson Frank Payne Randall Payne Linda Pearson Kristen Peasley Amy Peebles Jennyer Pegram Brandon Perry Brent Perry Brian Perry Jason Plaster Chip Plybon Janet Poindexter Missy Pope Michael Powers Mike Pratt Ruth Price Nathan Provo ,rf ., 6, iv if ,st -I . 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S f gi s A ... kv ka Michelle Allman Jeff Anderson Joe Anderson Michelle Andrews James Arrendell Heath Atkins Eric Atkinson Jason Aune Anthony A ycock Brandi Beckman Lori Ball Michael Ballard Keri Bartlett Karen Bailey Chris Beeson Casey Benner Bruce Bennett Jacyn Bergman Wesley Blackburn Hunter Blalock Juli Blitchington Josh Bobko Kathy Bolte Spencer Bowman Jason Bradford Lora Brooks Jonathan Brown Josh Brown Ryan Brown Dafney Bull Paul Bull Toni Burnette Laurie Byrd Scott Carlyle Brian Case Chris Cassetta Andy Chambers JennU'er Chambers Calvin Chaney Earl Chaney James Chatham Mike Clayton Crystal Collins Liz Collins Matt Collins Chad Combs Kevan Combs Michelle Cooper FREBIHIHUI 98lI'RI'XlIN Dennis Corder Gary Constanzo Jackie Craig Terri Cross Billy Cross Brian Damato Derrick Damm Joanna Davis Matt Davis Angela Degraf Bobbie Demers Katee Dick Joseph Dix Jason Doss Doug Dotson Amy Doughterty Amanda Douglas Stan Duggins David Dunn Mary Dunne Shana Eagle Rodney Eanes Jennyer Eaton Alisha Edrington Heather Edwards Melanie Edwards Kevin Eller Rebecca Eller Elizabeth Ellington Natalie Fernald Michelle Fisher Sharon Florence Robin Flynt Matt F oster Lori Frazier Angela Freeman Mark Freeman Michael Friddle Emily Garner Lloyd Garner Tim Garner Trevor Garner Shannon ,Gilbert Lisa Goldschmidt Eric Goodman David Gray Douglas Gray Robert Gray - ,MW A E Q. K . 1741- J if ' 1. in N, .'f - F -. t of , L' - j . A is 'P M S 1,13 - ' igim tif I ,. , A at icttie c e y - , in . X . ,. 4 S. 1 ' L J ' . S . 1 i of z j -'r' " eeee A is 1 X ,S i1iiiiIiiT I - . x l, M K .M -A i f . 35,1 G ' J E ' ,t i " E' f' " .A "K 'N X Q ,,'r 4 .6 , N .,., . , l i Q '- . ,lzw x E .5 g ,g jf , 321 E, .,ic, c , ' t , K- , 1 L fi M - S i 'l'l S - , - - wi. I i f y Nia: f f 'eeli W ,1 , K W i LL L YL E1 i 'i" VM Q, M: 'N it ' K , 1 --My -H S ' me V J if-as ' Y ki .ffl S 11 'rr' 1 'l,-l'l S 9 -ff vw yi-eg ef- we E be ,R A ff-J X R eii.. . - Y 'Y if 1 R itsi E. A - ,D S A "" A 55 I S 'Q -- Z.f1PNf V il' . S5ifZ1:E. 1., 4, gun " ,R f ,S 551 r'f--'A - . . , V J nj ' . sf' , A xg: s X E A ' 3 V J Ax 2 , -r . . . .. , y V ' X xg X1 1 'Fr ,- in af 0 gi H., , M 9 Huy., . . 1' -AW, K .mx fx- w 4 i ,, 3 s 1 .i H , ,M .Yxw 1 . 1' 'X ,rr xl ,S .74 1 -W . YA ' A fl Ny Bi -... 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'W 1 Y F ng ,,. ,. , c g is 1 . gg, 5-A Lh 4 R k ' i , 'J ii' 1 li E i :J f K K ri i ' R ' Eric Gregg Marc Hamric Darren Harmon Kristi Hartsook Kelly Hatch Joyce Hayes Steven Hayes April Hedgecock Tony Hedrick Kelly Henderson Crystal Hicks Kelly Hicks Amy Hill David Himes Danna Hinson Brian Hodgin Kelley Holcomb Brian Holliday Michelle Holt Cricket Hooks Marty Harley Melissa Huffman Shannon Hunsucker Rachel Hunt Jennyer Hutchens Steven Hutson Eric lde Wendi Ingram Eric James Kim James Pamela Jessie Amy Johnson Tim Johnson April Jones Stacy Jones Eric Joyner Holly Karas Todd Kellum Becky Keyser Michelle King Luann Kirby Billy Kirk Chad Kiser Michael Knight Tracey Knight Shana Krauzh Jeff Lang William Lee FRESMIUSQ 1lIIlI'RESHMDl Tracey Lentz Matt Lindley Andrew Lloyd Tyra Long Jeff Lovings Jill Lyons William Maberson John Maclaren Thad Marshall Paula McCannon Kerry McGowan Michael McKinney Mitzi McKinney Jennder McLaurin Christine Mechling Patrick Medlin Chad Metzger Chip Meyer Michelle Michaelis Chuck Middleton Jon Miller Marcus Miller Chris Mills Mike Mitchell Cindy Morgan Khrysty Morris Jamie Mott Trista Munson Richard Murphy Christie Neal Michelle Neal James Nunn Brian Odom Tom Overby J.J. Pace Derrick Parker Jamey Parker Mary Pearson Marcus Pegram Mark Pegram Mike Plesh Tricia Plybon Nancy Pope Joe Potts Wende Powell Lisa Pryor Kim Ramage Stephanie Redmon - fm 5,-Q Q, . ii x W H -1- .X 1 Ziiyslg if af. m 'Ka' s Q nxt. ,W su il 1- .. .:. wt we x, 5 W ,. 51 ,A as ,fc -P g t C 3 X I iiti eee S A M t-tt S' ., ii i .: .tt 55 " I . .i.. , it ' --..,.A- 1 A ,E ,Q -1 ,,,:.., Ni, 5iQQQQ?, f' -1-- ' ' of Qjiif' ' I Liwl K A it ,ffgr - cl' f C ccc ttfei 'J I 'xlig l " it 5 'x of N A W Q ,.V it ai to i . . c'i " A12 I l'i'i ii .1155 f Wigw- . ....,,... za 52,53 . , v--1 f ff N I J . . .,.,. ...,, 4 Q x Q at. . Y 5 NK Q Q4 ' X xo: is 3 ,.. - 1. ' A k 4 'i-:ff H . A' we W ' vs iiw, vu., g Q P c ,.. J , ' ee f L . J ,fix L ..., . -I-We 'N ., T X 5 we ,I x. X X gg mit if Q1 Wi 1. x 'EQQQ-00: H. I ! 5 :.,, 9 I, 1 l 5 I fi. '. iss, Q, ff fy, L ' if to ii vi' -'SQ , , 'WU af R . if , N-P f ka if iii C . iai' il Q ' M QQ Q.. Z Ai W We Y' l . N. wlbv is Q: Swett K ,, K x We N J X c as ik f , .. . 7. ir, v. K 'X .' .N 3 ' t 'tr ' '- S R 7 M 'ids . S x Q f Y L 1 X in .MPA K . . is KET! 'VN 3 1 in s 8 I S N at QT -v '- K '3 " i . ' we X i S X! Se . S ex t it 4' s S 1 we N A W TVB' :. Q h .4 C. ' ' Q Q , K 2 f 4 A , 5 ' x fx , SR S-. 2 ogg , ,.+ if . f if XX T k . ,f ,Y-L EES.- ia T a t -Q . ug x X ' x I K tif Q gt wwe, ,., :Q 4. ,. - ' 4 n 4 X V "' O 4- M 1 ff X , A J sth - my fit , Q 1 if-K K T 't ' 9 I ls ' ,Q--...Q an ll lP'lKn t si -ev i.,.7 ff N it as .C I . 6 . 1? 'N x fs. so X is , H S 2, S 5 1 Cynthia Reep Melissa Richards Chris Rierson Wendy Rishel .lacki Roberts Scott Roberts Jack Rogers Teresa Rogers Janet Saferight Fletcher Salmon Bobby Schrier James Seoggins Darrell Sealey Brian Shadowens Melissa Shelton Stanley Shular Allison Seigler Donna Simmons Paul Simpson Bobbie Sue Sizemore Shayna Smallwood Jason Smith Kathryn Smith Kim Smith Leigh Smith Tommy Smith Paul Snow Tony Sonner Marty Southard Angela Southern Tammy Southern Duane Spruill Eric Stack Allen Staley Benny Stanley Ejran Stanley David Starmer Brian Steele Larry Stewart Deborah Stewart Sara Strulson Carrie Styers Melissa Sullivan Britt Sutton Stacy Sutton Cornella Taylor Jeff Thielen Kelly Thomas HHNl'lUl0l .4T. Matt Thomarson Linda Thompson Steve Thompson Tyfanie Thompson Tracy Tiley Amanda Trexler Karen Tucker Ronda Tucker Wanda Tucker Alexandra Umsteacl Jennyfer Vaughan Aprille Vinson Timothy Warren Jejfrey Warren Jason Watts Donnie Welch Corey Wellborn Erick Wheeler JennU'er Whitaker Halle Widener Bruce Willard David Williams Travis Williams Michael Williamson Dwayne Williamson Tommy Zdunczyk N Z at K 3 Q7 W -Q, ' " 'V' ' l T . +1 he i S.. T , '- - QQ L . , ., . T... -.. 9'1" W' if X 1 - T 1 ,rv , iw: X . . fc . , V .. ., 1 -fs 'H 1 . 4 .N rw . ff-f 1 . . , K , , . I' 4 - 'X K --A v- .fr .K all , I , Q i N' X Q lg I 7' t 'w ,PY 'aa ' ' 1 v i ,, s Q1 V ' " ' - 5 , 5 '1 fx . 1 N in ,, i ' -5 vi I 1 " ' 1 mn v Q K- s , 4 s ii: A. , . . Z A .X Ns x 3 ,W h - D 'Q - X9 kk k 5 it X fit u - W , . 5 . .' M ,M A N -- 4-4- Not pictured: Christopher Butler Melissa Clark Malinda Coley Eric Dexter Angela Hopkins Misty Joyner Robert Lyman Keith Martin Kenneth Neece Neal Nelson Steven Pegram Edgar Quate Sherry Smith Scott Vanderbu V8 s., , , ,.-"""""' ma... -M 'f ,..u-sag QE: W 104 l FAGll.TY Packed with EW, 'MW . ff: ww it f 95: iii WP si . , ,v"' rw E? H, -Qilnmfgcam. , Mr. Roger Nelson - Principal ik Ql - Qu... Mr. John Bailey - Assistant Principal Ms. Jean Tillman - Assistant Principal L d h . I f he MS- S146 H1111 Ms. Barbara Hinkle X --: . ' "-' 'Trim '-ur: , 5 .' . : af' V' .f Aj ' M U "L'U'!-53 ' k"3'i 1"" Ms. Judy Chadwick A Ms. Wanda Eller, Ms. Julia Pitts, Ms. Martha Simpson, Ms. Faye McDowell, and Mr. Sammy Burnette. FACILTY X Illi Ms. Lisa Baynara' Mr. Frank Calhoun Ms. Linda Case-Reynolds Ms. Gwen Comer Mr. Jimmy Crews Ms. Judy Crutchfield Ms. Carol Farmer Ms. Kay F ulp Mr. Sandy Gunn Mr. Roger Gannon Mr. Charlie Groves Mr. Tom Hardin Ms. Carol Heise Ms. Carolyn Hopper Mr. Al Johnson Ms. Lib Johnson Ms. Dottie Jones Ms. Darlene Joyner Ms, Marge Klem Mr. Lawrence Kelly Mr. Wayne Knox Ms. Karen Koury Ms. Gail Lutz Ms. Gloria McSwain Ms. Trudy Matthews P Ms. Debera Mays, Ms. Nancy Bolen, Ms. Lola Pegram, Ms. Frances Young, Ms. Bonnie Lord, Ms. Alice Bennett, Ms. D' S lane tack, Ms. Phyllis Met- zger, Ms, Frances Moore. illi l FACULTY .31- v. 4 .., ..,. . ,. L. GX .2 -mx.. . .... . 1 f 2 il : E ' ....-W .ugh K5 fl 4 -m w x- x 'H to QR K fxi f ,,,. . -. 2 X it it if S EM V l 1 I N ,rms x Y i Q 'sf in 1 1 ,Q xi Q Ji K t 55 ag its I N4 ar A. 4 . gy. 'N vw Qi " ..-1. EH A is ,,W.. . vm 5,- 559: fs is Lg S f K A 2' 3 Q 4 2 g...a 5 CC 3 O .3 'la-is-6. B Wx A Q Tr. . 'Ng 11 ,gli Xia Tm mf 'YF' ll - Wi- 32, wi- X .. .. 1' tw'- .yxav A I 3 :A lla " lift: 1 sox: 'Lv K 1Q'Yl."'lm Q.. . A I . . ff I 1 l . . . x L 5 gp . n- '97 Mi' Awrki 54: qu M QF :fra 5' f W' Arv- A 1 I 5,7 T Q' ' fav' 1" .6 E' "V lv +6 Q,Q,?m W X X it Tw ' :gi B! l .4 " Q. ,. -1 2 S L 1: T.. xjjf , Alan Middleton . Judy Miller Barbara Moody Bernadette Morris Mary Noe Charlie Noell Susan Pearman Jerry Readinger Paula Reep Robert Reynolds Sandy Sikes Ann Smith James Smith Mary Smith Phyllis Smith Tommy Smith Jeanne Taylor Wesley Thacker Lynda Waldrep Betty Walker Bill Way Debbie Williams Marty Woody Tim Wray Ms. Gladys Young 4 Ms. Ruth Jones, Ms. Margaret Nelson, Mr. Jimmy Nelson. FACILTY I llll THE 1987-88 SEASON PROVED TO BE OUTSTANDING FOR VIK- ING ATHLETES. WITH TEAMS ADVANGING TO THE STATE PIAYOFFS IN FOOTBALL, VOLLEYBALL, BASKETBALL. BASEBALL AIID GOLF AS WELL AS GIRLS' VARSITY TENNIS, THE ATIILETES PROVED THEY HAD ABOVE AVERAGE ABILITY. THE DEDICATION AND PATIENGE PAID OIF AND EAGH TEAM WAS JUSTLY REWARDED. SOME INDIVIDUALS VIERE ALSO RECOGNIZED FOR THEIR EFFORTS. SENIOR LEE REAVIS WAS GRANTED A COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP FOR HIS FOOTBALL TALENT. EVERY ATHIETE WAS TRULY DEVOTED TO THEIR SPORT AND WORKED DILIGENTLY TO DEVELOP THEIR SKILL. WITHOUT A DOUBT, THIS YEAR NORTHWEST WAS IO8lSPDHIS iw W 2 'QW V, ":-:-:-5:2-23555-:::-3:355:2-:-:::-:-:-2"-'-' 9 f, 2' .- "" f a .-E:. 6 Z 'WW' f ,gf-'f .- . -.-.,.-.: R? 4 -. if " l' 5 :'.- .::l:E. - :::l'g:: " My ,,,+,1Q:'Q,1:E-.:-.-'f"ooA. N-.-.-.-:-.'.-za.-5.3g,,,,, .-52+ N .Jem +5 :c-'?:- wr 44, Illl Gb Q3 afgigv ? ., A f h n . ,, '-1 X- ' Q. ,,K, , mmwwfmmmsmamsevgyswm Ye Q E .- E- ki - -f h 'k W NWQS W Ev-.--.ESS-21 ,, ,,,,., im -S-W2 T59? " . -awr y: -" I'. 'f'E:Q , 15'1 - -f , ,.. .f f -W L'- ' 53 -2- ,- L-.21 - " e .. rff f ' SQL ' - .... . FQ - - f - 13--Q , ' EF 2 ij -53 W - ,llk , ,.,, , ,,,,H,,L,,,,:,,,,,: , ......., Vg..-6,5 ff: ---f-- f.,,. .M g,,,- -,g,-Q-1---:-ggi,-9+ 4,35-', ,.":f-:A ,Q .QI-:,,-15,-1,75 'aggf' --rf ""-' Q ':'..: " new L "" . " -.1-" --- -'f' '-,'-sa:-5.1 522,551-s.-fmliz-----I-rw'mae s::'::f,e2 K' ,... '5 3' -- ,. Z - EE, 3,2 Eg- ? gf in 5 5 - . - - f , ---' 1 1: is 'A , 5 -gi I-if 3 iii 1 5 - 5 Eg g gg? - .1--U' rv f 11,-- 1' 2- - - , X I g T -- ' X: - -. EQ pg- 'swf f I if e - N - ' A 1 - : : '- ---f E f 1 K , - Q 5 f- u f. I - '- - e ' oy -. -- 1 vi , -. ,gi ,fin rf. ... K , W . hi, :: ,Q - -5 -.4 K, ,,, , --w - -" ,Q-nah .E qw- Q -me -'sgavw-cg 2f2:':f1L.-,Nga , . 2 N - T , .- E sg - .. - e 5, ---WT cr, Qfii ,', " k TS' 'i- -In - W - iw- -3-M ' - SWE - ' ' - 1 mmm ,,,. f K ' ' '5 5, 23' m idi. we .-Ev.. --1 '4'---222- ww , f - -'M ig-fe r-w iv- - -' -,--u:--,,.5gw.-- , - -s w - -H W AE g . ' is Q H ' - - 2224. :-- Ev" 2? ,.,, WE fx "Q-1-Q W Y ,,... sw-gs was 'vwggggw-, Q55 ,,1'g?5agQ?5w'iaiamQasw as Q-ffnkmf-5,a3g,1,QQ Q, agkgwmgx ff www- - ,Z Wg- -ww -'IEE . af , , -, ., . VS 523555224 - 53' '. f'- ' gif- 5- . ,, xg - ssh , - 2 :- 5-6 if Sgswa Q ,, , 1- -f .. :. - '12-42: ig li ,,- P 5 E awi if 5'2- ,,., 13: 'W W' -SQ W E ' A 1 - 1: " 2 "'B . - i 5' f www- -.M L...,,M ,,.. .W ,,,,.,,w-W AA.f M f X,..,, , W ----- 1- H - ,- . f, gf - A , ,-f,,,,f.,y .. -9 H., , 1 " 5533 ' "" -5 m,,,,mmnL..m.n k,vn-vv ,,.l,,,..l,.M,..,Mm,,,,a - Y m..,..M --.,,, f- MW ,Amy . 'f-'- Mvww ww-gg ,,,,- Ywnmmmw- MM- Mug PA CKED "Peppy and high-spirited" are two words often used to describe our Varsity and JV cheerleaders. Long hours of planning went into our pep ral- lies and banners used to promote school spirit. Even in less than perfect conditions the dedicated cheerleaders kept the spirit going. They also showed their devotion to the squad in other ways. Varsity and J.V. squads went to camp over the summer and were rewarded for their efforts with numerous ribbons for their excellence. The J.V. squad not only re- ceived ribbons, they also won the third place trophy with their routines. Many hard hours were spent at practices learning new cheers and lively routines that would later be used to make the crowd come alive. Both squads had a great sea- son and they did a good job promoting school spirit and Viking Pride, P Senior Amy Stevenson flashes that bright cheerleading smile. P JV. cheerleader Tracey Lentz has fun during half time throwing North- west footballs to the eager fans. ll2lGllllSi'CROSS IIXNIRY V The Varsity cheerleaders perform another perfect stunt that will im- press the crowd. A J,V. cheerleaders, Row 1: Jill Tuttle, Sally Terry, Angela Redmon. Row 2: Rachel Hunt, Amber McCollum, Joanna Davis. Row 3: Tracey Lentz, Becky Keyser A Varsig cheerleaders, Row 1: Pam Landon, Kelly Whitacre, Kim Sims, Allison ummings, Diane Christy, Christy Hall, Amy Stevenson, Wendy Ozmar. Row 2: Tracey Simmons. Row 3: Marian Eakes, Spotter Richard Hall, Andrea Andrews. Not Pictured: Spotter Ray Wallace Swv 'NfNQQaTW'TK9?WF9 HW ES 4The Varsity cheer leaders get the crowd en thused and ready for an other Viking Victory. n The Wa he 1987 unior Varsity football team had a s ow season, inishing with a 4-6 record ooeral . Even though they were unable to pull together a winning season, the spirit and dedication remained intact. The team lost some key players to the Varsity squad at the onset ofthe season. I t was because of this loss that inexperience was a problem. The dedicated group of players practiced and played hard and gave their best ejfort. Coach Middleton said that he had sev- eral players he felt would be good enough to lay Varsity next year. With some adclltions and changes, the junior Varsity football team will be On the Way Up! V Freshman Heath Atkins lfollows through with his punt as it is nearly blocker . 114i JV PUOTBAU. A A Viking defender reaches to tackle his op- ponent. P Freshman Tommy Smith rolls out to :ass as his teammates hohl back the defense. A Brian Gauley makes an excellent defensive play to give Northwest control of the ball. A john Dunning goes up to head the soccer ball as a Ragsdale player challenges him. S h t ' g F Th G l he boys' soccerteam ended their regularseason witha6-6-1 Owens. Three players were also recognized at the annual fall record, S trorjg leadership and experience le the team to sev- eral key wins and their record im- proved from last year. The team en- dured rigorous practices and spent many long hours perfecting their moves. These dwcult practices and their dedication paid off however, when the game time came around. The team worked together and showed a great amount of effort. There were five players named All- Conference. They were john Clar- kin, john Dunning, Brian Gauley, Stefan Hofjhnan and Tony sports banquet. Brian Gauley received the MVP award, john Dun- ning was named Most Improved Player and Tony Owens was pre- sented with the Viking award. The team lost eight players at the end of the season, hut they still have high hopes for next year. SIECERH15 P An essential aspect of tennis, the serve, is exhibited by Paige Collins. PSophomore Nancy Missroom dem- onstrates her flexibility as she S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S to return a tough volley. L W' ', ,Ji mai? -.-,,,jf'..:e:1n:g - A Shelley McVey and Meredith loyce do their awesome shot victory sign, as they win yet another match. 116!Gllll.Sll1lQllS!CROSS00lllfI'llY UNINIIATCHED .... The Northwest Varsity Girls Tennis Team put a lot of time and hard work into this season and ended with a 7-4 record overall. ln addition, there were several in- dividual stand out performances. Six players - Shelley McVey, Meredith loyce, Nancy Missroom, Christine Mech- ling, Pam Weatherford and Paige Collins progressed to the Regionals. On the same positive note, the doubles pair of McVey and loyce advanced to the State Playoffs as representatives of Northwest. on and off the court ln the first round, the duo competed against a double's team seeded eighth in the state. Although the Viking pair was narrowly defeated, they illustrated true sportsmanship throughout the tourna- ment. Coach Darlene loyner, along with the NWHS student body, was proud of the Varsity Girl's Tennis Team this year. The group not only finished fourth in their conference, but they were "unmatched" in our hearts. LJ U 5 Q V Q i CID ZF fter a rebuilding season, this year's cross country team completed a demanding conference schedule with decisive wins over Southern Guilford and Madison-Mayodan to finish fourth in the conference. According to Coach Kelly, the group also gave a strong performance at the Regional Playoffs on November 6 in Charlotte. There, out of fifty-eight competi- tors, the Viking team came in tenth place. The week before, on October 29, the runnersjourneyed to Northeast for the con- ference meet. Kim Parker and Greg King were honored with All-Conference nomi- nations. These Vikings, along with their tal- ented team-mates, proved to be 'l'llll il, ' lv 2 with determination and dedica- tion two qualities that set them ahead of the competition. 'ii Poinf of No Refurn Lady Vikings wrap up winning A Affer making a Tremendous play, Senior Margie Clark, 313, considers herself lucky To have such Helpful friends as Tammy WaTson and Michelle arren. ll8!iillJEYBAlL VarsiTy and JV seasons The Norlhwesf Varsiiy and Junior Var- siTy Volleyball Teams had a year Thai was 'The poinT of no reTurn," ln ofher words, The Talenfed Lady Vikings en- joyed ToTal dominafion of The confer- ence - again. Bofh Teams had The besT of seasons under The superb direcfion of Coach Trudy lVlaTThews. The Varsily girls worked TogeTher and devoTed many long hours To pracfice each week. Their efforfs were rewarded when The group finished second place in The conference wiTh a record of 9-3. Even more impressive, The Vikings ad- vanced To The STaTe Playoffs, where They overpowered Ragsdale in The firsT round. BuiTing'lon Williams proved To be an ex- Tremely challenging opponenT in The sec- ond round. The Varsily Team played like True champions, even in defeal. The Junior Varsify Volleyball Team joined Their counferpaifs To produce yeT anoTher winning season. These girls ouTplayed all compeTiTors To finish firsT place wiTh a conference record of 5-1 fThe only loss being To Souihein Guilfordj. According To Coach lVlaTTnews, one of The conTribuTing facTors To bofh Teams' success was The disposiTion and aTTiTude of The individuals. This posifive aTTiTude affecfed Their performance in a winning manner and ulfimafely led To The vicTo- ries on each level. 4 Lisa Goldschmidf demonsfrafes her aThleTic ahbilify as she aggressively refurns The opponenT's s o . u,y"'f3!Hhgu-me Q? V An lnlense cleslre To wrn can be seen on Amanda Baileys face as she burnps lne volleyf ball lo ner fellow Tearnrnale Shana Eagle. Q, , QF: l ! .W M r llllel ,r B1 A Nol one To gave ID under pressure, Tracy Tilley relalns nercornposure and calmly execules a per- VUUEYBAU, l 119 IN GQQD FCEM "Last night in Varsity basket- ball action, the Northwest boys won . . ." That was a familiar sound heard on the morning an- nouncements. Due to the long, hard prac- tices, and team determination, the guys, guided by Coach Wayne Knox, believed that the mighty Vikings had a good chance to win the Triad 3-A Conference Championship. The Vikings were led in scor- ing by seniors Dean Alley, Derek Hunter, and Lee Reavis. Reavis was also the leading re- bounder, along with senior Mark Connor. The Vikings substitutes, led by juniors Brian Evans and John McGowan, also contrib- V The team poses for a picture in the locker room after they won the championship game of the Northwest Invitational Tournament, McMillian Dean Alley Mark Connor Row3 Kim Dickson Gerry Austin Mac McRone Lee Recwis Coach Knox Brian Evans Brad Sams Jennifer Upchurch Jenny Zimmerman -..T " ees Row l:'Jason Widener, Derek Hunter, Chris Brooks, John MCG-owan,A Row 25 EddielMoLaurin, Toby Alderin, Anthony T Q N V .. i -, ill l BASKLTBML uted to the Viking victories. With the outstanding leader- ship, and seUlessness ofthe guys involved, the team play led them to be a major force in the Triad 3-A Conference. A Here Lee Reavis shows his skill as a defensive player by blocking the shot of the Southeast opponent. I L. K ':'h:' ' r 'N ,nv QNX. gm .-s.!' Bats" ,Q- an 3. . ' K' 15:5 Q. f K N-,dw-tg .. ... i 4' sz. f Nw Varsity Girls Basketball Team Member l 1 one who loves it when ..... they play for an almost empty gym. 2: one who knows the value of hitting treethrows. 3: one who struggles through twelve laps at the beginning of practice. 4: one who likes to laugh and one who understands teamwork. Losing four seniors and two juniors from the 1986-I987 time the conference games rolled around they were ready to play. Varsity Girls Basketball team didn't crush the determination and fighting spirit of this '87-'88 squad. It was a learning experi- ence and a lot of fun for those I2 players, made up of one freshmen, five sophomores, five iuniors and a senior. All of the conference teams were evenly matched and it all came down to whomever wanted the title the most. Even though it seemed that the Viking ladies were off to a slow start, by the Coach Yow stated that this team would make its mistakes early and would be playing its best by the end of the season. The team's confidence was boosted after two early decisive wins against Madison-Mayodan and Southern Guilford. With all of the determination and the good chemistry among the players they were a team packed with promise, not only for this year but for also looking toward the future. A The Viking offense looks on as they hope to score another two points against rival Western Guilford. P Amy Groves takes a shot before the Western guard gets her hands on the ball. 12 l VlRSll'Y GIRIS' BASKl:'I'BAIJ, A Guard LaSaundra Siddle begins to make her move to steal the ball from the Southeast opponent. 4 This is a big free throw for Christy Morton, as well as the team, as the Vikings begin their comeback in the fourth quarter, Varsity Girls Basketball Row l Shana Eagle Pam Weatherford LaSaundra Siddle lcaptaini Kristie Chil dress Row 2 Sonya Bullins Lisa Wall Amy Groves Tammy Watson Christy Morton Christy Knight Angie Bondurant Not Pictured Margie Clark Coach Yow and Assistant Coach Cummings Statistlcians Kim Dickson lenny Zimmerman lennifer Upchurch :rx fr Jew HWhbl VARSITY GIRLS' BASKEIBAILE IZ? This year the basketball cheerleaders led the team to victory and led the school with spirit. How? With dedication and energy, they were constantly... 2272610156 On every Wednesday after school during basketball sea- son, the sounds of cheers and chants echoed down the de- serted halls. Just like clock- work, the Junior Varsity and Varsity cheerleaders could be found practicing for another week's worth of action-packed basketball. Ms. Koury coached JV, while Ms. A. Smith directed their more experienced counter- parts. These spirited girls gave one hundred percent not only at Wednesday practices, but also during the Tuesday and Friday games. Whether here at home or on the road, the cheerleaders represented Northwest with pride and enthusiasm. Besides holding pep rallies to encourage school spirit and giv- ing the team treats, the JV and Varsity cheerleaders spent hours after school designing eye-catching banners to inform everyone of impending games and also to congratulate the basketball players on numerous victories. Perhaps one of the most ex- citing highlights of the Varsity girls' year came when they were selected to assist the Marriott chain celebrate its fiftieth anni- versary on January 25. But, once more, all of the cheer- leaders proved they were number one and on the move in 1987-'88. A The experienced Varsity members are shown performing one oftheir many enthusiastic cheers. Their vivacious spirit and athletic ability con- tributed to the success of this year's Varsity squad. P Varsity Cheerleaders Row 1: Michelle Lee, Marian Eakes, tCo- Captainl, Row 2: Shannon Emory, Brianna Leach, Diane Christy Row 3: Sharmin Cox, Andrea Andrews iCaptainJ, Wendy Ozmar, Pam Landon, Amber Moreu Top: Tracey Simmons l24lVAllSll'YlJV llllilhlllillllllltl -15"---'x r 4 With characteristic style, these cheerleaders perform with agility and grace- fulness, The girls really know the meaning ofspirit - as they constantly demon- strated throughout the year. V Iunior Varsity Cheerleaders Row 1: Iackie Roberts, lill Tuttle tCaptainJ Natalie Fernald Row 2: Mary Dunne, LuAnn Kirby, Tracey Lentz, Sally Terryl tCo-Captain? 3V.1YKJlXl u v' -J" T as yyya 1 T N - 1 4 A Sharmin Cox and Wendy Ozmar amaze the capacity crowd with one oftheir impressive gymnastic moves. As usual, the cheerleaders received a positive response from the basketball fans. 4 At this pep rally, the atmosphere was intense with excitement. Spirited students such as Pam Weatherford, shown here with Marian Eakes, panici- pated in the fun. VARSITYSJV CHFHTIEADING l25 Jammin' to . k . . . t J.V. BOYS ENJOY A WINNING SEASON J.V. GIRLS ARE ON THE MOVE With all the talent and dedica- tion it was easy to see why the J.V. boys had a good season. Mr. Woody and the assistant coach Mr. Long put a lot of effort and hard work into making the team the best it could be and it showed. This year's team showed great ability and skills. All the players worked well together and the team's record reflected how hard they had worked and how well prepared they were for the sea- son. The sophomores dominated the starting positions for this year's team, but many freshmen contributed to the games. Mr, Woody felt that the team was greatly improved and they showed much talent. ,.. ., , t'r 1f" , fi ' 7 J .1f.' : V ..'. if X ' -V " .- f K' h ,NI Y , I V C15 ' Q - ' 45 . 1? . . . I A The laClV VlKlf'lQS leap above their ODDOf1entS to regain a Viking VlC- t0l'V. P SODHOITIOFE' Randall Payne QOGS UD for an awesome shot while his t6aITIITIat6S WatCl'l in amazement. l?5! JV BASKEIBAIL Ms. Joyner was the new J.V. girls basketball coach. She worked very hard in order to lead her team to a victorious sea- son. The J.V. girls were ex- tremely dedicated to the team and practiced almost everyday before school. The team showed great motivation and talent. They im- proved their skills as the season progressed. The team started off the season slowly but they improved greatly with each game. The players al- ways looked on the bright side of things and Coach Joyner felt good about this year's team. 4 Ff'eSl'1lT1eI'I Cornella TSVIOI' and DEDOFBTI StGW3l't make theif' ITTOVE on 3 SOUtheI'f1 OD- DOI'I6I'1t. JV BASKE'I'BAlL!I2'l WRESTLING A Small, But OOOCI Team A WINNING SEASON Even though tneil' Sea- S0n l'eCOfd l2-'lOl may not have SnOWn it, the VaI'SltY WI'eStlel'S were a good team DUt few in number. At the beginning of each match they had to forfeit fl.Ve weight ClaSSeS and QlVe UD at leaSt 30 pOlntS because of it. HOWeVel' they still had decisive WiI7S OVel' SOUtneaSt and FOI'- bush. The regular SeaSOn matches placed each indi- Vidual according to their SCOI'e in the conference tOUl'nament. Tne tOUl'na- ment WaS held on SatUl'- day, Febl'Ual'Y 13th at EaStel'n. SeVeI'al Val'SltV Wl'eStlel'S didn't stop there, DUI' went on to the l'eglOnalS. TO Q0 to the fe- QlOnalS an individual had to be in the tOp 16 of the region. Thi5 team worked hard despite ltS nUmDel'S and SeVeI'al lndiVldUalS had an excellent season. Vaf'SItV Wrestlers ROW1 Blake SII'nS RICKY Shoemaker Rodney Shelton Steven Lee ROW 2 Tommy DICKSOn Daniel Sampson BOIDDY AtKInS Kenny lVIaf'Sl'1aII JV WI'eStIeFS ROW 'I Scott Allen IVlIddIet0n Josh Bobko Row2 Bflan HOIt EFIC James MICnaeI FFICICIIS Paul Snow Cfalg HendI'lX Row 3 TI'eVOI' Garner Randy Hannah Marty Southard Doug GI'aV Rav Wallace Chuck NUSSKeI'n BJ HOIl'neS The JV Wl'eStllnQ team had better IUCK thiS Sea- son. Tney nada larger team and ended the season with an outstanding record l7- 2-'1l. TneV had a good shot of taking the title at the COnfel'enCe tournament on Saturday, FeDfUal'Y 6tl'I. We would like to COnQl'atU- late this team on afob Well done! I Matt Davis, Cricket Hooks, Chqcli IDI l WKEXIIIIIG V Wi'6Stl6I'6'lft8S2 Row 'lt Jill Sullivan, Amy St6V6l'i- SOD, Shelley lVlCV6V. Row 2: Angela Redmon, Kelly Whit3Cl'6, AlllSOl'l CLilT'Imll'lQS, AITIY CUFIIIS, Cl'll'ISfV V Blake SimS Sl'IOWS l'1iS skill ZS he defeats his ODDOneI'lt 11-3. Hall, Kim Sims. ""'--. 4 T o m m y Dickson nar- tl6S this ODE OUt and SVSU- tuqllv defeats tl'1IS E3Stel'f'I Wl'eSflel'. N, X. K A kll,,..., .M,,K.,T,,M.Mm.,x...,..,.. ,xxf .....-,.-, ..,,.. X iggi , Q Competitive Driifiiig Towizriiy ii C hizmpiombiji s soon as the weather was warm enough, most of the Northwest golf team could be found practicing on the greens or testing their skill on the course after a long winter. This group of golfers had high expectations as they drove towards a championship. Packed with emotion, could be used to ,describe these dedicated players as they drove for their third consecutive con- ference and sectional title as well as for the first state championship in Northwest history. r,lu,,.m 1 M ' li ..,, A Anne Tucker and Natalie Fernald pose for the camera at soccer practice. Alive and Kicking tthefirstsign ofspringduringthe last days of winter, several girls gathered out on the practice field to begin many weeks of vigorous soccer training. With the first cuts being February 29th and the first game against Greensboro Day School on March 9th, the Vikings didn't have much time to prepare. Despite this lack of time, these girls gave it their all. Even though they lost a lot oftalent in the eight seniors who graduated, this young team was still a force to be reckoned with, not only this year but in the years to come. i 2 i 2 e Q .i . i, E ll i E i E i l 2 l l i l s i l i A Kim Drew prepares to shoot the soccer ball as a defender steps up. A Beth Willard attempts to make a pass while holding off a defender. lm! G0lF!GlRlS' SOCCER "MH li L 74- -' A Northwest Golfers show their picture perfect swings during Competition. f 4 'A A jason Widener anticipates a birdie as he strokes the putt. A Brian Gauley prepares to sink a routine par putt, G0lF!GlRIS' SOGCF1i!131 P Senior Kevin Kirby exhihits total concentration as he prepares to make a perfect throw. V Vifhen jV Coach Wiiyne Knox speaks, everyone listens - especially his talented players. Below, the coach discusses strategy with his pitcher and catcher. is rtrrr 4 ,iw A Senior leadership is demonstrated hy Toby Alderin as he slams another home run out of the hallpark. P Catcher Glenn Kerley makes a magnificent play as he tags out this High Point Andrews opponent, 132 X VARSITYIJV BASEBAIJ. my ,V .. Q. " ,V , 1 it ,,,, 5 ,A . 'K , K . ' f . ,, ,, L H W ,, V .. ,,,,a V I He "1 feel we have a good chance at making the playoffs again this year" Sandy Cvann, Head Coach of the Varsity Baseball team re- plied when questioned about his team's pot- ential in 1988. Last year's magnificent march to the state semi-finals proved a tough act to follow, but such an accomplishment was by no means impossible, After losing ten out of fourteen players to graduation, the returning members had the experience needed to lead the team to vic- tory. This experience was the key to success, especially when Hiced with a very challenging Elll U18 IJBSBS in conference and non-conference schedule. The regular season officially opened on Tuesday, March 15, against High Point Central at home. It continued in full swing through the last game on May 17 against Madison-lvlayodan. The players consistently gave 100'Ka and learned the value of teamwork. The junior Varsity team also devoted much time and effort into the 1988 baseball season. As with their Varsity mentors, they immediately began practice after basketball season ended. ,! .. , N i"'i . .... y'r- . ---I -.--, f. ' 1- vi A- f.. ,, ...,-15,1-Yiwu.: wks:-,ers-.-ikrfzs-,' 'L fs- -- X - o as irio ... f f s . -Q - - xg 57635: ' 1 ii'. QQ Iii? . i.. o... V V , wgsrfgg ..:. . N as - if ai K CDUBYEI1 Coach Wayne Knox guided the JV team by not only teaching them the technical aspect of baseball, but the practical side as well. His players acquired more patience and determif nation as the season progressed. Consef quently, the team gained a competitive edge over their opponents. Whether they were participating in one of countless afterfschool practices, or during an intense confrontation against Northwest's archfrival, the 1988 Varsity and JV baseball squads kept all the bases covered en route to winning seasons. Varsity Baseball Row I: Tommy McCormick, Todd Owens, Scott Hodgin, Cvlenn Kerley, jesse Holt Row 2: Shannon Childress, John McGowan, Al Sutton, Alan Wzitstmn, Toby Aldcrin, jay Reddick, Coach Cann Not Pic- tured: Kevin Kirby, Anthony McMillan JV Baseball Row 1: jeH'Thielen, Chris Parrish, Alan Page, Daniel Carter. Robert Gray Row 2: Chad Kiser, Heath Atkins, Tommy Smith, jason Smith, Travis Brewer, Coach Knox VARSITYXJV BASEBAW133 W A . V Because the sport is a variation of baseball, many of the same rules 5. u-. .,. , sfiwvfi italy--: . ..i. 'fff tg X .eq fi .E' " r f ,ff gg T' :Ki ""5ifkl'El QQT..'f f 3 MW 3 L 15 iiffzlii ': 553 '5'?'i,i ' S' Iilfgj' 5 - 77595 iiitfii J it Q - ,:a' 2 it if jfzffvpg' ""- 2:gw,gjm':'+,-f,,- .:,,qggg ,,,,,,g,,,,,.,,,? A Q,,,,WWW'1g2gng-f?',g w -'TN' " " "' "1 ' f- Y 2 -. H . v-'54-1'aJ.Z. JI l'fi'i.3's fi :3 '55 '53' ' 22 Varsity Softball Row l : Sonya Bullins, Christy Knight, Angela Southern, Angel .Q -' Smith, Christy Childress, Martha Lamb Row 2: Michelle Johnson, Elizabeth Raynor, Jamie Amos, Valerie Kerley, Tonya Williamson, Angela Harrell, fg- 5, Angie Boundurant Not Pictured: Tammy Watson ii ss WT-Z""""'L ""' W"1ZjZ'I? ,,,, Q avr, A J S :ski . -' 2 J ' il " 1 s' 5 H M .25 J 1 il sss,,,t J gg it li it il 25 5 . l ' gi , E rf. il ii 2 fi 5 , 'lailg W --.. M- .i'i.:.E -1.2.3 27:-"Z S .- . ,Q X ,,, ,, -,, K 1. , ,.., ,,.,.M . , --, gi I 1, -- -at-w ,. Zvlf V 2? 2'?I,,.H J, ' 'W JV Softball Row l: Karen Tucker, Michelle Hebert, Michelle Isley, Cornella . V ,, ., what -1. apply. Perhaps the most noticeable difference is the underhand pitch- ing style used, as demonstrated here. ,N Z-.qu ,M .,4,.,g, X if A,"-3. 5. nn . ,.f-4, .2 , mf .T .. . . . Q ' M, . ., va , Q, Q 7' W- ,IJ rv, V.. f 3, 5 ' .V ,X vs. L. L? if J A.. W .. 2 N 4, i Va.. 'ir " ,M l ,RM 1 vi. 'Q im ui rr 'H Taylor, JoAnna Davis, Keri McGowan Row 2: Deborah Stewert, Keri Bartlett, it 1 l if Paula McCannon, Karen Shelton, Tammy Southern, Melissa Sullivan, Devon fi., s 1 3 Syl ii Ferrell, Janet Poindexter .E ,. .1 E,- .... " ' The old saying still holds true today, but from a different perspective. In this case the geometrical pattern of the softball field is the topic of concern, not precious jewels. When temperatures rose and spring fever had everyone firmly in its grasp, the girls softball teams put their playing field to good use with exuberance. Each potential member was primed for tryouts on Monday, February 29. Because several Varsity starters from previous years were lost to graduation and transfer, key positions became available. Competition remained stiff nonetheless, with forty-seven athletes trying out this 1341 VARSITYXJV Sll"lBAlL Diamonds Are A Gir1's Best Friend season, making them the largest group in five years to do so. Consequently, team success was largely dependent upon Ms. Sikes' expertise. Having coached five years at Northwest and seven altogether, she proved to be an invaluable asset. Equally important were the performances of the five returning starters, Sophomores Christy Knight, Angel Smith and Tammy Watson, Junior Michelle Johnson and Senior Michelle Warren. ' Members of the somewhat less ex- perienced Junior Varsity team discovered that practice sessions in between crucial games were vital for achieving success. ' ' M- ' 'lr-fe'-3 A 4 .i N. . W, qi r f . - 4 , X D ug M., . , 4- . After enhancing the basic skills required, both Viking teams devoted greater time to the more challenging aspects of softball. Included among these were the speed of the pitch and grounding techniques. Prospects for future victories appeared optimistic with conference as well as nonconference action slated from March through May. Reviewing the season, Northwest's Varsity and JV softball teams combined made their diamond field gleam with vic- tories. After giving fourteen karat per- formances, these players proved what "gems" they really were. factor the La dy their A For softball players, nothing proves more satisfying than the exhiliration felt as they round the bases. 4 Martha Lamb swings decisively on her way to scoring another run for the Lady Vikings. The entire team gave each other moral support throughout the season and their r individual performances reflected this. ""'1g ,Q H A ,Q,.,,, ,, A ' 'i' " f ' .M , H . ff f H OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO What A Feeling . . . Track is a sport that entails constant dedication. A con- stant willingness to practice in any type of weatherg a con- stant strive to do better, to break a record or to reach a goal. On February 15th, several athletes, boys and girls, met out on the track to begin another season filled with challenges. lt was an upward climb to reach the ultimate goal, to get in shape. The pain and sweat these team members endured all paid off on March 17th, the first track meet against rival Western Guilford. This match was the chance for each individual to show off all of his hard work. For some, the season ended with the conference meets on May 5th forthe girls at Rockingham and on May 6th for the guys at Western. For others there was still the Sectionals and even the States on May 27th and 28th. All of these students should be commended on an outstanding effort and con- x,gu. IS! TRACK gratulated for individual achievements. A Kevin Murphy slzoxus the .skill and thc muscle needed to prrrtiripatc in shot put. P Senior john Clarkin illustrates the pain ry' running, but lu' also knows the reward of this hard work, xv N SET 32716397 IllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll AlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII llIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlIll .9 llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I lllllllllllIllll . --" v-:w-:-'-1+ :-' :4-:-:-1-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:':-:-:-:-: c-'-'-:g:f- ' -Fm5:-k-:Q-ig?-1:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- rv:- ,. IIllllllllllllllllllllllll I l lIl::::::::::::::::::::: I II Endi- V , W.,, . W W, ,sg ,,W,W, Riu... fy 'W ....... 5 A fi A Senior Andy Brown smashes ine tual! back to his opponent. 138!BOYS' TENS Row iz Nathan Provo, Andy Brown, Rusty Cotton, George Bouras, John Franklin Row 2: Derrick Damm, Greg King, Lance Baker, Kim Parker, Ulf Dvergsdale. NEW. is L 9 . . , .,,, ' ...wi ASophomore, Greg King strives to make the winning shot. J .,+ ww':ar1gg, A-Kiwi, AIM.. t,.iii W -I . , x ' A Rusty Cotton gets ready to stun his opponent with his difficult serve. The call of the court beckoned as spring neared. The cry was heeded by some of Northwest's best. lt was time for set, smash, love, and game once again, and the mighty Viking tennis team was ready to go. There was a great turnout for this years tennis team. All the athletes showed talent and dedication to the sport. These players spent long hours each afternoon working to improve their tennis tech- niques. lVls. Hayworth, the boys' tennis adviser, felt that the mighty Vikings were on their way to another successful season. She also added that whether the Vikings won or lost, they would still be on top. 4 George Bouras concentrates on his techniques as he displays his awesome serve. 4 Freshman, Derrick Damm practices hard for the upcoming spring matches. BUYS' TENS! 139 Congratulations to the Class of '88 Www Gcmodkzm Lglczahczia feffwbaay ol QM 329 NG VMCWW H900-ESQ-7050 Tops ln Service To Schools And Colleges , Congratulations Jennifer! l Congratulations Dean, ,Q 5 4-'Ib WY.. XS - 1 . 1 We're proud of you. Love you very much. We are very proud of you. Mom 8 Dad May your future be filled with happiness and success. Dianne 8 Joe Love, Mom + Dad, Michele and Tracy BERICO FUELS INC. Phone 378-1871 Since 1924 Snyder-Roberts Insurance A en , Inc. Q Cy First Quality Only BLLIMENTI-lAL'S Children, Ladies, Men's Designer Clothing WAYNE R B RT 901 BATTLEGROUND Ave. at Discount Prices W. 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We love you! Mom, Dad, Todd and Amy VILLAGE TELEPHONE ANSVVERING SERVICE "Live ' ' ALLENE KNIGHT TELEPHONE 49191996--32l8 P.0. BOX 532 X07-B TL'LANE DRIYL KERNERSVILLE. NC' 27285-0532 The Human Development and Educational Center Counseling - Marital and Family Tutoring - Math and Reading 119 S.IVlain St. Kernersville, NC 27284 Phone: 996-3099 Young's Florist 508 North Main Street Kernersville, NC 27284 Phone: 996-3830 Congratulations Michelle We are very proud of you, Mom, Dad, Jeff and Brad. . e ir I, ,V -e ls. , X, kiwr I Us . "L, -X,,l,.eeSWL ,f , , v A 1 I. y 5 ,J 6 1 Wlth Pride Fee ell voefve been, Congratulations Susan! With joy for all you are, With hope for all you'll be - We are very proud of you. And Love - for always. May your future be a happy one. Mom, Dad S Love, Allen Mom, Dad 6 Shannon Compliments of Q O 99 'ol zoo 9 H . Q 50 QQO Summzlffiei N.C. 96 V , Open: Tuesday- Friday 0 X 9 we 643-571 6 643-561 O CongrazLufai1'on Kflzf. You are so spe- clalf Love, Daa' and Mom Say Axhfey May your bfe afwayr be as happy. Thankxfor ffze pleasure of being your parenfx. Mom 0- Dan' C ongrafufafionr Rb1'lLh.l o a 'y. May your fufure fzofa' onQ happine.r.f. Goa' Hes: you. We fove you! Mom 0- Dad Debfa We can accompirh more foday in .rpife of every- fhllhg we 've :fone fhe Fufurelrjurfa Jfep away I0 fake fflaf rfep, zLomorrow'.rjunL begun. 154 N u . 'vt m ,- Q, . ,Q ,,, Congrafufafionrfor going I3 years fo :cnoof - UA N104 H1 Mofher if proud and we aff fove you. "You did if' Congrafufafionf! Silrfers and orofnerr We're .roooo proud! Ronnie, Bonnie, Connie, Lonnie Mom 0- Daddy" CongrazLufazLion.r Brian! Congrafufafionr jeff r j We are very proud ofyou and wilvn you happinesr and .fuc- cess. Afwayx be yourxeg and know we fove you very May aff your goalr in bfe be accomphlrned. You much. are a greaf pfearure fo uf. We love you lah, Love, Mom 0- Dad Mom :fr Dad 155 , , , 1, .A y ,, Martin We are very proud of your great "success" May your 5 future be what the Lord have it to be, and much suc- cess in the future. Dad Congratulations Britt! 5 You've come a long way baby! Mom Mom 8 Tiff QXQ A f I on "Suzie-Q" Whose that hot little sun-bunny behind those shades? Con- Ricky, gratulations on your graduation and all your accomplishments, Your Dad and I have enjoyed your high school years so much. Susan. We know you will be as big a success in the future as you Watching you play football, wrestling and your excitement over have the past 12 years. The future holds many exciting things your car arejust a few of the highlights. We wish for you as much for you - remember to follow your dreams. We are very proud furl, happiness and Success in the future as you have experienced of you. at NORTHWEST during you high school years. Love, We Love you, Mama, Daddy, Cheryl and Richard Mom, Dad S Chris 156 JAMES N. MORGAN mssaoem P.0. BUX 18507 GREENSBOR0. NC. 27419 nconroanso 1919, B58-9581 1 D 5 r D A VV hr S , Vlvil b ' Zlij ' ' ' Congrafufaiions Angie Congrafufafions Courlney! We are proud fo have you for our We are proud ofyou daughfer. May God bfessyou afways Love, We fove you, Mofher and Dad Mom , Dad, O' jennqfer Congrafufafions Thomas T. ! CONGRATULATIONS A Micheffe, We are proud of you! You have We are very proud ofyou! hfessed our hearfs! Love, Mom , Dad G- Brofher Mom , Dad 67' Marcus 158 Congrafufafionr Sfephen Cfdllg Garner, you finafQ made if! ' x C0f1aff1f1ffef1'0f1f Kmlhhleen! We are .ro proud of you, May God Hers you afwayf. We We love you and we are very proud ofyou. gave you ,,e,y much. May aff of your dreamsfor ffzefufure come frue. Dad 0- Mom Randy 0- Dona Love Mom, Dad, 63- Amy Chflf, jofh, Minfy CONGRA TULA TION5' RUSS E LL! Congrafufaiionr Heaifler God ACZIFQCZLQ ofesred our five: wifh Endeavor fo do your bed , af aff firmer. you' We Love you. Lvvel Dad, Mom G- Eva fVf0WL 63' Dad 159 Congratulations, Jason!! Looks like we made it! We wish you good health, wealth, happiness and love! Mom, Dad and Jeremy Congratulations Shelley! With a beautiful smile like this, You're destined for continued happiness 6 success. We love you, and we are very proud of you. Mom, Dad 6 Kellie 421 Curb Market 1438 E. Mtn. Street Kenersville , NC 27284 996-2831 BBITULU Dil CDITIDBIIQ P.O. BOX 126 Stokesdale , NC 27357 643-5571 FEITDITI El" 3 l-lSl'iCiX-K.-'RIDGE 346 N. Main Street Kernersville , NC 27284 996 -3??1 Amy, You are a wonderful daughter who has brought much love and happiness into our lives. Always remember how proud we are of you and your accomplishments. As you approach new hori- zons, reach high, and all of your dreams will come true. May God's greatest blessing always be yours. Love, Mom 8 Dad Congratulations Shane! Rob, Cgngratulatignsl We're very proud of you and hope your goals for the future be We are roud of ou! Come 'ea'ltY' P y L We love you, Ove, . Dad 5 Mom, John E, Tana, Mom, Dad 8 Krmberly David 5 Teisha Pfum5ing- Heating -- Cooling S E RV IC E 3116. BATTLEGROUND AVE. oneewssorao, Nc. TEL, 288-S355-57 Kerrwerasville Lumber Co. F-7. D. BOX 4-7U l ALLISON, KEPQEPSVIIIE, You've come a long way Laby! Love, Mom, Dad, Dougfar, Carof, and 993-2 1 44 ,mn Congratulations Scott 17 .K You have made us very proud of you. May your future be filled with love and happiness. We love You Mom, Dad Cindy and Tommy Mark and Amy, our congratulations to you. May your future bring you as much happiness as you have to us in the past 17 years. We love you and are very proud of you. Your parents ALSO from Ashley C0ngra1Lufai7'0n.r Tracy! You are a very enferprhrfng young man. We wiffr you much mccex. Love, Mom and Dad Karen, Cllhger, Aflike Best Wishes To The Class Of '88 , FFCU , IKQUIUII N250 116588 glfllllg 7 FRIENDSHIP FEDERAL CREDIT UNION 6712 West Market Street Greensboro, North Carolina 27409-1832 19191854-142-1 19191 854-73711 WATS l,inc 1-800-346-2522 162 l -nn Q-NQ . E to as 5. qpefzffifsunfrg :fa ffm ..x. L wfl fbnzf fff sox? Memoree Hammon Congratulations Tina We're proud of you and love you very much. We are hoping your future will be filled with love, happiness and success. Love, Mom and Larry Congratulations Brian! y - ft'-- ,if ',,,. ' if , A J 15.1-?'tf"fL .,.,- , - - Pk was C 4 A rf' ' Q Lf: ' - ' 7 . 5 Congratulations Emilie! We're so proud of you and your accomplish- ITlEI'ltS. May yOLlI' fLltLlI'G be filled with love, We are proud of your accomplishments on the playing fields happiness, and Success. and in the classroom. Best of luck in reaching your future goals, Love whatever they may be. ' Love, Mom and Dad Mom, Dad, and Mark 163 A Fond Farewell Mrs. M aqorie Klem has been a vital asset to Northwest -for the past twenty years. She possesses many attributes that enabled her to aid not only the students, but members of the ftculty as well. She was always willing to stop what she was doing in order to help a student find just the right book or aid them with research. M ns. K lem stayed after school and kept the library open for those students and teachers that needed some special assistance. Her enthusiasm extended beyond the regular .school day. She became the adviser for the Library Club. This organization was founded to promote the library. Mrs. Klemls dedication proved invaluable and the club continues to flourish. Through the years, Mrs. Klem has added her own special touches to Northwest. Whether you saw her beautiful red sports car in the parking lot or the green lollipops sold in honor ln' St. Patrick's Day, you knew Mrs. Klern couldn't be far away. Over the past twenty years, Mrs. Klem has become a vibrant part rj the school. With her im- pending retirement, she will be ex- tremely missed. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. P Mrs. Klem not only helps students but also advises the fac- ulty. Here she helps by making book selections. . ,Q-nanlll!H!'l 166tMS.KU'l A Apfer helping a student select a book Mrs. Klem checks it out for them. P Mrs. Klem helps freshman Tracey Lentz End reference ma- terials. ' .Ns Zz . 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Suggestions in the Northwest Guilford High School - Viking Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) collection:

Northwest Guilford High School - Viking Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Northwest Guilford High School - Viking Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Northwest Guilford High School - Viking Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Northwest Guilford High School - Viking Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 117

1988, pg 117

Northwest Guilford High School - Viking Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 99

1988, pg 99

Northwest Guilford High School - Viking Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 100

1988, pg 100

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