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.- LA QN, Q "v ws rx yu, Q ,fkyf , A '71 5' f "7 ,f 94 Suki gn FG 5 FQ! by t fbMMm if-f'f'L4 ,fs ' ' R ,N W L V k 1 fs, cf I jk JV BJ ,V 2 , 5? Uk D ,,XvQl' ft! X 5 , if 'W' fifkejx tf Nw UQ, U 6 LJ' Q . I yWfJWWffMWM wfd Q WQfwf!4M Q JK fwXLJQ Q42 ,J aww . ZQ? iw 5 V I 'ft WW' 71f,AL ff f A L, '4'6'm'Q" ,Lid M. A1 , AJLAJ xfyw Ss X X CSE wb fp my jf i!JL rigx . , Q5 J My-f , v X k3 , U S AQ QW fi-1 ' ,Off-5V 'JK R 'A 360 fli' QL Cf' f W ' ki- JN .Y Dj 'O f' . fag? my 6271 Ok 6 ' Q! 2?W'Z'AwyNNLQW vi Qf22L5 ,wwwWy,fv as Kia '2 'N ., wi' if W5 X fx ' 1 M ff 9 YQ 'ff' W , Lfsg, if G, 'QQ A sf' A Lf' C73 M gf M G25 'Q7 Vvxk' F VQJ , - x A-, RQ spa, :hi iv' Q' Jf' X75 Q23 92 cv U20 if , X Q if A mlm WW l X X xy X . X: Sq Q N K . X tl IJ x. ' xx by kx if vkkk JL X 1 X' C X wx 751 'X XXL? X :X 11 J EA V i N X X15 XJ GN XX K X N' X' J XX . XX . l ' XX lf' XQ -Q X X5 3 V 3 X ' YVJN - X nfl' K X X X , . N X Y Q' NX' Xxx. WYW fWfZQf'Qff fwef 1 My Qynxmvaflwff LXKML 63727 XQMQ 1969 ROUND TABLE ESQ 5 4 I 1 5 2 F 122 5 297, gifaig 3 dm? 'U 235 5 3,00 du '31 if Q35 E50 2 Q eb do X15 2 323 Qiffcixx C313 I F'-lf L 1 5 L SQ 3 Q F f - ! - I ww g.. 'M ff . Q. ' 1 -fi, 5 if Q.: .ak .. 33153 Introduction . Student Life . . . Academics .. Organizations . . . Sports ..... Classes ......... Senior Summaries . Index ........... Summer Supplement It lm hm 919' 2 14 36 66 128 156 238 250 264 iww Q 1. M . -' - ,,. wg f fit UPPER LEFT: A CHERISHED tradition in Knightland-the raising of the Victory Flag after a big game by Senior class officers Craig Maurer, Leon Meyers, and cheerleader Nancy Steph. ABOVE: BART SHEDECK, Pam Lindley and Sherri Ayers prepare the patio before the Howdy Mixer. LEFT: lT'S 3:29 P.M. and cars are poised in the parking lot to take Knights home from school. Introduction 0 3 is ,gi i . BELOW: PRIZEWINNERS in the school car decorating contest line up for the caravan to Taft Stadium to watch the Knights beat the Bombers. RIGHT: SPORTING one of the year's favorite fads, shiny black boots, Ann Reid pursues one of Knightland's favorite pastimes-visiting with her steady between classes. Frank Marwood is the lucky boy who shares her "laugh-in." 95 LQ .-dw., Knights interested themselves in the arts of expression, combining the best of social living with the ioys of human experience. Creativity emerged, and bringing forth exciting goals, ambitions in a never-ending stream. 4 o Introduction tudent Life A new ideas were explored 4 IIIIII X fin 1- I 1 ' I' ""i ' . f 1 N'LL i'. : . - . gif -- if W IZ, pgfsqwr 5...-gg ABOVE: MAKE-UP ARTIST, Cindy Harvey, applies "aging lines" to John Morozuk for his role in a drama class production. LEFT: IT IS a big election year, and Northwest students campaign vigorously. Bellmon Belle Marcee Parks vies with Barbara Kelly and Terry Ham for poster space for favorite senate and presidential choices. .VVJT 6 0 Introduction Updated programs in instruction added substance and meaning to the "days of the Knights." Students reached out to garner knowledge and seek truth, while . trying to know A d themselves better. Encouraged by teachers and classmates who communicate, students sought a pragmatic approach to life. LEFT: "AND REMEMBER, girls," advises Benny Byers, "boys need understanding." Benny joins Bart Shedeck Cleftj and Marc Funk in a panel discussion for a Family Relations class. BELOW: HOW DOES Skip Bayless carry a 4.0 grade average? By burning the midnight oil. RIGHT: THE RON MILLICAN family, Ron Cleftj, Judy and Lisa, find they have Beagles to spare and share them with Mr. Harold Crain. The two assistant principals also share responsibilities in the administration of myriad duties involved in running a City high school. ,La- X 1 l R., .. 4 g j-'ff-fx. E in AR, is -......Y. ul ,. '.' S. an Wk EA . .Q-5 4 . gy l x,-L ' . 'HJ wr, .1 -W , .M g,.x.'1' 5 x K. 352 A .Mk 1 ,..'l xr . ,iq , - he 5 xp 'V if. 1 I K ,-,Z-f ,W y E' ' i K A I I 'fl '1415,. .w. .1 -f ,Q Q 1 1, 5, sem! W. 5 H 'Q l My :sf ' 4 Q Y 1 M , W' J 1. A M K , Q 1? 'r., . .- 'gf an Ki' M ll s 4, 2:- Vn . . :U Q ' 4 'F' 'A 1 X '5 x 1 , ww A' L' nv an Qurfsnx an-:M af avant' - ' N ffi ' "l fill! full' QPMQIWVI! -.rr B "' V02 QEQii!M'E'-3 U' lil - FF G I "Gini Y U GKUW' ""' P , " .09 '. , Af""f -5, " i.f"'i' M , I' A uannnu' 'FSH :aus -W Q xw ana P' ,HQ nmi wa. -M v 1 i gn V , 1 , fp J 'X w . v w fe K 5 gf, I ,Y 1 ,B , . X a , A Sys. , 4 ' '15 55? ff, if ing WJ' Q ' ' 4, '., . - ' ., , ' ' X- '24 img ' 5, 1 J 4' X fix' WX' 3 Y "pf K A A X Ky! V Y ,K a , ,QQ-xp - - ,Ji . t K IJQQK iw A . - 1 , , QM rw ,mm K , .Wag ,K VK KK A ff A , ,?,x!?t, im, K 1 4 ,K A , . X A . , A X 54,164 1 if aw. X ,'fw.,,'xr1Xy A . ' N X . , :.:4Kl55s,?, K A t ,K,K,,gc, 5. KK KKKKKNQ ,. Q1 ms, ,,, , , " ' me , K 5, K' ,KK -. - , ' ' X K gf -Xa if fr: M W 1.2 Z 'Xfw'.k. XX 1 -- x ,. -,' Q , ' ' ' 1 Lf Q "f".. ...Hg J Q."g-a - ru- Hi -5-..-!'1'F 1... ' r .-, Ye f -'iftf ff 'iff KKK - , - . , , . AK- K ,, - A K . ., x f n 4- " '4 f -V ' 'X f f. ' ,lg .K-n- KK ' f.,X X 1 1. . X XK' KK" I r RK , X, MM KK , bf .. ,,:K,., :Ki ,A .Nr . . .Hp , 5- ,fg f in 5 3 ,,,,...w, ' LZ fp ., ,A--f-'14-K, 1 "Q1"j.',flA, yy K. ,, K. K , , W , :...' A ,, ,x ,K K M N pK' 'M X .- M -. 7" , , K. K nf - ,W Kgf- X W KK , AK 4 A K , ,,k aw. ,,r, S SV if rw I f f K +V! Q 2 kiwi, 'S v : hgh" 4 " Xfnx '. in K 7 4 fd., ,, -A M S ---af 2:7 X2 'gf f 55' x , gf, gf . K Q- A ,, -1 ft' -1 ,M in A W ,. ' r 1 ' 'gf :gg 1 aff ,K . K Q,,-f- Q.,, - -'- '1 f , - ' ' yi- fi' V , " 'Q 'Sf-,. ,Wg ,':f4' V: 1 -5 " 1? ! 1 K' 91 ' '.,.f-x" Jw :Q .,,, S -,fa " X ' f!.x n ' 4 M - f' ' "' -' " , ' , f Q I -1 . ,. F -3 "'," '-. fy-17' A W1 ., 4 5. .K 'V inn: - - , fy A ,Y 5 M A UK K -- K , A ' f Q Al A M L- .v W X ,. 5 - 1- K, 'K ,- W .M AK ' v , , p sy f s R , 2 - ig V KK ,-fi. ,. ff V .'w.5! X' m,., . MW ,. bmw X N 'V ' 2 fl 'f 'X K KKK ,K ,wa 'JK M wif? lmg . , . M1 Q, 1 :Q :xg - ww 1 s " 1 ' in r 28 K ' 1 i 19 ., "I 19 ' rm 1 -Kpqkwh ,vga vp, A , 1 " ' fi '- - ,we eg' wsf-is B14l"g'e'f! ueyfg h"l ltin X.-a"!fPst:' ,'!,'X'1 , ' ,, ,, ,. li - . . ---gi, 1 , 91? ya Q wr., . , , A ,-'mvfff 9.-lr, ,aaa QQWQ vi, """'q"" "":""""""'f""' N" . ., ' ' - ' s--X' S ., X' A ' f Q3 . ' 5 ' A X' ' A ' X I V g ' A , A dd 5 surf, ,S , Xi vb ?Wq'W X 4'f"5J3ff'TI W m4,f,Jf,'? ,L--WjLl?W'f"'-X s. Q e we A my v N A -f - , . , f A . X' ' , wgxf fz, -,icy - u X M X X ,, . M P X .5 ' Q, A , ' .. 1: AX 1 3 'fig' ' ' I P . 1:2"1ff'ffJf:31g f Al .Wg , X ' V Q 5 'X T W ffT'f ' ' ..' ' ' mf- f X -if Jw- X -. JH" ""'W' .at?:?3F'3L"f'-' f'1'i'A','3'2fU'f: 'J V-wizf' . .QW - 2,4-Xf 3 1 ' ' ' 2, 'Tuff' '. F 1. 1 - , ' AX XX 1 X' ' 4. , f 4 ' 5 '-' Nth- A ' ' "-a.'f"' il, . Q 3' - .2 " 1 'DY-'X' - f ' 'iffff' Ff' ' -" Y ' 'fwfffs H R ' X - 'ff ' -g - , f fiiaf Q. ' ,Q ' "fa 1 ' A ' d ew X:5gLFi'P.1"ig,2'-,wwXL151fi.f1i - ' - X , vw f 2 i . M - + , - -f f 'f X- , X f . , gg , K ,,Tg,..,,,,gwwa:w1ig, M .-eww. , -1, , Q 4,32-w,W,y,f,' 1 ,gr Y 1' KK X Q X f V ,Q ,Y . ,w, .,,L A-,U X Am., , 4, ., ., .ykmwx vw, A, ,k X . , 1 x fl w " QX X R , V, X s Xa, 1- Y X' is X 'wx' ,Q w 1-H Q' Q 'X lkfw- f - zz X A XSEMTSQFXXCF 1. f-X" fx X L'f?TW?3'2 ,, Y' . 'M WWA W f""' EM M. " f f - Qf f ' WM 4,5-3 p2,: L .ywiip k vw Xwdkggf , 'NH .. 'X 4 K , Wg .gi KZSQKKKKK KQ , Kg,93EKKh,mW K K K ,Wg KKK., K 0 15, 3 , ,fx '.e5,ggwf ' 5.aM ' x - A., ' ' ef fww-X' W A M 1 . Q, . ff-X , . ' A --51 4. ., 1 gf ,591 - Ag? ' , 1' Q-gg kfff z 05422651 f . 4 W A, 1 waz .. i Af " fgf,,k".5ii5?fX,QE1 aw' . tl- gylu i f . .wa MM1 ,,,, . K f , W f Teams enioyed enthusiastic support of a sports-oriented school community as the age-old thrill of competition cast its spell on Knightland. Proud owners of letter iackets carried on traditions J cherished by sportsmen for over a decade Their endeavors lent spice and flavor to the "days of the Knights UPPER RIGHT: A TENSE moment in the basket- ball game prompts Coach Don Van Pool to bolster John Cheatham's confidence with words of advice. ABOVE: MANAGER FRANK ALLEN tapes Quarterback Bill Clark's ankle before a football game. RIGHT: CROSS COUNTRYMEN re- flect the rigors of their race on the oval. 10 o Introduction "READY . . . , Qiiefferbeclr Paul Rosenberg surveys V ihe defense as he awaifs 'Phe snap 1 ' A 2 N im ef the ball from cenfer. -Y , . .,,Y,.,..,.,., ,X,,., ,.7.M..,,:1,W , awfgifgiifusiqi-5? ---,Y ., ll f"1Mg11h-.,w,i5'VA4,13:,u34 1 5"Hg anew, 3 '11 -. HM eww 'f ' nf XAFM 2 f'wfwv,-:f"z'2i'J5f?Hff!3'H5 1 ' : " X" czifzliiiflaif 1 1 ,L ' , iw in J ie 4 v 1 1. F 4 ,ki E 5 M 1 an ! lf? in- v 1 ,Q V1 ymwifg, . X 5, s 41 fx , ,. 4 , in ,f 3,1 A 5 , 'f . ' sf ' -1-gy! , . . ff5,:,,l.!,:. P - . li Slbaf ,L f -'fra . ' v f ' 2 . 5354 f I I. . 'N ga' X Q. 25 . 455. "fn ' , -V ff . , s ", Q ",!:f'- 3 4 if 4 e 341 ' 1' Q16 , x-,big 1- 1,1 A 1 'Wie J-, a A-W f -5 e I If. ,, ,M , , ff!! ' ,fff YV fi .e 'dj' I gigs 51533: ,, -'w .mv 'ff'v1. "-aiiigg, ' ,, mf W . v, 1 ef 5' Y It W 1 it 'A J-' e fl A w -'Q -lj? lfxiff 'T , wif ' up ,MF- 5 ,..f ' fgy?'i' I -W 1, U M M 1 534:-,, , f ,i ,M DA ,. "if,nn4:1,W 512. ., ,, f U , R 119 if F-ri ji iJ'3., 5' 3, pp- . , .1 my , ' SSS? , i ' 1 I . ' liblll 0 f IN, ABOVE: SHARING THE DELIGHTS of a "Peanuts" book, prepared by child care class members, are senior Diane Barker and Devin Ballard, nursery school students. UPPER RIGHT: "BE IT RE- SOLVED ..." Debate champion Chris Knop presents the affirmative case at a state tourna- ment. BELOW: SHIELD STAFFERS fold papers, gab, and sneak peaks at their stories as they gather for their bi-monthly folding party that precedes every news publication day. E' WIN' Wa t 'sin Q new i 1' , . 4 L f tm, Qs "t- if 1' 'xv A LAM! .. E5,J VA VNILLV qgxfwfl, , , ,, 'fe-'Qi , f , ' s . Thi. I l F Ii i lb!!! at fl! , ii Q ,M I me G' - We i De , ,se "Come by later to study for a trig test-Okay?" "The basketball boys are really cool" "Seniors won the paper drive, so what's "What's a new?" C generation gap?" "l hear junior prom decorations are neat!" Warm pride in class projects was shown in passing remarks in the hall- lt was a good day-a good year-for the Knights! "IS THAT a new angel fish?" wonders Judy Blanton as she examines the contents of the biology department aquarium. bi.: K pf, 3 ,, he :Mis 'Ss "?IIwiwi,.i Introduction o 13 .- -w gs 1 .A 1' i Quill' f' pl' -TQ K i-, ui' ,fl - 14 o S1uden1Life nga-Y' sw, 'jk -ai' ' x 4 ..,, V' I r- Qffsffhn, of i s "I THOUGHT it would fit," said Shelly Horton. But nothing seems to work at 6:30 a.m. as iunior and senior girls gather to decorate the fence for Homecoming. i i rs, f Queens, dances, trips on chartered buses Students find exhilarating fun Tests, contests, elections Serious business for some . . . Posters, streamers, pep rallies The world knows we are No. l Cry-slurs, debates, assemblies I 1 It seems works never done Bake sales, mixers, programs Will relaxation ever come? PROM NIGHT provides romantic memories for Knights and Ladies. Bill Kitchen and Marcee Parks take a last breathtaking view of the city after dinner. Student Life 0 15 Knights Become World Travelersg Delegates Trek to "We had a balll" was the stock answer of the estimated lOO Northwest students and Teachers who agreed that going to Europe was the "in" thing last summer. Three official school delegations, a tor- eign exchange student, and numerous individuals journeyed to all parts ot the globe. Two groups attended school. Mrs. Dorit Hall, German teacher, and Mrs. Carolyn Wakely, counselor, took l7 students to Austria for a six-week institute, and Mrs. Katherine Dunagin sponsored tive stu- dents tor seminar study in London. They reported trips to Paris to the opera, and encounters with celebrities, such as Rock Hudson, Lee Remick, and Summer Classes Princess Grace of Monte Carlo. Outdoor cafes, bicycles in Amsterdam, German castles on the Rhine, and good looking Italian teenagers most impressed the students who went with Mr. Dennis Simpson on a whirlwind three-week tour ot eight countries. By wearing a sari ancl not eating meat, Margaret Owen, Northwest's American Field Service representative, conformed to the customs ot lndia during her stay there last summer with the Raiamani Sarma family. Romantic adventures in Madrid, Gra- nada, and Moroco were summer fare tor Jennifer Jacobson and Judy Glass. They saw bulltights and explored castles. PARTY GUESTS bid bon voyage to Mr. Dennis Simpson Cstanding poolsidej and his nine students who are set to tour Europe 5' mS""-' T6 s Student Lite Q iw-J "AT LAST-a good old American hamburger." Margaret relishes her. first taste of meat after her return from India, where meat is forbidden for religious reasons. ABOVE: BREATHTAKING VIEWS in the Austrian Alps prompt Glenn Ashmore to take a break from his studies at Innsbruck. LEFT: RIDING CAMELS in southern Spain is a great way to spend an afternoon, agree Jennifer Jacobson and Judy Glass. "'F"...,,mi Student Life o I7 I fs Wg, , l 5 e fm t Q I sf.. l 2 'ABOVE: SYMBOLIC of the responsibilities of Student Council president is the passing of the gavel by last year's president, John Stacy, to his successor, Frank Marwood. RIGHT: PART of the crowd swarming around their counselors the first day of school to pick up schedules is sophomore Bill Citty. 18 0 Student Life 5 . 1 I 5 Q Yu. ABOVE: ".,. AND YOUR IBM number will appear on all of your records." Counselor Duane Weinert exe plains Northwest's computerized enrollment system to freshmen Brad Dewey, Jean Ann Damron, and Bev- erly White. LEFT: "A LITTLE MORE pressure will help," Leon Meyers tells Susie Suggs as they spend Satur- day washing cars, one of the fund raising projects of the French class for a summer trip to France. ini hts Carefull hart Year's Full Course Realizing that an impressive beginning sets the stage for a successful school year, Knights initiated planning sessions during the summer months. Student Council committees met, Shield staff reporters gathered news for a tra- ditional first-day newspaper, and Knights and Ladies welcomed freshmen and new students at the "Howdy" mixer the first Friday night of the school year. As the year got underway, students pursued their interests in a variety of areas. Events and places were import- ant according to individual preferences. The cafeteria, halls, gym, patio, sta- dium, auditorium, and classrooms were places where never-to-be-forgotten events occurred. The prom, plays, grade cards, pep rallies, mixers, games, and club meet- ings provided spice for daily routine. Fees, activity tickets, pep club dues, and publication packets quickly depleted students' allowances, while social life had to be curtailed as studies quickly de- manded time and attention. Word came the last part of September that nine Northwest seniors had qualified as National Merit Scholars. Three seniors won National English Council Awards. Spirit was never better as the football team launched a spectacular season. It looked as if this year would indeed be the "Year of the Knights." September 23 was Fair Day, the first school holiday of the year and Knights flocked to the Fairgrounds. By the end of September Knightland had settled into its familiar patterns of life-full of wonderful, exciting experi- ences for the freshmen and a bit of nos- talgic contemplation by upperclassmen. Student Life 0 v J. 1 Homecomin Ga as Highlight Fall Term Traditional events marked the 1968 Homecoming at Northwest. Always a special occasion is the coro- nation of the All-Sports Queen at the as- sembly preceding the football game and annual dance. Key Club members sold purple and gold mums all week, while French club- bers marketed stadium cushions decorat- ed with the Knights' emblem. "Knights are on top in state" was the theme of the senior float which was dis- halftime played in the caravan during at the Shawnee game November l. Imaginative spirit signs and decora- tions filled the rooms and halls of Knight- land before each game, and cars in the parking lot were uniquely decorated. During Spirit Week preceding the Mid- west City game, prizes were awarded in a contest for decorated cars and advisory rooms. Section members Benny Byers and John Cheatham, also basketball stars, won the car prize, Mrs. Clara Luper's advisory claimed top honors for its inside decora- tions, while Miss Elizabeth Urmston's ad- visory won in the outside division. l l l DRESSED UP and ready to go are crown bearers for the Coronation, Coy Havenstrite and Bob Finley. 20 0 Student Life RADIANT All-Sports Queen, Nancy Steph, greets the crowd during half-time festivities at Homecoming llilxm s as . i l PRIZE VWNNING 6dVlSOfY decorations afe admired bY FEATURE ATTRACTION at the Homecoming ceremonies is the senior float, labeled "Knights are on top in proud artists, Patty Hughes and Christine Cochran. state," manned by Janie Medford, Becky Harley, and Lynette Martin, chairmen of the float committee. we 1 --,,.,,,,,, lwftzm ,sr - J ,w by r, 5 ADDING SPICE to half-time activities is the presentation of the All-Sports Royalty: Mindy McCarty, Terry Green, Nancy Steph, Nancy Anold, and Cindy BFOWD- l Student Life . 21 l 5 M A6 M'-r 1- X W 3, 5 as i r ' , K, tr ',,, X Wmx W I , J X zibxmyi Q wk' , 1 ,f f, g Midi- l --.. fsfi'-i ,wr V, N ,PKR "'?-s, v W I I , fx , 7 , I ' x 1' ' , f t t "ACTION, lights, curtain!" Chuck Varnell, stage PRECISE MEASUREMENTS are needed as wardrobe mistress, Becky Slade lseatedj and her committee, manager, gets set for Act One lighting cues. consisting of Linda Dye, Margaret Easterday, and Donna Lane, design costumes for the "Skin" cast. . FAMILY DISCUSSIONS between the children CMike Cowherd and Patty Tuelj and Mrs. Antrobus CCheryl Y E - .K I . . , E I E z I "COME to my cabanaf' says Janet Hermann, Doug Wilsonj aren't complete without the pet Dinosaur, played by Denise Moses, and Mammoth, by Kay Long. Humphrey and Robyn gg,-dwell approve- 22 o Student Lite Actors Score Hit with 'Skin of ur Teeth' Curtain calls and the roar of applause at the close of "The Skin of Our Teeth," first production of the year, made all the strenuous weeks of rehearsal fade into happy memories for drama students. "Skin," as it affectionately became known to the cast and crew, was pre- sented November T5-l6 under the di- rection of Mrs. Betty Hall Allred and tech- nical adviser, Mr. Ted Nichols. Written by Thornton Wilder, "The Skin of Our Teeth" deals with the indestruct- ible Antrobus family who has survived fire, flood, and many depressions by the skin of their teeth. The cast included Janet Herrmann as Lily Sabina, Doug Humphrey as George Antrobus, and Cheryl Wilson, portraying Mrs. Antrobus. In the roles of the children were Patty Tuel and Mike Coward as Gladys and Henry Antrobus. John Morozuk was the announcer, and Robyn Birdwell played the role of the Gypsy. Denise Moses and Kay Long appeared as the family pets. Minutes before the rise of the curtain, Sabina goes over her lines with Student Director Diane La Faver as Cindy Harvey, Costume Chairman, checks Sabina's hemline one final time. Student Life o 23 r lg- ii 2 5 3 . S u S .V s. s "COME AS YOU ARE," Coronet pep club officers are told as they are hauled from "OH, what a big box!" Roxanne Robertson sneaks a peak as boy friend Bill warm beds at 6 a.m. for a Christmas breakfast hosted by their sponsors. Susan Long, Clark tries to hide her Christmas present before they go out on a date. Dena Green, and Lynn Self ioin in the fun Saturday morning, December 14. Steadieg spend time selecting the perfect gifts for each other. JOINING MILLIONS of television viewers throughout the country, seniors Nancy Rice and Jeff Cohen' watch the review of President Richard M. Nixon's inauguration the night of Monday, .January 20th. 24 0 Student Life ,- -.. 'ti GNL SIMMONS and Bill Fleetwood, Hi-Y pre-xy, buy a tree for children of Hi-Y's "adopted" family. 4 Climax of Incredible Year: Christmas 1968! In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without void . .. These words from the Astronauts in Apollo 8 made Christmas Eve T968 a historical moment Americans will never forget. Astronauts Frank Borman, James Lov- ell, and William Anders circled the moon ten times and filled their countrymen with pride and awe, not only for their mi- raculous feat, but because of their per- sonal sense of grace and humility. A few weeks later President Richard Nixon was inaugurated and Knights, who had closely followed the national cam- paign, watched the proceedings on TV. But there was much sadness and cause for concern in our nation and world dur- ing the tempestuous months of '68. Two distinguished Americans were gunned down by assassins, and there was endless theorizing as to why these expressions of savagery mar our society. Dr. Martin Luther King's murder in April was followed by looting and vio- lence in T25 smoking cities. In June Rob- ert Kennedy's death found Americans suffering through the torturous ordeal of going to Arlington again. The Pueblo was seized and the crew- men abused before their release a year later. Vietnam peace talks in Paris kept bogging down, and there was bad trou- ble in the Mideast. Some writers called T968 a year when everybody had to be heard, a year when the hippies, yippies, leftists, rightists, and blacks rocked the nation from one end to the other. But there was a brighter side to this incredible year. Heart transplants meant there are people alive today who would have died without them. And the observation of Christmas in Knightland would have restored the faith of even the most skeptical, who claim the true meaning of Christmas is no longer recognized in this unsettled world. All forty-nine clubs and organizations chose service projects. Hi-Y boys collected enough food to provide for a month the needy family they had adopted. So, the warm glow of Christmas spirit shone in Knightland, and its grateful in- habitants were blessed with the good feeling that comes from the unselfish giving of oneself to others. . in . Y. s. ,... ...X-F..-as-aww. pig gk Q kg K . ,. L 4 AS THE 363-foot-high Saturn V rocket lifted Apollo 8 into the sky, Americans, spellbound in front of TV sets, held their breath and prayed for the safety of the astronauts and success for the mission. Student Life 0 ...-.ill we seek. .i Spontaneous Backers Add im to Victor , "Togetherness" was a strength displayed in every facet of life in Knightland. Sharing in the variety of interests, troubles, hopes, and dreams of some 3,050 classmates was a rewarding part of attending Northwest. Whether it be sparking spirit for champion teams, participating in service proiects, presenting programs, banquets and dances, Knights felt they were part of something signifi- cantfrnore than "just a school." Support for all athletic events was provided by the Booster Club, com- posed of 275 school patrons. Mem- bers followed Knight teams, spon- sored boys attending Fellowship of Christian Athlete camp, and hosted coffee and donuts for parents after games. Boosters and cheerleaders were a part of the colorful kaleidoscope of people and events that kept the school in rnotion from dawn to dark. ' 7,75 K I K+, f , ,.., x ff Z., fl 55, - X, K . f . .Q-ffl. 1 , , ., 'st -dlhidsfx-1vv.dh1iv,.,,.a.N. 3 . . . . , ,I . , ,. was :.'f':ts?s3j'L'- ' . as I I K A hx J , : "l'fg , I .q 7 php, l..l.?,, - . v ..' f9a""'. . - -. 1 ' N' + the J ak uf .1 ,. 1. , -si. A , ss, , , , g . , , 3. nik s,,3X,,,g,, f Q X g gjvtrgltfig I ,wa "-. -' , r 2,.2,..u .51-fl,f",..,2'fgbkj'-.QQ ,V ..-. f.,,sf-..- pay.. .4 -el l.f?!tQif':52iQ:1',Qt'- k",lv'32Tfit'4i3"S?L:fflx'g fi" V hi fl " 5 .hifi-3g"P,:'-4255 '?v4ATMw f A .Mei 1 P t , ' ' ' f 3 vt fi -We R' '-fg3t,:zPis?:-fa'. 'al "elf f"'t'tff.'..wtf1f-. f if KNlGHTLAND'S top pep producers are All-School Cheerleaders Barbie Lippert, Jackie Lamb, Linda Choate, Nancy Steph, Cleda Hulett, Nancy Arnold, and Cheryl McDonald, All are seniors except Barbie and Cheryl. SPIRIT SOARS as pep clubbers, maiorettes, and cheerleaders generate pep before the Douglass game. 9596 'NF--I sf., l, im 2, . ,- i ....,. . bfi C - cis r 1 , .wa W -EA VI ' iw i.,1 C so-Wi ,. tl' ff s- Q W1 is ...W Ease Loss ieee .E "- . " V -' -'., ,L . . 1 37 I .. R. . .. .. ,, ..,,,,.i if Q Q.. ., . . kk,x ., tx :NQ A .. ,Q , A. V i. A R fr 'Mx Nz' 31' 'i"'+1-P335 kia. ' 2 K 2 x w Q is M ,N S ,gk Xe. 1- . iw i?..i ,y. if K K. N k.k, if A .E Q. V. Q, - N- e P' ,, P5 H. 4 fin-??fS7l ' V I l .3 3 ' gk a N SERVICE IS PROVIDED by Booster Club officers, Mr. John Held, presidenig Mrs. Bill Fleelwood, secretary-lreasurer and Mr. Carl Harris, vice president, during halftime. Members helped operate the concession stand during games. ,',,f'-Q mf' df ii-s Q-M' NEGRO HE RITAGE WEEK takes on new meaning for Charles Pierce as he listens to guest speaker Senator E. Melvin Porter talk to an Oklahoma History Class. Kni hts Spin mid hirl of 'Happenings' Always on the go-creating, verbaliz- ing, socializing-Knights moved ahead with new proiects while perpetuating school traditions. For the first time Negro Heritage Week was observed at Northwest. Guest speak- ers drew capacity audiences in the Little Theatre each day. Dramatists romped through enchanted forests created by stagecraft students in the final school production, Midsummer Night's Dream, a Shakespearean fantasy. 28 0 Student Life Two performances were given February 28 and March i in the auditorium. Student Council hosted representatives from T9 different schools on Inter-City Student Council Visitation Day. Also three students from Wichita, Kansas, attended Northwest one week in a Council ex- change program. Cupid boosted Council's treasury and promoted romance on the annual Cupid Express Day. Messages were delivered at the end of class periods. ,............-...L In February when first semester grades came out, tradition was upheld when more girls than boys rated straight A's. This was the twelfth consecutive semester girls have dominated the top grade list and the National Honor Society. Preparation for the final whirl of class events began early in the year. Senior committees met to lay plans for gradua- tion events, iuniors gathered in officers' homes to make prom decorations, and underclassmen preenrolled for next year. x 1-en li E , sl C E ..:: :L LL in C - Mx Nxk'L i A . "WHEN THOU dost wake, l'lI charm thine eyes ..." Titania CCindy Harveyt casts a spell upon sleeping Hermia and Helena, portrayed by Diane LaFaver and Anita Parrish, in Midsummer Night's Dream. The March l production was the drama department's last play of the year. NO TOUR of Northwest is complete without seeing Sir Bedivere, Student Council hostess Linda Windham explains to visitors Clay Hoster, from Grant, and Cindy Elston of Western Heights. Q 4 Z X 2 2 ? 5 Q 2 it l 5 CUPlD'S MESSENGER, Beverly Schultz, finds her iob of delivering Cupid Expresses to Knights a big assignment for February 14. Student Life 0 29 .1 f i Env- if "CONGRATULATIONS, Mr. President!" New Council prexy, Scott Rayburn, and Craig Humphreys are greeted by Billy Clark, Scott's campaign manager. r'i., I3 Q Q R' i C i Q I 5 F I , Q,- " ' -,NJ . TRUE SPIRIT of the Old West is revived by Steve Balliet and Sherry Bachhofer on Western Day when they celebrate 89'ers Day at Frontier City. J ' 'iirl X aer 1 e matt? ylre I 1 -in SSW ,J PATROLLING the halls during lunch is no small task, decides Mr. Chuck Ledbetter, as he bars Charlie Riddle from the second floor. 30 o Student Life 5,4 .. vs-, is 5 -,. 5 -. asian: as E S sf, :Agfa ff' as .Q ' f 1 f. - -rt 'Js3i51's'.'T:4?C.l:l':L1.' F'3?'s.i,,s .sap '- l"ONLY TWO more laps to go for our mile!" Finding that jogging, in addition to its health benefits, is a Activities Acce Every group was keyed to the final round of activities: Dog Patch, annual turn-about-week, Student Council elec- tions, Western Day, honor group initia- tions, and athletic achievements. Feelings were sad, warm, anxious as friendships and school traditions took on added significance during the last busy, eventful weeks of school. One of the year's popular health fads, jogging, swept the nation, and people in Northwest's community joined in the fun. The school track was utilized by Knights NUT ABA!!! new kind of family adventure, Mr. and Mrs. Bill with airedale terrier in tow, take a turn around the Finley Ccenterj, David Boggs, Toni and Gary Finley school track on an early Saturday morning. lerate as Term ,logs to End and their families. An Asian flu epidemic resulted in a record number of absentees, 735 stu- dents, and 19 teachers, Monday February 17. Office telephone switchboard oper- ators were overwhelmed in the deluge of calls. Knights also were affected by the age- old seasonal disease, spring fever. Teach- ers and administrators enforced rules and regulations to counteract students' apathy in classrooms and misdemeanors in the halls and in school parking lots. Practically every spring day brought announcements advising a proud student body of new Knight achievements. Assistant principal, Harold Crain, Cen- tral Sound spokesman, gained fame throughout the school for his spicy, crisp announcements in Navy vernacular. It took awhile for excitement to sub- side after the State tournament March 15, but students managed to settle down to direct attention to the prom, final exams, and Friendship and Round Table assem- blies before Commencement on May 29. Student Life 0 31 Twenty seniors were nominated for Round Table royalty by the yearbook staff November 8. On the primary ballot in an all-school election, candidates were narrowed to ten finalists. After a campaign culminated by a week's display of photographs and posters in the showcase by the library, the runoff was conducted December 9. The surprise announcement of the Knight and Lady of the Round Table high- lighted the assembly May 20 in which the first copy of the '69 yearbook was presented Principal Jim Johnson. Round Table editors Nancy Rice and Linda Porter ernceed the program. Kevin Duncan's band played. Guest performer was Miss Gwen Carter, Douglass senior. NANCY FISHER Round Table Princess CATHY MCGREGOR Round Table Princess 32 0 Round Table Royalty DEBI YOUNG Lady of Round Table l CLEDA HULETT SUSIE SUGGS Round Table Princess Round Table Princess BOBBY FAIRCHILD Knight of Round Table Annual Staffers Salute Honorees at May 20 Show YF'--wx PAUL SKAGGS Round Table Prince ii RICK BROWN BENNY BYERS Round Table Prince Round Table Prince BILL LACY Round Table Prince Round Table Royalty o "Cherish is the word ..." The Boys' Quartet serenaded the Knight and Lady of Friendship following their coronation May 8. Because of the nine-week confinement ot Bobby Fairchild following an automo- bile accident, coronation ot the Knight and Lady Friendship was postponed from the traditional Valentine's assembly Feb- ruary T4 until Thursday, May 8. Nancy Fisher, as Alice in Wonderland, and Bill Lacy, the Madhatter, emceed the program. Entertainment was provided by the Boys' Quartet and Modern Dance class in a specialty number, "The Look ot Love." "Society's Children," band of Student Council member, Jim Rose, furnished mu- sic tor the program. SUSIE suecs DEB! YOUNG Princess of Friendship Lady of Fnendshlp CATHY MCGREGOR CLEDA HULETT TERRY GREEN PHHCSSS Of FVf9nd5l1iP Princess of Friendship P,-,megs of Friendship 34 0 Student Lite Knight, Lady Take Spotlight of Friendship ff. he BOBBY FAIRCHILD JOHN CHEATHAM Knight of Friendship Prince Of Friendship STEVE FLYNN STEVE MITCHELL MARK ACKERMAN Prince of Friendship Prince of Friendship Prince of Friendship Student Life o 35 v-"""' ff" E 36 o Academics CAPTIVATING his audience in Mr. Ted Nichois' Speech I class with his dramatic interpretations of Othello is Greg Wright, Projectors, tapes, screens, stereos, Scholars demand the latest aids- Books, desks, blackboards, pens Have their place in the study games. Grades, Academics scholarship grants, Tangible rewards for the midnight oil, Soberest thoughts mixed with youthful mirth- Learning is beauty, truth, and an eternal search. AFTER-SCHOOL COUNSELING sessions with students are part of the daily routine for Mr. John Culbert, Spanish instructor. Academics 0 37 DR. BILL l.ll.LARD Superintendent of Schools Policy Makers Face ADMINISTRATIVE problems await these busy executives, Dr. Jesse B. Lindley and Dr. Tom J. Smith, in their Board of Educafion offices. JOURNALISTS Nancy Rice, Linda Porier and Teresa Quinn are briefed on school news by Dr. Bill Lillard in a press conference. 38 o Aclminisirafion N,f.'v .IV 2, ll NIH' II: 7 'HIV N it fgwf YY X wills l t f , .1 5 W ill M ivy, Ili ,Ny wi! 'Jr lll t lit lil 'l ll li ll c 4-Q64 444114 af l 4 . xi fi " lrlllll lt f l ' K , G. QSC? l wld li 35 tv 3 vw V , I i ill V fi F l , JS tp fm- BOARD OF EDUCATION-lseatedj Mr. Foster Estes, president, Dr. Virgil T. Hill, vice president, lstandingj Mr. Melvin Rogers, Mr. W. R. Yinger, Mr. William F. Lott. New, ld Problems in pdating Education Special problems which arose concern- ing the combining of four city schools necessitated extended School Board meet- ings and concentrated efforts of all school personnel. Responsibility for implementing the merging of Harding and Central was shared by the five members of the school Board, Dr. Bill Lillard, and his staff. Playing key roles in these endeavors were Dr. Tom J. Smith, assistant superin- tendent in charge of administration, and Dr. Jesse B. Lindley, director of secondary education. Systemwide integration resulted from the majority-minority transfer policies established. These new innovations stemmed from U.S. District Judge Luther Bohannon's order to effect a workable integration plan. ln addition to these new projects, the administration and School Board were con- cerned with the more traditional prob- lems of balancing the strained school budget and obtaining qualified personnel for the vacated positions in City schools. A special election was called and passed January 28 on the question of issuing general obligation bonds of eleven and a half million dollars. Mr. Gilbert Robinson, personnel di- rector, reported a crucial shortage in mathematics teachers. Newest member of the School Board, Mr. W. R. Yinger, is a prominent religious layman. He and his wife appeared on a national television program in Septem- ber with the Rev. Billy Graham. Mr. Foster Estes, Board president, who has served on the Board for eight years, announced he would not run for re- election at the end of his term of office. Administration 0 39 MR. JIM JOHNSON Principal COFFEE BREAKS afford Principals Ron Millican and Jim Johnson rare, quiet time for conferring on school matters. .IOINING "The Section" for a football game are Principals Harold Crain and Jim Johnson. MR. RON MILLICAN Assistant Principal MR. HAROLD CRAIN Assistant Principal Administrative Team Shares Assi nments Concern that "the days of the Knights" be as meaningful and rewarding as pos- sible kept school administrators and coun- selors alert to the needs and interests of Northwest's students. Principal Jim Johnson, who completed course work, comprehensive and oral examinations at the University of Okla- homa last summer, hopes to receive his doctor's degree within a year. Since Mr. Johnson was principal at Northeast high school when integration was first being implemented there, he has served as a consultant to various groups on problems concerning integra- tion. Stressing that as teachers "we are not Negro and Caucasion, but teachers with a responsibility and dedication to all of the students with whom we are en- trusted," Mr. Johnson hired six Negro teachers at Northwest. The six counselors offered a variety of special services to their respective advisees. In weekly staff meetings with counsel- ors, administrators, and faculty advisory committee, school policies were updated to keep pace with the growth and de- velopment of the entire school program. . fc., it ! iff c In I 'J Q I K 5 5-'far if ,,..,,tt,,2,- - 2 . V 'fl' :fly llts t R it , . i. .51 --'M . . COUNSELORS-TOP ROW: MR. DUANE WEINERT: Coordinator of Counselors, IBM Supervisor, Senior Sponsor. MRS. OLA MAE OAKES: PTSA Representative, Special Education, Freshman Sponsor. MR. GERALD HEUSEL: Coordi- nator of Testing Program. MR. TROY MILBURN: Home-Bound Study, Guidance Committee. MISS BERNIECE WEST- ER: College Information, Junior Sponsor. MRS. CAROLYN WAKELY: Educational Information, Career Conference. Administration 0 Ai ...A .1 . -mx I LOOK out below . . . Doubling as a player for the professional Plainsmen and a coach for the Knight football team is Mr. Brooks Mosier, history teacher. ' H . f 'L MRS. BETTY ALLRED: Drama 1, 4, Assembly committee, ,at 1 I Announcers Club, National Forensic League, National ' N ' K Qx ' If Thespians. MRS. NORA ARNOLD: Algebra l, College Al- Q" s ,.. hr gebra-Analysis, Introductory, intermediate Math. MISS I ' A """' HELEN BOURKE: English 3, 4, Red Cross, MRS. CONNIE ig 5, BRADSHAW: u.s. History. , ...y K in R E Q Cliff' ffh E9"L.,g.s 42 0 Faculty .I isuv"l na S 5 MRS. NANCY BRADSHAW: English 2, 4, Guidance and Counseling, Student Welfare, Courtesy Club. MRS. BETTY BRINTON: Psychology, Guidance and Counseling, MRS. RUTH BRYANT: Biology l, 2, Parking and Safety, Science Club, Junior Class Sponsor. MRS. ELIZABETH BURDETTE: English 2, Journalism l-3, Assembly, School Publicity, Quill and Scroll, Coronets. MRS. CHARLINE BURTON: Speech l, Debate l, 4, Religion of Mankind, Assembly, Announcers Club, National For- ensic League, National Thespians, Coronets, Senior Class Sponsor. MRS. MIRIAM BURTON: English l, 3, Professional, Red Cross, Freshman Class Sponsor. MISS OPHELIA BYARS: U.S., Oklahoma History, Government, National Honor So- ciety, Scholarship and Awards. MRS. NORMA CALL: Li- brarian, Library Club. MRS. ALICE CHESHER: Introductory Algebra, Algebra I, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra-Analysis, Calen- dar and Activities, Cygnets. MR. DEAN CHOATE: Algebra, High School Math, Football Coach, Boys "O" Club. MISS MARY COE: U.S., Oklahoma, World History. MR. ALFRED COHRAN: Art I, 2, Arts and Decorations. MRS. NANCY COLEY: Business Law, Business Math, Social Committee. MRS. IVY COPELAND: Business Machines, Scholarship and Awards, Student Welfare. MR. JIM COX: Woodwork I, 3, Building and Grounds. MRS. JANIE CREEK- MORE: Latin 1, 4, National Honor Society, Student Welfare, Junior Classical League, Flat Earth Society. MR. PAUL CROWE: Algebra I, 2, High School Math. MR. JOHN CULBERT: Spanish I, 2, Latin America Culture, Social Committee. MRS. MOLLIE DAVIDSON: Algebra 1, 3, Trigonometry, Introductory Algebra, Calendar and Activi- ties, Courtesy Club. MR. CLAY DAVIS: U.S. History, Ass't. Football and Basketball Coach. Progressive Staff of 133 Enriehes Program Skills and efforts of the 138-member staff were main factors in setting high academic standards and providing the quality educational program traditional at Northwest. Directed by three administra- tors, the staff consisted of six counselors, activities director, nurse, two librarians, vocational rehabilitation director, 108 classroom teachers and I6 secretaries. School personnel was completed by 24 cafeteria and I9 custodial workers. Three new courses were added to the curriculum this year. They were Religions of Mankind, Personal Typing, and Latin American History. These additions meant that the 3100 students at Northwest were offered a total of 121 units of accredited work. Faculty members participated actively in professional organizations, such as Oklahoma City Education Association and Classroom Teachers Association. Attending weekly OCEA meetings were Mrs. Ramah Miller Cchairmanj, Mrs. Ruth Bryant, Miss Ophelia Byars, and Mr. Bill Wedgeworth, Northwest representatives. MRS. ELAINE DODSON: English I, 2, Social Com mittee, Court Jesfers. MRS. ALMA DOUGHTY: Li brarian, Library Club. MRS. KATHERINE DUNAGIN: English 2, National Honor Society, Social Committee. MR. ROBERT DUN- LAP: Distributive Education I, 2, D.E. Club. MRS. CHARLOTTE EAKER: English 1, 2, Journalism 1, National Honor Society, Red Cross, School Publicity, Quill and Scroll. MR. TOM ERWIN: U. S. History, Ass't. Football and Baseball Coach, Hi-Y. Faculty o 43 , Lzy- was 'tr .... ' A .te--H' V' 419. X:-1. ' Q, he I xc lively J C. Ava Q--v-Q MR. JEAN FINNELL: U.S., World History, World Prob- lems. MRS. BARBARA GALES: English 2, 3, Courtesy Club, MR, JOHN GOSS: Driver Education, Swimming and Tennis Coach, Parking and Safety, Red Cross. MRS. BERNIS GREER: Nurse. MRS. EBY GROVE: English 3, 45 Library Club, Coronets, Court Jesters, Pep Council. MR. CHARLES HALE: Dept. Chm., Auto Mechanics 1, 2, Faculty Advisory Com- mittee, Professional, Camera Club, Sophomore Class Sponsor MRS. MIRIAM HARPER: Algebra I, 2, Geometry, High School Math, Calendar and Activities, Cygnets. MRS. CLOVIA HARRISON: Algebra I, 2, Geometry, High School Math, Calendar and Activities, Cygnets. FOCUSING sharply on the Knights, Mr. Leonard Mar cotte and Mr. Robert Dunlap film a football game Staff Members Make Use of Talents, Skills NO' 'CI-" We V 'tts 'te R.- Af 'wks . .f..,.4 44 o Faculty in-Q, 'i it Y an -P" uv .,..... if YWW4 MR. WINSTON HAVENSTRITE: U.S., Oklahoma History, Baseball Coach. MISS .IO ALICE HENDRICKS: Type l, Shorthand 2, Scholarship and Awards, Freshman Class Sponsor. MRS. EARLENE HERMAN: Notehand, Eco- nomics, FTA. MISS CLAUDETTE HOATSON: Cosmetol- ogy, Guidance and Counseling, VICA. MRS. FAYE HOBSON: Algebra I, Electronics I, 2j Amateur Radio Club, Electronics Club. MR. DAVID HOKE: Driver Education. MR. FRED HOLLOWAY: Architectural Drawing, Mechanical Drawing I, 3, Engineers Club, Ass't. Wrestling Coach. MR. TED HOUGH: English 3, A, National Honor Society, HiaY. MR. BEVERLY HOUK: Introductory Algebra, Algebra I, 2. MRS. MARY HOWARD: Business English, Business Machines, FTA, Courtesy Club. MR. REX IRWIN: Introductory Algebra, Q. 1Algebra I, 2, Cross-Country and Track Coach. MRS. VASCA JENKINS: Commercial Art I, 2, Arts and Decorations. Q' N- 'bfx MISS PAT JIMENEZ: Spanish 2, 4, Professional Committee. MRS. ELAINE KARIMI: Introductory Algebra, Algebra I, 2, Geometry, Honor Math. MRS. MARJORIE KOZAK: French I, 2, Honor Language, French Club, Sophomore Class Sponsor. .,. MRS. MARY LEACH: Modern Dance, Girls P.E., Girls "O" Club. iMR. CHARLES LEDBETTER: Algebra I, Trigonometry, Physics, K if . . .fs 'Za Scholarship and Awards, Honor Math, Junior Class Sponsor. . L IMISS BEVERLY LINK: Clothing I, 3, Home Decoration, 20th 1 i'rr" Century Homemakers. MISS ELIZABETH LIPPMANN: English . , I, Latin I, Honor Language, Junior Classical League, Coronefs. IMRS. MARY LOCHRIDGE: English I, U.S., Oklahoma History, lBuilding and Grounds. ,R . xi' It ..,. ' "W . - . - . st. s I Q. J: . A ..., . RS. WAYNOKA LOVETT: Modern Dance, Girls P.E., Girls l'O" Club. MRS. CLARA LUPER: U.S., Oklahoma History. MRS. IDEGGY MANNING: Vocational Rehabilitation. MR. LEONARD MARCOTTE: French 2, 4, French Club, Wrestling Coach, IN.-if X Sophomore Class Sponsor. ' . . I A -f I-. . - FAQS Q' ... : ...X I WXLZ is fi .f- ff' g 2,-L, X gf VU Creative Instructor Explores Forms of Art CAREFUL strokes are applied by Mrs. Carol Porta on her painting selected from the Art Center gallery for an eight-state show. Faculty 0 45 MISS MILDRED MARSON: German I, 2, French I: National Honor Society, Professional Committee, German Club. MR. .v:,,: w . as yu JACK MATHIS: Electricity, Mechanical Drawing, Amateur Radio Club, Electronics Club. MR. HAROLD MCMILLAN: 6 A' .,5,,,,.,,.,,s,.. 1 I IJV Ii' Vnylk Sociology: Key Club. MRS. RAMAH MILLER: Family Rela- tions and Child Care, Clothing 25 National Honor Society, , 20th Century' Homemakers, Faculty Advisory Committee. 'Nm 1, ,- ii X Q Q .. ii S I . Rf ' MRS. MADGE MILLS: English 2, 3: National Honor Society, - Sw A.. an -LQ, Library Club. MR. TERRY MONTGOMERY: U.S., Oklahoma History. MRS. LINDA MOORE: English 3, Great Books, " My Colonets, Pep Council. MR. BROOKS MOSIER: U.S., Okla- FN A ,, , t 5"'t""'F'x,5if homa History, Ass't Football Coach. MR. LARRY MOTT: U.S., Oklahoma History, Library. MRS. PATRICIA MULLMAN: Family Relations and Child Care, 20th Century Homemakers. MR. TED NICHOLS: Speech I, 2: Faculty Advisory Committee, Assembly, Calendar and Ac- ne' 1 W' 23" Qfaj tivities, Scholarship and Awards, Announcers Club, Na- tional Forensic League. MRS. RUTH ANNE NORRIS: Spanish I, French 2, Guidance and Counseling, French Club. CAUGHT by surprise as she spruces up her classroom for PTSA Open House "JUST FOLLOW Nancy's schedule and you won't get lost!" Mrs. Mariorie Kozak is Miss Claudette HOBYSOH, COSIWWGIOIOQY TGBCIWSY and VICA SPONSOR greets advisory parents, Mr. and Mrs, Paul Rice at Open House October I5. 'F-.......,-,vis NN ,.VV . ... V' .:. ' 'H , It . 'w.,,, S--, ' " iw- .gf f- L,- M3 'iacbf 5,5 1, ffm? it L 'ef-any ww 'W f hiv?-V v IM-:' " ,47f"w-' ..ff- fix. 3 'N my ..i. :Q , -i- Staff Takes Part in Professional Groups IS IT a strike? Mrs. Alice Thompson aims carefully, while her husband Ed, art teacher at Northeast, keeps score. Jill Reber and Dennis Simpson await their turn on the alley. Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Simpson teach biology. MISS CHARLOTTE OBERMANN: Foods I, 3, Social Commit- tee, 20th Century Homemakers. MR. LEONARD OGLE: Driver Education, Guidance and Counseling, Parking and Safety. MISS KATHLEEN OWEN: Activities Director, Schol- arship and Awards, Pep Council, Faculty Advisory Com- mittee. MR. JOHN PADEN: Dept. Chm., Biology I, Na- tional Honor Society, Faculty Advisory Committee, Schol- arship and Awards, Science Club. VIR. ROBERT PAYNE: Vocational Rehabilitation, Faculty Advisory Committee, Guidance and Counseling, Student Nelfare. MR. JOHN PENNINGTON: Band and Orchestra, Hi-Notes, Assembly. MISS BEVERLY PIERCE: English 'I. MR. IOHN PLATT: Chorus, Music Theory, Cry-Slurs, Assembly. Keeping pace with the national trend, Northwest teachers participated actively in professional and civic organizations. Mrs. Clara Luper was cited by the State Psychological Society for outstanding lead- ership in the field of human relations. A nationally known director of NAACP, Mrs. Luper also served as advisor to the Youth Council. Two English teachers were elected to offices in the English Council. Miss Doris Taylor was named a state director for a three-year term, while Miss Mildred Marson was voted treasurer of the Okla- homa City Council. During State Teachers' Meeting in Oc- tober, the Oklahoma Speech Association selected Mrs. Betty Allred executive vice president. Northwest art teachers contributed a large amount of time to their professional groups. Mrs. Carol Porta served as vice presi- dent of Oklahoma City Secondary Art Teachers. Outgoing president, Mrs. Vasca Jenkins, was named secretary-treasurer to the Grace Chadwick Memorial Art Awards Committee. School activities director, Miss Kathleen Owen, was elected president of the State Activities Association at their annual meeting in October. Mrs. Maurita Yost, registrar, was chosen member-at-large of the Oklahoma City Association of School Secretaries. FIV Faculty o 47 I ff' it ggi,-. . .QQ 1, ,. of ON HER WAY to a professional conference in New Orleans, Mrs. Evelyn Williamson, president of the Oklahoma City District of OEA, rushes from school Friday afternoon to catch a plane for Louisiana. MR. CAROL PORTA: Art I, 4, History of Art, Arts and Decorations, Twirlers. MISS JILL REBER: Introduc- tory Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Twirlers, Pep Council, Junior Class Sponsor. MR. WILLIAM SCOTT: English 3, 4, Golf Coach, Key Club. MR. DENNIS SIMPSON: Biology I, Social Committee, Key Club, Science Club, Hi4Y. MRS. FAYE SHINN: German I, 2, 4, German Club, Cygnets, Sophomore Class Sponsor. MRS. MINERVA SLOSS: English I, 2, Guidance and Counseling. MR. CARROLL SMELSER: Dept. Chm., Boys P.E., Faculty Advisory Committee, Calendar and Activities. MRS. MARCIA SMITH: Biology I, Earth Science, Courtesy Club. fh . f-iw' I U If Y fn' if C- 'Ds Mrs. llllamson Heads District Teachers I FIA .L 7 f W 'Q 48 o Faculty MRS, KATHLEEN SPEED: English 3, 4, Humanities: Studen Welfare, Flat Earth Society. MR. RODNEY ST. DIZIER: Dept Chm., High School Math, Math Analysis, Geometry, Facult Advisory Committee, Guidance and Counseling, Scholarshi and Awards, Honor Math, Amateur Radio. MISS DORIS N TAYLOR: English 3, 4, Library. MRS. GEORGIA TEETS: Eng lish 1, 2, National Honor Society, Guidance and Counsel ing, Professional, Camera Club. MRS. ALICE THOMPSON: Biology I, 2, Guidance an Counseling, Freshman Class Sponsor. MR. KENNETH THOMP SON: Chemistry, Red Cross. MISS MARGARET THOMPSON General Math, Algebra, Geometry, Scholarship and Awards MR. JAMES TRIMBLE: U.S., Oklahoma History, Ass't Footbal Coach, t af X 9 . 5. 11 ..-. . A ? if 1 X . .- A' ,tr 4 fs t -A i I . -'X 'I - s "W R . . ' fifx .H I 'R R g ,S-v. - -ev -5- m 'tr 'X G Q 5 Y l A .. ff- K L L ' I ...Xmas th. A fwq 5 s s. t . c. 1 an mx ax c , If 'H-i lez.. .H Q.. .J I I ABOVE: VOLUNTEER WORKERS, Jackie Lamb and Rick Bayless, ioin Mrs. Clara Luper, history teacher, in sorting through ruins of the Freedom Center. Burned by unknown arsonist, the headquarters of the NAACP Youth Council was restored when citizens pitched in to help. RIGHT: "IT lSN'T exactly mink, but it goes well with my coat." Mrs. Marie Bryant demonstrates how harmless the boa :onstrictor is in her science unit on reptiles. Biology II students contributed the boa. MISS MARTHA TRUAX: Dept. Chm., English 3, 4, Creative Writing: Faculty Advisory Committee, Scholarship and Awards. MRS. MAXINE TYLER: Type I: Shorthand I: National Honor Society. MISS ELIZABETH URMSTON: Art I, Scuplture I, Ceramics I, 2, Fashion Drawing I, 2: Faculty Advisory Committee, Arts and Decorations, Junior Class Sponsor. MR. DON VAN POOL: Boys P.E., Basket- ball Coach: Boys "O" Club. MISS HENRIETTA VON TUNGELN: Dept. Chm., Spanish I, 2: Honor Language, Faculty Advisory Committee. MISS MARY WEDDING: Trigonometry, Geometry, High School Math: Scholarship and Awards. MR. WILLIAM WEDGE- WORTH: Mechanical Drawing, Photography: Professional Committee, Camera Club, Electronics Club. MISS BETH WEST: Dept. Chm., U.S., Oklahoma History: Library, Profes- sional Committee. MISS MARTHA WHITE: Bookkeeping 'I, 2: National Honor Society. MRS, EVELYN WILLIAMSON: Dept. Chm., Type I, 2: Great Books, Faculty Advisory Committee, Cygnets, Pep Council. MRS. MAURINE WILLIAMSON: English I, 2: Social Committee. MRS. HELEN WILLINGHAM: Introductory Algebra, Geometry: Honor Math, Cygnets. 'UR B15 "' MRS. IRMA BOTTGER: Instructional Materials Secretary. MRS. PAT GRIMES: Audio-visual Director. MRS. IONA KING: Secretary to Assistant Principals. MRS. MARGIE KING: Instructional Materials Secretary. MRS. BETTY MCCULLY: Instructional Materials Secretary. fi: MRS. EVELYN MCELVANY: Attendance. MRS. WANDA MERCER: Instructional Materials Secretary. MRS. NORMA OWNBEY: Secretary to Counselors. rban Teachers Seek Larger State Voice "This was a year of decision for City teachers," said Mrs. Eve Williamson, who served as president-elect of the Oklahoma City District of the Oklahoma Education Association. Sanctions, imposed by the Oklahoma Education Association for the second time in five years on state schools, were re- ,,, . I .,,, we f W eg N s' ,g J A QW fffi?',1-:Ai 50 0 Secretaries tained by request of state teachers. These restrictions imposed regulations on school districts which forbade the hiring of out- of-state teachers. A strong urban-rural alliance emerged as a key factor in changing what mem- bers considered "outdated practices" in the state education association. As a re- MRS. VIOLA SCOTT: Instructional Materials Secretary. MRS. FLORENCE SCUDDER: Instructional Materials Secretary. MRS. JANE SMITH: Financial Secretary. MRS. THELMA STEWART: Instructional Materials Secretary. MRS. DORIS K. TAYLOR: Instructional Materials Secre- tary. MRS. MAURITA YOST: Registrar. sult urban teachers were given a bigger voice in determining policies of the O.E.A. Joint efforts of City Classroom Teachers and OCEA resulted in an accepted, of- ficial plan for implementing professional negotiations between the Board of Edu- cation and teacher organizations. Legisla- tion was passed to improve retirement. ALL SORTS of duties, from taking dictation to operating office machines, are in a day's work for Mrs. Helen Evans, Principal J. Johnson's secretary. ost Essential' Title Goes to Service Staff lBOVE: "JUST THlNK," said Mr. William Wright, "we'll be changing these clocks again next spring when day- ht savin time starts" He 'oins Mr Sam Tea ue and Mr Gerald Punneo in checkin the 128 clocks at North- , I . g . 9 c fest. RIG!-?T: lT'S fried chicken day and Mrs. Nettie Young, cafeteria manager, inspects a serving. f EE No other groups at Northwest were considered more important to the well- being of the school than were the cus- todial and cafeteria staffs. Every time the doors opened, workers behind the scenes had been busy making sure the building was clean and com- fortable. Mr. Sam Teague directed the l8 men and one woman who composed the custodial crew charged with the responsi- bility of overseeing the forty-acre campus. "School keeping" tasks of this group included repairing and maintaining all school equipment, grooming the patio and grounds, painting, cleaning, and checking all mechanical operations. Ladies in the cafeteria accommodated students and teachers by serving break- fast before school each morning. Hot biscuits, eggs, grapefruit, iuice, toast, and sweet rolls were daily fare. Service Staff 0 51 tudents Seek to Identif Through Media a .5 1 21555511 may nfiigi MODELING SKILL counts part of Becky McGaughy's REWARDED for their effort, veteran debaters Chris Knop and Steve Robinson add another first-place trophy grade as Connie Geist sketches her in art class. to the speech departmr-:nt's already bulging showcase. Both speakers won state honors. ,Mm mv PSYCHEDELIC house paintings are given a finishing touch by Barbara Hale, Kathy Knesek, and Cindy Mont- ROBERT LEWIS, Mafk J0hnS0r1 and "Fang" gomery. The multi-colored house was the artists' entry in State Fair competition. that speech demonstrations can be impressive. Q Speech, Art of Expression Originality, imagination, and interpreta- tion were reflected in endeavors ot the speech and art departments. For the second consecutive year, the speech department hosted more than 500 speakers in the state's largest invitational tournament. Stage crew members, who assembled creative settings for the three major plays, were on duty at all school productions. Debaters carried this year's debate question CResolved: That the U.S. should establish a system ot compulsory service by all citizens? to tourneys in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Missouri. Because ot an increased interest in ad- vanced drama, Northwest's speech de- partment tormed Drama IV, concerned primarily with play productions. "Alice in Wonderland" was the drama lepartment's third annual Children's 'heatre ottering April 19 at 2 p.m. Art classes explored new forms of "pop art," sculpturing, and fashion de- sign. Northwest artists took over 15 awards and two gold medals in the state art contest at the Oklahoma Art Center. i'i C asses Mark Trend Toward Contemporary Authorsg Record umber Enroll for Staff, Journalism ork ABOVE: lT'S' HARD for Randy Marx, staff photographer, to find a spot for his citation alongside publications awards. He was named outstanding student in O.U.'s annual photo-journalism workshop. IRIGHTJ DRAM- ATIZING Karl Shapiro's poem, "The Calder," with art and original poems, David Hendricks, Shelley Hor- ton, Patty Hughes and David Griffith decorate the English department's display case on the second floor. 54 o Journalism Contemporary writing was stressed as well as the traditional classics in English courses as students viewed literature with a broad scope. From modern writings they studied such problems as human relations, urban and rural cultures, and the generation Q59- Some of the new books included in the curriculum were A Separate Peace, Glass Menagerie, Profiles in Courage, and Lillies ofthe Field. Three Northwest students were among the state's six winners in national compe- tition sponsored by the National Council' of Teachers of English. Dale Hagstrom, Scott Gordon, and Lou Ann Phelps submitted their entries, which included samples of writing and detail- tests, under the direction of Mrs. Kath- leen Speed, Humanities instructor. Largest enrollment in school history was recorded in the seven journalism classes where more than 200 students studied basic fundamentals and helped produce school publications. 3- A CHOICE assignment for Round Table editor, Nancy Rice, is interviewing golfer Arnold Palmer during the Oklahoma City Open Golf Tournament at Quail Creek Golf and Country Club in September. -on. and Dale Hagstrom as she gives them their National Council of English Teacher Awards. "THIS IS YOUR KEY to college," Mrs. Kathleen Speed, Humanities instructor, tells Scott Gordon, BALLADS by the Bard take on meaning when sung by Carolyn Schilb, Janet Maier, and Robyn Birdwell. 5 Lou Ann Phelps English 0 55 l s i E 3 'N , gg xxx? K ' g Qui. J ,,,.. ,Nw R HOW a nation's culture and religion are interwoven are explained to the religion class by Diane Barker, who lived in Japan three years, Shelley Horton assists her with the presentation. 1 Eiga N ,,..- COLONIAL LIFE is revived when Mrs, Clara Luper's American History students, Becky Frye BILATERAL LEARNING methods are demonstrated as psychology stu- and John Wallen, dance the minuet at the class' George Washington's inaugural ball, part of dents try to draw a star while looking in a mirror. Experimenting ceremonies demonstrating class activities for parents at an Open House. are Karen McKee, Patricia Falgout, Bill Clark, and Susie Bevins. 0 Social Studies 'bf A LIVING EXPERIENCE-the film course provides a new set of dialogues for each lesson in Mrs. Ruth Ann Norris' French class. New Practices, Teaching Approach Make Eclectic Academic Program Innovations in language instruction at Northwest were marked by extended use of the multi-sensory approach, some- times termed the natural learning method. Madame Marjorie Kozak, French teach- er, was selected for a pilot program in Oklahoma City to introduce a visual-au- clio-lingual method of teaching French. Through a set of l2O films produced in France by French actors, the students became a part of the daily life of a French family. "l'm excited over this much-needed change from our old method," said the enthusiastic Mrs. Kozak. Students learned to analyze objectively and draw their own conclusions in Re- ligions of Mankind, a new course added this year. Cultural patterns and historical signifi- cance of various religions were explored. Constant changes in the political and economic struggles of the day, and the trend in foreign travel made the social studies department among the most stim- ulating at Northwest. Colorful activities lent interest to reg- ular routine. Psychology and Sociology classes participated in youth seminars and toured local institutions, such as the home for Mentally Retarded children. Team and television classes in history required students to become expert at listening and taking notes. Before the November national elec- tions, students in several classes held mock conventions. Campaigning for presi- dential candidates was heated. Mrs. Clara Luper's history classes pre- sented models of historical inauguration ceremonies for parents at a special open house and staged an 89'er's Day Run. Religion, Language 0 i 1 1 ii 5 3 B B 2 "GIVE THEM some 58 0 Science vfg' fl ia "---f sweet 1alk." Biologists Bob Ginn, Bob Fulton and Steve Swihart get best results when they provide The bean and okra seeds wiih daily care !! V pdated Texts Help Performanceg Research Stimulates Science Buffs The "how and why" of what makes the universe tick were concerns of the science and mathematics departments. In order to update course work, all new textbooks were acquired in the math- ematics department. Mr. Rodney St. Dizier, chairman of the department, announced that the new books would provide the means for teach- ing the modern method, which is entirely structural, for the first time in all math classes. The department's 17 math teachers gathered during pre-school conference week to stamp the 2100 new books. Also, a full year of calculus in addition to the regular math analysis course, was offered this year. Termed "fantastic" by Mr. St. Dizier was senior Dale Hagstrom who broke all kinds of records in eight-state regional competition of the National Mathematics Contest. Dale was the only student in the area to turn in a score over 100. Marked changes were also effected in the 35 classes listed in the schedule in the science department. Increased enroll- ment in biology classes for the last few years prompted the addition of a second year biology course, taught by Mrs. Ruth Bryant. A drop in enrollment in physics and chemistry was reported as students fav- ored the biological sciences. Science students took advantage of facilities outside school, often taking tours of local installations having scientific in- terest. The annual Science Fair stimulated out-of-class experimentation and research. Hsu. ..--0' L "ONLY 900 more books to stamp," Mr. Rodney St. Dizier, chairman of the mathematics department, in- forms his co-workers, Mrs. Martha Arnold and Miss Margaret Thompson, during pre-school work week. ITOPJ STUDY formula. ICENTERI measure chemicals. IBOTTOMJ check reaction. Steps in a chemistry lab experiment are carefully charted by Becky McNary. Science, Mathematics 0 59 UP, DOWN, up, down . . , calisthenics are part of the daily routine in boys' physical education classes. Balanced A enda Stresses Variety by Providing Valuable Experiences "We feel we meet the standards set by the National Physical Fitness Council with our program at Northwest for both boys and girls," said Physical Education instructor Don Van Pool. As part of a city-wide program, physical fitness tests were given in each class. The thirty-three members of the Mod- ern Dance class were in constant demand for programs throughout the city area. They performed on three television shows, at assembly programs at several schools and were assisted by beginning classes in presenting their annual dance pageant April T7-18. For those with particular interests and aptitudes, girls' sixth hour sports class, depending largely on the weather, of- fered tennis, bowling, softball and vol- leyball. lntra-school girls competitive sports GRACE AND POISE are reflected in modern dance patterns by Terry Green, Darla Shelden, Cindy Brown, Gail Simmons, and Susan Black who rehearse several hours a day preparing for programs. 0 Physical Education, Industrial Arts program was curtailed last year, so no regular schedule of games was played as heretofore. Fifty-three students journeyed by bus each day to 4901 S. Bryant where they at- tended trade classes half-days at the Vo- cational Technical Education Center. Three Northwest students were elected to school offices there. Industrial Arts and Vocational Education courses demanded imagination in all per- spectives, whether it was creating or building. Students had opportunities to get on the iob training in a program of mechan- ical drawing, woodwork, printing, pho- tography, auto mechanics, and architec- tural drawing. The only woman in the state to teach electronics, Mrs. Faye Hobson instructed 29 boys in a two-year electronics course. TO FINISH his woodwork class project, David Yeag- ley works after school in the industrial arts shop. 32 imymfx FW Q5 t :ff me 'Q T V. r Cosmetology Class Y fi W 'XA-, PERFECT GIRL CURLS for her wiglet are expertly styled by Shirley Clay, cosmetology student. TAKING ADVANTAGE of the services of manicurist Donna Schier in the cosmetology department is Assistant Principal Harold Crain. 62 o Cosmetology ,-, :fu Certifies 'Beauty Aides' So you had a date and your hair was a fright! This was no problem at Northwest be- cause of the 36 budding Cosmetologists ready to set, style, and frost hair into the latest modes. "Curves that blend with curls were this year's general trend," said new in- structor, Miss Claudette Hoatson. She was a member of the Thunderbirds, a unique organization which sets trends in hair styles. Five new mannequins for practice were acquired by the department this year. In its third year as a part of North- west's curriculum, one of the proiects of the department was the organization of a chapter of the Vocational and Industrial Club of America. Only VICA representa- tives are eligible to compete in district and state contests, so Northwest cosme- tologists were able to fulfill all require- ments. After completing the tvvo-year course, students may take their examinations for licenses from the State Board of Cosme- tology. For the first time a club sweetheart was crowned at a spring banquet. fi, r L 3.-, , f' x EAM KITCHENS for their future homes are designed by seniors Penny Almack and Dee BEST pan gf Foqds Class is eming fhe goodies! Thanksgiving dinner ,5 e Buckmaster for a first semester term proiect in home decorating class, served by Sheila Crownover and Linda Cook to hungry classmates, 'U . 4 Courses Marked for Immediate-Use Stress Participation in Activities Arts and skills were developed in ex- panded course offerings in home econom- ics classes. A marked increase in interest in the popular Family Relations classes was not- ed as fifteen boys enrolled for the first time. Last year seven boys joined the de- partment. Problems of budgeting, housing, and social adjustment were considered in these classes, while specialized courses were provided in clothing, foods, and in- terior decorating. A panel of boys was selected by mem- bers of the Family Relations class to par- ticipate in a series of discussions on dat- ing and social problems. Six sections of this course, taught by department chairman, Mrs. Ramah Miller, were offered this year. Because of popu- lar demand, seven sections will be formed next year. Also, students were active in defending the teaching of sex education. Some of the topics considered were parent relationships, teen-age marriages, and individual anxieties. In the spring, child care classes re- ceived practical experience operating a nursery school. Toys and materials used in the proiect were designed and con- structed by members of the class. Students took field trips to learn more about their areas of interest. Clothing classes visited fabric centers to study textiles. Films and guest speakers added in- terest to class activities. Through these media, students were provided informa- tion concerning professional careers in home economics fields. Home Economics o 64B Novel Methods Broaden Outlook, Develop , A , Exchanie "SEE-I DOUBLED my money overnight." Economics student Kevin Dun DtbfEd1 Useful Skills Comprehensive courses designed to prepare students for entry into the busi- ness world were offered by the business and distributive education departments. New electronics laboratory equipment enabled business education teachers to provide more individual assistance. Class work afforded DE students the opportunity to learn marketing, sales, and services, supplemented by on-the-iob training. This combination provided prep- aration for the responsibilities of employ- ment. Twenty-two students in Cooperative Office Education, under the direction of Mrs. Ivy Copeland, attended a two-hour business machines class and worked in the afternoons. Class members earned a total of 530,000 in salaries this year. Mari Spen- cer claimed the top salary first semester of 51,043.20 A new mobile drive-o-trainer helped accommodate the overflow enrollment in driver training classes. This spring students who had taken drivers training were eligible to com- pete for 58,000 in prizes in a safety contest. Entrants composed essays or slogans and designed posters to vie for school and city cash awards. "BUT he won't fit in your stocking," insists sales girl Linda Humphrey, Distributive Education student, as she waits on impatient Christmas shopper, Darla Shelden, in a local department store. .,..., .,,1 ..' - ,.. - . ,A .. .,,. - if ww displayed E' .. . . 'lr' .,, eff' 'iii ' A N on the new mobile Drive-o- m.,.,s---w-H-e'+'s"'st" """""""""""'i l"" if , A ' Trainer by Becky Rhea, Rosalind E A fl' lll' ' Pogue, Jim Powell, and Mindy A A ' Swank, sophomore students. ' DRlVE'U'TRAlNER OKLAHOMA mv Bom or EDUCATION Oofza fed by mnepenoeut INSURANCE AGENTS of ' OKLAHOMA CITY J y W bggw Wmmm Education, Driver's Education o 65 5 if fs wl SW r r LINED UP to greet State Attorney General G T Blankenshu guest speaker at the D E banquet are Davnd Mason Pat Falgou instructor Robert Dunlap Andy Langley, and Lrnda Humphre V Roll call, minutes, beated discussions Gavels bring meetings to order Projects, programs, total involvement H -I an r anizations to fre g zeal Of The young! Adventure, fulfillment, a sense of belonging Growing up means doing one's part. "FROM TRUTH, I light the candle of Initiative." Quill and Scroll vice presi- dent, Anne Funderburk, initiates Mike Buchanan into the iournalistic inter- national honor society during ceremonies at the annual banquet March l0. Organizations o 67 Democratic "THIS COURT ETIQUETTE handbook needs revising," decide Student Council officers Cindy Moy, treasurer, Frank Marwood, president, Bill Lacy, vice presidentg Mary Stacy, secretary. ..., "UH-OH! These don't match," exclaims Jane Edmondson to Scott Rayburn while they hunt for mates as they work in the slice check room at a school mixer. 68 0 Student Council Processes Approved by Solons Guideline for the Student Council ac- tivities this year was the motto, "Unity through Diversity," adopted by the Coun- cil in September. "The major goal," explained President Frank Marwood, "was in the area of hu- man relations." A Human Relations Board was headed by Jeff Cohen and created to study and report on problems resulting from the Board ot Education's new integration pol- icy. The group was ot equal membership racially. Beginning with the "Howdy Mixer" the first week of school, Council spon- sored mixers several weekends a month, published the school handbook, directed Cupid Express, operated the Student Store and managed all school elections. Bill Lacy, vice president in charge of elections, reported a record breaking turn- out at the polls in the freshman class elec- tions in October. Students sent Valentine messages via Cupid Express, a traditional Council proi- ect. Council members attended Inter-City meetings once a month and participated in the City Visitation Day programs. "SINCE I'm buying these tickets from you, would you like to go with me?" Wayne Smith asks Leslie Carpenter, Student Council chairman ofthe Social Committee. N-IU' f HMG' 'M H h ' i , -- J U D G E ' H AROLD c.THeus -12,33 Council Officers Set Pattern for Knightland's Activities my me--Q, APPOINTED OFFlCERS: Bart Shedeck, store managerg Susie Powers, recording secretaryg Sally Kendall, historiang Jeff Cohen, chaplain, Martin Amiclc, parliamentarian. llllll l WONDERING if he can make room for a shipment of crepe paper man Greg Shedeck shelves new stock in the student stofe. ,.,f 1-"" e "N"wc. I NNW CAMPUS NEATNE55 is The VeSP0n5lblllTY of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Barbie Lippert and Gary Johnson chant to Miss Mildred Marson, German teacher, Presenting Dlfk Randall, building and 9f0UnClS Chalfman- teachers a birthday apple is a traditional courtesy established by Student Council, 70 0 Student Council ""'Qt ,vis Q a-""' A. i- 'VG ENTERTAINER 'Martha Knott KLEFTJ leads past PTSA president Mrs. Jack Howard, and.Mrs. Selden Fant in an impromptu song and dance routine in Patterson, Mrs. Jack Mills, Mrs. Gene Moss, Mrs. Joseph Kelso, Mrs. Robert observance of Founder's Day, which commemorates 62 years of PTSA service Parents Defend New areas of interest concerned PTSA members this year following the organi- zation of SOS CSanity on Sexl, composed of parents protesting the teaching of sex education in the schools. Northwest was singled out as a special target. Mrs. John Bayless, Executive Board member, defended the curriculum by pointing out that only trained teachers were permitted to give such instruction. Northwest's PTSA chapter sponsored the following traditional activities: Open House, teacher appreciation luncheon, Ca- reer Day, Founder's Day Program. Mrs. W. Rogers Abbott served as state PTA president and presided at the state meeting November 12-14 in Muskogee. Patrons of Taft Junior High School at- tended a question and answer period pre- sented January T6 by counselors, ad- ministrative staff and students. The pro- gram was designed to orient parents. urriculum to Protestors 5, S 'W' PTSA EXECUTIVE BOARD-CSEATEDJ Mrs. Jack Mills, pres., Mrs. Gerald B. Emerson, lst v. pres., KSTANDINGJ Mrs. Robert L. Lippert, treas.p Mrs Joe Stacy, 2nd v. pres.: Mrs. Clay Pape, hist,, Mrs. John Bayless, 3rd v. pres. PTSA o 7l Q 14" Af t l r YX aa - A NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-BOTTOM ROW: S. Cooper, parl., D. Hagstrom, chapl., M. Owen, D. Jordan, J. Cheatham. ROW 2: A Parrish, J. Jacobson, L. Phelps, P. Hughes, D. Heuser, S. Robinson. ROW 3: C. Cornell, C. Moy, K. Taylor, D. Cordell, A, Wright ROW 4: S. Hatfield, S. Kendall, T. Kennedy, C. Wilson, T. Green, S, Suggs, S. Cheatham. TOP ROW: B. Kitchen, F. Johnson, R Brown, P. Smith, D. Orahood, L. Harper. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-BOTTOM ROW: S. Watkins, pres., J. Maier, v. pres., D. LaFaver, sec., J. Glass, asS't. sec., R. Parker, treas. ROW 2: D. Langston, D. Moses, C. Coggins, L. Hodges, J. Wilson. ROW 3: D. Baker, L. Landguth, B. Gustin, L. Meek, B. Hale, C. Schlib. ROW 4: R. Birdwell, R. Flood, J. Stunz, P. Taylor, D. Kellert, G. Riley, P. Cotton, A. Stocker. TOP ROW: R. Matlock, M. Amick, J. Morozuk, L. Webster, J. Trent, D. Ruedy, L. Moody. "WELL, KATHY, this is what we've been waiting for." Bobby Stoldt adiusts Kathy Taylor's Honor Society cord, The cord, symbol of distinction, is worn at graduation exercises by all members. 72 0 National Honor Society Gals utnumber Guys in NW 'Smart Se ' Are the girls brainier than the boys in Knightland? Statistics seem to prove this to be true. For the sixth consecutive year more girls than boys have been inducted into the National Honor Society here. The top ten per cent of the senior class was initiated October 28, and five per cent more during the middle of March. Included in this initiation ceremony were the top five per cent of the iunior class. ' Nine members of the National Honor Society were named finalists in National f ,fix lMerit Scholarship competition. Ten re- ceived letters ot commendation. Requirement for initiation into the Honor Language Club was tive semesters l . 4P"""'u"'OK of B plus average in any one language. Sixty-tive linguistic scholars were initiated March 30 in the school Social Center. Although neither of these honor clubs is a service organization, they both es- tablished tutoring programs this year. .F in "IF THIS tastes like it looks, l'll pass." President Barbara Ketchum samples cheese at a club party. - E - Ah - HONOR LANGUAGE-BOTTOM ROW- D. Jordan, pres., R. Birdwell, v. pres., D. Cordell, secftreasq L. Moody, L. Meyers, reporter. ROW 2: J. Wilson, P. Hughes, S. Cooper, J. Jacobson, C. Coggins, C. Schilb, L. sa M., Phelps. ROW 3: S. Cheatham, J. Glass, N. Rice, P. Stewart, L. Meek, D. Baker, M, Straube. ROW 4: D. La- ss I Faver, T. Earley, S. Kendall, S. Suggs, S. Bevins, C. Moy, B. Hale, K. Henager. M. Owen. TOP ROW: N. Arnold, T. Kennedy, A, Parrish, T. Rich, D, Hagstrom, R, Parker, M. Amick, J. Cheatham, J. Maier. Honor Language 0 73 FQ? M ,X .f MU ALPHA THETA-BOTTOM ROW: P. Stewart, C. St. Dizier, sponsor. ROW 3: R. Thompson, S. Palmer, Halter, S. Tebow, C. Jackson, S. Reid, L. Johnson, A. Bailey, C. Schmidt, G. Miller, M. Vaeth, D. Lievsay, B. Kamenesky, K. Myers, D. Hosek, K. Lynch, D. Larimore, R. Robertson, M. Scott. TOP ROW: S. D. Pulley, S. Tigert. ROW 2: J. Ringwald, D. Emery, Odom, C. Gray, K. Fondren, S. Thomas, S. Massey, Newman, D. Ezekiel, J. Taylor, L. Bailey, T. Geist, D. M. Quinn, B. Delano, C. Hulett, S. Kimerer, J. Coyle, D. Schilb, J. Beal, S. Pinix. ROW 4: D. Thompson, M. Grob, M. Kashner, J. Hugg, T. Lout, D. Tierce, D. J. Maguire, L. McAmis, B. Trosper, M. Thorn, Mr. R. Parsons, B. Ketchum, A. McNeil, J. Edmondson, L. Shadid, D. West. Top Scholars, Artists Join International W1 ,ev MU ALPHA THETA-BOTTOM ROW: P. Smith, pres., R. Parker, v. pres., A. Parrish, secretary, C. Wilson, treas., R. Harrison, P. Cotton. ROW 2: E. Hodges, L, Landguth, D. Heuser, C. Hulett, C. Schilb, L. Phelps, M. Owen. ROW 3: R. Birdwell, D. La Faver, J, Stunz, T. Kennedy, D. Watson, D. Cordell, D. Baker, L. Meek. ROW 4: A. Wright, D. Jordan, T, Rich, J. Cheatham, S. Robinson, T, Earley, J. Maier. ROW 5: L. Webster, D. Ruedy, R. Matlock, B. Jackson, K, Clark, D. Hagstrom, L, Harper, 74 o Mu Alpha Theta ART HONOR SOCIETY-BOTTOM ROW: B. McGaugl1y, pres., S. Baker, v. pres., K. Kelsay, sec., L. Lanyon, treas., K. Mandabach, parl,. C. Montgomery, chapl. ROW 2: S. Horton, J. Jacobson, D. Langston, D. Gustin, D. Moses, D. Meyer, N. Yount, S. Stroud, I-Ionoraries Formerly Honor Math, Mu Alpha Theta fulfilled requirements for the International Honor Society in its third year of affilia- tion with the nation's other 900 chapters. Although the national grade standard for admission is a B average, Northwest's chapter continued to require a 3.75 in three semesters of math, which means a member must have at least two A's, and not more than one B, for entrance. A 3.5 is required to remain a member. A member must agree to enroll in mathe- matics through his senior year. Initiation ceremonies were conducted for 64 new members November ll. National Art Honor Society members were encouraged to explore new medias in art by visits to local art exhibits. Applicants for membership in the club this year had to submit eight pieces of art work in three medias. Forty-two mem- bers met on alternate Wednesdays to view and discuss their work. Society member, Don Kilpatrick, de- signed a clothing tag label which was purchased and adopted by a large sports- wear manufacturer. Winning Honors in Young Talent in Oklahoma competition were Patty Hughes, Shelly Horton, Janice Thompson. SJ' Mrs. V. Jenkins, sponsor. ROW 3: K. Owen, C. St. George, N. Meriwether, S. Holt, J. Maguire, B. Hale, B. Snow, C. Kostka, J. Medford, Miss E. Urmston, sponsor. ROW 4: B. McHenry, T. Swingle, C. Saied, C. Longley, P. Hughes, J. Wilson, L. Marden, B. Kamp, V. Vaughn, Mrs. C. Porta, spon- sor. TOP ROW: D. Catron, M. Brower, L. Boyle, K. Knesek, D. Darr, M. Standefer, M. Hampton, D. Murray, S. Dobson, K, Burleson, Mr. A. Cohran, sponsor. PLEASE D0 NUT TOUCH CINDY LONGLEY lives dangerously as she checks the guard while examining a sculpture at the Art Center. Art Honor Society 0 75 CHILDREN are enchanted by Melvin Miller, Great Books Club president, as he entertains them during a weekly babysitting session. The children belong to parents attending night classes at Riverside school, 'Vx GREAT BOOKS CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: M. Miller, pres.: J. Cohen, v. pres.: C. Emery, sec.-treas., P. Hughes, F. Johnson, C. Coggins, C. Knop. ROW 2: S. Jessee, D. Hill, S. Cooper, D. Heuser, D. Cordell, R. Birdwell, K. Blakey, B. Gustin, S. Gordon. ROW 3: J. Gimpel, T. Doughty, J. Herrmann, J. Crowe, B. Hale, K. Kearney, J. Glass, G. Johnson. ROW 4: D. Humphrey, K. Beck, C. Beachboard, S. Cheatham, S. Kendall, D. Barker, J. Cheatham, S. Flynn, D. Duvall. TOP ROW: T. Ham, D. Jordon, D. Hagstrorn, G. Jones, B. Byers, R. Brown, M. Amick, J. Morozuk. "YOU SEE, the earth is really flat." Mrs. Janie Creek- more, sponsor, tells new member, Larry Parker. 76 0 Great Books Open Forum "Absolutely the most interesting groupi in school to work with!" Sponsor Janie Creekmore described the Flat Earth So-i ciety as a club dedicated to open forum, with social and civic progress its goal. In their efforts to establish an egalitar- ian society, all members were declaredl "president" Members attended lectures by the Washington D.C. Negro leader, the Rev. Channing Phillips, District Attorney Cur- tis Harris, and Dr. W. Schecter, psychia- trist. Small and large groups of Great Books Club members could be spotted at most ofthe city's cultural activities. They formed theater parties to attend screenings such as "Romeo and Juliet" and "Charley." Melvin Miller, club president, headed a group which babysat for parents at- tending night classes at a southside school. Club members were assigned to entertain children every Monday night. if H' Devotees Probe Human Relations Issues Msff EARTH SOCIETY BOTTOM ROW: R. Moesel, D. Knop, A. Wright, M. Owen, S. Jessee, D. La Faver, Cordell, C, Moy, M, Nobles, J, Gibson, TOP ROW: G Johnson J Cohen J. Morozuk, R. Parker. M. Parsons, B. McGaughy, J. Ervin, Mr. Johson, prin- J, MgPher5Qn, R, Branham, D, Jordon, T, Rich, D, 2 R Story A Schmidt S. Brown, L. Parker, L. cipal. ROW 4: Mrs. Speed, sponsor, A. Cooper, S. Humphrey, S, Wells, J, Hugg, 3, Gordon, M, Amick, C Schilb R McCoy F Marwood. ROW 3: C. Kendall, L. Moody, S. Cooper, S. Cheatham, D. ff: 'Y ff . f'iZ,?"-rc". A M . ff -ss. i X 'V' 95 ' . 453, ' L' L' w, ,Aw n .v , 3 ,. fix A GREAT BOOKS-BOTTOM ROW: C. Wilson, N. Rice, A. Reid, F. Marwood, R. McCoy, B. McGaughy, M. Lyon. ROW 2: B. Latham, C. Schilb, D. Baker, C. Smart, D. Watson, J. Stephens, L. Phelps, Mrs. Linda Moore, Sponsor. ROW 3: L. Moody, D. Young, N. Arnold, B. Vogel, D. La Faver, M. Owen, L. Meek, K. Linn. ROW 4: R. Parker, S. Robinson, J. Maier, G. Simmons, A. Parrish, A. Stooker. TOP ROW: B. Phillips, R. Parsley, L. Myers, J. Morozuk, T. Rich, P. Smith, J. Trent, S, Jones, A. Wrighr. Great Books, Flat Earth Society 0 77 .Am i T FBLA-BOTTOM ROW, S. Maxwell, pres., R. Fulwider, v. pres., J. Cole, sec., J. Stunz, treas., Mrs. E. Hermann, sponsor, Mrs. S. Kerns, sponsor. ROW 2: S. Harry, K. Duncan, K. Maxwell, M. Marcotte, P. Pogue, S. Barron, P. Ball, T. Garrett, L. Webb, S. White. ROW 3: C. Curtis, A. Simonson, D. Hosek, D. Tidwell, W. Beleele, D. Spradlin, B. Gustin, A. Robertson, K. McKee, D. Seaman. ROW Az S. Sheline, V. Pontious, D. Stotts, J. Cornelison, M. Hampton, K. Hewes, C. Stuart, S. Young, B. Coates, V. Shumaker. TOP ROW: B. Howard, D. McKinney, J. Neville, R. Keith, R. Hunter, S. Harris, D. Burnett, D. Petty, M. Spencer, G. Bays. Don Orahood I 47' SYMPHONY HI-NOTES-BOTTOM ROW: D. Orahood, pres., K. Beck, v. pres., S. Watkins, sec., S. Morris, treas. ROW 2: S. Crase, K. Gibson, P. Lotskat, L. Pulley. ROW 3: S, Clark, C. Emery, S. Hurst, M. Skaruk. TOP ROW: Mrs. R. Norris, sponsor, L. Moody, C. Lutz, B. Phillips, Making a sale to Mallonie Quinn during Library Club's paper back book sale are club officers Tom Mc!-Xmis and Mindy Brewster. 78 0 FBLA, Hi-Notes LIBRARY CLUB-Mrs. N. Call, Mrs. A. Doughty, sponsors, M. Brewster, pres., sgt,-at-arms, D. Slater, chapl., D. Stahl. S. Patty, C. Marshall, hist.g D. Collins, R. Sampson, treas., S. Mapes, R. Merrow, sgt.-at-arms, D. Slater, chapl.g D. Stahl. 1-sw-sms -lx Elfiz Ge .. 'T' - I 3 s 'bliss--'L l.', 1 ..., 5 ill - :t s 5 ' . . 551 zizsilzsz-13. E . . if I ,kh r i . :N ,,.s-N' Plays Leading Role in ity M .WJ ,,,,. -.V --M-W' ...-vel usic Circles Northwest's Symphony Hi-Notes Club played a leadership role in city music circles. Senior Don Orahood served as Inter- City president, directing the activities of groups in I5 area high schools. Club members ushered at City Sym- phony Concerts and related events. They acquired a school display case for an- nouncements and supplied a "paint-in" booth at the Arts Festival. Library Club sponsored a paper back book sale in March to finance club proi- ects. Members attended book reviews and toured city libraries where they learned about new trends in library procedures. Members commemorated National Li- brary Week April 20-26 with the theme, "Be All You Can Be-Read." In its second year, Future Business Leaders of America offered worthwhile experiences for students planning a careers in the business world. The school Co- operative Office Education class was an integral part of the club's program. Members sent Valentines to boys in Vietnam, worked at the Business Oppor- tunities booth during the State Fair, and attended the FBLA convention at the Skir- vin Hotel, March 21-23. Library 0 79 .r -: 1 .. .,.a.,:.i1s:tz FRENCH CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: B. Ketchum, pres., B. McCubbin, D. Alper, C. Gray, P. Owen, C D. Mitchell, first v. pres., D. Humphrey, second v. Schmidt, M. Robinson.'ROW 3: C. Gautreaux, M pres., D. LaFaver, sec.: D. Odom, corres. sec.: L. John- Owen, J. Glass, L. Landguth, D. Lievsay, B. Hale, L Hayes, L. Ramsey, A. George, J. Maguire, J. Bradley son, treas.: N. Perry, hist, ROW 2: J. Wilson, M. ROW 4: P. Glenn, M. Wilson, S. Jessee, N. Arnold Butler, R. McCoy, J. Haggard, D. Barnett, N, Dishman, 1 A. Funderburk, B. Slade, L. Danzinger, K. Rogers, D. Cavanaugh, J. Wolfley, Mrs. M. Kozak. TOP ROW: S. Tigert, C. Felber, L. Bailey, B. Knop, L. Halter, A. McNeil, M. Mason, B. Boyle, B. McLaughlin, S. Hunt- ress, S. Pinix. Kni htlandfs Largest Club Endorses ode QQ R1 VX FRENCH CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: A. Parrish, M, Mor. ROW 3: L. Phelps, K. Blakey, M. Just, A. Schneider, S. Vassilopoulos, P. Houk. TOP ROW: N. Mills, gensen, B. Kamenesky, S. Palmer, S. Cooper, C, K. Mitchell, M. Parsons, C. Hulett. ROW 4: L. Label, DeGuisti, J, Stunz, D. Ezekiel, D. Duncan, R. Perkins. ROW 2: D. Sandgarten, M. Lyon, M. Dietrich, N. Hodgson, K. Jenks, L. Gray, L. Tatum, M. Hampton, F- DUDCBYL N- Rice, 5- DOWCJY, J. Hill. C. Myers, A. Hill, J. Stephens, C. Walker, E. Doles. 80 0 French Club 1? li Pi JCL-BOTTOM ROW: L. Phelps, pres.: J. Cheatham, v. pres.: D. Cordell, treas.: R. Parker, sec.: D. Watson, hist.: A. Wright, parl., Mrs. J. Creekmore, Miss L. Lippmann, sponsors. ROW 2: D. Carman, H. Hall, P. Brandell, T. Kennedy, M. Lyon, S. Massey, C. Foster, D. Chesler, S. Whittle, A. Gillespie, T. Schmidt. ROW of Frenchmen "Going from last year's inactive status :to the largest club at Northwest was a drastic iump," laughed Barbara Ketchum, French Club president. Second semester l53 members paid dues to give the French Club claim to the title of the school's largest club. In December a "cheese tasting" party was held in the cafeteria. Twenty-seven kinds of cheese were sampled. An annual tradition was the Yule Log bake sale at Christmas time. "This is the lsecond year," said sponsor Mariorie Ko- zak, "that all the French pastry was sold out before I could get there third lunch period." To encourage interest in the culture and language of Ancient Greece and Rome, the Junior Classical League spon- sored a variety of activities. Delegates Lou Ann Phelps, president, and Al Wright were chosen to represent the group at state and national conven- tions. l Rounding out the year's activities was the Roman style banquet at the Local Federal Bank building. In true Roman tradition, underclass- men served as slaves to patrician mem- bers, clad appropriately in Roman togas. 3: C. Craig, A. Cooper, T. Lippert, K. Nobles, L Davis, J. Ervin, J. Edmondson, D. Loving, G. Little D. Pierce, D. Staten, M. Thom, D. Hagstrom, L. Parkeri ROW 4: R. Branham, C. Cowper, L. Lanyon, A Stooker, L. Moody, S. Kendall, C. Moy, S. Cheatham G. Gilson, A. Larimore, D. Hall, trander. TOP ROW: D. Randall, M. B. Phillips, T. Rich, B. Johnson, J. T. Lout, D. Grob, S. Kellert, D. B. Shedeck, B. Byers. R. Moesel, M. Os Schell, S. Gordon Cohen, M. Nobles: Meyer, D. Shifrin HER SALES PITCH WORKS-Judy Crowe sells a stadium cushion to Mrs. Jane Smith, financial secretary, to raise money for French Club's trip to France. Twenty-one members will tour France this SUmm8f. JCL o 81 f ,I 4 GERMAN CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: B. schunz, c. walker, Row 3: R. Tefnil, K. zann, A. spnler, s. Phipps, s. G. Miller, M. Ragan, L. Meek. ROW 2: R. Shinn, M. Sherwood, M. Spaeth, R. Hammond. ROW 4: T. Parsons, J. Marshall, C, Schilb, J. Taylor, A. Snyder. Strickland, J- Melsslngeff G- Rllfefi C- Wellii H- ROUN- son, C. Salyer, S. Rayburn, N. Ptomey. TOP ROW: R Stapp, C. Rutledge, R. Mee, M. Nance, B. Winston D. Pape, K. Schwoerke, B. Busch, K. Purcell. Travel Experience Lures School Lin uists arg -S .1 ' X .w "THIS IS the town l liked best," points out Senior Glen Ashmore as he, Pat Hinkle, and Micky Homsey, report to the German Club about their sixiweek study tour of Germany last summer. 82 o German Natives of Spain and Germany served as guest speakers at monthly meetings of German and Spanish Clubs. In its fourth year, the Spanish Club, l-lispano Americano, launched several new proiects. Rick Pursley, club president, organized a group of eight students to go to Spain on an exchange institute. Club members sponsored proiects to help finance their trip. To add flavor to meetings, scheduled alternate Fridays, members were required to speak only Spanish. German Club members featured films and discussions by Frau Faye Shinn, spon- sor, and 17 members who traveled abroad last summer. The students accompanied Mrs. Dorit Hall, former German Club sponsor, and Counselor Carolyn Wakely to a six-Week language institute at a branch of lnns- bruck University in Mayrhofen, Austria, last summer. Pictures and talks of their experiences highlighted meetings. Party favors at the annual Christmas party were small wood- en German figures acquired by club members while in Austria last summer. 1 Q 1 51? :ffl-3 fa 45? 7: Q PY k .X -4, Eg 1, ', Xkm v' . 4 fo 1 V . . " 5 'Q W H Z fir if If rf f if Z1 ZZ ri GERMAN CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: B. Hale, pres., C. Lane, J. Coyle, D. House. ROW 3: S. Diehl, M. Diehl, Henager, P, Hinkle, J. Edmondson, D. Logan, B. Coggins, v, pres., N. Meriwether, D. Jordan, D. W. Black, M. Easterday, R. Liles, C. Garmire, P. Bgrdwell, TOP RQW: J, Bfgnkworfhl B, Boeser T. Logan, K. Lynch, R. Birdwell. ROW 2: K. Andrews, Jones, B. Coggins, B. Keesee, L. Brooks. ROW 4: Haddock, T. Kanosf, B. Ginn, R. Larwig, M. Kashner, K. Jones, M. Craig, C. Huleft, J. Ervin, L. Gregory, D. J. Borgerf, G. Hagsfrom, L. Harris, C. Bielsfein, K. M, A,-nick, J, Huggr B, Logan. fl y..- NA 'ro SPANISH CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: R. Pursley, pres.: L. Meek, v. pres., P. Tuel, K. Blackburn, L. Dye. ROW 2: T. Earley, S. Dowdy, D. Darr, J. Kern, E. Doles, S. Pike. ROW 3: K. Steves, J. Maier, D. Baker, S. Tebow, S. Petry, M, Vaeth, D. Hosek. ROW 4: Mr. J. Culberf, sponsor, C. Newman, M. Parks, M. Brown, M. Ford, L. Traska, R. Hays. TOP ROW: R. Matlock, K. Boafman, D. Reichert, B. Kitchen, R. Patard, K. Myers, M, Bonebrake. German, Spanish 0 83 JEANNIE CORNELISON D.E. Princess DONNA FITZ D.E. Princess Z PAT FALGOUT JUDY COLCLASURE LINDA HUMPHREY D.E. Princess D.E. Queen D.E. Princess DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-BOTTOM ROW: M. saker, L. Kelley, J. Cornelison, B. Snow, P. Childress. Wallace, S. Colclasure, W. O'Bryant, B. Denton. TOP Nance, pres., P. Falgout, sec., J. Colclasure, hishg ROW 3: G. Thompson, V. Gaddy, K. Gautreaux, D. ROW: K. Frank, J. Reynolds, D. Goodman, P. Acker- L. Humphrey, freas.p J. Epperson, D. Mason, v. pres. Fitz, T. West, B. Kelley, S. Dobson, D. Tillman. ROW man, D. Honiker, L. Grussendorf, M. Dickinson, B. ROW 2: J. Cawthon, B. Tennis, S. Porter, T. Hun- 4: D. Goddard, R. Bingham, R. Clinton, M. Tony, R. Powers, Mr. B. Dunlap, sponsor. 84 0 Dlstrlbufive EduCaTiOr1 J if r' ' W-LK VlCAfBOTTOM ROW: T. Stinson, pres.: P. Rosenberg, v. pres.: B. Flatt, sec.: D. Lawson, treas., ROW 2: C. Dinwiddie, rep.: D. Schier, chapl., T. Zaikis, parl., M. Rice. ROW 3: B. Eubanks, P. Murphey, S. Sochor, L. Rainbolt, Miss C, Hoatson, sponsor. ROW 4: L. Hetherington, M. Hooker, N. Lamb, J. Huffman, D. Den- ham. TOP ROW: L. Roberts, B. Neely, S. Thomas, S. Clay, -l. Wilson, G. Wood. LEFT: A Scrapbook concerning D.E, activities is compiled by Judy Colclasure and Mark Nance. BELOW: Presentation of VICA sweethearts, Brenda Flatt, Teresa Stinson, Marcie Hooker, and Donna Schier highlights the club's meeting. R Participants Plan N :,sQ R 1 for All Aspects of Future Career "lt's not a girI's name," laughed Spon- sor Claudette Hoatson about VICA, North- west's club for cosmetologists, "but Voca- tional Industrial Club of America." In its second year VICA attained TOO per cent membership from the cosmetol- ogy department. Latest trends in hair styles were dem- onstrated by club members in district and regional contests in April. Entries were determined by preliminary contests in in- dividual school clubs. For the first time VICA girls selected a chapter sweetheart. Four girls were nominated: Donna Schier, Teresa Stinson, Brenda Flatt, and Marcie Hooker. Donna was crowned queen April 3. Participants in the Distributive Educa- tion Club attended Leadership Confer- ences and hosted employers at their an- nual banquet January Qi. Judy Colclasure was crowned queen for the second consecutive year at the cIub's annual spring breakfast in April. VICA o 85 CHESS CLUB-SEATED: B. Duncan. B. Copley, M. Nobles, R. McNern, W. Morris. STANDING: R. Ream, S, 'S' -r-gf 1.7 SCIENCE CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: D. Hagstrom, pres., ke, R, Pursley, T. Weiss, C, Emery. R R. Barker, v.pres., M, Parsons, sec., L. Ramsey, Skvorc, B. Latham, R. Haas, P. Erickson, frees. ROW 2: Mrs. R, Bryant, C. Schilb, K. Schwoer- S, Tigen, ROW Ag R. Gimpel, D. Hall, 86 0 Chess, Science I , Q: iw! g iiii S ig., i Perham, R. Pafard, M. Thom, R. Thomford, D. Silberman, K. Henry, 7 ss OW 3: C, M. Clark, F. Johnson, S, Wind. TOP ROW. D, Barrett, R. Franklin, R. Moesel, B. Phillips, D. Jordan, K, J. Coyle, Beck, J. Hugg, L. Harper. counter by Science Club members Carla Emery and Barbara Latham, both seniors EFFECTS of a powerful radioactive liquid on bean plants are assessed with the use of a sensitive geiger Activities Stimulate Researe Reactivated after five years, the Chess with T3 members and sponsored a spring tournament under the direction of Mr Rodney St. Dizier, sponsor. Thirty Science Club members met on alternate Wednesdays with Mrs. Marie Bryant, sponsor, to explore such scien- tific fields as radioactivity and taxidermy. For the third year the club encouraged entries in the city science fair by offering STOO to be divided among students re- questing aid to finance proiects. Field trips were taken to Kerr McGee Planetarium, Belle lsle Power Plant, and the Science Museum of the University of Oklahoma. Electronics Club provided its T7 mem- are-' bers 325,000 worth of equipment with which to experiment in the electronics Club renewed its charter in December ,J laboratory on Monday afternoon and Tuesday night sessions. "Our superior facilities," said Mrs. Faye Hobson, sponsor, "offer our club mem- bers exceptional opportunities in the tech- nical field." Boys prepared a special lighting dis- play for PTSA Open House. Trips were made to the FAA electronics department, OSU Tech School, and Western Electric. J. Phipps, L. Harper, B. Black. OPERATION of the dictaphone he made is demon- started by Richard Manies in Electronics meeting. , Analysis 09 sn., . I ELECTRONICS CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: T. Rueb, v. pres., R. Helt, pres., D. Tierce. ROW 2: R. Sheltman, D. Ruedy, R. Creech, Mrs. F. Hobson, sponsor. ROW 3: R. Parker, D. Adler, R. Manies, S. Evans. TOP ROW: Electronics 0 87 l Service Groups Pla , too - Trek to ardi 9 l 2 af' BOUND for New Orleans and the Mardi Gras are thirteen Hi-Y members and their sponsors. Q ll HI-Y-BOTTOM ROW: B. Fleetwood, pres.: J. Abney, v.pres., B. Bergmann, sec., A. Langley, treas.7 J. French, G. Ritter, Sgt.-at-arms. ROW 2: D. Fitzger- ald, A. Atkins, C. Turpin, K. Frank, R, Capron, D. 88 o Hi-Y Randall, R. Chaney, D, Campbell. ROW 3: B. How ard, S. Flynn, J. Shrode, F. Read, T. Peek, D. Ora hood, P. Ownbey. ROW 4: M. Simmons, T. Thomp- son, M. Stephens, P, Rattan, D. Littlefield, J. Rig gall, T. Cooley, Mr. D. Simpson. TOP ROW: M Kent, G. FinleYf R. Matlock, R. Hunter, G. McNutt B, Mallonee, S. Mitchell, K. Duncan, P. Ackerman. Gras, Camp Service proiects occupied Red Cross and Hi-Y members throughout the year. "Helping Hand," a tutoring and recrea- tion program set up by County Red Cross for underprivileged children, was sup- ported by school delegates who volun- teered their time. Liz Tatum was elected president and Melinda Stone treasurer of the County Council which met the third Tuesday of each month. Ten Northwest representatives ioined TOO area students for a Leadership De- velopment workshop November l-3 at Methodist Canyon Camp. The annual advisory donut sale fi- nanced the year's proiects. Hi-Y boys "adopted" a needy family be- fore Thanksgiving. A month's supply of food was donated at Christmas time. Thirteen Hi-Y'ers chartered a plane and, accompanied by Sponsor Dennis Simpson, flew to the New Orleans Mardi Gras. ln March boys participated in the Youth in Government sessions at the Capitol. xr . ' ' is Qi N- F- FW' si :- PASSING OUT DONUTS in advisory are representatives Alfreda George, Diane Farthing, and Rhonda Fleming. RED CROSS-BOTTOM ROW: L. Carrington, pres., lian, L. Hall. ROW 3: K. Meyers, M. Dietrich, C. Formby, M. Fitts, J. Knesek, L. Tatum. TOP ROW: C. M. Stone, v. pres., K. Meyers, sec., R. Morrison, treas.g Turpin, K. Frank, D. Hosek, S. Robinson, G. Miller, B. Emery, K, Legrange, M. Melton, K. Knesek, J. Buer- S. Patty, perl., M. Dixon. ROW 2: D. Meyers, J. Snow, H. Robinson. ROW 4: l. Wilson, D. Brightwell, ger, G. Gilson, L. Bray, B. Pippin. Duncan, M. O'Mally, B. Ashbaugh, S. Tebow, A. Kil- J. Cornelison, D. Shelden, P. Dicus, T. Flanagan, D. Red Cross 0 89 GIRLS O CLUB BOTTOM ROW G Simmons pres T Kennedy vpres T Green, sec., M. McCarty, treas.p D. Lackey, rep., S Black chapl ROW 2 C Coggins L Kemp M Swansberger D Hamilton L Humphrey, N. Dishman, S. Long. ROW 3: E. Paine, J Jessup D Leech L Melton W Lurry D Shelden S Robinson D Husband ROW 4: D. Baker, C. Garmire, S. Laxton, K. Martin, Belt B Knop D Barnett TOP ROW M Just K Meyers S Quggs L Halter, R. Stephens, D. White, P, Glenn, B. Merritt. Career Choices Cue to Projects of Interest Club "Aim High-Be a Teacher," "You Can Be Proud to be a Teacher" were among the slogans displayed on posters by Fu- ture Teachers of America Club members during American Education Week. Other special observances included the members hosting a breakfast for teachers and taking over the direction of' classes when permitted by their various teachers Friday, December li. Initiation ceremonies for ll new mem- bers ot the Girls' "O" Club highlighted first semester activities. A dinner pre- ceded the services. Members manned concession stands to- help finance their annual spring trip to a state lodge. "Twentieth Century Homemakers en- couraged girls to learn more about cur-I rent trends in all Home Economics fields,' head sponsor, Mrs. Ramah Miller ex- plained. Meetings were held monthly. l l HELPFUL pointers are given To advanced modern dancer Gail Simmons by dance ieacher, Miss Johnnie Egbert ...f mf TWENTIETH CENTURY HOMEMAKERS-BOTTOM ROW: P. Almack, pres., J. C. Walker, K. Jones, N. Brady, B. Schultz, ROW 3: M. Thomas, S. Deguisti, f,,..,e . . . .. T , a i i l l l i l l ATTENTION is showered on Mrs. Earlene Hermann, business educafion teaclier, by FTA hostesses Cindy Cupp, Pat Hinkle, and Debbie Campbell at the club's Tea during American Education Week. 5 1 if : -vs 5! 'la .,, SH I1 .i sec. ROW 2: Gates, v.pres.g K. Andrews, trees., C. Cornell, H. Hughes, D. Wallace, M. Swansberger, Miss C, Oberman, sponsor. TOP ROW: Miss B. Link, Mrs. R. Miller, sponsorsg P. Coffia, M. McCarty, P. Jones, S. Tabor, S, Young. Tvvenfieflw Cenfury Homemakers 0 91 1 . f M NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE-BOTTOM ROW: S. Robinson, pres.: T. Ham, v.pres.: D. Cordell, sec., C. Knop, treats., G. Johnson, sgt.-at-arms, J. Hugg, chapl. ROW 2: M. Harrah, P. Wilson, C. Wilson, D. LaFaver, S. Jarrett, L. Burton, R. Birdwell, D. ANNOUNCERS CLUB-FRONT ROW: J. Morozuk, pres., G. Johnson, v.pres. ROW 2: C. Cooper, sgt.-at-arms, D, Cordell, treas,: R. Birdwell, sec. ROW 3: C. Knop, J. Glass, A. Reid. ROW 4: J. Hugg Heldenbrand, M. Mason, C. Emery. 'A 'I Y't is Moses, F. Polk. ROW 3: G. Dickenson, R. Story, S. son, J, Glass, L. Jones, A. Reid, F. Marwood, ROW 4: Mrs. C. Burton, sponsor, D. Shadid, A. Atkins, R. S. Robinson, M. Amick. TOP ROW: C. KY? J' J. Herrmann, D. Burton, M. Snodgrass, Rayburn, L. Moody, M. Wilson, J. Bockus, C. Jack- Resetaritz, R, Moesel, B. Birdwell, M, Amick, C Salyer, C. Heldenbrand, A. Stacy. TOP ROW: T Tabor, D. Fitzgerald, T. Warren, D. Humphrey, J Morozuk, M. Mason, J, Bocork, R. Patard, S. Gordon, R. Branham. "BUT I haven't any slipper," insists Cinderella fNancy Fisher, to Allison Stooker Judi Glass, and Patsy Danely who portray the stepsisters and stepmother in scene from the children's theatre demonstration by Thespians at the state meet Groups Provide Outlets for Expression Excellence in speech and drama was recognized by acceptance into the Na- tional Forensic League and National Thes- pians, honorary organizations. Morning announcements over the Cen- tral Sound System were provided by members of the Announcers Club. Required points were earned by those students wishing membership into NFL and Thespians, and initiations were held in the fall and spring. To remain an ac- tive member, a certain number of points were required to be earned by participa- tion in tournaments, assemblies, plays or demonstrations each semester. Applicants for the Announcers Club were auditioned at the beginning of the year before a club committee where' they were judged on the basis of tone, dic- tion, and voice control. Demonstrations in children's theatre were presented by Northwest's Thes- pians at the State Thespian Conference held at U. S. Grant. Scenes from "Land of the Dragon," a colorful, Chinese play, and the well-known "Cinderella" featured T2 school Thespians. Unprecedented honors were accorded National Forensic Leaguers as they iour- neyed across several states including Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, Iowa and Washington. The National Tournament set for Wash- ington D. C. in June will be attended by six qualifying debaters, including Charles Pierce, second sophomore in state history to reach nationals. To qualify, these members had to place first, second, or third in a qualifying tournament which enabled them to go on to Regionals where they ranked in the top three. Thespians and NFL worked together early in the fall to present a Demonstra- tion Day for state troupes. Demonstrations were given in make- up, costumes, debating, acting, radio, and extemporaneous speaking. Featured attraction at the State Thespian Confer- ence is the scene from "Land of the Dragon" in which Martha Brown, Mike Cowherd, and Cindy Harvey approach Margaret Easterly. NATIONAL THESPIANS-BOTTOM ROW: D. Humphrey, pres., R. Birdwell, v.pres., S. Cooper, sec., J. Glass, treas.g D. Moses, sgt.-at- arms. ROW 2: M. Easterday, M. Brown, L, Tatum, J. Herrmann, P. Tuel, M. Robinson. ROW 3: R. Story, P. Danely, C. Wilson, T. Manning, N. Fisher, D. La Faver, D. Barker, ROW 4: L. Bailey, M. Wilson, L. Danziger, B. Slade, M. Morgensen, C. Harvey, TOP ROW: J. Morozuk, V. Hinson, R. Allred, D. Pape, M. Kyle, M. Harvey, M. Cowherd, R. Humphrey. NFL, Thespians, Announcers 0 93 AZ Scribes Focus on Issues in Columns, 'Tell Patterned after the "School-as-a-City" approach in newspaper production, The Shield served as a link in interpreting and communicating every aspect of school life to the students and community. Controversial subjects were covered in letters to the editor, polls, depth reports, and editorials. Integration, the teaching of sex education in the City schools, narcot- ics, and the generation gap were a few of the topics explored. ln the annual feature writing contest sponsored by the Oklahoma City Times, Kathy Kearney penned the prizewinner and won a summer job. Sports writers were accorded All-Co- lumbian honors in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association contest. Only five pa- pers, selected from the Medalist group, received this distinction for sportswriting. Thirteen school iournalists sharpened their techniques by attending the Nation- al Scholastic Press Association convention during Thanksgiving vacation. Press releases and creating good public relations for Northwest were responsibil- ities of the newspaper staff. Anne Funderburk served as correspon- dent to the Times two years. She submit- ted stories which were regularly pub- lished on the Times for Teens page. LOCKING UP The Shield in the print shop is Leon Meyers, president of the Oklahoma interscholastic Press Association, consisting of sixty-eight schools. fx 94 o Shield EXTRA enthusiasm is evidenced by ad managers Steve Harry and David Duvall as they give their sales pitch to customer Penny Conn in a local store. Q: SHIELD STAFF-FOREGROUND: L. Kemp, B. Fine, D. ell, M. Buchanan, A. Funderburk, S. Bayless, K. Baker, L. Martin, C. Barber, S. Whittle, C. Smart. Blair, L. Meyers, A. George. TOP ROW: J. Hale, R. ROW 2: Mrs. E. Burdette, Mrs. C. Eaker, sponsors, Hollingsworth, K. Duncan, S. Mitchell, D. Duvall, K. S. Harry, R. Marx, K. Kearney, M. Schnetzler, J. Pow- Clark, It Like It Is' gina . f", ff f D , POINTERS from an expert, Mr. Frank Boggs, sports columnist for the Daily Oklahoman, are welcomed by l Shield sports eclitors, Skip Bayless and Mike Buchanan. The staff sportswriters interviewed and wrote fea- tures for the school paper about several well-known coaches and sports figures in the state. l 1 WINNING the Times feature writing contest earns Kathy Kearney a summer iob working on the news- paper. CABOVE1 Kathy clips stories for rewrites. IRIGHU She files and researches stories in the library. . Shield o 969 Yearbook Features Change in Format Basketball boys had the '68 state cham- pion team to measure up to, yearbook staffers were constantly challenged by the plaque on the iournalism office wall designating the '67 Round Table as one of the top ten in the nation in the third annual S. K. Smith awards. Other wall displays included five All- Americans and six Medalist certificates from National and Columbia Scholastic Press Associations, respectively, and one A-plus rating from the National School Yearbook Association. "No sacrifice is too great for the Round Table," editors playfully reminded the 23 staff members as they scurried around town setting up pictures and passed up school activities and dates in order to meet deadlines. A new look was achieved in the Round Table this year when the page size was increased from 8V2 by ll to 9 by T2 inches. Column layouts consisted of three 2V2 inch blocks. Chief photographer Randy Marx won the award for being the outstanding stu- dent in the photo journalism workshop at the University of Oklahoma. WEARY TRAVELERS, Nancy Rice and Linda Porter, Round Table editors, arrive on the Ohio University campus at Athens, Ohio, to attend the world's largest iournalism workshop for highschool staff members. ,0- ff? ROUND TABLE STAFF-BOTTOM ROW: L. Porter, M. Johnson, K. Martin, N. Steph, C. Choate, B. Rhea. ROW: C. Krasowski, R. Hollingsworth, K. Clark, L Bond, M. Schnetzler, N. Fisher, N. Rice, J. Haggard, ROW 3: J. Olsen, M. Parks, B, Harley, D. Shelden, Martin, T. Pippin, K. Blair, R. Marx, B. Shedeck. D. McMiIlin. ROW 2: L. Windham, M. Swank, L. M, Holdridge, C. Vick, M. Craig, R. Pogue. TOP 96 0 Round Table 0119 IN HER second year as Times correspondent, Anne Funderburk gets professional advice from Miss Mary Goddard, Assistant City Editor of the Times. QUILL AND SCROLL-BOTTOM ROW: P. Skaggs, L. Porter, M. Schnetzler. ROW 2: D. Baker, N. Steph, L. John- son, N. Fisher. ROW 3: K. Kearney, D. Shelden, N. Rice, Mrs. E. Burdette, sponsor. ROW 4: B. Lacy, M. Parks, C. Vick, Mrs. C. Eaker, sponsor. TOP ROW: J. Olson, C. Krasowski, M. Buchanan, L. Martin. SOCIETY officers Allyson Gatlin, Anne Funderburk, and Linda Porter present proceeds from the benefit con- cert, sponsored by Quill and Scroll, to Mrs. Clara Luper, director of the Youth Freedom Center and social studies teacher. Mrs. Luper was presented a "Golden Apple" award for her cooperation with the school press. Society Presents Benefit Concert, Installs Chapter Twelve initiates qualified for mem- bership in Quill and Scroll, international honor society, by ranking in the upper A third of their class scholastically and by their outstanding contribution to one of Northwest's publications. Heading the list of the Society's proi- ects was the benefit concert staged to help rebuild the Freedom Center, a build- ing in Northeast Oklahoma City for young people to gather for recreation and coun- seling. lt was burned by unknown arson- ists September lO. Officers installed a new chapter of Quill and Scroll at Moore High School the evening of May 7. Initiation ceremonies were conducted in April for new members at the annual WM.. spring banquet. Speaker was Mr. Frank Boggs, Daily Oklahoman columnist. Awards were presented individuals for outstanding service to school publications in the areas of photography, editorials, features, sports, and news writing. Officers were Linda Porter, president, Anne Funderburk, vice president, Ally- son Gatlin, secretary-treasurer. Quill and Scroll o 97 X, BABY FACE seniors Steve Hatfield, Harold Drake, Martin Amick, and Mike Cameron, members of the popular Boys Quadef, sing in assembly. 98 0 Cry-Slurs horisters Give Concert for Mexico Tour "Probably the best known mixed cho- us in this part of the country" is the abel applied to Cry-Slurs by business nanager, Mr. Buck McPhail, who made irrangements for the numerous public ippearances of Northwest's "elite Cho- 1, us. The first major production of the year vas the pop concert presented in a fall issembly. This was followed six-weeks ater by the Christmas Spectacular featur- ng colorful settings created by stagecraft Iasses. , All the music groups spent the usual lmount of time during the Christmas sea- on caroling and providing musical pro- grams for hospitals, convalescent homes, nd shopping centers. lt was win-number-l2 at the District ontests for the school musicians as they irought back sweepstake honors from dmond February 28-29. ln March the roup went on to take honors in state ompetition. The spring concert, featuring the City pnior Symphony, was May 9. The end of school meant a week's oncert tour of Mexico, highlighted by lppearances before the President. X Q i hug aint HCHESTNUTS ROASTING on the open fire," Riley CIeaver's solo is a big hit at the Cry'Slur Christmas Spectacular, presented in Northwest's auditorium to capacity audiences during the Christmas season. CRY-SLURS-BOTTOM ROW: D. Cunningham, A. Wright, R. Birdwell, S. Williams, B. Dye, E. Galloway, S. Pollock, J. Stewart, P. Brady, K. Beck, T, Wood, L. Keller, M. Lyon, K. Cleaver, G. Lingerfelt. ROW 2: G. Miller, R. Whitmire, T. Phillips, C. Krasowski, E. Roberts, S, Evans, J. Wolfe, F. Johnson, K. King, M. Cameron, A. Gatewood, J. Hall, J. Maier, N. Behymer. ROW 3: N. Cummings, R. Wheeler, A. McNatt, G. Johnson, L. Damron, G. Sims, C. Blakely, J. Hugg, C. Beachboard, T. Harrison, D. Ragsdale, H. Drake, B. Fox, S. Slick. TOP ROW: S. Morris, D. McEver, C. Schilb, S. Hatfield, S. Clark, R. Cleaver, P. McPhail, B. Rountree, L. Mayfield, M. Amick, L. Williams, J. Trent, M. Drake, D. Wallace, G. Collins. Cry-Slurs 0 99 Q,--is 4 l GIRLS CHORUS-BOTTOM ROW: J. Whitehead, D. Cunningham, L. Langford, C. Blakely, P. Allen, C Clayion, S. Mobley. ROW 2: J. Ross, L. Ross, S GIRLS CHORUSYBOTTOM ROW: B. Mandabach, K Ginfer, S. Lingerfelt, P, Hall, K. Johnson, S. Moyer, G. Green, B. Kennedy, B. Howard. ROW 2: D lrby, D. Towne, J. Bradley, M. Brews1er, S. Heusel 100 0 Girls Chorus F1 C. 050 ,af ew I im fm in l P i 2 I il l T l f 1 J' I . Hager, K. White, T. Wood, D. Carman, G. Gordon, ROW: P. Green, K. McClain, T. Gill, T. Thomas, l- ROW 3: P. Clenney, A. Johnsey, B. Sullivan, N. Henager, B. Fox, K. Miller. Knickelbein, F. Scott, L, Barr, L. Moreland. TOP l B, Frye, K. Bond, L, Cowles, A. McNafT. ROW 3: ROW: S. Fleming, L. Eulrey, P, Houk, S. lryclc L. Young, C. Mings, L. Davis, G. Myers, L. Lanier, Bergman, L, Mayfield, G. Richey, R. Gearhart, E. Coleman, L. Davis, A. Nicek, P. Mulligan. TOP Segraves, D. Pippin. 'I WILL Take care of you," Charles Krasowski sings to Robyn Birdwell during 1he "Girl VVarcher's Theme" "HARRY, you're Hal," complains director John Platt Well-Trained Choirs Gain Perfection Peak 5 ' .' NX ' '- 4... ' if Z V, 4 ix r X J,-.- Q V5.4 MS , . . ,M 1 M ' Q 1: FK he ' - as 1 he A- f nw if . '7 T " 1 x . V - . 1 f A an 6? . i ir X-W l D ,,-Q D x.. X w 01' CHORUS-BOTTOM ROW: D. Nunn, R. McConA M. McI.e-more, E. Wright, C, Jones, N, Behyrncr, J. G, Wriglqf, C, Ryan, B, Roontree, R, Hooper, C. S, Slick, G. Sims, D. Stahl, P. Thurman, G. Hesland, R, Scolt. TOP ROW: J. Shaw, K. Rainwaler, Kragcwglqiv ROW 2: D. Wallace, S. Lorenz, D. NlcEver, Boy Chorus 0 lOl 2 0 Band CARLA EMERY Band Princess ClNDY LONGLEY Band Queen 1 A KRIS BLASCHKE "WE WILL use purple and gold lights for this show D Band Princess rector John Pennington tells Jerry Hefley Performance Patterns Set for Appearances "No matter the weather, we will prac- fy tice at 7130 a.m." This familiar directive from Mr. John Pennington helped the , ff Knight bandsmen to their second con- gl. secutive superior trophy in the Capitol Hill Regional Marching Contest. lt was victory number nine for the ma- rgiigyg y . iorettes in the Kilgore, Texas, clinic where T fi A WP P W T they won first place in competition with g f f f twirlers from throughout the Southwest. P ,M Most unique halftime shows presented 'T , " 0 during football season were the home- if V V tii Q1 coming spectacular, featuring a fire rou- PM llll A P P P f' tine by maiorettes, and the Douglass game presentation of the queen and her court. New concert and marching band uni- forms were goals of fund raising. The pep band, directed by drum maior Bill Holloway, furnished music at basket- ball games and for pep rally skits. FIRST CLASS entertainment was provided at school events by Maiorettes, BOTTOM ROW: Vickie Belt, Nancy Cooper, Beverly Miller, Marva Bond. TOP ROW: Kathy Martin, Head maiorette Cindy Brown. We ..-,, , . 1. if 1 ,., ,,. 2 A fy 5 A., ,f Wi, f 1 ,,,f' , FLUTES-BOTTOM ROW: L. Hayes, K. Skurlock, M. Parks, S, Fulton, S. Phillips, ROW 2: V, Thomas, B. Bradney, J. Gibson, C. Cooter, A, Meyer. TOP ROW: E. Kauffman, M. Parker, P. Sinclair, P. Prentice. "THIS FIT last year sorta." Gary Wood tells president Bill Kitchen as they check out marching band uniforms, f' ' T' K DRUMS-BOTTOM ROW: B. Kitchen, S. Long, D. Beleele, D. West. TO ROW: T. Doughty, C. McMillan, J. Green. Band 0 T03 CLARINETS-BOTTOM ROW: S. Diehl, C. Jones, K. Patterson, E. Neely. ROW 2: E. Speece D. Salathiel, J. Varner, N. Young, K. McAnulty. TOP ROW: S. Kimerer, B. Phillips, C Newman, S. Church. STEPPING OUT to lead the band as drum malor, Btll Holloway 104 o Band SAXOPHONES-BOTTOM ROW: N. Elaschke, R. White, R. Bassett. TOP ROW: A. Wright, G. Holmes. Five Northwest Musicians Awarded All- tate Honors 5 it ' if BARITONE TUBA-BOTTOM ROW: J. Lirieral, M. Hanson, D. Abernathy. TOP ROW: B. Scovill, J. Trent, M. Early, T. Paden, TROMBONES-BOTTOM ROW: T. Mayfield, J Robinson F Poag TOP ROW Rountree, G. Wood ww CORNETS-BOTTOM ROW: C. Torbeck, M. Bender, H. Doughty, J. Sanders, D. Schifrin. TOP ROW: K. Sarkey, M. Waldrop, J. Roberson M Penny B Butcher OBOE, BASSOON, BASS CLARINET-BOTTOM ROW: R. Haas, J. Hugg, L. Campbell, K. McCracken. TOP ROW: M. Thorn, F. Johnson, J. Swanson. I With only Three days to get his number ready for the winter concert Tuba player Mike Early practices. FRENCH HORNS-BOTTOM ROW: J. Butler, B. Holloway, J. Hugg. TOP ROW: B. Birdwell, A. Hicks, K. Henry, J. Mathis, R. Brown. .pin 0 Band 'T .5 -ft X X rsa f .,M3a, ORCHESTRA STRINGS-BOTTOM ROW: C, St. George C. Longley, C. Emery, K. Beck. ROW 2: P. Lotskat, J. Knesek, S. Haught, L. Pulley. ROW 3: D. Longley, f K. Knesek, L. Tabor, S. Taylor, M. Marr. TOP ROW: J. Trent, B. Fox, T. Farbes, L. Gilbert, T. McAmis, V. Lutz. M y .,.,,,, inter Concert at OCU Features Johnson ORCHESTRA WINDS-BOTTOM ROW: P. Prentice, L. Hayes, S. Kimerer, C. Newman, M. Parker. ROW 2: M. Thom, C. Parks, J. Hugg, L. Campbell, F. Johnson, ROW 3: F. Poag, B. Birdwell, B. Holloway, J. Hugg. TOP ROW: T. Paden, T. Mayfield, B. Kitchen. Five members of the orchestra were selected to the All-State orchestra and participated in a concert presenting the All-State instrumental musicians in Feb- ruary. Achieving this distinction were seniors Ken Beck, Carla Emery, and Tom Rich. Sophomores Libby Tabor and Albert Bu- cholz were chosen for the All-State band. The annual winter concert was held this year in the Fine Arts Auditorium at Oklahoma City University. Guest piano ar- tist, senior Frank Johnson, performed the Piano Concerto by Shostakovich with the orchestra. Northwest's band and orchestra par- ticipated in contests in Edmond, Norman, and at OCU. ln addition to the complete groups, duets and ensembles were en- tered in their divisions. A new scheduling plan was initiated this year enabling the brass and wood- wind sections to be divided into two class periods. The two classes met two mornings each week at 7:30 a.m. to practice. Bill Holloway, senior drum major, won a top award for his performance in the state competition at the University of Ok- lahoma the first week of December. Orchestra 0 107 ' ' ,,,, 1 i my NOMINATIONS for Key Club Sweetheart are the chief order of business when the officers are called to- gether by Steve Flynn, president KLEFTJ. Other officers are Leon Meyers, John Abney, Bill Lytle, John Morozuk, Bob Bergmann, Bill Lacy, Chuck Wells, Marty Schnetzler, and Richard Pralle. WELCOME, GUV! John Morozuk greets Chuck Wells, Lieutenant Governor of Division l9, and Denise Thomson at the Key Club Christmas Sweetheart Ball. JACKIE LAMB Key Club Princess S 108 Q Key Club VICKlE VAUGHN Key Club Sweetheart GAIL SIMMONS Key Club Princess exe- " f , l , . B I v f, ,t- .. gf ,. 1 Q ' -, -Q-iff lil 5.3 TOP ROW: J. Abney, P. Ackerman, C. Armstrong, R. Buchanan, B. Byers, J. Cheatham, K, Clark, J. Ashford, G. Ashmore, A. Atkins, L. Bailey, D. Bar- Cohen. ROW 3: C. Craig, G. Dickinson, K. Duncan, rett, T. Beadles, B. Bergmann. ROW 2: E. Bergquist, D. Duvall, B. Fairchild, B. Finch, D. Fitzgerald, S. K. Boatman, R. Brodgen, M. Brown, P. Brown, M. Flynn, J. Frow, B. Geller. BOTTOM ROW: K. Gibson, 'ww nu- ...- ...- l 1 Qu .eg 1 I HER REIGN as Club Queen begins with Vicki Vaughn still aglow from the surprise announcement. L. Harper, J. Heath, K. Henton, R. Hill, R. Hollings- worth, S. Hudson, J. HUQQ, B. Humphrey, D. Hum- phrey. Eminent Group Taps Top Boys for Civic Duties Key Club, an international organiza- tion composed of boys who have dis- tinguished themselves as leaders, con- sisted of outstanding sophomore, iunior, and senior boys who have maintained a B average through high school. Contact with business and professional leaders of the city each Monday at a luncheon forum strengthened the under- standing of local problems and broad- ened the career interests of Key Club members. Elected in March 1968 as Lieutenant Governor of Division 19, iunior Chuck Wells helped guide the activities ot club chapters in Central Oklahoma. Directed by Mr. Bill Scott and Mr. Den- nis Simpson, traditional service projects were carried out as well as new ones. Projects included collecting for the United Appeal, ringing bells for the Sal- vation Army, serving as hosts on Career Day, registering students' and teachers' cars, and selling mums for homecoming. Key Club o lO9 M. 5 ,v fx ,. 4 -v- ,,, I F It A eg My 1 T i il' . 0' il if I V fe ve, I F S .,:, if -fa ' T .,:,, A A M :J E 5 f,-1 .k,, E A.-f . 4: 3 ' sttt Q9 " A It if if SOLICITING a contribution for the United Appeal campaign from Mrs. Ed Duncan are members Kevin Duncan and Bill Lacy. TOP ROW: S. Huntress, B. Jackson, T. James, J. Jarrett, R. Keith, B. Lacy, A. Larimore. ROW 2: P. Littlepage, B. Lytle B. Mallonee, R. Matlock, C. Maurer, G, McNutt, B. Meneguzzi. ROW 3: L. Meyers, T. Miller, S. Mitchell, J. Morozuk D. Orahood, D. Patterson, T. Peek. BOTTOM ROW: R. Pralle, P. Rattan, B. Renshaw, T. Rich, G. Rieder, S. Rogers J Rose. Members Earn Service Keys for Projec s TOP ROW: D. Scheirman, M. Schnetzler, B. Shedeck. ROW 2: J. Shrewmaker, J. Shrode, P. Skaggs. ROW 3: R. Stoldt, B. Turnell, S. Watkins. BOTTOM ROW: L. Webster, C. Wells, K. Willson. 110 . Key Club 'E TRUE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT is demonstrated by Richard Pralle, as Bart Shedeck rings bells for the Sa vation Army. Richard and Bart were two of 50 Key Clubbers who rang bells during the holidays. Official Hosteslses Usher for School Events Fulfilling their purpose of service to the school, Courtesy Club members served as hostesses for Freshman Orientation, PTSA Open House, Career Day, and OEA Meetings. Uniting again with Key Club, Courtesy Club girls worked on community proi- ects and combined for social events. Highlight of the social calendar was the January barn dance at Frontier City attended by 150 couples. The two clubs joined together to help with the United Appeal Drive, Career Day, and PTSA Open House. Courtesy Club girls ushered for the Blazers' hockey games, rodeos, spring concerts, senior assembly, and other civic events in order to finance proiects. The club sponsored a bake sale and contributed the profits to the Red Cross. .At Christmas time, club members made and distributed table decorations for the Children's Convalescent Home. Supervising all activities were Mrs. Mollie Mae Davidson' head sponsor, Mrs, BASKETS are filled at Thanksgiving and Christmas for needy families by Courtesy Club officers Lisa Lanyon, treasurer, Georgeann Riley, president, Diane Kellert, secretary, Wanda Younge, assistant treas- Marv Howard' Mrs' Barbara Gales' Mrs' urer, and Patsy Taylor, vice president. These girls served as first semester officers. Marcia Smith, and Mrs. Nancy Bradshaw. f I 1 Aw , in , , . ,,,. ,. , gi "' ' f , Q fi' A . f . - o r Q 'st ' 't'a ' . V . sw., ... H . Q , . I Q. . , ,,. , I lf' " dm - r J - ., ' J i ' "rt i is f f ' Aff V Q . . 5 - r P-fr Qt li' ' " A' . . 4 X. ' ,I , J ..v. M rl ,i it l If J ff . an . K1 Aff ,wzvr W v 5 f , 4' 'a J ' 'fi , I , is . ' 5 . V I ,F . J. , S. 1 A my E V L Q' ,.- ., .1 -A -2 ,- ' ', x .aaa L. V ,Q ' . P "' " .lf Mx rf.. Q V 1 f V ,, f f ' V ' . l -V y,, H V' I Q I Vwlm-vm ' Zi. ..,, yt.. VV, . V , Vtxy, H . V J " . . , ff' 1 llii ir if J B Q' sf tar J 'f TJ- ' K ..... J 5. ,ji - - y x i , .. ' Q ff- . 'X ' J ' OP ROW: P. Almack, D. Alper, C. Armstrong, R. N. Campbell, D. Carman, D. Chesler, V. Cox. ROW 3: BOTTOM ROW: L. Dye, T. Earleyr J- EClm0f'lClSOrl, -l- rmstrong, C. Bailey, D. Barnett, J. Bartlebaugh, S. G. Collins, J. Coyle, J. Daniel, L. Danzinger, D. Darr, Epperson, D. Ezekiel, K. Fondren, N. Forget, A. Fun- lack, K. Blackburn, J. Bockus. ROW 2: K. Bowers, J. K. Davis, S. Davis, B. Delano, M. Dietrich, D. Doane. derburk, J. Gates, C. Gerlich. radley, J. Brock, J. Brock, L. Brown, L. Burton, Courtesy Club o lil . "X ' . M. . " "' ' ' N 0. I A it .L , ,5- E tif 3 19 X lt Q 1 5 lf Il . A ' " 6 3-7 , .- . "ff ' ,fam S N -M R 'Ch S? t 6 1? . -N5 me 1' TOP ROW: A. Gillespie, J. Goucher, L. Gray. HOSTESS Chris Schmidt introduces Sgt. Wm. Blankenship, Career Conference consultant to Mrs Eby Grove Eng ROW 2: T. Green, D. Greene, J. Haggard. ROW lish teacher. Sgt. Blankenship heads the local Army Recruiting Office in the Oklahoma Coty district 3: D. Hamilton, M. Hampton, D. Heuser. BOT- TOM ROW: S. Hill, E. Hodges, M, Holdridge. Girls Grace Knightland with Poise, Di nit S. Holt D. Hosek R. Hulett af Y S. Hurst 1 -Q, ,i C J. Jackson J. Jacobson f A ' it " In Hi S. Jarrett V S. " d J . " J. Jessud f A ' K--' L. Johns 111 5. J , K. Jones I. "' 4' B. Kamenesky J IJ' J' J ' K' Kearney illl 2 ' f -A 5 . - er, A iii 5 D. Kellert is Z . I J D. Kendell gb gf T. Kennedy gr M y fl 1 .V k ,,, I .5 ll2 o Courtesy Club Langston La nkford Lanyon Lievsay Lindley Longley Lowe Lundien Lynch MacKay Maguire Manning Markham McAlister McCarty McCuan McGregor McGuire McLaughlin McPhail eff , . . . ,..,, 'sm ,V I 19 ,Af 2: , Wdx F ll 11. as 5 gf, rf f 2, ,, I .5 .5 ..,,. i is 46 N. Meriwether D. Mitchell M. Morgensen - -Y-' K. Mulkey ' if " ,Q ,Ii L. K. Meyers " X f L S Newman . - ' X 3 K X L R. Nuzum , , , it D. Odom 8 x ll M f '15 HQ P. Owen ' x 5 L L ' " 'T fl S. Palmers 1 . 94 ' 'LZL 1, ,jg .HL wig M. Parsons . Q J ll " N- Pe"Y . 'eeee C V K . is L. Phelps f may N -57 W. Pike 'lvl I 2 1 S. Powers i V ' 'J l L. Pruitt .. rl X' C. Ramee , . S. Rathien J . - S. Reid G. Riley -X. 'F J . gb GRACIOUS hospitality is proffered Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Porter at PTSA Open House by Linda Hetherington. - CHRISTMAS decorations for the Children's Convalescent Home are made ' by Courtesy Club members Sue Jarrett, Marilee Holclridge, and Lyn Jones. T' SX l ff' sa. if fe R llll J , ...s Q t hat ' ill' . eq . . . Y' r r s s ...os C 1: 'W Sf , H' N , ll ev?-' C In TOP ROW: J. Ringwald S. Rychlec C. Saied. ROW 2: N. Saied, B. Slacle, C. Smart. ROW 3: A. Smith, R. Stevens, K. Steves. BOTTOM ROW: P. Stewart, A. Stocker, C. Street. Courtesy Club o 113 lub Girls G0 Western at Country Social VKVL EY W . i at 9 19 ff . 5. T is A. . 5- 'D' g K. ta' . 5, - b V 6, U V, 5 if 'F 1' ' 5 X-iff' 1 Y 51. . ,, I g l E N - in 1 .sex A Hi H ' : T ' ,.., 1 29? "' S' is L r L X., bt LJ' il x K 2 -..,.1...f - l Q 2 Ifligfl l TOP ROW: S. Suggs, M. Swansberger, E. Tatum, P. Wilson, J. Wilson, M. Wilson. BOTTOM ROW: P. l Wilson, L. Windham, V. Wood, B. Woods, J. 1 Taylor, S. Tebow, L. Thomas, J. Thomason, D. l Thomas, L. Tucker. Row 2. B. Vogel, P. wade, D. 3 Wallace, A. Warren, S. Watson, L. Williams, C Wyanf, H. Young, S. Youngblood, W. Younge, Zinn. D. .s S 'V 8 Q X :F J. X N . 'H .Fif i is 'i l Q. -is w,.,,, vs g Q., 4' . .EFA 5 me "STICK 'EM UP, you guys," says Kreg Blair to .lan Overby. Becky Rhea and .lim LAST MINUTE instructions for ushering for a Blazer hockey game were Rose loin Kreq and Jan during a break at lhe Courtesy Club Barn Dance. given Susie Powers by Mrs. Mollie Mae Davidson, head sponsor. H4 0 Courtesy Club X TOP ROW: K. Allen, S. Allen, K. Andrews, R Armstrong. ROW 2: N. Arnold, B. Ashbaugh, C. Bailey, S. Baker. ROW 3: P. Ball, C. Barton, J Bateman, K. Becker. ROW 4: P. Benson, S. Bevins, T. Bink, V. Billingsley. BOTTOM ROW: J. Blanton J. Booth, B. Borg, N. Brady. 1 CLIMAX of the Christmas program was the presentation of a blanket to Mrs. Linda Moore, sponsor. Emcee and writer of the program Linda Windham, Gail Simmons, and Susie Suggs did the honors. Games, Shows, Trips - Coronets Had a Ball! Sparked by a new head sponsor plus two new assistants, the 500 Coronet pep club girls labeled 1968-69 a year of "hap- peningsf' First semester officers were hauled from their warm beds at 6:30 a.m. Saturday, December l4, to attend a surprise "come- as-you-are" breakfast hosted by sponsors. A Christmas show, complete with cos- tumes, printed programs, stage crew, and production staff, was presented by Coronets. Linda Windham authored and directed the spoof of fall sports activities and personalities. "Knights at the Mardi Gras" was the theme of the annual basketball banquet. Scenes depicting the New Orleans fes- tival were reproduced in decorations in the entrance and banquet halls at Shep- herd MaII's Val Gene's. After two post- ponements, the dance was held April ll. Lyn Self headed nine committees which planned details of the dinner dance. Club sponsors were Mrs. Linda Moore Chead sponsorl, Mrs. Eby Grove, Miss Liz Lipmann, Mrs. Charline Burton, and Mrs. Elizabeth Burdette. ADDRESSING ENVELOPES for the Tu- berculosis Society are officers Susie Suggs, president, Nancy Fisher, re- cording secretary, Barbara Hale, ass't. treasurer, Gail Simmons, v. presi- dent, Lynn Self, attendance secre- tary, Susie Bevins, treasurer. Coronets 0 i 15 E 1 ., ' "' fx-af' in '96 .4 J f 4 .l S. 49' W l ,.-Q Y .xy 5- 2 . if -1 vt ' 3: LJ 1 .XJ X. L Bradney Bradway N. Bravo G. Brecleson . Brewer Browning Buchner Bumpas Burrus . Butler Carroll Chesler Choate . Citty Clancy Coleman Colley Combs Cook Cornish J. Coyle Cromwell Daly Danely L. Danzinger Doane Drake Duncan Duncan Dye J. Brock J. K. Brock M. Brower B. Bryant J. Brown L. Burton L. Callaway N. Campbell C. Capron D. Carman S. Clark J. Clarke C. Claunch D. Claybaugh C. Clayton L. Coulter P. Cotton L. Cowles C. Cowper V. Cox K. Davis L. Davis B. Delano J. Denton D. Dickerson T. Earley D. Easlon K. Easton L. Edmond V. Elespuru v .t,. l X at .. ' 1 an fi . 'R 'S li F lf f , lll T , ... V i .I .. 7 .fi , 2- L . , " W ff . ,-1. ,rl LJ 5 y. I S L-. 'mu 6. fs- ',-. ...f 4- is 5 . sy ' tw. s NX Mardi Gras Scene Set fO1 gf., .. ff Vx ',, in 'W A vi ., .Qt 1, , ,,,q, g..,. ,f ff-, ,,.., ..,. VV V I . 7 .qi .W EQ. Annual Banquet ,tg 14 ..,y . 5 K 'll in Wifi: A .lf gays. 1, ' . I i . , t ,.. ,. .3 l N f" K W .ful ii'i PM N,1 . :SV , ,. , , J'-q.,,, mm Ak 17 .V 3, xy, Nm ,,,, TOP ROW: R. Ellison, D. Ezekiel, M. Fairchild, J. lesple, K. Gl'tOlSTOf1, J. Glass, R' Goolsby, l-- GFSY, TOM ROW: L. Hanson, K. Harley, N. Harnsbergef, Fatheree, J. Farha, S. Felton, L. Fife, N. Fisher, S. B. Green, D. Green. ROW 3: J. Green, D. Greene, D. M. Harris, S. Harris, S. Harville, K. Hayes, J. Haynes, Flanagan, K. Fondren, R. Ford, N. Forget. ROW TWO: GYGSUBBW, P- Gflfflfh M- GV0SSr K- Gullo, P- Hagan, S. Heflin, K. Hefner, L. Hensch, P. Hensch, B. Fox, L. French, B. Frye, B. Gallop, T. Gill, A, Gil. B. Hale, L. Hall, P. Hall, S. Hamlin, K. Hamm. BOT- TT6 1 Coronets -0. . ---., 1 r 5 4 , e w . X ' " T" . , ?' X Es, ,:- ' , wr ,, ,. .fn .ev . K 1 Tv Q r y Ne. , ' 'L " Q. J if , ,f .. ,za 7 4 '-JW 1 ' . L M wi 4 3' ffff,A wg Q . . 4 .N-is 9 if .f f X 3 LX-A I y is TOP ROW: S. Heusel, K. Hicks, D. Hill, J. Hill, J. Hinkle, E. Hodges, J. Hoffman, D. Holbrook, M. Holdridge, S. Holt, S. Hopper, G. House. ROW 2: B. Howard, J. Hugg, H. Hughes, L. Hughes, C. C. Hulett, C. Huletf, D. Hunt, C. Hurt, M. Irvine, C. .J 8,4 ! Q i. -- J i fr 1' 5 - Q. "' 5 f ,f . ' -C ,. ' 'L s ' lf, Q.. ... 2 A ... I N. I Asgwv H ,.. N - . , "Win: ,.-1' L Z' 1 Q B fi ,,,,, .f V' f ll" ,,, I W-,,.,,, , H . Hi" wf ...HQ li' ' f , 1 . 4 v J' .. A 4. 'll' H I vs' 2 as . Jackson, J. Jackson, J. Jacobs. ROW 3: J. Jacobson, A. Killian, S. Kimerer, G. Kirby, K. Knesek, K. Kolb. D. James, C. January, S. Jessee, L. Johns, L. John- BOTTOM ROW. T. Krasowski, L. Label, D. Lacey, L. son, W. Johnson, J. Jones, K, Jones, L. Jones, P. Landguth, B. Lankford, J. Lankford, K. Leflert, K. Jones, B. Kamp. ROW 4: T. Kamenesky, K. Kearney, LeGrange, T. Lensgraf, H. Leuszler, D. Lievsay, C. D. Kellert, S. Kendell, T. Kennedy, J. Kern, A. Kiker, Lirnke. Wherever Knight Teams G0-G0 Coronets. We V fg "f 1 ' M f P. Lindley " V ' L , i 3 L, Lininger .... y - y iil l ' . I Cliff G. Liifle 5. , if s D. Lloyd w , r , 2. S. Long I ' -r 'L ,G Ji. C. Longley 'J 5 , D. Loyd ff' J ' 'X ', gs f.- ll . 5- C, Luckharf 1 ., jf' H,i:. L. Lunnon ' V ' f ' A ,V ,' L' ' .A G. Luper 9 f... f V .. M,,,M.riw," , . L M. Mackay V' T, L, ' .. .E 2- V ' I . J. Maier V A1 ' I . 'rg' K. Manson 6 . . i gk V FRIED CHICKEN never tastes so good as on pep club bus trips, agree Jane Denton and Debbie Williamson. Coronets 0 117 ,gn 32 My ff s fd? 4: i 1 .f iMAo1NAr1vE coRoNErs, Rhdonda Armstrong and Cindy Bailey, N- Moslandef add purple and gold garters to complete their uniforms. 22-fx C. Marshall K. Martin S. Massey V. Mathis C. Maupin K. Maxwell S. Maxwell D. Mayes B. McAlister M. McBride M. McCuan B. McCubhin F. McCracken B. McCulley K. McGuire B. McHenry K. McKee Q 1 K. Kciciddy f D. McNlillirt B. McNary J. McWilliams L. McWilliams L. Melton L. Mercer B. Millar C. Miller P. Miller D. Mitchell L. Mitchell C. Montgomery ,.4-ff S. Moore P. Moon M. Morgensen S. Morris R. Morrison Girls Show Imagination in Colorful Accents :'l 5 ....., TOP ROW: C. Moy, V. Moyer, P. Mulligan, C. Myers G. Neel, J. Nystrom, K. O'Shea, M. Ostrander, D. Ovl erbeck, J. Overby, P. Owen, C. Ozmun. ROW 2: S. Pallesen, S. Palmer, G. Parker, M. Pearson, B. Pedigo 1 18 o Coronets 4 Wm sm. ine' C. Percival, D. Percival, S. Petty, L. Phelps, D. Phillips, Read. BOTTOM ROW: A. Reid, S. Reid, D. Rendel S. Phipps, B. Pierson. ROW 3: M. Pierson, S. Pike, B. Rhea, G. Riley, C. Roberts, E. Roberts, B. Robert- W. Pike, N. Potter, L. Pruitt, S. Pulley, V. Pulliam, son, S. Robinson, G. Rogers, K. Rogers, N. Rollins. C. Ramee, R. Ramirez, S. Rathien, L. Rawlings, B. ,f 'A' If C"-J flu., t .. 1 iv Q Xa l "" 'iw A. t rop ROW: C. Saeed, N. salad, D. sandganen, D. shaver, N. shares, s. Sidwell, G. simmons, D. Skill- Sparks, M- Spencer, V. Srwrr. C- Stanton, A- Stewafff Schilb, C. Schmidt, M. Scott, D. ,Sears, D. Seay, L. man, B. Slade, L. Smiley, A. Smith, B. Smith, B. J. Nl. STOHS, B. Stout, S. Suggs, B. Summers, M. Swank, Self, S. Seba, D. Sherman, N. Sherwood. ROW 2: D. Smith, S. Smith, S. l. Smith, BOTTOM ROW: J. K- T5Yl0l'f S- TGYIOV- HAPPINESS IS having your girlfriend waiting for you after a Knight victory. Diane Sears rushes to congratulate Mark Grimes, varsity gridman. J. Thomas L. Thomas M. Thomas J. Thomason J. Thompson S. Thompson Y, Tritten K. Tuel G. Turnell J. Underhill V. Vaughn C. Vick P. Waddle A. Warren C. Warren D. Watts M. Walker M. Wells B. White S. Whittle E. Wikstrom G. Wilken B. Williams N. Williams D. Williamson D. Wilson J. Wilson K. Wilson P. Wilson L. Windham L, Wood C. Work P. Worthing S. Yates C. Young H. Young S. Youngblood N. Younge J. Yount J. Zanovich Coronets 0 ll'-7 482 4,2 lub Stages ovie Scene to muse Athletes 'f B GATHERING at Shepherd Mall to decorate for the annual Cygnet Banquet honoring the football players are officers ltopl Debi Young, president, Cathy McGregor, vice president, Terry Green, secretary, Cheryl Wilson, attendance secretary, Nancy Rice, treasurer, and Susan Black, assistant treasurer. 120 0 Cygnets .tltxft Gridmen were treated to a "Saturday Knight at the Movies" by Cygnet pep clubbers who created a theatrical atmos- phere for their annual dinner dance hon- oring the football team at Val Gene's in Shepherd Mall. Place cards were popcorn boxes indi- vidualized with verses about each player on the inside cover. Bits of popcorn were protruding from box tops. Mr. Ron Shotts, former football star at the University of Oklahoma, was guest speaker. To finance the banquet, girls sponsored proiects which included bake sales, ga- rage sales, and ice cream socials on the patio after school. Cygnets attended all Knight, sporting events, presented skits for pep assem- blies, and participated in Pep Council ac- tivities. Sponsors were Mesdames Eve William- son, Alice Chesher, Clovia Harrison, and Helen Willingham. TOP ROW: N. Abel, J. Adams, S. Alford, D. Allen. ROW 2: P. Almack, D. Alper, M. Amick, C. Arm- strong. ROW 3: S. Ayers, D. Baker, D. Bales, K. Banks. ROW 4: C. Barber, D. Barnett, P. Bartlebaugh, J. Bauchmoyer. BOTTOM ROW: C. Bell, V. Belt, P. Bennett, D. Bettis. L J ' ' l .mi , 5- , 1 5? I " W . :' fr + - rm: . f f I ' Lx. , r :ff , X Q: 'X .,. , -sg, , ' A ' f 4 . L. : I I I F H h, . a , , Y , D lf ' I I I I TOP ROW: J. Bingham, K. Binns, S. Black, K. Black- burn, J. Bockus, K. Bond, M. Bond, -M. Bonebrake D. Booth, J, Booth, L. Boyle, K, Boyles, J. Bradley ROW 2: P. Brandell, S. Bredeson, B. Breisch, L Brewer, M. Brewster, D. Brightwell, T. Brittingham C. Brown, J. Brown, L. Brown, P. Brown, A. Brun 1 dage, G. Buckner. ROW 3: J. Buerger, S. Burke, D Burton, D. Cameron, D. Campbell, P. Carballo, L. Carpenter, L. Carrington, D. Cavanaugh, D. Chiles, S. Clark, L. Clarkson, P. Coffia. ROW 4: B. Coker, G. Collins, A. Cooper, N. Cooper, C, Cornell, C. Cox I S. Coy, M. Craig, P, Crow, J. Crowe, P. Cunningham C. Cupp, J. Daniel. BOTTOM ROW: D. Darr, S. Davis S. De Guisti, B. Delano, D. Dever, J. Dickerson, N Dishman, M. Dixon, J. Doolen, K. Dunn, R. Eacles M. Easterday, J. Edelman. l J - --"' ' ,.. ' 1 7 Q FW f i if .6 A " .J f il er in . A , A ' . iar a .te W A '- ' .. ' I V . 3 f ' lp ff 'U My ' . s. "Q J A . I I if , 1 . . w V 'ai " 1 J ' I ,,.. r" 1 . L.. I f irii aein , . . ' ' R' B E 2 . . W g LET D -. - I g W R .,,. Q 1: is A K, -, , ir " 'tt ' 7 'X ' -' T 3' I 1' ' ff' is i I , J A l 'Wx . f l f I 3 ,,,. l ,L 'I ' I 1 A ' -- I., ' , , N ' 5 "' gi ,, P :.a ' "i'l' ' CP , it , r t . L M ...: . L J H , . L P in E ,,f?9l l 'K' I .L l gi, A7 'l"l A Q l 7 V E V afara . . fr ,ff W' - A . . - K. f f yy 5 4 ij A .,,,,, 4, A it . 2 ' 4 ji . , . " ' A L ff 'vi' r 'f ' T l L fl ah I 6 lk! 1 I :M V 'gl' lll I il ii , 5 Qt L4 I 1 1 g . r I i fy ifali V, h f 7 v " ' ' : .f-Q, ll? :,' i' ' L ' ,wa "-. 1 "' s . I . Jini A I if HL if 2 5 ' . ' Ik' H P , A ., ' ., jf V .1 C ,,,. 3 f 'V - . , ty, X , ' . 1 3, , I V In ' . TOP ROW J. Edmondson J. Emerson J. Epperson D. Erlewme J Ervin B. Farmer C. Farmer D. Faucett J. ic K Flan gan T. Flanagan J. Fores er . Formby POW 2: C. Foster A. Funderburk P. Gard- ne J Gates C. Gautreaux M. Geiger C Geist F. Gilbert V Gillen D. Gillen J. Goucher C. Gray T, Green. ROW 3: J. Greenamyer, J. Greenwood, C. Hibbard, K. Hicks, S. Hill, P. Hinkle, N. Hodgson, V. Hack, D. Hack, G. Hafen, J. Haggard, B. Hale, S. Holland. BOTTOM ROW: C. Holliday, A. Holloway, Hale, H. Hall, L. Halter, T. Hamby, S. Hand, J. L. Holt, A. Horton, D. Horton, S. Horton, D. Hosek, Hankinson. ROW 4: L. Harbeson, M. Harper, S. Harry, D. House, J. Householder, P. Hughes, R. Hulett, K. Hays, D. Helt, R. Hendricksof, D. Heuser, T. P. Hull, S. Hurst. Cygnets ' T21 gina -3. U, 11? 3, fr TOP ROW: D. lrby, J. Jackson, K. Jackson, S. Jar- B. Kennedy, B. Ketchum, C. Kimberlin, M. Kitchens, J. Leveridge, B. Lippert. BOTTOM ROW: T. Lippert, rett, K. Jenks, J. Jesseph, J, Jessup, C, Johnsen, J, N. Klinkevich, J. Knesek ROW 3: B. Knop, L. C. Littell, P. Littlepage, J. Long, D. Longley, R. Lowber, Johnson, L. Johnson, L. R, Johnson, P, Johnson, B, Kraker, S. Label, J. Lamb, D. Langston, L. Lanier, L. D. Lowe, L. Lowe, L. Luckhart, L. Lundien, P. Lush- Johnston. ROW 2: C. Jordan, M. Just, B. Kamen- Lanyon, C. Larkins, Z. Laxton, D. Leech, C. Lefler, LIOUQL1, K- Lynch, P.Ly1ie. Nove Spirit Girl ward Spotlights Efforts S. MacKay J. Maguire K. Mandabach M. Manning T. Manning M. Markham M. Marr ks-r I J. Marshall L. Martin S. Martin S. Matthews 35 C. Mayes L. Mayfield S. McCabe T. McCabe M. McCarty D. McCoy R. A. McCoy V. McCune C. McDonald J. McDow C. McGregor B. McLaughlin D. McMillan A. McNatt P.'McPhail L. Meek G. Meneguzzi N. Meriwether D. Meyer K. Meyers G. Miller G. S. Miller K. Miller N. Mills K. Mncherl S. Mcbley D. Montgomery SO Kitty Mitchell can look her best when the bus ar- D' Moms . . , . . , S. Moyer rrves at Enids stadium forthe bug game, Jerianne Unger K Mulkey combs and sprays Kittys wrndblown hair. D. Murray l 22 0 Cygnets TOP ROW: S. Newman, G. Newton, K. Nobles, K. Northrup, R. Nuzum, D. Odom, S. Otterson, K. Owen lROW 2: C, Peck, S. Peeler, T. Pellow, C. Perkins, N lPerry, P. Perry, C. Phillips, K. Phillips, D. Pierce, J lPingleton, V. Plumbtree, S. Pratt, F. Proffer. ROW 3 l , ' . A , E nf Q . L - L , .. E! if .vi Q 5 i F 1 X i . ' I .ess at X P. Profter, L. Quinn, M. Quinn, J. Rainwater, S I nolds, E. Richmond, N. Rice, J. Ringwald, R. Rob ,M. Owen, C. Parks, M. Parks, A. Parrish, M. Parsons. , ertson. ROW 4: K. Robinson, M. Robinson, C. Rogers, D K, Rountree, M. Rubenstein, S. Rychlec, S. Salmon E. Speece M. Stacy Mary Stacy M. Standefer N. Steph C. Stephens R. Stephens K. Steves P. Stewart B. Stoldt A. Stooker S. Stroud C. Supplee D. Sutter P. Sweeney L. Tabor E. Tatum P. Taylor S. Taylor S. Tebow D. Tefertiller S. Thomas D. Thomas B. Thompson Raunborg, M. Reece, K. Reiss, M. Rentro, J. Rey- C. Saxon, C. Schilb, A. Schneider, B. Shadid, J. Shaw, D. Sheltman. BOTTOM ROW: B. Sherwood, R. Shinn, S. Short, L. Sims, P, Sinclair, C. Singerman, J. Singleton, C. Smart, A. Smith, A. L. Smith, K. Smith, M. Smith, D. Snyder. FIRST WINNER of the new Spirit Girl of the Month award by Cygnets is Judy Ringwald. Prexy Debi Young presents her a patch to denote exceptional achievement. Cygnets 123 Weisiger, S. Wells, K. Welsay, S. Wheeler, S. White, E. Wilbanks. ROW 3: A. Wiles, R. Williams, M. Willson, J. Wilmoth, C. Wilson, J. Wilson, M. Wilson, P. Wilson, S. Wilson, A. Wise, G. Wishon, J. TOP ROW: D. Thompson, Deborah Thomson, Denise Thomson, D. Thornton, S. Tidwell, J. Tierce, J. Towe, C. Townsend, L. Traska, L. Tucker, P. Tuel, N. Tur- ney, S. Uhl. ROW 2: J. Unger, N. Vickrey, P. Wade, S. Waller, J. Wantland, S. Watson, S. Waugh, J. .54 x A ffl. Wolfley, V. Wood. BOTTOM ROW: I. Woods, L, Worsham, M. Wrany, J. Wyant, S. Yocum, D. Yoes, D. Young, E. Young, W. Younge, D. Yount, N. Yount, A. Zeldenthuis, D. Zinn. Friendships Bloom at Pep lub Functions ss IXW... PILLOW FIGHTS at the annual officers' slumber party help condition sergeants at arms, charged with keeping Cygnets in line. They are Timi Pellow, Linda Johnson, Barbara Ketchum, and Stevi McKay. 124 0 Cygnets 'r "DON'T STICK me!" hpleads Diane Burton as Steve Plumbtree pins on her corsage before a dance. Activities Lift Spirit, Link School Groups Provisions of the revised constitution of Court Jesters specified that all officers need not be cheerleaders, as has been the custom throughout the club's ten-year history. Instead, cheerleaders served as ser- geants at arms and instructors for the group's 125 members. Class representatives Jo Beth McNarry, freshman, Liz Johns, sophomore, Celia Saied, junior, and Patty Hughes, senior, recorded total points earned by their respective class members. Points were given for making and wearing spirit signs, or chanting. Through extended, supervised practice, girls polished and perfected cheering techniques and only club girls were eligible for all-school cheerleader. lu 'Y "DID you remember the potato chips?" asks President Terry Green frightt of officers, Shelly Horton, vice president: Cindy Bailey, treasurer: and Diane Burton, secretary. L075 of pmdice hours are logged by C-squad cheerleaders Janet Greenamyer, Becky Borg, Cindi Bell, and Charlsie Young before going out to cheer for the Little Knights. TOP ROW: D. Alper, R. Armstrong, N. Arnold, C. Bailey. ROW 2: D. Barnett, J. Bateman, A. Baum- berger, T. Bink. ROW 3: K. Blackburn, J. Blanton, M. Bonebrake, B. Borg. ROW 4: N. Bravo, A. Brun- dage, B. Bryant, J. Buerger. ROW 5: D. Burton, L. Burton, D. Cameron, D. Chiles. BOTTOM ROW: C. Choate, L. Clarkson, B. Coker, C. Combs. Court Jesters 0 125 55 l J 58 it f D. Cook L. Coulter K. Davis D. Dickerson N. Dishman J. Doolen R. Ellison D. Erlewine D. Faucett L. Fife J. Finch T. Green J. Greenamyer D. Greenhaw M. Gross TIPS ON BRACING for walkovers and handsprings are given to Charlotte Choate and S, Hale Malinda McCuan by Nancy Arnold, all-school cheerleader, in the club practice sessions. G mnastics Improve C eer Techniques l TOP ROW: L. Hall, L. Halter, L. Hanson, M. Harris K. Hefner, S. Hill, S. Horton, H. Hughes, P. Hughes C. Hulett, R. Hulett, M. Irvine, C. Jackson. ROW 2 J. Jackson, K. Jackson, L. Johns, B. Johnston, C Jordan, B. Keesee, S. Kendell, A. Kiker, .l. Lamb, L. Lanter, T. Lensgraf, B. Lippert, T. Lippert. ROW 3 P. Littlepage, M. MacKay, M. Markham, M. McCuan, l26 ' Court Jesters B. McCubbin, C. McDonald, C. McGregor, J. McNary, C. Miller, D. Mitchell,'K. Mulkey, C. Myers, K. Myers. ROW 4: P. Owen, C. Ozmun, T. Pellow, D. Percival, S. Phipps, V. Plumbtree, L. Pruitt, J. Ringwald, S. Robinson, M. Rubenstein, C. Saied, N. Saied, C. Schmidt. ROW 5: A. Schneider, S. Seba, J. Singleton, L. Smiley, A. Smith, K. Smith, N. Steph, B. Stoldt, S. Stroud, S. Suggs, B. Summers, D. Sutter, E. Tatum. BOTTOM ROW: L. Thomas, M. Tubb, L. Tucker, R. Williams, D. Wilson, J. Wilson, C. Work, S. Yates, C. Young, D. Young, J. Yount, N. Yount, J. Zano- vich. y 1 -Am MZ!! tcm J Pep Council Coordinates All pirit Schemes SINCE the activities calendar requires careful consideration, Pep Council members Cindy Brown and Bill Lytle consult with activities director Kathleen Owen before scheduling an upcoming event. Coordinating the efforts of the pep clubs in establishing and maintaining school spirit and good sportsmanship was the purpose of the Pep Council. Membership consisted of voting dele- gates: pep club presidents, their head sponsors, and spirit chairman of Student Council, non-voting members: 'O' club president, head cheerleader, head major- ette, representatives from each sport, and a representative from each pep club. Pep Council committee members planned the seating arrangement at home- coming and worked out details. Responsibility for checking the format for pep rallies and assemblies was dele- gated to the Council. Following these events there was careful evaluation and recommendations for changes. New cheerleading uniforms, proposed cheers, and all skits to be presented at pep rallies were screened and approved by the council. After considerable discussion, Pep Council committee members compiled a list of revisions to their constitution in or- der to adiust to changing school life. wwf-H 937 gf. .t, lives ,Nw 5 GG PEP COUNCIL-BOTTOM ROW: G. Simmons, C. McGregor, T. Green, S. Suggs, D. Young, N. Steph. TOP ROW: Mr. Ledbetter, J. ClWGall16m. B- Lvtlef MVS Et Grove, Mrs. E. Dodson, Mrs. L. Moore, Mrs. H. Willingham, Mrs. E. Williamson. Pep Council 0 l27 ,,,,,,,,.u-av" 4,...,,-M 128 0 Sports "HE WALKS, he talks, he spins the ball!" exclaim Mike Buchanan and Paul Skaggs as they marvel at Mitchell's manual dexterity. Meanwhile, manager Leon diligently tapes the ankle of Skip Bayless. tzfw Goal posts, baskets and ribbons, An athlete gives his all- Tension, sweat and glory, Records continue E55 H qwlylfrtlss to fan p Cheers, songs, pep rallies, A Purple Haze descends from the sky. Trophies, victories and state titles- It's a Northwest battlecry! IS IT A CURVE or a fast-ball? Opposing hitters wonder as Knight pitching ace, Skip Smith, prepares to deliver the pitch. Spons 0 129 Sportsmen Elect All-Sports Queen Sportsmen chose honorees for their vari- ous sports and after an all-school election crowned the All-Sports queen, Nancy Steph, in the Homecoming assembly No- vember l. Program highlights featured a dance by Robin Stephens, Susie Suggs, and Gail Simmons, music by the Cry-slurs' Boys Quartet. Queen candidates were escorted by "O" Club members Benny Byers, Bob- by Fairchild, Marc Funk, Mark Grimes. CINDY BROWN Princess of Baseball and Track TERRY GREEN Princess of Football and Cross Country 130 o Royalty NANCY STEPH All-Sports Queen MINDY MCCARTY NANCY ARNOLD Princess of Tennis and Golf Princess of Basketball and Wrestling thletes Honor State Champs with F lags Sixty boys who lettered in at least one of nine varsity sports composed the Boys 7'O" Club. Banners designating each state cham- pionship team in the school's fourteen- year history were purchased and placed on permanent display in the gymnasium by the "O" Club. Service proiects and social functions were financed by a football program that the "O" Club published and sold at home games. Club members sponsored an all-school pep rally at a local theater as one of their money-raising projects. Boys sold tickets at school to the movie Paper Lion, a film featuring professional football. Initiation ceremonies into the club were conducted three times during the year, after fall, winter, and spring sports. Serving as officers were Mark, Ack- man, president, John Cheatham, vice- president, Marty Schnetzler, secretary. FOOTBALL PROGRAMS are checked out every week bel0fe games bl' HO" ClUb OfflCefS Milly 5Cl'1f'l6lZl6l', Mark Ackerman, John Cheatham and Bill Fleetwood, who served first semester. TOP ROW: J. Abney, M. Ackerman, D. Allen, F. Allen, G. Ashmore, H. Ballew, S. Bayless, R. Brown, M. Buchanan, B. Byers, C. Cain, R. Capron. ROW 2: D. Capshaw, J. Carter, J. Cheatham, D. Clark, K. Clark, R. Cleaver, A. Dabney, M. DeBolt, K. Duncan, B- F6lfCl1lld,.B- FleelW00Cl, 5. Flynn. ROW 3: M. Phinney, M. Plumbtree, S. Plumbtree, D. Rasmussen, Furik, B- Games, B. Gary, B- Geller, P. Green, M- P. Rattan, R. Raunborg. BOTTOM ROW: G. Ritter, Grimes, L. Grussendorf, S. Harris, D- Held, G. Hor- J. Riggal, P. Rosenburg, T. Rueb, M. Schnetzler, B. top, D- Littlefield, B- lytle- ROW 42 B. Nlalonee, R- Scott, B. Sims, P. Smith, B. Stoldf, J. Swartzendruber, Miller, S. Mitchell, C. Nixon, T. Peek, C. Phinnev, K. B. Trosper, S. Veatch. Bays "o" Club - l3l 0 . .aw 4, .7 Mfg i I' 1-fi' .ur- I"1?"1 VARSITY-BOTTOM ROW: M. Plumbtree, G. D. Rit- Blair, D. Pock, J, Moxley, S. Veatch, D. Capshaw, R ter, M. Simmons, M, Ackerman, B. Clark, B. Clay- Emerson, P. Rosenberg, J. Swartzendruber. ROW 3 baugh, P. Littlepage, J. Cooley. ROW 2: K. L. R. Cleaver, B. Gary, C. Blalock, B. Johnson, M. Funk LAST-MINUTE encouragement is given to the Knight gridsters by Head Coach Dean Choate prior to his team's 21-O victory over U.S. Grant at Taft Stadium. 132 o Football W Claims Crown VARSITY RECORD 11-1 NWC 29 Lawton Eisenhower 6 NWC 32 Capitol Hill 6 NWC 31 Southeast 12 NWC 10 Midwest City 7 NWC 16 John Marshall O NWC 21 U. S. Grant O NWC 14 Enid 6 NWC 44 Shawnee 7 NWC 20 Putnam City O NWC 21 Douglass O NWC 14 Lawton 6 NWC 14 Tulsa Washington 33 Q7 TOP ROW: G. Finley, B. Larwig, K. T. Blair, J. Carter, M. Grimes, D. Littlefield, P. Bingham, G. Brand, G. S. Ritter, J. French, B. Fleetwood, C. Laird. L. Moslander, D. Vaughn, S. Harris. SENIOR signal-caller Paul Rosenberg has pay-dirt in his eyes as he barrels around left end behind savage blocking in 'the season's opener. in Conference, District, Ranks 2nd in State THIS was the year of the Knights- almost. Sparked by a "Super" defense and potent offense, Northwest's football team garnered Mid-State and District titles and a second-place finish in the State Class AAA finals. After capturing the Mid-State title the Knights met Lawton in the District play- off at Lawton. The number-one ranked gridders surged into the finals by edging the Wolverines l4-6. Quarterback Paul Rosenberg pegged touchdown passes to versatile John Carter and sophomore run- ning back Steve Harris for two scores. The following Saturday, December T4 at 2 p.m., before l6,000 fans in Skelly Stadium in Tulsa, Northwest suffered its lone defeat of the campaign, 33-l-4, at the hand of the Tulsa Washington Hor- nets. The Knights played an inspired first half as Marc Funk and Steve Veatch turned in outstanding defensive perform- ances to hold the Hornets to a single touchdown. Northwest scored all its points in the opening half, on a 78-yard fumble recovery return by defensive-end Veatch and a AO-yard touchdown com- pletion to Harris. The second half was dominated by Tulsa Washington as the Hornets scored four touchdowns and intercepted five passes to thwart Knight scoring threats. Coach Dean Choate guided the varsity Squad to an ll-T record and upped his won-loss skein for three years to 26-5-l. The defensive-minded team scored 266 points while limiting opponents to a pal- try 83 points. Picked as pre-season favorites by coaches and sportswriters, Knights were constantly under pressure to iustify these ratings. Knight gridmen made a spectacular showing at the prep preview the first week of school. Featuring area teams, the preview was televised for the first time. Lawton Eisenhower become the icont.D Football 0 7 Qi Mi. I 'Xl s .f A ' , fy! . P! , 2, SX ' I? 3 A ,, Hair, if g M M Klzygm It's 11 Straight Wins for Ch0ate's Squad! Knights' first victim as the Eagles battled their hosts at Taft Stadium. Carter scored two touchdowns to help smash Lawton lke 29-6. The next week the vaunted defense ad- ministered an awesome beating to sadly outmanned Capitol Hill as Northwest opened its drive for the Mid-State crown with a 32-6 win. The Redskins were held to -13 yards rushing and were able to complete only 3 of 28 passes for 31 yards. The gridmen had their hands full with Southeast but broke open an 11-6 game with a pair of touchdowns in the third quarter and went on to dump the Spar- tans 31-12. Workhorse fullback David Capshaw paced the ground attack with two touchdowns. Midwest City traveled to Taft Stadium to meet the Knights and was defeated 10-7. Northwest's lone touchdown came late in the first period when Carter pounced on a fumble by Bomber quar- terback Johnny Brandon in the Knights' FULLBACK Dave Capshaw bulls for a first down against Douglass, despite the efforts of safetyman Michael Dulan. The Knights blanked the Troians 21-O in the final game of the regular season. Football 0 135 WHEN THE KNIGHTS GO MARCHIN' IN . .. The football team charges onto the field before playing Grant. STATISTICS: Individual TDs PAT TP Carter 1 1 66 Harris 7 42 Vaughn 4 field goals 28 40 Capshaw 4 24 Grimes 3 4 22 Veatch 3 1 safety 20 Rosenberg 3 18 Blair 2 2 14 Brand 1 1 safety 8 Gary 1 6 Bailey 1 6 STATISTICS: Team NWC Opp. First Downs 173 88 Rushing Yardage 1535 871 Passing Yardage 1621 801 Total Points 266 83 136 o Football UP AND OVER John Carter 1321 scores in the first game of the football season at Taft Stadium against Lawton Eisenhower in Nor1hwest's 29-6 win over the Eagles. EXPERT pass protection is given to Paul Rosenberg by Bill Johnson C521 and Dave Capshaw 1303 against AN extra effort adds an extra point by Dale Tulsa Washington in the state playoff game, only Knight loss of the gridiron season. Vaughn in the state championship game. "WHO'S GOT THE BALL?" Greg Brand challenges Shawnee's Jim Nance for a loose ball, Carter, Grimes Named All-Staters As Knights Outscore Foes 266-33 end zone. The Knights held off two Mid- west City scoring attempts in the fourth quarter to preserve a three point victory margin. Behind two touchdown catches by Mark Grimes Northwest defeated John Marshall 16-O. Jim French intercepted three passes and Funk intercepted two to stop Bear touchdown drives. The Knights turned three U. S. Grant miscues into touchdowns for a 21-O romp over the Generals. Rosenberg com- pleted lO of 21 aerials for 138 yards and two touchdowns to Capshaw and Veatch. Journeying to Enid to play in the No. l game of the week, the gridders downed Enid T4-6. Carter played brilliantly, scor- ing two touchdowns and leading the rug- ged defense. The following week Northwest put its best foot forward by blitzing Shawnee 44-7. Sophomores Steve Harris and Kreg Blair each scored twice for the victors. With a chance to wrap up the Mid-State trophy, the marauding Knights traveled to arch-rival Putnam City to up their record to 9-O. Exploding for two quick touchdowns, in the first quarter, Northwest went on to subdue the Pirates 20-O. The Knights put an end to regular sea- son competition on a perfect note by shut- ting out Douglass 21-O. Harris tallied twice and Carter once to give their school its first unblemished season since 1959. Carter and Grimes received All-State honors from the Daily Oklahoman, with Carter being named Lineman of the Year by both the Oklahoman and the Journal. Carter was also named to the '69 high school All-American tearn by Scholastic Magazine. The only other Oklahoman honored was Clinton's James Williams. Both boys signed letters of intent to at- tend Oklahoma State University. Football o JUNIOR VARSITY-BOTTOM ROW: G. Justice, F. Mil- ler, S, Phillips, C. Wells, T. Thompson, J. Humphrey, J. Lund, T. Duffy. ROW 2: A. Parnell, B. Hubbard D. Ming, C. Helm, J. Blevins, M. Kidd, D. Samara, M Haxel, H- MCGCC- ROW 31 5- Cl0U"'f5 lC0HCl'1J, 5- Barker, F. Holloway fcoachl. TOP ROW: G. Cherry, Lucas, C. Humphreys, F. Gonlalel, J- Sfaflfa, M- M. Bailey, G. Collins, G. Ebeling, D. Brown, S. , Riggall, J. Hardwick, R- Brewer, B- Fernberg, G. Smith, B. Jackson, M. Oruch, J. Hay, D. Frazier. Q 9 d S B's, Frosh Post S0-S0 Gri iron easons "WHERE did you come from?" wonders Chuck Wells as a Grant lineman storms through to rush his pass. The Junior Varsity lost the game to the U. S. Grant Generals 28-6. 138 0 B-C Squads Final records of 3-5-2 and 5-4 were compiled by the football B and C teams, respectively. The iunior varsity attained its record with victories over Capitol Hill, Southeast, and John Marshall, then lost to Midwest City, Grant, Putnam City, Moore, and Star-Spencer. Draws were registered with Putnam City West and Putnam City. Top performers for the B team were sophomores Gary Barker, Glen Ebeling, and Fred Gonzalez. Junior standouts were Greg Cherry, Craig Humphreys, Scott Rayburn, and Chuck Wells. Five wins and four losses comprised the freshman record with wins coming against Classen, Star-Spencer, Capitol Hill, Southeast, and Northeast. Losses came at the hands of Jarman, John Marshall, Douglass and Grant. Standouts for the Little Knights were Mark Held, Phil Littlefield, Pat Harley, Steve Smith, and Stephen Smith. Coach Fred Holloway directed the B team, Mr. Tom Erwin, the C-squad. ONE of the freshman standouts, Mark Held, skirts end with the Troians in pursuit as JUNIOR VARSITY RECORD 3-5-2 NWC .24 Capitol Hill ...... .... . . 0 " NWC . 6 Southeast .... . 0 NWC . 0 Midwest City . . . . . . 24 NWC .21 John Marshall ..... . . . 20 NWC . 6 Putnam City West , . . . . 6 NWC . 6 U. S. Grant .... 38 NWC . 6 Moore ...... .. 12 NWC . O Putnam City . . . . . 16 NWC . 8 Star Spencer .. . . . . 48 NWC . 6 Putnam City . . 6 C-SQUAD RECORD 5-4-0 NWC .14 Classen ....... .... . . 0 NWC . 7 Star Spencer .. . 0 NWC.. 6 Jarman ....... . . 14 NWC .12 John Marshall . .. . . 18 NWC . 6 Douglass ..... . 18 NWC .14 Capitol Hill .. .. O NWC .13 Southeast . . . . 6 NWC .12 Northeast . . . . 6 NWC . O U. S. Grant .. 12 ., ... l the Little Knights are defeated by Douglass, 18-6 in mid-season play. Q ff ., 1' I .WY- .ltst ' i'.'r. Jjl I. , 4 g . E .V Q5 'NME i CLR? 5. yl'l y if fl EE S, , I Q I .:f,,.aw. , ff, 1 I .52 "-' L X was l C-SQUAD Hop Picture! TOP ROW: J. Geist, S. Smith, T. Tefertiller, S. Smith, K. Beatty, P. Szafranski. ROW 3: T. Erwin Ccoachl, J. Learned, D. McGee, K. Smith, R. Borgman, R. Morgensen, C. Bielsteinl. ROW 2: M. Held, P. Harley, D. Runyan, S. Larson, J. Hewes, J. Nystrom, R. La- mar. BOTTOM ROW: M. Daly, L. Slade, C. Kongs, M. Leard, T. Ger- lich, L. Leverich. fBottom Picturej TOP ROW: J. Ray- burn, T. Wheeler, B. Thompson, J. Beesley, C. Dahlgren, D. Cates. Row 3: J. Carpenter, D. Hearn, G. Dempsey, M. Worley, D. Thompson, B. Bullard. ROW 2: R. Strong, J. Rich, P. Littlefield, J. Gallegly, K. Ogle, C. Frady. BOTTOM ROW: J. Wentz, S. Short, M. Hensley, T. Schatzer, S. Windham. B-C Squad 0 139 ONE HUNDRED RUNNERS begin the grueling two-mile race at the OSU Invitational Meet. Harriers Set State, School Records in Meets ALL-STATER Gene Horton strives for the lead over his U. S. Grant opponent in the Mid- State Conference meet at the Fairgrounds. 140 0 Cross-Country Claiming the first cross-country state championship in school history, Coach Rex lrwin's harriers scored 46 points to out- distance nearest rival Putnam City by I5 points. Knight leatherlungers outdistanced op- ponents by the widest margin in the his- tory of Class AA cross-country in the state of Oklahoma. Junior Gene Horton led Northwest with his effort of 9:46, good for second place in the state meet. Other counters for the Knights were Rick Brown, seventh, Marty Schnetzler, ninth, John Bell, thirteenth, and Phil Smith, fifteenth. Earlier in the season Northwest cap- tured the city championship at the Okla- homa City fairgrounds course. The Knights scored 43 points, followed by U. S. Grant with 48 points. Horton earned the title of Best in City by clocking 9:36 to cross the line first in the City meet. Other Knight finishers were Brown, fifth, Schnetzler, sixth, Bell, fifteenth, and Smith, sixteenth. Northwest's only disappointment came when the Knights finished behind Put- nam City and U. S. Grant for a third place finish in the Mid-State Conference meet. In the six-mile relays hosted by U. S. Grant, at the fairgrounds, Knight runners finished second behind the Generals. Northwest's first team consisted of Smith, mile, Brown, mile, Bell, half mile, Schnetzler, mile and a half, and Horton, two-mile. Total time for the Knights was 29:04. Dual meet competition resulted in a record of 5-l for Northwest, who lost only to U. S. Grant. The Knights' well bal- anced team defeated Southeast and Cap- itol Hill. Chief rival Putnam City was de- feated twice. Southeast was the only team shutout by the Knights this year. With a perfect score of 15 to 50, top runners for North- west were Horton, Schnetzler, Brown, Steve Flynn, Smith, Doug Rasmussen, and Roger Miller. At the annual cross-country team ban- quet Coach Rex lrwin awarded fourteen letters. Lettermen were Schnetzler, Brown, Smith, Flynn, Robert Worthing, Bill Hill, Miller, Jack Mills, Bob Stoldt, Bell, Hor- ton, Joel Drury, Rasmussen, and Brian Meneguzzi. l CROSS-COUNTRY RECORD 5-1 NWC .... 26 Putnam City ............ . . 30 NWC .... 15 Southeast .... , 50 NWC .... 31 Grant ....... , , 25 NWC .... 24 Putnam City .. . . . 31 NWC .... 16 Capitol Hill . . . . 47 Grant 6-rnile Relays ....... . . 2nd OSU Invitational . . , , 2nd Mid-State Meet . . . . . 3rd City Meet ...... ,, , lst C State Meet . . , , 151 tx? 2.1: ir W", RIGORS of the race are reflected on the face of Doug Rasmussen as he nears the halfway mark in the two-mile competition at the Grant six-mile relays. TIME is of the essence to senior Marty Schnetzler. ' -f ' K,-7 5 ar 4 I K N 2 K A. 1 I Bt Mg Q r r 111. CROSS COUNTRY-BOTTOM ROW: S. Flynn . B. Meneguzzi. ROW 2: B. Hill R. Worthing D. mussen. TOP ROW: J. Robinson, T. Lout, C. Nixon, Drury R Brown P, Smith G. Horton M. Schnetzler Brown R. Cooper R. McNern R. Miller D. Ras- M. Giese, B. Cook, D. Richert, E. Crosley, Coach Irwin. Cross-Country o 141 'Vt Q bfi! W' 2 N ll 5 i l W 6 X' W Y, Q 7 X ffm l K gi.: ft ' vs X V X 1 '71 "' 2 .77 ., - i t K h,..,.. ,fs x r . le fs . A -1 ' 'rll V I N 1 I Z if II.. sl C if l ff f l 1 .ik ' , , J I , sw, law REACHING for his place stick, top harrier Phil crosses the finish line first at the State Meet. .,,..., W B az , eww' au, . 6, 6 aa. Smith "WE'RE OUT TO WIN!" Coach Rex lrwin, veteran of I3 NW sports seasons, convinces varsity squadmen Bill Hill, John Bell, Brian Meneguzzi, Gene Horton, Rick Brown, Phil Smith, and Marty Schnetzler. SENIORS Phil Smith and Ricky Brown set the pace in city competition. State Champions Fuliill Coach Irwin's Dream My 1 M Q., fe Y' LEATHERLUNGERS Gene Horton and Marty Schnetzler lead the pack to claim the class AA state cross-country championship. 142 0 Cross-Country VARSITY BASKETBALL-BOTTQM ROW2 H- Ballewf J- M. Buchanan, B. Bergmann. TOP ROW: Coach Don Van Pool, B. Scott G. Ashmore S. Bayless J Cheaf. Waugh, J- Hill, B- Byers, 5- NliYCl1Sll, R. RGUDQOYQ- Van Pool, G, Rahill, P. Skaggs, T. Robinson, D. ham, K. Blair Coach Clay Davis., I l Cagers Shatter Records in Sweep of Titles At the beginning of the season, North- west's b-ballers had two obiectives: to win the Mid-State Conference and to repeat as state champions. Led by 6' 10" Steve Mitchell, the tal- ented Knights accomplished goal number one and were well on their way to number two, posting 21-l season record. It was the best season record in school history due largely to Mitchell who av- eraged 2l.5 points a game and intimi- dated the opponents on defense. In the season opener, Northwest trounced Shawnee 65-30 as lO Knights broke into the scoring column. Mitchell led all scorers with 19 points. The Purple and Gold then traveled to awton to participate in the inaugural i-State tournament. The Knights claimed he tournament crown with victories over Putnam City West 68-42, Bartlesville Sooner 68-54 and Marlowe 60-44. Mitchell was selected Most Valuable Player and senior playmaker John Cheat- 'tam ioined him on the All-Tournament team. Capitol Hill was the next Northwest victim, falling 52-46. The Redskins ef- iectively contained Mitchell, but iunior Qon Raunborg broke loose for 26 points and game scoring honors. Putnam City's 20-8 first quarter lead ooked as impregnable as the Bastille. E ...ff are ss., fM'F5'NG basketball Seasfm is 'he hffdesf PNY," Says Bobby Fairchild of his nine-week confinement fol- Axwlng an automobile accident the night of The Tulsa Tournament. Craig Dawkins, Frank Allen, and Leon eyers were also iniured in the wreck. Bobby, Leon, and Frank were managers, Craig, a Varsity player. Basketball 0 143 RECORD 21-1 NWC Shawnee NWC Putnam City West NWC Bart. Sooner NWC Marlow NWC Capitol Hill NWC Putnam City NWC Douglass NWC John Marshall NWC Midwest City NWC U. S. Grant NWC Mt. View NWC Ringwood NWC Tulsa Central NWC U. S. Grant NWC Shawnee NWC John Marshall NWC Capitol Hill NWC Putnam City NWC Douglass NWC Midwest City NWC 65 Enid 53 NWC 73 Southeast 60 RIGORS of the game are reflected by Coach Don Van Pool, who upped his career won-loss record to 206-84 in '68-'69, ABOVE: COACH VAN POOL gives Bruce Scott a pointer on how to run the offense. RIGHT: "Dorff forget to cover the baseline," shouts the volatile coach to his Varsity charges. 144 0 Basketball FIRST down Sophomore Tony Robinson scrambles for a loose ball in the Knight's 63-53 conquest of Enid. Scrap, Hustle, Drive, Grit - Code of Knightland's Champions However, behind Mitchell's 28 points, the Knights celebrated "Bastille Day" early, rallying for a 56-36 win. In the game-of-the-week, the balanced Northwest attack handed Douglass its first home court loss in three years 64-62. Four starters scored in double figures. Resembling a German tank division, the cagers "blitzed" outmanned John Marshall 65-42. Mitchell and iunior Bruce Scott combined for T8 and T3 points, re- spectively, to lead all scorers. Arch-rival Midwest City literally "froze" against the taller Knights, but its stalling tactics failed by a 45-33 margin. Mitchell held the Bombers' Larry Trimble, the conference leading scorer, to five points while scoring 22 himself. Coach Don Van Pool's charges survived Grant's Clay Hoster to edge the Generals 56-53. Hoster, a 6' 3" shooting artist, pumped in 24 points in a losing effort. A long-awaited trip to Tulsa for the invitational "Tournament of Champions" followed the Grant game. The Knights claimed another coveted trophy, downing Mountain View 76-58, Ringwood 44-39, and No. 2 ranked Tulsa Central 69-50. The first round of the Tournament of- fered an interesting match between the state's two tallest players, Northwest's Mitchell and Mountain View's 6' ll" Nor- man Russell. Returning from the bright lights of Tulsa, the cagers won return matches with Grant 68-58, Shawnee 37-26, John Marshall 80-45, Capitol Hill 75-53, and Putnam City 60-49. The 37-26 triumph over Shawnee marked Coach Van Pool's 200th career coaching win. Any hope for a perfect season was ruined when Douglass nipped Northwest 67-65. The Trojan win ended the Knights' 28-game winning streak. Rebounding from this loss, the b-ball- ers went on to decision Midwest City 45-42, Enid 63-53, and Southeast 73-60. In the last two victories, the towering Mitchell set two new school records. His 23 point outburst against Enid boosted his career total over the TOOO point mark, The following game, he threatened to beat Southeast singlehand- edly, scoring 49 points. This scoring binge eclipsed Larry Gatewood's record of 42 set in T966. AN altitude record is set by Steve Mitchell as he scores two points despite a block by Midwest City's stellar guard Larry Trimble, varsity captain. Basketball o T45 GRANVS Clay Hoster C441 questions how to stop Ron Raunborg's layup in Northwest's 68-58 win over the Generals. INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Mitchell Raunborg Cheatham Scott Dawkins Byers Waugh Robinson Skaggs Bergmann Ashmore GAMES 22 22 21 22 11 22 10 15 15 11 11 PTS. 474 286 179 186 44 77 22 27 21 12 11 AVG. 21.5 13.0 8.5 8.5 4.0 3.5 2.2 1.8 1.4 1.1 1.0 146 o Basketball "THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT" is evidenced by cagers Ben Byers and John Cheatham as they march down the court in the finals of the Tulsa Memorial Tournament of Champions. JUNIOR VARSITY-BOTTOM ROW: T- RObiI'lSOn, T. James, B. Humph- ROW: Coach Clay Davis, K. Blair, M, Stevens, G. Rahill, S. Bayless, VSV, J- Hill, D. Littlefield, J. Waugh D,. Van Pool, D. Vaughn. TOP M. Wilson, V.,Bowen, M. Manning, C. Humphrey, D. Fairchild, mgr. Coach Van Pool Posts 200th areer Wm Talented sophomores provided most of the scoring punch as Coach Clay Davis' B-squad posted a T2-4 season record. Sophomores Jerry Waugh, Jim Hill, and Tony Robinson teamed with iunior Skip Bayless to lead the Junior Varsity. Waugh and Hill were the only players to score in double figures, averaging l5.2 and ll.8 points, respectively. Highlight of the year was the team's 47-AO win over Douglass. This victory avenged last year's loss to the Trojans which ended a 35-game home court win- ning streak. Under the direction of Coach Tom Er- win, the C-squad suffered through a 3-T3 campaign. Lack of heighth and in- experience troubled the cagers through- out the season. An intense rivalry with Northwest's feeder school, Taft Jr. High, was created when the freshman squad defeated the Royals AO-39. The Little Knights' overtime win marked the first meeting between the two schools. Steve Makintubee hit a pres- sure-packed freethrow with no time re- maining in the overtime to give North- west its victory. A. C. Copeland, Steve McNeill, Rod Cranford, Bart Thompson, and Makin- tubee comprised the starting five for the C-squad. Copeland and Makintubee were con- sistent scorers for the C-squad, with Copeland being the tallest man on the team at 5' li". "WE DID IT AGAIN!" Knight b-ballers claim the Tulsa Tournament of Champions trophy. B-Squad 0 T47 Mitch Edges 1,000 Mark, abs Record 49 Points DEFENSIVE tactics of Tony Robinson and Bruce Scott force Chris Gilbert ot John Marshall to Commit a traveling violation, FORWARD Bob Bergmann registers a bucket against Midwest City despite an attempted "stuff" by Mike Beno. Northwest went on to defeat the Bombers 45-33. Q -'mln V' .fr t' 1 'W' J var C-SQUAD-BOTTOM ROW: J, Yeager, C. Carter, A. C. McNeill, C. Ellison, TOP ROW: C, Kongs, J. Ritter, Ridley, B. Ray, Coach Torn Erwin, Copeland, B. Thompson, R. Cranford, W, Wallin, S, R, Metheny, S, Makintubee, K. Wilson, S. Wright, R. 148 0 C-Squad Basketball Wfjgy g 'it W SQ st'-fi ii.. "f W mtl xtWf.s ,Nw , W cf fi 4. Q., tit WF A R i' Cl P l L.. AL' th. A .-A VARSITY WRESTLERS-FRONT ROW: G. Dickinson, D. M, Ackerman. ROW 2: Coach L. Marcotte, R. Kil- R- M'37l0Ck- TOP ROW? T- HUbbBfd, K. Bryant, S, Box, R. Fulton, P. Rattan, T. Peek, B, Geller, gore, M, Riggall, K. Willson, G. Barker, J, Riggall, Veatch, S. Rayburn, K. Zinn, M. McGinley, G. Ebeling. Inex erience, A combination of "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" marked Coach Leon- ard Marcotte's fourteenth season as wrestling mentor at Northwest. Plagued by inexperience and iniur- ies, the grapplers posted a 5-6 dual rec- ord and placed seventh in the Mid-State tournament. Emphasis was necessarily placed on youth when iniuries crippled seniors Pat Rattan and Mark McGinley. On the brighter side, the Knights flat- tened five opponents, including Class AA wrestling power Classen. Underclass- men with experience in ten ot the eleven weight brackets will return to bolster next year's squad. Senior Jim Riggall, at l45 pounds, claimed third place individually in the City tournament and led the team in scoring with i3 wins, 6 losses, and 6 pins for Al points. Another senior, Ron Matlock at l68 pounds, was second in team totals with 5 wins, 8 losses and 2 pins for l9 points. Other leading scorers for the grapplers were Dennis Box, Barry Geller, and Mark Ackerman, totaling i5 points apiece, Gary Barker and Steve Veatch, lA points, and Tom Peek, who compiled i2 points. For the first time in school history no Northwest wrestler qualified for the state meet. However, Riggall claimed the AAU title April l9, ln regional competition Coach Mar- cotte entered underclassmen so they could gain experience for next year. Injuries Hamper Grapplers . fqsllfy S ta trys, M ,git W5 JUNIOR VARSlTY-FRONT ROW: B. Clark, S. Phillips, J. Cooley, M. Bailey, B. Hubbard, P. Fondren. ROW 2: M. Hanson, D. Mettauer, C. Shirley, D. Smith, J, Beal, F. Gonzalez. TOP ROW: B. Wensauer, K. Loeftler, G. Poteet, E, Thayer, G. Collins, G. Hayde'1,mgr,,.l.McWhirter. Wrestling o l-19 an tsr f X T P if Tkgvlgp 'Kiwi "MOM liked you best," shouts Mike Riggall to his older brother Jim, as their sibling rivalry flares in preparation for regional competition. VARSITY RECORD 5-6 NWC 8 NWC 25 NWC 8 NWC l l NWC 30 NWC l7 NWC 5 NWC 32 NWC 20 NWC 34 NWC 3 John Marshall Capitol Hill Midwest City Southeast Guthrie U. S. Grant Norman Douglass Classen Northeast Putnam City All City Tournament 9th Place Mid-State Tournament 7th Place Regionals 12th Place l 50 0 Wrestling KNlGHT STANDOUT, Jim Riggall, receives congratulations after he pins his opponent in the Norman match, Riggall tallied the Knights' only points of the contest, fi C Q C.5QUAD..B0T10M RQW, D, Harms, J, Colley, R, S. Smith, S. Sherri TOP ROW: S. Wooldridge, K. Smith, P. Harley, D. Warren, L. Slade. Gill, E. Winston, ROW 2: J. Hewes, D. Morgensen, Wrestlers, Tankers Face Revamping Course ONE-TENTH of a second makes the crucial difference in the 400-yard freestyle relay, consisting of Bill Lytle, Torn Rueb, Charlie Turpin, and Henry Bockus, at the John Marshall dual meet. Under the direction of new Head Coach John Goss, Northwest swimmers fin- ished 4--4 in dual meet competition, fourth in the Mid-State Conference, and second in the City Meet. In the Mid-State Meet Knight swim- mers captured only one conference title to finish fourth. Team Captain Marty Schnetzler finished first in the 200-yard freestyle. Silver medals in the conference meet were awarded To Bob Trosper in diving and Charles Crittenden in the TOO-yard breaststroke. Third place finishers were Jack Parsons, diving, and Schnetzler, 400- yard free style. Underclassmen dominated the Knights' second place finish in the City Meet. Crittenden, a freshman, won the lOO- yard breaststroke and Trosper, a soph- omore, won the diving competition. Other medal winners were Parsons, second, ZOO-yard freestyle and AOO-yard freestyle, Henry Bockus, third, 50-yard freestyle, Crittenden third, 200-yard in- dividual medley, the freestyle relay, sec- ond, and the medley relay, third. Other finishers for Northwest were Parsons, fourth, diving and Crittenden, fifth TOO-yard breaststroke. State competition was highlighted by Trosper's second place finish in diving. Wrestling, Swimming 0 151 Q J . J Q.. J . 1 IW, VV,iV, , W. f f- VAVV, an ,,,,, A V V , V, .aj ' ' J J - 21 ra r at . J or J . 1. , or I of letr 2,,. V J 2 a g . H ., . M my A 8 I 'V my A . my. M W Q V A' V, V ' 14 ' ' I Q ,. ,,V ' - V . H W"' K s -1 ,W "', ' V nw, Q... I A . ,lr J... , . ,W , .... - , Q . , V . M 5' J W gift V,,, N ' . . A ,:.fI A V. my J . ,' ' , 'ff 91 , ', 4 I an .ix V Q V . 2' . 9+f"-- ,LV ' " JH - ' A' V f V X . .V . I I Q V. lk' ,. M H .. . L li W W VIIT G ,,,. I f I , . - rl, 6' Q A 4 f :Vg , J J . , M ' J f J fe f ' , . ...ra I ' 2 . J A ' . 5 M . . M . J , 1 .M . lllllllll lllllllll llllllllll lnnlll 1ml....ll umm VARSITY SWIM IEAM-BOTTOM ROW: M. Schnetzler, Frow, B. Tony. Row 21 G. Farrell, B. Tumell, J, . TOP ROW: L- Hill, Nl. Spaeflm D- Kohler, C- Phirmev, E. Crosley, J. Shrode, G. Rleder, D. Mettauer, D. Parsons, J. Jarrett, K. Phinney, B. Lytle, T. Rueb. H' BOCRUS, Coach John G055- Captain Sehnetlzer Cops Conference Win IS he waving to the crowd? Charlie Turpin starts first lap of the lOO-yard backsfrok SWIMMING RECORD 4-4 e' NWC 36 John Marshall 59 NWC 5l Grant 44 NWC 37 Putnam City 58 NWC 82 Douglass 13 Nvvc 35 John Marshall 60 l NWC 38 Midwest City 57 NWC 35 Norman 60 NWC 57 Grant 38 Mid-State 4tl1 City Meet 2nd lxL..JlllVll1l1 UUU l'UbfJl'Jl BKELUlb'b dll IIIVVGIU UIVE Ill PIKE pU5lllU'l o capture the gold medal in the City Swim Meet. t on-Varsity Athletes Vie for -. ateh Titles To promote good sportsmanship and competition between Northwest's non-var- sity athletes, the intramural committee of Student Council provided a wide variety of tournaments. Chairman of this year's activities was senior John Abney. Kicking off early in January, competi- tion began with football, followed by basketball, wrestling, and bowling. Six teams fought for the football title with The Grain Juice Terrors, captained by senior Griff Graham, capturing first place. They defeated The Spirit of '76, 40-6, and Johnson's Jockeys, 26-6. The Company reached the finals by edging the BH'ers 6-O, and in a long sud- den-death play-off, stopped the Kings- men 6-O. The spring season featured competitive tournaments in ping pong, volleyball, soft- ball, tennis, and track. After a year's ab- sence, the yo-yo tourney was brought back into the program by the committee. CHAMPIONS of intramural football are the Grain Juice Terrors. BOTTOM ROW: Griff Graham, Craig Mau- rer, Doug Jensen. TOP ROW: Doug Hall, Mike Riddles, John Abney, Bobby lrwin, and Charley Turpin. ABOVE: WHO is in control is the question during a match between seniors Charley Turpin and Riley Cleaver, as each one tries to pin the other in the wrestling duals, LEFT: With eagle eyes on the strike pocket, junior Ronnie Hollingsworth prepares to deliver his ball in a game of bowling intramurals. I J , fm L, T ' ,A W f , ' W' , I My LONG ARMS HELP! Junior Gary Gilson blocks a shot by senior Bobby Fairchild, VVARMING UP for the intramural contest, Bobby Sfoldt lfopj spins his yoyo, Ccenterj "rocks the cradle," lbottoml performs an original trick. Intramurals 0 155 E x ss i, , L. x if It X vw' Ax .f 156 o Classes 4,1 Q , . w. H. - . -' Ji.: N A CONCENTRATION of brains-six of Norihwesfs nine Merit Scholars gather on ihe patio To discuss plans for Parties, elections, meetings, contests, People scurry from here to there- Corridors, patio, cafeteria, Meetings scheduled Cl everywhere. Freshmen full of zest and vigor, Sophomores filled with selt-made praise, Juniors working toward graduation, while Seniors dream of college days. INDELIBLY imprinted on the minds and hearts of Northwest grad' uates is the pride Knights have in their heritage and traditions. Classes 0 157 VTE, EAGER TO RETURN their opponents' first serve in the intramural ping pong tournament are freshman Top Teens, Cindy Myers and Rick Metheny. A PIANO PLAYING provides entertainment for officers Cstandingl Rick Metheny, president, Charlsie Young, ffeasl-'fefi C""dY MYe"5f 5eCfeT5fYi fSifTlnQl Mark H3'fl, vice president, Sheree Stroud, sergeant at arms. 158 0 Freshmen Freshmen View W as 'Groovy' lt was a new, wide, wonderful world for the 794 freshmen entering Knight- land September 3. First glimpse of the "big operation" at Northwest was provided on Orientation Day, August 29, when the Student Coun- cil officers presented a program designed to inform freshmen about the school ac- tivity program. Brief talks by representatives from school organizations were given in as- sembly in the auditorium followed by a tour of the building conducted by Cour- tesy Club girls. Largest percentage of freshmen in school history Q57 per ce-ntl went to the polls to cast ballots for class officers. They used machines for the first time. D.A.T.'s CDifferential Aptitude Testsl were administered in September to all ninth graders. Results were used by coun- selors in advising future curriculum choices. Freshmen quickly made their mark in all facets of school life. Music, sports, speech, and art departments benefited from the array of class talent. Newcomers Adjust to Big School Operation Junel Adams Mark Allen Susan Allen Margaret Amick Terry Archer Sherri Ayers Scott Bailey Paula Bake Denise Bales Suzi Balliett Pam Bane Kent Banks John Barker Patty Bartlebaugh Brenda Bartlett Claudia Barton Rick Bayless Jimmy Beasley Sharon Beasley Kenneth Beatty Terry Beaver Bill Belcher Cindi Bell David Benedict Diane Bennett Martha Bergman Rusty Berry Carl Bielstein Velma Billingsley Judy Bingham Terri Bink Brian Birdwell Greg Bivens Henry Bockus Joe Bocock Jim Bodine Mark Boeckman Karen Bond Becky Borg Russ Borgman Dave Bowen Linda Boyle Freshmen o 159 wld l J f "HOWDY" is the password at the traditional first-week mixer. Barbara Stoldt and Brad Swickey waste no time in getting acquainted at the annual affair for freshmen and new students. J W A TOP ROW: Judy Bradley, Elizabeth Bradway, Patty Brandell ROW 2: Nancy Bravo, Lyn Bray, Shelly Bredeson. BOTTOM ROW Bob Breisch, Michelle Brewer, Mary Brewster. sm, -fir S 160 0 Freshmen Robert Brightwell Bob Brinkley John Brinkworth Teresa Brittingham Steve Brodnan Marilyn Brower Bob Brown Jan Brown Jill Brown Mark Brown Sue Brown Angela Brundage Betsy Bryant Robert Bryon Robert Buchholz Bill Bullard Suzi Burke Sally Butterfield Tony Butts Carol Capron Pebble Carballo Jim Carpenter David Carr Shane Carson Carson Carter David Cates John Chapman Cathy Chastain Kevin Chitty Marilyn Citty Sandra Clancy Bill Clark Robert Clark Jon Cochran Pam Coffia Becky Coggins Kathy Cole Elaine Coleman Jeff Colley John Collier Kay Collins Amy Cooper Back-to-School Dance Sparks Friendships A. C. Copeland Charles Corey Lisa Cowles Cathy Cox Lisa Cox Rod Cranford Tom Creegan Charles Crittenden Rick Croasclale Carol Cromwell Alan Crowe Sandra Crowley Ricky Cruz Patty Cunningham Terry Cupp Jenny Curnutt Sherry Cutler Chuck Dahlgren Mark Daly Jean Ann Damron Richard Darby Leslie Davis Lou Ann Davis Lana Dees Freshmen 0 161 Pets, Hobbies coup Dail Leisure 162 o Freshmen 59' Sherry Degiusfi Becky Delano Denise Dever Brad Dewey Judy Dickerson Steve Diehl Randy Donalson David Donceel Melanie Drake Bruce Duncan Jamie Duncan Judy Edelman Lorraine Edmond Beverly Edwards James Effinger David Ehrharf Jill Emerson Gary Engebretson John Fain Mike Fair Mary Fairchild Phil Farley Beverly Farmer David Farthing Hou Laura Fensfermaker Mike Fern Laurel Fife Jan Finch Judy Fine Nancy Fishback Susan Flanagan Sharon Flemming Debbie Formby Chip Frady Bob Frank Becky Frye Paula Fullerton Leona Fulwider Becky Galabard Jerry Gallegly Beverly Gallop Bill Garrett I'S J -E, RuTh Gearhart George Geiger John Geist Debbie Gilchriest ww., Ralph Gill Valree Gillen Carlene Gilmore A ' f' A Tom Gimpel l -0 'V' G Kim Ginlher ' ...R Peter Glenn L 'Cf' Dale Godfrey 1, Benner? Goe Tommy Grayson Janet Greenamyer Ginger Greene ' -Q.. 1 iea. . Darla Greenhaw Joyce Greenwood Lise Gregory Party Griffin Gail Guarnera Joe Haas James Haddock Craig Haddon Merri Hager A-.-1.x el, -a 1' . A ggi KL,. sig HIGHLIGHT f Kin 's day is when his mistress, freshman Carol Caoron, gels home from school and takes him 0 9 for a walk. The boots are esseniial for outdoors, the 170 pound Great Dane as allergic to grass. ' 2 L.- an .V-sq, . TOP ROW: Jim Haggard, Mike Hahn. Row 2: Harriet Hall, Laura Hall. BOTTOM ROW: Pam Hall, Terri Hamby. Freshmen 0 163 Mil Y N , ff. s. ii vw 'S .. ,. hw A fx , 'Q M 1 3 3 'S sky ,. -Q au... ,: X iw- has it 'F' Sandy Hamlin Sherri Hand Susan Hankinson Art Hanlin Tom Hanselman Lynn Hanson Linda Harbeson Jane Harding Pat Harley David Harms Nancy Harnsberger Marsha Harper David Harvey Stewart Haughf Marvin Havens Pam Hayes Jamie Haynes Kathy Hays Nancy Hazelwood Mike Heath Susie Heflin Kathy Hefner Mark Held Scott Hellen Class F urnishes Talent for ll Departments XT . Q ll rj-7 kj.. i 164 a Freshmen Nha 7' RL. WW? Renee Hendrickson Mike Hensley Sherrel Heusel Jon Hewes Terry Hibbard Don Hicks Karen Hicks Kim Hicks Don Hill Tom Hinds Larry Hixon Joan Hoffman Don Hogue Tomma Hoke Cindy Holliday Ray Holliman Ann Holloway George Holmes TRANSPOSING MUSIC requires concentration for Ibassoonist who was promoted To first chair in the Eric lrvin Marilee lrvine Sally lryck Jan Jackson Kenny Jackson Julie Jacobs David James Danny Johnson Don Johnson Kelley Johnson Linda Johnson Peggy Johnson Sam Johnson Charles Jones Pam Jones Gloria Jordan Jon Joyce Terri Kamenesky Cyndee Parks, band. 'P Vw L H, F 'E ' ,Q-q, ar-s bw Sabi' 1 , M y J 2' I TOP ROW: Kenny Holmes, Palmer Holmes, Ronnie Hooper, Sharon Hopper. ROW 2: Ann Horton, Debbie Horton, Pam Houk, Richard Householder. ROW 3: Barbara Howard, Patty Howard, Jo Ann Hugg, Hallie Hughes. BOTTOM ROW: Peggy Hull, Mike Humphrey, Debbie Hunt, Diana Irby. 5 ? I ir. ,Wif- any 95 . qv., 'vv " mire' Freshmen 0 165 L 0 4.- fm. aw 1. 4 TOP ROW: Terri Lensgraf, Ricky Levann, Larry Leverich. ROW 2: Jackie Leveridge, Steve Lewis, Susan Lingerfelr. BOTTOM ROW: Gary Lininger, Teresa Lippert, Joan Liss. T66 0 Freshmen Cary Kamp Georgia Karountzos Larry Keller Brecca Kennedy Kathy Kennedy Alice Kiker Cathy Kimberlin Geoffrey Kinser Gayle Kirby Jackie Knesek Karen Kolb Chuck Kongs Linda Kraker Tina Krasowski Shelley Label Rene LaMar Jeff Land Carol Lang Mike Langley Lorna Lanier Mike Laws Mike Leard John Learned Pam Lemmon 4 3:5 L 2 X rf' l will 5 GRACE, POISE, and skill acquired through numerous public performances are displaye db freshmen Susan Hankinson, ballet dancer, and Angela Brundage, modern iazz specialisf. Phillip Littlefield Pam Litflepage Diane Lloyd Petra Lotskat Diana Lowe Christie Luckharr Chris Lutz Pafly Lylle Marcia Mackay Rick Maddy Dennis Magee Sieve Makinfubee Phil Malone Becky Mandabach Marta Manning Karen Manson Sherri Mapes Marianne Marr Callie Marshall fDecember 4, 7953- April 1, 19691 Evelyn Marshall Shelia Marlin Wayne Maser Mike Massie John Mafhes rr il Q. fb 'lf' Kenneth Lutz Serves as U.S. Senate Pa e Cecilia Maupin Bob Maxwell Cindy Mayes Debbie Mayes Linda Mayfield Tom McArnis Karen McAnul1y Charlotte McBride Randy McConnell Debbie McCoy Becky McCully Vivian McCune Jeannie McDow Ed McGrew Kathy McKiddy Bill McKinney Bob McLaughlin Debbie McMillan Freshmen 0 167 . -s, , K 455 ii dun... 8+ X an ',,, , J 5: 'Us Academic ,af ,ar :sl 5 l U 1 - 1 'ees 1 Wie- ,Y.w-c,1,5--'iw . , ,,... rfo'-v 168 0 Freshmen 'fr w-LTL 5.-44 Y? 'UN 1,4 Jo Beth McNary Ann McNaTt Rick McNern Jenny McWilliams Terry Meissinger Glen Melfon Connie Mercer Janice Merref Randy Merrow Rick Metheny John Mettauer Cindy Miller Gloria Miller Larry Miller Patsy Miller Richard Miller Nancy Mills Linda Mifchell Teddy Mitchell Jimmy Mize Neal Mobley Rodd Moesel Dena Montgomery Patiy Moon Choices ffer Mental Challenge s i are r'-, 14' aw ...Q Roger Moore Becky Morgan Ronnie Morgan Richard Morgensen Mary Morris Nancy Moslander Keith Mott Susan Moyer Martha Mulcahy Pat Mulligan Dennis Murphy Cindy Myers Gayle Myers Nancy Myers Wayne Neal Ginger Neel Edith Neely Terry Nelson Andrea Nicek Harry Nichols Kathy Nobles David Nunn Steve Oelke Keith Ogle Mark Oller Jesse Osborne Mary Ostrander Cheryl Owen Kathy Owen Cathy Ozmun Susan Page Larry Parker Cynclee Parks Gary Parsons Barbara Patterson Kim Patterson Sharon Patty Mark Patzack Dave Pearson Tony Pellegrini Mike Penny Steve Perham su COMPETING with sophomores in geometry class is Brian Birdwell, mafhemailcs Puff, whose lability rated him a spot in advanced course work. He was the only freshman in the class. iii ,nn 4-...,, AL QF 'E wi I TOP ROW: Joan Perkins, Don Perry, Duke Petree. ROW 2: Debbie Phillips, Diana Phillips, Kathy Phillips. BOTTOM ROW: Sally Phipps, Paul Pinkerton, John Pinkinson. I 1 .,- X fd' 'M-0' ,099 we-af .., ,., Freshmen 0 169 Pages Exercise Voting J fi li li ,, pil ,LQV i s eeel EV, 4' 170 0 Freshmen qu-sa.. Rights V,,4m,,f-W .tw ft Tommy Pinkston Billye Pippin Susie Pitt Frank Polk Mike Porter Nita Posey Carolyn Powers Paula Powers Sheryl Pratt Ricky Prevost John Proctor Nyla Ptomey Modern Way Robert Pugh Lew Pulley Susie Pulley Kerry Purcell Mariean Regan Judy Rainwater Loy Ann Randol Randy Randol Phillip Rattan Rene Rawlings Bob Ray Jack Rayburn Richard Ream Marla Reece Frank Reisinger Richard Resetaritz Arnold Reyers Doug Reynolds Jodie Reynolds Eva Ric,e Jack Rich Randy Riddell Randy Ridley Jamie Riggall Jeff Ritter Linda Roberts Donald Robinson Harold Robinson Kelly Robinson Laura Robinson Sherry Robinson Charles Roby Charlotte Roby Ginger Rogers Mike Rubenstein Robert Ruggles Jeff Russell Sue Salmon Jerry Sanders Dale Sandgarten 3. Charmaine Saxon Q17 Alan Sayler Tom Schatzer John Scheirman Earl Schmidt Terry Schmidt John Schneider Kim Schvvoerke David Scott Marilyn Scott Stephen Scott Shelley Seba Eileen Segraves David Shaw X 19 .6 ff vwww 1 I I "DO I pull the lever now?" John Wynn asks Bill Lacy, Student Council vice president, in charge of elections. John is using the voting ma- chines for the first time to vote for class officers. 3 ss. ff , .,.. . Z KJ' r 3 Q :" .g ,. t 5- . 1 tyy il-n , D -44 np- TOP ROW: Greg Shedeck, Andy Sheen, James Sheets, Debbie Sheltman. ROW 2: Nancy Sherwood, David Shifrin, Steven Short, Mike Sims. BOTTOM ROW: Patty Sinclair, Chuck Singerman, Lee Slade, Stephen Smedlund. Freshmen o 171 MASTERING the technique of Switchboard operation Jo Beth McNary like many of her INDIAN FOLKLORE proves to be a fascinating subiect to Jo Beth in classmates gets into the swing of things at Northwest Mr Winston Havenstrite s Oklahoma History class. Frosh Find 0PPOPtUHltl6S for Expression Joe Smiley Becky Smith Jessica Smith Kevin Smith Kimi Smith Mark Smith Scott Smith Scott E. Smith Steve C. Smith Steve J. Smith Sue Smith Suzi Smith Ray Sosa Jannes Sparks Eula Speece Doug Stahl Cindy Stanton Don Staten Cheryl Steele Ann Stewart Carol St. George Janelle Stiles Barbara Stoldt Barbara Stout N .Y . in Daily Routine Roger Strong Sheree Stroud Beverly Summers Terri Swingle Paul Szafranski Bob Tatum Terry Tefertiller Jim Terlip Richard Terrell Mike Thayer Curt Thomas Mellrssa Thomas Richard Thomford Bart Thompson Bobbi Thompson Sonia Thompson Tony Thompson Paul Thurman Sharon Tomsky Debbie Towne Carrie Townsend Richard Trlpp Kathy Tuel Donna Turk K sw' is bfi ", Q- 3, , if . anus I il it N F F ra 'Q WITH JUST five minutes between classes located in opposite ends of the building Jo Beth has to learn to gauge time to grab books for her next hour. ,aP"'w ...I spa5 ,....,' md fa' ww' 'Wrnsf' .ALL Freshmen 0 T73 C . WP' N if I Dandra Turner David Turney Lynda Tyner Sandra Tyrrell Jan Underhill Tony Underwood Jerianne Unger Bill Van Cleef Pete Vandeventer Violet Van Hooser Teresa Vann Chuck Varnell Glenda Vavera Peggy Waddle Rhonda Wallace John Wallen Monty Wallin Ronald Walton ass Confronts Problems, Grows Together 1' H r 49' 'S s U! x ig L e ae 'KX 174 a Freshmen r for P.. Debbie Wann Brent Wantland Jina Wantland David Warren Shannon Warren Mark Watson Dana Watts Terry Weaver Susie Wells Jon Wertz Pete Wheeler Tim Wheeler Beverly White Ellen Wilbanks Beverly Williams Lori Williams Judy Wilmoth Emmett Winston Rick Wind Steve Windham Donna Wilson Jan Wilson Jill Wilson Keith Wilson Sue Wilson Max Wolfley Lisa Wood Nancy Wood Doug Woodward Steve Wooldridge Liz Worsham Patty Worthing Marica Wrany Errol Wright Steve Wright .Jim Yaeger Rick Yarber Sandra Yocum Charlsie Young Liz Young Janet Yount Jill Zartovich - X 'ii Z. Q, fs 4' KW ,te is fig? L ,i,. ,,,ioi , Z ,, ,,,,.. New f f.,f,,,ff warm ' '1t,w',,f4? . L i f ,.i '21i'5,m f'b A , fit, , f"f fi AMPAIGN FEVER reaches a peak in Mrs. Clara Lupers history class with Lala election November 5 class members assumed important posts in campaigning :fe and Keith Mott on the phone checking headquarters Before the presidential for their favortte political parties El .x XT, K l GATHERED by the Circle Drive on their way to a meeting are class officers Sarena Massey, secretary, Steve Harris, president, John Hardwick, vice president, Kent Loeffler, treasurer, and Janet Doolen, sergeant at arms. Class business was conducted at regular monthly meetings in officers' homes. Heralds Hail The 802 members of the sophomore class reioiced in their new status as full- fledged Heralds and sighed with relief because they were no longer the young- est class. After evaluation of STEP test profiles iSequential Test of Educational Progressi, sophomores conferred seriously with counselors concerning curriculum and ca- reer choices. , January 27 was tenth grade Grienta- tion Day. Enrollment for next year was discussed with counselors in assembly. Soon after, schedule cards were dis- tributed and sophs pre-enrolled earlier than ever before. For the second straight year, Joanne Bateman and Mark Harvey were chosen Top Teens by their classmates. The an- nual contest was sponsored by The Shield. There was no campaign nor runoff, re- sults were announced in the newspaper. The first semester Knights' Honor Roll, one of Northwest's highest distinction, listed 93 tenth graders on its roster. Proud of its first two years of achieve ments, the class of 1971 looked forwar to two more eventful years in Knightland- EXTRA CHAIRS are not needed for entertaining when one owns a bathtub, agree top teens, Mark Harvey and Joanna Bateman, as they relax with Harvey's puppy. i 76 0 Sophomores Rise of Class, Growth of Ideas, Expression Nancy Abel Georgia Achramovvicz Jerry Alberts Jackie Alexander Sandra Alford Pam Allen Brenda Ashbaugh Lisa Atkinson Jim Austin Lee Autry Mike Bailey Marty Baker Cheri Barber Gary Barker Johnny Barnes Ruth Barnett Joan Bartlebaugh Randy Bassett Alan Bates Joanna Bateman Jeri Bauchmoyer Linda Beach John Beal Norman Behymer Dennis Beleele Steve Benham Rick Bevvley Karen Blackburn Kreg Blair Judy Blanton Kathy Blanton Neil Blaschke Jim Blevins Byron Boese Dan Boismier Marcia Bonebrake Debbie Booth Joanne Booth John Borgert Denise Bowden Vernon Bowen Dennis Box vars'-v q""n- wa-fs, hw' fx pus .RV F49 , J Hs? YZF' .gums 'B is 5 . CW' ,-,., we www J 4 , If a t 'f2'l',' 'rr Sophomores 0 177 fb Phil Boyd Kay Boyles Barbara Bradney Nita Brady Susie Bray Terry Brennan Lawreta Brewer Randy Brewer John Brightwell Charlie Brill Billy Brooks Danny Brown James Brown Linda Brown Pat Brown Peggy Brown Robby Brown Sharon Browning Striving Points up Goals for Sophomores if tw-y Q-9' 'mn 'B' up-.ff hr Year xi qs 81p in-1-oe ., 'rv' , ,pf 178 0 Sophomores S+' QTL7' .10- 1 , Q-w Kinney Bryant Albert Buchholz Janet Buerger Peggy Burrus Leslie Bussing Bruce Butcher Lynelle Callaway Debbie Cameron David Campbell Judy Carlton Donna Carman Richard Carrington Mike Carroll Bob Carter Randy Case Rick Case David Cassady Ron Cassady Jim Chambers Susan Chambers Darla Chaney Dorothy Chesler Debbie Chiles Charlotte Choate ,- y N LOOK, you're late," Key Club sergeant at Rieder. The Club imposes a ten cent fine on Bob Choroszailo George Christensen Scott Church Bill Cirty Darlene Clancy Bob Clark David Clark Susie Clark Janet Clarke Leslie Clarkson Kent Cleaver Phyllis Clenney Marjorie Coburn Gail Coffia Billie Coker Chris Collins Donna Collins Sherry Collins Debbie Compton Bil' Cook Debbie Cook Jim Cook James Cooley Nancy Cooper ii X N I I arms Marty Schnetzler, poinis out to lafeco all members late for Friday morning meetings 'll-:7" an- .,......,, Yin 1-1 K TOP ROW: Randy Cooper, Chris Corbett. ROW 2: Ronnie Costigan, Lisa Coulter. BOTTOM ROW: Denise Counter, Michael Cowherd. Q""r Q it s. x 1,6 T 'K ts K kffrw If 9 f,.,, S ar R in t it Expert Equestrienne Cheri Barber, youngest girl to qualify for national competition in her division last summer arranges a fireplace display of the numerous trophies and ribbons she has won in competition. 'vw isa: TY X 'Ok 6,- Q' if . . - .yfsm s B 1 .s Y"' fa E 1 as Q X f ef R-vs be mr.. as Lx fi A an... sv.-,.... 4 180 0 Sophornores Mary Craig Sharon Crase Judy Crenshaw Pat Cronic Everett Crosley Ron Crowder Sheila Crownover Nancy Cummings Alan Dabney Jackie Daniel Chris Davenport Suzanne Davis Tommy Davis Mark Debolt Steve Detibaugh Gary Dickinson David Dickson Pat Dicus Mark Diehl Missy Dixon Diane Doane Janet Doolen Nancy Dowling Tim Duffy T, lla Ronnie Dugger Dana Dye Mike Early gc .W Diane Easlon Glen Ebeling Joe Effinger Becky Ellison Denise Emery Joel Erickson Danetre Erlewine Willard Eshbaugh Danny Fairchild ide Fields of Interest Excite Live y Sophs Jan Farha QI? Chris Farber Tommye Farbes Charletf Farmer .. ,L Gene Farrell is idx N .rv l Janice Fafheree ' LJ. Denise Faucet? Susan Felton A 5,5 K y Brad Fernberg i . g ln Carol Fishback L - Kathleen Flanagan F 'Q Helen Fletcher H Charlie Flinta Paul Fonclren Marcia Ford Mike Ford Q.. dh' Robin Ford Tawny Ford Candace Foster Jerry Foster John Fowler Margie Fowler ,QW iq., Barbara Fox Carole Fraher vw Phillip Frank Rex Franklin N- John Frazier Lynn French David Frow Debbie Fullerton . "Q 7' Sophomores 0 181 Bruce Fulton Tony Garcia Cornelia Garmire Zetta Gaflin James Geddes May Geiger -Q Cindy Gerlich Kathleen Gholston John Gibson -:iv Mark Giese Kathy Gilbert , I I ' Lenore Gilbert Tomme Gill Vicki Gillen 0' Anne Gillespie Kenna Gober Fred Gonzalez Rebecca Goolsby 'sv Dean Gordon Jeannie Goucher Bill Gragg Debbie Granger Becky Green Debbie Green Girls' Hobbies Show Imagination, Ingenuit Denise Green Stan Green Steve Green Thomas Green Jim Grigsby Mariorie Gross Kim Guest Debra Gustin I in Scott Guysi ' Connie Hack Sharon Hagar Jack Hale ? ,, L Shirley Hale Liz Hall Jan Hankinson ,,2j,s 753- Melvin Hanson John Hardwick John Hare 182 0 Sophomores FABRIC ODDS and ends help spark school spirit when used by Susan Felton, Melinda McCuan, and Debbie James to create mod lunch box purses, one of the year's most popular fads. Sally Harry Susan Harville Mark Harvey Mike Haxel Jeff Hay Gary Hayden ,GN Mary Hedrick Dwight Helt George Henry John Heusel Y Alan Hicks David Hill hw Jean Hill Jim Hill Ricky Hill Sharon Hill Jackie Hinkle Dennis Hock fl:- I P 31: 5 .. . f S, ,., , TOP ROW: Mike Hare, Kay Harley, Sanford H Harrah, Melony Harris. Harris, Tom Harrison. 1 X C Y'?"'1" ROW 2: 3: Mike BOTTOM ROW: Steve Jim Harkins. armon. ROW L iu..w wr QTNTV' Eff' Sophomores 0 183 i ,Q hwy we-rf-7 11...-f """7 Hsu hw 1---J" VW x..., Q-.H 'Sv-..f Mike Holmes Larry Hopkins Jim Horne Diane House Jeannie Householder Rick Howard Anthony Howell Bruce Hubbard Linda Hughes Renee Hulert Brad Humphrey Rex Humphrey Linda Hunt Susan Hurst Carolyn Hurt Phil Huston Debbie HuTTon Susie iles Cindy Jackson Jan Jackson Kathy Jackson Phil Jackson Hal Jacobson Neil Jacobson un "Xe fx, 1' f "KEEP YOUR MlND on your driving, keep your hands on the wheel, and your in the school's new mobile training center. Increased enrolment kept three eyes on the road." Janet Doolen and Jane Jesseph concen1ra1e on driving rules drivo-trainer cars in motion six periods a day. 184 0 Sophomores ,, Vickie Jacobson Debia James John Jarrett Jane Jesseph Jamie Jessup Shareen Jetton Liz Johns Carole Johnson Debbie Johnson Debra Johnson DeeAnn Johnson Janet Johnson Year's Biggest Prize Is a Driver's LICCHSC Janice Johnson Leroy Johnson Wilma Johnson Barbara Johnston Charles Jones Connie Jones Ellen Jones Lyn Jones Timothy Jones Cindy Jordan Becky Kamp Teresa Kanost Tom Kanost Barbara Keesee Steve Kellert Pam Kelley Terry Kelley Sheryl Kendell Mark Kidd Richard Killgore Steve Kistler Marca Kitchens Eddie Kielshus Steve Kouba Dona Lacey Sandra Laney Linda Langford Betty Langston Janet Lanktord Carol Larkins 7- if r-....?-.X ..,..,,,1,,,,, N1 r l PREPARING for the annual Red Cross donut sale EXTRA STRETCH is needed for the first grep, so modern dance students Mary Renfro, Le Ann Pruitt, and are Melinda 510119. Rglna MOVVJSOVL and MLSSY DFXOF1- Tammy Zaikis exert every muscle in practice sessions before the annual spring dance pageant. Skip Larsen "" "' Mike Latham Paula Latham Zandra Laxton , Anita Ledbetter Jil Leder Richard Lee Coby Leet Carol Lefler ' Kathy Legrange Helen Leuszler Becky Lewis :IE '49 ww li' L .L 1 5? Pam Lindley , ,V Carol Littell L David Littlefield 1 1 vi Mary Locke Kent Loeffler Brad Long Judy Long 'X 4, Kay Long Marvin Long W' John Lorenz 1' 7 Lindy Lozier Steve Lucas 186 0 Sophomores Jeff Lund Loretta Lunnon Joan Lutz Jenny Lynn Kathy Mackey Brett Magbee Mike Manning Robert Manning Sarena Massey Susanne Massey Vicki Ma1l1is Shari Matthews Cindy McBride Maureen McBride Sherri McCabe Toya McCabe Joel McClung Frances McCracken ..f 1 -. M 'l l. Mo., 4- Na I 4 lx ,gsm Wx 'icirf l A L aried Activities Mark Daily Routine at N Tom McCracken Malinda McCuan David McEver Mike McGrew Bill McKelvy Linda McKiddy Gail McMiclweal Donna McMillin Mary McRay Jim McWl'1ir1er Bill McWilliams Dirk Meadows David Medford Doug Meinert Jerry Meissinger Brian Meneguzzi Libby Mercer Doug Meyer Beverly Miller Gary Miller Krisii Miller Tim Miller Windy Miller Ronnie Mills 3. 1 vw an "ws, if L.. L.. E 3 ww , 1 wr--f "-cg' lf Sophomores 0 187 Qi! Donald Ming Sharon Mololey Shari Moore Thom Moore LaGail Moreland Pete Morgan Dee Morris Regina Morrison Kim Mulkey Melvin Myhre Susan Neely Mike New Mike Newton David Nordyke Donna Norred Dorothy Null Ricky Ogden Billy Oliver LONE FEMALE in 188 0 Sophornores mechanical drawing class, sophomore Carol Lefler, demonstrates uses of 1he T-square. TOP ROW: Maura O'Malley, Susan Orer ROW 2: Mike Ostrander, Sally Otterson. ROW 3 Jan Overby, Pat Ownbey. BOTTOM ROW Leath Parker, Steve Parks. 1-'-'Y Allen Parleir Al Parnell Tony Patterson Carolyn Peck Betty Pedigo Tirni Pellow David Pena Curtis Pennington Pam Perry Johnny Phillips Stan Phillips Steve Phillips Charles Pierce Vicki Plumbtree Rohlind Pogue Sheri Pollock Gordon Poteet Jim Powell Girls S Richard Powers Bill Proctor Fleta Protfer Rickey Proffitt Leann Pruitt Jerry Puckett Pat Pugh Donna Pulley Mallonie Quinn Carolyn Ragan Gary Rahill Tim Ratway Bill Ray Becki Read Sharon Reed George Reeder Sharon Reeves Mike Reid Susie Reid Katie Reiss Mary Renfro Becky Rhea David Richert Elaine Richmond Q' it ,-. -1 ecializeg Invade Male Class Domains u,....f- r'9.s V 55 5 va. . 5 V W if Sophomores o 189 Daring Athletes Brave Hazardous N 190 0 Sophomores Mike Riggall Ellen Roberts Kathy Roberts Roxanne Robertson Susan Robinson Tony Robinson Gary Roblyer Caroiyn Rogers Debbie Rogers Denise Rogers Jan Rogers Steve Rogers Nancy Rollins Linda Ross Paul Roth Bill Rountree Manya Rubenstein Charles Ryan Helen Ryan Sherry Rychiec Nancy Saied Rita Sampson Kenneth Sarinske Kenny Sarkey Halls Diana Schiib Billie Scott Debbie Scott Francis Scott Randy Scott Bret Scovill Curby Seaman Debbie Seay Mike Senn Brenda Shadid Danny Shadid Diane Sherman John Shewmaker Janet Shields Curtis Shirley Nancy Shores Susan Short Steve Showalter Susan Sidwell Gary Sims Luanne Sims Connie Skaggs Donna Skillman Scott Slick Ann Smith Billie Smith Charles Smith Mike Smith Teresa Smith Mende Snodgrass Mike Sowdal Vicki Spurr Marcia Stacy Sally Stalcup John Stanfa Cathy Stephens Chris Steves Kenneth Stewart Billy Stiles Cindy Stone Melinda Stone Kathy Sturgess TOP ROW: Donna Sturgill, Curtis Supplee, D'Ann Sutter. ROW 2: Vllndy Swank, John Swansberger, Ted Sylvester. BOTTOM ROW: ibby Tabor, Tim Tabor, Phyllis Tannehill, WALKING on crutches isn't as easy as it looks, decide Bob Gary, Ciuniorj, Robbie Mythen, Kseniorl, and Steve Harris, Csophomorej, as they hobble down the hall. Bob and Steve were football casualties. Robbie was iniured in an automobile accident last summer. Sophomores 0 191 Heralds Brave Fierce Competition il so I 92 0 Sophomores John Taylor Sherry Taylor Susan Taylor Sharon Tebow Mary Tessman Eddie Thayer Mike Thom Elynn Thomas Louann Thomas Sherry Thomas Vicki Thomas Debbie Thompson Denise Thompson Judy Thompson Steve Thompson Susan Ticlwell Dan Tomsky Charles Torbeck for T Jeneece Towe Lani Traska Frank Trindle David Tripp Yvonne Trifren Bob Trosper Michele Tubb Louella Tucker Sandra Turk Gayle Turnell Gary Turner David Turnipseed Susan Uhl Craig Van Gilder Don Van Pool Janelle Varner Dale Vaughn Jim Vaught Malinda Vickrey Greg, Vrooman John Wade Mark Waldrop Mark Walker Carol Warren 0 Bruce Waterman Greg Watkins John Watson Q... Sherry Watson 'K Jerry Waugh Donita Weatherly .. Q 6' L, 4 'isp' 1 Debbie Webb Ernie Webb Jean Weisiger 'Uh gi.- ur-Ns. .. ff Li -v , tances in Knight Groups Melinda Wells Brent Wensauer Randy, Wheeler Debbie White Stella White Jeanne Whitehead 'K as J Sur' Whittle Gloria Wilken Kathy Williams Tommy Williams Tony Williams Susan Wilsey Debbie Wilson Iris Wilson Mark Wilson Mary Wilson Paula Wilson Gloria Wishon Valerie Wood Cindy Work Delisa Wright Nancy Yount Donna Zimmerman Donita Zinn -e-wg, 1 t-n'x 'Q-4 .-.5 Us Jw- J fm fs , iv, Ib-1 5 HALF TIME shows at games require band members Scott Church and Jeff Pennington to keep their instruments in per- fect tuning. Nine sophomores held key positions in the band. 'N-' swear ,, i , K1 's , ' 0, "1"-'14 Sophcmores 0 193 l 1... W l 1 iv Q DESIGNING and constructing Oriental props for iunior-senior prom decorations president: Diane Burton, freaguyeri Qsrandingj Susan Long, sergeanf af at-mg, occupy all the spare time of Junior Class officers: Cseatedl Patty Tuel, vice Doug Hall, president, and Cindy Bailey, secretary. , f 1 ,eg 5 Vivlfzf' -if' Qi. . 1 3 w 5 ..L, V - mi' f ,'---'-' f H -V at lf. 5-ei urs- : f- ' 4 ii' 15-iw':Jax-g1,f.lii':11 ffffiiliff It if ' i V- :gif ti, , .1 2 if T 'r" .. i: 1 -f. 1 f ' f. wi i: Q1 5 f H ' A " , K' ee fl.-.2 l ilfi " .' A iii 132 Qi :J W f ::ii2'+5i:'iQ 115-is : if ii 1 POSTING prom committee lists is Miss Liz Lippman, sponsor in charge of dance arrangements. T94 0 Juniors ' quires Relish 'Upperclass' Signitying the obligations descending to the Squires as a last step toward Knighthood, the sword was passed from the senior class president, Craig Maurer, to the junior class president, Doug Hall, in the traditional end-ot-school ceremony. Already iuniors have been selected for key positions next year in Northwest's 49 clubs and organizations. Members of the class will head Student Council, publica- tions, and other groups vital to the total school program. College loomed bigger on the horizon as counselors checked juniors' credits for graduation and stressed long-range plan- ing in scheduling for the second year. Highlights of second semester were the receiving of long-awaited class rings and the planning that went into the pro- duction ot the junior-senior prom. An Oriental atmosphere pervaded the ballroom at the Skirvin Hotel, where the dance was held for the second year. Jap- anese greetings and goodbye, "Aisatsu" and "Sayonara," were the theme for the decorative motif of the annual ball. "HI, guys!" Cheryl McDonald greets friends, while Bob Gary turns in their order at The Street after a ball game. The couple was elected Top Teens by classmates in the annual Shield contest. ww.-U fZ"""f .fs awp? 7 gk i x N Ray Acord Gayle Adams Phillip Albert David Allen Jeanne Allen Diane Alper Kathi Andrews Mark Anschutz Debbie Archer Claudea Armstrong Rhdonda Armstrong Alan Atkins Laura Austin Cindy Bailey Larry Bailey James Baker Nita Baker i Susie Baker Status on ay to Final 'Big Year' at Steve Balliett Karen Banks Debbie Barnett Lorna Barr Richard Barthold Roger Bartlett Skip Bayless Tom Beadles Terry Beck Kitty Becker John Bell Steve Bell Vikkie Belt Mark Bender John Benedict Paula Bennett Patsy Benson Eric Bergquist Diane Berry Diana Bettis Jeannine Bettis Rebecca Bettis Gary Biggs David Biles Juniors 0 195 Bill Bishop Tim Bink Bill Black Cindy Blakley David Boatman Jane Bockus Barbara Bodine Marva Bond Melinda Bond Marcia Bontly Don Bootes Steve Booth Juniors Soak Up Culture, Art in Courses Nik 196 0 Juniors Barbara Boyle Janice Bradley Ed Bradway Jeff Bragg Greg Brand Robert Branham Gail Bredesen Pete Bricmont Debbie Brightwell Mark Brink Jim Brinkworth Dennis Brown Martha Brown Mike Brown Linda Broves Gail Buchner Gayle Buckner Mike Burgess Sharon Burleson Tim Burns Janie Burroughs Diane Burton Lynn Burton Ogal Busch Andy Cain Charles Callaway Cindy Cameron Larry Campbell Mike Carr Kathy Carroll Brenda Catlett Denise Cavanaugh Jim Cawthon Marcy Chaffee Jackie Chaney Greg Cherry Ann Childers Pam Childress Sonda Clark Susan Clark Shirley Clay Carol Clayton Terrie Clenney Steve Clifton Richard Coberly Christine Cochran Eric Coker Suzanne Colley Glennda Collins Greg Collins Candy Combs Cathy Cooter Gary Cornelison Cathy Cornish 7 1 f , 'QQ 5 , Hi xv 90-I mm. if ix 'W .. 54. 'C X , wr ' R .f '-sf .L wr ,, I V .1 'vm be , YL'i1""' ..-of EMBLEM on the flag of Mexico is explained by instructor John Culbert to Theresa Quinn in the new Latin American Culture class. Ten members of the class accompanied Mr. Culbert to Mexico at Spring Break. 'mm i -:f.,i:ff?' K . ia- Q" n ,., t E has ,za C 4' 392 '22 gg Y s 3 1 sci-Fade me I "This deck is stacked!" Art students Robert Mee and Barbara Bodine compare pop art obiects. Ca ww Juniors o 197 'riv- hw vr- 5.5 .k , -i 2 is -3 X, ss 'R ,,,. il WMM' 'Pi 0 f? -wp-0. TOP ROW: George Coulter, Claudia Cowper, Vicki Cox, Susie Coy. ROW 2: Justine Coyle, Cliff Craig, Alan Cranford, Pollyanna Crank. BOTTOM ROW: Paula Crow, Colleen Crowe, L skills are mastered by twin sisters, Sally and Susie Stephens, in business machines class, open only to upperclassmen. Debi Cunningham, Harry Curtis, pRAC1lCA -v -v . . vw, ,CM ',,L", r.-. . s .sr My , VK . Y fit, V :wir 198 0 Juniors p Q. C4 ty ' if Wh"-p 'U' I sv wry . V , C T ' ya. f 45- A ,. ww- ,Y 'iw 2 E , Vicki Curtis Cheri Daly Lee Danzinger Diane Darr Greg Davis Kristi Davis Robert Davis Steve Davis Mike Deguisti Sherry Delancy Jane Denton Debbie Dick Denise Dickerson Becky Dierson Carol Dinwiddie Cheryl Dinwiddie Nelda Dishrnan Jerry Dodson Evelyn Doles Bruce Doss Susie Dowdy Joel Drury Dan Duncan Denise Duncan Frank Duncan Ron Duncan Kathy Dunn Linda Dye Margaret Easterday Kim Easton Jane Edmondson Vicki Elespuru Patricia Elledge- Charlotte Encapera Julia Ervin Debbie Ezekiel Joyce Farmer Harry Faulkner Chris Felber Steve Ferguson Craig Fezler Gary Finley Future Secretarles Get aluable Tfallllllg Donna Fitz Don Fitzgerald Tina Flanagan Brenda Flatt John Florence Mike Flynn Kim Fondren Charlie Ford Jane Forester Nancy Forget Janie Foster Shari Fulmer Michelle Fulton Vickie Gaddy Barry Gaines Patti Gardner Bob Gary Tom Geist Barry Geller Alfreda George Carol Gerred Ken Gibson Frances Gilbert Suzie Gillilan ..- .. vw .. Y ' J, sf", J Gary Gilson Pat Glass Genny Gordon Cindy Gray Dena Green Glen Green Terry Greenhaw Denise Grigsby Don Grob Kathy Grube John Gullo Kathy Gullo David Haddon Glenda Hafen Nancy Hafner Paula Hagan Jeanne Haggard Glenn Hagstrom ides Render Service Throughout School z -Q- Q.. Q. gl week , I I lu all , af i os 6, G .L 200 0 Juniors Doug Hall Marsha Hall Lorah Halter Gary Hamby Kathy Hamm Diane Hardy Steve Harms Dan Harris Brad Hartronft Leslie Hatley Jerry Hayes Kathy Hayes Lynda Hayes Jim Heath Jerry Hefley Jeff Heitzman David Held Gary Held Chris Heldenbrand Charlie Helm Deanna Helt Linda Hensch Keith Henton Mike Hentschel THERE'S more to being a librarian than iust checking out books, discovers Evelyn Doles, as she clocks permifs, sefs up displays, and uses the card caialogue. Vincent Hinson Ronny Hixon Nancy Hodgson John Hodkinson Debbie Holbrook Marilee Holdridge Vickie Holland Richard Holliman Ron Hollingsworfh Linda Holt Sally Holt Diane Hosek Bob Howard Terry Hubbard Steve Hudson Jim Hugg Carrie Huletf Jim Humphrey Craig Humphreys Sieve Huntress Mark Jacobson Tom James Cheryl January Kristy Jenks Barbara Jensen Linda Johnson Mark Johnson James Jones Janet Jones Kathy Jones -' f -:J 1 ' for-b LT 'aff J 59 5 :ffm . 1 2:1 f lille .. rl. A ' Q.. Z V., L- ., Tx 1"'x Q.-...y if-dy S YU? 'QV' Juniors 0 201 IW l hs- Q"r 'k Ronny Jones Melinda Jus? Julia Kalmon Becky Kamenesky Tom Karhu Mike Kashner Elise Kauffman Cathy Kelley Kathy Kelsay Donita Kendell Joan Kerr Ross Kerschner Barbara Ketchum Ann Killian Sandy Kirnerer Nancy Klinkevich Ka1hy Knesek Barbara Knop Chris Kongs John Koons Carolyn Krosley Gary Kubar Laurie Label Greg Land Shootmg Iifll hts from All Angles, Rand Donna Lare Allen Larimore Richard Larwig Eddy Ledbetter Debbie Leech Karen Lefle1T Jim Lessly Debbie Lievsay Linda Limke Gloria Lingerlelt Linda Lininger Barbie Lipper! Greta Little Perry Littlepage Bruce Logan Becky Long Steve Long Susan Long Debbie Longley Steve Lorenz Tom Lout Deonna Loving Becky Lowber Linda Lowe Debbie Loyd Liz Luckhart Gwen Luper Vicky Lutz Kathy Lynch Stevvi Mackay Jana Maguire Brenda Malone Connie Mandabach Lisa Mansell Marsha Markham Craig Marrs E' Qu- me Marx Heads Publications' Pictorial Staff VES owe allegiance to their masters, and Jane Edmondson plans to make sure slave Steve Kellert is worth his price at the Latin Club banquet. SLA Jackie Marshall Kathy Martin Larry Martin Randy Marx Vicki Matthews Jane Maxwell N' we we Juniors 0 203 Q FOOTBALL MANAGERS, Jim McWhirter and Chuck "DlD YOU SAY this was cherry cheese?" asks Deidra Odom of classmates Carolyn Gautreaux Jan Simmons, are presented gold windbreakers at pep Farha, and Diane Mitchell at the French Club's Cheese tasting party. Members sampled 27 kinds of cheese assembly by the Parents' Booster Club. at the unique party attended by some IOO students early in December. ff ,nfl f A up , ii- v'?', V sw 'ff -' L as ties .f"'s i' . 6, .. 'K J 4: srsy 3.. 7 RL .K Q K ff 1 X . xg J 204 0 Juniors 119- q,..fw- C 'H I 1' yy ussu E af' ' -i , we-.9 Q' .qivlvsa as sg... s if w., .L Matt Mason Kathy Maxwell Vickie Maynord Brenda McAlister Lavon McAmis Rex McCaskill Jim McCormick Barbara McCubbin Cheryl McDonald Becky McHenry Deena McLarry Becky McLaughlin Jimmie McPherson Lynn McWilliams Melinda Melton Gina Meneguzzi Norma Meriwether Barb Merritt Carl Merz David Mettauer Annette Meyer Karen Meyers Becky Millar Brad Miller Fred Miller Gloria Miller Karen Miller Diane Mitchell Gary Mitchell James Mitchell Kitty Mitchell Martha Morgenson Betty Morrow Jim Mott Peggy Murphey Roy Mustain Cheryl James Myatt Debbie Nabors Belinda Neely Suzanne Newman Chuck Nixon Mark Nobles Judy Nystrom Diedra Odom Bill Olson Mark Oruch Patti Owen Ronald Owen Randy Owens Susan Palmer Beverly Parker Georgette Parker Marilyn Parker Debbie Parks Marcee Parks Mike Parks Elaine Parrish Marilyn Parsons Richard Patard Brenda Patterson Dan Patterson Jana Patterson John Patterson Cathy Patzack Kathy Penn Alan Pennala 'f - Ink.. ni' ..,. V. i.. i tif f 5255: McDonald Rates Third Teen Title AN Juniors 0 205 Jeff Pennington Carol Perkins Charlotte Percival """' Nancy Perry 'CZ' V' Sally Petty Sandy Phillips """"' Mu- Kent Phinney Donna Pierce Patty Pierce 'wrmfr Willa Pike 5' f Jackie Pingleton Steve Pinix Mark Plumbtree Carla Pounders Richard Pralle iz- Paula Prentice Patrice Proffer Vicki Pulliam Humanities Classes Tour Local Galleries Q- Cheryl Ramee Linda Ramsey Yf"'7 Q? ,N Teresa Randall Randye Randel Q I .4 Xl Theresa Quinn 5, 1 -Q 'E J M l Susan Rathien . J 'sls y rf. ' Ronnie Raunborg Scott Rayburn Anthony Rector 'D' Dennis Reese Chris Reichert Dave Reichert Judy Reisinger Peggy Renfroe Dee Renshaw ng, 1-wud, Marilyn Rice Jucly Ringwald Linda Roberts -sf ...suv Avy Robertson Beth Robertson ig.. Jim Robertson 'CZ' VW Randy Robertson Larry Robinson Margie Robinson 206 0 Juniors ,1, PAUSING to study the complexities of modern art during a specially arranged tour of the Science and Arts 1 Foundation are Humanities class members, iuniors Robert Branham and Barbara Ketchum. J Celia Saied Denzel Salathiel Mike Salda Chris Salyer Don Samara Jack Sanders Ronald Savage David Scheirman Donna Schier Debbie Schmauch Chris Schmidt Jean Schmitz Ann Schneider Bruce Scott Marion Scott Diana Sears Jane Shaw Janet Sheets 1: .. TOP ROW: Vickie Robinson, Kennita Rogers. ROW 2: .lim Rose, Nicki Rose. ROW 3: Pam Rosenberg, Kathy Rountree. BOTTOM ROW: Roger Rowe, Chesley Rutledge. Juniors 0 207 l fl 5'-N. ,www ,,,..-ag' Q1 t f. qs ' ' gt sy-, as K L 1- Sitarist Scott Tigert Strums Indian AQ nas, v- ML- N Q----n ass.. Q: ' s-L 1 ,i 'QL ' W HQ, Ylgtkyu' ' 'v,' f5:':.'f:5'j -' ,fQ:gfi':5:Lf??i'Hf:37 208 0 Juniors Karen Sheltman Ronnie Sheltman Mike Sherwood Debbie Shriver John Shrode Chuck Simmons Mike Simmons David Simonson Bucky Sims Jo Anne Singleton Duke Skaggs Becky Slade Anne Smith Fran Smith David Smith Linda Smith Marsha Smith Scott Smith Mary Smoot Andrew Snyder Debbie Snyder Sue Sochor John South Regina Southard Music Marilyn Spencer Andy Spitler Denise Spradlin Nancy Stafford Mark Stephens Robin Stephens Sally Stephens Susie Stephens Jim Stewart Priscilla Stewart Susan Stewart Mike Stolfa Richard Story Carol Street Ted Strickland Richard Strong John Suggs Mary Swansberger mu as me sb mm. Brad Swickey Mark Szafra nski Sharon Tabor Liz Tatum Connie Taylor Diana Tefertiller Shannon Therman Debbie Thomas Jeff Thomas Mauna Kea Thomas Sherry Thomas Janie Thomason Jeff Thompson Todd Thompson Debbie Thomson Debbie Thornton David Tierce Scott Tigert Cecilia Tolley Mike Totty Patti Tuel Nancy Turney Michelle Vaeth Pope Van Cleef CZ' 'bs 4 Q---" of Qfi off' ,..+ R, RAVI SHANKAR tan, Robert Bran- ham, brings sitar player Scott Ti- gert to his English class to help dramatize Robert's report. 33, ,,.,. ,f 5' wr A if da... vw Juniors 0 209 lffrzs' we-....d' Sophia Vassilopoulos "' Q John Vaughn 27 Denise Vavera Steve Veatch Charlotte Vick Steve Von Tungeln l 1 l . 1 . , l Richard Wade Carol Walker 'Sf' Charles Walker Marie Walker 1 Diana Wallace Randy Wallace T9 ar-0 -1 Q-sw., TOP ROW: Sharlet Waller, David Wallis, Amy Warren. ROW 2: Tom Warren, Gary Watson, Suzanne Waugh. ROW 3: Jeff Weeks, Chuck Wells, Martin Wernick. ROW 4: David West, Debbie West, Susie Wheeler. BOTTOM ROW: Randy Wheeler, Richard White, Richard Whitmire. 210 0 Juniors , . - , 2 . . .. - . "MR. GROSS," pet of the biology lab, simplifies the study of human anatomy for Lynn Burto and Craig Humphreys, members of the new advanced Biology ll class. , Richard Wick Elaine Wikstrom Janice Wilcox Torn Willey Steve Williams Rhyssa Williams Nydia Williams Debbie Williamson Jan Wilson Janet Wilson Kathy Wilson Mary Wilson Patricia Wilson Bonnie Winslow Brent Winston Dana Wood Nita Wood Betsy Woods Laura Work Jennifer Wyant Suzette Yates Debbie Yoes Susie Youngblood Nancy Younge 'B uires See Rings as Symbols of Seniorit AT LAST! Juniors Ronnie Raunborg, Marilee Holdridge, Doug Hall, and Jeanne Haggard, sigh as they get their first glimpse of class rings. Juniors 0 211 l' " ' 7 "WITH TALENT like this, our Senior Assembly should Craig Maurer, president. Auditioning for parts in Susie Bevins, treasurer, and Connie Geist, sergeant be a smash!" Leon Meyers, class vice president, tells the show are Con staget Cheryl Wilson, secretary, at arms. We ll Never Forget orthwest, Because . . s x ' 4 N ON THEIR WAY to Senior Assembly are Craig Maurer and Cathy McGregor. They were elected Top Teens for the fourth straight year by their classmates, 212 0 Seniors The Class of '69 will always remember their 720 Days of the Knights-the string of sports champions, traditional excel- lence of Cryslurs, dramatists, cheerlead- ers, maiorettes, prize winning publica- tions and debaters. Each event and tradition throughout the year took on a little more meaning and significance for the 705 members of the senior class. The final football game, the last prom, pep club banquets-all stirred sentimental feelings for the soon-to-be graduates. Friendships of long standing grew clos- er as conversation drifted inevitably to plans for college and the future, and ev- erybody was iust a little scared. The draft, Vietnam War, generation gap, stories of campus riots, and the fash- ionable practice of "rebelling against the establishment" were news headliners which prompted seniors to become un- easy about how they will "fit in" to the pattern of modern life. But the past four years are most real. Who will ever forget the famous fresh- man picnic, when Craig Maurer, class president, and five other class members, went to the hospital following an accident on a ride at Springlake Amusement Park? At the halfway mark, this class experi- enced a change in school administration and viewed the two new young princi- pals as "neat and groovy." The last two months of school were filled with memorable events-awards as- semblies, final exams, senior assembly, senior sermon at the First Presbyterian Church, Round Table coronation, and the finale, senior breakfast and Commence- ment exercises at Taft Stadium May 29. After tryouts were held, Sue Jarrett, Donna Cordell, and Terry Ham were chosen speakers for Commencement. John Abney Mark Ackerman Paul Ackerman Kathy Albright Debbie Allen Frank Allen Richard Allred Penny Almack Martin Amick Pam Ammerman Jim Amsdell Fontaine Apostol Chris Armstrong Nancy Arnold Richard Ashford Glenn Ashmore Jeff Austin Sherry Bachhofer Pam Bailey Randy Bailey Debbie Baker Patty Baldwin Polli Ball Harley Ballew Diane Barker Betty Barnett Susie Baron Dennis Barrett Linda Barron Janie Batten Lana Bauman Andrea Baumberger Gail Bays Caroline Beachboa rd Kenneth Beck Seniors 0 21 3 TOP ROW: Wynona Beleele, Tom Bender, Bob Bergmann. ROW 21 Susie Bevins, Park Bingham, Karen Binns. BOTTOM ROW: Robyn Birdwell, Susan Black, Kent Blair. Science Labs ffer 214 0 Seniors -, HTHIS IS more fun than blowing bubbles," Donna Hill tells lab partner Jim Heath as they conduct a glass blowing experiment in chemistry class. Challenge for CUIIOUS Sharon Blair Karen Blakey Charlotte Blakley Curt Blalock Kris Blaschke Ken Boatman Barbara Boatright Tom Booker Jacque Booth Linda Borgert Jay Boyles Pam Brady John Bramble Barbara Breisch Roger Bridges XE. cnucoon Hooccoo cu ,coon Al H o ,A ' n co, ws urn. uso , NH,- nco , H-re np, HPD, " as 0-44.0 on NH ., READY to tune in Mars, Roger Bridges adusts a dial on the generator of an oscilloscope in the elecironics lab. , .. .. X ,. yep-1 ..k- J . ll , xx 41 ,xdlx E ir' A ' T FE 7 ' Z' L 3 .." 'A M , r- ' re. aw, C eee e .r . : "ff ff 5 E f' X 4' , Q 5 E A in .k" S :affix ' ' 5 5 X rg TOP ROW: Jan Brock, Joyce Brock, Ronnie Brogden, Linda Brooks. ROW 2: Cindy Brown, Gloria Brown, Ricky Brown, Diane Bryant. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Buchanan, Dee Dee Buckmaster, Larry Bullen, Kris Bumpas, 3 an 73- I rf Q2 if ,,rV, K I ""' , i ,-,, 1 'ff- : ', rf", if 9' 2 Wgggiggi I f ff . K . - , X f -. ry kk ,be 1 I . ix Q. if i I , i r ' M i .Dc hy' I r b ' , - wi., ni'i ,r f T TOP ROW: Paul Buntz, Diana Burnett, Gary Burns, Robert Bussing. ROW 2: Garry Butcher, Martha Butler, Benny Byers, Chris Cain. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Cameron, Mike Cameron, Debbie Campbell, Nancy Campbell. Seniors o 215 5 st. :X ev 'fy ll lt 'S'-P R' 12 . rf L, 'i ' Q 0 Y D t,...Qb5Qig 2tx C' J W f . K P' 1' V . .-X ,QW rx: K x . A N Q , X37 "fue V K r 5. AQj"fr3 43 .W ,Lf K J . s-...- ' t E-lf: ,R .. i 'S ,f X Q-...f . 'gy-xv tsluvfq '-...f ,Q 216 o Seniors IVQ 1 , 4:0 i uf-W. - .r2ai?f251"N- V we xx it ilr r :S+ iz in-err' V f J ' HQ' asf 29179 APN I I li. , Y , . fzg, .sf ,, . " -- . A A . f 7 C emerge .. . Ph' 'W 'YN at-17 if ,.. 'Y , C' A dl J W ' 'Q 5 f ... In fs-11 gf 1 V, R are C ' ,. 42 ....,,. , .fe we K rr X J be F5-A X Steve Cantrell Ronnie Capron David Capshaw Leslie Carpenter Lyn Carrington John Carter Carol Cash Dale Catron Ralph Chaney Steve Chapman John Cheatham Sara Cheatham Robert Cherry Linda Choate Ramona Chronister James Clanahan Bill Clark Debbie Clark Gayle Clark Henry Clark Kelly Clark Connie Claunch Diane Claybaugh Riley Cleaver Kathy Clevenger Robert Clinton Becky Coats Chrissy Cobb Kirk Coffia Cathy Coggins Jeff Cohen Judy Colclasure Jonetta Cole Danny Colvin Glynda Conner CONGRATULATIONS are extended Donna Cordell, winner of the school Daughters of the American Revo- lution Award for Citizenship, by Mr. Charles Ledbetter, chairman of the school awards committee. E T. m TOP ROW: Tim Cooley, Susan Cooper. ROW 2: Don- na Cordell, Bob Cornelison. BOTTOM ROW: Jeannie Cornelison, Cathy Cornell, All Around Excellence Wins Donna Award Pam Cotton Richard Creech Judy Crowe Cindy Cupp Diana Curtis Kathy Curtis Patsy Danely Diane Daniels Phil Defee Nancy Delongy Dana Denham David Denham Doug Denham Butch Denton Miles Dickinson Seniors 0 217 J, " .4 ,1 ' , 2 rf ' REFLECTIONS of a winter snow are left in the form of footprints by Knights hurrying to class. TOP ROW: Marian Dietrich, Sherry Dobson BOTTQM ROW: Patrick Dolan, Judi Donceel. Seniors S e ut on a Marshmallow World 218 o Seniors Tom Doughty Harold Drake Paul Duffy Joyce Dugan Kevin Duncan Phil Duncan David Duvall Bet Dye Richenda Eades Teresa Earley Wyn Easton Stan Ellison Barbara Ellyson Randy Emerson Carla Emery Jill Epperson Paul Erickson Steve Evans Bobby Fairchild Pat Falgout Deborah Farley Kathy Farha Carolyn Farmer Bill Finch Ronnie Finley Nancy Fisher Bill Fleetwood Rhonda Fleming Rebecca Flood Viki Florence Steve Flynn Frank Fonvielle Mike Forbis Jan Ford Keith Frank Jim French Ralph French John Frow Steve Fulson Bob Fulton Raynora Fulwider Anne Funderburk Jan Funk Marc Funk Eddie Galloway Gary Gardner Rendall Garrett Teresa Garrett Jan Gates Anna Gatewood Kathy Gautreaux Connie Geist Donny Geurin Robert Gimpel Judy Glass Seniors o 219 220 0 Seniors David Goddard Sally Gordon Scott Gordon Griff Graham Jeff Gray Linda Gray Jimmy Green Pat Green Terry Green David Griffith Linda Griffith Roger Griggs Mark Grimes Chuck Groseclose Larry Grussendorf Brenda Gustin Ruby Haas Clyclan Hack Steve Hagar Dale Hagstrom Barbara Hale Beverly Hale Debra Hall Jeff Hall Terry Ham Debbie Hamilton Mary Hampion Becky Harley Larry Harper Larry Harris Susan Harris Reba Harrison Steve Harry Janie Hartman Cindy Harvey ,awe ff UP UP AND AWAY . . hums aviator Martin Amick as he proves while CONGRATULATIONS for missing the fountain Skydivers Mike Parks and Mike Riddles repairing his plane, that theres nothing a little bubble gum wont fix members of the Sooner Skydivers Club greet each other after a parachute lump Steve Hatfield Charles Head Brian Heard Richard Helms Robert Helt William Helton Kryn Henager David Hendricks Dale Henning Peggy Hensch ' 2' sf-ww TOP ROW -lean Heffmg -lane' Heffmann BOTTOM DOWN TROJANS' Senior girls Susie Bevins and Susie Suggs boost school spirit with their poster 0 Show s Complete wlthout Boys uartet Kitty Hewes Randy Hicks Judy Higginbotham Anne Hill Bill Hill Donna Hill Tommy Hines Pat Hinkle Gary Hixon Linda Hixon Elizabeth Hodges Bob Holderby Bill Holloway Mickey Homsey Dan Honiker Marcie Hooker Shelly Horton Gail House Debi Housley Phil Howell Carla Huffaker Jimmie Huffman Patty Hughes Cleda Hulett Doug Humphrey Linda Humphrey Toni Hunsaker Brenda Hunt Debbie Hunter Rick Hunter Bob Hutchison Bobby Irwin Bill Jackson Jennifer Jacobson Sue Jarrett Eddie Jeffers Doug Jensen Sharon Jessee Ann Johnsey Bill Johnson Frank Johnson Gary Johnson Linda Johnson Liz Johnson Robert Johnson Doug Jordan Kathy Kearney Mary Keesee Van Keffer Richard Keith Diane Kellert Linda Kelley Sally Kendall Tressa Kennedy Mark Kent ii? 75 gin wiv Seniors 0 223 224 o Seniors Greg Kidd Don Kilpatrick Kathy King Kenneth King Gayle Kirchner Bill Kitchen Chris Knop Carol Kostka Charles Krasowski Debbie Lackey Bill Lacy Diane La Faver C, E. Laird Jackie Lamb Naomi Lamb La Nell Landguth Andy Langley Debbie Langston Becky Lankford Lisa Lanyon Bill Larwig Barbara Latham Dolores Lawson Mary Leard Diane Leskela Candy Lester Marc Leveridge Bob Lewis Mike Lewis Bill Lindley Jack Litteral Ron Littleton Dan Logan David Logan Cindy Longley Linda Lundien Wende Lurry David Lutz Madeline Lyon Bill Lytle Janet Maier Mark Main Wiley Maior Bill Mallonee Randy Malone 2 W1 , 4 my ,W www' W if ' 'QTY' qu., 'Z' A 'ia IQ 2, 4 , KL - f W aff Class Claims Nine National Merit Scholars p II WT' lf kk l "JE NE sais pas." Steve Flynn stays after class to interpret French tapes. . , ,.,, .. - 5- Jia r 5 4 5 l ,wr-, , ' t, '. WQV Z " if 9 2 - X as , , 1 if e , A VJ.-V ,fwgma TOP ROW: Kathy Mandabach, Terri Manning, Michelene Marcotte. ROW 2: Lynette Martin, Frank Marwood, David Mason. ROW 3: Linda Mason, Mary Mathews, Ron Matlock. BOTTOM ROW: Sharon Mauldin, Craig Maurer, Sandy Maxwell. Seniors 0 225 Terry Mayfield Steve Mays Bobby McBroom Mindy McCarty Rick McClur1g Stephen McCollom Debbie McCoy Ruth Anne McCoy Kathy McCracken Daniel McFarland Becky McGaughy Mark McGinley Cathy McGregor Katie McGuire Rick McHuin itch Tabbed 'Gentle Giant' b age Fans TOP ROW: Karen McKee, Mike McKinley, David McKinney, Becky McNary, Gary McNutt. ROW 2: Pam McPhail, Jane Medford, Robert Mee, Leslie Meek, Laura Melton. BOTTOM ROW: Diane Meyer, Leon Meyers, Melvin Miller, Roger Miller, Jack Mills. 226 0 Seniors gli-ik ,,, . 52?-Sf' 'L ..-r g--fgrqi .. 55 -ff-Efitti it - A A. .t.A III, Ii, 'iii ,- A N, JZ.. Jim Milnes Debbie Mitchell Steve Mitchell Cindy Montgomery Linda Moody !"'f'!- new :1-fif wax Q- V -V-vf' Tl f ff. L.-.. A , . Q is-K. x f' . Q' n"N.::: ZZ.. . -wi T iyiii or M-3 .KX M , ,,.. 1 3 , X , X 1 . 'Q 5: 35- -.. , K L if Barbara Moore Tom Moore Jim Morgan John Morozuk Shari Morris 'ls X Ek," 41 9 L 'r kiwi. 1 D: , -wel' 4 en.....e L W 54' I I' hz: 4 X X i U If li T T 5, . cf Denise Moses L 'V ' Lee Moslander L -5 ""'N John Moxley " ,SN M' T 'T ' Cindy Moy " y In Kit Murphy 'N X -W ' 2 or olir N ' - a ry s waz- . -f Y ' ' Q ,f,,. 1 g Master Showman N: we.. , ...- ., Ns., V A My N Q Q' "- H -fo, y-:A, ,kvd -f...,,-...Q . fs., ...c...- N . ,.. "'-...W W.,,, V...9x.w.- V V M A., -' Q.. 1"-'W' K i z - .T A K -- :ME 451. H . fl ii 4, ,A:A,,,-:- L V, ef yiyr, ' I ,. g , X X.. orozuk Emcees Rallies - y A--we ' -""'ow!xe1 , QA.. L ... ,,5-einwss. ,M - b - Q. -so , . +--Q , Cv... . ss...-, kr ,-..... N.-rr 'Y A ii i NOT deep sea monsters, but scuba divers Barbara Breisch, Chris Singermen, TOP ROW: Diana Murray, Kafhey Myers, Susan Myers. ROW 2: Vickie Myers, -lan FU"1l4 Sfffllghf ff0m flie deep Warefs of Lake Tenkillef- Robbie Myihen, Mark Nance. BOTTOM ROW: Max Neel, Terry Neely, Nancy Nelson. Seniors o 227 992 Q Seniors James Neville Carol Newman Golda Newion Larry Nigh Karen Northrup Kacia Nuzum William O'Bry6I1l Jeri Oliver Jan Olson Don Orahood Karen O'Shea Hazel Otterson Donna Overbeck Margarel Owen Tom Paden Wayne Page Sandy Pallesen Susie Palmer David Pape Ricky Parker Susan Parker Anita Parrish Jim Parrish Jack Parsons Mary Parsons Marsha Pearson Tom Peek Stan Pennington Judy Perdue Donna Peiiy LouAnn Phelps Bobby Phillips Cindy Phillips Delbert Phillips Terry Phillips NO WONDER Mr. Henry Bellmon was elected U. S. Senator! He was welcomed to the Knights' homecoming game by cheerleaders Linda Choate and Cleda Hulett. Bellmon ins F f2jll3E?E, - E S, w 4- by S 'K X K-,viii ww e . f a t W P' X -4' ,. ws-M -Vx a v.-f av Qs .,..,-. sv T of y or KQV QV' 3 ' . ilffafi TOP ROW: Cory Phinney, Jack Phipps, Tobi Pietsch, Sherry Pike, ROW 2: Steve Plumbtree, Floyd Poag, David Pock, Pat Pogue. BOTTOM ROW: Pat Ponder, Vickie Pontious, John Pool, Ross Pope. School, National Campaigns Linda Porter 1-Uv Sue Porter Nikki Potter Bill Powers Susie Powers Doug Pressley .gr Robert Puckett Ann Pulley Richard Pursley Debbie Ragsdale Donna Ragsdale Linda Rainbolt P Rita Ramirez Pat Rattan Mary Ratway 'Uh- Q In 5 1441 MY , 6 ,,,. 5, is ary . 'Q-.V W c 6 'iw ' 'il A . at r,,1 y o iff' X i ,ffx' - Seniors 0 229 wumngglgu HOPEFUL that last minute cramming will help him pass his ACT's QAmerican College Testsh, Ronnie Matlock preps for his three-hour Saturday tests. H ' IT PAID OFF! Counselor Gerald Heusel passes out ACT scorebooks-and Ronnie likes what he sees-a high score and his passport to the college of his choice. Scholars Breeze Through College Testin nf" if ,ff ft.. in 1 ft l b 5 ,-5, 'UV 3. is, 230 Q Seniors 4 5 iilili J ' fffk ,,,ls Sharon Raunborg Q , , ,,,," Tom Ray A i Fletcher Read f i N, Ann Reid YEVX Bill Renshaw F ..., 5 ' will V " - Jim Reynolds ,K , Pam Rhodes i in Nahcy Rice ,sw y Tim Rich ' Charlie Riddle fx X C - 51.5 i '71, R i tl' S ,K i Hazel Riddle V, uh Mt We . M ,., .lim Riggall 1' fo' " ,, , ji zi' A 'R Georgeann Riley 'xg I lit' iw. Gary Ritter E b I , sf: ' V -:W - Gerald Ritter C s a he ,,y , - , r I H Marilyn Robinson Steve Robinson Brent Rogers Paula Rogers Gary Rollins Paul Rosenberg Jeannie Ross Tom Rueb Dan Ruedy Marshall Rumley Kathy Ryan Karen Sayler Mike Schell Carolyn Schilb Marty Schnetzler Sid Schroeder Beverly Schultz Steve Scott Diane Seaman Lynn Self Dale Sharp Bart Shedeck Darla Shelden Stephen Sheline Kent Sherman Suzanne Sherwood Vicki Shumaker Ann Simonson Gail Simmons Chris Singerman Paul Skaggs Christina Skvorc David Slater Gary Sliger Carol Smart Seniors o , ,,,,,, , Marcia Smelser Mike Smiley Clark Smith Gwen Smith Loretta Smith J' 1:2314 f .N M... . SSN. Mike Smith Phil Smith Sheron Smith Wayne Smith William Smith Bea Snow Joe Sochor Steve Sparks Mari Spencer Sally Spielberger Sue, Linda, Terry Named C ass S eakers PLEASANT DISTRACTIONS on a warm spring afternoon make studying for final exams more fun, Kenny Wilson and Terry Manning wholeheartedly agree. 232 o Seniors QQ: TOP ROW: Mary Stacy, Steve Stacy, Dean Staley. ROW TWO: Marcia Stan- defer, Randy Stansel, Barbara Steele. BOTTOM ROW: William Steele, Barbara Stegman, Nancy Steph. 2 Jenyne Stephens Karen Steves Phil St. George Larry Stiles Teresa Stinson Robert Stoldt Alison Stooker Diane Stotts Sherrie Stotts Mary Straube Don Strickland Charlene Stuart Janet Stuart Jeanette Stunz Norma Sturgill Susie Suggs Cheryl Supplee John Swartzendruber Steve Swihart Lynda Sylvester Jimmy Tabb Frank Tannehill Kathy Taylor Patsy Taylor Tim Tennis Jeanne Thomas Rebecca Thomas Shirley Thomas Gene Thompson Janice Thompson Vicki Throckmorton Debbie Tidwell Loretta Toahty Linda Tolley Debbie Townsend '-as sump- 'WB-S Seniors o 233 UNDERSTANDING is reflected by psychology students David Duvall, Kathy Kearney, and Allyson Gatlin while working in Rogers' School for the handicapped Psychology Class Members ffer Services l 234 0 Seniors v- ,,. A w r rg . w ., H - f:,g , 1-s3awza'i6..,, sf sh 5+ in -S Q ' 'w i it r A 6- ' " fu- "P'. -f:.. xr.. I B ya at af- W me f'i"'E .,' -.457 ftvbw ...X "Yr ' iw f f asa? .JW-E2 5 . i .K i rf . f r. 1 , h '2 r ' xx. N 1 L R ' U J lrrr 2 S we 'Wff' A - f L'.'ll ' ' N- v E W "1 . ' 2 , is . A ' X -'f'lif5f .1 ? Joel Trent Sylvia Trindle Bob Turnell Charlie Turpin Pam Underwood Frank Vandennieuwenhof Vicki Vaughn Jerry Veatch John Virtue Barbara Vogel Paula Wade Steve Walker John Walters Steve Watkins Donna Watson Linda Watson David Wear James Webb Laura Webb Less Webster Tom Weiss Anita Welch Janice West Sharon White David White Ann Wiles Ronnie Wilken Jeff Williams Kim Williams LuAnn Williams Toni Williams Larry Williamson Mike Williamson Kenny Willson Jan Wilson Cheryl Wilson William Wilson Steve Wind Linda Windham Janis Wolff Sylvia Wolff Jeannie Wolfley Karen Wonycott Gary Wood Georgia Wood Bob Worthing Al Wright Debbie Young Helen Young Sharon Young Wanda Younge Tammy Zaikis Anita Zeldenthuis Keith Zinn Vernon Zumbro 'V0 dh. Seniors o 235 Wllli. "fv'v .- 4,7 f of ,, QIQ' A65 r -rv-M wr .Af Q W- 236 0 Seniors ,. AG ww' J. ,W WV, ..,- -W K, ,,,r-: , .... ,N.,. ,sf V ,:,, i i x ' Q 5.-vw WASN'T IT GREAT? Terry Green's bedroom bulletin board and her scrapbooks are: filled with treasured me-mentos of the four years she has spent at Northwest, r 6 l i if 2: Tickers, cards, invifaiions Everyone in school was There, News clips, ribbons, medals, We handle Them with care S Admits, snapshois, scribbled noies Tomorrow is already here, Corsages, drops, friendship rings- Senior memories we hold dear. REMINDER of the '68 prom, when her class hosted in her collection of memorable occasions. M , Wm , , ' H Q seniors, is the withered corsage Terry Green keeps K 6 E Q 3' , -F W Seniors 0 237 Senior Activities Index ABNEY, JOHN Student Council 4, Hi-Y 2-4, treas. 4, Key Club 2-4, sgt.-at-arms 4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4: Track 2-4. ACKERMAN, MARK Football 1-4, Wrestling 1-4, Baseball 1, 2, Boys "O" Club 1-41 PV95- 4: Hi-Y 21 Q11 v. pres. 3, Key Club 2, 3, Class pres. 3, Friendship Royalty 4. ACKERMAN, PAUL Hi-Y 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4, DE 4. ALBRIGHT, KATHY Coronets 1-4, Spanish Club 1, Honor Language 3. ALLEN, DEBORAH Cygnets I-4, Courtesy Club 2, 37 Tri-Hi-Y 2, Court Jesters 1, Round Table Staff 3. ALLEN, FRANK Baseball 1-3, Boys "O" Club 2-4, Basketball Mgr. 4, Football Mgr. 1-4, Wrestling Mgr. 3. ALLRED, RICHARD ALMACK, PENNY Cygnets I-4, Court Jesters 1, Courtesy Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 20th Century Home- makers 3, 4, v. pres. 3, pres. 4. AMICK, MARTIN Cry-Slurs 2-4, librarian 3, chap. 4, Amateur Radio Club 1-4, pres. 2-4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Roll 1-4, Honor Language 3, 4, Student Council 4, parl. 4, German Club 3, 4, Flat Earth Society 3, 4, Oil Executive for a Day 4, Junior Rotarian 4, Youth and Citizenship Week Official 4, Announcers Club 3, 4, parl, 4, Boys' State 3, NFL 3, 4, NASC Delegate 3. AMMERMAN, PAMELA Coronets 1, lNorthwestl Math Club 3, French Club 3, Science Club 3, Base- ball. lHockadayJ AMSDELL, JIM JCL 2, Key Club 3, Cry-Slur Instru- mentalist 3, Shield Staff 4. APOSTOL, FONTAINE ARMSTRONG, CHRIS Key Club 4. ARNOLD, NANCY Coronets I-4, sgt.-at-arms 2, cheerleader 3, Court Jesters I-4, cheerleader 2, All- School Cheerleader 4, Courtesy Club 1-3, French Club I, 4, Honor Language 3, 4, Great Books Club 4. ASHFORD, RICHARD Spanish Club 1, 2, Key Club 3, 4. ASHMORE, GLENN Basketball 1-4, Track 1-4, Key Club 3, 4, Boys "O" Club 4, German Club 3, Honor Language 3, AUSTIN, JEFF BACHHOFER, SHERRY Red Cross 3, alt. 4, Honor Roll 4. BAILEY, PAM Cygnets 1-4, VICA 3, Shield Represen- tative 3. BAILEY, RANDY Football 1-4, Hi-Y I, 2, Boys "O" Club 4, BAKER, DEBBIE Quill and Scroll 4, Cygnets I-4, treas. 4, Shield Staff 3, 4, Bus. Mgr. 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, Honor Language 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, 1st v. pres. 3, hist. 3, Humanities League 3, Math Analysis Club 4, Great Books Club 4. BALDWIN, PATTI Transfer from Classen 4. BALL, POLLI Coronets 3, 4, FBLA 4. BALLEW, HARLEY Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1-3, Track 4, Boys "O" Club 4. BARKER, DIANE Thespians 4, Court Jesters 4, Cour- tesy Club 2-4, Coronets 2, Great Books Club 4, American Field Service 3, Honor Roll 2. BARNETT, BETTY Courtesy Club 2. BARON, SUSIE Court Jesters 4, FBLA 4. BARRETT, DENNIS FALCONS 1, 2, sgt.-at-arms 2, Key Club 3, 4, Science Club 4. BARRON, LINDA Coronets 1, 2, Spanish Club 1, Honor Language 3, 4, Great Books Club 4, Red Cross 1, Student Council Alt. 4. BATTEN, JANIE Cygnets 1, 2, Red Cross 4, VICA 4. BAYS, GAIL Coronets 1-3, Student Council 4, Court Jesters 1, 2 BAUMAN, LANA Coronets 2-4. 238 o Senior Activities BAUMBERGER, ANDREA Pep Club 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Red Cross 2, Shield rep. 3, Student Council 4, Court Jesters 4. BEACHBOARD, CAROLINE Coronets 1-3, Student Council 2, Girls Chorus 1, 2, Librarian 2, Shield Rep- resentative 2-4, Cry-Slurs 2-4, asst. sec. 4, hist. 4, Great Books Club 4. BECK, KENNETH Symphony Hi-Notes 1-4, treas. 2, 3, pres. 4, French Club 2, 3, Key Club 3, Orchestra I-4, Cry-Slurs 4, Band 4, asst. director 4, Great Books Club 4, Science Club 4. BELEELE, WYNONA BENDER, TOM BERGMANN, BOB Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1, 2, Hi-Y 2-4, soph. v. pres. 2, treas. 3, sec. 4, Key Club 3, 4, board member 3, treas. 4. BEVINS, SUSIE Coronets 1-4, rec. sec. 4, asst. treas. 4, Class treas. 4, Student Council 4, Honor Language 3, 4. BINGHAM, PARK Class Council 2, 3, Class v. pres. 2, Basketball 2-3, Baseball 2, Football 2-3, Track 3, Boys "O" Club 2, 3, Key Club 2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, lClassenl, Football 4, Track 4, Boys "O" Club 4, lNorthwestJ BINNS, KAREN Cygnets I-4, FBLA 4. BIRDWELL, ROBYN Coronets I, 2, German Club I-4, Announcers Club 3, 4, Cry-Slurs 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, NFL 3, 4, Honor Language 3, 4, v. pres. 4, Thespians 2-4, sec. 3, v. pres. 4, Student Council 3, 4, Great Books Club 4. BLACK, SUSAN Cygnets 1-4, hist. 3, asst. treas. 4, Court Jesters I, 2, cheerleader 1, 2, Courtesy Club 2-4, Girls "O" Club 3, 4, chaplain 4, Student Council Alt. 2, Student Council 3, Spirit Committee 3, French Club I-2, sec. 2, Red Cross 1. BLAIR, KENT Track 1-4, Football 2-4, Shield Staff 3, 4, Round Table Staff 4, Shield Rep. 4, Boys "O" Club 4. BLAIR, SHARON BLAKEY, KAREN Coronets 1, 2, Shield Rep. 2, Shield Staff 2, Girls Chorus 1-3, French Club 4, Great Books Club 4. BLAKLEY, CHARLOTTE Girls Chorus 1, 2, chaplain 1, Girls Trio I-4, Cry-Slurs 1-4, chaplain 2, 4, Red Cross 4. BLALOCK, CURT Football 1-4, Key Club 3, Boys "O" Club 4. BLASCHKE, KRISTEN French Club 1, Courtesy Club 2, Cygnets 1-4, Orchestra 1-4, sec. 2, v. pres. 3, sgt.-at-arms 4, Princess of Band and Orchestra 4. BOATMAN, KEN Tennis 2, 3, Key Club 4, Spanish Club 4, sgt.-at-arms 4. BOATRIGHT, BARBARA Red Cross 1. BOOKER, TOM Stagecrew 2-4. BOOTH, JACQUE Cygnets 1-4, Red Cross 3. BORGERT, LINDA Girls Chorus 1, Pep Club 1, lWestern Oaksl JCL 2, 20th Century Homemakers 4. BOYLES, JAY Baseball 2-4, Shield Rep. 4. BRADY, PAM Coronets 1, 2, Cry-Slurs 2-4, Quartet 2, Girls Trio 3, 4, treas. 4. BRAMBLE, JOHN BREISCH, BARBARA Red Cross 1, Spanish Club Cygnets 1-3, Honor Roll 2, 3, Student Council pub. chm. 4. BRIDGES, ROGER SURPRISE AND EXCITEMENT atc mirrored in the faces ot Sports Queen candidates Terry Green, Mindy McCart Cndy Brown, Nancy Arnold, and Nancy Steph, after they are introduced by the "O" Club president. BROCK, JAN Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 2-4, Girls "O" Club 4, FTA 4. BROCK, JOYCE Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 3, 4, FTA 4. BROGDEN, RONNIE Football I, 2, Baseball I, 2, Hi-Y I-4, Key Club 2-4. BROOKS, LINDA Girls Chorus I, Coronets I-3, Ger- man Club 4. BROWN, CINDY Honor Roll I, 3, Courtesy Club 2, Girls "O" Club 3, Cygnets I-4, Pep Council 4, All- Sports Princess 4, Maiorette 2-4, Head Maiorette 4. BROWN, GLORIA Coronets I-3. BROWN, RICKY Football I, 2, Track I-4, Cross Country 3, 4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4, Great Books Club 4, National Honor Society 4. BRYANT, DIANE Cygnets I-3, Student Council Alt. 4. BUCHANAN, MIKE Basketball I-4, Mu Alpha Theta 2-4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4, Key Club 3, 4, Shield Staff 3, 4, Sports Editor CHAPMAN' STEVE COTTON, PAM Honor Roll I, 2, Coronets I-4, Cour- 3-4, Quill and Scroll 4, Great Books Club 4, BUCKMASTER, DEANNA Pep Club I, 2. IShawneeI BULLEN, LARRY BUMPAS, KRIS Court Jesters I, Student Council 3, Coronets I-4. BUNTZ, PAUL Band I, 2, Varsity Scholar I-3, Honor I-3. ICushingJ BURNETT, DIANA Cygnets I-3, COE 4. BURNS, GARY BUSSING, ROBERT BUTCHER, GARRY Student Council, ITulsa McLainI Great Books 4, Spanish Club 4. BUTLER, MARTHA Coronets I-4, Girls "O" Club 3, Honor Roll 2, 4, French Club 4. BYERS, BENNY Basketball I-4, Class v. pres. 2, Key Club 2-4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4, Great Books Club 4. CAIN, CHRIS Golf I-3, Boys "O" Club 2-4. CAMERON, JUDY CAMERON, MIKE Symphonic Band 2-4, Boys Quar- tet 3, 4, Cry-Slurs 3, 4. CAMPBELL, DEBBIE Symphony Hi-Notes I, Red Cross Alt. I, 2, Cygnets I-4, FTA I-4, parl. 2, sec. 3, 4. CAMPBELL, NANCY Court Jesters I, Girls "O" 3, Coronets I-4, Student Council 4, Courtesy 3, 4, 20th Century Homemakers 4. CANTRELL, STEVE pres. Club Club CAPRON, RONNIE Red Cross I, Student Council Alt. 2, Hi-Y 2-4, Swimming 3, 4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4. CAPSHAW, DAVID Baseball I-4, Football 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, Boys "O" Club 4. CARPENTER, LESLIE Courtesy Club 2, Red Cross 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3: Art Honor Society 3, Student Council 4, Cygnets I, 4, sgt.-at-arms 3. CARRINGTON, LYN Spanish Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Red Cross 2-4, sec. 3, pres. 4, Cygnets 2-4. CARTER, JOHN Football I-4, Wrestling 2, 3, Boys "O" Club 2-4. CASH, CAROL CATRON, LEON National Art Honor Society 3, 4, VICA 4. CHANEY, RALPH Red Cross 2, Tennis I-4, Hi-Y 4. CHEATHAM, JOHN Basketball I-4, Baseball I-4, Boys "O" Club 2-4, v. pres. 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, Honor Language 3, 4, Junior Rotarian 4, JCL 3, 4, v. pres. 4, Boys' State 3, Great Books Club 4, Pep Council 4, Key Club 2-4, Fellowship of Christian Athletes 4, pres. 4. Friendship Royalty 4. CHEATHAM, SARA Coronets I, 2, JCL I-4, Humani. ties League 3, Flat Earth Society 3, 4, Honor Language 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Great Books Club 4, Student Council 4, committee chm. 4. CHERRY, ROBERT Football I-3, Student Council Alt. 3. CHOATE, LINDA Pep Club I, Girls "O" Club I, ISoutheastI Round Table Staff 2-4, Court Jesters 2-4, Coronets 2-4, All-School Cheerleader 4. CHRONISTER, RAMONA CLANAHAN, JAMES CLARK, BILLY Wrestling 2, Football I-4, Boys "O" Club 4. CLARK, DEBBIE CLARK, FBLA 4. CLARK, HENRY CLARK, KELLY Baseball I-3, Boys "O" Club 4, Key Club 4, Mu Alpha Theta 2-4, Round Table Staff 4, Shield Staff 4. CLARK, NANCY Thespians 2-4. fHoustonJ CLAUNCH, CONNIE Courtesy Club 2, 3, Court Jes- ters I, 2, Student Council 4, Coronets I-4, sgt.-at-arms 2. CLAYBAUGH, DIANE Safety Council, Pep Club, Prom Comm., fClassenl Coronets 4. CLEAVER, RILEY Football I-4, Track 2-4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4, Cry-Slurs I-4, Red Cross 2, 4, Shield Rep. 4. CLEVENGER, KATHY Cygnets I-3, DE 3, 4, parl. 4, DECA 3, 4. CLINTON, ROBERT DE 4. COATS, BECKY Red Cross 3, FBLA 4. COBB, LINDA Red Cross I, Court Jesters I, 2, Coro- nets I-4. COFFIA, KIRK COGGINS, CATHY Courtesy Club 2, Girls' Tennis 2-4, Girls "O" Club 2-4, pres. 4, parl. 4, Cygnets I-3, Honor Language 3, 4, German Club I-4, v. pres. 4, Great Books Club 4, National Honor Society 4. COHEN, JEFF NFL I-4, Key Club 2-4, Flat Earth Society 3, 4, Hi-Lion 4, Oil Executive for a Day 4, National Honor Society 4, Student Council 4, chap- lain 4, Tennis 4, Youth Citizenship Week Official 4, JCL 4, Great Books Club 4, v. pres. 4. COLCLASURE, JUDY Red Cross I, Coronets I, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, DECA 3, 4, DE Queen 3, 4. COLE, JONETTA Cygnets I-4, Round Table Staff 2, French Club 2, Tennis 3, Red Cross 3, FBLA 3, 4, sec. 4. COLVIN, DANNY CONNER, GLYNDA JEAN Cygnets 2-4. COOLEY, TIM COOPER, SUSAN Coronets I, 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, parl. 4, Honor Language 3, 4, Announc- ers Club 3, 4, National Thespian Society 2-4, sec. 4, Great Books Club 4. CORDELL, DONNA Cygnets I, 2, JCL I-4, treas. 4, NFL I-4, parl. 3, sec. 4, Announcers Club 2-4, treas. 3, 4, Flat Earth Society 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Girls' State 3, Honor Language 3, 4, sec.-treas. 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, Mayor's Youth Commission 4, sec. 4, National Merit Semifinalist 4, Great Books Club 4, DAR Citizenship Award 4, VFW Voice of Democracy 3, 4. CORNELISON, BOB Engineering Club 3. CORNELISON, JEANNIE Coronets I, 2, Red Cross 3, 4, DE 4, DE Queen Candidate 4, Student Council Alt. 4, FBLA 4. GAYLE Courtesy Club 2, Cygnets I, 2, CORNELL, CATHY Cygnets I-4, National Honor So- ciety 4, 2Oth Century Homemakers 3, 4, sec. 4. tesy Club 3, National Honor Society 4, Mu Alpha Theta 4. CREECH, RICHARD Electronics Club 2-4, sec. 3. CROWE, JUDY French Club I, Cygnets I-4, Courtesy Club 3, 4, Student Council 4, Girls' State Alt. 3, Great Books Club 4, Honor Roll 3. CUPP, CINDY Red Cross 2, Girls' Chorus I, 2, Cygnets I-4, FTA 4. CURTIS, CHRIS DECA 3, FBLA 4. CURTIS, DIANE CURTIS, KATHY DANELY, PATSY JCL I, Coronets I-4, Thespians 3, 4. SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT that she is Key Club Sweetheart catches Vicki Vaughn offguard. Escort Leon Meyers seems amused by her reaction. DELONGY, NANCY DANIELS, DIANE Red Cross pres., Medical Club pres., Foreign Relations Club, German Club. IPasa- dena, Cal., DEFEE, PHIL Shield Rep. I, 2, Football I-4, Boys "O" Club 4. DENHAM, DANA VICA 3, 4. DENHAM, DAVID DENHAM, DOUG Wrestling 4. DENTON, BUTCH DICKINSON, MILES DECA 4. DIETRICH, MARIAN Pep Club I-3, Courtesy Club 3, Art Club 3, FJA 3, French Club I, FTA 3, News- paper Staff 3, Emerson Project 2, IHardingl Courtesy Club 4, French Club 4, Shield Staff 4, Red Cross 4, fNorthwestl DOBSON, SHERRY Future Homemakers of America 2, Pep Club 2, Library Science 2, IBroken Arrowl National Art Honor Society 3, 4, DE 4, Courtesy Club 3, 20th Century Homemakers 4. DOLAN, PATRICK DONCEEL, JUDI Court Jesters I, Tri-Hi-Y 2: COUY- tesy Club 2, 3, Cygnets I-4. DOUGHTY, TOM Key Club 2, NFL I-4, Marching Band I-4, Pep Band I-4, Student Council 4, Great Books Club 4. DRAKE, HAROLD Cry-Slurs I-4, Spanish Club I, Boys Chorus I, Pep Band I, Baseball 3, Senior Quar- tet 4. DUFFY, PAUL Electronics Club 2, Aviation Club 2. DUGAN, JOYCE Girls Chorus I, Red Cross 4, Coro- nets I-3. Senior Activities 0 239 DUNCAN, KEVIN Track I-3, Key Club 2-4, Hi-Y 4, Boys "O" Club 4, Shield Staff 3, 4, Round Table Staff 4, FBLA 4. DUNCAN, PHIL Hi-Y 2, Key Club 3. DUVALL, DAVID Honor Roll 2, Key Club 4, Great Books Club 4, Shield Staff 4. DYE, BET Pep Club I-3, officer I-3, Student Council I-3, JCL I, 2, Honor Society I-3, Courtesy Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 3, B-squad cheerleader 2, Tri-C's 2, 3, Meister Swingers 2, 3, CClassenl Coronets 3, 4, Cry-Slurs 4, Court Jesters 4, Honor Roll 4. EADES, RICHENDA Art Club 2, 3, Pep Club I-3, fHarding, Cygnets 4. EARLEY, TERESA Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 2-4, Honor Language 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, Mu Alpha Theta 4, Election Board 4. EASTON, WYN Baseball I-3, Shield Rep. I-4, Hi-Y 2-4, Key Club 3, 4, Student Council 3, Boys "O" Club 3, 4. ELLISON, STAN ELLYSON, BARBARA EMERSON, RANDY Football I-4, Hi-Y 2-4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4, Key Club 3, 4, Red Cross 4. EMERY, CARLA Honor Society 2, Cheerleader 2, fDouglassD Orchestra I-4, Symphony Hi-Notes 2-4, Great Books Club 4, Honor Roll I, 2, Science Club 4, Red Cross 4. EPPERSON, JILL Court Jesters I, Courtesy Club 2-4, sgt.-at-arms 3, Cygnets I-4, DECA 4, reporter 4. ERICKSON, PAUL Shield rep. 3, 4, JCL 2-4, Key Club 2-4, Flat Earth Society 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4. EVANS, STEVE Cry-Slurs 4, Electronics Club 4. FAIRCHILD, BOBBY Boys "O" Club 2-4, Student Council 3, 4, Key Club 4, Hi-Y 4, Basketball 2-4, Baseball 2, Friendship Royalty 4. FALGOUT, PATRICIA Red Cross I, Safety Council 2, Courtesy Club 2, 3, French Club 2, DECA 3, 4, state rep. 3, DE Princess 4. FARHA, KATHY Red Cross I, Court Jesters 2, Coro- nets I, 2. FARLEY, DEBRA Pep Club 'I, 2, German Club 3. FARMER, CAROLYN Coronets I-4, Girls' Track Team 2, FBLA 4. FINCH, BILL Red Cross I, Baseball I, 2, Hi-Y 2-4, Key Club 3, 4, Golf 4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4. FINDLEY, RONNIE FISHER, NANCY Court Jesters I, Courtesy Club 2, Student Council I, 3, Round Table Staff 3, 4, Coronets I-4, reporter 3, rec. sec. 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Honor Language 3, National Thespian Society 2-4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, sec. 3, NFL 3, 4, Round Table Royalty 4. FLEETWOOD, BILL Hi-Y 2-4, pres. 4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4, sgt.-at-arms 4, Football 2-4. FLEMING, RHONDA Student Council I, Cygnets 'I-3, Student Council Alt. 2, 3, Red Cross Alt. 3, 4. FLOOD, REBECCA Girls Chorus I, Honor Roll l, 2, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. FLORENCE, VICKI FLYNN, STEVE Boys "O" Club I-4, Key Club 2-4, pres. 4, Student Council 3, Hi-Y 2-4, Cross Country 2-4, Track I-4, Friendship Royalty 4. FONVIELLE, FRANK FORBIS, MIKE FORD, JAN Court Jesters I, Courtesy Club 2, Cyg- nets I-3. FRANK, KEITH Football I, Shield Rep. 4, Red Cross 4, Hi-Y 4, Key Club 4. FRENCH, JIM Football 2-4, Boys "O" Club 4, Hi-Y 4, sgt.-at-arms 4. FRENCH, RALPH FROW, JOHN Football I, Key Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Golf 3. FULSON, STEVE Football 3. lWatuskal FULTON, ROBERT German Club l, 2, Wrestling 3, 4, Science Club 4. FULWIDER, RAYNORA Red Cross Alt. 3, Cygnets 3, Courtesy Club 2, 3, FBLA 3, 4, v. pres. 4, COE 4. "THE SHOW must go on," murnbles Nancy Rice, undaunted by losing her flipper during a pep assembly. 240 0 Senior Activities FUNDERBURK, ANNE French Club I, 4, Cygnets I-4, Courtesy Club 2-4, historian 4, FJA 2-4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, v. pres. 4, Shield Staff 2-4, reporter 2, page editor 2, 3, editor 4, Times correspondent. FUNK, JAN FUNK, MARC Football I-4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4. GALLOWAY, EDDIE Choir 2, IHardingD Cry-Slurs 3, 4, Boys Chorus 3, pres. 3. GARDNER, GARY Transfer from John Marshall 4. GARRETT, RENDALL GARRETT, TERESA FTA 2, Safety Council 2, fHard- ing, FBLA 4, lNorthwest,. GATES, JAN Cygnets I-4, sgt.-at-arms I, Court Jes- ters I-2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Courtesy Club 2-4, Girls "O' Club 3, 20th Century Homemakers 3, 4, treas. 3, v. pres. 4. GATEWOOD, ANNA Red Cross I, Coronets I, 2, Student Council 3, Cry-Slurs 2-4. GAUTREAUX, KATHY Coronets I, 2, Girls "O" Club 2, 3, DE 4. GEIST, CONNIE Cygnets l-4, hosp. chm. 4, Cour- tesy Club 2-4, chaplain. 4, pres. 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, FTA 4, sec, 4, Class sgt.-at-arms 4. GEURIN, DONNY GIMPEL, ROBERT Engineering Club 3, Science Club 4, Great Books Club 4. GLASS, JUDI Red Cross I, Courtesy Club 2, 3, French Club 2, 4, Coronets I-4, NFL 3-4, Honor Lan- guage 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, treas. 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, asst. sec. 4, Announcers Club 4, Great Books Club 4. GODDARD, DAVID Hi-Y 3, 4, DECA 4. GORDON, SALLY Court Jesters I, 2. GORDON, SCOTT Debate 2-4, National Honor So- ciety 2-3, Key Club l, 2, Student Council 3, JCL 3, 4, Spanish Club I-3. GRAHAM, GRIFF Hi-Y 2-4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4, Swimming 2-4, Football I, Basketball I, 2, Cross Country 3. GRAY, JEFF VICA 3, 4, pres. 3, 4. GRAY, French Club 4, FTA I-4, parl. 2, v, pres. 3. LINDA Courtesy Club .2-4, Coronets I-4, GREEN, JIM Band I-4, Orchestra 2-4, GREEN, PAT Baseball 3, 4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4. GREEN, TERRY National Honor Society 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, Class sec. I, treas. 3, Election Board I, 4, chm. 4, Cygnets I-4, cheerleader 3, rec. sec. 4, Courtesy Club 2-4, chapl, 4, Court Jesters I-4, C- Squad cheerleader I, B-Squad cheerleader 2, pres. 4, Princess of Football and Cross Country 4, Girls "O" Club I, 3, 4, chapl. 3, sec. 4, Honor Roll 2, 3, Friendship Royalty 4. GRIFFIN, DAVID National Art Honor Society 4. GRIGGS, ROGER GRIFFITH, LINDA GRIMES, MARK Boys "O" Club 2-4, Football I-4, Baseball I-4. GROSECLOSE, CHUCK GRUSSENDORF, LARRY GUSTIN, BRENDA Spanish Club I, Courtesy Club 2, 3, Red Cross 3, Honor Roll 3, FBLA 3, 4, FTA 4, Great Books Club 4, National Honor Society 4. HAAS, RUBY Red Cross I, 2, Symphony Hi-Notes I-4, Library Club I, Spanish Club 4, Science Club 4, Band I, 3, 4, Marching Band I-4, Pep Band I-4, Or- chestra l-3, Pep Club I, NFL 2-4, Swimming I, 2, Band and Orchestra Girls Association I-4. HACK, CLYDAN Cygnets 'I-4, Election Board I. HAGAR, STEVE HAGSTROM, DALE Band I-3, Flat Earth Society 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, pres. 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, chapl. 4, Mu Alpha Theta 2-4, Honor Language 3, 4, French Club 4, Math Analysis Club 4, Great Books Club 4. HALE, BARBARA Courtesy Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Red Cross Alt. 2, 3, Coronets I-4, chapl. 3, treas. 4, National Art Honor Society 4, Student Council 4. F.-... ,ff- HALE, BEVERLY Honor Roll I, 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Language 3, 4, German Club 2-4, lpres. 4, Student Council Alt. 3, 4, Cygnets I-4, French ,Club 4, Great Books Club 4. IHALL, DEBRA Science Club 4. HALL, JEFF orchestra 1, crysiufs 3, 4. HAM, TERRY NFL I-4, V. pres. 4, JCL 2-4, Flat Earth 'Society 4, Key Club 4, Great Books Club 4. IHAMILTON, DEBBIE Courtesy Club 2-4, Girls "O" Club 3, 4, v. pres. 4, VICA 4, Honor Roll 4. HAMPTON, MARY Marching Band I, Red Cross 2, Alt. I, Girls Chorus 3, Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 4, French Club 4, FBLA 4, National Art Honor Society 4. HARLEY, BECKY JCL 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Court Jesters I-3, Courtesy Club 2-4, Cygnets I-4, Round Table Staft 3, 4. HARPER, LARRY Electronics Club 4, Science Club 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Key Club 3, 4. HARRIS, LARRY Boys "O" Club 4, German Club 4, Football 3, 4. HARRIS, SUSAN Courtesy Club 2, Round Table Statt 2, Coronets I-4, FBLA 4. HARRISON, REBA Red Cross I, Pep Club I-3, JCL 2, 3, Phi Epsilon 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 2-4, Courtesy Club 2, 3, lHardingl Math Analysis Club 4. HARRY, STEVE FBLA 4, Cry-Slurs 2-4, Shield Staff 4, Advertising Mgr. 4, Round Table Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4. HARTMAN, JANIE Cygnets I-4. HARVEY, CINDY Coronets I-4, National Thespian Society 2-4, French Club 4. IF MR. THOREAU were here now." John Morozuk and Ann Reid check Frank Marwood after their Great Books proiect. Following the essayist's philosophy, students wore the same clothes one week. HATFIELD, STEVE Golf I, Student Council 3, Mu Alpha Theta 3, Honor Roll I-4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Cry-Slurs I-4, pres. 4, Boys Quartet 3, 4. HEAD, CHARLES HEARD, BRIAN HELMS, RICHARD HELT, ROBERT Electronics Club 2-4, pres. 4, Science Club 3. HELTON, WILLIAM HENAGER, KRYN Red Cross I, Honor Roll 3, Ger- man Club 2-4, Honor Language 3, 4, Girls Chorus I-4. HENDRICKS, DAVID HENNING, DALE Football I, Baseball 4, Technical School 4, Class pres. 4. HENSCH, PEGGY Honor Roll I, Coronets I-4. HERRING, JEAN Cygnets I-4, Honor Roll 4. HERRMANN, JANET Honor Roll I, 2, Coronets I, 2, Red Cross I, 2, NFL 2-4, National Thespian Society 2-4, treas. 3, National Honor Society 4, Great Books Club 4. HETHERINGTON, LINDA Pep Club I-3, VICA 3, 4. HEUSER, DEBBIE Court Jesters I, Honor Roll 2, Spanish Club I, 2, Courtesy Club 2-4, Cygnets I-4, chapl. 4, Great Books Club 4, National Honor So- ciety 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4. HEWES, KITTY Cygnets I-4, FBLA 4. HICKS, RANDY HIGGENBOTHAM, JUDY HILL, ANNE Cygnets I-3, Red Cross I, 2, French Club 4. HILL, BILL Cross Country I-4, Boys "O" Club 4. HILL, DONNA Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club I-4, historian 4, v. pres. 4, Great Books Club 4, Student Council Alt. 4. HINES, TOMMY HINKLE, PAT Cygnets I-4, FTA 4, German Club 2-4. HIXON, GARY HIXON, LINDA HODGES, ELIZABETH JCL I, 2, Coronets I-4, Cour- tesy Club 2-4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Honor Roll I, 4. HOLDERBY, BOB HOLLOWAY, BILL HOMSEY, MICKEY Hi-Y 2, 3, German Club 2, 3, Student Council 3. HONIKER, DAN DECA 4. HOOKER, MARCIE VICA 2. HORNE, CHARLES Electronics Club 2, 3. HORTON, SHELLEY Cygnets I-4, parl. 4, sgt.-at-arms 4, Courtesy Club I-3, Court Jesters I-4, v. pres. 4, National Art Honor Society 3, 4, chapl. 3, v. pres. 3, pres. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, French Club I, 2. HOUSE, GAIL Coronets 3, 4, Girls Chorus 3. HOUSLEY, DEBI Pep Club I-3, FTA 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Medical Careers I, 2. HOWELL, PHIL Camera Club 4. HUFFAKER, CARLA Cygnets I-4, Student Council Alt. 4, Inter-City Student Safety Council Pres. 3. HUFFMAN, JIMMIE Cygnets 2, VICA 3, 4, Red Cross I-3. HUGHES, PATTY Court Jesters 2-4, B-Squad cheer- leader 2, senior rep. 4, Honor Language 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, National Art Honor Society 3, 4, sec. 4, Great Books Club 4, Cygnets 2-4, sgt.-at-arms 3, 4, pres. 4, Pep Council 4. HULETT, CLEDA Courtesy Club 2, Coronets 'I-4, cheerleader 2, All-School Cheerleader 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Court Jesters 2-4, sgt.-at-arms 4, Round Table Royalty 4, Friendship Royalty 4. HUMPHREY, DOUG Band I, 2, Humanities League 3, Key Club 2-4, Flat Earth Society 3, 4, Great Books Club 4, French Club 4, v. pres. 4, NFL 3, 4, Announc- ers Club 3, 4, sec. 3, sgt.-at-arms 4, National Thes- pian Society 3, 4, pres. 4. HUMPHREY, LINDA Cygnets I, Girls "O" Club 3, 4, DECA 3, 4, treas. 4, DE Princess 4. HUNSAKER, TONI Court Jesters I, Coronets I-3. HUNT, BRENDA KAY Girls Chorus I, 2, Shield rep. 2-4. HUNTER, DEBBIE Cygnets 1-4. HUNTER, RICK Red Cross I, Alt. 2, Electronics Club 3, Camera Club 3, FBLA 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Election Board 4. HUTCHISON, BOB Red Cross 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, National Honor Society 3. IRWIN, BOBBY JACKSON, BILL Key Club 2-4, Honor Roll 2, 4, National Honor Society 4, Mu Alpha Theta 4, Math Analysis Club 4. JACOBSON, JENNIFER Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 2-4, sgt.-at-arms 4, National Honor Society 4, National Art Honor Society 2-4, sec. 3, v. pres. 4, Honor Language 3, 4, Honor Roll 2, 4. JARRETT, SUE Cygnets I-4, chapl. 4, hosp. chm. 4, Courtesy ClubE2-4, Court Jesters I, 2, NFL 2-4, French Club I, 2, Election Board I, 2. JEFFERS, ED JENSEN, DOUG Baseball 2, Track 3, 4. JESSEE, SHARON Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 2, Flat Earth Society 3, 4, Great Books Club 4: STUCIGHT Council 4. JOHNSEY, ANN JOHNSON, BILL Football T-4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, JCL I-4, Baseball I, 2, Red Cross 4, Flat Earth Society 4, Shield rep. 3, Oil Executive for a Day 4, Youth Citizenship Week Official 4. Senior Activities 0 241 Q, . M ,g I ,, , , "FEED the ugly duckling, too," Donna Hill urges Kevin Duncan during the Christmas holidays. JOHNSON, FRANK Band I-4, corporal 2, v. pres. 4, Orchestra 2-4, Cry-Slurs 3, 4, accompanist 4, National Honor Society 4, Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, German Club I, 2, Flat Earth 3, 4, Great Books Club 4. JOHNSON, GARY NFL I-4, sgt.-at-arms 4, National Merit Letter of Commendation 4, Cry-Slurs 3, 4, v. pres. 4, Announcers' Club 3, 4, v. pres. 4, Student Council 4, Great Books Club 4, Honor Roll 'I-3, Flat Earth Society 3, 4. JOHNSON, LINDA Cygnets I-4. JOHNSON, LIZ Coronets I-4, Round Table Staff 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4. JOHNSON, MIKE Football I. JORDAN, DOUGLAS Honor Language 3, 4, pres. 4, Flat Earth 3, 4, Math Analysis Club 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, Great Books Club 4, Science Club 4, Symphony Hi Notes 4, Key Club 3, German Club 2-4. KEARNEY, KATHY Coronets I-4, sgt.-at-arms 3, Courtesy Club 2-4, Shield Staff 3, 4, Feature editor 4, Court Jesters I, 2, Quill and Scroll 4, Great Books Club 4, Humanities League 3, Election Board 3. KEESEE, MARY KEFFER, VAN KEITH, RICHARD Baseball I, 4, Basketball I, Tennis 242 Q Senior Activities 2, Track and Cross-Country 3, Red Cross 4, FBLA 4, Key Club 2, 4. KELLERT, DIANE Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 2-4, rec. sec. 4, asst. treas. 4, FTA 4, National Honor So- ciety 4, Honor Roll I, 3, Red Cross I. KELLEY, LINDA Student Council I, 2, Shield rep. 3, 4, Courtesy Club I, 2. KENDALL, SALLY French Club I, 2, National Merit Letter of Commendation 4, JCL I-4, sgt.-at-arms 4, Student Council 4, hist. 4, Honor Roll I-4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Great Books Club 4, Flat Earth Society 4. KENNEDY, TRESSA Courtesy Club 2-4, Coronets I-4, Girls "O" Club 3, 4, v. pres. 4, Court Jesters 2, 3. KENT, MARK Football I, 2, 4, Hi-Y 2-4, Boys "O" Club 4. KIDD, GREG Key Club 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, Football I, DECA 4. KILPATRICK, DON KING, KATHY Cry-Slurs 2-4, sec. leader 4. KIRCHNER, GAYLE Cygnets I-4, Shield Staff 2, Girls Chorus 3. KITCHEN, BILL National Honor Society 4, Honor Roll 3, Student Council 4, Key Club 2, 3, Band 2-4, pres. 4, Orchestra 2-4, Spanish Club 3, 4, v. pres. 3, pres. 4. KNOP, CHRIS Cygnets I-4, sgt.-at-arms I, NFL 2-4, treas. 4, Student Council 3, 4, sgt.-at-arms 4, Great Books Club 4, Announcers' Club 4, Flat Earth So- ciety 3, 4, National Merit Semifinalist 4. KOHLER, DALE Swimming I-4, Boys "O" Club I-4. KOSKA, CAROL Red Cross 3, National Art Honor Society 4 fMcGuinnessl. KRASOWSKI, CHARLES Mixed Chorus I, Basketball 2, Baseball 2, Jr. Concession 3, Chieftain Staff 3, Interact Club 3 iSeminolel, Round Table Staff -1, Cry-Slurs 4. LACKEY, DEBBIE Courtesy Club I, 2, Court Jesters I, Girls "O" Club 3, 4, reporter 4, Coronetsll-4, Student Council 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Round Table Staff 3, National Honor Society 4. LACY, BILL Student Council I-4, v. pres. 4, Shield Staff 3, 4, ad. mgr. 3, 4, Key Club 2-4, chapl. 4, Hi-Y I-4, FBLA 4, Round Table Staff 3, 4. LA FAVER, DIANE Cygnets I, 2, National Thespians 2-4, NFL 2-4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Language 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, Flat Earth Society 3, 4, French Club I, 4, Student Council 3, Honor Roll I-4. LAIRD, C. E. Boys "O" Club 2-4, National Honor Society 4, Baseball 2-4, Football 3, 4, Hi-Y 4, v. pres. 4. LAMB, JACKIE Cygnets I-4, sgt.-at-arms I, cheer- leader 2, Court Jesters I-4, sgt.-at-arms 4, C-squad cheerleader I, Courtesy Club 2, 3, Humanities League 3, Girls "O" Club 3, All-School Cheerleader 4. LAMB, NAOMI LANDGUTH, LA NELL Coronets I-4, French Club 4, FTA 4, National Honor Society 4. LANGLEY, ANDY Hi-Y 3, sgt.-at-arms 4, DECA 4, lst v. pres, LANGSTON, DEBBIE Cygnets I-4, Courtesy Club 2-4, sgt.-at-arms 3, Court Jesters 2, Honor Roll I, 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, National Art Honor Society 3, 4, parl-hist. 3, Mu Alpha Theta 3. LANKFORD, BEC KY LANYON, LISA Cygnets I-4, Courtesy Club 2-4, treas. 4, National Art Honor Society 4, treas. 4, JCL 3, 4, French Club I, Student Council 3, 4. LARWIG, BILL French Club 2 fNortheastI, Foot- ball 4, Boys "O" Club 4. LATHAM, BARBARA Red Cross 2, 3, Great Books Club 4, Science Club 4. LAWSON, DOLORES Cygnets I, 2, VICA 4, treas. 4. LEARD, MARY LESKELA, DIANE Cygnets I-4, Student Council 4. LESTER, CANDY Coronets 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, LEVERIDGE, MARC Football I Uulsal, Football 2, Mu Alpha Theta 3, Student Council Alternate 4. . LEWIS, BOB LEWIS, MIKE Hi-Y I, 2, Red Cross 3, FBLA I, 2. LINDLEY, BILL Football I. LITTERAL, JACK Band I-4, Red Cross 2, VICA 4. LITTLETON, RON LOGAN, DAN QLouisianal, German Club 4, treas. 4. LOGAN, DAVID CLouisianaJ, German Club 4. LONGLEY, CINDY Coronets I-4, treas. 4, Courtesy Club 2, 3, National Art Honor Society 2-4, treas. 3, Orchestra I-4, treas. 4, Band and Orchestra Sweet- heart 4, Election Board 2, Band and Orchestra Girls Club 3, 4, sec. 4, Round Table Staff 4. LUNDIEN, LINDA Cygnets I-4, Courtesy Club 2-4, Court Jesters I. LURRY, WENDE Coronets I-3, Court Jesters I, Girls "O" Club 3, 4, LUTZ, DAVID LYON, IVIADELINE Cry-Slurs I-4, JCL I-4, French Club 4, FTA 4, Great Books Club 4, Red Cross 2, Honor Roll 2. LYTLE, BILL Key Club 2-4, Swimming 2-4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4, Student Council 4, Class v.pres. 3, Pep Council 4, Honor Roll 2, 3. MAIER, JANET Coronets I-4, Honor Language 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 2-4, Great Books Club 4, Spanish Club 4, Cry-Slurs I-4, National Honor Society 3, 4, v.pres. 4, Math Analysis Club 4, Junior Delegates 2, Red Cross I. MAIN, MARK Camera Club 4. MAJOR, WILEY MALLONEE, BILL Hi-Y 2-4, Key Club 4, Boys "O" Club 4, Track 2-4, Football I. MALONE, RANDY MANDABACH, KATHY Cygnets 2-4, National Art Honor Society 3, 4, parl. hist. 4. MANNING, TERRI Cygnets I-4, sgt.-at-arms 2, att. sec, 4, Courtesy Club 2-4, Court Jesters I, National Thespians 2-4, Girls "O" Club 3, 4, NFL 3, 4. MARCOTTE, MICHELENE Coronets I-3, Student Coun- cil 3, French Club I, 2, treas. 2, Honor Language 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. MARTIN, LYNETTE Cygnets I-4, asst. treas. 4, Courtesy Club 2-4, Quill and Scroll 4, Shield Staff 3, 4, circ. mgr. 4, Round Table Staff 4, Spanish Club I, Court Jesters I, Hi-Y 2, 3, National Hon- or Society 4. MARWOOD, FRANK Student Council I-4, pres. 4, Key Club 2, 3, NFL 2-4, Great Books Club 4, French Club I, 2, Class President 2. MASON, DAVID MASON, LINDA MATHEWS, MARY MATLOCK, RON Boys "O" Club 4, Wrestling I, 2, 4, Hi-Y 2-4, Key Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Roll I-4. MAULDIN, SHARON Coronets I-4, Red Cross 2, Court Jesters I. MAURER, CRAIG Football I, Baseball I, Key Club 2-4, v. pres. 3, Junior Rotarian 4, Boys' State 3, Class pres. I, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Top Teen I-4, Oil Executive for a Day 4. MAXWELL, SANDY Coronets 2-4, FBLA 3, 4, pres. 4, German Club 3, Courtesy Club 4, COE 4. MAYFIELD, TERRY Band I-4. MAYS, STEVE McBROOM, BOBBY McCARTY, MINDY Court Jesters I, Cygnets I-4 Courtesy Club 3, 4, Girls "O" Club 3, 4, chapl. 4, treas. 4, Golf and Tennis Princess 4. MCCLUNG, RICK MCCOLLOM, STEVE Shield Representative 2, 3, Orchestra I, 2. MCCOY, DEBBIE MCCOY, RUTH ANNE Cygnets 2-4, Courtesy Club 2, 3, B-squad cheerleader 2, Great Books Club 4, Humanities League 3, 4, French Club 4, Election Board 4. MCCRACKEN, KATHY Band 2-4, Symphony Hi-Notes 2, 3, Spanish Club 4, German Club 4, Flat Earth Society 4, Honor Roll 2. McFARLAND, DANIEL Football I, 2. McGAUGHY, BECKY Coronets 2, 3, Courtesy Club 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Student' Council 4, National Art Honor Society 2-4, pres, 4, Great Books Club 4. McGINLEY, MARK Boys "O" Club 3, 4, Wrestling I-4, Shield Representative 4. MCGREGOR, CATHY Cygnets I-4, sgt.-at-arms I, parl. 3, v.pres. 4, Courtesy Club 2-4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, JCL 2, Top Teen I-4, Court Jesters I-4, Shield Staff I, Round Table Staff 2, 3, Pep Council 4, Round Table Royalty 4, Student Council 2, 4, Class v.pres. I, Friendship Royalty 4, Class sec. 3. McGUlRE, KATIE Court Jesters 'I, 2, Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 2-4, JCL T, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2. McHUIN, RICK McKEE, KAREN Pep Club T-3, Science Club I-3, Art Club 2, 3, FTA 2, 3 lHardin9l1 Coronets 4, FBLA 4, McKINLEY, MIKE Boys "O" Club 2-4, Electronics Club 3, Swimming T-3, Football T. MCKINNEY, DAVID FBLA 3, 4, Student Council 4. MCNARY, BECKY Student Council 4, Coronets 1-4, Red Cross 2, Tennis 3. McNUTT, GARY Hi-Y 2-4, Key Club 2, 4, French Club 4. MCPHAIL, PAM Cry-Slurs 2-4, sec. 4, Girls Chorus I, 2, chapl. 2, Cygnets I-4, ushering chm. 4, Cour- tesy Club 3, 4, Court Jesters 3, Red Cross I, 4, Spanish Club l-4, treas. 2, sec. 3. MEDFORD, JANIE Coronets I-4, National Art Honor Society 4, Red Cross T. MEE, ROBERT MEEK, LESLIE National Honor Society 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, Honor Language 3, 4, Math Analy- sis Club 4, Great Books Club 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, treas. 3, pres, 3, cor. sec. 4, lst. v.pres. 4, Cygnets I-4, German Club 4. MELTON, LAURA Coronets I-4, Court Jesters, I, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Courtesy Club 2-4, C-Squad Cheerleader 2, B-Squad Cheerleader 3, National Art Honor So- ciety 3, Girls "O" Club 3, 4, sgt.-at-arms 4. MEYER, DIANE Cygnets I-4, Red Cross 3, 4, Court Jesters I, Future Homemakers 2. MEYERS, LEON Jr. Rotarian 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Basketball mgr. 4, Shield Staff 2-4, OIPA 4, pres. 4, FJA 3, 4, pres. 4, Class v.pres. 4, Key Club 2-4, sec. 4, Honor Language 3, 4, MILLER, MELVIN Hi-Lion 4, Shield Staff 2-4, Nation- al Merit Letter of Commendation 4, Round Table Staff 3, 4, Great Books Club 4, pres. 4, German Club 2, Flat Earth Society 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Orchestra I-4, Cross Country 2, 3, Track 4. MILLER, RODGER Boys "O" Club 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4. MILLS, JACK Cross Country T-4, Track I-4, Boys "O" Club 4. MILNES, JIM MITCHELL, DEBI Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 2-4, Court Jesters I-4. MITCHELL, STEVE Boys "O" Club 2-4, Hi-Y 2-4, chapl. 3, Key Club 2-4, Basketball I-4, Baseball I-3, Shield Representative 3, 4, Friendship Royalty 4. MONTGOMERY, CINDY Court Jesters I, Courtesy Club 2, Coronets I-4, sgt.-at-arms 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, National Art Honor Society 3, chapl 4. MOODY, LINDA NFL I-4, JCL I-4, sgt.-at-arms 4, Orchestra T-3, sec. 3, Symphony Hi-Notes I, 2, 4i Band and Orchestra Girls Club 2, 3, sgt.-at-armS 3, v.pres. 3, Judicial Board 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Honor Language 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 2, Cygnets T, 2, Red Cross I, 2, Great Books Club 4, Flat Earth Society 4. MOORE, BARBARA MOORE, TOM Key Club 2, 3, Golf 3, Engineering Club 3. MORGAN, JIM MOROZUK, JOHN National Thespians 2-4, sgt.-at- BFYTTS 37 NFL 2-4, sgt.-at-arms 3, National Merit Letter of Commendation 4, National Honor Society 4: Key Club 2-4, v.pres. 4, Announcers' Club 3, 4, pres. 4, Great Books Club 4, Flat Earth Society 3, 4. MORRIS, SHARI Cry-Slurs I-4, Girls Chorus l, 2, sec. I, Symphony Hi-Notes 4, sec.-treas, 4, Coronets I-4, Student Council 3, 4. MOSES, DENISE Court Jesters I, Cygnets I, 2, National Thespians 2-4, clerk 4, NFL 2-4, National Art Honor Society 4. MOSLANDER, LEE Band I, Electronics Club 2, Foot- ball 4, Boys "O" Club 4. MOXLEY, JOHN MOY, CINDY Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, soph. v.pres 2, ir. v.pres 3, Coronets I-4, sgt.-at-arms 3, reporter 3, parl, 4, Court Jesters I, Courtesy Club 2, Student Council 3, 4, treas. 4, Honor Roll 2, Flat Earth So- ciety 3, 4, Honor Language 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, National Honor Society 4, Great Books Club 4, JCL l-4. MOYER, VICKI Coronets 'I-4, Courtesy Club 3, Court Jesters 2, French Club 2. MURPHY, KIT CArkansasl Spanish Club 2, Key Club 2. MURRAY, DIANA National Art Honor Society 3, 4, Cygnets 'I-4. MYERS, KATHI Courtesy Club 4, National Art Honor Society 3, FTA 3, JCL I-3, Shield Staff 4, Court Jesters 4, French Club 4, Red Cross 4, MYERS, SUSAN MYERS, VICKI MYTHEN, ROBBIE Hi-Y 2, Football I-3, Round Table Staff 4. NANCE, MARK Symphony Hi-Notes 'l, 2, German Club 4, DECA 3, 4, pres. 4. NEEL, MAX NEELY, TERRI Courtesy Club 2, Cygnets I-3, Tri- Hi-Y 2, Court Jesters I. NELSON, NANCY Coronets I, 2, Honor Roll 3. NEVILLE, JAMES FBLA 4. NEWMAN, CAROL Band I-4, sergeant 4, Orchestra 2-4, Band and Orchestra Girls Club 'I-4, chapl. 3, pres. 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, v.pres. 4, National Honor Society 'I, 2. NEWTON, GOLDA J-Hawks 2, Courtesy Club I, 2 CKansasJ, Cygnets 3, 4, German Club 4, NIGH, LARRY Football T, 2, German Club I-3. NORTHRUP, KAREN Cygnets I-4, Courtesy Club 3, Student Council 4. NUZUM, RUTH Swimming I-3, Courtesy Club 3 lHarding,, Cygnets 4, Courtesy Club 4, FTA 4, Election Board 4. iNorthwest,. O'BRYANT, WILLIAM OLIVER, JERI OLSON, JAN Round Table Staff 3, 4, Girls "'O" Club 3, 4, 20th Century Homemakers 3. oRAHooD, DON Key Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, sym- phony Hi-Notes I-4, pres. 3, Inter-City pres. 4, German Club 2, 3, National Honor Society 4, Band I-3. O'SHEA, KAREN Coronets I-4, Court Jesters I, 2. OTTERSON, HAZEL Cygnets 'I-3. OVERBECK, DONNA Coronets l-4, Courtesy Club 2, FTA 4. OWEN, MARGARET AFS Exchange Student 4. Un- dial, Cygnets I-4, Great Books Club 4, Oil Exchange for a Day 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Language 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, French Club I, 4, Red Cross I, Symphony Hi-Notes 2, 3, Honor Roll I-4, Flat Earth Society 4. PADEN, TOM PAGE, WAYNE VICA 3, Honor Roll 3. PALLESEN, SANDY Court Jesters l, Girls "O" Club 3, Future Homemakers 3, Coronets l-4, PALMER, SUSIE PAPE, DAVID German Club 2-4, National Thes- pians 3, 4, sgt.-at-arms 4, Stage Crew 2-4, Stage mgr. 4. PARKER, RICKY Mu Alpha Theta 2-4, v.pres. 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, treas. 4, Science Club 1.4, treas. 3, v.pres. 4, JCL 2-4, sec. 4, Flat Earth Society 3, 4, Math Analysis Club 3, treas. 4, MARK GRIMES' football tactics prove to be rewarding when he is named All-State football player. ffl's.':.':,1::z:g:rs'i,9f,:, Senior Activities 0 243 Great Books Club 4, Honor Language 3, 4, Elec- tronics Club 4, French Club 4, FTA 4, PARKER, SUSAN PARRISH, ANITA Cygnets 1-4, Honor Language 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, sec. 4, French Club 1, 3, 4, parl. 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Great Books Club 4. PARRISH, JIM Library Club 2. PARSONS, JACK Golf 3, Track 1, 2, Debate I-3, Slide Rule Club 3 ITexas,, Swimming 3, 4, Golf 3, 4. PARSONS, MARY PEARSON, MARSHA Court Jesters 1, Coronets 1-4, Red Cross 4. PEEK, TOM Wrestling 2, 4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Honor Roll 2, 4, Key Club 3, 4, Student Council 4. PEELS, THOMAS Student Council 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, Honor Roll 2, 4, Key Club 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, Boys "O" Club 3, 4. PENNINGTON, STAN Red Cross 2, VICA 4, Shield Staff 3. PERDUE, JUDY PETTY, DONNA FBLA 4, Student Council Alt. 2, Student Council 3, Red Cross 3, 4, Courtesy Club 2, 3, Cygnets 1-4, Tri-Hi-Y 2. PHELPS, LOU ANN Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 2-4, JCL 1-4, pres. 4, Flat Earth Society 3, 4, French Club 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Lan- guage 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, Girls "O" Club 3, Great Books Club 4. PHILLIPS, BOBBY PHILLIPS, CINDY Cygnets 1-4, Courtesy Club 2, FTA 1-3, Spanish Club 4, Great Books Club 4. PHILLIPS, DELBERT Golf 3, 4, English Club 3, 4. PHILLIPS, TERRY JCL 1, 2, Shield Representative 3, 4, Coronets 1, 2, Cry-Slurs 3, 4. PHlNNcY, CORY swimming l-4, Boys "0" Club 3, 4, Shield sleff 3, Golf 3, 4,, PHIPPS, JACK Shield Rep. 2, Key Club 4, Student Council Alt. 4, Electronics Club 2-4. PIETSCH, TOBI Cygnets 1, 2, Court Jesters 1. PIKE, SHERRY Coronets 1-4, Court Jesters 1, 2, 20th Century Homemakers 3, Student Council 4, Spanish Club 4. PLUMBTREE, STEVE Golf 1-4, Boys "O" Club 2-4. POAG, FLOYD Football 1, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 3, Band 1-4, Orchestra 1-4, Stage Band 3, 4. POCK, DAVID Band 1, Football I-4, Wrestling 3, 4, Boys "O" Club 4. POGUE, PAT FBLA 4, COE 4. PONDER, PAT PONTIOUS, VICKI Cygnets I, 2, FBLA 4, Red Cross I. POOL, JOHN POPE, ROSS Hi-Y 2, 3. PORTER, LINDA Cygnets 2, Court Jesters 2, Round Table 2-4, Co-editor 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, pres. 4. PORTER, SUE Cygnets 1-4, Courtesy Club 2, Tri- Hi-Y 2, DECA 4. POTTER, NIKKI Coronets 1-4, Future Homemakers 3. POWERS, BILL Band l, DECA 4. POWERS, SUSIE Courtesy Club 2-4, sgt.-at-arms 2, 3, rec, sec. 4, Cygnets 1-4, Student Council 4, corr. sec. 4, PRESSLEY, Douo PUCKETT, ROBERT Aviation Club 1, pres, 3, Sci- ence Club 4, NFL 2. PULLEY, ANN Coronets 1-3, Red Cross 4, Tennis 4, Girls "O" Club 4. PURSLEY, RICHARD Science Club 3, 4, v.pres. 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, v.preS- 4. pres. 4: Great Books Club 4, Flat Earth Society 3, 4. RAINBOLT, LINDA Cygnets l, vlcA 2. RAGSDALE, DEBORAH Symphony Hi-Notes 2, 3, Cry-Slurs 3, 4. 244 o Senior Activities RAGSDALE, DONNA RAMIREZ, RITA Student Council 4, Coronets 2-4, asst. treas. 4. RATLIFF, JIM RATTAN, PAT Key Club 3, 4, l-ll-Y 3, 4, Boys Ho" Club 2-4, Wrestling 1-4, Red Cross 1, Baseball 1, Safety Council 3. RATWAY, MARY Coronets 1, 2, Girls "O" Club 3. RAUNBORG, SHARON Cygnets 1-4, ushering chm. 4, FTA 4, RAY, TOM READ, FLETCHER roofloell l, Track 2.4, Hi-Y 4, Cross Country 2-4. REID, ANN Coronets 1-4, sgt.-at-arms 3, parl. 3, chapl. 4, pres. 4, Student Council 4, Announcers Club 2-4, Court Jesters 1, 2, Great Books Club 4, NFL 3, 4. RENSHAW, BILL Football 1, Golf 3, 4, Key Club 3, 4. REYNOLDS, JIM Engineering Club 3, DECA 4. RHODES, PAM RICE, NANCY Ilndianapolis 2l, Round Table Staff 2-4, Co-editor 4, Cygnets 2-4, sgt.-at-arms 2, treas. 4, Tri-HiY 2, 3, sgt.-at-arms 2, sec. 3, Student Coun- cil 3, Quill and Scroll 4, Honor Language 4, Great Books Club 4, Class sgt.-at-arms 3, Courtesy Club 2, sgt.-at-arms 2, French Club 4. RICH, TOM IHardingIi JCL 4, Honor Society 4, Mu Alpha Theta 4, Honor Language 4, Orchestra 4, Science Club 4, Great Books Club 4, Math Analysis 4, Key Club 4, Flat Earth Society 4, Fellowship of Christian Athletes 4. RIDDLE, CHARLIE Golf 1, 3, 4, Engineering Club 3. RIDDLE, HAZEL Girls Chorus 1, Coronets 2, Medical Club 3, sec. 3, Safety Council 3, Student Council 4. RIGGALL, JIM Boys "O" Club 2-4, Wrestling 1-4, Hi-Y 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3. RILEY, GEORGEANN Coronets 1-4, Courtesy Club 2-4, sgt.-at-arms 3, pres. 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Mu Alpha Theta 3, National Honor Society 4, Student Council 3, 4, FTA 4, Election Board 4, Honor Roll 1. RITTER, GARY Football 1-4, Baseball 3, Boys "O" Club 3, 4, Honor Language 3, Student Council 3, Key Club 3, German Club 2, 3, RITTER, GERALD Football I-4, Boys "O" Club 4, German' Club 3, 4, prince 3, Hi-Y 4, Key Club 3, 4, Student Council 4. ROBINSON, MARILYN IMcGuinnessD. ROBINSON, STEVE Judicial Board 4, chief iustice 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, NFL 1-4, pres. 4, Great Books Club 4, Math Analysis 4, Mu Alpha Theta 2-4. ROGERS, BRENT ROGERS, PAULA ROLLINS, GARY ROSENBERG, PAUL Boys "O" Club 3, 4, Football 1-4,Hi-Y 1.4, Key Club l. ROSS, JEANNIE Cygnets 3, 4. RUEB, TOM Electronics Club 2-4, v.pres. 4, Swim- ming 2-4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4. RUEDY, DAN Honor Science Club 1 IHardingJ, Electronics Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Mu Alpha Theta 4, Honor Roll 2-4. RUTVILEY, MARSHALL RYAN, KATHY Symphony Hi-Notes 3, Great Books Club 4. sARlvlAs, KOURESH Basketball 1-3, SAYLER, KAREN Coronets 1-4, Tri-Hi-Y 1-3, Student Council Alt. 4, Stagecrafts 4. SCHELL, MIKE Student Council 4, JCL 2-4, Flat Earth Society 3, 4, Golf 3. SCHILB, CAROLYN Cygnets 1-4, Mu Alpha Theta 2-4, Honor Language 3, 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, German Club 4, Great Books Club 4, Science Club 4, Math Analysis 4, v.pres. 4, Cry- Slurs 4, Flat Earth Society 4. SCHNETZLER, MARTY Swimming 1-4, Cross-Country I-4, Track l-4, Boys HO" Club I-4, sec,-treas. 4, Key Club 3, 4, sgt-at-arms 4, Student Council 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Round Table Staff 1-4, Shield Staff I-4, Sports editor 3, 4. SCHROEDER, SID Wrestling 4, Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes 4. SCHULTZ, BEVERLY Girls Chorus I, Flat Earth Society 2, FTA 3, 4, 20th Century Homemakers 4, German Club 4, Student Council 4, Honor Roll 4. SCOTT, STEVE SEAMAN, DIANE cyghefe 2-4, SELF, LYNN Coronets 1-4, att. sec. 4, v.pres. 47 Court Jesters 1, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, sgt.-at-arms 3, Class v.pres. 3, Courtesy Club 2, 3, 3. SHARP, DALE SHEDECK, BART Student Council 3, 4, store mgr. 4, Key Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, JCL 3, 4, Round Table Staff 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, National Honor Society 4, Engineering Club 3. SHELDEN, DARLA Cygnets 1-3, Courtesy Club 2, 3, Mu Alpha Theta 3, Round Table Staff 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Court Jesters 1, 2, Girls "O" Club 3, 4, Red Cross,4. SHELINE, STEPHEN FBLA 4, SHERMAN, KENT SHERWOOD, SUZANNE Cygnets 3, 4, German Club 4, Honor Language 4 INorthwestJ, Courtesy Club 2, FTA 2. CHardingJ. SHUMAKER, VICKI Coronets 1-4, Student Council alt. 3, 4, FBLA 4, Red Cross 2, 3, Girls Chorus 2, 3. SIMMONS, GAIL Coronets 1-4, sgt.-at-arms 2, parl. 3, v.pres. 4, Girls "O" Club 3, 4, pres. 4, Court Jesters 1-3, cheerleader I, Courtesy Club 2, 3, Key Club Princess 4, Pep Council 4, sec. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Student Council alt. 4, Great Books 4. SIMONSON, ANN FBLA 4, SINGERMAN, CHRIS Student Council 4, Cygnets 2-4, sgt.-at-arms 3, Humanities League 3, 4, Red Cross 1. SKAGGS, PAUL Key Club 2-4, sgt.-at-arms 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Basketball I-4, Boys "O" Club 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Round Table Royalty 4, Round Table Staff 3, 4, Shield Staff 3, 4. SKVORC, CHRISTINA Chorus 1, 2, Science Club 4, Symphony Hi-Notes 4, Orchestra 4, Honor Roll 3. SLATER, DAVID SLIGER, GARY SMART, CAROL Cygnets 1-4, Courtesy Club 3, 4, Great Books Club 4, French Club 4, Shield Staff 3, 4. SMART, PAT Track I, 2. lCamp Verde High School, SMELSER, MARCIA Coronets 1-3, Courtesy Club 2, 3, French Club 1-4, Student Council alt. 3, 4, Na- tional Thespians 3, 4, Shield rep. 4, JCL 3, 4, Flat Earth Society 3, 4. SMILEY, MIKE SMITH, CLARK Lancers 1, 2, sgt.-at-arms 2, Shield rep. 3, 4, Sr, Gift Com. 4, Audio Visual 3, 4. SMITH, GWEN Chorus 1, 4, Cygnets 1. SMITH, LORETTA SMTH, PHIL National Merit Semi-finalist 4, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 2-4, pres. 4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4, Hi-Lion 4, Spanish Club I, 2, Electronics Club 2, Track 3, 4, Cross- Country 3, 4. SMITH, SHERON Coronets 1-4, Spirit chm. 4, Red Cross 4, Girls Tennis 3. SMITH, SKIP Baseball 1-4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4. SMITH, WAYNE SNOW, BEA Coronets 2, Courtesy Club 2, 3, National Art Honor Society 2-4, Red Cross 3, 4, alt. 2, DE Club 4, 20th Century Homemakers 1, Youth ofthe Kingdom 2, FBLA 3. SOCHOR, Jos vlcA 3, 4. CCalifornial. SPARKS, steve JCL l, 2, vlcA Tech. School 4. spshlccrz, MARY CYQHSTS l-4, coE 4. SPIELBERGER, SALLY coroner, l, 2, Girls "o" Club 2, 3, 59?--at-arms 3, Girls Tennis Team 2, 3, Shield FSP. 3, 4: Student Council Alt. 4, Spanish Club I, 2. STACY, MARY Cygnets 'l-4, sgt.-at-arms 2, Courtesy Club 2-4, sgt.-at-arms 3,4, parl. 3, Student Council 3, 4, sec. 4, French Club 4. STACY, STEVE STALEY, DEAN Track 3, 4. STANDEFER, MARCIA National Art Honor Society 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, Coronets I, 2, Student Council 3. STANSEL, RANDY STEELE, BARBARA STEELE, WILLIAM Photography Club 4, Science Club 4, Band I, 2. fCaIifornia, STEGMAN, BARBARA STEPH, NANCY Court Jesters I-4, C-squad cheer- leader I, treasurer 3, Cygnet Pep Club I-3, cheer- leader 2, All-School cheerleader 3, 4, Head 4, All- sports Queen 4, Round Table Staff 4, Courtesy Club 2, National Honor Society 4, Quill and Scroll 4, STEPHENS, JENYNE Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 2, 3, French Club 4, Great Books 4. STEVES, KAREN Cygnets I-4, Ushering chm. 2-4, v.pres. 4, Courtesy Club 2-4, Spanish Club 'I-4, Pub- licity chm. 2, rec. sec. 3, Court Jesters 2, Pep Council 4, Red Cross I, 2. ST. GEORGE, PHIL STILES, LARRY STINSON, TERESA VICA 2, French Club I. STOLDT, ROBERT Student Council 3, 4, Sgt-at-arms 4, National Honor Society 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, Math Analysis 4, pres. 4, JCL 3, 4, Cross Country 2-4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4, Key Club 3, 4, Flat Earth Society 3, 4, Great Books Club 4, Honor Roll 'l, 2, Mayor's Youth Commission 4, Intercity Student Council 3. STOOKER, ALISON Cygnets 2-4, Courtesy Club 2-4, JCL 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, National Thes- pians 4, Great Books 4. STOTTS, DIANE Coronets I-3, Court Jesters I, 2, FBLA 4, Courtesy Club 2, 3. STOTTS, SHERRIE STRAUBE, MARY Cygnets I-3, Spanish Club I, 2, French Club 4, Courtesy Club 2, Honor Language 3, 4, Honor Roll I, 2. STRICKLAND, DON STUART, CHARLENE Coronets I, 2, FBLA 4. STUART, JANET Red Cross I, Court Jesters I, Cyg- nets I, 2, Red Cross alt. 2. STUNZ, JEANETTE FTA 4, FBLA 3, 4, treas. 4, French Club 4, Mu Alpha Theta 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Roll 2-4. iWichita, Kansasl. STURGILL, NORMA Girls Chorus I, Spanish Club 2, 3, sec. 3, Jr. Achievement 3, 4. SUGGS, SUSIE Coronets I-4, parl. 2, sgt.-at-arms 2, cheerleader 3, pres. 4, Court Jesters I-4, B-squad cheerleader 2, Courtesy Club 2-4, National Honor Society 4, Honor Language 3, 4, Girls' State 3, Red Cross 3, French Club I-4, Student Council alt. 2, Pep Council 4, Girls "O" Club 4, Round Table Royalty 4, Class treas. 2, Friendship Royalty 4. SUPPLEE, CHERYL Cygnets I-4, Court Jesters 2, Courtesy Club 4, Red Cross 2-4. SWARTZENDRUBER, JOHN Football l-4, Student Council 4, Boys "O" Club 3, 4. SWIHART, STEVE Safety Council I. SYLVESTER, LYNDA Coronets I, VICA 3. TABB, JIMMY TANNEHILL, FRANK TAYLOR, KATHY Pep Club I-3, sgt.-at-arms 2, 3, Class Council 2, Student Council I, Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, Yearbook 2, 3, Safety Council 2, Quill and Scroll 3, Phi Epsilon 3, Willard Proiect 2, Courtesy Club 2, 3, FTA 2, 3, FJA 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, iHarding, parl. 3, National Honor Society 3, Spanish Club 4, Coronets 4, Quill and Scroll 4, National Honor Society 4, Round Table Staff 4, Elec- tion Board 4. fNorthwest,. TAYLOR, PATSY Cygnets I-4, rec. sec. 4, Courtesy Club 2-4, ushering chm. 4, v.pres. 4, Student Council 4, Social chm. 4, National Honor Society 4, Court Jesters I. TENNIS, TIM THOMAS, JEANNE Coronets I-4, VICA 3. THOMAS, REBECCA Cygnets 'I-4, National Honor Society 3, 4, National Art Honor Club 2, 3, Library Club 'l, Courtesy Club 2-4. THOMAS, SHIRLEY VICA 4. THOMPSON, GENE Red Cross alt. 2, Football ln- termurals 4. THOMPSON, JANICE National Art Honor Society 4, Title III Talented Art Student Program 2, 3. THROCKMORTON, VICKI Girls Track Team 2. TIDWELL, DEBBIE FBLA 4, COE 4. TOAHTY, LORETTA Coronets I. TOLLEY, LINDA Cygnets I-4. TOWNSEND, DEBBIE Symphony Hi-Notes 2, Vo- cational Technical School 4, VICA 4, Morning Chap- ter treas, 4. TRENT, JOEL Band I-4, Orchestra 3, 4, Honor Society 4, Great Books 4, Cry-Slurs 3, 4. TRINDLE, sYLviA cygnets 1, 2. TURNELL, BOB Swimming I, 3, 4, Golf 3, 4, Key Club 4, Junior Achievement 4. TURPIN, CHARLES Swimming 4, Shield Staff 3. uwosiewoon, PAM Cygnets 1, 2. VANDENNIEUWENHOF, FRANK VAUGHN, VICKI Coronets I-4, Court Jesters 1, 2, Courtesy Club 2-4, Girls "O" Club 3, 4, National Art Honor Society 4, Spanish Club 2, Red Cross 2, Student Council rep. 3, alt. 4, FTA 3, 4, v.pres. 4, Key Club Sweetheart 4. VEATCH, JERRY Wrestling I-4, Red Cross 2, 3, Shield rep. I, 2, Student Council I, 2, Key Club 4, Hi-Y 4. VIRTUE, JOHN VOGEL, BARBARA Student Council I, 3, Cheer- leader I, Student Council 3, Pep Club 3, treas. 3, Courtesy Club 4, Great Books 4. lRichardson, Texasl. WADE, PAULA Cygnets I-4, Courtesy Club 2-4, sgt.- at-arms 4, Student Council 4, Red Cross rep. I, Court Jesters I. WALKER, STEVE DONNA JCL I-4, Pep Club 3, Mu Alpha Great Books 4, Flat Earth Society 3, 4. WATSON, Theta 4, lAmarillo, Texasl. WALTERS, JOHN WATKINS, STEVE National Honor Society 3, 4, pres. 4, Key Club 3, 4, Great Books 4, Math Analysis 4, Flat Earth Society 4, pres. 4, Mu Alpha Theta 2-4, Judicial Board 3, Symphony Hi-Notes 2-4, sec. 3, v. pres. 4, WATSON, LINDA Cygnets I-3, Red Cross rep. 2, alt. I, German Club 2, 3, Honor Language 3. WATSON, MARK Class pres. 'l, Band I, 3, Student Council 2, Executive council 2, Choir 3. iOverfeIt High Schoolj. WEAR, DAVID Wrestling mgr. 3, Student Council alt. 4. WEBB, JAMES Hi-Y 3, Key Club 3. WEBB, LAURA Red Cross rep. 3, FBLA 4, COE 4, National Honor Society 4, WEBSTER, LES Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4: Student Council 4, Key Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. WEISS, TOM Student Council 4, Editor Basketball Program 4, Science Club 3, sec. 3, Science Club 4, treas. 4, Photography Club 4, Orchestra 1. WELCH, ANITA Shield rep. 4, Girls Chorus 3, 4. WEST, JANICE Coronets 2. WHITE, DAVID WHITE, SHARON WILES, ANN Girls "O" Club I, 2, Student Council rep. 2, Cygnets I-4. WILKEN, RONNIE WILLIAMS, JEFF Golf I-4, Boys "O" Club I-4, Key Club 2, 3, Red Cross alt. 2. WILLIAMS, KIM . WILLIAMS, LUANN Library Club I, Coronets I, Courtesy Club 4, Cry-Slurs I-4, Flat Earth Society 2, Honor Roll 4. WILLIAMS, TONI 20th Century Homemakers I, 2, Courtesy Club 3, VICA 4, WILLIAMSON, LARRY WILLIAMSON, MIKE WILLSON, KENNETH Wrestling 'I-4, Key Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, German Club I-3. WILSON, CHERYL Cygnets I-4, sgt.-at-arms 3, att. sec. 4, Courtesy Club 2-4, National Thespians 2-4, NFL 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, treas. 4, Class sec. 4, National Honor Society 4, Great Books Club 4. WILSON, JAN Student Council I, treas. I, DAR Award I, lHarding,, Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, French Club 2, 4, Honor Language 2-4, Honor Roll I-4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Coronets 3, 4, Courtesy Club 2-4, Honorable Mention Sir Alexander Fleming Award 3. WILSON, WILLIAM WIND, STEVE Basketball I, Track 2, Football 2, Weightlifting 2, Science Club 4. iHouston, Texas, WINDHAM, LINDA Coronets I-4, sgt.-at-arms 2, his- torian 3, att. sec, 4, National Thespians 2-4, Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Courtesy Club 4, Court Jesters I, Round Table Staff 4, Red Cross I. WOLFE, JANIS Coronets I, 2, Cry-Slurs 2-4. WOLFF, SYLVIA Cygnets I-3, Red Cross rep. 2, 3, German Club 4. WOLFLEY, JEANNIE Cygnets 2-4, Court Jesters 3, French Club 4. fClassenJ. WONYCOTT, KAREN WOOD, GARY Symphony Band 'I-4, Pep Band 2-4, Marching Band 2-4, Engineering Club 3. WOOD, GEORGIA VICA 3, 4, Coronets 'l, 2, Red Cross rep. I-4, Girls Glee Club 'I-3. WORTHING, BOB Cross Country 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Boys "O" Club 4, German Club 2, 3, Honor Language 3, Honor Roll 'I, 2. WRIGHT, AL Marching Band 2-4, Orchestra 2-4, Cry- Slurs 4, JCL 2-4, Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Language 3, 4, Great Books 4, Jr. Rotarian 4, French Club 3, 4, Sym- phony Hi-Notes 3, 4, Senior Speakers Committee 4, Flat Earth Society 3, 4, Honor Roll 2-4, YEAGLEY, DAVID National Art Honor Society 4. YOUNG, ADA FBLA 3, 4, Future Homemakers Club 3, 4. YOUNG, DEBI Court Jesters I-4, C-Squad cheer- leader I, B-squad Cheerleader 2, Great Books 4, Cygnets I-4, sgt.-at-arms I, cheerleader 3, pres. 4, Pep Council 4, Student Council 4, Girls "O" Club 3, Round Table Royalty 4, Courtesy Club 2, Friend- ship Royalty 4. YOUNG, HELEN Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 2-4, Student Council 4. YOUNG, SHARON YOUNGE, WANDA Cygnets I-4, Court Jesters I-3, Courtesy Club 2-4, asst. treas. 4, rec. sec. 4, FTA 4, Student Council 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, pres. 4: Red Cross rep. I, ZAIGIS, TAMMY Pep Club I, 2, VICA 3, 4, iMcGuinness,. ZELDENTHUIS, ANITA Cygnets I-4. ZINN, KEITH Wrestling 2-4, German Club 4. ZUMBRO, VERNON Senior Activities 0 245 BELOW: LAST DANCE of ihe year the sig sentimental date for sicadics Wayne Smith and RIGHT: SCHOOL'S OUT, but The Custodiarfs Throughout The summer. Mr. Andrew Brooks the hall preparatory to Waxing ihc classroom , , ,, 1 rxaiurc swing-va Leslie Carpenter. work goes on stacks desks in floor. """ 1 . .. ,,,,,....f-F as 9' NY' ,fi - 1 -f' 1. K 4- 4 ws, N T J , " ,... , ' me . ' ' .N A , f t efisffzfi'2lff,"f2-1'. 246 ' CLOSHWQ i ee lj? ff" i,'k"- - ,- f e T "1 1 gfgi ' A -,,,"' . T. if Q A. S i i ' The Bright Days fAnTony and Cleopatra! Shadows fall on Tracks, plafforms, and sTages as weary runners cross The finish line Drawing curTains for The lasT Time, sTage hands waTch as graduates play ouT The scene of carefree high school days with friends and advisers, Bidding fond farevvells and anTicipaTing even greaTer challenge, Freshmen, sophomores, and iuniors, Also happy To be a parT of TradiTions and rivalries, Preparing To perpeTuaTe The excellence and superioriTy so characTerisTic of all The Days of The KnighTs. TAKING A SHORTCUT to class across The patio ood Knight! provides a pleasanf interlude for friends To visit. H-1, if I ., fi 3 T :...qg,, I , Fa X. Y' 1 fa mf ef Pi. W z .wish N v. N1--Y f -' ff z!.v,,fY-fu 248 0 Closing THE LAST MILE-Seniors file out the front door it r 5 2 'iff is 9 N ix I T s Q as l lx , is s frffl' b for their final march to Commencement in Taft Stadium. PRODUCTION NOTES: The i969 Round Table was printed on 80 lb- Florentine Embossed Matte Finish paper in Bodoni Bold and Sparta: type. There are 4,729 black and white photographs and 6 color prints ar ranged within the 9 by T2 inch page. Consisting of 264 pages, the boo is bound together in a 160 point Binders Board. The Dupont Fabrikoid cover is white with a thin purple overtone ir gorilla grain texture. The Knight, title, date, and backbone informatior are' embossed on the cover surface. Division pages feature pictures printea in purple and black duotone. The Taylor Publishing Company, located ii Dallas, Texas, printed 2560 copies ot the '69 Round Table. Knights Mark End of '68-69 Daysg Staff Salutes Aides in Reflections Because the "Days of the Knights"' means different things to different peo- ple, we have tried to capture and por- tray the myriad moods and experiences which have touched the lives of North- west's 3,050 students and 138 staff mem- bers. Some students mark for permanence the friendships they've formed here. Others remember best the challenges faced in classrooms, the excitement of sports events, the stimulation of intel- lectual and cultural achievements, the joy of creativity, or the quiet pride in "lust belonging" to this remarkable student body. Special events and people stand out in retrospect according to individual inter- ests and tastes. To present this comprehensive view of Knightland, we relied upon numerous people for assistance. Although there are far too many peo- ple to recognize each individually, we would especially like to thank the stu- dent body who made this book possible, the faculty, and Principal Jim Johnson, who cooperated so patiently. We are grateful for the advice of Mrs. Charlotte Eaker, journalism instructor, Mr. Ron Millican, assistant principal who served as business adviser, and especial- ly we wish to express our appreciation to Mrs. Elizabeth Burdette, our adviser. Also, acknowledgements are due the following professionals: Mrs. Lu Carroll, consultant from the Taylor Publishing Co, Mrs. Walter Sutton, Roger Myers Studio, Wagner Studio for class portraits, Curtis Studio, royalty pictures. A twenty-page summer supplement which includes awards, spring sports, prom and graduation events will be mailed to purchasers in mid-summer. Linda Porter Nancy Rice Co-Editors Ns. LONG AWAITED celebrations begin in the Round Table office March 4 when iubilant editors Linda Porter and Nancy Rice pack the final yearbook copy for shipment to publishers in Dallas, Texas. CLIMAX of 12 years of school: presentation of the diplomas by Director of Secondary Education, Dr. Jesse Lindley, during commencement exercises. l969 ROUND TABLE STAFF Co-Editors: Linda Porter, Nancy Rice, Opening Section, Student Life: Nancy Rice, Faculty-Curriculum: Linda Porter, Mu- sic: Kathi Martin, Marcee Parks, Organi- zations: Marva Bond, Melinda Bond, Paula Bennett, Diane Burton, Linda Choate, Kelly Clark, Nancy Fisher, Liz Johnson, Charles Krasowski, Lynette Martin, Jan Olson, Teresa Pippin, Becky Rhea, Bart Shedeck, Darla Shelden, Melinda Swank, Charlotte Vick, Sports: Kent Blair, Mike Buchanan, Ron Hollingsworth, Marty Schnetzler, Paul Skaggs, Senior Section: Nancy Steph, Classes: Debbie Booth, Charlotte Choate, Jeanne Haggard, Marilee Holdridge, Lyn Jones, Donna McMilIin, Photographers: Randy Marx, editor, Steve Harry, Rosalind Pogue: Senior Activities: Kathy Taylor: Index: Mary Ann Craig, Steve Plumbtree. Closing, Acknowledgements o 249 A Abel, Nancy 177, 120 Abernathy, David 105 Abney, John 88, 108, 109, 154, 213 Achramowicz, Georgia 177 Ackerman, Mark 35, 149, 213, 130 Ackerman, Paul 84, 88, 109, 213 Acord, Ray 195 Adams, Gayle 195 Adams, Junel 120, 159 ADMINISTRATION 38, 39, 40, 41 Index Banks, Karen 120, 195 Banks, Richard 159 Barber, Cheri 94, 120, 177, 180 Diane 12, 56, 76, 93, 213 Barker, Gary 138, 149, 177 Barker, John 159 Barnes, Johnny 177 Barnett, Betty 195, 213 Debbie 80, 90, 111, 120, 125 Barker, Barnett, Barnett, Ruth 177 Baron, Susie 64, 213 Barr, Lorna 100, 195 Barrett, Dennis 109 Albert, Phillip 195 Black, Susan 60, 90, 111, 120, 121, 214 Blackburn, Karen 83, 90, 111, 121, 125 177 Blair, Kent 94, 96, 133, 214 Blair, Kreg 130, 114, 143, 147,177 Blair, Sharon 214 Blakey, Karen 76, 80, 100, 214 Blakley, Charlotte 214 Blakley, candy too, 196 Blalock, Curtis 130, 214 Blanton, Judith 13, 115,125,176 Blanton, Kathy 177 Blaschke, Kris 102, 214 Brill, Charles 178 Brink, Mark 196 Brinkley, Robert 160 Brinkworth, Jim 83, 196 Brinkworth, John 160 BRINTON, BETTY 42 Brittingham, Teresa 121, 160 Brock, Janice 90, 111, 116, 215 Brock, Joyce 90, 111, 116, 215 Brodnan, Stephen 160 Brogden, Ronnie 109, 215 BROOKS, ANDREW 244 Alberts, Jerry 177 Albright, Kathy 213 Alexander, Jackie 177 Alford, Sandra 120, 177 Barron, Linda 78 Barthold, Richard 195 Bartlebaugh, Joan 111, 177 Bartlebaugh, Patty 120, 159 Blaschke, Robert 104, 177 Blevins, James 138, 176 BOARD OF EDUCATION 39 Boatman, David 196 Allen, David 195 Allen, Debbie 120, 213 Allen, Frank 10, 143, 213 Allen, Jeanne 195 Allen, Kristi 115 Allen, Mark 159 Allen, Pamela 100, 177 Allen, Susan 115, 159 ALLRED, BETTY 42 Allred, Richard 93, 213 Almack, Penny 63, 91, 111, 120, 213 Alper, Diane 80, 111, 120, 125, 195 Amick, Margaret 120, 159 Amick, Martin 70, 72, 73, 76, 77, 83, 92, 98, 213 Bartlett, Brenda 159 Bartlett, Roger 195 Barton, Claudia 115, 159 Bassett, Randy 104, 177 Bateman, Joanna 115, 125, 176, 177 Bates, Alan 177 Batten, Janie 213 Bauchmoyer, Jerilyn 120, 176 Bauman, Lana 213 Baumberger, Andrea 125, 213 Bayless, Mrs. John 71 Bayless, Richard 49, 159 Bayless, Skip 6, 95, 94, 143, 147, 195, 128 Bays, Gail 78, 213 Belcher, Amis, Tom 78 Ammerman, Pamela 213 Amsdell, Jim 213 Andrews, Kathi 83, 91, 115, 195 ANNOUNCERS CLUB 92 Anschutz, Mark 195 Apostol, Fontaine 213 Archer, Debbie 195 Archer, Terri 159 Armstrong, Chris 109, 213 Armstrong, Claudea 111, 115, 120, 195 Armstrong, Rhonda 111, 118, 125, 195 ARNOLD, NORA 42, 59 Beach, Linda 177 Beachboard, Caroline 76, 213 Beadles, Tam 109, 195 Beal, John 74, 149, 176 Beasley, James 139, 159 Beasley, Sharon 159 Beatty, Kenneth 139, 159 Beaver, Terry 159 Beck, Ke Beck, Te n 76, 78, 107, 213 rry 195 Becker, Kit 115, 195 Behymer, Norman 101, 177 William 159 159, 169 Arnold, Nancy 21, 26, 73, 77, 80, 115, 125, 126, 130, 213, 238 ART 53 Ashbaugh, Brenda 89, 115, 177 Ashford, Richard 109, 213 Ashmore, Glenn 17, 82, 109, 143, 213 Atkins, Alan BB, 92, 109, 195 Atkinson, Lisa 177 Austin, James 177 Austin, Jell 213 Austin, Laura 195 Autry, Samuel 177 Ayers, Sherri 3, 120, 159 B Bachholer, Sherry 30, 213 Bake, Paula 159 Bailey, Cindy 74, 1l1,115, 118, 125, 194, 195 Bailey, Larry 74, 80, 109, 195 Eailey Mike 138, 149, 177 Bailey, Pam 213 Bailey, Randy 213 Bailey, Scott 159 Baker, Debbie B, 72, 73, 74, 77, 94, 97, 120, 213 Baker, Diane 83, 90 Baker, James 195 Baker, Marty 177 Baker, Nita 195 Baker, Susie 75, 115, 195 Baldwin, Patricia 213 Bales, Linda 120, 159 Ball, Palli 78, 213 Ballard, Devin 12 Ballew, Harley 143, 213 Balliett, Steven 30, 195 Balliett, Susan 60, 159, 178 BAND 110 Bane, Pamela 159 250 o Index Beleele, Dennis 103, 177 Beleele, Wynoma 78, 214 Bell, Cindi 120, 125, 159 Bell, John 142, 195 Bell, Steve 195 Belt, Vickie 90, 102, 120, 195 Bender, Mark 105, 195 Bender, Tom 214 Benedict, David 159 Benedict, John 195 Benham, Steve 177 Bennett, Diana 159 Bennett, Paula 120, 195 Benson, Patsy 115, 195 Bergmann, Bob BB, 108, 109, 143, 214 Bergman, Martha 100, 159 Bergquist, Eric 109, 195 Berry, Diana 195 Berry, Russell 159 Bettis, Becky 195 Bettis, Diana 120, 195 Bettis, Jeannine 195 Bewley, Richard 177 Bevins, Susie 56, 73, 115, 212, 21 Bielstein, Carl 83, 139, 159 Biggs, Gary 195 Biles, David 195 Billingsley, Velma 115, 159 Bingham, Judy 121, 159 Bingham, Park 133, 214 Bingham, Randy 84 Bink, Terri 115, 125,159 Bink, Tim 196 Binns, Karen 121, 214 Birdwell, Brian 83, 92, 106, 107. 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Callaway, Lynelle 116, 178 Cameron, Cindy 196 Cameron, Deborah 121, 125, 178 Cameron, Mike 98, 215 Campbell, David 178 Campbell Debbie 88, 90, 91, 121 l Campbell Larry D, 106, 107, 196 Campbell, Nancy 111, 116, 215 Cantrell, Steven 216 Capron, Carol 116, 160, 163 Capron, Ronnie 88, 216 Chaney, Darla 178 Chaney, Jackie 197 Chaney, Ralph 88,216 Chapman, John 161 Chapman, Steve 216 Chastain, Catherine 161 Cheatham, John 10, 33, 35, 72, 73, 74, 76, 81, 109, 127,143,146, 216 Cheatham Cherry, G , Sara 72, 73, 76, 77, 81, 216 reg 138,197 Cherry, Robert 216 Combs, Candy 116, 125, 197 Compton, Debra 179 Conner, Glynda 216 Cook, Debra 116, 126, 179 Cook, James 179 Cook, Linda 63 Cook, William 141, 179 Cooley, James 130, 149, 179 Cooley, Tim 88, 217 Cooper, Amy 77, 81, 121, 161 Cooper, Nancy 102, 121, 179 Cooper, Randall 141, 180 Cooper, Susan 72, 73, 76, 80, 92, 93, Cooter, Cathy 103, 197 COPELAND, lVY 43 Copeland, Arthur 148, 161 Corbett, Chris 180 Cornelisan, Jean 78, 84, 89, 216 Capshaw, David 130, 137, 135, 216 Carballo, Pebble 121, 160 Carlton, Judith 178 Carman, Donna 81, 100, 111, 116,178 'Carpenter, James 139, 160 Carpenter, Leslie 68, 121, 216, 244 Carr, David 160 Carr, Michael 196 Carrington, Lyn 89, 121, 216 Carrington, Richard 178 Carroll, Kathie 116, 196 Carroll, Michael 178 Carson, Shane 160 Carter, Bob 178 Carter, Carson 148, 161 Carter, John 134, 216, 130 Case, Randy 178 CHESHER, ALlCE 43 Chesler, Dorothy 81, 90, 111, 116, 178 Childers, Ann 197 Childress, Pam 84, 197 Chiles, Deborah 121, 125, 178 Choate, Charlotte 96, 116, 125, 126, 178 CHOATE, DEAN 43, 130, 134 Choate, Linda 26, 216 Choroszailo, Robert 179 Christensen, George 179 Chronister, Ramona 216 Church, 'Scott 104, 179 Citty, Billy 18, 179 Citty, Marilyn 116, 161 Clanahan, Jim 216 Clancy, Darlene 179 Clancy, Sandra 116, 161 Cordell, Donna 72, 73, 74, 76, 81, 92, 217 Corey, Charles 161 Cornelison, Bob 216 Carnelison, Gary 197 Creech, Richard 217 Crenshaw, Judy 180 Crittenden, Charles 161 Croasdale, Richard 161 Cromwell, Carol 116, 161 Cranic, Patricia 180 Crosley, Everett 141, 153, 180 Crow, Paula 121, 198 Crowder, Ronald 180 Crowe, Colleen 198 Crowe, Craig 161 Crowe, Judy 76, 121,217 CROWE, PAUL 43 Crowley, Sandra 161 Crownover, Sheila 63, 180 Cruz, Xavier 161 CRY-SLURS 99 CULBERT, JOHN 37, 43, 83, 197 Cummings, Nancy 108, 180 Cunningham, Debi 198 ' Cunningham, Patricia 100, 121, 161 Cupp, Cindy 90, 91, 121, 217 Cupp, Terry 161 Curnutt, Jenny 161 Curtis, Chris 78 Curtis, Dianna 217 Curtis, Harry 198 Curtis, Kathy 217 Curtis, Vicki 198 Cutler, Sherry 161 CYGNETS 120-124 D Dabney, Alan 180 Dahlgren, Charles 139, 161 Daly, Cheri 116, 198 Daly, Mark 139, 161 Danely, Patsy 92, 93, 116, 217 Damron, Jean 19, 161 Daniel, Jaquito 111,121,180 Daniels, Diane 217 Danzinger, Lee 80, 93, 111, 116, 198 Darby, Richard 161 Darr, Dianne 79, 83,111,121, 198 Davenport, Chris 180 DAVIDSON, MOl.l.lE 43, 114 DAVIS, CLAY 43, 143, 147 Davis, Greg 198 Davis, Kristi 111, 116, 126, 198 Davis, Leslie 81, 100, 161 Davis, Lou 116, 161 Davis, Robert 198 Dabis, Steve 198 Davis, Suzanne 111, 121, 180 Davis, Thomas 180 Dawkins, Craig 143 Debolt, Mark 180 Dees, Lana 161 Delee, Phil 217 Delinbaugh, Steven 180 DeGuisti, Mike 198 DeGuisti, Sherry 80, 91, 121, 162 Case, Rick 178 Cash, Carol 216 Cassady, Ronald 178 Cates, David 139, 161 lCatlett, Brenda 197 Catron, Dale 75, 216 Cavanaugh, Denise 197 Cawthon, Jimmy 84, 197 Chaffee, Marcy 197 Chambers, James 187 Chambers, Susan 178 Clark, Bill 10, 24, 56, 130, 134, 216 Clark, Bob 149, 179 Clark David 179 Clark Debbie 216 Clark, Gayle 216 Clark, Henry 216 Clark, Kelley 74, 94, 96, 109, 216 Clark Robert 161 Clark Sondra 197 Clark, Susie 116, 121, 179 Clark Clark Susan 78 197 : William 30 Cornell, Cathy 72, 91, 121, 216 Cornish, Cathy 116, 197 CORONETS 115-119 COSMETOLOGY 62 Costigan, Ronald 180 Cotton, Pam 72, 116, 217 Coulter, George 198 Coulter, Lisa 116, 126, 180 COUNSELORS 41 Counter, Denise 180 COURT JESTERS 125, 126 COURTESY CLUB 111,112,113,114 Cowherd, Michael 22, 93, 180 Cowles, Lisa 100, 116, 161 Cowper, Claudia 81, 116, 198 COX, JAMES 43 Cox, Cathy 121, 161 Cox, Lisa 161 Cox, Vicki 111,116,198 Coy, Susie 121, 198 Coyle, Justine 74, 83, 111,116, 198 Craig, Clilt 81, 109, 198 Craig, Mary 83, 96, 121, 180, 256 Delancy, Sherry 198 Delano, Barbara 74, 111, 116 Delano, Becky 121, 162 Delongy, Nancy 217 Dempsey, M, 139 Denham, Dana 85, 217 Danham, David 217 Denham, Doug 217 Denton, Jane 116, 117, 198 Denton, Robert 84 Dever, Leslie 121, 162 Dewey, Brad 19, 162 Dick, Debbie 198 Dickerson, Denise 116. 126. 198 Dickerson, Judy 121, 162 Dickerson, Gary 92. 109, 149. 160 Dickinson, Miles B4, 217 Dickson, David 130 Dicus, Patricia 89, 180 Diehl, Mark 83, 180 Diehl, Steve 83, 104, 162 Dierson, Becky 198 Dietrich, Marian 80, 89, 111, 218 Dinwiddie, Cheryl 85, 198 lndex 0 251 Fulwider, Raynora 78, 219 Dishman, Nelda 80, 90, 121, 126, 198 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATlON 65, 84 Dixon, Missy 89, 121, 180, 186 Doane, Diane 111,116,180 Dobson, Sherry 75, 84, 218 DODSON, ELAINE 43, 127 Dodson, Jerry 198 Dolan, Pat 218 Doles, Evelyn 80, 83, 198, 201 Donalson, Randy 162 Fair, Michael R. 162 Fairchild, Bobby 33, 35, 55, 109, 147, 218 Fairchild, Danny 147, 181 Fairchild, Mary K. 116, 162 Falgout, Patricia 56, 66, 84, 218 Font, Mrs. Selden 71 Farber, Chris A. 181 Forbes, Tommye L. 107, 181 Farha, Jan E. 116, 181, 204 Easlon, Donceel, Judi 218 Doolen, Janet 121, l26,176,180, 184 Doss, Bruce 198 DOUGHTY, ALMA 43, 79 Doughty, Howard 105 Doughty, Tom 76, 102, 218 Dowdy, Susie 80, 83, 198 Dowling, Nancy 180 Drake, Harold 98, 218 Drake, Melanie 116, 162 DRIVERS EDUCATION 65 Drury, J oel 198, 141 Duffy, Paul 218 Duffy, Timothy 138, 180 Dugan, Joyce 218 Dugger, Ronnie 181 DUNAGIN, KATHERINE 43 Duncan, Bruce 162 Duncan, Don 80, 198 Duncan, Denise 116, 198 Duncan, Frank 89, 116, 162 Duncan, Jamie 80, 198 Duncan, Kevin 64, 78, 88, 94, 109, 110, 218, 242 Duncan, Phil 218 Duncan, Ron 199 DUNLAP, ROBERT 43, 44, 66, 84, 85 Dunn, Kathy 121, 199 Duvall, David 76, 94, 109, 218, 234 Dye, Dana 181 Dye, Linda 22, 83,111, 199 E EAKER, CHARLOTTE 43, 97, 94 Eades, Richenea 121, 218 Early, Michael 105, 106, 181 Earley, Teresa 73, 74, 83, 111, 116, 218 Lorene 116, 181 Farha, Kathy 219 Farlev, Debra G. 219 Farley, James 162 Farmer, Beverly 121, 162 Farmer, Carolyn 218 Farmer, Charlett 121, 181 Farmer, Joyce 199 Easterday, Margaret 22, 83, 93, 121, 199 Easton, Kim 116, 199, 218 Ebeling, Glen 138, 149, 181 Edleman, Judy 121, 162 Edmond, Lorraine 116, 612 Edmond 121, san, Jane 68, 74, 83, 81,111, 199, 203 Edwards, Beverly 162 Ettinger, James 162 Ettinger, Joe 181 EGBERT, JONNIE 91 Ehrhart, David 162 Elespura, Vicki 116, 199 Elledge, Patricia 199 Ellison, Chris 148 Ellison, Rebecca 116, 126, 181 Ellison, Stanly 218 Ellyson, Barbara 218 Emerson, Anita 121, 162 Emerson, Mrs. Gerald 71 Emerson, Randy 218 Emerson, Randy 130 Farrell, Gene 153, 181 Farthing, David 162 Farthing, Diana 89 Fatheree, Janice 116, 181 Faucett, Denise 121, 126, 181 Faulkner, Harry 199 FBLA 78 Felber, Chris 80, 199 Felton, Susan 116, 181, 183 Fenstermaker, Laura 162 Ferguson, Steve 199 Fern, Michael 162 Fernberg, Bradford 138, 181 Fezler, Craig 199 Fife, Laurel 116, 126, 162,175 Finch, Bill 109, 219 Finch, Janice 121, 126, 162 Fine, Becky 94 Fine, Judith 162 Finley, Gary 31, 133, 134, 199 Finley, Ron 219 Finley, Toni 31, 88 FINNELL, JEAN 44 Fishback, Carol 181 Fishback, Nancy 162 Fisher, Nancy 32, 92, 93, 96, 97, 116, 218 Fitz, Donna 84, 199 Fitzgerald, Don 88, 92, 109, 199 Flanagan, Kathleen 121, 181 Flanagan, Susan 116, 162 Flanagan, Tina 89, 90, 121, 199 FLAT EARTH SOCIETY 77 Flatt, Brenda 85, 199 Fleetwood, Bill 24, 88, 130, 219 Fleming, Rhonda 89, 219 Flemming, Sharon 100, 162 Frye, Rebecca 56, 162 Fullerton, Deborah 181 Fullerton, Paula 162 Fulmer, Shari 199 Fulson, Steve 219 Fulton, Bruce 58, 149, 182 Fulwider, Leona 162 Fulton, Bob 219 Fulton, Michelle 103, 199 Funderburk, Anne 67, 80, 94, 97, 111 121 Funk, Jan 219, 227 Funk, Marc 6, 130, 219 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA 90 G Gabbord, Rebecca 162 Gaddy, Vickie 84, 199 Gaines, Barry 199 GALES, BARBARA 44 Gallegly, Jerry 139, 162 Gallop, Beverly 116, 162 Galloway, Edwin 219 Garcia, Tony 182 Gardner, Gary 219 Gardner, Patti 121, 199 Garmire, Cornelia 83, 90,182 Garrett, Rendall 219 Garrett, Teresa 78, 219 Garrett, William 162 Garry, Bob 130, 194, 199 Gates, Jan 91,111, 121, 219 Gatewood, Anna 219 Gatlin, Allyson 97, 234 Gatlin, Zetta 182 Gautreaux, Carolyn 80, 121, 204 Gautreaux, Kathy 84, 219 Gearhart, Ruth 163 Geddes, James 182 Geiger, George 163 Geiger, Georgia 121, 182 Geist, Connie 52, 90, 121, 212, 219 Geist, John 63, 139 Geist, Tom 74, 199 Geller, Barry 109, 149, 199 George, Alfreda 80, 89, 94, 199 Gerlich, Cindy 111, 182 Gerlich, Tim 139 GERMAN CLUB 82-83 Gerred, Carol 199 Geurin, Donny 219 Gholston, Kathleen 116, 182 Gibson, John 77, 103, 182 Gibson, Kenny 78, 109, 199 Giese, Mark 141, 182 Gilbert, Frances 121, 199 Gilbert, Kathy 182 Gilbert, Lenora 107, 182 Gilchriest, Debbie 163 Gill, Ralph 151,163 Gill, Tomme 100,116,182 Gillen, Valree 121, 163 Gillen, Vicki 121, 182 Gillespie, Anne 81,112,116,182 Gillilan, Suzanne 199 Gilmore, Carlene 163 Gilson, Gary 81, 89, 155, 200 Gimpel, Robert 76, 219 Gimpel, Thomas 163 Ginn, Bob 58, 83 Ginter, Kim 100, 163 GIRLS' "O" CLUB 90 Gloss, Judy 17, 72, 73, 76, 80, 92, 93 116, 219 Glass, Pat 200 Glenn, Peter 163 Glenn, Priscilla 80, 90 Gober, Kenna 182 Goddard, David 84, 220 Godfrey, Dale 163 Goe, Bennett 163 Gonzalez, Fred 138, 149, 182 Goodman, David 84 Goolsby, Rebecca 116, 182 Gordon, Genny 100, 200 Gordon, Ronald 182 Gordon, Sally 220 Gordon, Scott 76, 77, 81, 92, 220 GOSS, JOHN 44, 153 Goucher, Jeannie 112, 121, 182 Gragg, William 182 Graham, Griffin 154, 220 Granger, Deborah 182 Gray, Cindy 74, 80, 121, 200 Gray, Jeff 220 Gray, Linda 80, 90, 112, 116, 220 Grayson, Tommy 163 GREAT BOOKS CLUB 47 Green, Becky 116, 182 Green, Dena 24, 200 Green, Glen 200 Fletcher, Helen 181 ' Flinta, Charles 181 ,W Flood, Rebecca 72, 219 gi Florence, Vickie 219 ,,,,,, " J Flynn, Mike 199 Flynn, Steve 35, 76, 88, 108, 109, 141, 219, 225 Fondren, Kim 74, 90, 111, 116, 199 Fondren, Paul 149, 181 Fonvielle, Frank 219 Forbis, Mike 219 Ford, Charles 199 Ford, James 181 Ford, Jan 219 Ford, Josephine 116, 181 Ford, Ford, Marcia 83,181 Tawny 181 Emery, Carla 76, 89, 92, 102, 107, 218 Emery, Carla 76, 78, 89, 92, 102, 218 Emery, Denise 74, 181 Encapera, Charlotte 199 Engebretson, Gary 162 Epperson, Jill 84,111,121, 218 Erickson, Joel 181 Erickson, Paul 218 Forester, Jane 121, 199 Forget, Nancy 111, 116, 199 Formby, Debra 89, 121, 162 Foster, Candace 81, 121, 181 Foster, Janie 199 Foster, Jerry 181 Fowler, Johnny 181 Fowler, Margie 181 Fox, Barbara 100, 107, 116, 181 Erlewine, Danette 121, 126, 181 ERWIN, TOM 43, 139, 148 Ervin, Julia 77, Bl, 83,121, 199 Eshbaugh, Willard 181 Frody, Paul 139, 162 Fraher, Carole 181 Frank, Frank, Keith 84, 88, 89, 219 Phillip 181 ESTES, FOSTER 39 Eubanks, Barbara 85 EVANS, HELEN 50 Evans, Steve 218 Ezekiel, Debbie 74, 80, 111, 116, 1 F Fain, John F. 162 252 0 Index Frank, Robert 162 Franklin, Rex 181 Frazier, John 138, 181 FRENCH CLUB 80 French, Jim 130, 188, 219 French, Lynn 116, 181 Frow, David 153, 181 Frow, John 109, 219 BIRTHDAY TREATS for baseball coach, Mr. Winston Havenstrite, are shared in the Journalism Department by eager Round Table staff members. Harding, Jane 164 Huffman, Jimmie 85, 223 Green, Jim 103, 220 Green, Pat 220 Green, Patricia 100, 116 Green, Stanley 182 Green, Terry 21, 34, 60, 72, 90, 112, 120, 121, 125, 126, 127, 130, 220, 236 237, 238 Green, Thomas 182 Green, Vickie 182 Greenamer, Janet 121, 125, 126, 163 Greene, Deborah 116, 182 Greene, Deborah 112, 163 Greenhaw, Darla 116, 126, 163 Greenhaw, Terry 200 Greenwood, Joyce 121, 163 GREER, BERNIS 44 Gregory, Lise 83, 163 Griffith, David 54, 220 Griffith, Linda 220 Griffith, Patricia 163 Griggs, Roger 220 Grigsby, Denise 200 Grigsby, Jim 182 CRIMES, PAT 50 Grimes, Mark 119, 133, 134, 220, 243 Grab, Don 74, 81, 200 Groseclose, Chuck 220 Gross, Marjorie 116, 126, 182 GROVE, ELIZABETH 44, 112, 127 Grube, Kathy 200 Grussendorf, Larry 84, 220 Guarnera, Gail 163 Guest, Kim 182 Gullo, John 200 Gullo, Kathie 116, 200 Gustin, Brenda 72, 76, 78, 90, 220 Gustin, Debra 75, 182 Guysi, Scott 182 Hagar, Steve 220 H Haas, Larry 163 Haas, Ruby 106, 220 Hack, Clydan 220 Hack, Connie 121, 182 Haddock, James 83, 163 Haddon, Creighton 163 Haddon, David 200 Hafen, Glenda 121, 200 Hafner, Nancy 200 Hagan, Paula 116, 200 Hagar, Sharon 100, 182 Hagar, Merri 100, 163 Haggard, James 163 Haggard, Jeanne 80, 96, 112, 121, 200, 211 Hagstrom, Dale 55, 72, 73, 74, 76, 220 Hagstrom, David 81 Hagstrom, Glenn 83, 200 Hahn, Michael 163 Hale, Barbara 52, 75, 115, 220 Hale, Beverly 72, 73, 76, 80, 83, 116, 121, 220 HALE, CHARLES 44 Hale, Jack 94, 182 Hale, Shirley 121, 126, 182 Hall, Debra 220 Hall, Doug BI, 154, 194, 200, 211 Hall, Elizabeth II6, 182,100 Hall, Jeff 220 Hall, Laura 89, 163 Hall, Marcia 200 Hall, Mary 81,121,163 Johnson, Hall, Pamela 116, 163 Halter, Lorah 74, 80, 90, 121, 200 Ham, Terry 5, 76, 92, 220 Hamby, Gary 200 Hamby, Terri 121, 163 Hamilton, Debbie 90, 112, 220 Hamlin, Sandra 116, 164 Hamm, Kathy 116, 200 Hammond, Ronald 82 Hampton, Mary 75, 78, 80, 112, 220 Hand, Sherri 121, 164 Hankinson, Janet 121, 182 Hankinson, Susan 164, 166 Hanlin, Robert 164 Hanselman, Thomas 164 Hanson, Lynn 164 Hanson, Melvin 105, 149, 182 Harbeson, Linda 121, 164 Hardwick, John 138, 172, 176 Hardy, Diane 200 Hare, John 182 Hare, Stephen 183 Harkins, James 183 Harley, Becky 21, 96, 220 Harley, Mary Kay 116, 183 Harley, Patrick 139, 151, 164 Harmon, Sandy 183 Harms, David 151, 164 Harms, Steve 200 Harnsberger, Nancy 116, 164 Harper, Larry 72, 74, 109, 220 Harper, Marsha 121, 164 HARPER, MARIAM 44, 90 Harrah, Mike 92, 183 Harris, Dan 200 Harris, Larry 83, 220 Harris, Melony 116, 183 Harris, Steve 133, 134, 176, 183 Harris, Susan 78, 116, 220 HARRISON, CLOVIA 44 Harrison, Reba 74, 220 Harrison, Tammy 183 Harry, Sally 121, 183 Harry, Steve 10, 94, 78, 220 Hartman, Janie 220 Hartronft, Brad 200 Harvey, Cindy 5, 23, 29, 93, 220 Harvey, David 164 Harvey, Mark 93, 176, 183 Harville, Susan 116, 183 Hatfield, Steve 72, 98, 221 Hatley, Leslie 200 Haught, Stewart 105, 164 Havens, Marvin 164 HAVENSTRITE, WINSTON 44, 25 Haxel, Michael 138, 183 Hay, Jeff 138, 183 Hayden, Gary 149, 183 Hayes, Jerry 200 Hayes, Jamie 116 Hayes, Pamela 83, 164 Hays, Kathy 121, 164 Hayes, Kathy 116, 200 Hayes, Lynda 80, 102, 103, 107, Hazelwood, Nancy 164 Head, Charles 221 Heard, Brian 221 Hearn, David 139 Heath, Jim 109, 200, 214 Heath, Michael 164 Hedrick, Mary 183 Hefley, Jerry 102, 105, 200 Heflin, Suzanne 116, 164 Hefner, Kathy 116, 164 Heitzman, Jeffrey 200 Held, David 200 Held, Gary 200 Held, Mark 139, 158, 164 Heldenbrand, Chris 92, 200 Hellen, Scott 164 Helm, Charles 138, 200 Helms, Richard 221 Helt, Deanna 121, 200 Helt, Dwight 183 Helt, Robert 221 Helton, William 221 Henager, Kryn 73, 83, 100, 221 Hendricks, David 54, 221 HENDRICKS, JO ALICE 44 Hendrickson, Renee 121, 164 Henning, Dale 221 Henry, George 183 Hensch, Linda 116, 200 Hensch, Peggy II6, 221 Hensley, James 139, 164 Henton, Keith 109, 200 Hentschel, Mike 200 HERMAN, EARLENE 44, 78, 90 Herring, Jean 222 Herrmann, Janet 22, 76, 92, 93, Hestand, John 101 Hetherington, Linda 113, 222 HEUSEL, GERALD 41 Heusel, John 183 Heusel, Sherrel 100, 117, 164 Heuser, Debbie 72, 74, 76, 112, Hewes, Jonathan 139, 151, 164 Hewew, Kitty 78, 222 Hibbard, Terry 121, 164 0 200 222 121 , 222 Hicks, Alan 106, 183 Hicks, Donald 164 Hicks, Karen 117, 121, 164 Hicks, Kimberly 164 Hicks, Randy 222 Higginbotham, Judy 222 Hill, Anne 80, 222 Hill, David 183 Hill, Don 164 Hill, Donna 76, 117, 214, 222, 242 Hill, James 143, 147,183 Hill, Jean 80, 117,183 Hill, Larry 153 Hill, Richard 109,183 Hill, sharon 112, 121, 183 Hill, William 141,142, 222 HILL, DR. VIRGIL 39 Hinds, Thomas 164 Hines, Tom 222 Hinkle, Jackie 117, 183 Hinkle, Pat 82, 83, 90, 91, 121, 222 Hinsa n, Vince 93, 201 Hixon, Gary 222 Hixon, Larry 164 Hixon, Linda 222 Hixon, Ronny 201 HI-Y 88 HOATSON, CLAUDETTE 44, 46, 85 HOBS Hock, ON, FAYE 44 Dennis 183 Hodges, Elizabeth 72, 74, 112, 117, 222 Hodgson, Nancy 80, 121, 201 Hodkison, John 201 Hoffman, Joan 117, 164 Houge, Donald 164 HOKE, DAVID 44 Hake, Tomma 164 Holbrook, Debra 117, 201 Holderby, Bob 222 Holdridge, Marilee 96, 112, 117, 201, 211 Holland, Vickie 121, 201 Holliday, Cynthia 121, 164 Holliman, Ray 164 Holliman, Richard 201 Hollingsworth, Ronny 94, 96, 109, 201 Holloway, Ann 121, 164 HOLLOWAY, FRED 44, 138 Holloway, Bill 104, 106, 107, 222 Holmes, George 104, 164 Holmes, Kenneth 165 Holmes, Michael 184 Holmes, Palmer 165 Holt, Linda 121, 201 Hugg, Jim 74, 77, 83, 92, 106, 107, 109, 01 Hugg, Jo Ann 106, 107, 117, 165 Hughes, Hallie 91, 165 Hughes, Linda 116, 184 Hughes, Patty 21, 54, 72, 73, 75, 76, 121, 222 Hulett, Carie 74, 80, 83, 117, 201 Hulett, Cleda 26, 32, 34, 74, 117, 223, 228 Hulett, Renee 112, 121, 184 Hull, Peggy 121, 165 Humphrey, Bradley 109, 147, 184 Humphrey, Doug 22, 76, 77, 80, 92, 93, 109, 223 Humphrey, Jim 138, 201 Humphrey, Linda 65, 66, 84, 90, 223 Humphrey, Mike 165 Humphrey, Rex 93, 184 Humphreys, Craig 30, 138, 147, 201, 210 Hunsaker, Toni 84, 223 Hunt, Brenda 223 Hunt, Debbie 117, 165 Hunt, Linda 184 Hunter, Debbie 223 Hunter, Rick 78, 88, 223 Huntress, Steve 80, 201 Hurst, Susan 78,112,121, 184 Hurt, Carolyn 117, 184 Husband, Debra 90 Huston, Phillip 184 Hutchison, Bob 223 Hutton, Deborah 184 Iles, Susan 184 INDUSTRIAL ARTS 61 Irby, Di ana 100, 122, 165 Irvin, Eric 165 Irwin, Bobby 54, 223 IRWIN, REX 45,141,142 Irvine, Marilee 116, 165 lryck, Sally 165 J Jackson, Bill 74, 138, 223 Jackson, Cindy 74, 92, 117, 184 Jackson, Bill 74, 138, 223 Jackson, Jan 112, 116, 184 Jackson, Janis 165 Jackson, Kathryn 184 Hon, sony 15, 112, 117, 201 HOMEMAKING as Hamsey, Micky 82, 222 Honiker, Danny 84, 222 HONOR LANGUAGE 73 Hooker, Marcie 85, 222 Hooper, Ronnie 101, 165 Hopkins, Larry 184 Hooper, Sharon 117, 165 Horne, Jim 184 Horton, Ann 121, 165 Horton, Debbie 121, 165 Horton, Horton, 222 Gene 140,141,142 Shelly 14, 54, 56, 75, 121, 125, Hasek, Diane 74, 78, 83, 89, 112, 121, 201 HOUGH, TED 44 HOUK, BEVERLY 45 Houk, Pamela BO, 100, 165 House, Diane 83, 121, 184 House, Gail 117, 222 Householder Jean 121, 184 Householder, Richard 165 Housley, Deborah 222 Howard, Barbara 100, 117, 165 Howard, Bob 201 Howard, Bruce 79, 88 HOWARD, MARY 45 Jackson, Kenneth 165 Jackson, Phil 184 Jacobs, Julie 117, 165 Jacobson, Hal 184 Jacobson, Jennifer 17, 72, 73, 75, 112, 116, 122, 223 Jacobson, Mark 201 Jacobson, Neil 184 Jacobson, Vickie 185 James, David 165 James, Debra 117, 183, 185 James, Tom 147, 201 January, Cheryl 116, 201 Jarrett, John 153, 185 Jarrett, Sue 92, 112, 122, 223 Jeffers, Eddie 223 Jenks, Kristy 80, 121, 201 JENKINS, vAscA 45, 75 Jensen, Barbara 201 Jensen, Doug 154, 223 Jessee, Sharon 76, 77, 80, 117, 223 Jesseph, Jane 121, 184, 185 Jessup, Jamie 90, 112, 122, 185 Jetton, Shareen 185 JIMINEZ, SALLY 45 Johns, L Johnsey, iz 112,117,185 Ann 100, 223 Johnson, Bill 81, 130, 137, 223 Carole 122, 185 Howard, Patricia 165 Howard, Richard 184 Howard, Mrs. Robert 71 Howard, Sharon Howell, Anthony 184 Howell, Phil 222 Hubbard, Bruce 138, 149, 183 Hubbard, Terry 149, 201 Hudson, Steve 109, 201 Huffaker, Carla 223 Johnson, Danny 165 Johnson, Debra 185 Johnson, Don 165 Johnson, D'Ann 185 Johnson, Frank 76, 72, 223, 106, 107 Johnson, Gary 70, 72, 76, 77, 92, 223 JOHNSON, JIM 40, 77 Johnson, Janice 122, 185 Johnson, Kelly 100, 165 Johnson, Leroy 185 Index o 253 Jones, James 201 Doug 72, 73, 74, 76, 77, 83. 223 Johnson, Linda R. 122, 165 Johnson, Linda K. 74, 80, 201 Johnson, Linda J. 117, 124, 223 Johnson, Liz 96, 97, 122, 223 Johnson, Mark 52, 201 Johnson, Peggy 122, 165 Johnson, Robert 223 Johnson, Sam 165 Johnson, Wilma 117, 185 Johnston, Barbara 122, 185 Jones, Charles 165 Jones, Charles W. II 104, 185 Jones, Connie 185 Jones, E Ilen 185 Jones, Janet 117, 201 Jones, Kathy 83, 91, 117, 201 Jones, Lyn 92, 112, 117, 185 Jones, Pamela 83, 91, 117, 165 Jones, Ronald 202 Jones, Timothy 185 Jordan, Cindy 122, 185 Jordon, Kielshu 'f1 'ff Y 7+--jc ' ' 'W' s, Eddie 185 Klimkevich, Nancy 122, 202 Knesek, Jackie 89, 105, 166 Knesek, Kathy 52, 75, 89, 107, 117, 122, 202 Knickel bein, Nancy 100 Knop, Barbara 80, 90, 122, 202 Knop, Chris 12, 52, 76, 77, 92, 224 Knott, Mrs. Martha 71 Kohler, Dale 153 Kolb, Karen 117, 166 Kongs, Charles 139, 166 Konks, Chris 148, 202 Koons, John 202 Kostka, Carol 75, 224 Jordan, Gloria 165 JOURNALISM 55 Joyce, Jonathan 165 JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE 81 Just, Melinda 80, 90, 122, 202 Kouba, Steven 185 KOZAK, MARJORIE 45, 46, 80 Kraker, Linda 122, 166 Krasawski, Charles 96, 97, 101, 224 Krasowski, Tina 117, 166 Krosley, Carolyn 202 Kubat, Gary 202 L Label, Laurie 80, 117, 202 Label, Shelley 122, 166 Lacey, Dona 117, 185 Lackey, Debbie 90, 224 Justus, Gailon 138 K Kalman, Julia 202 Kamenesky, Becky 74, 80, 112, 122, 202 Kamenesky, Terry 117, 165 Lacy, Bill 33, 68, 97, 108, 110, 224 La Faver, Diane 23, 29, 72, 73, 74, 77, 80, 92, 93, 224 Laird, Clifford 130, 132, 205, 224 Lamar, Lamb, Rene 139,166 Jackie 26, 49, 102, 122, 224 LIBRARY CLUB 79 Lievsay, Debbie 74, 80, 112, 117, 202 Liles, Robert 83 LILLARD, DR. BILL 38 Limke, Linda 117, 202 Lindley, Bill 224 Lindley, Jesse 38 Lindley, Pamela 3, 112, 117, 186 Lingerfelt, Gloria 202 Lingerfielt, Susan 166, 100 Lininger, Gary 166 Lininger, Linda 117, 202 LINK, BEVERLY 45, 91 Lippert, Barbara 26, 70, 122, 202 Lippert, Mrs. Robert 71 Lippert, Teresa 81, 122, 166 LIPPMAN, ELIZABETH 45, 81,194 Liss, Joan 117, 166 Littell, Carol 122, 186 Litteral, Jack 105, 224 Little, Greta 81, 117, 202 Littlefield, David 133, 141, 186 Littlefield, Phillip 139, 167 Littlepage, Pamela 122, 167 Littlepage, Perry 130, 110, 203 Littleton, Ronald 224 Lloyd, Diana 117, 167 LOCHRIDGE, MARY 45 Locke, Mary 117, 186 Loeffler, Kent 149, 176, 186 Logan, Bruce 83, 203 Logan, Daniel 83, 224 Logan, David 83, 224 Lang, Becky 203 Long, John Brad 186 Mandabach, Connie 203 Mandabach, Kathy 75, 122, 225 Mandabach, Rebecca 167, 100 Manning, Maria 147, 167 MANNING, PEGGY 45 Manning, Mike 147, 187 Manning, Robert 187 Manning, Terri 93, 112, 122, 225, 231 Mansell, Lisa 203 Manson, Karen 117, 167 Mapes, Sherri 79, 167 MARCOTTE, LEONARD 44, 45, 149 Marcatte, Michelene 78, 225 Morden, Laura 75 Markham, Marsha 112, 122, 203 Marr, Marianna 107, 122, 167 Marrs, Craig 203 Marshall, Callie 78, 118,167 Marshall, Evelyn 167 Marshall, Jackie 82, 122, 203 MARSON, MILDRED 46, 70 Martin, Kathy 90, 96, 102, 117, 203 Martin, Larry 203 Martin, Lynette 21, 94, 96, 97, 122, 225 Martin, Shelia 122, 167 Morwoad, Frank 4, 18, 68, 77, 92, 225, 241 Marx, Randy 54, 94, 96, 203 Moser, Richard 167 Mason, David 66, 84, 224 Mason, Linda 225 Mason, Mat 80, 92, 204 Massey, Sarena 118, 176, 187 Massey, Susanne 74, 81, 187 Mossie, Michael 167 Long Kamp, Cary 116 Kamp, Becky 75, 117, 185 Kanost, Theresa 185 Kanost, Thoimas 83, 185 Karhu, Tom 202 Latham, Barbara 77, 224 Lefler, M Kinser, KARIMI, ELAINE 45 Karountzos, Georgia 166 Kashner, Michael 74, 83, 202 Kauffman, Elise 103, 202 Kearney, Kathy 76, 94, 95, 97, 112, 117, 223, 234 Keesee, Barbara 83, 122, 185 Keesee, Mary 122, 223 Keffer, Van 223 Keith, Richard 78, 223 Keller, Larry 166 Kellert, Diane 72, 90,111, 112, 117, 223 Kellert, Steve 81, 185, 203 Kelley, Barbara 5, 84 Kelley, Carole 84, 223 Kelley, Cathy 202 Kelley, Pam 122, 185 Kelly, Terry 185 Kelsay, Kathy 75, 202 Kelso, Mrs, Joseph 71 Kemp, Linda 90, 94 Kendall, Sally 70, 72, 73, 76, 77, 81, 223 Kendell, Kendell, Donita 112, 122, 202 Sheryl 117,185 Kennedy, Brecca 100, 122, 166 Kennedy, Kathleen 166 Kennedy, Tressa 72, 73, 74, 81, 90, 112, 117, 223 Kent, Mark 88, 223 Kern, Jaan 83, 117 Kerr, Joan 202 Kerschner, Ross 202 Ketchum, Barbara 73, 74, 80, 122, 124, 202, 207 Kev cLuB los Kidd, Greg 224 Kidd, Mark 138, 185 Kiker, Alice 117, 166 Killgore, Richard 149, 185 Killian, Ann 89, 117, 202 Kilpatrick, Don 224 Kimberlin, Cathy 122, 166 Kimerer, Sandy 74, 104, 107, 117, 202 King, Kathy 224 King, Kenneth 224 KING, MARGIE 50 Joseph 166 Lamb, Naomi 85, 224 Land, Gregory 202 Land, Jetfrey 166 Landguth, LaNeIl 72, 74, 80, 90, 117,224 Lane, Donna 22, 83 Laney, Sandra 185 Lang, Candy 166 Langford, Linda 100, 185 Langley, Andy 66, 88, 224 Langley, Michael 166 Langston, Betty 192 Langston, Debbie 72, 75, 112, 122, 224 LANGUAGE 57 LANGUAGE ARTS 54 Lankford, Janet 112, 117, 167, 185 Lankford, Becky 117, 224 Lanter, Lorna 122, 166 Lanyon, Lisa 75, 81, 111, 112,122, 224 Lare, Donna 202 Larimore, Alan 74, 81, 110, 202 Larkins, Carolyn 122, 185 Larsen, Sammy 139 Larsen, Skip 186 Long, Judy 122, 186 Long Katheryn 22, 186 Long, Marvin 186 Long Stephen 103, 203 Susan 24, 90, 117, 194, 203 Longley, Cindy 102, 107, 117, 224 Longley, Debbie 107, 112, 122, 203 Lorenz, John 185 Lorenz, Stephen 101, 203 Lotskat, Petra 78, 107, 167 LOTT, WILLIAM 39 Lout, Tom 74, 81, 141, 203 LOVETT, WAYNOKA 45 Loving, Deanna 81, 203 Lowber, Becky 122, 203 Lowe, Diana 122, 167 Lowe, Linda 112, 122, 203 Loyd, Debra 117, 203 Lozier, Lindy 186 Lucas, Stevet 138,185 Luckhort, Christie 117, 167 Luckhart, Liz 122 203 Lund, Jeffery 138 187 Larwig Larwig ,William 133, 224 , Richard 83, 202 Latham, Mike 186 Latham, Paula 186 Lawson Laxton, , Dolores 85, 224 Zandra 90, 122, 186 LECH, MARY 45 Leard, Michael 139, 166 Learned, Johnny 139, 166 Ledbetter, Aniita 186 Ledbetter, Eddy 202 LEDBETTER, CHARLES 30, 45, 217, 127 Leder, Jil 186 Lee, Richard 186 Leech, Debbie 90, 122, 202 Leet, Coby 186 Carol 122, 186, 188 Kirby, Gayle 117, 166 Leflett, Karen 117, 202 Legrange, Kathryn 89, 117, 186 Lemmon, Pamela 166 Lensgraf, Teresa 117, 166 Leskela, Diane 224 Lessly, Jim 202 Lester, Candy 224 Leuszler, Helen 117, 185 Levann, Richard 166 Leverich, Larry 139, 166 Leveridge, Jacquelin 122, 166 Leveridge, Marc 224 Kirchner, Gayle 224 Kistler, Steven 185 Kitchen, Bill 15, 72, 83, 103, 107, 224 Kitchens, Marco 185 254 o Index Lewis, Becky 186 Lewis, Mike 224 Lewis, Robert 52, 224 Lewis, Steve 166 Lundien, Linda 112, 122, 225 Lunnon, Loretta 117, 187 LUPER, CLARA 45, 49, 97 Luper, Gwen 117, 203 Lurry, Wende 90, 225 Lushbough, Peggy 122 Lutz, Christian 78, 167 Lutz, David 225 Lutz, Joan 187 Lutz, Vicky 107, 203 Lynch, Kathy 74, 83, 112, 122, 203 Lynn, Jenny 187 Lyon, Madeline 77, 80, 81, 90, 225 Lytle, Bill 108, 110, 151, 153, 225 Lytle, Patty 122, 167 MacKay, Elizabeth 112, 122, 124, 203 Mackey, Kathryn 187 Mackey, Marcia 117, 167 Maddy, Richard 167 Magbee, Brett 187 Magee, Dennis 167 Maguire, Jana 74, 75, 80, 112, 122, 203 Maier, Janet 55, 72, 74, 73, 77, 83, 117 225 Main, Mark 225 Major, Wiley 225 Makintubee, Steven 167 Mallonee, Bill 88, 110, 225 Malone, Brenda 203 Malone, Phillip 167 Malone, Randy 225 MATHEMATICS 58 Mathes, John 167 Mathews, Mary 225 MATHIS, JACK 146 Mathis, Vicki 118, 187 Matlock, Ronnie 72, 74, 83, 88, 110, 149, 225 Matthews, Sharie 122, 187 Matthews, Vicki 203 Mauldin, Sharon 225 Maupin, Cecilia 118, 167 Maurer, Craig 3, 110, 154, 212, 225 Maxwell, Jane 203 Maxwell, Kathy 78, 118, 204 Maxwell, Robert 167 Maxwell, Sandy 78, 118, 225 Mayes, Cynthia 122, 167 Mayes, Deborah 118, 167 Mayfield, Linda 122, 167 Maylield, Terry 105, 107, 226 Maynord, Vickie 204 Mays, Steve 226 McAlister, Brenda 112, 118, 204 McAmis, LaVon 74, 107, 204 McAmis, William 167 McAnulty, Karen 104, 167 McBride, Charlotte 167 McBride, Cindy 187 McBride, Maureen 118, 187 McBroom, Bobby 226 McCabe, Sherri 122, 187 McCabe, Toya 122, 187 McCarty, Mindy 21, 90, 91, 112, 122, 130, 226, 238 McCaskill, Rex 204 McClain, Kathy 100, 108 McClung, Joel 187 McClung, Ricky 226 McCollom, Steve 226 McConne l, Randel 101,167 McCormick, Jim 204 McCoy, Deborah 122, 167, 226 McCoy, Ruth 77, 80, 122, 226 McCracken, Frances 118, 187 McCracken, Kathy 106, 226 McCracken, Tom 187 McCuan, Malinda 112, 118, 126, 183, 187 McCubbin, Barbara 80, 118, 204 McCuIly, Betty 50 McCully, Rebecca 118, 167 McCune, Vivian 122, 167 McDonald, Cheryl 26, 122, 194, 204 McDow, Jeannie 122, 167 MCELVANY, EVELYN 50 McEver, David 187 McFarland, Daniel 226 McGaughy, Becky 52, 74, 77, 226 sp- Mitchell, Teddy 168 Mize, James 168 Molaley, Neal 168 Mabley, Sharon 100, 122, 188 Moesel, Rodd 8, 77, 92, 168 Montgomery, Billy 168 Montgomery, Cindy 52, 75, 118, 227 Montgomery, Dena 122 MONTGOMERY, TERRY 46 Moody, Linda 72, 73, 77, 78, 81, 92, 227 Nordyke, David 188 Norred, Donna 188 NORRIS, RUTH ANNE 46, 57, 78 Northrup, Karen 123, 228 Null, Dorothy 188 Nunn, Carl 169 Nuzum, Kacia 113, 123, 228 Nystrom, Jack 139 Nystrom, Judy 118, 205 Moon, Patty 118, 168 Moore, Barbara 227 MOORE, LINDA 46, 77, 115, 127 Moore, Roger 168 Moore, Shari 118, 188 Moore, Tam C. 188 Moore Tom W. 227 Moreland, Lagail 100, 188 O OAKES, OLA MAE 41 OBERMANN, CHARLOTTE 47, 91 O'8ryant, William 94, 228 Odom, Diedra 74, 80, 113, 122, 204, 205 Oelke, Steven 169 Ogden, Ricky 188 NO, lT'S NOT HELEN OF TROY . ..but Gina Meneguzzi telling her Iournalism I class about the Troian horse and the three years she lived in Rome. McGee, D. 139 McGee, Harold 138 McGinley, Mark 226 McGregor, Cathy 32, 34, 112, 120, 122 127, 2 McGrew, 12, 226 Edwin 167 P McGrew, Mike 187 McGuire, Katie 118, 226 McHenry, Becky 75, 118, 204 McHuin, Richard 226 McKee, Karen 56, 78, 90, 118, 226 McKelvy, Bill 187 McKiddy, Kathy 167 McKiddy, Linda 118, 187 McKinley, Mike 149, 226 McKinney, David 78, 226 McKinney, William 167 McLarry, Deena 204 McLaughlin, Becky 80, 112, 122, 204 McLaughlin, Robert 167 McMicheaI, Gail 187 McMillan, Chris 103 McMillan, Deborah 96, 122, 167 MCMILLAN, HAROLD 46 McMillin, Donna 96, 118, 187 McNary, Becky 59, 226 McNary, Jo 118, 168, 172, 173 McNatl, Margaret 100, 122, 168 McNeil, Ann 74, 80 McNeil, Steven 148 McNern, Kenneth 141, 168 McNutt, Gary 88, 110, 226 McPhail, Pam 112, 122, 226 McPherson, Jim 77, 204 McRoy, Mary 187 McWhirter, Jimmy 149, 187, 204 McWilliams, Jenny 118, 168 McWilliams, Lynn 118, 204 McWilliams, Bill 187 Meadows, Dirk 187 Medford, David 187 Medford, Janie 21, 75, 226 Mee, Robert 82, 197, 226 Meek, Leslie 72, 73, 74, 77, 82, 83, 12 226 Meinert, Douglas 187 Meissinger, Jerry 82, 187 Meissinger, Terry 168 Melton, Glen 168 Melton, Laura 90, 118, 226 Melton, Melinda 89, 204 2, Meneguzzi, Brian 110, 141, 142, 187 Meneguizza, Gina 122, 204, 253 Mercer, Connie 168 Mercer, Libby 118, 187 MERCER, WANDA 50 Meriwether, Norma 75, 83, 113, 122, 204 Merret, Janice 168 Merritt, Barbara 90, 204 Merrow, Randy 79, 168 Morgan, Jim 227 Morgan, Pete 188 Morgan, Ronald 168 Margensen, Martha 88, 93, 113, 118 205 Morgensen, Richard 139, 151, 168 Morozuk, John 5, 72, 76, 77, 93, 108, 110 227, 241 Morris, Dee 122, 188 Morris, Mary 168 Morris, Shari 78, 118, 227 Morrison, Reginia 89, 118, 186, 188 Marrow, Betty 205 Moses, Denise 22, 53, 72, 75, 92, 93, 227 MOSIER, BROOKS 42, 46 Moslander, Lee 227 Moslander, Nancy 118, 168 Moss, Mrs. Gene 71 Mott, Jim 205 MOTT, LARRY 46 Mott, Keith 168, 175 Moxley, John 227, 130 Moy, Cindy 68, 72, 73, 77, 81, 118, 227 Moyer, Susan 100, 122, 168 Moyer, Vicki 118 Mulcahy, Martha 168 Mulkey, Kim 113,122,188 Mulligan, Patricia 118, 168 MULLMAN, PATRICIA 46 Murphy, Dennis C. 168 Murphy, Kirby 227 Murphy, Peggy 85, 205 Murray, Diana 75, 122, 227 OGLE, LEONARD 47 Ogle, Keith 139, 169 Oliver, 111114, isa Oliver, Jeri 228 Oller, Mark 169 Olson, Jan 96, 97, 228 O'Malley, Maura 89, 188 Orahood, Don 72, 78, 88, 110, 22 ORCHESTRA 110 Orer, Suzan 188 Oruch, Mark 138, 205 Osborne, Jesse 169 O'Shea, Karen 118, 228 Ostrander, Mary 81, 118, 169 Ostrander, Michael 188 Otterson, Hazel 228 Otterson, Sally 123, 188 Overbeck, Donna 90, 118, 228 Overby, Janice 114, 118, 188 Owen, Cheryl 169 OWEN, KATHLEEN 47 Owen, Kathy 75, 123, 169 Owen, Margaret 17, 72, 73, 74, 77, 80, 123, 228 Owen, Patti 80, 113, 118, 205 Owen, Ronnie 205 Owens, Randy 205 Ownbey, Patrick 88, 188 Ozmun, Cathy 118,169 Merz, Carl 204 Metheny, Richard 148, 158, 168 Mettauer, David 149, 153, 204 Mettauer, John 168 Meyer, Annette 103, 204 Meyer, Donny 75, B1, 187 Meyer, Diane 89, 122, 226 Meyers, Karen 83, 89 90, 113, 122, 204 Meyers, Leon 3, 19, 73, 77, 94, 10 128, 143, 212, 226, 239 MILBURN, TROY 41 Millar, Becky 118, 204 Miller, Beverly 102, 187 Miller, Brad 204 Miller, Cynthia 118, 168 Miller, Freddie 138, 205 Miller, Gloria G. 74, 89, 122, 168 Miller, Gloria S. 82, 122, 205 Miller, Karen 100, 122, 205 Miller, Kristina 187 Miller, Lawrence 168 Miller, Melvin 76, 227 Miller, Patricia 118, 168 MILLER, RAMAH 46, 91 Miller, Richard 141, 168 Miller, Roger 226 Miller, Tim 110, 187 Miller, Windy J. 187 MILLICAN, RON 7, 40, 41, 25, Mills, Jack 226 Mils, Mrs. Jack 71 MILLS, MADGE 46 Mills, Nancy 81, 122, 168 Mills, Ronnie 187 Milnes, Jim 227 Ming, Donald 138, 188 Mings, Cynthia 100 Mitchell, Debbie 113, 227 8,110, MUSIC 98 Mustain, Roy 205 Myatt, Jim 205 Myers, Cynthia 100, 118, 158, 168 Myers, Gayla 168 Myers, Kathryn 74, 80, 227 PADEN, JOHN 47 Paden, Thomas 105, 107, 228 Page, Mary 169 Page, Wayne 228 Pallesen, Sally 118, 228 Palmer, Susan P. 74, 118, 228 Palmer, Susan M, 80, 113, 205 Pape, Mrs, Clay 71 Pape, David 82. 93, 228 Parker, Beverly 205 Mitchell, Diane 80, 118, 204, 205 Mitchell, Gary 205 Mitchell, James 205 Mitchell, Linda 80, 122, 205 Mitchell, Steve 35, 88, 94, 110, 128, 143, 145,147, 227 Myers, Nancy 168 Myers, Susan 227 Myhre, Melvin 188 Mythen, Robbie 227 N Nabors, Debra 205 Nance, Mark 82, 84, 85, 227 NATIONAL ART HONOR SOCIETY 75 NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE 93 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 72 NATIONAL THESPIANS 92 Neal, Wayne 168 Neel, Ginger 118, 168 Neel, Max 227 Neely, Belinda 85, 205 Neely, Edith 104, 168 Neely, Susan 188 Neely, Terri 227 Nelson, Nancy 227 Nelson, Terrell 168 Neville, James 78, 228 New, Michael 188 Newman, Carol 83, 104, 107, 228 Newman, Suzanne 74, 113, 123, 205 Newton, Golda 123, 228 Newton, Mike 188 Nicek, Andrea 100, 169 Nichols, Harry 169 NICHOLS, TED 36, 46 Nigh, Larry 228 Nixon, Chuck 141, 205 Nobles, Kathryn 81, 122, 169 Nobles, Mark 77, 81, 205 Parker, Georgette 118, 205 Parker, Larry 76, 77, 81, 169 Parker, Leath 188 Parker, Marilyn 103, 107, 205 Parker, Richard 72, 74, 73, 77, 80, 81, 90, 228 Parker, Susan 228 Parks, Cynthia 107, 123, 165, 169 Parks, Debbie 205 Parks, Marcee 5, 15, 83, 96, 97, 103, 205 123, Parks, Mike 205 Parks, Steve 188 Parleir, Allen 189 Parnell, Al 138, 189 Parrish, Anita 29, 72, 74, 73, 77. 80. 143, 228 Parrish, Elaine 205 Parrish, Jim 228 Parsons, Gary 169 Parsons, James 153 Parsons Parsons Pata rd, Mary 74, 77, 82, 113, 123, 228 Marilyn 80, 205 Richard 83, 92, 205 f Patterson, Barbara 169 Patterson Brenda 205 Patterson, Dan 110, 205 Patterson, Jana 205 Patterson, John 205 Patterson, Kim 104, 169 Patterson, Tony 189 Patty, Sharon 89, 169 Index o 255 Patzack, Cathy 205 Patzock, Mark 169 Payne, Mary 90 PATNE, ROBERT 47 Pearson, David 169 Pearson, Jim 190 Pearson, Marsha 118, 228 Peck, Carolyn 123, 189 Pedigo, Betty 118, 189 Peek, Tom 88, 110, 149, 228 Peeler, Shirley 123 Pellegrini, Tony 169 Peilow, rimi 123, 124, 189 Pena, David 189 Penn, Kathy 205 Pennala, Alan 205 Pennington, Curtis 189 Pennington, Jeff 206 PENNINGTON, JOHN 47, 102 Pennington, Stan 228 Penny, Michael 105, 169 PEP COUNCIL 127 Powers, Bill 84, 229 Powers, Carolyn 170 Powers, Paula 170 Powers, Richard 189 Powers, Susie 70, 113, 114 Pralle, Richard 108, 110, 206 Rasmussen, Doug 141 Rathien, Susan 113, 118, 206 Rattan, Pat 88, 110, 149, 229 Rattan, Phillip 170 Ratway, Mary 229 Ratway, Tim 189 Pratt, Sheryl 123, 170 Prentice, Paula 103, 107, 206 Pressley, Douglas 229 Prevost, Richard 170 Proctor, Bill 189 Profter, Fleta 123, 189 Protfer, Patricia 123, 206 Proffitt, Rickey 189 Pruitt, Leann 113, 118, 186,189 Ptomey, Nyla 82, 170 PTSA 71 Puckett, Bob 229 Puckett, Jerry 189 Pugh, Pat 189 Pugh, Robert 170 Raunborg, Ronnie 143, 146, 14 Raunborg, Sharon 90, 123, 230 Rawlings, Lee 118, 170 Ray, Robert 148, 170 Ray, Tom 230 Ray, Bill 189 Rayburn, Jack 139, 170 7, 206, 211 Rayburn, Scott 30, 68, 82, 92, 149, 206 Read, Fletcher 88, 230 Read, Becky 118, 189 Ream, Richard 170 REBER, JILL 47,48 Rector, Anthony 206 RED CROSS 89 Reece, Marla 123, 170 Riddle, Charles 30, 230 Riddle, Hazel 230 Riddles, Mike 154 Ridley, Randy 148, 170 Rieder, George 110, 153, 179, 189 Riggall ,Jamie 170 Riggall, Jim 88, 149, 150, 230 Riggall, Mike 138, 149, 150, 190 Riley, Georgeann 72, 90, 111, 113 230 Ringvvald, Judy 74, 113, 123, 206 Ritter, Gary 88, 130, 230 Ritter, Gerald 82, 88, 130, 230 Ritter, Jeffrey 148, 170 Perciva Perciva Perdue, 1, Charlotte 118, 206 1, Debbie 118 Judy 228 Perham, Steven 169 Perkins, Carol 80, 206 Perkins, Joan 169 Perry, Don 169 Perry, Nancy 80, 113, 123, 206 Perry, Pamela 123, 189 Petree, Duke 169 Petty, Donna 78, 228 Petty, Sally 83, 118, 206 Phelps, Lou Ann 55, 72, 73, 74, 77, 80, 113, 118, 228, 81 Phillips, Bobby 77, 78, 81, 104, 228 Phillips, Cindy 123, 228 Phillips, Debra 118, 169 Phillips, Delbert 228 Phillips, Diana 169 Phillips, Johnny 189 Phillips, Kathy 123, 169 Phillips, Sandra 103, 118, 206 Phillips, Stan 138, 149, 189 Phillips, Stephen 189 Phillips, Terry 228 Phinney, Corey 153, 229 Phinney, Kent 153, 206 Pulley, Betty 118, 170 Pulley, Donna 74, 189 Pulley, Janet 229 Pulley, Lewis 78, 107, 170 Pulliam, Vicki 118, 206 PUNNEO, GERALD 51 Purcell, Kerry 82, 170 Pursley, Richard 83, 229 QUILL AND SCROLL 94 Quinn, Mary 74, 123 Quinn, Mellonie 78, 123, 189 Quinn, Theresa 38, 197, 203 Reed, Sharon 189 Reese, Dennis 206 Reeves, Sharon 189 Reichert, Curtis 206 Reichert, Dave 206 Reid, Ann 4, 77, 92, 118, 230, 241 Reid,Mi1ie 189 Reid, siisie 74, 113, 118, 189 Reisinger, Frank 170 Reisinger, Judy 206 Reiss, Katie 123, 189 Rendel, Deborah 118 Renfro, Mary 123, 186, 189 Rentroe, Peggy 206 Renshaw, Bill 110, 230 Renshaw, Dee 206 Phipps, Jack 229 Phipps, Sally 82, 169 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 60 PIERCE, BEVERLY 47 Pierce, Charles 28, 189 Pierce, Donna 81, 123, 206 Pierce, Patty 206 Pierson, Becky 118 Pierson, Martha 118 Pieiich, Tobi 229 Pike, Sherri 83, 118, 229 Pike, wiiic 113,118,206 Pingleton, Jackie 123, 206 Pinix, Steve 74, 80, 206 Pinkerton, Paul 169 Pinkinson, John 169 Pinkston, Tommy 61, 170 Pippin, Annette 96 Pippin, 8illye 89, 170 Pitt, Karen 170 PLATT, JOHN 47, 101 Plumbtree, Mark 130, 206 Plumbtree, Steve 124, 229 Plumbtree, Vickie 123, 189 Poag, Floyd 105, 107, 229 Pack, David 130, 229 Pogue, Rosalind 69, 96, 189 Pogue, Tricia 78, 229 Rogers, Steve 110, 190 Polk, F rank 92, 170 Pollock, Sheri 189 Ponder, Pat 229 Pontlous, Vlckie 78, 229 Pool, John 229 Pope, Ross 229 PORTA, CAROL 45, 48, 75 Porter, Linda 36, 96, 97, 229, 247 Porter, Michael 170 Porter, Sue 84, 229 Posey, Nita 170 Poteet, Gordon 149, 189 Potter, Nikki 118, 229 Pound rs, Carla 206 e Powell, James 65, 94, 189 256 0 Index .,o,.., 4 -- :- Roberts, Cathy 118, 190 Roberts, Ellen 118, 190 Roberts, Linda J, 170 Roberts, Linda K. 85, 206 Robertson, Avy 78, 206 Robertson Beth 118, 206 Robertson, Jim 206 Robertson Randy 74, 206 Robertson, Roxanne 24, 123, 190 Robinson, Donald 170 Robinson, Harold 82, 89, 170 Robinson, John 105, 141 Robinson, Kelly 123, 170 Robinson, Larry J. 206 Robinson, Laura 170 Robinson, Margie 80, 93, 123, 206 Robinson, Marilyn 231 Robinson, Sherri 171 Robinson, Steve 52, 72, 77, 89, 90, 231 Robinson, Susan 90, 118, 190 Robinson, Tony 143, 145, 147, 148, 190 Robinson, Vicki 207 Roblyer, Gary 190 LAST DAY locker check results in a pile of discards for Debbie Thompson. R Rogan, Carolyn 189 Ragan, Mariean 82, 170 Ragsdale, Debbie 229 Ragsdale, Donna 229 Rahill, Gary 143, 147, 189 Rainbolt, Linda 85, 229 Rainwater, Judy 123, 170 Rainwater, Keith 101 Romee, Cheryl 113, 118, 206 Ramirez, Rita 118, 229 Resetaritz, Richard 92, 170 Reyes, Arnold 170 Reynolds, Jim 84, 230 Ramsey , Linda 80, 206 Randall, Dick 70, 81, 88 Randall, Teresa 206 Randel, Randye 206 Randal, Loy 170 Randol, Randy 170 Reynolds, Doug 170 Reynolds, Jo 123, 170 Rhea, Becky 65, 96, 114, 118, 189 Rhodes, Pam 230 Rice, Rice, Eva 170 Marilyn 85,206 Nancy 24, 38, 55, 73, 77, 81, 96, Rice, 97 120, 123, 230, 240, 247 Rich, Jack 139, 170 Rich, Thomas 73, 77, 110 Rich, Tim 230 Richert, David 83, 141, 189 Richmond, Elaine 123, 189 Riddell, Randy 170 Roby, Charles 171 Roby, Charlotte 171 Rogers, Brent 231 Rogers, Carolyn 123, 190 Rogers, Debra 190 Rogers, Denise 190 Rogers, Ginger 118, 171 Rogers, Janice 190 Rogers, Kennita 80, 118, 207 ROGERS, MELVIN 39 Rogers, Paula 231 Rollins, Gary 231 Rollins, Nancy 118,190 Rose, Jim 110,114,207 Rose, Nicki 207 Rosenberg, Pam 85, 207 Rosenberg, Paul 10,'11, 231 Ross, Jeannie 100, 231 Ross, Linda 100, 190 Roth, Paul 190 ROUND TABLE STAFF 97 Roundtree, Kathy 123, 207 Roundtree, William 101, 105, 190 Rowe, Roger 207 Rubenstein, Mayna 123, 190 Rubenstein, Mike 171 Rueb, Tom 151, 153, 231 Ruedy, Dan 72, 74, 231 :Ruggles, Robert 171 Rumley, Marshall 231 Runyan, Douglas 139 Russell, Jeff 171 Rutledge, Chesley 82, 207 Ryan, Charles 101, 190 Ryan, Helen 190 Ryan, Kathleen 231 IRychlec, Sherry 113, 123, 190 S Saied, Celia 75, 113, 119, 207 Saied, Nancy 113, 119, 190 Salathiel, Denzel 104, 207 Salda, Mike 207 Salmon, Sue 123, 171 Salyer, Christopher 82, 92, 207 Samara, Don 138, 207 Sampson, Randy 79 Sampson, Rita 190 Sanders, Jack 207 Sanders, Jerry 105, 171 bandgarten, Dale 80, 171 iarinske, Kenneth 190 avage, Ronnie 207 Shaw, Jane 123, 207 Shedeck, Bart 3, 6, 8, 70, 81, 96, 110 231 Shedeck, Gregory 70, 171 Sheen, Andy 171 Sheets, James 171 Sheets, Janet 207 Sheldon, Darla 60, 65, 89, 90, 96, 23 Sheline, Steve 78, 231 Sheltman, Deborah 123, 171 Sheltman, Karen 208 Sheltman, Ronnie 208 Sherman, Kent 231 Sherman, Diane 190 Sherwood, Mike 208 Sherwood, Nancy 171 Sherwood, Suzanne 82, 231 Shewmaker, John 110, 190 Shields, Janet 190 Shilrin, David 81, 171 SHINN, FAYE 48 Shinn, Rebecca 82, 123 Shirley, Jay 149, 190 Shores, Nancy 119, 190 Short, Steven 139, 151, 171 Short, Susan 123, 190 Showalter, Stephen 190 Shriver, Debbie 208 Shrode, John 88, 110, 153, 208 Shumaker, Vicki 78, 231 Sidwell, Susan 119, 191 Simmons, Chuck 204 Simmons, Gail 24, 60, 77, 90, 91, 108 115, 119, 127, 231 Simmons, Michael 88, 208 130 Simonson, Dove 208 Simonson, Ann 78, 231 SIMPSON, DENNIS 16, 47, 48, 88 Smith, Steven 172 Smith, Sue 119, 172 Smith, Teresa 191 SMITH, DR. TOM 38 Smith, Wayne 68, 232, 244 Smith, William 232, 129 Smott, Mary 208 Snodgrass, Mende 92, 191 Snow, Bea 75, 84, 89, 232 Snyder, Andy 82, 208 Snyder, Debbie 123, 208 Sochor, Joe 232 Sochor, Sue 85, 208 SOCIAL STUDIES 56 Sosa, Ray 172 South, John 208 Southard, Regina 208 Sowdal, Michael 191 Spaeth, Mark 82, 153 SPANISH CLUB B1 Suggs, Susie 19, 32, 34, 72, 73, 90 4 115, 127, 222, 233 Sullivan, Barbara 100 Summers, Beverly 119, 173 Supplee, Cheryl 123, 233 Supplee, Curtis 191 Sutter, D'Ann 123, 191 Swank, Melinda 65, 96, 119, 191 Swansberger, John 191 Swansberger, Mary Ann 90, 91, 1 Swartzendruber, John 130, 233 Sweeney, Patricia 123 Swickey, Brad 160, 209 Swihart, Steve 58, 233 Swingle, Terri 75, 173 Sylvester, Lynda 233 Sylvester, Ted 191 SYMPHONY HI-NOTES 79 Szalranski, Mark 209 Szairanski, Paul 139, 173 Sparks, Jonnes 119, 172 Sparks, Steven 232 SPEED, KATHLEEN 45, 55, 77 Speece, Eula 104, 123, 172 SPEECH 52 Spence Spence r, Mari 78, 232 r, Marilyn 119, 208 Spielberger, Sally 232 Spitler, Andy 82, 208 Spradlin, Denise 78, 208 Spurr, Vickie 119, 191 Stacy, Alan 92 Stacy, Mrs. Joe 71 Stacy, Marcia 123, 173, 191 Stacy, Mary 68, 123, 232 Stafford, Nancy 208 Stahl, Douglas 79, 172 Stalcup, Sally 191 Sims, Bucky 208 axon, Charmaine 123, 171 alyer, Jim 171 alyer, Karen 231 chatzer, Tommy 139, 171 schezmiaii, David tio, 207 cheirman, John 171 chell, Mike 81, 231 Sims, Gary 101, 191 Sims, Luann 123, 191 Sims, William 171 Sinclair, Patricia 103, 123, 171 Singerman, Charles 171 Singerman, Chris 123, 227, 231 Staley, Dean 232 I Standefer, Marcia 74, 123, 232 Stanfa, John 138, 191 Stansel, Randy 232 Stanton, Cynthia 119, 172 Stapp, Robert 82 Staten, Don 172 Tabb, J Tabor, Tabor, Tabor, T immy Jr. 233 Libby 107, 123, 191 Sharon 91, 209 Timothy 92, 191 Tannehill, Frank 233 Tannehill, Phyllis 191 Tatum, Elizabeth A. 81, 89, 93, 114, 123, 209 Tatum, Robert 173 Taylor, Connie 209 TAYLOR, DORIS 50 TAYLOR, DORIS N. 48 Taylor, Taylor, Johnny 74, 82, 192 Kathy 72, 119, 233 Taylor, Patsy 72, 111, 114, 233 Taylor, Sherry 123, 192 Taylor, Susan 107, 119, 192 TEAGUE, SAM 51 Telixggr, Sharon 9, 74, 83, 89, 114, 123, TEETS, GEORGIA 48 Tefertiller, Diane 123, 209 Templer, Robert 139, 173 Tennis, Barry 84 Tennis, Tim 233 Terlip, Jim 173 Terrell, Richard 82, 173 Tessman, Mary 192 chilb 5'ee'ef Thayer, Michael 173 chier, 123 chilb I Donna 62, 74, 85, 207 Carolyn 55, 72, 73, 74, 77, 231 Diana 119, 190 Singleton, Jo Ann 123, 208 Skaggs, Connie 191 Skaggs, Duke 208 Skaggs, Paul 33, 97, 110, 143, 231 ST. DIZIER,-RODNEY 59, 74 Barbara 232 Thayer, Edward 149, 174, 192 chmauch, Deborah 207 Schmidt, Arthur Schmidt, Chris chmidt, Terry chmitz, Jean Schneider, Ann Schneider, John Schnetzler, Mar ty 41, 94, 96, 97, toe , 1io,152,153,1a 77, 171 74, 80, 112, 119, 207 81, 171 80, 123, 207 171 9, 141, 142, 231 Schroeder, Sid 231 chultz, Beverly 29, 82, 90, 91, 231 chwoerke, Kim 82, 171 HIELD STAFF 96 Skillman, Donna 119, 191 Shurlock, Karen 103 Skvorc, Christina 78, 231 Slade, Becky 22, 80, 93, 113, 119, 208 Slade, Lee 139, 151, 171 Slater, David 79, 231 Slick, Scott 101, 191 Sliger, Gary 231 SLOSS, MINERVA 48 Smart, Carol 77, 94, 112, 123, 231 Smedlund, Stephen 171 SMELSER, CARROLL 48 Smelser, Marcia 232 Smiley, Joseph 172 Smiley, Mike 232 Steele, Cheryl 172 Steele, William 232 Stegman, Barbara 232 Steph, Nancy 3, 20, 21, 26, 96, 97, 123, 127, 130, 232 Stephens, Catherine 123, 191 Stephens, Jenyne 77, 80, 233 Stephens, Mark 88, 147, 208 Stephens, Robyn 90, 123, 208 Stephens, Sally 198, 208 Stephens, Susie 198, 208 Steves, Christopher 191 Therman, Shannon 209 Thom, Michael 74, 81, 105, 107, Thomas, Becky 119, 233 Thomas, Curt 173 Thomas, Debbie 123, 209 Thomas, Elynn 192 Thomas, Jeanne 233 Thomas, Jeff 209 Thomas, Louann 114, 119, 192 Thomas, Mauna Kea 209 Thomas Thomas , Mellissa 91, 119, 173 , Sherry D. 100, 192 CIENCE 59 CIENCE CLUB 86 cott, Billie 190 cott, Bruce 143, 144, 146, 148, 207 cott, David 171 Scott, Deborah 190 Scott, Frances 100, 190 Scott, Marilyn 119, 171 Scott, Marion 207 cott, Randy 190 Smiley, Lynn 119 Ann 112, 119,123,190 Smith Smith, Anne 123, 208 Smith, Billie 119,191 Smith, Bonnie 119 Smith, Charles 191 Smith, Clark 232 Smith, Fran 208 Smith Gwen 232 n, Debbie 110, 114, 123, 209 cott, Stephen 171 cott, Steven 231 COTT, VIOLA 50 SCOTT, WILLIAM 48 Scovill, Bret 105, 190 SCHUDDER, FLORENCE 50 Seaman, Curby 190 Seaman, Diane 78, 231 Sears, Diana 119, 207 Seay, Deborah 119, 190 Seba, Michelle 119, 171 SECRETARIES 50 Segraves, Vivian 100, 171 Self, Lynn 24, 115, 119, 231 Senn, Michael 190 SERVICE STAFF 51 Shadid, Brenda 123, 190 SMITH, JANE 50 Smith, Jessica 172 Smith, Karen 123 Smith, Kevin 139, 151,172 Shadid, Donny 74, 92, 180 Shaw, David 171 Smith Kimberly 172 Smith Linda 208 Smith, Loretta 232 SMITH, MARCIA 48 Smith, Mark 172 Smith, Marsha 123, 208 Smith Michael 191 Smith Phil 72, 74, 77. 141, 232, 142 Smith Rebecca 172 Smith, Scott 172 Smith, Scott 138, 208 Smith, Scott 139, 172 Smith Scott 139, 172 Smith Smith Sheron 119, 232 Stephen 151,172 Steves, Karen 83, 112, 123, 232 Stewart, Ann 113, 119, 172 Stewart, Kenneth 191 Stewart, Jim 208 Stewart, Prissy 73, 74, 123, 208 Stewart, Susan 208 STEWART, THELMA 50 St. George, Carol 107, 172 St. George, Phil 75, 233 Stiles, Billy 191 Stiles, Janelle 172 Stiles, Larry 233 Stinson, Teresa 85, 233 Stoldt, Barbara 123, 160, 172 Stoldt, Bobby 72, 110, 155, 233 Stolfa, Mike 208 Stone, Cynthia 191 Stone, Melinda 89, 119, 186, 191 Thomas, Sherry L. 74, 85, 209 Thomas, Shirley 123 Thomas, Victoria 103, 192 Thomason, Janie 114, 119, 209 Thomford, Richard 173 THOMPSON, ALICE 47, 48 Thompson, Bart 139, 148, 173 Thompson, Bobbi 123, 139, 173 Thompson, Debbie 74, 124, 192, 254 Thompson, Denise 123, 192 Thompson, Gene 84, 233 Thompson, Janice 233 Thompson, Jeff 209 Thompson, Judy 119 THOMPSON, KENNETH 48 THOMPSON, MARGARET 48, 59 Thompson, Robert W. 74 Stooker, Alison 72, 77, 81, 92, 113, 123, 211 233 Thomps on, Sonia 119, 173 Thompson, Steven 192 Thompson, Todd 88, 209 Thompson, Tony 138, 173 Thomso Story, Richard 77, 92, 93, 208 Stotts, Diane 78, 233 Stotts, Sherrie 233 Stout, Barbara 119, 172 Straube, Mary 73, 233 Street, Carol 113, 208 Strickland, Don 233 Strickland, Ted 82, 208 Strong, Richard 208 Strong, Roger 139, 173 Stroud, Sheree 75, 123, 158, 173 Stuart, Charlene 78, 233 STUDENT COUNCIL 68 Stunz, Jeanette 72, 74, 78, 81 Sturgess, Kathrine 191 Sturgill, Donna 191 Sturgill, Norma 233 Susan. , 90, 233 Thornton, Debbie 123, 209 Throckmorton, Vicki 233 Thurman, Paul 173 Tidwell, Debbie 78, 233 Tidwell, Susan 123, 192 Tierce, David 74, 209 Tigert, Scott 80, 209 Tillman, Dan 84 Toahty, Loretta 233 Tolley, Cecilia 209 Tolley, Linda 233 Tomsky, Daniel 192 John 208 Tomsky, Sharon 173 Tonbeck, Charles 105, rany, aiu, 153 in Index o 257 Totty, Mike 84, 209 Towe, Jeneece 123, 192 Towne, Deborah 100, 173 Townsend, Carrie 123, 173 Townsend, Debbie 233 Traska, Lani 83, 123, 192 Trent, Joel 72, 77, 105, 107, 234 TRIMBLE, JAMES 48 Tridle, Frank 192 Trindle, Sylvia 234 Tripp, David 192 Tripp, Richard 173 Tritten, Yvonne 119, 192 Trosper, Robert 74, 153, 192 TRUAX, MARTHA 49 Tubb, Michele 192 Tucker, Lou 114, 123, 192 Tuel, Lela 119, 173 Tuel, Patricia 22, 83, 93, 123, 194, Turk, Donna 173 2-H e--- W- - -- -V---H . ' ---- - - -- V Walton, Ronald 174 Wann, Debra 174 Wantlond, Jino 123, 174 Wantla nd, Brent 174 Vlarren, Amy 114,119, 210 Warren, Carol 119, 192 Warren, David 174 Warren, Shannon 90, 174 Warren, Tom 92,210 Waterman, 8ruce 193 Watkin Walkin s, Gregory 193 s, Steve 72, 77, 78, 110, 234 Watson, Donna 74, 77, 81, 234 Watson, Gary 210 Watson, John 193 Watson, Linda 234 Watson, Mark 174 Watson, Sherry 114, 124, 193 Watts, oem 119, 174 Waugh, Jerry 143, 147, 193 Turk, Saundra 192 Turnell, Bob 110, 153, 234 Turnell, Marcia 119, 192 Turner, Dandra 174 Turner, Gary 192 Turney, David 174 Turney, Nancy 124, 209 Turnipseed, David 192 Turpin, Charles 1, 88, 89, 151, 153, 154, 234 TWENTIETH CENTURY HOMEMAKERS 90 TYLER, MAXINE 49 Tyner, Lynda 174 Tyrrell, Sandra 174 U Uhl, Susan 124, 192 Underhill, Barbara 119, 174 Underwood, Anthony 174 Underwood, Pam 234 Unger, Jerianne 122, 125, 174 URMSTON, ELIZABETH 49, 75 V Vaeth, Michelle 14, 83, 209 VanCleef, Pope 209 VanCleel, William 174 Vandennieuwenhof, Frank 234 Vandeventer, Sidney 174 Vangilder, Craig 192 Van Hooser, Violet 174 Vann, Mary 174 VAN POOL, DON 10, 49. 143, 144 Van Pool, Donald 143, 147, 192 Varnell, Charles 22, 174 Varmer, Janette 104, 192 Vassilopoulos, Sophia 81, 210 Waugh, Suzanne 210, 124 Wear, David 234 Weatherly, Donita 193 Weaver, Terry 174 Webb, Debra 193 Webb, Ernest 193 Webb, James 234 Webb, Laura 78, 234 Webster, Les 72, 74, 102, 110, 212, 234 WEDDING, MARY 49 WEDGWORTH, WILLIAM 49 Weeks, Jett 210 WEINERT, DUANE 41 Weisiger, Jean 124, 193 Weiss, Tom 235 Welch, Nikki 235 Wells, Chuck 82, 138, 108, 110, 210 Wells, Melinda 119, 193 Wells, Susan 124, 174 Wensauer, Brent 149, 193 Wernick, Martin 210 Wertz, Jon 139, 174 wssr, BETH 49 West, David 103, 210 West, Debbie 210 West, Janice 235 WESTE iz, asiznice 41 Wheeler, Preston 174 Wheeler, Randy L. 193 Wheeler, Randy R, 210 Wheeler, Susie 123, 210 Wheeler, Timothy 139, 174 White, Beverly 19, 119, 174 White, David 235 White, Deborah 90, 193 White, Karen 100 WHITE, MARTHA 49, 124 White, Merle White, Richard D. 210 White, Richard D. 104 White, Sharon 78, 235 Vaughan, John 210 Vaughn, Robert 192, 133 Vaughn, Vicki 75, 90, 108, 109, 119, 234 239 Vaught, James 192 Vavera, Denise 210 Vavera, Glenda 174 Veatch, Jerry 234 Veatch, Steve 149, 210, 130 VICA 85 Vick, Charlotte 96, 97, 119, 210 Vickery, Malinda 124, 192 White. Stella 193 Whitehead, Jeanne 100, 193 Whitmire, Richard 210 whiiiie, sue si, 94, 119,193 Wick, Richard 211 Wikstram, Elaine 119, 211 Wilbanks, Ellen 124,174 Wilcox, Janice 211 Wiles, Ann 124, 235 Wilken, Gloria 119, 193 Wilken, Ronny 235 Willey, Tom 211 Wilson, Janet 85, 211 WYUUY. M0f1C0 1741 175 Wglsonl jill 174 Wright, Al 72, 74, 77, 81, 90, 104, 235 Wilson, Kathleen 119, 211 Wright. 1351150 193 Wilson Keith 148, 174 Wright, Errol 101, 175 Wilson Mark 147, 193 Wflgltff GVCQOVY 36 Wilson Mary 80, 92, 93, 114, 124, 211 Wright. Steven 143, 175 Wilson Patricia 114,124, 211 WY1Q111 William 51 Wilson Paula 92, 119, 193 WYGUT, Jennifer 114. 124, 211 Wilson, Sandy 123 WYUN1 401111 171 Wilson, Sue 175 Wilson, William 235 Wind, Donald 235 Y Wind, Ricky 174 wandhem, Linda 29, 96, 115, 117, 119, :Gegen gf"IfSd 14135175 235 ar er, ic ar windham, seven 139, 174 Yvteff 51119115 119. 211 Winslow, Bonnie 211 Y1119E1r W' R- 39 Winston, Brent 82, 211 Yocum, Sandra 54241175 Winston, Emmert 174, 151 :OiS',?,ebiile go ' 2 1 . , os , arri a W'5110"' 61,019 124' 193 voung, ciwfisis 119, 125, isa, 175 Wolfe, Janis 235 129 120 Wollf, Sylvia 235 Wollley, Jean 235 Woltley, Max 175 Wonycott, Karen 235 Wood, Dano 211 Young, Debbie 32, 34, 77, 124 127, 235 Young, Elizabeth 124, 175 Young, Helen 114, 119, 235 YOUNG NITTA 51 Young, Sharon 91, 79, 235 Virtue, John 234 Vogel, Barbara 77, 114, 234 VON TUNGELIN, HENRIETTA 49 Von Tungelin, Steve 210 Vrooman, Gregory 192 Williams, Anthony 193 Williams, Beverly 119, 174 Williams, Jeff 235 Williams, Lori 114, 174 Walker W Waddle, Peggy 119, 174 Wade, John 192 Wade, Paula 114, 124, 234 Wade, Ricki 210 WAKELY, CAROLYN 41 Waldrop, Mark 105, 192 Walker, Carol 80, 82, 91, 210 Walker, Charlie 210 Walker, Steve 234 Walker, Marie 119, 210 , William 192 Williams, Kim 235 Williams, Luann 235 Williams, Nydia 119, 211 Williams, Rhyssa 124, 211 Williams, Steve 211 Williams, Tom 193 Williams, Toni 235 Williamson, Debbie 117,119, 211 WILLIAMSON, EVELYN 48, 49, 127 Wallace, Daniel 101 Wallace, Diana 91, 114, 210 Wallace, Randy 84, 210 Wallace, Rhonda 174 Wallen, John 56, 174 Waller, Sharlet 124, 210 Wallin, Jack 148, 174 Wallis, David 210 Walters, John 234 258 0 Index Williamson, Larry 212, 235 WILLIAMSON, MAURINE 49 WILLINGHAM, HELEN 49,127 Willson, Kenny 110, 149, 235 Willson Wilmot Wilsey, , Mary 124, 193 h, Judy 124, 174 Leslie 193 Wilson, Cheryl 22, 72, 92, 93, 114, 212, 235 Wilson, Cynthia 77, 124 Wilson, Debra 193 Wilson, Donna 119, 174 Wilson, Iris 89, 193 Wilson, Jan 114, 124, 211 Wilson, Jan E, 72, 73, 74, 80, 119, 235 Wilson, Jan 174 INDEXING PAGES requires Wood, Gary 103, 105, 235 Wood, Georgia 85, 235 Wood, Lisa 119, 175 Wood, Nancy 175 Wood, Nita 211 Wood, Woods, Valerie 114, 124,193 Betsy 114,211 Woodward, Stephen 175 Wooldridge, Steve 151, 175 Work, Cynthia 119, 193 Work, Laura 211 'Wx deep thought for Mary Ann Craig, Index Editor. Youngblood, Sue 114, 119, 211 Younge, Nancy 104, 119, 211 Younge, Wanda 90, 111, 114, Yount, Janet 119, 124, 175 Yount, Nancy 75, 193 Z Zaikis, Tami 85, 186, 235 Zanovich, Jill 119,175 Zeldenthuis, Anita 124, 235 Worley, M. 139 Worsham, Liz 124, 175 Worthing, Bob 235, 141 Worthing, Patty 119, 175 Zimmerman, Danna 193 Zinn, Donita 114,12-1, 193 Zinn, Keith 82, 149, 235 Zumbro, Vernon 235 124, 235 ggi? jJgyn"' 9535 Q95 W QW W W My f ' 0150 MW ggawwp X WWW Wffigiizf' 7 Q,-if Q W .fp f a ZjEx 7J fb- ff,-CTCUVO K ' ilk' fUfE, ,Q Q F35 E90 f2ji 'TUg I Qiffzg A2604 JO 'QAM Qfofiwff LLQQ2 UQQHF fb' LCM Lfflfg ' +L Q , 1 aaa: LUUA fjcm , U 3 C 439 QQ ?,n7Lff77 1 WWYMVW ,goiijiwwm W S 'Maw , WWW? QEQXQZ A CSWJJJ CD! .jjj Rib b' QQ W VAWSZSJZESO QA C3 QL'5QvQiQG3Qg959QSCXg3eQ Q05 99535660 5693 QQ QCD' XJ YQLPQQQA O5 CCOQQ QJQQACUQDQQQKKQV YO 29 eff Q wg? V' CDA? R X1 Q QQ? 09 59549 Ig? 'fiijgjf UIQIQ vip? 3 my A , Q 19 -C , Vjiqiiiiwrwvj? 5 QQ ffl Q3 we Sf J MJ., ...W , - W W, .. r V I H 1, 4, . 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Suggestions in the Northwest Classen High School - Round Table Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) collection:

Northwest Classen High School - Round Table Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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Northwest Classen High School - Round Table Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Northwest Classen High School - Round Table Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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