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iw, 1.3 A- 1 1 1 'fn Qif ffl- A .Sf QL. : . -, -NJ K . 3. . 'M . A ,Nj .Qu 2' 1 Pilfw .if 4 .H,,..bL 2 , .i 'yy,g..", A ..l.,x ' ln.. X.. as QE. . ...l 4 fra Y4 JA 'J . 1 Ca. 4 ng -' ,TJ-7a.,u4. , I 'y La 1 ,ga ,V f' .1 1' 1 f'f'hf 1 ' V, 1, mil' -rf -+ ..I u" .f.- ' 4' ' 'L ' 2 , ,f?":', fp' Qi.. ' '-.L':'v. 52 1 "lf 1-.4 , .':.-f --.. v ,, A -nw- ,L . 1 aa. if ,, 1 M S 1- 1494 - 'f- 1-'Li' ' - - . 4 7 .7 : A ' -a Er l ,.. -n --pg. ' I-ur' " r' ' - '1'!,Q , . -.--L . -E ,X f 4 l ' ' ' I 'B ' fx g L ,Q ,Q wif' If f 1' lgkve' 'i 3 375 T A 'J ' 'A 31. ' tg,-f r. ' 4 . 4 " 3 ti- ,IVE V-:L :hiv 9. "Y ,ai-' r,-'ffrfi .V 1: '- .gi .'f -jr. :LY I . A S 'z ' Al 1 .14 , J., mpg , ,-sifv .mf . .,r IL. . ff' L.-, Yi Qhffgff '5 .5 . u , I 4kk2. 'QE' 'A 'V 17 1 ' LPA . e Q." ."1:'15', I .u- ,J 9,15 ' . . Lfzitl ."1'1f4I' '. 3' I 1 I1 Y H iii' 4: I Aiffn 2 - I A 1 , ,gm 'Qfmf 'Y'-f, i ig? :I , e-4 f I ,N , 'J 5442 1 E4 4:1 A ' fi ' ifw , -4 iff" 14. .1- '. ,-:Fl ' fx .Qu . . 5? ,Li '-'QE , ng! : fi ' .gf '1 1965 ROUND TABL Norfhwesf Classen High School Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Volume X Published by fhe Yearbook Staff of Norfhwesf Classen ROUND TABLE Carefully charred, from irs concepfion To culminaf This plan for a "dream school" became a realify. Ahead lay incalculable forces viewed with acufe anficipafion -and a school was born. ion, SUMMER 1953: Stark, steel frames rose relentlessly, revealing no hint of the splendor which now surrounds fhe front entrance. 1 v -. .iz-, ,. K.. 4 . - f 1. 1 'h, ,-,, w zsh, RX :Ng 3 1 , fp w., -. F., '. -xy, M n -ec.. '. 4,A, .., ,..--V.fE.' A , . ,Kfkkr H' , . .gg .Af A. Qs. ,11... .,. . .', 1 v ' . V,- "v ' rf .. . , ...vt I s 1,4-,pi K . . , ... . ,. jv' ul '. tk' NNN a -. IJ 1 JS 'v ,. .V 1'-U", X ' ff-".:M ' ah I 9 ' 1" v. ,". fi. er, 4 5 . X mmnutl A- In .,..n:V.-If I Q M l..'.it 4 J, -fy A , l . IN' .4 , I . 1 l. T- .H lm . fx' I. V 1 in -4- -1, .,-n'f. j ',.-4,:- 1. fl- K ' ., .. .1 5 . K x A x' ., , " 11 1' . . -f , 'H 4 . '1 'X , -, ,Muni I, -N f -v,A.lkhuy 'V ,AD gl sk S ffl' WL., r ,L f ,' ' I 1 V . ,Aj . 1 Q . 0 ' w . ,W ,., .-, - -X 1. 'Im -wwf.,-,g,, ,,,, ws.. ,ham -- A. 1. , W -X AM '.,.g 1 W . , 1 n , f- -'I-. w x. ,ax v V ,,.-X -x M25 -- ffm. v. f- 1.1, ,M Am. ,ng - i Q' XY, An., 3 v. xv F, V ,..X4,., . ' i 4.1 .W ' Fig, v A 4, 5, , 4- .Q . '1 e. -Urf. V, .uf 1 ww 42- v:1:i4':f'K f.. -K1 21' ,,-,M ' 1 42" x L! .l-,Ji . Q X f- by ' .1 . 1 1 ,Ja , L., rx, . 1, ,I -31 wiv, , ". .' ' , r. ,,' ' -nz-, ' . i' .. f,6:11. - ' ,,"-',,- . . , g . ' f ' ' ..,. 411752, 3:,, ,pf -'L-Qi, 'x.l.' 'N N' 2' P2 J - W ,-.f.....- u.. uv-, , . , 5 ...-Q..-Dy., Q, ...L,,-n-fr-1 TFT nw. wud' , ,I . ,Mfr-.,,' . -- L. 5.11 Q- i"'.'H-1 .1-'7-f,f1g'f:?gf,1M:j33'w , D , . - A E. Ls. 1 . -H.,,f.-fo, -qfiyyxam. hffwktm- A A 1 'mwy" ' ' x K", , "- " 'W ' " W ,H l nn ' .j.. I ' 4 , I V 1 , , . 1 Sk y 1 5 3,2 A . Q ,W wx , 'Y' if 1 .f W., .. : 4 ,A , 1' .-K A, , . , .. , . k fx as- . N ' ,' X a v ' 1., n' A Sum W 0 ' V' 5 ms W ' - A 1 nal. W G 4 wr 4. Xxx- 1 K, " 1 v..g1 ,,. g5z Q. I ,. .-:-.' - ' 612. 12 .0-"fr k' ' , l . y m,.,u. Mi ' ,. if. lm Ji? I vi 2 '1 v . 'vs 71 IN ITS FIRST YEAR, Northwest's patio looks bleak and barren compared with today's beautifully landscaped campus. I Dream High School Still Showplace NOTED FOR taking pride in their school grounds, Knights are reminded to keep off the grass by David Capron, Student Council building and grounds chairman. IN SEPTEMBER 1955, Oklahoma City's "dream high school"-the new Classen-opened its doors to 1,820 stu- dents and 73 teachers. Covering a 40-acre tract, cost of the original plant approached 34,000,000 Following the letting of bids on December 3, 1953, months of study of outstanding buildings throughout the country preceded actual construction. No effort was spared in incorporating unique architecture, combined with mod- ern, utilitarian design. The result was a school plant that has remained a showplace for a constant stream of visitors for ten years. The name "Northwest" was not added to the building un- til 1960. Many patrons had attended the original Classen, they were eager to retain its name for the famous new school. Some opposition was voiced before the name was changed to avoid constant confusion with what was then referred to as "Old Classen". Enrollment increased beyond expectations and physical facilities were constantly improved in an effort to meet the needs of Knightland's growing population. In 1964 a S350,000 addition, containing 12 badly needed class- rooms, was occupied. Today Northwest Classen, with its 3,200 students and 105 teachers, stands maiestically on a gently sloping hill, surrounded by a beautifully landscaped campus. It is con- sidered an important landmark in this growing metropolis. But the building is much more than stone and mortar. ln ten short years, this educational institution has achieved tremendous state and national recognition. The name "Northwest Classen" is spoken with pride and heard with respect. ln one decade, significant traditions have been estab- lished, high academic standards have been set and the record of accomplishment has propelled NWC forward to its present status. .R CROSSING the picturesque patio between classes is a refreshing, pleasant experience for hundreds of Knights each day. n Tenth Year 2 5 2 Rfk' 35 rie al Rf' ,M ....Y Aga, -F-4, 3 ly lm I . W- s :..Q2'3 ' as .4 i do V. It ul S5 A K ,, ., " S.. 7 an aijxjjti- ' ri ', HMT . .W Q gfgftgw gig Q ' f ,1 it -10 .sail 5 5,12 s, , A Q. ..-. -- . , 1 . l Wah , Z' ,U ,,i1, ,,,,, we SINCE Pat Robinson and Johnny Harris entered the newly-com- CONCEPTION of the new high school followed by all the pleted Northwest Classen that first day in 1955 a wealth of phases of construction covered a two-year period. traditions has been established. RESPLENDENT with color, the fountain in The patio is The most beautiful spot the campus at nighi. FOREWORD Today is The momenfary bridge ThaT links Yesferday and Tomorrow. Commemorafing a n'1ilesTone in school hisfory, These pages record The happenings of a school year. May They recall The pleasures of Those evenfs and also be a reminder of our obligaTions To Those who have gone before Us FACULTY - CURRICULUM CCNTENTS Page 14 ORGANIZATIONS Page 42 PEP CLUBS STUDENT LIFE Page 86 Page 108 CLASSES Page I62 SPORTS Page T30 g INDEX Page 260 A NEW school motto, reflecting the philosophy of the student body, was adopted and placed in the front hall in May 1963. Knightland Proud of Traditions DEDICATION ceremonies were held in May 1963 for Sir Bedivere, Knight's armor, purchased with the combined funds of Classes 1962 and 1964. A STRONG TRADITION based on the theme of "Knighthood"-this is the product of the sincere pride that we students of Northwest Classen have felt since our school opened in September 1955. Just as the code of chivalry was revered in Medieval times, we, too, regard our traditions with the highest respect and honor. This theme of Knighthood is appropriately re- flected in every tradition signifying Northwest Classen. A member of the first graduating class, Miss Jo Ann Garrison, designed the emblem adapted from the order of St. George, one of the most honorable orders of Knighthood. Purple and gold, colors symbolic of Nobility, Achievement, and Victory, were designated school colors. During the first year school publications, pep clubs, and classes chose names corresponding with the theme. Other traditions have been added in this first decade. Band director Arthur Johnson composed the "Fight Song" in 1956. The "Alma Mater" was composed by the music theory class in 1957. Just last year "You-Knighted by Pride and Loy- alty" was unanimously voted as the school motto. Parking areas and drives were officially titled this year in a school-wide election. Rich in tradition, this ten-year old school reflects the strong bond that has united all Knights and Ladies since its beginning. EMBLEM of proud Knighthood-the most cherished school symbol-serves as a fitting background as Dave Elder, Student Council president, presides at assembly. Established in Its First Decade FUNDS from The Million Penny Roundup campaign, in memory of a ADDING to the festivities at football games are the Knight and cancer victim who had anticipated attending NWC, provided shrubbery Lady on horseback. Diana Simpson and Mike Robertson carried and trees for the patio. Knightland's colors on the track this year. "AND WHAT may I do for you?" Something new was added in the main office this year when Mr. Leon Crowley, administrative intern, greeted students each morning with a friendly smile. Personalities, Classes, Activities Create Ml x :tx1T,im t all l lr L CLUBS AND CLASSES take advantage of fall and spring weather for outings. Key and Courtesy club members held their annual weiner roast at Lincoln Park. PAUSING in the hall during advisory devotional, students dis play the dignity and department characteristic of Knights. v S XX W . PTSA OPEN HOUSES found hundreds of be- wildered parents hunting for rooms as they followed students' schedules. TEACHER OF THE YEAR in Oklahoma City for 1964 was NWC's biology instructor,-Mr. John Paden. He was selected by the Northwest faculty before winning the city title in competition with a teacher-nominee from each school. X5 FOLK MUSIC proved fo be a mutual interest of AFS student Bernd Hagenberg, from Hanover, Germany, and Dick Padberg, his American brother. SPIRIT was fueled by a bonfire built in the new pit before the Douglass game. Kanda Kirkwood is illuminated by the firelight. SUPPORT of community projects has always been given by Knights. Key clubber Jim Cheatham and Courtesy club member Helen Rein- heimer receive a United Appeal contribution from Mrs. Jack Moses. TRYING OUT the monorail, the State Fair's new, novel attraction, are Shirin Sadigh- Ershdi, exchange student from Iran, and Marcy Eagin, her American sister. Expressions of Devotion Found Throughout NWC LOVE of our school has been shown in many ways. Gifts have been presented by individuals, groups, graduating classes, and memorial proiects. From the memorial flagpole and library room, to furniture, book carts, draperies, shrubbery, fountain, and trees, expres- sions of devotion to NWC are found throughout the building and grounds. The American Field Service program has contributed a great deal to the cultural growth of the school. Parents and students have strongly supported this rewarding project. A spirit of unity has always been the motivating force for NWC students, whether it be in the enthusiastic furor of a cheering section, or the quiet pride of reading "Northwest Classen" in the newspaper. Northwest boasts the nation's largest PTSA membership, the highest number of publication packets in state high schools are sold here each year. Never satisfied with the easily attainable, Knights have al- ways reached out for that "something better," only achieved by the persevering. The state and national honors received each year by NWC students surprises none of us, we do no less than our best, and we expect the same of others. f jf, nj, ,,J,f,f',,ff,,fff 'bvuvdi ,,......-if-ef ef'- at fe BICYCLE RACKS by the tennis courts once received heavy patronage. Now one lone bicycle contrasts with the hundreds of cars in the crowded parking lots. EVERYONE gets into the act at the PTSA mixer in the patio celebrating the end of a highly successful membership drive. The image ot Northwest Classen is created and molded by its administration and faculty. Tremendous strides have been made in curriculum development in the school's first decade. FACULTY - CURRICULUM ..f" -wa- -A-...Wg NH 'S W vs 5 A Jw A,,. :a ,am Irena, MR. Pl"lll. C. BENNETT MRS. WARREN WELCH MR. MEl.VlN P. ROGERS Member-at-Large Ward l Ward ll Board of Educafion Dedicafed fo Mainfain High Sfandards MR. W. F. LOTT War lll W. ...., ....-qu PTSA PRESIDENT Mrs. Jack Patterson welcomes school board members, Mrs. Welch and Mr. MR- Esfcs,totl1e annual NWC "teacher appreciation" luncheon August 27. Ward lV CHECKING IN around 7 a.m. each morning, Mr. Malone works long hours consulting with teachers, students and patrons. I8 MR. J. FRANK MALONE Principal Administrative Team Keeps Pace With Growth COMPETENT AND ABREAST of the times, NVVC's principal, along with the administrative and counseling staff, worked diligently to keep pace with the ever-growing needs of 3,200 students. A portion of this staff remained on duty i2 months of the year and continued working on enrollment and scheduling from June to September. Thus, the numerous details of clos- ing one year and opening another gave round-the-calendar duties to the "front office" personnel. Mr. Malone gained recognition for himself, Northwest Classen, and Oklahoma when he was elected to the seven- member national executive committee of the National Sec- ondary School Principals Association at the Chicago conven- tion last year. The only Oklahoman ever selected for this office, Mr. Malone served this year as a consultant for over- seas schools for dependents. THE ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS have special responsibilities in school administration, however, they function as a team, working with the principal to help formulate school policies, develop new procedures, and help teachers and students with individual problems. All administrators were involved in the teacher-evaluation program. Counselors too, had special assignments. In addition to providing individual counseling, they maintained a strong testing program and supplied college bound students with scholarships and entrance requirement information. GUIDANCE In charge o s. MR. LEON BRUNER MR. ROBERT GAUT MR. LEON CROWLEY Assislvnf PYINCIFUI Assislonl Principal Adminislrolive Inlern Directors Responsive fo Sfudenfs' Needs DUANE WEINERT CAROLYN WAKELY GAYLEN WALLACE lllh-'I2lh Counselor 9lh-'I0lh Counselor 9th-10th Counselor Senior Sponsor Sophomore Sponsor Sophomore Sponsor COORDINATOR Duane Weiner? shuffles IBM cards in his office. EERNICE WESTER CHARLES CALLUM OLA MAE OAKES - Q - - - - - 'lllh-12th Counselor 'lllh-12th Counselor 9th-l0ll1 Counselor f scheduling, Mr. Weiner! also dlrecls senior activities. junio' Sponsor Pmiessicnul Ccmmmee Freshman Sponsor BETTY ALLRED -Speech, Drama Announcers Club, Nations ensic, National Thespians J U DY ATK I NS -Homernaking I For- 2Oth Century Homemakers, Jun- ior Sponsor YVONNE BALL -English Cygnets, Great Books Club, ior Sponsor KAREN BAUMANN -Distributive Education Hi-Notes, D. E. Club Jun- Big, Progressive Staff Provides Rich Program THE SMOOTH OPERATION of Northwest Clas- sen depended heavily upon the leadership of the T32-member staff. Consisting of three administra- tors, one administrative intern, six counselors, activities director, nurse, two librarians, vocational rehabilitation director, 104 classroom teachers and I3 secretaries, the school personnel was completed by 24 cafeteria and I9 custodial workers. It is the philosophy of this staff that learning is a two-way street. Faculty members and students exchange ideas and experiences. Advanced and special courses to fit a wide range of individual needs are offered here. Constant attention 'is directed toward revital- izing the curriculum. Teachers participate in work- ships and seminars in their effort to improve teaching techniques. New devices have been used and equipment installed to implement modern methods of instruc- tion. BOB BLACKBURN -Social Studies Junior Sponsor, Parking Committee HELEN BOURKE -English High School Red Cross BARBARA BRANSON -French Tri-Hi-Y TALBERT BROWN -Science Aviation Club, Electronics Club Club, Science RUTH BRYANT -Science Cafeteria Committee MARY ELIZABETH BURDETTE -English, Journalism Quill and Scroll MIRIAM BURTON -English Great Books, High School Red Cross GERALDINE BUZBEE -Mathematics Honor Math, National Honor Society I I I I I I I I OPHELIA BYARS -Social Studies FTA, National Honor Society NORMA CALL -Librarian Library Club CHARLES CARPENTER -Social Studies Swimming Coach, Ass't. Football, Track Coach, Boys' "O" Club ALICE CHESHER -Mathematics Honor Math, Freshman Sponsor LOIS CLARK -Vocational Education Courtesy Club, Youth of the Kingdom, Freshman Sponsor NANCY COLEY -Business Education Senior Sponsor JAMES CONGER -Science, Physics Dept. Chm. Aviation Club, Science Club IVY COPELAND -Business Education ' Scholarships and Awards I Comprehensive Curriculum Offered JAMES COX -Industrial Arts Camera Club, Hi-Y JANIE CREEKMORE -Latin Junior Classical League, National Honor Society PAUL CROWE -Mathematics , Attendance, Parking Committee JOHN C U LB ERT -Spanish Social Committee JANE DARROUGH -Mathematics Courtesy Club, Honor Math, Sophomore Sponsor MOLLIE MAE DAVIDSON -Mathematics Courtesy Club SUSAN DAVIS -Business Education Tri-Hi-Y SUSAN DIXON -Business Education Cygnets, Band Girls ALMA DOUGHTY -Head Librarian Great Books, Library Club LINDA DRISKILL -English National Honor Society CHARLOTTE EAKER -English, Journalism Y-Teens, Quill and Scroll, OCCTA Rep. NELLIE ECTON -Mathematics Coronets EVELYN FINDLY -Business Education Dept. Chm., Cygnets DON GARDNER -English Lancers, OCCTA Rep., Freshman Sponsor JUDITH GARRETT -English Court Jesters, Freshman Sponsor, OCCTA Rep. STANLEY GILLHAM -Science, Electronics Electronics Club Faculty Focuses on New Concepts, SANDRA GLOMSET -French, Spanish Coronets, Honor Language, Tri-Hi-Y CHARLES HALE -,Industrial Arts Dept. Chm., Camera Club, OCCTA Rep. Sophomore Sponsor LORENE HAGGARD -Vocational Education Dept. Chm., Library Club CARL HAMMACK -Social Studies Falcons, Youth of the Kingdom, Sophomore Sponsor GWENDOLYN HANGER -Mathematics Courtesy Club, Honor Math, Freshman Spon- SOI' HOWARD HARDT -Electronics Electronics Club, Amateur Radio Club CLOVIA HARRISON -Mathematics Hi-Y, Gygnets PHILLIP HARRISS -Social Studies Ass't. Football, Basketball Coach, Boys' "O" Club JERRY HAYNES -Social Studies Ass't. Football, Basketball "O" Club PAUL HEATH -Vocational Rehabilitation BENNIE HEINRICH -Mathematics Social Committee JO ALICE HENDRICKS -Business Education Band Girls, Freshman Sponsor Coach, Boys' MARY HERLAN -English Courtesy Club GERALD HEUSEL -Industrial Arts Camera Club, Amateur Radio Club DAVID HOKE -Drivers Education Tennis Coach, Boys' "O" Club, Youth of the Kingdom RICHARD HUNTER -Science Senior Sponsor I Techniques to Improve Instruction INGENIOUS Mrs. Vaclaw, English teacher, was not dismayed to discover she'd drawn a mail box on the top row. She solved her problem promptly with a tootstool. I REX IRWIN -Mathematics Track, Cross Country Coach, Boys' "O" Club, Senior Sponsor VASCA JENKINS -Art National Art Honor Society, Y-Teens HILDA JENNINGS -Homemaking 20th Century Homemakers ARTHUR JOHNSON -Instrumental Music Hi Notes, Senior Sponsor ELIZABETH KENDALL -German German Club, Honor Language VIVIAN LANIER -English National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Senior Sponsor MARVIN LEACH -Social Studies Sophomore Sponsor WAYNOKA LOVETT -Girls Physical Education Cygnets, Girls' "O" Club DON MABREY -Science, Biology Camera Club, Hi-Y, Freshman Sponsor LEONARD MARCOTTE -French Wrestling Coach, Boys' "O" Club, Honor Language JOE MEDLOCK -English Great Books Club, Sophomore Sponsor HAROLD MERIDETH -Boys Physical Education Football Coach, Ass't. Wrestling Coach, Boys' "O" Club, Senior Sponsor Ultimate Success of School Progra RAE MILLER -Mathematics Honor Math RAMAH MILLER -Homemaking Dept. Chm., 20th Century Homemakers, Na- tional Honor Society MADGE MILLS -English National Honor Society, Youth of the King- dom NOLA MOORE -Nurse Social Chm., Student Welfare TED NICHOLS -Speech Dept. Chm., Announcers Club, National Forensic, National Thespians, Assemblies, Senior Sponsor BARBARA NORMAN -Speech, Debate Announcers Club, National Thespians, Na- tional Forensic ESTHER NORTON -Homema king 20th Century Homemakers LEONARD OGLE -Drivers Education Safety and Health Chm., OCCTA Rep. 3 SIDNEY OHMART -English Lancers, Literature Club KATHLEEN OWEN -Activities Director Student Council, Junior Delegates JOHN PADEN -Biology Science Club, National Honor Society MABEL PARK -English Dept. Chm., Scholarships and Awards DOROTHY PEALE -Social Studies Youth of the Kingdom JOHN PLATT -Vocal Music Freshman Sponsor JOHN POWELL -Industrial Arts Printing Devils GLENN RICKS -Social Studies Falcons Rests With Vital, Dedicated Staff ONLY 24 of the original 73-member faculty remain on the present staff: FRONT ROW: G. Shepard, A. Doughty, D. Harris, N. Ecton, K. Owen, M Park. ROW 2: H. Bourke, O. Byers, H. VonTungeln, G. Buzbee, B. West, R. Miller, I. Copeland, J. Paden, C. Smelser. TOP ROW: M. Tyler, N. Moore, T Nichols, D. Weinert, P. Crowe, R. Irwin, R. St. Dizier, J. Conger. CNot pictured are C. Hale, A. Johnson, L. Marcotte.J INVOLVED in all Knightland proiects is Miss Kathleen Owen, activities director, who confers with Bill Patterson, SC chairman of the Book Fair. Demands of All Types Keep Teachers on Toes "JOlNERS" in the best sense of the word, NWC's faculty boasted lOOCMw membership in OEA, 90M in NEA, and 91M in Oklahoma City Classroom Teachers Association. Top professional posts were held by staff members. Mr. Marcotte was elected president of the Foreign Lan- guage Division of District OEA, Mrs. Miller was chosen vice president of the state OEA Home Economics section. Mrs. Allred served on the Executive Council of the state Speech Association, while Mrs. Davidson was a director for the state board of OEA mathematics. State textbook committee memberships were held by Miss Truax and Mrs. Burdette. Because of outstanding achievements in their field, sev- eral members of the faculty received grants and scholar- ships for advanced study last summer. Six teachers trav- eled abroad. In addition to the duties of teaching subject matter, faculty members enioyed family responsibilities and partic- ipated in church and community activities. They crowded into their busy lives advanced courses to complete higher degrees, and they took time out for travel, relaxation, and hobbies. JOHN SCHWARTZ -Social Studies Baseball Coach, Ass't. Football Coach, Boys' "O" Club, Senior Sponsor SHARON SCOTT -Industrial Arts Building and Grounds Committee BARBARA SETHNEY -Social Studies Coronets, National Honor Society, Freshman Sponsor GLADYS SHEPARD -Social Studies Dept. Chm., Junior Sponsor MARY SKOUGE -Spanish Honor Language, National Honor Society, Great Books Club CARROLL SMELSER -Boys Physical Education Athletic Director, Dept. Chm. MARGIE SMITH -Girls Physical Education Court Jesters, Girls' "O" Club, Coronets LUCILE SPANN -Business Education High School Red Cross RODNEY ST. DIZIER -Mathematics Dept. Chm., Amateur Radio Club, Math Analysis GRAYDA STEDMAN -English National Honor Society DORIS N. TAYLOR -English Coronets, Senior Sponsor GEORGIA TEETS -English Junior Sponsor MARGARET THOMPSON -Mathematics Honor Math, Junior Sponsor JACK TREAT -Social Studies Football, Ass't. Baseball Coach, Boys' "O" Club MARTHA TRUAX -English, Creative Writing National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll MAXINE TYLER -Business Education National Honor Society, Bldg. and Grounds Chm. 'Togetherness' Develops Strengths ELIZABETH URMSTON -Art Dept. Chm., National Art Honor Society, Junior Sponsor ROBBIE VACLAW -English Coronets, Senior Sponsor EUGENE VAlL -Science Science Club, Sophomore Sponsor DON VAN POOL -Social Studies Basketball Coach, Boys' "O" Club, Senior Sponsor HENRIETTA VON TUNGELN -Spanish Dept. Chm., Honor Language, Y-Teens, Sophomore Sponsor PAULINE WALKER -Social Studies, Psychology Library Club, Senior Sponsor RUTH WARRAM -Latin Honor Language, National Honor Society, Junior Classical League, Sophomore Sponsor TOM WEBB -Social Studies Key Club MARY WEDDING -Mathematics Honor Math, National BETH WEST -Social Studies F.T.A. MAURINE WILLIAMSON -English Literature Club, Senior Sponsor HELEN WILLINGHAM -Mathematics Cygnets, Freshman Sponsor Honor Society -x 1 l, ON HIS WAY to the opening concert of the Okla- homa City Symphony is band director Art Johnson, who has served as personnel director for the sym- phony for 25 years. He is also principal bass clar- inetist and percussionist in the symphonyi Teachers Have Community, Cultural lnferesfs Nu l JUANITA BARTLETT MARGARET HACKLER Instructional Materials Instructional Materials Sec. Seq, ABBIE PHILLIPS JANET PHILLIPS Registrar Sec. to Principal DELMA HARRIS Attendance Sec. VIOLA SCOTT Instructional Materials Sec. IONA KING Instructional Materials Sec, FLORENCE SCUDDER Instructional Materials Sec. MARY LATHROP Instructional Materials JANE SMITH Instructional Materials Sec. MAURITA YOST Sec, to Ass't. Principals NORMA OWENBY Instructional Materials Sec. DORIS K. TAYLOR Financial Sec. it Hospitality Traditional by NW Service Staffs BECAUSE NWC has been a showplace for visitors since its opening ten years ago, special emphasis has been placed on keeping the build- ing and campus in tip-top shape, ready for official inspection at all times. The Knights' hospitality has been commended by numerous guests. Pride in maintaining a beautiful building and grounds soon became a tradition as Knights have continually enhanced the school by adding attractive accessories. Each graduat- ing class has contributed to this progress. The problem of heating and maintenance has increased with the opening of the new addi- tion. Crews must workaround the clock to keep Knightland clean and warm. Increased enrollment has put added burdens on the cafeteria staff as seven lunch periods, in staggered order, keep the cafeteria lines long. Special meetings and dinners are held at Northwest frequently since it is the largest school plant in this area. Although this neces- sitates extra work hours for the custodial and cafeteria staffs, they cooperate whole-heartedly in providing service for guests. TOPS on the list of students' favorite foods are hot rolls and cinammon rolls. Mrs. Jessie Dorst and Mrs. Margie Mayfield pre- pare for lunch lines. HUNGRY students swarm into the cafeteria at lunchtime where they are served by 24 cafeteria workers, directed by Mrs. lva Bentley, manager. CHECKING and maintaining equipment is iust one of the many responsibilities of the custodial staff. Five of the I9-man crew are Wayne O'Donley, Doug Roden, floormeng Glen Johnson, engineerp Raymond Tarter, asst. head custodian and Sam Teague, head of the staff. 29 Vv,r I , , , , , FINDING new interest in her reading assignment is junior Vivian Vahlberg, member of Mrs. Lanier's new experimental English class. Students used machines devised to in- crease reading rate and comprehension. "THERE MUST be inspiration here somewhere." Having exhausted conventional subiect matter, Jo Brown, Connie Hill, Greg Lowry, and Mike Mahan, members of Miss Martha Truax's Creative Writing class, search for unique topics to fulfill assignments. 30 l x, TEAM classes were effective because specialties of teachers could be utilized to better advantage. Mrs. Williamson and Mr. I Ohmart instructed a freshman English team class. Concentrated Efforts Stress National Trend THAT NOTHING should supersede the teaching of the language arts was the basic intent of the faculty of this vital department. A balanced pro- gram emphasized grammar and rhetoric on the one hand and literary highlights on the other. Following the prescribed freshman, sophomore and iunior courses, seniors were permitted the choice of reviewing technical English, surveying the world's literature in Great Books, or explor- ing Creative Writing. Alert to the national trend of stressing com- munication skills, teachers participated in work- shops concerning remedial reading, structural linguistics and team teaching. After careful evaluation, students were chan- neled into basic, average, or honors English classes. Leaders in professional organizations were Mr. Don Gardner, vice president of Oklahoma City Council of Teachers of English, Miss Martha Truax, board of director for the third year of the State English Council, and Miss Doris Taylor, who I served as consultant for workshops at Central r State College and Phillips University. Miss Taylor and Mrs. Vivian Lanier authored articles which appeared in professional publications. I l Journalists Produce Portrait of School PUSHING to beat deadlines becomes second nature to publication staffs, enrolled in Journal- ism II and III, forthe purpose ot publishing the school paper and yearbook, respectively. Two Journalism I classes received training in the fundamentals of newswriting. In the spring, these auxiliary classes produced one issue ot The Shield. Representatives from all journalism classes attended Oklahoma City and Oklahoma Inter- scholastic Press Association meetings. Twelve scribes iourneyed to Chicago Thanksgiving tor the National Scholastic Press Association con- vention. One ot the most important goals of the de- partment is to supply press releases and strive to achieve good public relations for the school and community. "I DON'T care if you do have a by-line on page one. Get busy and start folding," Co editor Sammie Vinson reprimands her preoccupied crew, Vivian Vahlberg, Ann Taylor and Lynn MacDonald. COMMEMORATING National Newspaper Week, school iournalists Lynn Mc- Donald, Diana Moses, and Gary Mahagan decorate a showcase window. Diana served as art editor for both publications. I l , A BIG MOMENT for Round Table editor Della Filson was the October I6 OIPA luncheon at OU when she accepted "Highest Honors" for the '64 Round Table. Dr. Joe Holland, head of OU's journalism department, made the presentation. 3I l l l "SOMETHING seems to be missing." Claudia Medley puzzles over pieces of a geometric figure as Sterling Kueffer tries to help. If--,,,,.,,,,.-e ,,,-ggpv"F"-' MATH TEACHERS Bennie Heinrich and Jane Darrough "don't mind a bit" their iob ot stamping and numbering some 2,300 new math books. For the first time in school history, all new books were issued to math students. 32 'L CQYING' BOX "OKAY, bud, drop it there," Math analysis instructor, Mr. St. Dizier, points out to Andy Mason his new crying box for disgruntled students. Andy wants to complain about his test grade. 'Depth' Appreciation Accented in Math SYSTEMATIC methods of reasoning and the neces- sity of "depth" comprehension were accented in both the general and advanced courses from basic math through algebra, geometry and math analysis. Students were made aware ofthe values of the subject in its everyday applications as well as being stimulated to investigate other scientific fields. Concerned with the stronger demands of colleges for stepped-up programs on the secondary level, the mathematics faculty completed detailed courses of study for each level. One hundred nineteen students were enrolled in advanced courses in analytic geometry. Mrs. Chesher and Mrs. Ecton were two of the seventeen teachers in the state teaching this course under the direction ot the Oklahoma State University Experimental Cen- ter. Updated Methods Clue Language Students PULLING down the language barrier has become a top concern in recent nationwide studies. Northwest's nine language teachers placed special emphasis on clear communication in the knowledge of its im- portance in international understanding. First year French, Spanish, German, and Latin stu- dents accomplished a basic comprehension of structure and vocabulary to be followed in the second and third years by increased reading skills, intense conversa- tional practice, and comprehensive cultural study of the peoples involved. Recording booths gave students the opportunity to hear their language spoken properly. Lessons were recorded and speech difficulties ironed out in updated laboratory methods. In addition, all courses of study sought a level of conversational "ease" and a wide ac- quaintance with the history, peoples, attitudes, prob- lems, and literature of the French, Spanish, German, and Latin countries. "ALTOGETHER NOW, l, 2, 3 . . ." French classes, directed by Mr. Marcotte, celebrated the holiday season by singing French Christmas carols in the halls. LANGUAGE LABS greatly aid students by giving them the opportunity of hearing the language as spoken by the natives and of speaking without being self-conscious. David Gibbs takes advantage of the modern facilities. STORIES about gendarmes particularly fascinate freshman French students as they listen to their teacher, Mrs. Sandra Glornset, tell about her summer travels. Beth Hendry, Carol Sharpley, and Don Tidholm dream of foreign adventure. "THlS ONE reminds me of a purple dragon." Dan Pope and Susan Crudup examine ink blots, psychologist Rorschach's method of analyz- ing personality. School psychology classes studied scientific theories of human behavior. Broader Views Sought Through Social Studies BY BECOMING more aware of the fundamental principles of democracy and the steps the American people took in choosing this form of government, stu- dents of social studies were better able to interpret the political and economic struggles ofthe day. Ninth graders took Oklahoma history, sophomores were required to take U.S. history, and iuniors, world history. Other courses offered were world problems, government, and psychology. Team and television for social studies classes chal- lenged students and teachers alike, requiring expert listening and note taking. Stress was also placed on preparing citizens of to- morrow for the many problems they will encounter. Filmstrips, slides, maps, and current publications were utilized by teachers in their presentation of the cul- tural and historical background of the countries studied. Several teachers who have traveled abroad showed their slides to classes. l th ' eetin Sen. Cleeta John Rogers and witnessing "government in HIGHLIGHTING Mr. Blackburn's government class's excursion to the State Capito was err rn g action" while the legislature was in session. MEMBERS OF KNI-SEM, Roger Thornton and Pat Campbell, compare notes "l know it belongs here somewhere." Biology student, Beverly May, on data for their proiect. Mr. Brown's science seminar class adopted the tries vainly to reassemble the DNA molecule. 'Kni-Sem' label this year. Science Classes Turn to Inquiry, Research WHAT MAKES it Tick? Where'd it come from? What's it made of? are questions that confront mankind from the cradle to The grave. Northwest's forty-five classes of general science, biology, physics, chemistry, and science seminar were crowded with students eager to understand the present day's emphasis on both the physical and natural sciences. Especially on lab days, there was excitement in the air. In a laboratory a student could discover and prove, by himself and for his own satisfaction, that the laws in The book actually work. And there, abstract ideas became clear through practical graphic demonstrations. Science students took advantage of facilities outside of school, often taking tours of local installations hav- ing scientific interest. The annual Science Fair stimulated out-of-class experimentation and research. NO PLACE for squeamish stomachs is the biology lab where Cliff Nigh, Sue Smith, and Mike Finucane examine the circulatory system of a beef heart. TRAMPOLINE antics are studied by mem- bers of the Boys Gym classes as a regular Apart of the physical education program. Phys Ed Program Offers Well-Rounded Agenda DEVELOPMENT of muscles, personalities, coordination, together with an appreciation of good sportsmanship, were the objectives clearly out- lined in the training programs of NWC's Phys Ed department. Personal health, nutrition, and hygiene are among classes taught. ln- tramurals and competitive sports stress teamwork. Depending largely on the weather, students pursued their particular interests in team sports. Softball, volleyball, table tennis, modern dance, swimming, and tennis were included on the girls sports class' agenda. Physical fitness tests, under the direction of the Oklahoma City physical education supervisor, were administered to all students in the department. Teachers gave instruction in the fundamentals of the various popular sports which are so much a part of the American way of life. "BOUNCE, l, 2, 3 . . ." Girls Sports Classes learn that supervised exercise is beneficial to muscle tone. GIRLS develop grace and poise in Modern Dance Class. The course fulfills the require- ment for physical education. STAGE CREW MEMBER Gwen Davis finds a cue calling for a com- plete blackout-all switches down! TAKING A VERBAL BEATING from his boss, Robert Holt, and the school principal, Randy James, is part of Mike MulIen's iob as the harrassed father in "Time Out for Ginger," first all-school play of the year. Speakers, Sweepstakes Synonymous at NWC WITH BRIEFCASES packed and mental notes organized, Knight debaters and drama students were a constant asset to the school and community in the field of good public relations as well as specific capabilities. As defending Oklahoma State and National Forensic League Champions, NWC participated in nine speech tournaments this school year. In addition to tournament work, members of the Play Production class produced two all-school plays, "Time Out For Ginger," and "Cheaper by the Dozen." The stage crew, composed of stagecratt classes, contributed to all school plays as well as to all school productions by con- structing scenery and creating special lighting and sound ef- tects. "GOOD MORNING, Knights and Ladies. This is the Northwest Classen Announcers Club . , ." Northwest students were greeted thus- ly every morning with the news of the day. Jeanette Steele, Ginger Ridgeway, Monty Lewis, and Jim Shoot represent the club. Business Department DICTATION rates were improv- ed by use of overhead proiec- tors in shorthand classes. Kathy Neal utilizes lab equipment. Offers Wide Coverage WIDE COVERAGE and adequate preparation were pro- vided l,559 business students enrolled in business educa- tion. Training was intended to improve their clerical skills and prepare them for the conditions, needs, and possibili- ties of openings in their chosen career fields. Typing, shorthand, transcription, and business machines courses emphasized basic methods and perfected speed and accuracy. General clerical procedures covered as broad a field as its name implied, while such specific courses as bookkeeping, business law, English, and mathematics com- bined theory with practice. DON'T LOOK at the keys, SfUdenlSi keep your eyes on the copy." This phrase "I KNOW it's late, but I must finish this assignment' Business becomes familiar to all typing students as it is repeated daily. machines student Judi Dugan's calculations are time consuming fl INFINITE PATIENCE is required by Drivers Education teacher Mr. Ogle as Dal McKinney contemplates his predicament. Homemakers, Drivers Develop New Skills WHAT MAKES a house a home? Girls in Home Economic classes found the answer by learning the fundamentals of nutrition, clothing, textiles, home management, interior decoration, child care, and social living. That being a good homemaker is a rewarding and highly skilled achievement is an accepted fact today. No longer do the duties of a mother and housewife seem unimpor- tant and monotonous. Northwest's homemaking classes are designed to pre- pare girls to safeguard the health and happiness of the family. Problems of adequate food, clothing, housing, safety, recreation, rest, and social adiustment are consider- ed. The all-important family budget, household economics, and professional careers are studied. Each year NWC homemakers participate in national and local contests. Glenda Bray served as special correspondent to Co-ed magazine, she reported proiects, such as holiday decorations, which concerned homemaking classes. DRIVERS EDUCATION students drove three hours be- hind the wheel, took thirty hours of class work, and twelve hours in the Drivo-trainers. The popular one-semester course covered driving laws, cause and prevention of accidents, and proper attitude towards other drivers. Since last year NWC has had two full time instructors and driver training cars. Police records show that teenage drivers who have taken this course have fewer accidents and pay fewer fines for traffic infractions than the youthful driver without such training. ff" AT CHRISTMAS TIME imaginative homemaking students create colorful holiday decorations for the school and their homes Pam Smock and Donna Nix add touches to a centerpiece. WHAT GIRL doesn't long for new clothes? Practical use of clothing class time is made by Janice McDonald, Connie Tolle, and Lenora Austin. Q Q J A QUIET ROOM away from the rest of the band serves Diana Wilson as a practice retreat. HAUNTED HOUSES and Halloween centerpieces are "fun proiects" for artists Bill Murphy, Gary Adair, and Jeanne Mason. RECORDED MUSIC gives Mr. Platt's music theory class a chance to direct a symphony. Artists, Musicians Reflect Creativity ORIGINALITY, imagination, and interpretation were the keystones of NWC's music and art depart- ments. Art students developed techniques along with 'pleasing results in the fields of painting, design, il- lustrating, lettering, layout work, weaving, leather tooling, wood carving, ceramics, mosaics, costume designing, and metal smithing. Increased enrollment in commercial art required the formation of an additional class this year. NWC's art department was involved in prac- tically all school proiects. In addition to pro- viding decorations for activities, and special occasions, artists were responsible for approv- ing all posters displayed in the building. The music department also was involved in school activities throughout the year. Musicians performed at football and basketball games. They entertained for civic functions and gave concerts at various places. School musicians made a concerted effort to ele- vate the music appreciation level of NWC students, aided by the Hi-Notes club. FINDING PLEASURE in creating a perfect finished product are Larry Keys and Darrell Lawson members of one of the Industrial Arts classes. Boys learn skills and use them on a protect SANDING the stereo which he designed and built himself is Grant Lord. The stereo was displayed in a showcase. DESIGNING attractive showcases is one of the skills taught by retail merchandising classes. Ben Nance, Donna Kasparek, and Chuck Pierson experiment in creating an eye-catching display. of their choice. Aptitudes, Skills Developed, Utilized STUDENTS ENROLLED in Distributive Education, Vo- cational Education, and Industrial Arts have many op- portunities to get "on-the-iob-training" and experiment with "tools of the trade." Courses in these departments demand imagination, whether it be creating, building, or repairing. Classes in woodwork, printing, photography, auto mechanics, mechanical drawing, and architectural drawing involve learning mechanical skills in addition to carefully planned lessons in theory. Distributive Education students spend half of each day on a iob in an apprenticeship capacity, the other half is spent in the classroom. Besides the required courses, enrollees, in concen- trated courses taught by trained technical personnel, study economics, health, and safety. Units of study are included in the principles of income tax problems and public relations. Vocational Education classes receive a comprehen- sive course selection as well as special vocational train- ing. Proper employee attitudes, techniques of selling, and store organization are given through classroom study and supervised work experience. Believing That knowledge comes from experience as well as Texfbooks, and Thar all acfivifies are pofenfial adventures in learning, we pursued our common inferesrs. The skills we developed and services we confribufed helped make us beffer-rounded individuals. CRGANIZATICNS i l ,,,,, F :Vi , A 1 43 TRYING to reach a decision during a closed meeting are Judicial Board mem- bers Paul Field, John Anderson, Earle Haggard, Olivia Maupin, and Bryan Maurer. Not pictured are alternates Stan Davis and Kenny. Phelps, and record- ing secretary, Mary DeWolfe. i i .'..l' Council Mirrors Will of School Advisories A STUDENT COUNCIL representative soon learns that his duties include more than reading announce- ments to his advisory twice a week. He is assigned to one of fourteen committees which are responsible for all phases tot the school's activities. After a few weeks he realizes who plans mixers, assemblies and intra- mural contests, conducts elections, makes all the post- ers, and works on Cupid Express and Echoes of the Knights. Despite its tremendous size the council was able to legislate smoothly and effectively. Among the many strides made was the much needed revision of the point system approved by the student body in an all- school election. Legislation was also passed to insure all students an equal vote in school elections. An inter- club council was organized the first semester. As the president school of the Oklahoma Associa- tion of Student Councils, Northwest Classen was represented by thirteen delegates at its annual con- vention held in Lawton. NWC designed a new seal for the association and amended the OASC constitu- tion. 3 , i l 1.1 -v. , ,iw 2 , his . , -tg A if 5' Ffa . 4 'L ,les j J gf. i if L, L.: ,,.,- f . 1 l ADMIRING the new OASC seal proposed by Northwest Classen at the Lawton convention are Student Council officers: Kathy McCandless, treasurer, Dave Elder, president, Susie Meister, secretary, and Johnny Foster, vice president. 44 l HISTORIAN Linda Herold receives advice from parliamentarian Jack Scudder, sgt.-at-arms Kathy Strain, correspondence sec- retary Linda Mines, and sgt.-at-arms Dave Dougall on the upkeep of the school bulletin board, "Knights in the News." Elder Serves as State President "l HAVE MY room covered with them," explains Activities Director Kathleen Owen to student store managers Bill Paddock and Janice Cherry. The purple pennants were one of the new items available in the student store. we-uf "THIS purple and gold rocket ship," proclaims Mrs. Frederick J. Hoyt, member- ship chairman, "will break all membership barriers." Helen Reinheimer and Kaethe Reiff report their advisory's I6I'Zy memberships the first day of the drive. I I PTSA EXECUTIVE BOA lSeatedJ Mrs. W. M. Ridd hist.p Mrs. Jack L. Patterl pres., Mrs. Bill Phipps, Ist. pres., Mrs. L. L. Gary, deled Mrs. Boyd D. Lyles, 2nd, pres. KStandingD Mrs. Ro Howard, trees., Mrs. Raym Wright, sec. NWC's PTSA Ranks First in State, Natioi FOR the third consecutive year, NWC's PTSA I boasted the state's largest membership, 4,267. state PTA magazine editor asserted that most likel was the largest membership in the nation. "Inspire Individual lnitiative" was the theme of year's programs. The year's activities were launched with the anti "teacher appreciation" luncheon at O'Mealey's cafet August 27. Next, parents assisted with the freshr orientation program. Climaxing the membership drive was a mixer' students in the school patio. Other highlights of year's activities included Career Day, College Ni and the formation of special study groups. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY membership is onl- the highest honors one can obtain at NWC. In add' to scholarship, a member must rate high in leadersl' service, and loyalty. First of the year's two initiation ceremonies X held October I5, when 41 seniors were initiate traditional ceremonies. The second semester initi took place March I6. It included the induction of third five per cent of the senior class and the firstl per cent of the junior class. The spring initiation gre- along with those who were initiated last spring fall, comprise the top fifteen per cent of the sa class. ' NATIONAL HONORVSOCIETY-FRONT ROW: K. Reiff,1reas., B. Greer, v. pres., C. Busey, pres., M. McPheefers, sec., L. Cordell, chap. ROW 2: N. Nedbalek, P. Powell, C. Pickens, B. Richards, J..Riley, L. Wade, V. Louf, D. Herrmann, Mrs. Miller. ROW 3: Mrs. Tyler, C. Sanders, B. Cam- mack, O. Maupin, J. Forehand, L. Adudell, J. Buchner, C. Hawkins, M. Cole. ROW 4: D. Moore, B. Shoot, T. Hanna, M. Chronister, M. Milburn, S. Davis, S. Abney, J. Cheatham, J. Fosfer, K. Phelps. TOP ROW: D. Padberg, Z. Parker, P. Field, M. McCormick, K. Harper, J. Scudder, D. Kahn, J. Shoot, L. Fitz. Honor Society Taps Leaders NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-FRONT ROW: J. Bush, P. Musgrave, S. Smith, A. Northup, K. Beck, K. Snell,, S. Holbrook. ROW 2: G. Scheer, B, Hoffer, S. Corter, L. Thompson, J. Srangeland, R. Arens, J. Brown. ROW 3: C. Jackson, K. Thomason, G. Jones, P. Hallman, N. Hanchefte, G. Mont- gomery, C. Rutledge, S. Webber. ROW 4: P. Cardin, R. Dickinson, B. Kimerer, G. Fine, J. Stacy, A. Loeffler, S. Van Dyke, S. Swick. TOP ROW: B. Kessler, R. Oakes, J. Suggs, J. Carreker, G. Lowry, B. Babcock, B. Craig, B. Maurer. l T l HONOR MATH-FRONT ROW: Mrs. Chesher, KfReiff, sec., B. Greer, v. pres., K. Phelps, pres., K. Harper, treas., Mr. St. Dizier, sponsor, 5. Holbrook. ROW 2: S. Crudup, L. Adudclell, J. Riley, J. Stangeland, B. Williams, M. Pedigo, K. Beck. ROW 3: M. Geller, G. Scheer, S. Swick, O. Maupin, B. Cammack, M. Milburn, S. Webber. ROW 4: R. Dickenson, D. Whytlaw, T. Ragsdale, B. Kimerer, T. Watters, P. Field, S. Davis. TOP ROW: G. Varner, J. Carreker, J. Scudder, C. Busey, S. Abney, T. Hanna, H. Sears. Honor Groups Set High Standards ALL A's in Three semesters of math, allowing only one semester of B, was required for Honor Math membership. Members had to be currently enrolled in a math course, as well. initiates pledged to continue their study of math- ematics for a fourth year before they could be initiated. Thirty-five members were inducted into the club October 26 in the first semester initiation. Second semester initiation was held February 22, forty-two initiates were accepted. . initiates wore pledge ribbons of two shades of blue, light and dark, which are the club's colors. A PERFECT MODEL is Linda Herold as she and Jeanne Cox demonstrate -the talents that earned them membership in the society. ls HONOR MATH-FRONT ROW: R. Cloud, C. Teets, K. Frantz, C. Hansen, M. Rahill, J. Thomas, ROW 2: S. Collier, D. Kurk, T. Kohler, L. Turo, G. Ridgeway, C. Richert. ROW 3: J. Ivins, S. Easley, J. Dees, J. Myracle, L. Voltz, D. Phillips, B. Smith. TOP ROW: G. Lynn, C. Hoyt, D. Gibbs, B. Cooter, J. Anderson, B. Brown, M. Lyon. NATIONAL ART HONOR SOCIETY-FRONT ROW: R. James, pres., J. Kahler, v. pres., D. Moses, sec., J. Cox, treas., G. Lowry, parl., D. Finefrock, chap. ROW 2 S. Black, T. Cornish, K. Brown, J. Nowlin, M. Stone, L. Snyder, J. Prince, D. Shaw, A. Norrhup, J. Land, J. Brown. ROW 3: K. Kinsey, P. Lawson, K. Mur phy, G. Brockhaus, D. Spence, S. Pufroff, L. Rosenberg, P. O'Dell, L. Herold, B. Schon, J. Barr. TOP ROW: C. Williams, N. Hanchette, J. Thrash, C. Woodward B, Colley, J. Prince, S. Swick, J, Kosted, R. Burton, R. Stoops. Talents, Achievements Recognized SUBMITTING art work for professional iudging was TO BE ELIGIBLE for membership in Honor Language, a requirement for new members of National Art Honor initiates must be enrolled in their fifth semester of SOCIETY- language and have maintained a B-plus grade average. One ofthe year's highlights was the presentation of Initiation for 68 new membgrg Wes held Merch 18 membership cards to the group by the Oklahoma Art in the Lime Theafe,-, Center. HONOR LANGUAGE-FRONT ROW: N. Nedbalek, sec.-treas., P. Field, pres., T. Hanna, v. pres., J. Thomas, reporter. ROW 2: Miss Von Tungeln, G. Scheer, J. Riley, B. Richards, K. Beck, B. Beebe, C. Hawkins, S. Crudup, L. Abramson, B. Harkins, K. McCandless, sponsor. ROW 3: D. Hermann, C. Pickens, E. Cline, D. Moore, N. Wade, M. Chronister, J. Sherman, S, Vinson, M. McPheeters, K. Snell, R. Arens. ROW 4: P. Cardin, L. Fitz, B. Shoot, D. Padberg, S. Davis, D. Work, K. Phelps, J. Foster, B. Greer, J. Cheatham, O. Maupin, TOP ROW: B. Kessler, J. Ukena, T. Green, C. Busey, J. Scudder, K. Harper, M. McCor- mick, R. Oakes, J. Shoot, G. Fine, B. Kimerer. f TOP ROW: B. Abrams, S. Abrams, L. B. Bond, L. Boswell, S. Bowerman, V. DAWN HULETT HELEN REINHEIMER SUSAN MORGAN Pres. V. Pres. Sec. SARAH EMENHISER KAETHE REIFF SALLY SWIGERT Treas. Asst. Sec. Asst. Treas. FULFILLING their purpose of service to the school, Courtesy Club members served as hostesses for Fresh- man Orientation, PTSA Open Houses, and OEA meet- ings. Girls also provided and served refreshments at, all faculty meetings. Once again, Courtesy Club worked closely with the Key Club in community projects and combined for social events. The two groups ioined efforts on the United Appeal Drive and the March of Dimes. October 17 the two clubs entertained guests at a picnic at Lincoln Park. The annual Courtesy Club dance was held in January. At Christmas time, club members made scrapbooksi for the Crippled Children's Hospital ancl addressedl 5,000 envelopes for the March of Dimes. In January, f representatives from the club presented a variety show, at the Lahoma Rest Home. School life was portrayed in l a humorous skit. The new Emerson proiect, designed to enlist the help of high school students in promotingactivities for underprivileged children, was enthusiastically sup-' ported by Courtesy Club members. Supervising club activities were sponsors Mrs. Mol- lie Mae Davidson, head sponsor, Mrs. Janie Calhoun,' Mrs. Gwendolyn Hanger, and Mrs. Lois Clark. Courtesy Club Serves as Hostess K l Abramson, C. Aken, J. Allen, K. Alt, G. Anderson, N. Arens, B. Arentz, P. Armstead, S. Bacon, B. Baker. ROW 2: N. Baker, K. Ball, J. Ballew, S. Barker, G. Barnes, C. Barnett, L. Basore, K. Beck, P. Beck, S. Belt, B. Benson, L. Bishop. ROW 3: N. Block, M., Boggs, Bowers, B. Bramble, E. Brehm, J. Broadman, S. Bronson, J. Brown, J. E. Brown. ROW 4: S. Brown, E. Bryant, L. Burnett, S. Burghart, D. Burrows, S. Carter, S. R. Carter, J. Chaftin, D. Chaloupek, A. Chaney, S. Chaney, J. Cheatham. TOP ROW: G. Childers, P. Christopher, D. Clancy, P. Clark, G. Claunch, S. Coggins, C. Colburn, M. Collier, S. Collier, K. Combs, J. Conley, B. Cooley. ROW 2: D. Cooley, S. Copley, K. Corbin, C. Cornelison, L. Cornett, T. Cornish, K. Cosgrove, B. Cox, K. Craig, C. Crutchfield, T. Curtis, M. Daniels. ROW 3: B. Danzinger, C. Davis, D. J. Davis, D. L. Davis, G. Davis, P. Davis, S. Davis, D. Day, S. Day, C. Defiel, J. Derrick, P. Dewey. ROW 4: B. Dishman, D. Dockrey, D. Donceel, A. Doughty, P. Dudley, S. Eagin, J. Edmondson, T. Ellis, B. Ellison, R. Ellison, E. Elliot, S. Ellsworth. ROW 5: C. Ember- ton, S. Eubanks, S. Fern, A. Ferry, D. Filson, K. Finch, D. Finefrock, J. Fishel, S. Fitz, C. Flournoy, J. Forehand, K. Frantz. TAKING ADVANTAGE of a lull in their ushering duties for the PTSA Open House, Barbara Danzinger and Janet Riley find a quiet'corner in which to rest. for All School Functions t TOP ROW: K. Frazier, T. Frogge, M. Gardner, J. Gettings, S. Gober, H. Graham. ROW 2: N. Green, C. Grubbs, T. Hagemann, M. Haggard, H. Hammond, N. Hanchett. ROW 3: J. Hanraty, C. Hansen, J. Hardwick, B. Harkins, A. Hawkins, C. Hawkihs. ROW 4: S. Harkins, S. Hazelton, J. Hen- drickson, L. Henninger, J. Hester, J. Hildebrand. i i l 'TOP ROW: N. Hildebrand, J. Hill, S. Hill, M. Himelstein, L. Hodge, K. Hodkinson, D. Hollingsworth, S. Holt, L. Hope, M. Hopping, A. Houston, L. Howard. ROW 2: S. Huckabay, C. Hunt, D. Hunt, B. Husband, V. Husband, J. E. Jacobson, J. K. Jacobson, K. Jarchow, M. Jeffery, C. Jennings, S. Jennings, B. Johnson. ROW 3: G. Jones, K. Julian, J. Kahler, J. Kahn, S. Kent, S. King, K. Kincaid, M. Knesek, T. Kohler, J. Kosted, M. Kutz, M. Lane. ROW 4: J. LaPlace, J. Lappin, L. Leaf, D. Lee, D. Legate, N. Lensgraf, J. Levin, S. Lievsay, M. Linn, L. Loftis, M. London, C. Looney. ROW 5: J. Looney, M. Lowe, C. Lowry, G. Lundien, M. Maddox, L. Mannas, P. Mastagni, B. May, K. McCandless, J. McClure, S. McGee, H. McKeller. i Courtesy Club Emphasizes l TOP ROW: M. McPheeters, S. Meister, J. Milburn, S. Milligan, N. Mills, S. Mitchell, C. Montgomery, L. Montgomery, L. Moore, J. Morelock, L. Morin, J. Morris. ROW 2: S. Mullens, D. Mulligan, C. Murphy, K. Murphy, B. Murar, S. Newton, J. Noble, J. Norfleet, D. Novak, K. Offutt, J. Oldham, S. Pallesen. ROW 3: P. Palo, P. Pansze, C. Patterson, J. Patton, M. Pedigo, A. Phinney, J. Phillips, P. Phipps, C. Pickens, K. Pierce, K. Pinix, J. Points. ROW -4: L. Porter, S. Poulsen, C. Prevett, M. Prevetr, S. Proctor, J. Purdy, M. Rahill, B. Rathien, M. Ray, K. Reding, C. Reed, P:'Reiff. l TOP ROW: S. Rendel, C. Reynolds, D. Reynolds, B. Richards, C. Richert, G. Ridgeway, J. Riley, S. Robertson, F. Russell, M. Salathiel, P. Schier, ' N. Schroeder. ROW 2: J. Seikel, R. Sewell, S. Sheehan, J, Sherman, B. Sigmon, L. Simms, D. Smith, M. Smith, R. Solter, A. Spaeth, K. Sparks, D. Spence. ROW 3: S. Stammer, C. Starke, J. Steele, D. Steer, A. Steph, C. Stephenson, J. St. John, M. Street, L. Strong, G. Stroud, L. Swanson, S. Swick. ROW 4: S. Tate, L. Terry, J. Thomas, J. S. Thomas, D. Thompson, J. Thompson, M. J. Thompson, K. Thornton, L. Tubb, L. Tucker, C. Turner, L. Turo. ROW 5: J. Vandennieuwenhof, L. Vandennieuwenhof, C. Vanderford, J. Varner, L. Wade, M. Waldrop, S. Walker, L. Wallin, S. T Walling, C. Ward, M. Washburn, L. Welch. lService and Responsibility l l l l TOP ROW: P. Westbrook, S. Wheeler. ROW 2: J. White, K. White. ROW 3: f-W L. White, B. Williams. ROW 4: C. Williams, D. MAKING PUPPETS for use in the Emerson proiect was one of the service activities of Courtesy Club members. Williams. Twice a week girls reported to elementary schools to direct programs for underprivileged children. i L KARLENE ALT Key Club Sweetheart LINDA MINES NANCY GREEN Key Club Princess Key Club Princess Key Club Provides School Leadership KEY CLUB, an international organization composed of boys who have distinguished themselves as leaders as well as in academic excellence, consisted of outstanding sophomore, iunior, and senior boys. This year the number of service proiects was doubled from that of previous years. Members collected almost 35700 in the United Appeal campaign, participated in four Christmas proiects, raised money for the Y.M.C.A. by selling theater tickets, and ushered for PTSA Open House. The boys combined with Courtesy Club girls for a fall picnic. Cooperating with Key Club chapters from Northeast and Classen, members sponsored an inter-city club mixer. Mr. Gaylen Wallace, school counselor, served as head sponsor. J STACY B- MAURER W- GARY M. HOLDRIDGE G. CRUM J. BURRUS Pres. lst Vice Pres. 2nd Vice Pres. Sec, Treas. Sgt. at Arms D GIBBS D. U55 B- PADDOCK D. CAPRON S. ARNN B. CHEATHAM 59? at Arms Hisf. Chap- Sr. Board Member Jr. Board Member Soph. Board Member K P7 B KEY CLUB-TOP ROW: R. Allen, J. Anderson, J. Bado, B. Babcock, J. Bishop, E. Blalock, J. Bond, G. Booher, D. Boyd, C. Busey. ROW 2: R. Broad- foot, J. Carreker, S. Carter, 5. Charleston, J. Cheatham, D. Chew, N. Chitty, D. Collins, D. Daniel, D. Daniel. ROW 3: M. Davis, J. Demopolcs, J. Dewey, P. Donnelly, D. Dougall, B. Duskin, B. Eckhardt, D. Elder, G. Empie, J. Fagala. ROW 4: B. Fairchild, J. Fallin, M. Fauks, P. Field, R. Forbes, T. Former, J. Foster, K. Frantz, M. Geller, J. Geurin. lTOP ROW: B. Greer, B. Hagenberg, E. Haggard, M. Hall, R. Hall, T. Hanna, K. Harper, J. Hayes, J. Hays, T. Holden. lj Holmanf R. Holtj T. Houston, M. Howard, C. Hughes, R. Hulett, A. Husky, J. lkard, J. Ivins, R. Jackson. 'OW 3: R. James, G. Johnson, K. Johnson, M. Johnson, T. Jones, F. Kellert, S. King, T. Knott, H. Kraft, S. Kuykendall. OW 4: J. Lankford, J. Larimore, G. Leascher, R. Loeffler, B. Lyles, M. Lyon, G. Mahagan, J. Marsh, A. Mason, J. Maxwell. -4 Key Club Serves With Distinction TOP ROW: J. Ulrich, D. Vann, G. Varner, L. Vincent. ROW,2 S. Wadley, D. Walker, C. Warren, E. Watson. ROW 3: T. Watters, R. White, G. Williams, B. Wilson. ROW 4: K. Womack, D. Woodard, W. Woods, P. Woodward. TOP ROW: D. Mayfield, A. McCarty, M. McCormick, L. McDonald, M. McGuire, W. McPherson, O. Menz, S. Metheny, D. Michaelson, E. Miller. ROW 2: M. Mitchell, R. Morris, J. Musgrave, J. Myracle, D. Nelson, A. Noble, C. Ogden, D. Padberg, D. Page, D. Pate. ROW 3: T. Payne, D. Pope, A. Porter, B. Pruitt, J. Scott, T. Scott, R. Ramee, J. Ray, J. Reeves, F. Ringwald. ROW 4: J. Shoot, W. Shoot, B. Shrode, B. Silk, T. Simonson, B. Smith, H. Smith, D. Sommerfrucht, G. Thompson, J. Ukena. "HOT MUMS, Hot Mums, get 'em from your Key Club man," sing Mummers Dick Padberg, Dave Elder, and Jim Stacy over Central Sound. VICKI LOUT PHYLLIS WEBER D. E. Princess D E Princess i . BECKY BUTLER ANITA LAW . D. E. Princess D. E. Princess KAYE SCOTT Disfributive Education Club Fetesldeueen DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION affords students the op- cember 17. The Employer-Employee dinner dance was portunity to learn marketing, sales, and services. Be- held January 22 at Lakeview Country Club. tween classroom work and on-the-job training, students Members attended the state conference in Okla- are able to prepare for the responsibilities of employ- homa City in March. Northwest's chapter received an mem- award for outstanding achievement. The DE club presented its annual talent show De- DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-FRONT ROW: R. Myers, D. Rodgers, v. pres., P. Robison, v. pres., D. Loveland, treas. ROW 2: J. A. Colclasure, sec., P. Weber, reporter, V. Lout, C. Pearson, pres., L. Hilley, hist., M. Muse, parl., L. Bateman, chap., Miss K. Baumann, sponsor. ROW 3: K. Scott, R. Butler, P. Gallop, E. Terry, C. Goodrich, J. Wheelus, P. Burris, C. McMahon Thompson, J. Jackson, C. Howard. ROW 4: S. Strickland, K. Pemberton, P. Ramsey, G. Bryner, M. Billingsley, J, Rowton, N. Law, J. Howard, S. McFerren. ROW 5: T. Dryden, T. Reyes, F. Farha, K. Birdsell, reporter, M. Cllliam, J. Eischen, S. Johnson, D. Ferguson, TOP ROW: L. Ward, M. Warner, L. Hunt, photographer, M. Murphy, N. Cordell, M. Turk, M. Hughes, S. Steele, L. Jones, Services Performed by School Red Cross EACH of NWC's 96 advisories is represented in the two monthly meetings of the High School Red Cross. With proceeds from the two doughnut sales held during the school year, enrollment cards for all students are secured and a contribution is made to the International Red Cross Children's Fund. This year 250 pairs of socks were obtained from the Christmas sock tree tor distribution to needy chil- dren. Located in the library, this sock tree has become a traditional Red Cross proiect at Northwest. Red Cross members furnished and decorated Christ- mas trees at the Veterans Administration and Children's Memorial Hospitals. A group of carolers visited shut- ins and hospitals. Red Cross volunteers visited home- bound students, helping them keep in touch with school activities. Paintings by school artists, as well as the customary gift chest, were sent overseas at Christmas time. Judy Vandennieuwenhof served as this year's gift chest chairman. Several representatives from NWC's Red Cross chap- ter donated time to the Motor Service Corps, where they drove Red Cross vehicles. TOP' BOOSTERS of the annual Red Cross doughnut sale were members of Mrs. Peale's advisory who ordered fifty dozen doughnuts. Connie Meacham and Bobby Samara help with sales. RED CROSS-FRONT ROW: A. Loefiler, pres.: J. Riley, v. pres., J.' Thomas, trees., N. Farmer, parl. ROW 2: 'SQ' Robinson, J. Russell, B. Hoffer, M. Daiker, J. Brown, P. Chilton, L. Boaz, J. Wright, J. Wilkerson. ROW 3: L. Austin, R. A. Travis, K. Brown, J. Horn, D. Gray, P. Baker, P. Chaney, A. Spaeth. ROW 4: P. Holt, R. Herendeen, J. Seikel, L. Adudclell, J. Points, S. Wall, T. Harry, C. Graham. TOP ROW: J. Frantz, D. Mackey, R. Sowdal, A. Spooner, D. Nelson, M. Taylor, C. Morin, K. Frantz, B. Winston. 'PAINTINGS by NWC artists were shipped abroad through the International Red Cross by officers Janet Riley and Jence Thomas. RED CROSS-FRONT ROW: C. Teets, N. Schroeder, K. Neal, S. Newton, C. Hawkins, J. Thomas, K. Rhodes. ROW 2: Miss Bourke, sponsor, L. Porter, T. Payne, M. Wilson, K. Slack, P. Beck, K. Bays, S. Jennings. ROW 3: N. Hodkinson, C. Meacham, D. Joy, M. Walker, D. Wycoff, P. O'DelI, J. Bridge- ford, C. Cornelison, D. Gray. TOP ROW: H. Graham, F. Daniel, C. Flournoy, B. Hawk, J. Simmons, C. Facloy, J. Maxwell, J. Baumhaft, E. Edwards. TRI-HI-Y-FRONT ROW: S. Morgan, pres.: Micky Jeffery, v. pres., S. Hodges, sec., B. Arentz, asst. sec.: S. Swigert, treas.: H. Reinheimer, parl.: Pat Dewey. ROW 2: B. Sigmon, L. Voegelein, K. Alt, K. Frazier, D. Steer, N. Green, C. Reynolds, Mrs. Glomset, sponsor. ROW 3: B. Williams, L. Aduddell, S. Perry, P. Powell, T. Smith, L. Abramson, J. Morelock, G. Baber, J. Levin, K. Combs, asst. treas. ROW 4: B. Beebe, P. Chilton, V. Creasey, C. Junk, B. Ellison, S. Sheehan, K. Goldman, T. Hageman, M. Forrest, J. Rogers. ROW 5: C. Chatham, B. May, L. Lindsay, J. Yaeger, B. Dishman, A. Keen, C. Jennings, J. Kosted, M. Daniels, J. Jacobson, K. Kirkwood. TOP ROW: C. Williams, J. Kahler, K. McCandless, P. Weber, N. Farmer, S. Bow- erman, S. Jennnigs, D. Bay, K. Slack, S. Huckabay. TRI-Hl-Y-FRONT ROW: M. Rahill, L. Morin, L, Swanson, H. Hammond, L. Bishop, L. Hope, sgt. at arms, M. Linn. ROW 2: P. Lawson, M. London M. Himmelstein, T. Curtis, J. Thomas, L. Thompson, J. Steele, D. Lewis, M. Wilson. ROW 3: S. Ray, J. Jerlow, P. Phipps, C. Montgomery, S. Kent, J. Stangeland, K. Murphy, S. Davis, L. Leaf, Mrs. Branson, sponsor. ROW 4: S. Abrams, M. Ray, F. Russell, L. Wallin, S. Bronson, K. Sparks, A. Steph, D. Thompson, M. Boggs, L. Hafner. ROW 5: S. Foster, S. Burghart, D. Hollingsworth, K. Reding, C. Coburn, K. Kincaid, J. Cole, S. Corder, V. Austin, V. Johnson, L. Leach. TOP ROW: N. Mills, D. Grissom, J. Thompson, L. Montgomery, D. Mitchell, S. Irwin, C. Turner, S. Homsey, L. Moy, C. Couch, C. Starke. 60 LAW JOURNALS serve as reference for drafting bills for the pre-legislative session at OSU in prep- aration for March's state meeting. Helen Reinheimer, Dick Padberg, and Susan Morgan confer in the library. Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Join Forces for Projects UNDER THE DIRECTION of the YMCA, Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y cooperated in promoting local and state proiects. Weekly meetings were sometimes held ioint- ly. Five bills were submitted by NWC's delegates to the State Youth in Government legislature held in Oklahoma City in March. November 7-8, eighteen boys and fifteen girls at- tended the state conference at Western Hills Lodge. Tri-Hi-Y pledged S100 to World Service and raised the money through a candy sale in January. In February, NWC's Hi-Y chapter, along with other city school groups, sponsored a mixer under the direction of the City Hi-Y Council. For the third straight year, club members formed a basketball team and competed in the city Hi-Y basketball tournament. l HI-Y-FRONT ROW: G. Smith, S. King, J. Mallonee, J. White, R. Turner, J. Foster, D. Padberg, C. Warren, H. Burba. ROW 2: S. Lawson, S. Wadley, J. Shaw, R. Waterman, R. Morris, T. Watters, V. Bumpas, R. White, G. Power, T. Gaston. ROW 3: N. Chitty, B. Wilson, D. Dougall, D. Capron, J. Dewey, T. Simon- son, S. Pallesen, J. Ulrich, D. Vann, J. Demopolos, B. Welch. ROW 4: G. Clinton, J. Fallin, B. Duskin, D. Boyd, T. Stacy, S. Kuykendall, M. Booth, cj Bender, J. Ashbaugh, J. Bergman, L. Volz, M. Law, R. Reynolds. ROW 5: R. Heuser, L. Vincent, T. Knott, D. Woodward, R. Hall, J. Carreker, N. Stanfield, J. Ray, P. Cotter, J. Kidd, J. Lutz, G. Hughes, A. McCarty, T. Payne. TOP ROW: A. Mitchell, J. Fleming, J. Walcher, G. Moore, R. Day, J. Ikard, N. Cordell, B. Northcutt, M. Howard, H. Coit, J. Spitler, J. Hayes, B. Dempsey. T Q NATIONAL THESPIANS-FRONT ROW: K. Jenks, sgt. at arms: C. Busey, treas.: C. Grubbs, pres.: B. Babcock, v. pres.: S. Lambert, sec.: B. Patterson, l clerk. ROW 2: C. Burnet, J. Morey, P. Lair, G. Ridgeway, hist.: N. Overman, S. Walling, C. Reed, M. Taylor, parl. TOP ROW: B. Mayer, J. Garrett, l Mr. Nichols, sponsor: D. Chew, J. Scudder, M. Mullin, R. James, Mrs. Allred, sponsor. X Honor Groups Tap Top Actors, Speakers NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE-FRONT ROW: A. Mason, pres.: L. Cordell, v. pres.: E'. Herring, sec.: M. Chronister, treas. ROW 2: Mrs. Allred, sponsor: J. Yeager, V. Vahlberg, C. Burnet, G. Ridgeway, S. Walling, S. Robinson, Mrs. Norman, sponsor. ROW 3: C. Grubbs, M. McPheeters, M. Taylor, J. Riley, C. Reed, S. Fish. ROW 4: P. Cardin, J. Pryor, S. Charleston, P. Rahe, T. Farmer, H. Guysi, R. Holloway. TOP ROW: J. Knott, J. Smelser, K. Johnson, R. Holt, J. Scudder, C. Busey, J. Langford, B. Babcock. ANNOUNCERS CLUB-FRONT ROW: L. Herring, pres.: M. Chronister, v. pres.: K. Johnson, sec.: C. Burnett, treas. ROW 2: C. Reed, P. Reiff J Riley, M. McPheeters, T. Harry. ROW 3: A. Steph, J. Steele, K. Jenks, S. Walling, L. Cordell, J. Morelock, K. Williams. ROW 4: P. Cardin, M. Lewis S. Charleston, A. Mason, B. Patterson, R. Holloway, Mr. Nichols, sponsor. TOP ROW: J. Pryor, R. James, J: Garrett, D. Chew, J. Scudder, R. Holt ,B. Babcock, S. Kalman. Speech Club Members Carefully Screened EXCELLENCE in speech and drama was recognized by acceptance in the National Forensic League and National Thespians, honorary organizations. The An- nouncers Club was composed of students who pro- vided announcements over the Central Sound Sys- tem. National Thespians, honorary dramatics organiza- ltion, was created to promote a better understanding of lthe theatrical World. To qualify for membership, one ,must participate in some capacity in the theater, re- ceiving ten points for working with the stage crew, serving as ticket seller, or performing an acting role. The National Forensic League was an honorary or- ganization which required members to earn at least rtvventy-tive points by speaking at competitive speech ltournaments and for local groups. Candidates must also be in the upper two-thirds of their speech class land accepted by a maiority of the Forensic members. ' Before being accepted into the Announcers Club, prospective members must audition before a club com- mittee at the beginning of each semester. Finalists are selected and additional screening is necessary. Appli- cants are iudged on the basis of personality, diction, emphasis, and voice control. "WHO put the alum in the grease paint?" queries puckering Monty Lewis as Cathy Grubbs and Karen Jenks apply his stage make-up GERMAN CLUB--FRONT ROW: E. Kendall, sponsor, T. Black, pres., D. Moore, v. pres., B. Schon, sec., M. Knox, parl.p S. Kalmon, pub. chm. ROW 2. S. Eubanks, J. Howard, G. D'Hoostelaire, J. Carlton, J. Cosgrove, M. Daiker, J. Clark, P. Dulany, Y. Collins, L. Gaines. ROW 3: l. Bennett, R. Carter, C. Ball, D. Eischen, K. Cottrell, M. Gimple, L. Foutz, D. Hall, R. Brown, D. Durrett, D. Dennehy. ROW 4: D. Mackey, R. Earley, D. Gilley, J. Joins, J Berry, W. Brink, B. Brown, D. Burmmitt, M. Davis, H. Cumberland, L. Fitz. TOP ROW: M. Bertherlot, R. Aber, B. Craig, J. Epnney, D. Chew, T Green, M. Glazner, R. Cooper, M. Flenniken, B. Baumhaft, J. Ukena. GREAT BOOKS CLUB-FRONT ROW: S. Wheeler, L. Wade, M. McCormick, J. Westmoreland, R. Arens, K. Julian, L. Cordell, Y. Ball, sponsor. ROW 2: J. Buchner, B. Williams, K. Kirkwood, K. Alt, N. Green, C. Pickens, K. Frazier, S. Vinson, J. Sherman, S. Smith. ROW 3: B. Beebe, M Forrest, D. Williams, M. Pedigo, K. Reiff, N. Farmer, D. Shaw, S. Meister, M. Rush, S. Swick, E. Cline, B. Hoffer. ROW 4: C. Hawkins, B. Cam- mack, J. Bond, J. Foster, N. Wade, M. .Chronister, D. Moore, J. Cheatham, B. Greer, D. Michaelson, O. Maupin. ROW 5: J. Barnes, J. Shoot, M. Geller, M. Lewis, D. Weibel, T. Knott, B. Kimerer, M. McNutt, L. Fitz, P. Campbell, K. Snell. TOP ROW: B. Shoot, T. Ragsdale, B. Kessler, A. Mason, C.. Busey, J. Scudder, B. Babcock, P. Fields, K. Phelps, R. Holloway, B. Maurer. GERMAN CLUB-FRONT ROW: K. Jarchow, M. Walker, J. Lewis, D. Shaw, S. Swick, B. Smith, H. Waddle, S. Smith. ROW 2: B. Renner, S. Murphy, D. Padberg, F. Plater, J. Messinger, C. Meek, R. Witten, D. Trott. ROW 3: J. May, J. Ryan, D. Sylvester, J. Whitbeck, J. Roesch, R. Nigh. ROW 4: A. Meadows, W. Shelton, M. Kessler, T. Taylor, K. Parrish, P. Joyce, D. Loving, D. Smith, D. Morgan, B. Johnson. ROW 5: W. Thompson, M. Rob- ertson, J. Ukena, T. Lewis, J. Stanpp, D. Reeves, D. Manson. TOP ROW: F. Steele, F. Yeagley, D. Sears, T. Green, J. Sherill, K. Miller, G. Lowry, WD. Shutz, M. Pulliam. PREPARING for her first Thanksgiving in America is Birgit Schon from Nuremburg, Bavaria. A houseguest of a family here that she met in Germany, Birgit was a member of the graduating class. by Clubs' Activities MEMBERSHIP in the German Club is open to all student enrolled in a German class or to those who speak the language. To promote understanding of the culture of the German peoples is the purpose off the club. Members were given an opportunity to use the German language during discussion groups where .only German was spoken. Films and pictures were shown at meetings by people who have traveled in Germany. Club members made gifts at Christmas time that 'were typical German gifts. Two station wagon loads of toys were taken to Memorial Hospital by club mem- bers to be distributed among the children. GREAT BOOKS CLUB was formed to stimulate active interest in the world's great literature. The club calendar included one group activity each month. Students attended theatrical performances by local drama groups. Mrs. Ball hosted the club at a Christmas Open House. A skating party and spring picnic were held. i AERONAUTICS CLUB-FRONT ROW: Mr. Brown, sponsor, J. Clark, pres., T. Holden, v. pres., J. Spitler, sec., Mr. Conger, sponsor. ROW 2: D. Holderby, J Arnold, R. Roberson, C. Hay, B. Huffaker. ROW 3: R. Heare, B. Gates, C. Edwards, T. Hamilton, R. Lynn, R. Ramirez. TOP ROW: D. Olandese, J. Moody T. Hobson, T. Gaut, M. Van Winkler, B. Cordonnier, G. Holtberg. Technicians Develop Specialized Skills, i ELECTRONICS CLUB-FRONT ROW: M. Jones, pres., S. Smith, v. pres., B. Williams, sec., C. Curtis, treas. ROW 2: Mr. Brown, sponsor, Mr. Gillham, sponsor, Mr. Hardt, sponsor, K. Barnum, T. Deplois. ROW 3: R. Brown, S. Sarkey, H. Sears, J. Hayes, M. Haff, G. Lynn, D. Lyne. TOP ROW: D. Koch, S. Holmes, T. Runnels, M. Wyche, B. Riddles, B. McPherson. BY DEVELOPING skill in specialties, school tech- nicians increased their scientific knowledge. ' AERONAUTICS CLUB was established to familiar- ize students with the various opportunities in aeronautics. Club members visited aircraft produc7 tion plants, control towers, and the F.A.A. training center. p Composed of boys who were interested in labl oratory experience and the theory of electronicsf the Electronics Club presented its members with challenges in problems which would be met in industry and researchl. Membership in the Science Club was open td anyone interested in the various scientific fieldsl Special groups formed to accommodate interestsr of members included chemistry, physics, botany, zoology, and photography. Club members workeo together in preparation for the city science fair THE RADIO CLUB boasted the distinction of be: ing the only club in school to have a room use by no other group. Broadcasting from its ow station, with call letters W5DFH, the club foster interest in communications and the mechanics o. the radio. lCIENCE CLUB-FRONT ROW: Mr. Paden, sponsor, D. Wycoff, B. Smith, B. Shoot, pres., D. Moore, v. pres., P. Cardin, treaa.f J. Shoot, parl., L. Knox, B. Hof- r. ROW 2: C. Stuart, L. Davis, G. Johnson, P. Campbell, M. Law, M. Fulmer, R. Hagstrom, D. Trott. ROW 3: D. Lorenz, R. Wolf, D. Walker, G. Willi- s, D. Morgan, D. Kahn, B. Smith, D. Michaelson, R. Longley. TOP ROW: A. Will, B. Lyles, B. Duncan, J. Maxwell, G. McCreight, B. Cooter, D. Witte, R. akes, C. Morin, J. Stuart, R. Krosley. Increase Scientific Knowledge KEARNING the fundamentals of equipment available to Electronics Club members RADIO CLUB-FRONT ROW: R, Oakes, sec.: L, Knox, pres., J ire Randy Brown and Bill MCPl'lel'SOI'1. Thompson, engineer, Mr. St. Dizier, sponsor. ROW 2: G. Parrish W J. Bentley. TOP ROW: S. Achrarnowicz, B. Sneed, S. Sarkey, B Emanuel , JUNIOR DELEGATES TO THE WORLD-FRONT ROW: C. Hill, C. Teets, K. Jenks, B. Danzinger, B. Patterson, R. Forbes, M. Moncrief. ROW 2: B. Richards, L. Moore, J. Riley, P. O'Dell, J. Brown, J. Thomas, J. Stangeland, J. McClure, Miss Owen, sponsor. ROW 3: J. Points, E. Conner, S. Lambert, D. Day, N. Overman, D. Moore, B. Bond, K. Reiff, B. Mayer. TOP ROW: G. Davis, P. Palo, D. Smith, D. Witte, A. Meadows, J. Garrett, V. Vahlberg, A. Taylor. Junior Delegates Promote World Travel JUNIOR DELEGATES to the World, in its third year, and commented on their experiences. enlarged its membership and extended its activities. Highlight of the club's three-year program was the Long range plans for foreign travel were carefully exchange of hospitality that took l3 city Junior Dele- outlined by club committees. gates to Tampico, Mexico, for a nine-day whirl of pic- Guest speakers at club meetings included NWC nics, rodeos, parties, and speeches, and brought their teachers who have traveled abroad. They showed slides Mexican hosts back to Oklahoma for the same. PRESENTING an Oklahoma 'flag to the mayor of Tampico, Mexico, Senor Manuel Fuentes, are . Junior Delegates Bill Patterson and Janet Riley. The summer trip to Tampico was one of the club's proiects. 1 MAKING PRACTICAL use ot Library Club training are Yvonne Vick and Kathy McEver. LIBRARY CLUB-FRONT ROW: D. Michaelson, pres., Y. Vick, sec., K. Cottrell, treas., D. Smith, hist. ROW 2: C. Graham, V. Caldwell, N. Tillinghast, K. McEver. ROW 3: A. Doughty sponsor, J. Cooper, J. Williamson, K. Field, Mrs. Call, sponsor. TOP ROW: R. Michaelson, H. Johnson, R. Smith, W. Thompson, A. Dane, P. Jennings, T. Foster. I Interests Pursued in Library, Coin Clubs OPEN to all library aides was membership in the Library Club. Club meetings featured book reviews and trips to other libraries. Affiliated with district and state library groups, members attended semi-annual meet- ings of the Oklahoma City Student Librarians' Associa- tion and the annual convention of the state group. ORGANIZED iust this year, the Coin Club met every Friday afternoon after school in Mr. Ogle's room. Mem- bers brought coin,books and collections to the meet- ings where they compared and exchanged coins. Coin experts spoke to the club at various times. fhe group attended city and state conventions. COIN CLUB-FRONT ROW: D. Walker, pres., P. Cardin, v. pres., V. Boaz, sec.-treas., D. Dupree, parl. sgt. at arms, S. Holbrook, Mr. Ogle, sponsor, ROW 2: G. Witt, G. Johnson, H. Newman, R. Brown, A. Sandgarten, J. Thompson, T. Stewart, C. Rhodes, S. Waldrip, L. Cook, R. Riley. TOP ROW: J. Tucumseh, L. Brock, S. Holmes, J. Brandell, D. Bateman, E. Haggard, A. Falgout, R. Forbes, J. Maxwell, J. Stewart, S. Fields. BAND AND ORCHESTRA GIRLS-FRONT ROW: S. Collier, hist., S. Williams, sec., A. Northup, pres., D. Wilson, v. pres., L. Moak, chapl., S. Smith, parl. ROW 2: M. Newman, M. Helderman, S. Corter, J. Cole, L. White, M. Watson, R. Sammons. ROW 3: P. Beck, L. Bonneville, A. Lee, B. Berryhill, B. Bradshaw, T. Tver, C. Sanders. TOP ROW: Miss Hendricks, sponsor, B. Smith, T. Black, B. Mustion, S. Schuetz, J. Boyd, D. Grey, Mrs. Dixon, sponsor. Music Activities Coordinated by Clubs BAND AND ORCHESTRA GIRLS promoted friendli- ness and understanding among the members of the band and orchestra and worked for better public re- lations between the Instrumental Music Department and the school. Activities this year included two pro- gressive dinners, paper drives, a hayrack ride, bake sales, and a luau. SYMPHONY HI-NOTES is a city-wide organization for teenage music lovers. Now in its second year at Northwest, Hi-Notes was formed to promote interest in symphonic music and live orchestra programs. Mem- bers worked for the Symphony Subscription Drive during October and ushered at Symphony concerts. Sara Smith served as All-City President. 70 SYMPHONY HI-NOTES-FRONT ROW: Mr. Johnson, sponsor, Miss Baumann, sponsor, B. Smith, pres., D. Wilson, v. pres., A. Lee, sec. ROW 2: M. Watson, L. White, B. K. Smith, A, Northup, K. Jones, P. Beck, R. Sammons. ROW 3: S. Smith, M. Newman, S. Carleton, T. Black, K. Kinsey, C. Hutcher- son, K. M. Kinsey. ROW 4: B. Richards, -M. Helderman, S. Allen, H. Waddle, J. Boyd, B. Bradshaw, S. M. Smith. TOP ROW: C. Farley, R. Smith, J. Hatchett, D, Witte, B. Cooter, W. Smith. 20TH CENTURY HOMEMAKERS-FRONT ROW: S. Mitchell, M. Ray, N. Hare, G. Bray. ROW 2: S. Butler, A. Hawkins, L. Hodge, T. Hendren, L. Lindsay, W. Gorgas, Mrs. Miller, sponsor. ROW 3: C. Luckan, G. Childress, L. Boaz, M. Montgomery, S. Tucker, D. Tucker, D. Vaughn. ROW 4: K. Brewer, J. Weber, J. Conley, J. Thompson, L. Harkey, G. Mont- gomery, Mrs. Jennings, Mrs. Norton. ROW 5: C. Green, S. Franks, M. Gibson, S. Williams, S. Stout, C. Cornelison, J. Simpson, H. Knox, Mrs. Atkins. TOP ROW: J. Morris, B. Sum- mers, C. Hutchenson, L. Jolley, J. deCordova, K. Harp, D. Gray, L. Wisdom. , Homemakers, FTA Pursue Interests l WITH THE purpose of encouraging interest in a home leconomics career, and preparing for family life, the .Twentieth Century Homemakers' meetings featured lspeakers and demonstrations on hair styling, gift wrap- ping, home nursing, flower arrangements, and interior decorating. Homemakers sponsored several social events, in- cluding a Christmas party and a spring picnic. Most of lthe members entered the Betty Crocker Homemaker of the Year Contest. THE FUTURE Teachers of America members at- tended county and state conventions where they heard speakers discuss various phases of teaching. Club mem- bers served at the annual NWC faculty Christmas breakfast December 18. A tutoring service was provided by Future Teacher members this year. Students who desired help in sub- iects turned in their names to club sponsors. .FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-FRONT ROW: M. Smith, pres., L. Lingerfelt, v. pres., R. Travis, sec., P. Clark, treas., T. Hanna, librarian, B. ,Davis, historian. ROW 2: Miss Byars, sponsor, B. Fatheree, C. Pate, K. McEver, C. Hahn, J. Gragg, Miss West, sponsor. TOP ROW: M. Salathiel, J. Turner, M. Turner, J. Brown, P. Bolton, S. Webber. SHIELD STAFF-FRONT ROW: S. Smith, V. Vahlberg, R. Arens, S. Vinson. ROW 2: T. Harris, A. Taylor, A. Phinney, J. Noble, M. Street, P. Palo. TOP ROW: R. Robinson, M. Utter, R. Miller, R. Wagner, E. Cody, P. Sutton. TOP ROW: J. Meeker, M. Howard, C. Hoyt, L. McDonald, G. Mahagan, F. Plater. TOP WRITERS in Oklahoma City's United Appeal annual teen editorial writing contest were Vivian Vahlberg, Dee Ann Sodar, of John Marshall, and Chris Hoyt. Shield staffers Vivian and Chris took first and third honors, respectively. Journalists Capfives of Hecfic Deadlines LAST MINUTE deadlines, busy, clicking typewriters, the whirl of news gathering-all were of vital im- portance if THE SHIELD were to appear on alternate Tuesdays. This bi-weekly publication, serving as a link be- tween students and school activities, carried pertinent editorials, sports stories, and up-to-the-minute articles which answered Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? The twenty-two staff members designed pages, sold ads, took pictures, wrote copy, and were always alert for the possible "scoop". For the second straight year the Shield staff pro- duced a paper for distribution the first day of school. QUILL AND SCROLL, an international honor society for top ranking iournalists, welcomed twelve new members at the spring initiation. The annual dinner meeting was held at Sussy's restaurant where Mr. Jim Paschal, state OIPA director, was guest speaker. lQUILL and SCROLL-FRONT ROW: R. Arens, pres., J. Sherman, v. pres., S. Vinson, sec., D. Filson, treas. ROW 2: C. Montgomery, A. Taylor, J. Jerlow, V. Vahlberg, H. Reinheimer, Mrs. Burdette, sponsor. TOP ROW: D. Thompson, P. Palo, S, Bowerman, C. Hoyt, M. Howard, J. Fallin, P. Sutton. l T OVER a bag of popcorn after getting the Shield POINTING OUT his techniques in a sports action shot is Jerry Geurin, photographer press are editors Ruth Arens and Sammie Vinson. Ricky Wagner and Phil Sutton also took pictures for both school publications. ROUND TABLE STAFF-FRONT ROW: J. Fallin, S. Bacon, M. Boggs, H. Reinheimer, P. Sutton, J. Geurin. ROW 2: C. Montgomery, J. Dansby, S. Dickerson, V. Vahlberg, J. Kennedy. TOP ROW: B. Wilson, C. Emberton, D. Thompson, S. Bowerman, J. Kahler, J. Jerlow. Yearbook Staff Aims of High Standards WORKING under pressure to meet Their four dead- lines, Round Table staff members aimed constantly at maintaining their Highest Honor rating with Oklahoma interscholastic Press Association. The '64 edition re- ceived Medalist rank with Columbia Press Association. Fewer than ten per cent of the books in the nation are given this award. The Round Table's intent was to provide the stu- dents at Northwest Classen a record of important aca- demic and extra-curricular events. Sentimentally, sen- iors should find it full of treasured memories as they finish their last year at NWC. For the third year, publication packet sales have in- creased. A record number of 2,720 books was sold. Y" . . MANY LATE hours are spent by editors in compili a yearbook. Judy Sherman and Della Filson, c editors of the Round Table, find they are no exce tion to the rule. COURT JESTERS-FRONT ROW: S. Fitz, C. Wil- liams, N. Green, B. Sigmon, J. Nowlin, C. Patter- son, K. Kirkwood. ROW 2: Mrs. Garrett, sponsor: H. Reinheimer, G. Jones, J. Kahler, T. Curtis, M. London, J. Jacobson, M. Smith. ROW 3: G. Collins, B. Baber, D. Durrett, S. Bronson, S. Carter, L. Bishop, M. Wilson, D. Lewis, J. Hanraty. ROW 4: H. Hamilton, K. Tigerf, B. Rathien, M. Hopping, C. Green, M. Rahill, C. Sharpley, J. Wiles, C. Bar- rett. ROW 5: S. Poulsen, K. Jarchow, J. Fishel, L. Wallin, S. Eagin, S. Proctor, L. Mines, A. Phin- ney, S. Farrand. ROW 6: B. Simonson, L. Keys, C. Carter, J. Barnett, D. Vaughn, M. Baxt, V. Hus- band, S. Davis, P. Wright, G. Anderson, C. Mont- gomery. TOP ROW: K. Sheehan, J. Varner, J. Car- penter, J. Keathley, C. Finefrock, S. Puttroff, S. Stephens, S. Marchman, K. Snipes, C. Kerr, S. Hoyt, L. Schanbacher, C. Bonebrake, J. Rogers. - Court .lesters Groom Cheerleaders COURT JESTERS was organized by the cheerleaders personal grace. Three girls were chosen by Court Jest- to promote better cooperation between pep clubs and ers every two months to lead cheers at B and C squad cheerleaders. Through extended practice, girls gained QBIYISS. a thorough understanding gf the School yells. Each year the group presents a Spirit Award to the Members interested in becoming cheerleaders were Shldehi Wh0 did The mosl dUflhQ the School Year to schooled in techniques of crowd control, jumps, and promote sportsmanship and uphold school spirit. COURT JESTERS-FRONT ROW: L. Hope, V. Boaz, B. Arentz, B. Dishman, C. Barnett, D. Blakey, J. Jacobson. ROW 2: A. Davis, J. Rogers, F. Russell, K. Slack, J. Steele, J. F. Thompson, D. Rugg, L. Vandennieuwenhof, L. Keller, N. Hodkinson, J. Jackson. ROW 3: D. Finefrock, C. Davis, E. Claunch, K. Murphy, J. Hildebrand, L. Leaf, R. Gober, P. Collins, J. Miller, L. Strong, J. Phillips. ROW 4: C. Metheny, K. Benson, C. Cooper, S. Martin, P. Tubb, D. Eads, B. Biggs, A. Ackerman, B. Pedigo, K. Goldman, K. Jones, P. Smock, S. Webster. ROW 5: R. Broadfoot, B. Kendall, S. Jackson, J. McDonald, C. Murphy, D. Davis, L. Moy, G. Stroud, S. Bullard, S. Homesy, N. Pierce, J. Thompson, S. Hazleton, J. Norfleet, V. Bowers. TOP ROW: G. Wilson, K. Craig, D. Mitchell, J. St. John, D. Spence, C. Vanderford, J. Edmondson, B. Cox, L. Mannas, G. Anderson, D. Reynolds, M. Salathiel. JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE-FRONT ROW: Mrs. J. Creekmore, sponsor, R. Arens, treas., K. Harper, v. pres., T. Hanna, pres., O. Maupin, sec., Mrs. Ruth Warram, sponsor. ROW 2: L. Knox, J. Bartusch, C. Teets, L. Lingerfelt, J. Brown, J. Stangeland, J. Thomas, P. Chilton, J. L. Thomas, P. Westbrook, K. Williams, F. Brewer. ROW 3: K. Reiff, M. Hunt, D. Hunt, P. O'Dell, J. Points, S. Swick, D. Moore, E. Cline, R. Cloud, S. Halter, J. Cherry. ROW 4: D. Liss, A. Ashby, K. Phelps, M. Law, D. Smith, D. Kahn, S. Davis, J. Cheatham, B. Greer, D. Daniels, B. Duncan, M. Lyon. TOP ROW: L. Brock, E. Miller, C. Bennett, T. Kerr, G. McCreight, J. Scudder, C. Busey, D. Sommerfrucht, B. Babcock, G. Williams, M. Geller. Ancient Culture Is Absorbed by JCL ORGANIZED to encourage interest in the lanouage and culture of Ancient Greece and Rome was the Junior Classical League. During August, eight JCL delegates, sponsored by Mrs. Janie Creekmore, attended the National Con- vention held on the campus of the University of Illinois in Champagne-Urbana. A hootenanny led by Dan Young from Oklahoma City University and the initiation of new members in October marked the beginning of an active year. At the state convention held at Oklahoma Univer- sity, the NW chapter ran a candidate for office and conducted a singalong. The annual banquet in April featured typically Roman food and cuisine. JUNIOR CLASSlCAL LEAGUE-FRONT ROW: C. Kerr, C. Lowry, S. Sutterman, T. Foster, T. Greenham, L. Ruhr, P. Danely, E. Teague. ROW 2: Y. Collins, M. Newman, D. Mapes, V. Hopkins, S. Brown, K. McEver, J. Lappin, M. Helderman, D. Saied, M. Knox, F. Kennedy, S. Copley. ROW 3: K. Goldman, S. Gholston, J. Hindes, J. Forrester, T. Harrison, M. Walker, J. Ragsdale, B. Roth, L. Stiver, J. St. George. ROW 4: K. Thornton, J. Edmondson, P. Reiff, J. Kahn, B. Bradshaw, C. Vanderford, B. Ahlfeldt, M. Wilson, E. L. Bryant, S. Fish, M. Strokes, P. Thomas, S. Charleston. ROW 5: J. Martine, J. Larimore, M. Fulmer, R. Hagstrom, T. Wriht, J. Goins, M. Gardner, G. Anderson, J. White, J. Thompson, C. Robyler, P. Jones. TOP ROW: L. Jefferson, R. Witten, D. Holloway, P. Duncan, J. Puckett, A. Mason, E. Warren, J. Hatchett, D. King, D. Beausang, P. Ukena, P. Rahe. l MATH ANALYSIS CLUB-FRONT ROW: D. Padberg, pres., B. Hagenberg, v. pres., J. Scudder, sec.-treas.g B. Babcock, A. Mason. ROW 2: L. Cordell, K. Reitf, J. Riley, M. Chronister, J. Stangeland, L. Aduddell, Mr. St. Dizier, sponsor. ROW 3: B. Cammack, B. l Paddock, F. Coy, P. Fields, J. Cheatham, D. Kahn, O. Maupin. ROW 4: D. Walker, K. Phelps, S. Abney, T. Hanna, B. Greer, T. Fezzler, A. Loeffler, D. Michaelson. TOP ROW: P. Campbell, T. Watters, T. Green, C. Busey, J. Suggs, J. Walcher, G. Low- l ry, R. Oakes, P. Smith. A Master Mathematicians Study, Socialize REQUIREMENTS for membership in the Math Analy- lsis club included 'the applicant's having completed lsix semesters of mathematics with a B-plus average rand a favorable recommendation from a math teacher. Since most club members were planning a career in engineering or a profession demanding a strong 'background in math, calculus and analytics were thor- l l l l l 1 ' l A 'TELL ME again, why does x:y?" Sen- ior Ginny Scheer is somewhat doubtful of lclassmate David Kahn's proof. l .6 l L l 1 if L if ' siss Q A oughly explored. Three parties were held this year, math aides were inducted as honorary members of the club at the spring picnic. Chartered iust last year, the club had a membership of 43, only six girls were included. The club constitu- tion was revised this year. "MAYBE this will work." Sandy Black and Dee Ann Lee try to cure Judy Bremer's laryngitis with a throat spray before a scheduled performance of the GIRLS TRIO. ASSEMBLY ENTERTAINMENT was provided by Debbie Reed, Linda Wade, Jerri Roberts, and Trina Harry, members of the GIRLS QUARTET. TALENTED director of Knight vocalists is Mr. John Platt. 78 Strenuous Rehearsals "OKLAHOMA, OK!" was a popular finale for the SMALL GROUP who sang at numerous civic functions. FRONT ROW:' Greg Fine, Sandy Black, Judy Bremer, Dee Ann Lee, Peggy Chaney, Ann Bentley, Stan Davis. ROW 2: Doug Powell, Wynn Ann Moak, Karen Thomason, Darryl Jones. TOP ROW: Warren Thompson, Barry Smith, Rob Elder, and Dick Spann. 5 lsss s O 1 l l CRYSLURS: Accompanists-C. Hawkins, S. Olsgard. FRONT ROW: T. Zanovich, J. Shoot, T. Shaw, D. Jones, P. Bray, J. Starr, B. Smith, D. Witte, T. Runnels D. Powell, S. Davis, T. Bray, B. Shoot, T. Wright. ROW 2: P. Chaney, S. Shepherd, K. Phelps, D. Weible, S. Manske, D. Spann, G. Fine, W. Thompson R. Elder, J. Kellerby, E. Haggard, D. Pearson, T. Prey, J. Bremer, A. Bently. ROW 3: D. Reed, C. Reid, M. Murphy, K. Thomason, W. Gorgas, E. Stephens - T. Harry, S. Chaney, K. Hutcherson, J. Spencer, L. Martin, C. Rutledge, B. Beebe. TOP ROW: J. Roberts, S. Black, D. Lee, C. Sneed, W. Moak, J. Sprouls J s. Burch, C. sian, s. Wall, J. King, H. Turner, L. wade. Result in Perfection for Honor Chorus INCREASED ENROLLMENT in music classes resulted ,n the strengthening of choral groups as well as the :ormation of new ensembles. ' The sincere dedication of NWC musicians was ex- mplified by the 57 Cryslur members who reported t 7:30 each morning for rehearsals. Auditions are ,eld each spring for this "honor chorus." i Cryslurs presented their annual fall assembly and bvening concert November 20. For the first time in- strumentalists from the band were featured in the rogram. Cryslur and Band Boys football teams were organ- zed this year to promote closer friendship between in- 'trumental and vocal music departments. Band boys ere victorious in the "Music Bowl" game November l. A new singing group, consisting of 16 Cryslurs, was ormed this year to provide entertainment for banquets nd clubs. Proceeds from their appearances were used to finance proiects of the honor chorus. For the fifth consecutive year Cryslurs officially opened the Christmas season at Penn Square. l i l ENTHUSIASTIC Cryslurs check signals for their football game with Band Boys. Musical gridmen are Dick Spann, Stan Davis, Greg Fine, and Warren Thompson, who compose the BOYS QUARTET. eff 'BOYS' CHORUS-FRONT ROW: D. Wilcox, R. Tester, T. Bray, R. Paschal, T. Stewart, GIRLS' SEXTET members, Wynn Anne Moak, Suzanne Wall, R. Mote. ROW 2: J. Goins, R. Thurman, R. Kiser, J. Cobb, R. Stoops, K. Turner. Wende Gorgass, Karen Thomason, Peggy Chaney, and Marshal ROW 3: K. Pollock, P. Wood, J. Meeker, L. Wetwiska, B. Kilman, S. Barkett. Murphy, relax aftera performance. TOP ROW: R. Ratcliff, D. Crumby, P. Bray, D. Broach, D. Halfield, A. Wrany. l F. . so Increased Enrollment Strengthens Choirs, V' x RJ '. X 1 . X3 l Q55 1 .A has J s.1 'T I I . V il 'Plk' J .3 24 A , V' Ll - 'Y T ii a rs , L 32732 L A J J . . i V. . ' L f 3 I . ,X . V1 . 5? i , il . tri FRESHMAN GIRLS' CHORUS-FRONT ROW: L. Arens, C. Potts, C. Decker, C. Styron, M. Carter, M. Strickland, R. Gober, P. Hudson, B. Lingerfelt, C. Wilson. ROW 2: N. Jesseph, S. 'Freeny, N. Pennington, Y. Easlon, Y. Beleele, C. Maxwell, B. Dupree, B. Baber, P. Moore, L. Lippoldt, J. D'Angelo. ROW 3: K. Johnson, G. Silvey, D. Bodine, S. Clifton, J. Morris, R. Duke, R. Andreazon, J. Gallegly, A, Harley, P. Reed, D. Davis, M. Murphy. TOP ROW: B.- Thrower, C. Goss, C. Martz, G. Fezler, M. Christenson, A. Allen, T. Odell, D. Allen, M. Westmoreland, B. Crampton, L. Horne. .2 -1 i . GIRLS' CHORUS-FRONT ROW: P. Brown, L. Lingerfelt, C. Hunt, S. Henderson, J. Schrantz, D. Callaway, C. Pate, J. Chambers, C. Hutcherson, P. Hall, lB. Shaw, L. Pride, J. Garrett. ROW 2: D. Donceel, J. Conley, J. Humphreys, P. Gee, M. Salathiel, J. Cheatham, K. Kirlsey, C, Thomas, G. Thompson, B. Barbee, E. Mooney, M. Hull, G. Childress. ROW 3: A. Doughty, T. Snelson, C. Cornelison, L. Strickland, V. Norris, L. Stephens, J. Hinton, J. Varner, L. Harrison, D. Wycoff, M. Lowe, D. Koos. TOP ROW: N. Mitchell, S. Webber, P. Ashford, J, Pickney, M. Milburn, J. Cosgrove, J. Doling, C. Starr, C. lScrivner, J. Branham, S. Chaney, S. Sheppard. Provides New Ensembles .- . 1 , . i l "I , w f . J A f i . l li . J ' it ' ' 'K ' f , ' . J . A i'f'f"e.a FRESHMAN GIRLS' CHORUS-FRONT ROW: S. White, K. Barr, S. Rutledge, B. Hendry, W. Heckle, R. Carter. ROW 2: P. Roach, B. Walker, J. McDonald, G. Fant, C. Clinton, B. Howard, J. Snell. ROW 3: TN. Taylor, S. Lowe, N. Tillinghast, C. Tripp, G. Sheperd, B. Bryant, M. Thomas, B. Reid. TOP ROW: C. Sullivan, D. Sarinske, R. Pitt, L. Drescher, G. Stotts, E. Evans, P. Cathey, K. Fulton. l l "WISH Mr. Platt would hurry." Cryslur mem bers report at 7:30 a.m. for rehearsal. , F . g.. I'-"rg, K . 1 M' A w. gr 1 r . .V L R 'A , 1 .f '81 ' 3 E KS' . w W ' my .EY , T. 2 ,, is-Q-X K , 1 , X I I v . 5 X f ffgwf ' if , ,A ,,'X" 4 , " '- Y X? 1 Q , V aff? LM X W y A , ,. XM 3 EQ f' ' A ' f 'J X fx ' W S ag, Mn'- x-vi' X ., ' ' ' S -. XX N se E -f im 'Mizz .QW ASNE CONCERT BAND-FRONT ROW: B. Mustion, M. Newman, S. M. Smith, C. Burnet, B. Smith. ROW 2: S. L. Smith, G. Lowry, C. James, L. Moak, P. Kopplin, J. Karhu, G. Williams, T. Alder, D. Schultz. ROW 3: R. Church, R. Sammons, B. Smith, H. Whitehead, B. Taylor, B. Allen, M. Perkins, E. President, Convention Welcomed by Bandsmen ALTHOUGH band and orchestra classes convened during the school day, most of the musical activities required preparation and participation outside of school. Instrumental section rehearsals, contest practice ses- sions, and 7:30 a.m. drills for the marching band were a necessary part of every musician's daily routine. The instrumental music department consisted of four bands: symphonic, marching, freshman, and inter- mediate, and the 50-member orchestra. The marching unit contained 125 bandsmen, while the pep band featured 40 musicians. Two performances highlighted the year's activities. In October, the band helped to welcome President Lyndon Johnson when he spoke at the State Fair. During the Christmas vacation the concert band played for the opening convocation of the American School Band Directors Association. Director Arthur Johnson served as chairman and official host for the convention. The annual fall and spring concerts were presented in the school auditorium. The pep band, under student director, Mike McCormick, provided music at basket- ball games. A record number of 25 music students were qualified to play in the All-state band and orches- tra. Lynn, D. Kahn, J. Lankford, R. Brown. ROW 4: J. Hendricks, D. Witte, E. Hindman, Mr. Arthur Johnson, director, B. Johnson, C. Morgan, P. Camp- bell, J. Shoot, D. Stephens, M. Lewis, G. Lynn, T. Fezler, B. Shoot, M. Mc- Cormick. STEPPING off.intervals, band director Arthur Johnson shows the trombone rank where to line up. 41. as wt ,ig i g. , khw '. ?gS is A , I ff l ORCHESTRA-FRONT ROW: S. Collier, J Hatchett, S. Corter, F. Lane, M. Eagin, J. Taylor, J. Boyd, R. Oakes. ROW 2: A. Northup, M. Watson, R. Gaut, M. Knox, L. Keller, E. Mahanay, S. M. Smith, G. Scheer, A. Lee, B. J. Smith, B. Smith, T. Black, L. Moak, N. Whitehead, J. Karhu, S. Gill, D. Mapes. ROW 3: J. Jones, J. Cole, D. Davis, S. Newell, P. Beck, B. Berryhill, J. Nunn, B. Kimerer, D. King, D. Wilson, B. Cooter, F. Cox, B. Shoot, J. Shoot, D. Stephens, D. Witte, J. Parker, S. Cogdill. ROW 4: E. Henley, K. Jones, L. White, M. Christenson, J. Vaughn, R. John- son, D. Leuszler, S. Smith, D. Ford, J. Jack- son, H. Whitehead, D. Shultz, Arthur John- son, director. Maiorettes Give 'Command Performances' SPECTACULAR 'fire baton routines presented by malorettes Kariene Alt Marsha Kosted Linda Voegelern Carol Pickens, Lee Ann Welch, and Beverly Wrlkison highlighted the halftime show at homecoming So impressive was this specialty that the girls received invitations to perform on the Gaylon Stacy TV Show and at the Mayors Christmas Party. Sweetheart Ball Honors Queen ,ga , N: , . L S Qi 5' x R qs K 1 g fi 4' E 352: . ' R4 t 1 Z5 T236 f ff S PAM LAWSON Queen of Hearts KATHY MCCANDLESS SUSAN HODGE5 SUSAN MORGAN DIANA WILSON PEP CLUBS Hundreds of loyal pep club supporTers packed info buses To follow The Teams, saT Through drenching rains in The sfadium, filled The gym on cold winTer nighfs, performed aT pep rallies and half Times- All TesTimony To KnighTland's devofion To and pride in The Purple and Gold. Y Julie Levin President, first semester "CORONET" was chogsenfaforgra pep club name in l955 when the school opened because elii' 6 Elfitsglissociagion.yvith sovereignty in days of Knighthood. worn to signify a mark of ereai New ii,,i enterfiiiiittgdilsatitltleir first meeting by a skit featuring clubl were served at the first meeting The bus trip to the banquet for basketball boys in the spring were Aliiy ears higlllights. Basketball boys are annually feted by Qoronelslatifa banqitef where coaches award team letters. A Coronets Wort' jolace icair ldecorations contest at the Homecoming 'paradem L C. l-OOHCY J. Riley N. Nedbalek J. Stangeland P. Ehrlich Vice Pres. Att. Sec. Rec. Sec. Treas. Asst. Treas. Coronets Share Well-Established TOP ROW: L. Abramson, L. Adniddell, S. Afinowicz, K. Albright, S. Allen, G. Anderson, B. Arentz, P. Armstrong, L. Atchey, Y Ayers K Ball M Bacon. ROW 2: B. Barbee, C. Barclay, G. Barnes, S. Barnes, M. Barnet, C. Barnett, C. Barret, D. Barron, L. Basore, L. Bateman, D Bay P Beck ROW 3 B. Beebe, D. Belcher, S. Belcher, B. Benson, K. Benson, L. Bierman, M. Biggs, T. Binswanger, T. Black, S. Blakey, P. Blakley D Bodine l l I s OP ROW: D. Bond, C. Bonebrake, L. Boswell, B. Bradshaw, B. Bramble, S. Breeden, E. Brehm, S. Bronson, R. Broadfoot, P. Brown, S. Brown, . L. Brown. ROW 2: B. Bryant, E. Bryant, S. Bullard, L. Bullock, S. Burns, D. Burris, J. Bush, R. Butler, A. Butt, J. Carlton, S. Carlton, P. Carruth. COW 3: M. Carter, S. Carter, A. Chaney, S. Chaney, F. Cheatham, J. Cheatham, M. Christenson, J. Clanahan, D. Clancy, D. Clark, J. Clark, E. launch. ROW 4: C. Clinton, R. Cloud, S. Coggins, J. Cole, M. Cole, S. Collier, P. Collins, D. Combs, K. Combs, S. Corder, P. Corn, K. Cornelison. l Traditions, Customs l l TOP ROW: L. Cornett, K. Cosgrove, C. Couch, P. Cowart, B. Cox. ROW 2: J. Cox, S. Crudup, C. Crutchfield, P. Cum- mings, T. Curtis. ROW 3: L. Dale, F. Daniel, S. Daniels, J. Dansby, D. Davis. LOUD CHEERS boost the Knights on to victory. D. S. Davis G. Davis S. Davis M. Dawkins J. deCordova P. Dewey L. Dickerson B. Dishman J. Doling B. Downum J. Dugan J. Dutton D. Eads J. Edmondson B. Ellison R. Ellison C. Emerson C. Emberton S. Emenhiser D. Farmer S. Farrand G. Fan? J. Ferguson K. Finch P. Finch D. Finefrock D. Forbes J. Forehand M. Forrest S. Foster K. Freeman T. Frogge Capers, Bus Trip Highlight COOL IT," cries Coronet president Julie Levin at senior capers. D. Frye N. Gates - P. Gentry J. Gettings M. Gholston S. Gober K. Goldman J. Graham L. Graham D. Gray C. Green J. Grester S. Griffin D. Grissom J. Grove S. Guthery L. Hafner T. Hagemann H. Hall P. Hallman SCRAMBLING for bus seats. Coronets make fast purse checks. all Activities ai, . .. s.. yi mx .. is . . 1 N K , . - ... TOP ROW: H. Hammond, T. Hanna, C. Hansen, J. Hardwick, B. Harkins, K. Harp, A. Harris, D. Harrison, L. Harrison, P. Hartman, S. Hazelton, S. Heckel. ROW 2: T. Hendren, J. Hendrickson, L. Henniger, D. Hensch, B. Hensley, L. Herold, C. Hester, J. Hester, N. Hildebrand, J. Hill, M. Himmelstein, J. Hindes. ROW 3: L. Hodge, K. Hodkinson, G. Hoke, K. Hollis, P. Holt, S. Holt, M. Hopping, J. Horn, L. Horn, A. Houston, J. Howard, L. Howard. ROW 4: S. Hoyt, S. Huckabay, S. Hudson, C. Hunt, D. Hunt, B. Husband, V. Husband, T. Ingram, J. Jacobson, K. Jackson, K. Jarchow, M. Jeffery. ra C. Jennings S. Jessee N. Jesseph K. L. Johnson K. Johnson R. Johnson V. Johnson C. Junk J. Kahn M: Kamp A. Keen L. Keppie ,I N'-Q-.,. C. Kerr L. Keys T. Killian B. Kindall Q P. Klinkevich K. Kongs C. Kerschner "THUNDER, thunder, thunderation . . ." yells Coronet Cindy Williams. M' Kulz This is Cindy's second year as all-school cheerleader. Z' Car Decoration Prize at Homecoming -Q., .1 6,2 '-,ff I 'E . ii ii R s P ,,, y , 'Q-we f TOP ROW: C. Languth, C. Lawson, L. Leaf, L. Leech, L. Lewis, M. Linn, B. Lisby, L. Little, M. London, B. Lout, C. Lowry, P. Lytle. ROW 2: L. Mannas, G. Mantilla, D. Mapes, S. Martin, S. Mason, P. Mastagni, C. Maupin, O. Maupin, B. May, K. McBride, C. McCandless, S. McCillican. ROW 3: J. McDonald, P. McDonald, J. McFarland, S. McGee, B. McNeil, S. Meister, J. Meriweather, C. Miller, P. Miller, T. Miller, S. Milligan, N. Mills. WOP ROW: D. Mitchell, S. Mitchell, C. Montgomery, G. Montgomery, J. Moon, J. Morelock, J, Morey, J. Morris, A. Morrison, D. Moses, L. Mullin, ,. Murphy. ROW 2: M. Murphy, J. Myton, D. Nation, J. Neilson, K. Neph, S. Newton, D. Novak, P. O'Dell, D. Oldham, J. Oldham, C. Pate, L. 'aisley. ROW 3: S. Pallesen, J. Patton, C. Pennington, N. Pennington, S. Perry, S. Petree, P. Phipps, J. Pickney, N. Pierce, B. Pinkston, R. itt, J. Points. ROW 4: E. Porter, S. Procter, J. Puttrolrf, M, Rahill, S. Ray, K. Reading, C. Reed, H. Reinheimer, S. Rendel, P. Renegar, D. Reynolds, . Richart. l l l l fo Coronefs 'OP ROW: D. Riddles, K. Riebel, J. Rogers, F. Russell, S. iutledge. ROW 2: R. Samon, D. Sarinske, L. Schell, N. lchroeder, R. Sewell. ROW 3: G. Shepard, B. Sigmon, J immons, B. Simonson, J. Simpson. l l DISCOVERED! Coronet pledges Linda Schell, Sissy Heckel, and Nancy James force fellow initiate Vicki Vaughan ro suffer with them on Pledge Day, which was held October 16. I K. Slack B. Smith D. Smith K. Smith M. Smith S. Smith T. Smith P. Smock J. Smythe K. Snell G. Snider K, Snipes G. Snyder A. Spaeth K. Sparks J. Spicer J. St. John Staley Stammer Starke Stattes Steele Stephens Stevens Strain Street Streeter Strickland Summers Swanson Swick Tate ff Coronets Contribute Spirit Projects, SPIRIT DAY for Coronets was celebrated with a series of displays in the halls. The iunior Coronets featured a Halloween theme with booster slogans for the Enid game. 1ANT""' TOP ROW: R. Taylor, S. Taylor, S. Thacker, Jence Thomas J. Thomas. ROW 2: N. Thomas, S. Thomas, D. Thompson J. F. Thompson, J. K. Thompson. ROW 3: L. Thompson K. Tigert, K. Tole, L. Townsend, P. Tubb. X we OP ROW: L. Tucker, S. Tucker, L. Turo, V. Vahl- lerg. ROW 2: C. Vanderford, J. Varner, J. Van- Vyngarden, V. Vaughan. ROW 3: D. Violet, L. 'oegelein, M. M. Waldrop, M. Walker. fu as if .i :lm-' 'P'- l "AND THEN one of the girls said to me . . ." Coronet sponsors Miss Taylor Miss Smith Mrs. Ecton, Mrs. Glomset, Mrs. Vaclaw and Miss Sethney gossip over coffee. Fete Basketball Team at Spring Banquet l S. Walker L. Wallin M. Wandell M. Washburn S. Webber J. Weber J. Webster L. Welch M. Westmoreland S. Wheeler B. White J. White J. Wilburn J. Wilcox Beth Williams B. J. Williams l C. Williams Williams A. Williams S. Williams J. Williams K. Williams Willoughby M. Wilson Wilson Wint Wood Wooley J. Wright B. Wright Yeager Yeager ,mi K JOYC E KOSTE D Lancer Queen JANE STANGELAND Lancer Princess ,VS ,,ff' X, ,TE CAROL PICKENS JUDY KAHLER MARCIA DANIELS -Lancer Princess Lancer Princess Lancer Princess Lancers Ignite Spirit IN KNIGHT LORE, Lancers were recognized defenders, always ready to aid a Knight. In the ten-year life of Northwest, Lancers have been loyal supporters of all Knightland activities. In keeping with tradition, Lancers launched the school year with "duc" season, which ended in the annual initiation party. Lancer queen candidates were Marsha Daniels, Judy Kahler, Joyce Kosted, Carol Pickens, and Jane Stangeland. Candidates were host- esses at a party for club members and dates December 4. The queen was crowned after a surprise announcement at the annual Christ- mas formal in Municipal Auditorium's Mirror Room December 19. Throughout the football and basketball seasons, club members sold programs, attended games, and presented "capers" for a pep assembly. Earle Haggard President, First Semester B. Paddock D. Smith R, Varner R. Brown R, VanNQ51rand V. Pres. SGC. Treas. Duc Master Chapl, TOP ROW R Aber T Bacon M Bourland S Charleston Cobb J Clark Colley, C. Collier, P. Confer, B. Cook, P. S. Duncan, P. W. Duncan. ROW 2 M. Farrell, J. Fleetwood, J. Gregory, C. Hall, J. Hatchett, E. Hindman, J. King D. Kramer, M. Luper, R. Lynn, MacTaggart, L. Marr. ROW 3: L. Noble, T. Noe R. Pierce, C. Pierson, P. Ricks, S. Roach, D. Sears, J. Slaughter, D. Stuart, D. Syl vester, B. Trummer, J. Vaughan. ROW 4: G. Walk, P. Walker, E. Warner, G Wallace, M. Wych. .-if-4W"fii?f5iLIlli"Q5l :'9T'ii5f??- i. wwf ...M-.., Q.. - , .. IN KNIGHTHOOD Imfi ot young swans, or Cyg- nets, who graced m2-'h1k and serenity to the scene. This is Cygnet mem- bers aspire. Service projects giCygnet support. Mem- bers ushered at ifrr tgiew pledges were en- tertained at an ice sogigls :Si in?theijs'ch'oo,li?patio the first week of school. November 21 team with their annual dinner-clanceviip in the new Shep- herd Nlall. Cygnets the new entertain- ment spot. The banquet?lfgaglrgiitzentgjtarintiment by club members N H 'rms . s I . entitled "What Makes 'rake-off on tootoall. Spon- 1 sors, coaches, administratorsV5"ia1iTQf5th5ii wives were special guests. Marty McPheeters President, first semester H. MacKellar S. Walling S. Hodges C. Grubbs S. Vinson Vice Pres. Sec. Asst. Sec. Treas. Asst. Treas. Cygnets Preserve Knight Lore, TOP ROW: B. Abrams, S. Abrams, A. Ackerman, C. Aken, B. Alaupovic, A. Allen, S. Allen, K. Alf, G. F. Anderson, G. Anderson, P. Ashford 'L. Austin. ROW 2: V. Austin, B. Baber, G. Baber, S. Bacon, S. Bailey, N. Baker, P. Baker, J. Ballew, K. Bar, S. Barfoot, S. Barker, J. Barnard. ROW 3 T. Barnes, C. Barnett, J. Barnett, K. Barrett, J. Bartusch, S. Basore, A. Baxt, M. Baxt, K. Bays, K. Beck, S. Belt, l. Benet. TOP ROW: J. Bergquist, T. Berthelot, B. Berryhill, L. Bishop, N. Block. ROW 2: L. Boaz, V. Boaz, B. Bond, D. Booker, J. Borin. ROW 3: S. Bowerman, V. Bowers, P. Bragg, J. Branan, F. Brewer. ROW 4: J. Brodnan, S. Broschek, J. A. Brown, J. E. Brown,'K. Brown. "CHARGE!" Cygnets energetically "bring 'em out of the hud dle" at a football game. Are Proud of Heritage TOP ROW: S. Brown, J. Buchner, S. Burghart, M. Burks, C. Burnet, K. Burton, S. Busch, S. Butler, D. Callaway, B. Cammack, J. Capshaw, C. Carter. ROW 2: S. Carter, L. Casey, D. Castle, J. Chaffin, C. Chaloupec, C. Chatham, J. Cherry, G. Childress, P. Christopher, M. Chronlster, B. Clark, P Clark. ROW 3: G. Claunch, S. Clifton, E. Cline, K. Colburn, P. Cole, M. Collier, G. Collixs, S. Cook, B. Cooley, D. Cooley, C. Cooper, K. Cooper. R. Corbin L. Cordell C. Cornelison T. Cornish S. Corter B. Cox K. Craig S. Craig V. Creasey 1 . E- , P. Crotts M. Daniels B. Danzinger CORRALLING CYGNETS into their respective buses is the last minute iob of Mrs. Findly and Mrs. Harrison, club sponsors. Back-fo-School Ice Cream Social i l TOP ROW: A. Davis, C. Davis, D. Davis, J. Davis, P. Davis, D. Day, S. Day, C. Decker, C. Defeil, J. Derrick, M. DeWolfe, S. Dickerson. ROW 2: D. Dockrey, P. Doll, D. Donceel, P. Dudley, D. Durrett, M. Eagin, S. Eagin, Y. Eastman, A. Eaves, C. Eckel, D. Ehrlich, J. Ehrlich. ROW 3: T. Ellis, S. Ells- worth, S. Enyart, S. Ershacli, N. Farmer, S. Fern, A. Ferry, G. Fezzler, D. Filson, K. Finefrock, J. Finley, J. Fishel. ROW 4: S. Fitz, C. Flournoy, E. Franks, S. Franks,' K. Frantz, K. Frazier, S. Freeny, M. Gardner, N. Gates, M. Gholston, R. Gobber, K. Goldman. Graff J. Hanraty Graham S. Harris Graham T. Harry Graham A. Hawkins G. Gram C. Hawkins Green S. Hawkins N. Green N. Hawkinson Hadaway S. Heare . Haggard V. Heldenbrand C. Hahn M. Helderman H. Hall E. Henley .Hall L. Herring Halter D. Herrmann Hamilton C. Hess Hampton J. Hildebrand l Goss N. Hanchette Honors New Cygnef Members TOP ROW: C. Hill, S. Hill, J. Hinton. ROW 2: D. Hitt, D. Hollingsworth, M. Huckabee. ROW 3: L. Hope, V. Hop- kins, J.' Horne. ROW 4: L. Howard, P. Howard, T. Howard. "I KNOW my class ring is in there somewhere," cries Marty McPheeters, Cygnet president. Seniors Nancy Farmer, Helen MacKellar, and Linda Cordell hurriedly dish out ice cream for the September Cygnet ice cream social honoring new members. TOP ROW: P. Hudson, C. Huges, B. Husband, S, Irwin, E. Jackson, S. Jackson, J. Jacobson, J. Jayne, K-. Jenks, S, Jennings, J. Jerlow, B. Johnson. ROW 2: Janie Johnson, J. Johnson, G. Jones, J. Kahler, F. Kennedy, J. Kennedy, S. Kent, C. Kerschner, M. Kessler, J. Kiethly, K. Kincaid, C. S. King. ROW 3: S. D. King, K. Kirkwood, H. Knox, T. Kohler, J. Kosted, M. Kosfed, C. Kuloaf, S. Lambert, M. Lane, J. Land, J. LaPlace, D. Legafe. ROW 4: C. Lessly, L. Lewis, F. Liebman, 5. Lievsay, L. Lindsay, L. Lippoldt, D. Little, S. Little, P. Long, V. Lout, C. Lowe, S. Low. Football Team Toasted, Spoofed C. l-UCli6n L. Monfgomery G. Lundien E, Mooney P- l-USTGI' M. Moore M. Machulis M, Morgan M. Maddox S. Marchman S. Morgan J. Marr L. Morin M. Mauldin J. Morris R. Maupin L. Moy V. Maxey K. McClung K, Murphy J. MCl.Ufe M, Murphy S. McMahon S, Neal C. Meachen C, Neill C. Methany J. Milburn S. Newell M. Milburn J. Noble G. Mitchell J. Norfleet S. Mitchell A. Norlhrup M. Moncrief "WE NOW HAVE only 500 girls leff on the drop list." Mrs. Findly, head sponsor, jokes to Mrs. Ball, Mrs. Willingham, Mrs. Dixon and Mrs. Harrison, sponsors. OP ROW: J. Nowlin, S. Nowlin, C. Oakes, K. ffuf. Row 2: M. Olson, N. Overman, P. Palo, P. ansze. .ROW 3: S. Parker, S. Pearson, B, Pedigo, . Pedigo. ROW 4: T. Perkins, J. Phillips,-A. Phin- ey, C. Pickens. uf Annual November Cygnef Banquet TOP ROW: K. Pierce, K. Pinix, S. Poienzny, S. Poulsen, D. Pounds, P. Powell, C. Prevetr, M. Prevetr, L. Price, C. Pursel, J. Purdy, K. Puriti. ROW 2 D. Qualls, S. Raddis, B. Rathien,' M. Ray, K. Reiff, P. Reiff, C. Reynolds, M. Rhoden, K. Rhodes, B. Richards, G. Ridgeway, K. Robertson. ROW 3: C. Rob- 'inson, C. Roblyer, H. Rodel, J. Rogers, M. Rogers, T. Rogers, T. Rose, D. Rugg,J. Russell, D. Saied, M. Salathiel, L. Schanbacher. I TOP ROW: L. Stiver, L. Strong, G. 'Stotts, S. Stout. ROW 2: L. Stratton, J. Suchy, S. Sutman, S. Swigert. ROW 3: S. Tate, C. Taylor, M. Taylor, C, Teets. Schier Seamen Seehorn Seikel Shadid Sharpley Sheehan Shehan J. Sherman Shirley Shores J. Simmon Simms L. Slater Smith J. Smith D. Smith K. Smith M. Smith J. Snell D. Snider R. Solter M. Sparks D. Spence -S. Stacy J. Steele D. Steer i S. Stem C. Stansel L. Stephens C. Stevenson . P. Steward Cygnets, Coronefs Combine "WHAT do you mean, you can't find my whistle?" queries "Coach Merideth", played by Sue Kent, of "Wayne Austin", portrayed by Sally Swigert in the Cygnet banquet entertainment. ' . . R W , if 1 - .ii . . ' 5. "Zn: t 6' X all T 4 i T R 'i' ilk if liivixkilffl f Qi? 3 ilfQ if tie fc!!-wt. xx all J .Ja . enae . J ...J J it R 9 bknfll ibn' .A.,:4 H . i 1 Q xg? Q, je 1 .vtsg WM ,I .L., f W A p p . x .,t? f s.: . T , wg.-2,,..,,, L J H ty, .J , . 'R : . . 1, ... , T T ve. J .5-T Yr , , 1 Rf ig, ggtgtfd-fl.L'?i3l P.. E ' R. 1 4 Z aff? .ml-S24 ' Qs' 1 , lf A ,,.. , it - A 'il my , . Q Q, gms, A ,ity t, .Q , K, .- : Mt l J- rw- 0 ., f6,li.X,S,, f i . .. f. . . . , .' 8. ' .L . ,I ,KJ ,V if 31,etsa. it - im er-.,: ww + ft' at . wi' 's t zf?sftg. J g, 5 . , , , it 5 tikfl p ' 1. ' ff ' ' 'U 'ef az bffpaifia 'Q'l"'F'H, 1f+I- : '1,'1 M, Ki, A ,. -,.k .re , ,.j,g,4, ,,, .1 L J ,Q - , 'Q r ,., ll. . wt: 1. .. haw- - mai My ff? ' :.ff'i.'.r .e aa' J, , 4 - -, T Ag! , . .All 1 Q23 ,ll CYGNET and Coronet pep clubbers combined forces to compose a special section for Homecoming. The gold-sweatered Coronets formed a gigantic "NW", with Cygnets filling in The background. for Spectacular Homecoming Show TOP ROW: L. Terry, M. Thaler, P. Thomas, K. Thomason, D. Thompson, J. Thompson, J. Thomson, J. Thorton, N. Tillinghast, D. Todd, B. Townsend. ROW 2: L. Tucker, C. Turner, M. Turner, L. Turney, T. Tver, J. Vaden, M. Valentine, L. Vandennieuwenhof, D. Vaughn, L. Wade, L. Wade, C. Walker ROW 3: M. Walker, C. Walldrop, F. Wallen, P. Weber, S. Webster, C. Westmorelane, K. White, L. White, S. White, J. Wiles, C. Wilhoyte, D. Williams. ROW 4: B. Wilson, C. Wilson, M. Wilson, J. Winkle, C. Witherspoon, C. Wolf, C. Wood, D. Woods, J. .Wright, P. Wright, S. Yancey, V. Yen. CAROL PENNINGTON Falcon Princess LINDA VOEGELEIN Falcon Princess DAWN HULETT CATHY GRUBBS Falcon Princess Falcon Princess PAT DUDLEY Falcon Queen BECKY WILLIAMS Falcon Princess Falcon Goals High FALCONS, hunting birds of Medieval times, were remarkable for their ability to soar high and always capture game. Falcon pep club members have always tgiegl to live up to the high standards traditional in their Freritarge. nsggl L December 12 club members and il l'l5sff5f43iffY ami 3 guests at the traditrplnalg ,Quaid enty new Falcon mem- bers were presented party. Highlight of the2yea,r,s5,Asohial fp'Ci5Q2V'lTlQSlyVBS the Christmas dance at Quail Creek CountFyifClUb'r'EJE-'Eejber 21 when the club queen r2-wf sw..asew-fw'- was crowned. She was presented a coat featuring the club in- signia, a necklace, and a crown. Each of the princesses received a necklace with their names on the back. R. Holt F. Coy R. Forbes K. Long E Cole V. Pres. Sec. Treas. Duc Master Chapl TOP ROW C Alberts, J. Baumhaft, R. Clark, W. Keil, D. Kramer ROW 2 M. Lovegrove, B. Lysaught, E. Mahanay, B. Maxwell J Maxwell. ROW 3: A. Meadows, W. Morris, M, Perkins G Poteet, D. Rose. ROW 4: M. Styron, B. Taylor, ADORNING THEIR BUS with signs of spirit the Falcons prepare for their annual Thomas W Wilburn, T. Zinn. football bus trip. STUDENT LIFE Sfudenf acfivifies have become a vifal parf of our rradifions, adding flavor To daily roufine. Each siudenf found some spof for his Talents and inreresfs, making 7964-65 a memorable year in Knighfland. ff' A lg. 'N rf I ' TF lg! , h ' 1 SYM 'V A , 4" x ' f g 74 fi .ga 'E M. .. .Lx 'MK in N , n ,, - V ', r r- ,, 4 4-. if x V T4 K X y gg U . ' A A Ll 'Q Xf AS EARLY as September students met with college representatives for briefing. Barbara Danzinger and Sandra Dorn consult with the Mount Holyoke representative. TAKING ADVANTAGE of the last warm Clays of Indian Summer, Susie Meister and Jim Stacy enioy an excursion to the park. September Briskly Sets the Stage TYPICAL KNIGHT enthusiasm was exhibited for the new skateboard fa which was included in the intramural program. Karlene Alt, Tripp Fezle Mark Geller, Keith Buchwald, Merle Taylor, and Jonny Foster participat SUMMER ebbed away and the life cycle of a student body revived itself. ln the colorful kaleidoscope of high school activities, the blur of sweltering heat and madras cotton suddenly changed to football and knee socks. The pieces of this puzzle were faces, personalities, and new experiences which were exciting to the fresh- men and nostalgic for the upperclassmen. From the first chaotic day the pattern was shaped by those who call themselves Knights and Ladies. Studying was at a low and spirit at a high while Student Council debated, the "O" Club elected, and the freshmen "ioined." September was "money month," Howdy Week, the football preview, the election of class officers and the skateboard intramural. Shirin Ershadi and Bernd Hagenburg, the two foreign exchange students, were warmly received and given their first introduction to the American way of life. NWC's exchange student, Bob Greer, was welcomed back after a summer in Brazil. The girls defeated the boys in the first paper drive and after long, heated discussions the drives and park- ing lots were given names in an all-school election. September was a new beginning to an old tradi- tion and an accepted way of life at Northwest Classen. Forecasts Fast Pace SEPTEMBER found spirit high as Knights prepared for the first football game. Sally Swigert and Dan Pope brave brislqwinds to decorate the goal posts. HOWDY was the magic word at the first mixer of the year held annually to welcome students back to school. Freshmen Jennifer Suchy and Roy Mote quickly caught the spirit of the September ll event. .,s. ll' F1 CD VICTORIOUS Cheerleaders, Barbara Sigmon, Cindy Patterson, Kanda Kirkwood, Janis Nowlin, Nancy Green, Cindy Williams, and Steva Fitz, proudly display the first place trophy they won at the State Cheerleader's Clinic at Norman. This is the fourth consecutive year the Northwest group has taken this honor. 0 ri r. 5 NUMBER ONE KNIGHT and Lady, Mr. and Mrs., J. Frank Malone, view the Eiffel Tower in Paris during their European tour. Mr. Malone inspected American schools on Army bases for the National Association of Secondary School Principals. School Settles Down to Familiar Pattern THE FIRST sign of autumn at Northwest was not brisk weather. In the midst of Indian summer the strangeness of blackboards and early morning ris- ings soon disappeared, and students settled into the familiar pattern of life in a large high school. October's calendar was crowded with projects which fused students into a united group. Student Council worked with the PTSA to push its membership over the top, and students celebrated with a patio mixer held during sixth hour. Response to the Emerson Proiect for underprivileged children was strong, but the car decoration parade to the Putnam City football game proved that students still found time to play. The girls gloated in their triumph over the boys in the first paper drive and the new bonfire pit turned out more successfully than the purple mache dragon who never let out a fiery breath before the fire de- partment condemned it as a safety hazard. Seniors rallied on the annual bus trip to Enid, and freshmen were surprised to learn that campaigning for class officers is definitely not "traditional". All students felt a setback in the "war on poverty"' as AFS candy and publication packets went on sale simul- taneously. l mln ICTOBER found spirit running high as Knights and Ladies turned out for the irst bonfire of the year. Em, l lCOMMEMORATlNG Ameri- can Education Week, students ,took over class instruction -for one day. Mr. Vail's biol- iogy students, David Rose, Marcia Linn, and Dee Dee Day banished their teacher to the corner as they direct- ed class work. "BATTLE of the sexes . . . " Kerry Slack victori- ously displays her contribution to the October paper drive. Randy Fitzgerald ponders his defeat. --'ff BEATLES, Barry, or L.B.J.? Knights and Ladies took an active part in the national presidential campaign. Jeff Webb, Diana Snyder, and Cynthia Hawkins campaign for their favorite candidates. Heated Campaign Stirs Students A BIG football hero, and I knocked him down!" Randy Fitzpatrick wears a look of amazement in the first school play, Time Out for Ginger." Looking on are Jill Morey, Ginger Ridgeway, Doug Chew, and Marty MCPl1eefEI'S- IQORONATION of All-Sports Queen highlighted Homecoming activities. Viewing their royal subiects are Andy Husky, Cindy Williams, Jim Ikard, Chris leynolds, Jerry Huddleston, Queen Janis Nowlin, Jim Carreker, Barbara Sigmon, Jim Stacy, Cindy Patterson, John Burrus. l Gala Events Spice Knight Life THE EXCITEMENT and flurry of special events gave is gala effect to Knight Life in November. X Comedy at its best was presented in the first all- school play, Time Out For Ginger, starring a female ootballer. Friday the thirteenth brought a "Day Out Of The '9ast" for NWC grads at Homecoming '64. The crown- ng of the All-Sports Queen, Miss Janis Nowlin, and he homecoming mixer climaxed the annual festivities. The football team celebrated the end of a hard sea- son at the Cygnet Banquet held at the new ballroom in Shepherd Mall. Cygnets and their dates literally "shook the rafters" at the dinner dance which opened the whirl of holiday parties. Seniors again grabbed the spotlight when a slate of ten candidates were elected as Round Table Royalty. The Knight and Lady of the Round Table is traditionally kept secret until the May coronation. l YOU'VE GOTTA have spirit . . . " Cygnet ep Club members vocalize in the shower om skit at the annual football banquet ovember 21. " . . . A MUSTANG, a mohair sweater, and a hair dryer." Pam Law- A NINE-DAY WHIRL through Mexico was a Christmas holiday treat son doesn't feel she's too old to sit on Santa's knee and tell him her for twenty-two NWC students and five teachers. While in El Taiin Christmas list. travelers climbed to the top of the Aztec ruins, Trips, Treats Mark Holiday Whirl CHICAGO-BOUND iournalists, Ann Taylor, Sandy Bacon, Diana Moses, Judy Noble, and Kevin Parrish, gave up their Thanksgiving turkey dinners in order to attend the National Scholastic Press Association convention. l l "READY MAESTRO?" Students were royally entertained at the DE Style Show by acts such as this one presented by Judy Kahler and Randy James. Entertainers Add to Christmas Spirit KNIGHTS celebrated the holidays with a tradition and pirit that transformed the school to a winter wonder- nd decorated with the glow of Christmas. Club mem- ers busied themselves with service proiects, the Cry- lurs carolled at Penn Square, the art department decked he halls and even the faculty caught the holiday spirit, s they gathered at 7 a.m. December T7 for a break- ast. The homemaking department provided table cen- erpieces and decorations. Seniors competed with the entire school during the nnual Toys For Tots Drive climaxed by a mixer. Talent, comedy, and fashions were combined in the E Style Show during which the DE Queen finalists ere presented. The celebration of "Kiss-mass" was boosted by the oys "O" Club Mistletoe sale when Santa himself de- ivered the greenery in a green Model A Ford after ad- isory parties. Three queens were crowned at Christmas formals iven by Key Club, Falcons, and Lancers. Junior-Senior girls were hostesses at their annual holi- ay dance. The Red Cross sock tree was loaded as never before ith socks for needy children. Each advisory's goal was en pair of socks. Key Club boys distributed forty-eight baskets of food o families. "MlCHAEL, row the boat ashore, Halleluiah . . . " Students took time out of study halls during the Christmas season to add to holiday spirit. Lal W, THERE IS nothing that an athlete won't sacrifice for the 'O' Club . . . including his dignity. Members entertained Knights and Ladies with the 'O' Club capers at a December pep rally. True Christmas Meaning Personified ? EXCHANGE STUDENTS Bernd Hagenburg, Shirin Ershadi, and Birgit Schon were pleasantly surprised when Principal J. Frank Malone presented them their Christmas presents from the student body . . . IT WOULDN'T be Christmas at Northwest without advisory parties. Pizza, phone calls to their parents. fried chicken, and French fries dominated party menus. iw' was 'ip--M f - f l DELIVERING party mistletoe to Pam Lawson are Kent "Santa" Ackerman and 'O' Clubber Mike Holdridge. by Generous, Enthusiastic Knights 'JUST like a kid again . . . " Mike Holdridge has one last "HO . . . HO . . . HO . . ." Joe Fallin stops to admire the omp with his teddy bear before handing him over to the hall decorations supplied by the art department. oys For Tots Drive. SERVING AS Pages during the spring legislative session were Warren Morris, Torn Wolff, Tom Ragsdale, John Musgrave, Lynn McDonald, Terry Farmer, Steve Carter, and Bob Greer. Snowfall Welcomed, New Focls Flourish THE FIRST snowfall covered the building with a white shroud that reflected 'a new seriousness toward academic study. Holidays were over for three months and semester tests loomed ahead. But the increase of midnight oil did not dampen many spirits as students began the new year with a never-ending round of ac- tivities. The school was stunned with disbelief at the first basketball loss of the season to top rival Midwest City. Soon after, Student Council passed a resolution to purchase a victory flag to be flown after all athletic achievements. Seniors felt the first effects of graduation when they ordered announcements, attended rush parties, and did not receive enrollment blanks for the coming year. Cowboy boots and ten gallon hats increased in pop- ularity after the western mixer following the Putnam City game, and western attire became the senior boys' trademark. Comedy, pantomimes and dramatic cuttings gave stu- dents an insight to the world of the stage in a drama assembly presented by the speech department. ALL RARIN' TO GO1o the western mixer are Gene Smiths Bobbie Arentz, Jim Carreker, and Carol Pickens. ITG "YOU MEAN that rubber band runs the whole thing?" Fascinated by the engine of a Super Sport, Japanese grappletrs Tomohiso Hawago and Hideaki Yanagida investigate the American car with hosts Gary Leascher and David Smith. The Japanese All-Stars wrestled at N W C January 23. "ALL THIS in only five minutes?" Jeanne Jerlow tries to down a cupcake purchased before school at one of the many bake sales held during the year. Club projects were financed with proceeds from the sales. RELAXING during the lnkslingers' Ball held for city Iournalists at Putnam City High School are Northwest's candidates for Princess and Prince of Print, Judy Kahler and Joe Fallin, Judy won the city title. HAPPINESS is being elected Lady of Friendship. Cindy Patterson, escorted by Dave Elder, registers happiness and surprise at being announced as the friendliest girl at Northwest. l l I "ROSES are red . . .". Kenny Womack scans his collection of Cupid Expresses. Proceeds from this unique tradition netted AFS over ssoo. LOYAL Knights will long remember the night of February 12 when Midwest City upset the Number One Knights in the NWC gym. Pep clubs, maioreftem and cheerleaders enthusiastically brought their team onto the floor in traditional style, Cagers, Cupid Express Create February Flurry HEARTS AND FLOWERS and a resemblance of chival- ry appeared on Valentine's Day in the form of Cupid Express. The romantic tradition of sending candy and messages to fellow students is an annual proiect to raise money for American Field Service. The anxiously awaited announcement of the Knight and Lady of Friendship nominees began the final royal- ty election. The friendliest senior boy and girl were pre- sented in a sixth hour Coronation. Valentine's was also celebrated with the annual Sweetheart Ball sponsored by the band and orchestra. After much discussion in Student Council, the con- troversy over voting regulations for the Echoes of the Knights cover contest ended, and the entire student body voted for the record cover of their choice. Knights and Ladies socialized and danced to the music of the Ho-Dads at a mixer in the gym after the Capitol Hill game. The last home game was soon followed by the year's last all-school play, Cheaper By The Dozen. The up- roarious comedy delighted audiences both nights it was presented in the school auditorium. "ARE father's problems really 'Cheaper by the Dozen'?" asks Robert Holt. Cast members of the all-school play include Jan Wampler, Craig Busey, Robert Holt, and Karen Jenks. PREPARING FOR the lead role in the Mummer's Theatre production of "The Diary of Anne Frank" Northwest iunior, Judy Stewart, receives instructions from director Jack Jones, l,l?:7Ql-ser, C , Q, SENIOR Top Teens Bill Grimes and Cindy Patterson enioy a picnic in the park to celebrate their election. Bill was elected Top Teen for the second time, Cindy for a record-breaking fourth time. ,pr TAKING time out from studies and activities are Kent Carnahan and Suzanne Martin, Freshman Top Teens. .--fad SWINGING into spring Top Teens Diane Reynolds and Wayne Gary of the iunior class relish the new season. Wayne was elected for the third straight year. l Top Teens Chosen in Class Election TOP TEEN election, sponsored by the Shield, was initiated during the first year of the school's history in an effort to recogf nize the outstanding boy and girl in each class. No publicity was given the election prior to the voting in an ' effort to minimize campaigning, no runoff election was held. Announcement of winners was made in a March Shield scoop. REMINISCING about the year's events are Sophomore Top Teens Johnny Reeves and Gloria Lundien. Gloria is repeating as her class' outstanding teen. Boys' 'C' Club Selects '65 All-Sports Queen THE BOYS' "O" CLUB annually nominates five senior girls for All-Sports Queen. Competing for the 1964-65 title were Janis Nowlin, Cindy Patterson, Chris Reyn- olds, Barbara Sigmon, and Cindy Williams. Nominated' by active members, candidates were presented at the Homecoming Assembly November I3 where the queen was crowned. Queen Janis Nowlin and her attendants were then honored at the Homecoming game with U.S. Grant. JANIS NOWLIN All-Sports Queen CINDY PATTERSON Princess of Basketball ancl Wrestling CHRIS REYNOLDS BARBARA SIGMON CINDY WlLLlAMS Princess of Tennis, Golf, and Princess of Football and Baseball Pflnfess Qf Swimming and Cross Country Track I25 Round Table Royalty Presenfed on May 20 KANDA KIRKWOOD Round Table Princess SUSIE MEISTER Round Table Queen JULIE LEVIN Round Table Princess CANDY LOONEY MARTY McPHEETERS Round Table Princess Round Table Princess JONNY FOSTER Round Table King YEARBOOK staff members nominated ten girls and ten boys from the Senior class for Round Table Royalty. These names were submitted to the student body in an election which narrowed the list to five girls and five boys. Finalists were Kanda Kirkwood, Julie Levin, Candy Looney, Marty McPheeters, Susie Meister, Craig Busey, Dave Elder, Jonny Foster, Bill Grimes, and Jim Stacy. Following an extensive campaign in November, the king and queen were chosen in an all-school election. Their coronation was the highlight of the yearbook assembly May 20. JIM STACY Round Table Prince CRAIG BUSEY DAVE ELDER BILL GRIMES Round Table Prince Round Table Prince Round Table Prince ee Friendliesf Couple Tabbed F ' I in Valentine Assembly JULIE LEVIN Princess of Friendship CINDY PATTERSON Lady of Friendship HELEN MacKELLAR Princess of Friendship SUSIE MEISTER JANIS NOWLIN Princess of Friendship Princess of Friendship JONNY FOSTER Knight of Friendship CRAIG BUSEY FIVE senior boys and girls were nominated for Knight and Lady of Friendship by the iunior and senior classes, all students voted in the final balloting. The candidates were chosen on the basis of friendliness and charm. Cindy Patterson and Jonny Foster were crowned Knight and Lady of Friendship at the annual assembly, attended by Julie Levin, Helen MacKellar, Susie Meister, Janis Nowlin, Craig Busey, Dave Elder, Bill Grimes, and Jim Stacy. JIM STACY Prince of Friendship DAVE ELDER BILL GRIMES Prince of Friendship Prince of Friendship Prince of Friendship SPQRTS The first decade of sports at NWC will go down in the record books as a spectacular history of bold accomplishment. Boosted by clubs, parents, band, and student body, Knight teams have well deserved the limitless enthusiasm of their fans. Q- 1. ' yfi'-on Y uf' rf X -N. Film tx vi T14 - ,Q ,. I+! ,fl- L VARSITY-FRONT ROW: J. Hill, S. Carter, D. Blaschke, G. Booher, T. O'Toole, R. Loeffler, B. Griggs, B. Allen, B. Hammack, J. Bado. ROW 2: J. Carreker, D. Keim, A. Husky, B. Case, J. Huddleston, D. Simon, cj Busey, R. Foster, D. Sas, D. Elder, J. Burrus, M. Holdridge, W. Austin. ROW 3:, S. Wheeler, Nl. McGuire, E. Blalock, M. Overby, G. Clinton, A. Lukehart, R. Mims, E. Doling, T. Killip, K. Ackerman, L. West, D. Dunlap, J. Green, A. Pitzer. TOP ROW: R. Ramee, manager, R. Elder, manager, Coaches J. Haynes, C. Carpenter, H. Meridethp J. Morris, manager, M. Ash, manager. Varsity Squad lncludes 20 Seniors .,. '.l' . . y f '5 A SENIOR-STUDDED lineup, containing 11 seniors on the first and eight on the second teams, finished nasessrss A sss T is i'rt the Season with 6 4-5-1 mark' sls .,... 1 . . ,.. 14, Highlight of the season came when Northwest de ... feated Capitol Hill 19-14 and was rated sixth in the state The followin week Bill Grimes was selected ssssi .sss siii ' 9 .-V H g City and State Back of the Week and Coach Merideth srff .'.. ' itt. was named Coach of the Week b local sportswriters. as Y 1 STATISTICS 1 Individual Scoring T.D.'s PAT T.P. ' Grimes 3 2 20 Keim 2 8 20 Austin 2 2 14 Busey 1 61 O'Toole 1 6 Blaschke 2 12 Huddleston 2 12 Allen 1 Hammack Safety 2 First downs 1 13 Total yards rushing 15831 Total yards passing 520' Total points NWC 99 Total points OPP. 109, Touchdown passes 3 Touchdown runs 11 Extra point runs 2 Extra point kicks 8 STRATEGY at a crucial moment in the game is discussed by Coaches Haynes and Merideth. Total POil'1iS passing 18 Total points rushing 66 I ANDY HUSKY MIKE HOLDRIDGE i Guard Tackle ER RANDY FOSTER CRAIG BUSEY DAVE ELD Center Quarterback Tackle I WAYNE AUSTIN JIM CARREKER , Halfback Guard I All-City All-City Grid Games I KNIGHT GRIDIRON play for 1964 was a mixture Ef thrilling finishes along with some heartbreakers. our of the games were not decided until the fourth quarter. Spotting Del City a first quarter touchdown, the -Knights came back with 14 points in the next two uarters, defeating the Eagles 14-0. This marked the econd straight year NW had defeated the Eagles in he season's opener. Bill Grimes and halfback Baxter ase were leading ground gainers with 98 and 66 ards on 15 carries apiece. ,Played before a crowd of 7500, the Knights and Bombers fought to a standoff until three minutes and 5 seconds were left 'in the fourth quarter when Rip an Winkle skirted right end for 15 yards and the only touchdown of Freeman added the extra point, and the score was 7-0, Midwest City. The game was almost even in statistics, 174-173, the Bombers gained one more yard than Northwest. For the first time in five years, Northwest triumphed over the Harding Eagles 23-6. Led offensively by quarterbacks Craig Busey and Terry O'Toole, both scored one touchdown and O'Toole passed for another to end Dennis Keim. With the score 16-O, Harding's Bill Roark returned a fourth quarter kick off 90 yards for the Eagles' only offensive threat. I BAXTER CASE DENNIS KEIM JOHN BURRUS Halfback End End Feature Close Finishes I SPILLED by John Marshall tacklers, Quarterback Craig Busey is pulled down for a short loss in the Knights' 22-14 loss. DAVID sAs BILLY ALLEN JERRY HUDDLESTON JIM HILL BOB HAMMACK End Halfbadf H-'ilfbBCls Guard Defensive Back DAN BLASCHKE LEONARD WEST RUSTY LOEFFLER GLEN BOOHER ROGER MIMS Fullback Guard Quarterback End Defensive Back Victory Cver Redskins Highlights Season STOPPED by two Eagle defenders, Dan Blaschke is halted for short yardage in the 23-6 defeat over Harding. FOR only the second Time in 11 years, the Knights stunned the Redskins from Capitol Hill 19-14. Led by fullback Grimes, who rushed for 226 yards in 17 car- ries, a touchdown of 87 yards in the Third quarter was the deciding factor. Keim hauled in a 13-yard pass from Busey, and Wayne Austin went five yards up the middle for The Knights' two previous scores. ln their first district contest of the year, Northwest and inspired Putnam City fought to a O-O standoff. As the clock ran out, the Knights were on the Pirates' one-foot liner this penetration resulted in the Knights' being declared technical winners. NW outgained the Pirates 179-117 yards. ' A come-from-behind victory of 22-14 was handedl John Marshall before 5,000 Taft Stadium fans, mark- ing the ninth straight Triumph of The year for the Bears. NW went ahead in The second quarter, only to have the Bears tie the score in The last play of the firsti half and score three more touchdowns in the second 1 Losing to the Troians the next week 14-18 pushed the Knights To the bottom of the district race with a. O-2-1 record. l I A LOOK of amazement is worn by Billy Allen as he catches a pass for a 16-yard gain in the Grant skirmish. Injuries Plague Knights TRAVELING to Enid, the Knights were defeated 19-O by the Class Triple A State Champion Plainsmen who rolled up 344 yards rushing to the Knights' 184. North- west managed only 19 yards in the second half. Grimes' leg was broken in the closing seconds of the first half and his services were lost for the season. Austin led the Knights past the Shawnee Wolves '7-6 on a.rain-soaked field in a game marred by inter- mittent downpours. Austin gained 147 yards in -17 carries, which was 17 more yards than accounted for by the entire Shawnee team. In the season's finale, Grant guard Robert Mills booted a 15-yard field goal with two minutes left in the final quarter to spoil Northwest's homecoming 10-8. lt: was only the third victory all year for the Generals. The Knights outdistancecl the Generals in total yardage 213 to 164. BOB GRIGGS TOM Kll.l.lP End Tackle MIKE OVERBY ERNEST DOLING End Tackle TERRY O'TOOl.E JOHN BADO Quarterback Halfback ED BLALOCK DANNY SIMON Tackle Halfback L ,t 145' , ll. l Y . BRINGING DOWN Knight B-squadder Ferrell Bussing proves a tough chore for the Del City LEAPING for a high pass in the Harding defender. The Knights went on to win 26-6. game is end Bob Pruitt. Junior Varsity Led by New Coach THE KNIGHTS' Junior Varsity, led by new coach John Schwartz, finished the season's campaign 5-2-1. . . -in i,ll g... .5 Avenging the A-squads earlier loss, the B-squad or H . f ty Whipped Midwest City 18-O. For the second straight NWC f 571 '.l' if r'1- si. t-', 5 l year Duniee fell 14-12. ln their first appearance at Taft Stadium, the Junior Varsity trounced Edmond 44-O. Leading the Knights offensively were Jim Ellis and Ferrell Bussing in the Knights' backfield, Anchoring the line were Mike Davis, Larry Govin, Steve Grimes, Joe Mallonee, and John Green. The Knights totaled l2O points to their opponents' NWC Nwc Nwc NWC J NWC NWC' NWC , eese, trs , ,Q icliy. . ' Q.-il i t tiii ii . , , ,,,,....,, ,,,,,, 5 .111-:Q .J if i ii Civ , ss,t,, ilfl 3l'Fii!i9 .,,., ,, tg, A P Tiii 78. JUNIOR VARSITY-FRONT ROW: E. Cody, D. Bryant, F.'Bussing, M. Anderson, G. Zanovich, J. Hendricks, R. Morris, C. Payne, L. Tucker, L. Merideth, T. Srmonson, D. Warnberg. ROW 2: G. Clinton, T. Scott, M. McGuire, M. McCreary, R. Woodward, G. Sparks, B. Funclerburk, A. Pitzer, J. Clay, R. Pierson B Samara F Gonzalez 'S W'l R W , .- , . , . ison, . aterman. ROW 3: T. Zinn, R. Heare, B. Allen, S. Grimes, L. Dolen, R. Mims, B. Pruitt, G. Booher, J. Julian, S. King, R. Early, E. Kardokus, Coach J. Schwartz. TOP ROW: F. Yeagley, J. Blackburn, L. Gee, H. Boucher, J. Mallonee, C. Ogden, G. Smith, K. Brownley, J. Ellis, J. Pace, J. Green. C-SQUAD-FRONT ROW: L. Williams, J. Germann, A. Harper, G. Steves, B. Held, T. Zachritz, K. Carnahan, P. Hudson, M. Ackerman, P. Barbee, J. Webb, D. Husky. ROW 2: M. Wilder, C. Shepard, J. Gilbert, J. Thompson, S. Lytle, M. Morgan, A. Sykes, C. Wilkinson, J. Moffatt, S. Peck, R. Nigh, L. Carlson. ROW 3: R. Jackson, R. Hurt, M. Keim, D. Polk, R. Ratcliff, S. Scott, B. Gallop, D. Runyan, J. Baker, D. Bays, K. Gatewood, M. Porter. TOP ROW: D. Arnn, manager, D. Clark, S. Jacobson, F. McGregor, D. Holden, M. Goddard, T. Miller, S. Miller, D. Tidholm, T. Brady, S. Musallam, 'B. Perry, Coach P. Harriss. Little Knights Win Seven Straight Games THE LITTLE KNIGHTS finished their campaign with seven straight wins and one tie after dropping their opener to Jarman 24-O. Jarman was also the only team to score more than six points against them. The C-squad held six of their nine opponents to no score and trounced three of their foes by more than 33 points. They piled up 175 points to their op- ponents' 36. The biggest victory came when they defeated previ- ously unbeaten Capitol Hill 12-O. Mark Keim and Phil Hudson were standouts on the team all year. HAULING IN a pass off the fingertips of a Douglass Troian is Curt Shepard. R .... arrl rall se .f JJJ.. .ass ., .. 'l r t tti tiittt ll ssfa at , J s . trasrl r .ss.f.. . .,, a l t J .. . STOPPED by two Troians after a short gain is Frosh Quarterback Kent Carnahan. l 3 X i 1 2 5 I CROSS COUNTRY-FRONT ROW: R. Edwards, B. Deeds, J. Ukena, R. Browning, T. Payne, D. Kuykendall, R. Covington, R. lnglish. ROW 2: K2 Vrooman, G. God- dard, M. Johnson, J. Anderson, C. Mangum, M. Howard, C. Morgan, S. McNeill. TOP ROW: Coach R. Irwin, S. Foster, J. Powell, A. Downs, S. Pallesen, C. Bender, M. Tinnen, D. Riebel, D. Browning, D. Dancy, J. Davis, manager. Cross Countrymen Finish Second in Mid-State, CONGRATULATIONS are offered David Kuykendall by team- mates John Anderson, Rod Browning, and Ralph Edwards after David's second-place finish in the Mid-State conference meet. ill fianl 1 e'ell - f "ii f frr. i I -rrr -..- -1-- .ras .sli J... :fl M iiii iini -:-.' . ,-s- . ...-,...'f .fr frr, 'rf' illi issri .... T ,,.s ssrr rrrs il. ::r ,ree 3 rss ...,.,. CROSS COUNTRY runners climaxed the season by finishing ' second in the Mid-State race, only 4 points behind Midwest City. New Coach Rex lrwin's Knights ended The season with a 5 win, 2 loss record in dual and triangular meets. David Kuykendall, holder J of The season's most points, placed second at The Mid-State meet. Earning letters were Kuykendall, Torn Payne, Rod Covington, Bill Deeds, Ralph Edwards, Jay Ukena, Rod Browning, Chuck Mor- gan, Glen Goddard, Steve McNeill, Ken Vroornan, and Ron lnglish. xx 1" the weekly time trial, Tom Payne is clocked by Rex Irwin. HARRIERS John Anderson, Bill Deeds and Chuck Morgan set the pace at the start of the All-City meet. ost a 5-2 Record in Dual, Triangular Meets ARMUP laps mark the beginning of an after-school workout for Jay Ukena, Glenn LEATHEWLUNGER Rod COVFHQTOFI QGSPS f0I' Elf iflef The lFlTel'1Se odclard, and Chuck Morgan. city race. "YOU got us into thisp you get us out!" Steve King tells Tom Stacy during an intramural wrestling match. 'K as l40 ' 4 ,pf TRAPPED Joe Fallin struggles valiantly as Roberta Johnson and Steve Grimes puzzle over their friend's predicament. DISPLAYING the form that won them trophies in bowling competition are Steve Grissom and Betty McNeil. Betty also won last year's bowling crown. "YOU'D best believe it's 30-Love-L-U-V!" says Janie Jacobson to Bob Greer after a friendly game of intramural tennis. Intramurals Keep Pace With the Latest Trends TO KEEP PACE with the changing interest of students, the intramural committee of Student Council added two new sports, skateboard and wrestling, to the intra- mural program. Tennis coach David Hoke served as faculty director, Tom Stacy and Glen Booher were Student Council com- mittee chairmen, directing the fourteen activities on the year's agenda. All events were scheduled after school and on Sat- urdays. Athletes participating in the school athletic program were eligible to compete only in intramural sports in which they were not otherwise involved. First and second semester winners were listed on plaques hanging near the student store. Competition began in September with football, tol- lowed by the new popular tad, skateboard. Next came bowling, volleyball, and chess. The new skateboard contest drew 1,25 entries for the all-day tourney which was held on the hill south of Baptist Hospital. Jonny Foster captained teams which won basketball and volleyball events. Team members were Jim Cheath- am, John Burrus, Richard Pate, Ken Harper, and Jim lkard. Ikard, a varsity basketball player, participated only in volleyball. One of the most popular events, ping pong, was dominated by singles and doubles winners, Dawn Hulett, Danny Simon, and Bobby Griggs. Brothers Mark and John Harris reached the finals in chess where they were deadlocked in a stalemate which called for a split championship. A recap ot spring sports will be included in the summer supplement. RIDING the wild surf is Robert Holt, who won first in two of three divisions in the skateboard meet. READY to take on all challengers is muscular Jack "Flex" Scudder and studious Randy Waterman. WINNING football Intramurals were "Grangy's Terrors": Dennis Tatum, Gary Kizziar Carl Jensen, Mike Tate, Kenny Womack, Allen Doll, Greg Crum, Merle Taylor, and John Scott. l ii VARSITY-FRONT ROW: K. Womack, J. Mosely, G. Kizziar, K. Phelps, M. Page. ROW 2: G. Crum, C. Jensen, J. Scott, W. Austin, F. Loyd. TOP ROW Cqach Don Van Pool, D. Gibbs, L, Gatewood, C. Ogden, M. Tate, J. lkard,S. Ritter, mgr. Knighfs Capfure Mid-Sfafe Crown POURING in another two points against the Shawnee Wolves is hustling guard Gary Kizziar, , .. .- A K MQ.. iw' ' Qi- M 1 s . RECQHD I i' . 5 ffff J Nwc :NWC NWC? iif' C6745 a aooeugraess J f . .l.. J L . J ii"illl 'Ncirtheasf :Tulsa .ljalelffy iiilrlafcilingl . , iii '?Msdiyesf city fgPu'rdam'Ci1y' . ,,.. .QVGUT Z1 Capiiol Hill Q' Pmam ai, Qgnldfi fl. ' l?9UQl.35,5,, , Ji SHGWUBGJ Qf g ,.,., Nlidwfisf Qifv. H3"dl7'.9 ff, Caipifoll Hillf - Sh?Wn?e J GETTING off a shot over the outstretched hand of a Shawnee guard is Kenny Womack. Count 19 Wins DEFENDING Class AA champs, Knights returned l four of tive starters oft last year's state champion- i ship team: John Scott, Mike Tate, Jim lkard, and i Gary Kizziar. l Mid-State roundball crown was cinched February i 23 when the Knights edged Shawnee 48-46, post- , ing a 12-2 record, one game ahead of the Douglass 'Trojans C11-31. NW counted 19 wins in regular season play. l In the season's opener, Class A number one team, Northeast, ventured in Knightland and was subdued 81-69. John Scott set a new rebounding record, hauling in 20, and scored 14 points. Center Mike Tate was high point man with 16 points. Another trophy was added to the basketball ' team's bulging trophy case when Coach Don Van Pool's cagers journeyed to Tulsa and overcame handily three northern teams: Muskogee C62-331, l host Tulsa Hale C64-551, and Enid C63-491. In the second game Tate pumped in 23 points to help place himself on the All-Tournament team along with John "Scooter" Scott and hustling guard Gary Kizziar. l In their first Mid-State encounter, Northwest es- caped with a 67-64 victory over perennially tough Douglass. Once again Mike Tate poured in 21 points and snagged 14 rebounds to pace the Knights in both departments. ' Victories over Harding and Grant boosted the win column to 7 for the season and 24 in a row over a two-year period. l 1 TWO TROJANS try vainly to stop Larry Gatewood from scoring. V Q HALFTIME dressing room scene finds Coach Van Pool explaining the "one and one situation" to his roundballers. Coach Van Pool was tapped for City and State Coach of the Year Honors in 1964. KENNY WOMACK GARY KIZZIAR JIM IKARD JOHN SCOTT MIKE IATE . ,. , .nun W 5- - . - 1 ' t'--. .. Bombers .lmx Knights Final Games Crucial BOMBER and Knight fans packed into Midwest Citys small gym to see a fiercely competitive contest go into overtime. Midwest City upset the,Knights 60-58. Junior Larry Gatewood appearing in his first starting role for the Knights, sank 17 points as he led his team to a 72-53 raking of Putnam City. GREG CRUM r,-... Ig,-1 CARL JENSEN WAYNE AUSTIN Ninety-four points poured in by NW January 15 against Grant established a new school scoring record. Five men tallied in double figures as senior Ikard made 21 points, Gatewood and Tate, 17 points each. The gap was 35 points as the buzzer sounded ending the Capitol Hill game in the Knights' gym. The Redskins were outclassed 88-53. Scott and Kizziar were high point men with 17 and 14 points, respectively. A turnaway crowd of 2,000 iammed the Pirate gym to watch Kizziar outmaneuver his defenders to score his career high of 21 points and set up other goals with productive passes to spoil homecoming for Putnam City C75-631. Once again the Knights mastered the Enid Plainsmen, although the score C62-605 was much closer than that of their first meeting. Never before had so many people clamored to see the Knights play as when Douglass came across town in an attempt to sidetrack the Knights' Mid-State fortunes. A decisive 90-73 triumph boosted NW to a full game ahead of the Troians. Shawnee's "slow down" strategy was unsuccessful as the Knights prevailed 29-21. For the sixth time in two years Enid was tripped C64-601 by the Purple and Gold. A tension-packed game, marked by disputed plays, resulted in Northwest's heartbreaking loss C55-511 to arch rival Midwest City. Excited fans filled the Knights' gym by 6:30 p.m., a full hour before game time, and fire marshalls locked the outside doors. Ikard was top man with 19 points and 16 rebounds as the Knights stopped Harding Eagles H66-541 for the second time this season. Capitol Hill was eight points ahead with three minutes to play, but the determined Knights made a breathtaking comeback to escape with a 55-52 victory. The following Tuesday NW faced a crucial test with Shawnee to gain clear-cut possession of the Mid-State con- ference crown. Once more the Knights were forced to come from 12 points behind with three minutes left in the game to ease past the inspired Wolves 48-46. J 1' 3 I 4, wk i --Qu.. 79? TEM '-., gk, X? NO, lT'S NOT a pelican, but forward John Scott hauling down a rebound early in the third quarter of the cagers' 29-21 conquest over Shawnee February 2. I46 Sfafisfics Prove Knights' Power Tate rrre 5 Ikard Kiiziar Womack Gatewood Crum Austin Jensen Gilibs 7 GAMES '19 519 Q16 or 18 V191 , ,6 ,, or 9 1 T118 J it 2 Prg. AV- 254, 13.26 243 S SS 1 279 2022i 1 1 .22 183 31 1 .44 J 95 sgo T151 ' 8.5L 50 uuuu 5.5 F27 3.0 716' ,541 f2.o' 2, GOING for a layeup shot, Jim lkard demonstrates the ver satility that made him one of Northwest's high scorers 1 l 1 "B"-SQUAD-FRONT ROW: M. Page, J. Moseley, B. Cheatham, J. Musgrave, D. Daniel, R. Page, D. Walters. TOP ROW: W T. Wolff, mgr. R. Baumberger, J. Swartzendruber, T. O'Toole, C. Ogden, S. Wilson, M. McCreary, F. Loyd, T. Jones, P. Ukena, mgr. 'B' Team Staggers Foes With 36 Wins A SPECTACULAR 36-win streak, spanning a two- "ear period, was recorded by Coach Jerry Haynes' "B" bam. The season's tally was 16-O. Leading scorers were Mike Page, with 140 points, avid Gibbs, 114, and Frosty Lloyd, 100. Tops in the bound department was 6'5" Charles Ogden. Other utstanding players were sophomores Bill Cheatham, im Schwartzendruber, Steve Wilson, and Terry 'Toole. Narrow victories over conference teams were posted s Northwest slipped by Douglass 73-69, Enid 49-41, nd Shawnee 54-53. Northeast's Vikings came nearest 0 upsetting the Knights as they were beaten by only two-point margin, 42-40. The season's biggest victory was the 83-51 trounc- g of Capitol Hill. The C-squad, coached by Mr. Phil Harriss, finished e year with a 6-4 record. Highlights of the season ere decisive wins over Capitol Hill C51-23, 56-171 nd Putnam City. High scorer was Mike Sutter whose total points were lmost twice the combined efforts of the other team embers. Tim Eaker and Don Greenamyer were tops the rebound department. Performances turned in by both "B" and "C" squads dicate that the Knights will continue for some time occupy a top spot in state basketball circles. lrrr 5' lrris ...r .... 1 .. ,..- ' a '-L" ii .1 ,,, , . rli' ...- - r 'irr ssl. as -11r1.- .,,r s arrr ,,. 'T r.',- W "ir" i'r-' 4 -'rt r.' 5 rirr rr' at ssss ss.. " K I . :.. V,.f,- , . Ir. H .... -... J , sssr irt i 5 ' ."' 553211217 T I .:'ll f 1' izrtillli-lliillTi,2l'5kf5'T: .::. EEf'ii5'1'Ui4f'ltW5f' is ii' fr,- Q ,,. . if- 1:.,... 'Q 1 ':-1il' 7 l" ' f '.,..' TYZFHWQ' fin .'.: T71 l,,,. "-' iff .,,, 1 , --rrf --rrrr frf' 'r':- 'f -- rr f ssii I47 ADDING two points against Grant, Soph Bill Cheatham helps his OUUUMPWG 5 Grant General, Tef'Y O'T00le 9095 high 70 add TWO teammates dump victim number 25 on their way to setting a school mme Polnis- Bright Prospects Forecast for Cagers victory record. 215 'C" SQUAD-FRONT ROW: M. Merchant, S. Campbell, B. Emmert, P. Hudson, K. Carnahan, J. Held, D. Greenamyer, M. Sutter. TOP ROW: M. Rogers, P. Spaulding, R. Harrison, D. Loving, T. Eaker, G. Lemmon, F. McGregor, J. Baker, G. Graham. I48 l l VARSITY SWIM TEAM-FRONT ROW: D. Wytlaw, T. Stacy, P. Cotter, B. Pruitt, P. Barbee, J. Myracle, J. Wytlaw. ROW 2: C. Johnson, C. Rhodes, R. Hulett, D Dougall, J. Dewey, J. Bishop, S. Wilsey. TOP ROW: Coach Charles Carpenter, J. Noble, G. Smith, D. Tidholm, J. Ulrich, M. Goddard. Swimmers Take Second in Mid-State GASPING for breath, diver Dave Whytlaw splashes through a rigorous workout. PERFECTION of form is patiently sought by Dave Dougall. BROTHERS David and Jim Whytlaw work on a one-and-a half forward dive during a practice session at the Taft pool. FRESHMAN Jim realizes he must work hard to measure up to David's high standards. He hopes to fill the spot his brother will vacate. if. ?WWWWi , -ei my .mm Hi, Q rl- 'H ff E'-ri-owne. ,K 'ig 'g H 'if ' f' f erfvffefw W- 52 f..s ,NJ .W Y 1,.Mz-:ir f if ' Q rr . f l s r t i ...... .r er ir. .. . D , .V . -- M- , 1 4 is gg '-?iti:2,22:..m.z1u,,Q.nKi,. .-QL. W ' ' ' " f ' ' 'Uh' .U he A - 1 ,g,, ,.:...ff:W.f AS Phil Cotter touches, Tom Stacy gets set to swim his leg of the 200-yard free style relay. Gene Smith and John Ulrich offer encouragement. senior l Swim Team Features Newcomers, 3 Veterans WITH ONLY THREE of last year's top ten swimmers returning, Northwest claimed Mid-State runner-up posi- tion, missing first place by only seven points, and won third in the city meet. Team captain David Whytlaw contributed substan- tially to his team's standing by taking first place in both City and Mid-State meets in diving and the 400- yard free style. Coach Charles Carpenter's inexperienced squad was beaten in the City meet by Harding and John Marshall. Both schools also outclassed the Knights in dual meets before NW met their first conference foe, Enid, over- whelming them 52-43. Next Capitol Hill was left in the Knights' wake 74- 17. A barrage of first places by NW swimmers resulted in the Douglass swimmers being the third straight conference team to be decisively defeated by the Knights. Grant's Generals edged the Knights who promptly came back for a victory over Putnam City. Proving stronger than previous Midwest City edi- tions, Bomber swimmers swam past Northwest 57-38. Knights iourneyed to Ponca City where all swim- mers turned in top performances before veteran Ponca swimmers slipped past them 50-45. Since only two of the most valuable swimmers, Dave Dougall and Whytlaw, are seniors, next year's team, profiting from this year's experience, should show considerable improvement. CLOWNING before a practice session are returning Iettermen Gene Smith, Bob Pruitt iuniorsp David Whytlaw and Dave Dougall, seniors. FRESHMAN swimming star Jim Walkup displays the form that earned him a berth on the varsity swimming team. Jim was the only member of the team who qualified in the State Meet. I5l TRYING for a single leg takedown against his Japanese opponent is Jerry Huddlest Un. Wrestlers Finish Strong With 5 Straight Wins FINISHING the season with a 7-2 record in dual meets, Knight grapplers reached their peak the latter part of their schedule with five consecutive wins. In tournament competition, wrestlers placed third in the Edmond Invitational and City meets. Out of a field of I6 teams participating in the annual Geary tournament, Knights came in a strong fifth place, best- ing city champions John Marshall. Northwest opened its dual meets with a I9-I4 win over Capital conference foe Classen and a 21-I8 vic- I tory over Putnam City. ln January, a traveling Japanese All-Star team at- tracted wide attention when they completely outclassed all Oklahoma opponents. Although the visitors blanked their hosts in matches, 1 they apparently left a favorable mark on their new I friends. The Knights never lost another match, winning X the following five consecutive meets: Midwest City 22-14, Douglass 27-ll, Norman 23-9, Harding 24-I I, I Capitol Hill 38-O. The top five scorers during the regular season were Van Bumpas 96, Johnny Reeves 77, David Smith 71, l Ralph Rogers 58, Jerry Huddleston 50. Six boys qualified for the state meet: Bumpas, Reeves, Mike Andrews, Smith, Kenneth Cochran, and Rogers. I 1 I TOP team scorer Van Bumpas uses a pin hold to help post another victory over Harding. VARSITY WRESTLING-FRONT ROW: S. Methenv, V. Bumpas, D. Smith, J. Reeves, G. Leascher, J. Garrett, J. Huddleston. ROW 2: K. Cochran, M. Andrews, A. Husky, M. Mitchell, R. Rogers, T. Martin. TOP ROW: M. Geller, D. Mackey, mgr., B. Bunch, M. Corry, J. Martine, J. Ashpaugh, R. Waterman, J. Pansze, G. Zanovich, T. Johnson, M. Blaschke, S. Wadley, E. Teague, mgr.p Leonard Marcatte, coach. lei. et,-e ,Q NWC1 . . ,,, ".' ' f E.-:Ex 'Ha - ' ..-1. .K rts .-5,,..,.., . .. l : ' 'ci-my l Q ,,,. i Six Mafmen Qualify for Sfafe Tournament .W A iFECORUig . , . .e . rl TT lll f - ..... .. ..s , . ,,,,. lrll' it 1. Ha rdin: c . cc ..... g ..... , Hia . 'lm ... . ' lt feet: J' aigiffi es s 41. 1 ..-.. N? 3, ....., .,.,.. , . ., ,,.. ,,.., . j . T l..' ' ' f TT' rrll ...A ' A 3rd:1' Mid-Statei1.1l ' i . f ,1.tgk..1- ,.-.,,...,..,S. - -1 f. igzztmee . .... ....,, . . , w -- 5. .N 1' W. . . W...-s .. .. . , -..ct Q., -,, ,,gg.s,f..:fs-. 1- fu. ggyggi, .. INTENSITY of feeling during a wrestling match is reflected by Mike Mitchell, Coach Marcotte, and David Smith. X., Van Bumpas Gary Leascher David Smith Jim Garrett Mike Mitchell Jerry Huddlegion Mike Andrews Kenneth Cochran Andy Husky Ralph Rogers Rugged Sporf Demands Sfricf Training, ABOUT TO LOSE an eye is Jerry Huddleston, as his Nipponese foe applies a crossface. -SQUAD-FRONT ROW: M. Seeley, R. Vann, M. Rowten, M. Adams, J. May. TOP ROW: D. Husky, T. Gibson, M. Coughlin, J. Morris, mgr., T. Miller, R. Thurman, oach H. Meredith. famina, Self-Discipline ORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT are given Jerry Huddlesion by Coach Marcone A HAND STAND by David Smith's Harding opponent is all that nd Tom Miller. keeps him from being pinned. GIRLS' SOFTBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: N. Reyes, L. Myers, E. Brehm. ROW 2: B. Davis, C. Rowten, D. Geiger, J. Thompson. TOP ROW: B. Beausang, S. Rendel, E. Howard, Coach W. Lovett. CHAMPION batters help produce championship teams. Top four sluggers were Linda Myers, Ellen Howard, Betsy Beausang, and Becky Davis. Sporfswomen Produce 2 City Championships SPORTSWOMEN produced a district and city champion- ship softball team for the second straight year and the city swimming crown for the fourth consecutive year. Coach Waynoka Lovett's softball team opened its season by overwhelming John Marshall, Harding, and Star Spen- cer by scores of 14-7, 8-5, 15-O, respectively. The team's success was due mainly to exceptional pitch- ing by Ellen Howard and leading hitters Betsy Beausang Linda Myers, and Becky Davis. An inexperienced volleyball team won two out of eight games, defeating Classen and Southeast. Returning letter- women were Lincla and Judy Vandennieuwenhof, out- standing players were Ann Mahan and Nelda Reyes., With only three letterwomen reporting for basketball, the team managed iust two wins. ln the final game, the girls scored 40 points against Central, beating them 40-28. Swimmers splashed to top ratings under the supervision of Coach Margie Smith. Returning letterwomen were Katie and Jeanie Thornton, Tish Ellis, Janice Carlton, Sherry Shee- han, and Pam Crotts. Highlight of the season was the 88-78 defeat of Hard- ing's swim team, annually NW's strongest city competition. ln the state meet in Bartlesville Feb. 26-27, all nine girls representing NW qualified for the finals and received medals. Entries in the various divisions numbered l50. r i l 5 3 f, Hgiw ,Ju ,ff J 1 i I I 1-P231 3 'fi i tg! Z' 'Ei fl Q' V- i . 5 V VV x v 1 ' . Q J , 1 ,Q . L . gg - . 1 IRLS' VOLLEYBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW: K. Kinsey, J. Butenhoff, J. Vandennieuwenhof, L. Mahan, M. Gholston. ROW 2: N. Reyes, L. yers, J. Thompson, L. Roberts, S. Voorhies. TOP ROW: J. Gilson, J. Marr, S. Ewing, A. Mahan, Mrs. Lovett, coach. "TRlPPED over a canary cage?" Sportswomen Ellen Howard and Becky Davis snicker as they assist Coach Waynoka Lovett to the dressing room. Mrs. Lovett sprained her ankle at home when she tripped over her bird cage. PRACTICE up before and Judy makes perfect is a good motto for sportswomen. Warming an important volleyball game are- Jo Butenhoff, Linda Myers, Marr. GIRLS SWIMMING TEAM-FRONT ROW: K. Thornton, D. Moses, J. Little, F. Lane, J. Thornton, P. Crotts, P. Dulaney, T. Cabell. ROW 2: T. Ellis, C. Green, P. Wright, J. Wright, D. Day, B. Abrams, J. Carleton, C. Hansen, C. Carleton. TOP ROW: Miss Smith, coach, S. Thomas, M. K'utz, J. Kahn, S. McCormick, J Humphries, S. Day. Another Successful Pool Season Posted "SAFETY FIRST," insists Miss Margie Smith, swimming coach, to . D' M . Se ' L'f ' ' ' ' ' . HI-AST one in is a ' . . H Sister mam Katy and Jeanie :ana oses mor ie Saving is taught by Miss Smith to swimmers Thornton took diving honors in the city swim meet. lGlRLS BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT WROW: M. J. Smith, D. Geiger, N. Reyes, C. Rowten. ROW 2: P. Crotts, L. Myers, l XECUTING the iackknife which helped her win second place in city and 5 "GOALTENDlNG is against the rules, girls!" Esther Brehm and Sharon Rendel tate competition is freshman Peggy Dulaney. prddlce during basketball season. Girls Participate in Variety of Sports E. Brehm, M. Murphy, J. Thompson, J. Riley, TOP ROW: B. Beausang, D. Steer, S. Rendel, E. Howard, S. Ewing, Coach W. Lovett. JUDY MARR TISH ELLIS Pres. V. Pres. I JEANIE THORNTON PENNY POWELL Sec. Treas. TOP ROW: B. Abrams, B. Beausang, J. Carlton, P. Crotts. ROW 2: B. Davis, M. deCardinez, B. Downum, J. Gilson. ROW 3: E. Howard, M. Murphy, J. Riley, S. Thomas. ROW 4: J. Thompson, K. Thornton, J. Vandennieuwenof, S. West. "DO YOU THINK you can get these sold during Advisory?" asks Penny .Powell, treasurer of Ellen Howard, historian, Judy Vandennieuewenof, sgt. at arms, and Betsy Beausang, chaplain O-Clubs Stress Service, PRIMARILY service clubs, both Boys and Girls "O" Clubs are composed. of students who earn a letter in at least one sport. Girls annually sponsor candy and bake sales to help finance the club's annual weekend trip in May. This year a paper drive was added to the money-making proiects. "O" Clubs shared operation of the concession stands for home games. Boys used their part in helping to pay for the January banquet where initiation for foot- ball and cross country lettermen was held. Also formal- ly initiated were those boys who lettered in spring sports last year. Officers were installed at this time. Girls held their traditional Club Christmas party, en- tertaining orphans from a local home. Two initiations were held: January 18, first semester letterwomen were initiated at a dinner at O'Mealey's, second semester initiation was held during the weekend trip at Western Hills Lodge May 22-23. Boys "O" Clubbers launched their year's activities by selecting five girls as candidates for All-Sports Queen. Those honored were Janis Nowlin, Cindy Pat- terson, Chris Reynolds, Barbara Sigmon, and Cindy Williams. An assembly featuring a speaker from the Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes was sponsored by the "O" Club in December. JIM CARREKER CRAIG BUSEY Pres. Sec, . ..... 5 6' H JOHN BURRUS JOHN SCOTT V, Pres. Trcas. PLEDGE DUTIES for Boys "O" Club pledges include providing cnlcrlainnicnt during lunch hours. Vocalists are Larry' Govin, Mark Harris, Gene Smilh, Steve Grimes, and Mike Dnvis. Sponsor Varied Activities TOP ROW: J. Anderson, W. Austin, J. Bado, R. Browning, V. Bumpass, J. Cheatham, M. Davis, A. Doll, B. Dougall, M. Falks, J. Foster, J. Garrett. ROW :W. Gary, M. Geller, T. Green, B. Griggs, B. Grimes, S. Grimes, M, Harris, M. Holdridge, J. Huddleston, A. Husky, J. lkarcl, C. Jensen. ROW 3: D. Keim, . Mitchell, A. McCarty, D. McKinney, J. Morris, D. Pate, T. Payne, K. Phelps, B. Pruitt, M. Pulliam, S. Ritter, P. Robinson. ROW 4: R. Rogers, Jack cudder, D. Smith, G. Smith, J. Suggs, M. Tate, J. Walcher, D. Ward, B. Welch, D. Whylaw, K. Womack, W. Woods. The hearf of fhe school is its people . . . They Turn The hollow buildings info somefhing alive . . . somefhing almosi human. Each of Them- all with differeni dreams, ambifions, and desires searches for fulfillmenf of his needs. CLASSES I62 SAMMIE VINSON Secretary JIM IKARD President RUSTY HOLLOWAY Vice President i i ' i DAVE DOUGALL 591- at Arms CAROL Pickens l Treasurer EACH i965 Senior class officer is outstanding in an special phase of school life. Jim lkard, pres., is an Alll State basketball star and was selected to attend the- Young Christian Athletes camp in l964. Rusty Hollof way, vice pres., excels in speech and debate and has represented Northwest Classen nationally. Sammie Vinl son, sec., co-edits the Shield and-is Times Correspond' ent. Her wit and good humor proved invaluable in planning senior activities. Carol Pickens, treas., ha been a maiorette for three years, serving as captai her senior year. Dave Dougall is NWC's "professional sgt. at arms", serving not only the senior class, buh Student Council as well. ' Officers Organize Senior Activities y y EVERYONE knows that seniors are very special peo- ple. But no one is more convinced of this than the up- perclassman himself. Seniors have more fun, know more people, win more honors and appear to do less studying than anyone in school. The senior is glamorous to the freshman and irritat- ing to the iunior. After four years of unforgettable ex- periences, he is blase and sophisticated. He knows his school and his place in it. He complains of "Senioritis" at school, but the weekend finds him ready for action. Beneath his uninhibited antics and seemingly com- plete disregard for rules is a deep loyalty and pride. Here he has been both afraid and self-confident, elated and disappointed. Most senior conversations include the phrases, "Re- member back in our sophomore year when we . . ." or "Who are you rooming with next year?" Being a senior is an ending and a beginning. Each! special event is a little sad because he knows it's his last, but he looks forward to leaving behind the rou- tine which he feels he has outgrown. Our senior year was filled with events and things, that make us smile . . . the cowboy boots no senior, boy could be without, the "list", the Midwest Cityl game, the state championship, the game signs, the "cuts", James Brown, student council debates, OO7, the purple dragon, the parking lot signs, Silkies, andi graduation night. . . There is amoment during graduation when we wishl we could make time stand still and never lose what we feel now. But through our goodbyes are the mem- ories of four wonderful years at Northwest Classen and assurance that "the emblem of proud Knighthood. will never leave our hearts." I ABNEY, CAROL: Coronets I. ABNEY, STEPHEN: Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Honor Math 3, 45 Math Aanlysis Club 4. MBRAMS, SUSAN: Cygnets 'I-45 Courtesy Club il-4, chapl. 4, treas. 45 Court Jesters I, 25 Tri- Hi-Y 3, 45 JCL T, 25 Honor Roll 25 Election bd. 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. ABRAMSON, LINDA: Coronets I-45 Courtesy Club 'I-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Court Jesters I, 2, cheerleader 25 Honor Language 3, 45 Honor Roll 2, 35 Student Council 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. I IACKERMAN, KENT: Student Council 35 Boys' "O" Club 45 Football 45 Hi-Y 35 Honor Math 2-45 IJCL I, 2. ADAIR, GARY ADUDDELL, LINDA: Coronets l545 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Honor Math 3, 45 Math Analysis Club 45 Election bd. 4. ALLDER, TOM: Concert Band 2-45 Marching Band I-45 Pep Band 3, 45 Orchestra 4. ALLEN, ROY: Band 'l, 25 Key Club 4. ALT, KARLENE: Cygnets I-45 Courtesy Club I-45 ' Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Student Council 45 Maiorette 45 Class Y Treas. 'I5 Great Books Club 45 Key Club Sweetheart 4. ANDERSON, GREG: Natl. Honor Soc. 4. ARENS, RUTH: Coronets I-4, sgt. at arms 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 45 Honor Language 3, 45 Shield, editor 45 JCL I-4, treas. 45 Great Books Club 4, sec. 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 4. ,ARTERBURN, CONNIE: Cygnets 25 Election bd. 4. ASKINS, JEAN: Coronets I-3, cheerleader T, sgt. at arms I5 Courtesy Club I5 Y-Teens T, 25 Court Jesters I5 DE Club 3, 45 DE Princess 35 Girls' Swimming and Tennis team l. AUSTIN, LENORA: Cygnets 'I-45 Courtesy Club 35 Red Cross 45 Smile Contest Winner I. AUSTIN, WAYNE: Boys' "O" Club 2-45 Football I-45 Basketball I-45 Baseball 'I5 Track 2-45 Shield rep.5 Honor Roll 'l, 2. Knighfhood Comes to an End AUTERY, DAVID: Clerical Occupations. BABCOCK, BARRY: Student Council 3, 4, exec. bd.5 JCL 'I-4, treas. 45 Natl. Thespians I-4, vice pres. 45 Key Club 3, 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 45 Honor Math 3, 45 NFL 4. BABER, GAIL: Cygnets 'I-45 Courtesy ,Club 'I-45 Tri- Hi-Y 3, 45 Math Analysis Club 45 Red Cross 4. BACON, TY: Lancers I-45 Electronics Club 3, 4. BAILEY, SHARLA: Cygnets 45 Courtesy Club 35 IRed Cross alt. 3. KEI Dorado, Ark.J BAINBRIDGE, BUZ BAKER, DEANNA BARBEE, BECKY: Coronets 2-45 20th Century Home' makers 25 Girls' Chorus 3, 45 Red Cross 4. BARKER, JEANNE: Honor Language: Natl. Honor Soc. 4. BARNARD, JANIE: Cygnets 2-45 Band 2-45 Band and Orchestra Girls 3, 45 Hi-Notes 45 Red Cross, alt. 4. BARNES, JAMIE: Natl. Art Honor Soc, I-35 Great Books Club 4. BARNUM, KEN: Honor Roll I5 Electronics Club 2-4. BARRETT, KATHY: Cygnets I-45 Red Cross 45 Shield staff T5 Election bd. 45 YTK 4. BARRON, DONNA: Coronets I-4, hist. 45 Courtesy Club 2-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Career Club I5 JCL I, 25 Court Jesters T. BAY, DEBBIE: Coronets I-35 Court Jesters I, 2, cheerleader 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3. BECK, KAREN: Cygnets T-45 Courtesy Club 45 Honor Language 3, 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 45 Honor Math 3, 45 French Club 4, pres. 4. BECKNER, MIKE BEEBE, BETSY: Coronets I-45 Courtesy Club 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 Honor Lan- guage 3, 45 German Club 35 Cry-slurs 4. BELL, JOHN: Band T-35 Pep Band 2, 35 Hi-Notes 3, 4. BENSON, MIKE: Red Cross, alt. 2. I n eniors omina e Oufspoke S D 1 BENTLEY, ANN: Cry-slurs 2-4, Iibr. 35 Mixed Quar- tet 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 3.' BERG, KAREN: Cygnets 25 Court Jesters 25 Girls' Tennis and Swimming team 2. BERG, SHARON: Cygnets I-45 Y-Teens I, 25 Girls' "O" Club 3, 45 Girls' Tennis team 3, 4. BERRY, JIM: Wrestling I, 25 German Club 4. BILLINGSLEY, MAXINE: Cygnets 2-45 DE Club 4. BINGHAM, CHARLOTTE: Red Cross 25 20th Cen- tury Homemakers 2. BLAKEY, MARK: Lancers I-4. I BLAKLEY, PAT: Coronets I-35 Red Cross T, 25 Cour- , tesy Club 45 Student Council, alt. 4. ' BLOCK, NANCY: Cygnets T-45 Courtesy Club 2-45 N Student Council 4, exec. bd, 45 Banld Girls I-3, chapl. 35 Concert Band 2, 35 Pep Band 35 Orchestra 2, 35 Marching Band I-35 Red Cross 3. ' BOAZ, LINDA: Cygnets I-45 Courtesy Club 3, 45 20th Century Homemakers 3, 45 Student Council, alt. 2, 35 Red Cross 45 Election bd. 3, 4. BOLTON, PATTI: Coronets 2-45 FTA 45 Student Council 4. BOND, JOHN: Key Club 3, 4. BOOTH, JERRY: Lancer I-4. BOTTGER, TERRY BOTTS, RUTH ANN: JCL 2, 3: Red Cross 3, 4, Great Books Club 4: Honor Roll I-4, Honor Math 2, 3: Honor Language 3, 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4. BOWEN, JAMES BOYDSTON, RICK: Career Club Ig Emerson Proiect 4. BRAUN, JOHN BRAY, GLENDA: Para Medics 2: 2ofh Century Homemakers 3, 4, pres. 4: Y-Teens I-4, treas. 4. BREITSCHUH, BOB: Shield rep. 3, 4. r BRESSIE, LINDA: Coronets I-3: Courtesy Club 2 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. BREWER, FRANCES: Cygnets 1-4, JCL 1-4. BRIDGEFORD, JUDY: Coronets I-4: Red Cross 3, 4 alt. 3, Rep. 4. IBRINK, WAYNE I Student Council Debates PHYSICS instructor, Mr. Jim Conger, observes as Barbara Hoffer and Stan Davis measure pulse on a "slinky BROCK, LARRY: Basketball I, 25 Track I-4. BROCKHAUS, GLYNA: Pep Club, Guthrie I5 Art Cfub, Guthrie 1, 2, Natl, Art Honor Soc. 3, 4, lGuthric, Oklahoma 3I. BROOK, BILL: Wrestling 35 Soccer 2, 35 Cotillion Club 2, 35 Red Cross I5 Shield rep. I5 fSewanee Military Academy 41. BROOME, MARY: Library Aide I. BROWER, KATHLEEN: Courtesy Club I5 FTA I5 Red Cross, alt. 2. BROWN, JANICE: Coronets 35 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Courtesy Club 45 Junior Delegates 3, 45 FTA 45 JCL 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 45 Honor Roll 3, 45 Red Cross, alt. 4. BROWN, JEANIE: Cygnets I-45 Courtesy Club I-4, sgt. at arms 45 Court Jesters I5 Honor Roll 35 Election bd. 4. BROWN, JO Busey Chosen Crfy Exchange Club Boy BROWN, NEIL: Student Council, alt. 4. , BROWN, PEGGY: Coronets I-45 Y-Teens 4, chaplf 4, l BROWN, ROGER: Student Council 45 Golf I'4. l BROWN, WAYNE: Falcons I, 25 Red Cross I5l Shield rep, 3. BROWNING, ROD: Boys' "O" Club 3, 45 Track' I-45 Cross Country 2v4. BRUMLEY, GILBERT BRYNER, GALE: Cygnets I-35 DE Club 4. BUCHNER, JACKIE: Cygnets I-4, sgt. at arms 25 Student Council 3, 45 Great- Books Club 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Honor Roll I-45 JCL I, 2. l I l BUCHWALD, KEITH: Basketball I-45 Boys' "O" Club 4. BUCKLEY, TOM BULLOCK, LA DEANA: Coronets I-45 Court Jesters N I, Library Club 2, YJCL-.ts 4, Sec. 4, zom Century Homemakers 4. BUMPAS, VAN: Boys' "O" Club 2-45 Wrestling I-45 Hi-Y 4, sec. 45 Shield rep. 4. I BURBA, HAL: Hi-Y 3, 45 Track I,' 25 Swimming I, 25 Honor Roll 2. BURCH, SANDRA: Cry-Slurs 2,45 Shield rep. 45 All-City Chorus 3. I BURKE, JIMMIE BURRUS, JOHN: Key Club 4, Sgt. at arms 45 Boys' "O" Club 2-4, vice pres. 45 Football 2-4. I I I f , MAKING PLANS for the Sensor Assembly are sensor class sponsors Mr Ted Nschols Mr Duane Wesnert Mrs. Vsvsan Lanser and Mrs Maurme Wsllsamson URTON, FLORENCE URTON, ROSEMARY: Cygnets I-4, sgt. at arms , Natl. Art Honor Soc. 2-4, Student Council 4. USCH, JUDY: Cororsets I-4, Courtesy Club I, atl. Honor Soc. 4. USEY, CRAIG: Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4, pres. 4, oys' "O" Club 2-4, sec. 4, Jr. Rotarian 4, Class ice pres. 3, Judicial bd., Round Table Royalty, rince of Friendship, Football 2-4, Natl. Thespians -4, treas. 3, 4, Key Club 2-4, Exchange Club Boy f the Year. UTT, ARLENE: Student Council I-4, Cheerleader , Drama Club I-3, Class officer I-3, Coronets 4, ICincinnati, Ohiol. AMMACK, REBECCA: Cygnets 3, 4, Natl. Honor oc. 3, 4, Honor Math 2-4, Honor Language 4, ed Cross 3, 4, Great Books Club 4, Math Analysis lub 4. CAMPBELL, PAT: Band I-4, Great Books Club 4, ice pres. 4, Matls Analysis Club 4, fDalIas, Tex.J. APRON, DAVID: Lancers I-4, parl. 4, Key Club -4, sr. bd. 4, Track 3, Student Council, exec. N d. 4, Hi-Y 4. CARDIN, PAUL: Natl. Honor sac. 4, Honor Lan. guage 3, 4, Honor Roll I-3, Announcers Club 3, 4, NFL I-4, Science Club 3, 4, treas. 3, 4, Coin Club 4, vice pres. 4, pres. 4, CARPENTER, REGINA CARREKER, JIM: Boys' "O" Club' 2-4, pres. 4, Foosball I-4, All-City 4, All-Conf. 4, Journal's IAII-State 4, Key Club 2-4, Hi-Y 2.4, Chaps. 3, Honor Math 3, 4, Natl, Honor Soc. 4. CARRUTH, PAULA: Coronets I-4, 2OtIt Century I-lomesnakers, vice pres. 4, Student Council 4. CARTER, STEVEN: Football I-4, Band I-3, Key 'Club 2-4. CENTER, SHIRLEY: Cygnets I, 2, Courtesy Club I, 2, Court Jcsters I. CHAMBERS, JAHREE CHANEY, PEGGY: Cry-Slurs I-4, Cygnets I-3, Red Cross 4, Election bd. 4. DUTIES of the Jr Rotarians were pointed out by Mr Malone who has gust been elected to the Board of Directors of Rotary Club, to seniors Craig Busey Bernd Hagenberg Bryan Maurer Rusty Holloway Jonny Foster and Dave Elder. Not pictured is Jack Scudder. 'Admit Slip?? . . .L CHEATHAM, FRANCES: Coronets l-4. CHEATHAM, JIM: Boys' "O"'Club 2-45 Key Club 2-45 Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Honor Roll l-45 JCL 3, 45 Honor Language 3, 45 Student Council 35 Hi- Y 3, 4. CHILDERS, JENNY: Coronets l, 25 Courtesy Club I. CHILTON, PAM: Courtesy Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Red Cross alt. 45 JCL 1, 2, 45 FJA 35 Student Councill I-35 Science Club 35 fNortheast H.S.l. Q CHITTY, NELSON: Key Club 45 HL-Y 4. CHRONISTER, MARY: Cygnets 1-45 Natl. Honorl Soc. 3, 45 Honor Language 3, 45 Honor Math 2-45 NFL i-4, treas. 3, 45 Girls' State 35 Great Books Club 45 Announcers Club 2-4, vice pres 4. CLAIR, KAREN CLANAHAN, JANE: Coronets 1-45 Red Cross, alt.l l, 2. i CLARK, JIM: Lancers l-4, sgt, at arms 2, parl. 45 Football 2. CLARK, JOHN: Falcons l, 25 Aeronautics Club, pres. 4. CLAUNCH, GAELYN: Cygnets l-45 Courtesy Club 4. CLAY, MYLA: Coronets i-35 Courtesy Club i. l CLENNEY, RODNEY LINE, EMMA: Cygnets I-45 Courtesy Club 25 CL I, 2, 45 Honor Language 3, 45 Great Books Club 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. cow, HARLAN: Hi-Y 4. COLCLASURE, JO ANN: DE Club. I I OLE, BARNEY: Falcons I-4, chapl. 45 German lub 4. COLE, JUDY: Coronets I-45 JCL I, 25 Tri-Hi-Y 5 Band and Orchestra Girls I-45 All-State Orchestra , 45 Red Cross, alt. 2. OLE, MARILYN: Okla. State Honor Soc. I, 25 HA I, 25 Coronets 3, 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Sallisawl. OLE, PAMELA: Cygnets I-45 Courtesy Club 45 ourt Jesters I5 Tri-Hi-Y 3. OLLEY, BARRY: Lancers 2-45 Natl. Art Honor Soc. , 4, sec. 45 Red Cross 4. oLuER, GEORGE: Red cross 35 Hi-Y 4. oLLuM, DAVID: Hi-Y 45 Tennis 3. OMBS, KAY: Coronets 'I-45 Courtesy Club 2-45 ourt Jesters I, 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, ass't. treas. 4, arl. 45 Shield rep. 3, 45 Election bd. 3, 4. You're Lucky I Came At Alll' OMPTON, KAREN: Coronets 'I-3. ONLEY, JEANNE: Coronets 'I-35 Courtesy Club -35 FTA I-3, vice pres. 2, pres. 3. OOK, LARRY OOLEY, BECKY: Cygnets I-45 Courtesy Club I-4, gt. at arms 45 Girls' "O" Club 35 Court Jesters , 25 Student Council 2-45 Red Cross I. OOPER, CAROLYNE: Coronets I-35 Natl. Honor oc. 3, 45 Honor Math 2, 35 Honor Language 3, 5 Science Club 3, 45 German Club 4, hist. 45 onor Roll 'I-4. OOPER, KRISTI: Cygnets 2-45 JCL 'l, 25 Shield ep. 45 Election bd. 3, 4. ORDELL, LINDA: Cygnets' I-45 Natl. Honor Soc. , 4, chapl. 45 Honor Math 2-45 Girls' State 35 NFL -4, sec. 3, vice pres. 45 Great Books Club 4, parl. 5 JCL 2-4. ORDONNIER, BROC: Band I-45 Aeronautics Club 4. ORTER, SHEILA: Cygnets I-4, ushering chrm. 3, 5 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Band and Orchestra Girls 2-45 rchestra I-4, pres. 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 45 Election d. 45 All-State Orchestra I-4. OSGROVE, JO ANN: German Club 45 Girls' horus 45 Student Council I-35 French Club 35 Hot Springs, Ark.J. OTTRELL, KEITH: Library Club I5 IKingsport, enn.D. OX, FREDDIE: Concert Band I-45 Orchestra I-45 arching Band 3, 45 Pep Band 3, 4. COX, JEANNE: Coronets 'I-4, Natl. Art Honor Soc. 3, 4, treas. 4, Art Club I, 2, Honor Math 3. COY, FRANK: Falcons I-4, sgt. at arms 3, pres. 4, sec. 4, Athletic Program Editor 4, Honor Math 2, 3, Honor Language 3, 4, Math Analysis Club 4, Honor Roll I, 2, Student Store 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 4. CRAIG, ROBERT: Natl. Honor Soc. 4, German Club 3, 4. CRAIN, STEVEN CREASY, VICKI: Cygnets I-4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Court Jesters I. CREEK, RAMONA CRUDUP, SUSAN: Coronets 144, Honor Math 3, 4, Honor Language 3, 4, Court Jesters I, National! Honor Soc. 4. CRUM, GREG: Key Club 3, 4, treas. 4, Studentl Council 3, 4, Basketball I-4, Baseball 'I-4, Boys' "O" Club 4. CUMBERLAND, HAL: Student Council 4, Track 3, Cross Country 4, German Club 4, Honor Roll 3, Natl. Honor Soc. 4. CUMMINS, FREIDA: Girls' Chorus 2, 3. CUNNINGHAM, DEANNA: Cygrtets I, 2, TrIvHi-Y 3, Round Table staff I, CO 4. ' CURTIS, CURT: Electronics Club 4, treas. 4. CURTIS, TINA: Coronets I-4, hist. 4, Courtesy Club I-4, sgt. at arms 3, Court Jesters I-4, Tri-I Hi-Y 2-4. DANCY, DON: Cross Country 2-4, Track 2, 3. I DANIEL, BILL: Band 2, Orchestra 2, Spanish Club 2, lFarmington, N. MJ. DANIEL, FREDDIE: Coronets 244, JCL 2, Red Cross 3, 4. 'Knight Life' Safirizes Antics DANIELS, MARCIA: Cygnets 2-4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4,l Courtesy Club 3, 4, Lancer Princess 4. I DANSBY, JUDY: Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 3, Round Table staff 4. DAVIS, BECKY: Cygrtels 2-4, Girls' "O" Club 3, 4,3 treas. 4, FTA 4, Iwist. 4. DAVIS, LINDA: Cygnets I-4, Round Table staff 3.l I DAVIS, SAMMY: Class pres. I, Basketball I, 2r Baseball I, 4, lMuskogeeD. Y DAVIS, STAN: Cry-Slurs I-4, pres. 4, Student Coun- cil, exec. bd. 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4, Honor Math 2-4, Honor Language 3, 4, Math Analysis Club 4, Boys' "O" Club 4, Basketball I-4. DAWSON, RICHARD DAY, RONNY: Hi-Y 4, vice pres. 4. deCORDOVA, JANICE DEFIEL, CELIA: Cygnets 3, 4, Courtesy Club 4, Election bd. 3, 4, Student Council 3. DEMARET, JANET: cygneis 1-3. DEMoPoLos, JIM: Key Club 4, Hi-Y 4, ehapl. 4, Honor Roll 3, Wrestling I, 2. DEPLOIS, TERRY: Electronics Club 3, 4. DEWEY, PAT: Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club I-4, Tri-Hi-Y 2-4, Student Council 4. DeWOLFE, MARY: Cygnets I-4, sgt. at arms 4, Honor Math 3, Student Council 4, Judicial bd., sec. 4. D'HOOSTLEAERE, GENIE: German Club 4, lllion, N. Y., DICKINSON, RICHARD: Wrestling 2, 3, Honor lMath 3, 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 4. IDINWIDDIE, NORMA: Coronets I, 2, Red Cross 2, 3. XDODMAN, LYNN: Science Club I-4. DOIL, JIM I DOLING, ERNEST: Boys' "O" Club 4, Football I-4, lBasketball I, Track 2, Red Cross 3. IDOLL, ALLEN: Boys' "O" Club 3, 4, Baseball I-4, Football I. DONCEEL, DIANE: Cygnets I-4, Courtesy Club II-3, Shield rep. 3, 4. DORN, SANDRA: Pep Club I, 2, Art Club I, 2, Spanish Club I, Uohn Marshallj. 5 7 of The Year Thor Was . I' I I I A CITATION for his achievements in science courses was presented to Jack Scudder by Mr. 'Donald S. Kennedy, president of O G 81 E, at the International Thomas A. Edison Youth day 'program February I2 at the Municipal Audi- torium. Jack represented NW at the meeting. LUNCHTIME break-finds Dan Work, George McCreight and Craig Busey matching wits with Mr. Gaut, assistant principal, in a game of chess. DOUGALL, DAVE: Student Council 4, sgt. at arm: 4: Class sgt. at arms 4: Key Club 2-4: Boys' "O" Club 2-4: 'Track I: Football 1, 2: Swimming 1-4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Natl. Honor Soc. 4. DRYDEN, TIM DUCKETT, ELLA: Coronets 1-4: Red Cross, alt. 2, 4. DUDLEY, PAT: Cygnets I-4: Red Cross l, 2, county council 2, ass't. sec. 3: Court Jesters 3, cheerleader 3: Courtesy Club 4: Student Council, alt. 2: Falcon Queen 4. DUGAN, JUDY: Coronets 2, 3: Red Cross 2, alt. 3: Student Council, alt. 3. DUNLAP, DAVID: Lancers 2: Football 3, 4. DYER, DIANE: Coronets 1, 2: Art Club 4. DYSART, CHARLES: Lancers I-4: Marching Band I-4: Wrestling I, 2. EAGIN, MARCY: Cygnets 1-4: Natl. Honor Soc. 4: Honor Language 3, 4: Red Cross 2-4, sec. 4: Student Council, exec. bd. 4: Orchestra I-4: Great Books Club 4: Hi-Notes 3, 4. EAVES, ANN: Cygnets 2-4: Red'Cross 4. ECKHARDT, BILL: Key Club 2-4: Hl-Y 'l, 4. EDWARDS, CHUCK: Red Cross 3: Camera Club 3, 4: Aeronautics Club 3, 4. 'Senioritis' Affects Grades - l l t l 1 t lEHRLlCH, PAT: Coronets 2-4, asst. treas. 45 Cour- tesy Club 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Honor Math 35 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. ELDER, DAVE: Student Council pres. 45 OASC pres. 45 Boys' "O" Club 2-45 Football 1-45 Swim- lming 1-35 Jr. Rotarian 45 Class sgt. at arms 35 lRound Table Royalty 45 Prince of Friendship 4. JELLEDGE, DAVID: Student Council 4. TELLIS, TISH: Cygnets 1-4, sgt. at arms 1, cheer- leader 25 Girls' "O" Club 3, 4, -vice pres. 4, sgt. at arms 45 Court Jesters 1-35 Student Council 2, 35 lRed Cross, alt. 4. l lELLISON, BRENDA: Coronets 1-45 Courtesy Club 1-4, asst. treas. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 4, vice pres. 45 Election bd. 4. EMENHISER, SARAH: Coronets 1-4, flagbearer 45 Courtesy Club 1-4, treas. 45 Student Council 45 Honor Roll 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. ENGEBRETSEN, JACQUELINE EOFF, BOB: Lancers 1, 25 Electronics Club 35 Hi- Y 4. ERSHADI, SHIRIN: AFS Student from Iran 45 Cyg- nets 45 Coronets 45 Student Council 4. ESKRIDGE, ROD EUBANKS, RONNIE EUBANKS, SHIRLEY: Courtesy Club 45 Y-Teens 3, 145 German Club 3, 4. i But Not Weekend Achvrhes EVERAARD, SUSIE: Coronets 1-35 Courtesy Club 1, 25 Round Table staff 3. EVERETT, VANCE iFALLlN, JOE: Student Council 45 Key Club 45 'Hi-Y 45 Tennis 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 45 FJA 15 Shield and Round Table staff 3, 45 Electronics Club 25 Prince of Print 4. jFARHA, FRED: Aeronautics Club 35 D.E. Club 2. FARMER, NANCY: Cygnets 1-45 Student Council 1, 2, 4, exec. bd. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Red Cross 3, 4, parl. 45 Jr. Delegates 45 Court Jesters 1, 25 Honor .Roll 3, 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. FFERGUSON, DERREL: Wrestling 15 D.E. Club 2. FERGUSON, JOE: Wrestling 1, 2. lFERGUSON, JULIE: Coronets 1-4. FERGUSON, LINDA: Career Club 15 Y-Teens 2. FEZLER, TRIPP: Marching Band 1-4, officer 45 Concert Band 1-45 Pep Band 1-4, dir. 45 Math Analysis Club 45- Oil Executive for a Day 45 ,Honor Roll. FIELD, PAUL: Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Honor Lan- guage 3, 4, pres. 45 Honor Math 3, 45 Math Analysis Club 45 Key Club 2-45 Judicial bd., chief ius. 45 Great Books Club 4. .FlELDS, STEVE: Honor Math 35 Science Club 45 HJCL 1-45 Coin Club 45 Red Cross 3, 45 Library Club 2. FILSON, DELLA: Cygnets I-4, Courtesy Club I-4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, treas. 4, Round Table staff 2-4, editor 4, FJA 2, 3, OCIPA 2-4, treas. 4. FINCH, JAMES: Aeronautics Club 3. FINE, GREG: Cry-slurs I-4, Natl. Honor Soc. 4, Honor Language 3, 4, Honor Math 2, 3, Honor Roll I. FINUCANE, MIKE: Hi-Y 4, Track 3, Stage crew 2. FISHER, CLAYTON FITZ, LANE: Falcons I-4, pres. 4, hist. 3, Honor Language 3, 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Honor Roll. FLEETWOOD, JIM: Lancers I-4, pres. 4, Pep Council 2-4. FLEMING, JIM FLEMMING, CAROLYN: Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 2, 3, Election bd. 3, CO 4. FLOURNOY, CAROLYN: Cygnets I-4, Courtesy Club 3, 4, Natl. Art Honor Soc. 4, Red Cross 2-4. FLYNN, BUDDY FORD, SHARON: Coronets I, 2. Class Boosts Ten Natl. Merit Finalists FOREHAND, JAN: Coronets 3, 4, Courtesy Club 4, Girls' Chorus 3, Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4, Honor Roll 3, 4. FORREST, MARILYN: Coronets 2-4, Courtesy Club' 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Great Books Club 4, Student, Council 4. FOSTER, JONNY: Student Council vice pres. 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4, Class vice pres. I, sgt. at arms 2, Top Teen 3, Jr. Rotarian 4, Boys' "O", Club 2-4, Round Table Royalty 4, Knight of Friend- ship, Key Club 2-4, Hi-Y 2-4, pres. 3. I FOSTER, RANDY: Boys' "O" Club 2-4, Football I-4, Baskteball I, 2, Wrestling 3. I rowifn, LEN: Aeronautics Club 2, cancer: sand 2, 3, Marching Band 2, 3. FRANTZ, KEN: Key Club 4, Student Council 4, Red Cross 2-4, Tennis 4. I FRAZIER, KIRK: Cygnets 4, Courtesy Club 4,1 Tri-Hi-Y 4, Great Books Club 4. FREDERICI, NOEL GALLEGLY, JIM GALLOP, PAULA: Cygnets I-4, DE Club 4. GAMBIE, GLENDA: FJA I, Red Cross I-3, Science Club 2. GANT, GLEN I SARRETT, JIM: Boys' "O" Club 3, 45 Wrestling l-45 Cross Country 2, 3. SELLER, VMARK: Key Club 2-45 Boys' "O" Club I, 45 NFL 2-45 JCL I-45 Honor Math 3, 45 Wrestling -45 Tennis I-4. SENTRY, PEGGY: Coronets I-45 Girls' "O" Club , 25 Court Jesters 'l, 2. SERNHARDT, MARK SETTINGS, JO: Coronets 3, 45 Courtesy Club 3, 45 JCL 2, 35 Red Cross 25 FTA 35 Honor Roll 2. SHOLSTON, MEG: Coronets I-45 Courtesy Club I, 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 JCL I, 25 Girls' "O" Club 45 lr. Delegates 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 45 Honor Roll ,4. IBSON, JEFF: Baseball 3, 45 fClassenJ. GILI., SAM csiirzov, KARYN: cygnefs 1-3. GODDARD, KEN: Radio Club 3. coorizsv, JAMES GOLDMAN, KATHY: Cygnets I-45 Courtesy Club I-35 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Student Council 25 Election bd. '45 Shield rep. I5 Honor Roll I, 4. Bob Greer Makes Sfafe's Top Score I I FOR THE FIRST TIME in school history all the National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalists earned Finalists ratings. The ten scholars are Paul Fields, David Kahn, Patrick Campbell, Linda Cordell, Stan Davis, Kaethe Reiff, Craig Busey, Laura Knox, Bob Greer, and Carolyne Cooper. This is the largest group from any city school ever to attain this honor. GOODRICH, CAROL: Coronets l-3: Courtesy Club 2: Student Council l: DE Club 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 2, 3: Freshmen Mixed Chorus l. GORGAS, WENDY: Cygnets l, 2: Cry-slurs l-4: YTK I, 2: 20th Century Homemakers 4, chapl. 4. GOSS, VICKY: Coronets 1, 2: Shield rep. l-4: Library Club 3. GREEN, NANCY: Cygnets l-4, sgt. at arms 2: All-School Cheerleader 4: Court Jesters l-4, cheer- leader 2, sgt. at arms 4: Courtesy Club 1-4: Stu- dent Council 3: Key Club Princess. GREEN, OWEN GREEN, RICHARD: Falcons l: Golf l-3: Hi-Y 3. GREEN, TOMMY: Boys' "O" Club 3, 4: Swimming 2, 3: Honor Language 3, 4: German Club I-4, pres. 3: Science Club 2, 3: Math Analysis Club 4. GREENWOOD, JERRY GREER, BOB: AFS Exchange Student 4: Key Clul. 2-4: Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4, vice pres. 4: Honor Math 2-4, vice pres. 4: Honor Language 3, 4: Hi-Y 2-4: JCL l-4. . GRIFFIN, SHARON: Coronefs l-4: Shield rep. 2, 3. , GRIFFITH, TOM: Electronics Club l-3, sec. 2, treas. 3. , Gmmss, am: Boys' "0" Club 4, Sgr. at arms 42 Football l-4: Basketball 'I-3: Baseball 'I-4: Class vice pres. 2: Top Teen 2: Round Table Royaltw 4: Prince of Friendship 4. Banquets, Capers and the 'Lisf', l 4 SYMBOLIZING the school spirit which pervaded Knightland were colorful posters throughout the building. Jody Y GRIMES, DAVID: Natl. Art Honor Soc. I, Baseball 1, Basketball 1-4. GRISSOM, STEVE: Lancers 1, 2, Swimming 1. GROOM, GLENN GRUBBS, CATHY: Cygnets 1-4, treas. 4, Courtesy Club 1-4, Natl. Thespians 2-4, pres. 4, NFL 2-4, Student Council, alt. 4, Best Thespian 3, Falcon Princess 4. HAFEN, CLIFF: Natl. Honor Soc. 4. HAFF, MAURICE: Electronics Club 3, 4. HAGEMAN, TONI: Coronets 1-4, Courtesy Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Student Council, alt. 4. HAGENBERG, BERND: AFS Student from Germany H, Student Council 4, Math Analysis Club 4, vice pres. 4, Key Club 4, Honor Roll 4, Honor Lan- guage 4. HAGGARD, EARLE: Lancers 1-4, sgt. at arms T, hist. 2, sec. 3, pres. 4, Key Club 4, Pep Council '4, Judicial bd. 4, Cry-slurs 1-4, Student Council 4, Student Store 4. IHAGGARD, MARGARET: Cygnets 2-4, Courtesy IClub 4. HAIKO, ARLENE IHALL, PATTY: Cygnets 1-4, 20th Century Home- makers 2, Shield rep. 4. Keep Senior Girls HALL, RANDY: Key Club 4, Hi-Y 4, Cross Country 2, Track 2, Honor Roll 2, 4. HALLMAN, PAULA: Coronets 1-4, Court Jesters 1, Natl. Honor Soc. 4. HAMILTON, BILL HAMILTON, TOM HANCHETTE, NINA: Cygnets 1-4, Courtesy Club fl-4, hist. 4, Court Jesters 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Natl. IArt Honor Soc. 4, vice pres. 4, Natl. Honor Soc. ,4, Student Council 4, Honor Roll 2, 3. HANKEY, ANNE: Coronets 1-4, Honor Roll 1. HANKEY, KAYE: Coronets 1-4, Red Cross 4, Honor IRoll 3. HANNA, TERRY: Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4, Honor !Math 3, 4, Honor Language 3, 4, vice pres. 4, 'JCL 2-4, pres. 4, Key Club 4, Band 1-3, Math 'Analysis Club 4, Honor Roll 1, 2. HARKEY, DONALD: Lancers 1, 2. HARKINS, BETH: Coronets 1-4, Courtesy Club 4, I-lonor Language 3, 4. HARP, KAY: Coronets 1-4, 2Otl1 Century Home- makers 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 4. HARPER, KEN: Band 1-3, Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4, Honor Math 3, 4, treas. 4, Honor Language 3, 4, JCL 2-4,-.vice pres. 4, Key Club 4, Math Analysis Club 4, Honor Roll 1-4. Busy I , I HARRIS, JENETTIE: Coronets I-45 Y-Teeris 4, parl. 45 Natl. Art Honor Soc. 4. HATCHETT, CINDY: Coronets I-45 Red Cross I, 25 Courtesy Club 35 Court Jesters I. HAWKINS, CYNTHIA: Cygnets 3, 45 Courtesy Club 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Honor Language 3, 45 Honor Math 45 Student Council 2, 45 Cry-slurs 45 Great Books Club 4. HAY, CYNTHIA: German Club I, 25 Aviation Club.45 Shield rep., alt. 3. HAYS, JEFF: Radio Club 25 Electronics Club 3, 45 Camera Club 4. HELDENBRAND, VICKI: Cygnets I-45 JCL I, 2. S 5 2 A TUTORING program was initiated by the Future Teachers of America club. Bob Greer assists Gen4 Smith with an advanced math course. Senior Tutors Raise . . . HENDERSON, JANET: Varsity Band I, 2, maiorettel 25 Spanish Club 2, 35 FTA 35 Pep Club 35 QHobbs,l N.M.J. I HENDRICKSON, JIMMIE: Coronets I-45 Courtesyl Club 45 Red Cross, alt. 4. I HENLEY, ERNA: Cygnets I-45 Orchestra I-45 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. HENSCH, DIANA: comnefs 1-4, Red cross 3, 4. i I HENSLEY, FRED HENSLEY, MINTA: Cygnets I-45 Courtesy Club 'I-45' Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Court Jesters I, 25 Red Cross 4, HERENDEEN, VERN: wrestling 1, 3, 4, I HEROLD, LINDA: Coronets I-45 Student Council,l hist. 45 Courtesy Club 4, sgt. at arms 45 Natl. Art Honor Soc. 4, pres. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Girls' Swiml team I, 2. I I HERRMANN, DIANE: Cygnets I-45 Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Honor Math 35 Honor Language 3, 45, Great Books Club 4. HILL, ANNA MARIE: Courtesy Club 2. HILL, CHARLENE HILL, JIM: Boys' "O" Club 45 Football I-45 Track I5 German Club 2-45 Aeronautics Club, pres. 3. I I I l HILLEY, LINDA: DE Club 3, 4, hist. 4: DE Stu- dent of the Year, alt. 4. HIMELSTEIN, MARSHA: Coronets 3, 4: Courtesy club 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. HITCHCOCK, LARRY HITT, DIANA: Cygnets 'I-4: Career Club 1: DE Club 4, corres. sec. 4: Red Cross, alt. 2: HODGES, SUSAN: Cygnets 'I-4, asst. sec. 4: Courtesy Club 'I-4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, sec. 4, pres. 4: Student Council 4, exec. bd. 4: Court Jesters I-3: Class treas. 'l: Princess of Hearts 4. HODSON, ROBERT School 's Academic Level HOFFER, BARBARA: Natl. Honor Soc. 4: Science Club 'l, 3, 4: Honor Math 3, 4: Honor Language 3: Red Cross 3, '4. HOGAN, STEVE: Red Cross: CO 4. HOLADAY, LIZ: Cygnets 'I-4: Courtesy Club I, 2: Court Jesters I, 2: 20th Century Homemakers 3, 4, pres. 3. HOLBROOK, STEPHEN: Natl. Honor Soc. 4: Honor Math 3, 4: Coin Club 4. HOLBROOK, STUART: Northwest Bowling League 3: Audio Visual Club 4. HOLDEN, TERRY: Key Club 4: Student Council 4. HOLDRIDGE, MIKE: Key Club 2-4, sec. 4: Boys' "O" Club 2-4, parl. 4: Football I-4: Wrestling I: Track I: Student Council, alt. 3: 'Red Cross 3: Hi-Y 3, sec. 3. HOLLIS, KAREN: Coronets I-4: NFL I, 2. HOLLOWAY, RUSTY: Key Club 3, 4: Student Coun- cil 3, 4: Boys' State 3: Jr. Rotarian 4: Announcers Club 3, 4: NFL I-4: Class vice pres. 4. HOWARD, CHLOE: Courtesy Club 'I: Red Cross 2, alt. 3: DE Club 4. HOWARD, JEANIE HOWARD, MIKE: Hi-Y 4. HRBACEK, KAREN HUCKABEE, MARY Jo: cygners .-4. Hi-Y 3. HUDSON, KATHRYN: Coronets l-3: Library aide I, 2: Red Cross, alt. 2. HUFFAKER, JAMES HUGHES, GENE: Hi-Y 2-4, sgt. at arms 3. HUGHES, MIKE HULETT, DAWN: Cygnets l-4, sgt. at arms 3, sec. 4: Courtesy Club 'l-4, pres. 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Court Jesters 'l, 2: Student Council 3, 4: Great Books Club 4: Falcon Princess 4: Natl. Honor Soc. 4. HULL, JOHN HUNT, LYNN HUNT, MARY: Cygnets 2, 3: JCL 2-4: Girls' Chorus 3: YTK, social chrm. 3, pres. 4, sec.-treas. 4. HUNTER, HOWARD: German Club l, 2: Student Council, alt. 4. Seniors Bring Honors fo Themselves - BREAKING the good news to her family that she has iust been crowned Princess of Print is Judy Kahler. Judy, representing Northwest iournalists in the contest, competed against candidates from all city schools. HUDDLESTON, JERRY: Football ls4: Wrestling l-4: HUSBAND, BRAD: Lancers I-4, Science Club I, 2, IElectronics Club 3, 4. ,HUSKEY, LINDA: 20th Century Homemakers 4. HUSKY, ANDY: Boys' "O" Club 3, 4, Football I-4, Wrestling I-4, Key Club 2-4. IHUTCHERSON, CATHIE IIKARD, JIM: Student Council 4, Key Club 4: 1Boys' "O" Club 2-4, chapl. 4, Basketball I-4, Base- ball I-4, Hi-Y 4, Class pres. 4, Boys' State 3. att. gen. 3. IRWIN, STEPHANIE: Cygnets I-4, sgt. at arms I, parl. 4, vice pres. 4, Courtesy Club I-4, Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4, asst. treas. 3, Pep Council 4, Shield rep. 4, Student Council, alt. 4. IVIE, GWEN JACKSON, CINDY: Student Council 2, Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, FHA 3, CAtIanta, Ga.I. JACOBSON, JILL: Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club I-4, sec. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Court Jesters I-4, Natl. Thespians 4, Honor Roll 3. IJAMES, RANDY: Natl. Art Honor Soc. I-4, pres. 4, Natl. 'lhespians 3, 4, NFL I-4, Library Club I, 2, Key Club 4, Student Council, alt. 2-4- Red Cross I, Announcers Club 4. JENNINGS, LARRY JENNINGS, SALLY: Cygnets I-4, Courtesy Club I I-4, Red Cross 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Court Jesters I, Election bd. 2, 3. Prestige to the School JENSEN, CARL: Boys' "O" Club 3, 4, Basketball I-4, Track 2, Baseball I, 4. JESSEE, SANDRA: Coronets I-4, Career Club I, French Club 4. JOHNSON, GEORGE: Aeronautics Club 2, Key Club I-4, Track 4.- IJOHNSON, KAY: Coronets I-4. JOHNSON, THAD JONES, DARRYL: Cry-slurs 2-4, Honor Math 3, Cry-slur iud. bd. 4. JONES, GLENDA: Cygnets I-4,' Courtesy Club I-4, Court Jesters I-4, Natl. Honor Soc. 4, Honor Language 4, Honor Roll I, 3. JONES, MIKE J JONES, SANDEE J JONES, SHARON: Coronets I-3. JORDAN, SUSAN: Coronets I, 2, Courtesy Club I, Red Cross 3. JULIAN, KAY: Cygnets I-4, Courtesy Club 4, JCL I, 2, Red Cross I-3, FJA I, 2, Great Books Club 4, Shield staff I. JUNK, CAROLYN: Coronets l-4: Courtesy Club lg JCL l, 2: Great Books Club 4: Shield Staff l. KAHLER, JUDY: Cygnets 'l-4: Courtesy Club 2-4, Natl. Art Honor Soc. 3, 4, parl. 3, vice pres. 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Round Table, art editor 4: Honor Roll 4: Lancer Princess 4: Princess of Print 4. KAHN, DAVID: Band l-4, lieut. 4, Pep Band 3, 4, JCL 2-4, Key Club 4: Science Club 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 47 Math Analysis Club 4. KAMEES, KENNETH KAMP, MARSHA: Coronets l-4: Courtesy Club 2, 3: Honor Roll l. KARHU, JACK: Band 'l-4, pres. 4: Cry-slurs 4: JCL l, 2, 47 All.State Orchestra l-4. KARR, NANCY: Cygnets 3, Courtesy Club 3: Red Cross 3: Natl. Thespians l-4. l KEARNEY, RICHARD: Orchestra l-37 Student Coun- cil 4. KEAS, LARRY I KEESTER, JUNE: DE Club 3,.Red Cross 3: CO 4. KEIL, SUSIE: Cygnets 2-4, sgl at arms 4, Court, Jesters 2, Student Council 4. KEIM, DENNIS: Boys' "O" Club 2-45 Football l-4: Wrestling l-3: Track l-4: Hi-Y 2, 3. Goldfinger, James Brown, and O07 ASSUMING their duties as Second Semester C net and Co t l b yg rone pep cu officers are Sherry Sheehan, Stephanie Irwin, Mary Pedigo, Candy Looney, Julie Levin, Nedra Nedbalek, Dawn Hulett, Susan Morgan, Mary London, Helen Rein- hermer, and Janet Riley. l KELLY, PAUL: Student Council, alt. 4: Golf 3. KENEDY, JIM WKERR, JAMES: JCL 2, 4: Red Cross 4. KESSLER, BENSE: Marching Band 2, 3: Concert Band 'I-3: Natl. Honor Soc. 4: Honor Language 3, 4: Great Books Club 4: Golf 4. KILLIAN, THELMA: Coronets I-4. KILLIP, TOM: Boys' "O" Club 4: Football 'I-4. KIUVIAN, RONNIE: Marching Band I-4: Concert 'Bandl-4. KIMERER, BRIAN: Concert Band I-4: Marching Band ll-4: Natl. Honor Soc. 4: Honor Language 3, 4: Honor Math 3, 4. lKING, JANELLE: Cry-slurs 2-4: YTK I. KING, SHERRYLE: Cygnets 2-4: Courtesy Club 4. KINNICK, JAN: Coronets I: Para Medics I, 2: Honor Roll I: Natl. Honor Soc. 4. lxmsev, KATHALEEN: Girls' "o" Club 4: coroner: 4. Inspire Colorful Game Signs KIRSCHNER, JIM: Football I: Red Cross 3, 4. KIRKWOOD, KANDA: Cygnets I-4: All-School Cheer- leader 4: Court Jesters I-4, treas. 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, vice pres, 4: Class treas. 2: Great Books Club 4: Round Table Royalty 4. KISER, MAJEL: Camera Club I-3, sec. I, 2: Girls' Chorus 2, 3: Mixed Chorus I. ,KNESEK, MARY: Cygnets I'4: Courtesy Club 3: 'Tri-Hi-Y 3: Court Jesters l: Girls' Chorus 2: Student 'Council 2: Red Cross 3. KNOTT, TIM: Key Club 4. KNOX, LAURA: Literature Club I-4, rec. 4: Radio I Club I-4, sec. I, 2, pres. 3, 4: Science Club, chapl. W 2, sec. 3: JCL I-4: German Club 3. KOEPPE, GLORIA: Coronets 'l-3: Natl. Honor Soc. 4. I KoRsTJENs, DONALD KOSTED, JOYCE: Cygnets l-4: Courtesy Club 2-4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Student Council 4: Court Jesters I, 2: Natl. Art Honor Soc., treas. 4: Lancer Queen 4. KRAFT, HENRY KURITZ, DAVID: Hi-Y, sec. I: Band I-3: Key Club 3: Science Club 3: Student Council I: Track l: IN. Little Rock, Arlml KUYKENDALL, STEVE: Lancers I, sgt. at arms I: ' Football I-3: Hi-Y 4: Key Club 4: Student Council 4. LACEK, DON LAIRD, LINDA: Coronets I-3, Courtesy Club 2. LAND, JO: Cygnets 'I'4, Courtesy Club I, Rec Cross 'I, 2, alt. 3, Chorus 3, Art Club 3, 4. LANKFORD, JIM: Band I-4. LANKFORD, JOE: NFL I-4, Key Club 4, JCL I, Football I, Golf 3, 4, Honor Roll 4. LAW, MICKEY: Hi-Y 4, Science Club 3, 4, Aeronautics Club 4, JCL 3, 4. LAWSON, DARREL: Football 2. LAWSON, DENNIS: Football I. Officers Pins Treasured as Senior LAWSON, PAM: Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 2-4,l Court Jesters 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Natl. Art Honor' Soc. 3, 4, parl. 4, Student Council, alt. 4, Queen, of Hearts 4. , LEMONS, DANA: Courtesy Club I, 2. LENSGRAF, ERIC I LEVIN, JULIE: Coronets I-4, cheerleader I, pres. 4,t vice pres. 4, Courtesy Club I-4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Pep Council 4, Court Jesters I-3, Round Table Royalty' 4, Princess of Friendship' 4. LEWIS, JACQUELINE: Courtesy Club 4, German CluI:l 3, 4, Jr. Delegates 4. I LEWIS, MARK: Marching Band I-4, Concert Ban 2-4, Great Books Club 4. LIEBMAN, FERNE: Cygnets I-4, Courtesy Club I, 2, Honor Language 3, 4. J LINGENFELTER, DARLENE ' I LINGERFELT, LINDA: FTA 2-4, sec. 3, vice pres. 4, JCL 4. Lime, DALE: cygnef: 14, sand om: 2,'3, Banc 1.3. LITTLE, RANDY LOEFFLER, ALAN: YTK I-4, Red Cross I-4, Sciencl Club I-3, JCL I, 2, Boys' "O" Club 4, Natl. Honox Soc. 4, Swimming 2, 3. LONDON, MARY: Coronets I-4, treas. 4, Courtesy Club I-4, Court Jesters I-4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. LONG, KEITH: Falcons I-4, sgt. at arms 3, asst. sec. 3, inductee chrm. 4, treas. 4, Shield rep. 4, Studen, Council, alt: 4. LoNcs, PATH: cygnees 14, Courtesy Club I-4J Court Jesters I-3, Student Council 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Shield rep. 2, Natl. Honor Soc. 4. ' LOONEY, CANDY: Coronets 'I-4, vice pres. 4, pres 4, Courtesy Club 2-4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Pep Council 4 Round Table Royalty 4, Red Cross 4. ffl if a Ja. fy V L N I L, l 2 ' X K 9 M, 'af - V- ,A J rx l , ,. A 1-.nw in wi .f if if iw 5 .Lf 5 my if s t sr. , S4 2 V N M31 - s MANSKE, STAN: Cry-slurs I-4: German Club 2-4. MARR, JUDY: Cygnets 'I-4: Courtesy Club 1: JC I, 2: Girls' "O" Club 3, 4, hist. 3, pres. 4, sec. 1 Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4. MARRS, GARY: Honor Math 3, 4. MARSHALL, LINDA: Cygnets I-4. MARTIN, DAVID MARTIN, KAREN: Courtesy Club 'I-4. MARTIN, LINDA: Cygnets I-3: YTK 2: Red Cros 2: Cry-slurs 2-4, chapl. 4: Girls' Chorus 2, 3 chapl. 2. MASON, ANDY: NFL I-4, pres. 4: Key Club 3, 4 Lancers I-3, treas. 3: Announcers Club 3, 4: Matl Analysis Club 4, sgt. at arms 4: Great Books Club poet laureate 4: Honor Math 2-4: Natl. Honor Soc 4. MASON, RON: Falcons I-4: Track 3, 4: Cross Coul try 4. MASTAGNI, BERNIE: Band I-3. MAUPIN, OLIVIA: Coronets I-4, chapl. 4: JCL 2-- hist. 3, sec. 4: Judicial bd. 4: Natl. Honor Soc. I 4: Honor Math 2-4: Honor Language 3, 4: Gres Books Club 4. MAURER, BRYAN: Class pres. I, 3: Key Club 2-1 vice pres. 4: Student Council 4: Judicial bd. 4: Boy State 3: Jr. Rotarian 4: Natl. Honor Soc. 4: Gre' Books Club 4. l MAYNOR, CAROL l MCCANDLESS, KATHY: Coronels 'I-4, sgt. at arnl 2: Courtesy Club I-4: Court Jesters I-3: Tri-Hi-I 3, 4: Student Council: treas. 4: Honor Languag 3, 4: Princess of Hearts 4. I IVICCLUNG, KAY: cygneas 1-4. MCCORMICK, MIKE: Key Club 4: JCL 2-4, parl. J Great Books Club 4, pres. 4: Band I-4, vice pre 4: Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4: Honor Math 3, 4: Honc Language 3, 4. g 0 0 0 0 ' Senror Parhes Lrvelrer Wrfh BUT seniors always have more toys insists Butch Turner to Rosemary Burton at the Christmas Toys for VICCREIGHT, GEORGE: Para Medics 1, JCL 2-4, Science Club 2-4. VlcCULLEY, CHARLES VlcDONALD, JANIS: Coronets 2-4. VlcFERREN, SHARON 'lcGINTY, JOHN llclNTIRE, JUDY llcMAHAN, JANETT flcNEIL, BETTY: Coronets 1-4. MCNUTT, MACK: JCL 1, 4, Band 1. CPHEETERS, MARTY: Cygnets 1-4, parl. 3, pres. 4, atl. Honor Soc. 3, 4, sec, 4, Honor Language 3, 5 Announcers Club 1-4, chapl. 2, Class sec. 1, ourtesy Club 1-4, sgt. at arms 47 Round Table oyalty 4. EEKER, JOHN: Band 1-3, Boys' Chorus 4: Shield taff 4, Aeronautics Club 2. EISTER, SUSIE: Coronets 1-4, Courtesy Club, Stu- ent Council, sec. 4, Natl. Art Honor Soc. 3, 4, res. 3: Honor Math 3, 47 Round Table Royalty 4, rincess of Friendship 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 4. ELANSON, TRICIA: Coronets 1-37 Courtesy Club , 2: DE Club 3, Student Council 1. ERILATT, LONNA: Cygnets 1-35 Natl. Art Honor oc. 3. ICHAELSON, DAVID: Key Club 4: Science Club -4, sgt. at arms 3: library Club 2-4, pres. 4: Lan- ers 1-3, parl. 37 JCL 1-3, Great Books Club 4: ath Analysis Club 4. ILBURN, MERRILY: Cygnets 1-4, Natl. Honor Soc. , 45 Honor Math 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 3, 4: JCL 25 onor Roll 1-4. oys' ' ' Club Mistletoe ILES, MARIBETH: Coronets 1-4: Courtesy Club -3, Court Jesters 1, 2: Election bd. 2-4. ILLER, CHRISTY: Cygnets 1-3, Court Jesters 17 irls' Tennis team 1. ILLER, CONNIE: Coronets 1-3: Courtesy Club 1, 7 Court Jesters 1, 2: Honor Math 3. ILLER, EVERETT: Band 1-3, Yearbook 1-3, ass't us. mgr. 2, bus. mgr. 3, Key Club 4, JCL 3, 4: New Orleans, La.1. ILLER, 3ACK INES, LINDA: Cygnets 1-4, sgt. at arms 2, 4, parl. 2, cheerleader 3, Courtesy Club 1, 2: Court Jesters 1-3, Student Council 3, 4, ccrres. sec. 4: Key Club Princess 4. ITCHELL, ALAN ITCHELL, HARRY: Round Table staff 3, 4. "O" Club MITCHELL Soc. 4. MORGAN, MITCHELL, MITCHELL, I - JANET: cygneis 1, 2, co 4. MARVIN: Key Club 4, Track 3, 4, BoysR 3 4 MIKE: Wrestling I-3, Student Council 34 MOAK, WYNN ANNE: Cry-slurs I-4, bus. mgr. 3, sec. 4, Red Cross I-3, safety chrm 3, YTK I, 2, 4, Student Council 4. MONTGOMERY, GAYLE: Coronets I-4, Courtesy. Club 3, 20th Century Homemakers 4, Natl. Honorl MOORE, CAROLYN: Cygnets I-4, 20th Century Homemakers 4, Girls' Chorus I-3. MOORE, DONNA: Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4, Honor Language 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, vice pres. 4, Science Club 2-4, sec. 3, vice pres. 4, Jr. Delegates 3, 4, chapl. 3, JCL 2-4, Great Books Club 4. MORELOCK, JODY: Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 2, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Announcers Club 4. SUSAN: Cygnets I-4, cheerleader 3, sgt. at arms 4, asst. trees. 4, Courtesy Club I-4, sec. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2-4, sgt. at arms 3, pres. 4, StuA dent Council 4, Court Jesters I-3, Honor Roll 3, Princess of Hearts. MORIN, CRAIG . MORRIS, ANNETTE: Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club I, Orchestra I. MORRIS, JOHN: Boys' "O" Club 2-4, Football 2-4,+ Y Wrestling 2-4, Student Council, alt. 2-4. Only Weeiuns and Cowboy Boofsl N my uf' ' 'fs' .S , 4 f h , Q., uhm- nw-- MEASURING electrical impulses with an oscilloscope in electronics class are Rod Clenney and Mitchell Sprowso. MORRIS, KARLA: 20th Century Homemakers 4. MULLENS, SUSAN: Cygnets I-4: Courtesy Club I, 4: Election bd. 4: Natl. Art Honor Soc. 2. MULLIGAN, DEIDRA: Coronets I-3: Courtesy Club 4: Student Council 4. MURPHY, MARSHA: Cry-slurs I-4: Girls' Sextet I-4: Girls' "O" Club 3, 4. VIURPHY, MIKE: DE Club 4: Aeronautics Club 4. MUSE, MARY: DE Club 3, 4: DE Princess 3. MUSGRAVE, PAM: Cygnets I: Cry-slurs I-3: Honor Math 3: Natl. Honor Soc. 4: Girls' Sextet I-3. MUSTONEN, BILL IAYATT, MARGARET: Girls' Chorus I, 3. YERS, JACK YERS, LINDA: Cygnets I: Girls' "O" Club 2-4, res. 4. YERS, RICK: DE Club 4. dorn Our Senior Feet EAL, KATHY: Cygnets I-4. EDBALEK, NEDRA: Coronets I-4, rec. sec. 4, att. ec, 4: Courtesy Club I-4: Honor Language 3, 4, ec.-treas. 4: Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4: Studen-t Coun- il 4: Honor Roll 144: Court Jesters 'l, 2. EILL, MELONY: Courtesy Club I-4: Science Club -4. EILSON, JANET: Coronets 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 3. EWMAN, JOHN: Track I: Basketball 2, 3: CMC- uinessl. EWTON, SONDRA: Coronets I-3. ICHOLS, NINA oRRls, DON ORTHCUTT, BILL ORTHUP, ANITA: Cygnets 1.4: Natl. Honor Soc. : Natl. Art Honor Soc. 4: Student Council 4: Hi- otes 3, 4: Band'and Orchestra Girls 3, 4, pres. OWLIN, JANIS: Cygnets I-4, cheerleader 2: All- chool Cheerleader 3, 4: Court Jesters I-4, pres. 4: ep Council 4: Natl. Art ,Honor Soc. 4: All Sports ueen 4: Princess of Friendship 4. AKES, RICKY: Orchestra I-4: Radio Club 3, 4, c. 3, eng. 4: Natl. Honor Soc. 4: Honor Language , 4: Science Club 4: Honor Roll I. Condemned OFFUTT, KAYE: Gygnets I-45 Girls' "O" Club 3, 45 Girls' Tennis team 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Courtesy Club 4. OLDHAM, DEBBIE: Coronets I-35 Courtesy Club I5 Student Council, alt. 45 Court Jesters I, 2. PADBERG, DICK: Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Key Club 2-45 German Club 3, 45 Math Analysis Club 4, pres. 45 Election bd. 45 Football I-3. PADDOCK, BILL: Lancers IA4, hist. 3, treas. 3, vice pres. 45 Key Club 3, 4, chapl. 45 Student Council 4, store mgr. 45 Band I-3. PARKER, ZANE: Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Honor Lane guage 45 Shield rep. 3, 4. PARKER, PAULA PARKS, JIM PARMETER, DONNA: Cygnets 2, 35 Courtesy Club 2, 35 20th 'Century Homemakers 2. PARR, BILL PARRISH, GEORGE: Radio Club 2. PASLAY, DON PASLAY, RON PATE, JIM: Honor Math 3, 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. PATTERSON, CINDY: 'Cygnets I-45 All-School Cheer- leader 3, 45 Court Jesters I-4, sec. 45 Courtesy Club I-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, chapl. 45 Top Teen I-45 All-Sports Princess 45 Lady of Friendship 4. PATTERSON, GARY: Band I-35 Aeronautics Club 3. PAYNE, TERRYE: Cygnets 2, 35 Courtesy Club 35 Court'Jesters 35 Red Cross 4, alt. 3. I Dragon Becomes PEARSON, CHARLES: DE, pres. 4. fNovember I7,t 1946-March 3, 19.551 I PEARSON, MIKE: Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Science, Club I-4, sec. 3, 4, treas. 45 Library Club 2-4, chapl. 3, vice pres. 45 JCL I, 2. PEDIGO, MARY: Cygnets I-4, sgt. at arms 4, pres. 45 Courtesy Club I-45 Tri-Hi-Y 2.45 Honor Math 35 Pep Council 45 Great Books Club 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. PENNINGTON, CAROL: Coronets I-45 Courtesy Club I, 25 Tri-Hi-Y 4, chapl. 4, sec. 45 Court Jesters I5 Falcon Princess 4. PERKINS, GREG PERKINS, TANDA: Cygnets I-45 Y-Teens 4. PERRY, SHERRI: Coronets I-45 Courtesy Club I-3 Trl-Hi-Y 45 JCL I, 25 Court Jesters I5 YTK I, 2. PETTY, HANK: Band I-45 Aviation Club 3. 3HELPS, KENNY: Boys' "O" Club 45 Basketball l-45 Nlatl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Honor Math 2-4, pres. 45 Iry-slurs' 1-4, vice pres. 45 Jr. Delegates 3, 45 Judicial sd., alt. 4. BICKENS, CAROL: Cygnets I-45 Maiorette 2-4, head 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Honor Math 35 Honor Language 3, 45 Class treas. 45 Lancer Princess 4. EICKNEY, JAN: Coronets l-45 Y-Teens 4, pres. 45 Courtesy Club I5 Girls' Chorus 'I-4. DLATER, FRANK: Camera Club 3, 4, pres. 45 German Club 'l-45 Science Club 2, 35'Election bd. 4. PONE, IANNE lPOPE, DAN: Student Council 3, 4, exec. bd. 45 lKey Club 3, 4. lPOUNDS, DEBBIE: cygners 1-4, courtesy Club 1, 25 Court Jesters I5 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Student Council 4. POWELL, DOUG: Student Council 2, 35 Cry-slurs 1-45 Key Club 3, 45 German Club 3, 45 Great Books Club 45 AFS Host 3. OWELL, JANA: Coronets l, 25 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. OWELL, PENNY: Cygnets l-45 Courtesy Club I-35 ourt Jesters l, 25 JCL l, 25 Girls' "O" Club 2-4, treas. 4, rep. 35 Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Student ouncil 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y, treas. 4. OWERS, ROBERT ULLEY, NANCY: Cygnets I, 25 Red Cross 2. UTROFF, SUSAN: Coronets l-45 Courtesy Club 2, 5 Court Jesters 2-45 Natl. Art Honor Soc. 45 Honor oll I. ADDl5, SHERRY: Cygnets 2-45 Courtesy Club 3. AGSDALE, TOM: Science Club 15 German Club -45 Electronics Club 3, 4, sgt. at arms 35 Honor ath 3, 45 Great Books Club 4. lAlNEY, NANCY Senior Class Mascot HE CAREER CONFERENCE, held annually o brief students on occupation choices, eaturecl 95 consultants. Pat Ehrlich and Jill acqbson confer with Linda Herron, dental ygienist. RAMEE, ROBERT: Key'Club 45 Student Council 45 Football 4. RAMSEY, PAT HUME RAY, MARCIA: Cygnets I-4, sgt. at arms 35 Cour- tesy Club I-45 Court Jesters I5 Tri-Hi-Y 4, sgt. at arms 45 Student Council 45 JCL 25 20th Century Homemakers 45 Election bd. 3, 4. RAY, SUSIE: Coronets 'I-45 Courtesy Cluo 1-35 Lour' Jesters 1-35 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Red Cross 4. REDLINGER, LINDA: Cygnets 1-4, Courtesy Club REEVES, STEVE: Lancers I, 2, rec. sec. 2, sgt. at arms I. REEVES, VICKIE: Coronets I-35 Girls' "O" Club 3, 4. REIFF, KAETHE: Cygnets I-4, rep. 2, sgt. at arms 35 Courtesy Club 3, 4, att. sec. 45 Jr. Delegates 3,l 4, vice pres. 3, pres. 35 Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4, treas. 45 Honor Math 2-4, sec. 45 Student Council, exec. bd. 45 JCL 2-4. REINHEIMER, HELEN: Coronets I-4, ad. mgr. 4, asst. treas. 45 Courtesy Club I-4, vice pres. 4, pres. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2-4, vice pres. 3, parl. 45 Court Jesters I-45 Round Table staff 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Honor Roll 4. RENFRO, ALLEN REYNOLDS, CHRIS: Cygnets I-45 Courtesy Club 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Student Council 45 Court Jesters 25 Election bd. 45 All Sports Princess 4. RHODES, KATHY: Natl. Thespians 2-45 Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Cygnets 45 Red Cross 45 fHobbs, N.M.l RICHARDS, BETH: Cygnets I-45 Courtesy Club I-45 Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Honor Language 3, 45 Honon Math 35 Jr. Delegates 3, 4, corres. sec. 35 Hi-Notes 3, 4. RICHARDSON, DON: DE Club 3, 4. RICHARDSON, MIKE RIGG, DEANNA:' Student Council I, 25 French Club i, 2, vite pres. 25 Math Club 2, parl. 25 Natl. Honor Soc. 2, 45 fStar Spencerj. Others Do the TAPPED as city Junior Scientist of the Month in Januaryl, Bill Shoot adiusts the laser he built for the Science Fair. RILEY, JANET: Coronets I-4, att. sec. 4, rec. sec. 4, Courtesy Club I-4, sgt. at arms 4, Red Cross 1-4, vice pres. 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4, Honor Math 2-4, Honor Language 3, 4, Girls' "O" Club 3, 4, rep. 4, Jr. Delegates 3, 4, sec. 3, vice pres. 3, NFL 'I-4. RILEY, RICHARD: Coin Club 4. RITTER, STEVE: Boys' "O" Club 2-4, Basketball I-4, Band l-4, drum maior 2-4, Pep Band l, Orchestra I. ROBERTS, LINDA: Red Cross 4. ROBERTSON, MIKE: Falcons l-4, sgt. at arms 3, 4, duc. chrm. 3, German Club 2-4, Knight at football games. ROBERTSON, SHERRI: Coronets I-3, Girls' Chorus I-3, Courtesy Club 4, Red Cross, alt. 4. ROBINSON, PAUL: Boys' "O" Club 4, Track I-3, Hi-Y 4, Student Council, alt. 4. RODGERS, DICK: DE Club 4, vice pres. 4, Footbail I, 2, Wrestling l. loocres, JACKI: cygnefs 1.4, courtesy club 1-4, ri-Hi-Y 2-4, Court Jesters l-4, Election bd. 4. on-i,Roa1N owe, GLENN owe, Roacnr UBENSTEIN, HELENA: Coronets 3, 4. USH, MARSHA: Coronets I-4, Y-Teens, vice pres. l, reat Books Club 4, Girls' Chorus I-3. USSELL, JUDY: Cygnets l-4, Courtesy Club 2, 3, ed Cross 4, Election bd. 4. USSELL, SANDRA Jerk' - We Prefer Square Dances UTLEDGE, CYNTHIA: Coronets l, 2, Cry-slurs l-4, atl. Honor Soc. 4. UTLEDGE, SUSAN: Cygnets I-4. AMARA, CAROLYN: Cygnets I-4, Red Cross 3, tudent Council 4. AMMONS, RHONDA: Coronets I-4, Band and Or- hestra Girls l-4, Hi-Notes 4, Band I-4, Pep Band , sec. 4, Science Club 4. ANDERS, CHARLOTTE: Band I-4, Natl. Honor Soc. , 4, Cygnets I-3, Band and Orchestra Girls I-4, gt. at arms 3, vice pres. 4, Honor Roll I-3. AS, DAVID: Boys' "O" Club 4, Football 2-4, Bas- etball l, 2. CHEER, GINNY: Coronets 2-4, ush. chrm. 4, Band -4, Orchestra 2-4, Literature Club 2-4, Natl. Honor oc. 4, Honor Math 3, 4, Band and Orchestra Girls -4, treas. 4. CHON, BIRGIT: German Club 4, sec. 4, Natl. Art onor Soc. 4, Red Cross 4. SCHROEDER, NANCY: Coronets I-45 Red Cross 3, 45 German Club 25 Courtesy Club 4. SCHWAB,'VICKY: Cygnets I-4, sgt. at arms 25 Court Jesters I5 Red Cross 45 Student Council 2. SCOTT, JOHN: Boys' "O" Club 2-4, treas. 45 Key Club 2-45 Basketball I-45 Baseball I-45 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. SCOTT, KAYE: DE Club 45 DE Queen 4. SCRIVNER, CONNIE SCUDDER, JACK: Student Council 3, 4, parl. 4, inter-city, parl. 45 JCL I-4, vice pres. 35 NFL 2-45 Natl. Thespians 2-45 Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Boys' "O" Club 3, 45 Track 2-45 Announcers Club 2.-45 Jr. Rotarian 4. SEAMAN, SHERRY: Cygnets 2-4. SEARS, GEORGIA Last Football Game Bringsi SEARS, HARDY: Band I-35 Honor Math 2-45 Honoy Roll 35 Electronics Club 4. SELF, MIKE SHADID, ELLEN: Cygnets I-45 Courtesy Club I-3, Court Jesters I, 25 Student Council 3. SHAW, ALLEN SHAW, DIANE: Coronets I-35 Courtesy Club 2, 3, German Club 3, 45 Natl. Art Honor Soc. I-45 Grea Books Club 45 Election bd. 25 German Club Prin cess 4. SHAW, TERRY: Cry-slurs I-45 Red Cross 3, 45 Hono Honor Roll 2, 4. SHEEHAN, SHERRY: Cygnets I-4, sgt. at arms 3 treas. 45 Courtesy Club I-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Girls' "O' Club I, 25 Girls' Swim team I-45 Court Jesters I, 2 Election bd. 45 Student Council, alt. 45 Natl. Hono Soc. 4. SHELTON, MARIETTA: Courtesv Club I-35 CO 4. SHEPHERD, SUSAN: Coronets I-45 Cry-sIurs5 Girls' Chorus, sec. 4. SHERMAN, JUDY: Cygnets I-45 Courtesy Club I-45 Honor Language 3, 45 Round Table staff I-4, editor 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 4, vice pres. 45 Student Coun- cil, exec. bd. 45 Great Books Club 45 Honor Roll I, 2. SHERRILL, JIMMY: German Club 2-45 Football I-3. SHOOT, BILL: Band 2-45 Orchestra 2-45 Cry-slurs 3, 45 Science Club 2-4, parl. 3, pres. 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Honor Math 3, 45 Great Books Club 4. SHOOT, JIM: Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 45 Honor Math 3, 45 Honor Language 3, 45 Orchestra 2-45 Cry-slurs 3, 45 Science Club I-4, pres. 35 Pep Band, dir. 45 JCL I-45 Great Books Club 4. SHORTS, DORENE: Library Club I-4, hist. 3, chapl. 4. SIGMON, BARBARA: Coronets I-4, parl. I, sgt. at arms 35 All-School Cheerleader 45 Court Jesters I-4, cheerleader I, hist. 45 Class treas. 35 Student Coun- cil 35 Honor Roll 45 All Sports Princess 4. SILK, BILL: Key Club 2-45 Election bd. 45 Honor Roll 25 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. l A GIFT-WRAPPED senior, Randy Foster, bursts through the hoop for the final game SENTIMENT runs high at the last football game as XSMITH, BARBARA SMITH, BARRY: Cry-slurs 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Golf 4, JCL I, 2, School Organist 3, 4. SMITH, JANE SMITH, KATHY: Cygnets I-4, Red Cross T, Girls' Tennis team 3, 4. ITH, LYNN: Coronets I-3, Library Club I. MITH, MARY JO: Girls' "O' Club 4, FTA 3, 4, ice pres. 3, pres. 4. MITH, PETE: JCL I, 2, Cry-slurs 2, Electronics Club , 3, vice pres. 3, Honor Roll 3, 4, Election bd. 4, ath Analysis Club 4, Honor Math 4. MITH, SARA: German Club 'I-4, hist. 3, queen 4, reat Books Club 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 4, Hi-Notes , 4, pres. 3, inter-city, pres. 4, Round Table staff , Band and Orchestra Girls 2-4, chapl. 2, parl. 4, and '2-4, Honor Language 4. SMITH, TRICIA: YTK I, Coronets 'I-4, Tri-Hi-Y 4. SMOCK, MARK SNELL, KAREN: Coronets I-4, Red Cross 3, 4, chapl. 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 4, Honor Language 3, 4, Honor oll 2, 3, Great Books Club 4. NYDER, LINDA: Natl. Art Honor Soc. 'I-4, Natl. onor Soc. 4. ORENSON, JOHN OUTHARD, BOBETTE: Cygnets I, 2, Red Cross, alt. PANN, DICK: Cry-slurs I-4, Electronics Club 4. SPARKMAN, JOHN: Jr. Delegates 4. SPARKS, GARY: Red Cross, alt. 2: CO 4. SPARKS, KAY: Coronets I-4: Courtesy Club 1, 2 Court Jesters l-3: Natl. Art Honor Soc. l: Announc ers Club 1, 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Honor Roll 2. SPENCER, CHARLES SPENCER, JANEL: cygners 1-3, cry-:mrs 2-4. SPITLER, JOHN: Football l-3: Hi-Y 4: Aeronautics Club 4. SPOONER, ALAN: Red Cross 4. SPROWSO, MITCH: Aeronautics Club 3: Electronic: Club 4: Track l. STACY, JIM: Key Club 2-4, pres. 4: Student Counci 3, 4: Football I-4: Natl. Honor Soc. 4: Class pres. 2 Top Teen 1: Round Table Royalty 4: Prince ol Friendship 4. STANFIELD, NOBLE: Hi-Y 4. STANGELAND, JANE: Coronets 'l-4, treas. 4: Natl. Honor Soc. 4: Honor Math 2-4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Matl-l Analysis Club 4: JCL 'l-4: Jr. Delegates'3, 4: Lanceq Princess 4. l STARR, JACK: Cry-slurs 3, 4, asst. libr. 4. STEER, DOVELINE: Cygnets l-4: Courtesy Club 1-4J Court Jesters l, 2: JCL, exec. bd. I-3: Tri-Hi-Y 3J 4: Girls' "O" Club 4: Jr. Delegates 3: Science Clulsl l. STEPHENS, ELLEN: Cry-slurs 2-4, treas. 4: Coronets I-3: Courtesy Club 1, 2: FTA l: Library Club I. STEPHENS, .LlZETTE: Band l-3: Cadet Band, sec. 3: FTA 3: Honor Roll 2, 3: KU. S. Grantt. STEWART, JOE: Science Club 4: Coin Club 4. STONE, MARINELLE: Red Cross 3, 4: Natl. Art Honorl Soc. 4. 'ln' Crowd "MMM, that paint tastes good!" says Matthew Driskill, son of NWC English teacher, Mrs.1 Linda Driskill. His brother Christopher and Laurie Gaut, daughter of the assistant princia pal, are helped in their play by Margaret Haggard and Nina Hanchette, members of' the Child Care class. STRAIN, KATHY: Coronets 1-4, parl. 2, 4, chapl. 4, Courtesy Club 1-4, Student Council 3, 4, sgt. at arms l4, Red Cross 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3. -SUGGS, JAY: Tennis 1-4, Boys' "O" Club 3, 4. SUGGS, LYNN SUGGS, NANCY j SULLIVAN, ROBERT SWICK, SUSAN: Coronets 1-4, Courtesy Club 1-4, Natl. Honor Soc. 4, Honor Math 3, 4, Natl. Art QHonor Soc. 4: JCL 3, 4, German Club 4, Honor lRoll. lSWlGERT, SALLY: Cygnets 1.4, hosp. ch. 4, assi. lsec. 4, Courtesy Club 1-4, asst. treas. 4, asst. sec. l4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, treas. 4, Student Council 4, Red ,Cross 3. .TABOR, CHARLES lTATE, MlKE: Boys' "O" Club 4, Basketball 2-4, Base- ball 3, 4. lTATUM, DENNY: Student Council 4, DE Club 4. TAYAR, JAYNE: Coronets 1-4. TAYLOR, CARMIE: Cygnets 1-4. TAYLOR, JANE: Coronets 1-3, Courtesy Club 1-3 Orchestra 1-4. TAYLOR, MARY: Cygnets 1-4, Court Jesters 1, Thespians 1-4, parl. 4, All-School Plays 2-4, FTA 2.3. TAYLOR, MERLE: Red Cross 4, JCL 1. TAYLOR, SANDRA: .Coronets 1-4, Court Jesters 1. Jokes Baffle Undelrclassmen TERRY, LINDA: Cygnets 1-4, Courtesy Club 1-4, DE Club 4, Red Cross 3. TESTER, PAT: Band 1-3, twirler 1-3, Honor Soc. 1-3, FHA 1-3, chapl. 2, Pep Club 1-3, Girls State 3, Natl. Honor Soc. 4, lCrescent.J. yTHOMAS, JUDY: Coronets 3, 4, Honor Languages 3, 4, Courtesy Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Jr. Delegates 4, JCL 3, 4, Red Cross 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 4. iTHOMASON, KAREN: Cygnets 1-4, Courtesy Club 1-3, Cry-slurs 1-4, Natl. Honor Soc. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, JCL 1, 2, Court Jesters 1, YTK 2. THOMFORD, ANN: Coronets 1-3, Courtesy Club 1, Red Cross 1, 2. 1THOMPSON, JOHN: Lancers 1, 2, Electronics Club 2, 3. THOMPSON, LIN: Coronets 3, 4, sgt:' at arms 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 4, Student Council 4, Honor Language 4. XTHOMPSON, MARY: Cygnets 1-3, Courtesy Club 1-3, Court Jesters 1, 2, Natl. Art Honor Soc. 2-4, Shield rep. 4. THOMPSON, MIKE l THOMPSON, SHERRY MCMAHON l THOMPSON, WARREN: Cry-slurs l-4, German Club 4, Radio Club 3, Library Club 4. THORNTON, JEANNIE: Cygnets 3, 4, Girls' "O" Club 2-4, sec. 4, vice pres. 4, Girls' Swimming team 1-4, Girls' Tennis team 'l-4. THORNTON, ROGER THRASH, JACK: Natl. Art Honor Soc. 4. TIERCE, SHERRI TIERNAN, PAT: Electronics Club l-3, Key Club 2-4, Camera Club 4, Great Boolfs Club 4, Russian Club l, 2, Honor Roll 3. TODD, SHARON TOLLE, CONNIE: Cygnets 2-4, Red Cross 3, 4, Cour-1 tesy Club 2, 3, Shield rep. 4. TRAVIS, RUTH ANN, Cygnets 'I-4, Red Cross 2-4,l FTA 3, 4, sec. 4. TRUELOVE, RON: Tennis 2, 4. l TRUITT, VICKI: Coronets 2, 3. W TUCKER, LINDA: Cygnets I-4, Student Council 3, 4,l alt. 2, Courtesy Club 3, 4. TULEY, NELDA TURNER, HARLETA: Coronets 'l, 3, Cry-slurs 3, 4.1 Five Sfudy Halls and We TURNER, MYRETTA: FTA l, 2, 4, Cygnets 3, 4, fMid- land, Tex.J. l TURNER, RALPH: Student Council 4, Election bd. 4, Wrestling l, Golf 2, Hi-Y 4. UKENA, JAY: Boys' "O" Club 4, Key Club 4, Ger- man Club 2-4, Honor Language 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3,i Cross Country I, 3, 4, Track 'I-4. VANDENNIEUWENHOF, JUDY: Red Cross l-4, asst.l sec. 4, Girls' "O" Club 2-4, Honor Language 2-4,- Courtesy Club 4, German Club 2, 3, vice pres. 2, 3. . VAN DYKE, STEVE: Electronics Club 3, 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 4, Honor Math 3, 4. VAN HOOK, WENDELL: Falcons l, Marching Band, I-4, Concert Band I-4. l VAN HORN, JOHNNY VAN SCOY, RANDY VARNER, GORDON: Electronics Club 2, 35 Hi-Y 45 Key Club 45 Honor Math 3, 4. IVAUGHN, JOE: Marching Band I-45 Concert Band .I-45 Orchestra 2-45 Pep Band 2-4. VICKREY, KATHLEEN: Coronets I-35 Courtesy Club I, 2. IVINCENT, LARRY: Key Club 45 Hi-Y 45 Student Council, alt. 4. IVINSON, SAMMIE: Shield I-4, editor 4, Times corres. I45 Class sec. 45 Cygnets I-4, sgt. at arms 3, asst. itreas. 45 Courtesy Club I-45 Honor Language 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Student Council 4. VOEGELEIN, LINDA: Coronets I-45 Courtesy Club I-45 Maiorette 2-45 Student Council 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Election bd. 35 Falcon Princess 4. WADDLE, SANDY WADE, LUANNA: Cygnets I-45 chapl. 45 Courtesy Club 2-45'JCL I5 Great Books Club 45 Election bd. 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4. WADE, NANCY: JCL I5 Honor Language 3, 45 Great lB0oks Club 4. WALCHER, JOE: Boys' "O" Club 45 Tennis 2-45 Honor Roll I5 Hi-Y 45 Falcons I, 25 Math Analysis Club 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. WALDRIP, STEVE: Coin Club 4, vice pres. 4. WALKER, DON: Science Club 3, 45 Coin Club 4, pres. 45 Key Club 45 Math Analysis Club 45 Oil Exec. for a Day 4. I WALL, SUZANNE: Cry-slurs I-4, hist. 45 Red Cross 4. WALLING, SANDRA: Cygnets I-4, hosp. chrm. 3, sgt. at arms '3, sec. 35 Courtesy Club 'I-45 NFL 2-45 Natl. Thespians I-45 Student Council 3, alt. 45 Red Cross 25 Announcers Club 2-45 Honor Roll 4. lWAMPLER, JAN: Coronets I-35 Red Cross, alt. I. WANDELL, DARLA. Cygnets 4. I Still Can'f Make the Honor Roll IWARD, DON: Boys' "O" Club 45 Tennis 2-4. WARD, LARRY WARD, TOMMY: Wrestling 'I, 25 Natl. Art Honor Soc. I-3. ARNER, MIKE ATSON, PAT: CO 4. ATTERS, TOM: Key Club 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 4, pres. 4, sec. 45 Wrestling 'I-35 Honor Math 2-45 Honor roll , 45 Math Analysis Club 45 Election bd. 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. WEBB, JEFF: Band I-45 Pep Band I-45 Orchestra I, 35 Hi-Y 45 Shield rep. 3, 45 Baseball 25 fMusko- geej. WEBBER, SUSAN: Coronets I-45 Courtesy Club I5 FTA 45 Honor Math 3, 45 Honor Roll I-45 Natl. Honor Soc. 45 Student Council alt. 4. WEBER, PHYLLIS: Cygnets 'I-4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: DE Club 4, rep. 4: DE Princess 4: Red Cross 2: YTK 'I. WEBSTER, JUDY: Coronets I-4: Student Council 4, Courtesy Club I, 2: Red Cross I: Natl. Honor Soc. 4. WEIBEL, DENNIS: Cry-slurs 3, 4: Falcons I-3: Red Cross I: Great Books Club 4. WEST, SUSAN: Courtesy Club I-3: Girls' Tennis team I-3. WESTMORELAND, JIM: NFL I-3: Boys State 3: JCL 2: Announcers Club 3, 4: Great Books Club 4, vice pres. 4. WHEELER, SHARI: Coronets I-4: Courtesy Club 4: Election bd. 4: Great Books Club 4. WHITBECK, JOHN I WHITE, JOHN: Hi-Y 4. I WHITE, RICK X WHYTLAW, DAVID: Lancers I, 2: Swimming I-4, capt: 4: Boys' "O" Club 2-4: Honor Math 3, 4: Student Council 4. WILBURN, CAROLE: Coronets I. WILDMAN, DAVID: Hi-Y 4. WILKERSON, JANE: Cygnets 1.4: Courtesy Club 2: Red Cross I, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Student Council 2: 20th Century Homemakers 2. WILKINSON, LARRY WILLIAMS, ALLEN: Student Council, alt. 4: Red Cross, alt. 2. WILLIAMS, BECKY: Coronets 3, 4: Courtesy Club' 3, 4: Student Council 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Honor Math 4: Court Jesters 3: Falcon Princess 4: Natl. Honor, Soc. 4. 'Our Last Year' Ends With Parties I WILLIAMS, BETH: Coronets 4. llittle Rock, Ark.: WILLIAMS, CINDY: Coronets I-4, cheerleader 2: All- School Cheerleader 3, 4: Court Jesters I-4, vice' pres. 4: Courtesy Club 2-4: Pep Council 4: Honor Roll 4: Natl. Art Honor Soc. 4: All Sports Princess 4.1 WILLIAMS, DIANA: Cygnets I-4: Courtesy Club I-4:1 Great Books Club 4: Round Table staff 2, 3: Election bd. 4. I WILLIAMS, GEORGE: Band 2-4: Orchestra 3, 4:F Science Club 4: Key Club 4: JCL 3, 4: Pep Band 4. WILLIAMS, SHARON: Coronets I-4, ush. chrm. 4: Shield rep. 3: Concert Band I-4: Marching Band 'I-4: Pep Band 2-4: Band and Orchestra Girls I-4, hist. 3, sec. 4. WILSEY, STEVE: Hi-Y 4. WILSON, BILL: JCL I, 2: Honor Math 3: NFL 4: Stu- dent Council 4. WILSON, BOB: German Club I-3: Key Club 4: Hi-Y 4: Red Cross, alt. 2. WILSON, DIANA: Cygnets 1-3, Band and Orchestra Girls I-4, pres. 4, Red Cross 2, 3, Hi-Notes 3, 4, sec. 3, vice pres. 4, Concert Band l-4, Orchestra 2-4, Marching Band 2-4, All State Band 3, Princess of Hearts 4. WILSON, TIM: Science Club 3, Electronics Club 3. WINSTON, BRUCE: JCL I, 2, 4, Science Club 3, NFL 4, Red Cross 4. WISDOM, LINDA: Coronets l, 2, German Club I, Literature Club I, 2, Red Cross, alt. I-4, 20th Cen- tury Homemakers 4. WITHERSPOON, CHRISTY: Cygnets 'I-4. WITTEN, BOB: Concert Band I-4. WOMACK, KENNY: Boys "O" Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, Key Club 2-4, Baseball I-4, Basketball I-4. wooDARD, DAN: Key Club 2-4, Hi-Y 4. WOODS, WILLARD: Boys' "O" Club 3, 4, Football I-4, Track I-3, Key Club 4, Hi-Y 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 4. WOOLEY, JUDY: Coronets I-4, Court Jesters I, 2. YWORK, DAN: Honor Language 3, 4, Red Cross 3, 4, Oil Exec. for a Day, Natl. Honor Soc. 4. WRIGHT, ELAINE PEARCE WRIGHT, JACQUE: Coronets I-4, Court Jesters 1, Red Cross 2, 3. WROBEL, BRIAN WYCHE, MIKE: Electronics Club 3. WYCOFF, DEBBIE: Cygnets I-3, Camera Club 2-4, vice pres. 3, sec.-treas. 2-4, German Club 3, Science Club 3, 4, Red Cross, alt. 2, 4, FTA I. Tears and Memories Io ' be Cherished ix YEAGER, REGINA: Coronets I-4, Courtesy Club 1 l-3, Tri-Hi-Y 3. li YANCEY, SHERRY: Cygnets 4, CSan Diego, CaIif.J. l Y I CAN'T WAlT!" Susie Meister hugs herself in eager anticipation of the ig day. I i CHECKING PROM PLANNING BOOKS are iunior class officers: Steve King, Sgt- BT BNHS: Marlene PFGVSTT, secretary: Gene W Smith, president, Jo Ann Winkle, treasurer, and Danny Mayfield, vice president. "THERE MUST be a rainbow here somewhere!" Junior Class sponsors Miss Eliza- beth Urmston, Mr. Charles Callum, and Miss Bernice Wester search through idea books for Junior-Senior Prom suggestions. .. lx .,.. ic, .,,, 5, .., e, Squires Take Pride in Noble Advancement, WE, THE CLASS OF '66, standing midway on the path to Knighthood, embrace the past with fond re- membrance and face the future with longing. We look back with pride on our achievements and gaze for- ward with anticipation to the lofty heights of Knight-1 hood as we advance toward its shining light. ' Climbing the trail blazed by Knights of old, we ac-I cept eagerly their challenge to carry on the emblem of proud Knighthood as they have done with victory' and honor. , Our bewilderment after taking the National Merits, was soon overshadowed by the excitement over long- awaited class rings and the prom, in which we took sol much pride in planning for the soon-to-graduate sen-i iors. And then came the realization of our changing position as our friends were elected to places of leader-X ship for the coming year-Our year. With the passing of the sword passes not only the traditions and dreams of the past, but the responsi- bilities and goals of the future. With courage and vision, inherited from our prede- cessors, we, the Squires of today, have grown in this tradition of Knighthood worthy to become the Knights of tomorrow. Barbara Abrams Cindy Adkins Aundra Allen Bill Allen Bob Allen Charles Allen John Anderson Robert Anderson Mike Andrews Bobbie Arentz Peggy Armstead Steve Arnn Robert Arnold Alan Ashby Phyllis Ashford Rocky Ashworth Lillene Atchey Veta Austin J Wide awake Juniors Bear Responsibilities Yvonne Ayers John Bado Bobi Baker Nancy Baker Pam Baker Patty Baker Kathy Ball Jackie Ballew Connie Barclay Teresa Barnes Cathy Barnett Jorinda Barr Jane Bartusch Leslie Basore Lavaun Bateman Joe Baurnhatt Andrienne Baxt Patricia Beck Donna Bee Susan Belcher Sandi Belt Chuck Bender Gerald Benedict Charles Bennett Jack Bergmann Janet Bergquist Martin Berthelot Lynette Bierman Teresa Binswanger Janet Bird Linda Bishop Sandy Black Terry Black Jim Blackburn Eddie Blalock Dan Blaschke Loretta Bledsoe Vickki Boaz Marsha Boggs Becky Bond Glenn Booher Linda Boswell Juniors Develop Practical Skills Susan Bowerman Kenneth Box Glen Boyd Jane Boyd Julie Breeden Judy Bremer Dan Brewton Joan Briggs Ray Broadfoot Lindsey Brock Bryan Brown Kay Brown PUTTING the finishing touches on a contemporary lamp base is iunior Phil Thompson. This woodwork class proi- ect was Phil's Christmas present to his parents. Marsha Brown l Randy Brown Mike Buckner Cheryl Burnet Steve Burton Ferrell Bussing ,Harry Butcher Rebecca Butler Sandra Butler Jo Butenhoff Jackie Byers Wlarion Campbell l i Judy Capshaw Janice Carleton i Paulette Carmony Bobby Carpenter Scott Carson Samye Carter in NWC Industrial Arts Classes lSheryl Carter Linda Casey Janice Cash Linda Catron Bob Caywood 'Judy Chaffin 'ann Chaney arol Chatham gene Cheatham anice Cherry Marc Cheves Doug Chew Gayle Childress Janie Clark 'Larry Clark Pam Clark Gary Clinton ,Rita Cloud l enneth Cochran aren Colley herri Collier enny Collins lizabeth Conner anna Cooley William Cooter Norman Cordell Pam Corn Cheryl Cornelison Leslie Cornett Charlene Couch Rod Covington Nelson Cowart Hal Crawford E A MIGHTY IMPORTANT piece of paper to ionior Art Schmauchl is his naturalization certificate. He and Betsy Alaupovic, fresh-N man, became American citizens in a courthouse ceremonyi December 17. , Squires Face Future with Courage Pam Crotts Christi Crutchfield Linda Dale David Daniel Jane Daniel Barbara Danzingei Diana Davis Darlene Davis Emmett Davis Gwen Davis Mike Davis Dee Dee Day l Bill Deeds John Dees Harold Defibaugh ' Rick Delancy Janet Derrick Danny Deupree M i Mike D' Hoostleaere' Bob Dick Linda Dickerson Shirley Dickerson Billie Dishman Diane Dockrey Patsy Doll Pat Donnelly Alice Doughty Barbara Downum Rick Duggan Bill Duncan Sally Duncan Bill Duskin Joanne Dutton Doug Duvall Rick Earley :Steve Easley l Connie Eckel lJerry Edwards iJoe Eischen Elaine Elliot Gary Empie Vlohn Fagala Midway on Their Path fo Knighfhood Bill Fairchild Gene Fanning Stephanie Farrand ,Mike Fauks lGary Fauss Ann Ferry irn Finch teva Fitz ay Forbes Susan Foster Danny Fox Kenneth Fox ary Frank J. oe Franklin ay Frantz onna Frey ill Funderburk arolyn Gage reddy Gagliardi ackie Garrett ohnnie Garrett ayne Gary yron Gates arry Gatewood Tom Gaut Donna Geiger Robert Gellenbeck Steve Germany David Gibbs David Gilley Mike Gilliam Linda Gossett Larry Govin Joyce Gragg Connie Graham Helen Graham Linda Graham Georgia Gram Dayna Gray Carol Green Cindy Green Kaye Green 1 American Field Service Screens Squiresl Bob Griggs Steve Grimes Bruce Grove Ricky Guy Jody Hadaway Lynnell Hafner Donna Hagan Cindy Hahn Edith Hall Susan Halter Bob Hammack y Harriet Hammond Terri Hanna Jan Hanraty l Connie Hansen Danny Harbolt Teresa Harding ' Nikki Hare i Ann Harris Mark Harris Mark Harris Trina Harry Anita Hawkins Curley Hays Selects Holt, Teefs Pam Herd Rita Herendeen Liz Herring Charolette Hester Ron Heuser Jerry Hickman Nancy Hildebrand lgonnie Hill ana Hill Jane Hill Phyllis Hilley. Jean Hinton l'om Hobson -uann Hodge karen Hodkinson inda Hogan- avid Holderby ebbie Holdner Eouie Holman teve Holmes Bob Holt Pam Holt Eobert Holt usan Holt Robert Heare Garlen Heitzman Rick Heldenbrand Stuart Helter Clayton Helms Sherry Henderson Teresa Hendren Sheral Hendricks Lesslie Henninger STUDYING the routes which one of them will be following this summer are American Field Service finalists, Robert Holt and Carol Teets. WHAT TO WEAR to the Jr., Sr. Prom is a big problem for iuniors Connie Montgomery, Marsha Boggs, Susan Bower- man, and Debi Thompson. Gary Holtberg Lincla Hope Leslie Horn Gloria Horton Richard Houser Ann Houston Terry Houston Jeannie Howard Mike Howard Pat Howard Charles Howell Bruce Hoyt Juniors Play Host at Annual Prom, Chris Hoyt Curtis Huff Chris Hughes Ronny Hulett Leon Humphrey Jan Humphreys Jerry Humphries Cheryl Hunt Becky Husband Veretta Husband Arlon lmoe Ronnie lnglish Jim Ivins Jim Jackson Ray Jackson Charles James Linda January Micki Jeffery .Mike Laham Karen Jenks Cindy Jennings Jeanne Jerlow i Karl Johnson Mark Johnson Roberta Johnson Lynda Jolly Don Jones Tom T. Jones Tom V. Jones Sandi Joyce 3Jim Julian lAnn Keen ,Joe Kellerby i Larry Kendall lTerry Kendell Jackie Kennedy Sue Kent Scott Kerschner Rita Kincaid Steve King Susie King Rick Kiser ' 'Pam Klinkevich Combine Work with Pleasure David Koch lTerri Kohler Della Koos Richard Kotva Carol Kubat Sterling Kueffer Diane Kurk ,David Kuydendall Sharon Lacy Mike Lakey Suzanne Lambert Carolyn Landguth Fonda Lane Jane LaPlace Nita Law Celia Lawson Donna Leard Gary Leascher David Lee Dee Ann Lee Linda Leech Dee Dee LeGate Lynda Lindsay Marcia Linn David Liss Rusty Loeftler Linda Lottis Marilyn Longfellow Richard Longley Pam Louk Claudia Lowe John Lowe Martha Lowe Frosty Loyd Alan Lukehart Susan Luttrell Don Lyne Gary Lynn Mark Lyon Joe Mallonee Robert Manlove Juniors Eagerly Prepare for Leadership, Gloria Mantilla Phil Marcom Johnny Marsh Joe Martin Mary Martin Tom Martin Jeananne Mason Lynn Mattox Cathy Maupin John Maxwell Beverly May Bob Mayer Dan Mayfield Alan McCarty Jerry McCollom Robert McCracken Sally McCray Janet McFarland Sue McFarland Sally McGee Jim McGuinn Janey McLure Marilyn McMurray Bill McPherson Alan Meadows Byron Mealy Margie Mee Richard Meister Lynn Meredith Otto Merz Carla Miller Kent Miller Pat Miller Shirley Milligan Duane Mills Roger Mirns Gail Mitchell Mary Mitchell Sherry Mitchell Shirlee Mitchell Linda Moak Marilyn Moncrief Bring Honors fo NWC JUNIOR Karl Johnson proudly displays the trophy he won during the Christmas holidays to Mrs Norman his speech teacher Karl placed 'First in Men's Extemporaneous speaking contest at the Miami Beach, Florida, Festival Marsha Montgomery Joe Moody Evelyn Mooney Gordon Moore Linda Moore Jill Morey Doug Morgan Lynne Morris Janet Morris Jenna Morris Rick Morris Warren Morris Tommy Morrison Kay Morrow Jimmy Moseley Mike Mullin Bill Murphy Jimmie Mussyal John Myracle Dick Nelson Clifford Nigh Allen Noble Kay Norris Sherri Nowlin Linda Nunn David O'Brien Pam O'Dell Sylvia O'Dell Charles Ogden Don Olandese Bob Oliver Susan Olsgard Mike Overby Juniors Take Advantages of Benefits Nancy Overman Kay Owens Jack Pace Dale Page Mike Page Louise Paisley Steve Pallesen Peggy Palo Candy Parker Carol Parrish Kevin Parrish Dick Pate Bill Patterson Susie Patterson Jenna Patton Charles Payne Tom Payne Dave Pearson Sharon Pearson lHowell Pendleton Jimmie Lynn Penny Don Phillips Ann Phinney iPeggy Phipps :Kitty Pierce ,Rory Pietsch iTeresa Pirner !Janette Points Susan Poiezny Alan Pollock Elisa Porter Alan Porter Gene Poteet Guy Power Charlene Prevett Marlene Prevett .inda Price Iludy Prince om Prince im Prock ob Pruitt Joe Pryor Offered by D.E. Roger Pugh Mike Pulliam Georgia Purnell Cathy Pursel Donna Qualls Kathy Quindt Mona Rahill Drew Ratcliff Pam Read WORKING on her boss, Dr. James Lowe, iunior Janie Rowton learns the skills of a dental technician. As a part of the Dis- tribution Education program, Janie worked half a day in Dr. Lowe's office. 2l7 Carol Reed Debbie Reed Randy Reed Dean Reeves Linda Reisinger Bill Renfro Bill Renner Diana Reynolds Robert Reynolds l 4 "I'D LOVE to Darlene, but I'm already taken." Jimmy Nix tells Darlene Davis as she offers him her new class ring. The Big Thrill of Our Junior Year 5 Mary Jane Rhoden Nancy Richards Carol Richert Steve Riddles Ginger Ridgeway Fred Ringwald Jerri Roberts ' Terry Rodgers L Alice Roe David Roesch Larry Rogers Marva Rogers Ralph Rogers L Teresa Rogers ' Linda Rosenberg Lawrence Roth Eddie Rugg Joyce Rumley John Runka Terry Runnels John Sabolich Pdila Schier Art Schmauch I Larry Schmidt Janette Schrantz lBarry Scott Steve Scott Thomas Scudder Becky Sealy tReta Seehorn ' Mike Seeley i Ramona Sewell l shmey shaded Dan Sherman Lana Shortt Jack Shrode Dwight Shultz Linda Simms Danny Simon Diana Simpson John Slaughter ,Barbara Smith Finally Getting a NWC Class Ring Bill Smith Bruce Smith David A. Smith David L. Smith Dewitt Smith Gene Smith Harold Smith Rusty Smith ,Sandy Smith Sue Smith Les Smock Tina Smoliga ,Diana Smoot Jane Smythe Bill Sneed .Candy Sneed Teresa Snelson lKathy Snipes Dick Sommerfrucht Glen Sparks David Springer Jamie Sprouls Tom Stacy Sally Stammer "ONE MORE electron cloud and we will have a snowman," .Jun- ior Jon Thompson tells his lab partner, Linda Swanson. Mr. Brown's chemistry class constructed atom molecular structures with styrofoam balls. F 5 1 l "GET READY to run," Bill Smith advises Sandi Joyce as he adds l the final ingredient to a chemistry experiment. Juniors took chemistry in preparation for college specialization. Juniors Concentrate on Classwork T Judy Stanford Jane Stanley Cheryl Stansel Fred Steele Suzanne Steele Ann Steph Carl Stephens Delbert Stephens Lynn Stephens Lynette Stephens Stephanie Stephens Cathy Stoehr Suzy Stout Madelynn Street N Sharon Strickland Mike Styron Phil Sutton Janie Swanson Linda Swanson Don Sylvester Ann Taylor Tom Taylor Jesse Tecumseh Carol Teets Shirley Thacker ynfhia Thomas ence Thomas arl Thompson ebi Thompson ary Thompson Jackie Thompson Jeanne Thompson on Thompson hil Thompson oberf Thompson raig Thomson Craig Tigert Vlike Tinnen aihy Tolle haron Tomberlin am Tonelis lenny Tonfi Take College Preparatory Courses nllike Townsend at Tripp inda Tubb ike Tucker haron Tucker ike Turk inda Turo amara Tver ohn Ulrich ike Utter ivian Vahlberg 'Marilyn Valenfine i an Vann andy Vannosirand ichard Varner eroy Volz ue Voorhies inda Wade ill Waggoner ick Wagner ick Walker at Walker andra Walker redde Wallen Squires Anticipate Final Stretch Marilyn Wandell Carolyn Ward Cleve Warren Bobby Welch Lee Ann Welch Pam Westbrook Bill White Kay White Ken White Ronnie White Regina Wiley Cheryl Wilhoyte Beverly Wilkison Johnny Williams Karen Williams Karen S. Williams Lee Williams Sharon Williams Stephanie Williams Joe Willis Barbara Wilson John Wilson Jo Ann Winkle Sara Wint Nita Winters Jim Wise Dick Witte Ronald Wolff Cheryl Woods Chris Woodward Phil Woodward Jimmie Wright Tom Wright Nancy Yates Jeannette Yeager Virginia Yen Hunter Younge Johnny Younghein Terry Zanovich Larry Zinn Terry Zinn 'SEE, we don't have to plan the picnic until it starts budding again." Sophomore Rob Elder, sgt. at arms, points out to fellow officers Catie Thornton, secretary, Terry O'Toole, vice president, Elaine Claunch, treasurer, and Johnny Reeves, president, that their class :icnic requires long-range planning. l iPlCNlC sites are considered by sophomore sponsors Miss Henrietta Von VTungeln and Mrs. Carolyn Wakely for the annual class picnic. Sophomore Endeavors Mirror United Efforts NORTHWEST CLASSEN Heralds approach Knighthood as did Heralds of ancient lore. They rise from humble Pages to Squires and hence to Knights. Scholastically, Heralds ground through required sub- iects, including English, with its verbs, Silas Marner, infinitives, and Julius Caesar. In new math courses we tackled squares, cubes, and other figures. Frogs and insects occupied our time in biology, while gym classes centered around volleyball, cageball, and other hair- pulling, nail-breaking sports. Sophomores learned, however, that hard work brings lasting rewards. Always Heralds plan and look toward the future. As we approach the halfway mark at Northwest, we take stock of ourselves and our accomplishments. We feel that our class has made a substantial contribution. As we anticipate becoming squires, we willingly face new responsibilities, new opportunities, and new chal- lenges. When we finally attain our cherished goal and become full-fledged Knights, we shall look back with pride and satisfaction to this year. Jim Agee Becky Ahlfeldt Carol Aken Don Akin Deanie Albert Cliff Albright Kathy Albright Phyllis Aldridge Debbie Allen Judy Allen Gayle Anderson Gloria Anderson Marty Anderson Tim Andrews Nancy Arens Dennis Arnn Johnny Arnold Mike Ash Jack Ashbaugh Bill Austin Jeanine Avery Aaron Bachhofer Sandy Bacon Charles Bahan Sophs Accept High Standards at NWC, Lemont Baker Mike Baker Phyllis Ballard Marcus Barker Susan Barker Glenda Barnes Gary Barron James Barron David Bateman Rick Baurnberger Karen Bays Betsy Beausang Bette Bell Bill Bendau John Bentley Barbara Berryhill Tina Berthelot John Bishop Joe Blackburn Hardy Blackwell Keith Blair Shari Blakey Mike Blaschke Paul Blume Deanna Bond James Bond Lisa Bonneville Raul Botifoll Harry Boiis Mike Bourland llicki Bowers Betty Bradshaw Bob Brady Pam Bragg Beverly Bramble John Brandell l Judy Branham Kirk Brawley Phil Bray Tom Bray Ester Brehm Donna Bryce Glen Bridge Jane Brodnan gohn Brokaw haron Bronson lKaThy Brown Rick Brown l SHIELD folding parties aren'f all work, as sophomore Lynn McDonald, Shield business manager, discovers. Respect Traditional Excellence l l Sally Brown , Steve Brown Susan Brown Dave Bryant' Emma Bryant Mike Bryson Sue Bullard Bruce Bunch Sue Burghart Linda Burnett Diana Burrows Dennis Burt Shirley Busch Therese Cabell Diane Callaway , Sue Carleton EVEN GROWN-UPS can get lost in this big school, discovers sophomore Phil Bray as he directs his father, Mr. E. G. Bray, at P.T.S.A. open house To Sports, Clubs, Service Groups - Phyllis Carmen Darel Carter Tom Cassady i Georgia Cawthon Donna Chaloupek Saundra Chaney Steve Charleston Q Bill Cheatham l Cheryl Christianson y Peggy Christopher t Robert Church Debbie Clancy i Becky Clark , Mike Clark Terry Clark Elaine Claunch Jimmy Clay John Cobb Cathy Coburn Larry Cocks Earl Cody Margaret Coffia Sandra Coggins i Martha Collier David Collins 3Butch Colwell Debby Combs Bob Condren Paul Confer ,Ellen Conner l,Mike Cook lSuzanne Cook William Cook 'Sharon Copley Kathy Corbin Sandy Corder i i Chuck Corey Gary Corn Teresa Cornish Kathy Cosgrove Phil Cotter 'Kerry Cottrell Barbara Cox 'Belynda Cox Neale Cox Karen Craig Susan Crawford Bobby Croasdale Ralph Croy Roger Crudup Rita Crumpler Joy Cumberland Austin Dane Peggy Danely Dennis Daniels Cathy Davis Debbie Davis Paula Davis 'Sharyl Davis Sharon Day Martha de Cardenas jBobby Dempsey John Dewey -Joe D'Hoostleaere Nancy Doil Janet Doling John Donnell Larry Doolen Ruth Dubberstein John Duggan Carolyn Dugger Paul Duncan Heralds Add Their Support Sophs Eagerly Seek Perry Duncan Sherry Eagin Mike Eales Judy Edmondson Dane Edwards Dorothy Ehrlich Danny Eischen Robert Elder Jim Ellis Ramona Ellison Sandra Ellsworth Bill Emanuel Carole Emberton Sharon Enyart Mike Everett Gary Fair Bruce Fairchild Greg Farha Cliff Farley Debbie Farmer Terry Farmer Mike Farrell Walter Farris Barbara Fatheree Services James Faw Curt Fehn Sheryl Fern Dave Fields Debbie Finefrock Janice Fischer Susie Fish Janice Fishel Randy Fitzpatrick Bill Fleming Dee Ann Forbes Gary Ford Iala Ford Kathleen Ford Elinda Franks Toni Frogge Marty Fulmer Larry Gallagher Marsha Gardner Cecil Garner Don Garis Nancy Gates Larry Gee Pat Gee Bill Gentry l Jerry Geurin I Amy Gibbons Dale Ginn Sherry Gober Glenn Goddard Ken Goeringer Jerry Goins Fernando Gonzalez Grissel Gonzales Larry Gorman LeeAnn Goss Doug Gossett Connie Graham Jim Grasley Don Green Johnny Green Darlene Grissom Rori Grussendort Shirley Guthery Holt Guysi Palmer Haffner Mike Hall James Hamilton of School Counselors Robbie Hampton David Hansen Rae Jean Hanson Buzzy Hardin Jan Hardwick Sarah Harkins Linda Harrison Mallory Hartman PLANNING the coming year's class schedule is an important part of every school year. Sophomore Susan Wilson consults Mrs. Wakely, counselor, about next year's course of study. Johnnie Hatchett David Hatfield Linda Hayes Susan Hazelton Martha Helderman Jamie Hendricks Becky Hensley Lula Hensley CROSS-EXAMINATION proves difficult for sophomore debaters, Terry Far W mer, Steve Charleston, and John Smelser. Record Number of Tenth Graders Jim Henson Carolyn Hess Janice Hester John Hestwood Jerri Hildebrand Sandy Hill Eric Hindman Betty Hock Jerry Hoegger Cindy Hoke Danny Holloway Sandra Homsey Phylis Hoover Margaret Hopping Barney Horrigan Linda Howard Susie Huckabay Francis Hudak Dan Huff Bill Huffaker Mary Hull Debbie Hunt Joyce Huskey Roger Hutton Ronnie Imoe Janie Jacobson Kay Jarchow Max Jennings Barbara Johnson Janie Johnson Susan Johnson Tom Johnson Verda Johnson Eddie Jones James Jones Judy Jones Robert Jones Jody Kahn Steve Kalmon Eddie Kardokus Donna Kasparek Judy Keathley Frank Kellert John Kenedy Robert Kerns Mitchell Kessler Lynne Keys Jeff Kidd Participate in Speech, Debate Bob Kilman I Karen Kincaid Danny King Jerry King David Kinser Nikki Knepper Doug Knight Jim Knott Loree Koeppe Marsha Kosted Neal Kovar Danny Kramer Ramon Krosley Mary Kutz Brian Lacy Marsha Lane Jamie Lappin Don Larimore Jim Larimore Steve Lawson Lucie Leaf Alice Lee Danny Lee Nan Lensgraf Outside Activities Carrie Lessly Dick Leuszler Dianne Lewis Lynda Lewis Lynette Lewis Monty Lewis Sandra Lievsay Judy Little Jackie Looney David Lorenz Steve Lowell Chris Lowry Burt Ludrick Gloria Lundien Mike Lunn Max Luper Boyd Lyles Everett Lynn Pat Lytle Sharon MacKillican Jamie MacTaggart Pam Madden Edith Maddox Melissa Maddox Multiply Todd Magbee Gary Mahagan David Mallory David Manley Lila Mannas Joe Manning Stephanie Marchm Don Marley Jack Martine Larry Marr Pat Mastagni Jessica Mathias Mary Mauldin Rita Maupin Ron Maxey Vermell Maxey Bill Maxwell Jim May Mike McCarty Mike McClure Susan McCormick Mike McCreary Lynn McDonald Rick McDonald BH Kathy McEver Linda McEwen Janet McGee Mack McGuire Marilyn Mclntyre Peggy McNatt Steve McNeill Claudia Medley Susie Meegan Janice Melton Larry Merideth Steve Metheny Gary Meyer Joy Milburn Ray Miller Steve Miller Nancy Mills Rod Mills Donna Mitchell 9Lisa Montgomery Mike Montgomer Judy Moon 'Jim Moore Marsha Moore Y las Soph Fans Follow Favorites AVID fans of The Dave Clark Five and winners of free tickets to their show at the Municipal Auditorium were sophomores Jody Kahn, Gloria Lundien, and Anita Spaeth. Stes. J, 1 5 .,,, 3 . 1 -2' 7 WH? " L ,fy -+5 if OE x .xv1Jf Yfg'f'X? , Q WF ww if ww? Vlike Oelke ayne Oldham obert Olsgard ary Olson homas O'Neil Bill Orcutt Terry O'Toole letcher Ownbey ichard Page usan Pallesen gohn Pansze atti Pansze athy Pate enny Patterson ianne Paulus hris Payne laudia Payne ary Pennington l im Perkins elvin Perkins hirley Petree ames Phelps anie Phillips orma Pierce Was Soph s Most Treasured Possession aren Pinix everly Pinkston harles Pitman l Pitzer red Plater uzanne Poulsen ob Powers ohn Powers teve Prater aulett Pratt onnie Prevost ally Proctor oAnn Purdy anet Puttroff ale Quindt aul Rahe ecky Rathien lice Ratway im Ray obby Rea ay Reding ohn Reeves arry Reeves atricia Reiff Dale Remington Sharon Rendel Phyllis Renegar John Renfro Nilda Reyes Steve Reynolds Phillip Ricks Bill Riddles Doug Riebel Sam Roach Ron Roberson James Robinson Kris Robinson Randy Robinson Robert Roos David Rose John Ross Cindy Rowten Doris Rugg Fran Russell Jim Ryan Merlynn Salathiel Jimmy Salda Steven Sarkey Sometimes Bewlldered by Big Schoo Denise Saunders Charles Saxon Chris Schoap Sandra Schuetz Tom Scott David Sears Carson See Jana Seikel 'Bonnie Shaw John Shaw Mike Shelden Randy Sherman Stephanie Shirley Jean Simmons JoAnne Simmons Craig Simms Tom Simonson Bruce Sims Don Sinks Kerry Slack Lynda Slater John Smelser Debbie Smith Frances Smith l l l lf lim Smith lip Smith illarsha Smith Zobert Smith 'ricia Smith Seth Snider Sretchen Snyder Zee Ann Solter Ihris Southard Anita Spaeth Jana Spence Sill Spielberger l lAike Sprowso lune St. John Iheryl Staats ilern Stansell Cindy Starke llarmen Starr l leanette Steele teve Steinbock indy Stephenson ary Stephenson hil Stephenson hris Stewart ophs Soon Learn to Make Decisions LEWILDERED by the wide choice of clubs and activities offered to sopho- ores, Marsha Lane fills out applications. Becky Stone Ronnie Stoops Linda Stratton Pam Story Joe Street Linda Strickland Lynne Strong Gail Stroud Don Stuart Lana Sutton Ronald Swain Suzanne Tate Bill Taylor Eric Teague Vicki Terry Robert Tester Mike Thomas Charldene Thompso Glenda Thompson Jane Thompson Jayni Thompson Katy Thornton Richard Tillinghas Jerry Tinsley George Trummer Lloyd Tucker Cora Turner Mary Tyner J Louise Vandennieuwenhol Carol Vanderford l Mike Vanmeter J Judy Varner l Heralds Volunteer for Emerson Proiecf,l Jett Vaughan Yvonne Vick Ken Vrooman Buddy Wade Steve Wade Scot Wadley John Waggoner i Christy Waldrop Mary Waldrop Gary Walk Sherry Walker Bill Walker Cindy Walker Lani Wallin Dale Walters Don Warnberg Marilyn Washburn Randy Waterman Edward Watson Marcia Watson Jim Weaver Sandra Webb Susan Webster Leonard West Carol Westmoreland Les Westmoreland Larry Wetwiska Kathy Wheeler Margie Wheeler Steve Wheeler Tom Wheelus Genger White Jacki White Linda White Nancy Whitehead Charles Whittaker Mary Wilbanks Linda Wilcox Alan Will Eugene Williams Vickie Williams lTeri Willoughby l l G. Gail Wilson 'Jack Wilson Marcia Wilson Marsha Wilson Randy Wilson Steve Wilson Direct Children's Activities Susan Wilson Connie Wood Franklin Woodard Rick Woodward Ron Work Pam D. Wright l Pam S. Wright Fred Yeagley Bill Yen Mary Zoltner l ASSISTING an elementary student in Arts and Crafts is sophomore Susan Webster, a volunteer for the Emerson Project. POOLSIDE discussions of problems that only freshmen could have prove pleasant for class officers Linda McCullough, secretary, Mark Keim, vice president, Kent Carnahan, president, Jim Baker, sgt. at arms: and Paula Collins, treasurer. Newcomers Make Rapid Adjustment WHERE to have the annual freshman picnic is the question sponsors Barbara Sethney and Don Gardner are confronting. TO ENTER the kingdom of Knightland required more than a little courage for the 840 Pages. Finding the way around this "awesome castle" was iust one of the prob- lems confronting our youngest class. Orientation Day was the first step in our realization that we had nothing to fear. From the welcoming speeches of Mr. Malone, Dave Elder, and other school leaders, we concluded that we already "belonged." We were eager to fit into this "big operation," where learning is fun and friendliness and challenges abound. Our first day we read in The Shield about the people, places, and things which were to play such a big role in our life as Pages. The Howdy Mixer, planned especially for us, showed us that the password here is "Howdy" and that, plus a friendly smile, assures success at Northwest. Attention was focused on grades because acquiring knowl- edge was our first mission, we found that certain standards were required before we could qualify for organizations we wanted to loin. We were already anticipating college en- trance requirements, making long range plans with our counselor for our curriculum was essential. The months rolled by in rapid succession. We thrilled to the coronations, each seemed more beautiful than the last. Sports, we loved. We ioined pep clubs and special interest groups. We aspired to honor organizations that would be available to us next year. We were grateful for our first year, because we had truly earned our place as Heralds and were eager to be among the Knights and Ladies who would make next year's Pages feel as we do now-a sig- nificant, important part of Northwest Classen. Randy Aber Ann Ackerman Mike Adams Shirley Afinowicz Bill Agee Libby Aharons Betsy Alaupovic Marty Alberts Diana Allen Johnny Allen Oliver Allen Royce Allen Susan Allen Roy Allen Pam Alper Sharon Altenreid Doug Amick Steve Amos Karen Anderson Rosalie Andreazon Rodney Andrews Barbara Baber Monty Bacher Mary 'Ann Bacon Phil Bailey Ted Baily Carrollein Baker Jim Baker fo Big-School Traditions and Customs Liz Baker Charlie Ball Kathy Banks Paul Barbee Tom Barclay Sandy Barfoot Steve Barkett Susan Barnes Judy Barnett Marsha Barnett Kay Barr Claudia Barrett Douglas Barron Sue Basore Grady Bateman Janice Baumgarner Margaret Baxt Duane Bays Rob Beals Charles Beausang Veldeana Bee Mike Been Donna Belcher Yolanda Beleele Linda Bell Bill Benedict Ingrid Bennett Kathy Benson Sandy Berousek Barbara Biggs Tee Ann Biles Wanda Bird Tom- Birketr Dorenda Blakey Gordon Bockus Denice Bodine Cindy Bonebrake Diana Booher Silvia Botifoll Rene Boris Janis Bourland Jack Bowlin Bill Bowman Brenda Bowman Mike Boyd Candy Boydston James Bradway Tom Brady Ted Bremer Karen Brewer Roger Bridges Bill Briggs Calvin Brink Rosalyn Broadfoot Don Brockhaus Laureffa Brower Pages Promote New Friendships, Susan Brown Jim Brown Leroy Brown Danny Browning Dan Brummiff Barbara Bryant Ann Buckner Betty Bullen Ken Bunch Howard Burch Frank Burke Mary Burks Linda Burns Susan Burns Bonnie Burrows Linda Burt Karen Burton Roy Buff Andy Butts George Butts Jerry Buffs Cathy Campbell Steve Campbell Cheryl Cantrell Lloyd Carlson Kent Carnahan Joann Carpenkr Cindy Carter Dennis Carter Mary Ann Carter Rachel Carter Steve Cassady Debbie Castle Judy Chapman Kathy Childers Noma Christensen Mary Christensen Buddy Cissne David Clark Delores Clark Lyn Clark Raymond Clark Barbara Clenney Susan Clifton Carol Clinton Mike Cody Sharon Cogdill Steve Coleman Steve Colley Georgeann Collins Paula Collins Yvonne Collins Hank Colvert Sue Cook Cathy Cooper Kathy Cornelison Interests, and Activities at NWC Sharing a Coke after school are Cindy Bonebrake and Paul Wood. Mike Coughlin Pam Cowart Janet Cowper Ricky Cox Sandy Craig Becky Crampton Mark Crenshaw Tom Crittenden "C-SQUAD" cheerleaders, Arlene Davis, Barbara Baber, Paula Collins, Chris Finefrock, and Cathy Cooper, play a big part in projecting freshman spirit at N.W.C. Youngest Class Boosts Spirit, Larry Crosley David Crumby Peggy Cummings Mary Daiker Dick Daniel Sheryl Daniel Arlene Davis Charles Davis Debi Davis Dianne Davis Donna Davis Everrett Davis Janice Davis Louis Davis Milt Davis Mike Davis Mary Dawkins Cindy Decker Gary Defibaugh Bob Delano Danny Dennehy Steve Ditto Albert Downs Lynda Drescher Pat Duffy Paul Duffy Peggy Dunlany Pat Duncan Provides Talent and Leadership Robert Fleming David Ford Janet Forester Anita Forgue Dale Fortlage Steve Foster Tommy Foster John Foust Larry Foutz Sharon Franks Kathy Freeman Sandra Freeny Dan Frogge Debby Frye Lyn Gaines Janice Gallegly Billy Gallop John Gardner Rick Gates Kent Gatewood Ruth Gaut Glen Gee Starr Gholston Tom Gibson John Gilbert Ernie Gill Danny Gilley Mark Gimpel Beverly DuPree Dina Durrett Butch Dyer Dalta Eads Tim Eaker Yvonne Easlon David Ecker Marilyn Effinger Janet Ehrlich Larry Elliott Johnny Elzey Candy Emerson Brad Emmert Roger Empie Elaine Evans Kendall Evans Gene Fair John Falgout Gloria Fant Kent Farrand Janice Feddersen Warren Felton Gary Ferguson Georgene Fezler Pennie Field Pat Fields Patsy Finch Chris Finefrock Rhonda Gober Mike Goddard Karen Goldman Jerry Goodrich Tom Gordon Christina Goss Cynthia Graff Griff Graham Leia Graham Allen Grantham Jeff Gray Reese Gray Claudia Green John Green Don Greenamyer Tommy Greenhaw Jim Gregory Thirza Gregory Tom Gregory Ava Grey Richard Griggs Joyce Grove Charles Hall Dale Hall Hattie Hall Pam Hall Jay Hallman Steve Hallock Harla Hamilton David Hanna Ann Harley Aubrey Harper Greg Harris Johathan Harris Terry Harris Dana Harrison Ricky Harrison Rodney Harrison 'feresa Harrison Patty Hartman Susan Heare Paul Heath Sissy Heckel Billy Held John Held Jeffrey Helfer Kathy Hellen Sandra Henderson Rodger Hendricks Beth Hendry Don Hensch Phil Hensch Jimmy Hickman Bettye Hicks Larry Highley Janet Hindes Warren Hock Stan Hodge Nancy Hodkinson Lareeca Hogan Danny Holden Terry Holland Vicki Hopkins Jo Horn Marilyn Horn Lois Horne Mike Horrigon Dewayne Horfon Janet Houck Larry Howard Linda Howard Terri Howard Gary Howell Susan Hoyt Paula Hudson Phil Hudson Suzanne Hudson Linda Huffman Cheryl Hughes Kirk Humphreys Roger Hurf Brenda Husband Dan Husky Randy Irwin Eilene Jackson Kathy Jackson Susan Jackson David Jacob Sam Jacobson Nancy James Jane Ann Jayne ALTHOUGH Pages don't drive cars 10 school, Richard Varner, Jim May, and Mike Davis add confusion to the parking problem. Happy Srudenfs Reflect Optimism Rafi Ny Q' Q 5455" fm., sr sf BIOLOGY class members are not disturbed by their furry visitor. Karen Pruet's pet coon makes himself at home in Mr. Mabrey's classroom. Larry Jefferson Paul Jennings Nancy Jesseph Bob Johnson Chuck Johnson Gerald Johnson Harvey Johnson Joy Johnson Classwork Proves Bob Jones Karen Jones Kay Jones Robert Jones Roger Jones Debbie Joy Pat Joyce Michele Kashner Bill Keil Mark Keim Pam Keleher Lorrie Keller Belinda Kendall Fay Kennedy Carol Kerr Claire Kerschner Leonore Keys Stephen Kinser Kouraleen Kinsey Pam Kirk Helen Knox Margaret Knox Karin Kongs Gary Kueffer John Lackey Bill Landers Mark Landguth Sherry Lang Bill Larkins Steve Lassman Ronnie Leard Albert Ledbetter Alice Lee Ronnie Lee George Lemmon Bonnie Lingerfelt Betty Lisby Susan Little Ronnie Littleton Bob Lockwood Rickie Logan Becky Lout Danny Loving Dorothy Lowe Susan Lowe Phil Lowther Kirk Lytle Margarit Machulis Don Maddox Bill MaGuffee Linda Mahan Eugene Mahanay David Manson Dorothy Mapes David Marely Jesse Martin 'v Challenging, Sometimes Surprising Suzanne Martin Mike Martin Carol Martz Suzanne Mason Cheri Maxwell Jim May Pat May Steve Mays ADDING spice to Oklahoma History, Bruce Fairchild, Margaret Baxt and Richard Paschal enact a cowboy and Indian scene. DISCOVERING that there is more to Northwest Classen than "fun and frolic" is Ross Tonti, as he finds the library an ideal spot for studying. Study Habits Are Soon Improved Carie McBride Linda McCullough Beth McCully Jerry McCutcheon Janie McDonald Patty McDannold Mike McElroy Frank McGregor Richard McHuin Terry McMahon Randy McPherson Connie Meacham Chris Meek Sue Meissinger Mike Merchant Judith Meriwether John Messenger Cindy Metheney Ronny Michaelson David Miller Jeanene Miller Steve Miller Tommy Miller Woods Miller Carol Mitchell Jim Moffatt Peggy Moore Terrell Moore Frosh Find Security in Self-Discipline Mike Peerboom Pat Pendleton Nancy Pennington Bill Perry Linda Philips Larry Phillips Nancy Phillips Janet Phinney Ronny Pierce James Pigg Phyllis Pipkin Rene Pitt Doug Polk Ken Pollock Patricia Ponder Mike Porter Carolyn Potts Bill Powell David Powell Jim Powell Walt Pralle Jimmy Price Mike Pricer Karen Pruet Becky Pryor Jim Puckett Larry Punneo Beverly Quindt David Morgan Margaret Morgan Jane Morris Pat Morris Kay Monroe Beverly Moss Roy Mote Mark Mullin Margena Murphy Sam Musallam Anita Mythen Stan Neel Mike Nelson Stephanie Newell Harry Newman Robert Nigh Wayne Null Olan Nystrom Leslie O'dell Ron Oelke Mike Palmer Phil Parham Joe Parker Susan Parker Ricky Paschal Betty Patterson Steve Payne Barbara Pedigo PAGES contribute to the school economy as Jeanne Miller, Donna Nix, Martha Walker, and Lenore Keys purchase a sweatshirt and Northwest Nites from the Student Store. All Aspects of NWC Life Explored David Quine JoAnn Ragsdale Randy Rahill Steve Rahill Ron Rafcliff James Ray Larry Reed Patti Reed Charles Rhodes Bob Ridley Pat Roach Lynn Robinson Kathey Robison Cara Roblyer , J'udy Rogers l Mike Rogers Ralph Rollins Talesa Rose Diana Rose Gordon Ross Barbara Roth t Edward Rousar Mike Rowten Becky Rucker Larry Ruhr David Runyan Steve Russell Tom Russell I I Susan Rutledge Debbie Saied Alan Sandgarten Diane Sarinslce Linda Schanbacher Linda Schell Tommy Schell Dale Schier Eric Schmidt Henry Schmidt Alan Schmitz Robert Schneider Bill Schuster Stan Scott Gail Seaman Donnie Seay Marty Seeley Carol Sharpley Betty Shaw Jim Shaw Steve Shaw Terry Shaw Katie Sheehan Janice Sheltman Bill Shelton Curtis Shepard Gail Shepherd Kathy Shepherd ps Ninth Graders Enliven the Scene LIVELY frosh add to homecoming festivities by treating cheerleaders to a ride around the track at halftime Tom Stewart Greg Witt and Ken Pollock provide music and spirit Vicki Sheppard Linda Sherman Kathy Shirley Steve Siegel Geneva Silvey Barbara Simonson Janice Simpson Peggie Singleton Jim Slater Brenda Smith Bronna Smith Bruce Smith Cathy Smith Charlie Smith David Smith Debbie Smith Fred Smith Jack Smith James Smith JoAnn Smith Joe Smith Paul Smith Richard Smith .Steve Smith Susan Smith Pam Smock Bob Sneed Joan Snell Politics, Electrons Draw Interest Gail Snider Diana Snyder Luis Socarraz Peggy Southard Bonnie Sparkman Mary Ann Sparks Phil Spaulding Roger Spear Judy Spicer Mike Stack John Stfcy Susan Stacy DeeDee 'Staley James Stapp Sally Steele Tom Steele Shery Stemm Sharlin Stephens Ben Stern Gary Steves Pat Stewart Tom Stewart Janet St. George Linda Stiver David St. John Melinda Stokes Carol Stone Monte Stone Gay Stotts Sue Strahl Diana Streeter Martha Strickland Virginia Styles Carol Styron Jennifer Suchy Carol Sullivan Mike Sullivan Betty Summers Mike Sutter Sandra Suttman David Swain David Swanson Allen Sykes Barry Sylvan Tom Tapscott Linda Tate Sharon Tate John Taylor Mickey Taylor Sharon Taylor Wrenette Taylor Van Temple Tim Tennis James Tessman Steve Teter Marilyn Thaler of Enthusiastic, Responsible Frosh BEWILDERED by the display of beauty, Sam Jacobson and Jay Hallman ponder the question of how to cast their vote in the sports queen contest. Jim Thomas Melissa Thomas Mike Thomas Nancy Thomas Priscilla Thomas Bill Thompson Calvin Thompson Diane Thompson John Thompson Julian Thompson Beth Thrower Reggie Thurman Don Tidholm Kaye Tigert Nancy Tillinghast Danny Tillman Brenda Tinsley Jon Tippin Virginia Toahty Debbie Todd Laura Townsend Debbie Trent Claudia Tripp Patty Tubb Karen Turnell Joan Turner Laura Turney Pete Ukena June Vaden Sonia Vandennieuwenhof Ronnie Vann Sandra Vanscoy Mike Varnell Richard Varnell Debbie Vaughn Jean Vaughn Transition Complete - Frosh 'Belong' Vicki Vaughan Debbie Violett Helen Waddle Pat Wadley Betty Walker Margie Walker Martha Walker Jim Walkup Linda Walpole Eric Warner Ed Warren Ronnie Warren Mike Way James Webb Janice Weber Mike Weeks Linda Wensauer Laurie West Mary Westmoreland Elaine Wheeler Bill White Jeff White Shelley White Howard Whitehead Mark Whitney Jim Whytlaw Jamey Wickizer Jim Wickizer Jan Wilbourn Walter Wilburn Larry Wilcox Michael Wilder Janet Wiles Cary Wilkinson Beverly Williams Gil Williams Helen Williams Larry Williams Joyce Williamson Jack Willis Terry Willson Steve Wilmoth Stan Wilsey Carol Wilson Richard Wilson Greg Witt Tom Wolff Paul Wood Diane Woods Elaine Wright Jeri Wright Logan Wright Donna Yaeger Tom Zachritz lT SEEMS as if there are rules for everything as Janis Bourland en HAZARDS of big school life do not daunt Janis as she playfully dem ounters David Crumby in the off limits corridor onstrates her first reaction to parking lot traffic Dear Friends, The 1965 Round Table now in your hands is yours. ln it we have tried to show the heritage of the past and traditions set for the future. The first Round Table published in 1955 established a pattern of events long to be remembered. We hope that this book, ten years later, has helped to perpetu- ate these memorable traditions. A twenty-page summer supplement, which will in- clude awards, spring sports, the prom, and gradua- tion activities, will be mailed to you by midsummer. Without the encouragement of Mr. Malone, the faculty, and our fellow students, this book would not exist. Special thanks go to Mr. Barclay Curtis, our year- book consultant, Wagner's Studio, class photographers, Mrs. Walter L. Sutton of Meyers Photo Shopf Mrs. Joe Fallin, and Mrs. Nathan Sherman, who provided shel- ter and encouragement for staff members. To all the Knights and Ladies who have gone before us, we owe thanks for their contributions to these formative years of progress and achievement which we honor in this tenth anniversary book. But to you the student, faculty member, or alumni who will keep these traditions glowing, we pay special tribute. If, after viewing the preceding pages, you have de- veloped greater appreciation of Northwest Classen's accomplishments and traditions, you will have made our efforts worthwhile. Sincerely, AW., ,ff D. ,fades-N Della Filson Co-Editor C, ., ff ,X Zwwwfj, Judy Sherman Co-Editor THE CHERISHED PAST Gone now the pleasant strains of golden past, A cherished part of life now left behind: The time glides by, but still the memories last, Fond souvenirs to grace the heart and mind. We go but not as single separate parts, Ours goals are set toward new unconqueredl heights, A deep undying honor binds our hearts And makes us proud to bear the name of Knights Behind, the fading mists of years now gone, Cast off the colors once we proudly wore: The Glory which we knew lives ever on, Though through these hallowed halls we'll walk no more. For though we leave the Emblem of the Knight, The radiance of its love will e'er glow bright. Craig Busey -A- Aber, Randy S. 64, 97, 241 Abney, Carol L. 165 Abney, Stephen E. 47, 48, 77, 165 Abrams,,Barbara J. 50, 98, 158, 160, lndex Bachhoier, Aaron L. 224 Bacher, Monty L. 241 Bacon, Mary Ann 88, 241 Bacon, Sandra S. 50, 74, 98, 116, 224 Bacon, Ty A. 97, 165 205 Abrams, Susan E. 50, 60, 98, 165 Abramson, Linda E. 49, 50, 60, 88, 165 Achromowez, Steven 67 Ackerman, Ann 75, 98, 165, 241 Ackerman, Kent H. 119, 132 Ackerman, M. 137 Activities Director 25 Adair, Gary A. 40, 165 Adams, Michael V. 155, 241 Adkins, Cindy L. 205 Administration 18-19 Aduddell, Linda L. 47, 48, 58, 60, 77, BB, 165 Bado, John T. 55, 132, 135, 161, 205 Bahan, Charles R. 224 Bailey, Phil D. 241 Bailey, Sharla K. 98, 165 Bailey, Theodor H, 241 Bainbridge, Beniamin 165 Baker, Barbara J. 50, 205 Baker, Carrollein M. 241 Baker, Deanna K. 166 Baker, Elizabeth A. 241 Baker, James A. 137, 148, 240, 241 Baker, Lemont B. 224 Baker, Michael R. 224 Baker, Nancy S. 50, 98, 205 Baker, Pamela S. 98, 205 Baker, Patricia L. 205 Afinowicz, Shirley J. 88, 241 Agee, Jimmy A. 224 Agee, William R. 241 Aharons, Libby J. 241 Ahlieldt, Rebecca 76, 224 Aken, Carol J. 50, 98, 224 Akin, Donald H., Jr. 224 Alaupovic, Betsy 98, 208, 241 Albert, Deanie G. 224 Alberts, Clarence M. 107, 241 Albright, Franklin C. 224 Albright, Kathleen A. 88, 224 Aldridge, Diane M. 224 Allder, Tommy L. 83, 165 Allen, Angeline 80 Allen, Aundra G. 98, 205 Allen, Bill 83, 132, 134, 135, 136,- 205 Allen, Charles E. 205 Allen, Deborrah, 224 Allen, Dianna L. 80, 241 Allen, Johnny R. 241 Allen, Judith C. 50, 224 Allen, Oliver W. 241 Allen, Robert S. 205 Allen, Roy D. 165 Allen, Royce 241 Allen, Susan L. 70, 88, 98, 241 Alley, Roy 241 Allred, Betty 20, 62 Alper, Pamela B. 241 Alt, Karlene L. 50, 54, 60, 64, 98, 110, 165 Altenreid, Sharon 241 Amick, Doug M. 241 Amos, Steve T. 241 . , Anderson, Gayle L. 50, 75, 76, 88, 98, 224 Anderson, Gloria P. 75, 98, 224 Anderson, Gregory M. 165 Anderson, James M. 136, 224 Anderson, John D. 44, 48, 55, 138, 139, Ball, Charlie B., lll 64, 241 Ball, Katherine J. 50, 88, 205 Ball, Yvonne 20, 64, 103 Ballard, Phyllis S. 224 Ballew, Jacqueline 50, 98, 205 Band and Orchestra Girls 70 Banks, Kathy E. 241 Barbee, Paul P., Jr. 137, 149, 241 Barbee, Rebecca L. 81, 88, 165 Barclay, Connie 88, 205 Barclay, Tom K. 241 Barloot, Sandy L. 98, 241 Barker, Jeanne 'D. 166 Barker, Marcus S. 224 Barker, Susan M. 50, 98, 224 Barkett, Steve 80, 241 Barnard, Jane 98, 166 Barnes, Glenda Lou 50, 88, 224 Barnes, Jamie J. 64, 166 Barnes, Susan L. 88, 241 Barnes, Teresa J. 98, 205 Barnett, Carolyn J. 88 anfnen, Cathy L, 50, 75, 98, zosf Barnett, Judy K. 75, 98, 241 Barnett, Marsha L. 88, 241 Barnum, Ken L. 166 Barr, Jorinda A. 49, 205 Barr, Kay E. 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David 80 Broadloot, Ray W. 55, 206 Broadfoot, Rosalyn L. 75, 89, 242 Brock, Larry 168 Brock, Lindsey 206 Brockhaus, Dan W. 242 Brockhaus, Glyna A. 49, 168 Brodnan, Jane A. 99, 225 1 Brokaw, John A. 225 Bronson, Sharon L. 50, 60, 75, 89, 225 Brook, William J. 168 Broome, Mary A. 168 Brower, Kathleen 168 Brower, Lauretta 242 Brown, Alice S. 242 Brown, Bryan C. 48, 206 Brown Darrell R. 64 Brown, Janice E. 47, 168 Brown, Jeanette E. 50, 99, 168 Brown, Jim C. 242 Brown, Joanna 30, 49, 50, 99, 168 Brown, Kathryn 49, 58, 99, 206 Brown Kathy 225 Brown, Leroy S. 69, 242 Brown, Marsha L. 207 Brown, Peggy A. 81, 89, 168 Brown, Randall A. 67, 97, 207 Brown, Rick 225 Brown, Roger W. 64, 83, 168 Brown, Sally L. a9, 225 Brown, Stephen C. 225 Brown, Susan D. 50, 89, 99, 225 Brown, Talbert 20 Brown, Wayne L. 168 Brown Brown ng Danny R 138, 242 ng, Rodney E. 138, 161, 168 Brown, Wylie Neil 168 i , , i Brownley, K. 136 Brumley, Gilbert L. 168 Brumm itt, Daniel T. 64, 242 Bruner, Leon 19 Bryant, Barbara L. 81, 89, 242 Bryant, David G. 136, 225 Bryant , Emma L. 50, 76, 89, 225 Bryant, Ruth 20 Bryce, Donna K. 225 Bryner, Monetta G. 57, 168 Bryson, Michael G. 225 Buchner, Jackie 47, 64, 99, 168 Buchwald, Keith N. 110, 168 Buckley, Gerald T. 168 Buckner, Andrea M. 242 Buckner, Michael R. 207 Bullard, Sue E, 75, 89, 225 Bullen, Betty G. 242 Bullock, Ladeana 89, 168 Bumpas, Van H. 61, 152, 153, 154, 155 , 161, 168 Bunch, Bruce L. 153, 225 Bunch, Kenneth P. 242 Burba, Harold L. 61, 168 Burch, Howard J. 242 Burch, Sandra L. 79, 168 Burdette, Mary Elizabeth 20, 73 Burghart, Sue A. 50, 60, 99, 226 Burke, Frank E. 242 Burke, Jimmie L. 168 Burks, Mary E. 99, 242 Burnet, Cheryl K. 62, 63, 83, 99, 207 Burnett, Linda S. 50, 226 Burns, Linda K. 242 Burns, Susan 84, 242 Burris,-Paula J. 57, B9 Burrows, Bonnie M. 242 Burrows, Diana K. 50, 226 Burrus, John E. 54, 115, 132, 133, 161, 168 Burt, Dennis L. 226 Burt, Linda M. 242 Burton, Florence B. 169 Burton, Karen K. 99, 242 Burton, Miriam 20 Burton, Rosemary 49, 169 Burton, Steve B. 207 Busch, Judith A. 47, 89, 169 Busch, Shirley M. 99, 226 Busey, John Craig 47, 48, 49, 55, 62, 76, 77, 123, 126, 129, 132, 64, A 133,161,169,175 Clifton, l s l l Business Education 38 Bussing, Everett F. 136 Butcher, Harry W. 207 Butenholi, Ja A. 157, 207 Butler, Rebecca G. 57, 89, 207 Butler, Sondra D. 71, 99, 207 Butt, Arlene M. B9, 169 Butt, Roy 242 Butts, Andy L. 242 Butts, George L. 242 Butts, Gerald W. 242 Buzbee, Geraldine 20, 25 Byars, Ophelia 21, 25, 71 Byers, Jackie 207 -C.. Cabell, Therese 158, 226 Cafeteria 29 Caldwell, Vici T. 69 Call, Norma 21, 69 Callaway, Sara D. 81, 99, 226 Callum, Charles 19, 204 Commack, Rebecca A. 47, 48, 64, 77, 99, 169 Campbell, Cathy A. 242 Campbell, Marian H. 207 Campbell, Patrick R. 35, 64, 67, 77, 83, 169 Campbell, Steve W. 148, 242 Cantrell, Cheryl K. 242 Capron, David D. 4, 54, 61, 169 Capshaw, Judith A. 99, 207 Cardin, Paul D. 47, 49, 62, 63. 67, , 69, 169 Carleton, J. sae 70, 89, 158, 160, . 226 Carleton, Janice K. 64, 89, 158, 207 Carlson, L. Lloyd 137, 242 Carmen, Phyllis E. 226 'Carman Paulette 207 Yr Carnahan, Kent L.,137, 148, 240, Charles 21, 132, 149 Regina 169 Robert T. 207 S. Joann 75, 242 D. 47, 4s, 49, 55, 133, 161, 169 K. 89, 169 Scott R. 207 Cindy o. 75, 99, 242 Darel L. 226 Dennis W 243 Mary A. 80, 89, 243 Rachel N. 64, 81, 243 Samye R. 50, 55, 99, 207 Sheryl 50, 89, 207 Steven B. 132, 169 B. 132, 133 C. 99, 207 S. 207 S 243 R. 226 A. 99, 243 A. 81 207 M. 226 M. 207 A. 169 50, 99, 207 a R. 50, 99, 226 Jahree L. 81, 169 tn 50, 89, 207 Peggy J. 58, 78, 79, 80, Saundra L. 50, 79, 81, 89, Jud C. 243 Carol M. 60, 99, 207 Frances K. 89, 170 James E. 12, 47, 49, 55, , 77, 161, 170 Jane 50, 81, 89, 207 William R. 54, 147, 1-ia, Janice K. 45, 76, 99, 207 Alice 21, 48 Marc 207 62, 63, 64, 114, 207 K. 170 s. 243 Brenda G. 71, 81, 99, Pamela A. 58, 60, 76, 170 Nelson W. 55, 61, 170 Norma J. 243 Mary M. 80, 84, 89, 243 Cheryl 226 Peggy S. 51, 99, 226 Mary c. 47, 49, 62, 63, 99. 170 Robert M. 83, 226 R. 243 S. 170 E. 89, 170 89, 226 54 Clark, David B. 137, 243 Clark, Delores K. 89, 243 Clark, Pamela K. 51, 71, 99, 207 Clark, Lyn L. 243 Clark, James E. 97, 170 Clark, Janie M. 64, 89, 207 Clark, John M. 170 Clark, Larry E. 207 Clark, Lois 21 Clark, Raymond E. 107, 243 Clark, Rebecca S. 99, 226 Clark, Terry A. 226 Claunch, Elaine 75, 89, 223, 226 Claunch, Gaelyn S. 51, 99, 170 Clay, Jimmy E. 136, 226 Clay, Myla R. 170 Clenney, Barbara K. 243 Clenney, Rodney D. 171 Susan 1. eo, 99, 243 Cowart, Nelson S. 208 Cowart, Pamela K. 89, 243 Cowper, Janet L. 243 Cox, Barbara J. 100, 227 Cox, Belynda G. 51, 75, 89, 227 Cox, Fred D. 82, 84, 171 Cox, James 21 Cox, Jeanne 48, 49, 172 Cox, Ricky Eugene 243 Coy, John F. 77, 107, 172 Coy, Raymond N. 227 Craig, Karen S. 51, 75, 100, 227 Craig, Robert D. 47, 64, 172 Craig, Sandy L. 100, 243 Crain, Steven 172 Crompton, Rebecca G. 80, 243 Crawford, Hal D. 208 Crawford, Susan A. 227 Creasey, Vicki A, 60, 100, 172 Delancy, Ricky G. 208 Detiel, Celia 51, 100, 173 Delano, Robert D. 244 Demeret, Janet K. 173 Demopolos, James M. 55, 61, 173 Dempsey, Robert G. 61, 227 Dennehy, Daniel C. 64, 244 Deplois, Terry H. 173 Derrick, Janet C. 51, 100, 208 Deupree, Danny L. 208 Dewey, John R. 55, 61, 149, 227 Dewey, Patricia A. 51, 60, 90, 173 DeWolfe, Mary A. 100, 173 D Hoostleaere, Genie 173 D Hoostleaere, Josep 227 D Hoostleaere, Micha 208 Dick, Robert R. 208 Dickerson, Linda C. 90, 208 Dickerson, Shirley A. 74, 100, 208 Cline, Emma l. 49, 64, 76, 99, 171 Clinton, Carol J. 81, 89, 243 ' Clinton, Gary A. 61, 132, 136, 207 Creek, Ramona 172 Creekmore, Janie 21, 76 Dickinson, Richard B. 47, 48, 173 Dinwiddie, Norma C. 173 Cloud, Rita K. 48, 76, 89, 207 Cobb, John A. 80, 97, 226 Coburn, Catherine 60, 99, 226 Cochran, Kenneth R. 153, 154, 207 Cocks, Larry W. 226 Cady, Earl w. 72, 136, 226 Cody, Robert M. 243 Coftia, Margaret P. 226 Cogdill, Sharon E. 84, 243 Coggins, Sandra D. 51, 89, 226 Coin Club 69 Coit, Harlan R. 61, 171 Colclasure, JoAnn 57, 171 Cole, Barney L. 107, 171 Cole, Judith J. 60, 70,'84, 171 Cole, Marilyn R. 47, 89, 171 Cole, Pamela J. 99, 171 Coleman, Steven P. 243 Coley, Nancy 21 Colley, Barry A. 49, 97, 171 Colley, Karen K. 207 Colley, Steve W. 243 Collier, George M. 97, 171 Collier, Martha J. 51, 99, 226 Collier, Sherri M. 48, 51, 69, 84, B9, 207 Collins, David A. 55, 227 Collins, Georgann 75, 99, 243 Collins, Paula K. 89, 240, 243, 244 Collins, Penelope 207 Collins, Yvonne M. 64, 76, 243 Collum, David 171 Colvert, Hank R. 243 Calwell, O. Albert 227 Crenshaw, M. Edward 243 Crittenden, Tom L. 243 Croasdale, Robert W. 227 Crosley, Larry D. 244 Crotts, Pamela J. 100, 158, 159, 160, 208 Crowe, Paul 21, 25 Crowley, Leon 10, 19 Cray, Ralph D., Jr. 82, 227 Crudup, Roger L. 227 Crudup, Susan K. 34, 40, 49, 89, 172 Crum Gregory N. 54, 141, 142, 144, 172 Crumby, David L. 80, 244, 257 Crumpler, Rita J. 227 Crutchfield, Christi 51, 89, 208 Culbert, John 21 Cumberland, Harry V. 64, 172 Cumberland, Joy C. 227 Cummings, Peggy S. 89, 244 Cummins, Freida G. 172 Cunningham, Deanna 172 Curtis, Luther S. 172 Curtis, Tina 51, 60, 75, 89, 172 Custodians 29 Cygnets 98-105 -D- Dailcer, Mary A. 58, 64, 244 Dale, Linda J. 89, 208 Dancy, Donnie B. 138, 172 Dane, W. Austin 69, 227 Danely, Peggy J. 76, 227 D'Angelo, Janet M. B0 Dishman, Billie J. 51, 60, 75, 90, 208 Distributive Education 41, 57 Ditto, Steven M. 244 Dixon, Susan 21, 70, 103 Dockrey, Velma D. 51, 100, 208 Dodman, C. Lynn 173 Dail, James B. 173 Doil, Nancy L. 227 Doling, Cassandra J. 81, 90, 227 Doling, F. Ernest 132, 135, 173 Doll, Allen S.141,161,173 Doll, Patsy L. 100, 209 Donceel, Diane H. 51, 81, 100, 173 Donnell, John E. 227 Donnelly, James P. 55, 209 Doolen, Larry W. 136, 227 Dorn, Sandra R. 110, 173 Dougall, David A. 45, 55, 61, 149, 150, 151, 161, 174 Doughty, Alice A. 51, 81, 209 Doughty, Alma 22, 25, 69 Downs, Albert L. 138, 244 Downum, Barbara J. 90, 160, 209 Drescher, Lynda G. 81, 244 Driskill, Linda 22 Drivers Education 39 Dryden, Timothy B. 57, 174 Dubberstein, Ruth E. 227 Duckett, Ella M. 174 Dudley, Patricia L. 51, 100, 106, 174 Dulfy, Patrick J. 244 Duffy, Paul E. 244 Dugan, Judith E. 38, 90, 174 Y Steven 55, 62, 63, 76, 97, Combs, Deborah L. 89, 227 Combs, Kay L. 51, 60, 89, 171 Compton, Karen A. 171 Condren, Bobby D. 227 Canter, Paul R. 97, 227 Canger, James 21, 25, 167 Conley, Jeanne C. 51, 71, 81, 171 Conner, Elizabeth M. 68, 207 Conner, Ellen 227 Cook, Larry K. 69, 171 Cook, Michael P. 227 Cook, sae C. 99, 243 Cook, Suzanne V. 227 Cook, William L, ll 97, 227 Cooley, Becky A. 51, 99, 171 Cooley, Danna K. 51, 99, 207 Cooper, Carolyne C. 99, 171 Cooper, Kristina E. 99, 171 Cooper, Mary C. 75, 243, 244 Cooper, Richard E. 64 Cooter, William S. 48, 67, 70, 82, 84, 208 Copeland, Ivy, 21, 25 Copley, Sharon E. 51, 76, 227 Corbin, Kathy L. 51, 100, 227 Cordell, Linda J. 47, 62, 63, 64, 77, 100, 101, 171 Cordell, Norman W. 57,-61, 208 Corder Sandra S. 60, 89, 227 Cordonnier, Broc C. 171 Corey, Charles A. 227 Corn, Gary L. 227 Corn, Pamela R. 89, 208 Cornelison, Cheryl K. 51, 59, 71, 81, 100, 208 Cornelison, Katherin 89, 243 Cornett, Leslie R. 51, 89, 208 Cornish, Teresa M. 49, 51, 100, 227 Coronets 88-95 Carry, Mike 153 Corter, Sheila L. 47, 70, 84, 100, 171 Cosgrove, Joann 64, 81, 171 Cosgrove, Kathleen M. 51, 89, 227 Cotter, Owen P. 61, 149, 150, 227 Cottrell, Keith L. 64, 69, 171 Cottrell, Kerry M. 227 Couch, Charlene J. 60, 89, 208 Coughlin, Michael A. 243 Counselors 19 Courtesy Club 50-53 Court Jesters 75 Covington, Rod 138, 139, 208 Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, David P. 55, 147, Dennis J. 55, 227 Dick 244 208 Freddie G. 59, 89, 172 Daniel, Sheryl E. 89, 244 Daniel, Thelma J. 208 Daniel, William L. 172 Daniels, Marcia E. 51, 60, 96, 100, 172 Dansby, Judith A. 74, 89, 172 Danzinger, Barbara R. 51, 68, 100, 208 Darrough, Jane 21, 32 Davidson, Mollie Mae 21 Davis, Arlene F. 75, 100, 244 Davis, Cathy J. 51, 75, 100, 227 Davis, Charles W. 244 Davis, Deborah A. 80, 244 Davis, Deborah S. 90, 227 Davis, Diana Lynn 51, 100 Davis, Dianne E. 244 Davis, Donna R. 244 Davis, Emmett B., Jr. 208 Davis, E verrett D. 244 Davis, Gwendolyn 37, 68, Davis, James R. 138 Davis, Janice K. 100, 244 Davis, L inda G. 51, 172 . 208 90, 208 Davis, Louis D. 244 Davis, Michael C. 244, 247 Davis, Michael E. 55, 64, 161, 208 Davis, Paula F. 51, 100, 227 Davis, Rebecca S. 71, 89, 156, 157, 172 160, Davis, Sammy D. 172 Davis, Sharyl L. 51, 75, 22 Davis, Stanley M. 47, 48, 49, 76, 78, 79, 167, 172 Davis, Susan 21 Dawkins, Mary F. 90, 244 Dawson, Richard L. 172 7 Day, Diane L. 51, '68, loo, 113, 158, 208 Day, Ronald L. 61, 173 Day, Sharon L. 51, 100, 1-58, 227 deCardenas, Martha 160, 227 Decker, Cynthia K. 80, 100, 244 DeCordova, Janice M. 71, 90, 172 Deeds, Charles W., Jr. 138, 139, 208 Dees, John E. 48, 208 Defibaugh, Harold W. 208 Deiibaugh, Gary L. 244 Duggan, John 227 Duggan, Rick B. 209 Duggar, Carolyn B. 227 Dulaney, Peggy D. 64, 158, 244 Duncan , Bill T. 67, 76, 209 Duncan, Patrick C. 97, 244 Duncan, Paul S. 97. 227 Duncan, Eerry W. 97, 228 Duncan, Sara E. 209 Dunlap, David M. 132, 174 Dupree, Beverly L. 80, 245 Durrett Dina M. 64 75 100 245 Duskin, William D. 55, 61, 209 Dutton, Linda J. 90, 209 Duvall, Douglas W. 209 Dyer, Archie L. 245 Dyer, Diane L. 174 Dysart, C. Joseph 174 -E- Eads, Dalta J. 75, 90, 245 Eagin, Marcelle M. 12, 84, 100, 174 Eagin, Sharon E. 51, 75, 100, 228 Eaker, Charlotte 22 Eaker, Eales, Timothy C. 148, 245 Mike R. 228 Earley, Richard P. 64, 136, 209 Easley, Stephen W. 48, 209 Easton, Karol Y. 80, 245 Eaves, Betsy Ann 100, 174 Eckel, Connie E. 100, 209 Ecker, David M. 245 Eckhardt, William C. 55, 174 Eclon, Nellie 22, 25, 95 Edmundson, Judy 51, 75, 76, 90, 228 Edwards, C. Dane 228 Edwards, Gerald D. 209 Edwards, Ralph L. 138 , Etlinger, Marilyn K. 245 Ehrlich , Dorothy E. 100, 228 Ehrlich, Janet K. 100, 245 Ehrlich, Patricia A. 88, 175 Eischen, Daniel C. 64, 228 Eischen, Joe C. Jr. 57, 209 Elder, 129, Elder, 228 Electro David L. 9, 44, 55, 122, 126, 132, 133, 175 Robert J. 78, 79 132, 223, nics Club 67 Elledge, David J. 175 Elliott, Elliott, Elaine 51, 209 Larry D. 245 261 Ellis, James A. 136, 228 Ellis, Patricia A. 51, 100, 158,160, 175 Ellison, Brenda R. 51, 60, 90, 175 Ellison, Ramona C. 51, 90, 228 Ellsworth, Sandra L. 51, 100, 228 Elzey, Johnny J. 245 Emanuel, William R. 67, 228 Emberton, Carole A. 51, 74, 90, 228 Emenhiser, Sarah E. 50, 90, 175 Emerson, Candace S. 90, 245 Emmerl, Bradford W. 148, 245 Empie, Gary Y. 209 Empie, Gary Y. 55, 209 Empie, Roger D. 245 Engebretsen, J. J. 175 English 30 Enyart, Sharon K. 100, 228 Eoff, Bob M. 175 Ershadi, Shirin S. 12, 100, 112, 175 Eskridge, Rodney L. 175 Eubanks, Ronnie G. 175 Eubanks, Shirley A. 51, 64, 175 Evans, Dorothy E. 81, 245 Evans, Kendall L. 245 Everaard, C. Susie 175 Everett, Michael L. 228 Everett, Vance W. Jr. 175 Ewing, Suzanne 157, 159 -F- Fagala, John A. 55, 209 Fair, Gary L. 228 Fair, Leslie G. 245 Fairchild, Bruce H. 228, 249 Fairchild, William C. 209 Falcons 106-107 Falgaut, John A. 69, 245 Fallin, Joseph P. 55, 61, 73, 74, 119,121,140,175 Fanning, Darrell G. 209 Fant, Gloria S. 81, 90, 245 Farha, Frederick 57, 175 Farha, Gregory R. 228 Farley, J. Clifford 70, 228 Farmer, Debra A. 90, 228 Farmer, Nancy L. 58, 60, 64, 100, 101, 175 Farmer, Terry D, 55, 62, 228 Farrand, D. Kent 245 Farrand, Stephanie J. 75, 90, 209 Farrell, Mike J. 97, 228 Farris, Walter T. 228 Fotheree, Barbara S. 71, 228 Fauks, Mike P. 55, 161, '209 Fauss, Gary E. 209 Faw, James R. 228 Feddersen, Barbara J. 245 Fehn, Curtis F. 82, 228 Felton, Warren L. 245 Ferguson, Derrell D. 57, 175 Ferguson, Gary M. 245 Ford, Kathleen A. 228 Ford, Sharon B. 176 Forehand, Jan 47, 51, 90, 176 Forester, Janet R. 76, 245 Forgue, Anita L. 245 Forrest, Marilyn S. 60, 64, 90, 176 Fortlage, Dale A. 245 Foster, Jonny 44, 47, 49, 55, 61, 64, 110,126,129,161,176 Foster Randall W. 132 133, 176 Foster, Stephen L. 138, 245 Foster, Susan K. 60, 90, 209 Foster, Thomas W. 69, 76, 245 Faust, Foutz, John W. 245 Loren W. 64, 245 Fowler, Leonard T. 176 Fox, Danny E. 209 Fox, Kenneth R. 209 Frank, Frankl Frarlks Gary 209 in, Joe Pat 209 Elinda 100, 228 rrqhksf Sharon 1. 71, loo, 245 Frantz, Donna K. 48, 51, 58, 100, 209 Frantz, Kenneth D. 55, 58, 176 zie Mary K 51 60, 64, 100, 176 Fra r, . , Frederici, L. Noel 176 Ferguson, Joe D. 175 Ferguson, Julie L. 90, 175 Ferguson, Linda D. 175 Fern, Sheryl K. 51, 100, 228 Ferry, Ann C. 51, 100, 209 Fezler, Fezler, Georgene D. 80, 100, 245 M. Day 77, 83,110, 175 Field, Paul c. 44, 47, 48, 49, 55, 64, 175 Field, Pennie L. 245 Fields, Dave S. 228 Fields, Patricia A. 245 Fields, PriscillaiA. 77 Fields, Steve K. 69, 175 Filson, Della A. 31, 51, 73, 74, 100 , 176 Finch, James L. 176 Finch, Finch, Kimberly G. 51, 90, 209 Patricia 1. 90, 245 finaly, Evelyn 22, too, 103 Fine, Gregory L. 47, 49, 78, 79, 176 Finefrock, Chris A. 75, 100, 244, 245 Finefrock, Debbie L. 49, 51, 75, 90, 228 Finucane, James M. 35, 176 Fischer, Janice R. 228 Fish, Susan A. .62, 76, 228 Fishel, Janice L. 51, 75, 100, 228 Fisher, Clayton E. 176 Fitz, Steva 75, 100, 112, 209 Fitz, William L. 47, 49, 64, 107, 176 Fitzpatrick, Thomas 112, 114, 228 Fleetwood, Jim H. 97, 176 Fleming, Bill G. 228 Fleming, James S. 61, 176 Fleming, Robert D. 245 Flemming, Carolyn L. 176 Flenniken, Michael 64 Flournoy, Carolyn S. 51, 59, 100, 176 Flynn, Carl E., Jr. 176 Forbes, Dee Ann 90, 228 Forbes, Ray T. 55, 68, 69, 107, 209 Ford, David S. 82, 84, 245 Ford, Gary D, 228 Ford, Iola K. 228 Freeman, Katherine S. 90, 245 Freeny, Sandra K. 80, 100, 245 Frey, Donna L. 209 Frogge, Daniel V. 245 Frogge, Toni G. 51, 90, 228 Frye, Debby J. 91, 245 Fulmer, Marty L. 67, 76, 228 Funderburk, Bill D. 136, 209 -G- Gage, Caroline R. 209 Gagliardi, Freddy J. 209 Gaines, Lyn S. 64, 243 Gallagher, C. Larry 228 Gallegly, Janice K. 80, 245 Gallegly, Jimmy 176 Gallop, Paula J. 57, 176 Gallop, William F. 137, 245 Gamble, Glenda S. 176 Gant, Glen M. 176 Gardner, Don 22, 240 Gardner, John R. 245 Gardner, Marsha L. 51, 76, 100, 228 Garis, Donald W. 228 Garner, Cecil W., Jr. 228 Garrett, Jacquelyn L. 81, 209 Garrett, James L. 63, 153, 154, 161, 177 Garrett, Johnny B. 62, 68, 209 Garrett, Judith 22, 75 Gary, Wayne L. 54, 124, 161, 209 Gaston, Ty 61 Gates, Nancy P. 91, 100, 228 Gates, Richard B. 245 Gates, William 8. 209 Gatewood, Kent L. 137, 245 Gatewood, Larry R. 142, 143, 145, 2 Gout, Robert 19, 174 Gaughlin, Mike 155 Gout, Ruth A. 84, 245 Gout, Thomas E, 210 Gee, Darrell G. 245 Gee, Larry E. 136, 228 Gee, Patricia 81, 228 Geiger, Donna L. 156, 159, 210 Gellenbeck, Robert 210 Geller, Mark S. 48, 55, 64, 76, 110, 153,161, 177 Gentry, Margaret Ann 91, 177 Gentry, William B. 229 German Club 64-65 Germann, James T. 137 Gerhardt, Mark 177 Germany, Stephen 210 Gettings, Jo C. 51, 91, 177 Gzurin, Jerry C. 55, 73, 74, 229, 34 Gholston, Marion E. 91, 100, 157, 177 Gholston, Starr M. 76, 245 Gibbons, Amaretle G. 229 Gibbs, David K. 48, 54, 142, 210 Gibson, Jeffrey W. 177 Gibson, Marilyn J. 71 Gibson, Thomas A. 155, 245 Gilbert, John c. 1:47, 245 Gill, Ernie H. 245 Gill, Samuel S. 177 Gill, Sandra P. 84 Gilley, Danny L. 245 Gilley, F. David 64, 210 Gillham, Stanley 22 Gilliam, Michael R. 57, 210 Gilroy, Karyn R. 177 Gilson, Janeal 157, 160 Gimpel, Mark W. 64, 245 Ginn, Dale B. 229 Girls' "O" Club 160 Glazner, Miles L. 64 Glomset, Sondra 22, 60, 95 Gober, Rhonda J. 75, 80, 100, 246 09 Gober, Sheralyn 51, 91, 100, 229 Goddard, Glenn F. 138, 139, 229 Goddard, Michael W. 137, 149, 246 Goeringer, Kenneth D. 229 Goins, William J. 64, 76, 80, 229 Goldman, Karen L. 76, 246 Goldman Gonzalez Gonzales Goodrich Goodrich , Kathy L. 60, 75, 91, 100 ,,Fernando S. 136, 229 , Grissell L. 229 , Carol A. 57, 178 Jerry L 246 Halter, Susan J. 76, 101, 210 Hamilton, Bill E. 179 Hamilton, Harla J. 75, 101, 246 Hamilton, James L. 229 Hamilton, Thomas A. 179 Hammock, Carl 22 Hammock, Robert E. 132, 134, 210 Hammond Hampton, , Harriet K. 51, 60, 91, 210 Robbie 101, 229 Gordon,"l'homas 246 Gorgas, Wende Lynn 71, 79, 80, 178 Gorman, Larry M., Jr. 229 Goss, Christina H. 80, 246 Goss, Lee Ann 101, 229 Goss, Vic key L. 178 Gossett, Douglas L. 229 Govin, Gustavo Larry 161, 210 Gossett, Linda J. 210 Graff, Cynthia S. 101, 246 Gragg, Joyce A. 71, 210 Hanchette, Nina E. 47, 49, 51, 101, 179 Hanger, Gwendolyn 22 Hankey, Louise A. 179 Hankey, Mary K. 179 Hanna, David A. 246 Hanna, Terri P. 71, 91, 210 Hanna, Terry R. 47, 48, 49, 55, 76, 77, 179 Hanroty, Jan E. 51, 75,101, 210 Hansen, Constance J. 48, 51, 91, 158. 210 Hansen, David G. 229 Harbolt, Danny R. 210 Hardin, John F. 229 Harding, Teresa R. 210 Hardt, Howard 22 Hardwick, Jan C. 51, 91, 229 Graham, Connie F. 58, 68, 101, 210, 229 Graham, Griffin W. 148, 246 Graham, Helen 8. 51, 59, 210 Graham, Jan. S. 101 Graham, Judy A. 91 Graham, Leia R. 246 Graham Linda L. 91, 210 Gram, oeergae L. 101,210 Grantham, Robert A. 246 Grasley, James O. 97, 229 Gray, Gray, Gray, Gray, Great Green Green Green Green Dayna A. 59, 91, 210 Deborah A. 58 Reese M. 246 Roy J. 246 Books Club 64 , Carol E.101, 210 , Claudia 246 , Cynthia M. 75, 91, 158, 210 , Donald E. 229 Green, John D., Jr. 246 Green, Johnny Robert 132, 136, 229 Green, Nancy S. 51, 54, 60, 64, 75, 101, 112, 178 Green, Owen O. 178 Green, Phyllis K. 210 Green, Richard J. 178 Green, Tommy R. 49, 64, 65, 77, 161 Green Green Green , 178 amyer, Donald E. 148, 246 haw, Tommy R. 76, 246 wood Jerr 178 r Y Greer, Robert J. 47, 48, 49, 55, 64, 76, 77, 140, 178 Gregory, James L. 246 Gregory, Thirza K. 246 Gregory, Thomas A. 246 Grey, Ava B. 246 Griffin, Sharon, L. 91, 178 Griffith, Tammy A. 178 Griggs, Richard L. 246 Griggs, Robert 8. 132, 135, 161, 210 Grimes, Bill J. 124, 126, 129,161, 178 Grimes, Grimes, David 179 Steve 136, 140,161, 210 Grissom, Darlene L. 60, 91, 229 Grissom Steven G. 140, 179 Groom,lGlenn L. 179 Grave, Bruce E. 210 Grove, Joyce 1. 91, 246 Grubbs, Cathy l.. 62, 63, 98, 106, 1 Grussendorf, Rori 229 Guthery Shirle V 91, 227 Guy, Ri r Y - chord A. 210 Guysi, Holt W. 62, 229 -H- Hockler, Margaret 28 Hadaway, Jody 101, 210 Hoff, Maurice W. 179 Halen, Clifford H. 179 Hatlner, Palmer S. 229 Hafner, Edith L. 60, 91, 210 Hagan, Donna J. 210 Hagemann, Toni J. 60, 91, 179 Hagenberg, Bernd A. 11, 55, 77, 118, 179 Haggard, J. Earle, Jr. 44, 55, 69, 79, 97, 179 Haggard, Lorene 22 Haggard, Margaret 101, 179 Hagstrom, Robert A. 67, 76 Hahn, Cynthia J. 71, 101, 210 Hare, Nik ki S. 71, 210 Harkey, Donald E. 179 Harkins, Beth C. 49, 51, 91,179 Harkins, Sarah C. 51, 229 l Harley, Judith A. 80, 246 l Harp, Evelyn Kay 71, 91, 179 , Harper, Aubrey D. 137, 246 r Harper, Kenneth E. 47, 48, 49, 55, l 76,. 179 Harris Delma 25, 28 l Harris, Greg L. 246 Harris, Jenettie M. 180 Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Johathan 246 Mark 210 Mark O, 210 Ruth A. 91, 210 l Terry L. 72, 246 Harrison, Clovia 22, 100, 103 Harrison, Dana L. 91, 246 A Harrison, Linda J. 81, 91, 229 1 Harrison, Richard W. 148, 246 Harrison, Rodney G. 246 I Harison, Teresa A. 76, 246 Harriss, Phillip 22, 137 Harry, Katrina A. 58, 63, 78, 79, 101, 210 Hartman, Mallory J. 229 , Hartman, Patricia A. 91, 246 1 Herchen, cyhrhiq L. iso l Hatchett, Johnnie W. 70, 76, 84, 971 1 230 l Hatfield, David L. 80, 230 Hawkins, Anita J. 51, 71, 101, 210 Hawkins Cynthia 47, 49, 51, 59, 64, 61 14 79, 1 , 1 , Iso Hey, cyhrhiu iso Hayes, Hayes, Haynes, James A. 55, 61 Linda K. 230 Jerry 23, 132 Hays, Jeffrey A. 180 Hays, John B. 55, 210 Hazelto Heare, n, Susan F. 51, 75, 91, 230 Robert H. 136, 211 Heare, Susan L. 101, 246 Heath, Paul 23 Heath, Paul W, 246 Heckel, Wilma L. B1, 91, 93, 246 Heinrich, Bennie 23, 32 Heitzman, Garlen D. 211 Held, 8 iIIy137, 246 Held, John K. 148, 246 Heldenbrand, Rick A. 211 Heldenbrand, Vicki S. 101, 180 Helderman, Martha S. 70, 76, 82, 101 230 Helferz J effrey L. 246 Heller, Stuart W. 211 Hellen, Kathryn L. 246 Helms, Clayton R. 211 Henderson, Janet E. 180 Henderson, Sandra D. 246 Henderson, Sherry A. 81, 211 Hendren, Teresa A. 71, 91, 211 Hendricks, James B. 83, 136, 230 Hendricks, Jo Alice 23, 70 Hendricks, Rodger W. 246 Hendricks, Sheral A. 211 Hendrickson, Jimmie 51, 91, 180 Hendry, Beth 81, 246 Henley, Erna B4, 101, 180 Haiko, A Hale, Ch rlene 179 arles 22 Hall, Charles H. 97, 246 Hall, Ellis D. 64, 246 Hall tieL 91 101 , Hat . , , 246 Hall, Mike K. 55, 229 Hall, Pamela L. 101, 246 Hall, Patricia A. 81, 179 Hall, Randal S. 55, 61, 179 Hallman, Jay R. 246, 255 Hallman, Paula K. 47, 91, 179 Hallmark, Steve W. 246 Henninger, Lesslte 515 91, 211 Hensch, D Hensch, D iana L. 91, 180 onald A. 246 Hensch, Philip S. 246 Hensley, Fred 180 Hensley, Lula M. 230 Hensley, Minta M. 180 Hensley, Rebecca A. 91, 230 Henson, James M. 230 Herd, Pamela L. 211 Herendeen, Rita F. 58, 211 Herendeen, Vern L. 180 Herlan, Mary 23 Johnson, Lewis, l 1 l I Herald, Linda J. 45, 48, 49, 91. 180 . Herring, Elizabeth 62, 63, 101, 211 Herrman, Diane L. 47, 49, 101, 180 Hess, Carolyn R. 101, 230 Hester, Charlotte L. 91, 211 Hester, Janice R. 51, 91, 230 Hestwood, John D. 230 Heusel, Gerald 23 Heuser, Ronald W. 61, 211 Hickman, Jerry D. 211 Hickman, Jimmy G. 246 Hicks, Bettye J. 246 Highley, Larry G. 246 Hildebrand, Jerri'J. 51, 75, 101, 230 Hildebrand, Nancy 52, 91, 211 Hill, Anna Marie 180 Hill, Connie 30, 68,101, 211 Hill, Dana J. 211 Hill, E. Charlene 180 Hill, Jane A. 52, 91, 211 Hill, Jim T. 132, 134,180 Hill, Sandra 6. 52, 101, 230 Hilley, Linda J. 57, 181 Hilley, Phyllis A. 211 Himelstein, Marsha F. 52, 60, 91 181 Hindes, Janet L. 76, 91, 246 Hindman, Eric L. 83, 97, 230 Hinton, Jean A. 81, 101, 211 Hitchcock, Larry R. 181 Hitt, Diana K. 101, 181 Hi-Y 61 Huckabay, Linda S. 52, 91, 230 Huckabee, Mary J. 101, 182 Hudak, Huddles Francis L. 230 ton, Gerald G. 115, 132, 134 152,153,154, 155,161,182 Hudson, Kathryn M. 182 Hudson, Paula M. 80, 102, 247 Hudson, Philip R. 137, 148, 247 Hudson, Suzanne 91, 247 Huff, Curtis C., Jr. 212 Huff, Dan G. 230 Huttaker, James 182 Huttaker, William I. 230 Huffman, Linda L. 247 Hughes, Cheryl M. 102, 247 Hughes, Chris D. 212 Hughes, Hughes, Hulett, Hulett, F. Michael 57, 182 Harold Eugene 61, 182 Dawn M. 50, 106, 182 Ronny P. 55, 149,212 Hull, Johnny 182 Hull, Mary A. 81, 230 Humphrey, J. Leon 212 Humphreys, Janet K. 81, 160, 212 Humphreys, Kirk D. 247 Humphries, Jerry E. 212 Hunt, Cheryl 1. 52, 81, 91, 212 Hunt, Deborah J. 52, 76, 91, 230 Hunt, Lynn A. 57, 182 Hunt, Mary E. 76, 182 Hunter, Hunter Richard 23 William H Jr 1 2 , ., . 8 Hurt, Roger A. 137, 247 Husband, Brad E. 183 Johnson, Roberta S. 84, 92, 140, 213 Johnson, Susan D. 57, 231 Johnson, Thad J. 183 Johnson, Thomas R. 231 Johnson, Verda D. 60, 92, 231 Jolly, Lynda E. 71, 213 Jones, Bob B. 248 Jones, John Darryl 78, 79, 183 Jones, Donna A. 213 Jones, Eddie M. 231 Jones, Frank D. 213 Jones, Glenda D. 47, 52, 75, 102, 183 Jones, James W. 231 Jones, Jay Michael 1"83 Jones, Judy G. 84, 231, Jones, Karen A. 70, 75, 84, 248 Jones, Larry G. 57 Jones, Robert M. 248 Jones, Robert M. 231 Jones, Roger E. 248 Jones, Sandra S. 183 Jones, Sharon R. 183 Jones, Thomas T. Jr. 213 Jones, Tom V. 147, 213 Jordon, Susan K. 183 Journalism 31 Joy, Deborah J. 59, 248 Joyce, Joyce, Julian Julian Junior Junior Patrick D. 65, 248 Sandra K. 213, 220 ,James F. 136, 213 Ka 52 64 183 r Y r I Classical League 76 Delegates to the World 68 Kiser, Richard M. 80, 213 Kizziar, Dennis G. 141, 142, 144 Klinkevich, Pamela 91, 213 Knepper, Nikki F. 231 Knesek, Mary E. 52, 185 Knigh Knott, Knott, Knox, Knox, Knox, Koch, t, Douglas J. 231 James S. 62, 231 Timothy C. 55, 61, 64, 185 Helen Elyse 71, 102, 248 Laura E. 67, 76, 185 Margaret L. 64, 76, 84, 248 David L. 213 Koeppe, Gloria J. 185 Koeppe, Loree E, 92, 231 Kohler, Teresa 48, 52, 102, 213 Kongs, Karin R. 248 Kaos, Koppl Della G. 81, 213 in, Patrick M. 83 Korstiens, Donald G. 185 Kosted, Joyce E. 49, 52, 60, 96, 102 185 Kosted, Marsha L. 102, 231 Kotva, Richard F. 213 Kovar, Neal L. 231 Kraft, Henry 55, 185 Kramer, Danny L. 97, 107, 231 Krosley, Ramon W. 67, 231 Kubat, Carol A. 102, 213 Kueffer, Gary W. 248 Kueffer, Sterling, Jr. 32, 213 Kuritz, David A. 185 Kurk, Diane E. 48, 213 Kutz, Mary K. 52, 92, 158, 231 Kuykendall, David H. 138, 213 Hobson, Tommy L. 211 Hack, Betty R. 230 Hack, Warren L. 247 Hodge, Luann B. 52, 71, 91, 211 Hodge, Stanley E. 247 Hodges, Susan C. 60, 85, 98, 181 Hodkinson, Karen L. 52, 59, 91, 211 Hodkinson, Nancy A. 75, 247 Hodson, Robert D. 181 Hoegger, Jerry J. 230 Holter, Barbara G. 47, 58, 64, 67, 167, 181 Hogan, Lareeca A. 247 Hogan, Linda D. 211 Hogan, Stephen D. 181 Hoke, Cynthia L. 91, 230 Hake, David 23 Holaday, Liz A. 181 Holbrook, Stephen R. 47, 48, 181 Holbrook, Stuart H. 181 Holden, Danny L. 137, 247 Holden, Terry K. 55, 181 Holderby, David L. 211 Haldner, Deborah K. 211 Holdridge, Mike R. 54, 119, 132, Husband, Brenda L. 52, 247 Husband, Rebecca F. 91, 102, 212 Husband, Veretta J. 52, 75, 91, 212 Huskey, Joyce E. 230 Huskey, Linda G. 183 Huskey, Andrew B. 55, 115, 132, 133, 153,154, 161,183 Husky, Dan 137, 155, 247 klutglgerson, Cathie S. 70, 71, 79, 81, 1 -lutton, Roger K. 230 -I- lkard, James A. 55, 61, 115, 142, 144, 146,161, 183 lmoe, Arlon R, 212 lmoe, Ronald R. 231 industrial Arts 41 lnglish, Ronnie 138, 212 Irwin, Randall J. 247 lrwin, Rex 23, 25, 138, 139 lrwin, Stephanie L. 60, 102, 183 Ivie, Gwen J. 183 Ivins, James E. 48, 55, 212 Junk, Carolyn M. 60, 92, 184 -K- Kahler, Judy A. 49, 52, 60, 74, 75, 96,102,117,121,184 Kahn, David N. 47, 67, 76, 77, 82, 83, 184 Kahn, Josephine L. 52, 92, 158, 231, 233 Kalman, Stevan C. 63, 64, 231 Kamees, Kenneth J. 184 Kamp, Marsha L. 92, 184 Kardokus, A. Edwin 136, 231 Karhu, John R. 82, 83, 84, 184 Karr, Nancy L. 184 Kashner, Michele 248 Kasparek, Donna M. 41, 231 Kearney, Richard F. 184 Keas, Larry E. 184 Keathley, Judy A. 75, 231 Keen, Ann 60, 92, 213 Keester, Theola J, 184 Keil, Carolyn S. 184 Keil, William R. 107, 248 Keim, Dennis M. 132, 133, 161, 184 Keim, Mark S. 137, 240, 248 Kuykendall, Steven T. 55, 61, 185 -L- Lacek, William D. 186 Lackey, John C. 248 Lacy, Brian B. 231 Lacy, Sharon B. 213 Laham, Michael G. 213 Lair, Patricia B. 62 Laird, Linda E. 186 Lakey, Michael G. 213 Lambert, Suzanne J. 62, 68, 102, 213 Lancers 96-97 Land, Mary J. 49, 102, 186 Landers, Bill A. 248 Landguth, Carolyn 92, 213 Landguhm, Mark A. 248 Lara, Fonda G. a4, 158, 213 Lane, Marsha K. 52, 231, 237 Lang, Sherry J. 248 Language Lanier, Vivian 24, 169 Lankford, James D. 55, 83, 186 LaPlace, Juanita 52, 102 Lappin, Jamie H. 52, 76, 231 Larimore, Dan 231 133, 161, 181 Holland, Terry A. 247 Hollingsworth, D. S. 52, 60, 101 Hollis, Karen S. 91, 181 Holloway, Dan L. 76, 230 Holloway, David N. 76 Holloway, Russell B. 62, 63, 64, 181 Holman, Louis W. 55, 211 Holmes, Steven C. 69, 211 Holt, Pamela G. 58, 91, 211 Holt, Robert G. 82, 211 Holt, Robert J. 37, 55, 62, 63, 107, 123, 141, 211 Holt, Susan F. 52, 91, 211 Holtberg Gary A, 212 Home Economics 39 Homsey, Sandra G. 60, 75, 230 Honor Language 49 Honor Math 48 Hoover, Phylis A. 230 napa, -Linda L. 52, 75, 101,212 Hopkins, Vivian E. 76, 101, 247 Hopping, Margaret G, 52, 75, 91, 230 arrr, Jo E. 58, 91, 101,247 Horn, Leslie G. 91, 212 orn, Marilyn J. 247 orne, Lois L. 80, 247 orrigan, Bernard E. 230 orrigan, Mike E. 247 orton, Gloria 212 orton, Stanley D. 247 ouck, Janet 247 ouser, Richard 212 ouston, Ann S. 52, 91, 212 ouston, Terry C. 55, 212 award, C, Mike 55, 138, 212 award, Chloe D. 181 award, Ellen V. 156, 157, 160 award, Jean T. 57, 181 'loward, Larry G. 247 -J- Jackson, Carolyn L. 47 Jackson, Cindy 183 Jackson, Eilene M. 102, 247 Jackson, James H. III 57, 82, 84, 212 Jackson, Jackson, Jackson Kathryn E. 91, 247 Ray 55, 212 Reed 137 Jackson: Susan K. 75, 102, 247 Jacob, David L. 247 Jacobson, Janie E. 52, 75, 140, 231 Jacobson, Jill K. 52, 60, 75, 91, 183 Jacobson, Sammy S. 137, 247, 255 James, Charles W. 83, 212 James, Nancy D. 93, 247 James, Randall E. 37, 49, 55, 62, 63, 117, 183 January, Linda S. 212 Jarchow, M. Kay 52, 65, 75, 91, 231 Jayne, Jane A. 102, 247 Jefferson, Larry S. 76, 248 Jeffrey, Miaki 52, ao, 91, 212 Jenkins, Vasca 23 Jenks, Karen K. 62, aa, as, 102, Kelcher, Pamela L. 248 Keller, Lorrie S. 75, 84, 248 Kellerby, Joe D. 79, 213 Kellert, Frank W. 55, 231 Kelly, Kendo Paul J., Jr. 185 ll Belinda 75, 91, 248 Karraallj Enzabaih 24, 64 Kendall, Larry D. 213 Kendell, Terry D. 213 Kened y, James F. 185 Kenedy, Johnny C. 231 Kennedy, Fay Er 76, 102, 248 Kennedy, Charlotte A. 74, 102, 213 Kent, Kerns, Susan l.. 52, 60, 102, 104, 213 Robert R. 231 Kerr, Carol S. 75, 76, 92, 248 Kerr, James T. 76, 185 Kerschner, Claire A. 92, 102, 248 Larimore, Jimmy K. 55, 76, 231 Larkins, Bill C. 249 Lassman, Steve J. 249 Lathrop, Mary 28 Law. Juanita 213 Law, Mickey W. 61, 67, 76, 186 Lawson, Celia K. 92, 213 Lawson, Darrel W. 41, 186 Lawson, Dennis J. 186 Lawson, Pamela A. 19, 60, 84, 116, 119, 186 Lawson, Steven R. 61, 231 leach, Marvin 24 Leaf, Lucie K. 52, 60, 75, 92, 231 Leard, Donna J. 213 Leard, Ronnie 249 Legscher, Gary E. 55, 121, 153, 154, 4 Kerschner, Scott R. 213 Kessler, Mitchell B. 65, 231 Kessler, W. Bense 49, 64, 185 Key Club 54-56 Keys, Leanore 75, 92, 248, 252 Keys, Lynne 231 Kidd, Jefhey D. 61, 231 Killian, Thelma J. 92, 185 Killip, Tom E. 132, 135, 185 123, 213 Jennings, Cynthia 52, 60, 92, 213 Jennings, Hilda 23, 71 Jennings, Larry E. 183 Jennings, C. Max 231 Jennings Paul C. 69, 248 Jennings I Sally 52, 59, 102, isa Jen.-sr.. Carl D. 141, 142,144, 161, 1sa Jerlow, Jeanne M. 60, 73, 74, 102, 121, 213 Jessee, Sandra K. 92, 183 Jesseph, Nancy K. 80, 92, 248 Arthur 23, 28, 83, 84 Kilman, Robert H. 80, 231 Kilman, Ronald A. 82, 185 Kimerer, Brian S. 47, 48, 49, 64, 82, 84, Kinca 185 id, Karen L. 60, 102, 231 Kincaid, Rita A. 52, 213 King, Carolyn S. 102, 213 King, Danny L. 76, 82, 84, 231 King, Iona 28 King, King, King, Janelle Y. 79, 185 Jerry 97, 231 Sherryle D. 52, 102, 185 Ledbetler, Albert J. 249 Lee, Alice E. 70, 82, 84, 231, 249 Lee, Daniel E. 231 Lee, David R. 214 Lee, Dee A. 52, 78, 79, 214 Lee RonnaldA 249 Laeih, L1rrda'Mf 92, 214 Legate, Donna D. 52, 102, 212 Lemmon, George W. 148, 249 Lemon s, Dana 186 Lensgraf, Er1r.J. 186 Lensgraf, Nan 52, 231 Lessly, Carrie E. 102, 232 Leuszler, Richard W. 82, 84, 232 Levgn, Julie R. 52, 60, 88, 94, 126 128 1 6 r Lewis, Dianne L. 60, 75, 232 Lewis, Jacqueline M. 65, 186 Lewis, Lynda F. 102, 232 Lewis, Lynette K. 92, 232 Mark A. 64, 83, 186 award, Linda 8. 52, 81, 101, 246 oward, Linda K. 101, 230 award, M. Jeannie 64, 91, 212 owa rd Michael 61 , 181 rawaraf Patricia A. 101,212 oward, Terri J. 101, 247 owell, Charles M. 212 lowell, Gary R. 247 oyt, Christopher A. 48, 72, 73, 212 layt, Richard B. 212 oyt, Susan J. 75, 91, 247 rbacek, Karen A. 182 Johnson, Barbara S. 52, 65, 83, 102, 231 Johnson, Charles R. 149, 248 Johnson, George E. 183 Johnson, Gerald l. 248 Johnson, Harvey G. 69, 248 Johnson, Janie 102, 231 Johnson, Joy R. 102, 248 Johnson, Ka 213, 215 Johnson, Kay L. 92, 183 Johnson, Mark C. 55, 138, 213 rl E., Jr. 55, 62, ea, King, Stephen B. 55, 61, 136, 140, 204, 213 Kinnick, Donna J. 185 Kinser, Arthur D. 231 Kinser, Stephen E. 248 Kinsey, Kathaleen M. 49, 70, 81, 157, 185 Kinsey, Kouraleen M. 70, 248 Kirchner, Jimmy W. 185 Kirk, Pamela K. 248 Kirkwood, Kanda 12, 60, 64, 75, 102, 126, 185 Kiser, Maiel L. 185 Lewis, Monty L. 37, 63, 232 Lewis, Tammy M. 65 Library Club 69 Liebman, Ferne J. 102, 186 Lievsay, Sondra K. 52, 102, 232 Lindsay, Lynda J. 60, 71, 102, 214 Lingenfelter, Darlene 186 Lingertelt, Bonnie L. 80, 249 Lingerfelt, Linda K. 71, 76, 81, 186 Linn, Marcia E. 52, 92, 113, 214 Lippoldt, Linda L. 80, 102 Lisby, Betty J. 92, 249 263 Liss, David J. 54, 76, 214 Little, F. Dale 102, 186 Little, Judy A. 158, 232 Little, Randy L. 186 Little, Susan L. 102, 249 Littleton, Ronnald I. 249 Lockwood, Charles 8. 249 Laemef, Alan N. 47, sa, 77, 186 Mitchell 231 Loettler, Frank X. 132, 134, 214 Lottis, Linda 52, 214 Logan, Rickie D. 249 London, Mary R. 52, 60, 75, 92, 186 Long, Keith M. 107, 186 Long, Patti Gail 102, 186 Longtellow, Marilyn 214 Longley, Richard 67, 214 Looney, Candace R. 52, 88, 126, 186 Looney, Jackie L. 52, 232 Lord, Grant 11, 41, 187 Lorenz, David R. 67, 232 Louk, Linda 187 Louk, Pamela A. 214 Lout, Becky S. 92, 249 Lout, Vicki L. 47, 57, 102, 187 Love, Buzz 1B7 Lovegrove, Mike W. 107 Loveland, David B. 57, 187 Lovett, Waynoka 24, 156, 157, 159 Loving, T. Danny 65, 148, 249 Lowe, Claudia 102, 214 Lowe, Dorothy H. 249 Lowe, J,ohn L. 214 Lowe, Martha J. 52, 81, 214 Lowe, Susan A. 81, 102, 249 Lowell, Steven K. 232 Lowry, Christina G. 52, 76, 92, 232 Lowry, Gregory S. 30, 47, 49, 65, 77, 83, 187 Lowther, Phil C. 249 Loyd, Forrest L. 142, 214 Luckan, Carol L, 71, 102, 187 Ludrick, Burton 232 Ludrick, Scott N. 187 Lukehart, Robert A. 132, 214 Lundien, Gloria N. 52, 102, 124, 232, Lunn, Michael D. 232 Luper, Maxwell James 97, 232 Luster, Patricia A. 102 Luton , Ricky K. 187 Luttrell, Suzanne 214 Lutz, James M. 61, 187 Lyles, Boyd D. Jr. 55, 67, 232 Lyles Jack R. 187 Lyne,l Donald M. 214 Lynn, Everett D. 83, 232 Lynn, Gary A. 48, 83, 214 Lynn, Rex E. 97, 187 Lyon, Mark E. 48, 55, 76, 214 Lysaught, Barry 107 Lytle, John Kirk 137, 249 Lytle, Patricia J. 92, 232 -M- Morris, Mabrey, Don 24 Machulis, Margaret A. 102, 249 MacKellar, Helen 52, 98, 101, 128, 1 MaCKey, Don E. 58, 64, 133, 187 MacKillican, Sherry 92, 232 MacTaggart, James L. 97, 232 Madden, Pamela A. 232 Maddox, Donald W. 249 Maddox, Edith M. 232 Maddox, Melissa A. 52, 102, 232 Magbee, Wilson T. 232 Maguffee, William N. 249 Mahagan, Gary M. 31, 55, 72, 232 Mahan, Carol A. 157 Mahan, Linda K. 157, 249 Mahan, Mike K. 30, 82, 187 Mahanay, Eugene, Jr. 84, 107, 249 Malone, J. Frank 18, 112, 170 Mallonee, Joseph P. 61, 136, 214 Mallory, David J. 232 Mangum, Bud 187 Mangum, Clay R. 138 Manley, David 232 Manlove, Robert T. 214 Mannas, Lila A. 52, 75, 92, 232 Manning, Joel O. 232 Manske, Stanley E. 79, 188 Manson, David L. 65, 249 Mant illa, Gloria E. 92, 214 Mapes, Dorothy C. 76, 84, 92, 249 Marchman, Stephanie 75, 102, 232 Marcom, Phillio A. 214 Marcotte, Leonard 24, 153 Marley, David L. 249 Marley, Harry D. 232 Marr, Judy G. 102, 157, 160, 188 Marr, Larry S. 97, 232 Marrs, Gary 8. 188 Marsh, John E. 55, 214 Marshall, Linda S. 188 Martin, David B. 188 Martin, Jesse D. 249 Martin, Joe F. 214 Martin, Karen S. 188 Martin, Linda L. 79, 188 Martin, Mary L. 214 Martin, Mary S. 75, 92, 249 Martin, Michael J. 249 Martin, Thomas W. 153, 214 Martine, Jack A. 76, 153, 232 Martz, Carol A. 80, 249 Mason, Andy W. 32, 55, 62, 63, 64, 76, 77. 188 Mason, Jeanonne 40, 214 Mason, Ronald S. 188 Mason, Suzanne 92, 249 Mastagni, Bernie 188 Mastagni, Patricia I. 52, 92, 232 Math Analysis Club 77 Mathematics 32 Mathias, Jessica C. 232 Mattax, Mardeena 214 Mauldin, Mary J, 101, 232 Maupin, Catherine A. 92, 214 Maupin, Olivia M. 44, 47, 48, 49, 64, 76, 77, 92, 188 Maupin, Rita J. 102, 232 Maurer Bryan L. 44, 47, 54, 64, 188 Maxey, Ronald L. 232 Maxey, Vermell A. 102, 232 Maxwell, Cheri A. 80, 249 Maxwell, John A. 55, 59, 67, 69, 107, 214 Maxwell, William D. 107, 232 May, Beverly J. 35, 52, 60, 92, 214 May, James M. 232 May, James W. 153, 247, 249 May, Patrick 1-1. 249 Mayer, Bob C. 62, 68, 214 Maylield, Dan 56, 204, 214 Maynor, Carol J. 188 Mays, Stephen T. 249 -MC- McBride, Carie L. 92, 250 McCandIess, Kathy 44, 49, 52, 60, 84, 92, 188 McCarty, Michael L. 232 McCarty, N. Alan 56, 61, 161, 214 McClung, Kay D. 102, 188 McClure, Michael P. 232 McCollom, Jerry M. 214 McCormick, Michael A. 47, 49, 56, 64 82, 83, 188 McCormick, Susan L. 158, 232 McCracken, Robert L. 214 McCray, Sally L. 214 McCreory, Michael J. 136, 147, 232 McCreight, George 67, 76, 174, 189 McCulley, Charles A. 189 McCullough, linda K. 240, 250 McCully, Elizabeth A. 250 McCutcheon, Jerry R. 250 McDanno1d, Patricia 92, 250 McDonald. Janie E. 81, 250 McDonald, Janis Kay 39, 92, 189 McDonald, Lynn B. 31, 56, 72, 225, 232 McDonald, Richard D. 232 McElroy, Mike 250 McEver, Kathleen A. 69, 71, 76, 233 McEwen, Linda 233 McFarland, Betty S. 215 McFarland, Janet C. 92, 214 McFerren, Sharon 189 McGee, F. Janet 233 McGee, Sally B. 52, 92, 215 McGinty, John W. 189 McGregor, Frank H. 137, 148, 250 McGuinn, Jim 215 McGuire, Mack A. 56, 132, 136, 233 McHuin, Richard L. 250 Mclntire, Judy K. 189 Mclntyre, Marilyn S. 233 McKinney, Dal E. 38, 161 -Mclure, Jane A. 68, 102, 215 McMahon, Janett F. 189 McMahon, Terry C. 250 McMurray, Marilyn 215 McNatt, Peggy L. 233 McNeil, Betty D. 92, 140, 189 McNeill, Steven G. 138, 233 McNutt, Mack 64, 189 McPheeters, Mary M. 47, 49, 52, 62, 63, 98,101, 114,126,189 McPherson, Randy L. 250 McPherson William B. 56, 67, 215 Me2acham, Constance A. 58, 59, 102, 50 Meadows, Alan E. 65, 68, 107, 215 Mealy, John 8.215 Medley, Claudia G. 32, 233 Medlock, Joe 24 Mee, Mariorie A. 215 Meek, Christopher F. 65, 250 Meeker, John D. 72, 80, 189 Meister, Richard 8. 215 Meister, Suzanne 44, 52, 64, 92, 110, 126, 128, 189 Melanson, Tricia L. 189 Melton, Janice E. 82, 233 Merchant, Paul M. 148, 250 Meredith, Lynn Ed 136, 215 Merideth, Harold 24, 132, 155 Merideth, Lawrence R. 233 Merilatt, Lonna J. 189 Meriweather, Judith A. 92, 250 Merz, Otto F. 56, 215 Messenger, John C. 65 Messinger, Karen S. 250 Metheny, Cynthia J. 75, 102, 250 Metheny, Steven P. 56 153, 233 Meyer, Gary R. 233 Michaelson, David M. 56, 64, 67, 69, 77, 189 Michaelson, Ronny 69, 250 Milburn, Joy 52, 102, 233 Murphy, Michaele E. 92, 234 Murphy, Michael S. 191 Murphy, Sidney 8. 65, 234 Murphy, William F. 40, 216 Musallam, L. Sam 137, 251 Muse, Mary L. 57, 191 Musgrave, John L. 56, 147, 234 Musgrave, Pamela J. 47, 191 Milburn, Merrily 47, 48, 81, 102, 189 Miles, Maribeth 189 Miller, Carla D. 92, 215 Miller, Christy L. 189 Miller, Connie M. 189 Miller, David L. 250 Miller, Everett C. 56, 76, 189 Miller, Jack D. 189 Miller, Jeanene C. 75, 92, 250, 252 Miller, Kent H. 65, 215 Miller, Patricia R. 92, 215 Miller, Rae 24 Miller, Ramah 24, 25, 47, 71 Miller, Ray Ellis 72, 233 Miller, S. Sol 137 Miller, Stephen C. 233 Miller, Steven J. 137, 250 Miller, Tommy J. 137, 155, 250 Miller, Woods A. 250 Milligan, Shirley A. 52, 92, 215 Mills, Cary D. 215 Mills, M odge 24 Mills, Rodney D. 233 Mills, Nancy M. 52, 60, 92, 233 Mims, Roger L. 132, 134, 136, 215 Mines Linda 8.45, 54, 75, 189 Mnahiii Mitchell Mitchell , Alan D. 61, 189 , Carolyn L. 250 , Carrie G. 102, 215 Mitchell, Donna E. 60, 75, 93, 233 Mitchell, Harry J. 189 Mitchell, Janet S. 190 Mitchell, Marvin 190 Mitchell, Mary S. 215 Mitchell, Michael J. 153, 154, 161, 19 Mitchell, Norma J. 81 , Sherry M. 52, 102,215 0 Music 40 Mussya 1, Jimmy D. 216 Mustion, Brenda R. 70, 83, 234 Mustonen, William T. 191 Myatt, Margaret J. 191 Myers, Linda J. 156, 157, 159 Myracle, John H. 48, 56, 149, 216 Mythen, .lo Anita 93, 251 Nance, Nation, -N- Ben 41 Doris D. 93, 234 National Art Honor Society 49 National Forensic League 62 National Honor Society 47 l National Thespians 62 1 Neal, Barry L. 234 Neal, Kathy 38, 59, 102, 191 Neal, Larry L. 234 Neal, Shirley M. 234 Nedbalek, Nedra J. 47, 49, 88, 191 Neel, Stanley James 251 Neill, Carol S. 102, 234 Neill, Melony L. 191 Neilson, Janet S. 93, '191 Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Leslie D. 58, 234 l Michael R. 251 Richard R. 56, 216 Neph, Karen B. 93, 234 Nestlerode, Jan 234 Newell, Stephanie L. 84, 102, 251 Newman, Harry G. 69, 251 Newman, John K. 191 Newman, Margaret 70, 76, 83, 234 Newman, Michael C. 82, 234 Newsom, Diana L. 234 Newton, Sondra E. 52, 59, 93, 191 Nichols, Nina J. 191 . Mitchell, Shirlee 52, 71, 93, 215 Moak, Linda S. 70, 83, 84, 215 Moak, Wynn A. 78, 79, 80, 190 Moffatt, Jim S. 137, 250 Moncrief, Marilyn 68, 102, 215 Monroe, Kay W. 251 Montgomery, Connie S. 52, 60, 73, 74 75, 93, 212 Montgomery, Linda G. 47, 71, 190 Montgomery, Lisa C. 52, 60, 102, 233 Montgomery, Marsha A. 71, 215 Montgomery, Mike L. 233 Moody, Joe S. 215 Moon, Judy A. 93, 233 Mooney, Evelyn D. 81, 102, 215 Moore, Carolyn D. 190 Moore, Donna L. 47, 49, 64, 67, 68,, I Nichols, rea 24, 25, 62, 63, 169 1 Nigh, Clitlord E. 35, 216 I Nigh, Robert A. 65, 137, 251 Nix, Donna 252 Noble, John A. 56, 149, 216 Noble, Judy A. 52, 72, 102, 116, 234 Noble, William L. 97, 234 Noe, Anthony A. 97, 234 Nortleet, Dorothy J. 52, 75, 102, 234 Norman, Barbara 24, 62, 215 Norris, Caroline J. 216 Norris, Donald D. 191 Norris, Victoria A. 81, 234 Northcutt, William H. 61, 191 Nanhap, Anita L. 47, 49, 70, 84, 102l 191 Norton, Esther 24, 71 76, 190 Moore, Gordon A. 61, 215 Moore, James 1. 233 Moore Linda S 52 68, 215 Moore: Marsha 'r. 1,02 Moore, Nota 24, 25 Moore, Moore, Peggy J. 80, 250 Terrell R. 250 Morelock, Joan J. 52, 60, 63, 93, 190 Morey, Jill 62, 93,114, 215 Morgan, Charles R. 83, 138, 139, 234 Morgan, David P. 251 Morgan Douglas H. 65, 2145 Morganl Margaret s. 102, 251 Morgan, Michael F. 137 Morgan, Susan C. 50, 60, 61, 84, 102, 190 Morin, Craig A. 58, 67, 190 Morin, Lynne R. 52, 60, 102, 215 Morris, Annette M. 92, 190 Morris, Jane A. 80, 250 Morris, Morris, Janet K. 52, 92, 215 Jenna M. 102, 216 Morris, John E. 132, 155, 161, 190 Morris, Karla J. 191 Morris, Patsy J. 251 Morris, Richard O. 56, 61, 136, 216 Warren, Jr. 107, 216 Novak, Diane M. 52, 93, 234 Nowlin, Janis S. 49, 75, 103, 112, 512 115, 12 , 8, 191 Nowlin, Sherri M. 103, 216 Nuckoll s, Dwight J. 234 Nunn, Jack C. 84 Nunn, Linda G. 216 Nurse 24 Nystrom, Olan 251 -0- Oakes, Cheryl 103, 234 Oakes, Oakes, Ola Mae 19 Ricky C. 47, 84, 191 O'Brien, David 216 O'Bryant, linda 234 O'Dell, Leslie D. 251 O'Dell, Pamela J. 49, 59, 68, 76, 93, 216 O'Dell, Sylvia L. 216 O'Dell Tyrell A. 80 Oe1ke,'Michael A, 235 Oelke, Otlutt, Ronald E. 251 Kaye 5.52, 103, 192' Ogden, Charles E. 56, 136, 142, 147, 216 Ogle, Leonard 24, 39, 69 Ohmart, Sidney 25, 30 Morrison, Tammy R. 216 Morrow, Andra K. 216 Moseley, Jimmy L. 216, 142, 147 Moses, Diana M. 31, 49, 93, 116, 158 234 Moss, Beverly J. 251 Mote, Roy D. 80, 111, 251 Moutray, Dennis R. 233 Moy, linda 60, 75, 102, 234 Mullens, Susan K. 52, 191 Mulligan, Deidra K. 52, 191 Mullin, Loretta S. 93, 234 Mullin, Michael G. 37, 62, 216 Mullin, Mark A. 251 Murar, Barbara A. 52, 234 Murphy, Carol J. 52, 75, 93, 234 Murphy, Kathy l. 49, 52, 60, 75, 102, 234 Murphy, Margaret J. 159, 160 Murphy, Margena D. 80, 102, 251 Murphy, Marsha D. 80, 191 Olandese, Donald J. 216 Oldham, Deborah C. 93, 192 Oldham, Jayne E. 52, 93, 235 Oliver, Robert E. 216 Olsgard, Robert B. 235 Olsgard, Susan J. 79, 216 Olson, Mary L. 103, 235 O'Neil, Thomas J. 235 Orcutt, William A. 235 O'Toole, Terry M. 132, 135, 147, 14 223, 255 Overby, William M. 132, 135, 216 Overman, Nancy L. 62, 68, 103, 216 Owen, Kathleen 25, 26, 45, 68 Owens, Sharon K. 216 Ownbey, Fletcher J. 235 - Owenby, Norma 28 -P- Pace, Jock P. 136, 216 Padberg, Richard 11, 47, 49, 56, 61 55, 77,'192 Paddock, Billy P. 45, 54, 77, 97, 192 Paden, John ll, 25, 67 Page, Dale E. 56, 216 Page, G. Michael 142, 147, 216 I Page, Richard A. 147, 235 Paisley, Louise 93, 216 lPallesen, Steven A. 61, 138, 216 iPallesen, Susan A. 52, 93, 235 y Palmer, Michael F. 251 1 1 l l 1 1 Pollock, Frank Ken 80, 251, 253 Ponder, Patricia L. 251 Pone, lanne 8. 193 Pape, Daniel N. 1134, 56, 111,193 Porter, Elisa G. 52, 59, 93, 217 Porter, Michael J. 137, 251 Porter, Thomas A. 56, 82, 217 Poteet, Wilson E. 107, 217 Potts, Carolyn L. 80, 251 Poulsen, Suzanne L. 52, 75, 103, 235 Reyes, Tony F. 57 Reynolds, Christine 53, 60, 103, 115, 125, 194 Reynolds, Diana L. 53, 75,93 218 Reynolds Robert W. 218 Reynolds, Steven J. 236 Rhaden, Mary J. 103,218 Rhodes, Charles L. 69, 149, 252 Rhodes, Kathy 59, 103, 194 Richards, Beth A. 47, 59, 53, 68, 70, Palo, Margaret E. 52, es, 72, 73, 103, 216 Pansze, John G. 235 Pansze, Patti Ann 52, 103, 235 Parham, Philip D. 251 Park, Mabel 25 Parker, Billy Z. 47, 192 Parker, Candice L. 216 Parker, Joseph A., Jr. 251, 84 Parker, Paula F. 192 Parker, Susan C. 103, 251 Parks, James T. 192 Parmeter, Donna L. 192 Parr, William W. 192 Parrish, Carol L. 216 Parrish, George L. 67, 192 Parrish, Kevin L. 65, 116, 216 Paschal, Richard A. 80, 249, 251 Paslay, Donald 192 Paslay, Ronald 192 Pate, Catherine A 71, 81, 235 Pate, James Durwood 192 Pate, Richard H. 56, 161, 216 Patterson, Betty A. 251 Patterson, Cynthia A. 52, 75, 112, 115 122, 125, 128, 192 Patterson, Dennis R. 235 Patterson, Gary G. 192 Patterson, Susan K. 216 Patterson, William 26, 62, 63, 68, 216 Pounds, Deborah A. 103, 193 Powell Powell Powell Powell , Bill R. 251 , David O. 251 , Douglas C. 78, 79, 193 ,James D. 138, 251 Powell, Jana G. 193 Powell, John 25 Powell, Penny J. 47, 60, 103, 160, 193 Power, Guy J. 61, 217 Powers, John R. 235 Powers, Robert E. 235 Powers Pralle, i Robert J. 193 Walter E. 251 Prather, Stephen K. 235 Pratt, Paulett 235 Prevett, Charlene K. 52, 103, 217 Prevett, Marlene M. 52, 103, 204, 21.7 Prevost, Ronald L. 235 Price, James R. 251 Price, Pricer, Prince, Prince, Prock, Linda S. 81, 103, 217 Lanny M. 251 John T. 49, 217 Judith A. 217 James M. 217 Proctor, Sally L. 52, 75, 93, 235 Pruet, Pruitt, Karen l. 103, 248, 251 Robert R. 56, 136, 149, 151, 161, 217 Pryor, Becky J. 251 Pryor, Joe 8. 62, 63, 217 103, 194 Richards, Nancy A. 218 Richardson, Don R. 194 Richardson, Michael 194 Richert, Nancy C. 48, 53, 218 Ricks, Glenn 25 Ricks, Phillip R. 236 Riddles, Debie 93 Riddles, Steve 218 Riddles, William M. 236 Ridgeway, Virginia 37, 48, 53, 62, 103, 114, 218 Ridley, Robert L. 252 Riebel, Douglas F. 138, 236 R599 , Deanna J. 194 Rlley, Janet E. 47, 48, 49, 51, 53, 5,B, 59 ,52, 63, ea, 77, sa, 159, 160, 195 Riley, Richard E. 59, 195 Ringwald, Fred C. 56, 218 Ritte Roac Roac r, Steven A. 82, 142, 161, 195 h, Patricia A. 81, 252 h, Samuel L. 97, 236 Roberson, Ronald L. 236 Roberts, Jerri A. 78, 79, 218 Robe Robe Robe Robi rts, Linda 157, 195 rtson, Michael Lee 9, 65, 195 rtson, Sherri K. 53, 195 nson, Catherine A. 103 Robinson, James P. 236 Sarinske, Diane J. 81, 93, 253 Sas, David J. 132, 134, 195 Saunders, Denise 236 Saxon, Charles E. 236 Schanbacher, Linda 75, 103, 253 Scheer, Virginia 47, 48, 49, 77, 82, 84, 195 Schell, Linda J. 93, 253 Schell, Tommy D. 253 Schier, Dale W. 253 Schier, Paula R. 53, 104, 218 Schmauch, Arthur P. 208, 218 Schmidt, Henry M. 253 Schmidt, Larry D. 218 Schmidt, Robert E. 253 Schmitz, Alan H. 253 Schneider, Robert N. 253 Schoap, Christopher 236 sclioii, Birgit M. 49, 54, 65, 118, 195 Schrantz, A. Janette 81, 219 Schroeder, Nancy J. 53, 59, 93, 196 Schuetz, Sandra K. 70, 82, 236 Schuster, William D. 253 Schwab, Vicky E. 196 Schwartz, John 26, 136 Science 35 Science Club 67 Scott, Barry O. 219 scan, John H. 55, 141, 142, 144, 145, 146, 161, 196 V Scott, Kaye Ellen 57, 196 Scott, Sharon 26 Scott, Stanley M. 253 Scott, Steve W. 137, 219 Scott, Thomas G. 56, 136, 236 Scotl, Viola 28 Scrivener, Connie l.. 81, 196 Scudder, Florence 28 Scudder, Jack D. 45, 47, 62, 63, 64, 7 6, Patton, Jenna B. 52, 93, 216 Paulus Dianne E. 235 Payne, Charles G. 216 Payne, Christopher A. 136, 235 Payne, Claudia L. 235 Payne, Steven R. 251 Payne, Terry S. 192 Payne, Thomas W. 56, 138, 139, 161, 216 Peale, Dorothy 25 Pearson, Charles G. 192 Pearson, David O. 79, 216 Pearson, Jerry W. Pearson Pearson , Michael A. 192 , Sharon K. 103, 217 Peck, Steven R. 137 Pedigo, Barbara K. 75, 103, 251 Pedigo, Mary E. 48, 52, 64, 103, Peerboom, Mike C. 251 Pemberton, Kathy E. 57 Pendleton, Howell R. 217 Pendleton, Patricia 251 Pennington, Carolyn 93, 106, 192 Pennington, Mary A. 235 Pennington, Nancy L. 80, 93, 251 enny, Jimmie Lynn 217 Perkins, Jimmie L. 235 Perkins, Melvin 83, 107, 235 Perkins, Tanda K. 102, 192 Perry, Sherri L. 60, 93, 192 erry, William W. 137, 251 etree, Shirley J. 93, 235 etty, William Hank 192 helps, James D. 235 helps, Kenneth R. 48, 49, 64, 76, PTSA 46 Puckett, James T. 76, 251 Pugh, Roger D. 217 ' Pulley, Nancy L. 193 Pulliam, Michael P. 65, 161, 217 Punneo, Larry D. 251 Purdy, Joanne 52, 103, 235 Purnell, Georgia K. 217 Pursel, Cathy L. 103, 217 Puttrofl, Janet A. 235 Puttroli, Susan J. 49, 75, 93, 193 -Q- Qualls, Donna J. 103, 217 Quill and Scroll 73 Quindt, Beverly J. 251 Quindt, Dale A. 235 Quindt, Kathryn H. 217 Quine, David N. 252 -R- Raddis, Sherry E. 103, 193 Radio Club 67 Ragsdale, Jo A. 76, 252 Ragsdale, Thomas M. 48, 64, 193 Rahe, Paul A. 62, 76, 235 Rahill, Ramona L. 48, 52, 60, 75, 217 Rahill, Randy O. 252 Rahill, Steven W. 252 Rainey, Nancy L. 193 Ramee, Robert L. 56, 132, 194 Ratclill, Drew E. 217 Ratclill, Ronald J. 80, 137, 252 Rathien, Rebecca 52, 75, 103, 235 Ratway, Alice A. 235 Robinson, Kristine K. 236 Robinson, Lynn M. 252 Robinson, Paul L. 161, 195 Robinson, R. Randall 72, 236 Robinson, Sharon P. 58, 62 Robison, Kathey A. 252 Roblyer, Cara J. 76, 103, 252 Rodgers, Richard L. 57, 195 Rodgers, Terry A. 218 Roe, Alice E. 218 Roesch, David C. 218 Roesch, Ralph Jack 65 Rogers, Jacqueline 60, 75, 10 Rogers, Judith A. 75, 93, 252 Rogers Larry M. 218 3, 195 77, 140,161,196 Scudder, Tommy L. 219 Sealy Rebecca L. 219 Seaman, Gail L. 253 Seaman, Sherry L. 104, 196 Sears, David E. 65, 97, 236 Sears, Georgia A. 196 Sears, J. Hardy, 48, 196 Seay, Donnie R. 253 Secretaries 28 See, Carson C. 236 Seikel, Jana L. 53, 58, 104, 236 Sell, Michael N. 196 Sethney, Barbara 26, 95, 240 Seehorn, Reta J. 104, 219 Rogers, Marva J. 103, 218 Rogers, Ralph T. 153, 154, 161, 218 Rogers, Robert M. 148, 252 Rogers, Teresa A. 103, 218 Rollins, Ralph D. 252 Roos, Robert A. 236 Rose, Diana O. 252 Rose Rose Rose Ross, , Samuel David 107, 113, 236 , Talesa 103, 252 nberg, Linda L. 218 Gordon S. 252 Ross, John T. 236 Roth Roth Roth , Barbara J. 76, 252 , Lawrence F. 218 , Robin 195 Round Table Stall 74 Rous ar, Edward E. 252 Rowe, Orval Glenn 195 Rowe, Robert E. 195 Rowten, Cindy A. 156, 159, 236 Rowten, Michdel J. 155, 252 Seeley, Martin, 155, 253 Seeley, Michuel D. 219 Sewell, Ramona 53, 93, 219 Shadid, Ellen 103, 196 Shadid, Shirley B. 219 V Sharpley, Carol L. 75, 104, 253 Shaw, Wesley Allen 196 sliuw, Betty E. 253 Shaw, Bonnie L. 81, 236 Shaw, Diane L. 49, 64, 65, 196 Shaw, Jim J. 253 Shaw, John D. Jr. 61, 236 Shaw, Steve J. -253 Shaw, Terry D. 253 Shaw, Terry L. 79, 196 Sheehan, Kathleen s. 75, 104, 253 Sheehan, Sherry A. 53, 60, 104, 196 Shelde Sheltm n, Michael 236 an, Janice K. 253 Shelton, Marietta 196 Shelton, William A. 65,253 77, 79, 142, 145, 151, 193 hillips, Abbie ze hillips, Don A. 48, 217 hillips, Larry K. 251 hillips, Linda 251 hillips, Linda J. 52, 75, 103, 235 hillips, Janet 28 hillips, hinney hinney Nancy L. 251 , Ann K. 52, 72, 75, 103, 217 Janet L. 251 Phipps, Peggy L. 52, 60, 93, 217 hysical Education 36 ickens, Carol A. 47, 49, 52, 64, 96, 103, 193 ickney, Jan C. 81, 93, 193 ierce, Kitty M. 52, 103, 216 ierce, Norma M. 75, 93, 235 ierce, Ronny C. 97, 251 ierson, Roy H. 136 ietsch, Rory S. 217 igg, James S. 251 inix, Karen A. 52, 103, 235 inkstan, Beverly J. 93, 235 ipkin, Phyllis J. 251 irner, Teresa A. 217 itt,' Re itman, ne sl, 93, 251 Charles F. 235 inet, Albert E. 132, 135, 235 later, D. Frank, Jr. 65, 193 later, Frederick O. 72, 235 latt, John 25, 40, 78 ognts, Janette M. 52, 58, 68, 76, 93, 17 ojezny, Susan G. 103, 217 olk, Douglas L. 137, 251 ollock, Alan L. 217 Ray, James L. 252 Rav. James Lawrence 56, 61, 235 Ray, Marcia S. 52, 60, 71, 103, 194 Ray, Suzanne 60, 93, 194 Rea, Bobby J. 235 Read, Pamela S. 217 Red Cross 58-59 Reding, Kay R. 52, 60, 93, 235 Redlinger, Linda J. 194 Reed, Carol A. 52, 62, 63, 93, 218 Reed, Deborah J. 65, 78, 79, 218 Reed, Larry D. 252 Reed, Patricia A. 80, 252 Reed, Randy A. 218 Reeves, Dean G. 65, 218 Reeves, John R. 56, 153, 223, 235 Reeves, Steve A. 194 Reeves, Vickie L. 194 Reid, Chris E. 79 Reid, Diane 8. 81 Reifl, Kaelhe 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 64, 68, Reilf, 76, 77,103,194 Patricia 52, 63, 67, 103, 235 Reinheimer, Helen R. 12, 46, 50, 60, 61, 73, 74, 75, 93, 194 Reisinger, Linda K. 218 Remington, F. Dale 236 Reglggl, Sharon A. 53, 93, 156, 159, Renegar, Phyllis K. 93, 236 Renfra, John P. 236 Rentro, William C. 218 Renlrae, Allen 194 Renner, William C. 65, 218 Reyes, Nilda 156, 157, 159, 236 Rowton, Jane A. 57, 217 Rubenstein, Helena B. 195 Rucker, 8ecky S. 252 Rugg, Doris J. 75, 103, 236 Rugg, Eddie H. 218 Ruhr, Larry P. 76, 252 Rumley, Joyce F. 218 Runka, John H. 218 Runnels, M. Terry 79, 218 Runyan, David L. 137, 252 Rush, Marsha A. 64, 195 Russell, Fran G. 53, 60, 75, 93, 236 Russell, Judy A. 58, 103, 195 Russell, Sandra J. 195 Russell, Stephen E. 252 Russell, Thomas E. 252 Rutledge, Cynthia 47, 79, 195 Rutledge, Susan A. 81, 93, 253 Rutledge, Susan A. 195 Ryan, James R. 65, 236 Sa bo -S- lich, Johnny A. 218 Saied, Debra L. 76, 103, 253 Sabolich, Johnny A. 218 Saied, Debra L. 76, 103, 253 Salathiel, Merlynn A. 53, 71, 75, 81, 103, 236 Salda, Jimmy D. 236 Samara, Bobby Dwain 58, 136 Samara, Carolyn S. 195 Sommons, Rhonda C. 70, 83, 93, 195 Sanders, Charlotte A. 47, 70, 82, 195 Sandgarten, Alan G. 69, 253 Sarkey, Steven J. 67, 236 Shepard, Frank C. 137, 253 Shepard, Gladys 25, 26 Shepherd, Gail A. 81, 93, 253 Shepherd, Kathy M. 253 Shepherd, Susan L. 79, 81, 196 Sheppard, Victoria Y. 254 Sherman, Dan M. 219 Sherman, Judith A. 49, 53, 64, 73, 74, 104, 196 Sherman, Linda D. 254 Sherman, Randall L. 236 Sherill, Jimmy C. 65, 196 Shield Stall 72 Shirley, Kathy A. 104, 254 Shirley, Stephanie G. 236 Shoot, James L. 37, 47, 49, 56, 64, 67 79, 83, 84, 196 Shoot, William W. 49, 56, 64, 67, 79, 83, 84, 196 Shorts, Dorene A. 196 Shartt, Milana L. 219 Shrade, Jack W. 56, 219 Shultz, G. Dwight 65, 83, 84 Siegel, Steve M. 254 Sigmon, Barbara G. 53, 60, 75, 93, 112,115,125,196 Silk, William H. 56, 196 Silvey, Geneva K. 80, 254 Simmons, Jean Ann 93, 236 Simmons, Jo A. 104, 236 Simms, Craig S. 236 Simms, Linda 53, 104, 219 Simon, Danny C. 132, 135, 219 Simonson, Barbara A. 75, 93, 254 Simonson, Tom P. 56, 61, 136, 236 Simpson, Diana R. 9, 219 Simpson, Janice D. 71, 93, 254 Sims, Bruce C. 236 Singleton, Peggie L. 254 Sinks, Donald G. 236 Skouge, Mary 26 Slack, 113 Kerry Eileen 59, 60, 75, 94, 236 sidreif Floyd J. 254 Slater, Lynda R. 104, 236 Slaughter, John R. 97, 219 Smelser, Carroll 25, 26 Smelser, John A. 62, 236 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Barbara 104, 197 Barbara J. 84, 94, 219 Baron H. 78, 79, 197 Bill 68,219,220 Brenda K. 70, 254 Smith, Bronna G. 254 Smith, Bruce A. 219 Smith, Bruce D. 254 Smith, Charles 254 Smith, David A. 97, 219 Smith, David iz. 254 Smith, David L. 121, 161, 219 Smith, Debbie H. 53, 94, 236 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Deborah A. 254 Dewitt H. 219 Dorothy c. 254 Frances A. 104, 236 Smith, Frederick M. 254 Smith, Gene iz. 61, 136, 149, 150, 151 161, 204, 219 Smith, Harold E. 56, 219 Smith, Jack C. 254 Smith, Jacqueline J. 254 Smith, James C. 237 Smith, James T. 254 Smith, Jane 28 Smith, Jane E. 197 Smith, Joseph A. 254 Smith, Kathleen J. 94, 197 Smith, Kip c. 237, Smith, Lynn K. 197 Smith, Margie 26, 95, 158 Smith, Marsha L. 94, 237 Smith, Mary Ja. 159, 197 Smith, Paul A. 254 Smith, Peter M. 77, 197 Smith, Richard E. 254 Smith, Robert D. 237 Smith, Russell 219 Smith, Sandra K. 219 Smith, S. Sue 219 Smith, sdrd L. 47, 64, 65, 70, 72, az, 83, 197 Smith, Stephen C. 254 Smith, Susan M. 35, 70, 83, 84, 254 Smith, Tricia F. 60, 94, 237 Smack, Leslie W. 219 Smock, Mark D. 197 Smack, Pamela J. 39, 75, 254 Smolig Smoot, a, Christine L, 219 Diana K. 219 Smythe, Jane A. 94, 219 Sneed, Candace 79, 219 Sneed, James R. 254 Sneed, William G. 219 Snell, Joan A. 81, 104, 254 Snell, Karen E. 47, 49, 64, 94, 197 Snelson, Teresa K. 81, 219 Snider, Madelene B. 237 Snider, Melinda G. 94, 254 Snipes, Kathleen A. 75, 94, 219 Snyder, Diana S. 104, 114, 254 Snyder, Gretchen M. 94, 237 Snyder, Linda S. 49, 197 Socarraz, Luis M. 254 Social Studies 34 Solter, Ree A. 53, 104, 237 Sommerfrucht, R. K. 56, 76, 219 Sorenson, John 197 Southard, Bobette 197 Southard, Chris A. 237 Sauthard, Peggy L. 254 Sowdel, Donald A. 58 Spaeth, Ahird L. 53, 58, 94, 233, 237 Spann, Lucille 26 Spann, Richard D. 78, 79, 197 Sparkman, Bonnie C. 254 Sparkman, John M. 197 Sparks, Gar W 198 Sparks y . Glen L. 136, 219 Sporksf Kay F. 53, 60, 94, 198 Spvrks. MQW A. 104,'254 Spaulding, Phillip M. 148, 254 Spear, Roger B. 254 Speech, 37 5Pence, Dana S. 49, 53, 75, 104, 237 Spencer, Charles D. 198 Spencer, Janel A. 79, 198 Spicer, Judith Anne 94, 254 Spielberger, William 237 Spitler, John E. 61, 198 Spooner, Alan R. 58, 198 Springer, David L. 219 Sprouls, Jamie L. 79, 219 Sprowso, Michael 237 Sprowso, Mitchell, E. 198 Staats, Cheryl M. 94, 237 Stack, Michael D. 254 Stacy, James 8.47, 54, 110, 114, 127, 129, 198 Stacy, John R. 254 Stacy, Susan E. 104 Stacy, Thomas W. 61, 84, 149, 150, 219 . Staley, Deeaee D. 94, 254 Stommer, Sally S. 53, 94, 219 Stanfield, Noble D. 61, 198 Stanford, Judy 220 Stangeland, Jane 47, 48, 60, 68, 76. 77, 88, 96, 198 Stanley, Jane E. 220 Stansel, Cheryl A. 104, 220 Stansell, Vernon H. 237 Stapp, James A. 65, 254 Starke, Cynthia P. 53, 60, 94, 237 Starr, Carmen L. 79, 81, 237 Starr, Jack M. 79, 198 St. Dizier, Rodney 25, 27, 32, 48, 77 Stedman, Grayda 27 Steele, Frederick A. 65, 220 Steele, Jeanette B. 37, 53, 60, 63, 75, 104, 237 Steele, Sally J. 254 Steele, Suzanne 94, 220 Steele, Tom L. 254 Stemm, Shery A. 104, 254 Steer, Doveline K. 53, 60, 104, 159, 198 Steinbock, Stephen 237 Steph, Ann 53, 60, 63, 220 Stephens, Carl S. 220 Stephens, Delbert W. B3, 84, 220 Stephens, Ellen K. 79, 198 Stephens, Lizette 104, 198 Stephens, Lynette S. 220 Stephens, Mary L. 220 Stephens, Sharlin 254 Stern, Benjamin 254 Stephens, Stephanie 75, 94, 220 Stephenson, Cynthia 53, 104, 237 Stephenson, Gary R. 237 Stephenson, Phillip 237 Steves, Gary B. 137, 254 Stewart, Chris R. 237 Stewart, Joe G. 69, 198 Stewart, Judy 123 Stewart, Patricia M. 104, 254 Stewart, Thomas 69, 80, 253, 254 St. Geroge, Janet R. 76, 254 Stiver, Linda K. 76, 104, 254 St. John, David W. 254 St. John, June E. 53, 75, 94, 237 Stoehr, Catherine S. 220 Stokes, Melinda J. 76, 254 Stone, Carol W. 254 Stone, Marinelle 49, 198 Stone, Monte E. 254 Stone, Rebecca A. 237 Stoops, Ronnie E. 49, 80, 237 Story, Pamela B. 237 Stotts, Ramona G. 81, 104, 255 Stout, Linda S. 71, 104, 220 Strahl, Sue Nell 255 Strain, Kathleen M. 45, 94, 199 Stratton, Linda S. 104, 237 Stratton, Linda S. 104, 237 Street, Madelyn 53, 72, 94, 220 Streeter, Diana K. 94, 255 Strickland, Linda K. 81, 94, 237 Strickland, Martha G. 80, 255 Strickland, Sharon K. 57, 220 Strong, J. Lynne 53, 75, 104, 237 Stroud, Gail L. 53, 75, 237 Stuart, Donald B. 97, 238 Student Council 44-45 Styles, Virginia L. 955 Stvron, Carol S. 80, 255 Styron, Michael F. 107, 220 Suchy, Jenniter J. 104, 111, 255 Suggs, Jacl' R. 47, 77, 161, 199 Suggs, Lynn W. 199 Suggs, Nancy A. 199 Sullivan, Carol K. 81, 255 Sullivan, Mike W. 255 Sullivan, Robert 8. 199 Summers, Betty A. 71, 94, 255 Sutter, Mike R. 148, 255 Sutterman, Sandra G. 76, 104 Sutton, Lana J. 238 sitneh, Phillip L. 72, 75, 74, 220 Swain, David A. 255 Swain, Ronald D. 238 Swanson, David C. 255 Swanson, Janie M. 220 Swanson, Linda J. 53, 60, 94, 220 Swartzendruber, J. W. 147 Swick, Susan M. 47, 48, 49, 53, 64, 65, 76, 94, 199 Swigert, Sally A. 50, 60, 104, 111, 199 Stykes, Howard A. 137, 255 Sylvan, Barry S. 255 Sylvester, Don F. 65, 97, 220 Symphony Hi-Notes 70 -T- Tabor, Charles E. 199 Tapscott, Thomas G. 255 Ta te, L inda J. 255 rece, Mike H. 141, 142, 144, 161, 199 Tate, Sharon S. 104, 255 Tate, Suzanne 53, 94, 238 Tatum, Taya r, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Denny R. 141,199 ayne 199 J . Taylor, Ann E. 31, 68, 72, 73, 116, 220 Carmiea 104, 199 Doris K. 28 Doris N. 27, 95 Jane E. 84, 199 John L. 255 Mary S. 58, 62, 104, 199 MerleL. 110,141,199 Mickey A. 255 Sandra L. 94, 199 Sharon A. 255 Thomas L. 65, 220 William D. 83, 107, 238 Wrenette 94, 255 Teague, Eric A. 76, 153, 238 Tecumseh, Jesse A. 69, 220 Teets Georgia 27 Teets, Glenda C. 48, 59, 68, 76, 211, 220 Temple, Van R. 255 Tennis, Tim R. 255 Terry, Linda L. 53, 57, 105, 199 Terry, Vicki L. 238 Tessman, James E. 255 Tester, Tester, Patricia 199 Robert 80, 238 Teter, Robert S. 255 Thacker, Shirley 94, 221 Thaler, Thomas Thomas Thomas 221 Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Marilyn S. 105, 255 , Cynthia A. 81, 221 Janice S. 53 I Jence 48, 58, 59, 68, 76, 94, , Jim N. 255 , Judy L. 49, 60, 76, 94, 199 , Melissa L. 255 , Michael C. 107, 255 , Michael P. 107, 238 Treat, Jack 27 Trent, Debbie L. 256 Tripp, Claudia J. 81, 256 Tripp, Patrick A. 221 Trott, Don H. 65, 67 Truax, Martha 27 Truelove, Ronald D. 200 Truitt, Vicki S. 200 Trummer, George A. 97, 238 Tri-Hi-Y 60 Tubb, Linda K. 53, 221 Tubb, Patricia 75, 94, 256 Tucker, Linda L. 53, 95, 200 Tucker, Lloyd E. 136, 238 Tucker, Mike K. 221 Tucker Sharon M. 71 94 221 Tuley, 'Nelda M. 200' ' Turner, Cora L. 53, 60, 105, 238 Turner, Harleta S. 79, 200 Turner, Jo A. 71, 256 Turner, Kent F. 80 Turner, Myretta G. 71, 200 Thomas, yancy L. 94, 255 Thomas, riscilla J. 76, 105, 255 Thomas, Susan J. 94, 158, 160 Thomason, Karen K. 47, 78, 79, 80, 105, 199 Thomford, Zaida Ann 199 Thomps Thomps Thomps Thomps Thomps Thomps 105, Thomps Thomps on, Bill W. 255 on, Calvin D. 255 on, Carl D. 221 on, Charldene 238 on, Craig T. 221 on Deborah J. 53, 60, 73, 74, 21'2, 221 on, Diane L. 94, 255 eh, Ga s. 221 VY Thompson, Glenda R. B1, 238 Thompson, Jacquelyn 104, 221 Thompson, Jane F. 75, 105, 238 Thompson, M. Jayne 53, 238 Thompson, Jeanne K. 53, 94, 156, 159, 221 Thompson, John R. 199 Thompson, John R. 137, 256 Thompson, Jon L. 67, 220, 221 Thompson, Julian C. 256 Thompson Linda S. 47, 60, 94, 199 Thompson, Margaret 27 Thompson, Mary M. 199 Thompson, Michael G. 200 Thompson, Phillip A. 206, 221 Thompson, Robert D. 221 Thompson, Sherry 200 Thompson, Warren A. 65, 69, 78, 79, 200 Turner, Ralph E. 61, 200 Turney, Laura A. 105, 256 Turk, Michael E. 57, 221 Turnell, Karen L. 256 Turo, Linda R. 48,'53, 95, 221 Tver, Tainara 70, 105, 221 Twentieth Century Homemokers 71 Tyler, Maxine 25, 27, 47 Tyner, Mary B. 238 -U- Ukena, Jay W. 49, 56, 64, 65, 138, 139, 200 Ukena, Peter W. 76, 147, 265 Ulrich, John W. 56, 61, 149, 150, 221 Urmston, Elizabeth 27, 204 Utter, Michael E. 72, 221 -V- Vaclaw, Robbie 23, 27, 95 Vaden, June A. 105, 256 Vahlberg, Vivian E. 30, 31, 62, 68, 72, 73, 74, 95, 221 Vail, Eugene 27, 113 Valentine, Marilyn A. 105, 221 Vandennieuwenhof, Judy 53, 157, 160, 200 Vandennieuwenhof, Louise 53, 75, 105 238 Vandennieuwenhol, Sonia 256 Vanderlord, Carol A. 53, 75, 76, 95, 238 VanDyke, Stephen 200 Van Hook, Wendell E. 82, 200 VanHorn, Johnny M. 200 VanMeter, Michael W. 238 Vann, Dan A. 56, 61, 221 Vann, Ronnie W. 155, 256 VanNostrand, Randy R. 221 Van Pool, Don 27, 142, 143 Vanscoy, Carl R. 200 Vanscoy, Sandra J. 256 Varnell, Michael D. 256 Varnell, Richard A. 247 Va rn er, Varner, Va rn er, Gerddh 1. 48, 56, 201 Judy L. 53, 75, 81, 95, 238 iziehdrd D. 97, 221 Vaughan, Jeffrey L. 82, 97, 238 Vaughn, Debbie L, 71,' 75, 105, 256 Vaughn, Joe 201 Vaughn, Taya Jean 84, 256 Vaughan, Victoria A. 93, 95, 256 Vick, Yvonne C. 69, 238 Vickery, Katlieen 201 Thornton, Jean M. 105, 158, 160, 200 Thornton, Kathryn L. 53, 76, 158, 160 223, 238 Thornton, Roger D. 35, 200 Thrash, Jack C. 49, 200 Thrower, Elizabeth A. 80, 256 Thurman, Reginald 80, 155, 256 Tidholm, Donald C. 137, 149, 256 Tierce, Sherri L. 200 Tiernan, James Pat 200 Tigert, Craig A. 221 rigefi, KGYB L. 75, 94, 256 Tillman, Dan D. 256 Tinnen, Michael W. 138, 221 Tillinghast, Nancy J. 69, 81, 105, 256 Tillinghast, Richard 238 Tinsley, Brenda C. 256 Tinsley, Jerry B. 238 Tippin, Jon H. 256 Toahty, Virginia L. 256 Todd, Deborah A. 105, 256 Todd, Sharon K. 200 Tolle, Connie J. 39, 200 Tolle, Kathleen M. 94, 221 Tomberlin, Sharon K. 221 Tonelis, Pamela J. 221 Tonti, Jenny L. 221 Tonti, Ross E. 250 Townsend, Laura B. 94, 105, 256 Townsend, Michael E. 221 Travis, Ruth A. 58, 71, 200 Vincent, Larry W. 56, 61, 201 Vinson, Sammie L, 31, 49, 64, 72, 73, 98, 201 Violett, Deborah K. 95, 256 Vocational Education 41 Voegelein, Linda L. 60, 95, 201 Volz, Leroy A. 48, 61, 221 Von Tungeln. Henrietta 25, 27, 49, 223 Voorhies. Susan J. 157, 221 Vrooma rl, Kenneth H. 138, 238 -W- Waddle, Helen 65, 70, 256 Waddle, Sandra K. 201 Wade, James W. 238 Wade, Linda L. 78, 79, 105 Wade, Luanna L. 47, 53, 105, 201 Wade, Nancy J. 49, 64, 201 Wade, Steven M. 238 Wadley, Cullom S. 56, 61, 153, 238 Wadley, Patrick C. 256 Waggoner, John L. 238 Waggoner, William 8. 221 Wagner, Ricky S. 72, 73, 221 Wakely, Carolyn 19, 223 Walcher, Joe B. 61, 77, 161, 201 Waldrip, Steven L. 69, 201 Waldrop, Christy A. 105, 238 Waldrop, Mary K. 53, 95, 238 Walk, Gary W. 97, 238 Walker Betty J. 256 welkefj Billy J. rf. 81, 238 Wallfefi Charles P. 221 Walker, Cynthia A. 105, 238 Walker, Deh P. 56, 67, 67, 77, 201 White, Johnny H. 61, 202 William L. 256 1 1 Walker, Margaret A. 105, 256 Walker, Martha 65, 76, 95, 252, 256 Walker, Pauline 27 Walker, Richard L. ll 221 Walker, Sandra K. 95, 221 Walker, Sherry K. 238 Wolkup, James H. 151, 256 Wall, Suzanne 58, 79, 80, 201 Wallace, Gary W. 97 Wallace, Gaylen 19 Wallen, Fredde R. 105, 221 Wallin, Lani J. 53, 60, 95, 238 Walling, Sandra R. 53, 62, 63, 75, 98 201 Walpole, Linda J. 123, 256 Walters, Dale E. 147, 238 'Wampler, Jan M. 201 . Wandell, Darla 201 iWandell, Marilyn 95, 222 Ward, Carolyn G. 53, 222 Ward, Don A. 161, 201 Ward, Lawrence 57, 201 Ward, Tommy D. 201 Warnberg, Don E. 136, 238 Warner. Eric P. 97, 256 Warner, Michael 57, 201 Warren Edwin R. 256 Warren G. Cleve 56, 61, 222 Warren, Washbu Ronald W. 76, 256 Warrom, Ruth 27, 76 a rn, Marilyn 53, 95, 238 Wensauer, Linda S. 256 West, Beth 25, 28, 71 West, Laurie R. 256 West, Leonard L. 132, 134, 238 West, Susan M. 160, 202 Westbrook, Pamela A. 53, 76, 222 Wester, Bernice 19, 204 Westmoreland, Carol 105, 239 Westmoreland, H. Les 239 Westmoreland, James 64, 202 Westmoreland, Mary K. 80, 95, 256 Wetwiska, Larry 80, 239 Wheeler, Elaine B. 256 Wheeler, Kathleen A. 239 Wheeler, Margie L. 239 Wheeler, Shari L. 53, 95, 202 Wheeler, Stephen W. 132, 239 Wheelus, Jean F. 57 Wheelus, Thomas E. 239 Whitbeck, John C. 65, 202 White, Genger L. 239 White, Jacqueline L. 53, 95, 239 White, Jelrey C. 256 White, Linda J. 53, 70, 84, 239 White, Richard A. 202 White, Ronald E. 222 White, Shelly E. 81, 105, 256 White Sherrilyn K 105, 222 White White, f William 222 Wfftefm n. Randy L. 61, 136, 141, 153 238 ' Watson, Edward R. 56, 238 Watson, Marcia E. 70, 82, 84, 238 atson, Patricia 201 gglers, Thomas L. 48, 56, 61, 77, ay, Mike H. 256 eaver, Jim R. 238 ebb, James 137, 256 ebb, Jellrey L. 82, 114, 201 ebb, Sandra J. 238 Saber, Susan E, 47, 48, 71, 81, 95-, ebb, Tom 27 eber, Janice R. 71, 95, 256 eber, Phyllis A. 57, 60, 105, 202 ebster, Judy L. 95, 202 ebster, L. Susan 75, 105, 238, 239 edding, Mary 28 eefks, Michael W. 256 eibel, Dennis E. 64, 79, 202 errrerl, Duane 19,'25, 169 arch, Bobby R. 61, 161,222 elch, Lee Ann 53, 95, 222 Whitehead, Howard M. 83, 84, 256 Whitehead, Nancy J. 82, 84, 239 Whitney, Mark N. 256 Whittaker, Charles A. 239 Whytlaw, David G. 48, 149, 150, 151, 161, 202 Whytlaw, James V. 149, 150, 256 Wickizer, James R. 256 Wilbanks, Mary A, 239 Wilbourn, Jan C. 95, 257 Wilburn, Carole A. 202 Wilburn, Walter L. 107, 257 Wilcox, David L. 80, 257 Wilcox, Lawrence A. 256 Wilcox, Linda C. 94, 239 Wilder, Michael R. 137, 257 Wildman, David C. 202 Wiles, Janet J. 75, 105, 257 Wiley, Regina M. 222 Wilhoyte, Cheryl A. 105, 222 Wilkerson, E. Jane 58, 202 Wilkinson, Cary D. 82, 137, 257 Wilkinson, Larry W. 202 Wilkison, Beverly J. 222 Will, Alan Leon 67, 239 Williams, Allen L. 202 Wilioms, Beth 53, 60, 65, 202 Williams, Beverly J. 65, 94, 257 Williams, Cynthia A. 49, 53, 60, 75, 92,95,112,11s, 125,202 Williams, Diana R. 53 64, 105, 202 Williams, Eugene M. 239 Williams, George W. 56, 76, 202 Williams, Gilbert C. 257 Williams, Helen M. 257 Williams, John M. 222 Williams, Karen A. 63, 95, 222 Williams, Karen S. 66, 95, 222 Williams, Larry D. 137, 257 Williams, Lee A. 222 Williams, Mar aret V. 239 9 Williams, Rebecca J. 48, 64, 94, 10 202 Williams, Sharon J. 95, 222 Williams, Sharon K. 95, 202 Williams, Stephanie 222 Williamson, Joyce A. 257 Williamson, Maurine 28, 169 Willingham, Helen 28, 103 Willis, Jack L. 257 Willis, Joe W. 222 Willoughby, Teri E, 95, 239 Willson, Terry l.. 257 Wilmoth, Gary S. 257 Wilsey, Stanley T. 149, 257 Wilsey, Steve L. 202 Wilson, Barbara 74, 105, 222 Wilson, Carol J. 80, 105 Wilson, Diana 40, 70, 82, 85, 203 Wilson, G. Gail 75, 239 Wilson, Jack E. 239 Wilson, John 222 Wilson, Marcia J. 239 Wilson, Marsha K. 60, 94, 239 Wilson, Richard H. 257 Wilson, Rol:ert G. 202 Wilson, Robert R. 239 Wilson, Steve L. 136, 147, 239 Wilson, Susan J. 95, 229, 239 Wilson, Timmy D. 203 Wilson, Wm. A. 202 Winkle, Jo A. 105, 204, 222 Winston, Bruce 58, 203 Wint, Sara L. 95, 222 Winters, Nita J. 222 Wisdom. Linda L. 71,203 Wise, Jimmy L. 222 Wiseman, Frank 203 Witherspoon, Chris 105, 203 Witt, Roy G. 69, 253, 257 Witte, Dick 67, 68, 70, 79, 83, 84, 222 Witten, Richard D. 76 Witten, Robert A. 203 Woll, Cynthia L. 94, 105 Wolll, Ronald S. 67, 222 Wolff, Tommy G. 147, 257 Womack, Kenneth W. 56, 141, 142, 143, 144, 161, 203 Wood, Connie J. 105, 239 Wood, Cynthia A. Wood, Paul M, 80, 243, 257 Woodard, Danny P. 56, 203 Woodard, O. Franklin 239 Woods, Cheryl S. 222 Woods, Diane E. 105, 257 Woods, Willard M. Jr. 56, 161, 203 Woodward, C. R. 222 Woodward, Phillip M. 49, 56, 222 Woodward, Richard A. 61, 136, 239 Woolley, Judy A. 95, 203 Work. Daniel M., Jr. 49, 174, 203 Work, Ronald D. 239 Wright Elaine Pearce 203 wfighif Jacque L. 95, 203 Wright Jamie B, 95 Wright, Jeri L. 105 Wright, Jimmie L. 105, 222 Wright, Logan K. 257 Wright, Pamela D. 75, 239 Wright, Pamela S. 239 Wright, Terrence D. 76 Wright, Thomas N. 222 Wrobel, Brion J. 203 Wyche, Robert M. 97, 203 Wycoff, Deborah J. 59, 67, 81, 203 -Y- Yaeger, Donna S. 257 Yaeger, Regina M. 95, 203 Yancey, Sherry A. 105, 203 Yates, Nancy K. 222 Yeager, Jeannette K. 60, 62, 95, 222 Yeagley, Frederick N. 65, 136, 239 Yen, Virginia 105, 222 Yen, William 239 Yost, Maurita 23 Younge, Hunter F. 222 Younghein, John K. 222 -Z- Zachritz, Thomas W. 137, 257 Zanovich, Gary D. 136, 153 Zanovich, Terry L. 79, 222 Zinn, Larry L. 222 Zinn, Terry D. 107, 136, 222 Zoltner, Mary B. 239 Autograph 4 f N5C Q :fy 1' ' X W Z' X T 26, - 563 'K QF U O3 4' CCY Q 'J BSE? 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Suggestions in the Northwest Classen High School - Round Table Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) collection:

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