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Alma We e wzll To the Purple and the Golcl. Our love will be your glory, Your honor will be our goal, Though the years gg swiftly us, And we travel far lllooa l The emblem of proud Knighthood Will never leazfe our hearts. wif' ,,. ee , . fy Lf W rx:-fi, L 9 JJ: f ,,-'bfi 'J bi Lv 4 erfh yr .. ,, fi !-if ' 111' 1 4, ,- Q 'Q - , 1' 'L eg yQ'fjQg , . , F XHKVK 5, . 5 , .. . .2 N. i lf - gi ,f - K, Y , .1 rw , "3 S. E - , V I 1 H fx "' x Xi at X f wg ,N wx W fu W U ' ,ar ' mix IX: ' 1 VX if v' q . 'W .4 XX, Q lei? J y I OO MJ Og yy 1. t 1 V Y I H -56 1' 'X -I K-. ' X , !r5 . lsoajgbevx X.B OaM2 DOW Q8 QV 1 fw ff A44 x D990 Cwf U V I M Q N 5 ybibbfw 1 C5 ,Q N f X' off n L9 W Mui ,WDQM JV-'Iva W . . A fy I QU, 9 ,fyjkj fjfv ' fy U my Uj,.vQOLUME VEKUUX ,bf lx J, H Published by: LL Q W L ,ff Taylor Publishing Company ' M Dallas, Texas , V W XWM 'F W ' M .1 ,f'j2l" :kwin .1 nge ' ' " 'JF71 Qfwiifjjk 5 KK7 Q '-- 1 '4fl LE'f?' xfm. xxx. N U www f , . 1- X X H , nm, QW f 4, , . XT . Q f, Lj f if ' 5HrA Q, - ' ,: , , lv H va, -,",, .11-' ,"v ,V 4 XX ' K V, eg" , ' 3 1,1 1 iii , f 1 - ff . f f " 1251- 4 U5 ' " ig .V 1: g f Q "WH f " "' f. ff' v 'Q ' "' mi M' ' 254 +3l u - - K-Q55 ,f ,,f,U' W' 'Ti W1 "' --- T? - " ,Zi jf ' I Surf, , XXX'-'x'NX---xx 1. - . -4f.:3'ff . :- -C ' N: fkvx 5 . XV . J ..-:.4'- 5, f f If - .. f .s:'?'-'-if . .O O 6- If Ov I . .f,-,,a-.u- I . fx. .kwa 'XQIRJO' W :fa My MW! 'f IH O P Q .W f.S-Q ff? 5 vff' ' ,god aw-Cf LTGGI' NQQM ,JJ D' 460. - ,Dip as-uh , ggh ,c! HCA!-456 1 W TUJLUP iv" ,Jiv H 2 '1 ' . I wma' .'2',5 Ci I KN' " IDMJX fx y QL: U-99' . 69 ' ' 67" ff 1-QW 'M mlm ' W " I fflif W' - , I - , . "W ff N - 7 I F 1 . V X , - 'J 'I if f 1- 1,',' ..'f. 5 .1 A "' fb' g ,.., C ,,- V ,jx 7 W ' ' ,LA . 1, Lgkw 4 f X TJ fy 1 , 1 L ,KI ,I I 'y K . ,... f I ' gf ' I 4 - .f , 1 h ' H V ' K ' Z A 1.4 !fC' ' Of L. 'K W , L11 1 0,1 M J., I I W ' I 95 f4'fI15f12J .z,fZQ'g:2fQf iv , vi' -1 ,ff . L, ' f 'I-Qi' Av C 1, I f " .' -'U -' , 1' , , ,'f . , . ur g ul wif API .,. 5 11.2, h ,V g,,. .L I ,oh 'f ak, Z- . V: " 5 fi I v w Q, I II, f 4 ,',f,,,.' 1 A- NY 5 " f I ,ff ' f N V L :I P .. 5 X., , I- 4 if 64127, 11,91 y,,,i4,M!n Z WWNW W x ' Nxt NV. HI ' 7 A OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA lm' H ,.,. g?WZ3g3?7Wli5"' ll I mf my ,M - M mmm -M I , ! I! S I I f I ff gf' ' 'vw ' H: u . WT' '-I --1"4v I -.1 -.. I , . v.... I I I. ,YQ T. f . i I I. II ll V E f mwl W? V! ws' I 5 ' K ll I I If" -FY? . 1-.W-gf if I V IFI1IiIIII!W umm 7- -v . "" . 'L I A I Ii ' .. f 1- T 524+ ' '1 ' ,.:-L' HC 3IJ."' 42. , J: ' 0 ,1 I I g ,ss . ':' ' 1 I' A H 2 -14 -If "Fi 1 af: A II . ... , I".f',fs. ,' ,,'-'- jx: ..":' ,L -U' . W ' f 4 'Q fi .-f-I" f xv' ll u. 0 ,if CD- Mg ? W,6QwJ0,7m,cM ,MJ - . NORTHWEST CLASSEN HIGH SCHOOL aculty One of the pleasant after-hours chores that comes to teachers is checking in new books for the department. Miss Kathrine Gibson, Mr. Sidney Ohmart, Mrs. Hazel Livingston, W4 an Miss Ann Whitehead, and Mr. Gordon Erik- sen are all smiles as they add volumes to the English department library. Some 2,000 new volumes replenished the supply this year. J l A I s 1. I. 3 1 1 g I J 42' 4 -as ports 1 of f ' .f Q 'WI' Pre-game spirit never hits a snag. Traditionally followed by the yellingest yellers that ever yelled a players emerge through a hoop of purple and gold. Knightland yell, Jerlyn Davis, Betty Dixon, Jeanie Phyllene Kimsey, head cheerleadensprints onto the field Cooper, Judy Ellis, Carla Kise, Linda Lawson. 5 rganization Spirited pep rallies: 2,000 voices, some deep and booming, others shrill and piercing: -blend to produce a din which stimulates excitement, gusto, and loyalty. Books, lessons. and other worries are momentarily pushed aside as fervent Knights and Ladies embolden their teams to greater exploits. Near the rlosm- ol the day rallies rf-xiw lagging loyalty. L - A c?AU1.f'cf2jZ,,i, dxf jjfg 14-fl 6,,,UL,CQ df eff! if af., ll'-fb' Aa,m,.ij6?ff6f,44egJ L4-Uqfygefei -71.11-JLZLQKJQ, 'P 3,0 ' '9'5"'5'6!f Hflb' TJINN' f.L.fC'rru4-J ll lass LW High school days are a race against time. As they speed toward the climax -graduation, each senior dreams of a new and fuller life. New vistas bloom I with increased happiness, but greater responsibilities. New faces and new friends flood in dimming fond mem- ories, but never changing them. We 7 edication Truly this is our year to remember. To have been chosen to host the 1961 National Convention of Student Councils brings an honor and a privilege to Oklahoma, Oklahoma City high schools, and Northwest Classenls Student Council that comes but once each 50 years. In appreciation of the goals achieved and the high standards of leadership demonstrated by our student council, the Round Table staff dedicates the 1961 edi- tion to this energetic organization. This elected body, under the dynamic direction of Miss Kathleen Owen, in six, short, action-packed years has conceived and brought to successful fruition many proj- ects that set Northwest Classen apart and above being just another school. Student government, as represented by Student Coun- cils, means that each student has a voice in directing what goes on in his school. This is democracy in action. In Knightland elections are taken seriously. Every ef- fort is made to select competent student leaders to create new customs, carry on established ideals and traditions, and assume responsibilities inherent to Knightland. Great inspiration has been imparted by the prospect of being host to student leaders from throughout the land. Everyone in Knightland has tried to do just a little better than his best in preparing for the 25th an- nual NASC conclave. Leaders from other Oklahoma City high schools shared in planning the conference and filling committee positions. The entire community en- tered into the excitement attendant to this momentous occasion. New impressions of Oklahoma were carried away by some 800 delegates from distant places. lt's our fondest desire that one of these will be a lasting memory of the friendliness of Oklaholnans, and NW Classen. Three Oklulmma high school youths wield df:- cision-making gavcls, Larry Stearns, President NASCQ David Ncmccek, Capitol Hill High School, P1'eSideut SASCQ Dave Landholt, Hnldvuvillc High School, llrcsideut Oklahoma Associatimi. ' LARRY STEARNS Student President MAY I SAY: Early in the year students made the decision to foster and promote Honor in their daily lives at Northwest Classen. Our Honor Systemis vast benefits to each of us became a meaningful reality as the months passed. Our interest in community programs, extracurricular activities, and the athletic program brought pride and friendliness to our school. When we leave Northwest Classen we will hold many memories. Perhaps the fondest is that of achievement. The 25th Annual Conference of National Association of Student Councils, during June, 1961, will be a lasting tribute to the stalwart ideals of Northwest Classen and Oklahoma. We will go in many directions to pursue our indi- vidual destinies inspired by the examples of a student body earnestly striving for a finer future. It has been the devoted efforts of each of you that has made 1961 truly "OUR YEAR TO REMEMBER? When and wherever we may meet again, I shall know you by your smile. God bless you. Respectfully, Student-body president 9 Views That Stir Memories ln geometric precision, rectangles catch lights and shadows the home-making area. The iron lace bannister lends in and hlend the tones of green and buff on the balcony ahove teresting patterns when sunlight fills the area. and Lie Listening f va, , 1 V, '- fl ' Qi? . 4 f 3, f,ff. WU ..c tigfif ii In sharp relief against the blue, the tall white chinmey of the heating plant dominates the skyline. IO T e Summer Seen Simmers Silentl .. ' ' . tt I - f-,, 5 -f H f s g ,, t V V . w ' x ' imp 4' -111 f ': s, m, - ' f 1 , f Q 'ff - if' f Y ' tif' A ' ' .l?1f,w:"t-iimfill-7g.t.f2 In memory of Jackie Wright, inspiration for the Million-Penny Can- cer Researcll Fund, this plaque highlights our Memorial patio. A Shielded from street traffic on all sides, this section of the lJu1ld1ng houses the language laboratory, journalism, speech, music, business and math departments. Awaitin Life and Laughter Behind the symmetry of this dapper front lies the physical education plant, All students participate in sonic form of physical fitnt-ss, gym, llj'glt'l1t', or sports. It lPl'UXlflt'N smiling for 2000, and is thc scene of pep rallies, liaskethall galnes, and grutltlation. Patio Plantin s Show Fine Growth gg 1 ww , ,. , , , , ,a52zisvr.wNzi'w1' ' , . V - , ' w -1 x - . ' ' ' ..i. i - - - fixiesmezgieigsxwage,-"vf,s: tugs gf K its .ms 11. Late afternoon shadows creep slowly across the patio, stirring students to linger longer on the trek between classes. Crossing the patio provides a popular short EW? cut. The new fountain contributes to the growing beauty of the space. It splashes in tuneful rhythmic languor that sprinkles stardust on the air. Here Nothing Stands Still Northwest Classen faces Southwest with the rnaln entrance accented by a pylon of red synthetic granite, prominently displaying a clock. Strong, square spaces make a striking the wall of the shop building blending I2 pattern between the shadows paralleling i i .ig 1. , 4 :,, I .-N f' ' -9:4 1 Q'lXX.T3sx fssegms X' 51.-W: SY-FN -c- V16 -1 ,. r-113. .1 sg. , 1 M :N-. ,-15-vrix, ss 56 Y 1 ' hrs'-H v1 ' X i421f3"'9gf.'fi0b' Qw if I-rr ,1-t1 1.fd'' 9'Qf:,J'-'7"1'1"? :FG-H gf..1-l1.1'J,'-'1r14s'.-'iw ' 4 Uh 6,3 1 , '5-"," N Sf . qv li? 3' 'FSM UWC: f ' 99:1 "1'5'Q?S'Y N 1 1. .11 1.1. .N . z'W,w'gQQ.-'V1 'Jag-' N 1 Stwfilffi " I 1 11,4a'11y1,y1 ': , V, by falsify? 4's1,j1 at .Wi ' '1 '1" .11 .,,.,g,1 1 1 ,1-11,-si'-I1-111 iw? VW 53- 4 1 p,.,11'1v1f1-4.152 it 1 e1 .1 .15 ,1l lo. , O'1 '1f111114i5ft1'of311.1 A 7' 111 1! -1-J 1 -1g-1 was ,, I ni ,y,,. . 1 151 f'1i9f'.'.. 1 ,W ,W 51 -111 1 1 gtgfaw f ll xf. I, -', 1 ff 1 11' 1 1 ,V , .f ,ff ff v1 I ff uf 1 ! sr 1 ,QW " ' f X I' ff .7 ff ,ff f WI. 'lf' 1 1 Q! X, , ff! X , ff 'ffffw 11 fi I iff' if if 1,7 I ! 0 , 1' 1l.,'1" 1 1' ! ' fl 1 1 ,1 ,f X1 ' 1 1 K I! 1 f ' 1111' f 1' 1 X wp, 1 I1 v'1 1' 1 Z 1' 1 l 1 1. ,1 11? "J ' 1 1 11' L" ' 1 1 11 1 1111 1 1 , 111,1 1 f' .11 11 1, 1 1 111 "1 f ,Al f '.'1 ,'1' 1 1, 1 1, ,121!f 1 K ff ! 1f"1 11,11 1'11 ' ,1 fy 1 ,111 1,11 1 M61 114 1' 1 1 111 , 1 1 , 111 x1 1 M147 1' ff W ff 1,,1, ,11 , I., M1511 ,1 f, 1 11111 . 11,11 ,V V ,f,1' X I fi 113 f! M111 jflf V yy! 1 ' l 111, y!!!71,'!f 1 .19 W7 .ff wit .1 I x w111t1'3f 1 ' 1 1 1 U1 'ffif fi - 10 yy 1 71 t ffgifffl "T !t4f'f1+1 11 '11 Q 440.17-j.'l fall! ,7. V1 X. M9111 111.1 1, ' 14511 Ll 1,0 A 1 1,7 ,1 ,fl A f 9211-if lz5'4.' V1 f 771517 f 11 yrtiifll f1 vi W! v 1 ' ,1'1' -' tm' 1f H 1111 11 f , 'lj 1177 X111, Y.1,1- 101 if f 1 I. ' 1 7714! WF 4. 1. 111 11 1 1 111 V1 1'! I1 ' 1 l V17 1,7 . If I ,H 1, Ui V X! u , 1'i,1'lif X 6,11 1 k!f11f,g M1 gf. ! ff,1fl 'Y T if "1 .'f4,If'1'k A '11 X Tr 11" Yi 'l1 'WQEAIZR 14' rl f "uf 1111, o- '111 1'1' 14 L - f ' 4?'."1.,i xfjmfx - aftwdv fig 4111 .V A711 1,1 oreword ALMA MATER, theme of the 1961 Round Table, was chosen as Knightland's most lasting recollection. Though we travel far apart we shall always hold dear the moment at the conclusion of home games when our hundreds of voices blended in singing Alma Mater. Your staff members have worked earnestly to pro- duce a comprehensive record of the 1960-61 school year-"Our year to remember!', Every year sees out- standing achievements, but we feel this year in which we hosted youth leaders from far and near in the twenty-fifth NASC conference brought new experiences in confidence. A production the size of the 1961 Round Table, which is the largest yearbook we have had, represents some eighteen months of dedicated work and planning with you in mind. Many of the staff members have contributed their fourth year to the endeavor. This devotion represents a sacrifice for them since this work must be done without credit toward graduation after two years of journalism. But many events that have influenced our lives dur- ing this year would fade from memory but for being perpetuated in the pages of the Round Table. It is our purpose to help you remember events that made this, -"Our year to rememberfv I3 dministration 9 , ff ni - mx V xl., -L I K I f 7, I L 1 'gf 2 W1 f 5 V7 'w.,Wm,-fi Us 'fs V ., NIH. ,I. l"HgXNK XIALONIL. Prinvipul xwnr'll1w-st fllassvll High 51-lmml I4 Mr. Otto F. Thompson, Ward Two, President, Board of Education Mr. Phil C. Bennett, Dr. Melvin W. Barnes, Superintendent Member-at-Large, Vice-president Oklahoma City Public Schools Mrs. Warren F. Welch, Mr. William F. Lott, Mr. Luke F. Skaggs, Jr Ward One, Member Ward Three, Member Ward Four, Member taff OPENING 'FION - Nancy Culbert, Editor FAcULTY-cURRIcULUlvI - Verna Auer, Editor. Felice Abramson, Susan Gilmore MUSIC - Ann Smith, Editor SPORTS - Nancy Culbert, Sylvia Hall, Ediieie. Sne Lyn Bumpas, Penn Volz ORGANIZATIONS - Winn Kelinen, Editor. Indy Ellis PEP CLUBS - Tom Knott, Editor. Patsy Loeffler, K eien Slack FEATURES - Vicky Meek, Editor. Nancy Ellsworth, Judy Hester, Ann Hneleeliey CLASSES - KNIGHTS - Linda Kimberlin, Peggy Spivey SQUIRES - Jemme Lynne Olson, Jackie Tillman HERALDS - Sally Brady, Janet Sieber PAGES - Linda Anderson, Jo Ann Johnson, Barbara Wilkison ART - John Garrison, Rex Kennard, Editors. Mrs. Nevva Sartin, Publications director Mr. Alvin Bryan, Business manager Miss Elizabeth Urmston, Art director .n, 5:3 yr - K' J V I, S AQ QQAIHR I SV ,V -I .gli i,4a.f-45 K v X X fy :41 . gel.. V ,Ve K. g ,K 5 XX-in X. .- S-inf. figftf rye.: -P i S F5 :fig r . Q A 1' lv? 5 ' p- kb A '25iai'??5f ff ff T0 fo, ff icf 14- eLi'2f-'-ale W ff 'fe 'ff 'ff ff, ff, ff, ff 'I' iff' ffl f ld' fl ffl ffr ffl ff ffl E is ""' I f'f f' ff oe I .. .e 'ff ff I ontents OPENING DEAR NORTHWEST CLASSEN Faculty-Curriculum BRAVE AND BOLD Sports WE WILL ALWAYS SING OUR PRAISES Organizations TO THE PURPLE AND THE GOLD Pep Clubs OUR LOVE WILL BE YOUR GLORY YOUR HONOR WILL BE OUR GOAL Features ARS GO SWIFTLY BY US THOUGH THE YE WE TRAVEL FAR APART Classes AND UD KNIGHTHOOD THE EMBLEM OF PRO WILL NEVER LEAVE OUR HEART ACKNOWLEDGMENTS INDEX :' .' -V.- 111 'uv 5 .1 ffl-1.. , J 3 Azz A ii If 5-Q A., XTX ,. -' -' r .3- i.'2- , 1:-..".Q PAGES 1.17 ml 18-55 56.35 86-113 f 114.129 130-155 afi- 156-232 233 'L- S174 232 A 1 234-240 :5,, , Us hz. ,, ,H . Q '-'Q . Eff pan X' . R 1-'hi -1165 iS.1if1f 'iffp ' ' A? :ff 4 'zxffe CX I ""'6' T-. 2' N q97'f". 'ft 7. A -Meir -' ' A f' X 1 , 4 'Y his 'X f""f' fl.: V F41 5 '- V", Xf! 42" f"vi'f 'S '- ' -'fr bf Mq F ,Rv 1' . 'i 'f'YI ""1'-Q 9 - C f,. . "- " '1x1 5' f'qD"' 1 - ' I +, F - ds lb- -. 141 1' H In "1 If I ' .- Z. ,,1"r . , vi'-. 1 4 JIV1I,f fri I 4 I , ld 'gi hi F less f A, "if f' fa .R T9 ,V A R653 , W f X 1 K 1 1 if iqhx . AY' 1' J ll 1 , X, 1 "hes 4 . -1 I 1 Aff K 1 gl , 1' " ,A "' 13, v 'u' VA TS: V . kv-4. A f X sk X f". ' f' 1' ' A A - x - A ' I K wc' ixlfx 1 "sph f ' r ' '-X 'L P .4 .. 0 ' , '- A 1 ' H ' y 3 V KN ' ' -fjgv , " 1:" -"""""' .' I 1 , S . If f f f 'I 1 1 .1 . M au xw .f15,,Q3 Q L ' ," ' ' . --5 . ,1 X 1 Q 4 q 1 , , ,, 1 I ---fi -' ' ' QQ f 1 X 1 7 ,gif af- " H' 51- J - I v A .rp 'f 1 - 1 ,i 1, f, f,, 11,1 ' 1. . , in fix- , LL, 1,141 I ky f gx 154, A ,ff 513251: .,g:, kg, 1 A 'A YL 11 'rf I ff- . - + 1 1 x f 11.11. Ja f -2 ar " f ' 'I ' I 4 U If J 1 f 2 5 If I A D' fff f1 Q fff, it :L his ff fff . , I, 5 ga - I , 1 75 G -.-,u,,, tl . ,1 1 f A-. 1 .Url ' sv .ff 'ff I Aff 'ff I ' 1 ff' fr QL. 111.5-,ifr.1-1 - ff I 11 1 1 "'- K 1 Nl 19' va' :F-14-f'i4'ha gg.: -,Q 1 -5 . . ta - C 1 Q gn ' ' ggfz- " ,i14Q1 x Q Q ' I pi l . X ' C I I7 LLSUF' ".""2n 'Nm aculty - Curriculum By lnterpretlnff the past, explaining the present, shaping the future faculty and curriculum play an important part in the formation of students' perspective of the World. ...,..,,,,,A H Q-...,, W .- uf e, i ' 'M' N ' it if iiii 5' Q 'E" ' . . ' it me i i .af .. QUALITY EDUCATION-Northwest Classen has received recognition state wide and nationally for its program of quality education. Parent-Teacher-Student Association chose "Quality Education" as this year's theme. ln:-..M.,pui 'WF Dear orthwest Classen, . . . 2 inf x i vf,,Q, .Wm Recognition of our favully is shown hy tllc PTSA sponsored faculty appreciation dinner MR. C. OLEN LABOR, ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL GREETINGS, KNIGHTS AND LADIES: I am privileged to have this opportunity to greet you and wish you success in all your endeavors. Even though I have been associated with you for a short period of time, I feel as if I have known you much longer. From the very first day of school I observed and sensed the friendly attitude that prevails here at Northwest Classen High School. This is truly an out- standing attribute of our students. Sincerity, combined with friendliness, is what dis- tinguishes our students from others. You approach every task with poise, dignity and sincerity. You are engaged in the finest educational activities of any school anywhere and it is the result of your willing- ness to work together and with teachers in selecting and completing worthwhile objectives. When I refer to 0 V f -A t?aLofJ alma... LZ, 4954616 CLQKLEC' - f ff? Z6 49 dQcfArwZ7'!a4,-44,4 fCMf,,4,44Q,,Lh1,, , t- f4,7f. KODAK " ef 9453422164 ,,Jc44.aL5. f gL3lc.ZJZ,C, s-V' 12,1 "4.L,4LZ , L14 61,0 I, 64 , If g I . . -- " Mama! I M1241 701 ef fe.--mms tdfagf XQZQQ f 5 Jdzfecwaf' 62,5 ,174a4,4,4,, QCA. ' hal 4556 413 ,LL gate -' 4-64-fi Zgeyececff-JCZCL 'gf -- , liao? N Q .,43f educational activities I include all phases of our school program, including the academic areas, extracurric- ular activities, and sports. I am confident that our success individually and as a school is enhanced by the fact that we have a purpose or worthy goal. Outstanding recognition does not merely happen, instead, it comes to those who plan with a purpose, value high ideals and appreci- ate the finer aspects of our society. Our school pro- gram is streamlined to meet the needs of today's stu- dents. It is rich in learning opportunities, leadership outlets and the privilege of practicing good citizenship. Whatever your life goals may be you will find ample means for development. Q. Alla-'J C. OLEN LABOR all QXLLLM cd - gy f af JLLIJCJZ -JAZLLQ-J lace, 4251442 if CD4 07, 'cf- bi data. 1 . s 4 Q SAW Our competent counseling staff is composed of Mr. Frank James, Mr. Duane Weinert, Nliss Retha Wavc Hulet. and Mr. ,lim Johnson. Vigilance and Devotion Truly Characterize Our Counselors Adequate guidance counseling is essential to a program of quality education. Understanding each individual as an indi- vidual is difficult in todav's complex world. Tests aid in plac- ing students is here they will achieve to fullest capacity emotion- ally, academically. and socially. Tests are also given upon re- quest of students. parents. or teachers to help individuals make proper adjustments. Counselors help plan schedules to enahle graduates to go to college successfully. or enter thc profession of their choice with confidence in success. Miss Berniece Wester, .lunior Counselor, new to Knights and Ladies this year. came to us from Central High School which has been her home for lT years. Five of those li' years Nliss Wester was a counselor, the other 12 years were spent in the physical education department. Mrs. Nancy Treichler, Secretary to Mr. Labor Mrs. Lauretta Stauffer, Secretary to Mr. Malone Courtesy, Friendliness Encouraged by Office Staff Help Newcomers Maintaining a file on the three Ais--Accomplishments, Apti- Mrs. Delma Harris, Attendance Secretary tudes, and Attitudes of each Knightlander, compiled since the time he was in elementary school, demands careful checking. This information, available for colleges students plan to attend or to prospective employ ers upon request, is kept up to date by a staff of dedicated secretaries. A copy of each SlL1ClCI1t,S program is on file so that he can lie located, if necessary, at any time during the day. A weekly bulletin is compiled to inform students and teachers of the program for the following Week. Checking daily attendance and disciplinary cases is vital to a well conducted daily program. Mrs. Mary Hankcy, Registrar '2 5 , 3 K , iii? fig , ,s iv f X V H fi "ag if p A61 if - 1 G"i ' ' " -- , if' - Xl A ,,, '5 -4. -' ,fx ,f Qi if' 3' E A fl . ,E S 1 XNJUV I 7 ' Mrs. Doris Taylor, Financial Secretary ,ls 22 Activities Abbreviate the Day Miss Kathleen Owen, Director of Activities, co-ordinates all extracurricular events to make a smooth-running social program. Last summer at the National Association of Student Councils Convention, Miss Owen had the honor of being selected 'cMiss Student Council, USA." Social activities have been de- signed to impart to Knights and Ladies a certain amount of poise and self-assurance which will he invaluable in dealing with other persons as they meet life. Owen MISS KATHLEEN B. OWEN: Director of Activitiesg member, Pilot Club, Student Activities, Public Relations, Publicity, Honor Study Hall, Fund Rais- ing, Assembly committeesg spon- sor, Student Council, Pep Coun- eil. Miss Owen attended the '60 NASC Conference at Janesville, Wis., State Student Council workshop at Stillwater, Okla., Nat'l. Leadership Conference at Estes Park, Colo.. last summer. "Knights Korner" or '5Miss Owen's little corner of NWC" is a popular place for Knights and Ladies to congregate. Brenda Walker and Linda Catewood seem to have stopped Miss Owen to show and remind her of that very special date, JUNE 18, 1961. Meeting with Mr. Gerald M. Van Pool, foremost authority on student activities for student councils, are members of the PTSA. Mr. Van Pool was guest speaker at a meeting to plan the National Association of Student Councils Convention, June 18-22, 1961, at Northwest Classen. Those who keep Knightland a clean and safe place in which to learn are Raymond Mayfield, James Keith, Harvey Craw ford, llermley Simms, Roscoe Beaird, Landon Smith, front rowg Sam Teague, Ivan Beeson, Ruth Riggle, S. C. Philpot, r Herman Phillips, Roy Bland. y V , rn s A 2, Ag K 1 'rf hr is Keeping four blocks of corridors clean and Warm and 2000 kids well fed is the goal and duty of the custodians and cafeteria staff. Under the direction of Mrs. Katherine Price, supervisor of cafeteria, the staff prepares a variety of menu selections serx ed during the five lunch peri- ods each day. Sixteen floormen. under the supervision of Mr. Ivan Beeson and his assistant, llr. Sam Teague, clean and maintain the school in Working condition all through the year. The campus is kept up through the summer months and linightlanders are proud of their well-kept campus when visitors come. Cobweb Chasers and Culinary Creators, Unsung Guardians ,fir C1 its 1 fl C, X N fl X -3 lt. -fu. f One thing that's nice about eating at school- the dishes are done afterwards! Keeping the kitchen spotless is a demanding task, which, nevertheless, is done very well. Mrs, Katherine Price, cafeteria manager, plans and prepares weekly menus, orders supplies, and sees that all things Mfood-wisell run smoothly. Besides the privilege of going to a school that's kept spie and span, Knight- lunders ure also wt-ll lt-tl. latin-iiti Ynss. ,lt-ssie llnrsl. Wliilia Austin, ,luliu Wallace, Amy Kirkland, Zelia lnwt-, Vera Cowan, Anna Seheck, Matilda Tilly, lda Sebettk, lflizalieth llutlcr, Nettie Young are Nlrs. Pricels able as- sistants, The modern kitchen expedites tasks. COIllll'l' Doussett SHl"lQ0Y MRS, CORTEZ COPHER: Member, Teachers Courtesy Club, OAHPER, Safety, Activity committees, sponsor, Court ,lestersg Girls' HON Club. Summer activities included trip through the Yllcst. MISS MARGARET DOUSSETT: Member, OAHPER, NAHPERg sponsor, Court ,lestersg Girls' HO" Club. Summer activities in- cluded working as senior recreation leader at McKinley Park. NIR. CXRROLL SKIFISER: Nloniln-r. OAHPFR, NAHPFR: Mr. Smelser continued working all through the summer. Physical Education Offers a Break in the Day Every hour of any day anyone who happens down cor- ridors C and D can hear sounds of cracking bones, strain- ing muscles and banging bodies of future athletes. Be- cause of the fast pace of present day living: and the em- phasis on academic work. students become bogged-down and find it difficult to make time for physical exercise. Quality Education extends beyond academic achieve- ment to physical fitness. The physical education de- partment offers the following courses: a regular activity program for boys and girls, beginning sports, and ad- vanced sports. modern dance. tumbling. and hygiene. ln- tramurals are also very popular among Knights and Ladies. lloys' athletic- program includes baseball. basket- ball, cross country, football. golf, swimming, tennis, track and wrestling. Advanced program for femmes is divided into two classes. individual sports and team sports. Coach Don Van Pool seems to say, "live been teaching these boys better than l thought l had-that TO foot shot wasn't bad, Sonnyf, ...,.... S .....-.... ,- ... "' ... as- .f . fe Q -- Q., Last summer the latest craze was the trampoline center. NWCls Phys- ical Fducation Department has its own trampoline center. Pictured on the trampoline are Florrie Hollo- way and Sue Thomas. Contemplating past and future games and activities is Knightlandk eoulnn stxlf N11 Duid Holxe lPI1Ill N11 Carroll Qmsl ser, athletics directorg Mr. Jerry Haynes, footllallg Mr. Rex lrwin. football ind trlclx N11 Don Vanpool lui lutlaall NI lcon ard Marcotte, wrestlingg Mr. Clayton Davis, haseliallg and Mr. Paul Crowe swimming Coaches, Nurse Combine Efforts Whether itas a skinned knee, measles, mumps, a math test, spring fever, or need of smelling salts after deadlines or rehearsals, Mrs. Nola Moore is always on hand. Tak- ing care of the sick and injured is not all she does. Other duties include supervising dental inspections for all ninth graders and helping owners locate lost items. Being a coach is not an eight hour-a-day proposition hut extends into many after-school hours and through all seasons. Patience, understanding, and perseverance char- acterize Northwest Classen's mentors. No athlete is en- trusted to judge his own degree of physical fitness. Any evidence of less than tip top health is reported to the nurse. Players must have health clearance. Paper work is only part of Mrs. Nola Moore's duties as school nurse, member of Safety. Lockers. and Student Welfare Commit- tees, and sponsor of Junior Medios Club. Buying a farm in Ar- kansas was among her activities last summer. N riff 3- y i 1 ,1.,' Wg. ' "": Ellis ' .,"z Robertson i . tt. QV' A L' D Q S Shepard Byars Davis Haynes Peale Rippee Van Pool Walker Wallace MISS GLADYS SHEPARD: Sponsor, Senior class. Miss Shepard attended summer school at Colorado State college, Greeley, NEA conference in St. Louis this fall. MISS OPHELIA BYARS: Member, AAUW, Delta Kappa Gamma, NCSS, Womens Dinner Club, sponsor, Coronets, Pep council. Summer activities included a tour of South America. MR. CLAY DAVIS: Sponsor, Boys' "O" club, Junior class. Mr. Davis spent his summer work- ing on the YMCA Baseball Program. MR. STEPHEN ELLIS: Member, OCSS, Calen- dar Activities committee, sponsor, Falcons. Summer activities, workshop, Central State College. MR. JERRY HAYNES: Member, Parking, Stu- dent Welfare committees: sponsor, Boys' NO" club. MRS. DOROTHY PEALE: Member, Audio- Visual committee, sponsor, Y-Teens. MISS .IEANNE RIPPEE: Member, Social com- mittee, sponsor, YTK, Y-Teens, Sophomore class. MRS. PAT ROBERTSON: Member, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta, Delta Phi Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, Mortar Board, sponsor, Coronets, Stu- dent council. MR. DON VAN POOL: Member, Okla. State Coaches Assn., Professional committee, sponsor, Boys' HO" Club. Mr. Van Pool taught summer school at Central High School last summer. MRS. PAULINE WALKER: Member, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Lambda Theta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Library, Honor study halls committees, sponsor, Junior class. MR. CALEN WALLACE: Member, NCSS, Fac- ulty, Planning, Guidance and Counseling com- mittees, sponsor, Falcons. Summer activities, graduate work at Central State College. Perspective Formed by Study of Past Aim of the Social Studies department is to help students adjust to political, social, and economic conditions they will meet in a democracy. By looking back into the past, students gain appreciation and understanding of their heritage which will help them to become useful citizens of tomorrow. Courses offer an understanding of todayis events and en- courage an attitude of responsibility in supporting A m e r i c a n institutions. Courses offered: Oklahoma history, civics, World and American history, world and social problems, psychology. Jane Lawson and Malcolm Haney look through Oklahoma scrapbooks prepared as class projects by Miss Lucile Taylor's Okla- homa history class of l957 and 1958 and pre- sented to the Oklahoma room of the library. BBBg Librarians Solve Problem i'Bring back Books" was the slogan used by librarians when they launched the pro- gram to try to recover some 600 books which were missing from shelves at the be- ginning of school last fall. The plan did not bring in all books but did add some donations and lost books to our shelves. Some 139114 new books were added this summer. When Knights and Ladies re- turned to school last fall such new books as the best selling t'Hawaii" and uAdvise and Consentw were on the shelves. Such reference books as the 54 volume set of "Great Books of the Western Worldf' 6'Van Nostrand Chemistry Dictionaryf, Life Magazineas 4'World's Great Religions," "Britannica World Language Dictionary," and 'lSmithsonian Treasury of Science" were added to the shelves. Facilities of the library and services of the librarians are always available to students. Those on the library staff are ready to assist in any way they can-a student has only to ask for help. Resources of the library include more than 15,000 books of all kinds and subscriptions to more than 65 magazines. Doughty Gay MRS. ALMA G. DOUGHTY: Librar- iang Member, Delta Kappa Gamma, Library, Great Books, Student Council Committeesg Sponsor, Library Club. MRS. ETHEL GAY: Associate Librar- iang member, Okla. City Librarians, PEO, Great Books, Library Commit- teesg sponsor, OSLA, Library club. Keeping new magazines out on the rack and old ones on file is quite a task Here Donna Thomas and Margaret Duncan file old issues for future reference Magazines are kept on file from three to five years Memorial Room Holds Treasures Summer activities, trip through the City library may have its Charles France room, University of Oklahoma may have southern states and the Bahamas. its DeGolyer collection, but Northwest Classen has its Anton H and Ella D Classen memorial room. Here Mrs. Alma Doughty and Mrs Ethel Gay look over the "Portrait Book of Presidents" in the memorial room Steve Enders, NWC Senior, will vie for a first place prize of S6500 offered by the Oklahoma Bankers Association. His 300 word essay on "Why I'm Proud to Be an Oklahomann was chosen by the English department as NWC's entry in the contest. State judging will be handled by the School of Jour- nalism of the University of Oklahoma. Steve gained encouragement and aid from Mrs. Hazel Livingston. Bourke Burton Gibson Livingston O k Oh t 'Theme Approach' Keynotes City 3 mar High School English Departments MISS HELEN BOURKE: Member, Scholarship and Awards committeeg Sponsor, Ir. Red Cross. MRS. MIRIAM BURTON: Member, OES, Delta Delta, OCTE, Kappa Kappa Iota. Professional, Great Books committees. MR. GORDON ERIKSEN: Member, Student Council, Planning, Arts and Decorations committeesg sponsor, Falcons. MISS KATHERINE GIBSON: Member, Scholarship and Awards, National Honor Society committeesg sponsor, National Honor Society. Miss Gibson traveled through eastern United States last summer. MRS. HAZEL LIVINGSTON: Member, Delta Kappa Gamma, NCTE. Last summer Mrs. Livingston attended a Newspaper workshop at University of lowa. MRS. MADGE MILLS: Member, Student Council, Library com- mittees, sponsor, YTK, National Honor Society. MRS. OLA MAE OAKES: Member, Activities, Student Council committeesg sponsor, Courtesy Club, junior class. MR. SIDNEY OHMART: Member, NCTE, OCTE, National Honor Society committee, sponsor, Lancers. Summer activities included graduate work at Central State College. Eriksen Mills MRS. MABEL PARK: Member, AAUW, Womens Dinner Club, Reviewers Coterie Book Club, Scholarship and Awards committee. Summer activities included a trip to the 6'Smokies." MISS LINDA SKIDMORE: Member, Mortar Board, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, OCTEQ sponsor, Coronets, freshman class. Miss Skidmore was playground director for Okla. City Park Department last summer. MISS DORIS TAYLOR: Member, Delta Kappa Gamma, Phi Mu, Study Clubg sponsor, Coronets, senior class. Summer activi- ties included a trip to the Grand Canyon. MRS. GEORGE TEETS: Member, OCTE, Professional commit- teeg sponsor, junior class. MRS. RUTH WARRAM: Member, National Honor Society com- mitteeg sponsor, JCL, FTA, sophomore class. Last summer Mrs. Warram traveled in California and Oregon. MISS ANN WHITEHEAD: Member, PEO, Delta Delta, sponsor, Court Jesters, sophomore class. Miss Whitehead taught at Central High School last summer. Park Skidmore Taylor Teets Warram Whitehead English Cultivates the Mind Convincing students that the skillful use of language is achieved through study and practice and improving their ability to think and communicate is a major concern of the English department. Headed by Miss Katherine Gibson, the English department is NWC's largest. Knights and Ladies cannot escape English-but who would want to with the courses offered at Northwest Classen. Besides "regular" English classes, students are offered business English, creative writing, Great Books and journalism. This year for the first time Northwest Classen equipped four English 'classrooms with an outstanding supply of fiction reading material and teachers are emphasizing the theme approach. This is different in two ways-students have reading material in the classroom, and the experience method is stressed by involving students in more writing. In English, time is given to the study of language mechanics, or grammar, including sentence structure, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary. Literature occupies a great deal of a student's time. When a Knightlander graduates, he has a sound knowledge of authors including Scott, Poe, O'Henry, Dickens, Browning, Shakespeare, Milton, and Eliot. Quality Education and a quality English department aid in establishing a quality curriculum. One of the pleasant after-hours chores that comes to teachers is checking in new books for the department. Miss Gibson, Mr. Ohmart, Mrs. Livingston, Miss Whitehead, and Mr. Eriksen are all smiles as they add volumes to the English department library. 3l 32 Q" 414 'ASarge" calls the plays in the auxiliary class as students listen intently. New ideas and understanding enlarges their outlook as future journalists. Shirley Riley, Lynda Baumgarner, Ann Huckabay, John Garrison, and Chris Cabell, news writers, study the head schedule before writing headlines for their stories. If heads don't count, heads roll. ., Creg Eslinger watches sports editor, Sonny Childers draw up his page layout. Organization and Creativity Combined Those eager beavers often seen scurrying down the halls, pencil and paper in hand, are probably SHIELD staffers out for last minute stories to fill a hole gaping at them from page one. However, seeing students scan pages of the SHIELD is a re- ward in itself. Memories of those long, tedious hours are never forgot- ten. Journalists must possess a mountain of ambition, a ton of imagination, a keen sense of humor, a love of people, and plenty of stam- ina. Without the SHIELD, North- west Classen would be like a man without a voice. In state, national, and international competition, the Shield has received ten top awards in three years. Interested expressions appear on the faces of Joe Aker and Mike Nichols as they observe Larry Cheever, SHIELD cartoonist, at work. Jeanette Reeves, news editor, Kathy Norris, assistant news editor: Sue Mussal- lam, features editor, study layouts and read exchanges. K-r...,-be Marie Hinshaw, advertising manager, Beverly McQueen, assistant advertis- ing manager, design an ad layout. Steve Peter, Business Manager 'wx 3 .iudi Anderson, Editor ' ' i.f5'1:-Ti-55' R -- ' 1 ,.., ff-,ga- , -iii? .5 . .5,: , Y . ,,,,V s s KP N r s , -"" . - xxh X, A t, , -- L, - . K '13 4- fy l Lan ita Mims, Managing Editor .ad Rummaging through source material for new ideas is at daily exercise. Advanced students dcscrxing service bars are Sylvia Hall 123, Ann Smith 143, Linda Kimberlin 125, Barbara Wilkison 121, Tom Knott 121, and 'Sarge' 1?l, first vice-president in charge of confusion. Some staffers have withstood the hazards of yearbooking for as many as four years. Repeaters are: Vicky Mock 129, Winn Kalmon 127, Nancy Culbert 131, and Verna Auer 141. Consolation is the display of awards that bedeck the walls of the journalism department. Hey, 'Sargef Our Heads Don't Count Mrs. Nevva lone Sartin usargen MRS. NEVVA SARTIN: Mem- ber, AAUW, Wall Street Jour- nal Fellow. OAJD, NSPA, CSPA, Public Relations, Pub- licity, Fund Raising committeesg sponsor, OCIPA, FIA, FTA, Quill and Scroll. Member of Covernor's Committee of One- Hundred on Youth, named one of ten outstanding women of Oklahoma in 1959, by Theta Sigma Phi. Summer activity was school at University of Colorado, on a Wall Street Journal grant. Journalism Brings Words New Meanings 'lDon't put his face in the gutter!" 'cBleed that picturef' "Make sure there are no widows in that copy!" '4l'low many characters in that line?,, When these and similar expressions greet new year- book staffers, they gasp, 'als this journalism?', nn-- , . all - ---9.--8.4 , , t . gs , i fire. - ------ i vc., ,, ...,....,,,,,,,,,,,, J K ,r lit '-H 'il una' lf ,",' 1- ,af , t Q, t s -I ' I ty? -Q , " vi ie' ta "'Wf'::H " ' gf? -1 t r it r I ts sw, u Ji 59- fe Q Af-Qs J 7 K gg., r , N M H , i M. .. r .r 5 'X ,,.. f l p ,Y VVVV gf , -iff ,,,.,.r I.. I MAP ' F . - 1 , , .l""""""""'WsM.o.,.. ,WMM M M A Knightlanders find out what Hworki' really is when they become members of the Round Table staff. The composure on these faces is appropriate to beginners who have never been through the stress and strain of a deadline. Judy Hester, Susan Gilmore, Felice Abramson, Ann Huckabay, Nancy Ellsworth, Pam Volz, .ludy Ellis, and Sue Lyn Bumpas refuse to get excited. Besides a new 'glingof' a new way of life is adapted. No longer do you go home at 3:35 or 4 or 4:30 or even 5 p.m. lt's closer to 5 a.m. Time, trouble, and tears combine to meet deadlines, as staffers draw layouts, write copy, and index endless lists. The Round Table is entered in four competitions each year. In four years it has won eleven first place and highest honor certificates. Annual lnkslinger's ball gives journalists from all schools in the city a chance to compare ideas. Representing NWC as Prince and Princess 'of Print were Rex Kennard and Sylvia Hall. Gathered around the horseshoe to collaborate on ideas are .lackie Tillman, Tom Knott, Linda Kimberlin, Barbara Wilkison, Ann Smith, Peggy Spivey, lemme Lynn Olson, Linda Anderson, Patsy Loeffler, ,lo Ann Johnson, Sylvia Hall, Karen Slack, Sally Brady. 35 Bird Caldwell Greniger Hughes Marcotte Von Tungeln MRS. WILMA BIRD: Member, American Classical League, Scholarship and Awards committeeg sponsor, Cygnets, JCL, National Honor Society. Mrs. Bird taught at Central High School last summer. MR. VIRGIL CALDWELL: Member, Professional, Publicity, committeesg sponsor, German Club, Honor Language. Summer activities included a trip to ten West Coast and Rocky Mountain states. MISS CAROL GRENIGER: Member, Sigma Delta Pi, Social and Courtesy, Planning committeesg sponsor, Cygnets, Band Girls. Last summer Miss Greniger attended Spanish Institute at OU. MR. BILL HUGHES: Member, American Assoc. of Teachers of French, sponsor, Lancers. Mr. Hughes attended Modern Foreign Language lnstitute at University of Colorado this summer. MR. LEONARD MARCOTTE: Member, Alliance Francaise Club, Safety and Health committeeg sponsor, Boys' NO" Club, Honor Language. Summer activities included attending Second Level Government Language lnstitute at Hollins College, Virginia. MISS HENRIETTA VON TUNGELN: Sponsor, National Honor Society, Honor Language, freshman class. Languages Are Passport to People and Places Knights and Ladies realize that an important phase of college preparation is study of one or more foreign languages. Foreign language is not required for grad- uation, but at least two years' work in this field is necessary for admission to many colleges. French, German, Latin and Spanish are included in the curriculum at Northwest Classen. During the first two years students learn basic grammar, vocabu- lary and phonetics. Third and fourth year students read novels and converse in the language. Attention is also given to the country's customs and culture. Seven member language departments, under the direction of Miss Henrietta Von Tungeln, make use of modern equipment such as tape recorders, films, slides and the individual instruction equipment of the language laboratory. Recent advances in transportation and communica- tion have placed a growing importance on the under- standing of other peoples and their languages, and some appreciation of other customs is essential. Examining a display of models made by Latin students to depict life of the Ancient Romans are Margaret Estes, Sondra Flynn, Kenneth Liss and Mrs. Wilma Bird, Latin instructor. MR. R. T. NICHOLS: Member, Communications, Assembly commit- teesg sponsor, Announcers' Club, senior class. Last summer Mr. Nichols attended a Speech Educa- tors, workshop at OU and traveled in Colorado. .:a's During play productions class Henry Sims and Judy Givens present a duet acting skit Theatre Arts Exhibited in Drama Primary objectives of the Speech department are development of poise, voice quality. good diction and other characteristics of a good speaker. Headed by Mr. R. T. Nichols. Speech department offers a variety of courses for students interested in speech. Speaking and writing experience is gained from beginning speech classes. Drama courses give students a knowledge of techniques of the amateur and professional theatre, a background of dramatic literature, and experience in acting and directing. Other courses specialize in debate or back stage work. Painting scenery for the next all-school play are stage crew members Dave Cromwell, Larry Lemon and Randy Lusk. John Perry and Tresa Sullivan use a color frame to check shades of paint. . baL,t.a,,.W ,.., We-r,.,.,.. f,-. t- , . .,,f , -,.itMla.1.-mg-in-1 Sound effects for the play 4'Onr Towni' were taped in advance and run during the performance by John Perry. awww' Performing an experiment in the chemistry lab are Sally Merkle and Vince Moncrief. Unex- pected results were hilarious. First place at the Oklahoma City Science Fair and top honors in the .Iunior Division at the Oklahoma State Fair were among the awards Mike Black won last year. Mike demonstrates his project to Mr. L. E. Crouse. Science Provokes Thought and Investigation Through the use of modern teaching devices and well equipped labs, Northwest Classen's Science de- partment, headed by Mr. James Conger, is producing students who are winning national awards and recog- nition. In biology students develop an understanding of living organisms. Laws and principles that govern the inanimate world are emphasized in physics. Chemistry Conger Crouse Paden Richard Taylor is the study of the composition and properties of sub- stances and the changes they undergo. Students take advantage of facilities outside of school, such as the recently completed planetarium at the Oklahoma City fair grounds. Through new developments, new discoveries and new inventions that make life easier and safer, science has a continuing effect on everyone's life. MR. JIM CONGER: Member, Social and Courtesy committeeg sponsor, Aviation Club. I.ast summer Mr. Conger visited San Francisco and Los Angeles. MR. L. E. CROUSE: Member, Kappa Delta Phi, Chamber of Commerce, ROA, Professional committee. Summer activities included graduate work and a trip to Alabama and Florida. MR. .IOHN M. PADEN: Member, Okla. Academy of Science, NABT, NSTA, OSTA, VFW, Library, National Honor Society, Scholarship and Awards, Planning committeeg sponsor, Science Club. Summer activities included work in laboratory. MRS. BETTY RICHARD: Member, Audio-Visual, Honor Study Hall committees, sponsor, Science Club. Mrs. Richard studied at National Science Foundation Summer Institute last summer. MISS LUCILE TAYLOR: Member, Delta Kappa Gamma, Kappa Delta Pi, NSTA, National Honor Society, Guidance and Coun- seling committees. Last summer Miss Taylor completed a source book for biology teachers. MRS, GERALDINE BUZBEE: Member, Delta Kappa Gamma, Honor Study Hall committee: sponsor, National Honor Society, Honor Math. Last summer Mrs. Buzbee traveled to southern Texas. MRS. ALICE CHESHER: Member, Student Activities commit- tee: sponsor, Honor Math. Summer activities included a trip to Miami Beach. MR. PAUL CROWE: Sponsor Boys' UO" Club. Mr. Crowe attended a workshop on SMSG-tenth grade and traveled to the West Coast last summer. MRS. NELLIE ECTON: Member, Pep Council, sponsor, Honor Math, Coronets. Summer activities included graduate work. MISS BERNIECE GORDON: Member, National Council of Teachers of Math, Scholarship and Awards committee, sponsor, Honor Math, Courtesy Club, senior class. MRS. CLOVIA HARRISON: Sponsor, Honor Math, sophomore class. MR. REX IRWIN: Member, Athletic committeeg sponsor, Boys' MO" Club, senior class. MR. RODNEY ST. DIZIER: Member, Communications, Locker committees: sponsor, Radio Club, Chess Club, Aviation Club, Iggnor Math. Last summer Mr. St. Dizier traveled to the East ast. MISS MARGARET THOMPSON: Member, Scholarship and Awards committee: sponsor, Honor Math, junior class. MR. PHILLIP THURSTON: Sponsor, Honor Math, sophomore class. Summer activities included graduate work at OU. MISS MARY WEDDING: Member, Scholarship and Awards, Pro- fessional committeesg sponsor, Honor Math. Last summer Miss Wedding visited eleven European countries. MRS. HELEN WILLINGHAM: Member, Pep Council, Guidance and Counseling, Student Council committees, sponsor, Honor Math, Cygnets, freshman class. Math Provokes Slide rule, template, compass, ruler, protractor, and a good reliable eraser near at hand, -these are the mathe- maticians' fundamental tools. NWC,s Math department, headed by Mr. Rodney St. Dizier, is continuing to work closely with the National Science Foundation in revising course content. This year all ninth graders are required to take algebra. Realizing that students, abilities vary, course work in algebra is planned to suit the needs of individual groups. Interested students usually continue with plane geometry, second year algebra, trigonometry, solid geometry and math analysis. Tenth and eleventh grade math have been available the last two years. Tenth grade math combines plane and solid geometry and eleventh grade math is second year algebra and trigonometry. Mathematics is fast becoming a field'in its own right, as well as a supplement to science and engineering. Mathe- maticians are finding an ever increasing number of chal- Ienges as old procedures are replaced. li? Qi Q40 i i An example of one of the 108 positions filled is the dental assistant. Technical training in the specified. fields enables many to find jobs without a college education and yet realize the worth of an education which has made possible the job. Brooks West MR. HORACE C, BROOKS: Diversified Occupations, sponsor, Trade and Industrial club, Key club. MISS BETH WES'l': Distributive Education: member, NADET, Delta Pi Epsilon, Delta Kappa Gamma, profes- sional, sponsor committeesg sponsor, DECA. Miss West attended conventions and conferences in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Honolulu last summer. Earning While Learning Distributive Education and Diversified Occupa- tions represent that part of a quality education which trains students for the business and commer- cial world. Procedures used in distribution of the world's goods are learned in DE. lnstruction in methods of applying for positions, proper employee attitudes, technique of selling, store organization, advertis- ing, and design is given through classroom study and supervised Work experience. DO gives training in technical and skill posi- tions in trade and industry. A person Wishing training in any one of l08 occupations may receive it in DO. Enrollees spend half of each day on a job in an apprenticeship capacity. The other half is spent in the classroom taking required courses. Positions students in this program currently fill are those of dental assistants, auto-mechanics, florists, cabinet makers, cleaners and dyers, chefs. ln addition to trade skills, students also study economics, health and safety, general principles of income tax prob- lems, public relations. Sherry Gambril practices retail training received in DE as she waits on a customer. MR. ALVIN BRYAN: Business manager, Round Table, member, Audio-visual, Communications, Public relations, Publicity com- mittees. MRS. IVY COPELAND: Member, Scholarship and Awards com- mitteeg sponsor, Career Club, Honor Society, Senior class. MRS. EVELYN FINDLY: Member, Okla. Business Ed. Assn., Okla. City Typing study committee, Planning, Assembly com- mittees, sponsor, Cygnets, Pep Council. Summer activities, TV teaching, trip to Chicago, Michigan, and Indiana. MISS JO ALICE HENDRICKS: Member, UBEA, Delta Pi Ep- silon, Scholarship and awards committee, sponsor, Career club, Band girls. MRS. LUCILLE SPANN: Sponsor, Jr. Red Cross, Career Club. MRS. MAXINE TYLER: Sponsor, Honor Society, Career club. Mrs. Tyler spent the summer in California. Guidance and Opportunity Bryan Copeland Findly Offered Through Business Hendficks SW We To people of other countries, the word America means big busi- ness. NWC provides students with courses designed to prepare them for successful entrance into the world of complex economics. Future secretaries learned principles of clerical practice and acquired knowl- edge of shorthand, typing, and business machines. Bookkeeping emphasized the accounting fundamentals for potential Hfigure menf, Business leaders of tomorrow profited from the practical information obtained in business law. Knights and Ladies making daily trips into these classes encountered alien soundsftapping, clicking, ring- ing-and foreign words, comptometer, debenture, overheadwwhich they will need throughout their business careers. Mastering intricate drills aided students to acquire speed and accuracy, qualities pros- pective employers demand. As training was completed, some appren- tices ventured forth to become leaders in their fields. Others, by going to college, continued to gain knowledge to further develop their ability to give their maximum to the business world. Typing, a popular course among all students is taken for vocational and personal use. Business machines class cre- ates situations that students will actually meet in business employment. wif' 'Q 4I S Ah? 9 at it. MRS. RAMAH MILLER: Member, Nat'l. Home Eco- nomics Assoc., Okla. Home Economics Assoc., AAUW, Kappa Omicron Phi, Scholar- ship and Awards, Cafeteria committees, sponsor, Junior Medios, Nat'l. Honor Society. Imagination and a good eye for color r-omlminations are essential in planning interior decorations. Carrie Abernathy, Linda Rankin, Carol Preble, Beverly Thompson, Ruby Cram, ,lanis Hames, Ann Rasolowski, Bennie ,lo Thompson, Janis Jones, members of the Home Decorations class, study the effects of various colors and patterns. Mrs. Miller lends guidance. x Students in Child Care class observe child behavior through a one-way panel and record observations. "Guests" at a reception held in Advanced Foods class are Mrs. Treasure Delashaw and Carolyn Marshall. Serving punch are Judy Burleson and Nancy Coughlin. Family Life Training Gained in Homemaking Health and happiness of the individual or family are closely related to the problems of adequate food, clothing,'housing, safety, recreation, rest, and social adjustment. Home Economics Department teaches the pupil to choose, prepare, and serve food, to select and make clothingg to plan and furnish an attractive, safe homeg to care for and train children: and to attain satisfactory relationships in a present or future home. Courses offered by the Home Economics Department are sewing, cooking, child care, home nursing, home decorations, and family relations. Season changes are no problem for the girls in sewing class. Cheryl Sonnefeld, aided by Becky Sykes, will soon be stepping- forth in a new spring frock. T l......t,,M t.., -.. , ,,.,, ..,.. ,t.,t.,. . .. Cox Heusel MR. GERALD B. HEUSELQ Mem- ber, Okla. National Cuard Assoc., Phi Delta Kappa, Okla. City Chamber of Commerce, fl-5th lnf. Div. Assoc., Red, Red Rose, Co. Commander HQ Co., 120th Engr. Battalion, Okla. City Gun Club, Natl. Rifle Assoc., Audio'Visual, Cafeteria committeesg sponsor, Lancers, Hi-Y club. MR. JAMES COX: Sponsor, Freshman class, Hi-Y club. Looking over David Novey's and Carl H3fV8y',S project is Tim Zinn. Architectural drawing is essential to anyone planning an engineering career. Ronald Whittacre, Mike Dougall, Kokic Duncan proudly display their finished products. Woodworking is an exacting course. Things must be measured to fit. No guesswork, proper and safe use of hand tools is emphasized in woodwork. Machine tools are available for perfecting intricate models. Skill Is Developed in Industrial Arts Though camera tours are confined to the campus, shutters flutter at unex- pected moments and unsus- pecting mobs. If there are cheese cake tendencies among the crew, they are good at keeping it under 1 cover as none of it reaches light via the "SHIELD" or "ROUND TABLE." Wayne Ford looks for a candid shot while Gary Jacobson and David Zilar make nec- essary adjustments on their camera. Students enrolled in' printing learn some of the skills and operations of the printing trade, and the terminology used in the print shop. The student also learns the needed theory necessary to trade printing. Bill Henthorne and Larry Robinson operate the press. Representative I. D. McCarty exhibits a smile of pride while Bill Williams and . Jerry Williams present to him a new plastic gavel, replacing the one he broke while calling the 28th session of the House of Representatives to order. NIR. DAVID HOKE: Nl:-inbcr. Kappa Sigma, Phi Epsilon Kappa. Safety. Parking committee. Mr. Hoke taught surn- mer school and went to 1960 slow-pitch softball tourna- ment. Toledo, Ohio. gnfffff M,,,,,...- Understanding Frontiers Beyond Text Book Matters Mr. Alvin Bryan, director of Audio- Visual department, is responsible for order- ing, receiving, showing, and returning film for all departments at NWC. Training students to run the projector is also his duty. Here, lVlr. Bryan explains the tech- nique ol threading the projector to ,lack so Nowlin. Proper Training Makes a Safe Campus Drivers Education covers driving laws, cause and prevention of accidents, and proper attitude on the part of the driver toward other users of the high- Ways. Students drive three hours behind the wheel, thirty hours of classroom work, and twelve hours in the Drivo-trainers. and Harvey Sparks are admiring. wins enucnmw .,,.,,----"' ,ff .W Enlarged by Expanding ldentifica-tion of the beginning driver is properly displayed on all Drivers Education cars by the signs like the one ,ludy Eretwcll Hale MR. CHARLES HALE: Member, Social and Courtesy, Professional eommitteesg sponsor, Amateur Radio club. Camera club. amsfaaa 711--'h 1 , K New Equipment Promotes Perfection New equipment sparkled in the electronics department this year. The new Elem--Tronie radio kits are used in leading research and development laboratories. The set provides blank bases with whieh the students may learn techniques of radio engineering. It is possible for each student to build his own radio set. Dick Osborne, Greg Pounds, James Smith work out eomplex problems in Electronics. The most modern equipment is used in the Drivers Education department. Practicing driving on the Drivo-trainers under the direc- tion of Mr. David Hoke, are Linda Graves, Terry Tatum. and Patty Tucker. Fai- 'K' lt may be some time before Daxid Dawkins. Dick Tucker. and Philip Smith go chugging out of tht- gxllitt-IT1CC'llHIlit'S garage. Knights enrolled in Auto-meehuuivs learn that an automobile is not an invention designed for convenience but u triumph of engines-ring and meehanieal skills, contriu-tl of hundreds of parts assembled into a smooth functioning unit. 45 V if Murray 45? Yvorlxing hard on the Christmas stained glass window for the front entrance are art students Georgia SC'll1'4lPdt?l'. llanny Baker, Nina Young, Mike Martin, Ralph Ste:-mls. Jimmie l,ec Kennard, Rex Kennard, .lohn Garrison and Tom Vrooman. MKS. WINNIE MURRAX: Member, Arts and Dec- oration. Classics, Social and Courtesy cornniittecsg Y sponsor, National Art Honor Society. M155 ELIZABETH liliAl5T0N3 Menllwf, Wlf5lf'l'I1 Arts Assoc.. National Art Educa- tion Assoc., Delta Kappa Gamma, Social and Courtesy committee, sponsor, National Art Honor Society. Art Classes Advance Students' Artistic Abilities A program of Quality Education would not he complete without Orville Norton, holding the Christmas card he designed, watches as .lohn Sibley demonstrates to the class the silk screening process which will he used to produce the card. 46 faculty members capable of properly directing and developing artistic talents. Northwest Classenis Art department aims at stimulating natural talents and ahilities to permit students to express themselves creatively. Art to the artist means hours of patient work at a creative endeavor which may he awarded recognition. Art students develop understanding of the past and present in art. A variety of courses ranging from commercial art to stage designing and including fashions, fine arts, ceramics, creative crafts and painting are offered. Skills in figure drawing, silk screening, block printing, magazine cover and industrial designing are developed. Ronnie Cappa and Danny Pogue listen to sculptress Marion Nance as she emphasizes the importance of detail in sculpture. ff! 'ta U-q MRS. BESSIE HENRY, Counselor. 1958-1961 In a program of quality education each school sponsored activity is de- signed to impart to the student certain ideals to aid him in becoming mature. Upon graduation the student is not an adult, although academic skills gained can be applied in the years to follow, in the home, at college, or on the job. Social activities have been designed to develop poise and self-confidence. Sports contribute a feeling of accom- plishment and of belonging to some- thing big. Team loyalty helps the stu- dent find himself. Clubs and service organizations contribute to him a feel- ing for others. Appreciation goes to our administra- tion for spending many hours organiz- ing. courses, conferring with parents, and co-ordinating faculty and students toward a common goal, education. We are devoted to our faculty for en- couragement, ideals, and challenges that dominate the thoughts of our youth, and the unpaid hours they spend in aiding us to understand as well as appreciate our lessons. Throughout our waking hours more time is spent with faculty associates than with our own families. They are among our most important contacts throughout our formative years. With- out them our change from adolescence to adulthood would be difficult. From their inspirations our aspirations are formed and ideals fashioned. Sweepstakes Egff Pl 5 ind Winners! 94. CRYSLURS Row 1: S. Hall, B. Reece, J. Adams, J. Bouras- sa, F. Lorey, C. Denham, J. Childers, Mr. John Platt. Row 2: B. Fstes, C. lee, V. Mcliwin, P. Ehrig, R. Williams, C. Bar- rett, C. Riley, B. Miller. Row 3: J. Taylor, B. Selby, T. Sullivan, R, Homsey, J. Hadaway, D. Koonce, V. Lipe, K. Cassady. Row 4: A. Hall, L. Palmore, A. Smith, C. Truett, D. Langston, L. Weldon, J. Shock, M. Haffner. Row 5: D. Carol Barrett is wondering if Carolyn Farha can ever grow into that robe. Each choir member is robcd at the beginning of the year. Neat appearance is stressed in all the vocal groups. Others are D. C. Riley, Charlotte Denham and Ann Christenson. Robes are purple and gold crepe. Smith, J. Abney, J. Rapp, M. Rapp, T. Vrooman, B. Thoma- son, J. Slaughter, R. Cornell. Row 6: J. Pryor, P. Favor, D. Riley, D. McNeil, D. Cheeves, J. Bowerman. P. Cornell. Row 7: N. Needham, N. Ashmore, K. Favor, D. Hames, F.. Terry, K. Knott, L. Joyce, S. Craig. Row 8: S. Anderson, K. Norris, R. Shelton, E. Just, R. Bonds, L. Poag, P. Hallenbeck, M. Nance. We'll always remember a sunrise breakfast in Lin- coln Park . . . sore muscles and smudgy hands after summer paper drives . . . grueling, after school re- hearsals . . . congratulations after a fine concert . . . parties and after-performance get-togethers . . . Christmas assemblies . . . bringing home trophies from contests . . . the senior banquet . . . our last performance-graduation. These are memories Cryslurs will cherish. Few organizations in Knightland have ties strong as those that bind the Cryslur Concert Choir. A zero hour schedule, just to be a part of a great singing group, de- mands consideration and sacrifice from each member. New uniforms made their first appearance in the an- nual Freshman Orientation Assembly September 1. 1960. uShadrack,, and "Battle Hymn" were performed skillfully in the annual Fall Concert. It was quite an honor to be invited to sing for the Penn Square Shop- ping Center's first Christmas season. Second semester was dominated by contests. Cryslurs received outstanding ratings at the Central State College Contest at Edmond, District Contest at OCU and State Contest at OU. The annual spring banquet in Gaylord Hall. YMCA, honored senior members of the choir. Mr. Platt, director, was presented a gift of appreciation from members for a successful year. Bill Thomason. Richard Bonds. Forrest Lorey and D. C. Riley call themselves HThc 4 Mostf, Their singing specialty is barber- shop harmony. Although they look like loafers they are the most active ensemble in the vocal music department. slr a Q 1., Y Q - CRYSLUR EMBLEM Girls, Sextette: Kathy Favor, Susie Hall, Sharon Craig, Janie Pryor, Virginia Lipe, Jan Adams. Audiences fall prey to Winsome smiles and winning voices when Karen Knott, Ann Smith, Sherilea Anderson, and Phyl- lis Hallenbeck, all seniors, sing. This group knows that hours of practice have made the girls' quartet one of the very best of high school music ensembles. Janie Pryor, Jan Adams, Virginia Lipe, all juniors, make up the girls' trio. They received superior ratings at Edmond Contest, District Contest at OCU, and State Contest at OSU. MDO We sound like that?" These vocalists have learned that recording and listening is the best way to improve. Bass, Forrest Loreyg alto, Karen Knottg soprano, Ann Smith, and tenor, Richard Bonds will enter contests as a mixed quartet. l A Cappella Choir Row 1: A. Christenson, S. Main, V. Rucker, R. McMamee, D. Baker, S. Hall, C. Ice, J. Vaughn. Row 3: E. Terry, B. Way, J. McMahon, D. Riley, O. Woodrow, P. Jones, R. Cornell, S. Davis, M. Winkler, P. Crumpler, L. Long, S. V. McEwin. Row 2: D. Smith, S. Rush, U. Rothenbusch, S. Lowe, Noe, T. Leonard, L. Harris, K. Collins, P. Cornell. Practice, Polish, Perform Knightland's vocalists are much indebted to Kathy Norris, Paula Hudson and Mary Clarkson, accompa- nists. Kathy plays during zero hour for the Cryslurs. Paula accompanies a cappella choir first hour. Mary presides for the second hour Girls' Chorus. MA. Understanding and applying the basic fundamentals of music is the aim of music theory. This includes ear and rhythm dictation, the fundamentals of sound, part writings, harmony, and even the Blower sloboviann scale. Theorists, Mike Schoap, Richard Bonds, Rhoda Shelton, Forrest Lorey, Sylvia Hall, and Judy Cum- mins look deeply absorbed in writing scales such as the harmonic scale. Popularity of the course is shown by an enrollment double that of last year. Mr. .John Platt, instructor, hopes to have a second year theory class. Music majors would greatly benefit. Lyn Ry ' N x R l tktffi 5 t H 2 ' it 9 . f fi 1 J . i g 'X I 1 i I 3 aj K? x 'T t 1 J X 5 X U1 X - MR. JOHN PLATT: Member t S T P V si' if V i Blue Key National Honor Frater- nityg Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Na- tional Music Fraternityg member f Assembly Committee, Sponsor Cry- -. slurs and freshman class. GIRLS' CHORUS Row I: B. Reece, S. Woodward, C. Denham, J. Davis, C. Wood, P. Carter, M. Westfall. Row 2: J. Foster, G. Brady, C. I-lendren, G. Lawrence, N. Need- ham, K. Crumby, C. Johnson. Row 3: J. Taylor, D. Drabeck, E. Coffey, J. Barkett, S. Roederer, J. Mathis, K. Bray. Row 4: S. Davis, B. Montgomery, M. Long, D. Koonce, L. Ponder, S. Frank, J. Rector. Row 5: B. Harbolt, R. McCoy, J. Jenkins, C. Way, T. Smith, S. Green, L. Jasperson. Row 6: S. Bomar, T. Binkley, T. Bernard, C. Oberman, L. Hill, A. Hall, M. Smith. Carols Carry Christmas Cheer Yuletide would not be complete without joyful carolers in the halls of Northwest Classen. Diane Koonce, Judy Barkett, Jean Taylor and Mary Smith were selected from the ninth grade choir to form Knightland's first Freshman Quartet. During this year they strove to im- prove tonal blend, rather than do actual performing. Qu, CONCERT BAND Row I: R. Fagin, B. xlf'NlZ1iI'lS,l,. Cowles. son. N. Kimerer, L. Vernon, NI. Brummitt. R. Howard, S P. Nestlffrodo, M. Crotts, S. Ammerman, C, Meek, B. Pe-ares, Sanders, J. Barnard, J. Smith. Row 3: G. Mills, J. Elliott J, Johnson, L. Wilson, Row 2: M, Van Hook, B. Pitts, D. C. Carlton, L. Pong, J. Lawson, K. Cassady. C. Yan Hooser Bucker. J. Salter, J. Maier, D. Thompson. A. Liles, D. Ander- R. Shirley, B. Brown, J. Armstrong. M. Bloc-sf-. R. Burdick , O Band s Christmas Concert Features PEP BAND Ron' I: M, Schoup, C. Van Hoosur, L. Wfmoclard. Pitts, B. Mt'Mains, S. Sanders, J. flonkin. D, Hicks, C. Carter Row 25 J. Mitchell, J. Hammett, R- Shiflfiy, J. Smith. B. R. Bonds, J. Bourassa. Row 4: D. Ray, J. Johnson, J. Morgan Smith, A. Liles, D. Rucker, L. Vernon. Row 3: L. Wilson, B. J. Troxel, T. Welborn, J. Cockerill, B. Shick, E. Just. Sl '-at W. Kessler, G. Carter, L, Woodard, A. Rohan, D. Hill, A. H. Elledge, A. Just, R. Hefley, S. Batten, R. Styles, J. Miller, Eaker, C. Kosted, D. Hieks, J. Smith, J. Boumssri, Row 45 J. Avant, M. Casey, R. Sehiek. Row 5: J. Sutterlee, R. Pren- M. Schoap, J. Conkin, P. Uuniels, F. Woods, E, Just, D. Day, tice,.J. Hammett, B- Proek, A. Marko, Arthur Johnson. J. Smalley, J. Robinson, J. Cockerill, J. Troxel, J. Morgan, ! QQ 0 . 99 Anderson s Christmas Festival WOOIJWIND ENSEMBLE Flute: .loan Johnson: Clarinet: Jim ST I G T V- - , L - , -, , - Smith, French Horn: Louise Vernon, Oboe: Robert Howardg instlilJVCello?I?0AI:g:n1Q01I5EkyVh1tWell' Plano' Melame Hutch Bass Clarinet: Martha Van Hook. 7:30 A.M. Comes Early but We March I p i . 1 .. .v ,ff Lf, 6 -1 1 .. A flash of color and all 4-yes turn to the majorettes. Pur- ple, gold and white uniforms give vigor to arena per- formance. With slashing flags and silver liatons in ser- pentine undulations, routines receive undivided atten- tion. Annually at homecoming the girls present a flam- ing baton spectacle during half time ceremonies, Regu- lar practice time is 7:30 All. and after school, but this does not preclude finding them practicing almost anywhere, anytime. They march with the hand in pa- rades, perform in pep rallies and game half times, and enter contests and clinics. Rae Ours is head majorette. Others are Deanna Elliott, Nancy Hill, Barbara Dorney, Nancy McNew, and ,loleen Humphreys. 92 I-tv - 1 ' Northwest Classen Marching Band Drills Regularly for Precision MR. ARTHUR JOHNSON: Mem- ber American School Band Direc- tor's Associationg member Senior Committee and Assembly Commit- tee. Personnel Manager Oklahoma City Symphony Orchestra. l WM , . ' " . ' v K 1' ' k , X ,.. V ' gg t I Q an l 1, . I s l if i fn- "Why didn't I learn to play the piccolo?" moans John Smalley as he squeezes his too-llig tuba through the door. It was a struggle, but he wonl Haydn . . . Handel. . . Hammerstein ORCHESTRA Row 1: L. Whitwell, J. Johnson, A. Hall, C. Reinke, R. Malone, L, Decker, J. Pollock, R. DeSpain. Row 2. B. Johnson, N. Petty, P. Norris, B. Bradshaw, J. Barnard, J. Smith, L. Wilson, B. Pearce, M. Waldrip, M. Zachritz. Row 3 J. Jones, M. Hutchinson, B. Howard, S. Sanders, R. Fagin, M. Van Hook, A. Liles, D. Cinderson, W. Routon, L. Vernon, T. Poynor. Row 4: J. Hammett, A. Marko, D. Mitchell, E. Just, M. Casey, T. Welllnorn, B. Schick, R. Cobb, L. Woodard, J. Bourassa. Mr. Arthur Johnson, director. PWS PA! .-1 Para 4 N- 'slbgi J JA Q:-9' .ff 'H 8 ws: ' 7 1' R .J ,Jr- 1- is kid" 1- .X I t I .Inv r"- A ,- ' 'k3':':"' - ,mf f .. oi' ' f ' K., , 1'.n- "' ,.- :jx . , f . .sf T. f',fi' , ,- A . 1- Q '-- .- 52 ' .' - , 01- ., -. , . . -Vx P8 .gf ,T-V V .-,:g-pg,-Ep, V- x w ' " gf, lv' 'WJ 'tag 65 755: Q 1 "' I . "- -,gwr f-11. -, ."4T:l"' w ,g- 3 A 72.-, 1,5 , - . - '25 3' , 'M M ' .f--x"' ' ,j ' ,rf-r ,h,,,,,-51,1 in - s V, , '- ' 15, if" af.- . '- Q sf , ax ' av Brave and Bold S R L. f ,wb , 'Qs f:.2:..: Hp., vm' - f-fffg-fg.1:sa1f' ff: Q f W f isa M if f' U 1 bo Y Weather Was Ruff . . ,y 5 'fs . Q QL Freezing weather is no hindrance to Knightland's Cross Coun- try team. Row 1: Hyde, Hughes, Young, Miller, Moody. Row 2: Lusk, manager, Harris, Moncrief, Gee, Duncan, Spear, King. Cross Country Knightland's two mile torture course is continually rising in popularity and perfection, as Northwest Classen's Cross Country team captured its second straight Mid-State Conference victory with 39 points. Persistent two-milers again climbed high on the state ladder by placing fourth. Hard work paid off, and the Cross Country team paced its way to a successful sea- son, winning five out of eight meets and taking third and fourth in the other three. ln the season opener, a quadrangle meet at the Fairgrounds, Knights edged Mr. Leonard Marcotte, coach. Another Mid-State trophy was added this season to Knights' glowing showcase. Cops Crown Classen for first place, 28-29, low score winning. The Shawnee meet at OBU found hill-and-dalers topping all other OKC teams, although Tulsa Edison took top honors. Deep in the season, Knights again vied against city favorite, Classen, to pull a 42-42 tie. As the close of the season neared, Knights prepared for the All- City Cross Country meet, and came in third with the help of individual first place winner, Vince Moncrief: a sixth place from Dudley Hyde, and ninth place, Fred Miller, adding another to Knight achievements. Forming a winding caravan against the horizon, thin clads race over a rain-soaked, two-mile course to that eagerly awaited finish and approaching victory. . but Team Proved Tuff Mud-splattered Vince- Moncrief is first in line to receive his first .T Excited fans cheer incoming runners as Fred Miller completes his run. At the meet in Shawnee at OBU, he was first for NWC. At MidAState he captured third place. Fred, a senior, jogged many a mile for NWC. place medal in the All-City Cross- Country meet. Third in line is Dudley Hyde who finished second for Knights, and sixth in overall standings. Good showing, boys! At the City meet held at the Fair- grounds, winded Vince Moncrief nears the finish line after running through . mud and over rough ground of the two-mile stretch. We Got Ours- Good sportsmanship is important to these A-Squadders: Row 1: CHS, DUPTPH. L0Ck6, Sigmfm- Rvw 31 Uversfrevh Pehonr Emef' Dunforcl, Wolfe, Dvvkvr, Mvrrill. Perry, Hiersche, Irwin, SOTI, Stuart, Nance, R0blYCT, DOTTUHU, Sohefr Hammackr Acker- O,Hara. Row 2: Duncan, Son, Bucklin, Snipes, Meister, Stev- man- Uf1df'TC1HSSmeU hold key to future Successes' DREW ACKERMAN: Fuluruck I V I V I M O FRED RUCKI.INr FuIIIruuIr I 1: 1 I I f I A '-'- I A JERRY RURBRIDGEr Eud I , - ,I -. ,V,, f . A 13-H ",, A X, JOE DECKER: Tackle I A If I I A ' f JOE DORIIIAN: Guard . ' KOKIE DUNCAN: HuIfI,uuIr 946 Q A LARRY DIQNFORD: End H J - X I j J ,S I GIPP DuPREEr Quarterback I H - A J rrnn I I TOM EMERsONr Eud OX .1 " . L W. I 43- -gy DICK GRAHAM: Guard " 5' A " rr . A JIM HAMIVIACK: End X 5 A I RICHARD HARRISON: Tackle A BARNEY HAsTIEr Fuubuuk A , was I HADEN HEWES: Guard f 'F-N in I 1 1 Q, JERRY HIERsCHEr Center A E A ,. 4V.NQ,5 . Ab,,. In Z PHIL HOWARD: Tackle E wig? A A REX IRWIN: Center E ' V I 1 BILL KENT: EurI I j JOHN LOCKEr HaIfIuufk rl ,I,, M 1 ,g , - LARRY MCCARTY: HuIfIruuIr Y A 15 I X ' Z 42' Q, 13. KENNETH IIIuCOYr Center ,tit i f Q XJR, " RI, ' 'Q 3 - J: W GEORGE MCDOWELL: End .,, Q r-' JJII O MI - DON MCNEILL: Eud f .i,I"' rr ' M It STUART MEISTER:Fu11back 65,3 5, ,, x' is A Ei tie 21:1 eg 11' E 5 Row I: Graham, R. Harrison, P. Harri- son, MCD Wlrigllt. Row 3: Tll0I11ITSOIl, McGill, Mr. Clay Davis, Hr. Don Van Pool, Mr. Rex Irwin, coaches. 0wel.l. Row 2: Burhridge, Hastie, You'II Get Yours! 'Task force" for Knights must keep equipment inbtip-top shape. ,lack Tucker, Cliff Boren, and Paul Chapman check details as livacl manager Eddie Wilkes tightens Buddy O Hara and an unidentified gridster vie for the ball as it spirals toward 0'Hara,s Waiting fingertips while teammates close in to help. cleats to keep them in shape for the upcoming game. Q e , . A . I xg 51 Y 2 ff? b L.-'iff 1960 SCHEDULE 1961 KULgh'lS . .......... . 0 Wichita Falls ...... .. Knights ..... 12 Midwest City .. . Knights ............ 0 Harding , Knights . ...... O Capitol Hill .... . Knights .. ...... 12 Putnam City . ...... Knights ......... 6 Shawnee . Knights ............ 20 Douglass ....... Knights . ........... 6 Enid 7 W Knights ....... . 6 Northeast .... : Q X X 1 X 29 46 8 0 46 14 28 28 20 'IXV' WX? s , L ,E 'Q Football isn't all glory as Kenneth Perry will gladly tell discouraging. Dr. Neal Holden and Cliff Boren try to you. Running through a soggy field in freezing weather, ease the pain, to send Perry back to the playing field only to he hit by a Greyhound Bus, can become a little At Least We're Consistent! 7- 1 x A Q . ' V Z 'E ...Q 5 I if R A ' 14 as I ' it A ww A- I 2 ss? we . I - -A.. Q . K E. a11 AX -1. jg. fx v 4 X, 3 1 , . ' ,157 I . V ,x y -3: - 1 7 - ff ggi , ii? , Q If TERRY MERRILL: Guard BO NANCE: Guard BUDDY O'I-IARA: Guard BILL OVERSTREET: Halfback CHARLES PELTON: End KENNETH PERRY: Guard LARRY ROBERTS: Guard RANDY SEBA: Tackle PAT SIGMON: Halfback BILL SNIPES: Halfhack GEORGE STEVENS: Fullback TOMMY THOMPSON: Halfhack JEFF WELBORN: Guard IYIERRILL WILLARD: Halfback GIL WRIGHT: Halfhack i B-SQUAD members are: Row I: McNeill, Dorris, Bush, Pick- pey, Sorenson, Stevens, Carson, St. Clair, Hewcs, Hawk. Row 3: ens, McCoy, Welborn, Roberts, Henline, Seha, Mulligan, J. Pierce, Bruner, Knox, Southurd, McHenry, Herndon, Garrison, McCarty. Row 2: Chcves, lloevers, Willard, L. McCarty, Wim- MacKellar, Kent, Grimes, Irving. If Practice Makes Perfect, Keep Practicing! Ritual of tossing the coin precedes each game. Team captains Kenneth Perry and Joe Decker meet with opponents and referee to decide who kicks off and who receives. Heads or tails? First down! This all-important signal could spell the difference between vic- tory or defeat for the ironmen. It,s only inches short of a first down. ln several battles, not being able to pound out those 10 yards in four tries severely ham- pered Knight chances. iv.. of f 2 L. i 5 Jef gf, K ls ru ment u 1 plrisii ihferleudir .ini coach-are represented hy Bill Snipes, Phyllene I' lmsmy and 'Nlr Rm Irwin R uliun iri no doubt equally as xuricd. Spirit Soa red Coaches Roa red Can you find the luall? .lust a quick glance might indicate a battle royal for the pigskin at the extrerne right. Actually, Gil Wright is toting it in ai sweep giwiiiid right e-nd while gridstvrs are hafflvd. tool It's a race for the ball as Gil Wriglit uppruaclies I0 sweep it up before it hits the ground. Trying his best to get around that r e f 0 r me c , determined George Stevens, adds yards to Knight statistics against Capi- tol Hill in an arch-rival duel. 1 . . .M , K-- , A - C-SQUAD contains the stars of future teams. Row 1: Fields, Shirley, Wertz, Bremkamp, White, Grimes, Thomas, Seba, Hefley, Rudolph, Klingsick, Day, Simmons, Kise, DuPree. Row 2: King, Elkins, Putt, Center, Roark, Caubetz, Atkins, Valentine, Hiersche, Simon, Gamble, Husky, Foster, McGee, Football Fights Nine busloads of yelling Knights and Ladies whizzed to Wichita Falls, Texas, to witness the Knights' sea- sonal kickoff. lnexperience jeopardized Knight hopes as they were devoured by the powerful Coyotes, 29-0. This was our first loss since that stubborn Ada battle in the ,58-'59 season. Midwest City's tough line cracked Knights' offense and defense to tally another Bomber Victory, 46-12. Brightest moment for Knights was a 33-yard pass for six points. Harding Eagles peeked mighty hard at Knights' glowing armor to take home an 8-0 victory. Harding pounced on a Knight fumble to set up the single score in the last of the second stanza. Knights worked hard to hit back in the fourth quarter but Eagles' beaks clung tenaciously to Knight skins. Statistics reveal that Knights, although ending with a 0-0 tie, outplayed Capitol Hill's Redskins. In the final seconds of the contest, fans saw NWC come within one yard of victory. Knights marched all the way to the one, then were piled up short of the goal. Although rated to lose by at least two touchdowns, Knight gridsters pushed the Redskins all over the field, topped them in downs, rushing and passing yardage, and left the field with two penetrations to Capitol Hill's one. In spite of the score, Putnam City had to fight off a spirited Knight team in a bruising battle to stagger NWC, 46-12. Each club scored a TD in the last 21 seconds. Pirates, fighting off dangerous spread pass- ing attack, scored an 85-yard TD in the last two minutes. Hitting back on a 50-yard pass, and con- necting for the last seven yards, Knights got their last tally with 21 seconds left. But the game wasn't over. to Fishel, Musson. Row 3: Taylor, Frazier, Hallmark, Murphy, Martin, Ricker, Mayfield, Cobb, Carrol, Cloud, Reed, Ontko Culbertson, Daly, Pierce, Mangum, Boggs, Siegel, Taylor: Row 4: Cimlin, Mr. Paul Crowe, Coach, Mr. Jerry Haynes, Coach, Leonard, Wilkes. Floundering Finish Pirates galloped 50 yards for a final TD and the game's last play. Another spine-tingler was that encounter with Shaw- nee. Scoring with 1:19 on the clock, Shawnee cinched the game. But Knights werenit ready to call it quits. Kicking off with 1:17 left, Knights started clicking. Striking like lightning, NWC had a first and ten on the Wolves' 28-only three seconds remained. Knight fans went slightly mad at this point when John Locke caught a Gipp DuPree pass just as the gun went off. Locke scrammed to safety in the endzone but was tackled three yards short of the goal. Homecomers saw Knight hopes end as Shawnee came out 14--6. "Wild" is the only description for the Douglass- NWC battle. Trojans held it at 20-0 until the last of the three-quarter mark. Suddenly, Knights were pay- ing repeated visits to the goal line. Three speedy TD's tied the score until Trojans made it 28-20. DuPree was a victim of circumstance in the Trojan's winning TD. Douglass passed a long one which bounced off DuPree's chest into the arms of a Trojan who didn't stick around long. Threatening to tie again, NWC reached Douglass' 17-yard line before being caught twice for losses. Knights traveled to Enid to be defeated, 28-6, by the Plainsmen. NWC scored in the second quarter with a 70-yard punt return. Although Enid clearly dominated the game, Knights fought hard. NWC ended this season with a 20-6 loss to North- east. Biggest play for Knights was a 40-yard pass from DuPree to Wright. Occurring in NWC's march to that evasive goal line, this put the pigskin at the Vikes' 20-yard line. It took only four plays for Wright to break through from the one. Practice, Action Only six seniors will be lost in BASKETBALL. Row I: Sponhaltz, Fleming, Pelton, Homsey, Mr. Don Van Pool Holt, Lawson, YVallis, McCollum-h, Powell, Duncan, Wright, coach. Although Knights ended frequently on the short Freeney. Row 2: Harrison, managrerg King, Warren, Daniel, end of the score, spirit remained high. Knight roundballer, Terry King, drihbles the hall away from a Midwest City Bomber. Underclassnwn, seasoned by a tough schedule, are ready for next year. NWC NWC NWC NWC NWC NWC ....Leee,.,..... NWC NWC NWC NWC NWC NWC NWC NWC NWC NWC ....eeYe......., NWC ...,eeYeeeee...t NWC ..eL..,......... NWC .....,........ .4 1960 SCHEDULE 1961 John Marshall Harding ......r,, Northeast .,,,.,, Capitol Hill Tulsa Edison - Douglass ....... Shawnee ...,.,.,, Enid .,.,,,,,..,..., Capitol Hill Midwest City - Putnam City - Douglass ....... Midwest City , Harding ....,,,,. Shawnee ......... Putnam City - Northeast ..,,,, Enid .,.,,,,........ Tulsa Edison , Showers!! Danny Sponhaltz gets off a jump shot over the outstretched arm of Taft's Bill Grimes in the conflict between Northwest Classen's Pages and Taft Junior High School. Roundhallers' opener was a hotly contested 54-48 loss to John Marshall. Many fouls were called on the Knights, resulting in uneasiness among NWC fans. First victory came when Harding Eagles fell to the Knights, swords, 52-40. Both teams fought hard up to the final whistle. Seasoned Northeast glided its Viking vessels by Knights, 57-44, in another closely fought game. First Mid-State Conference game was the NWC- Capitol Hill tilt. Redskins tore into Knights' full court press in the second half to smear NWC, 63-44. Downing another team of the Green and White, Knights edged Tulsa Edison 37-35 on their home court. Douglass Trojans smacked NWC to the tune of 47-21 in the first game of the new year. Shawnee's fighting pack of Wolves were held to a 42-39 win as Rusty Fleming led the Knight attack with 13 points. Despite a full court press in the third quarter by Knights, Enidis Plainsmen rallied to a 64-54 victory. Although cagers had a 19-19 half-time tie, Capitol Hill Redskins scalped us, 57-49. Tracy Freeny led a second-half rally and scored 20 points for game honors. Bombers came close to being shot down from their first-in-state rank as NWC gave them the scare of their lives. Midwest City finally refueled to turn the tables on NWC, ending Midwest City, 53, NWC, 48. Only a narrow margin prevented an upset. Hand-clasp symbolizing unity, spirit, and sportsmanship gives a feeling of being a team with a common goal. Knights really walked the plank at Putnam City. Pirates jolted us, 70-52. Gerald Warren led Knight scoring with 19 points. Douglass Trojans trampled NWC, 76-41. Freeny scored 15 points to rank as Northwest Classen,s high point man. Knight B-ballers fourth-stanza rally failed to materialize as Midwest City, first-ranked in AA standings, gave us a 61-50 defeat. Warren took scoring honors with 19 points. Knights were unable to break their losing streak as Harding,s Rick Berry tallied 28 points for a final score of 61-47. In a nerve-shattering battle, Knights were edged, 47-45, by Shawnee. Wolves led by nine points in the third quarter. Knightlandis maplers held them to a tie until a two-pointer in the last three seconds put the Wolves over. Putnam City's Pirates shaded Northwest Classen, 62-58., This neck-and-neck battle was the first and only overtime in the season. Although Northeast Vikings outpointed NWC's Knights, Gerald Warren held Bill Howard to 14 points. This was the Viking ace's lowest out-put of the season. Despite high spirit Knight fans saw Enid's Plainsmen tip NWC 56-51. NWC backers crowded the gym as roundballers thumped Tulsa Edison 56-51 in the last game. Only Eagle fans were disappointed at the outcome. As the seconds ticked, and it was ap- parent NWC was to be the victor, spirit really erupted. It was a great way to end the season. 67 Hoopsters Met Tough Competition Terry King goes high in an effort to tip the ball to teammate Dick Powell as Knight Gerald Warren looks on in the Knight- Trojan tilt. 'Crab it, Terry!" "Raring to go," B-Squad members are Row I Fagm Hoberecht Wallis Phil lips, Seba, Roark, Givens, Eaker Row 2 M1 Jerry Haynes eoaeh Blaekwell Martens, Bush, Wiles, Klingsick Sponhaltz McCarty Manager is Ronald Fagin. Early beginnings insure future succe ses Last game of the season. For some, last ever to be played for Northwest Classen. Hilar- iously happy after the Edison victory, Knight roundballers, it seems, hurriedly abandoned their dressing room to cele- brate. Rich Harrison, manager, lingers to make sure all is re- stored to order. Pages Prepare for Coming Seasons Pages hold a 14-l rcvord and thc North Side League Championship Row I: Wallis, Eaker, Hoberecht, Shirley, Rhodes, Givens. Row 2: Hinkle, Seba, Sponhaltz, Klingsick, Atkins, Roark. Coach Jerry Haynes explain fundamentals of the sport to interested neophytes. lu 1.1 Dick Powell fights for a rebound during the Mid west City clash to thwart a Bomber rally. 69 Although 80 boys went out for Wrestling, the core of the team Jacobson' Row 25 Lusk, manager? McNeW: Roberts, Ackerman, is composed of: Row I: Coleman, munagerg B. Johnston, R. Posuv, Hughes, HCWCS, NHHCC, MF- Leflflflfd MHTCOYW, 0021011- Johnston, Robertson, Aiken, Carpenter, McCarty, Duljree, GTUDPICTS P0St9d 21 33-1 5935011 11115 Year- Matmen Mangle Harding J. W. Robertson, junior letterman, tries to lmreuk down opponent with a double leg stretcher. Doesn't this look like fun? Bill Aiken, 120 lb. senior, struggles for better advantage in All-City wrestling tournament. No wonder Aiken has an anguished look. His opponent seems to be using a tooth technique that Aiken failed to learn! 'f -Q 1--5 'V o.llH t I 4 3 5' fy. U1 Padding? Wrestling is a sport where the plan of attack and the ability to adjust to certain situations are left almost completely up to the individual. Per- sonal success means team success. Since it is the team's score which determines the victor, each member of the team must strive for personal vic- tory. The will to win combined with loyalty and hard work, is the backbone of a winning team. NWC's wrestling team has displayed these traits against powerful teams this year to tally a suc- cessful season. Vying against one of the statels top rated teams, John Marshall, Knights were defeated, 29-3, in their opener. Coming back to claim a 24-13 victory over Norman, wrestlers plunged into a salt-and- pepper season. Knightlandis grapplers were hosts to the City tournament where they were held to a second place by champions, John Marshall. Mat- men yielded to Stillwateris Pioneers, 20-12. Journeying to the Geary Invitational Tourney to compete with some of the stateis most highly regarded teams, Brett Johnson and Bill Aiken placed third in their respective Weights, 103 and 120. Knights downed Classen, 20-12, before taking on Midwest City for the lone tie of the year, 15-15. Tulsa Webster visited NWC to smear Knights, 27-9. Bouncing back, matmen hit Harding, 28-10. Knights placed third in Mid-State. Brett John- ston placed first at 106 lbs., and J. W. Robertson, second at 123 lbs. At Regionals, medalists Brett Johnson, J. W. Robertson, and Gipp DuPree earned slots on the State Tournament bracket. Robertson, unable to go because of injury, was replaced by Bill Aiken. Johnston reached finals, and nailed second place in State. "No, not that!" pleads a Stillwater Pioneer as Knight Danny Pogue scores a take-down in an effort to win another hard fought match. Wrestling requires A-1 physical con- dition. Leg-lifts play an important part in a well rounded calisthenic program. This prepares grapplers for gruelling matches. Smash! Lob! Slice! Chop! Evening sun catches tennister pooped from practice. Only a deluge has been known to stop these racqueteers. Manager, David Cromwell, checks statistics. Row 1: Mr. David Hoke, coach, Barnes, Cline, Rankin, Cromwell. Row 2: Seba, Shoehotham, Lysaught. Love, to most people, means an affair of the heart. But to Knightland's netsters, it means they better start cramming those balls down their op- ponents' throats. As Round Table went to press, dates for matches had not been set. Shaky knees, tired feet, and aching muscles are more bearahle with high goals in mind. For the first time the State Championship meet was held on NWC,s courts. Racqueteers have a fine record. Neither windy weather nor simmer- ing sun dishearten femme fuzzy- hallers. Row 1: Lewis, Williams, Woodward, Olson, Mann, Hancock. Row 2: Mrs. Cortez Copher, coach, West, Jones, Dorney, Cor- nelius, Cox, Alberts. Hole in one is the goal of every golfer Row I Mr Carroll man Row 2 James Cochran Walker Holmes Coulter Slg Smelser, coachg Matthews, Davison, Pemberton Haney Chap mon Row 3 Simpson Moss Warren Simms Boyle Birdie!!! Par! Bogie Golf balls soared through the air, along the ground, and into the rough as Northwest Classen's golf team practiced long hours through- out the year. Technical situations create problems for golfers: se- lecting proper clubs, hitting the balls with correct techniques, searching for lost balls, and clean- ing muddy ones. Competition in- cluded the City Round Robin Tournament, in which each city school plays two matches, Mid- State and State Tournaments. Ray Mossis faith in Gerald Warren must parallel that of William Tell and his son. Wonder why he cracked up! "What would Sam Sneed do in a case like this?" questions Robert Holmes. Nothing helps like a diagram to simplify those involved maneuvers in BASKETBALL. Row I: Snyder, Smith, Stewart, Chance, Holmberg. Row 2: Criffin, Ames, Morgan, Munsinger, Runka, Young, Bruner, Smelser, Wilson, Mrs. Cortez Copher, coach. Flirty Females Flaunt Basketeers' opener was a 39-36 loss to Northeast. Femmes also compiled a string of victories: Grant, 59-383 Douglass, 40-273 Southeast, 52-163 Classen, 52-47. Next was a 47-37 loss to John Marshall. Three games remained at final yearbook dead- line with a 4-2 record. Softball team had a 2-2 season. Row 1: Chance, Young, Stewart, Smith, Holmberg, Morgan. Row 2: Ames, Staples, Munsinger, Miss Margaret Doussett, coachg Bruner, Cody, Runka. Finesse NWC softballers were defeated, 3-2. by Northeast but came back to outplay Classen, 8-4. Good hitting helped to defeat Harding, 13-5. Long to be remembered is the 3-2 loss to John Marshall. Becky Staples' homer which tied the contest, was called illegal be- cause ,lohn Marshall claimed she missed third base. Volleyballers were overpowered, 15-5, by Capitol Hill and 16-6 by John Marshall before easily down- ing Central, 15-1. Ladies fell, 15-1, to Harding but edged Grant, 10-8. Although defeated by North- east, 11-3, NWC defeated Doug- lass, 9-5. Southeast beat NWC, 14-8, before the Ladies ended the season with a 12-9 win over Clas- sen and a 4-5 season. "Who shall we send to the tourn- ament?" Miss Margaret Doussett asks as Mrs. Cortez Copher checks a ladder to see who is eligible. Mrs. Copher coached tennis, table tennis, and basket- ball. Miss Doussett was mentor for softball and volleyball. Both supervised badminton. HLemme have it!" pouts Carolyn Snyder as Loretta Holmberg scowls that she's not about to! Practice games prepare roundballers for future frays with other femmes. A and B teams were created in VOLLEYBALL this year. Lettering were: Row I: Smith, Holmberg, Young, Stewart, Chance. Row 2: Elliot, Snyder, Smelser, Morgan 9 Ames. Miss Margaret Doussett coached the team. When Tempers Flare, Sportsmanship Despair Above: Judy Givens and Ann Moodie receive the ball from Diane Busch and Ann File. Doubles team of Billie Matthews and Ann File captured TABLE TENNIS State Trophy last year and chances look good for repeated success. Below: City and State titles were won hy Sue MrMurran last year in BADMINTON. Row I: Hardin, lust, Harry, Dixon, Thomas, Jones. Row 2: Thompson, Parrish, Blalock, Muzney, Brannon, Kratina, Catewood. Iris Morgan shoves the volleyball over the net as intent JoAnne Ames steps aside to get out of the path of a high teammates, Sue Stewert, Linda Chance, and Janie Smel- ball in that disputed John Marshall conflict. ser, stand by to offer their assistance. 78 Two thousand howling Knights and Ladies were rolling in the aisles when Bill Sni es with the hel of Georve McDowell went all thumbs tr in to fasten S orts P , P Y 5 P Queen Betty Dix0n's necklacje. Twenty ,thumbs were too many as it slipped to-er-places unknown. To everyone's gratification, it was privately recovered later, however. -i-'14 .1nln1 Biggest money earner for Boys' "O" Club is the concession ad- jacent to the boys' gym. "O"' Club members fill cups with ice to prepare for the onslaught of half-time fans. Oops! There Went The Necklace! ' '3f V2 1 X , gout' Woody Young displays the Mid-State Con- ference All-Sports trophy that Knights have won for two years. 79 Seniors Alan Richards, Rex Kcnnard, Chris Booth, Ken Hughes, and ,lohn Sibley await the starting gun. .lerry Hiersche and Mark McGee cheer Rex Kennard as Jay St. John finishes his leg. This free-style relay came in first in City and Mid-State, and fourth at State. City, Mid-State and State titles were copped by sophomore Mike Nichols in the 100-yard butterfly and 200- yard individual medley. One of two double winners at State, Nichols set a new State record of 2:17.7 in the individual medley. Splash! Splutter! Glub! For a swimming team without a swimming pool, Knightlandis mermen do pretty well. Only three losses were recorded in regular meets--NWC fell to Tulsa Rogers twice and Enid once. Knights turned the tables on Enid, however, and outswam them in State, and conquered Harding, John Mar- shall, Capitol Hill, and Grant. Knights swam away with the All-City trophy again this year with 96 points. Closest rival was Harding, with 61. Mike Nichols set a city record for the butterfly at 1:01. Small mistakes by NWC added up to heartbreak- ing 117-109 loss to Enid for the Mid-State title. ln ten events, Enid took first place in five events and NWC, first in the other five. Nichols and Rex Kennard were the only double winners. Never before has NWC placed in the top three in the State. Only Tulsa Edison and Bartlesville hold higher ranks. Underclassmen made a fine showing and prospects look fine for next year. Nichols and the 200-yard free-style relay team were medalists for Northwest Classen. Hey, . . . Pass the Soap! I 2 f . Q X gh G QW iyxgij 4 WJ i v 5 wdfwt it 42521 if-me., I ' K i K NN A e . 4 ol 'K ,, x Y g City champions for the second straight year, swimmers are: CFOWC, COHCI1- Row 3-' Millar, MCGCC, Nichols, MCCIHUL J- Row I: Booth, Hughes, Sibley, Kennard, Richards. Row 2: Hiersche. Row 4: Blaschke, Weldon, Thomas, Moffatt, Men- R. Hiersche, Dougall, St. John, Cihson, Kalmon, Mr. Paul ninger. lf this continues, they may get their own pool! l. Swim captain Chris Booth paddled to a first place in the l00-yard stroked stroke in the City and Mid-State meets. 2. Dean McClain splashed to a sixth place in the l00-yard backstroke at State. 3. .lohn Sihley's back dive helped to win a second place in City and Mid-State. , re . , s 30"-W s lb M., ,412-gk-1Mf'j' , WiblQ!i3I?2g.:,esa,3Q2asfwfg-My 8I Cindermen Dream of Future . . . Emulating Creek athletics are cindermen Row I: Spear, Dunford, Miller, MacKellar, Merrill, Snipes, Young, Hyde Row 2: M. Grimes, Locke, Powell, Wright, Harrison, 0'Hara Stettheimer, Sibley. Row 3: Marsh, Boevers, Dorman, Nance 9 1 Roberts, McCarty, Duncan. Row 4: Mr. Rex Irwin, coachg D. Crimes, Sherril, Kise, Weldon, Kennison, Duane Hames, manager. Modern adaptations of ancient sports demand more stamina if records are to be crashed repeatedly. 4 "What a time to remember the law of grav- ity!" high jumper Dick Powell shudders. But he cleared the 5'8" height with room to spare! Pole balances in the background as Larry Dunford soars over the har. Olympics? or K.U.? ,gl He's sittin' pretty! Broadjumper Buddy 0'Hara hangs suspended in mid-air before plopping in a pile of sand. Cindermen opened at the Fort Worth Invitational but only miler Joe Stettheimer qualified for finals. Knights sped past Harding, 76-46, in the first dual meet of the season at NWC. Knight winners were Gil Wright, winning 880 relay and first in 100 and 200- yard dashes, Fred Miller, 880 and mile relay, Woody Young, quarter and both relays, Larry Dunford, pole vault and 880 relay, Stettheimer, mile and mile relayg Dick Powell, high jump. Knights bowed to Lawton for their first dual meet loss, 325-8. First for Knights were Miller, Young, and the mile relay, composed of Stettheimer, Bill Spear, Miller, and Young. Mile relay ranked as the most exciting and frenzied event,-Lawton led by 20 yards until anchorman, Young, grabbed the baton. Gaining on every stride, he nosed out in a sizzling 50.7. Knights finished ninth among 45 schools in the Third Annual Lawton Invitational. Standouts in this first major event of the season were Stettheimer, second in mileg Miller, second in 880g and Young, third in 440. In OSU Relays, both the mile and distance medley relay placed third. Meets remaining after Round Table went to press were the Duncan Invitational, Central State, Bison Relays, OKC Invitational, Mid-State, Rogers Relays, Regionals, and State. Starting down the final stretch in their daily constitutional around Z1 quarter-mile track are seniors, Fred Miller, 8803 .loe Stettherimer, mileg and Woody Young, 440. Jim MacKellar shows good style as he flies over hurdles. Baseballers showed good promise of achieving past teams' Wimpey, King, Atkins, Givens. Row 3: Sigmon, Jones, Wallis, 3CC0mPliSh1T16HtS- Row I-' MF- CIHY Davis, 0030112 AUIH, Purdy, Rohlyer. Do Knightland's diamondaires hold the key Freeny, Duncan, Pace, Hamrnack. Row 2: Britton, McGill, to future major league successes? Rain, Flood, Hey! Where's Third Base? Knights and Ladies can really shout about their baseballers. For four years, Knights have been near the top in state listings. Top year was 1957 when Knights took state. NWC7s diamondaires reached finals in 1958 and semi-finals in 1959. In 1960 bagmen advanced once again to finals before meeting defeat. This season's opener was a 10-4 heartbreaker to Capitol Hill. Redskins were kept plenty worried as a result of Terry Kingis long triple which shoved Knights ahead, 3-0, in the first inning. Tracy Freeny, Steve Pace, and King crossed home to lead, until the Hill accumulated eight runs in the fourth and fifth innings to surge ahead. Capitol Hill plugged a NWC rally in the seventh after Freeny blasted a double and was followed by Paceis single which sent Freeny home. Then rain, rain, rain, reigned! Pace, Freeny, and Bob Purdy slammed balls out of the park in the Shawnee game to help push NWC to a 10-4 victory. In the Enid encounter, Knights edged Plainsmen, 5-4. Cray Atkins, first freshman ever to start for NWC, pitched a no-hit game until the fourth inning and was relieved by Dave Wallis in the fifth. Last game before final yearbook deadline was a 10-7 win for Knights over Midwest City. 1961 March 14 17 21 28 24 March 31 April 7 11 13 14-15 18 25 28 May 5-6 12-13 BASEBALL SCHEDULE NWCM, 4 Capitol Hill 10 Douglass - Rain NWC ,,,, 10 Shawnee ,,,,,,,,.. 4 NWC .... 10 Midwest City -, 7 NWC ,,,, 5 Enid ....,........... 4 INCOMPLETED Putnam City Capitol Hill Douglass Shawnee- Dumas, Texas Enid Midwest City Putnam City Regionals State Tournament I ,L W' .ta A t we K my in K K in ,, Pitcher Bob Purdy and catcher Steve Pace hold an important conference to determine the condition of the ball. Kokie Duncan catches a Tracy Freeny pitch as they practice for a double-play. Or a Boat? Terry King wields his mighty but to iron out wrinkles in his batting eye. With his foot on first base, Gray Atkins catches the ball to put an end to the short stay on the diamond of Capitol Hill's Morrow. Despite good fielding, we lost that game. 2 I 5 L A1w,,-ty ffyy W m..rrm,, .MM,m., Lettermen - Time, Toil, Talents This sea of golden jackets represents long hours of hard work by boys of the MO" Club. Row I: Richards, D. Duncan, Harrison, O'Hara, Snipes, Perry, Young, Aiken, Decker, Over- street, McDowell, .l. McCarty. Row 2: McNeil, G. Thompson, Pace, King, Howard, Coulter, Purdy, Hyde, Hammack, Spear, Linn, Cline. Row 3: Son, St. John, Warren. Daniel, Carpenter, Nance. Kennard, Welborn, Hastie, Moss, Roblyer, Lusk. R01114: Stettheimer, Moodie, Robertson, Willard, L. McCarty, Holmes, , .,.. ,. .... . .H rt f va., T. Thompson, Ackerman, Wright, DuPree, Wilkes, Booth. Rout 5: Mac:Kellar, Warren, Lysaught, Hughes, Gee, Irwin, Lawson, Kent, Merrill, Ballard, Roberts, Nichols. Row 6: Dunford, McClain, Dorman, Johnston, Graham. Crimes, Pounds, Burbridge, Boren, Locke, Wallis, Wlimpey. Row 7: Tucker, Bucklin, Stevens, McCoy, Pelton, Powell, McGill, K. Duncan, Freeny, Sigmon, Emerson. l'r'i 4 gli? . l , ,.., . , , r i D , p ' A 1, p Q I '-Ei .f , 5 If ft I . K A6 7 ' VX sl V . 17 5 T I . , ...l ft iii . A .tvi 86 Cirls' 4'0" Club added unneeded calories to Knights and Ladies by selling candy to finance a spring trip to Quartz Mountain State Park. Row I: Biggs, Stewart. Young, Holmberg, Bay, Smith, Prater, Coit, Ste-adley. Row 2: Hoster, Matthews, Hicock, S. Finefrock, Lv-wis, Hancock, Olson, Staples, Ames, Preble. Row 3: Sollars, Koeppel, Lacy, Kutz, Albert, Cox, P. Finefrock, Chance, McMurran, Loeffler. Row 4: Mrs. Cortez Copher, Miss Margaret Doussett, coaches. rganization We Will Always Sing Our Praises i U me 'Q sz, 6. fl:-Y' uw, any "' ' 1,',.:,. ? O i, . Ay, Im I -.. , - x . MK?- 'FJGMKQ . ' '7'C"N ' . 4 " - 'K '43, 6 fo' , " N s 1' 1 4- , , , V s ro - ', ,NI -'- 'G .,. ta. , 1xtn'?,,.,, Q , ' v .f , ' v-if " 1 4' .o" 4 r 1 , x , 1' ns ' f Sr I "Q , - 1 ' ' rs f-...-' ' 1 Many organizations formed at Northwest Clas- sen give students thc opportunity to learn more about the subjects which interest them most. Mcnilicrs of National Forensics lxagiuc not only learn the fine qualities of acting, lint practice all fields of the theatre. Mrs. Patricia Gulley illus- trates on Ruth Bressie the caution which must 1 ,e be used in the application of makcvup. Nancy QQ.-,SQ-,,J .. Needham watches the long and tedious job with if dmv , ,L interest, storing knowledge for the future. ,,,,., ,- , J. - , - , VA, Q - - -' .. ' L -, . . -': ., -' ,M J-,p-ff---M ,n d t --.l f. 0, 0 F A FA, ,' -A J, FWZ. , A , I, ---" " ,rt -'uh ' : ' r' . . , V , , , Y' :""'i7f 'QW' H ':5"'. "' U ,,.' f- ,,- ' " .J W gi., r aw t U., 4-U-We 9, , " at ' W Larry Stearns is an active, example-setting Stu- fi - X ,W dent Council president. Selling cushions which V- ' ii'r:' Marr-2 sriy are helpfully comfortable at athletic events i 1 is one of Larry's many activities worked into his busy schedule. Sally Merkle, student store M manager, works with Larry in the sale of cush- : ji 3 ions, also sold in Knightlandis Student Store. Charline Harrison Vice-president Georgia Hale Recording Secretary Student Legislature Lays Foundation Spotlight of the nation is slowly turning toward the central portion of our country, and by june l3, 1961, it will be radiantly shining above Oklahoma City. This will be the opening date of the National Associa- tion of Student Councils Conference extending through June 22. Host- ing the twenty-fifth annual NASC annual conference is perhaps the high- est honor yet bestowed on Northwest Classen and Oklahoma high schools. Process of preparing the convention began three years ago and continues up to the opening day. Some fifty committees have been formed under the recommendations of the steering committee and clever ideas administered by students and activities directors all over the country. These committees are set up to take Care of any difficulty which may arise and to insure the comfort of each delegate who will attend the convention. Larry Stearns, president of Northwest Classen student council, is the presiding officer. This position demands resourcefulness, respon- sibility, and plenty of patient time. Under the leadership of the Execu- tive Committee, which emerged from the Steering Committee, and with the over-flowing spirit of the student body, it is our hope that Northwest Classen will give the best National Association of Student Councils Con- vention ever held in its thirty-year history Woody Young Shirley Biggs Treasurer Corresponding Secretary ,SN for Iieadershipi Powwow This year the student body showed its support of Northwest Classenas STUDENT COUNCIL by ap- proving the development of an Honor System. Coun- cil members will take the wheel in building the system, while students at large become back-seat drivers, able to give suggestions and being helpful in carrying through the development process itself. This process will take six more years, the first step of the seven-step plan, honor study halls, initiated this year. second semester, are well accepted. Student Council has proposed a Point System which enables students to adjudge themselves worthy or eligible for recognition in Knightland. Certain amounts of work points and honor points are given for each office held, for participation in athletics. for queenships, for representation in Student Coun- cil, and for membership of the Shield or Round Table staff. Twelve points of work and twelve of honor, per year, are maximum for Northwest Clas- sen students., This distributes responsibility. STUDENT COUNCIL meetings are held regularly every Tuesday and Thursday. Special committee meetings may be called on other school days. Representatives from seventy-six advisories and mem- bers of the Executive Committee are present at regular meetings. Voting in the realm of Knightland is done in precincts. Advisors are divided into eight precincts, ac- cording to alphabetical order. Vot- ing procedures are outlined to Student Council members Charline Harrison and Jim MacKellar by student activities director and S. C. sponsor, Miss Kathleen Owen. Vince Moncrief Ann Hill Sant' Mefkle Parliamentarian Historian. Sfudfnf Smff? Mf1f7l1Hf'f Q. V fx ki. V Society Scholars Uphold Honor Good grades alone do not insure an invita- tion to Knightlandis chapter of NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. Before being considered, a student must show leadership, service to others, and desirable ideals. Traditions, such as an honor system, make lofty grades harder to maintain. Those who suc- ceed in upholding the system are persons desir- able for a proud alma mater7s Honor Society. Thirty-two new members were initiated No- vember 17, 1960. These students are the top ten per cent of the senior class. Juniors in the top five per cent of their class are asked to join second semester. O-fficial head sponsor is Miss Audrey Alberts. In her unexpected absence, responsibility fell upon the capable shoulders of Mrs. Maxine Ty- ler, who took over emergency duties and led Honor Society members through a fine year. Working with her are other sponsors who repre- sent each phase of school curriculum: Mrs. Ger- aldine Buzbee, Miss Katherine Gibson, Mrs. Ramah Miller, Mrs. Madge Mills, Mr. Sidney Ohmart, Mr. John Paden, Miss Lucille Taylor, Miss Henrietta Von Tungeln, Mrs. Ruth War- ram. and Mrs. Wilma Bird. AVS NATIONAI. HONOR SOCIETY members are proud of their dis- Q play window. Each banner is representative of a qualification for entering the organization. Scholarship has its beginning in a textbookg Leadership is shown by the gzavel of a presidentg Serv- ice to one-'s fatherland is significant of the third qualityg and Character, perhaps more essential than the others, is built by study ol the Holy Bible. Mrs. Maxine Tyler is sell-appointed caretaker of the window. In her emergency sponsorship, unfa- miliar duties were thrust upon herg Mrs. Tyler has performed her tasks with generosity and effective dedication. 2.3-J Rex K- Vice president, Ann- Hill, second from left, offers a thoughtful suggestion as secretary, Kay Bell, right, jots down notes. Thinking the matter through are Martia Singleton, treasur- erg Vince Moncrief, presi- dentg and Robert Olson, chaplain. System and Establish Tradition Returning members of the NATIONAL HONOR SO- S. Biggs. Row 2: S. Smith, C. Custer, Judy Ketchum CIETY were chosen as the outstanding members of A. Hill, S. lllerklv, KI. Singleton, L. Rive. Row 3 their junior class in the year 1959-60. Row 1: K. Ad- Moncrief, G. Borrell, B. Olson, R. Floyd, J. Rapp anis, Janet Ketchum, K. Bell, P. Acree, C. McPhe4-ters. Honor Society Honors Scholarship HONOR SOCIETY initiates wore multi-colored rilihons signifying the many aspects of the honor afforded them. Row I: C. Hale, M. Aiken, P. Kimsey, C. Wortliing, B. Wilkison, M. Bomar, P. Nestlerode, K. Hoster, Row 2: G. Ellis, B. Estes, L. Holmberg, J, King, S. Price, N. Oakes, C. Kerns, J. Hester, P. Werner, K. Cassady, C Harrison, N. Cullwrt. P. F11llllillt'l', C. Cleveland. S. Hall R. A. Taylor, J. Cummins. Row 4: Mrs. Maxine 'Tyler B. Shock, I.. McGuire. B. Tlioniuson, J. Daniel. R, Se-lm ,JA Vahlhorg, Mrs. Tyler is head sponsor. Paint-Brush Crowd Practical Contributors E lA National requirements met and a genuine interest in art entitles a student to be initiated to NATIONAL ART HON- OR SOCIETY. Fete des Peintres, the name given the local chapter, means Painter's Party. The chapter was established in 1958 and has become a popular activity in Knightland. Membership includes participation in the Oklahoma City Art Center, demonstrations by recognized artists, and ex- hibits which help and encourage young artists. Each year the National Art Honor Society Award goes to the outstanding art student. Society members are eligible for an award sponsored by the Art Renaissance Club of Ok- lahoma Citv presented in the annual awards assembly. Students enrolled in an art class may join Knightland's ART CLUB. There are no scholastic restrictions other than genuine artistic achievement in departmental projects. The organization represents many fields: Fashion, Fine Arts, Commercial. Art, Ceramics, Creative Crafts, Stage Designing, Creative Designing, and Painting. ART CLUB members represent varied types of artistic Bierman, J. Epperson, S. Jones, S Pettitt M Nance talent. Row I: P. Bennet, L, Hardin, B. Butterworth, J. Hammond, R. Kennard. B. Esterline J L Kennard S. Gilbert, S. Hetherington. Row 2: B. Thompson, L. I. Garrison, T. Bradshaw, C. Lytle M Vlolett ART HONOR SOCIETY members were initiated at the Oklahoma City Art Cen ter. Row 1 Miss Elizabeth Urmston I ,. Epperson S Jone B Butterworth M ' Nance, Mrs Wmnle Murray Row 2 T Bradshaw B E terlme R Kennard I Garrison Not pictured are A Bower man, R Lon and B Wilkison Blue and gold ribbons were worn by initiates of QUILL AND ger. Row 2: P. Loeffler, A. Huckabay, M. Hin haw P Clem SCROLL. Row I: N. Culbert, W. Kalmon, A. Smith. L. Kim- ons, B. Wilkison, J. Tillman, S. Brady, L Anderson J L berlin, S. Musallam, L. Mims, J. Anderson, S. Hall, G. Eslin- Olson. Row 3: K. Slack, J. Hester, S. Gilmore J Ellis P QUILL AND SCROLL has an excellent program of supplementing curriculum of- ferings. Members. of the Don Blanding Chapter, named for Oklahoma's p 0 et laureate, meet on Sunday afternoons once a month for discussions of current books, manners, music, opera, philosophy, teen problems and activities. Students of Junior class level enrolled in journahsm, art. or creative writing and maintaining a B average throughout high school are eligible for membership. Six- teen new members were initiated fir st semester. Associate memberships a r e available to ournalists who have demon- strated outstanding loyalty and devotion to publications over a period of years. Mrs. Nevva Sartin sponsors the club's activities. Stewards are Nancy Culbert, president, Winn Kalmon, vice-presidentg Ann Smith, recording secretaryg Sue Mu- sallam, corresponding secretaryg Linda Kimberlin, tr e a s u r e r g Judi Ander- son, chaplaing Steve Peter, historian and Sylvia Hall, program chairman. Associate memberships were offered this year to give all journalism students the opportunity for membership in QUILL AND SCROLL. Row 1: V. Mock, R. Kennard, J. Reeves, P. Volz. Row 2: J. Garrison, B. McQueen, T. Knott. Row 3: R. Long, V. Auer, J. A. Johnson. Spivey, S. L. Bumpas, C. Cabell. Quill And Scroll lnitiates Staff's Talented Toilers . Enrollment and Eligibility Mark Membership HONOR LANGUAGE initiates almost doubled the size of this Kniglitlanrl organization. Row I: P. Dormon, C. Kerns, N. Kurtz, S. Price, ll. Spivey, M. Marlin. Row 2: W. Kalmon, B. Mat- thews, P. Acrce, S. Loving, L. Coughlin. Row 3: J. Fretiwll, B. Estes, S. Smith, M. Van Hook, C. Benson. Row 4: K. Adams, M. Vallve, K. Bolt-s, S. Davis, G. Snccd. Row 5: P. Jimenez, E. Severin. K. Slack, J. Booth. Row 6: N. Culbert, J. Bourassa, T. Babcock, D. Scrog- gin, D. Cromwell, P. Wilt-s, P. Ehrig, J. Pate. HONOR LANGUAGE Club rewards language students for achievements and encourages them to continue study of the language of their choice. To be eligible. one must be enrolled in the sixth se- mester of a single language and have a B+ or 3.6 average. Initiation is held each spring for those who are qualified. lnitiates wear green, yellow, and white ribbons. The yellow is symbolic of scholarship, the green of desire and ambition, and the white of purity. The club's emblem is an owl sitting on a Roman Lamp. The owl stands for wisdom, the lamp reminds members that wisdom is attained through hard work. and 'gburning mid- night oilf, Miss Henrietta Von Tungeln, Mr. Bill Hughes, Mr. Virgil Caldwell, Miss Marilyn Coffey, Mrs. Wilma Bird, Mr. Leonard Marcotte, and Miss Carol Greniger sponsor HONOR LANGUAGE. Officers for the 1960-61 school year were Nancy Kurtz, president, Susan Price, vice-president, and Cindy Kerns, secretary-treasurer. Student attempts to clog the whcels of knowledge by littering linguistic laboratories are to no avail. Janitor-for the-day, Kenneth Perry comes to the aid of sponsor-in- distress, Miss Marilyn Coffey, Spanish instructor, and clears the clutter. HONOR MATH was established to promote interest in mathematics and to recognize those who do well in this field. Main activities are semester initiations with outstanding mathe- maticians as guest speakers. The club initi- ated twenty-eight members in the fall. Mem- bership requires three semesters of Ais in math and continuing in math courses until graduation, maintaining a B average. Sponsors are Mrs. Nellie Ecton, Mr. Rod- ney St. Dizier, Miss Berniece Gordon, Mrs. Alice Chesher, Miss Mary Wedding, Miss Mar- garet Thompson, Mr. Rex lrwin, Miss Helen Willingham, Mrs. Geraldine Buzbee, Mr. Paul Crowe, and Mrs. Clovie Harrison. Vince Mon- crief was president for the 1960-61 school year. Other officers were John Daniel, vice- presidentg Susan Gilmore, secretary: and Gary Borrell, treasurer. .. " Hi S, A9 ,.. ... K -+..q,,.q 'Rik .,. Initiates of HONOR MATH wear ribbons of dark and light blue. Row 1: J. Reber, J. Booth, S. Buchner, R. A. Taylor, V. Kurk, J. Fretwell. Row 2: P. Dormon, S. Craig, J. Childers, L. Rice, K. Hoster, K. Bell, P. Kutz, Mrs. Nellie Ecton, Miss Mary Wedding. Row 3: J. Jayne, S. Enders. J. W. Robertson, D. Freeman, T. Bean, C. Holt, J. Bourassa, Mrs. Clovie Har- rison, Mr. Rodney St. Dizier. Row 4: J. Keffer, J. Daniels, B. Finch, R. Lawson, W. Pearson, B. Howard. A2 I Ambition Times Ability , ..., , Q is I if 5"-iz. lu., fs, - -. ,N Q HONOR MATH recognizes top stu- dents in Northwest Classen's many college preparatory math courses. Row 1: C. Benson, L. Holmberg, P. Faulkner, K. Adams. C. McPl1eeters, P. Spivey, S. Davis, J. Reber. Row 2: P. Steele, M. VanHook, J. Cummins, S. Biggs, T. Prater, S. Merkle, N. Kurtz, M. Singleton, K. Slack, S. Gil- more. Row 3: R. Shirley, E. Just, D. Harrison, L. McGuire, W. Young, D. Wallis, B. Thomason, S. Sherman, G. Borrell. Row 4: D. Scroggins, T. Babcock, J. Elliott, S. Jabara, V. Moncrief, J. Vahlberg, B. Floyd, R. Seba. Who is responsible for the cheerful bit of news that comes over the Central Sound System each morning informing everyone of doings of Knightland for the day. Indeed, none other than members of the ANNOUNC- ERS7 CLUB. This year the club expanded its duties to include presiding over an- nouncements at athletic functions. Often excitement at athletic encounters presented a challenge to announcers who found it hard to keep their voices at a moderate tone. But who wants to be moderate? Out of sixty who auditioned at the year's beginning, forty were accepted for active membership. Mr. Ted Nichols sponsors the group. Members of ANNOUNCERS CLUB are given the opportunity to speak via CSS for a one-week period. Row 1: S. Reynolds, Sgt. at arms, J. Givens, historiang C. Barrett, treasurer: J. Reber, sec- retary: G. Allen, sgt. at arms, S. Carman, president. Row 2: L. Romerman, J. Taylor, A. Jor- dan, S. Lawrence, J. Cooper, C. Brook, B. Hill. Row 3: J. Poole, C. Riley, A. File, .l. Austin, J. Copeland, J. Aker. Row 4: J. Saunders, N. Woodard, A. Dan- iels, R. Bressie, B. Matthews, T. Babcock, D. Sroggin. Row 5: M. Kincaid, J. Bourassa, M. Waters, C. Bruton, R. Davidson, T. Zinn. Row 6: S. Markham, A. Williams, D. Mielenz, L. Cheever, P. Spivey, K. Slack, D. Andrews. Row 7: J. Cox, K. Knott. Nothing to Do in CSS Engineers are helpful in all broadcasts via Knightland's C e n tr al Sound System. At least one is on duty each hour of the school day. Left to right: Scotty Foster, Sam Reynolds, Mr. C. Olen La- bor, Mike Douglas, Bob Coulter, DeWayne An- drews, Mac Crain. Seated is Steve Carman. , YTK members are chosen to give devotionals whenever one is necessary. Row 1: B. Pierce, B. Butterworth, J. Taylor, C. Riley, K. Bell, S. Musallam, W. Kalmon, L. Bumpas, N. Needham, A. Huckabay, S. Brady, P. Loeffler, N. Hicock, C. Pruitt, M. Sims. Row 2: C. Wood, C. Worthing, J. Tillman, M. Singleton, A. Hill, C. Harrison, S. Merkle, K. Hoster, S. Smith, Advisory - Try Listening L. Rice, J. Vore, L. Steinbeck, S. Anderson, K. Hardage. Row 3: J. Troxel, K. Humphreys, J. Bourassa, S. Stewart, S. Green, N. Woodard, P. Bennett, C. Custer, R. Long, L. Holmberg, L. Griffin, L. Thompson. Row 4: S, Reynolds, J. Hester, D. Harrison, A. Bowerman. Combined with scholastic achievement is the spiritual development of Knightlanders. YOUTH OF THE KING- DOM was originated by and is strictly a student organiza- tion. This year marked the beginning of a weekly chapel held on Wednesday mornings. Guest speakers represent- ing a variety of faiths share these meetings. Other activi- ties of the group include giving the morning devotionals over Central Sound System and at all home football games basketball games, and wrestling matches. Members are pre paring graces for noon time meals to be given in the cafe teria. Sponsoring the group are Mrs. Madge Mills, Mrs. Jeanne Rippee, and Mrs. Ruth Warram. 9 advisory, including ad ministration news, spirit boosters, tlevotionals, and the calendar for the day, are beneficial to students in a big, busy school such as Northwest Clas- sen. Pictured here are, left to right, Jon Bouras- sa, Ginger Allen, Mike Reeves, and Mr. C. Olen Labor, assistant princi- ' pal. Announcements during Seniors of the COURTESY CLUB find enjoyment in render- ing service to the many activities found in Knightland. Row 1: S. Anderson, V. lfmhry, P. Cornell, B. Welch, R. Ours, A Forrestor, M. Aiken, R. Rice, J. Belt, R. Shaw, J. Stevens, S Pinkston, D. Embry, D. Mielenz, N. Needham, A. Huckabay J. Anderson. Row 2: B. Estes, J. Tillman, C. Worthing, N Mangum, M. Clarkson, Janet Ketchum, J. Reding, P. .Allen B. Dixon, Judy Ketchum, J. Hester, J, King, L. Holmbergl 9 C. Miskovsky, S. Biggs, K. Bell, P. Kutz. Row 3: P. Davis, C. Treece, J. Childers, P. Neal, L. Rice, S. Smith, L. Mims, K. Norris, S. Musallum, J. L. Olson, R. Winkler, R. Long, C. Custer, A. Williams, P. Kimsey, S. Alberts, J. Cox, N. Whit- taker. Row 4: P. Bennet, A. Bowerman, B. Wilkison, A. Hill, L. Steinbeck, J. Andrews, K. Steadley, C. Harrison, S. Markham, J. Biddy, B. Hebison, K. Hardin, J. Morris, L. Arnn, B. Spigener. Courtesy Club Continues to COURTESY CLUB was hon- ored when the offer to usher at "Fiorello" was presented. Broadway produced a fine play and an opportunity for members to see some of their favorite celebrities. Enjoying conversation with other ushers before the crowd arrives are, left to right, Barbara But- terworth, Sharon Smith, Car- lean Wood, Suzanne Smith, and Toni Raschke. Ushers were chosen on a volunteer, first-come-first-serve basis. Row 1: B. Butterworth, S. Thompson, P. Best, T. Knott. Row 2: J. Roesler, M. Bomar, S. Brady, C. Wood. Row 3: S. L. Bumpas, J. McKellar, M, Reeves, S. Carman, M. Matthews, J. Daniels, P. Loeffler, Mrs. Ola Mae Oakes, Miss Berniece Gordon, S. Hayes. Row 4: M. Crain, K. Perry, J. McCarty, S. Smith, R. Johnson, T. Schwab. Perform in Courtly Manner Jtiniors are active in all projects and meetings 'of COURTESY CLUB. Row I: L. Been, C. Jacob, P. Volz, S. McCan, S. Sonnenfeld, G. Allen, J. Reber, J. Scott. Row 2: N. Ellsworth, J. Booth, G. Sneed, B. Barber, W. Kalmon, T. Koeppel, L. Booker, M. Goodell, J. Reeves, M. Schoenthaler. Row 3: S. Morris, W. Austin, K. Hard- age, J. Jones, J. Graham, S. Lacy, E. Elliot, B. Dorney, P. Spivey, P. Brown, S. Gilmore. Row 4: J. Cooper, B. Matthews, A. File, S. L. Mashore, J. Austin, C. Cissne, N. Sutton, L. Agee, K. McCand- less, J. Schooley, S. Perrin, B. Hill, K. Slack, R. Chamberlain, J. Givens. Row 5: B. Moodie, D. Nay, J. Johnson, A. Weisiger, S. Telford, T. Ruff, A. Magruder, S. Noe, R. Mills. This year's beginning marked a time of great expansion for one of Knightland's oldest and most active organizations, COURTESY CLUB. Membership welcomes Knights and Ladies from all classes and all activities. New members are greeted with teas, social meetings, committees to join, and jobs of all sorts. These include ushering at school activities and public functions, planning service projects, and playing hosts to school-sponsored conventions. Courtesy Club members are looking for- ward to aiding delegates to the National Association of Student Councils Conference when they visit Northwest Classen. Usher- ing at plays such as 4'The Andersonville Trialw and '4Fiorello'3 presented the oppor- tunity for members to hobnob with Broad- way celebrities, plus an evening well worth their effort. Added attractions to member- ship in Courtesy Club are silver or gold bracelet charms, bearing the emblem of the organization. Leading in club operations are officers Janet Belt, president, Joanna Stevens, vice- president, Ruth Rice, secretary, and Randy Shaw, treasurer. Working with these girls are sponsors Miss Berniece Gordon, Mrs. Ola Mae Oakes, and Mrs. Mabel Park. I R 4 If if YS? L3 'E' W Y E' 'I V K Mes" ,"'V B Q- ,W , 9 V lzblyggii 6 K ef 5 Q 1 K 1 , V A lg. at M ' gi Q ' . , , r 2,1 1 fy 'ir W mf vw 1' Y-Teens Tackle Grease Monkey Project Girls eager to discover new ideas about living, while having profitable, wholesome fun, and doing generous services for others, and making lasting friends join Y-TEENS. Under the aus- pices of' Y.W.C.A., group members share responsibility and appreciation of God-given endowments with similar groups around the world. Mrs. Ola Mae Oakes and Mrs. Dorothy Peale sponsor Knightlandls chapter. This year they raised chapter funds by having car-wash service. Appreciation of the vital role of education in democracy's sur- vival is demonstrated by students who join FUTURE TEACHERS of AMERICA. Their Christmas dinner and charity basket are tra- ditions. This year they established a teacher memorial plaque to be placed in the Oklahoma room ,of the library. To start the year off f g right a tea was held in the social Y center with prospective members attending as guests of their faculty sponsors. Night meetings followed bringing s p e a k e r s from many phases of the teaching field. Their information was as varied as the subjects and areas in which stu- dent members are planning to teach in the future. Y-TEENS is made up of girls from all class levels. Row I: Mrs. Dorothy Peale, D. Dunham, A. Graham, K. Dunbar, J. Jones. Row 2: B. Worthing, P. Ellsworth, B. Langley, K. Hardage. Row 3: L. Buchwald, K. Lents, .l. Chase, R. Holman. Row 4: S. Mann, K. Jones, M. Wells, L. Hardin, l.. Eslinger. Democracy Beckons Future Teachers Social get-togethers are enjoyed by members of FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA. Home of member Cheryl Sommerfrucht was the site of the Christmas dinner and club project. Left, president Steve Peter presents to Mrs. Richard Gholston, representative of a group helping de- serving lndians, Christmas gifts from FTA members. Above, S. Hall, C. Sommerfrucht, .l. Reeves, S. L. Bumpas, J. Lindsay, S. Peter, D. Crowe, L. Hunt, M. Nance, and J. Woolley wait expectantly as Mr. J. R. Sommerfrucht manipulates the food. Mrs. Nevva Sartin is head spon- sor aided by Mrs. Ruth Warram, and Miss Gladys Shep- ard. One-dish dinners marked evening meetings. JUNIOR RED CROSS representatives deliver reports to their advisories the day following Wednesday meetings. Row 1.' B. Montgomery, J. Fretwell, F. deValle, B. Skaggs, S, Booker, R. Holman, E. Farris, R. King, D. Vanderslice. Row 2: J. Coyle, B. Selby, C. Barker, N. Hicoclc, J. Allen, J. Lawson, J. Deal, L. Manlovc, S. Brhdy, S. Bias, B. Pierce, P. Reinhold. Row 3: C. Kems, C. McPheeters, D. June, S. Wells, B. Wilkison, J. Armstrong, S. Martin, J. Ellison, M. Carlick, S. Perrin, N. Ellsworth, lN'l. Wade, C. Custer. Row 4: B. Howard, J. Bourassa, P. Dormon, M. L. Smith D. Harrison, T. Steer, M. Wells, K. Jones. Row 5: C. St. Dizier, C. MacKenzie, S. Gilmore, D. Cromwell, S. Carman, J. Lindsay, M. Zackritz, J. Sanders, N. Woodard, M. Mc- Mains, S. Reynolds. Medical Methods and Planned s W 508555 Each year students take time out from diets and indulge in a donut treat. Junior Red Cross sponsors the sale of donuts in advisories to raise money for projects. Above, Pam Martin hands representative Jim San ders donut money as Don Ellis makes a flavor decision. Right, Nancy Nichols, Dave Cromwell, and Jon Bourassa supervise the Sale. Proceeds go for an overseas chest. Representatives from 76 advisories at- tend, bi-monthly, meetings of JUNIOR RED CROSS. An active club in Knightland, Junior Red Cross sponsors and carries out many serv- ice projects, such as programs presented at Veteranis Hospital, gift boxes or chests sent overseas. Donut sales during the year are also sponsored by this organization. Miss Helen Bourke and Mrs. Lucile Spann are sponsors of Junior Red Cross. Spring of the school year 1959-60 marked the launching of an organization new to Knightland, JUNIOR MEDICS. Mrs. Nola Moore, school nurse, and Mrs. Ramah Miller, homernaking, sponsor the group and lead discussions. NTU Y I02 -1 , ,. jf , 'P Au .aiu-M GH, , W 5' 'X' . , Row 1: C. J. Ice, A. Daniels, A. Graham, P. Wade. Row 2: P. Loeffler, C. McGee, C. Cissne, S. Hall, J. Rector, K. Wilson. Row 3: S. Anderson, L. Holmberg, J. L. Olson, S. Alberts, C. Cabell, K. Terry. Row 4: B. Ester- line, K. Kratina, D. Morelock, M. Savage, L. Mims. Row 5: S. Sigmon, C. Youngheim, S. Rush. Projects Charge Chapters Interest in becoming a nurse and in the field of medicine spurred ,ludy Maier, the daughter of a medical doctor, to share with others her future hopes and to organize a club in which all those of like interest coultl come together. This chapter of Knightland, JUNIOR MEDICS, under the direc- tion of Judy, has grown into a beneficial outlet for students. Shown here, Judy reviews pamphlets she has collected which help her and fellow members choose a suitable career in medicine or follow individual hobbies. JUNIOR MEDICS pay heed to Knightlandis nurse, Mrs. Nola Moore, as she gives them a few helpful hints Row 3: Mrs. Moore, J. Bourassa, H. Howard, B. Brum- ley, J. Huddleston, D. Daniel, C. Cassady, S. Gilmore. Row 2: Mrs. Ramah Miller, N. Nichols, Railey, C. Beausang. Row I on floor: P. Cornell, S. Marden, K. Bray. Members gather to prepare bandages and medi cal supplies to send overseas. Dramatics Train and Entertain FORENSIC LEAGUE is an hon- orary organization for outstanding debaters and speech students. By appearing before large audiences and by participating in speech tournaments, speech students ob- tain twenty-five points required for membership. Three of our most outstanding speakers, Nick Woodard, Dan Young, and Don Templin, attend- ed N.F.L. Invitational Tournament at Miami Beach, with Nick and Dan winning first in Debate, and Nick Winning first in Extempora- neous speaking. The debaters this year resolved that the United Na- tions should be strengthened. K. Kay Brandes, 1960 graduate represented our N.E.L. chapter at National Tournament in San Die- go, California, last summer. Those attending this tournament were the most outstanding speech students of the United States. Mrs. Patricia Gulley sponsors Northwest Classen's chapter. Members of FORENSIC LEAGUE are Knighlland's best tournament represent- atives. Left to right: N. Wrxodard, N. Needham, D. Young, D. Templin, I. Abney, N. Norton, K. Knott. NATIONAL THES- PIANS, honorary organiza- tion for establishing and ad- vancing the standards of ex- cellence in all phases of dra- matic art, created an active interest in drama among the students this year when its members produced several all-school plays. National Thespians is, a service organization which provides expert advisory services to its members in all phases of play production. Ten points required for mem- bership may be acquired by participating in all phases of dramatic Work. This year's sponsor is Mrs. Patricia Gul- ley, speech teacher. THESPIANS organization fea- tures dramatic leaders in all- school plays and speech tourna- ments. Row I: C. Barrett, C. Miskovsky, N. Needham, D. Mie- lenz, M. Marlin, K. Knott. Row 2: N. Norton, J. Childers, C. Truett, B. Nance, J. Givens. Row 3: Mrs. Patricia Gulley, S. Carman, J. McCord, M. Kincaid, D. An- drews, S. Foster. Chess, the thinking man,s game, has an organization. newlysfounded in Knightland. lntere a great amount of patience and concentra- tion a Arriving at class late after lunch is oc- casionally the result of a tight game. CHESS CLUB members indulge in the game of Wit. Seated: S. Carman, R. Fagin, .l. Elliot, E. Just, M. McMains. Standing: S. Reynolds, .l. Mason Science Wizards Learn Whys, Wherefores SCIENCE CLUB, sponsored hy Nortliwcst Classenls sci- ence department, is open to any pupil interested in science. Students with common interests mc-et in such special groups as photography, chemistry, physics, bot- any, and Zoology, Field trips to many interesting ex- hibits or nature studies in Oklahoma are enjoyed by members. The plant-tarium lm-ated at Oklahoma State Fairgrounds is at favorite visiting spot. City wide projects and organizations arc supported hy Knig1htlunrl's Science gaze! " s, sm? .w gm' Club. Acting as head sponsor of the organization is Mr. .lohn Paden, who Works with other science teachers Mrs. Betty Richard, Mr. Lawrence Crouse, Mr. Paul Swan, and Miss Lucile Taylor. Members meet on alter- nate Wednesdays to discuss topics of interest in Knight- land's science program. Standing are officers Jerry Elliott, president, ,lack Flemming, vice-presidentg Susan Gilmore, secretaryg Beverly Estes, treasurerg Mike Mc- Mains, parliamentarian: and Mr. John Paden, sponsor. Chess Club Challenges Cunning st in the game of bishops and rooks, re the only requirements for entrance. ....1..f..n1uuu-:uma Tales of Col. Caldwell's adventurous army life spark classes and GERMAN CLUB meetings. Row 1: B. Murphy, J. Southerland, J. Bourassa, H. White, J. Aker. Row 2: E. Bierman, D. Rucker, J. Minninger, N. Tennis, R. Henricks. Row 3: B. Botts, C. Kosted, S. Kimerer, J. Barkett, A. Gibbs. Row 4: J. Flemming, J. Moore, H. Dubberstein, J. Barnes, L. Bailey. Row 5: P. Steele, M. Zach- ritz, G. Borrell, M. Hutchinson, B. Hunt. Row 6: W. Routdh, J. Lee, E. Brady, R. Wiedermann, C. McClure, P. Howard. Boys outnumber girls in the GERMAN CLUB. Row 1: J. Car- mony, J. Floyd, B. Cox, R. Gib- son, R. Bell, R. Robinson, C. Bay, R. Cobb, Col. Virgil E. Caldwell. Row 2: C. Cabell, J. L. Olson, M. Black, T. Milligan, P. Nestle- rode, G. Guthery, J. Warren, D. Andrews, P. Ehrig, T. Arun. Row 3: R. Long, S. Anderson, J. Ma- son, B. Chaple, J. A-vant, J. Jerlow, S. Gray, E. Snider, C. Holt, B. Enter. Row 4: B. Garrett, K. Newman, S. Reynolds, C. Ham- ilton, L. Sims, J. Carson, J. Saun- ders, W. Roberts, M. McMains, B. Reiff. Row 5: D. Boyle, S. Loving, J . Corbett, D. Davidson. J. Vahlberg, J. Coppnck, J. Tay- lor, J. Chalmers, L. Bell, E. Just. Language Students Any student in a German class or any- one who speaks the language may become a member of the GERMAN CLUB. An op- portunity to use the German language is of- fered to all members. Purpose of the club is to promote understanding of the culture of the German peoples. Col. Virgil Caldwell sponsors the group and leads members in activities. Parties and projects, discussion groups where only Ger- man is spoken are organized and directed by Col. Caldwell. JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE, one of Knightland's largest organizations, is composed of speakers of a sup- posedly dead language. Row I: B. Selby M. Points, L. Holmberg, T. Rose, C. Wolff, M. Sims, S. Finefrock, M. Haffner, N. Nichols, V. Brewer, P. Jacobson, E. Owens, P. Finefrock, T. Coughlin. Row 2: S. Perrin, H. O'Leary, P. Loveless, K. King, M. E. Smith, S. King, M. Leaming, J. Earnst, C. Ice, F. Turpin, M. Sewell, J. Richert, J. Study Countries' Customs Gillespie, M. Lappin, M. Estes, L. Vernon, S. Davis, C. Truett. Row 3: L. Coughlin, A. Christianson, K. Cassady, S. Kimerer, B. Strong, T. Steer, C, Farha, J. Garrison, C. Riley, P. Reinhold, J. Stettheimer, N. Houchin, C. Den- ham, H. Traska, J. Rapp, D. Harrison, J, Houchin, D. Hume, D. Pape, W. Pearson. D. Anderson, D. Confer, R. Shirley, K. Liss, R. Cobb, J. Davis. Membership in JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE is offered to all who are currently enrolled in a Latin class or who have com- pleted two years of the language. Purpose of the chapter is to encourage among young peo- ple an interest in and appreciation of the civilization, language, literature, and art of Ancient Greece and Rome, and to give them some understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of classical antiquity. Highlight of the year is a Roman Banquet, where students in first year of Latin fill the role of slaves. Second year students provide the entertainment, and third and fourth year students act as Caesarean nobles. Sponsoring the club is Mrs. Wilma Bird. Officers are Carol McPheeters, president, Donna Decker, vice-president, Kaye Boles, secretary, Susan Price, treasurer, and Tom- my Babcook, parliamentarian. Latin speaking is simplified by membership in JCL. Row 1: J. Allen, D. Minor, J. Johnson, S. Fuller, G. Laurence, B. Bishop, J. Hanna, C. Pate, E. Palo, K. O'Shea, M. Bennett, M. Barker, J. Lamb. Row 2: D. Spiva, R. Hiersohe, J. Tatum, N. Woodard, T. Babcock, C. Kerns, D. Decker, C. McPhee-ters, K. Boles, S. Price, Mrs. Wilma Bird, T. Bean, D. Scrog- gin, M. Singleton, R. A. Taylor. M. Miller. Row 3: D. Draper, L. Hackler, P. Putt, A. Su.llivan, D. Knox, C. Goforth, R. Jack, C. Faris, G. Kasper, P. Pearson, C. Abermann, C. Pruit, L. Ridgeway, C. Stammer, A. Hiniker, C. St. Dizier, J. Stettheimer, R. Linn. new -ifivfrii ,N aw -43 'K 1 ,. L, . ,.f.awwnf!Si'5'f'Jamw, Performing the honors during the ceremonial JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE initiation is Tommy Babcock, as Don Scroggin, Tom Bean, and Carol McPheeters watch. The organizations emblem is imprinted on the table covering. Initiation of new League members took place Oc- tober 14-, 1960, in Northwest Classen's Little Theatre. Music Maids Find Baking Fascinating Femme members of the band are known as the BAND GIRLS organization. Members of the band who Wish to aid in projects and have fun with girls of like interests may become members of the group. Each year, sales of home-made cookies and candy raise money for their activities and for the band. Miss Carol Greniger and Miss Jo Alice Hendricks co- sponsor the group. Row 1: P. Nestlerode, L. Cowles, A. Marko, C. Cassady. Row 2: L. Wilson, Miss Jo Alice Henricks, C. Kosted, J. Johnson, L. Vernon, L. Poe, B. Pierce, L. Whitwell, C. Meeker, M. Brummitt, P. Steele, Miss Carol Greniger, M. VanHook. Library Aides Live Literarily Membership in the LIBRARY CLUB is open to all library aides. Members have book -re- views Which feature a social hour and trips to other libraries to see how they are organized. In tu r n , pupils from other schools return the visits. Dis- trict and state library meetings are Well attended by these Dewey d e c i m a l system fans. Mrs. Alma Doughty and Mrs. Ethel Gay, Knightlandis librar- ians, sponsor this group. LIBRARY CLUB members gather behind the desk counter for a group picture. Row 1. M. Violett, C. Meeker, B. Zukowski, B. Hunt, M. Taylor. Row 2: C. Reever, K. Terry J. Palmer, G. Kasper. Row 3: L. Stearns, C. St. Dizier. FUTURE JOURNALISTS strive for brighter copy and better pictures. Raw I: C. Church, P. Volz, R. Johnson, J. Anderson, J. Musallam, G. Maupin, B. Wendorff, A. Huckabay, K. Riley, C. Cabell. Row 2: J. Ellis, J. Reeves, N. Ellsworth, S. Brady, B. Wilkison, J, Tillman, L. Mims, S. Musallam, D. Wilson, S. Gilmore, K. Slack, P. Loeffler. Row 3: L. Baumgarner, L. Buch- wald, R. Long, L. Anderson, J. Sieher, J. L. Olson, W. Kalmon, V. Mock, L. Kimberlin, A. Smith, K. Norris. Row 4: D. More- lock, J. Hester. S. Hall, M. Stivers, N. Culbert, J. Lamb, B. Bishop, P. Spivey, S. L. Bumpas, S. Werner, E. Palo. Row 5: C. Kelley, T. Knott, J. Garrison. R. Capshaw, B. Nance, M. Mclllains, M. Nichols, M. Kincaid, L. Cheever. Deadlines and Headlines Keep Journalists Active Journalism enrollment offers not only opportuni- ties for developing oneis insight and interest in his environment, hut, also. membership in FUTURE JOURNALISTS OF AMERICA. Organized in 1958 by the University of Oklahoma School of Journal- ism, the organization has played a large part in at- tracting represcntative students to journalism ca- reers in all fields of communication. Future Journalists attend' Oklahoma City Inter- scholastic Press Association monthly dinner meet- ings with journalists from all city high schools. These meetings feature speakers and counselors Who discuss journalism as a career. Finished product of a hard-working staff, the Round Table is surveyvcl by the critical eye of Mrs. Nevva Sartin. jour- nalism director. It must be meeting her fancy because "Sargel' is signing the book, otherwise she wouldnit. if w il LVVVL Q N 3? Y? fl ix, . T 1 I ,I '..E , s 2' .'-: if y y , For These Each Day Is Divided Between Row I Wir Horace Brook D Beverly K Butler B Carroll L Crawford B Duncan R w 2. ill. F ost, J. Crig , H. Hall B. Hestwood K. Hicks S. Hieb. Row 3: J. Hively B. James C. Diversified Occupations gives training in technical, trade, and in- dustrial positions. ln the DO pro- gram students spend half of each day on jobs as apprentices in some commercial' or professional estab- lishment. The other half is spent in school taking regular courses. Positions students in this program fill include dental assistants, medi- cal technicians, printers, auto me- chanics, florists, cabinet makers, photographers, and engravers. There are 108 trades or industries for which training is available through the DO program. Mr. Horace Brooks is instructor and sponsor of the TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL CLUB. Jcnckes, P. Kamp, J. Loper, D. Mc- Cormick. Row 4: S. 0'Ncil, G. Pember- ton, .l. Rutledge, J. Ryden, B. Strahl, F. Wall. Row 5: A. Williams. .l. Wilson, B. Woodward. Aeronauts Learn to Fly by Flying AERONAUTlCS CLUB was organized in Knightland to promote interest in aviation. Students enrolled in Flight Training, offered first semester, or second-semester class, Navigation, may join the chapter. Flight Training class is considered necessary preparation and must pre- cede erirollment in Navigation, in which students indi- vidually plan flights to chosen destinations. Five hours flying time may be attained by this flight, made in a Northwest Classen-owned Cessna 140 two-seater. Mr. .lim Conger sponsors the group. Officers this year were ,lim W oodw a r d , president, Doug Knox, vice-president, and .lanie Pryor, secretary. AERONAUTICS CLUB members pause to listen to president ,lim Woodward as he points out an interesting idea. Left to Right: B. Garrett, M. Boevers, J. Green, L. Moore, V. Hill, L. Oliver, R. Lusk, J. Pryor, Mr. .lim Conger, J. Woodward, D. Knox, E. Miller, W. Roberts, J. Petty. Education and Experience Distributive Education is a program that trains students for entrance in the field of distribution or selling. Instruc- tion is offered concerning methods of applying for jobs, proper job attitudes, techniques of selling, store organiza- tion, advertising and design. is offered in this program. graduates become retailing start at business and have Earning while attending school Since two of five high school employees, pupils get an early established records of practical work experience upon completion of high school. Students enrolled in Distributive Education became mem- bers of DECA, or DE CLUB. Getting together with members of other clubs, they compare ideas and learn more about re- tailing. Miss Beth West, sponsor of the group, has built an organization that is recognized for its outstanding achieve- ments throughout the state. Row 1: B, Able, J. Ewing, J. Jordan, D. Loyd. Row 2: A. McCatee, W. Marler, L. Marshall, G. Mathers. Row 3: J. Maudlin, M. Mobley, D. Murray, B. Muzney. Row 4: J. O'Toolc, D. Pennington, S. Pickens, L. Robinson. Row 5: S. Ross, J. Schell, J. Staal, P. Walls. Row 6: M. Williamson, D. Willis. RADIO CLUB was organ- ized expressly for those stu- dents interested in the me- chanics of, and communica- tions by, radio. Northwesfs call letters are WSDFH. "Ham', licensed op- erators are David Rollow, Gary Roberts, Robert Powell, Ed Smith, and Dean Oldham. Each has a call letter. Radio Club members have their own small room in which to "ham it up," if only through short wave radio. Standing, L. to R.: D. Rollow, presidentg C-. Robertsg R. Powellg E. Smith, engineerg J. Lindsayg M. Black, J. Stett- heimer. Seated, L. to R.: R. Leeg R. Biermang R. Corbin, and D. Oldham, secretary. Regular meetings of Radio Club are held on alternate Wednesday mornings, in the classroom of the sponsor, Mr. Rodney St. Dizier. President David Rollow has loaned some of his equipment to the school, and together with the school's equipment, the boys are able to communicate with people all over the United States. if mi '11 .. is x i I Q Q. "Hams" Hobnob With Faraway Friends Learning to keep calm under difficult, and sometimes embarrassing conditions, is one of many qualifications of good employees. Mem- bers of CAREER CLUB give attention to training themselves for positions in the com- petitive field of business. Once a month, dur- ing second hour, members meet to discuss topics such -as job requirements, office pro- cedures, desirable personal characteristics. Guest speakers attend meetings and tell of op- portunities and demands of various commer- cial enterprises. Along with the guests, the sponsors, Mrs. lvy Copeland, Mrs. Maxine Tyler, Miss Jo Alice Hendricks, and Mrs. Lu- cile Spann, give plenty of good advice. Meet- ings give each student a little more confidence. Career Club is an organization of the busi- ness education department. Among depart- mental offerings are: typing, shorthand, sten- ographic courses, office practices, bookkeep- ing, business math, business English. Preparation is the main purpose of high school education. The Career Club makes pos- sible a wide range of contacts and apprecia- tion of the importance of thorough training in basic business ethics. W. 5, , L ,'- .ig 2. l Career Courses Qualify Serving as Career Club officers are, left to right: Sandra Anderson, presidentg Sherilea Anderson, vice-president, Nancy Whittaker, sec- retaryg Glenda Gardner, parliamentariang Kay Bainbridge, sergeant at arms, Rose Marie Winkler, historiang Diane Embry, treasurerg Sharon Pinkston, sergeant at arms, and Judy Cunningham, chaplain. L. Acreeg L. Ageeg S. Ander- song S. K. Andersong K. H Bainbridge, B. Barron: S. K dill-li 1 Bayg S. Best. . p I -',- f, n l' ' V llll . I , S. Biggs, L. Booker, M. Bo- , , fi? fr 4 alfa? mar, B. Boweng J. Braggsg ff ',,. 1 W. Braun, F. Canadag G. l f a H it Carlton. hal Ll We ppyy ..--' ' C, , J. Carnahang C. Cissneg P. ,lf V Clemonsg C. Clevelandg P. t-,, jg, 3, - ,? S , Cornellg P. Crumpler: J. Cun- .lki kfk- V- -L fgr, -. A ky N FQ- fil. ningham: C. Custer. y:y,,V . 5, V' . ..L. '1 V :xl ,V ":: ,., H L, A. Davis, ,l. Dolerg J. Dun- ,,'.-.,11 '? ,',g i , J -II ' - ham, J. Dyerg S. Eadsg D. v , L W Embryg C. Farrellg C. Fisher. A e .rttlti r , A ii i'i' , v if V ti . , 4 C ' A , V A S. Flynn, L. Forgueg .l. Fried- ' 1' ' .15 " 'Z "" 5 A xy, i"i . -V i-- A man, L. Foster, L. Gal- ..,. ' V 'f' j ,,', i:" fb, ,it, -t,'t, , t-- r lagherg G. Gardnerg S. Gat- , . if . -f-1- 1 '-"'t.'1 -- ' 1' - S Cl kk . V A . ll i Lrkyr. 7.5, ,L.k V1 K: 1, VkVV.rk LSTK7 V in . lll, . yI'1I1. 'V in V' V' ' '.'-ii" if ' 1 L r , tonnsccon itr. , C liifii L L V f f 'i yier A yyltt -.., L- Coslinz J- Grahams P- "l" ul uu i ,, . - r' i iiiil . 7 ,Z ,1, Hallenbeckg L. Hall, D. y lyt , he Hamesg JL Hammg D. Harri- ,yf i E W, , H SOHQ N- HHIHSOH- H -' H ' ----f- A ,, p , B. Hebisong R. Hendrickson: . ... fy Q: i S. Hethringtong N. Hicockg A. Til" 353 ,L .,,, . M. Hinshawg T. Holidayg L. r ' ., .,, C , , ,Eg 2.- A l 2 , :r ail n y: N Holman? House- li. Iluwvliz I.. Iillghvsz S. Hughes: C. Hydcn: C. Jacob: I...I1IIl1'SI W. Kiilnimiz X. Kamp, L. Kimberlinl J. King: T Knott: C. Kohun: B. Lang- ley: P. I.:-uf: X. It-mls: 5. Lowe. I.. I.. M.lnImz': If. Martin: T. Marlin: J. Mathis: ll. May: 'I'. Mvlfwi-in: .l. Mi- Iam. IJ Yu' H Nm-I-mi. N. New- ..t... ell: D. Newton: L. Norton: C. Oliver: .I. I.. Olwnz ,I Ore. S. I,1lTI116'I1if'l'1 Ii. Pinkstonl F. Pinkston: J. Poole: T 1 Irater: L. Rankin: B. R4-e-sv: S. Ridgeway. XI. Kilt-yn F. Iiuiiwtsoiil S Ross: T. Ryan: S. Sancivrsl K M. Savage: K. Shadid: Shepard. .I. Sieher: .L Smeiserg B Smith: S, Smith: C. SIIQIIUYZ .I P. Thomasg P. Tucker: Wfude. C. Ware: N. Whittaker: N Wilie-I: R. M. Winkler: l. Worthing. Q if if P ,Q If . t r Ad T , if Lg? gf, Q .Q h Q7-' an. 1. r ' ' ? s 2 2? ' I ' i, ire .ti Q if A . yjyzfw Ivk -B I 'B i I Ye' A 7. an I 1 lun Ml Q ' emi? I .1 Q - . , , SVT! I T5 3 Q iw I ,I f I .. . 1 lx .avr Practice Prepares for Positions in Business urn! Enthusiastic sponsors of Career Ciub, left to right, Mrs. Maxine Tyla-r. Mrs. Ivy Copeland, Mrs. Lucile Spann, and Miss .IO Xiicu Hf'I1lIl4Il'k4, are shown preparing refreshments for the members. vw.f,.Ww, ,, M ,Q Pep Clubs 1 . bww 27. QI lr 'lcrlfii g X I ,gy . X - , x 'px QQ' 5 ' 4,A I :ZW Qs Northwest Classen cheerleaders Jerlyn Davis, Betty Dixon, Jeanie Cooper, Phyl- lene Kimsey, Judy Ellis, Carla Kise, and Linda Lawson jumped sky high to take second place in state competition. 5 X' F55 1 A -' vggff ,E . gf 4 1 Dk 5 N - ig 'gfful ' ' f H-gszfsx-.iff ' F 4, 'A A 'SS3i'??Z'7" K ,. M Y , Am 51, 2 QF 1 g 3 4 U. , V 4 ff, ,M Y 7 I X 5 5. A N V 4, . ' f Q M. ,. N up-M Lancers NGO! GO! GOI" yell the Lancers. These eager beavers i11- itiated 4-7 members this year. Joining fun and spirit creates the enthusiasm displayed by pep clubs for Knightland activities. Traditional Christmas and Spring Formals, open to all Knight- landers, were attended by a record ntunber. Nominating five senior girls' club queen candidates is a serious deliberation each fall. The girls are selected on basis of personality, beauty, in- terest in school affairs, and leadership. During the eight week campaign period candidates attend regular meetings of the club. Nominees were Judi Anderson, Kathy Norris, Rae Ours, Ann Smith and Bryanne Welch. Finally the awaited moment arrived and Ann was crowned queen by Nick Woodard, presi- dent, December 20 at Lakeview Country Club. Lancers pre- sented Mr. Gerald Heusel, new sponsor, and Mr. Bill Hughes and Mr. Sidney Ohmart, returning sponsors, gifts in apprecia- tion of their devotion, sacrifice, and guidance. .QR Y V 'V W X 'lily Miss Ann Smith Nick Woodard Lancer Queen '60-,61 President P. Walker R. Mondie S. Jabara L. Rainey S. Enders D. Andrews J. W. S. Noe L, Roberts ViC6-Pf6S- Sffffefllfy Treasurer Corr.-Sec. Parli. Chaplain Robertson Hist. Sgt. at Arms Pleg. Mast. J , . llilet ,. . T ' ssce J " i f - .s, is 1 fv- ' V - V , t3?1t':f if t if f-"'l if 'E iig S' 27 2 J izli ' l .-s,,1.. A ."i' J . A lsi if 'ii' ' - :.' siii l lyy . .VAL .V-,V , rlil .rrll s a s, s t e , t 1 e i f if y r rfifi A . if ' l's L is V f'ff f H 4 fr ' I lf' is .' 1 s""f' A 3 A -.,. s..i ii"': 1, S' 'Q s , es.. Zi' ' ' . , r Row 1: R. Austin, J. Avant, T. Babcock, G. Beaver, R. Bell, E. Bierman, P. Bierman, J. Bloschke, C. Buch, M. Buchwald, J. Book- out, E. Cain. Row 2: M. Casey, M. Charleston, R. Chase, T. Coughlin, K. Craig, J. Criss, B. Curtis, R. Dale, R. Davidson, C. Deutche, M. Deschamps, D. Duncan. Row 3: J. Dunn, B. Duskin, J. Elliott, B. Fagala, R. Fagin, K. Faires, S. Farha, H. Fite, S. Foster, M. Fulton, D. Griffy, T. Harold. ,yg V , K, ,, Q f A if v f vc . , - ,, - 9 , x s 'j 2 '! K W L I 2 , f J L "' "V- v . fn 1 li "ff ' ii ' - i - f E ,K . 5h I I? kk,i 4 L- gf kk. , J h 1 4, , if Q . Jsis A e 2 f . ' tx ' 3 ,J , , e Row I: D. Harrison, G. Heine, R. Hendricks, D. Hensley, C. Henson. H. Hewes, D. Hicks, D. Hinkle, C. Hinson, T. Holiday, C. Holt, L. Hull, Row 2: A. Jack, K. Knight, T. Knott, D. Kyle, L. Lemon, D. Leo, H. Lester, D. Logan, V. McClanahan, L. McDaniel, R. McNamee, J. Mason. Row 3: D. Mayes, C. Meadows, J. Miller, H. Morris-on, B. Porch, S. Rathjen, W. Roberts, J, Rupp, S. Sanders, K. Schmidt, S. Schmitz, L. Schroeder. Row 4: L. Scott, D. Shipley, J. Slaughter, B. Smith, E. Smith. J. Southland, Spears, B. Stewart, J. Strong, D. Templin, N, Tennis, J. Vahlherg. Row 5: J. Warren, B. Way, R. Wiggins, C. Britton, J. Catlin, D. Tucker. Lancers Initiate 47 Lancer queen candidates, Ann Smith, Kathy Norris, Judi Anderson, Rae Ours, and Bryanne Welch hopefully exude charms. S. Mr. Bill Hughes, Lancer spon- sor, seems just about to reach the punch line of his latest anecdote. Listening is co-spon- sor, Mr. G. B. Heusel. II7 X Coronets "We've got the club that we know is best!" Vivacious gold clad Coronet members assure crowds that they've ugot the pepf' and theyive Mgot the spirit'." Coronets greeted the 1960 football season by chartering four buses and overflowing them with enthusiastic supporters, box lunches, and chaperones, and travelled to Wichita Falls, Texas, for the opening game of the season. September 29 saw 150 proud girls, who had served as junior members for a week, initiated into the pep club. At the con- clusion of the first Coronet meeting initiates were entertained in the auditorium and served refreshments on the patio. Charity drives, capers for pep assemblies, and ushering for community functions created a full time alter-school and weekend schedule for members. All of Knightland looks forward to the annual basketball banquet which Coronets plan and direct. Basketball players are dined, danced, and entertained as well as awarded team letters. Coaches and sponsors are special guests. 0 z These are the moments of glory for a pep club officer. Displaying Bryanne Welgh the traditional white coat of Coronet president is Bryanne Welch, President flanked by Sue Nlusallam, treasurer, and Sally Merkle, vice-presi- dent. , . ..,. ,., AVA V ,,X ., . ,g p V V V igi A E K.. H , M I -,-wif :mf - "W, . ii .-M -M .,... ., fr ' ':' i. , - lt' 1 ,:,. spar.. lg 1 . . . . if V 2 .33 A L: ,Li 2 .-L , .. if Akrr A Q26 I istti . .stf A A iit'i i A ' 'i'i . S-,Mefkle 5- Musallam P. Cornell R. Rice G. Allen K. Coit B. Wilkison A. Williams C. Brook VlCf3'Pf63- TTCGS- 14555. Tfells. Parl. Recorder Cha . Historian Historian Cheerleader P gg i' :,. 2215251 . I if ' ' sz,:vw '-- Q ' iil' E. f fl . . f i- i . s r ..t. 3 - l i .ie- f . . A - . . ' " r 5 "" ""':ii."' ess.. . - ..'e' : i"' B l ,. tss"s' ... . it .... - r -.,. -YE? 'f FF ' p , jx. .i', ' gg f . . 1 '-,, ,511 .-,,,.::v' if A i V i A. File B. Sykes C. Barrett K. Bell L. Griffin K. Norris J. Roesler N. Whittaker K- Adams Cheerleader Cheerleader Sgt. at Arms Sgt. at Arms Sgt. at Arms Sgt. at Arms Sgt. at Arms Sgt. at Arms Flag Bearer A A . A . y 1- r i s A . A . . . r - A , ,:,,,, 1 ' . V, ,E .... W - , S 5 l ,V ,gig ,,,x ".. 5 S, ., '- . vi M trss V ':' ilse r..t 1 M i..i C e'. A A . if A .... s. .l.r ssrei t ' " f e"i ' - 1'i1 V- -'t.- Q -'. 5 B' ' i'.. 1' - Row 1: C. Abernathy, F. Abramson, J. Adams, L. Agee, N. Agee, P. Allen, J. Andrews, R. Anneler, J. Armstrong, C. Arnold, V. Auer, J. Austin. Row 2: A. Ayers, M. Baggs, J. Baker, L. Baker, Beverly Barber, Billye Barber, S. Barfoot, ,l. Barkett, M. Barkett, B. Barran, C. Battle, L. Baumgarder. s Hi, Sky! . iv VX w I H f it e -, ,Xt L fi A N- i , - . ,X . A 1 ,7 i 1. -'T W' A , , pg., 2, Q- . IQ -: Pep clubs and pep rallies are practically one and the same. Usually clad in gold 0 sweaters these Coronets shed them to escape the ninety degree heat that rises I Lx ,ff ,W 2 ' quickly when some 2,000 spirited Knights gang up for a pep rally before a grid A R 2 battle. Oh, for an air conditioned gym! Bias. Row 2: L. Blalock, K. Boles, K. Booth, A. Bortzfield. Row 3: A. Bowerman, J. Bow- erman, J. Boxburger, L. Brady. Row 4: S. Brady, S. Bramble, S. Brooks, S. Brown. was Q . M '- zz 3. . 'f ' fr ' 4 5' K ., 5 - iy x We 5 ,Z , ,. cryr K I A W' In .L i g 4-.N i i 1 V - J p K X ' o , .. e , , 7 ' 3 nrt, ff ' - I ' il 2 .tm 1 P ,- f -"- -- ' if - ' V t , - I fy :f-. 2, f fe L t . i A t ,A , ,. li r A. , We 'iframe he ti E Pt' W. Ft TN S ii A L' tv if Q se L' ' ' A W ii Q pa iq. 'xx f Fei' ' il? J A .t A f .tw...7s. x A or fi 1 t H or f-V ii . - ' 4- , Q' Q 3 S A sf se A 4 s Ns' SS SX if it , J X V , .- if .- ' 1 ,- t . f ' . f f , I. , ,t , .,,,, l I in 'ixii " ii ' ,nj s ii N f Hs... . . ' f 'K - r ,K 4, Q- Row. 1: S. Bryant, S. Bumpas, C. Butler, B. Butterworth, G. Cannon, J. Cannon, H. Carmicheal, K. Cassady, L. Cassady, L. Chapim S. Chatham, J. Chase. Row 2: B. Church, C. Church, J. Clark, P, Clemons, B. Cody, J, Copeland, J. Corbett, P. Cornell, B. Cotter, J Cunningham, C. Custer, J. Daiker. Row 3: M. -Daiker, C. Daly, A. Daniel, D. Daniel, B. Davis, S. Davis, D. Decker, K. Deegan, F. del- Valle, M. Deschamps, R. Dicxler, M. Dittman. Row 4: P. Dorman, B. Dorney, J. Dorney, C. Duffy, M. Duncan, J. Dunham, L Earnst, L. Easton, J. Edgar, N. Ellsworth, J. Epperson, B. Estes. Row 5: J. Ewing, C. Farrell, S. Fausett, G. Ferguson, J. Floyd, S Flynn, S. Finefrock, S. Gatlin, G. Gibbons, J. Givens, M. Goodell, A. Goodman. Row 6: K. Goodrich, J. Graham, C, Gravet, B. Grayson Sally Green, Sharon Green, S. Griffith, S. Goss, E. Govin, M. Haffner, L. Hal6Y7 J. Hames. Row 1: J. Belt, K. Bennett, P. Bennett, S. . Q W . . ,. fa- V sr Q L v. 5.5 s t . . . K -'gi . . Q if .5 5 . ,. .- . f 4 I A .3 12' S W f W .. x 'AN ? , 4- 'ls f A .f if 1 N- M ,Y iA .. in NV . I ,yn i K V? 1.A , ,., V N f I I . ,V I V V ig.. L... ff . -i'- K J - J K K Q F if 3 T . lf 5 fm, . . , V! K . , A. , . 9 i A ,M . , V . yi 5 : ' 1' I In . Q ' ' ,.. . i H R ff I I M fx., W. i S"1Af is fi , s 'Y", Ji' S A T TNR ' A 5 . . . . f .. 'F . K "' if if :l 0 -1' - fly .' 'V V ' ryyr as if r A'v' an iv I , . . f' sf' like ' f Y .rf . sl T H. N s . .f s 1 'V or Q' K 'F ' .. fy . Q: Q. .W he L .?, Q I '4' ' V . I 'A hh f ' S ., 5 , , .7 . V . . t I . nf' A Q 2' KY , in ' . J Mk 1, v y 0 I KW: ' Ex I t - .ll 1 ""' ' x xi Xt . , I 1' . V . rl X Q X gl i.. .' 6 'f 4 fi' 'F' ' .", . - -f 's 3' gr. L. YY gb? V QP 1 - 1 h' L,i, K ,Ng H . K -sb., .3 , K if N-. ' 'W W Row I: R. Hancock. B. Hurliolt, K. Hardage. L. Hardin. K. Harry. M. Hawey. J. Henson. N. Hicock. L. Hicks. ll. Hill. C. Hitchens D. Hogan. Row 2: L. Holloway, L. Holman. 9. Hopkins. N. llouchin. A. l-luekalmay. ll. Hunt. U. lngram. C. Jacob, L. James. J Jenkins. C. Johnson. Jane Johnson. Rnu' 3: JoAnn Johnson. Janet Jones. .Janice Jones. Janyee Jones. Linda Jones. Louise .JOIIPF S. Jones. l.. Joyce. J, Just. W. Kalmon. K. Kauffman. A. Keen Ron' 4: L. Ketchum. F. Kimerwr. C. Kina-ary. R. King. M. Kirchner. C Kise, T. Knox. K. Kratina. V. Kurk. 9. Lacy. S. Lam-. B. Langley. Ron' 5: C. Lawrence. F. Lawrence. J.. Ledtlem. P. Leddem. A Lents. ll. Lesowitz. Nl, Leugemors, ll. Lewis. A. Liles. A. Lovelace. Lowe. M. Mefllellen. Row 6: J. MeCown. R. MeCoy, D. MC- Culley. F. AIeCutcheom. K. Mclntyre. K. M4-Kinney. C. McMillan. N. MeNew. C. McNulcy. J. Magruderi J. Malone. Threw--hundred fifty active girls require much guid- ance and counseling. Coronet sponsors, Mrs. Pat Robertson. Miss Ophelia Byars. Miss. Doris Taylor, and Miss Linda Skidmore are honored and respected by each girl. Out of coffee sessions, and regular meet- ings with office-rs, come plans for bus trips. com- munity projeets, parties and banquets. Homeless vhildren? No. Tlu-se youngsters tried out for Coronet Mascot. Tryouts are lit-ld annually and any pep club member can enter a Candidate between the ages of three and seven. It's amusing when con- testants actually do yells with action. w V885 f ,LD , 'P if 2' rg ri 1 , . t t'f'X,. , il I AQFAA . YV. my I I I I an I l ,S f Y 4 VV It I s Q. V. K? ' ,lt fri' rw e ft fr- tr st. J eg . 3 is J ' . a . ' , .. R.- , J Q -sir W it . 15' ,W .t . 6 . ,,, K J Vkiz I 7 I3 ,.- I KN.. A Y . K 7 1 5 'Eff K - gi K K . L-V, I K 3 . t t i - .... V , ,jr K 7.9! N-KL YJ' , ts. 4' A fi' .. . drl V Ri il K ., 2 l S l .- ,Wx ' - '- R . '43 il: 2 Gig. ' 'li , li it J -' f r' Row I.' S. Malone, S. Mann, S. Marden, A. Marko, T. Martin, D. Miele-nz, J. Nlilam. Be-th Miller, Brent Hiller, L, Minis, L. Mock. V Xlovk. Rout 2: A. Nlomlie. S. Morvy. J. xlllSilllillll, L. lxwlson, N. Newell, T. Nm-wkirk, J. Newton, N. Nichols, N. Norton, ll. 0'Kt'0ft H. O'Leary, L. Olim. Row 3: C. Olive. S, Olive, .l. Ord, L. Osgood, l.. Palmore, F. Palo. C. Parrish, P. Pearson, B. Pelton, S Perrin, S. Philips, J. Pollock. Row 4: J. Poteet, J. Prater, T. Prater, S. Prim-, J. Pryor, L. Quillvn, P. Rahill, J. Rector, J. Reeves B. Reynolds, L. Reynolds, S. Reynolds. ii: J 6 .T ii 7, R I SW K Lf, . I ,YY ,nuk T W., Y K.. R X l N ,mx -i A 'fi fl J T3 at at rr f J 5'1" " J J at t fx X if f ' o "".' -I ., I 1 5 : 7.2 ,V N 9 4. .A if Q 5 .f :err 'ii t Xi 'SX' il 'J 'W rf . all fi it il 59966 Q Q ' .ff fx' GN fl. X K .2 - Tx : to , , 1 I K1 Y XX f . 7 ,. , , k . .... it D . X . . . 4 ' ' " s . . 1' I Q ,. J .S Q 7' . Vi- 4. ki K VV: Vi, K r I , , . , V N V r V L - 5, . K .i of fl Q... 7 me 'N J tr . R si T. to i . 2 '1 . ' T i .f " i T M .P T . all s M- . lt iin ilikmi slr g Row 1: J. Richert, C. Riley, S. Riley, S. Riley, P. Robinson, B. Rogers, C. Rogers, L. Romerman, C. Ross, M. Safdi, L. Sands, J. Schoo- ley. Row 2: M. Schultz, B. Scott, Barbara Selby, Beverly Selby, M. Sewell, E. Severin, R. Shaw, C. Shick, J. Shield, J. Simonson, M. Sims, K. Sinclair. Row 3: B. Skaggs, S. Skinner, K. Slack, G. Smith, K. Smith, L. Sollars, M. Steeds, T. Steer, L. Steinbeck, J. Stevens, S. Stewart, M. Stiver. Row 4: N. Street, P. Sullivan, M. Swift, L. Tatum, J. Taylor, R. Taylor, V. Thomas, J. Thomson, B. Thompson, S. Thompson, C. Torbett, K. Torbett. Row 5: C. Treece, M. True, P. Turner, F. Turpim, M. Walker, M. Wells, B. Wendorff, P. Werner, N. Willet, K. Williams, D. Wilson, S. Wilson. Row 6: R. Winkler, A. Weisiger, C. Wood, P. Woodard L. Wood, C. Worthing, B. Worthing, J. Young, J. Vore, B. Dixon. Falcons Falcons are easily identified by purple corduroy jac- kets with the club emblem on the back and individually designed monograms on the front. Each year F alcons' select five Ladies they consider prettiest, most talented, and best suited to rule their club. After careful consideration one is chosen Queen. Miss Kay Bell was elected 1960-'61 Queen. Court mem- bers were Princesses' Shirley Biggs, Ann Forrester, Nancy Needham, and Brenda Walker. Queen Bell was crowned December 9 in the Mirror Room during the annual Christmas Formal. Falcon club members assist in promoting activity pro- gram sales by volunteering to sell programs before games, come hail or snow, rain or sleet. 5. at '25 54 Q' mi x,x"Q5?' at if f Miss Kay Bell Steve Sherman Falcon Queen '60-561 Pfwideflf srer A c ,'.. i I r t'.l l r ' ::' . 't,r ' 'er if ' '-'ii ---: ' if tsw, , M- MCMHUS J. Flemming D. Durfee T. Bean J. Bourassa M. Reeves L. Miller R. Langston D. Marcum VlCC'Pres. Sec. Treas. fr. Sec. Parl. Chap. Pledge Mas. Sgt. at Arms Sgt. at Arms 'l,, 1: K W iti... H. ...' c " if ian .: ,, e gg ' I R f p A Alv, I i f A --.. .,. . , . l . r q r e ' .. -- r rree r . -I . , .Q I , fl 1 if 7 .N J I gi: ? S Q I . 1 ' . ,.,. ,J r . . . A M r ali. A ' ff rr, , ,, I .gb , F we 1 i gi f . SQ, c V . i'., A ' Q J ess - ..:"-- Row 1: J. Abney C. Ames J. Armstrong A. Baham N. Baker C. Bay B. Bednar L. Bierman M. Black K. Carlton R. Cobb B. Coffey. Row 2: Ji. Cole, D., Confer, M. Cbok, T. Cori, D. Cromivell, K.,Decker, T., Dendau, B., Dolan, J., Durrctt, Eischen: A. Elledge, P. Farris. Row 3: M. Ford, D. Garrison, G. Gimlin, L. Hardin, J. Hayes, S. Hayes, T. Hicock, J. Houchin, G. Howard, R. Johnston, L. Karns, R. Kise. Falcon sponsor, Mr. Steve Ellis Crightl taps on the table to emphasize a point while Mr. Gaylen Wallace and Mr. Gordon Eriksen give undivided attention. Would that students followed the example! -Fx gunn- Inspecting the latest magazines in a cozy group before the fireplace are nominees for 1960-61 Falcon queen. lLeft to rightl Kay Bell, Brenda Walker, Nancy Needham, Ann Forrester, and Shirley Biggs. ,yarwe Queen's Party Goes Beat 'BH' ia- X ' ' - -. 9 .... t is 3 K . 1 1 gil A R R l gs 3. , 7 " 7 , " 'Q .' f J . ,ff " . if il f .f E221 In , V, W ii - M ' i ,,,. 55. - A - f . .. .ii '.jatt':r K 24' V V , , sw ws, --,g. . 1.1 f- w- -- :. H: - :il , 7 f ' 2. i fi . . . . . ,,. I A M, H In , ,, ,.h, I .n , ANL, V, U In L, y I I 4:1-tit' . t .MQ at . W tl V 'si' Se . , A ' ' I' ' Q . ls fy ' gl V I- It gg R ,, LV f, X ,R i Y f .,Z. in V E A . f I la S A T -.s f , 1 , 'C N '. i V ' '45 . zz- - af.: Q f : t f J is J - P A if , , Row 1: W. Lang, C. Lawter, T. Leonhard, J. McCord, C. McClure, B. McMains, R. Mc'Mains, J. Marr, M. Meador, M. Merrill, A Miller, J. Morgan. Row 2: D. Nay, R. Nelson, C. Noble, L. Palmer, J. Pearson, D. Peck, J. Peek, B. Pitts, J. Ponder, K. Power, M Quine, J. Randle. Row 3: D. Ray, R. Reeves, S. Rendel, J, Renfrow, D. Rollow, S. Reynolds, J. Royer, D, Ruan, J. Saunders, S Sewell, D. Shoebotham, B. Silvernail. Row 4: L. Sims, John E. Smith, John R. Smith, A. South, B. Sponhaltz, D. Sponhaltz, L Sprouse, J. Tatum, G. Taylor, D. Thompson, J. Troxel, L. Walker. Row 5: W. Wallace, A. White, B. White, S. White, A. Whitten L. Williams, L. Woodard, J. Young, T. Zinn, J. Gregg, R. Linn. Cygnets Keep Traditions Bright "To the 2Ol 101 5! TOUCHDOWN ! I I l V' Knight sports fans marvel at the spirit femme pepsters create. Gold ponipoins against a field of purple is a stirring sight. Cygnets cheer Knights not only in battle, but honor gridmen at a banquet and dance each year during which coaches pre- sent players with team letters. Banquet finance this year was aided by selling gift wrapping rib- bon. Cygnets participate in ushering and social serv- ice projects such as Big One and Chips for Polio. Cygnet junior members uenduredw a week dur- ing which they wore colored socks, foreswore lip- stick, and bought big sisters a ten-penny gift. g um 3 9 Wi J.. .ef-A rd I5 CD lf a finger were a gun them guys better run! Enthusiastic Cygnets Jang: Ketchum chorus, 6'We're going on a Viking hunt!" at the Northeast pep President rally. Nor'easters are called the Vikings. 'T' . it WW x AV, .5 3 , '- 5 , C 1 Q if? 4 .4 L 4 i A J. Ketchum A. Forrester B. Walker S. Anderson S. Lanyon M. Clarkson J. Rcding S. Hail B. Miller Vice-pres. Secretary Treasurer Asst. Sec. Asst. Trans. Prlrlirznzenlariarz. Hist. Chaplain Sgt. at Arms ., M L H wb A l 11 ii I I I 5 g Q Q if -.f,, "iff ' gg J' '. . . S. C ,, A-" . in A ' I it J A ll J iw W fl' M. Aiken J. Anderson Xl. Singleton K. Earnst M. Dixon P. Kimsey T. Bose C- Meek Sgt. at Arms Sgt. at Arms Sgt. at Arms Sgt. at Arms Cheerleader Cheerleader Cheerleader Flag Bellfef V .. f f Q A E, M H . , Q, My - l ,....W..g. ,VLK Q Y , fa? ,K ig ,ry 1 5 55, MN ik I 'F .V K if . f 2, if AALASA QAAASA A-J A4 Ad L4L.4 , f V , A-an I .5 55 Q if i Q 1 xl' x 5. g gg- 3 "x ggi' f, w ,E . it L Q, , 9' ,gy .if W 1 W E v ' 4 I 4 Y' 'Q V , V R gli! Albin 414 A454 AlhdAA Row I: S. Ahdoo, D. Acree, S. Albert, J. Allen, J. Ames, B. Anderson, L. Anderson, S. Anderson, C. Atkinson, W. Austen, J. Austin, K. Bainbridge. Row 2: E. Barron, P. Beals, L. Been, M. Bennett, C. Benson, S. Best, V. Bettinger, L. Bickford, B, Bishop, M. Bomar, S. Bomar, L. Booker. l24 99'9t3995QQ6 l Ling -ang, K S Q Q I, ,'V:. -V -T .nav in LA Lil ha fs. LJ Aliilg .4 -.4 ttt A. AAAJLALA A-nga 4gA Q69WV5?Q5VQQ S 4 y l A ii U A gl Row I: J. Booth, B, Bowen, H. Brahn, P. Breitschuh, P. Brennon, V. Brewer, P. Brown, S. Brown, M, Bruner, S. Buchner, L. Buchwald, J. Burden. Row 2: S. Burlus, M. Burton, D. Busch, A. Butt. B. Chamberlain, J. Chapman, S. Charles, C. Chesnut, A. Christensen, C. Cissne, M. Clark, S. Clay. Row 3: C. Cleveland, S. Coburn, J. Cook, K. Copaeka, M. Cornelius, V. Cottman, N. Coughlin, L. Coughlin, L. Cowles, J. Cox, S. Craig, M. Crooth. Row 4: S. Crumpler, D. Dahan, C. Dawkins, A. Davis, J. Davis, San- dra Davis, Sharon Davis, L. Dickinson, J. Doreen, K. Downum, D. Elliott, G. Ellis. Row 5: J. Ellis, P. Ellsworth, D. Embly, V. Embry, M. Everman, C. Farris, C. Farha, K. Farris, A. Fenton, P. Finefroek, L. Finley, K. Fisher. Row 6: C. Fonvielle, J. Foster, M. Foster, S. Franklin, A. Frederici, J. Friedman, J. Friend, L. Gatewaod, S. Geiser, S. Gilmore, J. Gillespie. Gym site heap big powwow! Cygnets, above, and Tina Bose, right, dress- ed as Capitol Hill Redskins, engaged in an hilarious mock battle with other fems dressed as Knights in a pep assembly before real clash be- tween Redskins and Knights, arch rivals. f nn : ' A 1:z 2 krhr Clif , Z ,li " VyE'k'f If 5 V. 5 Ki'vii I ,- ,,,. jg W B 1' A nl s- an ' , .VVV ' 1, Q In .V V 'g g , V ,V P , V V Ag I A ..,:, K -x-Q.. i no Ktet. " ' z 1.4, J hh 2 rt. s 1 B f zg A , ' B 5 . ng? err: i to : r -.1 5454 , A , Q j Vb ,A QE? H 5 .. 5. R Q 2 Row 1: E. Gordon, S. Gesford, C. Hale, A. Hall, B. Hall, L. Hall, S. Hall, J. Hammond, J. Hand, J. Hanna, M. Hanraty, C. Hansen. Row 2: C. Hanson, J. Harris, K. Hardin, C. Harrison, B. Hawkins, B. Hehison, L. Henderson, A. Heniker, S. Henson, J. Hester, L. Hicock. Row 3: A. Hill, L. Hill, M. Hollis, R. Holman, L. Holmberg, C. Homsey, P. Hopkins, D. Horne, L, Hoss, C. Howell, S. Hughes, J. Humphreys. Row 4: G. Hunt, L. Hunt, C. lce, C. Irving, C. Janota, L. James, J. Jenkins, M. Jenkins, J. Johnson, M. Johnson, R. Johnson, K. Jones. Row 5: M. Jones, P. Jones, S. Jones, N. Jordan, D. June, J. Kahler, A. Kamp, G. Kasier, K. Keith, K. Kendall, C. Kerns, K. Keys. . Iigz .... ... . .. iiil K tliiii it A 1 .Q .. A enn. D-4 . . . .. ... 2 .otl .iilo . A AA sffs B ..., K eesetne . . . ",. . t fi . ts t - .il llss K as ' ieit P ' . ,. g 'ii' , ,., ,,., , ,, 1 , , Q , . v,',. . ..,.,. 1 Q , Row 1: K. King, K. Knott, D. Notley, C. Koban, B. Koeppel, C. Kosted, A. Kraft, R. Kurlender, P. Kutz, J. Lamb, L. Langford, B. Langley. Row 2: S. LaPointe, J. Lawson, V. Lee, C. Litton, P. Loeffler, C. Long, M. Long, R. Long, P. Loveless, C. Lucas, C. Luckan, D. Luttrell. Row 3: L. Lutz, S. McCan, K. McCandless, C. McCants, V. Mclntire, B. Mclntyre, C. McPheeters, B. McQueen, A. Magruder, J. Mahan, J. Maier, S. Main. Row 4: C. Mainard, L. Manlove, S. Markham, S. Markham, M. Marlin, R, Martindale, B. Matthews, P. Mayfield, M. Meek, S. Meinke, A. Miller, M. Miller Row 5: C. Milligan, C. Miskovsky, B. Montgomery, M. Morales, M. Morgan, L. Munsinger, B. Muzny, Betty Muzny, P. Neal, N. Needham, L. Nordstrom, P. Norris. 'HD' EA Row 1: L. Norton, C. Obenon, M. Oliver, C. Panze, C. Pate, B, Pearce, S. Pettett, J. Petty, N. Petty, D. Peyton, S. Phillips, R. Pinkston. Row 2: S. Pinkston, J. Pitts, M. Points, K. Pojezny, S. Polk, J. Pollock, M. Pulling, S. Rahill, L. Rankin, T. Raschke,'J. Reber, B. Reese. Row 3: C. Reinke, L. Ridgeway, C. Robinson, l. Roesch, C. Rogers, L. Rogers, B. Rollow, N. Rowe, T. Ruff, M. Runka, S. Rush, J. Rutledge. Row 4: A. Ryland, S. Samara, M. Sallstrom, M. Schoenthaler, J. Scott, L. Scudamore, K. Shadid, P. Shaffer, R. Shelton, K. Shepherd, J. Shirk, J. Sieber. Row 5: A. Singletary, J. Slaughter, J. Smelser, D. Smith, G. Smith, Margie Smith, Mary Lou Smith, Sharon Smith, Suzanne Smith, C. Sneed, J. Sneed, C. Snyder. lrei j Lai! Row 1. S. Sonnefeld, J. Spears, D. Spoeth, C. Stammer, S. Stewart, C. Stone, S. Suiebart, N. Sutton, S. Swartzendruber, J. Tate, S. Telford, B. Thaler. Row 2: P. Thomas, D. Thomas, J. Tillman, S. Traswell, Y. Trout, P. Tucker, M. Turner, D. Vaden, M. Valvee, D. Vanderslice, M. VanHook, L. Van Wyngarden. Row 3: P. Volz, P. Wade, P. Wade, B. Walk, S. Wallace, C. Ware, M. Waska, C. Way, D. Webster, L. Weldon, S. Wells, G. West. Row 4: V. Whiteturkey, K. Wilson, L. Wilson, M. Wilson, J. Wheelahan, A. Whitwell, M. Winkler, C. Wolfe, 0. Woodrow, S. Woodward, B. Wooten, N. Young. Row 5: C. Younghein, B. Zukowski, J. Cooper, L. Lawson. ,ani Pep Council is in charge of planning Knightland spirit activi- Miss Kathleen Owen. Janet Ketchum, Miss Ophelia Byars, Mr. -s. Members llcft to righty arc: Phil Walker, Mike McMains, Cordon lfrikscn. Miss Linda Skidmore, Miss Doris Taylor, Mrs. llryanne Welch Louise Steinbeck, Fam Reynolds, Judy Ketchum, Evelyn Finally, Mr. Steve Ellis, and Steve Sherman. Knights Captured I959-60 All-City Sports Award Pep Council is composed of sponsors, president of each Pep Cluh. and one other elected representative. Main function of the organization is to coordinate efforts of Pep Cluhs in estahlishing and maintaining school spirit. sportsmanship, and school loyalty. It is also in charge of the Cheerleaders and inter-school athletic functions. Court Jeslers. govt-rm-ll ln t'lic-wlcaclt-l's. provide Z1 back log which furnishes new yells, songs, stunts and prospective cheerleaders. Each year they present an award called the iiSpirit Awardi' to the person, who, during the year did the most to promote true sports- manship and uphold spirit. ' 'lihis years activities were liighlighted lay a bus trip to Wichita Falls, Texas. Ten lrus loads of enthusiastic pep club members accompanied the team and shared the Knights first defeat. I28 M 1 0 ' U Q C 1 ' '4 Over rooftops for Northwest Classen cheerleaders go Jerilyn Davis, Betty Dixon, Jeanie Cooper, Phylenc Kimsey, Judy Ellis, Court Jester members stand at attention behind officers Jerilyn Davis, sergeant at arms, Betty Dixon, vice-president, Jeanie Cooper, sergeant at armsg Phylene Kimsey, presidentg Judy Ellis, parliamentariang Carla Kise, secretary, and Linda Law- son, treasurer. Cheerleaders instruct members in the mechanics of cheerleading and teach the gestures accompanying traditional Northwest yells. Court Jester cheerleaders leadvpep sections at B squad football and basketball games, thus gaining experience helpful to any prospective cheerleader. Court .lesters Sponsor a Spirit Award Carla Kiste and Linda Lawson. ln competition at state training clinic these pepsters jumped to the top of the class. Knightland Ladies demonstrate good-sportsmanship by leading opposing school yells in pep rallies. Q. - - -W www wmmmgw 15 Q M-w,fq-'rw 'www L35-gfwg E3tLlI'E lx W L fT'v"f'l'i.2:-mix A. 5 ,, FA-'V ,, ,,,,5, .ff 4' ,. A ,wg , X X xx - A X .-. -.5 , f W,-' ' M I "x X ,.. - N., .u t X' N A -Xiqj K .4-TSN Txcrif hggib' QQ - X V g ,f-- . x .. -Q 7, ,K L- xv ,Ag 5 i.,,.L. 9.1 Q QJVJ,-N nxxl . iff bswi Fw , . .x fx x - f ., S--' ' TN! YR 5,53 L J df? gg' ,. , ' K ,rhl ' ,X 3,5 Q5 Npxlkf. C " gg ' X ,SN ' .A X , .. L'-X1 x' x QQ? x " ix X . XKHQSQM W, , X b QYX NU xi FQ y 1 f 1.35 lun" fm. vc, 2 -ef 7-, . ' -' ', -'vi H 1 , J .frf 1 A--.2 -, A ink I! 1 A' "" " ' '. IP f.- V F . , ,,, A . - . N n.--Q, ,,., Our Love Will Be Your Glor . Your Honor Will Be Our Goal. The gallop of Kniglitland's proud Knight and Lady around Taft Stadium prior to homo football games is a Knigrlilland tradition. Knight, David Nay, dons a golden lielmc-t and royal purple cloak bearing the Northwest emblem. and varrios liigli 21 Spear willi purple and gold Streamvrs rip- pling from the spearlwad. The Lady, Mary Ann Mowcry, is bedecked in royal purplo gown and glimmering golden crown and mask. BL... x.f- I , -4- - fa., ,.,- . ,,....,..a MISS GEORGIA ANN HALE, Round Table Queen Princess of Friendship Hound Table Queen candidate, Sally Merkle, dismantles campaign posters after the Round Table Royalty election. BUDDY O'HARA, Prince of The Round Table Prince of Friendship Elated candidates George McDowell, Buddy O'Hara, Georgia Ann Hale, Dick Powell, Sally Markle, Bill Snipes. Linda Lawson, George Stevens, Marty Aiken, and Suzanne Thompson anticipate rcigninff over the stupendous Round Table Royalty Coronation and Signature Swing. BETTY DIXON Queen of Sports Princess of Friendship Sports Queen candidates Carla Kise, Phyl- lene Kimsey, Betty Dixon, Sherry Markham, and Randy Shaw attempt to calm fluttering butterflies a.nd add a final touch before the coronation. CHARLINE HARRISON WOODY YOUNC Lady of Friendship Knight of Friendship JANIE REDING Queen of Hearts KAREN VANDEVENTER 1960-61 D.E. Queen PAT BYRD 1959-60 D.E. Queen RANDY SHAW CARLA KISE SHERRY MARKHAM Princess of Football Princess of Wrestling and Baseball Princess of Basketball and Tennis PHYLLENE KIMSEY GEORGE STEVENS BILL SNIPES Princess of Cross Country, Track, and Knight of The Round Table Knight of The Round Table Swimming 1-we '52 RUTH RICE PAMELA NESTLERODE BILL AIKEN Princess of Hearts Princess of Hearts Prince of Friendship SALLY MERKLE SUZANNE THOMPSON Round Table Princess Round Table Princess GEORGE McDOWELL DICK POWELL Knight of The Round Table Knights of The Round Table Prince of Friendship CHARLES PELTON .IEANNIE COX Prince of Friendship Princess of Hearts MARTY AIKEN Round Table Princess LINDA LAWSON Round Table Princess Princess of Friendship PENNY CORNELL Princess of Hearts SHIRLEY BIGGS JUDI ANDERSON BRYANNE WELCH F8-ICON PTIHCCSS Lancer Princess Lancer Princess KATHY NORRIS JAN CHILDERS ANN FORESTER Lancer Princess Princess of Friendship Falcon Princess NANCY NEEDHAM RAE OURS BRENDA WALKER Falcon Princess Lancer Princess Falcon Princess ! Q' 3 11IL3U"f!1 I39 mg. George Stevens and Georgia Hale Senior Top Teens Top Teen Contest I s Siponsored by The Shield Kathy Fisher and Jim Troxei Freshman Top Teens 1' 1 'sg Sigjsjik . new Hiro x ii n Linda Criffih and Gipp Dupree Sophomore Top Teens M Judy Ellis and Dudley Hyde Junior Top Teens 3 . Miss Kay Hardin plays Rrfchmaninoffis Prellulv in Cf minor between acts in Clas- sics '60. l'Pop goes the weasel!" Villagers are caught MOH Guard" as Groucho lScotty Foster? pops out of a boulder. Classics '60 Was 'Off Guard' ln 1960-61 Classics, the all-school variety show, written, directed, costumed, staged, and produced by students was suspended. In its place an accelerated study program and the conference of the National Association of Student Councils absorbed the tremendous energy students usually expend on this extravaganza. An executive board to plan the proposed Classics '62 had regular meetings in which they arranged for the school plays, and kept the spirit of Classics alive. Tresa Sullivan bursts out in song as in- habitants of a Swiss village listen. .,,s., -M.-""'-,xx Mx. Dead-end kids, ,ludy Morris, Bill Snipes, Carla Kise, Nancy VVhittakcr, and Charles Pelton prepare to demonstrate their ballet abilities in Classics '60. l Classen Awards Mark GARY BORRELL VINCENT MONCRIEF ANN HILL Classen Medal of Honor CLASSEN AWARDS perpetuate the memory of Anton and Ella D. Classen, Oklahoma City ,89ers and early civic leaders. The awards are shared with Classen High School. Mr. Classen stipulated that the awards are given for 'foutstanding promise of worthy contribution to 'the progress of the world, Classen Award Classen Award by reason of strength of character, record of schol- arship, activities of leadership, and all around achievement." Other civic groups, agencies, and individuals contribute to furthering scholastic en- deavors by offering awards. AWARD Art Renaissance Commercial Art Homemaker of Tomorrow Outstanding Athlete BPOE Athletic Award BPOE Athletic Award Larsen Music Award Sharpe-Nichols Service Award HONORABLE MENTION German Language Award German Language Award Highest Honors National First Place A International First Place Superior DAR Award 1Hist0ryJ HONOREE Suzanne Jones Rex Kennard, .Iohn Sibley Patricia Thomas Bill Snipe Charles Pelton Sue Stewart Larry Woodward Curtis Van Hooser Bob Shick ,Ion Bourassa Pat Ehrig ROUND TABLE ROUND TABLE ROUND TABLE THE SHIELD THE SHIELD Robert Olson, Lynn Royston DONOR Renaissance Club A-E Equipment Company Betty Crocker Foods B. C. Clark .lewelers Elks Lodge No. 417 Elks Lodge No. 4-17 Larsen Music Company Sharpe-Nichols Music Company Sharpe-Nichols Music Company Herman C. Scheider Herman C. Schneider Oklahoma University Columbia University National Scholastic Yearbook Assn. Quill-Scroll Tulsa University Daughters American Revolution Scholastic Excellence SALLY MERKLE Classen Award DAR Award fHistoryJ HONORABLE MENTION GIRLS' STATE '61 Danforth Award Good Citizenship Award American Legion Award Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship Award b SHARON SMITH Phi Beta Kappa Award ROBERT SHICK CAROL McPHEETERS Classen Award Classen Medal of Honor Kay Bell, Nancy Culbert Daughters American Revolution Ann Forrester, Sue Stewart Ginger Allen, Sally Loving, delegates American Legion Auxiliary Ann File, .lill Reber, Alternates Sylvia Hall, Clark Pelton Danforth Foundation Larry Stearnes Civitan Club Judy Ketchum, Robert Olson American Legion Sharon Smith Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Sally Merkle Sears, Roebuck 81 Company LARRY STEARNS Good Citizenship Award Service, Loyalty and Leadership Under direction of Mr. William H.,Taylor, first principal, and dedicated author of Northwest Classen, the founding faculty of the institution established THE FACULTY AWARDS. These awards recognize service, sacrifice, leadership and achievement for the over-all welfare of the school. Awards are given by departments. AWARD Commercial Art HONORABLE MENTION. Department Award HONORABLE MENTION Fashions Ceramics HONORABLE MENTION Sculpture HONORABLE MENTION Bookkeeping Business Machines Clerical Occupations Office Practice Secretarial Typewriting DECA Club Recognition D E Club HONORABLE MENTION Outstanding Student ALL A Certificates HONOREE John Garrison, Marion Nance, Ralph Steeds, Tom Voorman, Nina Young. Marion Nance. Charles Hyden, Suzanne Jones, Ann Weisiger. Nancy Culbert, Suzanne Jones, Ruth Rice, Barbara Wilkinson. Steve Randel Dianne Embry, Vivian Emhry, Larry Stearns. Marion Nance. Rex Kennard, Winston Taylor. Pam Faulkner, Linda Rice. Phyllene Kimsey, Rose Marie Winkler. Lois Holman, Judy Shield. Louise Booker, Glenda Gardner. Judy King, Pam Nestlerode. Phyllene Kimsey Karen VanDeventer Mike Williamson Jerry Mauldin, Shirley Perkins Beartrice Carroll Patricia Acree, Marty Aiken, Kay Bell, Gary Borrell, Carolyn Custer, Beverly Estes, Sylvia Hall, Judy Hester, Ann Hill, Loretta Holmberg, Cynthia Kerns, Janet Ketchum, Judy Ketchum, Phyllene Kimsey, Judy King, Carol McPheeters, Sally Merkle, Susan Price, Linda Rice, Martia Singleton, Sharon Smith, Patricia Weaver, Carlean Woods. DEPARTMENT Art Business Education Distributive Education Diversified Occupations English Department CHARLINE HARRISON RANDY SEBA LINDA RICE MIKE REEVES I44 Keynote Faculty Awards AWHRD Major Award HONORABLE MENTION: Outstanding .lournalistic Achievement Four Years on Staff Three Years on Staff HONORABLE MENTION: Two Years Staff Yearbook Cover '61 Yearbook Art FRENCH GERMAN QBest first year studentl LA TIN SPANISH ALL A Certificates Team Sports fGirlsD Individual Sports QGirlsJ Bob Ramsey Award fTrackJ HONORABLE MENTION: Recognition Certificates National Forensics Debate Best Announcer Best Actor Best Actress Best Thespian Service Award HONOREE Mitchell .lenkins Janice Ewing, Charline Harrison, Aline Liles, Nancy Oakes, Shirley Olive. .ludi Anderson, Verna Auer, Marie Hinshaw, Lanita Mims. Ann Smith Nancy Culbert Sylvia Hall, Tom Knott, Linda Kimber- lin, Vicky Mock, Sue Musallam, Kathy Norris, Barbara Wilkison, Stephen Peter, Larry Cheever. John Garrison Rex Kennard Beverly Estes Pam Nestlerode. Carol McPheeters, Mary Sue Price. Sharon Smith Gary Borrell, Sally Merkle, Vincent Moncrief, Martin Singleton, Julian Vahlberg. Sharon Smith Sharon Albert, .lean Cox. Fred Miller Woody Young Donna Abraham, Marty Akin, Ann Bowerman, Kathleen Cassady, David Cromwell, Beverly Estes, Sylvia Hall, Loretta Holmberg, Carol McPheeters, Sally Merkle, Pam Nestlerode, Susan Price, Linda Rice, Ed Sanders, Randy Seba, Martia Singleton, Sharon Smith, Suzanne Smith, Patricia Thomas, Bill Thompson, Carol Worthington. Jim Sanders Nick Woodard, Dan Young. Steve Carman Joe McCord Nancy Needham Bill Nance Dewayne Andrews DONOR Homemaking Journalism Department Language Department Mathematics Department Physical Education Athletic Department Social Studies Department Speech Department Announcer's Club Speech Department Announcer's Club STEVE SHERMAN JOHN RAPP MARTIA SINGLETON JOHN DANIEL JANET KETCHUM BEVERLY ESTES M5 As students take over for a day, Buddy 0'Hara, in Mr, Malone's shoes, conducts important business with a smile and a friendly hello. l E 5 L ...nj 'lux KK, Marlia Singleton and Betty Miller take their counseling work seriously as they help Sally Bowen plan her career. I46 On-the-Job Wfhese matters must be taken care of immediatel l" sa s Y Y M N yT hl,tG gSt ,MO1Lb, rs. anc reic cr o eor e evens . r. en a or assistant principal for a day. George agreed with her as she continued, 'ACuts are just not permittedlv "Say Ahhh," says Randy Shaw, Nurse Moore's replacement for a day. Adele Butt obediently wiggles her tonsils. David Nay watches apprehensively as Sydney Perrin bandages Sue Brook's finger. Training?? "Never again will I be a litter bug!" exclaims Kenneth Perry, obviously profiting by the exper- ience of replacing head custo- dian, Mr. Ivan Beeson, for one day. I Activities Director, Ruth Rice, signs a hall pass for John Armstrong after consulting him about Student Council business. Ruth is evidently enjoying her day's work as Miss Kathleen Owen. Vg wi f fm, ' 'L'w, - 7 MQ fs, mp- 2 W fb ,M My ,Eg --f. g, web: k S " Q, W' -A A ww vfs.?5zQff'7"3""ffm ' " F' if mga . -w N, 4 ,Q G., A- 1, 1. 3 4 ,g,5dJ. vt, 44 f .. ,gn , u U fm '- m ef :Ti .ami N, 2 as ..'r 'J in K Q' m Q ,gary A, Christmas! xr Lf Various colored tissue paper inlays create 21 Christmas mural for the front window. 'iDear Santa, Would you be so kind . . .?" Kay Bainbridge roads her long Chrislmas list as other Cygnot elves look on in amazement during Cygnet Banquet entertainment. joyous a cappella Choir members spread Christmas spirit with a song, stand- ing by the finished produet of the lahor of Northwest! art Classes. Members of the art department fbelowl begin hy hanging bulbs on the hare tree. --mfr", MARTA VALVEE American Field Service Ex- change Student from Argen- tina i I50 Contributions Unlimited Brenda Walker, Larry Miller, and Olivia Wood- row, coordinator between NYVC and .lolm Marshall, chat with four year old Linda Breese, National Polio Poster Girl. 'iHey there, no fair adding people to the papersf, screamed seniors and freshmen, who went on to win the first paper drive of the year. "I live here," explains Marta pointing to a Adjusting an ad from AFS Christmas cards, map of Argentina during AFS all-school as- Marta wonders how many she can sell. sembly. A'Whut's my cut of the haul? demands Ciry Burrell us he and Dale Durfee, Key Club mem bers, help with the Salvation Armys Christ mas collection. "Hey, how fur does charity go? yowls Fred Bucklin us Pam Dormon, Jerry Hiersche and Connie Wolfe request a donation in t, As Nancy Nichols, chap- lain, und Jon Bourassa, treasurer frantically count donuts for the annual Junior Red Cross sale, Dave Cromwell, president, hungrily eyes il sample. Advisories and clubs filled baskets to he dis- tributed ut Christmas by Key Club members. is Time out from a busy routine to read the latest Shield HUII1PhI'iCS, Rae OUTS, Deanna Elliott, B2lI'lJEl1'3 Dorney. are our popular majorettes, Nancy McNew, Voleen Top hHIS and CLUICS make Snappy roulinc. So Much to Do - So Little S Of all the coaching chores this is probably the easiest as Don Van Pool, Charge! Joe Decker manfully makes his way Clay Davis, Jerry Haynes, Zllld Rex Irwin relax in the gym laundry. through the traditional crepe paper wall prior to a home game. l52 Pep clubs vie with each other in game program sales. Time to Do It! To encourage good public relations between rival teams, Knight cheerleaders often entertain the cheerleaders of an opponent prior to a game. Shawnee cheerleaders rest during a building tour escorted by our cheerleaders. Bob Way, Phillip Wimpey, and Shirley Biggs prompt Jim MacKc-llar as he winds the goal post. Forest White perfects the job. sits E13 1 ll Il lj-j I: 'x 1:1 fr i o E 404, 7 ee! i Q J K REX- llillic Mitchell and Margo Miller, malscots, show remarkable ability with enormous shakers. 2. Q W .K H 5: . W ' '36 li'3f3v?i W M . -,.,,, .W mkqawg.gg2'm1fHWfi,d,- E , ,,a,,glt,,xl.nwiNsE:Iwln gf' 7' :gigs HhsfsiazmjkfmawwwwiafKnf'giqxkm:5J5,iZwr:m::3mSiuggi U ai 5' Y as .nn 5 nf me 3 - Wx xy, " 2',,?WfF'x"'w2S Q- ns mfg ar w:F','g'n'q'QiBKN l,:,-fi 1w:ad:luwgaxxduRa:,F,rx1KX'jQfifZx:QfJg'SQRfL5fZ,ffgfZfqgwggwiff li 1 if l I g Q 1 Q R gg 5 R 3 gf X any 'E if 'Y' if ,- - Rfk if' " .Wa ks 397.1 cwigzfzixqgw 3 my-QW -5- ,gwffzgfw-'KQQA - . i Ang, I Q wk Q. 1 spas, if 3. M ,Vg,V, A Q 4 ,1 Wjfsn 152' S,kQsgM:3vi:iB I kffsfhaegkenagwg-z SAL f 'QE f ' A' ' H5 , awww we Q vs 73 n,x,22Aa:1yeqW:f: 5,1 Q V,,'-gm . - J , f H 9' is X H ilgifsJzgnxagxiwxvamatsfzkmwxsxwzl2215553. M -'K .5 xifg mfr as bf' ysaufne vs :sAga,m':mf wa 1 V 3 PQ, ,, an 594,721 an rx! mf Xiwyax mrggp,-5 .nfs 5 2 435 xv: 24433 ua G l,5wgKlf1!hfrNL ,: : fx M 7931. xy, .H ,Q saggy! .A AQ fy rc ,lfyseffi-ykpxp-w'-,. -1 f. K guyz ,:, A 3774-5 'n'3'wMfguv7w'Lk'x, 5 , , , QR Q . -f :V in 4W'Q"'f'f', " NW 4 ,fe g 1 ff sy f' sf ff J, K , X a wmx, 'QI' an 4 , 4 Q. ii A Q Us we ery, Q am: A My 'ZA v,gK, 4 A LL 3 Q I X fm 05'c04'.r ns ,y A is L 1. All eyes focused on the stage as the line formed and the class of 1960 proudly received their diplomas. Graduation Daze '4Hup! Two! Threelu Mr. Rodney St. Dizier helps Charline Harrison and Betty Dixon keep seniors in step. These 1960 junior officers fulfill traditions by leading seniors to their places in the Senior Assembly. 5 A .iff 'K Y I M Q,-W" P? lf, '3' 'itgifg im 1-' . if 'if Iffrkweme-fi ti if 24 N Parents, grandparents, and friends filled the gym to wish the Class of 1960 "Good Luck and God Speed!" Here the class pauses for the flag salute on this, their last night as students of Northwest Classen. I55 35585 'bun .i ,V.k, A ..,,L ' ' - . Ifigf v,-f,1: , ,,: 4, fq fgg f, 'L' ' t la, wx M.--g:':.,5I I. J, ,E . uw . gg '-gal-fy :. Q K a frm wk V f - . xl? Ak A Q i if-E 'M' ' 5 Y i MS-mhz Q, .- wwwwwmnm , Qin 5? T X X A A Mp Wa - .if up L', 31- W ef 4 4 di, 'E M M 1 KIliQlIlfl1lIIII'S tl'adiii1rnaiQ5'fP3Qshvg"rvf Ihv Svvrml" is 1-xpluiynerf to Junior Class pu nhnt 'lllly Xrnn, in Uudds fylldll pu illfnl ul' lin flu nf, 'ful '1 Vil .3 Wriy .. i 1, -, .LQ .2 . . Aix? Atk I ht unnl .lim Cobb, fuplmmnnrv and fT4'rlllll1lIl pr:-fidmmls luuk on with intvrest Terrj will rm-1'A-iw ilu- swurll in ilu- Senior Afsvlnlrly during i'0ll1llll'Ill'ClllPIll fcs livill 2 uf. Tlli- ix Knighllu1uI'- old:--l llxnliliml. Courses Offered at Northwest Classen High School BUSINESS EDUCATION Dance Band Typewrlting ggaslilia Choir Shorthand pp I Business Law Business Economics Clerical Practice Office Practice Transcription Bookkeeping Business Machines Business Arithmetic Business English Clerical Occupations COMMUNICATIONS Journalism Speech Drama Debate Radio-Television Play Production Stagecraft ENGLISH English-4 years Creative Writing Special Education FINE ARTS Commercial Art Fashions Art Yearbook Art Art Appreciation Ceramics Arts and Crafts Concert Band Orchestra 9th Grade Band Girls' Chorus Music Theory Boys' Chorus 9th Grade Choir INDUSTRIAL AND VOCATIONAL ARTS Auto Mechanics Electricity Printing Printing Trade Photography Woodwork Mechanical Drawing Architectural Drawing Diversified Occupations Distributive Education Homemaking Clothing Foods Family Relations Child Care Home Decoration Home Nursing LANGUAGE French-4 years German-4 years Latin-4 years Spanish-4 years MATHEMATICS Algebra I 9th Grade Math QSMSGJ 10th Grade Math CSMSGJ Algebra II Ilth Grade Math CSMSGB Trigonometry Geometry II Math Analysis PHYSICAL EDUCATION fBoysJ Physical Education Beginning Sports Advanced Sports CGirlsJ Physical Education Dance Tumbling Individual Sports Team Sports SCIENCE Physical Science Biology TV Biology Chemistry Physics Aeronautics Flight Training Navigation Health Electronics Research Science SOCIAL STUDIES Oklahoma History and Civics World History U. S. History Government Psychology Social Problems World Problems All Work, No Play Would Make Jack a Dull Knight Aeronautical Club Amateur Radio Announcers' Club Audio Visual Band Girls Bowling Club Boys' LO' Club Career Club Chess Club Coronet Pep Club Courtesy Club Court ,lesters Cryslurs CSS Engineers Student Activities Cygnet Pep Club DECA - Falcons Pep Club Future Journalists of America Future Teachers of America German Club Girls' 'Oi Club Honor Language Honor Math Junior Classical League Junior Medios ,Iunior Red Cross Key Club Lancer Pep Club Library Club National Forensic League National Honor Society National Thespians OCIPA Pep Council Quill 81 Scroll Science Club Spanish Club Student Council Trade and Industrial Club Y-Teens Youth of the Kingdom 1 ...M.v.,.... ,,,-. ,. ,. . CLASS OF I 964 Left to right, sponsors Mrs. Helen Willingham, Miss Henrietta Von Tungeln, Miss Linda Skidmore, and Mr. Frank James, head sponsor, contrive with Pages to beat Heralds and Squires when teamed with the Knights in the paper drive. Page officers are: Jim Cobb, president, Kathy Fisher, secretary: .lim Troxel, vice-president, Carolyn Meek, treasurerg and Terry Seba, sergeant at arms. Absent from the meeting were Mr. James Cox and Mr. John Platt. The Past . . . a Light to the Future Orientation Day was an exciting beginning for our high school career. Well we remember the tension that mounted as Larry Stearns, Student Council president, told us some of the things to expect during our first year. At the HOWDY MIXER we made many new friends and learned that seniors know everything. Soon the foot- ball season began, and we were exposed to school spirit for which Northwest Classen is widely known. We elected class officers with the highest voting percentage in the school. And going to meetings of all the organizations we had joined was endless. Then we received our first copy of the SHIELD and attended our first pep-rally. One of the most memorable events was the crowning of the Sports Queen-not due to accidents either! The gym was beautifully decorated. Those first nine weeks Went by like a flash. Our class will be the first to graduate with four years of the IBM system of class placements and grading-unless the system fails us. No sooner was football ended until basketball was in the air. Hardly anyone could stand the suspense of Waiting to see who the pep-club queens would be. Thanks- giving and Christmas assemblies were truly inspirational. We had no sooner returned to school after the Christmas holidays than first semester had passed. Second semester was dedicated to raising grades. After all, good grades meant success in life. In addition to basketball we found there were other activities equally exciting. The last quarter was an anxious one, for spring fever hit full-force. Those final exams were beauties, and those nights spent at study we shall never forget. We had waited all year for ROUND TABLE ROYALTY to be revealed. Now we knew! Our ROUND TABLE is great! An exciting climax to our first year was the ROUND TABLE SIGNATURE SWING. We signed each others yearbooks hoping that next year would repeat the pleas- ures of this year. What we had learned would add to making us better students. Yes, we had next year to look forward tog in our dreams we saw that an exciting ven- ture lay before us. All we had to do was be ready for it. l59 Paul Adams Beverly Afinowiez Blaine Allen .ludy Allen Sammy Allen Rick Almack Barbara Anderson Paula Anderson Rita Anneler Julie Armstrong Cray Atkins Joan Austin Alan Bahan Bei erly Barber Jerry Barham Judy Barker Michaelyn Barker Richard Barker Jimmy Barnard Cindy Battle Linda Bell Melody Bennett Mike Benson Teresa Bernard 39" Vs. 6 ag. .. ,fgslgrt , 45 a 1 E52 C s C .wa or-4 ' N is 4 'V Nb to il sf V W -st Q f" , . 4? iq K 'T ary r 1- bn. at Class of I964 Teams With Knights sf V 'V VV ,V I 3, ' as VV .ir fi "V F A fir? ' ie - Y' .,.r .V bv Vf ' iyr 4 -- Jan Berrett , V i Venita Bettinger ,L 1 ,,, i, V Va, -, ,mt Linda Bickford Q ,QV V M ' V . Y 2 - Ernest Bierman YP V .,7 - sts. ig fx, rL.w . Larry Bierman V i .1 ii VVVV Vg, r ' V Barbara Bishop yy' SV JL, ' f James Blackwell fi . x V Paul Boggs . Q . ,iw Tommy Boggs i VV t"'f , ".1V 'V6"S V i - Susan Bomar , A V , 'AV 4 . ' V, 49- .lohn Bookout ff V " , in V WV . V. i g., j BS? QV? V Kathy Booth V K gli ,C gk ' A V -V V V Jane Bowerman ' t ' 4 t' .lane Boxhurger i - ' Bonnie Bradshaw V Eddie Brady ' W ak Sherry Bramble V VV VV VV ' f V 5 qflgfgy Hanna Brand G- '53 . fs, ii S 1 . V 7 - W Becky Brawley A C 'f fi- Q A "' Kathy Bray V, 'V ' 7, gh' J B' W J Q 7 -A A Allan Briggs A WV Q . V A ,. Chris Brismont ' gt ' Charles Briton Emily Brodgen Pat Bremkamp - V, ' Eric Brown - A V , 4 - Sherry Brown at . . :g e.L, - V , B A as Sheryl Bryant . V? ,V , ' Y ' , V V ' L il' " J V' ex Gale Bryner 'R' , V -V ff 2, ,. ' - -V . Leslie Buckwald V ' . if J Stanley Bulle A V J, V V V I Jeannette Burden L Carol Burns N 5 ft' V,,V' ,V V Sue Burris i ' 3 , V F Martha Burton E, ' V W VV Q C V V ii A V V 1 Dianne Busch gi , V C fi Q A -WV 4. VV F X V , , L ,gm V . Carole Byler ' ,,QVVfZ','f" Y ,-.- - VV ' ' - ---- Vs Janice Cannon ' .Q 'Z W ' Vz, . U, V . ' ' ' A ' Kicth Carlton i g - V -Q - ,V:,: V ' A Ek, W A Miki' CHf1HiChaC1 Jeanette Carmony Don Center V .V VV z Bill Chaple V V. YV V V Linda Chaplin V -M , VJ we A at may ,,., V Y, J 'S l Jeanne Chapman ' I ry 1: ' Mike Charleston ' ii ,Q will I Janet Chase I V " Carole Choate tm L f Q at ?7 I in- tt R if ,K t ,,:. ,K Vg., t 55- gf T, 5 tl A tt' i f, ss r ,i t ' ff 4- . Qi rar ' 5 'A-. N--I R , T YF. xr .. ,ga Q .V ,ED Carolyn Church Blue Clark - . Marcia Clark Tommy Cloud f T .lim Cobb s A Susan Coburn Bob Coffey .lennifcr Coil Mark Collins Donnie Cook Michael Cook I Phil Cooksey 5 -fi f' 1 43 r V , Rocky Cooper Dewayne Carruth John Cotner Brooke Cotter Vicki Cottman Tim Cox Ken Craig David Creek B., Mayre Crotts Karen Crumby Sandra Crumpler John Culbertson t'1f. c and Wins All-School Paper Drive M 1 .K as 4 5 ijg p y 1, as i gg- i. X as 4 X Ca H at if AQ 4 +2-C if "" -Tlfwf ef z Q 5 R i Z 1, C '-T - , sr 'ra , . 'sf V LA V. 'ff f 'er V V7 3,5 p Am mh z, is 'f M, ' ' ,gf gf 1 --vae -F R V P im. A ,y p Ei in MQ , 5 I '. I " 5 R A' -we we 'K-'TW .- r if Tim Cushman Roger Dabney Jean Daiker Mary .lo Dakil Carol Daley Carolyn Daley Peggy Daniels Roby Davidson Becky Davis Darlene Davis Sharon Davis Claudia Dawkin Larry Day .ludy Deal Ken Decker Lloyd Decker Ruth Deitchler Mary Deschamp Rose DeWolfe Margo Dittman 'L' ' S Lazy upperclassmen find freshman "dues" come in handy for carrying trays in the cafeteria during "due" season. Nick Tennis finds it diffi- cult to fulfill pledge duties. ,ludy Dorney fin? tgp. A- Charles Deutsch u ' , Kathy Downum pf Herbert Dubberstein if" Clydellen Duffy Ricky Dugger Don Duncan QNX .Q- 3 f if , , s. X ' +P 4 i' W' If 'w Margaret Duncan Warren Dunlevy Jimmy Dunn Gary D11Pree Stan DuPree .lohnny Durrett Allen Eaker Jackie Edgar Mike Eischen .rt ASM., if ii S in Pages pause in the front hall to compare lBM sched- These newcomers, Jane Bowerman, Susan Bomar, and Barbara Worthing ule Left to right are Malcolm Haney, Terry Seba. have not yet learned to read. Jack Thomas, and Steve Simmon. Freshmen Say, "I Blame Machine!" Jim Fowler Reggie Fowler Keith Franklin Stephanie Franklin Sue Franks Richard Frazier Judy Friend Mike Fulton Richard Furhee Dennis Gagliardi Lonnie Gamble Johnny Gatlin Sally Gesford Ann Gibbs Suzanne Gilbert Carol Gillan Gregg Gimlin Jack Givens Robert Goode Elaine Gordon Sherre Goss Sally Green Sharon Green Pat Greer K?-f' lx FQ ' vw ' a , r.., diff. rf' Gary Elkins Paul Elledge Dewayne Elliott Jim Elliott Ronnie Encapera Jan Epperson Melva Evennan Karl Fairies Steve Farha Phillip Farris Sherry Fausett Paul Favor Ann Fenton Buddy Fields Larry Fishel Kathy Fisher Harold Fite A X ' Carol Fonvielle Q.. -, W A Julie Ford -- ' ggi . iw W1 - . F ' Sharon Fore - V 5 s H A J' Judy Foster ' C Mary Foster 4 if Mike Foster Sandy Foutz 5 ,K L H A nu- is V- in ' K J Y J r g a V Y .. ,... . rx' y , fs -I5 M E it L df ai if-fl 'A S 1 ' .V V 1 s Q a F I G Rudy Greer David Criffy Roh Crimmett Terry Grindstaff Jim Haas Jay Haberecht Cindy Haig Lynda Haley Alyson Hall Curtis Hall Lenona Hall Malcolm Haney Janice Hand Melinda Hanraty Carol Hansen Lynne Hardin 'Annette Harms Janet Harris Kris Harry Melany Hays Rex Hefler Cheryl Hendren Steve Herndon Tom Hicks Terry Hicock Rudy Hiersche Pete Higgins Linda Hill Alice Hiniker Dick Hinkle Charles Hinson Susan Hinson Nina Hinton Carole Hitchens Boonell Hite Bobby Hobson Larry Hodgson Diane Hogan Donna Hollingsworth Linda Holloway Connie Homsey Willie Hooker Patti Hopkins Sherrie Hopkins Elizabeth Hess Gary Howard Tony Hudgins Charles B. Hudson Laird Hull J oleen Humphrey Kent Humphrey Linda Hunter Velma lmoe Bill J amcs Linda James Linda J asperson Jon J erlow Carol Johnson Jane Johnson Mary Johnson Linda Johnston Anita Jones Janet Jones Kenny Jones Linda Jones Louise Jones Madelyn Jones Ronnie Jones Nanette Jordan Bill Joyce Artie Just Judy Just r f r In J t , Q roo J J t ry J Q eff hail S I nah! ,- , EVM 'f ,. - ' 1 5' I S? ' J 4, A iii 'T' my C to Parents' Queries IQ. I All th 1 t f if AL t.y, it J yy x i , iz, tyiyy h if i':' ti t Q4 .. . . M x 4.1 f f J to Qi y J, ::y.i J yet . tint 21:1 y fc: S it , ., W . y 5' - K V Janis Kahler . . 'J Larry Kams r 0 gf QL 1 N -. , V' Annabelle Keen - ' A ik l Q A M , tiff ,iff X . 'ir n 5, X Clint Kelley Lf K Don Kenan an sf C C , ., J, ' i' , M lz, Q53 A - Kathy Kendall E ' 7 A J J' ' " ' ' Jimmy Kennard V Artie Kennedy A Lynn Ketchum M ' v--- , Neil Kimerer it i , , as . , Rusty ,,, .V Y -' A -2 Q ' I 1 is Ruth King 4- ""J' - "V . l i ,gg Roger Kise fy ' v:" A Q A- 7 E Dennis Klingsick by ge A - V " Pam Knox it ' Q Diane Koonce s 1-. , ii' i 'I x Lv' I f L. v 'aa' aww. mr- ,fs- we ie J :pl ii me va vw. QTY' s L,- at K PW as v? Q1 .wh Y' 'fa P 7 I 5. 22 f ,,....,f ' -f.,. Q vhs 5? jx Y ,. Tig I ga . 9 se . 'X 4 4 E 5 X' 'f 1 3 'IN Q -L.: .gs 54 535 ,Y f W ,.-, 'Ai V M? it 8 . Pages Appear at Polls V151-3 J , 2 4' V Rena McCoy Karen McCullough Sherry McCutcheon Lee McDonald Harriet McGauhey Charlene McGee Mark McGee Kathy McIntyre Richard McMains Jennifer McMurry Robert McName Mike McWatt Kathy Kopacka Ruth Kurlender Jennifer Lamb Sharon Lane Linda Langford Richard Langston Gloria Lawrence Jane Lawson Charles Lawter Pamela Ledden Virginia Lee Ann Lents Tony Leonhard Kay Lewis Carol Litton Louis Loeffler Vickie Loeppler Mary Long Claudia Lucas Corann Luckan Henry Luster Diane Luttrell Linda Lutz Val McClanahan Q77 4.4 .A - Pre-class patio pep-rallies appeal to freshmen to help create spirit for the game. Kathrine Mackenzie Gerry Maguire Karen Main Edward Makler Janet Malone Rita Malone Sandra Malone Jackie Maloney Bud Mangum Linda Manlove Tom Mann Sheila Markham James Marr John Marsh Barbara Martin David Martin Keith Martin Ruth Martindale Bonnie Maupin Gerry Maupin Peggy Mayfield Mike Meador Mike Meadows Carolyn Meek Martha Meek Susan Meinke Richard Melton Tommy Melton Jay Menninger Mike Merrill Joe Millar Ann Miller Lee Miller Marilyn Miller Connie Milligan Deanne Miner Linda Mock Carla Mogg Betty Montgomery David Montgomery Marie Morales J im Morgan George Morris Mary Ann Mowery Tom Munday Phil Murphy Marjorie Murray Chuck Musson Patricia Myrick Ben Nance Melanie Nelson Lois Neph Cheryl Newkirk Ken Newman Don Newsom Charles Noble Sharon Noble Vicki Norick Paula Norris Deborah Notley Edwina Null Charlotte Obermann Mary Ann Oliver Kenneth Ontko Kathy Oshea Joe Owenbey Beverly Owens Larry Palmer Eleanor Palo Carolyn Pate Jim Pearson Patsy Pearson -v. QW" - . t A 'L' 'S J J and Outvote Llpperclassmen alba :I 'F , . at ay mf ,P i :fl -'.,j A i flri K an ' N his t-te - ' ' ' ':::::t 7 . .rex if fa gt ' tce ,Q im, emi '51 3 t r 1,1 "' L M 5 ex x - fr ??' X 'K .km .., 'ef I jT"f59x. C Q' f fe C '? i N ex- t I f teal, 'x 1 F f S a 5 -'1 ' P .iiA 4 -f S st ' "": L ay t . if N '-1.::h Q ' L, y i 5 l i Lg a J E..b .51 i f y i, , tetsaa R R t Q'A. ' ' ' ll, 4- iw ii I, ., ' ,. it g,.f '- 5 ' . L p if fy , -L :': s y I , t t G Q 1 . V,-' H l R 1 3 Rugged Schedules Slow Page's Pace -a 'U J. 4 L Q. e pe f l 'A V4 s ' 5 y ii- ' K " V Lgkik- ' " A F i i . p 1, i , p I y gf it a O e' y ,., L, A p 5 5' Ht' ' 'ae fr 3, , ,,, 'ei Don Peck Jerry Peek .lerry Penland Richard Perry Sharon Pettett .lan Petty Jeanne Petty Nancy Petty Diane Peyton Diane Phillips Susan Phillips Janelle Pollock Marjorie Ponder Brian Porter .la Reesa Poteet Susie Potts Karl Power Jeanne Prater Marilyn Pulley Jerry Putt Le Ann Quillin Phyllis Rahill Sherry Railey Chris Randall John Randle J oe Rankin Toni Raschke Stan Rathjen Marsha Ray Robin Raymond Pat Reed Carol Reinke Beverly Reynolds Lynn Reynolds Bob Rice Perry Rice David Ricker Susan Riley Robert Roark Tommy Roche Linda Rodgers Sharon Roederer .l im Rogers Mike Rogers Becky Rollow Linda Romerman Carol Roso Harlene Rossan Nita Rowe .l oe Rover Vicki Rucker Johnny Rupp Don Ryan Margaret Ryan Anita Ryland Marci Safdi Lynn Sands Johnny Satterlee Barbara Saye Kelly Schmidt Steve Schmitz Jeanne Scott Terry Seba Kenneth Seibel Stan Sewell Tim Sewell Denny Shipley Danny Shirley Donna Shrier Margaret Shultz John Siegel Steve Simmons at J.. ...I "Dues" drag to dawn duties. Left to right: Steve Schmitz, Gerry Maguire, Jim Elliot, Laird Hull, and Val McClanahan respond to members wishes by doing early morning exercises. Ricky Simon Ronda Simonin Jackie Simonson Sandra Sims Barbara Skaggs David Sloan Patsy Smiley J im Smith John Smith John R. Smith Judy Smith Kay Smith Lynda Smith Margie Smith Mary Lou Smith Patsy Smith t I " A Pages Support Honor System t ' X 4 QV il 1 'E- Q My ,,,, , . J X .HB 1- V, f , .1 M., 'i ., ,,.. - A' af, ' 'i x ' Ei' ' X? R 4' X 1 J iw 5' if K - 9 E if I 45 is if' Q Y Y tpvn A . ff L as get R x A' as - ,Y Y. ra 9 tr 'L r X22 at fi?-We i w 1 I . , .1- 1, ,gg. 2t1f i V' . L . ,m, .. ' , D gg, 71' f fselifiiib 99- at- if if . fat in 5 'K 4. 4 f' We f , j a u. at K A. 'Q 6 w - .J A -'13 r ., 5 , V K K- ik' .ed Smith Theresa Smith Judy Sneed Elaine Snider Loraine Snider Wayne Snipes Richard Soard Cheryl Sommerfrucht Art South .lim Southerland Ken Spears Danny Sponhaltz Barbara Spybuck Phil Stack Dale Stallings Carol Stammer Starlyn Starr Bob Steeves Susan Steinbeck Mary Sliver Robert Stone Nancy Street John Strong .lim Stuart I67 QS? Q Q asf Ln-I Knlghthood One Step Closer 'W S is is S me ""'f'?a.c we J Q' Q ' 4- -' fr . nr- J U' A Sharon Stubblefield Kay Stumps Lynn Suggs Karla Swanson Kenneth Swanson Lloyd Swineford Jan Tate Michael Tate John B. Tatum Dick Taylor Gary Taylor Cordon Taylor Jeanne Taylor Nick Tennis Jack Thomas Warren Thomas Ann Thompson Jimmy Thompson Kathy Torbett Sparky Trawick Jim Troxel Mary True Sandra Truette Connie Truitt Jan Tumer Donna Vaden Mike Valentine Joe Vaughn Jeanette Voorhie Richard Vrooman Pat Wades Jim Wagoner Barbara Walk Wayne Wallace Don Wallis Allene Walter Jim Warren Molly Washa Carla Way Jerry Way Sheryl Webster Janet Wege Michele Wells Kenneth Wertz Mary Sue Westfall Carl Wheatly Alan White John White Steven White Verna Whiteturkey Sharon Whittaker Shirley Wilcoxson Paul Wilkes Bill Willett Nancy Willett Larry Williams Linda Williams Judy Willingham Sharon Wilson Patty Woodward Janice Woolley Barbara Worthing Lois Van Wyngarden Freddie Yaeger CLASS OF '63 Yearbooks provide a good opportunity to reminisce as well as plan ahead for class officers, Cil Wright, presidentg Carl Bush, sergeant at arms: Diane Kimsey, treasurer: and Linda Cassady, secretary. Not pictured is Drew Ackerman, vice-president. Heralds Hail Halfway Mark! Northwest Classen Heralds approach Knighthood as did Heralds of ancient lore. They rise from humble Pages to Squires and hence to Knights. Duties included making proclamations and delivering messages, presiding over tournaments, and studying about heraldry, chivalry, and knighthood. Duties of Northwest Classen Heralds are similar. We proclaimed loudly, and proudly, undying loyalty to our school, spirited support for our athletes on play- ing fields, opinions in Student Council, and enthusiasm for all-school plays, paper drives, mixers, and other ac- tivities that are so much a part of life at Northwest Classen. At tournaments Heralds played an important part as athletes. Gipp DuPree, Gil Wright, and several others carried our colors high, and pep club members proudly bore Northwest Classenis emblem on their uniforms. Studying and learning, however, were our main ac- tivities. We have learned that hard work brings lasting rewards. Heralds are well represented on Knightis Honor Roll. Drama and publications received our support and efforts. A goodly number of us served as officers of clubs and organizations. We have been ably led by class offi- cers: Gil Wright, president, Drew Ackerman, vice-presi- dentg Linda Cassady, secretary, Diane Kimsey, treasurer, and Carl Bush, sergeant at arms. As we become Squires we willingly face new responsi- bilities, new opportunities, and new challenges. When finally we attain our cherished goal of full-fledged Knights we shall know we have served well. AV? H.- Sponsors meet regularly to check progress of their students. Here having coffee while they work are Miss Retha Wave Hulet, Mr. Phillip Thurston, Mrs. Jeanne Rippee, and Miss Ann Whitehead. Not pictured is Mrs. Clovie Harrison, detained by a math meeting. ,.Qk Sherry Abdoo 5 - .I V o Q- ' A elou A- ' John Abney .1 A 1 t Felice Abramson f- -- - . Drew Ackerman 'YVI . A yy George Allen -- I ---- L ' Craig Ames -, I Sharron Ammerman L ' V Carl Anderson jj ' 'S as 7 '7 'A John Armstrong 2 ' sv- " . ' ' 5 , l Ruby Askins " l . 1 I A . L, ,, . X Jerry Avant , V K- , W me K, 5 .M Q it I L- X 27 5 Darlene Acree - 5x 'gr ' Xb A P 1' rs: if fe Heralds Acquired School Spirit Q ii' . 4 Algene Ayers Beverly Baker Carolyn Baker Esther Barbara Baker Nat Baker Sharron Barfoot Barron , N? S N S y Sandra Bamett Phyllis Bayley Bob Bednar Russ ynda Baumgarner George Beaver Larry Bell Bell A 1, in Mi' if Ig ,,b i t Henry Beltz Jim Bendau Rusty Bennett Mark Bob Bender Karen Bennett .lohn Berrinkle Bevins CLASS CDF '63 Sophomores have done outstanding work in every department at Northwest Classen. Bill Dolan, Allen Elledge, Robert Mallory, and Terry Smith excel in photography under the direction of Mr. Gerald Heusel. 3 l l l ' 3 5 1 5 . f I all ,oi of X35 ls s 19" 'D H , O ooh' Right 133 left 4g right 31. Hurry! They're slipping! Oh, darn! That's the wrong locker -T Paul Bierman nr in A Sharon Bias A ' .:.,. N -fi I Mike Black H ,A . L, A ,X .7 'Q Bob Blackwell if 5 f M' " z r Lynn Blalock tg' 5 l x r 5 ,J , John Blaschke A A ' , . 4.4 A IL as. - X A L Mike Bloese Maesel Boggs Bob Botts Jeny Bowerman Carol Bowlin Mike Boyle Virginia Brewer Beverly Brannon Pat Breitschuh .loe Brodell Carolyn Brooks Dick Brooks Sue Brooks Barbara Brown Bill Brown Gary Brown Tony Brownen Betty Brumley Mary Brummit Jack Bruner Hart Burghart Sheila Burnett Larry Burton Carl Bush Q t X 15? 5 Q,-MQ L F-,. E ir 'rr J ,qs "' e b is xr Aiea... A-,A AA -L A B :.. ,gg fr.-s. mg, :ae I - .4 A B LU! M N i Qi B as Q qw L -X A X' Q l Leo Byford Jr. Mike Calvert Jimmy Carter Paul Casey Linda Cassady Sherry Caswell 'qu - 15? , 4, y Y Lt 'S A sf ti s s . E y QW 1 A All I Qt Jeff Chalmers . Chuck Chambers ' y , z P- . Mike Chapman -,ge 1 3 'rr-f , A I ' ,K 'fm' Paul Chapman M ' V. , if Ay Sharron Charles 4 ,V" Q , ' - Sherry Chatman V' ' A , ii? V A ' ,.rll V Sandra Cheatham . Cindy Chestnut V I 'H ,V Sonny Childers 3 'GDL , Q , ga ,V Q 1 'I M Barbara Church , S W ,X in A 4' i , 1 Al l 5 , C .lim Clark , , Y Z " ii 'kL,, L Y Vaudeanna Clark A, 2 E . a s L e 1. A .5 Phil Cline Bill Cobum 5 - ' Dick Cohein fu, 1 - X - Q I H "' ' "' ' ' 1 Bob Cockerill elm! 932 fi' f .. A Martha Coffman 5 iE'?fE?i' -D Jimmy Cole A if , f Heralds Reject Officers C LAS S O F ' 6 3 ss ge Mike cook X A Judi Copeland gy, ..., e ' X ' . Q 4- John Coppock a 5 l 5 , j' M , K Hz- f '1 Q1 3 Margaret Cornelius ' ' E s : f , Phil Cornett ' , 51 3 ' ' 3 - pi Tom Coughlin :-' . ,J if S YD h ' U f -Q. Q., X X f u V' Q gf ei fl eg' .fu :Q f. Beverly Cox Don Cozby Cheryl Cunningham Bob Daniel Andrea Daniels Bill Davison We felt we knew the library pretty well. Sherry Ahdoo, Sherry Chatham, and Sue Stewart confi- dently explore the shelves to find a book. Sig 5 s AHEEA MA :x.f .,.. A L my ,.,.. will r at , 1.13 B 5 ,Z J. " fi ts, 4 H QQ . A , ,l is , my i i 'vv is .. I David Dawkins Pat Deal Charlotte Denham Richard Despain Carol Dines Mary Dixon Joe Dorman Mike Dougall Charlotte Decker Terry Deen Linda Dickinson J im Dill Bill Dolan Tonia Demopolis Wayne Drake Kathryn Dunbar . fs.. ,Q Q -rr .- for Second Year in a Row Denise Dunham Judy Dunham Robert Dutton Sharron Eads Mitchell Easley Lee Easton Paula Ellsworth Bill Enter Cipp DuPree Bob Duskin Kay Eamest .lane Eamest Allen Elledge- Janice Ellison Robert Esterline Jim Fabian UUZOVN I GOOXG YxxtC3sQ fx' HMAQ, to so so , H H Wwe- if E ' 3 alms. ,-'2E , ' S 'A L tys Y t tt., , 3 V 4 a ra ? 'X , IE... on it Q., -A f ..r, Q5if:..- I . . . ' .Q i .,Lr K i 2 it Li 54 X A s A I73 yeh gay? 1 Bill Fagala Ronald F agin Carolyn Farrell Steve Fauks Suzan Finefrock Lucy Finley Mike Ford Carolyn Farha Carolyn Faris Mike Ferguson Wendell Filippo Judy Floyd Steve Fondren Charles Fuson Myrna Garlick We Started New Fads CLASS OF '63 m g fs 1 ' f-:im a ,wir :es . 1 W .Q . in E . z l g e e ne A 5 , 2, t S Don Garrison Sandra Garrett Chuck Goforth Kaye Goodrich Linda Griffin Sherry Griffith Jerry Hadaway Carolyn Hogg Linda Gatewood .lane Gillespie Elaine Govin Christie Gravitt Don Grimes Gary Guthrie Wally Hammond Kent Hampton A 5,224 S 5: f i as X S A Lx Y 3 .y Eff K3 :af , S A 4, A if A L ' ,A ,, A vii ,ff J . 4' 9 Rey Hancock Jane Hanna Cary Hannon x. 1 ,- . Margie Haney Yolanda Hancock 1 we ' Betty Harbolt Steve Hargis if 1 NY I David Harrison Tommy Hawk Vicki Hrbacek Nancy Hebson Randy Helm Amy Henderson Lou Ann Henderson Terry Hester Linda Hicks Linda Hicock Dan Holder Florrie Hollowa5 Ruth Holman Robert Holmes Bill Holsey Diana Horne John Houchin Paula Hudson David Hume Barbara Hunt Melody Hutchinson Carol Ice David Imle Raymond Jack Fred Jacobson Bill Hankinson a 'Y' B d H k' Model Sandra Garrett's plumb line makes it easier for B?iilI?aw1::X,5f:1S artists Denise Dunham and Carrie Abernathy to sketch. and Revived Old Ones , 5 , . i K A - R V 9 g 'fi iv. V .T gg W F 5 1 - A in . A... 1... lf ,, -vi YA Q'- ,Q Le! 2 3 L Q A. A L, , u asa. 5 Lynn James Ann Jenkins Jan Jenkins Jeanne Jenkins Barbara Johnson 'fl 'Wh ,w I f --" an J .?" ,?' 5 bn . V, Q 'K' ' ssnnns 41.54 A 4 -- A.. Phone Calls Relieve Tension Claudia Johnson Joan Johnson Karen Jones Pat Jones Patty Ann Jones Doreen June who-in CLASS OF '63 "How 'bout a date after the game Thursday?" asks Tim Sieber "Oh, l'd love it," replies Linda Ridgeway. If all youthful conversations would be this brief, Mom wouldnt complain so much about the phone always being busy. ay L T K Q. Q E R , 1, i ml? V lzi. vi g? " ' L its L L Z Q L 4 R4 3 , H t T A . 45 ik h r Q 3 L as ., ' l 'i" ' ' . A A Q I i Pi? an ff., oo , om. Q 5 DA Cheryl Leever Leslie Ledden Kay Lents Mary Leugemors Barbara Lewis Kenneth Liss Gary Lockett David Logan Forest Lorey Johnny Loveland Alexis Loveless Peggy Loveless Danny Loyd Rick Lynn Linda Mackillican Dean McClain Carol McCarter J im McCarty Larry McCarty Donna McCulley Larry McDanie1s Carol McCants ,.., l S1 I . Y w, 4 D. Kimsey Follows in Sis's Footsteps ..y o ,iyo A 99 S Ted Kalmon Gloria Kasper Kathryn Kauffman Kitty Keith Chris Kennison Wayne Kessler Dianne Kimsey Gail Kincaid Kathy King Sheryl King Marsha Kirchner Jimmy Kiser Kenny Knight Doug Knox Kathryn Knox Anne Kraft Warden Lang Bunny Langley David Langston Rickey Langston Myra Lappin Bill Lasater Marilyn Leaming Don Lee ea' it he 2--3 514 ' w 13 I I .V 7 gs, L X W AL A A .ne M Q.. A 52925 or.h at I Two guesses-Kennedy or Nixon? This was popular conversation students gathered after lunch for brief chats like this one with during 1960. Many heated debates and classroom discussions Mary Dixon, Merrill Willard, Phil Cornett, Janice Ellison Gene centered on individual likes and dislikes. Heralds took an active Roblyer and Sue Brooks. part in elections held at school. Politics were top topics when Some Assemblies Were Fun g. . W .Q 4 we if at Q. R .-., ig L ffii 'J EQ V N isv 1... " , ,I iw., ...V Q, H , - ' A-. 51 -is E ' Q, QV L S' ' iff- 1 V 5 .. i.,1l' s-i3. , s A . -.. i . .. rr Q in 5 R .. - .. ist Vicky McEwin Frank McHann Cary McKinney Mary McLellan Connie McMillan Ronnie McNeill Nancy McNew Carol McNulty Joanna Magruder Judy Mahan J im Marsh Dan Martin Larry Martin Don Mays Carole Meeker .lan Milam Eddie Miller James Miller Michelle Miller Sharron Miller Gary Mills Tommy Mills 'M .. CLASS GF '63 2 5 , 5 K , U: ix f ll' ' V a J q .view " Q YS? Donna Newton Julia Newton Mike Nichols Mike Owen Leah Osgood Linda Osborn Lee Olim Gina Pansze Don Pape Cheryl Parrish Barbara Pearce Linda Peddicord Barbee Pelton Pam Penn John Phillips Mike Phillips Joyce Phinney Joann Pitts Bill Poage Linda Poag Joanne Pollock Bill Porch Marlett Potter Robert Potter CLASS OF '63 Don Mitchell Rick Moffatt Dee Ann Moodie James Moore Diane Morelock Jim Morris Mike Mulligan Janet Musallam Cheryl Montgomery Ann Moodie Lyman Moore Marie Morgan Danny Morrison Ray Moss Barbara Muzny Ronnie Nelson A lv-rm 5. Q, 2,3 W 1 if .. 4 L 2' A xr is' 2:"'J.-'S we at W While Others Were More Serious , aww Af 'QI ' ft -. ' fri? Q W Q 5? . .A E ,,,-, A O l J is I Q l A Yi ' PM ' . Y , Q 9 ig K E' -' Y lp J ytyl fb J if I L. F' , Q gi NL . QA S? Jliiii Fei I E W . Elizabeth Powers Tommy Poyner Marianna Pulling Mike Quine f t . Bill Rankin ' 'A A'l-A 1' Michael Rapp r L," - ' , A if - K '-n. ' Phillip Redlinger 3 uf Susan Reed at Micheal Price Cindy Pruitt Harry Ralston Bill Raney David Ray Judy Rector Becky Reese Ronnie Reeves We Contributed Our Share of Talent CLASS OF '63 Pat Reinhold J ack Renfrow Linda Ridgeway Carol Riley Gene Roblyer Sheryl Rogers Rusty Russell l Linda Richards Don Richardson Larry Roberts Don Robinson Ursel Rothenbusch David Rucker Phil Ryan Dorinda Rutherford Marilyn Sallstrom " Y Sf 7735 ' M 'ellfiflfi " 2. : :.'H:15: 7 .2,v-Ziyfik A -' ,,::EE5iE:" -sS,lEa1l.5fs 53.1 Agzrszsesaasrf1saAav-saewAw1f2 J Naam g. wives., ' 535ts1faG5a'i'.l? vw ' 1 ref LQSAQQQ .. .. xy. -9eAf2m-by ...aa A -:. N X Helm ,L ,A ,. z If--aa a. . 25. ,.. - 535556555325 V me 3, Q S .L .aah L aw at M MfaF'.,A igs211:5esf,sg,3,1,2,f X ' MN S' N A. ..,.. A,AeM.,. A A A? N5 5 ,S is M me ,T gs' T A 2353? AA 2 as as W sa Aj, J. Sjtjg A 83 mai , 4 H use ' '1 Pt K fag L wa A ww ws af as Q S .u Q aa X + E 1 me .fi . .- -- ,W K , . .,A.s1w7,. amzw ,ge . N N - f fftfff-ff-'afffk V' fffzf' Kiwis f12gsfsz,:ezi MST' ff V5Q, U '91 1 i 52" s iii 'NN' "KY AA -,gf maaaaa A A,,A , , A, ,A , A. ,QQ AK WWQ1 wa- 513-gwaflarfaiig egwsisi,sfsifaifeiiziis J lie: ,A a, A .a. A : K Aa, A ,ta ,MA NAA, A AAAA AA,A,A,, faiigasieiare Safe Q L- we S' K -- ,effwna-eA -r 2 ,,Am,Am1.L . farama 5,1--. A eAgAgf,gg' , . zwwa-Ag,Afg, A f - mme A, .. 'A + Amis? ze fs :1Elz i5i21:s2g?1 z,'s ., .... .2 - .1 .. gamma AA " , .. lim. " A' Qwiie ,. ' aim ,.-mv L a -inf' - , 5 " 1 ' .' ::':?,-,: 2 , ' ' BI" K ffii . .2551 ' V F-:x:,.K,. , ., .A 'L ., fa - ,,A,gA,g,,Qg1jfk 'yw1-:A . fig it W t affwasafesazaaaaasian feewaaaaaarwwmg,weffi:wa ,K 2 f tx Q wAafgmwAaAa,1a aywmfaz:awayy1fy11311tg.wgAggA F 1, .4 f,,mAafzw,.a, ,fsw,.m,fe,f D - A,.. A SL S S 'fzsagtsswgsmfiSzswgewzgfz - a 1 ' E.eEiie5,iGTlb,!if5iZki?i5iTlEf"' K f2s3E5ii.57g :iisiiifEZ?'fL.f If T 5152 . f wgg effs A -.6355 : A :tg-'gtg ' EEE f 5:5 ez- :.,::. ..":g lflli K H r. 'Hz MF' ,s .-1 1-ef-1 f ,L me f 4' ef 1,125 32 " Sgwgazsfi :fz2.." ''Lisle'ixegffgfisswsfmfiev is is 55732211 if f if'-5 "ffQ1'QA:sAe2Ars, 51, ? new fa 1355? 535, Qi railw .. "1-Z:-.1:.". 'T gf? iiigfisi 2 A AAA SA ul ,Q an was a MW we A A A M A -gt-.tggtg ' Kfjisfigsfftit Wim f:fe,:wmf 'UPL-' .sillzflriissi uffwi faffesfazi K Q iiffiiitii Q Agsgy :11lwAs2sg A 'X ' 1,1-1255 K A . . zum, Q : 5 gl- ,zgwxgrq ?:22f11Lsffs"5 rxfafgag ffgwww' -? 'f all :e,ff7esi4saf ffafs?f1-eiifr 1,.bgg15 ,.11.w1.fw was Q ,wg-i.:, EA tffsfifgikfii 555552 S f ' iii? 'X' iff? '. ,MA , ,e,,,A.e .,,. gg, me ,f Steve Sanders Carol Schick Rosemary Scott Cary Sears Pat Shaffer Douglas Shaw Edd Shortt Dale Sibel Donna Schmidt Barbara Scott Barbara Selby Martha Sewell Karen Shepard Gay Shick Tim Sieber Bill Simpson and Captured State Rankings Marlene Sims Sandy Skinner Janie Smelser John Smiley Tom Solter Bill Sorenson Bill Stacy ,lane Slaughter .lim Slaughter Gayle Smith Mary Ellen Smith Donna Spielman Larry Sprouse Ron Stevens Cheryl St. Dizier Sue Stewart 5m,..eR .,AJA. Q .. W 7 Ma, E .MA asa .S X, -' mg EAAJJESF' ::iA:A1 A 3 - -tmwafs iw, , fam ' 7 2 e'?:'f,fY S. fSe1s15?TS T7, . g . a - In "5-i. , .ia 2 :A 1 .133 115 'A ,-qi ' fifffff if- , A .A . , 3395 3 E 3 2 .A avg 2 X eAsgig.1AfaA gaifwie ..,. . f, AfA. .zA.M .,,. 1 JAMHA ,AEA - -'-:'H"a:. ,:--1 A - zlisisf K .: 1 - ':- Z. ' Fi..-1 .Q 1 ' 'gm :L 5 -' .. ,. .- 1,1221 at elf? W .A A . . ,,,W A,,. . . .. .Y . - ' K -1 ":ffi: ff'5?.ifgJf' M S as , 54, V 'X ,A ,. wg fvwsasiew-aassxvEz':itLS?vv'1. X f 2 , 5, Nez a 8 JA A x 3 ass Simi 1. Wm . A As- 5? A Q, E0 , , S , 33 lf. i tiiliy rs , ,L 'WE 1:92 A , . 213, at 1 ---'-- 'NaQ:g'f1m,fA.,a5gA 93 limit as A 'Ria M 1 9 gear P ' at S li sw 4 3 ag , Lf Arg 1 fiat- - ' X U? at at Q f . iim 5, Qgs s . . , 2 .. X -far ia is 1 53 new '3 it A X X 5 Us . A, A t,g.A,ES5ia255Q,. -- -. , f ffgwa f- ff R W I A . K V - .A I kkyk g K t W ' 4, , A gi ' A ' l S k -S VV ya I 7 t Q, a ' .SA T x x A A ' , 3 S i ' S 1" 53 'll f G. Wright Guides Heralds CLASS OF '63 Leroy Walker Don Wall Ozell Walton Richard Warner Mike Weeks Billy Welch Beverly Wendorff Gayle West Merrill Willard Kerry Williams Tim Williams Diane Wilmoth Maryke Winkler Don Winslow Kathy Wilson Connie Wolfe Sally Woodward Peggy Woolsey Gil Wright Tim Zinn Shirley Zellweger Mike Zachritz Gayle Youngheim Paula Sullivan Mike Swaim Sharon Swihart Terry Tatum James Taylor Don Templin Donna Thomas Sue Thomas Richard Thomason Clairie Thompson Donella Thompson Linda Thompson Tommy Thompson Mark Toussaint Mike Traska Evonne Trout Ronnie Truitt Karen Turner Lana Tyree Frances Turpin Mary Turner Jerry Vandeventer Mike Violett , S rier A Q V r oy ' T li S L Ah 11 an . 4 1 . A 4 If .F ,.,, ,E , kr..,A: k3,5:,lWs f.,Z ,f,.., . flew- be 5'w:z5f "Q- 4 V ai 9 .,u,o., 5 X.. W 45 S ... S :- i iiiif i 'll '."' T sa ii i' ill W, ,Ax LASAX Hardest climb is still ahead but the reward is in view. Leaders of the Junior Class are Jerry Hiersche, sergeant at arms, Dan Duncan, treasurerg Judy Ellis, secretaryg Terry Arnn, presidentg Dudley Hyde, vice-president. Squires Square Off for Soiree Suddenly it was '60l We were SQUlRESl We stood at the halfway mark. Russell Lawson had pulled us through Pagehood and Phil Wirnpy had herded us along the way as Heralds. This year Terry Arnn was Squire supreme. It was now or never if we were to make our mark in Knightland. Somewhere along the line the Greek idea of the pursuit of learning as rnanls noblest idea got sandwiched in. Most of us are college-minded. We must convince ourselves, and others, we had college capacity. Two hours of grisly PSAT tests made us take a new look at BA's, MA's, and PhD's nonchalantly inscribed be- hind names. Extracurricular assignments Were suddenly vital. Prep- arations for the 1961 NASC national convention were in progress and we found ourselves right in the middle. Then there was the SHIELD and ROUND TABLE to be staffed, DeWayne Andrews was helping hold the '4CLASSlCS,' Executive Board together, Casey Truett, Nick Woodard and Danny Young brought in speech awards: Bob Daniel starred in "OUR TOWN,'g .lon Bourassa, Susan Kimerer, Sam Reynolds, and Karen Slack were nominated for AFS exchange studentg Junior Girls, sextette garnered Superior rating, the band and Cry-slurs swarmed with Squires. And in athletics the three H's-Harrison, Hiersche and Howard, along with Johnny Locke and Pat Sigmon, were put through their paces. Things didn't even slacken for spring-fever time. From our ranks would come the 1961-62 all-school president. This demanded sifting. Then there were our obligations to the Class of '61 that was leaving us in charge. Our Junior-Senior Prom must be the best yet. My, there's a lot to do when you get to be a Squire-we hope to hear, "Well done, good and faithful Squires, you have earned the right to be called Knightlv Class sponsors helped plan one of the best formals of the year, the Junior-Senior Prom. Mr. Cordon Erikson, Mrs. Georgia Teets, Mrs. Ola Mae Oakes, Mr. Don Van Pool, Mrs. Pauline Walker confer on plans. Not pictured is head sponsor, Mrs. Bessie Henry, detained by illness. .f,-Tsf' Jeanne, Jerlyn, and Judy Adams, ,l an Agee, Linda Allen, Ginger Ames, Joanne Anderson, David Anderson, Jerry Andrews, DeWa5'ne Ard, Chris Armstrong, Richard Arnn, Terry Atkinson, . Carol Austin, Judy Austin, Ronald Austin, Wanda Babcock, Tom Baker, Carolyn Barber, Billye Barnes, I im Basham, Dewayne Bay, Charles Beals, Pamela Bean, Tom Beausang, Cathie Been, Linda Benson, Carolyn Bevins, Bob Bittner, J im Boevers, Mike Boggs, Dalton Boles, Kaye Boren, Clifford Bourassa, I on Bowen, Barbara Bowen, Sally Brace, Charla Bragg, Janice Brandes, Sherry Brennan, Patty Bressie, Ruth Brook, Connie Brown, Benny Brown, Penny Brumley, Doyce Bruner, Mary Bryant, Sharon Buchner Sher l 1 Y Buchwald, Mike Butler, Cathy Butt, Adele I V , Butts, James A 1 F V 5 Cabell, Chris L . 5 "" f . ' . qi- Cain, Eddie , fa.,-A J, J , il ' Camp, Ann I E X1 Carroll, Maxine , J ,li,l 5, W 4 W 255 ff Carson, Jack V In il '4,u:g Carter, Glenda - ',.f P ee"'ad rg, k ly ' J Carter, Richard I M., .V 1 a r,," 'E r , ffl , , in , f , Cartmill, Colleen ' J 'L ' - J CEISCYQ Mike W Q , , .. . ' J Chamberlain, . 'Q if " - 'J Ruth Ann 3 ., X ' ' . J ilg J g - X 5, 'f '.,' In 4 ,..: EW, in Z I 35 . Vyl., Do Jolly Jumps for Juniors One of these beauiies may be the 1962 All-Sports Queen. Judy Ellis, Jeanne Cooper and Jerlyn Davis, junior cheerleaders, chat before the Sports-Queen coronation in which they participated. an f""f A ,g L 7 -:fha W' ' emi M- Chapman, Diane, Chase, Robert, Christen- son, Ann, Cisne, Carol, Clark, Connie, Clark, Judy, Clawson, Peggy, Clay, Sandra, Cobb, Reed ' JLINIQRS Cody, Barbara Coleman, Mark Cowell, Keith Cook, Judy Coppage, Troy Corbett, Joan ls I IH l ll "Egads!! Will I meet that deadline?" wails Peggy Spivey buried in a mound of Round Table work. Class of '62 Tops 400 Mark may Q wa arg, 'iv 2 N if V ri I fs-ga. R1 Cordray, Bill Cornell, Pam Cornell, Phil Cornell, Rose Marie Cowan, Carol Cowles, Linda Craig, Sharon Coughin, Linda Covington, Gary Dale, Ronnie Daniel, Darla Davis, Jerlyn Davis, Sharon Davison, David Daw, Bob Delitt, Mike Del Valle, Frances Denham, Gene Dormon, Pam Dorney, Barbara Dorris, Harold Draper, David Duncan, Dan Duncan, Kokie JLINIORS Eagleton, Bob Easum, Diane Ehrig, Pat Elliott, Deanna Elliott, Linda Ellis, Judy Ellsworth, Nancy Emig, Larry Eslinger, Greg Estes, Margaret Everaard, Ronald Farris, Katherine Favor, Kathy Ferguson, Glenda File, Ann Finch, Bob Fischer, Charles Fish, John Flanagan, Eileen Fleming, Rusty Flourney, Sharon Flynn, Sondra Fowler, Gerri Fowler, Jerri F rederici, Annette F retwell, Judy Freeman, David Garrett, Bill Garrison, David Gatlin, Sydney Gee, Ronnie Geiser, Sharon Gibbons, Gay Gilson, Neal Givens, Judy Goodell, Mary Goodman, Arna Grant, Ruby Grayson, Beverly Green, Jay Griggs, Jim Grimes, Mike Squires Eagerly Await Knighthood . .ki are , ff' f gr? if ., 1 G9 4, f . al l ' V vs ' "' f' ' L. W' I JLINICRS Cars Carry Colors in Contest Cavalcade Cayly adomed vehicles in a parade in the park- ing lot launched Home- coming festivities Octo- ber 14. Joanne Ames and Iris Morgan straighten the purple and gold crepe paper on the top of their entry while Patsy Loef- ller looks on with ap- proval. Hackler, Larry Hall, Barbara Hall, Skip Hall, Linda Hall, Suzy Hames, Janice Hamilton, Charles Hammack, Jim Hammond, Judy Hardage, Kay Hardin, Jerry Harris, Linda Harrison, Nancy Harrison, Rich Hastie, Barney Hayes, John Heiney, Gary Hendrick, Rick Henline, Don Hensley, Don Henson, Judy Hewess, Hayden Hicks, Dean Hiersche, Jerry Hill, Becky Hodges, Joe Haffner, Marcia Hollis, Marilyn Holladay, Terry Holt, Charles Holt, Vic Herndon, Charles Howard, Paul Howard, Phil Howard, Robert Howell, Cheryl Hudson, Fred Hudson, Linda Hughes, Boh Hullett, Skip Hunt, Jerry Hyde, Dudley Ingram, DeAnn Irvine, Carol J ahara, Sam Jack, Nancy Jacob, Charlotte James, Kenneth J anota, Charlotte Jenckes, Claudia J erlo, Tom Johnson, Jana Johnson, J oAnne Johnson, Ronald Johnston, Brett Jones, Gary Jones, Janice Jones, J anyce Jones, Les Jones, Roger Just, Eric Kalmon, Winn Keller, Jerry Ketchum, Bill Keys, Karen Kimerer, Susan Winn Kalmon Edits Yearbook Section JUNIORS 'EW Juniors Puzzle Over Prom Plans King, Terry Kitchen, Karen Koeppel, Tanny Kirk, Valerie Kosted, Carolyn Kratina, Karen Lacy, Sherry Lanyon, Sally LaPointe, Sharon Lawrence, Susan Lawson, Russell Leake, Bob Lemmons, J im Lemon, Larry Lipe, Virginia Locke, John Loiton, Arthur Long, Carolyn Long, Judy Lott, Chuck Loving, Sally Lusk, Randy Lytle, Carole lVIcCan, Sharon McCandless, Karen McClure, Cleve lVlcColloch, Mike McCown, Steve McDowell, Joyce Mclfntire, Kay McGill, J ack McHenry, George Mclntyre, Vivian Mclntyre, Betsy MclVlurran, Sue McNew, Russ McQueen, Beverly Magruder, Arlene Maier, Judy Mainard, Carolyn Mannas, Paul Marcum, Dudley Marko, Annie Marlin, Marcia Martin, Phil Martin, Taini Mashore, Sue Lynn Matthews, Billie ,lo Meek, Howard Meyers, Leeann Miller, Stan Milligan, Terry Mills, Rod Mitchell, Carol Montgomery, Larry Moodie, Bruce Moore, Okie Moore, Ralph Morey, Sandra Morgan, Iris Morris, Sandra Munsinger, Lynn Murphey, Don Myers, Barbara Nance, Bo Nay, David Nelson, Linda Nelson, Roberta Nichols, Nancy Nidell, Dianne Noe, Steve Nordstrom, Linda Nowlin, Jack Oldhen, ,Dean O,Leary, Helen Owens, Evelyn Palmer, Jackie Palmore, Lynda Parker, Dee Pearson, Walter Pendarvis, Don Pernalete, Margaret Perrin, Sydney Phillips, Bob 227 3 Class Rings Top Squires Tradition ng, A VH JUNIORS Pierson, Dixie Pinkston, Raelene Pitts, Bill Points, Marsha Polson, Ace Ponder, .lim Poole, Judy Potts, Vicky Powers, Jane Preble, Carol Pryor, Janie Purdue, Marilyn Patio Pauses Lend Welcome Breaks Putt, Phill Qualls, Pam Rahill, Pam Randleman, Julia Rainey, Lewis Raney, David Rankin, Linda Redlinger, Barry Reeves, Jeanette Reynolds, Sam Riley, Mary Ann Roach, Ron "Ya know, Jill, I'm mighty proud to be a part of Northwest Classen!" Jill Reber and Jerry Hiersche like to reminisce and look forward to their senior year. Roberts, Sharon Robertson, J. W. Robinson, Larry Robinson, Randy Rollow, David Rose, Tina Rosolowski, Ann Rotan, Darlene Routon, Vickie Routon, Wendel Runka, Marite Ryan, Terry St. John, I ay Samara, Sharon Sansing, Bill Saterlee, Phil Saunders, John Savage, Merry Sawvell, J on Schoap, Mike Schoenthaler, Mardi Schooley, Jodi Scott, Judy On October 29 Squires and Heralds competed against Knights and Pages in an all-school paper drive. From dawn to dusk! At the end of the day each felt that he had lifted the 63,000 pounds collected. Help- ing load papers are Phil Walker, Marcia Haffner, J. W. Robert- son, Marlene Sims, Sharon Samara and Linda Griffin. as le-3 W 3, lf 'UU' VJ? 'Gif as No Paper-Dollies Needed Here JLI IDRS Scott, Larry Scroggin, Don Scudder, J im Selby, Beverly Severin, Elaine Sherrill, Alan Shirley, Ron Shnell, Doris Shock, ,lo Anne Sibley, Larry Sigmon, Pat Simms, Norry Years Come, Years Go, But Oh, That Junior Year! Sims, Larry Slack, Karen Smalley, John Smith, Eddie Smith, Ginger Smith, I im Smith, Nelson Smith, Terry Sneed, Gini Snider, Edward Sollars, Linda Sonnenfeld, Sheryl Ever been so shook you couldn't remember your own address? This is the way Sam Reynolds, American Field Service finalist, said he felt. Finalists were ,lon Bourassa, Susan Kimerer, and Karen Slack. They were chosen from twenty-three junior applicants on the basis of maturity, scholarship, personality, and congeniality. Spaeth, Donna Spear, Bill Spence, Don Spiva, David Spivey, Peggy Staal, Jerry Working a problem by slide-rule are Dudley Markum Dianne Chapman, and Rich Harrison. Stamps, Janice Staples, Becky Steele, Pat Stettheimer, Joe Stevens, John Stewart, Bob Stone, Carolyn Stone, Owen Sullivan, Alan Sutton, Nancy Tatum, Linda Taylor, Judy Telford, Sue Terrell, Mary Terry, Eddie Terry, Karen Thomas, Dennis Thompson, Bennie Jo Thompson, David Thrower, Beverly Tillinghast, John Torbett, Carol Tracewell, Sue Truett, Casey It Was a Long Climb, but Tucker, Dick Tucker, Patsy Turner, Linda Van Hook, Martha Vaughan, Ierrie Sue Vernon, Louise Volz, Pam Wade, Phil Waldrop, Mike Walker, Marilyn Walker, Phil Walker, Shirley We Are Upperclassmen at Last! Ward, Inez Wallace, Sandra Wallis, David Ware, John Welbourn, Terry West, Sherry Wheeler, Valjean White, Bob Whittacre, Ronald Whittaker, Iris Whitten R ert Alex itten, Zelvia Wiggins, Ronnie Wildman, Sheryl Wiles, Phillip "l'l1 bet my candidate wins," say Squires Sam Jabara, Jim Hammack, Tom Emerson, Mike Buchwald, Sally Lanyon, Charles Holt, Pam Rahill and Ruth Ann Chamberlain, as they cast ballots for class officers. Wilkes, Eddie Williams, Bill Williams, Lynn Windle, Karl Wolf, Bill Wolfe, Joe Wolfkill, Kenneth Wolyd, Danny Woodrow, Olivia Woodward, Nick Wooley, Karen Wooten, Betty gr Young, Dan E 5, r Zilar, David , Zukowski, Billie .gi A-L Cooper, Jeanne . i Martin, Pam Ruff, Toni ' ' Stotts, Stanley .ILI IORS Politics, Polls and Khrushchev's Shoe Buddy O'Hara, President Dick Powell Mary Clarkson Carol Barrett Mr. Duane Weinert Mrs. Ivy Copeland Miss Berniece Cordon Mr. Rex Irwin Vicffpresident Secretary Treasurer TRULY KNIGHTS AND LADIES AT LAST! Only in memory will we, the 1961 Knights, again walk through Northwest Classen halls as students. Coveted diplomas symbolize four years of work and play begun as frightened Pages. We leave behind privileges and opportunities which we feel have been made more secure by our sojourn here . . . wild cheering at a football game on a frosty night, homecoming, and the renewing of old friendshipsg school playsg the once in a lifetime thrill of the Junior- Senior Promg excitement and eagerness of choir, band, speech contestsg publi- cation deadlinesg victory partiesg gobbling lunch to make it back to class on timeg the relaxed enjoyment of being in the class of a favorite teacherg and many, many more. When we return for our class reunion in 2011, how many of us will know and greet each old companion by name? But letis look at what we shall take with us. Steve Sherman, AFS student, visited Sweden in 1960. Cary Borrell, Steve Enders, Sally Merkle, Randy Mondie, John Rapp, Randy Seba and David Shoebotham reached semi-finals in the National Merit Scholarship Tests. In our junior year we defeated the Norman Tigers to take State Football Championship. Knight athletes received the All-Sports Trophy two consecutive years, with strong prospects of making it three. During our stay, TV classes were perfected, and the honor system Mr. Art Johnson Mr. R. T. Nichols MiSS GladYS Shepafd 'Sue Musallam Sergeant at arms Miss Doris Taylor Will Linger in Class of '60 Memories was launched. Funds from the 1959 all-school talent production, 'Classicsf helped pay for the fountain and bronze Knight which enhance the patio. Our continental acquaintance was extended to four countries. Chris Pajanen, Finland, .loan Streef, the Netherlands, Doro Heinrich, Germany, and Marta Vallve, Argentina, exchange students through the years, are warmly remembered. Our 1959 Round Table was dedicated to the First International Geophysical year, when Sputnik had its heyday. Echo I roamed at will among the stars, and the vogue of forty-yard petticoats, three deep, withstood the rage of sack dresses and knee tickler skirts. Smoking on the patio was dis- continued and the proctor system, which involved court procedures, fell into disuse. Our years have held excitement, understanding, joy and wisdom and al- though we "travel far apart, the emblem of proud knighthood will never leave our hearts? "Top man on the totem pole" is Buddy O'Hara, Senior Class president. His officers are Dick Powell, vice-presidentg Mary Clarkson, secretaryg Sue Musallam, sergeant at armsg and Carol Barret, treasurer. The IBM Method Overtook Us, but CLASS OF '6I ABEL, BARBARA: DECA ABRAHAM, DONNA: Cygnetsg Honor Roll '59-'60 ACREE, LEROY: Wrestling: Classics Career Club: Cross-country ACREE, PATTY: Nat'l. Honor Socie- ty: Honor Math: Student Council ADAMS, JANE: YTK: Classics Coronetsg .IRC ADAMS, KAREN: Nat'l. Honor So- ciety: Coronets: Science Club AGEE, NANCY: Coronetsg a cap- pella Choir AIKEN, BILL: Key Club: "0" Club: Wrestling: Cross-country AIKEN, MARTY: Nat'l. Honor Socie- ty: Cygnetsg Student Council: Round Table Royalty candidate ALBERTS, SHARON: Cygnetsg YTKg JRC: "O" Club ALLEN, POLLY: Coronetsg Court .les- tersg Courtesy Club: Classics AMERSON, CAROL: Career Club ANDERSON, J UDI : Shield editor, '61: Cygnets, sgt. at arms: Quill- Scroll: Lancer Queen candidate ANDERSON, LINDA: Cygnets: Band: Band Girls: Round Table '61 ANDERSON, SANDRA: Cygnets, ass't. sec.: Career Club, pres.: Cour- tesy Clubg Student Council We Have Learned, and Loved Learning ANDERSON, SHERILEA: Cygnetsg Cry-slurs, hist.g Career Club, vice- pres.g YTK ANDREWS, JUDY: Choir: Coronetsg Courtesy Club: Career Club ARNN, LYNN: Key Clubg Courtesy Club: Basketball: Track ARNOLD, RONNIE ASHLEY, GERALD ASHLOCK, JIM: YTK: Football ASKINS, JAMES: Science Club: YTK AUER, VERNA: ,lRCg Coronetsg Courtesy Club: Round Table '58, '59, '60, '61 BABCOCK, TONY: Career Club BABER, NITA: Cygnetsg Courtesy Club BAINBRIDGE, KAY: Cygnetsg Clas- sics: Career Club: Courtesy Club BAKER, DANNY BAKER, JUDY: Coronetsg Courtesy Club: Jr. Medics BAKER, LINDA: Coronets BANNON, 'EARL Sacrifices and Devotion Soon Will Be 1,-. if!! CLASS OF l96I BARRETT, CAROL: Cry-slurs, treas., Coronets, sgt. at arms, Announcers' Club, treas., Nat'l. Thespians BARRON, BRENDA: Coronets, Career Club, Art Club BAY, SANDY: "O" Club, Cygnets, Honor Language, Courtesy Club BEAHMER, CAROL BELL, KAY: Nat'l. Honor Society, sec., Coronets, sgt. at arms, YTK, hist., Student Council Exec. Board, Falcon Queen BELT, JANET: Coronets, Courtesy Club, pres., Student Council, Court Jesters BENNETT, POLLY: Art Club, chap., Coronets, Courtesy Club, Classics BEST, SANDRA: Cygnets, Career Club, Courtesy Club BEVERLY, DON BIAS, DON BIDDY, JUDY: Cygnets BIERMAN, ELAINE: JRC, Student Council falt.l BIGCS, SHIRLEY: Student Council, corr. sec., Coronets, ass't. sec., "O" Club, sgt. at arms, Nat'l. Honor So- ciety, Falcon Queen candidate BOMAR, MARILYN: Cygnets, Career Club, Courtesy Club, Nat'l. Honor Society BONDS, RICHARD: Concert Band, Cry-slurs, Falcons Entrusted to Those Who Follow, "Passing of the sword" is an established tradition. Presi- dent of the Class of '60, .lerry Bednar, presents the sword to the Junior Class president, Charline Harrison. BORRELL, GARY: Nat'l. Honor So- cietyg Honor Mathg Boys' State, treas.g NASC Steering Comm. BORTZFIELD, A N N: Coronetsg Career Clubg Courtesy Club BOWERMAN, ANN: Coronetsg Nat'l. Art Honor Soc., Courtesy Club BOYLE, DAVID BRADY, GLENNA: Girls' Glee Club Cygnetsg Career Club BRADY, Courtesy YTK SALLY: Coronetsg Club, Round Table '61 BRAUN, WANDA BUCKLIN, FRED: "O" Club, ballg Baseballg Key Club Foot- BUMPAS, SUE LYN: Coronetsg Cour- tesy Clubg YTK, Round Table '61 CLASS QF '6I BOOKER, LOUISE: Cygnetsg Career Clubg Courtesy Club BOOTH, CHRIS: "O" Clubg Swimming, Lancers World Here We Come! CLASS OF '6I BURBRIDGE, JERRY: Football BARHAM, PAM Nancy Needham portrayed the part of Emily in "Our Town," first all-school play of the year. BUTTERWORTH, BARBARA: Nat'1. Art Honor Soc., pres.g YTKg Coro- netsg Honor Math fl BYRD, PAT: DECA Queen, '59-'60 A BYRD, WILLIAM: Orchestra M l iw' 5? ,F CAIN, BOB: Cross-country, Track CANADA, FREDA: Cygnetsg Career Cluhg Courtesy Club, YTK CANNON, GLENDA: Coronetsg Cour- tesy Clubg Career Club, Office aide CARLTON, GAYLEN: Concert Bandg Band Girls, Career Club CARNAHAN, JOHN: Key Clubg Career Club CARTER, GARLAND: Band, First Ltg Falconsg Baseballg Key Club Some Will Pull Others Will Push Others CARTER, PEGGY: Classics '59-'6Og a cappella Choirg German Clubg Girls' Glee Club CASSADY, KATHLEEN: Band Girlsg Cry-slursg Coronetsg Nat'l. Honor So- ciety CHAMBERS, JEANENE: a cappella Choir CHANCE, LINDA: "0" Club CHEEVER, LARRY: Falconsg Arch- ery Clubg Shield Cartoonist CHILDERS, JAN: Honor Mathg Nat'l. Thespiansg Cry-slursg Classics '58, '59, '60 CLAIR, LEON CLARK, GARY: Cross-countryg Wres- tling CLARKSON, MARY: Cygnets, parl.g Student Council, Exec. Brd.g "O" Clubg Girls' Glee Club, pres. CLEIMONS, PAMELA: Coronetsg Court .Iestersg Career Clubg Classics CLEVELAND, CLEOLA: Career Clubg Nat'l. Honor Societyg Cygnets CLONCE, DAVID: "O" Clubg Golf COFFEY, ELLEN COIT, KAREN: Coronets, chap.g "O" Club, vice-pres.g Tennis COLLINS, KAREN: Career Club' DECA 1 CLASS OF 'GI CONKIN, JIM: Concert Band: Dance Band COOK, WILLIAM CORBIN, CHARLES CORNELL, PENNY: Coronets, ass't. treas.: Courtesy Club: Student Coun- cilg Court J esters CORNELL, PHYLLIS: Career Club COUCHLIN, NANCY: Cygnetsg Team Sports: "0" Club: Library aide COULTER, BOB: "Ov Club: Tennis Classics '60 COX, JEANNIE: Cygnets: "0" Club: Tennis: Announcers' Club CRAIN, MAC: Career Club: Track: CSS CROMWELL, DAVE: Falcons: Honor Language: Key Clubg JRC, pres. CRUMPLER, PAT: Career Club: Courtesy Club CULBERT, NANCY: Quill-Scroll: Nat'l. Honor Society: FIA: Round Table '59, '60, '61. We Craned Our Necks to Watch Echo I CUMMINS, JUDY: Honor Math: Or- chestra: Nat'l. Honor Society CUNNINCHAM, JUDY: Coronets Courtesy Club: YTK: Career Club CUSTER, CAROLYN: Coronets , Nat'l. Honor Society: Courtesy Club YTK L. CUSTER, JIM: Career Club DANIEL, JOHN: Nat'l. Honor So- ciety: Honor Math: "O" Club: Bas- ketball DAVIDGE, DAVE: "O" Club DAVIS, ALLENE: Cygnets: Career Club: office aide: Art Club DAVIS, ANNE: Career Club DAVIS, GARY DAVIS, PAT: Cygnets DAVIS, SANDRA: Cygnetsg a cap- pella Choir DECKER, DONNA: Coronetsg JCL, vice-pres.: AFS exchange student host '60-'61g NASC Comm. DECKER, JOE: "O" Club, hist.g Foot- ball: Career Club: Student Council DESCHAMPS, MIKE: Lancers, sgt. at arms: Archery Club, pres. DIXON, BETTY: Sports Queeng Jr. 'giapb Teeng Cheerleader, Courtesy u Election Year Debates Sizzled DOLER, JEAN: Career Club: FTA DRABEK, DONNA: a cappella Choir: Girls' Glee Club DUNFORD, LARRY: "O" Club: Foot ball: Basketball: Track We Watched the Honor System Grow CLASS O '6I DURFEE, DALE: Key Club, pres.g Falcons, treas. ELLIOTT, JERRY: Science Club, pres.g Spanish Club, treas.g Announc- ers' Club: Honor Math ELLIS, GAYLE: Cygnetsg Classics '60g Science Clubg Nat'l. Honor So- ciety ELSWICK, JAMES: Lancers EMBRY, DIANNE: Career Club, treas.g Cygnetsg Courtesy Club EMBRY, VIVIAN: Cygnetsg Courtesy Clubg Office aide ENDERS, STEVE: Lancersg "Our Town"g Shieldg Classics '60 ENOS, MARY: Cygnetsg Career Club ESKRIDGE, ART: Flight Training ESKRIDGE, LENA: Courtesy Clubg Orchestra: JCL ESTES, BEVERLY: Cry-slursg Coro- netsg Nat'l. Honor Societyg Science Club, treas. EWING, JANICE: Coronetsg DECAg YTK FABIAN, PAT FAULKNER, PAMELA:- Coronetsg Honor Mathg JCLg Nat'l. Honor So- ciety FLATT, SHARON: Career Clubg "O" Club l Never before and never again will they experience the delight of the Junior- Senior Prom! Kathryn Steadly was waiting with bells on when her en- tranced beau, Forrest White, called for her at 8 o'clock. 3 FLEMMING, JACK: Falcons, sec.g Key Clubg Science Club, vice- pres: YTK FLORENCE, JEANINE: I Coro- netsg Career Club FLOYD, ROLAND: Honor Mathg Nat'l. Honor Societyg Key Club FORD, WAYNE I FORGUE, LINDA: Career Club FORRESTER, ANN: Cygnets, sec 3' Falcon Queen candidateg Courtesy Clubg Classics '60 FOSTER, LORETTA: Career Clubg Cygnets CLASS OF 'GI FOSTER, PHIL: DECA FOSTER, SCOTTY: Classics Exec. Brd, Lancers, 'Stage Crew, Announcers' Club, parl. FRIEDMAN, JANE: Cygnets, JRC, Career Club, Orchestra FROST, MARY: DECA, Career Club GAMBRIL, SHERRY: DECA, Cygnets GARDNER, CLENDA: Coronetsg Career Club Knlghtland Election Returns Recorded on Voting GARMAN, STEVE: Stage Mgr. '61, Announcers' Club, pres, CSS Chief Engineer, Boys' State '60 GARRETT, ANN: Career Club GARRISON OHN Nat'l Art , J : . Honor Soc., Quill-Scroll, JCL, Key Club, Round Table '60-'61, Shield '60-'61 GIBSON, CHARLES GLAZNER, DORSEY GODFREY, MARL GRAVES, LINDA GRAY, JUDY: Cygnets, Career Club, Student Council, ,Classics CREER, HANK: Falcons, Key Club, Classics '58 zlo I GUYNN, SANDRA: Career Club: Coronets HALE, GEORGIA: Student Coun- cil, sec: Cygnets, histg Round Table, Royalty candidate: Girls' State '60g Nat'l. Honor Society HALL, HENRY: Aviation Club: DECA HALL, SYLVIA SUE: Nat'l. Hon- or Societyg Cygnets, chap.: Round Table' ,60, '61g Quill-Scroll, prog. chrmg FTA: FIA HALLENBECK, PHYLIS: Cry- slursg Cygnetsg Career Club, Courtesy Club HAMES, DUANE: Cry-slurs: a cappella Choir, pres: Lancers Career Club Machine: Nixon I l64 Kennedy 4l7 HAMM, JUDY: Career Club HAMMOND, JIMMY HARDIN, KAY: Cygnetsg Court .leslersg Cfoilrlm-sy Club: CLlI't'4'!' Club HARRIS, COLEMAN HARRISON, CHARLINE: Stu- dent Council, vice-pres: YTKg Cygnets, sgt. at arms: Nat'l. Hon- or Society HARRISON, DUAYNE: Career Club HAYES, STEVE: Falcons: Cry- slursg IRC: Classics HEBISEN, BENALEE: Cygnetsg Career Club: Courtesy Club: YTK HENDRICKSON, ROSE MARIE: Career Club Tests, Tests, Tests! Aptitude, College HICOCK, NANCY: Coronetsg Library Club: Spanish Club: Career Club HILL, ANN: Student Council, histg Cygnetsg YTK, vice-presg Nat,l. Honor Society, vice-pres. HINDMAN, JEFFERY: Science Club CLASS CF '6I HENTHORN, BILL: MO" Clubg Cross- countryg Wrestling HEROLD, TED: Lancers: Science Club: Football: Swimming HESTER, JUDY: Cygnetsg Nat'l. Honor Society: Student Councilg Round Table '61 HESTWOOD, BRUCE: DECA HETHERINGTON, SHIRLEY: Career Club: Nat'l. Art Honor Soc. HICKS, KAREN: Coronetsg T and I Club: Career Club Hi-schoolers everywhere, since the beginning, look forward to the time-honored tradition of the Junior-Senior Prom. Board, No Unexplored Areas Remain HINSHAW, MARIE: Shield, '58, adv. mgr, '59, '60, '6lg Cygnets: Quill- Scroll: Career Club: FIA HIVELY, ,IANNIEg Cygnetsg Round Table, '60g Quill-Scroll: Art Club HODGE, LYNN: Stage Crew HOLMAN, LOIS: Coronetsg Career Club HOLMBERG, LORETTA: "O" Club, chap: Cygnets: Nat'l. Honor Society: Classics '60 HOMSEY, RICHARD: Cry-slurs: Bas- ketball: Falcons: Key Club HOOPER, JUDY: Career Club: YTK: Jr. Red Cross: T and I Club HOSTER, KAREN: Coronets, sec: Nat'l. Honor Society: Student Council: YTK, sec-treas. HOUCHIN, NANCY: Courtmy Club' Coronetsg JCL 9 HOUSE, DONNA: Coronets, sgt. at annsg Career Club HUCKABAY, ANN: Quill-Scroll: Cor- onetsg Round Table, '61g Courtesy Club: Shield, '61 HUGHES, KEN: Swimming HUGHES, SUSAN: Student Council: Career Club: YTK: Cygnets HUNT, LINDA: Cygnetsg YTKQ FTA: Play Production HULL, EUGENE JONES, SUZANNE: Nat'l. Art Honor Soc: Coronets JOYCE, LINDA: Career Club: Cry- slurs: Coronets: YTK KAMP, PEGGY: T and I Club: Cyg- netsq JRC As the Universe Shrinks CLASS OF '6I HYDEN, CHARLES: Career Club: Art Club IRVING, SANDY: Key Club: Stage Crew: Falcons: Football IRWIN, REX: "Ou Club: Football JACKSON, CHAN: Stage Crew: Ca- reer Club JACOBSON, GARY: Wrestling JAMES, FRED: Career Club: Golf JAYNE, JERRY: Science Club: Aero- nautics Clubg Debate Team: "Our Town" JENKINS, MICHELLE: Cygnets: Art Club: Courtesy Club: Career Club JIMENEZ, PAT: Honor Language: Cygnets JOHNSON, DARRYL: Key Club: Courtesy Club JOHNSON, JO ANN: Courtesy Club: Round Table '6I: Cygnets: Natl. Thespians JOHNSTON, ROWELL: Wrestling: Falcons: Science Club: Spanish Club KEFFER, JAY: Honor Math: Lancers KENNARD, REX: "O" Club: Swim- ming: Nat'l. Art Honor Soc: Round Table '60-'61 KENT, BILL: Key Club: Courtesy Club: Football KERNS, CINDY: Honor Language: Cygnets: JRC, parl : Nat'l. Honor So- ciety KETCHUM, JANET: Cygnets, pres: Nat'l. Honor Society: Student Coun- cil: Classics Exec. Brd. KETCHUM, JUDY: Cygnets, vice- pres: Nat'l Honor Society: Student Council: Classics Exec. Brd. KEVIN, KERIN: Career Club: Cyg- nets: YTK: Courtesy Club KIMBERLIN, LINDA: Round Table, '60-'61: Career Club: Cordnets: Quill- Scroll, treas: FJA KIMSEY, PHYLLENE: Head Cheer- leader: Nat'l. Honor Society: Coro- nets: Court Jesters, pres: Sports Queen candidate KING, JUDY: Cygnets: Career Club: Courtesy Club: Nat'l. Honor Society KINCAID, MARVIN: Announcers' Club: Nat'l. Thespians: Debate Team: "0ur Town": Shield '59 KISE, CARLA: Cheerleader: Sports Queen candidate: Court Jester, sec: Coronets Knights Find New Fields to Conquer. KNOTT, KAREN: Classics Exec. Brd: Classics '58-'59-'60: Cygnets: Cry-slurs, Sgt. at arms KNOTT, TOM: Lancers: Courtesy Club: Key Club: Round Table, '60- '61: JRC: FJA KURTZ, NANCY: Honor Math: Hon- or Language: Girls' Glee Club CLASS OF '6l KUTZ, PEGGY: Student Councilg Cygnetsg Honor Mathg "O" Club LAWSON, LINDA: Cheerleader, Court Jesters, treasg Round Table Royalty candidateg Cygnets LEAF, PAT: Career Clubg Cygnets LEDSINGER, JEANETTE: Cygnetsg Career Club LEE, JOHN LESOWITZ, BARBARA: Coronetsg Career Club LILES, ALIENE: Coronetsg Concert Band, Student Council falt.J LINDSAY, JAMES: Science Clubg FTA9 JRC LISZEO, LLOYD It Wasn't Nice to Have Laughed, but Who will it be? This is probably the topic as Larry Dunford, Stuart Meister, George McDowell, George Ste- vens and Kenneth Perry, escorts, await the annual Sports' Queen coronation. 2I6 LOEFFLER, PATSY: "O" Clubg Round Table, '61, Cygnetsg JCL, sec: FJA LONG, RUSSANN: Cry-slursg Cyg- netsg Nat,l. Art Honor Socg FIA, Shield '61 MCCORD, JOE: Band: Falcons: Nat'l. 'llllespiunsg Classics '60 McCOY, KENNETH: Football: Sci- ence Club MCDOWELL, GEORGE: "0" Club: Football: Student Council: Round Table Royalty candidate MCEWEN, TANYA: Career Club: YTKg Coronetsg Courtesy Club MCMAINS, MIKE: Falcons, Vice-pres: German Club, Pres: Quill-Scroll: Shield '59-'60: FJ A McPHEETERS, CAROL: Nat'l. Honor Societyg Honor Math: Cygnetsg JCL, pres. MacKELLAR, JIM: "O" Clubg Track: Student Council MAGUIRE, LARRY: Key Club: Base- ball: Honor Math: Nat'1. Honor S0- ciety MAIN, PERRY MANGUM, NIKKI: Coronetsg Cour- tesy Clubg Student Council: Career Club MARKHAM, SHERRY: Cygnetsg Sports Queen candidate: Nat'l. Thes- piansg Court .Iesters MARLER, WANDA Coronation Fumbles Can Be Funny MARSHALL, CAROLYN: Coronetsg Career Club MARTINDALE, BILL: Career Club MARTZ, MARY: Y-Teens: Coronets CLASS CF '6I MATHIS, JERRY: Cygnetsg Career Club: Girls' Glee Clubg a cappella Choir MATTHEWS, MACK: Student Coun- cil: Golf: Bowling Club MAULDIN, JERRY: DECA MAY, GWEN: Coronetsg Career Club: Office aide MELANSON, MIKE MERKLE, SALLY: Round Table Roy- alty candidateg Coronets, vice-pres: Nat'I. Honor Society: Student Store, mgr. We Took Defeats Without Grumbling, MERRILL, TERRY: "O" Club MESSINGER, BOB: "O" Clubg Foot- ball: Basketball: class pres. '58-,59 MIDDLETON, CHARLES MIELENZ, DARLENE: Classics: Cor- onetsg Courtesy Club: Nat'I. Thespians MILLER, BETTY: Cygnets, Sgt, at arms: "0" Club: Courtesy Club: Court .Iesters MILLER, BRENT: Coronetsg Cry- slursg Girls' Slum' 'GOL Studs-nl Coun- .- 5 cil .35 f XXI! VV MILLER, FRED: "0" Club, Track, Cross-country MILLER, LARRY: Falcons, pldgf master: Student Council, NASC Steer- ing Comm. MILIS, BILL: Aeronautics Club MIMS, LANITA: Shield, '58-,59, '60- '6lg mgr. ed '6lg Coronetsg Quill Scrollg F,lAg Classics '60 MISKOVSKY, CAROL: Cygnetsg Clas sics Exec. Brdg Nat'l. Thespiansg Stu- dent Council MITCHELL, JIM Would Others Do as Much Representing the never-flagging spirit of NWC students, loyal Lady, Darlene Mielenz, escorts Knight, Kenneth Perry, off the field. M121-3, RUBY MOCK, VICKY: Coronetsg Round Table '60-61g Courtesy Club: FJA MONTGOMERY, ROBERT MOODIE, BOB: Cross-countryg Bas- ketballg Swimmingg Falconsg Shield, '61 MOORE. LARRY: Track MORGAN, DONNA CLASS CDF '6I MORIN, VIC: Footballg Track MORRIS, JUDY: Coronetsg Court .lestersg Courtesy Clubg Student Council MOUTRAY, DAVID MUZNY, BETTY: Cygnets MURRAY, DAN: DECA MUSALLAM, SUE: Coronets, treasg Student Councilg Honor Mathg Quill-Scrollg Shield '60-'61g FJA Strains of "Pomp and Circumstanceu MYERS, HOMER: Cross-coun- tryg Trackg Courtesy Club NANCE, BlLLg Nat'l. Thespiansg Student Councilg German Club NANCE, MARIAN: Classics Exec. Brdg Nat'l. Art Honor Soc, sec.-treasg Cry-slurs NEAL, PAMELA: Cygnetsg Cour- tesy Clubg Court Jestersg Spanish Club NESTERODE, PAMELA: Band Girls, presg Nat'l. Honor Societyg Student Councilg Career Club NEWELL, NANCY Sue Musallam and Kathy Norris bolster school sp1r1t at a shaker party prior to NWC Homecoming Pep clubs greeted grads with elaborate displays of purple and gold NORRIS, KATHY: Coronets, sgt. at armsg Quill-Scrollg Cour- tesy Clubg Cry-slurs, accompan- istg Shield '60-'61g FIA NORTON, LINDA: Cygnetsg Ca- reer Club NORTON, NANCY: Coronetsg NFLg Nat'l. Thespiansg Courtesy Club NOVEY, DAVID: Career Club OAKES, NANCY: Coronetsg Nat'l. Honor Societyg Courtesy Club O'HARA, BUDDY: "O" Club, vce-presg Student Council, falt.Dg Round Table Royalty candidateg Class pres. '61 - Point of No Return OLIVE, SHIRLEY: Coronetsg Classics '58 OLIVER, CAROLYN: Coronetsg Career Clubg Library aide OLSON, .IEMME LYNN: Cyg- netsg "Of Club: Round Table '61g Courtesy Club OLSON, ROBERT: Nat'1. Honor Society, chapg Knight's Honor Roll ORE, IEANNE: Coronetsg Ca- reer Clubg Library Club OSBORN, DICK: Science Clubg Student Councilg Key Clubg An- nouncers' Club 0'TO0LE, JOHN OURS, RAE: Coronetsg Major- etteg Courtesy Clubg Lancer Queen candidate OVERSTREET, BILL: "O" Clubg Footballg Basketballg Student Council CLASS OF 'GI PACE, STEVE: "0" Club: YTK: Nat'l. Art Honor Soc: Key Club PACE, CAROLYN: Science Club PARKS, BUDDY: Basketball: Stu- dent Council: Key Club PARMETER, SHARON: Career Club PATE, JIM: Basketball: Baseball PEASE, ALLEN: Aeronautics Club, pres, vice-pres.: Golf PELTON, CHARLES: Basketball: "0" Club: Football: Student Council PEMBERTON, GEORGE: Courtesy Club: T and I Club PERRY, KENNETH: "O" Club, treas: Football: Baseball PETER, STEVE: Cry-slursg Classics: FTA, pres: Quill-Scroll: Shield, bus. mgr. '61: FIA PHILLIPS, JIM: Football: Wrestling: Knighfs Honor Roll PHILLIPS, SUE: Coronets: YTK Those Gruesome IQ, Scholarship, Dexterity, PICKENS, SHIRLEY: DECA: Girls' Glee Club PICKLE, CLAUDIA MOSELY: Coro- nets: Career Club PIERCE, ARCHIE: Falcons: Career Club: Cry-slursg Classics '58 '59 '60 PIERCE, TOM: Aeronautics Club, sec- treas. PINKSTON, SHARON: Student Coun- cilg Career Club, sgt. at armsg Cyg- netsg Courtesy Club PITTS, JIM POCUE, DANNY POJEZNY, KRISTI: Cygnets PORTA, CHARLES : Swimming 3 Cross-country POUNDS, GREG: Wrestlingg Cross- country POWELI., DICK: "O" Club, Key Clubg Basketball, 'Student Councilg Round Table Royalty candidate PRATER, TERRY: Coronetsg "O" Club, sec, Student Councilg Honor Math PRICE, JACK: Lancersg Career Clubg Key Clubg Frmlunan Top Teen PRICE, SUSAN: Coronetsg JCL, treasg Honor Languageg Nat'l. Honor So- ciety PROCK, BOB: Band and College Entrance Exams - Whew! PURDY, BOB: "O" Clubg Baseball RAPP, JOHN: Cry-slursg Key Clubg Nat'l. Honor Society, JCL REDING, JANIE: Cygnets, histg Courtesy Club, vice-pres, Student Councilg Classics '59-'60 CLASS OF '6I REEVES, MIKE: Falcons, chap: YTK, pres: Classics: Announoers' Club, pres: NASC Steering Comm. RENDEL, STEVE REUTLINGER, BOB: Golf RICE, LINDA: Nat'l. Honor Society: Honor Math: Student Council: Clas- sics '60 RICE, RUTH: Coronets, parl: Cour- tesy Clubf sec: Nat'l. Art Honor Soc. RICHARDS, ALAN: "O" Club: Swim- ming RILEY, D. C.: Cry-slurs, chap, student director: a cappella Choir, pres. RITTER, MIKE: Football: Courtesy Club ROBERTSON, SALLI: Career Club A Philosophy of Togetherness Emerged ROBINSON, MIKE: Concert Band: Marching Band ROESLER, JAN: Courtesy Club: Coro- nets, sgt. at arms: Student Council ROGERS, CAROLYN : Coronets: YTKg Shield '59: Classics ROSS, SHIRLEY: Career Club: DECA ROWE, EDDIE: Track: Cross-coun- IYY ROYSTON, LYNN: Basketball: Track: Orchestra PROBLEM . . . CONCENTRATION . . . SOLUTION' RUTLEDGE, JAMES RUTLEDGE, JOANN: Coronetsg T and I Club SAILOR, JIM: Wrestling SANDERS, EDWARD: Lancersg Band, presg Orchestrag Career Club SAUNDERS, JUDY: Cygnetsg Y'I'Kg Career Club SCHLINKE, BENNETT SCHROEDER, GEORGIA: Student Councilg "O" Clubg Coronets SCHWAB, TONY: Falconsg Student Councilg Courtesy Club SCHWOERKE, ROLAND: Hi-Y SCOTT, KAREN: Cygnetsg Student Councilg Courtesy Club SEBA, RANDY: Nat'l. Honor Societyg Key Clubg Honor Mathg Football SHADID, KAY: Cygnetsg Courtesy Clubg Career Cluhg a cappella Choir f 'Q I " : I A 4, at , , eCt,tt sg fieggg , - - . g- fit-5sff1sA,fQ2g?7 5jrb1:rM, gg wfiui, gk K' I , s"g '??'2t' fiat 'A ' 3 : 1 " 1: wg: H32 1 3, 5 , P -, Y'-gm' '. -W' M' L' ., M ' H -'5f"7': A125 A QQ T ,--4.x CLASS OF '6I SHAW, RANDY: Coronetsg Courtesy Club, treas: Court .Iestersg Sports Queen candidate SHERMAN, STEVE: Falcons, pres: AFS Exchange Student '60: Student Council, Exec. Brdg NASC Steering Comm. SHICK, BOB: Nat'l. Honor Society: Science Clubg Honor Math: March- ing Band SHIELD, JUDY: Honor Language: Coronetsg Career Club SHIRLEY, SHERRI: Coronets: Hon- or Mathg Career Clubg Jr. Red Cross SHOEBOTHAM, DAVID: Falconsg "0" Club: Key Club: Science Club SIEBER, JANET: Career Club: Cyg- netsg Round Table, ,61g Courtesy Clubg FJA SIGMON, MIKE: Golf: Spanish Club: YTKQ Classics '59 SIMS, HENRY: Career' Club SINGLETARY, ANITA: Cygnetsg Courtesy Clubg Co11rt .lestersg YTK SINGLETON, MARTIA: Cygnets, sgt. at arms: Nat'l. Honor Society, treasg YTK, parlg Honor Math SMITH, ANN: Cry-slurs, pres: Cyg- netsg Round Table, '58-,59-'60-'61g Lan- cer Queen: Quill-Scroll, sec. During Senior Week We Donned Grey Robes SMITH, BRUCE: Lancers: Band: Ten- nis: Career Club SMITH, DEANNAQ Cry-slursg Cyg- netsg a cappella Choir, treas. SMITH, GEORGE SMITH, .IEANNE SMITH, SHARON: "O" Club, treasg Student Councilg Cygnetsg Nat'l. Hon- or Society SMITH, SUZANNE: Cygnetsg Cour- tesy Clubg Career Clubg YTK SNIPES, BILL: 4'0" Club presg Stu- dent Councilg Footballg Track SNYDER, CAROLYN: Cygnetsg Ca- reer Club SOLLARS, JOEL: Career Club SON, JIMMY: Footballg Track SORENSON, GREG: Footballg Wres- tlingg Cross-country SPEAR, RUDY: Lancers SPEED, TONY SPIGENER, BOB: Wrestlingg Career Club SPIGENER, JUDY: Career Clubg Cyg- nets and Hovered in the Halls Like Shrouded Shadows SPONHALTZ, BURTON: Falcons , Basketball SPRINGER, VERNA: Career Club STEADLY, KATHRYN: Coronetsg "O" Club, pres, chapg Courtesy Club secg Student Council Exec. Brd. One, - Two, - Four! 365 X 4 I I46O Days ,LQ L CLASS OF '6I STEARNS, LARRY: Student-body president: Student Council: Nat'l. Art Honor Soc: YTK STEEDS, RALPH STEINBECK, LOUISE: Student Coun- cilg YTK, chap: Coronetsg Athletic Program, editor STEPHENSON, RONNIE: Falconsg Track STEVENS, GEORGE: "O" Club, Foot- ball: class vice-pres. '59-'60g Jr. Top Teen STEVENS, JOANNA: Coronetsg Cour- tesy Club, vice-pres: Court .Iestersg YTK STEWART, SHIRLEY: Cygnetsg Hon- or Math STEWART, SUE: Coronetsg "O" Club, sgt. at armsg Student Council exec. Brdg YTK STOUT, PATRICIA: Coronets STRAHL, BILL STRICKLAND, LONNIE STYLES, RONNIE: Career Club: Bandg German Club SULLIVAN, TRESA: Nat'l. Honor So- cietyg Cry-slursg Classics Exec. Brdg Nat'l. Thespians, hist. TAYLOR, MARY: Library Club, pres: Coronets: Little Theatre, Nat'l. Honor Society TAYLOR, RUTH: Coronetsg JCL: Honor Mathg Nat'1. Honor Society TAYLOR, WINSTON THOMAS, EDNA THOMAS, PAT: Cygnetsg Career Club THOMASON, BILL: Nat'l. Honor So- cietyg Honor Mathg Cry-slurs THOMPSON, ANITA: Career Clubg Coronets THOMPSON, BEVERLY: Nat'l. Art Honor Socg Courtesy Clubg Jr. Red Crossg YTK THOMPSON, SUZANNE: Round Table Royalty candidateg Coronetsg Student Councilg Courtesy Club TILLMAN, JACKIE: Round Table '61g Nat'l. Thespiansg YTKQ Cygnets TREECE, CONNIE TUCKER, JACK: HO" Clubg Footballg Baseball VAHLBERG, JULIAN: Nat'l. Honor Societyg Lancersg Honor Mathg Stu- dent Council VANDERSLICE, DEANNA: Cygnetsg Career Clubg .lr. Red Cross VALLVE, MARTA: AFS Exchange Student from Argentinag Coronetsg Cygnetsg NASC Comm. VANDEVENTER, KAREN: Coronetsg YTKQ Career Clubg Courtesy Club VAN, HOOSER: Band: Pep Bandg Classics My, It Happened Fast! Tears Mlngled but Dldn t Mar Our Happiness CLASS OF '6I VAUCHN, RONNIE VORE, JOYCE: YTK: Coronets VROOMAN, TOM: Cry-slurs WADE, JUDY: Jr. Red Cross: Career Club: YTK: Spanish Club WAGGONER, VIC: German Club: Science Club WALKER, BRENDA: Cygnets, treas: Student Council, assembly chairman: Announcers' Club, vice-pres. WALL, FRED: T and I Club WALLS, PAT: DECA: Track WARE, CAROLYN: Cygnets: Career Club WARREN, GERALD: Student Coun- cil: Basketball: Golf: "O" Club WATERS, JOHNNY: Wrestling WATERS, MIKE: Announcers' Club: Key Club: "Our Town" WAY, BOB: Career Club: Lancers: at cappella Choir: Student Council WEISIGER, ANNE: Student Council: Courtesy Club: Art Club: Coronets WELCH, BRYANNE: Coronets, pres: Courtesy Club: Lancer Queen candi- date: Student Council as Our Days In Knlghtland Ended WELLS, DAVI ANN WERNER, PATTI: Coronetsg Career Club, YTKg Nat'l. Honor Society WHITE, FORREST: Key Club, treasg Falcons, sgt. at arms WHITE, ROSS WHITTAKER, NANCY: Coronets, sgt. at arms, Career Club, sec, Cour- tesy Clubg Court Iesters WILKISON, BARBARA: Coronets, histg Nat'l. Honor Society, Quill- Scroll, Nat'I. Art Honor Societyg Round Table '60, ,615 FIA WILLIAMS, ALLAN: T and I Club WILLIAMS, ANN: Coronets, histg Court .Iestersg Courtesy Clubg An- nouncers' Club WILLIAMS, CAROL: Career Club, Coronets WILLIAMS, JERRY WILLIAMS, ROGER: Cry-slurs WOOD, CARLEAN: Girls' Glee Club, lib, Coronetsg -Honor Language, Stu- dent Council WOOD, LINDA:- Coronetsg Career Club, Courtesy Club, Office aide WOODARD, LARRY: Band, Falcons, Classics '60 WOODWARD, BILL V- Y--W-,F.,Y.7fW .-, -..-..t ,,...wwf.w......,.W..v....F. Y -W ..-..v.-.W-.w-,-...-,...,.-.,......,.. As Alums We'lI Come Once More . WOODWARD, JIM: Aero- WORTHING, CAROL: nautics Club, presg Key Coronetsg YTKg Courtesy Club Clubg Nat'l. Honor Society Y YOUNG WOODY: Stu- YOUNG, NINA: "O" Club, sgt. at armsg JRC, secg Cygnets, Sgt. at armsg Stu- dent Council dent Coimcil, treasg "0" Club, chapg Honor Mathg Track Acknowledgments When it comes time to write the last block of copy for the book of the year a bit of sadness pervades the task-a mild kind of bitterness. We see so many things that could have been done better. We realize too late, the importance of that early spring planning Mrs. Sar- tin so desperately tried to get us to do. Student support of the 1961 publications topped rec- ords with sales of 8771 of student population. Recording an authentic history of the school year is not an undertaking beset with glamor. lt's plain hard work. Some 527 hours of extra time is already recorded by staff members who caught the seriousness of their obligation to you and the purpose of the Round Table. To pep clubs alone went some 109 hours in overtime. To the faculty and administration go our gratitude for assistance and understanding of picture schedules and other interruptions. To Rembrandt Studios who answered our beck and call for pictures on split second noticeg To Mr. Barclay Curtis who unscrambled impossible layouts and brought order out of chaosg To Taylor Publishing Company for their patience when we consumed copy sheets with the gusto of a Texas whirlwindg 232 To staff members who willingly sacrificed weekend activities for the call to duty, a resounding "Thank you.'f To Miss Elizabeth Urmston of the art department to whom yearbooks were a wholly new project goes a whooping vote of gratitude for her willingness to ad- vise and direct, To Mrs. Doris Taylor, financial secretary, who ac- cepted the near 'to never-ending payments for year- books, To Mr. Alvin Bryan, business manager, for keeping the records straight and organizing distribution proce- duresg To Joe Aker, student photographer, who got snapped at and snapped all the crazy things we thought we wanted in pictures, To Mr. Ivan Beeson, and his staff of custodians, for providing light and heat and watchfulness when we worked lateg To the hilarious DJ's who helped make our Signature Swing the year's biggest eventg And last and most to "Sarge," who developed ulcers on the project, goes our sympathy and understanding. May she recover in time to launch the '62 bookg Sincerely, Your I96I Round Table Staff Barron, Brenda 118, 202 uk- Si Y 2 U l'l'l 'U P A Z -l 3 l'l'l -l 3' I1 Asst'-X I DEX Administration 14, 20 Art 46 Business Education 40 Cafeteria 25 Counselors 21 Custodians 24 English 30, 31 Home Economies 42 Industrial Arts 43, 44, 45 Journalism 32, 33, 34, 35 Language 36 Librarians 29 Mathematics 39 Music 48-55 Physical Education 26 Science 38 Secretaries 22 Social Studies 28 Speech 37 Vocational 41 FACULTY I DEX Bird, Mrs. Wilma 36, 107 Bourke, Miss Helen 30 Brooks, Mr. Horace 41, 100, 110 Bryan, Mr. Alvin 40 Burton, Mrs. Miriam 30 Buzbee, Mrs. Geraldine 39 Byars, Miss Ophelia 28, 120, 128 Caldwell, Mr. Virgil 36, 106 Chesher, Mrs. Alice 39 Coffey, Miss Marilyn 94 Conger, Mr. Jim 38, 110 Copeland, Mrs. Ivy 40 Copher, Mrs. Cortez 26, 74, 76 Cox, Mr. Jim 43 Crouse, Mr. L. E. 38 Crowe, Mr. Paul 27, 39, 65, 81 Davis, Mr. Clay 27, 28 Delashaw, Mrs. Treasure 42 Doughty, Mrs. Alma 29 Doussett, Miss Margaret 26, 76 Ecton, Mrs. Nellie 39, 95 Ellis, Mr. Steve 28, 123, 128 Eriksen, Mr. Gordon 4, 30, 123, 128 Findly, Mrs. Eve 40, 128 Gay, Mrs, Ethel 29 Gibson, Miss Katherine 4, 30 Gordon, Miss Berniece 39, 99 Greniger, Miss Carole 36, 108 Gulley, Mrs. Patricia 87, 104 Hale, Mr. Charles 45 Hanky, Mrs. Mary 22 Harris, Mrs. Delma 22 Harrison, Mrs. Clovia 39, 95 Haynes, Mr. Jerry 27, 28, 65, 69 Hendricks, Miss Jo Alice 40, 108 Henry, Mrs. Bessie 47 lMemoriaD Heusel, Mr. G. B. 43, 117 Hoke, Mr. David 21, 44, 74 Hughes, Mr. Bill 36, 117 Hulet, Miss Retha Wave 21 Irwin, Mr. Rex 27, 39, 61 James, Mr. Frank 21 Johnson, Mr. Arthur 53, 54 Johnson, Mr. Jim 21 Labor, Mr. C. Olen 20, 96, 97 Livingston, Mrs. Hazel 4, 30 Malone, Mr. J. Frank 14 Marcotte, Mr. Leonard 27, 36, 58, 71 xmthl. ScH00l U Miller, Mrs. Ramah 42, 103 Mills, Mrs. Madge 30 Moore, Mrs. Nola 27, 103 Murray, Mrs. 46 Nichols, Mr. Ted 37 Oakes, Mrs. Ola Mae 30, 99 Ohmart, Mr. Sidney 30 Owen, Miss Kathleen 23, 89, 128 Paden, Mr. John 38, 105 Park, Mrs. Mabel 31 Peale, Mrs. Dorothy 28, 101 Platt, Mr. John 48, 51 Richard, Mrs. Betty 38 Rippee, Mrs. Jean 28 Robertson, Mrs. Pat 28, 120 St. Dizier, Mr. Rodney 39 Sartin, Mrs. Nevva 35, 101 Shepard, Miss Gladys 28 Skidmore, Miss Linda 31, 120, 128 Smelser, Mr. Carroll 26, 27 Spann, Mrs. Lucile 40 Stauffer, Mrs. Lauretta 22 Taylor, Miss Doris 31, 120, 128 Taylor, Mrs. Doris 22 Taylor, Miss Lucilo 38 Teets, Mrs. Georgia 31 Thompson, Miss Margaret 39 Thurston, Mr. Phillip 39 Treichler, Mrs. Nancy 22 Tyler, Mrs. Maxine 40, 91 Urmston, Miss Elizabeth 46, 92 Van Pool, Mr. Don 27, 28, 61, 66 Von Tungeln, Miss Henrietta 36 Walker, Mrs. Pauline 28 Wallace, Mr. Gaylen 28, 123 Warram, Mrs. Ruth 31 Wedding, Miss Mary 39, 95 Weinert, Mr. Duane 21 West, Miss Beth 41 Wester, Miss Berniece 21 Whitehead, Miss Ann 4, 31 Willingham, Mrs. Helen 39 ORGANIZATICNS Aeronautics Club 110 Announcers Club 96 Art Honor Society 92 Band Girls 108 Career Club 112-113 Chess Club 105 Courtesy Club 98-99 Distributive Education Club 111 Forensics League 104 Future Journalists of America 109 0 i 7100881 Q 4 5 If, '41 5-. E STUDE T I DEX Abernathy, Beverly 118 Aimey, John 48, 104, 122, 170 Abraham, Donna 200 Abramson, Felice 35, 1'70, 118 Ackerman, Drew 60, 71, 86, 170 Acree, Darlene 124, 170 Acree, Leroy 200 Acree, Patty 91, 94, 200 Adams, Jan 48, 49, 118, 184 Adams, Jane 200 Adams, Karen 94, 95, 118, 200 Adams, Paul 160 Afinowiez, Beverly 160 Agee, Linda 184, 118 Agee, Nancy 99, 118, 200 Aiken, Bill 71, 83, 200 Aiken, Marty 91, 98, 200 Aker, Joe 32, 96, 106 Alberts, Sharon 74, 103, 122, 200 Al'len, Elaine 160 Allen, George 170 Allen, Ginger 96, 97, 118, 184 -I nr! iii? H0111 9224, e3,,Mi,,s,11,-A S010 MRA' ' 3- 1, X 0 Qin' at f 1, ,, 2 9' is I92l gg , sg-1 Q 1 -: 4' Q - ll' J ,Q x w , A. 4 .rs Q J, . Q as 3,4 Bahan, ' r Alan 122, 160 Bainb idge, Kay 124, 201 Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker Barbara 170 Beverly 170 Carolyn 170 Danny 50, 201 Judy 201, 118 Linda 201 118 Baker: Nat 122, 170 Ballard , Jerry 86 Bannon, Earl 201 Barber, Barber, Beverly, I18, 160 Biuye 99, 118, 184 Barfoot, Sharron 118, 170 Barham, Jerry 160 Barham, Pam 204 Barker, Carolyn 102 Barker, Judy 160 Barker, Michaelyn 107, 160 Barker, Richard 160 Barkett, Judy 51, 106, 118 Barkett, Mary 118 Barnard, Jimmy 160 Barnes, Jim 74, 100, 106, 1114 Barnett, Sandra 170 Barrett, Carol 48, 96, 104, 202 Barron, Esther 170 Bashan, Dewayne 184 Allen, Judy 102, 107, 122, 160 Allen, Polly 98, 118, 200 Allen, Sammy 160 Almack, Rick 160 Amerson, Carol 200 Ames, Craig 99, 122, 170 Ames, Joanne 76, 77, 122, 184 Ammerman, Sharron 170 Anderson Barbara 122, 160 Anderson Carl 170 Andcrson David 99, 107, 184 Anderson Jerry 184 Anderson, Judi 98, 122, 138, 200 Anderson, Linda 93, 109, 122, 200 Anderson, Paula 160 Anderson An d erson Sandra 98, 122, 200 Sherilea 48, 49, 122, 201 Andrews, Dewayne 96, 104, 116, 184 Andrews, Judy 98, 118, 201 Anneler, Rita 118, 160 Ard, Chris 184 Armstrong, John 122, 170 Armstrong, Julie 102, 118, 160 Armstrong, Richard 184 Arnn, Lynn 98, 201 Arnn, Terry 98, 106, 184 Arnold, Carol 118 Battle, cindy 113, 100 Baumgarner, Lynda 32, 118, 170 Bay, Charles 100, 106, 122, 184 Bay, Sandy 202 Bayley, Phyllis 170 Beahmer, Carol 202 Beals, Pamela 124 Bean, Tom 100, 107, 122, 184 Beausang, Cathie 103, 184 Beaver, George 116, 170 Bedner, Bob 122, 170 Been, Linda 99, 124, 184 Bell, Kay 90, 91, 95, 202 Bell, Larry 170 Bell, Linda 106, 160 Bell, Russ 106, 116, 170 Belt, Janet 98, 119, 202 Beltz, Henry 170 Bendau, Jim 170 Bender, Bob 170 Bennett, Karen 170, 119 Bennett, Melody 107, 124, 160 Bennett, Polly 91, 98, 119, 202 Bennett, Rusty 170 Benson, Carolyn 94, 95, 124, 184 Benson, Mike 160 Bernard, Teresa 160 Future Teachers of America 101 German Club 106 Honor Honor Junior Junior Junior Key C Language 94 Math 95 Classical League 107 Medies 103 Red Cross 102 lub 100 Library Club 108 Amold, Ronnie 201 Ashley, Gerald 201 Ashlock, Jim 201 Ashmore, Nancy 48 Askiii, Ruby 170 Askins, James 201 Atkins, Gray 65, 69, 160 Atkinson, Carol 122, 184 National Honor Society 90-91 National Thespians 104 Quill and Scroll 93 Radio Club 111 Science Club 105 Student Council 88-89 Trade and lndustry Club 110 Youth of the Kingdom 97 Auer, Verna 34, 93, 118, 201 Austin, Joan 124, 160 Austin, Judy 96, 99, 118, 184 Austin, Ronald 116, 184 Austin, Wanda 98, 122, 184 Avant, Jerry 106, 116, 170 Ayers, Algene 118, 170 Berrett, Jan 160 Berrinkle, lohn 170 Best, saimdia 99, 124, 202 Bettingcr, Venita 124, 160 Beverly, Don 110, 202 Bevins, Bob 184 Bevins, Mike 170 Bias, Don 202 Bias, Sharon 102, 119, 171 Bickford, Linda 124, 160 Biddy, Judy 98, 202 Bierman, Elaine 106, 202 Bierman, Ernest 160 Bierman, Larry 122, 160 Bierman, Paul 116, 171 Biggs, Shirley 88, 91, 138, 202 Y-Teens 101 Boys "O" Club 86 Girls "0" Club 86 Babcock, Tom 95, 107, 116, 184 Babcock, Tony 94, 201 Baber, Nita 201 Bishop, Barbara 107, 109, 124, 160 Bittner, Jim 184 Black, Mike sa, 106, 122, 171 235 Coyle, E l l I F F 2 l l l r l 1 by l l 1 E F i S i i E i i .-,,,,,,o,,.fs,7., , ,,,.,.,saf-.,, . Blackwell, Bob 68, 100, 171 Blackwell, James 160 Blalock, Lynn 78, 119, 171 Blaschke, John 81, 116, 171 Bloese, Mike 171 Boevers, Mike 63, 110, 184 Boggs, Dalton 184 Boggs, Maesel 118, 171 Boggs, Paul 65, 160 Boggs, Tommy 160 Boloo, Kaye 94, 101, 119, 185 Bomar, Marilyn 91, 99, 124, 202 Bomar, Susan 124, 160 Bonds, Richard 48, 49, 52, 202 Booker, Louise 99, 102, 124, 203 Bookout, John 116, 160 Booth, Chris 81, 86, 100, 203 Booili, Judy 94, 95, 99, 125 Booth, Kathy 119, 160 Boren, Clifford 61, 62, 83, 184 Borrell, Gary 91, 100, 106, 203 Bortzfield, Ann' 119, 203 Botts, Bob 106, 171 Bourassa, Jon 52, 100, 122, 184 Bowen, Barbara 125, 184 Bowen, Sally 184 Bowerman, Ann 97, 98, 119, 203 Bowerman, Jane 119, 160 Bowerman, Jerry 48, 171 Bowlin, Carol 171 Boyle, David 106, 203 Boyle, Miko 15, 111 Boxberger, Jane 119, 160 Brace, Charla 184 Bradshaw, Bonnie 160 Brady, Eddie 106, 160 Brady, Glenna 203 Brady, Lynn 119 Brady, Sally 99, 102, 119, 203 Bragg, Janice 184 Bramble, Sherry 119, 160 Brand, Hanna 125, 160 Brandes, Sherry 184 Brannon, Beverly 78, 171 Braun, Wanda 203 Brawley, Becky 160 Bray, Kathy 103, 160 Breitschuh, Pat 125, 171 Bressie, Ruth 87, 96 Brook, Connie 96 Brown, 99, 184 Brumley, Betty 103 Brunner, Mary 76 Bruton, Charles 96 Buchner, Sherry 95 Bucklin, Fred 86 Bumpas, Sue Lyn 97, 99, 101, 109 Burbridge, Jerry 83 Busch, Carl 68 Busch, Dianne 78 Butlerr Kathie 110 Butterworth, Barbara 97, 98, 99, 119 Cabell, Chris 32, 93, 103, 185 Cain, Bob 204 Cain, Eddie 116, 185 Calvert, Mike 172 Camp, Ann 185 Canada, Freda 204 Cannon, Glenda 119, 204 Cannon, Janice 119, 150 Carlton, Gaylen 204 Carlton, Keith 119, 160 Carmichael, Margaret 119 Carmichael, Mike 160 Carmoney, Jeanette 106, 160 Carnahan, John 100, 204 Carpenter, Eddie 71, 83 Carroll, Bea 110 Carroll,,Clay 65 Carroll, Maxine 185 Carruth, DeWayne 161 ' Carson, Jack 53, 105, 185 , Carter, Garland 52, 100, 204 Carter, Glenda 185 Carter, Jimmy 172 Carter, Peggy 205 Carter, Richard 185 Cartmill, Colleen 185 l Casey, Mike 100, 116, 185 i Casey, Paul 172 t Cassady, Kathleen 48, 107, 119, 205 Cassady, Linda 119, 172 Caswell, Sherry 172 Center, Don 65, 160 Chalmers, Jeff 106, 172 Chamberlain, Ruth Ann 99, 125, 185 Chambers, Chuck 172 ' Chambers, Jeanene 205 Chance, Linda 76, 77, 205 Chaple, Bill 106, 160 l 1 ' 236 i , We. ,,.,, .....,,, P., es. ,.. .-,....,, Chaplin, Linda 110, 160 Chapman, Diane 185 Chapman, Jeanne 125, 160 Chapman, Mike 75, 172 Chapman, Paul 61, 172 Charles, Sharon 125, 172 Charleston, Mike 116, 160 Chase, Chase, Janet 101, 119, 160 Robert 116,185 Chatrnan, Sherry 119, 172 Cheath Cheeve am, Sandra 172 r, Larry 32, 96, 109, 205 Cheeves, Doug 48, 63 Chestnut, Cindy 125, 172 Childers, Jan 48, 95, 138, 205 Childers, Sonny 32, 172 Choate , Carole 160 Christcnson, Ann 50, 107, 125, 185 Church, Barbara 119, 172 Church, Carolyn 32, 109, 119, 161 Carol 99, 103, 125, 185 Cisne, Clair, Leon 205 Clark, Blue 161 Clark, Connie 185 Clark, Gary 205 Clark Jim 172 Clark: Judy 119, 185 Clark, Marcia 125, 161 Clark, Vaudeanna 172 Clarkson, Mary 50, 98, 205 Clawson, Peggy 185 Clay, Sandra 125, 185 Cline, Phil 14, aa, 100, 172 Clemons, Pamela 93, 119, 205 Cleveland, Cleola 91, 125, 205 Clonce, David 205 Cloud, Tommy 65, 161 Cobb, Jim 65, 161 Cobb, Rood 100, 105, 122, 185 Coburn, Bill 112 Coburn, Susan 125, 161 Cochran, Tom 75 Cockerill, Bob 172 Cody, Barbara 76, 119, 186 Coffey, Bob 122, 161 Coffey, Ellen 205 Coffman, Martha 172 Cohein, Dick 172 Coil, Jennifer 161 Coit, Karen 118, 205 Cole, Jimmy 122, 172 Coleman, Mark 71, 186 Collins, Karen 50, 205 Collins, Mark 161 Colwell, Keith 186 Confer, David 107, 122 Crump Crump Culber Culber ler, Pat 50, 125, 206 ler, Sandra 161 t, Nancy 91, 93, 109, 206 tson, John 65, 161 Cummins, Judy 91, 95, 206 Cunninghalm, Cheryl 172 Cunningham, Judy 119, 206 Curtis, Cushm Bill 116 an, Tim 161 Custer, Carolyn 91, 98, 119, 206 Custer , Jim 207 Dabney, Roger 161 Daiker, Jean 161 Dakil, Mary Jo 161 Dale, Ronnie 186, 116 Daley, Carol 161 Daley, Carolyn 161 Daniel, Bob 172 Daniel, Darla 103, 186 Daniel , John 66, 83, 91, 207 Daniels, Andrea 96, 103, 172 Daniels, Peggy 161 Davidge, Dave 207 Davidson, Roby 96, 116, 161 Davis, Allene 207 Davis, Anne 125, 207 Davis, Becky 161 Davis, Darlene 161 Davis, Gary 207 Davis, Jerlyn 125, 186 Davis, Pat 98, 207 Davis, Sandra 50, 125, 207 Davis, Sharon 94, 95, 107, 161 Davis, Sharon 125, 186 Davison, Bill 75, 172 Davison, David 106, 186 Daw, Bob 186 Dawkins, Claudia 125, 161 Dawkins, David 173 Day, Larry 65, 161 Deal, Ju dy 102, 151 Deal, Pat 173 Decker, Charlotte 173 Decker, Donna 107, 207 Decker, Decker, Decker, Deen, T Joe 60, 63, 83, 207 Ken 122, 161 Lloyd 161 erry 100, 173 Deitchler, Ruth 161 Delitt, Mike 186 Del Vall Dendau, e, Frances 102, 186 Tim 122 Denham, Charlotte 48, 107, 173 Denham, Gene 186 Eads, Sharon 173 Eagleton, Bob 187 Eaker, Allen 68, 69, 161 Earnest, Jane 107, 119, 173 Earnest, Kay 124, 173 Easley, Mitchell 173 Easton, Lee 119, 173 Easum, Diane 187 Edgar, Jackie 119, 161 Ehrig, Pm 48, 94, 106, 187 Eischen, Mike 122, 161 Elkins, Cory 55, 152 Ellcdge, Allen 122, 113 Elletlge, Paul 162 Elliott, Deanna 77, 99, 125, 187 Elliott, Dewayne 162 Elliott, lorry 95, 105, 116, 208 Elliott, Jim 162 Elliott, Linda 187 Ellis, Don 102 Ellis, Gayle 91, 125, 208 Ellis, Judy 109, 125, 140, 187 Ellison, Janice 102, 173 Ellsworth, Nancy 99, 109, 119, 187 Ellsworth, Paula 101, 125, 173 Elswick, James 208 Embry, Dianne 98, 125, 208 Embry, Vivian 98, 125, 20a Emerson, Tom 60, 33 Emig, Larry 187 Encapera, Ronnie 162 Enders, Steve 30, 95, 208 Enos, Mary 208 Enter, Bill 106,173 ' Epperson, Jan 92, 119, 162 Eskridge, Art 208 Eskridge, Lena 208 Eslinger, Greg 32, 93, 187 Estcrline, Robert 92, 103, 173 Estes, Beverly 48, 91, 119, 208 Estes, Margaret 107, 187 Encapera, Ronnie 162 Everman, Melva 125, 162 Ewing, Janice 119, 208 Fabian, Jim 173 Fabian, Pat 208 Fagala Fagin, , Bill 115, 174 Ronald 68, 105, 116, 174 Fairies, Karl 116, 162 Farha, Carolyn 107, 116, 125, 174 Farha, Steve 162 Faris, Carolyn 107, 125, 174 Farris, Katherine 125, 187 Farris, Phillip 102, 122, 152 Conkin, Jim 52, 206 Cook, Donnie 161 Cook, Judy 125, 186 Cook, Michael 122, 161 Cook, Miko 112 205 Cook, William Cooksey, Phil 161 Cooper, Jeanne 96, 99, 197 Cooper, Rocky 161 Copeland, Judi 96, 119, 172 DcsChamps, Mary 161 DesChamps, Mike 100, 116, 207 Despain, Richard 173 Deutsch, Charles 116, 161 DeWolfe, Rose 161 Dickinson, Linda 125, 173 Dill, Jim 173 Dines, Carol 173 Dittman, Margo 161 Dixon, Betty 98, 134, 201 Dixon, Mary 78, 124, 173 Coppock, John 106, 172 Coppage, Troy 186 Corbett, Joan 106, 119, 186 Corbin, Charles 206 Cordra y, Bill iso Cornelius, Margaret 74, 125, 172 Cornell, Pam 103, 119, 186 Cornell, Penny 98, 118, 206 Cornell, Phil 186 Cornell, Phyllis 48, 50, 206 Cornell, Rose Marie 48, 50, 186 Cornett, Phil 172 Cotner Cotter, , John 161 Brooke 119, 161 Cottman, Vicki 125, 161 Coughlin, Linda 94, 107, 125, 186 Coughlin, Nancy 125, 206 Coughl in, Thomas 107, 116 Coulter, Bob 75, 83, 96, 206 Covington, Gary 186 Cowan, Carol 186 Cowles, Linda 108, 125, 186 Cox, Beverly 106, 172 Cox, Jeanne 74, 96, 125, 206 Cox, Tim 122, 161 Jennifer 102 Cozby, Don 172 Craig, Ken 116, 161 Craig, Sharon 48, 95, 125, 186 Crain, Mac 96, 99, 100, 206 Creek, David 161 Criss, Jimmie 116 Cromwell, Dave 74, 94, 122, 206 Crotts, Mayre 125, 161 Crowe, Dorian, 101 Crumby, Karen 161 Dolan, Bill 122, 173 Doler, Jean 207 Demopolis, Tonia 173 Dorman, Joe 60, 83, 173 Dormon, Pam 94, 95, 102, 186 Dorney, Barbara 99, 186 Dorney, Judy 74, 161 Dorris, Harold 186 Dorris, Tracy 63 Douga ll, Mike 81, 173 Douglas, Mike 86 Downum, Kathy 125, 161 Drabe Drake k, Donna 207 , Wayne 173 Draper, David 107, 186 Dubberstein, Herbert 161 Duffy, Clydellen 161 Dugger, Ricky 161 Dunbar, Kathryn 173 Duncan, Dan 58, 83, 186 Dunca Dunca Dunca n, Don 116, 161 n, Kokie 60, 66, 83, 186 rl, Margaret 161 Dunford, Larry 60, 83, 207 Dunham, Denise 101, 173 Dunham, Judy 173 Dnnlcvy, Warren 161 1 Dunn, J mmy 116, 161 DuPree, Gary 161 DuPl'ee, Gipp 60, 65, 140, 173 DuPrce, Durfee, Stan 161 Dale 100, 122, 208 Dllrrett, Johnny 122, 161 Duskin, Bob 100, 116, 173 Dutton, Bob 173 Farrell, Carolyn 119, 174 Fauks, Steve 174 Faulkner, Pamela 91, 95, 208 Fausett, Sherry 119, 162 Favor, Kathy 48, 187 Favor, Paul 162 Fenton, Ann 125, 162 Ferguson, Glenda 119, 187 Ferguson, Mike 174 Fields, Buddy 65, 162 File, Ann 13, 99, 1111, 187 Filippo, Wendell 174 Finch, Bob 95, 187 Finefrock, Pat 107, 125 Finefrock, Suzan 107, 119, 174 Finley, Lucy 125, 174 Fischer, Charles 187 Fish, John 187 Fishel, Larry 65, 162 rioiior, Kathy 125, 140, 152 Fite, Harold 116, 162 Flanagan, Eileen 187 Flatt, Sharon 208 Fleming, Rusty 66, 187 Flemming, Jack 100, 105, 122, 209 Florence, Jeanine 209 Flourney, Sharon 187 Floyd, Judy 106, 119, 114 Floyd, Roland 91, 95, 100, 209 Flynn, Sondra 119, 187 Fondren, Steve 174 Fonvielle, Carol 125, 162 Ford, Julie 162 Ford, Mike 122, 114 Ford, Wayne 209 Fore, Sharon 162 Forgue, Linda 209 Forres I Foster, er, Ann 98, 124, 138, 209 Judy 125,162 Foster, Loretta 209 Foster, Mary 125, 162 Foster, Mike 162 Foster, Phil 210 Foster, Randy 65 Foster, Scotty 96, 104, 116, 210 Foutz, Sandy 162 Fowler, Gerri 187 Fowler, Jerrie 187 Fowler, Jim 162 Fowler, Reggie 162 Jabara, Sam 95, 100, 189 Franklin, Keith 162 Franklin, Stephanie 125, 162 Franks, Suc 162 Frazicr, Richard 65, 162 Frederici, Annette 125, 187 Freeman, David 95, 187 Freeney, Tracy 86, 66 Fretwell, Judy 94, 95, 102, 187 Friend, Judy 125, 162 Friedman, Jane 210 Frost, Mary 110, 210 Fuller, Sharon 107 Fuson, Charles 174 Fulton, Mike 116, 162 Furbee, Richard 162 Gagliarde, Dennis 162 Haifner, Marsha 48, 107, 119 Hagg, Carolyn 174 Haig, Cindy 163 I-iris, Georgia 91, 126, 140, 211 Haley, Lynda 119, 163 Hall Hall Hall, Hall Hall Hall i Alyson 48, 54, 126, 163 Barbara 126, 188 Curtis 163 Henry 110, 211 Lenona 163 , Linda 126, 188 Hall, Skip 188 Hall, Suzy 48, 50, 188 Hall, S ylvia Sue 91, 124, 126, 211 Hallenbeck, Phylis 48, 49, 211 Hames, Duane 48, 211 Hames, Janice 188, 119 Hamilton, Charles 106, 188 Gamble, Lonnie 65, 162 Gambril, Sherry 210 Gardner, Glenda 210 Garlick, Myrna 102, 174 Carman, Steve 96, 102, 105, 210 Garrett, Ann 210 Garrett, Garrett, Bill 106, 110, 187 Sandra 174 Garrison, Dan 122, 174 Garrison, David 63, 187 Garrison, John 92, 93, 107, 210 Gatewood, Linda 78, 125, 174 Hamm, Judy 211 Hammack, Jim 60, 86, 100, 188 Hammond, Jimmy 126, 211 Hammond, Judy 92, 188 Hammond, Wally 100, 174 Hampton, Kent 174 Hancock, Rey 74. 120, 175 Hancock, Yolanda 175 Hand, Janice 126, 163 Haney, Malcolm 26, 75, 163 Haney, Margie 175 Hankinson, Bill 175 Harry, Jones, Linda 120, 163 Ice, Carol 48, 107, 126, 175 Catlin, Johnny 162 Gatlin, Sydney 119, 187 Gaubetz, Mike 65 Gee, Ronnie 58, 86, 187 Geiser, Sharon 125, 187 Gesford, Sally 162 Gibbons, Gay 119, 187 Gibbs, Arm 106, 162 Gibson, Charles 210 Gibson, Robert 81, 106 Gilbert, Suzanne 92, 125, 162 Gillan, Carol 162 Gillespie, Jane 107, 125, 174 Gilmore, Susan 93, 95, 105, 125 Gilson, Neal 187 Gimlin, Gregg 65, 122, 162 Givens, Jack 68, 69, 162 Givens, Judy 99, 104, 119, 187 Glazener, Dorsey 210 Godfrey, Marl 210 Goforth, Chuck 107, 174 Goode, Robert 162 Goodell, Mary 99, 119, 187 Goodman, Arna 119, 187 Goodrich, Kaye 119, 174 Gordon, Elaine 162 Goss, Sherre 119, 162 Govin, Elaine 119, 174 Graham, Dick 60, 61, 83 Graham, Juanita 99, 101, 103, 119 Grant, Ruby 187 Graves, Linda 210 Gravitt, Christie 119, 174 Gray, Judy 210 Grayson, Beverly 119, 187 Green, Jay 110, 187 Green, Sally 119, 162 Green, Sharon 97, 119, 162 Greer, Hank 210 Greer, Pat 162 Greer, Rudy 163 Griffin, Linda 97, 118, 140, 174 Griffith, Sherry 119, 114 Griffy, David 116, 163 Griggs, Jim 110, 123, 187 Grimes, Bill 65 Grimes, Don 174 Grimes, Mike 63, 83, 181 Grimmett, Rob 163 Grindstaff, Terry 163 Guthrie, Gary 106, 174 Guynn, Sandra 211 Haas, Jim 163 Hanna, Jane 101, 126, 115 Hannon, Gary 175 Hanraty, Melinda 126, 163 Hansen , Carol 126, 163 Harbolt, Betty 120, 175 Hardage, Kay 97, 101, 120, 188 Hardin, Jerry 188 Hardin, Kay 98, 126, 211 Hardin, Lynne 92, 101, 122, 163 Hargis, Steve 175 Harms, Annette 163 Harold, Ted 116 Harris, Coleman 211 Harris, Janet 126, 163 Harris, Linda 50, 188 Harriso ri, Charline ss, 89, 91, 211 Harrison, David, 97, 107, 117, 175 Harriso Harriso n, Duayne 95, 102, 211 n, Nancy 188 Harrison, Rich 60, 61, 83, 188 Kris 78, 120, 163 Hastie, Barney 60, 61, 86, 188 Harvey, Mike 120 Hawk, Tommy 63, 175 Hawkins, Bill 126, 175 Hawkins, Brenda 175 Hayes, John 122, 188 Hayes, Steve 99, 122, 211 Hays, Melany 163 Hebisen, Benalee 98, 126, 211 Hebison, Nancy 175 Hefley, Rex 65, 163 Heiney, Gary 117, 188 Helm, Randy 175 Henderson, Amy 175 Henderson, Lou Ann 126, 175 Hendren, Cheryl 163 Hendrick, Rick 106, 117, 188 Hendrickson, Rose Marie 211 Henline, Don 63, 188 Hensley, Don 117, 188 Henson, Judy 188, 120 Henthom, Bill 212 Herndon, Steve 63, 163 Herold, Ted 212 Hester, Judy 93, 91, 126, 212 Hester, Terry 175 Hestwood, Bruce 110, 212 Hetheri Hewes, ngton, Shirley 92, 212 Hayden 60, 63, 117, 188 Hicks, Dean 117, 188 Hicks, Karen, 110, 212 Hicks, Linda 175 Hicks, Tom 120, 163 Haberecht, Jay 163 Hackle r, Larry 188 Hadaway, Jerry 32, 48, 174 Hicock, Linda 126, 175 Hicock, Nancy 97, 102, 120, 212 Hicock, Terry 122, 163 Hieh, Susan 110 Hiersche, Jerry 60, 81, 188 Hiersche, Rudy 65, 81, 107, 163 Higgins, Pete 163 Hill, Ami 89, 91, 126, 212 Hin, Becky 96, 99, 120, 189 Hill, Linda 126, 163 Hill, Vernon 110 Hindman, Jeffery 212 Hiniker, Alice 107, 163 Hinkle, Dick 69, 117, 163 Hinshaw, Marie 33, 93, 213 Hinson, Charles 117, 163 Hinson, Susan 163 Hinton, Nina 163 Hitchens, Carole 120, 163 Hite, Boonell 163 Hively, Janie 110, 213 Huberecht, Jay 68, 69 Hobson, Bobby 69, 163 Hodges, Joe 189 Hodge, Lynn 213 Hodgson, Larry 163 Hoffner, Marcia 189 Hogan, Diane 120, 163 Holder, Dan 175 Holladay, Terry 117, 189 Hollingsworth, Donna 163 Hduis, Marilyn 126, 189 Holloway, Florrie 26, 175 Holloway, Linda 120, 163 Holman, Lois 120, 213 1-idimah, Ruth 101, 102, 126, 115 Holmberg, Loretta 77, 91, 126, 213 Holmes, 75, 86, 175 Holsey, Bill 100, 175 Holt, Charles 95, 100, 117, 189 Holt, vid 66, 189 Homsey, Connie 126, 163 Homaey, Richard 4-8, 66, 213 Hooker, Willie 163 Hooper, Judy 213 Hopkins, Patti 126, 163 Hopkins, Sherrie 120, 163 Horndon, Charles 189 Horne, Diana 126, 175 Hoss, Elizabeth 126, 163 Hoster, Karen 91, 95, 97, 213 Houchin, John 107, 122, 175 Houchin, Nancy 107, 120, 213 House, Donna 213 Howard, Gary 122, 163 Howard, Paul 106, 189 Howard, Phil 60, 61, 86, 189 Howard, Robert 53, 95, 102, 189 Howell, Cheryl 126, 189 Hrbacek, Vicki 126, 175 Hiickdhsy, Ann 93, 109, 120, 213 Huddleston, Judy 103 Hudgins, Tony 163 Hudson, Charles B. 163 Hudson, Fred 189 Hudson, Linda. 189 Hudson, Paula 50, 175 Hughes, Bob 58, 86, 189 Hughes, Ken 80, 81, 213 Hughes, Larry 71 Hughes, Susan 126, 213 Hull, Eugene 213 Hull, Laird 117, 163 Hullett, Skip 189 Hume, David 175 Humphrey, Joleen 126, 163 Humphreys, Kent 97, 163 Hunt, Barbara 106, 108, 120, 175 Hunt, Jerry 189 Hunt, Linda 101, 126, 213 Hunter, Linda 163 Husky, Andy 65 Hutchinson, Melody 53, 54, 106, 175 Hyde, Dudley 58, 59, 140, 189 Hyden, Charles 214 Irving, Sandy 63, 100, 214 Irwin, Rex 60, 86, 214 Irvine, Carol 126 Imoe, Velma 163 Ingram, DeAnn 120, 189 Irmb, David 175 Jack, Allen 117 Jack, Nancy 189 Jack, Raymond 107, 175 Jackson, Chan 214 Jacob, Charlotte 99, 120, 189 Jacobson, Fred 175 Jacobson, Gary 71, 214 James, B in 110, 163 James, Fred 75, 214 James, Kenneth 189 James, L James, L inda 120, 163 ynn 126,176 Janota, Charlotte 126, 189 Jasperson, Linda 163 Jayne, Jerry 95, 214 Jenckes, Claudia 110, 189 Jerlo, Tom 189 Jenkins, Ann 176 Jenkins, Jan 120, 176 Jenkins, Jeanne 126, 176 Jenkins, Michelle 126, 214 Jerlow, Jon 106, 163 Jimenez, Pat 94, 214 Johnson, Barbara 54, 176 Johnson, Carol 163 Johnson, Claudia 120, 176 Johnson, Darryl 214 Johnson, Jana 99, 189 Johnson, Jane 107, 120, 163 Johnson, Joan 53, 108, 126, 176 Johnson, Jo Ann 126, 214 Johnson, JoAnne 54, 120, 189 Johnson, Mary 163 Johnson, Ronald 189 Johnson, Rusty 99 Johnston, Brett 71, 83, 189 Johnston, Linda 163 Johnston, Rowell 71, 122, 214 Jones, Anita 163 Jones, Gary 189 Jones, Janet 120, 163 Jones, Janice 99, 101, 120, 189 Jones Janyce 54, 120, 189 aren 102, 126, 176 Jones, K Jones, Kenny 163 Jones, Les 189 Jones, Louise 78, 120, 163 Jones, Madelyn 126, 163 Jones, Pat 50, 74, 126, 176 Jones, P atty Ann 176 Jones, Roger 189 Jones, Ronnie 163 Jones, Suzanne 92, 120, 126, 214 Jordan, Nanette 95, 96, 126, 163 Joyce, Bill 163 Joyce, Linda 48, 120, 214 June, Doreen 102, 126, 176 Just, Artie 163 Jiust, Eric 48, 95, 105, 189 5651, Judy 54, 18, 120, 163 Kahler, Janis 126, 164 Kalmon, Ted 81, 177 Kalrridri, Winn 93, 109, 120, 189 Kamp, Ann 126 Kamp, Peggy 110, 214 Karns, Larry 122, 164 Kasper, Gloria 107, 108, 177 Kauffman, Kathryn 120, 177 Keen, Annabelle 120, 164 Keffer, Jay 95, 215 Keith, Kitty 177 Keller, Jerry 100, 189 Kelly, Clint 32, 109, 164 Kenan, Don 164 Kendall, Kathy 126, 164 Kenison, Chris 100, 177 Kennard, Jimmy 92, 164 Kennard, Rex 81, 86, 92, 215 Kennedy, Artie 164 Kent, Bill 60, 86, 100, 215 237 MG . . f , WM.-,-------W vsvf.-qw .- ,-W ,-,. ,..-,,v,nn,.,W,-.i11"vy-f.y-mn-an M-ffwwfmw-V-4-v'-murky-W-i!'l1-'Wir-'frfwk-ivn-.-in - 6 Markham, Sheila 165 McMains, Richard 123, 164 McMillan, Connie 120, 178 McMurran, Sue 190 McMurry, Jennifer 164 McNeal, Don 48 McName, Robert 50, 117, 164 cNeil, Don 86 McNeill, Ronnie 60, 63, 178 17 ulty, Carol 120, 178 ' een, Beverly 33, 93, 12 att, 'Mike 164 agr der rlene , 19 c ,Ji , 9 Loeffler, Patsy 93, 109, 126. 216 cPheeters, Carol 91, 107, 126, 1 f, Keinn, c' dy b Liles, Aliene 120, 216 W Kessler, Wayne 177 2 Lindsay, James 101, 102, 216 , Ketchum, Bill 189 Linn, Rick 86, 107 Ketchum, Janet 91, 98, 12 5 Lipe, Virginia 48, 49, 190 Ketchum, Judy 91, 98, , 2 Liss, Kenneth 107, 177 J Ketchum, Lynn 120, 4 Liszeoi 1-10Y41 215 1, Kevin, Kerin 215 Litton, Carol 126, 16 E Keys, Karen 126, 189 L d, D HY 177. 1 Kimherlin, Linda 93 0 i 01111 6 1 Kimerer, Neil 164 1-OCIKBII, Carl' 177 ' Kimerer, Susan 1 6, 1 , 120, 1 Loeffler. Louis 164 ll Kimsey, Dianne 124, 177 l Kimsey, Phyllene 91, 98, 215 Loeffleri Vickie 154 1 Kincaid, Gail 7 Lofton, Arthur 190' Kincaid, Mei 96, 104, 109, 21 L92 , David 117, 177 Kineary, C a 1 , Carolyn 6, 190 K. 5 1118, Ju , , 5 , dy I King, , 126, 1 Long, Larry - King, Rusty 65, 164 , King, Ruth 102, 120, 164 5 King, Sh I King - Kirc eiyl 107,177 f - 6 86 90 Kirk : - Kise : a 120 15 ' i ' oger 65 122 ' Jimmy 177 ' Knigh l Ku t ' i T 7 . .1 ,2 ' KI , , 164 - tchen, Karen 190 i , , 9, 4 7 - Q- 1 - , r V , . i i i .215 , , 110, xt Long, Mary 126, 164 Long, Russann 104, 106, 126, 216 , oe 110 rey Forrest 48, 49, 171, t c 190 , 7 oveless, A exis 120, 7 Loveless, Peggy 107, 126, 177 Loving, Sally 94, 106, 190 Lowe, Sherry 50, 120 agrudcr, Joanna 120, 78 Maguire, Gerry 165 Maguire, Larry 217 i 1 Judy ier Judy 103 190 f ain Karen 165 ' : U a' rd Carolyn 1 ' ler, Edward ' alone, Janet L 65 Malone Rita 1 2 Mielenz, Darlene 96, 104, 121, 218 Milam, Jan 121, 178 Millar, Joe 81 Miller, Ann 123 Miller, Betty 124, 218 Miller, Brent 48, 21,218 p Miller, E di ' ler, red 8, 59, 218 'ller, 17, 178 Miller, Larry 122, 218 M fn, 178 I! ' ' M ' , 2 M , .. fi ,1 , fl! Klinssick enuis 65 68 6 1 C1 - al e, Sandra 1,165 f - H 'H 1261 n ne Jackie 165 : , '. ' . I Lu , andy 8, 71, 86, 190 M um' Bud 9165 Knott ,f 93 109 117 Luster, Henry 117, 164 Mangum' Nikki 98, 217 Kno Deborah 126 Luttrell, Diane 1 164' Manlove, Linda 10 , 165 Doug 63 107 1 Lutz, nda 12 4 M nn 5 sa 1 01, 121 , 2 Kathryn 177 Lyn Riek 1 Minn, . 61, Pam 164 Ly gin, Ja 74,86 , .. f.4 ., Knox, Tweetie 120 tle, Caro , 0 1 C 1 , 12 Y Koban, Carol 126 Mardin, Sharon 101, 03 Koeppel, Tanny 9 , 19 ie Kathrine 102, 165 ' Koonce, Diane 48, 51, 164 l Kopacka, Kathy 164 Kosted, Carolyn 106, 108, 126, 190 Kraft, Anne 126, 177 Kratina, Karen 78, 103, 120, 190 , Kurlander, Ruth 126, 164 Kurtz, Nancy 94, 95, 215 Kutz, Peggy 78, 95, 126, 216 Kyle, D. 117 Lacy, Sherry 99, 120, 190 Lamb, Jennifer 107, 109, 126, 164 Mackenz , Mackillican, Linda 177 McCain, Dean 177 Mccan, Sharon 99, 126, 190 McCandless, Karen 99, 126, 190 McCants, Carol 126 McCarter, Carol 177 McCarty, Jim 63, 68, 177 McCarty, John 71, 86, 99 Markham, Sherry 96, 98, 217 arko, Annie 108, 121, 191 r Wanda 21 Marcia , 104, 191 , James , 165 arsh Jii 7 M . McCarty, Larry 60, 63, 86, 177 Martin, McClain, Dean 81, 83, 100 ll, ro yn 217 Barbara 165 M C1 h V 1 117 164 Martin, Dan 68, 178 C 8118 811, B , -, . 1 McClellan Ma 120 f +1 '12 Mem" Dmd 165 M C1 6 Wm 123 190 Marlin, Keith 65,165 C Ufe CVB . 1 ' ' .. M , L 178 McCulloch, Mike 66, 190 ' 4 Mig 48 McCord Joe 104 123 217 . ' i - 1 ... M , P 102, 197 McCowan, Steve 190 M2122 Pill: 191 McCown, Ianey 120 McCoy, Kenneth 60, 63, 06, 2178+ McCoy, Rena 120, 164 Martin, Taini 121, 191 Martindale, Bill 217 Miller, Marilyn 107 Miller, Michelle 178 Miller, Sharron 178 Miller, Sta l illiga r Mi , ill Mills, Gary 17 Mills, Red 99, 191 Mills, Tom y 178 Mime, ne 93, 109, 121, 219 M1 107 Mi , 219 ko Caro , Ca o Mitchell, Don 179 Mitchell, Jim 219 Meek, Vicky 93, 109, 121, 219 Moffatt, Rick 81, 119 Moncrief, Vince 59, 89, 90, 95 Montgomery, Cheryl 179 Montgomery, Larry 191 Montgomery, Robert 219 Moodle, Ann 78, 121, 179 Men ' , 32, 219 d' Bruce , 86, 99, 191 Dee A e 179 , Jnin 106, 119 oore, lfry 110, 219 Moore, Lyman 179 Moore, Okie 191 Moore, Ralph 191 Morelock, Dianne 32, 103, 109, 179 Morey, Sandra 121, 191 Morgan onna 219 Mor , Iris 76, 191 n, J' l E McEwen, Tanya 217 Lane, Sharon 120, 164 Lang, Warden 123, 177 Langford, Linda 126, 164 Langley, Bunny 101, 120, 126, 177 Langshn, David 48 Langston, Richard 100, 164 Langston, Rickey 122, 177 Lanyon, Sally 124, 190 Lappin, Myra 107, 177 LaPointe, Sharon 126, 190 Lasater, Bill 177 Lawrence, Gloria 107, 120, 164 + Lawrence, Susan 96, 120, 190 Lawson, Jane 26, 102, 126, 164 Lawson, Linda 216 Lawson, Russell 66, 86, 95, 190 Lawter, Charles 123, 164 - M ' d l , R 11 165 McCulley, Denne 120 I6 'mgiln ,tiny '21, McCullough Karen 164 - ' ' 5 Mashore, Sue Lynn 99, 191 xCg"'?"f0"i5"e"1f1712f57166R1'32 lqMne6n, John 105, 106, 111 C ame S' an-Y ' :R athis, Jerry 218 McDonald' Lee 164 pnieiinewe, Billie 16 94, 96, 99, 191. McDowell, George 60,61, 83,217 nhews Mack 75 99 218 McDowell' Joyce 190 ,nfrlgiznxuldim Jerry 218 McEants, Carol 177 aupin Gerry 109 165 Mcmmre' Kay 190 igemgcaqwaupin, Ronnie 165 Morin, Vic 00, 221 Morris, Jim 179 Morris, Judy 98, 220 Morris, Sandra 99, 191 Morrison, Danny 179 Morrison, Randy 117 Moss, Ray 75, 86, 179 Moutray, David 220 Mulligan, Mike 63, 179 Munsinger, Lynn 76, 191 Munzy, Betty 220 Murphey, Don 191 Murphy, Phil 65 Murray, Dan 220 Musallam, Janet 109, 121, 179 Musallam, Sue 93, 98, 118, 220 Musson, Charles 65 Muzny, Barbara 78, 179 Myers, Homer 220 Leaf, Pat 216 Leake, Bob 190 Leaming, Marilyn 107, 177 Ledden, Leslie 120, 177 Ledden, Palmela 120, 164 Ledsinger, Jeanette 216 Lee, Don 177 Lee, John 106, 216 Lee, Virginia 126, 164 Leever, Cheryl 177 Lemmons, Jim 190 Lemon, Larry 100, 117, 190 Lents, Ann 120, 164 Lents, 101, 177 Leonhard, Tony 50, 65, 123, 164 Lesowitz, Barbara 120, 216 Leugemors, Mary 120, 177 Lewis, Barbara 74, 120, 177 Lewis, Kay 164 238 Mei-zyin, Vicky 48, so, 178 gi fc. McGaughey, Harriet 164 Mecee, Charlene 103, 164 eff. Mecee, Mink 65, 81, 164 71 May, Gwen 218 Mayfield, Frosty 65 Mayfield, Peggy 165 Mays, Don 117, 178 McGill, Jack 61, 86, 190 McGuire, Larry 91, 95, 100 McGulley, Donna 177 Meador, Mike 123, 165 Meadows, Chris 117 Meadows, Mike 165 Mennnn, rinnk 178 Cmlyn 165 McHenry, George 63, 190 McIntyre, Betsy 126 McIntyre, Kathy 120. 164 Mclntyre, Vivian 126, 190 McKinney, Gary 178 eek, Howard 191 Meeker, Carole 108, 178 Meister, Stuart 60 Melanson, Mike 218 Menninger, Jay 81, 106 McKinney, K 120 McLain, Dean 178 McLellan, Mary 178 McMahon, John 50 McMains, Bill 123 McMains, Mike 105, 106, 122, 217 Merkle, Sally 89, 95, 118, 218 Merrill, Terry 60, 62, 86, 218 Messinger, Bob 218 Meyers, Barbara 191 Meyers, Leann 191 Middleton, Charles 100, 218 Nance, Barbara 109 Nance, Bill 104, 220 Nance, Bo 60, 62, 71, 191 Nance, Marian 48, 92, 101, 220 Nay, David 99, 123, 130, 191 Neal, Pamela 98, 220 Needham, Nancy 48, 123 Nelson, Linda 121, 191 Nelson, Roberta 123, 191 Nelson, Ronnie 179 Nesternde, Pamela 91, 106, 108 220 Newell, Nancy 121, 220 Newkirk, Terrye 121 Newton, Donna 179 Newton Nichols Nichols Nid ell, Noble, , Julia 121, 179 , Mike 81, 86, 109, 179 , Nancy 102, 103, 121, 191 Dianne 191 J0lln C. 123 ef", Noe,,,9feve Q99, 91 A Nordstrom, Linda", -' Q' ,. NorrE,ji,?e1',QjJ8v, 221 ""' Norton, a' 1 ,,22lf, Norton, Nancy? 104, 121, 221 Poag, Linda 48, 179 Poage, Bill 119 Pogue, Danny 71, 223 Points, Marsha 107, 192 1 Pojezny, Kristi 223 Nowliny Jack 191 ePntTgek,Jnnelle 121 15522-7 , ,. - ,- f Y Novey, David 221 -, ' ,xr gpm, Joanngvcsffqggzfv, X, 'XB L - L C Pfflson, Ace 192 Oakes,'Nancy 91, 221 0bermaI61, Charlotte 127, 165 0'HBra,y-,Buddy 60, 61, 62, 221 M eary,1-Ielerl' 17F121, Q15 olin., Lee 121,179 .ef 0liveySMr,1??!2Z,,221 .jpg M n olivencrne '129,221 P A Olson, Jemme Lynn 74, 93, 109, 221 Olson, Robert 90, 91, 221 Onfkqnlfenheth 65 ek. Ore, Jeanne, 121, 221' Osborn, Dick , 221 Osbom, Linda 179 ' Osgood, Leah 121,? X 1 f 0'shee, gefhf 10 ,H 425 U'To'ole, John 221 ' Ours, Rae ,9l, 117, 138, 221 0ve?Xf9p?fBil1 60, 62, wdzffl Overton, C. 127 Owen, Mike 179 Owens, Evelyn 107, 191 Pace, Steve 86, 222 Page, Carolyn 222 Palmer, Larry 123 Palmore, Lynda 48, 121 Palo, Eleanor 107, 109, 121 Pansze, Gina 179 Pape, Don 107, 179 Parks, Buddy 222 Parmeter, Sharon 222 Parrish, Cheryl 78, 121, 179 Pate, Carolyn 107 Pate, Jim 94, 100, 222 Pearce, Barbara 179 Pearson, Otis J. 123 Pearson, Patsy 107, 121 Pearson, Walter 95, 100, 107, 191 Pease, Allen 222 Peck, Don 123, 166 Peek, Jerry 123, 166 Peddicord, Linda 179 Pelton, Rarbee 121, 179 Pelton, Charles 60, 62, 66, 222 Pemberton, George 110, 222 Pemberton, ,Joe 75 Penland, Jerry 166 Penn, Pam 179 Perrin, Sydney 99, 102, 107, 121 Perry, Kenneth 60, 62, 83, 222 Perry, Richard 166 Peter, Steve 101, 222 Pettitt, Sharon 92, 166 Petty, Jan, 110, 166 Petty, Jeanne 166 Petty, Nancy 166 Peyton, Diane 166 Phillips, Diane 166 Ponder, Jim 123, 192 Ponder, Marjorie 166 Poole, Judy 96, 192 3,1 , ftzefifhylaili, 111, 1192. . e ' Old fn, PM ,ef ,, ' I i Y 'X "1-"cite, 'Charles'M222 Porter, Brian L66 f Poteet, -gjaieaiii , 166, 1 Potter, Marlejt nn 179 Potter, Robert " : Potts, Susie - ' 1 H , sp'!f'Potts, Vit' 75.11926 i V Pounds, Greg 223 Powell, niek es, sm 100, 223 ' Power, Karl 125,715 f ,, ,f ,7 1 6- !l - 4 Renolds, Sam 96, 100, 123, 192 Rice, Bob 166 Rice, Linda 91, 97, 98, 224 Rice, Perry 166 - Rice, Rut 98,1 s,fl32,,22-if Richari'5iEGni Qc81Sif224 Richards, ,inda 180 Richardson, Don 180 Richert, J o Ann 107, 121 Riclcer, David 65, 166 f Ridgewayyflfinda 107, 127,180 "7Riley, ceinl 48, 97, 121, 180 Riley, D. c. 48, 49, 50, 224 Riley, Mary0Ann ,193f - ' Bifey, Shirfey 4105 Y Riley, Susan 121, 166 Ritter, gyiilse 221 2 Reeeli, lpn ,192 952 K Roark, Robert, 65, 68, 69, 166 Roberts lfarfy 62171, 83, 180 Saunders, John 96, 100, 123, 193 Savage, Merry 103, 193 Sawvell, Jon 193 Sayc, Barbara 166 Schmidt, Kelly 117, 166 Schlinke, Bennett 225 Schmitz, Steve 117, 166 Schoap, Mike 52, 193 Schoenthaler, Mardi 99, 193 Schooley, Jodi 99, 121, 193 Schroeder, Georgia 117, 225 Schwab, Tony 99, 225 Schoerke, Roland 225 Scott, Barbara 121 Scott, Jeanne 166 Scott, Judy 99, 193 Scott, Karen 225 Scott, Larry, 100, 117, 194 Scott, Rosemary 181 Scroggin, Don 95, 96, 107, 194 4? L rf""Powers, Elizabeth 180 ,7 Powers, ,Janee-192 1, -i I Poynenwlfommy 180 K, iii!-'HUP' L. Pefifffi-fag 1664+ :ff-14 4 "' Prater, Terry 95, 121, 223 Preble, Carol 192 Price, Jack 100, 223 - 3 Price, Micheal 180 V 'V Price, Susan 9 f107, 121 -223 Pniek,,13 -P s "" Q - Pruitt,,C'Pri:? ' r Pryor Janie 48 4 1 192 Q' 7 Pulling, Marianna Purdue, Marllynxn 192 Purdy, Bob 83, 223 Putt, Jerry 65, 166 Putt, Phil 107, 192 Pulley, Marilyn, f Qualls, Pam 192 Quillin, LeAnn 121, 166 Quine, Mike 123, 180 Rahill, Pam 121, 192 Rahill, Phyllis 166 Rahill, Railey, Susan 127 Sherry 166 Ralston, Harry 180 Randall, Chris 166 Randle, John 123, 166 Randleman, Julia 192 Rainey, Lewis 192 Raney, Bill 180 Raney, David 192 Rankin, Bill 174, 180 Rankin, Linda 127, 192 Rankin, Joe 166 Phillips, Jim 222 Phillips , Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, John 68, 179 Mike 179 Sue 121, 222 Susan 166 Phinney, Joyce 179 Pickens, Pickens, Pickle, Shirley 222 Steve 63 Claudia 222 , Pierce, Archie 63, 222 Pierce, Barbara 97, 102, 108 Pierce, Charles 65 Pierce, Tom 223 Pierson, Dixie 192 Pinkston, Raelene 192 Pinkston, Sharon 98, 223 Pitts, Bill 123, 192 Pitts, Joann 179 Pitts, Jim 223 Rapp, John 48, 100, 107, 223 Rapp, Michael 48, 180 Raschke, Toni 98, 127, 166 Rathjen, Stan 117, 166 Rawkins, L. 121 Ray, David 123, 180 Ray, Marsha 166 Raymond, Robin 166 Reber, Jill 95, 96, 99 Rector, Judy 103, 121, 180 Reding, Janie 98, 124, 223 Redlinger, Barry 192 Refllinger, Phillip 180 Reed, Pat 65, 166 Reed, Susan 180 Reese, Becky 48, 127, 180 Reeves, Jeanette 99, 101, 109, 192 Reeves, Mike 97, 99, 122, 224 Reeves, Ronnie 123, 180 Reiff, Bill 106 Reinhold, Pat 102, 107, 180 Reinke, Carol 127, 166 Rendel, Steve 123, 224 Renfrow, Jack 123, 180 Reutlinger, Bob 224 Reynolds, Beverly 166 Reynolds, Lynn 166 1 Resergffshsnif 193 Roberts, Warren 106, 110, 117 Robertson, J. W.-71, 83, 100, 193 ,Robertson , Salli 224 Robinson, Don 180 Robhlson, Larry 193 Robinson, Mike 224 Robinson, Randy 100, 106, 193 Roblyer, Gene 60, 180 Roche, Tommy 166 Rodgers, Jim 166 Rodgers, Linda 166 Rodgers, Mike 166 Roederer, Sharon 166 Roesch, 1lene 127 Roesler, Jan 99, 118, 224 Rogers, Carolyn' 121, 127, 224 Rogers, Sheryl 180 Rollow, Becky 127, 166 Rollow, David 123, 193 Romerman, Linda 96, 121, 166 Rose, Tina 107, 125, 193 Roso, Carol 121, 166 Rosolowski, Ann 193 Ross, Shirley 224 Rossan, Harlene 166 Rotan, Darlene 193 Rothenbusch, Ursel 50, 180 Routon, Vickie 193 Routon, Wendel 106, 193 Rowe, Eddie 224 Rowe, Nita 127, 166 Royer, Joe 123, 166 Royston, Lynn 224 Rucker, David 106, 180 Rucker, Vicki 50, 166 Rudolph, David 65 Ruff, Toni 99, 127, 197 Runka, Marite 76, 127, 193 Rupp, Johnny 117, 166 Rush, Susan 50, 103, 127 Rutledge, James 225 Rutledge, Joann 110, 127, 225 Russell, Rusty 93, 180 Rutherford, Dorinda 180 Ryan, Don 166 Ryan, Margaret 166 Ryan, Phil 180 Ryan, Terry 193 Ryland, Anita 127, 166 si. Clair, David 63 St. Dizier, Cheryl 102, 107, 108 St Jlohn, Jay 81, 83, 193 Safdi, Marcia 121, 166 Sailor, Jim 225 Sallstrom, Marilyn 180 Samara, Sharon 193 Sanders, Edward 225 Sanders, Jim 102 Sanders, Judy 225 Sanders, Steve 52, 117, 181 Sands, Lynn 121, 166 Sansing, Bill 193 Saterlee, Phill 193 Satterlce, Johnny 166 Scudder, Jim 194 Sears, Seba, Gary 181 Randy 62, 95, 100, 225 Seba, Terry 65, 68, 69, 166 Seibel, Kenneth 166 Selby, Barbara 48, 102, 121 Selby, Beverly 107, 121, 194 Sewell, Martha 107, 121 Sewell, Stan 123, 166 Sewell, Tim 166 Severin, Elaine 94, 121, 194 Shadid, Kay 225 Shaffer, Pat 181 Shaw, Douglas 100 Shaw, Randy 93, 121, 226 Shelton, Rhoda 48 Shepard, Karen 181 Sherman, Steve 95, 100, 122, 226 Sherrill, Alan 194 Shick, Bob 52, 226 Shick, Gay 121 Shield, Judy 121, 226 Shipley, Denny 117, 166 Shirley, Danny 65, 69, 166 Shirley, Ron 52, 95, 107, 194 Shirley Sherri 226 Shnell, Doris 194 Shock, Bob 91 Shock, Jo Anne 48, 194 Shoebotham, David 74, 100, 123. Shortt, Edd 181 Shrier, Donna 166 Shultz, Margaret 166 Sibel, Dale 181 Sibley, Jnhn 81 Sibley, Larry 194 Sieber, Janet 109, 127, 226 Sieber, Tim 176, 181 Siegel, John 65, 166 signinn, Mike 15, 103, 226 Sigmon, Pat 60, 62, 83, 194 Silvemail, Bill 123 Simmons, Steve 65, 166 Simms, Norry 75, 100, 194 Simon, Ricky 65, 167 Simonin, Ronda 167 Simonson, Jackie 121, 167 Simpson, Bill 75 Sims, Henry 226 Sims, Larry 106, 123, 194 Sims, Marlene 97, 107, 121 Sims, Sandra 167 Sinclair, Kay 121 Singletary, Anita 226 Singleton, Martia 90. 97, 107, 226 Skaggs, Barbara 102, 121, 167 Skinner, Sandy 121 Slack, Karen 99, 109, 121, 194 Slaughter, Jane 181 Slaughter, Jim 48, 117 Sloan, David 167 Smalley, John 194 Smelser, Janie 76, 77 Smiley, John 181 Smiley, Patsy 167 Smith, Ann 48, 109, 117, 226 239 inn... l Wilkes, Thomas, Sue 182 Thompson E if 1 P r t V l ,, l. ,. l 1 l l l l l 1 a l l E E 1 F l 1 l 1. 3 l 1 1 1 is v F 1 4, wrvzrw--W-p -vw-'A - vw-I - aww-U - -f-iw-v-www .iv wawwvxwrmswvfrnl . -11 ..,,qy1rvvvlw,-.wn51snvi,-.1-.-,yi mi, ,,-,ym11g,mwTq,Wxisie1pyf,.,- vi-P fir,-W-1 Smith, Bruce 52, 117, 226 Smith, Deanna 48, 50, 226 Smith, Eddie 117, 194 Smith, Gayle 181 Smith, George 100, 226 Smith, Ginger 121, 194 Smith, Jeanne 227 Smith, Jim 52, 167 Smith, Jim 53, 194 Smith, John 52, 123, 167 Smith, Judy 167 Snlith, Kay 121, 167 Smith, Lynda 167 Smitll, Margie 167 Smith, Mary Ellen 107 Smith, Mary Lou 51, 102, 167 Smith, Nelson, 194 Smith, Patsy 167 Smith, Sharon 77, 94, 99, 227 Smith, Suzanne 97, 98, 227 Smith, Ted 167 Smith, Teresa 167 Smith, Terry 194 Siiesd, Gini 94, 99, 194 Sneed, Judy 167 Snider, Edward 106, 194 Snider, Elaine 167 Snider, Loraine 167 shapes, Bill 60, 62, sa, 221 Snipes, Wayne 167 Snyder, Carolyn 76, 77, 227 Soard, Richard 167 Sollars, Joel 227 Sollars, Linda 121, 194 Solter, Tom 60, 100 Sommerfrucht, Cheryl 101, 167 Son, Jimmy 60, 83, 227 Sonnen feld, Sheryl 99, 194 Sorenson, Bill 63 Sorenson, Greg 227 South, Art 123, 167 Southard, John 63 Southerland, Jim 106, 167 Southland, John 117 Spaeth, Spear, Spear, Spears, Speed, Donna 195 Bill 58, 83, 195 Rudy 117, 227 Ken 167 Tony 227 Spence, Don 195 Spielman, Donna 181 Spigener, Bob 98, 227 Spigener, Judy 227 Spiva, David 107, 195 Stone, Carolyn 195 Stone, Owen 195 Stone, Robert 167 Stotts, Stan 182 Stout, Patricia 228 Strahl, Bill 110, 228 Street, N ncy 121, 167 182 ' I S 1 I !Truett, Sandra 168 rui , Connie 168 ru' t, Ronnie 182 Tu , Dick 196 Tucker, Jack 61, 83, 229 Tucker, Patsy 196 Turner, Jan 168 Westfall, Mary Sue 168 whsiiily, Carl 168 Wheeler, Valjean 196 White, Alan 123, 168 White, Bob 123, 196 White, Forrest 100, 231 White, John 65, 168 White, Ross 231 White, Steven 123, 168 Whiteturkey, Verna R. 168 Whittaker, Iris 196 Whittaker, Nancy 93, 118, 231 Whittaker, Sharon 168 Whittare, Ronald 196 Whitten, Alex 123, 196 Whitten, Zelvia 196 Whitwell, Lee 53, 54, 108 Wiggins, Ronnie 117, 196 Wilcoxson, Shirley 168 Wildma n, Sheryl 196 wiles, Phillip es, 94, 100, 196 Eddie 61. 83, 197 Strick 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Stamps, Janice 195 Staples, Becky 76, 195 Starr, Starlyn 167 Steadley, Kathryn 98, 227 Stearns, Larry 88, 108, 228 Stevens, Ron 181 Steeds, Ralph 228 Steele, Pat 95, 106, 108, 195 Steer, Twylla 102, 107, 121 Steves, Bob 167 Steinbeck, Louise 97, 98, 121, 228 Steinbock, Susan 167 Stephenson, Ronniel 228 Stettheimer, Joe 83, 107, 195 Sykes, Becky Tate, Jan 8 ' Tate, Michae 16 Tatum, John . 10 23, 1 Tatum, Linda 95 Tatum, Terry 18 Taylor, Bruc 65 Taylor, Bob 65 Taylor, Dick 168 Taylor, Gary 123, 1 8 Taylor, Gordon 168 Taylor, James 182 Taylor, Jeanne 51, , 168 Taylor, Judy 195 Taylor, Mary 108, 228 Taylor, Ruth 91, 107, 121, 2 Taylor, Winston 229 Telford, Sue 99, 195 Templin, Don 117, 164, 182 Tennis, Terrell, Nick 106, 117, 168 Mary 195 Terry, Eddie 48, 50, 195 Terry, Karen 103, 108, 195 Thomas, Dennis 195 Thomas, Donna 182 Thomas, Edna 229 Thomas, Jiihk 65, 81, 168 Thomas, Pat, 229 Thomas, Vangie 78, 121 Thomas, Warren 168 Thomason, Bill 48, 91, 95, 229 Thomason, Richard 182 Thompson, ,Anita 229 Thompson, Ann 168 Thompson, Bennie Jo 195 Thompson, Beverly 92, 121, 229 Thompson, Clairie 182 Thompson, David 100, 123, 195 Thompson, Donella 182 Thompson, George 83, 86 Thompson, Jimmy 168 Thompson, Judy 121 Thompson, Julie 78 Thompson, Linda 97, 182 Thompson, Suzanne 99, 121, 229 , Tommy 61, 62, 83, 182 Steve-ns, George 60, 162, 140, 228 Stevens, Joanna 98, 121, 228 Stevens, John 63, 195 Stewart Stewart Stewart , Bob 117, 195 , Shirley 228 , site 77, 91, 121, 228 Stiver, Mary 109, 121, 167 240 Thrower, Beverly 195 Tillinghast, John 195 Tillman, Jackie 93, 97, 109, 229 Torbett, Carol 121, 195 Torbett, Kathy' 168 Toussaint, Mark 182 Tracewell, Sue 195 Traska, Mike 107, 182 Trawick, Sparky 168 Treece, Connie 98, 121, 229 Trout, Evonne 182 Troxel, Jim 97, 123, 140, 168 True, Mary 121, 168 Truett, Casey 48, 104, 107, 195 Ver on Lo 107, 10 , 196 V am 3 9, 7 Voo ' Jeanette 1 Vore, - 97, 121, 2 Vroom Ric ard Vrooman, : -' .Vaughn, Ro e , s Vi t, Mike 108, 182 P 9 , 9 , 196 le, 19 e N 8 48' I Wade, Judy 230 ade, Pau 103 Wa , Ph' 196 . Wade, P les ' Waggoner, Vic 230 Wagoner! Jim 168 Waldrop, Mike 54, 196 Walk, Barbara 168 Walker, Brenda 123, 124, 138, 230 Walker, Frank 75 W . ii , Leroy 123, 182 1 r, Marilyn 121, 196 l - er, Phil 196 1 a r, Sh3rley 196 1 al, Don 1 Wa , Fred 10, 230 Wal t , Sa ra 1 6 Wallace, Wa 1 8 Wallis, David 66 , 95, 196 Wallis, Don 68, 9,168 Walls, Pat 230 Walter, Allene 168 Walton, Ozell 182 Ward, Inez 196 Ware, Carolyn 230 Ware, John 196 Warner, Richard 182 Warren, Benny 83 Warren, Gerald 66, 75, 83, 230 Warren, Jim 106, 117, 168 Washa, Molly 168 Waters, J'ohnny 230 Waters, Mike 96, 100, 230 Way, Bob 50, 111, 230 Way, Carla 168 Way, Jerry 168 Webster, Sheryl 168 Weeks, Mike 182 Wege, Janet 168 Weisiger, Anne 99, 121, 230 Welborn, Jeff 62, 63, 83 Welborn, Terry 52, 54, 81, 196 Welch, Billy 182 Welch, Bryanne 98, 118, 138, 230 Weldon, Leslie 48 Wells, Davi Ann 231 Wells, Michele 102, 121, 168 Wendorff, Beverly 109, 121, 182 Werner, Patti 91, 109, 121, 231 We-rtz, Dean 65, 168 West, Gayle 182 West, Sherry 74, 196 Willett, Nancy 121, 168 Williams, Allan 110, 231 Williams Williams , Ahh 96, 98, ua, 231 , Bill 191 Williams, Carol 231 Williams, Jerry 231 Williams Williams Williams , Kerry 121, 182 , Larry 123, 168 ,Linda lea Williams, Lynn 100, 197 Williams, Roger 48, 231 Williams, Tim 182 Willingham, Judy 168 Wilmoth, Diane 182 Wilson, Donna 109, 121 Wilson, Kathy 76, 103, 182 Wilson, Lillian 54, 108 Wilson, Sharon 121, 168 wimpey, Phil sa, ss Windle, Karl 197 Winkler, Maryke 50, 182 Winkler, Rose Marie 98, 121 Winslow, Don 182 Wolf, Bill 197 Wolff, Connie 107, 182 Wolfe, J oe 60, 197 Wolfkill, Kenneth 197 Wood, Carlean 98, 99, 121, 231 Wood, Linda 121, 231 Woodard, Larry 52, 54, 123, 231 Woodard, Nick 96, 100, 107, 197 Woodrow, Olivia 50, 197 Woodward, Bill 110, 231 Woodward, Jim 100, 110, 232 Woodward, Patty 168 Woodward, Sally 74, 182 Wooley, Karen 197 Woolley, Janice 101, 168 Woolsey, Peggy 182 Worthing, Barbara 121, 168 Worthing, Carol 91, 97, 121, 232 Wooten, Betty 197 Wright, Gil 61, 62, 83, 182 Yaegar, Freddie 168 Young, Dan 104, 197 Young, David 168 Young, Jana 168 Youngv Jay 123, 168 Young, Young, Steve 168 Woody 58, 83, 88, 232 Young, Nina 76, 77, 121, 232 B Youngh in, Gayle 103, 182 Znchritz, Mike 102, 106, 182 Zelweger, Shirley 182 Zilar, David 197 Zinn, Tim 96, 100, 123, 182 Zoltner , vivid 168 Zukowski, Billie I, r ,Aw 7: . x YM - jk-4.1,-N 4 . 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Suggestions in the Northwest Classen High School - Round Table Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) collection:

Northwest Classen High School - Round Table Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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Northwest Classen High School - Round Table Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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