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E. Fx If-. 55 I: -fl 53 . 1, ??iX Ezgrl 351 afg ' izjl Ei! 5.5! S35 EX i, . fe E, E-5 EQ! KL' lg sf ii , ,, E-, 1 X 15' , Z 1 , ,Q Y: - J.: 2 Pi. -. ,r 5 If , Q uf fir? 13 in ff I"7"f? X .,,m+X.., .14 g. ,, ,X ,,5.,.,,, -Xu X X 1515" PX " H ,. -xr. 'I . fb ,zulu ."' . X.. ' I X . HQ. r D V! Af , , , X 1. .htili :WA I ' A ,, I " X , X, , . V-1. -. iv A iff, , LYNX , y , M V 'ein . ' -' ":'i1fJf fi X 1 .-lv. X X N' . ' ,' I -- J wit, fi '- 4 mH'H K Xf MX X - - X fu N ' 'X -,I+ ' X. .G'fi1z.qW qw. X f . ,, , "Mfr, QNX: 1 . '- 'J . HH: 1 .la ,r ' X 'Q' Q , , Q ' ' -XJ' , X . ' y .vlufn ' ..- ' I ' Z i'l-rin :T X' 4 . 'Q ,..:. ?fflg'li'fn .X, ' t . .auwfful X" 4 ui 1444-' -5 ' Xa' "'f,M':-'L" ' ' X I . 4 A , mfs' , Y , -1' . .1412 ,Zyl :X I ya ' ,A XX"-P-V 9 , . 5 ' X 'E LL 1 .Q:1,:?' ' I 'cffj "R nxfwlf' lp' . il ...Mia A 'PEW' gX X.XfM K ".g',,:, H .iw ,LX,.n-gf-A , ,mn '- .ff if 'f f' vinf.-'.L'L1 ' - ' .--- 4X ,Xp 1' -ww' Wi ,fn yw Xf., f.- ,y,:-J: X X +5 ,. 37.,X,, 9- 3 1 -XX: f?2f'.-,X :X R, J.,.v5-.45 ,'. " 'ffgisla L Q 5:1-X'X 4, '- .. .Q ,X , 1 'Ja . ' ,f .I 3, ' "3 'F trH4,p'aQw1.-K "iff ' Xi'2' 3' - -, ,tw , XXZLJI r- .Q X .- ' w ., - yur W ' L i, E. Fx If-. 55 I: -fl 53 . 1, ??iX Ezgrl 351 afg ' izjl Ei! 5.5! S35 EX i, . fe E, E-5 EQ! KL' lg sf ii , ,, E-, 1 X 15' , Z 1 , ,Q Y: - J.: 2 Pi. -. ,r 5 If , Q uf fir? 13 in ff I"7"f? X .,,m+X.., .14 g. ,, ,X ,,5.,.,,, -Xu X X 1515" PX " H ,. -xr. 'I . fb ,zulu ."' . X.. ' I X . HQ. r D V! Af , , , X 1. .htili :WA I ' A ,, I " X , X, , . V-1. -. iv A iff, , LYNX , y , M V 'ein . ' -' ":'i1fJf fi X 1 .-lv. X X N' . ' ,' I -- J wit, fi '- 4 mH'H K Xf MX X - - X fu N ' 'X -,I+ ' X. .G'fi1z.qW qw. X f . ,, , "Mfr, QNX: 1 . '- 'J . HH: 1 .la ,r ' X 'Q' Q , , Q ' ' -XJ' , X . ' y .vlufn ' ..- ' I ' Z i'l-rin :T X' 4 . 'Q ,..:. ?fflg'li'fn .X, ' t . .auwfful X" 4 ui 1444-' -5 ' Xa' "'f,M':-'L" ' ' X I . 4 A , mfs' , Y , -1' . .1412 ,Zyl :X I ya ' ,A XX"-P-V 9 , . 5 ' X 'E LL 1 .Q:1,:?' ' I 'cffj "R nxfwlf' lp' . il ...Mia A 'PEW' gX X.XfM K ".g',,:, H .iw ,LX,.n-gf-A , ,mn '- .ff if 'f f' vinf.-'.L'L1 ' - ' .--- 4X ,Xp 1' -ww' Wi ,fn yw Xf., f.- ,y,:-J: X X +5 ,. 37.,X,, 9- 3 1 -XX: f?2f'.-,X :X R, J.,.v5-.45 ,'. " 'ffgisla L Q 5:1-X'X 4, '- .. .Q ,X , 1 'Ja . ' ,f .I 3, ' "3 'F trH4,p'aQw1.-K "iff ' Xi'2' 3' - -, ,tw , XXZLJI r- .Q X .- ' w ., - yur W ' L i, TQUTC EETI BIBAION TOU 'T s -1' -L A O X 1 y fs-0 aCI,xX1x4vV I IF 1 F' :aus 466: fz 7252 OFFICIAL YEARBOOK OF THE STUDENT BODY OF NORTHVVEST CHRISTIAN COLLEGE EUGENE, OREGON STAFF: Edilor ...,.,........ Assislanl Edt C py Ed SY ff Ph g ph P f Edt B M g Ad 1 g M g F hy Ad Marie So Minfa Ki George Sterling G Marlin Johns Mary Lau McCauI Laurence Mao Wilberla Abb Hazel Ol KENDALL E. BURKE, A.B., B.S., M.S 4 I Me 52 aaadez . . . . Kendall E. Burke Hull, Northwest Chrislicln College wornen's dormitory, dedicofed Seplember 19, 1951. . . . . to our Izzte Presiclelzt who clremzecl L1 rlrenuz and passed lzis al1'e:m1 t0 otlzers .... to tlze lute 14671611111 E. Burke and to all IVIIO umcle lzis zlremu become Burlze Hull, we tlzmzfzfzzlln' cledicnte tlzis 120011. 5 l i 1 5 I i 4 6 i EVLENTS Ti-If-XT KEPT US BUSY 'mai' vnfmmffwil vw " W' 'il' vw ws X7 Wm UK' 'VI mu, HN: awww N nm-:LQ ,W nu 'Y' mn www 'Q 59 ww my av 0,-New WW Q- OW my ,Q N va-ww WM 0 an .W 0,1 mm W nm R W W 'v hx .. -W ..,:M WM., UI umm Q M mn. ,mm KK ww Q llmuivlmmwm wwwh-.fy ., 1 if -was ,Wu M -.W W F71 'UU WI ix n.w,.w.,n.m ,ww OI sztws-umm.-mr 6,-wnsuunu mewnnnnnwxwm-mms ww M IQ lv? , ,iw W Wm.W..,, W, as mm wan www X my wa r new 1 x 'mg' psmumwrvf ,-4 M: W ,. W I -z.. W N3 F4 uw-Q ww-gm J 1-www 7'4" Nav Q-vw av vm., M.. fm .. M. , wwf 1 K var- 1 Af? .-.... wr 1 Mar' ur - xx wr N 7ze44men get lie Wad .... during Orientation Week . . . They waded through Registration . . . bought Textbooks . . . unpacked in their New Homes . . . explored the Campus . . . listened to Speeches . . . went to a Picnic . . . and oc- quired the typical Freshman Look of Utter Bewilderment . . . 1. THIS is 835 East 12th? . . . 2. Dr. l. N. McCash addresses student body and friends at Dedication of Burke Hull . . . 3. Librarian Hazel Oliver explains intricacies of card catalogue to be- wildered Frosh . . . 4. "So you'd like to be a tenor? Fine! . . . 5. Millrace . , . 6. This happens tri-annually . . . 7. Patience, son, is a virtue . . , 8. Froshemen soon found out that Hoven isn't Heaven . . . 9. One last fling tor last year's Quartet . . . 10. Food and Food for Thought . . . 11. "Cuppa Cotfee"'s take a break . . . 12. "Me an' my gal went walkin' " 13. Faculty Men's Quartet CShoemaker behind musicl . . . 14. Fall All-School Picnic . . . 15. Roy plus guitarzsingspiration . . . sophomore, Hillsboro, Oregon . . . Q ,, IW pull w NNN-N P ' .X WYE uezqdaafy md qfeffa .... during the second week of fall term, CUBOFN Ccall us by our lirst namesl VVEEK. VVe all got acquainted and chose Bill and Nonie CUBOFN King and Queen Cfriendliest boy and girll Then we dressed up and shook hands with the faculty. The weatherman sent rain Cas usuall but we had "sunshine in our souls". VVhat a Vkleekl 'l. "uhng" . .. 2. "Mrs. Moughn, I would like you to meet Mr. Gene Erickson. Mr. Erickson, Mrs. Moughnf' . . . . nd infinitum . . . 3. This is ci picture of college girls the first time they get pinned . . . 4. This is the first dcry of school, these girls ore new roommates, note the smiles . . . they ure still friends . . . 5, "Who?! I gotta rossle HlM?!!" 6. Bill Pifer, King of CUBOFN Week, sophomore, Hillsboro, Oregon . .. 7. "Nonie" Fishbcick, Queen of CUBOFN Week, iunior, Burns, Ore- gon . . . 8. "Lil' Pe-'er Rabbit . . ," . . . 9. Please note these foolish students . . . they do not have enough sense to come in out of the ruin. 'lO. Watch the birdy, watch the birdy, wotch the birdy , . . ll. Grin ond bear it . . . ll 'WK' 7fzea4men get lie 700464. ..., which is to say, they toola a course in Campusology. This is what they learned: how to eat spaghetti with a linilieg how to have three square meals a clay: how to roll the pants Cullsg how to wear a neclitie were fi few uhlue' souls. . They got u "square" meal . . . 5. This come io knol . . . l 2. Careful Figaro! . . . 6 M. C. Johnnie? . . .S, l C Johnnie 3. No! even ca "thank you!" . . . 7. This wus u VERY informal purly . . . 4. A motley crowd . . . with a blouse. "Professors," were the soph- omores. "Faculty" and students made up during a Soph-Frosh party at the end of the week. Despite the general gaiety there ISA We Wad to find out how the other half lives. W7e straightened up our cells and invited everv- one to visit our 'iinner sanctumsn. Decora- tions and refreshments gave the whole af- fair a holiday air. Peterson hlonasterv, as n I I I I usual kevnoted the "spirit" of the night. Vlie topped off the evening at the home of the green-eved dragon QBurl4e, that isl for a mug of green Cumminm goodD punch. 'l. If isn'1 raining RAIN you know-at Stevens . . . 2. The "bowl" room at Crusader . . . 3. Yes, but more subiley . . . 4. "Are the floors dry ye1?" 5. One of those beautiful, but dropeless rooms of Burke . . . 6. Pope- Nof-Soalnnoceni-Ross . . . 7. Jus! Cl couple of characters out of some book . . . B. Music, maestro . . , , 1 I .gy , ?...:. . 2 max Q Q U y M? SN ,S fx X X Qfaaee pczfztiee Wwe 4 I I I I to chuck studies for a spell. They ranged all the way from formal and semi-formal dinners to spur- of-the-moment hot-bread parties and birthday celebrations. Vtlhat- ever the occasion or excuse Cand sometimes we didn't have oneD we always made the most of it and had "the best time of our lives." House parties were the salt of Dorm life . . . they made you even forget for a while all the shortcomings of your dorm- mates land they forgot yours? and helped to enrich college and dormitory friendships. l-louse parties-we loved 'em. 1. Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking . . . 2. Anything for a laugh . . . 3. Com'n, hurry up that batter, l'm starving . . . 4. Surprise, Jennie!!!! 5. KeIlem's Valentine trio, Beth, Bob- bie and Gloria . . . 6. "Now here's a move I picked up in the navy" . . . 7. Happy Birthday, Millie . . . 8. Rehm's Roman Ramp . . . 9. Hot bread means party . . 10. Haven House waffle feed . . . 11. Proof positive that man is not essentially good . . . 12. Burke girls have o dinner to- gether . . . 13. To each his own . . . 14. This is a party-We don't act like this all the time, Harumph!! . . . 15. He had to carry the bass . . . 16. Oh, Mrs. Wright, see what I have!! . . . 17. There are strange things done in the midnight sun at Crusader . . . nl -I ll5lfKEl.l. HQ UIE l. Mrs. Griffefh half is DeLong? and Laddie, Roy We Qugdt ancl despite the pre tests looming ever squeeze out a few XVQ went caroling 16 go? u ha! fspecial delivery, iooll . . . 2. Problem piciure. Which half is the snowman, which 3. Si-aye-lent night, Ho-oh-ly nigh? . . . 4. From Curcling to Haskell for o snack . . . 5. Jim and Mary Lou off fo fhe Formal . . , I I 1 a 1 ssure of term papers and Formal C"The Night Before Christmasnl larger, we managed to froliekecl in the snow, and steelecl ourselves hours for merryinaking. for approaching Final W'eek. , enjoyed the Christmas iqgglfb 'ff :qw X . I. 3 QQVQQ 2 9, X11-'R ' .xig ,Q Qgw. . .. X ' i ' :Sip 2 .- 1 5:- W ESS' L , 1 Z mf mf A . . v s f X X ,A " J fs 5 x izi' X lj P M Q X A Q ,Q Q? X X M iz Wand tk Www! ..., during the Oregon Preach- cr's Parliament, and the Annual New Testament Lectureship, held jointly the third week of winter tcrm. The Parliament con- cerned itself with the spir- itual challenges confront- ing Oregon Christians in the years immediately ahead. The Lectureship, hy Archibald Clark Vllat- ters, presented the mission- ary program of the New Testament Church 'I. Howard Larson, Senior Sermon. 2. Bruce Clark, Senior Sermon. 3. Newell Morgan, presiding over Thursday night's session. 4. S. N. Dicken, from U. of O. told about Oregon's natural resources. 5. A, C. Watters, former missionary to India, present head of the Department of Christian Missions, Butler University, Indianapolis, In- diana. 6. All male chorus. 18 We 7ao6 7c2ne Oat 70: 0 1 v 4 4 during Men's Fellowship Vtfleek, January 29-31, and again during the Louisa F. Kellems' Fellowship, Febru- ary 12-14. Newell Morgan, pastor at the Hillsboro Chris- tian Church was the speaker for the men. His theme was "Evangelism in the Local Church." Mrs. Victor P. Morris, wife of Dean Nlorris of the College of Business Administration at the Uni- versity of Oregon, was the principle speaker at the VVO- men's Fellowship. Her theme was "VVorkers Togetherfl Other speakers for the women were: Miss Jessie Smith, Mrs. VVm. Sie-fke, Mrs. VVesley Nicholson, Mrs. Hattie Men- zies, Mrs. John Hougardy, Mrs. Lynette Rhay, Nlrs. Maud Skaggs VVoodyard, Mrs. Ross Guiley, Rev. VVilma Perry, Mrs. Margaret Hemingway. l. Newell Morgan, pastor of Christian Church, Hillsboro, Ore- gon, Men's Fellowship Week bpeaker. 2. Newell Morgan dis- cusses cl point with the NCC Male Quartet. 3. V.O.V. Luncheon dura ing Louisa F. Kellem's Fellowship. 4. Mrs. Victor P. Morris, Louisa F. Kellems' Fellowship speaker. 5. Rev. Wilma Perry, youth worker in the Church of God, speaks during the Louisa F. Kellems' Fellowship. 19 ilk ,si Q M QQ dx Sf COMP l MT .P 'e - .5 M 4 'tug f' , is gl Q I, ' 'Y " Y ,az ya ,f-0-f,.,,,. ,.....-mn-7 vf ri We mum ...M -,,., E3 4: 929 A TY H41 ,- -up com 77Zofm6n9 'tail I I I I I Campus life was one BIG RUSH. VVe started with a rush to get the alarm shut all, finished with a rush to get the little date home before the door was loclc- ed. We rushed to breakfast, rushed to classes, rushed to get assignments done before the last minute deadline. The only thing that ever went in low gear was our brain as we sweated out an examination. l. Ho huml... 2. Beginning the clay with Him who was in the beginning . . . 3. Retueling . . . 4. Oooo-gooey! , . . 5. A philosophical dissertation, per- haps? . . . 6. "Well watayano, I passed it!" reioices Joe at the wailing wall 7. l wuz framed! . . . B. Anything new? . . . 9. Our purdy new cafeteria . . . 10. A real speech-recital gesture . . ll. Mail-call . . . 12. Mather Stevens did a bout with pneumonia . . . 13. The inevitable practice hour that goes along with every music lesa son . . . 14. The quartet gets down to business lnote Bill's shirt sleeves and the serious expressions! . . . 15. One nice way to waste time . . 16. The students have not iust been dumbfounded. Their mouths are open because they are singing. This is a candid shot of chorus l7. "Why clon't you guys knock it off, it's after midnight" . . . 18, "Why, yes, l'd love to!" . . . 19. lt's the only time this place is quiet enough to study . . . 23 5 XX 4 5 . 1. Charley and Earline Ferrell put on a skit during the fall term Student-Faculty Reception . . . 2. Vincent Newkirk enioys lunch with his family between classes . . . 3, 'Preston Bradley, like a few ether married students found employment on the new dorm . . . 4. A 1 weekly task, in spite of classes . . . 5. 81 6. Berlena and Bob Brock, the staff's choice of the "typical N.C.C. couple of the year" . . . 1. Lela Mae Aydelatt accompanies her husband, Roger, as hz sings for the Zelotai Formal . . . 8. Cliff Bethune and family i pose on the steos of Burke Hall . . . 9. Antioch, the scnocl awnei opa'tment house, home of four N.C.C. families . . , IO. Mrs. Joe I Wagnon, ond children in front of their home in the Airport Homes district . . . r 1' Z 0 ' aaa we 4 ,bg 4 new.. g, i, they thought. Despite their disillusion- the college through Zelotai, through a mar- ment with this old maxim, married stu- ried students' fellowshi at Christian ' P dents maintain that it they had it all to House. Preachers Association and many do over again-they'd do it just the same. informal 'iget-to-gethersn. +v These students found their social life at l W A x w 0 N X , KN f n if , 3, mX5ff,- 3BZ4v?'47.1f 2 R Q M , v ,Q J ' A X 1 an is xg ,U h2Q,4.- '. 7 'F Q 'K-:m.w-MQ, ' V V m, xx 'Q ,,,f .ni 9"'1T ' if Nu WMA I i 26 T i-lf'-ESE PEOPLE RAN 'fi-IE PLACE As Joseph, son of jacob, approached his brothers on the plain of Dothan, they said to one another, "Behold, this dreamer cometh." Despite many hinderances, Joseph one day found his dreams transformed into realities. Every worthy achievement is first a dream. a vision, a thought, Northwest Christian College, year by year, presents the dreams come true of a multitude of faithful Christians. A beautiful new building, a grass carpeted lawn, lives bearing the mark of Christian love and consecration-these are our dreams realized on campus. Through each one who has been privileged to abide for a time at Northwest Christian Col- lege, the inHuence of radiant Christian living goes out as embodied dreams to help our Lord's vision of a redeemed world come true. Ross J. GRIFFETH A.B., M.A., Phillips University B.D., Ph.D., Yule L.L.D., Phillips University De. fue , ' , Um Fzzeacklent . , . ............-..........4.............................. .....,........,..,.,,.,..,.,,,....,.- .YYY We .-...--, l. Deon Siefke, friendly, help- ful Dean of Men. Besides teaching three classes, handling the duties of Dean of Men, Dean Seifke finds time to preach at Harris- burg, direct student preach- ers to points of service and do a great deal of personal counseling. 2. Dean Maughn, sympathetic, gracious, always available for assistance. Teaching Freshman Orientation, act- ing as Housemother of Burke Hall where she main- tained her office, Dean Maughn has done o fine iob of stepping into Mather Steven's shoes. ie ' .... has to he taken care of at any institution. The Staff performed the unglamorous but none-the-less essential tasks of keeping rec- ords and accounts and all the other behind- the-scenes jobs which must he clone to keep the Academic Machine running smoothly. The operation of the College is testimony to the effectiveness of their efforts. 3. Paul Rickard, cheerful, like- able Business Manager. Keeping a careful eye on the finances of the school, prudently dispensing student loans, handling the always difficult and sensitive fi- nancial problems of stu- dents skillfully, Poul is a real asset to the school. 4. Ed. Eldridge, dynamic and energetic Field Representa- tive. Presenting Northwest Christian College to the churches of the Northwest, directing Visitation Evange- lism Programs throughout the state, running herd on the N.C.C. Male Quartet, organizing and sparkplug- ging N.C.C. Day in the churches of the Northwest, Ed is the physical exten- sion of N.C.C. Administration Offices were moved downstairs into the space formerly occupied by Daddy Hoven's Room and Coburn Hall. fTl19 staff has had a little room ta breathe this yearl. Fac- ulty divided up saace in the old administration offices sec- tion for faculty offices, and the museum and old Northwest Christian and Crusader offices were replaced by three shin- ing new classrooms. Now all we need is an escalator. Hazel Ward, super-busy Off'ce Man- ager. She took our money for tuition, books, syllabae, changes of registra- 'ion, room rent, this-and-that and kept us smiling in the process. .4..,,,- . Y 4,1 ' kg' Doris Bokovoy, petite and efficient, Assistant Registrar and Secretary to the President. She can whip out your whole life history from her cavernous files in less time than it rakes to tell lt. Vera Parker, quiet bookkeeper. She balanced the books, figured the pay- roll and made up the checks among M. William Mumbach lBig Billl genial caretaker. ln the two years that Bill has been care- her other duties. Ruth Daniels, friendly Dining Arletta Penny and Ruth Woods, part time secretaries. taker, NCC's camaus has be- come one of the most beauti- ful in the Northwest . . . a beautiful, velvet-green lawn, carefully trimmed shrubbery . . . these are the fruits of Big Bill's continuous efforts. Hall Superintendent. She is responsible for the delicious, reasonably priced meals in the cafeteria. ln the new cafe- teria she is in charge of more equipment than all the rest of the school put together. --...... -n--.,..............,..,s,,uw --. Vf W VICTOR E. HOVEN Professor Emeritus, Bible and Christian Evidences A.B., Drake M.A., University af Oregon B.D., D.D., Eugene Bible University Consecrutecl . . . loyal . . patmnt ulse and unclerstancling . . . oxuworlxtcl . never fully appreciated tht finest Cllristizm men and women PROF BIXLER S Freshman Hebrew History Class. s-.7 .ms ..., fvvv 1 -V---T. -.. - ...e. ,, ,X E, W ,tt .,.,., ..., . ' X , --... WILLIAM T. SIEFKE Professor, Bible and Practical Theology A.B., Eugene Bible University M.A., B.D., Phillips University WARD A. RICE A.B., Eugene Bible University M.A., B,D., Phillips University weve met. They taught us on the plat- form and from the counselors desk, but perhaps the greatest lessons they taught us were PROF. RlCHARDSON'S Psychology Class. . - x K Professor, Speech and Hamiletlcs Um acuity ,.,, LAWRENCE M. BIXLER Professor, Bible and Christian WILLIAM RICHARDSON Professor, Bible and Psychology Education B.Th., Northwest Christian Col- B.Th., Northwest Christian Cal- lege lege B.D., M.A., Butler University A.B., B.D., M.S., Butler Uni- versity - taught hy the example of their lives, with never a word being spoken. It is they, our faculty, whose personalities have so deeply and eternally influenced our lives, who are PROP. SHOEMAKER'S First Year Greek Class GEORGE C. SHOEMAKER Associate Professor, Bible and Church Histarv A.B., Johnson Bible College M.A., B.D., Phillips University GUY J WRIGHT BA Eureka MA BD Drake Ph D Chicago indeed the Northwest Christian Collect of whom we sing: each vear we love thee more and more." FROF. RICE'S Advanced Homiletics Class i si 17? if if Assoclate Professor Buble NXSNXSN xx xxxx 4 , D H C A A ..,.,.,.,. Q .. N I Nw U -sg 1 1fQ Y f Ri, f 94 5 ' ,Q .Q 2? M ,H ' 3553,- E 3, ' NELL MURPHEY DICKSON MAUD SKAGGS WOODYARD MARY E. STEVENS Associate Professor, Piano Professor, Voice and Song Leading Dean Emeritus of Women A.B., University of Oregon Mus.B., Chicago University Conserva- A.B., Eugene Bible University Mus.B., Drake Conservatory tory A.A.G.O., New York University Northwest Christian College Chorus I ROW ONE: Bebe Fitzsimmans, Ruth Heighton, Beth Philpott, Joyce Nelson, Barbara Baird, Joann Minor, Arden Hall, Don Blakley, Gilbert Kistler, Maud Skaggs Woodyard, conductor, Ralph Adams, Dole Sawyer, Hap Lyda, Rich Perry, Richard Paden, George Hypes, LaDonna Ross, Carol Thomas, Gloria McRayde, Winona Fishback. ROW TWO: Naomi Wright, 'Pat Cauvel, Mary Ann Bliss, Betty Meyers, Carol Bowley, Leroy Carreiro, John King, Gerald Sawyer, Eugene Cecil, Arlond Johnson, Otis Bell, David Welch, John Piper, Carol Eldridge, Mary Allen, Alice Aherin, Kay Bell, Marilyn Aydelatt. ROW THREE: Rosie Lowrance, Betty Stokes, Marita Carlson, Dorothy Morris, Cliff Peightal, Maurice Jones, Roy Bullock, Gwen Lowrance, Joyce Hessler, Evelyn Gosnell, Mabel Kirkland. ROW FOUR: Mary Lou McCauley, Mayreta Van Blarcom, Lois Aydelott, Marguerite Corpion, Raymond Printz, James Piper, David Warner, Loren Swanson, Gary Crook, Roy Smith, Lynn Cooper, Evelene Pittman, Edith 'Parrish, June Jackson. ROW FIVE: Lois Hill, Joree Libby, Dorothy Collver, George Mitchell, 'Phil Calef, David Jaynes, Jack Pettigrew, James Smith, Joanne Downing, Mariorie Foxworthy, Jean Rice. ' 7 'im Bmw 4 was tr Q ,g , 1 t.ltY1l fSf 9 l i pw' mess 2' 5 :mas K 'afgy ,6 11 J' J' " QQ? 2 t 'yffflfllll QW t 'nu 'l..r.m-4 GLM:-...s Z...,4w.e .- one awk., 'I GILBERT KISTLER ELWIN LESTER MYRICK Associate Professor, Voice and Church Associate Professor, Organ Music B.S., Mus.B., Mus.M., University of B.Th., Northwest Christian College Oregon B.S., University of Oregon The Northwest Chrislian College Male Quartet, Eugene Cecil, Ray Lambert, Hop Lydo, Bill Pifer. The Heralder's Quartet, Roger Cone, Phil Calef, Arlond Johnson, Haywood Pritchett. acuity The N.C.C. Girl's Quartet, Beth Phil pott, Carol Bowley, Carol Thomas Gloria McRayde. Steven's Hall Trio, Evelyn Gosnell, Mabel Kirkland, Gayle Hessler. Ruth Woods playing the Mary E. Stevens orgon. Av E 'X f W THELMA SIEFKE CARROLL C. ROBERTS FERN ESTELLE GRIFFETH Insfrucvor in Religious Ed- lnsvruclor in Church Admin- Insvrucfor in Christian Mis- BTh Northwest Chrlsricin ucotion is1ro?ion sions College A.B., Eugene Bible Uni- A.B., Eugene Bible Uni- A,B., Phillips University M A Buller UFIIVEYSITY versify versity DD., Lynchburg College Mrs Slefkes :loss In Pos Mrs. Griffetlfs Missions Dr. Roberf's :loss in Church for s Wife css. Aominisfration. gksfbx Rf n ' 6 .X W e paul- ' 7nd ,,,, LYNNETTE RHAY FRANCES HYLAND JAMES H. CORNETT VIOLET MAUGHN MARGUERITE C. DALLAS Instructor in Religious Edu- Instructor in Speech Instructor in Audio-Visual Dean of Women Instructor in Speech and cation B.O., B.Th., Northwest Aids Normal School Certificate Religious Education B.O., B.Th. Northwest Christian College B.Th., Northwest Christian B.S.L., Eugene Bible Uni- Christian College College versity Mrs. Hyland's Speech Plat- Mr. Cornett's Audio-Visual form class, Aids class Mrs. Rhay's R. E. class. V-1 N---v T i-IIS IS i-IOW WE LOCKED ADAMS, RALPH Jerome, Idaho Transferred from Idaho State Colleqe l95O, N.C.C. Quartet 13l, Representative to U, of O, 14lf Student Council 14i, CHANCE, WILMA Halsey, Ore. President, Burke Hall 14l: Editor, The Crusader 133, VO.V Treasurer 133, Vice President 14i. CRAICHY, FRAN Portland, Ore. Graduate of Emmanuel Hos- pital School at Nursing l948, Christian Nurses Fellowship 143, Service Point: Walden 133. DOWNING, PHYLLIS Ashland, Ore. Devotional Chairman, V.O.V. 14l, Secretary, PK. Club 14l, Devotional Chairman, Has- kell House 137. FILBY, FAYE Tillamook, Ore. President, V.O.V. l4l: Secre- tary-Treasurer Junior Class 135: Copy-Editor Crusader 13l,, Service Point: West Side, Eugene 13, 4l. 66444 BRENNER, THELMA New Lisbon, Ind. Devotional Chalrrnan, Stevens Hall 12, 33: Symposium 3, Ati, Service Point: Fairmount Church of Christ 1I, 2, 3, 43 CLEVENGER, ROBERT Terrebonne, Ore. V,ce-President Senior class lilly Secretary-Treasurer of P. A, 143, President of Kern Park Club l3l: Supply Preo:her in Oregon 12, 3, 4l CROMWELL, WILLARD Seattle, Wash. AB. Seattle Pacific College l95l, Preaching Point: Glen- dale, Ore. 143, ELLIOTT, PAT Portland, Ore. Secretary-Treasurer, Sophof more Class 1215 Publicity Co- Chairrnan Zelotai 143, Vice- Presldent, Secretary-Treasurer of Kern Park Club, Service Pointsz Milvvaul-cie, Ore. 131, Garibaldi, Ore. 14i, GIBBS, DON Roseburg, Ore. Symposium 13, 4l: Service Point: Roseburg, Ore. 14l. our most exciting year began with the junior-Senior party at Sliinnerls Butte. Highlights of the year were: THAT Symposium CPeter Peter Pumliin Eater, will we ever forget it?D . . . senior sneak Cwe waited four years to do it oflicially1 . . . Cutting of the lyy with Prof. Rice and the Senior ltlemoirs . . . the junior-Senior Ban- quet CVVe paid for it last yearD , . the Kellems' Oratory Award . . . Bac- calaureate . . . and Csohl Graduation. HATCHELL, FRED Seaside, Ore. Transferred from Johnson Bible College l9.5Op Preach- ing Points: Seaside, Ore. 131, Yamhill, Ore. 141. HIBBARD, FORREST Burley, Ida Business Manager, The Cru- sader 121g Basketball "B" Team 121, Preaching Points: Walton, Ore. 131, Crabtree, Ore. 141, KEMMLING, ELSIE Scia, Ore. Student House Sponsor Burke Hall 141, Devotional Chair- rnan Burke Hall 141, Service Point: Crabtree, Ore. C3, 41. KNOX, KENNETH Eugene, Ore. President, Student Volunteer Band 131 1937-38, Director, Student Employment 121 l936- 37: Preochlna Points: Yon- calla, Ore. 121, First Chris- tian, Eugene 1317 Vaughan 141 1951-52. LINDLEY, RAY Dayton, Wash. Preaching Points: Mabel, Ore. 121, Prescott, Wash, 131, North Plains, Ore. 141. Senior Class officers: Tom Stratton, Presidentg Bob Clev- enger, Vice Presidentg Arlene Skaugset, Secretary, Wilma Chance, Treasurer. T 34'-l !' 66444 MORGAN, VERA MYERS, RUSSELL Eugene, Ore. Service Point: Fairmont, Eu- gene, Ore. PADEN, RICHARD Eugene, Ore. Oratoria 12, 3, 43, Sympos- ium 12,333 Preaching Points: Liberty, Ore. 133, Sellvvood Christian, Portland 143. PEIGHTAL, CLIFTON Lodi, Cal. Treasurer, Student Body 133: President, Crusader House 123, Vice-President, Freshman Class 1l3g Service Point: Uni- versity Homes, Portland 133. RlCHTER, ROBERT Pocatello, Ida. Preaching Points: Jasper, Ore. 133, Skipvvorth Juvenile Home 143. SIMON, CHLOE Wenatchee, Wash. Social Chairman, Student Body 143, Employment Sec- retory, Student Body 143: Secretary, V.O.V. 133, Service tzgjnt. First Christian, Eugene Jerome, Ida. Vice-President, P. K. Club 133: Vice-President, Junior Class 133, Devotional Chaire rnan, Student Body 1431 Preaching Paints: Glide, Ore. 123, Walker, Ore. 133, Yok- ima, Wash. 143. PARKER, LUCILLE Fullerton, Cal. Kendall E. Burke Award 133g President Chapman Hall 1337 President Stevens Hall 133, Service Points: First Christian, Eugene 1l, 23, Mabel, Ore. 133. READ, CLARENCE Portland, Ore. President, Volunteer Band 123: Manager-coach Baseball 'Fearn 1l, 337 Basketball , 33. ROSS, ROBERT Tulare, Cal. Vice-President, Student Body 143, President, Peterson House 133: Devotional Choir- man, California Club 123, Preaching Points: Columbia Villa and St. Johns, Portland 143, Creswell, Ore. 133, Rock- avvay, Ore. 123. SKAUGSET, ARLENE Tacoma, Wash. General Chairman, Wornen's Fellowship 143: Vice-Presi- dent, Stevens Holl 1337 House Manager, Burke Hall 143, Ser- vice Points: Vaughn, Ore, 12, 33, West Side, Eugene 143. 7952 SMITH, .IOHN Eugene, Ore. President, Student Body 143, President, Junior Class 133: Vice-President, Preacher's As- sociation 133, Preaching Points: Sisters, Ore 123, Bremerton, Wash. 133, Mar- cola, Ore, 13, 43. SMITH, VINCENT Eugene, Ore. Assistant Editor, Crusader 123, Preachina Points: Wal- den, Ore. 133, Deputation work tor Missionary North- ruD 143. STRATTON, THOMAS Del Paso Heights, Cal. President, Senior Class 143, Vice-President Haven House 143: Symposium 1l, 2, 3, 43, Preaching Points: Harrisburg, Ore. 123, Glide, Ore. 13, 43. TICHENOR, MARCELLA Portland, Ore. Assistant Piano Instructor 1l, 2, 33: Secretory-Treasurer Junior Class 1Fall3 13'3, Pub- licity Co-Chairman, Zelotai 143, Service Point: Drain, Ore. 143. SMITH, MONT. WAYNE Billings, Mant. Transfer from Willamette University l948, Extemp. Contest 123, Preaching Point: Brownsville, Ore, 143, SOWARD, MARIE Heppner, Ore, Editor, Crusader 143, Preach- er's Daughters Trio 133: Sym- posium 1l, 2, 3, 43: Service Points: Chemovvo Indian School 123, Walden, Ore. 133, Glide, Ore, 143. TICHENOR, GERALD Van Nuys, Cal. N.C.C. Quartet 133: Sympos- ium 1l, 2, 3, 43: Treasurer, Haven House 133, Preaching Paint: Drain, Ore. 143. WOLFE, DEAN Salem, Ore. Basketball, N.C.C. Varsity 1l, 2, 33, Baseball, N.C,C. Varsity 1l, 23: Preaching Points: College Crest, Eugene 133, Yakima Indian Christian Mission Summer l95l, Wal- den, Ore. 143. S nior irls Dourin at the Rece tion Arlene 5 9 9 SkCIUQSET, Elsie Kemmling Chance. P Faye Filby Wilma x Q X SPURGEON, IMOGENE Kennewick, Wash. President, Off Campus Girls l3J: Historian, Christian House C315 Central Washing- ton College of Education l95'2. WOLFE, GRACIE Eugene, Ore. Reporter, Stevens Hall 131, Symposium l4J7 Service Point: Raw River, Ore, l3t. GRADUATING SENIORS COMPLETING REQUIREMENTS ELSEWHERE FRIEDLINE, RICHARD Yakima, Wash. N.C.C. Quartet ll, 23, Vice- Presiclent, Bristow House, Service Point: Tacoma, Wash. College of Puget Sound l952, SCHAMP, MARGARET Oregon City, Ore. Vice-President, Kellems House 125: Editor, Northwest Chris- tian f3t, Program Chairman, Christian House 133. DOBBINS, ESTHER Otis Orchards, Wash. House Manager, Chapman Hall 431, Service Paints: West Side, Eugene f2t, Franklin, Ore. l3, 43. JOHNSON, DOROTHY Everett, Wash. V.O.V. Treasurer l3lp Denver University 1952. SHELTON, THOMAS Portland, Ore. Play: "One Foot in Heaven", Basketball ll, 33: Preaching Points: Hillsboro, Ore., Le- banon, Ore., Mallory Ave., Portland. Burke, Jack Glann, Helen Good, George Joynes, David Johnson, Marlin Raymond, Shirley Rice, Jeanelfe Shields, Merlin Cecil, Everetl Briscoe, Elizabefh Edwards, Esther Fishback, Winona Hibbarcl, Margaret Hypes, George Pullum, Ruth Rust, Mary Jane Shields, Rayburn Wagnon, Hottie 4 Ehaaa W5 ROW ONE: Abbott, Wilberia Ahe in, Alice Black, Elmo Bower, Eleanor Brock, Berlena ROW THREE: DeLong. Arthur Edwards, James Elliott, David Foxworthy, Mariorie Gibson, Ann ROW TWO: Bullock, Roy Buoy, Mildred Calon, Billie Lee Cone, Roger Daniels, Polricia ROW FOUR: Glcycl, Elizabeth Hawkins, Glen Hendricks, Arlene Hessler, Joyce H.nson, Dean SZ wk ive . Junior Class officers: Keifh Waikins, President Jcyce Hessler, Sec'y-Treas., Roy Bullock, Vic President. ROW ONE: ROW TWO: Johnson, Arland Larson, Richard Jones, Maurice Love, Marlin Janes, Ray McKenzie, Donald Kelley, Donald Roper, Vernon Kendall, Robert Rusaw, Erma ROW THREE ROW FOUR: Ryan, Philip Thomas, Mary Sullivan, Betry Thuma, Daniel Sullivan, Robert Van Doren. Gerald Swanson. Lcren Wa'kins, Keilh Taylor, Elaine Wolfe, Philip .. -If EMM, Elated over being no longer the babies of the campus, the Sophs busied them- selves with the Important Task of initiat- ing the lowly Frosh. The Soph-Frosh party and the long hour's working on the Sym- posium remain the highlights of the Soph- OIHO1'6iS year. Professor Richardson advised the Sophomores, but his job was relatively easy as the Sophs already knew all there was to know about college life Cif you don t believe it, ask one of theml ROW ONE: Basl, Marie Bell, Otis Berg, Leo ROW TWO: Bethune, Clifford Blakley, Donald Bradley, Pres?on ROW THREE: Brock, Robert Carlson, Marita ROW FOUR: Cobb, Carl Corpion, Marguerite Covey. David ROW FIVE: Downing, Joanne Erickson, Eugene Evans, Fredrick ROW SIX: Goodwin, Frank Hunt, Vern Clark, Bruce Jenkins, Elmer ROW SEVEN: King, John King, Minfa Knapp, Herbert 7954 ROW ONE: Kralman, Patricia Lambert, Raymond Linn, Barbara Jean ROW TWO: Linn, Jal1n Lowrance, Rosalind I-Ydu. HGPPY ROW THREE: McKinley, Phillip Mifchell, George Moore, Carol ROW FOUR: Morse, William Myers, Belly Neal, Howard ROW FIVE: Nichols, Jack Osborne, Gladys Peirigrew, Jack ROW SIX: Pifer, James "Bill ROW SEVEN: Piper, James .,s Q as .,:. ,JW .ff ,fl ff 15 . ' Sophomore Class Officers: leff Yo VZ, 4 righll Ray Priniz, President, Carol Bow- I ' f ,I , i. ley, Secretary-Treasurer, Hap Lyda, 1: ". Vice President, E 5 37. Fail Q , . 1 jf 3:31 -df ' ,, Z.. f ' , NN. 4- K f ' fi: 55234 ,f ROW ONE: Piper, John Piffmun, Evelene 'Plymole, Donna Lee ROW THREE: Ross, l.oDonna Surgenf, Roberl Sawyer, Dole ROW FIVE: of 7754 ROW TWO: Porler, Jennie Putman, Audrey Rice, Ase ROW FOUR: Smilh, James Smith, Kenneth Thomas, Carol Wagnon, Joseph Weedo, Bill Winslow, Arfhur ROW ONE: Aydeloh, Lois: Aydelofl, Marilyn, Allen, Mary: Arnold, David Arnold, Robert: Averyl, Howard. ROW TWO: Baird, Barbara, Barneh, Arzeilag Beeson, Alberta: Benedict Nelda, Benshoaf, Ccvily Bliss, Mary Ann. ROW THREE: Bowley, Carol: Brooks, Lefhcx: Cain, Shirley: Calef, Philip Campbell, Lynn: Carreiro, Leroy. ROW FOUR: Cauvel, Pafriciag Cecil, Eugene: Collver, Dorothy, Cooper Claudia: Cooper, Lynn: Capsey, Jane. ROW FIVE: Covington, James, Crook, Gary, Daniels, Jaan: Dezotell, Avis Dyer, Velma: Eldridge, Carol. Class Officers: Cleft lo righfl Lynn Cooper, Vice Pres- ident: Dot Collver, Secreloryg Jerry Sawyer, Presie dem, Carol Eldridge, Treasurer. 1 X rl tl 1 N ROW ONE: Ellis, Robert: Finkenbinder, Twyla: Fitzsimmons, Bebe Flanagin, Mary Louise: Gardner, Amy: Gardner, Edwin. ROW TWO: Gosnell, Evelyn: Green, Richard: Grove, Pearl: Hall Arden: Harold, Louise: Harriman, Mills. ROW THREE: Harsh, Patricia: Hartman, Robert: Hawkins, Evelyn Haynes, Ilene: Heighton, Ruth: Hessler, Gayle. RON FOUR: Hill, Glenn: Hill, Lois: Hobson, Marceille: Hollingsworth, Carclyn: Howard, Meredith: lngle, Ronald. ROW FlVE: Jackson, June: Jull, Wilma: King, Carole: Kirkland, Mabel: Knowles, Peggy: Knax, Gilbert. Devotions . . . clues . . . study . . . sympos: ium-and the year bas slipped by for tlie busy frosb. Notable events were . . . ar- rival of initiation week Cxvben the Soplis y bacl the upper lmndl . . . miclwinter party . . . Senior l 6444 t 1 l Symposium , . . and a bang up spring re- treat. Berna Pioehl acted as devotional chairman and Gilbert Knox was social chairman. And, taking it all very calmly, was Professor Bixler, faculty advisor. 7255 ROW ONE: Claire, Libby, ROW Lynn, ROW mon, ROW Frank, ROW Perry, Kralman, Delwin, Krieger, George, Lowhead Joree, Lincoln, Camilla, Lowrance, Gwendolyn Lowery, William, Loyd, James, Loyd, Joann McCauley, Mary Lou, McRayde, Gloria. Modding, Alberi, Mariin, Ellis, Mayberry, Nor William, Miller, Elizabeth, Minor, Joann. Morris, Dorothy, Morley, Laurence, Needles Nelson, Joyce, Nininger, Victoria, Norlhrup, Norman Palaf, Josef, Parrish, Edith, Pairick, William Perry, Richard, Peterson, Suzanne. w v thas:-::m,::s ,tt ' X s 1 4 1,,,1 ..f W .:,., V ' ' ' QW 'Q ,Shi 4 Y ? X A Q., A . ROW ONE: Philpofl, Elizabeth: Polf, Eugene: Printz, Raymond Pritchett, Joy lDcwisl: Propeck, Delores: Propeck, Dean. ROW TWO: Prowell, Roberta: Prowell, Wallace: Pullum, William Randall, Robert: River, William: Robbins, James. ROW THREE: Roberts, Beverly: Roehl, Bernd: Ross, Robert: Sawyer Gerald: Simonds, Paul: Smith, Charles. ROW FOUR: Smith, Roy: Smith, Whitfield: Spencer, Danny: Stock James: Swanson, Gene: Taylor, George. ROW FIVE: Thiemens, Catherine: Trescott, Betty Ann: Tracy, Joseph Van Blarcom, Mayreta: Walrath, Betty: Warner, David. ROW SIX: Jus! cn bunch of kids. f if xN.1 ROW ONE: Wafkins, Anne, Welch, David, Wesf, William. ROW TWO: White, Marlene, Wilkins, Kalh- erineg Williamson, Harold. ROW THREE: Wilson, Iris, Woods, Richard, Wrighl, Naomi. rl JUNIORS Dallas, .lune Hamm, Robert Hamm, Virginia Hill, Ray Hughey, Wilbur Lyda, Glen Moore, Laurence Newkirk, Vincenf Wilkens, Preston ROW FOUR: Bashful, Sfudenf. Seen on cam- pus, buf never in yearbooks. NON-GRADUATING SENIORS Adyelotl, Roger Townsend, John McElravy, lack SOPHOMORES Anderson, Samuel Bower, Phyllis Church, Moralee Church, Raberf Dawson, Richard Ferrell, Charles Ferrell, Earline Hake, Howard Hall, Lois Heckendorn, Raymond Hosfeiler, Thomas Hunf, Belly Larson, Howard Moore, Danna Piper, Roberfa Prifcheff, Haywood Rice, Naomi Roberts, Gail FRESHMEN Belair, Robefl Ciork, Carl Dawson, Billie Dewey. John Evans, Mildred Faxon, Richard Grogan, Virgil Humblin. Clark Knapp, Benfamin Kribs, Edwin Kuykendoll, .luoniia Lederer, Elsie Messley, Lowell Neuman, C'arence Parrish, Beryl Purkerson, Richard Pyle, Paul Radcliffe, Chlollo Ridinger, Mariarie Sanderson, Garth Sheefs, Raberf Smilh, Wade Stokes, Bei'y Stone, Down Wells, Gary Wise, Donald Ziegler, Levon I' rl l 1 '56 BIRDS OF A FEATi-IE-ER FLOCKED TOG1ETi-IER GK, mam ide ,een of tie faded god? Zafzeeidemf On a soft spring day, as the clouds Hoated lazily above, a crowd began as sembling on a hill top for the Master had promised to meet them there. There was an undertone of excitement among them VVhat would IIe say? What would He do? Some were torn by doubt, thinking that He would not appear and yet hoping within their depths that He would. There were questions they yearned to have an- swered . . . VVas it so very painful to die? . . . What was it like in the tomb? Then a hush fell over the crowd for the Master was standing in their midst. 'AAII authority in heaven and on earth has been given to mef' He said in His de- liberate, forceful manner. "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded youg and Io, I am with you always, to the close of the age." The Speaker was Gods only Son. The command to win the world in this manner .was Godis only way. The result of this way has been Gods only church. Our world today is in many respects just as lost as when jesus first gave the Great Gommis- sion. Yet it is just as vulnerable to the two-edged sword of God's Word, the dis- ciples are just as capable, the reward is just as great, and God is just as willing to save today as He was then. I believe that in the coming years we shall witness one of Ghristianity's most glorious triumphs. I believe that we shall have untold victories through jesus Christ our Lord. I invite you to join me under the waving banner of the Lord of Hosts to do battle till we have seen the "kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ." In His Glad Bondage, john W, Smith Q mar Q ir' wr ., , at ff ,. W . ,Q - 9 ti at - N' , , s, 11 t fy : t X fVs,. "Yf' ef .1. , ff H, J X5 ., ,... ,Eb : 'Y f, w .- 1 ff. Q wel am indent Zadg Uffdoew John, Bob, Arlene, lim, and several other student dignitaries comprised thc I x l X , f r at 1 ,gs 2 s Xl Aiiywl N' A 1 N Vice President Robert Ross 523 4' , 'H x K Y X1 iw 5 X is ,S x ,Q 4 " Lt 1 , assess A ,..' f' . X .5 x ,ff ll " N x s 4 I Student Council. These "wheels" saw to it that student body funds were wisely dis- persed. Also in the hands of these "noble ones" was the task of planning and coor- dinating student affairs and activities. Secretary Arlene Hendricks Treasurer James Edwards Student Council Seated lfrom left to rughtj Ed Eldridge Arlene Hendricks Chloe Slmon Morne Seward John Smith Standing ffrom left to rlghtj Hop Lyda Bob Ross Jim Edwards Roy Prlntz Bob Rondoll Keith Watkins S2 VV' vm , V f if mi? 1- --1- Q X , fy , Yin at ii-131 r g lj new aa aww-sf? ' t atm!- ESI 2 new W 5 - W- sf- J' e W' G0 Q ff' ' t i 5 , ? 2 53 3 4, X- 556 V.O.V. is an abreviation for the Lafin "vici amnia - 'if' Q' vinci" meaning "Truth Conquers All". , ,i -3 -- . an ,.,. , Aw' Q- '-" ali- it 1 42? 1 ESX L - ,, C, " ' if 1 -' K .w- or ,Q - t 5,5 was .twctm-s, - , - 'Z - - ---' , ..,., , wg- if . ff' - . G... I .,..1 . ,,.,. ...,,,,, . .,.. I .,., ' ------ 3, , ,,,. , .,., . ., .,.,1. -:-.s-- H Af- A , - .. we--p,.:.. -1- V.O.V, officers: Cleft to righfj Joyce Hessler, Vice Pres. lSIevensJ, Wilma Chance, Vice President IBurkeJg Minva King, Vice President IKellemsJp Alice Aherin, Treasurer lllehmlg Faye Filby, President IBurkeJy Billie Catan, Secretary 1Rehmlg Willie Abbott, Vice Presi- dent CHaskellDg Phyllis Downing, Devotional Chair- man lBurkeJ, Advisor, Dean Maughan lRow One, 'lhird from Left in picture Onel. 60 Campus womenis organization, began their 5763135 activities last Fall with the traditional Big- Little Sister Formal at First Church. Other ac- l tivities were: Kellem's Fellowship VVeek and the Vocational Conference . . . the Style Show and Tea . . . The Project Csending Layettes to KoreaD . . , and co-sponsoring the Spring Formal Crlapanese Carciensl l 5 Preachers Association, the men's organiza- tion, has been rather inactive this year. A Fall Term "Grunt'and-Groan Fest, '... the Mens Fellowship VVeek VVinter Term . . . and co- sponsoring the Spring Formal were the groups activities this year. P. A. officers: Cleft fo right! Tom Sfroffon, Vice President Jock Nichols, 'Presidenh Bob Clevenger, Secretory-Treasurer if P:ec1cher's Association. R632 2 'Wi E7, CFrom left to righfj: Marcella Tichenar, Liz Anderson, Fern Griffeih, Erma Jones, Mickey Berg, Pauline McElravy, Lela Mae Aydelaff. the "zealous onesn are women whose husbands are associated one way or another with the College. The big event for Zelotai this year was their Valen- tine Formal. a social organization for women on the faculty and stall. Theyfll remember . . . the Thanksoivinv Din- , c a ner . , . the gifts exchanged at Christmas . . . the For- mal Dinner . . . the Spring Tea for Club Alumnae . . . the gab-tests at the monthly meetings. Faculty Women's Club Officers: lseafa edl Dorothy Shoemaker, Vice Presidenfg fleflj Fairy Rickard, Secretary Treas- urerg Ruth Kisfler, President. acckitq Wamm , . . associated because of their common vocation, these nurses had a hit more in common, to wit: two were married to NCC profes- sors, one was married to an NCC student, two were engaged to ministers. 5? Q QM S if 'Q lFrom left lo righll Fran Craichy, Vera Townsend, 'Pat Daniels, Millie Buoy, Mrs. George I I I Wiealie got together things really got to poppinf In order to maintain the dignity of the institution, this groups of- licial gatherings were sel- dom. They seemed to pre- fer Cthank goodnessll to diffuse their energy throuohout the other or- O ganizations on Campus flloltom Rowl Wilma Jull, Nonie Fish- back, Laddie Ross, Mary Thomas. fMicldle Rawl Edith Parrish, Joanne Downing, Carol Thomas, Carol Eld- ridge, Lois Aydelotf. fTop Rowj John Piper, George Hypes, Jim Piper. 70:44 Hap Lyda fat pianol, John King, Ralph Adams, Bill Mayoh, Joe Pulaf, Betty Myers, Iris Wilson, Jane Copsey, Alice Aherin, Frank Needles. ROW ONE: Gayle Hessler, Joyce Hessler, LaDanna Ross, Ruth Heighfon, Bebe Fifzsimmans, Marcille Hobson, Joyce Nelson, Mary Allen, Claire Law- head. ROW TWO: Bill Patrick, Liz Gloycl, Gloria McRayde, Beth Philpotl, Carol Thomas, Mary Thomas, Elaine Taylor, Mayrefa Van Blarcom, Pat Harsh, Carl Cobb. ROW THREE: Whil Smivh, Jim Smith, An Delong, Phil Wolfe, Mom Zumwnll, Mom Dallas, Mom Maughan, Evelyn Gosnell, Roger Cone, Betty Trescatl, Lynn Cooper, Phil McKinley. I I I Qi 1""i1 'W adn, ROW ONE: Lcxrry Morley, Bill Weeda, Leroy Curreiro, Gene Cecil. ROW TWO: Danny Spencer, Jean Rice, Naomi Wright, Lefho Brooks, Joann Minor, Lois Aydelolf, Lu Parker. ROW THREE: Bob Ellis, Roy Bullock, Gene Swanson, Loren Swanson, Bill River, Jock Peffigrew, Bob Ross, Cliff Peightal. ' ' gfaaaem. an association on campus of students who call Kern Park Church in Portland their home church. Few churches have such a large group of students on Campus as Kern Park . . . the club was organized October 28, l9-l8 which maltes it just about ready to graduate! One of the potlucks. D. S, F. representatives to the Student Val- unteer Movement, Cleft to rightl Ralph Adams, Betty Myers, Rosie Lowrance, Bob Randall. Mary Lou Watts entertains at Christian Hause's third birthday party. lMary Peterson at the pianol. About one fourth of those attending the Leap Year Formal Banquet at the Osburn Hotel. !Left to rightl Rich Perry, Bob Clevenger, Marcella Tichenor, Pat Elliot, Dave Elliot, Tom Hosteler, Bruce Clark, and Betty Hostetler. 66 the Disciples Student Fellow- ship House located just off the University Campus on 16th Street. Christian House pro- vided Christian activities and inspiration for members of the Christian churches attending the University of Oregon and Northwest Christian College. Sunday morning Church School Class , . . 5:30 DSP meetings . . . Friday night parties . . . re- treats . . . the big Leap Year For- mal . . . the birthday party Cthree years oldll . . . the junior- senior tea . . . VVah and his Hawaiian melodies , . . and spring term election of oflicers were highlights of the year at Christian House. I I I i 9 I F w Ti-ll-ESE THINGS WE DID v4 3 I 'Wg 1 .. f",fg, vw 'WY 4 hr 71 M -eh-,gf 'iXiQQs qetemfee Omdm mice D Www 7 Amd WW 6016 ' Zlcmeaaa Wfemma 5 - 5 A year at NCC. leaves one with a conglomeraf tion of till sorts of miscellaneous memories: . . . development of our private devotional life . . . sessions to settle the problems of the world theology . . . inspiration in the remodeled chapel the gab and trio trips . . . gospel team excursions . . . innumerable meetings . . . prayer cells . . . that Goats for Korea campaign . . , the trips out to preaching points . . . counseling with faculty advisors . . . the new friends made . . . the headaches and joys of the Symposium . . . burning the midnight oil at tennis end . . . courtini, wooin', and winnin' . . . keepin' our waistline down climbing to those third Hoor classes . , . the Formals . . . these and so very many more were NCC. '51-'52, Crusader Editor Marie confabs with Bulletin Edi- tor Dr. Griffeth . , . Hiiiii-yaaaaah . . . How to get a goat . . . Knox talks . . , Prayer cell . . . We iust had to sneak this in, it's so cute . . . California Club Trio . . . Oh fiddle, I forgo? that punchline again Tapping Great Resources . . . Yah, his eyes ARE kinda cute at that . . . Kurt Frey speaks at luncheon . . . California Club Gospel Team . . . Phil Wolfe preaches at Peoria, Oregon . . . Steven's Trio. Burke Hall Trio . . . Victor P. Morris, Chairman of the Board of Trus- tees, rises to the occasion . . . YY? 4 If Q .. . x N4 , 1 v - X Nu, f S L g f f - g " , . , T K f 41 wk Q . ,LJLWM -- - nf x -f ""'E' ,a f-H W .- ' f X717' ,LL QW X 2 X -mf f f 2 ,f lx 'i uf ffm 'L J X R 02 5 , QA M ,.,..,,. A K, Z 'rw , J, ww mf- X 5 Q -f J NPA , T.. 3 , 3 ft N RXWM X f 'm fi., ..,.mVf,,,- f 5--1 . I LPI-Tm I MX QW. X 5 M. gk . M ,"?W" 5 'i..fff E N I fy V f i Q I ,fwf ' I 6 I 2 ..,. .. Hi V101 ':f,Z,fv'f-v I QM 1 , X .4 ., ,.,..,,, ,. sr!" M "fff, A ,1-Xxx - 5 Q-3?'i'?a':k XNWZT1 Q ,if vjmffil Xi ff K 3 K ek f ' Eff Fx f 4 OPiI,LQ'Y , , XJ .. W A f ,qv !, 3. J K 4 i f 5 j MJ 'L ? War- QM V VA A 5 ,Ig-' YM XXXX W deg Wm! ,45aa1f was ' de Wafwl .... is a good New Testament way to describe NCC. students on a Sunday. They serve as min' isters, youth directors, choir leaders, Sunday school teachers, and pianists in congregations scattered all over the Northwest. Training for Christian leader- ship is not alone received from textbooks and theory, and these students have ample opportunity to "learn by doing". Distance means nothing, for some travel over six hundred miles, round trip, on a weekend to preach the Vllord, and to hear witness to the transforming poxver of the Christian life. ROW ONE: Forrest Hibbard, Margaret Hib- bard, Bob Sullivan, Betty Sullivan, Wallace Prowell, Roberta Prowell, Jack Nichols, Phil Wolfe, Herbert Knapp, Tom Stratton, ROW TWO: Esther Edwards, Jim Edwards, Jack Pettigrew, Russ Myers, Church ot Gates, Oregon: John Smith, Hattie Wagnon, Joe Wagnon, Dave Elliott, Fred Evans, Church at Mount Vernon, Oregon, Bob Kendall, ROW THREE: Ruth Woods, Dick Woods, Map of Preaching Points in Northwest in Dean Siefke's Office. Bob Brock, Phil Ryan, Church at Walker, Oregon, Robert Ross. ROW FOUR: Roy Jones, John Linn, Barbara Jean Linn, Vince Smith, Joann Loyd, Jim Loyd, Mont Smith, Marlin Love,f Bruce Clark, Rc- bert Clevenger. ROW FIVE: Robert Richter. Otis Bell, Kenneth Smith, Elmo Black, Roy Smith, Jim Stock, Cliff Bethune, Dan Thuma, Robert Sargent, Merlin Shields. Wmzwaz maxim ..,. stag had the job of pubhshing each xveek the schoolpapen noinean uwk,asthe sudfxvdlteh you. News gathered from the dormitories, hits of wisdom gleaned from sundry sources, infonn- ation about this and that . . , these kept us posted on the activities of the "great big happy family" we call Northwest Christian College. Bob Randall, editor.-Gladys Osborne, Joan Daniels, Pa? Cauvel, Mary Lou McCauley, Carl Clark. Joree Libby, BeHy Trescaff, Rosie Lowrance, Evelene Pittman, Donna Lee Plymale, Evelyn Gosnell, Mabel Kirkland, Peg Corpio n. " ,ur se. l NORTHWEST l'lRlSTlAN X tXgK'! I Dee A k QQ: 3ilsuu that iw for na ti s Unit ican rage ister two arguments. 1. The fiest amendment io the Unit States Carisiiim ation reads in part: Hilari- gresf shall make no law re- sr1ef::ti,rxg an establishment of rra1ig'i1m." If "estab- lisahfrieniwf means the setting up oi' a fle religion in a posit lusive priviftef, , Q, Gov arrrgqffl Q than the amb' Zin- 4: acc Gu: of a slngle place of ege, but cognitian nation by marina, draw aut a 1 quamce? ?rie man Catholic representatives country CU r as auch. ter in that ive vote aint,-N to the A W who has and E music group was born in Red . Bluff, California on April The l'l0rth3'1'93t ChY'3-Stj-Bn '30, 3015- Ummm or-sr-'hm+.'5nn swell known sch - ss been Vic- tor TECOFC3 nd the past five years has made thirty and mzmierf- six maj or albums aus single regards. During the winter oi' 3.950 he added a tweriy piece mu- aic erzsembla to his ciaarale group, which has also re- ceived rsaticmzal recognition. admittance to the QODCKS, is be held Thursday, Iaovem- ber 8 at eight svclock . in Macarthur Cfjlllil, will be by U. of O.'studxTe1'xt may car-as or by Civic Ifiilsic Associate iorx tickets. CHAPEL SPEAKER On Thursday morning, Nav- nmhav R, 1057 . NG?-fiawtasil, de lazy af Me 52 Zweaalefz . . . afz , . . how frustrated can you get? By waiting until April 1-lth to get copy and pages completed fthe deadline was April l5thD we almost managed to unravel the calm disposition of our editor, hut we didnit quite succeed, she kept smiling to the hitter end. Collecting a million and one pictures . . . getting them in shape . . . writing captions . . . getting advertisers lined up . . . cross-checlv ing names and achievements . . , the staff will never forget the '52 Crusader. . . . and the editor will never quite forget the Marie Soword, editor. Larry Moore, Keeper-of-the-Records: Willie Abboii, Mary Lou McCauley, Portrait urrczngerg Marlin Johnson, Picture-taker. Ge editor feuphonism for Work-Horsel. headaches and fun that went into it. The people pictured on this page are the ones to whom most of the credit helongs, hut many others were ine dispcnsihle . . . Hazel Qliyer and Dr. Grifleth . . . Phil Calef for creating the cover . . , Paul Dahlquist lor the house sketches . . . Lois Hill Pat Cauvel, Lynn Cooper, Frank Needles, Peg Corpion, hlary Thomas, Phil McKinley, Dot Collyer and a score of others . . . hut especially Roommate Kathie, who was sympathetic. Advertising Manager. Helen Glonn, Darkroom mogiciung orge Good, Copy-ediior-extroordincaryg Minfo King, Assistant xx N fer 4 xgx 'f X! is Jig, f 1' I I ed? 2 '. ,,..iJ JN A'l'i-lLE'l'lCS ..u. ,, X ltI.C.C. Basketball team: Cleft To flghfi Whit Smith, Vern Raper, Gilbert Knox, Ray Printz, Jim Piper, Harold Williamson. Planning baseball: Cleft to rightj Bob Ellis, Gary Crook, Paul Simonds, Jim Piper, Hap Lyda Cwith bath, Virgil Grcgan. The athletic program at the College this year included . . . Menis Interhouse Football Conference . . . Intramural Bas- ketball C the Sophs upset the Frosh to win top positionb . . . the Northwest Christian Basketball squad . . . the school baseball team . , . the innumerable impromptu soft- ball games, spring term . . . the volleyball games with the faculty. All in all it was fun and good exercise. Although not pictured, the girls this year were quite active in sports. This was verified by the oft heard complaints about newly-discovered muscles, bruised knees, skinned elbows, sprained lingers and broken nails . . . After Rehm Hall won the basketball championship, the girls turned to baseball and tennis. 77 A N 1 I N 78 T i-I I S IS Wi-I ERE WE DWELT Zlzeczma. , . ARZETTA BARN ETT MICKEY HAYNES I husied themselves with . . . studying Coc- casionallyl . . . initiating frosh . , . throw- ing parties . . . entertaining guests from all over the Vllest . . . working off being cam- pused . . . water-bagging unsuspecting vic- tims. Outstanding accomplishments were . . . acquisition of a new housemother . , . sending a goat t 0Korea . . . becoming bas- lgcthall champs. MARIE BAsL anus LEE cAToN X MARY ANN Buss CLAIRE LAWHEAD EVELENE PITTMAN CAROL ELDRIDGE TWYLA FINKENBINDER PAT KRALMAN IRIS WILSON LETHA BROOKS BEBE FITZSIMMONS ROSIE LOWRANCE BETTY MYERS ARLENE HENDRICKS MARY ALLEN CAMILLA LINCOLN RUTH HEIGHTON GWEN LOWRANCE ALICE AHERIN WILMA JULL MARLENE WHITE JANE COPSEY Wa Z 7 ANN WATKINS DONNA LEE PLYMALE ELLIE BOWER CAROL MOORE BERNA ROEHL SUZANNE PETERSON E 1- , ff-- , V mx I 'VA ..,, f' ,V ' ,Q 'NX V, Q :'I ,.,.,. 5 f f x "-Im.. 2 A " I X Z T I i a,4e,-4:7-if ,. DIOGENA ll ART DE LONG ELLIS MARTIN BILL RIVER LYNN COOPER DICK GREEN GENE CECIL NORM NORTHRUP BILL PATRICK GLENN HILL MORRIE JONES GILBERT KNOX GENE ERICKSON LARRY MORLEY RAY PRINTZ DAVE JAYNES 'PHIL McKINLEY FRANK NEEDLES TOM STRATTON DEL KRALMAN WHIT SMITH CAVIL BENSHOOF DAVE ARNOLD DALE SAWYER NORMAN MAYBERRY VERN RAPER consisted mostly of studying and waiting for the mail man . . . aside from water fights, hed stacking, wrestling, Chequers, and Chess. History repeated itself as an- other waffie party was given at Springfield Christian. Hoven played host to many guests . . . from preachers to grade-school boys. The only female to spend an extend- ed session at the house was . , . Diogena, the cat. BILL PIFER GEORGE MITCHELL JERRY SAWYER QW QL will always remember . . . singing in the beautiful pink tiled showers . . . running the half mile to get to the other end of the hall . . . parties in the kit- chenette . . . listening to records . . . the gracious presence of Mrs. Maughn, But most of all . . . "M.l.T.I-I." "Oh, no!!" SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! "O.K. All clear" . . . ,I g KATHIE wlLKENs Mums suov , ' LU PARKER ML FAYE FILBY " S J THELMA BRENNER T 'Z BARBARA BAIRD FRAN CRAICHY JOAN DANIELS JOREE LIBBY BETTY WALRATH ELSIE KEMMLING HELEN GLANN MARY LOUISE FLANAGIN JEAN RICE MARCEILLE HOBSON PAT DANIELS BETTY MILLER CHLOE SIMON fl ARLENE SKAUGSET .ff ya MARIE SOWARD GRACIE WOLFE SHIRLEY RAYMOND PHYLLIS DOWNING WILLIE CHANCE MRS. VIOLET MAUGHAN, Housemo'Iher 8-I Y maaalez '4 Da eta .,,, DR. WRIGHT PHIL WOLFE LEROY CARREIRO CLIFF PEIGHTAL JOHN SMITH BOB ARNSLD BOB ELLIS RICH PERRY AL MADDING BOB RANDALL RAY LAMBERT MILLS HARRIMAN WILLIE WILLIAMSON BOB ROSS JIM PIPER PAUL SIMONDS DAVID WELCH were full of slumherers day and night despite the uproar provided hy Water fights . . . hand QD practice . . . im- promptu sings . . , discussions on this and that . . . hot bread parties. The Crusader Bachelors Club, organized Fall Term was forced to dishand hy Spring due to a frightful mortality rate. Having survived a year as Crusader and I-Ioven sponsors, Dr. and Mrs. Wright feel quite conlident they can handle anything the College can throw at them. '74 J ggi-gi.. f f T I Qfccakdf 2445464 fem!! . , . -,..-. WILLIE ABBOTT MOM ELDRIDGE Pop Elclriclges pancake feeds . . . lengthy telephone conversations with Peterson House . . . after-hours gah sessions . . . aching muscles after an evening of Indian wrestling . . . third Iloor bulletin hoard . , . and the inspiration and guidance of Mom E . . . ERMA RUSAW DEAN HINSON MARILYN ADYELOTT AVIS DEZOTELL CAROLYN HOLLI NGSWORTH BERT BEESON LOUISE HAROLD DOROTHY MORRIS JOANN MINOR MARY LOU MCCAULEY BEV ROBERTS MARGE FOXWORTHY JOANNE DOWN I NG LADDIE ROSS LOIS ADYELOTT VELMA DYER PEGGY KNOWLES ELAINE TAYLOR LIBBY BRISCOE EVELYN HAWKINS MEREDITH HOWARD CATHY THIEMENS NELDA BENEDICT Wane ..., , 6a Wayne Saad 'game ,.., will always bring back mem- ories of . . . "jam" sessions around the toaster . . .bath- ing together . . . looking for new roommates . . , tubbing stray guests . . . blue pills . . . dinner with Mrs. Scott . . . and especially, the crutch on the ceiling . . . JACK PETTIGREW BILL MORSE JCHNNY PIPER GENE SWANSON BILL MAYCH RON INGLE KEITH KATKINS PHIL CALEF ARLAND JOHNSON ROGER CONE CARL COBB BILL WEEDA the little yellow house with the four little rooms upstairs that sits next door to Prof. Bixlerls residence on east 14th . . , where the fellows planned forty-leven parties and finally had one honest to goodness real one . . . THAT man who lived downstairs but spent all his time upstairs . . . the ven- ison patty . . . birthday cele- brations . . . the jam in the washroom on occasions . . . all these helped us prove our central thesis: "You can lead a boy to college but you can't make him think." JOE TRACY LOREN SWANSON GLEN HAWKINS 87 Kem... M hreezed thru another year with scheduled parties like their Valentine Fonnal , . . birthday parties . . . impromptu sessions around the popper with hflom . . . and others for which there was no excuse. At the end of the terms they even studied . . . hut the rest of the time . . . Good I-lonlil . . . LVhat's school for, anyhow? . . . VICKI NININGER AUDREY PUTMAN LOIS HILL JOYCE NELSON CAROLE KING SHIRLEY CAIN PEGGY CORPION PEARL GROVE CLAUDIA COOPER GLORIA McRAYDE PATTY HARSH ANN GIBSON JENNIE 'PORTER MAYRETA VAN BLARCOM PAT CAUVEL BETH PHILPOTT monastic memories include items p . V 4 L .... I mmm Wlmaazm ' ..., like . . . the Cathedral Pipe Organ during Open House . . . Prof. Shoe- maker posing like a statue . . . the falling plaster . , . impressing fresh- man monks with monastic ritual . . . sorrow caused by the monks who broke the vow of celibacy . . . and the joys of maintaining the vows of poverty . . . the pronounce- ments of Pope Goodwin and the counter-pronouncements of Ex- Pope Ross. FRANK CPopel GOODWIN LOWELL MESSLEY RUSS MYERS MARLIN JOHNSON DANNY SPENCER ' Kal.. 'Q-, Vi' . 1f'?f73g"r-f-:-jf" 1 X I sl 1 .l ' u T ' :zr--1' I ,vfilggl W- JOHNNY KING RALPH ADAMS RAY SHIELDS HAP LYDA EVERETT KCecJ CECIL BILL LOWREY JCE 'PALAT BOB ROSS ' Zinn game ,.., was home for several men this year. These fellows will remember . . . the countless tea parties . . . the Thursday night devotions , . . Christian Houses Birthday Party Cthey all had to clean up their rooms for inspectionl . . . the Uhuzzardsn and the Ncharactersl' who always dropped in to spoil an evenings good intentions . . . Mr. Elliot and his guitar . . . the Great Decision CCecil made itD. 89 k!:!i'.E2iil21Jvb. CIE 1. i T! I T i F , iff i Q i 1 1 a X a Z r l 2 E T H CAROL THOMAS GLADYS OSBORNE At K 1 1 I I lining the hall to gab . . . guitar and record sessions . . . the "sun deck" , . . Sunday dinners in the parlor CPop H. furnishing the meat and the surprisel . . . song fests around the organ . . . these and 101 other things lilled the "memory-lnoolcu. NONIE FISHBACK NAOMI WRIGHT LIZ GLOYD BETTY TRESCOTT CAROL BOWLEY sms PARRISH it i GAYLE HESSLER DOT COLLVER MARITA CARLSON EVELYN GOSNELL JOYCE HESSLER MABEL KIRKLAND TRUDY THOMAS JUNE JACKSON ARDEN HALL GARY CROOK DON GIBBS BOB CLEVENGER DON BLAKLEY JAMES COVINGTON DAVE WARNER HOWARD NEAL JIM SMITH GEORGE HYPES JACK BURKE ELMER JENKINS ROY BULLOCK VINCE SMITH GERRY VAN DOREN LYNN CAMPBELL GEORGE GOOD JIM ROBBINS DON "Mac" McKENZIE I III! after 21 fashion were Off Campus Men. Sensi- tive souis to whom the roar and bustie of dormi- tory Iife heid no appeal . . . money wise souis to whom the appeai of a free room in exchange for minor house duties held great aIIure . . . Iocal souls who Cali Eugene their home . . . Iucky souls who had their own apartments . . . these were off campus men. I VL V H 91 2 1 'W T I-I1-ESE ARE OUR ADWIEPCFISERS Zangmiaiatiaaa. ,,,, , ond best wishes to the graduating class I of 1951 and 1952. Moy your ministry 'For 4 Christ ond His Church be long ond ever 'fruitful . . . we ore olwcnys cnt your com- mand ond ore prepared to serve you os . ,.... , 4..,, A you serve Christ. THE STANDARD PUBLISHING CO. 20 E. CENTRAL PARKWAY CINCINNATI IO, OHIO T f in Bbl Lt 1 s 1866 be tan - Turnbull- Fuller ampany - . PF INE FRS I 'Qi,.c PHONE 4-4259 32 East Eleventh Eugene, Oregon rom rlend Friend Best wishes to the class of 1952! Churches and Sunday schools everywhere are eagerly awaiting your services and your vigorous young ideas. As you go out to preach or to teach, we hope you will turn to your cooperative brotherhood publishing house, the Christian Board of Publication, for up-to-the- minute religious materials to meet your personal needs and complete teaching aids and supplies for your church and church school. We want to be your friend and work hand-in-hand with you to further Christas realm. Remember, the Christian Board of Publication is the only publishing house dedi- cated solely to prepare lesson materials and educational aids which meet the doc- trinal emphases of the Christian churches. You will also find it your most depend- able source of religious books from all leading publishers and for church equipment and supplies. The Christian Board of Publication is a nonprofit-making service institution cater- ing to the specialized needs of the Disciples of Christ and their churches. WRITE F GR FREE CATALOGS OF SUPPLIES 96 "Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet"-Ps. 1 19:1 05 Religious Books - Gifts - Supplies Quick service on all mail orders 1361 Willamette Eugene, Oregon Phone 4-4437 Robertson's DEL'S INN University Pharmacy n Prescriotion Service 0 Drugs and Remedies 0 Student Supplies 0 Stationery o Toiletries I Magazines - Candy Corner-'l lth and Alder Your Favorite Place to Eat Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner and that Late Snack BANQUET ACCOMMODATIONS FOR 20 PERSONS OR LESS Hours: 7 a.m. to 'll p.m.-All 7 days Across from Sigma Nu on 11th Phone 5-9053 Get Clipped for your Cutie AI Leo Deffenbacher's KAMPUS BARBER SHOP 851 East 13th Avenue WALT DAVIS BOB BLACKWELL BILL QUEEN For The Flowers that Say IT Best FEHLY STUDIO FLOWERS SACRED HEART of Photography DiaI4.8831 THE CAMPUS FLORIST ON CAMPUS 1217 AIcI PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION FLOWERS UNLIMITED 1214 K d Ph 4 3432 Dial 4,6244 193 E. Broadway Fennell's Campus Shop N.C.C. STATIONERY N.C.C. PENNANTS N.C.C. SWEAT SHIRTS 860 E. 13th Phone 5-1363 FAST - COURTEOUS GUARANTEED SERVICE Campus Shoe Repair Vic Bogner 843 E. 13th Ave. Eugene, Oregon Student Accounts Welcome The First National Bank of Eugene WEST EUGENE BRANCH 7th and Polk Sts. MAIN OFFICE Broadway and Willamette SPRINGFIELD BRANCH 7th and Main Springfield Serving Lane County Since 1883 Deposits Insured Through F.D.I.C. University 'Window Cleaning Co. Eugene's Home and Office Maintenance 755 Willamette Street Eugene, Oregon PHONE 5-1246 University Jewelry I For Your Sawdust Needs ELGIN WATCHES can TROPHIES ENGRAVING R ' ' XI F I r I REPAIRING e us ue Se v ce COLLEGE JEWELRY 1704 W. 7th Ave. Phone 5-1722 849 E. 13th Phone 4-4611 Eugene, Oregon For 24 Years Eugene's Favorite J. W' Moore Phone 5-6514 Department Store For Women DRESS YARDAGE - HOUSE FURNISHINGS DRAPERIES - LINENS - ACCESSORIES INFANTS AND CHILDREN'S WEAR LINGERIE - SPORTSWEAR Tm Central Restaurant Supply Food Service Equipment Suppliers FOR HOTELS, RESTAURANTS SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS CAMPS AND CLUBS 42 West 6th Ave. Eugene, Oregon WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRING FINE JEWELRY AND DIAMONDS HUFFS' J EWELRY Gerald Huff 917 Willamette St. Phone 4-7072 Phone 4-2281 Johnson Furniture Company COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS S 81 H Green Stamps 649 Willamette St. Eugene, Oregon E. M. Olsen R. A. Olsen Eugene J. 0. Olsen Manufacturing Co. Church Furniture - Millwork Builders Hardware Paint - Glass Factory-51 N. Danebo Ave. Office-271 W. 7th Ave. Eugene, Oregon Planing Mill Glass Work Building Materials of All Kinds Sash - Doors General Mill Work Paint and Hardware Mill and Office Corner Third and Lawrence P. O. Box 328 PHONE 5-3381 Eugene, Oregon Clarke Electric Co. Electrical Contracting Lighting Fixtures 233 W. 7th Eugene, Oregon Tel. 5-3231 Eugene Surplus Sales Store 666 Willamette Street U. S. Government Surplus and New Commercial Merchandise "The Store of o Thousand Bargains" IT'S AN' AN' CHASE 00. :l UO Nl .ISIS 5H.l. 22155-'E -egbc -123 9322 n-H195 W-I SB Z I'l1 W UI I 2 5 3 RAILROAD BLVD PHONE 4-5423 BEST WISHES TO OUR N. C. C. FRIENDS Art and Ruth Watters VOGUE BEAUTY LOUNGE 992 Willamette St. Upstairs Over Seymours PHONE 5-5324 FOR APPOINTMENT 2 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS AD WALDERS PHONE 4-0161 "Let's Get Associated" I Tires and Batteries Eugene s Flower Home I 13th and Patterson St. S Associated Service Phone 5-3112 Eugene, Oregon 11th and Hilyard Eugene, Oregon Valley Stationery Co. SOCIAL STATIONERY -It 'F if 'P -D TI-IE HOUSE F DIAMONDS "EUGENE'S FINEST JEWELERS SINCE 1909" "BOB" LEAVITT, Manager 1016 Willamette Phone 4-32 03 SCHOOL SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS 76 West Broadway - Eugene 643 Main St. - Springfield CONN-SONATA-ESTEY ORGANS JANSSEN PIANOS BAND INSTRUMENTS E 871 nd icott's Radio Service East 13th Ave. Dial 5-6272 Eugene, Oregon Joe Gordon Hardware, Inc. Dolly Madison Cafe HOME COOKED FOOD Telephone 54353 and Our Ice Cream is the "Smoothest Dish in Town" 771-775 Willamette Street Mr. and Mrs. Edwin ,E,,ge,,e' o,e9,,,, Peeerson, owners Phone s-9115 1466 W. 7th Ave. Eugene, Oregon WE GIVE S 81 H GREEN STAMPS Roberts Bros. DEPARTMENT stone Telephone 5-4356 740 Willamette St. Eugene, Oregon The Best in Motion Picture Entertainment -at the- HEILIG - IIIIIIYFLUWER - LANE THEATRES Eugene, Oregon DROP IN AND GET ACQUAINTED AT . . . Bristow's Jewelers Tiffany-Davis Drug Go. EUGENE'S TWO MOST MODERN DRUG STORES OPEN EVENINGS OPEN SUNDAYS GREEN STAMPS FREE DELIVERY 620 Willamette am and wallqmene wsu Franklin W. Ray Parmelee Mason Contractor Phone 5-5813 Eugene, Oregon The Sugar Plum Shop 'I330 Hilyard Street Home Made Candy-Fresh Daily Fountain - "Burgers" - Sandwiches Books V Magazines - Newspapers Comics - Children's Books 81 Records Greeting Cards - Boxed Chocolates PHONE 5-8356 Weisfield's Jewelers Northwest's Largest Credit Jewelers 881 Willamette CAMERAS MOVIE EQUIPMENT O 7th and Willamette Dr. Miles Webber Optometrist Office at Moody Optical Visual Examinations Lens Duplications Prescriptions Filled 38 E. Broadway Phone 4-9412 University Grocery 190 E. llth Phone 5-l0l'l OPEN MONDAY - SATURDAY Weekdays-8-5 Saturday-8-7 ar Accessories Sporting Goods Hardware Coast To Coast Stores Locally Owned Everything for the Farm Home and Automobile Phone 4-'l26l 73 West Broadway Keep Warm ond Happy Manerud-Huntington Fuel Co. WOOD, COAL, OIL, HOGGED FUEL Phone 651 997 Oak St .-514 K " ,r , - V - 1 -v. '..v 4' 4 4 .. I I. 'z": .. . H34-Ttiw-,WV-V 53 fyfyyjff ' -. 5.-,Ef,,'4,t-...fp J. I 7 E .J 'j p.1f1.-E, 1 4 1 I . A 5 :I X X 1 "1" '1' ..s.. I - 6 X I K .vi ,SIL ,Q A y . 1 4 1 , ' A 1-' 4 ,--'X-9 J. I , 4 . ,W 1.1 . - ' kv J uf? al,-rs K I . ' ,K 'T - v Q ' A I V' I . , - . .W -51 Q.-4-xa'ef'Y. K '-bfi, if .,, fl' ,,.L4!.g.4 L , - if A , 1 'X rfb' lu . L ' . 5 , V 34 L ' 'N " ,. ' -'J-7. 'V 1 ix .in -N' I' . ,rg . I I ' rlalivitu Q . Il, .A ,, , ull . f " ' X VCNQJ ,- ",. '-Q-2 'LW il,-W4 . I, V N, , N, -T A -1 ', -.Alvin Lgjqit' 'L f, D I, --1-1-.,f ,V- g',,.x jx-5, 4 .1 ,1'.j!'5..2?',A-'Mfgjvrs .1 ' If , 1 , 'i fm,- -M' '. J?'!,'l J -,L , M-K.,--P.-I? I K.,grl-F'4.",'4,v- 1 SET nj- U KT iff X ' fffi ,5. Qin. rw " 1 .-. .. , 1. 'V !,'A xi nw .In A Im . . U .4-, -4- XA., ' L f . - . . '-1-, , 1 A . t 1 ,.'.-, Q, ,.,. Q". M' v' u "w K u I 4 1 1 O fl-QL '11 ,,x f ng ,1 , -- Jw, ,I A X . ' .-VL"-1 ' 1 1. 1,6--K - f'-:,!,,,. . , 1' A .2 i x J '- " Tw, ' ,'s"' v ' Z' , ' T1 ' ., l ' , -fx W ,, -, J 4 Q". + , - , Li . I "fu: . A l.l,' -r 'L -. .. , 1, . . . y lm... JV, I ','n'n .. -r'1 .' , 'f' . 44- ' ' ... . , V' 4 .. H54 Q, L 'x al, :x 'A 1" , ,J x..-,., f . 1 , ,,,l,. In .i1 ,I v,Q.'V I' . 4 , X , ..Uu . , X I . A - I , '13 2.63 . v ,r,lV.A 2 I J, .xl s.'x,. , . ' J 1 ., , . V... . ' ' "1. .4 , , 1 . ,.' . -'u' n ., -,X 'f,.. ' , 4, 4 L - I ...X ,, ,il 3' A v .I X. .. mv . . 9 ,, . , A x W. . M vV.' . , . 1,- Nikhil' ' 11' ,. , ,N K fy F x + v 1 f u W r , 1 Ill K Q , n " , f I Hi ai, fl. , l' , gif, ' I I y X:-'fml',',:-7 LK, S "- E .b l H. , , ., IL: . As:uLW!iIi"..N.-Niki

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Northwest Christian University - Crusader Yearbook (Eugene, OR) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 101

1952, pg 101

Northwest Christian University - Crusader Yearbook (Eugene, OR) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 109

1952, pg 109

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