Northwest Christian High School - Crusader Yearbook (Spokane, WA)

 - Class of 1958

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Northwest Christian High School - Crusader Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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fill MIER 1 Oqgz fffby qc Q9 I 'Ni fx PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE NORTHWEST CHRlbTlAN SCHOOLS WEST 1412 CENTRAL SPOKANE WASHINGTON ' 1 I 1 . -,1: fl 91 5515321 -"': 4"-. ' ,,.A.:- g qsyijziiaf' If oc, ,.z.- ':f:5 'gf' ,,.,, 5 53' I 4 ,.f1:2'fF. H A' llll A. WfW if at f M '44 W W X -.M E I ' ' U. ,f . A . zg,ifM"' , Q. M . ., , f Z 'Q' ' f' f . JW?-f' fwwy fi H ' W A I ,Y 1 AEK. ,f fa w 'N -f-lw,a'f -I Siof . 5 A . V S ' Lv ,Q . , "S, fx A 1 .ha . X ig ,X I I ,jf ' J '5 A A AV , "fend 0 "AL, S uP,, h Km" 040' .. 121 ff, Home..9uu.f-T -'Hung ,VJ ff pkg' is HJ-fiwi in QM fe i .Q G-5-gd ugfcd - .rg f. 5 K f l tc W 5, --1.4 T , U' 'add .'v!4 Ln Ii! . I ,ab - 'M' 4 ' ' '-ng 5 S, Q 14 f 'Ph RM. Johnson. Ilirvrlol' of Public Relations To serve the present age My calllng to fu1f111 O may It all my powers engage To do my Master's w111 KEN MOORE CO 'CARPET SPEClALlSTa" CHOOSE FROM ONE OF SPOKANE S LARGEST CARPET STOCKS SPOKANE S ONLY CARPET STORE OWNED AND MANAGED BY FORMER FACTORY MAN W 719 GARLAND FA 7 6681 0 Q '. U k - 411.3 - . 9 ' Q 9 I ,-. Q I , Y . - na Truslvvs lla n Iilldm- Th.II..II.II. Dr. Brldge was one of the orlgmal group of m1n1sters who were CODSCIOUS of the need of a Chr1st centered program of educat1on for both the grade and h1gh schools, who met for prayer and actually prayed the Northwest Chr1st1an Schools mto bemg w1th the help of the Lord Jesus Chrlst. Assocxated w1th Northwest from 1ts lnceptlon, Dr Brldge has been a member of 1ts Board of Trustees and has served as 1tS chalrman and Pres1dent of the schools for the past three years. Other members of the Board of Trustees 1nc1ude La Verne Cobbett, John Scholl, John Chrlst man, A E Yommg, A. B. Crabb, Homer Cunnmgham, Rxchard Lamphear, Russell Babcock, and Erwm D. Orcutt. 5 rd ..-,'.-1-35:5-5 I 1 ' 3'111?5fi1f?if1E7?i?iE5i?i533'' I - .-:-1222E'2?fff:jLE-1755-'LiQ'2'Q'2'f.-P:-1,. "ii-E.2I'f5ifj55:f'521i1Tg:Q'?,1- ,G.35555g3353:5:515:2,5355.3Q'gj3:3:g,fgj1ff,3g:Q:5:::f.jQf.i zjfi' . 26235:33'f-3-'.f:r-:ffiilrZ'l-2-'--Z-i2':f:':'5 1 lil:f'?2'I-In'-.'-ff'Y.5S .-gg: :gt :5:..': 3:-j.j.g l.J'Jj1 1.-5.1: :ff1::5:-:.-.-::::'.-.-'J-:iz-Q-::'-'.1g::::.-. '-:-1-1-5-1-if:13-'-'z'-I-211'.1:52:'-11'-'-1.1.11'-'-'-.'-2 X-Zi-.1.1:3' -.'gg515.g.1 Q : EQ-3,-I-,Z12,:.:,-.-Q3 2 3 3 :fa 'f 54 qfj.-Q 'ff' 5:'.H3'-:E351515325131-Z-I-Zilfi'-'-.ii'f::3?3E1E1E1. . fx xx fiif' tfiifif: - a '-1e:5g::-.- lb ' ,, '. Il.: .' - . WOMAN S AUXILIARY Mrs R H Phlllxps secletary Mrs J C Detrlck v1ce premdent Mrs, M J Fmdlay pres1dent Mrb R O Babcock treasurer PARENIT TEACHER FELLOWSHIP Nh' E Rlchalds treasurer Kira R Belden use presldent 'Kira E Dallx benretary Dr L Beach prebldent HAZEN AND JEAGER FUNERAL HOMES COURTESY KINDNESS SERVICE C E GILNIAN, GEN MGR HELEN HAZEN RYMOND, ASST MGR N 1306 MONROE ST , SPOKANE N 1306 PINES RD , OPPORTUNITY 6 J I 5. 5 , A - Q I A '. . ' M' Q 1 M v .- , K I I J 2. me .3 1 E Q , 1 1 . "Q 1, - . , x o s 9 u'- u 0 I O - I O IVWHEREFORE TAKE UNTO YOU THE WHOLE ARMOR T GOD, THAT YE MAY BE ABLE TO WITHSTAND IN THE EVIL DAY, AND HAVING DONE ALL, TO STAND,ll EPHESIANS 6 I3 LORAN C LNIDbLEH Pl1I1C1pd.1 Buble I and IV L1brar1a.n EMERY M BLEVINS ASS1St2.Ill Pr1nc1pal Enghsh I 'VIISS AUDRY M SPURBECK Ar Sc1ence Comn1erc1a.1 Nw- MRS EMMA DIKES Home hconomxcs Home Relauonb C HAR LES STATON Coach . , . RY Phvslwl hducallon LIBERTY MARKET AND GRCCE Shop HlL.l.YARD's l.G.A. STORE N, 5125 MARKET ST. HU 78602 8 HAROLD WINTERS Algebra Chem1stry EDWARD RICHARDS History Enghsh II and III MRS LILLAH L BAKER Spa.n1sh I and II ,, 2 M6ChaH1Ca1 Drawmg Geometry 1'-E4 I MRS FRANCES ENDSLEY MILTON HOPPER Cholr Speech Blble II and III SCHOENFELDT AND GIFFORD FURNITURE QUALITY FURNITURE AT A REASONABLE PRICE ASH AND ROWAN VILLAGE FA 8 0871 HARVEY POLLEY Niathematlcs Sclence MRS SLE DAHL Grade School MISS DORIS ANICKER G1rls'P L Grade School MRS HAZEL HOFF Grade School NIISS 'NIARY MYERS School Surutdry Bookkeepmg 10 Christian Education is the will of God for Christian youth. Upon this positive approach all of our thinking about education must be based if this, or any other Christian school, is to make that contribution to the cause of Christ which it is designed to make Those of us who are parents must look to Christian Education as the normal thing for our childi en not as the thing to do when they get into trouble or start wandering elsewhere Christian Education is primarily formative and preventive not reformative and restorative Because of its different philosophy and basis of operation the tone of a Christian school is different than that found in other places This is seen in the approach to studies the pattern of discipline the social life and other phases of the work The aim is to bring every area of the pup1l's life under the will and approval of God For this reason much is made of Bible study and prayer in a Christian school Again Christian education is the most realistic approach that can be made to the task of winning the youth to Christ and building them up in the most holy faith God never intended that the seed be cast into the brambles to win its right to existence by virture of overcoming the destructive forces that surround it Do not the Scriptures declare that we should train up a child in the way that he should go so that he will not depart from it? The Church of Christ would realize a far greater percentage of young people staying by Christ and the Church if it would stand Fndslvi Pun a squarely behind the positive philosophy of Christ ian Education as the will of God for Christian youth particularly at the grade and high school levels We the faculty of Northwest Christian Schools count it a blessing of God that we should be allovued to serve Him in this wonderful way Our prayer and dedication of heart is that Christ shall be formed in the heart and mind of every student in our schools Loran C Endsley Principal 'Su-.M ARMSTRONG' S MODEL PHAR MACY N, 2l52 HAMILTON SPOKANE, WASHINGTON 11 llr. , J ' rlpl f f N . . . . l , I - ,n eww ,Y ATS' 'P UV' I V 5 If , SAYS HER WHAT 6 Sys 'SOB 3 8 MEX T Q fl , sr' VVWITH GOOD WILL DOING SERVICE, AS TO THE LORD, AND NDT HAT WHAT SOEVER GOOD THING ANY MA TO MEN KNOWING T N DOE1-H, THE SAME SHALL HE RECEIVE OF THE LORD' .., 1 EPHESIANS 5 7,l The Amoviated Student Body 11 The Associated Student Body is made up of all students en- rolled at Northwest Christian High School. Here they are forming the initials of our school, N, W. C. Northwest Christ- ian High School is located at 1412 West Central Avenue, in the rapidly growing Northwest section of Spokane. STENMARK JEWELERS DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY BUDGET TERMS AND 1.AYAwAY 901 w, GARLAND FA 7-7676 Sludvnl fnunril Dave Thomas president Q? 'uw -nv QQ. k.ff Eg WWW pd Standing: Allison Stark, Roxio Zimmcrcr, Kathy Findley, Bill Harness, Bob Camp, Norma Jean Ceasar, Mr. Endsley. Seated: Karen Caves, Carol Drury, Don Stern, Dave Thomas. zkareo Sxeiolxdegx Carol Drury 1-Gas gap 00 Yet' secretary ffrer Os , Q 066 BOARD OF TRUSTEES CONGRATULATES THE ci.Ass OF :sa X, W'-vp Cludvnl Court I ' ' z,- A 01. ng 5 V4 ,- I - 'Uh L I ' x ' R -b , A - 3 IV is A X . . '41 l vi 1 --T-v Jury Members, Back Row: Cammy Cunningham. Kathy Bordwcll. Thelma Ruchlen. Sully Williams, Roxio Zimmcrt-r. RobcrtCz1mp. Front Rong Dave Thomas. judgc. Mary' Britlgu. iirofi. attorney. Sncri Simmonm court ste-no. . Don Stern. head juror. Our Student Court is the group rosponsiblc for niziintztining discipline in thu school outside of the clussrooni. Court stenogrflphcr, prosecuting uttorncy. head juror. :intl Jury nicrnbors :tru aipoointccl. Thu position ol jutlgt im ont' ol thc duties ol' thc- Student Body' prc5idcnt. coNGRA'rui.ATioN5 FROM BALDWIN NEON SIGNS N, 1303 MONROE SPOKANE, VVASHINGTON l6 Student Polire , ' .- H, A A t gl E h 3- 5" X gist: in Xi, fa 'iw 'iii i ' . I .HL 5' l 'bf e , 1 vw. - Student Officers: Chief of police, Rafie Payne. Officers Bill Batterman, Inez Miller, Carol Drury, Karen Cavcs Don Stern. BABCOCK PAINT COMPANY DISTRIBUTOR--SCHORN PA1NTs--WALLPAPER N, IOO9 WASH, ST, 17 C f,f! fff N1 En J Wan ,null-1 K VYAND F-'OR ME, THAT UTTERANCE MAY BE GIVEN UNTO ME, THAT I MAY OPE MY MOUTH BOL.DL.Y, TO MAKE KNOWN THE MYSTERY OF' THE GOSPELJV EPHEJIANS 6 19 N Q , f IQ1.: V ii' , 1:2 43.322-3g2322'2ii5 , , H' .N A-v.1.?3rE3i2333E:-2-533i-23 J, iff - X f 2-525111a1.2:':fg1::Y-rgigzfr.-zae.1: ff- T YNY T 4 .. .fffifE-f'5jE.f.fE31-3H1.f.ff'ff.3Q1f.- W .A fx ' -i'Q'2'Q21-Q-i-:ff52,i52E22a2E323gHf,'5 T xy , '21f:'E5g2'Q213'f55Q2':EEf:fI-jiilj 4 If ' Xf , .ff J A X X Q N24 Q W -T N lg , .1-',-'g5:::,'.'Q-I-Q-f-Zififtiji: , I' ni-' .1 ls' ' , 51-I-Qf-f'f'fjffjfig'--'.-'g'.Q'.f.ff'f'f"A ' Z H ,. -2511:'ifZ'S':E31?:'5'5E'??.2f52 5 I 4 lmx 3 591532?-5:5212-is-Q-Ziffs'f?2i 'f 'J'-' '-:il-34':5srf:l1i:':1zi1Ef.:'i2' A 1 k fiT?.ff5?'55Slfi-'lf-'f'' A 21 ' ---f"-4--' ' J -: -. ..--- : 1 51-35Z3:5E5'f55f1f' :sig pi? 15- Q -Zigffzzg.-.-., S: ,',- 55 5. if 12' 1 5 1 ff 3 I".5.:55':?.25.3i1?'3:.. '-"E' ' if 'ff5f'E ".iQl55Q gi-E3 Xvnlor Hlslon ln the month of September in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and fifty four twenty nine eager new students entered the halls of Northwest Christian High with fear and trembling This was the graduating class of 1958 believe it or not Our advisor then Nh Lau added a great deal of fun to the class A party during February in honor of a parting classmate and a retreat 1n the spring were the highlights of the year's activities There were several changes in our class as we came joyously back as mischievous sophomores this time the class began to wonder just how to raise some money A mixed sweet sale to be held each Wednesday was finally decided upon for the purpose The f0110W1Hg fall in September of 1956 we were Juniors We now were referred to as upper classmen These eager beavers were quite active and kept most of the teachers on their toes A class retreat Junior Talent N1ght and several parties all were fum but the most exciting of all was the fabulous Junior Senior Banquet given in honor of the seniors by the Junior class The money was raised through the sale of hamburgers and a large Shmoo sale At last we are seniors Three years of high school have swept by a.nd another is on its way Soon graduation will have come and gone and the years of high school at Northwest will be but memories but for the class of 1958 they will have been happy ones CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF '58 PROM MEMBERS AND FRIENDS OF THE HILLYARD BAPTIST CHURCH OF SPOKANE H THE CHURCH WHERE THE VISITOR IS NEVER A STRANGER H 20 ' I C 1 I V I l Q Mr. Fadel, our advisor, tried patiently to keep us in line and to accomplish something. By Senior Ufflwrs Ken Nelson Dave Buckley president vice president Karen Caves Karen Peterson secretary treasurer Betty Parr student council representative Norma Jean Ceasar parliamentarian ,J-P H k """w BARBARA KENNEDY PM AS xp ' RLT wk X' P BILL HARNESS xi 9 9994 DIANNE ARNOLD H25-,DA HAH N563 CAMMIE CUNNINGHAM C 03 ARE PNN B DAVE THOMAS KATHY BORDWE LL MTL 1 I The 11st 11111 111d test 111 ent oi the dep 11ted ULIIIUI elass o1 1511-1 Be1ngo1 sound 11111111 and 11od1 11e 11e1 LIJX dee1t11e 11111 111111111 th1s to be OL11 11s110I1d 111she kNL11L1LIJ1 Xest 1n the L.1t1ssO1 1919 the 1utho11t1 11eeess111 to e 1111 out the 111t1e1es III th1s document I DAVL BLLELLX 1 111 D11 na1y u1111o1 HI to Lou1e '11a1t1n DO 11e 11111 ha1e a C31 ee1 11hen and1f he g1aduates I BARBARA 1x1-,X LD'1 11111 H11 111o111edge of 11 tnds to Joyee Bee1111tn fnot the gold ones Joyeej 1 PAL LINE NIILLLR hung ot DOLIIILI 1111nd Q91 1nd body 1e11e th I1 s .111 I NORNIA CEAbLR 11111 my st1ong voeal 4.01115 to B111y Batte1mLu1n 111 hopes that some dz11 h1s XOILL m1ght ehange I CAMMIE CUNINIIINGHAM 11111 my qulet unp1etent1ous ways to IxIlI'xC Belden the 1esu1ts should be 1I1IClGbT.1I'1g I KAREN CAVES student body treasu1 S1 11111 the books to Sha11 mmmons that Ib 1f you 11ke J1gS3W puzzles I KAREN PET ERSON 11111 my kno111edge of no1the1n ellmate to G.111 Bock IH hopes that he 11111 take an extended t1 1p to t11e N01 th Pole I INEL MILLLR and 1 RUTH PHINNEY 11111 our unpa1 111e1 Sblllty to make up excuses f01 absence hom e1asses to 11111111111 Damels 1 BILL and FRLIDA HARNESS Qthe t11o tue made onej 11111 ou1 n1a111age 11cense to Don stem Ca11y on the good 11o1k' that kathy e1e1 doesj I BETTY PARR 11111 my good Iooks eh11111 1th1et1e ab111ty 1nte111genee and ext1en1e n1odest1 to Lynette beho11 I DAVL THO'11Ab 11111 1111 11 11m 111end11 pe1sona11ty to The1n11 Huehlen ta shame she a111a1s seemed so meej I C-XROL DRLRX do 11111 n11 111111t1 1o1 1fett111gthe I' 1111tte11 111 ten seeOl1t1s 11e1o1e student eoune11t A111so11 st111 IJIOXICIIIIE th 11 she 1e11ns to 1111te he1o1e 11e1.t1e11 I NIARCIE 1.115 11111 1111 b1LI1L1Ll 11 11st 11ne sp1 111g1110 up 110111 1111 111011110115 1ppet1te to 1-1111 11JLlI1 Rehms NI NU 1 1 h 11e1s o Ll 15 e otout use 1 111 L su 1 IL 1 sie HAROLD' S GARAGE FOR AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE N 2608 DIVISION FA 7 4990 24 ' I YO 1--1' 1.-my -'- f, 11-' -- 13. '. 1-1x1-1-' j 1 1 ji ' 1 7 V' . ,V 4' . ' . ' . , .' 1 . , , . , , ' , . , , b 1 , , . , "l'fQ.' ', -' K-Q -1 1 1 1 bv-1 1-Q 1- 11 V1.1- ' 1 ' ,' ' . ' . V ,. , ,--- , 1. , , 1 , , . , 1 . . ' ' ' 1' y - - 1. 1 . - ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' '1 7 ' S ., 7 1 ' A 1 1 I I I , A A ' , 1' 1 ' 1 -1. 1 ' 1 ' - 1 1 - 1 1 , A ' , 4 , 1 . .Y ,' , .' " .Z ' -, ' , ' V 9 ! , f , . 3, .' 1 l F f 1 y' 11 1 ' ' y r 1 s -1 9 v 1 1 L f ' " 1 , 1 1 V' 1 1 -'. ' - ' 1 s 1 7 1 - I, KENNY NELSON, 11111 my decoys to Kathy Findlay' for the purpose of ducking responsibility, Qnot ' v 1 11 1- ' N 1 . . . , . 1 . ' 1 ' ' 1 ' , ' ., Y ., 5 - . 5 x a L 1 K 1 1 ' , , 3 A 1, .' 0. .L . '.', V, ,.. . ' , 3 1 , , h 1 . ,--. A .-1. ' ' ' ' 1 ' ' - I - 1 ' - 1 ' 1 1 -' 1 ' 1 -'1 1 - 1' - 1 - ,1 7 A 7 . L , Q - -' o, " 'z '1. ' " ' 1' 1 ' 1 11' ' 1 -' '1 '11 '. 1, D1A.' 'l AR1' 1,D, 1 111 1111 sho '11111U' do " ' t 111 H:.'k111. 1111 ' 11 "1 e-hL11'gt'. 1, 1iA'1'1IY 151 JR1JW1i1.1., 11111 y' '1:11'i11ct to Lucie- Histo .' she C1111 1111111 111' son 1 11 IICI' .1 -41111. . .. S r CCON TJ We the sen1or class of 1998 w1l1 ou1 old 1epo1tea1ds to our yanltor M1 Cxump They should make 1 dandy fue We w11l our baekaehes to1n museles and stlff necks to N11 Hoppex 1n memory of ou1 deuly push ups Vxe w1ll sex eral boxes of f11CCl akers to Mr Vlmters now you ean have exploslons Wlth half the l1OL1l'Jl8 Vle w1ll ou1 ab1l1ty to make exeuses and a Jumbo bottle of aspxrm to Mr Bley ms Sorry we weze sueh 1 headache To Mrs hndsley we w1l1 our eherlshed labblts foot ln hopes thlngs wlll beeome softex We w11l our d1rty pamt brushes and broken down pen pomts to Mxss Spurbeek We Wlll Ollr Old reports and 9-SSISTIITISIHS to Mrs D1kes After all you taught us more about home work than any other teacher We w1ll our abused hlstory books to Mr R1cha1 ds who contrlbuted many Contempol axy P1OblC'n1s to our knowledge Vke w1ll to M1ss Myers and M155 Amcker our old recelpts tenms shoes and baseball bats so that ln 1ate1 l1fe they can handle the1r husbands as thus Impress h1m wxth the money they used to have xmpxess h1m w1th thelr athletle ab1l1ty and 1f that doesn't work you have a baseball bat t1y lt We the boys of the sen1or class w111 our bladeless 1azo1s to Mr Endsley for we know what h1s mustache means to h1m And to the lest of you well we just leave you and what we don't g1VC you you can take '?"'aA'7 ani mound 5 Rwv J 0. - FFS 25 Q U . A . - , 1 S . . 1 Q . . , . ,.. P . . . I ... .. ' '-' ' . , V C , 1 ,' , u ' C ' ll . V A , 1' 5 , 1 n . 2: . . L 1 . Q 0 i .- C- ' 1 , H . ' CE Q ' - ' O I - 'C A 1 Y-9 ' . . 5 -D 1 ' ' U: . D ' 1 U' 1 ' ' ' . . 4 V v ' - A v C 1 N 1 . i A 1 Q I . 1 ' - . ' 1 ' 9-7 1 ' . Q' u . S: ' ,i 1 . . . S, ' '12 W ' -1:4 n : - l-A it C 1 3 H 1 ' P ' . 1 . P-' f rt -S 1 - -- 9 ' 1 5 . . , . D5 1 - r.: . I I : if 4 ,E A -- I ' . . ' 3' - ' ' . A A cs 4 I . A C 4 . . M . 1 -. . U I O h , , -' 1: . Q Q . 5 u . . ,., pa . Q . 1 . 3- -1 11 'D 0 ' F I " 1. . f ' '. 1A a 1 I U 4 f 1 1 enlor Propllevv July4 1983 Mr Loren Endsley Prmc1pal Northwest Chr1st1an Schools 1412 West Central Spokane Washmgton Dear Loren After much t1me and effort I am fmally able to g1Ve you the mformatlon you asked for regard1ng the grad uat1on class of 1958 Th1s ass1gnment has been t1me consummg but It has proved exceed1ng1y 1nterest1ng The GHSIBSI and best way for me to tell you about them IS to use quotat1ons from the1r own letters and tele grams From Dlarme Arnold came th1s telegram "Am marr1ed have twelve ch11dren stop' V Well she always d1d Ilhlllk that th1ngs were cheaper by the dozen I have had a hard t1me to 3Ch18V6 success but currently I am domg qu1te well mn the fleld of wr1tmg My two most successful books are 'How to Speak French 1n F1ve D1fferent Languages' a.nd 'The Care and Feed1ng of the Teenager' ' wr1tes Kathy Bordwell Dave Buckley's s1ster wr1tes "Dave 1S so broken up over h1s latest romance He does get some satlsfact 1on though by go1ng to Lovers' Lane where he tlptoes through the two l1ps Incldentally Dave IS now a psych1atr1st's ass1stant 1n the Navy Norma Jean Ceasar now l1v1ng on the moon has th1s to say "I enJoy my work even 1f lt 1S hard I have one consolat1on there are abundant mater1als here for my work no shortages She's age1ng cheese r1ght now Margaret Ells a.nd Karen Peterson are a couple of very sad cases The head matron at New York Mental HOSp1t2.1 wrote me to say 'We had no cho1ce but to comm1t them After all what would you do 1f you met two old women 1n the park one 11ght1ng matches and the other blowmg them out? That was bad enough but when the off1cer asked what they were domg Margaret said 'I'm l1ghtmg God's l1ttle candles and she's blow1ng them out ' " It's a shame I thought they had some very prom1s1ng attr1butes Wh1le I am talkmg about the unhappy s1tuat1ons I may as well mentlon the black sheeps of the class of 1958 Off1cer B111 Harness wr1tes "Carol Drury al1as Dynam1te Drury a.nd Petty Parr al1as Paras1te Parr have been g1v1ng the P01108 a bad t1me F1nally we trled to arrest them but Dynam1te blew wh1le Paras1te hung St1ll no Slgll of Dynam1te Paul1ne M11ler st1ll has a sense of humor even 1n her present cond1t1on She wr1tes 'I am Wlth the F B I now They caught me f1ve years ago ' Too bad but that's the way th1ngs happen somet1mes I have already ment1oned off1cer B111 Harness "I was coached 1nto my present work as a cop he offers The former Ruth Ph1nney wr1tes to say "I recently won the P1llsbury Nat1onal Bak1ng Contest my rec1pe Sugar Coated Daddy was made at Dave's request ' There IS one g1rl for whom I feel espec1ally sorry That's the poor old mald MISS Barbara Kennedy She's a nurse and a good one at that but the super1ntendent of St Luke's Hosp1tal wr1tes 'I trled to help her dec1de but she IS st1ll holdmg hands try1ng to fmd the r1ght one to shoot the works on " One student seemed to be xrakmg SpeC13.1 progress 1n the fxeld of courtsh1p durmg 1958 but I see It all went for nothmg Kenny Nelson telegramed th1s message "Bums 1n my bed t1ckets 1n the park a.nd a broken hearted bachelor my 11fe's story Presently employed on a Cham Gang Oh well he always d1d want a full t1me Job THE E U B 'S NEWMAN LAKE PARK SEATTLE PACIFIC COLLEGE CABINS LODGE FOR GROUP RENTALS PICNICS A CHRISTIAN RESORT AND CONFERENCE GROUND A CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE H E ANDERSON, MGR BA e 3515 26 I I Y 1 0 1 A , 1 1 . , . . . . I . . H- . , . . , . ,, . . . . . . . . , n 1 . Y . . . . . 1 ' T . . . - . H . . - 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' . . H . . 1 1 v . . ' . . . 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 . , . Q 1 1 1 1 1 v 1 . . . ,, . . . . . . . - Q . , . . V , . - . . . , Q . . . . H . , . 1 T- 1 ,, v , 1 . , . . . . , . 1 1 0 1 , u L 1 I I , , ' . Q . H . . . . . . , ' . Q Q Q Q u o " SP lI'ropIn'u Speakmg of full t1me Jobs you'l1 never guess who 1S rLu1n1ng a matrxmonal agency III Spokane It's Camrme Cunnmgham She wrltes I have had pretty good success Wlth my advxce and matchmg ln the last few years " I am not at all surprxsed at her success smce she always was good at drawmg thmgs together and maklng them blend She has real fa1th 1n her own advlce You can tell th1s from the S1gTl on her establ1sh ment's door It reads Satlsfactlon guaranteed or your money refunded From a federal court I recelved th1s note "Dave Thomas has been work1ng w1th us for twenty flve years and IS as hxgh as he can go a clerk Who was the Judge who wrote th1s? Casey of course' Lanny Hotrum IS a farmer and domg quxte well' "In my spare tlme I ra1se hogs Won three blue r1bbons durxng the last year " he wr1tes I should have reallzed he had tendencles toward hogs after all h1s pet express1on was "hog wash get lonesome up here 1n my penthouse I s1ng such songs as 'Home On The Range' Just to myself I guess she couldn't get the old farm blood out of her I see Frleda Harness f1na1ly became B1ll's boss She had a pretty hard txme domg that 1n the home but she wrltes th1s After a lot of hard work I was appomted Ch1ef of PoI1ce B111 you remember IS only a cop The only mformatxon I could get about LOHD18 Emery was a report from the mterplanetary pol1ce depart ment "I-Ie was caught speedmg through the M11ky Way and f1ned 250 space cred1ts ' That IS the last any one has heard of h1m I also heard a few th1ngs from some of the teachers Mr R1chards wrxtes "I've been workmg as a welght 11fter for the past years " I thmk he perfected th1s art w1th h1S heavy tests Mr Chuck Statton our former coach IS stlll havmg a successful preachmg m1n1stry He 1sn't a cop any longer however It's a pxty now he won't be able to stop mnocent hlgh school boys after basketball games I hope I w11l be seemg you In the near future Smcerely yours Gfmamfr Mr Orrm Johnson Glue Manufacturer PONTEN PRINTING AND BUSINESS FORMS PHOTO OFFSET AND LETTERPRESS PRINTING SPECIAL DISCOUNT TO NON-PROFIT CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATIONS E, 3312 SPRAGUE SPOKANE, WASH, KE 4 4861 27 ' . I I ' I IIIO I . - . . , . . . . I . . . ,, . . . . ' 7 ' S YI ' ' Il . , . . . , . . - . . . ,, . . , . . . , . D . . y ' . ' ,, vv Inez Miller, the well known Serenade artist, has become a big success, However she writes, "Whenever I . , . . h ,, . . D ,, . . . ,, . . . . , , . . . . . , , U l . . Y . 0 , , . . . . . . . . . g ' ' . 3 5 'v id Carol Hey still waiting ?' nv vv ' Y 7 L 1' R Fw H v 3 , r v rw H v 1 ll f aff, 4 I flaw Q 'nf VV H 11 Karen J I' ,, . J 1 fs-'24 , I, ,rw 10' ? W iw 5 1 J W. Lanny I Where is 2116, my motor-cycle ? " Qolflg berry picking ?" Dave Thinking about the navy? David "A washed up." "You got'a F-I-G-H-T! ,1- ,..... ! Kenny "Who made that . M basket?" fjonny ,, ., argle . Always on the look? I want my mom' ngsf' v Kathy Stxll qu1et'? tg... 7 V-5 Cammy Who took my fxs Ruth ' ey feller Norma Jean Did I h1t the r1ght Pau11ne H "I want my bottle " note? 29 Barbara I want my sax Betty ' 111 playmg? B1 "Where IS my basketball?" Thelma Ruehlen treasurer Ernst Young parl1amentar1a.n Alllson Stark student councxl represeutatwe Elxzabeth Rhems Lucle R1St6 Lynette Scholl LORAN C ENDSLEY DEALER IF ITIS THE FINEST IN BIBLES You WANT, THEN YOU WANT DICKSONVS NEW ANALYTICAL, E, 318 RICH AVE, HU 3 2679 B111 Battermann presldent Mar1lyn Damels v1ce presldent Kathy F1ndley secretary lv 8 wb ..,v- Sherrle S1mmoms Don Stern Carol Jean Wllson 30 Z X K M w-1 Paul Arrand Joyce Beckwxth Gall Bock Inez Haskell Lewls Martm Joyce Mlller 'Wh' ' r I f I I -f QQ ' - ,iw 'V I . , I I V W I I x, " f gg V- 7? - f I -I "ee' ' . HQ EQ' fe I I k . l V X I . . x I XX ' X xx I 25 Iv'--x. Kl- ' I sf ,4 Susan Aeschhman Bonnle Atkm Bonme Crabb Dave Carlson Ahce Dahl Lee Ann Farley Mary Fradenburgh Dave Jeffery -Qs 'yo '33 V51 'J 'x R31-19 Payne presldent Nlananne Lanphere vlce presldent Arleta Hernmg secretary ,IDB- Suv' -sf W-115 Mary Ann Rhoads treasurer Mary Brldge parhamentarlan Robert Camp student COUHC11 representatlve ,J 3 S-.r Doug Ixugler Yvonne Orcutt Donna Perry J E BODINE AGENCY EVERY FORM OF INSURANCE Qgnvlrrr SINCE 1922 EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS 700 SHERVVOOD BLDG MA 41847 Paul Stark Barbara Taft Marlene Thompson Dorxs Wendt '2- ici Doug Madlson parhamentarxan Rodney Breshears Peggy Colllsans Barbara Hammond Gary Hernlng Jeannete Marlett Roberta McKee Joan Parr AJ 4' wad l 0' M8Y11yH Dlck presxdent Denms Schxllmger uce pres1dent Rox1e Zmumerer Secretary Sharon Sterm treasurer 'v:,.-7' ,-4 fx 43 Dorthy Rehms Charles Robertson 'bl Judy Shaw Sally W11l1ams EUCLID AND NELSON R W RYEN SUN, SCHOOL 9 IS, WORSHIP ll OO AND 7 30 WATCHMAKER JEWELER FELLOWSHIP HOUR 6 30, MID WEEK 7 oo .I C PENNEY STORE. RANSOM D, MARVIAN, PASTOR HU 7 1017 MA, A 4133 Grade School Front Row, Qleft to rightj: Douglas Withington, Randy Beach, Geo- rge Riste, Larry Johnson, Billy Schaffer, Dana Kennedy. Third I Row From Back: Sandilu Va.n Dorn, Shari Miller, Mary Ann Be- Q SN wick, Joan Buscher, David Hamilton, Robin Bayes, Robert Cleath, I 8 A Kim Bewick, Sidney Lathrop, Tim Bewick, Ja.nice Anderson, Linda ' , Doolin, Johnny Goerz, Janice Doolin, Johnny Schroeder, George Q , Bayes, Jimmy Schroeder, Glen Stern. Second Row From Back: III Q Billy Goerz, Kathleen Richards, Lois McRoberts, Jimmy Cobbett, Xl' Billy Da.niels,Stephen Bewick, Dick Detrick, Jim Zimmerman, John Palmen, David Sampson. , ,N Back Row: Richard Ceaser, John Cobbett, Douglas Anderson, Lynne Anderson, Darlene Mc- K I Carty, James Dalke, Alice Beckwith, CherylDunn, Judy Ingalls, Beverly Palmen, Marion Hoff. EVANGEL BOOK CENTER, INC. CHRISTIAN LITERATURE AND SUPPLIES ROGER STENSLAND, OWNER W, 415 RIVERSIDE TE 8-4I4I 33 CHEMISTRY K SPANISH I 8z II v"'i'5""' TYPING i SPONSORED BY WOMENIS AUXILIARY NORTHWE T CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS Mads 4+ SENIOR BIBLE BEST WISHES FROM ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY No i HOME ECONOMICS AR fM""+ f""' Xa '59s iff, If l "' -. 1 1-' waw--':'::.-- ,4- " r -J' E' S.. Q' x ,r ff ff .- IVSPEAKING TO YOURSELVES IN PSALMS AND HYMNS AND SPIRITUAL SONGS, SINGING AND MAKING MEI.oDv IN YOUR HEART TO THE LORD, AND TAKE THE HELMET OF SAI.vA TION, AND THE SwoRD OF THE SPIRIT, wHIcH IS THE WORD or GOD," ERHESIANS 5 19 AND e I7 iif.f.135'i21a5.2E2llQ2 .-2153323355-ifiifsii-?.E2ii25525if:I5111112222551-33f'i'f'l:2:S:EZi'E?-iii?5.23912 2Zfi2i?'5.i?5f55?3fifiifiiffi55fffi??Q5Z31?:?3f'ffslsfI f' , I 1.1:3f5.55if55iE-fiiiii33?S55'E'?g's'fE225-1-252fziziigli-1?i'2-2-EiP.1'2Eii'S"f" ,fiifI?if" T27 ' " ,5 'f'5J3'552Elif-Z33'35'-'Eff5f5E:'f:E'1'f-EIf:'.'1'Q'I'If'5.fAf55ff'Z' 'A 1, N , . . 1'gTf-Z1- , f'b"""-. "f.. ' '3Ef'.'-,'.':3:2f'1'ff1fi5l7I-'-"A" ff-q5z2r11f.- 5 E ifff - 1 :ff-Zi-'7 412- " X 1:-.3-.231 , f 'IEZ-E1 'f' A zrgqgfe' . ,Rey 1' .1 ,..g.'f2E53 ":33, ""f1fE'? f, -,V - - ' ' Q, 7, - , x - x "tif, .-. 5257 X nf F '-P' 5- ...::Z--'fi " :fQQ:::1:' 5 1-'I V ,' - Admnnverd Choir Front Row: Inez Miller, Ruth Phinney, Kathy Bordwell, Bonnie Crabb, Doris Wendt, Kathy Findley, acc- oiiipanist, Allison Stark, Mary Ann Rhoads, Susan Aeschliman, Dianne Arnold, Sherrie Simmons, Betty Parr, Second Row: Marianne Lanphere, Karen Caves, Mary Bridge, Sally Williams, Thelma Ruehlen, Norma Jean Ceasar, Bonnie Atkin, Inez Haskell, Barbara Kennedy, Arleta Herning, Donna Perry, Bar- bara Taft, Joyce Beckwith, Roxie Zimmerer, Mr. Hopper, Director. Third Row: Bob Camp, Mike Belden, Don Stern, Bill Harness, Dave Jeffery, Dave Buckley, Ken Nelson, Rafie Payne. SWIFT REALTY AND INSURANCE AGENCY FAUDREE'S INSURANCE AGENCY HOMES--LOANS--INSURANCE Ivcvv DARYLE FIRST aoa-5 REALTY BUILDING sis EMPIRE STATE BUILDING ACME PERSONNEL NATIONAL Assoc, OF PERSONNEL CONSULTANTS PEYTON BUILDING Choir -f U 9 .i r f"t ' .pf 7 3, M w V Q , ,Z Q M 26 ia-'--,HM V 7 J 9 ' ,, . ff! A 1 f iii ,L in ""V t f R ze' X First Row: Freida Harness, Marianne Lanphear, Doris Wendt, Yvonne Orcutt, Lee Ann Farley, Margie Ells, Allison Stark, Inez Haskell, Judy Shaw, Barbara Kennedy. Second Row: Cammie Cunningham, Karen Peterson, Kathy Bordwell, Norma Jean Ceaser, Bonnie Crabb, Barbara Taft, Linda McFalls, Donna Perry, Maryann Rhoads, Susan Aeschliman. Third Row: Mary Bridge, Bonnie Atkin, Thelma Ruelin, Sally Williams, Bob Camp, Rafie Payne, Carol Jean Wilson, Shari Simmons, Roxie Zimmerer, Marilyn Dick. Fourth Row: Bill Harness, Don Stern, Mike Belden, Bill Battermann, Dave Buckley, Dave Jeffery, Doug Kugler. Standing: Mr. Hopper, director, Kathy Findlay, accompanist, Marilyn Daniels, Joyce Beckwith, Paul Stark, Dave Goerz, Sharon Sturm, Carol Drury, Karen Caves, Ruth Phinney, Inez Miller, Charles Robertson. PETE'S ASH AND ROWAN DRUG HILLYARD LOCKERS PRESCRIFT:ONS-DRUGS-suNDRiEs-GIFTS GROCERIES AND LOCKERS TOYS-JEWELRY-CAMERA SUPPLIES-POST OFFICE N, saos MARKET HU 7-7041 LOTS OF FREE EASY PARKING w, ueze RowAN FA 7-9696 9AM TO 9PM 39 'P-Av GOSPEL-ETTES Doris Wendt Mary Ann Rhoarls Sugan Assn-hlmman KE LLER-SPEAKES GARAGE FRONT END ALIGNMENT AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS CARB, AND ELEC, WORK, ETC, 2223 N, ASH FA 5-0188 f? CHIME-ISTTS Rwxiu Zimmcrer Joyce Bcckwith Marilyn Dick 5 Go 'pe JUBEL-ETTS Barbara Taft Bonnie Crabb Arleta Herning Donna Perry ,us its gm TREBLE ETTS Karen Cax es uth Phmney Inez M111er Pillll MELLO-ETTS Mary Br1dge Inez Haskell Kathy Flndley ,Z SAX DUET DIHIIIIG Arno'd Barbara Kennedy A P RT O EL. TABERNACLE RSgEwlBiY 0? 550 SUNDAY SCHOOL I0.00 MORNING WORSHIP ll oo CAIS 6,45 EVENING SERVICE 7,30 Pip Iland Our pep band is composed of students who have volun- teered their time and talents to stimulate the enthusiasm of our school, particlarly in the sports program. 11 that I MM my ,. was 5 2 I f- 'HS Seated: Barbara Kennedy. Kathy Burdwscll. Carol Drury. Judy Sham. Bill Butternian. Rexie Zimniercr. Don Stern. Second Rev.: Bill Harness, Dave Gwcrf. Marilyn Dick. Halle Puynu. Dave Iiuvkley. 5tzLnding Mary Bridge. Lucie Riste. Mr. lindslcy. director. Not Pit-tured: Kenny Nelgen. SCHOLL. ADJUST! NG SE RVICE VVBUT GOD FORBID THAT I SHOULD GLORY, SAVE lN THE CROSS OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, BY WHOM THE WORLD IS CRUCIFIED UNTO NIE, AND I UNTO THE WORLDJ' 811 REALTY BUILDING Rl 7-6868 s QW ,Q- HCT 'ff 'IQ X wr 1 X xw x K S WITH ALL PRAYER AND AND WATCHING U I PRAYI NG ALWAY SUPPLICATION IN THE SPIRIT, THEREUNTO WITH ALL PERSEVERANCE AND SUPPLICATIDN FOR ALL SAINTS," EPHESIANS 6 ll ., Qli'-35,152':211EZ-1'-212222:fS:55::EE:'-iligi' :ziziz-3-:-9:-19225111411222?3:f.:e2?'fai2222 5555 S22322353ifS555:Z2ifE2i1'.'fE.'-?S5gZ-If.-'.-':3:Z 'I A' 55255255!Z??5i252f:3'P3'35Z313:PSF5iiiff ' 551 '1ifss-2155255355255211-2:.. -12-P. - - 225221.33311 'I x f - 'ziiffk-I-5222222551-5-3-11:25255555212-3:5914 hifi. V-Zi-':I-E252442EIEI-I-2T'Zf:f:f:i13"ff1'-IEC-I! r.f5:' ,I "' 93:3:ffq3zageizia-:-2:122252233-:-Z-2-11-1-155 qs.-'Q 2 ' N ' ' ff ,Q fN Q . V 0 X , A ., 1 1, 4 . Q?ff'EYh... sf 39" QM Effie in fu-9 , '47 ...Lf ws, Letterman W-ns? har' COAC H CHUCK STATON C1OCkWlS6, start lower left hand corner B11. Batterman, Dave Buckly, B111 Harnesq, presxdent, Kenny Nelson, vlce presldent, Dave Thomas, Louxe Martm MARILYN DANIELS SAYS, 'YALL SWEET GIRLS suv THEIR JEWELRY AT UMBRElT'S CREDIT JEWELRY azz w, GARLAND AvE,-PHONE FA 5 sau SPOKANE la, WASH. sl I v' '6 0" ' 953 ...av , A QW Q vi i fijif ' Q, , f . ,W,,.- b b Qzxffzny e . A ' 93, if 5 ,J 1: 1 ,owl V , 144 511 on 3 1, bg. W' I, if .,..,, -fx? 1-A E . J mf" f vp A f,gv?,Lf. R A ,E : , A - I , Q X g 1 4' 4' W L .. ,L 295 7 5' f ' f . 4 1 af A, A 3 V 'ii 4' I X , A W A if 1 ewfi? i 'f ' 51' , A V" ' 5 Xk J Doug Kugler secretary-treasurer Ra.fie Payne student manager- ADVISOR Girls, Athletic Club I! Back Row: Karen Caves, Carol Drury, Marianne Lanphere, Barbara Kennedy, Lynette Scholl, Bonnie Crabb, Mary Ann Rhoads. Front Row: Barbara Taft Yvonne Orcutt, Kathy Bordwell, secre- taryg Kathy Findley, presidcntg Mary Bridge, vice presidentg Marilyn Dan- iels, treasurerg Susan Aeschliman, Miss Anicker, advisor. BURCHETT STUDIO MAKERS OF' FINE PORTRAITS S, I3 HOWARD MA 4-2821 45 .nk Mu.'ivaI -1-.,, Q3 If I ' , HO 'X'-v If' f LJ FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH-so, 212 LINCOLN OR, WALTER BRIDGE, PASTOR--ALVIN H, JONES. DIR, OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION BIBLE SCHOOL 9-so A,M, WORSHIP 11,11 A,M 1-so P,M, TRAINING uNIoNs 6-Is P,M, wan, VUHOUR OF Powsnll 7-30 P,M, 44 Q 4 v zf 5 jf f -17' N M' 1" ,W 2 1 77. Jr r 9? 4 H sc 1 v 1 . 5- wt- . Qv. ffl 6 X Q-. ff., . V' I ff uno-54 wiv, O 500099 Cut OX Qixb-YS 59,909 'Sevaofx B8 QM-Ql,ST - O6 160 01? W Ca e T688 h 0 , mp 5011180 'Os A O,, HCS 0 atb T O11 J' FTA S5611 171611. E 11 IGJKVTE 'noe-X YEQANLSOVI X001 'AXXXQY Xkixixc Q0-g0C v : ,I- nfl .sigfllil .1 Q 2 Z ANNUAL IN PRODUCTION LINE lnnual Staff vs Standing: Inez Miller, Ruth Phinney, Kathy Bordwell, Karen Caves, Dave Buckley, Marilyn Daniels, Don Stern, Joyce Beckwith, Kenny Nelson, Allison Stark, Margie Ells, Betty Parr. Seated: Barbara Kennedy, secretaryg Cammie Cunningham. art editor: Carol Drury, editorg Dave Thomas, business manager, Karen Petersen, treasurer. 'flfff Rav. F.R. SCHNEIDER Box 776 Tx RIDGEVIEW ASSEMBLY OF GOD CONGRATULATES THE CJSS OF l5B NORTH ASH AND NEBRASKA 51,1 As we come to the end of a successful year, we hope the CRUSADER will mean as much to each of you as it has to every one on the annual staff. This book has been prepared so that you will remember 1957-1958 as a year of victory. Being editor, I want to thank every one who had a part in putting out the CRUSADER. Miss Spurbeck, our advisor, helped us in all ways possible. Mr. Staton, coach, aided in - arranging the sports section. Carol Drury Editor We wana to thank Barbara Kennedy, Margaret Ells, David Buckley, Don Stern, and Marilyn Daniels, who helped in their typing, the layout, and the securing of pictures. To Cammie Cunningham, our art editor, we give credit for the cover and all the beautiful art work, and I should like also to thank Kathy Bordwell, who so faithfully assisted her. I should like to express my deepest gratitude to Dave Thomas, who had many important duties. He was business manager and also helped to assemble the book. And to the many who helped out in any way they could and who could always be depended upon, my sincere appreciation. Dale Quincy, our year book representative, helped in answering our questions and aided us in our many problems. Our publisher, Wallace Pischel, worked with us and was so understand- ing when different emergencies arose. Most of all to the LORD JESUS CHRIST we owe strength, wisdom, and knowledgeg for with these the 1958 CRUSADER was printed. "WhPl'P Thv Bible Is Thr l'vnIvr... WIS 01. if ,Ibl- L4:.. fv ' Alb Ah' KX gf- -LQ Q Qu , MX 1 G If 5 ' I1 If XJ 1 In --,ig L IT , .pI u BIOLA BIBLE COLLEGE CHRIST CENTERED LIBERAL ARTS ADMISSIONS OFFICE sse So. HOPE, ffligifgxygx LOS ANGELES, CALIF, ,Q if' :HMM My wif .4 If J .WM my kg wi , W ' SWL Vai!! j .fizwgzfk W. ff ,!'f""af A 'ff Q . Y ' ? fx, N' , . , ' 275 Q 74,7 XY if ,Q 2972, ' wil H' " ' 3' 5 ' "Jw mia, W' , cv. W, w, , -ping!!-' N 12? f 'W' ' " A -..W,,,4w Q W fi y X 2 ' 4' ,M . ,V wmvww Q fy ,-E2 f Q21 1 as 2-3.5 -4 Uh' U Z wig' ilrrlmsvl r 2 2 .1 L .1 3 E E E .'uhsrripIion Champions 41 41? 'R, S'1Z,3tipeE'LLS I. 1 ., , gy Svnior Hass There is nothing quite as interesting as a good contest, especially where a prize is involved. Consequently, to facilitate the sale of our 1957-1958 annual, an inter-class competitory contest was introduced to the students who responded with enthusiasm. A page in our annual was to be set aside for the winning class. Representatives were chosen from each class to act as sales leaders. Those chosen were: Freshman Sharon Sturmg Sophomore Mary Bridgeg Junior Inez Haskellg Senior Margaret Ells. After a close race, the senior class emerged the winner, selling a total of twentv-six annuals. IVIF' ITYS BIBLE YOU WANT. THEN YOU WANT MULTNOMAHUV MULTNOMAH SCHOOL OF THE BIBLE UNITED BRETHERN IN CHRIST 8435 N-E. GLISAN STREET w. 320 DALKE HU 7-5056 PORTLAND 16, OREGON PASTOR-REV. C.E. l.lCHTY I C 'filin- QQ vb V K" QV! ,A x'.,,.,, rv 'ml x '?51"j f MH IN 7 52516562 Af M HAVING YOUR LOI NS GIRT ABOUT WITH s TRUTH AND HAVING ON THE BREASTPLATE OF 0 RIGHTEOUSNESSQ AND YOUR FEET SHOD WITH THE PREPARATION OF' THE GOSPEL OF' PEACE,V7 EPHESIANS 6 14,15 fum ' H 2552-23511552555315535-55555?iff?5?ffF?i'i?Qf15.5.-. 1 I 4511111513153-'55:ss:1:Q:5f.i:1j435,2s355ssg,255-gg-:gg'g5f,fg5s' 5-gig ,E . Eislsff:ziiitlziiii-ii.ii-i55552ei:ii-I'5'5'511b'2'2551212211515615 -FE? " ,Q-in P :ef ' 7'1" -' lx, WQQM ' ffl 'Iwi ' B. ,- ff , "Oli ,! '?' 09 M 6 ef tl ANA GER 50 PA Y Q0 IVE The lmportance of the athletlc program of a school IS never com pletely understood s1nce the educatlon rece1ved 111 th1s avenue of lnstructlon often has far reachlng effects on the IIVGS of the 1n d1v1duals mvolved Numerous lessons are extracted from partlc 1pat1on m the sports program Among these are patlence self control co operat1on and the ab1l1ty to accept dxsappolntments For Northwest th1s was a better year than last year from the standpomt of hav1ng our name 1n the w1n column As the school grows and progresses we can ant1c1pate great thmgs 1n our sports program We are eagerly lookmg forward to these lrnprovements s1nce we know that a good school sp1r1t IS developed by a good fast mov1ng well rounded sports program "THE GOSPEL LIGHTHOUSE ON THE NORTH Hll.L" GARLAND AND NEVADA HU 7-1935 ROLF HANSEN-PASTOR Q 4 W "Q 924' 0 UNITED RENT-ALLS WE RENT Mosv ANYTHING N, 3220 DIVISION--FA B-2030 E. 7919 SPRAGUE--wA 6-8616 Q Football af' -hu, 's Q H .' ,I .-: .. 'A.t . ,.. , 13 S"- s... . fr, - ,'. . .D .L"4 ,.- x .nv gx. '. .Q g 'gn'-'I-'. U: ,1- S.. ..-,, ,, 5 eg,-,. FRANKLIN BUSINESS COLLEGE THRIFTY DRUG WATCH REPAIR EMPIRE STATE BUILDING RI 7-5772 UNORTHTOWNIU EIGHT WEEK COURSE IN BOOKKEE PING- HONEST AND DE PENDABLE GENERAL OFFICE COURSE REASONABLE PRICES sux WEEK counss IN GREGG SIMPLIFIED sf-IORTHAND APPROVED FOR G,I, IHHKETIHLL Louie Dave Dave Kenny Dave Don Bill Martin Buckley Jeffery Nelson Thomas Stern Harness 'H 2 lv- N I gl ,, U 1 Tvam , 4 Q 1 ,X Yi L NORTHTOWN TRAILER SALES N, sooz DIVISION HU 9-042: l..A VERNE coaaE'r'r, OWNER Q? LLOYDE MEMORIAL E. U. B. asoe WINS1-oN FA 7-7928 PASTOR-Rav, E.v, LAMB f, 'A 22 if' 1 2 ' I Q14 Q Lg 459' Af.. Trai' X 4537 T 'L I ima Q 5 U -AJ -475. "L: X 3' 40 D 5 z Su gwf, H wvr my 'P 5 fhvvr Lvadvlx' , new I V I A C' M Karen Caves--Head Cheerleader Marilyn Daniels Joyce Beckwith Inez Miller CONGRATULATION5 CLASS OF '58 BEST WISHES FROM YOUR FRIENDLY FLORIST SHADLE PARK BRANCH COL.D'vVEl.L.-GARLAND FLORIST THE OLD NATIONAL BANK OF SPOKANE "BUY DIRECT FROM THE GROWER AND SAVE!! MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT W, 141-1 GARLAND FA 7-5511 INSURANCE CORPORATION WELLESLEY AT Ae-H GG Cong Leader C 6, ,fx mia., ,,,. f,,, Roxie Zimmerer Mary Ann Rhoads Sue Aeschliman Kathy Findlay--Head Songleader CONGRATULATIONS CLASS Isa EARLY DAWN DAIRY CO. IVTRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL THINE HEART, AND LEAN NOT UNTO THINE OWN UNDER- STANDING, IN ALL THY WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM, AND HE SHALL DIRECT THY F'ATHS," PROVERBS 3-5,6 VERADALE, WASHINGTON WA 6-ISIS f 05,0 Q KES asia? M OW all 2 2 fl myNi5 Hmm. i5 My Q5 RWM gg WVW 4 Q?0 'lnf ' fx 5 5? as , FiS 4? Rei Figki 52 M Q S Qi P W ' A Cafe - huh H! Yovk out ! 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Suggestions in the Northwest Christian High School - Crusader Yearbook (Spokane, WA) collection:

Northwest Christian High School - Crusader Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Northwest Christian High School - Crusader Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Northwest Christian High School - Crusader Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 62

1958, pg 62

Northwest Christian High School - Crusader Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 57

1958, pg 57

Northwest Christian High School - Crusader Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 22

1958, pg 22

Northwest Christian High School - Crusader Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 12

1958, pg 12

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