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1 " . - ■ HI i ■HI NOWECA 1981 H 1 I WananmiM - cfc MT .fosTv, jjjll ' ftl — I _ Many Communities Coming Toge W BRISTOL k -. ' " RRITA. BETHLEH ! " OW}i i. - -■ V— ' " WOODBURY 1 T» YT !7PV . X ' TON ; s • n 1981 NOWECA Northwest Catholic High School 29 Wampanoag Drive West Hartford, Connecticut 06117 Volume 16 Table of Contents Opening 2 Student Life 14 Academics 24 People 32 Organizations 88 Athletics 112 Advertising 138 Closing 148 A Coming Together Community has been a word used many times in our four years at Northwest Catholic High School, and so has become a part of what we will remember most. Like a small community, we come together from varied areas, backgrounds, and age groups to form Northwest. The individuality each has, makes ours a special school. We bring different people together as strangers and leave with a feeling of closeness to Northwest and what it is all about. Working in unity is a special quality which is found in social activities as well as in the classroom. It is a feeling of being special in the " community " of Northwest that brings us together. Sometimes we need only to know that we are important in our own way to others. As we travel through life, we aim to find acceptance. Northwest Catholic is just one place along the way where we may come together with others as well as within ourselves. ; ;« . L- -» XI M y k jdfl ► fcrJi v 1 Ji fW " r ■ fl - Each of us strives to be an individual yet we are drawn n yji £M together by bonds of X J X W " friendship, academics, andjX - 1 social events. Qkl ttStD AsjO v _ BP »• ij ir ' V ■ f WBSSSBr . . " tOfe! Creativity is a part of every person and makes the community unique. 11 Friends are a gift we give to ourselves. They are part of us as we grow and become a part of what we are. 13 14 The spirit of Northwest Catholic follows its members even when school is not in session. There is a sense of caring in each activity that one undertakes. The student life is a very important part of the community effort; and, students who live in various towns can often be found together at social events. School activities and fellow classmates are not laid aside after school, but instead continue to be an active part of a student ' s social life. Student Life ron Kristofak gives a dissapproving look during the fall play n ' t Take It With You. " Diversity is the quality that makes the Northwest community most unique. Our students flock together from many different towns and backgrounds. When the duck family joined our com- munity last spring, it gave us pause to reflect. Somehow, the feeling of community was strengthened as we watched mamma duck care for her young ones. Who will forget stopping class to watch as the ducks paraded in the courtyard, or when Sr. Mary Faith provided a swimming pool to serve as their own pond? The ducks seemed to symbolize something we ' ve always felt — Northwest is a pretty special place. As we too will fly away, we can ' t help but feel that we will be better adults for having shared in our diverse community during our four years here. The spirit of our school was personified in our Homecoming Kings and Queens. A student ' s life focuses not only on academics, but also on social activities. ris Ascuncion and Carol Steadman enjoyed the social aspect of North- st. 17 Patio Privilege The patio privilege allows seniors to spend their free time out- doors within a certain area. During spring and fall, lunchtime is often spent sitting on the benches eating and talking with friends. As the weather warms, many senior girls enjoy sunning themselves in order to get a tan. Friendships devloped over four years were kept strong by constant mutual sup- port. " • • £ ;-? v - .■ Tracy Birch and Eileen Albrizio knew that a few minutes in the sun were better than a few minutes in class. k r David Thomas, George Giovino, and Joe Budonaro relaxed for a while in the summer sunshine. 18 Soup ' s On! The students don ' t seem to mind the mess as much as the faculty does. Donna Barry grabs a bite while studying for an approach- ing class. A variety of food is available to lunchtime buyers. Ned LaGoy says " Milk is a natural! " 19 New York, New York In December of 1980, a group of Northwest students took a field trip to New York City. The students earned this opportunity by selling 20 or more subscrip- tions during our annual Magazine Drive. After a show at Radio City, the students were allowed to go out on their own. Many went window shopping, others tested various restaurants. The trip was a tremendous success and was enjoyed by all. Everyone needs munchies for a long trip. A sign of relief. Kathi Shangraw knows that there ' s no pretzel like a New York pretzel! 20 A rowdy crowd was always an encouragement for team victory. Get the Indian Beat Spirit is greatly enhanced by the fact that Northwest has so much about which to get excited. The sports teams, especially basketball, were fantastic. Attendance at the games were spectacular, and enthu- siasm ran high while team support was adamant. Everyone in the school came together both physically in the building, and mentally through their common bond. Co-captains Nancy Hayes and Nancy Flaherty helped to get us " Up on topi " Ellen Dougherty and Lynn Mendola showed classic school spirit by getting ready for the big game. The fame of our drill team reaches " All over the world. " 21 Holly Harding and Tom Brewer add to the fun of the Junior Ring Dance. Dance the Night . . . Dances are held in Northwest ' s cafeteria approxi- mately every two months. The first one held is usually a dance exclusively for the Freshmen. This event, spon- sored by Student Council, is designed to allow new stu- dents to become acquainted outside of a school atmos- phere. A Junior Ring Dance is held late in the year to cel- ebrate the unification of the class, during which the stu- dents receive their class rings. A Semi-Formal, Junior Prom, and Senior Prom are affairs greatly enjoyed by the participants. Leslie Deuel shows the typical enthusiasm at the Junior Rjng Dance. Bill Frobel and his date dance up a storm at the Semi-formal. Bill O ' Connor catches the beat at an NWC dance. 22 NWC had a good time dancing. . . . Away Joe Young struts his stuff at the Junior Ring Dance. 23 24 Northwest Catholic is known for the traditional education it offers its students. Those who take advantage of the opportunities offered academically, benefit from the solid courses and genuine interest shown by teachers. Our purpose is to develop maximum academic skills and Christian values to prepare Northwest students for higher education and service to society. This objective is obvious to visitors who examine our school offerings and spiritual life. Honors courses, the Satellite Program, and college instruction at St. Joseph ' s College all add depth to an already solid in-school program. 25 Learning Experiences Teachers constantly search for ingeni- ous and inventive ways to test each stu- dent ' s knowledge. Some prefer the unan- nounced quizzes, both written and oral, while others prefer the dreaded weekly tests. Junior year is an eventful one for the Northwest Catholic students. That ' s the year where one is exposed to the required and most tedious typed research paper which requires footnotes, a bibliography, note cards, etc. The only fault with this system is that students have already been familiarized with this system by another teacher and as a result have already learned the procedure espe- cially through their mistakes. Homework checks, lab reports, quizzes, class partici- pation, analytical papers, demonstra- tions, essays, research papers and oral reports are all a part of the academic cur- riculum at Northwest which is designed to prepare each student for college and or the working world. Sophomore Lenore Hogan found that teaching biology was more difficult than she had imagined. " Mix three cups of flour with a tablespoon of milk and fry it ' til it ' s blood warm. " Betsy Lawyer reluctantly pulls the covering from her typewriter Terry Keevers pulls her papermate through morning exercises. A guest speaker shows interested art students different aspects of his occupation. Speakers are often invited by teachers to explain to stu- dents the versatility of their fields or how to apply the knowl- edge to day-to-day experiences. The cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course, offered during Mrs. Florio ' s Human Body Systems class, was a great success. The stu- dents and the teacher, Dr. Kwartin, both found it to be a very rewarding experience. Ellen Dougherty, Mrs. Stepnick, and Mary Pat Fellenz examine the master- pieces presented in the art book. Dr. Kwartin donated his time and mannequins to the Human Body Systems classes in order to teach a CPR course. mmmmmm Mr. Shukie practiced resuscitation on this mannequin so that he would be prepared if the need ever arose. le vais nous allocs il Vflb MS VoOt •i° c I ■» .» ; ' % ' ? 0» « 3 „ Senior Matt Brewer contemplates the situation at hand. « ' « " - » ' ' " « 4 c T sias 1 1 hate I s Wy o V| voO to eres el es v sF- .- 5 7 elbft sen lam who am. s n co l Lisa Ferreira and Jackie Dean readied for class. Bruce Twambly settled down to some extremely exciting Physics research. These underclassmen, while seemingly hard at work, are listening to the painful groans of their hungry stomachs at the end of fourth period. 28 Craig Hickey learns as he lounges in a secluded cafeteria corner. Understanding a subject can give a person an exhilerated feeling. Twice a year, during the third week of January and the middle of June, students at Northwest are made to go through a torture period commonly known as exams. Actu- ally, exams begin for prospective students prior to accept- ance. All of the secondary schools in the Archdiocese require an entrance exam upon which the school bases their choice. Members of the Junior and Senior classes are quite familiar with the major known by the ominous names of PSATs, SATs and Achievements. If Freshmen and Sopho- mores thought exams were a hassle, wait until they ' re faced with these. The hour and a half allotted to mid-year and final exam periods requires many hours of study and preparation for most students. Last minute cramming and reviewing are done in any space available — regardless of whether it would help or not. Charlie Melanson reflects on the underlying implications of white lined notebook paper. Dean Morgan analyzes the intense material. Mike Cavanaugh sneaks a quick snack before Physics class. 29 The spiritual department at Northwest had a daily part in each stu- dent ' s stay: The prayer, composed of a reading, intentions, and an occasional song, begins the day. Special events are commemorated with masses or a prayer service. Each class had a mass planned by and devoted to themselves. Upon the death of our Vice-Principal, prayer services were held in the chapel throughout the day. A mass for the Johnson family was held in the auditorium as the Month ' s Mind. When the hostages were returned to the U.S., a day was dedi- cated to give thanks for their well-being. There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to uproot the plant. A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to tear down, and a time to build. A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to build. A time to scatter stone, and a time to gather them; a time to embrace, and a time to be far from embraces. A time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away. A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to be silent, and a time to speak. A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. — Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 30 32 The individuals at Northwest Catholic are as unique as the institution itself. As with a community atmosphere, people participate actively in various aspects of school life. The diverse backgrounds blend together to form a caring environment in which we work and play. Our school is not defined by the stereotypic images frequently associated with a Catholic high school. We incorporate many backgrounds, ethnic mixes, socio-economic groups, and geographic areas. We are better for it. The poeple of Northwest reflect a truer picture of the real world. Together we grow academically, intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually. People In Memoriam MR. ROBERT C. JOHNSON January 9, 1939 — November 22, 1980 When we came to school that Monday morning, November 24, time stood still. We had all been notified of the sudden and tragic death of Mr. Robert C. Johnson, our Assistant Principal and Dean of Students, the previous Saturday. He was only forty-one years old a gentle and compassionate man, whose calm always made us feel stronger than we really were. Mr. Johnson was the epitome of Northwest Catholic High School. He would have been tremendously proud of the support we showed for one another and for his family. Teachers, administrators, and students were not ashamed to cry or to express their extreme sorrow together Many of us went to Chapel to pray, to prayer services in the auditorium, to the wake, and to the funeral. The tragedy of Mr Johnson ' s death telescoped our community in a way that can not be denied. It brought into focus very clearly something that Mr. Johnson knew and lived so well: That life is very short, very fragile; that we are not in control of all that happens; and most importantly, that the quality of how we live is so much more significant than how long we live. As Assistant Principal, Mr. Johnson brought calm to many a troubled situation. He was a quiet man. a gentle man, a Christian man He knew how to listen without over-reacting, without getting angry. He listened with compassion and understanding. Each individual was appre- ciated for his or her own uniqueness. He knew when to listen and when to speak, when to wait and when to act. Our lives have been enriched for having known Mr. Bob Johnson. One of his favorite expressions was by Von Goeth " If you treat an indi- vidual as he is, he will stay as he is; but if you treat him as if he were what he ought to become and could become, he will become what he ought to be. Because Mr. Johnson has touched our lives, we will become a little more gentle, a little more compassionate, and a little more loving. 34 SR. MARY FAITH GLEELAN, Assistant Principal and Dean of Studies. During our stay at N.W.C., we all have come to know the administration in various ways. Whenever aca- demic concerns arise, we find our way to Sr. Mary Faith. It is Sr. Mary Faith who listens to our complaints and patiently guides us in our educational goals. Without her guidance, students would have dropped courses and made decisions which they would have later regretted. SR. DORIS REGAN, Principal. The principal of Northwest for the past four years, Sr. Doris originally was a Latin teacher here. Now, she is the dominent figure in our com- munity. As principal, she is able to channel the diverse make-up of our school toward the goal of a Christian com- munity. With her guidance, our coming together becomes a reality. MR CHARLES LARSON, Dean of Students. Appointed temporary Dean of Students after the tragic and sudden death of Mr. Johnson, Mr. Larson has assumed the duties with the same skill and care that he brings to his many suc- cessful basketball teams. Enforcing discipline brings Mr. Larson close to students, assisting them with care to work out problems because of his background in the guidance field. Administration 35 If she was left on a deserted island, she would want only a few vital items with her film— and camera equip- ment, paints and paper, a stereo, and, of course, her Jackson Browne albums. Miss Dennehy, " Mo " to her friends, has been teach- ing at Northwest for four years. She likes teaching in a Catholic high school because she is familiar with the system. She was born in New Britain, Connecticut, went to Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, then to Villanova University in Pennsylvania. After a few teaching jobs, she came to Northwest to teach reading and English. She loves to teach and has found her years at North- west to be " a real learning experience. " She describes the Northwest community as a special, different one, where the people seem to really care. She also thinks that the kids here are concerned with their education, whether they admit to it or not. Aside from teaching, though, she claims she has a creative desire to fill. She loves art — water colors and sketching — and her favorite color is blue. " I have a lot of yellow things in my room, but once I get them, I always wish they were blue. " Her real interest, however, is in photography. It is an expression, she says, of lots of different things. " What I ' d really like, you know, what my life time goal is, is to be a photographer for Sports Illustrated. " She laughed for a minute and then became serious, " But then I ' d have to leave Northwest. " 1. MRS. ANA BARRETT, Lan- guage Department: " Espanol, si, achino? " 2. DR. JOSEPH BELLIZZI, School Doctor: " Six years of medical school . . . " 3. FR. LAWRENCE BOCK, Reli- gion Department: " Relation- ships are the core of educa- tion. " 4. MRS. MATILDA BOLTON, Lan- guage Department: " ;Ay Car- amba! " 36 Faculty 3 1. MS CAROL CANORA, Science Department Chairman: " Oh ndn-bright one, it ' s called homework. " 2. , MR. DANIEL CARNEY, English Department: " That was not your typical high school play. " MR. JESSE CORCIULLO, Band: " Trombone section, you have an assignment . . . " 4. SR. CORNELIA COUGHLIN, Math Department: " Will the next seven students please go up to the board? " MAUREEN DENNEHY, Is that 5. MS English Department legal sweater? " 6. MR. ROBERT DEBURRO, Eng- lish and Social Studies Depart- ments: " There ain ' t no such thing as a free lunch. " 7. MR. ROBERT EMOND, Social Studies Department: " Com- pared to what . . . " 8. MR. RONALD FENN, Depa rtment: " Algebra, beautiful. " 4 I Faculty 37 1. MRS. LORRAINE FLORIO, Sci- ence Department: " At this stage of the game . . . " 2. MRS. LORI FULLER, Math Department Chairman: " But that doesn ' t help us any does it? " 3. SR. LENORE GORMAN, Para- professional: " That ' s what the instructions say. " 4. MR. MICHAEL GRIFFIN, Reli- gion Department: " Be quiet during the prayer! " Mrs. Lorraine Florio, who teaches biology, is a unique individual. She majored in nursing at the Hartford Hos- pital School of Nursing; and, as a Registered Nurse, she taught the Nursing Arts. It was then that she was first exposed to students and the teaching profession in gen- eral. Although she had already received a B.S. in Nurs- ing and Service, she returned to Central Connecticut State College to continue her education. She received her Master ' s of Education in the biological sciences and became a teacher. Mrs. Florio has been teaching at Northwest for eight years now; and although she is married with three chil- dren, she still finds time to be active at our school. She has been appointed as moderator of the National Honor Society and she wishes to involve the members in serv- ice and leadership, explaining, " I strongly feel that the members of the Society should be leaders - not just scholastically, though. They should be applying their knowledge which qualified them to join the group in the first place. " Mrs. Florio is very happy with our school and the envi- ronment that surrounds us during our sometimes long schooldays. She says that she has missed only about 10% of the basketball games in the past eight years. She has had many positive experiences here and she enjoys the strong community which exists at Northwest. " Everyone works closely together and in unison, " she commented, " But the real value of our community is our diversity. " 38 Faculty r V 1. MRS. MILDRED HAGEARTY, Guidance Department: " Do you have any back-ups? " 2. MRS. LAURA HANSEN, English Department, " Don ' t give me that gobbledegook! " 3. MRS. MARY FRAN HEN- NESSY, English Department: " Put it in your journals. " 4. MR. KEN HERZOG, Religious Studies Department Chairman: " Hello Mickey! " 5. MRS. BARBARA FANNING IORILLO, Language Depart- ment: " Buenas tardes. iQue diaes? " 6. MRS. DENISE JACOBS, Busi- ness Department: " A moment of meditation . . . " 7. MRS. DEBBIE LUSTER, Sci- ence Department: " Utilize . . . " 8. MRS. MYRNA LYSEVICK, Speech and Therapy Depart- ment: " Raise your hand when you hear the sound. " 1. MRS. JANET MALUCCIO, Math Department: " It ' s not that hard. " 2. MS. SUSAN MALONEY, Social Studies Department: " Why don ' t you just cruise on down to the office? " 3. MS. KATHLEEN McDERMOTT, Religion Department: " Sing along . . . " 4. MRS. PATRICIA McGRAT H, Health Education and Guidance Department: " What ' s your class rank? " 5. FR. JOHN McHUGH, Spiritual Life Director: " Get a grip peo- ple! " 6. MR. DANIEL MARCUS, English Department: " Another big night for Mr. Mike. " 7. MR. THOMAS MOORE, Social Studies Department: " Don ' t you know? " 8. MR. ED NOONAN, English Department, " That ' s a joke! Get it? " 40 Faculty Miss Sue Maloney has joined the Northwest Catholic fac- ulty this past year. She graduated from Central Connecticut State College in December, 1979. She received a B.S. in the educational major of Social Sciences. Although this has been her first year of teaching, she was not new to our school com- munity. Miss Maloney has been a cheerleading coach since the age of fifteen. She has been coaching our team for four years. " Teaching is not the same as coaching, " she says. " When coaching, one is involved with the school, but only when prac- ticing or participating in a game. Now, I am in contact with the students in a different way. " In her opinion what has changed the most is that she must prepare for all her classes. When we asked her what she did in her spare time, she became very serious and reflective. Then she smiled, " Spare time? Who has spare time? " In reality, she coaches the cheerleading squad because she has fun while doing so. She enjoys coach- ing because she feels that kids don ' t have anyone who cares enough about them to spend the time needed. In a shocked tone of voice she commented, " I think I ' m the only coach who sits on the bench with the cheerleaders. " She is convinced that our girls have immense potential and she wants to make them use it to their fullest. She can relate to kids easily, and communication is so important. Although young, she is able to gain respect from her stu- dents and also from the rest of the faculty. She feels that the staff has been very supportive and understanding. All in all, Miss Maloney is happy to be here and we ' re glad she is too. 1. MRS. SANDRA NUSSMAN, Business Department: " Time is money. " 2. MRS. PHYLLIS OPINSKY, School Nurse: " What class are you going to? " 3. MRS. JOYCE O ' ROURKE, Physical Education Depart- ment: " Where are your gym clothes this week? " 4. MS. MELLY PUNONGBAYAN, Home Economics Department: " You ' re late ag m! " Faculty 41 Ji 1. MR. PAUL REARDON, English Department Chairman: " What is this? " 2. MR. RICHARD RICE, Guidance Department Chairman: " Are your applications in yet? " 3. MRS. VIRGINIA ROBINSON, Music Department: " Good Chorus, don ' t talk during rehearsal. " 4. MRS. MARY LOUISE ROLAND, Language Department: " Please don ' t throw the little stringy pieces of paper on the floor. " 5. MR. GARY RUGGERI, Science and Mechanical Drawing Departments: " Don ' t give me that look Bucko! " 6. MRS. CAROL SCHAVE, Math Department: " I ' ll check that out tonight. " 7. MR. JOHN SHUKIE, Social Studies Department Chairman: " The CROSS is back! " 8. MR. NICK SOLLITTO, English Department: " Idealist and Real- ist .. . " W 1 A M Pi rw ' 1 ' r If .M A 42 Faculty 2. MR. WALTER STOSUY, Physi- cal Education Department Chairman: " Listen Up! " 3. MRS. KAREN SULLIVAN, Lan- guage Department: " We really should get back to Latin. " 4. SR. PEGGY SWICKARD, Sci- ence Department: " So far, no one has made a single mis- take. " Mr. Dan Marcus has found teaching to be a very rewarding career. He first began teaching high school English with the intention of moving on to the college level. " After teaching at Northwest for a few years, " he commented, " I began to realize that not only did I love the subject of English, but also, I really enjoyed working with high school aged peo- ple _ sometimes scholar and clown, child and adult, Esme and Seymour. He she has enough sophistication to be an academic challenge but not enough to be locked into the self-importance gen- erated by the college years. " To Mr. Marcus, the Northwest student has been special. He has chaperoned many overnight camp- ing trips and ski trips during the past twelve years, and rarely has he been forced into a position of authority. He has always felt at " home " here and he hopes that he has made his students feel the same way. If Mr. Marcus were to leave the field of teaching it would probably be to pursue a career in writing. He says that he would like to put to use the skills he has learned through the teaching of writing; " teaching is, after all, a career of learning. " Faculty 43 1. SR. ELIZABETH TRAVERS, Religion Department: " Do not doodle in your books. " 2. MRS. AUDREY VANBROCK- LIN, Math Department: " One step at a time! " 3. MRS. CLAIRE WELDON, Lan- guage Department Chairman: " Ne parlez plus! La cloche a sonne! " 4. MRS. RUTH WOLFSON, Psy- chiatric Consultant: " Anytime you want to talk, I ' m always here. " 5. MR. JOHN YARDLEY, Religion Department: " Let ' s call it a day. " Mr. Shukie and Mr. Stosuy: " We didn ' t mean to make him cry! " 44 Faculty Creating order and maintain- ing efficiency is the school ' s competent office staff: MRS. judi camaione, sr. kateri McCaffrey, mrs. anna sanford, mrs. alma ristau, mrs. diane lubynsky. The Lunch Serving Line: " May I see your senior I.D.? " ' MR. ALFRED BEAULIEU, Building Superintendent: " You can always check out, but you may never leave! " Support Staff 45 ' We all vent our frustrations differently . " " You ' ve got to be kidding! " | 1 ■ .; 1 v- . T t B I I C Michelle Adams Timothy Alix Mike Alquist Marhta Amat Lisa Amato Daniel Andrews Mary Louise Arend Cathy Barnett Christopher Berl Theodore Boland William Borcher Lu-Anne Bordonaro Darrell Borger Steven Brady Siobhan Breton Manbeth Brewer Robert Brimmer Delroy Brooks Anne Canny Michael Claffey Thomas Clark Brian Coco Laurine Coco Matthew Cody Cindy Coffin Anne Connors Patrice Cormier Mickelle Couloute Steven Cudo PaulCullina Ann Daly Jeffrey DaMotta Albert Daniel Starry Davis vlarilia De Mouracastro Martha Deneen Matthew Deneen Drew Denges Grace Dennison Tina Devanney Jim Devel Megan Diviney Mary Ellen Doherty Jackie Doner Tom Donnellan Christine Dougherty Anna Maria Douglas — 46 Freshmen John Duggan Mariana Evica Molly Facey Martha Fellenz Megan Fellenz Curtis Ferriere Ray Fitzgerald Julie Flaherty David Forbes Marie Fortier Andrea Francis Matthew Frazier Bridget Gaddy Kimberly Gagnon Anthony Gerdin Don Gerow Teresa Giegel Peter Giliberto James Giuliano Scott Glazier Taegan Goddarel Meg Grady Etienne Grant Maureen Griffith Robert Grimes MikeGrob Peter Hagearty Elizabeth Halberstadt John Hampton Erik Hansen Andrea Harris Anna Maria Hayes Scott Hesketh Stephanie Hirnak Jasmine Innerarity Carol Jacobs Lynette Jacobs Frank Jeney Christopher Johnson Tim Kahlman Lori Kallaugher Don Kane Janet Kapouch Julie Keefe Patricia Keightly Tom Kelly James Klim Kevin Kopcza Sandy Kowalchek Stephen Kristofak Mark Lattanzi Armand Lattizon Peta Lawson Myles Leavitt Michael L ' Estrange Lisa Levine Freshman Class Officers: Chris Nakhoul, president, Patricia Randall, vice president; Meg Grady, treasurer; Tara Witik, sec- retary. Freshmen 47 Dwight Lewis Stacey Lloyd Chad Lowd Katie Maloney Mary Kate Marques Ava Martin Mike Mayes Susan Mayes Peter McCarthy Karen McGivney Stephen McGough Alan Mcllveen Karen McKenna Donald Melanson Patricia Melley Sandi Miller Thomas Michalski Owen Mohan Peggy Mulshine Lisa Nadeau Chris Nakihoul Cathy Neptin Clara Neptin Pedro Nunez Carey O ' Brien Jim O ' Brien Kathleen O ' Meara James Parlee Mary Pellino Carolina Petrella Robert Pickering Ward Pinney Diane Pinto Richard Pitek Shawn Powell Kathleen Quinn Sandra Quinn Paricia Randall Natalie Reese Susan Rodgers Kasey Rogers David Roncaioli Paul Ruddy Gonzalo Ruiz Joaguin Ruiz Brian Santos Joseph Sargis Mary Lee Sawka Michelle Shank Ellen Shea Janice Simoneau Avis Smith Greg Smith Jackie Sosna Amy St. Pierre Oleyetta Stallworth Sheila Stubbs Sahron Sweeny Ronald Thompson Kathryn Toohey Kathleen Tracey Marua Travers Dan Tyler Matt Tyler Judy Urban Wendy Velasco Suzanne Violette John Wain Chris Walsh Kathleen Walsh John Walters Laura Wennerberg Neal Wholey Lisa Wiggs Kathleen Williams Margaret Wise Tara Witik DeleneZeph Elizabeth Zinkann ■48 Freshmen Sophomore Class Officers: Lauren Casey, secretary; Kathy Wood, vice president; Sara Doyle, president; Meg Gleason, treasurer. Tony Ackels Mary Adakonis Dan Albani PDF 1 !! KPKR Holly Alexander Matt Alix Julie Allard Jeffery Alquist Tina Amato Barbara Antoniak Keith Asuncion Kent Avery Jessica Banks Claudia Barbien Robbin Barlow MaryBeth Barnard Christine Barnett Kelly-Ann Barrett Ann Barsianti Matt Bassano Christine Bedard Frank Bell Timothy Beneski Antionette Bennett Lynne Bergeron Richard Berry Robert Blase Marc Bourbeau Suzanne Brady Sharon Brooks Wiston Brooks Courtney Brown David Camilleri Joan Carlson Robert Carlson i Carlton Valerio Carpi Ray Carrassco a Carrier en Casey laChamerda -i Chenard sophomores 49 • Christopher Cobb Allison Condit Edward Connors Adam Corjulo Kerry Cronin Mary Lynn Crosson Patrick Cullina Patricia Curis Kevin Curley Judith Czaja Patricia D ' Addeo Robert Daigneau James Daley Sarah Dalton Ellen Daiy Alyce Davis Diane Desjardins Susanne DiBeneddetto Greg Dillworth Sean Donnelan John Dannelly Justin Donnelly Brigid Donohue Marua Dugherty Lee Dowden Ann Driscoll Sara Doyle Sarah Duprey Lori Elkey Antoinette Ellison Robert Farrell Sameul Farrer Ron Ferri Astread Ferron Valerie Ficara Kathy Fitzgerald Scott Folia Elizabeth Forand Elizabeth Forbes Robert Frobel Antonio Gadson Margo Gagliardi Jill Gagne Marie Garlasco Renee Gary Tom Gaughan Laurie Garlasco Darlene Girard Joseph Girard Meg Gleason Kathleen Gluth Meg Goodyear Christine Graft Hilary Grant Justin Grant Donna Green Lorraine Grenier John Griffin Kary Kate Haley Allison Hampton Clarence Harold Wendy Hatch Mike Healy Kelly Henderson Craig Hickey Tom Hillard Rosetta Hinds Lenore Hogan Peter Hough Ellen Janisewski James Jenkins Yes, I do have my homework done today. ■50 Sophomores — Eugene Jopeck Michael Kahlman Patrick Kavanagh Mary Beth Kearney Margaret Keefe Hope Kelly Kym Kennedy Maria Klimas Paul Knierim Catherine Krenicky Barbara Krieger David LaPorte Foster Leavitt Lisa Lemmis Kimberly Lemon Maureen Lennon Angela Lewis Chris Lewis Michael Lewis Christopher Liebig Patty Liner Kathy Lisevick Adoria Lispcome Eileen Liss John Little Christine Long Gayle Looney Jennifer Long Dawn Lysak Denise Lysak Judith Malcolm Raymond Malcolm Jack Maletta Joseph Manasia Gregory Marshall Matthew Marafino Robert Martin Delia Martinez Lynda Maxell Alicia McCarthy Julie McElaney Jockline McKoy Robert McNally Kathleen McNutty John Melly Tammy Mendes Debra Mendola Kurt Mintell John Monahan Robert Moreau Peter Mullings Kelly Murray Robin Nelson Michael Nicolay ' " •hevonne Norman Kathy O ' Brien ConnaO ' Callaghan Thomas O ' Connell William O ' Connell Edward O ' Connor Anne Ohleiser Judith Ortiz Courtney Orio James Pabich Sophomores 51 Linda Parker Tim Parker James Pascarelli Carole Paslula Lucy Perez Brian Perry John Peterson Chris Pittman Kelly Pittman John Poisson Carol Quinn Kerry Quinn Herbert Reeves Michael Rossi Diane Rossini Bonnie Royce Terry Ryan Molly Kate Sabella Michael Santos Sebbie Sanzario Timothy Sarr Elizabeth Scully Fred Serafini Rosemary Shea Cheryl Sims Annemarie Smith Mark St. Sauveur Pamela Stears Alcurtis Stewart Navis Stewart Greg Strong Maureen Stubbs Lori Stuart Edward Sweeny Greg Szcepkowski Tammy Taylor Teresa Thomas Patrick Tierney Tony Toland Maureen Townsend Tim Tressy Ellen Trumbour Thomas Tseka MarkTwambly Michelle Valence Peter Van Schaack MikeViolette Lisa Virtue Monique Wade Lisa Walczewski Joyce Washington Robert Waters Lucy Wendorff Keith Werle Anthony White Stephen White Joseph Whittel Marcia Wilkerson Gregory Williams Jayne Williams Michael Wilson Wendy Winslow Christine Woble Catherine Wood Jennifer Wowak Timmy Wright John Zito Ron Zurinskus w np — 52 Sophomores ■ No, I didn ' t forget my lines. This is a dramatic pause. , - : z j ™ - j -f, T, - .le. And they said it couldn ' t be done % he Andrea Ackels . Walter Aldave - Anne Allard Frank Amat Paul Amato Meryth Andrews P Sheila Andrus Chris Asuncion Pam Attardo AnnMarie Barbieri Cynthia Barrett Nicole Barry Carla Bazzano David Beaverstock Michael Bednarz Eloise Bennett Courtney Billington _£. Stephanie Blackburn t Karen Blassingame P TullyBlinn pavid Blo uc icott Bolaen Angerine Brady Timothy Brazel Tom Brewer Brandie Brown Chris Brunner Liz-Ann Bureau John Byrne Derek Calhoun Mia Calderelli Walter Campbell Anthony Carpi Kerry Casey Michael Cavanagh Amy Chambers r w Judith Chambers ( Karyn Chamerda Angela Champagnie AmyChesnut John Coco Sherry Coco s c o Joan Cody $ Noreen Coffey Mike Coleman O " — w? i CTrcrTT xPA v-v y0V oc ) a - luniors 53 All for one, and one for all Terry Conlon Patrick Conway Vicki Cooper Amanda Corjula James Cosgrove Paula Cote Thomas Coughlin Roseanne Craemer MaryBeth Crawley Stephen Curley Andrea Curran Ellen Dakin Brian Dalton Bridget Daly Marie DeMaio Leslie Deuel Kerryann DiBenedetto Patricia DiMinno Paula Doucette Elizabeth Dougherty Delroy Douglas Willie Dowden Catherine Dowling Carrie Doyle AnnMarie Droney Diane Duffy Cassandra Dunn Margaret Eagan Michael Edwards Susanne Ernst Donato Errico Valerie Farrell Peter Fellenz MaryKay Fenton Alphonse Ferriere Karen Fisk Nancy Flaherty Susan Flaherty Paula Fon._ Eileen Fortier Edward Francoeur Maureen Gaffney Marueen Galligan Susan Gamba Theresa Garrain TomikaGary Chris Gauthier CharaGi • 54 Juniors Paul Given Peter Gobes Tim Gormley Derek Green Mark Green John Gregor Timothy Griffin John Hagearty Elizabeth Harding Holly Harding Glynis Hargrove Rachel Hart Nancy Hayes Sean Hayes Elizabeth Herbert James Hudak Mary Hudnall Matt Hufford Geraldine Hurley Phil Jeffrey BethAnn Johnson Christopher Kearns Jerry Keefe Cynthia Keevers Deborah Keightley Tom Kelly Julie Klim Sheileen Kostek Sharon Kristofak Patrice Landers Susan Larson Deyon Lazarus Wilder Leavitt Monica Lemieux Martha Lennox Catherine Levine Kathleen Liner Martin Lisevick Joesph Liss David Lizotte Julianne Long AnnMarie Lynch Brian Lysak Mike Mabee Thomas Malone Geraldy Martinez Yvonne McKoy Andrea Maye 1. This stuff is so easy, Bruce doesn ' t even have to open the book. 2. Anyone for chicken fights? — Juniors 55- Robert Mayes Barbara Mazotas Ducan McAndrews Patrick McGoldrick Anita Mcllveen David McKinney Brendan McKibbin Thomas McMahon John Mendes Patricia Meyer Dave Mintell Darlene Mitchell Matt Mitchell Teresa Mobilio Suzanne Moreau Katy Morse Marigrace Mulshine Dan Murphy Trisha Murphy Kathleen Murray Ann Namnoun Erin Newland Jenny Notte Jose Nunez Nora O ' Brien Bill O ' Connor Thomas O ' Neill Catherine O ' Toole Deborah Pace Katherine Parker Susan Pastula Milagritos Pedace Robert Pellino Claudia Perez Eric Peterson Gisella Patrella Anne Pinney Joan Politis Allison Rock Christine Redler Paula Reeves Jordon Rich Roxanne Richardson Peter Roach Zina Roderick Adam Rog Erin Rogers AnnMarie Roncaioli Christin Rossi Sharon Royce Carmen Ruiz Ann Russo Audrey Samolyk Beth Santangelo Richard Santos Sherry Sanzario Danny Sawka ThereseSchiffer Patricia Scully Karen Shaughnessy Barbara Shay Susan Shimkus Charles Simmons Cathleen Sisk Tracy Snyder Arthur Spada AnneSponzo Carol Steadman Martha Stebbins Tracey Stone Katherine Stovall •56 Juniors- There ' s a little devil in all of us. ■I The ring leaders at the Junior Ring Dance. Stephanie Strickland Beth Sutherland William Teillier Renee Thresher Mary Cay Tierney Heather Tinker RomonaTodd Ed Trifari Kevin Trombley Heidi Turner Bruce Twambly Mary Verfurth Michelle Walker Sue Walsh Bill Walsh Rosa Weeks Cheryl Weissenburger James Whalen Terence Wolfe Richard Yannetta Janis Young Joseph Young Joseph Zinkann Juniors 57 — Class officers: Pres., Kate Bellizzi; Treas., Bucky Van Schaak. V. Pres., Sheila Walsh; Sec, Chris Shea Sometimes it seems this year sort of ran by — not always at race pace, but often kind of quick. Locker combinations were still being remembered and still being forgotten, when Spring came with the leaves and with the end. There was something about this year that made it different. Maybe it was the fact that we were the oldest (finally!), or maybe it was grad- uation itself, or perhaps, instead, it was that this year for some par- ticular reason we all decided to come together as Seniors, as our- selves, and laugh a little. •• ' ' ZjHI .iorsSeSeniorsSen.orsSeniorsSen rsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSen.orsSemorsSemorsSen.orsSeniorsSen orsSeniorsSen.orsSen.orsSen, .SeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSeniorsSe 59 nn SENIOR PATIO PRIVILEGE allows Riberia Stallworth, Jeanine Reed and Jackie MacArthur to enjoy their lunch period in the sun. Martin G. Adams " Marty, " When this you see, remember me and bear it In your mind; let all the world say what they may; speak of me as you findl " football 87, CS500, The Who, Pumpkins, Bullet, NY. ' 80. Eileen Marie Albrizio " The sun will come out tomorrow. " Spe- cial friends, Annie, Karen, Christal, Tracy, Fame, Opal ' s baby, Rosie, Chorus, It ' s my turn, N.Y.C. David Anthony Amaral " If you think you missed the boat, remem- ber the TITANICI " Joseph E. Amat " Ambition is an idol, on whose wings great minds are only carried to extremes; To be sublimely great or to be nothing. " Southey. Summer ' 80, Summer internship at St. Joseph ' s College, Yale ' s seminar on applied science. Mary Elizabeth Andrew " With the past at your back and the future unsure, you asked for the chance to try. " MB., M M ' s, SWs Dart, lee, Dancing with Henri, PCN-8. Nerd Boots ' n Oi, Bye you guys. Thanks Mom and Dadl Brian McSheffery Andrus The Rock, Bunny, P.C., The Boss, Beach, Huskle Fever, Road trips. Ellen Antieau " What ' s up? " Kansas, P.M., Niles, " 500, " Gibby, McDonald ' s, cruising, Freckles, CCSC. Alan Attardo " Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced. Even a proverb is no prov- erb to you till your life has illustrated it. " — Keats. High Seas, Jax Lab. 60 Seniors mj Peter Barrett " The good is hard " Pete, Basketball, Road trips to H.C PC, Father Ivan ' s G.G., Meatball, Jr. Prom, Camaro, M-80. Doors Donna Christine Barry s C " Happy are those who dream and are- ready to pay the price to make them come true. " Elizabeth Ann Bartus Beth, " Blush: to redden over the face, as from a sense of modesty. " John J. Beatty Kami-Kazies, Beach, John Borden, My seat in the office, Seger concert, Road trips, St. Joe ' s, Penwood, " I must be trav- eling on now, there ' s too many places I got to see. " John F. Begley " Life is either daring, adventurous, Kate or nothing at all. " Beach, " Bat out of Hell, " Road trips, Seger, Beatles, The Doors, Reservoir, Soccer " 8. " Catherine Mary Bellizzi " A joy that ' s shared Is a )oy that ' s dou- bled. " 18+BPB — Mexico ' 80 — Beaver — O ' BP-Wt ' s — Activate, All nlghters, 4 AM. 1-2 14 80, WDWGDAS, Doobles, FU, 10 23 80, JP, cheerleadlng, HB, Sun- down ' 80, CCC, TSB, The Beach. Christal Billington " Always do right; this will gratify some and astonish the rest. " Theresa Ellen Birch Tracy, Beatles, Ma Bell, Mia mi, N.Y.C., All of Us, Annie, the Norway. THE SUMMER READING can be a fall event. Diane Larson still had a few pages to turn before the October summer reading test. Seniors 61 Leonard K. Blackburn " Billman Jayman, " 454, Mailboxes ' 79, Bird. V. Baseball, " What ' s up buddy?. ACFY HA, Joe, T-Bone, Javi, Summer of ' 80 in Spain, " Every man is the architect of his own future. " Timothy Boland Slick. Curtiss, Bolhead, Cupcake, Demoli- tion ' 80, Stuck? Call Chuck, 4x4, U.S.M.C., Modo, Cheeze, Stanko, Rich Lip, Ernesto. Paul C. Bordonaro " With the ability to do, the knowledge to use, and energy to accomplish. " Lori-ann Bout " Kinky, " If you love someone you will be loyal to him no matter what the cost. You will believe in him and always stand your ground defending him. 7-5-80, Always Ray, Phil. 1:20-21 Ao L ■ ■ Robert R. Bouvier Boov, Steelworker, Chopper. Studebaker, Lorraln, Beatty ' s I.D.. Monarch, " Do you want to insure that?, " " Do you guys have to drink to have a good time? " 24 hours at a time, S and S, Take care, everyone. Gloria Jean Bowles T%j ' ° " Glo, " " The moment may be temporary ' but the memory is forever. " What ' s up Glo?, Modeling, Summer of ' 80, Hanging out at the Hideaway, Clev., Oh, Joe and Jeff, Love ya Ma, Classy Lady, Capricorn. X . SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is the popular and logical choice for Kevin Werle ' s sketch in art. 62 Seniors Eileen Marie Brennan Bren, Parties, Easy. " Quick Myrtle . . ., " Bren 7, Roadtrips, Ellen, Doobies ' 80, Settle down, Mar!, Give me morel, Bye Tra. Beach of OB ' s, Thanks Mom, Dad, Kath. Mar, El, Di! Matthew Brewer Some will go on to greater things. Some will become stagnant in their later lives. But me, I think I ' ll sit back ' way above everybody else and watch. P.S. I ' ll take the lobotomy. Patricia Ann Brewer " Far away, there In the sunshine, are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them but I believe in them and try to follow where they lead. " " Brew, " Santa, HEFW, fencing, NY, Beach ' 79, 80, El, Billy ' s, SS Marcia Marie Brook " If something In life ain ' t treating you right, then let it go, then start all over again. " Jive times. Chorus, Bootsy Fan Club, Webber. Patrick L. Brooks Hadji, Beast, " We ' re gonna play some pool slip some school, act real cool, stay out all night, just gonna feel all right " The Boss, TV ' s dogs, Formaldehyde, Hit mel, Yale Bowl, Ratman ' s bashes. Vanuel Bryant Champ, " We live not in the past, nor for the future, but moment by moment. " 1, B.B., Jam, Fan, Jumper and Stormln ' Nor- man slammln ' . Good Luck Funk Casper and K.K., I tell you, Love- ' u-Mom, Skamp. mend, John JB« ie cafeteria. WITH A LITTLE HELP from h Mend, J( ablet Uiflcradequate seaWjiQ in the c fetBrla. ' eatfty, RcwClarke will be. Joe Budonaro " Budd. " Soccer 11, Homeroom and basketball games, 9 22 79. William Carey " Bill " Kimberly Carrasco " I have never met anyone who has given me as much trouble as myself. " Kim, Vince. Me? What?!. Accidents. Got any gum, Renee?. Being absent, Gym? Deniee Elizabeth Carrier " All who see and believe in the eagle share in the freedom he feels when he flies. " Annie Get Your Gun. Longmeadow, Mass. OZ. PD. TWA Seniors 63 — STUDYING THE SUBJECT of his next sketch, Marcus Klim takes time tW J raHort in art place A _ , 1 7 reflect in art class Howard Carry ' ' Howie, " " We live In the present, so make R last. We don ' t live In the future, and cer- ! tainly not the past. " (7l Joan Casimir " Joannie " " This world is a funny place to ; live In . . . loving yourself is important, but without the love of your family and friends It ' s not the same. " Kathleen M. Chesmore Richie, Boston, Led Zeppelin, wild-times, FSH, Millwood, FP, Babes Laurie Caruso " If we learn to give ourselves, forgive oth- ers, and live with thanksgiving, we need not seek happiness — it will seek us. " Bob F. " If I could save time In a bottle, I ' d make our days last forever. " Michele Ann Cavanagh " A memory of today brightens yesterday like a brilliant rainbow. " Twirling, Track Pals, 2 14 79, Kbord, 2:00, sleddln ' , Shaderby, JP:DL, Gill, Pt ' woods, PPPals, Parties, MSJ-17: Walb, Field, A.M., Ber- muda?, Frlendsl Mary Elizabeth Clark X Ronald C. Clarke Elaine Frances Coco you do, think on these things: J[a ttC r " " Ronnie, " " Behind us Is the past. Ahead " Coc ' s " " Cocaine " " A smile can never be ope, Love. " The Writer, ChoGM, Bob of us Is the future, and In between are the kept, it can only be given away. " JP, YJ. loband JoeNeatJCoVxT-byeNWCI n Doors, " A J Cheerleadlng, Hb, Party buddies, Doo- h ' JlU , 1 1 I „ 1 A-J " las, 2 14 80, WDWGDAS, O ' BP. Bows, P -AJ J i)k D LjfcH V- " - ' , GM rn, Abigail, W FB, Pooh Corner. l 64 Seniors Mary Alice Coffey " Mares, " X-Country, Track, Girl ' s Lead- er ' s Club, Co-captain, " I hope I don ' t get lost. " Nora Collins " Grandma " Pnwd, Ike, trunk, ride, con- certs, Derby, Lo, Godzilla, Insanitie ' s just another state of mindl, " Lisa ' s dying! " " Rather laugh with a sinner than die with a saint. " . Thanks Bej; U-2-Mom and Dad. Kathleen Mary Connors " KC " " Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference. " Ski trips, Cape, SS, Boone, N-888, Doobies, MM, My cousin G Bush Cloys, P.D., J.N., It ' s over. Clay Corjulo Kara Cunningham " Times will never change, for what we ' ve shared will be forever more. " Ammy, 10, OB-lady B. Stone, P. Sisters, NA6-22-80, Bazzi, Spect, Fla, Now, NRBQ, 1240, Turn the page, 16, ME, NGTN, wamp, 137. Mary Beth Daly " Now I know how the sun must feel every time it shines. " Me and Sue, Va., Ber- muda?, P.P., Where am I?, RACP, Musi- cals, Mr. S., Doobies, What ' s left?, the sled. Grandpa N., P, J, 7, AUD, B and S. Lori-Ann D ' Addeo " Laurie " " 10 " " If something comes your way today, do It, for you may not have the chance tomorrow. " Anthony Francis Dante III Tony, Bondo. C.S. 500, Beach, Bessy. Mustangs, " Accidents will happen. " Pen- wood, Reservoir. Hubcaps. Roadtrips, " People are strange. " The Doors, The Rock, The Fields, Pumpkins, " Skiing is believing. " W LIKE ANY GOOD RUNNER, Peter O ' Callahan has to get the " feel " of the turf before running in the cross country meet. Seniors 65 Ann Darcy When throe men are of one heart, yellow earth is turned to gold. Leslie Ann Davit " Though we may part In distance, the memories of the times we ' ve spent together will last forever. " D, Newcomer, ' 81, smiles, laugh attacks, memories and friends, LR. GTR, ' 81, TYU, KBB. long talks, Thanks Paul, M D. Jacqueline T. Dean " Jackie " " It isn ' t ever the same. In time we ' ll change, but the image of this moment will never fade. This moment and you are unforgettable. " HAYFC, GOMBTK, SA, Dr, D and F, Beach Bum, EM, SEgar, BS, Lifeguards, Rainbow. Brigid DeGrandis " When you ' re tired and worn out at the end of the day. And things just don ' t seem to be going your way, even your patience has come to an end, Try taking time out and confide in a friend. " Nick, Good Luck, ' 81. Vg- CINDY HESKETH ATTEMPTS to scream as Brian Andrus and Mark Milli- gan grab her from behind. 66 Seniors Michael A. DeMaio " Mike D. " " The greatest accomplishment Is not In never falling, But rising again after you fall. " . . Beowulf. Robert Deneen " X-C, 9-2, Track, SE, Road trips, The Boss, New Years Ct. Shore, The hill. Let ' s get the paving done, O.K.? Penwood, Hoop games, Ratman ' s markers, Tug boat, Sourball. Pauline Mary De»Jin " Paul, " " Once in a while I just (get Sway from everyone and go off by Vrtyself. I never really do anything, but still [(accom- plish much. " Beach. Ski trips, N-888. Dobb, Soph. yr. B P, 3 23 79. It ' s over. Richard L. Dickens My four years at Northwest have been good to me. As we all go our separate ways, I wish good luck to everyone. Love. Rich Ellen Nicole DiLorenzo " Other people like those people that like others. " Don ' t boremeVerilnlce, Jr.Pr.S.F., OB ' s beach, Skitrips, Masse. Bb.MJS. Snellen, WBoys, JParties, Car- rots, Roadtrips, Goodfriends. Bermuda?, v__ Luvya EiDiCi i C Danniece Diniz In order to have a friend you must first become one. " Crazy Dee, Boom Boom Diniz, Sharky and Sunshine, Go forth and spread love. C f i r Anthony James Dougherty " How can I have come so far. and yet still have so far to go? " Equestrian team, Deb- bie, H.T.A, PKH. B.B.. Tubing, " Yeah right, " Kidnapping, 3 horses, Hugh, Shows. Ellen Dougherty TWA, Student Council Secretary, The rabbit, " Someday we ' ll look back on this and it will all seem funny. " — Bruce Springsteen, " Mr. Bunny, " " Laughter is just a smile that ' s out of control. " A MONA LISA SMILE on the face of Nancy Welch makes one wonder what she ' s thinking. 6 3 t V? f5U Maureen Ann Driscoll " Life can be understood by looking back- wards, but it must be lived by looking for- ward. " Jane Droney Summer of ' 80. Weekends at the P. The corner, G.T.O., J.D. ' S Chevy. Who ' s B.C. Tish?. Us lawyers, Braithy, Dronser, Lee- Lee Tush, Walgren. Martian, Sue and Billy. Bo and Edza, Doors. Boston — Home tonight, Steppen Wolf, Cartrips, Fran and Gram. Susanna Egan Sue, " More than yesterday, ' ess than tomorrow. " I leave with Billy as usual, and loving him more and more every day! I ' ll never forget the good times; especially, 2nd. 600, 79. Carlos Espinoza " I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas " What will 1991 select?. N20 or 100 amidst the Alien Rock of Heldons stand by., I did not choose to be what I am. It is my karma. " Seniors 67 WHEN YOU REALLY are from East Granby, as Kathi Shangraw, Mr. Mar- cus ' jokes really hit home. : a- — __ H w ?J$ mm James E. Farley " Snatch, " " I ' ve been in trouble since I don ' t know when, I ' m in trouble now, and I know somehow I ' ll find trouble again. " Basketball, WDSPT, Stones, Dance. Mary Pat Fellenz " Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, live today. " French club, Skiing, Changing in parking lots m Lisa Ferreira " Live and let live, and leave! " " How ' s life?. Life isn ' t that bad, but it could be worse!, Oh Brickies, I forgot it again! ' Cy Joseph Flanne Crash ' 79, " Get a haircut! " V.W., Lawn job?? Lisa Fleury " There ' s a time to love, to laugh, and to cry, but there is always a time to hope. " Spanish Club, Chorus, Piano accompany- ing. Tutoring, Pep club, Yearbook Patricia N. Folia " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. " What?, Tilt, My cousin, Scout, OBP, PF17, Rndtp, 2 14 80, Hey you, St. As. " If I can get you to smile before I leave. " Jean Fortier " A little shy. a little sly. a little more than meets the eye. The quieter ones are the slyer ones. " F.H., SE, Micky ' s, SA, Doug and Jean ' 79, LO maybe, Dr. FandD. Mama ' C ' s, May 6. KP, JD, JS. KS, EF William Frobel " Do Me " Baseball fever. Frobes. Frilly Bibble, Husband: Cheaper by the Dozen!. 68 Seniors Kiorpf da . ufl CoUES t SA- [ " Mary Frothingham " Sing for the day. sing for the moment, sing for the times of your life . . . " 300 " , 6th study. " Mango, " Wifey, What is this? Ann Gaff ney The night, Jr. Prom, Deercliff, And that was close, Cheerleading, Track, Block Island, — ' 80, Doobies and Elton J., O ' Brien ' s den, Saint Patrick ' s Day, Good Luck everybody. K, H, and H ' sl , Brian M. Gallagher " Brian, " " The only way to success is through effort. " Tara Louisa Gallagher " Good times, good friends, and good memories are forever " 1977 — Short hair honeys, W.O.A.. Cindy and Mich, Boston ' 78, Barb and Donna live. The Gang, 6th study, F.D.I., Loomy Men, 10 27 79, Thanks Mom — 1981. Chris Garcia Ratman. XC, 9-2. Tugs Doobies, Boss, Door Rules, Me and the boys, SB, Eggroll, SE. Patty ' s or bust. JV ' s den, WDSP, Fall blast, Don ' t write on me, Stonehill, Mega $. Rebel, POW. Trunk stop, Field convoy, Cougar X. Thanks Pops. Ulysses " Uie " Garcia Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Sharon Royce, Dave the Wave, Mary Lou, Funk squad, Joe and Jeff, Body, Skamp, Stew, Joe O., All HCC and all state 1st team, Hamilton, Jose, " Pleasant memories. " Chris Garlasco Prime objective — FUN. six, ' Hoover Cheese. Bolhead, Stanko, Ernie, Rtohard Lip. $w Laurie A. Giegel TWA, Strawberries. Noweca, French Club Treas.. Rocky I and II, Jae-fleeing and midnight. SOKP. M.S. and E. and the beach, Susie ' s pic. in P ' s locker. Jogging in the rain, Musicals. Chang in park, lot, Friends 4-ever CALCULATING THE COEFFICIENT of sliding friction, Stephen Hilliard puzzles over the answer during his third period physics lab. Seniors 69 Robert Gionfriddo Bob. G-Man. " I been livin ' , I had to take my time and change my style. Now I won- der, is something going to make it all worthwhile? I know there ' s more than meets the eye . " Kansas George J. Giovino " If it feels good, do it! " 65 Skylark, Ameri- can Glggolo, " Thank God it ' s Friday. " Franklin Ave. Italian Festival. Karen Girard " I wanna go home. " FLA, M.U., my yel. conv. bug, McD ' s, Walt, 12, 73-81. 1982, D-l, the great explosion, lightning bolts, Post-time, Migee-bean. Brendan Barrett Grady " There ' s more to the picture than meets the eye. " A WARM DAY in autumn and a close friend make lunch a lot more enjoya- ble for Jeanine Reed and Vanuel Bryant. 70 Seniors David Graft Grafter, Trouble Maker, Lazy, Sleeper, The camper, Football, the last year is the best. " Four wheeling, The class of ' 81 is the best! Lisa A. Griffin " A friend is someone who knows all about you, but still likes you anyway. " N.D. Paris. France, Quebec, M M ' s, Soph, year. SOKP, Musicals, Dancing, strawber- ries, GFI! , , _ _ j_ Michael Griffin Michael K. Harding " Only the good die young, " Fred and Ethel, Santa Limo ERB. Beaver, J ' s. Fenc- ing, Shalom, K and B, TUH, Spare me, Rush. Mill, Proms, Reindeer, WHAT, Tully. Ski trip. N.Y.. Dolly Heff, HALL. GIRLS, 5AM, We ' re 1, BYE! n _ -4- Fc0 " W. s£«M John F. Heneghan " Time is on my side — Yes it is! " — Roll- ing Stones. Hendo.Doe, Snow, Huskie Fever, Wades, 360. Southwick, Yale Bowl, football, R.T., Hey Tony! Cindy Herbst " A smile costs nothing but its value is priceless. It happens in a flash but the memory lasts for days. A smile can never be kept, It can only be given away. " Jr. Pr. CC and BS, JB and JT, JP ' s, Quebec, NOWECA. Cynthia A. Hesketh " Cindy " " And when you find another soul that sees into your own, take good care of each other. " Cins, 1.91, Ski Trip, O.S.O.. F.A.H. P.E., S.C. 34. H. H., R T, Tears, Di 2 , E 2 , N-N, Boots, Thanks M D, Good- bye my friends . . . Stephen M. Hilliard " Hill " " The beginning is the end, before beginning ever can be. " USUALLY THERE AREN ' T many laughs in physics class. But if you man- age to get a seat in the back row, as Sue Silvester, it is a bit easier. Holly Anne Hitchiner TWA, party, strawberry, Sharona, Want a sip of my mitten? silly, pizza, M Ms. Hello Kitty, scuff, N R, cruising, vega- bega, Dash, scumaru, BIB list. Guy, why. 2. 10, Tom Petty — Max Green, D, S. and R, Go for it! Margaret Ruth Hoare " Margie " " With all your faults. I love you still. " L.A.K.. idols. Queenie, J.K. and nymphs. JAPS, live, Steven 6 13 80. F.D.I., bare facts, bio. lab., hunk hunting. Patty and Pete, J.P-, K.U.. May. Loveyal like smoke aryTlight m Born to B r thuhcier rocfrit-vkith the wi inglWal SDir3psMrDTri with Rioer, ley irevery bit of 1 and the feel- WQGuOU.V- naxj Mary J Janiszewski " I thought I knew someone who knew someone who knew what they were doing ' B.P.S . G.T.R.. C.A.I ..- " Quick Myrtle . .. " R S T. Elton ' 80, rocked with Bren, Good luck Tra. Thanks Mom and Dad. Seniors 71 SIXTH PERIOD ENGLISH LIT provides a somber tone for Dean Morgan, but Mr. Marcus will surely liven the setting. Craig Lamar Johnson " CJ, " Thank you Mom, for helping me make it through the final year, and Robin J, Little Vonnie, The fellas, Shamp, Tommy, Jeff and Joe, Darrel, Elroy at South, Ulysses, Grils Marie, Jackie. Gene, Jeanie, Debbie, And the rest of Class of •81. Geralyn Anne Jolly Lynne, " Love is a special gift from God which we all can touch; love is so very, very much. ' ' Cheerleading, M.A., Brown- ies, Smiles, Friends! Junior Prom Anne Kallfelz " Remember always that you have not only the right to be an individual; you have an obligation to be one. " Bernadette M. Keefe " The good times of today are the memo- ries of tomorrow . " Pt o ' Wds " . Shadery. — All-nighters, — FU, — BC, HC. SC, Hall, Sims field. 100 MPH, Toga, 18. BPB, 17Walb, New yrs.. Bermuda, 4 AM, Bchboys. Oars, MSJ, Yahoo. IfVlA. Ai- C UL thi- Teresa Ann Keefe TESS — " It ' s not the end it ' s just the beginning, " Shad De; h y. — New Yrs — Oct. Fest 79, — Cu, — Spain, — VaPD. — Big E. Wamp, — BEACHES. — MSJ — SKI, Trips — Res. — TC ' s. — TB ' s — PBOB. HCBC. — HOMEFRONT-. Out cold again. — More To Come 1 Timothy A. Keefe " Keefer " Running is insane. " Cross- country, Outdoor Track. Band, Sports Writer for school newspaper. Keyboards. Training, the Doors. Teresa Keevers Good things happen to those that try. ' Jodi Ann Kennedy Jo, Jodes, " Forever follow your heart. " Heavy TV. Watching Club, B.L. 8 12 80 May Har, Miss Natl Ice Cube, Ameba Ameba Mucho Pecho. Field trip to B.F. Good Friends are Foreverl Thanks Mom and Dad 1 72 Seniors Marcus Philip Klim Marc, Marcus, Klimer, Jaws, Writer 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr. P rom Art Comm. Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Soccer 4, " Honesty is hardly ever heard and mostly what I need (rom you. " — B. Joel Lauren A. Kramer " Laurie, " " I want to laugh while the laugh Ing Is easy Butch. M.H., P.P., RKPT 79 Renegade, mooch, craz. I.F., M.P. OS., Summer Thanks. Chris Kulig Ride to live, live to Rlde Panhead 1 T.G.I.F. Peenwood William Kunze " Always Hope for the Best, but don ' t expect it to happen, " Weasle Rock, Ski Trips, Fitzles, Mailboxes ' 79, Junior Prom, " July 4, 80 " Julie Diane Elizabeth Larson " Times we were the happiest were the times we never tried. " SC 34, El Di II, Hi Guy. Yahoos and Mush, CM 68 Betsy A. Lawyer Boston. SAT reviews, stick in the mud. Cereal, Alg. 2. Losers. The original crowd, Monopoly, The UBAYOS, Jackson. Our band. U.R.I., " It ' s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happi- ness. " OFF TO THE START of another day. Brian Andrus cheerfully heads towards his first period class. Seniors 73 ,°o Antoinette Lazarus " Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination. Love gives itself; it is not bought. " Vera Lembrick Choclate Star, " Be peaceful to your brother for life wasn ' t meant to hate, Guide the hand of the one who needs you. Good Karma breeds fate ... " Brothers Johnson. Glee Club, Spanish club. Stu- dent assistance. Michael Levine Football, Track, Golf. " There ' s only two things I want out of life: girls and more girls. If I can ' t have the first, I ' ll settle for the second. " Mary Sue Liner " Greet every day with laughter, feel the sunshine on your face, and you ' ll have special memories that time cannot eras e . . . " TWA. R-Ransom. M M ' s. Van, Mac ' s. Beep Beep. H. House, Beach, musical, GFI. ' , r r .V HOPING FOR A CHEMICAL REACTION from the sun, Pauline Devline finds the patio to be more pleasant confines for her chem homework. 74 Seniors Loretta Ann Lizotte Lorl, Cheerleadlng 1234, Track 1234, National Honor Society, Girl Leaders, Jr. Ring and Prom Committees, Bob, Di- Blondle, Ann, Windsor, GTR. 7th Cruise, Summer ' 80 JL, " It ' s over now, remember you only live once, but If you love right, once Is enough. " Patricia A. Lynch Lyncher, " I ' d love to stick around but I ' m running behind Grey-Hobie. Cats — Jeeps, Hi Sheil — this is Pat, signs 1BHR. Thanks for sharing that. EBC- BBALL25. Sue — you ' re the best! WFAI. DS. SCSP4. OK bye Keith Lyaak Varsity soccer , Baseball, Football. Most Memorable moment: when the soccer team played its first game ever and beat Aquinas 4- 1 . It was the best game in goal I ever had in my life. Constance J. MacDonald Connie-Jule, Coney Pres — TWA straw- berry. Schmeg DO. silly, N R, SCUFF, PS-10-2, Why PDC, ABTT, TFFA; Whipit Enz, Mean Kung Fu. Max Green, Petty, MB, JS75, DSR. BIB List, SMU, Go for it! Maria E. Marafino " The only way to have a friend Is to be one. " TWA, Tim, 10 hrs, 5-31-80, Pt. of Woods, B-ball games, pizza n ' M M ' s, all nighters, " Bunny, " Winter Wonderland, surprise parly, Happy Birthday! Michael March Cheeze, " II you dream, dream big. ' MODO, ERN, STANKO, cupcake, surf sailing, L.A. ' 81. Sniff. RICH. Lisa Maslronardi " Don ' t walk in front of me, I may not fol- low. Don ' t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me, and just be my friend. " 9 10 79, Thanks mom, house sitting, Bos- ton, MGB, Thanks Pete, melancholy S.W., M.J. Red Brodarick B. May Rick May, 1, you know the deall " x- country, basketball A GREAT CHEF deserves more elbow room. Chris Rogers makes a pit stop before his next class. I Jacqueline Annette Mc Arthur S.D., " Education is the key to success. " Senior Council, Student Assistance, Track 1, ILT, Good Luck. D.R.E.J., I love you — Mom and Dad Stephanie A. McCusker Felicia Brockleman, " Friends forever " Santa, singer, Gabby. Beaver, B.K.. Rush. MYB. OHMY. J.L.. B. shoulder, Fainting, sick, H.H., NYC. Prom, Fred + Ethel, Tuh, Bet, Bores me, Hey baby, What — For your face! Jeffrey McFarlane " Mas vale tarde que nunca . " — It is bet- ter late than never " Taurus Avenger, Stu- dent Assistance, To the fella ' s — Tom, Scamp, Body. Uie. King Tim. Twin 79. Dasher 54, DEAN-O. JOE-O. DOCTOR DASHING " - ME Joseph Wayne McFarlane " Hey. if I don I make it. I ' ll die trying. " TWIN 79. The fellas: D Fount. Body. Stew. Uie, Skamp. Dean-0 5 men in 1 = me. Taurus King. Roller Disco. Student Ass ' t, Pony Express. JMCF Brought to you in part by Mommy and Daddy. Seniors 75 REACH OUT and touch someone is a slogan taken seriously by students. Mary Poirot relaxes in conversation during a free period. Eileen Elizabeth McMahon " Is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? " Santa, fencing, HEFW, Beach Boys; 80, Billys. Soph, skit, P, Beach Boys, Bojangles, Beatlemania. 46th Street, Piditte, 9-13-79, Babe, Joe. Ernest F. Meier " I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course. I have kept the faith, " II Timo- thy 4:7, Four wheeler, Racquetball, Swim- ming, Dive at 5. Charles Melanson " Perfection is a long way off, but improve- ment can be made to happen every day. " Int. Touchdown, sing solo with Cin. Di. Maureen M. Melly " My interest is in the future because I ' n going to spend the rest of my life there. ' M M ' s. i ' Lynn Marie Mendola " In all things, success deper upon pre- vious preparation. " TAD., pep club drama club, skating, water skiing, 10 3 80, tornado, downhill skiing, flowers, movies, rainy Mondays. Thanks Mom and Dad. Michael S. Miazga " There is a limit to our achievement, but none to our attempt. " Basketball, UConn Fever. Reservoir, The Rock Fields. Mark P. Milligan " Mill " " We can ' t all be heroes. Someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by. " Dean T. Morgan " It is better to be small than shy, than to be tall and cast a shadow. " Varsity Ten- nis, Student assistance committee, Dean- O, Wy6470 76 Seniors Mary Teresa Mulshine George Murray Jeanne Patricia Murray " Someday we will realize that it wasn ' t really wasted time. " Soc, B-ball, S-ball, benchin ' , busrides, 3 10 79. TR, RM rides ' 78- ' 79. Gnbarl, M M ' s, LM, 3 21 80, JP night, res, beach ' 80, JMSD, Ya right! Carol Nastri " In the beginning I looked forward to the end.. Now the end is near, I look forward to the beginning. Steve, Godzilla. U.O.H., Lincoln. N.W.C. 1-4. Beach. Emotional Rescue, Lola, A.O.F., DIO, Thanks Julie Norko " Jules, " " Norks " " Act as it were impossi- ble to fail! " Do you remember? Jr. Prom, Semi ' s, KC and Pauline. M.B.. 2 VP, Oh. my. " , Talcott. M through, Lady. Ben, Ski- ing, B.P. 79. S.D.T.W., This is it. It ' s over, Until we meet again. Erin Marie O ' Brien " Destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. " S-ball 80, The Res, smile, busrides, LM, MP, 5 9 80, Sun- down. " Our House. " St. A ' s. 5 12 78, JMSD, ATO ' W, DM.CDB- Holly A. O ' Brien " Remember to keep your feet on the ground, but never stop reaching for the stars. " Bri, jeep. 88. S.M.. Limo. J. P., Cousin. 10 11 80. handstands, T.G.T.R.. soccer G.C. Jayne O ' Brien " Give to others what you can — It may be better than you think. " B. Joel Concert, b parlies, trips to NJ. The play ' 80, Big mall?, Is there a way out of here?, Tutor- ing. Chorus. " Hi Bugs. " Thanks K! CAREFUL CHEMICAL COMBINATIONS allow Lee LaPorte to successfu complete her experiment and to escape the wrath of Miss Canora. Seniors 77 Thomas K. O ' Brien " You can ' t always get what you want, but if you try sometime you just might find you get what you need. " Stones: CV-JU, CDB, Derbies, Res., Roadtrips, Ski trips, Hoop games. College weekends, Stonehill. Peter M. O ' Callaghan Tugboat, X-country, Stonehill, " What a long, strange trip it ' s been . " , The Boss, Eddie Money and the Doors, Ratman ' s bash, " Good Timin ' " , Roadtrips, P.B.R. and Petty, What money? Laura Ann O ' Connor " You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars. Dramateurs — musicals. " . Choir, Yearbook staff, G.H.Y.C., Longmeadow, Mass., Safaris, PTS, Planes, and Bye, NWC! Suzanne O ' Hurley TWAT and strawberries. Frampton, Chicken and Grapes, " You really got me " . Party van. Room 12, f33, Hunt . .. and Dan. " Thanks for the smiies and the tears, my friends, you ' re the greatest. " Harold Joseph Oliver Worlds most dangerous Hot Rod 6, Joe or Harry O, Cx500 custom, Maxim I, The General, American Amateur Jai-Lai, The Original Outlaw, It ' s been fun., Take it light and be polite. Oanella Pastor " Danielle " , At last, Thanks Mom and Dad, WTHAYM, Sem guys, Quinns, Brooklyn Prep, S.B. parties, M-D-M, We ' re out of gas., HJS, Thanks Ann and Meg. THE ADVANTAGE of having your sister in the same class, as Denise and Donna Salone discover, is that one or the other usually knows what ' s going on. 78 Seniors Marie Pauroso " Friendship is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. " Leonora Peraza " Semi, " Serious, Mark Anthony ' s Disco Bowling, New York Rivera, Pendergrass, Music, Pisces. " For anything you have missed, you have gained something else. " PEN IN HAND, one at the ready, there will be stopping Daryl Thompson from getting all the English class notes. Doris M. Perez " Maritza " " Memories are torever In the mind, but friends are eternally in the heart. " Franky, Glee club. Pep club, Choir, Intra. Basketball, Spanish club. Steve Perham " I don ' t want to talk about It. " Working at Pippies on a Saturday night., " I ' ll buy an inch of land, " If I ' m tardy in a blue Pinto, Hello Doris, Danny, Ann, Roh, and Gren- del. Michelle Denise Pernell " Mitch " " Adventure is not outside a per- son, it is within. " Jr. Prom ... If you can ' t go with anyone, go by yourself! Barbara A. Perrone " . . . And the world can ' t erase my fanta- sies. " Bo, Babs, Bobbie, Ann, Friends and good times, Mike, Sue, Edza. Friday ,- nights, The cabin. The boat, Bermuda, 1 Newport, Thanks Mom and Dadl j Si " ' J c tt- Rohanie Persaud " Roh, " " Davi, " " Mavi, " " Be yourself — it is the only thing you can do better than anyone else. " Bojangle, Rocky neck, ny, Dani, Leo, Summer of ' 80, Vego. Joel Steely Peterson Jr. " Fate is a human matter. . . created and controlled by man himself. " Jay, Joe- man, Len-man, Bill-man, Capt. Soccer, Pres. Nat ' l Hon. Soc, Newspaper Editor, Led Zeppelin, HCC All-Star, Maverick. Bo. Joyce Marie Pinney TWA, CYO, Shop-Rite, (I Can ' t, I ' m work- ing tonight!) Camille and Manann. L f — HH Party, Rocky II, Midnight, Swims. France ' 80. Pans. Crepes at 2V00. SOKP. We are the champions, my friends. ° Mary Elizabeth Poj ot " Happy memories are foTe fec Good times Summer, Kg Party, w lk, ' Cop! Bio. w Marg. HelloTar .Y BK. Wendy ' s. Singing inSWa UiWrs BDW. G. Leader ' s Fr. contain, friends for . ever! Seniors 79 JUST WAITING for Ihe bell, Vera Lembrick Is relaxed and ready for Eng- lish class to begin. Jeffrey R. Quinn " Qulnner, " " Keep on smiling and every- one will wonder what you ' ve been up to. " , I.H.D.C. P.O.W.. Ski trips 76- ' 81, Road trips. GMABUD. Sylvia G. Radionovas " What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us " . Sylv, B, Jr. Prom, Ngth. Pros. Beaver, The Night, M S, Cheerleading. Em, Doobs, Muga, UA. What?! Jeanine Reed " Rosie, " " Let the things I do speak for me! " , Pokey, Body, Ribs, ' 81, Norman Charles and Nadine Elizabeth, I love you, Student Assistance, Senior Council. Renee A. Roberts " Have patience with all things, but first of all with yourself " . Abby, P.H.M., L L. Evil eye. Pardon?, Got any gum, Kim?, Moi?, Big C!, Temper, temper!), French Club, Passages, Chorus, Good-b« NWC! Karen Marge ' Rodger " He drew a circle that ul me out. Here- tic, rebel, a thing to flout But Love and I had the wit to win: We drew a circle that took him in. " — Markham. Au revoir. Christopher John Roger Gisela M. Romasanta " Don ' t walk in front of me. I may not fol- low. Don ' t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and just be my friend. " . MSJA, Libra. HH. OC. Bobong. L.M., F.M., MABUHAY! Robert J. Rossini " Rocky. " " Hang low and slow and take life as it goes. " Nova 400, Seger, Beach, Brick walls, Downhill, Vt., Uncle Roy. 80 Seniors . i - V Elaine M. Roy " Treat every day like a Friday because Mondays come too last. " Lynda Ruaconi " You ' ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love In your heart. " . Proms, The Beach ' 80, JB JT, SCLL, Parties, Spe- cial friends. Duffy Sabella " Duf, " " Don ' t let your imagination take you by surprise! " , Rock ' n roll!, W., W S, Kawasaki, Fridays 1, Feb. 14, 79, MLL- JG, Funk out!, Straight ahead!, V. Base- ball, Yankees 1 . Hiking and skiing, TUH. Denise Elaine Salone " A smile and my love to you all " . Nisi, Summertime, Friends Nat ' l Hon. Soc, Cheerleading, French Club. Intra. B ball. Freshman Contact, Girl Leaders Club. ThankS MOm, nnr lnr b trt u«n all in tna ' iture Good luck to you all in the William Sawka " Negative on ail accounts. " , The Doors, Led Zeppelin, R.I. Summer, Boat dive, Holy molies, Quanny dive, Astrey power, Road trip, Quarry jump, Hunting. Jamea Gerard Schiffer " Apparently you don ' t know who I am. " . Football 17, Baseball, Track 4 x 400, " Bullet, " Hus, Fr. Ivan. N.Y. ' 80, " Winners never lose and losers never win. " EILEEN ALBRIZIO pauses for : Moore ' s discussion on chile! development. Seniors 81 Jay Schuder " Scrote and wiegs, " " Sniffer, " " Assas- sin, " " Enjoy life to the fullest possible potential because you only live life once. " Football ' 77, ' 78, Baseball ' 77, ' 78, motor- cycles. Pumpkins, CS 500, " Midnight Rambler, " Genee and parties. Jam M. Sconzo If you want to get to heaven, you gotta raise a little hell " . Rebel, Genee, Pump- kins, Gorge, " The moose Is loose " , Doors, V-Ball, Dead, Bugby, Vt., Simsbury crew, LCSM, Road trips, Mass., Culbro. Maria Antonella Scotti " Words are like medicine: they should be measured with care for an overdose may hurt. " Noweca, French Club, The Writer, Nat ' l Hon. Soc. Kathi Shangraw " Sometimes It ' s easier to forget the past than it is to continue on with it " , Pen- wood. 8-7-78, English with Ed, Early morning mgB, Downtown, U of H friends, Soph. English 7th period. THE DRUDGERY of in-class writing assignments is grueled out bv Chris Garlasco. 82 Seniors Branda J. Shay " The time Is gone, the song Is over; thought I ' d something more to say. " The Dead, Peanut butter, Pandas, Oil paint- ing, 6th study, Chrissy. Christina Shea " If the good times are all gone, then I ' m bound for movin ' on. " , NY, Cycle Ne w England ' 80, Gig, WRI. " Hang it up and see what tomorrow tomorrow ' II bring. " . Long live the DEAD. C.A.H. and Shell, Twain, Say, SCSP4. rfgjt ong iffver. It ' s all behind 7-MtTRACP, Nivea ' againl, SJW. A Black Rose, pig, IjMijSKeteers. Thanks BernunG, What now?, Thank Dad fr f Laima Maria Simanakia Student Assistance Comm., Spanish Club, National Honor Society, " Captain Fluff " and the marshies, Theo, Cram jam. Whaler ' s daughter. Go for it, Surprise! Lynne Taraaa Simoneau " Each happiness of today Is a memory of tomorrow. " Pt. O ' Wds, Shaderby. Cape Cod, UVM, FU, BC, HC, SC, Big E, GLP, H20twr, Hall, PLbro. Gorg, 17 Walb, MSJ, Sims, field, 2 hr. talks, Fairfield Dr., CFD, Beachboys, Cars. BALL CONTROL dominates the play of John Begly during the Xavier game. Joanne Maria Sinon " Jo, " " Friendship Is a gift of love — treasure It. " , SOKP, Party van, Live It up, Friends, Rainbow. tfr .pit. cf Hcol look K " " ' let Oo»7tf CfcCh a) 00$ Jjutrv Ywa-ciecvu Rita Lynn Sinon " It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness. Enjoy life to its fullest. " . , » fc. ■ l Dianna Maria Siak " A true friend knows the real you and likes you anyway " , Dl, Cow town, 4-1-78, Proms. Matt, Ski ' 78, Fitzles, L J, BeachBoys, Sis, G.T.R., " spaz, " El, Bren, Lor, Mar, Brig, That bores me, H.N.B., College. j£ C A£ • Mcuj Rubaria Stallworth " B.K.A., " " Ribs, " " Education is some- thing divine, so make the best of It. " Mag. rep., Senior Council, Glee Club, Track 1, Good luck to: J Mc, J, E, L, D, T, Love Mom and Dad. Thomaa F. Stanwicka " Eh?, " Football 78, KINKS ' 79 and ' 80, You cant take it with you no matter what you do, The Deer Hunter, Gauche, You can ' t take it with you — not the place you ' re going to. Uncle Fester. Jana Steinmiller " And In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. " — J Lennon, P. McCartney, B.P.N. 1, B.P.N. 2. Dogface. Liaa Mary Stewart " With my luck, when my ship comes in, I ' ll be at the airport! " New Jersey, Nebraska?! Say Shells, Redllc. and pig- outs. Uhuh Pat!. P.M.C.F.C, Chrissy!, LLC, Suemobile. PSAS. nors 83 — RATMANS MUSIC MACHINE blares the tunes that make Chris Garcia ' s study in the sun a more enjoyable one. Thomaa C. Stewart Jr. " Tom, " " Stew, " Be thankful tor today because tomorrow is not ours. " , Ill and IV Stew, Parliament, J.V. and Varsity Bball, Taurus. Drac ' 81. Karen St. Pierre " One never stands so tall as when stoop- ing to help a friend. " David Anthony Thomas " Don Juan, " " Wave, " " Live each day as if you were going to make your life a work of art: never give up. " " The most memora- ble event was when I lost my way back to school during track practice. " Sports. Elizabeth Beal Thomas " Beth, " " If you can ' t be yourself, then who can you be? " , They were good times. Jag. " Hello Larry. " Getting hair cuts. Singing in 703, Ned, The mad painter, Wendy ' s, Marg, help. Really, Thanks. Darryl Thompson Jr. IV " Anything taken for granted can most certainly be taken away oody. JV and Varsity Basketball. Ill an IV NWC II977— 1981. D. and G Vernette Marie Townsend " Don ' t walk in front of me — I may not follow. Don ' t walk in back of me — I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend. " J. M.. L.S., and the ants. Terri Ann Trifari " Ter. " France ' 80, " I don ' t like this! " . Linda Rosen. NTWDE. Honda. Proms and flowers. S, Tears and laughter. Music. RN. Silly, M, Buddies — Lee. Sue. Jo, Parties HULIT, SOKP. Ri, Strawberries. Friends Julia C. A. Turchi " On your quest to be better or best, do not miss the joy of being! " Thanks Mom and Dad. Friendship. DMLMSSBG JMJMJSMS. Sabina. Shamie. Third stud- ies. Summer of 80. Jump out and push! 84 Seniors David B. Van Schaack " Bucky, " " You get out of Hie what you are willing to put into It. " , V. Football, 79 HCC, ' 80 Capt., Ski trip, , 2, 3 . . . Beach Boys, Doobies. Timothy John Vanora " T.V., " " Every time I close the door on reality, it comes through the window. " , B- Ball, Camaro, The Rebel, Bugby, Boca, CS 500, Genee. Charles Verfurth " Verf, " " Drive like hell, you ' ll get there. " Wisconsin with Ned, " 1,10 ain ' t ast, ' " For sure. " Good-bye. Margaret Mary Varrangia " Marg, " " To dream of the person you ' d like to be is a waste ot the person you are. " Mary bio, Beth Zog 80, Benni- hanna, Wendy ' s, I ' m going away, Fla., K, G., N.O., K.V. night swims, B.W. and JNAP. Go tor It. %B ' 4 Karen Anna Violatta " Scruffy, " Majorettes, OB-L-BS, B.C.G.G., Doobies, Semi, Prom, MVNS, Na. 6-22-80, " Wamp, " " Love is every- where I see it. You are all that you can be; go on and be it. Life is perfect; I believe it! " " Lydia Louiaa Virtua " Poochle. " " I will pass through this world but once. Any good thing, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow being let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect It. " Suaan Mary Wain " Sue, " " Sal, " " Let your love be like the misty rain, coming softly but flooding the river. " Boston 78, Beach Boys ' 80, Pop- corn fights, Heavy TV watching, Scuf, Ski, Camaro, Roses, FZ, Carry on. Elian Walah " Qui peut dire le faux et le reel? " Year- book, NHS, MB, Lee N., OB, Buddy, Brown. Lady ' s nights. French friends, Martinique, Wolfman Joe. Thanks Dad. I love you. THE PERSONALIZED touch transforms the school ' s locker Into Joyce Pinney ' s locker. Seniors 85 Michael Walsh " Poke, " " I ' ll tell you this — no eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn . " , Jr. egging, New York, Cast par- ties. St. Joe ' s, and The Doors. Sheila Mary Walsh " In the field of opportunity it ' s plowin ' time again. " DDWW, Grateful Dead, Lucy Okemo, Hey Pat — this is Shell, Say Chris, Sue, JB VT, Pumpkins, Who bakes mush?, LS Redlic, Jaggig, Dressing up with Karen, Mediocrity, LMJ. OK, Bye. 1 Marie Angela Webb " Minnie Mouse, " Scorpio Queen, " " Love is: The greatest feeling you can feel. " , Bootsy Fan Club, Slick 1, Varsity track. Brooks, Punchy D. Nancy Caroline Welch " Earth ' s the right place for love. I don ' t know where it ' s likely to go better. " — Robert Frost. Art, Writer, Yearbook, Good friends, Marshall ' s, Bob Slob and Joe Neat, Good-bye NWC, Thank you, Mom. v A WARM SMILE and a great personality may not be defined in the laws of her physic ' s class, but they do describe Vernette Townsend. 86 Seniors Eileen S. Whalen " Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profound- ness. Kindness In feeling creates love. " Brigid Mary Wilkinson " Mldgie, " 11, O.B., The Lady, B. Stone, Portley, MU. 1-1-80, P. Sisters, NA6-22- 80, SPECT, NOW, NRBQ, 124-D, Doo- bies, " I thank the Lord for the people I have found. " , Kara, I love ya! Thanks, Torch and Pat. Suzanne M. Wise " So before we end and then begin, we ' ll drink a toast to how it ' s been. " W.R.I., Shell, JBT 2 Pumpkins, Pat, are you ready yet?, M M ' s. X-C?!, Chris, can I use sport shampoo now?, TKWITHMB, Hobie cats, SCSP-4. mm . .; » k ' £f[abejb fourn ry FlarUer ifil . 87 88 There are a wide variety of activities offered at Northwest Catholic for all types of interests. The after school clubs and programs are an important part of the social fe. Clubs provide memorable events and activities such as the production of " You Can ' t Take It With You " by the Dramatures, the Language clubs and their week of festivities, and the ski trip to New Hampshire. But clubs also show our social concern for others in the community through involvement. The Freshman contact group helps the Frosh gain an easy adjustment, the Tutoring Program provides needed help for inner city kids, the Social Action Committee helps to make Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter a little brighter for impoverished families. The students involved in extra- curricular and other activities are very committed and it is reflected in Northwest ' s spirit. 89 Yearbook Staff Each member of the yearbook staff is vitally impor- tant. The total dedication of every member is neces- sary in order that the book be completed with best possible quality. The amount of time spent putting a book together is incomprehensible until experienced first-hand. Not only is it necessary for staff members to have pictures taken, also page drafts must be made using certain guidelines, captions written, and titles created. Organizing page order and alphabetiz- ing are necessary. Interviews are needed for faculty quotations and the business must sell a certain quota of patron and business ads in order to keep the cost of the book to a minimum. Finally, the editors and moderator have the final decisions to make. The bulk of the work falls on these dedicated people when mistakes are made and it is necessary to do pages again. If a staff falls behind, the editors and moderator must take up the slack. All told, working on a yearbook staff can be rewarding, but the quality of the book depends on the willingness and co-operation of the staff to make it all come together. Business: Sheila Walsh, editor; Vernette Town- send, Lisa Griffen, Cindy Herbst, Jodi Kennedy. Moderator: Mr. Deburro; Editors: Maria Scotti, Christina Shea. Seniors: Clark. Sue Wise, editor; Nancy Welch, Mary Faculty: Diane Larson, Laurie Giegel. 90 Activities: Ellen Walsh, editor Kara Cunningham Kate Bellizzi Patty Folia SportsRon Clark, editor; Bernadette Keefe, Stephen Samolyk Underclass: Beth Bartos, editor; Audrey Samolyk. Ron Zunnskus. Lisa Fluery 91 PASSAGES -, STAFF BOX Editor-in-Chief — Joel Peterson Assistant Editor — Eric Peterson Sports Editor — Pat McGoldrick Business Editor — Teresa Keefe Moderator — Maureen Dennehy Staff: Chris Kearns Mark Twambly Tim Keefe Terry Wolfe Diane Duffy Mary Poirot Beth Thomas Karyn Chamerda Kathleen Murray Stephen Samolyk Maura Dougherty Carlos Espinoza Sue Wain Lisa Sulik Alyce Davis Tammy Mendes Tara Gallagher Julie Flaherty Daria Chamerda Susan Flaherty Darlene Girard Katharine Stovall Mary Kay Fenton Ellen Dakin Andrea Curran Catherine O ' Toole Cheryl Weisenburger Tully Blinn Laurie Kramer Bruce Twambly edited N a nd h |aved P o a u t S hv e ,l th f °th StUdent publication which is issued Periodically. It is a complete student newspaper, written, beigthSS studente " " ' ,eacher " in,luence in P Per. with the majority of the ideas and aspirations editors Th ' if vea7s a pL C a P h»? t? " " k! underclassmen ' did a fine job this year. The bulk of the work, however, fell on the ouaHtv Manv tp hniS imn . . hat WaS Pr ° bably ltS s,ron 9 est editorial staff yet. The result was a publication of unprecedented SK improvements were initiated, and correspondence with other schools was boosted. This was also the first year in which a volume of papers contained five issues. y ll» A S£ta! £S ,0 M1 f ° ennehy ' ° Ur moderator She suggested, guided, and offered constructive criticism, all me while allowing the staff to have its way as long as it was advantageous to the paper The combined effort of the editors, Miss Dennehy, and the staff produced a superior paper for the Northwest community. — Joel Peterson e 1itnr-in-r hiof The Writer Moderator: Mr. Marcus Editors: Mary Clark Marcus Klim Steve Samolyk The diligent work of the Writer staff has produced many fantastic literary publications. Contributions from the student body fill the pages and have created an award winning mag- azines. Freshman Contact seniors lent a hand to the inexpereinced freshmen. v V I " f i ! • t « lll l Jy| f l » J | j • " " il " ikS 4 ' ' ML • - ■ • 9MWi v PP i • V The Math League members were involved in analytical competitions. The Girl Leader Club ' s annual mother-daughter pancake breakfast always means fun for the participants. 93 vS " Government by the jg l J — People Officer?: Eric Peterson, vice president . lEIIen Dougherty, secretary J MyUfJ e i LaGoy, president David Amaral, parliamentarian Jim Hudak, treasurer CM J-0 u K £ (7 ■ Committee heads: Elaine Coco, Margie Eagan, Mary Poirot, Michelle Cavanaugh, Bernadette Keefe, Bruce Twambly. 94 Each class has a set of student council repre- sentatives who report each week to the homerooms the events that took place during the meetings. The decisions are discussed and any arguments made by students are reported by the representatives at the next student council meeting. These freshmen representatives scribble notes on important decisions. Time (or a smile is found by Elaine Coco during this meeting. 95 CANDID COUNCIL A 3 c Representatives J4 ke notes in JfQprder to report proceedings to Asit! ir class- Hrnates. What are you doing tonight? " LL- ' How ' s your love-life? " ' Who are you looking at? " 96 BRAIN POWER HELPING HAND Moderator: Mrs. Hagearty National Honor Society and Student Assistance The coordinated efforts of the National Honor Society and St udent Assistance Committee have produced the tutoring room, a new service availa- ble to any student wishing help in a subject area. This year, the National Honor Society had a new moderator. A few weeks after the previous moder- ator, Mr. Ferri, left to pursue a new career, Mrs. Lorraine Florio, a biology teacher, was appointed to the position. She had been very enthusiastic about the society and has really brought the club together. The Student Assistance Committee was a new group formed this year by Mrs. Hagearty of the Guidance Department. The committee was designed to help ease new students into the rou- tine and make them part of our community. 97 French 1, 2 — Moderator: Mme Roland; Pres. Sandy Kowalchek; Vice. Peggy Keefe; Sec Andrea Curran, Janice Simoneau; Treas. Gayle Looney Language Clubs The involvement of the language clubs in Foreign Language Week has come to mean a great deal to this school. Each club portrays the customs and cultures of the country through menus, costumes, and posters. During the summer of 1980, five stu- dents in the French 4 club were able to experience French culture first hand. Spending three weeks living with a fam- ily and studying a few hours a day is an experience they will not forget. A week in Paris was the culmination of the trip. ENSEMBLE! JUNTOS! UNO ANIMO! French 3,4- Moderator: Mme Weldon; Pres. Denise Salone; Vice. Mary Poirot; Sec. Liz Herbert A , ' Spanish 1,2 — Moderator: Senora lorillo; Pres.: Margie Eagan; Vice. Carol Pastula; Spanish 3, 4 — Moderator: Senora Barrett; Pres. Laima Simanskis; Sec. Maureen Townsend, Tammy Mendes; Treas. Anne Marie Smith Vice. Sue Pastula; Sec. Pat Scully; Treas. Marie Demaio , Latin — Moderator: Mrs. Sullivan « ' o C » " 99 Y The Social Action Committee carries out many beneficial tradi- tions at NWC. The group is very involved with lower income areas in Hartford. Tutoring at Sacred Heart, organiz- ing and donating Christmas baskets to people in Hartford are just a few contributions made by this special group. 101 You Can ' t Take It With You The performance given by Carmen Ruiz was one of the most appreciated by the audience. A last minute glance at the script can be reassuring according to Matt Marafino. The words of encouragement from Mr. Carney were well deserved by members of the cast. Michelle Pernell still won ' t do windows! 102 Under the direction of Mr. Daniel Carney, the Drama Club has flour- ished. Each year, two productions — one play and one musical — are performed by members of the club. These shows bring many people to the school, including students, parents, and alumni. The versatile talents of Duffy Sabella and Sharon Kristofak have involved them in more than one Northwest production. Bare fee! and a big smile are both signs of Sue Pastula ' s successful perform- ance. 103 The musical talents of Lisa Fleury were an added attraction. In Excelsis Deo Northwest ' s music has touched us all through masses, concerts, plays, and football games. The combined efforts of Mrs. Virginia Robinson and Mr. Jesse Corjulo have created musical productions with professional qualities. People listen appreciatively to the songs of the Glee Club Christmas concert. Singing in unison is a must in order to achieve a profes sional quality. The advanced girls ' chorus dedicated a great deal of time to learning harmonies and melodies. Music Makers The combined efforts of all the musicians produced great sound. Mr. Corgulo and the band put in a great deal of time and effort to unite their instruments and talents in order to perform so well. The Mass songs are provided by the Folk group whose moderator is Miss McDermott. 105 S-P-l-R-l-T School spirit runs rampant when one speaks of the Drill Team, the Magazine Drive Representatives, or the Pep Club. The half-time routines performed by the Drill Team during the basketball games are appreciated greatly by all. The magazine drive rep- resentatives ' efforts during our annual drive are astro- nomical and our perform- ance would not be as good without their constant prod- ding and their great enthusi- asm. The Pep Club ' s posters plastered around the school serve to remind us of upcom- ing sporting events. Posters from the Pep Club focus on school happenings. The efforts of the magazine drive representatives pull individual classes together. The Drill together. team celebrates " 106 Smile! Due to equipment failure, the T.V. Club has been unable to give us morning broad- casts this year. They were, however, stand- ing by, ready to video tape any event at any time for the benefit of our school. Moderator: Mrs. Fuller A deft hand allows Cindy Herbst to transfer images to paper. MA i LK JyL i L». ria " FT 91 1 ■ ■ r T ' l K I Sli 1 i i Jf % 4 If B 1 v B L m. ■fcHT Bki f £ K " IK K b i Hmkj 4 V 1 ■ . ft A I HflH At H B I m H Hf ST ' lfr 1 4 1 (PW-Jf ■ : ;f. - The Mysterious decorators of the windows at NWC were often members of the Art Club. These cheerful paintings and murals brighten the halls and classrooms. The display cases hold hours of hard work, and the creators were pleased when their masterpieces were seen by the student body. Moderator: Mrs. Stepnick 107 108 Witches, Ghosts and Goblins Midnight Drive :- ' ' ¥ 3£Z8£ ' . 112 Sports are an important part of every high school, and this is especially true at Northwest Catholic. Male and female athletes from our diverse geographic areas come together to compete with other schools. We take pride in our athletes. It is not a boast to say that our athletes excel individually and collectively. In its first year, our girls ' soccer team was undefeated. Our basketball team continues to be among the leaders in the state. We place individuals on the HCC list in nearly every sport. Combined with our class performance on the field is a class act on the stands where spirit is evident at our many games. Athletics BOYS FOOTBALL 1980-81 RESULTS f NWC OPP l4Bloomfield 12 South ington 12Xavi er J 13Windsor 8East Catholic 14St. Paul 7Windsor Locks 21Newington 7S. Windsor 6Middletown 14 South 29 21 6 17 Overall 5-6 Coach: Don Brewer Assistant Coach: John Shukie Pigskin Roundup The 1980 N.W.C. Football team under coach Don Brewer posted a 5-6 record. Although the record might not show it, the team was never out of any game. Improvements were definitely in stride as the 1980 team bettered its record from a lowly 2-8 last year, to an almost .500 record this year. Much of this acclaim goes to Co-Captains Mark Milligan and Bucky Van Schaack, as they were named to the all H.C.C. football team; while Kevin Werle, Charlie Melanson, and Joe Zinkann also received the all confer- ence honors. Among these recog- nized athletes were the rest of the seniors who formed the backbone of this team. The other seniors included, Walter Hussey, Marty Adams, Matt Brewer, Ron Clarke, Jim Schiffer, Brendan Grady, Mike Demaio, Dave Amaral, Mike Santos, Jim Sconzo, and Pat Brooks, and Tom Stanwicks. Graduation will surely take a toll on next year ' s team, but it ' s not North- west tradition to give up those chal- lenges ti. face them. 114 I wouldn ' t say that again unless you wanna be singing soprano Hey grommets, I ' m over here. Smile, you ' re on Candid Camera. I didn ' t know Mom played football. If you don ' t play my way, I ' ll take my ball home. Don ' t jump on me, I ' m on your side. Leap Frog gets the game E «2 0 hopping. There ain ' t nothin ' " funny " about this seat. Now for your half-time entertainment — Brewer ' s Kung-fu cheerleaders. Come my way and you ' re dead meat You ' re not going to squash me, fatty! 117 NORTHWEST ' S BEST RUNS AHEAD OF ALL THE REST The Boys ' Cross Country Team, under first year coach Mike Griffin, had an excellent season. They finished with a 9-2 duel meet record, winning all nine in a row. The team placed fourth in class M and qualified for the State Open for the first time since 1976. Bob Deneen, Chris Garcia and Steve Curley consistently lead the team, finishing in a three way tie for first place in four meets. Other senior members were Pete O ' Callaghan, Rick May, Tony Dante and Tim Keefe. The highlights of the season came when the Harriers defeated Avon, East Catholic, and St. Paul, all ranked in the top ten of the state. The team should fare well next year returning four of the top seven runners. Do it again. Do it again. I like it. Who ' s that behind the Foster Grants? Coach Griffin! fSesje J BOYS ' CROSS COUNTRY 1980-81 RESULTS NWC OPP RECORD i 31 24Granby 0-1 26 3 1St. Paul 1-1 18 39S. Windsor 2-1 5 50Bloomfield 3-1 27 30Avon 4-1 22 3 8 South 5—1 27 28 East Catholic 6-1 . ' inas 7-1 16 8-1 17 9-1 35 22 9-2 - 9-2W Class " M " S f . Class " M ' Stai Championship: , State Open: 14th Coach: Michael Grifi 118 . and they say Nair leaves stubble. Yes sister,. . . I ' m coming. BM IMTV 1 A 4 feW ' 111 i 1 1 I could use one for the road. I hope the bus didn ' t leave. 119 Lady Harriers Take Course After an outstanding season under Coach Gary Ruggeri, the Girl ' s Cross Country team will lose graduating seniors Sheila Walsh, Mary Coffey, Beth Bartus, Lisa Stuart, Patty Lynch, Chris Shea, and Sue Wise. With the loss of many great runners from last year, Coach Ruggeri was surprised at the talent and depth of the new team. Having the larg- est turnout ever for Cross Country, the team proved to include top finishers in many of the meets. They extended the record in duel meets to 22 before losing to HCC rival East Catholic. Top finishers for the team included Lisa Stuart, Mary Coffey, Kerry Casey, Traise Schiffer, Tricia Curis, and Carla Baz- zano. Coach Ruggeri commented that every- one succeeded in one way or another. He is excited for next year which will probably be a time for building up the team. 120 If you wanna get down, down on the ground. GIRLS ' CROSS v. _NWC« OPP ||U| RESIATS 17 45 Granby 1 1-0 18 50 St. Paul 2-0 3-0 15 48 South Windsor 15 48 Avon 4-0 19 35 South ' sL° 38 19 EastCathoJj _ 5-1 15 45 Aquinas Overall 8-1 17 42 Suf field 18 39 Canton i JH Class " M " State Championship 3rd State Open: 15th k S Coach: Gary Ruggeri t ) Ej What chu talkin ' about Willis? They want me to start here. Do the Brim twist. 121 Boys ' Soccer Builds Up Power The Boys ' Soccer Team at Northwest received much accolade from their opponents as a team dangerously filled with talent and depth. Despite their deceiving record of 3-10-1 the team performed with much skill and die-hard determination. Youth and the inexperi- ence of working together prevented Northwest from defeating more experienced teams But as proof shows, ability and spirit was far from lacking in this team Senior Co-Captain Joel Peterson, Joe Flannery, and junior Pete Peterson received All HCC acknowledgements for their outstanding performances throughout the season Co- Captain Keith Lysak also achieved All HCC honors, respectively. The other seniors Jeff Quinn, Joe Budanaro, as well as Joel, Joe, and Keith showed leadership and kept the morale of the team high. Their talent will be truly missed, but time and experience have put Northwest closer to that unprecedented goal - strong HCC contenders. Much praise should be directed toward their coach Mr. Craig Tanner. He shaped his team into a hard working soccer club ... the future " powerhouse " from Northwest Catholic Coach Tanner and Chris Gauther check the action from the sideline. 122 Hmm, maybe if I kick it, It ' ll go further Boot it out, Joel! ». y i_x £J 4 r ■ k 1 ■i And here ' s the famous WWI flying ace parachuting deep within enemy territory. ■MHI • — •«, r Beagley ' s Bumper Sticker — I brake for soccer balls. XaVier M?aver St. Pail Xavieri Avon . Cogirphaug nrf iry You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out — do the hokey pokey and a little cha, cha, cha. 123 Help me if you can, I ' m feeling down. SOCCER ' S CINDERELLA STORY A new door was kicked open this fall as the Northwest Girls ' Soc- cer team accomplished those tasks which were doubted by many Being a young and inexperienced team, the odds were set against them. However, the girls put an end to that gambler ' s philosophy. Coming off the season opener with a tie, the powerful Indians were simply not satisfied. Their drive and determination made them thirsty for a win . . . and many wins it was. In their sixteen game season, each of their opponents fell victim to Northwest ' s solid balanced attack. Their sticky defense allowed eleven goals the whole season, and registered five shutouts. Team- work and hustle were the name of the game for our girls who defeated teams more experienced than themselves. With much help from the midfielders, the front line trampled over the helpless defen- ses. They averaged four goals a game giving the opposing netminder quite a workout. Fate, however, got the best of this young team. Winning the first game of the State Tournament against Housatonic Valley meant that Northwest would go against a very strong Simsbury team. Before bowing to them 3-1. the intensity of the game was never lost Sad- dened by this tragic ending, the girls finally realized their achieve- ments and that no other Girls ' Soccer team at Northwest would ever compare to this one of 1980. Mr. Ed Noonan, a coach full of patience most of all, instilled in his players the confidence and the will to become a winning team. The 1980 Girls ' Soccer Roster included: Seniors — Holly O ' Brien Jeanne Murray. Patty Folia, and Co-Captains Erin O ' Brien and Karen Fiodgers. Juniors — Nancy Flaherty, Nora O ' Brien, Trish Murphy Nancy Hayes, Kathy Stvall, Mary Kay Tierney. Julie Klim Sopho- mores - Jenny Long, Hope Kelley, Denise Lysak, Dawn Lys ' ak Barb Kreiger, Lauren Casey, Chris Graft, Diane Rossini, and Ellen Daly and Kathy Lisenvick. Freshmen — Susan Rodgers and Carev O Bnen. This was the making of a truly great team ■ 4 j£.- W m Are those my girls? 124 Members of the 1980-81 Girls ' Soccer Team: and who said these girls were shy? Rodgers hauls down another rebound. By the way, what sport are you play- ing, Susan? OCCER — 1960-81 RESULTS Gee, I should use my braids more often. Flaherty wins in a photo finish. 125 Ball control dominates the play of Ule Garcia Jim Farley is on his Bloomfield opponent like glue. N.W.C. Boys ' Basketball Bounces Back Despite the odds that were aflalnst them after Bai- ley. Brown, and Cazzetta graduated, the 1980-81 Boys ' Basketball Team showed many people what determination was all about. Starting off the season with tour straight victories, the Indians began their climb up the long and hard ladder. Confidence and a lot of hustle put the Indians way above their own expectations winning 13 of their 19 game schedule. Co-captains Ulysses Garcia and Darryl Thompson and the rest of the senior contingent consisting of Tom Stewart Mike Mlazga. Charlie Vervurth. and Jim Farley provided strength for the team. Of course, these players will surely be missed next year. Praise should also be awarded to Garcia, the multi-talented guard, who reached a very honorable milestone In his basketball career at N.W.C. He. too, was added to the list of basketball giants who achieved the 1,000 point mark. The Indians were forever out to prove themselves, showing others that N.W.C basketball was In a class all by itself. In the H.C.C. Tournament, their plans were somewhat altered. Coming off a nail-biting vic- tory over East Catholic, the Indians faced arch-rival South Catholic. Beating them twice In the regular sea- son, it would seem another victory was In store. How- ever, history didn ' t repeat Itself for the third time. Stubbornly, the Indians took home second place. Their achievements this year are to be herald. Defying the odds, Northwest bounced back Into the spotlight of the Winners ' Circle. Once again, around the state. Northwest ' s name has been talked about as the team any coach would love to play. srthwest 3rthv«Bst Drthwflst Drthwest Drthwest North! Northvl Northwl NorthweS NorthwestL Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest The 198 V81 Boys ' Bai East Catholic Bloomfield Middletown Aquinas Bloomfield Xavier New Britain Notre Dame Sputh Catholic bst Catholic Xavier Aquinas New Britain SoJPM I 1 Northwest ' s varsity team carried on a winning tradition. 126 Hitting the boards hard, Mike Mlazga and Daryel Thompson control underneath. " And the Lord said, ' Let there be light. After losing this man, Uie set to send it home. Daryel Thompson ' s intense look reflects the team ' s concentration. The sideline pep talk, courtesy of Mr. Larson, encourages ttie team to victory. 127 " Come back! that ' s not where I meant for you to go. " ' I think it died up there. ' Don ' t shoot till you see the whites of their eyes. " Just call me Tinkerbell. 128 During the 1980-81 season Ulysses Garcia became the sixth player in North- west history to score his 1,000th point. The senior captain was also selected to the All HCC Tournament team in 1981 for the third year in a row, was the leading HCC scorer for the ' 80- ' 81 season, and was selected to the 1981 All- State team. " OOOOHHHHHH The 1980-81 J.V. Boys ' Basketball Season " That penny ' s mine — I saw it first! ' " Stayin ' Alive, stayin ' alive . VROOM. VROOM. " Like my new bike? " 129 " Hit Me With Your Best Shot " Mrs. O ' Rourke and her talented basketball team have once again given their competition a taste of what it means to lose big. Tearing apart teams throughout their 19 game regular season, the Indians have provided Northwest Catholic with a winning tradition. Rounding out the regular season 18-1, the Indians headed for the conference Tournament with no doubts of who was truly number one. Defeating East Catholic and their old nemesis, South Catholic, the Indians were crowned the Hartford County Conference Champions. Determination, dedication, and down-right talent surrounded this close-knit team. An awesome balanced attack threatened their opponents and sent them crawling back to their benches. Their quickness and strangling defense per- plexed their victims and left the spectators in amazement. By raising her team to a high caliber level of basketball, Mrs. O ' Rourke has placed the girls ' team on a pedestal where praise and respect are directed. Depth and leadership are far from lacking in the girls ' team, as the seniors provided their teammates with a strong backbone of experience. Erin O ' Brien, Mary Teresa Mulshine, Patty Lynch, and Karen Rodgers make up the senior squad. Entering into the State Tournament, the Indians demolished St. Bernard and Masuk. Averaging 72 and 73 points in the State games, the girls ' hot hands showed no mercy to their opponents. The intensity on the face of Mary Theresa Mulshine explains why Coach O ' Rourke ' s job was made easier. Sheila Andrus shows off her " bouncin ' and behavin ' hair. " The 1980-81 Girls " Basketball Seasor Northwest 66 vs. Bloomfield 19 Northwest 41 vs. South Windsor 37 Northwest 66 vs. East Catholic 18 Northwest 59 vs. Aquinas 36 Northwest 55 vs. Ellington 24 Northwest 55 vs. Mercy 29 Northwest 52 vs. Newington 39 Northwest 54 VS. Ellington 37 Northwest 51 vs. Buckley 27 Northwest 45 vs. South Catholic 39 Northwest 56 vs. Weaver 40 Northwest Northwest 69 vs. Hartford High 12 51 vs. St. Paul 43 Northwest 58 vs. Aquinas 25 Northwest 40 vs. Mercy 46 Northwest 59 vs. St. Paul 26 Northwest Northwest Northwest East Catholic 28 South Catholic 47 Bloomfield 22 Post Season Tournaments Northwest 56 Northwest 57 (HCC champions) Northwest 73 Northwest 72 East Catholic 37 South Catholic 45 St. Bernard Masuk v; v v » The 1980-81 Girls ' Varsity Basketball Team. Coach: Mrs. Joyce O ' Rourke. 130 No one can keep up with Karen Rodgers! Ready to follow her shot, Amy Chambers lets it fly. The tip goes to Cathy Lisevick. The game to NWC. Jump ball called and we control. Mary demonstrates total concentration Mulshme muscles underneath 131 Poised for the rebound. Add another two from the charity line. Up and under and in, as Sheila Adrus defies gravity. Alone underneath, Rodgers adds a sure two more. " Get out of my way. ' 132 The 1980-81 Girls ' Junior Varsity Basketball Team. Coach: Ms. Rose Stepnick. iNon Nori Northwest 41 Northwest 53 Northwest 39 Northwest 43 orthwest 44 thwest 43 rthwest 23 1 t; SoiUh Mc 3 1 w »f 121 lartfordWigh 1 1 I _ I Paul J W ■ Jqutnas 24 ercy 22 Paul 36 ' ' asi Catholic 37 South Catholic ' Bloomfield 19 37 J :4t • 1 Northwest ' s Record-Setting Team A note of worthy recognition should be directed to Ms. Rose Stepnick and her Junior Varsity Basketball Team. The girls, for the second con- secutive year, recorded a perfect 19-0 season. Their continual domina- tion over their opponents secured them the number one position in the conference. Throughout their nineteen game season, the Indians thwarted their enemeies with tenacious defense and a high-scoring offense. The team was packed with talent as each player contributed to its winning cause. The only competition that challenged the Indians was South Catholic. Winning by a very slim margin, the Northwest team pre- vented their record from being scarred. Their perfect slate set a North- west record of the only team to remain undefeated for two years. They compiled a record of 36-0. Successful was the word to describe this tal- ented team. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Hope watches it arch through the hoop. Over the defender and in; two tor Nora. First Ever State Champs The Indoor Track Team roared through an extremely successful dual meet schedule, fin- ishing 8-3 against some of the best teams in the state. They followed up the regular sea- son with the Class " S " State Championship. The championship was the first ever for a Northwest Indoor Track Team. Coached by Mr. Griffin and led by co-cap- tains Bob Deneen and David Amaral, the team broke fifteen school records. Seniors Bob Deneen, Dave Amaral, Mike DeMaio, Jim Schiffer, Mike Levine, and Chris Garcia all turned in fine efforts. The future looks good as well, with Rich and Mike Santos, Steve Curley, Joe Young, Bob Waters, and Willie Dowden returning next year. Because of their performance in the Class " S " State Championships, Jim Schiffer, Mike DeMaio, Rich and Mike Santos, and the 4x200 relay team consisting of Mike Demaio, Dave Amaral, Mike Levine, and Joe Young were invited to the state open held March 20 atUCONN. The crunch is felt at the start as Northwest fights for position. The 1980-81 Indoor Track Season Northwest 22 vs. Northwest 84 vs. Northwest 30 vs. Northwest 56 vs. Northwest 84 vs. Northwest 98 vs. Northwest 58 vs. Northwest 67 vs. Northwest 68 vs. Northwest 68 vs. Northwest 68 vs. Harttord Public Farmington Weaver Buckley Wolcolt Pulaski Glastonbury Newington Haddam Killingworth Farmington Fitch 78 17 75 48 25 2 69 58 67 7 47 Hfc«9fc The members of the 1981 Indoor Track Team. Coach: Mr. Mike Griffin. 134 The question of team victory comes down to the wire. The 1980-81 Varsity Cheerleading Squad. Coach: Miss Sue Maloney They Fly Through the Air " Come on, don ' t take my pic . " Hey, Baby! " 136 Kate Bellizzi, this is a stick-up. Two loud (mouthed) captains, Ann Gaffney and Julie Norko. Denise Salone and Ann Gaffney provided support for more than the team on the field. SHAZzzam! 137 Hair Styling 265 Park Road West Hartford, Connecticut 233-2824 138 Congratulations Class of 81 Rupert ' s Center E ON Wrecker Service — Fuel Oil 24 Hour Service Rupert and Tony 550 Albany Ave. Hartford, Connecticut 06112 525-1478 Liquor Merchants Purveyors of fine wines I Civic Center Plaza 935 Main Street Hartford, Connecticut Clyde Billington Proprietor The Place For Jeans Levi ' s Milt ' s Army-Navy Lee 810 Park Ave. Bloomfield, Connecticut 06002 Alton Uai Libby McMahon 59 High Street New Britain, Connecticut 06051 139 Leader Department Stores 828 Hopmeadow Street Simsbury, Connecticut The place to go first for Panasonic and tape recorders. Reiner A PLACE p 0R FOOD DRINK Famous for Classic Country Fashion Carroll Reed is a family-oriented shop where you will find distinctive casual wear, evening wear, and accessories Designer lines, both domestic imported, are our hallmark We also have an exciting collection of glassware and gifts for special gift-giving. We ' re known as The Tennis and Ski People. Stop in and discover our complete line of fashions and equipment and accessories for the entire family. Take advantage of our demonstrator models in tennis ski equipment and rentals. Drake Hill Mall, Simsbury. Ct. Tel. 232-0594 Seb ' s Arco Service Specializing in Brakes — Tuneups — Mufflers — General Repairs — Towing 1630 Park Street Hartford, Connecticut 06106 Seb Sanzaro Proprietor 140 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL ime JXS1 LUMBER COMPANY 6 MOUNTAIN AVE. BLOOMFIELD, CONNECTICUT 141 Congratulations Class of 1981 from Larry and Crew at Bonanza 2534 Albany Ave. West Hartford, Conn. 1731 Berlin Tnpk. Wethersfield, Conn. Congratulations to the ( aTD class of V-J Farming ton Avenue Pizza House For fast service phone 521-3869 Phone 522-3167 Wilson Town Line Garage Inc. 8 Windsor Avenue Windsor, Connecticut 06095 General Automobile repairs, body work, air conditioning, quality used cars. THE ALPINE CHAUS ,nc 15 So. Main St. • Wast Hartford, CT 061C7 Phone: 236-2361 942 Silas Deane Hwy. ■ Wethersfield, CT. 06109 Phone: 529-8631 Crossroad Dairy Shoppe Milk — fruit — groceries tropical food 1160 Albany Ave. Hartford, Connecticut 06112 Phone 247-3172 Congratulations class of 1981 St. Michael ' s Church COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL ED JAY ' S LAWN MAINTENANCE SNOW PLOWING FIREWOOD EDBEDARD 242-8602 JAYRICCIO 242-8614 142 Patrons We gratefully acknowledge our patron supporters, without whose support publication of this yearbook would not have been possible. Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Jose F. Amat Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Andrew Mr. and Mrs. Clayton J. Antieau Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Attardo Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Bellizzi Mary and Samuel Blackburn Mrs. Bessie Bowles Mr. and Mrs. William Brewer Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Carrier Mr. and Mrs. Alan F. Casey Kevin and Deirdre Cavanagh Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chesmore Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Coffey Jr. Sister Cornelia Coughlin The Anthony F. Dante Family George H. Dean Mr. Robert H. Deburro Dr. and Mrs. John T. DeMaio Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Deneen Mr. and Mrs. Edmund L. Dickens Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. DiLorenzo Christine F. Droney Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Egan Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Espinoza Mrs. Carol Fleury Mrs. Lorraine M. Florio Dr. and Mrs. Carl Folia Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Gaffney Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Garlasco Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Grady James G. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Griffin Mr. and Mrs. George Hayes Mr. Ken Herzog Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Hesketh Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hilliard Mr. and Mrs. George Hitchiner Mr. and Mrs. George Hoare Mr. and Mrs. Alois H. Kallfelz Dr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Keefe Dr. and Mrs. William P. Keefe Mr. and Mrs. Lee F. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Mathew J. Klim Bill and Justine LaPorte Mr. and Mrs. George Lazarus Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mathews Father John McHugh Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Melanson Alice B. Mendola Dorothy Miazga Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Milligan Christine M. O ' Brien Dr. and Mrs. Frederick J. O ' Brien Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert O ' Brien Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. O ' Callaghan Mr. and Mrs. William P. O ' Connor Sr. Dr. and Mrs. John G. O ' Hurley Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Perrone Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Pinney Mr. and Mrs. Edward Radionovas Mr. and Mrs. Paul Roland Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Romansanta Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Samolyk Mr. and Mrs. David Van Schaack Mr. and Mrs. H. Michael Schiffer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shangraw Mary Jane Shay Honorable and Mrs. David M. Shea Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Simoneau Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Sisk Mr. and Mrs. William F. Steinmiller Sister Peggy Swickard The Turchi Family Mr. and Mrs. Alex A. Verengia Mr. and Mrs. William Victoria The Richard A. Walsh Family Mr. William W.Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Weldon Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wise Professional Patrons Bishop ' s Pharmacy Bishop ' s Corner West Hartford, Connecticutt Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rossini Quaker Lane Shell Service 338 Park Road West Hartford, Connecticut Rusconi, Cahill Larkin, P.C. Certified Public Accountants 750 Main Street Hartford, Connecticut 06103 Violette Silvester and Sons Inc. 65 Cherry Street East Hartford, Connecticut 06105 Mr. and Mrs. William T. Stanwicks Oil, Heating and Engineering 1000 New Britain Ave. West Hartford, Connecticut Tunxis Pharmacy Inc. 1230 Farmington Ave. West Hartford, Connecticut Venora Electrical Service 14 Guernsey Road Bloomfield. Connecticut 143 !« . T. D. Brown, Inc. 1170 Pontiac Avenue Cranston, Rhode Island 02920 0 V k V " School Photography Exclusively Since 1929 ' In Rhode Island: (401) 781-6320 In Hartford: (203) 388-5141 144 Come Together, Right Now, Over Me. The Northwest community wishes to share this favorite quotation Of Mr. D - ' ' " ' ■ " ' ' " " A " H rnnnratnlatinng to the Class of 1981. m is not ' a time 3f life ' — it is a state of mind, a tem- per of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the moetions, a freshness of the deep springs of life. Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years; people grow old by deserting their ideals. Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Whether 60 or 16, there is in every human heart the lure of wonder, the undaunted challenge of events, the unfailing childlike appetite for what ' s next, and the joy of the game of living. ,We are as young as our self-confidence as old as our fear; as young as our desire? or old as our despair. — Author Unknown Senior Directory • Adams. Martin 3 Green Valley Dr. Simsbury 06070 658-6064 Albnzio, Eileen 28 Sycamore SI Windsor 06095 688-8271 Amaral, David 17RumfordSI WH 06107 521-1450T Amal, Joseph 55 Southwood Dr WH 06110 278-8791 Andrew, Maribeth 8 Drury Lane WH.061 523-4798 Andrus. Brian 65 Ridgebrook WH 06107 561-3986 Antieau. Ellen 14 Nook Farms Rd Windsor 06096 688-7895 Attardo. Alan 17 Sunset Lane Bloomlield 06002 242-4606 Barrett. Peter 117 Pioneer Dr. WH 06117 236-0120 Barry. Donna 235 Penn Dr WH 06119 523-9361 Bartus. Elizabeth 50 Colony Rd. WH 06147 236-3308 Bealty. John 18Gallaudel Dr. WH 06107 521-8240 Begley, John 87 Granby St. Hartford 06 112 247-4832 Bellizzi, Catherine 114 N. Beacon St. Hartford 06105 523-5842 Bilhngton, Christal 1789 Albany Ave. Hartlord. 06105 232-5451 Birch. Tracy 6 Pinewood Rd East Granby 06026 658-7342 Blackburn. Leonard 33 Cra.gemore Circle Avon. 0600 1 673-9519 8oland, Timothy 232 Kenyon St. Hartford 06105 233-688 1 Bordonaro. Paul 29 Clifford Dr. WH 06107 236-438 1 Bout. Lori-Ann 27 Deborah Rd. Windsor Lockbsi 623-0356 Bouvier. Robert 30 Clover Dr. W.H.06116 521-1428 Bowles. Gloria 211 ThonastonSt Hartford 061 12 527-4901 Brennan, Eileen 36 Braintree Dr WH 06117 232-3169 Brewer. Matthew 25 Willowbrook Rd. WH 06107 561-0856 Brewer, Patty 130Montclair Dr. WH. 06107 236-0039 Brooks. Marcia 22 Norfolk St. Hartford 061 12 247-6705 Brooks. Patrick 521 Wolcott Ave. Windsor 06095 525-5791 Bryant. Vanuel 474 Blus Hills Ave. Hartford 06 112 243-0426 Budonaro, Joe 128 Evergreen Ave Hartford 06105 523-8180 Carey. Bill 38 Warwick S WH. 06119 233-7656 I Carrasco. Kim 333 Rye St. Broadbrook 06016 623-8474 Carrier. Denise 44 Woodmere Rd. W.H. 06119 232-2712 Carty. Howard 99 Longview Windsor 06095 242-8692 Caruso. Laurie 55 Filley St. Windsor 06095 688-3830 Casimer. Joan 39AndoverSt. Hartford 061 12 242-8338 Cavanagh. Michele 84 Sheep Hill Dr. W.H 06117 232-1398 Chesmore, Kathleen I Carriage Dr. Enfield 06082 749-3229 Clark. Mary 35 North Rd. East Granby 06026 653-3337 Clarke. Ronald I I Valley View Dr. Bloomfield 06002 242-7985 Coco, Elaine 198 Kenyon St. Hartford 06109 523-9428 Coffey. Mary 42 Elm Dr. W.H. 061 10 233-8339 Collins. Nora 1065 Windsor Ave. Windsor 06095 683-0658 Connors. Kathleen 53 Dover Rd W H. 06119 232-7679 Corjulo. Clay 172 Stover Dr W.H. 06 107 561-0909 Cunningham, Kara 28 Edgemere Ave. WH 06110 232-9606 Daddeo, Lori Ann 28 Brown St. Bloomfield 06002 242-2892 Daly. Mary Beth 31 Angyle Ave W H 06107 561-2781 Dante. Anthony 39 Riggs Ave. W.H. 06107 521-9219 Darcy, Ann 144 N. Main St. W.H. 06107 233-4645 Davis, Leslie 375 Simsbury Rd. Bloomfield 06002 Tele: Dean. Jacqueline 120 Huntington St. Hartford 06105 525-6706 DeGrandis, Brigid 186 Whitman Ave. W.H. 06107 521-7614 DeMaio, Michael 71 Hunter Dr. W.H, 06107 561-0173 Deneen. Robert 55 Nook Farms Rd. Windsor 06095 688-3360 Devlin, Pauline 55 Maplewood Ave. W.H. 06119 523-8580 Dickens, Richard 135 Cornwall St. Hartford 06112 522-5342 DiLorenzo, Ellen 59 Hunter Dr. W.H. 06107 521-0409 Diniz, Denise 16 Pembroke Rd. Hartford 06115 Oougherty, Anthony Bainbndge Rd 90 W.H. 061 19 232-3782 Dougherty, Ellen 17 Bishop Rd. WH. 06119 236-0141 Driscoll, Maureen 62 Beverly Rd. W.H. 061 19 523-8708 Droney. Jane 34 Pheasant Hill Dr W.H. 06 107 521-1537 Egan. Sue 33 Sharon Rd. Bloomfield 06002 242-5437 Espinoza. Carlos 1 12 Harbison Ave Hartlord 06106 525-6385 Farley, James 44 Gloria St Windsor 06095 688-2090 Fellenz. Mary Pat 10 Shaw Dr. Simsbury 06070 658-2549 Ferreira, Lisa 20 Mildred Rd. WH 06107 521-6649 Flannery. Joseph 73 St Augustine St W H 06110 233-2308 Fleury. Lisa 1 14 Spoonville Rd East Granby 06026 658-4836 Folia, Patricia 120 Stony Comers Circle Avon 06001 673-4736 Fortier, Jean 152WestgateSt. Elmwood06110 232-3978 Frobel, William 83GabbRd. Bloomfield 06002 242-1985 Frothingham. Mary 191 Westminster St Hartford 061 12 242-8694 Gaffney, Ann 98 Hyde Rd W.H. 06117 523-0311 Gallagher. Brian 17 Old Mill Lane W.H. 06107 521-3634 Gallagher, Tara 5ETalcott Ridge Rd. Farmington 06032 677-9168 Garcia. Chris 185 Tunxis Ave. Bloomfield 06002 243-2276 1 Garcia, Ulysses 112ShultasPI. Hartford 061 14 527-7068 Garlasco, Chris 156 Randal Ave, WH.061 10 561-1097 (Giegel. Laurie 54 No. Mam St East Granby 06026 653-6990 Gionfriddo. Robert 845 Mountain Rd. W.H.06117 236-5132 Giovino. George 14 Glenn Lane W.H. 06110 521-4000 Glrard. Karen 39 Burr Rd. Bloomfield 06002 243-9811 Grady, Brendan 6 Bishop Rd. W.H. 06119 236-1023 Graft, David 6 Munnisunk Dr Simsbury 06070 658-2780 Griffin, Lisa 10 Mountain Farms Rd W.H 06117 233-4150 Griffin, Michael 100 Robin Rd WH06119 232-6561 Harding. Michael 70 Sheep Hill Dr WH 06117 523-5705 Heneflhan, John 1 Barn Hill Rd. Bloomfield 06002 242-4121 Herbst, Cindy 49 Blue Ridge Lane WH 06117 232-4914 Hesketh. Cindy 1 Essex Lane Bloomfield 06002 242-2830 Hllliard, Stephen 28 Dartmouth Ave. WH 06110 236-4347 Hltchiner. Holly RFD 1 WestRd. New Hartford 06057 693-0468 Hoare. Margaret 7 Fyler Dr. Windsor 06095 688-1407 Hussey, Walter 50Brookline WH 06107 232-5106 Janiszewski. Mary 22 Drury Lane WH06117 523-4383 Johnson. Craig 641 Garden St. Hartford 06112 727-0215 Jolly, Lynne 7 Randall Ave. E. Granby 06026 653-3402 Kalifelz, Anne 3 Winterset Lane WH 06117 232-4966 Keete. Bernadette 1305 Windsor Ave. Windsor 06095 688-5709 Keefe, Teresa 17WaibridgeRd. WH06119 233-3910 Keefe. Tim 122 Richmond Lane WH 06117 232-5967 Keevers. Teresa 6 Newport Dr Bloomfield 06002 243-2301 Kennedy, Jodi 405 Park Ave. Windsor 06095 688-9610 Klim. Marcus Steele Rd. New H8rttord 06057 379-4921 j V 146 Kramer, Lauren 96 Newport Ave WH 06107 521-0131 Kulig, Christopher 51 Mayflower Rd. Windsor 06095 638-5690 Kunze Bill 12 Meadow Crossing Simsbury 06070 658-7320 LaGoy, Edward Southeast Rd. New Hartford 06057 693-402 1 LaPorte, Lee 26 Tumblebrook Lane WH06117 232-306 3 Larson, Diane 250 Duncaster Rd. Bloomfield 06002 242-9761 Lawyer. Betsy 1 1 Stockade Rd West Simsbury 06092 658-4136 Lazarus. Antoinette 224 Tower Ave. Hartford 06120 522-6282 Lambrick, Vera 307 Plalnfield St. Hartford 061 12 522-5936 Levins, Michael 102 County Rd Simsbury 06070 658-7359 Liner, Mary Sue 32 Feisloe Rd WH 06107 521-5838 Lizotte, Lori 8 Surry Circle Simsbury 06070 658-1737 Lynch. Patty 1 Chelsea Lane WH06119 232-5543 Lysak. Keith 4 Sycamore Rd. Bloomfield 06002 243-1080 MacDonaid. Constance 50 Smith Rd. Avon 06091 693-8112 Marafino. Maria 982 No Main St. WH 06117 233-1989 Marchese. Mike 77 Knollwood Rd. WH06110 521-1184 Mastronardi. Lisa 526 Prospect Ave Hartford 06795 233-5333 May. Rick 63 Chatham St. Hartford 061 12 246-4693 McArthur, Jacqueline 270 Palm St. Hartford 061 12 243-1192 McCusker. Stephanie 60LeMaySt. WH 06107 521-3970 McFariane, Jeffrey 102 Penbroke St. Hartford 061 12 243-1073 McFariane. Joseph Pauroso, Marie 102 Pembroke St. 1 32 Preston St Hartford 061 12 Windsor 06095 688-5486 McMahon. Eileen 226 Auburn Rd. Peraza. Leonor WH06119 1 1 2 Evergreen Ave 233-5233 Hartford 06105 523-9143 Meier, Ernest 34 Smallwood Rd. Perez. Doris WH 06107 104 Lancaster Rd. 521-4772 ' . WH06119 236-408 1 Melanson, Charles 55 Hickory Hill Rd. Simsbury 06070 658-7313 Perham, Steven 43 Penn Dr East Htfd. 06108 Melly. Maureen 289-2006 67 Walter Ave. WH06119 Pernell, Michelle 232-2207 16 David Circle Windsor 06095 Mendola. Lynn 688-7187 44 Stage Coach Rd Windsor 06095 Perrone. Barbara 688-9107 27 Sharon Rd. Bloomfield 06002 Miazga, Michael 242-7193 231 Westmont WH 06117 Persand, Rohanie 521-5233 1056 Blue Hills Ave. Bloomfield 06002 Milllgan. Mark 243-8298 15 Winterset Lane WH06117 232-9964 Peterson. Joel 7 Virginia Lane Simsbury 06070 Morgan, Dean 658-2811 21 Bell Court East Hartford 06108 289-6611 Pinney. Joyce 59 Wynding Hills Rd. Mulshine, Mary 55 Hartwell Rd. East Granby 06026 658-6834 WH 06117 523-1793 Poirot. Mary 57 Glenwood Dr. Murray. George Windsor 06095 192 No. Whitney St. 683-0665 Hartford 06105 232-2991 Quinn, Jeff 19 Stuart Dr. Murray, Jeanne Bloomfield 06002 242-6861 8 Amy Lane Simsbury 06070 658-6086 Radionovas, Sylvia 45 Somerset St. Nastri. Carole WH06110 147 Orchard Rd. 232-0215 WH05117 561-3329 Reed. Jeanlne 10 Duncaster Rd. Norko. Julie Bloomfield 06002 12 Drury Lane 243-1988 WH 06117 232-7646 Roberts. Renee O ' Brien. Erin 54 Ledyard Ave. 75BainbrldgeRd. WH06119 Bloomfield 06002 242-6077 233-5935 Rodgers. Karen O ' Brien. Holly 7 Trotwood Dr. 55 Longlane Rd. WH06117 WH06117 523-5565 232-6582 Rogers, Christopher O ' Brien. Jane 9 Timrod Lane 272 Firetown Rd. WH 06107 Simsbury 06070 561-2638 651-8851 Romasanta. Gisela O ' Brien, Tom 76TremontSt. 65 Nook Farms Rd. Hartlord 06105 Windsor 06095 523-4771 688-6596 Rossini, Robert O ' Callaghan. Pete 1968 Asylum Ave. 81 Glddings WH06117 Windsor 06095 233-1913 688-6062 O ' Connor, Laura 94 Fennbrook Rd. WH06119 523-7193 Roy. Elaine 38 Branford St Hartford 061 12 242-1974 O ' Huriey. Suzanne 7 1 Westmont WH 06117 561-0577 Ruscom, Linda 55 Mountain Farms Rd WH06117 232-6491 Oliver. Harold Saballa. Duffy 98 Thomaston St. 208 N Beacon St Hartford 061 12 Hartford 06105 522-4597 233-7783 Pastor, Danielle Salone. Denise 127 Oxford St. 9 Walker Dr. Hartlord 06105 Simsbury 06070 523-7786 658-5684 Salone. Donna 9 Walker Drive Simsbury 06070 658-5684 Samolyk, Stephen 998 Windsor Ave. Windsor 06095 688-6392 Sawka. William 41 Eastview Dr. Windsor 06095 688-5680 Schiffer, James 10 Carpenter Lane Bloomfield 06002 242-0350 Schuder. Joy 18Bramley Rd. WH 06110 521-8947 Sconzo. Jim 18 Sanctuary Dr Simsbury 06070 658-0047 Scotti, Maria 132 Evergreen Ave. Hartlord 06105 232-0598 Shangraw. Kathi 10 Cricket Lane East Granby 06026 658-7205 Shay, Brenda 369 Rood Ave. Windsor 06895 688-7053 Shea, Christina 97 Westerly Terrace Hartford 06105 233-4082 . Silvester, Susan 396 Simsbury Rd. Bloomfield 06002 233-0400 Simanskis, Laima 78 Woodlawn St. Elmwood06110 232-8573 Simoreau. Lynne 38 Linwold Dr WH 06107 232-3754 Slnon. Joanne 6 Pebble Brook Dr. WH 06107 521-2741 Sinon. Rita 6 Pebble Brook Dr. WH 06107 Sisk. Dianne 3 Mt. Vernon Dr. East Granby 06026 658-2774 Stallworth. Ribena 152 Mansfield SI. Hartford 061 12 527-4685 Stamwicks. Tom 11 Spruce Lane WH 0 6107 561-1833 Steinmlller, Jane 106 Somerset St. WH06110 233-5302 Stewart 1021 Aaylum Ave 06105 278-3936 Stewart, Tommy 182 Harold St Hartford 06 M2 243-0435 St Pierre, Karen 28 Bishop Rd. WH 06119 236-5063 Thomas. David 235 Blue Hills Ave Hartford 06 112 727-9772 Thomas. Elizabeth 88 Van Buren Ave WH06107 521-6536 Thompson. Darryt 320 Blue Hills Ave Hartlord 061 12 243-0200 Townsend. Vemetie UEarleSt Hartford 06 120 522-3618 Trifan, Terri-Ann 42 Midlands WH 06107 521-6146 Turchi. Julie 18 Danielle Rd Granby 06035 653-7396 Van Schaack. David 9 Treeborough Dr. WH 06117 521-2068 Venora. Tim 14 Guernsey Rd. Bloomfield 06002 242-0936 Verfurth. Charles 7 Harding Dr. Weatogue 06089 658-6017 Verrengla. Margaret 37 Woodcllft Or. Granby 06035 653-6501 Violette. Karen 209 Beechwood Rd. WH06107 521-9738 Virtue, Lydia ' 180 Pembroke St. H artlord 061 12 242-0495 Wain. Susan 12 Grant Hill Rd Bloomfield 06002 242-4987 Walsh. Ellen 1 Echo Lane WH06107 521-0781 Walsh. Michael 24 Middlelieid Dr. WH 06107 523-1685 Walsh. Sheila 24 Staples PI WH 06107 621-5195 Webb. Marie 31 Burlington St. Hartlord 06112 522-4325 Welch ' . 14 Musket Trail Simsbury 06070 658-0721 Werle Kevin r Dr Lately it ' s occurred to what a long strange s been . . . " — Grateful Dead And I sit here and think About the past four years The laughter, the people And the underage beers Sometimes I wonder If it would be so bad To take fcnsparent ja l And capture what we we had Nothing seemed to matter Since the sun could shine i We would open up our insii And see the black and white. See, I have come to know y And you the same for me We have come together In the way we were meant to (y p SO ? X to 4m J V I jp -py- ? p , ' X . k y v? jf : yy 7 ot fqlk goi.Tim noicI kartlani: Many Communities Coming Tog M0RRL3 WA5MINOTONN .TlYMOU thomaston; B£TML£HEM ' , NtfMERTOWhJ i ' . ROYRII8Y ' , WOODBURY ; BRISTOL tl -- , ' T.RlT v .i- I -■-liNGTON ; V— " SE.PLJN r " BSK= — - - - ■ -_ • her ' t t m SUFflLi-D J TG ■ ' ■ " "

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