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1 il A I N V ,,:Q,.rH 1 s Y -I i L S 4"p , :J U L- 4 f L 1 H." 'U' I :Pj u ' frffu Y W 1 if 'stifWiMQm.:'L 'O .QW Jw ,. r i, . , 9 , m W N' 'Q' p W. . QM' 1, K , ,. at x, ., Q.. -N ' M ,, ,V A 1 vw' vr 6 J "M, , in 'r,'.'N. 1 il A I N V ,,:Q,.rH 1 s Y -I i L S 4"p , :J U L- 4 f L 1 H." 'U' I :Pj u ' frffu Y W 1 if 'stifWiMQm.:'L 'O .QW Jw ,. r i, . , 9 , m W N' 'Q' p W. . QM' 1, K , ,. at x, ., Q.. -N ' M ,, ,V A 1 vw' vr 6 J "M, , in 'r,'.'N. ny", ,I M ,rx .flyi ' , Q." e' ',"f 1'1" '- f 1f,l1'j. 4.--1. If. '14 "lf . 1 -1,- .. -I 1' fzfl' ' ."l'1 J, -91 ,. '.'.- In IJ ni, 4, I lr. l".'y,,...,1,yf !.'. 1' . . if -ZffL'z'.5' '. gf' 1 '- r. ff" ' 1' '- . .. ',,.yf -"'-','-,fffffv ,I 4 '- 0. , QM.. , ,' I . ll .4 .I .I lj .I I if 'Y' s fl' ., '11 -"V flq ' , all Pl 11' '1 ff .- '1"l '. ,...x ' 1 'I' 1' ' " 1 I 1' 11. 'f' 55. 0.57 71'-'PUT I elif,-I. nl V 1'.',f .wJ",.- f L.fff,',, ng' yr ' ' .','f2.', .nn 1,1- v"1'f",'. 1 r' . 1' 4" 1, ?"H.i ,l V, f,.,'..fA llr If.: ' If n,: ' J- .' 'l'ojj'r,A, llIl'1'.",' r ',l -' I l.Il'x"f' 4",4.L7., -,M v n nl' ' .f,rQr',-.f ,,,j,,yA. "1' . vu' I1 ,"' 1 - . fy ,ln . f, f.Asf,f,j 58:1-I-ffl 'XVIII-"' fflffv 'f"n TI-IE FOUNTAIN 19 ALL 7715 eb" 'fa l ,L Z K fl-.. ,liz 00 606, '40-i THF Published by THE FOUNTAIN STAFF of the NORTHWEST BIBLE COLLEGE Edmonton, Alberto Affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada Editor, SHARON BLACK Q Oi V fyxfl ff f 0 M7 K L!! IW --Lk..- 2 BRE -that the redemptive -in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost, WE' v Y E FF X WE BELIEVE the BIBLE to be the inspired and only infallible and authoritative WORD OF GOD. ll ' t nt in three persons, God the --that there is one God eterna y exis a Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. J Christ in His virgin birth in His -in the deity of our Lord esus , , h sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning deat , in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father and in His persona glory to rule over the nations. l future return to this earth in power and that regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential for personal salvation. work of Christ on the cross provides healing of the human body in answer to believing prayer. that the baptism of the Holy Spirit, according to Acts 214, is given to believers who ask for it. t h Hol S irit by whose indwelling the -in the present ministry o t e y p Christian is abled to live a godly life. the one to everlasting lite and the other into everlasting damnation. ri' f fvf Qfl fy! 7 ff I ' V Dedication We sincerely dedicate this Yearbook to Mr. E. R. Shedden, our esteemed director of both Collegaires and Student Body Choir. The value of his musical contributions cannot be measured. He has worked tirelessly, giving of his time and talent to develop musical appreciation in our College. God bless his dedication and patience in teaching us to "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord". Farewell REV. KEN. BOMBAY, B. TH. Songleacling: Pentecostal History: Typology: Ethics: Pauline Epistles: I and Il Corinthians: Philippians: General Epistles: Johonnine Epistles: Christian Evidences: Music: Wisdom Literature. A graduate of our own Northwest Bible College, Rev. Kenneth Bombay comes to us with o vast experience in evangelistic and pastoral work, plus a recently acquired degree in Theology. We are thankful for his anointed ministry, gifted counseling ability, and Spirit-directed teach i ng. Sister Hazel Opheim has left the halls of Northwest Bible College but she has not left our hearts. Ever remem- bered will be her vibrant inspiring lectures and her ministry in music. We know the Lord will continue to use her in His great vineyard, and pray God's richest blessing upon her. Welcome or gl, IST RH lou P WP yfffyf, 'fy 11,5 IQ, , ' I HZFQZ ' p l A Q-sv ffnyfff .JKQIV I-.I 4 ,alfa ,45 gil! x I 'V el ' 1 5zff,,i,V',.f ', , ' It 4 ' f Af Us , A 1 4 '5 'I f' if , . ,wffuf ' .7 .- e - "' , ,,- ,4ufw""" flfj A ,, J 1 W W e . MZ 0 ' fV ,y fl. 3l"a 1: :tg lfgL1g'.,2- L-Ez: f-r J, ' '4,'4" 1 '71 sl 'if 'lr . 5 lull' Tf ' --fllI'7-".?4'4 N fjf'l9l!1f 'S r'- 'alll' 'fl-f7fYvi- 'ic nf.fwZl..v.Lhfl-'w24- -W 1-:G ' f - , - ' fe' F- - f' '01 :'f I , 6' r ? -Wwwwf 1? l x X " , ' Y tw K! lf ,I . j j lr if K , . . L ' 21 l X ' ll Yfifd!-f Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy 6 ,' K - 4 . g V, lm h W, :WT name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as I , 'fl l K. Mx l I If VV! all X1 it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And . " M fi' SE Y ' ,iz f . V l y J l forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen. .jx t f e f!! f' ft ffl .X i f f mg! ef, , . I y, lf Wil it '.lltfrf, w Wlf A ilvlflffl i tlil fw fr jllrlyh X'jffll,l' l ' rw, 11 , , Z I .ity '- X , f f y . , , , I ,, , N 1, ,ff Y X 1 1 , ,J 1 81 1 x fx ff' 1' -A' uf X, if ,V y 141 mm!!- 1 7, X w N in ,f R My x' ff' ff X, half' 1 . 1' " i fgv lqf' - I 'Ni Xl Rl 'L F tab or 'Af-l fn fr ,stef f t wa--- egih -.1 af- .tg LV n L f W -fz,g?xe,,?.T -:wif-" --f n., N j. ' i ,T . ,f -.,::---Z: - "But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and f- ' ' t th ' ' t f h d." , 2 -V -4, ' 1h,.5i'T' :Lili o e mums ry o t e wor Acts 6.4 A Q F - , -1- M- :aj . . M-:fly ,,,,Ta-:Ze- i? U D - 5? ' , ,M - ' K. ,, -,A 49-1. .1- f-GQ-. S...Y 1-h s K 7 . -N 1.-,-..,11 ongratulaiions from the Administration gee REV, T. JOHNSTONE General Superintendent Pentecostal AssembUes of Canada. REV. C. H. STILLER Executive Director Bible College Department. it vnu.. REV. S. R. TILTON Alberta District Superintendent. 8 T0 THE CONQUEROR'S CLASS The theme of your Year Book is PRAYER. Prayer is a sacred duty of every Christian and a precious privilege. It is essential to spiritual life and to growth in grace. Prayer is so much a duty that religion cannot possibly exist in those by whom it is disregarded, As well might the body live without the soul as anyone live spiritually without prayer. The sun cannot shine and give no light. A fountain cannot spring up and send forth no stream. Nor can religion exist in the heart and not produce habitual prayer. Prayer thus encumbent as a duty is also an invaluable privilege. Freedom of access to earthly monarchs is a privilege highly prized by worldly men. How much more valuable is freedom of access to the infinite God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Were He pleased to appoint but that once in life and only once each of His servants should enjoy permission to approach the Mercy Seat and unfold all his wants and were the single opportunity for communion with God to be appointed by a voice from heaven, how highly would the sacred interview be prized and how greatly desired! With what rapture would the direction be heard!-"Now is your time for access to God"- "Now, go and tell Him all your wants and open all your heart". We marvel at the scientific advance over the last decade in communications, shrinking the world into a sphere, so small we can by sight and sound be immediately made aware of happenings in any part of the globe. But, is this anything to compare with prayer by which we reach through God? By faith we give to prayer the faculty of linking ourselves to Omnipotence and bringing Omnipotence to human aid, no matter what the crises or the need. ls it possible that man has become so self-sufficient that he believes he can solve all his problems and save himself? It is true that he has found many answers in his search for knowledge. He can do and create many wonderful things.With all this, however, he stands helpless in the face of sin and death. As graduates you have been taught the best methods of witnessing and the preparation of your messages. This is most important. But for more important is your faith in God and your prayer life. The history of the church is replete from the Acts of the Apostles to this modern era, of men who through prayer prevailed on God to bare His arm and bring salvation, healing and deliverance. Your ministry does not end with preparation of sermons and delivering them, being born and delivered with much prayer, the reaping of the harvest can only come as a result of intercession before God. We challenge you to make prayer the very heart and core of your ministry. You will be called on to pray for the ill, the troubled and bereaved, and your ministry will only be complete and God-honoring as you learn to intercede on their behalf. Keep your communication with God clear and direct, and you will have little difficulty communicating God's love, will and message to the people. Blessed be God that the privilege of prayer is not thus limited to a single opportunity but may be enjoyed every day and every hour and at any minute. How invaluable is such freedom of access to the God of love and glory! Therefore make PRAYER the outstanding characteristic of your life. "CONQUERORS", "Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us." Romans 8:37. You have reached another Milestone in your Christian walk. CONQUERED three years of Bible School Training, preparing to go forth and witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul writes in Philippians 4:l3, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Never in the history of the world has there been more unrest, never before has there been such a need to preach Jesus Christ the Saviour of lost mankind, and you are a part of this great army of believers. In ourselves we are weak, our strength comes from God. "And He spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint," Luke l8:l. You prayed, go forth in Him to conquer. He has never lost a battle, Hallelujah. Remembering He has confidence in you. ln closing l would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the faculty who have so faithfully laboured among you these past three years. Many thanks to Pastors, Board Members, and Congregation of Central Pentecostal Tabernacle, Edmonton, Alberta, for the fine new facilities they have provided to house "Northwest Bible CoIlege". Thank you one and all. GOVERNMENT OF NORTHWEST BIBLE COLLEGE BOARD OF ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Rev. J. C. Cooke, Chairman Rev. S. R. Tilton, Charman R. W. Taitinger J. C. Cooke W. Melnychuk R. W, Taitinger N. E. Thompson E. W. Peterson G, F. Rattai N. E. Thompson A. Gaetz R. J. White C. Yates A. Gaetz T. R. Collings W. L. Fraser A. A. Lewis J. Taylor H. Good E. R. Shedden T. R. Collings Uur President REV. J. C. COOKE velationl. figure. "THE POWER OF PRAYER" More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of "and when you pray" go into your closet and shut the door and your father which seeth in secret shall reward you openly." "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." "Pray without ceasing." These and many more scriptures plainly show the place of prayer in the scheme of things with regards to the spiritual. lt is impossible to remain spiritually sensitive without the excercise of prayer. One may have a profound knowledge, years of Christian walk and know-how but without a love of prayer the life may be barren and unfruitful, indeed this is exactly the position many find themselves in, a life time of serving God but a dried-up experience. lt is a love of prayer that mellows and sweetens Christian living, that takes the hurt out of the everyday contact with that which is unlovely and unkind. Prayer is the stockade, the shelter, the canopy, and the place of safety. Every- one needs to know this, everyone ought to experience prayer's warm embrace when the storm beats down upon them with relentless fury. But prayer is more than a negative exercise-it is also a kind of a weapon, a spiritual weapon of offence, by which the man of God may be able to advance against the foe, come to grips with him, and overcome him. lf military armies march on their stomachs, then it is equally so that the armies of God will march on their knees. Authority, Anthropology, Christology l ll Sot eriology l, Ill, Gospels, Ecclesiology, Romans Systematic Theology, Eschatology fDaniel Re Every great movement can be traced to one kneelmg Our Faculty REV. R. J. WHITE p Missionsg Homiletics l, ll, lllg Public Speaking l, ll, lllg Pastoral Theology Il, Ill, Divine Healingg Cults. Prayer is a strong wall and fortress of the churchg it is a goodly Christian weapon. REV. J. W. MORSCH, B.TH. Old Testament Surveyg Pentateuchg Ephesiansg Bible History and Geographyg Church Historyg Hebrewsg Pro- phets. T 0 pray well is the better half of study. REV. R. W. TAITINGER Pneumatologyg Bible lntroductiong Philippians llg Jobg Song of Solomon. A single grateful thought towards heaven is the most complete prayer. MR. E. R. SHEDDEN, B.A., L.L.B. Collegairesg Choral, Voice Culture. Prayer travels more strongly when it is said in unison. Mas. A. Ei.iAsoN English, IQ li, iii The prayer of the upright is His delight. REV. E. I. OPHEIM Personal Work I, llg Comparative Religionsg I and ll Corinthians. And Satan trembles when he sees, The weakest saint upon his knees. MR. D. J. cooks, B.A., L.L.B. Fundamental Law. The effectual fervent prayer of a. righteous man availeth much. REV. M. W. DEMPSTER Acts iLife of Paullg Pedagogyg Child Psycho- Iogyg Sunday School Administration. Prayer moves the Hand which moves the world. MISS LILA DICKINSON Registrarg Etiquette. More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of. T eachefs Ticklers New Home of .BC 14 E v1 van "Wilt thou not revzve us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?" Psalm 85 :6. TS Congratulations to the onquerors 'I965 GRADUATES 'cNay, in all these things we are more than Conquerors through him that loved us.', tl Romans 8:37 THIRD YEAR CLASS Truly we have been privileged for the past three years to have studied the Word of God. As these years have passed and we look into the future of the vocation wherewith we have been called, there are many mixed emotions. Although the time has come for us to part as a class and to take our individual stand in serving God, nevertheless we are con- scious of the fact that friendships have been made that will last a lifetime. For all of us it means service for our Master whether a pastoral, Circular, evangelistic, or in a practical way, we have been given the promise "If God be for us, who can be against us. "Therefore we are more than CONQUERORS through him that loved us." DAVE LAGORE, Third Year President. DAVID LAGORE . JOSH. 1:9-'cHave not I commanded thee? be strong and of a good courage: be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy Cod is with thee whithersoeuer thou goeslf' Definitely plans to continue pastoral work in which he he has been engaged the past year. Active as Student Council Vice-President and also class president for the CONQUERORS for two years. Vital and fervent witness. Invited Christ into his heart in 1956 and was baptized in the Holy Ghost shortly after. David was born in Red Deer, Alberta, and was raised in Condor, Alberta. ARNOLD BREITKREUTZ PSA. 84:11-"For the Lord is a sun and shield: The Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightlyfi A true soldier of Jesus Christ, preparing himself to fight the "Good fight of faith." Received both his salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit in l95O. He was born in Cherhill but moved to Barrhead. Never seen without a word of encouragement and a smile. On the Student Council served as President this ast ear P Y - Life exhibits true Christian graces and manifests the fruit of the Spirit. Desires to discover God's perfect will. DAVID HAIMILA "Delight thyself also in. the Lord g and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord 5 trust also in Himg and He shall bring it to passf, Psalm 37:41 81 5 Desirous of serving the Lord to the best of his ability. Always ready with a smile, a song, or a sermon. Very much alive, he was born in Lac la Biche, Alta! In l954, saved, ln l959, baptised. Dynamic and exuberant . . . He'll be a success. VIRGINIA THOMPSON PSA. 36:7-"How excellent is thy loving kindness, O God! Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings." Vital, glowing witness for her Lord. In Edmonton she was born and raised. Received baptism in l956. .Gifted pianist. W ilrish. by nationality. Nurse w Intel,l,ectu.q,lly at the top. marriage to Jess Lynn, plans to enter full-time gk ministry. . W '17 is 4X-. ' WILLIAM BRIDAL Calations 2:20 "1 am crusified with Christ nevertheless I live, yer not I but Christ liveth in me." Willing and consecrated. In the Student Council and Bulletin, he was active. Lived in Regina, Sask. most of his life. Lover of books, Bill is often found haunting the library. Interested in the ministry. Always ready to lend a helping hand. Married last June to Marlene Shaw. 9. RUTH HOLLIES PROVERBS 1:23-"Turn you at my reproofz behold I will pour out my Spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto youf, Received both salvation and the baptism in the Holy Ghost at Sunnyside. Pentecostal Camp in Sylvan Lake. Unstintingly gives of her time and talent to be used of the Lord and is interested in children's work. Travelling with the Collegaires this past year has proved a blessing. Hometown, Pouce Coupe, B.C. PAUL GIROUARD II Timothy 1 :7-"F or Goa' hath not given us the spirit of fearg but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." Plans to give his life in service to God among the French people of Canada and especially in Northern Alta. Aligl-it with the love of God, he came to Bible College one week after he was saved in Wainwright, Alta. Usually found in the middle of a theological discussion, Paul has a cheery smile to accommodate his in- quiring mind. Leaning on the Lord for direction in future endeavors. HELMUT EISERT "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us. , here am Ig send me.', Isaiah 6:8 9 Then said I Havfendort Germany . . . Birth place. I Evangelistic work, Teens, Pastoral, Missions . . . All in God's hands. Loves to sing with the lnternational Quartet. Married to Edel Roehrig, June '64. Utterly resigned to the will of God. Trumpeter and Saxophonist for the King. EDEL EISERT PSA. 16:11-"Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joyg at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermoref' Edel was born in Germany but more recently came from Winnipeg, Canada. Desires full-time ministry as the Lord leads. ried to Helmut Eisert while at N.B.C Engaged and mar Loves travelling with the Internationals Quartet. J ESS LYN N "W hen the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the ' h' .', Isaiah 59:19b Lord shall lift up a standard against im Journeyed to N.B.C, from Kenya, East Africa. E Eager to serve God in whatever capacity he can, singing or preaching. Soon to be married to Virginia Thompson, and then A enters pastoral work. p Son of a missionary, Jess is a sterling example ofa faith- ful Christian steward. " 'Nun-I' GERTRUDE TISCHER "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth mef' Greets everyone with a radiant smile. Entered the waters of baptism in 1959. Received the Holy Spirit in February, 1959. Treasurer ot Student Council tor two years. Raised in Vernon, B.C. Understanding and thoughtful, she is outstanding in every way. Dedicated. Eager to serve the King of Kings. Aga NELSON SAMMY IOSHUA 1:9-'cHaUe I not commanded thee: Be strong and of a good courage, be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy Cod is with thee whithersoever thou goestf' New life in Christ began in 1956 both spiritually and ci physical healing ensued. Evident in his lite is a burning passion for souls. Looking forward with great anticipation to entering the evangelistic field. Sang with the Collegaires and the Internationals Quartet. One of the products of missionary endeavor in San Fernando, Trinidad, West lndies. Never downhearted, he is a real Conqueror in Christ. Philippians 4 :13 si-iARoN BLACK ' "But let him that glorieth glory in this, that be understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the Lord which exercise loving kind- ness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the Lord." Ieremiah 9:24. Soloist with Collegaires for three years. Happy, bubbling personality. Actively engaged in various student activities. Raised in Salmon Arm, BC., Received her baptism in the Spirit in 1956. Only the will of the Lord will do. Now embarking on a new avenue of service. LA VYNE OSBAK, Correspondence Student Romans 8:28-"And we know that all things work together or good to them that love God, to them who are f the called according to his purpose." We would like to congratulate LaVyne for her per- sistant and unwavering trials. God be with her. . ,. . i W X ' H ,, pf: L 5.1: " ' 5,3 ' ,. .bn f' qylftkgzw . " 14 fx1fQ,Jf.f,::i 1 , fp- -2q9:rgfnfk4,. . GERHARD ENGLER Philippians 3:10-4'That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, ami the fellowship of his sufferings, being marle conformable unto his death." Germany is his original homeland. He was born at Meusterwalde, Danzig. Enjoyed his salvation experience in l956 while still in Germany. . Relies on the Lord to be his sufficiency. Reaping a harvest of souls on the mission field is his goal. Yielded and dedicated. SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE STUDENTS DORIS ERICKSON-EDMONTON, ALBERTA MILDRED SAPRIKIN-EDMONTON, ALBERTA NICK SAPRIKIN-EDMONTON, ALBERTA JIM WILLFORD-EDMONTON, ALBERTA BYRON WATERHOUSE-EDMONTON, ALBERTA purpose in the face of many 21 Presenting the Defenders A STEWART HEFFEL Edmonton, Alberto Luke 2:11 J- But the Other of love, knowing thai I am set for the defence of the Gospel." Philippians 1:17 SECOND YEAR We the "Defenders" of this second year class, are set for the defence of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. During this year as we have further studied God's precious and inspired Word, we are more than ever persuaded of its absolute truth and complete faithfulness. We have definitely determined in our hearts, to stand firm, and "earn- estly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.' STEWART HEFFEL, Second Year President. I RUBIN EDISON BOBB San Fernando, Trinidad I Timothy 1:12 HELEN BOTHA Glendon, Alberta Isaiah 41:10.13 JIM McALISTER Wetaskiwin, Alberta Psalm 56 23,4- JESSIE SMITH Red Deer, Alberta Romans 3:28-31 HEROLD BREITKREUZ Ponoka, Alberta Lulre 4:13 LARRY BREITKREITZ Edmonton, Alberta Philippians 4- : 13 23 DALE BROUGHTON Hughenden, Alberto Matthew 6:33 LORNE MCALISTER Edmonton, Alberta Colossians 3:23 HAZEL HAWKINGS Bentley, Alberta Isaiah, 1:13 DON SCHESKE Grentell, Sosk. Romans 8:35-39 GWEN MUNSHAW Richmond, B.C. Isaiah 40:31 DON BABLITZ Cherhill, Alberto lIlll.ll.lIlH.!IIlS 1:21 WALLY RIEHL Edmonton, Alberto 1,511,111 3f:'lN.3 HELEN SERAFIN Winnipeg, Manitoba Philippians 41:19 JOE SHYKOWSKI Edmonton, Alberto Galatians 2:20 PHILIP MONTGOMERY Edmonton, Alberto .lude 3 NORMA SCHOENLEBER Edmonton, Alberta Psalm 31 MARGARET WHEELER Bentley, Alberto Titus 2:11 ED NERLING Edmonton, Alberta Revelation 3:12 9 BILL HALLSON Edmonton, Alberto Il Chronicles 7:14- R' , . ,e1f:pa'gff'113 ,,-- , . A Q - .1 '-:If ax Mui I-1 L ' e w ,V - greg - : .1P ' 5 SHARON WOLFE Edmonton, Alberto Romans 11:33-36 Introducing the Wilnesses .n"""' STEVE HINKSON Barbados, West Indies 26 "But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: ana' ye shall be witnesses unto me both in ferusalem, and in all fuflaea, and in Samaria, and unto the utterrrtost part of the earthf' Acts 1:8 As the Lord commanded His chosen disciples to spread the Gospel to all the world, so He commands us today to be His faithful followers and "Witnesses". It is our prayer and desire that we may not fail to fulfill this great commission of our Lord. STEVE HINKSON, lst Year President. ROBERT LEWIS Killam, Alberta GORDON MUTH Ferintosh, Alberta KAREN BERG DALE ROBINSON Enilda, Alberta Moose Jaw, Sask. X, 'Z WILLIAM LEWIS Killam, Alberta ELIZABETH ROESLER Vega, Alberta PETER CUKE Barbados, West Indies RUTH SHRAM ROBERT EKSTROM Thorsby, Alberta Edmonton, Alberta TORRANCE BOBB Trinidad, West Indies ADAM SCHERL Edmonton, Alberta MAXINE WOOD Red Deer, Alberta JOHN ALBISTON Edmonton, Alberta do RONALD PEARSON Haileyburg, Ontario VICTOR MUNSHAW Richmond, B.C. ," , ji , 6, Q. EDDIE GILLIS Pagwa River, Ontario econd emester tudents DENNIS KIFFIAK Legend, Alberta VIOLET WIEBE Wildwood, Alberta 6 - s ax 3 ERIEDA REGEHR DONALD IRVINE Edl'l'l0l'5f0ll, Alberta Neepawa, Manitoba 28 GISELA MERETZ Edmonton, Alberta X QCTI P 0111115 D xlff XXX xfff Y xx , 4 x r fc ll! W' P " .. XE'E'E'EL'fv: X xi . .me X I ig? W .x"4 , X f,X f E IL XX X .mn-nun... 3-N413-v-LL,-H ax it rJ:t' . R Q "I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, pray ers, uztercesszons, and the giving of thanks, be made for all menf, I Timothy 2:1 Z9 tudeni ouncil Seated left to right: Paul Girouard, Third Year Representative, Gertrude Tischer, Treasurer, Stewart Heffel, Second Year President, Ruth Shram, Secretary, Arnold Breitkreutz, President, Steve Hinkson, First Year President, Dove Lagore, Vice-President, Dale Broughton, Second Year Representative, Dennis Kiffiak, First Year Representative. As this semester draws to a close, we can say with the Psalmist, "Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchablef' CPsalms l45:3l lt is essential that each one of us have a true concept of the greatness of God if we are to be effective servants for Him. Often the task before us seems overwhelming with its impossibilities, but we need only to look into His Word to learn that, "Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.' We of the Student Council have found it a rewarding experience to serve the College and the students during the past year. lt has been our prayer that God would, by His Holy Spirit, lead each one into a deeper and greater experience in the Lord. Even os this term has been supported by much prayer, may we make prayer our motto for our lives and see God do great things in our generation. ARNOLD BREITKREUTZ, President. Fountain Staff Ya- . 2. """" KAREN Bike, Typist Z .IESSIE SMITH, Typist DALE ROBINSON, Photographer "That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, BOB LEWIS' Asif'-H' sdes Manage' and the fellowship of his sufferings . . ." Phil. 3:10 Bible College is the place where we concent- - rate our energies on "knowing Him". ln all our , gi associations here, we are discovering the glorious .sw Q facets of knowing Christ. We learn of Him through ig ,sg Q ,Q the' illumination of the Holy Spirit and the gui- dance of anointed teachers. lt is the prayer of this yearbook staff that this intimate fellowship may be shared with others: that they may come to know Him, "whom to know is Life Eternal." 4, , iw, 3. 4 ,4 , K 7" V Jos SHYKOWSKI, sues Manager 49 KU BOB EKSTROM, Artist 'Er DON SCHESKE, Assistant Advertising 5 1 4, JESS LYNN, Business Manager LORNE McALISTER, - : Advertising is Manager , M V is 3 o - Ulf? r WALLY RIEHL, Assistant Editor ELIZABETH ROESLER, Assistant Editor SHARON BLACK, Editor "The law of the wise is a "Fountain of Lifeu, to depart from the snares of death." Proverbs 13:14- Manager 31 ulletin Staff 1 tx Seated, left to right:-SHARON WOLFE, Editor, HAZEL HAWKINGS, Typist, BILL BRIDAL, Assistant Editor. Second Row, left to right:-NELSON SAMMY, Third Year Reporter, MARG WHEELER, Second Year Reporter, BILL LEWIS, First Year Reporter, HELEN BOTHA, Typist, JIM MCALISTER, Second Year Reporter. BULLETIN EDITORIAL It has been a real privilege and a great joy to be associated with each member of the Bulletin Staff. With the co-operation of each, we have edited a number of Bulletins, which we pray have not only been informative, but also uplifting spiritually. The purpose of such an edition, as you may realize, is to inform not only the Bible College students, but also the pastors of the various churches throughout the province of Alberta, of noteworthy news. This usually in- cludes assignment reports, and various articles by members of the faculty. lt is also a means of advertisement to all those who may interested in at- tending Northwest Bible College. We trust that the Bulletin of I964-65 has been such. SHARON WOLFE The sound of singing can reach into the human heart to ennoble it or to degrade it. How does this Collegaires The Following Students are also Members of the Collegaires: . RUTH HOLLIES HELEN BOTHA VIRGINIA THOMPSON, Practice Pianist THE SOUND OF SINGING are emotional facets of the personality. Worship, for which we were created, is an emotion demand- universal language" move us so deeply? Because it uses the two elements by which human emotions express themselves: rhythm and sound. How natural it is to express the emotion of impatience by the rhythmic tapping of the foot or fingers, or to express the emotions of pain with a groan, or joy with a laugh, or a dance. All crea- tion pulsates in rhythm and cycle. Speech, when it freely expresses the heart, becomes a song of rhythmic cadence. Much of the Scripture flows in poetic metre and even the prose of the richly beautiful King James Version rises and falls in meaningful measure. The fruits of the Spirit Clove, joy, peace, etc.i ing expression and cannot be fully expressed with- out the exercise of rhythm and sound. Music is the refinement of the natural expres- sion of the emotions, combining rhythm and har- monic sound. It can move the baser emotions or be intellectually refined beyond meaning. But God has given us this gift to use with simplicity, as an expression of the fruits of the Spirit welling up as springs from the human heart. Come, we that love the Lord, And let our joys be known, foin in cz song with sweet accord, And thus surround the throne. E. R. SHEDDEN ocial ommiliee LARRY BREITKREITZ, RUBIN BOBB, GWEN MUNSHAW v , L .Al Banquet Fountain Skit 34 PAR TY PATTER "Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart." Psalm 37:4- Truly we ot N.B.C. can say that God does grant us the de- sires af our hearts if we seek His presence. God is not limited to a church service, for ths past year we even felt His presence ot our social "get together". At the First Year initiation party in October, the Spirit of God visited us, blessing many hearts, and some even with healing power. Also, ot our Christmas banquet, the blessed Holy Spirit revealed Himself. As a result, the party ended as a prayer meeting. lf God can join us at a party, truly we must say that we indeed did have ci good time. We can say with the Psalmist of old, "ln Thy presence there is fullness of joy, and at Thy right hand there are pleasures for ever more," pleasures the world knows nothing of. LARRY BREITKREITZ il Play Presents Presenting Farewell Gift Tap Salesman i!f0,?E...Al'lf,? bl MR. MUAISTEA' ,L .2 , 1 'J' ' 4. JI' Je s 3 f E!!! iifif -9011 7 ff!!! If flfllff .Mi "7 W 3 , , X Q N' BS' for rwa ' W-+1 "Let everybody sing" "Shall we approach the throne of grace." "Who will be the first to testify." Saxophone Solo. Offertory "The Title of my Sermon is "Wasn't that wonderful!" Assignment SSION fm eo gs "Therefore said He unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He send forth labourers into His harvest." Lake 10:2 Prayer Bands 42 I 'ln' ,, O 4925, '9 02' '94 414- '91 OA Missionar Emphasis Week TW REV. E. A. FRANCIS REV. C. H. STILLER The Result: REV. R. EMMES Prayer and Conseeration MISSIONARY EMPHASIS WEEK The Missionary Emphasis Convention was conducted during the first week of November, I964. Missionaries of high calibre and vast expericnce presented stirring messages to the students. Open discussions of various topics gave each one present opportunity to ask questions relative to mis- sionary work. God moved in a very personal way, with students consecrating their lives anew. Only eternity will reveal the results of such a convention. 42 XPBESSJ 011 4 ' N 'xxx x 'X X N X xX N X N At the close of the doy, when you kneel to prciy, X Will you remember me, X I need help every doy ,this is why I pray, Will you remember me. When I prciy, I will proy for you, For you need His love ond His core, When l proy, I will proy for you, I will whisper your name in my prayer. "I will sing of the mercies of the Lord for ever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all genera- tions." Psalm 89:1 WHEN YOU PRAY When you proy, will you proy for me, For I need I-lis love ond I-lis core, When you proy, will you proy for me, Will you whisper my nome in your prayers I SI Musical Messengers 4 1 wxxxxwm ,- JESSIE, SHARON, HELEN WALLY, ARNIE, HELMUT DQN 'rue INTERNATIONALS THE WITNESSES THE MOUNTAIN STROKE BOYS 45 CHARGE TO THE GRADUATES AND PRESENTATION A Dean-Graduating class of Northwest Bible College, you stand in the pre- sence of God, and before this congregation, to receive a charge to Chris- tian service from the Word of God, and to be presented to the Superin- tendent of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada of the province of Alberta. To be a worthy minister of the gospel is a high dignity and a great re- sponsibility. No work in the world is as great as that of dealing with immortal souls, such work should never be undertaken thoughtlessly, or lightly, but in response to the divine call and in dependence upon God. l charge you thereforeto hear the words of Jesus as he called his first preachers--Matt. 2,l8-22. T Hear the words of the Holy Ghost as he called the first missionaries- Acts l3, 2-3. Hear again the words of the Apostle Paul as he charged young Timothy l Tim. 4,l2-l6. 6,13-l6. Presentation-Reverend Tilton, district superintendent, Northwest Bible College exists to serve the Church. lt gives me therefore great pleasure to present to you these graduates. Superintendent--Take heed that the persons you present, are apt and meet, by training and godliness to exercise their ministry to the honor of God and the edifying of the Church. Dean--We have instructed them, and examined them, and believe them to be fitted for theChristian ministry. We believe that they will so exer- cise their ministry that it will be to the glory of God and the good of the Church. May it please Almighty God to pour out his Spirit upon them and send them forth as labourers into his harvest. Superintendent--Do you feel that you are called to the Christian ministry? Graduates-We believe that we are so called. A Superintendent-Do you believe the scriptures of the Old and New Test- ament to be the Word of God and to contain all things necessary to salvation. Graduates-We so believe. Superintendent--When called upon to minister will you read the same to the people assembled. Graduates-We will. Superintendent--Will you obey those who are over you in the Lord. Graduates-We will, the Lord being our helper. Superintendent--Let your loins be girded about with truth, and your lights burning and ye yourselves like men that wait for their Lord. Make known God's saving health among the nations. E RTI SING PBESEIIIHTJ 011 m, 'A E1 I ' IT f - 7 wg! M W 'Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper anfl be in health, even as thy soul prosperethf' III Iohn 2. 47 CONGRATULATIONS "CONQUERORS" "C""9""""l""" Grads of '65 from CANADA'5 UNIQUE MISSIONARY GROUP Pastor and Cgngreggfion The Nurses Missionary of C0U'1C'l Montgomery Tabernacle EDMONTON, ALBERTA Calgary 919 ALL THF ,gd ka? Q Iffi i o Cnortlfiweot c,BiI1le eollege 'OQF 60 AFFILIATED WITH THE PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBLIES OF CANADA ACH Ti-W REV. J. C. COOKE PRINCIPAL 11605 -107 AVENUE. EDMONTON. ALBERTA Admission . . . The facilities of the Northwest Bible College are available to all qualified young people who have a desire to follow the Lord in Christian ministry, or to Z those who wish to take advantage of Bible training in such an Institution for their own spiritual encourage- ment and blessing, qualifying them to be more effective I workers in their cwn local assemblies. i'I,I.,Irii,.z I II' g 6 I The Northwest Bible College trains missionaries, ' I I' evangelists, pastors, teachers, Sunday School workers, K .3 1, Youth leaders, songleaders, and Christian laymen. Any ,JEEP born again young person who is satisfactorily recommend- ' ' " 3 ed will be warmly welcomed to N.B.C. Application for Admission to NORTHWEST BIBLE COLLEGE 11605 -107 Avenue Edmonton, Alberto I""'-"T" -"- "'-'-"--"'-"'-"""-""""" I I Date .- .,...... I I I I I 1. Name ........,.,.........,.... .......................,...............,...,.....,.......... ...........,........... . ........ 2 . Age ....,...... I I ILastI fFir5tJ fMiddIeJ I I I I I 3. Address .,.,...,...........................,.............,...................................,............,....................................,.................................................. I I IStreet, P.O. Box, R.R.J QCity or Townj tProvinceJ I I I l 4. Nationality or race . ....... I I I I I Date of birth ......................... ,........ ............ ...........................,................. .................. ...... . .............. I I fDayj QMonthJ iYearJ I I Ejjr it s A , l4 GUSPEL Cl-IRI-IIIIIN King'smen - Ambassadors - Gospelaires 11605 - 'IO7 Avenue Extend Congratulations to the Conquerors MAY GOD BLESS YOU , Congratulations CONGRATULATIONS "Conquerors" May you ever proclaim His Word in To The "CONQUERORS" -Thought -Word from 'iDeed Q a 0 I District Christ s FERINTOSH PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Pastor and Mrs. William E. Kowalski Ambassadors Department of CONGRATULATIONS "CONQUERORS" from Women's Missionary Council "Serving at Home and Abroad" MRS. A. A. LEWIS Secretary, Alberta District The Alberta District District C. A. President. Rev. Steve Holomis BOYS Girls-July and 3 to IO. GIRLS Bo ys-July CAMPS -A l0tol7 Albertcfs Family Camp ew... the ideal spiritual vacation Located on beautiful Sylvan Lake in Central Alberta REV. 8- MRS. LAURIE PRICE of Toronto, Ontario Laurie and Hannah Price, Pastors of Toronto's Evangel Temple will be speakers at Sunnyside Camp this year Laurie needs no introduction to our province, or our camp having been here on a num- ber of occasions His is an anointed, inspiring ministry that is always a blessing to any people With him this year is his equally gifted wife whom we welcome to Alberta, Sister Price will minister in the morning services with her hus- band, and her able teaching ministry will bring much help and blessing to all who can attend. This promises to be a great camp By all means plan to attend. "The camp for boys and girls, young people and adults" uly I 7 -A ug. I REV. RALPH RUTLEDGE of Peterborough, Ontario Ralph Rutledge, pastor of Calvary Church in Peterborough, comes from a musical family of singers and musicians, and excells musically as well as a forceful preacher of the gospel Bro. Rut- ledge will minister mainly in the youth services of the camp, and will contribute in the ministry of song, and instrumental music in the entire camp program, You will enioy this youthful and de- dicated young man of God. This is a special in- vitation to all young people to be with us this year at Sunnyside PROVINCIAL YOUTH RALLY SATURDAY NIGHT, July mn, aroo p.m. CONGRATULATIONS "CONQUERORS" CLASS OF 'I965 . . . . Mag God's Richest Blessing Be Yours CENTRAL TABERNACLE MEN'S FELLOWSHIP Congratulations "Conquerors from the 1 -1 D 1 h. gl ry YUUNG PEOPl.E m g"' HM" h w nders among ll pe , ,, of the CPE 96.3 - R ' GERMAN PENTECOSTI-ll ASSEMBLY President: Rev. Stanley Fitz Vice-Presidents: Arnold Breitkreutz and Wally Riehl Young PeopIe's Service-Every Friday at 8:00 p.m. 9906 - 83 Avenue Christ's Ambassadors of CENTRAL PENTECUSTAL TABERNACLE "CONQUERORS" "CHRISTS AMBASSADOR5 NlGHT" Every Friday--8:00 p.m. Centrals C.A. Executive T965 President-Murray Dempster First Vice-President-Betty Kobot Second Vice-President-Ken Graham Secretory-Grace McEwen Treasurer-Adolf Tonn Members of CENTRAL TABERNACLE CHOIR Wish to express congratulations and sincere wishes for blessing ond TO THE S GRADUATES success to the "Conquerors" "God's E. R. SHEDDEN-Direcior , Richest Blessing" success to the "Conquerors" CONGRATULATIONS CONQUERORSH CALVARY PENTECOSTAL TABERNACLE I CAMROSE, ALBERTA Pentecostal Assemb y SUNDAY: IOZOO o.m. .,..,s,.,,,...., Our Church in Sunday School Thorsby' Alta' H100 o.m, ..,,.... .,,,...,......... O ur Church in Worship 7:30 p.m. .A...... .As...,,, O ur Church in Evangelism WEDNESDAY: Pastor: R. M. DOWBUSH 8:00 p.m. ...,,.,, ............. O ur Church in Study H , , ,, FRIDAY: Lei your lighi so shine 8:00 p.m. .,.......,E.... .,,,,,,,, O ur Church ond Its Youth REV. ond MRS. STEVE HOLOMIS God's Richest Blessing - "Conguerors Forsythe Construction Custom Built Homes 99I2 - 74 Street Edmonton Phone 469-5443 Congratulations Cgnqugrgrs Class of '65 LES rirz 1 0327 COMMERCIAL WIRING Edmonton, Alto. Electric Ltd. Ph- 4694206 OILFIELD WIRING RESIDENTIAL WIRING COMMERCIAL AND OILFIELD INSTALLATIONS . 9 Adie's Furniture 6 On this name rests the responsibility incident to Ieodership in printing of Novelties quolity. : Souvenirs-GiIts-Novelties 'i'i'Q . . The Douglas Printing Phone 887-2317-A. M. Kanfen sox 135 COITIPCIIY Ltd. Sylvan Lake. Alberta GLENDIIN IMPLEMENTS JOHN DEERE FARM EQUIPMENT B.A. GAS ond OIL MERCURY CARS ond TRUCKS JAMES NESIMIUK Phone 635-3797 CONGRATULATIONS "CONQUERORS" CONGRATULATIONS "CONQUERORS' from UNION TRIICTDR LTD. Calgary LES INKSTER, MANAGER Sincere Congratulations Conquerors Pastor R. E. Davis and Congregation EIGHTH AVENUE TABERNACLE 928 - 8 Avenue S.W. CALGARY Songs in the Night CFCN l060 on your dia I0 30 on your clock When in Calgary visit our Tabernacle CALVARY PEENTECUSTAL TABERNACLE Extends Congratulations to the "Conquerors" God richly bless you in your ministry for Him. SUNDAY SERVICES l0:O0 a.m. Sunday School ll:O0 a.m. Morning Worship 7:30 a.m. Evangelistic Service Psalms 37:4 "DeIight thyself also in the Lord, and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Pastors: Rev. Mrs. J. C. Cooke ROCKET SERVICE STATION CONGRATULATIONS to the Grads of 1965 ERICH FRIEDRICH - JACK HELBIG GERMAN PERSONNEL 6545 - 99 STREET A EDMONTON 439-2650 Congratulations "Grads" from LANSDOWN'S Meat 81 Grocery We Specialize in Meats, Fruit 81 Vegetables Fresh Daily -FREE DELIVERY- 8307 - 99 St. 439-O9l4 Wrigh1"s Bakery 10550-Jasper Ave.-Phone 422-1853 Garneau 10860 - B2 Ave.-Phone 433-1253 Park Plaza Shopping Centre 11844A - 103 St.-Phone GR 9-2753 CONGRATULATIONS HCONQUERORS You Are Always Welcome ot Gospel Supplies and Recordings Ltd. 10056-100 St. Phones 422-0422, 422-0846 EDMONTON Your Patronage ls Appreciated I THE Beverly Pentecostal Tabernacle Congratulates the "Conquerors" "May you hold the torch of the Gospel Truth" Pastor and Mrs. Paul Kerychuk CONGRATULATIONS "CONQUERORS" Whenever in our district visit Glendon Pentecostal Tabernacle Pastor Rev. and Mrs. M. S. KUTNEY Congratulations "Conguerors" From the Pastor and Cong regation of GLAD TIDINGS PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBLY Barrhead, Alberta. REV. C. A. McCLAIN, PASTOR CONGRATULATIONS "CONQUERORS" G0 "Forth Conquering and To Conquer" Rev. 6.2 Immanuel Church 43 - 4th St. N.E. Calgary, Alberta Pastor S. W. Lucas Newbrook Pentecostal Church GREETINGS and Congratulations to The "CONQUERORS" asv. R. J. wi-urs, PASTOR Congratulations "Conquerors" From: The Gospel Centre 81 Congregation 9950-l48 St. Edmonton Ph. HU 8-55l7 Pastors-Rev. 81 Mrs. J. C. O'Brien Phone GL 5-7076 Sunday l0.00 l 1.00 7:30 Weeknights 8.00 SERVICES 0.I'T1. OJT1. p.m Sunday School -Morning Worship -Evangelistic Service p.m.-Wednesday and Friday You are always The Gospel Centre Congratulations "Conquerors" WEE SUPER MARKET and WEE SUPER COIN-OP LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANER Corner 107 Avenue and II6 Street CONGRATULATIONS TO THE "CONQUERORS" Psalm I l2:l-"Blessed is the man that leareth the Lord, that dellghteth greatly in his com- mandments." A 0 DAN'S PLASTERING STUCCO and LATHING 0 DANIEL KAKOSCHKE 9604 - 63 Ave. Ph. GE 9-4590 EDMONTON. ALTA. mo younnow . . . THAT the Manufacturers Life pro- vides a special Security Graph service that will show you how to get maximum returns from your insurance dollars? For your famiIy's sake, you must be sure that your investment in Life ln- surance is planned to take care of as many future needs as possible. The Security Graph will show you how far your present Life Insurance will go in meeting basic needs. RAYMOND R. SADER 10180 - 102 ST. Office 424-8081 EDMONTON RES. 466-2644 THE MANUFACTURERS msuuuce conunv coNGaATU'-P-TIONS HCONQUERORS., I III - x I 1 E - E - El- Construction 8323 - 80 AVENUE "CUSTOM HOMES" 469-2497 CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS and "CONQUERORS" God Bless You from the u u conquerors Central Girls' Christian Fellowship Central Tabernacle's Family Sunday School Edmonton "He that winneth souls is wise" "A Co-educational School with o Team Teaching System" President-Freda Drisner 14 . , See You at 9 5 Om Vice-President-Elaine Agrey We Invite You to Attend, WARMEST CONGRATULATIONS "CONQUERORS" ,Q T D'-s., A GRADUATING CLASS and SINCERE GOOD WISHES to the FACULTY 8- STUDENT BODY From Rev. Wm. Pipke and Congregation of Idylwylde Pentecostal Tabernacle "When in Edmonton plan to visit with us" Sunday Services-l0:0O a.m. Sunday School H200 a.m. Morning Worship 8. Children's Church 7:30 p.m. Evangelistic Service Wednesday 8:00 p.m. Prayer ond Bible Study Friday 8:00 p.m. Family Night and C.A.'s Our Welcome is Smcere HIGHWAY PENTECUSTI-IL CHAPEL Corner 'I05 Street and 63 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta "Eclmonton's Newest Pentecostal Church" Congratulations Conquerors of 1965 PASTORS: REV. 8- MRS. E. OPHIEM You're always welcome at the Chapel THE PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBLIES OF CANADA 50 EUSTON AVE., TORONTO 6, CANADA Congrotulotes the CANADIAN NORTHWEST BIBLE INSTITUTE on the world wide contribution of its graduates to the ministry of the P. A. O. C. WE INVITE YOUR INTEREST AND SUPPORT OF i OUR MISSIONARY DEPT. ir THE SUNDAY SCHOOL DEPT. iv THE CHRlST'S AMBASSADORS DEPT. -k THE PENTECOSTAL TESTIMONY if THE FULL GOSPEL PUBLISHING HOUSE We con supply ony Bible or Religious book thot you may require: Also the best in Sundoy School ond Youth Moteriols CONG f RATULATIONS: Jess Lynn 81 the Conquerors if.- I, L," Jw' gf X - 4"!4'?f'ff49f2f 'V ' , , , Jw' f. -4 1 -', , I mm 41- am .ekulgiv 4' 7'2 " 'V "ffl, ' for if S' Y 'Y L. P t I Y? fri' lb' s- lfiffvzf J -gllp ,. e Engng:-E 37 'ig .I 'N 'W' - -H - N in-T 1 V ' T -":"l H LXNQ from Pastor and Congregation of the OWEN SOUN D PENTECOSTAL TAB ERNACLE Rev. J. Counsell Congratulations to the "CONQUERORS" Graduating Class of 1965 from the Congregation of the Westlock Pentecostal Tabernacle Pastor and Mrs. F. D. Carruthers Congratulation Graduates Camp Committee lll KE N ll ll ll M U N Pentecostal Camp Information Write or Phone: REV. D. CARRUTHERS Box 247, Phone 342-3533 Westlock, Alberta THE ALBERTA DISTRICT MEN'S FELLOWSHIP Extends Congratulations "CONQUERORS" Rom. 8:37-We are more than Conquerors through Him that Loved Us. Informa Remember November 4-7, 1965 MEN'S FELLOWSHIP RETREAT Congratulations "Conquerors" from the Pentecostal Evangelistic Centre Cor. 4th Avenue and 9th St. S.E. Medicine Hat, Alberta Pastor J. H. Law AT BANFF, ALBERTA "The Law of his God is in his heart tion Write: President Les Inkster, none of his .steps .shall glide." 30 c: in A . Nw., romwe ve Calgary, Alberta Psalm 37:31 Congratulations from Sc U Z A'-' f I L morons un - I Stliuu :zu I Volkswagen, Rambler Sales 8. Service maui K J.l. Case Farm Machinery z-gl 4- I - Barrhead, Alberta Phones 4-2137, 4-2064 CONGRATULATIONS UCONQUERORSH Commit thy way unto the Lordg trust also in Himg and he shall bring it to pass. Psalm 37:5 RITZ A ii ll LUMBING A81 EATING LTD. Plumbing - Gasfitting - Hot Water Heating 466-8449 ERHARD RITZ, MGR. 7404 - 84 AVE. CONQVGTUIGUOHS CIGSS of '65 CONGRATULATIONS "CONQUERORS" B. from the CONSTRUCTION LTD . S H In ' K 81 K Foodllners Pecm 'sts ' In' . Three stores to serve you better: Custom Built Garages - Patios Sidewalks - Driveways -- Rumpus Rooms 9942-82 Avenue - Ph. 433-7002 BERNIE STEIN, MGR- 9602-76 Avenue - Ph. 433-1024 7943 ' Ave' 10804 -129 Avenue - Ph. 479-5229 Wishing God's Best to All Graduates of 1965 WESTERN SLAVIC BRANCH of the Pentecostal Assem blies of Canada 10521 -97 Street, Edmonton, Alberta L. K. KRAWCHUK-Secretary-Treasurer N WM. MELNYCHUK-Superintendent M. ICK WYNYCHUK-Sunday School Director KUTNY-CA. Department Di rector SUNRISE GOS PEL CAMP JULY 4th to 18th 0 Gifted Speakers 0 Talented Musicians O Services You Won't Forget For Further Information Write: CAMP MANAGER 10521 - 97 St reet Edmonton, Alberta CONGRATULATIONS "CONQUERORS" PASTORS AND CONGREGATION UKRAINIAN PENTECOS VOICE OF LIFE: 7 a.m.-C.K.B.I.-Prince Albert, Saskatchewan 9 a.m.-C.F.C.W.-Camrose, Alberta WEEK NIGHTS: Tuesday-C.A. Servi Thursday-Bible Stu TIIL Tl-IBERNI-ICLE Morning Worship-11:00 o.m Evangelistic Service-7:30 p.m ce--8:00 p.m. dy 8. Prayer-8:00 p.m. I JOHN...4:4-"Ye are of Cod, little children, and have overcome them because greater is he that is in you, then he that is in the worldf' UKRAINIAN PENTECOSTAL TEMPLE SUNDAY SCHOOL CONGRATULATIONS "CONQUERORS" "He that winneth souls is wise" MRS. P. WESLOSKY-Superintendent MRS. H. KUZYK-Assistant MR. L. WESLOSKY-Secretory-Treasurer UKRAINIAN PENTECOSTAL TEMPLE Welcomes You to their C.ll. SERVICE on TUESDAY at 8:00 p.m. President-George Chornohous Vice-President-Peter Richuk CONGRATULATIONS HCGNQUERORSH Graduates of 1965 FAWCETT HEATING SERVICES i - All XI' 9424-73 STREET ,if Phone 469-6124 O ,,f" 4,uvn I tx f h"""'-we-., A j it +0 D T, I, I 5, CONGRATULATIONS "coNQuERoRs" EKERT CONSTRUCTION You'II love because Tupperware's ' For Home co. FAMOUS SEAL : Demonstration LEA'3'P?OgF d H I Contact: J. EKERT, MGR., l2907- 66 Aven e Quo' S OO 5 on c'V""S 2 KAY PIPKE Phone 434-2526 FEATHER-LIGHT : 10164 - 82 Sf, You will be proud to own an ' ' ' You can : 4'59'778l EKERT BUILT HOME FREEZE IT , Edmonton, Alberta IO Wren Cres. Sherwood Park, Alta. Phone 699-8473 HAROLD E., STUSEK THE ART LITHO COMPANY LONDON, CANADA CONGRATULATIONS "CONQUERORS" from the Pastor and Congregation of the FIRST GERMAN PENTECUSTAL ASSEMBLY 0F LEDUC Calendar and Specialty Advertising - Business Gifts K , Counter Check Books "1oo1 Different Items" PGSTOF B- Dobefsfein CONGRATULATIONS UCONQUERORSH lsaialw 45:2-"I will go before rhee. and make The crooked places slraiglwf: I will brealc in pieces llwe gales of brass. and Cul' in sunder llwe bars of iron." V - -0 - ' -.,e- f WALTERS Oll T00l MACHINE lTD l2I25 - l45 STREET EDMONTON Oilfield and Industrial Machining and Welding Manufacturing and Repairs PH. GL 5-6592 l24 HR. CALLl GL 4-4466 DIRECTORS JOHN WALTERS WALLY WALTERS GERRY WALTERS HERB WALTERS CENTRAL PENTECCSTAL TABERNACLE f . f R' it i NMMINN N i H . " Iw. llllllllI,' Mli+1 R "!im'7': r Wil Tr iw l'!::-- 152 yr1,W2i'H r I1 to wha i R ' llll Er 2'F.1'f.r'ggY'F'rti U 'Le . of R if : . on K .-. --iiiigs.-gf E, 1t.r,l'f!l is ...M ei .: LA ..,.off+"- - 5 11605-'IO7 Avenue, EDMONTON, ALBERTA CENTRAL TABERNACLE O Edmonton's First Full Gospel Church O "Morning Evangels" . . . our radio voice O Home of Northwest Bible College Pastor ond Mrs. R. Toitinger Pastor ond Mrs. M. W. Dempster IV here Happy People Blake You Welcome Congratulations THE PASTOR AND CONGREGATION From The of the RED DEER PENTEGDSTAL TABERNACLE Pfnrrcosrnl TABERNACLE LET'-'BRIDGE' ALBERTA PASTOR KAGDPENNOYER . . CONGREGATION 0ffer Sincere Congratulations To The Graduates of '65 VSSJSBQEEESItEEeiLeSZ'LiiiEI I,'JfJ.I?"21O'3.? Congratulations "00nouer0rS" quering Lord. Grads of 65 WHEN nu LETHBRIDGE . . . from Visit . . . THE TABERNACLE at 520 - 7 St. S. WELCOME ! ! ! Rev. cmd Mrs. J. H. Hozlett C.A.'s, Pastor and Congregation fg I W: ,fxwx I 1 "CONQUERORS" E I . M. I W. fi fl .- '- 31 I if 123' 6 X f I VAT 'F-R. KUTNY CONSTRUCTIIIN LTD RESIDENTIAL DESIGNERS, PLANNERS AND BUILDERS "CUSTOM HOMES" 9459 OTTEWELL RD. NICK KUTNY PHONE 466-5551 O TIMOTHY, KEEP THAT WHICH IS COMMITTED TO THY TRUST, AVOIDING PROFANE AND VAIN BABBLINGS, AND OPPOSITIONS OF SCIENCE FALSELY SO CALLED: WHICH SOME PROFESSING HAVE ERRED CONCERNING THE FAITH. GRACE BE WITH THEE. AMEN. I Tinnoihy 6:2O,2I O Goo sp E E D You HCCNQUERURSH 0 SHEDDEN 81 COOKE Borristers 81 Solicitors Phone 424-2661 Ernest R. Shedden, B.A., L.L.B. 701 Tegler Bldg., Phone 422-3276 Dovid J. Cooke, B.A., L.L.B. Edmonton, Alberto COnZ'lISl2IffZfOI2250 Al'S JEWELLERY EXPERT WATCHMAKER WE SELL ond REPAIR WATCHES ond JEWELLERY ou Rolex, Bulova ond other brondsg STUDIOS Also FINE DIAMONDS IO I -J A 6 3 Ospe' Venue VERY REASONABLE PRICES Edmonton Alberto PORTRAIT and COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS All WORK GUARANTEED WEDDING CONSULTANT SERVICE I I I 422-2216 - Phones - 422-7608 The home of Beautiful Pfop, ALEX EURCI-IUK CIZEIFETCIIES and Wedding Phgne GA 2.0524 Portraizure IOI33 - 97 Sfreef Adequate Parking on our Premises CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OI' 1965 gp , --,gl "The Gaslinern Wainwrighfs Fines! Service Station GORDON GILCHRIST, Proprietor WAINWRIGHT ALBERTA Congratulations GRADUATES Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might. from Pastor and Mrs. C. Yates and the congregation of Congratulations "Conquerors" LLDYDMINSTER PENTECUSTAL TABERNACLE Rev. M. Wall and Congregation the Pentecostal Tabernacle OF CAPITOL HILL 1706 - 20th Avenue NQW. Calgary PASTOR AND MRS. E. C. O'BRIEN AND CONGREGATION OF THE DRUMHELLER PENTECUSTIIL TIIBERNACLE extend Congratulations to the "Conquerors" graduating class. CDNGRIITUUITIUNS "CONOUlERORS" from the staff of H. H. WILLIAMS MEMURIIIL HOSPlTlll presenting OPPORTUNITIES FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICE in "CllNlIDll'S 0NlY PENTECDSTIIL HOSPlTlll" Registered Nurses Certified Nursing Aides X-ray and Laboratory Technician Maintenance Supervisor Janitorforderly THE ALBERTA DISTRICT PENTECDSTAL ASSEMBLIES 0F CANADA o 0 V Slncere Congratulatlons to the '6C0NQUER0RS" ALBERTA . . . "A 'World Missions' Province furthering the Work at Home and Abroad." fi Churches and Missions in city, town and rural areas. ii Sub-Arctic Mission field, N.W,'l'. H. H. Williams Memorial.l-lospital, N.W.T E' Child Evangelism Crusade. if Christ's Ambassadors for Alberta's Youth. fi Northwest Bible College--Edmonton. ff Sunnyside Pentecostal Comp, Sylvan Lake-July I7-August I, i965 W Alberta Chinese Mission. O REV. S. R. TILTON, Superintendent REV. C, YATE5 - PRESBYTERY - REV. E. W. PETERSON REV. A. A, LEWIS REV. J.'C. COOKE REV. R. J, WHITE Congratulations "Conquerors" ith GERMAN PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBLY 9906 - 83 Ave. Edmonton GERMAN PENTEGDSTAL ASSEMBLY Bev. W. Kowalski-Pastor Rev S Fitz-Asst. Pastor 5. Youth Director CONGRATULATIONS UCONQUERCRSH EDMONTON GERMAN PENTECOSTAL BRASS BAND DIRECTOR-ART SAM ASSISTANT-DAN KAKOSCHKE PRESIDENT-RUDY KAKOSCHKE Autographs , .iff f IMI!" ?: 'f'I'I'l'1gAi I ' ' 1 I, , I f f I I I . I M,.:'I'gf-wa 1 A I I I I I I ' F 'WT 6""?f, Wi .r5II'3'I,z3'I,fg2'.g5g EI-IIIII,-'I,,.Im ,In ':"If'. I MII. 1,'fIfIgf,I,41-:"I1'I'I M. I"?,:Iy3" IQ! ifgin I. Y rp '-MII .Ifff ' fIL'f,f,.'I!,',uK ,.,II' ' I I I, I15,Iq'5Ir wif! 5 vtyig. Inst!! 4.-,,,lf.I.ftp i'6,I -.I. NVQ .4555 1' 4 ".-', " 'fI'.II'v',," "If-K Aiea? ,115 ,Ik I. I. I - I Iv!! Ibzlgz-I,II pIgI,,.,'IS I. P3 542121: LHJIIQ, I' IZ-I??'1I"3'gi ff :wif fiffaf '-fr., I -:H f ' -I I I I f' -' u 12 "' ,I ,HI I,-"' f'.'4I", gf .'L.',f- vi' ' f - I' - 5131 .u 3-'I ll, A ,QI. wt I I,- T .ah my - --f' ,I . ,I,,., ., .I,.gI,,I,r fn., I I.I,. I g:'4,fGiin.'B:. f,IlY3II,'f'?IlQ',Ig ,la jLIf'SyvIIIIfI!"I.II', LJ' If ' 1 I I ' If '-1 " ffI?',.". I VIH . rn'-.' - '41, "' ' I . "l' EI I , I' ,nu IQ. ?v1,..3II - 4" 4.-1 'H 4'-fo ,rw I' ah l 59g f',v'-141'-Ax'H'Y.!'fr 'J'31fl'It, 0.",j".v",u I II' "mr nm,.I"'f 'I'i'WaV HI wiv " I'.f.d.Iln .1275 ' :ff .' ,' -If'-."I 'f -' J-5 I' '. I? - I ff ' 1-' ,'.-,'-I'..1- -I I. -gum-5 .7 -1 II - v.., .gg If, , -. ,.,.- - . I ' f f. I' - if-' .' '. J .".',"-1'- If?'3"x,T5t1f'.'932.4-1 '1'5'I7I-9'1"-ZW'IfI'L?"5I'Pif"i'4A'f V I I, 1 U '-a"",'i' I I' ."l:nf'.1 F' fxglfld .iff 'lf' I .Tk I ' QI? I ' " I ' I ' ,Yup 'm.,',4. I ',,.f , ,.,-,,. II, - 19.4, I.. .' 'I' 'su .vii V. f ,v 131- -4,I'l,.',..J-I A' AWG" 'lfg .lf ,I5,II'.v -,rf-I4 ,.. - ' ' , p.. ,"'.Pg.n"'i'1' IQ, -I,- I v".j,-iI1."5' .If-,Ia I ,Q ,A xr. .I- 14-ILLI, nm. A 'I f' ' ez ,ms , fl -' I, , Iwi In-I,II'I,I i If VIL,-II 'II-1'I.g .- .Irv vf 54' , g'iII,hfiIIIIIII 'I I IIVII, I p-III ISV, ,,I5II.I,II .. , ,I I NLC? 1 'guy-I'II . ., I'I-I- I, ,II ,.II1LI.I -IQIALSEIII LI 1i,.I,II I,I.r'I ,I'.I- .IIII . I, I- IIII ..fI. 4- 'I II'!v I. in If Mk,'IIIIq I. III,-I .ZIIII .II IIIIQJIIEII I. IIQ ,I,fIIf,II,f',. LII I gjfla-ICI I I" 5 .III .ga gg .ff " .Iv, :VIII III II , II.,- " 'I ', 'I I QI- fa, I' IAN", ffl! f."I II x", I Ig1'p,I, . M' f ', i Q'AI:"'M.'.1f"' er,i:'g',, ffm ',v': 5 " 4 .. V: . " -."fJ":' '1""'I. 'I,. QI..-' I I I- I, -fy ,, QIIIIIQ--,.I,, III.. W-I: I ig I--".., .wtf ILYQ ., ,"r'. ,II, ' II I,.!-15,15 I -,.I.r'iI,I.I1 'I f f' -' -I ,I , ,4 gffl' ' 'fp' I I-I-",r I- " 1,1 I' , f' 'nfif 'Vzfrg ?""r1" ":'.x.'fy',Kf?i Q' nl A ' ,I J wif ,If I,...vr:,I'f? :I II., in - ,II .Ii I.I .5 I! I II If j- ,ff -"CI, ' '--I j J! ," J. Q f'Q,.,ff- -".I ' -'.' ,f I f I"I, n"g..I" ff I .-' ..I. Hg - f- I if II I- '.r' ' 1 . I I.' '- -4 .I"' - I II - I. .1'.N2" '-3 ff'-14 'Ia If AI? -1, -. I" - 'IJ' 53' ,.-I.' , 'Ja-' 'ry .. gp!" - I gl . .'., I 4 I,,.,-.ffv ..'.,- 1',' f:,III'fI,'II. I'-If, , 3, I,, , f,II1.I...III If 'II I, ,III-,-I,,,.I ,IMI I. :'-A' 4 ,I '-'I,- . rI'. ,'. .f'I,I-,I-,,f- , Jr " ,I I-jL.- I, , I- 1.1 ' .L I- I-.HJ I . .ff l"IIff"I,1 ."I,.', ' 'lJ",1, n!,,g,,--fIf1fI ,I III I,5.,., ,-,fu-1,-I,I. H-,,-I-,Q--,Ig V1 71-1' 175: ' ,"",'-3.1.-f T2 ' I' ' fl -,I fr .I I. 4. f- If r.. 1 . . I 41 I I .f' I ' 4 ,' ,I HIFI ,II IIIvII44"I II,Ir IIfII I -1 f II. "I' If.-.'-,-' I"' 'ff'f ' 'f.j ' -1 I Iv' - J: .-Jn" ".' 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Suggestions in the Northwest Bible College - Fountain Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) collection:

Northwest Bible College - Fountain Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 28

1965, pg 28

Northwest Bible College - Fountain Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 63

1965, pg 63

Northwest Bible College - Fountain Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 33

1965, pg 33

Northwest Bible College - Fountain Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 20

1965, pg 20

Northwest Bible College - Fountain Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 53

1965, pg 53

Northwest Bible College - Fountain Yearbook (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 69

1965, pg 69

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