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Northwest Area High School - Northwester Yearbook (Shickshinny, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Htl 41, ' ' ' ' vm., ' ' Q I A I 1 I 1 i "-... 3 h sf Z: 5' I 515.511-Awwd ' -K Wfvv :W L A Ag" .f'iff if 2 X S X 3 al if W E 2 ff 'f g,g'xWr"' f' was 3, .g5,w::M, K, , V1 1 2' A Mg 1 ,A , ,gg M sf 32435, AifE,, 4 is , 1 . "fsf,av-1 3,541 , .,,, f , fx , , , 5' f v, , f - Ae?'Sffffy , WM-. N -'JH f' v JW ff-F" SE' a Aesrfvfwm.m4' ' 1 ,QA W my Ax? H 11 w , 1, gg? 55 W! 5533? :E QL. 2 Q I I 6? 1? Z I f .W-...wg-.W -wwf ,F v,,,,wm , U.. mmm , 1, ff? . , 1 Avzoopyf . , , ig: ' .1-if .2 if l WL' Q vwnvwfg Wwwmmmmmwnawwnnshwwww The Northwester 1960 Volume IV O S N WE T AREA HIGH SCHOOL Sh ckshinny, R.D. 2 P sylva ' ff '? Q' ffl? 1-f-','CZ'-51-" 1-::'3"' ffl ly ,f"" f Deen Dm,-ag In a few weeks school doors wIIl reopen and I shall be a SSDIOF Only one short year and Then my hIgh school days WIII be mere memorles to be put away wIth The notebooks and pencIls but never completely forgotten I remember Those wIll be the words I ll say frequently In the years to come I ll remember The mornIngs when we heard the announce ment All students report to The audItorIum Ill remember The fIrsT day of deer season when The Teachers dIdnt dare gnve tests member The rushlng down The corrldors to be fIrst In The lunch lIne I ll remember The last mInuTe crammIng before tests I shall remember so many many thnngs that made my lIfe aT Northwest enloyable as well as profrtable From the confusIon of the seventh grader to the mlxed emoTIons I shall remember not only events but also personalItIes my schoolmates and especrally my Teachers Oh to be able to thank every teacher for some lItTle thIng that has helped me In school lIfe to thank an EnglIsh teacher for Instance for teachIng me to place a comma between Independent clauses a hIstory teacher for advIsIng me to deposnt my gum In the curcular fIll a home economIcs teacher for guIdIng my hand as I sewed my IIFSI seam or a shop teacher for hIs patIence as I gummed up one table leg after another These may seem TrIvIal thIngs but to an average Helen Jones or Joe Smuth they wIll be Important In lIfe after school I could go on wrItIng of my remembrances but enough of The past I shall antIcIpate the future My senlor year IS about to begIn I know It wIII be the most eventful of my school career The memorable events whIch wIII hIghlIght the year wIll be recorded wIth The hope that they may brIng loy on a remInIscent nnght In the future I I , . Il ' ' II I ' , . . . ' ' ' . . . I'Il re- I 1 . I of the graduate next June, all will be part of my store of memories. ' ' 1 i . , . I . . I I ' ' II II I - 2 , . , I SEPT w, 'Ti T!- Q , I -I ..,.,.. ' 07?421.'i-, f V s ?:fLQi5w V' iq, kt, 1 '7 S .5 .W ' ' " l"fZ?f 'vu V , 511' 1 I .A-g'5,nv"' .W . , is , ,X , T L X1 F 'B if 4 lu: H Yi :iff 'g Y . -Yagi 6 I ' 1 - 5 ,.:,.,.,, ' 'I 0 'u Q' --...-w -+,,,,5,h-.A g if ' 5 9 sa , Q l Q U 1 1 fa nb " ' Nil' 'N '-l'4 .' li 'S , x 521 A ' 'V z 0 Q '-L, " U M d'Sl'Q 'Qfa'- P+ -1 -9.5 v' 'a Q 5 . We ' MS 1 V ' Q Q 1 li'!'l 3 0 EMA I 3' 1-gunna li MR THORWALD E LEWIS In memory of Mr Thorwald E Lewns, associate supervising prmcupal of Northwest Area Hugh School until has death on October 28, 1959, who won our esteem through has devotnon to our school, his hlgh standard of achuevement, has patnence, kindness, and personal Interest an each one of us, we, the semor class of 1960, wash to offer thus memornal as a small token of our respect and gratrtude ,v . ,I ' W ' ' A li' . tww. ' -L,xj.'t:23,gjjlf1n . -,gf A -4. 6 , ' ' 1 1 ,yr 7-gh, , K My ' , ,' . xf,,',frf.W. ,V , . . V V, W 5 , . , I , ,V if. , Q Y' , " 7 3 , 3 ' f Qi F' mf .il P? kt ,v J 5 , ,Q 1' Q 1 0 . 1. ' Y ' y ...,, V 1' m ' Q W,-D swwg ,AW Aclmznzstratzon X Today was the flrst day of school We were glad to see all our Teachers of last year and a few new ones who seem very nnce In past and present tributes dauly to the students needs and gundes hum to make perfect hrs understandrng of the sublect Our teachers are invaluable but there are others who are Indispensable The supervlslng pnnclpals are never too preoccupied with the busnness of runnung the school to refuse to hear our requests or help us solve a per sonal problem The loyal office staff works continuously fllllng out lengthy reports and handling all matters of Importance l often wonder how they fund time to gave us the locker key or sell us lunch tickets The medncal personnel also comes ln handy We appreclate our nurses when we are suck or have an accident but we have also found them to be marvelous people to talk to when classes get boring and we need a llft During fnnals they must dnspense truckloads of headache pulls And what would we do wnthout the cafeteria staff? On those days when we could smell barbecues or pizzas from rooms T29 or T30 we wouldnt trade our cooks for the best French chefs Truly from the supervsslng pnncnpals down to the custodians all con trnbute their share to make our days at Northwest happy ones tr l C O ll years, Northwest has been blessed with wonderful teachers. Each con- Mr. L. Augustine's P.O.D. class conducts a panel discussion on a present day problem. 2. - 1 sims! . Mrs. Houseknecht needs the help of a chair to type the information of that form. ,YN ,, J. . The cafeteria workers get their supplies ready for the mad rush of students. N , r 1' E - ,1- S . l s 51" as his Mrs. Shipman and Mrs. Girnber stand by to assist Dr. R. J. Ravin at the school dental clinic. 'vs I X Q5 xs - , x ' 2 .,..1,, X F Vfgglffig 5 5 'ss-en' lf a - 3 ,.. 9 QA, ,, , . xnyfj V t 4 f'3g, , -- .ff f?f . af 5 if ,, X Q-,, 4 gf A 25 4 'A 'x V ' ' . 7. F K 1 . 1 f QQ, NL . , - Q Q X , WSW NE' , , ' , lea, X inn 'ff YF' Nw 5 -4 gifgi ,521 ' . :2 fn ' 1 W A H ,gi , Y , f Li' f Nod K WP ',A LV . . I 'Wig ' - , '. ' A . ' Q ,Y , ,Tu 'Q' f I. , L .ka 3 , ,jr A- 4, My V 1 3' 11 f ' ,Q R f X 'If ,M 4' L em . A ,, hx L A651 V Exe: 15 ,, Q 5 ' A K Q-fn 51 hviiif 3,3 2 11 .iq H 'L f 44 5 7 Rfk. 3- f tag 'fr l , gina. Q F13 O . f Q - In W gd-4zi.,' . J . F, 4 , , A Q Vik, ,V . "",-"F, MQ, ' I' " ai Wi fy W, ..... 'ww af A tif , WA 7 ' ll U f ...P ,, Y, I 0 Q 1 ' K" f- - -. lf' . ' . ig 6 Q5 .1 i Kwai if FEA.---'I ' 'fxe1'4x1x.,-fr'-1gf1.' E 32' I 's 77-'P' ' 4 x 'i :X , 1, , ,A , I YV, 4, '19 ' 'am 5 ' Fr? I I F nv- ,, X' :M g .- 4+ Z 1 ' 7 CLAUDE E. MILLER Supervising Principal REBEKAH HOUSEKNECHT HILDA ZIMMERMAN Secretary Secretary eowmzo s AUGUSUNE LYLE H AUGU Al e Prob! STINE nomeiry Sohd Geoff?-!r::YCounil1 Hfsfoems of Democrafy A E'goPlane Georr19Y"Y Sw e me" ra can Assembw Programs BURTON BANE AVERLY Bookkeepung Busmess Essenhals Home Economics Future Homemak Englnsh Typewrmng Business Arnhmehc ers of Amerxca CTO January 292 Consumer Mathemahcs MABEL F BEISHLINE DENNIS C C 5 ESTHER COOK MHDRED DZURIS Health Physucal Educatnon Cheerlead Probl f ems o Democracy World Hrs Enghsh Ancnent Hnstory ers Ushereheg tory Assembly Programs JAMES A COON EY l i' JONAH GOOBIC G G English, Developmental Readingp As- ' GREGORY , sistant Football Coach Uzromigfish I 'U-ffy lp EUZAB Home E ETH HAM c . M0 onormcs, PhysiCaIND Scief7Ce THOMAS J. HOWELL ERMA V. KELCHNER JEAN H. KILLIAN Junior High Librarian Mathematics: Tri-Hi-Y Industrial Arts A ROBERT E. MARTINI ARTHUR L. MICHAEL PHYLLIS C. MICHAEL ALDA RICHARD Mathematics, General Science: Pennsylvania History, Civics, A- Musicg Girls' Chorus Science, GCOQVBPIWY, Health. A Senior Class Playg Assembly Pro- merican Historyg Business Manager CFrom November 23 merican History grams of Athletics: Assembly Programs CTo January 51 I7 Mr. Gregory uses a tape recorder n his sophomore literature class. The girls reading poetry are Dora Balliet, Lois Arner, and Luella Long. Q WILLIAM H. ROWLANDS ROSE SHANTZ Geography, Science, Mathematics Latin, English, French: Yearbook MARY M. WHITNEY KENNETH E. WOOD F306 Arts Algebra, Plane Geometry, Intra- mprals, Football Coach, Track Coach RUTH H. SMETHERS English, French Knot picturedj MYRTLE S. WILLIAMS Special Remedial Education Mr. Swigonski gives some valuable ad- vice on choice of colleges Yo fhree per- plexed seniors-Gahrad Harvey, David Albertson, and Nancy Mincavage. an fix .0 'YQ THADDEUS SWIGONSKI GORDON TRUMBOWER PETER VALANIA Guidance Director General Science, Mathematics Biology, Physical Science, lnvra fFrom January 291 murals, Wrestling Coach EVELYN GIMBER RUTH SHIPMAN School Nurse School Nurse Zf age- 6 X . . : ' IN 6 ' . . T . x , ' ' ' ' . I , , I N , ' . . ' II ff T N' 1 ' N N I I N N . I ' . ow""'2 W "" Classes f Tonlght I was remlnascmg about The years preceding thus my sensor year When I was a seventh grader the school was new to me I Ilved In a state of confuslon untnl I became acquaunted with the room numbers and routine My greatest drfflculty In the eighth grade was the mastering of my new locker combmatlon Fnnally after wrltlng It In my wallet on the back of my hand and on the locker door I managed to remember Those three numbers The follownng year I was a freshman at Northwest I re turned to the state of confusion and remalned there for months Dauly I got lost several tnmes In the maze of corrldors Each mornlng upon enterung the bunldlng I would pause at the crossroads and repeat to myself Straight ahead IS the office to the left IS the cafeteria to the rnght as the art room Wnth a successuon of classes sports events and other actrvutnes the year passed qulckly As a sophomore I concentrated upon being a lunlor The grass IS always greener land the homework Iongerj on The other srde of the fence The Junlor Sensor Prom occupaed my thoughts much of the tame durnng the lunuor year but my greatest desnre was to be a senior Well I fnnally made It and now I have somethung new and dnfferent to look forward to-my debut Into the outsnde world No matter what the future holds for me I shall always remember the years that helped me to adlust to socnety accept obllgatlon and acknowledge lead ershup .ff , A V, 4. "If A J , J ,jf K . ' S A Are the B.A, students really as busy as they seem, or are they trying to impress someone? Eric pounds the last nail to finish his bird feeder. John, Donald, and Robert write up their chemistry experiments. 4,1 suv' 2 is if .. Four commercial girls type and get ready to send out "failure letters" to parents of students doing unsatisfactory work. Exercise such as this keeps the boys physically fit. Whois Who in Mr. Miller is shown presenting a Certificate of Merit to Here are the officers of the senior class: Thomas Pugh, president, Gloria Zubris, Richard Norman for being named a finalist in the National vice president, Mildred Wisneski, secretaryg Andrew Steeber, treasurer. Merit Scholarship program. 'Q fr l 1 4 i 1 -my P' ' aff These seniors went to Coughlin High School on April l to take the Senatorial Scholarship test. On March 10 the group appearing below participated in a mathematics contest. Judy Featherman received an achievement pin for placing first in our school, On March 26 in another contest at Wilkes College, sponsored by the Luzerne County Mathematics Teachers, Richard Norman won third prize, a slide rule and five dollars. l I !Y,, y . 1 it li zv 'lf , , .. Mfg V i X l x I' X, ,iff '33 his , ,,f,, the Senior Class Albert Seigfried, Gloria Zubris, Marjorie McMichael, and Judith Featherman have lust received certificates for appearing on the honor roll every marking period. The six students pictured here represented Association. Northwest at the contest sponsored by the Heart For the students pictured below, Saturday was a school day. They attended taught for the purpose of giving prospective college students advanced training and science. Mr. Gayeski presents to Thomas Pugh the Physical Fitness Award Dorothy Vogt received four pens and other prizes for selling the most magazine subscriptions. "college prep" classes, in English, mathematics, sy the moon. GERALD BLAZICK "Jerry" . . . noted for his wavy red hair and outstanding ability in football . . . likes watching and playing sports of every type . . . a rock 'n' roll fan . . . will be one of Uncle Sam's seamen. Varsity "N" Club 95 Football 9-125 Basketball 9, 105 Track 10 EVELYN BRACE "Evelyn" . . . sweet and companionable .-. . enioys ice skating, winter weather, and pop tunes . . . wishes for longer weekends . . . plans to work for the government . . . should make an efficient secretary. Newspaper Staff 12 RAYMOND CEASE "Cal" . . . a very friendly boy who loves to tease . . . finds pleasure in playing drums and dancing . . . collects stamps and pictures of custom cars . . . intends to go into the Navy C.B.'s. Band 9-125 Dance Band 18125 Wrestling 11 LINDA CRAGLE Enioys farmer dancing at Pete's . . . collects stuffed animals . . . doesn't like to get up early . . . desires to travel far and wide . . . will get a iob after school and later become a housewife. Girls' Chorus 9-12: School Savings Cashier 9, 105 Color Guards 10-125 Mixed Chorus 105 Operetta 105 Usherettes 10-12 DAVID ALBERTSON "Francois" . . . a fellow with a great sense of humor and friendly disposition . . . will live in California . . . college bound to study music . . . dreams of conducting a famous symphony orchestra. Band 9-125 Dance Band 9-125 District Band 10, 115 Student Band Conductor 125 Track 125 County Band 12 RUSSELL ANDREWS "Russ" . . . loves to play the drums . . . dancing, music, and watching television occupy much of his leisure time . . . will don the Air Force blue and later become an automotive engineer. Band 9-125 Dance Band 9-125 District Band 115 Track 115 Wrestling Manager 12 Seniors MICHAEL BEDIO "Mike" . . . a commercial department duplicating machine operator . . . hobbies are fishing, hunting, and roaming . . . another Air Force man . . . is determined to be the first on Scouting Club 95 Football 105 Newspaper Staff 12 DONALD CRANE "Don" . . . a quiet lad with a pleasing personality . . . favorite class is English . . . baseball is his ideal sport . . . part of his time is spent working on a farm . . . to be a bachelor is his aim. F.F.A. io, LLOYD CRANE "Chub" . . . smiling is his trade-mark . . , preferred in-school activities are 3.A, class and study hall . . . his pet peeve is certain girls . . . intends to ioin one of the services after graduation. Scouting Club 9, F.F.A. 10, 11 eniors PATRICIA CULP "Patty" . . . one of our red-headed girls . . . likes F.H.A. Club, shopping, dancing, reading, and football games . . . wants to marry and live in a fifteen-room house with servants at her command. Girls' Chorus 9, Library Club 9, Twirlers 10-12, F.H.A. 12 RONALD DAVIS "Ronnie" . . . always full of fun . . . enioys intramural sports, also roller skating and bowling . . . plans to ioin the Navy . . . to become an All-American football player is his secret dream. Varsity "N" Club 9, Football 9-12, Wrestling 9-11, Track 9-12 WAYNE DENNIS One of our top wrestlers . . . favorite out-of-school interests are hunting and trapping . . . thinks lunch period is too short . . . his future includes college and a position as a teacher. Varsity "N" Club 9, Wrestling 9-12, Track 9, Mixed Chorus 10, Operetta 10, School Savings Cashier 10, Football IO, 12, Baseball 11 CHARLOTTE DeWALD A small miss . . . an assembly program fan . . . also likes television, drive-in movies, and dancing . . . wants to do office work now and marry later . . . dreams of becoming a famous singer. ' Student Council 9, Library Club 9, Operetta 10, Girls' Chorus 11, Usherettes 11, Newspaper Staff 12, Class Play 12, Year- book Staff 12 JOHN DORSHEFSKI "Dork" . . . everybody's pal . . . favorite periods in school are ag. class and lunch . . . belongs to the Navy reserves . . . is looking for a job that will pay at least five dollars an hour. F,F.A. io, ii JOYCE ECKERT Possesses a fine personality . . . likes lunch and study periods best . . . dislikes being a girl . . . collects pictures and oil paints . . . intends to work in a factory and then marry, Twirlers 9, 10, Usherettes 9-ll, Tri-Hi-Y l0, ll, Newspaper Staff 12, Yearbook Staff 12 ALBERT ENGLEHART "Al" . . . iolly, fun-loving . . . always has a ioke at the lunch table . . . works at Rummage's . . . skating, driving, and bowling give him pleasure . . . plans to get a iob in Washington, D. C. Nature Study Club 9, Class Play ll, l2 MARY ANN FARBER One of the least talkative senior girls . . . enioys baking, reading, and listening to the latest songs on television . . . aims to own a car . . . will go to college to become an ele- mentary teacher. Girls' Chorus 9, School Savings Cashier ll, Tri-Hi-Y l2 OTIS FARVER "Off" . . . school is not his greatest interest but likes ag. class . . . detests waiting in the lunch line . . . is going to work on his father's farm . . . wants to own a dozen dairy farms. Nature Study Club 9, F,F.A. l0, ll ERVIN FEATHERMAN "Sonny" . . . happy-go-lucky . . enioys shop, hunting, trapping, and fishing . . . spends much time in the school shop . . . would like to become an Air Force mechanic after working at the Chevy plant. Nature Study Club 9 JUDITH FEATHERMAN "Judy" . . . outstanding as a student . . . often seen with a boy named "Al" . . . prefers algebra class above all others . . . will attend college and someday be a medical technologist in a big city. Band 9-IO, Mixed Chorus l0, Operetta l0, Tri-Hi-Y ll, 12, Class Play ll, Girls' Chorus l2, School Savings Cashier 12, Yearbook Staff, Co-Editor l2 MA RY FEATH ERMAN Finds great enioyment in reading and collecting records . . . always available as a baby sitter . . . health, English, and P.O.D. are her favorite subiects . . plans to enroll in a nursing school. Junior Historians 9 PHYLLIS FRANTZ An agreeable commercial student , . . likes P.O.D. class . . . collects dolls as a hobby . . . has always wanted to visit Hawaii . . , will seek employment after graduation and later marry. Newspaper Staff ll, 12, F.H.A. l2, Class Play 12, Yearbook Staff l2 NANCY FULLERTON "Nanc" . . . reads, paints, and writes poetry for recreation . . . enioys dancing and skating too . . . despises cold weather . . . the fall will find her in college Pfepaflng to be an English teacher. Girls' Chorus 9, 10, Junior Historians 9, School Savings Cashier 11, Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12, Yearbook Staff 12 LOIS GEARHART Has a delightful sense of humor , . . her hobbies include flower arrangement and decoration . . . likes gym class and swimming . . . thinks she will get a job at Planters Peanuts, Band 9-12, F.H.A. 12 her secret ambition. Air Force. Football 9 12 ETHEL GEORGE Etol . . . often seen dancing with her pals, Joan and Mildred . . . plans to go to Texas after graduation . . . dislikes too much homework . . . to marry a millionaire is Twirlers 10-12, Girls' Chorus 10, 12, Operetta 10 CLEMENT GETZ Clem . . . favorite activities are hunting and fishing . . . needing pass slips to be in the halls is his pet peeve . . . when not in school, likes to work on cars . . . will loin the SYLVIA GIBBONS "Syl" . . . a very quiet senior . . . enioys health and P.O.D. classes . . . finds pleasure in working with children, reading good books, playing records, and attending movies . . . a future nurse. Junior Historians 9, Tri-Hi-Y 12 PAUL GlLL "Fish" . . . always ready with a ioke . . . doesn't like to get up in themorning . . . schoolwork is the least of his worries . . . interested in a get-rich-quick scheme . . wants to be a sailor. Photography Club 9, Track 9, 115 Football 10g Wrestling 11 ALFRED GIZENSKI "Al" . . . has a permanent pass slip to the nurse's office . . . detests tailing the teacher down the hall at lunch time . . . plans include college . . . would like to teach a class of senior girls. Student Council 9-125 Football 9-125 Wrestling 9-11, Track 9-11, Manager 12 MADELINE GLODEK An excellent student . . . an amiable girl . . . shorthand class is her favorite . . . reads in her spare time . . . has a collection of dolls of various types . . . hopes to secure a secretarial position. Girls' Chorus 9, 10, Operetta 105 Newspaper Staff 11, Co-Editor 12, School Savings Cashier 11, Head Cashier 12g Yearbook Staff 125 Reporter for Bloomsburg Morning Press 12 ETHEL GOSS "Dixie" . . , a whiz at cooking . . . active in F.H.A. 5 smile for everyone . . . to live in a glass house fulfill her dream . . . is looking forward to marriage happy home. Girls' Chorus 9-125 Photography Club 95 F.H.A. 9-125 Chorus 105 Usherette 105 Twirler 12 LARRY GOSS "Goose" . . . tallest member of the senior class . . . for longer lunch period and shorter class periods . . . sports and gym . . of the service. . after graduation will ioin some Craftsman's Club 11, Manager 12 NANCY HARRISON "Nan" . . , almost always laughing . . . collects pictures of television stars . . . basketball enthusiast . . . imagines making a rocket and flying to the moon . . . to be a secretary is her aim. Girls' Chorus 9, 105 Operetta 105 School Savings Cashier 10, 115 Newspaper Staff 11, 12 GAHRAD HARVEY "Jarad" . . . volleyball is his sport . . . in leisure time listens to short-wave radio . , . leathercraft is one of his hobbies . . . will enter college to be a veterinarian or an industrial arts teacher. Craftsman's Club 95 Track 9 Q Xe" ' RONALD HARVEY "Mushrat" . . . does well in math and wrestling . . like to be able to drive to school at all times hunting . . . undecided about the future but wants a good- paying iob. . would . . . enioys Craftsman's Club 95 Wrestling 9, 12 ROGER HENDRlCKS "Rog" . . . employed at Berwick Vegetable Co-Operative . . . wanders the halls during school . . . will work in New Jersey and later ioin the Army . . . dreams of going to Alaska to hunt and fish. F.F.A. 9-11 GLORIA HESS "Hessie" . . . has a cheerful smile and a friendly greeting at all times . . . likes dancing and P.O.D. class . . . collects foreign dolls . . . will seek employment and later make marriage her career. Nature Study Club 95 Usherettes 9, 105 Girls' Chorus 9-125 Mixed Chorus 105 Operetta 105 Twirlers 10-125 F.H.A. 12 RAYMOND JANIK "Ray" . . . likes gym and shop classes . . . the out-of-doors type . . . spends much time hunting . . . says lunch period is too short for him . . . would like to join the Navy and see the world. Craftsman! Club 91 Varsity "N" Club 95 Football 9-125 Basket- ball 9-125 Track 9-12 AN 'sb ,..has would and a Mixed wishes enioys branch 95 Basketball 9, 10, 125 Football 10-125 Track WILLIAM JENKINS "BilI" . . . can usually be found at Pete's . . . hates to get up in the morning . . . wishes shop class would last the entire day . . . fishing is his pastime . . . will sail the seas as a sailor. Craftsman's Club 9, Wrestling 9-I2, Track 9-I2, Football Mana- ger I0, Class Play I2 BARBARA JOHNSON "B. J." . . . likes assemblies, dancing, and TV . . . has the wanderlust . . . wants to do secretarial work in far-off Alaska . . . in.her dreams sees herself as a famous rock-and-roll singer. Girls' Chorus 9, IO, Operetta IO, Usherettes II, I2, Newspaper Staff I2, School Savings Head Cashier I2 JOAN KADTKE "Joanny" . . . cute cheerleader with a pleasing personality . . . collects stuffed animals . . . will become a dance instructor or secretary . . . secret ambition is to marry a man with a great title. School Savings Cashier 9, IO, Girls' Chorus IO, Mixed Chorus IO, Operetta IO, Cheerleaders I0-I2, Class Play I2 ANDREW KALIE "Andy" . . . one of the smaller senior boys . . . seen here, there, and everywhere . . . enioys fishing, all sports, and watching television . . . will work a while and then go into the Air Force. Photography Club 9, Track 9, Basketball Manager I2 DAVID KIETHLINE "Dave" . . . loves to tease . . . favorite pastimes include hunt- ing, bowling, and water skiing . . . his ambition is to play the trumpet with a big name band . . . plans to enter Penn State University. Band 9-I2, Dance Band 9-I2, County Band IO-I2, Basketball 9, Class Treasurer Il, Wrestling II, Track II, I2, Class Play I2 CAROLINE KINSEY "Kaydo" . . . one of our better students . . . has a great sense of humor . . . usually seen with a redhead . . . finds bowling enioyable . . . her desire for the future is to be an English teacher. Girls' Chorus II, I2, Student Council I2, Tri-Hi-Y II, I2, Yearbook Staff, Co-Editor I2 BERNARD KISHBAUGH Shop and intramurals rate high on his list . . . enioys trapping and dancing . . . dislikes following teachers to lunch . . . will ioin some branch of the service upon graduating from North- west. Nature Study Club 9 ELIZABETH KLINE "Bette" . . . home ec., science, and lunch are her preferences . . . spends her leisure time dating, dancing, swimming, and sewing . . . hunts and fishes too . . . looks forward to a happy marriage. Girls' Chorus 9-II, Usherettes 9-II, Twirlers IO, II, Mixed Chorus IO, F.H.A. II, I2, School Savings Cashier I2 LILA KORITKO "Cricket" . . . a willing and dependable worker . . . interests are reading, baby-sitting, and doing housework . . . to be a foreign language secretary is her aim . . . hopes to travel extensively. Girls' Chorus 95 Nature Study Club 95 Tri-Hi-Y 10-125 School Savings Cashier 11, 12 WALTER KROLIKOWSKI "Killer" . . . one of the smaller boys . . . gym is his favorite class . . . seen roller skating at Rummage's where he is em- ployed . . . collects stamps as a hobby . . . will enter the armed forces. Stamp Club 9 JOHN KUCHTA Mischievous and fun-loving . . . entertains his classmates with his wit . . . likes activity period and lunch best . . . the outdoor type, he hunts and fishes . , . intends to ioin the Air Force. Nature Study Club 95 Football 9-125 Track 9-125 School Savings Cashier 105 Mixed Chorus 105 Operetta 105 Class Play 115 Basketball Manager 12 ROSE KUCZYNSKI One of our home ec students . . . attending F.H.A. meetings is her favorite in-school activity . . . out-of-school she enioys danc- ing and shopping . . . wants to take a course in beauty culture. Library Club 95 Tri-Hi-Y 115 F.H.A. 12 .1 EILEEN LEARN Called "LittIe Red" by friends . . . finds enjoyment in reading, watching television, and dating . . . collects stuffed animals . . . a secretarial iob followed by marriage would please her Girls' Chorus 9-115 Junior F.H.A. 95 Operetta 105 Usherettes 115 Newspaper Staff 12 JOSEPH LINK "Joe" . . . an above-average student . . . an Eagle Scout . . . hunts and listens to classical records for recreation . . . a clerk at Racusin's . . . college bound in the fall to become an engineer. Band 9-125 County Band 125 Class Play 11, 125 Track 11, 12 .,-As wg DAVID MCCABE "Red" . . . an active participant in sports . . . likes dancing . . . favorite in and out-of-school activity is drawing . . . one of the artists for the school paper . . . plans to be a com- mercial artist. Student Council 95 Photography Club 95 Varsity "N" Club 95 Football 9-125 Track 9, 115 Basketball 10-125 Baseball IO5 Mixed Chorus 105 Operetta 105 Newspaper Staff 11, 12 PATRICIA MCCLURE "Pat" . . . another home economics student who enioys F.H.A. proiects . . . dancing, shopping, and going to basketball games are additional sources of pleasure . . . would like to be a beautician. Library Club 95 School Savings Cashier 95 F.H.A. 10, 125 Tri-Hi-Y 'II BESSIE MCDANIELS "Princess" . . . always happy and gay . . . finds great en- ioyment in meeting people . . . prefers home economics to other subiects , . . later will put this training to good use as a housewife. Nature Study Club 95 Twirlers 10-125 Girls' Chorus 10-125 Mixed Chorus 105 Operetta 105 F.H.A. 11, 125 Class Play 11, 12 MARJORIE MCMICHAEL "Margie" . . . a high-ranking commercial student . . . for diversion she reads, takes walks, and plays the piano . . . dislikes getting up early for school . . . wants to work as a secretary before marriage. Library Club 9 Newspaper Staff 11, Co-Editor 125 School Savings Cashier 11 Class Play 125 Yearbook Staff 125 Reporter for Berwick Enterprise 12 Navy after graduation. travel around the world. ..' V- .' Yearbook Staff 12 - f f RICHARD McMlCHAEL "Dick" . . . finds P.O.D. class interesting . . . spends much time working on his car . . . claims there are not enough hours in the day . . . will enter a technical school or the Junior Historians 95 School Savings Cashier 9, 115 Mixed Chorus 105 Wrestling 10-125 Track 11, 12 NANCY MINCAVAGE "Nance" . . . a very frequent spectator at wrestling matches . . . cooks unusual dishes in her leisure time . . . interested in church youth work . . . hopes to be a stewardess and Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 125 F.H.A. 95 Student Council 95 Mixed Chorus 105 Operetta 105 Class Play 115 Color Guards 125 CONNIE NALLO A snappy cheerleader . . . enjoys eating and talking on the phone . . . likes iewelry and collects it as a hobby . . . will be a student at B.S.T.C. in the fall and eventually become a teacher. Band 9-115 Social Committee 95 Mixed Chorus 105 Operetta 105 Class Play 11, 125 Cheerleader 12 RICHARD NORMAN "Bug" . . . small in size but great in mental ability . . . a Merit Scholarship semi-finalist . . . a sports and chess en- thusiast . . . planning to enroll in a college to study electrical engineering. Photography Club 95 School Savings Cashier 105 Class Play 11, 125 Basketball Manager 125 Baseball Manager 12 BARBARA ORR "Barb" . . . friendly and pleasant . . . a sports fan . . . deplores the lack of school spirit . . . dreams of marrying a rich man and living in Hawaii . . . will go to college and be a medical technologist. Band 9, 105 Junior F.H.A. 95 Mixed Chorus 105 Operetta 105 Tri-Hi-Y 11, 125 Yearbook Staff 12 WILLIAM PARKINSON "Billy" . . . the happy-go-lucky type . . . school work interests him very little . . . likes study hall best . . . is employed at the ALP . . . intends to go into the service and later own a mink farm. SHIRLEY PARTINGTON Her favorite school activities are Tri-Hi-Y and chorus . . . enioys cooking and collecting records . . . dancing and parties occupy her spare time . . . would like to become a practical nurse. Band 95 Girls' Chorus 10, 125 Mixed Chorus 105 Operetta 105 Tri-Hi-Y 12 THOMAS PUGH "Tom" . . . ranks high as a student . . . drag racing events and cars in general fascinate him . L . also stamp collecting and skin diving . . . a future engineer after f0Ur years at Penn State. Band 9-125 Dance Band 9-125 District Band 105 County Band IO-125 Wrestling 9-125 Class President 11, 125 Track 12 ROBERT RARIG "Adam" . . . favorite out-of-school activities are trapping, hunting, and talking on the telephone . . . works in a dairy . . . someday will be employed in a large hospital as a male nurse. Band 9-125 Dance Band 9-115 Football 9-125 Track 9-125 Mixed Chorus 105 Operetta 105 County Band 10-12 JACK REESE Enioys taking gym and going to dances . . . art is his hobby . . . could do without homework . . . plans to spend the next twenty years in the Army . . . then wants to retire on the largest farm in Pennsylvania. KAY REIDER Cheerful and full of gayefy . . . can depend on her to enliven any party . . . attends all the school sports events . . . likes bowling and roller skating too . . . intends to enter a school of nursing. Band 9, 105 Junior F.H.A. 95 Mixed Chorus 105 Operetta 105 Tri- Hi-Y 11, 125 Girls' Chorus 125 Yearbook Staff 12 LOIS REIDER A pleasant girl . . . reading, dancing, and going to basketball games head the list of recreational activities . . . in-school favorites are gym and Tri-Hi-Y . . . aims to be a public health nurse. Girls' Chorus 95 Junior F.H.A. 95 Tri-Hi-Y 11, 125 Class Play 11, 125 Yearbook Staff 12 JEAN ANN RICCI "Jeanie" . . , dislikes school mornings . . . enioys swimming, dancing, and sketching designs . . . will seek employment in Atlantic City . . . her secret desire is to go to Italy and live there. Girls' Chorus 9, 105 Operetta 10 REBECCA RIDALL "Becky" . . . nice things come in small packages . . . spends her leisure time sewing, reading, and listening to popular music . . . often seen driving a Ford . . . another of our many future nurses. Band 9-125 Junior F.H.A. 95 Mixed Chorus 105 Operetta 105 Class Secretary 115 Tri-Hi-Y 12 JERRY ROOD "Carrot-top" . . . can always be found in the shop or with "Kaydo" . . . owns a '56 Ford convertible . . . is employed in a dairy . . . likes hunting and fishing . . . secret ambition is to mush to Alaska. Track 10-1 1 CA RO LYN ROSS "Carol" . . . finds Pleasure in F.H.A. work, dancing and making fudge . . . dislikes homework, washing dishes, and sitting home . . . plans to be a nurse in the Coast Guard division of the service. Operetta 101 Usherette 11, 12, F.H.A. 12 HOWARD SEIGFREID Nothing pleases him more than gym class and all sports . . . one of our early season football casualties . . . a lumberman now . . . wants to work in DuPont . . . dreams of being a football coach. Craftsman's Club 95 Varsity "N" Club 9, Football 9-12, Basket- ball 9-12y Baseball 9, 10, Manager 12, School Savings Cashier11 ALBERT SEIGFRIED "Mike" . . . among the best as a student . . . often seen in the halls running errands or visiting the health room . . . an all-around athlete . . . after going to college, may be a pro- football player. Student Council 9-11, School Savings Cashier 9, 10, Social Committee 97 Varsity "N" Club 9, Football 9-12, Basketball 9-12, Baseball 9-12, Yearbook Staff 12 the future WACS. GEORGE SNYDER Mike . . . engoys hunting and fishing . . . envied by girls for his wavy red hair and fair complexion . . . very quiet and soft-spoken most of the time . . . undecided about plans for "Edie" . . . in-school favorites are Tri-Hi-Y Club and French class , . . attends our sports events . . . collects records and pictures of movie stars . . . after graduation, will ioin the MICHAEL SHARKUSKI EDITH SLEPPY Junior Historians 9, Tri-Hi-Y 12 "Schnooks" . . . outstanding in track . . . interested also in boxing, swimming, and ice skating . . . works as a mechanic and painter . . . will enter the Air Force and later be an electronic engineer. School Savings Cashier 9, 10, Track 11, 12, Class Play 12 NEAL SORBER "Sadaka" . . . enioys records, good music, baseball, and the company of a certain girl . . . wants to go into the Air Force . . . after that-be either a disc iockey or a professional base- ball player. Craftsman's Club 9, Baseball 11, 12 Girls' Chorus 9, 10, Nature Study Club 9, Mixed Chorus 10: ANTHONY STAN CAVAGE "Tony" , . . one of our quiet boys . . . favorite sports are basketball and football . . . when not in school, can be found hunting or trapping . . . aims to secure a hometown iob before ioining the service, Band 9, 105 Dance Band 9, 105 Basketball 9 ANDREW STEEBER "Andy" . . . best-liked classes are gym and shop . . . the outdoor type . . . an ardent hunter and fisherman . . . will probably be in some branch of the service . . . dreams of owning a chain of stores. Student Council 95 Football 95 Basketball 9-125 Class Treas- urer 12 SHIRLEY SWITHERS "Swishers" . . . a dependable and willing worker . . . in spare time, attends school sports events and watches television . . . may go to college . . . will someday have an apartment in New York City. Color Guards 10-125 Mixed Chorus 105 Operetta 105 Tri-Hi-Y 125 Class Play 125 Yearbook Staff 12 BARRY TITUS "Basil" . . . a good natured classmate . . . interested in drag races and playing in the band . . . likes working on cars . . . intends to be a truck driver after spending some time in the Navy. Band 9-125 Dance Band 9-125 Track 12 JOHN TITUS "Johnny" . . . always in a good humor . . . a very handy person to have around . . . subiect preferences are P.O.D. and shorthand classes . . . desires to be a prosperous farmer and travel extensively. F.F.A. io EDITH MAY TRESCOTT "Edie" . . . enioys home economics class and all sports . . . disapproves of homework and,getting up in the morning . . . wants to be either an airline stewardess or a student in a business college. y Girls' Chorus 95 Nature Study Club 95 Tri-Hi-Y 115 F,H.A. 125 Yearbook Staff 12 LEONA VALENIA "Lone" . . . a rather quiet person . . . favorite activities are dancing, skating, and attending wrestling matches . . . after graduation, plans to ioint the WACS . . . marriage will come later. Twirlers 105 Girls' Chorus 105 Operetta 105 Tri-Hi-Y 11 DOROTHY VOGT "Dottie" . . . always smiling . . . has very beautiful red hair attractively arranged . . . finds pleasure in dancing and writing letters . . . wants to do office work and then go into the service. Usherettes 115 Class Vice President 115 Newspaper Staff 125 Yearbook Staff 12 DARLA WESTON A good student . . . possessor of a cheerful disposition . , , enjoys bowling and driving . . . detests slow drivers and homework on Wednesday nights . intends to get a iob in Washington. Girls' Chorus 9-12: Color Guards 10-125 Mixed Chorus 105 Operetta 105 Class Play 125 Yearbook Staff 12 ALLAN WILLIAMS "AI" . . . full of fun , . . gets along with everyone . . . likes B.A. class and study hall . . . plans to work in Florida and later to retire on a large income . . . dreams of becoming a millionaire. Football 95 Baseball 11 then marry. Staff 12 housewife duties. iq 1313? CAROLYN WILSON "Carol" . . . the shortest girl in the class . . . seen in the halls with a certain senior boy to whom she is engaged . . . goes dancing often . . . will do office work for a while and Twirlers 95 Tri-Hi-Y 10, 115 Usherettes 10, 115 Newspaper RUTH ANN WINANS "Ruthie" . . . finds pleasure in writing letters to pen pals and ice skating . . . a Berwick young man takes up much of her leisure time . . . the future holds marriage plans and Tri-Hi-Y 105 Newspaper Staff 12 MILDRED WISNESKI "Ann" . . . top-notch commercial student . . . typing ranks high in subiect preference . . . dancing is a favorite activity . . . secretarial work for some big-firm executive is her choice of a career. Twirlers 10-125 Girls' Chorus 125 Class Secretary 12 BARBARA WOLFE "WoIfie" to her friends . . . best-liked in school are home economics class and lunch period . . . now employed at Ross' Variety Store . . . to secure a position in the business world is her aim. Girls' Chorus 95 Nature Study Club 95 Newspaper Staff 115 Tri-Hi-Y 115 Girls' Chorus 125 F.H.A. 125 School Savings Cashier12 ELAINE WRIGHT A carefree and easy-going classmate . . . a home ec. student . . . enioys F.H.A. work and viewing television . . . dislikes homework . . . after graduation plans include getting a iob and marriage. Girls' Chorus 95 Nature Study Club 95 Tri-Hi-Y 115 F.H.A. 12 GLORIA ZUBRIS "Sam" . . . an outstanding commercial student . . . peppy captain of the cheerleaders . . . would like to do away with Monday . . . will enter the teaching profession after four years at B.S.T.C. Library Club 95 Social Committee 95 Student Council 10-125 Cheerleader 10-125 Girls' Chorus 115 Class Play 11, 125 Class Vice President 12 The iunior class rings have arrived. .X Here are the iunior class officers: John Yasneski, vice preside-nrg Donald White- bread, presidentg Barbara Baluta, secreraryg Joann Baluta, treasurer. potlight on Mr. Miller presents an honor roll certificate to Cathie Moore. These ambitious juniors attended Saturday "college prep" classes. T5 I 49 .L the Juniors With Mr. Harvey's assistance, the girls perform an experiment in chemistry class. A large group of iuniors took the Merit Scholarship test. C7 5 V1 gl 2 if r g The Junior Jest planning committee has a meeting. The job of decorating for the prom is accomplishecz through teamwork. X-- f Juniors Rebecca Cragle Richard Cragle Roger Culver Faith Davenport 1 a x,9' ,mx .1 4 Y 1 -1-Nrw aol? fc Charles Boyle Brian Caverl Anthony Conser Alan Bach Barbara Baluta Joann Baluta Bernadine Barchik , vi." rx Virginia Beach Janet Beishline Leroy Bloom Sharon Bonham Larry Bower Gary Davis Stanley Dem bowski Vernon Deuel Barry Diltz Q' Bonnie Dodson Henry Englehart June Evarts Nancy Farver Patricia Flynn Sandra Golder Russell Grebe Pearl Gryziec Nancy Harmon Rose Ann Harry Nancy Frantz Robert Gayman 1 Gloria Gensel John Gibbons 'S Ralph Killian Dale Kingsbury Gail Kleintob Charles Kline Paul Kokora Daniel Jenkins Betsy Jones Fred Kalweit Emily Killian Blair Hartman ' fy Thomas Harry '25 N Peggy Harter 5 Juniors Carol Hartman Gene Huffman Rosalie Hunter Joseph Hutchins 9' X 1' N Susan Learn Leonard Lawrence Sharon Koshinski Charlotte Kuczynski Carol Lamanowicz Darlene Lanning Dorothy Long Peter Maransky Jack McLaughlin ,av if l may if 8 tl 1? sl ' Q 21 it if hifi . 7 1 J . fjggg as I Q - gf , W3 V D1 fig , 4,3 55: .1 : 5 Juniors 'E' tsl Carole Ridall Margaret Ridall Glenda Ruckle JoAnn Searfoss Elaine Shershen Walter Shoemaker Catherine Moore Robert Naugle Donald Nelson Roy Noss Mary Lou Oliver Rodney Phillips John Polakoski Charles Ramp Jean Reiss 1 Judith Smith Loletta Sorber Peggy Sorber Samuel Sorber gg . Arif Spencer Robert Stackhouse Stanley Stancavage Peggy Swinski Margaret Thomas Donald Whitebread Marthan Whitmire John Williams Jay Woodruff Carol Wright Charles Titus Vaughn Titus Sylvia Wagner Joan White 'F fel fa L X f 1 L-wx-Q JV A gl f Y . yt, .ey .nf - 5' Esther Yarnell John Yasneski Barry Yordy Barbara Yustat Sandra Zagata Theresa Zuzel 3 l Juniors 0 phomore The girls are enioying a between-classes break. A scene from Mr. WOod's geometry class. Mr. Miller presents an honor roll certificate to Elizabeth Bloshinski. Waiting to receive hers is Isabel Culver. Look at those hard-working sopho- more typists! refreshments to the Andy Maczuga ns all smiles as he as fmed for his rung by Mr Nolan a representatnve of The Balfour 5: 4'1" l Q- Sophomores Elizabeth Bloshinski Connie Bomboy Thomas Bouch Donna Boyle Jeanette Bristol James Brown Janice Chapin Patsy Charles Reginald Comer David Cragle .. Sally Antonaitis Lois Arner James Baer James Baker Dora Balliet Carol Baluta Edward Baluta Susan Bartoli Edward Belles Georgia Bershee . 5? X N, Leonard Cragle Norman Cragle Nancy Culp Isabel Culver Chester DeWald Carolyn Dodson JoAnn Dupler Jerry Eckert Martin Evarts Sally Eyerley Patricia Featherman Jack Fogg Larry Gearhart Sandra Gearhart Shirley Gearhart Harold Good Richard Hagenbach Victor Hargraves Joan Hartman Wayne Hauk 5 l G-,' 4' Q I-0' 9 N I I., 4 5' 1 Ruth Ann Kishbaugh Judith Knouse Ralph Kocker Helen Kulalcowski Barry Kulp Sharon Lane Patsy Lechleitner Ralph Lewis Gloria Link Louise Lohoski 'F 0 :fy X 4, wa' 5 N if 'AP Sophomores Janet Hayman Stanley Heffner Keith Henrie Sandra Hess Jane Hidlay Alvah Hoover Betty Hunter Lewis Hunter Donna Jacoby David Killian Luella Long Andrew Maczuga James Matthews Robert May Patrick McCabe Duane Meyers Allan Michael Susan Miller Timothy Miller Joseph Morgan Sophomores Judy Mott Lorena Muntz Eugene Musial Linda Myers Linda Nichols Joseph Novitski Charles Partington Leonard Petroski Harrison Phillips Irvin Post f 4 W , c it 1' Pl are .w V "-fr' -X nil, . ,K f V- ,B -X 7 V, ll L. J-1 'Fi WD' H X H A' 1 1 ' v -get ig, if5?'- t 1? Q s 5 ll l A 7 0 1 fx N 9' it 431 X 1 Elaine Pyle Linda Rarig Karen Ridall Jerome Robak Carol Rodney Joseph Romano Carol Romanowski James Saxe Mary Saxe William Seward 5 fy 5 I 5? IU' A,-nf t . ' e -g, ' Fa r i Frank Wilczynski Patricia Winans Virginia Winans Eleanor Wisneski Bonnie Wolfe Marion Yaron Linda Yeager Richard Zika Martha Zubris Lois Zultevicz Muriel Shaw Joyce Snyder Sharon Snyder Charles Sorber William Spencer Edward Steeber Robert Stepanski Janet Stoker Connie Strait Marjorie Sutliff Sophomores William Taylor Karen Thomas Ruthann Titus Albert Tkaczyk Elyse Turner Valeria Weaver Victor Weaver David Whitebread Sharon Whitebread Sherry Whitesell The officers of the freshman class- John Orr, vice president, Judy Belles, secretaryg Ann Fine, president, Larry Adams, treasurer. Dolores is not sure whether or not Helen has an elevated temperature, but Helen doesn't seem too worried. Carol McLaughlin and Sharon Davenport are justly proud of the dresses which they have made and which have been displayed for all to see. f-au, r 1, l 'fb 1 The cafeteria is used for other things besides feeding students and teachers. Some classes are held there, as this guidance class taught by Mr. Swigonslci. Here is positive proof that girls aren't the only ones who like to gab before and between classes. George points out the good fea- tures of some art work to other members of the class who are making decorations for Class Night. l 11 ' 1. The freshman dance has been held. Now comes e 'ob of taking down the decorations. in Larry Adams Marvin Allen John Andrews Bernadine Baluta Patricia Bednarek Judy Belles Robert Belles Sharon Bierly Ray Blackburn Barbara Bloom , LT J ' it ' ll ,J 9 'E -gf w I X ""b'!a.1 William Curwood l f, Sharon Davenport Q Arden Del Kanic Carol Ann Ditata A ' I, Carl Edwards Richard Evans Phyllis Farber Donna Featherrnan A Ann Fine Rebecca Franklin X95 ' 5 v'. lil fi fn 'X 1 - Q' 5. T1 -34 Freshmen Linda Bloom Ella Bogert Tara Caverly Richard Church Barbara Cole Sharon Comer Judy Conner Margaret Conway Hazel Cope Peggy Crane 3 Freshmen Thomas Hartman Mahlon Harvey Stanley Hazlak Paul Heftner Robert Hendricks Marlene Hess James Hill Barbara Holmes Eileen Honse Beth Hontz Judy Frantz James Gayman Karla Gearhart Larry Gensel Barbara Gill Joseph Gizenski Joy Gizenski James Good Michael Gregory Carol Halczak Eric Hoover Joy Howie Mary Rae Jones Dolores Kalie Elizabeth Kalweit Kay Killian Walter Kocher Robert Lanning Kay Laubach Marie Learn I 2 .ali Freshmen Dena Meyers Martha Minier Edward Morgan James Moss Gloria Musial Myra Naugle David Nevel Barbara Noss John Orr Judy Patacconi Bernice Petroski Judy Phillips Frances Powell Rose Marie Reider Evelyn Ridall Judy Ridall Kay Robbins James Rodney David Rosencrance Ronald Rutkoski .l.,, if' ' Gilt X .1-L' ' ': , Nr, ld X rfb '63 I lun -l i l - 5 ll ll, Jane Long Donna Lytle Caroline Macuski Charles Mahon William Maneval Thomas Maransky Carol McLaughlin David McMichael Keith McMichael Larry Meeker s f 1 I X"' fy- Q, .- fi A 'g . . s 1 6' E if 5-ni pr' E' ,N D' It 9' Z' lv' - Jeffrey Sager Clyde Sampson Helen Seely Judy Shaffer Eugene Shershen Robert Sikora Helen Skapura James Sorber Patricia Sorber Mary Stephens 73 , x -ol 1 N '7 9' il. l Q- A lx' 1 i if -Q -sr ... I - , fffrfffs ff Freshmen George Stout Dorothy Thrash Anna Titus Leon Valenia Gloria Jean Van Horn Harold Vogt Robert Vogt Lora Lee Wesley Beth Whitesell Harold Whitmire Howard Williams Bernice Wisneski Kathleen Woodruff Sarah Wright Donald Yarmol Richard Yeager Terry Yellitz Jack Yemzow Carol Young Linda Zagata L3 ,A L, W 2 5 Q2 My u 5 V, an 1, , "'?fv-.,,, K s Y f ,h Q W f A Q, 1:1 33 1 um 2 H"vw:':f 4 ' 1 45, ,I 7 j,, V' 1? 1 r , If A 'llvllwngm . 2 1'l . . ,.,. Q AA , '- P-EBM 34 , ix I6 we 3 , A N. m of Ei hth Grade What are Allan Rood and Ronnie Evans making? Paul Kaplanski reads his book report to the class. A welcome addition to their wardrobes will be the garments which these girls are mak- ing. ematics class to read the morning bulletin. Mr. Trumbower interrupts his math- 15 HV' Eighth Grade Kenneth Brace Betty Brader Charles Carroll Ruth Ann Carter Eugene Ceasar Leland Charles Frank Charnitski Susan Cottle James Cragle Naomi Cragle if Jane Adams Ernest Allen David Andrews Jack Appleby William Babcock Lloydene Bach Kerry Balchun Donald Belles Gary Blackburn Nancy Bonham Rachel Crane Robert Crane John Crawford Larry Dauksis Carolyn Davis Richard Davis Gerald Diltz Lloyd Doletski Dorothy Dombrowski William Doty Beverly Evans ' Robert Evans Ronald Evans Charles Evarts David Featherman Bonnie Fogg , Beverly Franklin John Ftorkowski Edward Gensel Ralph Gototweski J Donna Hendricks Arthur Hilley Donald Hines Ronald Hines Suzy Holmes Gerald Hoover Donald Hoyt George Hughey Linda Hummel Stephen Hynick Y' v Eighth Grade James Gregory Betty Grenewich Benjamin Griffith Daniel Griffith Harriet Gryziec Craig Guers Carol Harmon Sandra Harter Richard Hartman Ralph Harvey ...ww tqi EH up w Paul Kaplanski Sue Ann Killian William Killian Catherine Kishbaugh Marilee Kline Bernadine Kokora John Kowalchick Stanley Kozakiewicz Andrew Kuczynski Curtis Lanning Sheila Lanning Ronald Lechleitner Barbara Lynn Ann Marvin Linda Matthews Eighth Grade gggrgmggabe Gary Miller Henry Moses Allen Moss Eric Mott Merlin Nallo Doris Noss Russell Noss Richard Partington Robert Powell Beth Price Diane Rittenhouse Cynthia Robbins Dean Robbins Donald Roberts Larry Roberts if' Xl l 'Q ,i Y. 'l Ronald Roberts Allen Rood Nancy Roschak Donald Ruckle Kenneth Savage Mary Ann Shaffer David Shoemaker Kenneth Smith Erick Snyder Beverly Sorber X Y l Charles Sorber Mary Lou Sorber Richard Sorber an Catherine Stephens S' William Swinski Esfhef Taylor Eighth Grade , .1- C Y' if if ir- George Thorne David Trescott Ronald Turner Carol Wandell Gary Weston Glenn Whitebread Levi Whitesell Preston Whitesell James Whitmire Harold Williams Wayne Williams Mary Winans Frank Yaple Christian Zagata John Zagata f 'o Katherine Toth receives a certificate for being on the honor roll every six-weeks marking period. W Meet the eventh Graders Katherine, JoAnn, and Diane are a great help to Miss Kelchner in the library. I XV Mrs. Richard explains to the students how to use the fire extinguisher. These seventh graders discover what a wonderful thing a hearing aid is. 60 F' !"1 13231: X ig i 5 o W 573 'f an 5 f Gnu Q f fwxf , ,..,. M, p M 'S 4 Y ,M 4 4 gm V-T L, ' ,' M- an ? 'Vi 3 5 QQ. , 5 ff T H h' ff Q I 5 f if i' .gfgzlgx , , + 5 Q , 1' fd 'F' Eg' w I, fd 1 5 D sf- . I-I 5' 79 '33 : E 5 . 5 si' v 5 Q 'ap Q 0 y K YK 4 X . 4 J . E Ar' X Hd X7-sl, i J v 4 3 fin Q 5 3 A if 43 Wi.. A Patricia Baluta Clayton Banks Donna Banks Harold Barretts lrwin Bartleson Joy Adams Roy Andrews Lorraine Avery Robert Avery as QD- Cf -'N Lawrence Brittain Sandra Cain Morris Capute Kathleen Carroll Michael Cavallini Cynthia Cobosco Sandra Ann Coombs Linda Lou Cope Patrick Cope Barbara Cragle Shirley Bartleson Darlene Beishline Susan Belles Diane Beresky Seventh Janice Bershee Lenna Pearl Bilby Mark Birdsall William Boehmer John Bogert QU' fy. Grade Zane Dennis Linda Lee Dodson Richard Eckert Kathleen Farber Milton Fink Nl'- Mary Davis Frances Demnicki Carol Sue Dennis Larry Dennis is -X fr I Gary Cragle Patricia Cragle Connie Crane Eileen Crawford F 'Q l ifkl , 5 l JK A f' fc ihlhhs 4 .l F ,w Paul Daum Bonnie Davenport James Davenport Timothy Davenport Jeffrey Davis Nola Flynn Neal Forlenza James Franklin Graig Frantz Shirley Freeman John Ftorkowski Bonnie Gearhart Judy Geist Peggy Geist Sandra Gensel ? s 63 Q- lbw! W , 4. 9- 3'-' Seventh Grade Rebecca Hidlay Lloyd Hoyt Kenneth Hunter Wayne Hunter Alan Jackson itil, Richard Gill Dennis Goss Robert Gray Marjorie Grebe fo jg 'U' s'X 1. l RM Marie Griffith Kathryn Gryziec Paul Harmon Ronald Harrison Loretta Hartman Larry Hayman Linda Hayman Dale Hess Leon Hess ,,-, -flaky , Kathleen Jarrard Carol Jones Donna Jones Catherine Kittle Gloria Koritko Stephen Koser Jesse Kresge Judy Ann Krisannts Richard Kuchta JoAnn Kulakowskn Georgia Marshall Martha McCarroll JoAnn McDaniels Louise Meeker Wayne Meeker Brad Mott Jean Mott Larry Nallo Terry Neagle Sarah Norman Roger Noss Thomas Noss Albert Obifz Barry Obitz Robert Oman Darlene Kulp Harry Kulp Marvin LeValley Thomas Lewis A .-lil .12 in F lxf LX Seventh Grade Marcell Merolli Donna Michell Jill Miller Melinda Mills 4 ri-.4 Thomas Minier Jane Mitchell Stanley Mizikoski Judy Moore Hilda Moss Q' X 17 Q s Carol Reynolds Linda Rex Lucille Ridall Virginia Ridall Dennis Rightmire 44. . I J, K.--4 1 S John Oliver Robert Parker Janet Patacconi Bessie Potoeski William Siegfried Dorothy Shoemaker Anne Mae Sirak Edna Smith 46 ' .lim A Loretta Robbins Donna Roberts Patricia Ross Kenneth Royer s V . J Jean Ruckle Jeffrey Sands Paula Savage Clara Saxe Harold Saxe Edward Smith Janice Smith Leonard Smith Grade Hetty Wilcox David Wildoner Dannette Williams Shirley Yaple William Yarnell Robert Urso Anna Volanski Kenneth Wandell Roger Wandell V' ,-I Y' Q R Beach Sorber Dawne Sorber Carl Sutton Gary Swank x ,Y I ' J ,' Doreen Sweitzer Linda Taylor JoAnn Thompson Merle Titus Katherine Toth SN if .Q E s John Zalot Cecelia Zielecki Eugene Zultevicz Gayle Yeager Ronald Yeager Ronald Yeager Gail Yordy Stanley Zagata w ll fw"'l"'2 D QW Urgamzatwns 12 f On a sTage beauhfully decoraTed for The holnday season There was pre senTed Today a concerT by The combnned band and chorus The Tune per formance was Thoroughly enloyed by The sTudenTs and TaculTy The band and The chorus are our largesT organlzahons buT We have oThers whlch are lusT as acTlve and worThwhnle IH Thenr purpose One of These rs The Trl H1 Y whose mann oblecTlve IS To bring happiness To a group of orphans by presenhng Them wlTh glTTs aT ChrlsTmas and EasTer In addr Tuon The gurls have won yearly banners from The YMC A AnoTher club composed of gurls IS The FuTure Homemakers of America Members of The group aTTend convenTlons earn degrees have won prrzes Tor prolecTs enTered In The sTaTe farm show and have even been elecTed To regional and sTaTe offices Our school paper as noT only our mann source of enforma Tuon and gosslp buT also a source of pride Tor :T Too has receuved honors nn publucahon conTesTs Our yearbooks compare favorably wuth Those pub lrshed by oTher schools un Thus area The band also has been The recrpnenT of mnumerable av ards over The years for The excellence of :Ts muslc aT parades and oTher Tunchons Yes we really have some wonderful organuzahons and we have deruved more Than lusT pleasure In being a parT of Them The sponsors of The or ganrzahons and The members should be congraTulaTed for Theur conTrubu Tron To The school s ll 0 ' , , . 'fb' f in t U75 .4 Q fj few , en. Z2 ,f 1.3 'cf M f , .U ' fn J , 1, W ,I S, WA ff Q " W, ,, K 4 1 f--vmnqv-g ,,,, Q I , 5 f Q ' ? "Eve, 4 lieu, . . 'pgs uv 'NNW ,bi ., ' E . f' , A Q 1: , ag, X 55 . say TEEI llll IIN Sm! IHLL QD if-9908 anion Girls, Chorus The Northwest Girls' Chorus consisting ot one hundred and nine members had a busy schedule for the year. Early in November, under the direc- tion ot Mrs. Phyllis C. Michael, they began inten- sive rehearsals tor the Christmas program which was put on as a combined concert featuring both chorus and band. One number that was especially enjoyed was "White Christmas," which was sung in four-part harmony by the newly organized Northwest Octet. Soon after the beginning of the second semes- ter, rehearsals began tor the Easter concert, which was also a combined concert of chorus and band including twirlers. This concert featured, as did the Christmas concert, various types of music, ranging from popular to sacred. The final appearance of the chorus was -at the Baccalaureate services held June TO in the audito- rium. Two selections were sung, "One God" and "I See God." Solo parts were sung by Cathie Moore and Eileen Honse. Accompanists for this service, as well as for the Easter concert, were Rebecca Franklin at the piano and Isabel Culver at the console of the organ. CHORUS OFFICERS-Darla Weston, president, Nancy Mincavage, treasurerp PIANISTS-SITTING: Isabel Culver, who was also organist Bessie McDaniels, secretaryg Ethel Goss, vice president. STANDING: Rebecca Franklin, Cathie Moore. FIRST ROW: Caroline Kinsey, Shirley Partington, Bessie McDaniels, Ethel Goss, Linda Cragle, Mildred Wisneski, Eileen Honse, Cathie Moore, Darla Weston, Nancy Mincavage, Kay Reider, Judy Featherman, Gloria Hess, Peggy Sorber, Sharon Bonham, Betsy Jones, Donna Lytle. SECOND ROW: Donna Boyle, Emily Killian, Louise Meeker, Nancy Frantz, Virginia Beach, Eleanor Wisneski, Joy Howie, Lora Lee Wesley, Marie Learn, Judy Belles, Kay Robbins, Tara Caverly, Beth Price. THIRD ROW: Barbara Noss, Joan White, Georgia Marshall, Marlene Hess, Dolores Kalie, Ann Fine, Sharon Comer, Isabel Culver, Rebecca Franklin, Nancy Harmon, Ann Marvin, Mrs. Phyllis C, Michael, Carol McLaughlin, Sharon Davenport, Georgia Bershee, Gloria Link, Elyse Turner, Bonnie Wolfe, Jane Hidlay, Bernice Petroski, Frances Powell, Lloydene Bach. FOURTH ROW: Kathleen Farber, Gloria Koritko, Carolyn Dodson, Carol Halczak, Bonnie Dodson, Helen Seely, Bernie Baluta, Kathleen Woodruff, Barbara Cole, Beverly Sorber, Connie Bomboy, Suzy Holmes, Patsy Charles, Anna Titus, Dawne Sorber, Dena Meyers, Donna Roberts, Kay Killian, Judy Frantz, Phyllis Farber, Marilee Kline, Helen Skapura. Absent: Ethel George, Marion Yaron, Dannette Williams. The following girls were also members of the chorus and sang with the group the latter part of the year and at the Baccalaureate services: Jane Adams, Nancy Bonham, Linda Matthews, Beverly Franklin, Gail Kleintob, Margaret Ridall, Susan Miller, Barbara Holmes, Mary Rae Jones, Patsy Sorber, Virginia Ridall, Cathie Stackhouse, Kathy Toth, Carolyn Davis, Bonnie Fogg, Barbara Lynn, Carol Wandell, Nola Flynn, Janet Patacconi, Sandra Cain, Naomi Cragle, Peggy Geist, Kathryn Gryziec, Ann Volanski, Hetty Wilcox, Donna Banks, Linda Dodson, Bonnie Farrel, Patricia Ross, Judy Bershee, Diane Beresky, Rebecca Hidlay, Sally Norman. The Northwest Octet, which featured special four-part arrangements, was organized in November and gave its first performance at the Christmas concert along with the chorus and the band. The numbers presented by the girls were especially enjoyed both at this program and at the Easter program as well as at the special programs they presented including one at the Mother-Daughter Banquet at the Shickshinny Presbyterian Church on May 3 and another which they pre- sented at the P.T.A. meeting held in the Northwest auditorium May 19. OCTET SITTING Darla Weston Cathie Moore STANDING Peggy Sorber Rebecca Franklin Georgia Marshall Sharon Bonham Donna Lytle Eileen Honse ' A v I 1 i I Northwest Band The band season always begins early, and this year was no exception. Marching practice to learn new drills and formations took up much of the band students' time in August. September arrived, and the band members put into practice on the football field what they had learned during the preceding month. The band also took part in the annual parade at the Bloomsburg Fair. ln October the band participated in the Shickshinny and Ben- ton Halloween parades. In the latter parade, our band tied for top honors. With the arrival of cold weather, the band moved indoors and practiced daily to provide music for special occasions. The first of these was the senior play which was presented in Novem- ber. Following this, the band went into rehearsal, under the student direction of David Albertson, for the Christmas concert. In January Mr. Gregory became the faculty sponsor. Again, the band pro- duced the music for the junior play which was presented in March. Following closely or. the heels of the junior play came the spring concert given at Easter time. Here the band and the chorus ioined forces to present a program of popular, semiclassic, and religious music. ln May six band members-David Albertson, Thomas Pugh, David Kiethline, Joseph Link, Betsy Jones, and Isabel Culver-took part in the West- side Band Concert which was a great success. All of our seniors were placed in first chairs, an achievement which gives credit to their musi- cal ability. With the coming of warm weather, the band began its twofold job of preparing marching and concert music. On May 29 the band participated in the Union Memorial Service in Shickshinny. The following day brought the annual Memorial Day parade in which were displayed the talents of the twirlers as well as those of the musicians. The band rounded out a full year by playing the pro- cessional and recessional music at the Commence- ment exercises on June 14. ball game. The band is performing one of its many precision drills before a foot FIRST ROW: Joan White, Judy Smith, Betsy Jones, Joseph Link, Barry Titus, Lois Gearhart, David Albertson, Russell Andrews, David Kiethline, Thomas Pugh, Vernon Deuel, Blair Hartman, Brian Caverly, Alan Bach, Jack McLaughlin. SECOND ROW: Mr. Gregory, Linda Rarig, Shirley Gearhart, Isabel Culver, Gloria Link, Lora Lee Wesley, Kathleen Woodruff, David McMichael, Rebecca Franklin, Judy Ridall, Phyllis Farber, Donna Roberts, Mariorie Grebe, Frank Wilczynski, Robert Stepanski, Charles Partington, David Beach Ridall, James Guers E l t ,n Killian. THIRD ROW: Carol Halczak, Barbara Bloom, Beverly Franklin, Beverly Evans, Linda Matthews, Sorber, Daniel Griffith, James Whitmire, Kerry Balchun, Doreen Sweitzer, Jill Miller, Virginia Dannette Williams, Donna Michell, Larry Nallo. FOURTH ROW: Alan Jackson, William Boehmer, Franklin, William Killian, Donald Roberts, Merlin Nallo, Richard Hartman, George Thorne, Craig Ronald Roberts, Donald Belles, Larry Roberts, Richard Partington, Kenneth Wandell, Jeffrey Sands. 4? FLAG TWIRLERS-Barbara Noss, Connie Bomboy, Ethel Goss, Gloria Hess, Patricia Culp, Marion Yaron, Caroline Macuski, Absent: Mildred Wisneski, Ethel George, Donna Boyle, Bessie McDaniels. BATON TWIRLERS-JoAnn Thompson, Joy Howie, Lloydene Bach, Dawne Sorber, Marie Learn, Judy Belles, Nancy Bonham, Sharon Bonham, Susan Belles, Peggy Sorber, Luella Long, Jean Reiss. Absent: Marilee Kline. Blair Hartman, Barry Titus, Larry Roberts, Charles Partington, David Kiethline, Thomas Pugh, Russell Andrews, David Albertson. Dance Band The music program in our school would not be complete if it did not present an opportunity to the student who is interested in modern dance music to play that type of music. Such an oppor- tunity was given to the members of our Dance Band. Throughout the year, they played at func- tions both in and out of our area. Two of the more memorable occasions on which they pro- COLOR GUARD-Linda Cragle, Rebecca Cragle, vided music were at the Freshman Hop held in the gymnasium and at a banquet in the Sterling Hotel, Wilkes-Barre. The students had another chance to hear the group since they presented a school assembly program in the early part of the year. As usual the Dance Band ended its year's activities by playing at the Class Night presenta- tion. Darla Weston, Nancy Mincavage, Shirley Swithers. if as C2 rv "' SENIOR BAND MEMBERS-FIRST ROW: Linda Cragle, Nancy Mincavage, Lois Gearhart, Darla Weston, Shirley Swithers. SECOND ROW: David Albertson, Patricia Culp, Gloria Hess, Ethel Goss, Russell Andrews. THIRD ROW: Joseph Link, Barry Titus, David Kiethline, Thomas Pugh. SENIOR CHORUS MEMBERS-FIRST ROW: Judy Featherman, Linda Cragle, Shirley Partington, Mildred Wisneslci, Ethel George, Ethel Goss. SECOND ROW: Darla Weston, Gloria Hess, Nancy Mincavage, Kay Reider, Caroline Kinsey. Absent: Bessie McDaniels, Seated at the piano: Mrs. Phyllis C. Michael. I ' :J an , .ay ' 0. 5 0 if.:- SlTTING: Kay Reider, Nancy Fullerton, Judy Featherman, Albert Seigfried, Caroline Kinsey, Shirley Swithers, Madeline Glodek. STANDING: Barbara Org, Lois Reider, Marjorie McMichael, Dorothy Vogt, Darla Weston, Nancy Mincavage, Phyllis Frantz, Edith Trescott, Charlotte DeWald, Joyce Eckert. 4' its , 5 2 L 1 V . - 33, fl Yearbook taff To produce the T960 edition of "The Northwesterf' the seven- teen students who composed the staff met in room 129 every Wednesday during activity period. Early in the year, assisted by their advisor, they made the necessary decisions such as color and design of the cover, general theme, and layout of pages. At subsequent meetings, they worked either as a group or as in- dividuals on whatever part of the book had to be completed at that time. Although the task required much labor, the members of the staff feel they will be amply rewarded for their efforts if they have succeeded in producing a yearbook which will be enjoyed now and treasured later. Madeline Glodek, Mariorie McMichael, and Darla Weston, assisted by several other members of the staff, typed hundreds of rough drafts and final copy sheets. The co-editors, Judy Featherman and Caroline Kinsey, take time to look up from their work of making a page layout to have their picture taken. Shirley Swithers and Barbara Orr are proofreading some copy sheets which have iust been typed. They will check carefully so that nothing will be misspelled or misplaced. It is the first Friday of the month-the day to collect yearbook payments. Back to room 129 come Charlotte DeWald, Joyce Eckert, and Dorothy Vogt to check the money collected against the columns of figures representing the student payments. 5? An important job in compiling a yearbook, that of identifying pictures and people in pictures, is being done by Nancy Fullerton, Kay Reider, and Lois Reider. As sports editor, Albert Seigfried was kept busy identifying pictures of athletes and writing captions for pictures and summaries of the seasons for the five major sports and all the intramurals. Q-ix SITTING Charlotte DeWald Nancy Harrtson Davud McCabe Mr Stanley Kovalskl advusor Elleen Learn Marlone McMlchael Madellne Glodek Phyllus Frantz STANDING Joann Baluta Fauth Davenport Rosalle Hunter Peggy Thomas Carol Hartman Glorua Gensel Dorothy Vogt Ruth Ann Wunans Evelyn Brace Barbara Johnson Joyce Eckert Carolyn Wllson Absent Barbara Baluta Newspaper taff Responslble for the very popular Northwest News In Revlew rs the group of students appear Ing above Under the supervlslon of Mr Stanley J Kovalskl the staff dld the wrltlng edltlng art work and prlntlng of the paper It was Issued at slx different tnmes during the year namely Halloween Thanksguvlng Christmas Valentines Day Easter and Graduatlon Each Issue contanned artncles on past events future events editorials and special features In cluding the eagerly read gossip Orngnnal art work enhanced the appearance of the paper A further Improvement was notuced after the purchase of an offset dupllcatlng machine which produced neater and more legrble coples The popularity of the paper has grown steadily so that usually the demand exceeds the supply In the second photograph above pictured wnth Mr Kovalskn are the artnsts Nancy Harrlson and Davld McCabe and the co edntors Marlorne McMnchael and Madellne Glodek Nr . I 1 'Y 5 1 1 1 ' 1 1 I 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I , , . : . ' 11 . . ,, . , . . I I I . , . 1 1 ' . . . . , . 1 1 1 I 1 - - 1 I 1 - I 1 1 I ' ' Barbara Baluta and Joann Baluta show how easy it is to run off neat copies of the paper on the new offset machine, the pride of the commercial department. After the individual sheets of the school paper have been printed, the next task consists of sorting and stapling the sheets. That is what Barbara Johnson, Nancy Harri- son, and Eileen Learn are doing. ie to ,lin 'OWS Q In this photo are seen the reporters 10 the local newspapers. Barbara Baluta and Madeline Glodek wrote weekly columns for the "Bloornsburg Press", Faith Daven- port and Marjorie McMichael did the same for the "Berwick Enterprise." FIRST ROW ffront to rearj Mrs. Jean Killian Barbara Orr Karen Thomas Sylvia Gibbons Bonnie Dodson SECOND ROW Edith Sleppy Nancy Frantz Caroline Kinsey Rebecca Ridall Shirley Partington Lila Koritko THIRD ROW Nancy Fullerton Ruthann Titus Judy Featherman Lois Reider Kay Reider Nancy Harmon Shirley Swithers Mary Ann Farber Tri-Hi-Y One of the annual proiects of the Tri-Hi-Y is the presentation of gifts to the children in the Nanticoke orphanage. At Christmas time, the girls collected used toys and other articles and pur- chased new ones with money earned through proiects to present lOO orphans with gifts. The girls also delivered 48 baskets filled with candy to the same children a few days before Easter. The organization participated in the "Teen- Talks" put out by the State Y.M.C.A. For fulfilling the requirements of the course, which is a series of talks on teen-age problems, the club received a banner. In addition, the members conducted discussions on other topics of interest to young girls such as clothes, charm, and vacation ideas. Hi-Y Teen-Talk discussion groups. Sylvia Gibbons, Barbara Orr, Shirley Swith ers, and Kay Reider form one of the Tri These members-Ruthann Titus, Edith Sleppy, Mary Ann Farber, and Karen Thomas-pre- pare Easter baskets for the orphans. Pictured here are the officers of the Tri- Hi-Y. SITTING: Judy Featherman, vice pres- identg Lila Koritko, presidentg Kay Reider, secretary. STANDING: Lois Reider, chaplain, Caroline Kinsey, treasurer. WZ?-,-M, ,WW fit f I fin G J. T . Y ' " 'Q K ' "7fftf"' V , f ' 1 , ,V ,Wa ft A Z' " ,ff Q 'fm as I , L um ,-t Lois Reider, Lila Koritko, man, and Mrs, Jean Ki Judy Feather liian sponsor of the ciub, display some of e Christmas gifts which the Tri Hi Y sent to the orphanage. I if 5 H' ' I .V -va 5 of FIRST ROW: Janet Beishline, Barbara Baluta, Nancy Farver, June Evarts. SECOND ROW: Edith Trescott, Barbara Wolfe, Bessie McDaniels, Carolyn Ross, Lois Gearhart, Gloria Hess, Patricia Culp, Phyllis Frantz. STANDING: Patricia Featherman, Dorothy Long, Ethel Goss, Mrs. Mabel Beishline, club sponsor, Patricia McClure, Rose Kuczynski, Darlene Lanning. Future Homemakers of America A popular club with home economics students is the Future Homemakers of America. The fol- lowing is a summary of the most important ac- tivities in which the members participated. In January, the club sent several delegates to the state meeting of the F.H.A. organization at which .Ethel Goss received the State Homemaker degree for outstanding work in the organization. 'During the winter months several girls worked for and earned the Junior and Chapter Homemaker de- grees. In May the girls entertained their mothers at a mother-daughter buffet supper. ln June, Bar- bara Baluta represented the club at the state con- vention at Pennsylvania State University where she was elected to the state office of vice presi- dent of public relations. To defray the expenses of the year's activities, the girls engaged in many money-making proi- ects. These F.H.A, girls are preparing a gay centerpiece for the Christmas party. The F.H.A. officers pose for a picture. SIT- TING: Patricia McClure, vice presidentg Bette Kline, presidentg Barbara Baluta, secretary. STANDING: June Evarts, historiang Elaine Wright, treasurery Edith Trescott, parliamen- tarian. June Evarts, Nancy Farver, Janet Beishline, Barbara Baluta, and Dorothy Long received Junior and Chapter Homemaking degrees. Ethel Goss proudly shows her State F.H.A. degree to other members of the organization. 83 FIRST ROW: Marthan Whitmire, Glenda Ruckle, coordinator, Madeline Glodek, Judy Featherman Q' .Z 5 , t 2 Bette Kline, Barbara Johnson, Mr. Stanley KOvalSki, Sandra Zagata, Carol Hartman. SECOND ROW: Jane Long, Janet Beishline, Bonnie Dodson, Shirley Gearhart, Patsy Lechleitner, Louise Lohoski, Elyse Turner. THIRD ROW: Mary Winans, Lois Zultevicz, Carol Romanowski, Kathleen Farber, Linda Hayman, Frances Demnicki, Janet Patacconi, Judy Geist. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Bednarek, Karla Gearhart, Mary Jones, Gloria Van Horn, Eileen Honse, Sue Ann Killian, Stephen Hynick. FIFTH ROW: Joseph Gizenski, Stanley Hazlak, Gary Blackburn, Ronald Harrison, Barry Obitz, Donald Hines, Paul Kaplanski. SIXTH ROW: James Matthews, Richard Kuchta, lrvin Post, Stanley Dembowski, John Polakoski, Timothy Davenport, Ronald Hines. chool cwings Cashiers Carol Hartman and Bonnie Dodson are typical cashiers performing their weekly task. Mr, Kovalski examines the work of his head cashiers. Barbara Johnson is adding the weekly deposits while Madeline Glodek is checking them. 84 The Northwest savings program has completed its fourth consecutive year. The success of the program, which was established to promote thrift among students as well as adults, is measured by the great increase in savings accounts year after year. The program was managed very efficiently by the head Cashiers with the assistance of two cashiers in each home- room who received the weekly deposits from the students. . rr SITTING Mr Edward Augustine advisor Pearl Gryziec, Bernadine Baluta, Gloria Zubris, Caroline Kinsey Judy Geist Beth Price Sharon Whitebread Martha Zubris, Miss Mildred Dzuris, advisor. STANDING Joseph Hutchins Alfred Gizenski Elaine Shershen, James Matthews, John Yemzow, Richard tudent Council The purpose of the Student Council at Northwest is to act as a go-between for both teachers and students. Under the direction of Mr. Edward Augustine and Miss Mildred Dzuris, it enables students, through their homeroom representatives, to voice their particular dis- likes and to do something about them. It also chooses assembly programs which will entertain as well as educate the students. ln addition, every Christmas the Student Council erects and decorates a beautiful Christ- mas tree in the lobby ofthe school. X Athletzcs eff-RF fa Today I aTTended The mosT excmng Track meeT ThaT I have ever seen by a miracle or by The and of Mercury hlmself he sped To The Tlnush llne and held has TlTle for The mule run Yes This has been a greaT year for The aThleTes of NorThwesT and for The specTaTors who were Thrnlled by Thelr TeaTs Our TooTball games seemed more hard ToughT and excmng Than ever our baskeTball games were fasT and furious and our wresTlnng meeTs were Tough and Tumbling Our base ball Team Tunlshed second an a close race whrle our baskeTball Team Tled for TlrsT place Our aThleTes were honored by winning posmons on The All STar Teams and one was granTed a Tull four year scholarshup on The basls of his aThleTlc abuluTy combuned vvnTh hugh scholasfuc sTand1ng We sTudenTs were loyal To our Teams We braved The cold and The wind and ram To see our heroes covered wnTh mud on The field of baTTle OTTen They emerged vlcTornous someT1mes They were vanquished buT regardless of The ouTcome we were proud of Them because we were sure ThaT They had done Their uTmosT To honor NorThwesT ll . WZ' X QW X ,I X f , Our TasTesT runner was almosT a lap behind in The mile rung buT eiTher 7 I vbagzf' K S f Q ' ' J-:Fx 9 N, x ' r' I ' F W 5 . 'S I I S . ' 4 u '. 3 . U I- A 1. . ' A 'A . .i 4 5 . fl -, 6 -nh' ' 1 2914 FIRST ROW: Charles Boyle, Clement Getz, Roy Noss, Larry Goss, Wayne Dennis, David McCabe, Jerry Blazick, Raymond Janik, John Kuchta, Albert Seigfried, Ronald Davis, Jack Williams. SECOND ROW: Coaches Kenneth Wood and Jonah Goobic, Russell Grebe, manager, Andrew Maczuga, Frank Wilczynski, Joseph Romano, Eugene Shershen, Gene Huffman, Donald Whitebread, Paul Kokora, David Whitebread, Terry Yellitz, John Orr, Richard Kuchta, manager, Paul Heffner, manager. Absent: Stanley Heffner, Howard Seigfreid, Alfred Gizenski. Football SCORES Coaches Kenneth Wood and Jonah Goobic made their Northwest Opponent coaching debuts by opening the sports year in fine fashion. 12 Edwardsville sf.. e,.,e-... 7 The fans were thrilled by the many outstanding perform- 26 N9SCOP9Ck f .fess ,e,,,, l 2 ances of the gridders on the brisk autumn afternoons. 13 Lake Lehman s,,,s,, 33 Albert Seigfried was selected as an All-Star West Side 0 WYOfT1if'IQ . erse .ssff ff., , l 9 Conference halfback for the second successive year. His 7 West Wyoming ..,e,, S19 open field and explosive running will be long remembered. 6 FOVTY Fort fefffesfff ssf. . 726 Raymond Janik also placed as an end on the all-conference 24 Westmoreland ,, ..,,,e, 20 team for the first time, while John Kuchta was given honor- 6 EXSTSF feffeefff . .,...,, 27 able mention as a tackle. The passing and deceptiveness of David McCabe was a pleasure to watch, and Ronald Davis, Coaches Ke,,,,e,h Wood and Jonah Goobicl Alfred Gizenski, and Roy Noss added much to the Ranger offensive. Howard Seigfreid took care of the kicking very capably and received assistance from Wayne Dennis and - Clement Getz when backing up the line. Jerry Blazick and Larry Goss turned in good end play when the situation called for it. Donald Whitebread did an excellent iob in lead- ing the underclassmen who will return next season to carry the colors for Northwest High. , Min. 'C X:b-' I 5X The calm before the storm. Northwesfs represenratives on the Wesf Side Conference All-STar team were Ray- mond Janik, Albert Seigfried, and John Kuchia. Shown with them are coaches Jonah Goobic and Kenneth Wood. Janik C339 and McCabe close in for the tackle. H85 4... ,,,.. vw ,zxigaag will r . W .,4 ,.,.,,..,1y.,yy,-,Mi-1.-. L- ,ewhm 1 ,M X "'. ' Q -1 -.-,,,-WW-,.Q, 5.4 18 H 43, A 1 , so ho QQ, N., qw s a if 1 , A ff 3 :gg g,,, -Q V, V h , ,, ., Q 0. I, W,--w fa' M, .Al, if A Q' M A , 1 ' viii., , 351' MQ.. . ff: , f - 7 X 0 . QT . D jfgfm -,Q brggyixrbs-Wh 1 ' -f'4m-Qm H Ns . dvr' i 'L . 118 Aw, M , X ,', 5 2:1 lun ' Wav x .ffd if !P:::' N-f 1 Y ,ff 'I Qi 4 ' Q' f 7 4 5 6 ,Ah !, af A , , 1 ,A. - ik ' 'I'13y"". . , .6w,.1...fA f - 1, 4 , H . X -. Wh I f Q . 'R' L 1 f JY. ies 'fi x Eff! 'G Q 'Pie X ' gif ma f5..fY M .f '., X' ...W lf' X N- Ag - sa'-,.-'QC .Vis 5-T' ,Q i., .3 5352: A if ij 'TY X , . Y! EAGLES lsophomoresj FIRST ROW: David Killian, David White- bread, Keith Henrie, William Spencer, Robert Stepanski. SECOND ROW: Vic- tor Hargraves, Jerome Robak, Richard Zika, Edward Baluta, Reginald Comer. THIRD ROW: Charles Partington, Charles Sorber, James Matthews, Joseph Morgan, Robert Fullerton. Ab- sent: Chester DeWald, Patrick McCabe. 92 Intramural REDSKINS lseventh gradersl FIRST ROW: Stanley Zagata, William Yar- nell, Barry Obitz. SECOND ROW: Robert Oman, Charles Cole, Edward Smith, Wayne Meeker. Absent: Robert Avery. COLTS feighth gradersl FIRST ROW: Gary Weston, Donald Ruckle, Henry Moses, Glenn Whitebread. SECOND ROW: David Featherman, Ronald Turner, John Zagata, Ronald Lechleitner. Y . Q it t Q5 a'ex, -ff -sf 4 '5' "f"f 3iWQWgff Vw VFW? Q Q E-.g'Q,,m f is 55 ,fi I M 5 w 2 w hw . L 0 iq, 'IA A 'w 1"': . 'f - Q' I h ir- '13, .. 'WK f 2 M X31 ' 'Eff 'V K- SA UQ .rx a 5 g I Q-Q ke:- Northwest 6O 46 47 56 52 56 57 71 29 48 53 49 54 37 6O 51 63 54 43 56 72 39 49 29 64 36 EXHIBITION GAMES Opponent Hanover 41 Coughlin ,o,,. 64 Westmoreland ,...e,,,..,,, e..,,. 4 1 Plymouth o,,o,,oo,,,.,oo .o oooo,o,oo, 44 VALLEY LEAGUE GAMES Plains ,ooo,, ,,aas.s,,s..o,,o,, . 66 Exeter o,,ooo,o , ...,e, 51 Forty Fort , ,L , , 43 Pittston ,,,o,,,,,.,,,,,, H 37 West Pittston 272,28 Luzerne o,o, ,,s,, L N 50 Larksville ,Y,,77 36 Edwardsville o,,,. as,,,s 3 5 Wyoming H , 38 Forty Fort . 35 Exeter ,,,, 39 Larksville , 28 Luzerne 45 Wyoming , 37 Edwardsville , 42 West Pittston 66 Pittston ,, ,,,,,o,,,, 40 Plains E , 2 ou,,A,oa,,a ,38 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME West Pittston .oo,,o,ouso. ,o,, 6 7 PLAYOFF GAME Plains ,,ouoooos,s . E s,,oo,u.o,o,, ,,.oo 4 O B.S.T.C, TOURNAMENT Tri-Valley os,,s,,s 7 ,oou 2 44 St. Mary s aas,,, ,oo,,, 4 3 Romano takes the ball for the junior varsity. Coach Gayeski discusses the game with his players Who won the tap? '23 gf' J .ee Xa' vm XJ! f CM W, 9 4, ffh-'iw 'N F' Q' Gifts-41' z. .. ,Xu Y QN S j N L ' "v - R R 1 If wx E 5 ,K u I5 oi 4 M" 6. EB N16 'sq- . mis r 1 1' Y 5 "Ji - 4-QS v . X I THF' --., if, WJ. , . "L J.V. BASKETBALL TEAM-James Matthews, David Whitebread, William Spencer, Jerry Eckert, Jack Yemzow, Irvin Post, Robert Stepanski, James Hill. Absent: Fred Kalweit, Charles Sorber, Leon Valenia. J,V. MANAGERS John Kowalchicln Robert Urso Craig Guers Glenn Whitebread Leland Charles 'IN 4' ci 'Us CHEERLEADERS KNEELING-iunior varsity cheerleaders: Mary Lou Sorber, Bernice Wisneski, Tara Caverly, Carol Ann Ditata, Beth Price. STANDING-varsity cheerleaders: Susan Bartoli, Pearl Gryziec, Joan Kadtke, Gloria Zubris, Connie Nallo, Gail Kleintob, Martha Zubris. David McCabe displays the basketball Albert Seigfried won two trophies-a bas- Irvin POS' holds the Edward -lanllgan, JV- trophy awarded to him for playing in the ketball trophy for playing in the Columbia Memorial Trophy awarded to him for win- Columbia County All-Star game in Berwick. County All-Star game and a football ning in the junior division of the foul trophy for being selected as a halfback shooting contest. on the West Side Conference All-Star team. COACHING STAFF Peter Valania, wrestling coachg Arthur Michael, business managerg Jacob Handzelelc, assistant basketball coachg Edward Gayeslci, director of athletics and head basketball coachg Stanley Kovalski, baseball coachg Jonah Goobic, assistant football coachp Kenneth Wood, head football coach. STARS lsevenih gradersl FIRST ROW: John Fforkovvski, Marvin Le Valley, Thomas Minier, William Boehmer. SECOND ROW: Dennis Righfmire, Paul Harmon, Gary Cragle. Intramural Basketball Champions ROCKETS Ceighrh gradersl FIRST ROW: Ronald Roberts, Henry Moses, Donald Ruckle, John Kowal- chick, Donald Hoyr, Ronald Hines, SECOND ROW: Charles Caroll, Edward McCabe, Allen Rood, Kenneth Savage, Eugene Ceasar. THIRD ROW: Erick Snyder, Gary Blackburn, Richard Sor- ber. ROAMERS lfreshmenl FIRST ROW: Robert Belles, Mahlon Har' vey, William Curwood, Jack Yemzovv, William Maneval, Marvin Allen. SEC- OND ROW: James Moss, James Sorber, James Rodney, Paul Heffner, Stanley Hazlak. RAMS lsophomoresj FIRST ROW: James Brown, David Whitebreacl, Edward Baluta, Frank Wilczynski. SECOND ROW: Robert Fullerton, Barry Kulp, Robert Zika. Absent: Robert Stepanski. Intramural Basketball Champions PIRATES Ciuniorsl FIRST ROW: Robert Gayman, Robert Naugle, Anthony Conser, Blair Hart- man, Arif Spenzer. SECOND ROW: Brian Caverly, Peter Maransky, Robert Stackhouse, John Polakoski. PANTHERS lseniorsl FIRST ROW: Alfred Gizenski, Barry Titus, Thomas Harry, Lloyd Crane, Wil- liam Jenkins, George Snyder. SECOND ROW: Paul Gill, Gahrad Harvey, Allan Williams, Thomas Pugh, Russell An- drews. 9 ,y ilu? 21 E 1 ' x Q Q I 1 L Q Mi X' l 1 , I . , I . I X ' . ,1 - W 5 ' . 1 . , ' ' x Q ' . -H - ' ' : - i J X Y ' x ' X-1 . R 85 . V . X xv 'fx 'A 'rfibi' 'L rx 4 ' . 353, aff' - 5 . ' y u - 22? ' 'L N' 'H ' "' mix ' 1 XM 'H X . ,g X 8 .0 RSV' Q17 Y-f wif -441 i x' ' 9" S ,if f , K W I x f F I gf .. X V. s L1 an WW J ,Lky m 4:15 fffkf . f .V 1 X lr4 . gy- ' ul .i. 24 .I M6 , a P ,' .' "' e . 'Ui xl f- Q I 0.12. ig lt, ur S 5, ii , ,W U, M, Q 'if' 15' . FJ 57 Way! , an fx. wh 5 La V 1 it ' xv fr A- ., 0 W I X7 . 5 . R' .- 'Q - fafifkfx X: J, X . P6 7 ' ,,,A' k REDSKINS fseventh gradersl FIRST ROW: Jeffrey Davis, Robert Avery, John Oliver, William Yar- nell, Marcell Merolli, Brad Mott. SECOND ROW: Richard Eckert, Charles Cole, Kenneth Royer, Wayne Meeker, Zane Dennis. Ab- sent: Barry Obitz, Stanley Mizi- koski. Intramural Volleyball Champions SPIKERS leighth gradersj FIRST ROW: David Trescott, Charles Evarts, John Kowalchick, Edward Gensel, Eric Mott, Kenneth Brace. SECOND ROW: Donald Roberts, Le- land Charles, Gary Blackburn, Richard Davis. Absent: Ronald Evans. RANGERS Cfreshmenb FIRST ROW: Marvin Allen, James Hill, Jack Yemzow, Eric Hoover. SECOND ROW: Larry Adams, Thomas Maran- sky, Clyde Sampson, Keith McMichael. Absent: Ray Blackburn. SPIKERS Csophomoresl FIRST ROW: Robert Stepanski, Charles Sorber, James Matthews, Richard Zilla. SECOND ROW: Rob- ert Fullerton, Harold Good, Je- rome Robak. Absent: James Brown, James Baker. Intramural Valle ball Champions DODOS Cjuniorsl FIRST ROW: Brian Caverly, Charles Kline, Jack McLaughlin, Vernon Deuel, Leonard Lawrence. SECOND ROW: John Yasneski, Anthony Conser, Don- ald Whitebread, Samuel Sorber, Dale Kingsbury, Walter Shoemaker. TOPPERS Cseniorsl FIRST ROW: Andrew Kalie, Wayne Dennis, Allan Williams, Larry Goss, Andrew Steeber. SECOND ROW: Raymond Janik, John Kuchta, Wil- liam Jenkins, Howard Seigfreid. Ab- sent: Lloyd Crane, John Dorshefski. ' 'Vp I 'C' LLI' ff ' -11 iw: A an 6' 'S -f if fazxfgk, .XA .y 4l,nQ3.- 1... 4 3 5 . Q .1 'i f Tv 3 ff! 4, H, ii if . X ' 1: ,Q FEM fb 2 2 L f 4 4- M MQ" '. ' ' - X' R 1 -. 4 1 T A , X , 3 , ri 3 'A IW 7 , ,J if, .K --Q , ,mel . I 1 , if ACN, L IO6 F af . ' ff. " 'TT we " f , , , ri Q J , g f fx SW ,wi grae, sl I , . 'RT' WI 1 Q Yf Yi 1 ,. I y . ' , 'sl N., X ' ' ' f S, ' f , S ' 1 t . iw? it . O ',n rw EE 1- - rf-L ' 1 ' '-- I at 4 l - I 1 .4 t f X 1 , W - . lv lu f ' sill W x y . 1 1 4. 5 1 or-. H .3 V gf, Lffff. Mfg N? k V ' , was few-r I W T . .ff ' . it if A it ,f l r I K' , . If A A b ILK- K: 'V ' I , 75- '1-45" ,I 5 ' 'Q .ll , E ,rt ,, ,, , uc '05, 2 2, hz-fl-yrs, bi, . H 'bla , -l I.. - ,755 A I, A-. 1.1 nv, rx iq asf' ' X i ry xv-ll .,...f,U,-,vt ,X ll. 5 .y-gg., V ,. Z -.L ,az-f :Vg 4 if Mix I 1 Yxgg--' wr-,Jr-gy-.M hw 8 L: ivyh, , fa',ia'f23..'.P75.t5.2?1e23f!i' fn 9'?lvzw'.,5"iz.wG.f A, if-253 f"f r",",'...'.'.'f . -A er" 1 W ,atxfpf FIRST ROW: Harold Williams, manager, Leon Valenia, Joseph Gizenski, James Hill, Jack Yemzow, Peter Maransky, Robert Sikora, Jay Woodruff, Keith McMichael, Richard Norman, manager. SECOND ROW: Howard Seigfreid, manager, lrvin Post, Alan Bach, John Yasneski, Robert Stackhouse, Donald Whitebread, Mr. Stanley Kovalski, coach, James Matthews, Vaughn Titus, Albert Seigfried, Charles Boyle, Neal Sorber, Jack Williams, Stanley Heffner, manager. SCO RES Northwest 14 Wilkes-Barre Twp. .. O Newport ,a,,ac.,,c,,, 10 Lehman . 5 Nanticoke a, l Westmoreland 6 Wilkes-Barre Twp. -. 2 Lake-Lehman ,.....v 7 Nanticolce ,c,c,.,,cc, 3 Westmoreland 3 Newport . a7.a.. , Opponent 2 8 O ......l5 5 4 5 ,. 2 O Baseball Coach Kovalski directed the 1959-60 baseball squad to seven victories out of ten interesting contests. The end result was a tie for second place, and this was not decided until the final game of the season. Albert "Mike" Seigtried performed in excellent style on the diamond just as he did on the gridiron and hardwood. Rob- ert Stackhouse handled the pitching chores like a true cham- pion. Vaughn Titus, Neal Sorber, and Albert Seigfried have played their final game for Northwest High, and their serv- ices will be greatly missed. Howard Seigfreid, who was injured in football earlier in the year and unable to play, was the scorer. Richard Norman was the senior manager and general handy man. Post is ready, but the batter hits the ball. Mallhews swatches lo Catch the ball' 3, A A ai :iv I M 0 Yi! . 2 mf za Af.i..:p NEAL SORBER gl Wg VH '1- ALBERT SEIGFRIED i'Xz'7AfA,N gs RICHARD NORMAN and HOWARD SEIGFREID Senior Managers Coach Kovalski is looking over the defense. Sorber, Yasneski, and Seigfried are ready for their turn at ba! un- H1 1 zlfld.- 4 i SEVENTH GRADERS-FIRST ROW: Charles Cole, Minier, Dale Hess, Leon Hess, Ronald Yeager, Bogert, Wayne Meeker, Marvin LeValley, Robert .og 49 lat? sal!! l-2 M it Stephen Koser, Albert Obitz, Gary Cragle, Thomas William Yarnell. SECOND ROW: Jeffrey Davis, John Gray, Paul Daum, Kenneth Royer, Larry Hayman. Intramural on-, ,,:?-i wr- EIGHTH GRADERS-FIRST ROW: Jerry Hoover, Ralph Gototweski, Gary Blackburn, Larry Dauksis, Edward McCabe. SECOND ROW: Richard Davis, Ronald Roberts, Gary Miller, Lloyd Doletski, David Trescotf. Keith McMichael. FRESHMEN-FIRST ROW: Arden Del Kanic, Mahlon Harvey, James Sorber, David Nevel, Eric Hoover, Robert Belles, James Gayman, Richard Yeager, Walter Kocher. SECOND ROW: Robert Sikora, William Maneval, John Orr, Terry Yellitz, Eugene Shershen, Larry Gensel, Howard Williams, Jack Yemzow, .I ,, , y ., G ig .. -i D' 1 2 ivy oftball v V ,al cr SOPHOMORES-FIRST ROW: Robert Fullerton, Martin Evarts, Ralph Lewis, Duane Meyers. SECOND ROW David Cragle, Charles Sorber, William Spencer, Irvin Post. YF- -b r ,Ai is K 1- 2,2-fa P L . -A , 2, L5 xr iz 3. ,ft JUNIORS-FIRST ROW: Jay Woodruff, Leroy Bloom, Charles Boyle, Jack Williams, Ralph Killian, Ralph Kocker, Donald Nelson. SECOND ROW: Barry Diltz, Stanley Dembowski, Henry Engleharl, David Jenkins, Rodney Phillips, Paul Kokora, Roger Culver. SENIORS-FIRST ROW: Joseph Link, Lloyd Crane, Roger Hendricks, Jack Reese, John Dorshefski, SECOND ROW: George Snyder, Donald Crane, Albert Engleharf, Thomas Harry, Allan Williams, Ray Cease. W W' Actwztzes fax fi? Tonlght was Class Night and the presentation was truly beautiful Most of the gurls were dressed In stunning white dresses a few In pastel colors the boys looked luke real gentlemen rn thenr dark sunts and tres Baccalaureate services wrll be held on Sunday and Commencement on Tuesday Although the graduating actlvltles wall stand out most In the minds of the sensors nevertheless we shall also remember other events of our last year That cold snowy day when the PO D classes took a trap to Wulkes Barre to vnsrt the Luzerne County courthouse and the prison will never be forgotten Both the lunnor and the sensor class plays were entertalnlng and successful frnancrally The Junror .lest was hularrous as usual The faculty student game concluded what turned out to be an evening of true enloy ment The JunrorSenror Prom was another memorable affair Not even the weather could spoll our fun We have enloyed many more actrvltles but for us seniors the highlight of the school year wall be graduatnon lt wall be an occasion both happy and sad However regardless of our feelings as we leave the audutorlum with dnplomas nn our hands we shall take wrth us pleasant memories of the best years of our lrves W' ' T O' 1 0 . . . Speck is overcome by the sight of the seniors on Class Night. In the iunior class play, a scheming pair plan to dispose of the sheriff to whom they have given knock-out drops. ,lr-:w..,,,. lg The seniors had a grand time on their tour of the Luzerne County The latest fashions? So it seemed the night of the rollicking Junior courthouse and prison. Jest, IIIH i it .L I I t l A i f ' . X Q , 4 sh,- . v 1 N ,1, .1393 r A , y K ' l To have been chosen Prom Queen makes Rebecca Ridall very happy. Laurie Huntington -1 Sidney Huntington Martha Huntington Wally Huntington 7 Miss iGusl Gustavesky Joan Wood u,u,, 7 77 7 Ted Wood 77 77 Lillian Wood ,uu,uuu,, 77 Mark Bradford 7 7 7 Horatio P. Honeywell 7 1' ee-3 lt The Little Dog Laughed presented by the Senior Class November 5, 1959 CAST sophomore, home from college 7 her good-natured father her charming mother her happy-go-lucky brother 7 Martha's part-time helper WalIy's one and only, I6 years old 77777 W7 her father and Sid's competitor 77 Joan's culture-conscious mother Joan's cousin, a medical student 77 a bird fancier Sid is indignant because Martha accuses him of beginning the feud with the Woods. GLORIA ZUBRIS DAVID KIETHLINE LOIS REIDER RICHARD NORMAN MARJORIE McMICHAEL CONNIE NALLO WILLIAM JENKINS BESSIE McDANlEl.S JOSEPH LINK ALBERT ENGLEHART Wally is shouting encouragement as Sid remembers his drum Laurie wonders what Horatio hears. Can it be the call of the wild major days at State U. goose? Gus introduces her "bird-man Horatio P. Honeywell, Laurie. iv? 44 -I 2 1 Gus is going to college! Laurie's test proved that Gus is a genius, so she certainly isn't going to waste her tal- ents by doing housework. Qi Laurie, the psychologist, is giving Caroline, Therese, Grace, Amelia, and Walola the Zombrowski Ink Blot Test to discover their inner personalities. fO 49 1-.JL Poor Martha! She discovers the results of the Ink Blot Test. The ladies are gone and so is Sid's loan from the bank of which Walola's husband is president. ,f A very tender moment for Mark and Laurie. lt's too bad It wont last much longer! dance. Laurie is confused and embarrassed by her mothers behavior She tells Mark he should leave r ,4 Laurie and Mark look on dumfounded as Sid, Wally, and Martha do their Purge You big noise box!" and with that Ted Wood gets In the first swipe with the paintbrush. 1 Q LL i , .1 J- - -12. 55,1 -.W 1 L fi ' iw 1 A' - . . T M -,T S, f ., fs R 6-an 4 I, , ' lg Christmas Concert This year's Christmas concert was held in the Northwest auditorium on December 23. The pro- gram opened with the reading of the Christmas story from the Bible by Gloria Zubris. During the program Judy Featherman, Albert Seigfried, and Thomas Pugh also read Christmas stories. Under the direction of David Albertson, student band director, the band played a group of popular Christmas songs, "l Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," "Here Comes Santa Claus," and "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer." The Girls' Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Phyllis C. Michael, sang "Winter Wonderland," "Twelve Days of Christmas," "Angels We Have Heard on High," and "Gesu Bambino." The octet sang a special tour-part arrangement of "White Christmas" which concluded with the entire cho- rus ioining the song. The band played for the finale, "Christmas Suite" and "Frosty, the Snow- man," to which the twirlers performed. The Chorus sings "White Christmas." '?'s' 5 H , Q ' if UW, ..4, ,M b ,,l , xg QW. is ' all af 9 bi Y me gg fb. Y amp? 'qxf u On J' 4 if! f WW . If 7 L92- f I 5a U, J' 7? F" vm 2 " "5"' eP'-If , 1 vd et ' -J Af A gy ' A Q' ,., f I : Q ff? . 7 1- rf if 3 . , x 'A ' 1 ,. if? 'X ,f 8, f - Q .ft ,Q A A A , u , v , ' Q ' A , , : y , x .SL 4 ' xr' 315. , f. N 'ag Q i 5,- A -fiigggg . . 1 1 ,R 1 9, 6 ' fwwlk 3 K qw' X A .K ,gktggxggffxm .1 Q Q -' Ns, W ,-gi' 3 QM 1313 A 1 9' Hi: P 4.4, Q Q x .N Q ,P F' . 4- s 5 3 L ...W f . - if 1 -V wx , i , . - , f . .1 .5-fg, .t , 1 , . my T - . , , ,wi 2113. x , - Q .r Q A . gig.. ' ' HQQ Q . R 1:55 , 1? W. 4 1,1 , H ,, '- - ' W, Mil , Q' fi ,Q-4 4 , it if W 'Q ,i , f V V ft Q, fi' . mfg , A fA : 3 li M f 6' v 525, li 2? .. H lg . ' A " .figig 3 1 2 m, .:. if 3 2' 3 K 'f' I"-. . Q A A E -tff ll' . 5X A a 'ta .. M3. ' - in , iz? 3 F K .f , WW.-W, -M-4 1 ' -- .....- ' 4- -- .fl MM,,,,.-If . ' rg-. .. We wg .Vie ,1. 5 fy! ,Kwik Q, 1 4, 11 'LST If ,X f N , 0-A .Hz . ,nj 1 f is 1" 2 1, ,fa iff Z fu 3? 4 ,Z . . 1 4.,14 1. mg A bg! , ss , ..-.....,. . ,f W + 5' c ri 3,5546 C. A, ku 9' f Q if? vi "2 r , fy 1.2 yr ' . .4 x 'ff o 2 A , ' - f 4 gg? 4 -A A 3 ij , A .. 2' 1 ,fmzi ' I 'I I Q' e Q 'fziwff T ' Xi .E wig ' 2 l " I T1 ' ' I 7 I --............ H 9 -. i I , f , , fir .: ,, 1 I',,4'l Mrs. Williamsc Williams , , Jerry Martin Sheriff Doolittle Brock r7,,,7,,, B Margy O'Laughlin,,s ,, Hazel Sommers Ann Wickcliffe B H a forbidding, stern woman of fifty 7 tall and sinister a young scientist B, local blacksmith and sheriffn W-wa suave and polished crook , a talkative girl of eighteen ,L B, ,snrnatter-of-fact and always hungry L, girl who has hay fevern Maurine Gardner essesss ...eeeee r omantic, with a story-book mind Johannah Green Priscilla Ralston L .s,, soft-spoken and uncertain ss,s ,Y H , a teacher of drama in her late twenties sssssss Brock listens as Sheriff Doolittle explains why he thinks the Williamses are imposters. Brock tells Doolittle that he should go far with his intelligence. as GAIL KLEINTOB , THOMAS HARRY BRIAN CAVERLY , ,,,,, VERNON DEUEL L LBLAIR HARTMAN L, CATHIE MOORE GLORIA GENSEL B CAROL HARTMAN 7 BARBARA BALUTA L ss,,, MARY LOU OLIVER ,, ,ss,s ,EMILY KILLIAN "'What's the matter with that milk?" shouts Mrs. Williams impatiently. A5 voices are heard frgm Upsqai,-5, Mrs, Williams and Brock hasten to dispose of the Sheriff. 132, ,, 3 Q M55 y M K 1 rn 2' 0 b gf' ,V 'xi M' auf! Q 1 1 5 sw xx K i ft ii f 19" s 4 1 I. '55 L gn - 1.1- 1 1 L Ap., si' - :QV 'ffiz 71, ' -, 1 7 .-ei iz if U22 E2 .- 175515 fs x D-' 4. 14 as 1' wifi: 5 T iszigf rj'-C257 353.13-S7 ZICQQQQ , sing, " rr. p X r ' A Q ' Y X' 5752 ' wifi? 5Qi5 iT"9F V Eff' 1 -'iisii 7,j 3, - - -eg 1 x Iwi? ' Q ff 41 3 Q-F5T?"??!sa V IQ' fqgggga .' , '12 51? 'Biff' V. u . g '?a 2:59 3-4lf.'7'H:-, v--11-1. -n-l-1 "fi . .iff -, 1 .' . JU.. Q K N Rf f?lk ,4-fast . ' B f 'ii ,M t - S as . K . 544 xg-Ay --e, is is T f i 1 5 5 Uv F7 5 Fi -u , ,lf QWAA1 ' x ' x X. V an 5 In , . A lc , I fav: .!!' ,-. ff 3 ff 25 b z Q 1 i L D I X ff s' lfqaw if .. .YF 123 W-'-.. ""-' '. . Af ,gt Elks Youth Day Election On April 12, the mock election sponsored by the Berwick Elks Club was held at Northwest for the second year. The three parties-Liberator, Ranger, and Royalist-consisted of students from the P.O,D. classes of Mr. James Cooney, Mr. Lyle Augustine, and Miss Mathilde Lask. This year our school had the honor of electing the candidates for governor. Mildred Wisneski and Albert Seig- tried, who were chosen as candidates, made cam- paign speeches at Northwest, Berwick H i g h School, and Nescopeck High School. Albert proved to be the successful candidate. The Liberators secured all offices except one which was taken by the Ranger party. To cele- brate their victory, the Liberators held a free rec- ord hop at Falcon's Hall in Mocanaqua. Thomas Pugh, Ranger senator, Michael Bedio, Royalist representative, Andrew Steeber, Libera- tor representative, and Albert Seigfried, governor, enioyed a trip to Harrisburg where they exercised their power. A group of students stop to look at one of the many attractive The members of this iunior class are preparing to vote for the candidates posters displayed by the rival parties. of their choice. Q i up Dorothy Shirley and Nancy sign the petitions of the candidates seeking the various offices JN"'Q ,, 'lo ff' is if ' - ,-' fe f I' in I may W K X 6 .f if 1,10 4 ,x,,g 'Q Q1- 1 QQ' , ..x. ,Q W Q Ng' Ar' .... L 'Q W ta 51, T T 4 s 1 A t,. . . is w- J I. I 1 I 1 i A I 1 l 4 I I 'V' V imapw-. - Tiki. qt. , x, ,. . s 'sf -s ' sc, Vet 4 t Easter Concert The Easter concert was held in the Northwest auditorium on April 19. As a special feature of the program, the students entered the auditorium to a prelude of organ music played by Rebecca Franklin. The band, with Mr. G. G. Gregory as faculty sponsor, opened the program with the number "King Cotton." David Albertson, student director, led the band. The Northwest Girls' Cho- rus, under the direction of Mrs. Phyllis C. Michael, then presented a program of song which was composed of various types of music. The first group consisted of the semiclassic type songs, "If I Could Tell You," "Tea for Two," and "Easter Parade." "Harbor Lights," in special four-part ar- rangement, was featured by the Northwest Octet. The band introduced the sacred portion of the program by playing "l Believe." Isabel Culver then took her place at the console of the electronic organ and played the accompaniment for Cathie Moore's solo, "Calvary." She also played "The Old Rugged Cross" as soft background music while Judy Featherman read the poem "Two Pieces of Wood." After an organ solo by Isabel, "Christ Arose," the chorus sang "One God," "He," "I See God," and "Holy City." They were accompanied on the organ by lsabel and also on the piano by Rebecca Franklin. The twirlers performed as the band played the concluding n u m be r, "Fall ln." Blair Hartman played postlude music on the organ as the stu- dents left the auditorium. leads the band in "I Believe." - fl - I 3 David Albertson, student band director Q. fn, A, 1 in I J 5 L u n 329 xpsfgfiff Q L 10 i . -A IH no ,! ' Nz ' f a A 9 ia P if N Qfgf-ff l , ff f. 1,14 h N, ' . 4 ' ' A .+ Q4 vf' z 2: f- "1 - -5- ' 5' 'Vi' ir-'EM-5 : ' Q ' 4 5 N'Q' sbfgax an ig. xl 1 b 4 . - J 4' , ,' mit Ph X . -4 5? QA ' -fwxgq-. 9 I f ,K n E 2.65, I H? 'M ' ' 1 L'- On the night of the Junior-Senior Prom, al- most everyone was too excited to eat, but ,. miraculously the fried chicken, mashed pota- toes, and the rest of the delicious food van- l 4, ished from the dishes, P I I W. . few x ft ' M ' Q.- A table of senior girls and their escorts look the photographers way as he snaps a memory. Q c ,. 5: i s A ,ggwiii This is the exciting moment-Donald Whitebread and John YBSI't6Slii, junior class president and vice president, are announcing the names of the Prom Queen and her two attendants. vc '. lux Q, Q -Q ' ,mg an Junior-Senior Prom The Junior-Senior Prom was held on Saturday, May 14, in the school gymnasium, which was beautifully decorated in pink and ice blue. The theme of the affair this year was "Wishing on a Star." A catered dinner was served in the cafeteria, followed by dancing in the gymnasium with music furnished by Jack Melton's orchestra. At intermission the result of the voting was revealed and the Prom Queen was crowned. Dancing continued until midnight when all departed with happy memories of an enjoyable evening. Rebecca Ridall is the Prom Queen. She sheds a few tears of happiness as she is crowned and presented a bouquet of beautiful long stemmed red roses. I-vo, YC QA rw, .V After the presentation of gifts to the queen and her attendants, the girls pose for a picture with their escorts. They are Samuel Sorber, Nancy Harrison, Rebecca Ridall, Fred Kalweit, Linda Cragle, Joseph Link. was J' -'l xN4'- v N if 4. sl With thoughts of school work banished minds, both teachers and students relax a delightful evening. from their and enioy X 8 T-4-g,,.,,,r x Mf' 1 1 "P-5 xxf 7 X 3 ' Q 'F W iw A 1 wh f Www,k,w f fc 'ff - -, 1 .,, 4, X 5 ' :gf ' . , mffwgz ' 'V 4 Z .. A W- ,wx , Q L 1 5? ?x , ,y, 9 "Qi Ll92Pmw,, 4 2 f l Msg, ,V iw-- - . 4' A ,J ' x 1 ', 5,4 ' Qnahj ' mr-251 3 I W 3 Y , I I 4 1 ' w QM bf 4, KX rffi 1 A 1 , ' . Q .j f 3' 'L K. J 3 P. 'Q K I '-3.g.x. mr. vyrn! ,,....-.-- wf1A , 'mn , 5, f! as 1 ' ' 4 li r U ffl 1 X A l ' wxwkm ff N . ' fi x, f L ,J .f i U f U1 1 , , Albert Seigfried delivers the opening address to welcome everyone to the Hall of Fame. Class ight Class Night was held on Friday evening, June lO, in the school auditorium. The title of the presenta- tion was "Out of Dreams." The twenty-one seniors with the highest scholastic averages had speaking parts, but the entire class participated in the pro- gram which was directed by Miss Mathilde Lask. The beautiful stage setting was the work of Mrs. Mary Whitney and the art department. The singing was directed by Mrs. Phyllis C. Michael while the prelude and postlude music was presented by the Dance Band under faculty sponsor G. G. Gregory. Darla Weston, the dream iockey, arrives in the Hall of Fame with her magical spectacies. Mariorie McMichael, the guide in the Hall of Fame, introduces the superlatives to the aud- ience. Miss Northwest, Nancy Fullerton, and Mr. Northwest, Lloyd Crane, are seen standing. Sylvia Gibbons, the sophomore histo- rian, recalls many interesting events of that year while Joan Kadtke, junior his- torian, and Lois Reider, senior historian, await their turns. Thomas Pugh, The Class president, delivers his Judy Featherman gives the prophecy of the class of 1960. speech. The class poets, Shirley Swithers and Madeline Glodek, recite "The Way of Happiness," accom- panied on the organ by Isabel Culver, a sopho- more. Speck and Tackle, sight-seers, gaze upon two typical seniors in the presence of Dr. O. I. See and the emcee, who is car- rying his bag. Thomas Pugh plays a trombone solo, "Three Coins in a Gahrad Harvey, Lila Koritko, and Kay Reider, statisticians, find many mementos Fountain." of their high school days in the "Dream Boat." i 'o 'Q , 1 ,X V 4 v X N YQ? I .. - Q 'gr wb W Nancy Harrison recites the verge of "School Days" and the entire class sings the chorus. es-- QKMV 'nl l The class stands to sing "Magic Dreams." Later in the program the class also sang "All Through the Years." in Mildred Wisneski, the testator, enu- merates the intangible gifts be- queathed by the senior class. After the class has sung "Golden Day Dreams," Evelyn Brace completes the Program by reciting a poem, "Sailing Away." kk: .L Richard Norman, looking quite serious and dignified, gives the farewell address. ,M- The seniors meet in the gymnasium to put on their caps and gowns. Nervously the girls straighten their collars, the boys adiust their caps and all prepare to line up for the pro- cessional. Commencement At eight o'clock, on Tuesday evening, June 14, the Northwest Area High School held its fourth annual Commencement in the school auditorium. The Rev. Charles H. Ramp opened the exercises with the invocation. He was followed by the guest speaker, Attorney David R. Perry, who de- livered an enlightening address. Mr. Claude E. Miller, supervising principal, then presented the diplomas to ninety-two seniors, and Rev. Ramp closed the exercises with the benediction. The class of 1960 chose as its flower a yellow rose and as its motto "Out of dreams youth builds its tomorrows." r aisle, lead the procession of seniors toward the stage. The band begins to play the processional, "Coronation March Judy Featherman and David Albertson, her partner in the next P- 4 1 . if lv I 1 1 M: w f, IL I ? :77-T7 ' 5,1 5 S., 5 1 . 513 xx 6 ff Xggfi ' uf 3 Q-' f A O J , 54 E .- , ' '.',',,"', hug, Mx g.-...,,.v In M'. , ,' Following the invocation, Mr, Miller introduces the guest speaker, Mr. David R. Perry. Mr. Perry, an attorney and a legislator, gives an interesting address on the topic "A House Builded Upon A Rock." f-Fe N-'Q lu' ,R Here we see Mariorie McMichael accepting her diploma. Mr. Miller continues to call the names until all of the 44 boys and 48 girls in the class have received a diplo- ma, the symbol of twelve years of work. l38 The presentation of diplomas comes next. As Mr. Miller calls each name, the student approaches to receive his diploma. And now he has reached the letter "K." Caroline Kinsey comes forward to take the square white envelope containing her diploma. Ethel George poses, hat in hand, and smiles as she clasps her diploma. Dorothy Vogt is much too happy for tears. Atter all, Commencement is really just a be- ginning. The future beckons. There are other goals to be attained. After the benediction has been pronounced, the band plays the recessional, "March of the Priests," and the ceremony draws to a close. Slowly the graduates begin to leave the stage and walk up the aisles with mixed emotions. Some are sad, some are glad-all are relieved. As they emerge from the auditorium doors, Ethel Goss and Bessie McDaniels shed tears of sadness. Joseph Link seems content to have completed this phase of his education, Ag., '5uu-f . yy i y ! .ix Q X, x y V VI., Ek , X 1 .0 1 - Q , l X ll 4 l. l tl 0 , gf: .59 - f i . Finally the graduates remove their caps and gowns in the gymnasium, 1 receive a yellow rose, and return to their proud parents. Thanks, Seniors' To Serve You Was a Real Prlvnlege and We Are Deeply Grateful for Your Confudence In Us Our Continued Arm ls to Please and Satisfy You More Each Tume We Serve You THE PAWLOWSKI STUDIC Modern Partralt Photographers 9 E GREEN STREET NANTICOKE. PA Phone Re 5 2220 C O o s o Q n o e u o n o . 0 KORONKIEWICZ PHARMACY I86 Soufh Marlref S+ree+ NANTICOKE PA Sheaffer Pens Congrafulahons Class of I960 SWITH ERS ESSO SERVICE 220 Marlrel' Sfreei' NANTICOKE PA Compllmenis of STOOKEY S BARBECUE Wesi' Nanhcolre Pa Compllmenfs of N055 S GROCERY JIMMY The JEWELER Soulh Mem Sheel' Youll Enloy Shopping af Jlmmys The Fruendly Sfore STANLEY KAMON HENRY KATRA Propr e'I'ors Congra+ulahons 'ro Ihe Class of I960 From 'rhe Largesf Furm+ure Sfores an Wyoming Valley GEM FURNITURE, INC The Sfores of Reasonable Prlces IOI I07 Easi' Man S+ree+ I54 Souih Marlrei S'Iree+ NANTICOKE PA Phones RE 52680 and RE 5 2250 I I I 78 ' . . . . . Shiclrshinny. Pa. - I ,, ef-f"! Hearliesf Congraiulafions 'Io 'I'he Graduafes EDGAR G. SCOTT FURNITURE STORE . . Mrs. WiIIi ms sh w Jud Feafherman and I4 N0l'I'I1 Main Sl'-w ShIck5l"'nnY Kay R':i?Jr:i'Y Iwo Sgnior giarlsi one Yof 'I'he many siyle Service Phone KI 2-22I2 of 'Fine Iiving room 'furniiure available ai' Sco'H's Sales Phone KI 2422I3 5+0re- Complimenfs Complimenis of of , FRED HONTZ Local Coal Hauling E Muhlenburg 23I2 CROOP S CONOMY STORE Meais Groceries HUNLOCK CREEK CLIFF SMITH GARAGE General Au1'o and Truck Repairing "We Repair Any'rhing" Welding and Body Work HUNLOCK CREEK, PA. Phone Shickshinny KI 2-46l5 HI-WAY DINER To Thank You as We Would Like 'Io Do Is Far Beyond Our Power: For If We Had No Friends Like You There Would Be No Diner Like Ours MABLE AND RALPH JIM ROAN'S ESSO SERVICENTER Rou+e II-29 Main Highway WEST NANTICOKE Open 24 Hours CompIImen+s of SAMUEL CUMBERLAND PAINTING AND ROOFING Congra+uIa+Ions Io Ihe Class of I960 DOHL'S AUTO SALES WEST NANTICOKE EDWARD M. MUSHAL General Con+racI'or R.D. I, HunIocIz Creek. Pa. Phone Muhlenburg 28l6 Congra+uIa+Ions SenIors ROSS AND BROWN Te OS ed sh pp g af HARDWARE AND VARIETY STORE I k M S 3 Q, f'aS"'Q"+ SMS J an ShIcI:shInny Pa Phone KI 2-456I ., v . IL y , I I A 'I I v sz . S v' ,A , I I I . ' . EcII'I'h r scoH' and L I R I er go o In Ross d Brown's. Demonsfr fin a I I r . o ne M os I as r. am oss oo s on. , . CompIImen+s of KEN PoLLocK's BAR-B-Q I900 Froni S+ree+ BERWICK, PA. C mpl en+s TH BERWICK ENTERPRISE CompI me Is I MARKLE FUNERAL HOME W 1' U SHICKSHINNY PA Compl m is PHYLLIS BEAUTY SALON MILLARD D BENSCOTER Plumb g and Hea+ ng Co +r c+o CI SHICKSHINNY PA Ph KI 2 325I Besi' Wshes I 'I'I1e CI s of 960 NEIL THOMPSON STATE FARM INSURANCE o Im of E Berwick, Pa. I n o I en of I es nIon S+ree+ Phone KI 2-222I ' I o In I a s I n a r 70 Sus uehanna Avenue one - Sincere Congraiulaiions Io ihe Graduafes 5 f, V. we i . V, , , , , 4,. ,V , I I ,ifgq A I III , ,Af 1' 1 4221. L... FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SHICKSHINNY, PA. MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Complimenfs of WH ITESELL LUMBER CO., INC. Shiclcshinny, Pa. BERGSMAN'S DRUG STORE Prescripfions HALLMARK CARDS Telephone KI 2-333I Our Sincere Besl' Wishes RACUSIN'S Shiclcshinny, Pa. "The Sfore of Famous Brands Phyllis Franfz is helping DoHy Vogf she Iries on one of 'I'he smarf Ioolri g car-coafs sold aI' Racusin's. CompIimen'I's Waichmalcer of Jeweler DAVENPORT I5 EAST UNION STREET Your prudenfial Man SHICKSHINNY, PA. AI' II1e Ben Franklin SI'ore Mar' McMichael and Nancy FuIIerIon I1 I uncI iusi' 'Ihe righf paH'ern and 'I I I Complimenfs Congrafulafions, Gracluafes of .IOHN'S DR. I. BERGER BARBER SHOP OPTOMETRIST SI'lIcIKsI1Inny, Pa. Success +o Ihe Graduafes BEN FRANKLIN 5 84 I0 STORE Shickshinny, Pa. EUGENE W. SICK, Owner ia or I'I1a'l' new sIcir'l'. PREMO If II"s Good Food You Wani' - ELECTRONIC AND TV WSH RCA TV Sales and Service Shiclcshinny KI 2-252I Nan+icoke RE 5-saao RESTAURANT A u, N. " DAIRY Pnooucrs HUNTINGTON VALLEY DAIRY CompIlmenI's of LODICO S SHOE REPAIR SHOP Wesf Umon S+ree+ Shlckshmny P CompIImen+s of BOB SALSBURG Flre Insurance Speclallsi' rih M h y KI 2 It RE 5 Insurance of AII Klnds HARRY O. PALMATIER Shickshinny, Pa. Compllmenfs of HELEN S BEAUTY SHOPPE I6 Norfh Main Sfreei' Shickshinny, Pa. CompIimen+s of MUCCI'S GROCERY STORE 4I Nor+h Canal S+ree+ Shickshinny, Pa. PRlNCE'S SERVICE STATION Norih Main S'I'ree+ SHICKSHINNY, PA. Shop Phone Home Pho KI 2-440I KI 2 3232 6 I I 0' Or P' , " ' f .fl . .3-,"- I -.... :.. A-hyul ' A I N . ' ', fa. I- if S -lx.-.aixq P' X 'SP 4. .'0 PVP I ' 29 No ain S'Iree'I Phone Shiclts inn -722I ' a' Nan+ico e -6232 ' I Congrafulafions, Class of I960 nf FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MOCANAQUA, PA. MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM and FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 32, Paid on All Savings Deposifs Open Friday Evening 6:00 Io 8:00 and Safurday Morning FREE PARKING Congra'IuIaI'ions, Seniors ECHO PRINTING C0. Shiclrshinny. Pa. Publishers of THE MOUNTAIN ECHO Barry TiI'us and Joe Link discuss Ihe produciion of a newspaper wiih Mr. Cope a'I' Ihe office of fhe Echo Prinfing Co. Complimenis VAN RONK, FLORIST of Flowers for AII Occasions 43 Nor+h Main Sireei' SHICKSHINNY, PA. Telephone KI 2-45I3 ROBERT ZOFCIN McCLURE'S HARDWARE FUNERAL HOME I9 N. Main s+fee+ 38 N. Main S'I'ree+ SHICKSHINNY. PA. SHICKSHINNY, PA. Phone KI 2-230i Phone KI 2-495 I RABERT MANUFACTURING COMPANY CompIimen+s Screw Machine Producfs General Machine Work 40 W. VINE STREET SHICKSHINNY, PA. of DR. JOHN E. BALTZER Besf Wishes I'o Ihe Graduaiion Class of I960 F. J. ROBBINS INSURANCE Shiclcshinny, Pa. RELIABLE RADIO AND TV Sales and Service 80 Wesi' Union Sfreei' SHICKSHINNY. PA. For Service Call Shiclxshinny KI 2-2874 Good Luck, Graduaies BART'S CLEANERS Where Cleaning Is an Ari' SHICKSHINNY GLEN LYON BERWICK "Ladies fini." say AI Gizenslzi and Mike Seigfried as fhey waif 'Iheir furn ai' BarI"s Cleaners. --e GREEN STA Compllmenfs MILFORD SORBER General Hauling Phone Muhlenburg 2573 SIMONS ECONOMY MARKET Frozen Foods and Grocerles HUNLOCK CREEK PA b g 5 CHARLES H LONG Phone GR 7 22I I WORLD FAMOUS EQUIPMENT OF TOP QUALITY b GI O P COmPIlm6h+S SWEET VALLEY FLOWERS Phone GR 7 25l I Congrafulahons 'Io +he Semor Class of I960 HUNTINGTON DAIRY INC I I' PHONE 259I f f 24-1-' Good Luck, Graduafes of l960 HARVEYVILLE MILL Flour - Feed - Grain DONALD AND RUTH FEDDER. Props. Phone Hunlingfon Mills 2784 Gulf Service S1'a1'ion Blue R'bbon Slore SWEET VALLEY' PA. Sunoco Gas and Oil Phone 7-230 HUNLOCK CREEK, PA. Phone Muhlenburg 254I BRQNSQN SH ELDON'S LUNCH FUNERAL SERVICE Pikes Creek- Pa- "We Are as Near io You SUNDAY DINNERS as Your Telephone, Deuclous SANDWICHES Phone Gr 7-2244 Phone GR 7-245i 4 Always a'I' Your Service FREAS SEWARD Red Rock Service Siahon Phone Benion WA 5 373I COOL NOOK MOTEL On US Highway No ll Open Ihe Year Round Prop CHESTER BALUTA RD I Sh cIrsh nny Phone KI 2240I Z ELLA SEWARD S STORE Red Rock Pa Gas OI Accessores and Groceries Ice Cre m and Co fed onery Phone Ben+on WA 5 3732 RICKETTS GLEN HOTEL RD 2 Benfon Pa Phone Sweei' Valley GR 7 2760 Congrafulahons 'Io I'he Graduafes BING any AIR counxrxnnme QHSEQ Sh clash nny Be :ck Hghway Phone KI 2-490I or KI 23I6I SUN GAS ACME K 23IOI IRENE S SNACK BAR YH9 9 I 0 rv' ' ws -M222 VS Ci '2'I.I'I-L' STACK COAL COMPANY LEHIGH VALLEY COAL FOOTH I LLS MANOR RUMMAGES SI LVA-DROME SIca+ing, Bowling, Swimming Picnic FaciIiI'ies WE CATER TO PRIVATE PARTIES GONSECKI SUNOCO SERVICE I89 Nor+h Main SI'ree1' SHICKSHINNY, PA. Phone KI 2-472I Complimems of Con raI'uIaI'ions CIass o '6 Phone I - 09 51 , OL, S-., n . A Q CompIlmen+s of I B Roufe II Berwick-Shickshinn i hway Compli en+s of ReI'aiI Pockefs Roufe II I TH Compl LLOYD H KELCHNER FUNERAL HOME h KI 2 2244 REA AND DERICK Wh + f 60 DOT AND JIM S SHICKSHINNY PA +I-1 M SHICKSHINNY PA KI 2 4742 CLEMUEL L JARRARD I' KOONSVILLE PA c pI + + CHECKO AND MIKE KOONSVILLE ESSO SERVICENTER WHERE WE SERVE WITH A SMILE TO ONE AND ALL E imen+s - of Shicks inny, Pa. Phone - Besi' is es +o he Class o I9 I 7 Wesi' Union Sfreei' RESTAURANT 27 Nor ain S+ree+ Phone - See 'for Your Chris mas Tree om imen s o CompIimen+s of . DR. JOHN L. RAVIN C"m'ff"e""s LUZERNE ELECTRIC DIVISION For BeHer Shoes 'For Less Money VITl'S SHOE STORE Congra1'uIa+ions and Besi' of Luck fo flue Class of I960 RONNIE DRESS COMPANY 29 NOTII1 Main S+ree+ SHICKSHINNY, PA. To Be Dressed Wn+I1 +I1e Besi' Vlsu'r CLAIRES DRESS SHOP asf Ma'n S ee NANTICOKE PA. ExcIusnve buf Noi' Expensive CompIumen'rs HASAY CHEVROLET SI'ncI1sI'1lnny Pa J K EVANS 23 Easf Green S+reeI' NANTICOKE PA Bes+ of Luck ALBERT S 7 Easi' Mann S+ree+ NANTICOKE PA CompIlmenI's of MORNING MAYOR JIM WARD WILK Radio Wilkes Barre Pa Compllmenfs of HOLMES STORE Hunhng+on Malls P HUNTINGTON "GU Congra+uIahons 'ro +I1e Graduahng DICK GIMBER Owner and Operaior Class of I960 I'Iunhng+on MlIIs Pa A Phone 257I . of 54 E I IT I . . I FIoris+ . ' ' . a. u . For Flavor More Folks Favor VAUGHN S Bread and Rolls Congralulahons and Besl' Washes +o 'rhe Graduafes of I9b0 CRAWFORD'S SPORTING GOODS Wholesale and Refall I20 Easl Mann Sfreel' Phone Nanhcolce Pa RE 5 6520 . 4 .. -1 r "WY X , .,. ..v 'L O kfo"',, ,,,l.:,' '-' , AQ." ' H.-g." ,f-f - " "'.,c.. fl? 'tl 'R . ' I V I ,gf-df hx V, ,N .. ,, Jw- I .5,.. . -,f,., A 1-Q ., ,. ' .. , '- yy. ,3 vi 'F j. . r . ' .QR 5. . 'QF xf x f y-, ' ' ' ' -' Q ' f .N , 1, . . ' ' rf- ' 0 . . l ' ' For Pe'res Sake Roller Ska+e WOLFE S GROVE ROLLER RINK Every Wed Fr Sai' Sun Nlghfs Also Sunday Affernoons Floor Available for Prnvaie Parhes CompIlmen+s ROSS S SNACK BAR Shlckshinny Ben+on Highway HOAGIES ARE OUR SPECIALTY PLAN YOUR OUTING NOW or fhe Amusemeni' Park In Ihe Coun+ry WOLFE S GROVE SYLVAN LAKE SWEET VALLEY CATERING TO PRIVATE PARTIES WILLARD BENSCOTER Dealer in Bo++Ied Gas for Heahng Cooking Hoi' Waier Gasoline and Fuel Oll Muhlenburg 222l HUNLOCK CREEK IMPROVEMENT 8: SUPPLY Complele Line of Aluminum Producis Hashngs Aluminum Siding S+orm Windows and Doors RD I HUNLOCK CREEK PA Phone Muhlenburg 28I6 Nahonwlde Insurance Co THOMAS J HOLMES REPRESENTATIVE Shlckshmny Pa Phone Muhlenburg 257I GUY KINDIG General Merchandise Home S+ore Owned by Home Folks Hunlock Creek Pa RD I DIAL 2222 CompIlmen'I's of HANK S BARBER SHOP Muhlenburg Pa a+ ' ' of I 'F I . . Dancing, Swimming, Skafing, Rides ' R.D. I ' I BAVITZ CHEVRON STATION Across From Ihe Garden Drive In R D 2 HUNLOCK CREEK b II1 rhe s s Compllmenfs GEARHART S ECONOMY STORE Meafs Groceries HARVEYVI LLE PA You ve Tried I'I1e Resi' Now Try 'Ihe Besi' BOSTON FARMS SI'lIIwa+er RD I e r es e J S ce Rel shes Pu H GIFT PACKS FOR ALL OCCASIONS RURAL SUPPLY COMPANY AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Phone Muhlenburg 233I SHELDON E KLEINTOB Jushce of +I1e Peace HUNTINGTON LOCKER PLANT General Insurance Frozen Food Sales and Siorage HUNTINGTON MILLS PA HUNTINGTON MII-I-5 PA Phone 238I Phan 238' VAN ORR BROKERAGE CO Produce Markehng Service KINGSTON PA BOYD C ORR LEON C VAN TUYLE of I "TI1e esi producfs wi be I' ' service a'I +I1e bei price!" I , I I B ri in Season, Pres rves, ellies, HARDWARE Chili au , i , re oney e CongraI'uIahons 'Io Ihe Sensors WORTH S NANTICOKE AND PLYMOUTH CompIumen+s of LA SALLE CLEANERS I8 W. Umon Sfreei' SHICKSHINNY PA TO THE SENIORS Good Luck Good HeaII'h Good Friends ROBERT MARSHALL Jushce of +he Peace SHERM HOOVER S SPORT SHOP Shlckshmny P Phone KI 2 454I MERCURY OUTBOARD MOTORS STARCRAFT BOATS Comphmenh Compllmenis HUNTINGTON GARAGE FORD SALES AND SERVICE MOUNTAIN INN Shlckshunny Pa J A KOKORA P p + BARREL'S OUTLET Shuckshlnny Pa Phone KI 2 4542 REASONABLE PRICES FOR ALL MERCHANDISE CompIlmenI's of BEACH HAVEN LAUNDRY Phone Berwick PL 2 6I3l 1 I I . I I ' a. CompIe'Ie Line Spor+ing Goods and Toy of of . . , ro rie or A LL lograp fl 5 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY ,, 1. .-.IQ VT 1 . XT X X :N Si-F! W a Q' yr-Q Q. -1 i' j., I 1 Q ,ms I xx., 3' bfi 12, xv ' If -5 'i. x 'S X xx 'Tx X .3- 'A , ff' ,rf 1' 'MKXR , , iii 5 k , Fx . EQ Jig' 1 5 1 N. xr 2 LH ' 'Ti 1 QP : 'vi' ,Q 31 'Y Ay' i f X . fx gi In L y: 2 U., j Hee

Suggestions in the Northwest Area High School - Northwester Yearbook (Shickshinny, PA) collection:

Northwest Area High School - Northwester Yearbook (Shickshinny, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Northwest Area High School - Northwester Yearbook (Shickshinny, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 21

1960, pg 21

Northwest Area High School - Northwester Yearbook (Shickshinny, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 172

1960, pg 172

Northwest Area High School - Northwester Yearbook (Shickshinny, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 79

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Northwest Area High School - Northwester Yearbook (Shickshinny, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 45

1960, pg 45

Northwest Area High School - Northwester Yearbook (Shickshinny, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 40

1960, pg 40

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