Northwest Area High School - Northwester Yearbook (Shickshinny, PA)

 - Class of 1958

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Northwest Area High School - Northwester Yearbook (Shickshinny, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 156 of the 1958 volume:

E I v , , ,awe MM. A M, . . rf Q H A .N 1... -mar' 1-hw ,1:m,.'umi Aswan NlO H .gs K . .l . - , . .. X A. Wi.: was M as f rsmwmu-wmwwwmnemw nmmi wfsnemsuum nm . 4 4. , f , 4 ' ' f y f I Q 1 . 1' , A f Q W vagi n a 'L W ' ,M 5ff,g,,L ffvffggl' , wi f . 9 fr f , V51 ,-fp,i,ffUy f ' L 1 A ' , Aj i Y ' uf 'Q f ' , -1 942 Q ' ' Mme, ,qw ' 2: 75, , , 1... A L S A. ,ix gd, -4, N J R 5. The N X . K .Q ,- K 1 K ff, . N-M-QQ . A - X N -X A - . ..,.i.gg55 V Jiiiqkq, .K ,k .Q 351-Q-jxg iggwfw -. 1 -f if L- I 2 Q X Q . ,nf iw .Nw E vu.,ww 1 f new wmfmwmuumwg . mmuamnfmemk. r Foreword Schools are established and maintained to impart knowledge in certain fields and to develop skills and attitudes that life in a complex society deems necessary. It would seem to follow then that the memories of school days would be mostly of the knowledge of history and geography, skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic, and the attitudes of honesty, fair play, and such. But they are not of those things. Instead they are memo- ries of the people with whom we worked and played, of the things they said and did, both the foolish and the wise. This yearbook is an effort to gather as many as possible of those delightful incidents which mirrored life at Northwest Area High School. It contains glimpses of personalities, class- room work, and extracurricular activities. lt is a record of treasured memories, a lasting souvenir of the class of 1958. The Northwester staff hopes that this yearhoolc will bring pleasure now and will continue to furnish pleasant hours in increasing measure throughout the years. 2 is Q, E' Z E i is X S X -A X. 3 '5 Q12 Q , Q : 5 , Mi A 4 W, ...., A A V ,,f,,5, g gz, ,, ,:. ,,. , , - I 5 1 ,V V, V M ,7 .5 '44, qw I by K dw I , K EX K kk 1 ,' , ,, Qin 47, ' A '24 fw f I Q! ' f f 4 Z ,gn , H -V ' 1 if 'L :iff T V. QQ A ' , ,f ff ' f' - 2 G ' X, ff - 1 i lj Egigggggggiggfgf-5-2. -1:-zsifgfigf--ff-fefy A fm- - -f ' v 0 ' ,X Administration - lf, 'F' bk 4:....:f W? ,L 9 7 orthwest Joint ehool Committee SITTING: Mrs. Velma Whitesell, Willard L. Bowman, Milo Birth, Delbert W. Hines, Rev. William Price. STANDING: Robert Stevens, Ray C. Harrison, Herbert Wise, Elmer Norman. ABSENT: Clarence Grover, Fred Long, Jack Davenport, Floyd Wolfe, Ralph Van Epps. Officers Willard L. Bowman, vice president of Joint Committee, Robert Harvey, president of Joint Board, Milo Birth, president of Joint Committee, Delbert W. Hines, secretary of Joint Committee, Sheldon A. Macllougall, secretary of Joint Board. ABSFNT: Fred Long, vice president of Joint Board, Noel B. Caverly, treasurer of Joint Board. R EBEKAH HOUSEKNECHT Secretary THORWALD E. LEWIS Associate Supervising Principal CLAUDE E. MILLER Supervising Principal M. OLIVE DIEFFENBACH Secretary H AUGUSTXNE MABEL F. BEISHLINE LYLE - Worm His- Home Economicsg F u t u r e ur' RD S AUGUSTXNL American Historsgombau and Homemakers of America Club. A ' , Q Stu- C' icsl dent Connex ' ROBERT ELIAS EDWARD GAYESKI JOSEPH M. GENTLE Bookkeeping, C 0 n s u m e r , s Health, Physical Education, Instrumental Music, S e n i 0 r Mathematics, Driver Educa- Basketball and Bas eh all Marching Band, Senior Con- tiong Assembly Program Com- Coachg Director of lntra- cert Band. Reserve Band, mittee, Wrestling Coach. murals. Dance Band, Orchestra. JACOB C. HANDZELEK, JR. WILLIAM HARABIN C. REYNOLD HARVEY THOMAS J. HOWELL Ancient History, American, Industrial Ang, Physics, Chemistry, Solid Ge- Industrial Arts History, Civicsg Basketball '. ometry, Trigonometry, Alge- Coach. n bra II. T W , ' K A ,Z Wg., Hwy -Kb . fswfv , , meg? ,f F NWN 0 K X X N Y X. X R .Ti -4 sm? R . . , V gf 2 49 it ,..Ln, Q... yo Here we see Mrs. Kohlhaas and a group of senior girls engaged in a discussion of a problem. MARJOIUE KOHLHAAS STANLEY J. KOVALSKI MATHILDE A. LASK ROBERT E. MARTINI American History, World His- 'Type-writing, Secretarial Ofa Englislig Senior Class Dramag Science. Mathematics toryg Guidance. fice Practice, Stenographyg Class Night. Newspaper Clubg Co-Ordina- tor of Banking Program. l.- 4. ' A 'ETHER5 THADDEUS SWICONSKI M im H. SM ARY Rl .QL French. Pennsylvania History, Mathe- Fine :WHITNEY ' ' TIS. Engll. 1 ' maticsg Guidance. we M X X Y bf' .fQ'::h'1 iw-:3 -K . f K - ..kl5+15 -X55 . sf - 4 . . , . A s K X 4 W f X wk if 1. i . Q Q f E A fy - X - Q 5- X - New S E g Q ' XXKNN s fa if f - af, .new Q : W f 4 1 ' -WL 1, Q wif X L N -f ,gm a r " - 'ysw a' fl , xd Ns E E? Q ,gr- L il 51 5 , fx 35-1 I wf x ' R533 ' K A 3 mf+"'w . .2 R . :L - X N4xQgiHi--X- X ' X X- Nm ww N, N , WX. X X w Q xx 5. ggi N X X Classes K.. WJ -.9-f ww .qu CLASS OFFICERS Janet Lowe . . ,.,... ., ..... S ecretary Charles Cesarini . . ..A . T reasurer Leonard Yarashefski ..,,7,, ffLfffv..Lv. P f6Sid6f1l Neil Metcalf -,,,Ai AL,LV , ,7L,L, Vice President LARRY AUCHUS A very friendly person . . . has an excellent record in football and wrestling , . . enjoys fishing and eating . . . would like to become a wrestling coach. Lettermenls Club 9, 10g Varsity HNF Club 113 Football 9-123 Wrestling 11g Track 11, District 2 Champion 11. RICHARD BAER A quiet senior . . . prefers industrial arts classes . . . plays bass horn in the band . . . has no definite plans for the future except to find a job. ' Science Club 103 Safety Patrol 103 Band 11, 12g Dance Band 12. ROBERT BARCHIK "Bob" . . . known for his infectuous laugh . . . likes F.F.A., gym, and lunch . . . spends much time hunting and fishing . . . will continue working on the farm. Band 9g Basketball 9, 10, 12g Baseball 10g Future Farmers of America 11, 12. CAROL BEDIO Always ready to help . . . writes letters to a certain person in the Air Force . . . a whiz at shorthand . . . plans to get married after graduation. Girls' Chorus 9g Library Club 9-113 Ushers' Club 10-12g Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12. m, -Mme .sw .. -we eniors RUSSELL BEISHLINE "Russ" . . . enjoys gym and best of all lunch . . . does quite a bit of hunting . . . wants to do farming and hopes to make his million in that kind of labor. Junior Future Farmers of America 93 Future Farmers of America 10, 123 Stage and Assembly Club 113 Wrestling 12. DAWN BERGSMAN Works in her parents' store . . . spends her leisure time dancing. driving, and listening to records . . . will study medical stenogra- phy at Wilkes. Library Club 93 Girls' Chorus 9-123 Mixed Chorus 113 Operetta 11, 123 Stage and Assembly Club 113 Yearbook Staff 12: Cash- ier 12. REBECCA BOGERT "Becky" . . . a quiet but valuable classmate . . . always seen with her pal, Pat K . . . enjoys gym class . . . intends to become a secretary after graduation. Girls' Chorus 9, 101 Future Homemakers of America 93 Color Guard 103 Newspaper Staff 11, 12: Correspondence Club 113 Reporter for Berwick Enterprise 12. JOAN BONHAM Has a smile for everyone . . . is a good athlete in gym. her favorite class . . . rollerskates well and is an excellent swimmer . . . will be a nurse. Girls' Chorus 9-123 Band 9g Future Homemakers of America 93 Operetta 11, 12g Stage and Assembly Club 11. PHOEBE BOUCH A newcomer to our class . . . quiet but friendly . . . a good student . . . writes letters in her spare time . . . will work until fall and then get married. Typing Club 12. MARIE BUSCH Full of fun . . . loves to dance and go to basketball games . . . writes gossip for the school paper . . . will get a job and later go to college. Band 9-113 Student Council 10, 113 Photography Club 10: Girls' Chorus 11, 123 Mixed Chorus 11, 123 Operetta ll, 123 Future Homemakers of America 113 Class Play 11. 123 Newspaper Staff 11, 123 Reporter for Berwick Enterprise 123 Yearbook Staff 123 7-UP Canteen Radio Reporter 12. ANTHONY CAPECE "Tony" . . . gets along with everyone . . . enjoys lunch period . . . can be found drinking sodas at Lundi's . . . hopes to become a mechanic in the U.S.A.F. Varsity "N" Club 113 Baseball 12. ALONZO CARLE "Lonnie" . . . one of our shorter boys . . . favorite class is gym . . . spends his leisure time hunting and fishing . wants to enlist in the Navy. Science Club 10? Safety Patrol 103 Senior Craftsman's Club 113 Newspaper Staff 123 Track 12. CHARLES CESARINI "Chippy" . . . very popular with males as well as females . . . an asset to our football team . . . will enter the Air Force after receiving his diploma. Football 9-123 Baseball 9-123 Lettermen's Club 103 Varsity "N" Club 113 Social Committee 112 Class Treasurer 11, 123 Wrestling 11g Class Play 12. JOAN CROOP Always has a joke to tell . . . can usually be found dancing at Pete's . . . home ec. is her favorite class . . . plans to enroll in a dramatic school. Library Club 93 Band 9-11, Photography Club 103 Future Home- makers of America 11, 123 Class Play 12. BARBARA DENNIS "Barb" . . . a likable girl . . . enjoys listening to records . . . will enter Mansfield S.T.C. to be a teacher and later Dickinson to become a lawyer. Library Club 93 Newspaper Staff 103 Girls' Chorus 11, 123 Mixed Chorus 113 Class Play 123 Yearbook Staff 12. SEARLE DEVENS The class comedian . . . likes to argue with Mr. Cooney in P.O.D .... spends his spare time at the Berwick Flying Club . . . will attend Wilkes College. Band 9g Class Play 12. ARLINE EDWARDS Editor of our school paper . . . an excellent commercial student . . . loves to read, draw, and dance . . . will work as a stenogra- pher before marriage. Girls' Chorus 9-113 Cheerleader 9, 103 Future Homemakers of America 9g Color Guard 93 Cashier 11, Head Cashier 123 Student Council 11, 123 Newspaper Staff 11, 122 Reporter for Morning Press 123 Yearbook Staff 12. CLAYTON EYERLEY Quiet but has many friends . . . derives much pleasure from reading . . . works at the Ben Franklin Store . . . future plans include the Marines. Senior Craftsman's Club 113 Newspaper Staff 12g Track 12. ALICE FLYNN Known for her sense of humor . . . likes French l class . . . usually seen hot-rodding with her black and, white Ford . . . will enter nurses training. Photography Club 102 Library Club 103 Girls' Chorus 11, 123 Operetta 11, 123 Home Nursing Club 113 Mixed Chorus 123 Class Play Prompter 12. JANET FRANKLIN A very quiet girl . . . likes to dance and watch television . . . a prize winner for homemaking projects . . . plans to work and later get married. Girls' Chorus 9-113 Future Homemakers of America 9-12, Color Guard 10: Onerenn H, PHYLLIS GENSEL Has beautiful blonde hair . . . enjoys driver's training class . . . loves sports, especially basketball and baseball . . . will work for Bell Telephone. Girls' Chorus 9, 10g Library Club 9-11g Photography Club 10g Student Council 11, Class Play 11, 12g Assistant Cashier 129 Yearbook Staff 12g Future Homemakers of America 12. ROBERT HARCHARIK "Bob" . . . known for his attractive V-neck sweaters . . . a lover of baseball, as a player and spectator . . . will enter college to become an engineer. Baseball 9-12g Lettermen's Club 10g Varsity "N" Club 11. LARRY HARGRAVES Favorite period is lunch . . . spends most of his leisure time sleeping . . . is employed at Van Ronk's greenhouse . . . wants to join the Coast Guard. Senior Craftsman's Club 11. SARA HARTER Likes French class best . . . fond of playing the piano and dancing . . . works at Winterstein's . . . will be either a nurse or a telephone operator. Girls' Chorus 9-12g Library Club 10g Stage and Assembly Club 11g Mixed Chorus 11, Operetta 11, 123 Class Play Prompter 11, Year- book Staff 12, Typing Club 12. sms . .. I Q. MADELYN HARVEY A'Maddy" . . . one of our home ec girls . . . leisure time activities include driving and sewing . . . intends to work before going to a beauty school. Girls' Chorus 9-llg Twirler 9, 10, Operetta 9, 10, Future Home- makers of America 9-12, Class Play Prompter 12. PAUL HESS Is always smiling and in good humor . . . teases the girls . . . goes to many dances . . . plans to enroll in an aeronautics school in Missouri. Science Club 10g Visual Aids Club 11g Class Play Stage Manager 11, 12, Baseball 12. fi l SUE HOLMES Quiet and polite . . . is lucky to have long, natural curly hair . . . enjoys reading, cooking, and roller skating . . . wants to be a telephone operator. Library Club 9, 115 Assistant Cashier 11. LOIS HOYT The girl with that inimitable giggle . . . likes to work in the library . . . fond of skating, cooking, and reading . . . a future telephone operator. Library Club 9, 11. BERNARD KOCHER Enjoys study hall and lunch . . . prefers hunting to school work . . . will look for a job after graduation . . . later on will join the Marines. Visual Aids Club 11. "Pete" . . . has a fine sense of humor . . . a lover of the out- doors and especially hunting . . . working for Allegheny Airlines is his aim in the future. ' Band 9-12. JOHN HUMPHRIES "Johnnie" . . . known for his curly black hair . . . can be found at Lundi's after school . . . intends to get a job and later join the Air Force. Varsity "N" Club 111 Track 113 Baseball 12. BERNARD KALIE "Berne" . . . neat and friendly . . . likes F.F.A., gym, and lunch . . . digs good "rock and roll" music . . . plans to work on a farm after graduation. Band 93'Typing Club 103 Stage and Assembly Club 113 Future Farmers of America 11, 12. 1 JOHN KILLIAN Favorite class is gym . . . enjoys watching TV programs - - - works with Christmas trees in his spare time . . . will join some branch of the service. Science Club 103 Visual Aids Club 113 Baseball 12. ROLAND KILLIAN "Ronnie" . . . enjoys math classes . . . spends.Mon'day nights with the National Guards . . . works at the Shickshmny Acme . . . hopes to become an engineer. Science Club 103 Safety Patrol 103 Senior Craftsman's Club 11. DERR KLEINTOB A shy but friendly and well-liked classmate . . . enjoys partici- pating in all sports . . . will either go to college or join the Navy next fall. Band 9, IOQ Football 103 Stage and Assembly Club 113 Track 11, 12g Typing Club 121 Cashier 123 Wrestling 12. PATRICIA-KOCH "Pat" . . . 'always ready to give a helping hand . . . can be found in room 105 typing masters for the school paper . . . wants to be a home ec. teacher. Future Homemakers of America 93 Band 9-113 Girls' Chorus 9-111 Cheerleader 9, 103 Newspaper Staff 123 Reporter for Mountain Echo 123 Yearbook Staff 12. PETER LANZA .mfrfgffvsmrsalzmwnfaaezwmsp-f:a:.fwgi':t,w:a-4'wmwwsefsaff.-:2za,w,.f .tt ft ' fr: rf,gw12z:wamasff -wsiexsmafifm JANET LOWE Known for her laugh . . . enjoys drawing for the school paper . . . likes to go to the movies with a certain boy . . . hopes to do civil service work. Future Homemakers of America 95 Band 9-115 Girls' Chorus 9-115 Cheerleader 9, 105 Class Play 115 Class Secretary 125 Newspaper Staff 125 Yearbook Staff 12. IRENE MARANSKY Always has a good time . . . another of our newspaper artists . . . loves to dance, go to the movies, and sew . . . will be an efficient secretary some day. Color Guard 95 Girls' Chorus 9, 105 Cheerleader 9, 105 Future Homemakers of America 95 Student Aid Club 115 Cashier 115 Newspaper Staff 11, 125 Yearbook Staff 12. definite plans for the future. P to go to barber school. Memorial Hospital. Staff 12. 9-'l' IW! 1 an xml i veils, , ESTHER MAY Cute and nice to be around . . . enjoys the assembly programs . . . can be seen in the halls with a certain boy . . . has no KEITH McCLAIN Hasn't a care in the world . . . the happy-go-lucky type . . . has a art-time job with the Acme Store in Shickshinny . . . wants Typing Club 105 Safety Patrol 105 Stage and Assembly Club 11. KATHRYN MCDANIELS "Kitty" . . . an excellent student . . . popular because of her wonderful personality . . . works at Rea and Derick . . . will be at Wilkes. College in the fall. Library Club 95 Girls' Chorus 9-125 Stage and Assembly Club 115 Mixed Chorus 11, 125 Operetta 11, 125 Class Play 115 Stu- dent Council 125 Yearbook Staff 12. SANDRA McHENRY Spends her spare time in school visiting Kitty . . . enjoys a good movie and driving a car . . . will be a nurse at the Geisinger Band 9-115 Girls' Chorus 9-125 District Chorus 125 Cheerleader 4 9, 105 Future Homemakers of America 95 Mixed Chorus 11, 125 Operetta 125 Class Play 11, 125 Typing Club 125 Yearbook E I ! s 3 ROBERT McQUOWN "Bob" . . . likes B.A. class . . . frequently found talking to girls in the halls . . . drives a '53 Chevy . . hopes to go to Wilkes College to study music. Typing Club 105 Stage and Assembly Club 115 Social Committee 115 Class Play 115 Newspaper Staff 12. MARILYN MEEKER Has many friends . . . French class is her favorite . . . can be seen bowling at Rummage's or dancing at Pete's . . . wants to enter a school of nursing. Band 9-125 Photography Club 105 Girls' Chorus 11, 125 Op- eretta 11, 12. NEIL METCALF One of the most popular senior boys . . . likes all kinds of sports . . . talking to girls is his pastime . . . will work as a carpenter in Maryland. Future Farmers of America 9-125 Soccer 95 Baseball 9, 10, 125 Basketball 105 Stage and Assembly Club 115 Social Committee 115 Class Play 11, 125 Class Vice President 125 Wrestling 12. MARJORIE MILLER "Margie" . . . a very quiet senior girl . . . enjoys P.O.D. class . . . likes to roller skate . . . plans to be a telephone operator after graduation. Career Club 11. hunter for Uncle Sam. enter Wilkes College. his life work. Future Farmers of America 11, 12. player for Notre Dame. ,Q , laura 4 f J .ffm wwaww ff - 'K ABRAHAM MONROE "Abe" . . . always has a witty remark . . . can be found hunting or fishing in his leisure time . . . wants to be a government Future Farmers of America 9-12. JOHN 0,DONNELL A dependable and efficient student . . . likes working with his hobby of leathercraft . . . is employed at a gas station . . . wi Science Club 105 Class Play 11, 125 Stage and Assembly Club 11- Typing Club 125 Student Council 125 Yearbook Staff 12. CHARLES PSZENICZNY "Charlie" . . . likes lunch period better than any of his classes . . . does a lot of hunting for recreation . . . will make farming THEODORE PUCHALSKI "Todge" . . . light-hearted and very popular with the girls . . . likes to play football . . . dreams of becoming a star football Football 9-125 Basketball 9-115 Lettermen's Club 9, 105 Varsity HN" Club 115 Track 11, 125 Wrestling 12. . ,f TODD REIDER One of our more studious male members . . favorite pastime . . . will be a student at Drexel Institute of Technology in September, . hunting is his Science Club 105 Stage and Assembly Club 115 Class Play 115 Cashier 115 Yearbook Staff 12. ROSEMARIE REMELY Possessor of a pleasing personality . . . enjoys dancing . . . wants to be a secretary after graduation . . . would also like to join the Marines. Band 9-125 Photography Club 105 Girls' Chorus 11. SHIRLEY SHAW A friend to everyone . . . likes to dance and attend basketball games . . . will do civil service work in Virginia . . . hopes to tour the western states. Future Homemakers of America 93 Band 9-123 Girls' Chorus 10, 112 Mixed Chorus 113 Operetta 113 Class Secretary 11. HAROLD SHOEMAKER A very hard worker . . . enjoys industrial arts classes . . . he will join the Air Force. Safety Patrol 103 Senior Craftsman's Club 11. STANLEY SOBOLESKI "Storky" . . . a happy-go-lucky fellow . . . is most interested in girls and sports, especially baseball . . . plans to fly in Uncle Sam's Air Force. Football 9-123 Varsity "N" Club 115 Baseball 11, 12. EUGENE SORBER Favorite activity is band . . . is a part-time milkman . . . in the future will either work for Dupont in New Jersey or civil service in Wilkes-Barre. Band 9-123 Band Mayor 12. SANDRA SORBER "Sandy" . . . likes the assembly programs . . . is always joking . . . enjoys dancing and watching football games . . . will look for a job after graduating. PATRICIA SPONAUER "Pat" . one of our shortest girls . . . likes home economics, her favorite class . . . enjoys dancing at Pete Wolfe's . . . wants to do office work. Student Council 93 Operetta 93 Girls' Chorus 9-125 Future Home- makers of America 9-12. MICHAEL STEEBER His curly hair is the envy of all . . . interested in sports . spends his spare time with the "Big Five" . . . plans to Join some branch of the service. Science Club 10g Football 11, 123 Track 11, 123 Wrestling 11? Varsity "N" Club 11. PHYLLIS STOKER "Phyl" . . . likes shorthand . . . works on the newspaper staff . . . spends all of her spare time with Tommy . . . will be a bride soon after graduation. Library Club 93 Photography Club 103 Girls' Chorus 11, 123 Operetta 11, 123 Newspaper Staff 11, 123 Future Homemakers of America 11Q Mixed Chorus 123 Yearbook Staff 12. I. r-- I-Q, Y. -In - 12 hunts and fishes in his spare time . . . after working a while, ALICE STRAIT Always seen with Pat S . . . likes home ec. class . . . can be seen dancing at Pete's . . . wants to work as a telephone operator before joining the Waves. Library Club 93 Photography Club 103 Future Homemakers of America 11, 12. ERWIN SUDOL "Butch" . . . enjoys sports . . . was the indispensable manager of our basketball team . . . will join the army and later go to college to be an engineer. Science Club 103 Varsity "N" Club 113 Basketball Manager 123 Baseball Manager 12. t THOMAS SUDOL The tallest boy in our class . . . and ardent fan and player of both baseball and basketball . . . pastime is teasing girls . . . no future plans. Band 9, 103 Basketball 9-123 Lettermenis Club 103 Varsity "N" Club 113 Baseball 11, 12. CAROLINE TITUS A valued member of the newspaper staff . . . spends leisure hours dancing or going to the movies . . . will be an efficient secretary for some employer. Future Homemakers of America 93 Girls' Chorus 9-113 Color Guard 103 Correspondence Club 113 Newspaper Staff 11, 123 Reporter for Mountain Echo 12: Yearbook Staff 12. EUGENIA TRUCHON A friendly girl with a pleasant disposition . . . an asset to the newspaper staff . . . likes to sew and dance . . . interested in a civil service job. Girls' Chorus 9-113 Library Club 9g Ushers' Club 10, 113 Operetta 113 Student Council 113 Newspaper Staff 11, 123 Assistant Head Cashier 123 Yearbook Staff 12. ALFONSE TRUSKOWSKI "Alfred" . . . enjoys lunch period best in the school day . . . plays the accordion and likes to dance . . . plans to be one of Uncle Sam's seamen. Future Farmers of America 9-123 Social Committee 11. THOMAS WAGNER Is usually found running the duplicator in room 105 . . . likes to hunt and fish . . . is one of our best students . . . should he very successful. Stage and Assembly Club 113 Newspaper Staff 12. LAWRENCE WHITE Expert sax player in the band . . . enjoys sports, hunting, and working on his car . . . the future means college and a career in engineering. Band 9-123 Dance Band 9-123 Football 9-123 Baseball 9, 103 Student Council 103 Mixed Chorus 11, 123 District Chorus 123 Jperetta 11, 123 Class Play 11, 123 Wrestling 11, 123 Track 11. ns zxse -rs. .Q-saxef, -.f-' rf-'ra if JOYCE WHITEBREAD Outstanding as a student . . . plays the piano and saxophone well . . . will enter the Geisinger Memorial Hospital to become a nurse this fall. Band 9-l2g Girls' Chorus 9-123 Mixed Chorus 11, 123 Operetta 11, 12g Class Play 11, 125 Yearbook Staff 12. PEGGY WHITESELL Very neat and quiet . . . likes driving and singing . . . her home ec. training will prove very practical . . . has chosen marriage as a career. Girls' Chorus 9-125 Library Club 9g Photography Club 105 Future Homemakf-rs of America 11, 123 Class Play 11, Yearbook Staff 12. MARGARET WILKINSON "Peggy" . . . a newcomer from Vestal High School . . . paints or reads for recreation . . . would like to travel . . . thinks she will become a receptionist. Yearbook Staff 12. HENRY WOJCIECHOWSKI ls fond of bookkeeping and gym classes . . . likes traveling any- where . . . plans to attend a college in Illinois to study business administration. Band 9, 103 Dramatic Club 103 Photography Club 115 Assistant Cashier 11: Newspaper Staff 12. LEONARD YARASHEFSKI "Spencer" . . . likes French class . . . enjoys basketball and baseball . . . proved an outstanding player on both teams . . . will be an engineer or teacher. Basketball 9-12g Baseball 9-12g Lettermen's Club 10g Varsity "N" Club 11g Class Vice President 11g Class President 12. JOHN YUSTAT Known for his blonde crew-cut . . . definitely the outdoor type . . . likes to roam around in the woods . . . thinks he will work for Uncle Sam in the Navy. Future Farmers of America 9-12g Football 103 Track 11. FRANK ZALESNY One of our smaller boys . . . likes gym classes best of all . . . out-of-school activities include hunting and skating . . . plans to do some farming. Future Farmers of America 9-123 Basketball 9, 10g Track 11g Wrestling 12. DOROTHY ZUZEL "Dotty" . . . one of our tall girls . . . likes to watch American Bandstand in her spare time . . . hopes to become an airline hostess after graduation. - ,Tama w- it Student Council 10g Girls' Chorus 12. CLASS OFFICERS Donna Krothe vice presidentg Richard Hynick, presidentg Margo Sorber secretaryg Alex Stepanski, executive presidentg Shirley Kishbaugh treasurerg Arthur Saxe, executive vice president. Philip Ciampi Geraldine Cope Craig Cottle Eugene Cragle Sandra Cragle Grace Bouch Donna Brink Alberta Brittain Donald Chapin Carey Benscoter Donna Blackburn David Bloom . , j i , eg i QT 1 Q ,U 5 ,1- Juniors John Baluta Gary Becker Nina Allen Arthur Askew '. H " Sis fi K ig A fx . V -':-' 1' , J, mwah mil- 1 ,Q .v .'4A"2e-'f'1z- 3 Q 'fr 1 H S., vi id . W-any xo-H ww ' .-2' i , , at E It A we ."' 1-25 in 1 M, ,PM as sw G rr. W . , . Et l F ,t he X. , , AAVVV Ray Crane Paul Culver Janet Cumberland Terry Davenport Donald Deitrich Carol Dembowski Dale Dupler Delbert Evans Thomas Geist Crystal Goss David Gototweski Marion Grenewich Robert Hagenbaugh Dale Hargraves Roxie Harrison Irene Hasay Ruth Ann Heberling Donna Heffner Lois Hines Kathleen Honse Nancy Hontz Sandra Hoover Rose Marie Hoskins Rita Hoyt Ronald Huffman Martha Hughes Bettie Hutchins Richard Hynick Nancie Killian Shirley Kishbaugh Michael Kokora Charles Koser Donna Krothe Thorwald Lewis Walter Lipka Barbara Maczuga Loretta Madl Barbara May Janice McKennon Judith McLaughlin Gerald McMichael Melanie McQuown Martha Nichols Arthur Noss Sheila Obitz 1 , he wr- .. W , f .,. ,... , fin 'V Y X K 3 1,9 'X at H-. N559 ay 6 it Qs , M "x: ww. Q -. N ,, K KN! ' imis. ' John Olenick .lean Oliver Esther Piatt Ethel Piatt Judith Price f Sandra Roschak I t A geometry class scene. Richard, Carol, and Alex are inscribing a circle in a triangle. Having trouble Alex? Dorothy Pszeniczny A Q ,H -' , Wi .A i - ,.., , ,ah .cg , 2 .f li i areawf M . - ' K 1,55 5 ' 'S' " ,. , . 14 25 wr - 2? 1 if vldliv wp.. ,VL M, ..,,. .gi gnu J 3' 4 sf wil. .Alia 8 1 K S 1+ K at Carol Sands Arthur Saxe A x :E jg' i ' - r t B "' wi? S, ' .L-Ha' I 3' Q Z 5 -:tu .1 ' . 1' . , S. ' x 'T t P Y 25 X? , X 9 Q -r 'i Qi pm we Hazel Scott Betty Shaffer Bonnie Shipps Margo Sorber Alexander Stepanski Mae Stout Virginia Swinski Gary Thomas Loleta Thorne Karen Turner X F,-N i Donald Werts ' , v 'liiz le 5' Keith Westover ' W' f ' 4' W Lynn Williams 2 4 W Donald Winans M V 4 Margaret Wolfe Q ' -1 Jane Wright K ' 'AA 11 Rosalie Young 4 'A ff ef y..,, V T L Brie ,'i' ,M f, 21 " SITTING: Curtiss Ridall, Mary Steeher, Patsy Krushka, Betty Learn, Charles Regulski STAND .,.A ' , Connie ING: George Balchun, Kenneth Naugle, Walter Ridall, George McMichael, Wayne Robbins V V Yurak ABSENT: Robert Cole, Jacqueline Conrad, Charles Eckhart, Lee Kishbaugh. ,ff V 'Q Q ' .r 'v ri ' Connie Zagata ophomores .lerry Blazick Evelyn Brace Ray Cease Charles Comstock Linda Cragle Donald Crane Lloyd Crane Patricia Culp Betty Lou Davenpo Ronald Davis Maynard Dennis Wayne Dennis Charlotte DeWald John Dorshefski Joyce Eckert" TI David Albertson Russell Andrews Bonnie Baer Michael Bedio if 'lf- +5 Q Nancy R Harrison and Linda Cragle find that biology does not always come from a book. Here they are learning how to dissect a crayfish. Albert Englehart Otis Farver 5 ,, s m sl i ,S K "', 1 Ervin Featherman N1 Q, Sw t .N Q34 i 4 Pl' ,sw "Y x sf' 5 5 ni A + W1 gf , A " u ' aQ1 ,aww 1 '34 1 K , In 1 -,:E"::, . 'i 1- .. 1, - 5 is - vi L W . , 'X fy 1 1? ' 44. wif ,gs rl S x x Y 1 fm Ax bl, X .ludy Featherman Mary Featherman Nancy Fullerton Lois Gearhart ophomores Ethel George Clement Getz Sylvia Gibbons Paul Gill Larry Goss Nancy B. Harrison Thomas Harry Ronald Harvey Gloria Hess Fay Hunter Dean Jacoby Raymond Janik Barbara Johnson Andrew Kalie Bernard Kishbaugh EIIPQH Learn Lois and Becky conjugate werbs in Latin class. Aren't they sure of the Engltsh the Lattn forms or are they posing for the photographer? Joseph Link David McCabe Patsy McClure Marjorie McMichael Richard McMichael Doyle Miller Nancy Mincavage Connie Nallo Richard Norman Roy N oss Barbara Orr William Parkinson Shirley Partington Harbert Pyle Robert Rarig ,lack Reese Kay Reider Lois Reider ,lean Ricci Rebecca Ridall i is H 31 fi I ar t' ,QE M 2 rr na garb' :,- -- ,, M S it ' 2 V " -33'S.g, i , I J . . ji, , 4 S Nr of ,N X ilk , Qi 3 A QITTING' Mary Ann Farber, Roger Hendricks, Gahrad Harvey, Harry Weaver, Grace Daum. STANDING: Thomas Pugh, David Keithline. Howard Seigfreid, David Kramer, John Kuclita. Alfred Cuenski. 1i1xf 5 Sr A, ,.,. 4, ,--' Q L in A M l K lg Kai? is r r . Grief 'if -1 mf . Q we 1. rr W M if F , , , www' . W... . . ir is qw, PS f if X 1 if , 5 A , J fr If ass 1 I J- q r,, ,, , Carolyn Ross wir sr Albert , . Seigfried " ' V A I 15 3,5 '59, 4.0, Q 1 s S' . , ft .J Nfl? 2' ri Q fwfr 4 it ff ff f A , 5, if , li' " w az I 'bs '. row 4, , , A: 1 . 1 W K 47 ,W 1 Barbara Wolfr- Elaine Wright Gloria Zubris 'QF if if-N, T ii . ,av 1 . .vy at ,. 1. 15 Michael Sharkuski Edith Sleppy George Snyder Delilah Sorber Neal Sorber Anthony Stanravage Andrew Steeber Shirley Swithers Barry Titus John Titus Vaughn Titus Edith Mae Treseott L1-una Valenia Darla Weston Allan Williams Caroline Williams Russel Williams Carolyn Wilson Rutliann Winans Mildred Wisneski SITTING: Lola Hill, Barbara Lanning, Rose Kuczynski, Madeline Glodek, Nancy A. Harrison ,loan Kadtke. STANDING: William Jenkins, Betty Kline, Lila Koritko, Mollie Jones, Ethel Goss Walter Krolikowski. ABSENT: Bessie McDaniels. Freshmen .James Baer Barbara Baluta JoAnn Baluta Bemadine Barchik Virginia Beach Janet Beishline Edward Belles LeRoy Bloom Sharon Bonham Larry Bower Jane Carter Brian Caverly Juanita Cerreta Patsy Charles Reginald Comer Anthony Conser Joseph Cragle Rebecca Cragle Richard Cragle Roger Culver Faith Davenport Gary Davis Stanley Demhowski Barry Dillz Bonnie Dodson Joan Elioff Henry Englehart June Evarts Sally Eyerley Nancy Farver Ruth Adams Raymond Allen Judy Anderson Alan Bach Hi: Sri Q alz 35, ,lr Q. "'e S., - H ' ii iw aerr yerr A J P911 ii V X ,X 3 ,,?.- ,... , ,K -I , 4,5 f N - QQ' Q Q X J ... -., W Ji K 1. 4 K K f 4' ff ,.. r h ,, 1,,, .kkf T : .:,, - JRRHRRF J' aaa 'J kv' M if -. S 52 ' ' il as 3 ff' J 1. Qi E.,. -' 'His' 1 ,, . i 1,5 W V . .., ,ifgl i J , ' - , . ,J -4 X ' . , ef' , V 1: 1:- 3 iiiiii -uv X 5 1 . ',-,:- V. r:.': ii.. ii I A -r'f?Q.: an F- 'iQf.i4 QEE. 5QTa g ,r K sf 2521 - W1 ' ... . ., J .Wm -. -M ::.,:,.,.-gi: - fl- am- . .wwf -, . r,. . . A Wt, . we : r wi- ay sf . ..,. ,fr 'H - lvr V 6 :ri ' H Y1 I 5 5, i . X ,J 3, 3 gf K ,. w,xgG . br- A! X xx 3 if X K w +2 4 f ww Qi , , si. J .. ,J .W .. iv Q ' if yi ai 5? Q ., an as - ,. ' aff .arf i iql!II'i if X M 2 Q- Y X i if nk .rn 1 IX ft ar 'mg 'li' 2' H6 I 1 'J 1 -A I-in 'Li Wd' 1 df? f i A fs. f , li!! rvryv Mr: in fi J "Es af ' sf' R - N: E 5 dpslsinw 'Pav Patricia Featherman Patrioia Flynn Jackie Fogg Larry Gearhart L. . ee., x Ax if fetff k . 94 'I' flawtah ig i , 9' 3 94 fs fn- W4 F S is -" x pi .. -'es iw., ii K Freshmen Gloria Gensel Clyde Getz John Gibbons Sandra Golder Rose Goss Russell Grebe Nancy Harmon Patricia Harrison Rose Ann Harry Peggy Harter Blair Hartman Carol Hartman Carol Helt Gene Huffman Marlene Huffman Russell Hummel Arthur Hunsinger Rosalie Hunter Joseph Hutchins Daniel Jenkins Mary Jones Fred Kalweit Emily Killian Ralph Killian Dale Kingsbury Audrey Kishbaugll Gail Kleintoh Charles Kline Ralph Kocher Paul Kokora Sharon Koshinski Charlotte Kuczynski Carol Lamanowicz Darlene Lanning Dorothy Long Rose Lord Peter Maransky Jacqueline Martin Harold McDaniels Jackie McLaughlin Timothy Miller Catherine Moore Robert Naugle Donald Nelson Gerald Neufer Linda Nichols Richard Noss Joseph Novitski Mary Lou Oliver Mary Parkinson Byron Partington Rodney Phillips John Polakoski Jean Reiss Carole Ridall Margaret Ridall Walter Rockel Glenda Ruckle JoAnn Searfoss Elaine Shershen Walter Shoemaker Yvonne Slusser Judy Smith Alexandria Soletski Loletta Sorber hw up-ww 'limit ..,, K hm AX x Q Aqff I .. A B lb Q. o r if if . 21- ree e e P D Q ' l fi , g f? N A . gf. Wai .k.,.' ,,,,, 4 t ' t X tey I y r M e ,si t " tes,yi Q wt X e e i M tris i A . ' N, to 4' D sily i . r ' sin 4. 'inf' A whiff: We ' .i..4:'f A fri f "f" I ,iw Phu T A ' mis., , I " I it A o :KV :i rx -4 D ' Z .I ' Y V, 1w"W'?i it r 7'-ff :gtg - A Y , in VY I 4 x V, " A .,., V t e V ' , V V, L V V , b X I l L i L- H V 1 ' U. Q 1 , 'fi ., ll ff Q C -nf' hs - ryry . I .- b V .V, 5 1- 'i', l au we M r D .: ,. M :.,, , , y , ' 1 ann, . Peggy Sorber Samuel Sorber Arif Spencer Robert Stackhouse Stanley Stancavage Margaret Swinski Peggy Thomas Charles Titus Marcia Titus Mary Twarowski Sylvia Wagner Joan White Donald Whitehread Marthan Whitmire John Williams Nancy Wilson Tessic Wisneski .lay Woodruff Carol Wright John Yasneski SITTING Lharles Boyle Valeria Weaver Susan Learn Pearl Gryziec, STANDING Vernon 'FF uk ' H - -. rrp' M gtyll, f . mu: 5- was eww: ww I HF t r C Q ? W C '-' " Si aim? f-vmiilifk, t ri? Ei Sally Antonaitis Lois Arner Dora Balliet Edward Baluta 1 , i Susan Bartoli fy-.., Elizabeth Bloshinski Ella Bogert Constance Bomboy Thomas Bouch Jeannette Bristol James Brown Janice Chapin .lohn Ciampi Barbara Cole David Cragle Leonard Cragle Norman Cragle Nancy Culp ns if My . - wif. ' J' ,..: . ,. lfn lsabel Culver Gary Davenport Carolyn Dodson JoAnn Dupler Jerry Eckert Allen Edwards Marlin Evarts Robert Fullerton Sandra Gearhart Shirley Gearhart Doris Gerhard Robert Gerhard Harold Good Linda Gray Robert Gregory Joseph Grenewich lrade K1-ith Hi-nriv Nlarlvnef Hvss Sandra Hess Janie Hidlay Donald Hoyt Waynr- Hoyt Murgart-t Hunsinger Allie-rt Huntc-r lit-tty Huntvr IA-wis Hunts-r David Killian Ruth Kislibaugh Judith Knousv Wultvr Kovlia-r H1-lvn Kulakowiki Sharon Lani- Curtis Lanning Patsy L1-chle-itnc-r Gloria Link Louisr- Lohoski Rm-ynolal Lyons Andre-w Maczuga James Matthews Carl McHt-nry Duane- Mc-ym-rs Allvn Michavl Susan Mill:-r Edward Morgan Joss-ph Morgan ,ludy Mutt Richard Hagvnbach Victor Hargraves joan Hartman janet Hayman , .M fi! as X A ,Q qv X EI ' w'+',., , 4 jg, 2 'ffl ,Ny ,wil if it i fx If " if ix g"'iE 4 ' f nfl. - i ii' t Ft it ":: :,, ":, . Q.. f Q- A wx X ' A Fi: X x ,. . -::. . , t-- ,, ' , :Q Qt U W X x . .. . Q i, , P - ii aaat by Q- tt at ., i I I i .K , Q N K YK at Q M N P ' AQQKS , - WU H, ii V , t.. ., .X X, i n f tia f ig f - ,.,,. , ..,,: :VS . KL Xhkh ", :": i rilrts i , J ' J Q i .. ' : ay iw - - . .a. M ii 55: ' if-Q qi zu: ..'...' -. a 2 X X .a . P 2 .. ii mn xg, 1f,: I if K A , , a... .da fam I L E , E R JS- i"'i ir R i r w as i V ip Lorena Muntz Eugene Musial Charles Partington Donald Perkoski Lorraine Phillips Gerald Pierontoni Irvin Post Elaine Pyle William Quick Linda Rarig Wilson Reakes Elwood Reider Karen Ridall Jerome Rohak Carol Rodney Joseph Romano Carol Romanowski Ronald Rutkowski Clyde Sampson James Saxe Mary Saxe William Seward Muriel Shaw Thomas Shipman Thomas Shoemaker Joyce Snyder Sharon Snyder Charles Sorber James Sorber William Spencer Edward Steeher Robert Stepanski Janet Stoker George Stout Constance Strait Dwayne Strait .Ioan Sult Marjorie Sutliff William Taylor Karen Thomas Elyse Turner Kenneth Weaver Victor Weaver David Whitebread Sharon Whitehread Sherry Whitesell Frank Wilczynski Patricia Winans Virginia Winans Bonnie Wolfe Marion Yaron Linda Yeager Richard Zika Martha Zubris Lois Zultevicz FIRST ROW: Luella Long, Donna Jacoby, Josephine Sitler, Sharon Comer, Carol Baluta, G e orgia Bershee, Ruthann Titus. SECOND ROW: Chester DeWald, Wayne Hauk, Robert Bal- ehun, Margaret Kulp, Stella Meeker, Eleanor Wisneski, Ralph Lewis, Leonard Pe- troski, Harrison Phillips, Robert May. THIRD ROW: Barry Kulp, Richard Daven- port, Theodore Kittle, Steven Boyer, Patrick McCabe. -- r - 7 J . 1 . xx Q. .iagiref R tw 3 4 X s , at Y A T i 1 x xx :FY t e A Q ,ff S use X E is R5 . .N . A K K Q- x X My "Lgg:ug.XL . , if 2 i .X we ss .. G' -. ' t t ' Q- rt . ag it . 'N.,,. .bbb Q EQ: Y if .. 1 " 1 l f 1 Q iil' i t is i,. i I K A , f N A vtt i , In - A ' .. .. Lu, i vii iii e T Tp 5 rt i X s k " .I ff' h K .':' A : . kk . 5 5 2 rf. K il J T R i " ' ii it S L 'J . ,..,. xkkq Q i t is 3 'Il xfsm es11l - r- - . vaww' S S 3 ls , 1 r 4 1 B 512 12 is nf Nair V,,1 , m g 95 rg T , I? nal- C ' ii Q K 3 N z 7.,, .V Y rm 3 ,Q x X 2 E 55 5 , , W .1 v 5 , L 1i , 5 W e K 31 1 ' of , ' '---uf M f l ,fe an ' if r Sv 'la r yi ,mf as Larry Adams Marvin Allen John Andrews Bernadine Baluta all F ' . -. U K awe' -Q w,- W: 4.1, ,. af a- 'C " "if.,9l f'-': ' M X f I ff if ' rg Kar - 1 , , aw: -l P- C i lk . , . -f f 7 ' ' ,.: -5 5 is as , S U f W HW K is K , S S as W .17 Pl "li UAF' if I WJ 4624" '-.,- f e 5 f xql . ,.' l k 'L fi , 4' -Q -1.-.4 .::.e:f. E x K S X X ' sr S rr X .. . .:,,::. -- r X 4: 10 4 L Q 41' A f Q r 1.- r ff me M5 A -aria limi fl or., fl if Seventh Judith Belles Robert Belles Sharon Bierly Ray Blackburn Barbara Bloom Harry Brucher Royal Cain Tara Caverly Judy Conner Margaret Conway Peggy Crane William Curwood Arden DclKanic Carol Ann Ditata Carl Edwards Phyllis Farber Donna Feathernian Rebecca Franklin Larry Gensel Barbara Gill Joseph Gizenski Joy Gizenski James Good Ralph Gototweski Michael Gregory Carol Halehak Roy Hamilton Thomas Hartman Mahlon Harvey Barbara Holmes Eileen House Joy Howie Joseph Jinusziewicz Mary Rae Jones le Q s' D? Q 53 James K:-llar Kay Killian Edward Kyttle Robe-rt Lanning Kay Laulmach Marie Learn Jane Long Robert Lyons Donna Lytlf' William Mancval Thomas Nlaransky Alan McMichal-l David McMichael Ke-ith McMichael larry Mvoker Dc-na Meyers Cary Mille-r Nancy Millvr Martha Minivr Alle-n Moss James Moss Gloria Musial Joseph Ncary David Novel Barbara Noss Doris Nusa ,Iohn Orr Judith Patacconi Judith Phillips Frances Powell km, 'wr-M awry 3, 'ww af Q -15.353 LL - 'Q J' if Qs fr, 2' 1 A if ' 4 fa-", 'lv if qw v""f'm :ig-Q' 2 W Ah Ly , M. R"a,.s,, if il as A ..1: Y " "1' I i 9 I T SF .Q Q R ski A JP N k. lm S1 f' H in QQ ,,f"'ly.f a.. X W X X is ix L SL m QL Q X. LL V A X X l N X X X X U ax X N S X I L its E , gm, X 1 lxzy i L L ., :., . LL b L K LL Q 5 Q RQ.---. .L .75 . i byuqy N ..., L L L, L 'ls -f.Q ff 3 to is m ,gi ,X " 9 rf 4' 5 Dx Q A 3 AF" ,xp 1,53 , ,A .. ,W W , f 474 Eugene Shershen Robert Sikora Helen Skapura Allan Smith Kenneth Smith Patricia Sorber Donna St. Clair Catherine Stephen Paul Recene Rosemarie Reider Evelyn Ridall Judith Ridall Cynthia Robbins Kay Robbins James Rodney David Rosencrance Helen Seely Judy Shaffer FIRST ROW Beth Hontz, Bernice PCIIOSRI, Elizabeth Kalweit, Dorothy Thrash, Jean Gerhard Dolores Kahe SECOND ROW Paul Heffner Myra Naugle, Hannah Robbins, Carol McLaughlin, Mary Jarrath De1etKanxc Jeffrey Sager THIRD ROW: Robert Moss, John Potoeski, Richard Church lsmr.41zs ,uw tm., u n , wif if J 1 5145 5 Lyim L, ,, , Anna Titus I ,, Norma Titus S' 2" i 'K , I Leon Valenia ,K , Gloria Van Horn f V ' j 'I fzf j M l, st b K Q M 5 ,-Q Z Lora Lee Wesley Beth Whitesell , A ' Harold Whitmire T Howard Williams -- i Bernice Wisneski ,i.,,. I 'lt if ,495 P! , , E H. l en., Kathleen Woodruff , ,gi i-:- S, f lifff fi T Sarah Wright . .- Frank Yaple ..': i , it Malvolm Yaple Q ' ,,, ' Donald Yarmol Richard Yeager Terry Yellitz john Yemzow FIRST ROW: Caroline Macuski, Hazle Cope, Naomi Cragle, Patricia Bednarek, Sharon Davenport, Karla Cearhart. SECOND ROW: Andrew Kuczynski, Eric Hoover, Ernest Allen,kLinda Bloom, Lvonartl Barclo, Charles Mahon, James Hill. THIRD ROW: Stanley Hazlak, Clayton Banks, Arthur Hillvy. 1lr w:m1z..amn. 11- 1-Q.. l rl, in.-n zm::n .zzvmnumxvmmni 1 minimum lui 'S X ,R X X Sin , C ,, ,, X WN wit ,. ...., ' ' , iz . X ig f , , Q ,QS , Q, SY, if, Joseph Yekel Carol Ann Young t . v i i i f a,tt S Linda . Zasala 'N .. .. SQ ' Organizations ,- 47' J 'UW' K 1 ULU ...- g,.,..-U- 'CL 9-W 2 Yfi4f ff.A. QSIFZN TALR u .. -- v-u .4 1- .Q , v - AL Senior Girls, Chorus FIRST ROW: Jean Ricci, Ethel George, Hazel Scott, Donna Blackburn, Janet Cumberland, Charlotte DeWald, Marie Busch, Kathleen Honse, Pat Krushka, Shirley Kishbaugh, Carolyn Ross, Ethel Goss, Nancy Hontz, Eileen Learn, Kathryn McDaniels, Bettie Hutchins. SECOND ROW: Linda Cragle, Sandra Hoover, Jean Oliver, Leona Valenia, Connie Zagata, Joyce White- bread, Nancy A. Harrison, Bette Kline, Sandra Cragle, Martha Hughes, Barbara Dennis. THIRD ROW: Loretta Madl, Donna Krothe, Sandra McHenry, Irene Hasay, Nina Allen, Sara Harter, Dawn Bergsman. FOURTH ROW: Betty Lou Davenport, Nancy R. Harrison, Joan Bonham, Alice Flynn, Bonnie Shipps, Nancy Mincavage Marilyn Meeker, Dorothy Zuzel Darla W t , , es on, Barbara Lanning, Delilah Sorber, Madeline Glodek, Nancy Killian, Carol Dembowski, Peggy Whitesell, Phyllis Stoker, Gloria Hess, Bessie McDaniels, Shirley Partington, Mr. Guldin. ABSENT: Rita Hoyt, Judy McLaughlin, Joan Kadtke. enior Mixed Chorus FIRST ROW: Linda Cragle, Jean Oliver, Irene Hasay, Donna Krothe, Sandra McHenry, Joyce Whitebread, Mr. Guldin, Nancy A. Harrison, Carolyn Ross, Sandra Cragle, Shirley Kishbaugh, Nancy Hontz. SECOND ROW: Donna Blackburn, Marie Busch, Becky Ridall, Janet Cumber- land, Barbara Orr, Ethel Goss, Pat 'Krushka Martha Hughes, Bettie Hutchins Kathr n Mc- : 1 Y Daniels. THIRD ROW: Sandra Roschak, Connie Nallo, Nina Allen, Joan Bonham, Shirley Swithers, Richard McMichael, Kenneth Naugle, Wayne Dennis, Richard Hynick, Robert Rarig A th A k T ' ' ' r ur s ew, om Geist, John Kuchta, Alex Stepanski, Larry White, Nancy Klllian, Nancy incavage, Carol Dembowski, Kay Reider, Judy Featherman. ABSENT: Joan Kadtke, Buddy Lewis, David McCabe. n1s:'1"rav- z-Minn:-sua: ,11nna 1ua7 rr if I' I I l inth Grade Mixed Chorus FIRST ROW: Nancy Wilson, Valeria Weaver, Ruth Ann Adams, Sally Eyerley, Carol Helt, Patsy Harrison, Janet Beishline, Rosalie Hunter, Patricia Featherman, Judy Anderson, Peggy Swinski, Sandra Golder, Nancy Harmon, Bonnie Dodson, Pearl Gryziec, Rebecca Cragle. SEC- OND ROW: Bernadine Barchik, Theresa Zuzel, Jane Carter, JoAnn Baluta, Barbara Baluta, Carol Wright, Joan Elioff, Cathy Moore, Barbara Yustat, Sandra Zagata, Marcia Titus, Sharon Koshinski, Sylvia Wagner, Patsy Charles, Mary Twarowski, Sharon Bonham, Gloria Gensel, Rose Goss. THIRD ROW: Elaine Shershen, Alexandria Soletski, Loletta Sorber, Mary Lou Oliver, Jean Reiss, Carole Ridall, Mary Parkinson, Margaret Ridall, Marthan Whitmire, Vir- ginia Beach, Carol Hartman, Peggy Harter, Susan Learn, Glenda Ruckle, Linda Nichols. FOURTH ROW: LeRoy Bloom, Jay Woodruff, Barry Diltz, Alvin Cole, Joseph Cragle, Vernon Deuel, Stanley Dembowski, John Polakoski, Byron Partington, Ralph Killian, Mr. Guldin. The Senior Girls' Chorus is the most active of i the choral groups directed by Mr. Guldin. ln No- vember it presented an operetta entitled '6An Old- Fashioned Charmfi ln December a combined band and choral concert was held. The chorus sang a number of well-known carols some of which were sung with band accompaniment. During that month a selected group sang Christmas Carols at the P.T.A. meeting. ln March another band and choral concert was presented. The chorus featured many popular numbers from Broadway shows. The last appearance of the chorus was at the baccalaureate services where the girls sang two numbers-HHe', and '4The Nation's Prayerf' The Senior Mixed Chorus sang two selections at the band and chorus concert. They were 'aThe Builderi' and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." The Ninth Grade Mixed Chorus made no public appearance but served as a training program for the senior high choral groups. Shown with Mr. Guldin in the picture on the right are Northwest's choral representatives to the District Chorus Festival held at Troy on February 13 to 15. They are Tom Geist, second tenorg Sandra Mc- rrr--. r:..,. ..h,.. ...UI I-H-rv White fire! bass, wx l For each of the band members the most exciting event of the year was the arrival of the long- awaited new band uniforms. Modeled after the West Point uniforms, they combine Northwest's three colors-blue, gold, and white-in a very attractive manner. A month by month resume of the band's out- standing activities follows. In August there were many 'practice periods to learn new drills, forma- tions, and marches to be used during the football season. In September the band took part in the Bloomsburg Fair activities. In October it paraded Pictured below are the band officers. at the kick-off event for the United Fund drive which was held in Wilkes-Barre. At the end of the football season the band started practicing for the Christmas concert given in conjunction with the chorus. This concert was presented on a Sunday for the public and at an assembly for the student body. The Military Ball was held in February. Donna Blackburn and Irene Hasay were crowned queens. In March the com- bined band and chorus presented the spring con- cert for the public and the student body. This con- cert was also presented at the Retreat State Hos- LAWRENCE WHITE Vice Mayor . JOYCE WHITEBREAD President MARILYN MEEKER Secretary EUGENE SORBER Mayor pital. ln April three members participated in the Northeast District Band Concert. May was a busy month for the band. Foremost was the final concert of the year by the junior and senior bands. As in other years the band partici- pated in the Loyalty Day parade in Nanticoke and the Memorial Day parade in Shickshinny. It also played appropriate selections for the Memorial Day service held in the Garrison Memorial Building in Shickshinny. The band concluded its activities for the year by providing music for the commencement exercises. orthwest Band FIRST ROW: Lola Hill, Barbara Orr, Rebecca Ridall, Joyce Snyder, Kathleen Woodruff, Lora Lee Wesley, Shirley Gear- hart, Karla Gearhart, Judy Ridall, Rebecca Franklin, Dena Meyers, Linda Rarig, JoAnn Searfoss, Barbara Bloom, Joan White, Betsy Jones, Isabel Culver, George Thorne, Marilyn Meeker. SECOND ROW: Anthony Stancavage, Paul Kokora, David Bloom, Blair Hartman, Robert Rarig, Thomas Pugh, Barry Titus, Thomas Geist, Eugene Sorber, Thomas Harry, David Albertson, Mr. Joseph Gentle, directorg Richard Baer, Thomas Shipman, Michael Kokora, Richard Church, Vernon Deuel, Joseph Link, David Kramer, Arthur Askew, David Keithline, Alex Stepanski. THIRD ROW: Lois Hines, Cathy Moore, Donna Blackburn, Peggy Thomas, Judy Smith, Robert May, Mahlon Harvey, Ray Cease, Russell Andrews, Allen Moss, Charles Partington, Barry Kulp, Robert Stepanski, Clyde Sampson, Frank Wilczynski, William Curwood, Leroy Bloom, John Orr, Gary Miller, Jack McLaughlin. FOURTH ROW: Alan Bach, Brian Caverly, Peter Lanza, Gary Thomas, Rosemarie Remely, Shirley Shaw, Jacqueline Martin, Nina Allen, Virginia Swinski, Connie Nallo, Judy Featherman, Kay Reider, Lois Gearhart, Gloria Link, Rose Ann Harry, Joyce Whitebread, Gail Kleintob, John Ciampi, Doyle Miller, Larry Bower, Lawrence White, John Taylor. The band is performing one of its drills before a football game The band parades at Nanticoke in the Loyalty Day parade. 1 ai1m-- . 4- fa: arf, -me A fm-aw:-mamma we-N 11, - . .,-wraxsaa xX SITTING, FIRST ROW: Blair Hartman, Alex Stepanski, Anthony Stancavage, Larry White, Barry Titus, Gary Thomas. SECOND ROW: David Albertson, Ray Cease, Russell Andrews, Vernon Deuel, Thomas Pugh, Robert Rarig, Michael Kokora, Mr. Gentle. THIRD ROW: David Keith- line, David Bloom, Arthur Askew, Charles Partington. Dance Band One of the most popular organizations in the school is the Northwest Rangers Dance Band com- posed of seventeen boys from grades nine to twelve. In our school the band provided music for the Harvest Ball, for the class plays, and various assemblies. Its out-of-school activities include an alumni party at Benton High School, a prom at Nescopeck High School, a banquet at Hotel Ster- ling, and various dances in Berwick and surround- ing areas. The activity which provided the greatest thrill for the members of the dance band was its ap- pearance on the televised Ted Mack Amateur Show. This necessitated two trips to New York City-one for an audition and the other for the show. With its clever arrangement of '4Little Brown Jug," the dance band received top honors for scoring with the studio audience and also a prize of 53100. gf . , . Q . ,i K gg i K lnll i 1? "Q pv U Thomas Geist, David Albertson, and Thomas Pugh represented Northwest Area High School at the three-day Northeast District Band Conference held in Stroudsburg. Another parade in which the band participated. Junior Band FIRST ROW: Larry Roberts, Kerry Balchun, Karla Gearhart, William Curwood. Lora Lee Wesley, Judy Ridall, Susie Holmes, Beverly Franklin, Merlin Nallo, Shirley Yekel, Kathleen Woodruff, Becky Franklin, Dena Meyers, Barbara Bloom, Donna Roberts, Larry Nallo. SECOND ROW: Virginia Ridall, Cecelia Zielicki, Kathy Toth, Doreen Switzer, Blair Hartman, Vernon Deuel, Gary Miller, Allen McMichael, Ronald Yeager, Danette Williams, Allen Jackson, Tommy Franklin, Billy Boehmer, Ronald Hines, Larry Bowers, Donna. Grebe, Donna Michael. THIRD ROW: Charles Partington, Craig Guers. Ronald Roberts, Donald Roberts, John Orr, Mahlon Harvey, Kenneth Brace, Billy Babcock, John Taylor, Billy -Killian, Stanley Mizikowski, Jack Florkowski, Erie Mott, Allen Rood. Morris Capule, Eugene Caesar, Marcell Merolli. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Goss, Jesse Kresge, Robert May, Donald Belles, Marvin LeValley. Glenn White- bread, Jerry Ftorkowski, Donald Hines, Jill Miller, Gary Swank. Richard Hartman. i s BATON TWIRLERS-TOP ROW: lrene Hasay, Susan Belles, Judy Price. BOTTOM ROW: Louella Long, Peggy Sorber, Sharon Bonham, Loleta Thorne, Connie Yurak, Dorothy Pszeniczny, Martha Hughes. COLOR GUARDS Linda Cragle Mary Parkinson Caroline Williams Nancy Wilson Shirley Swithers Darla Weston FLAG TWIRLERS-TOP ROW: Mildred Wisneski, Sandra Cragle, Barbara May Hazel Scott BOTTOM ROW: Gloria Hess, Connie Zagata, Bessie McDaniels, Bette Kline, Bthel George Patricia Culp. SITTING, FIRST ROW: John Baluta, Sara Harter, Sandra McHenry, Richard Hynick, Carol Dembowski. SECOND ROW: Dawn Bergsman, John O'Donnell, Derr Kleintob, Sandra Roschak, Dale Dupler. STANDING: Barbara Dennis, Ruth Heberling, Janet Cumberland, George Bal- chun, Gary Becker, Arthur Saxe, Phoebe Bouch, Donna Krothe, Betty Learn. ABSENT: Searle Devens, Thorwald Lewis. Typin Club The 'Typing Club, sponsored by Miss Keller, is composed of students from the junior and senior classes. The group meets every Wednesday and Thursday during activity period. Its purpose is to teach the keyboard and the fundamentals of typing to academic students who cannot take typing as a regularly scheduled class. The ability to type for one's personal use will be a valuable asset to those students who plan to go to college. The group of girls who belong to the Ushers' Club, supervised by Miss Cook, perform a service which is both needed and appreciated. Their duties consist of collecting tickets, distributing programs, and helping guests find suitable seats at activities which require the use of the auditorium. Their presence is especially appreciated at times when large audiences are anticipated such as at concerts, plays, and commencement. Ushers' Club Dorothy Pszeniczny, Gloria Hess, Carol Bedio, Bette Kline, Jacqueline Conrad, Joyce Eckert, Carolyn Wilson. ABSENT: Carolyn Williams. FIRST ROW: Shirley Kishbaugh. SECOND ROW: Joyce Eckert, Carol Bedio. THIRD ROW: Grace Bouch, Roxie Harrison, Alberta Brittain. FOURTH ROW: Esther Piatt, Lila Koritko, Sandra Hoover, Bettie Hutchins. FIFTH ROW: Crystal Goss, Loretta Macll, Donna Heffner, Ethel Piatt, Carolyn Wilson. Tri-Hi-Y The Tri-Hi-Y has been very active this year. Early in the fall the officers and the advisor, Mrs. Killian, attended the Of- ficers, Training Conference held at Key- stone Junior College. To raise money for their projects the girls sold candy and cakes. During the Christmas season the members of the club collected used toys, clothing, games. and books. These to- gether with woolen mittens which each girl made and other articles which the girls purchased were wrapped attractively in about 75 packages and taken to the St. Stanislaus Orphanage. At Easter the girls bought candy and filled 4-0 Easter baskets for the children at the orphanage. The club was commended by the State Y.lVI.C.A. for its projects and was awarded a banner for fulfilling the requirements of the discussion course known as Teen Talks. The president, Shirley Kishbaugh, attended a Y.lVI.C.A. dinner where she gave a talk reviewing the club's activities for the year. In the picture directly above, the Tri- Hi-Y officers-Bettie Hutchins, Shirley Kishbaugh, Donna Heffner, and Loretta Madl-sum up the Teen Talk discussions. To the left, Lila Koritko, Carol Bedio, Joyce Eckert, Roxie Harrison, and Grace Bouch put the final touches on Christmas gifts for the orphans. FIRST ROW: Karen Thomas, Bonnie Lou Dodson, Georgia Bershee, Arline Edwards, Mr. Kovalski, Eugenia Truchon, Elaine Shershen, Bernice Wisneski, Judith Belles, Kay Robbins. SECOND ROW: Sharon Whitebread, Melanie McQuown, Elizabeth Bloshinski, Sandra Zagata, Dawn Bergsman, Sandra Roschak, Gloria Van Horn, Jane Hidlay, Donna Lytle, Linda Bloom. THIRD ROW: Carol Romanowski, .Ianet Stoker, Carol Wright, Carol Hartman, Carol Dem- bowski, Grace Bouch, Nancy R. Harrison, Linda Cragle. FOURTH ROW: David Killian, George Snyder, James Matthews, Charles Mann, Richard Hynick, Wayne Dennis, Richard Norman. FIFTH ROW: Albert Seigfried, Duane Meyers, Roger Culver, John Kuchta, Ralph Killian, Derr Kleintob. ABSENT: Margo Sorber, Betty Learn, Loretta Madl, Fred Kalweit, Shirley Kishbaugh, Phyllis Gensel, Mollie Jones, Judy Phillips. chool cwings Club The Northwest Joint Schools completed the sec- ond year in the banking program with a greater than ten percent increase in the number of student accounts. The purpose of the program is to pro- mote thrift among the student body and to expose the students to banking procedure with the hope that the savings idea will carry over into adult- hood. In the picture above appear the cashiers and assistant cashiers chosen from each of the home- rooms. It was they who received the student de- posits every Friday during the activity period and turned them over to the head cashiers. The bank- ing program received fine comment in the columns of Educational Thrift Gazette, a school banking publication. Y xttt Wil Rosemarie Remely, Shirley Shaw, and Sue Holmes are making their regular bank day deposit to Arline Edwards, head cashier, and Eugenia Truchon, assistant head cashier, as Mr. Kovalski, coordinator of the program, looks on. Q.. FIRST ROW: Patsy Koch, Becky Bogert, Arline Edwards, lrene Maransky. SECOND ROW: Caroline Titus, Margo Sorber, Margaret Wolfe, Betty Learn. THIRD ROW: Marie Busch, Janet Lowe, Eugenia Truchon, Phyllis Stoker. STANDING: Mr. Kovalski, Kenneth Naugle, Robert McQuown, Clayton Eyerley, Henry Wojciechowski, Donald Winans, Alonzo Carle, Tom Wagner. ABSENT: Judy McLaughlin, George McMichael. M Tom Wagner demonstrates to George McMichael the proper method of duplicating the school paper. Planning the next issue of the school paper are Arline Edwards, the editor, Patsy Koch and Becky Bogert, the as- sociate editors, and Mr. Kovalski, the advisor. Newspaper Club The Newspaper Club completed its second success- ful year of operation with Mr. Kovalski as the faculty advisor. Again six issues of the popular school paper, c'Northwest News in Reviewf, were published with the demand usually exceeding the supply. Although the production of the paper was the primary purpose of the organization, the members spent a consider- able part of their time making programs for all the school activities. Membership in the club gave the students practical experience in setting up and per- forming various types of work. Here are the artists who did such a fine job of illustrating the school paper. Sitting: Ar- line Edwards. Irene Maransky, Janet Lowe. Standing: Kenneth Naugle, Donald Winans. T' 5 lhlflllfiiffli- it B 3 Pictured with Mr. Kbvalski are the members of the staff who served as reporters for local newspapers. Their weekly columns gave subscribers of the papers a resume of school ac- tivities. The following are the re- porters and the papers for which they wrote: Caroline Titus, The Mountain Echog Marie Busch, The Berwick En- terpriseg Patsy Koch, The Mountain Echog Becky Bogert, The Berwick En- terpriseg Arline Edwards. The Blooms- burg Press. Something new was added this year when Northwest took part in the 7-UP CAN- TEEN show held every Saturday morning on WILK and emceed by ,lim Ward. On the show representatives of each partici- pating school described the outstanding activities of their school. Shown to the left with Mr. Kovalski are Northwest's radio reporters, Judy McLaughlin and Marie Busch. These girls also appeared on Mickey Santora's radio show on WBRX in Berwick. m mmmtmi FIRST ROW: Mr. Koch, Russell Beishline, Robert Barchik, Walter Ridall, Otis Farver. SECOND ROW: Alfonse Truskowski, Abe Monroe, Bernard Kalie, John Yustat, Ronald Huffman, Charles Pszeniczny. THIRD ROW: Frank Zalesny, Charles Eckhart, Donald Deitrich, Philip Ciampi, Dale Hargraves, Wayne Robbins. Future Farmers of America The Future Farmers of America is an organiza- tion for boys interested in agriculture. The group attended the farm show in Harrisburg. The sopho- more members attended the poultry show, the jun- iors the farm product show, and the seniors the livestock show. A fund-raising activity was the Record Hop with Jim Ward and Dave Teig spin- ning the records. Our school was host to the Luzerne-Lackawanna Future Farmer Judging Contests. The following contests were held: dairy cattle judging, land judg- ing, poultry judging, farm mechanics, and safe tractor driving. The Northwest chapter will be represented at the Pennsylvania State Future Farm- ers Week by two delegates-Frank Ridall and Otis Farver. In the photo to the right Robert Barchik and Abe Monroe are observing the soil strata. Abe placed sixth in the contest. Among the group of boys in the photo to the left, below, are Frank Zalesny and John Yustat who took part in the contest to evaluate the skill in driving a tractor in a safe manner. The winner of the shop judging contest shown in the photo to the right, below, was Neil Metcalf. The contest consisted of identifying 200 tools and materials and demonstrating seven skills. xi the ff. f' W 1 1 I I i SITTING: Mr. Edward Augustine, Gloria Zubris, Nancy Mincavage, Betty Learn, Arline Ed- wards, Pearl Gryziec, Kathryn McDaniels, Carol Ditata. STANDING: Mr. Gale Gregory, Martha Zubris, Alfred Gizenski, Tony Conser, Gary Benscoter, John O'Donnell, Lynn Williams, Larry Adams, Irvin Post. tudent Council The Student Council is made up of representa- tives from each class, two faculty members, and the two supervising principals. The purpose of the organization is to give the representatives an op- portunity to present the problems of their fellow students to the group and attempt to find solutions for them after pupil and faculty discussions. Among the activities undertaken by the Council was the selection of special assembly programs to be presented to the student body during the year, planning the Harvest Ball and the Christmas party, holding occasional locker inspections, working on the constitution of the organization, and making plans to produce a student handbook. Fuling the need of a student hand- hook. the Council took its production as one of the projects for the year. ln the picture to the right, the offi- cers of the Student Council are shown with Mr. Gregory, one of the faculty advisors, examining and discussing sample handbooks which were secured from various other high schools. u ful affair. Members of the Student Council and Mr. Augustine are getting ready to decorate the gymnasium for the Har vest Ball, a semi-formal dance which proved a very success FIRST ROW: Mrs. Beishline, Kathleen Honse, Janet Franklin, Rita Hoyt, Patsy Sponauer, Alice Strait. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Gensel, Mary Steeber, Madelyn Harvey, Ethel Goss, Peggy Whitesell. THIRD ROW: May Stout, Dorothy Pszeniczny, Geraldine Cope, ,lean Oliver, Jacque- line Conrad, Joan Croop, Rosalie Young. Future Homemakers of America .lanet Franklin displays the housecoat which won her fourth prize at the farm show. The most outstanding activity of the F.H.A. was its participation in the Pennsylvania State Farm Show in .loan Croop, Kathleen House, Marie Busch, and Phyllis Gensel prepare one of the posters which they used in their demonstration at the farm show. Harrisburg where a group of girls presented a demonstra- tion entitled '6Get Out Alivef, This skit, which showed ways of escaping from a burning building, won first prize. Our F.H.A. chapter also won sixth place for a window exhibit entitled "The Nursery School Trains the Girl To- day-The Woman Tomorrow." In March the girls put on a fashion show. Representatives attended a regional meeting in October and a state convention in June. Other activities of the organization are pictured on this and the next page. Dorothy Pszeniczny, Mary Stee- lu-r, Rita Hoyt, and Ethel Goss are arranging a centerpiece for their uSf'V1'Dlt'ffIl Tahle Setting Contest," sponsored by the Bos- ton Store. Oliv 'llht-sv tnernlwrs -,lean e r, Rosalie Young, and Geraldine l ' -f songs to sing Vopt' are 1' ioosin, ut tht- regional l".H.A, meeting ut Nazareth, Q l x Y SJ Madelyn Harvey. Jacqueline Conrad, l " d in and ,lanet Pranlxlin are engage another activity--the making of Christ- mas candles. O f the F.H.A. projects was to ne 0 send clothes to Crossnore, a school f underprivileged c h i l d r e n 1n or North Carolina. Here May btout, ' nd Alice Strait, Patsy Sponauer, a Peggy Wh ing the clothes. itesell are shown pack 4.1 Becky Bogert, assistant business manager, and Pat Koch, busi- ness manager, appear very happy that the columns of figures rep- resenting payments from each of the homerooms tally with the money collected. Yearbook Peggy Whitesell, Janet Lowe, and Phyllis Stoker make a list of prospects whom they will con- tact and to whom they will at- tempt to sell ads. Music editor Joyce Whitebread shows organizations editor Dawn Bergsman some of the pictures that will be used in the music section. The three girls-class and faculty editors Barbara Den- nis, Sara Harter, and Phyllis Censel-identify pictures of students. taff The sports editors, John O'Don- nell and Todd Reider, copy the basketball scores from the offi- cial scorebooks. To the Students and Faculty: This yearbook is our record of the memorable events which highlighted the 1957-58 year. It contains 148 pages rep- resenting countless hours of laborg but in spite of the fact that its production took so much of our time, we enjoyed the work. The book was ours for almost a year. Now it is yours. We hope you like the 1958 Northwester. The Co-Editors These smiling typists A Eu- genia Truchon, Irene Maran- sky, Marie Busch, Arline Ed- wards, Caroline Titus, and Peggy Wilkinson - assisted by the two business man- agers willingly typed the copy for every page of the book, Co-editors of the Northwester. Sandra McHenry and Kathryn McDaniels. check the 1957 Northwester for additional ideas before making a decision on division pages. "1 Miiwis. l 1- Q , P' i H my o--. .M .I mi, 'w 6 W, Fw if Y 1 -cf mv v as? , E ! 1 WM Hx' in l,,W.1,-wlvm' ', ..,..,-M, W A, Q fx 5 D V Q I if 1 Q, 4 4 ,Aff ,M M WH' , ww f' ww, f Q 3? 55 Q 5 ,,.p-v-MMM ' .1 Sl J i ww gi: N f . 5 . gi t K 53? QQ 3 79? , gk, if WW?-A S 6231. .. qs lm S S ME L -ga w k 4: k . 'QB - N X 'K . Y? -'A w Q E , , ' F fa Q 1 M All m QW YA 4 S ,M QTA' v f ug . A.- ,A X Q 1-Q... VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM-'FIRST ROW: Edward Steeber, manager, Arthur Noss, .lames Bomboy, Michael Steeber, Ted Puchalski, Larry Auchus, Charles Cesarini, Neil Metcalf, Larry White, Lynn Williams, Michael Kokora, Kenneth Weaver, manager. SECOND ROW: Paul Culver, Albert Seigfried, David McCabe, Jerry Blazick, Bud Lewis, Charles Regulski, Howard Seigfreid, David Gototweski, George McMichael, Ray Janik, Donald Whitebread. THIRD ROW: John Williams, Harry Weaver, Wayne Dennis, Robert Rarig, Larry Goss, John Kuchta, Alfred Cizenski, Clement Getz, Ronald Davis, Roy Noss. Football individually below. Co captains Larry Auchus and Ted Puchalski talk with the Northwest opened its l957 season with high hopes for a successful team. A series of injuries to key players, illnesses, and a flu epidemic which caused the cancellation of two games all worked against the gridders. The biggest blow of all was the cancellation of most of the games of the pre vious year which slowed the development of a potentially strong team. The high point of the otherwise disappointing season was the defeat of arch-rival Forty Fort for the first time since 1939 Many promising young players saw action this year, and with these boys to build around, the coaches look forward to a winning team next sea son. The seniors on this yearis team are pictured LARRY WHITE Guard TED PUCHALSKI Center MIKE STEEBER End lit-E DH skits JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM-FIRST ROW: Robert Rarig, Jerry Blazick, Howard Seigfreid, Albert Seigfried, David McCabe, John Kuchta, Donald Whitebread, Raymond Janik, Roy Noss. SECOND ROW: Edward Steeber, managerg John Williams, Harry Weaver, Wayne Dennis, Larry Goss, Clement Getz, Alfred Gizenski, Ronald Davis, Mr. Swigonski, Kenneth Weaver, manager. SCORES Northwest Opponent 0 Edwardsville ,,,, 7,,,, 1 9 2 Danville , ,, , L25 0 West Pittston 7 , ,, ,77A, W 37 12 Wilkes-Barre Township ,, ,,,,,,,14 21 Forty Fort , ,,,,,, ,ee,e,,7,,,,,,, ,,,,, 6 6 Westmorelancl ,,,, ,,.,.. 2 6 13 Exeter , , , ,, ,e,,A H13 Pictured here are assistant football coach Lyle Augustine, head coach James Cooney, and assistant coach Thaddeus Swigonski. NEIL METCALF , Tackle LARRY AUCHUS Tackle CHARLES CESARINI Tackle 1 lun-u rnnanawnnz--,uznifn-Q h m -V :znews 1 o ,u X, ' .JL 4-an-mann., qw, www fd vw '. ,. ix W :lib iw a NWI! NIE Q, Emxxafilfllfgf ' i'A1wvs4,XH 'v 'X 'Q H F sf S . 1 .affirm mg? " Mesh: " N ' ' uw NME? Y M 4' ' in W f 4: - ' 4 Q T! Av 53 A , J' 'V ' "' " aff - nf Q M iw" H mx, W U ,n W1 W A W ' 1 M1 n ' !f"""""" r x ? I 3 1 I, Q x x W W yum A , M WA--gwi,' W' ,jg N V uxwk J ,' x www, """"""""'-A ...WMVW W m x,,, ,M...w!Mk, u ' 59, ,,,Mvxy.W,w, J . X, WM' 'm"'M2"""'x ,. ,,,,, , M . . xi Y M! M N ,N , M f fm N' f " Y MU , , ,. ,,,. " W X , W ,,,. W ,.,N,. ,,,. . 'PWEWX , ,, 1 ' A ' Y Block that pass! -"' .,. 'U' X , Q V 'XM . ' V? ,MQ . 'nm , W' xw 'XM 5 fy may A 4,5 V' Zi 5 -- - .L...,,,, X sigma '- W L4 .YYX and ' Jim W I L31 ' 43,4 5 . ,A V n X , Nw , Qx X V Y wifi. . ms X' Aw1AwW , . , Q W. M A . M-MM, M ,av ff+5,.2fw2f Ja!d.wx, 6A,,, .. ,X L rf 7 Q -,Ugg A L X , t W -A J Q Y .xff ji 'j.jgv,. . 1 W 4 .. Q f. :ia . , ,QW ,ww M hw . was , W , 4' 3 .X - , MH Ww,M 'Q ,N My ff 5 A 319 M, XQAA ' . 'ul ,K an N W , 3, W, 4 am, Q, Hn . VA , W' 4 1 Z '1--0 fXT,T?'ix e A 5 ' f.-an 1 3, Q f ? W fl .W . M, .. M, - mg W , . ,, , ,--W . , ' , ' ' , X 5 V 4,33 N ,,wf'Pi7fi,,zs ,N Q uf Q f-I A 3. , .iff '? k i Jkfeifg ' A KNEELING: Al Truskowski, Tom Geist, Neil Metcalf, Bud Lewis, Russell Beishline, John LeForte, George McMichael, Frank Zalesny, Larry White, Kenneth Naugle, Tom Pugh, Milford Lewis, Harry Weaver, Bill Jenkins. STANDING: Larry Auchus, student assistant: Terry Daven- port, Wayne Dennis, Derr Kleintob, Mr. Elias, coach, Curtiss Ridall, Lynn Williams, Art Hunsinger, Kenneth Weaver, manager. ABSENT: Ted Puchalski, Dave Kramer, Richard Mc- Michael, Russell Williams, Dale Dupler, Robert Hagenbaugh, manager, Edward Steeber, manager. Curt Ridall attempting a stand up. Neil Metcalf taking a breather. Wrestling The second year of wrestling at Northwest proved to be a very good and successful one. The Rangers started the year in the Y.M.C.A. Novice Wrestling Tournament with Milford Lewis win- ning a first place trophy in the 103 pound class and Kenneth Naugle winning a second place trophy in the 127 pound class. The members of the wrestling squad worked hard and wrestled with the will to win strongly impressed in their minds. Under the leadership of the co-captains they exhibited good, hard, clean wrestling which brought many a fan screaming to his feet with excitement. Losing their first match to Danville, the wrestling Rangers went on to compile an eight win six loss record for the year which gave them their first winning season since wrestling began one year ago. In the Wyoming Valley Wrestling Conference, Northwest held a four win three loss record to cop fourth place in that conference. The Rangers will lose six boys through gradu- ation. While not all six wrestled varsity, they helped to develop the team spirit and attitude of good sportsmanship which will not be forgotten by those on the squad next year. Northwest has an optimistic outlook for wres- tling next season. With a host of returning wres- tlers, the Rangers have high hopes of having another winning season and possibly advance higher in the Wyoming Valley Conference stand- ings. I'ed Puchalski trying out his new Betucci Ride. Bud Lewis at the beginning of a hip slam SCORES Northwest Opponent 30 Danville, , . ,,,,, 31 28 Lake Noxen ,,,, ,,,,, ,e,.., Y , 23 15 Lehman-Jackson , ,.,, eee,e,, , 34 411 Clarks Summit , ,, e,,,ee 11. 48 Central-Columbia 6 3 Forty Fort , ,,,,,, . ,.,,,. 44- 28 Meyers , 22 11 Berwick ,, , ...,,7,e 736 31 G.A.R. , ,.,,,,... 21 V142 Plymouth 6 19 Coughlin e,,, , 28 29 Benton . 1.15 23 Hanover .rrrrfr M19 21 Kingston 7 31 SENIOR CO-CAPTAINS Larry White and Neil Metcalf SENIORS Larry White 127 pounds Russell Beishline 145 pounds Neil Metcalf 165 pounds Derr Kleintob 145 pounds Alfonse Truskowski 185 pounds Frank Zalesny W 133 pounds INTRAMURAL WRESTLING PARTICIPANTS-The boys pictured above took part in the eighth grade intramural wrestling tournament. First row: Patrick McCabe, Jerry Eckert, Eugene Musial, Chester DeWald, David Killian, Edward Steeber, Robert Fullerton, Norman Cragle, Duane Meyers. Second row: Robert Gerhard, Martin Evarts, David Cragle, Gary Davenport, Andrew Maczuga, Kenneth Weaver, Ralph Lewis. Third row: James Matthews, James Baker, Donald Perkoski, Harold Good, Lewis Hunter, Edward Morgan. INTRAMURAL WRESTLING CHAMPIONS Winners in the different weight classes were the following eighth grade boys: Kenneth Weaver, 95-112 pounds: James Baker, 112-125 poundsg Joseph Perkoski, over 130 pounds, Edward Steeber, 85-95 pounds. l , Larry White scores a pin with a reverse nelson and leg lift. Paul Culver coming up with another pin nn ..- , 56' l ig! 15: i 1 -91153 N N. - ' f ' s 1 ' ' f X i Nw F flfgwg f . , ,,,,--s'.,..- f , , .,....- ...,....o ,.,..- f n , 1 ff-W Q2......,, ,,X-x -px--"" . VM 9 I l 3 A ig...-24 s, 1 ' H- ": if My gl I 1, I xii 1 1 .H ll x '75 -v K K is ll. ii' ,Q ,. fj,M -2 gp w Leonard registers a two pointer from the corner. Don coming up with the hall. LEONARD YARASHEFSKI THOMAS SUDOL FOI'W3fd Center VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Exhibition Games Northwest Opponent 40 Hanover ....,,,.... U35 49 Coughlin ,,,..,7 H ,,..,,. 37 37 Nanticoke ..L,, E,.....,. 7 2 42 Plymouth .o,,r,,,7..,,,,,.,..,.,,..,,, , ,...,.. ,59 VALLEY LEAGUE GAMES First half 71 West Pittston oooooo .o.o,..,o 3 8 49 Luzerne ,,,.,.o,,,,,, ...,.o,. 5 8 57 Pittston oo,,.,ooo , 56 67 Wyoming .,,,, t..,,,,t . .44 76 Plains .,,,,,,,, 7 ,,,,t,, N52 57 Edwardsville , ,,..,, 4,48 74 Forty Fort ,,Y..., ...r,,,. 5 2 61 Larksville ,,.,v ..,,,,o, 4 4 48 Exeter ,,,.,...r,,,,,t...,,,, ,,,,.... 5 3 Second half 60 ' 48 .t,t,,,.44 Pittston ,,,....r,,,...,,,,,, Luzerne ,..,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 6 3 Forty Fort ,,,,...,, ..,,,.,, 4 7 68 51 Edwardsville .,,,t 65 t,t,..,,60 Exeter .,,,,,,.,,.. ,,,...,. 8 9 47 Larksville .,,,., .....,,, 3 6 58 Plains i,.,,..., .,,,..., 6 1 71 Wyoming ,,,....,, ,,.r.t,t 5 0 72 West Pittston ,,t..r,,,,,.1,,,,,,,. ,,,.t.., 7 5 B.S.T.C. TOURNAMENT 64 St. Joseph ,,,.,,,,,,,...,,,...,,tt..t ,,....,. 4 7 70 Montgomery ,,,,, ...,.,,. 4 7 56 Tri-Valley ,,.,.t ,,, 5 0 ERWIN SUDOL Manager U K 'ffl - 'Sf 1? ,4-.. ,Q ' s - yy, X I Q if RQ s I W KN '61 W xx X 1 'Xt . 1 , 1 Q Q o f K ' wi ' . M if Q . ' M 1 ' 0 4 1, , 4 Q ' ff i fl "ff My Q 'H -I X ' L, ,,'. X 5 1 X X . 5 Lk . fx wx. Hww' X Q J A wi? Q a xv. K 3 , l a 1 ' ' 'A , i f ,V df T- ",lf', aim. 5 xwxa- gf ,.g...,. f X ,' 799 , f 8 Q Ui is vnwmflvilif 9 Q If ESS A X1 , , 1. w g i ' V 'E . f Sw Wxflfi if . L 1:- F' 0 , - . , - if y V V 4 w . ww., "1:Qe1Q2i..zI.z-Im ,.., Q Q' ff - . Q WV wg ' , i?1 , 5 iii E? , ,bn lu Q K li H ' ' 1 6, 3 ' 1 If 1 si 1 4 S35 S Q f 0 K Kg 3 gi M gy 'i A fi xv f E, s ' WMM. , 1 ! ' s ' 1 f "' .ef N l N 3 ' ,X IO-'atiqmgga 3 hw xi "Var V' ' ' Ng X ,oi an-'M A4 Y? is , Lwsf' L is , ,3 of ,rx X XX f .W J Q ii 'kt ,. Q x Q, . I 1 .5 X If s!'s3:..,Q ,gf lik' is ROYALS l eighth gradersJ ' William Taylor, Donald Hoyt, William Quick, Donald Perko- ski, Elwood Reider, Irvin Post. Intramural Basketball Champions ACES 1 freshmen J FIRST ROW: John Gibbons, Ray Allen, Joseph Hutchins, Ralph Kocher. SECOND ROW: Daniel Jenkins, Gene Huffman, Walter Rockel. RAMS CsophomoresJ FIRST ROW: Doyla Miller, Harry Weaver, Roger Hendricks, Lloyd Crane, Richard Norman. SECOND ROW: David McCabe, Ray Janik, Clem Getz, Paul Gill. vlniw w 1 " w:fwm' 11f Num 5 www f.vf,, :mm mx KNICKS Cjuniorsl FIRST ROW: Walter Lipka, Keith Westover, Jerry Mc- Michael, Paul Culver. SECOND ROW: E u g e n e Cragle, Bud Lewis, Philip Ciampi. Intramural Basketball Champions SATELLITES If seniorsl FIRST ROW: Leonard Yara- shefski, John Humphries, An- thony Capece. SECOND ROW: Eugene Sorber, Stanley Soho- leski. ABSENT: Richard Baer. CELTICS fseniorsl fpennant winnersj FIRST ROW: Peter Lanza, Al- fonse Truskowski, Stanley Soho- leski, Todd Reider. SECOND ROW: Charles Cesarini, Robert Harcharik. ABSENT: R o b e r t Barchik, Larry Hargraves, Rich- ard Baer. l Rib? FIRST ROW: Ronald Davis, Ray Janik, Bud Lewis, Mike Steeber. Ted Puchalski, Derr Kleintob, Paul Culver, Maynard Dennis. SECOND ROW: Mr. Augustine, John Kuchta, Brian Caverly, Harry Weaver, Jerry Blazick, Robert Rarig, Jerry Rood, Jack McLaughlin, Robert May, manager. THIRD ROW: Bill Jenkins, Joseph Grenewich, Victor Hargraves, Alfred Gizenski, James Brown Arthur Askew, Gerald Neufer. Track Track is considered a building-up sport since it conditions and prepares an individual for major sports such as football and basketball. The track and field sport is a sport of endurance. It is also a sport emphasizing individual participation. In a meet a contestant is on his own, for each is scored individually. This year the track team engaged in five meets with the following schools as opponents: G.A.R., Kingston, Coughlin, Meyers, and Plymouth. In those meets, the team acquired a total of seventy- one and one-half points of which Bud Lewis earned thirty-one points. 1 At the end of the season, the District 2 PIAA holds its district track and field meet at Scranton. The scores are totaled for team championships but individual awards are also given for those placing first, second, and third. To date Northwest has had four district first place winners-Larry Auchus, shot-put, Bud Lewis, discus, Ted Puchalski, shot- putg Ellsworth Humes, class of 1957, broad jump. Northwest has also had one second place winnerh Bud Lewis, shot-putg and two third place winners -Bud Lewis, javelin, and Robert Rarig, 880-yard run. The district winners U0 to State College to compete for state honors. U D Ted Puchalski, Larry Auchus, Bud Lewis, and Robert Rarig were District 2 PIAA winners at Scranton. Ted and Larry were shot-put winners, Lewis javelin and discus, Rarig 880 yard and one-mile runs. Medals were awarded to the winners. District II Track Meet t Ltt I ' ,N fl 'Z' if i' ii i t I I ":' V M Lf','f " ' . lttt jil l' 'f e iyif Ted Puchalski hands the baton to Paul Culver in the half- Mike Steeber came in fifth place in the running broad mile relay. Ted won first place in the shot-put and fifth jump. place in the 100-yard dash. X 1 X Bud Lewis throws the shot-put. Bud won first place with Rffbffrl Rarig and Brian Caverly run the 880-yard dash. the discus and third place with the javelin, Rarig won third place in the one-mile run. Jerry Hood won fifth place in the 440-yard dash. Ray ,lanik and Alfred Cizenski run the 220-yard dash. FIRST ROW: Erwin Sudol, managerg Howard Seigfreid, Thomas Sudol, Vaughn Titus, Neil Metcalf, Stanley Soboleski, Leonard Yarashefski, Albert Seigfried, David McCabe, Donald Whitebread, Charles Cesarini, Lee Kishbaugh, Robert Harcharik, Stanley Heffner, manager. SECOND ROW: Joseph Romano, managerg Harold McDaniels, Allan Bach, Jack Williams, Robert Stackhouse, John Humphries, Anthony Capece, Charles Regulski, David Kramer, Charles Boyle, Donald Chapin, Keith Westover, Walter Lipka, Fred Kalweit, Joseph Hutchins, Irvin Post, manager, Mr. Gayeski. SCORES Northwest Opponents 4- 'Coughlin ., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,r,,,,, , 4 0 Newport Township .,t,t, W , 3 2 Plymouth ,,,,.....,.r.,,.. .v,. 6 12 Nanticoke .t,., .t... 1 3 Larksville ,,,., ,,,, 7 4 Nanticoke ,,t,, .,,. 5 1 Plymouth ,,,,,,,.t,,.,. ,,o,,,, 6 9 Larksville ....t,,t,,,.,,,,, ....... 1 0 4 Newport Township ..,. ,,.. 7 'Exhibition game Baseball The Northwest Rangers, defending champions in the Luzerne County Baseball League, hoped for another successful season but were handicapped from the start since there was only one returnee from the previous yearis championship squad. Despite the lack of experience, the boys proved their worth time and again by playing well in all the games and at times providing some thrilling moments for the fans. The seniors who gave their all have moved on while the underclassmen are eagerly looking forward to next year when they will fill the places vacated by the seniors and profiting by the experience gained during the past season, they will endeavor to get the team back among champions. SENIORS-John Humphries, Leonard Yarashefski, Robert Harcharik, Thomas Sudol, Mr. Gaye- ski, Neil Metcalf, Stanley Soboleski, Anthony Capece, Charles Cesarini, Erwin Sudol, manager. PHILLIES feighth gradersl FIRST ROW: James Matthews, Charles Sorber, Harold Good, Jo- seph Morgan, Eugene Musial, Don- ald Hoyt, James Sorber, Keith Hen- rie, William Taylor. SECOND ROW: Reynold Lyons, William Se- ward, Leonard Cragle, William Spencer, Richard Zika, James Brown, Gary Davenport. ABSENT: Norman Cragle. RED SOX 1 freshmen l FIRST ROW: Gerald Neufer, Henry Englehart, Robert Naugle, Jay Woodruff, Russell Grebe, Jo- seph Hutchins, Edward Belles. SECOND ROW: Fred Kalweit, Tony Conser, Donald Whitebread, Peter Maransky, Walter Rockel, John Gibbons. Intramural oftball Champions YANKEES fsophomores J. FIRST ROW: Roy Noss, William Parkinson, Gahrad Harvey, John Kistner, Andrew Steeber. SECOND ROW: Richard McMichael, Roger Hendricks, Vaughn Titus. DODGERS fjuniorsl FIRST ROW: Dale Dupler, Donald Chapin, John Baluta, Gary Ben- scoter, Arthur Saxe, Donald Werts. SECOND ROW: Bud Lewis, Charles Koser, John Olenick, Ray Crane, Craig Cottle. SKIPPERS lfreshmenl FIRST ROW: Donald White- bread, John Williams, Walter Shoemaker, John Yasneski, Charles Titus, Stanley Stan- cavage, Jay Woodruff. SEC- OND ROW: Arif Spencer, Robert Stackhouse, Rodney Phillips, John Polakoski, Walter Rockel, Samuel Sor- ber. Intramural Volleyball Champwns RAIDERS fsophomoresj FIRST ROW: John Kuchta, Raymond Janik, Larry Goss, William Jenkins, R o n a l d Davis, Albert Englehart, Lloyd Crane, Richard Nor- man. SECOND ROW: Vaughn Titus, Howard Seig- freid, Clement Getz, Kenneth We a ver, Russell Williams, Michael Sharkuski. ALL STARS fsenior highl FIRST ROW: Lynn Wil- liams, Lee Kishbaugh, Dale Dupler, Arthur Saxe, Donald Chapin. SECOND ROW: Charles Koser, David Gotot- weski, Bud Lewis, Delbert Evans, Gary Benscoter. AB- SENT: Paul Culver, Gary Becker, Richard Hynick, John Baluta, John Olenick. -.X X X1 w K, nf.- yg: -, S' if X -Xa . X - - 7 'fr S: XN , NW X, , X M X S f' Ax Q . , 1 . A X, 3 .XS xg? gi K R' A i?A W K .. .ww wg, X 'LXW xy if 5 XX ixk QQ X X ., :X X. N? X X X1 1 WX? L. ,X :Nw K X X i 5 X X Activities ni' FJ " N W , A , s W XM w n in ,,., LL., Q- 'W all Q 1 Lynne Meeker, make-upg Madelyn Harvey, prompterg Joyce Whitebread, Charles Cesarini, Sandra McHenry, Neil Metcalf, Marie Busch, Phyllis Gensel, Joan Croop,'Searle Devens, John O'Donnell, Barbara Dennis, Lawrence White, Janet Lowe, make-upg Alice Flynn, prompter. Come Out of the Closet presented by the Senior Class October 31, 1957 CAST Mrs. Malone, an Irish landlady, hefty, overbearing t,s.e,,,s,,.,,e, JOYCE WHITEBREAD Hilda Hawkins, a stenographer from Ohiog competent, forthright , ...MARIE BUSCH Irene Gleason, her friendg pretty, somewhat scheming, the fragile type ....i,ss,,,.,,...sstsss.,t,ss,..rsss,s.,.st,s.,estsss,sa,ss ,,,es S ANDRA MCHENRY Ammonia Mullens, Mrs. lVlalone's maid, deliberate of speech and action c,,,..t,t,,c..,,,cc,.it,.t,,..s,,,,c,,,,t,.c,,.,.,,,,,c,. .. ,c,tttct,,,, BARBARA DENNIS fenny Potts, winner of a television contract, naive, cute, appealing ,,tt JOAN CROOP Guthrie Rosewater, a poet who counterfeits more than his outward appearance ,,,,,..,.,,.,,...,,,,,,...,,,,...,,,,,..,,,,,,tt,tt,,t,.t,,,,,t..,t,t,t, JOHN 0'DONNELL Abby Philips, a maiden ladyg seemingly plain and outmoded ,,,t PHYLLIS GENSEL Mr. Cutter, from the apartment across the hall, small but speedy ,,,,,...,,,,,...,,t,,,,,.,t,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,tt .,ttt ,,,t,t , . .,,,,A,,,,t L AWRENCE WHITE Hercules lanes, a modern knight whose shining armor is a beat-up old taxi ,,,....,t,,t,,,,,...,,,,...,.,,,,,,... . ..,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,, Yfrrtttt S EARLE DEVENS George Hanson, lrene's fianceg somewhat diminutive and intellectual ,,...,t,,,,..,lA,t,...t,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,..A,,,,,,,...,,.,,,,, . .itrftffrfyrrffff NEIL METCALF Sweeney, a non-typical policemang has poor eyesight ,,,,,tt,, CHARLES CESARINI Guthrie introduces Miss Abby to Hilda who is quite amused by the couple. Hilda and Irene 10014 011 HS HSFCUICS Pf0l1d1Y dis plays his muscles. i 1 , -magna i l l, ts. -ff- W .. ug' unmuiu-murmur 11 1 75. 1- 1 -l Q, f f M W... W.: . f Irene 1 e a v e s impatiently, while Hilda reassures Jenny that she is perfectly safe on the couch. Poor Miss Abbey is recovering from a fainting spell which she unfortu- nately had in the doorway of the girls' apartment. Jenny is surprised at the re- action of George and Irene to her announcement that Hercules is staying all night, HW' sun nw.r.'w ..., www K us.. 1 4 r. , at K Jenny and Irene try to kee George and Hercules fro Hilda watches fearfully as P m fighting. ! 5' y lqlv y r 1 It , is if Guthrie recites a few lines of "Lettuce on Ice" to Miss Abby. Ah-finally! The mysterious intruder has been caught. Poor Mr. Cutter. ls he badly hurt? He's lying so still. We do hope it's nothing serious! George and Hercules are busily counting the money left in the closet while eve ry one is wondering what the police will say. Poor Sweeney-the body, the money, the closet ! He's so confused. Rosewater Qlglsm.. lthough Leonard is not very happy about giving Carmelita and rr troupe an audition, he sets a time for the next day. An Old Fashioned Charm presented on November 14, 1957 Carmelita and her troupe dance to a catchy Mexican rhythm. A'Have you ever heard 'Song of a Lul1aby'?" Lois asks her friends. . K, I - m J -wg. Millie tells Lois and Leonard "A Kiss or Two Will Help You Get Acquaintedf' Cast Lois Williams, heroine of the comedyg sweet, gentle, and lovable ,,e,ieee,e,e,ee.........,ee,ieee,,e.,,,v,...elee,,,e,,ee.,...l,eleeee,,ee.e,e, SHIRLEY KISHBAUGH Hiram Maclluffle, an unsuccessful inventor who is engaged to Lois i,i,i,i. TOM GEIST Millie Foster, impulsive young matron and best friend of Lois ,i,i,ii,i,ii,i.l. ..... l,,.i,ii,i,,,i,ii,..iii,,V...,,,,,,,i,i,ii.. ,li, I A N ET CUMBERLAND Bob Foster, Millie,s husbandg unconcernecl, cool, calm, and collectedm , . ..,..,, i,,,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,...,.,.......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, L A RRY WHITE Leonard Darcy, a young casting directorg popular with all the girls ,,,e ,eee,eee,ii ,i,iiiii,,iii,,,i,.vl...le,iiii,,i,i,,i,i,,,i,,,iil..,. ii,ii,iiiii A L E X STEPANSKI Manly, Leonard's thrifty manservant ,i,,,,,i,,i,,i,,,,YY........,.,.ii,,i,,,ii,i,, RICHARD HYNICK Carrnelita De Ribera, a Spanish dancerg quick-tempered and overbearing ,,,i ,i..,,. ..,,,,ii.i , .,,,,,,i,,,,,,,ii,i,i.,i.,i,,,,i,i,iii, , . V...ii,, ,I EAN OLIVER Bunny Brown, popular because of her ability to lapse into baby talk ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,i,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,.. , . ,,,,.,...,. .,,, ,,,, ,,.,,,, I R E N E HASAY Bunnfs Boyfriends Carmelita's Troupe Buddy Lewis Carol Dembowski Donna Brink Robert Rarig Madeline Glodek Nina Allen Wayne Dennis Barbara Lanning Rita Hoyt Barbara Johnson Delilah Sorber Members of the Senior Girls, Chorus Accompanist-.Ioyce Whitebread Very reluctantly, Bob tries to dance "Just Like That." a nl, 1 s 1wfM:s-aw - i i.u Manly discovers to his amaze- m h ' ent t at h1S master has a hole in his sock. Bunny Brown proves to the audience that "There's A M f Maiden in D' " Ah-a love scene. As Bunny listens, Hiram tells her that his love is for her only. an or Every In the garden under the m 1' h lStl'eSS. oon ig t, Leonard teaches Lois to say, "I love you." if i Like every forgetful husband, Bob tries to smooth over his forgetfulness with a present-- fhe Saturday Evening Post. While everyone is getting ready for the engagement party, Millie and Lois talk about Lois' en- gagement to Leonard. The finale-the cast sings the final song, "Love's Story." it 1 ta mu: I I xnxx s -1 . umm ' Members of the band and of the chorus relax just before presenting their second annual Christmas concert on Sunday afternoon, December 15, in the school auditorium. Christmas Festival Susan Belles gives an exhibition of her twirling ability while the band plays a march. ,l Mr. Gentle directs the band in the playing of "Christmas Suite," "Agnus Dei," "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," 6'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,"' and "White Christmas " The brass choir, composed of twelve trumpets, also offered two selections-"Deck the Hallsfl and "Hark, The Herald Angels Sing." Nw, llll Q.. With Mr. Guldin directing, the girls' chorus sang "An- gels We Have Heard on High," "Carol of the Bells," "Angel Choirs." 'Twelve Days of Christmas," "Win- ter Wonderland," "God Rest You, Merry Gentlemen," and "0 Come All Ye Faithful." Accompanied by the hand, the chorus sang 'LHe" and 'KMay the Good Lord Bless and Keep You." Af t is at . S The twirling squad participated in the first part of the concert by re- citing appropriate Christmas poems. Mr. Miller accepts the new drums presented by Mr, Clyde Sampson, presi- dent of the Band Parents' Association. The flag twirlers recited "Holly Branches." The baton twirlers' selection was 4'Sing a Song at Christmas." 'N it as January Thaw presented by the JUNIOR CLASS February 13, 1958 A fire! What a job it is to get Mr. Gage ready. Two more fires and he will get a helmet. While Barbara is getting ready to drive George to the station, he says his farewells to her parents. Matt is introduced to George as Barbara and her father George insists that Mr. Cage must promise to keep Barbara look on, from Matt. It-.,1.ra,.n .g :ima u - . You took real good care of Mattie-boy, Uncle Walter." "My pleasure havent had company in a long time." The Rockwoods find their old appliances, but they are dis- Lamps are made out of anything, even spice boxes gursed as one thing or another. Cast Herbert Cage, new owner of an old house ,.,. ,. Marge Cage, his wife, an antique enthusiast t,,, Paula Cage, their twelve year old daughter ,,,,,, ,eeeALEX STEPANSKI t,,t......-eNANCY KILLIAN at eeeeeee DONNA BLACKBURN Sarah Cage, their thirteen year old daughter ......,,.e, 7 ,,,,,,,e,, PAT KRUSHKA Barbara Gage, their nineteen year old daughter vte,.,,.. ,t,,..,,.,t. D ONNA KROTHE George Husted, Barbara's fiance t.,,..,.e,t,,et,tee,,te,..e. ,e,t,,e,,,e...,t,.e,,t G ARY THOMAS Frieda, maid in the Gage home ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. ....., ,l ANET CUMBERLAND Mr. Loomis, lawyer for the Gage family ,,t,tt,,,tt.. t.,,,,t,tt, G EORGE BALCHUN jonathan Rockwood, old New England farmer t,,.,, t,,,t,,t,te.,. i.,. D A LE DUPLER Mathilda Rockwood, his wife ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,..,t.....,,.,..,r .,e.,,,,, M ARCARET WOLFE Malt Rockwood, their son ,,,t,,,,,,,,.,...,,,....,,,,,,,,., ,,,,,. R ICHARD HYNICK Uncle Walter, ,lonathan's uncle ,,,e,, Carson, local policeman e,t,...,.,,,,et,,, Constable ,,,,,,,tY,,.,t,.tt,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,t,,,,, . ee,t,,tt JOHN BALUTA CRANE eWeeARTHUR ASKEW Loomis warns Rockwood that he will do his best to get him and his family out of the house. "Did you count sheep last night? UNO, just Rockwoodsf' 91 "Too cold in They'll have here." the barn for the pigs. to spend the night in Breakfast is ready - corn flakes and molasses with olives. .1 iw- w11w1u , "Well, a traitor in our midst," '4But the food does smell good, doesn't it, Herbert?" 2 Smwkpsu 'EI always find my man," says Carson. Then he informs the Gages that Matt is a good boy. it i if we x,.- 1 Q ,Q g , Q' if - le Krothe, Gary Si panSlUf Da k w Ray Crane' Eligtlllxrli Hvnlck' Mex e CURTMN CALL'1xiQilQl1nKilllai3ilolnctliflilliind- 7 , ll3l,nna1-glgllcilllgxlfveorgeBalclmn a arga The prompters, stage crew, and make-up committee are pictured here. Hazel Scott, Virginia Swinski, Sandra Cragle, Connie Yurak, Nina Allen, Nancy Hontz, Terry Davenport, Bettie Hut- chins, Irene Hasay, Connie Za- gata, Loleta Thorne. hka, Thomas, Pat Kgliplerv 32 -: Band and Chorus Festival March 13, 1958 Mr. Gentle directs the band in the playing of the first number in a concert which featured four music organi- zations of the school-the senior band, the dance band, the girls' chorus, and the mixed chorus. The dance band played the number that won them an appearance on the Ted Mack television show. Tom Geist played a trumpet solo in the 4'Atlantis Suite." v - in-s-,....w...g' .....,.t, David Albertson rendered a tuba solo, H5010 Pompasof' The mixed chorus sang two numbers, "The Builder," and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." 'S '93-' 'ww ww ww 'W QW M W , wr-M M 1 MW My If ' I f rum! .M 1 ,f :H ,z 1-...,,, ' 1 Aw f- in w.,,,MM '31 , 4 A K1 'M fl 1 f., .f Am 1 .M aw, Mm. 1, -,u I.. -nu.. ' 1' l JM .- ,1 'Q :4'.J"', 5 I xr ,f :gy -r ff j 4, I .lr f' M gm ,.'-4, f - 'M 1 All:-N Hx .r ' ul.. N . . . 4 9 'V if - 5'-"F ACE 1' 6 Q 'iv Mnwx W W,,, ! Y W ',vK1',' ' W ' '3-wt, 'nm 'M , ,ww ,M Y , YVMRMQMR 2 W MW i ,N H YN W r QWMMMAX Q 41 W sw l ' W W ,- W' w ff Fd f' M .. ff M ,Ji I A 5. 1.1 Mr. Guldin announces the name of a selection and then directs the girls' chorus in several numbers which included '4lt's a Grand Night for Singing," "Make Believe," "Lolly Tu Dum," "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning," "With a Song in My Heart," "Cindy." The chorus and the band presented two numbers together, "I Believe" and "Born To Be Free." Irene Hasay, the drum majorette, has just blown the whistle for the appearance of the twirlers. The twirlers perform to "Loyalty March." Shirley Kishbaugh sang a solo, '4The Desert Song. Ill !o'y X i Xglatk I ag: ll M ,- i ' Em' m- 1,--.Ki f few J'... Q Q f -fgfv , X, v.. rg Q ,, rf,-1 w 9' ,1 . , Nr ix - r 1 , V ' ' 5 g X swp, gy' 1 p A- .. Ii. Q Q 'fgi x xi. A K If 1 ,-V qv rw... mf 'M' 5, L W 'E K. R.-S' NN -, U X .1 i f D - Ewa ii Q yi n. P Band Concert presented by the Junior and Senior Bands May 8, 1958 Mr. Gentle's daughter, Sharon, played a piano solo, "Starlight Waltz." Donald and Ronald Roberts pre- sented a trumpet duet, "Little Brown Jug." Mr. Gentle conducts one of the junior band numbers which in- cluded 'Tather of Victory March," "Little Annie Rooney Waltz," "H.M.S. Pinaforef' and '4L'Estudiantina." Larry Roberts played a solo entitled "Concerto for Piano." Another soloist was Donna Roberts who played "Saxo- phobia" as a saxophone solo. The junior twirlers perform to the selection, "Rifle Regiment March." Billy Babcock gave a trumpet solo. The number he pre- sented was "Indian Love Call." ' 17.811-1 .ifnir-.xx 1 - x K . V N , we I Jwl' w , ww ,vo .rg iw 5 l A13 1 gl hi gl K .V D. AY 23 F 5: Da ,J--.. L mi .mi iii. w., X , .A 45,5 1 Mg, l- 1 3 A 2 3 , 5 ,1 - 3 ' 'E P H- , ,f 1 s A 1 - V -..., ' g Q ? ' W ' 4' 1' x , iff :fur Q 5 Q xii, 5 A gif' Q 1 fi EW -6 35 ..,- if X ggi 'wfigfh'-gf ,Awww W iw ff. M54 , A W in s 'leg A if iw YT is ZR 1. 1 W Til:-' lm? H gif, v -1-3: 2 ?1.., 69 Q ?"' I f if. ' : N X - Nw J"'f xv X5 pg x gf.. QEi'f"i- ' r ' 3'3" 'Z i, V, if R' +-yy! x Kifiws ' f v 'tx . 2- 1 g L f., ff! ' Q' " " 'ff N , 4 'I W' - Q 1 I.. n pf' QM 3 wg. Q '.-f I , in A fl' 'fx 1'7" W 'N N J... , 5. , . Af , W 'Ia ' I j V I ' 'Lf UIQ he V A x 'M 4 M x , 4' -+-W.. 191 7 4 ,jf I' ' 1 'X , I , 'A Q ip y 4 ' ' .N if 5 Q ' ' , 3 I sf X .MN 'ilnss 549 um W- " I fills, L n , 1 11 f K my lm W, "IW X v N -1-.X my if, . If Hama WM' I ' Q ' R x ,u, , I mi M HH ' Q + M WJIQAHEW ffl ' "" 1 Wmwgggmw A , V W W Mi f 'a ff 'ag gg W Jw ,wg wwf x5 ,AQ Mr. Miller takes over, and the presentations part of the program is about to begin. Activities Banquet May 22, 1953 While awaiting the arrival of food, the young people chat with their friends. The occasion is a banquet held in the school cafeteria to honor the mem- bers of the music and sports or- ganizations. As the presentations get un- der way, a group of senior band and chorus members are called to receive awards. Mr. Noel Caverly takes over IIS fllllfilffl' of CCl'Cl'nOl'liCS. The guest speaker of the eve- ning is Mr. Bob Haimes. After everyone has eaten his fill of delicious food, Mr. Lewis takes charge of the program and presents Mr. Noel Caverly, president of the First National Bank of Shickshinny. .nn 3' Xe ,Q lx s Q . Junior Senior Prom May 24, 1958 The Swigonskis and the Guldins ar- rive . . . four male faculty members watch the students dance . . . at the faculty table everyone is having an enjoyable time. uv'-"7 Students, teachers, and guests enjoy the de licious lobster tail dinner served at the prom Jack Melton's hand furnished music for dancing from nine until twelve. we - ag .M wsu fu ue, At last that magic moment has ar 1 rived. Richard Hynick president oi the junior class, crowns Phyllis Gensel prom queen of 1958. Her two attend- ants are Patricia Koch and Marie Busch. W1 gl- i U s The queen, her attendants and the' , ir escorts pose for the photographer Pat is with Ted Puchalski, Phyllisiwith Neil Metcalf, and Marie with Noel Krothe. Another v all the participants facing the camera. The gym, beautifully decorated in con- trasting royal purple and sunset orchid, provided a lovely setting for the prom whose theme was "Twilight Time." iew of the crowning with lb "One Heavenly Night," the theme of class night, is recited by Sara Harter. She is accompanied on the piano by Joyce Whitebread. ummm: xvmvr - was Janet Franklin, Robert Har- charik, and Marie B u s c h make a wish upon a star for the senior class. Class Ni ht Tuesday, June 3, 1958 , lcomes Pafems Shdlfdieildzviowciass Hight- an Leonard Yarashefski, class president, gives his address. :M v 7 "Sail Along, Silvery Moon" and "Moonlight and Roses" are sung by the senior class, accompanied by Joyce Whitebread. nn., i "Stardust" is recited by the class poet, Caroline Titus. 121 x L---,Q , Sandra McHenry, sophomore his- torian, relates her m o o n l o r e. Awaiting their turns are Patricia Koch, senior historian, and Dawn Bergsman, junior historian. Phoebe Bouch, Irene Maransky, and John O'Donnell learn something about he "dippers." if 5 The Rockettes perform to Tschaikowsky's "Dance of the Reed Flutes," accompanied by Joyce WhitelJread. X Phyllis Stoker holds a spray of red roses -the class flower. The class motto is "To the stars through difficulties." Our Htuneagerf' Larry White, does some "howling at the moon." 'Y -fi l4'ii1flf ' n. ,M rim in fv -- ii W ' ' T g fm", M-,. 4. ,,,,, ww N , W ' H- 1 all ln, 0 W The superlalives of the class of '58 out by Jud ' are pointed HC Joyce Whitebrcad. A S gives farewell address. rlim- Edward ' John O'Donn ll e introduces Luny iTodd Reiderl and Ticks tBar- bara Dcnnisb who then read the class will. u ii- fvwfvg forms S K ' Nlcnanxda. K h A . yn lst, at T A distinguished asmrolvg of the Seniors. The elementary and the high school teachers of the North- west school district follow the seniors into the audi- torium. It is graduation night for the class of 1958. The auditorium is filled with a thousand people, most of them rela- tives and friends of the grad- uating class. As the North- west Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Joseph M. Gentle, plays "March of the Priests," the processional begins. eeoncl Annual Commencement Wednesday, June 4, 1953 iw' - mlttf-fetzzftim-twat-tl-u sun: harimau 1 ltz.w:ssfzt - Rev. Carl C. Helt, pastor of the First Methodist Church of Shickshinny, gives the in- vocation. Dr. Wesley N. Haines delivers the commence- ment address entitled "For the Rest of Your Life." He advises the members of the graduat- ing class to keep studying, to "get lost in some- thing worthwhilef' to mind their own business, and to help keep the world clean. QN Mr. Claude E. Miller pre- sents Wesley N. Haines, Ph.D.-educator, philosopher, and humorist. .al -umufnv-H-n. r'-init..'a1i., As Mr. Lewis calls her name, Dawn Bergsman approaches the center of the stage to receive her diploma from Mr. Miller. Phoebe Bouch is the ninth senior to receive her diploma. Sixty-seven classmates are nervously waiting for theirs. With a warm hand clasp and a big smile, Mr. Miller presents a diploma to Esther May. 1 wagrmwa.-vv3mfwsaw fs:m,t.g Pat Koch has waited twelve long years for this moment. Most of the seniors in the second row have received their diplomas. All the students at the end of the alphabet, who occupy the first row on the stage, have been awarded diplomas. Next will be the benediction by the Rev. Paul Pittman, pastor of the Assembly of God Church of Sunshine and Shickshinny. Then as the orchestra plays "Coronation March," the recessional begins and the graduates file out of the audi- torium. The class president, Leonard Yarashef- ski, receives a diploma. EX! v Q 1 by if ' f 1 s r wx!! , K ,, xv. 4 .,,1 iw, ,Y f , 1','3.3:r7sx2j,5ffJ' Q I .x 'Hens fr Don't cry, girls. ,lust think no more lessons to do, no inure tests to Iakcl 5 S . E 5 i x 5 5 ff Q? The graduates gather in the gymnasium to remove their caps and gowns and to examine their diplomas. And so another class has been graduated and seventy-six more names have been added to the list of alumni. THANKS, SENIORS! To Serve You Was A Real Privilege Ancl We Are Deeply Grateful For Your Confidence ln Us. Our Continued Aim ls To Please Ancl Satisfy You More Each Time We Serve You. THE PAWLOWSKI STUDIO Modern Portrait Photographers 9 E. GREEN STREET PHONE 68 NANTICOKE. PA. Congrafulafions, Gradua+es Complimenfs Of BARBER SHOP SHICKSHINNY. PA. JAKE'S Complimenfs Of Complimen+s Of DR. I. BERGER MARK'-E optometrist FUNERAL HOME Wes+ Union S+ree+ Phone 222I SHICKSHINNY, PA. Hear+ies+ Congra+ula+ions To The Graduafes EDGAR G. SCOTT Af ScoH's Furnifure S+ore, Nancy Knowles - - - poinis ou? fhe fine qualifies of ihe living suife I4 Nzrlrvitialghizg gglflishlnny +o Janei' Lowe and Sandra McHenry. C J-- DL--- on I 5 RELIABLE RADIO AND TV Sales And Service 80 WEST UNION STREET SHICKSHINNY, PA. For Service Call Shickshinny 2874 CompIimenI's Of BANK CAFE ROBERT CURWOOD, Prop COMPLIMENTS OF JACK DAVENPORT Your Pruden'I'iaI Man ANDREW'S SHOE REPAIRING Besi' Workmanship And MaI'eriaIs 34 Soufh Main S'I'ree+ SHICKSHINNY. PA. Congrarulafions, Seniors! S Peggy Whifesell and Phyllis Sfoker agree Ihaf "Where Cleaning IS An AH." Bar+'s cleaning process makes a grea'I' differ- e ce ' Ihe a earance of a garment P SHICKSHINNY-GLEN LYON-BERWICK n In P CongraI'uIaI'ions To The Graduafes GENTLE'S MUSIC AND JEWELRY STORE I9 Wes+ Union Sfreei' Shickshinny, Pa. Phone 392I A porfable radio, one of fhe many fine ifems Ihai' can be purchased af Gen+Ie's Music Sfore, is being shown Io Joyce Whifebread by Mr. Genfle and David Kei'I'hIine. McDANIEL'S SERVICE STATION Your Friendly Sinclair Dealer ROBERT ZOFCIN FUNERAL HOME 38 N. Main S+ree+ SHICKSHINNY, PA. Phone 495I Complimenfs Of MOUNTAIN INN 29 Wesi' Union Sfreei' SHICKSHINNY CompIimenI's Of DR. JOHN E. BALTZER To The Seniors GOOD LUCK GOOD HEALTH GOOD FRIENDS ROBERT MARSHALL Jusrice Of The Peace Complimenrs Of HELEN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE I6 Norih Main Sfreei SHICKSHINNY. PA. Complimenfs Of BOB SAI-SBURG LUMBER co., INC 'NSURANCE BROKER Lumber And Millwork or ain S ree fhianr: S1L:cl':hinny+7221T For Every Purpose Nanmke 3,85 SHICKSHINNY, PENNA. Bes'I' Wishes To The ClassLOf I958 BERGSMAN'S A+ 'l'heir fine drug sfore, Mr. and Mrs. Bergs- man and 'rheir daughfen' Dawn. are ready 'I'o Shickshinnv. Pa. serve +heir parrons qualury producfs. Sincere Congra+uIa+ions To The Graduaies FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SHICKSHINNY, PA. MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM And FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Insurance Of All Kinds Complimenfs Of HOTEL HARRY O. PALMATIER SHICKSHINNY SHICKSHINNY. PA. e. PIERONTONI, Prop. Our Sincere Besl Wishes BEN FRANKLIN 5 81 I0 STORE Shiclcshinny, Pa. EUGENE W. SICK, Owner Barbara Dennis and Phyllis Gensel examine fhe varieiy of cards founcl al 'I'he Ben Franklin S+ore. For Be++er Shoes For Less Money Try VITI'S SHOE STORE VAN RON K, FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions FLOWER STORE- Main Si'ree+ GREENHOUSE - Nicely Sireer PHONE 4284 OR 45ll Complimenh of IF IT'S GOOD FOOD HASAY CHEVROLET You XQNT' f'ff,jfhjf,j,1'J'Qfg wlNTERsTElN's RESTAURANT Success To The Graduafes RAC USI N'S sl-HCKSHINNY, PA. "The Sfore Of Famous Brands" Sarah Harfer and Kafhryn McDanieIs Ioolc over fhe fine seIecI'ion of men's socks aI' Racusin's. Complimenfs Of RABERT ANDREWS MILLING COMPANY MANUFACTURING COMPANY Manufacfurers Of Screw Machine Producfs AAA BRAND DOG FOOD General Machine Work 40 W. VINE STREET SHICKSHINNY PREMO CompIimenI's of ELECTRONIC AND TV LUZERNE RCA TV Sales and Service SHICKSHINNY 252I NANTICOKE 3242 THE U. G. I. COMPANY Wa'I'cI'1rTaker as EAsTJT1:Iiui1r STREET Shickshinny SHICKSHINNY, PA. Phone 472' Congra'IuIa+ions To The Class Of I958 ECHO PRINTING CO. Sh. k h. P Mr. Cope ex Iains +0 +wo inferesfed seniors. Caro- 'C S mny' a' Iine Tifus anJDArIine Edwards, The complicafed op- ' ' ' T' r . Pubhshers Of erahon of a prln mg p ess --ru: unln.l'rAlM chunl' Congra+uIaI'ions, Class Of l958 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MOCANAQUA, PA. MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM And FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Open Friday Evening 6:00 'Io 8:00 And Sa'rurday Morning FREE PARKING HUNTINGTON Complimen+s Of GREGORY'S STORE DICK GIMBER, owner And opefaior HUNTINGTON MILLS, PA. Phone 257I HUNTINGTON LOCKER PLANT Frozen Food-Sales Ancl Sforage HICKORY SMOKED MEATS-POULTRY DRESSING CompIe'I'e Processing Our Own Manufacfurecl Ice-Crushecl And Block Wholesale And Reiail HUNTINGTON MILLS. PA. PHONE 238I SH ELDON E. KLEI NTOB JusI'ice Of The Peace GENERAL INSURANCE Hunringlon Mills, Pa. Phone 238I Complimenfs Of MILFORD SORBER FRAN'S SNACK BAR Roule ll Phone Muhlenburg 2573 Berwick -Shlckshmny Highway General Hauling Complimenfs Of REA And DERICK 7 Wes+ Union S'rree+ SHICKSHINNY, PA. Congra+uIa+ions, Seniors Two of our senior girls, Irene Maransky a d HARDWARE AND VARIETY STORES IgIo'1Ie.sB:l::,IlJ.nIlJI'e+o+hfhe?L'IS' Skafes which M Shickshinny, Pa. I Phone 456I THE MILLARD D. BENSCGTER PLUMBING AND HEATING FUNERAL HOME CONTRACTOR Shickshinn Pa 70 Susquehanna Avenue Ph 2244 ' SHICKSHINNY, PA. one Phone 325I Congra+uIaI'ions To The Class Of I958 From The Largesf Furni'I'ure S'I'ores In Wyoming Valley GEM FURNITURE, INC. "The S+ores Of Reasonable Prices" IOI-I07 EAST MAIN STREET I54 SOUTH MARKET STREET NANTICOKE, PA. Phones IOI8 and 8I0 Phone: I40 I -J ARTESIAN BEVERAGES NARDONE BROS. BAKING CO Made Wi'rh SPARKLING ARTESIAN WATER DRAUGHT TYPE BIRCH AND CREAM I32 Wesi' Poplar S'I'reeI Nan+icoIre, Pa. EUGENE A. HUDAK Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Phone VA 2-875 I BREAD PIZZA Super Enriched VAUGHN'S BREAD "The Bes'l' Family Loaf Bread" Complimenfs Of HARTER HARDWARE COMPANY Complimenls Of THE BERWICK ENTERPRISE BERWICK. PA. EDWARD MINCAVAGE Complimenfs Of General Repairing I Lubrmon ROSS SNACK BAR Gas-Oil Shickshinny-Benfon Highway Accessories HARVEYVILLE, PA. Congra+uIa+ions To The Graduafes COIAE lgmsfmsgf N CUNDITIUNINP SHICKSHINNY-BERWICK HIGHWAY Phone 3I6I or 2574 KALINOSKI INSURANCE AGENCY CompIimen+s C II' I A cI R' SI' 'I Ornel' a Y n IVGI' fee S I MOCANAQUA, PENNA. S Phone: Shickshinny 7 I 2I Congrafulaiions And Besi Of Luck To The Class Of I958 RONNIE DRESS COMPANY 6 Easi' Union Sfreei' SHICKSHINNY. PA. Complimenfs Of LA SALLE CLEANERS I8 WEST UNION STREET SHICKSHINNY, PA. McCLURE'S HARDWARE I9 N. Main S+ree+ SHICKSHINNY, PA. Phone 230I Complimenfs Of Besi' Wishes To The Graduaiing Class LUZERNE OUTERWEAR of '958 MANUFACTURING CORPORATION F- J- RQBBINS SHICKSHINNY, PA. INSURANCE SHICKSHINNY, PA. LEROY SIMONS SELF SERVICE ECONOMY MARKET Frozen Foods And Groceries HUNLOCK CREEK. PA. Phone Muhlenburg 255I Complimenls Of SAMUEL CUMBERLAND PAINTING AND ROOFING GUY KINDIG General Merchandise HOME STORE OWNED BY HOME FOLKS HI-WAY DINER To Thank You As We Would Lille To Do Is Far Beyond Our Power: For If We Had No Friends Hunloclc Creek, Pa., R. D. I Like You Dial 2222 There Would Be No Diner Lilce Ours. MABLE AND RALPH CompIimen'I's Of CHECKO AND MIKE KOONSVILLE ESSO SERVICENTER Where We Serve Wifh A Smile To One And All FARVER 81 BEUKA Gulf Service S+aI'ion SWEET VALLEY, PA. Dial GR 7-23I2 BRONSON FUNERAL SERVICE "We Are As Near To You As Your TeIephone" PHONE GR 7-2244 Complimenis Of Complimems of JIM McHENRY NED DODSON Piano Tuning, Repairing, Rebuilding PHONE FAIRMOUNT SPRINGS HunI'ingI'on Mills 2559 Or Berwiclr 6980 PA. FRANTZ'S GENERAL STORE Complimenfs Of AN Groceries, Hardware, CIOIIIIHQ, Shoes CAFE NEW COLUMBUS PA. Complimenls Of General Repairing Dealer In InI'ernaIionaI RD 2 BENTON PA Harvesfer Truclcs I Phone RouI'e I5, RicIceH's Glen SWEET VALLEY GR 7-2760 Phone SWEET VALLEY GR 7-2753 HUNTINGTON GARAGE Hun'I'ingI'on Mills - Roufe 239 FORD Sales and Service Par+s and Accessories PHONE HUNTINGTON MILLS 2I8I Congraiulaiions To The Senior Class Of I958 HUNTINGTON DAIRY. INC. HUNTINGTON MILLS, PA. Phone 259I CHARLES H. LDNG Phone GR 7-22lI WORLD FAMOUS EQUIPMENT OF TOP QUALITY-PLUS UNEQUALED SALES AND SERVICE ATHERTON'S ATLANTIC SERVICE Gas - Oil- Lubrica+ion - Accessories Grading and Bulldozing HUNLOCK CREEK, PA. Phone Shickshinny 340I SHELDON'S LUNCH PIKES CREEK, PA. Sunday Dinners Delicious Sandwiches PHONE GR 7-245I CompIimen'I's Of SWEET VALLEY FLOWERS Phone GR 7-25Il Congra+ula+ions, Graduales HARVEYVILLE MILL Flour - Feed - Grain DONALD AND RUTH FEDDER, Props. Phone Hunfingfon Mills 2I7I BOB LYNN D 8: H HUDSON COAL AND BAG COAL General Hauling MUHLENBURG-HARVEYVILLE ROAD MUHLENBURG 234I Complimenis Of CROO P'S ECONOMY STORE Mea+s Groceries HUNLOCK CREEK RUMMAGE'S SILVA-DROME Hunloclc Creek, Pa. ROLLER SKATI NG-BOWLING Picnic Facili+ies We Cafer To Privafe Parfies PHONE Muhlenburg 354l HARVEYVILLE GARAGE EDWARD BALUTA, Prop. Case Trac'I'ors and Farm Machinery General Repairing Phone HUNTINGTON MILLS 2235 STEEBER'S GROCERY 78 Sou+h Main SI'reeI' SHICKSHINNY STACK COAL COMPANY Re'I'aiI PocIceI's LEHIGH VALLEY COAL Rou'I'e II CompIimenI's Of WALTER KILLIAN'S SERVICE STATION eAs AND olL CompIimen'I's Of PHYLLIS' BEAUTY SALON To Be Dressed Wiih The Besf Visii' CLAIRE'S DRESS SHOP C""'P""'e"Is of 54 Easf Main SI'reeI' DR- J- NANTICOKE. PA. Exclusive Buf No+ Expensiv Complimen'Is Of LODICO'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP WEST UNION STREET SHICKSHINNY COOL NOOK MOTEL On U. S. Highway No. ll Open The Year Round Prop., CHESTER BALUTA R. D. I, Shickshinny Telephone 240I el "UC: ,af ,, 01 MATUSEK'S FOOD MARKET 9 :MW . 60 I Free Delivery Phone 47l4 Main S+ree'I' I MOCANAQUA. PA. DOMINICK CRESCI General Con'I'rac+or Ancl Builder JEANETTE STREET MOCANAOUA, PA. PHONE SHICKSHINNY 20I I JAMES SCIAMANNA AND SONS Corner Of MAIN AND JEANETTE STREETS Mocanaqua, Pa. PHONE 3034 WITH A PLYMOUTH OR CHRYSLER Poul+ry And Eggs You ARE YEARS AHEAD GENE REGO See MOCANAOUA, PENNA. Phone Shiclcshinny 706l SIMON'S MOTOR SALES Chrysler And Plymoufh MOCANAQUA, PA. 5 FF' ef CAPORALETTI BROTHERS WN MOCANAOUA, PA. l X Telephone 39II 2 V - 7.- IW kb! QL Complimen+s Of GEARHART'S ECONOMY STORE HARVEYVILLE, PA. CLIFF SMITH GARAGE General AuI'o and Truck Repairing "WE REPAIR ANYTHING" Welding And Body Worlr HUNLOCK CREEK, PA. Phone Shiclcshinny 46I5 Complimenfs Of JOHN KILLIAN INSURANCE AGENCY FOR PETE'S SAKE, LET'S ROLLER SKATE Every Wed., Fri., Sal. And Sun. Nigl1I's Also Sunday Affernoons A+ WOLFE'S GROVE Sylvan Lake, Swee+ Valley FARMER, MODERN. POLKA DANCING EVERY SAT. NIGHT STANLEY C. CROOP Lumber and Firewood HUNLOCK CREEK, PA. Phone Shiclcshinny 4643 - - 6 . 724481656444 .Ml H, : 1 1 . ' DAIRY Plzooucrs uh- ...- ...1. 5 s X HUNTINGTON VALLEY DAIRY Complimenfs OI FRED HONTZ Local Coal Hauling Muhlenlourg 23I2 Complimenfs Of HANK'S BARBER SHOP Muhlenburg, Pa. Com plimenI's of RURAL SUPPLY COMPANY AGRICU LTU RE IMPLEM ENTS HARDWARE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Phone Mulnlenburg 233 I WILLARD BENSCOTER Dealer In BoH'led Gas For Heafing, Cooking, Hof Wa'Ier GASOLINE AND FUEL OIL Muhlenburg 222I GLENN W. BOWER Blue Ribbon Sfore SUNOCO GAS AND OIL Hunloclc Creek, Pa. Phone Muhlenlaurg 254I Complimenfs Of RUSSELL BONHAM'S FEED MILL MUHLENBURG. PA. CompIimen+s Of ACME GAS COMPANY Box 26 SHICKSHINNY. PA. Congrafulalions And Bes+ Wishes To The Gracluales Of l958 CRAWFORD'S Sporting Goods Wholesale and Retail l20 EAST MAIN STREET NANTICOKE, PA. Phone 297-J fig Besl' Wishes To Qi F The Class Of l958 X NEIL THoMPsoN Vg , STATE FARM INSURANCE Always Crispy Fresh Complimenls Of POTATO A WND WSE cm.-S LITHOGRAPHED BY TA LOR PUBLISHING CO. X DALLAS O TEXAS The Best Yearbooks me TAYLOR-MADE i 'U I ,. U 5 ., 'J"1wy:g,1 f WP' ' . . V, I, i 1 I w Q up Q 3 Ig. , xx 'Q

Suggestions in the Northwest Area High School - Northwester Yearbook (Shickshinny, PA) collection:

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