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Q ,-AcO ' J J ' ' v j V •- (7 CJ V Or . . x; " " " ' : ' v 5 V ATTEMTIOtJ: C DJIUb , BAR CODS IS LOCATED INSIDE OF BOOK h Vj. ' J iS " - v3j.:,, 5_ 0 .1 - - . W -Vr : - (v_ i ' " ■-- v: " - AV ' AfA S; - B 9 o 01.- " ) ' i : . J U . r- ;r-- - VSV Cr ' t ■ U ' -f-c ( V . - r o vt? v- - ' Vv- ' ' ,-• .-r y ' rv- t " ,ty ' ' ? ¥ . ' ; ( h ■ V r- NortKville High School . 6 Mladium - 775 N. Center Northville, MI 48167 Volume 66 A, J) " ' ■ r ..■o - •. ' ibSsjg3n »?0 ' " i ' ' msni ' %S B W " ' ®tt ,EN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY Gc 97 7. 1-02 N81 p 1 986 3 1833 03154 2324 l 11 I In Palladiurn sjixr CV 03 ri. j - 1 wmw ®t t£ti. iiLi x: Carrie Bickner, Dave Mer- rifield, and Hutch Kerns entertain students at the Spirit Week pep assembly. Seniors enjoy luncli Inour in tine new cafeteria. Seniors pull together for a win. - S jB " V ' " Y WiW JiWS I T ' HBt.1 ©)t t£i. ii. x: 4«.,. l-Vi Sophomores Tom Alexandris and Pat Beemer play a brassy duet. Guess what? You ' re on candid camera! Student Congress Secretary Beth Ross helps Mr. Redmond decide on the Spirit Week agenda. lf l? .V - -m. ©)£ t£lL l x: it ' V « Florence Nightingales Robin Strunk and Julie Dellinger comtort in|ured football players Phil Pendleton and Gary Harper. Hey seniors! Steve Yezback and Mike Kar- fis give Nick Morris and Matt Ashby a hi-five after scoring a goal. s H ' ' " ' W " ' CS- - ' rec . Northville High students take ' time out to enjoy the new v ' ( Media Center. ICXJ 6 Is it lunch or is it chefnistry at , the Annex? rAp- O il-,ec fhpr- m.Lk. ' ik ir©i if M. @)i tMm M,m.m% " Honest, we didn ' t do it! " think Andy Robson and Dave Dart. «.Vv. ' . ' .-i " taTawsB ' 7jni«iKKr ©)t tEii. i ii. x: idraisers Fundraising fever strikes NHS Fundraising fever began early this year, sending each class in a whirl of activity. The Freshmen immediately caught on to the im- portance of money-making with their success in passing out the AT T handbills. Commit- ted Sophomores withstood icy winter winds, determined to sell a cup of hot chocolate to everyone. Computer dating, a fun and new idea, added to the growing Junior treasury. This year was the Seniors ' last chance to raise money before their prom, and they charged full steam ahead by sponsoring dances and flower sales, as well as a Christmas ornament sale. Fundraisers are important events at Northville High School. Students learn how to work together and accomplish their goals, while making money at the same time. 16 " I want YOU to buy a yearbook, " says senior Karen Kaisner. Donkey Basket Ball — A popular Senior Class fund raiser. " I always knew you had a talent for decorating, " Anne Griffith tells Kevin Haas. Spirit Night ' 85 Despite the unusual state of disrup- tion at the high school, spirit and en- thusiasm leaked their way into the An- nex. Even though freshly poured tar and asphalt prevented students from racing around the track on Big Wheels, they still had fun hopping across the field in potato sacks and racing around goal posts in man-powered chariots. The first annual Big Mac Eating Con- test thrilled the audience but probably sickened the boys who tried to eat as many Big Macs as possible in five minutes. Musical chairs proved to be a popular activity when students who lost their seats received whipped cream pies in their faces, like Shannon Couzens. Each class collected their strongest stu- dent to anchor their tug-of-war rope. The junior class pulled the freshmen and seniors across the line to come up the champions. A bonfire complete with music from the band, chants from the cheerleaders, and laughing students rounded out an exciting even- ing and laid the path for future spirit nights. s T U D E N T TOP LEFT; Seniors strain under the juniors mighty tug. Aren ' t you hungry for Burger King now? MIDDLE: Nice facial, Shannon ' Jodi Smalec and Steve Paredes get together in the sack. I, Homecoming Once again Homecoming floats paraded through downtown Northville enroute to the football game against Franklin on October 11. More clubs and organizations than ever before took part in this year ' s fairy tale theme. The sophomores and freshmen made a fine showing with Peter Pan and Little Red Riding Hood, even though the seniors won as usual with the Three Little Pigs. The juniors captured second with Hansel and Gretel ' s candy house. David Robinson escorts junior representatives Susie Rahimi and Donn Hubbard. Sophomore representatives Eddie Walsh and Heather Cross ride through town. Freshmen Steve Ventura and Amy Hill parade past the cemetery. TOP LEFT: The seniors ' Three Little Pigs float takes first place. BOTTOM LEFT: The sophomores ' Peter Pan float sails through town. Parade ' 85 Choir members dressed themselves as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs while Scott Turner and his flute became the Pied Piper for the band float. Student Congress members and the Homecoming Court rode to the game in style. Hutch Kerns and Nicki LaRoque were crowned king and queen during half-time ceremonies. Homecoming week came to a climac- tic end with a victory over Franklin and an exciting evening of dancing. Queen Nicki LaRoque and King Hutch Kerns receive congratulations. Lucky Eric Leiendecker escorts th e ladies of the court: seniors Chris McGowan, Nicki LaRoque, and Mina Rahimi. TOP RIGHT; Franklin roasts inside the juniors ' Hansel and Gretel candy house. BOTTOM RIGHT; The freshmen ' s Big Bad Wolf eats up Little Red Riding Hood. Mr, and Mrs. Newitt walk Paul across the field. m MMMMMm ve Broad, Dianne Beldmg, Kevin Alexander. Phil Haines, Chris St. John, and their dates en;oy the Homecoming festivities. Mike Darrow, Scott Peterson, and his date enjoy the Homecoming dance. homecoming Dave Wayne, Darius Mikalonis, Sean Persha, and Dave Robinson, Homecoming escorts, audition to take their shov on the road Rose Sapla and Scott Steslak pause for a picture. ■ 1 1 H L 1 1 v " H i ' i i m { v B 1 ■KB Wm 1 J W 4 ' L S r KBj B M ■ r ' 1 I ■Tfl If K ) il l K ! , „ tj B 1 1 m Shawnemarie Pickarski takes a break from dancing. Chris Zayti, Mike Caldwell, Lisa Ver- nasco and her date go to the Homecoming dance in style. X) ' K ' , ' 0 € Go For It! Mustang power is everywhere One poor little lamb seems to have lost her way. Give ' m a little hip action, Beth! Lunge! I got it! SURPRISE! , , . spirit night Joanne Hinds is picture perfect in her latest fashions. fads and fashion Fads, fashion and hairstyles for every mood at NHS From neon and new wave to stonewashed and preppy, the look at NHS is forever changing. Brands like Guess and Forenza replaced BonJour and Jordache. Clothing covered with plaids, paislies, or floral prints, as well as stirrup pants and shaker knit sweaters, were common. Styles of the 50s came back bringing crew cuts, hightops, cropped pants and jackets of jean and leather. Costume jewelry coated with pearls and glassy gems ex- pressed the current fashion. Mowhawks, curled layers and bobs were popular hairstyles. Guys used hair gel and gals experimented with styling mousse. With our wide variety of changing tastes, nearly everyone is in style. Who knows what next year ' s fads and fashions will be! Homecoming King and Queen Nicki LaRoque and Hutch Kerns show off the r letter sweaters. John McRae and Dave Wayne show us the fashion of a Varsity letter man. Carrie Settino, Debbie Adamowicz and Cathi Crichton are ready to head home. Spirit soars in new high school Spirit Week 1986 was an exciting time, especially since Northville moved into the new high school. Students showed spirit by dressing up in pajamas, out-of-the-past clothes, occupational attire, beach wear, and, of course, orange and black colors. Northville students participated in different lunch time activities including pass-the-lifesaver, gold fish eating con- test, bobbing for apples, jello slurping, and impersonations. Northville also held an activities night much like the one during the football season. Some outstanding events were the tug-of-war, musical chairs, and the air band contest. The climax of the pep assembly on Friday was the an- nouncement of the 1986 Spirit King and Queen: Craig Kozler and Mina Rahimi. The representatives for the other classes were: Juniors Rich Gird and Beth Buckland; Sophomores Jeff Terwin and Cathie Crichton; and Freshmen Dave Buckland and Beth Swayne. School spirit carried the Mustang Cagers to victory over the Canton Chiefs. The first ever dance in the new NHS cafeteria followed, and the Juniors won in the third annual donkey basketball, concluding Spirit Week in high spirits. Sophomores wonder which way to the beach. Slurping jello is a messy business for sophomore Eddie Walsh. Senior Dave Trumbull seems to have missed the Ft. Lauderdale exit. Juniors head to the beach — in Northville? »» V f 22 spirit week I rules ir B ■CLASS OF Senior Class Mural Junior Class Mural Winning Sophomore Class Mural Freshman Class Mural Scott Wolfe thinks losing musical chairs has some definite disadvantages. Eat, John, Eat! encourages junior Wade Zoroya. And the winners are ■ Omar Zarou. Juniors Dave Kozler and Sally Searles and Jennifer Kilpatrlck await their turn to perform Julie Cass — Madonna and Appleonia Bargert strut their stuff. Spirit King Craig Kozler presents roses to Spirit Queen Mina Rahimi as her court looks on Rich Gird tells senior girls " I would die4 U. " Brad Ebel is air band back up for Rich Gird. Rob VanBuren shows off on the drums. spirit week Halls of NHS Echo With Spirit Queen Mina is all smiles as she is congratulated by fellow classmate Beth Ross. King Craig receives congratulations from Hutch Kerns in the background. Hutch Kerns brings the crowd to their feet with his version of Jailhouse Rock. John Meadows and Dave Merrifield )am to the Jailhouse Rock 25 Donkey Ball An All time Favorite yj M I ? S lift 4 =: " Won ' t you be surprised when I do move! " PamCavanaugh " feels " her way to winning the donkey diaper contest. Steve Ventura decides to check on Heather Sixth ' s progress from the bot- tom up. " Please hurry — they all left us. " spirit week Seniors Pattie Bargertand Russ Rothermel ■ ' arejam ' n Want to get into our picture Paul? " Shout — Let it all out. " Eric the Pom Pongirl. n Look Ma, No Head ' ' I like Mom ' s cooking best, " says Darren Candela. Hail, Hail, The Gang ' s All Herei Dave Trumbull, Marc Doolittle, Jim Cerretani, Randy Holloway, Scott Peterson, Mike Darrow and Ed Valentini. t Men of NHS Ham it Up " Look at that fox over there, " says Darius Mikalonis to Keith Putkiewicz. Russ, we think Karia has the better legs. Sometimes the world looks better upside-down, huh Jerry? Ben Custer, David Chamberlain and friend decide it ' s time to bring back " The Monkeys. " Emily Danes, Megan Abraham, Jennifer Hansen and Guenter Albrecht are on their way to see " The One and Only " Bruce Springsteen. Seniors Gary Harper, Paul Newitt and Craig Kozler are couch potatoes on Super Bowl Sunday. Steve Cook, Shawnemarie Pickarski, Steve Lee and t " Mike Crawford entertain NHS students with North- I 30 " •k ' :.- v. ' ; Life outside NHS Kim MacDonald and Annemarie Sadowski are California bound to visit ex- classmate Beth Parkinson Amy Spaman, Njckje Grasley and Robin Strunk " crash " after a hard day at M.SU, Soccer camp. Anne Griffith, Jennifer Kilpatrick, and Wendy Nuechterlein spent part of their summer in the copper mines of northern Michigan, Light too bright Wendy? Luxurious Simmons Airlines takes Wendy Nuechterlein, Jennifer Kilpatrick, Roxanne Serkaian and Anne Griffith to a Women in Engineer- ing conference at Mich. Tech. NICE SHINER ANNE! Service With A Smile Eric Terlecki and Susie Rahimi sort computer printouts for the counseling department. Hutch Kerns does the daily announcements while announcers Eric Leindecker and Mark Doizer wait In the background. John Llewellyn takes pictures for the Yearbook. Sheri Lane delivers the mall. Lori Osborne assists Mr. Redmond and Mr. Bolitho with the Pep Assembly. Our year at the Annex has brought many changes to the organizations at NHS. Groups such as Band, Choir, and Stu- dent Congress have remained strong in spite of half day ses- sions, lack of adequate meeting and practice space, and com- munication difficulties. Other groups such as S.A.D.D., Na- tional Honor Society, Yearbook, and Drama have had more trouble overcoming these obstacles. However, Student Con- gress and Pep Club held several successful dances, and Na- tional Honor Society profited from its stocking sale. Despite odd meeting hours, NHS students have remained active in their school ' s clubs and organizations. R 6 A N I Z A T I N S Flag girl Sara Johnson waits for parade to begin. Beth Buckland, Jodie Shil e, Jeff Bacigalupi and Beth Ross ride in the Student Congress spirit car to the Homecoming game. Members of the Northville community join the NHS Choir in the Halleluiah Chorus. Want to try tuba next, Kim? national honor societi; Honor Society grows Early on in the 1985-86 school year congratulations were in order for the members of the National Honor Society. With a rapid improvement in attendance and participation from the previous year, the group was well on their way to reachmg their goals. National Honor Society members sponsored several activities including an October flower sale, a very suc- cessful November Entertainment Book Sale, and a December canned food drive and stocking sale. In the spring the National Honor Society held a car wash and another Entertainment Book sale. Thanks to the leadership and organization of President Mary MacDonald, Vice President Matt Peltz, Secretary Jayshree Matadial, and Treasurer Diane Dragon, the group made an impact on fellow students and the community. In the words of sponsors, Emily Serafa-Manschot and Marie Hopkins, " We are really excited about the enthusiasm students are showing about participating in activities and we are looking forward to inducting as many students in May. " Santa ' s helpers, Mrs. Hopkins and Beth Ross, stuff stockings. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY — FRONT ROW: Jon Steinhauer, Jack Hosmer, Chris Beecher, Dorothy Ziegler, Jeff Buell, John Roth, Tern Forte, Karia Pear- son, Chrlsti Coppock, Leslie Norback, Jill Werdell, Sue Austin, David Kamin- ski, Anne Griffith. 2nd ROW: Jim Totten, Jeff Harp, Matt Peltz, Michael Tabacynski, Kris Marrone, Jennifer Nunn, Leslie Oliver. Lukas Kakogeorgiou, Suzanne LaChance, Adrienne Smith, Sharl Thompson, Kathryn Krueger, Laura Garr, Tom Baird, Michael Yaekle. 3rd ROW: Keith Gall, Phil Haines, Chris St. John, Sheryl Skolarus, Tamara Nichols, Kristine Karfis, Tracie Earl, Janice Van Loke, Erika Nelsen, Amy Gasser, Karen Stinson, Amy Spaman, Deborah DeFrancesco. Jeff Hamilton, John McRae, Dave McCreadie. 4th ROW: Jennifer Millgard, Beth Ross, Laura Hepler, Karl Neumaier, John Kipl- inger, Jennifer Kilpatrick, Eric Leiendecker, Roxanne Serkaian, Kristin Spigarelli, Dawn Kucher, Mary McDonald, Lori Osborne, Kevin Legel, Mark Olsen. BACK ROW: Dina Billimoria, sponsor Mane Hopkins, Caimen Lowe, Linda Krieger, Dawn Schweim, Nancy Holmes, Diane Dragon, Suellen Lane, Sally Searles, Lisa Lutz, Jill Kilner, Laura Clarke, Jayshree Matadial, Dee LaChance, Stephanie Pappas, Kim Flading, Tracy Dykoski, Dave Kozler, spon- sor Emily Serafa-Manschot. NOT PICTURED: Doug Ayers. John Baumann, Mark Bertagnolli, Jayne Carroll, Nicole Charchian, Lisa Crawford, Donna Dun- nabeck, Karl Freydl, Kevin Haas, Mark Hoffmann, Donn Hubbard, Randy Judd, Charles Kepner, Ric McCulloch, David Merrifield, Gerald Moore, Scott Nolan, Carol Olsen, Robert Pado, Susie Rahimi, Jodie Shike, Lisa Teubert, Julie Trausch, Teresa Wen, Omar Zarou. 33 Congress remains strong throughout renovation This year ' s Student Congress was one of impeccable organization and creative output. Just a few of the numerous and exciting activities were the Turkey Trot Dance which raised money for the Sophomores and Freshmen, the Bird Seed Sale, and the Christmas Dance. Spirit Week was once again a smooth operation due to the expertise and technique of the Student Congress members. The Western Lakes Activities Association dinner was at- tended by NHS student officials as well as leaders from other schools. The dinner provided an opportunity to ex- change ideas regarding fund raisers and school social activities. Hutch Kerns as President, Beth Buckland as Vice- President, Treasurer Kathy Whelan and Secretary Beth Ross did an excellent job, and NHS would be fortunate to have a congress equally as efficient in future years. STUDENT CONGRESS OFFICERS — President Hutch Kerns, Treasurer Kathy Whelan, Beth Buckland, Beth Ross. I told you a hundred times Hutch! You ' ve got to plug it in the wall first! Eric Leiendecker discovers that Student Congress can be a frightful experience when dealing with Beth Buckland, Mina Rahimi, Hutch Kerns, and Beth Ross. student congress STUDENT CONGRESS REPRESENTATIVES — FRONT ROW: Roxanne Serkaian, Karen Stinson, TyttI Barnett, Tricia Ducker, Anne Griffith, Jennifer Ciarkson, SECOND ROW: Jason Hill, Amy Gasser, Kris Sliles, Joelle Stephens, Mina Rahimi, Scott Stephens. THIRD ROW: Paul Stoecklin, Brett Michalski, Eric Leiendecker, Eddie Walsh, Tom Whelan. Jeff Bacigalupi, Mike Hilfinger, Hutch Kerns, Russell Rothermel, John Huston. BACK ROW: Kim Wilds, Jeff Terwin, Chip Heath, Jeannine LaPrad, Pat Balai. B Rob Devyak follows Northville tradition by wearing his band hat backwards after a Mustang victory Northville Marching Band entertains residents m the Homecoming Parade. NORTHVILLE MARCHING BAND — FRONT ROW: Rose Sapla, Dawn Leiand, Kolyan Dasgupta, Carl Kinzel, Kim Harris, Dean York, Linda Hall. Leigh Method, Nancy Holmes. 2nd ROW: Kelly Lott, Mickey Moore, Andy Viskantas, Brad Guerro, Lam Chisnell, Fiona Bicknell, Janice Van Loke, Jill Werdell, Rob Devyak. 3rd ROW: Sue Kilsdonk, Mike Brown, Eric Brott, Maria McPhail, Karen Mulla, Amy Segowski, Director Michael Rumbell. 4th ROW: Nicole Bush, Rick Abramovich, Tom Alexandris, Pat Beemer, Chris Shaw, Charles Kepner. 36 band Jazz band earns a 1 This year the band program at Northville High School was one of change, adjustnnent, and lots of new faces which brought an abundance of talent. Marching Band, the smallest in number but largest in spirit, built a float for Homecoming and took second place. Symphonic Band, the largest of the groups, and Jazz Ensemble took a trip to Washington D.C. where they participated in a music festival. They competed with other bands from across the nation. Jazz Ensemble earned the highest rating of one, and Sym- phonic Band earned a two. A stop at Busch Gardens added even more fun to their trip. Seniors have shown that spirit and close companionship are an integral part of being a band member. Jazz Band swings into their music. CONCERT BAND — FRONT ROW: Tracie Earl, Rick Abramovich, Amy Smits, Nicole Bush, Dawn Leiand, Charles Kepner, Karen Mulla, Janice Van Loke, Jill Werdell. 2nd ROW: Krista Leiendecker, Cindy Brandon, Eric Brott, Tom Alexandris, Scott Turner, Todd Clason, Amy Gardner, Bob Schuiz, Rose Sapla, Maria McPhail, Karry Hesse, Kim Lowe, Laura King, Jessica Wiedman. BACK ROW: Georgia Poulos, Linda Hall, Chris Shaw, Pat Beemer, Matt Ho, Rob Devyak, Fiona Bicknell. Lanette Chisnell, Brad Guerro, Dennis Leiand, Todd VanHoosear, Mickey Moore, Andy Viskantas, Cheryl Garr, STANDING: Karen Krueger, Dean York, Tim Laundra, Director Michael Rumbell. 37 Choir numbers grow Under the direction of Mary Kay Price, Northville High School ' s choir program has grown larger and stronger each year. This year ' s program consists of Concert Choir, Treble Chorus, Vocal Workshop, a mixture of male and female students who sing pop and show tunes, and Barbershop Quartet. The newest vocal group at NHS, Northville Singers, consists of eight males and eight females who were selected by audition. Nor- thville Singers entertained audiences at the Novi Hilton as well as at several civic functions. In February Northville Singers performed at Festival and were awarded a second place rating. Senior Jennifer Cox also brought home honors by receiving a number one rating at the State Honors Choir Festival. Throughout the year choir members have had a busy schedule entertaining the community, singing the national anthem at all home athletic events, and producing their most successful fundraiser of the year — Val-0-Grams, flowers delivered with a Valentine ' s Day song. BARBERSHOP QUARTET — David Wolfram, Russell Rothermei, John Kiplinger, Scott Turner. VOCAL WORKSHOP — FRONT ROW: Karia Pearson, Steve Lee, Mary Kay Price. 2nd ROW: Nancy Holmes, Laura Hepler, Susan Strathmann, Dean Frellick, Jennifer Cox, Jason Merecki, Erica Clancy, Tonya Hammond, Dawn Kucher. 3rd ROW: Hamid Assar, Dean York, Charles Kepner, Mike Valentini. 4th ROW: Laura Garr, Leigh Method, Jill Werdell. BACK ROW: Rob Dietiker, Hutch Kerns, Scott Turner. Mrs. Price warms up Vocal Workshop. choir NORTHVILLE SINGERS — FRONT ROW Carrie Bickner, Leigh Method, Jill Werdell, Tonya Hammond, Kathy Whelan, Mina Rahimi, Karia Pearson, Jennifer Cox. BACK ROW: Jason Merecki, Rob Dietiker, Steve Lee, Hutch Kerns, Steve Valentlni, Scott Turner, John Kiplinger, Russ Rothermel. CONCERT CHOIR — FRONT ROW: Linda Groves, Heather Baxter, Terri Forte, Nancy Merrifield, Kathy Whelan, Laura Hepler, Karen Krueger, Jessica Wiedman, Lori Hoff- meister. SECOND ROW: Mary Phillips, Laurie Allison, Joyce Downs, Courtney Bond, Kelly Padden, Shannon Couzens, Michelle Petro, Nancy Holmes, Ann Cornwell, Cheryl Garr, Mary Kay Pryce. THIRD ROW: Tonya Ham- mond, Vykki Santoni, Kathy Krueger, Linda Hall, Pam Warner, Ruth Chesney, Jennifer Cox, Tia Chaudhery, Beth Neumaier. BACK ROW: Todd Clason, Steve Guldberg, Dave Wolfrom, Brian Riker, Mark Dozier, Russ Rothermel, Jason Merecki, John Kiplinger, Wayne Harrison, Dean York. TREBLE CHORUS — FRONT ROW: Michelle Petro, Pam Warner, Beth Swayne, Jennifer Leannais, Mary Kay Pryce. MIDDLE ROW: Janet Larson, Sue Hines, Cindy Brandon, Jamie Melton, Kris Wetzel. BACK ROW: Tina York, Carrie Holladay, Kristen Kugler, Dawn Leiand, Wendy Kohl. 39 Senior section editor Lori Hoffmeister is all smiles after completion of the yearbook. Left Center: Sophomores Kara GoscinskI and Jennifer Hansen wrap up their sections with ease. Lower Left; Freshmen Karen Meehan and Jill Sundberg just love to )ob 40Stampi Freshmen Jill Sundberg, Nancy Doyle, and Karen Meehan use teamwork to complete their pages. Right Center; Selling ads is Tom Alexandris ' s cup of tea. Lower Right; Anne Griffith and Carol Rahimi conceal their worries before the final pages are finished. . -. .,.•.-.. . ..,-.;..»,l, , , .f , . .. ;earbook Palladium emerges from renovation rubble The 1986 yearbook committee has successfully overcome a series of difficult obstacles. The lack of a classroom in which to congregate made meetings almost impossible, but Carol Rahimi, organizer of the 1986 Palladium, kindly donated her home in order for the yearbook to be completed. In addition, the lack of people with previous experience on the yearbook staff made the early weeks a bit confusing. However, the com- mittee soon rose above this hindrance. Anne Griffith, as editor-in-chief, deserves to be commend- ed for all the time and effort she selflessly put forth. And, as usual, other activities prohibited many members from being available for constant participation. However, with the aid of all the contributors who spent time writing articles, typing, and giving encouragement, the yearbook was completed on time and is a fine example of the determination of a dedicated few. Palladium editor-in-chief junior Anne Griffith YEARBOOK STAFF — FRONT ROW: Nancy Doyle, Alyce Schoenith, Reece Baldwin, Mina Rahimi, Anne Griffith. SECOND ROVif: Jill Sundberg, Jill Roth, Karen Kaisner, Lori Hoffmeister, Genny Gabrys, Ronda Patino. THIRD ROW; Lukas Kakogeorgiou, Carrie Hardin, Kim Flading, Kim MacDonald, Jeff Harp, Mike Darrow, Scott Peterson. BACK ROW: Gloria Fries, Laura Wolsos, Dianne Kuckenbecker, Annemarie Sadowski, Tom Baird, Dave Merrifield, Tom Alex- andris. NOT PICTURED: Shannon Couzens, Kara Gosinski, Jennifer Hansen. Conrad Birdie comes to Northville High " Bye Bye Birdie, " this spring ' s musical, was directed by newcomer David Drobot. Although the production started late, the performance came together wonderfully in ' a healthy, normal, American way. ' Hutch Kerns played Conrad Birdie, a popular Elvis-Type 50 ' s singer who was drafted into the Army. As a promotion for him, his managers Albert, Russ Rothermel, and Rosie, Mina Rahimi, picked one lucky girl to receive the ' last kiss ' from Conrad. Karia Pearson played the chosen one — Kim MacAffee. Nancy Merrifield and Jim Chappell were her parents and Jason Merecki her brother. Kim ' s steady, Hugo Peabody, was portrayed by Ian Chowdhury. The above parts combined with thirty more ' fine, upstanding, healthy ' high school kids to ' put a happy face ' on all who saw the play. Once again Northville High School students showed that they have ' a lot of livin ' to do ' with a top quality performance. KarIa Pearson is all smiles as she thinks about her date with Conrad Birdie, while her brother Jason Merecki and her mother Nancy Merrifield look on. Mina Rahimi — Rosie — gets a little friendly advice from Albert ' s mother — Laura Hepler. Hutch Kerns — " Birdie " — receives instruc- tions from his manager Albert Peterson played by Russ Rothermel. 42 drama Rosie — Mina Rahimi — Is elated with boss and fiance Albert ' s — Russ Rothermel — plans to get Conrad Birdie on the Ed Sullivan Show. -ID Peppin ' Up NHS Once again this year the Pep Club spon- sored the Homecoming dance. Under the direction of Mike Crawford and Steve Cook the group organized the event following the fairy tale theme. The creative club also introduced a new activity for Homecoming spirit week — class competition night. At this first an- nual event held on the football field, the Pep Club took full responsibility for plan- ning each event. Gunny-sack races, 3- legged races, tug of war, and the chariot challenge proved to get all classes rowdied up. However, the audience let loose most astoundingly during musical chairs when the losers received whipped cream pies in their faces. As in the past the Pep Club provided a concession stand at football and basket- ball games. With such uniquely peppy students working together, the Northville High school Pep Club is bound to introduce even more creative festivities in years to come. PEP CLUB — FRONT ROW, Steve Cook, Mike Crawford, Shawnemarie Pickarski. 2nd ROW: Lisa Crawford, Karen Mirisola, Donna Dunnabeck, Kristin Mirisola, Mary Ptiillips- BACK ROW: Steve Lee, Sally Campbell, Eve Ranney, Kathryn Krueger, Shelley Skinner. Even In the Meads Mill cafeteria students have fun at the Homecoming dance. S.A.A.D. Students work for alcohol free proms One of this year ' s newest organizations is S.A.D.D. (Students Against Drunk Driv- ing) which formed under the direction of Assistant Principal William Hamilton. Despite the split schedules, a group of for- ty students attended the first meeting and elected officers for the 1985-86 school year. Under the leadership of co-presidents Beth Buckland and Mark Dozier, Vice President Roxanne Serkaian, Secretary Anne Griffith, and Public Relations Head Mary Phillips, the group made plans to in- volve a greater variety of students and to make elementary and middle school children more aware of the dangers of drinking and driving. Several officers attended league-wide S.A.D.D. meetings in Farmington to ex- change ideas and to broaden the scope of S.A.D.D. amongst other area high schools such as Harrison, Churchill, Canton, and Novi. In November students attended Pro- ject Graduation in Southfield where the day was spent exchanging ideas to be in- stigated around graduation time to discourage drinking and driving. Thanks to the help of Northville Action Council, the play " One More for the Road " was performed before spring break as a reminder to students not to drink and drive. Hopefully the efforts of this group will help prevent young teenage drinkers from sitting behind the wheel of a car. Co-president Mark Dozier ad- dresses the student body with a S-A.DD public service announcement. S.A.D.D. OFFICERS — FRONT ROW: Co-president Mark Dozier, Public Relations Head Mary Phillips, Vice-president Roxanne Serkaian. BACK ROW: Secretary Anne Griffith, Co-president Beth Buckland. Boosters Make Us Better Supporting the Northville Public Schools and the activities of their students has long been a priority of Northville parents. They have given their support through organizations such as the Northville Mothers Club, Northville Athletic Boosters, Northville Music Boosters, and the Northville Ac- tion Council. The Northville Mothers Club is a ser- vice Organization of 35 women w hose purpose is to promote the educational enrichment of youth in the Northville community. This is accomplished through many fund raising events such as the printing and selling of ads for the community phone book, ski and skate sale, and Christmas open houses. NHS has been fortunate to receive generous contributions from Mothers Club, such as a piano and tuxedos for the choir, a VCR camera, typew riters, computers, potters wheels and funds to send delegates to boys ' and girls ' state. Northville Athletic Booster Club is an organized group of parents who support the sports program at NHS. Coopera- tion and hard work by these parents have reaped very successful fund raisers. They sell season passes for sports events, gather advertisements for sport programs, and organize a popular and well attended Clambake. The aim of this Boosters Club is to offer support and to share their funds with coaches and students for the better- ment of their sports program. This year they bought a girls pitching machine and wind screens for the tennis courts. In addition they contributed to the pur- chase of a new timing system for the swimming pool and for asphalt to pave a runway along the track. Parents of students involved in the Arts program at NHS have organized to provide similar assistance to these students and their advisors. Their pur- pose is to encourage the development and growth of the Music Department at NHS. Among the fund raising con- ducted by Music Boosters are an an- nual pumpkin bread sale, cheese and sausage sale and the making and sell- ing of Music Booster buttons. This year their funds were spent to provide uniforms for the choir and to purchase awards for their spring banquet. The newest parent support group at NHS is the Northville Action Council. Their pur- pose is to give assistance to SADD — Students Against Drunk Driving, when needed and to provide programs and information to students at Northville High concerning drinking and drug abuse. They have been busy raising funds for these programs by selling hot dogs at the concession stand during home basketball games. Northville High and its students are very fortunate to have such active parents behind them. Mothers Club members vote in their next project. booster clubs M yuii Top: Parents are fans too. Middle: Northville action Council " inaction. " Bottom: Betty Willerer, Carole McCreadie, and John and Karen Hill wait for their lobster at the Athletic Boosters Clam Bake. Bottom Right: Athletic Booster Dads " man " the ribs. computer club Computer users join to form Binary Digits Over one year ago a local group of com- puter users joined together to form a club. This group ' s purpose was to gather people with a common interest in computers, ex- change ideas and have fun. Through the work put forth and money donated by all the members of the group, enough equipment was purchased to set up a full time computer bulletin board system. Today the group con- sists of almost twenty members, most of which attend Northville High School. As our school moves toward a stronger and more technically supported computer cur- riculum, the group would like to generate a greater interest in computers and introduce a school sponsored group known as the Binary Digits. The future will bring only more com- puters, and those who enjoy them should have a place to share a common interest. Like so many others without a place to call home at the Annex, the computer club sets up its equipment in the cafeteria COMPUTER CLUB — FRONT ROW: Dave Broad, Chris St. John, Scott Bulin, Leonard Goretski. 2nd ROW: Chris Ottolini, Phil Haines, Kevin Alexander, Jim Totten. 48 ' ■ " ?• •« «»!. s p R T S Varsity Cheerleaders pause for a picture Nice teeth Susie! Run, Phil, Run! EaMB MI CaSdMBB Which way did it go ' ( ' " QtK ■ — 3- A ' c::? A A, ' .X ' A A uJ r " Z c - ' ' ' - -?Jl 2 f oJ " J -J . ■ J l( . ' U ' i- " v -5 ' Don Norton outjumps his opponent to snatch two points. NHS students show their spirit. Up, up and Away, Mike! i VU ' im , . • • f« 3 k i . " " ' - " ' ■ " ■ ' ■ - " .t- r-i?3l .,ii 1 Let ' s take a vote coach This Is Mustang Country ' The Breakfast Club. Nice P.J. ' s Russ! f. ■ ' ■■lyf . ' ■ ' M•»X P !«w?,•w •»f«s: ' »«6 •«n - « men s soccer Strikers finish strong With only four seniors on this year ' s men ' s varsity soccer team, the young kickers ' performance in the highly competitive Western Lakes Conference was very impressive. The Mustangs finished with a 7-6-3 record, ending the season with a heartbreaking overtime loss to Canton during the regional playoffs. The hooters ended up third in the division and fifth in the league standings. Fred Cahill, returning captain Dan Magdich, and graduating cap- tain Matt Peltz were chosen to the first team, all Western Division, while Ken Kossak, Nick Morris, Doug Ayers and Todd Stowell were elected to the second team, all Western Division. Coach Dave Yezback, after successfully dealing with the pressures that accompany a first year coach, said of the team, " After a very slow start, everything started to click and we finished strong in a league where Salem, Canton, Churchill, and Stevenson took turns in the state rankings. Our young team got stronger throughout the ' 85 season and will continue its progress next year. " Senior Matt Ashby lunges toward the opponent ' s goal. V ' NIS MEN ' S VARSITY SOCCER .- , 3 ' 5 - 1 1 2 3 2 2 2 Canton Stevenson Franklin Farmington Churchill N. Farmington Harrison Salem ' , W.L. Western Stevenson Canton Franklin Ypsilanti Farmington Canton Harrison Salem N. Farmington W.L. Central Churchill 0pp. - ' 3 -. ' MEN ' S VARSITY SOCCER TEAM — FRONT ROVI : Jim Burkowski, Mike Karfis, Ken Neal, Chris Goode, Dave Moore, Roger Kimery, Steve Yezback, Walt Wittrick. 2nd ROW: Chris Anderson, Stewart Kissinger, Todd Stowell, Scott Wolfe, Eric Halverson, Paul Stoecklin, Steve Brooks, Ian Newton. BACK ROW; Coach Dave Yezback, Paul Maliszewski, Mark Guard, Doug Ayers, Dan Magdich, Matt Peltz, Nick Morris, Ken Kossak, Fred Cahill. Wijmen ' s cross country Small but mighty 4-4 Coached by Ann Turnbull, the 1985 Women ' s Cross Coun- try team had an outstanding season. Led by senior co-captains Sue Blanchard and Wendy Nuechterlein, the team consisted of seniors Lynn Bills and Pam Cavanaugh, juniors Kris Mar- rone and Carol Olsen, sophomore Jennifer Goshorn, and freshman Nancy Belding. The team had a 4-4 record for the overall season and one state qualifier, Nuechterlein, who made her fourth appearance at the most prestigious meet of the season. Looking forward to the 1986 season, the Mustangs have four valuable runners returning. Sophomore Jennifer Goshorn strides to the finish line with senior Sue Blanchard at her heels. Senior Lynn Bills struggles to get her sweaty socks on. Juniors Carol Olsen and Kris Marrone pause for a snapshot. m MliilKrg m ' 1 CROSS ' COUNTRY HI NHS Opp 40 Novi 21 1 - 34 South Lyon 23 - 27 North Farmington 30 22 Franklin 37 Churchill 21 Harrison 29 Western WOMEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY — FRONT ROW; Jennifer Goshorn, Captain Wendy Nuechterlein, Tracy Nelson, captain Sue Blanchard, Nancy Belding. BACK ROW: Coach Ann Turnbull, Pam Cavanaugh, Carol Olsen, Lynn Bills, Kris Marrone. men ' s cross countty Team depth leads harriers to 7-1 record With the Mustangs Men ' s Cross Country team returning only one regular varsity harrier from 1984, the 1985 season was sup- posed to be a rebuilding year. It turned out to be anything but that, as the team finished the dual meet season with a 7-1 record. The harriers had a 5-1 WLAA conference record and were 4-1 in the Western Division, narrowly missing the division crown in a close meet with rival Plymouth Canton. The consistent outings of Kevin Haas, Scott Wiley, Ken Booth, and John Kissinger paced the harriers all year. The team ' s depth, however, helped make the season so successful. MEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY — FRONT ROW: Mike Nuechterlein, Wayne Harrison, Kirk Kabel, Scott Wiley. MIDDLE ROW: John Kissinger, Kevin Haas, Kevin Legel, Doug Meadows, Jeff Hoose, Paul Leavitt. BACK ROW: Tim Muncell, Greg Newton, Matt Hinds, Ken Bootfi, Jeff Cross. MEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY NHS Opp. 19 Novi 39 25 South Lyon 34 22 North Farmmgton 39 17 Franklin 45 23 Churchill 32 16 Harrison 47 24 Western 35 30 Canton 25 Junior Scott Wiley sprints for the finish line eaving his opponent far behind. Junior Kevin Haas raced his way into the state finals. Outstanding individuals snatch titles The Northville High School Women ' s Tennis Team had an outstanding year despite conflicting schedules between the up- per and lower classmen. The combined efforts of Mrs. Filkin and Mr. Norton led the team to a 7-6 record. Senior Sue Lane also assisted the two coaches as well as keeping up the team spirit. Freshman Heidi Robins and sophomore Kathleen Kotarski, outstanding at third doubles, won their conference title. Freshman Abby Edwards, at third singles, won her division title. The combined junior-senior doubles teams of Dorothy Ziegler and Lisa Felicelli (first doubles) and Lauren Oliver and Jennifer Millgard (second doubles) captured their division titles as well. The Junior Varsity team proved their strength by overwhelming their opponents all season. Shannon Couzens and Nancy Dutkiewicz won their League Division title. Many thanks to their supportive team mascot, Tigger, who kept them laughing through a fun as well as successful season. Freshman Abby Edwards swung her way to a division title. Senior Lisa Felicelli Is always ready and waiting for the next serve. women ' s tennis BACK ROW: Aimee Edwards, Karen Morgan, Shannon Couzens, Sue Duncan, Mernlyn Michelitch, Coach Uta Filkin, Adrienne Edwards, Wendy Wheeker, Amy Mathis, Abby Edwards, Lauren Oliver, MIDDLE ROW; Sue Lane, Lisa Felicelll, Heather Cross, Katy Kibbey, Knsten Hooks, Julie Millgard, Jennie Trabin, Beth Conley, Sara Demeter, Shannon Jackson, Jacquie Trausch. FRONT ROW: Lynn Frellick, Nanci Dutkiewicz, Dorthy Ziegler, Heidi Robins. EIke Ehrhardt, Leslie Oliver, Lauri Nance, Carolyn Abraham, Jill Stiles, Jen- nifer Millgard. NOT PICTURED: Kathleen Kotarski, Jodi Smalac, Jenny Frey, Sheila Sanford. fttf- ' ' s golf Golfers post 7-3 record The 1985 Men ' s Golf Team highlighted by new coach Harold McVicar compiled a 7-3 overall record, much improved over last seasons 6-6 mark. In division play this year ' s squad earned a fourth place finish with their 5-3 division record. The team ' s up-coming talent comes from Freshmen Kevin Telepo and Mark Stephens. Also sophomore Kirk Windisch, the most improved golfer this year, will add to the 1986 team. Most importantly Northville will be looking for leadership from return- ing juniors Ric McCulloch, J. IVIoore and John Nordbeck. Graduating seniors from the 1985 team are John Taschner, Mark Olsen, Keith Dutkiewicz, Mark Zayti and Co-Captains Ron Demeter and Mike Oglesby. Ron Demeter watches his ball sail to the green. Mark Stephens and Ric McCulloch enjoy an afternoon at the golf course. ' GOLF 1 NHS 0pp. 212 South Lyon 214 159 Thurston 175 215 John Glenn 219 220 Churchill 209 213 Canton 218 212 b- ' em 220 219 Franklin 215 221 Farmington 226 228 Western 198 212 Harrison 231 GOLF TEAM — FRONT ROW: John Nordbeck, Kirk Windisch, Mike Oglesby, Kevin Telepo. BACK ROW: John Taschner, Ric McCulloch, Ron Demeter, Coach Harold McVicar, Mark Olsen, Keith Dutkiewicz, J. Moore. 1 women s swimming Swimmers splash in ' 85 Although the Northville Mustang swimmers had an irregular season, coach Bill Dicks still managed to produce a winning team. Placing seventh at the WLAA Relays at the beginning of the season and eighth at the League Championships, the Mustangs were a talented team. High point scorers Freshman Sue Settles, Junior Shari Thompson and Senior Kim Brining helped the Mustangs win many meets. Co-Captains Kim Valade, Erika Nelsen and Shari Thompson were also great assets to the team. Congratulations to Freshman Sue Settles who went to the state meet in the 200 yd. freestyle. The team was young this year, but Coach Dicks is looking for an even stronger team in the years to come. Erika Nelsen pops up for air while racing in the breast stroke. Freshmen Sue Settles butterflies her way toward a victory . ■ «;« w WOMEN ' S SWIM NHS 111 YpsilantI 104 ; Thurston 92 " Farmington 97 Novi 70 Salem 79 John Glenn 69 Churchill 91 Harrison 73 Brighton 122 Western 48 Franklin 84 Canton WOMEN ' S SWIM TEAM — FRONT ROW: Michelle Beecham. Julie Hilfmger, Sue LaChance. Stephanie War- ren, Jennifer Juhasz, Becky Frayne, Pam Wesley. Joelle Stephens. Dee LaChance, Kim Wilds MIDDLE ROW: Kristi Fortenberry, Genevieve Gabrys, Sue Settles, Kim Brining, Er;ka Nelsen, Karen Petersen, Jenny Clark. BACK ROW: Stacy Lang, Sandy Loftus, Laurel Wilkinson, Laura Abramovich, Kathy Settles — Assistant Coach, Bill Dicks — Head Coach, Diane Ford, Laura Williams, Shan Thompson, Kim Valade. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM — FRONT ROW: Chris CerrentanI, Mark Bennett, Jeff Wesley, Jorn Ryen, Steve Swamba, Dave McKee, Brian O ' Neill. Chris Pyle. 2nd ROW: Steve Ventura, Kurt Cleveland, Darren Cande ' a, Neil Hubert, Todd Daniels, Chris Bowman, Joe Buttigieg, Pat Balai. 3rd ROW: Water Boy Danny Walsh, Assistant Coach Mike Quartuccio, Paul Basile, Eddie Walsh, Tony Lawrence, Assistant Coach Bob McAllister, Head Coach Omar Harrison. 4th ROW: Mark Stevens, Mark Price, John Frisbie, Mike Yard, Sean Starkweather, Mike Valentine, Dave Felicelli. 5th ROW: Brad Kirsch, Kevin O ' Dell, Mike Hale, Scott Stevens, Derek Osborne, Paul Stiles. football H I - I Gridders overcome injuries The Varsity Football team looked for- ward to making the state playoffs this season, but due to some key injuries to Gary Harper, Co-Captain Mark Deal and others, that goal was pushed out of reach. However, under the skillful leadership of Co-Captains Mark Deal, Paul Newitt, and Phil Pendleton, the team pulled together to win four of their last five games and finish over .500. The season closed with the team ' s injuries healed and a victory over Novi. Paul Newitt was recognized as the team ' s Most Valuable Player at the team banquet. Upper Left: Hutch Kerns weeds his way through the defenders Center: Jack Sylvestre works his way through a Bulldog snag. Low er Left: Paul Newitt rushes past his defender to complete a pass. ■ ' i ' " ' ? MUSilKl. il iAiii;i Jf - [■■4:. 4. : i VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM — FRONT ROW: Dave Kozler, Adam Morris, John Sugar, Randy Holloway, Allen Hite, John McRae. Craig Kozler, Scott Lazzara. 2nd ROW: Matt Hubert. Russ Rothermel. Chris Cooney, Jeff Harp, Coach Tony Piscopink, Coach Dennis Colligan, Coach Darrell Schumacher. Scott Nolan, Phil Pendleton. Jim Cerretani, Brett Belliston, 3rd ROW: Jason Lazar, Tim Millen, Marty Broderick, Paul Newitt, Jeff Hamilton, Dan Boland, Tim Spradlm, Dave Trumbull, Chris Sellen. BACK ROW: Kyle Boring. Mike Hilfinger, Karl Freydl, Hutch Kerns, Tony Briningstool, Don Norton, Mark Deal, Gary Harper. Jack Sylvestre, Jamie Craik. i sa b w Is. , ' 4- V ft © « 1 . " JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS — FRONT ROW; Stacy Cataldo, Missy Smith. 2nd ROW; Barbie Buck, Kathy Abraham, Amy Hill, Erin Carroll. BACK ROW; Laura Lutz, Leigh Bills. Juniors Karen Stinson and Amy Spaman hold Susie Rahimi in a foot press. Senior Lori Osborne and sophomore Stacy Cataldo take time out for a snapshot. Varsity cheerleaders jump for the Mustangs. cheerleading Cheerleaders fly high Once again this year the Mustang cheerleaders sparked school spirit by leading football and basketball fans m chants and cheers. Newcomer to Northville, Juanita Birdsong, took the job as Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleading coach. The cheerleaders attended a P.A.C.E. cannp during July and helped with the Junior Baseball World Series in August. They also gave the football players a surp rise breakfast and planned an ex- citing Pep Rally during Spirit Week. To their disappointment league competition was canceled this year, but they took part in a Pistons competition in December. Led by the three senior co-captains, Lisa Lutz, Lori Osborne, and Kristin VanderBok both the J.V. and Varsity squads pro- moted good sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and overall pride in Northville High School. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS — FRONT ROW: Karen Stinson, Susie RahimI, Annemarie Sadowskl. BACK ROW: Lisa Tuckfleld, Lisa Lutz, Lorl Osborne, Kristin VanderBok, Amy Spaman. Susie Rahimi " Flips out " at the Spirit Week pep assembly Senior Kristin VanderBolt kicks It out during Spirit Week. Sophomores Barb Buck and Laura Lutz get reassurance before the Homecoming parade from Varsity cheerleader Kristin VanderBol(. agers post 11-10 record 1985 was the varsity cagers year to ' get over the hump. ' " Our 11 wins and 10 losses was the first time in four years that Northville Women ' s Varsity Basketball has posted a winning record, " said second year varsity coach, Ed Kritch. A thrilling 43-39 victory over top ten Plymouth Canton was a high point in the cager ' s season, but the Chiefs fought back a month later and defeated Northville in the first round of the state tournament. Senior tri-captains Mary Howley, Chris McGowan, and Michele Siemasz were a big part of Northville ' s success as they were spirited and showed leadership to the rest of the team made up of 9 juniors and 1 sophomore. Talented juniors were noted for their fine playing. Forward Tricia Ducker was awarded All-Conference, All-Area first team, All-State honorable mention, and was voted the team ' s MVP. Center Sue Schrader was awarded All-Division and All-Area second team. Guard Julie Anger was All-Area honorable mention and voted the team ' s best defensive player. Anne Griffith was the most improved player. The total team effort and the friendship of the players toward each other contributed to their success, and 1986 looks even more promising with 10 out of the 13 players returning. Julie Anger snags the ball out of her opponent ' s hands. I mm NHS 39 39 32 ,46 S m rt VARSITY BASKETBALL Pinckney Novi Churchill Stevenson Harrison 1 Wajled Lake Central •Walfed Lake Western Franklin John Glenn Canton North Farmington Churchill Salem Harrison Walled Lake Western Farmington Canton Allen Park " " John Glerfn Canton ' - 0pp. 29 24 34 40 16 42 32 48 45„- 2 3SB zM 34S 20I 20 25 37. 2Pr „53 41 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM — Jenny Kuffner, Jenny Stevens, Roxanne Serkaian, Anne Griffith, Joanne . j» Hinds. Sue Schrader, Coach Ed Kritch, Tricia Ducker, Michelle Siemasz, Mary Howley, Robin Strunk, Julie , Anger, Chris McGowan, Jill Gallagher. L_Jl women ' s basketball Julie Anger and Mary Howley watch their teammates while Coach Ed hides his eyes in disbelief Junior Sue Schrader fights off a Canton chief on the warpath. Upper Left: Tricia Ducker follows through for two points. Pom pon squad kicks their way to a first With gusto and determination Senior Chris Stassinos took eleven new Pom Pon girls and quickly brought them together to achieve an overall 2nd rating at camp this past summer. Under the direction of their advisor Vicki Zidell, the girls dazzled Northville fans with their entertaining and colorful half-time performances. The highlight of their season came at Mid-American Competition wh ere the pom pon girls, with the assistance of twelve able bodied males, brought home a first place trophy for their novelty routine. The squad also received an award for being the most entertaining squad at competition. The pom pon girls of NHS continue to provide Northville audiences with half-time shows extraordinaire. Eric Leiendecker, Lorie Allison, Juiie Carrothers, and her partner bring the ' SO ' s back to Northville High. POM PON SQUAD - FRONT ROW: Shelly Huizing, Kim Rush, Kathy Kennedy, Kathleen Holloway. 2nd ROW: Captain Chris Stassinos, Stephanie Pappas, Julie Car- rothers, Lone Allison, Kris Valade. BACK ROW: Shelley Valentine, Terri Forte. NOT PICTURED: Robyn Wisely. 62 pom pon Juniors Robyn Wisely and Kathy Ken- nedy perform for NHS fans. Pom pon girls discover that wfien you add males to a routine, your crowd ap- peal soars Look out Radio City, tiere we come! Wade Zoroya flips his partner with ease. J " lastics Gymnastics team rebuilds Despite the problems of broken equipment and a young squad, Coach Michelle Charnlga and Manager Mike Valentine managed to pull everything together and accomplish many goals. Patti Dunnabeck, the team ' s only senior, competed on the beam and floor exercise along with junior Theresa Gatti, who also par- ticipated on bars. Sophomore Angle Miller competed on beam and vault. Another sophomore, Sherri Lane, competed on vault and bars. Junior Liz Hartman participated on beam and bars. The team had five all-arounders; juniors Tonia Hickman and Donna Dunnabeck, sophomore Shelly Stelnhebel, and freshmen Yvonne Beebe and Wendy Beach. These people carried the weight of the team, but the success of the team was due to everyone working together. Captain Tonia Hickman and Wendy Beach also qualified for th e Regional Meet in Jackson. The 1986 season was a rebuilding year, but the future of the women ' s varsity gymnastics team looks very promising. Gymnast Tonia Hickman works out on the balance beam. LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Rattle Dun- nabeck, Yvonne Beebe, Sherri Lane, Christina Zaytl, Elizabeth Hartman, Donna Dunnabeck, Theresa Gatti. FRONT ROW: Tim Ineich, Jen- nifer Riker, Coach Michelle Charnlga, Wendy Beach, Tonia Hickman. NOT PICTURED: Angle Miller, Shelley Seinhbel. 64 equestrian Equestrian riders take third place The Northville High school Equestrian team competed in three meets this Fall riding against Class A and Class B Teams from the surrounding area. Northville finished its season m 3rd place at the final meet with Fowlerville edging Northville out by three points for the Class B Division. Junior Wendi Trexler rode in Western Equitation, Western Bareback, Western Riding, Hunt Seat Equitation, Two-Man Relay and also showed her horse in Western Fitting and Showing. Senior Kathy Doyle showed her horse in Hunt Seat Equitation., Cloverleaf, Flag Race, Speed and Action and Hunt Seat Fitting and showing. Junior Erin Sullivan showed in Saddle Seat Fitting and Showing, Saddle Seat Pattern, Speed and Action and Cloverleaf; her brother freshman Sean Sullivan, competed in Western Equitataion, Western Riding Trail and Two-Man Relay. Freshman Tammy Geake competed in Saddle Seat Pattern, Sad- dle Seat Bareback, Speed and Action and Flag Race. Grooming of both the horse and rider and presentation are nearly as important as riding skill, with the emphasis on an all- around approach to horsemanship. Coach Kelly Sullivan was pleased with her team and hopes to make it to the State Finals next year! Erin Sullivan and her horse Shay go around the barrel to win the class. Kathy Doy le on Gray gallops to the finish line to win a first. EQUESTRIAN TEAM — FRONT ROW: Kelly Sullivan, coach; Erin Sullivan. BACK ROW: Wendi Trexler. Sean Sullivan, Tammy Geake. NOT PICTURED: Kathy Doyle. VARSITY BASKETBALL NHS 0pp. 53 South Lyon 66 67 Novl 37 69 Churchill 60 61 Stevenson 59 47 Harrison 62 57 W.L Central 55 69 W.L. Western 60 60 Franklin 59 53 John Glenn 85 62 Canton 58 60 N Farmington 52 58 Churchill 53 71 Salem 60 71 Harrison 64 61 W.L. Western ' 62 53 Franklin ■ 43 60 Farmington 52 43 , ' Canton 41 68 Belleville 54 72 Salem 63 . M VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM — FRONT ROW; Co-Captain Mike Hilfinger, Coach Omar Harrison, Co-Captain Don Norton. BACK ROW; Jim Cerren- tani. Kirk Morrison, Dan Magdich, Steve Grant, Tony Briningstool. Matt Hinds, Donn Hubbard, Gary Harper, Jack Sylvestre, Paul Newitt, Dave McCreadie, Statistician Russ Rothermel. men ' s basketball Omar grins after 15 wins If you see Coach Omar Harrison smiling these days, it is because his Mustang cagers went 13-4 in the Western Lakes Conference and took second place in the Western Division with an overall 15-5 record. The Mustangs started out on a tough ten-game road trip, but brought home seven wins and only three losses, defeating Stevenson for the first time in Northville history. When the Mustangs finally performed in their refurbished gym, they started a winning tradition by defeating the North Farmmgton Raiders. Senior captain Don Norton led the Mustangs with his scoring ability while senior Mike Hilfinger helped spark the offense. Guard Kirk Morrison contributed with his assists and excellent shot so that 6 ' 6 " center Matt " Baskerville " Hinds could play garbage collector and scrap for extra points. Gary " Crazy legs " Harper aided with his strong rebounding while forward Paul Newitt stabilized the cagers with his consistent play and hustling defense. Talented juniors were another asset for the ' 85 Mustangs and will surely be catalysts for a successful season next year. Senior Mike Hilfinger drives aggressively past his defender. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM — Ed Walsh, Jeff Terwin, Scott Belliston, Mike Yard, Chip Heath, Eric Halverson, Jeff Bacigalupi, Rich Subotich, Ron McDonald, Scott Stephens, Tom Whelan, Derek Osborne, John Skalla, Don Abbey, Coach Darrel Schumacher. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM — Gerry Skalla, David McKee, Mike Karfis, John Pump, Heath Meyers, Todd Booth. Jay Griffith, Chris House, Allen Kuljurgis, Greg Price, Todd Daniels, David Grear, Steve Pode. Jeff Wesley, Phil Lickman, Coach Dennis Colligan. NOT PIC- TURED; Chris Kuffner. 211 s swtmming Tankers make waves The Men ' s Swim Team managed to streak through a rather wavy season to arrive as co-champions of the Western Division title. A tie meet in swimming is quite rare. However, in one of the best meets all season against Churchill, the splashing Mustangs came face to face with the grinning score of 86-86, only to return the following week to tie Novi in a similar situation. The Mustang swimmers, therefore, compiled an overall dual meet record of six wins, two ties, and five losses. And a Division record of four wins and one tie to split the Division trophy. Under the direction of first year head coach Keith Wright, the swimmers looked forward to the League Meet to finally settle their differences and decide who really holds the title. Jeff Bainbridge broke the school record in the 100-backstroke, and the 400-free relay team consisting of Wayne, Buell, Bainbridge and Mikalonis also set an impressive record for NHS. Two state qualifiers were Doug Buell in the 100-butterfly and Bainbridge in the 100-back. The team ' s tri-captains: Doug Buell, Dave Wayne and Eric Leiendecker helped keep the team together in this important season and led them to the rewards for top notch swimming. MEN ' S SWIMMING NHS 0pp. 83 Cherry Hill 89 60 Ypsilanti 98 109 Farmington 60 30 Brighton 52 67 Calem 105 106 John Glenn 64 86 Churchill 86 86 Novi 86 55 Harrison 28 30 Stevenson 53 117 Western 55 54 Franklin 28 96 Canton 76 Seniors Darius Mikalonis, Dave Wayne, Jeff Bainbridge, and Doug Buell pose in front of the scoreboard qualifying them to swim in the State Championships. Senior Eric Leiendecker takes a break after his second place finish at the WLAA Regional 5 Conference. MEN ' S SWIMMING TEAM — FRONT ROW: Andy Viskantas, Eric Leiendecker, Craig Smith. MIDDLE ROW: Dee LaChance, manager; David Frayne, Mike Simmons, John Warren. BACK ROW: Rick Abramovich, Dave Felicelli, Coach Keith Wright; Jim Thompson, Jason Hill, Jeff Buell, Dave Ziegler, Dave Wayne. SEATED ON BOARD: Mickey Moore, Steve Guldberg. Mike Fortenberry, Paul Stoecklln. NOT PICTURED: Jeff Bainbridge, Darius Mikalonis, Reece Baldwin, Bave Buckland, Robert Devyak, Ed Valentini, manager; Dr. Woodruff, diving coach. wrestling Young wrestlers improve record The wrestling team, with a little more experience this year, improved its record from only 2 wins last year to a 5-12 record this year. Coach Townsley saw a lot of im- provement this season and expects more when wrestling begins its new season next November. Although none of the wrestlers made it past Districts this year, that should not stop them from advancing next February. After a season of experience, the first and second year starters should be an asset to Northville ' s team. Paul Maliszewski wrestles to pin his Novi opponent ' Jason Lazar is ready for action John McRae struggles for a Northvllle point. WRESTLING TEAM — FRONT ROW: John Kochanek, Mike Mathes, Andy Fry, John Baumann, MIDDLE: Rich Gird, Paul Maliszewski, Derek Forbing, Chris Cooney, Rob Frazer, Ken Kehoe, co-captain Tim Millen, co-captain Karl Freydl, Jason Lazar, John Frisbie, Dana Letarte, Keith Graham BACK: Coach Jack Townsley, Jorn Ryen, Dan Holstein, Karl Noffz, Glenn Kilgore, Eben Johnson, Ray Smit, Chris Weaver, Bob Bates, Tony Taweel, Blake Moore, John Rosselot, Brad Guerro, Darren Kehoe, Tony Lawrence, Todd Feliks, David Chamberlain, Chris Bowman, Pat Balai, coach Brian Jones. rronrgiirriifrrgaBHC Spikers play tough end season 8-8 Northville High School ' s Women ' s Varsity Volleyball Team end- ed their season with an even 8-8 record, an improvement over last year. However, the team had higher expectations for a better season. Unfortunately their losses were very close games in which the final points decided the game. There were many highlights during the season, including a thrilling victory over Churchill at home in front of an enthusiastic crowd. The better portion of the starting lineup was a six member senior core consisting of Lisa Cipicchio, Lynn Frellick, Co- Captains Nielli LaRoque and Chris IVIcGowan, iVIandy Olgren, and Melanie Urbans. With many Juniors gaining valuable ex- perience, the team is looking forward to the 1986-1987 season. Juniors Tricia Ducker and Robin Strunk work together tor a block. Senior Chris McGowan watches Mandy Olgren bump the ball for a set. Senior Lynn Frellick goes up for a block with her teammates Nicki LaRoque and Lisa Cipicchio backing her up volleyball VARSITY VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW: Co-captain Chris McGowan, Coach Steve McDonald, Co-captain Nicki LaRoque. BACK ROW: Dawn Kucher, Kris Cassidy, Robin Strunk, Lynn Frellick, Tricia Ducker, Mandy Olgren, Mary Brown, Mellanee Urbahns, Jill Gallagher. NOT PIC- TURED: LisaCapicchio. JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Rona Miller, Kim Wilds, Jodi Smalec, Danielle Loomis, Jenni Stevens, Leslie Wendel, Coach Paul Osborn, Kris Stiles, Denise Akroush, Gennine LaPrad, Lisa Siemasz, Heather Cross, Julie Legner, Nancy Dutkiewicz. NOT PICTURED: Katie Brugman. FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL Debbie Stevens, Karen Baird, Jill Connell, Kris Abitz, Coach Leslie Kucher, Jennie Bouman. Becky Ba|orek, Shannon Loper, Laurel Wilkin- son, Christa Spicer, NOT PICTURED: Jennifer Cipicchio, Kim Wilk, Nancy Belding, Abby Ed- wards, Adrienne Edwards. tu s tennis V Outstanding netters produce 13-1 record The men ' s tennis team had an outstanding season winning 13 and losing only 1. The year ' s best match came against powerhouse Farmington Harrison. After losing second, third and fourth singles, the Mustangs rebounded with three set wins at first singles and the three doubles positions. Four team members received All-Division honors; Terry Michelitch (16-2) at first singles, Mike Reitenga (13-5) at third singles, and Don Norton (14-3) and partner Mike Tabaczynski (13-5) at second doubles. The ' 86 season will have many experienced players, as gradua- tion claimed only one player. In summary of the ' 85 season. Coach Norton stated, " We did much better than I counted on us doing at the beginning of the year. I think we will be right up there again next year. " Senior Terry Michelitch swings his way to a division title. Junior Mike Rjitenga bends down low to return an opponent ' s volley. Dave Kaminski and Dave Merrifield make an awesome twosome for first doubles. 5i ? BP Ba5-, ■• . y -S3»fi5 ,: ' , :- .V ' A - S m Farmington Canton Stevenson North Farmington Western Novi Salem Churchill Harrison Bentley Western Walled Lake Central ■mnSBSBREES women s soccer Strikers kick into action The Mustang strikers ' enthusiasm and team spirit was alive and strong during the 1985 soccer season. The team finished the season with a record of 14 wins, 3 losses, and 2 ties. The team scored a total of 58 goals giving up only 18. While the of- fense did an excellent job scoring goals, the defense was the ma- jor factor in the successful 1985 soccer season, being the source of four victorious shutouts for the Mustangs. Many of the girls walked away with honors at the conclusion of the season. Kathy Korowin made All League and had an Honorable Mention All State. Julie Nowka made All Division. The team ' s outstanding goalie, Tricia Ducker, made All State Second Team. Sophomores Julie Anger, Kim Flading and Michelle Cross made Honorable Mention for All Division. This talented team made it all the way to the Regional Finals which put them against Livionia Stevenson. This exciting game went into two overtimes and ended when Stevenson scored in the last few minutes of the second overtime. Jenny Schuerman leaps above her opponent to snatch control of the ball. Kim Flading clears the ball out ot Mustang territory Jill Gallagher races up the field with Lisa Irwin at her heels. ly),-. - -. " ' i 1 j; :gs. s track Runners work hard The 1985 Varsity Track Team had a rather rough season, but under the leader- ship of senior co-captains Brett Netke, Rich Naszradi and Tom Broderick, the team pulled together to win a couple of dual meets. The Mustangs ' victory over neighborhood rival Novi encouraged the tracksters to keep up the good work. An even bigger victory over the Walled Lake Western Warriors 86-51 proved to be another season highlight. At the awards pot luck, senior Brett Netke was voted the team ' s Most Valuable Runner and returning runners Jeff Harp, John Bugar, and Tim Millen were voted co-captains for the 1986 squad. Coach Paul Osborn is counting on his younger runners to give the tracksters an added boost in the spring of ' 86. Two-miler Kevin Haas was an important asset to the Mustangs ' long distance squad. MEN ' S TRACK WOMEN ' S TRACK NHS 0pp. NHS 0pp. 32 Canton 105 64 Novi 64 50 Harrison 87 75 Bishop Borgess 54 87 Novi 50 50.5 South Lyon 77.5 32 Salem 105 88 Canton 90 86 Walled Lake Western 51 56 Churchill 72 63 Churchill 74 61 Farmington Harrison 67 35 South Lyon 102 63 Walled Lake Western 65 Center Left: Sprinter Tony Briningstool gets himself situated in the starting block. Center Right: Jeff Harp looks dow n the track while waiting for the baton in the two mile relay. Top: The Mustang long distance runners wait for the gun to go off in the one mile run. women ' s track Record breaking year for lady tracksters It was a year of broken records for the Women ' s Track Team in 1985. The 2-mile relay, 1-mile relay, 880-relay, 110 high hurdles, 100 yard dash, and the high jump were all long time records that were broken. 1985 ' s Most Valuable Athlete and Captain was Senior Cindy Panowicz who has gone on to Kansas University to continue her track career. The other Senior Captain was middle distance runner Jennifer Trausch. Although the loss of Panowicz will hinder the team, many other valuable runners are returning in 1986. 880 Relay Susie Rahimi Karen Stinson Christy Lenahan Cindy Panowicz Erin Holmberg sprints the 220 at the league meet. Anne Griffith prepares to Shari Thompson heaves the shotput with ex- throw the discus, cellentform. Rookie of the Year Karen Stinson gets good height in the long jump. ' « ' ■»■. ' « " t c mil Rebuilding Season for Mustang Softball The 1985 Varsity Softball team coached by Sue Heinzman had a rebuilding yet strong season. High- scoring wins against Farmington Harrison and Novi helped boost the Mustangs ' spirit. Part of the team ' s strength came from seniors Kim Richcreek (honorable mention All-Division, outfield), Lori Housman (All- Division, outfield), and Vicki Robbins. However, with on- ly three players lost to graduations, the ' 86 season looks even brighter. To help improve their record, the Mustangs will count on experienced players for leadership and steady play. Returning Mustangs Chris McGowan (All-Division cat- cher) and Jackie Matteucci (All-Division infield) should help stabilize the hitters as well as Michele Siemasz and Julie Kaestner who received All-Division honorable mentions. Returning sophomore Nancy Dutkiewicz should also aid the team. With teamwork, good condi- tioning, and a positive attitude, the Mustang hitters with new coach Bob Gurlach ought to improve their season record with no trouble at all. ■ VARSITY SOFTBALL NHS 0pp. 28 South Lyon 21 4 South Lyon 6 5 Hartland 10 4 Hartland 5 7 Churchill 4 13 Churchill 14 6 Farmington Harrison 2 8 Stevenson 9 7 Saiem 8 12 Novi 2 7 Brighton 8 12 Farmington Harrison 2 7 Walled Lake Central 8 4 Walled Lake Western 8 1 Walled Lake western 11 12 Canton 13 2 Canton 10 14 Bentley 24 5 Farmington 12 15 12 7 10 Lisa Crawford hurls the ball toward home plate. Kris Buelow is safe on 2nd. Jackie Matteucci grabs a grounder. 76 I ■ ■ " ■ i mmmm m baseball ' 85 season spent rebuilding team 1985 was a rebuilding year for Northville Baseball with only one starter and four varsity players returning from the ' 84 team. Even though the ' 85 squad lacked varsity experience, they certainly represented themselves and their school in an outstanding manner. The team was competitive throughout the season, ending the season second in the division behind Plymouth Canton with a division record of five wins and three losses. Northville ' s over-all record was 10-10. The 1986 season should be another enjoyable year for Northville fans with several varsity players returning along with some very capable players from a junior varsity team that compiled an eight win twelve loss record in 1985. ( C " i i OpCtOi S( -nd S V CX yO Brett Loomis concentrates hard on his hurl to the plate. jO ' " ' ' Fred Cahill slides safely into second base for a clean steal. n VARSITY BASEBALL c; NHS 0pp. J 7 South Lyon 9 10 Hartland 6 2 Farmington 1 h 2 Canton 5 6 Stevenson 8 c 11 Walled Lake Western 2 ' ■ . 10 Brighton 14 Brighton 1 2 Salem 3 9 Churchill 5 o 4 Farmington Harrison 3 11 Farmington Harrison 3 — 7 Bentley 6 2 Canton 4 , Bedford Union 3 ; 1 Walled Lake Western 3 Walled Lake Central 6 - 9 Novi 10 . ' " ' 1 6 Churchill 9 2 Walled Lake Western 12 mmtmi ii«i».-.. _A„tM;f j;,t. reign students Foreign students enjoy American activities Hosting foreign exchange students at Northville High School can be a great learning experience. For the 1985-86 school year Northville High School enrolled young people from West Germany, Finland, Brazil, and Belgium. As ex- change students they were exposed to different cultures, customs, and learned about the characteristics of the American people. In addition many took part in school ac- tivities as enjoyable highlights during their stay in the United States. EIke v as on the Women ' s Tennis Team, Sanna and Thierry enjoyed the school dances, and Violeta attended basketball games and worked on the set for the spring musical " Bye Bye Birdie. " Sophomore Eduardo Carnaval lives in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. FOREIGN STUDENTS — EIke Ehrhardt, West Germany; Sanna Renko, Sippola, Finland; Thierry Desment, Belgium; Violeta Kertesz, Salvador, Brazil. 78 wmmmmmmmmm NATIONAL MERIT FINALISTS — Beth Ross, Jill Werdell and John KIpllnger NATIONAL MERIT COMMENDED STUDENTS: Jane Carroll, Nancy Holmes, Janice VanLoke and Laura Hepler. Academic Leaders Northville High School is proud to have several scholars among its students. This year, three students, Beth Ross, John KIpllnger and Jill Werdell are National Merit finalist. Laura Hepler, Nancy Holmes, Jane Carroll and Janice VanLoke received commended honors for their participation In the National Merit testing program. Sophomore Matt Ho brought honor to NHS by being one of the top 100 students In the Michigan Math Competition and Junior Jason Ruiter placed 1st In the regional BO E.G. Computer Science Competition. In the English department Senior Dawn Schweim received a 2nd prize award In the Law rence Institute of Technology writing contest. How nicely you have all represented your school. - (f V - ' Sophomore Matt Ho s e v = V C n aK ' m p o Jn c uc .h . ' s V " 70 olve cK ( s yxc- re -f 7 7 c - =7 ' Por aV . ' ' - English remains strong in spite of move The dedicated and qualified English staff have had a rigorous year of changes. Moving books and supplies from one school to the other was not the most pleasant aspect of the renovation, but the teachers took it in stride. This year the Humanities Class viras privileged enough to receive a new classroom, the forum. Humanities re- mains one of the most highly acclaimed English courses at NHS, and to accom- modate the great number of college- bound students, the classroom addition was both necessary and appreciated by the English staff. Overall, the English program has held together with fantastic endurance and triumphantly conquered uncontrollable circumstances. Mrs. Hopping has the attention of almost all her sophomores. Nice studio, Mrs. Dwyer! Mr. Kinde, fresh in from Hollywood, finds out he is really in Mustang Country. ■.I »»H»H , english C S . 5 ' V CO CO n Seniors take a break from Hutnarnties. Sc -,Cc5 fc:: ' c- Dina Billimoria and Ingrid VanCaeneghem proof- C f 7 read an essay for Composition class. ' " — J Tr Ce f (: u tness New computers add to program Nearly everyone benefited from suc- cessful changes in the business depart- ment. In addition to its relocation, there are two new faculty members, Mike Burley and Sue Omiatek. Computer students had the added feature of pro- gramming the new IBM computers. To advance with today ' s rapidly growing technology. Information Processing, a two hour block class covering the usage of a wide variety of modern office skills, will be offered next year. Everyone is invited to stop in the business department and see what ' s new! Jim Chappel and Jean Schmidt work out a program on one of the new IBM computers. Beth Neumaier thinks typing is |ust a blast. Too close for comfort at the Annex? Sue Scovera sneaks a note to her friend. SVcx -v uned nr e s€ ■ uoY5o y r r o lc _ I ck o (2 c ' nc ih Bnemmm math Math students win J ! in statewide contest -pNT- " ' - 2 Northville students have once again displayed advanced J abilities in math, giving the department reason to be proud. f Xj O : c As a v hole, Northville High School students placed well ' C? vj. A!3bove the statew ide averages in the Michigan Educational S ' ' ,vP Assessment Program (MEAP Test) taken last fall. Senior ■S k Mark Bertagnolli and sophomore Matt Ho participated in C S j the Michigan Mathematics Competition and advanced to K- the second level of competition. ' he variety of math classes continue to prepare students fjjt ollege as it keeps a step ahead of the changing times. rom pre-algebra to calculus, students benefit from the " ' techniques of Northville ' s superior mathematics staff. An awards banquet was held at the do e school year as T ' iipto " 7 v ' When Schu taiRs, everybody listens Ms. Smith explains at the overhead ?c ' o o 5 ' = y Sophomores learn exciting new concepts in math - " r f c ' .v 5 :tence Classes taught at cramped Annex From BSCS Biology 1 to Physics, the NHS Science Department offers an exten- sive variety of courses. The highly capable and experienced staff have courageously overcome the inconveniences of conduct- ing classes at the Annex. The added dif- ficulties of shortened class periods and the controversial requirement of vi alking between schools did not stop the students from learning all that w as possible. Ms. Barbara Starky organized and coached the second Science Olympics Team of Northville High. The team com- peted in the annual regional meet at U of M Dearborn. The meet included the popular " Science Bov l, " a game show consisting of scientific categories. Once again the conservation class traveled to Camp Mahn-Go-lahsee for an indepth study of the environment. The trip proved to be highly enjoyable and will no doubt be repeated in years to come. Because of expanding career fields in the sciences, student needs have become more and more demanding. The NHS Science department has risen to meet the requirements of this technical age and continues to successfully prepare students for the world. It looks like Eric Stempien ' s and Jeremy Kitchen ' s bacteria lab was smelllngly successful! Ms, Starkey smiles even with her goggles on Mr. Trombley excites his students with Van der Waals radius. social studies Classes added to curriculum Even though the social studies classes lacked a permanent location throughout most of the school year, teachers and students endured the inconveniences with hardly a complaint. With the completion of the new social studies wing, classes such as United States in the 20th Century and Introduc- tion to Social Sciences have been added to the curriculum. Both have proved highly profitable to sophomore and freshman students respectively. Due to these changes, the format of the social studies program has been rein- forced and has once again proven itself superior to that of other school districts. Psychology students share their Christmas gifts with Northville State Hospital. Ms. Lauber enjoys working with Dawn Kucher and Dan Banks. Ms. Lauber gives helpful hints to Darren Porter. 85 Mr, Pedersen helps Stacey Gossard analyze her space and shape drawing. Brett Loomis thinks Ceramics is a gas. Saxophones at rest. Mike Harmon shows off his creations. A demonstration from the expert. 86 fine arts ■i:.. ' Artistically Talented Students Fill the Halls of NHS This department aims to enrich the artistic talents of Northville High students. Within this department students can experience throwing a pot on a potters wheel, firing a piece of ceramics, perfecting their singing talents or playing an instrument. Mr. Pedersen will help a student learn the fine skill of pot- tery making as well as the rudiments of artistic drawing. Within the Music department we find Michael Rumbell help- ing a student to improve his embouchure and tone quality on his instrument, while next door Mary Kay Price can be heard rehearsing with the choir for an upcoming concert performance. Mr. Rumbell holds a practice session with Matt Ho. Diane Kuckenbecker paints her ceramic pot. PattI Barget and Sheila Tiiompson prepare clay for the next class. The Saxophone Trio — Scott Stasak, Rose Sapla, and Linda Hall. Keith Dutkiewicz and Tom Viel get to the heart of the matter. Mr. Deskovitz entertains his students with a lecture. Top Left: Hamid Assar watches as his lab partner works with their electronics board. industrial arts Industrial Arts offers hands on experience Like many other departments, Industrial Arts underwent many changes during the renovation. A major improvement occurred when the auto shop, drafting, and electronics labs were relocated in one central area. With a more unified department and better equipment, students will certainly benefit from their new location. Engineering drawing and architectural design classes are look- ing forward to their new C.A.D. (Computer Aided Design) equip- ment. Using computers will enable students to better visualize their drawings in a rotating three dimensional view. With added equipment and a centralized location, the In- dustrial Arts Department will continue to give students excellent hands on training to prepare them well for future careers. Center: Matt Ashby tells Richard An- dreason, " I think I found the problem " Top Right: Dave Broad tinkers with one of his favorite toys. Bill troubleshoots to find the problem. Wow! This Spanish is better than I thought. Julie Trausch tells Kevin Haas, " Yuck! I don ' t know if I likeguaca mole. " Jennifer Goshorn waits for class to begin. Ms. Serafa-Manschot says " Abran sus libros de Churros y Chocolate. " 90 lii foreign languages Each year the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) sponsors a National French Contest This Grand Con- cours includes over 50,000 students nationally, with its numbers growing each year. Northville Junior Luke Kakogeorgiou, won second place in Michigan and fifth in the National Level lA of the Grand Concours. Students disco through Europe Back from their harrowing but exciting fifteen day tour of Western Europe, the teachers of Northville High School foreign languages settled down to business as usual, instruct- ing Spanish, French and German. The events of the past sum- mer remain clear. The six adult and forty plus student group toured such cultural landmarks as the Louvre in Paris, Westminster Abbey of London and the Prado in Spain. In addi- tion to such world renowned places, the students managed to take in some of the more social hot spots of the countries. Plazas, beaches, discos and record stores were just a few of the popular stops. The experiences of the students and teachers in Europe will surely add to their interests in foreign languages. We continue to look forward to future trips and hope that all will prove to be as enriching as those in the past. Special thanks to Emily Serafa-Manschot for a wonderful job of organization Herr Hogan uses a Show and Tell approach to teaching German. Youknowwhatimean, Vern? =j - ' tt cat education New facility boosts spirits Although students taking gym first semester had to tolerate the old Cooke gym, spirit re- mained high in anticipation of the new gym at the high school. The addition of this gym has put a total of two gyms and a pool at the students ' disposal, expanding the number of physical education classes available. Not sur- prisingly, two new courses have been made available to students: Swim and Gym and Out- door Education. Both classes proved to be a great success. New equipment has been purchased and sup- plied to the new fitness center which is open for community use. Also, a new gym floor was in- stalled in the school ' s original gym. Gym lockers have not been popular because of the variance in color and shape, but students will see a definite improvement next fall after all the lockers have been painted and the renovation is complete. Junior Sonja Taylor and senior friend enjoy a game of ping- pong in the cafeteria " gym. " Dorothy Ziegler concentrates on her serving. Better not miss the birdie Nancy, Joy ' s not backing you up! y r AT u K ' -- " ' ' ' 92 Teachers use new approach A broad range of programs and services are available to a special education student through the con- cept of Departmentalization now be- ing implemented at the secondary level. The student ' s individualized pro- gram design depends on the nature and severity of their academic and emotional status. The members of this team in- clude: Dennis Colligan, Cynthia Henderson, Susan iVIeyer, and Rosemary Sheppard who provide Teacher Consultant services. Sue Borcherts is our new social worker and Betty Fotis is responsible for - providing the buildings ' s I Speech Language services. Pam Alexander helps make popcorn at the concession Mr. Colligan busily works at the board. Rosemary Sheppard helps a student in her usual friendly way. Mrs. Cassidy has a great time wo rking with her students. aoppe No store but still in business Advanced Marketing took on the project of starting a new school store ' under the direction of Michael W. Burley. Because of the renovation the school store was not open for business, but students did take on many activities. The class, consisting mostly of seniors, held a candy sale at Halloween despite the extended day and raffled a white teddy bear at Christmas time. Providing refreshments at all the dances was a new task this year to help raise money for their future store. Mr. Burley ' s students also worked hard at the junior high dances to extend their in- fluence beyond the high school ' s activities. The drive of the young business people has helped them to prepare for the 1987 reopening of the school store. Their positive outlook was well expressed by stu- dent Hilltop Shoppe Chairman Senior Dave Trumbull, " We have contributed a lot for the store and in the next couple of years Northville High School will have one of the best school stores around. " Head hauncho Mike Burley patrols the classroom. HILLTOP SHOPPE CLEANUP CREW — FRONT ROW: Stacy Lauer, Patti Bargert, Charise Beether, Jill Stiles, Jackie Matteucci, Rose McGuire, Maggie Johnson, Kim Wobermin, Mike Jakubowski, Diane Ford, Dave Dart, Jamie Craik. 2nd ROW: Karen Woerner, Chris McGowan, Chris Stassinos, Sandy Schaal, Lisa Gray, Dave Trumbull, Kellie Bowman. BACK ROW: Sandy Sundberg, Julie Cass, Jerry Thomas, Liz Hartmann. home economics What ' s cooking? Offering a comprehensive Home Economics program, at the Annex, was difficult, but with two new, well-equipped rooms in the renovated high school facili- ty, Home Economics is sure to grow. Students at Northville High School have the opportunity to take courses such as: Essential Living Skills, Parenting Deci- sions, and Parenting Preschoolers, as well as the traditional clothing and foods courses. Under the expert leadership of teacher, Karia Tibbie, students enrolled in Paren- ting Preschoolers receive hands on ex- perience by observing and working with toddlers, either in class or at the Moraine Early Childhood Development Center. With the addition of a new demonstra- tion kitchen and a new staff member, Shirley Klokkenga, students taking Foods and Nutrition are sure to find that eating right can be fun. Home Ec. at the Annex proves to be a real learning experience. 95 mmuniti; service Students find work rewarding Community Service has become more than " just a class " to the students. The program involves spending a set period of time each day at a " contact, " ranging from child care, helping out in a dentist ' s office, to caring for the elderly of the community. Tom Johnson, v ho ran the program this year, encourages the students to find volunteer work in his or her area of in- terest. Many students receive " on the job training " in areas of possible future careers. All in all, the students find the program a fulfilling experience, worthy of recommendation to other students. Senior Sandy Chong, a CMHC volunteer, greets her patient with a friendly smile. Senior Mellanee Urbahns plays with preschoolers at Moraine Early Childhood Development Center. COMMUNITY SERVICE — FRONT ROW: Stacey Fitzpatrick, Nicole Grasley, Michelle Cross, Stephanie Pappas, Sally Searles, Jodi Bousquet, Kathy Piner. SECOND ROW: Julie Anger, Julie Dellinger, Julie Cass, Lynn Bills, Sally Klenk, Mary McDonald, Lisa Cipicchio. BACK ROW: Alice Trumbull, Genevie Foster, Starr Wells, Harold Plant, Medina Zion, Wendi Trexler. 96 JBtHiim ■.• ■•- ' w Getting Our Kicks In ' 86! Despite the disruptive atmosphere at N.H.S, senior year for the Class of ' 86 has had many high points. Lunch hour activities were eliminated from Homecoming Week with the absence of a lunch hour, but the Class of ' 86 came on strong for the newly created spirit night and kept tradition alive by again being the victors of the week ' s competition. Hopes and spirits reign high among senior class members as they wait anxiously to attend classes in the newly renovated high school. With a year of leaky roofs, flooding halls, V2 days at the Annex, and construction crews behind them, they eagerly look forward to 1986 and graduation from the " New High School On The Hill " . N I t " -. .t . ii«ti J; MA ifaa£« «£;. .S Jackie Matteucci, Brett Belliston and Lori Osborne. Somtimes muscles |ust aren ' t enough! Senior Homecoming representatives: Mina Rahimi, Paul Newitt, Chris McGowan, Mike Hilfinger, Julie Cass, Gary Harper, Eric Leiendecker, Nicki LaRoque, Hutch Kerns, Lisa Lutz, Craig Kozler, and Kathy Whelan. Phil Pendleton flashes his Madonna look while Mark Deal and Paul Newitt look skeptically on. :J .iMimj»jim,smi :. seniors SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS — Sponsor Nancy Arnold, Secretary Sheila Thomp- son, Vice-President Nicki LaRoque, President Craig Kozler, Treasurer Jill Kilner, Lisa Lutz. Those classes of the past Were all in our minds Keeping in our hearts We were one of a kind. Three years went by In a wink of an eye We showed no emotion Not a sniffle or cry. We will come to school One day in June. It seems so close, Like it ' s really too soon. Seeing old faces Thinking of friends Wishing in our hearts This day would never end. That one last time We gather together The class of ' 86 Living forever. For the future We are the keys Sharing in our hearts The desire just to be. Craig Kozler Valedictorian iVIark Bertagnolii Valedictorian Janice Van Loke NOT PICTURED: Salutatorian Jill Werdell Kimberlev Abraham Anthony Adamowicz Kevin Alexander Laurie Allison Chad Arnold Jeffrey Bainbridge Thomas Baird John Balai David Balok Danny Banks Patti Bargert Christopher Bates Michael Bauman Heather Baxter Charise Beetber Brian Beger Dianne Belding Brett Belliston Jordan Beltz Mark Bertagnolli Dina Besh Lynn Bills Angela Bjorge Suzanne Blanchord Luanne Blue 98 liiiiiiii seniors Gretchen McVay and Mandy Olgren are girls just having some fun. Daniel Boland Kenneth Booth Kyie Boring Mark Brandon David Brining Kimberls! Brining David Broad Martin Broderick Eric Brott Douglas Buelt Khsten Buelow John Bugar Scott Bulin Bradiev Butterfietd Barbara B};tnar Run Seniors Run! • ruS , iyOf ■ t Fred Cabill Christine Carpenter Jayne Carroll Julie Cass Pamela Cavanaugh James Chappell Nicole Charchian Sandy Chong Ian Chowdhury Lisa Cipicchio Laura Cisneros James Coble Jennifer Colarossi Susan Conlon Brian Cook Q9ti -h-hs: ' " 7 Mary Howiey and Kyle Boring make cute Siamese twins. Steven Cook Mary Cosed Jennifer Cox Antboni Craig Scott Craig Jamie Craik Michael Crawford Michael Darrow Mark Deal Ronald Demeter Tracy Dewey Christine Diehl Christopher Dominique Marc Doolittle Kathleen Doyle Diane Dragon Patricia Dunnabeck Keith Dutkiewicz Tracy Dvkoski Trade Earl Mike Rasmussen and Dave Brining have mixed feelings about advanced math. " You ' ve got to be kidding! " thinks Kevin Alexander. seniors David Hall Linda Hall Jeffrey Harp Gary Harper Laura Hepler Michael Hilfinger Matthew Hinds Mark Hoffmann Lori Hoffmeister Karen Hoggarth Nanci; Holmes Mary Howley John Huston Jamie Hynes Kenneth Jacobsen 2S fyJ Ad Paul, who are you hiding from? J.R. Coble takes time out in Humanities to munch on a pen. Michael Jakubowski Margaret Johnston Julie Kaestner Karen Kaisner Michael Kalota David Kaminski Anastasios Kanellopoulos Kristine Karris Kenneth Kehae Thomas Kerns Craig Kiefer Jill Kilner Jennifer Kilpatrick 105 Adam Morris and his date Nicki LaRoque slow dance. Kim Abraham and Scott Nolan share a hug. m Ly» »ifcL ' jar v r-Av mwi seniors Clare Louis Carmen Lowe LlaaLutx Michael Mahaklan Jackie MatteuccI Charles McCartney Brent McDonald Mary McDonald Christine McGowan Maria McPhall Gretchen McVay John Meadows David Merrlfleld Chris McGowan and Paul Newitt en joy the Homecoming dance. Lori Hoffmeister and her date Jeff Skolarus prepare for the Homecoming dance. Lori Miller Jennifer Millgard Karen Mirisola Kristin Mirisola Michele Mizerowski William Moore Adam Morris Kirk M. Lisa Mroz Timothy Munsell tt seniors Gym is Kirk Morrison ' s favorite class senior Georgia Poulos Mina Rahimi Laura Rebain Mark Reitenga Sanna Renko And Robson Beth Ross Roxanne Rosselle Jill Roth Russell Rothermel Books may cover their desk, but Janice Van Loke and Dennis Leiand are all smiles. Sandra School Jean Schmidt Margaret Schmidt Dawn Schwelm Mark Scovera Solly Searles Dena Shackelford Jodie Shike Amy Shhnp Michele Slemosz Adrienne Smith Catherine Smith Sandra Splgarelll Christopher St. John Christine Stasslnos Senior Mock Elections Prettiest Eyes: Paul Newitt, Nicki LaRoque Most Athletic: Paul Newitt, Chris McGowan Changed the Most: Chuck McCartney, Pam Cavanaugh Tallest: Matt Hinds, Jennifer Kilpatrick Shortest: Eric Brott, Kim Brining Most Outgoing: Hutch Kerns, Chris McGowan Class Clown: Eric Leiendecker, Chris McGowan Most School Spirit: Hutch Kerns, Mina Rahimi Nicest Hair: Mike Hilfinger, Lisa Lutz Most Easy Going: Dave Trumbull, Paul Newitt, Mandy Olgren Best Dressed: Mike Hilfinger, Sandy Schaal Most Dependable: Paul Newitt, Mandy Olgren Most Likely to Succeed: Mark BertagnoUi, Diane Dragon Biggest Flirt: Gary Harper, Patti Bargert Biggest Gossip: Phil Pendleton, Becky Fernandez Best Legs: Phil Pendleton, Nicki LaRoque Nicest Smile: Hutch Kerns, Nicki LaRoque Bi ggest Party-Goer. Brett Loomis, Sandy Sundberg Biggest Penny-Pincher: Brett Loomis, Chris Stasslnos Biggest Troublemaker: Brett Loomis, Dina Shackelford Worst Driver: Mike Hilfinger, Mina Rahimi Funniest Laugh: Adam Morris, Amy Shimp Sffi Biggest Eater: Mi Harp, Patti Bargert 9l ■ Most Accident Prone: Gary Harper, Amy Shimp ■ " Best Dancer: Mike Hilfinger, Lynn Frellick Jill Stiles Garet Stolberg Julie Storm Thomas Storm Jeffrey Stuart Sandra Sundberg Michael Tabaczynski Trad Talbot John Taschner Eric Terlecki Dianne Belding and friends enjoy a typical lunch break at the Annex. Hey girls, what work are you getting done?! Kay Thomasson Sheila Thompson Michael Todd James Totten Scott Trepicone David Trumbull James Vmpirowicz Mellanee Vrbahns Shannon Urcheck Kimberly Valade Edward Valentini Kristin Vanderbok Janice Van Loke Michael Vemasco Devan Voelker BJgg SSTf.i: seniors Thomas Walters David IVayne Trisba Wbalen Donald Wheeker Kathleen Whelan Michelle Whell Denise Whitman Kinyberley Wobermin Michael Yaekle William Yant Laura Yamevich Harold York Jeffery Zayti Mark Zayti David Ziegler Seniors Not Pictured Tim Andrews Katheryn Finer Matthew Ashby Todd Gardner Kelly McManus Amy Prevo Hamid Assar Christine Guenthardt Terry Michelitch Michael Rasmussen Eric BIaz William Hcrguth Kirk Miller Alvin Schorkhuber Patrick Bock David Jameson Andres Moreno Anosh Seyedjafari Mitali Chaudhery Johnston Joyce Patrick Nelson David Smith David Dart Gary Lampela Robert Padd Raymond St. Clair Elke Ehrhardt Jill Leslie Todd Parrack Gerald Thomas Alizabeth Fernandez Wesley Magnan Brenda Patterson Linda Vancaeneghem Elizabeth Ferry Robert May Scott Peterson Jill Werdell Juniors — a jump ahead Thanks to the hard work put in by active juniors, the Class of ' 87 raised considerable funds for their class treasury. Led by President Susie Rahimi, Vice-President Dave Kozler, Secretary Stephanie Pappas, and Treasurer Scott Nolan, the juniors worked together to take second place in the Homecoming Parade. To help defray costs for their senior prom, the Class of ' 87 par- ticipated in the annual junior class magazine sale and sold more than any other previous classes. The juniors also took part in plann- ing the Spirit Week dance, a co-sponsored fundraiser with the sophomores. The creativity of the Class of ' 87 became evident with their in- troduction of computer dating to NHS. Th e pair-matching program matched each student who filled out a questionnaire with a com- patible partner based on similar traits and interests. Despite the split time schedules at the Annex, the juniors sold donuts during finals and finished an exciting year with a fuller bank account and a class looking forward to their senior year. Juniors Beth Buckland and Anne Griffith look toward the future. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS — Secretary Stephanie Pappas, Vice- President Dave Kozler, and President Susie Rahimi. juniors Dean Talbot accomplished a great deal In his short life, in spite of his illness. His ambition was to lead a normal life, but he did more than that . . . Dean was active in the Northville High School Concert Choir, an activity he fully enjoyed. Dean expended considerable ef- fort to maintain his grades and complete his classwork throughout frequent hospitalizations and extended absences. Dean was very active in his church. He also earned the distinction of Eagle Scout in his troop and inspired others to do the same. When we think of Dean, we think of his courage and his determination, but we also think of his wit. Dean had an excellent sense of humor. His death has left a great void in the lives of his family, his friends and Northville High. Carolyn Abraham Gregory Allan Robin Allen John Anderson Laurel Anderson Richard Andreasen Julie Anger Mojgan Assar Suzanne Austin Douglas Ayers Khnberly Ballard Judttb Baltz TyttI Bamett Cynthia BartskI Jennifer Bates Robert Bates John Baumann Molly Beach Christopher Beecher Adam Behen Julie Beller Michael Bennett Chetyl Bensteln Dlna Bllllmoria Dennis Blue Heather Bogetta Adam Bonner JodI Bousquet Kellle Bowman Susan Brain Lenore Brandon An thony Brlnlngstool Juniors Chris Sellen and Wade Zoroya and senior Michele Siemasz draw up the plans for the 2006 renovation of NHS. Stephen Brooks Maty Brown Michelle Buck Elizabeth Buckland Jeffrey Buell Michael Caldwell Sally Campbell Josephine Caruso Kris Cassady Melissa Cassel James Cerretani Lisa Cisneros Erica Clancy Courtney Clark Laura Clarke David Cocagne Rita Kucharski and Courtney Clark relax on a lab table; In the cafeteria?! juniors Does Debbie Marsh find Mr. Trombley more exciting than the Macho Men, Dave McCreadie and Randy Holloway? Kara Connell Chris Cooney CbristI Coppock Ann Comwell Susan Crabtree Lisa Crawford Sean Crockett Michelle Cross Robin Dace Robert Deboutte Deborah DeFrancesco Julie Delllnger Tlmothii Deuby Robert Dietlker Elizabeth DImltroff Aletha Dixon Tim Deuby, Mark Smith, and Jenny Huard put their heads together to figure out the drawing. Kim Doolittle Joyce Downs Christopher Drew Patricia Ducker Donna Dunnabeck Bradley Ebel Eric Edwards Carrie Eko Barbara Eliassen Diana Eusebi Conine Eehlauer Maria Finley Stacey Fitzpatrick Kimberly Flading Kimberley Fogle Diane Ford Karen Stinson and Jack Syivestre run in sync to win tine three-legged race. Randy Holioway concentrates In the sack race. PWSiPCTgBffi Teni Forte Genevieve Foster Shannon Francis Robert Frazer Jennifer Frey Karl Freydl Keith Gall Jill Gallagher Laura Garr Amy Gasser Theresa Gatti Kimberly Gatto Kristen George Scott Gettig Catherine Getty John Gird 120 IHii Hirii ■liliai5aigjiiJiiiLiii,ii»ii.ftjii,iiWi wiinTunir fif juniors Richard Gird Vickl Gladden Gregory Good Leonard Goretski Steven Grant NIcote Grasley Anne Griffith Scott Griggs David Groves Kevin Haas Jeffrey Hamilton Tonya Hammond Dwayne Harrlgan Elizabeth Hartmann Laurie Hlbbeln Tonia Hickman Pulling together brings the junior class to victory. Joanne Hinds Allen HHe Michelle HItt Tim Hlxson Rebecca Hobart Steven Hoggarth Amy Hollls Kathleen Holloway Randal Holloway Lisa Hooper Christina Homberger Karen Horvath Jack Hosmer Jennifer Huard Donn Hubbard Matt Hubert 121 Robert Hudlburg Shellv Huizing Bruce Hunsinger Jeneen Jallad William Jones Randy Judd Kirk Kabel Lakas Kakogeorgiou Jamie KaminskI Daniel Kazaleb Kathleen Kennedy Charles Kepner Koreen Khasban David Kidner Glenn Kllgore Susanne Kilsdonk Carl Khnzel Carlene Kinzel Stewart Kissinger Suzanne Kocbanek Krista Kordt Kenneth Kossak David Kozler Kathryn Krueger r j» t VJ.. ' ■i ' iitiiUii ' i ' ' ' miW ' v ■ irv i m juniors Daniet Magdlch Paul MaliszewskI Shelley Mallov MIcbele Mance Deanna Mariotti Kristin Marrone Deborah Marsh Heather Martin Lisa Mashigan Jayshree Matadlal Kathryn Maxey David McCreadle Richard McCulloch Klmberly McCurdy Rose Ann McGuIre Bonnie McKinnon John McRae Melissa Meyers Marjorie Monks Gerald Moore Karen Morgan Nicholas Morris Karen Mulla Patrick NaszradI Erika Nelsen Carol Nelson Timothii Nelson Karl Neumaler Gregory Newton Patrick Nibarger Tamara Nichols Scott Nolan Leslie Norback John Nordbeck Sara Norris Jennifer Nunn David Oblak Lee Ann Oginski Lauren Oliver Leslie Oliver Carol Olsen Joseph Orloff Matthew Ostrowski Christopher Ottolini Stephanie Pappas Mary Parkinson Kristi Pawloski Karia Pearson Jeffrey Perry Karen Petersen ShawneMarle PickarskI Michelle Pierce Joanne Poulos Soussan Rahimi Eve Ranney Carmen Rayl niiiliHii juniors Ms Dornan Sandbothe ' s junior fan club gives her a hug Michael ReHenga Todd Rew David Riga Tiff ante Rivera David Robinson John Rosselot John Roth Jason Ruiter Klmberly Rush Annemarie Sadowskl Jerald Salas Lori Sanders Ronald Sanders Victoria Santonl Rosemarie Sapla Susan Schroder William Schuiz Susan Schwelm Miles Selfridge Steven Sellas Christopher Sellen Roxanne Serkalan Lisa Shott Keith Shurmur Tanya Slefken Kenneth Slegert Shellea Skinner Sheryl Skolarus Ray SntU Keith Smith Mark Smtth Joanne Snage Casey Spagnuolo Amy Spaman Kristin Splgarelll Timothy Spradlin Scott Stasak James Steele Jon Steinhauer Nicole Stempien Karen Stinson Todd Stowell Susan Strathmann Robin Strunk Erin Sullivan Jack Sylvestre Dean Talbot Donald Tassic Atallah Taweel Lynn Taylor Sonja Taylor Lisa Teubert Sbarl Thompson Dave Townsend Carl Trano Julie Trausch Shari Thompson just loves her chemistry. " What do you mean, you ' re busy Saturday night? " says Dave Kozler. Jenny Luther takes over during lunch break. Junior pom pon girls Kathy Ken- nedy, Kathleen Holloway and Robyn Wisely flash their Pepso- dent smiles. Dave Kozler and Susie RahimI put their heads together to plan the next Junior Class fund raiser. J. Moore wonders why the (beep!) he stopped at his locker. tammBmssaa amss ssiasBmsm juniors Diane Ford, Kim Rush, IVIichele Mance, Kathleen Halloway, and Chris Hornberger pause for a pic ture while deciding whether or not to sit down and watch the game. John Gird drives the lunior " Love Bug " through town. Julie Anger, Michelle Cross, and Kim Flading — " That ' s what friends are for " Beth Buckland says, " What do you say we blow this popslcle joint, Rich! " °HDnDR .. i . -I . Mto V r4y 8Q O t imiJi . . mmnm mmmm Spirited sophomores overcome the odds If you thought being a sophomore meant finally leaving the junior high, you were in for a surprise first semester. The year got off to a somewhat bumpy start, but the " official sophomore class of the N.H.S. Annex " didn ' t let the split schedule dampen their spirits or slow them down. One of the main fundraisers was the Turkey Trot dance held at Meads Mill. It was sponsored by Student Congress and raised over two hundred dollars for the sophomore class. Another fund- raiser was the hot chocolate sale held January 13-18, The sale not only raised money but also warmed students walking from the buses to the school. There were many opportunities this year for the sophomores to express their school spirit, including participating in Homecom- ing week activities and the building of the infamous " Peter Pan " float. This class has displayed much leadership and drive, with no signs of stopping. Watch out for the Class of ' 88! Merrilyn Michelitch was chosen to represent Northville in the 1986 Hugh O ' Brien Youth Foundation Leadership Seminar. One sophomore from each Michigan high school is selected to attend the three day seminar at a local college based upon outstanding leadership qualities, good communication skills, and a well-rounded background. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS — Secretary Heather Cross, Vice President Leslie Wendel, Treasurer Nancy Merrifield, Co- presidents Tom Whelan and Ed Walsh. 131 Donald Abbey Douglas Abraham Megan Abraham Laura Abramovlch Deborah Adamowicz John Aho Denlse Akroush Guenter Albrecht Pamela Alexander Tom Alexandrls Christopher Anderson Jennifer Anderson John Antuna Lori Ash Mono Assar Stephen Austin Jeffrey Baclgalupl Kellvmarl Bahl Paul Baird Patrick Balal Reece Baldwin Paul Baslle Gregory Beaber John Becker Patrick Beemer Amy Bell Tracy Bell Scott Belliston Eric Bemer Todd BerlinskI Fiona Bicknell Carrie BIckner umnutt ' mmrffVTr— r sophomores Michael Bjorge Mark Bolda Courtney Bond Christopher Bowntan Mary-Etizabeth Boyle Jennifer Braasch Lisa Brannon Kristen Brown Mike Louis wonders if he, too should become a member of Mike Harrars Chicken Little Society. Marcia Foley and Scott Stephens kill time at the Annex. Sophomores ' enthusiasm remains high even in the face of defeat. Stacy Cataldo Robert Cavender Joshua Chaffln Ruthanne Chesney Lanette Chlsnell Lori Cipicchio Jennifer Clarkson Todd Clason KImberIi Connery Daniel Conway Shannon Couzens Roger Craske Cathie Crlchton Heather Cross Jeffrey Cross Benjamin Custer Kristen Cutchins Emily Danes Jeffrey Daniel Julie Daniels Kolyan Dasgupta Chad Dattlllo Jennifer Davis Christen Delllnger Shawn Delosh Sonesha Dlehl Sandra Donnan Mark Dozler Susan Duncan Erin Dunkerley c Lynn Dutklewlcz " odd Ebersole sophomores Almee Edwards Tracy Eschbach Todd Fee Todd Fellks Joseph Ferry Katie FHzpatrick Marcia Foley Michael Fortenberry Lance Fox David Frayne Gloria Fries John Frisbie Cheryl Garr Roger Geake Jennifer Geelhood Sandra Golen Christopher Goode Kara GosclnskI Jennifer Goshom Stephen Goss Stacey Gossard Keith Graham Mark Griffts Mark Gross Linda Groves Brad Guerro Steven Guldberg Jeff Gursky John Hacker Eric Halverson Harley Hammond Jennifer Hansen Carrie Hardin Michael Harmon Michael Harral Brian Harris John Harris KImberly Harris Wayne Harrison Frederick Heath Daniel Hennlngsen Jeffrey Higgins Jason Hill Matthew Ho Matthew Hodgins Scott Holcomb Erin Holmberg Edward Hood Jeff Hoose Andrew Hooten Jennifer Horling Jonathon Howard Shawn Howltson Neil Hubert Shannon Hurley Timothy Inelcb Lisa Irwin Paul Jacobi Jeffrey Jakubowski Steven Janik Jeffrey Johns Tina Jourden Christine Juergens wiVs Kamleneckl av«; Az.- -W. iMMHiiiUifiiiii sophomores il Mary Beth Kapbengst Raymond Kendra Michael Kern Carina KIncer Christopher King Steven King Bradley KIrsch John Kissinger Jeremy Kitchen Suzanne Klepackl Joseph Koontz Kathleen Kotarski Eric Krieger Dianne Kuckenbecker Krista KuczewskI Nome Lakin w . ■ i H ■J al jr H K mi T. leldrmbmsrChi Anderun, Jeft Mahatdan and Shannon Couzens patiently wart while MIka Yard figures out where he left his date John Aho and Michelle Petro have a Certs Encounter. Vm ' ii l ' j. Sherri Lane Jeannine Laprad Stephanie Laramee Janet Larson Timothy Laundra Anthony Lawrence Kenneth Lazzara Dennis Leannals Paul Leavitt Julie Legner Christine Lenaghan Julie Lentz James Leslie Christine Leuliette Andrea Lewis Danielle Loomis Jeffrey Mayer Brent Maynor Ronald McDonald Robin McDuffle Douglas Meadows Stephanie Mellor Jason Mereckl Nancy Merrlfleld Michael Method Bradley Metz Brett MIchalski Merrtlyn MlchelHch Angele Miller Dwayne Miller Rona Sue Miller Julie Mlllgard Michelle Mobarak Audrey Moore David Moore Mitchell Moore David MoraczewskI William Mroz Stephen Myers Laura Nance !?8 iiiiii mra EMSS i sophomores |S fl I? Kennet Neat David Nelson Elizabeth Neumaler Ian Newton Jeffrey Nibarger Jenny NIeuwkoop KaH Noffz Michael NuechteHeIn Kevin Odell David Okashtskl Matthew Oliver David OHandlnl Derek Osborne Craig Owen Kellv Padden Cathii Page Heather Palmer Scott Paredes Steven Paredes Stephanie Perakis Suzanne Perry Michelle Petro Joseph Pllarz William Plant Bi ' adlev Porter Scott Potter April Prato Lisa Rasmussen Brian RIker Mark Rogers Pamela Sattler Robert Sawyer Laura Schtnk Kristin Schoenlth Jennifer Schuerman Amy Segowskl Wllllant Selman Carrie Settino Christopher Shaw Lisa Slemasz Aaron Slmcheck Michael Shnmons Scott Sinkwitts John Skalla Stephen Skinner Thomas Skynar Jodl Smalec Craig Smith Michelle Smith Prlya Sriraman Shelly Stelnhebel Joelle Stephens Scott Stephens Jennifer Stevens Mark Stevens John Stewart Kristen Stiles Luclnda Stoecklln Paul Stoecklln Richard Subotlch Sean Sullivan Steven Swamba Karen Tabaczynski Jeffrey Terwln I Amy Tbibert Deena Thomas Robert Thomasson Ami! Thompson James Thompson Jennifer Trabin Jon Tsoucarls Karen Umplrowicz Tavis Urbahns Michael Valentine Steven Valentin! Ronda Patino Siegfried Vancaeneghem Todd VanHoosear Lisa Vemasco Mike Veselenak Andrlus Viskantas Edmund Walsh Kellev Walter Pam Warner Duiayne Watson Lorl Wat SCI Phillip Weaver Leslie Wendel Amv Wendt Brad Wheeker Wendy Wheeker Thomas Whelan Mary Whitaker Jessica Wiedman Kim Wilds Melanie Williams ji smmmmmm iMmiiMiMHiiiii li]yiUy.jLJi i! »iHiMlJLi.UllU ,. - ,-f. , A ' fiH W- sophomores Kirk Windlscb Joseph Wise Waller Wtttrick Laura Wolsos Steven Workman Trac Wortblngton Todd Yaekle Michael Yard Camera Shy Steven Yezback David Gudmundsen Christina Zayti Eric Jefsen Anna Naumovski Scot Jefsen Tiffany Nelson Michael PaslawskI Clowning Around at NHS Bottom Right: Todd VanHoosear shows his fellow sophomores how to dress up for college sweatshirt day. Freshmen Strike It Rich! The 1985-1986 year has been a terrific success for the first Freshman class of Northville High in over ten years. The Freshmen were off to a great start during Homecoming week. At class competition night they slaughtered the Sophomore team in the tug of war event. Despite their lack of float building experience, the Freshmen put a lot of hard work into their Homecoming float, based upon the fairy tale " Red Riding Hood. " In the weekend after Homecoming, seven girls from the Freshman class worked at Crawfords and made $125 which paid off the debt for their Homecoming float. On the second Saturday of Nove mber, sixty Freshmen took part in delivering AT T information handbills, working most of the day in soggy weather and earning close to $1,000.00 for the class. Another event concluding the month of November was the Turkey Trot Dance sponsored by Student Congress in. which all profits were equally divided between the Sophomores and Freshmen. Treasurer Julie Hilfinger is busy balancing the Freshman accounts. freshmen Deborah Abbott Krts Abttz Kathy Abraham Richard Abratnovlch Kamran Ahmad Brian Allen Mark Amtstead David Armstrong Paul Augustine Andy Bachmann Cecil Batrd Karen Balrd Becky Bajorek Jennifer Barber Connie Bamett Jody Bauman Amy Baxter Wendy Beach Michele Beacham Yvonne Beebe Nancy Belding Emily Bell Jennifer Beller Marc Bennett Scott Bentham Mike Berkaw Ertk Bllllmoria Leigh Bills ShanI Bogetta Jessica Bohan Becky Bonner Todd Booth Jennifer Bouman Chris Boyle Will Brame Anne Brandenburg Cynthia Brandon Karen Broad Michael Brown Dave Buckland Kerry Bulbi Matthew Bwcz Adam Burkett Jennifer Btans Chris Burton Nicole Bush BUI Butske Michelle Bytnar John Cassel Jason Cave Christopher Cerretanl Dave Chamberlain 143 :A.M ; W - Mi; ; s sbM Stacle Clak Jennifer Ciplcchio Jennifer Clark Jennifer Clark John Clark Kurt Cleveland Steven Colvin Beth Conlev Jill Connell Morgen Conquest Libby Cook Maegan Cook Dan Cooney Jason Cossin William Craig Kristen CzapskI Todd Daniels Sara Demeter Robert Devyak Tina Dex Craig Doble Scott Donnelly Nancy Doyle Jennifer Dragon ' y,ej:-yM, ' . freshmen Northville High ' s future Ford Motor Company engineers. Eric DrzazgowskI Robert Dudley David Dwyer Johnny Dye Abby Edwards Adrlenne Edwards Christopher Farley Michelle Farmer Jessica Fee Dave Fellcelll Eugene Ficyk Lori Finley Derek Forbing Erik Forster KrIstI Fortenberry Blake Fox Andrew Francoeur Cher! Frank Rebecca Frayne John Frederick Andy Frey Amy Fulton Genevieve Gabrys Jennifer Gardine Amv Gardner Jim Garthe Jenny Gasser Julie Gatti Tamara Geake Pam George Dai ' e Glllahan Tim Goode Gordon Gray Todd Gray David Grear Jay Griffith Mike Hale Leana Hall Tanya Hansen Dawn Harrlgan Karry Hesse Julie Hllflnger Amy Hill Susan HInes Heather Hobart Carrie Holladay Gordon Holland Michelle Holloway Dan Holstein Stacey Holtmeyer Kristen Hooks Melanle Hooper Kyle Homgren Karin Hosmer Christopher House Michael Howie Koty KIbbev Roger KImery Laura King Mark Kiralsi Kelli Kmet Robert Knight John Kochanek Wendy Kohl Jeff Koolstra Kristin Krol Karen Krueger Christopher Kuffner Krtsten Kugler Allen Kuljurgls Jeannlne Kunz Paul Lampela J i tei Jkia iii i Stacey Lang Craig Larsen Jennifer Leannais Krista Leiendecker Dawn Leiand Art Levinson William Lewis Phil LIckman Sandy Loftus Jennifer Long Kristin Long Shannon Loper Kim Lowe Timothy Lubeck Tom Luebbe Cindv MacDuff Laura MacDuff Kirk Macklnder Wayne Magnan Darrtn Marsh Jeff Martin Mike Mathes Amy Mathis Joe McCartney Lisa McCurdy Marti Jo McDonald John McDonald Garrett McGrath Dave McKee Laura McNeal Karen Meehan Jamie Melton k i ■ 1 ■ ■ Km H r t ■ 1 BP H i. ° 2L jf ll %} IJK Wm " K V - " W P HiJ im J 1 [ mt Heather Sfxt waits irfipatlentlv , 1 ' ' ?endv Kohl attempts to catch her Colleen Pawlak, Kristen Czapski, and Kim Wilk invite their friends for a egg. dance. freshmen Heath Meyers Kelly Monroe Abigail Morrison Maureen Morrissey Scott Mroz Ricky Myers Pam Nichols Steven NIgro Terra Nolan James Nordbeck Cynthia North Krista Novak KelllOHare Julie Olson BHan O ' Neill Ann Marie Pado Peter Pado Robin Patrick Heidi Patterson Colleen Pawlak Lynda Payne Ellssa Peters Meredith PIner Steven Pode Greg Price Scott Probert Anthony Pruitt John Pump Chris Pyle George Razoog Paul Rebholz Kurt Relckel Who ' s hiding behind you, Jorn? Even life at the Annex can promote thought for Kurt Retekel and Bill Craig. Paul Au tln« hobbtes his way through the An- nex corridors. Aprlll Rice Robert Rlchcreek Jennifer RIker Heidi Robins Susan Rosselot Brett Rousseau Dawn Rotce Leslie Russell Jom Ryen Nicholas Salas Steven Salas Sheila Sanford Rosally Sapla Monlque Scharf Craig Schlonski Carole Schneider Robert Schulz Krlsta Schwartz Susan Scovera Jacalyn Sellnsky Susan Settles Marlsa Sleggreen David Sinipson Jeffrey Simpson Heather Sixt Gerry Skalla Kristen Skoh Amy Skrade Eric Smith Paul Smith Amy Smlts Chrtsta Splcer Kenneth Splgarelll Sean Starkweather Patricia Stelnhauer Eric Stempten Mark Stephens Deborah Stevens Paul Stiles James Stone mmm freshmen Lonnle Stone James Storm Jill Sundberg Sherry Swamba Beth Swayne Kristin Swettzer Lbtda Szovlnszhy Kevin Telepo John Till Jill Tomalty John Totten Jacqule Trausch Erin Troslen Travis Urcheck Stephen Ventura Zachary Voelker John Warren Jeffrey Wesley Pamela Wesley Kristlne Wetzel Ronald Whalen Thomas Whell Kenneth WIcke Khnberly Wllk Laurel Wilkinson James Wlllerer Laura Williams Jeremy WUtrick Christina York Joyce Zarou Camera Shy Anthony Dalessandro Amy Priest Brian Frellick Robert Sweany Mattheu) Griffith Frank Tomjack Stanley Kapulak Keith Wilson Sherry Moore Optimistic administration has a move to remember Schedule changes, packing, moving, and unpacking became almost routine activities for everyone this year. Administratively it was a headache like you wouldn ' t believe. First came the difficult decision to hold classes in the High School Annex, then the rescheduling of 1,200 students in a week ' s time, finding other facilities for the sports program, rescheduling their play and practice schedules, informing parents and students of the changes, and on and on. It was an experience Principal Dave Bolitho and Assistant Principals William Hamilton and Ralph Redmond would rather not have to live through again. Despite the adversity, they all agreed it was a year they could be very proud of their students and staff. Cooperation, team- work, and a willingness to adjust were key factors in the success of the 1985-86 season. Superintendent George Bell is all smiles at the prospect of a new facility for Northville High School. ri Bolitho walks students through a r of their new high school. BR! administration Principal David Bolitho stands proudly in his new building. Assistant Principal William Hamilton has been a strong force at the Annex. II Assistant principal Ralph Redmond spends a rare moment at his desk. The " Big Three " do a renovation project check. ' iii i.iii«l mm M; Robert Sharrar is busy correcting papers. Paul Osborn ' s favorite toy is tiis overtiead projector. faculty The Faculty Gallery Helping students is wtiat " Andy " Anderson will miss most when he retires. I don ' t believe you just said that, Don J Virgi Arnold Anderson Nancy Arnold George Aune I Baumgartner Sancii Brown Pat Bubel Mike Burley! Gladys Cohen Dennis ColUgan Ann Cook Jim Conzelman Pat Conzelman Doug Dent Richard Deskovltz John Donahue Pat Dorrian-Sandbothe Nick Dunwoodie Marilyn Dwyer John Edwards Gary Emerson Dennis FalettI Cindy Henderson Tony Hogan Marie-Claire Hopkins Marilyn Hopping Carol Jarocha Dave Johnson Kurt Kinde Ben Lauber Jane Lauber Barb LeBoeuf Ron Meteyer Even the faculty found ttiat lunch conditions at the An- nex left much to be desired. mm mamBssmm faculty Mike Gouin and Mrs. Brown prove that even students and teactiers can share a laugh. Sue Meyer Alta Olson Paul Osbom Roy Pedersen Maty Kay Pryce Steve Romba Michael Rumbell Wayne Saunders Darrel Schumacher Emily Serafa-Manschot Robert Sharrar Rosemary Sheppard Jan Smith Lorraine Stanton Barbara Starkey Mike Tarpinian Caria Tibbie Donna Todd Jack Townsley Bob Trombley Jim Urban Stephanie Walker Jack WIckens Lorraine Woodard Bud Bourgeois Mary Culik Bill Dicks Ed Gabrys Maureen Gorshak Ruth Hood Tom John Donald King Elaine Prestel Frank Satarino Jan Tiplady John Whalen personnel Office personnel cope well in Annex office Despite half a year spent crowded at the Annex, our faithful office workers, Nan Oliver, Sharon Cutler, Betty Col- ovas. Dee Moore and Julie O ' Brien are now located in a beautiful new working space. The situation was tough at times, especially when juniors requested parking permits and Betty Colovas couldn ' t grant them, and schedules had to be re-worked. However, a smile and friendly word were always available in the Annex office. All their hard work and support are, as ever, greatly appreciated, and even more so in this year of the Annex. Ralph Redmond ' s secretary Betty Colovas is busy arranging the athletic teams ' move into the new high school gym. Top Right: Smiling secretary Julie O ' Brien is always willing to help a student. Middle: Alta Olsen kindly asks counseling secretary Sharon Cutler to send out a student ' s transcripts. Dee LaChance and Jenny Luther help secretary Nan Oliver with her work. service workers If s snack time Imagine working in a cafeteria made to handle 500 students yet being required to serve lunch to a body of over a 1000. Also imagine having to adjust to unfamiliar w orking conditions and still be required to serve hot lunches as fast and efficiently as possible w ith a shortage of trays, equip- ment, and personnel. The Northville High School lunch force put up with all that and more in its daily crusade to prepare, heat, and serve hot lunches and then clean up for over a thousand people daily. Their constant smiles and good humor greeted Northville students and faculty alike and made lunchtime cheerful and enjoyable for all. Kathy Crichton takes time out for a Twinkie, Anabell Scott prepares sandwicties for snack break at tfie Annex. Cafeteria workers stiow off tfielr merctiandise. Jeff )ust can ' t resist those homemade cookies. Custodian Laurie Noffsmge PAREl TS PRIDE Parents Pride is the newest addition to the Palladium. It was created to provide senior parents a chance to wish their student good luck in future plans and to congratulate them for all their ac- complishments. On behalf of this section ' s editors. Congratulations to the Class of 1986 Congratulations, Jeff, on your graduation and best wishes for a successful future. The Bainbridge Family Tom, Kari and Kathy Jeff Bainbridge Congratulations and best wishes to Dan and the class of ' 86. Keep up the good work. Love, Dad, Mom, Diane, Karen and Pepper Dan Banks To Dina Boo with love Mom and Dad Dina A. Besh Congratulations Lynn Bills! Once a clown (2 yrs.), always a clown. Good luck, we love you. Mom and Dad CONGRATULATIONS! Dan- ny we ' re very proud of all your achievements — you worked hard and deserve them. Good luck in your future years! With your positive attitude and deter- mination, we know you ' ll have continued success! We love you, Mom and Dad K Dan Boland OUR BEST WISHES TO KRIS AND THE CLASS OF ' 86. Michele and George Buelow Kris Buelow Mary E. Coseo May your life and life ' s work realize increased creativity and fruitful success. Mom and Dad Our wish for your future . . . May you always have health, wealth, and happiness. Love, Mom and Dad Christopher Dominique Diane Dragon Thanks, Diane, for eighteen years of joy. May your future reward you with the same happiness you have given us. Mom and Dad Congratulations and Best of Luck in college and your writing career. We sure are proud of all your accom- plishments. Mom, Dad, Dave, and Buddv Lisa Marie Felicelli Stacey Fogle What a blessing, what a joy, what a wonderful daughter you are. May your life be as bright as a heavenly star. Love, Mom and Dad I , Jeffrey Harp Congratulations on reaching another milestone, in ' our career. We wish you much success in the future as you embark on your collegiate career. Mom, Dad, and Laureen To the class of 1986, especial- ly Mary, Congratulations, you have reached the end of one road, and the beginning of another. The Howley Family Our Love and Best Wishes as you go forth with your choices in life. Congrat- ulations! Mom and Dad Mary Howley John Huston To the last of the Kalota Clan Good-b ' e school, what a man On to the future, You ' ll always win. How could you miss, with that charming grin! Mom and Dad Michael Kalota Never let go of your dreams, only you can make them become a reality. Dad and Pat Craig Kozler " There ' s in you all that we believe of Heaven; Amazing Brightness, Purity and Truth, Eternal Joy, and Everlasting Love. " Mom and Laura Maria, Congratulations! Good luck in college. We know you will make a good teacher! Remember always, we love you very much. Love, Mom and Dad Lisa Lutz Maria McPhail Gretchen, we give you our love but not our thoughts, for vou have your own. We house your body, but not your soul — your soul dwells in the house of tomorrow. Mom and Mike Congratulations, to the first of four. Ahead on any score. Pursue your goals with vim and vigor. just for luck, don ' t lose tigger! Love, Mom and Dad X Gretchen McVay Jennifer Millgard Congratulations and the best of luck for the future to Kirk Morrison and the Class of ' 86. We ' re proud of you! The Morrison Family Mom, Dad, Kim, Kelly, Kris, and Robert " Way to go Nuge " Best Wishes to Class of ' 86. Mom, Dad, and Family Kirk Morrison Paul Newitt Parents Pride Our last, hut not least; Don our son You ' ve brought us joy and lots of fun! We continue to be proud as proud can be To have you in our family. Good luck and love always, Mom and Dad Donald James Norton Twas only yesterday When you were just a baby Now look at you A beautiful young lady Love, Mom and Dad Georgia Poulos Mina Rahimi The growing years were busy. Speeding swiftly by. A decade went past In the blinking of an eye. Love and Best Wishes to Mina and the Class of ' 86 as you enter the next decade of your life. Mom, Dad, Susie, Kimi, and C.I. Dear Jill, Congratulations! I Love You! Jasper Jill Roth The important thing in life is not to triumph, but to strug- gle, the essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well. Terry, Sharon, and Andy Wayne Dave Wayne To a wonderful son. We wish you the best that life can offer. God bless you. Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations and best wishes to David and the en- tire Class of ' 86. The Kurzawa Family Bernie, Pat, Kim, and Rod Congratulations and Best of Luck Always. Go Blue! Love, Your Family Mom Dad, Dee, Lee Suzanne LaChance RUBY OFFICE SUPPLY for your home and office supply needs Competitive Prices Commercial Accounts Welcome Order By Phone 348-7170 200 South Main St. across from the Northville Well Sandie ' s JfUMv uJxk. Shoppe 124 East Main Street Northville, Michigan 48167 Phone (31 3) 348-0290 Jewelry Party Supplies CPuppu Soue CPel Sa on THE VERI FINEST IN [XX GROOMING AND :,PECIALTY GIFTS 157 E. Main St. Nonhuille, Ml 48167 349-7 ! ;5 Mon. - Sat In Insurance of All Forms BOWDEN ASSOC. 120 North Center St. Northville, Michigan 48167 {j x) MOUNT Clemens Fehndale Allen Park 474-1810 349-2000 105 N. Center St. (Sheldon Rd.) NORTHVILLE. Ml PORTRAIT STUDIOS ■■■Illllllllll ESSSKBSm BS 525-7071 o Ultrr Design. Inc. Special Machine Tools 12190 HUBBARD LIVONIA, Ml 48150 JIM SUNDBERG PRINTiNG CENTERS Bus: (313)348-8484 42965 Seven Mile Road West of Haggerty Road in the Highland Lakes Center Northville, Michigan 48167 Home Cooked Meals Daily Specials ne flortnuiHe L roiiin Family Restaurant 9 iSqoo Northville Rd Northville. MI 48167 548 42:0 Mon Sat: 6:00 am. -8:10 p.m Sun: 8:00 am 2 p.m.. Breakfast Only NORTHVILLE LOCKSMITH 547 Seven Mile Road Northville, MI 48167 MIKE PAUL ZllBY 348-18% kCct David E. Jerome Donald L. Samhat Jerome Samhat Attorneys at Law 436 North Center Street Northville, Michigan 48167 (313)348-4433 131e.cady northville 348-8690 348-3490 tIFFLD E SI 18730 Northville Road Northville, Michigan 48167 Fourth Mile South of 7 Mile Jflotoers; Flowers by wire anywhere Friendly Persuasions pi Weddings Funerals Social or Corporate Gatherings Call 453-5240 696 N. Mill St in Old Village Plymouth Congratulations J to the Class of 86 from, the of Northville iliii OBBm BSSS am BBS! Crrunch. Mmunch. Mmorrow ' s! m( ' iA Mmm, Morrow ' s. A delicious tradition Jl lomufs PHONE 349-9786 :: ASHER 76 SERVICE A FULL SERVICE STATION BILL ASHER RICK ASHER 357 S. ROGERS NORTHVILLE, Ml McNISH ' S SPORTING GOODS TROPHIES, INC. TEAM OUTFITTERS UNIFORMS IN STOCK VARSITY JACKETS — TROPHIES — ON PREMISE ENGRAVING BASEBALL — FOOTBALL — SOFTBALL BASKETBALL — HOCKEY — SOCCER Support Novi Businesses 41684 W. 10 Mile Novi, Ml 48050 (313)348-1820 ( MILLER ' S X 114 HIGH STREET ■ NORTHVILLE, MICHIGAN V tf ■ PHONE F1 9 5S22 ' " ' g P fl i ' ' GEORGE MILLER ■ Owner HAIR STYLES FOR MEN WOMEN BY APPOINTMENT 110 WEST MAIN ST. NORTHVILLE 348-9747 MEN ' S WOMEN ' S MANICURING AVAILABLE Open Monday thru Thursckjy n AM to 11 PM Frtctav » Saturday - 2 AM Sunday - t oon to 11 PM 349 0441 Coffy Out and Ootarlng Special Food For Porttej Banquet Room AvoUob e Cocktails Restaurant CNnoje. Cantonese. Hong Koog. Mandarin. Japanese and Amertcan Cuisine 42313 W Seven Mile Rood Nofthvilte, Mich»oan CIn Northville Molf) ANDY ' S MEAT HU Oa efiCSfTtMIN ST. (31$) yi9-c5zz Choice Meats Corner of Novi Rd. and Ten Mile 349-0424 The Marquis Boutique For The Town and Couotry Look Monday thru Saturday 9:30 to 6 p.m. 349-8110 Master Charge - Visa For Reservation Information Cal 349-8110 Detroit Free Press under Northville Marquis - ' " y - •% IV ra0iniri flowers 19 K MAIN STR. ET VILLF MICHIC rj 48167 PHOrjE 349 0671 ) iMV Card, ' t JLiisi ML 107 N CENTER ST JUDY GULIAN 348-3520 NORTHVILLE. Ml 48167 JUDY BRADLEY f f .? ' 3C ?CTr!S S ' ' ' ' . ' ' ' ' - in. y }iortlwille (JulUry of Jbwcrs WEDDINGS ■ FUNERALS GREEN PLANTS FRESH CUT CUSTOM SILK WIRE SERVICE DML ) LBLHBAS ( WtlRO DLIHOU OELlVtRlt.S 349-3811 349-3661 OR 349-0190 FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY 135E.Cady NORTHVILLE 42375 W 7 Mile W o) Haggerty in the Northville Plaza B F AUTO SUPPLY, INC. NAPII 1100 starkweather Old Village • Plymouth 453-7200 If it ' s metal we have the paint to cover it complete line of Martin Senour Automotive paints and supplies in stock Get rid of rust now! Mon.-Fri. 8-7; Sat. 8-4; Sunday - 10-3 BEST WISHES CLASS OF ' 86 Years of Photo Developing Experience GUARDIAN PHOTO ■HwimiKvu ' niij uiiiMiiri.itia Guardian Industries Corp. 43043 West 9 Mile Road Northville, Michigan 48167 Glass Manufacturers Photo Finishers L adteriine Sjrunerai J ome, nc. 122 West Dunlap St. Northville, Michigan 48167 (313)349-0611 Serving you for 3 generations Ray J. Casterline 1893-1959 Fred A. Casterline - Ray J. Casterline GO MUSTANGS! Holland, Newton and Associates (313)349-5400 101 E. Dunlap Northville, Michigan 48167 NO JOB TOO SMALL LIC 66510 PATINO CONSTRUCTION REMODELING ROOFING - SIDING PAINTING - CABINETS FURNITURE - BATHS - PLUMBING - ELECTRICAL BRICKWORK REY PATINO 349-2337 Sfcafl! Hmre of UNFINISHED FURNITURE WYANDOTTE 3063 Biddle Avenue 285-8477 Michigan ' s Largest Selection New Location Downtown Northville 316 N. Center 349-8585 CONNIE TREAT Owner Imported Beer Wine Party Trays ' ' ' ' V 219 Hutton I g X ' Northville, Ml 48167 ' ' ■ mx lA (313) 349-6020 MON-THURS 1000-800 FRI SAT 1000-4 00 Northville Party Shoppe Inc. 680 W, Eight Mile Road Northville, Michigan 48167 Carol Hanson Chris Hanson (313)349-2222 Tickets Tours D D FLOOR COVERING, INC, Cruises Specialists In Travel To Ireland SILVERJET TRAVEL, INC. 42317 Seven Mile Road Northville, Michigan 48167 5100 Congratulations Class of ' 86 Carpet Formica Armstrong Floors 145E.Cady Northville, Michigan 48167 Donald Bingham Owner i _(cn- ' jau Open daily 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday 12 noon to 8 p.m. Lotto Tickets Sold GOOD .•!•. TIME PARTY .h STORE Imported and Domestic Liquor • Wine • Cold Beer Custom Gift Baskets Live Lobster • Keg Beer Hot Sandwiches to Go • Ice ; Let Us Help You With Your Party Planning Caterers, Bartenders for Parties Limousine and Chauffeur Service Available 567 Seven Mile Road 349-1477 .■r- -- - . " - " -_— r ' . -r ' . - ' -«»i T ' S i:C C os r ME Located on Seven Mile Next to the Good Time Party Store 349-1478 Serving Old Fashioned Frozen Custard Cones • Malts • Sundaes Banana Splits • Coney Islands • Hot Sandwiches Weight Watchers Frozen Yogurt iiiiiifli McDonald Ford When you ' re thinking ®FORD Stay in Northville 349-1400 Sales, Service, Parts Leasing Rentals 550 West Seven Mile Road between Northville Rd. Sheldon Rd. 427-6650 o 0 ' 0o 0 ' 0 o © ' 0 o V2- -- ' SINCE 1933... .(ft- For the finest in diamonds, precious gems, watches, and jewelry X ?5 iLi V • KK FIEUGrau LOCIST REcisTERtD JEWELt ' n y EXPERT DIAMOND REMOINTING ' it " ' pS CI STOM RING DESIGNING ■v: ' ? DIAMOND APPRAISERS , A ESTATE BliYERS u V ( -V ) 293iT FORn ROAD V ' 101 EA.-iT MAJN AT MIDDLEBELT " ' AT CE.NTER STREET GARDEN (TTV 422-7030 NORTHVILLE 3(9-6940 9 OOO ' O ' ' OoO G O ' 348-TYPE 348-7172 GORDON ' S OFFICE SERVICES GORDON KEEVIS — Owner 43067 7 MILE NORTHVILLE TWP., Ml 48167 tMesmcH FIND US FAST IN THE. T-|BOI 7 Ytellow » v Pages BANJOS • HAND MADE GUITARS - SHEET MUSIC ALL STRINGED INSTRUMENTS • LESSONS • ACCESSORIES REPAIRS OF ALL INSTRUMENTS NORTHVILLE. Ml 48167 Highland Lake Shopping Center 43119 West 7 Mile NORTHVILLE 348-9380 IClld ' S FINE JEWELRY Livonia Mall 7 Mile at Middlebelt LIVONIA 471-7171 .,,r " The Joy of the Lord is our Strength " (Neh. 8:10) ALBRIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY 348-2248 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 86 FAMILY HEALTH CARE CENTER, P.C. " Personal Health Care " DR. GEORGE J. PAPPAS, DIRECTOR 40666 FIVE MILE RD. PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN 48170 HOURS: MON.-FRI. 8-8 SAT. 9-2 PHONE: 420-4400 Congratulations Class of 1986 SCHRADER ' S Home Furnishings Since 1907 1 1 1 N. Center Northville, Ml 48167 349-1838 107 N. Center Northville 349-7110 102 E. Main Northville 349-1550 Since 1972 Reneh Haddad 543 Seven Mile Northville 348-3077 Hours Tues.-Fri.: 9:30-8:00 COMPLIMENTS OF ■TT- Ao-A- c ve.yi oio I .f ' - ' i T SrK y- ! r, _ " j i J r J ARCHITECTS CacaUILLARD DUIMDON PETERSOlM AIMD ARGENTA 300a TOWN CENTER SDUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN 48075 SUITE 1515 (313) 35 a-244 Come Alive in ' 86 NEW LOOKS! SOPHISTICATED AND WILD! Ljerala A Salon Haircuts . . . Perms . . . HiLltes . . . Make-Up Student V2 off on Above Services for First Time Visit Expires 8-1-86 41012 5 Mile Rd. Plymouth, Ml 420-0111 Congratulations CLASS of ' 86 You ' ll be remembered for your spirit, dedication and stamina " ■ ' 1 Frederick M. Cahill In recognition of your efforts and great accomplishments of some . . . We wisfi you happiness and success in your life to come. Congratulations, Love Mom and Dad CONGRATULATIONS MATT ASHBY The Northville Jaycees would like to thank you for everything you have done for us and the community. BEST WISHES WITH YOUR FUTURE Palladium Patrons Anne ' s Crafts no N. Center, Northville Anne ' s Fabrics lUE. Main, Northville Little People Shoppe 103 E. Main, Northville Kerwin Vision Clinic 34659 Michigan Ave., Wayne Miss Millie ' s School of Dance Moraine School, Northville m mfri tic Bo Abbey, Donald 67, 132 Abbott, Deborah 143 Abitz, Kristin 71, 143 Abraham, Carolyn 53, 117 Abraham, Douglas 132 Abraham, Kathy 58, 143 Abraham, Kimberley98, 106 Abraham, Megan 30, 132 Abramvich, Laura 32, 55 Abramovich, Richard 36, 37, 68, 143 Adamovicz, Anthony 98 Adamovicz, Deborah 132, 21 Ahmad, Kamran 143 Aho, John 132, 137 Akroush, Denise 71, 132 Albrecht, Guenter 30, 132 Alexander, Kevin 160, 98, 102 Alexander, Pamela 93, 132 Alexandris, Tom 7, 36, 37, 40, 132, 141 Alfinito, Kathy Allan, Gregory 117 Allen, Brian 143 Allen, Robin 117 Allison, Laura 39, 62, 98 Anderson, Christopher 49, 132, 137 Anderson, Jennifer 132 Anderson, John 117 Anderson, Laurel 117 Andreasen, Richard 117 Andrews, Tim Anger, Julie 60, 61,96, 117,129 Antuna, John 132 Armstead, Mark 143 Armstrong, David 143 Arnold, Chad 98 Ash, Lori 132 Ashby, Matthew 9, 49, 177, 20, 89 Assar, Hamid 38, 88 Assar, Mojgan 177 Assar, Mona 132 Augustine, Paul 143, 150 Austen, Stephen 132 Austin, Suzanne 33, 117 Ayers, Douglas 49, 117 Bachmann, Andrew 143 Bacigalupi, Jeffrey 13, 32, 35, 67, 132, 28 Bahl, Kellymari 132 Bainbridge, Jeffrey 61, 71, 143 Baird, Cecil 143 Baird, Karen61,71,143 Baird, Paul 132 Baird, Thomas 33, 41, 98, 105 Bajorek, Rebecca 71, 143 Balai, John 98 Balai, Patrick 35, 56, 69, 132 Baldwin, Reece 41, 132 Ballard, Kimberly 117 Balik, David 98 Baltz, Judith 117 Banks, Danny 85, 98, 160 Barber, Jennifer 143, 146 Bargert, Patti 94, 98, 24, 87 Barnett, Connie 143 Barnett, Tytti 35, 117 Bartski, Cynthia 117 Basile, Paul 56, 132 Bates, Christopher 98 Bates, Jennifer 117 Bates, Robert 69, 117 Bauman, Jody 143 Bauman, Michael 98 Baumann, John 69, 1 17 Baxter, Amy 143 Baxter, Heather 39, 98 Beaber, Gregory 132 Beach, Molly 117 Beach, Wendy 64, 143 Beacham, Michele 55, 143 Becker, John 132 Beebe, Yvonne 64, 143 Beecher, Christopher 33, 117 Beemer, Patrick 7, 36, 37, 132 8eether, Charise94, 98 Beger, Brian 98 Behen, Adam 117 Belding, Dianne 160,98, 113 Belding, Nancy 50, 143 Bell, Amy 132 Bell, Emily 143, 146 Bell, Tracy 132 Beller, Jennifer 143 Seller, Julie 117 Belliston, James 57, 96B, 98 Belliston, Scott 67, 132 Beltz, Jordan 98 Bemer, Eric 132 Bennett, Marc 56, 143 Bennett, Michael 117 Benstein, Cheryl 117 Bentham, Scott 2, 143 Berkaw, Mike 143 Berlinski, Todd 132 Bertagnolli, Mark97,98 Besh, Dina 98, 160 Bicknell,Fiona36,37, 132 Bickner, Carrie 5, 39, 132 Bilimoria, Dina33,81, 117 Billimoria, Erik 143 Bills, Leigh 58, 143 Bills, Lynn 50, 96, 98, 160 Bjorge, Angela 98 Bjorge, Michael 133 Blanchard, Suzanne 50, 98 BIaz, Eric Blue, Dennis 117 Blue, Luanne98 Bock, Patrick Bogetta, Heather 117 Bogetta, Shani 143 Bohan, Jessica 43 Boland, Daniel 57, 99, 160 Bolda, Mark 133 Bond, Courtney 39, 133 Bonner, Adam 117 Bonner, Rebecca 143 Booth, Kenneth 51, 99 Booth, Todd 67, 143 Boring, Kyle 57, 99, 101 Bouman, Jennifer 71, 143, 144 Bousquet, Jodi 56, 69, 133 Bowman, Christopher 56, 69, 133 Bowman, Kellie 94, 117 Boyle, Christopher 143 Boyle, Mary-Elizab 133 Braash, Jennifer 133 Brain, Susan 117 Brame, William 143 Brandenburg, Anne 143 Brandon, Cynthia 37, 39, 143 Brandon, Lenorell7 Brandon, Mark 99 Brannon, Lisa 133 Brining, David 99, 102, 163 Brining, Kimberly 55, 99 Briningstool, Anthony 57, 66, 74, 117, 122 Broad, David 16D, 89 Broad, Karen 99, 143 Broderick, Martin 57, 99 Brooks, Stephen 49, 118 Brett, Eric 36, 37, 49 Brown, Kristen 133 Brown, Mary 61, 71, 118 Brown, Michael 36, 143 Brugman, Kathryn 61, 133 Brumley, Scott 133 Buck, Barbara 58, 133 Buck, Michelle 118 Buckland, David 143, 143 Buckland, Beth 32A, 1 16, 1 18, 129, 45 Buda, Wendy 133 Buell, Douglas 68, 99 Buell, Jeffrey 33, 68, 118 Buelow, Kristen 49, 76, 160 Buelow, Stephen 133 Bugar,John57,99 Bulin, Kendra 133 Bulin, Kerry 143 Bulin, Scott 99 Burcz, Matthew 143 Burkett, Adam 143 Burkowski, James 143 Burns, Jennifer 143 Burn worth, Marc 133 C burii»r€tTrtsttrre-Tzr3 S «t3SfrNTTOte-3673 rPO Butske, William 143 Butterfield, Bradley 99 Buttigieg, Joseph 56, 133 Bytnar, Barbara 99 Bjtnar, Michelle 143 Cahill, Fred49,77, 100. 177 Caldwell, Michael 118 Calhoun, Kelly 133 Campbell, Sally 118, 44 Candela, Darren 133, 140, 28 Carducci, Annmarie 133 Carnes, Liaa 133 Carpenter, Christine 100 Carroll, Erin 133 Carroll, Jayne 100, 79 Carrothers, Julie Anne 62, 143, 136 Carter, Jennifer 133 Caruso, Josephine 118 Cass, Julie 94, 96, 96C, 100, 24 Cassady, Kris71,118 Cassel, John 143 Cassel, Melissa 118 Cataldo, Stacy 58, 134 Cavanaugh, Pamela 50, 100 Cave, Jason 143 Cavender, Robert 134 Cerretani, Christopher 56, 143 Cerretani, James 57, 66, 1 18, 28 Chaffin, Joshua 134 Chamberlain, David 30, 69, 143 Chappell, James 82, 100, 105 Charchian, Nicole 100 Chaudhery, Mitali 39 Chesney, Ruthanne 39, 134 Chisnell, Lanette 36, 37, 134 Chong, Sandy 96, 100 Chopra, Asha ' Chowdhury, Ian 43, 100 Ciak, Stacie 144 Cipicchio, Jennifer 143 Cipicchio, Lori 134 Cisneros, Laura 100 Cisneros, Lisa 118 Clancy, Erica 38, 118 Clark, Courtney 1 18 Clark, Jennifer 55, 144 Clark, Jennifer 144 Clakr, John 144 Clarke, Laura 33, 118 Clarkson, Jennifer 35, 134 Clason,Todd37,39, 134 Cleveland, Kurt 56, 134 Coble, James 100, 130 Cocagne, David 118 Colarossi, Jennifer 100 Collin, Jennifer Colvin, Steven 114 Conley, Beth 53, 144 Conlon, Susan 100 Connell, Jill 7 1,144 Connell, Kara 119 Connery, Kimberly 134 Conquest, Morgen 144 Conway, Daniel 134 Cook, Brian 100 Cook, Elizabeth 144 Cook, Maegan 144 Cook, Steven 30, 44, 101 Cooney, Chris57,69, 119 Cooney, Dan 144 Coppock, Christi 33, 119 C ornwell, Ann 39, 119 Coseo, Mary 101, 161 Cossin, Jason 144 .::; ?-- Shannon 33. ?2. 53, 134, 137 . .. -ann ' fer 38. 39. iOI Crabtree. Anthony 101 Craig Scott 101 Craik. Jamie 51. 94, 101, 105 Craske, Roger 134 Crawford, Lisa 76, 119,44 Crawford, Michael 30, 44, 101 Crichton, Cathie 134, 159, 21 Crockett, Sean U9 Cross. Heather 168, 47, 71, 131, 134 Cross, Jeff 51, 134 Cross, Michelle 96, 110, 129 Custer. Benjamin 30, 134 Cutchins, Kristen 134 Czapski, Kristen 144, 148 Dace, Robin 119 Dalessandro, Anthony Danes, Emily 30, 134 Daniel, Jeffrey 134 Daniels, Julie 134 Daniels, Todd 56, 67, 144 Darrow, Michael 160, 41, 101, 112 Dart, David 13, 94 Oasgupta, Kolyan 36, 134 Dattillo, Chad 134 Davis. Jennifer 134 Deal, Mark 57, 96C, 101 Deboutte, Robert 119 DeFrancesco, Deborah 33, 119 Dellinger, Christen 134 Dellinger, Julie9, 96, 119 Delosh, Shawn 134 Demeter, Ronald 54, 101 Demeter, Sara 53, 144 Deuby, Timothy 119 Devyak. Robert 33, 36, 37, 144 Dewey, Tracy 101 Dex, Tina 144, 146 Diehl, Christine 101 Diehl, Sonesha 134 Dietiker, Robert 38, 39, 119 Dimitroff, Elizabeth 119 Dixon, Aletha 199 Dobie, Craig 144 Dominique, Christopher 101, 161 Donnan, Sandra 134 Donnelly, Scott 144 Doolittle, Kimberly 120 Doolittle, Marc 101, 28 Downs, Joyce 39, 120 Doyle, Kathleen 65, 101 Doyle, Nancy 40, 41, 144 Dozier, Mark 39, 134, 45 Dragon, Diane 16, 33, 102, 104 Dragon, Jennifer 144 Drew, Christopher 120 Drzazgowski, Eric 145 Ducker, Patricia 35, 60, 61, 70, 71, 120 Dudley, Robert 145 Duncan, Susan 53, 15, 4 Dunkerley, Erin 134 Dunnabeck, Donna 44, 64, 120 Dunnabeck, Patricia 64, 102 Dutkiewicz, Keith 64, 102, 29, 88 Dutkiewicz. Nanci 52, 53, 71. 134 Dwyer, David 145 Dye, Johnny 145 Dykoski, Tracy 33, 102 Earl, Trade 33, 37, 102 Eble, Brad24, 120 Ebersole, Todd 134 Edwards, Ah;.; 52, 53, 145 Edwards, Adrienne 53, 145 Edwards, Aimee 53, 135 Edwards, Eric 120 Ehrhardt, EIke 53, 78 Eko, Carrie 120 Eliassen, Barbara, 120 Eschbach, Tracy 135 Eusebi, Diana 120 Farley, Chris 145 Farmer, Michelle 145 Fee, Jessica 145 Fee, Todd 135 Fehlauer, Corrine 120 Felicielli, David 56, 68, 142, 145 Felicelli, Lisa 52, 53, 102, 161 Feliks,Todd69, 135 Fernandez, Alizabeth Ferry, Elizabeth Ferry, Joseph 135 Ficyk, Eugene 145 Finley, Lori 145 Finley, Maria 120 Fitzpatrick, Katie 16, 135 Fitzpatrick, Stacey 96, 120 Flading, Kim 33, 41, 73, 120, 129 Fogle, Kim 120 Fogle, Stacey 102, 161 Foley, Marcia 133, 135 Forbing, Derek, 69, 135 Ford, Diane 55, 94, 120, 129 Forster, Erik 145 Forte, Terri33, 39, 61, 120, 123 Fortenberry, Kristi 55, 145 Fortenberry, Michael 68, 135 Foster, Genevie 96, 129 Fox, Blake 145 Fox, Lance 135 Francis, Shannon 120 Francoeur, Andrew 145 Frank, Cheri 145 Frayne, David 66 Frayne, Becky 55, 135, 145 Frazer, Robert 69, 120 Frederick, John 145 Frellick, Brian 38 Frellick, Lynn53,70,71,102 Frey,Andy69, 145 Frey, Jennifer 53, 120 Freydl, Karl 59, 69, 120 Fries, Gloria 41, 135 Fn ' sbie, John 56, 69, 135 Fulton, Amy Gabrys, Genevieve 41, 55, 145 Gala, Eric 102 Gall, Keith 120 Gallagher, Jill 60, 71, 73, 120 Gardine, Jennifer 145 Gardner, Amy 37, 146 Garr, Cheryl 37, 39, 135 Garr, Laura 33, 38, 120 Garthe, Jim 146 Gasser, Amy 33, 35, 120 Gasser, Jennifer 146 Gatti, Julie 146 Gatti, Theresa 46, 120 Gatto, Kimberly 120 Geake, Roger 135 Geake, Tamara 65, 146 Geelhood, Jennifer 135 George, Kristen 120 George, Pam 146 Gettig, Scott 120 Getty, Catherine 61, 120 Gillahan, David 146 Gird, John 120, 129, 24 Gird, Richard 160, 69, 121 Gladden, Vicki 121 Gleichman, John 120 Golen, Sandra 135 Good, Gregory 121 Goode, Chris 49, 135 Goode, Tim 146 Goretski, Leonard 121 Goscinski, Kara 40, 135, 141 Goshorn, Jennifer 50, 90, 135 Goss, Stephen 135 Gossard, Stacey 135, 86 Gouin, Michael 102, 157 Graham, Keith 69, 135 Grant, Steven 66, 121,29 Grasley, Nicole 31, 96, 121 Gray, Gordon 146 Gray, Lisa 94, 102 Gray, Todd 146 Grear, David 67, 147 Griffis, Mark 135 Griffith,Anne31,33, 35,40, 41,45 60 75 116, 121 . . . Griffith, Jay 67, 146 Griggs, Scott 121 Gross, Kelly 102 Gross, Mark 135 Groves, David 121 Groves, Linda 39. 135 Guard, Mark 49, 102 Guenthardt, Christine Guerro, Brad 36, 37, 69, 135 Guldberg, Steve 39, 68, 135 Gursky, Jeff 135 Haas, Kevin 51, 74, 90. 121 Hacker, John 135 Haines, Philip 160, 33, 102 Hale, Mike 56, 146 Hall, David 103 Hall, Leana 146 Hall, Unda 36, 37, 39, 87, 103, 114 Halverson, Eric 13, 49, 67, 135 Hamilton, Jeff 33, 57, 121, 122 Hammond, Harley, 135, 138 Hammond, Tonya 38, 39, 121, 123 Hansen, Jennifer 30, 40, 135 Hansen, Tanya 146 Hardin, Carrie 41, 136 Harmon, Mike 136, 86 Harp, Jeff 14, 33, 41, 57, 103, 112, 161 Harper, Gary 30, 57, 66, 96C, 103 Harral, Michael 133, 136 Harrigan, Dawn 146 Harrigan, Dwayne 121 Harris, Brian 136 Harris, John 136 Harris, Kimberly 36, 136 Harrison, Wayne 39, 51, 136 Hartmann, Elizabeth 36, 94, 121 Heath, Frederic 35, 67, 136, 138, 28 Henningsen, Daniel 136 Hepler, Laura 33, 38, 39, 42, 103, 79 Herguth, William Hesse, Karry 37, 146 Hibbein, Laurie 121 Hickman, Tonia 64, 121 Higgins, Jeff 136 Hilfinger, Julie 55, 142, 146 Hilfinger, Mike 35, 57, 66, 67, 96C, 103 Hill,Amyl6B, 58, 146 • Hill, Jason 35, 68, 136 Hinds, Joanne 60, 121, 20 Hinds, Matthew 51, 66, 103 Hines, Susan 39, 46 Hite, Allen 57, 121 Hitt, Michelle 121 Hixson, Tim Ho, Matthew 37, 136, 79, 87 Hobart, Heather 146 Hobart, Rebecca 121 Hodgins, Matthew 136 Hoffmann, Mark 103 Hoffmeister, Lori 31, 40, 41, 103, 07 Hoggarth, Karen 103 Hoggarth, Steven 121 Holcomb, Scott Holladay, Carrie 39, 146 Holland, Gordon 146 Hollis,Amyl21 Holloway, Kathleen 12, 6 , 128, 129 Holloway, Michelle 146 Holloway, Randal 57,13 j, 120, 121, 28 Holmberg, Erin 75, 136 Holmes, Nancy 33, 36, 38, 39, 103, 79 Holstein, Dan 146, 69 Holtmeyer, Stacey 146 Hood, Edward 136 Hooks, Kristen 53, 146 Hooper, Lisa 121 Hooper, Melanie 146 Hoose, Jeff 56, 136 Hooten, Andy 136 Horling, Jennifer 136 Hornberger, Christina 121, 129 Horngren, Kyle, 146 Horvath, Karen 121 Hosmer,Jack 33, 121 Hosmer, Karin 146 House, Chris 67, 146 Howard, Jonathon 136 Howie, Michael 146 Howitson, Shawn 136 Howley, Mary 60, 61, 101, 103, 161 Huard, Jennifer 119, 121 Hubbard, Donn 163, 66, 121 Hubert, Matt 57, 121 Hubert, Neil 56, 136 Hudiburg, Robert 122 Huff, Andy 147 Huizing, Shelly 62, 122 Hunsinger, Bruce 122 Hurley, Shannon 136 Huston, John 35, 103, 161 Huyck, Kristen 147 Hyla, Amaris 147 Hynes, Jamie 103 Ineich, Tim 64, 136 Irwin, Lisa 136 Jackson, Shannon 53, 147 Jacobi, Paul 136 Jacobsen, Kenneth 103 Jakubowski, Jeff 136 Jakubowski, Mike 94, 104 Jallad, Jeneen 122 Jameson, David Janik, Steven 136 Jarvis, Matt 147 Jewell, Marne 147 Johns, Jeffery 136 Johnson, Eben 69, 147 Johnson, Sara 32A, 147 Johnston, Margaret, 94, 104 Jones, Randy 147 Jones, William 122 Jourden,Tina 136 Johnston, Joyce Judd, Randy 122 Juergens, Christine 136 Juhasz, Jennifer 55, 147 Julien, Chris 147 Kabel, Kirk 5 1,122 Kaestner, Julie 104 Kaisner, Diane 147 Kaisner, Karen 16, 41, 104 Kakogeorgiou, Lukas 33, 41, 122 Kalota, Mike 014, 162 Kamienecki, Doug 136 Kaminski, Dav ' d 72, 104 Kaminski, Jamie 122 Kanellopoulos, Ananstasios 104 Kanellopoulos, Billy 147 Kaphengst, Mary Beth 17, 137 Karfis, Kristine 9, 33, 104 Karfis, Mike 48C, 49, 67, 147 Kazaleh, Daniel 122 Kehoe, Darren 69, 147 Kehoe, Ken 69, 104 Kendra, Raymond 137 Kennedy, Kathleen 62, 63, 122, 128 Kepner, Charles, 36, 37, 38, 122 Kern, Michael 137 Kerns, Thomas 5, 16C, 34, 35, 39, 42, 56, 57, 96C, 104,21,25 Khashan, Koreen 122 Khashan, Saleem 147 Kibbey, Katherine 53, 147 Kidner, David 122 Kiefer, Craig 104 Kilgore, Glenn 69, 122 Kilner, Jill 33, 97, 104 Kilpatrick, Jennifer 31, 33, 104, 24 Kilsdonk, Susanne 36, 122 Kimery, Roger, 49, 147 Kincer, Corina 137 King, Christopher 137, 138 King, Laura 37, 147 King, Steven 137 Kinzel, Carl 36, 122 Kinzel, Carlene 122 Kiplinger, John 33, 39, 105, 79 Kiraly, Mark 147 Kirsch, Brad 56, 137 Kissinger, John 51, 137 Kissinger, Stewart 49, 122 Kitchen, Jeremy 84, 137 Klenk, Sally 96, 105 Klepacki, Suzanne 137 Kmet, Kelli 147 Knight, Robert 147 Kochanek, John 69, 147 Kochanek, Suzanne 122 Kohl, Wendy 39, 147, 148 Kooistra, Jeffrey 147 Koontz, Joesph 137 Kordt, Krista 122 Kossak, Kena 49, 122 Kotarski, Kathleen 52, 53, 137 Kozachenko, Kimberley 105 Kozler, Craig 30, 57, 96C. 97, 105, 162, 24, 25 Kozler, Dave 16, 33, 57, 116, 122, 126, 128, 24 Krieger, Eric 137 Krieger, Linda 33, 96C, 105 Krol, Kristin 147 Krueger, Karen 37, 39, 147 Krueger, Kathryn 33, 39, 122, 44 Kucharski, Rita 118, 122 Kucher, Dawn 33, 38, 71, 85, 122 Kuckenbecker, Dianne41, 37, 87 Kuczewski, Krista, 137 Kuczewski, Kurt 105 Kuffner, Chris 147 Kuffner, Jennifer 60, 122 Kugler, Alison 122 Kugler, Kristen 39, 147 Kuljurgis, Allen 67, 147 Kuljurgis, Mona Kunz, Jeannine 147 Kunz, Jeffrey 105 Kurzawa, David 105, 63 LaChance, Deanne 33, 55, 68, 122, 158 LaChance, Suzanne 33, 55, 105, 163 Lakine, Nome 137 Lamay, Laura 105 Lampbela, Gary Lampela, Paul 147 Lane, Cheryl 122 Lane, Sherri 64, 137 Lane, Suellen 33, 52, 53, 105 Lane, Tracy, 105 Lang, Stacey55, 148 LaPrad, Jeannine 35, 61,71, 137 Laramee, Stephanie 137 Laroque, Nichole 16C, 70, 71, 96C, 97, 105, 21 Larsen, Craig 148 Larson, Janet 39, 137 Larson, Sandra 122 Lash, Barbara 122 Laundra, Tim 37, 137 Lavanway, Diane 106 Lawrence, Anthony 56, 69, 137 Lazar, Jason 57, 69, 123 Lazzara, Ken 137 Lazzara, Ralph 57, 106 Leannais, Brian 106 Leannais, Dennis 137 Leannais, Jennifer 39, 148 Leavitt, Paul51,137 Lee, Steven 30, 38, 39, 106, 44 Legel, Kevin33, 51, 106 Legner, Julie 77, 137 Legner, Mary 106 Lehr, Peter 106 Leiendecker, Eric 16C, 33, 34, 35, 62, 68, 96C, 106, 29 Leiendecker, Krista 37, 148 Leiand, Dawn 36, 37, 39, 148 Leiand, Dennis 37, 106, 111 Lenaghan, Christine 137 Lentz, Julie 137 Leslie, James 137 Leslie, Jill Letarte, Dana 69, 123 Leuliette, Christine 137 Levan, Andrew 106 Levinson, Ariana 148 Lewis, Andrea 137 Lewis, William 148 Lickman, Phil 67, 148 Lindsey, Anthony 106 Llewellyn, John 123 Loftus, Sandra 55, 148 Long, Jackie 148 Long, Jennifer 123 Long, Kristin 148 Loomis, Brett 77, 106 Loomis, Danielle 71, 137, 86 Loper, Shannon 61,71, 148 Lotarski, Laura 138 Lott, Kelly 36, 106 Louis, Clare 107 Louis, Michael 133, 138 Lowe, Carmen 33, 107 Lowe, Kim 37, 148 Lubeck, Tim 148 Luebbe, Tom 148 Luiki, Tonia 123 Luther, Jennifer 123, 126, 158 Lutz, Laura 58, 138 Lutz, Lisa 16E, 33, 96B, 96C, 97, 107, 162 McDonald, Kim 15, 31,41, 123 _ McDuff, Cindy 148 - " " McDuff, Laura 148 Mackinder, Kirk 148- Mackle, Brian 123 Magdich, Dan 49, 66, 123 Magnan, Wayne 148 Magnan, Wesley Mahakian, Jeff 138 Mahakian, Mike 107, 137 Maliszewski, Paul 69, 123 Malloy, Shelley 123 Malott, Michele 138 Mance, Michele, 123, 129 Mariotti, Deanna 123 Marrone, Kristin 33, 50,1 33 Marsh, Darrin 148 Marsh, Debra 119, 123 Martin, Heather 123 Martin, Jeff 148 Mashigan, Lisa 123 Maslo, Chris 138 Massaron, Robert 138 Matadial, Jayshree 33, 123 Mathes, Mike 69, 148 Mathis, Amy 53, 148 Matteucci, Jackie 76, 94, 96B, 107 Maxey, Kathryn 123 May, Kevin 138 May, Robert Mayer, Jeff 138 Maynor, Brent 138 McCartney, Charles 107 McCartney, Joseph 148 McCreadie, David 33, 66, 123, 119, 29 McCulloch, Richard 54, 123 McCurdy, Kimberly 123 McCurdy, Lisa 148 McDonald, Brent 107 McDonald, John 148 McDonald, Marti Jo 148 McDonald, Mary 33, 96, 107 McDonald, Ronald, 67, 138 McDuffie, Robin 138 McGowan, Christine 16C, 60, 70, 71, 94, 96C. 107, 110 McGrath, Garrett 148 McGuire, Rose Ann 94, 123 McKee, David 56, G7, 148 McKinnon, Bonnie 123 McManus, Kelly . cHhaii. Maria 36, 37. 107, U4, 162 McREc.John33,57,69, 123,21 McVay, Gretchen 99, 107, 162 Meadows, Douglas. 51, 138 Meadows, John 107, 25 Meehan, Karen 40, 148 Mellor, Stephanie 138 Melton, Jamie 39, 148 Merecki, Jason 38, 39, 42, 138 Merrifield, David 5, 41, 72. 107, 25 Merrifield, Nancy 39, 42, 131, 138 Method, Leigh 36, 38, 39. 108 Method, Michael 138 Metz, Bradley 138 Meyers, Heath 67, 149 Meyers, Melissa 123 Michalski. Brett 35, 138 Michelitch, Merrilyn53. 131, 138 Michelitch, Terry 72 Mikalonis. Darius 68, 108, 29 Millen, Timothy 57, 69, 108 Miller, Angele 138 Miller, Dwayne 138 Miller, Kirk Miller, Lori 108 Miller, Rona Sue 71, 138 Millgard, Jennifer 33, 52, 53, 108, 162 Millgard, Julie 53, 138 Mirisola, Karen 108,44 Mirisola, Kristin 108, 44 Mizerowski, Michele 108 Mobaraki, Michelle 138 Monks, Marjorie 123 Monroe, Kelly 149 Moore, Audrey 138 Moore, David 249, 138 Moore, Gerald 54, 123, 128 Moore, Mitchell 36, 37, 68, 138 Moore, Sherry Moore, William 69, 108 Moraczewski, David 138 Moreno, Andrews Morgan, Karen 123 Morris, Adam 57, 106, 108 Morris, Nicholas 3, 12, 9, 49 Morrison, Abigail 149 Morrison, Kirk 66, 108, 110, 162 Morrissey, Maureen 149 Mroz, Lisa 108 Mroz, Scott 149 Mroz, William 138 Mulla, Karen 36, 37, 123 Munsell, Timothy 51, 108 Myers, Ricky 149 Myers, Stephen 138 Nadeau, David Nance, Laura 53, 138 Naszradi, Patrick 123 Naumovski, Anna 141 Neal, Kennet49, 139 Nelsen, Erika 55, 124 Nelson, Carol 124 Nelson, D. Scott 109 Nelson, David 139 Nelson, Debra 109 Nelson, Patrick Nelson, Tiffany Nelson Timothy 124 Nelson, T.-acy50, 109 • ' eumaier, Elizabeth 39, 82, 139 Neufna;r. I ' eH 33, 124 Newitt. Paul 1 C. 30 56, 67, 66, 95C, 107, 109 162 Newton, GregO(j 51, 124 Newton, Ian 49 139 Nibarger, Jeffrey 136. 139 Nibarger, Patrick 12-1 Nichols, Pamela 149 Nichols, Tamara 124 Nieuwkoop, Jenny 139 Nigro, Steven 149 Noffz. Karl 6S, 139 Nolan, Scott 57, 106, 124 Nolan, Terra 149 Norback, Leslie 124, 133 Nordbeck, James 149 Nordbeck, John 54, 124 Norris, Sara 124 North, Cynthia 149 Norton, Donald 48B, 57, 66, 109, 163 Novak, Krista 149 Nuechterlein, Michael 51, 139 Nuechterlein, Wendy 31, 50, 109 Nunn, Jennifer 124 Oblak, David 124 Odell, Kevin 56, 109, 139 Odell, Traci Oginski, Lee Ann 124 Oglesby, Michael 54, 109 O ' Hare, Kelli 149 Okasinski, David 139 Olgren, Amanda 70, 71, 99, 109 Oliver, Lauren 52, 53, 124 Oliver, Leslie 33, 53, 124 Oliver, Matthew 139 Olsen, Carol 50, 124 Olsen, Mark 33, 54, 109 Olson, Julie 149 ONeill, Brian 149, 156 Orlandini, David 139 Orloff, Joseph 124 Osborne, Derek 56, 67, 139 Osborne, Lori 16, 33, 58, 96B, 109 Ostrowski, Matthew 124 Ottolini, Christopher 124 Owen, Craig 139 Owen, David 109 Padden, Kelly 39, 139 Pado, Ann Marie 149 Pado, Peter 149 Pado, Robert Paffel, Melinda 109 Page, Cathy 139 Palmer, Heather 139 Pappas, Stephanie 33, 63, 96, 116, 124 Paredes, Scott 139 Paredes, Steven 139 Parkinson, Mary 124 Parrack, Todd Paslawski, Michael Patrick, Robin 149 Patterson, Brenda Patterson, Heidi 149 Paver, Vince 1 10 Pawlak, Colleen 148, 149 Pawlak, Gregory 1 10 Pawloski, Kristi 124 Payne, Kerry 1 10 Payne, Lynda 149 Pearson, Karia 29, 33, 38, 39, 4 2, 124 Peltz, Matthew 33, 49, 110 Pendleton, Philips, 57, 96C, 110 Perakis, Stephanie 139 Percha, Sherri 110 Perry, Jeffrey 124 Perry, Suzanne 139 Persha,Sean 110 Peters, Elissa 149 Petersen, Karen 55, 124 Peterson, Scott 28, 160,41, 112 Petro, Michelle 39, 137, 139 Phillips, Mary 39, 110,44,45 Pickarski, Shawne Marie 30, 124, 44 Pierce, Michelle 124 Pilarz, Joseph 139 Piner, Katheryn 96 Piner, Meredith 149 Plant, Harold 96, 110 Plant, William 139 Pode, Steven 67, 149 Porter, Bradley, 139 Porter, Darrin 85, 110 Potter, Scott 139 Poulos, Georgia 37, 11, 163 Poulos, Joanne 124 Prato, April 139 Prevo, Amy Price, Gregory 67, 149 Priest, Amy Probert, Scott 149 Pruitt, Anthony 149 Pump, John 67, 149 Pyle, Christopher 56, 149 Rahimi, Mina 16C, 34, 35, 39, 41, 42, 43, 96C, 111,163,24,25 Rahimi, Soussan 58, 59, 1 16, 124, 128, 168 Ranney, Eve 44, 124 Rasmussen, Lisa 139 Rasmussen, Michael 102 Rayl, Carmen 124 Razoog, George 149 Rebain, Laura 111 Rebholz, Paul 149 Reickel, Kuti 149,150 Reitenga, Mark 111 Reitenga, Michael 72, 125 Renko, Sanna 78, 111 Rew, Todd, 123, 125 Rice, Apriil 150 Richcreek, Robert 150 Rigo, David 125 Riker, Brian 39, 139 Riker, Jennifer 64, 150 Rivera, Tiffanie 125 Robins, Heidi 52, 53, 137, 150 Robinson, David 16B, 125 Robson, Andy 13, 111 Rogers, Mark 139 Ross, Beth 7, 25, 32A, 33, 34, 111, 79 Rosselle, Roxanne 111 Rosselot, John 69, 125 Rosselot, Susan 150, 240 Roth,Jill41,lll,163 Roth, John 33, 125 Rothermel. Russell, 29, 35, 39, 42, 43, 57, 66, 111 Rousseau, Brett 150 Rowe, Dawn 150 Ruiter, Jason 125 Rush, Kimberly 62, 125, 129 Russell, Leslie 143, 150 Ryen, Jorn 36, 56, 69, 150 Sadowski, Anne Marie 15, 31, 41, 59, 125 Salas, Jerald 125 Salas, Nicholas 150 Salas, Steven 150 Sanders, Lori 125 » Sanders, Ronald 125 Sanford, Sheila 150, 153 Santoni, Victoria 39, 125 Sapla, Rosally87, 150 Sapla, RoseMarie36, 37, 125 Sattler, Pamela 139 Saw yer, Robert 139 Schaal, Sandra 94, 112 Scharf, Monique 150 Schink, Laura 139 Schlonsky, Craig 150 Schmidt, Jean 82, 112 Schmidt, Margaret 1 12 Schneider, Carole 150 Schoenith, Kristin 41, 139 Schorkhuber, Alvin Schrader, Susan 60, 61, 125 Schuerman, Jennifer 73, 139 Schuiz, Robert 37, 150 Schulz, William 125 Scott, William 144, 150 Schwartz, Krista 150 Schweim, Dawn 33, 112 Schweim, Susan 125 Scovera, Mark 112 Scovera, Susan 82, 150 Searles,Sally33, 96, 112,24 Segowski, Amy 36, 37, 139 Selfridge, Miles 125 Selinsky, Jacalyn 150 Sellas, Steven 125 Sellen, Christopher 57, 118, 125 Selman, William 139 Serkaian, Roxanne 31, 33, 35, 45, 125 Settino, Carrie 139,20,21 Settles, Susan 55, 150 Seyedjafari, Anosh 116 Shackelford, Dena,.112 Sharpe, Thomas Shaw, Chris 36, lq39 Shike, Jodie 32A, 112 Shimp, Amy 112 Shott, Lisa 125, 127 Shurmur, KeJth 125 Siefken, Tanya 125 Siegert, Kenneth 125 Sieggreen, Marisa 150 Siemasz, Lisa 71 139 Siemasz, Michele60, 112, 118 Simcheck, Aaron 139 Simmons, Michael 68, 139 Simpson, David 150 Simpson, Jeff 150 Sinkwitts, Scott 139 Sixt, Heather 148, 150 Skalla, Gerry 67, 150 Skalla,John67, 139 Skinner, Shelley 125, 44 Skinner, Stephen 139 Skoh, KristenlSO Skolarus, Sheryl 33, 125 Skrade, Amy 16, 150 Skynar, Thomas 139 Smalec, Jodi 16A, 53, 71, 139 Smit, Ray 69, 125 Smith, Adrienne 33, 112 Smith, Catherine 112 Smith, Craig 68, 139 Smith, David 111 Smith, Eric 150 Smith, Keith 125 Smith, Mark 119, 125 Smith, Michelle 58, 139 Smith, Paul 150 Smits, Amy37, 150 Snage, Joanne 125 Spagnuolo, Csey 126 Spaman, Amy31,33,58, 59, 124,126 Spicer, Christa 150 Spigarelli, Ken 150 Spigarelli, Kristin 33, 126 Spigarelli, Sandra 112 Spradlin, E. Timothy 57, 126 Sriraman, Priya 139 St. John, Christopher 160, 33, 1 12 Starkweather, Sean 56, 150 Stasak, Scott 87, 126 Stassinos, Christine 62, 94, 1 12 St. Clair, Raymond Steel, James 126 Steinhauer, Jon 33, 126 Steinhauer, Patti 150 Steinhebel, Shelly 139 Stempien, Eric 84, 150 Stempien, Nicole 126 •tephens, Joelle 35, 55, 139 tephens, Mark 150 Stephens, Scott 35, 56, 67, 133, 139 Stevens, Deborah 61, 71, 139 tevens, Jennifer 60, 71, 139 jtevens, Mark 54, 56, 139 Stewart, John 139 tiles, Jill 53, 94, 113 Stiles, Kristen 35, 71, 139 Stiles, Paul 56, 150 Stinson, Karen 33, 35, 58, 59, 75, 120, 126 toecklin, Lucinda 139 toecklin, Paul 49, 68, 139 ■tolberg. Caret 1 13 ■ tone, James 150 ■tone, Lonnie 151 itorm, James 151 ' torm, Julie 113 itorm, Thomas 113 • ' ■■•■?■;■;. ■■•■■,•■■ .t% ' ' ?n-[Z : ' ' f ' f« ifk Stowell, Todd 49, 126 Viskantas, Andy 36, 37, 68 140 M Strathmann, Susan 38, 126 Viskantas, Vytautas, 127 j Strunk, Robin9,31,60, 70, 71 Voelker, Devan 1 14 ■ Stuart, Jeff 113 Voelker, Zachary 151 ■ K Subotich, Richard 67, 139 Wahi, Jennifer 127 R Sullivan, Erin 65, 126 Walsh, Edmund 168, 24,35, 56, 67 131 140 ■ Sullivan, Sean 65, 139 Walter, Kelley 140 R Sundberg,Jill40,41, 151 Walters, Thomas 108, 115 K Sundberg, Sandra 94,113 Warner, Pam 39, 140 Swamba, Sherry 151 Warren, John 68, 151 Swamba, Steven 56, 139 Warren, Stephanie 55, 127 Swayne, Beth 38, 151 Watson, Dwayne 140 Sweany, Robert Watson, Lori 140 Sweitzer, Kristin 151 Watson, Sara 127 Sylvester, John 29, 56, 57, 66, 120, 126 Wayne, David 68, 115, 163, 20 Szovinszky, Linda 151 Weaver, Christopher 69, 122, 127 Tabaczynski, Karen 139 Weaver, Matthew 127 Tabaczynski, Michael 33, 113 Weaver, Phillip 140 Talbot, Dean 126 Wells, Starr 96, 127 Talbot, Traci 113 Wen, Teresa 127 Taschner, John 54, 113 Wendel, Leslie 67, 71, 131, 140 Tassic, Donald 126 Wendt, Amy 140 Taweel, Atallah 69, 126 Werdell,Jill33,36, 38, 39, 79 Taylor, Lynn 126 Wesley, Jeff 56, 67,151 Taylor, Sonja 92, 126 Wesley, Pam 55, 151 Telepo,John54, 151 Wetzel, Kristine 39, 151 Terlecki, Eric 113 Whalen, Ron 151 Terwin,Jeff35,67, 139 Whalen,Trishall5 Teubert, Lisa 126 Wheeker, Brad 140 Thibert,Amy61,140 Wheeker, Donald 115 Thomas, Deena 140 Wheeker, Wendy 53, 140 Thomas, Gerald, 94 Whelan, Kathleen 34, 39, 96C, 115 Thomasson, Kay 114 Whelan, Thomas 35, 67, 131, 140 Thomasson, Robert 140 Whell, Michelle 115 Thompson, Amy 97, 140 When, Thomas 151 Thompson, James 68, 140 Whitaker, Mary 140 Thompson, Shah 33, 55, 75, 126 White, Linnea 127 Thompson, Sheila 87, 114 White, Richard 127 Till, John 151 Whitman, Denise 115 Todd, Michael 96B, 109,114 Wicke, Kenneth 151 Tomalty, Jill 151 Wiedman, Jessica 37, 39, 1450 Totten, James 33, 1 14 Wild, Brian 127 Totten, John 151 Wilds, Kim 35, 55,71,140 Townsend, Dave 126 Wiley, Scott 51, 127 Trabin, Jennifer 53, 140 Wilk, Kim61,148, 151 Trano. Carl 126 Wilkinson, Laurel 55, 71, 151 Trausch, Jacquie 53, 151 Willerer,Jiml51 Trausch, Julie 90, 126 Williams, Julie 127 Trepicone, Scott 114 Williams, Laura 55, 151 Trexler, Wendi 65, 96, 126 Williams, Melanie 140 Trosien, Erin 151 Windisch, Kirk54, 141 Trumbell, Alice 96, 126,24 Wise, Joseph 141 Trumbell, David 20, 57, 94, 105, 114, 28 Wiseley, Robyn 63, 127, 128 Tsoucaris, Joy 140 Wittrick, Jeremy 151 Tuckfield, Lisa 59, 126 vsatto£kJ«aliet49, 14 1 Turner, Scott 37, 38, 39, 126 Wobermn, Kim94,115 Umpirowicz, James 1 14 Woerner, Karen 94, 127 Umpirowicz, Karen 140 Wolfe, James 49, 122,127 Unswortt Matthew 126 Wolsos, David 39, 127 Urbahns, Mellanee96, 71, 104, 114 Wolsos, Laura 41, 141 Urbahns,T,-,.sl40 Workman, Steven 141 Urcheck, Shannon 1 14 Worthington, Tracy 141 Urcheck, Travis 151 Yaekle, Michael 33, 115 Valade, Kim55, 114 Yaekle, Todd 141 Valade, Kristin 31, 62, 12B, 126 Yant, William 115 Valentine, Kaleen 126 Yard, Mike 56, 67, 137, 141 Valentine, Michael 38, 56, 140 Yarnevich, Laura 115 Valentine, Michelle 62, 126 Yezback, Stephen 9, 49, 141 Valentini, Edward 28, 1 14 York, Tina 39, 151 Valentini, Steve 39, 140 York, Harold, 115 Vallie, Ronda 140, 141 York, Dean 36, 37, 38, 39 VanLoke,Janice33, 36, 37, 79, 17, 111, 114 Zarou, Joyce 151 Vanburen, Robert 24, 127 Zarou, Omar 127, 24 Vancaeneghem, Ingrid 81, 127 Zayti, Christina 61, 64, 141 Vancaeneghen, Linda Zayti, Jeff ery 115 Vancaeneghem, Siegfried 140 Zayti, Mark 115 Vanderbok, Kristin 59, 114 Zerwas, Katherine 127 Vanhocsear, Todd 37, 140, 141 Ventura, Steve 16B, 56, 142, 151 Vernasco, Lisa 140 Ziegler, David 68, 115 P Ziegler, Dorothy 33, 52, 53, 127, 165 M Zimmer, Eric 115 K Vernasco, Michael 114 Zimostrad, Julee 127 R Veselenak, Mike 140 Zion, Medina 96, 115 m Viel, Thomas 127, 88 Zoldak, Heather 115 B Zoroya, Wade 63, 1 18, 127 || ,;:. t f Mcrric McRa McVa Mead( Meadi Meeh. Mello! Melto Merei Merri Merri Meth Meth Metz Meyi Meyi Micr Micf Mid Miki Mill! Mill! Mill ' Mill Mill Mill Mill Mill Mir Mir Mi: Mo Mc Mc Mc M( M( M M M M M M M N I K t » r 1 I I noorayi Palladium ' 86 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Anne Griffith SECTION EDITORS: SENIORS: Lori Hoffmeister JUNIORS: Annemarie Sadowski Kim MacDonaid SOPHOMORES: Kara Gostinski Jennifer Hansen FRESHMEN: Karen Meehan Jill Sundberg PARENTS PRIDE; Karen Kaisner Jill Roth PHOTOGRAPHERS: Tom Baird John Llewellyn TREASURER: Amy Gasser, Susan Brain STAFF: Tom Alexandris, Shannon Couzens, Nancy Doyle, Luke Kakogeorgiou, Mina Rahimi, Teresa Wen ADVISOR: Carol Rahimi PUBLISHER: Taylor Publishing Companv SIZE: 81 2x11, 200 pages COPIES: 680 THEME: " Year of the Annex " Thanks for the help ALBRIGHT STUDIO: Dave, Mark and Judy NORTHVILLE RECORD: Steve and Michelle Fecht SPECIAL THANKS: Lois Hoffmeister and Val Griffith for many hours of typing and the Rahimi family for their patience and for sacrificing their dining room. ■j - i f mmmmmmmm ( Xv ? S JT K e 5 2.P 3 — V ( y J S ' Vx. »-- e v " - " -Hf 4 h X OS V ilJ - AVa IC .JL.U CUV ' I Vf. ' « ' - v. gi lpeS ■ ' CK, J- C f ' . - ... O st ' Ua. z .- KJr ' 0 ' - A ' _ji3_.u .x) ' iJi ' t c; ,v ' O i - r :tX ' (J- C - N t ,.vJ " tiL Vv A- - ' - . ' ' y lA - c m-Vi , U 7 - ' 4 f ' c K € ' : . (l-Vl- a 3 -5 ' - ■A;. 4- . 1 5 .v . . .v ,V. vP%i y 1j f r. ■ 6, ■ ' c „ T .e ' € ' ,1. r i ' li ' ■ yy ' 7 - O ' - ' - r 5 " n r hy s ' r) M ' 0 P 9 O 7- £, u ' P Q t ' f c " X 6 " c ■c 0-r " o be i-ce. : - C UJv . - p ' -) ' M 9 csQ p 1 7 ?f l - ' ' :. f Q I ' 1; £ ? fe C (19 n4 5 2.5, L- f} ' r- . ri ' i? ' ■ l ' " , pC ,1 ' " r . : ' ' 7 ' Ci ? rv - ,rtf ' ' 3- ' V Jjl

Suggestions in the Northville High School - Palladium Yearbook (Northville, MI) collection:

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Northville High School - Palladium Yearbook (Northville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 187

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Northville High School - Palladium Yearbook (Northville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 42

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