Northside Middle School - Star Yearbook (Norfolk, VA)

 - Class of 1959

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Northside Middle School - Star Yearbook (Norfolk, VA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 82 of the 1959 volume:

4fw?U"f9 X W A we X? if M if il .WC Jgfwwg lf T jdiwsgggiig fff A M 853652555 yy f F ,,w ,Vi-C News siiflww QA ,1,MQ'079J r QW l 29 i My 4 f .J V V., c.M"'1' X Q X . , +,4.+vfg ' ' Gp uf .f W fzsff yay mp.-W O5,,vf"' ffl if M' P 'yin fx 70111 00, Nbuwgd Qvxiwptjb l' ' V 4 QQ! 'Xu 0' - 96405 RQ Q' 53" yB.3-:glffi KXQSXX wh O Ui A 'A 1 f , L ' rw? wx KWNQGW' ff 355' W ff 'ZFX W W A ff N ww Wy ci' XY 5' ' - . , 343 . QffwfL4l!M,QP.+ K Jl1Q,gQ5QrBW V A "Ag X fNJsfXD"0'Y7 Q90 Q 'J' KL + Og ZW? fiadgi JXP! X. 2Q 1q,Q 2' +m+?'wm my pw fy V 55 fa is ' QC P906 QWWK7 M? Um J jj M f3fi80QQ 33 UWMIIID A 7mY',YYUnJm'2'Z!'W OL.. - .. - : ii i Q 47' "d -4' ' 4 " " F' y ij fl f ti ' sg. ' K ' 3 'L bikf' if f-J ' .5 b ' I ' , H , . , -" 1 ' , .," . I -Q '-'. . , ' ' L- 'W 1.1 ' .'.f7.: ,V . 5- - V . , fl A , w ." ' ,-wi: W In 'J . :U 31,4 'V 4' ,ff 'Tru in :H-3-' V A , . .. , " ff . X . L'.:. ,NI ' '-J. gn ,1V"-- -I , l f ,N 1, ,-j-1' , . c,..,,,,A. IG.. 'J'-- -1 , f ,. f ,- J, .P g i . ., A -JF. 1' Vi s' Lay,-V W H F -- - 1 4 - - ' Vf xv' . , - Ja.: , ZUJ U H H ' ,"4'!. .- .' " I' 1 "" " .' + -dr .1-z"r,11 J lv A- -1"1.,v.-':x-7.3324 ,-,I I A fi.. 1 iff- ' 'I-'L M ., ., - fi A 55,4 ,, w 4 , . gu.'f7'wE,55jQ.'p5 -' '- N5 1 S154 f H I 2 A. - MY NYY M Y- ' ',jUijf',Q 'T 2Q z ' Mfmwwm L 5? ' " , V-3 A20Q,i,,gA5'Q"Q"1 . lv L, H J Jhglgn-b' f- 5- , , 1 we ,M A ' i .15 'Q Q, :'f' ,igjl: --- ,4 4-"ag f-3, 'gf - ,. .. . - 5831 if B Q4-Vg A i fi. V- M 1 ' :Af ' I .IV-j y 1 "A . . ,Q if qffw . 2 , 1 fy S. ' - A ,Q L5 - ,fo QN7lApgf5n '0Q'?'?fx 5 DDJ FWWPU x K Epgjfm GX gh-'iw ' A ff! W X, ' U f -W Q mv N.. NK in N i i THE STAR Northside Junior High School Norfolk, Virginia Volume IX ,Q-l , ' ' ' "z, . TQ :Wul- ,fni-Tf T50 F.-.W A-Q 4 4 -A . . .gil 1-,.',,'l', ' C ', Wu'.Ff?" 5-TQ" - 14 i- A ' E .56- . 'Lifes Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to driveg easy to govern, but impossible to enslave. -Lord Brougham l 'fl . il Osee seams? 1 ei Ck. 4 1 , l ly ff' R,'Q "' Q ., . The best way to lengthen our days is to walk steadily and with a purpose. -Charles Dickens ,Q W n . E TE is IEEE ieee e THE STAR Co-editors: Lorraine Hazard and Debbie Shorter Faculty Adviser: Lawrence D. Roberts Staff 2 Members of the Journalism class 3 , i I in in 1 PF' - .. .-j.... guiding, leading, directing BUT WHY? youth is blind to experience effort is ignored teach, lecture, sermonize, direct WHY? followers choose to learn the hard way education is not learning from other's experience the strife to lead is ignored enlighten, enlarge minds and open eyes WHY NOT? they are tomorroW's leaders they are patterned from their guiding forces our world is to make them see FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION 5 l Mr. Rollins rr'-it 1 S i 1 'Z 'i . 17 l 1'-7' E' ADMINISTRATION Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand? : For percept must be upon perceptg line upon line, line i upon lineg here a little and there a little. 'i 1 'E -The Bible 'H 'liar i A i Mr. Carney iqff' 3 ' 'Er aj '- gl Mrs. Saunders 1 Mrs. Umphlette 7, F FACULTY .31 Mrs. Anne Bain Mr. Harvey Barrett Mr. William Baylor BA William and BS Old Dominion College BS Old Dominion Mary MAT Indiana Universiy College Vernelle Bristow Mr. Robert Brownlie Mr, Robert Bunting BS Mary Washington BS U.S. Naval BA Old Dominion Academy College xx. y ,V BCM Mr. Shelton Beacham Mr. Gerald Bonney BS William and Mary BA Wake Forest University CNorfolkJ 1,51 'lt Q... Mr. Kenneth Campbell Mr. Gene Carter BA Marquette University BA Virginia State College M.Ed Boston University . 1- Y. , IX -lx - C N Mr. Harold Carter Mrs. Myrtle Cheatham Mrs. Gertrude Chisholm Mr. Robert Dailey Mr. Edward Daughtery BS Old Dominion College BS Madison College BA Goucher BS William and Mary BS Virginia Polytechnic MA Columbia University MA The American University ' CNorfolkJ Institute, 7 Z 5, MS Old Dominion College difkgf 'LJZL if f' if ,. Qwiyfwk- FACULTY "2" X li EX MIS- IHS Davis Mrs. Lilldil DCCKCI Mr. John Derieux Mr. Kenneth Diepold Mrs. Nell Elwang BS Virginia State College BM Eastman School of Music BM Ed. Peabody BS Old Dominion BS Longwood UHiVeI5itY of Rochester Music Conservatory College College MA Colubmia University '-1. Mr. John Etheridge BA Atlantic Christian College Mrs. Carol Greene BS University of Tennessee A if 1 ,N SM ,..V-5, ' 452. , O. ..-,,,-.."e,,,4 U .'.Iz,eS,51f K s U of 0129 u . N l A0 01,513 s X Q c 2 Mr. Milton Evans Mrs. Charlotte Fitzgerald Mrs. Margaret Gearhart Miss Janet Glazer BS Old Dominion BS William and Mary BA Wilson College BA Pennsylvania College State University ! f A! i ffm J i ' My , 1, Mrs. Sandra Gunn x' Siena Mrs. Beverly Helms Mrs. Sara Holmgren BS East Carolina 'JB -" irginia State J BS Old Dominion BS Alabama State College F' College College College 8 Sa FACULTY R ir-is Mr. James Jackson Mrs. Etna Kelly Miss Jean Kemp Mr. Willis Kimbro Mrs. Judith Knox BS Virginia State BS Lynchburg BA William and Mary BS East Tennessee BS Old Dominion College College College University Indiana University 1- Mrs. Jocasta Mattes Mr. Raymond Mattes Mr. Carlton Matthews Mrs. Patsy Mickett Mr. George Middleton BA Converse BS William and Mary BS East Carolina University BA King College BA Old Dominion College College College T -:fx its Y X , 5- x .hggalgml n Xl - C V51 Eiaill ttlf 91 X ngllll M Mrs. Zelda Miller Mr. Ralph Mizelle Mrs. Diana Neely Mrs. Margaret O'Dell Mr. John Osteen BS William and Mary BS Elan College BS Ohio State University BS Madison College BA Anderson College 1 l J' K dl Br J X w xx 5 Mr. Claude Porter BS Old Dominion College M.Ed William and Mary in Mr. Lawrence Roberts BS Old Dominion College 5. wi ,C t, . i W' as l ,B ' f le i F X g ' l .l , A., Mrs. Ruth Rainier BA East Carolina College fa' HNQ. '34, v.'j wiki fo, Q.'O-.QSQJ ".fu.' .' .' . .ll N Q ' 0 9, 'qv f oz' .' oz9,','5u-fcit in " s'5':' ' ' " an ' N ., l,i,, 's 9 'nu"::,,5u i s 4 xl. lz:...ggQ 4- '--1212? FACULTY ff?" X Mrs. Dorothy Read BA Old Dominion College ni v i . -is V S' 'Wifi' k r 1 Miss Susan Reshefsky Mr. Donald Rima BA Temple University BS Old Dominion College ! Mrs. Joan Roberts Mrs. Frimet Rossi Mrs. Elsa Salle' Mrs. Mary Jo Sirbaugh BS Radford College BS Old Dominion College BA Old Dominion College BA Longwood College gf' 'ff' qmmafd' 11'- X 4 :2Ai.f'.llL.L Mr, Jack D. Sirrine BS, MS U.S. Naval Post Graduate School Mrs. Martha Smith Miss Jacque Stallings Mrs. Barbara Stecher Mrs. Helen Stith BA Sweet Briar College BS Old Dominion College BA Old Dominion BS Virginia State College College 10 I FACULTY Y" 1 'lfiqg Syble B. Stone Mrs. Lucille Swaney Mrs. Esther Swink Mr. Floyd Thompson Miss Marlene Tilberg BS East Carolina BA East Carolina BA William and Mary BS University of BA Mary Washington College University University Richmond MA University of Virginia ' as qs" -i. K .I A . ,, . 4, James T. Vanacore Mr. Lawrence Ward Mr. Robert Warren Mr. Allen Weaver Mrs. Letitia Wible Trenton State College BA Frederick College BS Old Dominion BA Frederick BA Millsaps College . College College ' . -S H IIS- -Katherine WilkiI1S0I1 Mrs. Catherine Willey Mr. Marvin Wilson Mrs. Diane Witcher Miss Toni Young BS Longwood College BS Madison College BS Old Dominion BS Longwood Virginia State College College College 11 What is the maze? Perplexing paths patterned for learning continuation of a search for a future Looking for direction and answers: Who we are Where we are going finding the solution concealed by confusing turns indecision uncertainty: which turn to take knowing what is definite and clear knowing bright hopes are around the corner knowing we are part of the game: students, pieces of the puzzle It's our world. r - J giaigw 4 l 12 ,..l ,sed 1' L Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time for that is the stuff Life is made of. -Benjamin Franklin 1 1. Sag: If you can,t be a highway then just be a trail. If you can't be the sun be a star. 1tisn't by size that you win or you fail- Be the best of whatever you are. -Douglas Malloch ' ' E 32' 1 uv.-se ml.. La- P-w ' eufgar'-.1T1ffnQF-3i1':' r Er' ' 5 f ,A 5 H: 5' "Eder tw ' ' litllrul Llfwlmnl liiqlmlla 5 L-:-..f-'-"A" -i-'-,,, Ninth Grade Ofiicers - Karel Kepics, Vice-Presidentg Tim Albert, President, Dolores Jesus, Secretary-Treasurerg Sue Mandis, Historian. BW Mr. and Mrs. Mattes - Class Sponsors F RES HMEN Freshman is a word which means much to those who have achieved its status. At last, they have become upper classmen of Northside. Bub- bling with enthusiasm and spirit, they led the other classes and set an example well worth following. Class dues to collect, dances to sponsor, ball games to play, and even a "slob day" rounded out a year full of exciting activities. , swf- ,,r,. E ' I Agor, Michael f Q 7, Q, Alben, Tnpomy "-N ' f' . X Alberts, Richard fr f E 'ff' Alford, Garret l Ambrose, Thomas 1 Anderson, Judith ., , 1' ' 5, , . ' , ir " -. ' I - - ' ,if W" if' I 1 WIN Anglen, Dennis A -'f ' , 5, ' ll' A r " 'al , Annunziata, Albert . , . ' A , .' l " 4, x " ' Askew, Brenda 'i ff' ily. V ' ti Aston, Benjamin ' ' , i 5 5-h A ," Atkins, Nancy Q "Ex avi! l 'h Atkinson, Ellis 1- 7 ' lr H , H V ' ul Aument, Joan - 0 .x 12 . 5.4 Y j rifl - alll- V",.f . f ,.-,z Y- ' 334, r.,- 5 ' l- egg 1544 H 'C' Austria, J aime Bagwell, David Bailey, Patricia Baker, Keith Baker, Leann NINTH GRADE iff lk ' . 1 Baker, Rita Baker, Sharon Ball, Wendy Barber, Patricia Barr, John Barrett, Phillip Barrett, Wayne Barrineau, Kenneth Bearden, Carol Beethoven, Tina Bell, Geneva Bell, Michael W 7 J 4 J Tx. ,X ' l 7 Bishard, Don 5 J ' 4, 5 ns - Bishop, Susan V V .9 .z -3 V3 5 ' v , Blake, Paulette " l ' " ' 'I' if Blows, Joanne X 1 , Boardman, Christine k X X Q , 0 ' Bock, John 1 ' Bonner, Bonnie 7 Bonnewell, Linda 1 1 'Fl Boolen, John If if Boone, Dennis N L ffl, , i , f Boone, Jeffery x ef- 29' Borders, Cynthia - J N 1' 7, ml El ir XR J Brady, Keith I 1 l gg , Brannon, Linda Q ul ' , ' Branz, Michael ,I L H .tv Brown, Barbara " Brown, Steven . g Bruce, Steven l A 'bil ' N f 1 1 il W Bryson, Heather in A n ' ' I JMR. A,-, ev Bulman, Arthur D X , Burton, Bruce ' 'l -r f . -' As' ' Burris, Harris Q 'S' " " '. Butt, Mary , , f J ,,-, g Byrd, Daniel I X f " KL ' - -vljgu Y? Campbell, Debra Campbell, Lorraine Capno, Anthony Carmone, Claudia Carter, Debra . Carter, Lynn ip-- Casey, Michael Castelow, Dorothy . Chamberlin, Nancy' ' Chapman, Catherine ' Clendenin, Julie Clifton, William ,af Collins, Carol Collins, Robert Corbin, Tracy Costello, Helen Couch, Marion Coull, Cynthia Cowing, Ralph Cowley, Richard Cox, J on Cozzen, David Crowder, Patricia Crumbley, Elizabeth Curtis, Keith Cyr, Claude Davis, Andrea Davis, Karen Davis, Robert Dawson, Arleen Dayrit, Edergordo Dedominick, Robert Dedrick, Marjorie Degraeve, Diana Demaio, Michael Denbow, Mike Y I r it 'ik ' FW-f NINTH GRADE DePrez, Michele Derr, Kim Diggs, William Dioquino, Brenda Dixon, Neil Dobay, Marian Donlan, Joanne Dooley, Patricia Dostall, Sandra Dostall, Susan Dozier, Richard Drake, Eric Duffner, Cheryl Duggan, Eva Dunham, Billie Dunn, Joyce Ebert, Valdor Ebner, Pamela Edgerton, John Edwards, Joyce Edwards, Michael Edwards, Tony Elkins, Brenda Emond, Carol v 'H ' 1 .URM Gabeler, Nancy Gallagher, Susan Gammon, William Garber, George Gardner, Judith Gardner, Mark Garl, Susan Gattuso, Daniela Gaudry, Jeraldine Gay, James Gayman, June Geist, Adair Gentry, Brenda Gill, Robert Giltrap, James Gimbert, Lenora Gin, Ping Glass, Theresa Goff, Debra Goldin, Sandra Gordon, Andrea Green, Nina Greenblatt, Judith Greene, Pamela NINTH GRADE wa. an rig A Y..-. 'ix , 'lgkahlw li N Vx' K . A 1 I. W X ' x , 'UA '.,.. '14 .wi 'r "1 Esposito, Thomas Evans, James Evans, Sandra Ewald, William Falconer, Gayle Farrell, Robert Fensom, Bruce Finkelstein, Richard Finley, Norman Finnigan, James Fisher, Jimmy Fletcher, Kathy Floyd, Steve Ford, Robert Forehand, Pamela Foreman, Deborah Foreman, Rebecca Foster, Cathy Foster, James Fox, Fred Francisco, Rebecca Frazier, Constance Frias, Frank Furman, Linda f . Q 5 X w r- 1. a-"F--2:5 . ff" Q' . , c -15 5555 .N g :T . , J A all V l .ju rf.-A , 5 - F N ' 'ig X A ' ' 4 9, , J Y ' V 1. .x ' . Greer, Susan Griffen, Deborah Guerra, Richard Guertin, Lawrence Gurney, Thomas Guthrie, Mary Haarman, John Haddock, Lucy Hagan, Bruce Hall, Vanessa Hamlin, Larry Haney, Susan Hardin, Russell Hardy, Michael Hare, Linda Harris, Anita Harris, Carolyn Harris, Linda Harris, Vickie Harrison, Daryl Harrison, Katherine Harrison, Leslie Hartsfield, Diane Harwell, Robert l I ill yxk t X xx? N. .X Hatchell, Phillip Hayes, Donna Hayman, Frederick Hazard, Lorraine Heavner, Charles Heberlin, David Henderson, Michele Henderson, Patricia Hendricks, Kerry Hemholm, Marvin Hibbard, Fred Hickman, Reeves Hicks, Donna Higginbotham, Hal Hills, Donald Hledik, Carol Hoffman, William Holland, Claude Holloman, Lesley Holloway, Debra Honaker, Elizabeth Hood, Mark l Houck, Barry Houghton, Arlene ' Ah '- Kavanaugh, Steven Keely, Elizabeth Kelley, Claudia Kcnncll Diana Kepics, Karel Kernodle, Lynnettc X r viii., 'I 4 V D M 'IK' H .UA l AT? I Kerr, Charles Kincaid, Jeannie King, Linda King, Sterlin Kinzer, James Kercheval, Lenore Kiriakou, Helen Kivelle, William Knight, John Knight, Patsy Kraesig, Bobbie Kreiser, Rodney Kriete, Dennis Knouse, Elizabeth . Lafferty, Mary Lamb, James Lambert, Felicia Lane, Donald House, Diana Houston, Terrie Howard, Wanda Hudgins, Michael Hughes, Judith Hughes, Patrick Hughes, William Hussey, Burt Hutchinson, Martha J aekson, Stephen Jacobson, Albin Jannell, Richard Jenkins, Laurel Jesus, Dolores Johnson, Richard Johnson, Robert Johnson, Susan Jonas, Elizabeth J ones, Bonnie Jones, Emest Jones, Keiko Jordon, Gayle Joynes, Robert Kahn, Judith X Larmore, Dana Lai-more, Debra Larrivee, Peter Laughlin, Vicki Ledbetter, Deborah Ledford, Richard Lee, Alexander Lee, Jeanette Lenoir, Andrew Letchworth, William Lewis, Nancy Lewis, Peggy Lints, Steven Livingston, David Locks, Michael Lockwood, Barbara Lovette, Charles Mack, Robert Maffeo, Marilyn Mainzer, Darryl Malloy, Kathy Mandis, Susan Marcum, Teresa rcf' NINTH GRADE 'ff' Vi Er, , , 5 rx . ? Q P , . ":' ' 'l"r-,NX fzri X vs X ui 1 , X 4 . J , i L I Martin, Michael ,T "'1 ' ,MW ,, Q- 1' 1 f , , -V, E. , lj -I V: t -:1 .-,, Marsh Melissa Masterson Steven Matter Shirley Mazzanti Martha McCarthy Michael McCrillis Sandra 'X, W 9. I I .S ffEl, Sm!!! v v X I-Y., - vip., . 1 , K' S: 'Q 5 , ' fl 'gin F 5 N eff rujl I --", Wsix. 7 at F ', - ' V Q Fr Fx lr, v f M l N.. - V .. w . ,' " i 'x., -, :. 1 ' 'A .,. n Esiiipyn, l,1l V' i3 A ' ' V ' ii E M .V . ,.,:v3 M . I ' g ii l 4 '- 1- 1,2-K K ki RK 1 l '- f.1"'-a"lfaM4:2i- lv uri ' McElroy, Deborah McKay, Ramona McLeod, LeRoy McMi11ion, Russell McWethy, Martha Meador, Michael Mears, Carol Melville, Richard Merrick, Malcolm Meyn, June Miller, Constance Miller, Frances Miller, Frederick Miller, Judy Milliken, Linda Mills, Harold Minium, Michael Mitchell, Dolly NINTH GRADE i biifrr fi , -s SM .X fl ,f 6 x ,,, N Y- N x Lf '27 Padden, Doris Paden, Robert Pallister, Derek Parker, David Parker, Mary Pelone, Charles Pendleton, Mary Phillips, Clinton Pinion, Michael Pittard, James Pittard, Wayne Poff, Peggy Polk, Deanna Pollard, Robert Popperwill, Brenda Potter, Henry Prentice, Debbie Prine, Thomas Raiford, Edmond Ramsey, Charles Rapp, Jeffrey Ray, Richard Raygor, Cheryl Raynor, John 1. V1 17 y.. ,... A 1..- '- x 5, . .h 44 1' - 'x all J W 1 V 1-il 'Li-'A ' W V '. - . , w l . " DQ . ' X if-.Er - Y ,I . - 4, , y . ' ,,., u 4 X 1 :tf,"'l six ii 'ff ' 5 '. "i iff- iff at Mittleman, Sylvia Molson, David Moore, David Moore, Deborah Moore, Michael Morgan, Joanne Morin, Gail Morrill, Jetta Morrisette, John Morton, Dixie Moser, Veronica Mullins, Michael Myers, Sandra Neal, Ronald Neff, Amy Nelson, Leslie Nelson, Richard Nicholson, Ann Nisewaner, Dolly Norman, Cathy Olin, Sharon Olson, Carl Owen, Toni Packard, Sandra 1 7' I cf :Qi 5 Z X V N N, Radican, Susie Reiver, Allen Reiver, Keith Renz, Victoria Ribaudo, Dean Richards, Laura Richardson, Carol Richbourg, Robert Ries, Kathy Riggan, Harold Rivers, Daniel Robbins, Martin Robinson, Kenneth Roebuck, Virginia Rogers, Donald Rohrbacher, Michael Rooks, Herbert Roper, Michael NINTH GRADE xl r ' i D, Ross, Rebecca ' 'W ' Ross, Tony Roussos, Robert Rowland, Patrick Rowland, Sarah Royce, Paula . in .KN X I 4 vt ' es- g. l- if 1 x 1 11 if ,nf 4 in 'cw ll H 'fr 45 ,A as. rgriwlf i 1 f XP , l. , , ............. : .:a:.:.:.3.:.. L mlufw w fn ff! . 1 4 rlwi 'l 2 Rh'- ,.l -3 ra 'N Y Ruley, Mary Runnels, Patricia Sadler, Wanda Sarver, Barbara Schaub, John Schloemer, Douglas Schnorf, Hope Schofield, Linda Schuyler, Randi Sessums, Robert Shealey, James Shealey, Joseph Sheppard, Cathy Shores, David Shorter, Deborah Shumate, Sheila Sigwald, Betty Simmons, Durk Singleton, Byron Singleton, Kenneth Slagg, Linda Slaughter, John Sleeper, Wallace Sloan, Susan NINTH GRADE NH. Thomas, Hilary Thomas, Linda Thompson, Susan Thorbjornsen, Deborah Terrell, Josephine Terrell, Peggy Tillery, Patricia Toms, Samuel Torpey, Martha Torpey, Michael Townsend, Evelyn Traugh, Anne Trent, Laura Trevathan, Richard Trulock, Patrick Tweedy, Theresa Tylman, Eric Umphlette, Jacquelin Van Derveer, Ruth Van Tiem Patrick Vaughan Robert Veit Philip Vinson Melbum Voeth Geoffrey rin' - f,J1:" ' wi . iii Y' 'Q' L Smith, Beverly Smith, Lu Ann Smith, Marvis Smith Michael Smith Rickey Smith, Robert Smith, Sonjia Spivey, Lucy Spivey, Howard Starke, Dean Steppe, Michael Steppe, Susan Stewart, Lois Stewart, Michael Stokely, Anthony Stokes, Lewis Strickland, David Strouse, Mike Sturtevant, Lynn Sunday, Janice Sutton, Robert Swayne, John Tate, Elizabeth Taylor, J ack Volkm ann, Judy Vorhees, Dolly Wade, Pamela Wagner, Charles Walley, Susan Wallin, Jacqueline Walker, Theresa Walter, Sally Walter, Scott Ward, Lon Ware, Edward Warmu nde, D elores Warren, Marsha Waterfield, Otho Weaver, Mary Webb, Barbara Weiss, Cynthia Welch, Susan FQ, ' rg V, V rrr if W 'ir ri ll fri il' , , F61 4 ,. ' H. 3 Y, M..-:EU L, X '4 X1 u i film ml W is White, Carl White, Patsy White, Terri Wiley, Blake Williams, Patricia Williford, DeRinda Wilson, Sandra Wind, Kenneth Windmueller, Deborah Womick, George Wong, Lui Yen Wood, Janet Woodbury, Patricia Woodson, Paige Workman, Jerry Wy ss, Susan You ng, Mark Zawacky, J enelle Abbott, Cynthia Abrigo, Raynaldo Adams, Karen Adams, Robert Addison, Michelle Agor, Teresa Ahearn, Mark Akers, Gene Albertson, Richard Alexander, Jo Ann Alexson, Richard Allen, Helen Anders, Joy Anderson, Lois Anderson, Vera Andrew, Patti Angleson, Helen Angleson, Mary Annunziata, Gabriel Antonio, Melanie Arnold, Donna Auritt, Gary Austin, Douglas Ayers, Glenn l K '- 1 5. - -ff s ll S nf, V-If Xa Q ' 4- V ing 1 EIGHTH GRADE Each member of the eighth grade is an individual He has his own ideas and opinions and knows that as he continues to achieve he will next year assume the leadership of Northside Junior High School , . W7-IQ? ' I .fd 4 L +A 'VU l 4- fly , us' Al, 'S Am, -X V4 AQ.. if 4 ryan- A9 nl? , 13' VV X ,f 'f r sl , A ree' -:rf , f Bacuita, Beatriz Bailey, Robert Bain, Deborah Baker, Brant Baker, Edward Baker, Robert Baker, Virginia Baldwin, Edward Ballinger, Robert Bankos, Jeffrey Barber, James Barden, George Baril, Raymond Barker, Deborah Barker, Shelley Barnes, Donna Barnes, James Barnes, Linda Barnitz, Barry Barrineau, Laura Barrington, Robert Barter, Loraine Baskette, Stanley Bass, Elizabeth EIGHTH GRADE 'rf' 7' Ur" 'rm .,Q' w rv -mmm -, - ' W 7' rag l ur. if of 'if ln, W 3 S3 - 'S S1 ll ll, , ,f dr X .1 'Y "5 H 4 lk I 'hx I 51, . ,:. tr "Q 1 X nm. i:':r-:- 3 "' 1 .x " ' if' wks. Baty, John Baumann, Donna Baxter, Ben Beam on, John Beckwith, Forrest Beil, John Belson, Shelley Bergi, Gretchen Berman, Edwin Bernstein, Ann Berryman, Elizabeth Bishop, Sharon Blackwell, Janice Blake, Michelle Blankenship, Pat Blevins, John Block, Ronald Blount, Carolyn Blum, Teresa Blumenthal, Barry Bobbitt, Stephen Bock, Julie Boone, Cindy WH M. f, , V,- .5 lv'-' ' , f 'Q 6 I dx A w--5 1 ll X l Ji X ,Iur'.,,,lr':i C hm-1?-. wig' Brown, Thomas Brundage, Lisa Bryan, Margo Bryant, Cathy Burrell, Sherry Burns, Lynne Bunn, Elizabeth Bussey, Sandra Byrne, Kathy Caddell, Brian Cadorette, Richard Caleo, Nancy Calvert, Richard Campbell, lrone Campbell, Lonnie Campbell, Randall Cappetta, David Cardoza, Deborah Cardoza, Denise Carlile, William Carlsen, Charles Carlson, Ronald Carnes, Charlotte Carpenter, Stephen M :di ' " 4 It . ,tjii ir, Q1 X , , F l 1 if ia A : J J ' fi 'Ei U 4.- 1! ll il W jl b r, ' , J , 45 5 Y 1 Xts-,' . ,"' K 1 dv N e 4: Boone, James Botts, Stacy Bousman, Daniel Bowles, Bruce Bowman, Larry Boyd, Tyrone Bragg, Marcia Brandt, Herman Branham, Mary Brantley, Suzy Bratten, Deborah Bregant, Jennie Breitner, Edward Brewer, Julie Brice, Collie Brickhouse, Ella Brinker, Mark Brock, Cathy Brock, James Brown, Baxter Brown, Bridget Brown, David Brown, James Brown, Steven .yr r 'X . L Y! If ,f- ,jvfl A, ffrtv 1 , 311, if x f l 4 .VA 1,.fl,,Q ' 'S- Z1 Carriker, Patricia Carroll, Debra Carroll, James Carter, Lynn Carter, Stacey Cartwright, Tim Cawil, Jane Cassidy, Larry Cater, Jack Cater, Larry Causby, Broderick Causer, Christine Causer, John Chambers, Andrew Chambless, Steven Chapman, Mary Chernitzer, Barbara Chevalier, Robin Cluen, Catherine Church, Charles Clary, Terrell Cleghorn, Susan Clemons, Kathryn Cleveland, Carol EIGHTH GRADE f 3 -- x 1 ,, , w .KI , , 4. in 'l .R zu if Q-,r lie e xl , X l Nr M 4'l or w 1 ir" X X, ' :Z ' ig l K Coe, Samuel Coleman, Alfred Conger, Patricia Conroy, Richard Copeland, Myron Corbus, William Comell, Ronald Correa, Susan Costa, Robert Coull, Elizabeth Courts, Carolyn Cox, Debra Cox, John Cozzens, Donna Crisp, Donna Crockran, Sylvester Cronn, Penny ' Crowder, Murray Crowe, Michael Crump, James Culbertson, David Curling, Dorcas Qfr, Rodney Daggett, John f 5 L 5 l Dowd Timothy Dozier, Gina Drake, Thomas Drory, David Drown, Tom Dudley, Patricia Dugger, James Duffy, Bemard Dunn, Larry Dunn, Susan Dunn, Steven Dunning, Richard Durham Clifford Ebert, Melody Edinger, Nancy Edwards, Gwen Einhorn, Wendy Elings, Cheryl Ellingson, Harvey Elliott, Thomas Epps, Jerald Epps, Pamela Ermen, Deborah Eskey, Jane Davis, Carey Davis, Frances Davis, Stuart Day, Maryland Daye, Patricia Debnam, Lloyd Dehart, Donald Denbow, Teri Deprez, Jeffrey Dew, Charles Dew, Walter Dickens, Doris Dickens, Marian Dickerson, Cathy Dierks, Donald DiFemando, Bonnie Dillon, Michael Dingman, Steve Dixon, Vicky Doerfer, Darryl Doglione, John Donlan, John Dooley, Diane Douglas, Steven ,A 1 Etheridge, Gloria Evangel, Denise Evans, William Evans, John Everett, Deborah Everett, Debra Everson, Mike Falls, Patrick Farmer, James Fayton, Barbara Felton, Crystal Ferebee, Kim Fincher, Mary Fine, Elizabeth Fine, Nolan Flanagan, Gary Fleming, Darmy Florendo, Serafrn Flowers, Linda Foister, James Forbes, Glenn Foster, Russell Fowler, Paul Fox, Margaret , . l Fox, Nancy Frazier, J ohnina Frazier, Keith Frias, Anthony Frieden, Robert F ritzman Elizabeth Fulton, Debra Gabriel, Louis Gaddis, Randy Gaines, Alma Gallagher, Stephen Gambrell Ramona Ganderson, Stephen Gannon, Elizabeth Gant, Ronald Gardner, Deborah Garrett, Robert Geers, Johannes Geist, Thomas Gellen, Allen Georgiades, John Giannoutsos, John Gilbert, John Gill, Carlton QI Gutterman, Nan Gutterman, Renee Habib, Selma Haley, Ogress Hall, Sandra Hamby, Geoffrey Hamilton, John Hanks, Judy Hardy, Michael Harrell, Richard Harrington, Hal Harrison, Suzanne Harrison, Vaughan Hart, Nelson Haynes, Terrance Hazard, Carmel Hazelwood, Sue Helms, Teresa Helpenstill, Janice Henley, Janelle Herlong, Catherine Hewett, Melinda Hickey, Reba Hickman, Connie EIGHTH GRADE , W fr fx , - ill- H u , Nggeex kr R5 QL Gilliard, Vera Gimbert, Leslie Glisson, David Gofus, Judy Gold, Delores Goldsticker, Lee Gollenitz, Angelika Gomez, Yolanda Gomillion, David Gonda, Jeanne Goninan, Donna Goode, Nina Goodman, Sanford Gray, Keith Green, Marcia Green, Sharon Griffith, Jan Guerra, Patty Guest, Gerald Guida, Michael Gulick, Karann Gulley, James Gurley, Rosemary Gustin, James '1 n L If, in In MQETSZQK 1 B L, K li 2 'CN l 4 6 fag VX l Hicks, Charles Highsmith, Sherry Hill, Cathy Hill, Cliff l-lill, Mark Hill, Wendy Hinton, Laveme Hitt, John I-lledik, David Hobbs, Louis Hodgin, Margo Hoffman, Catherine Hoffman, John Hoffman, Michael Holland, Heidi Holland, Sandra Hollinger, Cynthia Hollingsworth, David Holmes, Lynette Horner, Jeffrey Hoscher, Debra House, David Howard, Kathy . X 1 EIGHTH GRADE 'N H iv A il f"'5"' pa., Howard, Wayne y 3,12-1 Q'--qv, ers U tn' ti p. ll 1 W ' 1- .5 K I 7 ' f X 1 -J t J :et L' Howell Dorothy Hudgms Cathy Hudglns Deborah Hufham Judy Hughes Clyde Humphries Teresa Hurst Dennis Hurst Howard Hurst Robin Hylton James lngraham Ralph Ingram Jorjan Iobst Linda Iverson George Jacobs Jill Jacobson, Susan Jarvis, Michael Jenkins, Susan Jess, Kenneth Johnson Johnson Johnson , Claude , George , Gwynette Johnson, Johnson, Kathleen Rebecca all X' - f Kinch, John King, Allan King, Austin King, Larry King, Patricia Kittinger, Brenda Kivelle, Joann Klinefelter, Thelma Knowles, Wendy Koerner, Dario Korman, Robert Kraft, Matthew Kraska, Paul Kraus, Karen Kruger, Jay Kruchten, Ladonna Lambert, Cherylyn Lambert, Debra Lambert, Robin Land, Vernon Landon, Desiree Lane, Donna Langhorne, Richard Lasky, Douglas Johnson, Roosevelt Johnson, Steve Jones, Horace Jones, Jeanette Jones, Jerry Jones, Letitia Jones, Patricia Jones, Sandra Jones, Wiley Jordon, David Jordan, Dorothy Jordan, Larry J oynes, Lawrence Kahn, James Kanary, Mari Ann Karp, Abbey Keely, Evelyn Keen, Blandine Kelley, Patsy Kennedy, Janice Kemodle, Larry Kerpleman, Ruth Kerzel, Heidi Kestner, Paul l EIGHTH GRADE Lawrence, Michael Lazernick, Eugene Leahey, Tim Ledvina, Richard Lee, Robert Lee, Teresa Leftwich, Cheryl Legum, Marla Lehner, Sharon Lenihan, Michael Leonard, Sheryl Levangie, Willis Levin, Phyllis Lewis, Ronald Lindamood, Sharon Liverman, Ricky Lloyd, Frances Loflin, Mary Logaras, Haral ' Lomberk, Denise Lomberk, Raymond L, Lott, Andrea ' '4 ' E Louder, Linda I E' Lowrance, Richard ST - I 1 eff Lunsford, Cecil Lusk, Brenda Maddox, Daniel Malone, Patrick Mandel, Lynda Mangus, Richard Maniscalco, Joseph Manley, Richard Marable, Robin Marshall, Alice Martin, James Martin, Richard Martin, Thomas Martinez, John Mason, Alfred Mayhew, Lyndsey McCall, Timothy it McCann, David 'Ev McCombs, Daniel McCrillis, Pamela McCurdy, J oellen McDougall, Fiona McElroy, Robyn McGee, Melanie fl' EIGHTH GRADE McGrath, John McKee, Michele McKigney, Colleen McLearen', Daniel McMi.llion, Robert McPherson, Wesley McQuitty, James McWethy, Margaret Medlin, Patsy Meekins, Pamela Mehard, Stacye Mendoza, Aeneas Moore, Linda Moore Tanya Moreno, Bryan Morgan, Kenneth Morgan, Kevin Morgan, Michael Morris, Bill Morris, Cynthia Morrison, Wendy Morrow, Benjamin Morse, Donna Morse, Frank Morse, John Mountain, Howard Mullen, Michael Munn, Joseph Murray, Raymond Mynear, Daniel Nall, John Neal, Charles Nelson, William Ney, Sandra Nichols, Donna Nichols, Minor nw ' is ., rl: W' -V V I 'F , r 'Xin 57.1 is 'CM ff-'43 C' 1 1..",.-L, P I N 'J r, ,x , J 1 ,.s g X X , w ' . , . fi W I NWI 11 .LQ Meredith, Christopher Mevers, Jeffrey Miller, Deborah Miller, Kent Miller, Leland Miller,Ma.rga1et Miller, Michael Minor, Karen Mojecki, Beryl Molofsky, Philip Montion, Susan Moore, Gail X. Nicks, Patti Niles, Carol Nitzburg, Joan Norman, Gary Norton, Charles Nowell, Hampton O'Bryen, John Odell, Margaret Odell, Mary O'l-Iern, Deborah Orleans, Nancy Owen, Cherie Owen, Linda Owen, Mary Owen, Robert Padden, Maurine Padden, Steven Padersky, Lynn Pahno, Stephan Painter, Deborah Palumbo, Paul Parker, Dorothy Parker, Sharon Parnham, Judith , x l L EIGHTH GRADE 21' 'lt' I L 'T x, l f" 'FT Parnharn, Philip Partridge, Robin Pasco, Danny Pasco, Steven Pascoe, Sharon Patrick, Gary Payne, Charles Payne, William Peacock, Linda Pearlman, Gail TT' Pearson, Linda Peay, Donna Peek, Ina Peppers, Robbie Perkins, Nancy Perros, Evans Perry, James Perry, Jo Anne Pezzella, Nancy Phelps, Elizabeth Phillips, Duane Phillips, John Phillips, Rosalind Pierce, Ronald kt: fr, 9 rv J , . Reed, Donald Reynolds, Joveta Rhodes, Walter Rice, Barbara Richie, Nicky Rickerson, Mark Riedel, Karl Ries, Kernell Ries, Stephanie Rines, Ida Ritter, Patty Robbins, Michael Roberson, Thomas Robichaux, Margaret Rock, Mary Roesen, Robin Roessler, Alfred Rogers, Doris Rogister, Bruce Rooks, Deborah Rose, Ann Ross, Sherry Rostov, Robert Rouse Anne Pierce, Stephen Pittman, Randall Pollard, William Polm, Susan Poole, Anthony Poole, Patricia Popperwill, Carolyn Porter, Carl Porter, Howard Potts, Benjamin Price, Robin Price, Valerie Prince, Patricia Prine, Michael Proctor, William Quade, Eileen Quales, Helen Quintal, Harry Rafal, Marc Rainey, Larry Ramsey , John Rashkind, Lisbeth Ray, Margaret Raynor, Jerry 1 Rowland, Amanda Rowland, Reid Ruben, Mary Jo Ruddick, Carolyn Russell, Frank Russo, Patricia Rutledge, Edward Ruttenberg, William- Sabato, Sheryll Sala, Westley Salzberg, Joanne Samuels, Charles Sanders, Susan Sandidge, Lowanna Sandifer, Wayne Saunders, Mary Saunders, Patricia Saunders, Steven, Schenck, Gary Schutz, Seth Schwan, Elizabeth Scott, Stephen Seals, Cherie Sears, Karen EI GHTH GRADE . Q iq-.- lil lamta L 2- 5' Sease, Hugh Sefransky, Tom Segal, Burton Semel, Deborah Semple, William Seufer, Paul Seward, Leigh Seyller, Patricia Shafer, Vernon Shattuck, Martin Shearon, Lynne Sheldon, William Sheppard, Scott Sherrit, Patricia Shewchuck, William Shoaf, William Short, Steven Shulman, Nancy Simons, Martha Wright, Catherine Sims, Catherine Singh, Tripat Sleeper, Phillip Smith, David 0 mtl, 7 'w -,,, , , 1 X Stant, Vemon Stanton, Irene Starling, William Stecher, Linda Steele, Pattie Steinberg, Sharon Stephenson, Major Stewart, Juanita St. George, Ross Stogncr, Jesse Stolp, Patricia Stout, Ernest Striecher, Kathryn Stroud, Claud Styron, Susan Sublett, Steve Suggs, Ronald Swanson, Virginia Swavel, Suzan Sydcnstricker, Mary Sykes, Melinda Taylor, Amy Taylor, Patty Taylor, Paul Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith, Smith, Smith Smith - Smith Smith Smith, Smith, Smith, 5 9 David B. David R. Don Janet Joe Lee Linda ' Marion Marshall Myra Nathaniel Olynthia Sharon Sheri Shirley Snell, Theresa Snider, David Sontag, Martha Southerland, Steve Spivey, Donna Spivey, Trevior Stackhouse, Mary Staley, Gary Stanley, Cynthia Tellefsen, William Temple, Leigh Temple, Susan Tew, Donald Thiesen, Denise Thomas, Jean Thompson, Allan Thompson, Edmond Thornton, Isiah Tonelson, Faith Tosspon, Greggory Trievel, Steve Tripp , James Trotter, John Troupe, Michael Troup, Gerry Turner, David Turner, Michael Trzaskoma, John Umperovitch, Donna Vamey, Linda Vaughan, Clay ton Vest, Will.iam Vitek, Robert EIGHTH GRADE 1.-3 1 11,-. , I 1" tl- ww- 'Fry' Nl. x , 'ii 1'- T1 .-Mus 7 Vogeler, Billy Wagner, Kurt Waitsman, Larry Walden Karen Waldo, Mary Wallace, Deborah Wa.lsh, Jacqueline Walton, Sheryll Wamsley, Kim Ward, Douglas Warren, Carlton Washburn, William Wateriield, Diane Watson, Ralph' Wayno, Paula Webb, Debra Webb, J ay nell Webb, Pamela Webb, Paula Weber, Darold Wedig, Dolores Weil, Craig Weir, Timothy Weinstein, Steven Williams, Michael Williams, Milton Williamson, Earl Williamson, Richard Willison, Janet Wilson, Keenan Wilson, Robert Wilson, Ronald Wingfield, Kathy Winn, Claude Winthrope, Jeff Wisswell, Ronald Witkoskie, J can Witt, David Wolfrcd, Charles Womack, J essic Womack, Sherri Womick, David Wong Lui Kit Wood, Daryl Wood, Harriet Wood, Stephen Woodbury, Steven Woodfield, Barbara Weisenberg, Ronald Welch, Melinda Weltner, Gerald West, Rosemary Westbrook, Elizabeth White, Bernard White, Charles White, Harvey White, Janet White, Kenneth White, Mark White, Paul White, Shellie Whitman, John Wilbon, James Wilder, Linda Wilder, Philip Wilkinson, Cynthia Wilkinson, Sharon Willey, Edward Williams, Debbie Williams, James Williams, J oan Williams, John ll Woodhouse, Mary Woodward, Gayle Woody, Roger Woolard, Douglas Woolard, Jean Woolson, Emmet Wratten, Dan Wright, Lisa Wrona, Katharine Yarberry, Susan Yeatts, Lynwood Young, Dennis us., , im ... NA I v. -4" J i Us klvfr '. "Ju '77 , ' - 5:1-if . f"F'1.'f- ,f . , ' " M 1f"1. ' r . Y . .' .,:. .nr E wa, 3 -Y-M, 13,3 . 5. 1 ,I , A -...r,Q. , . - L"-Jw.:'f-W . . -' ' g ' yy:--A ,' I. v , I 'f '--t.-ax. ri - ' SEVENTH GRADE After struggling through six years of elementary school, the seventh grade class has finally emerged into junior high school hoping to be the best class Northside has ever seen. Ahearn, Brian Arnold, John Askew, James Aston, David Baker, Patrick 'Y N Barco, Julie X X 5 3 J x l H ' Barranger, Harry Barrow, Andre Bass, Martha Bein, Bridget Benton, Carol Beverly, Donald Beverly, Donna Bishop, Sheen Blanch ard, Teresa Bond, Michael Bonney, Reginald Boone, Bonnie Boone, Melinda Bowling, Gwendolyn Boyd, William Britt, Carol Brown, David Brown, Tamara Byrd, Beverly Brown, Teresa Campbell, Bernard Cawley, Lawrence Chuilli, Marissa Clark, Yvonne Clayton, Gary Collins, Nancy Crossman, Karen Cummings, Joyce Cummings, Wade Dail, Russell Day, Richard Dean, Diana Dearie, William DeHart, Rhonda Delap, Rita Denbow, Kenneth !.rx I '11 SEVENTH GRADE E if N qi L H-17 ' 1 Dorband, Keith Phillips, Doreen Doucette, Adrienne Downing, Patricia Edwards, Beverly Edwards, Linda Elkins, Deborah Estes, Burt Evans, Mary Ferguson, Rodney Fine, Jeffrey Fisher, Thomas Forester, Sabrina Fritzman, Linda Fullerton, Steven Gentry, Richard George, Deborah Gibbard, Peter Gibson, Gwendolyn Gilmore, Donna, Giltrap, Judith Gompers, Pamela Gonzales, Richard Goode, Margaret rl, , K0 King, Tommy Lambdin, Carol Lampert, William Lathrop, Terry Lehigh, Linda Lepley, Robert Lewis, Gloria Lindsey, Elaina Loggins, Carla Lucas, Scott Lucas, Tracey Lunn, Cheryl Lupole, Judith Mazzara, Paula McCausey, Burtin McGee, Karen Melvelle, Linda Merrell, Cynthia Meyers, John Mikol, Glenn Miller, Norma Miller, Patricia Mills, Sandra Mitchell, Nancy fri k . f 1 : K' fu -Jasc Gray, Cathy Greathouse, Stephen Greene, Mary Greer, Theresa Hanewall, John Hartley, Dana Hatch, Robert Hatch, Teresa Hatchell, Paul Hendricks, Freda Hodges, Jerry Hooper, Jackie Hopper, Raymond Horn, Cheryl Houston, Rodney.. Hufham, Henry ' Jackson, Donna Jarvis, Johnny Jenkins, Yvonne Jones, Cheryl Jones, David Jordon, Kenneth Keisel, Gary Kelly, Vicki Ja- I - if S. Sie Morgan, Evelyn Morrill, Lynn Morris, Joe Moye, Nicki Murrill, Robert Nance, Tamara Nelson, Thomas Nelson, Valerie Nickens, Susan Norman, Sylvia Orr, Paul Orr, Steve Pearson, Nancy Peters, Debra Philpotts, Bethany Pillsbury, Pamela Plum, Lesa Rapp, Carol Rees, Donnie Reid, Joseph Riley, James Ripley, James Riposa, Ted Roberson, Jo Ann . 'I'- I VM Z' Roberts, Curtis Rode, Charles Rogers, Eileen Russell, Julia Ruttenberg, Bruce Savine, Sharon Sevario, Byror. Shaw, Paul Sheipe, Susan Smith, Joel Spagnoli, Donald Sparrow, Charles Spencer, Anne Stafford, Pattie Stahnke, Teri Sterling, Norman Stewart, Darlene Sutton, Theresa Talty, Daniel Tatum, Daniel Taylor, Bethel Taylor, Linda Thurman, Brenda Verones, Carmen 'fhff' l ,J-Wt-L.-1,1 n i, -K r B. 1 L W is I jf 1:- Wood, Rhonda Wrightson, Edward Yohe, William Young, Michael Wade, Dale Wade, Gerald Wall, Anita Ward, Cary Ward, Mike Welch, Kathleen West, Cynthia Wetzel, Debra Whitlock, Edward Williams, Melanie Wolff, Marshall Womack, Terri Providing an opportunity to experience, seek, and search for further knowledge Exposing minds and senses to the world outside the classroom "go, light, win" mixing cultures, blending voices and sounds indulging in the intellectual exercise of a chess game or debate recording students' thoughts and lives while simultaneously faced with a deadline conversing in a foreign language over a pizza or a hot dog satisfaction from serving the community, and serving with a smile Discovering friends with common interests, and together reaching the same goals Exploring on a small scale the limits of life This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny. - F. D. Roosevelt girl r STUDE T LIFE I 2 1 if 5 5,2 . Q 1 M, ,E ' w H lg, if A HW +1:f5'f'fffi' if if , 255 H 'fV'3i'1'si Qi Ii ' ' fif 57 W , 2 55 Z - I ' ' . Y -l. P W 5 I , ,f C- 47 K4-.Q 1 iv., ,155 - Q- Q ff., 1 Q. 2 r: ,KA I -1 ' 4 1' Eff Y gg: .1 yfll n 1 .IQ L lf Z5 U .1 E ,r .Y ., 'H W , . , 'a Q il ' Q Q fifg' "ffm: . l . ' HC' ' , 1 1 ' fEA,aaff?5 ,I f . ,glwzq V V : 35: 4, 1 , 15 .lim ?fi3l'f1a' V N 1- .- -:L . r . . 2 ,- ' " :s:2g1Jf1' , W ' 'vilfizlfiziir' X4 . Q53Jii:'25f f g 5 1jLf5r.-M7135 -519' : . 7 '1'-JT"'7' 1, I ' ' ,- .P 4 3: 1" 't 'Krf - Sg.If1':,f -: if ' 'Q' 'QM' " ' AQ zzilmfx w- 1,1 gf: -- Q' 1' 'Sig-'X'f: fr AA 1 ' if p - use .Q - ff lr ,iii 3 A 41 was img 1' 57. jfs L V A-1. jfnf. A, f ., I -VY, ,gf - -itifqi v 'N . M, , ' His sf ,. ld : -V : ' 'ik G - - .5 3' E., , ' F 35 ' 'rv Q-FLA X A LQ' N r un., - "su 1, A-3' fr! 57 , fx, fgililr- . gf' u-. .tv 3- V" 'iff' "' H f . - I , x- 'Sw , ,Ha . ' T: v . 'ELT' V f 493-3- . . , if . F iff-'!,5'.5',,1:Qf?1Q .,E-M4' .f 37",-rfsflik 'W .:,. , A::::: . L- .. :f -1215131 . -Q W' 'W' ,X 1 if if P - fa L 3' g ini' , -'xl' 'Q X 1 W 'I X ,V ky 'x , gy 3 :ix ORCHESTRA under the direction of Mrs. Lmcla Decker GIRLS' CHORUS under the direction of Mrs. Helen Stith I-K... lla. 'M - X4-23:7 Q. ! ENSEMBLE Any song that moves you to joy or tears has greatness. Everything in life should be enjoyed for what it is. ADVANCED CHORUS ' ,v -Y-Y Y 1 - 711 -, V Lf hes. , A h in Afafaiif V ' 5 1 W V 4, 1 ' y 1 h I ' I ' 'sl-fy' i l 1, M' f. 9 . ': 1 'VV.1' ig F1115 555 i v T 4 - i 5is Sg,3nQe 0 4' P lf' 59 Q e' Q ..-1.- ., -I-'par' ' ' ' 2-E ' ' SCA Homeroom Representatives -I . , W ' -5 -- fa' "ty -sun 1 Q Q W I .Y ,V ,, :.k-,Q Q -,. , vu - -..env 5 lf SCA Officers: Ginny Roebuck, Vice Presidentg Ray Burris, Presidentg Georgette Sakakini, Secretary-Treasurer 54 STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION '-' C! W All ,F " MH n Eiifnf . , w nan.. P: 45 Mr. Porter - SCA Sponsor CLEAN-UP CLUB 1 If ' r DRAMA CLUB BUTLER Y-TEENS LEE Y-TEENS WAL-LEE HI-Y FRENCH CLUB LATIN CLUB . .L ,,..,,,. ,, ., A , - - . . SPANISH CLUB ,,, .., Y V 11: x vqfrg-r 1 5 asp ' ' W Journalism Club spending long nights after school, skipping lunch bells and forfeiting assemblies to meet deadlines. combining ingredients of Debbie's ideas, homework, layout sheets, exchange papers and assignment books. being an observer rather than a participant to record student life. discussing possibilities at the back table with Mr. Roberts. gathering ideas, opinions, making decisions, accepting responsibilities. learning to be patient, to deal with people . . . we created a newspaper and a yearbook. i3F:J.E.ELf ' i 9'f ' ri F -i Ti .E ,Q ' l I 4 - CD, '4 Mr. L. D. Roberts, advisor, humorist, photo- grapher, fricndg he never hesitates in giving his time, understanding or assistance. f Y Af, L1 "Are you sure we havenlt received a paper from Granby?" "It was here just a minute ago!" Linda Furman - Business manager Russell Schaub - Feature editor Gayle Falconer - Exchange editor Randy Donahue - Circulation manager ,,,,,,,,, p i t p D r ., N QQ Q 58 Uhr nrthathr I 'll Student Publication of the Northside junior H igh School VOLUME XI NORTHSIDE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, NORFOLK, VIRGINIA OCT. 1968 Q "This is journalism?" Co-editors - Debbie Shorter and Lorraine "ii P " 'f fitter , -ll l 1 Kings? , "ls that the way they dressed then?" Club editor - Yo Jesus: Fashion editor - Mindy Sykes. Lr""' 'J S-I . . recording student life . . . ews editor - Linda Peacock 'eature editor - Mike Turner Y. Journalism Class To Publish Star g'Those wishing to work for the Tide please come to room 215 after school Wednesday, September 18." If you had paid Y careful attention to this announcement you would have noticed that nothing was said about joining Journalism Club or being on the Tide staff because that announcement meant exactly what it said . . . Work. Mr. Roberts, faculty advisor for the club, told over fifty students what would be t" an uf' fl 43 t ,Q 4,,,.. - expected of them to join and stay in the We ' We Journalism Club. Each member will be ex- pected to write stories, gather news and to sell advertising space. Hazard An additional job for the class this year will be to publish the Star, the school yearbook. Work for this began on September 30, when pictures will be taken in Novem- ber. According to the editor, with both the Star and the Tide to publish, the Journalism class has a big year ahead. uw lin., Spending long nights after school . . . discussing possibilities at the back table with Mr. Roberts . . . 59 ,JY OFFICE ASSISTANTS CLINIC ASSISTANTS SAFETY PATROLS LIBRARY ASSISTANTS CGUNSELLING ASSISTANTS swf" 'g 'Z' .bu A' - CAFETERIA STAFF Ewwflfvfn YOUNG REPUBLICANS 1 1 Sgixgj U' , .-1 REFLECTION STAFF CHESS CLUB W-it Mr--+P INDUSTRIAL ARTS A 1131 V. A, i V . DEPARTMENT Industrial Arts is the study of industry ...its organization, materials, tools, occupations, processes and products. 1 P: 1 if fig .. ri .git .':f,ff . IJ,-,W fi' f' F: Spirits spreading through the crowds like wildfire Touchdowns Baskets Homeruns Victory at times defeat Spirit never dampened spring back for the future is for the fit. ' x Q , Ex I X, ?' A , 'v 4 alll 2 45:81 , V- '-- ' I I Q A , - .- ATHLET CS 41 . 3, W, 1. wp ffifre-Q . 99 .4 VOLLEYBALL L For when the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name, He marks, not that you won or lost, but how you played the game. - Grantland Rice , l ' -lf WRESTLING I ' 5 HOCKEY 66 TENIZTIS Cheerleaders Stars in Action Modern Dance Troupe BEST ALL A Tom Gurney Dolores Jesus NEATEST Scott Walters Pat Crowder ROUND Sim to I Ei MOST ATHLETIC Leslre Nelson TFL- 1' 'Wav QF .9 I 54 1969 HALL . .5 fem' ' 9'-bi I MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Georgette Sakakini Wayne Barrett David Moison 68 n . Q.-sy. j 'Q is T Jeanette Lee M1ke Agor MOST INTELLECTUAL f ':. 'F u Titian X 1: ,s if IJ ' N 1 to,,QV'13' XWV- in QV' U9Y'f5,i1e,,wf +3 1 ' M! 'f H . -. Q D I fx sk S . X, I QL uf QQ fe' i. K, 4 .fl Q MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Ken Singleton Lorraine Hazard OF FAME MOST TALENTED Connie Frazier George Garber 69 BEST PERSONALITY Bonnie Bonner Albert Annunziata A Cafeteria - dishes clatter, voices mingle night dances . . . smile A Gym - noisy bleachers, pep rallies, basketball games. Dream a school day - jammed halls friendships made and broken, plans . . . l y A x p 1. 1 5 S we .fir I rl "H .J L .I ry .4 db Eilaqgw-.,, I .A Think view this unique world, the life of a student, you. 6' T J1!JiIUBiiIL5iSGiL?U1- 3 5 , i MQ U93 yi 1 I .KY g f ' ' L 1.-J 5 .4'f I ', .a, A .Isp -lr Hg h I ,W NU" ,M -3 W 1,5 W 5 -C, .,.. 431 '-Q -vllzsvpyd ...Cg'fID1': M ' fd- MMV' 'LJ " If 7.- L " 'QI " '. VW- . 5 3. Cf -C ' 4-Vwfpxggxg B a' Finlg-6 'QA In f gacefzs 1 i s gf?" K g rf filgzivfgf wayw y 75 F + Q i 5 W3 H V H J f J of ff?e,4,,,,,q!il. H' AAJQAMQQ 1 . cb-YJQSQVQXS "5Ciyj,g 33a0ffg ' bam-.Q X 5 -a X1 y- VZ Q . N- . Wd Q? Vx www? Q Y ' W' 'v X' ,b Q , 5gw, 3 TN Q: "JJ 2 Y 5 N f 'T AS' if S ,, Q if X N QQ TQ 'QV X Q 3 5 XX 12 Q E Aiwa 1" I Qyf l N .- GAJ-L ,xxgwxy O, J: vkyswq box

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