Northside Junior High School - Epoch Yearbook (Columbus, IN)

 - Class of 1971

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Text from Pages 1 - 132 of the 1971 volume:

1 1 'f' 21131 " FT WW R ' w w' N W5 . . .4 1, r i ... , ,. ,.,,,, , LQ TL 'Q k AN DFA -.J " If , V ,, --Q 'J f--" el-2-f w fi,-'.f ULJL,Jf QVQF3-Isgflk., f 1 1f 3 1 j Qg 'f fj J, ,L-l , 3 - L li , F Yfifgi 'J Dfw ", fl li J?':3lQ2l 5A31fT, ,f i3 P fl ,df , : L lf Fi A ' gx Ll?f+.L'J Q9?i gw M21 ' Q 1 L3 4 ii f LJ S15 if " X + ,J 1 38' CD N G CUB - ak if USD Q MOD me 1 xb N ea lv Wk NN Q! , F , Ji Ffh ' QNQ QU T, 4 , ,,J,QiQ ' 2 'f i-9 - K il - 7 Cliff fill F-3 L V 91 ii fl GfQ 1QQQV QQi 9i+uilL5vli6L3QVe-!3'2 x-,-.j. ,., ,id rl R - QT W IT l 'L L-, J' A 'Q Q FL, ' ,, L J TJL www mu VW- -f W V 'W i D "QL, -1 If - I 'ifmm gill. A' '11 uiigia 23355 CT 'jill H' Q3 E ' L1 'QM gf' LJ? . 'L3fJ+'w?'!-2-j'3'C3 't L.. . "nh Q It Q??iEw:1Q31f"JM'ID'i7V7 ff ' Qggf-+'ZC3C3w Qggm .A J Q f f--ff + M UT Jlliilgsxgf my ,.JLJ 11wL ,,y.,T,Qf,3C31TC JJ-, JL QQ i f , , Y "fm 'fini ' fl jiafjg' 'IL W fflfVLiffi7L at HL 32 I? JCQ Q QL J C32 ,zijn any If M , - Emi Qf,LQ 'i"i Ji , 1 , Q , ,-vain . " 53,2153 , fw J- 2- If ,Q p '7-----,"'1 xx ll" ,+ vig? 53,5 - LJ 'lil lI9Q 'I 1 if f'ff9f fig ' JV 4, V, 455 f ab H 2 ,, ,LJ , ,. f ,+! '?!' w w , f f ' ,, ,-ll-ll-L+, L-fi?-JV ,.l, lf, , V 79 ij! -1 71- 3? , Q3 "ml FL GQUKJY UU, QQ UIQI-l ' , U30 nw, TGQC Wibwmlgffw 'll Q 3 XUTEF' w .J CBE, "We F" W 625,30 1 -. J L-JLJ A ., ,Y ,, r 1:7 - l Q' I 1 V. - - 1 AHL IPL 1ll 'if JV? - , 7 ,fl Ji ig SXT Q Q Lb-'Z gtmwiaw i -, ', V Lc' ov' .. 9 'mi .-QA' , vif' S J Q3 " ' 1 ,A EXE , 1 lf lt mf, ,L AL , J A Y g f ,- i:. 1, , 7 ,,. ,T , - .A 4- gf 5 I f , -0 A I 't . N EAA, I , fu, FE Ae'- :Q Q 2 ,Lf"'j 4' 'J ' uf ' S4 N ' ,J I flf lil ll mx 1 1 l'5w Q, ',fg T-I OM O- WEL jx xi, X2 1 'Fl - 41,650 ,::r'U f' C ' wi , i A"1 wq ggvvw-: 1UL J, 31 JL -'Je-4 , - .. 114. ,MA ,M r ,1 -, , 5 A".- , ' f N' 'f':f'.:! LJ 'e l,Q f JL i M Pj - ,L v- li, A , 5 L YW- IV 'T 1 L ll NCEE 1 ' I ,f C3J1 f . if jf gg " ,A 1 , gn YJ 1 mfi M--L , , ,- f,'W'4:5'l E' " Qc JL xp ,ng ,Jn 1 4, Q L, - , ,mx L I ,-., 'ft -, ,!', , fJ V"3 U f b ,, M M 41Q,l 'f , 'ggg ,Ll W ' , 'V' :" 1 ' 1 . , ' W . f, Aq' " ..' :, J -'ijif C3 m mm ,E,?i f,,lf,.'1ff if - ' +1'9 . 1' ' 'L li lL 5 V'j "??lZ'7 " Cf ,. , -f f V ix , , QQSEZ-jcstwrd JS, ,L Q J fir-in , V ' kai -1. 7E'ff A 3i JL 4 wfflljjl jf Q i xv- ilf QUI J1fi ,, 3L lf- J ULQLJLQ lI,1fY , ,f YLHf U7 UUUJILVU L , , , i jf 6 ' i TO Egg! NQQ Nw VQ3C5l 4 mmQ Qw?fQl ea 92323 Ofgxwg Q S'f3"Qf'BnwwMQ 3553, EE W Em ma Sw W f fVOVkQKQQQ'Di5QN3 KDOQJCRSHUJSQ X-QXNNUQQ E4 5L,1,5Q :ipod-N Ml ew W fgwgg 55 Hmmm E H Q3QSE'UO5QQX95Q'Q 5mCfQ33'zO1wQf211m5? A N .O QQ-J' " Q' X Q .E wwjibmmmg 31M L 'vw Q cmd QDWQQUSQWX migic gill X W QQMQQQYEJJQQ 1 f 5 ,I S- O C5 t'Ol.l.Q5, vm 1 OIF: 3 N I . "Rx X515 ir 1 ' X T- Q, ,v M -X -4, Q.-ruvxy' r fn 14 L xr K, U . , 4,kT,1x A"x,fjg,,fa,c5kLQikJf'3,,if5 tlkLx,. .nX,..,,, , ., --,, 1"'QlftjL,Yil,iJM,gl fl. M. "-, ' "!. 1 'H ,1,w ,,,V fir LN X'qk X . I, ,L Q ,. 11 i fQ .-Vwfx.,- k ,fQjgQg '-., Q .Q .. ' L Nj " Q211,r, W XG ffl Q , Q ft S-Z . , , Y 002 WWE C? M755 79 290 Q ,we QQ 01655 'gs K Q, Q rx 71 A X H X O96 F Y YL A Af CY' A, f if , QQ' A JT' , , C 5,3 pc' 'N 5 ,WJ I x' Y ff' - -Y f ,I IQYMD f L ' ' l , Z3A"Ux A , 1 northsicle rg high school QCWTQQWQWLJW fl2?fgjwj5.53 M J I . columbus , Ui jo 6 i gtg Vex Ukffxyxsvx, In chlef Sharon Pearcy Rlck Wyke Barbargilitrnge, ed. f Glen: ',.A ,'q4'- 4 ,.'.' ' 'QQ "F: .f'- F' ' AJ' V W ayounf 1' D005 eHQ!f!E"rw9Qs-"ef: f Kimi Phofvs Andy Meijjers, ed. Will Miller Janis Varldw anis- , Greg J Art 2 - ,jjj Jay ed. 4Dcfvid Fade Clgrudia Grqjipn Jednne h Peier AL Sports x Mqfk Lienhqais, edf Greg Boll . Chris Echsner n - taxi-"I 4' x' fb. I ,- ed, , Ili! ' L1 "vi 5-I-11'-3ff'r'r' 1 r- , Wien" ff . Cgasses .e e e e r Myrna Craig auvuge 'Cb riliin W UC Advisors V. A Table Grade Grade . -. . . Grade .. . . ..27 ..47 L 614 l03 20 "1 iff'-3 3' ,x -41 if 0 W-dw , X 'W xl 1 . .,.. am ,, W- , :Sf '35 .'. ,5 f , -1, ,JN ,. . ff? 1- li "wiv -:ni fl AH ' vii, .K :Sa EBV - ,".. trip .lo " ,' V. . - X ' Eng! 1 - ' 5 -. s."'f.xi.-V-' ' 'N a"'vy- iw' 4' , V , L. Wag NQ E , g. ,A -Q! ad a 'W . Q. 1. Y' aah ,fs-I me T? 4s!'?'9g'Tlim fig?" A99 99 yt gfh ig is Sig A 2 F Qigiiag ,Y . .hcl X u "3 51:14-"U Q N , . 'f-' - X Q 1 , A 33 L' J I 3 'A '-1-...,-as .Mi S: M 1 if .' 'U ,ce ,, ., yy, F ,, 51 1 1 1 " iilbb -W 3 We are caught - in the web of of adolescence C2 LLM' F 6 ,mdu Qwjfab X e Neff if 274702 QM 01 59 5 Bricks, glass, and towering spires . . . gr The signs of our city surround us qcjimf 5 QW WW S Ex xi vm LfQe?'XsQm gM9Lb no 5 NXQQOQ SQJWMQ ww bQfw Qmwmfgmgk Jn , 3 DLA CELQQLSS sfimm 3Qf'LQDUf, MW 8 s?MDSS,QfX Cf? K f f- 1- ' ' f . fl .wr V . ' Y N 1-.n N 'J 4 '.-,ff 1,- -' '1.x. ,az J: H' Q ,..--', . , - V-T-1 ff mx e , r I ' 'X 1. M, . ""' We pause I before our future years vez y ' .Y vena 4 ,, Z , ' ' " I u x 0 , tl! Z f"----,- 1 ' w 1 n W sn 11 N - .J w 1 W K 4 1 L I .Lf f 1 .gy A , 1--. VP w 5- Q 1 A N. . X I , .. vt ' w 1' , YX I 1 A ' X N x X . tx .,- 4 ,N . , ,.l . - A x KJ 1 rxfxf -x LI. 1 4 J y l x 'A' ' U ,,,. .2 xff H271 tyf! f 11 5 I 1 - u ' A J y ' , .J 1 DEDICATICN Northside has now been in existence for ten years. It seems appropriate that this, the 1971 Epoch, be dedicated to Donald M. Johnson, a man who has been with the school from the beginning. He is a man of principle and integrity who exemplifies the spirit of Northside at its best. 1 , fd - C ye ..,, . I F-4 53' ah A as , --1? W L Consolidated School Corporation. C or iwpif, ill Superintendent, school board The School Board, as elected representatives, and Dr. Robbins, as Superintendent of Schools, ""' 'w""'f -"ew: meet together to make decisions for coordinating v the educational facilities, programs, and administra- ll tion of the local school system. Together, they must lil 'l make available monies provide the best possible Ex' ll teachers, materials, and facilities to fulfill the educa- y """'? I . l' tional needs of the students of the Bartholomew , QL Dr. Clarence E. Robbins, Superintendent of Schools. 'cub 'QV Q n t it K , wh . T' .3-! .L L 'l'.,fH,- 3133 4 ' as 1 School board members are: T. Randall Tucker, Dr. William Bickers, Dr. Walter Able, Edwin HL Darlage, Dr. Robbins, Jack Hilycord, Dr. Robert Newlin, and Byron Carr. 'I4 l r ri 'd,fj"un 1 4 and principal coordinate Sb. Mr. McKinney and Mr. Johnson confer on many school problems. Mr. McKinney "conducts" a convo. efforts. Mr. James F. McKinney, our dedicated principal, smoothly coordinates the efforts of the school board and the superin- tendent's office with the North- side faculty and students. , "'1l'1" 'f , Mg an ,,-1' r. -. V l . . yr if lqlfw ERLM' fl, ' 'fi ,, X Y . airmen W ' ,H -' , r,- 1 i - l l ' ilu .. iv 1 if i '..r3-1 i r A X- , V 4 i ' , l I l., , ,,-Tvqsin was s... , .,:, 1 .N 1' gunz.,-N: 'N .EF V ts 'vi 151. if i.,.,, VV ku. 1, , ti H , if , V W, 4-,-N., 1-Img wifi ',W.,:,i,wa,,' fflJ.w vii if Z YW' it +V ,- Q 1 fi 1. l Q i ' -N lf ..,'-ax Ay Y- lvl, .'r H5,gr.I'. ,L XX K-wi Ig rgagisgff , ' 3 - i , - ,O -A 'V -, Iv l' an 1,7 w.,:i'i...,.f,G ' -.Q W: ,, , "Hg, '- .A l Special guidance is essential Mr. Gary McBride is the dean of boys and sponsor of the Student Representatives. Mrs. Leah Conrad is the dean cf girls. Together, they aid in solving problems of grades, attendance, and behavior. They also write passes, plan school parties c' " keep personal records. F B l ll. N54- H-kwol V 4 M. 2 41' K . Q- - Mr. Harold Flick, our guid- ance director, and Mr. Kenneth Hillman, his energetic new as- sistant, supervise parent-teach' er conferences. They also dis- tribute report cards, schedule classes, and help students with academic difficulties. Mr. Hillman and Mr. Flick work with student records. Many deal with books, problems, Mrs. Joanne Sublette ftop rightj, our school nurse gives professional medical attention to ill students. Mr. Frank Loveioy fmiddlej, our speech therapist, helps to correct student speech problems. :Halle N- Miss Kathleen Hartwell fleftl, our' librarian, and Mrs. Dorothy Richards frightj, our assistant li- brarian, help students and work to keep the library in excellent order. Two secretaries work in the the guidance office fleftj. Mrs. Jean Sublette fsittingj is re- sponsible for accounting rec- ords, and Mrs. Donna Krienhop left is in charge of attendance records. Together they type and smooth school operation. 7 - If I main office, and one works in i'5l y 6. 6. 2 2, if ff! l P l ... 'll +.!?,Ll Mrs. Virginia Gordon is commonly known as "the bookstore lady." She is re- sponsible for book rental fees, sells supplies to students, orders paperback books for the language arts department, and repairs textbooks. Mrs. Doris Armstrong supervises study hall. and duplicate the Northside News, distribute and mail memos, and act as personal secretaries to Mr. McKinney and Mr. Johnson. Mrs. Delores Baker frightl diligently works in the guidance office helping Mr. Flick and Mr. Hillman. She keeps busy by updating rec- ords, informing teachers and administrators of schedule changes, and keeping track of students. Service Personnel The custodians ore, FRONT ROW: Donald Clark, Harold Downs, William Bunch, 2nd ROW: Janice Gilpin, Mary Crouch, Mary Lou Ping, 3rd ROW: Eliz- abelh Scalf, Fern Bunch, and Charles Cox. 'I 2-. Q, M iii. ,.. Q., , ... .. ix " +- ' , - 1 7 The cafeteria staff is: Virginia Powell, Bertha Arnholl, Carol Brisben, Florence Henry, Mary Bord, Barbara Landreth, Barbara Shumaker, Margaret Bower, Geneva Abner, Ann Redman, Ann Heitman, Rena Beatty, and Harold Downs. FOREIGN LANGUAGE AND FINE ARTS DEVON CUNNINGHAM: B.S., Western Ken- tucky: M.Ed., University of Louisville. JONELL FOLSOM: B.S., M.S., Indiana. JERALD D. GREENE: B.S., Indiana State. JOHN J. HUDECEK: B.A., Loras Collegeg M.A.T., Indiana. NILES HUNSBERGER: A.B., Indiana State, M.A., Indiana, Ohio State. JAMES H. MCGINNIS: B.M.E., University of Miami. PATRICIA RICHARDSON: A.B., Indiana. ARTHUR SCHWENK, JR.: B.A., Ball State. BURDELL H. SELL: B.M.E., Indianag M.A., SH Ll A Michigan State. in """,H ff. Columbus iunior high school bands join forces at the Jamboree. LANGUAGE ARTS AND SOCIAL STUDIES CHRISTY BRAND: B.A., DePauw. LARRY BROWN: A.B., Indiana. VICTORIA CATLIN: B.S., M.S., Indiana. STEPHEN A. COONS: A.B., Wabash College. CARRIE LEE DINWIDDIE: B.5., Soufhern Illi- noisp M.S., Illinois. MICHAEL J. DISNEY: B.S., Indiana State. I Im," I ' ' JL.. 5-nv, , , , , V -- -'-" dn ww ,,. V '- ' "" ' ' ' V i' J ' X I-TT I A A i ' ' V - -- LU, -L--I3 ' .....I.fiq4.ANmo:w... l Genius at work fcaption requested by Mr. Marvinj. MARJORIE FOSTER: A.B., Asbury Collegey M.S., Indiana. ELAINE GREENE: B.S., Indiana. DONALD HARRISL B.S., Oakland City Col- Iegey M.S., Indiana. NANCY HOOVER: B.A., Butler. SUE ISON: B.S., Pikeville Collegei M.S., Indi- ana. DONALD E. KIHM, JR.: A.B., Youngstown Statep M.A., Indiana. CHARLES MARVIN: A.B., Bryan Collegef M.S., Indiana. LOUIS F. MEEK: A.B., M.A.T., indiana. ROSALIE PFISTER: A.B., Kentucky Wesleyanp M.S., Indiana. BETTY RANDALL: B.A., DePauwy M.A., Indi- GDC. DONALD M. RAY: B.S., Ball State. DOROTHY REESE: A.B., Butler, M.S., Indiana. MILES E. REYNOLDS: B.A., Purdue, M.S., Southern Illinois. DONALD L. SHIPLEY: B.S., M.S., Indiana. WAYNE TROWBRIDGE: B.S., Oakland City College. MATHEMATICS RON HANDWORK: B.S., M.S., Ball State. DAVID LITTON: B.S., Oakland City College. MARK A. MILLER: B.A., Ball State. KEITH C. MITCHELL: A.B., Franklin Collegeg M.S., Indiana. MARY ANN ROBBINS: B.S., Indiana State. 4.40 i THOMAS THAYER: B.S., M.S., Butler. I ,,, wma-1 L Mr. Miller helps Dan Haga man with a problem as Deb bie Wheeler looks on bub blingly. PRACTICAL ARTS ifri- BENJAMIN A. BAKER: B.S., Indiana State Teachers Collegep M.S., Indiana. ALENE CARPENTER: A.B., M.S., Indiana. OTIS C. COUSERT: B.S., M.S., Indiana State. WAYNE COY: B.S., Purdue. - JAMES S. MAPLE: A.B., Western Kentucky Statep M.S., Indiana. NANCY PHILLIPS: B.S., Indiana. FRANCES SIMMERMAKER: B.S., M.A.T., Indi- Gnd. l -J A- - ,N N. X -is Q- A -f :TTR-' Q5v1x5T. -- sq-, 5 - F , mfr. r.:-.L ig ' ------i. is W . ig '..- -. - :Lex-Pr' , ,.--Y . Miss Phillips and Julie Bickle discuss curriculum development - what kind -of cookies to make next. SCIENCE AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION LARRY BRACKNEY: B.S., Indiana State. ROBERT KING: A.B., Franklin College: M.S., Indiana. RUSSELL OWENS: A.B., Hanover Collegep M.S., Butler. RONALD K. PETERS: B.A., Franklin Collegep M.S., Indiana. KATHI RAGER: B.S., Indiana. LOWELL T. SMITH: B.S., Indiana Statep M.S., Indiana. SAMUEL PHILIP WASMUTH: B.A., Hanover College. ROBERT E. WELSCH: B.S.M.E., Pugduep M.B.A., Kansasg M.S., Indiana. "Alright, I want you to do this." I I UL TI IL 'IL IE-fl-2-TN:lI.Tl'l U UFQ -:nj-:. l'.T1EJ E!jiI: W -FZ l: E 'l'f E-'7!.f i lI.."I.'I.ET."ll....'-llilliilliil U51 III I 1 '13 , QW! -wx ' A. -. f,f1u"! .-4 1.7! fi' 1 ll - i 45 .7 251-V, 'A k 3 A 151, 1f f 2 F fgg i? ,gZi.!' I ffig- 1 1 CII! 1 ei b gmlilk L: li ! L 1 .JI - JH lL....., -IL u Il ig A Q ,-I F., If P Tr BU 4957'Il' HI UL 4, .JH H L I L ' ' Q,g'i:lL....J' m f L- d.f.L ' ji E::JL...n A mm, .i up 1, in qljbll H T1-L 11 I ill-J .f L N - - J - ...s. . 1.1 I A llffflff JF ,JL 'fflE , .Jl 1 1... ,J 1 Jl,., JL -A .K -..4 , JL ,...JL+Jl..LJ l i'Jl H J-JLjE:l'Il'1:.1gJL....L.QI11....IIJ l..,JL...jl...fllT..l'I-L l'4.Ig..'f.J H 6L 1 L...1',lL.....Jl.3L...JL.. Tl JM ... IL JLN Q '1f ll lr' 'U' T """'U' u -u u Ninth grade is the year to consolidate past Solange Abt Susan Adair David Adam Larry Adkins Beth Aldenhagen Mike Anderson Kenneth Arbuckle Lorene Armuth Cheryl Baird David Baker Jane Baker Robin Baker Dave Barber Audie Barkes Mike Barnes Kim Bates Rex Baumgart Garry Beasley Patsy Bennent Roger Bennett achievements Kristin Berkey LQQLML Jim Beswick Karen Bilger Bryan Blais Mike Boilanger Jon Bolander David Bolcr Greg BQL Rita Brandenburg Teri Brewer Pom Broadus Cindy Brown Jim Brown Bill Bruning Debby Bucklew Canay Bumbalough l Roger Bundy Sterling Burgdorf Mark Burt Kevin Burton Sandy Burton Tony Burton GQIXEQL John Bush Mike Butler Tom Cable Matt Callaway Bill Campbell Don Campbell 'Ili-'l9LCL1Bl2S.l' Pam Campbell Lenira Carmer Mary Carmer Verna Carnahan Susan Carr Doug Carter Katie Carfwrighf Sharon Cash Gary Chafin vvvpv- Break fn .Y--,-1-vw..-,.-T , .X 7.5.-y,-wht, if .f Libby Chambers Lynn Cheap . Patricia Childers Jody Coffman Vickie Conley Kathi Conlin Carol Conoley SAL- '-" -Y -"J Rob Conway Diana Cookson Kathy Cooley Pai Coomler Mark Cooney is the best time of the day. l Gene Coveney Mechael Crawford Richard Crawford Jane Crews John Critney Rick Critney Brenda Cross Tony Qrswcha Dale Croucher Vickie Cunningham Mark Curry Steve Daily Doug Dangji qklizi-A.-311:44 Carol Davee Don Davis Gary Davis Joe Davis Tim Davis Debbie Day Sue DeClue "ElL:l+f' 3 Kenneth DeLap Barb DeLapp Mike Dell Doug Denny ez-Q.,---i Terry Dickey John Dietsch Steve Dinn Linda Dishinger Denise Donnell Mark Dooley Teresa Dutro David Ebert Chris Echsner Barbara Eckelman Jill Eikenbary Scott Ellis Barbara Eltinge Brenda Elwood Neil Empson Greg Erdman Sue Everitt L Gary Everroad Vickie Fellows Cheryl Ferguson Charles Fields Robert Fisher r-1-wif.-.+--V 1-W Kim Fivecoat Everyone gets together at half time My Que liege: Karen Flynn Tammy Foley David Force Harold Foster Jane Foster Phil Fox Margaret Frede Duane Freeman Keith Fulp Phyllis Gant Kim Gatten Susan Gehrt Richard George Nan Gilmore Dana Goins Bob Gordon Scott Gordon Claudia Graysc Darlene Green Ken Grosheart Libby Gurthet Rick Guth Lu Ann Habermeyer Mike Hacker Dan Hagaman Debbie Hamilton Philip Harden Tom Harding Robert Hardman Judy Hardwick Jeanne Harris David Hartman Brad Hash Patty Houck Diana Hawley Gary Hehe Daniel Heller Kevin Hendricks Gwen Henson Brailjergn Janet Hignite Greg Hill ,Y,:,1:.iea Kevin Hill Nancy Hoard Nancy Hoeltke Terry Hogan Morris Holman Marcia Hornback Patti Hornback Roger Hornback Darrell Huckaby Doug Huckaby Ronda Huckaby Dorothy Hughes Mary Hughes Beverly Huiu Joni Hull l Mary Ann Hull -.I Susan Humghrgs Richard Hutton Dennis lmel Joy lngerman Brenda lsenberg Jane Jenkins ffli-25,33 Ramona Johnson Hugh Jones Mark Jones Rita Joslin Lisa Judge Martin Juraskovich Jan Kaler B345 F993 -s-ui.. Mike Kennedy Debbie Kent Ronald Kinser Jim Kleinhenz Jim Knighf Bill Knotts Pat Kowalski Sharon Krebbs J2QL'LlQS9E.l Cindy Krummel Andrea LaBonty Greg Lanning -f-:av Julie Larkin Doug LaRue Gary Lasley Julia Lee Sherry Lee 'Qi Wanda Leeth X' Carla Lehman M0"L'l3!lL'239., N, T47 John Linn Jodi Lister Jane Lockett Cathy LQILQQU 1, 'ight-'Z- '-J ii Sally Lowe 5--' f'-'-'sw-E f tv? Glen Lowry 1' Fred Lucas Richard Ludwig Students at on early fall convo. 'lr:'S" John Macy Janet Maness Jim Mann if -e e 1, Becky Manning , Bill Marshall Rhonda Marshall Missie Marston Doug McCammon Tony McCaulay Connie McCue Lora McKain Ronnie McKee A. E. Meiiers Danny Menke Karen Menke A.g Hl" S Kevin Menser .,,,x,,,,,, , Mark Menser Brenda Miller Y gr YAY-,f Marsha Miller Will Miller Tim Minor Greg Mobley Debbie Money Kevin Monroe Bill Moore David Moore Gregory Moore Janice--Moore Patty Moore Robert Moore Ruth Ann Moore Peggy E. Murray Susan Myers Judy Neible Trudy Neible Anne Nelhercote Chris Newcomb Darrell Nichols Ricky Nichols Jeanna Nichter Pat Nolan Brenda Norman Sheryl Nulph Kim Nunemaker Lisa Oaks Debbie Olson Lee Ostrander Qgndy Pla-gp, 5'iai'r'u'0 Sharon Pearcy Vicki Percifield Danny Perry Kim Phillips 'asv-T.-irfs Dave Pieper Russell Pittman lllfyilfifril Marilyn Pope Jerry Prall Doug Prather Becky Prosser Debbie Prosser L3 Nancy Pruitt h Bruce Query Frank Randall David Rau Andy Rawlins 41 Kathy Rehbein Jim Reifenberg Debbie Remetta Nancy Repp Mark Reynolds Steve Rice Alysa Rigsby Cheryl Robertson B7 --.1 A '..-- is Janet Robinson Nancy Roscoe ESSLQY Meg Rick Rutherford xiii- ' ..,"'9 Craig Savage Debra Schoetfmer Gwen Schrier Elen Schurman Doug Scoggan Wendell Seaborne Lea Ann Shanower Bev Sharp Doug Sharp Jeff Sharp David Shaw Marta Shipley Debbie Shireman Stephan Shutters Dove Sills Todd Silva Phillip Simpson Mary Singelcis Marty Skaggs Dave Smitson Bob Sncipp Jennifer Solomon Dianne Somers Pete Spachtholz Peggy Spears Allen Sianfield Nancie Sfeidl 2:-Q 41,5 Debbie Sfeinbarger Jeanie Sfevens Rachel Stewart Sam Streeval Sandy Sfrietelmeier Mike Taflinger Pamela Taflinger Jim Taylor Dave Thayer Debbie Thompson John Thompson Joyce Thompson Kerry Thompson Rick Thompson Vickie Thompson Andy Tobias Macy Trinlpe Larry Trobaugh Vmliejg gal.,-. TT! 'qrnif fl -FIN TNT Grant Tucker Janis Valdmcinis Kim VanNofTc Ann Voelz Mike Voelz Vicki S. Voelz Vickiegxgelz Vogelsong, Joy Viviun Waltz Tim Wqrner Pom Welch Vonda Welch Debbie Wheeler Bobette Wilkins Jan Williams Randy Williams Greg Willmore Brenda Wilson Mike Wilson Diane Winchester Jeff Wood 5g1i,nfWrigQt Jim Wyatt Rick Wyke Jim Zeigler -li? I I I-A QI' +.f4f Ml ge-1 'b-42 lwlw Arai 7 A-r ds, 222 fa' mafia DI Elma 'iriiffs fifgg ,Eff D! ,Eff U' x JVV Huw- ,A L "iQ'7ufuLj E235 '+'LTdC""4EXu: In I ll In it lLvM 1l If J 'L"zr'M'L-M11 u in f n f,1f-4-1.1r,,F "'-lf? , :S-rf-fill , n ll u ll. -CII 'M-T'-157 2255-?"1 rw-Wm rf5?L?i W7-f-"'-51 i A 5 xy Lp! EQ! QJI Elgug E' in U ,!-gi ,.gZl+-J ' 'Nr ' J . 1-'SVL ,n , i f n JL T Q I 4 1, 44. WA M ,l JL lf 44 lfl QQ All 1 lf ll W ll If Ii l Q Tl I TJ 'T if K 4 I Eighth graders - Building confidence - Reach toward the future. Paulette Abt Kathy Adkins Mark Adkins Bill Anderson Dee Armstrong Mark Armstrong Ray Arterburn Donnie Austin Debbie Ayers Bennita Baker t 5' -.Q Brenda Barkes Mark Barnes Jerry Barnsfather Rickie Barnsfather Jane Bates Myra Bates Rosetta Beatty Gary Beier Martha Bell Jim Bennett Julie Bennett Nina Berkey Cindy Bevers Bill Bickers Danny Biddinger Scott Bishop Chop Blackwell Charles Blystone Linda Boggs Mandy Bolander Tom Bolenbaugh Janie Booher Robin Borczon Cecily Bottum Bob Bouggy Ron Boutte Debbie Bowles Henry Bowman Jerry Bozell Tony Bozell 49 Mark Bradley Brenda Brennan James Brighton Doug Bringle Debbie Brock Brenda Brown Judy Brown Debbie Browning Suzie Brummeff Sue Buell Debbie Bunch Beverly Burton Pam Burton Lynn Calender Debbie Campbell Steve Campbell Teresa Campbell Goldie Campfield Tom Carnahan Kevin Carpenter Jeff Carr Jim Carr Cheryl Carter Mark Chambers Sherri Christopher Brian Clarke Ann Clingerman Mark Conlin Leon Connor Julie Conoley Tony Coulier Anne Coveney Debbie Cox Harold Cox Kathy Cox Margaret Cox Jayne Crawford Randy Crippen John Crofts Jan Crowder Joan Crowder Cheryl Cummings Bruce Cunningham Susan Daily Susan Daniel Dawn Davis Greg Delks Cecilia Deogracias Rodney De5pain Karla Dickson linda Dilk Tim Dillon Bill Donnell Marcia Duncan John Dunfee Connie Durbin Cynthia Durnal George Dufro Wendy Dwenger John Eckerly Ruthi Edwards Nyla Elgar Susan Eldridge Sherry Elkins Steve Essex Elaine Evans Jeff Fawbush Cathy Feese Michael Feese Leybourne Fisher Doug Fleming Joy Flohr Bruce Fowler Don Fowler Jon Fowler Mark Frederick Bart Friend Stephen Gaul Vivian Gant Phil Garber Cindy Garrett Jeannette Gentry Barbara Gibson Beverly Giles Keith Giles Rita Giles David Gloer Randy Goin Randy Goins Stephanie Graham Greg Gratz Linda Grieger Rick Grimes Phil Grimm Annette Gustafson Rhonda Hacker David Hadley Jan Haines Mike Hall Cynthia Hamilton John Hammond Penny Hancher Richard Hancher Diane Hannum Laurie Hansen Genie Harden Ramona Hardman Sally Harman Lynn Harper Tom Harris Jane Hashman Dennis Hauersperger Gary Hayworth Bea Hearne Blake Helt Patricia Hendershot Esther Henderson Michelle Henny Shirley Henry Mark Hesting Pam Hiatt Greg Hignite Virginia Hilderbrand Sherry Hill 'Steve Hill Jane Hodek Jim Hoffmeister Jean Hollett Linda Hooker Ed Hudecek Kevin Hudson Kathy Huffer Jerry Huffman Tim Hughes Tim Huston Julie Hutchings Tom Hyer Bev lmlay Jolene lngerman Sue Jackson Peter Jennings Dianna Johnson Jesse Johnson Karen Johnson Kathleen Johnson Mike Joslin Jim Kahlenbeck David Kastner Brian Kautz Holly Keithley Pal Kennedy Julie Kent Bryan Kimmell Jeffrey King Kalhy King Greg Kinsworthy Diane Kleinhenz Sandra Klooz Jennifer Knotts Calhie Koons Charles O. Koons Sieve Krakoski Mike Lacefield Debbie Lancaster Mark Larkin Debbie Larrison Denny Lawson Dean Lenkensdofer Jeff Lewis Sherri Lewis Gary Line Jeff Lloyd Toni Lord Roger Lucas Annette Lunsford Barbara Lyon Debbie Maggard Sally Marble Kenny Marshall Dennis Martin Jenny Martin Mike Marvin Scott McCaulay James McCleery Mike McCleery Terry McMillan Debbie McPherson Nancy Mead Tom Mellis Brenda Melton Jeff Metz Debbie Milan Sherry Milan Bob Miller Terry Miller Norman Minor Mike Mitchell Paula Mitchell James Moffatt Todd Monroe David Moore Mark Newcomb Bill Newton Richard Newton Mary Nolan Sarah Northern Tom Ogilvie Linda Ogle Bruce Otte Becky Owens Gerri Owens Mike Parks Greg Pence Pamela Percifield Sieve Perkins Lisa Perry Melanie Petro Teresa Pefro Brad Phillips David Phillips Jeff Phillips Richard Phillips Dan Pinsonneaulf David Pitkin Pam Piltman Carla Pope Greg Quinn Debbie Rarey Ellen Rawlins Ernie Reed David Reinhardt Robin Reynolds Rexann Richardson Jerry Riddle Joyce Ritzline Roger Riizline Joy Roe Kurt Roehm Vickie Rogers David Roll June Roskilly Paul Rosselli Cindy Rout Linda Runshe Chuck Schafer Becky Scheible Don Schmidt Nancy Schoettmer Gina Sears Bev Shafer Cathy Shanower Jon Sharp Kent Sharp Michael Sharp Margaret Sharpe Becky Shaw Pam Shireman Jim Shobe Robin Shomb Sandy Shoultz Steve Shroyer Sandie Shumaker Sandy Simpson Sandra Singelais Karen Skaggs Greg Smith Linda Smith Vickie Smith Carol Snapp Daryl Somers All ln--sill. ' ., s.,.gi 'Y ..--.w K' Tx. if 'iv-ei K3 Matthew Souza Greg Spicer Mark Steinbarger Jane Stevens Jim Stevens Vicki Stines Timothy Stuckey Mark Suverkrup Theresa Sweet Mike Taylor Tom Tegeler Tricia Temple Tony Thomas Bryan Thompson Traci Thompson Pamela Thomsen Debra Totten Susan Tulloch Tim Turner Kirt Vannice Pam Vetter Donna Vincent Scott Wagner Tory Wagner Gina Walker Rhonda Walker Cindy Walters Phill Walton Mike Warner Wanda Warner Janefl Washler Teresa Weber Randy Weinanlz Carla Weisenberger Dave Welmer Carol Wendel Regina Wesley Tim Wheeler Pam Whipker Gary White 5 ., W3 Charlie Whitehead Danny Whitlinglon Don Whiflinglon Kathy Wickstrom Sherri Williams Sandy Williamson David Wilson Crys Wininger Allan Wiseman Jane Yoder Karen York Cindy Yosl Debbie Young David ZeBell John Zeigler Susan Zeigler Steve Zeller David Zigler ffggazj M9246 Aw lgbfiifw WW 'MQ A QQMMMJ UJUXU, MQ and KZQOL Vjgggyfgixflfcyvq-jj ,w,44fL7411L4V7 ,,Ac4fH6zXil6l49Zi2iZL2f ,-ln, F i ii if-r? m'?'fff27m mg U? wa , WHEN '-LlIll.EIIlQ45 L Da EQUG mjurjiy :UQ QQQQQDQQ can XM 41 4'f.,'A,'-345-in! ?3 I'g4,ZlDl UDLR mi :ff 5 f pil , KWMQ G'-9' 0 ' TM l P-Q w 1 ,ANN w V 4 t, , V I, j 1, L J- V? J, i V: QL J, 4' f Ll, w Q- v if A 141 IL If ,rr A 5, - in 1. ,aL jf N 1J 31 nc jf JC IQ 31 A JI r ' x If IL 1- iff A L ffl gl ff Q 1 I 1 LL A if J I if if li gf I if 1 JL ,Qc f'7i gk if JL, 1? If W F, If JL il- F ,gk LI I JC Q1 If A L - L K JI lf M67 Q A 4 q f if V r BF I J Jc lf UI lf' JA ,- UL ll 3y JL Q ,J Gaston Abt Greg Adam Bill Adams David Adams Janet Allman Kathy Allman William Anderson Anna Arbuckle Kevin Arnold Belinda Baker Bob Baker Larry Baker Versie Baker Melana Baldwin Sue Barkes Cindy Barnes Doug Barnes Sally Bates Nancy Bay Terry Beckett Mike Beecher Bryan Bennett Michael Bennett Ronald Bennett Julie Bickel Craig Blais for the iunior high years. iw W L-in THF E9-'iii 311132 311 4 'K I3-' 1554. ,-gwv. ., ii' l3li9 ,.-if iii' -115' Mark Boilanger Debbie Boston Chrisfoper Boyd Jodi Brandenburger Steve Bringle Janyce Brougher Hallett Brown Pal Brown Paula Brown Susie Brown Cathy Brummett Teresa Buckley Defeno Burkman Brenda Burton Jeffery Burton Linda Burton Sharon Burton Kathy Butler James Bybee Denise Byers Lisa Callis Roger Campbell Carol Carmichael Denise Carr Kim Carr Michael Carr Shari Carr John Carter Jesse Caudill Phyllis Caudill Karen Chandler Bob Cheap Cynthia Christopher Richard Clark Mike Clayton Alan Clingerman Christy Colford Brenda Conley Don Cooley Joy Cooney Diana Cope Denise Cortner Jesse Cox Teresa Crippen Nancy Crouse Greg Daily Diana Daniel John Darcy Jan Davis Martin Davis x QOH Conceit is the basis of egocentricity. le., Jim' 22 fu Ricky Davis ffl' and -Davis ' fl, Sandy Deaver l3lf:AQi,x50P Grettel Dickey had GUN A V LX' 001 F-FT. Martha Donica Nonette Douglas Cynlhia Dunlevy Ah- we va Jeff Dunn HB1 Debbie Eddelman Janice Elwood 9 H Lana Enochs Ginger Epperson LuAnn Essex Peter Everitt Scot? Everroad Jennifer Fairheod Dolph Fauroie Robin Fawbush Marshall Fellows Debbie Fields Glenna Fitzpatrick V' Martin Fleck ff' V V4-I , , 6 I.,- ul wc--pf '.' ll 1 . ll. r 1- 1 4 V V ,. Jiri 7 j4'gy"'1"-.QQ . 1 Decisions! Decisions! 65 . . F-Qllllfp s y ' Q l 911 Siephanilfrlfizy jj Q' flj Ann DeLap U? Z up Deanna Floyd Jeff Foley Dana Ford Jeff Fox Danny Frazier Tom Gardner Arbie Garlell Kim Gelfius Peggy Gilliam Eric Gilpin Kris Gohn Mary Golden Debbie Goodpasture Glen Gordon Connie Graham Carolyn Griffin John Habermeyer Jane? Hadley John Hall Chris Hamilton Bill Hanson Dave Harden Brian Harris Nat Hart Larry Hehe Sieve Heitman Tom Herold -A77 if J 5.11 NN Mu Malh can be very inter- esfing. Harry Hill Kathy Hill Tim Hillenburg Lynn Hiner Andy Hobbs Patricia Hogan Jeff Hollett Joawn Hornback Ellen Houser Barbara Howard Kristy Hundley Emily Hungerford Mike Hunsberger Scott Hunter Kathy Hutsen Brenda Imel Tim Ison Cindy Jackson Tim Jarnagin Tim Jarrell John Jenkins Greg Jewell Dan Johnson Richard Johnson A little peoce and quiet IS welcome once in awhile Christine Jones Greg Jones Jeanne Jones Lesley Jones Robbie Jones Robin Judge Jim Kaler Lloyd Kama Joann Kautz Jeff Kendall Donna Kennedy Ronnie King Lisa Kinney Steve Kitterman Larry Kleinhenz Vonda Koenigkramer Pam Lacefield Dale Landers Carol Lankford Tim Lanning Jon Lee Robert Lemmond JoAnne Lickerman Lana Link Richelle Lovelace Clinton Lowry Diana Lucas Diana Maggard Randy Marcum David Marvin Mike Marzke Norman McClintic Larry Joe McCrory Debbie McKinney Carl Messina Becky Metz David Michael Don Michael Eddie Michael Jerry MiHay Athena Milan Cliff Miller E pluribus quattuor - Out of many, four seventh grade cheerleaders will be chosen. ' ,-3 of-,,, 4' fr David Mincey Brenda Minor Vicki Moffitt Randall Money Jeff Monroe Melvin Monroe Merrill Monroe Dee-dee Montgomery Bobby Moore Brian Moore Carol Moore Jody Moore Joyce Moore Nancy Moore Teresa Moore Michaela Morrison Julie Mudge Kim Munt Connie Newcomb David Newkirk Steven Newton Mark Nichols Andy Nussbaum Mike Oaks Connie Jean Ogle Beth Olson Steve Olson Jim Overfelt Lisa Paris Keith Patrick Steve Payne Jeff Pearcy Rhonda Pelfrey Keith Perkins Ns John Perkinson Debbie Perry Roger Perry Chuck Phipps Cathy Pinsonneault Jace Piper Doug Pitkin Donna Pohevitz Joe Prall Kay Pruitt Kevin Roger Paul Rau Bobby Reed Martha Rehbein ' 'P " , iwl fail' . ' Y '55 R -gjfti my-gy' J eff- . i ,i . Jesse Caudill responds to a Monday. 70 -'gr Lisa Rehfeldt John ReMet1a Barry Renner Duane Repp Sandy Richards Randy Riddle Zelda Riddle Sam Rigsby A- ,.4 'CD- ,QW Tom Rine David Robbins Rick Robinson Sandy Rogers Everett Roscoe Mark Rouse Becky Rout Debbie Sand Leigh Ann Savage Ricky Schulz Janice Scroggins Teresa Shafer Dale Sharp Randy Shireman Norma Shutters Ernest Sisson Lou Anne Skinner April Smith Brooke Smith Kathy Smith Jonathan Souza Mark Sovern Jeff Spann Linda Spivey Kathy Spurling Lise Spurlock Cindy Stafford Debbie Stevens Judy Stevens Bob Stillinger Stephen Stockton Dana Stott Janae Stouder Judy Sutton Wayne Tait Brenda Thompson Michael Thorne Mike Todd Dan Turner Linda Turner David Turpin Pat VanArsdaIe Kathy Van Natta Jean Ann Voyles Randy Wagamon Brian Walker Joe Walkos Tammy Waltermire Rick Waltz Donald Weddle Kurt Weisner Sandy Wendel Steve Wendel Penny Wheeler Julie White Timothy White Phillip Whited Kim Williams Darrell Wilson Donnie Wilson .lulie Wilson Kenneth Wilson Greg Wininger Regina Winters Randy Wood Nancy Wright Sharon York Victor Young - Bey Dennis Zebell Beth Ziegler Randy Bayly Clark Bornman Timothy Coomler Vickie Hughes 7th graders find themselves changing life patterns to conform to their new surroundings . X Q qw,-.. Q I Ing, 'xl turf. , 4,1 , F 1 , I As' 'Us . V .' - my , v- . viii-: -E' , V '23, A- Y' ' ' Z-if, LQ., ' ,,g5'44'f - ' Fifi Q,'rf.!'2Qf 'W' J al " ' 1 f 0 , ,' ' -s A Q ' 55" 3 Q lwfiq Q. .5 'qw' v , 5' ,a ' r' Q , A W ' GI, 1 W., ,ew ' L, P Ja, I T in if N '-Q, ' Lk' ,ff Q , Wx -Lag ' 4 I f -' IQ , A ff . -Q, W' 1 , . E - Q - , Q , X V 1 5 . ' , ' , .. I -f 1 XJ ,,-'I 5. .- f Q I , . I s f ' 4' ' , , , - fx, J -- , . ' . -B U f . , 1 -1. K, A f' U I J 5 " ,s g " - 1 .- 5 1' X ' F 4 f I M , jf 'V' ' ., f v- , ff' " 'S P .v ' .H v Q 5 qi J ,X F. K . C V l E lf I . Q J , " 'V , J" , o I ,f W, al? U ww. . 'K f ' f 'f ' -.L is V' ' ,' J" I Q I g ,f , A , 4 , ,W 6 r Q ' ' , 5 , if ax i Q, The Student Representatives help maintain Northside's posi- tive public image. They are elected by their homerooms and advised by Mr. McBride. Their major proiects are dan- ces, a chili supper, and the sale of T-shirts, pins, and sweat- shirts, as well as clothing and food drives. Student Represent- ative proiects have yielded the Spartan on the middle of the gym floor, a glass enclosed bul- letin board, outdoor bleachers, library books and many other things. l l Anne Nethercote enioyed the Student Representative sponsored dance. Student Representatives are A-Q -'vw "ff-it . girl. J gli rl? .AV ft 'S lf' 'fx Anya-E ,tif SLK ' Student Representative officers, with the toys collected at one of their drives are: Sally Lowe, pres.- dent, Kim Phillips, secretary, Brad Herron, treasurer, and Mike Barnes, vice-president. Coats indicate the dance attendance. backbone of school spirit Student Representatives are, FRONT ROW: Rachel Stewart, Kim Phillips, Nan Gilmore, Sally Lowe, Teri Brewer, Judy Neible, Patty Houck, Trudy Neible, Andrea LaBonty, 2nd ROW: Jeff Sharp, Brad Herron, Jim Hoffmeister, Brian Kautz, Mark Conlin, Doug Bringle, Jim McCleery, Jimmy Ste- vens, Barbara Gibson, 3rd ROW: Craig Savage, Glen Lowry, John Perkinson, Andy Nussbaum, Chuck Phipps, Steve Wendel, Sam Rigsby, Greg Jones, Mr. McBride, sponsor, 4th ROW: Nina Berkey, Carol Wendel, Becky Shaw, Cindy Rout, Julie Conoley, Shari Carr, Robin Fawbush, Janice Scroggins, Lynn Hiner, and Nancy Mopre. Not pictured are Mike Barnes and Richelle Lovelace, 1 Deep contemplation gives birth to new ideas. Students prepare for future Future Teachers of America is composed of Northside stu- dents interested in teaching. They learn about various meth- ods of education and tutor other students. Program agen- das include student teachers who discuss new methods of schooling and ways of improv- ing teaching. They are spon- sored by Mrs. Reese and Miss Hartwell. Future Teacher Officers are, TOP TO BOTTOM: Kathy Rehbein, president, Debbie Olson, vice-president, Kathi Conlin, secretary, and LeaAnn Sha' nower, treasurer. A student in need and a teacher in deed. 78 1 s . it i Y , Q ...Zi W Li. il-Q ' ".. , 2 V . , 1-49 J Members ofthe Future Teachers are, FRONT ROW: Cheryl Robertson, Nancy Campbell, Leigh Fluck- ey, Debbie Prosser, Jody Lister, Anne Nethercote, Solange Abt, Libby Gurthet, 2ND ROW: Janice Kaler, Susan.Adair, Jane Baker, Vicki Voelz, Cathy Louden. ' 1-A with FTA and FFA. ' 1 : . ' T 5 X" . V 1 ww - f f ,Q , - ,f::,,',,g , '-U " '-.5 , fl- uiui . ,. he ' 1 Lil. il -'T Cheryl Ferguson, Carol Conoley, Jane Crews, Phyllis Gant, 3rd ROW: Bev Sharp, Pat Nolan, Mary Hull, Rachel Stewart, Roxy Trimpe, Ann Voelz, LuAnn Habermeyer, Joy lngerman, and Becky Man- ning. Others in the organization are not pictured. in , ,....4 -,.,, Eight agriculture students at Northside are members of the Future Farmers of America, a Columbus High School organi- zation. It is sponsored by Mr. Coy. These boys, who are inter- ested in agriculture and com- munity activities, are provided with opportunities for leader- ship through social and educa- tional experiences. Their proi- ects include the Bortholemew County Clothing Drive, a par- ent-student banquet, chapter and district contests and tool and seed sales. Members of the Future Farmers are, FRONT ROW: Mr. Coy, sponsor, Roger Bundy, Mike Boilanger, Jon Bolander, 2nd ROW: Kevin Hendricks, Kevin Monroe, John Critney, Glenn Schur- man, and David Baker. Office Monitors aid Counselors The Northside staff is as- sisted by responsible students who have given up their study periods to deliver passes, col- lect attendance slips, alphabet- ize files and run errands. lhllll men 1 we l 1 t Gm e - . , llx, Office monitors are: Sally Lowe, Nancy Hoeltke, Jane Lockett, Sharon Krebbs, Jane Baker, Debbie Prosser, Mary Bertotti, Rachel Stewart, Susan Zigler, Chris Eschner, Sandy Davis, Scott Ellis, Kenny DeLap, Roger Hornback, Jeff Wood, Bruce Query, and Doug Prather. js 1 in' Reading lab monitors are, FRONT ROW: Kenny Arbuckle, 2ND ROW: Barb DeLapp, Jane Lockett, 3RD ROW: Claudia Grayson, Andy Meiiers, Rick Rutherford, and Teresa Dutro. Library assistants are, FRONT ROW: Darrell Nichols, Bruce Cunningham, Bob Moore, Jerry Huff- man, David Hartman, Mike McCleery, 2ND ROW: Debbie Eddelman, Ragina Winters, Patty Moore, Jane Crews, Jeannie Stevens, Sandy Williamson, 3RD ROW: Ronnie McKee, Kevin Carpenter, Kevin Wright, Tim Warner, Mark Lienhoop, Roger Bennett, and Doug Carter. Students help fill reading needs Library assistants spent their assigned study hall time help- ing to check out books, stamp passes, collect overdue book fines, and shelve books in the library. Reading lab teachers were able to spend more time with individual students because their monitors performed cer- tain clerical duties for them. Grading individual assign- ments, timing some lab activi- ties, taking attendance, and running errands were some of the duties of reading lab moni- tors. rm, , - t f"1,.,...-ty ,. rr, X R Library assistants, like Debbie Eddel- man, check passes to make sure they are correctly marked. School ' 1 -r S6I'VIC9S Clfe . T f l essential my f Those boys who faithfully raise and lower the flag each day are Tom Ogilvie and Kevin Car- penfer. Do you remember who sold you that Coke or bag of popcorn at a ball game? It was a conces- sionaire sponsored by Mr. Brown. The Conces- sionaires ore, FRONT ROW: Kevin Carpenter, Jeff Carr, Tom Carr, 2nd ROW: Lynn Cheap, Greg Kinsworlh, Richard Crawford, Gary Chafin, Henry Bowmen, Mary Singelcis, 3rd ROW: Sue Everrif, Roger Bundy, Tim Warner, Richard George, Alan Wiseman and David Wilson. 31641-MG' lam-nee IG -W 1 X 5, ' x,l Those on the ninth grade honor roll are, FRONT ROW: Debbie Olson, Patty Houck, Kathy Rehbein, Jeanne Harris, Susan Carr, Jane Lockett, Kim Nunemaker. 2ND ROW: Janice Kaler, Barbara EI- tinge, Sharon Pearcy, Diane Winchester, Joy Ann lngerman, Claudia Grayson, Noncie Steidl, Pam Campbell, Rick Guth, Vickie L. Voelz. 3RD'ROW: Sterling Burgdorf, Mike Butler, Richard George, Greg Mobley, Greg Boll, Gene Coveney, David Pieper, Pot Kowalski, Mary Bertotti, 4TH ROW: Nancy Campbell, Roxy Trimpe, Lu Ann Hobermeyer, Tony McCauloy, Jay Vogelsong, William Mil- ler, Dan Heller, Brad Herron, and David Rau. Nat pictured are Debby Bucklew and Carol Conoley. Seventh grade honor students are, FRONT ROW: Jeff Pedrcy, Andy Nuss- baum, Joe Walkos, Roger Perry, Brian Harris, Chris Hamilton, 2ND ROW: Leigh Savage, Martha Rehbein, Ellen Houser, Cindy Barnes, Diana Daniel, Jonae Stouder, Nanette Douglas, 3RD ROW: Lou Anne Skinner, Ragino Win- ters, Sandy Davis, Cathy Brummett, Lisa Rehfeldt, Beth Olson, Jennifer Fairhead, Jean Ann Voyles, 4TH ROW: Cynthia Dunlevy, Kim Munt, Janice El- wood, Grettel Dickey, Tammy Walter- mire, Dano Ford, Beth Ziegler, and Norman Shutters. Not pictured are John Habermeyer and Brooke Smith. l KL M-lx 4 N ul Hard work brings honor To make the semester honor roll a student must have a mini- mum of four A's. Only those classes that meet five days a week can be counted, but a few students still came up with seven A's. Lllht lllll Those on the eighth grade honor roll ore, FRONT ROW: Jim Stevens, Robin Shomo, Debbie Bunch, Linda Smith, Gerri Owens, Debra Totten, Susan Daily, 2ND ROW: Sherri Christopher, Robin Borczon, Elaine Evans, Korlo Dickson, Annette Gustafson, Gina Walker, Rhonda Walker, Mark Brad- ley, 3RD ROW: Paul Rosselli, Bea Hearne, Julie Conoley, Mott Souza, Rexann Richardson, Kathy King, David Pitkin, Bob Bouggy, Traci Thompson, and Deon Lenkensdofer. Not pictured is Vickie Smith. 83 Physical education monitors Physical education monitors play an important role in school life by taking attendance, set- ting up equipment, and doing various odd iobs for the physi- cal education teachers. Boys' physical education monitors are: Doug Daniels, Tom Ogilvie, Kevin Hill, David Sills, Andy To- bias, and Tom Cable. , , i 2? 1 Girls' physical education monitors are, FRONT LEFT: Jan Williams, LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Harwick, David Sills 6f1lhUSl0SilC0llY 5WeeP5- Leigh Fluckey, Jodi Lister, Andy LaBonty, Jennifer Solomon, Karen Flynn, Annette Gustafson, and JoAnn Kruger. Not pictured is Tammy Foley. 84 , ff EEF' 5'+--.e.,,- - Q. Q-5 4 if Members of Menser's Monkeys are, FRONT ROW: Mike Kennedy, Kerry Thompson, Bryan Blais, 2ND ROW: Maurice Holman, David Pieper, Doug Denny, and Kevin Menser, NOT PIC- TURED is David Rau. i Y YH .G l gr' f" . Members of Adam's Apples are, FRONT ROW: Craig Savage, Grant Tucker, Mark Burt, 2ND ROW: Rex Baumgart, Jeff Sharp, and Robert Fish- er. NOT PICTURED are Gary Lasley and David Adam. 5-17' I ' ., ,QA-y I ii- X Members of Hagaman's Hunchbacks are, FRONT ROW: Bill Knotts, Dan Hagaman, John Dietsch, 2ND ROW: Tony McCauley, and Greg Hill. NOT PIC- TURED is Tim Minor. Members of Kautz's Kangaroos are, FRONT ROW: Duane Freeman, Doug Daniel, 2ND ROW: Mark Kautz, Mark Menser, and Scott Gordon. NOT PlC- TURED are Kevin Wright, Gene Coveney, Randy Thompson, and Garry Beasley. Teams vie for number 1 position Boys' Basketball Intramurals is characterized by the glory of victory and the agony of de- feat. Members of the ninth grade Spartan team referee the Saturday morning games. The sponsors are Mr. Litton, Mr. Welsch, and Mr. Miller. -25 il' -fi V iii WEAR" .llli,- ' .is i , - T- Ei ' , , il, J ,,. A R wa ' ' ,- .WBT i lf Q . ' .ri I NSN? l N N -. J ,Vi h1li ,pf-: f,,'if1Q,5.f ig, Li. 4. '1 me 91 cc, l 1 . jx l, 5 i 1-V 7 2 w e WV' ' 5E5 1'K4x:.Q:-7 gi' 'Q-31-was g- F: lp? if ,:. ir, B5 -.4 L-,. Eighth grade intramural teams enioy competition T Members of Team 4 are, FRONT ROW: Doug Bringle, 2ND ROW: Pat Kennedy, Matt Souza, Gary Line, and Kenny Marshall. Members of Teams l and 3 are, FRONT ROW: Mike Marvin, David Zigler, Scott Bishop, Brad Phillips, 2ND ROW: George Dutro, Bruce Fowler, David Pitkin, and Mike Taylor. 86 I Members of Team 8 are, FRONT ROW:. Mike McCleery, Mike War- ner, Phil Garber, 2ND ROW: Jeff Metz, John Zeigler, Jim McCleery, and Ernie Reed. Members of Team 6 are, FRONT ROW: Jerry Barnsfather, 2ND ROW: Tom Tegler, Mike Mitchell, David Phillips, and Bill Newton. Teams 2, 5, and 7 are not pictured. 5 Members of Team 4 are, FRONT ROW: Jerry Mihay, Steve Olson, 2ND ROW: John Hall, Ron King, Carl Messina, and Doug Pitkin. Members of Team 2 are, FRONT ROW: Steve Payne, Clark Borman, 2ND ROW: Mark Boilanger, Peter Ev- eritt, and Darrell Wilson. Team 7 is not pictured. Members of Team 5 are, FRONT ROW: Randy Bay- ley, Steve Bringle, Cliff Miller, Tim Ison, 2ND ROW: Mike Todd, Bill Anderson, Ernest Sisson and Bill Han- son. Members of Team 3 are, FRONT ROW: Scott Hunter, Jeff Spann, John Perkinson, 2ND ROW: Jim Kaler, Jeff Kendall, and Steve Wendel. Seventh graders relish Saturday mornings Members of Team 6 are, FRONT ROW: Jim Overfelt, Tim Hillenburg, 2ND ROW: Wayne Tait, Richard Clark, and Barry Renner. Members of Team l are, FRONT ROW: Jeff Pearcy, Mike Beecher, 2ND ROW: John Habermeyer, Jon Souza, and Steve Stockton. 87 Competition sparks enthusiasm Northside girls interested, in playing softball, volleyball, i .' basketball, and swimming can . , ' take part in Girls' Intramurals. I . Mrs. Barnard and Miss Rager, " if, Nm the sponsors, choose students wi to serve qs officials and as team managers. Members of ninth grade Girls' Athletic Club are, FRONT ROW: J. Hull, K. Conlin, S. Humphries, J. Jenkins, S. DeCluc., S. Emerson, C. Robertson, A. Voelz, N. Gilmore, N. Campbell, K. Phillips, S. Lowe, L. Fluckey, K. Cartwright, 2nd ROW: T. Dickey, B. Manning, R. Joslin, K. Rehbein, S. Carr, D. Remetta, V. Voelz, B. Miller, D. Winchester, N. Repp, P. Coomler, R. Brandenburg, D. Hawley, D. Hughes, J. Moore, 3rd ROW: R. Marshall, B. Sharp, J. Williams, J. Baker, R. Stewart, C. Grayson, T. Brewer, S. Abt, M. Hull, T. Dutro, D. Money, M. Bertotti, D. Prosser, L. Judge, 4th ROW: V. Conley, C. Davee, L. Habermeyer, A. Nethercote, L. Armuth, K. Nunemaker, C. Krummel, C. Baird, C. McCue, P, Hornback, N. Hoeltke, M. Miller, V. Truex, L. Gurthet, M. Marston, B. Prosser, 5th ROW: J. Lister, J. Solomon, M. Shipley, B. Norman, V. Waltz, V. Percitield, J. Hardwick, C. Bum- balough, G. Schrier, K. Menke, V. Voelz, R. Trimpe, T. Pugh, J. Kruger, L. Chambers, P. Houck, T. Foley, 6th ROW: J. Neible, K. Cooley, D. Wheeler, N. Pruitt, T. Neible, J. Manness, M. Hughes, R. Johnson, J. Kaler, L. Oaks, K. Lehman, P. Ruiter, C. Conoley, P. Nolan, M. Crawford, 7th ROW: D. Gray, S. Everitt, L. Cheap, J. Thompson, B. Eckelman, J. Hignite, D. Shireman, P. Kolwalski, A. LaBonty, K. Flynn, J. Foster, G. Henson, S. Gehrt, D. Day, P. Welch, and B. Eltinge. in girls' intramural activities. ' ies it - fgll L gu i , g..3f.,f.i 1- Q . . A 3.755555 .1115 eP:g , :-u--o-',- . fe 'i""r"-""" ""f 1.v. ... 3-l Y Q WH J '93 . rv Q is s Q . Q : s si J - it " z il V' . a+ A f 7 I' ' V .i -I 1 X Q Q 1 .NI L i 5,3 H fp j .4 A , ' NJ' -" 1- ' ,z - . . n . , J ' '-4 " 5 -21. 3 A' V i ' I iv"-arf' -. A . if "R 9 Tgllf:iii'5'-fl'j.9f' . ww M -f f - ' 'J 5' 5Li"' was-D ,es .B ' All ' : +1-L " 'f' ' .' .'. lil .'-T5 I 'QW L ight, . 6. V ' .- We like - 'ft-V - f "Tu 4' ti . -4 A ' -,- ' T 2 "3 - '- X fp'-ftb .f ff: 'gi g A Y I, - Ll, li . E I : H , - N ' h 1 V , V N - - V, I A V 4 :L fi.. "f'f"7Qig.i: ."'XeJ5" 'iFf' -"7"-1. jg '-,,.' ' . ,.e-rf-:.:-'Ei .q -. - . " ' L' 'if ' ' - Members of the eighth grade Girls' Athletic Club are, FRONT ROW: B. Scheible, D. McPherson, G. Harden, K. Wickstrom, C. Bottum, T. Temple, B. Shaw, J. Hollett, J. Haines, S. Marble, C. Snopp, N. Berkey, S. Graham, G. Owens, C. Wendel, S. Shumaker, S. Zeigler, C. Shanower, S. William- son, 2nd ROW: C. Pope, J. Crowder, T. Lord, R. Richardson, A. Gustafson, P. Whipker, C. Rout, R. Borczon, E. Rawlins, D. Lancaster, J. Brown, D. Ayers, S. Daniel, G. Sears, J. Bates, A. Lunsford, S. Daily, V. Smith, C. Koons, P. Mitchell, P. Thomsen, D. Milan, 3rd ROW: S. Christopher, K. King, N. Schoettmer, B. Gibson, J. Conoley, T. Thompson, M. Bates, P. Burton, L. Hooker, D. Hannum, S. Klooz, J. Roskilly, J. Knotts, L. Harper, E. Evans, J. Crowder, B. Baker, D. Larrison, B. Burton, J. Washler, and P. Abt. ' . -gs . U I U li H Members of the seventh grade Girls' Athletic Club are, FRONT ROW: S. Brown, L. Skinner, J. Kautz, V. Moffitt, M. Morrison, D. Eddelman, K. Spurling, P. Lacefield, J. Bickel, B. Olson, L. Savage, J. Stouder, J. Lickerman, J. Stevens, P. Wheeler, 2nd ROW: J. Cooney, D. Perry, N. Moore, K. Munt, J. Moore, J. Wilson, B. Metz, D. Daniel, T. Waltermire, J. Allman, N. Shutters, N. Douglas, M. Rehbein, 3rd ROW: E. Houser, L. Link, R. Winters, B. Smith, S. Davis, K. Gelfius, G. Dickey, 5. Burton, J. Davis, D. Maggard, R. Fawbush, L. Essex, J. Scroggins, 4th ROW: S. Carr, D. Cort- ner, J. White, C. Barnes, L. Kinney, K. Allman, K. Hutsen, B. Rout, K. Carr, N. Crouse, A. Milan, B. Burton, L. Paris, D. Cope, 5th ROW: J. Fairhecicl, A. Delap, T. Crippen, J. Moore, S. Deaver, C. Griffin, C. Pinsonneault, D. Pohevitz, V. Hughes, and S. Wendel. i 2 . - 1-1 . N, 5 fl J I I 1,f,f, -' X Y My i -k ' ,4Y A V q X 5' x 7 we ' 39 1,44 L A' If 5 5 ' V . 42 f mfxii R K A . H x Q 1 Q J .. Q. Kiwi,-xi. ,J RK ,,-,.,.. ' hiv 5, lf 1 f yg,1,,::i,Y Qgui I . sag' X !'3j, g,4.fF'vI ' -Q Q 74 fag b Mfg ' 65 f1F x " W QW Y, 6 I H ' ,5N'g"f', , 5 X AJ . f " ' it if Fw, A 'B 'r ff ' 'YW xi A ic' I N W , . A E9 wg f ,,,, 4 f , Sf f - 'QQQ . Q W?wf3 'E ,, . .Y s 1 X 1 A f Q Y 'H 1 v 1, ,, -X r J . I , . r - Fri. ..., ,HL ,V Music soothes the savage beast. The Beginning Band contains forty-one eager members who learn fundamentals from Mr. Cunningham. They take part in the Band Festival and a demon- stration class for parents. The Intermediate Band works energetically toward the State Band Contest each year. Its sixty-five members are directed by Mr. Sell. This instructional class develops each player so that he can compete for mem- bership in the Advanced Band. The Intermediate Band partici- pates in the Band Festival, the Solo and Ensemble Contests, and the Annual Band Concert. Seventy-two selected musi- cians make up the Advanced Band. This band has received an honorable reputation through participation in the Football Jamboree, the State Band Contests, the Solo and Ensemble Contests, the Patriotic Program, the Band Festival, school convocations, and con- certs for the elementary schools. I ,113-' .,.w.....,,I,' , .Aw vg. .. K-145 Mr. Sell directs his attention to Dale Young. The brass section simultaneously thinks "Rest, two, three, four." 2 While Mr. Cunningham helps Debbie Goodpasture, other students take a rest. How do you smile for the camera and play the French horn at the same time? Beginning and Intermediate Bands Members of the Beginning Band are, FRONT ROW: Mike Hunsberger, Gaston Abt, Glen Gordon, Jim Overfelt, Sharon York, Kathy Butler, Jodi Bradenburger, Debbie Goodpasture, Rhonda Pelfrey, Mike Beecher, 2nd ROW: Donald Weddle, Cynthia Christopher, Kathy VanNatta, Lana Link, Julie Bickel, Lisa Spurlock, Emily Hungerford, Karen Chandler, Barbara Thompson, 3rd ROW: Crys Wininger, Michael Hobbs, Greg Wininger, Mark Nichols, Michael Carr, Clifford Miller, Douglas Pitkin, Jeffery Kendall, Joe Prall, John D'Arcy, 4th ROW: Director Mr. Cunningham, Ernest Sission, Douglas Fleming, Mark Dooley, Ricky Nichols, Sam Rigsby, Ricky Robinson, Ricky Johnson, David Kastner, Cynthia Dunlevy, and Sandra Wendel. Members of the Intermediate Band are, FRONT ROW: John Souza, Richard Hancher, Sally Bates, Debbie Bowles, Nancy Bay, Donna Pohevitz, Melana Baldwin, Lou Anne Skinner, Kathy Hill, Sharon Lynn Hines, Janyce Brougher, Donna Kennedy, Penny Hancher, Mike Marvin, Scott Bishop, 2nd ROW: Cathy Pinsonneault, Dana Stott, Glenna Fitzpatrick, Laurie Hansen, Christine Jones, Joan Kautz, Debbie Milan, Lisa Rehfeldt, Michael Hall, Jean Hollett, Tricia Temple, Jeff Hollett, 3rd ROW: Roger Lucas, Randy Marcum, Greg Jewell, Joe Walkos, Lloyd Kamo, Jerome Prall, Daryl Somers, Dennis Lawson, David Pitkin, Nanette Douglas, Gina Walker, Brenda Conley, 4th ROW: Rodney Despain, Kevin Rager, Tim White, Steve Newton, Andy Nussbaum, Charles Phipps, John Rematta, Kurt Weisner, Hugh Jones, Jeff Carr, Philip Walton, Tim Hughes and Tony Hughes. Not pictured are Denise Byers, Richard Clark, Conley Davis, Jeff Dunn, Becky Owens, Tim Wheller, David Zebell, Beverly Shafer, and Diane Somers. 93 The halls are alive The Northside choirs receive intense training in vocal music production from their director, Mr. McGinnis. The choirs perform at Parent Night, several convo- cations, the Christmas Carol Sing, the Christmas Play, the Patriotic Program, the musical, and the Spring Choral Concert. Members of the Mixed Chorus are, FRONT ROW: Lenita Carmer, Kathy Cooley, Cindy Krummel, Roger Bennet, Jeff Lloyd, Rick Critney, Mary Singles, Teri Brewer, Mary Carmer, 2nd ROW: Sandy Strietelemeir, Mechael Crawford, Tom Mellis, Danny Biddinger, Greg Moore, Jim Brighten, Pam Welch, Debbie Day, Vickie Thompson, 3rd ROW: Matt Souza, Neil Empson, Doug l.aRue, Jeanna Nichter, Brenda Norman, Lynn Cheap, Vi- vian Waltz, and Mr. McGinnis, director. Not pictured is Paul Rosselli. with the sound of music. -i, ipl!:5!!g"". Students provide accompaniment for chorus. Members of the eighth grade Girls Chorus ore, FRONT ROW: Cathie Koons, Vivian Gant, Debbie Cox, Gerri Owens, Debbie Ayers, Dawn Davis, Jane Stevens, June Roskilly, Rita Giles, 2nd ROW: Debbie Rarey, Vicki Stines, Linda Smith, Linda Hooker, Kathy Wickstrom, Lincla Dilk, Debbie Lancaster, Connie Durbin, Pam Whipker, 3rd ROW: Paula Mitchell, Jayne Crawford, Virginia Hilderbrand, Margaret Sharpe, Paulette Abt, Susan Daily, Melanie Petro, Sue Jackson, 4th ROW: Brenda Brennan, Teresa Campbell, Cindy Rout, Kathy King, Sarah Northern, Pam Vetter, Kathy Ad- kins, and Theresa Sweet. Absent are Rosetta Beatty, Janie Booher, and Linda Ogle. 95 Singing is a form of l k,:: l ll F Y -A-: ----ff f--- --.-.Hmm L Q ...lf f' Q ll ll ll ' ll ll ll ' Members of the seventh grade Mixed Chorus are, FRONT ROW: Kay Pruitt, Cindy Stafford, Janet Allman, Harry Hill, John Jenkins, Scoot Hunter, Peter Everitt, Pat Browh, Carolyn Griffin, Sandy Deaver, Carol Lankford, 2nd ROW: Kim Gelfius, Debbie Boston, Eric Gilpin, David Harden, Greg Jones, Randy Shireman, David Mincey, Diana Lucas, Tammy Waltermire, 3rd ROW: Sandy Richards, Dana Ford, Bob Stillinger, Bill Anderson, Jeff Pearcy, Don Cooley, Keith Perkins, Deanna Floyd, Stephanie Day, Jody Moore, 4th ROW: Jean Ann Voyles, Debbie McKinney, Debbie Sand, Cathy Brummett, Roger Perry, Rick Waltz, Bill Hanson, Connie Ogle, Mary Kay Golden, Lana Enochs, Jeanne Jones, 5th ROW: Debbie Perry, Linda Burton, Sandy Davis, Brooke Smith, JoAnne Lickerman, Denise Cortner, Vicki Moffitt, Denise Carr, Anna Arbuckle, Kathy Spurling, 6th ROW: Jan Davis, Janice Scroggins, Vonda Koenigkramer, Regina Winters, Nancy Crouse, Judy Stevens, Cindy Barnes, Kathy Hutsen, Julie Beth Olson, Beth Ziegler, 7th ROW: Debbie Eddelman, Michaela Morrison, Nancy Wright, Becky Metz, Julie Wilson, Martha Donica, and Carol Carmi- chael. Not pictured are Barbara Howard and Jim Kaler. self and group expression Km, we -mga-v Y i I W' smcrlows mom ,Sf Q "TWF.4HSlNKABlE' 4,0 i 5 'ffmx pnowrr' af ,ga 3 J ms - o UNSLNKABLP MQLLY nnumi' ' 1 3,"v L ' SQ? ,,! . imeaznnu musou Q. .Q ,f f .3 i QRKDHARD Momasfg v ,E xl, i 1' A 45'-ff' F' . ' mmmvsmmis " . lliRVfFRfSNEl.l. . LFWN-.. ,nj i 25,4 f d t Y h h el music in shelves Sing along with Mr. McGinnis. S U en S S as S e Actors and backstage crews i The Dramatics Club, with l is i Mrs. Hoover's help, made three presentations this year. The first, Badlands Ballyhoo, was so much of a success that it was shown on the local cable TV station. The Christmas play, Christmas in Review, showed ,J l different aspects of Christmas. i -. Along with the music depart- ment, the club produced the spring musical, Sky High. These plays gave students experience in acting and stage production and provided a welcome break in the day for the student audi- ence. . j . l i "Uh . . . I take it all back!" Dramatics Club members are, FRONT ROW: S. Adair, A. Nethercote, S. Humphries, J. Jenkins, K. Phillips, N. Campbell, N. Gilmore, A. Voelz, T. Pugh, B. Prosser, N. Hoeltke, J. Eikenbary, 2ND ROW: S. Nulph, C. Robertson, S. Lowe, M. Bertotti, C. Conoley, D. Prosser, L. Gurthet, V. Truex, D. Remetta, K. Cooley, B. DeLapp, Mrs. Hoover, sponsor, 3RD ROW: M. Hull, P. Ruiter, K. Rehbein, L. Chambers, J. A. Krueger, V. Voelz, R, Trimpe, L. Judge, S. Everitt, L. Cheap, 4TH ROW: M. Butler, K. DeLap, L. Ostrander, R. Guth, R. George, R. Baumgart, K. Wright, D. LaRue, M. Callaway, 5TH ROW: M. Hughes, M. Crawford, K. Cartwright, J. Kaler, R. Bundy, D. Croucher, K. Hill, N. Empson, K. Fulp, 6TH ROW: J. Larkin, T. Dutro, J. Maness, R. Johnson, D. Hawley, S. Abt, J. Hignite, D. Olson, J. Lister, and P. Nolan. 98 ff 1. 1 I I fig., ff . ffm : :Q fi? 'I Hx '3 'pf Ml'-1 . 'N , 'R-x .Q T AF 5 Xa? H V ll X ' tj - Nw 1 ' - f -ff .,, g ,E A x Qu .Ain sign- I n. n N " V I u i . u fi I . ..- 1971 Epoch Staff 'zvxgeln lx 4 -vu .4 00 COPY STAFF Barbara Eltinge Margaret Frede Glen Lowry CLASSES STAFF Jan Williams Kathi Conlin Jane Baker LeaAnn Shanower ACTIVITIES STAFF Rachel Stewart Sue DeClue Leigh Fluckey SPORTS STAFF Chris Echsner Mark Lienhoop P Greg Boll PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Will Miller Andy Meiiers Greg Willmore Janis Valdmanis ART STAFF Peter Spachlholz Claudia Grayson Jay Vogelsong David Force Jeanne Harris EDITORS-IN-CHIEF ADVISORS Sharon Pearcy Mrs. Cuflin Rick Wyke Miss Folsom FACULTY STAFF Tammy Foley Patty Hauck Craig Savage LAY-OUT STAFF Kim Gaffen Dan Heller ,fa-' We, the 1971 Epoch staff, hope that fhis yearbook honesf- 0 ly portrays life al Northside. L' Along with Mrs. Catlin, our ad- visor, and Miss Folsom, our arf - I, s ,, ...ul - 'Q of hard work to attain This goal. We hope you get as much en- , j Ns-48 advisor, we have put in hours 1 XMQ, X i lp ioymenf from reading the 1971 Epoch as we have had puffing if together. 1 V ,,.--"lp Q iw ,,, ,311 I r ,Aj-, ,. 4 ' YA-1 101 J Northside News informs students Mrs. Reese's language arts classes published the Northside News six times during the year. Each issue captured student in- terest with puzzles, editorials, cartoons and school news. Es- pecially well received by stu- dents and teachers alike were the articles on dress, sports, stu- dent conduct, community in- volvement, and student sur- veys. The editorial staff re- ceived favorable comments about their articles throughout the school year. . .4 - V 'vi Under the direction of Mrs. Reese, stu- dents learn to apply basic iournalistic concepts. 102 lw'l-lu . 'Lili l Students work together to produce a good newspaper. Members of the Northside News staff are, FRONT ROW: Kenny Delap, Rex Baumgart, Garry Ever- road, Sandra Burton, Debbie Steinbarger, 2ND ROW: Doug Prather, Kevin Wright, Richard George, Harold Foster, Debbie Wheeler, and Pat Nolan. Other members of the Northside News staff are, FRONT ROW: Mike Taflinger, Rick Guth, Pam Welsch, Mark Kautz, 2ND ROW: Roger Bundy, Andy Tobias, Doug LaRue, and Nan Gilmore. .sport S Y- 103 Hard work characterizes '70 season Members of the team are, FRONT ROW: Coach Welsch, managers Russel Pittman, Greg Mobley, Kenny Arbuckle, Joe Davis, Terry Hogan, 2nd ROW: Neil Empson, Gary Everoad, Don Campbell, David Barber, Mark Curry, Garry Beasley, Kevin Menser, Mark Kautz, David Adam, Coach Handwork, 3rd ROW: Mark Menser, Rob Conway, Brad Herron, John Bush, Jim Mann, Ken Grosheart, John Dietsch, Robert Fisher, Coach Maple, 4th ROW: Bill Marshall, Dale Croucher, Don Hagaman, Ned Pollert, Roger Hornback, Doug Denny, Tim Minor, Mike Anderson, 5th ROW: Kevin Monroe, Rick Rutherford, David Shaw, David Rau, Brad Hash, Rick Wyke, Dave Smitson, Jeff Sharp, Jim Kleinhenz, oth ROW: Tom Cable, Jim Brown, Marty Juraskavich, Scott Gordon, Kevin Wright, Gary Lasley, Gene Coveney and Kevin Hendricks. This year the ninth grade A l football team had a 3-3 season beginning with a Jamboree ancl ending with a spectacular win over New Albany' Scribner. The team was led by Coaches Maple, Handwork and Welsch, The boys worked hard through- out the season by attending practices every evening and sacrificing their spare time for their team. 04 Contemplafion of the oncoming game. Block thai kick! Gotcha! Scores Northside Opponenl 6 ...... Central . . . . . .42 0 ...... Seymour ....... 6 6 ...... Southside ....... 0 8 ...... Shelbyville ...... 6 6 ...... Martinsville ..... 8 'I 3 ...... Scribner ........ 0 10 8th graders build spirit with an excellent season This year Coaches Wasmuth and Carter led the eighth grade team in an excellent 4-l sea- son. Their enthusiasm urged the team on to beat our city rival, Southside, as well as three other opposing teams. This should be ample proof that next year we can expect a lot from this group of boys. A :G 69-'ll A new Members ofthe team are, FRONT ROW: Coach Wasmuth, Greg Spicer, Chap Blackwell, Kirt Vannice, Peter Jennings, Doug Bringle, Scott Bishop, Scott Wagner, Tom Ogilvie, Tom Bolenbaugh, manager Mike Mitchell, Coach Carter, 2nd ROW: Kurt Roehm, Kent Sharp, Pat Kennedy, Tony Bo- zell, Tom Tegeler, Kenny Marshall, Greg Fiesbeck, Don Whittington, Dean Lenkendofer, manager Brad Phillips, 3rd ROW: Gary Hayworth, Bill An- derson, Rick Grimes, Mike Taylor, Mark Larken, Greg Delks, Tim Dillon, Norman Minor, Todd Monroe, John Eckerly, 4th ROW: Randy Goins, Bruce Otte, Randy Weinantz, Jim Shobe, Brian Clark, Bob Bouggy, John Hammond, Randy Goin, Bruce Fowler, 5th ROW: David Reinhardt, Matt Souza, Jim Hoffmeister, Dan Pinsonneault, Steve Zeller, Steve Essex, Brian Kautz, David Pitkin, and Charles Koons. 06 Scores Northside Opponent 0 ...... Central .......... 12 I4 ...... Seymour .... .... 0 18 ...... Southside . . . . . . .'8 14 ...... Shelbyville ........ O 20 ...... Scribner . . . . . . .0 107 Under experienced Coach Ron Handwork and Bob Welsch, this year's ninth grade basketball team worked hard in practice and on the playing court. A small team, they built on the fundamentals learned in their first two years of iunior high and branched out with more emphasis on defense. Fin- ishing up with a season of five wins and nine losses, they proved to the fans that they could be good sportsmen in vic- tory as well as in defeat. Spartan freshman Tony Burton goes up for two. fi nl!! HMP FRE Qi' xi-A l l 3 E f 2 3 2 . I l i 1 i ' r w 5 I l l i lx 1 X i E i l 1 1 . T 1 'i i' 'Eff' .V y I i QQ ' i i ff 4 i j: 08 x-bl 5 ' S ,H - 44. ' i -- i..,h , . Grosheart exhibits fancy footwork. depend on desire and drive T a Q ml" Freshman basketball players are, FRONT ROW: Coach Handwork, Brad Herron, Larry Adkins, Chris Echsner, Rick Wyke, Mr. Welsch, 2ND ROW: Manager Kenny Arbuckle, manager Greg Mobley, Jim Mann, Roger Hornback, Ned Pollert, Bob Hardman, 3RD ROW: Manager David Adam, Rick Rutherford, Dave Shaw, Mark Lienhoop, Dave Smitson, Rob Conway, manager Terry Hogan, 4TH ROW: Greg Boll, Kendall Grosheart, Kevin Hendricks, Marty Juraskovich, Gary Hehe, and Tony Burton. NOT PICTURED is Jim Taylor. Scores A TEAM Northside 44 ...... Greensburg .... 35 47 ...... Southside .... 55 45 ...... Shelbyville .... 56 Opponent 63 ...... Hauser .... 33 43 ...... Jennings Co ..... 44 55 ...... Brownstown .... 32 43 ...... Franklin .... 70 49 ...... Central .... 46 58 ...... Greenwood .... 42 44 ...... Seymour .. .59 56 .... Southport .... 57 44 ...... Madison . . .54 36 ...... Central . . .59 40 ...... Southside .... 47 w'. :Flap T lf' E55 -J . I ,- 'ur New uniforms keep Rob Conway on his toes. Scores B TEAM Northside Opponent 39 ...... Greensburg .... 30 34 ...... Shelbyville .... 38 32 ...... Jennings Co ..... 45 32 ...... Franklin .... 62 48 ...... Greenwood .... 22 42 ...... Seymour .... 56 28 ...... Southport .... 33 T09 Even with tough opponents, 8th Many of the boys on this year's eighth grade team worked together as seventh graders last year. They demon- strated that knowledge of fun- damentals and experience on a junior high team has value by turning in a IO-3 season. They were coached by Don Harris. l 1 Members of the eighth grade basketball team are, FRONT ROW: Coach Harris, Scott Wagner, Greg Spicer, Jim Stevens, John Hammond, Greg Quinn, 2ND ROW: Manager Greg Delks, Steve Essex, David Welmer, Greg Smith, Dean Lenkensdofer, Randy Goin, 3RD ROW: Manager Tom Ogilvie, Kent Sharp, Jim Hoffmeister, Mark Conlin, Randy Weinantz, Brian Kautz, 4TH ROW: Manager Mike Mitchell, Dan Pinsonneault, Jeff Faw- bush, Randy Goins, Bruce Otte, and Richard Newton. NOT PICTURED is manager Scott Bishop. 'l'l0 114 s-in and 7th graders end up victorious Members of the seventh grade basketball team are, FRONT ROW: Manager Greg Daily, Tim Jar- nagin, Bryan Bennett, manager Steve Olson, 2ND ROW: Paul Rau, Bob Stillinger, David Marvin, Scott Everroad, Robin Judge, 3RD ROW: Chris Boyd, Larry Kleinhenz, David Michael, Jesse Caudill, Roger Perry, 4TH ROW: Coach Smith, John Remetta, Randy Riddle, Andy Nussbaum, and Rick Waltz. EIGHTH GRADE Northside Opponent 47 ....... Greensburg ...... 24 52 ....... Southside ...... 45 49 ....... Shelbyville ...... 34 63 ....... Hauser ...... 38 40 ....... Brownstown ,,,,,, 37 40 ....... Franklin .... 56 39 ....... Central ...... 53 67 ....... Greenwood ,,,,,, 35 35 ....... Seymour ...... 30 33 ....... North Vernon ,,,,,, 31 47 ....... Madison ...... 45 46 ....... Central .... 55 43 ....... Southside .... 39 AAI-, ,, LI SEVENTH GRADE Northside Opponent 32 ....... Greensburg ..... 45 37 . . . . . Shelbyville . . . . .23 44... .. Central .....43 54 . . . . . Southside . . . . .43 38 .. Franklin .46 43 . . . . . Greenwood . . . . .33 27... .. Seymour .....39 56 . . . . . North Vernon . . . . .48 63... .. Madison .....65 Various experiences in ele- mentary school and biddy-bas- ketball leagues provided back- ground for the seventh grade basketball team. Working to- gether daily on fundamentals and teamwork under Coach Smith and Mr. Miller helped them to become a unified team. They turned in a 5-4 record. T v--- 44... A struggle for ball possession. l'l'I 2 I I 5 H ew -r Q., A Cheerleaders bolster T Nancy Campbell leads Spartans cheers. At the beginning ofthe year, seventh, eighth, and ninth grade cheerleaders were cho- sen by the student representa- tives. They represented North: side at ball games and built school spirit by leading cheers and providing tags and posters. Ninth grade cheerleaders are fopposite pagej, KNEEL- ING: Theresa Pugh, STAND- ING: Cheryl Robertson, Kim Phillips, Ann Voelz, Sally Lowe, and Nancy Campbell. Eighth grade cheerleaders are ftop lettj, TOP TO BOT- TOM: Susan Daniels, Carol Wendel, Sandie Shumaker, Carol Snapp, and Jan Haines. Seventh grade cheerleaders are fbottom leftj, TOP: Penny Wheeler, BOTTOM: Kathy Hut- sen, Sandy Davis, and Lisa Kin- ney. 'I1 Swimmer's stroke to victory Tying the Columbus, freshman record, Scott Gordon swam the 50 yard freestyle in 25.5 seconds Learning the basic techniques of compet- Scores itive swimming from their Coach, Larry Car- ter, enabled them to exhibit great improve- Norfhgide Opponent ment from the beginning to the end of the winter season. Following early losses to 34 Centrol ,,,, . , .42 both Central and Southside, the team came 46 Southside .,., .,,, 4 7 back to beat both of them twice late in the 35 Shelbyville , . . . , .59 season - once in dual competition and 48 Centrol. . , . , .46 once in the Anderson Invitational. Mike An- 65 Creston . . . . . .45 derson set a new record for Columbus 65 Woodview . , . , . .50 freshman divers by receiving 121 points in 38 Lowrence . . . . .59 One Neel- 53 Southside .... . . .41 Members of the swim team are, FRONT ROW: Todd Silva, Mike Kennedy, Bill Marshall, Mark Jones, Kerry Thompson, Coach Carter, 2ND ROW: Doug Sharp, Jeff Sharp, John Dietsch, Mike Voelz, Randy Williams, Doug Carter, 3RD'ROW: Craig Savage, Bill Knotts, Scott Gordon, Glen Lowry, Gary Lasley, Doug Denny, 4TH ROW: Bob Snapp, Tim Minor, Mike Anderson, and David Rau. 114 Northside runners tops in city 2. il, Ti I' I I Members of the team are, FRONT ROW: Grant Tucker, Bill Bruning, David Ebert, Mark Jones, Chris Echsner, 2nd ROW: Richard Hutton, David Pieper, Bruce Query, Mark Lienhoop, 3rd ROW: Mr. Peters, manager Mike Butler, Randy Williams, Jay Vogelsong, and John Critney. Scores Northside Opponent 31... ...Seymour ...... .....25 24... ...Southwestern .......33 28 . . . . . . Jennings County . . . . .27 17... ...Southside ..... .....42 28 . . . . . . Central .... . .29 Cross-Country is a lonely, wearing sport. 7 I. The Cross-Country team ran their record to 3-2 this year with the fine coaching of Mr. Peters. The team participated in five dual meets and two invita- tionals. They beat both city ri- vals, Central and Southside, to become the city champs. I1 Skill through constant practice - gymnastics Four Northsiders worked out with the CHS gymnastics team. They exhibited skill and coordi- nation in two reserve meets. One team member, Scott Ellis, also performed in varsity meets. The fundamentals they learned under Coach John Hinds formed a basis for high school participation. Gymnastics members are: Ken DeLap, Scott Ellis, Greg Hill, and Garry Beasley. l I6 Ellis works out on the sidehorse 9 X. Members of the wrestling team are: Doug Daniel, David Moore, Richard Ludwig, Kevin Wright, and Gene Coveney. - MJ! 5 K David Moore and Doug Daniel Hard practice pays off in meets. wrestled on the CHS varsity team. Wrestlers pin clown tactics Northside was represented on the CHS wrestling team by five ninth graders. The coach- ing of Denny Sylvester proved profitable as the boys acquired strength and skills during the sixteen-meet season. l'l7 This year Northside had six boys participating with the CHS golf team. These six, along with the high school, practiced in the fall and played against other teams in the spring. Their ac- quired skills and experience this year will serve as a foundation for success in following years. Sli: 1'1- H8 Northside swings nf -I Llsffg Members of the team are: Craig Savage, Doug Sharp, Kim Fivecoat, Todd Silva, Kerry Thompson, and John Linn. 2 toward the future f i f-qi' ' 'Q ' ctglgf. N This year Northside was rep- resented on the CHS tennis team by Greg Boll. Under the fine coaching of Robert Chap- pell the team practiced daily. Their hard work paid off with an excellent season. Preparing for a match. f 9 r L Q-Qt. -3-4Z.v.Efif'Q' F ,In "r L 't",.mIAg.a..zga....,41...m "Look not mournfully the past. It comes not back again into 'f 'XQ ,X V" 1. ' . Lu to if .H . v , 1 x ' 1 ,' ' .1 ', 1 x , ' " . f ' it' . ' 1 4X?'XJm':y '-my ,f-'1:'L. "'.w' EZ' ' .. , . M,,wlffr.' H .71-,4.-11m,i,,, Q ,I A -z. -W W ,,-,-3.--.f, ,,. ,. f If "L ip 'P -,H - ' 'E jg , , -- 1- , ,. ' Vs - ' wt '- 3 ,. '. .ugly " YH- ' '-5 , L " f ' ' ' 1 ' ' A wx - ., .j.f'---: "' 1 Wisely improve, the Present. lt is thine . . Go forth to meet the shadowy Future without fear" . Hyperion W 6-A243 L, L, lfeg af,1Q.,.?:f a..,e,+,-.3 f'D BOW H1173 IPS 68,819 J,f,,,3vc?h QL p,a2!'4 a,.,r+4 wok. 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L-MU .-39-wx x V ,,, Nr 1 A 'V Yu If fr 97 VJ Tap' mf " ' 5 51514 Qr wf glf "'-i il g i Nm . f1 m Q Q Q- , gm ..-5xp,--X I' kJ, ,M D pf, Q . 4 1- . WAJ f J.. .. Q f l aewa i W PQQQ9 1 T 5-5-f ww 'y ff' ,-""'T L35 JC if 4lg,Q+51f,.f1LQ ?L 3 ,gf . Tqi1lL '4 L.: -igpi ,A DLI ? - ' ll mf 1-71 :52Q1f 'L. .,. AT C -j1AA-Ii 1 vm laQff f l A 'g3'W1l"-3+ TCf.3L- . j """' ig -L .L LQQQEQPWTCB is A. 4 1 5 fvlgl fm r-6-5.13 f ,jill-x Alf:1.7L,rQQqg -ln."Q f..j'CWEiijQ I ' A 4 ii.g,.gLyFiff-M ,Q A , , LJ 1 ..13L ,lL:l2L-JC-gT'f?fJC,L- i f 342 QL QC QA fJC.MiL , Bl 11:fujL..,7 A f'wJf1AJL.3 Lqii- 'T-'A y 2 J, sf? -JL l lP " E"' , 1 f, Cf +Qg 'Ef'-4wfJ 'iir3ft L iwrim5, 5f'i1.g1':g1,,1 i Jaw 1 1. , fa jrf 'i V QM 1 ' w """'ija ' A Q Lf we 1-JH-vw 2- -m - i Fig! 2- "ff fe f NE LV' 1 'L..T..Ji -Q f jf rip! - T ,YV T ,JiV,f'f--' E Y 1 - Ei 4716 43 fr-13 . " QC U -f3f QF gl1 JMif-f3f,Jx,. 51 JV 13 ici mfr, lfgg 151 if ,lf 1 Y yy Aii A 9' f f ff I A , f ,M-,,, , Q, I

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