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 - Class of 1957

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' , l ,ll E And when we part, we'll leave our heart, K , IV ml l f IJ I 4 ' 'I swf,17f74 W ' To the school we hold so dear. pd t y I , yb, J we I t ,l CW! ' ff So to you, our Alma Mater, f A f I L, L ' W f t Ever lo al we shall beg ' , , I . ul 5 Y , , 41,0 pw J wwf 7 And through the days, Qi NYC, TV li W 4 - We'll sing loud praise, Xi ly 1 - ' I , , ' Northside, all hail to thee! lw !!6aY f , Q5 I I xx ' v. - irq GRQNBYXYIER -oullkiev-ngyvggymp.-1q,S" ' I 6956857574 vt ' ' if M A ' X' 1 i , gf -'Spf ,,-,, l- .,f,-,',-,ilmiq . . l . I l"'1..r . - A r G ' QQ tlfu ff Q5'5:ffl ili'35-'g ill l'25flf5W'1 ' " 935' --1'..t..,k.,,1-W J-1U-1 "' "" . . . . , . . . ' 'l . t . . ., ,iswmeyggwa a ,,- a L9 .x fn . .'3?. 'll-'11-W, K Y x-ww-1-5.4, . iw it 38 I 4 - 2 i 4. I f i 1 1 Y H 1 x Y A 1 1 I l I - u 1 ,- NORTHSIDEIHGH SCHU0l ArLANrA,aEnnalA . o v n T" ,P FCMLJ -- mh. ,l2m.,M, JNQLQZ, cQ-0,f+ CM .J,,,,, QUPAMQ U.,,.,w ,.o,,- -. LbQ,LfA - VQWAJ - L! dew ' J-WL uw QM W M wwf. 0.4. 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All of this is in addition to maintaining a high status as an ,English teacher. i If you had known that we were dedicat- ing this annual to you, you would, of course, have stopped us, for your modesty is a part of you. We are honored to dedicate this, The 1957 VIKING, to you. K 2 I 'fm ' ew. "'ym.,,m r-x.,zV ,V . , ,194 Entering Northside can be as bewildering as entering another country, for each school has its own laws, traditions, system of government and customs. The feeling of aloneness can seem very acute at times. The long task of turning rooms full of strangers into classes with friends begins anew as people meet, and the bonds of friendship are forged in varying degrees. Each of the novel experiences common in the course of the first few weeks make high school seem a little fresher and a little more wonderful. The first impression of Northside is one of im- mensity. A new student is often struck with this upon realizing that his next class is three floors and the length of a teeming hall away. It is puzz- ling to try to decipher a schedule card showing classes changing rooms and cryptic abbreviations such as "Sp, Hutchvg HC. C. rm 102, L", "Durden, Mil. Bldg. M-Q", "4 a8cc, Lun.b". The next thing which he must do is familiarize himself with the room numbers and names of all his teachers. After learning his way around the maze of halls and doors, he realizes that there are four grades above him. He looks with respect to the upper classmen and eagerly looks forward to that far off day when he will attain the status of senior. 6 After the newness wears off, the student realizes that high school is a great deal of work. He might gripe about his homework, but he usually ap- proaches it with determination. He worries about finals and then at the same time jokes about that big failure. There is a reason for everything that he does, but the greatest satisfaction comes from just learning to live. The hours of lost sleep and gallons of midnight oil are not in vain, however, for the rewards are rich. Many privileges and most coveted honors require that one obtain at least a "B" average. A more far reaching reward is the wonderful pre- paration one receives for college or entrance into the business world. Here at Northside we have a wonderful chance to learn, as it has one of the highest ratings of any school in the city. Our faculty is very competent and our facilities are steadily improving. W fry Jijfiimbfgiim .ffl My M fWW"?wgM,4'f it After a full davis grind, ai pep rally is a welcome i 'YL qu Sgil as change. The stunts of the cheerleaders and the Pep Club do much to bring about the enthusiasm of the milling students. Our cheers and shouts reach their crescendo as the spirit spreads among the throng. home wo 'ld be the part of the day 5 however this is not always the case. Even with the fine work of the traffic patrol, jams are inevitable with the number of cars and the limited parki aci ' ies. flylja if fjify it 3. Jjiffwaw Many things are said repeatedly about football, but actually the game itself is not the only element of excitement. The cheering congregation of fami- liar faces, the tempting aroma of hotdogs and pop- corn, and the spirited strains of the band all go to- gether to make up a memorable season. At the time the confusion in the parking lot, the long ticket lines, or the unpleasant weather may be annoying, but football season constitutes the fondest of all our memories. ,WMM ...o4- W., The dance-formal, informal, in the gym, or at the Biltmore-always makes an exciting evening. At 11:30 the curfew sends everyone home with tired feet and happy hearts. The feeling of tenseness and excitement gives way to one of pleasant anticipation for the dance which usually lies ahead. The preparations, al- ways taken for granted except by those who are responsible for them, start several weeks before- hand with the arrangements for the band. A brave corps of duty-minded individuals is recruited and given the underated name of "Decorating Com- mittee? The job of these brave students begins early in the afternoon and is usually not finished until minutes before the arrival of the first couple. Although it lasts but a few minutes after the dance begins, the work of these people is always of the highest quality. 49 Our thoughts now turn toward our future edu- cation or forthcoming career. Applications by the barrels are patiently filled out and sent to numerous colleges. We spend many tedious days awaiting their reply. Our days are Hlled with preparation, whether it is in the form of taking College Boards, visiting colleges and having interviews, or review- ing The College Handbook. We go to parties and dances, order invitations, select graduation dresses, all while we are trying to get in the last book report, work the last hundred algebra problems, perform the last chemistry ex- periment and spend one last hour in detention hall. We seniors at last realize the reluctance the departing seniors have always felt. Even with our bragging about leaving at last, we acknowledge the fact that we are parting with the happiest years of our lives. The feeling of bewilderment has now become one of confidence, the loneliness has been trans- formed into fellowship and companionship. Each nook and corner of this building has become a familiar part of our everyday life. The well-worn books, the gnarled desks, and the shining trophies now become part of the past. IRA JARRELL Superintendent of Schools ADMINISTRATIUN KENNETH R. WILLIAMS GERALD Y. SMITH Deputy Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Personal Services Rov W. DAVIS Assistant Superintendent Instructional Services JARVIS BARNES WARREN G. FINDLEY Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Administrative Services Pupil Personnel Services WARREN T. JACKSON Superintendent Area III WEDDINGTON H. KELLEY Principal The hand of experience - guidance - understanding - authority - this signifies our administration. RITA BERRONG J. RALPH KEMP MARY BALLARD Counselor Counselor Registrar FACULTY BETTY BRUMBELOW Mathematics FRANCES HALE BRYAN Physical Education GENE MARIE CALLAWAY English PEGGY CARSWELL Physical Education BLANTON F. CARTER Military Lois CAsoN Librarian MRs. J. L. CI-IESNA H omemaking CAROLYN PHILLIPS CLAPP Library Clerk ., . ni, MRS. JAMES A. ANcHoRs, JR. English F. V. ANDERSON Physical Education MRS. W. HERRIN AUSTIN Secretary ELIZABETH BEADLE Science MARY BINNS English MRS. D. F. BLACKWELDER Science Lots BOARDMAN Science KEN BRooxER Coach Industrial Arts WM ETHEL COCKRELL French MARY PIRKLE COLLEY Mathematics WAYMAN CREEL Head Coach Industrial Arts RALPH T. DABBS Military MARY Lou GILBERT DORSEY Mathematics JOHN DxcKENs, JR. English JAMES V. DILLARD English JOAN HALE DREGER English FACULTY WALTER L.DURnEN Mathematics LUCILE FANT Secretary RosE F AULKNER H omemaking ELIZABETH MooN FERSEN Latin, Mathematics HARRIET FLoURNoY English NANCY F. FRASER English JACK GROVES English GAIL HUTCHINSON Spanish gg J lv E, A .AW FACULTY ELIZABETH MALLARD Music MILDRED MCFALL French MRS. ANDREW MACINTOSH French, Spanish MRS. ALLEN A. MATTHEWS English MRS. ROGER MOISTER Social Studies WALTER L. MORRIS Social Studies JANE MULKEY English JULIA NEWTON Science LAURA W. HUGHES Latin, English WILLIAM E. HUGHES Music THOMAS J. HUGHEY Military MRS. WARREN T. JACKSON Social Studies MARY LOU JOHNSON Commercial Studies ANN C. KIEFFER Homemaking LAURA F. LEARY Commercial Studies HELEN A. LOGAN English MARTHA NIBLACK Social Studies OUIDA NORTHCUTT Mathematics BETTY NORTON H o me makin g EDD O,QUINN Coach, Mathematics RICHARD E. PAGE Social Studies HELEN G. ROBERTSON Drivers' Training S. R. ROMERO Science J. L. SMITH Art FACULTY Not pictured: JIM LUCK Mathematics GEORGE S. SULLIVAN Mathematics and Social Studies FRANCES SMITH Mathematics MRS. G. W. SMITHWICK Cafeteria Manager MRS. CHARLES SNOW Social Studies MR. W. L. SPENCER, JR. Science MRs. H. ADEN TAYLOR Nurse BETTY T. THOMAS Mathematics T. C. VOCALIS Mathematics MRS. W. SESSEL WATERS Social Studies COYLE WILSON, JR. Coach, Industrial Arts fdthz sarrzd halls uf Jginrthsidz, 'min nur hzarts mill z'zr hz nzar . 1 ww. 4, ,, A, ' 1 S. O 5 'F' K 3 sum to Mm 'HS L? 5 Q ' Q if as ' W H W - ..:,..,. 3 wb I il Q 3 H, ff g g , ,Q i ' 5 5 I 5 W 8 i 5 D A ui , . Q I E A4 in W . 8 H . D M :S n 2 . . Q W K vi A .9 3 3 g 5 5 3 3 9 .P ,p ig 'i ' ,JI If J' J' 4' in 5 ' H 2 if 'P 4' S 5 S T3 , , 1, H' uf' .P QP I QD .in W' 0' J' I I .fn Qs A W' "' - " M' " .P Q sf Vu mln g -ff' nr , A 4 if .M ,, Q an an ,nv ap ,gn p l 2 X M i 'V' u , Mp 4: Q 'il If ? . M ,, fp I Lf, P V, 4 W' W... v "' ' : Qu wi 9 v Q Q g ..f. ga. I '::- - 0, .. Q H' : E , A, uv ,1:, zz' ::EE,: I Q I - 1 Q I M L mAVL f.: .. 5 W M A. ,M O 1 4 fr Qtek, iw, There are many erperiences in life which give us maturity. Un- fortunately, these experiences are often unrecognized, endured rather than valued. So it is with high school: we rarely see the true worth of high school life until it is a memory. We seldom realize this maturity gained in high school, for it varies greatly and although gradual and sure, its approach is almost always resisted. As we leave, it is our greatest desire to recognize this maturity and use it to live a more valuable life. President . . . TOMMY BURNS Vice President . . BILL FARR Secretary . . . . BETH FULLER Treasurer . . CHARLES HOWARD WILLIAM MANSFIELD ARMSTRONG ACE, Physics Club 5, ROTC 3, 4. PAUL DENON ARRINGTON KAT, Ad Club 1, Assistant Bank Teller 2, Golf Team 2, 3, 5, Science Club 3, Nutrition Aide 3, PTA Representative 3, Home Room Secretary 4, Teacher's Aide 5, Captain of Trallic Patrol 3, 4, 5, Military Officer 5, Neatest Cadet Private 3. DALE JACQUELINE AVARD REB, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, 5, Bank Teller 2, 3, 4, 5, Director 4, 5, Junior Civitan 4, 5, Pep Club 4, 5, Library Aide 2, Y-Teens 2, Biology Club 4, Latin Club 3, Coun- selor's Aide 4, 5, Red Cross Representative 1, Council ol Interfaith Fellowship 3. FRANK WILLIAMS BAKER, JR. ACE, Track 4, 5, Cross Country 5, PASFAV 4, ROTC 5, Oiflicer 5, Science Club 2, Teacher's Aide 5, Biology Club 3. JAMES GARY ADAMS TOP, Hi-Y 4- 5, Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5, ROTC 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Football 1, All-State Tournament Baseball Team 4, Biology Club 3, PASFAV 4. LOLA MONTEZ ALBRIGHT REB, Bank Teller 1, 3, Y-Teens 1, PASFAV 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, President 4, Bank Worker 3, 4, 5. WILLIAM BURNS ALLEN TOP, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Oiiicer 5, Geology Club 2, Biology Club 3, 4, Chemistry and Physics Club 5, Homeroom President 3. JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH ANDERSON Entered from Westminster Schools, 1955, TOP, French Club 5, Library Aide 4, Teacher's Aide 5. 21 SHELBY JEAN BEAVERS ACE, Y-Teens 2, 5, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, PASF AV 4. JAMES GORDON BECKHAM ACE, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Captain 5, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ROTC Officer 5, Student Council 4, All-City Football 3, Honorable Mention All-State 4, Hi-Y 4, 5, Letter Club 2, 3, 4, 5, Homeroom President 1, 2, Treasurer 5. JAMES FRANK BELL ACE, Chapter Chairman 5, National Honor Society, Treasurer 5, Hi-Y 5, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Viking 5, Junior Civitan 4,5, Baseball Manager 4, Football Trainer 5, Spanish Club 5, Homeroom Treasurer 4, Student Council 3. WILLIAM C. BELLINGER TOP, Member of Best Drilled Company 3, Library 4, 5, Varsity Rifle Team 3, 4. 22 JOHN RANDOLPH BAKER, JR. ACE, Bank Teller 2, 3, Homeroom President 2, Vice President 3, 5, Secretary 4, Varsity Basketball 4, Varsity Baseball 4, 5, Varsity Football 4, 5, Physics and Chemistry Club 4, 5, Mineral Club 3, Hi-Y 4, 5, All-State Baseball Team 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Hi-Y Basketball 5, Junior Civi- tan 4, 5. ALICE POLLOCK BATES REB, Cheerleader 1, 3, 4, 5, Cheerleader of the Week 4, Gym Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Military Sponsor 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Bank Teller 4, Mineral Club 4, Secretary 4, FHA 4, PASFAV 4-5, Spanish Club 5, Bank Director 2, Counselor's Aide 4, 5. ANITA JOYCE BEAUCHAMP ACE, Y-Teens 1, 2, Cheerleader 1, Homeroom Treasurer 1, 3, Vice President 5, Annual Representative 2, FHA 2, Bank Director 4, 5, Vice President 5, Hi-Y Sponsor 5, Girl's Chorus 2, 3, Military Sponsor 5. CURTIS BEAVERS KAT, Vice President 4, Co-President of Student Body 5, Student Council 5, Student Cabinet 5, Interclub Council 4, 5, Harvard Club Award-Most Outstanding Junior Boy 4, Football 2, 3, 4, 5, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Key Club 3, 4, 5, Hi-Y 1, 4, 5, Representative Senior 5, Spanish Club 5. , 2,-i , --,ji K , f, K 1 ,. .l l 41 ,.. . . , DIANNE COLQUITT BRIDGES KAT, Spanish Club 5, PASFAV 4, 5, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, FHA 1, 5, Junior Red Cross Representative 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4. JOHN ALAN BROCKSMITH Entered from Upper Arlington High School, Columbus, Ohio, 1955, TOP, Basketball 4, 5, Cross Country 5, Track 5, ROTC 4, 5. RAYMOND WESLEY BROWN TOP, Football 1, Manager 2, 3, 4, 5, Track 1, Manager 4, 5, Basketball 3, Manager 2, 4, 5. THOMAS AUSTIN BROWN KAT, Band 1, Rorc 3, 4. BILL BLACK REB, Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, Baseball 1, 2, Varsity Baseball 4, ROTC Oflicer 5, Hi-Y 5. JIM FRED BOARDMAN REB, Football l, 2, 3, 4, 5, All-City, All-Greater Atlanta, Most-Improved Player 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Gym Team 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 4, 5, Teacher's Aide 5, Art Club 5, Homeroom Vice President 2, 3, Treasurer 5, Chem- istry Club Treasurer 5. NANCY ELIZABETH BOST REB, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 5, FHA 4, 5, French Club 3, 4, Homeroom Annual Representative 1, Secretary 3, Pep Club 2, Geology Club 4, Bank Teller 5, Schedule Aide 5, Viking 5. BETTY VIRGINIA BRADY KAT, Commercial Club 5, Library Staff 3, Cafeteria Aide 4, Military Sponsor 3, Y-Teens 1, Teacher's Aide 5, Girls' Chorus 2, 3. 23 VALARIE KAY BURTON REB, Tiger Tales 5, Y-Teens 1,2,3, French Club 5, Min- eral Club 4, Basketball 1,2,3,4. DON BYERS Entered from Bass High School, Atlanta, 1952: TOP, General Science Club 1, Biology Club 1, Bank Worker 1, Physics Club 1 , PASFAV, ROTC. JAMES BAYARD CARSON, JR. Entered from Henry Grady High School, Atlanta, 1953, TOP, Tiger Tales Editor-in-Chief 5, Advertising Manager 4, Key Club 5, Physics and Chemistry Club, Vice-President 4, Junior Achievement 3,'Astronomy Club Vice President 3, Latin Club 3, General Science Club 2, ROTC 3,4,5, Teacher's Aide 5, Representative Senior 5, National Honor Society 5. 'CAROL CHAMBERS REB, Viking 5, Student Council 5, Bank Worker 1,2,3,5, Director 4,5, Cashier 5 , Homeroom Secretary 1,2,3,4,5, PASFAV 4,5, President 5, Spanish Club 5, Pep Club 3,5, Y-Teens 1,2,3, FHA 1,2,3,4, Teacher's Aide 5, Annual Representative 2,3,4. 24 BEVERLY GAIL BRUMIT Entered from Tennessee Jr. High, Bristol, Tennessee, 1953, REB, Pep Club 3, 4, Biology Club 4, Clinic Aide 2, 3, Office Aide 3, 4, 5, Red Cross Representative 4, PASFAV 4, 5, Y-Teens 2, 3, 5, Drama Club 5, PTA Representative 2, Spanish Club 5, Sergeant at Arms 5. JUDY WORLEY BRYANT Re-entered from Ashley Hall, Charleston, S. C., 1956, ACE, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, PASFAV 5, FHA 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, Spanish Club 5, Homeroom Secretary 2. ROBERT CAMPBELL BUCKLEY TOP, Treasurer 2, Paper Sale Chairman 5, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Basketball 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 4, 5, PASFAV 3, 4, PTA Representative 3, Spanish Club 4, ROTC 3, 4. THOMAS CRAWFORD BURNS ACE, Bank Teller 1, 3, Annual Representative 2, Science Club President 2, Homeroom President 4, 5, Junior Civitan President 4, 5, Physics and Chemistry Club 4, Fellowship President 5, Senior Class President 5, Viking Editor 5, Hi-Y 4, 5, Student Council 4,5 , Representative Senior 5. LARRY W. CHESTER Entered from James Whitcomb Riley High School, South Bend, Indiana, 1955 5 ACE5 ROTC 5. MARITA ELIZABETH CHILTON Entered from Westminister, January, 1955 5 TOP5 FHA 4,5 5 Tiger Tales 45 Art Club 55 Teacher's Aide 5. MYRA JEAN CLARK Entered from North Fulton High School, Atlanta, 1955 5 REB 5 French Club 45 Chemistry and Physics Club 55 Y- Teens 55 Future Nurses Club 55 PTA Representative 45 Viking 5. SANDRA JANE CLOWER KAT5 Y-Teens 15 Library Assistant 25 Junior Achieve- ment 354, Secretary 45 Cafeteria Aide 55 Girls' Chorus 3, 45 Girls' Softball 45 Biology Club 5. LOIS ANN CHAMBERS Entered from Withrow High School, Cincinnati, Ohio, 19535 REB5 Student Council 4,55 Tiger Tales 4,55 Atlanta Scholastic Press Association, Corresponding Secretary 5 French Club 4,5 5 Latin Club 35 Physics and Chemistry Club 55 Secretary 55 Mixed Chorus 45 Biology Club 3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Annual Representative 3,45 Pep Club 3,4 5 National Honor Society 5. ELIZABETH GAINES CHAPLIN Entered from Grady High School, 19535 REB5 Y-Teens 2,35 Bank Worker 35 Girls' Chorus 35 Mixed Chorus 45 PASFAV 4,55 Red Cross Representative 45 Viking 55 Span- ish Club 55 Biology Club 55 Future Nurses Club 5, Secre- tary 5. JANE GRAY CHEELY Entered from Druid Hills High School, 19555 REB5 Girls Chorus 35 Geology Club 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Spanish Club 4,55 PASFAV 3,4555 FHA 4,5, Vice President 5 5 Inter-faith Fellowship Council 55 Student Council 55 Home Room Secretary 55 Clinic Aide 5, Best Citizen Girl 55 Repre- sentative Senior 55 National Honor Society 5, Treasurer. MARY EUGENIA CHEELY Entered from Druid Hills High School, 1955 5 REB5 FHA 354,55 PASF AV 3,4 5 Spanish Club 3,45 Y-Teens 3,5-5 Swim- ming 45 Tiger Tales Copy Editor. 55 Girls' Chorus 3 5 Mixed Chorus 45 Annual Representative 4,55 Commercial Club 5 5 Representative Senior 5. 25 Nw, Q VIRGINIA DORMANDY CREE TOP5 Red Cross Representative 2535 Biology Club 253,45 Girls' Chorus 2,3545 PASFAV 35 Library Aide 25 Physical Education Aide 4. DIANE ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM RE-erltered from North Hollywood High School, Califor- nia, 19565 REB 5 General Science Club 25 Astronomy Club 25 Chaplin 35 Military Sponsor 35 Majorette and Flag- twirler 2,35 Chemistry and Physics Club 55 Future Nurses' Club 55 Homeroom Annual Representative 35 PTA Repre- sentative 35 Viking 55 Y-Teens 2535 Junior Achievement 35 Treasurer5 Vice President 3. NANCY LEE DAGUE REB5 Viking Editor 55 National Honor Society, Vice President 55 Spanish Club 55 Physics and Chemistry Club 55 FHA 4,5 5 President 45 Homeroom Vice President 45 Y-Teens 1,25 President 25 Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 455, Treasurer 45 Representative Senior 55 Tiger Tales Girl of the Month 55 Student Council, 55 Junior Civitan, 5. ELIZABETH IONE DENNIS KAT5 Y-Teens 1,2555 Girls' Chorus 3545 Office Aid 4555 Basketball 15 Softball 35 FHA 2555 Bank Worker 3. JANET SUE COHEN TOP 5 Art Club 354555 Vice President 55 Red Cross Repre- sentative 253,45 PTA Representative 25 Liberty Aide 455 5 Y-Teens 1525 FHA 15 Bank Worker 3545 PASFAV 4. CLARENCE EVERETT CONKIN TOP 5 Physics and Chemistry Club 55 Football 1525 Hi-Y 15 ROTC 3,4555 Officers' Club 5. Q CHARLES HEATH COWART REB5 Key Club 55 Hi-Y 55 Home Room Treasurer 35 Tennis Team 25354555 5 State Doubles Champion 35 Viking 55 REB Ticket Chairman 4,55 Best Dressed Cadet NCO 45 Latin Club 3 5 Chemistry Club 55 Science Club 3 5 Mixed Chorus 4. NANCI GAIL COWART ii TOP5 Y-Teens 15 Band 152, Oificer 4,55 Homeroom Treasurer 35 Red Cross Representative, Secretary 45 Art Club Secretary-Treasurer 55 Junior Achievement 354,55 Officer 3,4. SANDRA DIANNE ELLENBURG ACE 5 Red Cross Representative 15 Majorette 15 Y-Teens 2,35 Science Club 25 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4,5 5 All-State Chorus 35 Bank Teller 45 French Club 55 Junior Achieve- ment 4. JOHN ENGEL Entered from New Trier High School, Winnetka, Illinois, 19555 ACE. SHIRLEY ANN ETHRIDGE ACE5 Bank Teller 1 5 Cafeteria Aide 55 Commercial Club 5. - MORRIS EWING KAT5 Student Body Treasurer 3 5 KAT Treasurer 2, Paper Sale Chairman 55 Key Club 4,55 Hi-Y 4,55 Football 1,25 Basketball 152,354 5 Baseball 1,25 Golf 45 City Golf Tourna- Engznt Medal 45 Student Council 3,45 Inter-club Council SUSAN IRENE DIMOCK TOP5 Y-Teens 15 Girls' Chorus 253,45 Library Aide 3 Girls' Rifle Team 354,55 Chemistry and Physics Club 4 Junior Achievement 35455. JOHN KENNEDY DUNLAP ACE 5 Library Aide 25 Assistant Bank Teller 35 PASFAV 4, 55 Bank Director 4,55 Spanish Club 55 Physics and Chem- istry Club 55 ROTC 354. LOUIS E. DUPIN, JR. Entered from North Fulton, Atlanta, 1933. TOP 5 Cafeteria Aide 25 Traffic Patrol 3,45 ROTC 3,4. DIXIE DIANA EDWARDS KAT5 Y-Teens 2,35 FHA 25 Band 15 Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3,4555 Swimming Team 35 Tennis Team 35 Science Club 25 Latin Club 2,35 Teacher's Aide 55 Dra- matic Club 35 Junior Achievement 4, Secretary 4. WILLIAM B. FOLSOM Entered from McRae-Helena High, McRae, Georgia, 1953 5 TOP5 Band 2,3545 General Science Club 25 Astronomy Club 35 Latin Club 35 Physics and Chemistry Club 4,5 5 Lab Assistant 45 Junior Achievement President 45 Viking 55 Annual Representative 55 National Honor Society 5. JULIAN OWEN FORRESTER REB5 Chapter Chairman 55 National Honor Society 5, Parlimentarian 55 Key Club 4,55 Hi-Y 55 Tiger Tales 4,5, Managing Editor 55 Band 2,3,4, President 45 Junior Achievement 3,4555 Homeroom Treasurer 1,2,3, Vice Pres- ident 45 Science Club 2, Vice President 25 Physics and Chemistry Club, President 55 Science Council 35 Repre- sentative Senior 5. CLAUDIA SMAW FOSTER Entered from Westminster Schools, Atlanta, 19555 REB5 Senior Y-Teens 55 Schedule Aide 4,55 Teacher's Aide 55 French Club 4,5. EVE COOPER FOY Entered from Woodrow Wilson Junior High, Tampa, Florida, 19535 Inter-club Council 4,5 5 Student Govern- ment Secretary 45 Junior Civitan 4,5, Vice President 55 Football Sponsor 55 Hi-Y Sweetheart 45 Key Club Spon- sor 45 ROTC Battalion Sponsor 45 Tiger Tales 4,55 Mixed Chorus 4,55 PASFAV 4,5, Vice President 5 5 Interfaith Fel- lowship Vice President 45 Representative Senior 5. 28 WILLIAM FARR, III ACE 5 Football 1,3,4,5 5 Homeroom Vice President 2,4, President 55 Student Council 55 Senior Class Vice Presi- dent 55 Key Club 55 Hi-Y Club 4,5, Treasurer 55 Repre- sentative Senior 5. BRENT FLOYD FILSON Entered from Mellon Jr. High School, Pittsburgh, Penn- sylvania, 19545 REB 5 Junior Civitan 4,55 Football 3,4,5 5 Hi-Y 4,55 French Club 55 Biology Club 35 Chemistry Club 5 5 Art Club 5 5 Tennis 55 Baseball 3,4. WALTER CAMPBELL FINK TOP5 Band 2,3,4,5, First Lieutenant 55 Junior Achieve- ment 5, Vice President 55 Physics and Chemistry Club 5. HOWARD WILLIAM FISCH, JR. Entered from Westminster, Atlanta, 19555 REB5 Vice President Geology Club 45 Gym Team 45 Hi-Y 55 Chem- istry Club 5. BRUCE M. GILLETT Reentered from Orange High School, Orange, New Jersey, 1956, TOP, Cross Country 4,5, Track 1,2,4,5, Spanish Club 5, Chemistry and Physics Club 5, Band 2,4, PASFAV 5. MARGARET CHAPPELL GODWIN KAT, Homeroom Vice President 1, Y-Teens 2,3, Cheer- leader 4,5 , Gym Team 3,4 , Bank Teller 4,5 , Annual Repre- sentative 3. RONALD BENNO GOETTINGER TOP, Track 4,5, Basketball 2, Rifle Team 3,4,5, ROTC 3,4,5, Officers' Club 5, Viking 5, Science Club 2, Chernis- try and Physics Club 4,5 , Cross Country Team 4, Latin Club 2,3. WILLIAM CLAYTON GRAVES ACE, Audio Visual Aide 4,5, ROTC 3,4. DAVID LEE FULLER Entered from Garden City High School, Garden City, New York, 1955, TOP, Art Club 5, Physics and Chem- istry Club 4, 5, Band 3,4,5, French Club 3. ELIZABETH ANN FULLER REB, Y-Teens 1,2,3, Secretary 2, Vice President 3, Bank Teller 1,2 , Homeroom Secretary 3, Vice President 5, French Club 4,5, Executive Board 5, Interfaith Fellowship Secretary 5, National Honor Society Secretary 5, Viking 5, Mixed Chorus 3,4,5, Secretary 4, Student Council 5, Secretary of Senior Class 5, Junior Civitan 5, Geology Club 4, Representative Senior 5. WILLIAM HARRY GARRETT Entered from Parkville High School, Baltimore, Maryland, 1953, REB, Mixed Chorus 2,3, B-Team Football 3, Nutri- tion Aide 3, ROTC 3,4, Physics and Chemistry Club 5, French Club 5. SANDRA GAY KAT, Cheerleader 1, Y-Teens 1,2,3, FHA 1,2,5, Swim- ming Team 2,3, Biology Club 4, PASF AV 3, Tiger Tales Reporter 4,5, Bank Director 5, Homeroom Vice President 1, Bank Teller 2,4, Red Cross Representative 1,2, PTA Representative, Office Aide 3, Teacher's Aide 4,5. BEVERLY ANN HAMPSON KAT3 Gym Team l32,3,4, Georgia State Championship 3,4 3 Varsity Cheerleader 2,334,253 Homeroom Secretary 3,4, Treasurer 43 Y-Teens l,2,33 PASFAV 4,53 Bank Worker 33 Spanish Club 53 Pep Club 33 PTA Representative 33 Counselor's Aide 33 ROTC Battalion Sponsor 53 Viking 5. HARRY NORRIS HANDLEY REB3 President 53 Football l,2,3 3 Track 2,3 3 Bank Director 4,5, President 53 Key Club 4,5, President 53 Viking Photo- grapher, Business Manager 53 Hi-Y 4,53 Homeroom Presi- dent 233343 Honor Society 4,5, President 53 Interclub Council 53 Representative Senior 5. JOHN ALTON HARRIS TOP, Ticket Sale Chairman 5, Chapter Chairman 53 Key Club 2,3, Chaplain 4,53 Hi-Y 3,4,53 Biology Club Presi- dent 53 French Club Treasurer 53 Track 4,55 Gymnastics 1,23 Captain 33 Homeroom President 3, Vice President 53 Interclub Council 5 3 Band 1. PEGGY RUTH HAWKINS Entered from O'Keefe High School, 19533 Kat3 Girls' Chorus 2,33 Bank Assistant 33 Biology Club 3g Teacher's Aide 53 Commercial Club 53 Counselor's Aide 5. 30 ELIZABETH LAVERNE GREEVER REB 3 Co-President of Student Body 53 National Honor Society 4,5 3 Student Council 4,53 Interclub Council 53 Fellowship Treasurer 53 Junior Civitan 4,53 Vice President 43 Mixed Chorus 3,4,5 3 Varsity Cheerleader 43 Pep Club 4,53 Y-Teens 132,33 Treasurer 33 Girl of the Month 53 Representative Senior 5. PATRICIA SUE GRITZKE ACE 3 Y-Teens 1,23 PTA Representative 23 Science Club 23 Swimming Team 1,23 Girls' Rifle Team 314,55 Schedule Aide 43 Art Club 3,4, President 53 Chemistry and Physics Club 4,53 GAA Basketball Co-Captain 43 Junior Achieve- ment 3 Junior Red Cross Representative 43 Office Aide 5. MARY ELIZABETH GROOVER ACE3 Latin Club 2,33 Gym Team 1,25 PASFAV 43 Girls' Rifle Team 53 Geology Club 43 FHA 53 Y-Teens 1,2,3,5g Clinic Aide 3,43 Swimming Team 23 Mixed Chorus 4,5, Vice President 53 Junior Civitan 4353 Girls' Chorus 2,3. LAWRENCE EVERETT HAMILTON Entered from Blue Ridge School for Boys, Hendersonville, North Carolina, 1955 3 REB3 Hi-Y 53 Junior Red Cross, President 5. JOHN SQOUTHERLAND HURT TOP5 Track 2,35 Rifie Team 35 ROTC 3,4,5, Officer's Club 55 Military Aide 4,5. JOE MONROE JACKSON Entered from Highland Park High School, Dallas, Texas, 19555 T,OP5 Football 35 Track 4,55 Cross Country 55 French Club 5. DALE ANN JACOBS REB5 Spanish Club 45 PASFAV 3,45 FHA 25 Y-Teens 1,2,3 5 Biology Club 3 5 Gym Team 3,45 Varsity Cheerleader 2,35 Pep Club 2,3545 Bank Director 55 Red Cross Repre- sentative 1 5 Bank Worker 4,5. LINDA LEE JANSS REB5 Honor Society 4,55 Tiger Tales 4, Feature Editor 55 Bank Teller 1,45 Red Cross Representative 25 Annual Representative 15 Girls' Chorus 25 Schedule Aide 55 Y- Teens 1,55 Northside Representative to City-Wide Spelling Contest 4,5 5 Future Nurses Club 5. BETTY ANN HIGHTOWER REB5 Homeroom Vice President 1, Secretary 35 Annual Representative 2,35 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Cheer- leader 35 Girls' Chorus 25 Biology Club 35 Commercial Club 55 FHA 2,3,4,55 Teacher's Aide 55 Bank Worker 4,5. ANNE MILLIKEN HOLDEN REB5 Y-Teens 1,2,35 FHA 1,25 Junior Civitan 55 Honor Society 4,55 Tiger Tales 4, Associate Editor 55 Bank Teller 4,55 Frence Club 4,55 Counselor's Aide 55 Physics and Chemistry Club 5 5 Biology Club 3 5 Representative Senior 5. CHARLES KING HOWARD, JR. ACE, Vice President 4, President 55 Hi-Y 4,5, President 55 Key Club 3, Treasurer 4, Vice President 55 Football 1,2,3,4,55 Track 1,2,3,4,55 Student Council 2,3,4,55 Inter- club Council 4,55 Homeroom President 2,354-,55 Senior Class Treasurer 5, Representative Senior 5. RICKIE HUNKEN TOP5 General Science Club, Secretary 25 PASFAV 4,55 Counselor's Aide 55 Rifle Team 45 Biology Club 35 Physics and Chemistry Club 3,55 Junior Achievement 55 Spanish Club 4. 31 JANET MIDDLETON JONES Entered from Brown High School, 19535 TOP 5 Band 2,3,4, 5 5 Art Club 3,4,55 Mineral Club 3. PATSY JEAN JONES TOP5 Red Cross Representative 4,55 Commercial Club 55 Softball 3,4. MICHAEL KEITH KIRWAN Entered from North Fulton, 19555 ACE 5 Chemistry and Physics Club 45 ROTC 5. BEVERLY ANN KITCHENS KAT5 Band 1,2,3,4,5, Officer 55 Y-Teens 1,2,55 Annual Representative 2,35 General Science Club 25 Astronomy Club 35 Chemistry and Physics Club 55 Future Nurses Club, President 55 Junior Civitan Club 4,5. 32 BOBBIE JEAN JETT KAT5 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Biology Club 35 Y-Teens 2,35 Commercial Club 55 Cafeteria Aide 55 Teacher's Aide 5. DONALD DUANE JOHNSON Entered from Ocala High School, Ocala, Florida, 19555 Kat5 Band, Officer 4,55 Varsity Baseball 4,55 All-State Orchestra 4,55 All-State Band 55 Atlanta Symphony 4,5. N ELL LINTON JOHNSON REB5 Y-Teens 1,25 PASFAV 4,55 Spanish Club 55 Pep Club 3,4,55 Homeroom Officer 15 Dramatics Club 25 FHA 35 Teacher's Aide 4,55 Girls' Chorus 2. WILLIAM WEISIGER JOHNSON ACE5 Mineral Club, Vice President 35 Latin Club 35 Bank Teller 2,55 Junior Civitan 4,55 Spanish Club, Presi- dent 55 French Club 55 PASFAV 55 National Honor Society 4,55 Second in the State, French and Latin 45 Latin Department Trophy 35 School Spelling Champion 35 ROA Medal, ROTC 4. KENNETH MALCOLM LAUBE REB, Football 1, Gym team 1,2,3,4,5, Mixed Chorus, All- State Chorus 5, Nutrition Aide 2 5 ROTC 3,45 Biology Club 35 PASFAV 4, Homeroom President 1, Annual Representative 35 Red Cross Representative 1,3. KATHRYN WILSON LAVENDER REB, Tiger Tales 55 Gym Team 2,3,45 Red Cross Repre- sentative 4 5 Homeroom Bank Teller 4, Assistant 5, French Club 55 Teacher's Aide 5 , Clinic Aide 4, Y-Teens 2,35 Miliary Sponsor 5 5 Junior Achievement 3. LINDA ALINE LAYFIELD ACE, Secretary 3, Chapter Chairman 55 Cheerleader 1,2, 3,45 Gym Team 1,2,3, Y-Teens 1,2,5 5 Sophomore Class Secretary 3, Interclub Council 3,55 Annual Representative 45 Bank Teller 2,55 Pep Club 45 Schedule Aide 5 5 PASFAV 3,45 Spanish Club 4. ' JUDITH ANN LEIBOLD Entered from Ramsay High School, Birmingham, Ala- bama, 19555 REB, Tiger Tales 4,55 French Club 4,55 Y- Teens 5 5 FHA 5 5 Military Sponsor 5. ALON HEARY KOF F ACE, Bank Teller 3 5 Homeroom President 15 Band 1,2,3,4, 5 5 Science Club 2 5 PASFAV 4, Spanish Club 5 5 All-City Band 3,5 5 All-State Band 5 5 Latin Club 2,3. KENNETH JAMES KREBS Entered from Marist, Atlanta, 19555 REB, Mixed Chorus, President 5. ROBERT STANLEY LAMB TOP 5 Track team 1, Library Assistant 2 5 ROTC, Best Drilled Squad 3,4,55 Best Drilled Platoon 3,4,55 Best Drilled Company 4,5. SANDRA LAN IER REB, Y-Teens 1,2,3,55 Homeroom Officer 2, Girls' Chorus 3 5 Clinic Aide 35 .Office Aide 4, Schedule Aide 45 PAS- FAV 4, FHA 5, Biology Club 5. 33 MARTHA FRANCES LOWRY KAT, Girls' Chapter Chairman5 Red Cross Representative 55 Y-Teens 1,2,3, President5 FHA 1,4, Vice President 45 Interclub Council 55 Girls' Chorus 3,45 Bank Teller 35 Annual Representative 45 Pep Club 55 Schedule Aide 55 PASFAV 4,55 Spanish Club 55 Homeroom Vice President 2. NANCY LOU LYMAN REB5 Y-Teens 1,2,35 FHA 4,55 Biology Club 3,45 Chemis- try Club 55 Interfaith Fellowship Council 55 Military Sponsor 45 French Club 45 Homeroom Secretary 5, Vice President 45 Future Nurses Club 5, Vice President5 Viking 55 Clinic Aide 5. LINDA LEE McCLURE TOP5 Girls' Chapter Chairman 55 Basketball 15 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 FHA 1,2,3,4,55 Bank Teller 2,3,45 Bank Worker 253, Director 4,5, Assistant Cashier 55 Homeroom Treas- urer 2,5 5 Girls' Chorus 1,25 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Library Worker 5. HARRIET McDANIEL REB 5 Chapter Chairman 55 Varsity Cheerleader 2,3,4,55 Interclub Council 555 Y-Teens Secretary 2,35 Pep Club 3,4,5, Vice President 55 Spanish Club 55 Homeroom Presi- dent 5, Vice Presid-ent 2,45 Red Cross Representative 25 PTA Representative 35 PASFAV 4,55 Gym Team l,2,3,45 Office Worker 45 Representative Senior 5. 34- SANDRA LYNNE LE SHANNA Entered from Wilbur Junior High, Palo Alto, California, 19545 REB5 Student Council 55 Northside Interfaith Fel- lowship Council 4,55 FHA 4,5, Secretary 55 Spanish Club, Secretary 55 Pep Club 55 PASFAV 55 Junior Red Cross Representative 4,55 Annual Representative 55 Y-Teens 35 Latin Club 3 5 Geology Club 4. KENNETH H. LEVIN TOP 5 Band 1,2,3,4,55 Science Club 2,35 PASFAV 4. ROSALYN PATRICIA LEVIN KAT5 Home Etc. Club 15 Y-Teens 1,25 Girls' Chorus 25 B Team Cheerleader 3, Captain 35 Pep Club 35 Geology Club 45 PASFAV 55 Spanish Club 55 Office Aide 55 Bank Worker 3,4, Director 55 Junior Achievement 4,5. BARBARA JOYCE LOTT ACE5 Y-Teens l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 25 PASFAV 3,45 Spanish Club 3,45 Biology Club 55 Teacher's Aide 55 Counselor's Aide 3,45 Art Club 55 Red Cross Representa- tive 5 5 Military Sponsor 1. WILLIAM HENRY MADDOX, III ACE5 Football 1,2,3,4,55 Track 3,4,55 Key Club 3,4,55 Hi-Y 4, Vice President 55 Physics and Chemistry Club 4,55 Science Club Vice President 35 Bank Teller 3 5 Student Council 1,25 Homeroom President 2,4, Vice President 1,5, Secretary 35 Representative Senior 5. RICHARD JAMES MADISON ' KAT5 Secretary 35 Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 3,45 ROTC 3,45 Hi-Y 45 Key Club 4. RONALD DEAN MAJOR REB5 Football 15Track 1. KATHERINE MEETZE MAN N REB5 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4,55 Bank Teller 3,45 PASFAV 4,55 FHA 4,55 Spanish Club 55 Office Staff 4,55 Pep Club5 Varsity Cheerleader 55 Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 5,4,5. ANNE HARVEY MCMICHAEL Re-entered from Westminster Schools, 19545 REB5 Gym Team 1,25 Red Cross Representative 25 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Y-Teens 1,2,45 Science Club 35 Letter Club 35 FHA 3' Swimming Team 35 PTA Representative 3. 7 EARL McMILLEN TOP5 Cross Country 1 5 Gym Team 2. JAY SIMS MADDOX Re-entered from Darlington School, Rome, Georgia, 19565 ACE5 Football 1,25 Basketball 2. LUCY ELLEN MADDOX TOP5 Band 2,3,4,5, Officer 55 Y-Teens 15 Red Cross Rep- resentative 15 Teacher's Aide 5. 35 BRENDA MELTZ TOPQ Y-Teens 1,2,3,43 Bank Teller 1,2,3,43 Red Cross Representative 1,55 PTA Representative ls Clinic Aide 2,3 3 Library Aide 23 Teacher's Aide 3,43 Biology Club 43 Spanish Club 2. SUSAN MICHAELS Entered from Christ the King, Atlanta, 19533 REB3 Swim- ming Team 23 Girls' Chorus 23 Mixed Chorus 3,4,53 Y- Teens 2,33 Red Cross Representative 43 FHA 4,53 French Club 53 Fellowship Council 53 Viking 53 Ballet Club 23 Biology Club 3. ROBERT WILLIAM MILES, JR. TOP3 Basketball 1,23 Library Aide 2,43 Junior Civitan 4,5 3 PASFAV 53 Spanish Club 5. BETTY BROWN MILTON REB3 Tiger Tales Feature Editor 5 3 Annual Representative 2 3'School Representative to the Atlanta Constitution and Metropolitan Herald 4,55 Spanish Club 53 PASFAV 43 Latin Club 43 Y-Teens 1,23 Girls' Chorus 2,3,43 Science Club 23 Dramatic Club 23 Southeastern Fair Spelling Con- test 23 Office Aide 5. 36 ANGELINE DOLORES MANOUS REB3 Junior Achievement 43 Future Nurses of America Club 5. PATRICIA JEAN MARTINI ACE3 PASFAV 2,33 Spanish Club 2,33 FHA 33 Girls' Chorus 2,3,43 Red Cross Representative 1,43 Pep Club 33 Bank Worker 33 Senior Y-Teens 53 ROTC Sponsor 4. BARBARA ANNE MAY TOP3 Homeroom President 13 Cheerleader 1 3 Y-Teens 1,2,33 PTA Representative 23 Bank Worker 4, Director 53 Girls' Chorus 3,43 Library Aide 53 Gym Team 1,25 Junior Achievement 4,5. NANCY ELIZABETH MAY Entered from Washington Jr. High School, Chicago Heights, Illinois, 19523 ACE3 Commercial Club 53 Military Sponsor 3 3 Teacher's Aide 5. MARGARET NETTLES TOP5 PTA Representative 15 Y-Teens 2,35 Spanish Club 45 PASF AV 3,4 5 Art Club 55 Biology Club 55 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Mixed Chorus 4,55 Junior Achievement 3,55 Bank Worker 35 FHA 25 Girls' Rifle Team 3,4,5. ANN NEWSOME Entered from Washington Seminary, 19535 KAT5 General Science Club 25 French Club 2,35 Y-Teens 2,55 FHA 35 Office Aide 3,4,5. MARY ELIZABETH NORRIS REB 5 Y-Teens 1,2,35 Latin Club 2,35 Bank Director 4,55 National Honor Society 55 French Club 55 Chemistry Club 55 Girls' Rifle Team 4,5 5 Mixed Chorus 4,55 Viking 55 Annual Representative 45 General Science Club 2. MARY CATHERINE NORTHCUTT TOP5 Swimming Team 1,25 Y-Teens 1,253 5 Annual Repre- sentative 15 Latin Club 35 Teacher's Aide 55 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Mixed Chorus 4,55 Chemistry Club 55 Astronomy Club 3. BRENDA LORRAINE 'MOHR Entered from Westminster Schools, 19545 REB5 French Club 3,45 Biology Club 35 Girls' Chorus 35 All-City Girls' Chorus 35 Mixed Chorus 4,5 5 All-City Mixed Chorus 55 Senior Y-Teens 55 Chemistry and Physics Club 55 Future Nurses of America Club 5. KATHARINE VICTORIA MULLINIKS Entered from Nashville, Tennessee, September, 1953 5 REB 5 Girls' Chorus 25 Y-Teens 2,3,55 Teen Topics Representa- tive 25 Swimming Team 25 Red Cross Representative 25 Annual Representative 35 Biology Club 35 PASFAV 45 Music Festival 45 FHA 5, Degrees Chairman 55 Office Aide 5. ROSE ANN MULLINS Entered from Druid Hills, 19555 REB5 Spanish Club 45 PASFAV 45 Library Aide 4,5. JAMES WILLIAM MURRAY, JR. ACE 5 Football 15 Band 1,25 B Rifle Team 35 Homeroom President 3,45 Varsity Track Team 4,55 Cross Country 4,5, Co-Captain 55 Hi-Y 55 Viking 55 Physics and Chemistry Club 4,5 5 Military 3,45 Latin Club 2,35 National Honor Society 5, President. iuii ., .. . V . '1- .- I ff i"' ' as 5 I Q 1, W A-'Y' 27 JOYCE ELAINE OWENS KAT5 Girls' Softball Team 1,25 Teacher's Aide 55 Assis- tant Bank Teller 55 Girls' Chorus 3,4-. LINDA ANN PAINE KAT 5 Y-Teens 15 Softball 45 Teacher's Aide 55 Cafeteria Aide 5. GERALD RAY PATTERSON KAT 5 Track 1,25 Physics Club 45 Chemistry Club 55 Band 1,2,3,45 Annual Representative 1,3,4. MARY SCOTT PATTERSON Entered from Avonworth High School, Pittsburgh, Penn- sylvania, 19565 KAT5 French Club 55 Chemistry Club 55 Bank Teller 55 Y-Teens, Secretary 55 Mixed Chorus 5. QQ MIRIAM VICTORIA NORWOOD Entered from,Henry Grady, September, 19545 ACE5 Mixed Chorus 354,55 Red Cross 3 5 PASFAV 3,45 Spanish Club 45 School Store 3,455 5 Cafeteria Aide 5. JOHN ED NUTTING, JR. ACE 5 Homeroom Treasurer 2, President 3, Secretary 45 Track 152,3,4,55 Football 2,354,55 Basketball 2,35 Hi-Y Club 4,55 Officers' Club 455, Battalion Commander 5 5 Chemistry .Club 55 All-City and All-State Tackle 55 City and State Shot Put Record 4,55 All-State Track Team 3,4. WILLIAM FREDERICK NYGAARD TOP5 Football 15 PASFAV 45 Spanish Club 5. MACKY O'CONNOR TOP5 Homeroom President 15 Basketball 15 Football 152, Manager 354,55 Spanish Club 35 PASFAV. MARIE POWER TOP3 Homeroom Treasurer 13 Commercial Club 53 Teacher's Aide 3,43 Cafeteria Aide 53 Girls' Chorus 3. WILLIAM EDWARD PREWITT, III Entered from Westminster Schools, Atlanta, 19543 ACE3 Track 4,53 Gym Team 43 Cross Country 53 B-Team Base- ball 3 3 Nutrition Aide 53 ROTC 3,43 Latin Club 3,43 Physics and Chemistry Club 53 Annual Representative 33 Homeroom Officer 3,45 Biology Club 3. MARGARET LESTER PRICE KAT3 Y-Teens 1,233 3 FHA 1,2,43 Spanish Club 43 PAS- FAV 3,43 PTA Representative 33 Football Sponsor 43 Military Sponsor 53 Biology Club 33 Office Staff 43 Physics Club 2. BARBARA LOU RADO Entered from Henry Grady High School, Atlanta, 19543 TOP3 Y-Teens l,2,33 Art Club 33 Red Cross Represen- tative 33 Military Sponsor 33 Library Aide 33 Office Aide 43 Tiger Tales 4. E .5 JANICE KATHERINE PERRY REB3 Girls' Gym Team 132,3,43 Y-Teens 1,2333 FHA 3,43 Biology Club 33 French Club 4,55 Bank Teller 2,4,53 Student Council 33 Chemistry-Physics Club 53 Viking Busi- ness Manager 53 Red Cross Representative 23 Future Nurses Club 53 Atlanta Scholastic Press Association 53 National Honor Society 5, Secretary. MARIAN LYNNE PHILLIPS REB3 Y-Teens 1,2333 FHA 23 Mixed Chorus 233343 PAS- FAV 4,53 Bank Teller 33 Red Cross Representative 2,4,5 3 Art Club 53 Biology Club 33 Teacher's Aide 5. BETTY MARIE PIRKLE KAT 3 Y-Teens 23 Commercial Club 53 Teacher's Aide 53 National Honor Society 5. JOHN FRANK PITTS TOP3 Rifle Team 3,4353 Captain 53 ROTC 5. 3 ANNE McPHERSON ROBERTSON Entered from Quantico Post High School, Quantico, Virginia, 19565 REB5 Red Cross Assistant 55 French Club 55 Tiger Tales, Exchange Editor 55 Chemistry and Physics Club 55 Library Assistant 5. JUDY M. ROBERTSON Entered from Mt. Vernon High School, Alexandria, Vir- ginia, 19565 REB. RENAY ROSENBLUM REB5 Y-Teens 1,2,3,55 PASFAV 2,35 Homeroom Secre- tary 2, Treasurer 3 5 Annual Representative 55 Library Aide 2,3,55 Spanish Club 35 Biology Club 35 Bank Teller 1. MARGERY SUSAN ROSENSTEIN TOP5 Gym Team 15 Annual Representative 25 Y-Teens l,2,3,55 French Club 4,55 Biology Club 35 Chemistry Club 55 Latin Club 35 Ballet Club 25 Library Assistant 55 Teacher's Aide 4. 40' CARTER LEE REDD, JR. KAT5 Track 1,2,3,45 Red Cross Representative 3,55 Hi-Y 4,55 Biology Club 45 Physics and Chemistry Club 55 Cross Country 4,55 Basketball 25 Football 25 Tennis 5. ELIZABETH ANN REDD' REB5 Y-Teens 1,2,3,5, Secretary 3, Vice President 55 FHA 2,55 Girls' Chorus 2,3,45 PTA Representative 25 Red Cross Representative 35 PASFAV 3,45 Spanish Club 4,55 Library Aide 3,4,5. LAWRENCE CECIL REINHARDT, JR. TOP5 Football 1, Manager 35 Basketball 15 Track 1,2535 ROTC 3,4,5, Officers' Club 5, Honor Color Guard 45 Movie Operator 3. CHARLES NEAL RICH REB 5 Gym Team 253,45 Spanish Club 55 ROTC. SALLY SPALDING SHEFFIELD REB5 Viking 55 National Honor Society 4,55 Astronomy Club 35 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Mixed Chorus 4,5 5' Physics and Chemistry Club 4,55 Y-Teens 25 Latin Club 3,4, Officer 35 French 4,55 Schedule Aide 55 Office Aide. DWIGHT MOODY SHEFTALL, JR. Entered from Grady High School, 19535 ACE 5 Band 2,3, 4-,5, Officer 55 Physics and Chemistry Club 4,55 Junior Achievement 5. CECILIA EVELYN SIBLEY TOP 5 Y-Teens 1,3,55 FHA 55 B-Team Cheerleader 35 Biology Club 4,55 'I'eacher's Aide 4,55 Assistant Bank Tel- ler 45 Bank Worker 3,4,55 Schedule Aide 4,5. JANET LOUISE SLAY KAT5 Y-Teens 15 Art Club 3,4,5 5 Junior Achievement 3,4,5 5 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Mixed Chorus 4,55 All-City Chorus 3,5. PATRICIA ANN SANDERS ACE5 Y-Teens 25 Commercial Club 55 Teacher's Aide 55 Girls' Chorus 2,3. JUDITH ELAINE SEAY Entered from Hillsboro High School, Nashville, Tennessee, 19555 REB5 Girls' Varsity Basketball 4,5, Co-Captain 55 Annual Representative 4. LEAH JOYCE SHAPIRO Entered from Richmond Academy, Augusta, Georgia, 19565 TOP5 PASFAV 55 Spanish Club 55 Hi-Y Sweetheart 55 Library Assistant 5. CHARLES ROBERT SHARP Entered from Bass High School, Atlanta Georgia, 19535 ACE5 Football 2,3,4-,55 All-City, All-State5 Basketball 2,35 Track 253,455 5 Hi-Y 5. 41 sit , fe 55 Q2:?ig5,, , , ,,11,, VV', i 'f-. ' '.-, git 4 JAMES MITCHELL STAPLES, JR. ACE5 Key Club 3,4,55 Hi-Y 4,55 Red Cross Representative 35 Counselor's Aide 45 Office Aide 35 Cafeteria Aide 25 Golf Team 35 Member Best Drilled Platoon 35 Band 15 Homeroom President 5, Treasurer 1. MAX HOWELL STAPLES, JR. KAT, Boys' Chapter President 55 Football 3,4,5 5 Basket- ball 4,55 Baseball 2,3,4,55 Key Club 55 Hi-Y Club 4,55 ROTC 3,45 General Science Club 25 Bank Teller 2,35 Homeroom President 2,3. JAMES PATRICK STEELE Entered from Murphy High School, 19545 Swimming Team 3,45 Hi-Y 55 Homeroom Secretary 25 Physics and Chemistry Club 55 ROTC 3,4555 Officers' Club 5. SUSAN AMANDA STEINBRUEGGE KAT5 Y-Teens l,2,3,55 Chorus 1,25 Latin Club 2,35 FHA 2,35 Homeroom Secretary 2, Vice President 45 Red Cross Representative 2,3,45 Annual Representative 35 Pep Club 5 5 Bank Worker 3. 42 BARBARA KAYE SMITH Entered from Spring Branch Senior High School, Houston Texas, 19565 TOP. ELIZABETH BONNELL SMITH TOP 5 National Honor Society 55 Y-Teens 15 Girls' Astronomy Club 3 5 Physics and Chemistry Club 4,55 Viking 55 Bank Teller 35 Latin Club 35 Schedule Aide 5. SANDRA GAIL SMITH KAT5 Band 1,2,3,4,55 Commercial Club 55 FHA 55 Future Nurses Club 5 5 Teacher's Aide 5. GLORIA MEADOWS STANLEY TOP 5 PASFAV 4,55 Y-Teens 2,3,4,55 FHA 3,4,55 Spanish Club 55 Biology Club 55 Girls' Chorus 2,3,45 Red Cross Representative 45 Bank Teller 55 Pep Club 5. 3 Chorus 2,35 Mixed Chorus 4,55 General Science Club 25 CHARLES WESLEY TAYLOR Entered from Charles F. Brush High School, Cleveland, Ohio, 19555 KAT5 Hi-Y 55 Varsity Basketball 4,55 Varsity Baseball 45 Varsity Track 55 Cross Country 55 Red Cross Representative 5. MICHAEL ALAN THOMAS REB 5 Vice President 45 Co-President Interclub Council 55 Physics and Chemistry Club 4,55 Football 1,2,3,4,55 Base- ball 1,2,3,4,5, All-State 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Homeroom President 4, Vice President 1,2,35 Key Club 4,5, Director 55 Hi-Y 4,55 Art Club 3,4,55 Bank Director 4,55 Student Council 4,55 Representative Senior 5. MARY EVELYN THOMPSON Entered from Newton County High School, Covington, Georgia, 1955 5 REB 5 FHA 5. ROBERT AARON THOMPSON REB 5 Football 15 Annual Representative 15 Homeroom Vice President 35 Color Guard 45 ROTC 3,4. MARY JULIA STEPHENS Entered from North Fulton High School, 19565 TOP 5 French Club 55 Chemistry Club 55 Library Aide 5. REBECCA ANN STRICKLAND REB5 Y-Teens 1,2,35 Red Cross Representative 1,55 Girls' Chorus 25 Homeroom Secretary 3,4, Vice President 25 Schedule Aide 55 Geology Club 45 Latin Club 35 Basket- ball 15 FHA 25 Pep Club 2. EUNICE STEPHENS SWIFT REB 5 Basketball 15 Gym Team l,2,3,45 Homeroom Vice President 253,55 Y-Teens 25 PASFAV 45 Girl of the Month 55 Teacher's Aide 55 Cheerleader 2,3,4,55 Co-Captain 2, Captain 55 Representative Senior 5. RICHARD LUTHER TATUM TOP5 Golf Team 4,5 5 Basketball Team 1,25 Baseball Team 3 5 Hi-Y 5 ROTC 354. X GEORGE MILLS TODD, JR. Entered from Alfred I. duPont High School, Jacksonville, Florida, 1953, KAT, Baseball 2, Basketball 2, Football 2,3,4,5, Key Club 4,5 , Hi-Y 4,5 Physics and Chemistry Club 4,5, ROTC 3,43 Annual Representative 3, Home- room Officer 3,4,5. ELIZABETH L'ENGLE TUF TS TOP, Y-Teens 1,2 , Girls' Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 3,4, French Club 4,5 , Counselor's Aide 4,5. HARRIETT MALINDA UNDERWOOD KAT, Band 1,2, Secretary 3,4,5, Sergeant 5, Y-Teens 1, Junior Achievement, Officer 3, Homeroom Secretary 3, Bank Teller 2, Red Cross Representative 3, Annual Repre- sentative 5, Drama Club 2, Art Club 5. ALICE JANE WAGNON Entered from North Fulton High School, 1954 , REB, Tiger Tales 4, Business Manager 5, Junior Civitan 4,5, French Club 5, Latin Club 3, Biology Club 3, Chemistry Club 5, Y-Teens 5, FHA 5, Future Nurses Club 5, Softball Team 3 , Annual Representative 3. 4-4- HOWARD E. THRANHARDT REB, Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2, Track 1,2, Tennis 3,4,5, Bank Director 4,5, Homeroom Treasurer 1, Vice President 2,3, French Club Officer 5, ROTC Officer 4. KATHRYN ANNETTE THROWER TOP, Tiger Tales 5, National Honor Society 4,5 , Girls' Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 3,4,5, French Club 4,5, Latin Club 2,3, General Science Club 2, Astronomy Club, Secre- tary 3, Physics and Chemistry Club 4,5, Pep Club 3. MARVIN RICHARD TIDWELL REB, Track 1,2,4,5, Football 2, Library Aide 2,3, ROTC 3,4,5, Annual Representative. JACQUELINE ANNE TINDOL Entered from North Fulton High School, 1954, REB, Tiger Tales 4, Bank Worker 3,4,5, Teller 5, Director 5. SYDNEY RADCLIF F E WHITE Entered from Bronxville High School, Bronxville, New York, 19565 REB5 Chemistry and Physics Club 55 Y-Teens 55 Teacher's Aide 5. ARTHUR CONRAD WICK ACE5 Rifle Team 35 PASFAV 55 Spanish Club 55 Physics and Chemistry Club 55 Counselor's Aide 5. CLARENCE LINDEN WILLIAMSON Entered from North Fulton High School, Atlanta, 19535 KAT, President 55 Basketball 3,4,55 Tennis 45 Homeroom Treasurer 4, President 55 Hi-Y 4, Secretary 55 PASFAV 45 Representative Senior 5. LAURI DEANE WILLIS KAT 5 Softball Team 4,55 Girls' Chorus 55 Future Nurses Club 55 Junior Achievement 4,5, Treasurer 55 PASFAV 45 FHA 5. 'W RUTH MARIE WEBB Entered from Avondale High School Avondale Estates, Georgia, 19535 REB5 Girls' Chorus 3,45 Biology Club 35 French Club 5 5 Annual Representative 5. JULIA ANNE WEIDINGER REB5 FHA 1,2,55 Y-Teens 1,2,35 French Club 4,55 Art Club 55 Pep Club 55 Junior Civitan Club 4,5, Secretary 55 National Honor Society 55 Home Room Red Cross Repre- sentative 3, Representative 4, Secretary 55 Student Council 55 Viking 55 Library Assistant 4,55 Geology Club 4. RICHARD HOKAN SON WERN ER ACE5 Band 2,35 Tiger Tales Photography 4,55 Viking 4,5 5 Photography Club 3,4,5, President 4,55 Physics and Chem- istry Club 3,4,5 5 Science Council 3,45 Key Club 55 Bank Teller 1 5 Astronomy Club 3. STEPHEN C. WEST Entered from Darlington School, Rome, Georgia, 19565 ACE5 Hi-Y 55 Key Club 55 Homeroom Co-President 5. 4-5 MEREDITH ADELLE WOODS Entered from Washington Seminary, 1953 5 TOP5 Secretary 3, Vice President 4, President 55 Homeroom Secretary 35 Girls' Gym Team 2,3,45 Teacher's Aide 2,3,4,5 5 FHA 45 Homecoming Queen 55 Military Sponsor 45 Representa- tive Senior 5. LANE FANT YOUNG ACE5 Tattle Tales Editor 15 Y-Teens 1,2,3 5 PASFAV 4' , Homeroom Secretary 25 Annual Representative 1,25 Swim- ming Team 35 Counselor's Aide 2,3,4,55 Latin Club 3. 46 il, ARTHUR TAYLOR WILSON Entered from Westminster School, 19545 ACE 5 Physics Club 45 Counselor's Aide 55 ROTC 3,45 Tennis 2,3. SHIRLEY WILSON KAT5 Cafeteria Aide 55 Commercial Club 5. WALTER HARRISON WINGFIELD TOP, Parliamentarian 55 Student Council 4, Parliamen- tarian 55 National Honor Society 4-55, Vice President 55 Junior Civitan 4,55 Tiger Tales, Financial and Circulation Manager 55 French Club 55 Science Club 25 Latin Club 35 ROTC 3,45 Junior Achievement 35 Homeroom Bank Tel- ler 4. ,IOHN DAWSON WOLFE TOP 5 Varsity Baseball Manager 4-5 Varsity Football Man- ager 55 PASFAV 45 Mineral Club 35 Spanish Club 55 Physics and Chemistry Club 4,55 Viking 55 Homeroom Treasurer 5. Mm ii 3 f . 2 4 5 Q KN Q gums nl E . .4 U .5 's :gi rv . Q? Q' 'S ,fa gnyfay- ff? 'i 1 3 4' . W ' A, , 'U ' 5? ' 4' - 'M ,- as -I2 ' v fa I J W 'jx '?g A L1 .. D-4 First row-Early Crew, Virginia Wil- hoit, Beverly Brown, Joyce Power, Carolyn Born, Sandra Hutto. Second row-Charles Picknell, Alex Sifford, Denny Webb, Paul Williams, Fred Staller, Third row-Ruth Knight, Rena Johnson, Penny Winpenny, Mary Anne Connerat, Jolanna Gar- rard, Kitty Bartoo, Mrs. Hughes. Fourth row- Carl Moor, Philip Nip- pert, Howard Brunner, Bill Rushin, Jimmy Palmer, Clark Hornbuckle, Ralph Eberhart. Fifth row-Maxine Pettit, Judy Hanson, Bill Grigsby, Ernest Wooten, Bucky Candler, Hilda Cook, Mary Lee Gold. Not pictured- Sandy Bremer, Judy Furry, Clara Lee Holtzendorf. D-3 First row-Delene Johnson, Modl Major, Ellen Sorensen, Pat Tigni Carole O'Hern, Betty Anne Finli Second row-Harry Lange, Ral Bradley, Mickey Eves, Jim Gray, B de Mayo, John Irvin. Third row Elaine Hunter, Kay Horton, Maxi Arnold, Nonnie Davis, Julie Wheel Sandra Teem, Nannette Rapp, Ja Wilkes, Sue Wills, Miss McFz Fourth row-Dick Hicks, John I man, John Wirtz, Harold We Ralph Slay, Steve Thomas, Bob Mcredith, Tommy Adams. Fifth ri -Marilyn Young, Lucky Dunc: Ruby King, Marie Kimbrough, Bec Gridley, Sandra Taylor, Janice Fl cher, Patty Geoghegan. Not Pictur -Susan Clayton, Sims Stern. 2 ii ,. 6 I E Q m D-5 First row-Coker Appleton, Nanc Sill, Lalia Wesson, Betty Branch, A1 Coulon. Second row - Jim Fostc Tommy Edwards, Skippy Jones, Mi Hudgins, Billy Fitch, Cal Parker, I White. 'Third row- Harold Wel Glen Ulrici, Lois Crook, Mary Sil 'mons, Virginia Lee, Betsy Gearc Mary Conkin, 'Catherine Ficklen, Pc Bohn. Fourth row-Dick Hicks, B Flammer, Scott Rutan, Beverly D Bose, Rich Henley, Steve Styron, B Smith, Miss Hutchinson. Fifth row. Venetia Johnston, Lynn Bearde Charlotte Reeves, Bobby Rice, A drea Lau, Cecilia Caton, Jeanie Cat Not pictured-Virginia Stockard. -6 irsl rowfCharles Raudonis, Eliza- -th Rhodes, Sheila Mattison, Vera letzel, Hayes McMillen. Second rw- Porter Morgan, John Shand, ommy Williams, Albert Anderson, ynn LaBudde, Chester Graham, ichard Janss.Third row-Ann Free- an, Kathcy Barnett. Ann Evans, ancy Petersen, Susan Smithfield, met Wyman, Linda Stevens, Linda unt, Mrs. Thomas. Fourth row- lck Sharp, Bill Tidmore, Penn Cro- ett, Roy Roberts, Ronny Crosby, Bill ixon, Sam Kendrick. Fifth row- renda Alberson, Carol Tracey, Jean rsenault, Elaine Burnett, Suzy inchelo, Jean Weems. Not pictured- inda Hobson, Christy Sheffield. D-7 First row - Hermione Davis, Sara Peters, Jean Bennett, Judy Burge, Nancy Stovall. Second row Q Dick Hicks, Bucky Ferebee, Wendell Jack- son, Murdock Clyburn, Tommy Jones, John Irwin, John Childress, Glen Ulrici. Third row - Tommy Pierce, Harry Brown, Linda Venable, Corky De Saussure, Dotty Haggerty, Linda Edwards, Mary Anne Dickey, john Wolff, Fourth row - Roy Roberts, Ken jones, Rodney Bearden, Harold Wells, Ned Stiemke, Jimmy Fleming, Wyche Fowler, Leon Williamson. Fifth row -- Pat Whitson, Pat Hogan, Bea Foote, David Weisiger, Betsy Goodwin, Nancy Whitaker, Patty Buck. Not Pictured - Peggy Ledbet- ter, Winky Dimock, Helen McKinney, Frances Massengale, Miss Niblack. lx X X College Night brought coffee and counsel. A new style in neckpieces. 40 C-1 First row 4 Debbie Billings, Jayne Martin. Marion Trest. Susan Redd. Annie Smith, Peggy Steiner. Second row 4 jim Paulson, Frank Briggs, Wayne Collins, Gerald Givens, Randy Turman, Ben Ferguson. Third row - Linda Owens, Dorothy Edwards, Bar- bara Martin, Peggy McGuire, Toine Jones, Lee Murray, Linda Young- blood, Miss Newton. Fourth row - Bob Bostick, Jerry Ney, Richard Al- len, jack Carroll, Scott Brooks, Vic Aderhold, Bruce Jerles, Jim Herner. Fifth row - Betty Anne Steele, Rich- ard Bingham, Hank Lesesne, Ellen Hodgson, Edna Brown, Sara Brown. Pat Smith, Marcus Beavers, Lee Wal- ker. L.--.Tir . '50 CLASS UF 1959 Humfnnum PRESIDEN' Seated - Hank Lesesne, Phil N dox, Tom Farr, Jim Libby. Stam - jesse Samples, Larry Hansen, l by Kirkland. Not Pictured - ll Howard. C-2 First row -- Celia Wright. D: Drewry, Judy Fox, Martha Med Kathleen Greisemer. Second rou Margaret Mobley, Bill Minnich, liam Dunson, Bobby Saunders, Williams, Joan Eason, Julie E' hardt. Third row - Miss Be Sandra Collins, Bonnie Farrell, 5 rill Wilkinson, Karen Nolan, Car Morrow, Helen Grant. Fourth ro. Steve Lokey, Ward O'Shea, Bill tee, John Hollander, Lamar Lum Phil Maddox, Dwane Steward. row - Winkie White, Page John Ellen Talley, Betty Jean Poole, D Donaldson, Gladys Bell. Not Pict -- Vinita Therrell, Pat Hawkins, vin Heeney, Nancy Didschuneit. l 9 ' 3 'irst row - Joy Lee Neeson, Gail Ionn, Madolin Perling, Libba Brown, 'rances Johnson. Second row - Don 'uller, Buck Mundorff, Dick Horne, lufus Carswell, John Whitley, Bev- rly Cochran. Third row - Miss ohnson, Betty Wilson, Barbara Ha- ell, Barbara Rary, Ann Hardy, San- ra Byrd, Charlotte Coker, Diane Iowe. Fourth row - Robin Miller, Dale Brown, Roger Barfield, Joel Ad- ison, Scott Wilkinson, Matt Howard, 'om'my Wells, Carlton Bailey. Fifth ow - Rosemary Wiley, Joan Byers, mn Stevens, Bebbie Thrower, Mar- aret Wardle, Patsy Williams. Not ictured-Joe Cotter, Dianne Smith, forma Jean Wilson. Q -5 'rst row - Susan Nichols, Bonnie rooks, Weesa Coe, Helen Cassimus, onnie Rendler, Joan Avent. Second iw - Johnny Stevens, David Jami- n, Roy Kile, Donald Callaway, :ott Haugh, Tom Kelley, Ben Stat- tm. Third row - Lilah Sherman, fary Eleanor Paulk, Catherine 'own, Mary Lamar Bowden, Lynne lberts, Ann Randall, Martha Lewis, nan Williams. Fourth row - Jim bby, Paul Hollowell, Bill Whorley, :nnie Ridings, Means Davis, Mike 'oadbear, Charles Rietz, Miss Binns. fth row-Barbara Watkins, Susanne ibbs, Mark Lusink, Larry Freant, arol Nixon, Gowie Goldsmith, Mayo xurnelle, Linda Jarrett. Not pic- red - Randall Barron, Jimmy regoxy.,5ff' Clk C-4 First row - Sally Johnston, Andria Springer, Anne Davis, Bonnie Lee Bowie, Maxine Long, Elizabeth Staf- ford. Second row -- Carol Cowan, Paul Purvis, Jim Black, David Brid- ges, Tom Farr, Margie Adams. Third row - Charlene Center, Jane Light- foot, Ann Turner, Vicki Vasen, Frances Hicks, Carol Ruckdeschel, Patricia. Power, Sally Kimbrough, Margaret Hurst. Fourth row-Dennis Strickland, John DeWitt, Larry Zag- lin, Jeff Trammell, Garth Green, Wal- ter Susong, Jere Blackwelder, Mrs. Fersen. Fifth row - Paul Jones, George Johnson, Jeffery Hill, Steve Craig, Bob Biedermann, Roy Wil- liams. Not pictured - Bill Jonke, Leonora Wise, Bill Talbot. 51 C-7 First row -- Linda Redmond, Anne Rankin. Jo Ann Rader, Colby Scott, Ruth Unger. Carolyn Williams, Sec- ond row -f- Bruce Donnelly, Wilfred McCravy, Clyde Brooks, Johnny Fick- len. Jim Ehlers, Struthers Edgar. Third row -- Sandra Grey, Sandra Atkinson, Jill Judkins, Phyllis Parra- morc, Ladye Jernigan, Helen Galla- her, Linda Hosea, Maureen Graham. Fourth row -V- Curtis Miles, Steven Wheeler, Bob Gaylord, Bob Holman, Harry Blumenthal, Jim Ellenburg, Ed- die Brennan, Mrs. Bryan. Fifth row- Wanda Sea raves Edward Eison . g , . Ronald Gurin, David Butts, Larry Hansen, John Adams, Sammy Paris. Not pictured 4 Nan Rose Brown, Melissa Baird, Johnny Pruitt. -qi C-6 First row - Diane Lumpkin, Ly Taylor, Jackie Kincheloe, Susan Nabors, Martha Wolfe, Gail Tl man, Catherine Matthews. Sec row - Steve Ball, Joe Wesley, Dz Crane, Jimmy Mason, Tom Mac C Blant Smith. Third row -- Boi Jernigan, Gaye Boardman, DarlaJ Ellison, Karen Dixon, Kate Mar thal, Sally McCormack, Kathl Cook, Jean Barron. Fourth row--Q Tarver, Larry McCleskey, Jesse S ples, Ross Fields, James Jack Bruce Chambers, John Caldwell. F row - Lynne Haddock, Ricky Ha son, Joe Shapiro, Jim Gladden, Cer Missbach, Gene Bessiere, Miss C well. Not pictured - Tina Reid, Q Salmon, Judy Ford. 2 52 "SU x r - r C-8 First row - Ann Harris, Linda chins, Cecelia Timmons, Lynn Br: Dianne Anglin, Mary Tom Crab Second row - Nicky Cooper, Sheppard, Bill Castleberry, Tom l hum, Steve Garrett, Steve Shoemz Third row - Mrs. Moister, It Baker, Valerie Arthur, Marie l Hunken, Charlotte King, Marcia l Clara Dodd, Betty Jones. Fourth - John Watt, Chandler McGil Donny Smith, Steve Boston, E Green, Grant Carter, Bobby 1 land. Fifth row - R. L. Tindo Anne Kennedy, Margaret Anne F Mary Ann Latz, Jeanne Thoml Chastine Jones. Not pictured -pl-l Everett, Buster Kile, Mike P Wailes Thomas. CLASS UF 1960i IJMERIIOM PRESIDENTS 'eated - Kaye Ellenburg, Cleve Fer- uson, Bill Whitaker, Marc Hambur- er, Skippy Hansburger. Standing - inne Tomlin, Bill Werner, Stewart 'IcDaniel, Billy Roberts, Bonneau .nsley. I-2 'irst row - Linda Sykes, Wendy lygh, Marilyn Williamson, Millicent agley, Sarah Keene, Laura Marie unte, Glenda Beavers. Second row - Icrcer Moncrief, Bobby Edwards, Al- ert Baer, Tom Hill, Cleve Ferguson, obby Blackwell. Third row-Reba ah Edwards, Elaine Ogletree, Genie Iorrison, Susan Aufrane, Janet Stan- ard, Joanne Werner, Turea Thomp- mn, Mrs. Blackwelder. Fourth row - ill Robertson, John Martin, Jerry osser, Chip Lanier, Nicky Carter, llison Adams, Mike Dallas. Fifth ww - Carl Jones, Louise Hill, Don radley, Nancy Thompson, Buzzy harles. Not pictured - Thelma Kil- nder, Talmage Dobbs, Jimmy Pea- nck, Linda Pollock, 1-uni! B-1 First row - Gail Hutto, Anne Rob- ertson, Barbara Kilander, Kim Strat- ton, Nancy Styring, Cynthia Whit- mire, Mary Tidwell, Sandra Chand- ler. Second row 4 Mimi Chatfield, Fran Milton, Sandra Barfield, Anne McDonald, Mary Rosebush, Linda Holland, Diane Morris, Nancy Raley, Gail Cancller. Third row -- Mr. Durden, Jay Conover, Marvin Day, Hugh Guthrie, Mit FitzSimons, Neal Bushoven, Bill Beckman, Chip Tur- ner, Kaye Ellenburg, Kenny Crosby, Mike Bailey. Fourth row - Flossie Hall, Judy Howard, Larry Bearden, Eliot Garber, Bob Sulzer, Charles Walters, Wayne Pitts, C. L. Chand- ler, Betty Jo Northcutt, Cynthia Hagood. 53 Q ,q ,N 4: ,-4, L -. . .,- 'f.w'f-. ,- B-3 First row - Beverly Moore, Bonn McClay, Gina Light, Phyllis Parl- Ann O'Hara Boswell, Leah Johnso Ann Lee Kenner, Virginia Griffi Ann Schwartz. Second row - Franc Davis, Jeanne Heard, Roberta Harr: Virginia Smith, Susan MeCrea, Lesl Kemper, Ellen Thompson, Leslye Pew Patty Robbins, Mrs. Logan. This row - Dick Morgan, Ronald Nelso Fred Minnich, Bill Whitaker, Jer Brooks, Buddy Milton, Gary Alberso Morris Harnrick, Doug Carden, We: dall Harsh. Fourth row - Diane I Budde, Lala Myers, Bill Tabb, Lar McKinley, Ed Lane, Sandy Sandel Ben Shapiro, Larry Chaplin. Marsl Clifton, Jan Kahn. Not pictured - Joe Katz, Mary Lou Brown, Nz Witherspoon, Robert A. Young. B-4 First row 1 Evelyn Power, Denny Reed, Claire Martini, Carolyn White- sell, Lois Levin. Second row - Gary Samples, Richard Baker, Allan Gold, Marc Hamburger, Dennis Pulver, Jimmy Jones. Third row-Beth Curry, Judy Glenn, Shirley Ann Adams. Brenda VVells, Dana Lenahan, Eliza- beth Holt. Elizabeth Liggin. Fourth row 1 Mrs. Anchors, Tommy Girdler, Danny Boland, Wayne Christian, Johnny Baskett, Claude Wills, Ernest Phelps. Fifth row -A Faye Haver, Medora Kise, Carol Sharp, Sue Len- nard, Margaret Ann Craven, Emilie Posner. Larry Samples. Not pictured- Perry Gordy, Tom Kinton, Rachel Smith, Sharon Thatcher, David Spruill. 54 ki .lin B-5 First row - Martha Dunn, Caroly Coker, Sue Anglin, Mary Hurt, Kath Snow. Second row -- Harrison Jone Linton Rary, Richard Hill, Curti Severson, Buzz Lewis, Skippy Han: berger, John Parmele, Chuck Park: Third row-Francis Kempton, Brool sie Jacobs, Sandra Kalmbach, Ter: Wilkes, Barbara Weston, Chathax Murray, Sandra Williams, Sandr Wise. Fourth row -- George Delmar Billy Moore, Buffy Wyatt, Mitche Howlett, Dixon Reeves, Steve Riel Ty Kelly, Kenneth Wages, Ed Sutte: Mrs. Waters. Fifth row-Linda Mark: Judy Born, Anne Farrell, Suzie Paine Jo Ann Weems, Janet Hobbs, Susa Dunn. Not pictured "' Mimi O,Cor ner, Bobby Fine, Glenda Black, Ala Saul. -6 rst row -Jan McFarlane, Anne Jmlin, Irene Levy, Judy Schoen, mcy Black, Bett Wiley. Second row Arthur Hutchinson, Bobby Rinzlcr, e Martin, Gary Coleman, David ise, Jerry Pinkerton, Robert Leon- :l, Phil Capper. Third row - Sally iger, Pam Bates, Sue Hayes, Anne ifts, Vicki Webb, Sandra Gibson, iart Weldon, Tina Wark, Elaine hitaker. Fourth row - Eddie Fallin, land Conn, Allen Wight, Scott Tay- ', Chris Nygaard, Skipper Reese, :rb Millkey, Lyle Miller. Fifth row Madeline Smith, Babs Roberts, rnnie Carroll, Beverly Lewis, Mrs. iesna, Georgene Hanes, Karen Bak- ,Io Anne Pruitt, Roselyn Shrop- re. Not pictured - Nikki Fain, nice Mohr, Karen Day. R ,., , ., ,K V., - , N -M M, ,. W H ,.,, tg, ., K, .K V, N, ., ,, f .M - , A, . Vaal., f ttf- , ,Q QW W v .. -, ,W I . N , rt row - Harriette James, Eliza- h Wight, Celia Charvin, Tina ff, Suzanne Askew, Betty Poss. ond row -- Scott Pirnie, Taylor ynes, Bart Duncan, Bill Watkins, n King. Third row - Mrs. Mack- Jsh, Mary Heeney, Jane Shipman, zine Wood, Catherine Buck, Gwenn ce. Dorothy Casey, Kathy Wages. ce Boykin. Fourth row - jimmy tts. Wayne Moore, Richard Hurd, nmy Anderson, Alton Curtis, Mac vzer, Stuart McDaniel. Fifth row - rgretta Wells, Jimmy Young, Pris- 1 Brigham, Ann Smith, George liams, Elise Reinhard. Not pic- rd - Nancy Stewart. Mary Sta- , Gordon Grubbs, Tom Wilson, ghes Jackson, Douglas Broom. B-7 First row - Lana Ball, Carol Wil- liams, Barbara Merlin, Katherine Branan, Diane Voit, Diane Stark. Second row - Marky O'Callaghan, Janice de Ford, Gwenda Stiemke, Vir- ginia Carnes, Penny Wooten, Carol Buckley, Lydia Whitmirc, Virginia Waitt, Sherry Davis, Kathryn Broug- ham. Third rozu g Nancy Walker, Eve Lowe, Tommy Braswell, Top Myers, Bill Werner, Tommy Samples, Ronald Green, Peter Sommers, Miss Smith. Fourth row 1 Anne de Mayo, Nancy Ledbetter, Jim Strickland, David Crockett, Mike Tarantino, Pat Tolleson, Gail Smith, Becki Crayton, Penny Tison. Not pictured - Robert Brown, Brenda Holcomb, Patsy Jones, Steve Dixon, Truman Holland, 55 B-10 Firxt row - Dale Baldwin, Harriett Gilmore, Mary Mapp, Susie Paine, Jane Ayer. Second row - Steve Mar- shall. Leeland Ward, Bob Gross, John Geoghegan, Chuck Holman, Cotton Winston. Bonneau Ansley, Tootie May. Third row - Glenn Gunmere, Jodie Cooper. Suellen Brandon, Joan Coulborn, Gail Horton, Brenda Barnes, Carole McClellan, Carolyn Luce. Fourth row -- Bill McCoy, Aubrey Gentry, John Hardwick, Jim- my Morton. Doug Kirby, Larry Brad- in. Brother Wolff, John Roberts. Fifth row - Gene Bell, Sylvia Wat- kins, Brenda Wilkie, Jeanette Rolader, Ann Farrell, Linda Jenkins, Terri Dobbs. Not ictured - Sandra Gay, P Linda Williams, Ronnie Jonke. B-9 First row --- Richard Chapin, L: Redfern, Gay Wilson, Peggy Griffi Carol Cleveland, Bob Boardma Steve Bender. Second row 7 Ronn Willingham, Pat Locke, Woody Re nolds. Roy Price, John Wilbanlc Gene Folrner. Cliff Madison. Dial Serviss. Third row -A Judy Curbow Muffet Arp, Muriel Farmer, Pegg Ehrlich. Judy Hunter, Lynne Perr Charlann Mitchell, Beverly Pos Fourth row 7 John Edwards. Rus Jones, Bob Adams, Elliott Hudso Bill Culp. Edward Morris. Bil Roberts. Hagood Clarke, Miss Brur below. Fifth row - -'--- Helen Nix. Mc vine Clarke, Alicia Saunders, Lim Clein. Diane Arrington. Alice M: Hay, Jane Rhodes. Not pictured V Margaret Collins, Gail Gray, Bob O tesen. 't"' ., ,, , N ,, ,f,++w f We brought clothes for the needy at Christmas. 56 A camera's eye-view of a camera's eye-view CLASS UF 1961 UMERIJUM PRESIIJENTS ated - Billy Woodruff, Bobby Am- ry, Demcie Delman, Jimmy Ney, en Borns. Standing - Jim Crew, ttty McLatchey, Jeanne Bailey, Jim oaddus, Janis Ulrici, Becky Wain- ight. -2 rst row - Ann Washburn, Louise ines, Shirley Ann Garrett, Beth reenblatt, Marty King. Katy Lou oehran, Kristen Lind. Second row - herrie Ann Hollowell, Larkin Fow- r, Buz Scott, Tracy Doetsch, Ken aldwell, Gordon Eason, Alan Shaw, ana Dellenback. Third row - Bill 'arnock, Sally Brown, Elizabeth Jes- p, Georgia Bacon, Betty Hughes, idith Van Winkle, Judy Moore, arden Crawford, Tom FitzSimons. Jurth row - Miss Robertson, Jack ttard, Bobby Ambery, Pete Habley, ihn Redd, Bob Hill, Garvin Aycock. fth row - Bill Commins, Robert irnette, Bill Johnson, Freddy Lind- 'om, Cokey Coley, Forrest Patten, arshall Mauldin, Tommy Neighbors. at pictured - Phillip Webb. A-1 First row - Linda Cassimus, Jane Harrell, Jeanette Livingston. Ann Hudgins, Alice Grant. Second row - Bobby Starnes, Billy Woodruff, Arnold Williams, Alton Conway, Jerry Rosen- berg, Jimmy Clements, Douglas Grey. Third row 1 Kay Pugh, Pat Little, Carol Sharp, Frances Meyer, Gail Harris, Lynne Kaye. Fourth row - Ben Hinson, Charles Tiller, Jimmy Smith, Paden Reeves, Joe Snow, Lane Crocker, John Dennisson. Fifth row- Cheryl Zuker, Jack Cook, Bennett Cale, Susan Hunter. Not pictured - Danny Spurlin, Billy Heeney, Jimmy Settle, Jimmy Dew, Roger Williams, James Hall, Susan Jacobsen, Richard Krueger, Mr. Morris. 57 A-4 First row ff- Paula Hutchins, Nancy Gore. Barbara Cohen, Anne Johnson. Penny Chapman. Beverly Harrison, Janice Moore. Second row -W Barbara Ison. Coleman Owen. Jimmie Warren. Torniny Buckley, Bill Schiller, Jimmy Ney. Louis Brock, John Hove. Third row H- Herlenc Coile. Roxie Gail Haley. Cathy White, Patty Bradley, Nancy Kessler. Susan Seydel, Carolyn Martin. Linda Cooglc, Donna Maria Hayes. Fourth row - P Miss Norton, Woody Jones. Gary Alford, Wesley YVise. Cy Hornsby, Billy Gwyn. Greg 'l'ra1nn1cll, Jim Carr, Susan Saks, Ken Diekerinan, Billy VVzitson. Morris Bryan, Jim Brooks, Jim Haverstick. Johnny Payne, George Mongolcl. Car- olyn Hartford. A-3 First row -- Anne Burton, Indi Dinkins, Judy Bigelow, Kay Methvir Second row -Johnny Buice, Davin Clark, Paul Rodbell, Brewer Black burn, Jerry Rosenblum, Rodgers Luns ford, Gary Nunn. Third row-Kare' Hutchins, Lenora Hartford, Demci Selman, Marie Friend, Pat Alverson Beth Evans, Ann Mullinax, Kathleei Graham. Fourth row - Mr. Romerc Charles Holloway, Richard Childs Bob McKenney, Grant T. Brighi Steve Gladden, Bobby Waite. Fifti row - Larry Barfleld, Dennis Hill James Thurman, Roy Wade, Bei Branch, Richard Westbrook. Not pic tured - Judy Cohen, Sandra Elling ton, Linda Beth Jones, Ben Gratz Steve Huston, Sally Pollock, Mari Therrell, Emily Butterworth. F 5 I l A-5 First row -- Juanita Potts, Patti Griesemer, Lucia Blackwelder, Patsf Graham, Saudra Pryor, Marcia Bag ley. Second row - Melvin Sullins Jim Kincaid, Roddy White, Dicl Washburn, Jerry Stockdale, Glenr Berns, Dennis Shuman. Third row - Martha Poss, Barbara Rauch, Diane Waters, Ginger Smith, Maxine Hand' macher, Leslie Morrison, Kathy Liv- sey, Nancy Riggsbee. Fourth row - Jim Borden, Kenneth Adams, Abbott Whitney, Lee Greever, Wayne Wer- ner, Jack Wilhoit, Mila Stevens, Mrs Boardman. Fifth row - Joe Drexler, Charlotte Glisson, Margaret Whitley, Margo Katz, Jerry Morris, Sandra Young, John Evans. Not pictured - Ted Farr, Ches Elkins, Zella Tipton, Jean Rary. -6 'rst row - Lamar Jernigan, Judy ick, Barbara Bain, Martha Jean aines, Pat Rhodes, Pam Banks, Carol ichols. Second row - Jim Crew, itch Cutler, Stewart Calhoun, Ellis 'arlick, Gary Smith, John Bentley, rencer Lawton. Third row - Bill riffeth, Donella Dietrich, Cathy 'own, Mary Ann DuVall, Linda 'me, Lyn Brunner, Nancy Werner, ,nis Hansen, Miss Callaway. Fourth w - Woody Wilkinson, Roger Carl- n, Don Carver, Haines Hargrett, harles Perry, Van Pearson, Dickie Ines, Gene Ferris. Fifth row-Kath- 1e Minnich, Lynda Rosenstein, Peg- ' Rooker, Sheri Allen, Carol Smith, ichard Erckman, Steve Weinstein, ot pictured - Marcia Pittman, But- ? Black. St row - Margaret Lane, Sheila 'Donough, Jody Barnett, Evelyn hop, Jeannette Rapp, Nan Johnson, rothy Dobbs. Second row Q Bob an, Frank Darby, Ben Barron. Kelly nt, Dennis DeGive, Llewellyn ith, Buck Jenkins, Third row - nor Reese, Nancy Pember, Carol rrison, Marilyn Myers, Jeanne ley, Barbara Richards, Judy Le anna, Marlice Daniel. Fourth rowf bert Shirley, Fred Myers, Barry dges, Jean Hendon, Jack Shafer, my McMichael, Jerry Kendall, k Eastland, Mr. Smith, Fifth row- rley Roberts, Johnny Willis, Chip wan, Mary Lisenby, Steve Skor- n, Raymond Wilkins, Not pic- ed 3 Richard Askew. A-7 First row - Carol Erckman, Candy Malone, Sharon Meltz, Carolyn Seay, Sheila Brock, Nancy Lee West. Second row - Frank Duncan, Bill Evans, Edward McClure, Jim Denny, Buzzy Goodwin, Joel Hughes. Third row - Clara Hamrick, Ilga Brempelis, Bren- da Glaser, Linda Quinn, Patty Mc- Latchey, Mary Ann Lynch, Ellen Yancey, Harriet Findley. Fourth row - Terry Bridges, Jacky Patrick, Mike Holt, Hank Stelljes, Johnny Holman, Frank Courtney, William Dobes, Andy Heiskell. Fifth row A Doris Lau, Paula Weir, Rolland Tomlinson, Brian Keller, Gary Patterson, Larry Rary, Linda Blackwelder, Carol Gil- strap. Not pictured - Phil Smith, Robert Townsend, Roy Robertson, Miss Fraser. ,Y 59 A-10 First row - Sallie Dent, Janice Ulrici, Raiford Gaffney, Kay Cham- bers, Carla Weitz, Claudette Pendley. Second row - John Sheffield, Allen Jones, Robert Runyon, Bob Allison, Fritz Schultz, Billy Chumley. Third row - Lynne Rosenkoetter, Lorita Blackstone, Mary Talley, Carole Ken- nady. Dottie Troy, Jackie Hasell, Linda Adams, Jackie Walters. Fourth row - Dick Rossiter, Sam Franklin, Ed Parker, Homer Ellenburg, Tommy Gamble, George Miller, Reynolds Mc- Clatchey, Miss Flournoy. Fifth row - Mary Kent Bomar, Clara Barfield, Patsy Parrish, Judy Nix, Shirley Friend, Ibby Betts, Susan Angel. Not pictured - Gerry Purdy, Connie Krystafik, Janice Ramsey. 60 A-9 First row - Shirley Bush, Gini Carnes, Camille Day, Becky Morga Susan Hargrove. Second row - Ro nie McMillan, Lance Bragg, Ji Broaddus, Victor Owens, Bobl Wylly, Bruce Winpenny. Third row- Beth Robinson, Anne Ezzard, Jill B2 comb, Linda Stanley, Deana Varnc Ann Sorensen, Linda Roy, Franc McRee. Fourth row - Asa Candle Skip Willingham, Richard Brad Tommy Appling, Johnny McCor Roger Crouch, Roy Poole, Paul Joh son, Mr. Groves. Fifth row - Walt Stevens, George White, Bobby Har son, Dick Blackwell, Allen Nabo Bruce Fitzpatrick, Stephen Mart. Not pictured -A Libba Barnett, Ax Thomas, Joe Miller, Bob Burkholdt A-11 First row e Molly Dominy, Glcni Boggs, Sandra Ellington, Linda Be Jones, Helen Blaine, Susan Baughma Neva Dixon, Millie Wood. Seem row -- Billy Steiner, Mike Hosfoi George Roberts, Tucker Garrisc Randy Edgar, Bill Morgan. Third rf -Halla Claffy, Janet Fuller, Lint Linder, Becky Wainwright, Jay Dobbins, Susan York, Judy Hay' Barbara Branch, Karen Chests Fourth row A Sandra Wilkinsc Mike Campbell, Gordon Bell, Tcl Bradshaw, Lamar Cochran, Rom Williams, Freddy Thranhardt, Ji Cagle, Mrs. Dreger. Fifth row-Ju Anne Ricciardi, Nona Barksdale, Bo by Hamilton, Jimmy Mallett, Tedi Davis, Andy Ghertner, Ralph M Clelland, Pat Hudson. Myra, Walter, and Gloria attend Fellowship. K KH . i,is-iwxgg eanne serves at the annual Homemaking Department Morning Coffee. Beverly and Bill enjoy a school dance. Julie and Paul add interest to the Thanksgiving basket. Our co-presidents cooperate. Mrs. Colley stresses an important point to Betsy and Lonny. O11 , L u.' , I U Qlnd tha that mmakz hm, last, 'ilthnllgh IUIIIE n g . . . ,, Cf' 7 K K K I Vrkh. My . ,, t a ix it , an W, , 1 If F, 13.1 an L. .,, ,, w' 2f 'h- -- u.M x' TV .- ,,f... if 1, I - ' -1.'1,,":w MASQ 'TQSHYI W ifi? . R 4 5 , -23.5-lx 'Ming -1 i . ,Lg -"- ,Q - 'vw f w - ' ,, 1- "H A 1 131:54 -,aw 6 .K " " 7 " K' F ' X :I -w1I1.LLwffZf', " ' --'iii vi- f i1QQ3..37" V 'Q,,'if3' EI ' L e. -,Q A 7 ' ' M ., l I A H ' f x '- f' N , , .945 A L , V L, 'RSE' . 411' JN' "ii fv,1'f ,Q t r K W. Qijiilxi. .f 1525 1: ff"EEi:,ii:" .W 5.1 .ap Htxg-11, gy, .gf .Qi a w ., . nw .HQ i W - 'Q f if ,113-Mix 0: 'K M - L f f -I 5:.l1.'f13y. 1 Y E W '-, ,mf Liv-Y21K"f'kfs,fa211Y'a-iwf?''. K " ' 'K 'K 1' ' Q MW 1, ,ff1iQif'5'P'j5, Q . , K is i .W--' ' N, L , V fix ' k vmef' ez L ' Q A 1: -,MQ X . 5 X 044 qs Y' xi 5 ,LM vi .H Q ' L' I w if , Q ' -au.. 7 , ng ig' get 4,40 ' ,, A o sk 1 L 1, -I 1 4, , ,M A , " Q ws ' M 4 N , f -1 Q 1 N f , rf' L ' , 3 1 A f ,. . ' I 5 ' ' Y f Rf 1' 5 A i . K , 1 Q , 3 ,, .H Q 5 .00 an 1- fifha Nm Qi Q04 1.3431 - Q , ik ,sg ' X W: fl 'in .ga . , ' " "Fai Nc W' 24' NNW twat Q4 QW 5 gi I I fi f rut NATIONAL HDNUR socltrv To be elected a member of the National Honor Society is considered the highest honor a student can attain during his years at Northside. The requirements are character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Inductions are held twice yearly. A student must be in the second semes- ter of his junior year or in his senior year to be eligible. The faculty chooses the new members. The two major services that this society performs each year are the presentation of College Night and Welcoming Day for the sub-freshmen. Betty Pirkle Sally Sheflield Betsy Smith Sponsors: Miss ETHEL COCKRELL and Miss MARY BALLARD Kathy Thrower Anne Weidinger Walter Wingfield gi? X. Jan Perry Jim Bell Jimmy Carson Lois Chambers Jane Cheely Nancy Dague Billy Folsom Owen Forrester Beth Fuller Betti Greever Harry Handley Anne Holden Linda Janss Billy Johnson Jimmy Murray Mary Norris A' at wi i l 2 .3 Q f is STUDENT BODY OFFICERS FRANK BRIGGS, Treasurerg CURTIS BEAVERS and B1-:TTI GREEVER, Co-Presidentsg JULIE STOKES, Secretary STUDENT GOUNlIIl The Student Council is a representative body which helps to organize and govern the campus life at Northside. The faculty often calls upon the Student Council to give advice in student-teacher relations. The Student Council publishes the student directory and sponsors assembly programs. They also fill Thanksgiving baskets and deliver them to the needy. The Student Council at work. and ls' s"'sn, Munir, 'il 2 65 Thi Near the end of May the long awaited Viking is at last put into the hands of those who wish a record of the people and events which have made the past year at Northside one to remember. This year's staff has used its un- tiring efforts in putting together an outstanding yearbook with many new features. The staff is made up of seniors who have had a recom- mendation from their English teachers. TOMMY BURNS, Co-Editor NANCY DAGUE, Co-Editor HARRY HANDLEY, Business M gr. JAN PERRY, Business M gr. First row: Jim Bell, Elizabeth Bost, Carol Chambers, Libby Chaplin, Myra Clark, Buzzy Cowart, Second row: Diane Cunningham, Billy Folsom, Beth Fuller, Ronnie Goettinger, Beverly Harnpson, Nancy Lyman. X Always at work. Before the Viking goes to press, Room 117 dur- ng sixth period seems a mass of confusion. Each nember of the staff, with his assigned pages cov- :red with picture proportions, none of which is :orrect, is racing madly to beat the deadline. Dick Werner, a photographer from last year's staff, vith his trusty camera, cannot be found idling his ime. He is always at work either posing people or leveloping pictures. Nancy and Tommy, between Jractical jokes, are seen trying to put fifty pictures in one page, while Jan frantically searches for the ost contracts for expensive and precious ads. Amid .ll the confusion, rushing around, and practical oking, Miss Mulkey breathes a loud sigh of relief s the copy and pictures are finally put into the lands of the printer. Now the staff anxiously .waits the return of the work and the circulation if the book, in hopes that the latest edition of the 'iking meets the approval of all its readers. ' Producing the book. Racing the deadline. Miss Ballard Mrs. Matthews . . . A . . First row: Susan Michaels, Jimmy Murray, Mary Norris, Sally Circulation dvemsmg Sheffield. Second row: Betsy Smith, Anne Weidinger, Dick Werner, Miss Mulkey John Wolfe. Advisor ' . . M 3 " S . V Qgf. ' 1 wi- t f tw if t ,D,..,fz,,,h i , ,, N it err ,.a 5 f':: I A if ..... i'.e X JIMMY CARSON ANNE HOLDEN JANE WAGNON Editor Associate Editor Business Manager Miss JOHNSON Advisor Tales for the Tiger Tales. TIGER TALES The students of Northside eagerly look for- ward to the monthly publication of the Tiger Tales, which presents school news and features. The Tiger Tales won many outstanding awards last year, including the Atlanta Journal Sunday Magazine Cup for the best use of features and the Athens Banner-Herald Cup for general ex- cellence. This year's stall has put forth their en- tire effort to make the Tiger Tales interesting to everyone and compare favorably with other school newspapers. mul . Gwen Seholmf' Uhr E1 er Galen Press Association g t o - ! .9'yX mill' mnmmbms - g 1, Gump, - - 59 S 1, 11- J' 4550 out N m e mania PUBLISHED MONTHLY Editor-in-Chief .......................... ,. Jimmy Carson Associate Editor ........................ .,- Anne Holden Business Manager .......... .. ........... ,-. Jane Walnon Managing Editor .....,............... .-- Owen Forrester Promotion and Circulation, ........... Walter Wingfield News Editors .......... -- Lois-Chambers, Kathy Throwel' Feature Editors ................ Linda. Janss, Betty Milton Sports Editors -- ...... ....... B illy Rushln. Ann Evans Copy Editor ...... .- ..... -...--- ........ Jeanne Cheely Society Editor ----.. ................. .. ..-........ Eve Foy Advertising Manager -- ..... , ............. Kit Lavender Exchange Editors .......... Anne Robertson, Judy Leibold Art Editor .... - ...... - ..................... Julie sC0keS Photographer .............. .......- .......... Dick Werner Reporters: Albert Anderson, Coker Appleton, Kathey Bar- nett, Betty Branch, Nancy Bynum, Jo'anna Gerrard, Charlene Ho11owsy,,Ha.1-riot Hopkins. Sandra Hutto. Ann Perkins, Scott Rutan, Kay Burton, Lindo. Stevens Faculty Advisor --..---..-....-- was wry Lou Johnson E' . Kay Burton Lois Chambers Jeanne Cheely Owen Forrester Eve Foy Linda Janss Kit Lavender Judy Leibold Betty Milton Anne Robertson Kathy Thrower Walter Wingfield il DICK WERN1-:R Charlene Holloway, Jo'anna Garrard, Kathy Bamett, Ann Evans, Linda Venable, Julie Stokes, Albert Photographer Anderson, Scott Rutan, Coker Appleton, Sandra Hutto, Nancy Bynum, Ann Perkins, Linda Stevens, Betty Branch, Harriet Hopkins. ,ff The Key Club, which is one of our main service organizations, is made up of sophmore, junior, and senior boys who have a "Bn average. The members of the Key Club help us all to decide our vocations by sponsoring the annual Career Day. Many of the conveniences at North- side have been donated by the Key Club. KEY Clll OFFICERS HARRY HANDLEY President CHARLIE HOWARD Vice President ALEX SIFFORD Secretary BILL GRIGSBY Treasurer IUNIUR CIVITAN CLUB OFFICERS TOMMY BURNS President EVE FoY Vice President ANNE WEIDINGER Secretary BILLY RUSHIN Treasurer 70 Boys and girls who are upper classmen and have a high scholastic average are eligible for membership in the Junior Civitan Club. The trophy case by the gym and the cheerleader's portable amplifier were donated by the Junior Civitans. Every month the Civitans honor a student by electing him "Student of the Month" and featuring him in an article in the school paper. INTERCLUB CUUNIIIL 33 -mg OFFICERS Mike Thomas, Eve Foy, Hank Lesesne The Interclub Council is the body which decides various poli- Delene Johnson' cies concerning the four social clubs. It is composed of all the ofiicers in each club and the student body ofiicers. Thanksgiving is truly a time for giving. X 71 HI-Y s The motto of the Hi-Y is "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Chris- tian characterf' One of the projects is the presentation of the Hi-Y variety show. OFFICERS CHARLIE HOWARD. . . . . . . HENRY MADDOX . . TINY WILLIAMSON , . BILL FARR , , . . . President . Vice President . . Secretary . . Treasurer ," f' -ul I OFFICERS TOMMY BURNS ...... President NANCY STOVALL .... Vice President LINDA MCCLURE . Recording Secretary BETH FULLER . Corresponding Secretary 72BETTI GREEVER ...... Treasurer INTERFAITH FELLUWSHIP CUUNCII 5 2 L,,.f,, I SENIDR Y-TEENS OFFICERS BETsY REDD President FRANCES MASSENGALE First Vice President JCNEE FINE Second Vice President MARY PATTERSON Secretary NANCY WHITAKER Treasurer 9th GRADE Y-TEENS OFFICERS MARY STATON President VIRGINIA WAITT Vice President HARRIET JAMES Secretary SUE LENNARD Worship Chairman W We -A mfs, ami Aw Hu Rai 35 ,C , ifi, A . ,, IDth GRADE Y-TEENS OFFICERS JACKIE KINCHELCE President KATI-IELEEN GRIESEMEN Vice President LILA SHERMAN Secretary WEESA CoE Treasurer BETTY JONES Worship Chairman .. Q, V Gy. I J M s. 'E 8th GRADE Y-TEENS OFFICERS JANIS HANSEN President LUCIA BLACKWELDER Vice President JUDY LE SHANNA Secretary PATTY MCCLATCHEY Treasurer SUSAN HUNTER Devotional Chairman Amp 7' Matt Howard, Secretaryg Carol Sharp, Treasurerg Charlie Howard, President g Delene Johnson, Vice President 3 Mrs Dreger, Sponsor. ACES The Ace Club is one of the top four social clubs at Northside. Alpha Chi Epsilon Club held its first night meeting on September 24, 1956, when they elected the chapter chairman and sponsor and organized the needed committees for the year. Along with the Kats they spon- sored the Twerp Dance which has become as much a tradition at Northside as Sadie Hawkins Day in Dogpatch! The Aces and Kats also co-sponsored the victory dance after the Grady game. An informal dance after the Murphy game was spon- sored completely by the Aces. As one member put it, "We may not have the most points, but we do have the most fun. I wouldn't be in any other club." At Christmas time the Aces faith- fully supported the drive for clothes and toys for the needy. Paper sale. MRS. DREGER The Aces were here. Our chapter chairmen OFFICERS CHARLIE HOWARD President DELENE JOHNSON Vice Presizhnt MATT HOWARD Secretary CAROL SHARP Treasurer MRS. DREGER Sponsor LINDA LAYFIELD, JIM B Chapter Chairmen ELL One of our more bashful members HB1 9 Where's the fire? KAT CLUB Roy Roberts, Tiny Williamson, Stuart McDaniel The Kats, one of our four outstanding social clubs, have greatly added to the spirit of North- side this year. The purpose of the Kappa Alpha Tau Club is to learn to work together and to know better the members of the student body. Their biggest project this year is to beat the Aces, Rebs, and Tops in club competition. The night meetings, something new this year at Northside, promoted enthusiasm and support among the Kat Club members. At the Hrst meet- ing, Sept. 26, the Kats elected their faculty ad- visor and chapter chairmen and organized the needed committees. ,Juv --:mmm K si' Q g , is 'S Thirsty??? Who's that? ? ' 'uf TINY WILLIAMSON . . . . President Rov ROBERTS . . . . Vice President BEN FERGUSON . . . . . . Secretary STUART MCDANIEL . . .... Treasurer MARTHA LOWERY. . . . Chapter Chairmen MAX STAPLES COACH WAYMAN CREEL . .... Advisor The Kats sponsored the informal dance after the O'Keefe game and were co-sponsors with the Ace Club for the victory dance following the Grady game. The Twerp Dance, given in the early spring, was also co-sponsored by the Kat Club. At Christmas time the Kats faithfully supported the club boxes and filled them with clothes and toys for the needy. Another paper sale! Ki! ATwo Kats and a Tiger! Our Sponsor!!! 77 THE REB CLUB R The Rebs, the outstanding social club this the faithful supporters of the Rho Epsilon Beta year, led the clubs in competition. The Rebs Club elected their advisor and chapter cha1r were tops in ticket sales, paper sales, and attend- men. ance at the night meetings. At the first meeting if -".:.: ami-- l 1 ,g is 5 l ' Iii I' ll Ill I ' 1 , s 331 : 5 QW' J! I W F i fr 1 FL i t tts 78 Our "Cagey Officers" MR. SPENCER OFFICERS HARRY HANDLEY President JOHN FERGUSON Vice President HANK LEsEsNE Secretary PENNY TISON Treasurer OWEN FoRREsTER HARRIETT MGDANIEL Chapter Chairmen MR. SPENCER Sponsor aff? Jan, whols your charming friend? ? ? JI-ISY WC three? ? ? Papers-Papers-Papers! l ! Boxed in! ! ! Cornered! ! ! Dances - dances - dances! I I The biggest one was the Snowball put on by the Rebs and Tops. Paul Cooperls band provided the enter- tainment, and the holiday dance was one of the most successful Northside has ever held. The Rebs sponsored the dances after the West Fulton and Murphy games and co-sponsor- ed the victory dance following the North Fulton game. The Rebs supported the drive for clothes and toys at Christmas The fine spirit and enthusiasm of the Reb volley ball and basketball teams added to the success of our annual Club Day, which was held in the early spring. THE TOP CLUB Meredith Woods, Buddy Milton, Jesse Samples, Ann Evans. At a night meeting. OFFICERS MEREDITH Woons President ANN1-: EVANS Vice President JESSE SAMPLES Secretary BUDDY MILTON Treasurer LINDA L1-:E MCCLURE JOHNNY HARRIS Chapter Chairmen MR. DURDEN Sponsor if :IA v' What Mr. Kelley Please d0n't tear dgwn He alI1,t talking tl'1C say? the door, flavor lasts. The Tau Omega Pi held its first night meeting on October 3, 1956, with very good attendance. With Meredith Woods at the helm, they became the only social club to show a profit in their foot- ball dances! The Annual Snow Ball, which the Tops and Rebs co-sponsored, was the best attended dance of 1956 and a big success. Music for this dance was provided by Paul Cooper. The Tops also share credit with the Rebs for the dance following the North Fulton game. For the post-Sylvan game dance, the Top Club was sole sponsor. Sponsor: MR. DURDEN A winning paper sale. Musical "Tops" from the country. 81 OFFICERS PAT WHITSON President ANN EVANS Vice President LINDA VENABLE Secretary JOHNNY HARRIS Treasurer MISS COCKRELL Advisor The French Club, organ- ized to promote greater in- terest in French language and culture, holds monthly meetings which highlights its program. These meetings include excellent speakers and recreation and are greatly enjoyed by all club members. 82 SPANISH CLUB BILLY JOHNSON . . . . President TOM FARR .... . Vice President SANDY LESHANNA . . . . . Secretary MAYO POURNELLE . . . . Treasurer MISS HUTCHINSON . . . . . Advisor The Spanish Club-Los Amigos Espanoles- provides an opportunity for students to hear and use Spanish in real-life situations, to learn more about our Spanish-speaking neighbors, and to enjoy such occasions as the Spanish dinner at the end of the year. FRENCH CLUB LATIN CLUB OFFICERS NANCY WHITAKER ,.... Presiden MARILYN YOUNG . . , . Vice Presiden ANN STEVENS . . Secretary-Treasure CECILIA TIMMONS . Program Chairmar MRS. HUGHES and MRS. FERSEN Advisor. The Latin Club promotes interes in the Latin language by presenting programs and projects built arounc the history and culture of the Ro man people who spoke it. Its pur pose is to show that Latin, far fron A being a dead language, is an essen .,, tial part of our cultural heritage to A day. , gjyjj j ART CLUB OFFICERS PAT GRITZKE ......... Presidxent JANET COHEN . . . . . Vice President NANCY COWART . . . Seertary-Treasurer MR. SMITH ........... Advisor The purpose of the Art Club is to pro- mote the betterment of the school through art. Its members draw posters for North- side's activities and decorate for Northside,s social functions. FHA OFFICERS JOLYN CHASTAIN . . . . President JANE CHEELY . . . Vice President SANDY LESHANNA . . . Secretary COKER APPLETON . . , Treasurer Miss NORTON .... . . Advisor The Future Homemakers of America is a national organization of home economic students. A mem- ber must be taking or have com- pleted a year of home economics. The purpose of the FHA is to pre- pare girls to be better homemakers. The motto is "Toward New Hori- zons." OFFICERS LEE HAMILTON President PAUL HOLMES Vice President MARTHA LOWRY Secretary CHUCK TAYLOR TTEGSUTHT Miss BRUMBELOW Advisor IUNIUR RED CRUSS The Junior Red Cross gives students an oppor- tunity to serve Others in their Own city, their nation, and the world. Although each student may enroll as a member, the work of the Junior Red Cross is accom- plished through a school council of members consist- ing of one boy or girl from each homeroom. Q f1,,,,c. if L1 EM, , 'Midi 4 35 THIRD ANNUAL ATLANTA SCIENCE CONGRESS NORTHSIDE WINNERS Overall in Congress William Dunson-4th place David Fuller-2nd place and a trip to Los Angeles for him and his teacher. 8th Grade Ben Branch and Bill Griffeth-Gold key Steve Skorman, Llewellyn Smith, Jimmy Clements-Gold key Lucia and Linda Blackwelder-Silver key 9th Grade Ed Lane-Bronze key Anne O'I-Iara Boswell-Bronze key Jimmy Morton-Honorable mention 10th Grade Larry Freant-Gold key William Dunsonf -Gold key 12th Grade David Fuller-Gold key THE SCIENCE CLUBS The purpose of these clubs is to promote an interest in science outside of school. These clubs go on field trips, have speakers, and perform experiments in the Fields of their interest. EIGHTH GRADE BIOLOGY CLUB NINTH GRADE BIOLOGY CLUB PHYSICS ANU CHEMISTRY CLUB The purpose of this club is to give the student the chance to explore the different phases of science in industry outside of school. BIULUCY CLUB The purpose of this club is to promote interest in advanced biological study. The club meets once a month to take Held trips, hear speakers, and to perform interesting experiments. PHUTUGRAPHY CLUB The purpose of this club is to pro- mote an interest in supervised photo- graphy. This year the club entered the 1957 National High School Awards Contest. N M-...NN V BANK TELLERS One bank teller is elec- ted from each home- room to aid with de- posits and withdrawals. It is' through the excel- lent work of these tel- lers that Northside has maintained its fine banking record. BANK DIRECTURS The Bank Directors sell stock, make accounts, and direct the acti- vities of the bank. It is their job to promote deposits. For the last three years the directors have been fortu- nate in winning, with the support of the school, the trophy for the highest number of depositors. A BANK DAY IND nv.: lk Zig' FUTURE NURSES CLUB The Northside High School Chapter of the Future Nurses Club is the first such group in the Atlanta public schools. Mem- bership is open to all students interested in nursing or allied professional fields and has the dual purpose of guiding students toward medical careers and of giving ser- vice to school and community in all health endeavors. Co-sponsors of the club are Mrs. D. F. Blackwelder and Mrs. Dorris Taylor. ANNUAL REPRESENTATIVES Each homeroom elects one representative to promote the sale of the Viking. With the help of Miss Ballard they conduct the busi- ness between their homerooms and the an- nual. THE CUMMERCIAL CLUB The Commercial Club is composed of girls who are interested in becoming secre- taries and clerical workers. The purpose is to promote interest in business and profes- sional occupations. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Laura F. Leary. TALLULAH FALLS CLUB OFFICERS LIBBA Hom' BETTY Jo NoR'rHcU'r'r SUZIE PAINE ANNE FARRELL GAIL CANDLER PENNY WOOTEN ig' I 'ii MIXED CHORUS IIHURAL GRUUPS The two choral groups at Northside, the Mixed IM ,Q Chorus and the Girls, Chorus, did an excellent job R ,,, this year. They sang at several school functions. The Mixed Chorus earned a Superior rating at the Regional Music Festival in March, and the Girls' Chorus earned an Excellent rating. North- side is especially proud of the music department. l 4 P "N-.. 'N'-. , MIXED CHORUS OFFICERS 'Q GIRLS' CHORUS a 9 1 .. ,K A ,a , , ms. Y M 3. ' 1 vw To ,,. ,f W , g J. Q.. . L1 , .if-fi?1"'s.' " ,. , Aj " , A ,ol Pl., v ,I .ji ,, - Q, v, . 'L ' ,,.,,,V .. .Wm Q . , ,om 9 hzgwfs ,- NA v1'S"?f95 gif iff' z:"f.f ml ,- EU". 9 "' 59' f 'P , if-Q 'H'z 'a fl ,,'g1'i f?6 f' '?"Q ' -sf Lf - QJ an 'Mil 41 e 1 I YT' - LIBRARY AIDES SCHEDULE AIDS COUNSELORS' AIDES CLINIC AIDES CAFETERIA AIDES OFFICE AIDES 1 li- ..,,sNj- Standing, left to right: Jimmy Ehlers, Tommy Edwards, Bill Durrett, Tom Fulghum, Chuck Lines, and Bcn DeMayo. Bottom: Chester Graham, Tommy Williams, and John Pitts QCaptain.j RIFLE TEAMS Any regularly enrolled ROTC student Northside's girls, rifle team defeated is eligible for membership on Northside,s West Fulton, the only other girls' team in boys, rifle team. This year our team has the city. Sophomore, junior, and senior won eight meets and lost four. girls are eligible for the team. Standing, left to right: Nancy Whitaker, Bolling Puller, Corky DeSaussure, Janet Wyman, Betty Groovcr, and Ann Lee. Bottom: Mary Norris, Pat Gritzke, Vicki Vasen, Susan Dimock, and Margaret Nettles. 4 If .Q CADET LT. COLONEL ED NUTTING Sponsor: MIss BEVERLY HAMPSON CADET MAJOR MARVIN TIDWELL Sponsor: MISS MARIAN NIVER CADET CAPTAIN DENNY ARRINGTON Sponsor: MISS JANET HOBBS CADET FIRST LT. JOHN HURT Sponsor: MISS LINDA STEVENS CADET FIRST LT. BILLY JOHNSON Sponsor: MISS FRANCES KEMPTON CADET FIRST LT. JIMMY CARSON Sponsor: MISS KIT LAVENDER NURTHSIIJE R C BATTALIUN Q55 . X , 1, PANY GRADEUFFI Z, 3 1 ,J ,gs if . lx vi i M Y if 1 SERS I ,M , J. 3 my E 'QQ 'T 55 'Li - ,EA -. 1- A iii ' , - f i ff 5 f 2 If KE 71 : 'W A 2 A f - ags f C it CADET CAPTAIN CONK CONKIN Sponsor: Mlss GENIE MORRISON CADET FIRST LT. LARRY REINHARDT Sponsor: Mrss BETTY Poss COMPANY A CADET FIRST LT. JIM STEELE Sponsor: MISS JUDY Fox CADET SECOND LT. JOHN FERGUSON Sponsor: MISS DELENE JOHNSON CADET CAPTAIN BILL BAKER Sponsor: MISS JOYcE BEAUOI-IAMP CADET FIRST LT. RONNIE GOETTINGER Sponsor: MISS JUDY LEIBOLD BUMPANY B CADET FIRST LT. RONALD MAJOR Sponsor: MISS MARTHA LEWIS CADET CAPTAIN GORDON BECKHAM Sponsor: MISS MARGARET PRICE CADET FIRST LT. JOHN PITTS Sponsor: Mxss DIANE HowE CUMPANY C CADET FIRST LT. BUSTER KILE Sponsor: MIss JOAN WILLIAMS Saber Presentation Following the example of last year's cadets, the Northside ROTC Battalion received a superior rating on its Georgia Mili- tary District Inspection. Another superior rating was gained in the Annual Technical Inspection which showed the unit tops in the supply and equipment section. Federal Inspection went smoothly with good cooperation from the cadets, and a superior rating is expected. Another suc- cessful event was Sponsor Day, which brought a picnic for the battalion officers. All in all the 1957 ROTC unit has been one of the best in Northsideis history. 2 S Color Guard 95 -MQ , Mx-..-Wwskxww-W K f H funn gun, nut Qllma Bfiatzr, fun lngal shall hz . 6. . FWD 'sw 'ini ' MN ffm if Q Audi ' , 531575 . yi ,Ili ml ,, H mf-' Maw fm l k i, 4 F' of.. 2 W 5, at . QL Q 41 irffguff v' 1--MX, -L, Q W gf w w ,E 4 3 ,. K wx- .if 1 gt Q X 5' Q F' Ni' Q x M . , if W ., 9 L ,fi-5- ' , 2 L ' ,, ., xy- gr ,333 - U 1 A Wig' 25152 z' f v f 'w , g-ffe.Y+1f1i' jx, , ,v Q, L w iifiazffl IM' V y , f M g , ,El-i 1 3, get S J? 'ia vim wtf? r gy fA.'7'l V ew Vw, 4 2 ., ,Z ,fi my gf , , . ..1n Q nw- P Wi" V ww ,. ,..X.f Sic 1 WL , 9:3 ,, ?!ff+1.:fi"i 'Ex if 55 gyk Q1 ix' 3 perm, - , eif,22,f:yfsv3:gi'. , , Q' PM W fmfswf'fffiffwgwwsiezf,ea ' Qi sswefil m"'ifsz51ff"ffS3?frf f K iki?-' w A ,,,awfM1wm a 1 ,,,1 , ra 'FL Li, , X .f Wai Q 31 . ,ma '5.,.1f,'w8 M, av- is ii' ffik v Q 2 - mikff gf Q ' fs .y 95 5'-I-A if U AXE' 1-, ,W-WH: s W in M354 vi fzk 'V Y Q 3 y KM 1 ff - Md' f t' W " i . wt? 1, L ,,,f2iQ5if1,.,4n 2 3 . x.p5k,a,, Z X53 , W.: Wa, we wwf,-gg yi, iw ' N L,,. , ,N LQj.g1f,?g5gg.., K H f ,, " 'Q na W KW XM A 'r , AE, . git? ... , EMQWQYWWA' . ,1 . 1 x fl x fa' Awww A , mwq,.wl?,f ,E 'Q ag , Zi 'Vik' 15:10. Q Q v sl 0 4 Q , :,,:,1.'E, X -A - r W Sf? gig . , , e X LQ. 1 Q W- ' Q . dfl ,, , Q 4 ,..- . mr ' , f f'!':5Ljf si -avg . . , 4 .,f, Jn"-g,: '3'g , 1 i. A -14 V35 Ng. 35 5' IS, , gigs? Wi? .53 ,993 If- 7, 1 iii . M51 3: ' ,134 5 QU , , .5-' ' SEQ 7 1 S xi ,L 'RL x X , :. 1 aa. + 471' fe N .Y , 4 A 4 ,. '54 ' Elk 4 vw .' ' ,,: , . Y , Q, I ,l X 3- - , ,, . 'fw- 'VH 'n 1 I ,ksyeugg . 1 ' r 5?-4. Co-Captains: Mike Thomas and Gordon Beckham with 1956 Tiger football trophies. The 1956 Tigers had their work cut out for them and came through in fine style. As well as winning the City Title for the third straight year, they won the North Georgia Championship and won acclaim as possibly the greatest prep team in Georgia. GRIFFIN The Tigers set their pace for the year by beating GriHin 37-0 in the season opener. Griffin fumbled the kickoff and on the first play from scrimmage Robert Sharp scampered twenty yards for the first score. Mike Thomas, Ben Fergu- son, Charlie Howard, Stanley Gann, and John Wirtz scored to complete the rout. NORTH GEURGIA CHAMPS Coaches: O'Quinn, Brooker, Creel, Anderson, Wilson Brent Filson, Most Improved Player, Jim Boardman, Best Block: fTeam and Cityj, Coach Creel, Stanley Gann, Most Valuab. Player, not pictured: Billy Grigsby, Best Hustler. First row: Harry Brown, Billy Grigsby, Sandy Bremer, Mike Thomas, Gordon Beckham, Stanley Gann, Max Staples, Bill Farr. Second row: Ed Tuck, Roy Williams, Curtis Beavers, Sonny Todd, Bill Tidmore, Denny Webb, Bill Smith, Alex Sifford. Third row: Jim Libby, Brent Filson, Jack Sharp, Scott Wilkinson, Ben Ferguson, Bobby Rice, Matt Howard, Rich Henley. Fourth row: John Ferguson, Steve Styron, John Baker, Henry Maddox, Ed Nutting, Bob Buckley, Jesse Samples, Roy Roberts, Jimmy Fleming. Not pictured: Robert Sharp, Charles Howard. 98 SCOREBOARD Griffin 37-0 Smith 37-0 Sylvan 21-6 Murphy 26-6 O'Keefe 48-6 Bass 28-7 West Fulton 36-0 Southwest 35-6 North Fulton 27-7 Grady 13-6 CITY CHAMPIONSHIP Brown 26-0 NORTH GEORGIA SECTION CHAMPIONSHIP Cedartown 20-0 AAA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Richmond Academy 7-13 A Perfect Season Another Six Points MURPHY Northside beat Murphy 26-6 after being held to a 6-6 tie until less than four minutes remained. Jim Boardman recovered a fumble on the Murphy 13 yard line. Stan Gann passed to John Ferguson and sneaked across for the score as he had done in the first period. The last two scores came on the run back of a pass intercepted by Gann and a pass from Gann to Thomas after a fumble recovered by Max Staples. SMITH When Northside beat Smith 37-0 the Tigers proved that they were the team to beat. Matt Howard and Stan Gann led the scoring in this team victory. SYLVAN The Tigers prepared for their first region game by rolling over Sylvan 21-6. In this victory the Tigers made 21 first downs and limited Sylvan to 6. Robert Sharp and Charles Howard scored on runs and John Ferguson tallied on a 16 yard Gann pass. Gaye Boardman, Sponsorg Meredith Woods, Queeng Eve Foy, Sponsor. A 's ,Q vw. State Championship Game O'KEEFE Northside scored freely to swamp O'Keefe 48-7. Gordon Backham started the rout with the first two touchdowns. Steve Styron re- turned an intercepted O'Keefe pass for the third score. Sandy Bremer and Bill Grigsby scored on well executed runs while John Baker caught a Ben Ferguson pass, and Matt Howard ran a punt back 50 yards to score. Thomas scores against North Fulton BASS Northside left the vaunted Bass defense in tatters after a 28-O victory in which the Tigers gained 266 yards, more than the Bass' previous five foes' combined. Robert Sharp, Bill Grigsby, and John Ferguson scored on runs while Jim Boardman scored on a Stan Gann pass. Meanwhile the tough Tiger de- fense limited the Bass offense to four first downs. SONNY Toon Center BRENT FILSON Tackle HENRY MADUOX Tackle sv av R .J ,W Y ROBERT SHARP MIKE THOMAS BILLY GRIGSBY STANLEY GANN JIM L1BBY Fullback Halfback Halfbaok Quarterback End es' MAX STAPLES WEST FULTON An alert and hard hitting Northside defense turned the pre-billed "classic" and "game of the year" into a 36-O farce. The Tigers fell on five fumbles and intercepted three passes. Sonny Todd kicked three PAT's and one field goal. Gann scored three times, Sharp once, and John Ferguson once. SOUTHWEST Northside completely outplayed Southwest to win 35-6. Gordon Beckham, Ben Ferguson, and Harry Brown scored the touchdowns. Sonny Todd kicked all five PAT's. NORTH FULTON Northside finally beat North Fulton by more than one point. When they did, they went all the way, 27-7. Stann Gann gained 154 yards, 77 yards more than the whole Bull- dog team. He passed to Gordon Beckham and John Ferguson for two of the touch- downs. Mike Thomas and Bill Grigsby each scored one to insure the victory. GRADY Northside completed its first undefeated, untied regular season with a. 14-6 victory over Grady. John Ferguson, playing fullback since Robert Sharp's injury in the North Fulton game, scored both touchdowns. Ed Nutting, Max Staples, and John Baker sparkled on defense. BROWN The Tigers won their third consecutive City Championship on the power of three touchdowns by Gordon Beckham and one by Jim Libby. Two of Beckham's scores and Libby's one were on Stan Gann's accurate passes. On defense the sparklers were John Baker, Sonny Todd, Ed Nutting, and Mike Thomas. CEDARTOWN The Tigers reached their peak in their brilliant 20-0 victory over Cedartown for the North Georgia Championship. Gordon Beck- ham and Stan Gann, who scored respectively, one and two touchdowns, were the shining lights on offense. The whole defensive line played so well that the swift Cedartown offense never got started. Guard BOB BUCKLEY Guard JOHN BAKER End Gordon Beckham scores against Cedartown in sectional playoff. HARLES HowA1m MAT HOWARD JIM BQARDMAN GORDON BECKHAM SANDY BREMMER Halfback Halfback End Halfback Fullback ., ev. i , at ,K I :Ae Gann runs agalns Sylvan. Sharp tackles Murphy foe. City Championship: Ferguson runs. Managers: JIM GREY, JIM BELL, RAYMOND BROWN MAOKY O,CONNOR, JOHN WOLFE. I RICHMUNIJ ACADEMY The Tigers put up a ter- rific fight in their 13-7 loss to Richmond Academy at Augusta, Until the fourth quarter Northside was un- able to move the ball. In the fourth quarter Stan Gann passed to Gordon Beckham, Jim Boardman, Jim Libby, John Ferguson, and then to Bill Grigsby for the Tigers' only touchdown. As the Final seconds ticked away they had marched to the Rich- mond Academy 35. It was this "never say die spirit" and the team's fine character that made the 1956 Tigers a truly great team. STEVE STYRON Tackle JOHN FERGUSON End ED NUTTING Tackle CURTIS BEAVERS Guard BILL FARR Guard WWW' ,sr 1-.3 ' fa-sin . , - W .4 , . , ,J 5E,?,5ag,w.s5afe tx: LJ- 2:5 vaw f' ,gre Mug ww""""".' gf r. . .. " '- I ss 5. Q if 4 l4"'ii-.7 First row - Dennis Strickland, Bill Talbot, Dennis Pulver, Paul Hollo- well, Scott Taylor, Ben Statham, Hank Lesesne, Rusty Jones, Doug Kirby, Kaye Ellenburg, Alton Curtis, Joe Cotter, Haygood Clarke, Steve Ball, Claude Wills. Second row - Eddie Green, Jimmy Gladden, Jimmy Watts, Bobby Kirkland, Billy Roberts, Bobby Saunders, Means Davis, Chandler McGilvrary, Cliff Madison, Steve Garrett, Bill Beckman, Joe rlank Lesesne leads interference for Paul Hollowell in B-Team game. EIGHTH GRADE When the Baby Tiger schedule was complete, the score- book showed six wins and one defeat. They scored 175 points to their opponents 34. The Baby Tigers had an ex- ceptionally well balanced backfield. With their desire, will to win, and character, they will continue to be a credit to l Northside as they advance to varsity athletics. First row - Asa Candler, Sam Franklin, Rogers Lunsford, Ralph Mc- Clelland, Dick Blackwell, Louis Brock, Jim Broaddus, jim Haverstick, Bill Johnson, Cokey Coley, Robert Burnette. Second row - Gary Pat- terson, Charles Holloway, Tommy Buckley, Roddy White, Freddy Tranhardt, Gary Nunn, Woody Wilkinson, Co-Capt. Ben Henson, Jim Wesley, Jim Paulson, Clyde Brooks, Sam King, Steve Dixon, Stewart McDaniel, Bonneau Ansley, Coach Brooker. Third rBw'- Miles Myers, Pat Locke, Buddy Milton, Joe Martin, john Edwards, Bob Boardman, Mike Broadbear, Bill Werner, john Hopkins, Blanton Smith, John Watts, Vic Aderhold, John Martin, Dixon Reeves, Bobby Fine, R. L. Tindale, Jim Mason, Robert Brown, Jerry Ney. B-TEAM The B-Team is the training period for varsity football. Under Coach Brooker, the B-Team won three games, lost three, and tied one. Only one team was able to score more than once on their alert defense. The following were the most outstanding players: End-Bill Werner, Tackles-Rusty Jones, Ben Statham, and Butch Susong Guards-Mike Broadbear, and Billy Roberts, Backs-Buddy Milton and Bobby Kirkland. Rough play in 8th grade game. Brooks, Lane Crocker, Gregg Trammel, Ben Barron, Arnold Williams. Third row - Jimmy Ney, Gene Ferris, Jack Eason, George Miller, Frank Courtney, john McCord, Jack Shafer, Homer'Ellenburg, Johnny Holman, Abbot Whitney, Steve Gladden, Roger Crouch, Skip Willing- ham. ai 1 1 X N. I ,LA I 1 Cheerleaders whooping it up for North Fulton pep rally. The Northside cheerleaders have worked long and hard this year. As well as making posters and selling pennants, they practice every day after school to prepare for the next game. With- out them the traditional Northside spirit would not be what it is. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ON TO VICTORY Center: Co-Captains, Delene Johnson and Eunice Swift, L. to R.: Margaret Godwin, Gail Thurman, Sara Peters, Gaye Boardman, Nancy Peterson, Katherine Mann, Alice Bates, Harriet McDaniel, Beverly Hampson, Catherine Brown. B-TEAM CHEERLEADERS Libba Brown, Ann Rankin, Ladye Jernigan, Peggy Steiner, Danna Drewery, Mary Ann Latz, Barbara Hasell, Judy Ford. " J ,ki 2 1 55 4 inf A Kg. 5 an Pep Clubbers before pep rally. EIGHTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS First row: Patty Bradley, Carolyn Seay. Second row: Ginny Carnes, Ann Washburn, Anne Johnson, Barbara Ison, Ann Hudgins. Third row: Lynne Rosenkoetter, Cathy Brown, Libba Barnett, Becky Wainwright, Jackie Hasell, Linda Syme, Beth Jones. 105 iM Left to right: Robert Madison, Wyehe Fowler, Tiny Williamson, Rick Madison, Roy Roberts, Mike Petrie, Harold Wells, Bill Smith, Chuck Taylor, Max Staples, Bucky F erebee. Tiny Williamson and Rick Madison Co-Captains Northside Northside Northside Northside Northside Northside Northside 5 7 Murphy 57 O'Keefe 4-6 Bass 69 Grady 7 2 Sylvan 67 West Fulton 56 North Fulton CITY TOURNAMENT RECURIJ 69 Northside 49 Northside 36 Northside 4-2 Northside 5 1 Northside 5 2 Northside 34 Northside Murphy O'Keefe Bass Grady Sylvan West Fulton North Fulton STATE TOURNAMENT 106 Northside 60 Fulton Northside 38 Brown Northside 63 Murphy ,Coach O'Quinn 30 58 59 v -lg Northside 59 Baker Northside 3 9 Benedictine E n RAYMOND BROWN Manager BUYS BASKETBALL This year the boys' varsity basketball team com- pleted one of its most successful seasons, losing but two of its regular season games and Hnishing third in the City League play OHS. The team was led by Roy Roberts, the leading scorer in Atlanta. Other standouts were Tiny Williamson, Rick Madison, Max Staples, Chuck Taylor, and Wyche Fowler. CHUCK TAYLOR TINY WILLIAMSON MAX STAPLES RICK MADISON HARRY LANG WYCHE FOWLER HAROLD BNELLS ROY llOBERTS MIKE PETRIE BUCKY FEREBEE Delcne Johnson, Joan Williams, Carolyn Williams, Andria Springer, Winky Dimock, Judy Sc-ay, -Ioan Eason, Ann Evans, Susan Smithfield, Dale Avard, Caryl Lenahan, Nita Wages. GlRlS BASKETBALL The girls' varsity basketball team, under the supervision of Coach Anderson, lost only two regular season games and won the city league playoffs, beating Murphy in an over-time game. They also repeated last year's perform- ance by winning the state championship. The team was led by Caryl Lenahan, Judy Seay, Dale Avard, Nita Wages, and Ann Evans. All were placed on the All-State team. Co-captains JUDY SEAY ANN EVANS 'W COACH ANDERSON Dana Lenahan, Andria Springer, Joan Williams Ann Evans and Winky Dimmock in Managers Janet Wyman, Dottie Clairborne, and Kathy Griesemer '42 Judy Seay, Caryl Lenahan, Ann Evans Northside 42 Northside 42 Northside 65 Northside 57 Northside 54 Northside 54 Northside 56 Northside 47 Northside 37 41 Northside .......... Northside 50 .......... Joan Eason Judy Seay Susan Smithfield Carolyn Williams Mary Rosebush Dale Avard Delene Johnson Caryl Lenahan Nita Wages Caryl Lenahan and Ann Evans RECORD ....................Bass ....................Grady Fulton North Fulton .....,........O'Keefe ...................Bass ..............Grady Northside 48 .......,.,., . .,...............,.. Sylvan Northside 81 ................... West Fulton Northside 48 .,..........,.., North Fulton City Tournament Northside 60 .,...................,..,.,........ Grady Northside 53 ......................... Southwest Northside 44 .............,......,.....,... Murphy State Tournament Northside 58 ..... .Richmond Acad. Northside 45 .................,..,,,,, R. E, Lee Norths1de 59 ............. ............ M urphy B-TEAM BASKETBALL First row: Bucky Mundorff, Jerry Brooks, Larry Hanson, Buddy Milton, Ben Fergu- son, Second row: George Delrnan, Manager, Tommy Wells, Bill Werner, Mit Fitz- simons, Rusty Jones, Bob Holman, Tom Kinton, Manager, Third row: Kevin Heeney, Brit Madison, Haygood Clarke, Jay Conover, Steve Garrett, Harrison Jones, Coach Brooker. EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL First row: Bill Johnson, jimmy Ney, Hank Stelljes, Ben Barron, Gene Ferris, Second row: Roland Thomas, Manager, Hanes Hargrit, johnny Holman, Bill Smith, Cy Hornsby, Billy Gwyn. RICHARD TATUM LEFTY Ewmc GIIIT TEAM JQHN WIRTZ HERMAN DIXON BUYS SWIMMING TEAM GIRLS SWIMMING T EAM I 'Va' - 7 , . as 'N' V Q U'f '89, . Pole Vault-JIM BOARDMAN Distance runners-Qin order of Hnishj-DICK HICKS, JIMMY MURRAY, BILL PREWITT, WARREN OVERSTREET TRACK The 1957 edition of the track team is expected to equal or surpass the state championship team of last year. Returning lettermen such as Charlie Howard, Dick Hicks, Jimmy Murray, and Warren Overstreet will make it strong in running events, while Ed Nutting, state champion shot putter, and Jim Boardman will strengthen our Held events. Coach Anderson is also expecting great things from former B-teamers. All in all, the future looks very bright for the Northside tracksters. I ., we f l I Shot Putt-ED NUTTING 100 yard dash-fLeft to right Q MATT HOWARD, BILL GRIGSE CHARLIE HOWARD Q Hurd IES-MARVIN TIDWELL AZ- dll. ! CROSS COUNTRY The Cross Country team, probably the least recognized organization at Northside, has just completed the most successful season in recent years. The fifteen members of the team, all that remained from the original thirty, faithfully ran, once a week, the 2Vz mile course around the Water Works reservoir. They finished the season with a 5-l record and placed second in the Northern Division Championship. Outstanding runners were Wyche Fowler, Warren Overstreet, Jimmy Murray, Dick Hicks, and Bill Prewitt. We congratulate this team and Carter Redd, student coach, for its exceptionally fine season. Wyche Fowler wins again REOORD1 NORTHSIDE OPPONENTS Northside Murphy Northside O'Keefe Northside Grady Northside Bass Northside Druid Hills? Northside West Fulton Northside North Fulton 1 Low score wins. 2Non-regional meet. o-captains Jimmy Murray and Dick Hicks and student coach, Carter Redd. Left to right Tiny Williamson, Shuck Taylor, Jack Brocksmith, Warren Overstreet, Bruce Gillette, Bill Baker, Allan Lisenbe, Wyche Fowler, Harold Wells, Carter p Redd, Harry Lange, Jim Black, y Bill Prewitt, Jimmy Murray, Dick Hicks, Bill Whorley, Coach An- derson. Not pictured: Bill Boozer. 113 I BASEBALL Our baseball team, which placed second in the State tournament last year, is hoping to have another successful season. This recent success is probably at- tributed to the unity and companionship the players have held during the past few years. All the boys have been playing either with or against each other ever since the formation of the Little League in Buckhead. We wish the team and Coach Creel the best of luck during this 1957 season. Stan Gann Max Staples Front row: Mike Thomas Stan Gann, Ben Fergu son, Buddy Milton, johr Ferguson. Middle row Glen Ulrici, Rick Madi- son, Don Johnson, Ma: Staples, Gordon Beck- ham. Top row: Jimmy Adams, Harold Wells John Baker, Tiny Wil- liamson, Curtis Beavers RICK MADISON JOHN FERGUSON 114 MIKE THOMAS CURTIS BEAVERS KATHY BARNETT GlRlS TENNIS The girls tennis team was undefeated in city league competition last year. In the city tournament they won first and second places in singles and first place in doubles. In the state tournament the girls took first place in doubles and were runners-up in singles. Kathy Barnett, Mary Anne Connerat, and Sandra Atkinson, members of the team, make 1957 look like another championship year. MARY ANNE CONNERAT RUTH KNIGHT SANDRA A yMJ f 03 in 5 Il STEVE LOKEY TOMMY WELLS GRANT CARTER BUYS TENNIS Last year the boys tennis team, also undefeated in city league com- petition, won the city championship for the second straight year. In this championship the team won first and second places in doubles and second place in the singles. They went to the state finals where they were runners-up in doubles, and where Buzzy Cowart took first place in singles. Buzzy Cowart and Grant Carter, two members of the team, make prospects for 1957 excellent. BUzzY COWART 115 fwyww M T Zlnd mhm mz part, mz'll lzahz hzr hzart, 'din thz srhuul mz hnld su dzar . . . 0 , ,. A sgfgs -wk gf? 'sw if V .. sw -Q,--Q y gf., , , ,..,,. ' g K Q 'f ' eww --ff-- V ,'ww'11g,,,ifl ww -iam! Q'1E5s:fI'-:-' hfifgf: He, SEQ? -y a' ami z ff , ? 9fk .115 2252 , .gre ' L I n KJ QV ESM - gg i ,Aa e , w g , , ,,: .k . A zz 23, ,mi V 4 V T- V qui. I L4 K I : .1 ,3 ' . 1 . ' iff LL up ' M WM M f X A 2:81. , ,. , V. M , , A A H ,pizff-'r1,.,,1i. - liiiiwikifi' A , Uf3U!1f,f-Liivz1EsL,g 5333341-li3Ti55,gii? , ,, ' 1 A f f , ,.z4-,giggv-ug-iug-,fm ,ff W'-f.'g,,,g,ge5f.g 'ek wfgbfilf-sm - irlyfyi L' imf'w1.m Ti 1 ff-ffi iiiiff-fg 11 V I 1 1 ,Lg ., . i , 7 W Y- . . A,U,m, .mmMmww,-wgafwwi-W-qwrnggxna- -.4 - ewvbfbw wYL fgwX.xv1imMi X . . .w w ?.f5 wm-2:55331-Q X M' .M XM -- gff ,mg -fv- 1 .,fff,gf.U1 -- ,fi , ,I H Q V EER, Q J- -.-Q, V ,. ,,f,,,J, gsg:eza.Mm3Eg ,-5. -- .li,5RQ ?gi: -,..,.T, V ,. ,, 1 1 F M .f ,,:., , fx X Q if .,- za , V 1 A g gi REPRESENTATIVE SENIURS CURTIS BEAVERS BETTI GREEVER REPRESENTATIVE SENIURS EUNICE SWIFT CHARLES HOWARD if 6.352 S2 'og' Ll' 41 ad' if TA! 5245? 2 QL 4,1 5 1 ii , . iv KF' was A 15 vii' Rfrggfl ' 'Q Q 1 3 E 5 3 ,,,.Q,...f-N-......,.,,,w,.,- .,.,. l. ? 3 2 5 ff REPRESENTATIVE SENIURS HENRY MADDOX EVE FOY ff' ,M al? If s I 4- .qw wk FAM W' M H V-M Neg' ffgwm, 5 Q f "., ,W .-.i ,,,...' ww ,, , 5 ' 22 14 3, ' 4' ,,g,f1-ff' if fi if f Q KMQK Q Wm 'wvnmsli 3 Q 5 fa 5 Q, I. A v3 mam, REPRESENTATIVE SENIURS JIMMY CARSON ANNE HOLDEN Dandy Perry . KATHY THRowrR Ruthie Miller . DIANE CUNNINGHAM Billy Briggs . JOHN WOLFE Art Coleman . KEN KREBS Claudia Jones , NANCY LEE DAGUE Linda Perry . JANE CHEELY Mrs. Martha Perry BFTH FULLER Gordon Gavin Mr. Alan Perry Gladys, the maid Mrs. Milly Gavin Dutch Whyte Mrs. Lucia Gavin Prof. Roderick Gax m WALTER WINGFIFLD Director . , . ane Mullscy Faculty Assistants Larry Smith Theo Vocal1s Student Assistant .Directors an Perry Carol Chambers Properties Sally Sheffield Beverly Kitchens Tickets and Publiclty Business Law Glass Set Decoration . Anne Weidmger Nanci Gowart Pat Stagehands . . Robert Thompson Larry Reinhardt Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French Hnrthsidz, all hail tn than G , u THE VIKING NORTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL 2875 Northside Drive, N. W. ATLANTA 5, GEORGIA T0 OUR ADVERTISERS 2 We of the Viking Staff extend our sincere appreciation to you for helping make the 1957 VIKING possible. We wish you the heartiest success in the future. Thank you sincerely. THE VIKING STAFF J ' .A ,1 .Q ,no Gel' be'Her service ai' John, Susan, and Betsy help their father in the PACES FERRY SERVICE STATION realestate business' REDD and BALDWIN Gulf Producfs Cars Greased, Washed. and Simonized co- Tires, Tubes and BaH'eries Road Service 2I6 Healey Building CE. 3-9245 I3 I 3 VV. Paces Ferry Rd., N. W. JA' IJ258 RAYCO AUTO' SEAT COVERS INSTALLED FREE IN 30 MINUTES I697 Peachfree Road, N. W. W. J. HAYNES TRini'I'y 2-4289 Cusfom Monogramming NECCHI-EI.NA SEWING CIRCLE 3053 PEACHTREE In Buckhead Fred and Tommy know that electric motors are thoroughly tested at Unifed Elecfric Moiors. Inc 690 Ashby S+ree1', N. W. Beicvre Vitamin A-Q fixitzr Vitamin A-Q 32 il I1 I: Inl- nmw W m V lAZ S Friendly Service and a Friendly Smile Can Always .,e.,.,..WM lj? Be Found a'I' 3 iiiii reelnliri Springluke Shell Service Station To "Shoe" away +I-me blues Buy Poll Parroi' Shoes J. 81 J. Poll Parroi' Shoes For Boys and Girls 3078 Roswell Road, N. W. ' l920 Howell Mill Road, N. W. TRini+y 4-9346 4-Q Hhknwnnfnn ku FULTON HARDWARE 3l3I Peachfree Road, N. E. FREE PARKING CEdar 3-4293 w-ww www, ., wif , 35 7 Terry and Dianne play it smart and insure with PIEDMON T LIFE INSURANCE CO. mx Glass of'57 SOUTH B l T 0 AN 'I' GRAPH C0 BEACON LAUNDRY, INC. PERSONAL sERv1cE MODERN 0 SANITARY 0 THRIFTY CEdar 3-l6l5 2839 PEACHTREE ROAD NORMAN'S ' Harry and Jimmy get their drugs at Hiichcock and Simmons 3057 Peachiree Road me PEACHTREE ROAD, N. w. CE' 3" '3' CEdar 7-4656 Buckhead 3. zgu Q .fi . :Q ,S fa . . gm? l EIIioi"s Peochiree Siudio 3243 Peachfree Rd., N. E. d A Mark Qualify Foods 135 LIBERTY MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANIES Avard, Bar+oo, DeWi+'l', Lenahan 1Wes!b,oq.Sanc:Ira Sf, SPORTSWE C YW 3 4, 1 A R -5. I sou'rl-IERN nETEc'rwEs. mc.. ATLANTA I070 Spring S+.. N. W. -4 BEAUTIES J 2 QE S3 BRAINS f BRATS BEAUS 3-0 YW M mv-Yun E fA.1l'lCi O7fCYTQc:v Y Tum M5,vT'hey, LQ3Xscm i CHR? Ls.rx'v:v MM-Hain Mliwamson Q i 'mmk , 1 Y M., 9 Ek Mika Dedlus 6-I en lb, K3 ewcv-s 'S 3 ,aa 1 ff 1-ww Mwc YBWTG Q J W - . V " -Q Loufse H1 H , 'i ii .L . Don HBV-AA legi Q f V -ci? , Ai 3 Tkxm e. Klxav-Aav Navmui Thompson ex L A ' V if G'CY1 IC. fllowvlsovw .-,bbw Y3XesQKfuell lx 1 WMA ,f V Q f Y 5 . K .jg Fv-s.v'.Ak FOQLA milf KCQYQT B341 Auison AAQWNS AXLQK YQMXCY' C, QA Q-ones Q.: Wen A LX SXQXQXXYX Susan FX ov-v-iemvx N ickxi C. b.v-'Te:v- 500 Qs SQY-y-K1 Rosecv 138 ' N. Linda Turn eq ez. Dgbbg To AXWXQ bJex-nexff C Neve Few1kx50W A A ,',:'- ? Mama, Mon Susan Au F-vane QYXCQ' 'fzmmgx oak Ear' ,vsp 1 , 31 Q1 ' SYY-id Q. Power 6-mzyxw Green MAQKQAAAMS Cav-oX Rxxnklgsqj-,ax Te. QQ-YQ'-i Cd'-Y' wan f , mf' ' i 6. L5 if W If 1-cvwfbv-QL, K-Disc. N ':.- f wi P! - . ' -A Q V 5 2, 454 ' A ' ' ' . '. f 3: ig 'f" 5 M- 'V ff' Q q x ' -T Ah.-lv-na. Spriniev- fu. 53? A . M V I A BAK Tmbo . , '. Z,A1 Tfgl Hg . S5 l F ' S-mx ATSC N W 'A' ' sf Cf-MS '3 KX on , wx W Qve , 1 , 3 V ,m5:gG?Tv-exmmcN v P I Denv-us STV-3C.K!b.nA U I,- U' ones EP , A , - Ann Tuvrvav- . , 6 U. ' 5-,nge .gt ,Q Ckmvkne CQKTQ Tm a gus Arm Davis Mkvikvcq YWYQT ...l i A-9 139 ff If de Zeal! NORTHSIDE PLAYLAND l975 Howell Mill Rd., N.W. Sweets SP' ng' Shopping TRinity 5-30ll "Toys for All Ages" KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT SHOP 449 Ponce cle Leon Ave., N. E. Sweet" BILLINGS Barber 8 Beauty SHOP MASTER BARBERS ancl BEAUTICIANS Same Location for Ten Years l 70 I ell Mill Rd., . IGN SUPERIOR TRUCKING COMPANY Safely - Speed - Service 520 Bedford Place, N. E. DECATUR LINCOLN MERCURY 2l8 E. Ponce de Leon Avenue HOPPER 8 NEEI-Y BEAVERS' "QUALITY DRUGS and PRESCRlPTlONS" FURNITURE Free Delivery Service COMPANY l970 Howell Mill Road Aflanfa, Georgia soo MARIETTA STREET "We Serve The Norflm Side" ATLANTA I3, GA. TRini+y 5-5659 TRini+y 5-5650 . Harry doesn't have to work--He is insured by and Loan Associafion c. Fred Brown f 3045 Peach'I'ree Rd., N. E. Buckhead 0 S'l'a'l'e Farm Insurance 3I0 E. Paces Ferry Rd., N. E. Beverly and Beth attend Norihside Meihodis-I' Church 2799 Norfhside Drive John Ends all kinds of electrical fixtures at WOMACK ELECTRICAL C0. OEdar 3-44I I 3 I 75 Roswell Road Buckhead SEW Sew You Won'+ Meei' Yourself Going or Coming PATTERNS . . . Fancy Trimming Drapery Fabrics . . . Kirsh For Home Decorafing WALTER J. PENNY Inc. BUCKHEAD . . . cedar 3-4061 CRSQHL Vwliff xg Walls: B 28l E. Paces Ferry Buckhead L I 1 il K ki' awk, rua., HMC. l ' . if. .,- ' -,.,., M. A9 92 ,,,, J , ---- Q 1- , ,. L S ,ff V sc.K.1i Bn:-xoarq M 4 a'5l Aan Hqnnxs 3 svcwxg W-NS-M V8 Y! Wm C. ,Ng ,Q QQQJYNQ sniff R ckvxvx .vawn ' Rena: vi s 3, wi- Vkgmw-A W 1-f. ii' 'etxlf Xlxen X-Qvxx A X uc Vx AAF 'ab 2 , ' , un'- buab. T 'J g Tggwxe -'vsnsvx fw' "' ff' had M3 Mg, iw' . u'Q,,,,.,,g Maru: W VW Q x ww 2 J i X.efxb0 V. L,,.. K,,gz,,D, QM,g,m,fe5,QQ Mar in 'TR km QNX .Q n-K Cxnlq Mme HQQXHPC wif' 'A 593' Qruvviiv uni 33.3 ri- .M v. f -4 Sze. . X Tak TX gl X Tm X Mum WJ 97.u..1.u 64..,..,4, ', Vicky ' V13 M 3 A Peachfre afnd LWL, , af Fif+h --A xl :1- JEL' ' n "H - go to f dfii i' - .v..,. ' ip. , , A . : Q W, fihllll 1 ' .1 z.4Qu,1w E ff - '. J V' H WK ' Dr John Ta 1. H. ennvm co. H - + ' F' Pasfor I63 ROSWELL ROAD Give Christ and His Chwrch A Place In Tow' Life B-TO Miss FauIkner's Crew MYHECO KENNELS BREEDING BETTER BOXERS "NORTHSIDE'S GREATEST!" Myrtle 8z Heath Cowart 2010 Dellwood Dr., N. W. TRinity 4-1590 Compliments of EARL MCMILLEN BUILDER AND DESIGNER 4647 Northside Drive, N. W. CE. 3-8094 Brookwood Variety Store Specializing in Household Goods, Hardware, Cosmetics, Toys, School Supplies GLIDDEN PAINT DEALER 1931 Peachtree Rd., N .E. Howard's Furniture Company 3 '75 Interest on Savings NORTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL SAVINGS BANK Compliments of of MALER LAUNDRY PAPA JOHN'S STEAKS - CHOPS - SEAFOODS - SHORT ORDERS OPEN 24 HOURS TR. 2-9387 Located Next Door to Camellia Gardens-1859 Peachtree Rd. N .E. Compliments of JAMISON and CCMPANY, INC. ' fa' nf' ,f ,, . s f, 1 -' '.. . For The 'f ,. nf'- 4 I CF!! 72571 as Congratulations to the . 7 Best in Attractive Homes .. . , BOB DELL REALTY CO. W. Paces Ferry Rd. CE. 3-6751 GRADUATING CLASS 7 re A Let of L g if 7 i f S MRS. GLADYS KERLIN I BERRY REALTY Second-Ponce de Leon M f ' If p in Help YOU Find Your . 1 he ' Dream Home Baptlst Church L p Ltg Y RAY Yftt A K , V Office, CE. 7-8641 N e ere Res. ME. 4-7583 Peachtree Road at Wesley 3277 Roswell Rd., N.E. N . Buckhead Plaza V t OFFICERS: President .....,.,..,..,.,....,..,,,,..,r..,..,,,........ .....,...,,,... B ill Smith V. President ....... ....... ...... ...,....,..,.. D i c k Hicks Secretary .... .. . .,.... Coker Appleton Treasurer ................. .,.,...,.,,,, .,... ..., S t e ve Styron Annual Representative ........... - ,...,..,,... Ann Coulon Red Cross Representatives .......,. ,Lolia Wesson, Flddin Vlfhitn Compliments of D - 5 Az.- rofw A FoL61vw4 c, noon M A sy s Jo nuns neun: A ' 4 Dy 1 " gusfgg NLE lcavfvz-rw .,V -STEVE Suozmnuffl CHANDLER ' . -.SHEPPALDA I W ' mcamvmv A iii A ,Q , . sin ,we 71166619 ONE fiv Evzfty ceawo A A Mnzcfh oem , J h-k - ff , 1'fA .Zur 6' G07 ALL . . 33' ' 1' ,pa A 3 V aw i A r VHLEEIAS' HRTAYIJIC ' Mzmy Lyyu ' E ,,,. 2 - HUIVKIAJ g A 4. 3 K wwf , - A MHQY AIYAI LAT! 5 f ff asf , AA x A' W "" f'- ,ww JVEYE Bosrpu L, 311. swf -- - Omercc, J Us fi g KIACIJLAND i A " cfcfifk llfrawus A ssss Many 8n1a'e. . BOBBY JKANAIE :penny J:-crm CNAIQLOTFE A WOMPJDH frenzy Eveaaerr V kfyg WMM ow ,wc M Qoofven. L. 1 A Lf' For the Lalest Halr Styles Go To FRANK'S BEAUTY , SALON 221 Pharr Road ,ff LX F L Porter knows he gets the best when 7 he shops at ,,.s I DON'T KEEP IT A SECRET! Buy From Royer 8z Jennings Realty BUCKHEAD MEN'S SHOP .U .. . 219 Phan Rd- mn. 7.7511 149 TERMINAL TRANSPQRT COMPANY, IN gloricfa to the great ,Cake.4 cmcAoo 1.2, "'1 "'..z' """"' was X, -- 3 Lgnugulponxs I: - A KA! Loursvn. E W bhdy ' 1.1.12---7'-' huns fl 5 -. -.-,,- - in ,. .. gig - xl' l'! amnmomu ATLANTA -,,f.-V . - N r W: f Q . wnrcnoss lA I A Acxsowvxnnz j- AMPA I 1 General Offices: 180 Harriet St.. S. E. - P. O. Box 1918 Chicago, Illinois 2931 South Cicero Avenue Phone: Bishop 2-3290 Louisville. Kentucky 520 Marret Street Phone: Mlilrose 4-9401 150 ATLANTA 1. GA. Birmingham, Alabama Indianapolis. Indiana 3501 5th Avenue North 3340 Shelby Phone: 4-7647 Phone: STate 6-1401 Waycross. 'Georgia Iacksonville, Florida Tampa, Florida 1715 Albany Avenue 2175 Commonwealth Street 114 Meridian Avenue Phone: 1492-R Phone: ELgin 5-6481 Phone: 2-9335 1 ty ' MQ wg ,3-,x rx' ei K ...f"'z I w .. 2' :ll Y w P N Compliments NORTHSIDE INTERFAITH FELLOWSHIP Anne and her friend enjoy eating at the Colonnade Restaurant 2420 Piedmont Rd., N. E. CE. 3-3244 Golden Glaze Do-Nut Shop 395 aut st. at Hemphiu Ave., N.w. TR. 4-9273 Serve Our Doughnuts at Parties. Sell Our Doughnuts for Fund Raising Projects Special Prices Call Any Time for Information ' .... . . 1 elen ky 4,'i A Y -i Q f iii? W-, ..,. magna..- S , ' 1 . A w If 1, ul - .. ,, -.. .: .., , .. f .,,, L4 al ' , v li , .' If ' Il: i'-TEI i f : :A'l I t le., 1: E 5 of ' S W ' - 1 e ...W.,...,.,, ? ' II! a rf at Q f he ris .. a t Peachtree Road Methodist Church BUCKHEAD THEATRE - ,A H 1 Mr. William M. Suttles, Dean of Students at GEORGIA STATE COLLEGE of BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, helps Jim Boardman and Alice Bates plan their college careers. Oiferings include R.O.T.C., Accounting, Secretarial Science, and other Helds of Business Administration or Arts and Sciences Lee Greever knows that it's BRUCE TERMINIX CO. for the best in termite control 1101 Spring St., N. W. TR. 2-7746 We don't . . . . but sell all the Q we sell the cars . . . best. CAPITAL AUTOMOBILE COMPANY Elwyn W. Tomlinson, Pres. Opposite Biltmore Hotel Most studious Most scientific Prettiest toes E-4 superlatives Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil Ugliest in i V Biggest lovers R IEW 'lf it 9, R+ it as " o be 'B' ,,.a..,.ar"" I :A WN i i is '- Least to say the most I ,uf Teacher of the year Most improved player, best blocker best lineman, most valuable player Fm alt Biggest gold bricks Biggest flirts Best looking legs Most likely to fail :fc:f.:zsg.,l 9 I K B ff Lisscz iili i r, lf 1 - V ' YW fib"g1n ' . 351. :Q aff it W1 'B 5 55 4 sQ1l'eI','1?:i if i . qskn if :::,,g::.Qy:?,zl rx . . ' ' f1'1'2w- up Q eq2'm.-5: 'R . 'diffs' V5 ' 5 ni "- ' Q4 2" K . l 'ig " -.,y :Lv 1 -A Marlon Brando Biggest talkers Curliest eyelashes Pvgress k Our Mosf lmporfanf Hoducf GENERAL ELECTRIC Since Patty has a picture window in her bathroom, she uses shower doors from Shower Door Company of America 1301 Chattahoochee Ave., N.W. DRINK Uncarbonated Flavors BIRELEY'S BOTTLING CO 544 N. Angier Ave., N.E. Insured Safety Current Rate Your 3V 07 Best 2 0 Bet 1 Follow the lead of Judy and Ronnie to Fulton County Federal Saving and Loan Association Where Thousands Save Millions BUCKHEAD BRANCH 3079 Peachtree Road, N . E. I .ZEA ' 5? I f I IN I I Q WEE' ..,. E X. BROOKS SCHOEN ' Tr'ea.5ure,r"' NITA WA6-ES RUBYN WALSH If I. fi SPIRII JANE LENNARD . , n. ,. ' WW WNATT I cuucx Lmzs .TOLYN CHASTAIN I if I w 4 PAUL cfmrewuaug JUNIORS ii 5 5 W: 1 f f diff? ,H ,L ,nh s . lglig? WARREN OVERSTRFFT 'N Pre.5Ide.n'I"' MR.SPENCER Our 'Joy " 7Ea.Lhu- CONNIE TOLBERT ROBERT MADISON susnw mouse I 45 Jacaueume L U SM IT H J 'M MY SMM ON 5 I I - BILL DURRETT ff-I I BOND HLNIFI ND JANET SMITH 'ff v f f :FULL HERNIRN DIXON 59 In W. r 1 ff- CARYL LENAHAN HELEN DAVIS PAUL HOLMES 3 f ANN PERKINS I ,,. ,9 PAM IN I PAM RH PP Jmmv DANIEL James Dfwwassom IIINN WILLIAM So N 156 GINNH TISON JOHNSTON JOHN FERGUSON Pmucxn vdoonnu FF JULIE STOKES LIBBY GRE EN ED TUCK I0 ANNE BIIGLEY WN"fl'i"5 ' Nancy Lyman ' l Rick Madison Bill F ef lab Buckley Bill Graves . Y, -V' J W, ,Z Max Staples yd Kfl' Lavender Q mx bk Y- ---4 -.f- -0 5 . e s 5 1 i i f 4 mend Brown i- ? mm 7 l lL l ,K AH- Lolafllbs-:SAT Be.cky451in:kl4hdA,icg8aTeS F015 Nlebb Fbbbll. Sha:-P ' Qu M 3 AQ Mg ' TM Rob no-TTlwnfson .F gg ,lzh l l l W l Haven 'l' Changed , ,af-bkzro. Nay Macky Ohana- Much , Have Janie, Maker Nagy Non,-S K K "": ::1'f 5 lvgt M . i 2 1 ll l 2 fl b f m gi 1 I D6 e Fuller l7, V - Nw m f' 5 , aria. Edwards Ayn' C 'Uk Y Lge Huh: If-M Bev! Edlu- Fcuk Got-ff7LJO-f A - l. ' ,. A l in Azlyi .,. 1 l 'M' .11 . l l l lllll Q ' ll 2' ll A fri f , :EQE - 5 b ll ffl? , l 2 l Q l my Tghngon Geralcl Hx'I'fZo-500 Rule Timmy Adams Babb We. J111' Bgvep-If Ki'l'clm I duress 8. LAUGHLQN STEEL CURPURATIDN w . .....a Yv4K'4'V ' 'if N.. qi CZCDNTAINEIFQ Dovaessom A-ra.MrrA,iE1,-a. "f" '7.x W"""i Sled Pzadaata Q W gt? in 3 F , an Adam --...N 'gli WARE Whaf are we learning in homeroom fhis morning? Our ofiicers?l? These bank fellers are doing a bang-up businessl If +eacher ge+s apples 'From all fhese siudenfs, she can sfarf a fruii' marlref. W1 T W . 3 5 'rr y HL Q K my W' i i .. "' , 5 35 ' X H Q in - ' 5 xr ,M , of , Vquune, ' ' Fi M mamlw 'nh-mich Jufglwqk qw: W, ,ci A A i - W i M 7,,,, . ' Y m J - wil , Q HJ' J: J L5t':MMmh j g -I " Q 'lalwwffj m,..., ,....r1 me , ., , A -X Bm , A . Haiqnmfk ' VV 9 G'Rii'Fe,+h W , .G Q- Mbna. i l Jima 49 I .. , tain a r -5 Raul i In i?H ggg tgt a ' j'M3 L,. Jiri? 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X5-Hrlxana , G55 TR. 6-2171 Atlanta wyfff Q 'fhlipujlw if xx- jj I 37 JMB Best Wishes to Our Many Friends 1 at Northside .EWR fl ly? . 1- f' . .. ,wx , NN JU X is OTIS. "BECK" BECKHAM . DOUGLAS F. HAMPSON ED. A. ALBRIGHT gg, 5 Q A' , 1. Qs, ' -.-.ggi .1 , f' E E as 4 ' ' a ' ' X A N , S of ffifivf f0 Q g XF Z " I ' 1 -iii . NW X I E N 5 f Q " X . 'T I J ff Il ' Q ' . Q. a 13, ik If f 'x W 'sofa 'Af Vw Q55 . 4 Q X i fb boi? 5' Q' Q 77 ra! A f M WW! 1 . A 11 A U-L 1 fb' MX mi .,,,,, ,fm 'ggi-....... 57 if -f --A--.... 0 415 Q fyf I Ai M X !f,g, ' f sf Q l,!if'ff.f f U ,ia r x ,- .1 Q W. W , , Q L xlib R I.. , , . Q ffwkgg My v , 1 -2 , X A f ,: , , v -eg, D,-,mfr G1H5Yf" H Eimfen iiulce i K gf I f . Page x 1 X 1 'fs ef 'V 1 1' I n ,L vary Ann Dilehar. 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Green Stamps BIG APPLE SUPER MARKET 164- ,,....., Jo Anne's clothes get Peachtree Road th. finest .t Presbyterian Church nz. 2-0502 M 0 D E R N Peachtree at 12th and 3156 Peachtree Rd., N. E. eaners Maple at Peachtree Atlanta, Georgia CE. 5-1025 Cliif 'finds STANDARDH OV P Q ..1i.?f.2:.i1. Mmm, CLOSMHH CORPORATION Power Mower and Garden Shop 3674 Roswell Rd., N. W. H A I R S T Y L E S .1..i. by For the friendliest serwce intown... HOWELL BILL FITZGERALD Di, CE. 3-3298 SERVICE STATION 325 Buckhead Ave., N. E. Compliments of VANS CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY 1954 Howell Mill Rd. Convenient Drive-In Quick Service Phone TR. 4-7224 HENRY MOOG RLTY. CO. R E A L T O R S 1909 PEACHTREE RD. ATLANTA 113.2-1101 I """" Kit and Jimmy buy gas from R. BARFIELDS Service Station and Grocery 142 West Paces Ferry Rd. Jimmy always lills Dottie up at .... RUSTY'S DRIVE-IN 2275 Peachtree Road Do as Lane does and buy your hardware from YOUNG HARDWARE CO. Elizabeth and Ann get their Venetian blinds from VENETIAN BLINDS, INC 1814 Peachtree Rd., N. W. 24 HOUR SERVICE L. C. SMITH SERVICE STATION Corner Northside Drive and Bishop St. Atlanta, Ga. TR. 6-9235 TR. 6-2147 GIRLS OFFICERS BOYS Compliments of Sandy Springs Shopping Center Bates Camera Shop Fowler Jewelers Dream Home Furnishings D. E. Pinkard Cleaning and Washeteria Western Auto The Little Folks Shop Leamon Hobbies and Toys SwoEord Shoes Aldredge Hardware Forrest Five and Ten Big Apple Super Market Roswell Road Pharmacy First Federal Savings and Loan Conkin Real Estate Alston Florist House of Charles Sewell Service Station Bagwell-Wilson Real Estate fry B'l1 Sm and 1 mo snot senvlcf have their laundry done at A step ahead BOB'S UUNDRY sosz Roswell Rd. Atlanta, Georgia 2257 Peachtree Rd., N. W. TR. 6-8881 CE. 3-8122 McFAD'DEN Business Publications Atlanta, Georgia 0 American Bank Directory 0 The American Soft Drink journal ' The Southern Banker 0 Southern Banker's Directory ' The Laundryman-Cleaners Guide 168 Harriett and Nancy enjoy TAYLOR'S PERSHING PHARMACY Peachtree at 17th Street TR. 2-9672 We call for and deliver "PRESCRIPT10NS" Henry congratulates the class of '57! NORRIS BROTHERS RIVER FARMS NEWNAN, GEORGIA Compliments of MacDOUGALD CONSTRUCTION Baby, it's cold outside-Let's CO' get inside the HUNTER PLUMBING and HEATING COMPANY 666 Metal Rd., N. E. ON SALE at your favorite Super Market, Variety Store, or Chain Drug Store at a very low price. John and Jimmy take their business to MacDOUGALD-WARREN, INC 1625 NORTHSIDE DRIVE Nz? may rz mga' Q ai 1' :" ' "': ' - V ,.,.:1 , - "1 -' Q ! W Ev.. VN ' i lx L EW K Wi F im var kximcflu l Chuck and Julie find CVCfYfh1f1g Nancy and Betu know that Av1sco Cellophane g00d Ht protects almost everythmg you buy Roswood Pharmacy, Inc AVISCO Fllm Corporatlon 3767 Roswell ROEIC1 N W 190 Ottley Dflvg WEE? x fir t Ann Eva-.nS ......,.3 , if :w k , 1 o 5 gat, riinchcloo M9 mmen o9'p--- men wmfns OLDSMOBILE - L! "Growing through courtesy and quality service." Compliments of CE 7-2814 COVEN ANT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Da. HERMAN L. TURNER, Pastor REV. VICTOR j. JANEK, Asst. Pastor RUPPERT XL LORETZ COIFFURES Hair Stylists 3211 Maple Drive, N. E. At Peachtree Road Buckhead Atlanta, Georgia 'V 5' J. B. DENNY REALTY CO. 311 Paces Ferry Rd., N. E. Iris Jeanne knows J. B. Denny Real Estate Insurance is the very best K Billy and Becky are frequent W I . E 'iris' Customers 'A'6z'!.'a.'.s--."3"....-:.f-'11, Q il 5 E4 H ,2m.Sl, at The ix FMUQES . SALES :NSU-xu,fmoNs ,,,, r nnonfs NT Inf. THEATER xc coN'fs2AcToRs Lola enjoys the fountain service at Tuxedo Pharmacy Senior Fluorescent, Inc. 70 Fourth Street, N. W. 3695 Roswell TR. 5-2542 I F 1"fC'Vf'l THE CATHEDRAL OF ST. PHILIP Congratulates its members 1957 Graduating Class Lola Albright Alice Bates Judy Brumit Judy Bryant Marita Chilton Charles Cowart Claudia Foster Nell Johnson Harriet McDaniel Mary Norris Jan Perry Celia Sibley Barbara Smith Mitch Staples Elizabeth Tufts Dick Werner FH Compliments of THE UNIFORM SHOP Judy Leibold Arthur Wick Uniforms for Every Need Sandra I.eShanna John Wolfe Lane young 76 Broad Street JA 2 6688 School KEY CLUB Serves 'IC 1 PNATNO 15' Loo S m f Nation Community ? ,.. ,,., .,.,N, IN! BBA B ' G Uh CEE 'gnmcsns 'QHHTS BR Q ww x . . 1-.J 8, , .-4 msg. w ' 4 K 1 Q. A, i XXX Q: 'BUDDX ES TQUMS 0 130855 'B RTS is , 9.91 'SP Nga, 'S' S 4 I. y , 7? , E? ? 1 3 5 wi. - 5 :W -L'-i 3 , iv ,fi ,WA 4 5 5 1 ' "His '+R , f W""' H Q 1 M949 Mjm L,'5 K W1 KQV 56 i Adu 'Nm ff egg gteok 1100 . 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W A ,,r f -,sf Cookie recommends 721 ef- Q L Q , nocxwfu ' tv sef" V4f"s I - I -1 n A W , , I A MINurIc1unmG I-A-v ,... 1 - ,wp ,ii A 1 A N' w Q x L 'W ' I f 1495 Northside Drive A X f TR. 6-2691 5 """"' Icicco o.C,c A 5 U V554'l'i3'iV:Eiv' .'.,,, 1 f.LA-.,, ,.,. 1f-,..I Mg? 1 .1 z L41 C Supporting Everything That Is Best For NORTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL PARENT TEACHER'S ASSCCIATION 'ws KN KoLLEcTsD , KOLUSAL 3 2 TEACH I Q 1 K 9 fQ 35 'gf X sv KOOL K ' OLLE Y'5 RAZY I DS -We U Q 1 is KNYCE- A gn , x -k . D KAR n ,wU,,f.1,- -- 'Lx 4 V 515. EQ :- Kbft Q3 E? .5 2-. YQ ,l , l Mfr, mp MON Q , . MM , in 3 S- Q 1 T R E Z Suse if A . ' ' p an KAve'MAN vii 9 180 K Q' HAT KA Q ORB UPT 'S il L KEEN KRUMB HNEAT um. Q -1- , 44 K RUEL KRAZY MNTNE K4 P'e?n's Q Compliments of dl' ' CAIL I 0 W0 -"umm: THE A ORKIN ke suNce 1901 MAN G Q 3 W'ORLD'S LARGEST PEST CONTROL CO. 'A . ' 713 West Peachtree Street, N. E. TR. 5-4541 nnfxlfn SHOWER BUCKHEAD GLASS oo. noon co' 3228 Roswell Rd., N. W. 547 Peachtreet St., N. E. TR. 6-6363 "Glass for All Purposes" T H E V A R S I T Y SMITH-JOHNSON PONTIAC CHES. SMITH BERNARD JOHNSON "No Food Over 12 Hours Old" 1210 N. Main St. East Point, Ga. CURB SERVICE Compliments 0f ATLANTA ATHENS THE BORDEN COMPANY LAKESHIRE-MARTY Co., Drv. 1200 Chattahoochee Ave., N. W. SY. 4-2966 MORNINGSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH By SAFWAY STEEL SCAFFOLDS ATLANTA ' Scaifolding ' Rolling Towers ' Ladders ' Steel Shores ' Swing Stages LM lvl' M K s v Better watch out! Scott is at work SEYDEL-WOOLLEY Sz CO. 748 Rice st., N. W. ' Bleachers AUTOMOBILE GLASS CO. A. W. EVES, Manager MODERN - SAFE - ECONOMICAL 656 Spring St., N. W. Phone TR. 4-5712 Atlanta, Ga. 1 1 , Q I COMPLIMENTS OF E-3 THE ATLANTA BOTTLING co. 864 Spring St., N. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA WQfC2f4 K Q 'V U M7 QM Q, ,ff,i,.14 AE make - fl 7 ' , . A0 55,4 f' 9 I F X U4 Cfdwqfdfafrw fffcnnciw of 0 VWOML A. ffm! manga 7711 , 7 wp fmuf, gf c .,xfr,Qifc'f-jlgij C1 0 U A47 Mm tsi. 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McMillan, Owner 2975 Peachtree Rd., N. E. C D U I R N B I N s G E R R V 0 For the BEST BAR-B-Q and BRUNSWICK STEW I O come to the C M OLD HICKORY HOUSE E 1527 Northside Drive N. W. WHITlEY'S S5225 CDNCRETE BLUE DIAMOND MORTAR DECATUR LAKEWOOD P'TREE HILLS CHATTAHOOCHEE MORTAR DR. 7-2631 MU. 8-2447 CE. 3-2155 SY. 4-7684 CE. 3-2155 Radio dispatched trucks from any of five plants for eiiicient and speedy delivery to any spot in Greater Atlanta and vicinity. all ? 1 I E 1 l + 190 S2 FOO gzawlkzg V. Jr. xjpfy. fifviy X i W gigs W M Emi X 1+ R 65 mwfw FEE WMWM 353, is wh n U' M sr - M u M R W 1 ' 1 '14 " ' A' 1 1' ' VM MW X 1 "Fi, Q: " 1 Y : N Ufsvg '-Q! A , W 1 ' ja' Myyim ' - Q " f W f 6 W fqfkfm X , - I W , ,M af' W W W M .9 5 we 'l ywj ' X LU? U5 X ' , ' - f' ' if W WWW 'W Q Q MMM 5 W W Mffj EQ, W W Qwqwfw X iii Mfwwwgf 1111- 4,14 Jr J'-"""' ASE J' bi E , ' 1.w ,,f' '1 , 'n' " . ', w. N'. ,, ,,. , ,,,': 'f .. ,,. 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