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: . I I 5 v 1 I S 5 I E I I i I V if Q x n E 2 e ............-....-.i.......u-.l1.,..........-...?. -,..,.,....- ...S YYIE7 ClRYYflWFAI2 1968 Northside H igh School Roanoke, Virginia Volume 8 .!94:!il.!J.D H3951 JBHDIJL Two children hold hands to mask insecurity as they travel up the road to education and adulthood. Roger Bryant and Linda Mercer ponder the surprise and downfall awaiting them. . 3 .10 Winter . . . . . 7-'L Spring ...... .. .130 All Seasons. .. ...174 Epilogue.. .. . . .212 Introduction. . . . Fall ........ . . ,wi .1 . 1 -L "Q img' 5 WERK3 mem 1 Q ,M px i K. we .M Q :Q 'x ,Ez- fr 1kaff.g!g5,iii A CHILD GOES FORTH There was a child went forth every day, And the Hrst object he l00k'a' upon, that object he became, Ana' that object became part of him for the day or a certain part of the day, Or for many years or stretching cycles of years. For all the years of our lives objects in- fluence us each day. These objects do, as the poet so rhythmically expresses, become a part of us. Some objects will leave their imprint for all the rest of our lives, while others will remain part of us for only a fleet- ing moment. Life, the art of drawing without an eraser, holds moments when we wish that we could erase events, at other moments we wish time would stop its continual progress so we could look closely at our world. In this manner one year at Northside pas- sed. Our lives intermingledg we learned some, grew some. Years ahead will reveal just how much influence passing objects had on us. 3 Flighth grader, Sharon Hostetter, has difficulty de- ciding which number combination will open her locker. Cooler Breezes A ctivate A tmosphere Though poets and biologists describe spring as the all-around time of beginning, fall is a time of beginning for Northsiders. First and foremost is the opening of school. Students face the "same old grind" and slowly grow accustomed to the basic routines of tests, homework, and projects. Clubs or- ganize for the year and elect officers to lead in club activities. Plans materialize for forth- coming programs and projects. Cross country meets under open skies provide opportunities of exercise for inter- ested boys. Viking football fans enjoy com- petition and keen excitement on chilly nights. When autumn's falling leaves are covered with December snow, students note the end of this beginning as the school year is well under Way. Keyettes, Debbie Wilkerson and Alice Davis, work against the cold to sell programs at a football game. 4 Q. 1 At the close of another hard school day, weary students welcome the pilgrimage to homeward bound buses 5 Viking Mike Henderson battles his opponent for the ball as Bernard Harris comes to the rescue. 6 Coach Isabell braves winters snow and ice so as not to dlsappoint his boys Phys. Ed. classes today. Icicles are A Part 0 Wintefs Wonder Dark, rainy days preceded Christmas and students met the dead of winter with hopes that snow was not too far away. Far spread were the November days on which we could stand at a bus stop and see our own breath. Basketball games and wrestling matches brought the dual excitement, and the team members sometime rose far above their ex- pectations, sometimes failed to meet their own predictions. "Yultide Dreams" and holiday KL parties characterizes the Christmas vacation for many. Exams in late January worried someg others were not bothered any more by exams than they were by weekly English assign- ments. Scores of Seniors shouted for joy as col- lege acceptances reach their hands. Others heaved a sigh of relief that only first semes- ter grades count toward their acceptances. 'iShould it be here cut here?" Mr. Carter, Cindy Henley, and Pat Ball decorate for the Miss North Star Dance. Q, 7 ,f 5 I ix GEM xxxxxx xxxxxx mix Mike Morris holds the flag steady while Bill Hedrick sinks a putt into the cup. Short Eight Grader, Donna Gryder, utilizes the lower shelf of her locker while in search of a lost Geography Book she needs for her exams. 8 Everyone stands with bowed heads as the minister prays at the 1967 Graduation Service. All the Students Sustain Spring Fever The end of the beginning for eight graders and the beginning of the end for seniors came when spring arrived. Northside's youngest class saw their first year draw to a close and, along with other underclassmen, planned schedules of classes for '68-'69, Boys participated in track and field events, tennis, and golf. Girls turned to softball and track. Many clubs ended their year with spring banquets to present awards. Outstanding students received recognition at the annual Awards Assembly which occupied two hours of class time. Juniors arranged last-minute details and seniors enjoyed their final high school prom. Graduation 1968 ended spring activities for seniors. Northside's latest graduates would soon be on the bottom rungs of lad- ders in the exciting world outside N.H.S. Four June days held exams for eight graders and seniors alike. Classroom days ended, schools closed, and a sultry summer faced happy students. 9 1 1 O The nurrying tumbling waves, quick-broken crests slappzng The strata of color'd clouds, the long bar of maroon tznt away solztary by ztself the spread of purity it lies motionless in, The horizon's edge, the flying sea-crow, the fragrance of salt marsh and shore mud Reluctantly parting with summer, surf- boards, beaches, and fairs, Vikings throng to the gym to meet new friends and old ac- quaintances from the last year, and to re- cognize the first day of school. Before the fun and experiences of summer can be stored in our memories for further reference, the old familiar sign of autumn appears - days start to shrink very slowly, and become cooler. The hazy skies and lazy days of Indian summer set a smoky, pleasant stage which waits expectantly for Autumn to appear. Then it comes in scarlet, gold and rust color- ed splendor. Blazing bonfires and happy hay- rides, football games and after-game excur- sions to Lendy's quickly pill the ache of sum- mer past. umm f 1 I Wim-H ,ETX Our school secretaries, Judy Philpott and Judy St. Clair busily but happily count money for book rental. um :V-Q Rx , S .. 'N -f- , 1F55 ' ,--ff" S if- X ir! if G Q, i' ... s - W Y' L 'Suu so "o--M..,Nl .,,. .. .. ...Xe Northside High, surrounded by mountains and sky plays an important part in the education of many students. 0, Wim su EEEEEEF EE 12 Administration Plans Education, Activities Students saw a different face this year if they had occasion to enter the principal's of- fice. Most students also caught glimpses of Mr. David Urquhart at assemblies, in the cafe- teria, or when moving to and from class. Ad- ministrative policies, student discipline, and other vital regulations originated in Mr. Urqu- hart's office. Mr. Hal Johnston and Mr. Eugene Orr, our two assistant principals, offered disciplinary measures in many instances and gave guidance to many students. This guidance came from their knowledge of official policies, their familiarity with where things might be found around the school, and their willingness to be of help to students. SCA officers, club presi- dents, and others at Northside continually found need of the assistance of these two men. Miss Judy St. Clair and Miss Judy Philpott kept things running smoothly in the office with their efficiency, friendly smiles, and helpful attitude. -we .figs Mr. Johnson and Mr. Orr formulate ideas, policies. Mr. David Urquhart, our principal, must study and regulate student activities. 13 Miss McDavid calculates the overdue book charge for Alan Stolove two week overdue library books. Mr. Ji 14 m Gallion Mrs. Donna Henderson Miss Edna McDavid Guidance and Library H em All Students The Guidance Department, a vital part of Northside High School's organization, is busy all year. Fall finds the Guidance De- partment hastily correcting schedules and establishing the important routines that govern life about the school. Every morning finds Mr. Shelton and Mrs. Henderson ex- cusing absences and keeping track of the student body. Miss Peters and Mr. Gallion, our two part-time guidance counselors, offer their services to confused students during one or two periods each day. By giving achievement tests, administer- ing college board PSAT and SAT, and in- terpreting scores, the members of this de- partment extimate the aptitudes of numer- ous Vikings. Our library gained accredation last year after attaining the required five books per student. Several students and teachers assist librarian Miss Edna McDavid throughout the day in keeping up with these volumes. Mr. Gallion has a conference with a student about grades. Mr. Gallion, Mr. Shel- ton, and Mrs. Hen- derson confer over student schedules.. ax. Rx 15 Q is 'Q e X K aw Y' 5 Q ,,. Al Us 3 5 . . . .s,S. .?, ,. X X X X X If 3ikwiNs ,. X .e , ff -- -Q : - - Iss-,E ,. - MM , fssfff. . , N W M ss i s N if x S X ,is 3 ,Fri R SK 'g t Q iv Y g ik S ug-. Mr. Gaylord Bower Mrs. Suellen Fore Miss Jerry Fudge Mr. Bob Howell 16 l s .ig Af 1- Q K Us Vi: ' gE1.'1?f5fis:if . AL1.A W ,L-. X. is: s ' i viii: . 'FSE Mrs. Kay Minnich Mr. Dwight Shoher Mrs. Sue Yates Mrs. Susan Zimmer Mrs. Zimmer gives Jimmy Beckner extra assistance with Algebra I during his seventh period study hall. ml! Miss Fudge wears a look of surprise as she receives the Christmas present given by her Geometry class. -nu---' Math Problems Rankle Most All Students Eighth graders overhear many foreign- sounding words when listening to the after- test discussions of upperclassmen. Often they wonder how any human can keep all those terms straight. Sines, cosines, tang- ents, gemmetric progressions, dot product of two vectors - all these terms hold a fear- ful note for the inexperienced. Algebra, geometry, and trigonometry stu- dents quickly gain familiarity with terms and learn to use them with little thought about their difficulty. A teacher's explana- tion often brings an understanding of how seemingly complicated terms can simplify mathematical concepts. Slide rules, Compasses, protractors, and other vital instruments equip the student and aid his mind and pencil. Equipped also with his language of mathematics, he pro- gresses with classmates toward complete understanding of the subject matter. . , Miss Minnich's Trigonome- try class diligently concen- trates on making geomet- ric figures on the last day of school before Christmas. 17 Math Presents ct T ritz! to Most Students Northside's Science Department offers courses for students in all grades. Eighth graders struggle with earth science and bio- logy. Freshmen plod through one semester of chemistry and one of physics. Sophomores attempt standarized tests and dissections in biology. Many upperclassmen daily face the perils of taking junior chemistry or senior physics. Laboratory experiments, mimeographed tests, and classroom discussions, of scientific apparatus and methods occupy an hour of each school day for hundreds of science stu- dents. All must formulate and carry out an experiment to be graded as a science project. Those with successful projects are urged to enter the Roanoke County Science Fair in the spring. Miss Fitzer lectures endlessly on the complicated prin- ciples of math to her eager eighth-grade students. 18 i dy., , w Mr. Stewart watches and assists Wanda Glass and There may be a slight handicap as Becky Heck manages to help Susie Sarver with a problem of weights and balances. """---M, - if Q Q6 'W ' Ann Jones with weight problems in ninth grade Physics. Miss Rebecca Brammer Miss Margaret Fitizer Mr. R. L. Stewart Mr. Archie Stoots Mr. John Turner Mr. William Waker Mr. William Yates Mrs. Patricia Zirkle ,.-. uf-ff X, ,gwipwagfffgsfgig , Tx x X + -P 2 as gg it 0' 19 in WW 2 f f s Z , 5 ,W W-qW,f,,,, ,,,f.f.,W ' ' ' ' A . J 5,2 f", -45,1 -2.514 -,,,f1:wfag: .,W..,, 'wi -w':ff,w. : ff ii W f ff' new fmt 945' ff, ' 'L ' . QQ ",.Q,.', ' 'V ,,-- r -- ,L 125179 4 if aff ",':' -fs'- . Jg e ' I ' L ff 7' "" I - 4 , 4 Z W wif Y - V, I is? ,.143fjoe7,:45 45 wx, zmzn M 'Y'1'fZ1W'w 'f :Zin'i?VvRief57'.'fw ,f V ,,,, rfyyffw Qi, f 2425, 'L hifi' H? Vtyg as ,,AA . 4, 62 Q s ,, , , i I I Q ss. 4 rf seek: 1 -- 'aa ff ju , MV , wif ,L 3 ,ew f , , f W. 'mh, " N Wexwf ,,.,,i,, .f-.........M V 415 'Yr ef Q 4 ' ,QV My in 2 "And this is a monocotyledonf' says Mr. Coffindaffer as his students see a closeup of this flower class. Students give projects on mesozoic periods. f ,L K gifs l i i fi N' - in -' na-s5C.rx M' 20 Mr. Stewart measures Pat DooIey's height in meters. f Mrs. Yates helps puzzled Debbie Revere, an eighth grader, with some diffi- cult math problems. Butch Carter, an eager senior, thoroughly explains the periodic chart in an interesting Chemistry class. 21 World A jfairs are Top Most in Our Minds In accordance with county requirements all students must complete courses in Ameri- can history, U. S. and Virginia government, and World geography or World history. There- fore, most students find themselves enrolled in social studies classes every year. Maps, globes, and textbooks carry eighth graders to far-off lands as they meet people of different habitats in their study of world geography. World history students learn about past events, battles, and famous per- sonages. Sophomores familiarize themselves With our nation's past in American history. Government classes introduce juniors and seniors to fundamentals of our nation's government. Juniors and seniors may elect any one, two, or three, or all four of the semester social studies electives. These electives are in psychology, sociology, economics, and com- parative government. Mrs. Naff explains map projections to one of her interested eighth grade World Geography classes. Mr. Alfred Anderson Miss Shirley Gregory Mr. Richard Leftwich Mr. Curtis Miller Mrs. Mary Naff Miss Norma Peters Mr. William Prunly 22 fl: 5 Z ,ZF fx A t ,4 ' X12 , Z ,,., ,f , fp, 4412, f fgfh- mg, 157: ' ,al . ' 'ez A- I , 1 ff -I -vxSf'15nf'1f G Mr. Prunty observes the concentration on the faces of his students as they struggle to remember correct answers. 23 All Sujfer Through English Palientbf New approaches to English grammar in- troduced many unfamiliar terms to students in grades eight through twelve. Teachers abandoned traditional grammar for the basic sentence patterns emphasized by structural linguists. Students learned to recognize basic sentence patterns and to see clauses and phrases as components of these patterns. Twenty-five seniors studied transforma- tional grammar in Northside's first Advanc- ed Grammar and Composition class. They also made detailed studies of methods for developing paragraphs, themes, essays, and short stories. ' Delving into the depths of human nature, students met and analyzed illustrious char- acters from a variety of novels. Knowledge of figures of speech, meter, rhyme, and style added meaning to class studies of poems. Plays and short stories introduced other modes of literary expression. Mrs. Shook placcidly takes roll at the , beginning of her English class. I Mr. Robert Brill Mr. Gerald Carter Mrs. Jo Ann Lonker Mrs. Joan Mitchell Mary Frances Petty Mrs. Dorthy Russo Miss Linda Savelle Mrs. Rosemary Shook ,M Mrs. Susan Vandergriff WWW .fi M , , , . 3: Y 24 f 4 f f ., ,,'a. W.g,lw . 2 "Wm a..mM,,,?wW E Q ,. if' AN i Miss Potter patiently and calmly explains the theory of Reid Kellogg to her eighth grade student Leila Smiley 26 Since Roanoke County requires that all students complete courses E in American history, U. S. and Virginia government, and world geography or world history be- fore they may graduate, most stu- dents find themselves enrolled in Social Studies classes every year. These classes include numerous off-the-subject current e v e n t s , discussions, and teachers encour- age the use of maps, news maga- zines, and newspapers. Headed by Miss Norma Jean Peters, this department centers around the student's awareness of his world. Besides the required courses, the department offered four semester electives. Juniors ,,,,,,.... and seniors may elect any one, two, or three, or all four of these. These courses are in psychology, sociology, economics, and com- parative government. English students listen as Richard Huffman finishes his book report. H orzzons are Broadened Through Study Students busily take notes as Mrs. Lonker lectures on the early period of English. 'sa- G, K J A i f X sage ws ' i l P A "And the Black Plague spread throughout Western Eu- rope," comments Mr. Brill as his students listen and follow their notes. 1 .L,J::U,i1Cl, " ' Jn ,..., ,,,, ' 5 """""' --MW W ""' "Nh .. ,.., ,, hy, ,. Wifi I , , W' ' ,rf W ,, , A 5 ' M1 H Miss Gregory energetically pushes around her podium as she makes government come alive L --:-' Mr. Anderson points out , ,mm W 55, , .. 5 Y' r r Y 1 xgf. F, A k 2 ,.f. K raphy students. far away lands to his Geog- me-sr Mit? ' i' ft '11 T X 5 fx ig i S 4 - ' Q X R, 52-ik Mrs. Hartigan thinks, "Oh no!", and looks away discouraged. Mis, Mary Blair Flora Mrs, Ernestine Ha,-tigan Miss Flora 3.4-san' . i of e , 28 Miss Edna Martin Miss Yvonne Myers diligently teaches her students Spanish with laughter and smiles throughout the class period. an snpgquussnvvf-mf - Q s Miss Martin carefully explains the fundamentals of conjugating a verb in Latin I class. ' -' "'-.M --:fi XA.l - , . . ' ss'- F Mike Morris translates for .,,,..a--mf" Miss Flora's Spanish class. Languages Broaden Foreign Concepts N.H.S. language students plodded through French, Spanish, or Latin classes with the aid of brand new textbooks. Abandoning classical methods of vocabulary drills and verb conjugation, teachers stressed progress toward thinking French or correctly .pro- nouncing everyday Spanish words. Tape re- corders and records, two of the language teacher's most effective tools, familiarized students with the "sound" of the language. Thus vocabularies grew for first-year stu- dents much in the same manner that a child learns to speak his native language. Whether by modern techniques or by age-old methods of memorization, study of foreign languages and their related civilizations opened up a new world of far-off lands for numerous Vikings. Maps of Roman lands, recorded lyrics of French folk songs, and unintelligible discussions of Spanish patriots testified to this fact. 29 Tooth Brushes and Paint Enliven Arts Lights, action, and the play begins. Our dramatics teacher Mrs. Coffindaffer gives her classes the ever-necessary training and experience needed to produce plays. The dramatics department presents short plays for Christmas and Easter assemblies. Mem- bers of this department also present one-act plays for paid assemblies and district and state competition between high schools. Mrs. "C" also directs the senior class play in the fall and the junior class play in the spring. Spring 1967 saw the production of South Pacific. Fun and frolic for juniors and sen- iors in the cast and those working back stage resulted in a successful money-making effort for the junior class. Mrs. Harris leads art students in studies of various art forms, the history of art, and different art materials. These varied ap- proaches to art provide a basis for the crea- tive expression of students with all types of personalities. The art classes have a display on A-hall at all times. Janie Hoer and Jo Alice Ruble exhibit a spirit of creativity while making facial masks for Art I class. For a pantomime Senior Bob Cregger brushes his teeth while in the mirror his image, Jerry Shafer, mimics him as Mrs. Coffindaffer watches in dramatics class arf- .fi "" ""X?'g. -::.g:ir3:a,:: gg. . W - eps M , ,..,,., Sk . X sf X , X Mrs. Rose Coffindaffer Mrs. Elizabeth Harris 30 Q- Mildred Johnson claps her hands to the beat to get her choir in the swing. Rosie Doyle and Brenda Fahnestock turn the rope for Patsy Arrington to jump as Mrs. Coffindaffer watches. ""-1-wi! me I-ew? Machines Hum ana' Hack Saws Buzz The odors that emitted from the Home Economics room contrasted the unpleasant ones that students smelled coming from the chemistry lab. Cakes, pies, and cookies sent only pleasant odors into the halls. Besides baking, home economics students sewed, studied interior decorating, and dis- cussed child care. During a study of house plans girls drew up samples of their own and outlined technical details of these. Industrial arts students daily entered their own World in the room on B-hall from which emerged the sounds of machines, machines, machines. Saws, drills, and other instru- ments took on a special significance when these boys learned their most intricate parts. Students studied the various grains of wood and learned how to finish each type. These two departments gave students the opportunity to practice what they learned and to develop individual skills. . .... is .xg-af: -V-we ':. PE-f. '1Es'f:i5555':-,srlrrisxw V 'ii rf ' if?-if Mrs. Jean Mc ' is-.. Mr. Price explains and teaches Billy Bowman how to ex- periment with planes and sandpaper in Industrial Arts. 1 Mrs. McBride patiently shows her Home Ec students how to thread a machine. Bride Mr. Vernon Price 32 l .ful we 4? w vi , , W 5 Zi gf A i 'ffl I , fy, M Carol Echols and Connie Furrow gain experience by practicing new recipes in Home Economics class. 33 Mn. Patricia Kelly Business teacher Mrs. Penturff instructs Sharon Cuddy on her general business homework. 34 .8 .?'v 1' A Ain. 'ff Mn. Joyce Noell Mn. Elinor Wall Business Studentsflre Taught Varied Skills Before venturing into our fast-moving complex society, which places constantly in- creasing emphasis on business and finance, or opportunities for education at business schools, commercial students learn the basics through high school business courses. North- side's business department offers courses in typing, bookkeeping, shorthand, and office practice. Typing and shorthand, progressive courses which place emphasis on the stu- dent's improvement, help him progress from basics to knowledge of mod-ern business techniques. Bookkeeping and office practice develop skills for future use. Academic students may enroll in a semes- ter personal typing course. As its name im- plies, this course introduces methods for typing letters, term papers, and themes. irq 'r 9 NTP. s - i W... .4 1 The steady click-click of typewriters finally becomes a familiar sound to first-year typing students. Concentration, quick-moving fingers, and near-perfect rhythm bring students excellent grades on timings. 3 'Y' in " I ,hm ' V M, -fn , , , " f' , ,.,, , ,,,, If ' , ' ' - Al f,f5wf,. ,,f,, fgf,.v.:: '-' ' , l ,i',i 1 5 35 Exercises are a Headache to All The Physical Education Department of Northside consists of Mrs. Clemons, Mrs. Kavitz, Mr. Dyer, and Mr. Isbell. Alternat- ing a gym course with a health course in the eighth and tenth grades and classroom Driver Training in the ninth grade, the physi- cal education curriculum has been expand- ed and improved. Among the sports offered are basketball, softball, speedball, Volleyball, tumbling, and soccer. In addition, the girls study dancing for a part of the year and boys learn gymnastical feats and weight- lifting. In the classroom, the fundamentals of health are broadened and elaborated on by closer study of the human anatomy, piece by piece. The half-year of driver training offered in the freshman year is the course which is recommended by most of the com- panies dealing with automobile insurance. Student teachers Miss Keiger and Miss Brown show gym classes the correct way to hit a volleyball. .,,. Driver ed. teacher Mrs. Garst points out the importance -of a safety belt to Nancy Hatcher, Ellen Hatcher, and Lyn Dillon at iree 3 is ,ifi if Mrs. Nancy Clemons Mr. Ralph Isbell Mr. Don Dyer Mrs. Doris Kavitz 36 l if ,ff -J i 5 . A, . t ff 5 , .. , Sl! t if E , .M 5 WOW x,,v V fr .. .- i - KW -,X A 5, A3 ...N-1fv's'f""'x"'f'q'mS'N'l? V I 'Q ' , Q--,is sf ' 5 - - f ' N . .V . an iiorfsm-W fy , - V .- "bf "-"- -"' .f J K i Q T .f Q' .L . K X Mwxmw V Coach Isbell supervises the beginning of the physical fitness programs designated by the U. S. Government. 37 R. C.E. C. Has Good Business Experience Roanoke County Educational Center offers interested juniors and seniors the opportun- ity to apply practical knowledge acquired in the classroom. Seventy of the three hundred fifty students at R. C. E. C. are from North- side. After passing qualifying tests, students from Northside and the other four county high schools study in this central location off Veterans Facility Road. The Wide variety of courses offered includes cosmetology, auto mechanics, practical nursing, data procesing, and vocational office training. Valuable experience comes from all these vocational courses. R. C. E. C. training will enable graduates to obtain better-paying positions after high school. li James Reed learns the valuable use of the lathe at the County Educational Center. v Rke. County Educational Cen- ter offers vocational experience. 38 Q C!! Ol CO I C tucson O 2 new :alloc Xl' coco 5696 . !,4g!4,v Complicated electronic devices fascinate these Marilyn Hathaway assures her fellow stu- two boys at Roanoke County Vocational Center. dent of a satisfying and stylish coifeur. M-. Li . ' - ,Ak WM 39 Q . , f .i. s .Q X Coaches 40 Vw W -t as . ,X ie.. 1 ,K . e 5 l'K.l.fF-lk 5 .nt Ek- af .wwe Nei ,gk .- f ,. 5'l'5f.ff R., . . uv? Q- wi .-X Q Yi Y..Qg.Q 2 Q. fi wk QQ X sf A 3 ,may , sg xg .. as , . Q, . ., S , .K 3 sie fn ei QM' A 5 .M Q ,x,,, S fwix 'm K5 Y-, X. Q y. .fs pkg, 4 . 4 ,Q A L . 4. .kf1,fg.Xygk nys s- 1 . , pf X! in X xx - K- Q sw. ,walk . 4 Q, . X 951- xg, 1 Q - .. 46353, 1 , .exe ec cweaelffv c. fm 2 -' . ' - x - -5- x ,-.E . , V, VA xg xxx, 4. .reg , A X ... ., .e .lvxnw s,. K N. K -.khkgvxk , -9 Sch., Z, , X Lisa A K New . ix-Rk,.1."s13 .N . ffiimgw if il X -.. fx, X N S Q K A. k ' 'X svn".-,L .QQ .RS if - x :il :da 2 Tis '33 'Y xii .c " xx. -MWA ,VJWNL . W x Qtek., x gs.. ,,,3,-ML X, .ig Y . .7 . X . .Q x' ,.r .9 - If 3 ,- .,- f f HK +ve 41 'L Q , -,- H Q.. M H 4 fy, Di. Q., .vc Q. gif-4,5 .1 w f ,. X .xl ge Y LX A K. blk? K... ,A I L,. ij .F , E .MXL . Ye- . Q 1 ffwfisi , We L- 5.5ci?.--X' 5,9 ,551 .X I . X.. k N., K .Q . . My x .lx V A ff . 41. 'L " 4 +V: ' 5' 1lrlX'v5ll'X 1 if V1 A . A .kj Q .XQQNSQ X Q. Vkirkl ,ry e .. ,:-+,e - , ,W-.'1:f. l1lp1Hx5we1-we mxaww Q ' Y . if-ef X bf v My Q W If-A"'x 4. . f x 5, L., 4 5,7 N . K. ,l . ,K 4. .L . . e S a f Yi--e .X X wlalx, f. Q R f. - - Shelton, Waker, Dyer, Isabell, Prunty tensely watch a crucial moment in Northside's Homecoming Game Coaches Inspire With Little Success Fans yelled, "Go Vikings," and football season began with a close game against Hills- Ville. Coaches Ken Shelton, Ralph Isbell, Willie Waker, Donnie Dyer, and the varsity squad ended the season with a 2-7-1 record. Greatest excitement in the stands came with the Homecoming victory of 19-0 over finished the 1967 season with only two minutes of the final game of the season against William Byrd, Viking fans saw the score shift from 7-6, our favor, to 7-13, and we lost. The Varsity coaches selected Wayne Gaabo and Stanford Johnson co-captains. Team ability brought him the title Most Valuable Lineman. Agile Greg Smallwood took honors and Stanford Johnson Most Valuable Line- man. Dickey Stucky tcnsely awaits a pass at a crucial moment. Captains Gaabo and Henson shake hands with opposing cap- tains before the kick. 41 ,V VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: First Row-David Early, Tommy Clayton, Gary Davidson, Terry Hen- son, Mike Henderson, Russel Johnson, Kurt Nulf. Second Row-Wayne Gaabo, Mike Walters, Russ Hamilton, Jimmy Mills, Kyle Fitzgerald, Gary Con- ner, Steve Turner. Third Row-Billy Wright, David Bousman, Harry Hambrick, Gene Fielder, Doug fi WW' Walters, Ricky Schilling, Steve Lambruscari. Fourth Row-Larry Stewart, Steve Cronise, Larry Hamil- ton, Teddy Worrel, Richard Newton, James Garst, Journell, John Kidd, Dickey Stuckey, Alan Moore, Melvin Puckett. Fifth RowEStafford Lewis, Alan Wayne Jarrels, Steve Hall, Pete Grogan. Our Team Morale Was Never Lacking in Spirzt VARSITY FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD N.H.S. ..... . N.H.S.. . . . N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S 42 Hillsville ....,. Roanoke Catholic Lord Botetourt . Covington . . . Liberty ....... Franklin County Fieldale ....... Bassett .... Cave Spring . . . William Byrd .. David Bousman successfully snags a pass during the game that led to the winning touchdown. ff if X f' 522 lx' ' xl 'L' ' v,,,w,41fZ - 5 f if 5 :rp 3 Z, if 61 Ji 1. W2 my is F5 Y L? We Viking Coach, Ken Shelton busily gives instructions to his players during an afternoon of football practice The powerful punt of Wayne Gaabo sends the ball deep in opponent Lord Botetourt's territory. 'Q- Coach Shelton leads a prayer and all players join in before the start of the big: game against Cave Spring. Freshman Football Instills Basic Skills Northside's Freshman Football team fin- ished this year's season with a two-three record. Freshman Coach, Donnie Dyer, was pleased with the great effort and playman- ship shown by the team. Most older members of the Freshman Team will return next year to play for Jun- ior Varsityg some of those returning are quarterback Robert Sesco, Most Valuable Lineman Greg Stultz, and Most Valuable Back Mike Barton. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD N.H.S. ...... 19 Lord Botetourt ........ 0 N.H.S. ...... 7 Cave Spring . . . . .19 N.H.S. ...... 7 Rk. Catholic . . . . .21 N.H.S. ...... 21 Wm. Byrd . ,. .. . 0 N.H.S. ...... 0 Glenvar . . . .. . 7 Tom Bradshaw avoids splattering their oncom- ing defense to gain yardage for the Vikings. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL: First Row-Andy Jami- son, Denny Monk, John Kennedy, Jim Yates, Mike Kelley, Robin Dudley, Don Maberry, Kenny Keen, Moody, John Plunkett. Second Row-Bruce Bollin- ger, Mike Carr, Colin Hines, Randy Caldwell, Bob Clifton Hambrick. Third Row-Roger Bradley, Ro- bert Sesco, Ridge Sink, Mike Barton, Dick Oliver, Greg Stultz, Robert Brammer. ,Smurf an 44 Q" , ,, ' K ,, ,,m,Wa,, aim., vwmnwwyV,M,wWWwmwAW W L Mmwwraw. www ,fffmegfsvdxr fwwaaamwfeww' in ,,Lv,L, W,v,,,,em:Wff fY,' t,a,,.t M, ,kf ,,l. , rrrf Uifv ' we fy ff- q,,f,, , ,,2, ,,Vqz ., .,.,m.M,.. fL,, aewtr V,-: fr A,zf Q 'ff,f I We fff'fQ Y7,V ia ' 1, 4:' Lv'f G ,, w 'rlf fw: A ,, , ., f , 'fr fy , ,fu Qwfy, ,Wu WwtH . ,mf:ffWq V., .Mb ,,Q,,,mfwwm,.w,5feg3Z4w :WV We ' f 1' mf5,7,,,5m,, fa '44, A,Y,, W . H L'A7,i: Yfff 1 Qnyi- Aw I . , I H, I Q , , M? ., ' iy S " ...W Z gf, .'I, ,, 4: P, , f F Q C, .VA,V W WM Vw " 1 M , . ' , 3 . .. we . l N f' 'D 51 1 1 if L5 Vix, ,, Ar 2231 iig' " 'W - , 1' ' ' ',,,., f fl" 3 ' f' 5. A3 1 WM , , I . on lf t VM 1 A U 5'A 2 A 1 it it A A f . f' 1 I , , y 'ab' ij f f 'Q . 'f1:--'. ' fi Y f A 1 1 in - A , 1 ' 4 if his . ff 5 2 xl M , .X L . , f Kg ' M i fi 2. X ' il f E J. V. FOOTBALL-First Row-Tom Bradshaw, Greg Smallwood, Larry Moore, Dennis Vandergriff, Mike Purritt, Ricky Hanes, Roger Johnson. Second Row- Larry Ford, Mike Jamison, Larry Davis, Lynnis Vernon, Kim Anderson, Barry Francisco, Mike Aher- on. Third Row-Van Vandergriff, Ricky Stout, Ron- nie Fitzgerald, Roger Bryant, Jay Morgan, Tim Edmundson. Fourth Row-Glen Hicks, Mike Derm, Steve Withers, Danny Jarrett, Jim Beckner, Roger Robinson. Experience is the Best Teacher or J. V19 The clashing of linemen's shoulder pads Shouts and cheers go up from Northside fans as referee announces the touchdown is good. and the mad scramble for the pigskin are over for this year. The Junior Varsity Team finished the 1967 season with only two losses. Coach William Prunty made proficient ball handlers of many talented freshmen and sophomore boys. Mike Jamison's blocking ability brought him the title Most Valuable Lineman. Agile Greg Smallwood took honors Y .xaamuuavnw amazing. muuuuxvnrmweenc was 1euw.u.',smvmzz mn N.H.S. .... . N.H.S. .... . N.H.S.. . . . N.H.S.. . . N.H.S. .... . as Most Valuable Back. FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD JUNIOR VARSITY .14 .13 .35 Wm. Byrd . . . Liberty ..... Wm. Fleming Cave Spring . Lord Botetourt ...14 ...14 .. ...14 .. ..21 .. ...0 45 Vikings Triumph in Homecoming Game Green crepe paper streamers stretched across halls, signs with victory slogans post- ed on every door, and shouts of Hcremate the Cavaliers" characterized Pep Week 1967. Pep Club president Susan Aheron led the way in decorating, building spirit, and raising hopes for victory. Students cheered as Terry Henson was named "Mr. Football" at the Friday afternoon pep assembly. The Homecoming Parade moved slowly and noisily from Crossroads Mall to the Viking Stadium. The sophomore class float won the five dollar first prize. The 19 to 0 score lighted on the scoreboard climaxed a spirited week. The Cavaliers of Fieldale-Collinsville were "cremated" by our hardy Viking team. Alumni crowded into the stands, sharing the victorious moment with senior and eighth grader alike. An extra highlight came at half time when Mr. David Urquhart, our principal, crowned s e n i o r Brenda Fahnestock Homecoming Queen. Beaming members of the 1967 Homecoming Court are Chippy Williams, Sue Mabry, Pat Fielder, Sue Aheron, Brenda Hylton Brenda Fahnestock Teresa Lynch Norma Palispis, Linda Mercer, Debbie Smith, Dena Wertz. . J, , , M! , ,ff 11.1 Surprise, beauty and happiness is shown on the face of the 1967 Homecoming Queen Brenda Fahnestock. The cheerleaders give a touch of good luck to David Early. 47 .C.A. Ties Student Body Together Walter Reinhardt, president of the Stu- dent Cooperative Association, appointed the members of a permanent SCA committee, the Foreign Exchange Board. This commit- tee will handle relations with all foreign ex- change students in the future and will ap- propriate money for the personal needs of the student each year. The Inter-Club Council, perhaps the most powerful student government organization within the SCA, decided when and where extracurricular activities of 1967-68 would take place. Membership included representa- tives of each active club. The Pep Club produced a genial spirit at sports events. This club sponsored a banner contest to promote school spirit. It was also responsible for the introduction of the old Irish custom of a spirit stick. The class with the highest percentage attendance at athletic events received the spirit stick for the follow- ing week. PEP CLUB: First Row-Linda Kidd, Debbie Cut- right, Susan Bailey, Norma Harris, Glayds Sheets, Shelia Hall, Susan Sarver, Carol Lucas, Deena Wertz, Donna Gryder, Brenda Creasy. Second Row- Mrs. Lonker, Jeanne Motley, Joy Gottshaw, Martha Brown, Susan Wingo, Camilla Hall, Pat Fielder, Mary Lynn Hughson, Linda Mercer, Sandra Creasy, Betty Jones, Norma Palispis. Third Row-Jill Got- tshaw, Sue Aheron, Jim Clark, Ralph Bayer, Lynn Gordh, Karyl Brooks, Karen Brooks, Stephanie Tur- ner, Bonnie Restivo, Jean Fisher, Janice Brent, Zella g, KV UQADJ While Gale Hedrick watches, two underclassmen shake hands with the Junior Class's efigy for Homecoming. Pruitt, Cindy Kelly, Pat Ball, Mrs. Zirkle. Fourth Row-Brenda Glass, Linda Turner, Peggy Schoon- over, Linda Collins, Cindy Howell, Debbie Caldwell, Debbie Smith, Teresa Lynch, Jane Gilbert, Linda Keen, Lynda Williams, Charlotte Maberry, Sue Mabry, Paula Gibson, Joyce Nichols, Cindy Henley. Fifth Row-Sherry Ford, Debbie Oyler, Cathy John- son, Melinda Feury, Denise Boone, Gail Johnson, Karen Murco, Keys Bordwine, Ray Shrader, Sharon West, Vicki Woolwine, Carol Waring, Martha Davis, Alice Davis, Jane Mantz, Mary Davis. f. +51 48 i Q S lllij 2 amyihaii An underclassman can't resist the urge to take a Students drop pennies in the can of the cani- drink of good ole Viking water during Homecoming. date of their choice hoping he will win. The 1967-68 S.C.A. officers are Terry Henson, Vice-Presidentg Carolyn Cole, Chapling Sue Aheron, Secretaryg Walter Rhienhardt, Presidentg and Brad Smallwood, Treasure. fi A l nagannnnn ng ,au . .0 l -7 i'llnsnlannll""n' f X: Fi Rf Northside Welcomes Norma Polispis Norma Palispis landed at Woodrum Air- port on a sultry August morning. Nervous- ly she met her new family, the Cloyd McCon- nells. Second of the nine children in her family, Norma, our foreign exchange stu- dent for 1967-68, comes to us from Baquio City, Philippines. Norma has undertaken extracurricular activities which include Pep Club, Grap- plettes, and GAA. She contributes her musi- cal talent in the school choir. She was honor- ary attendant on the 1967 Homecoming Court and an International News Reporter in the senior play "Solid Gold Cadillac." Norma likes Roanoke, expecially Lake- side, Mill Mountain, and Lendy's. She finds American food very good but quite fatten- ing and notes that we eat more meat and sweets than her countrymen. She does not like chocolate cokes and proclaimed "ugh" N at her first taste of one. Norma calls Roanoke her "home away from home" and we at Northside hope that 4 9 r i she will always feel this way. 3 A Q 2 Norma has joined clubs and has extra activities in- cluding singing in the Northside High School Choir. Escorted by Walter Reinhardt, Norma Palispis is a representative of the Senior Class for Homecoming Court. 50 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: First Row - Danny Altice, Gerald Walton, Mike Poff, Eddie Bryant, Coach Stewart, Walter Vioho, Eddie Hodges. Stand- Long Distance Runs Promote T iredness 'Directed by coach R. L. Stewart, a new- comer to Northside, our Cross Country team was victorious in three of its six dual meets. The team also ran in several triple meets. Cool, brisk air and falling leaves characteriz- ed the season for cross country meets. Team members showed their physical stamina by continually meeting cool wind and fleetful foe with successful results. RESULTS OF DUAL MEETS Northside Alleghany ..... Northside William Fleming Northside Jefferson ...... Northside Northside ...... Northside ...... Jefferson .... . Blacksburg .... Covington . . . ing - Norman Holden, Frank Campbell, Rick Bea son, Walt Reinhardt, Tom Rieley, Steve Minnich. Here they come, with Walt Rhinehardt running in the lead of our Cross Country track team. 51 "Miss North Star Finalist" meant sparkling feelings exploding within Janie Hoer, Pat Cassada, Carma Hale, Lyn Gordh, Teresa Lynch, Pat Ball, Sherry Ford, Chippy Williams, Brenda Glass, and Donna Perdue. A quiet and dreamy mood slowly blossomed forth into a 1, gay and happy occasion. 'N if N 7, 'T' Miss North Star- Donna Perdue "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" set the mood at the annual "Miss North Star" dance as ten young ladies were present- ed to the student body as candidates for the title "Miss North Star 1968? Janie Hoer, Pat Ball, Chippy Williams, Brenda Glass, Pat Cassada, Carma Hale, Lyn Gordh, Teresa Lynch, Sherry Ford, and Donna Perdue com- posed a candidate list sent to Mr. Sam R. Good, Director of Admissions at Roanoke College, Who selected the Winner. Mr. Good made his decision saying that his choice "is obviously attractive . . . has an excellent record in academic subjects, and . . . she has proven herself through a Wide range of activities." We are pleased to present his choice-Miss Donna Perdue. Except for the beating of hearts, a serene moment is shared by David Marham and Miss Donna Perdue. Donna Lynn Perdue has been chosen "Miss North Star" for 1968 because of her total interest and activity in the world around her. Danny Abbott Shannon Abell Terry Agnew Linda Akers Mike Allen Ruby Allen Joyce Archer Brenda Arnold Linda Ashland David Ayers Cherie Bailey Lawrence Bailey Carol Bain Carolyn Baine Linda Barger Steve Barn William Bean Nancy Beavers June Bench Donna Benko Berry Blair Dawn Blanton Paul Bova Billy Boitnott Mike Boitnott Sharon Bollinger Jamie Boone Susan Booth Cathy Bower Ronnie Bower William Bowman Audrey Boyd Tommy Brany Claudette Brill Rodger Brizerdine .35- X X at U With Anxiey cz Child Meets orthside Diane Brown Gary Brown Wally Brubaker Christine Bryant Dewey Bryant Ella Bush Sidney Burd Barbara Burch Herbert Campball .lack Campbell Laura Campbell Kenny Camper David Carl Johnny Carroll Billy Carter .Iohn Carter .lenice Cassada Susan Cassall Darlene Chapman Linda Chesser Terry Childress U an B. zi- The Eight grade begins an organized year by electing representatives to guide throughout. Sense 0 Belonging Replaces Insecurigf Locker combination, changing classes, and long lunch lines initiated eight graders to high school life. For most, Northside was much larger than the schools that they had previously attended. Soon realizing that the crowds of people rushing through the halls were just other individuals like themselves, eighth garders grew accustomed to a new atmosphere. They too began to stroll down halls until the quar- ter-to-nine bell rang each morning and learn- ed to search anxiously for library cards be- fore study hall. General science, math, English, physical education, and World geography were in order for most eighth graders. Some studied, some did not, but for all, the year progressed with many never-to-be-forgotten moments. P. R Amy gulls 0, "" Jane ar Q E' W Sherry Clark Stephen Clark Stephenson Clarkson Gayle Cloaninger O Rusty Colbert Ronnie Colfman Raymond Cook Bill Craft Charlotte Crawford Gary Creasy Jean Creasy Wanda Creaay Richard Cronise David Crouch Tommy Crozier Billy Cunningham Carol Dalton Ricky Danger-field Brenda Davis Henry Davis Herman Davis Gregory Deacon Karen Denton Chuck Denison Alfred Dewease Bonnie Deyerle Becky Dickerson Bruce Dickerson John Dillon Eugene Dogan Donald Dowdy Larry Dreyer Carlton Dudding 55 Robin Dudley Rodney Dudley Nancy Dye Ricky Eakin Bennett Early Charles Echols Mike Edwards Alan Egge Brenda Eldreth Mary Ellen Garst Ricky Ellis Vicky English Helen Evans Larry Fisher Charlie- Fotchman Carole Foster Cindy Ferrell David Fielder Carl Fisher Stephen Fisher Jeff Fitzgerald 9 X M L G g I 1 ,.,, Z , .-,- 172-,gglb ,,..,, f 59 15 , ,,, W. as A yi W Eighth Graders Begin Club Participation Becky Floyd Cindy Forbes Chuck Forbes Gail Ford Calvin Foley Charlie Foreman Gary Foutz Charlotte Francisco Jeffrey French Mary Alice French Joe France Yvonne Garman Jane Garst Patti Garst Donna Gibb Cindy Gibson Mark Gibson Brenda Giles Betty Gilbert Sue Ellen Goad Pat Graybill T. A. Graybill Jimmy Graves Richard Gregory Beth Grogan Kathy Grubbs Kenneth Grubbs Donna Gryder Pamela Hall Brenda Harman Gary Harper Bemice Harris Lynn Harrison Edith Hart Patsy Hart 56 t ri to 5 L QU: X i 5 nf , i I V N "JE, ., .,.,,, . ry RQ 2 as -AY' I Xt Rita Hartman Lena Hatcher Sandrs Hawthorne Susan Hendrick Marsha Henry Colin Hines Leah Hodges Joanie Hoer Sharon Hostetter Stephen Hubbard Debra Hudson Danny Hunter Susan Irving Roger Jackson Cindy Jarrett Sharon Jarrett Mike Jenkins Cathy Johnson Frances Johnson Carolyn Jones Mike Jones Robert Jones Keeney Keen Bobby Kelly Larry Kessler Toy Kincer Larry King Marvin Lawhorn Lenwood LeFlore Tom Litchard Margie Louthen Ronnie Lucas Cindy McConaghie Rhonda McCann Raymond McCullough HS Sports Offer a "Firsf' to Many Boys Danny Kessler proves again that chivalry is not dead School Spirit Envelopes Eighth Graders Diane McGaha Gary McGlothlin Charles McKay Larry Maxey Bobby Markham Donna Marshall Kent Martin Kathy Maverdes Ricky Mays Donald Meador Rhonda Meador Rosemary Meador Bill Mercer Blossom Miller Cheryl Mills Kathy Mines Jerry Mitchell Mike Moody Jean Moore Sherry Moore Sueanne Moore Jerry Moran Pamela Morgan Teresa Morris Amber Mowery Teresa Myers Wayne Myers Patty Neel Tony Noell Elsie Noonan Elizabeth Orville Kay Osbourne Nathaniel Page Jeanette Palmer Woodrow Palmer Greg Parker Brenda Patsell Danny Patterson Robbie Payne Wilma Payne John Pennick Randy Penturff Mike Peters Susan Peters Steve Pharr Carol Plunkett John Plunkett Denise Poff Charles Porter Duane Quick Cindy Quisenberry Susan Radford Becky Reed Phillip Reed Debbie Revere Barton Reynolds Q? of vn- 'M 5- 5' .. , - ses. . .9 X X, . X . 5 L Gary Richards S A s Mike Richardson , ' C " John Ridenhour ' get Charlotte Riley '- ' 'M' h Van Riley ,QW ' Susan Robertson I J Billie Robinette X 45? K Mark Robinson S M eww X N : K if . Patti Ross K kkoi- fir K Eiif f x m ug Suzanna Ross Y .C .. . X Q X... K Rodney Roth X V' Gary Roupe " Russ Rumburg X Bruce Seward Sandra St. Clair 'N en I we -Q, Debbie Sample in X 5, X No Kathy Schilling Q M H Jewel Sexton s R Mike Shank Freddy Stutler Ricky Stutler si- N . NL! Eya Sweeney y Ricky Sweet Charlotte Shaw Jeff Shelton Rene Shelton Sharon Shepherd Rob Sherwood Sherry Shumbert Mike Sink Sarah Sirry Danny Sloan Lela Smiley N Dreama Smith -QEQQ Qbtu L Ronnie Smith 1 New Environment Arnazes Eighth Graders " ' Audrey Boyle insures a ' ride home with one of Q . ' v NOTthSld6,S new phones. Q Q 3 3 . S ' e O 3 9 3 3 9 5 l 3 , , , . X Ek X 5 i T fb P i ,. '-"?Q ' 59 5 a -ll - ,,, . X' -JL -'-' A 5 Laurn South Lora South Steve South Uynthia Spradlin Ernie Sprouse VVillie Sprouse Donna Stanley Ralph Steinhardt Sheila Stevens Becky Stokes Dianne Stover Charles Stroop Robert Switzer Francine Taylor Sandra Taylor Mark Tiechler Jackie Tolley Cindy Trout Colette Turner Karen Turner Roger Turner Frank Tuttle Bonnie Victorine Lynn Wade Becky Walaski Cindy Walls Dennis Walls Donna Walls Linda Walters Terry Walker Debbie Ward Susan Waters Richard Watkins Andrea Watson Tommy Webb Eighth Johnny Weddle David Wells Dena VVertz George VVest Jed Williamson Donna Wilson Teresa Wohlford Jan Woods Lynn Woods Garland Wright Jimmy Yates Paul Priee Gardner Prillaman Gary Vernon lg M ' e V lQ, in 1 . . f. . V ti P ry 4 ' V if Q ii . Ml . . 5 . -n 1, , ,H , . Q 1 ' , f f. l Q, 5 ' , 1 H ,y ,K -,, ' , ,, . .,,.g,,, f , .5 Z S1 ' H- vg ti e .5 A , ,J f . , 'f i Q ., , -4' V-I ? , ,.,, Q ,, , 2 , 3 , 3 ,t.., , ,, I ,A x . f ,, if fu . 7 s ,Q H, A 5 a ja., , I Y-TEENS: First Row - Melissa Mitchell, Sue Goad Andi Cole, Pat Fitzhugh, Vicki Martin, Diane Chap- man. Second Row - Linda Malony, Lynn Waid, Kathy Dalton, Becky Chittum, Brenda Hofwager, Cynthia Sherrill, Bonita Marshall. Third Row - Y- Teens Enjoy Service Projects The expression "Y-Teens are on the go" is verified by the past year's activities. In August, the officers attended a council at Camp Craig to discuss and plan for the com- ing year. October found Y-Teens helping at Play-Day, which was for underprivileged children, held at the Y.W.C.A. in November, the Annual World-Wide Y-Teen convention was held in Washington, D. C., and North- side was well represented. Every Tuesday night was Y-Teen night at the Cen tral Y.W.C.A., and members were invited to come swim, talk, or study. At Christmas, the club celebrated the crowning of Sants Lucia with the Hanging of the Greens. Christmas cards for the soldiers in Viet Nam were collected. The Y-Teen officers were Kathy Dalton, president, Becky Chittum, vice-president, Andi Cole, program chairman, ICC repre- sentative, Evelyn Baileyg Pat F i t z h u g h , world fellowship chairmang Vicki Martin, treasurer, Judy Neely, secretary, Bonita Marshall, worship chairman. Judy Neely, Kathy Fisher, Diane St. Clair, Rhonda Tyree, Pam Pitts, Junella Scott, Pam Hale. Fourth Row - Jeanne Bell, Nancy Dye, Connie Castros, Sandra Fox, Cathy Creasy, Vicki Woolwine. Y-TEENS OFFICERS: Kathy Dalton, Pam Hale, Pat Fitzhugh, Judy Neely, Vicki Martin, Linda Ma- loney, Andi Cole, Becky Chittum. 3, Q7 61 VIKING DISCOVERERS: First Row-Mr. Yates, Mike Allen, Ralph Steinhart, Rosie Doyle, Janie Geddry, Suzanna Ross, Darlene Cook. Second Row- Fabio Chomiki, Tony Payne, Larry Toms, Lindsay Taylor, Mike Bailey, Ray Hiler, Vernon Smith. orth Winds In orms of A II Activities Many improvements have been made in the school newspaper, the North Winds. With some help from the Advanced Grammar and Composition class, more and better articles were produced. The staff used dummy sheets for the first time, and they studied some of the finer points of journalism. In the inter- ests of the student body, editorials were printed dealing with topics that were of con- cern to the students. Activities of the stu- dents and faculty were presented in each issue of the paper. Viking Discoverers is an organization de- dicated to furthering the interest of the stu- dent body in science. Through various fund- raising projects, the club was able to pur- chase books on science for donations to the library. The members of the Discoverers looked for fossils in Catawba in the spring of 1967 as one of their projects. Third Row-wLarry Lipes, Jimmy Smith, Dan Zuro, William Bean, David Dickerson, Tony Turner. Fourth Row-Bill Lowry, Ronnie Hodges, Bob Jones, Bill Perdue, Jimmy Beavers, Guy Clark. 62 A N 1 X , .. I K .,....,,,... .Q K K A ,X is i if 5 'R NORTH WINDS: Pat Ball, Linda Wilson, Karen Birkemmier, Faye Barret, Joy Gottshall, Cynthia LaFoon, Jeannie Motley, Debbie Jones, Linda xxx Nichols, Norman Holden, Jim Clark, Martha Brown, Mike Henderson, Barry Crowder, Donna Perdue, Linda Turner, Susan Wingo, Brenda Howfawger. Mrs. Noell, Butch Collins, and Editor Rose Marie Phillips scan the Christmas issue of the North Winds. S s 5 tg 0 j yr! 95? l k s 5 Uri, .5 f Nu., 63 HX E Mike Abbott John Adkins Marie Allen Richard Alls Kay Anderson Kim Anderson Bruce Antle Bonnie Arnold Delores Azar Gloria Bailey Donna Barnett Mike Barton Mike Bayse Sam Beach Ricky Beason Jimmy Beavers Russell Beckner Joe Birkenmaier Rebecca Bland Vicky Blankenship Denita Block Lewis Boitnott Bruce Bollinger Denise Booze Ann Bordwine Brenda Bower Renee Bowling Lynn Bowman Eddie Bova Roger Bradley H km iv Wu as Eighth Graders Become Proud Freshmen Robert Brammer Susan Brantley Bill Bratton Cephonis Braxton Donald Brizendine Dana Brooks David Brown Debbie Brown Patricia Brown Marilyn Bruce Ronnie Butler Vicki Byrd q- 9 5 '.,, i arv sf 'ls ss, x 5-Hg! . , . 'A Mme - '-K, 6155 9th Grade Class Officers: Debbie Smith, Sec. Kyle Fitzgerald, Pres., and Gary Foble, Treasl Languages Challenge Many inth-Graders The second year at Northside brought with it a tremendous joy in no longer being lowest in class rank and also the challenge of more difficult courses. Ninth grade science broad- ened horizons and tested mental reasoning as freshmen were confronted with one semes- ter of chemistry and one of physics. Many freshmen also encountered language courses and algebra. Freshman and junior varsity sports, club work, school publications, the most "in" fads, classwork, and hops filled the conversation of these students in the halls, in classrooms, and at the lunch table. As the year progressed the ninth graders became an integral part of Northside, partic- ipating actively for the first time. Debbie Caldwell Randy Caldwell Larry Cantrell Mike Carr Dave Carter Connie Castros Norma Catron Lu Ann Caulde Marie Chappelle Pamela Chittwood Marvin Christly Guy Clarke Rogar Cliffton Steve Coffman Barry Cole Faye Collins Linda Collins Dunne Cook Glen Cox Patricia Cox Lewis Crawford Anna Cregger Gary Cundiff Linda Custer 65 Ninth Graders Earn Title 0 Freshmen David Despee Ronnie Diehl Robert Divers Patricia Dooley Mike Durham David Edwards 4 V ,W A . ,,., A ggi fi 4' if ii., J if W ' Q, ,W ,Nav ,QV Linda Engles Susan Epperly Steven Ericson Bruce Eubank Mike Evans Rhonda Evans 'E' frm 5 , , . ,wg 3 1, , 5 D fi QM' 2 4 3' Y ? 5? 3 Dale Feller Melinda Feury Kathy Fisher Kyle Fitzgerald Ronnie Fitzgerald Gary Fobare Larry Ford Beverly Fountain Mary Ann Freeman Becky Francisco Joan Francisco Donald Figate Linda Fulcher Richard Garman Judy Garst Jane Gilbert Jean Gilbert Tom Giles Wanda Glass Alice Goad Brian Goad Glenn Goad Donald Goode Paul Gorman 02 Vickie Graham Aline Grice Phil Groseau Lyn Grubb Vickie Grubb Robert Grubb 66 Freshmen Enjoy Private Lunch Period Marshals Mike Hender- son 'and Donna Perdue Walt for seniors, Mike Guinn Camilla Hall Gary Hall Carlita Hambrick Clifton Hambrick Karen Hannabass Steve Hare Carol Harlow Dorothy Harris David Haynes Becky Harvey Becky Hech Frances Henderson Vicki Henderson Virginia Henninger Terry Henry Daniel Henson Kenny Hodges Ralph Hogan Nancy Hopkins Larry Horne Richard Hsotetter Cindy Howell Michael Howell 67 John Hudgins Richard Huffman Al Hughs Gary Hughes Greg Hughes Raymond Hurt Yvonne Hurt Robert Hutchins Andy Jamison James Jennings Ann Jones Cheryl Jones Sherry Jones Bill Johnson Cynthia Johnson Jay Johnson David Kieth Ricky Keller Steve Kelly John Kennedy Marsha Kirby Mark Kincer Jane! Kirk Dorn Knapp Nancy Kurbjun Jodie Landis Charlene LaPrade Beth Lawrence Pam Lee Jimmy Leffel Senior annual staff members and Mr. Carter, the advisor, run wild when 5 the final deadlines are completed. We -V -ff bv 5' ef., A f , M A 'Q W va n-,,, x Ricky Lemon Randy Lewis Terry Loomis Linda Lucas Sharon McCann Kenneth McConaghil LuAnne McGaha Marilyn McGhee Wayne McKinney Katrina Mayberry Don Mabry Billy Martin inth-Graders Ada' Spirit to J. If Sports ina-. "na M, S 5 xl 'P 1 IA 'hx . wx., :A 5 :wh--I . 4 313 if ft aw' il, V I fggyhf if ff ni ml ,.,.. x A I 2 , .. ..,,,.,,y,,h,,,4V:,,, -B ff Y ff N 5 2 ie. uf Kay Martin Roger Martin Steven Mason Billie Milam Pam Milam Phyllis Miller Peter Minton Melissa Mitchell Brenda Moore Denny Monk Dennis Morgan Pat Morgan Laura Motley Sheila Mullins Karen Murko Peggy Myers Joe Nagy Donna Newton Jeanne Olive Dick Oliver Frances Orange Carolyn Pacetti Patsy Pacetti Sheila Painter Lonnie Palmer Wanda Palmer Alfred Patsel Bill Perdue Damson Phipps Kathryn Philips 69 Debby Pierce Janie Poland Wallace Porter Michael Pruett Dawn Purves Romona Quinn David Ragland Steve Ratcliff Joyce Rawling Dayle Reynolds Wayne Reynolds Alan Reyns Claudia Richardson Mike Ridenhour Melvin Robertson Gary Ronk Lynn Ronk Robert Roope Freshmen Relish Their Added Privileges Becky Ryder Susan Sarver Vickie Sarver Sheila Saunders Sheryl Saunders Bill Scharf Peggy Schoonover Patricia Scott John Sensabaugh Bobert Sesca Becky Sexton Wendy Sharp Judy Shively Robin Short Chester Simpson Susan Sirry Greg Slusher Billy Smith Debra Smith Sheryl Smith Noel Spencer Carolyn Stanley Diane St. Clair Joyce Steele 41" 07' 9 f ar if in 'W fa, M ff 4' Ahoy there matel' thelma Jorettes have become saxlors Freshmen Enjoy Many School Actzvztzes Lynette Stewert Barbara Stokes Allan Stolove Norman Striplin Greg Stultz Pamela Taliaferro Robert Tayloe Donna Taylor Rodney Taylor Don Terry Ben Thomas Brenda Thomas Roby Thomas Mark Thompson Jack Tiller Dotty Todd Larry Toms Lynette Townsend Ted Trout Martha Turner Patricia Turner Tommy Turner Rhonda Tyree Martha Umberger 71 Ann and Sherry express their love on David's sweatshirt. Phys. Ed. Maintains Fitness or Frosh Henry Vandergriff James Vannoy Gary Vaughan Valerie Vernamonti Billy Victorine Debbie Walls David Walter Rebecca Walters Gerald Walton Ann Washburn Terena Weatherly Susan Webber John Westmoreland Geoffrey Whitlow Diane Wiggins Cindy Wilkins Steve Williamson Lillie Willis 72 s 1-in ' 1 , f . L f Qi' Steve Withers Linda Woolridge Russell Woolridge 'ww ww X i . f 142 -L.' si i ff si as in ,g 5 - . .. . 5,25 455 M155 Kish.-.Tag sexi ,. Q Q- A fe -2 - f A U. . 1 1 5 ages. Av FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA: First Row - Vicki Journell, Debbie Gryder, Margaret Nagy, Diane Chapman, Vicki Martin, Gloria Bailey, Ann Washbyrn, Frances Orange, Sherry Jones, Brenda Thomas, Melinda Feury. Second Row -- Ruby Steber, Jean Gilbert, Melanie Basham, Lu Ann Cau- dle, Connie Castros, Dawn Hambrick, Janet La Brie, Debbie Walls, Becky Francisco, Pat Turner, Char- FH.A. Gives Tgvs or Better Living The Future Homemakers of America is an organization for all Home Economics stu- dents. Annually the members have a fashion show in which the girls model self-designed, self-made clothes. Junior Achievement is a non-profit organ- ization sponsored by various corporations in the Roanoke Valley. J.A. is open to high school students in sophomore, junior, and senior classes who start a company, sell their products, and make money as their company flourishes. J.A. also has specializel service companies such as printing, photography, I.B.M. banking, and marketing. A similar organization at Northside is the Decca Club. These students are enrolled in a new course called Distributive Education. Members of this club fulfill academic re- quirements during the morning and work during the afternoon. This enjoyable and beneficial experience will afford an opportun- ity of obtaining a lasting job. lene Laprad. Third Row - Kitura Wertz, Ann Pet ers Linda Holdren, Donna King, Becky Harvey, An drea Kelly, Karen Reigns, Nancy Holland, Sharon Ogle, Connie Furrow, Pam Brubaker. Fourth Row -v Donna Whitehead, Bonita Marshall, Denise Booze Rhonda Tyree, Diane St. Clair, Valerie Scott, Ly nette Stuart, Carol Echols, Cathy Creasy, Denise McConnell, Carlita Hambrich. OFFICERS OF FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA: Andrea Kelley, Ruby Steber, Cathy Creasy, and Diane Chapman. 5 ' v 73 E 1, , 74 And the schoolmistress that pass 'd on her way to the school 'Ana' the friendly boys that pass 'd, and the quarrelsome boys And the tidy and fresh-checked girls, And all the changes of city and country wherever he went Christmas Vacation provided time f or trips, parties, fun, and frolic. The eight inch snowfall pleased many. Vacation ended with a New Year's Day full of football games and parades. Resolute Vikings began the year by making New Year's resolutions. Students attended classes only one week before they took a veritable second holiday. Snow, snow, snow kept the county schools closed six straight days. Sleigh riding, ice skating, and roasting marshmallows over open fires left little time for thinking about missed school. Postponed wrestling matches, basketball games, and meetings disrupted schedules in weeks ahead. Reopening of school saw classes held Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Exams came the following week, and a three-day mid-term break was forfieted to the snow vacation. Tommy Clayton vainly tries to keep the ball safe for Northside while Mike Henderson gives his aid VARSITY BASKETBALL: First Row-David Bous- Second Row-Coach Jim Gallion, Gene Murphy, man, Fred Hutchins, Terry Henson, Gene Fielder, Tommy Clayton, Bernard Harris, Mike Henderson, Billy Watson, Wayne Gaabo, Robert Cannaday. Calvin Cronise, Manager Larry Carroll. N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S. ..... . N H.S N.H.S N.H.S . ...... 52 Basketball-A Specialized Sport at Last VARSITY BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD . ...... Natural Bridge . . ...... Cave Spring . . . . . ...... Botetourt ..... . . ...... Waynesboro . . . . . ...... Roanoke Catholic . ...... William Byrd . . . . ...... Glenvar ....... . . ...... Liberty ....... . . ...... Natural Bridge . . ...... Botetourt ..... . . ...... Roanoke Catholic . ...... Glenvar ....... . . ...... Covington ..... . . ...... Waynesboro . . . . . ...... William Byrd . . . Covington ...... 69 43 85 56 57 68 71 94 . ...... 53 Cave Spring . . . . 57 77 75 59 48 57 54 77 . ...... 83 Liberty ....... . STATE 1 -B TOURNAMENT REGIONALS . ...... 71 Glenvar . . . . Liberty .... In a one-and-one situation Jim Gallion and his team wonder whether the foul shot will be good. Our Jolly Green Giant Bernard Harris stands by to thrust those long arms in rescuing our ball. 78 JCC T Vikings Super cam Is Great In 1968 Working hard to live up to the name made by last year's basketball team, our boys spent hours developing skills. This training paid off in rewards of a successful season. Team spirit and cooperation won our games, and at season's end We entered the Blue Ridge District Tournament rated sec- ond. The height of Tommy Clayton, Bernard Harris, and Mike Henderson and the speed and agility of Gene Fielder, Wayne Gaabo, Terry Henson, and Billy Watson proved in- dispensable to the Viking attack. David Bousman, Robert Cannaday, Calvin Cronise, Fred Hutchins, and Gene Murphy added skill and support. Junior Varsity basketball rivaled the Var- sity for excitement and close scores. Team members tested their skills against oppo- nents at 6:30 p.m. before every varsity game. The freshman team met their opposition in weekday games after school. Members ended the season with memories of exciting games and high hopes for next year. Gene Murphy jumps high to block an important shot desperately needed by Glenvar to tie the score. Q Eggs X l X "Way to go, Vikings! Another victory!" the spirited crowd roars with delight as a Viking "shoots the hoop." Vikings Give Ole "Cinderella', Whirl "Watch out, William Byrd! Billy Watson's gonna get that ball through your heavy guarding to the Northside goal!" , 79 Vikings stand ready to grab the rebounds as Mike Henderson shoots over his Glenvar defender's head. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM: First Row- Colin Hines, Bobby Hutchins, Randy Lewis, Ronnie Lucas, Clifton Hambrick. Second Row-Gary Fobare, V I Experience Benmts FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SCCREBOARD N.H.S. ...... Glenvar ...... 64 N.H.S. ...... Lord Botetourt 28 A N.H.S Andrew Lewis 51 N.H.S. ...... William Bird . 32 N.H.S. ...... Liberty ...... 37 N.H.S. ...... Cave Spring .. 57 y N.H.S Lord Botetourt 29 N.H.S. ...... Patrick Henry 55 i N.H.S Glenvar ...... 21 i N.H.S Cave Spring .. 44 N.H.S William Byrd . 42 N.H.S Liberty ...... 55 Torn Giles, Guy Clark, Robert Sesco, Ricky Beason. Third Row-Melvin Robertson, Gary Cundiff, Coach Prunty, Kyle Fitzgerald, Russ Rumberg. 1 1 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM First Coach Dyer Kim Anderson Roger Bryant Row-Steve Creasy, Dick Oliver, Danny Jarrett Ricky Stout David Edwards Chip Hudgins, Richard Meador. Second Row N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S. ..... . N.H.S J. V. 'S Are Our Lzttle Green Soul Team JUNIOR VARSITY Kim Anderson grabs the ball to BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD Natural Bridge . Cave Spring .... Lord Botetourt . Waynesboro .... Roanoke Catholic William Byrd . . . Glenvar ........ Liberty ....... Cave Spring Natural Bridge . Lord Botetourt . . Roanoke Catholic Glenvar ........ Covington ..... Waynesboro . . . William Byrd . . . Liberty ..... Cheerleaders Say "Weave Got Spirit " Northsideis cheerleaders are a vital part of our school. Besides lending a spirit of gaiety, head cheerleader Donna Perdue and her bouncy squad attempt to ease tensions before games. The girls practice once each week to develop perfect style. They have adopted singing as an extra attraction at our cheer rallies. Before each athletic event they sell tickets in the cafeteria to eager stu- dents. They lift team morale by decorating the locker room with paraphenalia that say, "Vikings, we love you!" Participation in extra-curricular activities makes each cheerleader well-rounded. Our cheerleaders serve as a live example of our spirit everywhere they go. A second place award at cheerleading camp proves the out- standing ability of our Viking cheerleaders. -3 Sporty cheerleading jackets have finally Qi Pax X ' .x K .N 5 'Q arrived! Junior Varsity cheerleaders, Renee Ragland, Jane Gilbert, head Gladys Sheets, Sephanie Turner, Bonnie Restivo Camilla Hall, Susie Sarver, and co-head Shelia Hall are flying high with enthusiasm at J,V. games 82 The Varsity cheerleaders, Linda Holland, Pat Cassada, due, Janie Hoer, and Linda Keen, lead students in fi Tniiai 1" 5 l in - is so ,V ,E ,W , .,, , V i , ,,,.,,..l,. ,. l ,I , ' ' ' l l ,, , V,.. V ,,., ,U V ,,,, in , Aff' , . W ,, if 'area , z . A wwf''uwfw'zqmiewvwrwfl ' , 'wz wzmzfwgew V K .t,fr??fiKe1zG Martha Brown, Bonnie Foster, Lyn Gordh, Donna Per- a new cheer at the opening Basketball Pep Rally. Varsity cheerleaders show pep, spirit and perfect formation while performing at the 1967 Cheer Rally. 83 MATH CLUB: First Row-Jimmy Weddle, Steve Spalding, Joy Gottshall, Larry Toms, Patsy Arring- ton. Second Row-Janet Lilly, Suzanne Painter, Dorothy Hargrove, Alta Simon, Sandra Fox, Carole Brown. Third Row-Carol Waring, Jimmy Yates Lindsay Taylor, Susie Alliff, Jeanetta Boone, Deb- bie Nolans. Fourth Row-Ken Hargrove, Larry Wil- son, David Forbes, Ken Peoples, Ronnie Hall. Tutoring Service Offered by Math Club The National Honor Society undertook major new projects this year. A five-member committee rewrote the c1ub's constitution. The new constitution was approved after the executive committee and the membership at large made slight revisions. Members Worked at a coat check during wrestling and basket- ball seasons. The coat check proved to be an effective money-making project. Miss McDavid and Mr. Brill sponsored the society. Mr. Brill, during his first year at NHS, displayed enthusiasm and encouraged members to buy and wear their club pins. He felt that this would promote the qualities of leadership, scholarship, character, and service. "Variety', properly described the Math Club's programs and projects. After a foot- ball game in early fall this club sponsored a hop, and any member will assure all that this is an excellent way to make funds grow. At the banquet held December 13 at Brad- ford's the club voted to buy carts for the overhead projectors used by the Math De- partment. Later in the year programs includ- ed such things as a speech by Mr. J. Zimmer on binary computers. 84 Ronnie Hall, Math Club president, shows Alta Sim- mon and Suzanne Painter how to work a hard problem. vf "':-4 -1- N X ff X . ix Kathy Kurbjun, Larry Wilson, X N, Norma Palispis, and Carol Clark- l .::':, N L son are increasing their vocabul- ""'N-Xn ary in the N. H. S. library. NHS OHEFS Challenge to Bright Students NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: First Rowg Dar- lene Jomes, Rosean Smith, Pat Fitzhugh, Patsy Arrington, Martha Brown, Jeanetta Boone, Vicky Martin, Brenda Hilton, Faye Barrett, Tony Payne. Second Rowg Walt Reinhardt, Sylvia Pullen, Sue Aheron, Cindy Chitwood, Kathy Kurbjun, Cindy Sherril, Debbie Rardin, Pat Ball, Marc Fielder, Nor- man Holden, Tim Reed. Third Rowg Carol Clarkson, ,Q yty t 3 . 3 E tr i 9' 'fi l eg f 1 , ,, 4 Susie Aliff, Karen Painter, Pam Pitts, Susan Kes sler, Junella Scott, Janet La Brie, Jerri Smith, Brad Smallwood, Larry Stuckey, Steve Rice. Fourth Rowg Larry Lipes, Fabio Chomicki, Alan Thompsom, Mark Reinhardt, Harry Hambrick, Mike Thompson, Marie Phillips, Neil Obensain, Terry Henson, Dickie Stuck- ey, Glen Dudley, Allen Williamson. 85 LATIN CLUB: Row 1 - Miss Martin, John Hoer, Mark Robinson, Emberdetta Lester, Sheila Manspile, Suzanne Painter, Janet Lily, Kathy Anderson, Linda Maloney, Minnie Baer, Debbie Gryder, Janie Hoer, Mark Thompson. 2nd row - Normen Holden, Nancy Hopkins, Donice Bryant, Martha Plukett, Mary Ann Freeman, Pat Ball, Susan Cassell, Ann Jones, Dana Brllks, Ellen Hatcher, Sandy Blankenship, Lyn Dil- lion, Cindy Henley, Jerry Lively. 3rd row - Ivy Tommy Anderson and Janie Hoer get in the swing of things by dancing to the beat at the Latin Party. Lidstome, Mike Thompson, Ronnie Fitzgerald, Larry Toms, Dan Zero, Lindsay Taylor, Kathy Phillips, Frances Henderson, Cindy Wilkins, Marsha Lab- drum, Mark Thompson, Steve Fharr, Doug Town- send. 4th row - Rose Marie Phillips, Ross Pendle- ton, Jimmy Smith, Ralph Baer, Steve Minnich, Pete Grogan, Mike Ridenhour, Mike Knighton, Jimmy Dickenson, Mike Purdy, Sam Ross, David Hynes, Mike Bower, Lee Schilling. Miss Martin hurridly unwraps Christmas gifts given by her students at their holiday party. French Club Bakes or Busy Teachers Northside's two language clubs, each with more than fifty members this year, meet monthly to plan varied activities for their members. Latin students and students who have formerly completed two or more years of Latin are eligible for membership in Soli- datas Latina. The club held its banquet at the home of sophomore Suzanne Painter in early November. Members welcomed a blaz- ing bonfire at this Roman-style barbeque. "Slaves" entertained "plebians" and "patric- ians." Proceeds from bake sales enabled the club to give teachers a luncheon in the spring. Miss Myers, who teaches all four levels of French at Northside, sponsored Le Cercle Francais. She was pleased at the big turnouts for meetings and at the interest shown in club activities. Activities included a Thanks- giving bake sale, a hike to the top of Tinker Mountain, a Christmas party, Christmas caroling, films, and speakers. FRENCH CLUB: First Row-Miss Myers, Peggy Schoonover, Paula Taylor, Nancy Kurbjun, Ginny Hinninger, Yvonne Hurt, Debbie Brown, Susie Hend- rick, Colette Turner, Susan Peters, Billie Victorine. Second Row-Ann Campbell, Cassie Puckett, Denise Booze, Donna Newton, Linda Keen, Jan Brizendine, Debbie Rardin, Sue Kessler, Cindy Howell, Lynette Townsend, Ann Jones, Linda Engel, Carol Waring. Third Row-Gayle Stanley, Marsha Clarkson, Teresa nw Rose Mary Phillips watches from the sidelines as couples dance at the Latin Club Christmas Party. Stone, Terena Stone, Linda Williams, Cindy Rad- cliffe, Mary Davis, David Forbes, Kenny Peoples, Becky Oliver, Alice Davis, Martha Davis, Ricky Lemon. Fourth Row-Tommy Craddock, Billy West, Landa Law, Sandra Garst, Beth Dale, Becky Heck, Paula Mason, Debbie Wilkerson, Billy Walters, Steve Scott, Ricky Barger, Gerald Walton, Hal Stanley, David Neel, David Eary. . . . E G 1 . V,,,' 5 irl, ill' 2 K we W, 1 87 it ,aa-1 4 5 . The game is finally over and the crowd rushes to hand Servicemen Receive Cards from Keyettes The Keyettes continued to sponsor the clinic in the girls' locker room for girls who became sick during the day but could not go home. Throughout the fall members helped at the Easter Seal Center on Williamson Road. They stuffed envelopes and glued address tabs on them. At Christmas Keyettes encouraged NHS students to send cards to our men in Viet Nam by way of WROV radio. Glenvar High School joined the Lone Star District of Keyette International this year. District meetings were held monthly at Northside, Andrew Lewis High School, or Glenvar High School. The district sent gifts to a young girl living in a mental institution. Numerous Keyettes attended the Inter- national Convention held at the Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D. C. in the spring. Programs at meetings included such things as a speech by our foreign exchange student Norma Palispis on her native land. At this meeting, which was held in combination with the Key Club, club members became better acquainted with our foreign student and with the differences between her country and ours. money to the Davis triplets at the Keyette hop. 88 i af' 77 ig KEYETTES: First Row-Mrs. Kelly, Chippy Wil- liams, Linda Keen, Pat Fitzhugh, Joy Gottshall, Patsy Arringrton, Brenda Hylton, Pam Pitts, Darlene Jones, Lynn Gordh. Second Row-Jane Mantz, Bon- nie Foster, Debbie Brown, Kathy Kurjun, Sylvia Pul- len, Alice Davis, Marsha Clarkson, Carol Waring, Sandra Chitwood, Pat Ball, Debbie Rardin, Jeanetta Boone. Third Row-Mary Davis, Sue Kessler, Junella an-ng 2 J KEYETTE OFFICERS: S. Wingo, D. Ferguson, J. Baldwin, P. Arring- Q ton, D. Jones, B. Hy- lton, P. Ball, J. Boone. Scott, Debbie Ferguson, Sue Aheron, Martha Brown, Ellen Hatcher, Carol lkard, Carol Clarkson, Susan Wingo, Ivy Lidstone. Fourth Row-Linda Beavers, Martha Davis, Becky Oliver, Mary Lynn Dixon, Sandra Garst, Linda Turner, Cathy Creasy, Debbie Oyler, Connie Pannell, Linda Bocock, Julie Baldwin, Debbie VVilkerson. g lr 1 , we-mf., E . . , z if 5 5 l s 89 Last Year of Gym Excztes Sophomores Mike Aheron Patty Altice Danny Altice Kathy Anderson Barry Arrington Jennie Bailey Susan Bailey Odie Bales Ruth Bandy Cathy Barger Ricky Berger Melanie Basham Minnie Bayer Lynnda Beavers Tim Beasley Jimmy Beckner Debbie Bible Mike Bowers Sheila Bowman Teresa Bowman Tom Bradshaw Janice Brizendine David Brooks Nona Brooks Carole Brown Denise Bryant Roger Bryant Nat Burchette Ann Campbell Larry Carroll David Carter Steve Caudle Glenn Cecil Barry Chafin Joyce Chappelle Nyeta Cheatham W ' Q ,eq 'T Sophomore officers: Sec. Linda Mercer, Pres. Mike Aheron, V. Pres. Steve Creasy, Treas. Butch Collins. Sophs, Homecoming Float Wins Isl Prize Students find the routines at Northside commonplace by their sophomore year. In and out of class they stay busy. The sopho- more's "Crush the Cavaliers" float wins first place in the 1967 Homecoming Parade. In biology class tenth graders feel squeamish when dissecting frogs and marvel at theories of evolution. Headaches come to many as they prove geometry theorems. Caught in the middle, sophomores frown at eating with eighth graders yet feel ill at ease with upperclassmen. They are eager to advance to varsity sports and senior proms but fear the college boards and junior chem- istry that loom in the future. The midway year, the year of question, holds spirited fun, thoughtful moments, and academic progress. Burke Clark Charlotte Chisom Randy Clark Marsha Clarkson Carolyn Coles Butch Collins Mike Conner Darlene Cook Harold Cooper George Corkill Tommy Craddock Gary Cowan Mary Crawford Brenda Creasy Steve Creasy Larry Custer Debbie Cutright Mark Damiano Doug Davidson Alice Davis Larry Davis Martha Davis Mary Davis 5 Jimmy Dickenson 91 Irene Divers June Divers Mary Lynn Dixon Pat Dudding Darlene Dunbaker K Barbara Duncan V Terry Duncan David Eary Carol Echols Cherylle Edmond Ted Edmoson Jimmy Edwards Gary Eubank .Ianise Etue Anita Ferguson Randy Feury Genie Fielder Karen Firebaugh Jean Fisher Delaine Fitzpatrick Patti Flora Larry Ford Sandra Fox Brenda France Cafeteria chairs silhouetted by the setting sun after a busy day of classes illustrate a quiet moment at Northside. 92 Sophs Take Last Step as Underclassmen Barry Francisco Dennis Francisco Terry Freisland Connie Furrow Pam Garman Sandra Garst J. D. Gauldin Paula Gibson Janet Gilbert Bill Giordano Mike Grant Ginny Graybill Patti Gross Debbie Gryder Ann Guthrie Becky Guthrie Pam Hale Alvin Hall Dreams Hall Sheila Hall Steve Hall Dawn Hambrick Sandra Haney Dorothy Hargrove Ken Hargrove Johnny Harmon Norma Harris Otis Harris Don Hash Ricky Haynes Yvonne Heggs Randy Herdman Danny Herron Glenn Hicks Carol Hiler Margaret Hill Some Sophomores Find Biology Bajfling Donnie Hodges John Hoer Linda Holdren Steven Holdren Charley Holland Nancy Holland Butch Howell Chip Hudgins Debbie Humphreys Judy Hunter Douglas Hylton Cindy Ikard Mike Jamison Nancy Jarels Danny Jarrett Hazeltine Johnson Paulis Johnson Roger Johnson Don Jones Vicky Journell Debbie Kanode Gerald Keeling Andrea Kelley Mike Kessler Frank Kidd Bonna King Mike Knighton Mike Lackey Diane Lambert Doug Latham Landa Law Randy Layman Leon LeFlore Amberzetta Lester Kathy Lewis Linda Lewis we Janet Lilly Connie Linkous Jimmy Lisle Ashley Lovelace John Lowry Carol Lucas Steve Manning Sheila Manspile Jane Mantz Ann Martin Lee Martin Eddie McGrady Gordon McLeod Linda Meador Richard Meador Linda Mercer Mike Myers Verlin Miller R. D. Minter Denny Mitchell Steve Mitchell Alice Moore Larry Moore Sandra Moore Sophs Now Two Year Veterans 0 N H. . Students engoy the capping assembly although sitting so long proves rather tiring Sophomores Lend Voices at Pep Assemblies Jay Morgan Mike Morris Susan Musselman Hurley Myrick Margaret Nagy David Neel Judy Neely Richard Newton Joyce Nopsingel Nancy Nofsinger Debbie Nowlin Kurt Nulf Sharon Ogle Becky Oliver Valerie Overfelt Betty Page Suzanne Painter Pat Pasley Barbara Pendleton Kenny Peoples Algie Peters Elizabeth Peters Sandra Phipps Mike Poff Linda Porterfield Cassie Puckett Mike Purdy Paul Ragland Renee Ragland Cindy Ratcliffe Gene Rawline Clinton Ray Debbie Raykes Cindy Reinhardt Ronnie Restivo Karen Reyna ,X lv if Q, un... A A WW fm fl. XX 5 rx f Q 2 Geometry Perplexes Puzzled S ophomores Delphine Rhodes Tommy Riley Steve Roberts Roger Robinson Susan Robinson David Rose John Roth Linda Sample Mark Schaefer Stephen Scott Valerie Scott Bob Seay Alta Simon Charles Simpson Louise Simpson Dale Sirry Roger Shook Gladys Sheets Gary Shreve Ricky Shelton Ian Smith Greg Smallwood Tim Smith Steve Spradling Geometly Challenges Sophomore Brazns Gail Stanley Hal Stanley Ricky Stout Stuart Stephenson Chrysee St.Clair Tereana Stone Tereasa Stone Kelly Surface Jerry Synan Betty Tolley Lindsay Taylor Paula Taylor Gary Thompson Mark Thompson Paul Thornhill Paul Trout Sue Trent Doug Townsend Diane Tucker Stephanie Turner Van Vandergriff Dennis Vandergriff Lynnis Vernon Tim Viohl Billy Walters Denna Walthall Carol Waring Vicky Webb Kitura Wertz Bill West J. D. Westmorland Debra Wilkerson Lynda Williams Calvin Wilson s i S i x 5 l X I g K gg E Q. K fi ji i 1 L s e we 1 K' Q . X X -gs RED CROSS VOLUNTEENS First : Row-L. to R.: Mrs. Naff, Cherylle Edmundson, Paula Taylor, Eliz- abeth Morris, Darlene Cook, Mary Alice French, Sidney Burd. Second Row: Sephonia Braxton, Con- nie Furrow, Melaine Bashem, Linger Cregger, Ann Cregger, Marsha Henry, Karen Deaton, Lyn Dillon. ""'?" Third Row: Rosemary Meador, Cindy Ikard, Carol Echols, Linda Holdren, Sandra Haney, Dreama Hall, Sandy Blankenship, Kirtura Wertz, Ivy Lidstone. Fourth Row: Vicki Woolwine, Sue Smith, Anne Campbell, Sue Aheron, Connie Castros, Pam Hale, Helen Evans, Karen Fireball, Sandra Garst. New Adventures are Experienced in Clubs SPANISH CLUB: First Row-L. to R.: Carolyn Cole, Pat Morgan, Gladys Sheets, Jane Werts, Debbie Pierce, Cynthia Gillespie, Linda Holdren, Kitura Wertz, Rosie Doyle, Debbie Caldwell. Sec- ond Row: Kathy Maverdes, Jim Beckner, Cindy Quisenberry, Debbie Cutwright, Jean Fisher, Ramona 3 Wright, Cynthia Sherrill, Julie Baldwin, Jane Getry. Third Row: Butch Collins, Mike Jameison, Richard Newton, Larry Stewart, Dicky Stucky, Walter Rein- hardt, Guy Clark, Tim Reed. Fourth Row: Ted Trout, Andy Jamesion, Bobby Hutchins, Robert Brammer, Greg Stultz, Jerry Lively, Glen Dudley. Exdi 99 Christmas Cheers NHS with Dance ana' Play Before the school year starts to drag, stu- dents are revived with a long, Well-enjoyed Christmas vacation. Signs of Christmas be- gin to apear in early Novemberg people become friendlierg classes become rowdierg signs telling of the annual Christmas dance are seen on every corner. This year our band sponsored "Yuletide Dreams." "The Steps of Rhythm" beat out the Christmas cheer from eight to twelve. Santa Claus' surprise appearance highlight- ed the enchanting evening. Earlier in the day, our Dramatics Depart- ment enacted "Geraldine and the White Robe" at the Christmas assembly. Following Geraldine's outbursts and the angels' at- tempts to reform her, the choir entertained students with merry songs. SCA president Walter Reinhardt and senior class president Allen Williamson then showered our foreign exchange student Norma Palispis with gifts from the student body as an expression of our appreciation to her. Geraldine LTeres fTeeny Boitnottj The White Robe." 1 4 i if 2 E ss. 2 iii s s e i 2 s . E E E 2 9 i , 3 . i A s E E a Lynchj argues with her brother in the drama play "Geraldine and Couples entering Band Dance gayly gaze into darkness at the spark- X ling decorations. 100 Miss Martin checks flickering lights and adds the finishing f touches to our fireproof Christ- . mas tree. Glen Dudley and Kathy Kurbjun share the cold while playing in that exciting, funny little white stuff. 101 A ., , , f l .,- .ur 2: v. fl, , V, H , f 5 J ., if-3 , -, ,WG '7 I- N Z4 ' ,,f5.fW' 5- I 5 1 75' if ' 1 " I w -' ','U2i"f' 71' 1 'Y' 1 ' ' VVVV 1 f " W W , , 1 4 aaapa a 3 it 6.1, fl, ' X gf, I . ff 4 I 'n 1' " I f 1 .J V ., - , X: ' T . ,, i E X Q .,,, , , ' 'L N W 4 ,,-,7"f,, 7""',," , ' A " V' f f p - T - T at T BAND: First Row-Teresa Stone, Diane Lambert, John Masier, Lynn Shrader, Terena Stone, Becky Oliver, Anita Parker, Debbie Spangler, Linda Ful- cher. Second Row-Gary Shreve, Anita Ferguson, Mary Lynn Dixon, Marsha Clarkson, Danny Altice, Ellen Hatcher, Kenneth Peoples, Cindy Wilkins, Mike Thompson, Dorothy Hargrave, Kenny Har- grave, Ricky Shelton, Becky Ryder, Peggy Hump- hreys, Lynnda Beavers, Howie Bales, Jeannie Baily, Katrina Maberry, Tony Porter, Nancy Hatcher. ' l fi w 5 W .Xt F3 l we is Band members march Off thelfield to the beat The Conceret Band, under the direction of Mr. Shook, Of the df'-lm after P9Tf0Fm1T1g at halftlme- practices diligently for the Christmas Assembly. 102 -Y-fm fm fm-me s,,,,,1W7:,3:,,.z ,. M., ,org ,ni a,e,r,,,,,,,M,,,,,,,,gm,,,,M,,.ly M ,. ..,,. -A.... .w,,,,, , . ,V , g.,,,r,f A , , faq, s,1.m,f-if ,ff., ....q9,,'-aria,-Meigs 1, , my vm my 7 QQ! lg bg gf-wwe' Mrk My W1 it 9 4 am if rf- -f wi' 5 S J mwdwi Jo '1 7 , . .. u'sff'2'k"'i"t J -ik vifitilen ' MG? ' Sr ' Y' f V711 as .f,ln1-if 11- ia 'A ','.5Mf.wf1'-.1,VL1f'fra ' V- f ree r- A 'Y J w e 21 , ia Third Row-Carolyn Huler, Larry Custer, Bill John- son, Paul Gorman, Bobby Tayloe, Cindy Patsliff. Fourth Row-David Forbes, Mike Evans, Roger Clifton, Duane Cook, Steve Caudle, Ross Pendelton, George Carkill, Gerald Walton, Larry Ford, Gene Sayles, Rick Benson, Wally Viohl. Fifth Row-Ron- nie Revere, Hohn Haer, Don Jones, Tom Jones, Mel- Ein Robertson, John Lowery, Steve Ratcliff, Linda uster. Parade Gives Band Frozen Fingers The Marching Band traveled to the Bristol Band Festival in early October and returned with an "Excellent" rating. Under the guid- ance of a new director, Mr. John Shook, the band practiced daily during marching sea- son and produced a different show for every football game. The Christmas season held many opportun- ities for band activities. Cold noses and red cheeks typified the Viking band members as they played "The Christmas Song" in the Roanoke and Salem Christmas Parades. The band planned long and diligently for the Christmas dance, "Yuletide Dreams," which initiated the Christmas vacation. Drum major Becky Oliver leads majorettes E. Hatcher, T. Stone, A. Parker, D. Spangler, T. Stone, L. Fulcher and N. Hatcher. lx .27 103 L. Gordh, B. Fahnesstock, C. Clarkson, M. Brown, D. Perdue, T. Henson, G. Dudley, and A. Williamson fNot pictured are S. Aheron, B. Watson, L. Stuckey, M. Henclersonj represent N.H.S. in All-State. Winter is finally here! exclaim Linda Kidd and Brenda Fahnestock as they build an idea snowman during a routine day at school. 104 Fo!! Means Haro' Work and Back to School Early last fall the senior class chose Carma Hale to represent N. H. S. in valley-wide Miss United Fund competition. The class voted in early November to send Cindy Henley as snow princess in the Roanoke Christmas Parade and Linda Kidd and Brenda Fahnestock as holly princesses to the Salem Christmas Parade. The senior class chose the following dele- gates to represent Northside at Girls' State and Boys' State: Lyn Gordh, Donna Perdue, Brenda Fahnestock, Larry Stuckey, Allen Williamson, and Terry Henson. The alter- nates selected were Sue Aheron, Martha Brown, Carol Clarkson, Glenn Dudley, Mike Henderson, and Bill Watson. Girls' and Boys' State were held in June at Radford College and the College of William and Mary, re- spectively. Northside's representatives re- turned with practical knowledge about the functioning of Virginia state government. 5' sw 1 cs W '93 pf ' my One of Northside's senior girls, Carma Hale, admires the glossly green leaves of the school's bushes during lunch. gp.. 5 ,3,e"??V., , i he . . if I :dk I . .f.. W I, if 'V ' V Q, N. H. S.'s '67 Snow 5 ' 2+ Princess, Cindy Heri- fi .' 3 ? ley, waves while gai- s Y ' ly smiling as she Q, , 5 I braves winter cold f' '. Q, i j in Xmas Parade. . If fi ' f rr r 5 rgr' Y f ',,,, .,.,, ,, 1 X 105 'Q W i , Bobby All Richard Arthur Larry Arrington Steven Ayers Evelyn Baily Mike Bailey Julie Baldwin Odilee Bales Linda Barlow Purcell Barrett Eddie Beasley Jeanne Bell Janie Hqer seems to be smiling very happily while going through "hair-raising" experience. 106 f -L ,,,,,,,, H. QF' li. r V rr fi V 5 I , Class officers: president Dickie Stuckey, secretary Pam Pitts, treasurer Pat Fitzhugh, vice-president Sue Mabry. Juniors Armin the Title Upperclassmen Members of the class of 1969 found them- selves in possibly their busiest year. Boys spent long hours of hard work with their favorite varsity sports. Chemistry experi- ments, tests, and difficulties overwhelmed a large percentage of the junior class. A lone junior plodded through physics problems with his senior classmates. Eleventh graders entered the world of dramatics with their production of a play. Only the junior class participated in the magazine sale which push- ed the class's funds nearer the amount needed for the Junior-Senior Prom in the spring. The PSAT tests in October and the spring College Boards faced college-bound juniors and drain- ed their minds in a few short hours of all they once felt they knew. Mike Bennett Karen Berkenmyer Sandy Blankenship Linda Bocock '21, fx Donald Brooks Pam Brubaker Wendell Bruce Carol Burch Robert Can naday Bobbie Carter James Carter Pat Cassada 107 PSAT Challenges the M znds oflunzors Diane Chapman Becky Chittum Sandy Chitwood Fabio Chomicki Jim Clark Tommy Clark David Clarke Tommy Clayton Andrea Cole Wanda Crawford Cathy Creasy Wanda Creasy Ginger Cregger Steve Cronise Sharon Cuddy Wanda Custer Kathy Dalton Barry Darnell Gary Davisdon Sandra Deeds fff JJ ff T Dave Dickerson Lyn Dillon Sherry Elmore Mike Itue Debbie Ferguson Pat Fielder David Fisher ., xx Terry Fisher W. f Donna Fitzgerald Pat Fitzhugh Allen Flora Louis Fotchman Juniors Win Spirit Award at H. C. Game Juniors have a busy time at the annual signing party reminiscing in annuals about past escapades. Cuff ws W, , I r 109 David Forbes Bonnie Foster Barry Francisco Janie Gecldry Ronnie Gee Tommy Gilbert Jill Gottsall Irving Hagemus Jesse Hale Jo Ann Hall Mike Hall Steve Hall Junior Majorette, Nancy Hatcher, shows fine form, precision, and talent. 110 Juniors Franticalbf Sell Many Magazines Harry Hambrick Larry Hamilton Russell Hamilton X Ellen Hatcher Nancy Hatcher in .,,, fr Carolyn Hartman Pam Hedrick Gayle Henson I ,f xii? Michele Herdman aww Ray Hiler Janie I-Ioer Charles Horne Sharon Huffman Mike Hughes Mary Hughson Peggy Humphrays Fred Hutchins Jacki Johnson Marty Johnson Richard Johnson xxx., Chemistry is a orment to Juniors Russell Johnson Stanford Johnson Virginia Johnson Bobby Jones Darlene Jones Allen Journell Linda Keene Danny Kessler Sue Kessler Charleen Kinsley Bill Knapp Mary Kugler Janet Labrie Steve Lambruscati Marsha Landrum Ginger Lawhorn Mark Layman Stafford Lewis Larry Lipes Connie Lockhart Q-W. Q n -NN' s x ' wi 'TM NN' fs, T e The annual-signing party is underwayg students' backs now make up for the absence of desks in the Denise McConnell Jerry McDaniel Sue Mabry ,Wir Linda Maloney Bonita Marshall Jean Martin Vicki Martin Paula Mason Tommy Meador Jean Melton Wanda Milam George Miller X lobby 113 4 Visions 0 Rings Fill Minds of Juniors Jimmy Mills Peggy Mills Steve Minnich Dennis Mitchell Bobby Morris Randy Morris John Mosier Bill Murphey Gene Murphy Joyce Nichols Arbeautis Nixon Carolyn Nixon Lova Nixon Neil Obenschain Anita Parker Tony Payne Mike Paynter Pam Pearson Cheryle Pendleton Gary Peoples QV ., t f O Q 9 KW' vm, Nh .-err-"H"-W-W IQQ in g.".:3""" rung ? . f"1'f'7-- sv W.. i,,. ,gg-wi -at . f xfsgrw A, - X f if ' . L -. . Donna Peters Marie Peters Carolyn Pillow Pam Pitts Martha Plunkett Mike Puff Richard Poindexter Melvin Puckett Betty Radford Debbie Rardin Tim Reed Glenda Register Northside is always first m everything-even having' class es in washing: your clothes Juniors Work Vigorousbf on '68 Prom Mark Reinhardt Carolyn Rhodes Steve Rice Sam Ross Barry Roupe Gail Rowe Marshall Sayles Jesse Schaffer Frank Scharf Ricky Schilling Emerson Schoonover Junella Scott Carol Sensabough Jimmy Shelton Cynthia Sherrill Jimmy Smith Jerri Smith Rosean Smith Richard Smoot Debbie Spangler s y ,AZ 11,4 ' i I if ,W4 'v' , 41-ww Vikings show noisy spirit at the Homecoming Pep Rally. Ruth Sprouse John Starkey Ruby Steber Shirley Steele Larry Stewart Dickie Stuckey Chuck Supan Janet Teuscher Elaine Thompson Harvey Turner Peggy Turner Steve Turner 117 vn- Our Homecoming victory casts a spell over the members of the 1967 Homecoming Court. Future Seniors Anticzpate Graduation Northside's newest full-fledged upperclass- men enjoyed many phases of student life. Their chemistry experiments emitted inter- esting odors from the lab. At class meetings juniors organized fund-raising and prom- planning committees. ln early fall seniors playfully criticized their lack of plans. Elev- enth graders assumed positions of leader- ship in many clubs and contributed to news- paper, yearbook, and literary magazine pub- lications. Rushing from club meetings to football practice or homework, juniors still found time for class projects of peddling pot holders and baked goods. Avidly supporting all athletic events, the class proudly gained possession of the spirit stick by having the greatest percentage of attendance at the Cave Spring game. Tony Turner Jane Vannoy Pat Vaught Steve Vest Walter Viohl Wayne Wagner Mike Walter Doug Walters Johnny Washb Janet Webb Judy Webb Jenny Weddle 118 x 'WS 1 5 fix ff--.xg '1 we A xi, , ,wav X .xx If these feet are hurried to class fast enough, their owners will be lucky and won't receive tardy slips X 4,5 David VVripzht Dan Zuro Bob Wells Brenda Westmoreland Dorothy Wilson Donna Whitehead Mike Whitlock Jean Williams Linda Wilson Vicki Woolwine gg wan , k DECCA: First Row--Mr. Turner, Mary Lackey, Ruby Steber, Barbara Bowman, Sharon Francisco, Jeanetta McCoy, Mary Crawford, Karleen Evans. Faye Barrett, Marilyn Lackey, Jessie Owens. Sec- ond Row-Tommy Ratcliffe, Harry Lewis, Lonny Jenkins, Mike Altizer, Teeny Boitnott, Ralph Rhoads, Pam Garman, Bill Crawford, Terry Synon, Kathy Mills, Gloria Arrington. Third Row-Doug David, Eddie Baily, Lewis Maverdes, Danny Kessler, Mike Reed, Mike Meador, Chester Spangler, Jerry Dickerson, Kathy Agnew, Joyce Newman. Fourth Row-Joe Gloyd, Kelly Surface, Bill Lundy, Ronnie Gee, Barry Meador, Barry Crowder, Jerry Shafer, Dagffid Stokes, Doug Catron, Danny LaPrade, Linda Po . J.A. 's and DE CA Expand Business Knowledge 525 Q s EQ as ' 2 JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT: First Row-Lewis ond Row-Jimmy Shelton, Jim Clark, Larry Lipes, Fotchman, Jimmy Dotson, Steve Lambruscati. Sec- Bill Knapp. " J., r 3 if N Vid i 5 I ii fl S ' 5 xo '.: MSF f . sv 3. .Q . f i uw? 1 Q. - 5, J F. T. A. officers listen to Debbie Cutwright as she reads the minutes of their last meeting. F. T. A. First Row-Miss Gregory, Cynthia LaFoon, Susan Wingo, Brenda Howfawger, Beth Lawrence, Becky Heck, Ann Jones, Kathy Johnson, Linda Lucas, Debbie Caldwell, Karen Murko, Cindy Rhine- hart, Vicki Woolwine. Second Row-Melissa Mitc- hell, Debbie Spangler, Linda Collins, Cynthia Gilles- Future Teachers Promotes Learning Future Teachers of America are sponsored at Northside by Miss Gregory. The club held a spaghetti dinner before the VSDB Wrest- ling match. Money made at this dinner was used for club activities later in the year. In the fall the members had a pot luck supper to which they invited our foreign exchange student, Norma Palispis. At this supper they learned much about Norma's native land, the Philippines. They also held election of their officers on that night. Debbie Cutright, pres- ident, and Miss Gregory called meetings when there was important business. pie, Allyn Babb, Pat Dudley, Debbie Wilkerson, Deb- bie Cutwright, Jean Fisher, Linda Mercer, Linda Taylor, Debbie Pierce. Third Row-Pam Pearson, Vicki Byrd, Mary Smart, Jenny Henninger, Frances Henderson, Linda Williams, Susan Bailey, Norma Harris, Keys Bordwine, Linda Turner. 121 X Cringing teeth and flexing muscles enable Coach Ken Shelton to mentally wrestle each Northside opponent 122 The situation looked rather tense for the Viking wrestlers, but as usual they came through for Northside. Another Win-Thank You Coach Shelton Undefeated Viking wrestler Larry Stuckey goes for a pin to win the match in the regional tournament. Practicing daily during the regular season and even more often before the Regional and State Tournaments, the Viking wrestlers once more soared to the heights. Their record now holds 41 consecutive victories, and they plan to add more next year. The Roanoke Valley Invitational Tourna- ment at Northside tested the skills of wres- tlers from twelve high schools. Loyal fans saw our wrestlers carry off top honors with a score 10 points better than their nearest opponent. Mike Painter and Larry Stuckey placed first, Ricky Schilling second, Gary Davidson, Barry Francisco, Dicky Stuckey, and Mike Bailey third, and Larry Hamilton and Allen Journell fourth. Six wrestlers, Mike Bailey, Barry Fran- cisco, Mike Painter, Mark Reinhardt, Brad Smallwood, and Larry Stuckey, finished the regular season with unbeaten records. A noisy pep assembly before the team left and a bus packed full of Viking fans showed the team We backed them as they entered the State Tournament. Prospects for next year look good, since 11 on the first string team will return. Grap- plettes and all the student body hope for more successful matches and tournament victories. 123 E ' ffl, "UIh1 The Viking wrestlers have their own way of showing congratulations to each other for a successful match. 124 orthsideiv N 0. I Big Green Soul Team WRESTLING TEAM: First Row--Mike Paynter, Mike Bailey, Neal Obenchain, Larry Stuckey, 'Brad Smallwood, Ricky Schilling, Alan Journell, Dickey Stuckey, Gary Davidson, Mark Reinhardt, Walter Reinhardt, James Garst. Second Row--John Lowery, Ray Hiler, Mike Poff, Jay Morgan, Tom Bradshaw, Mike Durham, Russell Johnson, Roger Robinson, Mike Lackey, Barry Francisco, Jesse Hale, fm , we' ww' W ir A M4 , 5 ' 'gil , .2 1 fs' 'is'-. x l SN me 5 eg 9 2 Viking Dickey Stuckey attacks'a William Byrd Terrier. Ricky Schilling desperately tries to down a Terrier Larry Hamilton. Third R0w-Peter Minton, Henry Vandergriff, Tommy Turner, Robin Sherwood, Dennis Morgan, Doug Townsend, John Roth, Paulis Johnson, Steve Pharr, Alan Reins, Mike Howell, Steve Minnich, Paul Ragland, Steve Hall, Jimmy Lisle, Jimmy Mills, Richard Smoot, Mike Barton, John McCullough, Michael Johnson, David Ragland, Tim Edmondson. , CT 5 i 1 X M2 " af J ,f ,Q , 125 Mark Rhinehart, 165 lb. Wrestler, goes for a pin to and five points to the Viking score Neil Obenchain, wrestling at 112 lbs., gains riding time in an exciting Viking match. 126 Viking Matmen Enjoy Undcjeated Season N.H.S.. . . . N.H.S. .... 27 N.H.S.. . .. N.H.S.. . . . N.H.S.. . . . N.H.S.. . . . N.H.S.. . .. N.H.S.. . . . N.H.S.. . . . N.H.S.. . . . N.H.S.. . . . N.H.S.. . . . N.H.S.. . . . VARSITY SCOREBOARD Brookville ....... Hargrave M.A. . V.S.D.B. ..... . Andrew Lewis . .. Orange County . . . Alleghany County William Fleming . Franklin County . Amherst County . Pulaski ....... Covington ..... William Byrd Andrew Lewis . .. A tense crowd watches while Brad Smallwood valiantly tries to gain a reversal to get five for Northside Senior, Larry Stucky, Navy rides his opponent to gain two points for N.H.S. in the last seconds. 127 Rummage Sale Fwli T, S' ,,',, ai, ' if fail' 5 2 in x L ?g'4ff,:,.,M gif ,i , WW . V- f ij ff Q M H , C ' if A Ji l V gf ' A2 ' fi I I 'fan VV f k Y I f ,,,, W., I 'm W" ,Wig V, . " fi I My if K I5- .ga MMAQJ ' ' ' ,, 'l"', , ,if ,, ,vii We , or J J . ,A AA'A': ., if J 1 l GRAPPLETTES: First Row-Linda Nichols, Vicki Martin, Norma Harris, Ginger Lawhorn, Linda Williams, Joyce Nichols, Sue Mabry, Donna Perdue, Coach Shelton, Linda Turner, Keys Bordwine, Cathy Creasy, Renee Ragland, Carol Lucas, Susan Bailey. Second Row- Sue Kessler, Pat Fitzhugh, Vicki Journell, Gail Henson, Sheila Hall, Linda Lewis, Norma Palispis, Deena Wertz, Gladys Sheets, Camilla Hall, Susan Sarver, Debbie Smith, Melissa Mitchell. Third Row-Mary Lynn Hughson, Carol Ikard, Sharon Huffman, Darlene Jones, Pam Pitts, Marty Johnson, Debbie Oyler, Pat Ball, Linda Mercer, Denise McConnell, Donna Gryder, Stephanie Turner, Beth Lawrence, Denise Booze, Donna Fitzgerald, Jane Vannoy, Lynn Gordh, Sherry Jord, Brings in Quick Cash Denise McConnell and Russ Hamilton delight in dancing to the music of the Regents at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. its r ' 5 5 , Al., 'fn fy' H W' : 5 if I f i , VJKWZ .. 4, . f ,, 1 .Qi ,, - we 7- 'fi 'Q z A f ff 1 1 5 i z if f . , . , 4 , V. .1 f . gy 4 V, , Ag! 4 t f. ' rm., . Z.. 3. , ,X ,,,, ,G ,. . ,Lv 4 . Y 1 1, , ea Linda Kidd, Brenda Glass, Sandra Haney, Bonnie Restivo. Fourth Row-Debbie Caldwell, Jane Gilbert, Linda Lucas, Pat Vaught, Chippy Williams, Donna Newton, Kathy Schilling, Linda Jones, Jean Fisher, Minnie Bayer, Linda Keen, Linda Bocock, Karyl Brooks, Linda Hol- land, Linda Keith, Brenda Hylton, Junella Scott. Fifth Row-Karen Brooks, Bonnie Foster, Debbie Gryder, Karen Reyns, Paula Gibson, Dreama Hall, Debbie Rigby, Sharon Hestetter, Sandra Garst, Diane Tucker, Suzanne Painter, Kathy Barger, Julie, Baldwin, Theresa Lynch, Kathy Vaverdeas, Sue Trent, Jodie Landis, Landa Law, Gail Stanley, Connie Pannell, Beth Dale, Sharon Wertz. With Coach Ken Shelton as sponsor and senior Debbie Oyler as president the Grap- plettes were bound to spread spirit. They com- peted with other clubs by entering a peppy banner in the banner contest sponsored by the Pep Club. The Grapplettes sponsored Northside's first Wrestling Homecoming on December 16. They sent invitations to all the wrestlers of past years, and throughout the match against Orange County they provided recognition of these wrestlers. Hard work by the girls in Grapplettes as- sured the success of the Regional Wrestling Tournament at Northside February 9, 10. The girls also made certain that buses were avail- able to transport students to Facquier High School in Warrenton, Virginia, for the state tournament February 16, 17 to wish the Vik- ings well in defending their state champion- ship title. Because the Sadie Hawkins Day Dance that they sponsored in spring 1967 was a tremen- dous success, the Grapplettes again planned this dance for spring 1968. Girls of all classes were urged to ask their dates early in order to avoid the rush. The Hard work of Northside's gi-applers through the '66-'67 season paid off with state championship title. 130 The early lilacs became part of this child, And grass and white and red morning-glories, and whztc and red clover and the song of the phoebe-bird, And the Third-month lambs and the SOW,S17ll'lhfC1lI'Zll litter and the marc sfoal and the cow S calf Spring doesn't come like a flash of light- ning or a clap of thunder. Gently infiltrating winter ways with its fresh new outlook and renewed strength, spring is probably one of the most welcomed seasons of the year, de- spite continued lawn mowing. Fields of flowers burst into bloom as do the halls of Northside when bright happy colors replace winter plaids, and sweaters are abandoned for shirt-sleeves. Cheerful sunshine, warmer weather, and April Showers make it easier to smile and stay in a good mood. Homework is often forgotten for congregating at Lendy's or the tennis courts. Convertible tops convert, early suntans appear, and weekends at the beach beckon when the sky is blue and the sun is high. G.A.A.: First Row-Mrs. Kavitz, Mrs. Clemmons, Yvonne Hurt, Cindy Howell, Melissa Mitchell, Norma Palsispis, Brenda Hylton, Linda Collins, Becky Gry- der, Dreama Hall. Second Row-Diane Chapman, Sheila Sanders, Dena Wertz, Kathy Fisher, Kathy Pruett, Renie Ragland, Pat Ball, Debbie Oyler, Donna Perdue, Joyce Nichols, Linda Bocock. Third Row--Jonell Lawhorn, Lyn Gordh, Donna Gryder, Keys Bordwine, Linda Turner, Linda Jones, Marty Johnson, Denise McConnell, Beth Dale, Julie Baldwin, Linda Williams, Connie Pannell. Fourth Row-Gin- ger Lawhorn, Cathy Creasy, Susan Robertson, Gail Standley, Landa Law, Sandra Garst, Debbie Smith, Jodie Landis, Sharon Ogle, Susan Wingo, Teresa Stone, Andrea Kelly, Terena Stone, Cindy Radcliff. G.A.A. Members Hope to Become Physicalbf Fit Northside's Girls' Athletic Association en- couraged girls to keep physically fit by con- tinued participation in sports. Club sponsors are Miss Brammer and Mrs. Clemmons. Interested eighth graders attended a coke party in early fall. Throughout the rest of the year intramural sports events took place on Saturdays. These ranged from ring tennis to volleyball to basketball. Girls received points for all intramural sports, all summer sports activities, hikes, bowling, and bicycle-riding in which they took part outside the club. The club's Intra- mural Manager kept a record of each mem- ber's points, and at the spring banquet certi- ficates were awarded for 250 points, letters for 500, and stars for 1000. The GAA also sponsored the girls' basket- ball team. Coached by two of the club's spon- sors, this team met several other city-county teams in competition. In spring many girls joined the softball team or took part in track and field events. Andrea Kelley shoots for two points as the Vikettes come close to winning another one. Vikette Cindy Radcliffe shoots for an extra point Marsha Landrum valiently tries to help Andrea as teammate Linda Wlilliams goes in for a rebound. Kelly keep the ball away from Patrick Henry. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM: First Row-Becky Radcliffe, Joyce Nichols. Third Row-Lynda Wil Ryder, Renee Ragland, Lynn Gordh, Andrea Kelley. liams, Dorothy Hargrove, Miss Brarnmer. Second RowHLinda Bocock, Marsha Landrum, Cindy THESPIANS: Front Row-Mrs. Coffindaffer, gerald, Margie Brigham, Cynthia LaFoon, Linda Brenda Fahnestock, Brenda Hofawger, Patsy Ar- Turner. Third Row-Steve Minnich, David Bous- rington, Rosie Doyle. Second Row-Frank Fitz- man, Bill Lowry, Mike Reed. orlhsidek Stars are Broadway Bound POLYFACETS: Front Row-Mrs. Coffindaffer, Lyn Dillon, Debbie Bible, Gail Rowe, Janie Hoer, Janice Itue. Second Row-Ellen Hatcher, Paula Mason, Sue Kessler, Donna Fitzgerald, Sandy Blankenship, Marty Johnson. Third Row-Harold Cooper, Sam Ross, Kelly Surface, Butch Carter, Marsha Landrum, Vicki Woolwine, Harry Lewis. Fourth Row- Danny Kessler, Mike Itue, Jim Clark, Dan Zero, Jimmy Dotson, Jimmy Mills, Chuck Foutz. Thespians S ujjfer Sweagf Costumes Stressing the fundamentals of dramatics, the Polyfacets Drama Club is the organiza- tion designed for students enrolled in drama courses. Members of the Polyfacets work in cooperation with the National Thespians on makeup, props, and technical aspects of play production throughout the year, as well as present one-act plays. The National Thespians enables members to cultivate dramatic abilities with others who have some talent in that field. The Thespians operate on the point system, newly revised this year. To gain membership students of dramatics must attain a certain number of points through participation in plays and related activities. This year the club decided that half of the points necessary must be earned in backstage work, and that the number of miscellaneous points should be cut in half. H- 1 I u m B. .Fahnestock and J. Schafer gaze at each other while M. McKinney looks on in "Solid Gold Cadallicf' ff' fa? S 3 We ' ' 'I' si ,ici 0. 'fa 1' ff Z, n i .1 Er 3 1 M. Angels ROS16 Doyle ' and Patsy Arrington converse in the play about rowdy Geral- dine. 135 alll' Freshman, Greg Smallwood shouts instructions for proper maneuver as teammate Doug Walters goes up and over. 136 me T Wayne Gaabo lands midst scattering sand after standing broad jump to score points for Vikings. Track Keeps Boys Li gh! on Their Feet Green blurs whizzed by and thundered off down a coal-black track. Wind-blown specta- tors watched field team members broad jump or throw the discus. The Viking track season was in full swing! Northside's trackmen began their practice when the first signs of spring arrived. Track and field competition attracted boys from all five grades. Hours of endless toil and diligent practice rewarded these boys with victory. All team members enjoyed the develop- ment of individual skills, but some attained the added reward of establishing new school records. The season's end found our hard- working Northside trackmen placing second in the Blue Ridge District, a well-deserved honor. TRACK TEAM: Sitting-Gene Fielder. Jimmy Mills, Steve Oliver, Elliott Bayer, Bob Wells, Tommy Riely. Standing-Norman Holdren, Greg Smallwood, Mike Lackey, Mark Reinhardt, and Coach Sloan. 'Qi Ja may err-A 137 Track and Field Event Records Paul Lugar J. D. Via David Hash Colby Trammell David McAllister David McAllister Bob Kennedy Ronnie Custer 100 yd. dash 10.2 120 yd. high hurdles 15.5 180 yd. low hurdles :21.3 220 yd. dash :22.6 440 yd. dash 50.3 880 yd. dash .03.6 Mile Run :42.1 Two Mile Run 10:17.1 880 yd. relay 1:37 .0 Sprint Medley relay 3:48.5 Two Mile relay 8:43.5 Broad Jump 20'8" Pole Vault 11'4" High Jump 5'10" Discus 144'4" Shot put 48'1Q" Cross Country 2.4 miles 13:03.5 Broad Jump 20'11" 80 yd. relay 1137.1 Ronnie Custer Terry Henson Tommy Taylor Colby Trammell David McAllister 1962 1964 1966 1966 1966 1966 1965 1966 1966 1966 Walter Reinhardt1966 Tommy Taylor Terry Henson David McAllister Tommy Anderson1966 Fred Hutchinson Ronnie Custer David McAllister Glen Palmer Larry Garst Ronnie Palmer David Hash Don Byrd Don Byrd Ronnie Custer Wayne Gaabo Ken Ferris Doug Walters Wayne Gaabo Terry Henson 1964 1963 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1967 1967 Leaving his opponents far behind, Terry Hen son races to the tape for an easy Viking Win 138 a Mfr Akai M if M if . ,,k,, , e i Ji' flyni' fm. f -.Bi if-'bfi " .Agn . . . , ,, .ze ..., H f, my . Qi? : Je A wr, 2 .ff'?4Zf rr - ' f in-,:"7 xvh VARSITY TRACK SCOREBOARD N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S N.H.S. ...... 79 Wm. Byrd ........... 39 . ...... 86 Covington . . . . . .32 . ...... 43 Wm. Fleming . . . . . .79 . .... 55l,fQ Cave Spring . . . . . .62 . ...... 68 Liberty ....... . ,... 71 N.H.S Blue Ridge District:-Second Place Concord Relays:-First Place Piedmont Relays:-Second Place Cosmopolitan Relays:--Second Place FIELD EVENT TEAM: Sitting-L. Brax- ton, F. Hutchins, W. Reinhardt. Standing- Coach Sloan, D. Walters, K. Ferris, R. Cus- ter, B. Smallwood, M. Layman, T. Henson, W. Gaabo, and R. Bryant. A spirited crowd presents one t y p i c a l Northside trademark. 139 Hark! I Spy cz Green .H.S. UFO. Allen Williamson throws the discus for points for Northside in the track meet against William Fleming. 40 3 4 E E Y r The swift Northside team shuts out their opposition as Doug Walters hands Wayne Gaabo the baton. Wi - ,www -Q Lv J' i .MIM A-' A. ' 7 ef,-asa KI At the bang of the gun the race begins amid cheering spectators. FBLA: First Row-Mrs. Penturff, Joyce Chappelle, Sandra Phipps, Diane Chapman. Second Row-Sue Smith, Diane Hanes, Yvonne Heggs, Brenda Creasy, Sandra Creasy. Third Row-Sharon Cuddy, June FB.L.A. Learn Skills 0 Business The Projection Club, now more organized and more efficient, than before, is a great benefit to Northside's faculty. By keeping track of the visual aids and supplying them to the classrooms, the Projection Club has eliminated much confusion. Also in charge of special effects and lighting at assemblies and extracurricular activities, the club oper- ates from the projection room. The SKALD staff this year has added to the regular publication a shorter version known as "Skald Scribblesf' The Work for the "Scribbles" is chosen from donations by the students as well as from the work by regular members of the staff. The regular SKALD magazine comes out in the spring. The F. B. L. A. has been active in the Rad- ford Region this year with entries in Public Speaking, scrap books, bulletin boards, and other exhibits. The officers chosen for this are Karen Painter, President, Teresa Bow- man, Vice-Presidentg Nancy Holland, Sec- retaryg and Steve Roberts, Treasurer. 142 Divers, Andrea Kelly, Nancy Holland, Ramona Wright, Valerie Overfelt. Fourth Row-Nancy Crowder, Donna Whitehead, Steve Roberts, Carol Burch, Patti Gross, Kardn Painter. ' 12 Projection Club member, Steve Mimimch helps with lighting and sound effects during Keyette assembly. Q 3..- SKALD STAFF: First Row-- Rosean Smith, Kay Barrett, Mrs. Kellly. Second Row-Jerry Lively, Alllan Wil- liamson, Tim Reed, Tommy Anderson, Dave Dickerson, Terry Fisher, Norman Holden, Fabio Chomiki. Creative Writing Club Adds "SkczId Scribblesv ,Q E657 PROJECTION CLUB: Ralph Bayer, Danny Kessler, Steve Minnich, Lindsay Taylor, Tony Porter, Greg Slusher, Chester Simmons, Charlie Foreman. 143 if Sf- Si HSE --sv' Cb' -- 5 Yltfill ' --iss. -.55 F-:iii lik e e S -1 ss . Y - 5 X .fi 1 1 . 2 A N' W C K V o il The '4Key to Christmasu reminds the citizens of Roanoke of the true spirit of the season. 144 Key C lab Spreads Christmas Message The Key Club sent money to pay for food and clothing for Wu Tu Liu, an eight-year -old girl in Taiwan. The club sent her gifts at Christmas and received a Christmas card from her. The members attended a banquet at the Oais Restaurant in January. The program included a film and the initiation of new members. Members helped at the Mountain View Elementary Bazaar last fall. They became amateur salesmen for the club's annual money-making project of selling peanut brit- tle. Programs later in the year included speech- es on various vocations and a movie, "The Young Americans." Northside's chapter of Key Club Inter- national sent two delegates to the district convention in Baltimore, Maryland in April and two to the international convention in Montreal, Canada, in July. fe ? f 'L z Q , , 3 3 4 f Sk i ' iifl ,Y ' 4 n m . Wk A , jk I ' if Gs 'IL Effie f,,f2,'W2 ,il W W f 4' 1 f 4, V ,,,, KEY CLUB: First Row-Mr. Stuart, Larry Stuckey, ford, David Fisher, Dickie Stuckey, David Bousman, Jay Morgan, Butch Gibson, Mike Paynter, Neil Ob- Mike Henderson, Marc Fielder, Wayne Gaabo. Fourth enshain, Richard Smoot. Second Row-Mike Aheron, Row-Allan Williamson, Glen Dudley, Robert Cana- Tom Bradshaw, Steve Rice, Brad Smallwood, Terry day, Dan Zurro, Ronnie Hall, Pete Grogan, Ralph Henson, Norman Holdren. Third Row-Bill Craw- Bayer. Allen Williamson, Larry Stuckey, Steve Rice, Glen Dudley, and Norman Holdren learn gladly how to park cars. mm, ,fb l . ..., .f L, K ,mf K orthside GQQF Team Swings Into Action Our tennis team, organized for the first time in the spring of 1967 and coached by Mr. Howell, practiced frequently at Loch Haven Country Club. Team members Glen Dudley, VValter Viohl, Dick Oliver, Kyle Fitz- gerald, and Larry Stuckey enjoyed battling with skillful players from several area high schools. Their 4-3 record brought a success- ful beginning to tennis at Northside. Coached by Mr. Fallin, the golf team teed off to an exciting season once more. Senior David Kidd took top honors on the team. Playing at local country clubs, the members took up their irons daily to maintain profi- ciency in drives and putting, Those returning for '68 include Danny Camper, Mike Morris, Danny Jarrett, and Steve Williamson. 6 . 1, .V W K fr .f a ' . . Y M." . . Q' 'f f I f ' g ...kkr sry:-gm? ' T71 .. 'Eiga-gs- r Q , . c a 3-ggi? Q-..,ljj,iXii ,,,,3,5 ,-ff.i.,, . +1554-,. fs' Y1'?M ?Y3fP7f , .gf1'5Yj?'3l+ S?Qb'5'fi? K . . , ., tr 1 r waszfw-i .Q . is N' While stuck in the sand pit, Danny Baldwin skillfully swings out with some coaching from David Kidd GOLF TEAM: David Kidd, Dan Baldwin, Mike Winston, Bill Hedrick, Tom Rieley, Mike Morris, Coach Fallm 146 .- VARSITY CLUB: First Row-Larry Stuckey, Steve Rice, Ricky Schilling, Mike Paynter, Ralph Bayer, Roger Robinson, Teddy Worrell. Second Row-Bob Wells, Terry Henson, Brad Smallwood, Gary David- son, Norman Holdren, Eddie Bryant, Mark Layman, Doug' Walters. Third Row-Mike Henderson, Steve Lambruscati, Roger Bryant, Dickey Stuckey, Robert Cregger, Randy Likins, Walter Reinhardt, Pete Grogan. Fourth Row-David Early, David Bous- man, Stafford Lewis, Danny Camper, Fred Hutchins, Tommy Anderson, Mark Reinhardt, Wayne Gaabo. TENNIS TEAM: Kyle Fitzerald, Steve Minnich, Dick Oliver, Ton Bradshaw, Steve Minnich, Richard Smoot, Mr. Howell. 147 Mrs. Kelly is flaber- gasted as Tommy Ander- son presents her with a Simease kitten. December Brings Arrival of Senior Pins Susan Lee Aheron Evelyn Suzanne Aliff Michael Wayne Altizer Gloria Arrington Patricia Ellen Arrington Carolyn Sue Ashlin Allyn Eugenia Babb Patricia Gail Ball -me Brenda Kay Barrett 148 .W Dreams Come True for Senior C lass The class of 1968 struggled through their junior year to present the prom, "Days of Wine and Roses." During that year they originated the "Mr. Cool Contest" and award- ed a prize to the most beautiful entry. Tommy Anderson took the five dollar prize and With it the title, "Mr, Coolf' Profits from the musical "South Pacific" gave a tremendous boost to the class treasury. The senior year brought hopefully awaited senior rings, pins, key chains, and pendants. The administration thoughtfully added the senior privilege of leaving three minutes early for lunch. Collegebound seniors enroll- ed in advance math and English courses. Business students were offered an office practice course at the Vocational Center. English 12 included studies of "The Canter- bury Tales", Shakespearean dramas, and structural linguistics. Seniors rejoiced at the completion of their last high school examinations. Terry Henson, f'Mr. Football", grins when congratulated by Coach Shelton. mn nw Cynthia Fay Barrett Ralph Ernest Bayer William Jackson Beason Ralph Birkenmier Earl Bryan Boitnott Jeanetta Fayne Boone 1 .ar We 149 S-S-S -EN -I -I -I OR I ! Seniors ! Seniors ! Ranking number one on the student totem pole, seniors enjoyed the benefits of experi- ence. Theirs is the joy of screaming "Sen- iors!" at every pep rally. Theirs is the joy also of saying, "I passed all tough courses that are giving you underclassmen such a tough time!" The class of 1968 has come to realize that as seniors they have reached a point of no return. Five years ago when as eighth graders they entered the halls of Northside the day of graduation now so near seemed an eternity away. For some, college a c c e p t a n c e s came months agog for some, the future holds only indefinite plans. During rehearsal for grad- uation and capping assemblies, however, all gain a new prospective on how fleet time is and how final their graduation. David Curtis Bousman Sarah Kathryn Bowman Barbara Jean Bowman Margie Lou Brigham Richard Layne Brizendine Karen Leah Brooks 150 Mike Henderson and Brenda Fahnestock busily browse through piles of mail from their fans. ' f , 2 1 Mya!! f 5' 'il M if 1 ...L .-mf.. ., Q Q 1 4 4 ew ,V fav ,Q if gggpwawfv lv fi--2 I 7-f:f,J,- ' .. T597 f - " , 2...f ": I 6 ,ft ,.,:, f. .A - " 'f!?"!riLE . I lu.-Q-if Carol Clarkson and Larry Stuckey, our successful merchants, record the transactions of the day. 'f7S':f5'f77'31fLsf 4'?lfkifff"llSs?f'll7i5WLW "' Q-1mg,m 9'g2zf r 1Qz+534sg3f3V . ,, M aw f V ,Aww VW W ,, fi-'m.11':2zf'512ff V V , , W1 m,f,si,2,.ms,,, ,- , -M, 4, -, 21: fm .il all . f ' V+ - 4 ---" - -i f . ,gf . ggi ,iw ,, H ,M ,, - I M 4' ,,. , , . ,I Wayne Gaabo uses all athletic knowledge to make two as Debbie Oyler straightens hoop. Karyl Lynn Brooks Martha Hatcher Brown Robert Glenn Byrd C Z,azf'l Phyllis Ann Callahan Frank Carroll Campbell Danny Lee Camper as X Z ' 7 ff , fy , 4 'M we f as f W 52 .. we - Msfexlifdif 52? 14 525: , f " "'E,Ilj"l' f H Aa I Q f ,KWH , A., G2 + L 151 With patience and sincerity, B111 Craw ford helps Sharon Wertz with her jacket as they exchange warm smiles "Do you want to buy a shrunken head?" Bloody Mary fMargie Brighamj asks a Sailor QSteve Warrenl . " V lf-fb Llfx ?,r I ill ff, -gg, Q32 A - . li? j, . Q K 1 Douglas Eugene Catron Carol Elaine Clarkson Carolyn Jeannette Cole Laura Diane Collins Drema Marlene Cooper William Stewart Crawford 152 Tnnihfa 3: Qzzie 69 iffy? img if A l Vw At curtain call Kathy Kurbjun's and Qi Bill Gordh's smiles are reflected in the ' Polyfacets dressing room. Seniors Rejoice At Last Year of English , J X rg J 5 X SL, El S eL X Q, I K M Sandra Gail Creasy N 2 ig Lk X Robert Stephen Cregger C A im X, John Charles Cregger SW -Q get - 2-.err . X X X X 'X an We it S Sie e g ,.-L. jfgqggisgrerwm re - A N gg i 3: fair . were Calvin Robert Cronise X Barry Lee Crowder - if if, X t Nancy Ellen Crowder 2 JEL sz .1iilE25Esi'l...i iifffififlififi . .x g f-:: Gimme-.D C L Jessie Edward Daily if - Carolyn Ann Custer msgs +6 X tis S Beth Dale 153 Linda Davis Dennie Denison Thomas Quinn Dickenson Jerry Edward Dickerson James William Dotson Rosanna Jeanne Doyle Barbara Joy Dowdy Brenda Hope Dowdy Morton Glenn Dudley 5. reams E. :ss-.1 S iss fff S-'Qgifs?'s, X My X S f'i,M?Wim.s .. .. S ,n w,,s,.s:ss,,lv.lsfA3,sx,:,4gQ ggfggfimw -, s my sg Sm X 1 is X Q Egg 5 BM S xx' xsifliix L , gigs? ,gs Q, sk L S Q 3 is 4. .sa 1 .1 EI , gslp g ,. iggfgssszszg: ., Ls. .1 ,. ,. - . . - ...f:.,,, ...-k .- kf.- , -as -- s s s Q , D5 ar gi fx 2 ris Q- x -L ' -a s 155 :, s f W If E--. .f,. g15:+,Ss 1 V. Glen Dudley shows his "courteous" manners by letting Norma Palispis carry his books. 154 I K Y.. '.lld "' wr, , wry? 'M 'al my aff" Q, l wi, K-Q5'4lAli74 - F fil David Bouseman and Mike Henderson cart away a de- feated Cavalier during a Pep Rally. '68 Rings are "00hed',by Envious Underclassmen David Thompson Early Karleen Dawn Evans Brenda Lee Fahnestock M' ig fi, egmrziie Marc Layne Fielder il Q5 is Frank David Fitzgerald Larry Wayne Fitzgerald Philip Craig Flora Sharon Elaine Ford Diane Francisco 155 Donna Perdue and Ralph Bayer will sit any where to watch the Mighty Vikings. Frank Fitzgerald displays his forceful personality by demanding that Brenda Hylton dismount his deer. Sharon Christine Fracisco Carl Wayne Gaabo James Harvey Garst Cynthia Blair Gillespie Brenda Lorene Glass Joseph Dean Gloyd 156 , - S X BX . R .. , 1:.eE , 5 ss , L in I Qi W ,g if syfifiij K w X flaw ,o w -5 Stylesetters Mark Fielder, Cynthia 1 Gillespie, Barry Meador, and Candy Summers admire the latest fashions. Seniors Look Forward to Having Own Prom oe ' P Gwendolyn Gordh Joy Ardell Gottshall 'Q me -iw Hedda Gail Greever L Kline Peter Grogan V L Michael Grubb Q ' f Carma Imogene Hale Ronnie Walker Hall Dreama Ann Hambrick David Lipton Hatcher 157 Mary Sue McKinney conveys problems of the stock Martha Brown and Tommy Anderson change places market as Bob Cregger patiently listens. to see if they liked the other's ability. Marilyn Hathaway Michael Wayne Henderson Cynthia Lee Henley Terence Dean Henson Joseph Martin Hoer Brenda Darlene Hofawger 158 mg ,w,,,,,, ,fy W L , A,,,, i , M? 3, if WW ,Q WW i 5 if 7' A c i 2' I : lggzfigl-lm:--wwf " - .M A, 1 '. " lifi- , 4,f.f3v2 if .g c my A , " Ti, 'L Wdffkiflf Friendly Hedda Greever is charmed by Senior T. Q. Dickenson's outstanding burping personality. N '68 Senior Class Officers are: President Allen William- son, Vice President Wayne Gaabo, Reporter Pat Ball, Treasurer Brenda Hyton, and Secretary Lyn Gordh. lixvg, Norman Brooks Holdren Linda Ann Holland Danny Spencer Hudgins MZ Brenda Carol Hylton "' Carol Christine Ikard lif- . Wk , 5 W 4 ff' , '43ff,f"' D 1 1 Lonnie Wayne Jenkins 159 Sue Aheron gently exerts a subtle yet ef- fective leadership upon Allan Williamson. Seniors Begin On The Climb 0 Success Deborah May Jones Linda Lee Jones Linda Ann Keith John Henry Kelderhouse John Howard Kidd Linda Ann Kidd Kathleen Barron Kurbjun Marilyn Lackey Mary Ester Lackey 160 Cynthia Anne LaFoon Danny Sherman LaPrad Harry Clifton Lewis Randall Thurman Likens Jerry McKinley Lively Janet Diane Lovelace Susan Marie Lowry William Martin Lowry William Martian Lowry Linda Holland gives friendly Lynn Gordh one of her tuffest looks. 161 Brad Smallwood ties a "cute" bow in Linda Kidd's hair, both looking a bit mischievious. Class '68 Leaves T radz tzons Teresa Anne Lynch Rory James McGregor Fredric Michael McCoy Ivy Jeanette McCoy Mary Sue McKinny Richard Wade McLeod Mary Ellen McPherson James Lewis Mann Virginia Carol Martin 162 .zggss.s:Pf'flPw:'A: H 5-2""!':.."-25222-S' Moss s w .sl . r, "' ' , , P , Q, x .u .: - 'f : fiE1f,gsQs3's5Sg3Q5??P?i? fffp- ' ' - i .L . ge 52- s ' assi X -3, ezsfsse'f'sf:mgs1s,s W, rw. Essgsssf. 1.f-131.1575-Aeegf, fgff-vy,:s is nrilzaggs -' s fs .f .wifrsffzwswr I Wifzvf 1 1 rw,-?m,n'sf?21w f.-1,51 f 's.:EE.':2'lE535i5il-3' K' K ,..: Z , gs. ,I Pep Club members don their aprons and grab their utensils to barbeque the Cavaliers. Mrs. Henderson and Mr. E. Orr, Senior Class sponsors check National Honor Society collars for graduation Louis George Maverdes Barry Lyn Meador Joseph Michael Meador Larry Meador Katherine Anne Mills Pamela Gayle Mitchell 163 Ralph Bayer and Richard Smoot prepare ropes to keep enthusiastic Viking fans off the mats. J e.i. R i : X VN 1 1 T 3 qwkggs . .... Q Practical jokers Connie Pannell, Mike Reed, and Brenda Glass booby trap the principal's office. Charles Edward Moore Rebecca Lee Moore Jeanne Frances Motley Linda Lee Nichols Joyce 4Ann Newman Jessie Elizabeth Owens 164 I ig hgh If Terry Henson and Teresa Lynch can find excitement all around. Lasting Friendships Grow Within Seniors Susan Deborah Oyler Karen Sue Painter 7 Norma Rafael Palispis Connie Jean Pannell Raymond V. Payne Donna Lynn Perdue William Henry Peters Rose Marie Phillips Linda Suzanne Poff 165 .4 Intermission brings laughter and conversation at the Christmas Dance, the - .,,.. 4 XM, .1-'si ssl V .,,.. J last big social event of 1967 " -.':': SES? :-. gif A -'i' , . . , --:- -:-' K ""' ' . ee'.e " - Jerry Stephen Prlce sr Sylvia Jean Pullen Qui 7 Michael Shawn Reed Qi ! :ss- iifaiss A Walter Reinhardt Ronald William Revere Thomas Lee Robertson Jo Alice Ruble Charles Wayne Sandford Jerry John Schaffer 166 - ,P Class Of ,68 Works Hard But Enjoys I I A typical scene finds Sherry Ford, T. Q. Dickenson, and Jerry Price congregating around the radio, sipping drinks. Howard Lee Schilling, Jr. Gregory Harman Sharp Linda Ferris Shelor James Lynwood Shrader Bradley Keith Smallwood Wesley Daniel Snider Chester E. Spangler, Jr. Rita Joe Stallard Samuel Davis Stokes, III 167 A , H ,ef ' wi? , t 4 4, f ,, 4.4, AK' If 51? It Aff' . 6 .V r iff? 2 -f ? ff? E 1 'fix 22 1 ,sf FP' GH VL . I N f ,f l in ' Always there, Pat Ball and Billy Watson watch out for all their fellow students. Henry Laurence Stuckey Candanee Louise Summers Terry Donald Syran Alan Martin Thompson Frank Michael Thompson Linda Louise Turner Stuart Myles Turner Homer Mitchell Wade William Charles Watson 168 ' , if get ,Rx ' - I A i I 0 'fy H , 'A we f3g:egszs'zfs. Q if . K ,551 X X, at W --l., if- Yirs Q is 'Sis' H - M Al XX amine sr X ls.. mu QQ San , sw gl Norman Holdren and Suzie Aliff express their intelligent thoughts in flowers. 'fr K K Nm David Bousman moves the mirror a little to the right helping Cindy Henley bring her good looks in focus. After Four Good Years . . . This Is It David Gilbert Webber Sharon Marie Wertz isnt? Robert Allen Williamson Susan Carol Wingo Larry Michael Wilson Romona Mikie Wright 169 5 1 e I Z I 1 i R2 o 4 A e W, -- my KK' fff" W fi The top ten students of the Senior Class of 1967 stand nervously while waiting their turn to be capped The Prom Still Lingers at Baccalaureate Mrs. Noel smiles happily as Pat Ball pre- sents her with flowers at the '67 Prom. 170 r. VVhile Seniors dance to the music of the Aqualads, Mr. and Mrs. Yates hop to their thirsty cries. Senior Banquet is Given by Juniors "The Days of Wine and Roses" left many memories with those who attended the 1967 Junior-Senior Prom. Red roses, candlelight, and music by the Aqualads provided the essential atmosphere for a delightful even- ing. Money-making projects and committee Work by the junior class were well rewarded by the success of the prom. As each couple entered over a gently-sloping bridge, girls were presented long stem red roses. At baccalaureate the Reverend J. C. Noble once more turned the ears of graduating seniors toward serious topics. In a crowded gymnasium, seniors wearing caps and gowns listened to challenges of tomorrow. Exams finished, their high school careers near a close and graduation only days away, the class became inevitably aware of what lay ahead. Brenda Glass, Lyn Gordh, and Donna Perdue watch hungrily as Eddie Tucker generously fills his plate. jj ,iui 171 Senior Jill Anderson is presented her cap by her brother Kim Anderson. 172 Seniors Anticipate The Coming Years Seniors look forward to their graduation night for five years-first as eighth graders looking at seniors far ahead of them, later as juniors Watching many close friends graduate, finally as seniors themselves, living through their final year at Northside. Cli- maxing the final year of preparation for the World of work and higher education, gradua- tion night symbolizes an accomplishment, a milestone in the lives of these people. As students describe it, graduation is a time of happiness and of sadness, a beginning and an end. Speeches by classmates and admin- istrative officials ring in the ears of all pres- ent, and the minds of seniors are crammed full of relief at the completion of a lengthly task, ambitions to meet future challenges, and fears of failure. Yet, amid this conglom- eration of ideas there emerges hope and a faint tingle of excitement as the future is seriously considered. The graduated seniors rise reluctantly and go forth to meet their Worlds. A S: A 1 - diss S .r1's.e.5 As 'the Class of '67 goes toward grad- uation new doors of the future open. f- ',,, fm N' , . "Pomp and Circumstances" plays as the Class of '67 marches into a new world full of hopes and fears Carol Clarkson and Rose Marie Phillips distribute programs at the '67 graduation 173 4 Affection that will not be gainsay '41, the sense of what zs real the thought lj after all lt should prove unreal, The doubts ofday-time and the doubts ofnzght time the curious whether and how Whether that which appears so is so, or is it all flashes and spcehs 7 Doubts of day and doubts of night vanish when we show affection for trivial items in our lives. Affection, depth of expression, joy in sharing experiences with our classmates present a vibrant reality, an underlying spirit. The flashes and specks of our school are students frequenting halls and haunting classrooms. Soiled loafers and dusty-white saddle oxfords shuffling down halls decieve an onlooker. The observant notice the flash- ing smile, the bouncy hello which reflect student spirit. Seemingly inconsequential events combine to build the unique personal- ity of our student body. An all season' view of Northside reveals a flash of shared ex- periences. Annual Stajjf Makes Memories Immortal More than a memory book, the North Star clearly reflects every aspect of life at North- side. By giving a complete view of activities held throughout the year, the yearbook func- tions in the public relations of our school. Selling ads and subscriptions, drawing lay- outs, cropping pictures, and writing copy and captions, annual staff members partici- pate in more than an extracurricular activity. They continually strive to meet deadlines, thus moving always closer to a completed account of our year. The editors, advisor, and entire staff work in accord to produce the book. Staff members fulfill an obligation to make the yearbook a complete record of every facet of student life. When this record arrives from Delmar Publishing Company in May, staff members inevitably feel pride and experience many moments remembering the rewarding hours of work they did on the book. When things are in an uproar, you can depend on Donna Fitzgerald to locate important material. Constantly searching for just the right words to fit just the right pictures, Donna Fitzgerald, Janie Hoer, Darlene Jones, Marsha Clarkson, Jane Vannoy, and Jodie Landis, compose our North Star Annual. 176 Cindy Henley, Editorg Carol Clarkson, Copy Editorg and Pat Ball, Business Man- ager, pitch in to help Mr. Carter, our adviser, type a letter to Delmar. Paula Mason, Marty Johnson, and Roseau Smith work on copy and captioning pictures for the final deadline. K if 177 Oversized rolling pins and larger than usual measuring cups are a must for 1300 student's hot lunches. Students wait as workers inspect the meat and buns which are wrapped in cloth to assure their warmth. gm, Nw Hysx. ies'5,r1-. f .Y ,N .k . .-.. f I 1, . SNR fe.. . ., M 33 was .,..'+i . if in SERVICE GROUP: First Row-Alvis McKinney, David Ragland, Bill Tyree, Richard Arthur David T1m Beasley, J. D. Westmoreland, Charlotte Craw- Wright, Russell Woolridge, Kurt Knulf ,Frank ford, Ruby Allen. Second Row-Harold Cooper, Tuttle. ' Service Groups Aid Cafeteria Workers Our custodian, C. R. McKeel, diligently mops up C-Hall floor dirt and scuff marks during after school hours. if Vital to the maintenance of any large high W school are the cafeteria workers, bus drivers, and students who Work in the office and cafeteria. NHS is no exception. Most of our 1300 students are transported to and from school daily by some 25 bus drivers. The long snakelike line of yellow buses at the close of every school day is seen on the hottest day of June and on the cloudy, rainy days of December. Equally important are the women who prepare hot lunches each day in the school cafeteria. Besides their task of providing food for the students of NHS, these women fix meals to be carried to Masons Cove Elemen- tary school. Several girls and boys spend an hour each day in the cafeteria to earn their free lunch. Cafeteria maintenance depends greatly on these students. Numerous girls devote one or two study halls per day Working in the office. Errands to be run are plenty. ser' Ig' .sq-7.5 r. R 5 Q . .ui if 'i,J. - is: 7 ' "'.i'x'ig2RQ'im"Yil-Vfww 'W' : """"""'Nll"'-u"'W' 0 Choir Heartibf Sings D0-Re-Me-Fa-S0-La Northside's reorganized choir, under the superb direction of Miss Mildred Johnson, has almost doubled its activity. Early in the fall members sang during half-time activities at the Shrine Bowl with other choirs from Roanoke area high schools. They entertained harried Christmas shoppers at the Crossroads Mall December 19 and sang a medley of songs from around the world at our Christmas assembly. Also dur- ing the Christmas season, they built a float and entered it in the Roanoke and Salem parades. February 20 was the date for All-State choir. Not only was this the first time this had been held at Northside, but it was also the first time our choir had participated. Miss Johnson selected eight people from our choir to represent us in the All-State. The highlight of this occasion was a concert by all members of the All-State choir. For this spring, the choir planned two concerts which were presented to the ele- mentary schools and our student body. i OFFICERS: Pres. O. Blanney, Inter. S. Blankenshop, Sec. M. Brown Music and Robe Lib. A. Simmon, C. Striclin. Northside's choir had a Spanish Christmas and used 'iCalypso Noeli' for their theme in Christmas parade. 180 i ,nil 'A CHOIR: First Row-Accompanist, Martha Brown, Director, Mildred Johnson, Claudia Richardson, Norma Palispis, Sharon Shepard, Karen Hannabas, Ben Thomas, Norman Striplin, Chuck Sanford, Jim- my Dotson, Sandy Blakenship, Patty Gross, Carol Bain, Phyllis Callahan, Sherry Jones, Debbie Hud- son. Second Row-Sandra Moore, Ginger Cregger, Jed W'illiamson, Jimmy Graves, Steve Fisher, Richa- ed Pointdexter, Oliver Blaney, Bill Braxtom, Cathy Creasy, Karen Malone, Susan lrvingr, Mary Alice French, Deloris Hylton, Donna Benko, Nancy Beav- ers. Third R0wgDebhie Raykes, Darlene Cook, Pat Fitzhugh, Andrea Cole, Sheila Stephens, Rhonda McCann, Marshall Sayles, David Clark, Ginger Law- horn, Patti Garst, Alta Simon, Diane Collins, Billie Milam, Laura South, Rosemary Meador. Fourth Row-Cherie Bailey, Namcy Holland, Lynette Town- send, Vickie Graham, Pam Lee, Andrea VVatson, Anne Cregger, Carol Sensabough, Pam Hale, Helen Evans, Susan Booth, Valerie Overfelt, Donna Bar- nett, Charlotte Riley, Suzanne Moore, Susan VVaters. The Allstate Chorel is Karen Hanna- bass, Karen Malone, Cathy Creasy, Diane Collins, Chuck San- ford, Ben Thomas, Alta Simon, Norman Striplin, Jim Dotson. 6 if COMPLIMENTS OF THE NORTHSIDE ATHLETIC BOOSTER'S CLUB President ................ ........ ....... J o hn F. Clayton, Jr. Executive Vice President . .. .... Thomas E. Edmondson Vice President .... Albert L. Fitzgerald Secretary ..... Treasurer ........ Publicity Director . Sales Director . . . Public Address .... Teams Physicians .. Lynn Beavers Sue Beavers Howard Bibee Jack Clayton Nell Clayton Virginia Edmonson Tommy Edmonson Lois Fielder Terry Fielder Albert Fitzgerald Carl Gaabo Inez Gaabo Harry Haynes Betty Haynes Mryon Henderson Justine Henderson Frank Johnson Kay Johnson L. F. Journell . . . . . . . .Lois S. Fielder . . . .Reginald A. Oliver ....L. Calvin Schilling . . . . . .Terry E. Fielder . . . . . . .Peter J. Restivo Dr. A. Lynn Beavers Dr. Frank M. Johnson Jim Morgan Ava Morgan Harry Morgan Phil Newton Barbara Newton Reggie Oliver Charlie Ann Oliver Gerald Ragland Becky Ragland Pete Restivo Calvin Schilling Beatrice Schilling Howard Stultz Henry Stuckey Robert Turner Lucille Turner Florence Walters Marvin Walton Buck Woolwine Compliments of CROUCH'S PHARMACY 7535 Williamson Road 366-3 I 79 Office Res. Dial 366-5305 366-3815 STAR CITY REALTY CO. W. E. Hale, Broker Real Estate-Land Developments- Investments 5720 Williamson Road Roanoke, Vo. Fourth period staffers and Mr. Gerald Carter get preview of the underclassmen annual pictures. Mrs: Donna Henderson is elated and surprised at recelving roses from her cheerleading squad. FALLON FLORIST Ktyj.GRAP,, 5 off? 23 Church Avenue bu I ! s' L 5' X 11 1' " X94 I I 345-7709 F. C. AMRHEIN 81 SONS J EWELERS . , -"-viii 1 32 Kirk Avenue 343-5147 183 4 . BECKNER STUDIO 3641 Williamson Road 362-0743 or 366-2726 Complete Commercial Photography Real Estate--Industrial-Advertising Mr. J. M. Turner congratulates Larry Stuckey on win- ning in the State Wrestling Tournament. 5 U I L p A f 1 ' ' ,.:- ...K ij I ' , ,I vu -4? fe ff 3 f BETTE R - K L- -1 2- ,,,. ,,:3: -' ,Za z ,sg mo u sn mir Ve-55 6' . . . and the world will make a beaten path to your door. X It happens all the time in our country. People with imagination and ambition can expect to be rewarded. Each of us has the ogportunity to fulfill our dreams . . . to get ahead by building a etter mousetrap. In America profit and honor are rewards to those who make significant contributions to our way of life. This is because we believe in Free Enterprise, the economic system that has given us the highest standard of living in the world today. S- 'E ipilill. APPALAUHIAIV Pawfn co. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS: Now is the time to begin thinking of a career and this is what Optometry offers you: O Ideal working condition. I Unlimited opportunity for private practice. 0 Suitable income to provide a secure future. 0 The only professional group exclusively trained and licensed in the field of visual core. I Full professional recognition by the U.S. Gov't. and all the States and Territories. I Commissions in the Armed Forces in the Special Medical Services Corps. I Soul satisfying opportunity to serve your fellow man by providing and protecting his most preci- ous gift of vision. I Endless friendships created between you and your fellow man by being able to serve him in each of his daily tasks and pleasures. High prestige in your community. Excellent opportunity for community work. A life dedicated to the preservation of vision in mankind. Necessary requirements to achieve the Doctor of Optometry degree rae: You must be morally and physically fit: You must have completed two years of college or more in the field of basic sciences or pre-med to be eligible for advanced optometry. lf you are interested in choosing Optometry as a career you may contact DR. J. B. RAPoPoRT Roanoke-Salem Plaza 366-4952 """BEST WISHESH' CINDY 81 RALPH PAT 81 DANNY Compliments of HOLLINS HARDWARE 7541 Williamson Road, N. W. 366-7696 Apparently someone ran out of his shoes trying to get to Coach Shelton's physical education class Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Yates use their free period in teocher's lounge for a quick coffee break. EVANS DRUG STORE ff "Prescription Service" i- A 1 'QQ IIO7 Curtis Avenue Roanoke, Virginia 366-Ol l I or 366-6108 PROMPT DELIVERY 186 STATE FARM INSURANCE STATE FARM 4 5 w INSURANCE AUTO-Ll FE-Fl RE-HOM EOWN ERS agents HARRY B. BOWMAN 5005 Williamson Road C. DAVID FITZHUGH l9IO Memorial Avenue "TH E GIFT BOX" 7636 Williamson Road Hollins, Virginia A "For Unusual Giftsw' 366-2369 HICKS-LIPES MCTOR "For the better auto." 3719 Williamsom Road 366-0397 Best wishes We ore honored to be included in the onnuol of the "Old Green ond White". We extend the very best wishes for o successful future to eoch groduote ond mony hoppy school doys oheod to the under- groduote. NORTH LAKES --The Fountoin of Better Homes- ......developed by...... ELECTRIC DEVELOPERS, INCORPORATED fi X cf 'X T 3 ll X ,, xt, V 5 A i llli 1 " r 1. PETERS CREEK PHARMACY ll02 Peters Creek Road 81 Melrose Avenue Roanoke, Virginia Dial 366-5525 DRUGGIST .- Drugs-Fountain-Sickroom Supplies-Candies-Greeting Cards-Sundries--Cosmetics-Baby Supplies ROY L. WEBBER FLORIST ' 366-765l 4000 Williamson Road 1 4 v V nr' Flowers Telephoned A Telegraphed Anywhere A A The Ch r's ma it s pl y t presented by t IS In QIVIYIQ. DU F-RITE CLEANERS 3015 Fleming Avenue Dial 362-0946 I Roanoke, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF 1 1 1 THE CAROSEL OF BEAUTY v. K 5720 Williamson Road X J 1- 362-2967 1-tx 23 ANDY'S CARD 8: CANDY SHOP in the center of Crossroads 362-1467 Greeting Cards-Candy-Gifts "Geraldine and the White Robe" reaches each of us true happiness S f if? , . , 1 I 2 I I 2 , g, Z 5 Z J. P. TURNER 8. BROTHERS, INC. CONTRACTORS 800 Eighth Street P. O. Box 627 Salem, Virginia 24153 389-3403 Water 84 Sewer Lines Septic Tank Work EXcavating 84 Grading X! TOLER AND COMPANY 2021 Williamson Road Roanoke, Virginia 366-8851 PRINTERS BRAMMER'S MOBIL STATION ""1'2F,l9' 'E 2703 Peters Creek Road 366-541 1 189 ,41- ,um IZLIEIH 1 1 N IE-'F-D-'W' 5' 5 f 3 'nuff' A OUR OFFICIAL 'cl-Is, I li 1 nv O If Qf Gif v YU , 'f A I 3 f Q 0 T 2 .g. , ,.. 1"l",Ir' I 4 vu It f ' Af' , , I sg, E I 4, I , 'IHI I 'I ,XS-f'f , - R- ., Hassrifii 1 'X ,' jb In ' V' . Q1 'Q I 'fi - Q I ,f R Ii :K I xr ' ' f - J f f. . X. x V N, 'Y Qso f'K!y' SCHOOL RING 7jfAf7X3Iffn f CSGIIQOI QIQWQIQP 3I00 Aqua Court Richmond, Virginia 23230 1 - .f 1 OUR OFFICIAL SCHOOL JEWELER .ff 5 W, , 'F . , ,,. A 'R AL g 2 9 F I PETERS CREEK ESSO STATION Dum E A ' mi 'V 6 A ' I lg lt RFD 2 366-9865 ,7 V , X Q my ll . ,I J gf: 5 l , ig, i i 1 ' -7 i , ii f A 1 'il l i in ' 6 , 54 it gl , I " E 2 2535? 'Zu if A if I 2 5 l li A 64 " P. O. Box 40 Roanoke, Virginia 24001 Telephone 342-2941 'erry Henson waits for Suzie Sarver to decide whether he needs her algebra book. Gyrating Sweetie Pie CBill Gordhl shows off his figure to Nellie Bush CShelley McCuIloughl. Phone: 366-4235 AIR-LEE CLEANERS, INC. "Our Aim ls Your Satisfaction" i JAMES W. GLASS, President 4720 Williamson Rd., Roanoke, Va. AVE 1 ' Fruit Baskets-Country Hams iff THE GARDEN BASKET 7425 Williamson Road X T Hollins, Virginia ..1, S Imported Foods- A 5 I it Cheeses From Round the World P g sf ,A lg li. V Fresh Meats Cut To Order A I P' Al. -,-'1- l 5 K ,.,--' Q Bob Miley Phone 362-2050 191 H. A. LUCAS 8. SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS 5320 Williamson Road 366-3437 Roanoke, Virginia Freshman, Burmon Snider is enthused in his Eng while studying for on important test. Wayne Gaabo and Terry Henson smile enthusiastically os they read about o Viking basketball victory. "THE TACK ROOM" Williamson Road Hollins, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF DONNA 81 BARRY JANIE 81 TOMMY SHARON 81 HARRY 192 Jim Shelton and Todd Lonker escort crown bearer Lisa Day and flower girl Angela Shelton at the l967 l-lornec Q i Emngrululutlnns to the MAGIC CITY TILE 8. class of 68 CARPET Co' l9lO Williamson Road ffOm Cecil Jarrett-Owner the secretaries MISS JUDY PHILPOTT 8: MISS JUDY ST. CLAIR Call 343-3307 or 342-2l52 "For Tile in Style" Residential and Commercial Installations FREE ESTIMATES 4 AIRPORT HARDWARE CO. liO5 Curtis Avenue Paul Light ......... Jimmy Bowers Complete Line of Hardware 366-5826 Bus. 362-3307 WEN Res. 342-41 7l Im' CHEWNING GARAGE 81 BODY SHOP Wentworth Ave. 81 Williamson Rd. Body 8. Fender Work-Electric Tune Up 24 Hour Wrecker Service R. E. Chewning Roanoke, Virginia Chuck Creggar discusses the value of the popsicle with his good buddies Howard Cooper, Genie Fielder, and Charles Kieth. Delegates from the North Star talk over yearbook changes and rules while attending workshop at Glenvar. A47 2 2, g ee---- imfiliiwfQimiiiimrsiiiiiiiiwiiiisuw 5 th e g r a d u ati n g c I a S S iiiiiifwiiiiiiiiiiiiliiifUifiiiili Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Rev. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. SENIOR PATRONS 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 8: Mrs. 81 Mrs. 8- Mrs. 81 Mrs. 8- Mrs. 81 Mrs. 8. Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 8: Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 8: Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 8- Mrs. 81 Mrs. 8: Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8. Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. T. M. Aheron Wilmer Ball Daniel Bayer D. R. Brooks H. K. Brown D. l. Bower J. R. Callahan W. D. Clarkson V. V. Collins L. H. Crowder Warren J. Dale J. W. Dotson C. A. Gaabo G. A. Gordh J. Richard Gottshall Kline P. Grogan Mryon E. Henderson F. R. Henely Dean C. Henson B. H. Holland G. W. lkard A. L. Jones W. D. Kidd D. 0. Oyler T. R. Pannell Bill Perdue A. F. Pullen K. K. Smallwood T. S. Turner L. S. Watson Wygal 19 Faculzy Directory Anderson, Alfred C.: East Tennessee State University, B.S. 5 World Geography and World History. Bower, Anita W.: Concord College, B.S.: Sci- ence and Home Economics II: Co-Sponsor of Future Homemakers of America. Bower, Gaylord C.: Morris Harvey College B.S.: Math 8: Co-Sponsor of Math Club. 9 Brammer, Rebecca E.: Ferrum Junior College, Radford College, B.A. in Education, Biology 8, Biology 105 Sponsor of Girls Athletic Associa- tion. Brill, Robert Henry: Roanoke College, B.A., English 12 and Advanced Grammar and Com- position: Co-Sponsor of National Honor So- ciety. Carter, L. Gerald: V.P.I., B.A.: English 8 and Math 8: Sponsor and Friend of the Annual Staff. Clemons, Nancy R.: Virginia Intermont Col- lege, East Tennessee State University, A.A. in Pre-Physical Education 5 Health and Physi- cal Education. Coffindaffer, Ashby Lee: West Virginia Uni- versity, East Tennessee State University, R0- anoke College, B.S.: University of Virginia M.S.g Science 8, Biology 10. 9 Coffindaffer, Rose S.: Roanoke College, B.A in English: English 10 and Dramatics I and II, Sponsor of National Thespians and Polyfacets. Dyer, Don R.: West Virginia Tech, B.S.: Math and Health and Physical Education 10: J.V. Football and J .V. Basketball Coach. Fitzer, Margaret Jean: Radford College, B.S.: Math 8, Math 9 and Chemistry 9. Flora, Mary Blair: Roanoke College, A.B.: Spanish I and French II, Sponsor of Spanish Club, Co-Sponsor of French Club, and Co- Sponsor of the Girls Athletic Association. Fore, Suellen W.: Winthrop College, B.A., Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry and Ge- ometry, Sponsor of Math Club. 196 Fudge, Jerry L.: Concord College, B.S.: Ge- ometry and Algebra I: Co-Sponsor of Math Club. Gallion, James A.: Marshall University, A.B.g Radford College, M.S.: World History, Guid- ance Counselor, Head Basketball Coach, As- sistant Football Coach. Garst, Trilby: Virginia Intermont College: Driver's Education. Gregory, Shirley: University of South Missis- isippi, B.S., University of Virginia: World History and Government: Sponsor of Future Teachers of America. Harris, Elizabeth F.: Longwood College, Vir- ginia College, University of William and Mary, University of Virginia Extension: B.S.: Art' Co-Sponsor of Red Cross Volunteers. ! Hartigan, Ernestine P.: Radford College, M.S.g Spanish I, II, III, IV. Henderson, Donna H.: Mary Washington Col- lege, B.S., Radford College, M.S.: Biology 8, Guidance Counselor, and Psychology: Spon- sor of Junior Varsity and Varsity Cheerlead- ers. Howell, Robert N.: University of Florida, Ro- anoke College, B.S. 3 Math 9, Freshman Class Sponsor and Tennis Coach. Isbell, Ralph C.: Concord College, B.S.: Health and Physical Education: Assistant Football Coach. Johnston, Harold L.: University of Miami, B. Ed., Radford College, M.S.: Assistant Princi- pal. Kavitz, Doris J.: Radford College, B.S.: Health and Physical Education. Kelly, Patricia P.: West Virginia University, B.S., M.A.: Shorthand I and English 10, Sponsor of Skald. Leftwich, Richard S.: William and Mary, Ro- anoke, B.A., Government, Economics and Sociology. Faculty DiF6Cf0lj7 Lonker, Jo-Ann S.: Concord College, B.S.: English 8 and English 11: Co-Sponsor of Pep Club. McBride, Jean G.: Radford College, B.S.: Home Economics I and II: Sponsor of Future Homemakers of America. McDavid, Edna L.: Radford College, B.S.g Librarian. Martin, Edna T.: Emory and Henry College, B.A. 3 Latin I, II, III, IV, Sponsor of the Latin Club. Miller, J. Curtis: Bridgewater College, A.B.g West Virginia University: U.S. History, World Geography: Co-Sponsor of the Junior Class. Minnich, Kathryn L.: University of Cincin- nati, B.S.g Algebra II, Math Analysis. Mitchell, Joan W.: Radford College, B.S.: Eng- lish 10. Naff, Mary R.: University of Virginia: Rad- ford College, B.S.: World Geography g Sponsor of Red Cross Volunteens. Noell, Jouce F.: Radford College, B.S.g Uni- versity of Virginia: Office Practice, Typing I and II, Sponsor of the Newspaper. Orr, Kennett Eugene: Emory and Henry Col- lege, A.B.: V.P.I., M.S.g Assistant Principal, Science. Penturff, Ellen: Concord College, B.S.g Book- keeping, General Business, Personal Typing, Sponsor of the Future Business Leaders of America. Peters, Norma Jean: Treveca College, B.A.: George Peabody College, M.A.g American His- tory, Government, Comparative Government: Debate Team Coach. Petty, Mary Frances: Roanoke College, B.S.g University of Virginia Extension: English 8, 9. Price, Vernon: V.P.I., B.S.g Industrial Arts. Prunty, William C.: Virginia Union College, B.A., World History, Assistant Football Coach. Russo, Dorothy H.: Roanoke College, A.B.g University of Virginia Extension, English 11 and 12. Savell, Linda: Carson Newman, B.A.: English 8: Sponsor Y-Teens. Shelton, Ken: Applachian State Teachers Col- lege, B.S., Radford College, M.S.g World His- tory, Health and Physical Education,Guidance Counselor, Head Football Coach and Head Wrestling Coach. Shober, Dwight: Bridgewater College, B.S.g Algebra. Shook, John: Morehead State College, B.A.: Band Director. Shook, Rosemary Brown: Morehead State Col- lege, B.A.: English 9 and 10. Stewart, Robert L.: University of Virginia, B.S.g Physics 9 and 12 g Co-Sponsor of the Key Club, Head Track and Cross Country Coach. Urquhart, W. David: University of Richmond, University of Virginia, B.S., M.S. in Educa- tion: Principal. Vandergriff, Susan Potter: University of Ten- neessee, B.S.g English 8. Waker, William: Saint Paul's College, B.S.: Chemistry 9, Physics 9, Assistant Football Coach and J .V. Football Coach. Yates, Sue B.: Bridgewater College, B.A.: Math 8: Co-Sponsor of the Math Club. Yates, William H.: University of Virginia, B.A., Chemistry 11: Sponsor of the Projection Club. Zimmer, B. Susan: Wittenbery University B.S.: Algebra I, Geometry, Math 12. Zirkle, Patricia T.: Radford College, B.S.g Chemistry 11, 9, Science 8, Sponsor of the Pep Club. 197 Senior Directory Aheron, Susan Lee: Sue: Academic: G.A.A. 1,23 French Club 2,3,43 Pep Club 1,2,3,4,5, President 53 Choir 3,4, Secretary 43 Red Cross Volunteens 1,2,3, 4,5, President 33 S.C.A. Secretary 53 Keyettes 4,53 Math Club 2,33 National Honor Society 3,4,53 DAR American History Award 43 Homecoming Court 53 Best Leader of the Senior Class 5. Aliff, Evelyn Suzanne: Suzi: Academic: National Honor Society 4,53 Math Club 4,53 Best Shorthand I Student 43 Member of Roanoke County Mathe- matical Honor Society 5. Altizer, Michael Wayne: General: Distributive Edu- cation Clubs of America 5. Arrington, Gloria Jean: Academic: Choir 13 DECA 5: Red Cross 3. Arrington, Patricia Ellen: Patsy: Academic: Pep Club 1,2,33 G.A.A. 1,2,33 French Club 2,3,4, Vice President 43 Math Club 1,2,3,4,53 Keyettes 3,4,53 National Honor Society 3,4,53 Polyfacets 43 Na- tional Thespians 5, Treasurer 53 Skald Staff 4, Publicity Manager 43 Inter Club Council 4,53 Roanoke County Mathematical Honor Society 53 Stage Man- ager Senior Class Play 53 Third Place District For- ensic Meet 43 Graduation Marshal 4. Babb, Allyn Eugenia: Academic: Future Teachers of America 1,4,5j Senior Class Play 53 Sound and Make-up Committee-Junior Class Play 43 Y-Teens 1,5Q Junior Achievement 5. Ball, Patricia Gail: Pat: Academic: The North Star Staff 1,2,3,4,5, Business Manager 53 Latin Club 2,3, 4,55 Pep Club 1,2,3,4,53 Math Club 1,2,3,4, Vice Presi- dent 43 National Honor Society 4,53 Grapplettes 4,53 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4,5, Intramural Manager 53 Keyettes 4,53 Historian 53 Red Cross Volunteen l,2,33 Senior Class Reporter 53 Miss North Star Finalist 53 Teen- Town Representative 53 S.C.A. Foreign Exchange Student Board 53 Make-up Committee Senior Class Play 53 Prop Committee Junior Class Play 43 Most Dependable Senior 5. Bayer, Ralph Ernest: Manager: Academic: Latin Club 3,4,53 Pep Club 4,53 Football Manager 4,53 Wrestling Manager 3,4,53 Varsity Club 3,4,53 Key Club 4,55 Most School Spirit 5. Boone, Jeanette Faye: Academic: Y-Teens 2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 43 Keyettes 3,4,5, Vice Presi- 198 dent 53 Newspaper Staff 1,2,3,43 Red Cross Volunteens 1,2,3,4, Reporter 3g Math Club 1,2,3,5, Vice President 53 National Honor Society 53 Spanish Club 2,53 I.C.C. 4,53 Choir 13 Junior Class Play 43 Senior Class Play -Student Director 53 Mathematical Honor Society 5. Bowman, Sarah Kathryn Agnew: Kathy: Academic: Pep Club 23 Y-Teens 2,33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Keyettes 43 French Club 3,43 Red Cross Volunteens 23 DECA 5 QMath Club 23 Treasurer of Y-Teens 3. Brigham, Margie Lou: Bloody Mary: General: Thes- pians 53 Junior Class Play-South Pacific 43 Christ- mas Play 5. Brooks, Karyl Lynn: General: Pep Club 53 Grapplettes 53 Future Homemakers of America 33 G.A.A. 2,3. Brown, Martha Hatcher: Academic: Cheerleader 2,3, 4,53 Choir 3,4,5, Accompanist 3,4,5, Vice President 4, Secretary-Treasurer 53 G.A.A. 1,2,33 Keyettes 3,4, 53 Pep Club 1,2,3,4,53 Vikette Singers 3,4, Accompanist 3,43 Math Club 23 SCA Representative 53 North Star Staff 1,2,3Q National Honor Society 3,4,5, President 53 First Place School Forensics-Girl's Prose Reading 3,43 Second Place District Forensics 33 Most Talented Senior 5. Byrd, Robert Glenn: Glenn: Football 3,52 Basketball 1,33 Baseball 2. Callaham, Phyllis Ann: Phil: Business: Choir 1,3,4,5. Campbell, Frank Carroll: Academic: Track 3s Cross Country 5. Camper, Danny Lee: Muhammad: Academic: Varsity Club 3,4,53 Spanish Club 3,4Q French Club 23 Letter in Golf 2,3,4,53 Basketball 2,33 Track 13 Junior Class Play 43 Senior Class Play 53 S.C.A. Representative 3,53 Most Valuable Golfer 4. Collins, Laura Diane: Choir 2,4,53 Junior Class Play 43 Senior Class Play 53 Red Cross Volunteens 33 Poly- facets 4. Cole, Carolyn Jeanette: Academic: Y-Teens 2,3,4, Sec- retary 2, Program Chairman 3,43 S.C.A. Representa- tive 2, Chaplin 3,4,53 Junior Achievement 43 Spanish Club 3,4, Secretary 43 Junior Class Secretary 43 Home- maker of Tomorrow Award 5. Senior Directory Cooper, Dreama Marlene: Business. Creasy, Sandra Gail: Sandy: Business: Pep Club 1,2, 3,4,53 G.A.A. 1,2,3Q Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica 3,4,53 Inter-Club Council 53 Future Homemakers of America 23 Y-Teens 1,23 Polyfacets 4,51 Math Club 1,23 Senior Class Play 5, Junior Class Play 43 One Act Play 4. Creggar, Robert Stephen: "Gunky Waffle", Bob: Foot- ball 1,2,3,4, Letter 3,43 Track 33 Varsity Club 3,4,53 Pep Club 43 Polyfacets 53 Friendliest Senior 53 Junior Class Play 43 Senior Class Play 53 S.C.A. Representa- tive 1,5. Cronise, Calvin Robert: Moose: Academic: Pep Club 3,43 Basketball 4, Letter In Basketball 43 Track 43 Junior Varsity Basketball 33 Freshman Basketball 2. Custer, Carolyn Ann: Carol: Academic. Denison, Dennie Pyrtle, III: Butch: Academic: Band 1,2,3,4,5, All State Band 43 Wrestling 33 Track 3, Letter 33 Vice President Band 5, Letter Band 4,53 Spanish Club 4. Dotson, James William: Jimmy: General: Band 2,3,43 Choir 53 Wrestling 3,4. Dowdy, Brenda Hope: General: Future Homemakers of America 1. Dudley, Morton Glenn: Glugley: Academic: Spanish Club 4,5, Vice President 4, President 53 Key Club 4,53 Vice President3 National Honor Society 53 Math Club 43 Junior Class Play 43 Most Courteous Senior. Early, David Thompson: General: Varsity Club 53 Football 2,3,4,5, Letter 53 Junior Achievement 4,5Q Polyfacets 53 Basketball 3. Fahnestock, Brenda Lee: Business: S.C.A. Repre- sentative3 Pep Club 2,3,4Q Polyfacets 43 National Thespians 53 Cheerlealer 3,43 Junior Class Play 43 Senior Class Play 53 Homecoming Queen 53 Holy Princess 53 Girl's State Representative: Member of the Heironimus Deb Council 43 Plays-"The Light in the Window" 4, "The Anger of God" 3, "The Other Wise Man" 33 Most Popular Senior. Fielder, Marc Layne: Academic: Wrestling 4,53 Tennis 4g Track 43 National Honor Society 3,4,53 Key Club 4,5Q Math 1,23 Spanish Club 1,2,33 S.C.A. Representa- tive 1,23 Graduation Marshal 43 Roanoke Valley Math Xt Seminar3 Best Dressed Senior Boy. Ford, Sharon Elaine: Sherry: Academic: G.A.A. 1,2, 3,43 Red Cross Volunteens 13 Math Club 1, Secretary 13 Pep Club 4,53 Grapplettes 4,53 Keyettes 43 Latin Club 1,23 Annual Staff 53 Junior Class Play 43 Senior Class Play 53 Homecoming Court 43 Miss North Star Court 53 Typical Senior 5. Francisco, Patricia Diane: General: Band 13 Red Cross Volunteens 13 Keyettes 33 VICA 5. Gaabo, Carl Wayne: Wayne: Academic: Key Club 3, 4,53 KVG 43 Varsity Club 3,4,53 Pep Club 23 Spanish Club 3,43 S.C.A. Representative 13 Football l,2,3,4,5, Letter 3,4,53 Basketball 1,2,3,4,5, Letters 3,4,53 Track 2,3,4.5, Letter 3,4,53 Fourth in the State Broad Jump Mr. Bower types a test to challenge the mathe- matical abilities of his eighth grade students. N-r 3 199 Senior Directory 19673 Junior Class Play 43 Senior Class Play 53 Grad- uation Marshal 19673 Vice President of the Senior Class 53 Co-Captain Football 53 Most Valuable Player Football 53 Most Athletic Senior 5. Garst James Harvey: Academic: Band 1,2,3, Letter 13 Football 2,3,4,5, Letter 4g Wrestling 4,53 Track 4,5. Gillespie, Cynthia Blair: Cindy: Academic: Choir 1,23 Spanish 4,53 Future Teachers of America 53 S.C.A. Representative 33 Best Dressed Senior Girl 5. Glass, Brenda Lorene: Business: Pep Club 1,2,3,4,53 Spanish Club 2,33 Grapplettes 53 Wittest Senior Girl 53 S.C.A. Representative 5. Gloyd, Joseph Dean: Joe: General: Band 13 Basketball 2g Track 1,23 KVG 43 DECA 5. Gottshall, Joy Ardell: Academic: Math Club 53 Inter Club Council 4,53 Keyettes 53 G.A.A. 1,2,3, Vice Pres- ident 1,2, President 33 French Club 2g Pep Club 53 S.C.A. Representative 33 Roanoke County Mathe- matical Honor Society 5. Grogan, Kline Peter: Pete: Academic: Football 2,3, 4,5, Letter 4,53 Band 1,2,3,4,5, Treasurer 5, Secretary- Treasurer 43 Math Club 1,2,33 Pep Club 1,2,3,43 Key Club 4,53 Latin Club 2,3,4,53 Track 2,3,53 Wrestling 53 Varsity Club 4,53 S.C.A. Representative 4. Hale, Carma Imogene: Business: Pep Club 2,3,43 Grapplettes 43 Junior and Senior Class Play Costume Committee 4,53 Choir 1,23 United Fund Princess 5. Hall, Ronald Walker: Ronnie: Academic: Junior Achievement 4, Vice President of ESCO 43 Math Club 4,5, Vice President 4, President 53 Key Club 5. Hathaway, Marilyn: General: Pep Club 1,23 VICA Club 5. Henderson, Michael Wayne: Junior: Academic: Key Club 53 Varsity Club 4,53 Spanish Club 12,35 Football 2,3,4,5, Letter 4,53 Basketball 2,4,5, Letter 4,53 Head Graduation Marshal 43 Most Popular Senior 53 Chair- man Prom Committee 4. Henley, Cynthia Lee: Cindy: Academic: Latin Club 2,3,4,5, Secretary 3g Pep Club 1,2,3,4,53 Math Club 200 2,3, Inter-Club Council Representative3 Keyettes 3,43 S.C.A. Representative 2,33 The North Star Staff 3,4,5, Editor In Chief 53 Snow Queen 53 Homecoming Court 43 Miss North Star Finalist 43 Sweetheart Court 33 Best Looking Senior 5. Henson, Terence Dean: Terry: Academic: Key Club 3,4,53 Varsity Club 3,4,5g Math Club 1,2, Vice Presi- dent 23 Football 3,4,5, Letter 4,53 Basketball 1,2,3,4,5, Letter 4,53 Track 2,3,4,5, Letter 3,4,53 Boy's State Delegate 43 S.C.A. Representative 2,33 Best All Around Senior 53 Teen Town Representative 53 Span- ish ,Club 2,33 Prom Committee 43 National Honor Society 3,4,53 Vice President of S.C.A. 53 Vice Presi- dent of Junior Class 43 Graduation Marshal 43 Mr. Football 5. Hoer, Joseph Martin: Joe: General: Latin Club 23 VICA 5. Hofawager, Brenda Darlene: Brenda: Academic: Fu- ture Teachers of America 1,2,3,4,5, Secretary-Treas- urer 33 French Club 2,33 G.A.A. 1,33 National Thes- pians 4,53 North Winds Staff 3,4,53 Y-Teens 3,4,5, Reporter 4,5, Holdren, Norman Brooks: Academic: Latin Club 1,2, 3,4,53 Skald 4,53 North Winds Staff 4,53 National Honor Society 4,53 Key Club 4,5, Treasurer 53 Cross Country Track 3,4,5, Captain 5, Cross Country Medal 43 Track Team 3,4,5, Letter 4,55 Roanoke Sidewalk Art Show Award 43 D.A.R. Award 33 Best Thinker of the Senior Class 5. Holland, Linda Ann: Academic: National Honor So- ciety 3,43 Pep Club 1,2,3,4,53 Spanish Club 2,3Q Cheer- leading 2,3,53 Grapplettes 4,53 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4Q Sweet- heart Court lg Miss North Star Court 4g Homecoming Court 43 Tuffest Senior Girl. Hudgins, Daniel Spencer: Band, Letter 43 Wrestling Certificate 3. Hylton, Brenda Carol: Academic: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4,5, Treasurer 53 Grapplettes 4,5, Secretary 4g Senior Class Treasurer 53 Keyettes 3,4,5, President 53 Na- tional Honor Society 4,53 Pep Club 1,2,33 Homecoming Court 5. Ikard, Carol Christine: Interclub Council 53 Pep Club 53 Grapplettes 53 Annual Staff 53 Spanish Club 3,4,53 G.A.A. 1,21 Homeroom Representative 2. Senior Directory Jenkins, Lonnie Wayne: General: DECA Club 5. Jones, Deborah May: Academic: Keyettes 4,55 Cor- responding Secretary 5, Y-Teens 4g North Winds Staff 4,53 Prom Refreshments Committee 4. Kelderhouse, John Henry: General: Band 3,45 Span- ish Club 4. Kurbjun, Kathleen Byron: Academic: Keyettes 3,4,5: Red Cross Volunteen 3,4, Vice President 43 French Club 3, Secretary-Treasurer, Inter Club Council 5, S.C.A. Representative 53 Math Club 15 Pep Club 1: Junior Class Play 4, National Honor Society 3,4,5. Lackey, Mary Esther: Academic: Red Cross lj F.H.A. 25 DECA 5, Secretary 5. LaFoon, Cynthia Ann: Academic: Newspaper 3,4,5g Math Club 1,2,3,4g Red Cross 2,3,4g Y-Teens 4,53 F.T.A. 5: National Thespians 4,5g Senior Class Play 5: Junior Class Play 4. Lewis, Harry Clifton: General: Drama Club 4, Dis- tributive Education Club of America 5. Likens, Randall: Randy: General: Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 2: Track 2. Lowry, Susan Marie: Academic: French Club 2,33 G.A.A. 3. Lynch, Teresa Ann: General: Pep Club 4,53 Grap- plettes 4,5, Recording Secretary 53 Homecoming Court 5: Senior Best All Around. Mann, James Lewis: Academic: Pep Club 3,45 K.V.G. 4: French Club 2, Wrestling 2,3. McPherson, Mary Ellen: Business: Future Business Leaders of America 4: 4-H Club 1,2,3,4,5. Mills, Kathryn Anne: General: F.H.A. 2: Red Cross Volunteen 2: Junior Class Play 4. Mitchell, Pamela Gayle: Peaches: General: Red Cross 1: Y-Teens 1: G.A.A. 2,33 Latin Club 3,43 Pep Club 4gS.C.A. Representative 5. Mark Robinson wonders, Coach Shelton advises, and Ricky Schilling anticipates an important move while anxious Viking fans display their loyal patronage. vwwwswww-WMWHM-'in-W 201 Senior Directory Mr. Duke tries to reassure Pat Fielder that Algebra II is fun, but she seems to have doubts about it. Moore, Charles Edward: General: S.C.A. Representa- tive 13 J.V. Football 23 S.C.A. Representative 5. Moore, Rebecca Lee: Business: Becky. Motley, Jeanne Frances: Jeanne: Academic: 4-H Club 1,2,3,4, Vice President, Metal 33 Smoke Signal 33 Drama 33 Deb Council Finalist 43 Northwinds 53 Pep Club 53 Prom Committee 4. Newman, Joyce Ann: General: DECA 5. Oyler, Deborah Susan: Debbie: Academic: Latin Club 1,23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4,5, Treasurer 4, President 53 Red Cross Volunteens 1,2, Secretary 13 Math Club 13 Keyettes 4,53 Pep Club 1,2,3,4,53 Spanish Club 43 Grapplettes 4,5, President 4,53 Annual Staff 53 Soft- ball team 33 Volleyball 33 Basketball Manager 33 In- terclub Council 4,53 Junior Class Play3 Senior Class Play3 Newspaper Staff 5. 202 Painter, Karen Sue: Business: F.H.A. 2,33 F.B.L.A. 3,4,5, Historian 3, President 4,53 National Honor So- ciety 4,53 S.C.A. Representative 3,53 4-H 1,2,3,4,5, President 53 F.B.L.A. Radford Region Public Speak- ing Award first. Palispis, Norma Rafael: Academic: Pep Club 53 G.A.A. 53 Grapplettes 53 S.C.A. Representative 53 Senior Class Play 53 Choir 53 Homecoming Court 53 Most Courteous Girl 5. Palmer, Tony Wayne: General: J.V. Football 33 Wrestling 3,4, Letter 33 Payne, Raymond Virgin: Academic: Science Club 1,2, 33 Key Club 3,4. Perdue, Donna Lynn: Academic: National Honor So- ciety 3,4,53 Choir 43 Keyettes 3,4,5, Secretary 4, District Treasurer 4, Project Chairman 53 Pep Club 1,2,3,4,53 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4,5, Secretary 53 Grappletes 4,53 Cheerleader 2,3,4,5, Head 3,53 Interclub Council 53 Math Club 1,23 Office Assistant 3,4,53 French Club 1,23 Junior Class Play3 Usher Senior Class Play3 Volleyball Team 33 Softball Team 33 Basketball Team 3,4,53 Delegate to Girls' State 4g Delegate to Youth Seminar 4,53 Most School Spirited Girl3 Head Mar- shal Graduation 19673 Miller and Rhoades Teen Board3 Miss North Star Finalist 53 Daughters' of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award3 News- paper Staff 53 Annual Staff 5. Philips, Rose Marie: Academic: Latin Club 1,2,3,4,5, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4, President 53 French Club 23 Newspaper 4,5, Editor 53 G.A.A. 1,2,33 National Honor Society 3,4,5. Price, Jerry Stephen: Academic: J.V. Basketball 13 Typical Senior 5. Pullen, Sylvia Jeanne: Academic: Keyettes 4,53 Math Club 23 National Honor Society 4,53 Choir lg Y-Teens 33 French Club 33 Honorable Mention DAR Amer- ican History Award 4. Reed, Michael Shawn: Bouncer: Academic: J.V. Foot- ball 33 Freshman Basketball 23 Thespian 4,5, Vice President 53 Junior Class Play3 Senior Class Play3 Polyfacets 4,53 DECA 5. Reinhardt, Walter Ray: Academic: Football 2,33 Cross-Country 4,53 Wrestling 2,3,4,53 Track 1,2,3,4,53 National Honor Society 3,4,53 Newspaper Staff 53 Senior Directoly President S.C.A. 53 Letter Wrestling 3, Cross-Country 2, Wrestling 2,3,4,53 Track 1,2,3,4,53 Student Council Association 53 National Honor Society 3,4,5j News- paper Staff 5. Ruble, Jo Alice: General. Sanford, Charles Wayne: Chuck: Academic: Choir 2,3,4,53 All-State Choir 53 Football 4. Schaefer, Jerry John: Chiquita: General: D.E.C.A. Club 53 Golf Team 43 Thespians 53 Polyfacets 4,53 Senior Class Play and Junior Class Play. Schilling, Howard Lee, Jr.: Academic: S.C.A. 13 Sci- ence Club 4,53 Latin Club 3,4,53 Tennis Team 4. Shelot, Linda Iris: Business: Pep Club 1. Shrader, James Lynwood: Lyn: Academic: Band, Vice President 4, President 53 Pep Club 3,4,5Q Span- ish Club 3,4,53 Inter Club Council 5. Stalnaker, Ernie Mack: Red: General: R.C.E.C. 4,53 J.V. Football 2,35 Projection Club 1,2,3Q Track 2. Stuckey, Lawrence Henry: Larry: Academic: Tennis 43 Key Club 3,4, President 53 National Honor So- ciety 3,4,53 Track 2g Cross Country 33 Newspaper 43 Most Likely' to SUCC66dj Wrestling 3rd in State 4g Regionals- lst in State 4, 3rd in State 3g Lettered 8,4,5. Summer, Candance Louise: Candi: Academic: Pace Setter Board at Sacs3 Junior Achievement Achievers Association Treasurer 53 Y-Teens, Pep Club 1,2,3Q Spanish Club 33 S.C.A. 5. Turner, Linda Louise: Academic: Junior Class Play3 Senior Class Play, Deb Council3 Teen Town Repre- sentativeg G.A.A. 1,2,3,4,5Q Grapplettes 4,5Q Keyettes 3,4,5S Spanish Club 2,3,4,5Q Polyfacets 43 National Thespians 4,53 F.T.A. 4,53 Vice-President 4s Pep Club 1,2,3,4,53 Y-Teens 1,23 Cheerleader 2,3. Westmoreland, Brenda Gayle: General: Dramatics 13 F.H.A. 2. Wertz, Sharon Marie: Academic: Most Sincere Senior Girl 53 G.A.A.'s 1,2,3,4Q Pep Club 3,43 Spanish Club 3,45 Grappelettes 4,53 Y-Teens 1. Tommy Clayton shows Glenvar guard some of the Northside Viking's famous high shooting. Williamson, Robert Allen: Allen: Academic: National Honor Society 3,4,5Q Treasurer S.C.A. 23 President Senior and Junior Classes 4,53 Delegates to Boys' State 43 Key Club 3,4,53 Newspaper 53 Skald 5. Wilson, Larry Michael: Academic: Band 53 Math Club 5. Wingo, Susan Carol: Academic: G.A.A. Emblem, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4,53 Pep Club 4,53 Ktyettes 3,4,5, Treas- urer 53 Spanish Club 2,3,4Q F.T.A. 53 Debate Societv 43 Senior Class Play Publicity Chairman. Wright, Mikie Ramona: Ramona: General: Spanish Club 3,4,5Q Red Cross Volunteens 33 Pep Club 33 F.B.L.A. 5. 203 BRAMMER'S MOBIL 189 General Index Barnett, Donna Elaine 64,181 A Abbott, Daniel Wayne 54 Abbott, Michael Leroy 64 Abbott. Michael Stephen Abell, Shannon Gratton 53 Adkins, John 55 Adkins, John Wayne 64 Agnew, Saeah Kathryn 46, 120 Agnew, Terry Evan 54 Aheron, Michael James 45, 89, Barr, William Steven Barrett, Brenda Kay 148 Barrett, Clarence Matthew 64 Barrett, Cynthia Fay 63,85,149, 120 Barrett, Purcell Lenwood 106 Barton, Mike Bruce 64,124 Basham, Melanie Ann 90,73,99 BASKETBALL 76-81 Bayer, Minnie Elizabeth 86,90, Brantley, Edith Susan 64 Bratton, William Thomas 64,181 Braxton,Cephonia Lois 64,99 Braxton, Larry Dean 64,139 Brewbaker, Pamela Kaye Brigham, Margie Lou 150, 152 Brill, Claudette Evans Bayse, Frank Michael 64 90, 91 Aheron, Susan Lee 49, 46, 85. 148, 104, 99, 160 AIR LEE CLEANERS 191 Akers, Linda Angeline 54 Aliff, Evelyn Suzanne 85,84,148, 169 ALL SEASONS 174 Allen Michael Steven 54,63 Allen Ruby Lucille 54 Alls, Richard Conway 64,106 Altice, Patricia Ann 90 Altice, Ralph Daniel 90 Altizer, Michael Wayne 148,120 Anderson, Mr. Alfred 27,22 1 Anderson, Amber Kay 64 Anderson, Katherine Alien 86, 90 Anderson, Kim Garrette 45,64,72 Anderson, Thomas Wesley ANDY'S MALL SHOP 189 ANNUAL STAFF 176 Antle, Norman Bruce 64 125 Bayer, Ralph Ernest 143,148,147, 158,137,164 Beach, Samuel Cassidy 74 Beach, Robert Franklin Bean, William Kit 54 Beasley, Tim Owen 90 Beason, Richard James 64 Beason, William Jackson Beavers, James Lannard 64 Beavers, Nancy Field 54,181 Beavers, Lynda Sue 90 Beckner, James Odell 16,45,90,99 Beckner, Russell Griffin 64 BECKNER STUDIO 184 Bell, Jeanne Harlene 61,106 Bench, June Elizabeth 54 Benko, Donna Jean 54, 181 Bennett, Michael Don 106 Bible, Deborah Elizabeth 90,134 Billingr, David Bruce 64,44 Birch, Carol Ann 143 Birkenmaier, Joseph Michael 64 Brill, Mr. Robert 24,27 Brizendine, Donald Wayne 65 Brizendine, Brizendine, Richard Lagyne 149 Brizendine, Roger Colen 54 Janice Carlisle 90 Bryant, Dewey Everette 54 Bryant, Diane Marie Bryant, Howard Thomas Jr. Bryant, Roger Lee 45,47,90 Bulter, Ronald Perry 64 Burchette, Samuel Natheaniel 90 Byrd, Robert Gleen 151 Byrd, Sidney Lyn 54,99,121 Brooks, Dana Suzanne 64,87 Brooks, David Lee 90 Brooks, Donald Wayne Brooks, Karen Leah 46,150,125 Brooks, Karyl Lynn 46,150,125 Brown, Carole Sue 84,90 David Henry 64 Debra Kay 64 Brown, Dianne Marie 54 Brown, Brown, Brown, Gary Wayne 54 Brown, Patricia Carol 64 Brubaker, Herman Wallace Jr. 54 Bruce, Marlyn Antoinette 64 Bruce, Wendell Layelle Bryant, Roger Ellett 45,147,90, 139 Bryant, Christime Marie 51 Bryant, Denise Ann 90,86 C Caldwell, Deborah Suzanne 46 65,73,125,99 Caldwell, James Randolph 65 Caldwell, Robert Tax 65 Caldwell, Wanda Lou 54 Callahan, Johnnie Gail Calahan, Phylis Ann 150, 181 Campbell, Carolyn Ann 90,99 Campbell, Herbert Forest 54 Campbell, Frank Carroll 151 Campbell, Laura Marie 54 Camper, Danny Lee Camper, Kenny Fred 55 Cannan, Pan 120 Cannaday, Robert Lovan 89 Carter, Bobbie Lee Carter, Charles Edward Carter, David Allen 90 Carter, Donald David 65 APPALACHIAN POWER CO. 184 Archer Ethel Brenda Birkenmaier, Karen Louise 63 Blair,Barry Leon 54 Members of the "South Pacific" cast take a few min- utes relaxation after a strenous practice session. Archer, Joyce Elta 54 Arnold, Brenda Kaye 54 Arrington, Barry Lee 90,106 Arrington, Gloria 148,120 Arrington, Patricia Ellen 84,85, 89,148 Arthur, Richard Charles III 106 As-hlin, Carolyn Sue 148 Ashlin, Linda Kay 54 Ayers, David Kent 54 Ayers, Stephen Richard 106 B Blaney, Oliver Hoestra 181 Blankenship Sandra Kay 86,180, 99,134,181 Blanton, Dawn Carol 54 Block, Danita Anne 64 Bocock, Linda 125,132 Boitnot, Earl Bryon 120 Boitnott, Lewis Rodney 64 Boitnott, Michael Lee 54 Boitnott, William Hamiton 54 Bolling, Denise Renee 64 Bollinger, Sharon Anne 54 Boone, Jamie Denise 64 Boone, Jeanetta Faye 85,84,89, Babb, Allyn Eugenia 148,121 Baccalaureate 171 Bailey, Cherie Roseane 54,181 Bailey, Douglas Michael 106 Bailey, Eddie 120 Bailey, Gloria Sue 64 Bailey, Jennifer Lyn 73,90 Bailey, Lawrence Preston 54 144 Booth, Susan Robert 54, 181 Booze, Denise Roberta 64,125 Booze, Patrick Thompson 64 Bordwine, Ann Keys, 46,64,73, 125,132 Bousman, David Curtis 42,89, 147, 149, 155, 143, 169 Bova, Carl Edward Jr. 64 X 2 'if i Bain, Carol Rene 54 Bain, Carolyn Sue 54,181 Baldwin, Julia Ann 89,106,125,99 Bales, Odie Halmar 90,106 Ball, Patricia Gail 86,7,46,52,63, David 54 Bova, Paul Bower, Brenda Carol 64 Bower, Crayford 16,199 Bowers, Nichael Dean 90,86 Bowman, Barbara Jean 150,120 Bowman, Shelia Mae 90 Bowman, Theresa Helen 9 William Stewart 54 89,148,159,250,125,177,132 BAND 102 Bandy, Ruth Ella 90 Cathy Louise 90,125 Barger, Barger, Linda Bell 54 Barger, Ricky Lee 90 Barlow, Linda May 106 Brammer, Robert Calvern 64,99 204 Bowman, Bradley, Roger Wayne 64 Bradshaw, Tom Andrews 45,89, 90, 44, 147, 124 Bradshaw, William Boyd Brammer, Rebecca 19 W am A' Wrti, 7 Neither wind nor cold can stop the Viking bandmembers as they march in the Roanoke Christmas Parade. Carter, Jimmy Bryant 65 Carter, Gerald lGeorgeJ 24,7, 208,183,177 Carter, John Merritt 54 Cassada. Nona Patricis 52,83 Clemons, Mrs. Nancy 36,132 Clifton, Roger Dean 65 Cloaninger, Gayle Dawn 55 CROSS COUNTRY 51 Crouch, David Wilsie 55 CROUCH'S PHARMACY 183 Denison, Robert Stephen 55 Desper, David Lee 66 Dewease, Alfred Jacob 55 Coffindaffer, Ashby 20 Coffindaffer, Rose 31,134 Crowder, Barry Lee 63, 153, 120 Crowder, Clyde Lynwood 65 Crowder, James Alexander Deyerle, Bonnie Jo 55 Dickenson, Becky Sue 56 Dickenson, David Lynn 63,143 Dickerson, Cassell, Susan Gale 54 Castros, Connie Jesn 61,65,99 Cassell, Susan Gale 54 Catron, Douglas Eugene 152,120 Catrpm, Norma Glyle 65 Caudle, Stephen 90 Cecil, Glen Edwin 90 Coffman, Srephen Lane 65 Colbert, Russell Gray 55 Cole, Alan Barry 65 Cole, Andrea 181 Cole, Carolyn Jeanette 108,99 Coleman, Ronald Lee 55 49,152, Nancy Ellen 147,153 Crowder, Crowder, Norma Jean Crozier, William Thomas Cundrill, Bary Lewis 66 Cunningham, William Isaac 55 Custer, Carolyn Ann 153 Michael Lyn 90 Chapelle, Francas Marie 85 Chappelle, Joyce Ann 90 Chapman, Charlene Diane 61, 142,73 Cheathan, Nyeta 90 CHEERLEADERS 82 Chesser, Linda Sue 55 CHEWNING, GARAGE BODY SHOP 194 Childers, Terry Cely 54 Chisom, Charlotte Gail 90,142 Chittum, Pamela Jean 65 Chitwood, Pamela Jean 65 Chitwood, Sandra Leigh 185,180 CHOIR 180 Chomocki, Fabio 63,85,143,108 Chrisley, Marvin Perton 65 CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES 100. 166 Coles, Carolyn Ann 90 Collins, Collins, Fay 65 Butch 90,91,99 Collins Laura Dianne 152,181 Collins, Linda Gail 46,121,132 Conner, Gary Wayne Conner, Cook, Darlene Anita 90,99,181 Cook, Denise Duane 65,63 Cooper, Harold David 90,194 Cooper, Larry Anthony Co1'kill, George Kenneth 90 Custer, Jerry Wayne 90 Custer, Linda Ann 65 Custer, Wanda 108 Cutwright, Deborah Belle 121, 46,90,99 D Daily, Jessie Edward 85,53 Dale, Beth 153,125,132 Dalton, Carol Sue 55 Dickenson Dickenson Dickenson, 189,167 Dickenson Dickerson, James Clinton 86 Terry Edward 154 Thomas Quinn 154, William Bruce 55 Dave 109 Jerry 120 Dillion, Dillion, Divers, Divers, Divers, Divers, Dixon, Dogan, Dooley, Dotson, Dowdy, Lynn 109,99 John Calvin 55 June Agatha 142,92 Mamie Irene Robert Edgar 66 Robert Edgar 66 Mary Lynn 92 Entan Eugene 55 Patricia Ann 65,92,20 James William 120,181 Donald Gene 55 Clark Amy Lee 55 Clark, David William 181 Clark, Clark, Guy Thrasher 65,99 James Edward 46,63,108 120.134 Clark, Morris Randall 63,90 Clark, Sherri Lyn 55 Clark, Stephen Henry 55 Clark, Tom Edward 108 Clark, William Burke 90 Clarkson, Carol Elaine 120,85, 151,173,152,104,177 Clarkson, Marsha Gale 90,176 Clarkson, Stephen Douglas 55 Cl3Yt0H, Thomas Craig 42,76, 108,203 Cowan, James Gary 90 Cox, Glenn Lewis 65 Craft, William Graham 55 Crawford, Charlotte Ann 55 Crawford, Lewis Edward 65 Crawford, Mary Elizabeth 90 120 Crawford, Susan Diane Crawford, Wanda 108 Dalton, Karen Leigh 55,99 Dalton, Kathy 108 Damiano, Mark Joseph 90 Dangrield, Ricky Wallace 55 Darnell, Barry Lee Davidson, Douglas William 45, Crawford, William Stewart 98, 152,120 Creasy, Brenda Joyce 46,142,90 Creasy, Cathy 108,125,132 Creasy, Gary Lee 55 Creasy, Patricia Ann 55 Creasy, Sandra Gail 46,42,153 Creasy Stephen Lewis 90,91 Creasy, Wanda Sue 55 Cregger, Ann Ruth 65,99,181 Gregger, Ginger 108,99,181 Cronise, Calvin Robert 153 Cronise, Cronise, George Stephen 42,108 Richard Wayne 55 90,120 Davidson, Gary Marion 45,108, 124 Davis, Alice Jean 4,46,90,88 Davis, Brenda 56 Davis, Larry Joseph Davis, Linda Davis, Henry Charlton 55 Davis, Herman Leonard 55 Davis, Martha Lynn 46,90,88 Davis,Mary Lynn 46,90,88 Davis, Martin Van Buren 90 Deacon, Gregory Scott 55 Denison, Dennie Pyrtle 111 DECA 120 Deeds, Sandra 108 Deel, Ronald Stiphen 76 Doyle, Rosie 63,99 Dreyer, Larry Lee 55 Dudding, Chalton Lindly 55 Dudding, Patricia Anne 121 Dudley, Norton Glen 89,155,157, 99 Dudley, Robin Lee 56 Dull, Rite Cleaners 188 Dunbaker, Darlene 92 Duncan, Barbara Elaine 92 Duncan, Barbara Elaine Durham, Mike 124 Dowdy, Barbara Joy 154 Dowdy, Brenda Hope 154 Duncan, Terry Lynn Durham, Nichael Ellsworth 66 Dye, Nancy Louise 56 E Eadin, Richie Glenn 56 Early, David Lemuel 45 205 General Index Echols, Charles Edgar 56 Edmondson, Cherylle Darlene 99 Edmonson, Timothy Lynn 124 Edwards, David Lee 66 Edwards, Timothy Lynn Edwards, James Melvin Edwards, Kathy Leigh 56 Edwards, Michael Wayne 56 Egge, Alan Douglas 56 Eighth Grade 54-60 Eldreth, Brenda Sue 56 ELECTRIC DELEVOPERS INC. 187 Ellis, Ricky Glenn 56 Elmore, Sherry 109 Engle, Linda Ann 66 English, 24,27 English, Vicki Marie 56 Epperly, Susan Elaine 66 Ericson, Stephen Craig 66 Etue, Janise Ann Etue, Michael Lee Eubank, Bruce Malcom Eubank, Bruce Malcoum 66 Eubank, Gary Robert EVANS DRUG STORE Evans, Helen Marie 56,539,181 Evans, Karleen Dawn 155,120 Evans, Rhonda Gail 66 F Faculty Index 196 Fahnestock, Brenda Lee 31,41, 47.150,155,104,134 FALLON FLORIST 183 Fausz, Charles F. C. AMRHEIN JEWELER'S 183 Feller, Dale Eugene 65,66,147 Ferguson, Anita Dawn 92 Ferguson, Debbie 109 Ferrell, Sandra Gail 56 Ferris, Ken 139 Feury, Melinda Darnell 66 Feury, Randy Ralph 92 FINE ARTS 30 Flora, James Allen 109 Flora, Patricia Vann 92 Flora, Philip Craig 155 Floyd, Rebecca Lynn 56 Fielder, Leslie David 56 Fielder, Pat 109,202 Fielder, Terrell Eugene, Jr. 92, 42,137,194 Firebaugh, Karen Lee 92,99 Fisher, Carl Dennis 56 Fisher, David Kimbell 89,109 Fisher, Jean Catherine 92,46,125, 99,121,132 Fisher, Kathy Lyn 61,66 Fisher, Steven Wray 56, 181 Fisher Terry 109 Fitizer, Margaret 19,18 Fitzgerald, David Kyle 45,66,86 Fitzgerald, Donna Mae 45,66,86, 109,125,134 Fitzgerald, Delaine Gail 92 The lobby remains lonely, deserted, and peaceful when Fitzgerald, Frank David 155,156 134, Fitzgerald, Jeffrey Scott 56 Fitzgerald, Larry Wayne 155 Fitzhugh, Pat 109,125,181 Fochtman, Charles Edwin 56 Fochtman, Mitchell Louis 109, 120 Foley, Calvin Wesley 56 FOOTBALL 40-45 Forbes, Cynthia Lee 56 Forbes, David Lee 84,110 Ford, Cecilia Gayle 56 Ford, Lawerence Newton 45 Ford, Lawrence Wayne 66,92 Ford, 125,167 Fore, Sue Ellen 16 Foreman, Charles McGuire 56 Foreman, Stephen Henderson Foster, Bonnie 110,125 Foster, Carolyn Diane 56 Fountain, Beverly Dail 66 Foutz, Chuck 134 Foutz, Gary Wayne 56 Fox, Sandra Ruth 84,92 France, Brenda Gail 92 France, Joseph Henry 56 Francisco, 110,124 Francisco, Charlotte Ann 56 Francisco, Dennis Ray 93 Francisco, Eugene Barry Francisco, John Frances 66 the long school day rush Sharon Elaine 46,52,155, Barry Wayne 45,93, Francisco, Rebecca Ann 66 Francisco, Sharon Christine 155, 120 Fraser, Brian M. 66 Freeman, Mary Ann 86,66 FRENCH CLUB 87 French, Jeffry McCall 56 French, Mary Alice 56,99,181 Friesland, Terry Lee 93 Fudge, Jerry 16 Fugate, Donald Edward 66 Fulcher, Linda Lee 66 Furrow, Connie Sue 33,73,93,99 Furrow, Franklin Lee Furrow, Mike Wayne 56 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA 142 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA 73 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA 121 G G.A.A. 132 Gaabo, Carl Wayne 41,43,42,141, 89,151,147,159,l39,137,192 Gallion, Jim 15,14 Garden Basket 191 Garman, Pamela Mae 93 Garman, Richard Daniel 66 Garman, Yvonne Elizabeth 56 Garst, James Harvey 42,124 hours are finally over. 206 General Index Garst, Jane Marie 56 Garst, Judy Elizabeth 66 Garst, Laura Allison 56 Garst, Patti Lyn 56,181 Garst, Sandre Kay 93,125,99 Garst, Trilby 36 Gauldin, James Doyle 93 Geddry, Jane 99 Gee, Ronald Vincent 120 Geordano, William Matthew Gibbs, Donna O'Neal 56 Gibson, Cynathia Jean 56 Gibson, Paula 46,93,125 Gibson, Mark Douglas 56 Gilbert, Betty Ann 56 Gilbert, Jane Dodson 46,82,66, 125 Gibert, Janet Marie 93 Gilbert, Jean Dodson 73,66 Gilbert, Tommy Guthrie, Rebecca Sue 93 II H. A. Lucas 8: Sons 192 Hagemus, Irving 110 Hale, Carma Imogene 52,157,105 Hale Jesse Wayne 110,124 111 THE GIFT BOX 186 Giles, Brenda Sue 56 Giles, Tom Remine 66 Gillespie, Cynathis Blair 157,99 121 GIRLS' AND BOYS' STATE Glaws, Brenda Lorend 46,52,260 125 Glass, Wanda Gayle 16,66 Gloyd, Joe 120 Hale, Pamela Ann 93,99,181 Hall, Alvin Wayne 93 Hall, Camilla Sue 67,82,125 Hall, Dreama Ann 93,125,99,132 Hall, Gary Linwood 67 Hall, Pamela Sue 56 Hall, Ronnie Walker 84,89,157 Hall, Shelia Joyce 46,82,93,125 Stephen Anthony 93,110, Hambrick, Carlita Melody 73,67 Hambrick, Clifton Lee 67,44 Hambrick, Dreama Ann 157 Hambrick, Harry Francis 42,85 86,105,177,169 Henndan, Stephen 68 Henniger, Virginia Jean 67,87, 121 Henson, Bina Gayle 111 Henson, Terence Dean 41,42,49, 89,149,147,157,104,138,139, 192,165 Henry, Marsha Leah 57,99 Henry, Terry Wayne 67 Herdman, Michele Marie 111 Herdman, Randy Raymond 93 Herron, Danny Lee 93 Hicks, George Glenwood, Jr. 45, 93 HICKS-LIPES MOTORS 186 Hiler, Ray Franklin 63, 111, 124 Hiler, Carolyn Sue 93 Hill, Margaret Ann 93 Hill, Michael Wayne 67 Hill, Kenneth Edward 67 Hughes, Wayne Calvin 68 Hudgins, Danny Spencer 159 Hugins, James Matthew 94 Hudgins, John Stephen 67 Hughson, Mary Lynn 46, 111, 125 Humpherys, Deborah Lea 94 Humpherys, Peggy Arlene 111 Hunter, Daniel Joseph 57 Hunter, Judy Lea 94 Hurt, Raymond Carrol 68 Hurt, Yvonne Marie 68, 87, 132 Hutchins, Fred Wyne 147, 111, 139 Hutchins, Robert Lynn 68, 99 Hylton, Brenda Carol 89, 156, 159, 125, 132 Hylton, Charles Douglas 94 Hylton, Delores 181 I Hambrick, Trudy Dawn 73,93 Hamilton, Larry Edward LHam- bonel 42,111,124 Hamilton, Russell Lee 42,111 Honey, Sandre Kay 93,125,99 Hannabass, Karen Guiyann 67 181 Hines, Colia Faron 517 Hodges, Dwight Edward 57 Hodges, Leah Ellen 57 Hodges, Jerome Lee 57 Hodges, Kent Shepard 67 Hodges, Ronald Evans 94 Hoer, Jane Marie 30, 52, 83, Ikard, Carol Christine 159, 125 Ikard, Cynthia Ann 94, 99 INDUSTRIAL ARTS 32 Irving, Susan Elizabeth 57, 181 Isabell 6, 37, 40, 36 Itue, Janice 134 Itue, Mike 109, 134 94, 99 Goad, Alice Louise 61,66 Goad, Glenn Foanison 66 Goad, Maynard Bryan 66 Goad, Sue Ellen 56 GOLF 146 Goode, Donald Eugene 66 Gord, Gwendolyn 45,52,83,157 159, 260,125 Gorman, Paul Scott 66 Gottshall, Joy Arden 46,64,84 157 Graddock, Tommy Reed 90 Graham, Vickie Lynn 66,181 Hare, Ste phen Frank 67 Hare, Stephen Frank 67 Hargrove, Dorothy Ellen Hargrove, Kenneth Leeslie Harlow, Carol Denise 67 se, 106, 111, 134, 176 Hoer, Joan Margaret 57 Hoer, John Michael 86, 94 Hofawger, Brenda Darlene 63, 1 1 Harmon, Brenda Elaine 56 Harmon, Johnny Lee 93 Harper, Gary Eugene 56 Harris, Bernice Henrieatat 56 Harris, Clarence Bernard 67,76 Robert Bruce Grant, Michael Puse GRAPPLETTES 128 Grave, James Wesley 56,181 Harris, Dorothy Elizabeth 67 Harris Elizabeth 30 Harris, Norma Jean 46,93,125, 121 Harris, Otis Albert 93 Harris, 158, 121, 134 Hogan, Ralph Edward 67 Holden, Linda Mildred 73, 94, 99 HOME ECONOMICS 33 HOLY PRINCESSES 104 Holden, Linda Mildred 73, 94 Holdren, Michael Steven 94 J Jackson, Roger Wayne 57 James, Carolyn Etta 57 James, Jesse Eugene 57 Jamison, Mark Andrew 68, 99 Jamison, Robert Michael 45, Holden, Norman Brooks 63, 89, 147, 159, 86, 137, 169 Holland, Charles Edward 94 Gregger, John Charles 153 Graybill, Ginny Leigh 93 Graybill, Patrick Bernard 56 Graybill, Talmage Albert Jr. Greever, Hedda Gail 157 Gregger, Robert Stephen 30,153 158 Gregory, Richard Wayne 56 Gregory, Shirley 27,22,121 Grice, Alice 66 Harrison, William Lynn 56 Hart, Edith Marie 56 Hart, Patsy Louise 57 Hartman, Carolyn Marie 111 Hartman, Rita Lee 57 Harvey, Rebecca Sue 67 Hash, Donald Edwards 93 Holland, Linda Ann 46, 83, 159, 125 Holland, Nancy Faye 73, 94, 142, 181 Jarels, Gary Wayne 68, 44 Jarels, Nancy Lee 94 Jarrett, Cynthia Ellen 57 Jarrett, David Sterling 42, 45, 94 Jenkins, Kenneth Michael 57 Jenkins, Lonnie Wayne 159,120 Jennings, Mames Donald 68 J. L. ROBERTSON 190 Grogan, Beth Ann Hatcher, David Lipton 157 Hatcher, Ellen Sue 36,865,134 Hatcher, Lena Gail 57 Hatcher, Nancy 111 HOLLINS HARDWARE 185 Hopkins, Nancy Ruth 67, 86 Horne, Charles 111 Horne, Larry Michael 67 Hosteller, Richard Ferriel 67 Hostetter, Sharon Elizabeth 4, Grogan, Kline Peter 42,89,147, 157,86 Gross, Patti Lynn 93,181 Grosso, Phillip Earl 66 Grubbs, Katherine Anne 56 Grubbs, Kenneth David 56 Grubbs, Lynn Sharon 66 Grubbs, Robert Earl 67,211 GRADUATION 172 Grubbs, Robert Earl 67 Gryder, Debbie Sue 86,73,93,125, 132 Gryder, Donna Lynn 56,132 Guidance 14 Guinn, Joseph Michael 67 Guthrie, Anne Cameron 93 Hawthorn, Sandra 57 Haynes, David Allen 67 Haynes, Harry Richard 93 Heck, Rebecca Ruth 16,67,121 Hedrick, Pamela June 111 Hedrick, Zolanda Gail Heggs, Yvonne Wynette 142,93 Henderson, Mrs. Donna 14,183, 83,163 Henderson, Francas Lou 67,87, 121 Henderson, Michael Lipton 6,42, 63,67,89,150,147,155,157,104 Henderson, Vicki Lynn 67 Hedrick, Barbara Susan 57 Henley, Cynathis Lee 7,46,158, 57, 125 Howell, Barry Eugene 147 Howell, Bob 76, 147 Howell, Cynthia Kervin 46, 67, 132 Howell, Leonard Wood 94 Howell, Michael Boyd 67, 124 Hubbard, Stephen Elliot 57 Hudson, Degra Lynn 57, 181 Huffman, Richard Lane 68 Huffman, Sharon Sue 111, 125 Hughes, Alan Dale 68 Hughes , Alfred Laddie 68 Hughes, Gary Richard 68 Hughes, Gregory Mark 68 Hughes, Mike 111 Johnson, Cathy Lynne 57, 121 Johnson, Charles Ernest 68 Johnson Cynthia Gail 46, 68 Johnson, Donald Lee 68 Johnson Frances Elizabeth 57 Johnson, Hal 13 Johnson Hazeltine 94 Johnson, Jacqueline Marie 111 Johnson Leroy 68 Johnson, Martha Louise 111, 125, 134, 177 Johnson, Michard 111, 124 Johnson, Mildred 31, 181 Johnson, Paulis Ervin 94, 124 Johnson, Roger Jones 45, 94 Johnson, Ronnie 57 Johnson, Russell Joseph 42, 111, 124 Johnson, Virginia Louise 112 Johnson, William Sanford 112 Johnson, William Wallace 68 Jones, Ann Broaddus 16, 68, 207 Kelly, General Index 86, 121 Jones, Darlene 85, 112, 88, 89, 128, 129, 176, 177, 125 Jones, Deborah May 160 Jones, Donald Eugene 94 Jones, Linda Lee 125, 160 Jones, Mike Berry 57 Jones, Robert 57, 112 Jones, Robert Dwight 63 Jones, Robert Lawerence 57 Jones, Sherry Leigh 73, 68, 181 Journell, Alan 42, 12, 124 Journell, Vicky Lynn 73, 94, 125 J. P. TURNER 8: BROTHERS 189 JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT 120 JUNIORS 106-117 K Kanode, Deborah Carol 94, 125 Kavitz, Doris 36 Kaylor, Rodney Joe 68 Keen, Clyde Kenneth 57 Keen, Linda Carol 46, 83, 112, 125 Keesling, Winifx-ed Ceceila Kelderhouse, John Henry 160 Charles Kenneth 95, 194 Keith, Keith, David 68 Keith, Linda Ann 124 Keller, Paul Richard 68 Kelly, Andres Dale 142, 94, 132 Kelly, John Robert 57 Patricia 34, 148, 186 Lackey, Narie litter 120, 160 Lackey, Marilyn 120, 160 Lackey, Michael Dennis 95, 137, 124 LaFoon, Cynthia Anne 63, 121, 134, 161 Lambert, Ella Diane 94 Lambruscati, Franics Steve 42, 147, 118, 120 Landis, Jodie Pharr 68, 125 Landrum, Marsha Leigh 86, 134 LANGUAGES 28 LaPrade, Charlene 68, 73 LaPrade, Danny Sherman 161 Lathan, William Douglas 94 LATIN CLUB 86 Law, Landa Sue 94, 125 Lawhorn, Geinger 125, 181 Lawhorn, Janell Marie Lawerence, Elizabeth Gaye 68, 121, 121 Layman, Mark Douglas 147 Layman, Randy Stephen 94 Lee, Pamela Sue 68, 181 Leffel, Jams Denni 68 LeFl0re, Lemuel Lenwood 57 LeFlore, Leon William Leftwich, Richard 22 Leman, Richard Douglas 69 Leater, Emberzetts Dale 86, 94 Lewis, Harry Clifton 120, 134, 161 Lewis, Kathy Leigh 94 Lewis, Linda Kay 94, 125 Lewis, Randolph Smith 69 Lewis, Stafford Clifton 42, 147 Kelly, Stephen Ray 68 Kennedy, John Maurice 68 Kesler, Danny Lee 143, 112, 120, 134 Kessler, Mike Miller 94 Kessler, Sue Ann 85, 112, 125, 134 KEY CLUB 144 KEYETTES 88 Kidd, Frank Reed 94 Kidd, John Howard 42, 160 Kidd, Linda Ann 46, 104, 125, 162, 160 Kincer, Toy Douglas 57 King, Donna Louise 73, 94 Kincer, Mark Stephen 68 King, Larry Douglas 57 King, Stephen Edwin Kirby, Marsha Lynne 68 Kirk, Janet Elaine 68 Knapp, Dorn Alan 68 Knapp, William James 120 Knighton, Joseph Michael 86, 94 Knotts, Charles Eric Kurbjun, Kathleen Barron 260, 153, 160 Kurbjun, Nancy Ester 68 L LaBrie, Janet Louise 85 Lackey, Carol Vernon 57 208 LIBRARY 14 Lidstone, Barbara Ivy 86, 99 Likins, Randall Thurman 147, 161 Lilly, Janet Marie 84, 86, 95 Linkous, Connie Marie 95 Lipes, Larry Alvin 163, 120 Lisle, James Richard 95, 124 Litchard, Milton Edward 95 Litchard, Thomas Loren 58 Lively, Jerry McKinley 43, 86, 199, 161 Lockhart, Connie Marie Lonker, Jo Ann 24, 26, 46 Loomis, Terry Dale 69 Loope, John David Louthern Margie Ann 57 Lovelace, Janet Diane 161 Lovelace, Robert Ashley 95 Lowry, John Shrader 95, 161, ' 4 H W3 , Www 1. , if af 1 K if, , 2 Mr. Carter prepares for the M Mabery, Donovan Carlyle 69, 44 Mabery, Katrina Allyson 69, 101 Mabry, Steven Jay 58 Mabry, Susan Leigh 46, 107, 125 MacGregor, Rory James 162 MAGIC CITY TILE 8: CARPET CO. 193 Malone, Karen Elaine 58 Maloney, Linda Sue 61, 86, 110 Miss North Star Dance. Martin, Vicki Lynne 61, 85, 113, 125 Martin, Virginia Carol 162 Martin, Wallace Lee 95 Martin, William Curtis 69 Martin, William Kent 58 Mason, Paula Anita 113, 134, 177 Mason, Stephen Allen 69 MATH CLUB 84 MATH 16, 20 Maverdes, Katherine Ann 58, 99 Maverdes, Louis George 120, 125, 163 124 Lowry, Susan Marie 161 Lowry, William Buchanan 63, 134, 161 Lucas, Carol Snead 45, 95, 125 Lucas, Linda Meebly 69, 125, 121 Lucas, Ronald Steven 57 Lundy, William Martin 120 Lyle, Gary Edmond 69 Lynch, Teresa Anne 46, 125, 162, 165 Lyon, Marion Ernold 57 Mann, James Lewis 162 Manning, Steve Lewis Manspile, Sheila Gale 86, 95 Mantz, Jane Ellen 46, 95 Markam, Bobby 58 Marhsall, Bonita Kay 61 Marshall, Donna Gay 58 Martin Andrus Faye 95 Martin, Edna 86, 128, 129 Martin, Gary McVey 58 Martin, Gloria Jean Martin, Joseph Stephen 69 Martin, Linda Gaynelle 69 Martin. Roger Dale 70 Maxey, Larry O. 58 Mayberry, Charlotte Louise 4 Mays, Rickey Dane 58 McBride, Jean 32 McCann, Rhonda Gail 57 McCann, Sharon 69 McCarla, La Anne Carol 69 McConaghie, Cynthia Gail 58 McConaghie, Ken James 69 McConnell, Denise Faye 113, 125, 132 McCoy, Freddie Michael 162 McCoy, Ivy Jeanette 120, 162 6 General Index McCullough, John Thomas 69, 124 McDaniel, Jack 58 McDaivd, Edna 14 McGaha, Diane Lynne 58 McGhee, Marilyn Opal McGlothlin, Gary Lyn 58 McGrady, Edward Marian 95 McKay, Charles Thomas 58 McKinney, Alvis Wayne 69 McKinney, Mary Sue 158, 162 McLeod, Gordon Murray 95 McLeod, Richard Wade 162 McMaham, Michael Allen 95 McPherson, Mary Ellen 162 96, 124 Morgan, Pamela Susan 58 Morgan, Patricia Catherine 69 Morris, John Randolph 114 Morris, Mike Phillys 80, 96, Oliver, Richard Reginald 69, 147, 44 Orange, Frances Mae 69 Orr 13, 163 Orville, Elizabeth 58 142, 29 Morris, Robert Howard 114 Morris, Teresa Lynn 58 Mosier, John William 101, 114 Motley, Jeanne Frances 46, 63, 164 Motley, Laura Elise 69 Mowry, Amber 59 Mullins, Sheila Diane 69 Murphy, Robert Eugene 114, Pearson, Pamela Anne 121, 114 Meador, Barry Lyn 156, 120, 163 Meador, David Thomas 113 Meador, Donald Grant 58 Meador, Joseph Michael 120, 163 Meador, Linda Marie 95 Meador, Rhonda Lynn 58 Meador, Richard Brown 95 Meado , Rosemary Loverne 58, 99 Mercer, Linda Carolyn 46, 91, 95, 121, 125 Mercer, William Scheren 58 Michell, Terrie Lynn 58 Milan, Milan, Billie Ann 69 Wanda Carol 113 Millam, Pamela Ann 69 Miller, Blossom Jacquenette 58 Miller, George Marshall 113 Miller, Phyllis Joan 69 Miller, Verlin Carl 95 Mills, Cheryl Lynn 58 Mills, Jams Tyler 142, 134, 137, 114, 124 Mills, Katheyn Anne 120, 163 Mills, Peggy 114 Minnich, Mrs. Catherine 16 Minnich, Steven Allen 142, 147, 86, 134, 114, 124 Minter, Raymond Douglas, Jr. 95 Minton, Peter David 69, 124 MISS NORTH STAR 52 Mitchell, Danhy Andrew Mitchell, Denny Carlton 95, 114 Mitchell, Joan Mitchell, Melissa Lynne 61, 69, 121, 125, 132 Moody, Mitchell, Steve Wayne Monk, Lee Danny 70, 44 Moore, Michael Alice Sue 95 Moore, Brenda Karen 69 Moore, David Harold 58 Moore, James Robert 58 Moore, Jean Lou 58 Moore, Larry Duane 45 Moore, Rebecca Lee 164 Moore, Sandra Gail 95 Moore, Suzanne 58 Moore, William Wayne 58 Moran, Jerry Edward 58 Morgan, Dennis Michael 69, 124 Morgan, James Edward 45, 89, 76 Murphy, William Colton 114 Musselman, Kenneth Glen Musselnan, Susan Diane 96 Myers, Kathy Suzanne 58 Myers, Paul Michael 95 Myers, Peggy Ann 69 Myers, Teresa Diane 58 Myers, Wayne Claton 58 Myrick, Hurley Elbert 96 N Nagy, Joe Nick 69 Nagy, Margaret Irene 96, 73 NATONAL HONOR SOCIETY 85, 163 Neel, David Martin 96 Neel, Patty 59 Neely, Judy Lynn 61, 96 NEW ART BEAUTY SALON 192 Newman, Joyce Ann 120, 164 Newton, Donna Cheryl 69, 125 Newton, Richard Allen 42, 96, 99 NINTH GRADE 64-72 Nichols, Joyce Marie 46, 125, 114 Nichols, Linda Lee 63, 125, 164 Nininger, Roy Carlis 69 Nixon, Carolyn Sue 114 Nixon, Hycienth Arbeautis 114 Nixon, Lova Rosalee 114 Noel, Tony Lynn 58 Noell, Joyce 34 Noffsinger, Joyce Helen 96 Noffsinger, Nancy Lyn 96 Noonan, Elsie Gail 58 NORTH WINDS 62 NORTHSIDE ATHLETIC BOOSTERS 182 Nowchy, Amber 84, 96 Nowlin, Deborah Kay 84,96 Nuff, Kurt 96 0 Obenshain, Neil Allen 85, 89, 114, 124, 126 Ogle, Sharon Sue 96, 73 Olive, Jeanne Carol 69 Oliver, Rebecca Sue 96, 103, 101 Osborne, Elizabeth Kay 58 Otey, Daniel Ray 58 Overfelt, Valerie 142, 96 Owens, Jessie Elizabeth 120, 164 Oyler, Susan Deborah 46, 151, 125, 165 P Pacetti, Patsy Jean 69 Page, Nathaniel Reed 58 Painter, Karen Sue 85, 182, 165 Painter, Sheila Lynn 69 Painter, Suzanne Lee 84, 86, 96, 125 Paitsel, Alfred Lewis 69 Paitsel, Brenda Louise 58 Palisipis, Norma Rafail 46, 48, 51, 125, 165, 132 Palmer, Lonnie 69 Palmer, Rellis 58 Palmer, Wanda Jeanette 69 Palmer, Wendolyn Jeannie 58 Palmer, Woodrow Allen 58 Pannell, Connie Jean 125, 164, 165 Parker, Anita Jane 101, 114 Parker, Pasley, Gregory James 58 Patricia Ann 96 Paterson, Daniel Lee 58 Payne, Antoney Neal 63, 114 Payne, Raymond V. 165 Payne, Robbie Gayle 58 Payses, Deborah Ann Payne, Willma 58 Paynter, Richard Michael 89, 147, 114, 124 Pendleton, Barbara Sue 96 Pendleton, Cheyrle 114 Pendleton, David Ross 86, 69, 101 Penick, John Harry 58 Pentruff, Ellen 34 Pentruff, Randall Lee 58 Peoples, Gary Douglas 34, 114 Philpott 122 Philips, Kathryn James 69, 86 Phillips, Rose Marie 173, 86, 165 Phipps, Danson Ray 69 Phipps, Sandra Ann 142, 96 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 36 Pillow, Carolyn May 115 Pitts, Pamela Sue 61, 85, 107, 115, 125 Poff, Denise Loverne 58 Poff, Linda Suzanne 120, 165 Pof, Michael Andrew Poff, Michael Ray 96, 115, 124 Poindexter, Richard Shirles 115 POLYFACETS 134 Porter, Charles Edward 58 Porter, Wallace Johnson, III 70, 143, 101 Porterfield, Linda Diane Potter, Susan 25 Price, Deborah Lyn 76 Price, Jerry Stephen 166,16-7 Price, Paul Edgar 58 Price, Vernon 76 Prillaman, George Garner, Jr. 58 PROJECTION CLUB 143 Prom 170 Pruett, Michael Ray 70 Prunty 23, 40, 22 Puckett, Melvin 115 Pullen, Sylvia Jeanne 166 Punkett, Mary Cathering 96 Purdy, Michael Lorton Puritt, Terry Coline 58 Purves, Victoria Dawn 70 Q Quick, Duane Jackson 58 Quinn, Ramona 70 Quisenberry, Cynthia Faye 58, Peoples, Kenneth Landon 96 PEP CLUB 48, 163 Perdue, Donna Lynn 52, 63, 65, 93, 156, 104, 125, 165 Perdue, William Howard 69 Peters, Donna Jean 115 Peters, Edgar Michael 59 Peters, Elizabeth Ann 96, 73 Peters, Marie Duvale 115 Peters, Susan Leigh 58 Peters, William Henry 165 Petty, Mary Fran 'es 24 PETERS CREEK PHARMACY 188 PETERS CREEK ESSO.191 Pharr, Steven Macon 86, 58, 124 99 R Radford, Betty 115 Radford, Susan 59 Ragland David Francis 70, 124 Ragland, Paul Wesley 96 Ragland Renee Diane 82, 96, 124 RAPOPORT OPTOMETRIST 185 Rardin, Debbie Jean 85, 115 Ratcliff, Cynathia Jean 96, 101 Ratcliffe, Stephen Lester 70, 101 Ratcliffe, Thomas Brown 120 Rawling, Gene Ellis 96 Rawling, Joyce Faye 70 Ray, Oliven Clinton 96 Ray, Pamela Gail RCVC 38 Reed, Michael Shawn 134, 120, 164, 166 Reed, Philip Lee 209 General Index Reed, Rebecca Sue 58 Reed, Timothy Lee 143, 115 Register, Glenda 115 Reinhardt, Cindy Ann 82, 121 Stout, Reinhardt, Mark Steven 85, 147, 137, 124, 126 Reinhardt, Walter Ray 49, 48, 85, 147, 139, 99, 116, 124, 166 Restivo, Bonita Sue 46, 96, 125 Revere, Deborah Sue 58, 21 Revere, Ronald Williams 101, 166 Reyns, Alan Everett 70, 124 Reyns, Karen Elizabeth 96, 73, 125 Reynolds, Dale Clinton 70 Reynolds, Linwood Barton 58 Reynolds, Wayne Calvin 70 Schilling, Richard Calvin 147, Rheads, Ralph 120 Rholds, Pelphine Gwendolyn 96 Rice, Stephen Timothy 85, 89, 147, 116 Richards, Gary Lee 59 Richardson, Claudie 70 Richardson, Michael Wayne 59 Ridenhour, Dana Richard 59 Ridenhour, Mike Lynn 86, 70 Riely, Thomas Lowdes 137 Riley, Charlotte Anne 59 Robars, Garey Jerome 65, 66 Robertson, Melvin 70, 101 Roberts, Stephen Kenneth 70, 82, 125 Sanford, Charles Wayne 181, 166 Saunders, Sheila Darlene 70 Saunders, Sherl Arlene 70 Savelle, Linda 24 Sayles, Marshall Tryone 116 S. C. A. 49 Schafer, Jerry John 135, 120, 166 Schafer, Mark Allen 97 Schaffer, Jesse Kelly, Jr. 30, 116 Scharf, Franklyn Lindsey 116 Scharf, William 70 Schilling, Kathy Elizabeth 59, 125 Schilling, Howard Lee, Jr. 42, 86, 167 116, 125, 201, 124 Schnover, Emerson William, Jr. 116 Schnover, Peggy Diane 46, 70, 87 Simon, Alta Ann 97, 98, 181 Simpkins, Mary Ann 97, 84 Simpson, Charles Marshall 97 Simpson, Chester Bowman 70, 143 Simpson, Laura Vester Sink, Eldridge McKee 59 Sirry, Dale Allen 97 Sirry, Sarah Annette 70 Sirry, Susan Kay 59 SKALD 143 Sloane, Daniel Edwards 59, 137 Slusher, Gregory Alan 70, 143 Smallwood, Bradley Keith 49, 85, 89, 147, 139, 136, 124, 167 Smallwood, Gregory Lynn 45, 13 Smilley, Lela Ann 25, 59 Smith, Billy Wayne 71 Smith, Deborah Lynne 46, Steinhart, Ralph Custer 60, 63 Stephens, Shelia Ann Stephenson, Stuart David 98 Stewart, Larry Edward 42, 117, 99 Stewart, Lynette Leigh 71 Stewart, R. L. 19, 141, 160 Stimeling, Stephen Randallv Stokes, Barbara Ann 71 Stokes, Ethel Rebecca 60 Stokes, Samuel Davis, III 120, 167 Stolove, Allen Howard 71 Stoots, Archie 19 Stone, Tereana Louise 98, 103, 101 Stone, Teresa Elaine 98, 103, 101 Ricky Dean 45, 98 Rodney E. 59 142, 97 Robertson, Susan Ellen 59 Robertson, Thomas L. 166 Robinette, Billie Teresa 59 Robinson, Mark Steven 59, 86, 201 Robinson, Roger Francis 45, 97, 147, 124 Robinson, Susan Leigh 97 Rocchi, Viki Ronk, Marsha Lynn 70 Ronk, Robert Gary Lee 70, 59 Roop, Judy Marie Roope, Robert James 70 Rose David Mason 97 Rose, Patricia Ross, Samuel Jay 86, 143, 116 Ross, Suzanne 59 Roth, John Garland 97, 124 Roth, SCIENCE 18, 21 Scott, Donnie Wayne Scott, Junella Faye 61, 85, 116, 125 Scott, Patricia Ann 70 Scott, Stephene 97 Scott, Valerie Jeanne 97 SECRETARIES 12 SECRETARIES CONGRATULATIONS 193 SENIOR INDEX 198-203 SENIORS 148-169 Sensabough, Carol Ann 70 Sensab ough, John William '70 SERVICE GROUPS 178 Selor, Sesco, Jerry Lyn Robert Lanaean 70 Seward, Laurence Bruce Sexton, Jewel May 70 Sexton, Rebecca Jean 70 Shank, Michael Wayne 59 65, 70, 125, 132 Smith, Dreama Kaye 59 Smith, James Robert 63, 86, Sharp, Gregory Harmon 167 Sharp, Wendy Lee 70 Shaw, Charlotte Gaydeana 59 Sheets, Gladys Ann 46, 82, 97, 99, 125 Shelton, Jeff Lynn 59 116 Smith, Jerri Renee 85, 116 Smith, Ian G. Smith, Rosean 85, 143, 116, 177 Smith, Ronnie William 59 Smith, Timothy Michael Smith, Sheryl David 143, 70 Smoot, Richard Edwin 89, 147, 164, 124 Snider, Burman Chapman 59, 192 Snider, Wesley Daniel 167 SNOW QUEEN 105 SOCIAL STUDIES 22, 26 SOPHOMORES 90-98 South, Laura 60 South, Steven Gibson 59 Spangler, Cheater Elliot, Jr. 120, 167 Spangler, Debra Kay 103, 101, 121, 116 SPANISH 99 Spencer, Norl Elton 70 Spradling, Cynathia Louise 59 Spradling, Stephen Virgil 98 SPRING DIVISION 130 Sprouse, Ernest Dane 59, 117 Sprouse, Ruth Ann 117 Stover, Diane Marie 60 Striplin, Noman Dobson 71, 181 Stroop, Charles Franklin 60 Stuber, Richard Lee Stuckey, Dickie 117, 99, 141, 42, 89, 1437, 127, 125, 124 Stuckey, Henry Laurence 85, 89, 151, 147, 123, 124, 168 Stultz, Gregory Howard 71, 99 Stump, Randolph William Stutler, Frederick Clyde 60 Stutler, Fredrick Lyn 60 Stutler, Richard Lee 60 Summers, Candace 157, 168 Supan, Charles Lee Supan, James William Surface, Steven Kelley 8, 98, 134, 120 Sweeney, Eve Lyn 60 Sweet, Ricky Lamarr 60 Switzer, Robert Eugene 60 Syan, Jerry Dale 98 Synan, Terry Donald 120, 168 T Taliaferro, Pamela Jean 71 THE TACK ROOM 192 Tayloe, Robert Watson 70, 44, 101 Taylor, Donna 71 Taylor, Francine Engram 60 Taylor, Paula Kay 99 Roupe, Barry Lynn 116 Rowe, Cynthia Gail 134,116 ROY L. WEBBER FLORIST 195 Ruble, Alice Jo 30, 166 Rumburg, Russell Alan 59 Russo, Dorothy 24 Ryder, Rebecca Jeanne 70, 101 Shelton, Jimmy 120 Shelton, Joyce Renee 59 Shelton, Ken 15, 14, 40, 43, 149, 122, 125, 193, 201 Shelton, Richard Darrell 101 Shepard, Sharon Ruth 59 Sherrill, Cynthia Ann 61, 85, 99, 116 Sprouse, William Wayne 59 Stallard, Rita Joe 16,7 Stanley, Alice Gail 97, 98, 117, 125 Stanley, Donna Jean 60 Stanley, Harold Dougles 98 Stanley, Carolyn Sue 70 Starkey. John William 117 132 S Sherwood, Robert Alan 89, 124 Shively, Judy Lee 70 Shook, Roger Dale Shook, Rosemary 24, 34 Short, Robin Lyn 70 Shrader, James Lynwood 101, Sample, Linda Atwood 97 Sampler, Deborah Dawne 59 Sarver, Vicki Lynn 70 Sarver, Susan Lynn 19, 46, 210 167 Shreve, Gary 101 Shumpert, Cheryl Lorri 59 SIDNEY'S 191 STATE FARM INSURANCE 186 STAR CITY REALITY 183 St. Clair, Chrysel Dale St. Clair, Diane Lunn 61, 70, 73 St. Clair, Sandra Kirk 59 Steber, Ruby Lee 73, 120 Steele, Joyce Marie 70 Taylor, Richard Lindsey 86, 98, 143 Taylor, Sandra Gail 60 Taylor, Donna 71 Teichler, Mark Traugott 60' TENNIS 147 Terry, Don Freemont 71 Teusher, Janet Diane THESPIANS 134 Thomas, Benjamin, Allen 71, 181 Thomas, Brenda Joyce 71 Thomas, James Robert 71 Thompson, Alan Martin 168 Thompson, Frank Michael 85, 86, 101, 168 Gen eral Index Thompson, Gerry Layne 98 Thompson, Mark Robert 86, 98 Thompson, Mark Edward 71 Thornhill, Paul Douglas 98 Tiller, Raymond Jackson 71, 86 Todd, Dottie Cecilia 71 TOLER AND CO. 189 Tolley, Betty Jo 98 Tolley, Jackie 60 Tompson, Catherine Elaine Toms, Lawrence Lynwood 71, 84 Townsend, Douglas Leigh 86, vas, 124 Townsend, Lynette Sue '11 TRACK 136-141 Trent, Susan Darlene 98, 87, 125 Trout, Cindy Sue 60 Trout, Paul Joseph 98 Trout, Ted Aleen 71, 86, 99 Tucker, Dreama Diane 98, 46, 82, 125 Turner, David Lee 60 Turner, Harvey Rudolph Turner, Karen Leah 60 Turner, Linda Louise 46, 63, 134, 121, 125, 168 Turner, John 19 Turner, Martha Ann 71 Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Patricia Delores 71 Peggy Ann Robert Steven Roger Dale 60 Stephanie Lynn 98, 46, 82, 125 Turner, Thomas Howerton 71 Turner, William Antony 63, 124 Vaught, Patricia Jane 118, 125 Vermillion, Timothy Elwood 118 Vernamomti, Valerie Tyrena 71 Vernon, Gary Allen 60 Vernon, Lynnie Boyd 45, 98 Vest, Steve Monroe 118 Victoring, Billie June 71 Victorine, Bonnie Sue 60 VIKING DISCOVERERS 65 Viohl, Timothy Allen 98 Viohl, Walter William, Jr. 101 VOLUNTEERS 99 W Wade, Deborah Lyn 60 Wade, Homer Mitchell 168 Wagner, Kenneth Wayne Wahlford, Teresa Ann 60 Waker, William 19 Wald, James Carl Walawski, Rebecca Ann 60 Wall, Elinor 34 Walkall, Deena Renee Walls, Cynthia Ann 60 Wall, Debbie Lee 71 Walls, David McLean 60 Walls, Dennis Wyrick 60 Tuttle, Donna Jean 71 Tuttle, Frank Lee 60 Tyree, Anita Ruth Tyree, Bill Monroe, Jr. 98 Tyree, Rhonda Yvonne 61, 71, 73 U Umberger, Debra Jeanne Umberger, Martha Ann 71 124 Wilson, Linda Kay UNITED FUND PRINCESS 105 Urguhart 13 V Vandergrift, Dennis 45, 98 Vandergriff, Henry Hank 72, Walls, Donna Lyn 60 Walter, Linda Walter, David Douglas 72, 139 Walter, Michael Marvin 42 Walters, Douglas C. 42, 141, 147 Walters , William Kyle 98 Walters, Rebecca Faye 71 Walton, Walker, Gerald Kevin 72, 101 Terry Lyn 60 Ward, Debbie Kay Ward, James Carl 60 Waring, Carol Lyn 98, 46, 84 Washburn, Anne Carol 73, 71 Washburn, Johnny W. Watkins, Richard Lee 60 Watson, Andrea Gail 60 Watson, Billy 104, 168 Weathers, Steve 42, 77 Weatherly, Teresa Weaver, David Winfred Webb, Webb, Janet Diane Judy Deloris Webb, Michael Douglas 98 Webb, Thomas Clarence 60 VVebb, Vicky Lynne Webber, David Gilbert 169 Weddle, Johnny Ray 60, 84 Wells, Robert Scovel 147, 119, Staff member Robert Grubb learns how to use yearbook material during his first year on the annual staff Westmoreland, John Garland 42 Whitehead, Donna Lynn 142, 119 Whitlock, Michael Lynn 119 Whitlow, Geoffrey Harman 72 Wiggins, Diane 71 Wilkins, Cynthia Kay 71, 101, Wilkerson, Ricky Gleason Williams, Jean 46, 52, 119, 125 Williams, Lynn Parks 121, 125 Williamson, Joseph Edward 60, 119 Williamson, Joseph Edward 60 Williamson, Robert Alan 85, 89, 143, 159, 104, 160, 169 Williamson, Steve Glenn 72 Willis, Lillie Evalena 71 Willson, Brent Martin 72 Wilson, Calvin Hust 98, 119 Wilson, Donna Leigh 60 Wilson, Dorothy Mae Wooldridge, Linda Marie 71 Wooldridge, Russell David 72 Woolwine, Vicki Glyn 61, 134 121, 99 Worrell, Teddy Wilchere 147 WRESTLING 122-127 Vandergriff, Susan 24 Vandergrift, Van Gate 45, 98 Vannoy, James Park 72 Vannoy,'Jane Elizabeth 118, 176, 47, 125 Vaughan, Gary Monroe '72 Wilson 1 Larry Michael 20, 169 Wright David Ray Wright, Garland Leo 60 Wright, Mikie Ramona 169 Wright, William Otha Y Yates, Jimmy Dewain 60 Yates, Sue 16, 21 Yates, William 171, 186 Y-TEENS 61 Z 137 Wertz, Dena Carol 46, 60, 125, 132 Wertz, Kitara Renee 4, 99 Wertz, Sharon Marie 152, 125, 169 West, George Henry 60 West, Sharon Leigh West, William Reece Westmoreland, Brenda Gaye Westmoreland, Jack Dempsy 98 Wingo, Susan Carol 46, 63, 89, 121, 169, 132 WINTER DIVISION 74 Woods, Dorena Lyn 60 Woods, Jan Lisbeth 60 Zirkle, Patricia 19 Zuro, Dan Charles 63, 89, 86, 119, 134 211 There was a child went forth each day, And the Hrst object he look'd upon that object he became, And these became part of that child who werztforth every day, and who now goes, and will always 2 go forth every day. Young people leaving the security of Northside face the reality of life with an open mind. So We also moved through Northside's halls, absorbing our ideals and setting our goals. Every day the surprise and routine, the joys and sadnesses, English and Chem- istry, have all become a part of us-to be put forth in coming years that We may still go forth and in our turn become a part of another child somewhere. t s ste Q ,ov 4153, ICJ!!!-9-l lvl-Jd 1

Suggestions in the Northside High School - North Star Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) collection:

Northside High School - North Star Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Northside High School - North Star Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 199

1968, pg 199

Northside High School - North Star Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 89

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Northside High School - North Star Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 94

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Northside High School - North Star Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 143

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Northside High School - North Star Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 137

1968, pg 137

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