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K. f. .H -V. , ff'-'-vfg. . aff ' ,,, M X, . Vi 3 P, :Q- i if 2, I K ', I jg NORTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL ROANOKE, VIRGINIA VOLUME 5 1965 THE ORTH TAR l ONTENT OPENING .... FEATURES .... ACADEMICS ..... ACTIVITIES .... ATHLETICS .... CLASSES .............. ADVERTISEMENTS I1-S ,,.-'A EUDIIDAIJQ fi? m.....1.-0M..W,,-.or K? We the students of Northside High School, as a means to mold a more perfect purpose in life, wish to seek knowledge, to learn correctness, to establish love, to experience joy. From these goals an individual emerges. We, the 1965 North Star staff, present "The Individual". Smiling senior, Cecelia Smith strolls the empty halls. Evening atmosphere with dark nights and bright lights welcomes students for after school activities. Emerges from the Mass A typical Senior of the 1965 graduating class opens the door to a bright future. 4 E Students stop and talk going to their lockers. Roy Shilling and Alex Chomisky look ahead to college UMHR H15 -gnaalltll lv: xxxumn vet xx xxm l minus-n-,gp 5"'i-"""-ig. Mary Harmon, a V.O.T. student, listens to a transcribing machine to type daily prerecorded assignments. To Become an Individual ,gm ,.vN ,A V I .MMZLRM 'Wi I K W ik: K Mtzyrkhf I Qv,N X xx Ri 'Z lF My THRU EXPRESSION 7 3 fm. .wqyiif :HMP-1 .an 1-.Ugg-Q' wzkagevswawai f - 4r4r69!ws-B-so? i Qgwrf-QQQQVQ H E. +a++++-r-fmt , auto-rv we-N n- 4-fr . ,, as , - 1 1 'if Q. J: i s Excellent grades have been a trait for finalists, Miss Barbara Orender. Senior finalists, Miss Sherry Sherwood, prepares work in the chemistry laboratory for an experiment. Editor of Ingenue Chooses Miss Lou Anne Robertson as The friendly smile of Miss Pat Hall is always seen as a reflection of her personality. l 2 2 l 1 2 3 I Senior finalist Miss Carole Duffy, checks library references on the many works of Shakespeare. ,s . lv I l 14 I , i l we ' L I 1- ldmiswmmi liwix Junior finalist, Miss Shelby Mills is found studying for an English test. Miss North Star, 1965 Miss North Star for 1965 was chosen by the Editor of Ingenue Magazine, Sylvie Schuman Reice. After conferring with other staff mem- bers, Miss Reice decided Miss Lou Anne Robert- son should receive the title of "Miss North Star." She writes, "Miss Robertson has the fresh, interesting look of an ingenue. She is involved in the world about her, and is willing to be a part of it. Her quality typifies the new teen Ingenue admires, encourages and writes about." So We also offer congratulations to Lou Anne Robertson, MISS NORTH STAR, 1965. Finalist, Miss Robin Dearing, enjoys the wind blowing through her hair. Miss North Star 1965, Lou Anne Robertson. Sylvie Schuman Reice, Editor-in Chief of Ingenue Magazine. s 5 3 i l 5 .7 Q , K Y-'ig V Yi -1. Av 4' l w ,,-is '55 K 'S K "" i 3 i lf' to .1 . iii' 5575, wi - Q ,hid V . .O W- L. , .Q as J. at I 4 T L , 'S x Students vote on their favorite senior football player for the election of Mr. Football. Students Display Energies and Varied Talents Which are Terry Roberts and Jerry Peverall add finishing touches to a Pep club dummy. Senior Rosemary Hash makes poster making look easy vm, w ,Muni Yi 'N r - 3' , ., . Q H ,1f+rsef?1ff2g- ' ' ' .. t, .m.L 4 W-at Judy Mattox and Pam Martin display the laws of probability as they affect the odds you can expect when flipping coins. Utilized for School Spirit and Math-a-Rama V. xr X ,S 53959564 x at . if K URBSTEQ' io2O.v-may Suzanne Williams smiles happily as her project wins. l Brenda Rieley and Nancy i Hatcher are proud to have their projects represent North- side at the Roanoke County Math-A-Rama. t,HJ'LJL'o'w wx is if if I I 1 Q, -,A 6 Carol Duffy, Roanoke's Snow Queen, found her experiences both rewarding and pleasurable. Carole Abbott and Ann Palma remem- ber the fun and pleasure at SIU last summer. Northside "Teens" are Widely Represented Through Various The Girls' State Representatives, Rosemary Hash, Efflie Deyefle, ChllCk HGSS, Eric Riff, Pmd BOD Cathy Mowles, and Barbara Orender are all packed G0Tdh embafk OH fl .l0U1'H9Y 730 learn UQW Dh3S9S Of for a week of new experiences and excitement. E0V91'Um6Ylt as they attend BOYS' SUNC- I l I8 Jr. Gray Ladies and Candy Stripers are an asset to No1'thside's voluntary enthusiasm. City-County, State and Nationally Sponsored Activities Linda Thurman, Bonnie Preaes and Cheryl Hannabass at tend Massanetta camp to advance business administration. Bettie Thomas and Robert kennedy teen safety representatives, inspire the spirit of caution at Northside. lllh 4 l M l 'E 9? SCA homeroom representatives meet to discuss requirements for having another foreign exchange student, promoting a student of the week program, and the City-County student exchange day. Dramatic Productions, Assemblies and Achievement Awards Mrs. Dantzler prcscnts Bettie Thomas with the DAR award. Bob Brown, during his science assembly amplifies Linda Hancock munch ing celery to the amusement of the eight and eleventh graders. xxx Stage manager Kathy Catron studies cues as Sherry Sherwood and Mary Bess Riley frantically memorize lines for their next entrance. Mr. T u r n e r congratulates Diana Blackman for winning' trip to the United Nations. Show a Wide Variety of Student Interests and Abilities Mike Kidd, Peggy Alexander, Sherry Sherwood, Joyce Williams, Jerry Peverall, Mary Bess Riley, Kathy Catron and Terryee Lynn Trout pose as the cast of the play, "The Gift of Tenyin". U" Zahn 5 0 I 'env xx. vi is Vx 0 72? 2 Q he Chordnators at the homecoming' hop. li ,.-ff"'T, , fog' S' E n QJJ 9 fl jflfffw S A4 Over Franklin County Our '64-'65 homecoming queen Sherry Sherwood smiles happily as she rides in a convertible driven by her escort Jerry Worley. Members of the homecoming: court and their escorts pose in the half-time ceremony. They are Alan Ziegler, Janie Arthur, George Seib, Bonnie Davidson, Jimmy Hobbs, Robin Dearing, Jerry Worley, Sherry Sherwood, Jim Barton, Susan Powers, Jerry Peverall, Cathy Mowles, John Baur, Barbara Orender. w l ! Q L mmgi-,M lg QE THRU INSTRUUTIOIN Wllhug M. W"""-am iiw mnm ,llwlli llmllll asians: an suns :mussel IIQIIII 41 17' dl' A 'Ili 17 I I Yg- " A Q , Mr. Juel Turner, our principal, presents his mes- sage to the students. - 26 'll WI TO ALL NORTHSIDE STUDENTS: With the presentation of this annual, we are reminded that graduation is very near for the class of 1965. Members of this class are the first students who have been at Northside for the full five years of high school. You have been a fine group with Whom to work and many of the excellent patterns that you have established in leadership and respon- sibility will become traditional for Northside High School students. May you continue to exemplify in life those traits which have made your high school days pleasant and profitable. May I take this opportunity to express to the faculty and to the entire student body my appre- ciation for their fine spirit of cooperation toward our school program. Only through such a united effort can We realize what you, as students, so richly deserve. I congratulate the ones responsible for this edi- tion of the North Star on a job well done. May this annual help preserve many of the fond memories of your Alma Mater. J. M. Turner Administrative Staff Welcomes Mr. Passan, assistant principal, checks his files for informa- tion for the "Roanoke Times". ms One of our friendly secretaries, Mrs. Richardson, replies to the many calls of the day. Mr. Orr as New Assistant Principal W Mr. Orr, assistant principal, uses every minute for his job. Mrs. Conner is available to help students in addition to her duties as office secretary. " 7 gms , 3 99125305 A 6 X Ann Palma works during study hall as a guidance helper. Gary Baldwin consults Miss Cline on gaining admission to Frederick College. i W! - GY ,cf Mrs. Henderson and Mr. Gallion, two of our guidance counselors, discuss plans for a bulletin board on college and career information. Help from Guidance Counselors and The four counselors in the Guidance Department work a total of eighteen class periods a day to ac- commodate Northside's almost twelve hundred and fifty students. Personal, vocational and aca- demic counseling and information about schools, job opportunities, career training and occupa- tional outlook is made available to the students. Northside provides courses in business training, manual arts and fine arts in addition to the basic academic curricular. A county educational center has been established which provides some of our students with specialized vocational training. Thus, the Guidance Department assists each stu- dent as he endeavors to acquire the basic prepara- tion necessary for his educational and vocational goals. ZS 1 4 is is 2 -2 lf. 2 1 4 5 :fs X.. Helping to plan for future years is the job of our guidance counselors, Miss Cline and Mr. Elliott. Books are checked for proper arrangement by our head librarian, Miss McDavid. Use of Our Library Facilities Enable Students to Move in the Direction of Success A lull in the library allows Miss Martin, one of Miss McDavid's assistants, to prepare Latin for her classes Mrs. Noell carefully observes student's typing techniques to insure that proper skills are developed. Mrs. Allison helps Donnie Noell with his general business notebook. Business Department Uses Mrs. Kelly demonstrates the proper method for forming shorthand characters. ..., 4 all xx, - W N 1- V . f-+...j' ,wa " ESSEX ,f R . 4 S' I """-'we--1 'Q 'T WR -..,MM.N W , , Miss Lowrance o erates the du Iicatin machine. Newest Methods and Equ1pment p P g Miss Weaver and Joan Bennett use proper technique for a telephone conversation with a teletraining machine. i p as "ww, ,, ,,, 1 ...if My-,,,, if Mrs. Russo discusses English Grammar with fel- low teachers, Mrs. Mastin, Mrs. Johnson, Greenbacker, and Miss Tull. Miss Petty and Mrs. Farthing outline English for the next day's classes. English Classes Read Classic Novels Miss Blanchard points out the more interesting points of senior English. ,AW I - nu... Y X . 1- 317' Mr. Shapiro teaches English to alert seniors. Freshmen English teacher, Mrs. Keating, aids Denna Barger in grammar. and Study Parts of Speech Miss Mauck points the construction of a replica of the Globe Theater to Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Coffindaffer, Mr. Elliot, Miss Carpenter, Miss Webber and Miss Cline. ,tr 'Sui E. Chris Bland, Carolyn Miller, Vickie Friesland, Pat Garst, and Toni Webster enjoy themselves with an impromptu swing' session at a choir rehearsal. Mrs. Coffindaffer demonstrates how to balance a book for good posture. ,VS Janie Arthur and John Deaner act out an assignment while fellow members provide the audience. , 1 I I . lr, 4 V, hi QI ' Mr. Stout concentrates while directing the Northside band through a practice session. Touches to a Well Balanced Curriculum Art students Sandra Aliff, Ann Sheppard Mrs. Harris critically evaluates a studentls work. and Debbie Wade sketch live models. EPMEZY' + Lfzyli Q , "Yzry,,, Jr 'Un 'M--1-W. .M W 'Niles Runnu 1 natlve of Cuba, lectules hel Spanleh IV class on South AINLIICRYI pountrles and than customs We V1s1t Other Lands Through Our Study of Fore1gn Languages 'Vhs Lennv enjovs teach1m, Spanish I .,- ' ,kg 1 t Z ., , 2 5 1 4 K ' I , is , ,Sf X . ' 4 : . , K Y A A Y FT k'i"' ---4"""-lc,-',v. Scenic sights of Paris, France, is one of Miss Bosc0u's favorite subjects and Learn About their Customs and Opportunities Miss Martin finds humor in a student's translation of one of Caesafs battles in Latin Class. 4-""""4 'x ,, , Alai' Qi Miss Tartar shows students how to plot straight lines. ' Mrs. Minnich expresses joy in receiving a cor- rect answer. Mrs. Fore CMiss Watsonb and Miss Hill do gqwggfffig-.MQQLQIQ The Modern Approach to Math 38 is gl.-A. L O ii Mr. Shober and Mr. Farthing w little clean-up work. Mrs. Yates and Mrs. Kennedy examine film for use in math classes. Helps Us to Grasp New Concepts of Existing Ideas xn plans for general math classes. Mr. Setzer helps Maria Wickham with a hard trig problem I Q Ga .yie ... Qi? Mr. Shelton explains the anatomy of man to a health class. Mrs. Gallion, Mrs. Clemons and Miss Murray set up the net for girls gym classes to play volleyball. Girls Get Tuffer and Boys Get Ruffer through Fitness in A., , . if-ful ll ll 'I f i Coach lsbell debates with Coach Cappellanti about the 1964 elec- tion returns. 1 a i s Mr. Carson watches as Charlie Spellnian demonstrates using! the band saw to Billy Bower and Wayne Sweeney in the Industrial Arts work room, 42 ,lk f Mi' .Pill 3465. Mrs. Rakes instructs Judy Grubhs, Linda Reynolds, Linda Brown, and Bonnie Myers in using kitchen appliances We Learn Useful Skills for the Home in Practical Arts Mrs. Skaggs checks a dress pattern layout, Mr. Carson le:-tures to his mechanical drawing' class. X..-f x . nf, 334 4039 Team teachcrs, Mr. Yates and Mr. Redd. answer the class questions on Mr. Killingrer and Mrs. Rakes clean lab after a generzil science project. chemistry. up science i Miss Brziniinci' helps Mr. Nolcn show bone structure to student teachers Miss Scrivseth and Mrs. Cunningham. Mr. Coffinclziffei' watches as Mr. Handron explains a direction problem in physics involving vectors. 'x 2:42 H ,',, . 'ft 'A ' 'Q ' A' i lf I , - ,. j - z ,Q gif iti' 1 Science Offers Us an 44 in-v Mrs. Powell, supervisor for math and science, confers with Mr. Killenger, Mr. Coffindaffer, Mrs Dantzler, Mr. Setzer and Miss Hill to make plans for the Math-O-Rama and the Science Fair. Insight into the Many Challenges of the Future .fe f ww Q .: Z,..--mp, 1 . ' A :5311,. -1 ' A Miss Bailey supervises study of juniors as they learn more about the history of America's past and present. D M,,,...,, Mr. Gallion quotes textbook during' one of his history classes. Mr. Booth enjoys a break with one of his government classes. Social Studies Lead Us Thru the Past to the Present Miss Gregory and Mr. Pederson compare campaign notes and literature on the 1964 presidential campaign. with Ideas for the Future if 4 w Q in 5 K ., .wtf 2v'5if'1f , fix . . sz , ' i ff'P..f.a:w,93Q' fr Q 7,1 do Miss Peters waits patiently for her history class to Come to order. Mrs. Gallion and Mrs. Naff discuss a relief map of the United States. f is in fa""' 1: Di 3 it ,,.m..,,,, 'sv f f. ., ,Q 'I 1. 4 if q , ,. 'K , I fi' . :wma ,yu zrif.-x Av 4 qw.. 13,3 'hi' It Max KJ, .ui li L---.--1. THRU ASSOUIATIQNS 531 r F V' df-'Hun S 3' El gg Q 1, ,rm CONFERENCE ROOM Front Row: Martha Brown, Sherry Sherwood, Judy David Vaughn, Tony Mattox, Ann Dudley, Carol Coffman, Anna Palma, Chris Bland, Peggy Alexander, Charkson, Janice Pitts, Linda Blank, Jane Bonds. Jacque French, Fay Akers, Gay Akers. Second Row: The North Star Staff Works Long and Hard to Record the Editor Carole Abbott jokes about work assignments for the staff. ' : N :numb , W Curry Wertz, Sherry Sherwood, Wayne Blunt, and Carole Duffy enjoy dancing to the music of the "New Coordinators" at the semi-formal Miss North Star Dance, sponsored by the Annual Staff. fri- . -' y' .. .f.:fa:i-'if f, Miss Lowrance and Mrs. Min- nich take a break while straightening up annual staff room. Front Row: Bettie Thomas, Gail Fitzgerald, Cheryl Hannabass, Dian Staggs, Pat Ball, Bonnie Plunkett. Row 2: Carol Blair, Nancy Henderson, Carol Peters, Judi Jarrett, Shelby Mills, Katie Kelly. Vikings' Active History Editorial Editor Barbara Orender and Busi- ness Mgr. Bettie Thomas interrupt a planning session for the photographer. The North Star staff publishes their fifth year- book under the leadership of Editor Carole Abbott and sponsors Mrs. Minnich and Miss Lowrance. The staff sent representatives to S.I.P.A. in Lexington, Virginia during the spring of 1964. Two members were also sent to the summer work classes at South- ern Illinois University. One of the highlights of the year was the Miss North Star Dance, "Thanks For the Memories," which was also sponsored by the staff. Joan Bennett and Sherry Sherwood work on layouts. N...- A.--fi 7 3 The student Cooperative Association is the governing body of the students, by the stu- dents, and for the students. The purpose of the S. C. A. is to promote student programs and to establish better understanding be- tween faculty, administration and students and also between the students themselves. During the summer the S. C. A. officers met to write a sound constitution on which the S. C. A. could function effectively. This constitution was passed by the student body. The present S. C. A. has become very ac- tive in the City-County S. C. A. Council and has supported such proposals as a Club EX- change Day, the District Meeting of S. C. A.'s, a citywide S. C. A. hop at Patrick Henry, and the S. C. A. scholarship fund, and S. C. A. Exchange Day. Northside's S. C. A. plans to initiate a "Student of the Week" chosen from any grade by a selected committee of teacher and students on basis of outstanding achieve- ments. It also hopes to interject an Honor SCA Officers: Allen VVilliamson, Treasurer, Barbara COde for use of the Studeliii body ill the COIY1- Orender, Chaplain, Katie Harless, Secretary, Eric Rice, President, and Ernie Deyerle, Vice President confer with sponsor Mr. Yates. ing years. S.C.A. Leads Northside Through its Many Successful Activities SCA Representatives: Front Row: C. Gillespis, D. Palma, J. Shelton, L. Conner, J. Wieringo, P. Black- Bayse, T. Taylor, P. Garst, M. Kidd, S. Vannoy, B. mon, L. Sowers, L. Gordh. Row 4: D. Ferguson, Morris, D. Sherwood, C. Duffy. Row 2: B. Thomas, J. J. Pitts, D. Driscoll, D. Nemeth, S. Rice, D. Wright, Ferguson, J. Peverall, T. Roberts, D. Seay, S. Manning, J. Mollohan, P. Bohn. G. Howery, P. Morgan. Row 3: B. Fahnastock, A. sh-:A L - Q .. 1 Row 1: Barbara Orender, Linda Jones, Linda Sue Haynes, Gail Young, Suzanne Holden, Suzanne Falls, Rosemary Hash, Linda Shively, Cecelia Smith. Row 2: Linda Hammer, Nancy Caldwell, Judy Brown, Marilyn Farley, Sheila Baugh, Brenda Graham, Judy Ellis, Annette Martin, Jane Bonds, Linda Cregger, Pay Hall. Row 3: Linda Beaman, Toni Webster, Carolyn Wertz, Susie Kidd. Row 4: Richard Loving, Gordon Hancock, Richard Rardin, Pat Garst, Pam Morgan, Gloria Wick- ham, Liz Lidstone, Carolyn Miller, Linda Blank, Lois Davis. Row 5: Alem Chomicki, Wallace Akers, Ronnie Daniel, David Hash, Lewis Dickson, David Vaughn, Don Byrd, John Ferguson, Bob Cannady, Janice Pitts. Row 6: Bob Gordh, Eric Rice, John Baur, Jimmy Painter, Bill Gordh, Price Davis, Ricky VVilkins, Sam Schott, Ozzie Worley, David Canine, Bettie Thomas. Pamela Martin, Judi Mattox, Sandra Painter, Donna Beason, Robin Sarver, Judy Robertson, Linda Kelly, National Honor Society Selects Academically Inclined Students Miss McDavid, Sponsor and Bob Gordh, President, go over the list of those acceptable to the Honor Society while Bob Cannaday, Vice President, Barbara Orcnder, Secretary, and Linda Thurman, Treasurer, look on. The Northside Chapter of the National Honor Society has achieved and progressed this year. It has sent delegates to confer- ences to expand the future of scholastic abili- ty at Northside and surrounding schools. In addition to the expansion of membership, it ,,,, supports an honor system and carries out its responsibilities as a leading club at school. District conventions have been scheduled to be held at Northside next year and many plans have been made for a successful year. Service, leadership, character, and scholar- ship are among the goals of the society's chapter at Northside. 53 , A 1 -5 . W N K . , - f , Mrs. Baur presides at a Band Booster meeting by Mr. Turner and parents of band members. The Northside High School Band is always ready to provide music to raise enthusiasm at football games, and create a proper atmos- phere for school assemblies and programs. Their strenuous hours of practice proved suc- cessful as they sent eight people to All State. They also gave the students a Christmas dance and participated in the Christmas Officers: Barbara Garst, Secretary, Dennis Cook, Drum Major, and Linda Knode, Head Majorette, take a break during band practice. Pageant. The Northside High School Band Elates Over Their Superior Members of Concert Band. Front Row: N. Morris, B Dove, D. Himes, L. Shrader, L. Knode, B. Garst, N Brawner, E. Hatcher, L. Wilson, D. Forves, D. Staggs. Row 2: S. Rice, B. Davidson, S. Williams, D. Cloan inger, P. Grogran, G. Peoples, C. Perdue, T. Short, W Viohl, J. Kennett, G. Lelew, T. Booth, G. Dent, S Murray, L. Duncan, S. Evans, D. Cook, E. Cory, M Todd, R. Revere, L. Meeks. l Our marching band, capably led by Mr. Stout, lines up in mid-field at the start of a stirring half-time show. Northside's band majorettes, Bonny Davidson, Barbara Garst, Linda Knode, Nancy Bravner, and Cleo Perdue per- form in the Salem Christmas parade. High Rating Received in the Blue Ridge Band Festival Seven band members, l. to r.: Linda Knode, Mike Todd, Cleo Perdue, Tommy Short, Barbara Garst, Larry Meeks, Nancy Morris, carry Northside's banner to all State Band. The officers of the choir are: President, Chuck Hess, V. President, Carolyn Miller, Secretary, Pat Garstg Treas., June Hambling Pianist, Toni Webster, Asst. Conductor, John Deaner, Libra- rian, Diane Gorman. Q The Northside choir entertains the student body for the Christmas assembly before vacation. The Northside Choir began this year with a new director, Mr. John Stout. They have been very active singing at community af- fairs, church services, banquets, and pro- vided a vesper service at the Crossroads Mall. ln addition to this, they presented a concert at Northside for the Christmas as- sembly by singing Christmas carols and oth- er Christmas music. Choir Presents Concerts and Sends Delegates to All State Northside Choir members: Row 1: A. Coble, A. Hicks S. Patrick, P. Bohn, J. Branum, B. Plunkett, S. Brown M. Riley, K. Harless, D. Garman, M. Setzer, P. Harrij son. Row 2: D. Collins, C. Gillespie, D. Qucsenberry, D. Hambrick, P. Garst, C. Miller, B. Maxwell, C Rutherford, L. Knode, L. Fitzhugh, C. Mowles. Row 3 B. Epperly, B. Oliver, V. Friesland, G. Winston, B. Marshall, L. Longr, A. Cole, J. Yates, L. Conner, D. Young, C. Crowder. Row 4: L. Maloney, A. Griggs, S. Angle, M. Clark, T. W'ebster, L. Hammer, B. Divers, J. Hamblin, L. Davis. Row 5: G. Bear, D. Cook, J. McCoy, C. Bland, C. Hess, S. Hale, J. Deaner. ts-L. Front Row: June Wilson, Fay Barrett, Paige Bowen, Nancy Pasley, Sandra Blankenship, Ellen Hatcher, Nancy Hatcher, Diane Francisco. Row 2: Kay Barrett, Sylvia Smith, Roseanna Doyle, John VVitt, Jim Stephens, Marilyn Farley, Cindy VValker, Pani Dear- son. Row 3: Linda Keith, Pat Ball, Susan Aheron, Lynn Dillon, Cindy Baugess, Randy Hampt. Row 4: Susan Shell, Kathy Dalton, Marilyn Lackey, Mary Lackey, Lyn Gordh, Deddie Vyler, Marty Simmons, Sandy Manning. Row 5: Linda Crotts, Elaine Collins, Mary Lu Eades, Jimmy Dotson, Bill Murphey, Steve Minnich, Annette Creasy, Helen Brown. The Northside High School Red Cross Volunteers were organized with the interest of the community in mind. They give aid to the needy, sick or elderly. They are trying to promote the work of the American Red Cross here at Northside. This club will render much help to the community in the coming years. Red Cross Voluntcens Work for the Bettermcnt of Others The Red Cross Volunteer officers: B. Haynes, President, B. Gai-st, Vice President, A. Creasy, Treasurerg and S. Brown, Reporter, are advised by Miss Webber, and Miss Naff. Don Mundy, Joe McCoy and Carole Duffy concentrate on learning their parts for the Senior Class Play. Linda Hendricks busily applies make-up to Don Seay's face. The dramatics club members, the Poly- facets, and students who meet National re- quirements to National Thespians achieve dramatical goals by promoting good play pro- ductions and encourage interest in the dra- matic arts. They attend eight college produc- tions and encourage interest in the VFW speaking contest, and entering a play in the State and District Play Festivals. Members of Thespians and Polyfacets Come Early and Front Row: Carole Crutchfield, Jim Stephens, Ernie Deyerle, Barry Morgan, Jerry Peverall, Mike Kidd, George Seib, Jim McCoy, Larry Conner, Douglas Cronise, Glen Hutchinson, Jo Martin. Row 2: Donna Crutchfield, Carole Peters, Pam Borrell, Marilyn Far- ley, Martha Myers, Sandra Patrick, Barbara Best, Dathie Catron, Sherry Sherwood, Gail Fitzgerald, Linda Haislip, Carole Duffy, Barbara Orender. Row 3: Sally Steinhardt, Lois Davis, Gary Baldwin, Sharon Blumberg, Janie Wieringo, Alice Dickerson, Suzie Turner, Brenda Preas, Susan Vannoy, Sandra Schaf- fer, Carol Blair, Nancy Herderson, Carole Abbott. Row 4: Linda Neal, Terryee Trout, Elizabeth Davis, Carol Hearn, Nancy McKinney, Marion Clark, Robbie Wright, Bill Epperly, David Nemeth, Don Mundy, Butch Ward, Joe McCoy. if fiisk,-'jiri 117 55 :6 Drama 4 National Thespians: Front Row: Ernie Duffy, Barbara Orender. Row 3: Butch Ward, Mary Deyerly, Barry Morgran, Jerry Peverall, Mike Kidd, Bess Riely, Joyce Williams, David Nemeth, Jim George Seib, Gary Baldwin, Glenn Hutchinson. Row Stephens, Jim McCoy, Don Munday, Carole Abbott, 2: Liz Davis, Marion Clark, Terryee Trout, Robbie Bill Epperly. Wright, Sherry Sherwood, Gail Fitzgerald, Carole Stay Late to Rehearse and Perform One-Act and Class Plays Mrs. Coffindaffer and Carol Hearn cue the cast on their lines, Peggy Alexander, Liz Davis, Terryee Trout, Mary Riley, Gail Fitzgerald and Joyce Williams contemplate as Bettie Thomas and Mrs. Coffindaffer confer about National Thespian Requirements. 59 David Vaughn, Vice President, Eric Rice, Presidentg Robert Kennedy, Secretary, and Ropie Bayse, Treasurer are reminded of their forthcoming meeting by Sam Scott, Lieutenant General. KEY CLUB The Northside Key Club is affiliated with Key Club International and the Capital Dis- trict. The Capital District includes the areas of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Wash- ington, D. C., which are divided into divis- ions. The Northside Key Club is a member of Division H. Being a service club, and not a social club, the primary objective of the club is to render dedicated service through performing as many deeds as possible for the school and community. Some of the projects completed by the Northside Key Club include, the yearly pub- lication of the student directories, collection of money for the Virginia Society of Crippled Children and ushers at various pageants and plays. Key Club Keys Activities by Promoting Landscaping Ideas Front Row: John Baur, Ronnie Peoples, Eric Rice, Trout, Colby Trammell, Mike Worley, David Middle- Sam Scott, Terry Roberts, Mac Harris, Jerry Peverall, ton, John Ferguson, Ken Arritt, Kenneth Ferris, David Bob Gordh. Row 2: Bill Gordh, Ropie Bayse, Pete Vaughan, Tommy Taylor, Ricky Wilkins. CQKVEIEKCE EDO! Front Row: Bettie Thomas, Betty Keffer, Gloria Roberts, Vicki Garven, Carolyn Miller, Cathy Mowles, Judi Jarrett, Martha Myers. Row 2: Barbara Orender, Betty Knotts, Gail Young, Brenda Obenshain, Cheryl Hannabass, Donna Beason, Anne Dudley, Cecelia Smith, Sheila Baugh, Gayle Derbin, Kinda Deel, Vicki Miles, Cleo Perdue, Katie Harless, Liz Davis, Robin Sarvcr, Nancy Gilbert, Rosemary Hash, Peggy Alexander, Kathie Catron, Susan Kidd, Terryee Trout, Keyettes Enjoy A Year of Service for School and Community The Keyette Club, sister club to the Key Club at Northside, is the first club of its kind in the Roanoke area. Organized through the interest and concern of junior and senior girls at Northside, it has a total of thirty- eight members and is sponsored by the Ki- Wives of Williamson Road. The Keyettes have sponsored a Teen-Safety Rally, collect- ed can goods for needy families at Christmas, sponsored drives for the March of Dimes, sold tickets for the Miss Roanoke Valley Con- test, and served at various school functions for the P. T. A. The Keyettes have as their motto, "Serv- ice.' 'They have contributed to the social and educational progression of Northside in con- junction With the Key Club. These future citizens have increased their responsibilities as active students and shown interest in their community, state, and country. Keyette's project committee works on Christmas Baskets. Keyette Officers and Advisors: Seated: Terryee Trout, Lou Fitzhugh, Barbara Orender, Mrs. Bradshaw CMiss Hillj. Standing: Cathy Mowles, Nancy Gilbert, Vicki Garven, Carolyn Miller, Cecilia Smith, Peggy Alexander, and Mr. Redd. tt 2 T 2 it .-f X ,.....,W... ,. M.. A Mr. Booth, advisor of the North Winds, relaxes in the Guidance office. lt. bl , tws., , Editors: Carolyn Worley, I ,aww , .. Y , , A .55 ,X P., , . fgw, .wwf nv Sam Scott, Sports, Cecilia Smith, Featuresg Tina Egge, News, Miller, Clubs, Linda Deal, Business Managerg and Jerry Editor-in-Chief. The North Winds is the official monthly newspap- er of Northside High School. The North Winds' staff endeavors to publish a high quality periodical, re- flecting the interests and ideals of the student body, in accordance with its motto as "correlator of stu- dent news, and opinion." The North Winds is a mem- ber in good standing of the Southern Interscholastic Press Association, and ascribes to the high journal- istic standards set by S. l. P. A. Through the past year, the editors and staff have given their utmost to provide the students with the type of newspaper they desire. The purpose of the newspaper is also to support the administration and the North Winds has complied in all ways possible with the school officials in the publications. The North Winds Keeps Us Abreast of Current School Events bara Lowry, Robbie MacGregor, Brenda Starr, Joanna Front Row: Rosemary Hash, Robin Sarver, David Middleton, Linda Deel, Sam Scott, Eric Rice, Carolyn Miller, Therry Steinhardt. Row 2: Randy Smith, Kathie Catron, Terryee Trout, Alice Dickerson, Diana Blackman, Peggy Blackman, Marilyn Farley, Bar- Mollohan, Becky Best. Row 3: David Canine, Bob Gordh, Mac Harris, Terry Roberts, John Ferguson, David Hambrick, Mike Worley. . UGKFERCICE M3051 T Terrie Stienhart, Miss Peters, Greg McGee, Diane Blackmon, Eric Rice and Robin Dearing represent Northside for debating. Northside is Well Represented at Forensic Meeting in May This year the members of the Debating Teams have worked together to discuss the subject of "Disarmament," Four of these ambitious students will represent Northside at the District Forensic Meeting in May. For preparation, the two teams debate one an- other. Four members of our debate team are ready to represent Northside at the Forensic meeting. 63 Row 1: Susan Barbour, Judy Hutchins, Marjorie Garman, Mary Harmon, Linda Neal, Nancy Brawner, Joan Bennett, Jeanie VVadner, George Seib, Bonnie Preas. Row 2: Phyllis Hodges, Arlene Frith, Jean Van Fossen, Brenda Morris, Sandra Umberger, Betty Vest, Gail Young, Cheryl Hannabass, Linda Thurman, Pat Hall. Row 3: Sandra Painter, Betty Keffer, Linda Kelley, Bonnie VVitt, Mary Goin, Reva Flick, Nancy Goin, .lo Ann Painter, Brenda Flora, Linda Taylor, Linda Vest. Row 4: Brenda Starr, Rose YVirt, Pat Dogan, Kathey Brammer, Martha Fury, Betty Martin, Linda Craighead, Judy Ellis, Diane T1'ent, Bette Gates, Linda Sarver. Row 5: Shelby Mills, Gloria Roberts, Carolyn Van Fossen, Roy Schilling, Terry Nabers, Pat Ashwell, Janie Wieringo, Raynelle Keeling, Glenna Howery. F.B.L.A. Creates Interest in Business Occupations for Students The FBLA officers are Nancy Brawner, Vice President, Cheryl Hannabass, Regional Parliamentariang Pat Hall, Historian, Brenda Starr and Reva Flick, Reporters, Linda Kelly, Historian, Gail Young, Secrctaryg and Susan Barbour, Parliamentarian, Bonnie Preas, Presi- dentg and Brenda Preas, Treasurer are not shown. The Future Business Leaders of America is a national organization whose purposes in- clude promoting good business education and creating more interest and understanding in the intelligent choice of a business occupa- tion. The Northside chapter carries out these purposes through contests, assemblies, and sending students to the FBLA conventions. F.B.L.A. presents assembly on "Whooz Who in American Business" with special gifts for teachers. CLUTHING " run BEULAH i 2. i ,I Ward in Wise County. A twofold objective of FHA, contributing to the joys and satisfactions of family living and launch- ing good citizenship through homemaking, was car- ried out through projects. They included adopting a needy girl in Wise County, promoting degrees of achievement, sponsoring a fashion show, giving a mother-daughter banquet, and a SOME day for Care. the snowman cake made by FHA mem- The officers Elfei P1'eSldeHf, Bettie Tl10IT121S, Vice President, Linda Nealg Treasurer, Anne Greggs, Reporter, Nancy Brawnerg Parliamentarian, Bar- bara Orenderg Historian, Alice Cundiffg Song Lead- er, Pat Ashwellg and Secretary, Betty Keffer. Mrs. Skaggs, FHA sponsor, smiles at bers in the Home Economics Dept. Improving Individual Personal Living is the Aim of the F.H .A Standing: Bonnie Dunban, Elaine Collins, Lottie Bette Gates, Nancy Bibee, Kathryn Mills. Seated: Kingery, Suzanne Falls, Donna Crutchfield, Carol Brenda Dowdy, Mary Lackey, Sheila Schaffer, Jean Camper, Sherry Montgomery, Sandra Painter, Linda Van Fossen, Brenda Blanchard, Patty Blankenship, Conner, Donna Beason, Nancy Kirby, Betty Keffer, Paullette Hite, Marty Simmons, Teresa Brantley. Carolyn Van Fossen, Karen Painter, Susan Smith, Members of FHA check the growing collection of clothes for Beulah 1221 it y 'vt 74 ' ff 1 COIFEREIGE HUGH 19' ,,, i 1-WWF, 'f A W 'F 7 Upper Left: John Witt, Roy MacGregor, Sara Angle, Wickham, Brenda Hofawger, Sandra Sink, Layne Linda Conner, Barbara Orender, Janice Pitts, Lou Brizendine, Katie Harless, Martha Meyers, Glen Anne Robertson. Lower Left: David Canine, Maria Hutchison. F.T.A. Members Prepare for Future by Practice Teaching The Future Teachers of America gives stu- dents an opportunity to learn the more inti- mate aspects of the teaching profession. Through this organization teachers receive help whenever needed such as grading papers and are entertained by the club at different intervals during the year. Radford student teachers are welcomed by Northside Future Teachers of America during Education Week. FTA Officers: Left: Maria Wickham, Cecelia Smith, Vickie Garven, Nancy Henderson, Donna Garven, Nancy Howell, and Miss Cline confer on teaching qualifications. !...a.....- Front Row: Marsha Akers, Pat Fitzhugh, Linda Judy Yates, Jill Anderson, Jac-que French, Pat Adams Blank, Lois Davis, Andrea Call, Kathleen Saunders. Sue Kessler, Brenda Bush, Betty Knotts. Row 4 Linda Row 2: Diana Blackman, Linda Reynolds, Pam Pitts, Beamen, Nancy Kinsey, Brenda Hudson, Anita Maitin Lynn Tate, Sherry Crowder, Debbie Spangler. Row 3: Carolyn Pillow, Peggy Watson. Y-Teens Combine Work Y-Teens is a scholastic division of the Young Women's Christian Association which is designed to establish an understanding be- tween people of other nations. This club works closely with other Y-Teens in this area to help promote a community project. and Play for Successful Year Y-Teen officers and sponsors are Miss Bailey, June Hamblin Mary Riley, Miss Peters, Fay Akers, Gay Akers, Liz Davis and Carolyn Cole -U if Front Row: Dotty Lou Fisher, Sandra Schaffer, Sherry Clayton, Glenna Rowlett, Suzanne Falls, Liz Lidstone, Tim Booth, Mike Thompson, Jeff Kaylor. Row 2: Richard Loving, Price Davis, Don Lafoon, Suzanne Williams, Linda Crotts, Pam Borrell, Curtis Finney, Butch Ward. Row 3: Paula Johnson, Bonnie Haynes, Sherry Ford, Debbie Oyler, Nancy Gilbert, Judi Yates, Pete Smith, Bill Hendrick. Row 4: Mike Worley, Sandy McGrady, Judi Mattox, Marjorie Setzer, Susan Kidd, Nancy Crowder, Pat Ball, Rose Marie Phillips, Phillip Williams. Row 5: Ken Arritt, Sam Evans, Elliott Bayer, Michael Townsend, Brian Harmon, Bill Beason, Norman Holden, Jerome Plaster. Row 6: John Witt, Pete Grogan, Ronnie Daniel, Wallace Akers, Roger Williams, Andy Clingempeel, Joe Damiano. Ancient Customs Make An Interesting Study for Latin Club Don Lafoon, Sandra Schaefer, Brian Har- mon and Mike Thompson clown as Richard Loving points viciously to his Latin slave. 'iii The Latin Club's main objective is to pro- mote a better understanding of ancient Roman customs and culture. In order to learn, they reinact these customs such as banquets, slave sale, the making and wearing of togas and being governed by officers of a Roman Senate. The Latin Club not only gives a background in ancient Roman life but also provided fun and recreation. 68 Latin Club Officers: Front Row: Gloria Wickham, Patty Mc- Mahan, Susan Shell, Cleo Perdue, Mary Kay Harless. Row 2: Donald Lafoon, Shelley McCullough, Toni Webster, Diane Gor- man, Olivia Strawn, Miss Martin. S- film, l . l5:f1ml lg I Q - I! A c - Front Row: Don Hollett, Bob Schulze, Marcia Akers, Barbara Orender, Cecelia Smith, Steve Hale, Jerry Peverall, Barry Morgan, Linda Shively, Carolyn Howell, Maria Wickham. Row 2: Sue Roberts, Diana Blackman, Dotty Fisher, Suzzane Falls, Jacque French, Liz Lidstone, Judy Robertson, Becky Boone, Pat Boxley, Dora Alexander. Row 3: Sheila Baugh, Kathy Bell, Becky McLeod, Judith YVilliams, Linda Hammer, Martha Myers, Bonnie W'itt, Jeanetta Boone, Drcama Hale, Nancv Martin. Row -1: Suzie Turner, Sherry Montgomery, Brenda Obenchain, Lynn Fisher, Linda Holland, Linda Keith, Susan Wingo, Linda Turner, Sharon Wertz, Linda Wheeler. Row 5: Lance Duncan, Alex Chomicki, Wallace Akers, John Fergu- son, Latha Porter, Doug VVitt, Larry Teuscher, VVayne Goabo. Row 6: Mike Henderson, Gary Dent, Gary Thacker, James Akers, Jerry Clemmer, Mike Waid, B. D. LaPrade. Spanish Club Members Gain a Knowledge of Spanish Culture The Spanish Club has strived to enable stu- dents to gain a deeper understanding and ap- preciation for another country and culture. During their monthly meetings they learn of the habits and customs of the Spanish na- tions and through pen pals learn to associate with the Spanish people. The clu'b has en- deavored to combine fun with the spirit of learning. Enjoyment is found by Mrs. Lenny and Miss Ramirez while listening to "Spanish Guitars" at club meeting. N ' L Members of Spanish Club and their sponsor, Miss Ramirez, admire Christmas cards which they made. Front Row: Linda Beaman, Pat Taylor, Cindy Parsell, Jeanie Kelly, Paige Bowen, Diane Staggs, Barbara Garst, Linda Conner, Brenda Hofawger, Sheila Miller, Sue Kessler, Pat Fitzhugh, Margaret Meador, Brenda Riley. Row 2: Carolyn Wertz, Dreama McConnell, Judi Sowers, Pam Morgan, Jill Anderson, Kathy Kurbjan, Susan Aheron, Mary Stuart Kinsey, Hedda Greever, Vicki Garven, Linda Kidd, Anne Dudley, Susan Lowry. Row 3: Brenda Plunkett, Roberta Ann Snyder, Bettie Gates, Linda Reynolds, Cecelia Smith, Liz Davis, Pam Jennings, Louis Long, Nancy Pasley, David Vaughan, Therry Steinhardt, Betty Knotts, Vicki Miles. Row 4: Barbara Lowry, Delores Kite, Kathy Agneu, Lyn Gordh, Carol Clarkson, Patsy Arrington, Donna Per- due, Suzanne Miller, Patricia Garst, Mike Kidd, Sherry Sherwood, Margaret Brizendine, Marion Clark. Row 5: Chris Bland, Charlie Spelman, David Canine, Bettie Thomas, Mae Crutchfield, Carole Crutchfield, Sarah Steinhardt, Eddie Landrum, David Hash, Eric Rice, Alice Cundiff. Row 6: James Mann, Larry Fitzgerald, Stewart Turner, Hoakie Myers, Ronnie Creasy, Jim Stephens, Jim Goodwin, David Hambrick, Richard Pillow, Charles Boardwine, Jimmy Smith, Nancy Horne. Row 7: Alan Thompson, Benny Conner, Richard Rardin, Randy Smith, Mac Harris, Jerry Worley, Sam Scott, Gary Fitzgerald, Ken Feller, Liz Lidstone, Brenda Bush. Row 8: Ray Wiggs, Ricky Eqilkins, Mike Todd, David Kidd, Dennis Foutz, Linda ank. The French Club is Very Active in its First Year at Northside The French Club is one of our newest or- ganizations at Northside. It has enabled the French students to learn and to understand better the language and culture of France in an informal atmosphere. One of the club's projects this year was writing and present- ing a play in French under the direction of its sponsors, Miss Zuck and Miss Boscou. French Club officers and sponsors: Miss ton, Sergeant-at-Arms, Phyllis Rogers, SCA Zuck: Miss Bascoug Sandra Sink, President: Inter-Club Council Representative: Jim Bar- Liz Lidstone, Vice President: David Middle- ton, Treasurer, Carolyn Wertz, Secretary. H U E' .-+2 til Creative Writing Club: Lower Left, Row 1: Therry Rory MacGregor, John VVitt, Sandra Patrick, Suzanne Steinhardt, David Canine, Tommy Anderson, Alice Falls, Marilyn Farley, Fay Barrett, Jena Kelley, Diana Cundiff, Sandra Sink, Gordon Hancock, David Hash. Blackmon, Liz Lidstone, Eric Rice. Row 2: Greg McGee, Richard Morris, David Hambrick, Creative Writing Club offers Diversified Forms of Expression The Projection Club was organized to help aid the teachers in the use of educational equipment in class studies. They are also trained in the use of projectors, phono- graphs, tape recorders, and stage lighting. The organization is one of the most useful and cooperative at Northside. The purpose of the Creative Writing Club is to stimulate and channel interest in writ- ten expression. The club accomplishes this by the publication of a magazine-Skald-and by entering the Virginia High School League contests. Some form of intellectual expres- sion is essential to a high school-and it can and must be at the same time for the stu- dents and generated by the students. Y' 1 Back Row: Robbie Wright, Tommy Taylor, Glenn Bob DeWindt, Jerome Plaster, Don Mitchell, Sammy Hutchinson, Bill Epperly, Butch Ward, Barry Morgan, Lewis, Jerry Conner, Ernie Stalmaker, Don Laffoon, Jerry Clemnier, Eddie Landrum, Sherwood Minnich, Jim Stephens, Wayne Sweeney. Aid with Educational Equipment is Goal of Projection Club -- . -.4.,:"mr Th -is, . fir Square Root officers: Larry Stuckey, Sherry Ford, Brad Smallwood, Suzzane Miller, Terry Henson, and Mrs. Dantzler. I ll 1255 Cube Root officers: Price Davis, Ann Dudley, Nancy Gilbert, Sheila Baugh, Betty Keffer, and Mrs. Dantzler, sponsor. B4athenuaHcaHy inchned are the students of the Cube Roots and Square Roots Math Clubs.'Fheir goalis to broaden and deepen the students interest in rnath and to serve as assistants to the n1ath teachers at Plorth- side.'Fhis year they have sponsored a shde rule class and the Math-A-Raina. They have added many new books to Northside's math library. The Cube Roots and Square Roots Build Our Math Library Beginning Lower Left, Row 1: Don Hollet, Linda Sue Richard Loving, Betty Keffer. Row 3: Gordon Han- Haynes, Don Laffoon, Price Davis, Susan Kidd, Vicki cock, Chris Bland, Nancy Gilbert, Anne Dudley, Mar- Miles, Donna Beason. Row 2: Kathie Catron, Nancy garet Meador, Anna Palma. Kirby, Judi Mattox, Phyllis Rogers, Carolyn Wertz, Lower Left, Row 1: Kathy Agnew, Lyn Gordh, Carol Clarkson, Kathy Karbjan, Martha Brown, Susan Aheron. Row 2: Pete Grogan, Pat Ball, Virginia Arrington, Debbie Oyler, Jeanetta Boone, Hedda Greener. Row 3: Donna Perdue, Sylvia Rollen, Mary Stuart Kinsey, Dora Lovern, Cynthia Lafoon, Sheila Miller. Row 4: Greg LeHeW, Mike Thompson, Brad Smollwove, Larry Stuckey, Chester Spangler, Patsy Arrington. Sponsoring the science fair was the major project of the Viking Discoverers. The mem- bers have worked together to further stu- dents' knowledge of science and to cultivate a fascination for science through special pro- jects demonstrated at their meetings. ...aka Left to Right, Front Row: Mary Riley, Sam Ross, John Witt, Jimmy Painter, Dora Alexander, Robbie VVright. Row 2: Carolyn Miller, Gary Fitzgerald, David Middleton, Jerome Plaster, Tommy Carr. Viking Discoverers Help Promote Interest in the Sciences Front Row: Joe McCoy, John Witt, Jeanie Wadner, Steve Davidson, Don Seay, Joan Bennett, Becky Best, Sheila Foster, Barbara Best, Sandy Patrick, Sherry Blankenship, Carol Mayhen. Row 2: Sandra Aliff, Linda Fahmestock, Marilyn Farley, Barbara Lowry, Mary Goin, Nancy Goin, Juanita Branum, Joanna Mollohan, Diane Blackmon, Ronnie Coakley, Buddy McDowell. Row 3: Annette Coble, Jo Martin, Carol Hearn, Terry Roberts, Jerry Peverall, George Seib, Jimmy Tayloe, Bill Epperly, Jerome Plaster, Latha Porter. Row 4: Greg McGee, Marion Clark, Nancy McKinney, Brenda Starr, Rose Wirt, Norma Whitby, Kathey Brammer, Janet Wells, Linda Vest, Carolyn Webber. Junior Achievement Acquaints Students With Business World Ronnie Coakley sells stock to Sandra Sink for TELCO, Junior Achievement Company. 4 WW With "Youth and Business" as a motto, Junior Achievement gives boys and girls ex- perience that will be a vital asset in the busi- ness world which they will enter after finish- ing school. In J. A., teenagers learn how to run their own companies and how to make a profit out of it. With J.A. as a starter, students should be ready and prepared to meet the challenges of the ever-changing world We live in. The KVG's of Northside High School are an active group. They spend one day a year in a camp sponsored by the Virginia Forestry Service learning of the importance of forests and how we protect them in time of fire. The rest of the year, members are on call to be ready at any time to go and help fight fires. Mr. Orr, Bill Epperly and Robbie Wright pause before going' out on a KVG work job. Keep Virginia Green Boys Are Ready To Lend Assistance First Row: Arthur Foley, David Bayse, Bill Epperly, Danny Driscoll, Robbie VVright, Eric Barker. Row 3: Glen Hutchison, George Seib, VVayne Sweeney. Row 2: Jerry Conner, Robert Kennedy, Barry Morgan, Monty Dennis Crawford, Wayne Divers, Wilsie Crouch, Plymale, Butch VVard, VValter Brzana. Row 1: Susan Shell, Pat Boxley, Becky Boone, Carol Blair, Nancy Henderson, Kathy Agnew, Linda Nichols, Suzanne Holden, Debbie Roop, Annette Martin. Row 2: Linda Crotts, Sherry Ford, Linda Kidd, Linda Turner, Patsy Arrington, Donna Perdue, Sharon Wertz, Susan XVingo, Donna Whitehead, Pam Sernones, Judi Ellis. Row 3: Diane Trent, Jeanne Rielly, Pam Stanley, Gloria Wickham, Pam Morgan, Vicki Garven, Lyn Gordh, Carol Clarkson, Pat Fielder, Nancy Kelley, Jean VVillianis. Row 4: Carol Sledd, Susan Vannoy, Linda Keith, Louise Long, Linda Holland, Carolyn Myers, Mary Kugler, Joyce Nichols, Julia Cooper. G.A.A. Intramurals Provide Opportunity for Girls Athletics Jean Williams goes in for a lay-up While Sue Alexander waits for the rebound. Young, Treasurer. Peggy Alexander, Intramural Manager, Donna Garven, Secretary, Brenda Preas Vice President, Cathy Mowles, President, Judi Jarrett, Head-of-Sports, Gayle ra . mam 'LJ Left to Right: Dolores Kite, Pam Malory, Louise Long, Donna Jean Webb, Gail Young, Peggy Alexander, Carol Slcdd, Cathy Mowles, Carole Abbott, Paula Johnson, Pam Stanley, Pat Hall, Becky Boone. The Girls Athletic Association participates vigorously in all phases of intramural sports, and have successfully formed the Vikette Basketball Team that is a part of the city league. An annual event of the GAA's is the time when members of the student basketball team play the faculty women. Mary Lou Eades and Sheila Foster exercise this way. Association Members to Become a More Sports Minded Group Row 1: Pat Taylow, Drema McConnell, Patti Pillow, Carolyn Wertz, Shelley McCullough, Sandy Patrick, Pam Mallory, Cathy Mowles, Brenda Pread, Rose Marie Philips. Row 2: Sharon Spence, Mary Lou Eades, Sheila Foster, Sherry Montgomery, Pat Hall, Robin Dearing, Maria Wickham, Gail Young, D. J. Webb, Kelly, Mary hugh. Kite, Susan Dora L. Alexandra. Row 3: Susan Reyns, Linda Vicki Miles, Brenda Obenshain, Debbie Oyler, S. Kinsey, Pat Ball, Brenda Hylton, Pat Fitz- Row -1: Paula Johnson, Barbara Lowry, Delores Elaine Collins, Jane Burnette, Martha Brown, Ahenon, Marsha Landrum, Linda Craighead. f .f.a f' 1-1-b1H:,f :,5E1E346"f' ', -5+-ffIi5:+1ifI: fiohlftlfl , ,i9gfLfs, fy. ,," ' The officers and sponsor of the Pep Club are Cl. to r.J Carole Duffy, Reporterg . Miss Mauck, Sponsorg Jerry Peverall, President, Robin Dearing, Vice - President, Pat Ashwell. Secretary: Gail Fitzgerald, Treasurer s , i This year the Pep Club worked to improve school spirit. They Sponsored Pep Week, the week prior to Homecoming. During the Week they had a Mr. Football Contest in which students voted with pennies for the player of their choice. This money was contributed to the stadium fund. They decorated the halls and cars, and before the game held a Pep Rally. The Pep Club planned the half-time ceremonies for the Homecoming at which the Queen was crowned by Mr. Football. Besides selling Northside stickers and megaphones to boost the stadium fund the Pep Club kept the school spirit of the Vikings' high. Pep Club Sponsors Activities to Improve School Spirit Beginning with lower left-Row 1: Libby Childress, Diane Gor- man, Dian Staggs, Lynn Dillon, Carolyn Myers, Sara Angle, Barbara Orender, Linda Farmer, Robin Sarver, Karen Bowman, Sandra Sink, Alice Cundiff, Linda Haislip, Ruby Steben. Row 2: Nancy Pasley, Pam Stanley, Sylvia Smith, Pat Taylor, Sharon Huffman, Denise McConnell, Donna Fitzberald, Debbie Ferguson, Sandy Patrick, Glenna Howery, Pat Hall, Brenda Preas, Susan Vannoy, Judy Hutchins, Mary Kaye Harless, Linda Hancock. Row 3: Brenda Morris, Linda Beaman, Yanessa Carter, Debbie Sherwood, June Hamblin, Anne Dudley, Nancy Gilbert, Eloise Simpson, Sue Kessler, Pat Fitzhugh, Paulette Hite, Judy Robert- son, Lou Anne Robertson, Sue Roberts, Faye VVilson, Shelby Mills. Row 4: Linda Harris, Nancy Shultz, Shelley McCullough, Linda Arnold, Louise Angus, Brenda Bonds, Betty Knotts, Martha Brown, Mary Stuart Kinsey, Pat Hall, Brenda Hylton, Linda Holland, Linda Keith, Rosemary Hash, Katie Harless, Alice Dickerson. Row 5: Donna Farris, Mike Kidd, Patricia Garst, Lynn Fisher, Toni Webster. Carolyn Wertz, Judi Yates, Gloria Vlfickham, Susan Aheron, Dora Lovern, Donna Perdue, Patsy Arrington, Kathy Kurbjun, Rhonda Stultz. Row 6: Kitty Smith, Sandra Martin, Nancy Caldwell, Sandy McGrady, Phyllis Pogers, Melody Holt, Dianne Miller, Linda lllank, Lois Davis, Judy Coff- man, Jaque French, Anna Palma, Janice Pitts, Carole Abbott. Row 7: Susan Shell, Kathy Martin, Bettie Thomas, Margaret Brizendine, Nancy Horne, Cindy Parsell, Frances Stanley, Mary McClammer, Bill Epperly, Mac Harris, Glen Hutchinson, Terry Roberts, George Seib. Row 8: Linda Crotts, Linda Deel, Susan Barbour, Elliot Bayse, David Andrews, Dennis Foutz, Andy Canine, Jim Soudurn, Ronnie Shockley, Barry Morgan, Charlie Williams, Don Mitchell. Row 9: Judi Jarrett, Kathie Catron, Bonnie VVitt, Patsy Porterfield, Virkey Friesland, Connie Pan- nell, Pam Morgan, Jill Anderson, Gary Shepherd, Butch Ward, Gary Baldwin, Don Seay. Row 10: Liz Davis, Linda Nichols, Lari'y Fitzgerald, Stewart Turner, Mike Williams, Dennis Wiggs, Jerry Seib, Glen Dean, Donnie Noel, Latha Porter. 'Y Row 1: Mike VVinston, Tommy Taylor, Pete Smith, Pete Trout, Doug VVitt, Colby Trammell, Don Byrd, Karl Phillips, Jimmy Carr, Row 2: B. D. LaPrad, Tommy Oyler, David McAllister, Bob Goodykoontz, Jimmy Taylor, VVilsie Crouch, Stanly Parker, Joe Mc'- Coy, Steve Davidsong Row 3: Richard Robinson, Jerry Conner, Robert Kennedy, Eddie l.andrum, Dicky My- ,. X' A Q ers, Bob Gordh, Mac Harris, Terry Roberts, David Canine: Row 4: Ronnie Palmer, Larry Conner, Roy Schilling, Ronny Taylor, John Gauldin, Barry Morgan, Glenn Hutchison, Ronnie Shockley, Mike Kidd, Row 5: Robbie VVright, Ernie Deyerle, Eric Rice, Gregg McGee, Ronald Childress, Dennis lViggs, Gary Bald- win, Bill Epperly, Bob Schulze. Viking Lettermen are the Members of the Varsity Club The Varsity Club is for the Viking Letter- winners from all the Varsity sports. The Var- sity Club is a service organization. Their projects for the year are reseeding the foot- ball field and buying athletic equipment for track and wrestling. The Varsity Club pro- motes the athletic program at Northside. Varsity Club Constitutional Committee and Coach Isbell admire trophies in the trophy case. 5 Hx .Q 3-Q all 2 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Linda Holland, Gloria Wickham, Martha Brown, Head Cheerleader, Debbie Sherwood, Donna Perdue, Pat Garst, and Pam Morgan. Originality, Vitality Characterize Junior Varsity and Varsity Head Cheerleaders, Debbie Sherwood and Carole Duffy, inspect uniforms with the cheerleading sponsor, Mrs. Donna Henderson, before basket- ball game with rival Cave Spring. The cheerleaders exert energy to induce school spirit by sponsoring student buses to out-of-town games, directing pep rallys, and working with the Pep Club to organize PEP WEEK. These fourteen active girls have spent many hours of long, hard practice to tory and to stimulate school spirit. help the students cheer their team on to vic- an-2 ,I Us 2? ew if?-jfg VL SRE? .VJ . , 2-:ff . , MMM - A. . Wa. ww., and muh L.TjTM.4.L N Q -1 -X W1 , dmv ,..+M....q.....-, M f,a,.W L f? Sw?2"'J F minimis w-na 'Q 2 Q I fi' i Q5 vw ix x F3 if E9 SE E 5 ss S E 5 E -Q 5 E 24 5. Q? Wmmpg THRU ARTICIPATNION Q , Lkwlgx-S I K ,,,.n.,,anns.1une,,g,n-Mauve.,-.. .www 4n.'.rndAiEiggm.'4n...mg51m A-. 4... son, Scratch Ferris, David Vaughn, Curtis Tucker, Mike Sloan, Moffat Evans. Fourth Row: Steve David- son, Colby Trammell, Ronnie Cronise, Bob Schulze, David Canine, Ernie Deyerle, Eric Rice, Ronnie Shockley, Tommy Taylor. Fifth Row: Russell Payne, Dick Myers, Roy Thomas, Ellis Smith. Our Varsity Football Team Prepares for Outlandish Maneuvers Viking halfback, Colby Trammell, circles right Q end against opponent Franklin County in an attempt to pick up yardage near the goal. Swift right halfback David McAllister cuts through Franklin County's line for a large gain and a first down. M, 1-,w..yw-r. xv -MNA .YN we 1 A, Q . ..4.:,m.-,,..e,,f.s , :aww ,, un, He. naw. -f ,, -... ap . X., Q 1 - N, MM ,lk uf, rv C 1' Viking end, Don Byrd, catches a touchdown pass to help lead Northside to victory. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Cave Spring .. Drewry Mason Lord Botetourt Covington .... Liberty ..,.... Franklin County Martinsville . . . Bassett ....... Patrick Henry . William Byrd . NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS N.H.S. Varsity Vikings Close with a 5-3-2 Winning Record Alan Walls, tenacious middle linebacker, haults Franklin County back in the victorious Homecoming Game L , Kenneth Ferris and Bob Cregger double team a Patrick Henry back in a close game with the Patriots. The Junior Varsity had a winning season with four wins and only two defeats. The team suffered their only defeats at the hands of Andrew Lewis and Patrick Henry. With all of the experience gained during this season the team should be a big support to the Varsity squad next year. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Jefferson .... .... 7 NHS. . . . . .14 Andrew Lewis ...... 9 NHS. . . . . . 6 William Byrd ... ...0 NHS... . . .21 Cave Spring ........ 7 NHS. . . . . .14 William Fleming .... 7 NHS. . . . . .14 Patrick Henry ....... 6 NHS. . . . . . 0 Junior Varsity Football Prepares Promising Underclassmen J.V.'s--Row 1: Eddie Morris, Jeff Dickerson, Mike Williams, Larry Mattox, Kenny Garrett, Richard Robinson, Tony Palmer, Dennis Hill. Row 2: Russell Payne, Butch Cregger, Ernie Stunaker, Eddie Tucker, Steve Warren, David Bousman, Lucky Meddle, Roy Lewis. Row 3: Russell Payne, Butch Gibson, Bill I I Shultz, Wayne Bibee, Rob Roy McGregor, Perry Altice, Bobby Thurman, Gary Davidson. Row 4: Dennis Wiggs, Bobbie Myers, Jeff Hawkins, Mike Gauldin, Tommy Anderson, Jim Foreman, Ken Ferris, Jerry Wertz. Row 5: Mr. Shelton, Lathe Porter, Wayne Gaabo, Bill Osborne. Colby Trammell circles wide around left end for a long gain in victory over Lord Boute- tourt. The Freshman team was introduced to high school competition for the first time this year. Learning from their mistakes the squad made it rough for their competition. With a year of experience behind them and the future ahead, the Northside Freshmen could develop into a power in the Blue Ridge District in the coming years. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD William Fleming NHS. Cave Spring . . . NHS. Cave Spring . . . NHS. Andrew Lewis . NHS Jefferson . . . NHS Patrick Henry . NHS Freshman Football Instills Basic Skills and Team Spirit Freshmen Football--Row 1: Tommy Anderson, Randy Likens, Ray Hyler, Tommy Gilbert, Jimmy Mills, Pete Grogan, Marshall Sayls, David Early. Row 2: Gary Conner, Gene Murphy, Harry Hambrick, Ricky Shil- ling, Larry Reesa, Mark Reinhardt, Gary Davidson, James Moore. Row 3: Steve Lambrascoti, Lewis Fotchman, David Bowman, Billy Murphy, Larry Stuart, James Garst, Chuck Cregger, Bill Foreman, Barry Meader. Row 4: Mr. Gallion, Allan Williamson, Stafford Lewis, Danny McClean, Frank Fitzgerald, Walt Reinhardt, Mike Henderson, Doug Walters, Mike Reed, Roger Williams. l VARSITY BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD Cave Spring . . Covington . . . Drewry Mason William Fleming .... Patrick Henry William Byrd Fieldale ........... Liberty ...... Bassett ............ 61 Patrick Henry Jefferson .... Martinsville .. Covington . . . Fleming ..... Liberty .... William Byrd Cave Spring Jefferson . . . NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS Vikings Prove That Experience Leads the Way to Victory Bob Goldh readily awaits a rebound as Terry Roberts and Mat Ha1llS control the backboard. Don Byrd watches as Colby Trammell makes a lay-up against the Patrick Henry Patriots. Mac Harris leaps high to score with a jump shot J.V.'s Perfect Techniques and Skills in Round Ball Action JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD Cave Spring . . . .... 30 NHS ........ 46 Martinsville . . . ..,.. 48 NHS. . . . . . . .64 Covington .......... 30 NHS ........ 53 Fleming ............ 35 NHS ........ 57 DFQWTY MHSOU ----,-- 39 NHS ----'-,- 56 Patrick Henry ....... 57 NHS ........ 54 '--'--'- 1- -Q3 lg -,,---.- fi? William Byrd ........ 45 NHS ....... .53 c . ........ ..,. O ........ 0 ' Patrick Henry ....... 38 NHS ........ 36 flfjmfn? """ ""' 6 2 NHS """" 64 Jefferson ...... .... 6 2 NHS ,....... 43 ef tl """""" 522 NHS """" 42 Fieldale ltrlrl ."' 4 4 NHS Auulllnl 59 W illiam Byrd ...... 02 NHS .....,.. 62 Covington . , .... 18 NHS .,,,,,,, 38 Cave Spring ,....... 49 NHS ........ 55 Jefferson . . ...... 61 NHS ........ 46 Front Row: Freddie Rutherford, Jeff Dickenson, Billy Second Row: Ken Arritt, VVayne Gaabo, David Kidd, Paxton, Danny Baldwin, Randy Smith, Bob Thurman. Pat Cosmato, Billy Short, Joe Damiano, Russell Payne. IVY 1 , C11 1.2: , -. , Bottom Left: Fred Hutchinson, Terry Henson, Joe Randy Liken, Gene Murphy, Mike Henderson, Robert Floyd, Billy VVatson, Paul Trout, Danny Camper, Mike Cannady, Calvin Crinose, Richard Meloed, Steve Mm Reed, David Bousman, Donnie Noel, F, Ruthterford, nich, Melvin Puckett, Mr. Nolen. Freshman Learn Skills of Basketball for Surprising Season Teams from Northside, Cave Spring, William Byrd, Glenvar and Andrew Lewis compete against each other in the Fresh- man League. Northside met each opponent for three games. Under Coach Nolen the freshmen Vikings represented us very ably. David Kidd scores for the Junior Varsity Vikings Ken Arritt maneuvers into scoring position. fr' V QQ x. ,J l. . 4. - - g ,X ,,...-Q... Rogfer Williams, Tommy Oyler and Gary Baldwin congratulate Larry Hall after a win. Wrestlers Capture Second Straight City-County Championship Northside's Viking wrestling team contin- ued its domination of the sport in western Virginia in 1965. For the second year they are the Roanoke City-County Champions. Per- haps the most memorable match was the close 28-22 loss to Appalachian, N. C., who had a string of 133 consecutive wins. Another thrill was the 16-14 victory over VPI Freshman. The overall record was twelve wins, two losses, Appalachian and Andrew Lewis. The fine season was capped by the excellent finish at the Western Regional Tournament, which was held at Northside this year. Tommy Oyler grapples North Carolina Champion. Stan Parker gains a point on take down, then rides. sk 19? X Ken Kite gzrimaces while struggling: for a reverse cradle. Dickey Meyers pancakes and pins undefeated opponent froni Appalachian. Viking Wrestlers Grapple for Their Third Winning Season Steve Davidson goes for take down in Appalachian meet. fDanvi1leJ 94 VARSITY WRESTLING SCOREBOARD Andrew Lewis .... 27 NHS VSDB ............. 13 NHS William Fleming .... 9 NHS Patrick Henry ...... 12 NHS Jefferson .......... 8 NHS Pulaski ....... .... 1 3 NHS Hargrave ..... . . .19 NHS William Byrd ....... 16 NHS Appalachian ........ 28 NHS CN. C. State Champsj Patrick Henry ...... 18 NHS Andrew Lewis ...... 11 NHS VPI Freshmen ...... 24 NHS William Byrd .... 16 NHS George Washington 13 NHS .M . -mf -h,A . RM. ,Kv, k r' . lille .... . 's we if lvltilfvli s ,f Xe. , at ,, ffef, l , ' JK jr .. e lg :D , Q 'M Ll 43 nm. l my l rf 5 -in , 1 A Row 1, left to right: Larry Stuckey, B. D. LaPrade, Tommy Carr, Larry Hall, Bob Goodykoontz, Dickey Meyers, Jerry Wertz, Steve Davidson, Stanley Parker, Tommy Oyler, Ken Kite, Jimmy Taylor. Row 2: Brad Smallwood, Andy Clingzenpeel, Jimmy Painter, Roger Williams, Gray Sheets, Dennis Hill, Kenneth Conner, Ronnie Childress, Mike Winston, Bobby Myers, Tommy Taylor, Steve Warren. Row 3: Ray Hyler, Steve Rice, Bill Gordh, John Witt, Roy Schilling, Dicky Studky, Mark Rheinhart, Bill Beason, Tony Mattox, Lynn Lucas, Perry Altice, Kenny Feller, Ellis Smith, Ray Rheinhart, Neil Ohenshain, Greg Ball. J 1th Victories Over Va. Tech Frosh, William Fleming, and VSDB Coach Shelton gives advice to a wrestler who is in a had position. Bob Goodykoontz attempts to pin his opponent by a crotch and a half-Nelson. 6' Jimmy Tayloe, Larry Hall, Tommy Carr, Ronnie Childress, Coach Shelton, Dennis Hill say "Once on, move it out." Northside is Host to Twenty Teams in Western Regionals Jerry VVe1'tz goes for a cradle to get a pin. LaPrad works for a take down using a pancake. Carr tightens pin to boy from Appalachian. 96 . fs ,f .if A X W, ww - i A gf Q 1 ,,gw: . Front Row: David Lackey, Jim Foreman, Bob Upper Left: Jimmy Tayloe, Colby Trammell, Schulze, Kenneth Ferris, Ronnie Cromise. Don Byrd, Eddie Landrum, Ronnie Shockley. Front Row: David McAllister, Bill Epperly, Danny Driscoll, Ronnie Childress, Eric Rice, Northside Vikings Win S Front Row: Jack Thomas, Jerome Plaster Leonard Prias, Bob McGregor, Elliot Bayerl Second Row: Richard Pillow, Mike Gauldin, Manager. Row 2: Ronnie Taylor, Greg McGee, Tommy Taylor, Wilsie Crouch, Joe McCoy. econd Place in the Concord Relays Sherwood Minnich, Robert Sessions, Doug Witt. Third Row: Mike Winston, Eddie Tucker, Steve Hale. Viking trackmen, Tommy Taylor and Dickie Myers, sprint for one hundred yard dash against crosstown rivals Byrd. The 1965 edition of Northside's Viking track team is one of which we are justifiably proud. David McAllister carried our name to the state meet with his middle-distance running, while our relay teams were powerful at the district level. In the field events we were especially strong, notably Joe McCoy at broad jump and Bill Epperly at the discus. Our well-balanced team gives promise that next year the Viking winning tradition will be carried on. David McAllister. exhibits his medal-winning middle-distance kick. Individual Enthusiasm of Each Participant is Important Flashy Joe McCoy used both great speed and well-honed technique to win board jump. .z ' :Mr -if . .. ,L.,: a 3 QQ 9 -s, fr V X -I- r 9' li li QE THRU FRIENDSHIP K WW. , , . I -gg. Hai? 'uw ' Sm 1 , f we .1 4! 5 , i 3 gi, 1 v wa,-QW .QM ,nn sig, QE. ak flh- A ab 4,v.1 w Qs! wr 'Z 'N W ein! so Mg 2 ,H , W-'A :avi wr 'zphdf " 1 'fb Aemwiff Lxmgwfwzfm-'z '-kk .vf Nw- ,V ,, ff f W mmm, ,is-.. V Jr Senior Class Advisors, Mr. Setzer, Mr. Passen, Mrs. Henderson and Mr. Pederson help Seniors to plan activities for the year. The Class of Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-Five The Class of t'Camelot" treks its way into the future, leaving its memories as a "di- rectory" to future students. Imprinted within the minds of its students are all the glories of fruitful accomplishments. Progressing from an eighth grader at Southview in September to an eighth grader at the new Northside in January merits this class the distinction of being the first to complete five years in this building. From home games in Vinton to the Viking Stadium . . . from bobby socks to Weejuns . . . from kilts to gunslingers . . . from "Bury Bo- ing Springs" to "Beat Byrd" . . . from hops to formal dances. The honors achieved: Miss Teen Age Roa- noke, 1962 . . . the Roanoke Snow Queen, 1964 Senior Class Officers are: Chuck Hess, Vice President, Cecelia Smith, Secretaryg and Linda Thurman, Treasurerg Bob Gordh, President. . . . National Merit Scholarship Test-three letters of commendation and one semifinalist Regional Wrestling Champions . . . one-fifth of the class, an overall B average . . . the num- ber one student, perfect A record, "The Wins- low Boy" was our first attempt at drama, and "The Man Who Came to Dinner" was our final achievement. The memories to treasure: Boys' and Girls' State . . . the Homecoming victory . . . the Junior Class Assembly . . . the prom. Those lowly eighth graders are now SENIORS on the threshold of commencement -the commencement of adulthood. The trek into the future is beginning, and each individ- ual takes with him nostalgic memories of his filled years at Northside. Carole Lee Abbott Ruth Marie Akers Margaret Ann Alexander Seniors Bound Enthusiastically into Their Most Important Kenneth Ray Andrews Sara Elizabeth Angle Mary Jane Arthur Patricia Ann Ashwell Margie Neal Ayers Gary Wayne Baldwin Ralph Edward Barger, Jr. Hugh Eric Barker Marion Steve Bartley James Renwick Barton Susan Lee Barbour John William Baur Year by Receiving Traditional Class Rings in S Donna Jean Beason Gary Kelly Bell Joan Marie Bennett Rebecca Louise Best Peggy Jane Blackmon Cheryl Nan Blackwell Patricia Gale Blankenship Sherry Ann Blankenship Sharon Kay Blumberg ,. sw. i , .iii eptember i"'-M., Charlotte Anne Bocock Robert Gail Blevins Emily Jane Bonds Glenn Elwood Botts Jeanne Paige Bowen Karen Sue Bowman Northsides' Largest Senior Class of 387 Students Continues -may ff 'QPF ew 2 in , ,Q : mai , , ' 5,i'i1i,l4f.U1liQf ,itll , , w t, xmxi Myrlie Katherine Brammer Richard Lawrence Brammer Glenn Braswell Nancy Ellen Brawner Margaret Yorke Brizendine Robert Allen Brumfield Walter Joseph Brzana Sharon Marie Burnop Carol Suzanne Camper David Bryant Canine Robert Lawrence Cannaday Thomas Elsworth Carr f s gg.. to Uphold the Honors, Traditions and Spirit of Northside High Chuck Hess and Sandra Sink characterize BEST PERSON- ALITIES. Around the flag' pole go Joan Bennett The best of luck to Barbara Orender and Terry Roberts, BEST ALL and Bob Gordh voted MOST LIKELY AROUND, TO SUCCEED. Kathie May Catron A Martha Anne Childress L e ,:AA - W' Ronald Wayne Childress 5, A -5 3 is l.. QM Alexander Chomicki Marion Lee Clark Donald Coakley Ronnie Carlton Coakley Jerry Lynn Conner Linda Meryl Conner Seniors Reach Goal of Graduation with High Hopes for the Chosen by the .Seniors as Northside's BEST LOOK- The BEST LEADERS Eric Rice and Carole Abbott ING are Patricia Hall and Glenn Hutchinson. demonstrate a definite trend in progression. 108 'N- N if X Dennis Marvin Cooke 5 X- , + Naomi Fawn Cooper f xv ' if 5 Luana June Craig i lv M5 D Q . i oyho. Mx Gordon Wiley Crawford f ,nh M ' 'Sl 1 Q Donald Eugene Cregger V ' I X , ' Douglas Marshall Cronise v,Ly A D X V, " Wilsie William Crouch, Jr. Alice Mae Cundiff Rachael Lou Cundiff Future and Prepare Themselves for a world of Technology Steve Allen Davidson Elizabeth Anne Davis Ruth Ann Davis W2 -E is Pige0U't0ed is Sherry Sheer' Monty Plymale helps Glenna HOWGTY Ken Andrews halts traffic for Su- wood with Dickey Myers hem her skirt as BEST DRESSED San Barbour as MOST CQURTE- CUTEST SENIORS. SENIORS. OUS. Seniors Take Merit Test, College Boards, Fill Out Applications Lonnie Daniels John William Deaner Linda Dare Deel ,if h Gayle Lee Derbin Arleigh Dewease Ke its k , . T,..,,N I 3, t 0 , Q Robert Charles DeWitt, Jr. Gordon Earnest Deyerle Patricia Ann Dogan Becky Fay Dove Dannie Lee Driscoll Carole June Duffy Charles Michael Duffy Colleges and Ho 1n l Awa1tF1nalDec1s1ons f A Linda Gene Duncan Gail Ann Dungan Janice Marie Duvall France Christine Egge Sonia Lynn Elmore William Clinton Epperly Linda Marie Fahnestock Marilyn Patricia Farley Martha Irene Ferguson The Crowning of a Queen, a Victory for the Team and the Q? of Nancy Lue Ferguson Robert Ferris Wayne Ferris Robbie Lee Fielder Curtis Gale Finney Gail Lynn Fitzgerald Louise Wagner Fitzhugh Reva Sue Flick Brenda Kay Flora THE THINKERS, Rosemary Hash and David Ca- nine have nothing to do but play tic-tac-toe. Always there ready to help at all times are our MOST DEPENDABLES, Bettie Thomas and Sam Scott. pirit of the Alumni Renewed- Highlighted the 1964 Homecoming Arthur Prince Foley Arlene Fay Frith Martha Jane Fury if Marjorie Ellen Garman Barbara Ann Garst Donna Gail Garven Bette Zane Gates John Marshall Gauldin Michael Adair Gibbs .Q .fy QF' 5 Iris Marie Gieser Walter Lewis Glass Mary Claircy Goin 5 - ,.., W Robert Reed Gordh Linda Mary Graham Lois Ann Grant Senior Dramatists and Class Members Present a Successful Marlene Ann Griggs Particia Ann Gunter Linda Darlene Haislip W. Joy Hall Larry Ray Hall Patricia Ann Hall Terry LeRoy Hall V- li, Vickie Lee Hall Qi . Q I I 3 K Cheryl Ann Hannabass wif i R Katherine Manila Anne Harless Patricia Ann Harlow Mary Ella Harmon Class Play Concerning "The Man Who Came Patricia Anne Harrison ' H' ' ' Cecil Richard Hartman P' H Rosemary Hash , r 3' if 5 if Linda Sue Haynes Carol Sue Hearn Joseph Robertus Henderson, Jr. to Dinner 99 45' tw 2.55, John Charles Hess William Edward Himes Linda Hendrick an gf J Gary Hite 32 K I :mm Maria Paulette Hite 2 Phyllis Ann Hodges 1 ii. L is it la. f f l . P f I I zgz Donald Eugene Hollett " A Melody Ann Holt V Nancy Anne Horne Senior Class Members not only Participated and Held Nancy Carolyn Howell Glenna Gale Howery Larry Glenn Conner Glen Randal Hutchison Judy Ellen Hutchins Judith Gail Jarrett Liv 1-f"Q Betty Louise Jennings Roger Jeralds Peggy LaVerne Johnson Jay? QT' if-nw 'TY'-s-gf Betty June Keffer Robert Wayne Kennedy Brenda Kennett Lu--' Offices in School Organizations but also in OutSidC ACtiViti6S Cheering on the team are Katie Harless and Roy Thomas, the ones with THE MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT. Pat Ashwill and Billy Epperly exchange fruitful tokens as Northside's FRIENDLIEST seniors. Seniors Work and Play- Sly, Spry Mary Bess Riley and Charlie Williams are WITTIEST. Michael Douglas Kidd Rosemary King Maria Raynelle Keeling Kenneth Page Kite Nancy Jane Kirby Linda Mae Knode Work Toward Graduationg Play MOST ATHLETIC seniors are Judi Jarrett and Peggy Alex- i ander fighting over Alan Walls, 1 l l David Horace Lackey Bernard LaMay John Edward Landrum, III 1 Vogel Koehn Lawson Bill Leonard Q X Q js' Vivian Lee Likens ei During School Activities-A Well Rounded Senior Year Louise Stephanie Long Bonnie Gale Lovern Edward McClammer Bonnie Sue McCormack James Samuel McCoy Joe David McCoy 31-V. 3 if fl Q : ff 'K 'yi k z iiifk K ff .r w M Steve Davidson assists Linda Haislip with a make- Reminiscing are Steve Wickham and Terryee Trout up job as TYPICAL SENIORS. acknowledged as MOST SINCERE. Class Mirror, Miss North Star, Homecoming and Christmas "" ' S4 . T " 1 Ray McDaniel Hubert Jesse McDowell ' k,, Gregory Haddan McGee Nancy Lu McKinney Patricia Ann McMahan Thomas Bradley Mason Barbara Ann Maxwell Betty Rebecca Martin Tequita Jo Martin Carolyn Sue Miller Richard Lee Miller Curtis Elmer Mills, Jr. Queens and Mr. Douglas Milton Joanna Sue Mollohan Linda Mongon Michael John Moore Linda Faye Moran John Barry Morgan Wayne Motley Cathryn Stewart Mowles Donald Lee Mundy ,,., Football are all on A in .. ,g, , L- W rw? 14 Q, in-f ' me a Part of Senior Memories Q I, nm ' ,age me di Mm 15 Gregory York Musselman Martha Ann Myers Richard Gray Myers Linda Gale Neal Daniel Thomas Nichols Edgar Wayne Norman Recognition is Given to One-fifth of Our Senior l hav? Tier? Wh-Q-ff Barbara Louise Orender James Randolph Painter JoAnn Painter Joyce Ann Painter Stanley Matthews Parker Ronald Kenton Peoples Carole Anne Peters Robert Peters Jerry Lowell Peverall Jerome Gail Plaster Monty Wayne Plymale William Portifield U fl iw in X sd? Class as Honor Graduates at Graduation Ceremonies Bonnie Gay Preas Steve Buford Rakes Marie Ethel Reed Loretta Ann Rlcker 3 I af' 1 lamieg 1--eff if Y X at Phillip Reynolds 5 4 l i N l QV as he-lr' i i M sf i l Y f Rr Eric Michael Rice V M , in fg fi or re L , , ' YLLVV ,, ,,n '. g m ? Q J Mary Bess Riley Gloria Jeanne Roberts Terry Wayne Roberts Judy Earlene Robertson Cary Roop Gail Rowell Glenna Sue Rowlett Steve Myron Sanford Linda Cecilia Sarver Enthusiastically Seniors Look Forward to the Prom but Jerry Peverall and Carole Duffy review mail as John Baur toots his trumpet while Carolyn Mlller MOST POPULAR. tinks her tubes as MOST TALENTED. 4 Robin Ann Sarver ..,, .11 we-H ,. A Roy Luther Schilling jf ' - .:A r -l e L 'L f e 'f f W 1,Q Robert Henry Schulze eyll '2"- i S. s ' e .., ,. WW' F K Nick Scott Samuel Charles Scott Donald Bradley Seay H I . ,Q g N' George Edward Selb ,lyi R l tale ,, V ,11,a 5 , 'Q :" Gary Layman Shepherd y l,L , ',,le ' V 'oi, 'iii ' S lllllll it S L ",l - , ncaa -51 1 Sherry Anne Sherwood V '2--1 Regretfully Toward Commencement Exercises of Graduation Linda Kaye Shively Ronald James Shockley Clifford Simmons ' .A ,, - sl f vs, K - G X55 -Ii il an-., age- yyc Class Rings qqv--P-f og, at Annette Sink Sandra Leigh Sink Janice Darlene Sligh Michael Sloan Cecelia Smith Roberta Ann Snyder and Announcements, Homecoming, Dances, Team RX BN ,mf if 46-.. L 1? Linda Della Sowers Sharon Lee Spence Sharon Elaine Stanley Theresa Ruth Steinhardt James David Stephens Lester Dudley Stoneman Wayne Sweeney Carolyn Virginia Taylor Linda Sue Taylor Ronny Lee Taylor Gary Edgar Thacker Bettie Gainor Thomas 'Wi E Victories, College Boards, Term Papers Accent Year Jack Collier Thomas Roy Thomas Connie Delores Thompson Linda Irene Thurman Mary Linda Thurston Terryee Lynn Trout Jr V-L'... as Dreams .Vx if af W . l R WWE Howard Turner Linda Marie Underwood V 22.3 7 Sandra Lee Umberger and Plans of Days Gone by Become Realities of - 551 ' - J f Carolyn Gale VanFossen lg X 1 " ' Betty Lou Vest e M' 'ds,z g Patricia Jean Vest , Jeanette Ann Wadner A, A i f Allen Walls Butch Ward M Donna Jean Webb Janice Mae Webb lla Jane Wieringo N , xg Janet Lavon Wells Linda Ruth Wheeler Norma Jean Whitby The Present as Individually We Seek a New Step in Life 3 Douglas Whitlock a Xe t 1 Anna Maria Wickham ' V gi Stephen Herman Wickham , Charles Thomas Williams Joyce Ann Williams Tommy Lynn Williams Howard Ray Wiggs Gail Edwinia Winston H Q' Rose Marie Wirt N 5 5 Proud seniors Carole Abbott and Monty Plymale compare notes before graduation exercises. Slowly fading from us are fond memories of the fun and work in presenting our Junior prom, Camelot, in the gymnasium. 130 I Edwin Wise Bonnie Witt Jerry Worley Robbie Wright Dail Young Gail Young Senior Directory Abbott, Carole Lee: Carole: Academic: Best Leader, Senior Wheel: G.A.A. letter 4: Delegate to S.I.P.A.: Delegate to S.I.U.: North Star Staff 4,5, Editor-in-Chief 5: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4,5, Intra- mural Manager 4: Girls' Varsity Basketball 3,4,5: Polyfacets 5: National Thespians 5: Junior Play, Stage Manager: Senior Play, Cast: Latin Club 2,3, Censor: Pep Club 4,5: F.T.A. 3. Aiken, Marie: Alexander, Margaret Ann: Peggy: General: Most Athletic, Senior Wheel: Charter member of Keyettes 5: G.A.A. letter 3,4,5: Girls' Varsity Basketball 3,4,5: Keyettes 5, Treasurer: North Star Staff 1,2,3,4,5: G.A.A. 5, Intramural Manager: Polyfacets 5: Historian: S.C.A. 1,3: Latin Club 3: Junior Class Reporter: Junior Play: Junior Skit: Senior Play, Backstage: Christmas Play 5, Cast: Prom Committee: Annual pins 2,3,4. Andrews, Kenneth Ray: Ken: Academic: Most Courteous, Senior Wheel: Latin Club 2. Angle, Sara Elizabeth: Sara: Academic: G.A.A. emblem 3: Math Arama, Blue Ribbon 4: Y-Teens 2: G.A.A. 3: Choir 4,5: Pep Club 4,5: F.T.A. 2,3,4,5. Arthur, Mary Jane: Janie: General: Cheerleading 1,2,3, Head 3: F.H.A. 2,3: S.C.A. 1,2,3: Science Club 1, Secretary: Art Club 4: Polyfacets 5: Y-Teens 2. Ashwell, Patricia Ann: Pat: Commercial: Friendliest, Senior Wheel: Senior Powderpuff Football, G.A.A. 2,3: Y-Teens 3: F.H.A. 5: Song Leader: F.B.L.A. 5: Pep Club 4,5: Senior Play, Backstage: Prom Committee. Ayers, Margie Neal: Margie: Commercial: G.A.A. Choir 1,2: Baldwin, Gary Wayne: Potsy Green: Academic: Wrestling, letter 3: Nation Thespians 3,4,5: Science Club 1: F.T.A. 2,3: Pep Club 4,5: Polyfacets 3,4,5: Varsity Club 3,4,5: Junior Play, Cast: Junior Skit: Senior Play, Cast. Barbour, Susan Lee: Susan: Commercial: Most Courteous, Senior Wheel: F.B.L.A. State Convention Delegate 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: F.B.L.A. 3,4,5, Parliamentarian 5: Pep Club 4,5: National Honor Society 4. Barger, Ralph Edward: Eddie: General: Wrestling Letter 4: Track 2: Science Club 2: K.V.G. 5. Barker, Hugh Eric: Hughie: Academic: Track 1,2: K.V.G. 5. Bartley, Marion Steve: Bart: Academic: Science Club 3: Pro- Jection Club 2,3: F.T.A. 2,3: Spanish Club, 4: Polyfacets 5. Barton, James Renwick: Jolly Blue Barton: Academic: French Club, Treasurer: Debating Team 2: Inquiry Council 2, President. Baur, John William: J.B.: Academic: Most Talented, Senior Wheel: District Solo Festival, One Rating 3: All State Band, First Chair 3: Science Fair, First Place 3: Latin Club 2,3: Key Club 3,4,5: Band 1,2,3,4: Senior Play, Cast: Roanoke Symphony Orchestra 4,5: Honor Society 4,5 :. Bayse, David: David: General: Football 3,4, Captain: Track 4: Wrestling 3,4: Varsity Club l,2,3,4: S.C.A. 4. Beason, Donna: Donna: Academic: Keyettes 5: F.H.A. 4,5: 4-H 5: Cube Roots Math Club 4,5: Pep Club 4: National Honor Society 4,5. Bell, Gary Kelly: Gary: Academic: Varsity Golf Team 3, Science Fair 1: Graphic Arts Club 1,2. Bennett, Joan Marie: Joanie: Commercial: Best All Around, Senior Wheel: Delegate to S.I.P.A. 3: Miss Junior Achievement of Roanoke Contest 5: Annual Pins 3,41 Annual Staff 1, Assistant Business Manager: North Star Staff 2,3,4,5: F.B.L.A. 5, Led class in Bulletin boards at District Planning Meeting: Honor Society 1,3: Art Club 3,4, Secretary: Polyfacets 1,2: Junior Achievement, Secretary 5: Senior Play, Publicity: Junior Skit: Prom Committee: Keyettes, inactive: Cheerleading 1: Honor Society Scholarship Certificate 1. Miss North Star Nominee 4. Best, Rebecca Louise: Becky: Academic: Latin Club 2,3,4: North Winds Staff 3,4,5, Exchange Editor: Band 1: Teentown representative 4,5: Junior Achievement 5. Blackmon, Peggy Jane: Peggy: Academic: G.A.A. 1: Drama Club 1, Treasurer: F.T.A 2,3,4: Annual Staff 2,3,4: Pep Club 3,43 North Winds Staff 5. Blackwell, Cheryl Nan: Cheryl: Academic: Spanish Club 4,5, Secretary 5: Choir 1,2,3: Y-Teens 1,2,3,4: Pep Club 4: G.A.A. 1. Blankenship, Patricia Gale: Patty: Academic: G.A.A. 1,2: Latin Club 2,3: Plebian Practor: F.H.A. 5. Blankenship, Sherry Ann: Sherry: General: Y-Teens 1.2, Secretary 2: F.H.A. 1,2: Glee Club 2: Newspaper 2: Yearbook 3: G.A.A. 1,2: Choir 2: Junior Achievement 4,5, Vice President. Blevins, Ray Blumberg, Sharon Kay: Sharon : Academic: Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 : G.A.A. 1,2: Art Club 2: F.T.A. 2: Pep Club 4: Latin Club 4: Polyfacets 5: Secretary of Art Club. Bocock, Charlotte Anne: Charlie: Commercial: Basketball pin 4: Choir 2,3,4: G.A,A. 4: Girls' Varsity Basketball. Bonds, Emily Jane: Jamie : Gereral : Red Cross Representative 1,3: Art Club 2,3,4, Secretary: F.H.A. 1,2: Annual Staff 2, Photography Editor : North Star Staff 4,5 : Spanish Club 4 : G.A.A. 1,2: S.C.A. 2: National Honor Society 4,5, Recreation Committee. Botts, Glenn: Bowen,'Jeanne Paige: Pebbles: Academic: Band 1,2,3,4: Red Cross Volunteen 5: French Club 5. Bowman, Karen Sue: Punky: Academic: Annual Staff 1,2: Y-Teens 2,3: F.T.A. 3: Latin Club 3,4: Pep Club 5: Pep Week Committee. : Brammer, Myrlie Kathryn: Kathey: Commercial: Y-Teens 2,3: F.H.A. 2: F.B.L.A. 4,5: Junior Achievement 5. Brammer, Richard Lawrence: Dickey: Commercial: Basketball 1,3: Football 3: F.B.L.A. 4, Reporter. Braswell, Glen Ray: Glen: Vocational: Auto Mechanics ll. Brawner, Nancy Ellen: Nancy: Commercial: Band Letter 4: Band bar 5: F.H.A. 2,3,-4,5, Secretary 3, President 4, Reporter 5: F.B.L.A. 5, Vice President: S.C.A. Representative 1: S.C.A. ln- terclub Council: Band 2,3,4,5, Secretary-Treasurer 4: Majorette 5: Color Guard 4. Brizendine, Margret Yorke: Margaret: Academic: National Beta Club 3: Youth Speaks 3: Science Fair, First Place 2: Medal for Scholarship 2: Medal for Science Achievement 2: French Club 1,4,5: Pep Club 4,5: F.T.A. 5: G.A.A. 1.2: Latin Club 2,3: Chorus 1: Newspaper 1,2: Art Club 2,3. Brzana, Walter Joseph: Walt: Academic: Latin Club 2: Booster Club 2: K.V.G. 5. Brumfield, Robert Allen: Bobby: General. Burnette, Bonnie: Burnop, Sharon Marie: Sharon: Academic: Latin Club 2: Quali- fied for National Honor Society. Calhoun, James: James: General. Camper, Carol, Suzanne: Carol: Academic: Art Club 2,3,4: Y-Teens 2: FHA 4,5: Volunteens 5: Junior Achievement 4: French Club 2. Canine, David Bryant: Tinkerbelle Tarzan: Academic: The Think- er, Senior Wheel: National Merit Scholarship Letter of Com- mendation 5: National Honor Society 4,5: Beta Club 3: Football, letter 4,5: American Freedom Association Speech Con- test Winner 3: DAR Certificate of Merit 4: "Dollar for a Scholar" Scholarship Nominee for Key Club 5: Yale Scholar- ship Nominee for Key Club 5: Wrestling 4,5: JV Basketball 1,2,3: Key Club 5: North Winds Staff 4,5: Creative Writing Club 5, Associate Editor: Varsity Club 5: Astronomy Club 1,2,3: Science Club 3: Debate Club 3: Cube Roots Math Club 4: French Club 5. Cannady, Robert Lawrence: Bob: Academic: S.C.A. 1: Honor Society 3,4,5: Vice President: Key Club 4,5. Carr, Thomas Ellsworth: The Mouse: Academic: Football, letter, manager: Wrestling, letters 121, Regional Champion 4: Science Fair, third place 2: Sportsmanship Award 4: Science Club 1,2,3, 4,5, Treasurer: Varsity Club 3,4,5: Football 2,3,4: Wrestling 3,4,5. Cassada, James: Catton, Kathie May: Katie: Academic: All-State Band 2: Charter member of Keyettes: Christmas Play, Cast 5: Junior Play, Stage Manager: Senior Play, Stage Manager: Band 1,2, Treasurer: Majorette 1,2: F.H.A. 2,3,4,5, Vice President 2: Math Club 4,5: G.A.A. 3: Pep Club 4,5, Treasurer 4: Polyfacets 5: North Winds Staff 4,5, Advertising Manager 5: Science Club 3: National Honor Society 4. Childress. Martha: Childress, Ronald Wayne: Ronnie: Academic: football letter 4,5: Wrestling letter 3,4,5, Co-captain 5: Track letter 3,4,5: Placed third in Western Regional Tournament: Varsity Club 3,4,5: Spanish Club 3,4, Representative: Projection Club 1,2,3: Pep Club 4,5: Math Club 2,3: Football 4,5: Wrestling 3,4,5: Track 3,4,5. Chittum, Robert: Chomicki, Alexander: Alex: Academic: Square Roots Math Club 2: National Honor Society 4,5: Spanish Club 4,5, President, Clark, Marion Lee: Rocky: Academic: G.A.A. 3: Polyfacets 4,5: Annual Staff 1: Choir 5: Senior Play. Clay, Patty: Coakley, Donald: Coakley, Ronald: Conner, Jerry Lynn: Jerry: Academic: Projection Club 2,:4,4,5: Track letter 4: Track. Conner, Larry Glenn: Larry: Commercial: Varsity letter 4: Var- sity Club 5. Conner, Linda Meryl: Conner: Academic: Math-a-Rama, First place, Junior Division 4: F.H.A. 5: F,T.A. 1,2,3,4,5: Pep Club 4: Library Club 1: French Club 5: Choir 5: G.A.A. 3: Newspaper 2: Y-Teens 1. Cook, Dennis Marvin: Denny: Commercial: Drum Major 4,5: Band 1,2,3,4,5, Cooper, Naomi Fawn: Fawn: Commercial. Craig, Luana June: Lou: General: Library Club 1: Y-Teens 1: F.H.A. 2: Senior Powderpuff Football, Crawford, Dennis: Dennis: Acamedic. Crawford, Gordon Wiley: Gordon: Academic. Senior Director Cregger, Donald Eugene: Donnie: Academic: National Honor Society 3: All State Band, first chair 3: Latin Club 2: Math Club 3: Band Club 3: Track 3: Band 1,2,3,4. Cronise, Douglas: Crouch, Wilsie William, Jr.: Wilsie: Academic: Track letter 3,4: Varsity Club 4,5: KVG 5: Track 3,4. Crutchfield, Donna: Cuidiff, Alice: Alice: Academic: G.A.A. 1,2,3: Pep Club 4,55 French Club 5: Science Club 1,2: F.H.A. 3,4,5, Historian: Crea- tive Writing Club, ICC Representative. Cundiff, Rachel Lou: Rickie: Commercial: Y-Teens 1,2: G.A.A. 1,2: Red Cross 1,2, Secretary: Library Club 1: Girls' Volley- ball Team 1,2: Pep Club 1,2, Daniels, Lonnie: Davidson, Steve Allan: Steve: Academic: Typical Senior, Senior Wheel: Fourth place in Regional Wrestling Tournament: Football l,2,3,4,5: Wrestling 3,4,5: Track 1,2,3,4: Varsity Club 4,5: Span- ish Club 4. Davis, Elizabeth Anne: Lizzy: Academic: National Thespians 4: Northside Y-Teen nominee for Saint Lucia 5: "Nobody Sleeps" Cast 45 G.A.A. 1,35 Polyfacets 4,5: Junior Play, Make-up: Senior Play, Assistant Stage Manager: Pep Club 4,5: Choir 5: Key- ettes 5: Y-Teens 1,2,3,4,5, Program Chairman 4: President 5: French Club 5. Davis, Ruth Deaner, John William: Scotty: General: Choir 1,3,4,5, Vice- President 4, Student Director 5: Spanish Club 5. Deel, Linda. Dare: Deel: Commercial: Library Club 1 : G.A.A. 2,3 : North Winds Staff 4,5, Business Manager 5 : Pep Club 5 : Keyettes 5. Derbin, Gayle Lee: Gayle: Commercial: Honor Society 1: Band, 2 medals, 1 ribbon, first in district, second in district, second in state lquartetj: Pep Club 1,2: Band 1,2,3: F.T.A. 1,2,3: Choir 1: Spanish Club 2: F.B.L.A. 4: Keyettes 5. DeWindt, Robert Charles, Jr.: Bob: General: Track 3: Football 3,4: Wrestling 3,4: Projection Club 4,5. Deyerle, Gordon Ernest II: Ernie: Academic: All-State Choir 4: Delegate to Boy's State 4: Football letter 4,5: Elected to State Senate at Boys State 4: National Thespians 5: S.C.A. 2: Vice President of SCA 5: Choir 1,2,3,4, President, Student Conductor i4J:uDEegagigig Team 3,4,5: Polyfacets 5: Varsity Club 4,5: Foot- 3 . 1 1 - Dogan, Patricia Ann: Pat: Commercial: F.B.L.A. 5. Dove, Rebecca Fay: Becky: Commercial: All State Band 3,4: Band 1,2,3,4,5: F.B.L.A. 4. Driscoll, Dannie Lee: Dannie: Academic: Track, letters-3, 3,4,5: Football letter 4: Key Club 5: Varsity Club 3,4,5: S.C.A. 5: K.V.G. 5: Honor Society 3,4: Executive Council, S.C.A.: Pro- jection Club 2: Boy Scouts 1,2. Duffy, Carole June: Duffy: Commercial: Most Popular, Senior Wheel: Snow Queen of Roanoke 5: Miss North Star Finalist 4,5: Snow Queen 5: Holly Court 3: Sweetheart Court 3,4: Cheerleading 4,5, Head 5: Girls' Varsity Basketball 2: Com- mencement Marshal 4: Prom Committee 4: Homecoming Court 45 Newspaper Talent Show 4,5: Junior Skit 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: TV Play 4: G.A.A. 2: Polyfacets 3,4,5, Vice President: National Thespians 4,5: Pep Club 4,5, Reporter: S.C.A. 4,5: Junior Class Vice President: Homeroom President l,2,3. Duffy, Michael: Mike. Dungan, tLightl Gail: Dimples: Commercial: Junior Achieve- ment, Treasurer: Library Club 1: G.A.A. 1: Projection Club 1,2,3: Junior Achievement 4. DuVall, Janice Marie: Janice: General: Library Club 1: Y-Teens 3. Egge, Frances Christine: Tina: Academic: National Thespians 4: Charter member of Keyettes 5: Finalist in Forensics Speech Contest 4: CBYF district cabinet 5: National Honor Society 3, 5: "Hobo Jungle" Cast: G.A.A. 1,2,3: F.T.A. 2,3: Y-Teens 4: Polyfacets 4,5: Pep Club 4: Northeinds Staff 2,3,4,5, News Edi- tor 55 Junior Play, Props: Junior Achievement 3,4,5, Managing Editor of "Teen Talk" 5: French Club 5: Library Club 1, Secretary. Elmore, Sonia Lynn: Sonnie: Academic: A-B Honor Roll Certi ficate 1: Homeroom President 2: Homeroom Vice President 3: Latin Club 2,3: Art Club 5: Y-Teens 5: Pep Club 5. Epperley, William Clinton: Bill: Academic: Football captain 5: Track letter 3,4,5: Football letter 3,4: Senior Play, Cast: Var- sity Club 3,4,5: Projection 2,3,4,5: Pep Club 5: Polyfacets 4,5. Fahnestock, Linda Marie: Linda: Commercial: Junior Achieve- ment 4,5: F.H.A. 3. Farley. Marilyn Patricia: Marilyn: Academic: Spanish Club 2, 3,4,5: Northwinds 3,4,5: Junior Achievement 4,5: National Honor Society 4,5: Polyfacets 5: Red Cross Junior Gray Lady: Junior Play: Senior Play: High School Red Cross: Creative Writing Club 5. Ferguson, Martha Irene: Martha: Academic: Viking Discovers 2,31 Y-Teens 4. Ferguson, Nancy Lue: Nancy: Academic: Magna Cum Laude gertificate 3: Certificate of Merit 1,2: S.C.A. 1: Latin Club 2,3: hoir 2. Ferris, Robert: Ferris, Wanye: Fielder, Robbie Lee: Robbie: Academic: Spanish Club 4. Finney, Curtis Gale: Curtis: Academic: Latin Club 5. Fisher, Fitzgerald, Gail Lynn: Fitzi: Academic: National Thespians 4,5: Secretary 5: Junior Play, Cast: Senior Play, Cast: Junior Skit: Prom Committee: Girls' Volleyball 2: Senior Powderpuff Football: Homeroom Secretary 2: Homeroom President 3: North Star Staff 4,5, school relations: Science Club 4,5, Rec. Secretary 5: Pep Club 4,5, Treasurer 5: Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, Treas- urer 4: G.A.A. 1,2,3: Polyfacets 4,5: Latin Club 3,4: Library Club 1. Fitzhugh, Louise Wagner: Lou: Academic: National Honor Society 3,4: Junior Marshal: Senior Planning Committee: Latin Club 2,3: G.A.A. 1,2,3: Keyettes 5, Vice President: S.C.A. 1,2,4: North Star Staff 4,5, school relations: Junior Play, Props: Senior Play, Costumes: French Club 5: Creative Writing Club 1: Pep Club 4,5: Choir 4,5: Prom Committee: Annual Pin 4. Flick, Reva Sue: Weva, Commercial: G.A.A. emblem 3: G.A.A. Basketball pin, certificate, 3: G.A.A. l,2,3,4: F.B.L.A. 4,5, Re- porter 5: Science Club 2. Flora, Brenda Kay: Brenda: Commercial: F.B.L.A. 5. Foley, Arthur Prince: Arthur: Academic: KVG 5. Frith, Arlene: Commercial: F.B.L.A. 5: VOT. Fugate, Lucille: Commercial: Vocational School. Fury, Martha: Commercial: VOT: FBLA. 5. Garman, Marjorie Ellen: Margie: Commercial: F.B.L.A. 5. Garst, Barbara Ann: Bobbi: Academic: All-State Band 3,4: Majorette 4,5: Band letter 3: Band 1,2,3,4,5, Librarian 2,3,4, Secretary-treasurer 5: American Red Cross 12, Vice President: Majorette Squad 4,5, Secretary 4: Vice President 5: French Club 5: Y-Teens 2: F.H.A. 2. Garven, Donna Gail: Donna: Academic: G.A.A. emblem 4, let- ter 5: FTA Convention 5: Girls' Varsity Basketball 3,4: F.T.A. 4,5: G.A.A. 4,5, Secretary: Pep Club 4: Keyettes 5: North Winds Staff 5: Junior Achievement 3, Treasurer. Gates, Bette Zane: Bette Boo: Commercial: F.H.A. 5: F.B.L.A. 5: Choir 1,2,3: French Club 5. Gauldin, John Marshall: Johnny: Academic: Football 2: Track 2,3,4, letter: Varsity Club. Gibbs, Michael: Mike: Academic: Polyfacets: Speech Club. Gieser, Iris Marie: Pankie: Commercial: G.A.A. emblem and certificate 3: G,A.A. letter and certificate 4: G.A.A. certificate 2: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: F.B.L.A. 4,5: Junior Achievement 5. Glass, Walter Lewis: Walter: Academic: National Honor Society 3: Latin Club 3,4,5: KVG 5. Goin, Mary Claircy: Merwey: Commercial: G.A.A. emblem 3, pin 4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: F.B.L.A. 5: J.A. 5. Gordh, Robert Reed: Bob: Academic: Delegate to Boys' State 4: Senior Class President: Basketball letter: Letter of Commenda- tion for National Merit Scholarship Test: Latin Club 1,2,3: F.T.A. 2,3, Vice President: Key Club 3,4,5: National Honor Society 4,5, President: Creative Writing Club 5: North Winds Staff 5: Basketball 1: JV Basketball: Varsity Basketball: Var- sity Track. Graham, Linda: Grant, Lois Ann: Annie: Commercial. Griggs, Marlene Ann: Ann: Commercial: F.H.A. 2,3,4,5, Treas- urer 3, Vice President 4: Treasurer 5: G.A.A. 1,2: Choir 5, Gunter, Patricia Ann: Pat: General: Safe Driving Award: F.B.L.A. 4,5: F.H.A. 5: North Winds 4,5, Business Staff. Haislip, Linda Darlene: Linda: Commercial: Typical Senior, Senior Wheel: Prom Committee: Senior Powderpuff Football: Homeroom secretary 1: G.A.A. 1,2: Pep Club 4,5: F.B.L.A. 3: Polyfacets 5. Hall, Larry : Hall, Patricia Ann: Pat: Commercial: Best Looking: Senior Wheel: Miss Teen-Age Roanoke 2: Miss North Star Finalist 5: Holly Queen Court 5: G.A.A. emblem 3, Sportsmanship trophy 1: G.A.A. 1,2,3,5, Treasurer 3: S.C.A. 1,2, Secretary 2: Polyfacets 1,2, Secretary 2: F.B.L.A. 3,5, Co-Historian 5: Girls' Varsity Basketball 2,3,5: Cheerleading 3,5, Assistant Head 3,5: National Honor Society 3,5: Choir 1,2, Treasurer 2: North Star Staff l,2: Pep Club 3,5. Hall, Terry LeRoy: Terry: Academic. Hall, Vickie Lee: Vic: Academic: G.A.A. 1,2,3: Y-Teens 1,2,3: National Thespians 5: Spanish Club 4: F.T.A. 3. Senior Directory Hannabass, Cheryl Lynn: Cheryl: General: Delegate to F.B.L.A. State Convention 4: F.B.L.A, Massanetta Summer Training Con- ference 4: SIPA 5: Delegate Radford Regional Convention, F.B.L.A. 4: National Honor Society 3,4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Choir 2,3: G.A.A. 3: F.B.L.A. 4,5, Radford Regional Parlia- mentarian: F.T.A. 4: North Star Staff 4,5: Keyettes, Charter Member: S.C.A., ICC: Annual Pin 4, Prom Committee Junior Achievement 3. Harless, Katherine Anne: Katie: Academic: Most School Spirit, Senior Wheel: Miss North Star 4: Latin Club 1,2,3, Tribune 3: F.T.A. 2,3,4,5: S.C.A. 5, Secretary: Spanish Club 4: Cheer- leader 1,2,3,4,5: Honor Society 3,4: Science Club 3: G.A.A. 31 Pep Club 4,5: Choir 5: Junior Class Secretary: Keyettes, Charter Member. Harlow, Patricia Ann: Pat: General. Harmon, Mary Ella: Mary: Commercial: F.B.L.A. 3,5: G.A.A. 1 : Y-Teens 2,3 : Choir 1,2,3: Homeroom Secretary 2 : Poly- facets 3,4: Junior Achievement 2,3,4. Harris, Marshall M.: Mac: Academic: Basketball letters 121 4,5: SIPA 4,5: Pep Club 4,5: Latin Club 3: French Club 5: Key Club 3,4,5: Basketball 1,2,3,4,5: Science Club 3,4: Varsity Club 4,5: North Winds 5: National Honor Society 3,4: Creative Writing Club 5, Harrison, Patricia Ann: Pat: General: F.H.A. 2,3: Choir 4,5: Pep Club 4,5. Hartman, Cecil Richard: Cecil: General: French Club 5: Poly- facets 5. Hash, Rosemary: Rosie: Academic: The Thinker, Senior Wheel: DAR History Award 1: Latin II Award for highest grades 2: Homecoming Court 4: Miss North Star Finalist 4: Girls' State 4: Head Junior Marshal: Charter Member of Keyettes: Junior Class Skit: Prom Committee: Honor Society 3,4,5: JV Cheerleading 1,2,3, Head 3, Co-Head 2: Varsity Cheerleading 4,5: Latin Club 1,2,3, Plebian counsul 1, Patricial consul 2, Cen- sor 3: F.T.A. 3,4: Science Club 2,3: North Winds 5, Editorial board: S.C.A. 1,2,3, Executive Council 3: Pep Club 4,5: Key- ettes 5: G.A.A. 1,2. Haynes, Linda Sue: Linda: Academic: Typing I Academic Award 4: National Honor Society 3,4,5: Cube Roots Math Club 3,4,5: Latin Club 2: Junior Achievement 2,3. Hearn, Carol Sue: Carol: Academic: G.A.A. 1,2: Y-Teens 1,2: F.H.A. 2,3,4: Polyfacets 5: Junior Achievement 5. Henderson, Joseph Robertus, Jr.: Bob: Academic: Wrestling let- ter 4: Third in Math-a-Rama 4: Projection Club 1,2,3,4,5, Presi- dent 3,4,5: Audio Light Club 2,3,4,5. Hendrick, Lynda Raye: Snake: General: Senior Powder-puff Football, Halfback, 2 td: Senior Play, Make-up: Y-Teens 1,2, Cor- responding Secretary: Band 1,2: G.A.A. 1,2: Red Cross 1: Creative Writing Club 5: Latin Club 2. Hess, John Charles: Chuck: Academic: Best Personality, Senior Wheel: Honor Society Scholastic Award 2: School Outstanding Student 2: Boys' State 4: Senior Class Vice President: S.C.A. 1,2,5: Bible Club 1,2: Choir 1,2: Honor Society 1,2: Student Guidance Committee 3,4: Choir 5, President: Key Club 5: JV Basketball: Varsity Basketball. Himes, William Edward: Himesy: Academic: Band letter 3: All gtati Brand 1,2,4: Science Club 3: Projection Club 1,2,3,4,5: . . . 1, . I-lite, Gary: Hite, Maria Paulette: Paulette: Academic: G.A.A. certificate 3: G.A.A. emblem 3: Girls' Varsity Basketball 3: Senior Powdei-puff Football: F.T.A. 2: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Pep Club 4,5: F.H.A. 5: Y-Teens 3,4: Square Roots 3: Junior Play, Stage crew: Senior Play, Stage crew: Prom Committee: Pep Week Activities Com- mittee. Hodges, Phyllis: Phyllis: Commercial. Hollett, Donald Eugene: Don: Academic: Track Letter 5: Photo- graphy Club 2: Spanish Club 4,5: Cube Roots Math Club 4,5: Tennis Team 2: JV Basketball 3: Varsity Track 2,3,4,5, Holt, Melody Ann: Melody: Commercial: G.A.A. 1,2,3: Choir 2: F.H.A. 2: Pep Club 5. Horne, Nancy Ann: Nancy: Academic: North Star Staff 1,2,3: Science Club 2: Pep Club 5: French Club 5. Howell, Nancy Carolyn: Nancy: Academic: G.A.A. 3,2: Latin Club 2,3,4: Y-Teens 4: F.T.A. 4,5, Secretary and Treasurer. Howery, Glenna Gale: Glenna: Commercial: President, home- room 1: Choir 1, Dismal Dozen: Cheerleading JV 1,2,3: F.H.A. 2: Y-Teens 3: Pep Club 5: Art Club 4: Senior Play: F.B.L.A. 5: SCA 2,5: North Star Staff 5. Hutchins, Judy Ellen: Judy: Commercial: Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, Treas- urer: Pep Club 4,5: F.H.A. 5: F.B.L.A. 5: Glee Club 1: Art Club 1. Hutchison, Glen Randal: Hutch: Academic: Best Looking, Senior Wheel: Track lettei' 1,2,3: Football letter 2,3,4: Junior Play: Junior Skit: Senior Play, Cast: Christmas Play: Prom Com- mittee: Pep Club 3,4,5: Varsity Club 2,3,4,5: Polyfacets 5. Jarrett, Judith Gail: Judi: Academic: Most Athletic, Senior Wheel: Girls' Varsity Basketball, Captain 4: Senior Play, Backstage: Junior Play, Backstage: Junior Skit: Keyettes 5: North Star Staff 3,4,5: F.T.A. 3: Y-Teens 3: Pep Club 4,5: G.A.A. l.2,3,4, 5, President 4: Intermural manager 3: Head of Sports 5, Betty Crocker Homemaker Award 5: Annual Pin 4. Jenkins, Roberts: Jennings, Betty: Jeralds, Roger: Johnson, Peggy Lavern: Peggy: Commercial: Y-Teens 2: Junior Achievement 3,5. Jones, Ruth Davis: Ruth: Commercial. Keeling, Maria Raynelle: Raynelle: Commercial: Y-Teens 1,2,3, 4, World Fellowship Chairman: G.A.A. 1,2: F.B,L.A. 4,5. K-1-ffer, Betty June: Betty: Academic: The Optimist Club-Youth Appreciation Award: Teenage Safe Driving Award: Award in Pro- fax Bake Your Way to ABA Contest: William H. Danforth Award: Viking Discovers 1,2,3: Jr. Academy of Science 3: Na- tional Science Club 3: S.C.A. Representative 3: S.C.A. 1,2: Cube Roots Math Club 3,4,5, President 4,5: F.H.A. 5: F.B.L.A. 5: Keyettes 5: National Honor Society 3,4: Band 1,2. Kennedy, Robert Wayne: Robert: Academic: Track letter 3: Track letter 4: Key Club 3,4,5, Secretary 5: National Honor Society 3: K.V.G. 5: Roanoke Valley Teen Safety Council 5, Treasurer 5: Varsity Club 3,4,5. Kennett, Brenda: Kidd, Michael Douglas: Mike: Academic: Basketball 1,2,3: Track 1,2,4: Golf 3,5: Attendant to Holly Court 3: French Club 5: F.T.A. 2,3,4, Vice President 3: Varsity Club 3,4,5: Polyfacets 5: National Thespians 5: Pep Club 4,5: S.C.A. 5: Senior Play, Cast: Christmas Play, Cast: Latin Club 2,3: Junior Skit 4: Prom Committee: Projection Club 1,2,3: North Winds Staff 3,4. King, Rosemary: Rose: Commercial: Cheerleading 2,3: Y-Teens 2, Song leader: Choir 3: G.A.A. 1.2: S.C.A. 2. Kirby, Nancy Jane: Red: Academic: Latin Club 2,3: Math Club 3,5: F.H.A. 5. Y' Kite, Ken: Ken: Academic: Wrestling, letter 3,4,5: Spanish Club 4. Knode, Linda Mae: Linda: Academic: Music Club 3: Band 2, 3,4,5: SCA 4: Majorette 2,3, Head 4,5: Secretary of Band 3: Homeioom secretary 1: All State Band 3,4,5: Music Festival 2,3: All State medal: Twirling trophies, 3 medals, 8: First Chair flute: Band letter 3: Band gold bar 4. Lackey, David: David, Academic: Track, letter. Lamay, Bernard: Landrum, John Edward, III: Eddie: Academic: Football letter 3,4,5: Wrestling letter 3,4,5: Track letter 5: Science fair, 3rd place: Varsity Club 3,4,5: Projection Club 1,2,3,4,5: French Club 5. Lawson, Vogel Koehn: Koehn: General: F.F.A. 1,2,3, Sentinel 2: President 3: K.V.G. 3. Leonard, William Leonard: Billy: Vocational: Auto Mechanics II. Likens, Vickie Lee: Vickie: Commercial: Newspaper Staff 2: F.B.L.A. 3,4,5: Honor Society 4,5: S.C.A. 5: F.H.A. 2. Long, Louise Stephanie: Louise: Academic: F.H.A. 2, Chorus leader: G.A.A. 2,3,4,5: Girls' Varsity Basketball 3,4,5: Choir 1,2,3,4,5: French Club 5. Lovern, Bonnie: Martin, Betty: Martin, Gary William: Gary: Commercial. Martin, Tequita Jo: Jo: General: Miss North Star nominee 4,5: Senior Powderpuff Football: Senior Play, Backstage: G.A.A. 2,3: Spanish Club 4,5: Polyfacets 5: Junior Achievements 4,5. Mason, Thomas: Tommy: Academic. Maxwell, Barbara Lee: Max: Academic: National Thespians 4,5: Senior Powderpuff Football: Y-Teens 2,3: Newspaper 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2,3: Pep Club 5: Creative Writing Club, Business Manager 5: F.H.A. 2: National Honor Society 3,4: Polyfacets 4,5: French Club 2,3: Choir 5. McClammer, Edward: Mac: General: Vocational Carpentry: Var- sity Club: Projection Club. McCormack, Bonnie: McCoy, James Samuel: Jim: Genei-al: F.T.A. Diploma for out- standing Work 2: Senior Play: Junior Play: Christmas Play 5: Choir 1,2,3,4,5, Podium Manager 3,4,5: F.T,A. 2: Red Cross 3: Polyfacets 4,5: Library Club 2. McCoy, Joe David: Joe: General: Football, letter: Polyfacets 5: Pep Club: Varsity Club: Class President 1: Senior Play, Cast: Football 2,3,4,5: Wrestling 2,3,4,5: Track 2,3,4,5. Senior Director McDaniel, Ray: McDowell, Hubert Jesse: Buddy: General. McGee, Gregory Haddon: Greg: Academic: Football 4: Wrestling 4: Track 4: Junior Achievement 5: Varsity Club 4,5: Debating Team 4,5: Creative Writing Club 5. McKinney, Nancy Lee: Nancy: Academic: G.A.A. 2: Spanish Club 4: Junior Achievement 4,5: Polyfacets 5: JA Secretary. McMahan, Patricia Ann: Patty: General: SCA 1,2: Pep Club 2: Y-Teens 2: G.A.A. 3: Latin Club 4,5. Melton, Douglas: Doug: General, Miller, Carolyn Sue: Carolyn: Academic: Most Talented, Senior Wheel: Choir pin 4: Basketball pins-2,3,4 Charter Member of Keyettes: Regional State Chorus 3,4,5: Latin Club 1,2: G.A.A. 2,3: Girls' Varsity Basketball 3,4: Newspaper Staff 2,3,4,5, Librarian 4, Club Editorial and Librarian 5: Science Club 3,4 ,5, Secretary 5: Choir 1,2,3,4,5, Vice President 5: National Honor Society 3,4,5: Keyettes 5, ICC Rep. Miller, Richard Lee: Rick: Academic: Junior Achievement, Achiev- er Award, Achiever pin, Junioe Executive Award, Semi-finalist in VP of Sales Contest: Baseball 2,3,4: Spanish Club 4,5: K.V.G. 5: Science Club 2,3,4, Historian 4: Track 4: Junior Achievement 4, VP of Sales. Mills, Curtis Elmer Jr.: Butch: Academic: Homeroom Vice Pres- ident 2: Spanish Club 4. Molloban, Joanna Sue: Jo: General: F.H.A. Award 2: Honor Roll Certificate 1: Best Dancer 2: Freshman Play: Gold Patch, Physical Education 2,3: Broke bowling record of past T years 3: Bowling patch for 530 set 5: F.T.A. 1,2: F.H.A. 2: News- paper Staff 2,5, Editor 2: F.N.A. 3, Treasurer Y-Teens 4: Stu- dent Council 5: Junior Achievement 4,5, VP of Production 4, President 5. Moore, Michael John: Mike: Academic. Moran, Linda Faye: Linda: Commercial: F.B.L.A. 4. Morgan, John Barry: Mad Dog: Academic: Football letter 3: Spanish Club 4,5 : Varsity Club 3,4,5: Polyfacets 5: National Thespians 5: K.V.G. 5: Pep Club 4,5 : F.T.A. 2,3. Mowels, Cathryn Stewart: Cathy: Academic: Girls' State: Home- coming Court 5: Princess in Holly Court, 864 Christmas Parade 5: Junior Skit: Junior Play, Costumes: Senior Play, Costumes: Prom Committee: G.A.A. 2,3,4,5, Secretary 4, President 5: Soda- lits Latina 2,3,4,5, Censor 4: Pep Club 3,4: Choir 3,4: Girls' Varsity Basketball 3,4,5: G.A.A. letter, emblem 3. Mundy, Donald Lee: Don: Academic: Junior Play, Lead: Senior Play, Lead: Chaplain of S.C.A. 2: National Thespians 5: Poly- get-is 5: Science Club 3: Math Club 3: SCA 2,3: Projection u 1,2,3. Musselman, Gregory York: Greg: Academic. Myers, Martha Ann: Marthie Ann: Academic: G.A.A. 1: F.T.A. 4,5: Spanish Club 4,5: Polyfacets 5: Keyettes 5. Myers, Richard Gray: Dicky: Academic: Football letters 4,5: Wrestling letter 3,4,5: Track letter 4: Varsity Club 2,3,4. Neal, Linda Gale: Linda: Academic: Science Fair, Red Ribbon: Senior Play, Cast: Christmas Play, Asst. Stage Manager: Y-Teens 2: F.H.A. 2,3,4,5, Historian, Parliamentarian, Vice President: F.B.L.A. 4,5: Viking Discovers 3: Cube Roots 3: Polyfacets 5. Nichols, Daniel Thomas: Danny: Academic: Latin Club 3,4,5, President, Senate Rep.: Cube Roots 3,4, Vice President. Norman, Edgar Wayne: Eddie: Academic: 4-H 1,2,3,4,5, Reporter 4,5: Science Club 3. Orender, Barbara Louise: Barbie: Academic: Most Likely to Suc- ceed, Senior Wheel: Chaplain of SCA 5: Girls' State 4: Junior Marshall: Homecoming Court 5: Miss North Star finalist 5: Teen Roanoke Pagent 5: President of Keyettes 5: Secretary of Honor Society 5: Junior Skit: Third place in county Science fair 3: Senior Play: National Thespians 4,5: Teen Town 4: Prom Committee: SCA 1,3,4,5, Secretary 4, Chaplain 5: National Honor Society 3,4,5: North Star Staff 1,2,3,4,5, 1-3 Co-Art Ed., 4 Co-Copy Editor, Editorial Editor 5: F.H.A, 2,3,4,5, Songleader 3, Reporter 4: Parliamenta1'ian 5: F.T.A. 3,4,5: Pep Club 4,5: Keyettes 5: Spanish Club 4,5: Dramatics Club 4,5: Choir 1: Polyfacets 4,5: Annual Pin 3,4: Exchange Student 3,4,5: Prom Committee: Organizer - Keyettes: Forensics 3,4,5. Painter, James Randolph: Jimmy: Academic: Science Club 3,4,5, Vice President: National Honor Society 4,5. Painter, Jo Ann: Jo: Commercial: G.A.A. 1,2,3.4: S.C.A. 1: F.B.L.A. 5: Pep Club 3: Band 3. Painter, Joyce Ann: Joyce: Commercial: French Club 1: Cube Roots 3: F,H.A, 4. Parker, Stanley: Stanley: Academic: Varsity Club 3,4,5: Wrest- ling 3,4,5: Captain of Wrestling team 3,4,5: Golf letter 3. Peoples, Ronald: Ronnie: Academic: National Honor Society 3: Key Club 3: Band letter 3: Spanish Club 4: All State Band 2,3. Peters, Carol: Carol: Academic: Debating Team 3: Science Club 4: Pep Club 3,4: Polyfacets 4,5: North Star Staff: F.T.A. 2. Peters, Robert Edward- Pete: Vocational. 4 Peverall, Jerry Lowell: Tightwad: Academic: Most Popular, Senior Wheel: Homeroom President 1: Track 1,4: Football 2: S.C.A. 5: Cube Roots 3: Spanish Club 3,4,5: Pep Club 3,4,5, President 5: Key Club 5, Executive Committee 5: Polyfacets 5: National Thespians 5: Junior Achievement 5: Senior Play, Cast: Christmas Play, Cast 5: Junior Skit. Plaster, Jerome: Plymale, Monty Wayne: Monty: Academic: Science Club 2: Latin Club 2: F.T.A.: K.V.G. Porterfield, Billy: Preas, Bonnie Gay: Bonnie: Academic: Trophy for Senior sportsmanship of G.A.A. 1: Girls' Varsity Basketball 3: G.A.A. 2,3,4,5, Treasurer 4: Latin Club 1,2: F.B.L.A. 4,5, Treasurer 4, President 5: Keyettes 5: Newspaper 5: National HOHOI' SOCi6tY 3,4,5: Pep Club 4. Rakes, Steve Buford: Buford: Academic: Latin Club 2,3: Key Club 3,4,5. Ray, Cherie: Cherie: Commercial. Reed, Harold Woodson, Jr.: Butch: General. Reed, Marie Ethel: 'Rie: General: National Honor Society 3,4,5: F.H.A. 2. Rice, Eric Michael: Homunculus: Academic: Best Leader, Senior Wheel: DAR History Achievement Award 4: Track letters 2, 3,4,5: Football letters 4,5: Basketball letters 4,5: Boys' State 4 President pro-tempore of Boys' State Senate: Nominee for Boys' National at Washington DC: President of Junior Class: Presi- dent of homeroom 1,2: 2nd, 3rd, 4th in school physical fitness test 1,2,3: The North Winds 4,5, Editorial Board: Viking Dis- covers 1,2: Varsity Viking 2,3,4,5, Executive Committee: National Honor Society 3,4,5: F.T.A. 2,3,4: Cube Roots Math Club 4: Sodalitis Latina 2: French Club 5: Key Club 3,4,5, Vice President, President: S.C.A. 2,3,4,5, Executive Committee 3, Vice President 4, President 5, Creative Writing Club 5: District Chairman of SCA 4: Basketball 1,2,3,4,5, JV, Varsity: Track 1,2,3,4,5 JV, Varsity: Football 2,3,4,5, JV, Varsity: City-County Council 4,5: Debating 5. Ricker, Loretta Ann: Retta: Commercial. Riley, Mary Bess: Merski: Academic: Wittiest, Senior Wheel: G.A.A. Certificate 3: G.A.A. emblem 3: National Thespians 4: Semi-finalist if Poetry Division of Forensic Meet 4: Nominee for Miss North Star 4: Nominee for YWCA Christmas Queen- Sant Lucia: G.A.A. 1,2,3: Pep Club 4: Y-Teens 4,5, Program Chia:-man 5: Polyfacets 4,5, Vice President 5: Science Club 3,4,5, Reporter 5: ICC for Polyfacets 5: Choir 5. Roberts, Gloria Jeanne: Gloria: Academic: Library Club 1: Na- tional Honor Society 3: F.B.L.A. 4,5: Keyettes 5: SCA 4. Roberts, Terry Wayne: Terry: Academic: Best All Around, Senior Wheel: MVP in Basketball 1: Letter in basketball 3,4,5: Science Club 1,2: Spanish Club 4: Junior Play: Senior Play, Cast: Junior Achievement 5: Key Club 5: Varsity Club 3,4,5: Sca 4,5: Pep Club 5: Newspaper 5. Robertson, Judy Earlene: Judy: Academic: Cheerleading 2: Volley- ball Team 2,3: Basketball Team 3: Prom Committee: Powderpuff Football, Senior: G.A.A. 2,3, Treasurer 2: Y-Teens 2,3: National Honor Society 4,5: Spanish Club 4,5: Pep Club 5, ICC Rep.: F.T.A. 2, Secretary. Roop, Cary Lynn: Cary: Vocational: Body Q Fender, Rowlett, Glenna Sue: Glenna: Academic: Latin Club 4,5. Sanford, Stephen Myron: Steve: Academic: Spanish Club 4: Wrestling Team 4. Sarver, Linda Cecilia: Linda Lou: Commercial: F.B.L.A. 5. Sarver, Robin Ann: Robin: Academic: Honor Society 4,5: Cheer- leader 1,2,3: Keyettes 5: Cube Roots Math Club 4: Newspaper 4,5: Latin Club 1,2: Pep Club 4,5: F.T.A. 1: S.C.A. 1,2,3: Square Root Math Club 2. Schilling, Roy Luther: Roy: General: Varsity Monogram in Wrestling 4: F.B.L.A. 4,5: Varsity Club 5: Wrestling 3,4,5. Schulze, Robert .I-lenry: Bob: Academic: Football letter 5: Track letter 5: Spanish Club 5: Science Club 3: Football 1,2,5: Track 3,4,5: Varsity Club 5. Scott, Samuel Charles: Sam: Academic: Most Dependable, Senior Wheel: Lt. Governor, Div. II Key Clubs 4: All State Band 2,3,4: Track 1,2,3,4,5: Science Club 1: Latin Club 2,3: Newspaper Staff 4,5, Sports. Editor: F.T.A. 3: Cube Roots 3: S.C.A. 4: National Honor SDCISWA 4,5: Key Club 4,5: Band 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4: Drum Major 4: French Club 5. geayiVDonald B.: Don: Academic: Senior Powderpuff Football Pzzcciuselvsel Play, 08512. Reptile Club 1: Spanish Club 3,4: Seib.. GWYEO Edward: Ge01'ge: General: Junior Achievement, Vice President of Sales: Pep Club 5' F B L A 5' Polyfacet 5' National Thespians 5: K.V.G. 5, , I i 1 A ' S ' Shepherd, Gary: Gary: Academic: Projection Club 12: F.T.A. g,C3,41?9IQrn3k1b3,f-2 French Club 5: Football 2,3,4: 'Basketball Senior Director Sherwood, Sherry Anne: Sherry: Academic: Cutest, Senior Wheel: Homeroom vice president 3: Miss Northstar Finalist 4,5: Home- coming Queen 5: Senior Play, Cast: Junior Play: Christmas Play, Cast 5: Prom Committee: National Thespians 5: North Star Staff 2,3,4,5, Art Editor: Science Club 2,3: Corresponding Secretary: Art Club 2: Pep Club 4,5: French Club 5: Poly- facets 5. Shively, Linda Kaye: Linda: G.A.A. 1,2, Treasurer: F.H.A. 2: S.C.A. 2: Y-Teens 2,4,5: National Honor Society 4,5: Spanish Club 4,5 ICC Representative: Graduation Committee 5. Shockley, Ronald James: Ronnie: Academic: National Honor Soc- iety 3,4: Varsity Monogram in Football, Track: Cube Roots Math Club 3: Varsity Club 3,4,5: Pep Club 4. Sink, Annette Marie: Annette: General. Sink, Sandra Leigh: Sandy: Academic: Best Personality, Senior Wheel: Senior Play, Cast: Junior Play: G.A.A. 1,2: F.T,A. 1,2,3,4,5: Pep Club 4,5: S.C.A. 1,2,4: Y-Teens 4: North Star Staff 1,2,3: Franch Club 2,5, President 5: Creative Writing Club 5, Business Manager. Smith, Cecelia: Cecelia: Academic: Junior Class Treasurer: Senior Class Secretary 5: F.T.A. State Convention Delegate 4: Junior Class Skit 4: Homeroom Vice President 2: Homeroom President 3: Charter member of Keyettes: F.T.A. 2,3,4,5, Secretary-Treasurer 4, .President 5: North Winds Newspaper Staff 2,3,4,5, Feature Editor 5: Keyettes 5, Historian and Parliamentarian: Spanish Club 4,5: French Club 2,5: National Honor Society 4,5. Snyder, Roberta Ann: Roberta: Academic: G.A.A. Volleyball award, Best Team 2: G.A.A. Emblem 2: G.A.A. 1,2: Franch Club 5: Spanish Club 3: Art Club 4, Secretary: Sophomore Class Asst. Treasurer. Sowers, Lynda Della: Silas: Academic: Latin Club 2,3,4, Vice President 4: Pep Club 4: S.C.A. Rep. 2,5: Art Club 3,4,5, President 4,5: G.A.A. 2,3: Y-Teens 2,3: National Thespians: Polyfacets 3,4,5: Creative Writing Club 5, Art Editor: One Act Play 4. Spence, Sharon Lee: Sharon : Academic : G.A.A, emblem 4 : G,A.A. letter 5: G.A.A. 1,3,4,5: Y-Teens 4: Spanish Club 4,5: Pep Club 4,5. Stanley, Sharon Elaine: Stanley: Academic: Homeroom President 1: G.A.A. 1,2,3: Spanish Club 4,5, Vice President 5, ICC Repre- sentative 5: Latin Club 8,93 Y-Teens 2,3. Steinhardt, Theresa Ruth: Therry: Academic: Telluride Associa- tion Summer Program 4: National Merit 4: University of Califor- nia at Davis literary contest, Honorable mention 4: 2nd Place Los Altos High School poetry contest 4: 3rd Place Spelling Contest 2: Creative writing Club 1,2,5, Editor 5: Newspaper 2,5: Cube Roots 2: Folk Music Club 2: Music Club 3,4: Neo-Etudiant 3,4, Co-Founder: Debate 3,4,5: Forensics 2,3,4,5, Spelling, Impromptu extemporaneous. Stephens, James David: Jim: Academic: Junior Play, Cast: Sen- ior Play, Cast: Prom Committee: National Thespians 5: Latin Club 3: Projection Club 3,4, Vice President: Franch Club reporter: Archery Club 1,2, Vice President: Polyfacets 5. Stoneman, Lester Dudley: Lester: Academic. Sweeney, Curtis Wayne: Killer Wart: KVG 5: Wrestling Team 3: Track 2,3: Projection Club 4,5: National Honor Society 3. Taylor, Carolyn: Carolyn: Commercial. Taylor, Linda Sue: Taylor: Academic: Pep Club 1: Y-Teens 1: Latin Club 2,3,4: ICC Rep.: F.B.L.A. 5. Taylor, Ronny Lee: Ronny: Track letter 2,3,4: Senior Play: Junior Play: Christmas Play: Polyfacets 5: Varsity Club 2, 3,4,5: Track Team 1,2,3,4,5. Thacker, Gary: Thomas, Bettie Gainor: Bettie: Academic: Most Dependable, Senior Wheel: National Honor Society 4,5: National Thespian Society, 3 stars, 4,5: Roanoke Valley Voice of Democracy Contest, 3rd: Roanoke Valley Teen Safety Council 5: Roanoke County Science Fair, 2nd Place 2: Junior Play, Cast: Senior Play, Cast: S.C.A. Exchange Day 4: G.A.A. emblem: G.A.A. certificate: SIPA 1,2,3: Rep. to Charlotte N.C. for yearbook 3: Junior Homemaker Degree 4: Chapter Homemaker Degree 4: Junior Skit: Prom Committee: DAR Good Citizenship Award 5: North Star Staff 1,2,3,4,5, Co-Subscription Manager 1,2,3, Co-Business Manager 4: Business Manager 5: S.C.A. 4,5, Treasurer 4: F.H.A. 2,3,4,5, Secretary- Treasurer 4, President 5: Polyfacets 4,5, Secretary 4, President 5: G.A.A. 1,2,3: Pep Club 4,5: Keyettes 5, Charter Member: Science Club 2, Secretary 2: French Club 5. Thomas, Jack Collier: Cracker Jack: General: Track 1,2,3,4,5: Football 3, JV. Thomas, Roy Marion: Doodle: General: Most School Spirit, Senior Wheel: Mr. Football of '65: Varsity Club 4,5. Thompson, Connie Deloris: Connie: General: F.H.A. 1. Thurman, Linda: Thurston, Mary Linda: Thirsty: Academic: F.H.A. 2: Latin Club 3,4: National Honor Society 3: Spanish Club 4. Trout, Terryee Lynn: Terryee: Academic: Most Sincere, Senior Wheel: Senior Play, Cast: Junior Skit: National Thespians 3,4,5: Keyettes 5, Secretary: Y-Teens 3,4, Worship Chairman: SCA 2,4, Polyfacets 5: G.A.A. 2,3: Newspaper 5: Pep Club 5: Junior Play, Comm. Chairman: One Act Play 4. Turner, Howard: T. Vocational: Auto Mechanics. Umberger, Sandra Lee: Sandra: Commercial: Y-Teens 1,2: Pep Club 4,5: F.B.L.A. 5. Underwood, Lynda Marie: Under: Commercial: Y-Teens 2,3,4, President 3,4: G.A.A. 4: Choir 3,4: S.C.A. 3,4, VanFossen, Carolyn Gale: Van: Commercial: F.B.L.A. Spelling Contest Certificate 4: Choir 3: F.H.A. 5: F.B.L.A. 5. Vest, Betty Lou: Betty: Commercial: Business award for Typing I: Safe Driver Award 4: Y-Teens 1: F.B.L.A. 5. Vest, Patricia Jean: Pat: Academic: G.A.A. 1,2,3: Latin Club 3. Wadner, Jeanette Ann: Jeanie: Commercial: JV Cheerleading 1,2: Model for Y-Teens Fashion Show 1: 3rd Place in Science Fair, Engineering Division: Catholic Youth Club 1,2.3: Latin Club 1,2: French Cosmpolitan Language Club 3: J.V. Basket- ball 2: F.B.L.A. 5: Newspaper 1,4: Junior Achievement 3,4,5, Personnel Director, Rep. to Achievers Association: Glee Club 3: Senior Play, Cast, Props Chairman: Senior Powderpuff Football, Center. Ward, Odiman Glenn, Jr.: Butch: Academic: Senior Play: Junior Skit: National Thespian Society Latin Club 3,4,5: Pro- jection Club 1,2,3,4,5: K.V.G. 5: Pep Club 4,5: Polyfacets 5: Junior Classical League 3,4,5. Webb, Donna Jean: D.J.: Academic: G.A.A. Shield 1: G.A.A. letter, pin 2: Numerals 3: Emblem, letter 4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4,5: Choir 4. Webb, Janice: Janice: Academic: Honor Society: G.A.A. French Club, Webber: Wells, Janet Lavon: Giggles: Commercial: F.H.A. 2: Y-Teens 2: Junior Achievement 5. Wheeler, Linda Ruth: Linda: Academic: Spanish Club 4,5. Whitby, Norma Jean: Norma: Commercial: Y-Teens Junior Achievement. Whitlock, Douglas: Doug: Academic. Wickham, Anna Maria: Maria: Academic: G.A.A. letter 4: Fac- ulty-student Basketball Game 1: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4,5: F.T.A. 4,5, Re- porter 5: Spanish Club 4,5, Public Relations Manager 4,5. Wickham, Stephen Herman: Steve: Academic: Most Sincere, Senior Wheel: All State Band 2,3,4, Symphonic Band 3,4: Band 1,2,3,4: Spanish Club 4. Wieringo, lla Jane: Janie: Academic: Latin Club 1: Y-Teens 2,33 g.T:A. 3534! F.B.L.A. 5: S.C.A. 5: Polyfacets 5: National Honor ociety , . Wiggs, Howard Ray: Wiggsie: Academic: Musicianship letter 4: lgianbdg,2,3,4, Percussion Section leader 3,4: Science Club 1: French u . Williams, Charles Thomas: Charlie: General: Wittiest, Senior Wheel: Football 1,5: Polyfacets 4,5: National Thespian Society 4,5: Pep Club 4,5. Williams, Joyce Anne: Joyce: Academic: Y-Teens 3: F.T.A. 3: National Thespians Society 4,5: Polyfacets 5, Secretary-Treasurer: Senior Play, Cast: Junior Play, Cast. Williams, Thomas Lynn: Tommy: General Senior Play: Junior Play Christmas Play 5: Polyfacets 4,5. Winston, Gail Edwinia: Gail: Commercial: G.A.A. letter 3: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Choir 2,5: Pep Club 4. Wirt, Rose Marie: Rosebush: Commercial: Y-Teens 3: F.B.L.A. 5. Xisle,4Edwin Stuart: Edwin: Academic: Latin Club 3,4: Science u . Witt, Bonnie Jean: Nitwit: Commercial: F.H.A. 2: North Winds Staff 3: F.B.L.A. 4,5: Pep Club 5: Spanish Club 5. Worley, Jerrald Ozzie: Jerry: Academic: DAR History Award 4: National Merit Letter of Commendation 5: Latin Club 2,3, Patri- cian Consul: Viking Discoverers 3: National Honor Society 3,4,5: Key Club 3,4,5: North Winds Newspaper Staff 2,3,4,5, Sports Editor 2,3,4, Editor-in-Chief 5: Math Club 3. Wright, Robert Kent: Robbie: Academic: Football 1: Golf 3,53 Science Club 2,3,4,5, President 5: Varsity Club 5: S.C.A. 4,5, District Representative: K.V.G. 5: Polyfacets 5: National Thes- pians 5: Projection Club 2,3,4,5. Young, Dayle Darlyne: Dayle: Academic: National Thespian Soc- iety 3: Y-Teens 1: F.H.A. 1,2: G.A.A. 2,3: Polyfacets 3,4: French Club 5: Choir: Pep Club 4. Young, Gail Young: Gail: Commercial: G.A.A. certificate, emblem 3,4: G.A.A. 2,3,4,5, Publicity Chairman 5: F.B.L.A. 4,5, Parlia- mentarian 4, Secretary 5: National Honor Society 3,4,5: Keyettes. 'Cy Junior class officers, Pete Trout, Presidentg Linda Arthur, Secretaryg Shelby Mills, Treasurerg and Don Byrd, Vice Presidentg pose with advisors Mr. Redd, Miss Blanchard, Miss Bailey, and Mr. Orr. Juniors Share Their Acting Ability with Student 136 James Abbott Lowell Abbott Fay Akers James Akers Marsha Akers Sandra Akers Wallace Akers Sandra Aliff Linda Arthur Steve Bandy Sheila Baugh Michael Bayse Ropie Bayse Kathy Bell Barbara Best Nancy Bibee Diane Blackman Carol Blair Brenda Blanchard Ray Blevins Tim Booth Becky Boone Loretta Boone Billy Bower Star Boyer bf 'NHs.-.V fir' .Uv 199' .Q 5,3 sf sim My Body as they Present the Junior Class Play Pat Boxley Wanda Brooks Gary Bryant Mike Burnett Don Byrd Pat Callahan Darlene Cantrell Ernie Carie Jimmy Carter Ronnie Carter Ronnie Clement Jeanette Clifton Andy Clingempeel Donna Cloanenzer Annette Coble ,1 5 Linda Conner 7751" X Robert Conner Nancy Coon Linda Craizhead Larby Crawford and Hard ork Linda Creager Ronnie Creasy Ronnie Crunise 4-N Barbara Crouch Carole Crowder - Mae Crutchfield Brenda Damewood Ronnie Daniel Larry Davids Bonnie Davidson Linda Davis Price Davis Robin Dearing Betty Dennis Robert Dewesse Alice Dickerson Lewis Dickson Wayne Divers Lewis Dixon Anne Dudley Lance Duncan Larry Echols Judy Ellis Sherry Elmore Mark Emick Brenda Epperly Linda Epperly Moffatt Evans Suzanne Falls Linda Farmer ,Ag lv' o. '!L'ITF", 3 90- 3 is-wi 46- "' , .J L' ' is f VK n f s. L a .gr ' .,WV VI? K in Chemistry, History and English Classes Kenneth Feller John Ferzurson Diana Fisher Dotty Fisher Gary Fitzgerald Linda Francisco Glen Frith Linda Fugate Cary Garman Dianne Gorman Sue Garman Mike Garst Vicki Garven Nancy Gilbert Jimmy Goodwin Three Vars1ty Cheerleaders from the .Tumor Class Cheer Bob Goodykoontz Brenda Graham Linda Graham Joyce Grubb Brenda Grubb Carolyn Guthrie Drema Hale Steve Hale June Hamblin David Hambrick :Gordon Hancock 'lharlie Harlow lim Harris David Hash Ellen Hatcher Jancy Hatcher Wancy Henderson 'am Hendrick Zobert Hendrick iob Hicks Dennis Hill Nancy Hill Vlelinda Hillman 'hyllis Hillman larbara Hodges lun-eq., un., Is, 7 ii-f' x vw Our Teams to ietory with their Unlimited School Spirit luzanne Holden Jon Holly Iarolyn Howell Donnie Hudgins lrenda Hudson lichard Huffman 'am Jennings lloria Johnson linda Jones ,arry Journell QR TS."...'7"' as Rodger Keffer Katie Kelly Linda Kelly Loretta Kelly Janice Kennett Susan Kidd John Kinsey Betty Knotts Don Laffoon Ann Lancaster Junlors M1m1c Semor Personahues and Teachers During 1 3 M., gg 4' c Q-M 5, 5 'fy Richard Loving' Rob Roy MacGreger Becky MacLead David McAllister Karen Marshall Annette Martin Gary Martin Nancy Martin Pam Martin Judy Mattox Tony Mattox Brenda Mauzhan Carolyn Mayhew Larry Meeks David Middleton Vicki Miles Shelby Mills Allen Milton Sherwood Minnich Nancy Morris Richard Morris Sherry Montgomery Seldon Murray Terry Nabers Donald Nixon Paid Assembly to Increase Class Treasury for Sen1or Prorn renda Obenchain arhara Oliver ommy Oyler ,inda Pagans sandra Painter nn Palma onnie Palmer ,ee Roy Parker larry Patsel and ra Patrick lale Pearson Tleo Perdue Karl Phillips lichard Pillow anice Pitts George Plunkett Brenda Prease Leonard Preece Becky Rawling Mary Ellen Rawlings Jun1o1s Spend umerous, Hect1c, T1r1ng Enjoyable Hours Rebecca Reich Harold Reid Ronnie Reynold Susan Reyns Evelyn Ritter Jerry Rhodes Sue Roberts Lou Anne Robertson Richard Robinson Debbie Roop Janet Rose Carol Rutherford Robert Sessions Marjorie Setzer Becky Shaver Anne Shapeard Sandra Shaffer Lynwood Shelton Bonnie Shields Tommy Short Eloise Simpson Carol Sledd Jimmy Smith Pete Smith Sue Smith orking 0 Brenda Starr Greg St. Clair Darla Stultz Terry Sutherland Jimmy Tayloe Jack Taylor Tommy Taylor Sonny Tolley Colby Trammell Diane Trent Curtis Tucker Sue Turner Susan Vannoy David Vaughan Donnie Vest Linda Vest Becky Waid Mickey Waldron Barbara Wallace Carolyn Webber n Plans and Decorations for the Junior-Senior Prom fusqrvux , QT D ii is if- SAW -vu-nn. hiv- ldv- Curry Wertz Jerry Wertz Eddie White Mike Wills Charlie Wilkerson Ricky Wilkerson David Williams Jerry Williams Phillip Williams Roger Williams Juniors Order Class Rings as Year 1964-65 Draws to a Close 'G' sf-f Clara Wilson Doug Witt Barbara Wray Freddie Wyckoff Frank Young .upw- gi 'MW Laura Fernatt Chris Bland Debbie Waid Junior girls practice for staging of Northside's first powder 'puff football. l46 Biology students, Diana Alls, Raymond Crotts, Don Mitchell, Mary Lou Eades, Cindy Walker and Larry Mattox, use guide charts to help with the study of the anatomy of the earthworm division. Sophomores Begin Academic Move Toward Goal of Graduation Diane Alls Perry Altice Jill Anderson David Andrews Linda Arnold Ken Arritt Phyllis Bailey Dickey Baldwiil Dianne Banks Deena Barger Elliot Beyer Pam Borrell Linda Beaman Andrea Bean Wayne Bibee Linda Blank Pam Bohn Coland Boitnott Brenda Bonds Raymond Bowman Juanita Branum Zelda Brizindine Helen Brown Judy Brown 7' W! Q. K b f igviifd i A ,Spf 1. ,,,,,,,-xc I nl- -, . 2- " qty., ,, div ' W S n i ,, f " ' Q I 2 Q W ",' 5 you thaw We qw-M, 51-H, it an .11 ns, , mf 3 A of A X . we 4' Linda Brown , Gary Broyles M, In amz: A Brenda Brumfield 5 ' 3 Q' Eddie Bryant s , A' 7 Jane Burnett 1 I' ' Brenda Bush Nancy Caldwell Andy Canine K Pr' 5. if "' ' Danny Carter Vanessa Carter ' 'W' Libby Childress . .. Eddie Church Bids to ational Honor Society and Key Club are Received by David Clark Sherry Clayton Brenda Clement Q, Q 1 Jerry Clammer Brenda Coffins I Judy Coffman -' f Brenda Collins Elaine Collins i '- ' f ' Larry Compton . , ,,ee , L f N., Benny Conner ' Q '. ' Gloria Conner f" G f ,wr-rl' it we JL Kenneth Conner Warren Conner Q --. Julia Cooper I 'Zn an 3 V ,vx Pat Cosmato 'zzz' K ,Z ' "i- ' 'f 7 ' Linda Crawford 'ii' W L K, , Annette Creasy Linda Crotts Raymond Crotts Joanne Crouch Barry Crowder Robert Crowder Carol Crutchfield Ronnie Custer Larry Damewood Joe Daniano Diane Davis Lois Davis Glen Dean Brenda Dennis Gary Dent Jeff Dickerson Thomas Dudley Bonnie Dunbar Gerald Drumheller Cheryl Dyer icev -fu. if x Q- M , Yup, Sophomores Who Also Join Other Special Interest Clubs Mary Lou Eades Bonnie Epperly Sam Evans Donna Farris Kenneth Ferris Ronnie Feury Lynn Fisher Maurice Fisher Susan Fitzgerald Georgette Fochtman Jim Foreman Sheila Foster Dennis Foutz Larry France Linda Francisco Richard Francisco Jacque French Vicky Frieslane Carolyn Furrow Jimmy Garst Kenneth Garret Pat Garst Mike Gauldin Landon Gibbs ,S X 42-' + N ff fy . ' ' ,aux ... K K F an sg, it .Q 7' r sf if NN: X X? s J 3 N ix 9. 1 " H f - , ,S 5, K , X if . is ,. s . -we M ww Butch Gibson Tommy Gilbert Bobby Giles Nancy Goin Bill Gordh Diane Gorman Mike Grubb Dickie Grubbs Judy Grubbs Linda Hancock Charlotte Hall Mary Kaye Harless Junior Hall Brian Harman Linda Hammer Linda Harris Wanda Harris Joyce Hatcher Sophomores are Proud of the Terniic Showmg Made by our Bonnie Haynes Linda Haynes Bill Hedricks Dexter Helton Richard Hendrix Dian Herron Brenda Hogan Elizabeth Hicks Debbie Hines Jimmy Gobson Jerry Hodge Bill Holdren Gary Howell Judy Hughes Frank Hurt Marsha Jamison Paula Johnson Martha Johnson Dianne Jennnings Cynthia Jones Jeff Kaylor Jeanie Kelley Lottie Kingerly David Kidd David Kidd Mark Rayman Delores Kite Russell Knouff Joe Kuehn B. D. LaPrad Terry Lelflew Benjamin Lackey Hazel Lambruscati Richard Lester Roy Lewis Sammy Lewis . Teams in Football, Basketball, Martha Looney Barbara Lowery Lynon Lucas Shelley McCullough Richard McCleod Dreams McConnell Linda McCoy Mary Ann McClammer Judy McDonald Sandra McGrady Harold McMahan Pam Mallory David Markham Barry Martin Kathy Martin Sandra Martin Henry Mason Larry Mattox 4 D x .S 1 Q aa.-Sis N, W.. f aa i' . we Q tl Wrestling, and Track '51-fx J' ini-it 4 5 1 ,, , J Margaret Meader Gerald Melton Diane Miller Ronnie Miller Brenda Minucie A. J. Mitchell Don Mitchell Pam Morgan Brenda Morris Eddie Morris Robert Morris Carolyn Myers Bobby Myers Linda Nichols Donnie Noell Linda Norwood Larry Ogle Steve Oliver Bill Osborne Shawn Parrish Cindy Parsell Nancy Pasley Russell Payne Gary Perdue a New and Billy Peters Patti Pillow Bonnie Plunkett Joe Poff Lathe Porter Patsy Porterfield Larry Pruett Eddie Purves Charlotte Rader Richard Rardin Janice Reid Walter Reinhardt Linda Reynolds Sandra Reynolds Brenda Riley Richard Robinson Danny Rogers Jacqueline Rogers Phyllis Rogers Jimmy Rowe Richard Sample Donnie Scott Bill Schulze Gray Sheets Jerry Seib Susan Shell Debbie Sherwood Donald Shifflet Faye Shively Robert Short Nancy Shultz Ellis Smith Kitty Smith Randy Smith Susan Smith Sylvia Smith fn cm H' f Q L o ,. ., ev ff N 1 A if 5 D S FM 'Li Exciting Challenge for Many College Bound Sophomores Alice Snead Judi Sowers Margaret Spence Dian Stagzs Sandra Staley Ernie Stalnaker Francis Stanley Pam Stanley Sally Steinhardt Dean Stultz Libby Strawn Rhonda Stultz 1 . 'ffl Fl gm M y , -an 5 i . I I .gl "' J , , ef Q 8. A W ,.,., Q- .Q a h 11 K My . , . :wwe nz.-.1:,1.. N ,gp-.rm he 'i tm rw, 'WWW 'www Pat Taylor Jimmy Thacker Ralph Thompson Bobby Thurman Mike Todd Wayne Tuck Michael Townsend Eddie Tucker Betty Turner Sharon Turner Jean Van Fossen Mike Waid Sophomores Anticipate the Privilege of Being pperclassmen ini! 1. 5 -f,,,mi 1 af 2 . 0 Q 5 I' if Q, wa- 5-.. . x:my,i , in ZR' W - :,s ea.-A "' we-f 'Ni'- R i 219 X Q ,. I 6 Cynthia Walker Eugene Wagner Steve Warren Toni Webster Kay Weddle Lucky Weddle Carolyn Wertz Faye Wheeler Gloria Wickham Larry Williams Ann Williams Judith Williams Suzanne Williams Mike Williams Faye Wilson June Wilson Richard Wilson Mike Winston John Witt Mike Worley Betty Jo Wright Susan Wyckoff Judi Yates Joyce Pugh Freshmen Struggle Kathy Agnew Sue Aheron Lynn Aiken Joye Aikens Dora Lee Alexander Suzie Aliff Sidney Alls Mike Altizer Louise Angus Gloria Arrington Patsy Arrington Virginia Arrington Carolyn Ashlin Ivy Bales Odilee Bales Pat Ball Fay Barret Kay Barret Ralph Bayer Gary Bean Eddie Beasley Bill Beason Lonny Binckins Diane Blankenship Earl Boitnott Jeanetta Boone Charles Bordwine Barbara Bowman Carolyn Bowman David Bousman 1 Freshman girls catch a quick glance in the mirror before scurring to class. Through New Concepts of Physical Sciences A A :LQ 'H 6- 5 Sig 93519 5 A 'Lrg rrge 1-ga, Wir be in 2 raw, ' in f X .. W, ij- r as i We lx' 'K R X 0 5 IX 'V Q swf, inth Graders Earn the Title of Freshmen 489 -3 I -, Gaim' ,r " ii , K as a a we ff s , ,X f ' X5 ik 2 f W ,gale QI 3 5' fy liege 2 lc? , " Q gn Q x my Q r ' 'M jl'22f..r!".a! 5 ilk ' 5 R. Layne Brizendine Martha Brown Sharon Brown Linda Caldwell Phyllis Callahan Frank Campbell Danny Camper Carol Clarkson Carolyn Cole Laura Diane Collins Laura Paige Collins Larry Cooper Barbara Conner Gary Conner Sandra Creasy David Craig Bill Crawford Bob Cregger Chuck Cregger Calvin Cronise Betty Crowder Nancy Crowder Carolyn Custer Carol Davis and its Pr1v1leges Tommy Dickerson Jimmy Dotson Barbara Dowdy Brenda Dowdy David Early David Edmonson Karleen Evans Brenda Fahnestock Mark Fielder Frank Fitzgerald Larry Fitzgerald Phil Flora Sherry Ford Bill Foreman Sharon Francisco Doug Frazier Wayne Gaabo David Gibson Cynthia Gillespie Lyn Gordh Brenda Glass Joe Gloyd Brenda Goff Hedda Greever Pete Grogan George Gulliarns Carma Hale Ronnie Hall Dreama Hambrick Bobby Harris David Hatcher Portia Hayes Mike Henderson Cindy Henley Terry Henson Everette Hodges Brenda Hofawger Norman Holden Linda Holland Brenda Hylton Linda Jones Charles Keith Linda Keith John Kidd Linda Kidd Steve King Mary Stuart Kinsey Kathy Kurbjun - 1: eq? gifs, , it Q We t ,: ,, s ,S if as Training in Driveris Education Develops Skills Marilyn Lackey Mary Lackey Cynthia Lafoon Greg' LeHew Harry Lewis Randy Likens Bobby Littrell Jerry Lively Janet Lovelace Dora Lovern Susan Lowry Bill Lowry Roy MacGregor John McCoy Danny McLean Mary McPherson James Mann Carol Martin Barry Meador Shelia Miller Kathy Mills Pamela Mitchell Charles Moore Linda Nichols 'Q' ml, Q W 'ff ,. K -'-,fiffefi , 45" , 5 +4 sr wwe 1 ,M , Sm 2 f 0 as 4 32,95 WL? Q-'.2,,3 'gmfx 'f"i-ivy I 5 S fsfw-:fw:f--Q, - - - ,1 .,,., 5 A V, A ,. r ,W 5. f.-fe:--f11e11,f111 . . ,, -e,e:fw,.fzf24K w we -f 5315 gszgffff gg 3, 521 ,, if 1 W , V, as X me .Mn 5 . , 1 J oseee i gs e E fa.. ssss A asss i . f Z J so L s k:,:r: .Q .,:, gg: 4. -U Q . 5 to R IU Fw V . , A -1-'f Q- " Peggy Norwood Debbie Oyler Karen Painter Connie Pannell Billy Paxton Donna Perdue Rose Marie Philips Jerry Price Sylvia Pullen Louise Quesenbury Thomas Ratcliff Pamela Ray Carol Reed James Reed Mike Reed Larry Reese Gilbert Reid Ronnie Revere Larry Richardson Barry Roupe Freddie Rutherford Chuck Sanford Carol Scarborough Jerry Schaefer Lee Schilling Lynn Shrader Katherine Simpson Jesse Sirry Brad Smallwood Larry Edward Smith Freshmen Advance Through First Year of Foreign Languages yi ev I in i,,.3iF"'- - ' ' V Ji - I M., , .. -f . Q f . 0 . ,k,A i " W 1 1 2' P 'Q 4, S5 1 'W F fesensa W K . a 1 . " 'F e's" ' V ., " ' V ai fxrrfv if I H ,af as , , Q Chester Spangler Cathy Sterling Davis Stokes Larry Stuckey Joe Thomas Mike Thompson Alan Thompson Linda Turner Mitchell Wade Cathy Walters Johnny Watson Patsy Watson Sharon Wertz Larry Wilson Susan Wingo Larry Worrell Ramona Wright ills ai? a i Q4 X l Mrs. Webber instructs all eighth grade classes in the directed study program. ighth Graders Enjoy the Freedom of High School Years - Q .Ll Steve Ayers Richard Arthur Larry Arrington Samuel Arnold Patty Ada m s Mike Andrewi Bobby All Sue Alexander Kathy Abbott A Evelyn Baily as 1 l y K ,LQ Q Michael Bailey " ,T Q, M513 Vyhy h Vw, , ' qt . Gregory Ball Y -Q N Q 5 -.f Sharon Barnett lik I A :'l" .ME Purcell Barrett ,.,z '- fL'f MX, y Kwqi In l Sir Jeanne Bell Micheal Bennett Sandra Blankenship ' , 0 A X Chris Body is l- Bobbi Cartel L 7' RQ", N " Garry Butts -iff, 'V I DT' K William Bradshaw ' 4 R f K I J Janet LaBrie Donald Brooks K Pam Brubaker V , I: V9 va, Eddie Bryant f' V aa, F , 4 ' :A Carol Brunch N, YM 1- : ' a ., Q if - ' if Pat Cassada ' .3 , t Johnnie Callahan sei" , , ,t,'-' 'Z' .,.a 1 A at "" A ' illl in , ia ' I ' a Becky Chittum A '-H" " fi" Fabio Chomicki Jim Clark f Tommy Claytor I ,M ,K . .T ' M Connie Cockhart A 4' I ' ff .. i Andrea Cole ,gf-43 1 h la-- ' Q- ,L www 1, - l E, ,f . - " W K? ,. Wm Gary Conner , Q 4' ' , A x .lack Campbell If -E Karen Conner , Harold Cooper V I A Dreama Cooper R ' V f -N , sandra cliiiwaail -i - . lim- ' , ff , Wanda Crawford N' . 'V . fiiaf V V irhr Kathy CWBSY V l .. " 3 ll ' A J ,ya ,,,,,a, l ' ll,l alel a ,H 'l at I 1'-A ii 1Sa5aEef'7E2"11a,iii if is ,L- I 5 4 Stephen Cronise Sherry Crowder Sharon Cuddy Wanda Custer David Dickerson Evelyn Dillon Rosie Doyle . Sandra Deed .. .. 4 gg. se Rim '- 1 Y Stewart Feather Mike Ferguson Debbie Ferguson Pat Fielder Kathy Dalton Gary Davidson Van Davis Pat Dunford Terry Edwards Merry Egge David Fisher Donna Fitzgerald Pat Fitzhugh lb 1 he aried Activities Give Opportunity for New Participants P9w - Qi 1 A 5' . 45- ii so .. as X 1 If S 1' f ,SHN A ,ji V Q . 3 1393 J 1-.v ,, ..- 'V'-.LT 7 f -, K A' My 4 A A F ' Allen Flora David Forbes Steve Foreman Lewis Fochman Eugene Francisco Wayne Francisco Gary Furrow James Gardner Richard Golladay Ramona Goad David Goode Donnie Greybill Joann Hall Lee Hamilton Charles Home Ronnie Harold Pete I-lite Linda I-Ioagan Calvin Hogan Randy Haupt Jenifer Foutz Barry Francisco Diane Francisco Jim Gentry Dana Gibson Tommy Gilbert Steve Hall Jessee Hale Alvis Hall Gayle Henson Ray Hiler ,V X17 1 . J J -t if :f,,'1.,s., .. K . Carolyn Hartman . f, ' 1 , he 35 ,E Sharon Huffman Mike Hughes Fred Hutchison Mary Lynn Hugson .ue in B . we I H Jackie Johnson kk - L - f,. Rusty Johnson i K K Marty Johnson Qrjiy K j + r Darlene Jones g m V kV,f" E , , 60 Robert Jones p ' -h" "',k, A xi Allen Journell KV ,X n is be Z, Q' .Q . 1 ii. e W 7 4 123 L L of Nancy Kelley Q A Q A A ' 'Hit ,- it 2:- V - M., V . : tk U f if ' aff., . V in i n ALVV ' P 4'-'K 5 X , Eighth Graders Merge into a Pattern of Rapid Changes '1 9 -1- . i' be x V A - ' Robert Kennedy F " IZ! Danny Kesler YI , K Sue Kessler 'P Sharleene Kinsley Stewart Kirk Bill Knopp Qi A zyxg . I . . Chuck Knotts 'lt Q- wr , . . , Mary Kuzler 'V ' 3 f , If, in Steve Lambruscati g , Q nr Marsha Landrum jf" V . . Staford Lewis th K .N 'N Larry Lipes Ginger Langhorn . Carolyn Loving hs 5' "' David Mabry 15, gf ' Charlotte Maberry A' Sue Maberry .. K. M y Linda Maloney B" Q Sandra Manning Anita Marshall i i Jean Martin Ronnie Martin Paula Mason 4, ,gg if Denise Mac Connell A ya its .3 Jerry Mac Daniel " 'Y an Roger Mac Peat 'D fy ' Cindy MacPherson F Larry Meador George Miller Suzanne Miller 1 Jimmy Mills 15 Peggy Mills Dennis Mitchell Pam Mitchell Carol Milton Steve Minnich 5 J V I -A ' Rebecca Moore Frances Moses -wwi' , wish Randy Morris -f C - Bill Murphy Y iikwtf Robert Murphy . X Neal Obenchain Joyce Newman David Neal K M , , Joyce Nichols 't ' C ' Arbeautis Nixon tif? iivi I , Lova Nixon as Jannie Painter N my W I Y Anita Parker 2 2 Pam Pearson in Mike Paynter C 'k Gary Peoples 3, I ' 7 Rodney Peters f X ,-, ,. in I VTVJ Donna Peters , Marie Peters Carolyn Pillow Pamela Pitts t Martha Plunkett 2 1. 4' , 7, Charles Pool 'X K Ai an . Melvin Puckett ,Q is fi K Pamela Ray ' I ' E TimmY Reed p 4 A '13 M tl - .im PN fr at ff- s f 3 m r . T33 Q s I N- 7 --ff f a ,f 1 X ,E ., , C ,I , L C f K L9 :X 2. ft e , '- 1 3:4 . gf 5' . 4' ' 332 5 ' 1 , J 4 ' 4 ' 'f -J' as X K u ' sl .. .N Q . ff lx ' -. ' Q 0 ,. s ., 'ax 1: z an - 0 g g t W wa? 1 . 1.-15 svy 7 , f i irluxw' in in s . M- r. l' , W .J 1 , s . gh Y-use , s 1. ' 361- K '?5i?5'i'W ' fracas ev o. 41' Qi , , Aff a ,url , oe Q.: fniffm The Years Ahead Hold Sh in whx Glenda Register I K - if V Mark Reinhardt W' 7 'A Carolyn Rhodes X X I it in Steve Rice - . Doris Richardson no ' no i S Doris Richardson 5 Judy Roop " "" A K Tony Roop Sandra Rogers Hazel Ross ,gm in ki Sam Ross X Gail Rowe J., . ., .lo Alice Ruhlo l,.. of Q , --ig. ,, ,, W Marshall Sailles 'H '.'i K 'V 5 G M sr X , 4. if J. K. Schaffer Rickie Schilling -fn' .sf ' . Emerson Schonover A V 1 Kathleen Saunders To L , ' Junella Scott Q' XL ' A - 'Sli fi Pam Semones ' ' H Frank Shari '- 2 Jimmy Shelton Cynthia Sherrill Martha Simmons Don Sirry Jack Lee Smith Rosanne Smith fx any Promises for Eighth Graders Debbie Spangler John William Starkey Ruby Steber ' Dickie Stucky A " Steven Surface ML, Lynn Tate f 3: Janet Teuscher , Q Paul Trout Harvey Turner .Q 7 Peggy Turner F +o KN ' , I X, , , Stewart Turner 9 ,Y .M 6 -, , -M '- 1 2 Q Tony Turner N s4fe,,z-eg, M 7' f f ,f- . "- , ' Jane Vannoy Q - , I J T' Vermillon We ., hyyte M -m if A , M Steve Vest Walter Viohl K Kenneth Wagner or g L W Allen Walls c ,go I Doug Walters 'L , g Mike Walters is I V Mike Ward Sammy Worley Michael D. Webb Z A 'X ylij David Webber 2' Q ,. y J Jenny Lou Weddle Q S g , J Q, Q if Bob Wells f I' A Sharon West gg M A , ,M K Larry White , We . , I W K Donna Whitehead Mike Whitlock J ' Em ' '- I Gerald Williams as K K K -- , ilk Jean Williams Q -'ei , ,ff A 5 A T ' 9, H41 V 5 Ann Wilson y l , ' ' f- . 1 ' 1 R in Florine Reid ",",-.'.:, Q in ,, 1 if if elsk M Q W ' 162 Wim woolwine W' is h S Fi f , n , 'fi X 1 inf in A A W2 8 . .am ef A ifb' J?-E F X ..,. ' . I f r ,I Q 1 :sf Marcie Worley Billy Wright Deloris Kite Brenda Col David wright . ' . ' Linda Hopkins lins, and Betty Jo Wright Diane Chapman Wait for change of classes -ww,t.fww1fm..z,-,Y,: yf., :,. ,.,h v, ,.,f. - ,.., after lunch. Red Cross Volunteers work on a civic project, planting shrubbery. , as They Look Forward to Four More Years at Northside l Senior Play Cast: Front Row, Don Mundy, Bill Epp- erly, Mary Bess Riley, Marilyn Farley, Marion Clark, Glen Hutchinson, Sherry Sherwood, Mike Kidd, Barry Morgan. 2nd Rowg Bettie Thomas, Joyce Williams, Gary Baldwin, Jerry Peverall, Gail Fitzgerald, Linda Neal, Jeannie Wadner, Nancy McKinney, Carole Duffy, Barbara Orender, Sandra Sink, Joe McCoy, Butch Ward, Terryee Trout, George Sieb, Terry Roberts, Don Seay, Jim Stephens, and John Baur. ea, ' ,f.f f, , I , Qfwg RJ "il Q' " 77. rf. J .' ' ui K -2 f ' ,XM ,J if An I QU ,, flask fa. 1' lr, e V Q 2 "S M SAVE 505 Eagle! El-LY Moauws lg THRU PATRONAGE 4 'D K Y fs 'S xf Q Y fx , 1 ls i 1? 4' ELLY ,ms f,,air1:r-:mr ssmcf W b RRETTCDKHPTITG M .w , val-4' ' , M, kk f fu f gl i 1: ' Q V ww f'-V M-f2 2m , V riff? ,yJf15Q3lig, ' m f r ' . - Jw V Mez'-was Lfew' V7 k k I V 1 5 . D' , 3. 4 -sf W ,ga g uv.-1,,,fa -- M ww Arr, ff, , ,f , Mgr:--i-14 . -,iw ,k fi- :J w me i 5, mg +-wyw..-Q:+1w H f,fy,,:,A1gA,,,,+-f , .. - ' ' ,erm f1,22'Mffwf5'5fw'f' ,L , 4 - d'g-,wawiw 'i V - ,, , f . -' L' 'Ji'+iffi'f P41-rv: -'-'eriliaiff WW- I WSW ww--fi-v,y.'fLf w ff:iwY"H"7fa?frgA ff.,1f V ' Q V , 1-r4g.'i55rf H-gg K, , g ' ' L .- 'W' A L J L- ' f LW-9. 'Wi TW- 1'AZzfjl5fkQ3'g,..,:1,5,, - ' " 5'fx-f:f,E::g'fs,15.," '- K K , , , VK I I K in . Rule J K V, S: t ' ' . V ' D - A - 5225? l'7?il', f Q1Jv - f f. I I I K ,. , I .. . -, RIDE The "Safer" 'Kelly Road DRIVE Worry Free On Dependable Kelly Tires 3llO Wmsn. Rd. NW 362-l6ll J-u-..yui.iu.r Q DEPT A Aston: Suburban Store Roanoke-Salem Plaza GHG ' 'E' E-E 5 E525 JE1l'E LE R 5?F4?-I mc. 34 W. CHURcH Ave., ROANOKE, VA. -Your jeweler for fine gifts- chino-si Ive rwa re-c rystal Best wishes to the class of '65 A Els Member Florist Telegraph Delivery Association P. O. BOX 682 DI 5-7709 EVANS DRUG STORE FAi.i.oN Fi.oRisT INC. 23 W. Church Ave. Roanoke, Virginia "Prescription Service" WilllGmSOn Road I l QEALTY COA mg Q E ALTfJ Q S ll5 Church Ave., S.W. Roanoke Roanoke, Virginia EM 6-Ol ll Phone 344-7703 Virginia '. fllwlwk. " Q J I' .gs ig., rfiig. i rl. I or ai Z f sfor I A r...i. C F rirr rsss A ITT, I F ' p C... if gspii .pc C ppggp g p iccici p p , ggi it 1 . I at I I I rw... A W 2' A L, gi nn 5.1, ,., : 4.1 . i ag 1? if I v . r.....rr Q 3 ' Q ' ZA' prpl , 'QAA ' I . V ,. I p olro I L rrerr I A i?i???Qg ' rl -'ifwf'f.: '1 Qv ,,, C gig 1 s if fsfff if r Q i , E P . g .gs f .tt X4 qv Gum . 1 l also sefifg I irisrmfnrg. PWS fa? U 'Olmlzg E- Egg- ,,,,L U-V VY? Unusual Flower Containers Imported Bisque Birds and Bisque Figurines LESTER'S TOY 8: HOBBY SHOP L. G. Wright Colonial Glass Westmoreland Glass Danish Christmas Plates Adams English Ironstone Gifts for All Occasions MARIAN MACK, LTD. The Gift And Hostess Shop The Crossroads Mall Crossroads Shopping Mall 366-2888 BAYSE ESSO SERVICENTER 30 Yrs. As An Esso Dealer -open 24 hrs.- -prompt Road Service- --Repairsf- 2412 Melrose Ave. NW DI 3-6107 F. P. MURRAY Fresh ond Cured Meats Dial DI 4-3811 3-city market Roanoke, Va. We specialize in Va. countrv hams. BROTHERHOOD MEN'S WEAR Fashion 8. Quality Since 1889 fine Clothing for Men 84 Young Men 107 South Jefferson Roanoke POWELL PHARMACY Professional Service 219 E. Main St. Salem, Va. "Your Assurance - A Powell Prescription 1 ,1 I E l l l WOODS MOTORS The Best Used Cars In All Of Roanoke Valley" wishes the Senior Class ot '65 the BEST WISHES IN THE FUTURE 5626 Williamson Road Compliments of WILLIAMSON ROAD PHARMACY J. J. KORMANN 81 SON, INC P. O. Box 5232 Roanoke, Virginia ,f-Q. An Average Capitalist Discusses FREE ENTERPRISE "l'VE THE RIGHT T0 PLAN MY 0WN LIFE, T0 EARN A LIVING AS I SEE FIT." " . . . I'm limited, of course, by my ability and determination. But, overall, I call the shots. I'll be paid according to what I con- tribute, too. If I'm valuable, I'll earn moreg if lazy, less. But there's always the thought of Working up. That's because I live in a Free Enterprise economy Where I have freedom of choice and opportunity." Our management employees and stock- holders are united with this student under the Free Enterprise flag. We chose this business because we like it. But like other businesses, we must give the best possible service at the lowest possible cost. ..e.. ...Q .- ' . "Q EE . .shun nvsfl' Power Company - 0 Q W. For the best in personal Brushes, Household Cleaning . A.,,' Aids, Chemicals, and Cosmetics ,A ,,'- "' V " I it 6, A ., I My ,.,,, ,V 5 L ' Brush Co x ,,,i I I , f' .. iii? A A ci, 1 GJ 3 V: my , I 'M Wn'HT? , ', , I to mf V11 mm . ' i I I fgfg,f f , ' ' if 1 'j if ,. A V 1 V F M y fill , i fi 2531-ECM A A www ,iw V-M719 A F A I ,, L I, ,ij-., K V .IA. 0 27 'lt' f lwlfllig I Y :L f-'t r W, V N all 't fa' " 'M 34 ,4,,,,,1,.., Q3 '- if 'RENT i , j g , wfvfgi ,f'P ,555 ix" it vii. . '15 E- - - iv if , if . rf 15 M- i , ff'i fff ff , ' f' , . ,W if' , ' V ,ii f , ' nf ,, A il' i , fi 4 X- 'lllll I ' GEORGE BRASWELL 4,5 F DIAL EM 6-3088 FF' - lil 1 Q., -if ' tax A FRIEND KEITH'S AMOC0 SERVICE 5343 Williamson Rd. NW Roanoke, Virginia GILLS MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Within city limits on US ll 81 22 North 46ll Williamson Road, Roanoke, Va. Tel. EMpire 6-269l and 6-9937 Many fine cars to choose from KENT MOTORS Williamson Road Dl 3-3436 Harry B. Bowman 5005 Williamson Road C. David Fitzhugh l9lO Memorial Ave. I AGENTS FOR STATE FARM INSURANCE AUTO - LIFE - FIRE - HOMEOWNERS BS, noANoxE s-ron: ' HXTURE PETERS CREEK PHARMACY DRUGGIST ll2O Peters Creek Road, N.W. Dial EM 6-5525 Roanoke, Va. TOOT'S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT cuks SERVICE 2729 Williamson Road Roanoke, Virginia Phone EM 6-9928 rving Good Food At Same Location For Over I5 Years SALEM FEDERAL SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION l4 South College Avenue Salem, Virginia SALEM OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Custom Made Fromes Rare Prints-Mirrors--Gifts--Art Supplies OLD VIRGINIA PICTURE 9 So. College Avenue Salem, Virginia D I, at M, h S I, FRAMING SHOP uplcolor lmeogmp upples C. Leonard Jones, Owner 81 Operator A . 1 Garland S. Menefee Phone: DU 9-6168 IO West Kirk Avenue Roanoke, V"'Q""0 Dial Dl 4-2868 ALICE'S SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE Virginia's Highest Recommended and Accredited Beauty School 25-A Church Avenue, S.W. Roanoke, Virginia ARTISTIC BEAUTY SALON 27l9 Melrose Ave. Roanoke, Vo. Dl 3-4176 NORTHWEST-HARDWARE CO. For Your Convenience STORE: No. I 6ll Eleventh Street, N.W. No. 2 4221 Melrose Ave., N.W, No. 3 7541 Williamson Road Pool-Room Phones-TV Air Conditioned--Credit Cards Accepted STARLITE MOTOR COURT 4448 Melrose Ave., N.W. Roanoke, Virginia 24Ol7 Jct., U.S. 460-IIA-II7 Owned 81 Managed By: Dan 81 Dawn Kusic Dial 703 366-3403 AG FOOD STORE YOUNG'S SUPER MARKET 2049 East Main St. Salem, Va. THE PICTURE CENTER 6704 Wiiii6mS6n R666 EM 6-4302 Roanoke, Virginia l l HART Moron co., INC. , "The Dealer With A Heart" TOLER 2021 Williamson Road, N. E. Roanoke, Virginia c6ii 389-2364 EMp"e 68851 Printers of The North Winds Complete Auto Service F. c. AMRHEIN s. soNs Jewsisns Vl'g'nlQ'S Gif' of Good We OLD DOMINION CANDIES, INC. 32 Kirk Ave. W. Salem, Virginia Dl 3-5l47 , "Western Virginia's Style Ce For Young Men 8- BOYS" Home of the original Double Decker 0 Hamburger C2 locations? U At L6i46sa66 5610 wms. Rd. 29RfQ'nfl'f'j',,i:f: e Clothes Carefully Cleaned At VALLEY CLEANERS Shirt Service 81 Storage Same Day Service On Request Corner Wm. Road and Sunnybrook Dr. Dial 366-1503 WILLIAMSON ROAD GULF 36l4 Williamson Road Roanoke, Va BROWN DERBY Melrose Ave. Sr Peters Creek Rd. NW Dial EM 6-7839 y f74a'zcoaf Sim? 747041.16 f ,W ""--s... I Best wishes and success CHARCOAL STEAK HOUSE + , is 4' L Emhassg itliutnr ilndgz On U. S. 460 and ll West of Roanoke 4525 Melrose Ave. NW. Roanoke, Va. Compliments of' BOXLEY HILLS TEXACO Gil 8. Lubrication Specialists CROUCH'S PHARMACY 7535 Williamson Road EM 6-3179 HOLLINS WELDING 8- REPAIR nr Auto - Truck 81 Tractor Repairing State Inspection gamut J. H. Dunbar--Donald J. Dunbar RT. l, HOLLINS, VIRGINIA "Headquarters for School Pennant Charms" Sterling Silver ' 209 S. ,Jefferson Street WARREN W. GILBERT Portrait--Commercial-AeriaI Photography Route IO, Box l93-B CPeters Creek Roadl Phone 366-44Il Roanoke, Virginia I! BEAUTY SALON JIM EADS' AUTO DOME MOTORS The Best In Used Cars At Wholesale Prices 2518 Williamson Rd. Roanoke Vlrgmlo Linda Arthur 81 Susan Vannoy sell tickets to Janice Pitts whil Mary Riley looks on. HOLLINS BARBER SHOP 1 7545 Williamson Road HILLMAN FLYING SERVICE Woodrum Airport BIBEE'S BARBER SHOP 6928 Peters Creek Road P. O, Box 5036 Phone EM 6-0911 Roanoke, Virginia 24012 Charter-Passenger Flights 1 Ship Rentals BROOKS-BYRD PHARMACY Student Instructions "SaIem's Prescription Center" .X "Flying is an investment in your future." 2 East Main Street -1 Salem OUR OFFICIAL SCHOOL RING K OUR OFFICIAL SCHOOL JEWELER Sehool QIQWQIQP WESTERN AUTO Main St. Salem, Va. Home ot Honda Motorbikes and Schwinn Bikes FIN K'S J EWELERS oiAMoNos-wATci-iEs-ELECTRICAL WARE TH E DAILY N EWSPAPER Provides young people with current practical an necessary information to satisfy their interests NOV -and to enlarge their understanding of the adu world in the future READ THE ROANOKE TIMES 342-299i Jelle'5O'l Elite Rnannkr Mnrlh-Nunn Q-f"mF"i7Lf me ' 4 ee A i Mororz ST'S m W: Ll- Q l avi PIAJRAISISE 'rs I wat' vert li Cam er ii Distributors ot Frozen Foods p Retail - Institutional Dml' EM 66579 ROANOKE FROSTED FOODS, INCORPORATED P. O, Box 7O-Kessler's Mill Road SALEM, VIRGINIA Phone DUpont 9-5409 LAYMAN CANDY CO. I637 E. Main Salem, Va, I' BELTONE DEALER DI 4-0733 I P. D. MEADOR Structural and Miscellaneous 6 E Campbell Av I9 Yrs. in Roanoke REID AND CUTSHALL INCORPORATED Fine Furniture tor Over 40 Years Downtown Furniture Galleries 3rd at Campbell Ave., SW. D"'m"9 Reid 8 Cutshall's Wayside Farmers National Bank Bldg. Salem, Va. U' ll, West In Salem A Better Deal KEN PLATT ln An Automobile SEE TOM SCOTT SCOTT-POWELL MOTOR CO. 25l4 Williamson Road, NE. Sportswea r-Shoes-Clothing WILLIAMSON ROAD PHOTO SHOP ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Dial EM 6-287i "OUR BUSINESS IS DEVELOPING" "It's fun to be on the Telstar team" 22 3:23 IZZAI .A ...,,,, 3 Telephone service is a happy combination of able people and ever-better equipment. As partners with The Bell System, we of CSLP share the pride for development of the transistor, solar battery and Telstar. In the field of communications, the horizon is bright . . . and the future offers fas- cinating experiences and rewards for endeavor. OF VIRGINIA I HIII svsirulouvwx 177 ,..,,, x Iii, My I ,' W i ,I I Ll' 1 'VIII' tg ,, ,K HI If X if - ---- .. --A ' ' gi I 'ri II K IM GLotImlers FI'Ia.berdo.sI'Lers ., ., MHIIH , ,I RcannkeSMosLExcIusIve Men'sanaYoung Mgn'sSt.or Hi, III 'H' ao: scum Jr 1-um. Sv R ke Va 52.7 "" y yi -E ,:,:, W my Eai., , D XVEEBIJURN S NORTH "II" LANES League 31 Open Bowling Enjoy Bowling at 'A 'TE' Its Best Q. -3 Dial 366-8879 IGI IIIIIIIS Sllf B LING "PET, .you het!" VOOVIN7 -2 , ,- i O YlIAllllRlIV N ,ll-I.: Q Q V V, AQLN f JI" . ..I , Inu Eff. gl 5 II - nlfffm jx 5H0M0QINl1ID MIIK ll N ' MILK Y mi IIIIIIIIII 7 II? I ,I :jf f . I I 5a I ,yy .1 li muli ,:--.12 3 'CE c"f""" if'.T.Zf..1 N I ......... I I , E I IIIII IIIII I I IMI IL MW! M E - his ML was 1- f I I I W T iii II I 'I I MILKCOMPANV DAIRY DIVISION "For Tile In Style" IVIIIIIIC UI'l'Y 'IIILII Si UAIIPIIT CII. Dial DI 33307 I9IO WiIIiamson Road Roanoke, Virginia WHYE Your Daytime Popular Music Voice "ROANOKE'S NUMBER 2 STATION IOOO Powerful Watts A-9IO on your Dial- FASHION CRAFT CLEANERS Fabric Specialists CROSSROADS MALL ROANOKE, VIRGINIA P E A R L ' S BEAUTY SALON Rebecca Newman lOwnerl "Beauty ls Our Business" 3518 Williamson Rd., N.W. Lovely Flowers for All Occasions ROY L. WEBBER, FLORIST 4000 Williamson Rd., N.W. Phone EM 6-7651 Roanoke, Va. JOBE FLORIST 215 College Avenue Salem, Virginia 389-7284 7901 Z W5 001014 ami czwrfk SIL F- SERVICE! DRY CLEANING! 1- A' at WASHING L DRYING! VE lvigl 4 sAvE Momav ! 4 ZML 366 - 9862 7721 VVILL.lAlVlSONPD.,N,kNA United States Leadership, in the new world economics as in the political and social confrontation, depends in the last analysis on our ability, as a nation and as individuals, to think and plan ln terms of the new forces at work in the world. It ls notour weapons of war. . .not our treaties and agreements. . . not our words. . .but our ideas which must earn our place in the world. . .our ideas and our ideals. Gerald L. Phillippe Chairman of the Board General Electric Company cznsnujuicrnic INDUSTRY CONTROL DEPARTMENT Salem. Virginia Alice's Beauty School F.C. Amrhein 84 Son Auto Dome Motors Arlene's Artistic Beauty School Appalachian Power Co. Bayse Esso Service Beltone Hearing Boxley Hills Texaco Brooks-Byrd Pharmacy Brotherhood Men's Wear Brown Derby C 81 P Camper's Texaco Charcoal Steak House Clip 81 Curl Crouch's Drug Store Dabney Tire Co. Davidson's Delong's Embassy Motor Lodge Evans Drug Store Fallon Florist Fashion Craft Cleaners Finks Flora Realty Co. Fuller Brush Co. George Brashwell G. E. George T. Hitch Gilbert Studio Gill's Motel 81 Restaurant Hart Motors Henebry's Hillman Fl in Service Y Q Hollins Barber Shop 84 Bibee's Hollins Quick Clean Center Hollins Welding 8. Repair Jobe's Florist Keith's Amoco Service Ken Platt Kent Motors AD l7l l72 l74 I67 l7l l69 l68 176 l73 l74 l68 l72 l77 l76 l73 l74 l73 I66 l78 l72 l73 l67 l67 l76 l78 l67 l7O l79 l67 l73 l7O l72 l73 l74 l74 l79 l73 l79 l7O l78 l7O INDEX J. J. Korman 84 Son pg. l69 Layman Candy Co. pg, l76 Legget's Suburban Store pg. l67 Lester's Toy 84 Hobby Shop pg. l68 Magic City Tile 84 Carpet pg. l78 Marian Mack pg. l68 P. D. Meador pg. l78 F. P. Murray-Food Market pg. l68 North Eleven Lanes pg. l76 Northwest Hardware pg. l7l Old Dominion Candies pg. l72 Old Va. Picture Frames pg. l7l Pearl's Beauty Salon pg. l76 Pet Milk Co. pg. l76 Peter's Creek Pharmacy pg. l7l Powell Pharmacy pg. l68 A Friend pg. l7O Ried 84 Cutshall pg, l76 Ridenhour Music Center pg. l68 J. L. Robertson pg. l75 Roanoke Times 81 World News pg. l76 Roanoke Frosted Foods pg, l76 Roy L. Webber pg. l79 Salem Federal Savings 81 Loan pg. l7l Salem Office Supply pg. l7l Scott-Powell Motor Co. pg, l76 State Farm Insurance pg. l7O Starlite Motor Court pg. l7l The Picture Center pg. l72 Toler 84 Company pg. l72 Toots pg, l7l Valley Cleaners pg. l72 Webb Office Machines pg. l7l Western Auto pg. 176 WHYE pg. l78 Williamson Road Gulf pg. l72 Williamson Road Pharmacy pg. l69 Williamson Road Photo Shop pg. l78 Woods Motors pg. l69 Yoda's Big Boy pg. l72 Young's Super Market pg. l72 Many fond memories remain from the 1964 Jr.-Sr. Prom "Camelot" li ll flii tx 'TZQL cgi17.l7 11ae:, , A f-QQ., Mr. Booth models his Christmas present. Cafeteria workers prepare hot lunches. Martha Myers makes up Carole Duffy as Louise! Fitzhugh looks on, Don Mundy watches as Glen Hutchinson carries Joyce Williams. vfl 192 we it ,ig , me 'Q . E V Hifi g1iZ.IiV'.li Faculty Directory Allison, Anita M.: Radford College: B.S.: General Business and Book- keeping. Bailey, Sandra A.: Radford College: B.S.: U. S. History. Bascou, Marie J.: Lycee Marie Curie: Baccalaureate: French II, III, IV. Blanchard, Jo A.: East Tennessee State College: B.S.: English. Booth, John D.: University of Virginia: B.S.: History and Government. Brammer, Rebecca E.: Ferrum Jr. College: Radford College: B.S.: General Science, Biology. Brawshaw, Barbara L.: Radford College: B.S.: Mathematics, Algebra. Cappellanti, Alfred: Morris Harvey: A.B.: Physical Education. Carson, Charles E.: Kansas State College of Pittsburg: B.S.: Mechanical Drawing and Industrial Arts. Clemens, Nancy R.: East Tennessee State University: B.A.: Health and Physical Education. Cline, Avis: Emory and Henry: B.S.: M. Ed.: Guidance. Coffindaffer, Ashby: Roanoke College, University of Virginia: B.S., M. Ed.: Biology and Science. Coffindaffer, Rose: Roanoke College: B.S.: English and Drama. Conner, Judy R.: Andrew Lewis High School: Secretary. Dantzler, Martha: Converse College: B.A.: University of Virginia: M.Ed.: Geometry and Algebra. Elliott, Wallace: Randolph-Macon College, University of Virginia: A.B., M. Ed, English and Guidance. Farthing, Lloyd: Elon College: A.B.: English. Farthing, Peggy C.: Emory and Henry College: B.A.: English. Fore, Suellen: Winthrop College: B.S.: Algebra and Geometry. Gallion, John: Marshall University: A.B.: Guidance. Gallion, Linda: Marshall University: A.B.: World Geography, Health and Physical Education. Gregory. Shirley: University of South Mississippi: B.S.: Government and World History. Handron, Richard: Roanoke College: B.S.: Physics and Mathematics. Harris, Elizabeth: Longwood College, B.S.: English and Arts. Henderson, Donna: Mary Washington College: B.S.: Guidance. Isbell, Ralph: Concord College: B.S.: Health and Physical Education. Keating, Anne: William and Mary, University of Colorado: B.S.: English. Kelly, Patricia: West Virginia University: B.S.: M. Ed.: Typing and Short- hand. Killinger, Richard: Hampton-Sydney College: B.S.: Science. Lenny, Betty: University of Illinois: A.B.: Spanish I. Lowrance, Gaile: Appalachian State Teachers College: M.Ed.: University of North Carolina at Greensboro: B.S.: Typing and Vocational Office Training. l82 Faculty Directory McDavid, Edna: Radford College: B.S.: Librarian. Martin, Edna: Emory and Henry College: B.S.: Latin. Mastin, Majorie: Hollins College: University of North Carolina: B.S. English. Mauck, Betty: Radford College: B.S.: English. Minnich, Kathryn: University of Cincinnati: A.B.: Algebra. Murray, Melinda: University of Alabama: B.S.: Health and Physical Ed- ucation. Naff, Mary: Radford College: B.S.: World Geography. Noell, Joyce A.: Radford College, B.S.: Office Practice and Typing I. Nolen, Claude Buford, Jr.: Ferrum Junior College, VPI: B.S.: Biology. Orr, Kenneth: Emory and Henry College VPI: B.A., M.A. and Adm. Passen, William E.: Appalachian State Teachers College, B.S., M.A. His- tory and Adm. Pederson, James E.: Lynchburg College B.A., Gov't and World History. Peters, Norma J.: Trevecca College, George Peabody College for Teachers: B.A., M.A., World Geography and History. Petty, Mary F.: Roanoke College, B.S., English. Rakes, Mary S.: Radford College, B.S.: Home Economics 1, Science 8. Ramirez, Maria J.: Normal School for Teachers CHavanaD, Havana Univer- sity: Doctor in Education: Spanish. Redd, William A.: VMI: B.S., Chemistry and Science 9. Russo, Dorothy H.: Roanoke College, A.B.: English 11. Setzer, Billy C.: Roanoke College, B.S., Mathematics Analysis, Algebra Solid Geometry and Trigonometry. Shapiro, Ronald: Roanoke College: B.S.: University of Virginia, M.A. English 12. Shelton, James K.: Appalachian State Teachers College: B.S.: World Geo., Health and Physical Education. Shober, Dwight W.: Bridgewater College, B.S., Mathematics. Skaggs, Guelda T.: Radford College, University of Colorado, George Wash- ington University, B.S., Home Economics. Stout, John: West Virginia Wesleyan, University of West Virginia, North- western, A.B., M.A., Band and Choir. Turner, J. M.: Emory and Henry, University of Virginia, B.A., M. Ed., Prin- cipal. Weaver, Frances A.: Longwood College: B.S.: Shorthand and Typing I. Webber, Emma St. Clair: Madison College: B.S.: Directed Study. Yates, Sue B.: Bridgewater College: B.A.: Chemistry and Mathematics. Yates, William H.: University of Virginia: B.A., Biology and Chemistry. Zuck, Julia M.: Westhampton College, University of Richmond: B.A.: French I. 5th grade French fConehurst and Burlingtonb. 183 7 ! A Abbott, Carole, 50,58,59,77,78,104, 108.130 Abbott, Jimmy, 137 Abbott, Kathryn, 159 Abbott, Lowell, 97,137 Adams, Pat, 67,159 Agnew, Kathy, 70,73,77,155 Aheron, Aiken, Aiken, Susan, 57,70,73,76,78,155 Lynn, 155 Marie Aikens, Joye, 155 Aires, Margie Neal, 104 Akers, James, 60,137 Akers, Marcia, 60,67,137 Akers, Wallace, 53,60,68,137 Akers, Ruth Marie, 104 General Index Beaman, Linda, 53,67,7O,78 Beamer, Richard, Bean, Andrea, 147 Bean, Gary, 56,155 Beasley, Eddie, 155 Beason, Billy, 68,155,94 Beason, Donna, 53,61,65,72,105 Bell, Gary, 105 Bell, Kathy, 60,137 Bell, Jeanne, 159 Bell, Pat, Bennett, Joan, 31,64,74,105,107 Bennett, Joyce, Bennett, Mike, 159 Best, Barbara, 58,714,137 Best, Becky, 62,74,105 Bibee, Nancy, 65,137 Bibee, Wayne, 147,87 Burnop, Sharon, 107 Bush, Brenda, 67,70,148 Byrd, Don, 53,79,84,86,98,138,13G Cooper, Larry, 156 Cosm ata, Pat, 148 Craft, Margaret, Craig, David, 156 Craig, Luana, 109 Craighead, Linda, 64,765,138 Crawford, Linda, 148 Crawford, Bill, 156 Crawford, Dennis, 75 Crawford, Crawford Crawford C raw ford Gordon, 109 Larby 138 I Wanda, 159 , William, C Caldwell, Delmas, Caldwell, Donna, Caldwell, Linda, 156 Caldwell, Nancy, 53,78,148 Caldwell, Pamela, Calhoun, Jimmy, Callahan, Pat, 138 Callahan, Johnnie, 159 Callahan, Phyllis Ann, 156 Campbell, Frank, 156 Campbell, Jack, 159 Creasy, Annette, 57,148 Creasy, Cathy, 159 Creasy, Ronnie, 70,138 Creasy, Sandra, 156 Akers, Akers Sandra Gay, 50,67,137 Fay, 50 67 137 Axexahder, Dora Lee, so,7a,76,1s5 Alexander, Peggy, 21,50,59,61,76,77, Billings, Richard, Binckins, Lonny, 155 Blackmon, Diana, 21,60,62,63,67, 71,741,137 Blackmon, Peggy, 52,62,105 118,104 Alexander, Sue, 76,159 Aliff, Sandra, 74,137 Aliff, Suzie, 155 All, Bobby, 159 Alls, Dianna, 147 Alls, Raymond, , she,-ry, 67,160 Crowder Alls, Sidney, 155 Altice, Perry, 147,94,87 Altice, Wayne, Altizer, Michael, 155 Anderson, David, Anderson, Eugene, Anderson, Jill, 67,70,78,147 Anderson, Tommy, 71,87 Andrews, Andrews, Andrews, Andrews, Carolyn, David, 78,147 Kenneth Rays, 104,110 Mike, 159 Angle, Sara, 56,66,78,104 Angus, Louise, 78,155 Blackwell, Cheryle, 105 Blair, Carol, 58,71,77,137 Blanchard, Brenda, 65,137 Bland, Chris, 34,50,56,70,72 Blank, Linda, 50,53,67,70,78,147 Blankenship, Diane, 155 Blankenship, Patty, 65,105 Blankenship, Sandra, 57,159 Blankenship, Sherry, 74,105 Blevins, Robers, 106,137 Blumberg, Sharon, 58,105 Blunt, Wayne, 50 Bocock, Charolotte, 106 Body, Cris, 159 Body, William, Bohn, Pam, 59,53,56,147 Boitmott, Earl, 155 Boitnott, Coland, 147 Boitnott, Temmy, Bonds Brenda, 78,147 Camper, Carole, 65,107 Camper, Danny Lee, 156 Canine And 78148 , Y, , Canine, David, 53,62,66,70,71,79.84. 107,113 Cannaday, Robert, 2,53,107,188 Cantrell, Darlene, 138 Carr, Thomas, 107 Carie, Ernie, 54,138 Carr, Jimmy, Carr, Tommy, 73,96,94 Cregger, Chuck, 156 Cregger, Donald, 109 Cregger, Linda, 53,138 Cartel, Bobbi, 159 Carter, James, Carter, Jimmy. 138 Arnold, Cinda, 78,147 Arnold, Samuel W., 159 Gloria, 155 Larry, 159 Arrington, Arrington, Carter, Ronnie, 138 Carter, Vanessa, 148 Carter, Danny, 148 Cassada, Pat, 159 Catron, Kathy, 2l,58,61,62,72,78, 108 Chapman, Diane, 163 Cregger, Robert, 87,156 Cronise, Steven, 160 Cronise, Calvin, 156 Cronise, Douglas, 58,109 Cronise, Ron, 84,98,138 Crotts, Eddie, 147,148 Crotts, Linda, 57,68.77,7 Crouch, Crouch, Crouch, Crowder Barbara, 138 Jo Anne, 148 8,148 Wilsie, 75,79,98,109 Barry, 148 Crowder, Betty, 156 Crowder, Carole, 56,138 Crowder, Nancy, 68,156 Robert, 148 Crowder, Crowder, Susan, Crump, Jane, Crutchfield, Carole, 58,711,148 Crutchfield, Donna, 58,65 Crutchfield, Mae, 70,139 Cuddy, Sharon, 160 Cundiff, Alice, 70,71,78,109,188 Childress, Jimmy, Childress, Libby, 78,148 Childress, Martha, 108 Childress, Ronald, 79, 84, 96, 98, 94, 108 Chittum, Rebecca, 159 Chitwood, Sandra, 159 Chomicki, Alex, 53,60,108 Chomicki Fabio 159 Cundiff, Rachel, 109 Custer, Carolyn, 156 Custer, Wanda, 160 Custer, Ronnie, 148 Church, Eddie, i4s Arrington, Patsy, 70,73,77,78,155 Arrington, Virginia, 73,155 Bonds, Jane, 50,106 Boone, Becky, 60,77,137 Boone, Buddy, Boone, Jeanetta, 60,713,155 Boone, Loretta, 137 Booth, Tim, 54,68,l3'7 Bordwine, Charles, 70,155 Arritt, Ken, 60,68,147 Arthur, Janie, 23,34,104 Arthur, Linda, 81,136,137,174 Arthur, Richard, 159 Asbury. Rickie, Ashby, Ashlin, Shirley, Carolyn, 155 ' Ashwell, Pat, 64,78,104,117 Atkinson, Anita, Atkinson, Manuell, Ayers, Margie Ayers, Steven, 159 B Bailey, Phillis Hill, 147 Bailey, Charlie Bailey, Evelyn Bailey, 159 Borrell, Pam, 58,658,147 Botts, Gary, 159 Botts, Glen, 106 Bousman, David, 155,87 Bowen, Paige, 57,70,106 Bower, Billy, 137 Bowman, Carolyn, 155 Bowman, Barbara, 155 Bowman, Karen, 78,106 Bowman, Raymond 147 Boxley, Pat, 60,77,138 Bowyer, Star, 137 Bradford, Bradshaw, Perry. Billy, 159 Brammer, Dickey, 104 Brammer, Kathey ,64,74,104 Brantley, Branum, Theresa, 65 Juanita, 56,74,147 Micheal 159 Bailey, , Baldwin, Dickie, 147 Baldwin, Gary, 58,59,78,79,93,104 163 Bales, Ivy, 155 Bales, Odilee, 155 Ball, Pat, 57,68,71,73,76,78,l55 Bandy, Steve, 137 Ball, Greg, 94,59 Braswell, Glenn, 104 Brawner, Nancy, 54,55,64,104 Brewbake, Pam, Brizendine, Layne. 66,156 Brizendine, Margaret, 70,78,106 Brizendine, Zelda, 147 Banks, Dianne, 147 Barbour, Susan, 64,78,110 Barger, Deena Ann, 33,147 Barger, Eddie, 2,104 Barker, Eric, 75,104 Barrett, Brenda, 57 Barrett, Kay, 57,155 Barrett, Fay, 71,155 Barrett, Purcell, 159 Barnett, Sharon, 159 Bartley, Steve, 107 Barton, Jim, 23,70,105 Baugess, Cindy, 57 Clammer, Jerry, 60,148 Clark, David, 148 Clark, Jimmy, 159 Clark, Marion, 56,58,59,70,74,108,163 Clarkson, Carol, 50,70,73,77,156 Clay, Patty, Clayton, Tommy, 159 Clayton, Sherry, 68,148 Clement, Brenda, 148 Clement, Ronny, 138 Clemmer, Jerry, 71 Clifton, Jean, 138 Cline, Bobby, Clingempeel, Andy, 68,94,138 Cloaninger, Donna, 54,138 Coakley, Donnie, 108 Coakley, Ronnie, 74,108 Cobb, Hunter, Coble, Annette, 56,74,138 Cockhart, Connie, 159 Coffins, Brenda, 148 Coffman, Judy, 50,78,148 Cole, Carol, 67,156 Cole, Andie, 56,67,159 Collins, Brenda, 148,163 Collins, Elaine, 57,65,76,148 Collins, Laura, 156 Collins, Dianne, 56,156 Compton, Larry, 148 D Dalton, Kathy June, 57,160 Damewood, Brenda, 139 Damewood, Larry, 149 Damiano, Joe, 68,149 Daniel, Ronnie, 53,58,139 Daniels, Lonnie, 110 Darnell, Dexter, Davids, Larry, 139 Davidson, Gary, 160,87 Davidson, Bonnie, 23,54, 55,139 Davidson, Steve, 74,79,84,94,109,120 Davis Carol, 156 Davis Lois, 53,56,58,67,78,149 Davis Elizabeth, 58,59,61,67,70,78 Davis Linda, 139 Davis Diane, 149 Davis Mary, Davis, Price, 53,68,72,139 Davis, Ruth, 101 Davis, Van, 160 Dean, Glenn, 78,149 Dean, Terry, Deaner, John, 34,563,110 Dearing, Robin, 15,23,63,76,78,139 Brooks, Donald,,159 Brooks, Wanda, 138 Brown, Helen, 57,147 Brown, Jerry, Brown, Juanita, Brown, Judy, 53,147 Brown, Linda, 148 Brown Martha, Hatcher, 50,73,76, 78,256,156 Brown, Sharon, 56,57,156,163 Broyles, Gary, 148 Brubaker, Pam, 159 Brumfield, Bobby, 106 Brumfield, Brenda, 148 Conner Conner Conner Conner Conner Conner, , , Benny, 70,148 Gary, 156,159 Gloria, 148 Jerry, 71,75,79,108 Kenneth, 148,94 Larry, 58,79,84,116 Conner, Linda Meryl, 52,56,65,66, 108 Conner, Linda L., 65,66,70,13i-l Conner, Mary K., Conner, Robert, 138 Conner, Sandy, Dickerson, Jeff, 87,149 Conner, Warren, 148 Baugh, Shelia, 53,60,61,72,137 Brunette, Bonnie, Deeds, Sandra, 160 Deel, Linda, 61,62,78,110 DeHart, Sue Dennis, Brenda, 149 Dennis, Betty, 139 Dent, Gary, 54,60,149 Derbin, Gayle, 61,110 Dewease, Alton, Dewease, Arliegh, 110 Dewease, Robert, 139 DeWindt, Bobby, 71 DeWitt, Robert Charles, Deyerle, Ernie, 18,52,58,5 Dickerson, Alice, 58,62,7 Dickerson, David, 160 110 8,139 Baur, John, 23,53,60,105,124,143 Bayer, Elliot, 68,78,81,98 Bayer, Ralph, 155 Bayse, David, 52,75 Bayse, Michael, 137 Bayse, Ropie, 60,137 Beach, Robert, Bryant, Eddie, 148,159 Bryant, Gary. 138 Brzana, Walter, 75,107 Burch, Carol, 159 Burnette, Jane, 76,148 Burnett, Mike, 138 Burnop, Sharon, 107 Cook, Dennis, 54,56,109 Cook, Linda, Coon, Nancy, 138 Cooper, Dreama, 159 Cooper, Fawn, 109 Cooper, Julia Alice, 77,148 Cooper, Harold, 159 Dickerson, Tommy, 156 Dickson, Lewis, W., 53,139 Dillon, Lynn, 48,57,160 Divers, Becky, 56 Divers, Wayne, 75,139 Dixon, Lewis, 139 Dogan, Pat, 64,111 9,79,a4,111 Francisco, Linda, 140,149 Haislip, Linda, 58,78,114,120 Dotson, Jimmy, 57,156 Dove, Becky, 54,111 Dowdy, Brenda, 156 Dowdy, Barbara, 65,156 Doyle, Rosie, 57,160 Driscoll, Danny, 52,75,98,111 Drumheller, Gerald, 149 Dudley, Anne, 50,61,70,72,78,139 Dudley, Thomas, 149 Duffy, Carole, 14,18,50,52,58,59,78, 80,81,111,124,163,181 Duffy, Charles Michael, 111 General Index Foreman, Bill, 156 Foreman, Jim, 98,149,247 Foreman, Steve, 160 Foster, Shelia, 74,76,77,149 Foutz, Dennis, 70,78,149 Foutz, Lance, Foutz, Jenifer, 160 France, Larry, 84,149 Grubb, Joyce, 140 Grubb, Michael, 150 Grubbs, Brenda, 140 Grubbs, Judy, 150 Guilliams, George, 157 Gunter, Patricia, 114 Guthrie, Carolyn, 140 Hite, Gary, 116 Hite, Paullette, 3,65,78,116 Hite, Pete, 160 Hite, Roger Hobbs, Jimmy, 23 Hobson, Jim. 150 Hodge, Jerry, 150 Hodges, Barbara, 141, Francisca Brarry Wayne, 160 Francisco: Barry, 160 Francisco , Erma, I-I Francisco Hogan, Brenda, 150 Holdren Dunbar, Bonnie, 65,149 Duncan, Lance, 54,60,139 Duncan, Linda, 111 Dunford, Patricia Gail, 160 Dungan, Charlane Dungan, Gail, 111 DuVall, Janice, 111 Francisco, Linda Faye, , Richard, 149 Hale Carma, 157 Dyer, Cheryl, 149 Francisco, Diane, 57,160 Francisco, Sharon, 156 Fraser, Douglas, 156 French, Jacque, 50,67,78,149 Friesland, Vickie, 34,56,78,149 Frith, Arlene, 64,113 Frith, Glenn, 140 Hodges, Everette, 157 Hodges, Nancy Hodges, Phyllis, 64,116 Hodges, Sue Hofawger, Brenda, 66,70,157 Hogan, Hogan, Lynda Linda, 160 Holden, Norman, 68,157 Holden, Suzanne, 53, 77,141 , Bill, 150 E Ga rman Eades, Mary Lou, 57,76,77,147,149 Eakin, Joyce, Early, David, 156 Echols, Larry, 139 Edmondson, David, 156 Edmondson, Margaret, Edwards, Terry, 160 Egge, Merry, 160 Egge, Tina, 62,111 Ellis, Judy, 53,64,77,139 Elmore, Sonia, 111 Elmore, Sherry, 139 Elmore, Thomas, Emick, Mark, 139 Fugate, Linda, 140 Fugate, Lucille, Furrow, Carolyn Sue, 149 Holdren, Calvin, 160 Holland, Linda, 57,60,77,78,80 Hallett, Don, 60,72,116 Holly, Don, 141 Holt, Melody, 78,116 Hale, Dreams, 60,140 Hale, Jessee, 160 Hale, Steve, 56,60,84,98,140 Hall, Alvis Davis, 160 Hall, Bernie Hall, Charlotte, 150 Hall, Ho-ann, 160 Hall, Joy, 114 Hall, Junior, 150 Hall, Larry, 93,94,114,96 Hall, Pat, 14,53,64,76,78,77,81, 108,114 Hall, Ronnie Walker, 157 Hall, Ruby Epperly, Billy, 5 6,58,59,71,74,75,78, Furrow, Frank, Furrow, Gary, 160 Furrow, George, Furrow, Mike, Fury, Martha, 64,113 Fury, Ronnie, G Gaabo, Wayne, 56,60,87 Gardner, James, 160 Cary, 140 Garman: Kenneth Hall, Terry, 115 Hall, Vickie, 115 Hamblin, June, 56,67,78,140 Hambrick, Anita Hambrick, David, 62,70,71,140 Hambrick, Dreama Ann, 56,157 Hambrick, Harry Hopkins, Linda, 163 Hopkins, Linda, 163 Horne, Bonnie Horne, Charles Burdette, 160 Horne, Nancy, 70,78,116 Houpt, Randy Kay, 57,160 Howell, Gary, 150 Howell, Carolyn, 60,141 Howell, Nancy, 8,66,116 Howery, Glenna, 52,'T8,110,116 Hamiltion, Lee, 160 Hammer, Linda, 52,56,60,150 Hancock III, Gordon, 53,71,72,14l Hudgins II, Donnie, 141 Hudson, Brenda, 67,141 Huffman, Richard A., 141 Huffman, Sharon, 78,160 Hughes, Judy, 150 Hughes, Michael, 160 79,84,97,98,111,117,163 Epperly, Bonnie, 149 Epperly, Brenda, 139 Epperly, Linda, 139 Eunice, Richard, Evans, Karleen, 156 Evans, Moffatt, 84,139 Evans, Sam, 54,623,149 F Fahnstock, Linda, 74,112 Falls, Suzanne, 53,60,65,68,71,138 Faries, Sharyn, Farmer, Brenda, Farmer, Linda, 78,139 Fauts, Jennifer, Feather, Stuart, 160 Feller, Ken, 70,140,94 Garman, Margie 113,64 Garman, Sue 140 Garma n, Dianne 140,56 Garrett, Kenneth 149,87 78 Garst, Barbara 113,57,54,55,70 Garst, James 149 Garst, Mary Garst, Mike, 140 Garst, Patricia, 34,52,53,56,70, 80,149 Garven, Donna 66,76,113 Garven, Vicki 66,70,77,140,161 Gates, Bette, 64,64,70,113 Gauldin, John,79,98,113 Gauldin, Mike, 149,87 Gentry, Jim, 160 Gibbs, Brenda, Gibbs, Landon, 149 Gibbs. Micheal, 113 Ferguson, Debbie, 52,78,160 Ferguson, John, 52,53,60,62,140 Ferguson, Martha, 112 Ferguson Fer uson , Mike, 160 , Nancy, 112 Gibson, Butch, 130,84,87 Gibson, David, 156 Gibson Gibson , Dana, 160 Roger Gieser,, Marie,' 114 Gilbert Nancy 61,68,72,78 Gilbert: Tommy, 150,160 Hughson, Mary. 160 Hancock, Linda, 20,725,150 Hannabass, Cheryl, 4, 19, 61, 64, 71, 115 Harless, Jerry Harless, Katie, 52,56,6l,66,78,81, 115,117 Harless, Mary Kay, 68,78,150 Harlow, Pat, 115 Harlow, Charlie, 141 Harmon, Brian, 68,150 Harmon, Mary, 11,64,115 Harmon, Priscilla Harold, Ronnie, 160 Harrell, Ronald Harris, Bobby, 157 Harris, Jim, 141 Harris, Linda, 78,150 Harris, Harris, Mac, 62,60,70,78,79,89 Wanda, 150 Harrison, Patricia, 56,115 Hartman, Carolyn, 160 Hartman, Cecil, 115 Hash, David, 53,70,71,141 Hash, Rosemary 18,61,62,78,81, Johnson Gloria. 141 Z Fernatt, Lau ra, Fernatt, Russell, Feury' R Hearn, C Johnson: Peggy, 117 Ferris, Donna, 78,149 Ferris, Kenneth, 60,87,84,149,98 Ferris, Robert, 112 Ferris, Wayne, 112 onnie, 149 Giles, Bobby, 150 Gibbs, Brenda, Gilespie, Cynthia, 52,56 Glass, Brenda, 156 113,115 Hatcher, Joyce, 150 Hatcher, David, 157 Hatcher, Ellen, 54,57,141 Hatcher, Hawkins, Nancy, 57,141 Jeff, 87 Hurt, Frank, 150 Hurt, Ralph Hutchins, Fred, 160 Hutchins, Judy, 78,614,117 Hutcheson, Glenn, 39,58,66,7l, 78,79,108,117,163,181 Hylton, Brenda, 76,711,157 J Jackson, Pat Jamison, Marsha, 150 Janney, Douglas Jarels, Roger Jarret, Jimmy 75 Jarrett, Judi, 71,76,78,117,118,6 Jeanne, Bell Jenkins, Lonnie Jenkins, Robert Jennings, Betty, 70,117 Jennings, Diane, 151 Jennings, Pam, 141 Jeralds, Roger, 117 Hayes, David, 157 Haynes, Bonnie, 57,624,150 Johnson, Martha, 150 Johnson ,I Jacqueline, 160 Johnson Goff, Fielder, Marc, 156 Glass, Gloyd, Walter, 114 Joe 156 Goad, Ramona, 160 Brenda, 156 Haynes, Linda Ann, 72,150 Haynes, Linda Sue, 53,115 arol Sue, 58,74,115 Johnson, Marty, 160 Johnson, Michael Johnson Paula, 68,76,77,150 Hedrick, Pamela Fielder, Pat, 160 Fielder, Robbie, 147 Finney, Curtis, 4,68,112 Fisher, David, 160 Fisher, Diana, 140 Fisher, Dottie Lou, 60,68,140 Fisher, Jim, Fisher, Lynn, 60,78,149 Fisher, Maurice, 149 Fisher, Tommy, Fitzgerald, Donna, 78,160 Fitzgerald, Gail, 3,51,58,59,78,112, 163 Fitzgeral Fitzgeral d, Gary, 70,73,140 d, Larry, 70,78,156 Fitzgerald, Susan, 149 Fitzhugh, Louise, 56,61,112,181 Fitzhugh, Pat, 67,76,78,160,184,187 Flick, Reva, 64,112 Flora, Allen, 160 Flora, Brenda, 64,112 Flora, Phil, 156 Fochtman, Georgette, 149 Fochtman, Louis, 160 Foley, Arthur, 113,125 Forbes, David Lee, 54,160 Ford, Sherry, 68,72,77,156 Goin, Jerry, Goin, Mary, 64,711,114 Goin, Nancy, 64,74,150 Golladay, Richard D., 160 Goode, David, 160 Goode, David, Goode, Tommy, Goodwin, Jimmy, 140 Goodykoontz, Bob, 79,94,140 Gordh, Bill, 53,60,94,150 Gordh, Bob, 18,53,60,60,79,103, 107,114 Gordh, Lyn, 52,57,70,73,77,156 Gorman, Diane, 56,68,78,150 Gramam, Brenda, 53,140 Graham, Linda, 140 Graham, Lynda, 114 Grant, Lois 114 Grant, Mary, Graybill, Donnie, 160 Greenway. Shirley Greenway, Thurman Greever, Hedda, 73,70,156 Griggs, Ann, 56,114 Grogan, Pete, 54,68,73,157 Grubb, Dickie, 150 Helton, Dexter, 150 Henderson, Bob, 115 Henderson, Mike, 60,57 Henderson, Nancy, 58,66,71,77,141 Hendrick, Pam, 141 Hendrick, Linda, 58,116 Hendrick, Richard, 150 Jones, ri Russell, 160 obby Jones, Cynthia, 151 Jones, Darlene, 160 Jones, Frank C. Jones Linda 141 157 Jones: Robert, 160 Journell, Allen, 160 Hendricks, Bill 68,150 Hendricks, Leonard Hendrick, Robert, 141 Henley, Cindy, 157 Henson, Gayle, 160 Henson, Terry, 72,157 Hern, Carol Herron, Dian 150 Hess, Chuck 18,56,103,107,116 Hickman, Bob, 141 Hicks, Ann, 56,150 Hieghas, Judy Hiler, Ray, 160 Hill, Dennis, 87,94,96,141 Hill, Nancy, 141 Hillman, Melinda, 141 Hillman, Phyllis, 141 Himes, Billy, 116 Hines, Billy Hines, Debbie, 54,150 Journell, Larry, 141 K Ka1'bjan, Kathy, 70,73 Kaylo1', Jeffery, 68,151 Kayman, Mark, 151 Keeling, Raynelle, 64,118 Keffer, Betty, 61,64,65,72 Keffer, Roger, 142 Keith, Charles, 157 Keith , Linda, 57,60,77,T8,157 Kelly, Katie, 71,142 Kelly, Jeanie, 70,71,151 Kelly, Linda, 53,64,76,142 Kelly, Loretta, 142 Kelly, Michael Kelly, Surface Kelly. Nancy, 77,161 Kennedy, Robert 4,19,60,75,79,117 161 Kennet, Brenda, 117 Kennett, Janice, 54,142 Kesler, Danny, 161 Kessler, Sue, 67,70,78,161 Kidd, David, 151 Kidd, David G., 70,151 Kidd, John, 157 Kidd, Linda, 70,77,157 Kidd, Mike, 21,52,58,59,70,7X,79, 118 Kidd, Suzy, 53,61,68,72 King, Rosemary, 118 King, Steve, 157 Kingery, Gary Kingery, Lottie, 65,151 Kinsey, John, 142 Kinsey, Mary, 67,70,73,76,78,157 Kinsley, Charleen, 161 Kirby, Nancy, 65,72,1l8 Kirk, Pete, 161 Kite, Doloress, 70,76,77,151,163 Kite, Ken, 3,118,94 Knapp, Bill, 161 Knode, Linda, 54,55,56,11H Knotts, Betty, 61,67,70,142 Knotts, Charles, 161 Knouff, Russell, 151 Kuehn, Joe, 151 Kugler, Mary, 77,161 Kurbjun, Kathy, 78,157 General Index MacGregor, Robroy, 62,66,71,98, 87,142 McLeod, Becky, 60,142 Mallory, Pam, 76,77,151 Maloney, Linda, 56,161 Mann, James, 70,151 Manning, Sandra, 52,57,161 Manning, Sandy Markham, David, 151 Marshall, Anita, 161 Marshall, Bonita, 56 Marshall, Karen, 142 Martin, Annette, 53,67,77,142 Martin, Barr, 151 Martin, Betty, 64,120 Martin, Carol, 151 L Labrie, Janet, 159 Lackey, Robert Lackey, Mary, 57,65,157 Lackey, Marilyn, 57,157 Lackey, David, 98,119 Martin, Dorthy Martin, Dotty Martin, Gary Martin, Jean, 161 Martin, Kathy, 78,151 Martin, Mary Ann Martin, Nancy, 60,142 Martin, Pamela, 53,142 Martin, Ronald, 161 Martin, Sandra, 78,151 Martin, Tequita, 58,714,120 Mason, Henry, 151 Mason, Otis Mason, Paula, 161 Mason, Tommy, 120 Mattox, Judy, 53,658,142 Mattox, Larry, 87,147,151 Mattox Tony, 50 94 142 Minucie, Brenda, 152 Minucie, Charles Mitchell, A. J., 152 Mitchell, Billy Mitchell, Dennis, 161 Mitchell, Don, 71,78,147,152 Mitchell, Pamela, 161 Mitchell, Pamela, 157 Mollohan, Joanna, 62,74,121 Mongan, Linda, 121 Montgomery, Sherry, 69,65,76,143 Moore, Alan Moore, Charles, 157 Moore, James Moore, Mike, 121 Moore,Rebecca, 161 Morfield, Max Moran, Linda, 121 Morgan, Barry, 58,59,60,71,75.73 79,121,163 Morgan, Pam, 53,70.77,78,80.152 Morris. Brenda, 52,64,78,152 Morris, Edward, 87,152 Morris, Nancy Lee, 54,55,143 Morris, Randy, 161 Morris, Richard, 71,143 Morris, Robert, 15 2 Moses, Frances, 161 Parcell, Cindy, 70,753,152 Parker, Anita, 161 Parker, Stanley, 79,93,94 Parks, Tommy Parks, Wayne Parrish, Shawn, 152 Parsons, Raymond Pasley, Nancy, 57,70,78,152 Patrick, Sandra, 56,58,74,76,78,71 Patsel, Larry, 143 Paxton, Billy, 158 , 97,152,84,87 161 Pearson Pearson Penick 143 57,161 a e Pam Jackie Sue Mottley Wayne 121 Mowles Cathy, 18,23,61,76,77,121 Mundy, Don, 58,59,121,163,181 Murphy, Robert, 161 Murphey, Bill, 57,161 Murray, Seldon, 54,143 Peoples Peoples Pei due Perdue, Perdue, Peters, Gary D., 161, 54 Ronnie, 3,60 Cleo 54,55,61,68.143 Donna, 70,158 Gary, 98,152 Billy, 152 Peters, Carole, 51,58,123 D P eters , onna, 161 Payne, Russell Paynter, Mike, . D l . M Peters, Peters, Peters, Peters, arie, 161 Mike Robert, 123 Rodney, 161 Peverall, Jerry, 21,23,58,59,60,74, 78,123 Philips, ,124 Rose Marie, 68,76,158 Phillips, Karl, 79,143 Maughan, Brenda, 142 Maxwell, Barbara, 56 Mayhew, Carolyn, 74,142 Mays, Donnie McAllister, David, 22,79,84,98,99 142 McBride, Steve Mussel man, Greg Pillow, Carolyn, 67,161 Pillow, Patti, 76,152 Pillow, Ricky, 70,923,143 Pitts, Janice, 50,53,66,78,143,174 Pitts, Pam, 67,161 Plaster, Jerome, 68,71,73,74,98,12 Plunkett, Brenda Plunkett, Bonnie , 70 Sue, 51,56,152 Plunkett, George, 144 78,151 Lackey, Benjamin, 151 Laffoon, Don, 68,71,72,73,78,142 LaFoon, Cynthia, 157 LaMay, Bernard, 119 Lambruscati, Hazel, 151 Lambruscati, Steve, 161 Lancaster, Anne, 142 Landrum, Eddie, 70,71,79,84,98, 119 Landrum, Marsha, 76,161 Langhorn, Ginger, 161 LaPrad, B.D., 60,79,96,94,151 Lawhorn, Ginger Lawson, Koehn, 119 Layman, Mark Legge, Michael Vaugh LeHew, Greg, 54,733,157 LeHew, Terry, 151 McClammer, Edward, 119 McClammer, Mary Ann, 78,151 McClammer, William fJr.l 84 McConnell, Denise, 78,161 McConnell, Dreama, 70,76,151 McCormack, Bonnie, 119 McCoy, Jim, 58,59,119 McCoy, Joe, McCoy, Joh 5s,74,79,s4,9s,99,119,163 n, 56,157 McCoy, Linda, 151 McCullough, Shelley Ann, 68,76 Leonard, Billy, 1 19 Lester, Richard, 151 Lewis, Harry, 157 Lewis. Morris Lewis, Roy A., 151 Lewis, Staford, 161 Lewis Sammy, 71,151 Lidstone, Liz, 53,60,68,70,71 Likens, Randy, 157 Likens, Vickie, 119 Lipes, Larry, 161 Littrell, Bobby, 157 Lively, Jerry, 157 Lockhart, Connie Long, Louise, 2,56,70 Long, John Lord, Avis Lovelace, Janet, 157 Looney, Martha, 151 Lovelace, Diane McDaniel, Jerry, 161 McDaniel, Ray, 120 McDonald, Judy, 151 McDowell, Buddy, 74,120 McGrady, Sandra, 68,78,151 McGee, Greg, 71,74,79,84.93,63,120 McKinney, Nancy, 58,74,120,163 McLean, Danny, 157 McLeod, Richard, 151 McMahan, Harold, 151 McMahan, Patty, 68,120 McDeat, Roger, 161 McPhearson, Forrest McPherson, Mary Ellen, 151 McPherson, Cindy, 161 Myer-S, Bobby, 94,557,152 Myers, Carolyn, 77,723,152 Myers, Dicky. 79,34,35.94,99,110 Myers, Hoakie, 70 Myers, Martha, 58,60,61,66,181 Myers, Yvonnie N Nabers, Terry, 143,64 Neal, David, 161 Neal, Linda, 58,64,163 Neece, Richie Nemeth, David, 58,59 Newman, Joyce, 161 Nichols, Danny Nichols, Joyce, 77.161 Nichols, Linda, 77,78,152,157 Nichols, Penny Niswander, Ronnie Nixon, Arbeautis, 161 Nixon, Donald, 143 Nixon, Lova, 161 Noel Don, 78,152,30 Norman, Edgar Norwood, Linda, 152 Norwood, Peggy, 158 O Plunkett, Martha, 161 Plunkett, Mike Plymale, Monty, 75,123,130,167 Poff, Billy Poff, Joe, 152 Poff, Norman Poff, Wayne Pollen, Sylvia, 73 Poole, Charles, 161 Porter, Latha, 60,74,78,152,87 Porterfield, Billy, 123,84 Porterfield, Patsy, 78,152 Powers, Jimmy Powers, Susan, 23 Preas, Bonnie, 19,64,123 Preas,Brenda, 58,64,75,78,81,144 Preece, Leonard, 98,144 Price, Jerry, 158 Pritchard, Aretta Pruett, Larry, 152 Puckett, Joyce Pugh, Joyanne, 154 Pullen, Sylvia, 158 Pultz, Henry Punkett, Melvin, 161 Purcell, Barrett Purves, Eddie, 152 Meador Barry. 157 Meador, , Larry, 161 Meador, Margaret Rose, 152 Meeks, Larry, 54,55,142 Melton, Doug Melton, Jean Melton, Jerry, 152 Middleton, David, 60,62,70,73,1-42 163 Miles, Vicke, 61,70,76,143 Miller, Allen Obenchain, Brenda, 60,61,76,143 Obenchain, Neil, 161,94 Ogle, Carolyn Ogle, Larry, 152 Oliver, Barbara, 56,143 Oliver, Stephen, 152 Orender, Barbara, 14,18,20,23,51, 52,53,58,59,60,61,66,78,107,163 Osborne, Bill, 152,87 Oyler, Debbie, 57,68,73,76,158 Q Quesenbury, Louise, 158 Lov ern Lovern Loving , Bonnie, 119 , Dora, 73,723,157 , Carolyn, 161 Loving, Richard, 53,68,72,142 Lowry Barbara, 62,70,74,76,157 Lowry, John Lowry, Susan, 70,157 Lowry, William B., 157 Lucado, Larry Lucas, Lynn, 151,94 Milton, Lueades, Mary M Maberry,Charlotte, 161 Mabey, Rickey Mabry, Sue, 161 Mabry, David, 161 McConnell, Dreama, 70 MacGregor, Roy, 157 Miller, Carolyn, 34,53,56,61,62,73, 121,124 Miller, Dianne, 78,152 Miller, Curtis Miller, Gary A. Miller, George, 161 Miller, Kathryn Miller, Richard, 121 Miller, Ronnie, 152 Miller, Shelia, 70,733,157 Miller, Suay, 70,161 Mills, Curtis, 121 Mills, Kathy, 65,157 Mills, Jimmy, 161 Mills, Peggy, 161 Mills, Shelby, 15,51,64,78,136,143 Allen, 143 Milton, Doug Milton, Carol Minnich, Sherwood, 71,538,143 Minnich, Steve, 57,161 , 121 , 161 186 Oyler, Tommy, 143,79,84,93,94, R Rader, Charlotte, 152 Rakes, Steve, 123 Rardin, Debbie Rardin, Richard, 53,70,152 1 Rasnick, Brenda Ratcliffe, Jeff Ratcliffe, Thomas, 158 Rawling, Mary, 144 Rawling, Rebecca, 144 Rawlings, Becky Ray, Cherie Ray, Leonard Ray, Pamela, 158,161 Reed, Carol, 158 Reed, Harold, 144 Reed, James William, 158 Reed, Marie, 123 Reed, Mike, 158 Reed, Time, 161 P Pagans, Linda, 143 Painter, Gordon Painter, Jannie Ellen, 161 Painter, Jimmy, 53,73,94 Painter, Jo Ann, 64 Painter, Joyce Painter, Karen, 65,158 Painter, Sandra, 53,64,65,143 Paitsel, Larry M. Palma, Anna Mary, 18,28,50,78,143 Palmer, Ronnie, 143,79 Palmer, Tony, 87 Palmer, Winkey Pannell, Connie, 78 Parker, Leroy, 143 Pannell, Connie, 158 Reese, Larry, 158 Register, Glenda, 162 Recih, Rebecca, 144 Reid, Dorothy Webb, Reid, Florine, 162 Reid, Gilbert, 158 Reid, Janice, 152 Reinhardt, Mark, 94,62 Reinhardt, Walter, 94,152 Reynolds, Linda, 67,70,153 Reynolds, Phil, 97,123 Reynolds, Ronnie, 144 General Index Sherrill, Cynthia, 162 Tayloe, Jimmy, 94,98,145,84,79, Washburn, Johnny Watson, Patsy, 67,158 Watson, Johnny, 158 Webb, Donna Jean, 76,77,128 Douglas Sherwood, Debbie, 52,78,80,153 74,96 Sherwood, Sherrie, 14,21,50,51,58,59, Taylor, Jack, 145 70,110,125,163,23 Taylor, Pat, 154,76,78,70 Shields, Bonnie, 144 Taylor, Linda, 127,64 Shifflet, Donnie, 153 Taylor, Ronny, 127,79,98 Shiverly, Faye, 153 Taylor, Tommy, 145,79,60,71,52 Shively, Linda, 53,60,125 84,99,98,94 Shively, Freddie Teuscher, Janet Reynolds, Sandra, 153 Reyns, Susan, 76,144 Revere, Ronnie, 54,158 Rhodes, Carolyn, 162 Rhodes, Jerry W., 144 79,84,98,123 Rice, Eric, 18,52,53,60,62,63,70,71,77, Smith, Barbara Rice, Steve, 94 Richardson, Donald Richardson, Doris, 162 Richardson, Larry, 158 Ricker, Loretta, 123 Rieley, Linda Rielly, Jeanne, 77 Riley, Brenda, 70,153 Riley, Mary Bess, 21,56,59,67,73,118 124,174 Ritter, Evelyn, 144 Roberts, Gloria, 61,64,124 Roberts, Sue, 60,78,144 Roberts, Terry, 16,52,62,74,78,79 89,107,124,163 Robertson, Billy Robertson, Judy. 7,53,60,78,124 Robertson, Lou Anne, 15,66,78,144 Robinson, Richard, 79,144,153,87 Rogers, Danny, 153 Rogers, Jackie, 153 Rogers, Phyllis, 70,78,153 Rogers, Sandra, 162 Roop, Cary, 124 Roop, Debbie, 77,144 Roop, Judy, 162 Roop, Tony, 162 Rose, Janet, 144 Ross, Hazel, 162 Ross, Samuel, 162 Roupe, Barry L., 158 Rowe, Gail, 162 Rowe,Jimmy, 153 Rowell, Chuck Rowell, Gail, 124 Rowlett, Glenna, 68,124 Ruble, Jo Alice, 162 Russell, Linda Russell, Linda Rutherford, Carol, 56,144 Rutherford, Freddie, 158 S Sailles, Marshall, 162 Sample, Ricky, 153 Sanford, Charles, 158 Sanford, Steve, 124 Sarver, Linda, 64,124 Sarver, Robin, 53,61,62,78,125 Saunders, Kathleen, 67,162 Sayles, Marshell Scarborough, Carol, 158 Schaefer, Jerry, 158 Schaffer, J. K., 162 Schaffer, Sandra, 58,65,68 Scharf, Frank Schilling, Rhonda Schilling, Lee, 158 Schilling, Richard, 162 Schilling, Roy, 10,64,125,79,94 Schoonover, Emerson, 162 Schultz, Bob, 60,79,84,98,125 Schultz, Bill, 87,153 Scott, Donnie, 153 Scott, Junella, 162 Scott, Nick, 125 Shockley, Ronnie, 22,78,79,84,85 125,97 Short, Robert, 153 Short, Billy Short, Tommy, 54,55,144 Shrader, Lynn, 54,158 Shultz, Nancy, 78,153 Simmions, Clifford, 125 Simmons, Martha, 57,65,162 Simmons, Patty Simpson, Eloise, 78,145 Simpson, Katherine, 158 Teuscher, Larry, 60 Thacker, Jimmy, 154 Thacker, Gary, 127,60 Tharp, Viki Thomas, Bettie, 19,20,163,113,127 61,59,70,51,53,52 Webb, Janice, 128 Webb, Michael, 162 Webb, Richard Webber, Carolyn, 74,145 Webber, David, 162 Webster, Toni, 34,53,56,68,78,154 Weddle, Jenny, 162 Weddle, Lucky, 87,154 WVeddle, Kay, 154 Wells, Bob, 162 Sink, Annette, 126 Sink, Sandra, 66,70,71,74,78,107,126 Sirry, Donald ,162 Sirry, Jessee, 158 Sledd, Carol, 77, 145 Sligh, Janice, 126 Sloan, Mike, 126, 84 Smallwood, Brad, 73,94,158 Thomas, Jack, 127,98 Thomas, Joe, 158 Thomas Nancy Thomas, Roy, 117,127,84 Thompson, Allan, 158,70 Thompson, Connie 127 Wells, Wertz, Janet, 74,129 Carolyn, 53,70,76,78,154 Wertz, Curry, 50,146 Wertz, Jerry, 146,96,94,87 Wertz, Sharon, 60,77,158 West, Sharon Leigh, 162 Thompson, Mike, 7,l58,68,73 Thompson, Ralph, 154 Thurman, Bobby, 154,87 Thurman, Linda, 19,103,127,64,53 Thu1'ston, Mary, 127 Wheeler, Faye, 154 Wheeler, Linda, 60,129 Todd, Mike, 154,55,70,54 Tolley, Sonny, 145 Topasna, Delores Whitby, Norma, 74,129 Smith, Ellis, 153,84,94 Smith, Jack, 162 Smith, Cecelia, 4,5,53,60,61,62,66 70,102,126 Smith, Jimmy, 70,145 Towsend, Michael, 154,68 Trammell, Colby, 145,84,85,79,98,88 60 Trent, Diane, 145,77,64 Trout, Paul, 162 Trout, Pete, 136,79,60 Lynn, 21,163,127,120 Smith, Kitty, 78,153 Smith, Nancy Smith, Larry, 158 Smith, Pete, 68,79,145 Smith, Randy, 62,70,153 Smith, Rosean, 162 Smith, Rosean, 162 Smith, Sue, 145 Smith, Susan, 65,153 Smith, Sylvia, 57,78,153 Snarl, Frank, 162 Snead, Alice, 153 Snider, Danny, 162 Snyder, Roberta, 70,126 Soudurn, Jim, 78 Sowers, Judi, 70,153 Sowers, Lynda, 126 Spangler, Chester, 73,158 Trout, Terryee 61,59,62,58 Tuck, Wayne Tucker, Curtis Lee, 145,84 Tucker, Eddie, 154,98,87 Turner, Betty, 154 Turner, Brent Turner, Harvey R,, 162 Turner. Turner, Howard, 128 Linda, 158,77,60 Turner,Peggy Ann Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, U Sharon, 154 Stewart, 162,78,70 Sue, 145,60,58 Tony, 162 White, Billy White, Eddie, 146,163 White, Larry D,, 162 White, Mike White, Pat Whitehead, Donna Lynn, 77,162 Whitlock, Doug, 129 Whitlock, Mike, 162 Wickham Gloria, 53,68,77,78,80 154 Wickham, Maria, 60,66,76,129 Wickham Steve, 120,129 Wieringo Janie, 58,644,128 Wiggs, Dennis, 78,79,87 Wiggs, Ray, 70,129 Wilborne, Tom Wilkenson, Charlie, 146 Wilkerson, Rickey, 146 Wilkins, Ricky, 53,60,70 Williams, Ann, 154 Williams, Charlie, 78,118 Williams, Charles Thomas, 129 Williams, David, 146 Williams, Gerald, 162 Williams, Jerry, 146 Williams, Joyce, 21,59,129,163 Williams, Judith, 60,154 Williams Larry. 154 Williams: Mike, 78,87,154 Tarragano, Butch Scott, Sam, 53,60,62,70,113,125 Seay, Don, 52,74,78,125,163 Seib, George, 23,58,59,74,75,78, 64,125,163 Seib, Jerry, 78,153 Semones, Pam, 77,162 Sessions, Robert, 98,144 Setzer, Marjorie, 56,68,144 Shaffer, Sandra, 144 Shapeard, Anne, 144 Sharp, Luziettz Shaver, Becky, 144 Sheets, Gray, 94,153 Shell, Susan, 57,68,77,78,153 Shelton, Jimmy, 162 Shelton, Lynwood, 144 Shepherd, Gary, 78,125 Spangler, Debbie, 67,162 Spelman, Charles, 70 Spence, Margaret, 153 Spence, Sharon, 76,126 Stafford, Lewis Stafford, Rich Staggs, Dian, 51,54,76,78,153 Staley, Sandra, 153,87,97 Stalnaker, Ernie, 71,153 Stanley, Frances, 78,153 Stanley, Pam, 77,78,153 Stanley, Sandra Stanley, Sharon, 126 Starkey, Johnny, 162 Starr, Brenda, 62,64,74,145 St. Clair, Greg, 145 Steber, Ruby, 78,162 Steinhardt, Sally, 58,70,153 Steinhardt, Theresa, 62,63,70,71 126 Stephens, Jim, 57,58,59,70,71,126 163 Sterling, Cathy, 158 Stewart, Larry Stokes, Davis, 158 Stoneman, Dudley, 126 Stout, Bruce Strawn, Olivia, 68,153 Stuckey, Dick, 94,162 Stucky, Larry, 73,94,158 Stultz, Darla, 145 Stultz, Rhonda, 78,153 Stump, Jerry Surface, Steven, 162 Sutherland, Terry, 145 Swain, Nancy Sweeney, Sue Sweeney, Wayne, 71,75,127 Switzer, Petty T Tate, Lynn, 162,67 Tayloe. Carolyn, 127 187 Umberger, Sandra, 64,128 Underwood, Linda, 128 V Van Fossen, Carolyn, 64,65,128 Van Fossen, Jean, 64,65,154 Vannoy, Jane, 162 Vannoy, Susan, 52,58,77,78,81, 145,174 Vaughan, David, 50,53,6O,70,84,145 Vermillion, Tim, 162 Vest, Betty, 64,128 Vest, Donnie, 145 Vest, Linda, 64,74,145 Vest, Pat, 128 Vest, Steve, 162 Viohl, Walter, 54,162 Williams, Philip, 68,146 Williams, Roger, 68,146,93,94 Williams Suzanne, 17,54,6S,154 Williams: Tommy, 129 Williamson, Allen, 52 Wills, Mike, 146 Wilson, Clara, 146 Wilsin, Faye, 78,154 Wilson, June, 57,154 Wilson, Larry, 54,158 Wilson, Richard, 154 Wilson, Richard Wilson Ann, 162 wingof Susan 6031158 W Wade, Debbie, 146 Wade, Kevin Wade, Micheal, 158 Wade, Mitchel Wade Roger Wadnier, Jeanie, 64,74,128,163 Wadner, Teresa Wagner, Wayne, 162 Wagner, Eugene, 154 Waid, Becky, 145 Waid, Mike, 60,154 Waldron, Mickey, 145 Walker, James Allen Walker, Cindy, 57,147,154 Wallace, Barbara, 145 Walls, Allan, 84,86,118,128,162 Walter, Mike, 162 Walters, Cathy, 158 Walters, Doug, 162 Ward, Mike, 162 Ward, Butch, 58,59,68,7l,75,78, 128,163 Warren, Steve, 87,94,154 Winston, Mike, 79,84,154,94,98 Winston, Gail, 56,129 Wirt, Rose, 64,74,129 Wise, Edwin, 130 Witt, Bonnie, 60,64,78,130 Witt, Doug, 60,79,84,98,146 Witt, John, 57,66,G8,71,73,74,91,154 Woolwine, Winki, 162 Worley, Mike, 60,62,68,154 Worley, Marcie, 163 Worley, Jerry, 53,62,70,130,23 Worley, Sammy, 162 Worrell, Larry, 158 Worrell, Ted Wray, Barbara, 146 Wright, Betty Jo, 54,163 Wright, Billy, 7,163 Wright, David, 163 Wright, Patri.cia Wright, Robbie, 58,59,71,73,75,79 84,130 Wright, Ramona, 158 Wyckoff, Freddie, 146 Wyckoff, Susan, 154 Y Yates, Judi, 56,67,68,78,154 Young, Frank, 146 Young, Dail, 53,545,180 Young, Gail, 8,61,64,76,77,130 Rb C d lk h t d dhll fll The NHS Student: thru Research N thru Instruction i' thru Associations thru Expressions In EMERGES from the Mass ix to become an INDIVIDUAL X x X CON 1- 0 OW Cundiff steps out of the door to an exciting, ever expanding world of experience. fi -I G fi? 'S N l

Suggestions in the Northside High School - North Star Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) collection:

Northside High School - North Star Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Northside High School - North Star Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 110

1965, pg 110

Northside High School - North Star Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 10

1965, pg 10

Northside High School - North Star Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 64

1965, pg 64

Northside High School - North Star Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 83

1965, pg 83

Northside High School - North Star Yearbook (Roanoke, VA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 60

1965, pg 60

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