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' 'F' "CW-""12P'-"5'fEfa ,, ., SQ, N , .- . V.: . -. ,, -,, : .. A if 1 L Ma ,. , - I T v ,. ,1 uv- R .lx i k E x w 1 X Y w I I '. , . v fe. A . ' x 12-vf Ldv' , an ' 'Y ' -1 - ,,, ' i 5 r - YI , O , .fv 'T 2' f , ' A I F , V . y"f,,- f i f' ' f km. 1 ' V - ,, ., - t J A. V, 3 k I Q. rg f - ft 1.' ' W , I ..-gf.wfX j' ,Q '. -ff ' .ff af. ,g. 5, ,, A .4 f'+":f-5 f'- -- vs. . A 2-la ' '. -Q' 52 ,f 11,12 V47 , 4- .. . Q ' .ff "' H. ..., ......,.. --i .-, va 5 yq ' '!'l sf 'X i 4 ' - Q -fi' A ' H -4-'1l.Ii,. if .X .---j..v:, Q.,,,. g - ,Q m'.-fe-1..-- -1-J' ' 121.5-i ' -1 . 4 15' ' is nvi' -, , Vt-. 4 1- '. 419246-" ,JY- v.eQ:, A ,-ffifif , :-3' ' -1' V rt V J . . ,veg g.x:.,f1:-, .1. . ,-, -. ,, L , .A lm, . , . , , . -..X . AQ Af N3 J Ag,J313?1.33,-I - .M I -. , , 1 , 4 1 ,na X R, 'urn n . .x .,,.. 1 rv M- iii M n" . I 3. 55544 as Li'Q'fi , f:fQ7 fMQ 'exif 4322! Vffig Ref ., .2-Heofm 7 WAAQS. liidgrf 200+ . 'M ,Cx gwjwbiffwh bf' -L - .iv x 6"5"""wy-M-g3"" wr? 'W V PWMW 5' wg? M MWWWW I . ff Zz, U 1 Q15 39 5 QgfwbvlW,Wg2,E4fZM? QM ,gm W W Rf Q ss' M Mm Wifmi 13 gaixfxf r ck' ffM1-Jim ,. 'WM' ij S ,fe N jwviffc, 61473 3-lf' PYP? Ns j , O Z L 5953352 3 MW - . r' 193 -1 . MW' ' wiJiZU65f4?EZ'f Zelfwfrww .- J'ffwM1'JdmI-MMA If We Never Reach Out PW7Q', ' ' -1973-1974 North star Northside Hugh Schoo , Muncie, Indiana Volume 4 Bd' I 1 "'1 '7 1 ',, If ll Ad f V ff 'lf'4"h.e 4 nl ,?f -141 Ap lk... x ,aw ,-A, ,ff I E- - ' ' ,Q 1 - Nxjd I ,- ,. , e I v 'fl' . ' f N. 4 7' '- . fy X ' hx I ' 1 A ,,-,V . , , 1 ,- , X I L,,Jfe.X.w-'fff'-"'L'5 Z . , , ,5,,dM.fWwM ' 'ff' " '. U - 'J .-. x -"' N 2 mf 1 X4 , . . V QA xx' 911 iv- Q ' Wff ' Y f,,.r,Q N X, ' ' Q0 Q ' ,V 'MW , X ' XP A ? W9 1 xfxv 1 fx 'X V A e-0 7' IIA! 5 wwf ,r VV, , 0 Aw XA? - xi' -,,' N Ay? 'Ya A-fx W f"V'0q. wap ,wx vj ,- A- 9 1, fe -m, M ff ufgiyg me Q L , x 1 , 'YWOAQ 6' .I . F , K -4 ., --4...1,J,1 i ,4 -V Z-'F' ' School, Community Unite Profit from Each Other Student Life .... .... 6 Academics .....28 Clubs ...... ..... 5 0 Sports... .....78 People ..... .... 1 16 Advertising ....168 Northside and the community opened up to each other, as each was able to advance a little farther with the help of the other. Various organizations were provided the use of the auditorium for their needs, and the pool was open year around to the public for recreational pur- poses. Titan backers showed their sup- port as they attended sports events regularly. The community and Northside "reached out" to each other in many ways. RIGHT: Swlng Cholr members spend a Satur- day morning particlpatlng in a parade con- ducted during American Education Week. BELOW: Senior Blll Bennon works on his bike just before leaving on a fall Physics Club field trlp. rl l s in cl" as 0 0 ev Nfl! was ZH. Hwy is til -Dv, swiss B V xl . w 'td .2 , . ,B 5 55 t ,, J 1 X ' 9 T5 . ABOVE: Sophomore Diane Smlth watches " Xj Qjv 6 lx V AT recreatlonal swlmmers from the edge of the on - D .4 3 - Northslde pool. gg 5 -is X" fg i BELOW LEFT: Northslde lootball fans support is QF, 'T' 5 l ' the team as they show splrlt at one of the Q35 kj Q . Z2 M home games held at the football stadium dur- ,Q Q' ' .J 3- ln9 the season. V' MQ 'F' i ABOVE: Mr. John Huffman's science class stands before the tree whlch was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Fllchard Jarrett Jr. in late Oc- tober. 0- .4 Y r 3 X I 'I Band Adds Life, Color to Sports Events Without a band that provides plenty of good sounds, a basketball or a football game would be a real "drag," so to speak. North's band spent many long hours practicing, and drilling, and rehearsing for all sorts of programs, many of which in- volved sports here at school. Throughout the summer months when the majority of the school was ABOVE: Boys spend their lunch perlod par- tlclpatlng ln a "hot" basketball game In the gymnasium. ABOVE RIGHT: Senlor Mlke Johnston, number 66, stands off to the slde to make necessary adjustments. RIGHT: Shelley Walker, Sandra Nelson, Mellse McDaniel, and Theresa Segraves vlew the action of Band Day from the sidelines. asleep, the band was marching In the heat of the day on the school parking lot. With the addition of the unlform of the band members, and the hard work and long practices, all has paid off for the band. Marching band members, along with the Tltanettes, provided crowds with entertainment at half time. The band performed in various local parades. The band was always there when there was a need for more "IIfe." Northside should be proud - the band sought to "reach out." 44' dv" . .7 1 r '-5 l Q Q .4-' 4-is me R 1 Q P .- . 46,1 fun ABOVE LEFT: Drum malor Jlm Snyder stands erect after performing in Ball State's Band Day competition. ABOVE: Northside Marching Band members walt patiently for their chance to perform in the competition. LEFT: Sophomore Mellse McDaniel. ex- hausted from much work and practice, decides to take a nap after the band's perfor- mance. OH, OV9 On, V9 Move on . . . . . . to bigger and better things,' is the cry of all Northside Titans. Mun- cie North is on the move, exploring new regions and adding new dimen- sions to the community, one of which is sharing. Northside is privileged to open its doors to kids of all ages ln the sharing of its facilities. Com- munity friends appreciate the use of the gym, the swimming pool, and the tennis courts, while the cafeteria, auditorium, and library provide plea- sant meeting places. ln a student's life certain events hold special memories for all, probably the most important being graduation, Northside's first full class of 268 would most likely agree. Other school year events are the prom. the plays, Open House, and the traditional event known as the Winter Festival, a day set aside for activities and the viewing of a pop- ular movie, which helps break the monotony of everyday classes. A new dimension in the 1974 year at North is the selection of a year- book queen. The years continue to be full for Northside students as they move on. 66 Lu Q1 Q' M A' ' f ,. X Y fi -ig?" , if X A if A , if L ,? 5' i1 . -b-. 5 L.. . W -as fin fy - ,Q . 19 K ::, -1. ff -, -1 ' S a i l S ' -, :X Q g 5 X . S X M i X 6 aw 5? B. f 3 X5 1, i N .- Q fe' Q X, 5 Q Q ww-Q.,, X 5, -MQ K QM x,.. . ,. W .xfs-S '-g f ' 4:15 mfg-...s . if' if i Q 4 is ww A O NN va School Offers Mental, Physical Activities At the beginning of the school year, students campaigned and voted for class officers. Fall sports began with parents of team members and community friends joining Northsiders at home football games. Classes began at 7:50 each mor- ning, with students earning credits in the pool, in cars, at other schools, with on-the-job training, and in the classroom. Even during the lunch hour, students found time to relax, dance, workout in the gymnasium, or "do their own thing." In the mist of all activity, the library provided a quiet place to study. RIGHT: Students find the library the ideal place to study. where reference books and other resources are on hand. BELOW: Boys in Mr. Ken Miller's physical education class warm up before a workout. ABOVE RIGHT: Posters tor class officers provide candidates with a chance to convey their campaign ideas. RIGHT: Sophomore Bruce Wlndmiller serves Dr. David Guinn his lunch after losing a betas to which team would win the World Series. ...,v , at 4 . , E 'r it-Jr Y-as , 1 : :. -.-tg 2 5 4 V . 'J nab- , svuwzg - - - df" 'N l ins.. Q 'K W 1 1-1- My ABOVE: Kathy Wilson, Karen Valenclc, JoAnn Flatchford, and P.J. Wickman show Titan spirit as they back North's football team all the way. LEFT: Northside's adult "cheering sectlon" waits patiently for the next big play at a Titan football game. ABOVE: Duncan MacGibbon tries a stunt on the parallel bars as Mr. John Reeg, a member of the Ball State gymnastics team, ofters aid. ABOVE: Lori Thames steadles the cart as Carolyn Nelson struggles to balance herself on her head. ABOVE: Sophomore Karen Wolter, ready with a racket and balls, concentrates on her serve as she crosses the court. I0 I l Summer Offers Carefree Days to Students F"-13 LANL ABOVE: Junior class members get an early start on funds tor the Junior-Senior Prom, as they glve a car a thorough "rubdown." L. C by 4 Working, playing, traveling, ex- periencing - combined to create the summer of '73. Students found time to play tennis, take a dip in the pool, brush up on their gymnastic skills, and take a break now and then. Although Northside appeared to be "asleep" until the opening of its doors in August, a few groups were very much "awake." The varsity and reserve baseball teams practiced throughout the summer months, and the band spent mornings drilling on their routines. The junior class spent some time on money-raising projects, one of which was a car wash. ABOVE: Northside's reserve baseball team relaxes while Coach Michael Paluch gives them a game strategy talk. LEFT: Melody McDaniel and Phil Wadman engage in a battle by water with Linda Clark and Tim True after a band practice. 'ft lvl 1' 1 ABOVE: Students engage ln conversation wlth friends as they wait for thelr rlde home after school. Activities Keep Students Involved Student llfe activities at North were no different from actlvlties at any other high school. Studies, extra-curricular actlvltles, and jobs combined to provide students wlth a busy schedule and a full day. Involvement became a key word ln the Ilves of many, as students sought to further thelr educational and occupational desires by par- tlclpatlng in various school-oriented projects. Students found llttle time to call their own as school lllled the larger part of their day. Practlclng, drllllng, and crammlng were words on the minds of many students. Worklng wlth the community, volunteerlng time to various organizations, and "reaching out" to lend a hand was the main objective of many students at North. Thus, leadership and scholarship resulted from the involvement. x LEFT: Pete Kuzme talks to Kelth Bradley whlle he mans the popcorn machine during the lunch hour. BELOW: Varsity cheerleaders practice their formations and yells in the lront hall after school. ABOVE LEFT: Freshman Blll Compton enjoys hls lunch outslde the cafeterla. ABOVE: The luke box provides entertainment durlng lunch as students work out their own dance steps to the muslc. LEFT: Forelgn language teacher Mrs. Judith Hahn helps freshman Tom Adams wlth an asslgnment after class. h 1 v ABOVE: Northside seniors enter Emens Auditorium in the processional of graduation exercises. RIGHT: Pam Staggs expresses a sense of joy as she proceeds through the commencement exercises. RIGHT: Aided by Mr. Owen Lemna, principal, and Mr. Charles Marcus, assistant principal, Greta Weiss receives a diploma from School Board member Mr. J. Wesley Wray. 286 Graduate: First Full Class Leaves North Holding their heads high and with an air of accomplishment, the first full class from Northside High School marched down the aisles of Emens Auditorium on May 22, 1973, to com- plete the final step of their high school careers. As they gathered for the last time as Northside students, feelings of joy, relief, sorrow, inex- plicable happiness and fears for the future all controlled the emotions of the 286 seniors. lt was a time of great emotion and sentiment, as seniors and families thought about past years and future years, college, careers, marriage, and stepping out into life. Thus were these and many more feelings expressed in the speeches given by Karen Kane, Tom Spurgeon, and Susan Sciara. In black robes flowing and steps of haste, the seniors were happy to grasp their long-sought-after diplomas, which were presented by Dr. Robert Freeman, aided by Mr. Charles Marcus, Mr. Charles Childers, and Mrs. Donna Zoll. When all had received their diplomas, they changed their tassles in unison, from right to left, and so became Northside High School graduates. LEFT: As Mr. Charles Marcus calls his name, Lance Mussler strides across the stage to receive his diploma. BELOW: Seniors stand in the cafeteria line for the final time for breakfast before graduation practice. l l PROM COURT COUPLES FRONT ROW: Fred Duboc. Pam Snyder, Kristen Tomlinson, Tom Hinge. ROW TWO: Jim Clark, P.J. Wlckman. Marc Groves, Julie Hannah, Janie Peckin- paugh, Danny Marsh, Ann Liston, Jay Allardt. RIGHT: Kristen Tomlinson, queen of the 1973 Prom, pauses with her escort, Tom Hlnga. lf? ., I, Q, 4. .1 Y! 1 f' X,-r Q JU 1 if an-3. N1 , 'Underwater Paradise' Provides Fishy Setting Spring brings, along with its gentle breezes and new flowers, a tradition called "The Prom." For Northside High School it was no different. All the excitement and anticipation that accompanies the creation of a prom 'yvas alive at North as juniors anx- fiously prepared "Underwater Paradise." it Underwater decorations greeted X he guests as they were led the way gp the dance floor by weather-beaten jdriftwood signs. A ghostly ship- iwreck and pink octopus also helped to create a sea-like atmosphere. Roosevelt Johnson and the 7 C's set the scene as couples danced under schools of fish which floated from the ceiling. No prom is complete without a queen, and Kristen Tomlinson was appropriately named. Her court con- sisted of junior girls Julie Hannah, Ann Liston, Janie Peckinpaugh, Pam Snyder, and P.J. Wickman. The fifth of May continued into the sixth of May as couples began to dis- perse from the North cafeteria to change from formals and tuxedos, and head for parties and early mor- ning breakfasts. LEFT: Alan Sutton and Tammy Walker enjoy a slow dance at the prom. BELOW LEFT: James Toomer "checks out" the situation on the dance floor. BELOW: Phil Wadman and DeAnn Thomas take a break on the sidelines after a fast dance to the music of the 7 C's. e. 4 . IH J . 'Fun' Established in 1973, the Winter Festival was observed once again this year in place of a homecoming. Sponsored by the Student Council, the Winter Festival was held on February 8 to provide a change in pace from the regular school day. School clubs, classes, and Stu- dent Council members planned various activities for the day, in- cluding such things as a tug of war, a trike-a-thon, a karate demonstration, and some basketball games. JCL rented slaves and provided a taxi service by chariot, while French Club sponsored a haunted house. There was also a Sweet Shop Walk and several ball toss games. Students could enjoy the Marx Brothers flick, "A Day at the Circus," for a small fee. ABOVE RIGHT: Female faculty members and student teachers flnd that lt takes little strength to move their competltlon. RIGHT: Students at Dave Foreman's Karate School present an exhlbltlon before the stu- dent body as a part of the special activities during the Winter Festival. Activities Highlight Winter Festival Q fa RY L,-M... ..,. 4. Fun Rav .HM -I , ,M Q K .-fa we 5' A" ' Y-, iw -,,.. iff ,J Sv v, . A at I, .. if . - jfs, M M ' A-us Q .hw . .ss A MM .. .W A 1 , ,V .A J 1-as N LEFT: Boys in the Junior class give it all they've got to hold firm their position against the opponents inet really the female faculty membersl BELOW LEFT: Claudia Beebe fleftl and Melissa Meredith lrlghtl prepare to position Shelley Jackson on a tricycle during the trlke- a-thon. BELOW: Paul "Publius" Rupprecht serves as a slave to Mary Kibler and Flick Martin, pulllng them in a charlot throughout the school. Sports Keep Students Active, Energetic Sports involve a person and bulld a person - inside and out. Various athletes participated in sports, sometimes more than one. Students had the opportunity to become in- volved in any sport, such as football, track, baseball, swimming, or volleyball. Northside athletes built a name for themselves and for their school. The Titans became known for their strong athletic ability, and communi- ty frlends have been proud of Northslde's accomplishments in the sports field. Sports played an Important part in most students' lives, whether lt meant participation ln the sport, or "spirit" from the sldellnes. LEFT: It ls conference time on the football field as Northside Coach Terry Hitchcock talks It over with No. 85 -- Mike Holman. BELOW: Football ls a tough game - as the expression on running back Tom Tharp's face shows - as he pauses for a breather on the sidelines. ABOVE: Going over the top wins points ln track meets and cheers from fans. Titan Sam Drummer shows the way over the high jump. T if snls m , Q S, tg lmsmfnumxswisatzms ,J LEFT: Brian Ferrebee klcks as he dellvers a pltch for North In a reserve baseball game. BELOW: Varslty cheerleaders Nancy Walker and Sally Dickerson encourage Tltan splrlt at a football game. BELOW LEFT: Chrlsty Wagner blocks a volleyball at a Sectional game at Wes-Del. RIGHT: Refreshments are served lollowlng the Open House, when parents find time to talk wlth each other. BELOW: lndustrlal technology teacher Mr. Steven Jarboe meets wlth parents and students durlng Open House BELOW RIGHT: Freshman Kathy Sharp acts as e student guide as she glves dlrectlons to vlsltors at Open House max 2 is , R3 I Vw - 3 ns., M-. as 1- -tl,,f44::mnw--Q t ,,-.', 1 1-1-n.w msn, 'V I-f Education Week Features Open House "Getting lnvolved" was the theme chosen this year for American Education Week. October 20-26. The theme was appropriately selected, as students, parents, faculty, and ad- mlnlstrators maintained a constant Involvement throughout the week. Open House featured classroom vlsltatlon when parents were provid- ed the opportunlty to meet with teachers and admlnlstrators. Toward the end of the evenlng, visitors vlew- ed the Stage Band ln the cafeteria, and the Swing Cholr performed In the audltorlum. Varlous departments presented demonstratlons, such as the boys' foods class, and students enrolled ln the radlo-TV class. Other actlvltles for American Education Week Included the llvlng classroom at the Muncle Mall presented by Mrs. Greta Young's drama class. A school board meetlng was open to the public on October 23. ri 55 RJ umu- S 4 , Y 5 xv g h . 1. 4' - . f A. L.'.w,,. " ABOVE: Junlors Tlm Bonnell and Terry Pence demonstrate televlslon equlpment ln the TV studlo. LEFT: James Toomer removes muffins from the oven which he exhlblts to vlsltors of the home economics department. X 1 . f 7 4 Xa. ,M Zfiff A ' AQ -3533+ 'QE-zal ag I H if g Q , 1' P .xc Q ? f kv M H p if in E rr 5 J 1 - 1 my f Qi- 1 Q xg' if, --A ' . , l gjffil f D3 F2113 gf s Nffifi-"'l1 ' X - x K SZ fl? 1 5115? w 4 if-fi 3112?-,I-'L 1:-If-Y 2 1 ' ,Z,f.,,.--,."'f-fe 5 f'-.jig 5 Ni N. N .,. 51- 3f 5 2551? - i-5? 'A-N-25122 -l A,,gA Z- Aff: , E-71-f ,.--:TQ - f:.,1 , L'l,.::, .715 51,11 W -L -l:-.-:4,,,-- JT - li-1'-2-,L :3E' ill? - L: Lip, -,.,A-Tf4L.f--k:: F f : afzfg. -' fl-5z5 igilf-"' 2 Fai : r - 7 sis ' 7,2235 ,ZLL ::,,..- i7?W A . Z i ,- A - 1-.1 fig: Y : ?e Y - ' "'-,L-"' f '- - , 4 :Ti .ff , -1- 12--"T--. '3 rl-i,.-4' 'f' 1:2 'Z :"gJE,..-'-ilf. 4 ,... 9:-ir 5311: ,:'-'Li' if 1 Km 4-1-"'l.,-:Q-T :-fc? QL First Time Students Elect Yearbook Queen Four glrls were nominated from the classes to compete for the title of North Star Queen. Ann Llston, senior: Shelley Jackson, junior: Nan- cy Marshall, sophomore: and Nancy Darter, freshman, were selected as class candidates. Two one-week yearbook sales campaigns were conducted. The flrst was held ln the flrst of October, and the second campaign was held November 5-9. Before the October campaign, all students had the op- portunity to nominate one girl from their class. The glrl who received the most votes from her classmates became the candidate for the title. Students who ordered a 1974 North Star were allowed to vote for the candidate of their choice. Senior Ann Llston received the most votes, and she became the yearbook queen. The North Star queen received the flrst copy of the book, and she was honored at an autograph party when yearbooks were distributed In the spring. BELOW LEFT: Junlor yearbook queen can- didate Shelley Jackson. BELOW: Sophomore yearbook queen can- didate Nancy Marshall. BOTTOM LEFT: Students make purchases for yearbooks during the November sales cam- palgn. BOTTOM: Freshman yearbook queen can- didate Nancy Darter. r l ,. X if 2 S13 af .W 3' VQ 2 W 3' 3 Si- F E3 3 5 +5 5 Ga? 13" nf. S 1 sf , 4 - 2 1. 3 1974 North Star Queen Ann Liston W QOH, rit SCH, t 'C Write on. . . . . . to expand your mind and further your educationf says the voice of society to the ears of the students. Education is the process of shaping and molding a student's life, forming it to become independent and ready to face the environment in which the student lives. For the students at Northside, there is the opportunity to choose and follow a desired goal. Courses are offered in almost every area - from photography to physics, clothing to calculus, or jewelry-making to government. In every aspect of an education, a student encounters feelings of frustration, accomplishment, dis- couragement, and unexpected pleasures, all of which come together to form a student's years of learning and experiencing. I 'Y i I X K! lfilllfliilli I J-lchi 1 I - 1 ff i X wx., s . 1 X S. I vii ,F f 1? k I ff x f , Q,-. I . y. . ' - :Larry A 3 If ' , ,Q f jj: E- www- Q,mf......M.Nf-..4M,9 . W. .r 4 Q., . X. Nm, A . 4 V Q 0 U y 0 xi S-xivme Q F xg-rv, JQQQQ- - if ,QL L Q ,ve 3113, .gk- n fkgg k . ,.,, wswwm-F :ww-few--wxiswyQ.5s fo., A 1 ,Q , ,, 3. N ,J fym, ...N . 1. WY ef 'Q 8 Q s O ABOVE: Portraylng a character ln a book ls all part of the fun that comes along wlth taklng senlor Engllsh wlth Mr. Blll Smlth. Becky Ashburn. Sue Roszell. Candy Sharp, DeAnn Shank, Mary Ann Terhune, and Denlse Augustlne contrlbute thelr falr share to the tun. ABOVE RIGHT: Junlor John O'Day glves a "howto" demonstration speech on the use of startlng blocks In track for Mr. Davld HaIre's Engllsh class. RIGHT: Steve Plppenger glves Rex Cooper tlps on playlng poker for hls "how to" demonstration speech. English: A Course for Everybody One of the largest departments at Northside, the English area had much to offer to students taking the required courses and the electives as well. The Greek and Latin derivatives class was opened to students interested in improving their vocabularies and understan- ding the origins of various words. Contemporary Literature, Bible Literature, Shakespeare, Drama, Debate, and Journalism were a few of the courses offered. English is a required course for all but seniors. RIGHT: Junior English proves to be a challenge as illustrated by these students who struggle through a test In Mr. Richard Clidence's class. BELOW RIGHT: Barbara Osborne makes final adjustments on her etymology project while Karen Valenclc gives her addltlonal suggestions. BELOW: Karl Marx is represented by Don McClellan, who portrays the character for a book report in Mr. Bill Smith's class. English Courses Take Time Hard Work In the English department, Drama, Debate, and Publications were three courses which required much time and hard work to produce the very best. Students in dramatics spent countless hours at rehearsals plan- ning for the school plays. Debaters were found after school with many affirmative or negative debate cards in preparation for a debate tourna- ment. Yearbook and newspaper staffers were found at any time of the day rushing to meet a deadline for on- time final products. RIGHT: Mark Rowland, production manager of The Northside News, pastes up an ad at deadline time. BELOW: Norman Lamoureux and Kevin Slaughter "come allve" during a drama class session. BELOW RIGHT: Debater Nancy Grandcolas sits amidst the cards upon which she bases her debate. LEFT: Students ln Mr. Ron Mlller's flrst year Spanlsh class work on an assignment. Foreign Language Students Develop Skills Students were free to select from French, Spanish, and Latin ln the Foreign Language department. First year language students studied and drilled to develop their vocabularies and to acquaint themselves with the foreign tongues, whlle second year students spent much of their time ln the conjugation of verbs and in the memorlzation of different verb tenses. Third and fourth year students got a chance to practice speaking the languages, since there was much emphasis placed on oral work. Students who majored in a language also developed their translation skills by reading literature written by authors of the countries. Faculty members of the depart- ment were Dr. Robert Hancock and Mr. Ron Miller, Spanlshg Mrs. Sue Scott, French: and Mrs. Judith Hahn, at n. ABOVE: Llz Martln, sophomore, llstens to a dialogue on a tape ln her French class. LEFT: Second year French students get some experience with translations ln Mrs. Sue Scott's class. Industrial Technology Appeals to Many With the addition of one teacher and more elective classes offered, the Industrial Technology depart- ment expanded with the appeal of several girls as well as boys. New programs gave students a chance to work in more specialized areas. Students in Power and Transportation class did an in-depth study of a small engine, with each student disassembling and examin- ing his own engine. Five new one semester classes were added: Architecture, Drafting and Design, Basic Principles of Photography, Construction Drafting, and Electricity and Electronics. Mr. Steve Jarboe was new to the department, working with Mr. Phillip Hallenbeck and Mr. William lmes. LEFT: Several Industrial Technology students "check out" an engine by disassembling several pieces. BELOW LEFT: Senior Tryg Anderson studies one of the sports schedules fresh off the prin- ting press in his Special Graphics class. BELOW: Jole Poer expresses himself to his Power and Transportation teacher, Mr. Steve Jarboe, while working on an assignment. 'QQQQ iff " I -W in 5 - V . Je "V, ' ' 'IX S? If t, 13 :az Q ii . ABOVE LEFT: Photography student Blll Sclara examines a strlp of film before prlntlng lt. ABOVE: Sharon Greene, senior, acts as a model to a photography demonstrator ln Photography class. f nm--at u-.Bm ABOVE: Dan Keppler and Tony Turckes prac- tlce their cooking skllls In Boys' Foods class. RIGHT: Girls are busy constructing garments -v-f-W Q ln a typlcal sewlng class. Q . . xr Msg' - G "'f. Z. av"""i l 4 ABOVE: Senlors LuAnn Sumwalt and Joanne Smlth observe a Playschool child. RIGHT: Freshman Brenda Hurd studies the pattern gulde for her first sewing project. Home Economics Offers HERO Program The field of Home Economics at- tracted many students, both boys and girls. Students selected in- teresting classes ranging from Child Care to the very popular Boys' Foods. In the recently added Home Arts and Crafts class, girls learned to develop their skills more fully by creating knitted, crocheted, em- broidered, and macramed items. Those enrolled in Interior Decorating learned about furniture styles, color scheme, and related subjects. Six students participated in the HERO program offered at Northside for the first time. The program gives students credit for working in home economic related jobs. Exploratory teaching gives students a chance to find out if teaching is the career they want to pursue, and if they can express themselves by choosing such a career. K .. N 5 is wh' , O 1' '-.t 1 5 A mf' 3' t X. 0 - '-1 s . 2. + 4 f if- . vc- 5 t -at 5 T' A "Ep-" wr .4 2' 5,5 . If ,lf , . A.-ys,0O"' ABOVE: Teresa Weakley and Patricia Bell prepare to greet customers at their afternoon jobs in the HERO program. LEFT: Senior Candy Sharp plays with children at recess in her exploratory teaching class at Lincoln Elementary. BELOW: Exploratory teacher Janet Shroyer reads to her fifth grade pupils at Westview. ' 'SQ'-fs r wswS54,.5,h 5' y , 4-1 f ,V-Q33 A .H.ii,ffY,.gsf'fl4ff?3,?s' ' Q M 'N as T T if W. . . :Q-f5'ait'tfia . W - A W . iff" V Q 'F f in Y wavy, ,f . " ,, e',-7-5 K ' .. '-1 .:, f - M1 st ,t. ,wt tftyfzfg,-ii , g .xx-1 Pjfgig- ":'Wvf35 f.,.A ,xr gf ff '-WMQQA rw' 1 es 'S-?fsa"" if tru aats wwf'-.rat-f fx t-fr: 18 as is Q. if Students Choose from a Variety in Math Algebra, Shop Mathematics, Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry, Business Mathematics, Analytic Geometry, and General Mathematics E i were the courses offered to students wishing to pursue their education in mathematics this year. Coaching the mathematics teachers, department chairman Mr. Ramon Alexander taught subjects in that area along with six other teachers. Many students who were enrolled in Mathematics were engaged in the ff five-year program - beginning with the study of Algebra and carrying through to Calculus. Other students followed through in some area for specialization purposes with the idea of a possible major or a teaching career in the subject. LEFT: After a rough workout in mathematics class, these students find some time at the end of the period to take a break. BELOW LEFT: Mrs. Mary Ware explains one of the many geometrical problems en- countered by her students. BELOW: General Mathematics teacher Mr. Jerome Griffey pauses before responding to a student's question. Labs Provide Knowledge in Science Classes Various labs played an important part in the science department this year. Classes included ln the depart- ment are Botany, Biology, Shrubbery and Lawn Care, Zoology, Conservation, Applied Life Science, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physlcs, and Physical Science. Many of these science classes used techniques applied in labs to gain knowledge through research and common practices. Under the dlrectlon of department chairman Mr. John Huffman, seven Q additional teachers made up the faculty ln the Science department. Many students elected science classes such as Chemistry and Physics, while many freshmen were enrolled in required Biology classes. RIGHT: Chemistry teacher Mr. William Harris is caught off-guard by the camera, while ex- plalnlng chemistry jargon to his students. BELOW: Terry Mahoney, senior, cares for one of the many plants found In the greenhouse ln her free tlme. U7 ,.'f'9ks- fl. 14 NN:-.nn--v' ABOVE: Elizabeth Albright and Tricia Liston participate In a starflsh lab for Dr. David Gulnn's Zoology class. LEFT: First year Chemistry students Tom Mlhal and Mlke Oxley examine a test tube in Mr. Wllllam Harris' class. gif US- Students Express Creativity Through Art RIGHT: Steve Chalfant prepares his art assignment on the pottery wheel as he molds It during class. BELOW: Mr. Don Rogers emphasizes the Im- portance of a drawing to his painting and drawing class. ABOVE RIGHT: Jeft Bender, sophomore, con- structs the right shape of wood for a piece ofa jewelry box. RIGHT: Junior Johanna Farrell works on a ring for an art project in Mr. John Loukos' jewelry class. Jewelry, Ceramics, Painting and Drawing, Sculpture, Graphics, Tex- tiles, and general art classes all com- bined to create the courses offered in the art department. Students found time to create and construct their own projects and to carry out their ideas. Projects ranged from molding pottery to making earrings to design- ing colorful, bold signs and posters, which were displayed throughout the school. Along with department chairman Mr. John Loukos, Mrs. Marilyn O'KeIly and Mr. Don Rogers taught various facets of art to students in- terested in the art field. Students Elect Courses in Social Studies Economlcs, U.S. History, Soclology, Modern Problems, Government, World Affairs, and World Geography are the courses that were offered in the soclal studies department. Besides followlng courses whlch were required, many students elected courses which alded them In their understanding of current events. Guest speakers played a big role ln social studies since they provided additional lnformatlon on the lssue at hand. LEFT: Students in Mrs. Clarlse Flelds' Soclology class llsten to guest speaker Ms. Margo Mlddleton, a WLBC broadcaster. ABOVE LEFT: Elder Carter speaks to U.S. History classes on the growth of the Mormon church. ABOVE: Freshman Karen Kemezy follows through on her readlng asslgnment ln World Geography by uslng her tlme wlsely In class. LEFT: Senlors Jeff Jones, Gary Hawklns, Pete Floss. Bob Montbleau, and Tony Mlller choose thelr own type of "rule" In Mr. Dallas Kunkle's Government class. ABOVE: Amy Southers and Clndy Mong do some book work wlth the help of addlng machines In their Offlce Machines class. ABOVE: Judi Johnson flnds that taklng dlcta- tlon by shorthand speeds the notetaklng process. ,wr ABOVE: Perrl Wllllams pounds out e drlll on the typewrlter In her Typlng I class. BELOW: Senlor Susie Parker gels some prac- tlce ln the use of an addlng machlne In Mr. Curt ErvIn's Offlce Machines class. Besides offering such classes as General Business Typlng, Short- hand Buslness Communications, Bookkeeping Business Law, Office t Machines and Office Practice, the Business department initiated the S COE program for the first time, along with the DE program. Seven students from North were enrolled In COE and attended classes at Central under the direc- tlon of Mr Phil Carey. The COE program provides on- the job training ln office work, while students ln DE are placed in jobs which interest them the most. RIGHT Beglnnlng typlsts take a tlmed test to determlne the number of words that they can Business Department Offers DE, COE 5: si if.. tp. ABOVE: Senior Kathy Harding enjoys worklng in the business department at the hospital through the COE program. RIGHT: Mr. Forrest Sears glves lnstructlons to his DE students on dlsplaylng Items. QW 43 Band, Choirs Participate in Local Programs Band members and choral groups entertained and performed for many different schools and community organizations, especially throughout the Christmas holidays. Choral groups from North joined with elementary, junior, and senior high schools in the community for the annual Christmas Sing at the Fieldhouse. When the choirs were busy enter- taining community friends, band members were actively supporting the athletic teams and participating in parades and contests held in and around Muncie. Department chairman Mrs. Doris Faulkner directed the choirs, while Mr. Richard Campos headed the bands. l TOP LEFT: Swing Cholr members practice a song before performing for a community group. ABOVE: Girls In the Glee Club rehearse a number that they wlll do durlng the Christmas season. ABOVE LEFT: Mrs. Doris Faulkner, music director, lolns ln sln lng at the Fieldhouse during the Communlty Christmas Slng. ABOVE: Llz Martln, Kathy Beard, and Tammy Boye accompany the rest of the tlute section and the band in a number. LEFT: Phll Wadman and Melody McDaniel recelve instructions from thelr band director, Mr. Richard Campos, before partlclpatlng In Ball State's Band Day. ,faq kk.. , fi -,feng , -, ,tw ,, A .. -,-:- Q..-M - . - 3? ,-vf f ti ,ea W f V -,Lili 1134 . 5 ,354 V5.4 1 4. ,,.. , ,ww A . ..x7 ,X , . 2 , W, s4lQf,M11 . WaM. w - sit. V H -' :P-5925 ABOVE Freshman Beth Garrett finds that go- lng over the horse feet flrst - ls one of the more excltlng thlngs done In the gymnastlcs ABOVE: Wrltten exams are requlred ln almost every subject - even P.E., where these students work dlllgently over a test on the rules of volleyball. ABOVE: Part of any Physlcal Education unlt includes the study of volleyball. These boys anxlously walt for the ball to come over the net. ABOVE: Mlss Janle Wlerks lnstructs her P.E. class from the dlvlng board on requlrements In the swlmmlng unlt. L I Students Physically Exert Themselves in P E A chore for some, a delight for others, Physical Education aims at body-building by means of vigorous exercise. It can bring perspiration and sore muscles, but It can also produce a sense of personal satisfaction that comes with a trim body and physical agility. Physical Education offered a wide variety of sport - from swlmmlng to tumbling, and from basketball to ten- nls - but all of lt intended to bulld sound bodies to go along with sound minds developed ln the more academic pursuits. RIGHT: Sammy Skeleton doesn't say much, but he ls an important teaching ald ln Mr. Dlck Flsher's Health class. Sophomore Tony An- dress may be about to lose an Index finger If Sammy's blte ls worse than hls bark. 1 s -- ' Q u .L '. ':iD,l ABOVE: Drlver education Involves more than just the time spent behind the wheel ofa car. Here, Mr. Robert Newton leads hls students In a classroom phase of drlver education. RIGHT: Freshman John Adams gets an up- slde down vlew ot things as he takes part ln tumbling exercises ln hls P.E. class. L AUDIO-VISUAL ASSISTANTS FRONT ROW: Norman Lamoureux, Brad Forshee, Kent Ford. ROW TWO: Dale Tschuor, Brlan Dunn, Mlke Coff- man, Terry Pence, Bruce Dunn, Robln Freeman. GUIDANCE ASSISTANTS FRONT ROW: Lynne Summers, Amy Southers. Lesa Pearson. ROW TWO: Blll Haley, Thomas McEwin, Jae Myers. OFFICE ASSISTANTS FRONT ROW: Lynne Summers, Linda Abbott, Robble Segraves, Teresa Davls, Debbie Qualls. ROW TWO: Cheryl Hughes, Sally Dlckerson, Brenda Lipscomb, Stella Carr, Nancy Marshall, Melinda Bradshaw. ROW THREE: Patti Ashley, Nancy McCullough, Pam Colllns, Clndy Sites, Teresa Lyon. Students Gain Administrative Experience fa. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS FRONT ROW: Dawn Tammy King, Diane Wallen, Julle Jones. Ferratt, Ann Welch, Karen Brown. ROW TWO: Many students gave aid in the school's library, dispensary. office, audio-visual and guidance center this year as they gave up study halls to become assistants. Helping shelve and check out books, distributing bandages and supplies for minor in- juries, and other helpful tasks rellev- ed much of the work from the librarian, Mrs. Cynthia Marshall, and nurse, Mrs. Cleo Haney. The AV assistants distributed projectors, films, and other equipment to rooms, while the office assistants picked up attendance cards and performed minor jobs around the offices. The guidance counselors benefitted from their assistants as they filed cards and distributed passes to students. Students also worked in the bookstore selling school supplies. BELOW LEFT: Office assistants Pattl Ashley, Melinda Bradshaw, and Robbie Segreves per- form one of their dally tasks-checking the student attendance cards In the main office. BELOW: DISPENSARY ASSISTANTS: Janet Watson, Cathy Newton, Kent Haney. Lead on . . . to improve club standing at Northside as well as in the com- munity,' state students involved in extracurricular activities. Students work in clubs where they compete with students from North. as well as with students from other schools. In other organizations, Northside students and advisers work together to put out newspapers, plays, musical performances, and the year- book. The Student Council works with the administration to develop better communication lines. "N" club members draw crowds to many sports events, while the cheerblock provides spirit for the events. French and Spanish clubs plan meetings and parties, while JCL holds its annual slave auction. Northside has many students ac- tive in National Honor Society and DECA. Still, more students par- ticipate in clubs ranging from art to chess to physics. Through extracurricular activities, Northside students reach out. 0 Q xref M- tif? i 331 K L YPEK Staff Members Strive to Meet Deadlines PUBLICATIONS FRONT ROW: Donna Stevenson, Ann Llston, Blll Barnhart, Robln Weiss. ROW TWO: Cathy Klbler, Donna McCurley, Mark Rowland, Sue Roszell, Sue Courtney, Tom Mlhal. ROW THREE: Kollol Pal, Jane Brenneman, Nancy Haney, Carolyn Emmons, Karen Brown, Kathy Wllllams, Jama Kehoe, Klm Nixon, Nancy Boyd, Mary Klbler, Sharon Courtney, Ellen Naumcheff, Mrs. Betty Shondell. ROW FOUR: Bob O'Dell, Debbie Sutton, Karen Kemezy, Klm Shondell, Valery Glasby, Ruth Williamson, Jennifer Silvers, Kathy Harding, Dave Shondell. ROW FIVE: Gina Noble, Melanie Manning, Joe Howard. NOT PICTURED: Shelly Bedell, Sherry Bedell. Z. Mazenowskl, Mary Ann Terhune. RIGHT: As edltor-In-chief of the North Star, Mary Ann Terhune consults with Reld's Studio by phone on getting a date set up for taking pictures of organizations. Many Publications staffers found that it took endless hours of work and total frustration to achieve their goal - a finished product. To the Northside News staff, this meant night sessions to 6:00 p.m., when the paper needed to be at Ball State to be taken to Hartford City for publica- tion. And to yearbook staffers this meant total dedication at every deadline - until the book was com- pleted in early March. Publications adviser Mrs. Betty Shondell relieved some of the staff members of deadline pressures by lending a hand - especially to the editors, who began to wonder if what they were doing was worth all of the effort put into it. Sue Roszell and Sue Courtney served as co-editors of the Northside News during the first semester, and Mark Rowland replaced Sue Roszell when she graduated in January. Mary Ann Terhune was editor of the North Star. I- Debaters Host Tournament: Place Flrst Hostlng their second annual debate tournament on December 8, North debaters put two new trophles ln the showcase when the sub- varslty team took flrst place out of eight teams, and a two man team took a flrst place. Northside placed flrst ln the tournament. Masque and gavel members put much time and energy into the productlon of the school play, "The Great God Brown." The cast made their own costumes, and masks were made by several members. MASQUE 8. GAVEL FRONT ROW: Gary Welr. Davld Robinson, Vlcki Holman, Mark Galllher. Don Snyder, Marianne Coll, Elalne Gadzlola, Ernest Fltzpatrlck. ROW TWO: Kay Potts. Normand Lamoureux. Barbara Osborne, Kevln Slaughter. Vicky Brown, Mrs. Greta Young, Curt Hunter, Sheryl Crowder, Amy Renner, Bllly Marcum, Robln Welss. ROW THREE: Kltty Cole, Nancy Mussler, Peggy O'NellI, Michael Jackson, Susan Perry, Mlchelle Mackey, Elalne Hamorl, Cathy Beck, Terry Pence. DEBATE CLUB FRONT ROW: Dlane Smith. Blll Hurd, Phll Clark, Nancy Grandcolas, Davld Robinson, Mrs. Greta Young, Gary Welr, Bar- bara Osborne, Marlanne Coll, Debble Warren. f i ROW TWO: Alan Brown, Jlm Duncan. Andre Gouvela, Davld Holt, Bllly Marcum, Tony Turckes, Debble Larlmore, Mlke Coffman. SCIENCE CLUB FRONT ROW: Jean Burger, Mary Dennls, Nancy Roszell. Tlna Roch, Jlm Cossaart. Candy Sharp, RoseAnne Hahn, Pat Plcha. ROW TWO: Klm Hussey, Mellnda Bradshaw, Donna Oaks, BIII Haley, Julla Plngry, Claudla Nelson, Becky Barnes, Teresa Davls, Jan Mlchel, Mr. Davld Knlsley. ROW THREE: Donleta Holtzclaw, Dave White, Max Church, Alan Brown, Dan A. Whlte, Blll Ben- ABOVE: At thelr January meeting, the Physics Club does what many other clubs do - begln preparations for the Wlnter Festlval. RIGHT: Trying to come up wlth an orlglnal Idea for the Wlnter Festlval, Lewls Roch and Terry Davls llsten to other Math Club members' Ideas, non, Chrls Duboc, Terry Davls, Kevin Kllnedlnst, DeAnn Thomas, Tammy Boye. ROW FOUR: Kathy Sharp, Karen Hays, Peggy O'NelIl. Camllle Mannlng, Stacy Paul, Mlssy Worboys, Lewls Roch, Bonnle Broyles, Karen Kemezy, Julle Terhune, Beth Brumbaugh. NOT PICTURED: Valery Glasby, Lelgh HIII, Jay Jackson, Mlke Lattomus, Russell Lawson, Llz Martln, Sarah McKInney, Doug Mlnch. -.1 Physics Club Hikes, Camps, Explores PHYSICS CLUB FRONT ROW: Tlna Swan- son, Lisa Bernhardt, Jlm Cossaart, Vlckl Fischer. ROW TWO: Brad Fanger, Arnold High, Dlck Wakefield, Andy Peterson, Jim Watkins, Joe Edwards. ROW THREE: Mr. Michael Wolter, Terry Davis, Blll Haley, Mark Kelly, Tryg Anderson, Larry Klbler, Bill Ben- non, Chrls Duboc, Tlm Bantz. NOT PICTURED: Steve Dettman, Jlm Hall, Sarah McKlnney. Susan Parker, JoAnn Ratchford, Lewls Roch, Tom Schrenz, Randy Staggs, Kathy Ware. Leadlng the Physics Club for the year, Mr. Michael Wolter and members of the club went on field trlps and planned activities ln the school, too. The group went blcycl- lng, hlklng, and camping at Heuston State Park ln Ohlo on October 13 and 14. Math Club, sponsored by Mrs. Linda Hollls, involved members of the club glvlng reports on lnterestlng mathematical toplcs. Mr. David Knlsley headed the Science Club who, along with the Physics Club, explored different areas and carrled out projects at school. MATH CLUB FRONT ROW: Klm Hussey. Tlna Roch, Terry Davis, Davld Harrison, Nan- cy Roszell. ROW TWO: Mrs. Linda Hollls, Joe Edwards, Dave Kelley, Andy Peterson, Tom McEwIn, Lewls Roch. NOT PICTURED: Steve Dettmen, Valery Glasby, Earl McKlnney. Sarah McKlnney. Cheerblocks Add Spirit to Home Games Glrls' Cheerblock, sponsored by Miss Janie Wierks, had a new appearance this year as they all had matching blue jumpsults with red turtleneck sweaters underneath. Although they only cheered as an organized group at home games, they had fan buses for many out-of- town games. Boys' Cheerblock, wlth Mr. David Halre as sponsor, was mighty again this year, giving much vocal assistance with the added yells to the girls' cheers. The 'N' Club, spon- sored by Mr. Ken Miller, consisted of boys who had received a Northside varsity letter and paid their membership dues. RIGHT: Sperked with enthusiasm, the Glrls' Cheerblock cheers the Titans on to a victory against the Kokomo Haworth Huskies at the Fieldhouse. 'N' CLUB FRONT ROW: Alan Sutton, Steve Ohrvall, Tryg Anderson, Brad Craft, Jlm Watkins, Tom Elliott, Tim Shaffer, Mike Holman, Jim Smith, Don McClellan, Mike Johnston, Tom Miller. ROW TWO: Jett Hllles, Stan Grlner, Mark Kelly, John Barnes, Mike Baur, Phll Clark, Mlke Williams, Rick Donatl, Jaime Lemna, Tlm Vesalakls. ROW THREE: Scott Frazier, James Brothers, Randy Staggs, Sam Arnold, Tom Schranz, Doug Cheesman, Jay Allardt, Tom Tharp, Greg Cross, Joe Sherman. ROW FOUR: Jett Martin, Blll Ayers, Brock Gordon, Greg Dobbs, Tom Hinge, Dave Swatford, Jlm Koontz, Ed Sutton. GIRLS' CHEERBLOCK FRONT ROW: Terry Mahoney, Pat Kelly, Kathy Jones, Debbie Bonga, Klm Anderson, Janlce Fenton, Nancy Wlerks, Andrea Sherldan, Dlanne Saunders. ROW TWO: Mary Klblar, Sharon Courtney, Claudla Nelson, Julle Summers. Kathy Harrls, Shlrley Brenham, Cathy Rector, Barbara Badgley, Klm Shondell. ROW THREE: Anlta Campbell, Karen Cummings, Julle Morrls, Perrl Wllllams, Kelly Manslleld, Klm Plttenger, Jana Allardt, Klrsten Anderson, Lynn Berner, Mary Dennls, Donleta Holtzclaw. ROW FOUR: Jan Mlchel, Jean Burger, Dlana Ward, Kathy Moss, Lorl Welnberg. Leanne Kelly, Sarah Champlln, Julle Engelbrecht, Beth Dltton, Mlchelle Garland, Bath Wenz. ROW FIVE: Terry Showalter, Carol McNeeIy, Mellnda Bradshaw. Donna Oaks, Bonnle Broyles, Tammy Boye, Karla Alexander. Karen Ross, Susan Butz, Melanle Mlnnlck. ROW SIX: Deb- bla McGraw. Julle Terhune, Karen Kemezy, Peggy O'NeIIl, Karen Hays, Vlckl Hunt. Stacy Paul, Cathy Klblor, Barbara Emmons. ROW SEVEN: Teresa Davls, Denise Stlftler, Clndy Calvln, Terl Ruemler, Terry Melghen, Eleanor Jordon, Nancy Boyd. BOYS' CHEERBLOCK FRONT ROW: Blll Ayers, Steve Ohrvall, Brad Craft, Jlm Watklne, Tom Elllott, Tlm Vasalakls, Tlm Shaffer, Jlm Smlth, Don McClellan, Mlke Johnston, Chrls Duboc. ROW TWO: Larry Klbler, Jeff Hllles, Stan Grlner, Mark Kelly, John Barnes, Mlke Baur, Phll Clark, Mlke Wllllams, Jalme Lemna, Blll Bennon, Dan Walte. ROW THREE: Scott Frazler, Joe Edwards, Randy Staggs. Sam Ar- nold. Tom Schranz, Doug Cheesman. Jlm Koontz, Tom Tharp, Greg Cross, Tom Elllott. ROW FOUR: Ted Jarvls, Tom Avlla, Dave Boggs, Tlm Bantz, Jlm Brothers, Jeff Hlatt. Doug Sleber. Alan Rowland. ROW FIVE: Blll Haley, Tlm Taylor, Davld Stavnlng, Mark Rowland, Chrls Martln, Greg Sumner, Don Snyder, Tom Slauter, Andre Gouvela. ROW SIX: Tom Mlhal, Ed Sutton, John Plngry, Doug Mlnch, Kelth Rahn, Bob O'DeIl, Joel Palomakl. ROW SEVEN: Tlm Bonnell. Kevln Bridges. Bruce Wlndmlller. ROW EIGHT: Andy Mun- son. Dave Tharp, Gary Retchlord, Preston Proctor, Kelley Marsh, Randy Dague, Doug Kehoe, Jefl Rlce. Four Seniors Receive Merit Certificates The National Merit Scholarship Corporation awarded Certificates of Merit to four Northside seniors as they competed for Merit Scholarships. Only one half of one percent of the natlon's secondary school seniors received these scholarships, or about 3100 of the 14,000 finalists. Representatives and alternates destined for Girls' and Boys' State were chosen by a committee of teachers from the Social Studies department. Candidates' grades, ability to participate in class dis- cussions, and desire to be involved with issues concerning modern government were factors taken into consideration by the committee. Both sessions were held in June on the Indiana State University campus. RIGHT: Mrs. Mary Etta Sutton. guidance counselor, shows Merit Scholarship Flnallsts Marcia Starr, Rick Zeigler, Alan Albright, and Klm Hussey their Certificates of Merit. BOYS', GIRLS' STATE REPRESENTATIVES FRONT ROW: Korlnne Kelly irep.l, Sherry Bedell Qalt.i, Julie Marsh irep.l, Tina Roch iRep.i, Melody McDaniel ialt.i, Barbara Osborne iaIt.i. ROW TWO: Mr. Donald Fields, Kevin Marti irep.i, Mike Baur iaIt.i, Tom Schranz ialt.i. NOT PICTURED: Tom Hinga irep.i. STUDENT COUNCIL 8 CLASS OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Dlane Smlth, Julie Marsh, Fred Duboc, Andy Marsh, Candy Sharp, Tom Avlla, Julle Hannah, Klm Nlxon, Kelth Peterson, Tlna Roch. ROW TWO: Mrs. LaVonne Zlmmerman, Jeff Bird, Don McClellan, Alan Albrlght, Kathy Sharp, Tom Mlhal, Mlke Baur, Terry Sltes, Mlke Duerson, Tom Stout, Nancy Boyd, Bar- bara Osborne, Janet Wake, Llnda Clark, Cathy Rector, Julle Morrls, Shelley Walker. NOT PICTURED: Dave Ahlarsmeyer, Marsha Groves, Lelgh Hlll. Dan Reno, Keith Smith, Dennis Whltacre, Ron Wilson. N1 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FRONT ROW: Kathy Wllllams, Ann Llston, Jama Kehoe, Dave Whlte, Chrls Duboc, Robln Chlco. Marlanne Butz. ROW TWO: Klm Hussey, Howard Holtzclaw, Rlck Zelgler, Alan Sutton, Joel Palomakl, Jay Allardt, Blll Bennon, Janet Shroyer, Pat Plcha, Sue Roszell, Marcla Starr. ROW THREE: Mrs. Llnda Hollls, Teresa Lyon, Gary Welr, Alan Albrlght, Tlna Swanson, Lewls Roch, Terry Marsh, Russ Lawson, Terry Davls, Janet Wake. NOT PICTURED: Denlse Augustine, Pam Flederleln, Sarah McKlnney, Susan Parker, James Spurgeon, Mary Ann Terhune, Sharon Towns. ABOVE: Student Councll presldent Candy Sharp and sponsor Mrs. LaVonne Zlmmer- man consult over some agenda for a oouncll meetlng. Camera, Chess Buffs Join Clubs CHESS CLUB FRONT ROW: Alan Brown, Bob Blaser. Ray Vaughn, Scott Bartels, Blll Wade. ROW TWO: Ron Royer. Joel Palomakl. Mr. John Smlth, Karen Munson, Paul VenEvery, Gary Welr. NOT PICTURED: Mlchael Sue. Wlth Mr. Phlllp Hallenbeck as sponsor, the Camera Club had a total membershlp of 10. Camera Club promoted photography con- tests throughout the year. Dave White, president of the Camera Club, awarded Lelgh Hlll a glft certlflcate from Jack's Camera Shop when Lelgh won a photo contest held ln the late tall. Photographs that were submitted to be judged were taken at various Iocatlons around Muncie - In- cludlng photos at Ball State and the county courthouse. Camera Club sponsors and members of the Art department made final selectlons on the entries. Under the sponsorship of Mr. John Smith, the Chess Club drew a membershlp of 11 - prlmarlly math students Interested ln comblnlng thelr abllltles In chess with another mlnd to make thelr strategic moves. CAMERA CLUB FRONT ROW: Joel Palomakl, Pat Crlsp. Tlna Roch. ROW TWO: Mr. Phlllp Hallenbeck, Terry Davis, Lewls Roch. Dan Whlte, Steve Craig, Kollol Pal, Mike Lattomus, Dave Whlte. NOT PICTURED: Mr. Frank Martln, Lelgh Hlll. 'ff gg . 3 - 'i '31 School Organizes FCA, Good News Club A new organlzatlon at Northside thls year, the Good News Club, was formed to provide Chrlstlans wlth a chance to meet together and have fellowship. Students from varlous church backgrounds met every week to share and to study the Blble. Different parts of the Bible were reviewed each week and often members suggested questions they had about the Blble for the entlre group to dlscuss. Good News Club ls sponsored by Mrs. Barbara Pugh. Sponsored by Mr. Myron Dlcker- son and Mr. Hans Sheridan, the Fellowshlp of Chrlstlan Athletes was Introduced thls year by a group of ln- terested students who attended the annual FCA conventlon held In Bloomington last sprlng. The club met ln several members' homes dur- lng the year. The FCA held a pre- season basketball open house, a dance, and sold booster tags for basketball games as moneymaklng projects, with the proceeds golng toward the trip to the state conven- tlon and a summer camp. FCA FRONT ROW: Brock Gordon, Dave Shondell, Deve Swatford, Tom Avlla, Tom Tharp, Kurt Humphrey, Kent Haney. ROW TWO: Joe Wllllams. Mark Kelly, Doug Kehoe, Tom Mlller. ROW THREE: Mr. Hans Sherldan, Jlm Brothers, Mlke Wllllams, Marty Groves, Mr. Myron Dlckerson. ROW FOUR: Jeff Hllles, Tryg Anderson, Mlke Holman, Greg Dobbs, Tom Hlnga, Gene Amlln, Mlke Carey. GOOD NEWS CLUB FRONT ROW: Debble McClellan, Ruth Burrls, Betty Dorton. ROW TWO: Lols Ounapu, Clnda Burrls, Ellzabeth Snyder. Brad Barnhart. ROW THREE: Mrs. Barbara Pugh, Blll Bernhart. NOT PICTURED: Bob Blaser, Jlm Bowlln, Mark Galllher. V2.2 , ,al L -n 61 DECA: On-the-Job Training, Responsibility RIGHT: Senior Kent Coleman does some stock work at Osco Drugs in the Mall. BELOW: Mike Shaffer, a gas station attendant at Denney's Arco, services a car on a lift. r l l Distributive Education Clubs of l America, sponsored by Mr. Forrest Sears, is a class offered to juniors T and seniors who wish to pursue a . career in the areas of Marketing and distribution. Students in the DECA program were employed at pet shops, depart- ment stores, gas stations, drug stores, restaurants, and other business establishments, which A served as their training stations. The Muncie Mall provided jobs for many of the students enrolled in DECA, while downtown merchants and other local businessmen employed North students. On Saturday, February 9, DECA members participated in the district contest at Ball State University. Areas of competition in the contest included Window Display, Radio Commercial Writing, Advertising Layout, Business Letter Writing, Stu- ' dent of the Year, Supermarket ' Chashiering, Interview, Miss Indiana DECA, Spelling, and Math. DECA FRONT ROW: Jlm Dennis, Janlce Fen- ton, James Brothers, Ted Jarvis, Kip Wigger- ly, Dana Scott. ROW TWO: Jama Huffman, Paula Glll, Klm Nixon, Sharon Szymborski, Jayne Sutton, Cheryl Hughes, Audrey Thomp- son, Cheryl Hartley, Cindy Cunnington. ROW THREE: Josephine Young, Carol Porter, Peggy Fisher, Bob Jones, Greg Hottlnger, Jeff Elliott, Mike Gegenheimer, Mark Werbil, Dan Wheeler, Kent Coleman, Mlke Hickey, Mr. Forrest Sears. NOT PICTURED: James Bradley, Joe Edwards, Dennis Heller, Yvonne Hazzard, James Ivy, Jama Morris, Dave Paschall, Steve Privett, Jim Rench, Jenny Ru- ble, Mike Shatter, Andrea Sheridan, Tom Stump, Lonelle Thompson. ABOVE: FBLA members Mlchael Hlckey. Dlane Larlmore, and Krlsten Tomllnson dls- cuss plans for thelr partlclpatlon In the Wlnter Festlval wlth Mrs. Kay Rankln before school. COE FRONT ROW: Kathy McDowell, Joyce Dew. ROW TWO: Kathy Hardlng. Kathy Wllllams, Kathy Wllson, Naloa Walter. r FBLA FRONT ROW: James Brothers, McEwln. Amy Southers. Mrs. Kay Rankln, Krlsten Tomllnson, Verna Blakely, Kathy Jody O'Connell, Mrs. Arlene Satterfleld, NOT Wllson. ROW TWO: Cheryl Whlte, Michael PICTURED: Dave Swafford. Hlckey, Dlane Larlmore, Mr. Curtls Ervln, Tom Spanish Clubs Tour Madrid, M ABOVE: Spanish Club member Scott Bartels irighti shows Jlm Brown and Jeff Garrett how the "balloon bust" game works. The Spanish Club sponsored the booth at Wlnter Festival. alaga in Spring Touring Madrid and Malaga dur- ing Spring vacation, Aprll 6-13, was one of the highlights for members of the Spanish Club. The trip, con- sisting of 51 students from Northside, Central, and Southside, took the members to the Costa del Sol, a favorite tourist area. There were optional side trips to Tangler iAfricaJ and Granada, too. Many of the members' expenses for the trip were defrayed by selling candy in the Fall. On March 5, the three high schools had a carry-in banquet at Northside, followed later by a gangster movie in Spanish ln the auditorium. The members were also taught a Spanish dance at the carry- in. SPANISH CLUB FRONT ROW: Nancy Darter, Deann Harris, Jennifer Duboc. Cindy Calvln, Nancy Boyd, Lena Hidalgo, Mellse McDaniel, Laura Tucco, Roxanne Parker, Mr. Ron Miller. ROW TWO: Perri Williams. Susan Amlln, Kim Plttenger, Jana Allardt, Debbie Sutton, Tom Mihai, Doug Mlnch, Dave Clrtln, Lee Polhamus, Diane Smith. ROW THREE: Korinne Kelly, JoAnn Ratchford, Teri May, Nancy Grandcolas, Teresa Avlla, Doug Stanley, Gary Ratchford, Phil Clark, Krls Davenport, Lorl Weinberg. ROW FOUR: Kathy Sharp, Leigh McCurley, Verna Blakely, Linda Naumcheff, Joel Palomaki, Eric Perry, Mlke Lattomus, Miguel Vasquez, Scott Bartels. ROW FIVE: Brenda Bantz, Sharon Tharp, Laura Grlner, Susan Hellmer, Jane Mlxell, Dlxle Scurr, Tammy Boye. Peggy O'Nelll, Bon- nie Broyles, Gloria Kershner. ROW SIX: Marsha Groves, Martha Vela, Tom Tharp, P. J. Wlckman, Alan Albright, Janet Wake, Janet Shroyer, Gretchen Bookout, Terrl Gentry, Carolyn Nelson. ROW SEVEN: Susan Ware, Joanne Armstrong, Leanne Kelly, Janie Packlnpaugh, DeAnn Thomas, Melody McDaniel, Nancy Haney. Donna Stevenson, Llsa Barr, Craig Shuman. NOT PICTURED: Elizabeth Albright, Jane Amlln, Shelly Bedell, Llsa Bradburn, Jane Brenneman, Marianne Coil, Julie Engelbrecht, Valery Glasby, Marty Groves, Llsa Hancock, Kevln Harmon, Jody Hllles, Diane I-lugon, Krls Humphrey, Laura Kllnge, Trlcla Llston, Cindy Parker, Katy Peterson, Sharon Towns, Clndy Trapp, Nancy Wlerks, Ron Wllson, Greg Zimmerman. French Club Has Initiation at Westside Park French Club held its formal inltia- tion at Westside Park on October 9. Inltiates went through the diltlcult tasks of shaving balloons to rolling tomatoes with the nose to singing songs in French. After the initiation, members "indulged" in a full course picnic. A Christmas party found the members walking the streets . through lce and snow singing carols ln French. LEFT: French Club sponsor Mrs. Sue Scott lrlghtl is open for suggestions from the members for Winter Festival activltles. BELOW LEFT: Procedure for the opening of a meeting tlnds the president of French Club getting the meeting off the ground. Here. Tlna Roch "does her thlng." FRENCH CLUB FRONT ROW: Donna Oaks, Mrs. Sue Scott. Karan Hays, Tina Roch, Julla Plngry, Kan Brady. ROW TWO: Renee Mackey, Julle Morrls, Susan Thomas, Tracey Simmons. Shashl Puttaswamy, Eleanor Jordon, Kevin Slaughter. ROW THREE: Ellen Naumchetf, Claudia Nelson, Llz Martin, Dlxle Scurr, Lynn Hester, Judi Johnson, Kay Potts, Becky Barnes. ROW FOUR: Vlckl Fischer, P.J. Wlckman, Bob O'Dell, Barbara Osborne, Julie Marsh, Alan Rowland. Carol Neff. Janet Stevenson. ROW FIVE: Nancy Traub. Jan Larue, Nancy Fuchs, Debbie McGraw, Julle Terhune, Beth Brumbaugh, Robln Kress, Jean Swanson. ROW SIX: Beth Dltton, Sarah Champlln, Cathy Culln. Barb Cass. Diane Larlmore, Karen Wolter, Mary Beth Rich. NOT PICTURED: Ann Baur, Debbie Danner, Dan Edwards, Melanie Manning, David Robinson, Sally Ross, Mary Ann Terhune. Junior Classical League, spon- sored by Mrs. Judlth Hahn, con- ducted an informal lnltlatlon on January 28 wlth initiates enduring various tortures. Bllndfolded and helpless, the lnitlates were at the mercy of the members, as they were required to perform incredible feats, such as holding the eye of Cyclops and eating sardines. A taxi service by charlots and rent- a-slave were featured by JCL at the Winter Festival. For only a small for- tune, students could rent a slave for their own pleasures. RIGHT: Eating sardlnes Is a part of the torture that initiates must struggle through at informal ceremonies for JCL. Amy Renner receives her share of the "goodies" from an official member. BELOW: Sophomore Don Snyder models his Roman toga before the informal initiation of JCL students. ,Q g, -15" .. V fx. -'N -s .'Q. JCL initiates Endure 'Tortures' JCL FRONT ROW: Barbara Badgley, Elalne Gadziola, Andre Gouvela, Joe Edwards, Doug Sleber, Mary Dennis, Jean Burger, Teresa Buzzard, Susan Butz. ROW TWO: Klrsten Anderson, Nancy Roszell, Lindsey Stelzer, Andy Marsh, Steve Robinson, Andy Albright, Bob Starr, Amy Renner, Karla Alexander, Kim Hussey. ROWQTHREE: Tom Hlnga, Alan Brown, Scott Trout, Mark Rowland, Paul Rup- precht, Rick Courtney, Ken Kratz, Jeff Blrd, Kent Ford, Lois Ounapu. ROW FOUR: Candy Sharp, Rose Anne Hahn, Clndy Sowatsky, Greg Sumner, Ruth Wllllamson, Joan Schwartz, Llz Vogel, Melinda Bradshaw. Marianne Lafferty, Elaine Hamorl. ROW FIVE: Becky Buckles, Tlna Swanson, Joan Adams. Klm Ramey, Melissa Meredith, Julle Marsh, Alan Rowland, Judl Johnson, Karen Valenclc, Pat Plcha. NOT PICTURED: Sherry Bedell. Clndy Bookout, Doug Cheesman, Jeff Cheesman, Tlna Coleman, Brian Flke, Mrs. Judith Hahn, Jlm Hall. John Howard, Jlm McClure, Tom McEwln, Sarah McKinney, Brad Mlchel, Kathy Newton, Pam Padgett, Dave Paluch, Steve Paul, Kelth Rahn, Dan Reno, Keith Smith, Dave Snyder, Don Snyder. Exploratory Teachers Acquire Experience Students Interested ln galnlng ex- perience ln the teaching field elected exploratory teaching during the first semester. Students were assigned to an elementary school, and they attended the school for a minimum of one hour each afternoon. Exploratory teachers were given grades by the teachers with whom they worked. Future Homemakers of America, sponsored by Mrs. Cheryl Smothers and Mrs. Rebecca Holderman, planned varlous projects throughout the year. The group sold holly to parents and teachers at Christmas and took an actlve part ln the Winter Festival. EXPLORATORY TEACHERS FRONT ROW: P.J. Wlckman, Gloria Kershner. ROW TWO: Candy Sharp, Nancy Mussler, Janet Shroyer. ROW THREE: Gina Noble, Lorl Flvecoats, Jerllee Doeden, Nancy Walker. NOT PICTURED: Donna McCurley. FHA FRONT ROW: Vlckl Hunt, Julle Summers, Tammy Boye, Melanie Manning, Stacy Paul, Barbara Dutchman. ROW TWO: Nancy Haney, Donna Oaks, Audrey Thomp- son, Melinda Bradshaw, Barbara Henry, Betty Dorton, Karen Hays, Becky Barnes. ROW THREE: Mrs. Cheryl Smothers, Jan Michel, Camille Manning, Cathy Beck, Bonnie Broyles, Judy Sparllng, Beth Garrett, Debbie McGraw, Gloria Kershner, Karla Alexander, Susan Manning, Claudia Nelson, Sharon Courtney, Kathy Buennagel, Cathy Klbler, Melanie Shorter, Tlna Roch, Janlce Johnson, Kathy Moss, Sandy Flye, Mrs. Rebecca Holderman. NOT PICTURED: Jean Burger, Llsa Hancock, Sandra Kershner, Sarah McKinney, Kathy Newton, Beth Priest. Band Boosters Hold Auction for Uniforms X. if Along with voices, a music depart- ment needs music to close the gap, and the band provided the necessity. Presenting concerts, providing music for pep sessions and home games, and participating In local contests were of top priority to band members. Band Boosters held an auction on October 27 in the Merchants Building at the falrgrounds. Netting 53,000 In proceeds, the money went toward Tltanette outfits and the com- pletion ot the uniform order for the band. Mr. Richard Campos directed the various sections of the band, the orchestra, and the stage band in community and school events throughout the year. SAXOPHONE SECTION FRONT ROW: Alan Albright, Tina Coleman, Frank Utt, Brian Waugh. ROW TWO: Jerry Crisp. Marianne Coll. CLARINET SECTION FRONT ROW: Sandra Flye, Theresa Segraves, Beck, Cathy Cummings, Cheryl Hammond. Jim Snyder. Mark Galliher, Susan Manning Beth Garrett, Teresa White, Debbie McClellan, Beth Jeff Strauch, Ron Kratz, Brad Barnhart, Blalr Calllcott. Waters Jan Michel ROW TWO: Elizabeth Snyder, Carol Jennings, Cathy I I ,, I Lk, PERCUSSION SECTION FRONT ROW: Tlm Green, Shelley Walker, ABOVE: Junlor Tlm True "does Il up" wllh hls Dave Harrlson. ROW TWO: AI Sutton, Wlllle Smlth, Dwayne Adrlan, Rlck trumpet whlle walllng for the real test at Band Zelgler. Day. TRUMPET SECTION FRONT ROW:JonI Ewlng. Lee Krlse, Dan Fuchs, Phll Wadman, Bred Fangar, Steve True, Jeff Rlce, Gary Ratchford Dave Ahlersmeyer, Ken Kratz, Brad Mlchel, Bruce Shepard. ROW TWO: Mellse McDanIeI. Alan Goebel, Tlm True, Charles Shepard, Dlck Wakefield, Erlc Perry, ABOVE: Greg Goebel and Dan Edwards tlnd BRASS SECTION FRONT ROW: QFrench lTubaJ Mlke Hickey. 1TrombonesJ Dan that a trombone serves as a great place to hornsj Pam Howard, Bob Starr. fBarltonesl Edwards. Paul VanEvery. NOT PICTURED: hang a hat when nothlng else does the job. Davld Aker, Davld Lunsford. ROW TWO: lB8l'lf0f16l Scott MBVBS. lTrombones3 Greg Goebel, Blll Barnhart. Q FLUTE SECTION FRONT ROW: Beth Brumbaugh, Kay Taylor. Judy Sllvers. Arnold Hlgh, Wllllam Petty, Cllftord Tretlck, Dlane Smlth, Carol Sparllng, Kathy Conn, Tammy Boye, Kathy Sharp, Kathy Beard, Llz Mar- Sue. tln. ROW TWO: Llnda Clark, Melody McDanleI, Cheryl Pierce, Jennifer Orchestra Yields New Sounds Concerts Meetlng the sixth period each school day, students ln the orchestra enriched their musical abilities by putting their talents to use. The orchestra ls divided into several un- its wlth strings - the harp, the vlolin, cellos, and a string bass. Along with the other areas of the band, the orchestra presents con- certs, too. On October 30, the orchestra played various selections in the auditorium. Other than concerts, the orchestra plays a big role ln the production of muslcals, when the members assist the choral department. Combining with the different sec- tions of the band, the orchestra provided a change of pace in music. STRINGS IN ORCHESTRA FRONT ROW: lHarpl Lisa Hancock, Ivlollnl Blll Compton, Denlse Stlffler, Margaret Albright, Marianne Michael. ROW TWO: tCelIosl Mary Farrell, Elaine Gadzlola, Lorlnda Wiley, Andy Albright, Amy Ahlersmeyer. IStrlng Basal Doug Stanley. NOT PICTURED: Nlollnl Kathy Conn. BAND OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Charles Marianne Coll ROW TWO Dan Edwards Jim Shepard, Llnda Clark, Melody McDaniel, Snyder Joe Howard LEFT: Student teacher Mr. David Bagshaw takes his turn directing the Stage Band at Open House. ABOVE: Before people who come early to be assured a good seat, the Tltanettes and bend practice thelr routlne for Ball State's Band Day. STAGE BAND FRONT ROW: QSaxophonesl Jlm Snyder, Fton Kratz, Jerry Crlsp, Bob Starr, Frank Utt, Brlan Waugh. ROW TWO: 4Drumsl Al Sutton, QPienoy Wayne Grlle. ROW THREE: fTrumpet Sectlonp Steve True, Phll Wadman, Tim True, Charles Shepard. lGuitart Dan 'f -P. f- W Higdon. Urombonesj Dan Edwards, Paul VanEvery, Greg Goebel. NOT PICTURED: fsaxophonesy Alan Albrlght, Jett Streuch. QTrumpet Sectlonl Brad Fanger, Brad Michel. Urombonest BIII Barnhart. Tltanettes, Band Combine Talents in Contests Along with the band, the Tltanettes found that it took hours of practice and long, hard drills to make perfect their routines. The Tltanettes spent many of their summer vacation mor- nlngs marchlng ln the hot sun so that everything would be perfect when the school year began. For the first time, glrls interested in marchlng could elect the course and recelve credit as a Tltanette. The marchlng squad, under the direction of Mlss Janle Wlerks, prac- ticed a new routine for each home game. Throughout the year the Tltanettes competed In varlous contests with the band, provlded entertainment at the county fairs during the summer months, and marched many miles In community parades. RIGHT: Tltanettes Debble Emshwlller and Dianna Wages "rock" to the music of thelr competition at Ball State's Band Day. TITANETTES FRONT ROW: Pam Collins, DeAnn Thomas Dlanna Wages Debbie Korlnne Kelly Dawn Bonge Brenda Lelcht P.J. Wlckman. ROW TWO: Nan Cacavas, Emshwlller Cheri Shaw Cathy LaRue Jlll Erlca Shlnnock Sandra Nelson Teresa Loser, Stella Carr, Dlane Smith, Broadstreet Betty Conway Susan Haley 1 in f ,,.: ,,Lr E is . 1. E A I A y A A . . S " , ABOVE Swlng Cholr member Scott Trout adds flnlshlng touches to the schooI's flrst ABOVE: Northern Llghts entertaln parents and teachers wlth "EverythIng's Comlng Up Roses" at the Fall Concert. NORTHERN LIGHTS FRONT ROW: Camllle Manning, Dlane Smith, Susan Thomas, Deb- ble Danner, Kathy Conn, Kathy Beard. ROW TWO: Debl Sarah, Cathy Thompson, Elizabeth Albright, Laura Grlner, Klrsten Anderson, Sharon Tharp, Dlane Ryan, Llsa Barr, Donna Stevenson. ROW THREE: Llnette Cook, Anlta Howard, Tammy Boye, Karen Hays, Perrl Wllllams, Missy Worboys, Beth Browell, Becky Barnes. Girls Choose Northern Lights, Glee Club Girls who elected some type of group singing in the music depart- ment excelled in Northern Lights and the Girls' Glee Club. Northern Lights, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Doris Faulkner, sang for many community groups. Leading the Glee Club, Mr. Dennis Phipps worked wlth the girls the last period each day. The Fall and Christmas concerts found the two groups "singing away" to interested parents, teachers, and community friends. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB FRONT ROW: Susan Greene, Lelgh Hlll, Mary Lane, Clndy Hines, Judy Vaught, Barb Cass. Jennifer Gray, Meredith Tomlinson. ROW TWO: Beth Ditton, Sarah Champlln, Vlrglnla Snyder, Michelle Garland, Llz Martin, Llsette Vogler, Glncle Howard, Beth Wenz, Kristal Fischer. ROW THREE: Barbara Roose, Karen Young, Terril Donatl, Nancy Fuchs, Melanie Mlnnick, Linda Wilson, Pat Rayburn, Cathy Beck, Kathy Moss, Cathy Stewart. ROW FOUR: Janet Wat- son, Nancy Traub, Brenda Wllson, Barbara Dutchman, Susan Mannlng, Sally Watson, Kelll Massey, Jan Hockema. 75 ABOVE: As director of the Glrls' Glee Club, Mr. Dennis Phlpps spends one perlod a day getting the glrls In good shape for perfor- mances. LEFT: Glrls' Glee Club members Barb Cass and Llsette Vogler loin ln slnglng with thelr sectlon, whlle Jennifer Gray walts for her cue to begin. -Y CONCERT CHOIR SECOND PE- RIOD FRONT ROW: Davld McGregor, Mary Klbler, Merle Hammond, Rlta Johnson, Tammy Johnson, Clndy Sowatsky, Pam Cecll, Clndy Calvln, Sue Roszell, Susan Styles, Michael Jackson. ROW TWO: Kelth Peterson. Pettl Ashley, Dlane Saunders, Andl Sheridan, Lorl Welnberg, Jewell McClelland, Clndy Parr, Cathy Culln, Leanne Kelly, Krls Humphrey, Rlck Martln. ROW THREE: Mlke Duerson, Dlx- le Walte, Sandra Brldges, Brenda Moralne, Glna Noble, Sue Courtney, Teresa Lampklns, Julle Summers, Mary Martln, Julle Plngry, Tom Carthell. ROW FOUR: Rex Church, Melanle Mannlng, Debble Emshwlller, Nan Cacavas, Joyce Dew, Susan Groves, Teresa Avlla, Dlene Hugon, Susan Luzadder, Claudla Beebe, James Bryant, Scott Reed. NOT PICTURED: Tonya Goodwln. CONCERT CHOIR THIRD PERIOD FRONT ROW: Dwayne Adrlan, Sharon Courtney. Julle DeLong, Beth Klncade, Dlanna Wages, Shashl Puttaswamy, Beth Browell, Nancy Sltes, Stella Carr, Davld Aker, Ron Wllson. ROW TWO: Bob Blazer, Debble Sutton, Verna Blakley. Julle Jones, Belva Hurd, Debble Hagans, Susan Haley, Beccl Waters, Janlce Johnson, Lella Bunshell, Jlm Bowlln. ROW THREE: Ed- dle Klng, Rosle Holder, Melanle Shorter, I. y I Karen Wolter, Jenny Eavey, Llsa Bradburn, Jayne Sutton. Kathy McConkey, Cynthla Bookout, Carl Jackson. ROW FOUR: Ed Moon, Bllly Marcum, Rhonda Goodpaster, Ann Barber, Dlane Larlmore, Pam Wllllams, Llsa Wlse, Nancy Chambers. Sue Peterson, Terrel Goodwln. NOT PICTURED: Bob Hux- man, Pam Pesottl, Kavln Slaughter. Krlsten Tomllnson. "X ABOVE: Freshman Mlke Duerson takes a solo part In a Concert Cholr pertcrmance durlng the Christmas season. Concert, Swing Both Concert Choirs and the Swlng Cholr partlclpated ln many concerts this year, servlng to "reach out" to the community. Getting the year off to a start, all of the choirs performed In the annual Fall Concert on October 29 for parents and teachers. Swlng Cholr members par- tlclpated ln a parade held on Oc- tober 27, durlng American Education Week, when North's first float, made by the group, was exhlblted. The annual Community Christmas Sing was held at the Fieldhouse on December 9. The Ilve Chrlstmas tree made lts final appearance there last year, but It' was replaced by an equally Impressive plastic stalned glass window this year, deslgned by Krlsten Tomlinson, wlth the ald of Pam Wllllams, Ron Wllson, Dwayne Adrlan, and Klm DeLong. RIGHT: George Lawrence and Susan Parker exhlblt thelr muslcal talents In a Swlng Cholr routlne. Choirs Reach Out SWING CHOIR FRONT ROW: Nancy Roszell, Kltty Cole, Amy George Lawrence.Dave Clrtln Tlm Vasalakls ROWTHREE ScottTrout Ahlersmeyer. Kay Potts, Tom Lyon. ROW TWO: Nancy Boyd, Nancy James Bryant, Wlllle Smlth Max Church NOT PICTURED Don Haney, Brenda Moralne. Debble Barton. JoAnn Ratchford, Deslree McClellan. Jackson, Susan Parker, Klm Shondell, Dan Mlnear, Dave Ahlersmeyer, C.. +-v .C CD Lf C.. -i-f .C .Qi u. 1 Fi ght0n... . . . to a victory.' scream all NHS sports fans and Titan backers. Par- ticipants in sports "reach out" as they try to keep North at the top of the list as a high school power. Northside is proud to be able to send some of its athletes on to sec- tional, regional, and state competi- tion. And yes - even more proud to claim Bud Palmer as the school's first state champion. Titan sup- porters believe that there will be more champions crowned and hope to produce many fine athletes in the future. Cheerblocks, spirit societies, cheerleaders. and the faculty let NHS athletes know that they are behind them "all the way" as they ad- vance to higher stakes and greater competition through active par- ticipation at pep sessions and on- the-spot support at the events themselves. NHS athletes realize that to con- tinue to exhibit their power, it is necessary to fight on. -Q IX 5 Q S ol w ill ,7 I U .1 is . ,k is Z S sg E V3 i 'W , . , H Qin? x -Ssiiik xii' ' bhunalf' I inexperienced Team Claims 7-3 Record Tom Tharp, Muncle's leadlng scorer wlth 58 points, gains yardage agalnst Lafayette Central Catholic, as Tim Shaffer and Dennls Whitacre block. With very few returning lettermen and only one starter from last year, a difficult season was forecast for the young Titans. However, the squad proved to be full of surprises as It went 3-0 in the Olympic Conference to win the Conference cham- pionship. Northside outscored Conference opponents a total of 70 points to nine. Even though the Titans lacked experience, they more than made up for it with outstanding desire and a total team effort that led to a 7-3 record, playing four state- ranked teams. The season was a total team effort, but some players deserve special mention. James Bryant was named outstanding defensive lineman, Mike Johnston, outstanding offensive lineman, Tim Shaffer, outstanding offensive back, Jim Smith, outstan- ding defensive back: and Mike Johnston and Jim Smith, honorary captains. Tom Tharp led all clty players ln total points scored. VARSITY FOOTBALL FRONT ROW: Scott Frazier. Mark Hosklng, Rick Donatl. Dennls Whltacre, Jack Cavanaugh, David Swafford, Dan Edwards, Sam Arnold, and Scott Trout. ROW TWO: Steve Paul, Tryg Anderson, Bob Hammerstein, Alan Sutton, Z. Mazanowski, James Bryant, Blll Ayres, Ed Sutton, Mark Kelly, Jeff Hllles, and Bill Napier. ROW THREE: Coach Hans Sheridan, BIllGruppe, Jlm Smith, Mike Johnston, Mark Yaudas, Randy Staggs, Tom Tharp, Jlm Brothers, John Klem, Kelth Smith, and Coach Don Fields. ROW FOUR: Coach John Smith, Tom Hlnga, Doug Cheesman, Tlm Shaffer, Mlke Holman, Tom Elliott, Mike Williams, Jaime Lemna, Jlm Koontz, Brian Jennings, and Coach Terry Hitchcock. Not present for picture: Dan Reno. Haworth Loss Mars Perfect Season for JV's ,6:5f'5' Mark Hosklng displays one of his two touchdown runs In the junior varsity game against Yorktown. The junior varsity football team displayed great enthusiasm and spirit as well as skill in posting its 7-1 season record. The Jayvees were a well balanced team, but certain players deserve special credit. Keith Smith, the Titans' quarterback, was awarded the team's best offensive back honor. Rob Barnes, center, was chosen best offensive lineman: Phil Clark was named best defensive back: and defensive tackle Kevin Bridges was selected best defensive lineman. The only junior varsity loss was to Conference foe Kokomo Haworth. XX This game found the Huskles deep ln Titan territory the whole first half, as fumbles and poor field position ald- Ned Kokomo to a 12-0 half time lead. lThe Titans dominated second half play, but were handicapped by a rash of penalties which kept the Titans away from the Huskies' goal ff line and perfect season. :dag JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL FRONT ROW: Scott Trout, John Estes. Dan Showalter, Phll Bonnell, Mlke Kelly, Randy Dague, Steve Paul, and Blll Napier. ROW TWO: Tom Mlhal, Don Snyder. Kris Davenport, Dave Ahlersmeyer, Greg Sumner. Doug Kehoe, Randy Howard, Phil Clark, and Scott Frazier. ROW THREE: Tryg Anderson, John Nelson, Kevin Bridges, Marty Groves, Paul Rupprecht, Brian Waugh, Tom Lyon, and Coach Hans Sheridan. ROW FOUR: Coach John Smith, Wlllle Smith, Harry Ferguson, Jlm Dolan, David Lemolne, Doug Stanley, Joe Smith, Rob Barnes, Coach Terry Hitchcock. and Coach Don Fields. Frosh Finish Gridiron Season 3-4 , it in . l it S. Freshman football players, coach- ed by Mr. Robert Carmichael and Mr. Dennis Baron, posted a 3-4 record In their first gridiron attempt at North. The team was vlctorlous over Anderson South, Delta, and Muncie South, but succumbed to Yorktown, New Castle, Kokomo, and Muncie Central. The squad was hampered by numerous injuries and lack of depth, partially accounting for a losing season, determined in the final game, a 0-26 loss to Muncie Central. Named outstanding players at the Fall Sports Banquet were Jim McClure and team captain Jeff Bird, best backs, Tim Humbert, best lineman: and Tim Green, most im- proved player. James Buchanan received the Coaches' award. Jeff Bird fakes out an opponent and takes off for a blg gain. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL FRONT ROW: Todd Jones, James Buchanan Brent Downing, Jeff Blrd, Jim McClure, Jack Hammerstein, Tlm Shields. Tlm Green, Randy Gllchrlst, Curt Watson, and Rick Hill. ROW TWO Coach Dennls Baron, Coach Bob Carmichael, Jeff Aysse, Jlm Nicholas Tom Stout, Tlm Humbert, Jeff Cheesman, Gary Hosklng, Kent Ford, Jlm Butler, and Mike Halsley. ROW THREE: Blll Johnson, Dave Snyder, Joe Wllllams, Greg Sutton, Steve Dowell, Dale Tschuor, Clalr Davis, Ray Clark, and Phll lsenbarger. Harriers Place Tenth in State Although placlng tenth ln the state finals was less than hoped for, the varslty cross country team recorded lts best season ln school hlstory. The Tltans placed second In the Reglonal behind Carmel, flrst In the Sectlonal, and flrst ln the Olymplc Conference. Senlor Joe Sherman was named co-captaln and most valuable runner at the fall sports banquet, after tak- Ing elght flrst places during the season, lncludlng flrsts In the Conference and Sectlonal. Other valuable runners were senlor co-captaln Don McClellan: sophomores Kelley Marsh, Jerry Davey, and David Kelley: junlor Greg Cross: and senlor Brad Craft. The Jayvees flnlshed 7-1, and took the city champlonshlp. The freshman team went 3-1, wlth co- captalns and co-MVP's Mlke Duer- son and Scott Maves leadlng the way. Senlor Joe Sherman runs hard at the Olymplc Conference meet, where he placed flrst. 4 'E VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY FRONT ROW: Greg Cross, Jerry Davey. Ken Mlller. Davld Kelley, Kelley Marsh, Brad Craft, and Coach Dallas D071 MCCIBIIBTI, Joe Sh9l'mBl'1, and Coach Blll lf'l'l6S. ROW TWOZ COBCYI Kunklg, 'WR ' 10 Sophomore Kelley Marsh helps Northside wln E 3 T MW, ' T T the Olymplc Conference meet. Marsh flnlshed T T of - slxth. 'NWT 4 ' JAYVEE CROSS COUNTRY FRONT ROW: Greg Goegel, Ron Blckel, John Plngry, Kurt Humphrey, Mlke Clarke, George Goebel, Earl Kollock Davld Butler, David Boggs, Pet Harmon. Mlke Darter, Alan Goebel, and and Coach Dallas Kunkle. Coach Blll Imes. ROW TWO: Coach Ken Miller, Tom Elliott, Eric Perry, Tennis Team Captures Sectional, Conference A strong backhand helps co-captain Brock Gordon become a wlnner. Finishing the 1973 season strong, the Titan Tennis team won its last nine dual meets, and went on to place first in the Olympic Conference with 20 points, first in the Sectional with 27 points, and fifth ln the Regional with one point. Brock Gordon, the Titans' Most Valuable Player and co-captain, won the singles' Conference cham- pionship, and was a member of the doubles team that won the sectional. Tim Vasalakis, the Titans' other co- captain, was Brock's partner in wln- ning the Sectional championship. He also teamed with Mike Baur to wln the Conference doubles. The doubles team of Sam Drummer and Mike Baur took se- cond inthe Sectional behind Gordon and Vasalakis. Dick Wakefield and Andre Gouveia also played a blg part in North's 13-2 season record. The Titan Jayvees flnlshed the year with a 7-2 season record. Mr. Curt Ervin coached both teams. Other co-captain Tlm Vasalakls skillfully plays the net. VARSITY TENNIS FRONT ROW: Mike Baur, Curt Ervin. ROW TWO: Tim Vasalakis, Sam Dlck Wakefield, Andre Gouveia, and Coach Drummer, and Brock Gordon. 9 L -w--wt-H!!44'l'4lH'lW Hopeful of "acelng" hls opponent. Brock Gor- don attempts the serve. 1 to ,aw T JW! IM' .W tottte ' te at ., ' ., 9 , w fl -H -N , ,N ,H an-sq wk 4 1 Q- WM4'?-fffnf W5 awdf A 4 , 1' fs WA . . eww Z Q' 14 . ' f an 4! " l Mr tg' fo 3 fb' 4 ya awk 69' . S5 41 ,ff 1 Z ga 'hagif g'KZ,,f,,v Ky 4 My Jaw , Jr bf M I A . ' gm fvf -LW iii? M yjtyff Aw w K' a mf A 4' wr ' Mmzfff ' f 1 3 ' ff if f , fn' Q . ff-if fa, gl W .T V SEQ- if , ,l , in '42 I if Y' rw " 4 Ziff V 5 -1 f" is-2 1 A , yy f as H4314 fn ,wtf ' r 1 6 .r J' 'A ,E X L' rw Q i Also demonstrating hls service technlque, Kollol Pal concentrates on the ball. Playlng net man, Sam Drummer executes a soft shot. 2 1 7? I ' i 5 ' f 14k sa ' I rf 5 Agnus. . -- 7 'S t , U I 7' nf . I K I 1 F :I ' .. ll uv . .ew Zf JAYVEE TENNIS FRONT ROW: Mark Nlxon, McKinney, Kollol Pal, Tucker Badgley, and Andre Gouvela plcks one up In the back court Davld Langas, Ftlck Courtney, Doug Sleber. Bruce Shepard. on the Northslde courts. and Coach Curt Ervln. ROW TWO: Earl so l Titan Cagers "Flip City" Through Sectional wif - -- -Q--nr-W .4 C., Sam Drummer skies high to get the tlp. North defeated Central 90-72, and went on to win H ,,... - Four Madlson Heights defenders cannot stop Pete Kuzma as he moves toward the basket. -tummy 4... . . their first Muncie Sectional championship. YI.. Floating upward, junior Sam Drummer puts ln an easy two against Madison Heights. Looking forward to something even bigger than their first Sectional championship, the tall and mighty Titans were preparing for Regional competition at New Castle when final yearbook copy went to press. "Rip City" became an "inside" slogan at tourney time, and only Titan followers knew the true meaning. Winning 10 of their last 11 games, the cagers streaked into the Muncie Sectional with a 15-5 record. North floated by South 84-65, and Central 90-72, and then exploded to a 90-60 win over Delta to claim the school's first Sectional trophy. Sam Drummer, second leading scorer in the city with a 22.1 average, scored 80 points in the sectional, pulled down 37 rebounds, and pass- ed out 15 assists. Pete Kuzma led the city scoring race with a 23.6 average, and totaled 70 points and 21 rebounds in Sectional play. Gene Amlin rounded out the front line to make it one of the best in the state, and the improved play of guards Rick Donati, Greg Dobbs, and ex- cellent bench strength provided Coach Dickerson's winning com- bination. Jumping Gene Amlln drops in two from the rafters In the Madison Grant game. Junior Rick Donatl puts the move on his defender and puts ln two. ABOVE: Senior Mike Holman uses his potent jump shot to score over a Kokomo Haworth player. BELOW: Forward Mlke Carey, lunlor, drlves the baseline for two points agalnst Portland. Racing past his opponent, Junior Greg Dobbs looks to pass off. Greg had over 100 assists this year. ABOVE: Trying to decide whether or not to dunk the ball, Tom Hlnga lays lt ln for two points. BELOW: Junior Brock Gordon uses a Delta foe during Sectional play. l Vt ,Ms- Gllding to the basket, senior Tom Miller scores as a defender runs by. ABOVE: Senior Terry Marsh gets his points the hard way-as shown here against Portland. BELOW: Leading the Titan fast break, Dave Swattord looks around for someone to receive his pass. I I 1 :fi 1' iv ll ,3l,I,'l k 'fm 'Q 'F - Q X nf 5 2 1 M, 1' f M-f Q n s " xi - , "A" L, kick! Lg V i V 1 45- A-' T 'Q ' K ' R H I' ,,",', . 4,1 -in E if It , K 3, , :Ag 3 QVVQ 4. ru N." tx 41? 4gA,V -12, J 1 A. 5 W1 ?' 4:4-Y 1 H I :Q :1 Wqfj' Q' f'1 J ,1lll E X xi.V 1? J -0,1 . - Uv Q Ur -29 w., I 1.4 . 3515, 2 f ' "- 'Y Q' SSP' ixms fl N 42 A ll A GV l 4. +Mb Wa 1 ' - 1 ig! K 3,4-f43I1 Jayvees Improve in Latter Part of Season Winning eight of their last nine games, the TItanJayvees finished the season with an impressive 13-7 record. Big wins were against New Castle, Ft. Wayne South, Richmond. and Indianapolis Cathedral. Northside fans came out early to see the young Titans perform, since most encounters were close and went down to the wire. Of the seven losses, three were by one or two points, while four victories were by three or less. Coach Curt Ervin's crew started out slowly, losing their first two ball games, but then caught fire, winning five in a row before losing to the Madison Heights Pirates. They finished the campaign with five straight victories. The reserve squad averaged 54.2 points per game, while holding their opponents to only 46.8. Twelve sophomores and two juniors com- prised the team. rv Fl 5 Drlvlng down the middle, Sophomore Dave Shondell scores two points against Portland. JAYVEE BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: John Estes, Doug Kehoe, Dave Shondell, Larry Whiting, Chris Davis. ROW TWO: Ned Broadstreet, Keith Smith, Marty Groves, Brian Fike, Dennis Elton, Kevin Fteams. Kevin Bridges, Coach Curtis Ervin. Sophomore Marty Groves puts the move on his defender and scores. Freshmen Take City Championship pigs: Q15 Freshman standout Eric Eckelman takes a baseline shot over a Richmond defender. The Tltans went on to wln the game 67-65 ln over- time. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Mlke Dickerson, Jeff Blrd, Jlm Nicholas, Pat Mamot, Steve Wllllams, Jim Buchanan, Tim Shields, Tom Stout, Manager Blair Calllcott. ROW TWO: Manager John Buennagel, Todd Jones, Jeff Cheesman, Rick Hlll, Phll lsen- barger, Eric Eckelman, Mike Duerson. Glenn Walls, Andy Marsh, Gary Hosking, Steve Miller and Coach Mike Paluch. Compiling the best won-lost record of any freshman basketball team in the history of Northside, the 1973-74 frosh won the City cham- pionship for the third consecutive year. After building a 13-3 season record, the young Titans defeated Muncie Central 63-52 ln the first round of the city tourney, and then knocked oft Yorktown 52-44 in the championship game. The freshmen as a team shot .502 from the field, and they averaged 55.9 points per game, both of which were new freshman records. Eric Eckelman set some individual records by scoring 269 points and shooting 58.6 percent from the field. He also set a school record with his 75.5 percent free throw shooting. Forwards Phil lsenbarger, Mike Duerson, and Glenn Walls, and guards Gary Hosking, Todd Jones, and Jeff Bird played a big part in the frosh record-breaking season. -IV' 'U' .... R Foreign exchange student Pat Mamot drives down the middle for a hard earned bucket. Grapplers Gain First IHSAA State Crown On Saturday, Feb. 23, 1974, Coach Fred Ginther's mighty Titan wrestlers won the first IHSAA state championship for Northside. ln win- ning the State, the Titans outscored Bloomington South, a team that had been state champs for the last five years, 46-36. Logansport was third with 24V2 points. Senior Bud Palmer brought his high school career to an end when he decisioned Southport's Jeff Pitt- man, 9-2, to take his second straight state championship in the 167 pound weight class. Bud compiled a 28-0 record with 24 pins this season, and has won his last 57 consecutive matches over the last two years. Bud also received the Harold F. Mumby Award for mental attitude to put the finishing touches on his glorious career. Placing second in the State were Dennis Whitacre at 138: James Toomer at 1323 and Larry Kibler at 185. Carl Jackson was fourth at 105. l ISU. 4-aiiiillll Bud Palmer, 167 pound senior, stands on the state champion platform for the second year. Coach Fred Ginther's state champion trophy. North outscored Bloomington South wrestlers admire their state championship 46-36 to take first. 1 e ' f Doing what comes naturally, Bud Palmer pins his East Chicago Washington foe in the first round of state competltlon. Palmer also won 8 . . 'S the Harold F. Mumby Award for mental at tltude. l Senior James Toomer itopj moves toward a pin of his South Bend Adams counterpart ln the first round of State. I . 2 Larry Klbler fright! and his Calumet opponent are locked ln furious battle in the flrst-round match of the State meet. 5 as,q,..,y.,st , 6 - , D .wpuoww-asf .ii Mme .W--ed. K- , ABOVE LEFT: Dennis Whitacre ileftj subdues his Warsaw opponent in the first round of the State meet. ABOVE: Senlor Bud Palmer ttopj goes for his usual quick pin over his Decatur Central challenger in the semi-finals of the State. LEFT: Carl Jackson Qrighti works furiously to get a 7-2 decision over hls Ft. Wayne Snider opponent at the State meet. VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM FRONT ROW: Phlnes Jackson. Carl Jackson, Lockhart Gee. James Toomer, Student Teacher John Smith. ROW TWO: Ron Bickel, Dave Butler, Paul Meredith, Dennis Whitacre, Pat Harmon. Paul Van Every. ROW THREE: Assistant Coach Hans Sheridan, Willie Smith, Dave Ahlersmeyer. Mark Kelly, Brian Jennings, Bud Palmer. Coach Fred Ginther. 1 if + ' fu? - .. sf:f,,i"'i Y .. 2: sfo. 2 , . "'x'fSl'f5"'."5'5:,I ' " 1 , : f f' Mer- - ' 1-testis-.-iW S. X3 i Freshman Lockhart Gee has control of hls Southside foe. Gee pinned Jigger Smith and won the conference. W ., ABOVE LEFT: Junior Mark Kelly starts to put the move on hls Delta opponent. Mark won the match, ABOVE: Dave Ahlersmeyer is on his way to victory over a Delta foe. LEFT: Dave Butler has control of his Kokomo Haworth opponent and the conference crown. -5 5 K , i i . I e ..' H W 'UVT gina- 'X5'mN'A ,j he ' ax l L 2-M, 3 U' MI YQ QPF is E pg if 3 Q L3 3 X 5, z-If WV K in l .. . " ,ik f 5 .. 5' E: K ,X W. K... X X .. E ' Y A V Q A x.-i Y' His. .wa-ww . , 1 . 6 S K ,,x- ip Q K A A ii? A NA Q . N In 9 Z U- 5 . . T xl-, Us 'J Q v N .J A will . , 1 'Cb Swimmers Churn to 12-0 Season Taking a well-deserved rest between events is senior Jim Watkins. Titan swim coach Mr. Howard Bunch and his team set 8 goals at the beginning of their season, and all of these goals were accomplished ln the end. The tankers chalked up a very impressive dual meet record of 12-0. Taking first in the conference and first in the Carmel Invitational, the swimmers showed great improve- ment. Heading the team were seniors Jim Watkins, Jay Allardt, Bill Gruppe, Stan Griner, Jeff Martin, and James Ivy. Posting victories over North Cen- tral and Anderson showed the potential that came through when "Howdy's Bunch" took the sectional with 285 points and went on to place eighth in the state. Jim Watkins, Jay Allardt, Bill Gruppe, Jim Hall, Tom Schranz, and Greg Beyerl represented North in the state meet. SWIMMING TEAM FRONT ROW: Jeff Martin, Manager Cynthia Parker, Manager Laura Griner, Manager Elizabeth Albright, Ken Kratz. ROW TWO: Keith Peterson, Arnold Hidalgo, Rick Schneiter, Jay Jackson, Geoff Zimmerman, Michael Darter, Earl McKinney, Greg Zimmerman. ROW THREE: Stan Griner, Phil Perry, Greg Beyerl. Scott Ellison, Terry Sites, Ken Brady, Brad Barnhart, Steve Watkins, Manager Jeff Rice. ROW FOUR: Jim Hall, James Ivy, Tom Schranz, Scott Reed, Jim Watkins, Jay Allardt, Bill Gruppe, Dave McGregor. Dan Fuchs, Coach Howard Bunch. NOT PlCTURED: Bill Barnhart, Todd Donati, Chris Mar- tin. '0'0'0 0 0 0 llll lille -0000 0 l..'00 900000 :angina 10000000 00.-0000 0 -0.000000 0:00000 oaulleen 000000. 00000000 oolll -0000 00" 000lOlu 000000 0000 0000000 000. 000Ol00000su 0000000000010 lillllllllsu DOOIOIIIOIOOU rolllllliso lIlOlCCll0l Ullllilllif 0 .0.0.l.l.l.l.l.0. ' . 1 ll.ll.ll'1 Illlilllls 0IOll.lI'l 000IlOlOll 000000000- 0 ' 0 'O-l.l.l.I...l.0. 000000000 0OlC.UC0l OIIUIUOOI OOIOUIIUU ''0.0.0'0'- OOIIOOIO00 000000000000 0 . 0.0.l.0.0.l.l.l.0. 0 . 0 000000000000 Ollillllilll 100000000000 00llllllll00 0 0 0 00000O00000eoe- 0 evilllllilllii 0 0.0.0'e 0 Ollllilliilloev evillllllllltl Olfllillllllil 0 0 00 euu00l000s00f 0 0 0000000000000 0 0 0 0000000000000 OOUIIIOUOGCIOO 0 0 00 00lllClll0 IO Oiilllllli 'U 0 000000000 0 000000 0 000 uc0q000eouo 0 00 00 00 nn000000va 00 0 0 000 0100000010 0000 0 00 00 as000000o 0 00 0 10000000 00 0 0 000llll 0000 0 0 0 00 0 0:0000 0000000 000 0 00 0000000 0 00 0 0000 0:0000 0000 00 000 I1 00 0 000 00 0 0 0 000 0000 0000000 00 000000000000 00 0 0000000 00000000 00 0000 0 0 00 0 00 0 000000 00000 I0 000000 00000 00 0 000 00 0 0 00 000 000 0000 0 000000 000 00 00 000 00 00 lCIlO0 0 Showlng form and aglllty. James lvy streaks through the alr whlle performing his dlve. ABOVE LEFT: Tom Schranz, ln the 100-yard backstroke, looks for the wall as he tlnlshes the race. ABOVE: Jay Allardt, senlor, takes a blg breath whlle swlmmlng the breaststroke ln the 200- yard lndlvldual medley. LEFT: Swlmmlng butterfly ln the lncllvldual medley, sophomore Greg Beyerl proves to be an asset to the team. 101 Varsity Baseball Squad Takes Sectional Catcher Mlke Johnston takes a good rip at the old ball. Coach Don Fields smlles slyly as he gets a lucky break on a call. The Titan baseball team played with seniors for the first time during the 1973 season. Ramon Avila, Steve Shondell, John Coers, Steve Hill, Joe Chapman, and Charles Elliott provided the experience which helped the Titans to their first Sec- tional crown and a Regional victory, before bowing to South Adams ln the Regional finals. Pete Kuzma, the team's Most Valuable Player, led in batting with a .386 average, pitched 11 wins and four losses, and held an earned run average of 1.23 runs per game. Tim Shaffer led the team in hits with 36, and Joe Chapman led in home runs with three. All- Conference players were Steve Hill, outfield: Ramon Avila, first base: and John Coers, catcher. The reserves posted a 9-5 record for the spring, and were 12-2 in summer play. VARSITY BASEBALL FRONT ROW: Joe Chapman, Ramon Avlla, Jack Mark Hays, Tim Shaffer, Charles Elliott, Jlm Smith, Pate Kuzma, Tom Cavanaugh, Mark Grad. Steve Hill, Steve Shondell, .left Hllles, Mlke Miller, Mlke Johnston, John Coers, and Coach Mike Paluch. Burgauer, and Manager Tuck Badgley. ROW TWO: Coach Don Fields, is Notice the leg muscles as Sam Drummer prepares to clear the bar. Him.. Six Trackmen Place in State Meet Luther Bradley easlly wins the 100 yard dash. He was North's MVR. How's this for a track season? Coach Ken Mlller's Titans posted a 7-1 varslty season, won the Olymplc Conference, took first place ln the Sectional, second in the Regional, and sent slx men to the State meet. The junior varsity clalmed a 6-2 season record, while the freshmen were crowned City champs wlth a 7- 0 record. Luther Bradley, Tom Sherman, Dan Reno, and Kelley Marsh took third ln the State mile relay event with a time of 3:22.6. Also placing ln the State meet were Willie Young, slxth ln the long jump wlth a jump of 22'5", and Don McClellan, twelfth ln the mile wlth a 4:19. Bradley led the Titans ln scoring, and was chosen the team's Most Valuable Runner. Young was second in scoring, Sam Drummer, thlrd, and McClellan, fourth. Bradley and Wes Lyon were the team's co-captains. Assisting Mr. Mlller were Mr. Dallas Kunkle and Mr. Wllllam lmes. Wf- M225 at VARSITY TRACK FRONT ROW: Tryg Anderson, Greg Dobbs. Joe Shar- man, Don McClellan, Tim Jarvis, Dan Reno, Jalme Lemna, Tom Stev- ning, and Scott Frazier. ROW TWO: Marc Kilgore. Karl Rothhaar, Rick Overtleld, Jlm Koontz, Brad Craft, Charles Sursa, Jim Rarlck, Tom Jar- 51:30 I Qfof ! Coach Ken Mlller. H'-Q vis, and Wes Lyon. ROW THREE: Coach Wllllam lmes. Coach Dallas Kunkle, Tom Sherman, Richard Perry, Sam Drummer, Jlm Harrls, Tom Hlnga, Dan Stanley, Erlc Stassen, Luther Bradley. Wlllle Young, and 4 TRACK f 6 W' T C gg to T do vmsmrl ga S R -ot my w. 'may' - DOIN X K iw g 1U7",,f-1 Hurdlers Jim Harris and Wlllie Young ithird and fourth from leftl participate in the State track meet at North Central Hlgh School. RESERVE TRACK FRONT ROW: Tryg Anderson, Andy Munson, David Tom Tharp, Mark Rowland. Mark Hosklng, Doug Cheesman. Mark Boggs, Greg Goebel, Mark Grandcolas, Greg Cross, Jim Brothers and Yaudas, and Coach Wllllam Imes. Scott Frazier. ROW TWO: Coach Dallas Kunkle, Tlm Bantz, Bill Sclara, Tom Jarvis, Dan Stanley and Brad Craft run against Delta on the Northside track. ponent ln the Yorktown meet. Willie Young hurdles Inches ahead of his op- -,gdf.r.s-- ' Determined to better hls mark, Tom Tharp reaches out in the long lump. FRESHMAN TRACK FRONT ROW: Duncan McKlbben, Alan Goebel, THREE: Coach Dallas Kunkle, Don Snyder, Marty Groves, Scott Reed. Earl Kollock, George Lawrence, and Erlc Perry. ROW TWO: Doug Phil Bonnell, Brlan Flke, Kelley Marsh, Tom Lyon, John Plngry, David Stanley, Pat Harmon, Jerry Davey, Jlm Getchell, Tom Mihai, Harry Kelley, and Coach Bill Imes. Ferguson, Phil Clark, Doug Kehoe, Chris Davis, and Scott Frazier. ROW Potential Good The 1973 varsity golf team was considerably better than the record 5-7 indicates, and should improve in future years. Two freshmen and two sophomores played varsity along with senior Steve Kehoe, who had the lowest scoring average with 78.6 strokes per game. The Titans lost close encounters to Delta, 176-1743 to Kokomo Haworth, 339-3383 and to Madison Heights by four strokes, 327-323. North's golfers were fourth in the Olympic Conference, sixth in, the Winchester Invitational, sixth in the Northwestern Invitational, and seventh at the Sectional. The Jayvees had a 3-5 record, also losing close matches to South, 192-187, and to Winchester, 197- 187. Even though both teams finished under .500 for the season, the future looks bright with several returning golfers bursting with desire and potential. for Young Golfers in '74 Coach Jerry Griffey demonstrates the correct form to some of his golfers. VARSITY GOLF FFl0NT ROWS Derek Arnold. DBVO LBHQBS. Dave Chal- Bruce Altman. and Coach John Smith. Not present for picture: Robert farlt, Scott Grlffey. and Mitch Cassell. ROW TWO: Coach Jerry Griffey, Barnes, Grgg Beyerl, and Doug Slebgr, John Barnes, Blll Gruppe, Don Gulllon, Joe Edwards, Steve Kehoe, Senior Steve Kehoe blocks the ball in preparation for the state tournament. Spikers Take State Championship 'iss' Q' A Holding the honor of bringing the first state championship trophy In a team sport to Northside ln 1972, the boys' volleyball team repeated the feat in 1973. Although boys' volleyball is not yet an oftlclal IHSAA sport, the tournament had the assoclatlon's approval, and twenty teams from around the state par- ticipated. More schools indicated ln- terest in the 1974 tournament. Playing ln Ball State's Men's Gym- naslum on Saturday, March 31, the Titan splkers defeated Fort Wayne Wayne ln the final match 15-11 and 15-2. To reach the semi-final game ln the evenlng, North overpowered Peru, Marlon, Southport, and Mun- cie Central during morning and atternoon round robin play. Semi-flnal results were North over Heritage, and Fort Wayne Wayne over Leo. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW: Mlke Miller, Ramon Avila, Bradley, Wes Lyon, John Merconnlt, Coach Terry Hitchcock, and Assls- Steve Shondell, and Klrk McShurley. ROW TWO: Jlm Rarlck, Joe Chap- tant Coach Larry Anglea. man, Steve Kehoe, and Joe Clalrday. ROW THREE: Rlck Fetz, Luther Johnston's Team Captures Trophies l ' l , l Senlor Alan Sutton takes It to the bucket for two. James Bryant puts lt over defenders Dan Waite and Mlke Johnston. A wlld scramble for the ball occurs between Vasalakls' team Alan Sutton's. - ,..dA ,...-- -M,- Blg John Maldlow puts In two over Dlck Wakafleld. FAR LEFT: The Ieague's second leading scorer Brett McClellan puts ln another two. NEAR LEFT: Junlor Jalme Lemna puts the move on Tom Mlhal and scores. Lemna's team won 86-84. -9.-QF' Junior All-Star Dan Reno floats to the basket for two points. 1 ' 2.f5"'Q1 ABOVE: Mike Johnston, captain of the League champions, puts up a shot over Eddle Klng. FAR RIGHT: Brett McClellan shoots from far out during the All-Star game. NEAR RIGHT: James Bryant takes a floating jump shot during the All-Star game. Senior Jimmy-James Bryant takes his famous push shot as Kevin Marti defends. Tim Vaselakls, the League's leading scorer. scores in the Junior-Senior All-Star game. THB Junlors won 53 to 52. Ili Two of the best teams in the league collide as Johnston's team beets James Bryant's 88-84. Ei' , H1 - .sl Que nL...,.4... I. Girls' Sports Expand with Tennis and Track Female athletes wound up the 1973 season with a respectable ten- nis team record of 4 wins and one loss, while the track team posted a 1- 2 record. Tennis team coach, Mrs. Penny Justin, was pleased with her girls' effort as their only defeat came at the hands of New Castle. Frosh Ann Baur topped off the season by advancing to the state meet in the singles division. The track team, coached by Miss Carol Clark, won the Delta, Cowan, North 3-way meet but fell to South and Yorktown in the last two meets of the season. Representing the Titan girls, frosh Stella Carr advanced to the State meet in the 100 yard dash. Girls' sports are rapidly expanding at NHS. TRACK FRONT ROW: Melissa Meredith, Carole McNeely, Sandy Lounsbury, Stella Carr, Christy Wagner. ROW TWO: Coach TENNIS FRONT ROW: Ann Baur, Barb Cass, Nancy Grandcolas, Janet Stevenson. Pam Fiederleln, Mary Ann Terhune, Betsy Badgley. Renee Mackey, Katy Peterson. ROW TWO: Coach Penny Justln, Cherl Schneiter, Terri Todd, Debbie Gordon, Jenny Moore, Sandy Schnelter. Jan Overtleld, Missy Worboys, Diane Smith, Claudia Beebe. Carol Clark, Brenda Bantz, Lucinda Bradley, Karen Bailey, Sharon Tharp, Perrl Hanklns, Manager Cindy Parker. Coaches Help Build Strength VARSITY VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW: Coach Perri Willlams. ROW TWO: Melissa Meredith, Debbie Millbern, Statistician Terri May, Cindy Sandy Scheiter, Debbie DeWitt, Perri Parker, Jane Amlin, Christy Wagner. Manager Hankins, Liz Albright. RESERVE VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW: Coach Janie Wierks, Joni Ewing. Sharon Courtney, Claudia Beebe, Diane Larlmore, Sandy Lounsbury. Barb Cass. ROW TWO: Shelley Walker, Mary Klbler, Pam Snyder, Melise McDaniel, Dlane Ryan, Linda Wilson. Girls at Northside began to emerge this year as they made a name for themselves in the field of athletics. The girls' volleyball team boasted an outstanding season, en- ding 15-2, and traveling to the state tournament. Coach Debbie Millbern was proud of her young Titan girls and is looking forward to next year when all of her team will return. Miss Millbern is also coach of the basket- ball team which compiled a record of 5-3. As the yearbook went to press, Janie Wierks was coaching her swimming team to a good start as they were 3-0. Her gymnastics team had a record of 5-1 with one meet left. and Success in '73-'74 Seasons SWIMMING FRONT ROW: Diane Saunders, Korinne Kelly, Andy Sheridan, Lynn Berner, Suzy Darter, Barbara Badgley, ROW TWO: Diane Smith, Nancy Wlerks. Melinda Hannah, Llsette Vogler, Elalne Hamori, Shelly Bedell. ROW THREE: Coach Janie Wlerks. Leanne WN! BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Pam Howard. Marianne Lafferty, Shelly Walker, Melissa Meredith, Joni Ewing, Klm Pittenger, Missy Worboys, Sandy Lounsbury, Manager Colleen Stumborg.FlOW TWO: Coach Debbie Mlllbern, Llz Albright, Sharon Courtney, Bren- da Wllson, Chrlsty Wagner, Llnda Wllson, Sharon Tharp, Perrl Hanklns, Sally Van Fossen, Manager Cindy Parker, Terry Mahoney. x Senior Julle Hannah displays determination as she practices on the beam. Kelly, Kathy Buennagel, Sandy Schnelter, Debbie DeWitt, Jana Allardt, Claudia Beebe, Jane Eckelman. ROW FOUR: Kelly Mansfield. Jewel McClellan, Lola Toomer, Janice Felton, Carole Hagen, Nancy Grandcolas. Clndy Calvin. GYMNASTICS FRONT ROW: Kathy Getchell. Nancy Darter, Julie Hannah, Ann Llston, Cathy Culln, Nancy McCullough, Kris Humphrey, Carolyn Nelson, Terri May. ROW TWO: Joanne Armstrong, Laura Thames, Susan Hellmer, Stacy Paul, Debbie Tomlln, Trlcia Llston, Mary Lou Dorsey, Nancy Dorsey, Lori Weinburg, Leigh McCurley, Coach Janie Wlerks. ROW THREE: Manager Debbie Sutton, Joan Floyd, Lisa Pearson, Jody Hllles, Janet Stevenson, Linda Naumcheff, Karen Ross, Terrl Gentry, Teresa Segraves, Manager Diane Larlmore, NOT PICTURED: Jane Brenneman. :ow ABOVE: VARSITY CHEERLEADERS FRONT ROW: Mary Lou Dorsey, Sally Dickerson. ROW TWO: Nancy Walker, Vicki Bradburn, Dana Scott. ROW THREE: Shelley Jackson, Ann Liston. ROW FOUR: Kathy Gruppe. ABOVE RIGHT: Showing her spirit and hoping that her yell will help her team make a basket, varsity cheerleader Nancy Walker cheers on her team. RIGHT: RESERVE CHEERLEADERS FRONT ROW: Nancy Dorsey, Jane Amlln, Peggy Campbell. ROW TWO: Debbie DeWitt, Kris Humphrey. ROW THREE: Tricia Liston. Cheerleaders Promote Spirit, Support Teams ls: We The cheerleaders' job is to cheer on their school teams and to help promote spirit In school. Being a cheerleader is not an easy job. lt re- quires a lot of time and some ln- divldual sacrifices. This year's cheerleaders not only supported their teams but also competed with other squads. Varsity and reserve cheerleaders participated In a con- test at the Indiana State Falr and the Wapahanl Invltatlonal. In the Wapahanl contest the reserves finished first in their division and the varsity came in second ln theirs. ln additlon to making signs and decorating lockers, the cheerleaders raised money for uniforms by selling shirts and holding a cheerleading clinic at Anthony School. Freshman cheerleaders showed support for their teams by posting signs and yelling at sports events. The six glrls also attended a cheerleading clinic at Ball State ln the fall to improve their form. LEFT: Taking a break from cheering, Mascot Holly Ervin finds that the lap of Peggy Campbell Is a good place to watch the game. ABOVE: As her team wins the city tourney, freshman cheerleader Leigh McCurley leads the excited crowd in a vlctory chant. BELOW LEFT: FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS FRONT ROW: Joanne Armstrong. ROW TWO: Jody Hllles. ROW THREE: Laura Kllnge, Carolyn Nelson, Nancy Darter. ROW FOUR: Lelgh McCurIey. rry n, 3 ni rry Carry on . . . . . . teachers and studentsf echo the voices of Northside graduates. Northside students and faculty work together in every department. ln addition to teaching, faculty members meet to exchange ideas, sponsor clubs, and support the school at sports events. Each class elects officers and organizes spirit and money-making activities. Freshmen and sophomores quickly catch the Titan spirit by supporting the freshmen and reserve teams. The junior class holds car washes, while seniors plan special events for graduation. The student body is made up of in- dividuals with different interests and backgrounds. Between classes and during lunch periods, students have an opportunity to talk with friends and acquire new friendships. ln the classroom and at extra- curricular activities, people find time for people. 0.0 LL! iii? Lg Q , Xi N i it v S X 11 H W X , X N . - i -- K ffl ' ' ' ---fm :gg-g., 'S SH Faculty Helps Bridge School-Community Gap MUNCIE COMMUNITY SCHOOL BOARD FRONT ROW: Mr. Hurley Goodall. Mr. Richard Marshall, Mr. Jack Pecklnpaugh. ROW TWO: Mr. Jack Donatl, Mr. Wesley Wray. Working with 1,326 students was a definite challenge to Principal Owen Lemna and the 77 Northside faculty members in 1973-74. Quoting Mr. Lemna, "We are con- tinually striving for even better community-school relationships ln providing more opportunities of all kinds for individuals in our com- munity." l BELOW: MR. ROBERT CARMICHAEL: athletic dlrector, assistant football coachg MR. CHARLES MARCUS: assistant prlnclpal: MR. OWEN LEMNA: principal: MR. WAYNE WADDELL: dean of meng MRS. DONNA ZOLL: dean of women. AVS ABOVE: DR. ROBERT HANCOCK: forelgn language: MR. JOHN SMITH: math, Chess Club, asslstant football coach: MRS. LINDA HOLLIS: math, Natlonal Honor Soclety, Math Club: MR. WILLIAM HARRIS: sclence: MR. BILL SMITH: Engllshg MR. HOWARD BUNCH: Engllsh, swlmmlng coach: BELOW: DR. FRANK MARTIN: sclence: MRS. GRETA YOUNG: English, Debate, Masque 8 Gavel: MR. DONALD FIELDS: soclal studles, head baseball coach. assistant football coach: MRS. REBECCA HOLDERMAN: home economlcs. FHA: MR. CURTIS ERVIN: buslness education, FBLA, tennls coach, assistant basketball coach: MR. LOWELL CLINE: math: MR. PHILLIP HALLENBECK: ln- dustrlal technology, Camera Club. X 9 , Q IV , J i el ABOVE: MR. MICHAEL WOLTER: science, Physlcs Club: MRS. MARGARET SLAUTER: English: MR. FORREST SEARS: buslness educatlon, DECA: MRS. JANICE ELLIS: English: MISS DEBRA MILLBERN: physical education, cheerblock. varslty and reserve cheerleaders, glrls' volleyball coach. glrls' 9-if 2'ff2' IV' ' UU"Z':" gbipzg to Oz' 55-3,0 03932 oo uoggog IZWBZF -E " cn 'uaging WEDFQE "Q-Srm' 3D:gI'I'13U J :U m gomugm 'gmmmnf o m 32532: ID l0:o 935:52 -.O n Jigesggg n Qgzggi ml'nO..fD m.wrnu: lil . is Y -4.3 . A "L 3,1-.-, I 'Y cm 99"-we-AAQQ EE? Eg Q i iiii SATTERFIELD: buslness education, FBLA: MRS. BETTY BOWMAN: secretary to prln- clpal: MRS. JUDITH HAHN: lorelgn language, JCL: MRS. BARBARA PUGH: Engllsh, senlor class sponsor, Good News Club: MR. DAVID HAIRE: Engllsh, boys' cheerblock. al R' l ABOVE: MR. DON ROGERS: art: MR. SONNY BURKS: para-professional: MRS. CLEO HANEY: nurse: MRS. LAVONNE ZIMMERMAN: soclal studles, Student Councll sponsor: MR. RICHARD CAMPOS: muslc. band dlrector, Stage Band: MR. DAVID KNISLEY: sclence, Sclence Club: BELOW: MR. MYRON DICKERSON: drlver educatlon, head basketball coach, FCA: MRS. LILLIAN WORKMAN: registrar: MR. MICHAEL PALUCH: math, assistant basketball coach. assistant baseball coach: MR. JOHN i HUFFMAN: sclence: MRS. MARY ETTA SUTTON: director of guidance: MR. HANS SHERIDAN: buslness education, N Club, asslstant football coach, asslstant wrestling coach, FCA. ABOVE: MR. HURLEY GOODALL: soclal studlesg MR. JOHN LOUKOS: art: MR. RONALD MILLER: forelgn language, Spanlsh Club, senlor class sponsor: MR. STEVEN JARBOE: lndustrlal technology. assistant wrestllng coach: MRS. DORIS FAULKNER: 'C music, choral dlrectorg MRS. CHERYL SMOTHERS: home economics, FHA: MRS. IDOLA COATS: guidance counselor, ex- ploratory teaching: BELOW: MR. BILL IMES: lndustrlal technology, assistant cross country coach. asslstant track coachg MRS. SUSAN ? 3 l l MR. DENNIS BARON: guidance counselor, senlor class sponsor, asslstant football coach: MRS. HELEN BANTZ: secretary: MRS. BETTY SHONDELL: publlcatlons. MCCONNELL: Sclenceg MR. FRED GINTHER: physlcal education, head wrestling coach' u Y l ABOVE: MR. ROBERT NEWTON: drlver education: MISS JANIE WIERKS: physlcal educatlon, cheerblock, freshman cheerleaders, glrls' reserve volleyball coach, gymnastlcs coach, glrls' tennls coach, glrls' swlmmlng coach, Tltanettes sponsor: MRS. SARAH HUMPHREY: para-professlonalg MR. RAMON ALEXANDER: math, Math Club: MRS. BEVERLY MASTERS: Engllsh: MRS. SUE SCOTT: forelgn language, French Club: BELOW: MR. DALLAS KUNKLE: soclal studles, asslstant track coach, assistant cross country coach: MR. RICHARD CLIDENCE: YT Engllsh, sophomore class sponsor: MR. FRANK STAFFORD: Engllsh: MR. CHARLES JORIS: buslness educatIon,1unIor class spon- sor: MISS MARY BROWNING: secretary to the llbrarlang MR. JEROME GRIFFEY: math, golf coach. ,fx I .1 I ni E, ABOVE: MRS. CHERYL POOLE: art: MR. RICHARD FISHER: health: MRS. BEVERLY HUNT: secretary to asslstant prlnclpal, atten- dance clerkg MR. KENNETH MILLER: physlcal education. cross country coach, track coach, N Club: DR. DAVID GUINN: sclenceg MRS. lk fx.. L? 5 X I W 'x 41' E2 . ...Sm MARILYN O'KELLY: art: BELOW: MR. ROBERT WARRNER: soclal studies: freshman class sponsor: MR. TERRY HITCHCOCK: physlcal education, head football coach: MRS. JULIA GOUVEIA: English: MR. I I NORMAN IRELAN: para-professional: MR. EARL HOOVER: para-professional: MRS. MARY WARE: math. science, sophomore class sponsor: MRS. NANCY CALLAHAN: home economics. L-I :? ss K. gf asf-wifi '42 Tl 'IP 25115 rs Q 'I 1 ul 3 I ' .I ' w ' ::f2f::'fE.5g2.2?2- ggi' . A W 1 E B' I ABOVE: MR. GARY ADDISON: audlo-visual: freshman class sponsor: MRS. KAY RANKIN: MRS. MARILYN BERRY: home economlcs: business education, junlor class sponsor: MRS. DONNA JOHNSON: Ilnanclal secretary: MRS. PATRICIA BARNES: home economics, CUSTODIAL STAFF: Mr. John Law, Mr. Marvln Shlmer, Mrs. Maxine Hannon, Mr. Joe Deavers. Mr. Homer Devlson. NOT PICTURED: Mr. Lewls Thomas, Mr. Tounsel Thombson. MRS. CYNTHIA MARSHALL: librarian: MRS. CLARISE FIELDS: soclal studies. CAFETERIA STAFF: FRONT ROW: Mrs. Sue Niles, Mrs. Anneve McDonald, Mrs. Helen Freyteg Imanagery. Mrs. Ilean Sums, Mrs. Anna Carpenter, Mrs. Elnora Eastman. ROW TWO: Mrs. Phyllls Greene, Mrs. Orla Patterson, Mrs. Madle Roach, Mrs. Barbara Mllls, Mrs. Shlrley Deardorff, Mrs. Maellen Mitchell, Mrs. Grace Gale, Mrs. Vlrgle Settles, Lola Toomer. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Pat Wlllerd. After four years of walking in the shadows of previous classes, the class of '74 stepped into the sunshine to become the elite seniors. Expressing emotions of ecstasy and apathy, they made plans for college, careers, marriage, and life. With the feelings of uncertainty and apprehension that aftllct all those making important decisions in life, the 325 seniors learned to accept new responsibilities on their way to maturity. They had the chance to express themselves and to show others around them their potential, and they passed! Senior Ann Llston expresses the emotion felt by many after completing four years at NHS. Llnda Abbott ' ' Seniors: First Class to Complete Four Years at NHS Joan Adams Davld Aker Alan Albright Peter Alexander Patti Ashley Denise Augustine William Ayres Becky Baker Timothy Bantz Jay Allardt Eugene Amlln Trygve Anderson Rebecca Ashburn Teresa Ashby Debra Barton PAGE 126 ROW ONE: LINDA ABBOTT: Offlce Helper: JOAN ADAMS: Art Club, JCL, Natlonal Honor Soclety: DAVID ACKER: ALAN ALBRIGHT: JCL, Spanlsh Club Band, Natlonal Honor Soclety, Student Councll: PETER ALEXANDER, ROW TWO: JAY ALLARDT: National Honor Soclety, Spanlsh Club, Stu- dent Councll. Sclence Club, Swlm Team, Cross Country, Track: EUGENE AMLIN: Basketball, Track, "N" Club, FCA: TRYGVE ANDERSON: JCL, Tralner, Manager, FCA: REBECCA ASHBURN: Spanlsh Club: TERESA ASHBY: Gymnastlcs ROW THREE: PATTI ASHLEY: French Club, FHA: DENISE AUGUSTINE: French Club, Natlonal Honor Soclety: WILLIAM AYRES: Football: BECKY BAKER: TIMOTHY BANTZ: Wrestling, Track PAGE 127 ROW ONE: DEBRA BARTON: Student Coun- cll. Basketball: DIANA BEATY: Human Relations: KAY BEAVERS: Mental Health Club: PATRICIA BELL: FHA, JCL, Spanlsh Club: WILLIAM BENNON: Natlonal Honor Soclety, Physlcs Club ROW TWO: LISA BERNHARDT: French Club, FHA, Swlm Team, Drill Team: JAMES BEZY: GAYLE BICANIC: Cheerleading, Mental Health Club, Gym- Dlana Beaty' Kay Beavers Patricla Bell Wllllam Bennon Llsa Bernhardt James Bezy Gayle Blcanlc Jon Blckel Katherlne Bluemle Scott Boyce Bernadett Boyd Kelth Bradley Jayne Brammer Dorls Brasher -- Jane Brenneman Karen Brown Robert Brown Dlana Bruner James Bryant nastlcs, Swlm Team: JON BICKELL: Wrestl- lng: KATHLEEN BLUEMLE: French Club. Cholr ROW THREE: SCOTT BOYCE: BERNADETT BOYD: KEITH BRADLEY: JAYNE BRAMMER: DORIS BRASHER: Human Relatlons ROW FOUR: JANE BRENNEMAN: Student Councll. Human Relatlons, Mental Health Club, Gymnastlcs, Swlm Team: KAREN BROWN: ROBERT BROWN: DIANA BRUNER: JCL: JAMES BRYANT: Student Councll. Swlng Cholr, Basketball, Track, Football, Intramural Basketball Seniors Have Varied Activities Michael Burgauer Terry Bussell Marianne Butz Jack Cavanaugh Flobln Chico Flex Church Gary Clements Michael Coffman Kent Coleman Pam Collins James Cossaart Susan Courtney Bradley Craft Steve Crisp Suzanne Darter Richard Dailey Angela Daugherty Betty Davls Patricia Davis Terry Davls Richard Deardorff Th6 C8m9f8 C8fCh6S H1956 SBPIIOY boys if off guard at the lunch table. Susan Delk PAGE 128 ROW ONE: MIKE BURGAUER: Basketball. Baseball: TERRY BUSSELL: MARIANNE BUTZ: JCL, Natlonal Honor Soclety ROW TWO: JACK CAVANAUGH: Baseball, Football: ROBIN CHICO: Natlonal Honor Society, Gym- nastlcs: REX CHURCH: Intramural Basketball ROW THREE: GARY CLEMENTS: MICHAEL COFFMAN: Debate: KENT COLEMAN: PAM COLLINS: Drlll Team: JAMES COSSAART: Sclence Club, Physlcs Club, Cross Country, Swlm Team, Track ROW FOUR: SUSAN COURTNEY: Student Councll, Cheerblock, JCL, Mental Health Club, Northslde News Staff: BRADLEY CRAFT: Cross Country, Track, Baseball: STEVE CRISP: SUZANNE DARTER: Spanish Club, Swlm Team: RICHARD DAILEY: Wrestllng ROW FIVE: ANGELA DAUGHERTY: BETTY DAVIS: Spanlsh Club, Basketball: PATTY DAVIS: TERRY DAVIS: Sclence Club, Math Club, Camera Club, Chess Club, Cross Country, Concert Cholr, Swlng Cholr, Natlonal Honor Soclety: RICK DEARDORFF PAGE 129 ROW ONE: SUSAN DELK: JAMES DENNIS: Baseball: STEVE DETTMAN ROW TWO: SALLY DICKERSON: Cheerleading: JERILEE James Dennls Steve Dettman Sally Dlckerson Jerilee Doeden Barbara Down Christopher Duboc Fred Duboc James Duncan Sandra Dunmoyer Jane Eckelman James Edwards Nancy Eldrldga Thomas Elllot Davld Elllson Greg Elllson DOEDEN: Cholr: BARBARA DOWN: Spanlsh Club, Mental Health Club ROW THREE: CHRISTOPHER DUBOC: Natlonal Honor Society, Sclence Club, Football, Intramural Basketball: FRED DUBOC: JAMES DUNCAN: Photography: SANDRA DUNMOYER: Cholr, Cheerblock: JANE ECKELMAN: Mental Health Club, Swlm Team ROW FOUR: JAMES EDWARDS: Publlcatlons Photographer: NANCY ELDRIDGE: Sclence Club: THOMAS ELLIOTT: Basketball, Football, Intramural Basketball: DAVlD.ELLlSON: Football: GREG ELLISON Carolyn Emmons Brad Fanger Dawn Ferratt Vlctorla Flscher Peggy Flsher Lorl Flvecoats Lynn Floyd Kenneth Fullhart Wllllam Garrett Paula Glll Mark Grad Vlckl Green Sharon Greene Susan Gregory Wayne Grlle Elaine Grlm Stanley Grlner Marsha Groves Wllllam Gruppe Electives Offer New Experiences P. J. Wlckman and Becky Ashburn show con- fldence In completlng lhelr chemlstry lab. PAGE 130 ROW ONE: CAROLYN EMMONS: Publlcatlons Staff, Cheerblock: BRAD FANGER: DAWN FERRATT: VICTORIA FISCHER: French Club. Physlcs Club, Mental Health Club: PEGGY FISHER: Mental Health Club ROW TWO: LORI FIVECOATS: LYNN FLOYD: KENNETH FULLHART, JR.: Football, Swlm Team, Bowl- Ing: WILLIAM GARRETT: PAULA GILL: Spanlsh Club, Art Club, Mental Health Club ROW THREE: MARK GRAD: Baseball: VICKI GREEN: SHARON GREENE: French Club: SUSAN GREGORY: WAYNE GRILE: Stage Band ROW FOUR: ELAINE GRIM: STANLEY GRINER: Boys' Cheerblock, Swlm Team ROW FIVE: MARSHA GROVES: Spanlsh Club, Stu- dent Councll. Basketball Manager: WILLIAM GRUPPE: "N" Club, Football, Swlm Team, Golf PAGE 131 ROW ONE: CHERYL HAISLEY: WILLIAM HALEY: Sclence Club, Wrestllng: ROBERT HAMMERSTEIN: Football: PATRICIA HAMPTON ROW TWO: JULIE HANNAH: Stu- dent Councll, Spanlsh Club, Gymnastlcs: KATHY HARDING: FHA, COE, Junlor Class Rose Anne Hahn Cheryl Halsley Wllllam Haley Robert Hammersteln Patrlcla Hampton Julle Hannah Kathy Harding Gary Hawklns Barbara Henry Kathleen Herr Brad Hlckey Jeff Hickey Arnold Hlgh Jeffrey Hllles Michael Holman Davld Holt Howard Holtzclaw Cathy Hoover Greg Hottlnger BIII Howard Sec.-Treas.: GARY HAWKINS: Intramural Basketball: BARBARA HENRY: FHA: KATHLEEN HERR ROW THREE: BRAD HICKEY: Bowllng: JEFF HICKEY: Wrestllng, Bowllng: ARNOLD HIGH: JCL. Band: JEFFERY HILLES: Football, Baseball: MICHAEL HOLMAN: Football, Basketball ROW FOUR: DAVID HOLT: HOWARD HOLTZCLAW: CATHY HOOVER: GREG HOTTINGER: Photography: BILL HOWARD: ROSEANNE HAHN: JCL, Human Relatlons, Math Club, Basketball Joe Howard Karen Huddleston Jama Huffman Dan Humbert Vicki Hunt William Hurd Kimberly Hussey Mike Hutchinson James Ivy A Desiree Jackson Michael Jackson Judi Johnson Rita Johnson Michael Johnston Jeff Jones Steve Jones Janet Justice Richard Kaufman Jama Kehoe Patricia Kelly Page 132 ROW ONE: JOSEPH HOWARD: Camera Club, A-V, Publications, Band: KAREN HUDDLESTON: JAMA HUFFMAN: Spanish Club, Mental Health Club: DAN HUMBERT: VICKI HUNT. ROW TWO: WILLIAM HURD: KIMBERLY HUSSEY: JCL, Science Club. Math Club, National Honor Society: MIKE HUTCHINSON: JAMES IVY: Swim Team: DESIREE JACKSON: Swing Choir, French Club, D.E. ROW THREE: MICHAEL JACKSON: Concert Choir: JUDI JOHNSON: French Club, FHA, JCL, Concert Choir: RITA JOHNSON: MICHAEL JOHNSTON: Math Club, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Intramural Basketball: JEFF JONES. ROW FOUR: STEVE JONES: JANET JUSTICE: Office Helper, Band: RICHARD KAUFMAN: Football: JAMA KEHOE: National Honor Society, North Star Staff: PATRICIA KELLY: JCL. Page 133 ROW ONE: DANIEL KEPPLER: Wrestling: GLORIA KERSHNER: Spanish Club, Math Club, FHA, Band, Orchestra: LARRY KIBLER: Wrestling: KEVIN KLINEDINST: Science Club, Physics Club, Football, Wrestling: DAVID KNOLLMAN. ROW TWO: PETE KUZMA: Baseball, Basketball: DEBBIE LARIMORE: Spanish Club: BILL LAUFTON: RUSSELL LAWSON: JCL, Science Club, Physics Club: LITA LEEK: Art Club. ROW THREE: BUD LEPHART: ANN LISTON: French Club, Concert Choir, JCL, National Honor Society, Swim Team, Gymnastics, Cheerleading: CINDY LOUNSBURY: TERESA LYON: National Honor Society, FHA: TERRY MAHONEY: Swim Team. Sports Play an Important Role at NHS :ff ,, L 4 Cross Country runners Joe Sherman and Don "' McClellan dlscuss the comlng meet whh coach Ken Mlller. Daniel Keppler Glorla Kershner Larry Kibler Kevln Kllnedlnst David Knollman Pete Kuzma Debbie Larlmore Blll Laufton Russel Lawson Llta Leek Bud Lephert Ann Liston Cindy Lounsbury Teresa Lyon Terry Mahoney Senior English Provides Fun Now and Then Senlor English is not all work and no play as shown here by Terry Davis, Mlke Johnston, Jim Watkins, Joe Sherman, Susan Parker, and Chris Duboc. John Maldlow Dan Marsh Terry Marsh Michael Marshall Kerri Marti Jeffrey Martin Philip Martin Zigmunt Mezanowskl Pam Maze Kathleen McCarron Brett McClellan Donald McClellan Nancy McCullough Donna McCurley Katherine McDowell wi PAGE 134 ROW ONE: JOHN MAIDLOW: Golf: DAN MARSH: TERRY MARSH: Latln Club, Math Club, Physlcs Club, Student Councll Vlce- Presldent, Basketball: MICHAEL MARSHALL: KERRI MARTI ROW TWO: JEFF MARTIN: Science Club, Swim Team: PHILLIP MARTIN: Basketball, Intramural Basketball: ZIGMUNT MAZANOWSKI: Football, Publlcatlons Staff: PAMELA MAZE: KATHY McCARRON ROW THREE: BRETT McCLELLAN: Intramural Basketball: DON McCLELLAN: "N" Club, Cross Country, Track, Golf: NANCY L ' W : , 4 F X r -Wx, H I - 5. as 2 5 I , s K 5 . . W .Ik McCULLOUGH: GAA, Gymnastics Team: DONNA McCURLEY: KATHY McDOWELL: GAA, COE PAGE 135 ROW ONE: RANDY McKEE: SARAH McKINNEY: Latin Club, FHA, Math Club, Sclence Club, Natlonal Honor Soclety: CYNTHIA MEANS: WAYNE MEDDOCK: ELLEN MEIKLE: Spanlsh Club ROW TWO: PAUL MEF-IEDITH: Cross Country, Wrestling: MICHAEL MILLER: Student Councll: RICHARD MILLER: THOMAS MILLER: Basketball, Baseball, FCA: DAN MINEAR: Sw- Randy McKee Sarah McKinney Cynthia Means Wayne Meddock Ellen Melkle , If If Paul Meredith Mlchael Mlller Richard Mlller Thomas Mlller Dan Mlnear Bob Montbleau Thomas Moore Jama Morrls Davld Moses Nancy Mussler Ellen Naumchett Cralg Nlchols Rhonda Nlxon Glna Noble Roger Norrls Ing Choir, Intramural Basketball ROW THREE: BOB MONTBLEAU: THOMAS MOORE: JAMA MORRIS: DAVID MOSES: NANCY MUSSLER: French Club, GAA, Concert Cholr ROW FOUR: ELLEN NAUMCHEFF: French Club, Human Relatlons, GAA, Gymnastlcs, Cheerleader, Concert Choir, Northslde News Staff: CRAIG NICHOLS: RHONDA NIXON: Dlstributlve Education, Northside News Staff, North Star Staff, GAA, Concert Cholr, Student Council, Senlor Class Vlce-Presldent: GINA NOBLE: Spanlsh Club. Tltanettes, Cheerblock, GAA: ROGER NORRIS Jody O'ConnelI Steve Ohrvall Tom Osborn Kim Oziemkowskl Larry Page William Palmer Joel Palomaki Kent Parker Susan Parker Pamela Pasottl Janie Peckinpaugh Marvin Petersen Katy Peterson Fleba Phillips Patricia Picha Joie Poer Carol Porter Kay Potts Cheryl Price Actions Speak Louder Than Words i l James Bryant displays one of his many talents. u 5 . it 5. F 5 t. I E eb, El Q., A.-sg i Karen Huddleston gets acquainted with her furry friend. PAGE 136 ROW ONE: JODY O'CONNEL: Latln Club, FHA: STEVE OHRVALL: Wrestling, Cross Country, Track: TOM OSBORN: "N" Club, Swim Team: KIM OZIEMKOWSKI: LARRY PAGE. ROW TWO: WILLIAM PALMER: "N" Club, Football, Wrestling, Track: JOEL PALOMAKI: National Honor Society: KENT PARKER: SUSAN PARKER: Swing Choir, National Honor Society, Latin Club, Math Club, Physics Club, Concert Choir: PAMELA PASOTTI. ROW THREE: JANIE PECKINPAUGH: Cheerleader, Concert Choir, Spanish Club: MARVIN PETERSEN: KATY PETERSON: Spanish Club, Tennis Team: REBA PHILLIPS: PATRICIA PICHA: Latin Club, National Honor Society, Math Club, Science Club, Choir, Cheerblock. ROW FOUR: JOIE POER: CAROL PORTER: Latin Club. ROW FIVE: KAY POTTS: Sophomore Class Officer, Junior Class Officer, Yearbook Staff, French Club, Masque and Gavel, Art Club, Northern Lights, Swing Choir: CHERYL PRICE. PAGE 137 ROW ONE: JO ANN RATCHFORD: Spanish Club, Swing Choir, Concert Choir, Physics Club, Art Club, Latin Club, Synchronized W JoAnn Ratchford , Mark Reams I Terry Reber Mark Reif Tresha Ranch Ralph Robertson David Robinson Lewis Roch Pete Ross Sue Roszell Swim Team: MARK REAMS: TERRY REBER: MARK REIF: Camera Club: TRESHA RENCH: Gymnastics. ROW TWO: RICHARD ROBERTSON: DAVID ROBINSON: Masque and Gavel, Debate: LEWIS ROCH: Science Club, Math Club, Art Club, Student Council, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Camera Club, Physics Club, Football Manager: PETE ROSS: Football.-Intramurals: SUE ROSZELL: French Club, Masque and Gavel, Honor Society, Northern Lights, Swing Cholr, Co- Editor-in-Chief ot Northside News. Mark Rowland Jennlter Ruble Debble Sanders Debi Sarah Gary Schultz Dana Scott Mlke Shaffer Tlm Shatter DeAnn Shank Candace Sharp Charles Shepard Joseph Sherman Tom Shlvely Janet Shroyer Wllllam Shroyer Suzy Smekens James Smlth Joanne Smlth Wllllam Smlth James Snyder PAGE 138 ROW ONE: MARK ROWLAND: JCL, "N" Club, Northslde News Staff, Cross Country, Track, Wrestllng: JENNY RUBLE: GAA, FHA, Volleyball: DEBBIE SANDERS: DEBBIE SARAH: Junlor Class Presldent, Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer, Publlcatlons, Northern Llghts: GARY SHULTZ ROW TWO: DANA SCOTT: Cheerleading, Gymnastics: MIKE SHAFFER: Baseball: TIM SHAFFER: Basketball, Football, Baseball, Track: DEANN SHANK: Mental Health Club, Concert Cholr: CANDACE SHARP: Presldent of Student Councll, JCL, Mental Health Club, Concert Cholr, Student Councll ROW THREE: CHARLES SHEPARD: Stage Band, Pep Band, Band Basketball: JOSEPH SHERMAN: Cross Country, Wrestling, Track: THOMAS SHIVELY: JANET SHROYER: Spanlsh Club, National Honor Soclety, FHA, Concert Cholr, Office Helper: WILLIAM SHROYER ROW FOUR: SUZY SMEKENS: JIM SMITH: Foot- ball, Baseball: JOANNE SMITH: Spanlsh Club, GAA: WILLIAM SMITH: Swlng Cholr, Band, Football, Wrestllng, Baseball: JAMES SNYDER: Band, Stage Band, Pep Band, Band Basketball PAGE 139 ROW ONE: PAM SNYDER: Spanlsh Club, Volleyball: AMY SQUTHERS: French Club, GAA: BRIAN SOWATSKY: Latln Club, Foot- ball: JAMES SPURGEON: Baseball: MARCIA STARR: Band, Orchestra ROW TWO: JODY STEWART: SUSAN STYLES: LYNN SUMMERS: Offlce Helper: LU ANN SUMWALT: Concert Cholr: ALAN SUTTON: Band, Football, Baseball ROW THREE: EDWARD SUTTON: Swlm Team, Sclence Club, Football: LEE SWANSON: CHRISTINA SWANSON: JCL: SHARON SZYMBORSKI: Spanlsh Club, GAA, Mental Health Assn., Stu- dent Councll: TIMOTHY TAYLOR Field Trips Add New Life to Learning Woods. Pamela Snyder Amy Southers Brian Sowatski James Spurgeon Marcia Starr Jody Stewart Susan Styles Lynn Summers LuAnn Sumwalt Alan Sutton Edward Sutton Lee Swanson Tina Swanson Sharon Szymborskl Timothy Taylor Blll Bennon, Lewls Roch, and Larry Klbler loln the Physics Club ln an outing to Heuston Seniors Contribute to North Mary Ann Terhune Lennie Thomas Audrey Thompson Lonelle Thompson Kristen Tomlinson James Toomer Sharon Towns Pamela Trapp Diana Trowbridge Tony Turckes Paul VanEvery Timothy Vasalakis Luis Vasquez Marc Vaught Marla Vela Melissa Voss Becky Wade Philip Wadman Daniel Waite Dixie Waite Janet Wake AQ Popcorn Pete Kuzma does his part to help in- crease funds for the athletic department. RW' ' li' wi 15's 48" ll- , .-. 5 Page 140 ROW ONE: MARY ANN TERHUNE: French Club, Concert Choir, Tennis, National Honor Society, Editor of North Star: LENNY THOMAS: AUDREY THOMPSON: FHA. ROW TWO: LONELLE THOMPSON: KRISTEN TOMLINSON: Student Council, Cheerleader, GAA, Art Club: JAMES TOOMERz Wrestling. ROW THREE: SHARON TOWNS: FHA, GAA. Spanish Club, Art Club, National Honor Socie- ty: PAM TRAPP: FHA, Spanish Club: DIANA TROWBRIDGE: TONY TURCKES: PAUL VANEVERY: Wrestling. ROW FOUR: TIMOTHY VASALAKIS: Tennis, Basketball: LUIS VASQUEZ: MARC VAUGHT: MARTA VELA: MELISSA VOSS. ROW FIVE: BECKY WADE: PHILLIP WADMAN: Band, Orchestra: DANIEL WAITE: Boys' Cheerblock: DIXIE WAITE: Spanish Club: JANET WAKE: Spanish Club, Art Club, FHA, National Honor Society. Page 141 ROW ONE: RICHARD WAKEFIELD: Band, Tennis, Basketball: NANCY WALKER: Gym- nastlcs, Cheerleader: RANDY WALLEN. ROW TWO: NALOA WALTER: Tltanettes, COE: KATHERINE WARE: French Club: JAMES Richard Wakefield Nancy Walker Randy Wallen Naloa Walters Kathy Ware James Watkins Teresa Weakley Gary Weir Ann Welch Mark Werbil Daniel Wheeler Dennis Whitacre David White Keith White Margaret Wlckman Klp Wiggerly WATKINS: JCL, Math Club, Science Club, Swim Team, Cross Country. ROW THREE: TERESA WEAKLEY: Band: GARY WEIR: Chess Club, Masque and Gavel: ANN WELCH: Cheerblock: MARK WERBIL: Basketball, Baseball: DANIEL WHEELER: Science Club, JCL. ROW FOUR: DENNIS WHITACRE: Stu- dent Council, Football, Wrestling: DAVID WHITE: Science Club, National Honor Society, Math Club, Camera Club: KEITH WHITE: MARGARET WICKMAN: Drill Team, French Club, Spanish Club, Choir, Northside News, Student Council: KIP WIGGERLY: DECA. Kathy Wllllams Pam Wllllams Kathy Wllson Kevln Wingate Llsa Wlse Mark Wise Melissa Worboys Josephlne Young Richard Zelgler Pam Colllns and Tom Mlller spend a tew moments together before class. PAGE 142 FIOW ONE: KATHY WILLIAMS: Natlonal Honor Society, North Star Staff, COE: PAM WILLIAMS: Office Helper, Cholr: KATHY WILSON: KEVIN WINGATE: ROW TWO: LISA WISE: Drlll Team: MARK WISE: Camera Club: MELISSA WORBOYS: Basketball, Tennls: JOSEPHINE YOUNG: RICHARD ZIEGLER: Natlonal Honor Soclety, Band We've Made It This Far Juniors Help Carry on Traditions at NHS As in most junior classes, prom preparations and class actlvlties were first on the minds of many. Various fund raising projects were undertaken with a great deal of enthusiasm. Linda Clark, presldentg Tina Roch, vlce-presldentg and Nan- cy Boyd, secretary-treasurer, helped lead their class in these actlvltles. Class dues were collected not only to increase the financial state of the juniors, but to create class unity. With three years under their belts, the iuniors are ready to step into the shoes of the seniors Yearbook photographer Robin Welss catches up on some sleep after developing pictures untll two ln the morning i 47' Q - li?-A isnt, K K f , ' Q x L . , 'Wy-fp' "up" J-, . v P . XX .. , 4 'Q t MN Amy Ahlersmeyer Karen Aldridge Carol Allen Vlctor Allen Kim Anderson Susan Armstrong Sam Arnold Brad Aukerman Jay Auxler Tom Avlla Tucker Badgley Karen Bailey Patty Baker Ann Barber Becky Barnes John Barnes Brad Barnhart Mark Barry Oscar Barton Mlke Baur Sherry Bedell Claudia Beebe Joe Bell Todd Beyerl Robert Blaser Dave Boggs Dawn Bonge Deb Bonge Tlm Bonnell Cynthia Bookout Mlke Bowerman Nancy Boyd Vicki Bradburn James Bradley Ken Brady 4 Shirley Branham Sandra Brldges Jill Broadstreet Jim Brothers Beth Browell Karen Brown Steve Brown Kathy Buennagel Jodl Burris Ruth Burris Dave Butler Becky Butts Nan Cacavas Warren Calvln Llnda Campbell Mlke Carey Jlm Carnes Kathy Casada Mltch Cassell Pam Cecll David Chalfant Jeff Chambers Jeff Charlton Doug Cheesman Max Church Cralg Clark Linda Clark Mlke Clarke Marianne Coll Kitty Cole Gregg Collins Llnette Cook Kathy Cooper Steve Cralg Patrlcla Crlsp Greg Cross Marsha Crouch Cindy Cunnlngton Debbie Danner Frank Davis Rick Davis Rodney Davis Teresa Davis Albert Dew Cheryl Dickerson Greg Dobbs Rick Donatl Mary Lou Dorsey Betty Dorton Spirit ls High Throughout the Year m . 'F 5 I i M5 Stlll a llttle unsure ot how the Titans will come ou V ckl Bradburn and the other cheerleaders awalt third quarter actlon. Annetta Downs Edward Dragoo Gary Driscoll Emma Drummer Sam Drummer Jenny Eavey Dan Edwards Joe Edwards Jett Elllott Barb Emmons Debra Emshwlller Johanna Farrell Janice Fenton Pat Ferguson Brian Ferrebee Brent Fouch Dan Fuchs Jon Gable Mark Galllher Mlke Geglnhelmer Steve Georg! Mark Gilmore Valery Glasby Robert Goebel Tonya Goodwln Brock Gordon Mark Grandcolas John Grobey 145 Kathy Gruppe Debra Hagans Carole Hagen Melinda Hahn Susan Haley Jim Hall Dennls Haller Marle Hammond Nancy Haney Perri Hanklns Kathy Harden Ronnie Hardwick Betty Harney Bruce Harrel Cheryl Hartley Yvonne Hazzard Ron Heritage Jeff Hlatt Mlchael Hickey Lena Hidalgo Dan Hlgdon Harold Hill Tom Hlnga Mark Hosking Cheryl Hughes Diane Hugon Kurt Humphrey Robert Hurst Kelly Hutchlnson Sandy Ivy Carl Jackson Pam Jackson Shelley Jackson Tlna Jackson Ted Jarvis Brian Jennings Engrossed in Mr. Richard Clidence's fourth period junior English class. John Klem ponders a test question. School Covers a Wide Flange of Activities Janice Johnson Bob Jones Chris Jones Kathy Jones Eleanor Jordan Kay Justlce Gale Justin Qt Korlnne Kelly Mark Kelly Berta Kershaw Beth Klncade John Klem Jim Koontz Kim Koss Marc Kreltzman Tina Kreps Cathy LaRue Brenda Lelcht Jaime Lemna David Lemolre Teresa Loser Sandy Lounsbury Buddy Lowery J :M Susan Luzadder J L V it Patricia MacKenzie , . '19 C Melanie Mannlng as J H - Billy Marcum is S 5. J . Julle Marsh Kevin Martl Mary Martin Michelle Mazanowski Cathy McClellan Kathy McConkey Melody McDaniel v Tom McEwln David McGregor Robert McKinney Brian Meier Tim Mercer Melissa Meredith Julia Mertens Marianne Michael Working out on a weight machine durlng basketball training ls junior Flick Davis. 48 Kandi Miller Kris Millikan Nelda Mlxell Rlta Mlxell Cindy Mong Michele Montbleau Brenda Moraine Andy Munson Jae Myers Steve Myers Bill Napier Carol Neff Claudia Nelson Jeff Nelson Gail Newman Kevin O'Connell John O'Day Robert O'Dell Robln Orr Kermit Osborn Barbara Osborne Mike Oxley Pam Oziemkowski Tom Park Robert Parks Terry Pence Les Perslnger Di Ann Petrle Shashi Puttaswamy Cheryl Pierce Julie Plngry Steve Plppenger Klm Ramey Rosann Renbarger Dan Reno Jeff Rice Larry Rice Mary Beth Rlch Jay Rollins Tina Roch Carol Roose 3 i i Q 4 . " 5' l le.-.- I 2 f I n N-17' ..' '27 Qing vs' ,rg .Y F: fp' vb. P r J 1: gl' :...' .zf 'f' o 1 ' efi Y N o E I, Expressing their approval of another two points for North are Randy Staggs, Tim Bonnell, Warren Calvin and Mark Kelly. ,fl 6 Involvement ls a Part of Life 3 , 7-ww--s -4 E -v' yarn-.......t-1 +4 ,sJ3'f- X LXR .A-f if Car washes were popular last summer as juniors Nancy Boyd. Tammy Walker, Linda Clark, Kim Ramey and Joe Edwards wash and shine, l f E Y 1 .1- Jeft Ross Nancy Roszell Alan Rowland Doug Rubush Diane Ryan Dianne Saunders Susan Schaffner Robert Schmidt Sandra Schnelter Thomas Schranz Linda Schultz Bill Sclara Debbie Scruton Robbie Segraves Cherl Shaw Andrea Sheridan Erlca Shinnock Patty Shinnock Ronald Shinnock Kim Shondell Larry Shoptaw Melanie Shorter Jennifer Silvers Tracey Slmmons Clndy Sites Kevin Slaughter James Smith Theresa Snyder Cindy Sowatsky Tom Sparks Randy Staggs Sepa Standt David Stevnlng Adi Stewart Becky Stover 14 Julle Summers Jayne Sutton David Swafford Greg Tahtinen Carolyn Taylor Sue Taylor Steve Thames Tom Tharp DeAnn Thomas Cathy Thompson Scott Trout Jean Troyan Tlm True Barbara Ullman Frank Utt Karen Valenclc Joan Van Camp Llzanne Vogel Kimberly Wade Beth Wagner Tamara Walker Rick Walls Beccl Waters Karen Watson Brian Waugh Brent Webster Flobln Weiss Kevln Wesley Cheryl Whlta James Whlte Teresa Whlte Penny Whlteley Jeff Whiltern Nancy Wlerks Charles Wllllams Mike Wllllams Ella Williamson Ruth Willlamson Marty Wood Breena Wysong Mark Yaudas Greg Zimmerman One More Year to Go, Just One More QSM! wx " "Surrender those crib notes!" could have been the plea by Dr. Nell Schmottlach to Dan Fleno durlng a gym exam. 1 50 l . - .. -. Sophomore Class Shows Plenty of Spirit Moving slowly up the high school ladder, the sophomore class passed their freshman plateau only to look forward to two more. Showing much enthusiasm for life and forming ten- tative goals for the future, the sophomores were voted the most spirited class at NHS. Class offices were pursued by many sophomores with Julie Morris being elected presi- dent: Tom Mihal, vice-presidentg and Shelley Walker, secretary-treasurer. The sophomore class really sought to be a vital part of Northside High School. Between classes and during lunch, sophomore students Derek Arnold and Shelley Walker take a break from their busy schedules. Blll Adams Dave Ahlersmeyer Andy Albright Elizabeth Albright Jana Allardt Jane Amlln Susan Amlln Kirsten Anderson Tony Andress Derek Arnold Kathy Ashby Julia Ashcraft Sherrl Aul Teresa Avlla Brenda Bentz Bob Barker Robert Barnes Llsa Barr Scott Bartels Ann Baur Kathy Beard Greg Bell Jett Bender Lynn Berner Mark Bernhardt Greg Beyerl Ronnie Blckel Verna Blakely Charles Bohde Phlllip Bonneau Phlllp Bonnell Barbara Booher Jim Bowlln Tammy Boye Llsa Bradburn Club Actlvltles Flll Many Students Llves Melinda Bradshaw Rosalyn Branch Kevin Bridges Ned Broadstreet Alan Brown Jlm Brown Tina Brown Bonnle Broyles Rosemary Buck Nan Buckley Jean Burger Brad Burkhart Brent Byrum Carolyn Oakley Clndy Calvln Peggy Campbell Stella Carr Terry Casada Barb Cass Mitch Cassell Nancy Chambers Sarah Chemplln Jayne Chapman Jeff Chrlstman Dave Clrtln Phll Clark Karla Clarke Bill Clement Kathy Conn Bob Cornellus Rick Courtney Sharon Courtney Brenda Creek Jerry Crlsp Jay Crookston Sheryl Crowder Cathy Culln Karen Cummlngs Stanley Cushenberry Randy Dagua Mlke Darter Krls Davenport Jerry Davey Brad Davls l l f 7r Laughlng It up at a French Club meeting are Bar- bara Cass and Karen Wolter. Chrls Davis Danny Davls Clay Delk Klm DeLong Mary Dennls Debble Dewitt John DeWlft Dan Dlck Jlm Dlck Beth Dltton Jlm Dolan Nancy Dorsey Tlm Dragoo Michael Drew Jannlfer Duboc Melissa Duke Bruce Dunn Frank Edwards Scott Ellison Tom Elllott Dennis Elton Julle Engelbrecht John Estes Cynthla Etchlson Valorie Fanger Harry Ferguson Brian Flke Dwlght Flemlng Brad Forshee Marla Frazler Scott Frazler Jlm Getchell Alan Goebel Mark Goodpaster Andre Gouvela Nancy Grandcolas Jennlfer Gray Scott Grltfey Laura Grlner Marty Groves Susan Groves Karen Grubbs Cheryl Hamllton Cheryl Hammond Melinda Hannah Karen Hardwick Pat Harmon Beth Harrell Deann Harrls Philip Harris Kathy Hart Robert Haskins Karen Hays Mike Hazelbaker Lynn Heeter Bill Hlll Dorothy Hlll Cindy Hines Michael Hodgson Vickl Holman Donleta Holtzclaw Anita Howard Deborah Howe Kris Humphrey Belva Hurd Larry Ivy Joseph Johnson Tamara Johnson Julie Jones Eric Jordon Robin Kabrich Tulissa Kates Doug Kehoe David Kelley Leanne Kelly Mike Kelly Mary Klbler Steve Kind Earl Kollock Ron Kratz Concentrating on an assignment sports editor Tom Mlhal strives to get a story In before the deadline Time Is Spent Both Studying and Relaxing i st Having a friendly dlscusslon at lunch are 1, ,iv if?- Q' Chuffih- il L: sophomores Kollol Pal, Dan Whlte, and Max Robin Kress Lee Krise Marianne Lafferty Toni Lampkln David Langas Diane Larlmore John Latfomus George Lawrence Brenda Lipscomb Tricia Llston Cindy Lowery David Lunsford Tom Lyon Duncan MacGIbbon Flenee Mackey Camille Manning Kelly Mansfield Kelley Marsh Nancy Marshall Chris Martin Elizabeth Martin Diane Mathews Teri May Dave Maynard Greg Mayse Jewell McClelland Mellse McDaniel Jon McKee Earl McKinney Carole McNeely Jeff Meadows Peggy Melkle Jan Michel Tom Mlhal Doug Mlnch Mike Mltchell Scott Mlxell Edwin Moon Allen Moore Julle Morris Harold Morton Kathy Moss Karen Munson Llnda Naumcheff John Nelson Sandra Nelson Mark Nixon Judl Noble Donna Oaks Peggy O'NelIl Kollol Pal Clndy Parker Katie Parmley Cynthla Parr Steve Paul Monta Pearson Erlc Perry Phll Perry Andy Peterson Sue Peterson John Plngry Mike Pippenger Tamera Plppin Klm Plttenger Jeff Plough Leland Polhamus Penny Prlvett Preston Proctor Debble Qualls Kelth Rehn Gary Ratchtord Kevin Reams Lisa Reber Cathy Rector "You've got to be kiddlngl" remarks Perrl Williams, respon- ding to a comment made by a tellow Titan. K ,Q fxtxg Tom Rector Scott Reed Carol Rench Connle Reynolds Mlke Robertson Nannle Roblnson Stephen Roblnson Jon Rogers Karen Ross Sally Ross Ricky Ruble Paul Rupprecht Kathleen Rychak Mark Schrader Dlxle Scurr Theresa Segraves Nancy Seltz Krls Sewell Dave Shondell Dan Showalter Helen Shults Doug Sleber Terry Sites Tom Slauter Vlckl Slaven Diane Smlth Dlane Smlth Joe Smlth Kelth Smlth Don Snyder Vlrglnla Snyder Sharon Speaks Mark Sprlngman Llse Standt Doug Stanley Robert Starr Donna Stevenson Janet Stevenson Mellnde Stover Sewlng a garment ln Clothing sophomore Clndy Parker ls one of many glrls Involved ln Jeff Strauch Michael Sue Mark Summers Greg Sumner Debbie Sutton Jean Swanson Kathy Taylor Tracey Taylor Davld Tharp Sharon Tharp Susan Thomas Debbie Tomlin Matt Tomlinson Terry Tooley Clndy True Clark Tudor Rick Ullman Karl VanEvery Raymond Vaughn Dianna Wages Christy Wagner Shelley Walker Cheryl Wallen Rick Walls Diana Ward Steve Watkins Cheryl Watson Janet Watson Lorena Watson Lorl Weinberg Alan Welker Chrlstlne Whlte Dan Whlte Davld White Lorlnda Wiley Perrl Williams Bruce Wlndmlller Karen Wolter Joni Wood Marty Wood Joan Wright Breena Wysong Karen Young Jim Yuncker Terrll Donatl Flandy Hovls Office helpers Monta Pearson and Brenda Lipscomb look over the attendance record for the day. Two Down and Two to Go an w. . N1 'S al Freshmen Enter NHS with High Hopes V4 The freshmen arrived and became a necessary part of Northside. Feelings of confusion, joy, and frustration were felt by many. Getting involved and feeling a part of NHS was one of the first goals. New friendships and new experiences were shared. Responsibilities in- creased with many new and different classes. To help guide their class, the frosh elected Mike Duerson, president: Ron Wilson, vice- presidentg and Leigh Hill, secretary- treasurer. Antlclpatlng the start of one of North's many pep sesslons are freshmen Gretchen Bookout and Kathy Getchell. Jeffery Acree John Adams Thomas Adams Dwayne Adrian Margaret Albright Karla Alexander Stephen Allen Wanda Anthony Joanne Armstrong Pam Arrington Tim Ashby Jeff Aysse Barbara Badgley Laura Baker Wllllam Barnhart Cathy Beck Shelly Bedell Connle Bell Pete Berg Jeff Blrd Nancy Boggs Gretchen Bookout Debble Bradley Vlcky Brown Beth Brumbaugh James Buchanan Vlctorla Buchanan Becky Buckles John Buennagel Clnda Burrls Carl Burton James Butler John Butts Susan Butz Teresa Buzzard Blair Callicott Anita Campbell Tyree Campbell Kim Canan Bryan Cannon Edward Castelow Darlene Cecil Steve Chalfant Gary Charlton Jeff Cheesman Jacqueline Cherry Raymond Clark Brian Clarke Charles Claspell Gary Clevenger Tina Coleman Sandy Combs William Compton Beverly Cooper Gary Cooper Elizabeth Crabtree Steve Cralg Marianne Cramer Davld Crawmer Steve Crouch Cathy Cummings Jerry Dalton John Daniel Nancy Darter Clalr Davis Danny Delk Kathy Delk Julle Delong Mike Dickerson Assisting photographer BIII Jared, freshman Blll Barnhart watches for Interesting action at the Fieldhouse. 5 it .na 'Q l Traditions Are Learned Rapidly A Karen Kemezy lends a helping hand to Rick Martln at lunch. Ai T., at f gtg. . P '?. .v f Q S L.:-I f - I - ' . 1 , W . Y - xi Todd Donatl Steve Dowell Brent Downing John Drummer Mlchael Duerson Barbara Dutchman Brian Dunn Wlll Eavey Eric Eckelman Kent Etchlson Jonl Ewlng Mary Farrell Krlstal Flscher Ernest Fltzpatrlck Steve Fleming Joan Floyd Sandra Flye Kent Ford Everette Franklln Vickle Franklln Fiobln Freeman Nancy Fuchs Elalne Gadzlola Bath Garrett Lockhart Gee Teresa Gentry Kathy Getchell Randy Gilchrist Tracy Glll Terrel Goodwin Eddie Grayson Tlm Green - Sally Greene Susan Greene Darlene Grlllln Marlene Grlffln Michael Halsley Jack Hammerstein Elaine Hamorl Lisa Hancock Kent Haney Carolyn Harden Casey Harmon Davld Harrlson Jennlfer Hay Susan Hellmer Julle Henry Arnold Hidalgo Glnger Hlett Lelgh HIII Rlck Hlll Jody Hllles George Hines Jan Hockema Diane Hoover Gary Hosklng Gincle Howard John Howard Pamela Howard George Howe Katherine Hoyt Tlm Humberl Vlckle Hunt Curt Hunter Brenda Hurd Class of '77 Blends in Quickly Carla Hurst Jack Hurst Phll lsenbarger Jay Jackson Klm Jackson 44 if af l Q 'P - 9 . 3 ,. With a captive audience, Forest Radcliff tumbles his way for an lx Phlnes Jackson Todd Jarvls Carol Jennings Susan Johns Brad Johnson Frances Johnson Greta Johnson Bob Jones Todd Jones Martha Jordan Ella Keller Karen Kemezy Sandra Kershner Cathy Kibler Tambra King Laura Kllnge Ken Kratz Suzanne Krieg Normand Lamoureux Debbie Lampkins Mari Lane Janice LaRue Tim Lawson Jeff Line Carolyn Littleton Michelle Mackey Pat Mamot Michelle Mann Susan Manning Andrew Marsh Gall Marshall Joan Marshall Fllchard Martin Kelll Massey Scott Maves Debbie McClellan Jim McClure Theresa McCurley Lynn McFadden Debbie McGraw I6 I I I I I I I 4 Frosh Participate in Many Activities "l know that paper ls here someplace," says Roxanne Parker as she sorts through her l locker. Mark McGregor Terrl Meighen Robin Mercer Jeff Meunler Brad Michel Bud Mlller Steve Mlller Gregory Mlnch Melanie Minnick Lisa Mitchell Jane Mlxell Gary Meng John Moore John Mort Loretta Napier Carolyn Nelson Katherine Newton Jim Nicholas Mark Nichols Jeff Noble James Ogden Thomas Ogden Karen O'NeiIl Lois Ounapu Mona Oxley Pam Padgett Roxanne Parker Tammy Partin I .' A . , 7' ' i ,,,1 Q '. 5 eff? L - Ei: Stacy Paul Lesa Pearson Rick Pence Floyd Penrod Susan Perry Keith Peterson Wlliiam Petty Beth Priest Howard Privett Pat Rayburn Teresa Rector Tony Reitenour Dorann Renbarger Amy Renner Robin Rlch Katrina Richardson Barbara Roose Katie Rowe Ronald Royer Teri Ruemler Ricky Schnelter Barbara Schultz Joan Schwartz Mark Segraves Kathy Sharp Bruce Shepard Tim Shields Freshman cheerleaders, Nancy Darter and Carolyn Nelson, jump with excitement as the TITBHS SCOFB two m0f6 POINTS. Ben Shlvely Terrl Showalter Jack Shreves Jerry Shults Kenny Slmpson Tim Sizemore Debbie Skillman Steve Smekens Chrls Smith Jeanne Smith Dave Snodgrass David Snyder Elizabeth Snyder Sylvia Spaln Judy Sparllng Dave Springer Andy Staggs Jeff Stahlbush Lindsay Stelzer Kim Stevens Cathy Stewart Denise Stlffler Tom Stout Coleen Stumborg Carol Sue Greg Sutton Key Taylor Michelle Taylor Julie Terhune Lurana Thames Sharon Thompson Joining other frosh for a weeknlght encounter. Suzie Ware and Julie Delong find that freshman basketball can be interesting. QPR A Their Journey Has Just Begun W f i X gtk? Meredlth Tomllnson Lola Toomer Clndy Trapp Nancy Traub Cllfford Tretick Jerry Troxell Janet True Steve True Dale Tschuor Gale Tschuor Laura Tucco Mary Ann Tunney Mark Turner Wayne Ulrlch Sally Van Fossen Judy Vaught Tom Vogel Llsette Vogler Mark Vyaln Blll Wade Elizabeth Wallace Judy Wallen Glen Walls Shlrley Walls Susan Ware Debble Warren Beth Waters Curt Watson Sally Watson Beth Wenz Beth Werbll Jeff Wheeler Brlan Whltehead Joe Wllllams Steve Wllllams Llnda Wllson Flon Wllson Chrls Wood Julle Wright Mary Young Kelly Zahnow Geoff Zlmmerman Freshmen Lelgh Hill, Nancy Traub, and Krlstal Flscher catch the Tltan fever at a frosh basket ball game. Trade on . . . with community merchants and businessmen,' says Kollol Pal, business editor of the North Star. Kollol tries to bridge the gap between merchants and students through advertisements from local businesses and establishments. ,Through advertising, students are able to acquaint themselves with the business world around them. Students represent a large portion of the buying power of today, and merchants, well aware of this, seek to meet the needs of students. Northside students come face to face with merchants and businessmen through courses offered at school, such as dis- tributive education and co-operative office education. Furthermore, part- time jobs provide students with ad- ditional knowledge of the business community in which they live. Thus, community merchants and students "reach out" to aid each other, and both profit. asa 5:4 .. "s If 34 ' jr Q 5 at asf? :ba k, 5 S a5,'1v u ff ' ' 5 I' ir , . at at .v g 9 -so 'SLS as L I M is-+5 1 is you need your muffler replaced? Maybe your oll needs to be anged? Your englne okay? Whatever the problem. take your car to ' FlFlY'S STADIUM MARATHON, 2905 BETHEL, and 1hey'll iix it up in no MUNCIE NEW CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION CHAMPLIN DODGE DON NULL MOTORS PAUL ABEL MOTORS BRADBURN OLDS 8a CADS MORGAN MOTORS MERLE LINDSEY Tlred of entenalnlnbyoursell at night? Get movlng -to MODERN CHEVROLET I E5.i?LTlSf,l3l,F,5..a:l'l5'2a!."L?..'?LZl":!32?,aJSSRESHS.2535 NOTTINGHAM PONTIAC "' COLONIAL LINCICQICEIEIJRY Compliments of ME Modern Electric TED CLARKE'S YW' COURTESY FQRD Westinghouse and JOHN Magnavox Daalal' CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Charles F, Marley, Dwner com o MAT LAUNDRIES ' '+Lf -v-47"-fffze' """' T ' ' ' ' ' ' ARE LOCATED AT A M d ws Shoppl g C ter h - ' 2901 w. Jackso N tt Marsh Sup ket eff A 1 A A f I - I y A A S th Id Siam 3hElppi g C mer -' eeee A N A2 ff' T I I -S Mlllltlf WMNASIIC .S'A'00l 0lympic Developmental Program GIRLS-B075-M0165 f6ymnastiaGFitnessj Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced Gymnastic classes 40x60 Gymnasium complete witlt 2 unevens-3 Beams-Vaulting Parallel Bars-Wall to wall free X mat Maximum -6 Students per Instructor I4 Qualities! College Instructors "m'w' my scuufssmlv mu MAYER' 2219 Wlreeling fBelund kentucky Fried Clrickenj 284-88281288-5737 Muncie 1 Hour Cleaners 3 Locations 111 f, mum zamaa 409 ll. umm zas-zoss 228 S Tlllotson 284-2854 Don't let dlrty clothes get you down. Do as sophomore Steve Paul does. and take your school clothes to Muncle's qulck ONE-HOUR CLEANERS. Y l W ,, 4 1 7 Doug Sleber, sophomore, trles on the latest styles in sport coats at BEALLS INC.. at the Northwest Plaza. Jerry Wllllams helps to flnd just the rlghf coat for Doug. Senior Judl Johnson finds that the best place to get a new coffee pot is at JACKSON ST. HARDWARE CO., 2724 W. JACKSON. Stop in and let Mike Heath aid you In selecting the right appliances. While browsmg mrough tne gifts and games in the CARDINAL SHOP, 2626 W. JACKSON, freshman Carolyn Nelson stops to chat with a friendly Raggedy Ann. Cardinal Shop Sams - Toys and Grootlng rds 2626 VI. lackson St. Phone: 282-9051 SERVING THE FINANCIAL NEEDS OF DELAWARE COUNTY . . . CENTRAL BANK AND TRUST 4910 KILGORE AVENUE, MUNCIE MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK 200 EAST JACKSON STREET, MUNCIE INDUSTRIAL TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK 117 EAST ADAMS STREET, MUNCIE MUNCIE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 120 WEST CHARLES STREET, MUNCIE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 110 EAST MAIN STREET, MUNCIE MUTUAL HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS 61. LOAN ASSOCIATION 110 EAST CHARLES STREET, MUNCIE GR Ste! oetbls .9 Mg,'jIh,n I s . . Universal Lighting Show 'eei 'Y Room ' ff ...I 1A" A---' ' fw l' Walnut and l0th a Muncie, Indiana Payless Supermarket Residential Lighting Fixtures 1001 W. Jackson 17: Me Meadows J A c K ' s COMPLETE STOCKS Of PIIDTOGRAPIIIC EQUIPMENT '-PIIOTOGRAPIIIC ACCESSOR HDAIKROOIA EQIIIPIEIIT I SUPPLIES - ,, EIDE IIIZI - -A TRUST JACK'S FOR QUALITY MERCHANDISE. TO vm COMPLETE SATISFACTION K SOUTH MULIERRY 282-ODI UP FRIDAYS Tll. MN UPEI SATURDAY Tll. S:N Julle Stewart, lunlor, wlth some asslstance from Jlm Stewart, tlnd just the right addition to her room, a terrarlum from JIM STEWAFIT'S PINE TERRACE FLOWERS. Jim Stewart? Pine Terrace Flower Shop Plrorre 288-0716 2408 Kilgore An. Scott Elllson helps his brother. Greg, satisfy hls "sweet tooth" wIth candy and Ice cream from DUTCH MILL ICE CREAM, located In the MEADOWS SHOPPING CENTER llcalrlr Care Centers rPrescrbtrbas First Ara Szmplrks Natural Vitamins tosmetks PHAHMABIES 1 h y t I . GPIB COD fi Liberty In Jackson 2. haney wosfway Jackson A Tillotwn FREE DELIVERY 0 CHARGE ACCOUNT SERVICE Q PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST' Senlor Jenny Ruble and junlor Tonja Goodwln practlce the right way to can tomatoes, uslng Ball jars, manufactured at the BALL CORPORATION, 1509 S. MACEDONIA. Progress Through Research "Smlle," and let Mr. John Yount glve you the pertect eenlor plcture by us ing the rlght llghtlng and photography effects from REID'S STUDIO, 1808 E dllmclle-v se It UNIVERSITY. g ,I X' f' . Q , g Q, J I . Z Q ,.., . e fs JW Ejflki' ...- for yea,-5 BUH6' If 6'll!:'I-' lletal Products Blass Containers Rubber and Plastic Products Aerospace , Electronic and Uther Technical Products Englneerlng services and production equipment for the petroleum lndustiry THEY'RE ON THEIR WAY TO BURGER CHEF i -90.0669 HAMlunGEns 42 for a quick afternoon snack. Kids fand grownups, tooj love the taste-tempting Apple Turnover from Burger Chet. X Light flaky crust and a juicy filling ol plump, fresh Michigan apples make this an unforgettable' treat, 4 Locations 1520 Wheeling Avenue 2800 South Madison L 'rib Broadway at McGalliard Kilgore at Perkins ,L-ff t' 4 , f ' V ', 1 X V , li .' ' 1 f- -4 'I x.L VA .L Under the watchful eye of hls father, BIII Shroyer. senlor, asslsts a customer and answers her laundering questlons. Take your laundry and drycleanlng to the Shroyers at LAUNDERMAGIC. 302 E. Wlllard. KELSO, INC. 116 South Walnut Street Muncie, Indiana 47305 317-282-5304 Q , ' . ' 161' QQ XJLLLL, what F1 ,wa O , 5 ff ff 91545 A nw? to 5 15471 4 QV Uv 111, Gly 1 I V 1, ! ff f 1 -1 f . A ft. ,f ,. , 1 , vi!! List l' ' 1 ' ' ' V Cl: K ' Q' "7 " 1" FQ L gy 1 t L. C If QS. ik L' C KK ff KKLL Ctrl' fc Cu' L11 X! ' lx Z. rx 'Z C ffl-,Z L KNKQ 1Y,',:'QV mf C' fri It 1 .T "1V' , C 71 V in " 1 -"' L if 0 C zz it K fade 11' Lt C Ni' 1-Q X1 X -L Y ri X1 Qi kffggb aff C 1 I Q1 Cf' 'rugs' gt 1. L ' 1' 'Q' '1 'ggi-',fF'C1" ,C A ,fu fzfcfiff 1111 A5315 , I , X, K , ' l,' f . V , V r I, , f , f- . . , ,t Q - J t 'ff-15'ic.tti,f-SfcTVL-f Cwf-fl' LM t X' 1 w C1 ' sa' - 5 V Q fi fl iff 'A sjft M-Lf unit ,QLLJL LL ' 1 14 , , . .' 4 , as V 1 V VV V. 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If this Idea moves you. come on out and see about our S5 In- troductory Fllght Lesson. Or call for more details. It may start you on the thrill ot your lite. ...learn to fly Car : Q Q Muncie Avmuon conronmon BOX 1189 MUNCIE AIRPORT MUNCIE, IND. 47305 PH. 13171 289-7141 PHONE: 288-8896 Iv: 4-112314 xS::l..::,.-,X -,l -.- -' .' :Wi-Z' Y "tif-XE: W 'z : g .11x'- 5' J.f.- . -I -...CB Iii..-.3 IRBY- OOD LUMBER co :Nc Hovv AVENUE-LIBERTY s1-REE1'-P.o. sox svo MUNCIE, INDIANA 47305 n Q s I I 0 xx eeslings Restaurant and Catering Phono : 282-8569 2628 W. lackson Freshmen Lelgh McCurIey and Eric Eckleman stop lor a coke. and chat wlth proprletor Ray Keesling at KEESLlNG'S RESTAURANT AND CATERING. 2628 W. JACKSON. Junlor Mark Gllmore consults hls tather, Mr. Herb Gllmore, about auto Insurance after obtalnlng hls llcense. Mr. Gllmore ls an agent lor STATE FARM INSURANCE located at 2720 W. JACKSON. Q f, 5,21 el ln s A -M'7'?1't", I 3 Junior Vicki Bradburn shops at BRADBURN OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC for a new car with the ald of her father, Mr. Homer Bradburn. For your next car, see Mr. Bradburn at 2205 WHEELING. Tom Tharp. junlor, asks barber Charlle Gray to take a blt off the top so that hls football helmet wlll stay on hls head. CHARLIE GRAY ls located at 2722 W. JACKSON. A Abbot, Linda ll2l 48, I26. Acree, Jeffery i9l I59 Adams, Joan il2l 66, I26 Adams, John l9l 47, I59 Adams, Thomas l9l I3, Adams, William ll0l l5l Addison, Gary l25 Adrian, Dwayne i9l 69, 76, I43 Ahlersmeyer, Amy llll 7l I43 Ahlersmeyer, Dave Il0l 69, 83, 97, 98, I03, l5l Aker, David ll2l 70, 76, Albright, Alan ll2l 58, 59,64, I26 Albright, Andrew ll0l 66, 7I, Albright, Elizabeth iI0l 39, lm, ll2, l5l Albright, Margaret i9l 7l, Aldridge, Karen llll I43 Alexander, Karla i9l 57, 66, I59 Alexander, Peter ll2l I26 Alexander, Ramon l23 Allardt, Jana ll0l 57, 64, Allardt, Jay ll2l l6, 56, 59, I0l - Allen, Carol llll I43 Allen, Stephen i9l I59 Allen, Victor llll I43 Amlin, Eugene iI2l Sl, 90, I26 Amlin, Jane il0l l2l, ll4, Amlin, Susan U01 64, ISI Anderson, Kimberly illl 57, Anderson, Kirsten ll0l 57, 74, l5l Anderson, Trygve il2l 34, 56, 6l, 80, 83, 92, I04, l05, Andress, Tony il0l 47, l5l Anthony, Wandra i9l I59 Armstrong, Joanne l9l 64, II5, I59 Armstrong, Susan illl I43 Arnold, Derek il0l I07, Arnold, Sam tlll 56, 57, 80, Arrington, Pam K9l I59 Ashburn, Rebecca il2l 30, l l30 Ashby, Kathy U0l l5l Ashby, Teresa iI2l I26 Ashby, Tim l9l I59 Ashcraft, Julia il0l l5l Ashley, Patti ll2l 48, 49, I26 Augustine, Denise il2l 30, Aukerman, Brad illl I43 Aul, Sherry ll0l l5l Auxier, Jay llll I43 Avila, Teresa ll0l 64, 76, Avila, Thomas llll 57, 59, 98, I03, I43 I59 I59 77. 77. I26 68. l5l 74, I59 67, l5l 00. 92, l5l I43 56. 55. I26 ll3, l5l I43 26, 76, I26 l5l 6l, Ayres, William iI2l 56, 57, 80, I26 Aysse, Jeff l9l 84, I59 B Badgley, Barbara i9l 57, 66, ll3, I59 Badgley, Tucker illl 89, 92, I02, Bird, Jeffrey i9l 59, 66, 84, 94, I59 Blakely, Vema ll0l 63, 64, 76, l5l Blazer, Robert illl 60, 76, I43 Bluemle, Kathleen ll2l I27 Boggs, Dave llll 57, 86, l05, Boggs, Nancy l9l I59 Bohde, Charles U01 l5l Bonge, Bonge Dawn llll 73, I43 Debbie tlll 57, I43 Bonneau, Phillip ll0l l5l I43 I43 Bailey, Karen llll lll, I43 Baker, Becky il2l 64, I26 Baker, Laura l9l I59 Baker Pattyilll I43 Bantz,' Brenda noi ul, Isl Bantz, Helen I22 Bantz, Tim lI2l 55, 57, l05, I26 Barber, Ann illl 76, I43 Barker, Bobby iI0l l5l Bames, John Ull 56, 57, l07, I43 Bames, Patricia I24 Barnes, Rebecca llll 54, 65, 67, 74, I43 Barnes, Robert il0l 83, l5l Bamhart, Bradley illl 6l, 68, IOO, I43 Barnhart, William i9l 52, 6l, 70, IOO, I59 Baron, Dennis 84, I22 Barr, Lisa il0l 64, 74, l5l Barry, Mark llll I43 Bartels, Scott ll0l 60, 64, l5l Barton, Debra ll2l 77, I27 Barton, Oscar llll I43 Baur, Ann tl0l Ill, l5l Baur, Mike illl 56, 57, 58, 59, 88, I43 Beard, Kathy tl0l 45, 70, 74, l5l Beaty, Diana ll2l I27 Beavers, Kay il2l I27 Beck, Catherine i9l 53, 67, 68, 75, I59 Bedell, Shelly l9l ll3, I59 Bedell, Sherry illl 58, I43 Beebe, Claudia llll I9, 76, lll, lI2, ll3, I43 Bell, Connie l9l I59 Bell, Greg ll0l l5l Bell, Joellll I43 Bell, Patricia ll2l 37, I27 Bender, Jeff iI0l 40, l5l Bemon, William lI2l 2, 54, 55, 57, 59, I27, l39 Berg, Pete i9l I59 Berner, Lynn ll0l 57, ll3, l5l Bemhardt, Lisa ll2l 55, I27 Bemhardt, Mark iI0l l5l Berry, Marilyn l25 Beyerl, Greg il0l I00, l0l, l5l Beyerl, Todd llll I43 Bezy, James il2l I27 Bicanic, Gayle il2l I27 Bickel, Jon iI2l I27 Bickel, Ron U0l 86, 97, 98, l5l Bonnell, Phillip ll0l 83, l06, l5l Bonnell, Tim llll 23, 57, I43, I48 Booher, Barbara ll0l l5l Bookout, Cynthia illl 76, I43 Bookout, Gretchen i9l 64, I59 Bowerman, Mike llll I43 Bowlin, Jimmie il0l 76, l5l Bowman, Betty I20 Boyce, Scott il2l I27 Boyd, Bernadine ll2l I27 Boyd, Nancy llll 52, 57, 59, 64, 77, I43, l49 Boye, Tamara il0l 45, 54, 57, 64, 67, 70, 74, l5l, I74 Bradaurn, Lisa il0l 76, l5l Bradzurn, Vicki llll II4, I43, I8l Bradley, Debbie i9l I59 Bradley, James llll I43 Bradley, Keith il2l l2, I27 Bradshaw, Melinda iI0l 48, 49, 54, 57, 66, 67, I52 Brady, Kenneth illl 65, I00, I43 Brammer, Jayne Cl2l I27 Branch, Roselyn ll0l I52 Branham, Shirley llll 57, I44 Brasher, Doris il2l I26 Brennaman, Jane lI2l 52, I27, I92 Bridges, Kevin lI0l 57, 83, 93, I52 Bridges, Sandra llll 76, I44 Broadstreet, Jill illl 73, I44 Broadstreet, Ned ll0l 93, I03, I52 Brothers, James llll 56, 57, Sl, 62, 63, 80, l05, I44 Browell, Beth illl 74, 76, I44 Brown, Alan ll0l 53, 54, 60, 66, I52 Brown, Jim tl0l 64, l52 Brown, Karen till 52, I44 Brown Brown Brown: Steve illl I44 , Karen lI2l 49, I26 Robert iI2l I27 Brown, Tina ll0l I52 Bromm, Vicky i9l 53, I59 Browning, Mary l23 Broyles, Bonnie il0l 54, 57, 64, 67, I52 Brunbaugi, Beth l9l 54, I59 Brimer, Diana ll2l I27 Bryant, James tI2l 76, 65. 70. 77. 90. 82, IIO, I27, l36 l Buchanan, James l9l 84, 94, I59 , Buchanan, Victoria 191 I59 Buck, Rosemary 1l01 I52 Buckles, Becky 191 66, Buckley, Nan 1l01 I52 Buennagel, John 191 94, ll3, Buennagel, Kathy 1ll1 67, II3, Bunch, Howard I00, II9 Burgauer, Mike 1l21 I02, Burger, Janette 1l01 54, 57, I52 Burkhardt, Bradley 1l01 Burks, Sonny I2l Burris, Cinda 191 GI, I59 Burris, Jodi 1ll1 I44 Burris, Ruth 1ll1 6I, I44 Burton, Carl 191 I59 Bussell, Terry 1l21 I25 Butler, Dave 1ll1 86, 97, Butler, James 191 84, I59 Butts, Becky 1ll1, I44 Butts, John 191 I59 Butz, Marianne 1l21 59, Butz, Susan 191 57, 66, Buzzard, Teresa 191 66, Byrum, Brent 1l01 I52 Cacavas, Nan 1ll1 73, 76, Cakely, Carolyn 1l01 I52 Callahan, Nancy l24 Callicott, Blair 191 68, 94, Calvin, Cindy 1l01 57, 64, II3, I52 Calvin, Warren 1ll1 I44, Campbell, Anita 191 57, Campbell, Linda 1ll1 I44 Campbell, Peggy 1l01 II4, I52 Campbell, Tyree 191 99, Campos, Richard 45, l2l Canon, Kim 191 I60 Camon, Bryan 191 I60 Carey, Mike 1ll1 6I, 9l, 92, Carmichael, Robert 84, ll8 Cames, James 1ll1 I44, Carpenter, Anna I25 Carr, Stella 1l01 48, 73, 76, I52 Carthell, Tom 1l21 76 Casada, Kathy 1ll1 I44 Casada, Terry 1l01 I52 Cass, Barbara 1l01 65, 75, ll2, I52, l53 Cassell, Mitch 1ll1 l07. Castelow, Edward 191 I60 Cavanaugh, Jack 1l21 80, I02, Cecil, Darlene 191 I60 Cecil, Pamela 1ll1 76, I44 Chalfant, David 1ll1 IO7, I59 I59 I44 I28 66. I52 I44 I28 I59 I59 I44 I60 76, l48 I60 ll5, I60 I44 I74 Ill, lll, I52 I28 I44 Chalfant, Steve 191 40. l60. Chambers, Jeff 1ll1 I44 Chambers, Nancy 1l01 76, I52 Champlin, Sarah 1l01 57, 65, 75, I52 Chapman, Jayne 1l01 I52 Charlton, Gary 191 I60 Charlton, Jeffery 1ll1 I44 Cheesman, Doug 1ll1 56, 57, I05, I44 Cheesman, Jeff 191 84, 94, Cherry, Jacqueline 191 I60 Chico, Robin 1l21 59, I28 Christman, Jeff 1l01 I52 60. I60 Church, Max 1ll1 54, 77, I44, I55 Church, Rex 1l21 76, I28 Cirtin, David 1l01 64, 77, Clark, Craig 1ll1 I44 I52 Clark, Linda 1ll1 ll, 59, 70, 7l, me cu..-i., Phil uoi ss. 56. 57. aa, noe, I52 Clark, Raymond, 191 84, 98, Clarke, Brian 191 87, I60 Clarke, Karla 1l01 I52 Clarke, Michael 1ll1 86, Claspell, Charles 191 I60 Clement, Bill 1l01 I52 Clements, Gary 1l21 I28 Clevenger, Gary 191 I60 Clidence, Richard I23 Cline, Lowell II9 Coats, ldola l22 Coats, Linda I20 Coffman, Michael 1l21 48, I28 Coil, Marianne 1ll1 24, 25, 68, 7I, I44 Cole, Kitty 1ll1 53, 77, Coleman, Kent 1l21 62, 64, Coleman, Tina 191 68, I60 Collins, Gregg1ll1 I44 Collins, Pamela 1l21 48, 73, l42 Combs, Sandy 191 I60 64. I60 I44 53. 53. I44 I28 I28, Compton, William 191 I3, 7l, I60 Conn, Kathy 1l01 70, 74, I52, Conway, Beth 1l01 73 Cook, Linette 1ll1 74, I44 Cooper, Beverly 191 I60 Cooper, Gary 191 I60 Cooper, Kathy 1ll1 I44 Cooper, Rex 1ll1 30 Cornelius, Bob 1l01 I52 Cossaart, James 1l21 54, 55, Courtney, Rick 1l01 66, 89, l76 I28 I52 Courtney, Sharon 1l01 52, 57, 67, 76, II2, I52 Courtney, Susan 1l21 52, 76, Crabtree, Elizabeth 191 I60 Craft, Brad 1l21 56, 57, 85, l06, I28 Craig, Steve 1ll1 60, I44 Cramer, Marianne 191 I60 Crawmer, David 191 I60 Creek, Brenda 1l01 I52 I28 IO4, Crisp, Jerry 1l01 68, 7l, I52 Crisp, Patricia 1ll1 60, Crisp, Steve 1l21 I28 Crookston, Donald 1l01 I52 Cross, Greg 1ll1 56, 57, 85, I44 I44 I05, Crouch, Marsha 1ll1 I44 Crouch, Steve 191 I60 Crowder, Sheryl 1l01 53, Culin, Cathleen 1l01 65, 76, I52 Cummings, Catherine 191 68, I52 II3, I60 Cummings, Karen 1l01 57, I52 Cunnington, Cindy 1ll1 62, I44 Cushenberry, Stanley 1l01 I52 D Dague, Randal 1l01 57, 83, I52 Dailey, Richard 1l21 I28 Dalton, Jerry 191 I60 Daniel, John 191 I60 Danner, Debbie 1ll1 74, I44 Darter, Mike 1l01 86, l00, l03, I52 Darter, Nancy 191 26, 64, II3, Il5, I60, l65 Darter, Suzanne 1l21 II3, l28 Daugherty, Angela 1l21 I28 Davenport, Kris 1l01 64, 83, I28, I52 Davey, Jerry 1l01 85, l06, I52 Davidson, Homer I25 Davidson, James I20 Davis, Betty 1l21 I28 Davis, Brad 1l01 I52 Davis, Chris 1l01 93, l06, l53 Davis, Clair 191 84, 98, I60 Davis, Danny 1l01 IOS, l53 Davis, Davis, Davis, Frank 1ll1 I44 Patricia 1l21 I28 Ricky 1ll1 I44, I47 Davis, Rodney 1ll1 I44 Davis, Teresa 1ll1 48, 54, 57, I44 Davis, Terry 1l21 54, 55, 59,60, I28, I34 Deardoff, Rick 1l21 I28 Deardoff, Shirley I25 Delk, Clay 1l01 l53 Delk, Danny 191 I60 Delk, Kathy 191 I60 Delk, Suzan 1l21 I29 Delong, Julie 191 76, I60, I66 Delong, Kim 1l01 l53, Dennis, James 1l21 62, l26, I77 Dennis, Mary 1l01 54, 57, 66, l53 Dettman, Steve 1l21 I29 Devers, Joe I25 Dew, Albert 1ll1 I44 Dew, Joyce 1l21 63, 76 Dewitt, Debra 1l01 II2, II3, II4, l53 Dewitt, John 1l01 l53 Dick, Dan 1l01 l53 Dick, James 1l01 l53 Dickerson, Cheryl 1ll1 I44 Dickerson, Mike 191 94, I60 Dickerson, Myron 6l, 92, l2l Dickerson, Sally 1l21 2l, 48, II4, l29 Ditton, Beth 1l01 57, 65, 75, l53 Dobbs, Gregory llll 56, 6I, 9I, 92, I04, I44 Doeden, Jerrilee ll2l 67, Dolan, James ll0l 83, l03, Donati, Rick llll 56, 80, 92, I44 Donati, Terril ll0l 75, I58 Donati, Todd l9l IOO, l6l Dorsey, Mary Lou llll II3, I44 Dorsey, Nancy ll0l II3, II4, Dorton, Betty llll GI, 67, Dowell, Steve l9l 84, 98, Down, Barbara ll2l I29 Downing, Brent l9l 84, l6l Downs, Annetta llll I45 Dragoo, Edward llll I45 Dragoo, Tim lI0l I53 Drew, Michael ll0l I53 Driscoll, Gary llll I45 Drummer, Emma llll I45 Drummer, John l9l l6l Drummer, Sam llll 20, 88, 90, 92, I04, I45 Dlboc, Christopher ll2l 54, 57, 59, I29, l34 Duboc, Fred lI2l l6, 59, Duboc, Jennifer ll0l 64, Duerson, Michael l9l 59, 76, 94, l6l Duke, Melissa ll0l I53 Duncan, Jim ll2l 53, I29 Dunmoyer, Sandra lI2l I29 Dunn, Brian l9l 48, l6l Dunn, Bruce ll0l 48, I53 Dutchman, Barbara l9l 67, Eastman, Elnora I25 Eavey, Jenny llll 76, I45 Eavey, Will l9l l6l Eckelman, Eric l9l 94, l6l, Eckelman, Jane ll2l II3, Edwards, Daniel llll 70, 7I, 80, 98, I45 Edwards, Frank ll0l I53 Edwards, James ll2l I29 Edwards, Joseph llll 55, 57, l07, I45, l49 Eldridge, Nancy lI2l I29 Elliot, Thomas lI0l 57, 86, Elliott, Jeff llll 62, I45 Elliott, Thomas ll2l 56, 57, I29 Ellis, Janice l20 Ellison, David lI2l I29 Ellison, Greg ll2l I29, l75 Ellison, Scott ll0l IOO, I53, Elton, Dennis lI0l 93, I53 Emmons, Barbara llll 57, Emmons, Carolyn ll2l 52, Emshwiller, Debra llll 73, I45 Englebrecht, Julie ll0l 57, Ervin, Curtis 63, 88, 89, 92, 93, II9 Estes, John ll0l 83, 93, I03, I53 Etchinson, Cynthia ll0l I53 Etchinson, Kent l9l l6l Ewing, Joni l9l 69, II2, l6l F Fanger, Bradford lI2l 55,69, I30 Fanger, Valorie ll0l I53 Farrell, Johanna llll 40, I45 Farrell, Mary l9l 7l, l6l Faulkner, Doris 45, I22 Fenton, Janice llll 57, 62, II3, I45 Ferguson, Harry ll0l 83, I06, I53 Ferguson, Patricia llll I45 Ferratt, Dawn ll2l 49, I30 Fields, Clarise I25 Fields, Donald 58, 80, 83, I02, I03, II9 Ferrebee, Brian llll 2l, I03, I45 Fike, Brian ll0l 93, I06, I53 Fischer, Kristal l9l 75, l6l, l67 Fischer, Victoria ll2l 55,65, I30 Fisher, Peggy ll2l 62, I30 Fisher, Richard I24 Fitzpatrick, Ernest l9l 53, l6l Fivecoats, Lori ll2l 67, I30 Fleming, Dwight lI0l I53 Fleming, Steve l9l l6l Floyd, Joan l9l II2, l6l Floyd, Lynn ll2l I30 Flye, Sandra l9l 67, 68, l6l Ford, Kent l9l 48, 66, 84, 98, l6l Forshee, Bradford lI0l 48, I53 Fouch, Brent llll I45 Franklin, Vickie l9l l6l Franklin, W. Everette l9l l6l Frazier, Marla lI0l I53 Frazier, Scott lI0l 56, 57, 80, 83, l04, l05, I06, I53 Freeman, Robin l9l 48, l6l Freytag, Helen I25 Fuchs, Dan llll 69, IOO, I45, Fuchs, Nancy l9l 65, 75, l6l Fullhart, Kenneth ll2l I30 Gable, Jon llll I45 Gadziola, Elaine l9l 53, 66, 7I, l6l Gale, Grace I25 Galliher, Mark llll 53, 68, I45, I74 Garland, Michelle lI0l 57, 75 Garrett, Beth l9l 46, 67, 68, l6l Garrett, Jeffery l9l 64, Garrett, William ll2l I30 Gee, Lockhart l9l 97, l6l Gegenheimer,'Mike llll 62, I45 Gentry, Teresa l9l 64, lI3, l6l Georgi, Steve llll I45 Getchell, Kathy l9l II3, l59, l6l Getchell, Jim ll0l l06 Gilchrist, Randy l9l 84, Gill, Paula ll2l 62, I30 Gill, Tracy l9l l62 l6l Gilmore, Mark llll I45, l8l Ginther, Fred 97, I22 Glasby, Valery llll 52, I45, l92 Goebel, Albert ll0l 69, 86, I06, I53 Goebel, Greg llll 70, 72, 86, l05 Goebel, Robert llll I45 Goodall, Hurley I22 Goodpaster, Mark ll0l I03, Goodpaster, Rhonda llll 76 I53 Goodwin, Terrell l9l 76, l62 Goodwin, Tonya llll I45, l76 Gordon, Brock llll 56, 6l, 88, 89, 9l, 92, I45 Gouveia, Andre lI0l 53, 57, 66, 88, 89, I53 Gouveia, Julia I24 Grad, Mark ll2l I02, I30 Grandcolas, Mark llll l05, I45, Grandcolas, Nancy ll0l 32, 53, 64, III, II3, I53 Gray, Jennifer ll0l 75, I53 Grayson, Eddi l9l l62 Green, Phyllis I25 Green, Tim l9l 69, 84, l62 Green, Vicki lI2l I30 Greene, Sharon ll2l 35, I30 Greene, Susan l9l 75, l62 Gregory, Susan ll2l I30 Griffey, Jerome 38, IO7, l23 Griffey, ScottlI0l IO7, I53 Griffin, Darlene l9l l62 Griffin, Marlene l9l l62 Grile, Wayne lI2l 72, I30 Grim, Elaine ll2l I30 l00, Griner, Laura ll0l 64, 74, I53 Griner, Stan lI2l 56, 57, l00, I30 Grobey, Doug llll I45 Groves, Marsha ll2l 64, I30 Groves, Marty ll0l 6I, 83, 93, I06, I53 Groves, Susan lI0l 76, I53 Gribbs, Karen ll0l I53 Grmppe, Bill ll2l 80, l00, I07, I30 Gruppe, Kathleen llll II4, I46 Guinn, David 8, I24 H Hagans, Debra llll 76, I46 Hagen, Carole llll II3, I46 Hahn, Judith l3, l20 Hahn, Melinda llll I46 Hahn, RoseAnn ll2l 54, 66, I3l, I74 Haire, David l20 Haisley, Cheryl ll2l l3l Haisley, Michael l9l 84, l62 Haley, Susan llll 73, 76, l46 Haley, William iI2l 48, 54, 55, 57, l3l Hall, James llll l00, l46 Hallenbeck, Phillip 60, ll9 Haller, Dennis llll l46 Hamilton, Cheryl lI0l I54 Hammerstein, Bob ll2l 80, l3l Hammerstein, Jack l9l 84, 99, I62 Hammond, Cheryl ll0l 68, I54 Hammond, Marie llll 76, I46 Hill Hill Hill Hill i Dorothy ll0l I54 Harold llll I46 Leigh l9l 75, I62, I67, I78 Richard l9l 84, 94, I62 William ll0l I54 H ll, Hilles, Jeff ll2l 56,57,6l,80,8I, 82, l02, l3l Hilles, Jody l9l ll3, ll5, I62 Hines, Cynthia ll0l 75, I54 Hines, George i9l I62 Hinga, Tom llll I6,56,6l,66,80, Bl, 9l, 92, IO4, I46 I-J Imes, William 85, 86, 87, I04, I05, I06, l22 lrelan, Norman l24 lsenbarger, Phillip l9l 84, 94, I62 lvy, James ll2l I00, l0l, l32 Ivy, Larry ll0l. I54 lvy, Sandy llll I46 Hamori, V. Elaine l9l 53, II3, I62 Hampton, Patricia ll2l l3l Hancock, Lisa l9l 7l, I62 Hancock, Robert II9 Haney, Cleo l2l Haney, Kent C91 49, 6l, Haney, Nancy llll 52, 64, 67, l46 Hankins, Perri llll lll, ll2, Hannah, Julie lI2l l6, 59, l3l Hannah, Melinda lI0l ll3, Hannon, Maxine I25 Harding, Carolyn l9l I62 Hardin, Kathy llll I46 Harding, Kathy uzi 43, 52, :si Hardwick, Karen ll0l I54 Hardwick, Ronnie llll I46 Harmon, Kevin l9l 87, 65. I62 77. l46 II3, I54 63. I62 Harmon, Patrick ll0l 86, 97,98, Hitchcock, Terry 20, 80, 83, l24 Hockema, Jan l9l 75, I62 Hodgson, Mike lI0l I54 Holder, Rosie lI0l 76 Holderman, Rebecca 67, II9 Hollis, Linda 55, 59, II9 Holman, Michael ll2l 20, 56, 6l, 80, 9l, 92, l3l Holman, Vicki ll0l 25, 53, I54 Holt, Dave lI2l 53, l3l Holtzclaw, Donieta ll0l 54, 57, I54 Holtzclaw, Howard lI2l 59, l3l Hoover, Cathy ll2l l3l Hoover, Diane l9l I62 Hoover, Earl l24 Hosking, Gary l9l 84, 94, I62 Hosking, Mark lIll80,83, IOS, l46 Hottinger, Greg ll2l 62, l3l Hovis, Randy lI0l 98, I58 Howard, Anita lI0l 74, I54 l06, I54 Hamey, Betty llll l46 Harrell, Beth ll0l I54 Harrell, Bruce llll l46 Harris, DeAnn U01 64, I54 Harris, Kathy lI0l 57 Harris, Phillip lI0l I54 Harris, William 39, II9 Harrison, David l9l 55, 69, I62 Howard, Gincie l9l 75, I62 Howard, Joe lI2l 52, 7l, l32 Howard, John l9l I62 Howard, Pamela l9l 70, ll2, I62 Howard, Randall ll0l 83 Howard, William ll2l l3l Howe, Deborah ll0l I54 Howe, Jeff l9l 99, I62 Hoyt, Katherine l9l I62 74, I54 Jones, Hart, Kathy lI0l I54 Hartley, Cheryl llll 62, Haskins, Robert U03 I54 Hawkins, Gary lI2l 4I, Hay, Jennifer l9l I62 Hays, Karen ll0l 54, 57, 65, I46 l3l 67, Hazelbaker, Michael ll0l I54 Hazzard, Yvonne llll I46 Heeter, Lynn ll0l 65, l54 Hellmer, Susan l9l 64, II3, I62 Henry, Barbara lI2l 67, l3l Henry, Julie l9l I62 Heritage, Ronald llll I46 Herr, Kathleen U21 l3l Hiatt, Jeff llll 57, l46 Hickey, Brad ll2l l3l Hickey, Jeff ll2l l3l Hickey, Michael illl 62, 63, 70, I46 Hidalgo, Arnold l9l I62 Hidalgo, Lena llll 64, I46 Hiett, Ginger l9l I62 Higdon, Dan llll 72, I46 High, Arnold ll2l 55, 70, l3l Huddleston, Karen lI2l l32, I37 Huffman, Jama ll2l 62, l32 Huffman, John l2l Hughes, Cheryl llll 48, 62, l46 Hugon, Diana llll 76, l46 Humbert, Dan ll2l l32 Humbert, Tim l9l 84, 99, I62 Humphrey, Kris ll0l 76, II3, ll4, I54 Humphrey, Kurt llll 6I, 86, IO3, l46 Humphrey, Sarah I23 Hunt, Beverly l24 Hunt, Vickie ll2l 67, l32 Hunt, Vickie l9l 57, I62 Hunter, Curtis l9l 53, I62 Hurd, Belva ll0l 76, I54 Hurd, Brenda l9l 36, I62 Hurd, William lI2l 53, l32 Hurst, Carla l9l I62 Hurst, Jack l9l I62 Hurst, Robert llll l46 Hussey, Kimberly ll2l 54, 55, 58, 59, 66, l32 Hutchinson, Kelly llll l46 Hutchinson, Mike ll2l l32 Jackson, Carl llll 76, 95, 96,97, I46 Jackson, Desiree lI2l 77, I32 Jackson, Jay l9l I00, I62 Jackson, Kim l9l I62 Jackson, Mike ll2l 53, 76, l32 Jackson, Pam llll I46 Jackson, Phines l9l 97, l63 Jackson, Shelley llll I9, 26, II4, I46 Jackson, Tina llll l46 Jarhoe, Steven 22, 34, 99, l22 Jarvis, Ted llll 57, 62, l46 Jarvis, Todd l9l l63 Jennings, Brian llll 80, 97, I46 Jennings, Carol l9l 68, l63 Johns, Susan l9l l63 Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson , Brad l9l 98, l63 , Donna I25 Francis l9l l63 I Greta 491 isa Janice llll 67 76, I47 I Joseph U01 I54 Johnson Judi ll2l 42, 65, 66, l32, l72 Johnson Rita ll2l 76, I32 Johnson Tamara lI0l 76, I54 Johnson, William l9l 84 Johnston, Mike ll2l 4, 56, 57, 80, 82, l02, lI0, l32, l34 Jones, Bob llll 62, I47 Jones, Chris llll I47 Jones, Jeff ll2l 4I, I32 Jones Julie ll0l 49, 76, I54 Jones: Kathy llll 57, I47 Jones, Rob l9l l63 Jones, Steve ll2l l32 Todd l9l 84, 94, l63 Jordan, Eleanor llll 57, 65, I47 Jordan, Eric ll0l I54, Jordan, Martha l9l l63 Joris, Charles I23 Justice, Janet ll2l l32 Justice, Kay llll I47 Justin, Gale llll I47 Kabrich, Robin ll0l I54 Kates, Tulissa ll0l I54 Kaufman, Rick ll2l l32 Kehoe, Douglas ll0l 57, 6l, 83, 93, l06, l54 Kehoe, Jama ll2l 52, 59, I32, l92 Keller, Ella l9l I63 Kelley, David ll0l 55, 85, I06, I54 Kelly, Korinne llll 58, 64, 73, II3, I47 Kelly, Leanne lI0l 57, 64, 76, II3, I54 Kelly, Mark llll 55, 56, 57, 6l, 80, 97, I47, l48 Kelly, Michael lI0l 83, I54 Kelly, Pat ll2l 57, l32 Kemezy, Karen l9l 4l, 52, 54, 57, I63 Keppler, Dan ll2l 36, I33 Kershaw, Berta llll I47 Kershner, Gloria lI2l 64,67, I33 Kershner, Sandra l9l I63 Kibler, Cathy l9l 52, 57, 67, I63 Kibler, Larry ll2l 55, 57, 95, 96, 97, I33, l39 Kibler, Mary ll0l I9, 52, 57, 76, II2, I54 Kincade, Elizabeth llll 76, I47 Kind, Steve ll0l I54 King, Eddie llll 76 King, Tambra l9l 49, I63 Klem, John llll 80, I47 Klinedinst, Kevin ll2l 54, I33 Klinge, Laura l9l ll5, I63 Knisley, David 54, l2l Knollman, David lI2l I33 Kollock, Earl ll0l 86, I06, I54 Koontz, Jim llll 56, 57, 80, 82, IO4, I47 Koss, Kimberly llll I47 Kratz, Ken l9l 66, 69, I00, I63 Kratz, Ronald ll0l 68, 72, I54 Kreig, Suzanne l9l I63 Kreitzman, Marc llll I47 Kreps, Christina llll I47 Kress, Robin ll0l 65, I55 Krise, Lee ll0l 69, I55 Kunkle, Dallas 85, 86, 87, l04, I05, I06, l23 Kuzma, Pete lI2l l2, 90, 92, I02 Lafferty, Marianne ll0l 66, II2, I55 l33, l4l Lamoureux, Norman l9l 32, 48, 53, I63 Lampkin, Toni ll0l I55 Lampkins, Debbie l9l I63 Lampkins, Teresa 76 Lane, Mari l9l 75, I63 Langas, David ll0l 89, l07, I55 Larimore, Deborah ll2l 53, I33 Larimore, Diane ll0l 63, 65,76, II2, II3, I55 LaRue, Cathy llll 73, I47 LaRue, Janice l9l 65. I63 Lattomas, John lI0l 60, 64. '55 Laufton, Bill lI2l I33 Law, John l25 Lawrence, George lI0l 77' '06, I55 Lawson, Russell ll2l 59, I33 Lawson, Tim l9l I63 Leek, Lita lI2l I33 Leicht, Brenda llll 73, I47 Lemna, Jaime llll 56, 57, 80, l04, IIO, I47 Lemna, Owen I4, ll8 Lemoire, David llll 83, I47 Lephart, Bud ll2l I33 Line, Jeffery l9l I63 Lipscomb, Brenda ll0l 48, I50, I58 Liston, Ann lI2l I6, 27, 52, 59, II3, II4, l26, l33, I92 Liston, Patricia ll0l 39, II3, II4, I55 Littleton, Carolyn l9l I63 Loser, Teresa llll 73, I47 Loukos, John I22 Lounsbury, Cindy ll2l I33 Lounsbury, Sandy llll lll, II2, I47 Lowery, Buddy llll I47 Lowery, Cindy lI0l l55 Lunsford, David ll0l 70, I55 Luzadder, Susan llll 76, I47 Lyon, Teresa lI2l 48, 59, I33 Lyon, Tom ll0l 77, 83, I06 MacGibbon, Duncan ll0l l0, 98, I06, I55 MacKenzie, Patricia llll I47 Mackey, Michelle l9l 53, I63 Mackey, Renee ll0l 65, Ill, I55 Mahoney, Terry ll2l 39, 57, l33 Maidlow, John ll2l l34 Mamot, Pat l9l 94, I63 Mann, Michelle l9l I63 Manning, Camille ll0l 54, 67, 74, I55 Manning, Melanie llll 52,67, 76, I47 Manning, Susan l9l 67, 68, 75, I63 Mansfield, Kelly ll0l 57, II3, I55 Marcum, Billy llll 53, 76, I47 Marcus, Charles I4, ll8 Martin, Elizabeth lI0l 33, 45, 65, 70, 75, I55 Martin, Frank Il9 Martin, Jeff ll2l 56, I00, I34 Martin, Mary llll 76, I47 Martin, Philip ll2l l34 Martin, Richard l9l I9, 76, I63 Massey, Kelli l9l 75, I63 Masters, Beverly l23 Mathews, Diane ll0l I55 Maves, Scott l9l 87, I63 May, Terri ll0l 64, II2, II3, I55 Maynard, David ll0l I55 Mayse, Greg ll0l I55 Mazanowski, Michelle llll I47 Mazanowski, Zigmunt ll2l 80, I34, I92 Maze, Pamela ll2l l34 McCarron, Kathleen ll2l l34 McClellan, Brent ll2l I34 McClellan, Cathy llll I47 McClellan, Deborah l9l 6l, 68, I63 McClellan, Donald lI2l 3l, 56, 57, 59, ss, 87, 104, las, I34 Marsh, I63 Andrew l9l 59, 66, 94, Marsh Dan lI2l I6, I34 Marsh Julie llll 58, 59, 65, 66, I47 Marsh, Kelley ll0l 57, 85, 86, I06, I55 Marsh, Terry ll2l 59, 9l,92, I34 Marshall, Cynthia l25 Marshall, Gail l9l I63 Marshall, Joan l9l I63 Marshall, Michael ll2l l34 Marshall, Nancy lI0l 26, 48, I55 Marti, Kerri ll2l I34 Marti, Kevin llll 58, l03, I47 Martin, Chris ll0l 57, l00, I55 McClellan Jewell ll0l 76, II3, I55 McClure, Jim l9l 84, 98, I63 McConkey, Kathy llll 76, I47 McConnell, Susan I22 McCullough, Nancy ll2l 48, II3, l34 McCurley, Donna lI2l 52, I34, I92 McCurley, Leigh l9l 64, ll3, ll5, I63, l8l McDaniel, Melise ll0l 4, 5, 64, 69, II2, I55 McDaniel, Melody llll ll, 45, 58, 64, 70, 7l, I47 McDonald, Annave l25 McDowell, Katherine ll2l 63, I34 McEwin, Thomas llll 48, 55, 63, I47 McFadden, Cathy l9l I63 McGraw, Debbie l9l 57, 65, 67, I63 McGregor, David llll 76, l00, I47 McGregor, Mark l9l I64 McKee, Jon ll0l I55 McKee, Randy ll2l l35 McKinney, Earl ll0l 89, l00, I55 McKinney, Robert llll I47 McKinney, Sarah ll2l l35 McNeely, Carole ll0l 57, Ill, I55 Meadows, Jeff l I0l I55 Means, Cynthia lI2l l35 Meddock, Wayne ll2l l35 Meighen, Terri l9l 57, I64 Meikle, Ellen ll2l l35 Meikle, Peggy ll0l l55 Meier, Bryan llll l47 Mercer, Robin l9l I64 Mercer, Tim llll I47 Meredith, Melissa llll l9,66, Ill, II2, I47 Meredith, Paul ll2l 97, l35 Mertens, Julie llll I47 Meunier, Jeff l9l I64 Michael, Marianne llll 7l, I47 Michel, Brad l9l 69, I64 Michel, Jan ll0l 54, 57, 67, 68, I55 Mihal, Thomas U01 39, 52, 57, 59, 64, 83, IOI, I06, I54, I55 Millbern, Debra ll2, I20 Miller, Miller, l33 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller 92, IO2, Bud i9l I64 Kenneth 85, 86, 87, l24, Mike ll2l l35 Richard ll2l 4I, I35 Robert I20 Ronald 64, l22 Steve i9l 94, I64 Thomas ll2l 56, 6I, 9l, l35, I42 Millikan, Kristine llll l48 Mills, Barbara l25 Minch, Douglas ll0l 57, 64, I55 Minch, Gregory l9l I64 Minear, Dan ll2l 77, l35 Minnick, Melanie l9l 57, 75, I64 Mitchell, Lisa l9l I64 Mitchell, Maellen l25 Mitchell, Mike lI0l I03, I56 Mixell, Jane l9l 64, I64 Mixell, Nelda llll l48 Mixell, Rita llll l48 Mixell, Scott ll0l I56 Mong, Cindy llll 42, I47 Mong, Gary l9l I64 Montbleau, Bob ll2l 4l, l35 Montbleau, Michele llll l48 Moon, Edwin lI0l 76, I56 Moore, Allen ll0l I56 Moore, John l9l I64 Moore, Thomas ll2l l35 Moraine, Brenda llll 76, 77, l48 Morris, Jama ll2l l35 Morris, Julie lI0l 57, 59, 65, I56 Mort, John l9l I64 Morton, Harold lI0l I56 Moses, David ll2l l35 Moss, Kathy ll0l 57, 67, 75, I56 Munson, Andy llll 57, I05, l48 Munson, Karen lI0l 60, I56 Mussler, Nancy ll2l 25, 53, 67, l35 Myers, Jae llll 48, I48 Myers, Steve llll l48 N-O Napier, Bill llll 80, 83, l48 Napier, Loretta l9l I64 Naumcheff, Ellen ll2l 52,65, II3, I35 Naumcheff, Linda ll0l 64, I56 Neff, Carol llll 65, l48 Nelson, Carolyn l9l l0, 64, II3, ll5, I64, l65, l72 Nelson, Claudia llll 54, 57, 65, 67, l48 Nelson, Jeff llll I48 Nelson, John ll0l 83, I56 Nelson, sandra uol 4. 73. '56 Newton, Katherine l9l 49. I64 Newton, Robert 47, l23 Nicholas, Jim l9l 34. 94. '64 Nichols, Craig,ll2l l35 Nichols, Mark i9l I64 Niles, Sue l25 Nixon, Mark ll0l 62. 89, I55 Nixon, Kim il2l 52, 59, l35 Noble, Gina ll2l 52, 67, 76, l35 Noble, Jeffrey l9l I64 Noble, Judi ll0l I56 Norris, Roger ll2l l35 Oaks, Donna lI0l 54,'57, 65, 67, I56 O'Connell, JoAnn ll2l 63, l36 O'Connell, Kevin llll l48 0'Day, John llll 30, l48 O'Dell, Robert llll 52, 57, 65, l48 Ogden, James l9l I64 Ogden, Thomas l9l I64 Ohrvall, Steven lI2l 56, 57, l36 O'KelIy, Marilyn l24 O'NeiIl, Karen l9l I64 O'NeilI, Peggy lI0l 53, 54, 57, 64, I56 Orr, Robin llll l48 Osborn, Jay llll l48 Osborn, Tom lI2l l36 ' Osborne, Barbara llll 3I,53, 58, 59, 65, l48 Ounapu, Lois l9l 6l, 66, I64 Oxley, Michael llll 39, l48 Oxley, Mona l9l l64 Oziemkowski, Kim ll2l l36 Oziemkowski, Pam llll l48 P-Q Padgett, Pam l9l l46 Page, LarrylI2l l36 Pal, Kollol lI0l 52, 60, 89, I55, I56, l92 Palmer, Bud ll2l 25, 95, 96, 97, l36 Palomaki, Joel lI2l 57, 59, 60, 64, I36 Paluch, Michael II, 94, l02, I03, I2l Park, Tom llll l48 Parker, Cynthia ll0l l00, lll, lI2, I56, l57 Parker, Kent il2l l36 Parker, Roxanne l9l 64, I64 Parker, Susan ll2l 42, 77, l34, l36 Parks, Robertllll l48 Parmley, Katie ll0l I56 Parr, Cynthia ll0l 76, I56 Partin, Tommy l9l I64 Patterson, Oria 'N l25 Pasotti, Pamela U21 l36 Paul, Stacy l9i 54, 57, 67, II3, l65 Paul, Steven ll0l 80, 83, I56, l72 Pearson, Lesa l9l 48, II3, l65 Pearson, Monta ll0l I56, l58 Peckinpaugh, Jane ll2l l6, 29, 64, l36, I77 Pence, Rick l9l l65 Pence, Terry llll 23, 48, 53, l48 Penrod, Floyd l9l I64 Perry, Eric lI0l 64, 69, 86, I06, I56 Perry, Phil ll0l l00, l56 Perry, Susan l9l 53, l64 Persinger, Les illl l48 Petersen Marvin ll2l I36 Peterson Andrew il0l 55, I56 Peterson, Katy il2l l36 Peterson Keith l9l 59, 76, I00, I64 Peterson, Sue ll0l 76, I56 Petrie, DiAnn llll l48 Petty, William l9l 25, 70, I64 Phillips, Reba ll2l I36 e Phipps, Dennis I20 Picha, Patricia ll2l 54, 59, 66, l36 Pierce, Cheryl llll 70, l48 Pingry, John lI0l 57, 86, l06, I56 - Pingry, Julie llll 54, 65, 76, I48 Pippenger, Mike U01 I56 Pippenger, Steve llll 30, l48 Pippin, Tamara ll0l I56 Pittenger, Kimberli ll0l 57, 64, ll2, I56 Ploudi, Jeff ll0l I56 Poer, Joie il2l 34, I36 Polhamus, Leland ll0l 64 Poole, Cheryl l24 Porter, Carol ll2l 62, l36 Potts, Kay ll2l 53, 65, 77, l36 Price, Cheryl ll2l l36 Priest, Beth l9l l65 Privett, Howard l9l l65 Privett, Penny il0l I56 Proctor, Preston ll0l 57,92, I56 Pugh, Barbara 6l, I20 Puttaswamy, Shashi llll 65, 76, l48 Qualls, Debbie il0l 48, I56 R Rahn, Keith lI0l 57, 92, I56 Ramey, Kimberly llll 66, l48, l49 Rankin, Kay 63, l25 Ratchford, Gary lI0l 57, 64, 69, I56 , Ratchford, JoAnn ll2l 9, 64, 17, nav Rayburn, Pat l9l 75, l65 Reams, Kevin ll0l 93, I56 Reams, Mark ll2l l37 Reber, Lisa ll0l I56 loo, lol, 149 Sites. Reber, Terry U21 l37 Rector, Cathy U01 57, 59, Rector, Teresa l91 I65 Rector, Tom U01 I57 Reed, Jeff UI1 I03 Reed, Scott U01 76, l00, I06 Reif, Mark U21 I37 Reitenour, Tony l91 I65 Renbarger, Dorana I91 I65 Renbarger, Rosann UI1 I48 Rench, Carol U01 I57 Rench, Tresha U21 l37 Renner, Amy l91 53, 66, Reno, Dan UI1 l04, l48 Reynolds, Connie U01 I57 Rice, Jeff UI1 57, 69, l00, Rice, Larry UI1 I48 Rich, Mary Beth UI1 65, Rich, Robin l91 I65 Richardson, Katrina l91 Roach, Madie I25 Robertson, Mike U01 I57 Robertson, Richard U21 Robinson, David U21 24, 53 Robinson, Nannie U01 I57 Robinson, Stephen U01 66, Roch, Katrina UI1 54, 55, 59, 60, 65, 67, I48 Roch, Lewis U21 54, 55, 59 l37, l39 Rogers, Donald 40, I2l Rogers, Jon U01 l56 Rollins, Jay UI1 I48 Roose, Barbara C91 l91 75 Roose, Carol UI1 I48 Ross, Jeff UI1 l49 Ross, Karen U01 57, II3, Ross, Pete U21 4I, I37 Ross, Sally U01 I57 Roszell, Nancy UI1 54, 55 77, l49 Roszell, Sue U21 30, 52, 59 l37 Rowe, Katie 191 I65 Rowland, Alan UI1 57, 65, l49 Rowland, Mark U21 32, 52 66, l05, I38 Royer, Ronald l91 60, Rible, Jennifer U21 I38, Rdale, Ricky U01 I57, Ribush, Doug UI1 I49 Ruemler, Terri l91 57, Ripprecht, Paul U01 l9, 66, I57 Ryan, Diane UI1 74, II2, Rychak, Kathleen U01 I57 sander-s, Debbie 1:21 .I38 Sarah, Debi U21 74, :aa Sat'terfield, Arlene 63, I20 Saunders, Dianne UI1 57,76, II3, I49 Schaffner, Susan UI1 I49 Schmidt, Robert UI1 I49 Schneiter, Ricky 191 l00, Schneiter, Sandra UI1 Ill, II2, I49 Schrader, Mark U01 I57 Schranz, Thomas UI1 56, 57, Schultz, Barbara l91 I65 Schultz, Gary U21 I38 Schultz, Linda UI1 I49 Schwartz, Joan l91 66, I65 Sciara, Bill UI1 35, I05, Scott, Dana U21 62, II4, Scott, Sue 65, l23 Scruton, Debbie UI1 I49 Scurr, Dixie U01 64, 65, Sears, Forrest 43, 62, Segraves, Mark l91 I65 Segraves, Robbie UI1 48, 49, Segraves, Theresa U01 4, II3, I57 Seitz, Nancy U01 l57 Settles, Vergie I25 Sewell, Kris U01 I57 Shaffer, Mike U21 64, I38 Shaffer, Tim U21 56, 57, 80, 82, I02, I38 Shank, DeAnn U21 30, I38 Sharp, Candy U21 30, 37, 54, 66, 67, I38 Sharp, Kathy l91 22, 54, 59, 70, I65 Shaw, Cheri UI1 73, l49 Shepard, Bruce l91 69, 89 I65 II3, 53. I4I I38 :sv :zo Ms 68. 59, 64. I65 Shepard, Charles U21 69, 7l', 72, I38 Sheridan, Andrea UI1 57,76, II3, l49 Sheridan, Hans 6l, 80, 83, 97, l2I 98. Sherman, Joseph U21 56, 85, 87, l04, I33, I34, I38 Shields, Tim 191 84, 94, Shimer, Marvin I25' Shinnock, Erica UI1 73, Shinnock, PattyUl1 I49 Shinnock, Ronald UI1 l49 Shively, Ben l91 87, l66 Shively, Tom U21 I38 Shondell, Betty 52, I22, Shondell, Dave U01 52, 6l, I57 Shondell, Kim UI1 52, 57,77, Shoptaw, Larry UI1 l49 Shorter, Melanie UI1 67, 76, Showalter, Dan U01 83, 98, Showalter, Terri l91 57, Shreves, Jack l91 l66 Shroyer, Janet U21 37, 59, 67, I38 Shroyer, William U21 I38, Shults, Helen U01 I57 Shults, Jerry 191 l66 Shuman, Craig UI1 64 Sieber, Douglas U01 57, 66, I57, l72 Silveira, ltibere l91 99 I65 I49 I92 93, l49 I49 I57 l66 64. I78 89, Silvers, Jennifer UI1 52, 70, Simmons, Tracey UI1 65, Simpson, Kenny 191 l66 Sims, llean I25 Sites, Cindy UI1 48, l49 Sites, Cindy UI1 48, I49 Terry U01 59, l00, Sizemore, Tim l91 l66 Skillman, Debbie 191 l66 Slauglter, Kevin UI1 25, 32, 65, l49 Slauter, Margaret I20 Slauter, Thomas U01 57, I03 Slaven, Vicky U01 I57 Smekens, Steve l91 l66 Smekens, Suzy U21 I38 Smith, Billy II9 Smith, Chris l91 l66 Smith, Diane M. U01 53, 59 70, Ill, II3, I57 Smith, Diane U01 3, 73, 74, Smith, James U21 56, 57, 80, l02, I38 Smith, James UI1 I49 Smith, Jeanne l91 I66 Smith, JoAnne U21 36, I38 Smith, Joe U01 83, 98, I03, Smith, John 60, 80, 83, Smith, Keith U01 80, 8I, 93, I57 Smith, Willie U21 69, 77, 83, I38 Smothers, Cheryl 67, l22 Snodgrass, Dave 191 l66 Snyder Snyder 83, I06 Snyder Snyder I38 Snyder Snyder , Dave l91 84, l66 , Don U01 25, 53, 57, , I57 b , Elizabeth 191 6I, 68, , James U21 5, 68, 7I , Pam U21 l6, II2, , Theresa UI1 I49 Snyder, Virginia U01 75, Southers, Amy U21 42, 48, l39 Sowatsky, Brian U21 l39 Sowatsky, Cynthia UI1 66, 76 Spain, Sylvia l91 l66 Sparks, Thomas UI1 I49 Sparling, Judy C91 67, 70, Speaks, Sharon U01 I57 Springer, Dave 191 l66 Springman, MarkU01 I57 Spurgeon, James U21 I39 Stafford, Frank l23 Staggs, Andrew 191 l66 Staggs, Randy UI1 56, 57, l48, 'I49 Stahlbush, Jeff 191 l66 Standt, Denise UI1 l49 I Standt, Lisa U01 I57 Stanley, Doug U01 64, 7l, 83 Stardt, Sepa U01 I49 Starr, Marcia U21 58, 59, Starr, Robert U01 66, 70,72 Stelzer, Lindsay Q91 66, Stevens, Kim 191 l66 L 4 Watson Weiss, Robin 1ll1 52, 53, I50 Stevenson, Donna 1l01 52, 64,74, l57 Stevenson, Janet 1l01 65, Ill, ll3, l57 Stevning, David 1ll1 57, I49 Stewart, Adi 1ll1 I49 Stewart, Cathy 191 75, I66 Stewart, Judy 1l21 I39 Stiffler, Denise 191 57, 7l, I66 Stout, Thomas 191 59, 84,94, I66 Stover, Becky 1ll1 I49 Stover, Melinda 1l01 l57 Strauch, Jeffrey 1l01 68, I58 Stumborg, Coleen 191 II2, I66 Styles, Susan 1l21 76, I39 Sue, Carol 191 70, I66 Sue, Michael 1l01 I58 Summers, Julie 1ll1 57, 67, 76, I50 Summers, Lynne 1l21 48, l39 Summers, Mark 1l01 I58 Sumner, Gregory 1l01 57,66,83, 98, I58 Sumwalt, LuAnn 1l21 36, I39 Sutton, Alan 1l21 I7, 56, 59, 69, 72, 80, l39 Sutton, Debra 1l01 52, 68, 76, II3, I58 Sutton, Edward 1l21 56, 57, 80,139 Sutton, Greg 191 84, I66 Sutton, Jayne 1ll1 62, 76, I50 Sutton, Mary Etta 58, l2l Swafford, David 1ll1 56, 6I, 80, 9l, 92, I50 Swanson, Christina 1l21 55, 59, 66, I39 Swanson, Jean 1l01 65, I58 Swanson, Lee 1l21 I39 Szymborski, Sharon 1l21 62, l39 T-U-V Tahitnen, Greg 1ll1 I50 Taylor, Carolyn 1ll1 I50 Thompson, Cathy 1ll1 74, I50 Thompson, Lonelle 1l21 I40, l9l Thompson, Sharon 191 I66 Thompson, Tounsel I25 Tomlin, Debbie 1l01 II3. '53 Tomlinson, Kristen 1l21 I6, 63, I40 Tomlinson, Matt 1l01 I58 Tomlinson, Meredith 191 75, I67 Tooley, Terrance 1l01 I58 Toomer, James 1l21 I7, 23, 95, 96, 97, I40 Toomer, Lola 191 II3, I67 Wagner, Beth 1ll1 I50 Wagner, Christy 1l01 2l, II2, Waite, Daniel 1l21 57, l40 Waite, Dixie 1l21 76, I40 Wake, Janet 1l21 59, 64, Wakefield, Richard 1l21 55, 88, I4l Walker, Nancy 1l21 2l, 67, l4I Walker, Shelley 1l01 4, 59 II2, l5I, I58, Walker, Tamara 1ll1 I7, I49 Wallace, Elizabeth 191 I67 Towns, Sharon 1l21 I40 Trapp, Cindy 191 l67 Trapp, Pamela 1l21 I40 Traub, Nancy 191 65, 75, Tretick, Clifford 191 70, Trout, Scott 1ll1 66, 74, 77, 83, I50 Trowbridge, Diana 1l21 I40 Troxell, Jerry 191 I67 Troyan, Jean 1ll1 I50 True, Cindy1I01 I58 True, Janet 191 I67 True, Steve 191 69, 72, True, Tim 1ll1 ll, 69, 72. Tschuor, Dale 191 48, 84, Tschuor, Gale 191 I67 Tucco, Laura 191 64, I67 Tudor, Clark 1l01 I58 Tunney, Mary Ann 191 167 Turckes, Tony 1l21 36, 53 Turner, Mark 191 I67 Ullman, Barbara 1ll1 I50 Ullman, Rich 1l01 I58 Ulrich, Wayne 191 I67 Utt, Franklin 1ll1 68, 72, Wallen, Wallen, Wallen, Wallen Cheryl uoi use Diane 191 49 Judith 191 :sv Randy 1l21 l4l Walls, Glenn 191 94, I67 Walls, Rick 1ll1 I50 Walls, Shirley 191 I67 Walters, Naloa 1l21 63, Ward, Diana 1l01 57, I58 Ware, Kathy 1l21 l4l Ware, Mary 38, I24 Ware, Susan 191 64, 166, Warren, Debbie 191 53, Warrner, Robert I24 Waters , Waters, Watkins, I00, l34, Watkins, Watson, Watson, Becci 1ll1 76, I50 Beth 191 68, I67 James 1l21 55, 56, l4l Stephen 1l01 I00, Cheryl U01 I58 Curt 191 84, I67 Watson, Janet 1l01 49, 75, Watson, Karen 1ll1 I50 Watson, Lorena 1l01 I58 Sally 191 75 I67 Valencic, Karen 1ll1 9, 3l, 66, I50 Van Camp, Joan 1ll1 I50 Van Every, Karl 1l01 I58 Van Every, Paul 1l21 60, 70, 72, 97, I40 Van Fossen, Sally 191 lI2, I67 Vasalakis, Tim 1l21 56, 57, 77, Taylor, Kathy 1l01 I58 Taylor Taylor Taylor Kay 191 70, I66 fsue un iso , Tim uzi 57, 139 Taylor, Tracey 1l01 I58 Terhune, Julie 191 54, 57,65, I66 Terhune, Mary Ann 1l21 30, 52, Ill, l40, l92 Thames, Lurana 191 l0, I66, II3 Thames, Steve 1ll1 l50 Tharp,'Dave1I01 57, I58 Tharp, Sharon 1l01 64, 74, ll2, I58 Tharp, Thomas 1ll1 20, 56, 57, 6l, 64, 80, 8I, I05, I06, I50, l8I Thomas, DeAnn un I7, 54, 64, 73, I50 Thomas, Lennie 1l21 I40 Thomas, Lewis I25 Thomas, Susan 1l01 65, 74, I58 Thompson, Audrey 1l21 62, 67, I40 88, ll0, I40 Vasquez, Luis 1l21 64, I40 Vaughn, Raymond 1l01 60, Vaught, Judith 191 75, I67 Vaught, Marc 1l21 I40 Vela, Martha 1l21 64, I40 Vogel, Lizanne 1ll1 66, Vogel, Thomas 191 I67 Vogler, Lisette 191 75, II3, Voss, Melissa 1l21 I40 Vyain, Mark 191 I67 W Waddell, Wayne ll8 Wade, Becky 1l21 I40 Wade, Kimberly 1ll1 I50 wade, william 191 eo, as, :sv Wadman, Phil 1l21 n, 11, 45, ee, 72, I40 Wages, Dianna 1l01 73, 76, I58 Waugh, Brian 1ll1 68, 72, 83 Weakley, Teresa 1l21 37, Webster, Brent 1ll1 I50 Weinberg, Lori 1l01 57, 64, II3, I58 Weir, Gary 1l21 25, 53, 59, l4l Welch, Ann 1l21 49, l4I Welker, Alan 1l01 I58 Wenz, Beth 191 57, 75, Werbil, Beth 191 I67 Werbil, Mark ll2l 62, I4I Wesley, Kevin 1ll1 I50 Wheeler, Daniel 1l21 l4l Wheeler, Jeffrey 191 I67 Whitacre, Dennis 1l21 80, 82, 96, 97, l4l White, Cheryl 1ll1 63, I50 White, Christine 1l01 I58 White, Dan 1l01 54, 60, l55, White, David 1l01 I58 White, Dave 1l21 54, 59, 60, White, Keith 1l21 l4l White, Teresa un isa, iso Whitehead, Brian 191 167 Whitely, Penny 1ll1 I50 Whiting, Larry 1l01 93 Whittem, Jeff 1ll1 I50 Wickman, P. J. lI2l 9, l6, 65, 67, 73, I30, l4l Wierks, Janie 46, II2, ll3, Wierks, Nancy llll 57, ll3, Wisserlv. Kip uzl 62. l4l 64. l23 I50 Wiley, Lorinda ll0l 7l, I58 Wilhelmi, Joe llll I03 Williams, Charles lil! I50 Williams, Joseph l9l 6l, 84, I67 Williams, Kathy ll2l 52, 59, 63, I42 Williams, Michael llll 56, 57, 6I, 80, I50 Williams, Pamela ll2l 76, I42 Williams, Perri lI0l 57, 64, 74, II2, I56, I58 Williams, Steven l9l 94, I67 Williams on, Ella llll I50 Williamson, Ruth llll 52, 66, I50 Wilson, Brenda l9l 75, ll2 Wilson, Linda l9l 75, ll2, I67 Wilson, Kathy ll2l 9, 63, I42 Wilson, Ronald l9l 76, I67 Windmiller, Bruce ll0l 8, IO3, I58 Wingate, Kevin ll2l I42 Wise, Lisa lI2l 76, I42 Wise, Mark lI2l I42 Wolter, l53, I58 Karen lI0l I0, 65, Wolter, Michael 55, I20 Wood, Chris l9l I67 Wood, Joni lI0l I58 Wood, Marty llll I50, I58 Worboys, Melissa ll2l 54, Ill, II2, I42 Workman, Lillian l2l Wright, Joan ll0l I58 Wright, Julie l9l I67 WYSWQ. Yaudas, Young, G Breena, llll I50 Y-Z Mark llll 80, I05, reta 24, 53, ll9 Young, Josephine ll2l 62, Young, K aren ll0l 75, I58 Young, Mary l9l I67 Yuncker, Jim lI0l I58 Zahnow, Kelly l9l I67 Zeigler, I42 Richard II2, 58, 59 57, 76, 74, I50 I42 69. Zimmerman, Geoff l9l I00, I67 Zimmerman, Greg llll l00, I50 Zimmerman, LaVonne 59, l2l Zoll, Donna II8 RIGHT: Performing along with the Tltanettes at home games, Flag Corps members Sheryl Crowder, Terril Donatl, Julle Terhune, and Susan Greene stand erect at half tlme. ABOVE: Capturing the state tltle, varsity wrestlers Larry Klbler, Carl Jackson, Bud Palmer, James Toomer, and Dennis Whltacre recelve recognltlon from thelr coach, Mr. Fred Glnther, at a convocation. Urusei lf We Never Reach Out f .L L ii Q1 ABOVE: Faculty cheerleader Mrs. Kay Rankln exhlblts her Titan spirit when the male faculty takes on the WOWO Aces. ln its fourth year of existence, Northside High School sought to "reach out" to the community in all areas. School facilities were opened up for public use, and Northside students participated in city projects and events. Many students helped to better community-school relations by tak- ing on individual responsibilities. Sports played a big part in bring- ing community interest into the school when the wrestling, swim- ming, and basketball teams gained state-wide recognition. With the community and the school working together, how can we not "reach out" to each other's needs? FAR LEFT: As her graduation present to Reverend Frank Alexander, pastor of the Union Baptist Church, Lonelle Thompson constructed a green plald sult tailored es- pecially for hlm. LEFT: Representing the faculty, Mr. Dallas Kunkle chalks up two more polnts for North against the WOWO Aces. BELOW: Security officers at Northside, Mr. Earl Hoover, Mr. Norman lrelan, and Mr. Son- ny Burks, supervise a home basketball game. Staff Completes Book: Mission Accomplished Editor-in-chief .... .... M ary Ann Terhune Assistant editor .. .. ....... Donna McCurley Sports editor ............... "Z" Mazanowski Album editors .... .. ...Jane Brenneman, Ann Liston Business editor ............................. Kollol Pal Assistant business editor . . . .... Valery Glasby COPY, art ................................ Jama Kehoe Index editor ........................... Kathy Harding Photography editorlhead photographer .... Robin Weiss Photographers ............. Shelly Bedell, Bill Barnhart, -...-.. . Adviser. . . Cover speclflcatlons: sllkscreen process. 150 pt. board weight, printed ln blue base color wlth pastel blue as second color, and elephant grain. Endsheet specifications: Full color from transparency. Paper stock: Vellum. Text type: Newton Medium. Index type: 8 pt. sans serif. Headline type: Newton Medium. Prlce of book: 57.00. Number of books ordered: 900. Cover deslgn: Jama Kehoe. Photography credits: Varslty cheerleaders picture on page 114 courtesy of Mr. Gary Ad- dlson. Physics Club field trlp plcture on page RIGHT: North Star yearbook staff members wrap up the flnal deadline with a llttle blt of craziness. Seated from left are Jama Kehoe, Kollol Pal, Mary Ann Terhune, Donna McCurley, and Valery Glasby. Standing are Jane Brenneman, Ann Llston, Mrs. Betty Shondell, "Z" Mazanowskl, and Robln Weiss. . .. Debbie Sutton, Jane Brenneman, .Bill Jared, Joe Howard, Ann Liston BettyShondeIl 2 courtesy of Mr. Michael Wolter. Color photography: Robin Weiss. Album pictures and most group pictures taken by Reid's studio. lnter-Collegiate Press representative: Mr. Russ Robinson. Spot color: page 1-Process Blue colored photograph: page 12-Cherry Red colored photograph, Process Blue duotone: page 13- Yellow overprlnt: page 16-Cherry Red Duotone. Special effects: page 19-posterlzatlon: page 25-wavy llne: page 47-line reproduction: page 101-micro dot flat tint: page 191-negavlve halftone. With the disadvantages of a predominantly inexperienced staff and a shortage of staff members, there were reservations in the minds of those persons who worked on the book as to whether or not it would ever come about. Staffers met periodically throughout the summer to "get in gear" and put some enthusiasm into their efforts on the book. Mr. Russ Robinson, yearbook representative from ICP, held a workshop in May to instruct the staff on various facets of yearbook construction. For the first time, students who ordered a yearbook cast a vote for a yearbook queen from one of the classes. The queen is pictured in thc book and was honored at an autograph party when books were distributed. Late night sessions, frustrations, tears, and rushed deadlines went along with meeting a deadline. Put- ting out the fourth edition, the North Star yearbook staff tried to show to its readers that Northside "reaches out" to the community in nearly all respects. Z xiii 3533? gif? 52232, Q23 51255325 QQQEL XX v I WW wg 5013120 0 f gjjgggx l 1 L X F 2 -"-'. 1' I :if 'LW , ,,., Q. J- - ' A: . , 'Z '-"2 V,- A ' : "il !k:j'1-,wf- Y e, .5-'vp'-:gig -',"f,., '-yi ' 'I , . "K+ I ' '- .1 . 341 fs: . 'J wi, , JL, 5, Qi-I jfs' Jrnr :E .. g'.": f I S iz' si ' "N er . , vi . , TF-"'f'53I AA M, - H: - - ,1-' -,j'-g','Q-'f iii - Q -n - .- ,- " l f"' 'S 2 ,E 3.3 ,KA 5,2 L ip 1 e N, ,, fi-ij. :QQ -71. '- 2,1- , , 'YQ- Q 3 -- 139 , - W fm:-1 .ga RQ 'Ligl in 41534 2 E fi -' ,. 1 ... 5 H. 'res VX- 9 , 1,,5s ?-4113 , , Qasigl . V . kjfy 5 1 Esx' ' , , 1 , A - gglk , . A V. ,f '56, - ,gf is'i'f..1-5 -1- . ' "-'fL1ff'1f.' .RL-iw '- . "Q 'ESQ " if ' , ' -Dfw-:':"' fn-.., . Y - Y - S:-Sax f f -' .-v 3 --r 4-- 3- ww . an : ,,,.fk- , -- A . 3, .-V.-f, f- ,. 'Q' " f-5 f . X-N ,,,f ,-' Y H. . ,, .- .K . , A ' 'Q 'pk xi 2 " Q ' . ' ' k f- vi V- T-,.Qs.a'. , Y f Lb .ii'L'rl,:: -x -"I .Q-,mf .--Q ' , ' , -- . Y - v - ' Ng,-H -j' ,ff-xFf', . -1""t-gf '1' 'ff'-W-s-lrf"F'i"' in-:-' -Wifi. - 1 1 1 Exif? -' f ' - N 'fi 'f' V Z- A -, V ,, ' fy.-M.-f. .- I gfff-5fP2ii375-W,'- gQ41,."?.s-H. fs? .gd-f p uf H -. ,j 21:1 In z 1 -.'. 1.1 -1 ffjl -. '1':,.55 -'- -- '1, 1. 7 'Jaya 'yi' E71 '-gvgg vi-igw ' L.-1'. --a., "g-' X. 5.1: ",,- I -1 '.4 N., . fu- -':.:-- , - -A .1 , f A Q , ..ffgiwjgg,5,24',...3af,fQ-qf:".f?ff'?'s3Q'.q-.f4N:1fiEa.s., . '- Ag A 1'-" nf , H i f i'-ff-' 11 114, ' -f- . . - f u- '..1-221 f - ' :w..': - Af ' . 1,3114 :f ' -': , 5 ag vi- ..':,w-1:-Q . ,, ,- - :,S1q ::-gA tgq .'5 iv-15-F11 ,'fV,6Q'?T.j 1 1,f."- .4 ' ' ' TT: A ,.5.i:g,..' J, .-.T'CA-'.'-HQ:--.EQ Q - ' 'Ki-': .. ' 1 ,' i ii f' A , ' - 'i - S1-'f .rn X-r f" V ' 5 'L- ES:-iff? 'l , Y - . ,'-V-3,-: :K ,f.'- ,,.f,q-. --jf, ' .f ff rl, .-A 1 ' ..1f..f, .-g.' Y' 4. ' - V-.1 - f-- A 4-" - M ' -A " ' ' '- -' "' H" f ...-as-. 1-vwmlfi ' - Ma. A,

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