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Text from Pages 1 - 160 of the 1956 volume:

l Ll , xiii' W'f2Z,,5::'--wgkwggfgg? in 111 - W 'Qin , g ?ffs?g iQi1F, A -EK 75S K f'k'?lf,i.z . ' : ha:5ai:::E5E:sE.':il5:aE: -Rf: :: ' ,lfLL:f's4,:i'V5'zLfvs?5' ww az Mil.. fa-W' W xi -7- ' Q 1 f 415139 'X' wwf --.4 Nev! wfsfxm f . - zf w mf gei Q xv 4 W X V15 5 if Q X: Mg am R 9: gf an ,Af fav. , qt. .fl fi. 2 .Q x af? -: - ii'f9? ' 1',1g1fxf. 1-E , f , "'- Z Y, fggv - 1. , x W .,,.. 1 'vim f af if Q + , ,AW A. W .Qi -,., , .. .T , iww n., - Wi: ' .i ,Qi ,- ff ,,.. ffA- V .f m nsfwiiiiinyyworlds, so muchlto do 5 ,lSuch gthings to be. " Tennyson ,nn 5 A , W3 , if ! 1. aff? ,kg M 'Q Ha 5."k2w22iffu,..V GQ at S i..!:w nl? M in KW 43 H 5. MSL 1 3431 'fi' ,- in 4-M 4. ,v w 3 rn.. U .gf v- ,:' ' 1' fl. - 2 1 ,Y l - zigifmxf -, .Ku j-gg, ' wng, C 4, -,ff -. E ,J if 1' ,A ,H g.e'.:gl1,, Q '.,. w -' f-- H a.: 5 '. xi :J.a-iifiujia .s-.5 ,- nr P Yew ,. :mgzfw ' H ' 1.3 , -s-JL.-: Q. 1 4 22:12-A 'rw' w5"' , +1 ' '.q?j',f.",5j1j' . '1a.5-1l4j32w.. 1ff' 'WDC 3 1. 1 'ff iii W A vm. rv ' s -. .q4mf..4 my ,,"r..'- 3 -. -gg, G" Q 4.5-4' Ku ! 114 my J. i., l, ...,-I ,px-2 A -.v:..jj1,' ff, .- ,jl, y1r"e1 I V 1 '...1?a-,' 'Tn ' If, gf ::f ' . . 2 ' .- 1 ,L f"'z ' ff . ' .t i f Jw- ' . J--. -5.52 , ' 1 , -- Qi' E ,,,. 1535-1fiv y 3 1 A, A, 4 w v '9! - Q w ix ww L. Q r E'-E" ,-wg V, J, x :X .f au f X 2 ,- if 5. 4 ,g.,. 1- ra-- 4 'ffm v Q X I I f f , E, L x - af 1 nm X IEIEIEI H Q .MM-f..l f Tfabune w I 6 Bzaeniedh, ffw Tie-Mani SH! lVw!A4iJe Sdml Sw Nnfavuh, 7m4 1 41 fs QE? we umgfs to be ac a. grow much ,tilts .A,1i IIE ull? IIE! I ii I llll llll lliil fs. This photo map was designed to show the rnany different worlds which the three-hun- ired and sixty s quar e miles of the North- side district covers. There are industrial centers, residential areas, farming lands, cattle country, and small c o mm u n i t i e s with their churches and grammar schools. The beautiful hill c 0 unt r y in the northern section of the district boasts of many his- torical landmarks such as old hotels, which are in ruins now, but we re at one time centers of social activities in the Confed- eracy and peaceful valleys where the Indian tribes of Ge rom ino set up their lodge s. Residents of the N o r th sid e district can surelybe proud of the old world charm and new world progressiveness to be found s u r r o u nd in g them in their communities . 4 . 'vga X' V ykvy 'kgs' Q . W, , vnu.. A i...M.T V,A. M Q-M.y.l....Dw 1 i J W..- ,..,LM,..,., , ,,,, 1 m..,...M w'-1-1. ff Tw f I -ai' " N. E E! " 0 x ' M37 i kkqf ,,k .1 'I Q V. w- 'RV 4 f , , , Mx xg?-'geiife , 47 4. I : , .,,4 . fx, , - - . L x 1 . Q 1 .' V re. - ,J,,4!f2fl,f,,' YP." ',,'i 11359 - . -. , f' of - 5511?--. - Q .WF .rv 5 ,f -,f' ,,f., Volume VI fi Aj' A' 4 ., ff' , f '2-' fi- 7 .V if pl .i 8,3 if Title Page . . . . . . . . . 1 Theme ...... . 2-3 District Photo Map . . . 4-5 Table of Contents . . 6 Dedication .... . 7 Administration Art . . . . 8-9 Administration . . ., 10-1 1 Faculty . . . 12-15 Classes Art . 16-17 Seniors . . 18-27 Juniors . . . 28-35 Sophomores . 36-41 Freshmen .... 42-47 Eighth Grade. . . 48-52 Classroom Snaps . . 53-59 Organizations Art . 60-61 Horn Staff ...... 62-63 Rampage Staff .... 64-65 National Honor Society 66-67 Student Council . . . 68-69 Library Club .... 70-71 F.H.A .... 72-73 F.H.A .... 74-79 4-H ..... 80-81 F.T.A .... 82-83 Ramblerettes . 84-85 Cheerleaders . . . 86 Majorettes . .......... . . . 87 Band .... ........... . 88-89 N Club . . . . . . . 7 .... . . . . . 90-9 5 tttiifd 'ii'3 1? 1 1, , . ,W . , f E A . 1 ,..' ' J ,V ,-- f v .' A 5 f 5 Aryyit 4 tnt ee nnt ltr- it 5 Football . . ........ .... . . 94-97 Basketball . . ........... . . 98-101 Track ...... 102-105 Baseball ...... 106-107 Girls' Basketball . . 108-109 Girls' Track. . . 110-111 Girls' Snaps . . 112-113 Hall of Fame . . . 114-115 Personalities Art . 116-117 Who's Who . . . 118-119 Favorites ..... 120-121 Sweethearts ..... . 122 Homecoming Royalty . . 123 School Life Art . . . 124-125 School Life . . . 126-127 Advertising Art . . 138-139 Advertising . . 140-151 Senior Photo. . , ,152 t 9 Q , R J ' ,g 1 A'fA , I ,,AA , ,.A2W v The 1956 HORN Staff takes great pleasure in dedicating this sixth volume of the HORN to the Northside School Board. We feel these gentlemen have done illimitable work in setting a foundation for a Northside High School of the future which will surpass even their d r ea m s. As an artist paints a good background for his picture so have these men taken brush in hand and started a masterpiece. These gentlemen, each from their own worlds and inte re st s, have joined together to form an efficient machine working for the good of our district. Some of the fruits of their labors are an independent school district, anew gymnasium, junior high section, elementary school, and a teaching staff which gets progressively better as the years so bv- . Pictured sitting fleft to rightl: Mr. C.l... Loessberg, Secretaryg Mr. C, W, Coon, Pres- identg Mr. Thomas Judson, Vice-President. Standing: Mr, Paul Ott, Mr, Napier Rogers, and Mr. Russell Mason, Not pictured is Mr. Lloyd Knowlton, 4 fzf'lfia21fi5 ,'-gi . 1 . ' ,yffn3,wQc , Mymgifg' " A - ww-kwa? ' , 1- 2.15 'fi Q ed The student body of North- side High School has every right' to be very proud of its ad- kministration. These men have brought our school to a peak of actual progress. Things s uc h ale a, gymnasium, band room, and n ew juriior high s c h o ol which e only dreams a few shox' t agolare n owvcoming These 'XM eg e S . A. Q K .Ef,q,, if '. .7 V ' lig 4,'1 5 1 N A:.: v!: MURRAY E, BOONE-Superintendent JOE P. WOOD-Principal First Semester 1' f X ,V ,wh Si. -I0 EDWARD R, FARRIS-Principal Second Semester WALTER J. LYNN-Vice-Principal 3 :F ,M . ,, Besides being principal of a rapidly growing high school, Mr. Farris finds himself a proud hom eowner, husband, and dog fancier. The rest and enjoyment of his home life make being an able administrator a little easier job. we ,,,, Y' 'ww Mr. B oone as superintendent of the Northside Ind e pe nd e nt School District finds almost his every waking hour consumed by the duties of his position. However, working around his beautiful hom e makes the cares and problem s of his school fade away, to a great extent. u-5.-mm, Such surroundings as a lovely family, home, and lawnmake Mr. Lynn's time at home very pleas- ant indeed. He finds working in his yard a good means of relaxation from the cares of his job as assistant principal. This work is also very s at i s fying because of the fine results of his labor. y ...,.i........ MEL BARBARACK, B.A., St. Mary's University All sports come under the classifications of his hobbies, while coaching basketball and baseball ar e his jobs. This year he did a particularly outs tanding job with the basketball team. He is a co-sponsor of the N-Club. LUCY P. BROWN, B.J.. University of Texas Her formal duties ar e te a c hin g English, journalism, and sponsoring a freshman c la s s. Mrs, Brown's biggest responsibility, however, is the RAMPAGE whic h her journalism c la s s publishes. Her sponsorship of this organization has enabled it to make great progress in the high school newspaper field. Her garden and h o me take care of her hobbies. W.A. BLANKINSHIP, B.S., Daniel Baker College, M,A,, Sul Ross One of the mostartistically inclined persons at Northside is Mr. Blankenship, our leather ' Q and Woodcraft instructor. His hobby is ar t and here are some examples of the fine paint- ings he has done. These particular one s are pertaining to Big Bend National Park. HARRY O. DAVIS, B.S., South West State Teachers' College Mr. Davis finds being a band director a full time job. Much of the c r e dit for the establishment and success of our band belongs to him. Aside fr om his musical affairs, he is s pons or of an eighth grade class. x 'W 2 1 Faculty Qcontinue dj Carolina Aside from t if - s. Q- nf E....U"". ,MV , ness with pleasu PATRICIA C. EWING, B.A.., University of North eaching physical education, health, and first aid, this versatile young wo man discovers time in her daily routine to sponsor a freshman class and the pep squad. Playing tennis is combining busi- re for this teacher. . MARVIN W. FINTO, B.S., M.S., Texas A811 Vocational agriculture is Mr. Finto's voca- tion and avoc ation. He sponsors the Future Farmers of America organization which allows his students to put what they le arn to practice and application. Picturedhere at the stock show he helps the boys exhibit their animals. In his spar e time he acts as, deputy s he riff for the Northside district. MILDRED M, FEELEY, B,A., University Of Kansas, Library Certificate, University of Texas At Northside her to which she devotes Pegasus Club claims Feeley's h o me and sail'-f .. W, sr main project is the library a great deal of time. The her as their sponsor. Mrs. children afford her re- laxation and pleasure. Here she is pictured at one of he r favorite hobbies, barbecuing, and a very tasty one it appears. LOUIS W. FREEMAN, B.S., Southwest State Teachers' College Adistinguishedmath teacher who is kept very busy with his sponsor- ship of a junior class is Mr. Freeman. One of his favorite hobbies and pastimes is fishing at which he is very adept. Pictured here is a trophy of which he isjustifiably if proud. 419 JLIZABETH E. FINDLING, B.A., University of Wyo Any leisure time which her English te a ching affor d s is romptly filled by the sophomore class which designates her as ieir sponsor. Her home is her hobby, as with most teachers, ming -Baylor English, reading, and an eighth gr ade class absorb the major portion of this teacher's time. Her sponsor- Faculty fcontinuedl MARVIN L. HESKEW, B.S., M.S., Trinity University His scientific te achings are not solely confined to the classroom. Biology, general science, and chemistry help him to solve many practical problems. The sopho- more class of which he is a spons or is another of his projects. Here he is pictured at the lake, which affords him relaxationand pleasure, gathering material for one of his science classes. ship of the Future Teachers of America organization led it to become one of the pr om inen t clubs at Northside. She also has varied outs ide interests in the Northside district. B e c au s e of her many d ut i e s and interests, Mrs. Jackson cannot devote nearly so much time as she would like to her hobbies of music and singing. PEGGY W. LOVELADY, B.A. , Un ive r sity of Texas Gne can easily see why Mrs. Lovelady is one of the busiest people at Northside. Besides being head of the English department, she has three full time jobs as spon- sor of the senior class, the HORN staff, and the National Honor Society. Her dogs hold an important place in her life. This one is even more than her hobby. JAMES MCCOLLUM, P. E. , Oklahoma ASLM This teacher really gets around. He travels from tl classrooms of geometry, chemistry, and mechanical drav ing to the football field where he coaches football and trac He is also a co-sponsor of the N-Club. CHARLES E. NEFF, B.A. , Southwestern University, B.D. , Phillips University. Understanding of youthful problems and a r e ad y smile endear Mr. Neff to his history and civic classes, his fresh- man class, and to the actors in the senior play of which he was the director. Although he has m any interests off the campus, he still finds time to participate in all the school's activities and to lend a hand anytime one is needed. Here he is shown illustrating a scene from the senior play. '41-' FLORANEEL, B ,S,E, , Arkansas StateTeachers' College A position which requires much time, knowledge on many subjects, and pe r s onal relations that of a home economics teacher. Mrs. Neel a. mpl y fills this job by her teaching of homemaking techniques in the classroom and by her sponsorship of the Futur e I-Iomemakers of America organization. On the table before her are ex- amples of her beautiful ceramic work which is only one of her many hobbies and accomplishments. BARBARA SUMMERS, B.S, , Southwe s t Texas State Teachers' College This teacher can usually be found in either the mimeograph or typing rooms. As she teaches typing and shorthand, she finds herself wi th not only he r teaching duties but also with important ones of the offic e. Her hobby, and a very lar ge one indeed, is sponsoring the junior class. This job requires a great deal of patience and ingenuity, and Mrs. Summers fits it perfectly. HORTENSE S, TALLEY, B.A., Incarnate Word Teaching high s c hool mathematics such as algebra and geometry is certainly not an ea s y job although Mrs, Talley makes it appear so with her happy manner and attitude, The se characteristics also make her aworthy sponsor of the senior class, Here is shown one of her favorite ways of relaxing, HYACINTH AQ TAYLOR, B.S, , Trinity University Crocheting, taking care of her home,and teaching history would appear to consume completely the waking hours of this teacher. But, remarkably enough, she stretches h e r day to include s p on s o r ing an eighth grade class and taking an active part in school affairs, CAROL TEAT, School Secretary A former student and coed is our school secretary, It is many a tardy excuse, telephone call, and bulle- tin this young secretary has had to put out. When she is not running errands she is helping to keep the files in order, 15 - MW 4 -- fNWI-f"'-1'-z-'-wF. "KK 1... K. ,. ww 14 ,zw'Kwv.f ,L 'Q' . '. L' -:S ,K"'PM'V' Hi 1 ., 5 , J .A f. :4 fr : 1-Ki'QfK"'Kxe YK-ls wr: -M'-.wsgi 5 I K .. L "1.,ifKf,iy 11.1. " .K'f""im1 1 M 'W Q-+M1Xff'1i4 Q K H Kia ? Y fww-,vi-.5 4 if gf Qi, 1--zfmu. wa. K , 1'K -' 4 ' fy pw- ' f'f.xmgM QM- rm.. .L ,wizgfwg 7,-q,f,, 5,23 ,I - x,.,M.fe,. ' 1 , K w . H X - '-' A :vii WY N 3 'S' , f , -ff , 'Q .,,-"WW 557-fig H' V 'K' K' 5 ' "VN 4- ' K x ' Y Vff 'wp H' YT " 'K,af51"'i'g-43' " fivii SLK K" 5 k,.,lW.,5J hy. ,K 1 Q- V.: k3'.,fKf ,:QK13,,.U'. 5,1 ,' A' K Nklbi 5Kf3aKqK.QY3",J'5', KJ 'K K f' Q. 'gf' ' . K ' fag '- J. 'K K . K. if , ' ' V- 6 .f :N K K' ' 6 -in-1,",f,,.KK:f few -mx-1.:":+'KaK1.A-fKai- -2' 235' 54552: Hp,-:W xffg,-'hid Z-Kf. +G- -' K KK fi. uf . A 1" ' f ., , . Y' f 'ff A, f i" ,' .10 ,Q fm-Qg1Sm.KhfgfK2"-',,g.K,-gg QQWJQ MK'-HKYQ., . . 1. v ' K' . L . . X . . J kg lv S ..-ig. 535' -,.,,,. 1 .14 " fy: 455 , ,. i,i+1,if'k,Qj 5pqg1K'vfg,.5.5 1:1361 -17' .i K1 . , 1 --,Q ' g-f:?f:'mf'f'?XM ..z.fK -f 'V -sK::'f'- 3 3' K:',M'1,T .v 1 "iz: " K. . 'Q M349 2 K. ., . X. H129 W. ,. X " f iagg,-A .. . A ' -r iz..f3.rgp3LJ',,f.4g,.'-3.7 K L,,,, g',,:'.'3'-fp? X A 'f5:gffgg11:.5,,-5eK, ' , vp: . 'Y ' . ff 'M ' Q Lf lffalggj-gf .' tg: PM A , , , gf. ,f ,Q.4.,K, ff K A 's-fy,-. N ., -- , , .,..M, f, . ' F, W Q, ' .MW ,KK1 S 4 .K if fafwsff 4' K ' A .mif'..a:rK,,,,-fwfw.-,fzgnf ,ww fi "K--.1 R 3K'g.f1a.g'K,35w q..fg,qgQw, ,Q -jf,,K ,JA kg , 1 .A 3 .. .N S mv? 5, gwglk , Q,-j'K.q'i.-" fare, K 453 -K., .- rg .fx H ' , A 1 . KK E 115 ,Q J... K -. K::...5j'ff53,igsg3.A,-, , , In t,'Q.f, . ' K rw' if: gg :ggi La..2f-hw-1'-1 KM' ' E- 'K K .- 'K K' ' .apr K , , - 'K 53,1 f ,aww Q fiffewfjf. S - Q ff- f ' K 43 -we' 3 j- .. . , g-. 53? Egg . ' Q, , vi. K .:'.:',J":w :M gafww' '-.HT .' ','iJ?1ilK-wipe .figiifa jsgf-Ljyf... .gil V . 5 W T5 w, QQ, ,s ' My-3 k, . X .K . f f ' , ' ....-.sw . .,., . . ..,- . uv: K x - is I ' . WK- -. .ewwxf -':.:2,X ,. ' V,-,AK V wi 3 gifs -'n WK ' -L 'QW '- 155. K , imfflf' ,ANZ I1 .lfcifif KK . K . In Lf.: 'FJ' ' rl :fa . 1' . fy., K 4 X . Ffffg.. , .-:Q K " ,WAX v . f' 1 1' ' 5.5i'if-- f K' 11" Ki W , gv11f.l'.-px I , A-.f . , is' W .','Jfag. jk N. 4 n - I ' . - .....,' ,Q ,I s. as Q8 J I g3g'!OK1 ,f J J' 7 t ff The classrooms of yesterday differ greatly from those of to day. Mode rn classes are in teresting to the st ud e nt s, as they offer "so much todo. " Not only do the students learn butal- so enjoy thems elves while learning. A worthwhile field trip such as this one by the sen- tior English clas s to see ROMEO AND JULIET constitutes a me- ,of learning by which the l is more than These 624401 any 'Howl kimsxaziklsl Low Z-wry Of W lim: 41" The senior year is the busiest and happiest time of a student's school career. It is the consummation of all the goals he has worked to ac hi eve in the past four years. Asenior finds himself on a merry-go-round with so much to do and so little time to do it in, but en- joying every second of it. Suddenly the Word "future" means something as he finds many new fields of interests swinging wide their gates to let him pass. STANLEY ACKER F.F'.A. '55-'56 V95 Euvu: BRAUN F.F.A, '51-'56 WANDA AUSTIN Annual Staff '56 Rampage Staff '56 National Honor Society '56 F, 'I', A. '56 Citizenship Award DANISHA BARTLETT Annual Staff '55-'56 Organizations Editor '56 Nat'1 Honor Society '55-'56 Secretary '56 Library Club '55-'56 F.:-LA, '55-'56 Song Leader '55 Treasurer '56 State Degree '56 Pep Squad '55 F.T.A. '55-'56 Senior Play '56 McCal1's Teen Fashion Board '55 Who's Who '55-'56 Home Economics Award '55 4-H '55-'5b Jr. Leader '55-'56 Grange Home Economics Award As you can see from the smiling face s, the se beauties on wheels r e ally enjoyed themselves at the skating party given for them by Lanni Rogers . The partywas held at St. Mary's Roller Rink for those con- cerned with the senior play. They are fleft to rightl Joy Martin, Danisha Bartlett, DorothyNaegelin, Lanni Rogers, Sylvia Short, and Anna Pr inz. ,W IQ 45 J -4. ,am AZ" -Af" SYLVIA CADENA Library Club '55 Treasurer '55 F.H.A. '55 GARY EASTWOOD Football '56 F.F.A. '55-'56 Secretary '55 Senior Play '56 CARLOS COON Basketball '55-'56 Annual Staff '55-'56 Business Manager '56 Rampage Staff '55 ,gnu Editor '55 Nat'lHonor Society '55-'56 President '56 Library Club '55-'56 Senior Play '56 Who's Who '56 Valedictorian Citizenship Award VERNON EBNER Basketball '55-'56 Baseball '55-'56 Student Council '55-'56 N Club '55-'56 'PN- To this hardworking group goes much of the credit for the marvelous pr ops and scenery of the senior play. They Worked rnany long hours for the final effects which were so out-of-this- world. They are fleft to rightj Lanni R og e r S, Dorothy Naegelin, Mr. Neff, Joy Martin, Ver- non Ebner, and Faye Watts, 19 BARBA RA EPP Baseball '55-'56 Vulleyball '56 Rampage '56 F.H,A. '55 Pep Squad S5156 Cheerleader '55-'56 Homecoming Queen '56 ,ua an A!" MARTIN GUERRERO Basketball '55-'56 Track '55-'56 Captain '56 Baseball '55 FIFIA, '55-'56 N Club '55-'56 Senior Play '56 Boys' Athletic Award FRED EWE RT Football '56 Baseball '56 F. F,A. '55-' CAROL EVERS Basketball '55-'56 Captain '56 Baseball '55-'56 Volleyball '55-'56 Captain '55 Library Club '55-'56 Secretary '56 F, I-LA, '55 Pep Squad '55 Twirler '55 Band '56 Drum Majoreite '56 Girls' Athletic Award Band Award T h e s e nice ladies made p o s sible the wonderful re freshments at the seniors' Christmas party. They are tb senior room-mothers, fleft to right, Mrs. Watts , Mr Igg, Mrs. Loessberg, and Mrs. Naegelin. Seniors lcontinuedj BETTY .lo GULICK Basketball '55-'56 Baseball '56 Volleyball '56 F,H.A. '55-'56 Pep Squad '56 Band '56 Majorette '56 Senior Play '56 fr' ,ty K NT' 'his display of sen- :or baby pictures at ne Junior-S e ni or 'rom brought many rins and smirks to ne viewers. Some f the big s enior oys surely were ute little ba bi e s. oanne Toepper- vein and Gerald lelley won prizes Jr their pictures. aegis. MARY HELEN ICO Annual Staff '56 F.H.A. '55 Pep Squad '55-'56 Cheerleader '56 Homecoming Duchess '56 Class Secretary '56 Class Treasurer '55 dh: -01" Seniors fcontinuedl JlMMY KNOWLTON Football '56 F.F.A. '55-'56 President '55 Vice-President '56 District Sentinel '56 N Club '56 Senior Play '56 Rodeo Club '55 Vice-President '55 Vocational Ag. Award Wifi ,ww FLORENCE LIECK Track '56 F.H.A. '56 4-H '56 Pep Squad '55-'56 SANDRA LANFORD Annual Staff '56 Class Favorite '56 ...ani "UW JOY MARTIN Track '55-'56 Annual Staff '56 ,Files Manager '56 Pep Squad '55-'se Twirler '56 F.T.A. '55-'56 President '55-'56 Senior Play '56 Seniors, as well as punishment in the for hall under the eagle e Henry Strosser, Alan the feel of a broom in CAROL LOESSBERG Basketball '55-'56 Captain '56 Track '55-'56 Student Council '56 F, H. A. '55-'56 Homecoming Duchess 'se Class Secretary '55 Class Treasurer '56 School Spirit Award Commercial Award fd? everyone else, are liable for m of sweeping that long, long ye of Coach McCollum. Here Peyton, and Don Wideman get their lily-white hands. eniors fc ontinuedj LESTER MARTIN F, F. A. '55."56 Sentinel '55 as-. wt DOROTHY NAEGELIN Annual Staff '55-'56 Business Manager '56 Nat'1 Honor Socief.y'55-'56 in Library Club '55-'56 Vice-President '55 President '56 Staie Rec. Sec. TALA '56 F. H. A, '55-'56 4-H '55-'56 senior Play 'se Who's Who '56 ALAN PEYTON Basketball '55-'56 'fx-ark '55-'56 Annual Staff '55-'56 Rampage 'ES F, F.A. '56 N Club '56 The advanc e s of Lanni Rogers toward Jimmy Knowlton in the senior play s eem to have rather frightened the bashful character Jimmy portrayed. When this shot was taken, she had pursued him from the far end of the couch to his present position. LEAH ANN PATTON Annual Staff '55-'56 Rampage Staff '55J56 Editor '56 Business Manager '55 Namnonoi-society 'ssuse Treasurer '56 Sfuden! Council '55 Library Club '55-'56 Distrirl President '56 F, F. A. Sweetheart '55 veg-arable nay Queen '56 F.H.A. '55-'56 4-H '55..'56 State Safety Winner '56 Pep squad 'sense Flag Bearer '55-'56 F. T. A. '55-'56 Miss F. T,A. of'l'exas '56 Senior Play '26 Who's Who '55-'56 D.A,R, Citizen. Award'56 Valedictorian Northside Honor Trophy Homemaking Award ALLEN MEYER mam "WH" Senior s fc ontinuedl BEVERLY PRIOUR Basketball '55 Track '55 Baseball '65-'56 Rampage '55 F'.H,A, '55 Pep Squad '55 Band '56 Ma-1jorette'55-'56 Homecoming Duchess '56 Senior Play '56 -neg wil' Wx RONNIE POGGENIOELLER Football '55"5fz Basketball '55-'56 Track '55 Rampage '56 Student Council '56 President '56 F,F,A, '55-'56 N Club '55-'56 Secretary-Treasurer '56 Class President '55 Class Favorite '55 Wl1o's Who '56 Srhool Spirit Award HERMAN RIEGEL 4- ,I 5 X ' I K CHARLOTTE RITCHESON Library Club '55-'56 Secretary '55 Baskeiball '55 Annual Staff '55-'56 Editor '56 Rampage Staff '55 Society Editor '55 Nat'lHonor Socief.y'55-'56 F, H,A, '55-'56 District Song Leader '56 4-l-I '55 Class Vice-President '55 Who's Who '55 Valedictorian To these seniors the floor seemed as good a place as any to sit at the s enio r Christmas party. They all enjoyed the refreshments and the tomfool- ery. They are fl e ft to right facing c am e ral Alan P e yt on, Danisha B a r tle t t, Charlotte Ritcheson, Joanne Toepperwein, Sylvia Short, and Evelyn Stolte. 24 ..,,,m 'Wh ANNA PRIN7 Basketball '55-'56 Volleyball '55 Annual Staff '56 Rampage Stall' '56 National Honor Society '55-'56 Vice -President '56 Library Club '55-'56 Vice -President '56 F, ll. A, '55 Pep Squad '55 senior Play '56 NHL ff Senior s fc ontinuedl ,, I -W--funn. 'W' 3 , SM-. LANNX ROGERS Annual Staff '56 senior Play '-we Q T., PATSY SAATHOFF Rampage Staff '55-'56 F. H. A. '55 Pep Squad '55.'5e President '56 Homecoming Duchess '56 ,vw E 3 BONNIE SC HUPP IRIS SCHIMCEK Baseball '56 Volleyball '56 F. H, A. '55 Band '56 Majorette '56 Pep Squad '55 Twirler '55 KENNETH SALES Football '55-'56 Track '55-'56 Captain '56 N Club '55-'56 Vice-Presideni '56 Class Sgt.-at-Arms '55-'56 Senior Play '56 "Senior Slave Day" is a day when the haughty sen iors are at the mercy of their masters, thelower classrnen. The seniors really get the worst end of the deal as the imaginations ofthelower class men run wild. Seniors fcontinuedl SYLVIA SHORT Annual Staff '55-'56 Advertising Manager '56 I-'.H,A. '55 4-H '55 Y W Pep Squad '55-'56 ' ' Reporter '55 Vice-President '56 Y Senior Play '55 YV' JOYCE STAPLETON EVELYN STOLTE Basketball '55 FII-LA, '55-'56 Rampage Staff '56 4-H '65.'a6 Class Favorite '55 Vice-President '56 ' F T A '55 Miss Basketball 55 l .A , Senior Play '56 iff BILLY SPRINGER Football '55 Track '55-'56 F.F.A. '56 N Club '55-'56 Class President '55 c KAY STURDEVANT Track '55-'56 Manager '55 Rampage '55 Annual Staff '56 Pep Squad '55-'55 Secretary '56 One of the happiest timesin one's senior year takes pla c e at the Prom. The formally clad boys and girls always find this night a good source of material for dreams for many yea rs to come. The "Moonlight and Roses" prom this year was out- of-this-world, and the seniors wish to expresstheir greatest of thanks to the junior class for it. Seniors fc ontinuedl " ROSIE VALDEZ Volleyball '55 F. I--l, A. '56 -l-H '55 Pep Squad '55-'56 l.A NELL TIETZE Basketball 'RRJ56 Annual Staff '55-'56 Rampage Staff '56 F. H.A. '56 Pep Squad '55 Drum Majorette '55 gunna IU is JOANNE TOEPPERWEIN Annual Staff '55-'56 Assistant Editor '56 Student Council '55 Library Club '55-'56 F.H,A. '55-'56 Secretary '55 President '56 State Degree '55 District Historian '56 State Degree Comm. '56 4-H '55-'56 Jr. Leader '55-'56 ' State Food Winner '56 Pep Squad '55 Historian '55 ve ' Flag Bearer '55 F. T. A. '55-'56 senior Play '56 Home EC. Award '55 Hmkr. of Tomorrow '56 FAY WATTS Track '55-'56 Annual Staff '56 F,T.A. '56 Vice-President '56 Band '56 Majorette '56 Senior Play '56 This was a serious moment for the seniors as they prepared to march in their graduation ceremony, Some shed tears, some appeared to be glad, but underneath all of it everyone felt the same feeling of regret at leaving Northside High School. The commencement was held in the high schoolauditorium, beginning at 7:30 p. m. Pink and silver-tipped carnations served to beautify the stage. Valedictorians Leah Ann Patton and Ca rlos Coon gave inspiring speeches, and the big moment came when Mr. Boone presented the diplomas to the graduates. After singing their class song, "Halls of Ivy, " the seniors left the auditorium with triumphant steps. 27 The junior class has "so much to do" due to the responsibility of being hosts to the sen- ior class at the annual Junior -Senior Prom. This requires a great deal of time andmoney. The annual sale of mum corsages for the homecoming game, the Student Directory which contains the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all Northside High School students, the cake sale, and the Junior Jamb oree are some of the juniors' money making projects. The b e autiful "Moonlight and Roses" Prom which was given this ye a r was the gratifying result of their labors. David Anderson Lloyd Arch Ruby Austin Gary Bacon Fletcher Bankhead James Benke dis Allen Brannon Ellen Buel Mi1t0I1 Burrell it ,A Rose Mary Calvert Walter Cheek Margaret Copeland Reporter Everyone enjoys a cake sale, and the juniors are certainly no exception, This is definitely a ver y tasty way to raise money for the cla s s. In this picture the girls seem to be debating the qualities of each choice morsel. 29 Juniors fcontinuedj Sfdfr sm Thomas Crick Vickie Easterwood A class meeting of the juniors is always a very busy time. There is consistently so much to do and so little time to do it in. H ere are shown some of the juniors discussing one of their many projects. 30 The Junior Jamboree enjoyed its usual popu- larity this year witha very large crowd a ttendin g. The camera seems to have captured a very sentimen- tal moment as George Chamber s carrie to pay tribute to an old ancestor of his. Clever touches of decoration such as thi s made the Jamboree one of the best dances of the year. gg? QW Gloria Evans B ob Griffin oimw, Y v onn e Ha b y Juniors Qcontinuedl 3 Bob Haggard Charles Halbardier Jack Hazel Richard Hines The junior class, even K 1 the boys, get a big kick whe n Homecoming time ne a r s. Why? Because they get to make beautiful mum corsages to sell that will be worn on that special night by all the girls. This is one of the main money-making projects for the class. These corsages are made of either maroon or white mums which are placed on bows of ma r oon and white taffeta ribbon. This year, as usual, the creations we re ex- Benno Klabunde, V-Pres. tremely beautiful, 31 Juniors fcontinuedl A X 'S 4 so Willie Mae Kne upper Ruben Lee Dorothy Krahn Grays on Little Only once in a high school career does the big event of measuring for the sen- ior rings come. The jun- ior class listens toMr. English as he tells them about the possibilities for their rings, Then comes the time for measuring and an anxious junior 1 MQW Melvin Krahn iff' Phil Ljundahl I A holds out a trembling right hand, hoping Mr. English will be quick in finding the right size for her s enio r ring. This is a great event for all junior s and the excite- ment will be eve n greater when they receive their sen- ior rings in the fall, lnior S fc ontinuedj 'if David Markwood WM V ,in 'm Gus Neutze- Treas. MT 41' Merrilyn Menu Matthew Moreno N X.. Bobby Oefinger Paul Ohlenbush si-3' ii Enjoying the sun and water at Landa Park are these boys at the Junior-Senior Picnic. Each year the s e nior s give the picnic for the juniors as a "thank-you" for theJunior- Senior Prom. 33 Juniors fcontinuedl Pat Powell Rosalind Rice Aa-nun 'VW Am Evangelina Salas Betty Lou Schott E 34 President These juni or girls pre- sented the first Stud ent Directory to Mr. Woods who congratulated them on the fine job they had done. The directory is a large project undertaken by the juniors as a moneymaking project. The directory in- cludes the names and ad- dresses of all Northside students and faculty. Leonor Rosas Billy Sieckenius Bobby Springer lniors fcontinuedl 'Ur Mae Steubing AF' Max Toeppe rwein V Bill Worth Milton Stolte Q w, -i 52 Avis Tumlinson The fruit of much la- bor by the junior class is the Junior-Senior Prom. This year it was held on April 14 at the Olmos Club. The theme was "Moonlight and Ros e S", and the dancing Was to the music of the "Honey- bees." Here is shown a typical scene from the affair. . .il Linda Tarlton Secretary Shirley Weimer my ' 4' 6 The sophomore class is learning to work together. Half-way through the ir high school days, the sophomores are in the big swing of school with friends, studies and organizations. Their annual projectis the "Sophomore Storr1pede", which is their biggest event, One of their money-making projects toward this dance is a cake sale which is always a big success. The proceeds from the Sophomore Stompede will go towar d the Junior-Senior Prom, which all sophomores look forward to giving in their junior year. Patsy Allen Secretary Charles Beversdorf Phyllis Cheek 36 We-. Marjorie Arnold mi' ff f W .1 i f 'L ,l,l -1 .1 -K Qtvg Calvin Boenig ldjc 193 s Joan Clevinger a, ' Lowell Bacon QQ" f 'il Florence Burns Treasurer Leroy Cockrell slit, P Joan Ba yman ,..,, Cathy Cayo Butch Daughtr y K . G Q 5 K X Cathy de Berg Ronald De Sha Jimmy Davenpor t gf 'R' Sharon Doyle Eunice Ebner "' f s , I 431 .I i , It - A , V L sbvlb 7' 4, Dorothy Faulk Billy Fowler A ,f. W D y A, D 'f' Geoffrey Fowler Evelyn Gass IV 51" John Doyle ,ug v Loretta Epp Camellia Estes "Sugar and Spice and everything nice,"was what the sophomore girls strived for in all their cake sales, As well as raising money for the class, these sales provided a tasty and good time for all. 37 Sophomores fc ontinuedj fi Danny Guerrero Mildred Govan Janice Holmes Deborah Howell The biggest event on the sophomore calendar is always the famed Sophomore Stompede. The sophomores Worked very diligently this year, and due to this, the dance was a huge success. 38 TR' Q5 Jo Anna Hamilton J -ar? V 3 K x Jackie James di?" ,L 13" 3 if i"L my Jw Mary Lou Hamilton if - i n 'D' 576 3 ii N if A '1 G S Y 1 Robert Jonas f"""'f ,ak George Joslyn Bettl' K3'5Pe1' R I '..k ,,:,:L, K Geraldine Kempf Kerwin Kemp :phornor e s fc ontinue dj L Milton Klabunde Keith Mas on President Melvin Ott eceilia Rodriguez -Fl' . 'M , me 3 J Jac que King Freddie Meyer 5115 Billie Jean Otterpohl Kb.. - Gloria Rosas qqg, r Geraldine Lieck Danny Markwood 'ik ' Carol Nottingham Lenora Ohlenbush W" 'Un iii: .av-A ' .'2"F Al, " M A Wysy ' ski do 'S , N Judy Penfold Jackie Rackley Patsy Rosenbusch I Tibbie Schoenfeld Sophomores fcontinuedj Walte r Schwartz Sam Spears France s Surbe r 40 Felix Valdez .am Ann Seiter 4151 Joyce Stautzeberger 1 Ref, Don Taylor V Pres Vw -E 2 'ig V . 2 . , Dfw e,ia or Bonnie Watts 23 Barbara Smith A Garnet Steubing Reporter Jeanette Te zel W' 'Q ff' Richard Willem in 'c g 'QF f D 'Qu K x S 'C' rf! '- - A Cliff Smith Paul Stroud W fig Ii iv- R. fi it it vs is- 'f5xQ 1 'W' T X K Charles Utz Edward William s ophomores Qcontinuedj 3 - E , 4' l ' i .1 ii if N, Q -' ja. yt , 7 , sf i i U' Q iq ,R X Margaret Wilson Clark Winegardner '15 J To-eq. Mary Young Stanley Zettner David Zwiener 'hese sophomore girls seem to be having a good me at the s ophomore picnic. The beauty of anda Park always makes it the ideal spot for ccasions such as this. This year the library was the scene for the gala sophomore Christmas party. Gifts, "gab," and food were the necessary ingredients fora good time for all. May26th was the highlight of the year for the sopho- mores as they enjoyed the sunshine at Landa Park at their annual sophomore picnic, fwgwikv M Mgfimm 'Sw ,ia A The freshmen enter into a c onfu s in g, exciting, and very busy n e w world during their first year of high school. Subjects are harder and newhigh school teachers all have different methods of teaching. Many inte r e s tin g clubs can be joined and these entail new respon- sibilities. These responsibilities take time which can hardly be spared. Social affairs now become a definite part of life and are also time consuming. All these activities make up the many things "to be done" during one's freshman year, Q1 ' ' '. ,ix Toxie Andrews Wayne Bacon Marcia Baker Sharon Bartlett Sec. -Treasurer , B ig. , ,. ff' - ws X ff, X Lorelei Bartholomew Crystle Benke Sandra Bilbrey Johnny Bonewald as f 'W i i'f e scsg f'-.1 'B X ty c l t at . tef' ',1.c . T - W S " ..,, if , . ,hq Q n i 1 .i .. 1 5 W Calvin Bongers Harvey Bongers Johnny Brannon Marjorie Brown 42 p""'ll'is-. Bar bara Br uhl Wanda Clark Sanford Coon ., .4Sg,5. Ah Barney Eiserloh Patsy Buser Billy Clegern Tommie Cowan Louis Cadena Anna Mae Coffee James DeSha Carey Chambers Jimmy Copeland Re gina Dr ennon The freshmencla s s had their Christmas party in the auditorium and thereby got the benefit of the beautiful Student Council Christmas tr e e. Everyone enjoyed them- selves immensely and agreed the party was a huge success. 43l Freshmen fcontinuedj Robert Flesher Diane Forte MIN 5 . . K Herbert Jonas Olga Joramillo The freshmen dance, given toward the end of school, was a big succe s s. Some of the main attractions were the door prizes. Here freshmen hand out prizes to the lucky winners. 44 Mary Helen Gomez i i g, R .. I A 1 A " 7- , Hwfisin, iz " 5' .Q A . if- W g Q. l " xx A I , . 1,.,. V Billy Juds on 'Sikh Carolyn Kamp Howard Kelley Lucy Gordon Q- Johnny Juds on Roy Karsch Fred Kempf Freshmen fcontinuedj Dorothy Kessler 3' , if. 1 we X xy Clarence Kohlleppel iw. Nancy Magee Paul McCoig Janice Kil es Charles Klein Elaine Lee S fd' I Bob Mason J: - Gus Menn Clinton Lenoir 5' 'F' -gr, 5 H rl W P K in Craig Mason President Joan Moths -an Barbara Knape Bill Ljungdahl Shelle y Mar tin Pauline Newman Freshmen fcontinuedl Meta Nell Ott Vice -President Douglas Richards La rry Sanchez N6 wifi W . jf K ' x ,. . K K 3 Charlotte Schupp W' Roy Pokrant Kim Richm ond f -. Q U... Norman Schirncek Q an W Sylvia Smith Donald Potter Darris Powell Eugene Robbins Martha Saldana Leora Schott Shirley Schuh Fred Speal-5 Betty Springer Freshmen Qcontinuedj """""" - Q I -on , If 55, Glenda Stapleton Don Steubing , M ix , Y if at-t it ,fi 'I MS! Milton Syring Herbert Teat Pamela Wallet Patricia Watson Berry Wehmeyer Jean Young at EN 5 ,,. Q xiii! vi? .RR wig rg Ruth Sturdevant Anita Sweet Donna Utz Harold Voight YV The freshmen boys have Well represented the F.F.A, in their first year. Here they are holdin g a first place pennant which they re- ceived at the Alamo District F.F.A. Quiz. Ex ll' c if f . ' ,. So much to do ---- -before we are ready to enter the magical-world of high school. So many d so many good times to have. So little time ----- responsibilities to meet and conquer, an to say good-by to customs of junior high. Becky Andrews F E , 2 X -Q. R. gr V as Q, 48 . use HQ mmf: Wayne Benke r""?f John Cha mbe r s . , S L , " - Dorothy Andrews . x :Y f Manuel Bolero . R' 3 W 3' , , M, ' , lk X me Bert Clegern W9 .ytzzzz 'ZTYJ k W I 3 Priscilla Aramburu Leroy Barrera Mike Brady oe Cano Geraldine Coffee Bob Cruz A ' N - l,,5,A i t l Q W f NX l M3 EXW., Daniel Dodson 'Ut Kay Gregg H44 Vivian Hay alba 'U' Barbara Hiers -we Kim Dr iebrodt . had M n 1 31 1 Y 'sl Harry Haggard -vs Carolyn Hazel Juane tta Hill Patsy Eastwood Jo Ann Flores -nr 1 5, ,r,r 1 1 ' J s Z J, an 51 fig? Margaret Hand Jerome Hart fm. . ' These Christmas m e r r y-m ake r s seem to be ready to leave their Christmas class party and wind their weary way home. Loaded with pr e s e nts and good food, they take just long e nough for this final scene of their school Christmas festivities. 49 Eighth Qcontinuedl .qv Marjorie Howard Hank Hyman Richard Jenkins in 'TNKVN T K, I w 1 J 1 -I Kg . J L Kg J Faye Laviolette if X L X g R x ia aa 5 li. R N as ,ga ug ,Qi 6' Wm Don Laviolette Joyce Lieck The beautifully decorated classrooms a t Christmas add a gay festive touch to the eighth grade Christmas party, The eighth graders in this picture seemed to be having a wonderful time with Mrs. T a yl o r, their sponsor. 2 Joan Krahn Pa tr icia Le mong ill.- Laura Mayor Kay Munson Eighth fc ontinuedj K' Paul Pahmiyer Ricky Rhe inhar t WM, K Janice Schwar z J ILVL V ,- 2 5 e A " lil y e ' .,'. Q . PM Susan Shelton ' 4 Pa ule tte Pahmiye r ' leak ,. W. if David Rodr iquez was-M is Eddy shahaay Mrs. Taylor and these eighth grade students seemed to be enjoying their annual picnic. This occasion is always some- thing to look forward to each year, ff' 3 Yi' it A R I i Kur t Pankratz 48' Vera. Sanders Mary Ann Pe dr oza Eighth fe ontinuedj Barbara Van Delden 'Q' Danell Wallis M' w 52 Larry Wright gilb- Carlos Tarnayo Mickey Va 1-nes Betty Watson I1 Q' W Y W xy Bob Young Herlinds Terrazos Pat Voigt Kathleen Watts 'W Barbara Young 'QL Pats y Tipton f f""' 5, - if J' R X Q 'W BobbyWahl Patsy Wenzel :T ' .QT K . Terry Zurovec -i1l."KfK"' v ' A class is always more interesting when a student presents his own interpretation of the subject under discussion. A reading class can be enhanced greatly by a display such as this on taxidermy. '? World history is a subject which offers some- thing of inte re s t to everyone. One who has a good rounded knowledge of world history may find the answer to many present problems in the so- lution of ones of by-gone days. A history book is s om e th ing more than a factual account of past events. As the s e world history s tudents will find, it will be a constant source of information on many topics. if nun.,- The basic fundamentals of life and nature are discovered in the biology classroom. The rea- son behind much of the phenomena in nature we take for granted is suddenly b r ought into clear focus. This sixth period biology class was having different kinds of leaves and their parts ex- plained to them, 53 un.-,uh 525 'ii Under the careful guidance of Mrs. Neel the first year homemaking girls turn out many beautiful garments in their sewing class. Not only are the y learning to sew but also are adding beautiful new clothes to their ward- robe. L , we .,,. M xgll 5 lttn 9 J V A Us 4 M in 'Q i as Q The Class room fC0HYCi-11'-ledl A greal deal of practical knowledge of en- gineering is gained in m e c h a. n i c a l draw- ing. The boys in this class will find many uses for the knowledge gained here in later life. In college and in future careers these techniques will be handy. B o y s P.E, classes offer pleasure, healthfu exercise, and a knowle dg e of our nationa games to the students. Baseball, America' The mysteries of the internal workings of the universe ar e often disclosed in a chemistry class. The students take gr ea t pleasure in the many experiments and 1 e a r n many n e w things. These e x pe r i me n t s clarify many points from the textbooks for the students. favorite sport, is also a great favorite of thi P.E, boys. g-I The Classroom fcontinuedl Mrs, Summers and her students in Typing III found they had quite a task assembling the booklet for Lock Hill, However this was excellent prac- tice for the a spi rants in her class for steno- graphic and secretarial jobs. Mr. I..ynn's business arithmetic c la s s tackled the problem that he had put on the board. The problem concerned the mark- up price on clothing. The class also studied income tax. stock markets, and civil serv- ice, A brand new subject at Northside is the leather craft class. The class learns to make billfolds, purses, belts, and evendog collars. Mr. Blankinship, one of our new teachers, has done a fine job withhis classg and if you see a girl carryinganew handbag or a boy with a new belt, Mr. Blankinship can take full credit. M-ww-use ,gm ki - ,,,, ' TN T ,.,. ' tl' .ZQ A new course at Northside this year was first- aid which was taught by Mrs. Ewing to the physi- cal education classes. The girls learned all the principles for immediate first aid. A bandage or splint applied correctly, knowing when to move and when not to move an injured person, and other things were learned which c ould easily s a v e a person's life. In a shop such as this construction engineers Of the future learn the down-to-earth details which will aid them in their later careers. Not only do they le a r n but also they perform valuable services for the school. The Class room fcontinuedl In plane geometry the students p r o v e c such interesting problems as "In any tri- angle the product of two sides e qua 1 s the altitude on the third side multiplied by the diameter of the circumscribed circle. lj L Y.. , ' . a- x A f X . X rf 1 an .Q ...f--- Mrs. Summer's s hor thand class can write notes that no other student, if he hasn't had short- hand, can read. But it also helps the girls hold down better jobs after they graduate. Whe n the girls finish their year in shorthand, they are able to take dictation at an 80-word-a-minute rate. Mr. Freeman's 8th grade arithmetic class is making practical use of knowledge gained in his class. They are using their knowledge in an out- of-doors class bymeasuring different things and finding their dimensions. The outnof-doors class study is a new experi- ment at Northside. The Cla ssroom fcontinuedl A working knowledge of the nanish language is of special nportance to the people of ruth Texas. A class s uch as is in every high school pre- :nts not only the Spanish ammar but als o the legends ,d customs of Mexico. Q- Attractive ar- rangements of deli- cacies such as this ar e a common sight in the home eco- nomic s room when the cooking class is in session. The life and times of our forefather s became very real to the s tude n ts of American history in the course of their year's study, There ar e many stories and legends which make A merican history very intriguing. An impor tant time in typing clas ses is the timed speed test. These Typing II students will have an accurate idea when they finish their test of howfar theyhave progressed. Speed and a c c ur a c y are very im- portant factor s in making a good typist. The Classroom fcontinuedj Among the skills taught the shop students is the exacting art of arc-welding. As they progress, they learn to build useful articles such as the barbecue grill shown. The students of Mrs, Findling's sophomore Eng- lish literature class find the r eading of Sila s Marner very interesting, as it opens up new f reading heretofore unexplored. Through literature courses such as this one students a re brought into Contact with basic human values and problems. ' Mrs. Ewing takes great pleasure in teaching the fundamentals of tennis, and he r enthusiasm for the sport carries over to m any of her pupils. Here she shows the correct forehand stroke. A , .. , I A band class requires talent, patience, and co-operation. All of the students must combine their respective talents and spend many hours of individualinstructionand i ' L y 'flef,i,ei-- '-'i - he ieli 1, class work in order to make a good band. sa lius Caesar had avery interested audience gay Mrs. Lovelady's senior English ass saw the movie. This worthwhile proj- t was organized to give the seniors an in- ght into Shakespeare and his work. laying instruments is a difficult and time-con- iming task, and these band members and their Lrector, Mr. Davis, are to be congratulated for ieir hard work in making Northside's band such successful one. The Classroom fcontinuedj The sixth pe r i od boys' physical education class is participating in one of Northside's well-liked recreational activities. The volleyball court con- stitutes a medium by which students learn team- work, sportsmanship, and self-i m p r o v e m e n t. "N-'. 5 . ,gov E A F .ws A Awww 1 1 m,,,.uv" J . An industrious and hard-working group of stu- dents is this journalism class. They have helped to publishthe new and int e r e s tin g RAMPAGE, which is the first p rinted paper for Northside. The RAMPAGE succeeded in winning many honors in regional and state competition. I ,Q.+,9,W.ff'- 5,-,,-R ,M Y yn-.ivan -vwprzgf gg ss -A ygy if ' -ww f wx ,ffm .Lf ,LiWiiV. Lij L 23, .5 fqjf,QlF,fAffjTI4 Q L 1 4. ,:+f,,.,um.,., .:f, .Y 5,24 .,, ,, M,..,,.,,, 3,41',,..,Mh A, :ix fi .VL, . .5 EX, A I 'iff - - . k i f f gi , , , , 5:91 CS' . T v ffwbei-, I V N: ,. xwgfw.-ff mwgg A v!.f:',, :V, gk.,,'tz ,, . ,.. A W - f .X f fc ,pw Lg3"f'.fff ' .-5:..i,,Q 5 . .- , -,M ,. , UWT? ffgw5z'a4'w ff? 'W 34, . , 5 - 5531. 1 ip-,Sai ww .. Ta .ML gifw-Yv:f.? 'f'L?5?:fu-5f,J..., T :W-M raffvkff' ffkwfgffgfffff ,- -f is-1 ?pvw.T5,' 3, 5 Sa? Q px., , 9 -- . 5? Vmf'fM 5 Q f V? 53' 555 "Y-. I 1552 A 'fgitiff' "f--. .f,' ix W. 1150 Yfz 'fxgg31Ei.f-'K-'+7f.g?2,-KQQ M s -.Qt mir, A Qw-fm 'X 'W' if 3 8 +1 if .V sf Y. M ,. Z fxwfw A 7, J A- f sf' K w?f " " 7 'Q Q Nw A,'- 1 f A wwf-,x L hs -f95m.i.z4..2f . ,xx Q Lkrkrr M, .ig 5W,a79LVQ3v My Ps, f ga, - ,,, A , , -,. -W f- Mil, 1, gf '-,gym 4. ,, F., .1 J .- 4'1,375'1H.?P-'ihlffl . 3-111-I -,-'Z'-1-vf?3.'w L,g5'if'ff?3'Qs . A -'vf an 'WQC' 1.-,V 9. Vftflw H ,Efi..Lx rd F 'f i. fmffsffs 45 A 3,4 -N. -' ww, fg jf -..., W. W 1 f DAWN' f1.'?L V ' WW' 'im ' :'g,.,i, .i Q . 39 - - l , .. M iw, ,J..,V.. .. MJ. .Q ga ,Q .WM W, . . 'vm ,ffff " w M Q ' 1,42 W , 1 im ,. g X wwf' ' ff iiixs M' V' 95 ,f iff 15" view M 5 f QW J .f , Q J L M, jg H P at r Mus 111 5 Fix? xiii Gln: fa Kfswzir qw ,fuzz Hwy! 8 1 A NG j Q I 1 Xf 1 ,iw ,ix if gm. eggs M . x, , si AQ . A 5 H K' ,Q Q., X Viva S wif X34 Q g"'hxHvJg55'f5x VM' 'xx 'sw Nb ,Nix V 4 X iff Q A ' ,, s x ,gy 0 5 Q 1. I V 4 f 6 S w +5 , V-fxif ,uL'f,f+ p,,,wwvg2iJ'5fF' Q M, .wf.V. gig, K. K ff Qi .B sh L '-1 A-'yv A.,-f ,,vf" s nf rn.. f fwwiff I mf? iw. 'QX5'?i4f'gf gas... 5 - 1 Mfg gf, 4,,,XgQ 1 . , XL KIA W , w x ,, X Organizations in high school are armed for many reasons. S o me re to promote thing s learned in lasses and others to bring together eople with like interests. Fre- uently there are honor organiza- Lons in which membership is a oal to be achieve d by certain xualifications. All th e s e clubs, owever, have s e ve r a 1 things in ommong these are service to the chool, developing le a de 1' s, and nr o vi din g wholesome recreation or their member s. There ar e nany opportunities for club mem- ners to have a mar velous time loing club projects. A. cllib pro- ect for the National Honor Society S producing the annual Christmas nrogram. i In this picture you can zefuainlyysee that fun was had by L11 when theme mbe 1- s acted out he isigi ty "Rudolph the Red-nosed leindeetri " Vicky Ea s te r W0 0 d' the glpwi the o er reindeer were A Danishat Being a member of the HORN staff is a full-time job. As the HORN has complete coverage of the whole year's events as its goal, everyone finds a great deal to do. The HORN has made great progress since its first edition in 1950. Its rating in the Columbia Yearbook Contest has steadily risen to first place in last year's c ompe tition. With such an honor as this to uphold, all HORN members will be constantly striving for the best in yearbook publication. FIRST ROW CLEFT TO RIGI-ITD: Bob Haggard, Mrs. Lovelady lsponsorj, Joanne Toepperwein, Anna. Prinz, Dorothy Naegelin, Sylvia Short, Danisha Bartlett, Sandra Lanford, LaNell Tietze. SECOND ROW: Charles Cantu,' Willie Mae Kneupper, Yvonne Haby, Gloria Evans, Vicky Easterwood, Rose Mary Calvert, Shirley Weimer, Mae S te ub in g, Betty Lou Schott. THIRD ROW: Alan Peyton, Fay Watts, Joy Martin, Kay S tur de vant, Matthew Moreno. Not pictured: Charlotte R i tc he s on, Leah Patton, Carlos Coon, Lanni Rogers, William Hodges, Karen Jost, Wanda Austin, Mary Helen Igo. OFFICERS Editor ....... . .CHARLOTTE RITCHESON Assistant Editor . . . . . JOANNE TOEPPERWEIN Business Managers . . . DOROTHY NAEGELIN . CARLOS COON Spons or . I MR S . LOVELADY 52 'RQ- rking on ve r y important phases of the annual Ef ar e Matthew Moreno, a rt editor, Dorothy zgelin, business manager, and Sylvia Short, ertising editor. These positions require many rs of hard work. Attending to many of the intricate details of the year- book pages are the editor, Charlotte Richeson, ffa r rightj, organizations editor, Danisha Bartlett. fc en- terj, and assistant editor, Joanne Toepperwein, These girls were selected by the annual staff for their qual- ities of leadership, organizational ability, and imagi- native thinking. It's the last day of school and the last dead- -r"""" W6-e 1is odd assortment of characters wa s a rt of the cast of "The Lady and the Tramp" ,it that opened the sale of '56 HORNS. In e foreground you see, leaning on her el- iw, Leah Ann Patton who portrayed Trampg .d next to her is Gloria Evans who was a mar ming Lady. The character with the ,ttle around his neck is Matthew Moreno, io was a life-saving St., Bernard., Others the cast were Fay Watts, Vickie Easter- mod, Joy Martin, and Yvonne Haby. line for the pages of the HORN! Mrs. Love- lady, yearbook sponsor, Vickie Easterwood, Gloria Evans, and Mae Steubing are diligently working to complete the la s t sections of the 1956 yearbook. This is Mrs. Love1ady's fifth year as sponsor of the HORN, and Vickie, Gloria, and Mae are three of the new officers for 1956-1957, flaw Page Printed for the first time this year, the RAMPAGE has progressed from a few mimeographed sheet: to a fine printed paper covering all aspects of school and community news. Besides having interestim reading in the form of interviews with visiting celebrities in San Antonio, the pap e r serves as a cal- endar for all community activities. One can easily see that "much has been done" by all the staff mem! bers of the RAMPAGE to make it one of the best school newspapers in the area. The future of this or- ganization seems very bright indeed with every step a step toward bigger and better things, FIRST ROW KLEFT TO RIGHTQ: Willie Mae Kneupper, Wanda Austin Dorothy Faulk, Anna Prinz, La- Nell Tietze, Joyce Stapleton, Barbara Epp, Ronnie Poggemoeller, SECOND ROW: Charles Cantu, Bob Haggard, Sharon Doyle, Yvonne Haby, Rose Mary Calvert, and Mrs. Brown, sponsor. NOT PICTUR- ED: Leah Patton, Walter Cheek. OFFICERS Editor ...... . . . LEAI-I ANN PATTON Associate Editor . . . .WILLIE MAE KNEUPPER Associate Editor . . .... CHARLES CANTU Sponsor .... . MRS. LUCY BROWN 64 -ug K Be ingpresented their Quill and Scroll pins are Leah Patton, Wanda Austin, and Anna Prinz while Mrs. Edith King, Mrs. Lucy Brown, and Mrs. Gand look on. Northside was honored in being se- lecteda mernbe r of the organization this year. 1 gr r .. ,N , - f Y' fr 7 QM X sv J -W . JJ Interviewing celebrities, Rory Calhoun, Lita Baron, and Gilbert Roland are Northside journalists, tandino left to rightl: Willie Mae Kneupper, Yvonne Haby, Sharon Doyle, and Charles Cantu. 65 .. - a Q , t A n y , W gu, 2 A Ph , W if A or fs 1 4 Q: if The members of the National Honor Society at Northside are elected by the faculty for leadership scholarship, character, and service. No one of these qualities alone is sufficient for election into thi Society. Being chosen to this club is a highly priz e d accomplishment. The members are pr ominen leaders of school functions in the classroom and in all of the other phases of school life. Always bus' at Work on their many service projects, the National Honor Society members contribute much to North side. . w is , 'LJ Q FIRST ROW: Leah Patton, C a r l o s Coon, Anna Pr in z. SECOND ROW: Gloria Eva n s, Willie Mae Kneupper, Ruby Austin, Charles Cantu, Yvonne Haby, Vicky E a s te r w o o d, Dorothy Naegelin. NO.'l PICTURED: Danisha Bartlett, Charlotte Ritcheson. OFFICERS President. . . . . . . . . Vice-President . . . .DANISHA BARTLETT . . . CARLOS COON . . . . . ANNA PRINZ Secretary . . Treasurer, . ...... LEAH PATTON Sponsor , . . MRS. PEGGY LOVELADY 66 When the tinie for the National Honor Society ssembly to announce the ne w members rolls round, e xc i te me nt is always high. Here Zarlos Coon is shown giving the prologue to ie announcement by showing the Society scroll, A moment of prayer is alwa ys the perfect part of a beautiful ceremony, This s c e ne at the National Honor Society banquet symbolizes the awareness of all those at the affair of One who leads every honor society into be- ing a fulfillment. The pur po s e of this function is the formal initiation of new members into the Society. Shown here are some of the speakers and officers whos e aim was to clarify the purposes and ideals of the organization to both the old and new members present. This beautiful holy scene symbolizing Joseph and Mary was an integral part of the r eligious section of the National Honor Society Christmas program. Mar y was portrayed by Gloria Evans and Joseph by Charles Cantu. The annual Christmas program sponsored by he National Honor Society proved a great success his year. One of the highlights of the 5h0w was he skit a bo ut Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Ludolph was portrayed by Vickie Ea s te r wo o d, nd the skit was narrated by Charlotte Ritcheson. The creature lurking in the background was Carlos Ioon who portrayed a "general nuisance. " S Q The Student Council is a co-operative organization with the student leaders working with the ad- ministration for the betterment ofthe e ntir e school. Every student in school has a voice in the Stu- dent Council through their home -room representatives. These representatives can present problems and ideas of the students to the Council for consideration. This democratic organization plays a major part in all school activities, and it is the main voice of student government. M2 Wtffi .1 A . 1 Sw I E'-Q FIRST ROW KLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Shirley Weimer, Bob Haggard, Carol Loessberg, Gus Menn, Danell Wallis, Kurt Pankratz, Meta Nell Ott, Harry Haggard, Le ora Schott, and Leroy Barrera. SECOND ROW: Butch Daughtry, Barbara Van Delden, Ronnie Poggemoeller, Sandra Bilbrey, Wayne Bacon, Vernon Ebner, Patsy Easterwood, Douglas Richards, Yvonne Haby, Milton Klabunde, Mae Steubing, and Loretta Epp. OFFICERS President .... ........ R ONNIE POGGEMOELLER Vice-President . . ...... BOB HAGGARD Secretary .... . . .YVONNE HABY Treasurer . . . . SHIRLEY WEIMER Sponsor . . . MR. W..T. LYNN 68 5 We see "Democracy in Action" as the citizens of tomorrow eagerlyawait their chance to vote for their favorite candidate. Shirley Weimer, student council president for 1956-1957, and six cheer- leaders were elected. Ii, Tiny, brown-eyed Ruth Sturdevantis crowned "Mis s Peanut" by Douglas Richards, committee chairman for "Teens Against Polio." "Peanuts for Polio" was the Student Council :uppor te d drive to raise money for polio. A amiliar scene in the halls for a week in Feb- uary was Danisha Bartlett and Howard Kelley elling peanuts to students. ,, NQCH OF is ony: ' t i cyiii 7 ty, a 'C' i .. , Here we see the formal presentation of the 1955 Homecoming Queen, Barbara Epp Qseatedl. Her duchesses were Carol Loessberg, Patsy Saathoff, Beverly Priour, and MaryHelen Igofnot picturedj, s X 9 tl! 0 The Pegasus Club of Northside has done the students agreatservice. It has helped the Studentg fc realize the vast store of knowledge contained in books and to use the books on hand to the best advan- tage. In library work, the Pegasus members get valuable experience for library po Sitions in later yea rs. There is also fun and enjoyment for all at the conventions of the Teen-Age LibraryAssociatior of which Northside's Pegasus is a member. FIRST ROW QLEFT TO RIGHTQ: Frances Surber, Jacque King, Patsy Rosenbusch, Betty Kasper, Cathy deBurg, Anna Prinz, Carol Evers, Ellen Buel, Danisha Bartlett. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Feely, Spon- sor, Allen Brannon, Paul McCoig, Dorothy Naegelin, Sandy Coon, Willie Mae Kneupper, Harvey Bon- gerg, Bob Haggard, Thgrnas Barker, P3 ill Ol1leI1bL1Sl'1, and Joanne TOepp6I'WeiI'1. NOT PIC T UREDI Leah Patton, Charlotte Ritcheson, Carlos Coon, Charles Cantu. OFFICERS President . . . . DOROTHY NAEGELIN Vice-President . . .... ANNA PRINZ Secretary . . . .... CAROL EVERS Treasurer . . ...... ELLEN BUEL Sponsor . . . MRS. MILDRED FEELY 70 The T.A.L.A. district meeting entailed a great Rdeal of work, and here are pictured lfrom left to right, Charlotte Ritcheson, Danisha Bartlett, Maclavia Lara, Ellen Buel, and Willie Mae Kneulaler, busily giving out programs and name tags during registration time. A great honor was bestowed upon the Northside Pe gasus Club this year in the form of being chosen as the host of the T.A. L. A. district meeting. The m e e ting was held at No rth s ide with a luncheon following it at Seven Oaks Country Club. Q: . 1- ' ff F1 ,wg K , 1 ' -I4 - , 'I-uns-0,-...,,.,i,-I Northside Library Club president, Dorothy Naege- lin, and vice-president, Anna Prinz, sample punch for the Pegasus Club and F. T.A. dance. Dorothy has also worked diligently as state recording secretary. ing the caliope. X At the Northside P, T.A. Barbecue the Pegasus Club s po n s o r e d a "Kiddie Merry-Go -Round. " This proved a delight to the children but kept Allen Brannon in a "dither" trying to keep them satisfied while operat- The highlight of Pegasus Club activities every year is the annual Christmas luncheon. As always, the af fair was a great success with eve ryone enjoying the W! a continental touch s upplie d by the atmosphere of the L...-4":f Little Italy Restaurant. Although there are many things to doduring the Christmas season, every Pegasus -. member always reserves time for this congenial gather ing which affords so much pleasure to all. 71 JM, The Futur e Homemakers' activities train the girls to g r ow as individuals and learn today things that will benefit the homes and families of the future. "Toward New Horizons," their motto, encourages them to work ahead for better home and community life for all, Northside F,I-I,A, is proud of the higl position it holds in the district and area organization. The offices of Area President, District Vice- President, Secretary, and Pianist are held by members of the Northside F,H.A. -- Qt,FP,,,,1'g FIRST ROW QLEFT TO RIGI-ITV Eunice Ebne r, Betty Schott, Cathy Cayo, Patsy Allen, Betty Jea Otterpohl, Benno Klabundeg Sweetheart, Jacque King, Betty Gulick, Joan Moths, Carolyn Kamp, Carc Loessberg. SECOND ROW: Evelyn Stolte, Florence-Lieck, Dorothy Naegelin, Willie Mae Kneupper Betty Kasper, Bonnie Watts, Margaret Wilson, Car ol Nottingham, LaNell Tietze, Betty Springer Dorothy Faulk, Meta Nell Ott, Sandra Bilbrey, Marcia B a ke r. THIRD ROW: Cecilia R odr i gue z Gloria Rosas, Rose Valdez, Darris Powell, Frances Surber, Patsy Rosenbusch, Sherry Parrott, Rut' Sturdevant, Janice Kiles, Barbara Bruhl, Elaine Lee, Loreli Bartholemew, Sharon Bartlett, Wand: Clark, Lenora Rosas, and Mrs. Neel Sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Danisha Bartlett, Joanne Toepperwein Merilyn Menn, Colleen Kelley, Nancy MaGee, Gloria Evans, Vickie Easterwood, Rosemary Calvert Mae Steubing, and Shirley Weimer. NOT PICTURED: Charlotte Ritcheson, Leah Patton, OFFICERS President . . . ....... JOANNE TOEPPERWEIN Vice-President . ..... BETTY SCI-IOTT Secretary . . . . . . GLORIA EVANS Treasurer. . .DANISI-IA BARTLETT Sponsor . . MRS, FLORA NEEL 72 is KEA All FHA members were extremely happy hen Benno Klabunde, the chapter "Beau," as elected District IH "Beau" at the dis- 'ict meeting in Lockhart. Charlotte Ritch- Future Homemakers are noted for their cooking. An excellent example is the way the cake disappears at a FHA cake sale. son, District III Songleader fr om North- .de, is shown here announcing Benno's .ection at the morning session of the meet- ig. After being prevailed upon to make a peech, he did so graciously. ?atsy Rosenbusch, Gloria Evans, Betty bc hott, geah Patton, Joanne Toepperwein, Danisha Bart- .ett, and Vickie Ea sterwood explain the emblem at :he FHA installation. The impressive ceremony 7ollowed the initiation of new members. These FHA girls had a reason for their smiles as they prepared to lea v e the Dis- trict III Meeting at Lockhart in Octob e r. Benno Klabunde ffar leftl was elected Dis- trict Beau and Northside was proud of Char- lotte Ritcheson, Gloria E va n s, D a n i s ha Bartlett, Janice Kiles, Sherry Parrott, Jo- anne Toepperwein, and Mrs. Neel who rep- resented the school in various ways, 73 4.61.4 The Future Farmers of America is an organization devoted to developing the qualities of character and leadership in the farm youth of our country. As farmers and ranchers are often called the "back- bone of the nation," one can easily see the impo r tanc e of making them capable, efficient leaders in their communities. The motto of the Future Farmers is self explanatory--"learning to do. . .doing to learn. . . earning to live. . . living to serve." Each phase of this motto is amply c a r r i e d out by every busy F.F.A. member. Every club member works, learns, enjoys, and most of all achieves. FIRST ROW: QLEFT TO RIGHTjg Allen Meyer, Stanley Acker, Phil Ljundahl, Cary Chambers, Cal- vinfBoenig, Rudolph Terrazos, Henry Neri, Charles Klein, Clark Winegardner, Marvin Niebuhr, Gus Menn, Billy Fowler, and Jim Furman. SECOND ROW: Walter Cheek, Fred Ewert, Bobby Oefinger, Don Davenport, Kenneth Cox, George Chambers, HenryStrosse r, Jimmy Knowlton, Betty Sue Springer Sweetheartg Don Wideman, Mr. Marvin Finto, Sponsorg Mr. Edward Farris, Principal: Gary East- wood, Louis Gravell, Geoffrey Fowler, George Steubing. THIRD ROW: Paul Stroud, Jack Herron, Melvin Krahn, Alan Peyton, Milton Burrell, Charles Toepperwein, Milton Klabunde, Eugene Robbins John Bonewald, Milton Stolte, Herbert Jonas, Max'Toepperwein, Harold Voigt, Jack Moore, Johnny Pepper, George Asher, Bob Griffin, Leonard Essex, Billy Springer, Martin Guerrero. FOURTH ROW: Howard Kelley, Robert Jonas, Freddy Meyer, Walter Schupp, Willie Mutch, Bill Ljundahl, Lloyd Arch, Ervie Braun, Paul Ohlenbus ch, Donald Potter, Walter Schwarz, Micky Barnes, David Zwiener, George Asher, .Toe Seiter, Danny Guerrero, Jerry Morgenstern, and James Benke. 1 I 74 BettySue Springer, a prettyg b1ue-eyedfresh- man, was selected by the F,F.A. to represent them as their sweetheart. She took part in the annual Texas Southwestern Vegetable Day where she reigned over the mustard and turnip greens. In the Western Livestock Parade Betty Sue r ode in a gaily decorated convertible sponsored by the F.F.A. The chapter was ve r y proud of Betty Sue when she placed among the top six in the selection of the District Sweetheart at the annual District F,F.A. Banquet at the Gunter Hotel. She made a lovely picture in a blue formal. It's easy to see why the F.F.A. boys chose Betty Sue Springer as their 1955-56 Sweetheart, -41001 The FFA Chapter was well represented in the ,van ipening parade of the San Antonio Livestock Show ry one large float, complete with their western band, and a new convertible featuring the Sweetheart. iere we find Betty Sue helping some of the boys decorate the float. This impressive g r o up of Future Farmers displayed some of the awards of the Northside F, F, A. Chapter. Some of them are first in the District F, F, A. Quiz and Dairy Products, sec- ond in Poultry Judging, first in Area Livestock Judging a nd Tractor Driving, and second in Dairy Judging. 75 F. F. A. fcontinuedl . i 'Wig' .z.',9, J Phil and Bill Ljundahl pose with their lambs that were entered in the San Antonio Livestock Show. The boys spent hours grooming the lambs. Aren't they cute? Phil Ljundahl fon the leftj, Eu- gene Robbins, 81 Bill Ljundahl show their Angus steers. 76 A proud Future Farmer, Jam es Benke, and Oscar, his Duroc barrow, pose at the San Antonio Livestock Show, if sr... fi 35,1 Here is Sunshine Donna Korndyke, the Z6 year old Holstein cow that proudly displays a red rib- bon from the San Antonio Livestock Show. Bobby Oefinger tells us she weighs in at 1100 lbs. , A, fcontinuedj The F,F,A. boys were snapped here while attending the Angus c attle sale at Essar Ranch. The boys gained experience in recognizing good qualities in cattle as well as enjoyinga good meal at the ranch. Jimmy Knowlton, Vice-Pres. Con the lefty and Don Wideman are exercising Long Ears, the Brahma Steer that made the FFA Chapter very happy by placing first in his class at the San Antonio L ive s to ck Show. v v K, X i ' 79559 Howard Kelley is feeding his six-month-old Duroc barrow. Thepig's name---Kelley's Pride --- of course. Jerry Morgenstern poses in the pen with his three six month old Berkshire barrows. The one with the white nose placed third in his division at the San Antonio Livestock Show. t -1- Aww! I F. F, A, Qcontinuedl This beautiful little Angus was shown at the San Antonio Livestock Ex- position by Jimmy Knowlton and Don Wideman. The Chapter is very proud of this animal. Smiling faces reflect the mood of the gala F.F.A.-F.H.A, Barn Dance. The band leader Adolph Hoffner, called a break to present B e tty Sue Springer, F.F.A. Swee thear t, and Benno Klabunde, F,H.A, Beau, Both of the "celebrities" were presented with nice gifts. 78 Phil Ljungdahl Kon the left, and Marvin Ohlen- bush are shampooing Phil's Angus Steer for the San Antonio Stock Show. The steer plac ed second. ,- e x so . .Y A , 39' I , . K i Paul Ohle nb u s his proud of his Angus steer that placed fifth in his class at the SanAntonio Stock Show. fig? isa. W., 'ing a final inspection to a trio of the portable barbe : units which Northside Future Farmers of America .pter members have made are Cleft to rightl George ubing and Clarence Kohelleppel,F. F.A, s tude nt s, l Mr. Marvin Finto, vocational agriculture instruc . The boys make about fifty of these a year. K at Pr epa ring to leave for a radio recording are orge Chambers, Don Wideman, Mr. Finto, Jimmy owlton, Bobby Oefinger, Kenneth Cox and Phil mgdahl. On the program, The Future Farmers America Speak, broadcasted from KONO, they rds they had won inj ud ging con- ts. The jeep they are standing in front of was ight from Carlos Coon. T h e F, F, A, b oy s in- lled a motor they received trom army s urpl us, 1 the paint-shop at Burbank High School painted This was a worthwhile project because the boys 1 always make use of another truck or car. F. F. A, fcontinuedl Prepa ring a booth for the P, T, A, Barbecue are some F, F, A, boys. Paul Stroud and Howard Kelley are digging post-holes while Mr. Finto supervises. fffflqt f", Q1 A " it A Here we see Ervie Braun, Phil Ljungdahl, Don Wide- man, and Jimmy Knowlton displaying some of the h onor s received during the year. Ervie is holding the c up he re- ceived as high-point man in the judging c onte st at Austin. Phil shows the trophy the judging team won for the first place in the Livestock Judging Contest at Austin. D on and Jimmy hold the banner the F, F, A, judging team received for eighth place at Stephenville. 9 ff, cg , Vfvik ,M ' 4-.41 4-I-I offers many opportunities to suburban youth, Programs in clothing, cattle raising, poultry, safety, and speech, to mention a few, offer Wide fields of interest to all, lnstructionas well as oppor- tunity for practice is offered by 4-H club work. Achievements are judged on county, district, state, and national levels. Northside's 4-H club can boast of participants on all these levels, and it is one of the most prominent clubs in Bexar County. FIRST ROW QLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Patsy Ea s twood, Laura Mayor, Yvonne Haby, Evelyn Stolte, Joan Moths, Betty Schott, Flo r e n c e Burns, Patsy Allen, Cathy Cayo. SECOND ROW: M e r il yn Menn, Colleen Kelley, Leonor Rosas, Willie Mae Kneupper, Florence Lieck, Dorothy Faulk, Eunice Ebner, Ellen Buel, Sharon Doyle, Kay Munson. THIRD ROW: Joanne Toepperwein, Janice Schwarz, Louise Dixon, Priscilla Aramburu, and Danisha Bartlett. OFFICERS President .... ....... . . .YVONNE HABY Vice-President . . . .... EVELYN STOLTE Secretary-Treasurer. . . . . JANICE SCHWARZ Jr. Leader ..... . JOANNE TOEPPERWEIN Jr. Leader . . . . DANISHA BARTLETT Jr. Leader . .... LEAH PATTON 80 QA' A very good money-mak- g projectfor the Boys' 4-H ub was a cake sale. Paul cCoig and Sandy Coon ar e ,own here selling the tasty dbits which everyone mjoys. The boys found eir merchandise tempting. ,,gnA"5 if "rx These young men are the male portion of the Northside 4-H Club. They are: first row fleft to rightj Sandy Coon, and Daniel Dodson, second row, Paul McCoig, Harry Haggard, and Terry Zurovec, third row, Doublas Richards, These boys have many ac- tivities and perform many services for the school, One of their main pr oj e cts this year was a booth at the PTA Carnival. The motto of the 4-H Clubs, "To make the best better," is a guiding force in their work. 51uz'me7 The newly organized Future Teachers Chapter at Northside made many steps forwa rd during it first year of membership in the national F, T, A, organization. Many honors have been won this year Leah Patton was awarded the state "Miss Future Teacher" title, The District Il 1957 meeting will b presided over by Yvonne Haby, president, and Mrs. Marie Jackson, district spons o r. Willie Ma Kneupper will hold the office of district corresponding secretary, With the district F. T, A, meetin to be held at Northside next year the Future Teacher members will continue to have "much to do" an to make progress forward. 'Q fa . K .?ila ' it FIRST ROW QLEFT TO RIGI-ITD: Joanne Toepperwein, Willie Mae Kneupper, Wanda Austin, Nancy Magee, Barbara Bruhl, Mary Young, Faye Watts, Eunice Ebner, Margaret Wils on, and Flor ence Burns. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Marie Jackson, sponsor, Danisha Bartlett, Gloria Evans, Ruth Sturde- vant, Vicky Easterwood, Howard Kelley, Paul Stroud, Yvonne I-Iaby, Joy Martin, Kay Sturdevant, Carol Nottingham. THIRD ROW: Cathy Cayo, Betty Kasper, Patsy Rosenbusch, CathydeBerg, Bonnie Watts, Patsy Allen. OFFICERS President .... . . JOY MARTIN Vice-President . . . ..... FAY WATTS Secretary-Treasurer . ..... GLORIA EVANS Sponsor ....... . MRS, MARIE JACKSON 82 Reading the charter that was presented to the F. T.A. by Mr. Boone are Mrs. Jackson, sponsor, and club officers Joy Martin, president, Fay Watts, vice-pres- ident, and Gloria Evans, secretary. This charter gives national recognition to our Northside Chapter. i,,, 5 me P. T.A. Barbecue provided a lot of activity for ie s e busy P. T.A. 'ers. They are rn aking last inute preparations for their post office and plant ioth. This pr oved to be quite a money-making oject. Looking alert and ambitious are these district officers of the F. T. A. --Yvonne Haby, pr e sid e nt, and Willie Mae Kneupper, corresponding secretary. Mrs. Jack- son, district sponsor, stands next to Leah Ann Patton who re ceived the honor of "Miss F. T.A. of Texas." Bred i ls Q ,Wo The Last Chance Dance given by the F. T.A. and Pe- gasus Club was quite a success. Here are shown some of the club members decorating in preparation for the big night. I2 An organization which has grown with amazing rapidity is the Ramblerettes pep squad. The group in 1951 had only a very small me mber s hip, lt now boasts of sixty-five well-trained, s ple ndidly uniformed girls enjoying every moment of their many activities. The peak of perfection in appearance. ability, and performance is the goal strived for by this g r oup in their many community and statewide appearances. The girls find "much to do" and much to be enjoyed as me mbe r s of the Ramblerettes, it Www , ,Q FIRST ROW QLEFT TO RIGHTQ: Bonnie Watts, Vicky Easterwood, Mae Steubing, Sylvia Short, Patsy Saathoff, Shirley Weimer, Lenora Ohlenbusch, and Joy Martin. SECOND ROW: Crystal Benke, Sherry Parrott, Janice Kiles, Patsy Allen, Eunice Ebner,WandaClark, Lorelei Bartholemew, Deborah Howell, Janice Holmes, Sandra Bilbrey, Margaret Wilson, Mar gie Brown, and Nancy Magee. THIRD ROW: Barbara Bruhl, Elaine Lee, Gloria Rosas, Lenora Rosas, Cecilia Rodriguez, Patsy Rosenbuggh, Betty Kasper, Jacque King, Frances Surber, Anita Sweet, Regina Drennon, Patsy Watson, and PatsyBuser. FOURTH ROW: Rosalind Rice, Gloria Evans, Geraldine Lieck, Sharon Doyle, R osernar y Calvert, Florence Burns, Dorothy Faulk, Florence Lieck, Sharon Bartlett, and Kay Sturdevant. NOT PICTURED: Leah Patton, Betty Springer, Lowell Bacon. OFFICERS President .... ....... P ATSY SAATHOFF Vice-President . . . . SYLVIA SHORT Secretary .... . . KAY STURDEVANT Treasurer. . ..... MAE STEUBING Sponsor . . . .MRS. PATRICIA EWING 84 -ai Representing the Ramblerettes at football ga m e s and parades are these four twirlers, Bonnie Watts, Vicky Easterwood, Lenora Ohlenbusch, and Joy Ma rtin. The high-stepping routines of these twirlers are a source of delight to the viewers of their performances. . ' vi, 4 . Sylvia Short, vice-president of the Ramblerettes Qfar right, and Mae Steubing took great pleasure in s h owing the pep squad's appreciation for all Mrs. Ewing, their sponsor, had done by presenting her witha nice gift at an impressive "thank you" ceremony. Here is a typical scene from a football game as the Ramblerettes cheer their team to victory. The presence of the girls was certainly a morale builder for the Rams. Pep squad members find making pom- poms a very agreeable task when everyone works together. Hundreds of pom-poms are constructed in no time when these girls go into mass production of maroon and white pom-poms. X 'Ein J ' I F Qi Ramblerette s fcontinuedl 4' -A k cf, '45 A .af V- w 4 SEQ 'X Loretta Epp Q '55 i X233 K' R MJ.,-""""'A 4 Forest MCMahan lkt ., 5 A 'v ,W Cathy Cayo Barbara Epp Mary Helen Igo Ramblerettes fcontin . ,,,,o--X Iris June Schimcek 5 L,,,,, W ff, .lf M .. ,Q T3 ,qu 1' f I -H Ng 1 5 7 y 5 . h 32 "',, 3 4 5 ,X , Q 5 455.56 041' M Carol Ever?-H Drum Majorette "-m,.,,V w. 1 'F 1 i Beverly P1-iour 1 s x , Q . 1 Betty Jo Gulick K Fay Watts The growth and progress of Northside is evidenced by our newly for me d band. The sight of this group performing at all the football games and other activities for the fir s t time was a heartwarming sight indeed. This hard-working group has done much for the prestige of the school. All the members of the band are eagerly looking forward to moving into the new band room next fall. New uniforms are also on the agenda for next year. We are sure e ver y year in the future will disclose progress as the keynote to our band, ...-Q. 'P Q nl ""'7 FIRST ROW: Toxie Andrews, Janice Schwartz, Mata Ott, Bert Clegern, Ruth Sturdevant, Mr. Davis QDirectorj, Joan Moths, Eddie Shahady, Pat Lymming, Ann Seiter. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Pedroza, Terry Zurovec, Chuck Stevens, Paul McCoig, Dorothy Andre ws, Pats y Tipton, Linton Echart, Bob Young, Harry Haggard, Mary Louise Pfeiffer, Roy Karsch. THIRD ROW: Butch Daughtry, Paul Ohlen- busch, Priscilla Aramburu, Calvin Bongers, Ruben Lee, Betty Watson, Danell Wallis, Clinton Lenoir, Daniel Dodson, Marjorie Arnold. FOURTH ROW: Mar gar e t Moreno, Stanley Zettner, Sandy Coon, Harvey Bongers, Rudy Aue, Hank Hyman, Kay Munsen, Ellen Buel, Mike Brady, Shelley Martin, OFFICERS President .... ..... . . . RUBEN LEE SeC1'6ta1'y ..... . . MAJORIE ARNOLD Sergeant-at-ArmS , . . PAUL OHLENBUSCH Student Director . . . BUTCH DAUGI-ITRY Director .... . MR, H,O. DAVIS 88 A strenuous marching workout several times a week is not un- usual to these band s tud e nt s. K le , ,Q ,K ' X " ---' , Co-operation, ability, and hard , r. " .W . ,... 1 ,, K, V I I ' ' ' ,,,W,,4,,,,,,,'H 1 c . Q g gig, , ,, . l ' , ,n workmakea good band, and this ' A 1 ,,,,:' A 'uf A 4 tg. 55' M' ' A' group certainly is no exception. , 1 , 5 rg . Z ' ig, QQ Q The patience and untiring efforts sv4iva,HE"'2 was f 5 I g , , ' 'de W - Q V ' ,QW wy, 3 ., t, of Mr. Da V1 s, band director, - .W J M kg, ' . ,lzc I ' and t h e s e students to g e th e r W.' a ' f C..ftk4'e?fffEHlffrr.'j .'f5u9A," '. wb tiff f . ...f .- . 'f ' - ' t"t 3, wr' Q ' ' make a ba nd worthy of North- 1 ti, , 41,1 i 5 w.fiu?m3 -frf x - ff? -' '-j'W"tfj, wg A , S it 1 T' K V' . My '44 Wig , fi s1de's esteem. 7 ., I I , a 4, 'fwwfyv-iw A gn ,Xp afwffx . 4, 1, 51' , t 1'. ,nf aj, , T T . t ft' tttt T t c f stti fig-.ifztszwa few- A ,tg J ,lag i5'fff4f4w, 5 W-Eff if 'S A TKQEEVTQQTA , K Y- 2-'y0'iQ,2f4'+vM9w .. . Y- X' ' t' . t-" W f 7 - , '- f Q " t i AS-ff - I .4 s'cc .4 it" ff," f ' W" ,ax ,. , 'Elia . M-T"L7t'f I so naA'wei.',, T -we tt' 'tPt. .r raw. .. fwf-we 'f W-in a ... :.,, . ,, Q N ,- - . fi-W, . if if- s , ,,. ,,.'7 -V AL , Q ,lk , J -S ' W , 5 : yyyg , V . ,, V, ,Q we t r -+ . 'Y ' V , . ' V . it fiat? B V 4 'hi -' V -. '1 s Mr. Davis and s eve ral of the band members are ad- miring the beautiful new band uniform. T he uniforms are to be maroon, having white lapels, and trim m ed with old buttons and braid, the ca s will a ls o be ma- S P Q roon, having white bills and plum e s. The band has The Northside band, as well as the rest if Q 1' of the school, is very proud of its attractive majorettes---lris June Schimcek, Beverly Priour, Carol Evers fhead major- ettel, Betty Jo Gulick, and Fay Watts. The s e girls worked faithfully to help make the band what it is today. Carol Evers was presented with the annualband award at Commencement for her untiring efforts in behalf of the band. waited two years for these uniformS, and due mainly to the efforts of the Northsid e Athletic-Band Boosters Association, have finally accomplished their goal. IV The NC1ub pin is one of the a rti c 1 e s most coveted by high school boys. This association keeps close harmony between the participants of all sports thr oughou t the school year. The boys become much better citizens and better sportsmen th r o ugh the many N Club activities. Their initiation is always watched with much inte r e s t by the rest of the s tude nt body: The N Club a wa rd s the out- standing sportsmen with sweaters, letters, jackets, and trophies to encourage fair-play and keen competition. OFFICERS President ...... ...... ...... G U S NEUTZE Vice-President . . . . . . .... BILLY SIECKENIUS Secretary-Treasurer . . .RONNTE POGGEMOELLER Sergeant-at-Arms . . ....... KEN SALES Sponsors ..... . . JAMES MCCOLLUM MEL BARBARAK 70 'Ax A picture that is certainly representative is this one of the two sponsors of the N Club, Coach Barbarak and Coach McCollum as they gave a pep talk at one of the high school pep rallies. These big, brave football heroes look more like"Ma1'nma's bad little boys"as they display their pie-smudged faces during one phase of the N Club initiation of new me rnber s. No, they aren't being ta 1' r e d and feathered--just 'Wnolassed and pied", after rolling the length of the football field. This was a "Blindfold Barrel" wher e the first year lettermen initiated them- selves byholding hands and flaying each othe r with knotted towels. The blind warrior in the for eground is none other than Alan Peyton, in , N X Martin Guerro was initiating James Benke as a first year letterman. Onlookers were re- serve l e t t e r m e n anticipating their turns next year. -3, L.LL, Mmfk , mf V ezfff'-ff ' yn fgimtm , ,, I zywas. K .v,,, "' x 613, . V , K 1 kk! 1-Zz, 1 iifik! ii:-V Qffflfikf Ga ifnilffg ,,A Elixir j,s1gf.'i1 2 uf. xii ' "'2:'2Q1.2 A I ' 541. 5 35 wil' Am W4 5 1 P .Q .ff Za :U L "L pf , Q i y " .sv Q k 6 .1,.w,,m3?n Www W V, pg 5 gf: Y W , nw L ,. L-f- :-A,.z ,, " 1' -. ii 0 M' 3j..,,1.,, -Jam .gwfiqjggig 41 ff . ,N 1 wg sg? if a f' a 5516 s F S 5 'fs mfg gf X X Q f! qm pl fx qM,,g. X. J, A my , ,wxfxw ,, , mf f ,, f a M ,,..,, ,mu xg fa, 2 .FA ' W M4 W R+ 1:1 3371 -YZ 1411if-gQ.fwgilv1Li.3? W: f- fiw'PEEffm,'f?fi?Q?5f?:z3wZ, 755 1 i f L -W 2 V pw ., M ' Q ' if,-fff:,ww. fv,-1 -f 'Mis Y L, W M92 X X ,A s NN ,S , , K I XL 7 ' wi L 5 . ' 52 xv V - 'QE' 4 .1 - Xi .a 40' :Y sf if ,F im., A W' ,,, .xv we ff-4g:1szf1g., A , 'nf ., M1 , 3 L . . X, wa L ff ,s 1 ' Q Q ' 4 - -- QM-,.f..1 -if W B., S . S 4- . ng, 3 Athletics play a very impor- tant part in every high school. Gaining personal achievements and goals is always possible for the students who are members of a team. The other students geta tremendous amount of en joyment out of wa t c hin g and rooting for the tea m s. A boy who has gained the plaudits of bothhis team -mates and the s t ud e nt body is Martin Guer rero. He was not only a star forward on the basketball team but also the mainstay of the track team. I-Ie excelled in the shot put, discus, and 440 at all the local district and state meets For these reasons we believe he iS a nd ply qualified to hold the place of honor on these pages Great thirigs for the future may arise from the feats of athletic performed by many of our We hope their high will be ge r and f av -' w as 5 2 41 vmggpqls--u-1 qi. U . 9 . A QLAIVWK .V kin I fy -1, v FY .- 1 ,X 5 ,gghixl K lg- T13 wp I Qaofddl TOP ROW: R. Oefingerg G. Bacong W. Schwartzg B. Worthg B. Klabundeg C. Toepper- weing F. Ewertg R. Garzag J. Pepperg E. Williams. THIRD ROW: M. Krahng C. Koh- Ieppelg M. Klabundeg W. Cheekg J. Davenportg H. Voightg G. Eastwoodg L. Grave11gK Sales. SECOND ROW: F. Kempfg B. Sieckeniusg K. Masong J. Knowlton: R. MentzergD Taylorg M. Toepperweing G. Menng J. Fowlerg M. Ott. FIRST ROW: B. Springer: B Fowlerg M. Syringg H. Strosser, captaing G. Neutze, captaing C. Masong W. Bacon: J Benkeg D. Davenportg Coach Jim McCollum. NORTHSIDE SEASON'S RECORD 15 --- 0 PEACOCK NORTHSIDE 12 --- 13 SAM HOUSTON NORTHSIDE 24 --- 0 YSOUTHWEST NORTHSIDE 6 --- 33 NORTHEAST NORTHSIDE 7 --- 6 WSOUTHSIDE NORTHSIDE 12 --- 33 4'BANDERA NORTHSIDE O --- Z7 LANIER NORTHSIDE 14 --- 19 EAST CENTRAL NORTHSIDE 7 --- 7 HCBOERNE NORTHSIDE 6 --- 7 ST. GERARD Bffdenotes district games HENRY STROSSER guard ALL-DISTRICT Gus Nuetze tackling No. 12 from Peacock. The first game of the season. GUS NUETZE back ALL-DISTRICT MEL KRAHN end ALL- DISTRICT KENNETH SALES BILL WORTH tackle ALL-DISTRICT BILL SIE CKENIUS center back R. Oefinger and M. Krahn making tackle on one of t he Southwest tearn's men, Football fcontinuedj WALTER CI-IEEK guard 3 IES 3 f " 'Q , . 1 f Nm.. , , B, , A " A " ' B O B O E F ING E R ta c kl e MELVIN OTT back as' GARY BACON end B ENNO KLA B UND E guard BOBBY SPRINGER back DA VID ANDERSON Center playe r s . IIMMY KNOWLTON Guard ieckenius running against Boerne at Northside. Football fcontinuedj Sales and Worth making tackle on one of the Southside HAROLD VOIGHT Back DON TA Y LOR End Voight running against Peacock at Northside. 97 B TOP ROW: G. Bacong G. Steubingg R. Poggemoellerg B. Klabundeg M. Guerrerog L. Ar chg Coach Barbarak, BOTTOM ROW: G. Neutzeg V..Ebner3 A. Peyton: C. Masong K, Mason, Not pictured is Carlos Coon who was a re- serve letterman, The Northside cage team won second place in District Z8-A. They were upset by Southwest High to knock them out of the chance of getting first place in di s tr i c t. Boerne High was the first place team in the district. The picture to the left is Poggemoeller receiv- ing a pass. The game is against Boerne, The team had a very good record compared to the previous years. No team at Northside has won more games than the team this year, g. oyd Arch shooting against Bandera.Guerrerof31Q wait- .ng for rebound. Loyd Arch f28j jumping against I-Iinkle C205 of Boerne with Garnet Steubing f20 white, waiting for tip. MartinGuerrero C311 jumping against D'Spain f40j of Ban- dera. Garnet Steub- ingfZOQ waiting for tip. 'S' 1 s is H , -1,- MartinGuerrero f31D a nd Garnet Steubing f20Q in white uniforms waiting for rebound in East Central game. Basketball fcontinuedl TOP ROW: Coach MCCollumg F, Kempfg C, KohelleppelgW, Benkeg K. RichmondgR. Garzag B. Clegern. BOTTOM ROW: W, Bacong N. Schimicekg B. Masong F. SPEBTSS Bob Haggardu Maxie Toepperwein C111 and an unidentified 5 player from South San Junio r High School are jumping against each other in the Soutl San Jun i o r High Basketball Tournament isketball fc ontinue dl MartinGuerrero BU taking a shot against Southside High School. Guerrero was a start- ing senior. ,,., V lv V 1 i f L, N . 1 I so in Ao o y, y ,o ,,o Vw 22:5 Inv' A- ' A The managers, Geoffrey a n d Bill Fowler were at every game ready to assistthe play- ers when in need., Ronnie Ibggemoeller QED gather- ing in a rebound against South- side. Garne t Steubing 1201 in background also going in for the rebound. Poggemoeller was al- so a starting senior, Gus Neutze Q61 making a ba s ke t in the game against Southside. Neutze was a re- serve junior, Poggemoeller is in the back- ground coming in for the rebound. 101 'Wieck Mi TOP ROW: D. Davenport, P. Ljungdahl, M. Toepperwein. SECOND ROW:J. Moore, H. Voight, Bob Springer, B. Sieckenius, A. Peyton., BOTTOM ROW: Coach McCollum, Bill Springer, M. Guera rero, K. Sales, Don Wideman, Manager. fx... Rex Billy Springer, second from left, running the 220 Kenneth Sales highjumping at the Texas Olympic: yd. dash at the Texas Relays at Austin. Springer at S0m6rSet. Sale s was also one of the maiz was one of the main point makers on the t ra c k point makers on the team. He ran the sprint re- team. I-Ie ran the 100 and 220 yd. dashes and al- lay and hurdles, and pole vaulted. so the sprint relay. 102 s-f""" Phil Ljungdahl running his last ip in the 880 yd ash at the S.A. Met. Meet at ilamo Stadium. Ljungdahl is a eturning junior. Martin Guerrero Putting the S ho t at the Texas RelaYS' He Place d fifth in the finals. Guerrero WELS the high Po int man in all but one track meet that the team attended- Gu e 1- 1- e r o also threw the discus and ran the 440 Yd- dash' the SP1-int, and mile relays. Donny' Davev-Port taking the b at o n from Harold Voigt in the mile relay at the San Antonio Met- ropolitan Meet. D . foiygd Anderson running in the San 1:11 lu?eman's relalf at the ntonio Metr 1. Track Meet, OPC Man QW Gus Nuetze winning his heat in the 880 yd. dash at district. Nuetze is a junior but due to circumstances he won't be back Nuetze also ran in the mile relay 103 Track lcontinuedl A I .gl W, 4 . Mu' J., is 5 - 'Six ' fk!.iT??,ii F TOP ROW: T. Collinsg M. Barrerag W. BenkegD. GassgP. Pahmeyer: Coach McCollum, SECOND ROW: B. Friesenheimg C. Morgang K. Richrnondg K. Dribo1dtgR. McAllister. BOTTOM ROW: B. Easterwoodg H. I-Iaggardg K. Pankratzg H. Hymang M. Varnesg B. Pittman. l f A ' T ,, 1- T ' gd .. -- T - 2 5 . l i-, T N. n-X A ' 5 I T H .'., A V k,,. I :M kkrrk A LV,. . -H ' 'L -if, Collins br oa d jumping at South San Jr. High T r a c k Meet. 104 b. ' 'C cw. Ya ,, 2" EQ ' gs 5 VV,, any AL,, , ..,. ,, in ia in , -, '., R if ,. B nnn To v 3 : 1 ?.. il H ,.., if - 8 is. Eddy ShahadY Putting shot fi -.gum lvn 2 f in , at the South San Jr. High Track Meet Richmond running the hurdles at the South San Jr. High Track Meet. TI'-HCR fcontinuedl Sus Neutze running the 380 yd. dash at the San Antonio Metropolitan Track Meet at Alamo Stadium, 5 Harold Voight carry- ing the baton of the Rams in the sprint re- lay in the San Antonio Metropolitan T r a c k meet at Alam o Sta- dium. Kurt Pankratz putting the eight pound shot at the South San Jr. High Track meet at South San High School. nv? Kenneth Sales pole vault- ing at the district 103-B Track Meet at the SWSTC track in San Marcos. 'Mun Martin G u e r r e r o running the last leg in the mile relay at the Met l' ropo itan track meet. 105 Q gg A .19 - ,fl 1' f X A I ,Q if -.s.,,....l.,,. My , , .1 , W.. nm .pn W iii? W 3 ws. . 'W elmo we-f -ww 10235 TOP ROW: Coach Barborakg C. Thompsong K. Coxg F, Kempfg G. Steubingg M. Ottg G, Bacong H. Strosser. SECOND ROW: B. Clegerng S. Marting F. Spears: J. Fowlerg J, Davenportg K, Mason. BOTTOM ROW: B. Wehmeyerg C. Schwartzg C. Masong N, Schimicekg W, Bacon. Freddy Kempf, catcher, warming up the pitcher be- . fore game time. All home games were played at Camp Stanley. The season record for the Ram s was ten wins and five losses, eight wins andtwo los ses in district 63-B playoffs. The Rams ended their season with a s e c o nd place in district, c om ing in next to She rtz--Cibolo. fl iffiwi . .v1"'tiQX ,. if p W 5. bfi 'immie Davenport s taking a swing .t the Sher tz game. The umpire h e 1' e s Mr. Warren. Correct footwork and proper timing made this hit pos- sible for Craig Mason at the game at Camp Stanley. GeoffreyFowler takes a mighty swing, hoping for that all important home run, Pictured he r e is G a r n e t Steubing stress an d strain into that all im- portant pitch, ii. A V H V 'eww ,. , . Henry SVCS into 'left . ser is Preparing to hit a 10nB HY hal 1 107 M43 " 'H A www-.MW The girls' basketball team of '56, front row, from left to right: Barbara Bruhl, substitute, Glenda Stapleton, forward, Carol Loessberg, co-captain, forward, Carol Evers, co-cap- tain, forward and guard, La Nell Tietze, guard, Anna Prinz, gua rd. Back row, left to right: Nancy Magee, substitute, Sandra Bilbrey, substitute, Shirley W eime r, substitute, Mae Steubing, guard, Patsy Rosenbusch, forward and guard, Betty Lou Ka spe r, guard, Dorothy Krahn, forward and guard, Mr. James Lynn, coach, Despite the difficulties of having practices at the YMCA, the team showed much spirit, determination, and good sportsmanship in playing their games. A tall girl's advantage in basketball is clearly shown here. Patsy Rosenbusch has a ve r y good chanc e of getting the rebound from the Boerne opponent. Whether inpractice ses- sions such as this or in real action, Carol Evers shows the basketball form which Won her a place on the all-district team. Suchbasketball skill as hers is rarely found in a girl. Glenda Stapleton knows the importance of keeping one's eye on the ball. As the ball arcs, the players watch for any sign that it won't be a basket so that they may rebound the ball. Score -Lambs 61, Boerne 60. Dorothy Krahn makes use of an open- ing at the mom ent she wasn't being guarded to try for a shot against East Central. lt was the perfect opportu- nity for two points. Score-East Cen- tral 47, Lambs 39. Often in girls' basketball the guards have quite a time getting the ball down to their own fo rwa rd s. The opposing forwards make good guards as the Boerne opponent demonstrates to La Nell Tietze. Mae Steubing finds herself in quite an awkward po sitio n with the wall behind her and a Boerne guard in front of her. Her solution was a bounce pass to safety. Anyone who says girls' bas - ketball is a gentle game m a y take he e d from this shot. Unavoidable colli- sions such as the one Betty Lou Kasper happened upon are c o m m o noccurrences due to the vim and vigor of the players. The Bandera opponent probably got two free shots from this one. Nevertheless, the s c o r e was Lambs 49, Bande ra 36. M nh' 'luck M3 J 3 A -Q--Q A group of girls of which Northside is justifiably pr oud is the girls' track team. They ar e First row Qleft to rightj: Flor en c e Burns, Ruth Sturdevant, Betty Sue Springer, Wanda Cla r k, C oa ch McCollum, Glenda Stapleton, Carol Evers, and Dor othy Krahn, Second row: Bonnigene Watts, Cathy Cayo, L e n o r a Oh l e rm b u s h, Mae Steubing, Joyce Stapleton, and Dorothy Faulk. Third row: Bar- bara Bruhl, Elaine Lee, and Sandra Bilbry. Fourth row: Da r r i s Powell, Joan Clevinger, and Pat Powell. Another me mbe r of the team, LaNell Tietze, is shown at the left practicing chinning, meet. Ata girls' track meet chinning, as Florence Burns did here, is always a very important event. Because of girls like Florence, Northside team was placed second at the Somerset track 'QM swf ff The relay events in the track meets are always of all con summg interest to Northside. Mae Steubing is shown handing off to Dorothy Krahn in this shot. 9 1' ,. , rf, V 5 5. ' 2.1 . i , - it ., - n f , h , xg. W 4-da.-iffw. anda Clark show- i u s h e r e h e r tyle for broad- ,mping. The sand , ,, ,, loks soft enough v furnish Wanda a very comfortable landing. One of the best all-around girl athletes at Northside is Carol Evers. One can easily see why. Whether playingb a s ke tb all or putting the shot as here, C a r ol ' s athletic ability is always evident. ...Mtv 4. The Northside track team has found that the old saying, "practice makes perfect, " is very true. Glenda Stapleton and I..aNell Tietze are shown he r e in position for beginning one of the dash races. Ill hh' The volleyball must go up and over, and this appe ar s to be what Jo Ann Clevinger is about to do in this shot. This year there has been an amazing amount of inte r e st in volleyball shown by many Northside girls. This fact is e vid enc e d by the large team membership. The final test of the manyhours of practice put in by the volley- ball team is their participation in a game such as this against another s cho o l. Here Sharon Bartlett stands by to give a helping hand if it is needed. n Glenda Stapleton and Patsy Rosenbusch are pictured at one of the volleyball g ame s. Glenda hit the ball over the net and Patsy is ready to return the volley ball if necessary. The volleyball team is composed of the followinl girls: Glenda S ta ple t on, Dorothy Naegelin, Bett' Kasper, Patsy Rosenbusch, Jacqueline King, Sharo' Bartlett, Beverly P r io u r, Iris S c him c e k, Lea' Patton, Pat Powell, Darris Powell, Jo Ann Clevenger Carolyn Kamp, Mary Lou Hamilton, Joyce Stapleton M a 1' t h a Saldana, Mary Jo Wilkins, Lorelei Bartho lomew, Cathy Cayo, Elaine Lee, Sandra Bilb re y Mary Helen Gomez, Joan Moths, S ylvia Gonzales B a rb ar a Knapp, Lynn Forte, and Nancy M ag e e 2 Serving the ball pr ope r ly proves to be one of the most i difficult aspects of tennis, as Carmen Bruni demonstrates. .ix gs 1 Vhile the pitcher is delivering the pitch, Loretta Dpp has a vision of a home run during her after- g 2 . Loon PQE, class. 5 ' Q "-- ,, Ae',. ,. 1, in ' . . vo-A V .4 2 s .G A- . . Q 3 K ' K A - K W- il ,,,f,gm.g' r- ,:Z kN., i. - f -. Vigil 'Q A ft 5 . . . .. M . y p ' ,w.,,, it.. L ' L ' . . A ' nmef .- I M wrrs Q' -Jw M, if 'Hin . f fr: A, 1 iss ' ' 7' I ,., ' :wb . .faghrs ., A7 i K . .. Q I t ' WK ifswifv . .iff t is esei . in thr ows 2 414. ,E . . .. if s 2 Wi I .I . fhrfwa' f ppp"kk H 'I V -- -.1 '..., TV X' at fm' -5 kiu,Nl:g.,Q.,s2,f fi. "H'Qf?1 jQgg.'Q5,. fa.. A , f .V . ' . A I up -' . g ".. . V ' " A' x,s T,pf1s ,!'iY "..- ' W Nr 'I"Wu..,,fQ -1-Kim ?f,Bg5iQi'fiQ"755""' ' ". -L " s N if , , if H I - 7 ..." , wi - A wr ap 4 x ., W . ,K , .,.. . V . ,. , -:M , . ' i f . V M in -5 -. if .gif fri "'f3f 25:2 ., at 'fl ' f mi., K 'f he I .. fx. 1.1 -I ' 5 '- K .4 A ee. g if s 4 ,p,, ., 6 '...'.. LI . ...v .Wifi . '- ,.g v H ev A fue M' f It -4 'm7H,. ., , 3 L' 1. . N. 5. Lydia Moreno appears to be a mighty via r y Lou Hamilton batter. Having the bat in the proper s executing a fore- position is a good way to be r eady land drive which re- for any pitch. luires proper f o o t- vork and timing. qydia Moreno is also :ompleting a fozehand lrive. 113 Bett Lou Kasper, Beverly Priour, and Y Patsy Rosenbusch Cleft to rightj were chosen for their exceptional accomplishments as 56 b players on the volleyball team for 19 y their coach. - 4hfi'a. k V Q T .. .Q 5 ,. b s , 1 5 f it -an 5 QS , -, Q - 3 -gf, 1 4 The Hall of Fame was designed to give special rec- ognition to the wonde rful athletes, bothboys and girls, who richly deserve it. The stars of each team are applauded during the season of their sport, butthe purpose of this section is to give a lasting record of their accomplishments through the years. For foot- ball Melvin Krahn, all-district end, and Gus Neutze, all-district back, were chosen by their coaches as the outstanding players of the Northside football team. ,- A ' 122' My Chosen as the best players on the girls' basketball l E ers. As this team were Glenda Stapleton and Caro v was Glenda's first year as a member of the basketball Carol Evers team we are very proud of her success. the added honors of being chosen for the all-district basketball team, Texas Junior Olympics also gained Track Team, and all-state Luthern basketball team W VLH? vf The N o r th side basketball :eam wound up in second place .n the district due to the efforts of outstanding players such as Ronnie Poggemoeller and Mar :inGuerrero. These twowere a source of never-failing help to :he te am . . 6 5 'S I .2 w. Kenneth Sales, Billy S pr ing e r, and Martin Guerrero were chosen for the honor of the "Hall of Fame" for the ir outstanding contributions to the track team. The outstanding achievements of these three helped No r th s id e win the District Track Championship. Martin Guerrero went on to bring glory to the s c ho ol by his winning par- ticipation in the state meets. T sw ij 1: 'lie Dorothy Krahn and Ma e Steubing won the honor s for the girls' track team, Their athletic ability and competing spirit made the m the reasonable choice for best on the team, Henry Stro s s er was chosen as the best baseball player on the Northside team which won s e c o nd in the district. This was the first year Northside played in a regular conference. Henry was also chosen as outstand- ing in football. 115 2 , fx, 1 La.. we fm -sf!" 1, A , 3,5 gffuiig gg f il ,, W ,W pw , . 0331 ,. A , gy, W wnlkg rviis ,ef .swf 'wif i E, , if .I gl -. "JJ W :N 1:6 . -if -s a NS 4 HE." , v - 'A , 1 55 ' 'L 4- f I S 9.- C 'ulluuflqb Munn x 1 xxsx ,- vw" ,9 ff gf' A. picture suchas this will bring rack wonderful memories for many 'ears to many pe ople, for it is a moment of extreme joy. This is he crowning of the Homecoming Iueen for the Homecoming festiv- ties. The girl crowned queen, the luches se s, the escorts, the xarents, and the vie we r s of the Eeremony all are a part of the vhich is uir 1' o uinid S this 1' e rnony olde l MAG IBORUVHY NA I'X7EI.lN Dmroilty Nhmgrlin, QM' returv ul' thc' S ta I 6' lihrary rlnh, has worked hitrfl in thc Northmdv Lihrarv Club mor xxhivh sho pre-aicir-N ai president, She' ii it n. w. DANISHJX BA R'I'I,.FI'l'l 1 6" Danislm ll-artlrtt, one of the most in-civil :tudc-nt: ber or the Ndvmntil Honor Son mtv ,i nd fx mi M in Q S S w1-:1-n1Q.- nf nw Hows, srwJ.1Q0wQ it W-,.n,l-f .Jr nw Qf-m.',.- n1.t,fl-nt. at NorthQidr-, has been nhoien for Whrfs Who for her 'Qvc'Ol'Adyc'E-1l'. She- han rPL9iVf'rl 71 Pnrdal and 'ltittex de- gl-QQ in norm-imkmg, lm-sides me National nmwr Sonny and me annual stuff, me is kppm busy in the f JOANNE TOEPPEHWEIN Home-making i-2 prominent among Joanne Toepper- wc-in's many zxrtivities, She h a 'R rrceivf-ri her Howie- fmkmg modal and Stale cle,-in-41, and we it-HQ 1-110 5 0 n Homenwakvr of Tomorrow, She was also a Stale win- ncr in it-H. Her se-fond year inthe Who's Who shows licr algo as being assistant editor ofthe HORN, Pres- ident of tht- I-', H, A,, Dietrirt cific e r of the F,H,A,, and rnemlmr of the library club. F, Hn., Al-H, and senior play. CARLOS CONN A boy dc-lixnecl for Snrfei-2iStnrlo-1l'oon, He is kept very busy an pre :ide nt of the National Honor Society, editor ofthe RAMPAGE in his junio r year, and business manager of tho HORN, Ile also partiti- patcrl in basketball and had a role in the senior play. ,pu JHSW LEAH ANN PATTON One of the most versatile s tuden ts at North- side is Leah Ann Patton. This is the second year that the Who's Who saluted her for her tireless work as editor of the RAMPAGE and district pres- ident of the library club. Among her other honors are Vegetable Queen, Miss F.T,A,, and treasurer of the National Honor Society. YVONNE HABY A diligent worker with a vivacious person- ality best describes Yvonne Haby. As secre- tary of the student council, president of the 4-H, and district president of the F.T,A., she has done an exc ellent job. She is also an active member in the Na tional Honor Society and is on the annual staff. WILLIE MAE KNEUPPER Journalism claims most of Willie Mae Kne- upper's time, as she is associate editor of the RAMPAGE and writes articles for the city newspapers, She is district treasurer for the library club, district secretary for the F.T.A- and a member of the National Honor Soc1etY- she is in the F.H.A. and received he' state degree. f"""u 4113 GLORIA EVANS Outstandingqualities of popularityand leadership have won for Gloria Evans secretary of the F.H.A. and F.T.A. She is an active member of the pep squad, National Honor Soci- ety, and the annual staff. After much hard Work she was elected district secretaryof the F,H.A, and received her state degree. X N L?" 'W'-i to 3 ,agua J RONNIE POGGEMOE LLER Track, basketball, and baseball are the mlents of Ronnie Poggernoeller, Council president. He also holds the position of secretary-treasurer of the N Club, Be- f its, f 5 :W C' .5 , cause of his wonderful school spirit he was chosen class favorite and class president in his junior year , BENNO KLABUNDE KAREN JOST 'TWU Sw., U -- 'J ,I ,- ,. ifv, AP f.,.lz1'ir SENIORS HENRY sTRossER SANDRA LANFCBRD 41-,,. 'f . ' 7 JUNIORS 'I20 Qi' I' 'r . W '1iS?' Q' K 3 ll SOPHOMORES MELVIN OTT CATHY CA YO EIGHTH HARRY HAGGARD DANELL WALLIS FRESHMEN HAROLD VOIGT BARBARA BRUHL g F.F.A, SWEETHEART BETTY SUE SPRINGER F.H.A. SWEETHEART MR. TOUCHDOWN HENRY STROSSER BENNO KLABUNDE BEVERLY PRIOUR CAROL LOESSBURG DUCHESS DUCHESS I BARBARA EPP QUEEN PATSY SAATHOFF MARY HELEN IGO DUCHESS DUCHESS A,,'v"' Drama becomes a burning in- erest in every senior's life when ie time for the senior play rolls round, Heretofore quie t people ecome budding Sarah Barnhardts, lveryone take s some interest in ie play whi c h is usually a great uccess. This year the play was ntitled STRICTLY FORMAL, and fas an uproarious c ome dy about ypical family life. Jimmy lnowlton seems really to have en- ayed his ac ting as he was quite ie lover. Leah Ann Patton, lanisha Ba-rtlett, and Dorothy Iaegelin also had major parts in xis very successful production. Rio knows but that the se very c tor s and actresses may be the :lent finds of the future? t i Q .sswv ' --lf' "W"-Mr' V-V I 5 5 S PGS,-bbw 5 5 , V V fi'e9fsfPat1bf1 Annual. sfaff Wu ' W 'H LL oay v l 3701 0 G' ' V6 jr I5 1 Fw if Mo: l 6 If ff V "ev, l if - fr'-1 ,f c A 'I A . ,f QL ff ' if K Yi i ,- f ,F uwllp 'Nu 1 M if od5"f"'1 big - 'TI " ' T ' 1-"j"!'M'! Wi 6 fx ,.Q.. MN 55 5"Fl10mQ,-e Qnfffi, Ho, infd Ndflawal A, ,-f f A T FHA Afefa C-.5 sane i M I r imagery E T5wi73-Sgudewslngngts EMM' me6T4ln9 5"'. 4 f A N J 'F fsyr ax I 3 'S ----- fa' 34? U X 24 1 X f J ,' tqlfjf ffl ip f U ,f ff X 'XX-X,X 553- lf! , '1 I9 Y 7, Y ' 7 A7 Y C AA VW YY YYY AF.- 4AA f 55 DCC-vmbm, 55 ,f"' N X S - F9 I 22 is 52ghev-gan J-myuiwjuj 28 ,,FbRp0Lf?-1 -Fil Bam Q rg -,nuff cw-vst"" , - A A ,- ah" IO- 0 QQIHHSIQ D K K St be 10 ,, 1 BQ3, 2 P fl 1 ,ww f Q wi Ae A 'Q IA cm' N 1 . U , fr gtg? f L- XJ 1 ....L.....--f-f' A ' 5 Qfixx X 1 ff II ,, 4 V 7 16-.I ff A Xa L r lv Q W J ll f ZZ! ? jf! HJ ffji 51. Fekwuwul Eg e XFNQTQW rfiggg M S-'ff 'Q-55? Tmk lm lo Whose 5 SOPlumuxC 8 RQ somegeoef 9' Q Onelrouk ibut' TR' EWOETNKVGA Sfo mfiede 54- Fl 85.71. 7 N 1 P56 .A K' 1' s L ' MIX'- L : ia,--1 "H I 5 ff!! J ,wv . 'fini V fm im," 'Q 5 1 f Wd' 'T' f-U ' - X Y W Q15 ' 's UI f 352W Q ' '4 ffm. ,. 7.5' - ' 'WW I 'N ' flmiq gy H., I J X 3 I in Sf- Aww! 55113 4 5-"' m 59 ' K MSR- e A i1" 'a':.'2 '7 UK-SR' I9 Pgdzamw llf 4 lLV l Pfcfv UL. X F ate, , L ar t' X A i X 2 TQ C3 1515 !Bacca LU3fZfe f1f 1' A, " 'lr M IK! 'O ,,,, , ,,.. It 'T D ? 5 ji, Sfzfgifauc 4+g'E'f,e 2 2 fQf,-- ,J f fa ',D.TA. 3,qn-5-Q S1 'ji' ga I 9 - .z,-L,,:f- f IDU? :W 35 W J. x f9 Q os: Making friends with candy bars was the code of Cindy QL.eah Ann Patton, in the senior play, Strictly Formal. Her co-stars, Danisha Bartlett and Joy Martin, seemed to think it was a very tasty idea. And away we go! " It 'curred to Santa that e wagonjust didn't rnish a very safe mode transportation. He, uwever, managed tc rread joy and happiness all on the National onor Society Christ- as program. As star the show, Santa helped ake the program a waring success. The seniors at their Christmas party found toys the delight of their child hood, stilla source of e n J oym e nt Each senior brought toys for class mates to play with at the party but all later were sent to an orphanage Everyone e nj oy e d immensely the assembly put on by the drama department of Trinity University. The boy pictured here did Several excellent pan- tornimes, which succeeded in keeping the viewers virtually in hysterics. B e s i de s this co- median there were several vo- cal and piano selections on the more serious side rendered by some ofthe very talented drama students, The proudest moment in a ba sketball player's life is the presentation of letter sweaters. These are given only to the girls who play sixteen quarters in district games, This is known as "lettering, " In this picture Mr, Jim Lynn, girls' bas- ketball coach, p r e s e nt e d Carol Evers with her sweater. 127 ln this pantomime at the National Honor SocietyChristmas pro- gram awayward hep- cat uncle tried to relate the famous "TWas the Night Before Christ- mas" to his little niece. The uncle was played byVickie East- erwood and the niece by Leah Ann Patton. 'lax A familiar scene during basketball season is that of a tired but triumphant girls' basket- ball team. These girls have their own con- ference with r e gularly scheduled district games. They are a group everyone is proud to have in the school. As regularly as the sun rises and sets, so also comes football season. This marvelous and ex- citing time of year brings scenes such as this Where the heroes of the grid-iron do their best to uphold the honor and glo r y of their school name. School Life fcontinuedj The donkey baseball game put on by the F. F.A, was a howling success this year. Despite the excellent pitching of Mr. Boone for the faculty, the F.F.A. boys won the game. The donkeys just weren't very good ball players. A tedious ordeal for the typing classes was putting together the Lockhill booklet. The students do, however, gain valuable experience from jobs such as these. v.. 1: kt the National Honor Society banquet Iarlos Coon, president of the Na- ional Hon or Society, was giving a ' e s u rn e of the qualifications one nust have to be chosen for member- ihip in the society. Not only scholar- ship is desired but als o character, eadership, and service. School Life fcontinuecll A guiding light in every school is the Parent Teachers' Asso- ciation. The goal of the association this year was closer re- lationship betwe en school, student, and home. Here Mr s Patton is pictured with the other officers at one of the regular meetings. li Q . 5 sg 'Y ,Q 5 he bunnyhop wasa popular dance at the "Freshman Leap. " The fresh- an dance was a hugh success and was enjoyed by all. H 'Q if Undiscovered talent came to light at the tale n t show sponsored by the Student Council. This jazzy little number was a show stopper. 129 'fi One of the biggest and best dances of the year is always the "Sophomore Stompede, " T his year, as usual, it was well at- tended and everyone enjoyed the fabulous western decorations. The music by that famous group of hillbilly artists, Larry Nolen and his Bandits, was the high- light of the evening. This scene for the senior play seems to signify either dire tragedy or Dorothy Naegelin trying out a football block on Leah Ann Patton. Leah certainly seems to be in pain. School Life fcontinuedj Refreshments are always a contributing factor to the Succesf Of every dance. The FFA-FHA Barn Dance was no exceptiol to this rule. F. l-I.A, 'ers-Gloria Evans, Danisha Bartlett, an: Joanne Toepperwein-are shown here working at the concessiol booth, s M 1 w 1 f s if 1 1,1 S ,ck clk 'Hoi an iz. R. nffw uv I1 L5 U' GQ if xf' f A scene such as this in the home economics room usually pre cludes a style show. In this case the girls are going over th details of'their newly-made dresses with the na r rator of th style show, Leah Ann Patton. The girls were received a few minutes later with much applause and appr eciation ofthei work and appearance by the members of the Parent Teachers Association for which the style show was given. School Life fcontinuedj Santa Claus Qalias C oach McCol1uml seems in for a spill, as the law of gravity says "What goes up must come down." Be- lieve it or not, the prostrate figures on the floor are sleeping reindeer waiting patiently for the arrival of old St. Nick. He arrived but not in so unobtrusive a rn anne r as he would have desired. This tom foo l e r y took place in the National Honor Society Christmas program. ii 5- img. li' na . ' 'e'i ' .'. A Q Q . 45 ,A , if ' mn ' if . 0 X 'gi 7 f L. T ...A he upset of the year occurred when second place North- '1 H wi. .ip """'MW' .de beat Boerne who was tied with B ande ra for first A I A :A T 'n ina' Q .ace in District 28-A football c om pe tion. Everyone w-winrsgw W NQYXV... . i g- ,.. Lbit za: K ' A greed this day-time game shown here was the best one ,. X 1 'M' f M"""'W""M""""' """""""'N"""Wf ' the year. f ki, ' A 4' W an nv new--w,,,,i ' kHassF:Qa-..w- si niqst: L. . , . y- W .. erve Your T.A,L.A. " was the theme of the district wrary club m e e t ing held at Northside High School. :ah Ann Patton, president of the district, is shown esiding over the morning session. W , 4 lfm '. f u W lf, , K M +A l . walk., in .. V islam , W . my ,Q V ,Q,,pv. 2 'Ffa-"Wt-' K , . . , " . . i U , . K, 'ly an L ye lm "-me - , V Q 2 K .A , M .Q ,QM 41 K . rpm .E M , , If a, I These half-animal, half-human creatures were the characters in the skit put on by the HORN staff to boost the sale of '56 HORNS. The skit was a take -off on the Walt Disneyproduction, Lady and the Tramp. The antics of these staff members kept everyone laughing and even helped the sale of yearbooks. A mo ment long to be remembered was the formalcoronation ceremony of the Homecoming Queen at the Homecoming Dance. Here master of ceremonies, Allen Brannon, presented the traditional loving cup to Queen Barbara Epp while the Duchesses, PatsySaathoff and Carol Loessberg, looked on. School Life lcontinuedj "We cannotte1lalie." The program for Washington's birthday, sponsored by the student council, was a great success. The singing voice of Butch Daughtry, was discoveredatthis program. There were also other talent numbers and some serious speeches whichadded greatly to the success of the whole show. , x A time to be looked for- ward to and remembered long afterwards is the Junior-SeniorProm. Wonderful music, good food, andabeautiful atmosphere made the "Moonlight and Roses" Promafabulous success. Sf? 5, V, ' 5 A scene suchas this during football season brings cheers from th: stands as one of our team gains yard after yard, As he pushes forward, the goal posts loom closer and closer. ometirnes an unpleasant but necessary or- eal is the taking of immunization shots. The killful nurse helps the situation by her effi- iency and patience. Thanks to such services s these, the youth of todayare far healthier 'ian the youth of yesterday. School Life fcontinuedl John Koobs and Danisha Bartlett seemed to be enjoying themselves as they gave Joy Mar tin her medicine in a scene from the s enior play, This touching scene was in reality a par t of the deep plot of Strictly Formal to get the proper boy back to the proper girl. g 9 . 1 ? 3 W 1 pw These gaily clad snow people reigned over the fabulous "Snow- man's Ball" given by the Ramblerettes. This formal dance was the highlight of everyone's Christmas activities. ffl? ,X te, My V' . W' ti: . P A -... nv '-e' 'i vi 5 Thanks to the good care Mr. Liebe and Mr. Menn give to the school and our grounds, our school is getting progressively prettier every day. These nice people work from dawn to twi- light for the good of Northside. The excellent quality of the food inthe No rth sid e Cafeteria is largely due to the efforts of Mrs. Hay and Mrs. Stanley. The good s rn ells which issue from the cafeteria and arouse everyone's appetites are evi- dence that these ladies are hard at work. School Life lcontinuedl One of the many lovely d r e s s e s modeled at the freshman style show is this c h ar m ing formal shown here by Sh e r r y Parrott. . I .k,, '14 1 r ' I Vi in I if . V 'N f ,,.. ' . "Pretty as a pic ture" is a term that could be used to de- scribe these perky freshman girls. Here they are lined up for a final round of applause before the curtain that will bring to a close the freshman style show. Here we have Miss "Fifi" Sieckenius ina naughty little piece of bed- time attire. Her willowy figure was greeted by many whistles and cheers from the embarrassed au- dience attending the N Club Style Show. Coach McCo1lum'snumber is rather charming also. 134 After Joan Bayrnan comes up, she'11 prob ably push Matthew Moreno and Kenneth Sale into the wate r for revenge. On the Junior Senior Picnic a lot of horseplay added to th fun. Miss "Mimi" Chambers is here showing you the latest c reation from Paris. Miss Mim i was only one of the models used to createa sensation in the N Club Style Show. School Life Qcontinuedl After much s c rambling and digging, these seniors have .nally found their graduation invitation S lon the bottom, of oursel and are looking them over to see if they like them. Petting invitations is always something to look forward to. . we Sally, Cindy, and Jane are discussing the usual topic, oys, in the senior play. Strictly Formal, which brought lot of laughs, went off very well unde r the direction of fir. Neff. These boys will be full-fl e dg e d N Club m e mbe r s after they run around the track carrying those onions in their mouths, Of cou1'se, half of them had to be eaten first. V-:-.4 Here are some senior boys getting ready for their big night, Commencement was a. big time for everyone, and excitement ran high, Observe Alan Peyton adjusting Ken Sa1e's tie. ...Q- Q' School Life fc ontinuedj Some senior girls waiting for Baccalaureate to begin seem to be having trouble keeping their tassels out of their eyes. Getting ready for senior pictures involved putting on caps and gowns, much to the dismay of these boys. Bad enough to wear a white shirt and a tie, but those caps and gowns! Jimmy Knowlton seems to be getting a good laugh from something at the bar-b-q given for the seniors at Dani sha Bartlett's home. Everyone had a wonderful time dancing and playing games. Rising for the invocation at Baccalaureate are the fifty-two graduating seniors, A wonderful address was given by Rev. J, W, Morgan of the Jefferson Methodist Church. Baccalaure- ate was a precious and solemn moment for the seniors. Thursday, May 31st, is a holiday for the students but not for the faculty. Time out from grading papers, counting textbooks, and cleaning out desks is taken to enjoy the lovely luncheon prepared for the faculty by the c afe te r ia ladies as a farewell gesture. After such a delicious meal the faculty, is re ady to go back to finish those last minute details. These very solemn seniors are awaiting the receive ing of their diplomas at the Commencement Exer- cises. The auditorium was beautifully decorated with palms and baskets of silver-tipped pink car- nations. The 1956 class chose "Not finished, just begun" as their class motto and "The Halls of Ivy" as their class song. Theyelected to give the school a brick planter box with the school name on it, to be placed at the entrance ofthe school. --69' Q ..r" .W,',- ,Q iw School Life lcontinuedl Taking a break from serving the juniors and seniors at the Junior- Senior Picnic are the class sponsors and homeroom mothers. Their hard work made the picnic a big success for everyone. 'O Studying speeches, adjus ting caps, and mopping soaked brows c ons titute part of the preparation for Commence- . ment. Fifty-two rather nervous seniors graduated that ' night from the high school auditoriuni. f.. an ft. ii f X Z W aluable experience in p e 1' s o n a 1 zlations, salesmanship, andbusi- :BS technique is acquired by the alicitors f o r advertising f o r the ORN. Gr o up s such as the one 42, work constantly to get as many Theyffind for the 1: of EIIEIIT IIIREIIIUIIII IIEIIITH II LIFE INSURANCE S EUMPANY IIIIIIIIIIII. ,,,., . 1 ,,,.,,fm I, o L D L 1 N E II 'N L E G A L R E s E R v E HCIME DFFICE EIIUIIATIUNAL - EIIIIIIWMENTS RETIREMENT IIIIIIIME LIFE GUARANTEED TIIRIFT PLAN IIIISPITALIZATIIIN - SURGERY DISABILITY INGIIME LEE DAVIS CO., INC. Distributor for Elliott Paints 8. Varnishes Valspar Paints 8. Varnishes 101 Fredericksburg Rd. PE 6-3174 A 5 Points PRASSEL'S DRUG STORE NO. 2 947 Bandera Rd. 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REVOLVING .2 dd 'H No charge is made on phone orders totaling S5 or more . . . CHARGE and there's only a nominal charge of 35 cents for delivery I many mon it um spanned by you on phone orders under 55. ig Phone Sally Sears 1 A t Ope ing An Account " Romana Plan 5 South Ido Sion gwpczfp gamarzied on 0!0l!ly haf CS. ,V Soledad so r ni g ,,,,,,,,,,,, gd, .t Loop 13 CA 3 4311 WA 3.3466 142 J. B. STRANGE BUTANE GAS CO. ,Er 2,1671 3410 r.-REDERICKSBURG RD Butane Service and Equipment PE 5-7371 Fl. 8, Box 143 BB, 8800 Bandera Rd. - San Antonio, Texas BACON TILE SERVICE I Distributors of AZTEC, ROMONA AND CERA-TILE Telephone PE 3 or H :ms Fredericksburg Rd. - ' SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS E R E BAcoN SAN ANTONIO TEXAS fgyfr TELEVISION 8r RADIO SERVICE ALL woRK GUARANTEED If you want to sell ..... Emblem Jewelry Class Rings Chrislrnas Carrds - Everyday Cards Beauhful Stahonery - Unusual GITTS W, T, NEILL CO, STEMAN CARD co. . 823 Fredericksburg Rd. San Antonio, Texas Club Rings Manufacturing Jewelers CA. 7-9081 808 MAVERICK BLDG. C 0 M P L l M E N T 5 0 F W. T. QTommieJ Neill 5AN ANTQNIQI TEXAS "Formerly Bitter's Cleaners" 1230 Bandera Road PE 3-8572 SHOPE'S axramrre Service Mon ruI5,.............I:IlIlllIlIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll HIIIIIIIIIIIIIWI redencksburg Road III I II .... I Ed Shope, Dealer PE. 4-311 In P r rillr Il r llll ---- Ill All, IFIIETBIESIIIDJE Ka fc? , I f .Go DE WESE'S TIP TOP CAFE U F 181 4 Fredericksburg Road pfyazyffzfos fwfoffrfcffswwvafm SAN ANTONIO 1, TEXAS ., A.. . l ll COMPLIMENTS OF UNCLE ED'S BARBER SHOP Feeds Garden Supplies Seeds Mutual Dairyade for Calves Heart's Delight Feeds - Ful-O-Pep Feeds WOODLAWN FEED-DAIRY SUPPLY CO. 1326 Fredericksburg Road PE 2-6430 CHARLES PICHARD, Owner 'ft . DIAMONDS WATCHES EISENHAUER JEWELRY WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING - 1219 West Ave. San Antonio, Texas Phone PE 47311 HOT DOG HAVEN 2123 Culebra Come In And Fix'em Yourself Fletcher I 4 I I r J 17 r' ffvf' ' pffepizi -' f 55' 4 1 1 4- 1 1 if f- C9 'C . fit ' A 5:lfQy'3.1Z j'f I 0 X ff STUDIO 255 E. FREDERICKSBURG Marshall Tipton CA 4-5509 GRACE'S PHARMACY If We Hc1ven't Got It, We'11 Get It BEST MALTS IN TOWN A Come in and see us! 1901 Cincinnati Ave. PE 3-1231 John's Buster Brown Store Shoes for the Entire Family 941 Bandera Road PErshing 3-0831 STOLLE ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Contracting Industrial and Residential Wiring LEON VALLEY GROCERY VARIETY 8. HARDWARE Your Friendly Neighborhood Store PE 4-4841 Processing Meat ls Our Specialty YOUTH CENTER ACo lt Ch'ld ' St F I X T U R E S Boysnlpgifls Tl'lrur1I2sYe::: Layette -Acce o ' PE 44381 '02 BABCOCK RD' 3309 wesmve. S qN21vrl5ZndercenferJ PE 5-4571 COMPLIMENTS OF POP'S ICE STATION LUMBER 1046 Bandera Road PE 2-0557 RENOVATING UPHOLSTERING Maddox Mattress Co. MANUFACTURERS "BETTER REST" BEDDING PE 5-5211 IVAN G. MADDOX 4109 FRE-IDERICKSBURG ROAD And A General Line of BUILDING MATERIALS Hardwood Doors Glidden Paints Remodelin and Buildin Loans "Free Estimates" OLMOS LUMBER CO. 2818 North McCullough TA 2-3131 Free Prompt Delivery TA 6-0121 143 W FE , E r-- i X ll in I .3 , , ,.. E l , ea pf- y MILK d fm saeliezliii DJ I Q 5 "" E 6 m Nowuows clurulv 0 nu rnzonxcxslulc loan V 1001 ... tw I C E g R E A M ' , TIADE mmm l ,V Weil-1 n Ek , Get KNOWLTON'S and Q Ii i-e r ' 1 KNOW you have the besfl 7 1 1 FOR YOUR BEAUTY NEEDS ' 156, ' vtsn' LEO ADAMS if Cash and Carry Feed Store I , . LARRO FEEDS Albert s Beauty Shop San Anton338TEiZi91'iCkSbUIg Rodd PE 3-1-472 Completely Air Conditioned PE-4-7571 829 Bandera Rd. In Varsity Village Seubert 8. Porter TV Service PE 5-6831 PE 5-2109 1405 Hildebrand Serving Leon Valley We service all makes of radio and TV VILLA 8. MORING TILE CO. CERAMIC TILE 110 Jon Ann St. PE 5-1002 TQEEEEIIIIIEIIIS GAS ' ICE GROCERIES ' DRINKS SPORTING GOODS "lF WE HAVEN'T GOT IT WE WILL GET IT" PHONE 5-8317 HELOTES, TEXAS Good BALCONES CLEANERS 105 Glenarm Phone PE 4-1790 At 4300 Fredericksburg Rd. IT'S SAFE WITH US" BOTTLING co., INC. 123 Lqrme CApitol 5-2601 MEL'S BARBER SHQP MELTO N PROVISION CO. MEAT PACKERS SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Phone CA 7-3121 PARKER,S PHARMACY A Complete Neighborhood Drug Store comin oLMos and wesr Ave. Your Business Is Appreciofed Ph PE 3 8131 SAN ANTONIO 1 TEXAS it BLUE BONNET . , , Pomro CHIP co. ,T 1. HOME OF TELL-CRAFT PUNCH SYHUP Manufacturers and Distributors of Food Producti. 603 Cincinnati Ave. Pershing 7761 SAN ANTONIO l. TEXAS The Oak Hills Drug Store 2720 Fredericksburg Rd. PE 5-5223 San Antonio, Texas s TWINN KISS DAIRY 8 SNACK BAR Drive in or Come in - QDining Room! Shakes, Malts, Sundaes 8. Splits Jumbo Burgers-Jumbo BBQ Sandwiches Fried Chicken-Steaks Curb Service W. E. STRANGE'S SERVICE STATION AND GARAGE GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS PE 2-0592 PE 3-8996 1509 Bandera Road KAlllSON'S BIG COUNTRY STORE Meeting 8. Greeting Place FARM - RANCH - HOME SUPPLIES Kallison's Ranch Home of the Old Trader and the Trading Post Reg. Polled Herefords '32 tn: lm , Best Wishes 4 NORTHSIDE 1 Graduates q l RWYERJ, R1ix9XwXxsx'u005Mwxm 2126 I-'35 ' 2701 SQUTZRLCKSBURG 7505 N R554 nevnv :Os 3, 08 or was 8 ' mamma B "0ADwxY DR' ALWAYS COMPLIMEN TS OF A FRIEND Z' bun MUHQQIS jnf e A. nr me . f- ,g 1 ' I ae , I ' if' 'E II5IIZI3FHWlf fi? I -S 2 !sA ,, 'ri i I 1904 rmsosmcxsaune Ro. 'P -2 Pershing ..... 3-9144 222 1 6 I ' 'A 1 V , sAN ANroNlo, rexAs is I ' - I' MemberF.D.l.c. mffguinog V ' " y Jdfflklbdf ,ww ,X lgimi, arfarmrenf ' do of7?xa.r X-. Pecan G Hier MM .lim dVdl!dff9 lil ready fa mmf Gffons. GARLAND TV and Appliance WiIson's Ice 8. Food Service 2000 N.W. Military Hwy. DI 2-9012 SIEBOLD MOBIL STATION 3018 Fredericksburg Rd. PE 2-0456 Will pick up and deliver anywhere. EL CHARRO RESTAURANT 2618 Fredericksburg Road PE 5-3481 Ai . T 8. L ICE HOUSE GROCERIES at leon Valley on Bandera Road Tables Inside For Served Refreshments LOVEI.AC'E DRIVING SCHOOL FULLY DUAL CONTROLLED RIGHT STEERING WHEEL DETACHABLE T. R. LOVELACE, Owner 425 CULEBRA AVE. PE 5-793I SAN ANTONIO Congratulations to the Seniors from the HORN Staff P A C E CORPORATION Operators of COLD DRINK, COFFEE and HOT CHOCOLATE VENDING MACHINES W' ii Congratulations to the Class of '56 Sir WOLFF 86 MARX 'A' San Ant0nio's Friendly Department Store Since 1877 B0lDT'S GARAGE Phone DI 2-9184 General Automobile Repairing LLL. LE,L2fL PIGGLY WIGGLY SAN ANTONIO CO. E. A. Basse President AAf'M "W'ZZ'KV N f 1155 iif h'i ? Q iyfff BUDDY,S DRIVE-IN 3431 Fredericksburg Road PE 2-0290 EMPIRE ' W RECORDS - HIGH EIDELIIY - aAroNs C00 Jefferson Village 1009 Donaldson Ave. EARLY AMERICAN AND MODERN FURNITURE GO To THQ GAMES WITH 3107 FREDERICKSBURG ROAD O HUMBLE SERVICE STATION SGI1 AMONG, TSXUS 3207 F2i'LERL1KfZ2TQlD+EAQAZABM o P E N 2 a II o u R s NlCHOL'S BARBER SHOP INSIDE soMMER's ARCADE Jeff Village ZIIDDSI' CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY Pick-up 8- Delivery A. H. ZIPP OWNER Phone GE,2-2711 THEISS HARDWARE AND PAINT 1206 West Ave. PE 4-4732 3648 CULEBRA LOMA PARK R. AUE 6 SON W GROCERIES and MEATS 0 LEON spnmss, TEXAS Browning, Coon, French 8. White GENERAL INSURANCE 3603 Broadway TA 6-6323 San Antonio - Austin - Houston Fort Worth - Harlingen Corpus Christi - Victoria Approved by State Dept. 0fEcluc11ti0n as Business junior Colleges DURHAM pfpgppgf BUSINESS COLLEGES C. W. DURHAM, President 105 San Pedro San Antonio, Texas CA. 7-3146 fb C5217 M - SERVICE . be STAT'oN Compliments S 'X X CQ' 73 1 of E Igilzg PHILLIPS a H6611 FRIENDLY serzvlce Culebra 8. N. Zarzamora Phone P-20065 Fnend SAN ANTONIO 1, TEXAS HANDY-AN DY NO. 2 919 Bandera Rd. Here Mr. John Orin, Manager, is shown advising Vicky, Gloria, and Mae iust what kind of ice cream to buy. UNIVERSITY DRUG STORE GERFER'S CAFE GOOD FOOD Fredericksburg Rd. 'Corner Cincinnati Ave. and Bandera Road Moody Armstrong, Owner Prescriptions Soda Fountain ' ' School Supplies Texaco Service Station FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1815 Fredericksburg Rd. Phone PE 6-3191 PE 3-9811 San Antonio, Texas WT' ! 2 1 7 ,Q .HK . -, wav , Q 'E 9635 W' M Mwhfw Ea fi! 'M' WJ Q ye 32' Mg' A Auf 9' ' 11, Wg Sfgmiij Ely? fwmm 5 JP Me 9 IWW gk sf Amfamfffevnf L fgxgy ,Q Wg 6 'K df? W W 9 'M fy 'Y W0 if WNW 332 Qgfyfgbffaa ND Www Pin w ,,- Q ,X ,z ,I 4 1 -rv, X . K .4 ' if v .1 .g, L 1 x ' i.l'iiil,,, 24 zxixfzsqgz' a. iifjii 1'1j A ew FW . ' if K Q44 wr S 01 X If? mv., In Q N C if f 4 WNW .,..,,w,F.W2 'W-f-rf "'M sf . , W .Y .f .X F S31 'F S aw, 'rf 1 wr 1:2 ffm mwwtni: ' A .,.,, zA.:a:"r,:m.f 2. fir ,, 'K . WFT.. ,J : M A A ' ,QM 2 N ' ' W XE fn., , . . , ., 'SW 1 U W i f ' ff 1' ix :-.1 , 2, ,W W, W. .2,,x.,,. i.: 5 I : fi '- H s , ' ,... . :E E ' "5i1,"'::-"gif: Egi x 1-ww 'QV 1 1 ff sk K sf Q V . . J, 4 144' ff k QM , E A..k .V A - xr ' f I '55 , :I f 5 so much ,tp do be . " Tennyson A H, V Wi, 'MW 'V -L

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