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X LIBRIS fx as--f 3,1-aff il X .ff"" Q orth tar 1954 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS NORTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL CORNING, NEW YORK Wim! fha!! I do to be forever known And make the nge to come my own? Cmfrsmen All Slntc the l5Ll,lDI1lII1, of tum men lIIYC m1de IlIlI1j.,S bc1ut1ful 1nd useful thlngs smsfvrne 1 dcsrrt to trcm IIIl to leuc behrnd 1 sxorthx thrngs zo be remembered by r11ps rt btpn muh 1 Ll e 1 nnng of 1 eer on 1 IVL sm Iater rt ma hue been 1 tlu bovsl Slllpfkl lflxl smoothed rn the h1nds of in Indmn s uat nng over hrs flrc Snll l1ter from mms brzun 15 well 15 from hrs h1nds came the boolts the musre tl1e poetry exen the skxscmpers 1nd brrdges 1ll the work of the tmftsmin 'Xlorthsrdr I-heh School srtuued rn the arty where the worldf1mous Cornrng glqss rs mfrde Fxer tonsuous of the LI'lfISI'II1fISl'llp all qround us we hue deuded thu our sthool too rs 1n 1rt1s1ns shop our te1ehers the emftsmen und we the frpprentrces We too 1rc tr: urng somethrnu not 51155 but somethrng more srgnrfrmnt l1ves and ureers We hope th1t these PIQCS mll represent the v1r1ous wus rn whreh we are do IHS., this And hernia, tuftsmen yourselxes II' xour YIUOL15 frelds you will sympathlze mth our drums mtl efforts to fTl1lx6 somethrng Table of Contents MANAGFMENT 5 OVERTIME APPRENTICES 13 SWING SHIFT 87 SHOP ADVERTISING 93 Photography by W Rankm H Ross C Housman L Q " "' I' A ' L" Q ' "S, '. n L .' R , .L I ' L ' ' 'Q 'Q L L" ' E L ' ' ' ' ' '. Pe l. ' ". V . cr tl ' t.1i ' 1 d . C4 ' 'Q ll. .. ' y . ' . ' . . - 1 1 . . . q - A. x t Q A 1 I L 7 If ever LI school should be conscious of skill and craftsmanship, it should be l " 'K' J ' ' 1 -1 ' . ' . ' , . '. 1 . '.z '. . , 1 ' ' 1 , . 1 ' . Q A N H . x , , V: . . 1 . I . ' L S . ' 'A ' 1 ' '. ' h " ' - I Y ' V 4 Y ' I V I A Y 'R ' ' - y V rl Y l C Y f'A"" ,b 4, QW: , fx , ASKWMF L ,..-ff 1 . 5 W ,Y 0 1 4:5 lop Glass arusan fenzn A McElhaney at easel Bnlmm Glass engraver Srcubumarg I. Betts at lathe H Lee at sander ' ' Superintendent Hugh XV. Gregg R e c og n I ti 0 n Whereas, Hugh W. Gregg has been associated with the school system of District 15, city and Town of Corning, New York, for 31 years, the last 20 of which he has been superintendent of schools in the district, and Whereas, during these years he has contributed all of his energy, often to the detriment of his physical well-being to the betterment of the schools Linder his jurisdiction and the Community in which he lives, and Whereas, the Board of Education of District 13, City and Town of Corning, New York, be- lieves that outstanding services should be recognized while the person is still active in his appointed field. and Whereas, the new building about to be dedicated will without doubt be but a part of a much larger unit to be completed in the future on the present site and may well be the best of the larger units to be built in the district. Be it resolved, that the above mentioned building be known as the Hugh W. Gregg Elemen- tary School and that a suitable plaque be installed in or on the building to be designated its name, and Be it further resolved, that a copy of this resolution shall appear in the minutes of the Board of Education, District 13, City and Town of Corning, New York, and that a copy shall be presented to the supervisor, Hugh W. Gregg, outstanding educator, citizen, and parent. Board of Education October 20, 1953 y 15... I f Hugh W. Gregg 7 Elementary School !f,, M lf-ei District 13 Board of Education. Sealed: Mr. Richard johnson Mrs. Elsie Franz, Clerkg Mrs. Norma Coleg Mr. Hugh W. Gregg, Superintendent. Standing: Mr. Walter E. Smith, Mr. Walter Valerius Mr. Roland D. Smith, President Dr. Kent W. Phililpsg Dr. H. E. DeCamp. Behind the Scenes-Master Planners Serving tirelessly, without remuneration, the seven members of the Corning, District No. 13, Board of Education endeavor to provide every possible educational advantage for us. They determine the policies of administration and oversee the en- tire operation of our educational program. Theirs is the task to see that this program remains within the laws and regulations of the state education department. Their problems are diverse and many in number, extending from buying wastebaskets to balancing the budget. All problems concerning the school come under their jurisdic- tion. Mr. Hugh W. Gregg, as superintendent of schools, acts as the intermediary be- tween the board and the school staff. Meeting every second Tuesday of the month, this group of administrators makes the decisions. It's this behind-the-scenes planning that makes our school tick. Miss Florence Wilson Secretary to the superintendent Mrs. Elsie Franz Treasurer of Extra-Curricular Activities Mary Hickey. Secretary to the Deans. Miss Marion Olmsted, Dean of Girls. with A. McHenry Miss Marion Olmsted, dean Of girls at Northside, is never too busy to help one of her girls. Schedule conflicts, personal problems, and career plans are all in a day's work. During our senior year Miss Olmsted arranges exploratory visits to area colleges and business schools so that we can see "what it's like." Here Miss Olm- sted confers with senior Ann MCI-Ienry con- cerning her plans to become a nurse. Plotnng the Schedule - Do you have a problem, fellows? If you do, see Mr, Whitcomb, Whether it concerns a part-time job, a schedule change, or what you will do after graduation, he will probably Come up with the answer. For eighteen years. Mr. Whitcomb has watched boys come and go at Northside. His first aim has been to help. In many instances he has continued to observe the efforts and successes of his boys long after graduation. Mr. Wfhitcombs interest is in the individual boy, in 3011. Feat of an Expert Facultg- Northside's Craftsmen MARY E. ALDRICH English .RY B. AUBLE EDWARD J. BABCOCK XVILLIAM J. BARRETT sical Education Music History HELEN N. BRADBURN l'ily-,l1.ul I-iln.nIn:ll MARIAN BRADLEY f M.lll11'lll.lllu'. is MARGARET R. ARN E S E ' Commerce ERNESTINE B. BOORfT-f English ROBERT E. BURNS 'I E IllillI'ilII,li All-. lhnu Immun RUTH A BURRITT Commerce BETHIA E. CAREY I-Iomemaltinq 'Q' English 8 A fx .df I f 'rein M 1 I , 'M -aff j i ggi ' ' I ,Q ,ill it N?iEad'Iim"fqk .,,.,., I' ,gi I 'F L 1 ELSIE M. CURTIS Social Studies 'Q- TA E GRANT ELIZABETH K ETTINGTON ARTHUR M GALLUP RI Librar Mathematics y WALTER I-I. I-IAGENSON Social Studies LOUISE P. HALLAHAN Social Studies MARJORIII W GREGG English fi fy ktlgifg JOHN E. HEIB Science I lA2liL M. l'llLL English RUTH S. JACOBY Latin 535, a i X t Y w i t ' Q at if 1 r ,Q v b 4 2 ' 1: U x 3:25 in . s I . . 1 at ' 3 ,f - s 4 2:5 v. 4 :Q F y Y 1 'ft . XXfII.I.lAM G. HIN History 'si Sift TRUMAN L. ,IACOBY Physical Iitlucation 1-'Q ROBERT L. HUMAN Music ':'-V , V 2, ' L A it 5 .425 A i X , y if I RALPH D. LANE HAROLD M. LUCAS lntlustrial Arts Driver Training Agriculture DANIEL B. LUCK Social Stutlics Faculty Lunchroom. Fifteen flfillulw or rest, relaxation and food 9 'E REBA E. MASTERSON lfrench, Latin, Public Speaking MARY S. NELSON School Nurse ' I Christmas Tea. Faculty relax while girls serve 10 JOYCE MtOMBER ll. IIOXWARD MOONEY English Commerce History EDWARD A. NETSKI XVALLACE H. RANKIN English Science FRANCIS W. ROTSELL Industrial Arts ERMA I. RHODES Mathematics MARGARET S. SMITH English WINIFRED L. STANTON VIOLA E. VAIL HENRY M. VETTER Aff Homemalcing Physical Education 'lbw J' HAROLD M. XWILLIAMSON ,IEANNETTE D. WILSON KENNETH A. WGLVEN F. ERROLD WYDMAN Science Commerce Mathematics Science Not Pictured LESLIE D. EVANS Mathematics Faculty Meeting. Tables turned--now they listen Faculty Dinner. Food, fun and frolic n 4 I Seniors and james N 3' W yn 2.- Our well-worn tools Four years of apprennceshrp have gone I seems only yesterday srnce we were just begmnrng our ttillnlflg feehng a l1ttle mexperrenced, but st1ll knowmg plenty of the answers, or so we thought Now that our trammg IS over, they tell us we are journeymen, qualrfled workmen, but we know just three thmgs how very rnexpenenced we really are, how l1ttle we know, and how far we have yet to go to be real craftsmen 1n both career and 1n l1fe rtself Seniors look Toward Greater Things R b5V '?iSY 'Q' 9 F is' It t L- . 'FWZ' .. if Class adviser William Barrett confers with senior officers: J. Houpt, Tteasuterg S. Hunt, Secretaryg P. Kehler, Vice-Presidentg and R. Ketchum, president. an Ace salesman J. Lando consults with two top contenders S McLaughlin and W. Housman on senior maga zine sale, netting the senior class S2,64l.06. Left: Attending the Corning Glass Works' ex- perimental College Day Keuka College Professor William D. Hammock talks over the day's events with junior K. Costa and Senior R. Tremaine, as Glass Works Ass't Public Relations Director A. K. Brintnall looks on. Left: junior Rotarians D. Peterson, L. Porter, R. Wood, R. Ketchum, P. Kehler, and J. Moore have each had the interesting experience of at- tending Rotary Club for four successive Thurs- days with Superintendent Gregg. Rotary honors senior boys outstanding in scholarship, leader- ship, citizenship, and service. BARBARA ALLEN "Barb" Footlight Society I, 2, 3: Senior Play 43 Biology Club 43 Public Speaking 1, 2, 3, MARION ALLEN "Marion" Intramural Letter 23 "N" Club 33 Messiah 13 Sigma Tau Eta I, 2. BEVERLY ARCANGELI "Bev" Intramural 33 "N" Club 43 Sigma Tau Eta I, 2, 33 Op- Cretta 13'Tiger Talk Staff 3, 43 Foorlight Society 13 Sec- retarial Club 4. JAMES BALL uhm.. F. F. A. 2, 3, 4. GLORIA BARBER "Gloria" Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Tiger Talk Staff 43 String Or- chestra l, 2, 3, 43 Concert Band I3 Operetta 1, 33 Mes- siah 1, 33 North Star Staff 43 Home Room Officer 13 Cam- era Club 2, 3, 4, President 43 Sigma Tau Eta 13 Secre- tarial Club 43 Vice President F. T. A. 4. ELIZABETH BEACH "Betty" Orchestra Z, 3, 43 Messiah 33 String Orchestra 4: Girl's Glee Club 3, 4. RONALD BEGELL "Ronnie" Football j.V. I, 2, Varsity 33 Basketball j.V. I3 Baseball 13 Intramural Letter 13 Op- eretta I3 Home Room Of- ficer 1, 2. MILDRED BEISSWANGER "Millie" Intramural Letter 2, 33 "N" Club 3, 4, Treasurer 43 Or- chestra 2, 3, 43 Concert Band I, 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Operetta 1, 33 Messiah 1, 33 Tiger Talk Staff 3, 43 Associate Editor 43 North Star Staff 1, 3, Biology Club 23 Public Speaking 2, 43 Gir1's Bandette 43 Footlight Society 13 Quill and Scroll 43 F.T.A. 4, Treasurer. CHARLOTTE BENNETT "Charlotte" Tiger Talk Staff 4. CLAYTON BENNETT "Clayton" E. F. A. 1, 2, 3. LILLIAN BENNETT "Lil" Messiah 3, Biology Club 3. 4, President 4. MARGARET BILLO'I'I'E "Margaret" Girl's Glee Club I, 2, 3, 41 Choristers 3, 41 Operetra lg Messiah I, 3, Tiger Talk Staff 41 North Star Staff I, 3, 4, Footlight Society Ig Sec- retarial Club 4. GERALDINE BLACKMAN "Gerry" Intramural Letter 2, "N" Club 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, String Orchestra 2, 33 Operetta 1, 3: Messiah 33 Tiger Talk Staff 3, 4, North Star Staff I, 2, 31 Camera Club I, 23 Biology Club 3: Art Club 2, 31 Sig- ma Tau Eta I, 2. 3. 4, Vice President 3. President 4, May Queen Attendant, Secretarial Club 4, Home Room Officer 3 4 WARREN BLACKWELL "Warnie" Football J. V. 2, 33 Track 2, 3: Letter 2, 3. LOUISE BLEICHNER "Louise" Tiger Talk Staff 4, Secretarial Club 4, Treasurer. JOANNE BLODGETT "Joanne" Concert Band I. 2, 31 March- ing Band 2, 3, Operetta Ig Footlight Society I, 2, Cam- era Club 2, Secretary 23 Biol- ogy Club 3, Sigma Tau Eta I. SHARON BONADY "Sharon" Orchestra I, 2, 5, 4, String Orchestra 1, Operetta lg Mes- siah 1, 3, Home'Room Of- ficer 1, 2, Footlight Society I, Biology Club 3, Sigma Tau Eta 1. DELORES BOZICH "Delores" HAROLD BREON "Harold" Intramural Letter 2, 3. FREDERICK BUTLER "Fred" Camera Club 33 Intramural Letter 3. CLARABELL E BUTTON "CIarabelle" BARBARA CADY "Barb" Sigma Tau Eta 2. NORMA CARPENTER "Norma" Intramural Letter 2, 33 "N" Club 3, 45 Cheerleading j.V. 31 Operetta lg Tiger Talk Staff 3, 4g North Star Staff I, 2, 3, 4g Quill and Scroll 4, Art Club 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary-Treasurer 4g' Footlight Society 1, 2, 33 Sigma Tau Eta 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 43 Maiorette 1, 2, 3, 4, Head Maiotette 43 Public Speak- ing 43 Secretarial Club 45 Senior Play 4. SHIRLEY CHAMBERS "Shirley" Home Room Officer lg Biol- ogy Club 2, 3, 4g Sigma Tau Eta 1. RICHARD CHRISTMAN "Dick" Tiger Talk Staff 3, 4, Art Editor 35 North Star Staff 3, 4, Art Editor 3, 4: Honor Society 4, Home Room Offi- cer Zg Footlight Society lg Art Club 2, 3, 45 President 3, French Club 35 Quill and Scroll 43 Senior Play 4. WILLIAM CISCO "Bill" F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Treasurer 4. LOIS COLE "Lois" GirI's Glee Club 3, 4, Mes- siah 3. RICHARD COLE "Dick" Orchestra I, Z, 3, 4, String Orchestra I, 2, 3, Boy's Glee Club 3, 43 Choristers 3, 4g Operetta 33 Messiah 35 Home Room Officer Ig Senior Play BARBARA COMPTON "Barb" Intramural Letter 3, "N" Club 45 Operetta Ig Messiah 3, Biology Club 3, 4. NAOMI COX "Nemo" Tiger Talk Staff 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4. GRA! I2 f.lISANIfI.I.I Nliraue Art Klub I. M ARLIA R li'l"I'A IDCCJA M II "Peggy" Ciomcrt liantl I, lNI.irtIrin.u llanil I. Girls Glec Club 1. S, Ai. Uperctra Ig Messiah I, 9, Iliiillihuy' filtlb Q, 5, ll Iioiit- llulir Society I. 93 lf. 'If A. I IRII-'DA IJIANA UI:I'lCxl.iH Liirl s Lilee Culb Q. 9, I, Mes NI.lIl I, 5, Tiger 'llillt Stall 3, I, Norrli Star Stall 'IQ Ilonor Soul-ry 3. VI, Setretary 'lg Stu- ilcnr llountil -Ig Class Ollru.-r I, Seirerary. Biology Club R, I, Yin:-Presrilent Al, Senior I'I.1y II, Iirenuh Klub S, I, lx I. A I. betrerary I NANLY DICKINSON sxanu lliolo-my Club 1, w, -4. ITRANLIQS DIGIACOINIO "Fran" Llrccrleailing IV. J, 5, Cap- tain I, Varsity 4, Tiger Talk Stall -I, Secretarial Club -4. Scaretary. 45' I3rXI.Iz DRUIIINIIER 44D.lIL'l Iloys iilce flub I, ,'. N Llioristers I, I, Mcssialr I. S, lfoorliuulir Bounty I, Q ,IANIQT DRIZHMIER HFIJFICYH Orchestra I, 2, 5, .lg String Orchestra 5, Concert Bantl I, 2, 3. All Marching Bantl I, 2. 5, -I, Girls Glee Club I, 2, 3,1I, Seven Sharps I, 2, 5, bl, Choristers 2, 3. el: Operetta I, 3, Messiah I, 3, Home Room 'Vlicer lg Footliiglit Sonietiesl, 2, Biology Club 5, Publit Speaking Ig Girls Bantlettc -I1 String Quartet 2, 3. ANDRILNX' DIINNINU "Andy" If If 'X ' 3 I LQIZRALD DURKIN "jerry" Tiger Talk Staff 5, -I, Busi- ness Manager 5. 4, North Star Staff 4, Quill and Stroll 4g Footlight Society I, 2, 5, President I, Vice-Prcsiilenr 2, Senior Play 4, lfrt-nclm Club 5, 4g Honor Society AI, IT. T. A, 4, ViceAPresitIent. jO5EPI-I DURKIN joe.. Ifoorball IV. I, Varsity lg Intramural Letter I, 5, Up- ererra 3, Home Room Ulmer I. J. GERALD EATON 'Jerry' Iiootlighr Souety 2. RAYMOND ERRETT "Eager" Football IV. 55 Basketball IV. Z5 Intramural Letter 25 Golf Varsity 5, 4. MARTHA JANE ERANZEN "Martha" Girls Glee Club I5 Tiger Talk Stall 5, 45 Eootlight Society 25 Camera Club 45 Secretarial Club 4. ' MARY ANN GOIS "Mary Ann" Intramural Letter 55 "N" Club 45 Girl's Glee Club I, l, 5, 45 Choristers 55 Operetta I, 55 Messiah I5 Tiger Talk Scarf 5, 45 North Star Staff I, Z, 5, 45 Senior Play 45 Sigma Tau Eta 1, 2, 5, 4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 55 Sec- retarial Club 45 Footlight Society I, 2. KENNETH GREEN "Kenny" Operetta I, 55 Tiger Talk Staff 45 Home Room Olficer 5, Eootlight Society 53 Sec- retarial Club 4. Senior Play 4 X 'Y' 5 . g W e ,SR RICHARD GRIMES "Dirk" Football j.V. I, 2, Varsity 5, 45 Baseball I5 Intramural Letter 25 Biology Club 25 E. I' A 7 5 4 IiI.LlS ORIST "Ellis" Concert Bantl l, Stage Man- agerg Martbing Bantl 5, Man- ager, Operetta 55 Messiah 55 Footlight Society l, 2, 55 ,Iunior Band I5 Camera Club 1, 2. SYLVIA HALL "Sylvia" Orchestra Z, 5, 45 Concert Band I, 2, 5, 45 Swing Band 5, 45 Marching Band I, 2, 5, 45 Girl's Glee Club I, 2, 5, 45 Seven Sharps 2, 5, 45 Chor- isrers 3, 5, 45 Operetta 1, 55 Messiah l, 55 North Star Staff 2, 5, 45 Eootlight Society I, 25 Biology Club 5, Treasurer, Ifreneh Club 5, 45 Public Speaking l, 25 Girl's Band- etre 4. GERALD HAMILTON "Gerry" Basketball j.V. 2, Varsity Manager Z, 45 Boy's Glee Club 45 Choristers 2, 55 Op- eretta 55' Messiah 1, 55 Poor- lighr Society 5, -IOYCIE ANN HAMSHIZR "Joyce" Girls Glee Club I, 2, 5, 45 Choristers J, 5. 45 Operetta I5 Messiah I5 Tiger Talk Staff 45 Publir Speaking l5 Senrcrarial Club rl. I9 3 LINDA ll."tl'l5l.R I.intl.i Mirtliinu Band 5. Biology Club 5, el. Liirlk Lilee Club 5 ,IOSEPHINII IIICKIYY VU.. Intramural Letter l, 3: Club 3. -43 Girls Lilee Club Q. 5. 'lg Operettii l, 33 Mes- si.ih 53 Tiger Talk Stuff E. '13 North Stull 2, S, l. Home Room Officer lg lfoot- light Society l, HARLYN HITCHCOCK '1Harlyn" lf, F. A. l,'23 3. JAMES HOGUI2 uhm., Football V. 2, Varsity 5. 43 Basketball J. V. 23 Varsity 53 Baseball I3 Intramural Letter lg Home Room Officer J BONNIE HOOEY "Bonnie" Club 3, 43 Cheerleading -LV. 3, Varsity 43 Orchestra 43 Concert Band I, 2, 3, 41 Marching Band 2, 53 Girl's Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Choristers 43 Operetta l, 33 Messiah 1, 33 North Star Staff I, 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 43 Footlight Society I, 2, 33 Camera Club lg Senior Play 43 Public Speaking l, 2, 33 Sigma Tau Eta l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2. Us- GFRALDINF IIORTON "Gerry" Intramural Letter Z, 33 "N" Klub 5, 63 Tiluer Talk Staff t, Setrctnrial Club -i. James HOUPT "lim" Football IV. I, 2, Varsity 3, -I, Manager ig Class Officer 3. IL Treasurer S, bl, XWILLIAM HOUSMAN "Bill" Football Varsity 3, Manager3 Concert Band l, 2, 53 March- ing Band 23 Choristers 53 Op' eretta I, 33 Messiah 1, 33 North Star Staff 43 Honor Society 4. SYLVIA HOWE "Midge" SYLVIA HUNT "Sylvia" Concert Band 2, 3, 43 Tiger Talk Staff 43 Student Council 2, 5, 4, Secretary 43 Home Room Officer 2, 33 Class Of- ficer 4, Secretaryg Footlight Society l, Treasurer3 Secretar- ial Club 43 Library Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Pres- ident 43 Public Speaking lg May Queen Attendant. ,IOHN HUSSAK "john" Intramural Letter 3. JANET HUSTED Jan., Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, String Orchestra I, Concert Band 3, 4, Marching band 3, 4, Girl's Glee Club 3. 4, Operetta I, 5: Messiah I, 3, North Star Staff l, 3, 4, Student Council Z, 3, Secretary 3, Senior Play 4, French Club 4, Public Speaking I, Girl's Bandette 4 GAY ANNETTE JAKEWAY "Annette" Intramural Letter 2, 3, "N" Club 3, 4, Cheerleading, J. V. 3, Tiger Talk Staff 3, 4, Footlight Society I, 2, 3, Sigma Tau Eta I, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 2, 3, 4, Secretarial Club 4. RUTH JAKEWAY "Ruthie" Operetta lg Foorlight Society I, 2, Sigma Tau Eta 1, 2, 3 4, Flag Twirler 3, 4. HAROLD JOHNSON "Harold" Y ELAINE KAI-ILER "Elaine" Tiger Talk Staff 3, 4, North Star Staff 3, Senior Play 4, French Club 3, Art Club 2, 4, F. T A. Librarian. PHILIP KEHLFR "Phil" Volleyball 2, 3, Football IV. 2, Varsity 3. el, Basketball IV. I, Track 3, North Star Staff I, Honor Society 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Home Room Officer I, Class Officer 4, Vice President, ,Iunior Rotarian 4, Boys State Delegate. ROBIIRT KIZLLIIY "Bob" Volleyball 21 Football IV. I. Varsity S. lg Baskc-tluill IV. lg Baseball I, Squad, Ilome Room Oticcr I1 Boys State Deleuate. I'l.lZ,-XIIIITII KIHIIY "lieth" Kiirlk Cilee Club l, 2. 31 llhoristcrs Z1 Upererta I. H. Messiah I, 5, Honor Society ig Ifootliulir Sotiery I, 2. RALPH KETCHUM "Ralph" Football IV. I, Varsity 2, 3, Manager 3, Basketball IV. I, Track I, 2, 3, Intramural Letter 3, Boy's Glee Club I. 2, 3, 4, North Star Staff 4: Student Council I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Home Room Officer 2, Class Offi- cer, 3, 4, President, Volley- ball 2, May King, junior Rotnrian, Senior Play 4. JULIA KING "Julia" Tiger Talk Staff -lg Senior Play fl: Secretarial Club -l. KENNETH KING "Kenny" Home Room Officer 21 F, F. A. 2. 3. 4, Secretary S, Al. IRIS KIRK "Iris" Ciirl's Glee Club 5, -l, Mes- siah Eg Tiger Talk Staff 3. CAROL LEE KNAPP "Carol" Cheerleading j.V. 5. Varsity -lg Tiger Talk Staff 5, 43 Public Speaking I, lg Major- ctte 33 Secretarial Club 4. JACQUALINE KOSTY "Jacky" Intramural Letter 53 "N" Club 4: Footlight Society Ig Biology Club 4. JEAN LANDO "Jeannie" Footlight Society I: Camera Club 5, President. Biology Club 3, -l, Secretary 43 May Queen. ELEANOR LANE "Eleanor" Concert Band I, 2, 4g Girl's Glee Club I, 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 43 Marching Band 2, -lg Choristers 43 Operetta 3: Messiah I, 51 Tiger Talk Staff 43 Home Room Officer lg Sigma Tau Eta I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 33 French Club 3. -lg Camera Club 3, 43 Foot- Iight Society I, 21 Biology Club 3. 4. RC JCKNE LC JCEY "Rocky" 'Football KI. V. I, Varsity 2, 5, 4, Co-Captain 4g Basketball j.V. 1, Varsity 2. 3. 4. Letter 2, 3, 4g Baseball I. 2, 3, -l, Letter 2, 3, 43 Track 5, -l. Letter 3, 4g Home Room Of- ficer I, 2g Camera Club lg Badminton 2, 35 Bowling 2. VIRGINIA LONGO "Virg" NATALIE LUBIN "Natalie" Tiger Talk Staff 4g North Star Staff 4g Quill and Scroll 43 Biology Club 45 Senior Play 43 French Club 33 Honor Society 4. ROBERT MANNING "Bob" Tiger Talk Staff 3, 41 F. F. A, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, 4, Honor Society 4. JOYCE MARTIN "Joyce" String Orchestra 41 Marching Band 3, 4, Operetta 31 Mes- siah 3. MARYANNE MASSI "Maryanne" North Star Staff 4. MAUREEN McCARTHY "Maureen" Girl's Glee Club 3. AGNES McELHANEY ..Aggie.. Intramural Letter 1, 2, 31 "N" Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerlead- ing j.V. 2, Varsity 3, 4, Cap- tain 4g Girl's Glee Club 43 Footlighr Society Ig Library gouncil I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary ANN MCHENRY "Speedy" Intramural Letter 3: "N" Club 43 Girl's Glee Club 3, 4, Messiah l, 33 Operetta lg Tiger Talk Staff 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 4, Footlight Society I, 23 Senior Play -lg Sigma Tau Eta I. SHEILA McLAUGI-ILIN "Sheila" Girl's Glee Club lg Student Council lg Footlight Societly 3: Biology Club 2, 33 Library Council l, Z, 3, 4. CORLISS McLEAN "Corliss" SARAH McPH ERSON "Sally" Intramural Letter 2, 3, "N" Club 3. 41 Cheerleading j.V. 2, Varsity 4, Girl's Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, Mesa siah I, 33 Footlight Society I. ANNETTE MICI-IAUD "Annette" Intramural Letter 3: "N" Club 4, Tiger Talk Staff 4g North Star Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Secretarial Club 4, Presi- dentg Honor Society 4, F. T. A. 4. DC HNA LD M I LLITR "Don" ,Iunior High Basketball l. IIARVEY MILLER "Harvey" Iiotxtlhill LV. I, Varsity S -I' Manaluer 31 Tratk hi Intra- mural Letter Z. S1 Home Room Officer 3. DOROTHY MOORE "Dot" Intramural Letter gl "NH Club -lg North Star Staff -ig Senior Play -I1 Sigma Tau : 1 W f I.t.l I, ,, W, I, ,IAMES MOORIE .Jima Tennis 9: Concert Bantl 3. -ig Marthinlu Bantl H, el: Bantl- ette -lg Boys Glee Club I, 2. S, -ig Choristers I, 2, 5, -lg Operetta I, lg Messiah l, 53 Tiger Talk Staff 3, -I, Etlitor 3. ip North Star Staff S. -I. lftlitor -lg Quill antl Stroll 'lg llonor Sotiety 5, I, Treasurer IL Stutlent Coumil 5, -I. Set- retary 3, Presitlent -I1 Ilome Room Olficer I , 2, ig lioot- liuht Sot iety lg Senior Play rl: Ifrenth Club 3, -i. Secre- tary gl Publit Speaking I, 5, -I: Boys State Deleluatel ,lun- ior Rotarian. I IARRY MOURI IIQSS "Harry" I7ootb.ill IV. l, 2. Varsity 3 ll, Letter ig Basketball -l.V l, 2, Varsity 53 Baseball l, 2, 53 Boy's Glue Club J, IL Operetta I, 53 Messiah l, 53 North Star Stall -I1 Home Room Officer 5. fr YW' ROSS MULLEN "Ross" EDWARD MURRAY "Ed" Intramural Letter Kg North Star Staff -I. SUZANNE NELSON "Sue" Tiger Talk Staff 5, fig Stutlent Council lg Camera Club I, -I1 Biology Club 2, 371 French Club 3. 4. JOHN NOBRIGA "johnny" Football IV. l, 2, Varsity 3. -ig Basketball IV. 2, Varsity 3. rig Tratk 33 Intramural Letter l, lg Home Room Ol' ficer 5. VIOI IN PALINKAS "john" FONDA PALMER "Fonda" Biology Club 2, 3, 4. LOVINA PERRIGO "Vina" Tiger Talk Staff 43 Secre- tarial Club 4. LAWRENCE PERSONIUS "Larry" Intramural Letter 3g F. F. A. 2, 3, 4. MARY LOU PETERSON "Mary Lou" Tiger Talk Staff 3, 4, Co- eclitor 4, Quill and Scroll 43 Home Room Officer 2, Biol- ogy Club 2, 3g Treasurer 3, Public Speaking 2, 3, F. T. A. 4. DOUGLAS PETERSON "Doug" Orchestra 3, 41 String Or- chestra 3, 4, Concert Band -lg Marthing Band 3, 45 Boy's Glee Club 3, 43 Choristers 3. -'lg Operettu 3, Messiah 33 Tiger Talk Stall 43 North Star Stuff 3. 'lg Honor Society -I, Quill and Scroll -lg Public Speaking 4. LARRY PORTER "Larry" Orchestra 4, Concert Band 1, Z, 3, 43 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Swing Band 2, 39 Bandette 4, Boy's Glee Club 3, 43 Messiah 39 Tiger Talk Staff 4, North Stat Staff 3, 4, Copy Editor 41 Honor Society 3, 4, President 41 Student Council 43 Footlight Society l, 2, 3, President 23 Senior Play 2, 3, 4g Public Speaking l, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Memorial Day Speaker 3: All County Band 3, 43 junior Rotarian 45 F. T. A. 4, Historian. SHERITA PRINCE "Sherita" Girl's Glee Club l, Z, 3, 43 Operetta lg Messiah l, 3, North Star Staff l, 4, Senior Play 4. SHERRY RASMUSSEN "Sherry" Girls Glee Club 21 Operetta lg Messiah 2, Tiger Talk Staff 31 North Star Staff lg Footlight Society 1. ROBERT ROBBINS "Bob" RITA ROCCO "Reset" lntmmuriil Letter J, 33 HN' Clulw S, -lg Sigma Tau Etii l l 25 GLORIA ROGERS "Glo" Concert Bantl I, 2. 5. I North Star Staff I, Z. 3, 4, 7 Marching Bantl I, -, 5, 41 Biology Club 21 Sigma Tau Fra l, 2. 5, 4, Footlililht So- tiety 2, 3, Public Soc-akinlu 7 3 ROBERT ROLL "Bob" French Club 4. JoHN Roor "Iack" Iiootlmll IV. I, 21 Basketball I V. I, 2, Varsity 43 Baseball l, 2, S3 Letter 31 Home Room Officer I, 3. MARILYN ROOT "Marilyn" Tiger Talk Staff 3, -lg Quill anal Scroll 4, Biology Club 5, 4. DANIEL ROSSETTI "Dan" Basketball IV. 23 Baseball Ig Intramural Letter 5. Fi MAI IRO RUOCCO "Moe" Football IV. 2, Varsity 3. -'iQ Basketball IV. 2, Varsity 5. 4g Baseball 23 Intramural Letter I1 Golf 2. 5, 4. HEATH RUTLEDGE "Heath" Operetta lg Messiah Ig Intra- mural Letter 2, Boy's Glee Club l. 2, 3. 4, Stuclent Council I, Art Club I, 2, CHARLES SCHMITT "Chuck" Football IV. 2, Basketball 2, 1,2 Home Room Officer J. 5 4 IOAN SIEAGER AIO., Biolo-my Club lg Sigma Tau Eta l. J, 5. fi, Secretary al. DUDLEY SHEA "Dual" Football IV. I, Varsity 2, Basketball IV, 1, Varsity Z 3, Letter 53 Baseball I, Z Letter lg Boy's Glee Club I 2, Operetta lg Messiah Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, Footlight Society Ig May King Attendant. BETTY SKIDMORE "Betty" Cheerleading IV. 43 Tiger Talk Staff 5, Varsity -Ig Biology Club 21 Secretarial Club -I. SHIRLEY SKIDMORE "Shirley" Concert Band I, 2, Ig Home Room Officer lg Sigma Tau lata v, 4. RICHARD SLATISR "Dirk" DAV I D SMITH "Buzzy" Concert Band I, 2, 3. -Ig Marching Band I, 2g Band- ette lg Boy's Glee Al, Operetta I, 53 Club 2, 3. Messiah I, 53 Student Council I, 2, Treasurer 2, Home Room Of- ficer I, 2, Senior Play rig Public Speaking l. JANET SPARLING "janet" Concert Band l, 2, Cwlee Club 2, 3, Bancl l. 2, 3, -I1 North Star Staff I Society -ig Student 2, 3, rl: Footlight Z: Girls Bandette Speaking I, 2. 5, 4: Girls Marching Messiah 3: . 31 Honor Council l. Society l. FI: Public JOSEPH SPERISIYAK "Joe" Football Varsity I, 2, 3, -lg Basketball IV, Ig Track I, 2. 3. AI, Letter I. 2, 3. -I: Volleyball 2, 31 Home Room Ofifcer l, 23 Class Officer 5, Vice-Presitlentg May King At- tentlant. ALTII2 SQUIRIZS "Altie" Tiger Talk Staff 'Ig Iiootliglit Society I, lg Secretarial Club ki. LUIS ANNF STARNIER "Lois" Concert Band l, 2, 75, -lg Marching Bantl Z, 4, Girlis Glee Club lg Camera Club lg Biology Club -lg Public' Speak- ing lg Sigma Tau Eta I, 2, S, ,Ig Footlight Society l, 2. MARGARET STULL "Pvi1Hv" Girls Glee Club 5, ,Ig Mes- siah 3, Tiger Talk Staff 5, VI. I5lf'I'TIi LUIT SIITFIN "Betty" liitramtirtil Letter 3, Club ll Liirls Lilee Club 3 NIQNNIJII w, liger l.ilk Stuff I Sc rctiriil Club I ,.c.. . MARJORIE TAFT "Margie" Home Room Officer l. EUGENE TERVUILLIGER "Gene" Basketball j.V. 2. 5. Varsity -lg Baseball l, 23 F, F. A. 2, 5. sl, Treasurer 5, President ki. XX'lLLlAM THOMPSON "Bill" HENRY TRAVIS "Hank" Football J.V. 2. RONDI TREMAINE "Rontli" Girl's Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Choristers 2, 3g Operetta lg Messiah 5g Tiger Talk Staff 3, 45 Footlight Society 15 Biology Club SQ F. T, A, 4. CONSTANCQE VAN LOAN "Connie" Intramural Letter 2, 31 "N" Club 5, -i, President 'll Girls Glce Club lg Messiah l, ig North Star Sraff ll Stutlent Countil l. Biology Club 5. NICHOLAS WATLOCK "Nick" Basketball j.V. 2, Varsity 5. -lg North Star Staff -ig Home Room Officer 2. 3. BARBARA XYARD "Barb" NXQ-. 'AK CARL WARD "Bones" Home Room Officer 2. MARY VUEAD "Mary" DONALD WEST "Don" Football j.V. 1, 23 Varsity 3 4, Letter 4g Baseball lg Chor- isrers 3: Opererta 1, 33 Mes- siah 1, 3g Biology Club 2. PATRICIA WILBER .-Pat-, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4g Senior Play 45 Choristers 43 Operetta l, 3, Messiah 1, 2g Tiger Talk Staff 35 North Star Staff l, 2g Footlight Society 1, 2, 3g Public Speaking 1. DAVID WINTERS Dave Football JV 3 Varsity 4 Orchestra 3 4 Concert Band 2 3 4 Messiah 3 Chorrsters 3 Operetta 3 Honor Society ROBERT WOOD Bo Intramural Letter 2 Orches tra 3 4 Concert Band 1 2 3 4 Matching Band 2 3 4 Bandetre 3 4 Boys Glee Clu 3 4 Chorrsters 3 4 Opetettal 3 Messiahl 3 Tiger Talk Staff 3 4 North at Staff 4 Honor Society 3 4 Home Room Officerl 2 3 Senior Play 4 Pu lic Speaking 4 Junior Rotarian 4 mf' Above. Senior operetta principals H. Mourhess, P. Wilbur, D. Drehmer, R, Wood, B. Hooey, J. Drehmer discuss costumes for April 8, 9, performances of Victor l-Ierbert's "The Fortune Teller. J. Drehmer sang the leading role, Musette. Left: N. Carpenter, J. Moore, R. Wood and A. jakeway organize annual Senior Day events of May l4. Right: Preparations for May 22 Senior Banquet were made by commit- tee members S. Hunt, J. Lando, A. Mclilhaney and L. Porter. as Run' ww: D. Cushing, M. Packard, J. Brennan, V. Perry, F. Randall, j. Ward, S. Olinger, G. Billorte. Ruiz' tzrn: P. Wetmore, B. Barry, j. Brackman, M. Dixon, P. Olson, L. Smith, J. Scianni, S. Tong, R. Weaver. Rau' three: R. Smith, A. Larrison, W. Laughlin, C. Ward, J. Bottcher, G. Nelson, R. Trondson, H. Gogoll. Row four: N. Lapasnick, P. Huber, M. Gurnsey, J. Barner, W. Olmsted, N. Cook. Our Junior Apprentices Rau' one: J. Harrison, R. Holden, S. Malnic, P. Brace, J. Comstock, V. Gee, H. Mayo, M. Kilburn Row tuioz 1. Massi, J. Lagerbom, A. Martin, S. Iddings, J. Carlineo, C. Harding, L. Lamphear R. Giles. Row three: L. Merrick, J. Lee, J. Hager, R. Dunning, J. Ingalls, D. Davis, E. Hooker, R. Smith Row four: K. Pearsall, W. Evcrts, D. Slocum, D. Guerrera, W. Kennedy, R. Mooney, H. Philips: Row five: H. Knier, D. Morse, R. Starr, C. Cook, P. Flasphaler, R. Straub, W. Lewis. Row one' R ow two Lounsbury Row lbree R ow four Row one: D. Smith, S. Ward, D. Furney, M. Holden, M. Lesso, B. Harrington, N. Ogden, B Davis, J. Murray. Row two: R. Clements, M. Johnston, C. VanEtten, J. Reisbeck, J. Buck, S. Heck, B. Reilly, G Beers, S. Clark. Row three: M. Wightman, J. Colby, P. Lucas, K. Johnston, P. Havens, M. York, N. Overstrom G. Quatrini, J. Kies, P. DeMun, J. Watters. Row four: G. Tomkins, J. Diffenderfer, H. Hall, M. Crandell, E. Lewis, C. Lockwood, B. Gray F. Olmstead, J. Ruocco, J. Barker, K. Costa. Serving Until 1955 L Hammond, G. Wise, J. Griffin, V. Lesche, E. Bobtick, L. Burt, K. Johnston, C. Ross. J Wolcott, D. Walker, V. Given, J. Woods, G. Henley, M. Sementelli, J. Orr, A. J Congdon, L. Shaut, G. Vogt, R. Beebe, R. Johanson, R. Holtzapple, A. Faulisi. K McLaughlin, B. Burgess, L. Frazier, P. Nixon, H. Heyn, S. Webb. Row one: M. Crane, G. Cronell, S. Crane. M. Schoonover. E. Barenthaler. R. Cole, A. llginshaw C, Smith. M. Rhodes, F. Deery. Rau' luv: N. Bess, E. Davis, E. Riley. S. Mnrkell, A. Young, M. Mc-tselaer, B. Davis. B. Brimmer, N. Van Duesen. S. Sowersby. Rau' three: L. Morris, M. Trimlwle. P, XY'inters. If. Smith. C. Allen. A. Ball, B. Sqhnfieltl, I. Crout S, Fettarn. Ron' four: R. Burdick, C. Carlson, L. Trcmaine. R. Cole. P. Albee, C. Bates, R. Cooper. H. Roll H. Lee. Ron' fire: C. Warunek, VI. Walker, H. XY'atcnsl-ti. D. Starr. R. Fretlericlts, H. Taylor. A. LeBarron Moving Up Are the lea rners Ron' one: D. Hall, P. Crockett. D. Sonnet. J. Carroll. S. Hodge, P. Sargent M Plumley L Hitch cock, B. Shaugh nessy. Raul 111112 M. Manwarren, B. Hussak. F. Laughlin. B. Dailey, R. Smith L Anderson D Kuss M. Orton. Rau' three: C. Pock, R. Robinson. A. Dejoseph, T. Reinheimet, D. johnson J McLean C Hous man. R. Sims, L, Barnard, J. Stanton. Ron' four: C. Finley, L. Cavallaro, VI, Cavallaro, R. Fratacangelo, T. McClure L Fleet J Ktnnet D. Stowell, T. Johnston. Rau' fire: R. Adams, V. Faulisi, W. McLaughlin, D. Wexell, C. Newsom R Burger M Hen tlershot. Q """""".f, 5. ,ilu-nav? l,3 5 Row one: B. jones, L. Cisco, C. Smith, M. Wilson, C. Burgess, S. Harriger, J. Carroll, C. Nelson D. Sechrist, A. Young. Row two: R. Walker, R. Benedict, R. Overstrom, M. Brown, B. Root, D. Guerrera, S. McKinley L. Clark, J. Bennett. Row three: L. Savory, R. Copp, R. Quinn, j. Burr, P. Wolcott, C. Hofstetter, L. Betts, T. Bloom- field. Row four: J. Dejoseph, 1. Ruvolo, R. Horton, A. Bobrick, D. Benedict, P. Rogers, M. Reed, R Colegrove, S. Kniffen. Under Contract Until 1956 Row one: J. Moore, E. Willsey, B, johnson, J. Easterbrook, S. Fawson, E. jacobus, S. Glover, A. Cavallaro, A. Schultz, M. Hamilton. Row two: L. Clark, C. Fish, E. Harrington, M. Grinnell, S. Whitcomb, I. Paztor, 1. Gurnsey, S. Holtzapple, C. DeWolfe, B. Miller. Rout three: j. Saxon, P. Manning, E. McLaughlin, D. Stuart, R. Rocco, P. Presser, L. Pratt, J. Podburn, G. Swarrhout, C. Gee. Rou' four: C. Green, E. Eaton, K. Ketchum, W. Greenfield, B. Davis, j. Shine, R. Lee. Rfiu' one: P. Costa, G. Mnnnino, CI. Smith, G. Snell, M. Howard, S. Luhin, T. Mayo, R. O'Dell, A. Hifks, G. Tounly. Ron' !1l'02 N. Reynolds, H. Schrickel, K. Butler, li, Hines, B. Vnnalstine, G. Gridley, P. Green, L. Burnap, G. Nelson, D. Morse. Rau' three: A. Ross. K. Buck, D. Briggs. D. Harring. H. Loid, B. Bell, H. Randolph, D. Ahel D. Grosjean, C. Share. Row four: L. Pane, E. Berlin, M. Bonik. N. Hickey, N. Anderson, 1. Ingalls, P. Esgrow. R. Rein- heimer, D. Calkins. w Beginners Start Training Row one: C. Potter, M. Carapella, E. Overstrom, R. Darcangelo, R. Smith, K. Brockway, R. Lucas F. Fraser, D. Winters, P. Richardson. Row luv: J. Warner, D. VanNess, E. Trause, H. Watkins, j. Covert, P. Thompson, C. Whit comb, V. Bonik, R. Pace, N. Wolven, M. Bloom. Rou' three: G. Ross, B. VanAllstine, A. Voorhees, M. Avery, B. Harrington, M. McLaughlin, K Kuhl, D. Dodge, I.. Hook, M. Finley, R. Velie, S.-Smith. Row four: N. Welry, M. Parker, S. Whitney, G. Yale, R. Rockwell, P. Peterson, G. Selander, C Beecraft, C. McGuiness, j. Bloom. Row five: W. johnson, McKinney, B. Miller, R. Compton, G. Fuller, A. Pruden, J. Taylor, L Bowen. Run- ww: R. llcntlcrcr. B. Buclmnun. M. Diffcnllerfer. N. W'elty, F. Dc-ery, M. McKinney, D lhrllirihuer. Cl. Porter. Ron fflfli M. Mosher. K, Lowry. j. Preston. M. Roll. F. Wambold, P. Wexell, P. Cody, M. Bates lwrii fllflly li. Sproule. 1. Wliirc. J. Taylor, M. Leonard, j. Menihan, J. Ketchum, P. Walker, P 'llinm-r. C, lfclkcr, S. Lewis. Noir four: R. XX1'oodhousc, H. Holden, V. Maxwell, T. Green, T. Leonard, D. Girvan, R. Hodge bl. Xvatlciris, F. Lovejoy. With Their Goal l957 Rau' one: R. Cook, V. Faulisi, P. Billotte, G. Granazia, G. jones, D. Gatchall, R. Twist, J Longo, G. Ratliff, M. Reynolds, S. Southerland, A. Lamb. Rau' luv: D. Roll, D. Bianco, J. Staahl, R. Strawser, R. Demyan, T. Rosserti, D. Lehman, S. Car- ley, P. Mossman, N. Miller, H. Mente, S. Lewis, M. Bates. Roui three: C. Quade, C. Giardina, G. Latshaw, G. Shepherd, P. Canfield, C. Morris. P, Harring- ton, M, McCallum, F. De Lorenzo, R. Velie, B. Buchanan, S. Simmers. Rau' four: B. Herr, S. Landoff, B. Giambrone, H. Paztor, C. McLoughlin, E. Harrison, F. Mapes E. Landolf, D. Nye, VI. Gilbert, J. Menihan. Ron fire: E. Hosenlelt, P. Graham, R. Foley, F. Cavallaro, R. Harrington. A. Degeliqui, M. Carlineo, D. Oliver, Al. Pope. Rau' six: J. Munier, P. Ross, C. Szcpanski. i 4 Row one: L. Smith, A. Preston, G. Roblee, E. Shurdevant, L. Cisco, P. Mosher, J. Abbey, B. Ball M. Snyder, K. Taylor, M. Woodward. Row l11'02 M. Gable, B. Potter, M. Owens, P. Knapp, S. Mourhess, L. Woodhouse, C. Murray E. Vosburgh, V. Buman, R. Hickey. Rnu' three: R. Pierpont, R. Beebe, j. Pierpont, C. Dennis, W. Holt, M. Newton, M. Riesback R. Hurd, C. Foley. Row four: W. Hickey, P. Barney, D. Andrews, D. Hogancamp, j. Allen, S. Prince, M, Beach j. Smith, L. Callahan. Rauf five: 1. Graham, T. Gridley, J. Brown, P. Balch, H. Beach, J. Smith, N. Whitaker. Signed Up With the Compang Row one: S. Niemi, J. Allen, S. Bovel, N. Agett, C. Allen, C. Olson N Hagar C Hannel D Card, V. Blair. Row two: B. Benjamin, D. Overstrom, A. Lewis, P. Light, K. Magee lx Nixon P McKinney G. Kelly, E. Cody, K. Dillon, N. Black. Row three: G. Fish, L. Hackett, L. Thompson, J. Babcock, E. Read, R Lesche R Cole J Travis W. Diehl, D. Walden, S. Ellis. Row four: F. Deery, E. Hill, E. Beebe, W. Easling, S. Farr, D. Griffinz J Adamy M Southard G. Houpt, J. Jellison, B. Given, S. Olmstead. Row one: P. Rouse, L. Bracken, N. Hannel, P. Stewart, R. Smith, M. Crooker, L. Luce, E, Dodge VI. Koen, K. Brockway. Row frm: T. Dziezgowski, R. Grosjean, N. Willsey, C. Pipi, J. Smith, J. Swartz, C. Taylor, A Rooke, S. Dart, B. Baird, T. Hussak. Ron' three: R. McHenry, S. Magee, P. Yorio, j. Marcy, P. Foster, S. Smith, B. Gleason, F. Mich- autl, G. Edwards, S. Morse. Rauf four: W. Tobey, C. Haul:-er, P. Fisher, L. Vanderpool, W. Kinner, D. Ripley, 1. Sproule R. Smith, P. Ward, J. Van Ness. Row live: L. Watson, L. Smith, B. McLean, W. Wise, A. King, P. Bedient, H. Briggs, D. Houpt li. Eaton. Until l958 Rou' one: K. Spart, A. Rooke A. Eltler, M. Allen, M. Moore, M. Huber, K. Kirkendall, C. Mc- Guinness, B. Chutdanic, J. Herrick. Rau' !1l'02 R. VanEtten, R. Cavallaro, K. Gee, M. Haisher, L. Lyttle, A. Bectaft, J. jacobus, S. Howell, D. Ball. Rau- three: D. Hines, B. Webb, J. Carpenter, NW. Bills, S. Evans, H. Phillips, J. Pieti, B. Lewis, P. Button, N. Willsey. Ron' four: M. Esgrow, R. Plumbley, K. Jimerson, R. Tompkins, R. Herrick, E. Loytty, R. Slavin, R. Adriance, C. Cummings, E. Furney. Ron' llilizfe: R. Glover, j, Wolfe, R. Pipe, E. Travis, R. Ginnan, R. Scutt, G. Beebe, S. Robinson. R. ,lo ns. . 3 i -i 1 x ...A 1 I ll- 38 gn Ron' one: S. Preset, C. Weaver, E. Easling, K. Green, S. Salley, F. DeLux, A. Bills, C. Buchanan R. Pruden. Rau' !u'o: P. Perry, A. Edwards, R. Bush, M. Handshaw, J. Rude, P. Henyan, J. Preset, D. Bar- rett, W. Briggs, S. LeBaron. Row three: L. Van Dusen, L. Bonady, A. Box, M. Button, J. Van Ners, J. Wood, P. Gorvan, J. Smythman, S. Perry, J. Easling. Row four: L. Morris, H. Bedient, D. Overstrom, H, Kimble, G. Blodgett, S, Prince, R, Van Wag- ner, D. Leisenring. Row fire: D. Cramer, G. Williamson, L. Holden, M. Sutherland, P, Quigley, R. Travis, P. Cola- cecchi, R. Smith, R. Cummings. l Employment Guaranteed Rou' two: S. Smith, J, Pace. L. Pipe. J, Matthewson, E. Case, F. Giardlna S Herr I Barrett V. Brace, M. Tobey. Row three: D. Hamilton, G. Green, P. Gilbert, L. Welch, L. johnson M Martin F Stilts L Buman, G. Shaw, j. Killam. Row four: K. Bell, P. Hoenirzsberg, W. Sheedy, L. Eaton, R, Corcoran R Schreppel J I-leclx W. Clark, L. Riley, R. Sours. Rou' five: R. Case, L. O'Brien. R. O'Brien, G. Gritlley, W. Van Dusen I' Henley R Blim H Bows, L. Strawser, D. Emerson. li 'Q li Row one: P. Kennedy, C. White, B. Fleer, P, McCracken, V. Matteson, A Baranthaler S Gorges Row one: Losey, G. Row two: Laurey, L. Row three R. Clark. Rauf four: Row fire: Rou' one: D. Smith, J. Schoonover, L. Lampher, J. Simpson, j. Ratcliff, A. De Wolf, J. Cody R. Copp, F. Deery, W. Sheiclweiler. Row two: J. Drehmer, E. Stebbins, G. Leisenring, S. Stermer, P. McCabe, C. Srermer, P. Green C. Pieri, P. Grover, C. Weaver. Rau' three: M. Shaut, S. Oliver, M. Viaienski, M. Krause., H. Kuhl, R. Hahett, A. Mair, D Rogers, P. Carlson, J. Van Etten. Row four: R. Rhoda, R. Simmons, R. Stucky, D. Nichols, Cosgrove, S. Russell, J. Taft, F. Buck, S. Hostrander. Row five: D. McLaughlin, P. Heyn, T. Vicilli, R. Leavenworth, D. Fletcher, P. Starr, A. Ketchum N. Hooker, R. Orr, G. Gridley. Until l959 T. Alwell, J. Coon, J. Novick, G. Saxbury, N. Sutton, R. Buck, j. Knier, 1. Dart, P. Mullen. B. Pruclen, E. Personius, 1. Moshier, J. Moshier, F. Moshier, S. Rossman, 1. Dart, R. Moyle, M. Walker. : E. Drake, D. Slater, H. Kelley, G. Gee, W. Olson, J. Telehany, 1. Strawway, H. Liller, N. Wead, M. Smith, P. Kelley, R. Copp, R. Palmer, A. VanZile, A. Miller, V. Liller. M. Moore, P. Scott, F. jones, G. Kimble, C. Taylor, L. Roloson, C. Wilson. i . I 5 l 5 QM-niulnllw 39 mf' A A-'W yew. a maven E -,- 2 . 1. V" F Q I - 94 ' , 1 M F., , 5 fn. g Q Sita H. X K 1 fk 7 tiff" x nm I Qi' O N f '. Shifts at Northside I 31-1 N H S. Production Line ls in the Classr The shop the factory the offrce-all these are strrvrng for one thmg to put out a good and salable product And that 1S the arm 1n the Norths1de class rooms Here we are tramed to ach1eve the best of Wh1Ch we are capable Here IS where we are molded for careers and for hvmg In these classrooms we acqu1re a skrlled hand and tramed mrnd In other words we get our start J' -'23, 'fr IK"-f. 2 0 C1 P 7 7 , . 7531 ' l' ox -,. ,':.,, .,, r ,,,. Vx! V sf, ' if .' "f'w,.g . , f 4 f 'Q' fm ,.,, t ,wg " f W --, , flea- n- N s 3 or , ik , , X C A t Sh p e ui ment Communication-Indispensable Skill Mrs. Mabel Young talks with K .7 . juniors M. Holden and j. Olm- stead. English 11 students study the literature of the Negro American and are impressed with his contribution to our American literature. Mrs. Young, a graduate of Howard University, interprets her people for us and makes us realize that a man should be accepted for what he is and what he Can do, regardless of his race, creed, or color. We begin to have some under- standing of what we mean by democracy. G. ASelander, D. Dodge, D. Peterson, J. Warmer record their voices on the tape. 3 Senior judge W. Housman watches R. Holden administer the oath to R. Roll as Macbeth, while Jury E. Lane and B. Ward look on. Macbeth is found guilty in a modern court in English 12. Ambition is good, we know, but not that good. Look how Mac- beth came out. Seriously though, we see how ambition, like anything else carried too far, can ruin a person. "I don? sound like that, do I?" Mrs. McOmber hears this exclamation everytime one of her ninth grade English students hears his voice on the tape recorder. We have fun recording our voices but it serves a purpose also. First, we get good expe- rience gathering reference material for our five- minute recorded speech. Then playing back our recording enables us to detect faults in our diction and voice quality. If we like, we can come in after school and record short talks and songs. It is an ex- citing way to help us improve our speech. language Arts . Open Up New World F - Latin I Class: Row one: G. Mannino, T. Cook, P. Esgrow. P. Billotte, C. Ross, W. johnson, C. Smith, 1. Bloorn. Row tivo: M. Reynolds, N. Hickey, I.. Hitchcock, M. Bates N. Box, C. Morris, D. Sechrist, J. Munier, D. Roll, C. Pock. v Rau' lbree: J. Staahl, R. Strawser, M. Bonik, M. Bisel, I.. Hook, P. Tanner, M. Brown, D. Hating, R. Velie, L. Pratt, C. Szeponsky. Row four: L. Burnap, R. Smith, 1. Menihan, J. Covert, G. Granozio, A. Bobrick, J. Burr, K. Kuhl, P. Winters, P Graham. Rigbt: Latin I portrays Roman banquet scene Examining a bulletin board display of famous French painters are Cleflj S. Smith, G. Vogt, and R. Clements. An acquaintance with French art is part of the course in French civilization and culture which enriches the background of the high school French student. Below: Senior history students F. Diana and J. Moore board bus for Albany February 22. Citizens in the Making The Northside history department has one chief aim: to give each student a thorough understanding of democracy and the democratic form of government as it exists in our country today. We come to recognize that there is a discrepancy between democracy in theory and democracy in practice. In other words, we know that our government isn't perfect, that there's still a long way to go, but as future citizens we should understand this. An extra-classroom experience is the opportunity given to two of our senior history students to visit Albany at the invitation of Assemblyman john D. Young to see our stare government in action. One of the highlights of the trip is meeting Gov- ernor Dewey and attending sessions of the Assembly and the Senate. 43 Outride Rou' Lefiz M. Hendershot, R. Trondsen, C Smith, B. Riley, V. Gee, J. McLean, M. Carapella R. Christman, A. McElhaney. lnride Roux M. Dixon, H.. Mayo. Art Students Sketch from Model Art Class. When you see somebody with a paint brush in one hand, a daub of paint on his nose, and an inspired look in his eyes, you will know he is a member of the art class at work. We may not create a Venus de Milo or a Mona Lisa, but to us, each painting is our own special masterpiece. All year we work on pictures using various media such as poster paint, charcoal, pencil and water color. The best results of our years work are hung at the Bath Fair Art Exhibition where last year the North- side Art Department won first prize. At the end of each year, we proudly take home our array of drawings for the admiration of our less artistic parents and friends. Rou One: S. Hunt, B. Arcangeli, K. Green, C. Bennett, M. Franzen Secretarial Practice. Open the door of 215. Click, click, click greets your ears, broken only now and then by the sound of an exasperated student ripping a sheet of paper out of the machine and starting all over again. "But I've checked and double-checked and my trial balance still isn't right," wails another girl. And so continues the almost ceaseless activity in Northside's commercial department. Not only typing and bookkeeping courses are offered, but also shorthand, business arithmetic, business law, an introductory course to business, and an advanced secretarial practice course. Whichever course or courses we take, our goal is, of course, a job, and we know if it's a good job, we've got to be good too-really good. So practice, practice, and more practice is our watchword. Rou Two: G. Barber and J. King, M. Billotte, G. Blackman, A. jakeway Rou Three: M. Gois, F. Di Giacomo Standing Left: L. Perrigo, B. Skidmore, G. Horton, N. Carpenter, C. Knapp, L Bleichner Future Strive for Accuracg Secretaries Physics presents many new aspects of science to J. Wood, L. Burt, R. Errett, G. Wise, and M. Crandell. - P P P Porter prepares a new diagram for the Solid Geometry class. We Deal in Test Tubes and Formulas "Mathematics takes us into the region of abso- lute necessity, to which not only the actual world, but every possible world, must conform." How true! No matter how hard we try, two plus two never equals five. Let's face it. We can't make the facts, the facts make us. Facts and figures dictate not only the math courses, but the science courses as To M, Walker, V. Blair, J. Pierri, and D. Adriance the electrolysis of water is a fascinat- ing subject in Mr. Heib's science class. well. Try to find the rate of acceleration of a fall- ing body or the molecular weight of a compound without these dictators. Our math and science courses here at N. H. S. include the general sciences, biology, earth science, physics, chemistry, elementary algebra, plane geometry, intermediate algebra, trig- onomerry, solid geometry, and advanced algebra. B Thom son ex lains a new roof while L. nf l . l'riS"r ., rosy "Stand still!" say D. Bozich and J. lngal mark ls as M Dixon's hemline is 'isa i Left: S. Skidmore, J. Blodgett, A. Martin, N. Lee, and L. Bennett enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner they have prepared and served. R Practical Arts for Homemaking. Whether you aim to be a housewife, career girl, or both, you've got to learn to live with people, manage a home Cwhether for one, two, or morej, and cope with a budget. Alnd you've got to be able to take a few stitches now and then. You can't pin everything. In Miss Viola Vail's and Miss Bethia Carey's home arts courses, we are taught the art of practical living. We learn about nutrition and food preparation, textiles and clothing, child care, health and home care of the sick, and personality development. So you see that when his mother asks "Can she bake a cherry pie?" we'll be prepared. And fellows, regardless of whether you plan to earn your living blowing glass or selling it. writing a book or practicing law, you're going to have to know sooner or later how "to fix it." So whether we're cutting and designing wood in Mr. Frank Rotsell's cabinet-making shop, or tinkering with machines in Mr. Ralph I.ane's shop, or being "grease monkeys" in Mr. Robert Burnside's auto shop, we have the satisfying experience of having accom- plished something with our hands. Driver Training. There are 4,000,000 more cars on the road this year than last. And this means more accidents , . . unless an extended preventive program is carried out. Under Mr. Lane and Mr. Burnside the driver training course at Northside is designed to accomplish this very thing: to train the student so thoroughly that future accidents will not occur. From the very start we learn the right basic procedures . . . to drive skillfully, safely, and cour- teously. This year in cooperation with the Atlantic Refining Company we instituted a safety program which tested all pupils who were licensed drivers. Watch out, Northsiders! We don't want the police picking up any "Grabbers," "Supermice," "Nervous Nellies," or "Two-Beers Bennies" among our stu- dents. Supervised by Mr. Lane, student merchanics 1. Spernyak and Mr. Burnside explains to S. Hunt some of the essen- N. I-IPI-Sr1iClC turn mandrel On the lathe. tials fbac of driving as D. Salley Cfront seatb and E. Grist k seatj look on. 0 MQW ,fix Q13 fi Attention to Health Right: Here are the men who sweep the floors, wax the halls and wage the daily battle with the everlast- ing dust, dirt and litter of paper. Sealed: Head custodian Lloyd Everts, repairing a thermostat. Left: Assistants Cecil DePew, john Fraser, Edward Houghton, William Braun. Cayuta Street Night Entrance 5. ,.If:.. f.wt'. if ! X V-...Q Y . A S - 5 gi 1 ?f i4.'l" 0 X8 Qhwei . if , Q s E ,- 4s' -. 5 , X . Ai N. Ain' --iii. 9' .QYQ-. , Q-gt , ,A .N .vi ig" il 1 1? O Q' ,lfa-..1:. . if-,.. C .4 . 1 -D1 'bio For work and play complrsh somethrng extra, and to recerve the t1me and a half pay A student works overt1me at extra currtcular act1v1t1es for the same reasons He can pursue h1s hobbres and spec1al 1nterests, develop talents and smooth up h1s skrlls H15 COIHPCIISHIIOHD He gets fun and relaxatron and the good feehng that comes from someth1ng accomphshed He also gets tra1n1ng for the future, for who knows today s overnme may be tomorrow s career Overtime Pegs Off Todag and Tomorrow A man works overtime for two reasons: to ac- Editorial Board .fe 9 Left: R. Johanson, sports editor, R. Christman, art editor, R. Ketchum, mechanics editor, j. Moore, editor-in-chief, W. Housman, photography editor, L. Porter, copy editor. Annual Staff Produces Staff Photographer Rankin Remember the repeated announcements over the public address system: All North Star copy ab- solutely must be in at the end of this week. And then the next week it was repeated again. Perhaps you wondered at this rate if there would ever be a yearbook. We wondered too. At first it seemed easy. It seems that there's nothing to compare with the confidence of an inexperienced yearbook staff when they begin work. But this didn't last long. Soon we were up to our ears in work .... some- how stretching pages to include all the pictures . . . . taking and retaking pictures . . . . rewriting copy ad infinitum .... and checking, checking, checking, the everlasting checking. Suddenly, the deadline loomed two weeks ahead. lt can't be, we said. The business staff scurried our to get last minute ads while the literary staff worked long after hours trying to beat the deadline. Finally, some twenty-one "nervous wrecks" heaved a sigh of re- lief as the book finally went to press. Is it worth it? Well, first we gained good experience and that satisfaction in seeing the combined effort of a group finally successful. Then there's the end result, a yearbook, every line and picture of which means something to us. Literary Staff Seated D Moore G Barber W Housman N Lubin L Porter J Moore R Christman A Michaud S Prince Standing Adviser Mrs Ernestme Boorom D Peterson G Billotte F Diana E Bobrick G Durkin, R. Wood, Miss Rita Grant. c ornal Record of the a Business Staff Row one: . Pieri, J. Moore, M. Orton, A. Hicks, J. Husted, V. Blair. Row two: G. Ratliff, V. Perry, M. Gois, N. Carpenter, B. Hooey, J. Hickey, P. Light. Row three: E. Hooker, G. Rogers, I., Lanphear, B. Shaughnessy, S. Hodge, J. Gurnsey. Row four: G. Mannino, P. Tanner, M. Bates, N. Box, C. Nelson, S. Harriger, J. Carroll, adviser Daniel Luce, B. johnson. ,--sl T 52 4, Rou' One: A. Mcl-Ienry, G. Durkin, M. Peterson. J. Moore, M. Beisswanger, R. Christman, B. Gray, A. Michaud. Rau' Two: M, Gois, M. Billotte, M. Stull, j. Hamsher, J, Hickey, F. Diana, N. Carpenter, A. jakeway, R. Tremaine, B. Archangeli, N. Lubin, D. Cushing, J. Murray, I.. Porter, V. Perry. Rou' Three: E. Kahler, M. Frazen, N. Cox, G. Barber, S. Nelson, J. Brackman, L. Burt, P. Lucas, P. Havens, C. Van Etten, R. Mooney. he Press .... At N. Remember your dimes! Tiger Talk comes out Friday. What do you get for that dime? Wliy, one issue of your school publication, full of timely news items, features and pictures An extra premium that comes with the paper is the morgue-like quiet that prevails for the rest of the day as the satisfied custo- mers read their papers. October, December, March, and May find the staff scraping up scoops and fascinating features for the paper. Scholastics, sports, music, and social events are granted equal recognition by the re- porters. The two weeks prior to the deadline finds the staff in 223 after hours making up the dummy, call- ing for more copy, and worrying over the budget and sales. Finally the paper is put to bed and every- one breathes a sigh of relief with the knowledge that another deadline has been met, another satis- fying piece of work has been done. H. Gathering News, Meeting S, Deadlines, All in a Day's Work Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society for outstanding high school journalists, was founded in 1926 by several high school journalism advisers who Saw the need for such an organization. Our Northside chapter was established in l950. Membership in this organization is limited to junior and senior students who have done superior work in the field of journalism. Here at Northside this may include work on Tiger Talk, the school paper, or on the North Star, the school annual. Members are appointed from the upper third of the class by a group of teachers and advisers who have worked closely with the students. One advantage of membership in the National Quill and Scroll is the opportunities for publica- tions improvement and competition among member high schools. Today .... Seniors Tomorrow .... journalists Seated: D. Peterson, A. Mc Henry, M. Beisswanger, M Peterson, G. Durkin, M. Root Standing: R. Christman, R. Johanson, j. Moore, A. Mich- aud, N. Lubin, L. Porter, N. Carpenter. Ron one: V. Lesche, C. Cook, F. Diana, R. Wood, Miss Marion Olmsted. J. Moore, R. Christman, C. Van Etten, L. Porter. Rau! lun: A. Michaud, E. Kelly, R. Manning, N. Lubin E. Lane, VU. Housman, P. Kehler, B. Hooey, R. Johanson, D. Winters. Rau' three G. Durkin, D. Peterson, R. Mooney, J. Sparling, J. Wolcott, J. Murray, K. Costa J. Barker, H. Mayo, M. Crandell. Scholarship, leadersmp .... "Have you heard who is going to be tapped?" That's the question all Honor Society members have to answer with no before every society induc- tion assembly. None of them actually know, for the names of new members are withheld until the assembly hall starts filling and the members take their places on the stage. Honor Society is a national organization with chapters in many high schools throughout the nation. It is limited to juniors and seniors, who have four chances to meet the requirements. s . N' l J Eligibility for membership is determined by an established number of citations in each of the society's basic areas: scholarship, leadership, citizen- ship, and service, Any student meeting these re- quirements is inducted at either a spring or a fall initiation ceremony. With the aid of their faculty adviser, Miss Marion Olmsted, the senior members carried out their project of instituting a system by which the students would be better informed about available scholarship aid. Above: TAPPING-As their classmates look on, F. Diana taps N. Lubin and G. Durkin is tapped by L. Porter at- the spring initiation assembly. Left: HONOR SOCIETY TEA-Mrs. Hugh Gregg pours for Mrs. Hugh Sparling, while Mrs. Nathan Lubin and R. Wood converse with N. Lubin, Miss Marion Olmsted, and J. Sparling. Siandingz Mel Granite, a newspaperman . . . Kenneth Green, Chris, the older Burnett daughter . . . Patricia Wilber, Eddie West, Chris' boyfriend . . . james Mooreg Katy, the younger Burnett daughter . . . Barbara Allen, Mike, a state trooper . . . Gerald Durkin, Lainson, also a state trooper . . . Ralph Ketchum, Sam Bright, the governor . . . Larry Porter. Seated: Marian Bur- nett, Charles' wife . . . Norma Carpenter, Charles Burnett, a professor of journalism . . . Robert Wood: Agnes, the governors wife . . . Mary Ann Gois. On Stage, Seniors! Ease of footing, proper setting of stage, realistic sound effects, and most of all, naturalness and smoothness of dialogue . . . that's what makes for good play production. And we who presented Parlor Story as our senior play know that it takes a good many hours of preparation before the show can go on. There were the rehearsals in 101 . . . where we memorized lines and positions on energy sup- plied to us by malted milks and peanut butter cupsg later came rehearsals in the auditorium . . . where the tone of the dialogue seemed mysteriously to diminish. Then there were those moments of inde- cision . . . as we toted the furniture around the stage and didn't know just where to set it down, the dress rehearsal . . . where the cast got accustomed to stage make-up and footlights, and the climax, the play itself . . . when the final curtain fell, bringing the rush and activity of the fall season to a close. We had a lot of fun working on senior play, we'll never forget the troubles we had with the rug, the time Barb's change of wardrobe caused her to miss her cue at dress rehearsal, and 1immy's fervent "I'm a mess!" We'd like to thank Miss Reba Mas- terson for her enthusiasm and patience in direct- ing the play and Miss Viola Vail, Miss Winifred Stanton, Miss Marion Olmsted, Mrs. Joyce McOm- ber, Mr. Frank Rotsell, and Mr. Ralph Lane for all that they did to help make the production a suc- cess. Thanks too, Mr. William Barrett and the pub- licity committee Clean Lando, Annette Jakeway, Annette Michaud, Ann McHenry, Norma Carpenter, julia King, and Beverly Arcangelib, for handling tickets and programs. PARLOR STORY, a three-act play by William McCleery, was presented November 19 and 20 in the auditorium. Bob Wood played a realistic role as a middle-aged professor who, along with his de- sire to become president of the local university, has to cope with the ambitious maneuvering of his wife, the adolescent problems of one daughter, and the romantic interests of the other. When the gov- ernor comes to call on the Burnetts, Marian hopes it will lead to her husband's appointment as uni- versity president, but there is a lot of misunder- standing and politicizing before that situation does finally come about. The play ends happily as is typical of straight comedy. "Where did he come from?" demands Ralph as he and Jerry grasp jim suspiciously. "Who?" asks Pat alarmed. "Me?" gasps jim. "I think he was hiding in that closet," de- clares Ralph. "Good to see you again, Charley," says Larry. "Hope you didn't mind the bodyguard. It's just to keep the boys busy. Were a little overstaffedf' "The Governor's a great believer in full em- ployment," explains Mary Ann. "Especially around election time," acknowl- edges Bob. Kenny, Larry, and Bob are concerned about the possible subversiveness of jim's editorial while Mary Ann, Norma, and Barbara get ex- cited about the president's residence the Burnett's will soon occupy. Behind the scenes the crew discusses its prob- lems. Fin! rouf: R. Lesche, D. Moore, E. Loytty, S. Olmstead.W. johnson. Second rouf: J. Husted, F. Diana, D. Cole, N. Lubin, G. Rogers. Third row: B. Hooey, S. Prince, R. Christman, E. Kahler, M. Crandell, W. Olmstead, D. Smith. Semor Counci Thursday afternoons, homeroom period, you'll find a busy group of upperclassmen in the apart- ment working on various projects: planning as- semblies, conducting panel discussions, and arrang- ing social hours. Who are they?-the Senior High Student Council. The members, chosen by the classes which they represent, are under the com- petent direction of Dean Whitcomb. Their main purpose is to further good citizenship in the home- rooms especially and in the school at large and to promote school spirit among the student body. To acquaint the students with the school rules, songs, cheers, and other information of interest, the Council undertook second semester the publication of a student handbook which will be issued in Sep- Junior Cong The junior congressmen in this school are an able group of seventh, eighth, and ninth graders who run the affairs of state for those three classes. They are the junior High Student Council, under the guidance of Miss Marion Bradley. Training for the Senior Council, the junior Council put on a successful junior high social hour in November. junior high attendance and scholarship records are kept by the Council and homeroom trophies are awarded those homerooms having the best record over a period of ten weeks. Efficiency and alertness characterize these junior councillors, both essential re- quirements for Senior Council. Row one: J. Kinner, K. Costa, J. Bark- er, A. Bobrick. Row two: J. Sparlingg S. Hunt, Secre- tary, J. Moore, Presidentg C. Cook, Vice-President, M. Grinnell, Treasurer. Row three: J. Orr, Dean Whitcomb, Adviser, B. Barry, F. Diana, J. Burr, R. Ketchum, P. Kehler, L. Porter, C. Burgess, S. Hodge. I legidates tember. At a banquet March 25 in the school cafe- teria, the Councils from the three area high schools met to discuss the accomplishments of the year and to exchange suggestions for improvements in the management of their business. Two assemblies sponsored by the Council were the conservation assembly on May Day and the pres- entation of the Statesmen"13," an all male glee club from Hobart College, which included Martin "Tony" Lapp, a Northside alumnus. As Council president jim Moore says, "It is the wish of the Council that we have done something worthwhile this year for the welfare of the student body." ressmen liain Row one: A. Dziezgowskig E. Stebbins, Secretary, S. Picri, Vice- President, L. Bonady, H. Kimble. Row two: Miss Marion Bradley, Adviser, V. Blair, Treasurer, C Pierig G. Shepherd, P. Tanner, A. Lewis: D. Ballinger. Row three: C. Smith, President, C. Szespanskig R. Smithg J. Smith. Absent: S. Rosrnan, M. Tobey. Row one: C. Kirdendallg - J. Simpson, J. Ratliff, P. Fosterg C. Whiteg A. Lewisg G. Manninog S. Howellg G. Latshawg S. Sutherlandg B. Cole, S. Smith. Row two: C. McKinney, P. Wexellg D. Ballinger, M, Mooreg j. Pierig R. Gray, Secretaryg R. Lucas, Presidentg R. Lesche, Vice - Presidentg K. Kuhl, Treasurerg P. Lightg J. VanEtten3 P. Esgrowg A. Becraft. Row three: M. Rednerg E. Hillg A. Dziezgowskig H. Pierce, R. Coleg G. Fishg E.' Loyttyg C. Cum- mings, J. Menihang' F. Delorenzog B. Giam- broneg L. Thompson, C. Pieri, P, Yorio. Footnghters Rake the Curtain A group of amateur thespians, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Elizabeth Ettington, this year learned the techniques of stage make-up. These talented youngsters, the Laurence Olivers and Vivian Leighs of the future, had a chance to prove their ability at a Christmas party in December in the school cafe- teria. Each member participated in a skit, gave a monologue, or characterized a famous person. ln November, several of the members had the opportunity of watching and helping the school's "veteran" actors at work as they helped backstage :luring the Senior play. February 15, "Love is Where You Find It," a play written and directed by Mary Moore, was presented to the group, and in an as- sembly in May, a one-act comedy, "Bobby Sox," was offered to the student body. Watch out, Broadway, here they come! Students Promote International Understanding "Please accept these magazines as a token of friendship from one who hopes they will foster international understand- ing and good will," say these four members of Homeroom 125. Gwendolyn Roblee, David Hogancamp, Charlotte Faley, and james Smith wrap magazines to be sent to an information center overseas. 57 Efhciencg, Euquette, Enthusiasm Secretarial Club. "Why not have a secretarial club?" was the question brought up during secretarial prac- tice class. And thus a new club-The Secretariettes -came into being. The purpose of this club is to broaden its members' knowledge of secretarial work and to study personality problems, human relations between employer and employee, adjustment prob- lems of new office workers, and problems on eti- quette in and out of the office. In carrying out this program, the club has had such speakers as insurance salesman William Hodge, who spoke on the value of insurance, beautician Paints, Palettes Pastels Run' one: G. Cusanelli, E. Kahler, N Carpenter, G. Wise, j. McLean, M Tawney. Ron' two: C. Giardina, B. Burgess. E Bobrick, C. Whitcomb. R. Lucas, J Wolcott, J, Murray, R. Copp. Rau' three: P. Wexell, B. Riley. G heimer, M. Hendeshot. Row four: R. Christman, G. Yale, R 1 Trondsen, H. Mayo. Shepherd, N. Wolver, C. Gee, T. Rein- Left: G. Barber, Vice-President, M. Billotte, B. Skidmore, B. Sut fin, G. Horton, M. Franzen, P. Di Giacomo, Secretary, C. Knapp Miss Ruth Burritt, adviser, M. Ai Gois, I Hamsher, B. Arcangeli, A. Jakeway, N. Carpenter, J. King A. Michaud, President, I.. Perrigo 581. Bleichner, Treasurer. Art Club. If you have seen a student with a bar of soap or lump of modeling clay in his hands, he is probably a member of Art Club. This group of art lovers chose ceramics and soap sculpturing as this year's project. Emerging from their skilled hands were soap elephants, clay figurines, and other small items, most of which you can see held carefully in their hands in the Art Club picture. A side project, both frivolous and practical, was a carnival held in the cafeteria-for fun and for raising money to purchase club pins. Rounding off the year's activities was the annual picnic held at Dennison Park. Mrs. Alberta Fratarcangelo, who discussed good grooming, and personnel director of the Glass Works, Miss Dorothy Gladstone, who gave some pointers on what businessmen expect of the young people of today. Socially the girls have been active too. They got off to a good start with a Christmas dinner at the Baron Steuben to which they brought toys for needy children in the community. And climaxing their social events was a banquet held in May at the Baron Steuben. Northsiders like to talk. Ask any N.H.S. teacher, For those stu- dents who are especially fluent, persuasive, and scintillating, Pub- lic Speaking offers an opportunity to develop these abilities. This year under the direction of Miss Reba Masterson, nine "silver tongues" wrote, declaimetl, and competed for the honor of speak- ing at the county speaking con- test. Seated: S. Olinger, N. Carpenter. D. Peterson. .Ylamfirlgi DI. Moore. R. Wootl. XVolcott, G. Xlfise, M. Beisswanger, Adviser Miss Reba Masterson. L. Porter. Jffx English or French- We learn to Speak V VE X LEUUEAT i D 1 R Le Cercle Francais meets every other Friday during the second semester and divides its activities between the serious-and the frivolous. "Vive l'education en France!" represents one of our more serious aims. On Flag Day we sell min- iature French flags, and the money is sent to CARE for the purchasing of books for French schools. This year these books were sent to the Ecole de Montcel, a secondary school for boys near Paris. On the lighter side, we have fun carrying on our conversations in French at club meetings, put- ting on skits, and playing games all in French. Rounding out the semester activities is the annual picnic held at lake. 'N--Q.. 'E 3 2 French Tag Day. R. Holden, R. Roll, S. Nelson. Rau' one: D. Peterson, M. Kilburn, R. Sims, R. Roll. Row tuo: J. Orr, M. York, S. Smith, R. Clements, G. Vogt. Rau' three: R. Holden, E. Lane, S. Nelson, S. Hall, N. Lubin, Adviser Miss Reba Masterson, F. Diana, R. Mooney. X ' 3 Q5 QS' -Q- G. Durkin ,X Row one: G. Swarthout, G. Stanton, B. Benedict, B. Cisco, Treasurer, E. Terwilliger, President, Mr. Lucas, Adviser, R. Manning, Vice President, K. King, Secretary. Row Iwo: D. King, J. Watkins, J. Diffenderfer, B. Weaver, J. Rod- burn, J. King, J. Ball, S. Tong, S. Kniffen R. Giles. Row three: D. Grimes, E. Roe, D. Fredricks, E. Eaton, L. Fraser, R. Ross, A. Dunning, J. Brockway, L. Savory. Row four: Holding Banner, P. Rodgers, G. Gridley. Futures in the Making F.T.A. Although the word teacher: may not have always had the happiest associations in our student days, some of us have caught a vision of a field of service where the need is great and the opportuni- ties unlimited if we want to accept the challenge. This year a new organization appeared on the extra-curricular calendar at Northside-the Future Teachers of America under Mrs. Margaret Arnesen's direction assisted by Miss Hazel Hill and Miss Ruth Henderson, Our purpose was to learn about the op- portunities in teaching, to cultivate the qualities essential in a good teacher, and to instill in others the desire to enter the profession. ' The organization was started at the beginning of the second semester with luncheon meetings on alternate Tuesdays. Each member acquired an F. T. A. pin and later became a member of the National Education Association as well as the New York State Teachers Association. Included in the year's activities was a visit to the Northside elementary,schools to observe "the class- F.F.A. We're the future farmers of America, the men behind the scenes . . . behind industry . . . be- hind the armed forces . . . behind your great cities . . . your food producers. That's right, we're the ones wearing the old straw hat and chewing on a piece of alfalfa. We're also the ones who are study- ing the newest and best methods for scientific farm- ing. On our farms and the farms of the future there will be practices and equipment that were never dreamed of by our forefathers. Our goal? We want to build the model farm, earn our living from the land Cwhat better place is there to work and liveb, and provide the food not only for the greatest nation in the world but also for the needy peoples abroad. room in action," directing playground activities at the grammar school, planning bulletin boards for the lower grades, and learning how to use the various visual aids equipment. , .sou 1000 ,,,,.4oou Observing the "classroom in action." Lefl: M. L. Peterson, L. Porter, His- torian, R. Christman, President, A. Michaud, G. Durkin, Vice-President, observe as Miss Ruth Henderson, one of our advisers, instructs the first grad- ers. Adviser, Miss Hazel Hill shows some members how to work the pro- iector. Left: M. Beisswanger, Treasurer, F. Diana, Secretary, M. DeCamp, R. Tremaine, G. Barber. briga, Row one: G. Billotte, N. Lee, M. Nobriga, Secretary, S. Hunt, President, K. Kuhl, M. Finley, Treasurer, M. Orton. Row two: M. Huber, A. Lewis, S. Smith, J. Kies, Vice President, C. McLaughlin, A. McElhaney, j. Carroll, j. Gurnsey, J, White, j. Brackman, Miss Grant, Ad- viser, J. Wolcott. They Also Serve Library Council. How can one librarian service over a thousand students? Well, the answer to that is easy-she can't. That's why the Library Council exists-to assist Miss Grant with this "growing problem." Early this year we inducted four new members to replace last year's graduates, making our number nineteen. It took time, of course, but we finally initiated these "green members" into the mysteries of the library. Stamping, carding, and shelving are our chief contributions to the work in the library and it is no small contribution either. You should see the two hundred books that pass through our hands in the library every day. And then there are a few other odd jobs not worth mentioning such as mending the many damaged books. Don't get the idea that the council is "all work and no play." We like to entertain! The faculty tea, held in December, the tri-school banquet at C. F. A., and the annual banquet in june at the Baron Steuben Hotel, honoring senior members Sylvia Hunt, Agnes McElhaney, Sheila McLaughlin, and Nancy Lee, highlighted the year's social events. All in all we feel that the time spent in the library was well spent. Who knows? Some of us may one day be librariaris. At least we have an intelligent idea of what the work is like. Roni one: A. xlakeway, N. Carpenter Rau' tue: G. Rogers. M. Gois, L. Cisco G. Blackman, Miss Vail. D. Moore, J Seager, K. Butler fSantaJ. Ron' three: S. Simmers, S. Hostrander. L. Henyan J. Menihan, P. Walker, J. Taylor, P Tanner, E. Laughlin, bl. Warner, D Reynolds, I. Crout. L. Starner, E. Lane, B. Hooey, P. Canfield. J. Moore. Run four: E. Landolf, xl. Gurnsey, DI. Colby, M. Willson, M. C. McLaughlin, B. Shaughnessy, N. Welty, G. Elliott, C Burgess, B. Davis, J. Wood, J. Dart, DI, Whitney, P. Perry, M. Grinnell. Sigma Tau Eta. Who wields the vacuum and the dustcloth in the apartment? Who politely relieves you of your tray in the cafeteria? Who scrubs up the cafeteria tables? Who does a dozen and one neces- sary little services that make Northside the shipshape school it is? Why Sigma Tau Eta, the school service club. We are the group Miss Olmsted calls on for assistance. We also provide the flashy book covers you were able to buy last fall for a mere ten cents. However Sigma Tau Eta isn't all hard work. We do entertain! Our annual Christmas party was especially fun this year when Joan Seager uniquely imitated johnny Ray, Gloria Rogers imitated Al jolson, Mary Helen Wilson tap danced, and, oh yes, when Mary Ann Gois sang "Rudolph," One of the important events of the year was the Mother- Daughter Tea when mothers were given an oppor- tunity not only to become acquainted with our ad- visers and friends but also to better understand what our work is like. The quotation "The smallest thing well done be- comes artistic" could very well be our motto. N. Lee, A. Mclilhaney. S. Hunt M. Orton, gl. Bratkman, M No Roni one: H. Gogoll, D. Guerrera, C. Van Etten, N. Cox, J. Scianni, R. Sims, P. Man- ning. Ron' lun: R. Holden, J. Murray, D. Cushing, N. Dickinson, L. Hauber, M. Wightman, K. Johnston, P. Lucas, N. Ogden. M. Manwarren. Ron- three: S. Chambers, L. Starner, VI. Kosty, bl. Lando, Secretaryg L. Bennett, President- lf. Diana, Vice-President, J. Bratkman, Reporter, M. Sementelli, Treasurer, M. York Mr. lirrold Wlydman, Adviser. Ron four: lf. Palmer, B. Compton, li. l.ane, N. I.ubin, K. johnson, P. Havens, B. Barrie. -I. NX'arters, l Colby, P. DeCamp. Ron' 1,111 B, Jlmstead. R. Johanson. R. Mooney. D. Gurnsey, B. Gray, P. Wetmore, B. Allen, D. Guerrera. Theg Took to the Woods-and the Workshop Nu Beta Chi, Northside's biology club, has again completed a year of studying bugs, birds, and bac- teria. Starting out in September, after the new mem- bers were welcomed by Mr. Errold Wydman, adviser, fall plans were worked out. ln November an obser- vation trip was conducted to Spencer Hill where subject matter was examined at first hand. After mid-year exams the club got down to business. Trips to XX!estinghouse, Rochester, and Cornell were dis- cussed to enable the members to observe biology in action. The trip to County Laboratory was of great interest. Speakers from the Federal Bureau of ln- vestigation presented new aspects of the field at one meeting. One of the world-shaking problems of the junior High Science Club. "I-Iasten slowly, with- out losing heart, twenty times upon the anvil place your work." So says this junior High group who, after planning an'd setting up, demonstrate various experiments to their fellow club members. Some- times an experiment is not successful. Carefully every minute detail of the apparatus must- be checked. Finally they try again, and everything goes just as their book and adviser, Mr. John Heib, said it would. This year, other than some field trips, the members built a telescope which was used in ob- serving and picking out familiar planets and con- stellations. The club rounded out the year socially with a picnic. year was the choice of insignia for the club, medale lions, pins, and skull caps being suggested and the latter winning the vote. Ron' one: Mr. john Heib, Adviser, A. Becraft, P. Light, Vice-Presidentg M. Moore, Sec retary, V. Blair, j. Barrett, D. Cummings. Ron' !1l'0Z D. Overstrom, L. Morris, J. Pieri, President, K. Nixon, L. Thompson, G. Fish R. Colaccechi. Ron' three: C. Cummings, E. Loytty, Treasurer, S. Olmstead, J. Wolfe, R. Adriance. 62 1--rrera, Secretaryg S. Whitcomb E sterbrookg E. Smith. Ron' luv, . , . , . g 3 - setg P. Havens. S. Iddingsg J A - P , - ' ,rg R. Rocco, Secretaryg J. -fy, Vice-Presidentg Miss Helen giuum, Adviserg C. Van Loan, - :mllg A. jakewayg A. McEl- :wg S. MacPhersong A. Mc- ..r'yg A. Michaudg N. Grover. .r one: S. Nelsong M. Franzen Morseg P. Wkplcott. Vice-Pres mtg G. Barber, Presitlentg P Sreeng L. Smithg M. Yorkg R. co' D Sonnet' S Olin er P. one' B Com ton' N Car .dentg M. Beisswanger, Treas- B. Arcangelig M. A. Gois. two: A. Cavallerog B. Hooeyg Carroll' I. Lam hear' B Su! r - P , V ' JD. Mooreg J. Wardg G. Hor- Row three: J. Kosryg jean 'Camera Club. "All righttyf' With those words Mr. Rankin snaps another North Star picture. In a few years Cwho can tellb the members of the present 4Camera Club may be doing the same kind of work, Stressing proper care and use of cameras, the club studied the structure and functions of the various parts of the camera, noting both their weaknesses and strong points. In February the 1952 winners of :he National High School Photographic Contest were displayed in Room 202. These pictures are sent here annually from Eastman Kodak to be studied for their composition. Two field trips were planned Dy the members, one ro Kodak Park where the club 'oured the Eastman Kodak Company and one to Cornell with Nu Beta Chi. Composinon and Coomhnanon ... H Then Keg Words N. Club. Question: Who were the girls selling pro- grams at all the Northside "home" football games? Answer: The 'members of "N" Club, a North side organization of girls interested in athletics. At the start of each year the old club members hold a tea for girls interested in becoming mem- bers. There the qualifications are explained. Mem- bership in the club depends upon the girls' earn- ing a certain number ofrpoints for participation in intramural activities. This year's club grew to twenty-five members. By selling programs at the games, the girls made it possible for the cheerleaders to accompany the team to the "away" games. An "N" Clubber, Gerry Horton, ran the noon volleyball league this year. Some of the older club members helped Miss Helen Bradburn with the gym classes fl un I 5 E fl e 3' E oQ 3 P . in 1 ' Y.. ' E- Rfiri Umm Cf. Gee. G. Gridley. R. Cole, A. Bohricla, M. Gurnsey, J. Wtuotl, D. Drehmcr. bl. Gurnsey. Ron tzznz I.. Porter, rl. Sparling, B. Hooey. M. Beisswunger, Orr. Ron' lbrw: M. Grinnell. B. Shaughnessy. R. hlohanson. tl. Wtulctutt. G. Nelson, gl. Munier. Rau' four: R. Mooney, S. Malnic. G. Rogers. L. Starner, li. Lane. li. Bobritlc, M. Metselaar, B. Barry. J. Husteil. Run fire: K. Mourhess. B. jones. P. Cody. Laura Clark. P. W'etniore. C. DeXY'olf, G. Latshaw, -lane Carroll. Lorraine Clark. R. Smith, J. Bennett. M. Plumley. K. Johnson. Roi: tix: D.Winters, J. Covert. P. Sargeant. G. Yale. nl. Moore. D. Peterson. B. Gray. R. Faulisi, N. Bess, D. Griffing, D, Smith. M. Crandell. Staccato of the Trumpets and The largest music group in the school is the senior Concert Band which again this year presented, together with the Junior Band, the annual Band Concert in March. For the first part of their program the Senior 2 QQ, Band presented traditional concert music including H "Triumphal March" from Verdi's Aida and "Prelude ' " 1' in C Minor" by Rachmaninoff. Following this came W ' a minstrel show appropriately called "De Band-jo Jubilee." Included in this part of the program were a soft-shoe dance, end men with their timeless jokes. and such numbers as "Kentucky Babe," "Dry Bones," and "Carolina ln The Morning." This diversity of repertoire typifies the adaptability of this years band and their capacity for hard work. Perhaps the most hard-working of all is the director, Mr. Robert Homan, who besides leading the band in the Band Concert groomed them for the Spring Concert on May 21. Mr. Robert I-Ioman Boll of "s is 1 ,, 4 Q 1. 1 5 Q vi 4 ' x x60 5 1 ' 50.5 L.. Row one: C. Burgess, A. Jakeway, J. Comstock, G. Quattrini, M. Holden, N. Carpenter, L. Brace N. Overstrom, R. Jakeway, S. Olinger. Row two: D. Hering, Judith Moore, M. Bates, D. Wexell W. Olmstead, S. Hall. Row zbreez M. Willson, D. Cushing, D. Johnson, J. Brackman. Row four: J. Martin, C. Van Etten, V. Lesche, S. Hunt, A. Faulisi, F. Olmstead, R. Overstrom, E. Hosenfeld C. Becraft, R. Herington. Rou' five: A. Lounsbury, C. Potter, P. Nixon, B. Davis, L. Hook, J r h r M DeCam M Bonik L Hauber E Lewis P Graham D Davis Rou six R Cole Deme,, p,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . ':. L. Burnap, P. Winters, Mr. Robert Homan, C. Smith, N. Hickey, Jean Carroll, J. Burr, A. Larri- son, H. Heyn, R. Wood. the Drums . . . The Senior Concert Ban .y Ms 3 Q a Flaier: M. Beisswanger, J. Orr, D. Haring, M. Bates, Judith Moore. Oboer: V. Lesche, S. Hunt. Baxroon: M. Willson. Clarinetrz L. Porter, J. Sparling, B. Hooey, R. Johanson, M. Grinnell, B. Shaughnessy, J. Wolcott, J. Munier, G. Nelson, E. Bobrick, E. Lane, L. Starner, R. Mooney, S. Malnic, G. Rogers, P. Cody, G. Yale, Laura Clark, G. Latshaw, K. Mourhess, B. Jones, J. Covert, P. Sargeant, P. Wetmore, C. DeWolfe. Barr Clarinet: M. DeCamp. Baritone Sax: M. Bonik. Alio Saxef: K. Johnson, M. Plumley, R. Smith, J. Bennett, J. Carroll, Lorraine Clark. Tenor Saxer: P. Nixon, A. Lounsbury, C. Potter. Horns: C. Van Etten, J. Martin, J. Husted, B. Barry, M Metselaar. Cornet: and Trumpets: S. Hall, W. Olmstead, D. Wexell D. Johnson, J. Brackman. D. Cushing, R. Overstrom, F Olmstead, A. Faulisi, E. Lewis. R. Herington, C. Becraft E. Hosenfeld, L. Hauheir, D. Davis. Bariionerz J. Drehmer, B. Davis, L. Hook Tromboner: R. Wood, H. Heyn, J. Burr, J. Carroll, N Hickey, A. Larrison, C. Smith. Bauer: D. Smith, M. Crandall, L. Burnap, R. Cole, P Winters. Percurrion: James Moore, D. Peterson, B. Gray, D. Griff ing, R. Faulisi, N. Bess, D. Winters. x an uw 51 ni i kL.. Q Q ,Wi k ,, 1 A ,4 31 fk L, W 5,1 ,fnxw Q M l W' - Hf53, 4' s jf Q 1 if I aff 51 ' -Q 5, D Q A 'if 'N AN ,Z-qi X I .3 ,A ix? xii: , J.. nf' Riagg ' - 1, Q 4 , -mf 5 L- ... . W ' g .ff K l Y 2 ff QA f x af A i M. ,- W A ' I h Q mxwy'-' ,h , X ,A ip it ZHIQN " "A--., Q K , s 23:41-s., ki, - gxkf as-wi ii". ! ia Q F .M gf mf i F .xv -, .K l Q -Q , E 0 n , , Q .S L fl , . ' if , . J X 'EA - I Q7 X,4x .. x Q xi .ff n an 'S' ins xx 'W an - ' 5- . 3' L ' 31,4 O .5 ff L9'y" ,3 ' . . F A f -. NN hrwl' x "0 'Sri 'sg l ks ,111 an ,L K 1 7 H.. ,Q V L in:-, qv' 9 , W jfX, ig: Q J., f""i-.ugg in' 0 Wifi ,r lf, 1-:::.,x -1? ' 5 4 - RU 'P l sv X Q wg 'Z First mtv: A. DeWolf, K. Nixon, 1. Pieri, N. Agett, R. Lesche. Second mu: R. Cole, M. Sneider A. Becraft, A. Lewis, T. Root, J. Simpson, J. Ratliff. Thin! mu: C. Pieri, R. VanWagner, S Olmstead, N. Wolven, K. Taylor, P. Light, D. Dodge, R. Smith, Mr. Babcock. Todag's Beginners-Tomorrow's Pros All craftsmen must at some time be apprentices. Northside's musical apprentices are the members of the junior Band and junior Orchestra. Conducted respectively by Robert Homan and Edward Babcock, the students train for future positions in the senior organizations. Because so many at Northside are music-minded, the younger ones are placed in these junior groups. The junior Orchestra, just organ- ized this year, played in the Spring Concert, and the junior band gave Twilight Concerts on the school lawn in the spring. Last fall they gained march- ing experience by performing with the Marching Band at the Wellsville game. The first-period prac- tices in the band room, although they call forth protests from adjoining classrooms. really produce results-each year some junior musicians graduate to the senior groups. Rou' one: W. Scheidweiler, E. Stebbins P. Carlson, D. Rogers, M. Huber, B Potter, S. Mouthess, S. Oliver, M. Goble J. Schoonover, S. Niemi. Rou' two: G Williamson, R. Lesche, S. Olmstead, R Stookey, P. l-leyn, M. Moore, R. Caval lero, A. Elder, V. Blair, N. Agett. Rou three: T. Viselli, R. Rhoda, W. johnson C. Buchanan, M. Esgrow, R. D'Arcangelo L. Moshier, D. Kuss, L. Thompson, C Olson, S. Hostrander, j. Van Etten. Rau' four: K. Bell, D. Kreamer, J. Drehmer D. Hamilton R. Adriance, Ingalls, . J. A. Lewis, K. Magee, J. Babcock, K. Nix on, C. Pieri, A. Maier. Rau' five: R. Sim monds, R. Van Etten, D. Walter, W Habelt, A. DeWolfe, A. Ketchum, B. Miller, P. Fisher, P. Light, j. Pieri, K. Lowery, D. Overstrom. Rau' tix: R. Morse, R. Reinheimer, B. Bell, G. Grid ley, R. Cole, R. Roloson, M. Leonard, D. Dodge. f As the vibrato tones of the "licorice sticks" float down the corridor, you know the Bandettes are at it again. The Boys Bandette aside from their weekly practices has played at football games, as- semblies, pep meetings, the band concert, and the spring concert. This year these rhythm boys had as their counterpart the newly organized Girls Band- ette. At the band concert in the Battle of the Band- ettes these two groups played alternate selections. Rau' one: R. Mooney, J. Moore, L. Porter, G Nelson, J. Munier, P. Nixon. Row two: D. Griffing, E. Lewis, F, Olmstead M. Crandall, A. Faulisi, W. Olmstead, D Wexell, T. Heyn. Get That Beat... Row one: j. Brackman, V, Lesche, D. Cushing J. Husted, K. Johnson. Rou' Iwo: j. Sparling, E. Bobrick, C. Vanlitten S. Hall, J. Carroll, j. Drehmer, L. Hook, A Lounsbury. Row three: N. Bess, M. Beisswanger. - Row one: D. Griffing, R. Cavallero, R. Lesche, G. Nelson, J. Munier, P. Nixon. Row two: S. Hall, M. Crandall, E. Hosenfelt, C. Becraft, D. Wexell, H. Heyn. Swing Band. Whether beating out jazz or playing those dreamy melodies, the swing band is accom- plishing its purpose . . . gaining experience playing in the popular idiom. They are available for any social hour and banquet. In February they played at the Northside Booster Banquet We Want Rhgthm! String Ensemble. With violins and violas tucked Row one: P. Foster, J. Martin, H. Schrickel. Row two: Mr. Edward Babcock, director: L Burnap, G. Latshaw, C. Fish, E. Beach. Row lhree: P. Light, 1. Babcock, M. Hamilton S. Howell. Row four: P. Winters, L. Clark, D. Hamilton. under their chins, the String Ensemble rehearses faithfully every Friday noon. At the Spring concert this selected group from the orchestra played several pieces among which was the Marche Militaire. ,SQ 7' "' - Q24 2: ' ,By , , , .-,f , CLUB. Row one: . Barrett fan. 'wi Mrs. Jeanne Tobias .w"1?o SENIOR HIGH GIRLS' GLEE CLUB. Run' une: M. Bates, C. Morris, M. Stull, G. Mannino, J. Wolcott, M. Orton, J. Moore, D. Cushing, S. Malnic, M. Willson, M. Packard, A. Lounsbury, M. York. Ruiz' tim: J. Hamsher, li, Diana, J. lliclxey, M. Billotte, B. Barry, L. Hook, J. Braclxman, B. Giam- brone, G. Latshaw, M. DeCamp, R. Holtlen. M. Grinnell, D. Guerrera, S. Whitcomb, E. Bobriclc, S. Hall. Rnu' Ihreej M. A. Gois, J. Hustetl, D. llaring, C. Van Etten, S. Hotlge. B. Shaughnessy, assistant librarian, B. Hooey, C. Whitcomh, D, Dodge, S, McPherson, S. Prince, R. Tremaine, E. Lane, P. Wilber. Rau' four: K. Lowery, K. Kuhl, M. McLaughlin, Bnrenthaler, B. Davis, C. Burgess, J. Gutnsey, G. Yale, V. Lesche, E. Beach, A. Mclilhaney. C. Hauling, P. Lucas, J. Drehmer, librarian, Mrs. Tobias, director. fa' 1 SEVEN SHARPS. Left: V. Lesche Caccompan- istj, J. Murray, S. Hall, J. Drehmer, P. Lucas, M. Holden, C. VanEtten, J. Moore. THEIR VOICES JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS' GLEE hug' J Wootl, J. Ratliff. E, Lewis, J. Dreh mer, R. Gray, librarian, C. Weaver, M. Walker, P. Perry, S. Oliver, J. Van Etten, M. Moore. Run' luv: L. Thompson, K. Taylor, S. Smith, P. Light, secretary, C. Mc- Guinness, B. Chutlanic, P. McCabe, E. Stebbins, N. Agett, A. Lewis. Rau' three: P. Foster. J, Babcock, N. Lewis, K. Magee, K. Nixon, W. Kinner, C. Pieri, vice-president, J. Pieri, president, S. Howell, L. Woodhouse, C. Allen. You can't, of course, sing with gum in your mouth so before practice gets underway all such "foreign matter" must go. But ordinarily our six organized choral groups are ready to give out with a song. Mr. Edward Babcock's groups are the Junior High Girls Glee Club whose April Anticr we enjoyed at the spring concert, the Harmonettes who ushered in spring with their May Day Carol at the traditional May Day ceremony, and the Choristers, a mixed group of upperclassmen noted for their linguistic gymnastics in the little Czechoslovakian number, Ktie Su Kmvy. Under Mrs. Jeanne Tobias are the Senior High Girls Glee Club with their S0pb071l0l'fL' I'bilnr- opby and the Seven Sharps who sang Beza'i1t'bm' and Syncopated Clock. Mr. Robert Homan directs the Boys Glee Club whose southern renditions at the band concert were loudly applauded. SQ HARMONETTES. Left: G. Latshaw B Davis M Hamilton M Will SOD. BLEND in SONG J CHORISTERS Roz: one M Billotte B Hooey E. Lane, M Willson P Sargent B Davis L Bennett J Hamsher R011 rua C Van Etten M Holden V Lesche S. Hall C. Burgess, P. Wilber, J. Drehmer. Row three: D. Peterson, H. Mourhess, R. Cole, R. Wood R. Mooney, J. Moore, D. Drehmer, R. Cole. BOYS' GLEE CLUB. Roz! one: S. Olmstead. R. Cole, R. Lesche. E. Loytty. J. Vifolff, D. Sims, M. Red- ner, D. Hamilton. R. Grosiean. Rau Izzo: M. Crantlell. R. Burger, J. lNIOOre, D. Smith. M. Trimble, VU. Olmstead. D. Peterson, L. Porter, R. Cole, G, Eaton, R. Beebe. Ron' ibreez G. Gridley, M. Gurnsey, R. Wood, K. Rutledge. L, Fraser. P. Nixon, R. Mooney. H. Heyn, R. Colegrove, A. Sementilli, H. Beach, H. Pierce, N. Whitaker. FQ I 'r 0 if 5 Game .H , rw? Ku v N. Watlogtg J. Nobriga. 5,-vm. 1 all i 4 -.fffffi ' awfsofz Phgsucal Education Develops Character The clamor commg from the gymnas1um every day 1S the sound of Northsrdes physrcal educat1on program at work Extra curr1cular mtramural and mter school sports all are a part of the program Besrdes prov1d1ng enloyment these sports have a defrmte purpose' Not only phys1cal sk1lls are de veloped but also character 1S shaped by practxcrng good sportsmansh1p fa1r play and group co opera t1on In present1ng fh1S program Northsrde knows that a f1t co ordrnated body 1S reflected 1n a happy alert mrnd S 75 a nd Sk I I I ' ' . 7 . 9 a 7 . . . . 9 . 9 ' ' . D . . 7 . , - V hs. 0 l V' Training gear - ' ' II'-liag iss- II i XM . .z A N' . 1' A ,.3,. ,Q , Q. Q, A I yi L lax i, N. as L., . Q i is in in a . ,Mi I . W. 9' H a N - MS" 1 N. Winters Nobriga West Henley Many new faces appeared this fall on the North- side football field replacing twelve lettermen lost by graduation. One of the most important of the new faces was the newly appointed head coach, Harry Auble, Jr. Under Coach Auble and his assist- ant, William Hin, the team had to learn an entire new offensive system in three short weeks, and the plea, "When do we play defense?" was often heard. The season opener was a disappointment as a tough Elmira Heights eleven hammered out a 13-7 victory. Moe Ruocco provided the Tigers with their only touchdown on a short burst from the five-yard line. In the next encounter with Wells- ville, the Tigers pulled out a 12-6 victory in the final seconds of the game at the stadium. Phil Huber and Moe Ruocco provided the margin for victory with some very hard running. The Aublemen continued their winning ways by tripping Batavia 6-0 at the Blue Devil home field. A pass from Ronnie Johanson to Bob Kelley supplied the Tigers with the only score of the game. Q! ffl .M S-Gs .Sl 1 Kehler Kelley jack Hogue ,lim Hogue In the following contest the Orange and Black ran head on into a tough Cortland aggregation which wouldn't be denied. Northside scored early on a quarterback sneak, but Cortland came back strong to score seven points in the second quarter. The final score stood at 7-6 with Cortland the winner. Hornell proved to have their weakest team in many years and Northside easily defeated the Red Raiders 27-13. Hogue, Mourhess, Huber, and Ruocco combined efforts to score all of Northside's points. The Tigers traveled to Geneva the follow- ing Friday with conference title hopes but the Panthers had other ideas. Northside came out on the short end of an 8-6 score in a hard fought game. Bath fell prey to the Bengals 26-13 in a game played in a continual snowstorm. The Bulldogs from across the river toppled 19-O as a well-coached Tiger eleven played its best game of the season. The win over CFA highlighted a very successful season as it brou ht the West Central Football Conference 1 8 trophy and City trophy to Northside. Season Record NHS Elmira Heights NHS Wellsville NHS Batavia NHS Cortland NHS Hornell NHS Geneva NHS Bath NHS CFA Assistant Coach William Hin, Head Coach Harry Auble Co Captam Ruocco 1 f - Q' J: - K -'J 55,1 xx . js, f ig ., New Head Coach WCFC B Q 1 Crow n. Citll T e Ketchum Miller Row one: H. Mourhess, D. West, J. Nobriga, B. Kelley, J. Hogue, P. Huber, M. Ruocco, D Grimes, P. Kehler, Row Iwo: K. Ketchum, D. Gurnsey, R, Johanson, J. Ruocco, M. Kilburn C. Cook, K. Brockway, J. Burr, J. Allowat, G. Henley. Rou' three: H. Miller, B. Lewis, M. Cody G. Vogt, J. Ruvola, N. Cook, B. Beebe, K. Pearsall, B. Starr, J. Hogue. Rau' four: E. McLaugh lin, G. Gridley, J.DeJoseph, D. Cole. J. Coccho, A. l.eBaron, A. Bobrick, J. Cavallero, E. Horton J. Houpt. Rou' five: Faculty Manager I.. Evans, Coach W. Hin, Coach H. Auble, Coach T. Jacoby Manager Houpt aw., New r en: Highlight Season Co Capram Huber 5 ,ig JN. jayvee Football. Under the able guidance of coaches Ruiz' one: G. Gridley, j. Coccho. J. Dejoseph, A. LeBaron. j. Cav- allero, D, Cole, A, Bobrick. D johnson, E. Horton. Run' 1110: J. Kinner, T. Johnston S. Lee, J. Dejoseph, D. Stuart, B Greenfield, H. Wacenske, gl. Tre maine, P. Thompson. Rau' tbree: B. johnson, W. Hau ber, R. Overstrom. C. Bates, B Smith, J. Longo, R. Adams. Row four: Coach E. Netski, A Hicks, J. VanNess, Le Smith, G Fuller, R. Rockwell, B. Frater cangelo, Coach H. Vetter. Cubs Undefeated. .Feminine Hank Vetter and Ed Netski, the jayvee football squad had an undefeated and untied season. In their opener at the stadium the Tiger Cubs easily defeated Elmira Heights 25-6. The jayvees played CFA in their next outing and rolled over the Academy Pups 37-6. In the return engagement with CFA, the Orange and Black blanked the Blue and White 25-0. In the second encounter with Elmira Heights the Cubs had their toughest game of the year and were held to only two touchdowns in beating the Heights team 13-0. Butch Kimble and Joe Cavallero were high scorers for the squad with 18 points each. Because of the jayvees' fine showing the out- look for next year's Varsiry looks very bright de- spite a big loss of lettermen. The jayvee Cheerleaders . . . our youngest morale builders. Maybe it's more bounce to the ounce, maybe it's the new orange skirts, maybe it's the newly acquired megaphones presented to the squad by Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Jacoby, or it might be just plain superior ability, but, anyway, the little jayvees have made a big contribution to Northside's 1955-54 sports career. Coached by Miss Bradburn, these sophomores and juniors have trained hard all year to make the Varsity Cheerleading squad next year. You have seen them enthusiastically cheering the jayvee football and basketball squads at every game this year, assisting at the big annual pep as- sembly preceding the N.H.S.-C.F.A. football game, and at the junior highassemblies, patiently teaching new cheers to our junior high students. Left: D. Cushing, M. Johnston, P. Grinnell. Center lefiz j. Carroll. Center right: M. Nobrigo. Right: A. Lounsbury, C. Burgess P. Lucas. 78 Front' B Hooe S McPherson M. Wightman C Knapp Back F D1Giacomo B Skidmore . . y, . , A. Mclilhaney, N. Lee, K. Johnston. Pep Keeps Spirit Hugh The team yell! The team yell! . . . shout nine peppy girls as the Varsity Cheerleaders dash across the stage in a swirl of black skirts topped with white corduroy jackets. These girls, chosen each spring from the jayvee squad to replace graduating seniors, faithfully back the varsity football and basketball teams through- out the school year, attending all varsity games both at home and away. Who knows when their loyal support and confidence in their team may have giv- en the fellows that extra ounce of what-it-takes to win the game! Having a surplus of pep, vim, and vigor left over after cheerleading duties, the girls this year entertained the varsity football squad in November at a snack supper just before the Big Game with Academy. In February before the Northside-Acad- emy basketball game, the Varsity girls entertained C.F.A.'s Varsity Cheerleaders at a snack supper in the school cafeteria. Bringing the social events of their year to a close, the Varsity girls entertained the Academy squad at a banquet at the Baron Steu- ben. Part of the expense for this event was met by the sale of pencils in the homerooms and candy at the Jayvee games. Senior girls leaving the squad at the end of the year were Agnes McElhaney, Frances DiGiacomo, Sally McPherson, Betty Skidmore, Carol Knapp, Bonnie Hooey, and Nancy Lee. Row one: R. Straub, S. Lee, K. Costa, J. Barker, M. Ruocco, D. Benedict. Row two: J. Ruvolo, J. Nobrigo, N. Warlock, J. Walker, C. Bates. Rau' three: G. Hamilton, Coach H. Vetter, D. Gurnsey, G. Terwilliger, B. Starr, R. Johanson, Coach Jacoby, M. Crandell. Fake . . Dribble. Pass. The 1953-54 basketball season was a great success at Northside this year as the Tigers won fifteen out of sixteen games. Having lost seven lettermen from last year's squad, the season's outcome was a surprise to many area fans. NHS defeated a weak Canisteo team 55-38 in the opener. A favored Hornell was the first league game and a real test for the Tigers, but they came through in fine style, beating the Red Raiders 53-49. Campbell fell 55-31 and then, traveling to Elkland, the Bengals fell victim to the Tanners 46-39 for their only defeat of the regular season. For the first time in fifteen long years, NHS whipped CFA on the southside floor 49-39. Dave Benedict paced the Tigers with 21 points. The ln- dians from Painted Post fell victim to the Orange and Black's scoringpower 56-44. Once again NHS defeated Campbell 70-43. The Tiger quintet stopped the Ramblers from Bath 61-48. Elmira Heights fell 68-59. Then Northside jour- neyed to Hornell and, with Gene Terwilliger scoring 21 points, won 76-60. The Tigers avenged an early defeat by whipping Elkland 51-40. The Bengals beat TAE of Elmira Heights in a thriller 64-60. Ronnie Johanson notched 23 markers as NHS de- feated CFA 61-48. This victory assured the Tigers of the city title and Kiwanis trophy. Canisteo fell 61-45 in a breather for Northside at Canisteo. The Orange and Black cinched the Steuben County AAA League championship at Painted Post with a 62-52 victory over the Indians. In the last game of the regular season Northside swamped Bath 75-49. Northside was well represented in the balloting for the All-County team as Nick Watlock and Dave Benedict secured first team positions while John Nobriga, Gene Terwilliger and Ronnie Johanson were placed on the second team. Nick Warlock also was elected Captain of the team in an election held at mid-season. SEASON SUMMARY NHS OPP NHS OPP Canisteo 55 Hornell 55 Campbell 55 Elkland 39 CFA 49 Painted Post 56 Bath 61 Elmira Heights 68 38 61 45 49 76 60 31 70 43 46 51 40 39 61 48 44 62 52 48 75 49 59 64 60 hoot. . Two Points The Jayvees had a hot and cold season this year as they won only four out of twelve games. Coach Harry Auble brought the Clubs along slowly and ended the season with two very impressive wins over Painted Post and Bath. The first game with Hornell was a thriller as the game went into overtime. The Tiger Cubs came out on top 58-57 when Jim Walker sank two fouls with two seconds left in the overtime period. Elkland won 58-48 at Elklandg the Pups of Academy won 53-31. Painted Post won out over Northside 45-34 and Bath defeated the JV's 56-45. The Orange and Black juniors lost to Elmira Heights 58-41 and fell to Hornell 44-31. The Cubs beat Elkland 56-40, Elmira Heights triumphed 57-44. CFA won a squeaker 31-29 and then the Cubs beat Painted Post 62-43 and Bath 69-43. The Jayvees were an aggressive, hard fighting, "never-say-die" team, and many of the players should win varsity berths next season as a result of their play. Semors N Warlock J Nobrigo M Ruocco and G Terwilliger display great height while coach Vetter looks SEASON SCORES NHS OPP NHS OPP Hornell Elkland CFA Painted Post Bath Elmira Heights D. Wexell, B. Greenfield, E. Horton, A. Bobrick, J. Longo, D. Stewart, H. Holden, J. Cavallero A. Lebaron, R. Granazio, R. Overstrom, G. Nelson, P. Billotte, E. Overstrom, Mgr., D. Lehman avi' CO Ur in m TIT W am R111 one P Kehler H Miller B Conners R Stull L Eaton R Locey W. Blackwell, C. Cook, Shannon Vaults Over the cross at Rfu tim R Stravwser K Brockway S Smith J Burr M Allerman D Damoth, J, Nobriga, R. c sters Run lump, Vault to Glorg At the opening of track season, the outlook was not promising. However, Coach Bill Hin's charges improved with each practice and came through with the first undefeated season Northside has had in track in fifteen years. The cinder cyclones took their first meet at Hornell by 10 points with Locey and Damoth leading the way. In the Painted Post meet the Tigers got their first taste of real compe- tition but nipped CFA, their closest rival, by 2 points. Northside had only 5 firsts in this meet but took enough seconds and thirds to win. Next came the Elmira Invitational Relays won by a crack Wil- liamsport aggregation. However, the Hinmen placed a respectable sixth in a field of 15 teams in the Southern Tier. Northside won their third encounter by six points over their closest rival, Elmira Southside, in a close meet. To top off a very successful season the track- men overpowered all county competition by 12 points in the County meet to bring home the County trophy. Ronnie Ash took firsts in the 100-yard dash and 220-yard dash, Larry Eaton won the 440- yard run, and Rockey Locey won the shot put. In the Sectionals at Rochester the track team brought real glory to the school as Ash won the 220-yard dash and was inched out in the 100-yard dash. Damoth placed third in the 220-yard dash. Eaton placed fourth in the 440-yard run, Kehler came in fifth in the 880-yard run, and Locey in the shot. ty ' XS L III! mural Winners! Volleyball. Right: H. Heyn, K. Ketchum, L. Shaut, R. Ketthum. B. Nwood, Football. Right: C. Smith, H. Holden, D. Slo- cum, D. Walker, D: King. Volleyball. Left: Row one: L. Tremaine, H, Miller, B. Fra tercangelo, D. Finley. Rau tzrn: R. Adams, M. Cotly, G, Hen- ley, B. Davis. 'w f . 3, Tlx , l 'll J ti: 4,2 Football. Left: B. Darcangelo, 1. McLean, R. Hodge, H. Breon, C. Smith. Football. Right. Rm: une: H, Betlient, B. Riley, R. Shreppel, H. Kimble. R011 turf: R. Strawser, B. Gritlley. H, Beach. R. Corcoran, K. Vlimerson. 2 . gp' gs Ssfggg .Q , W W w . 5' ri . .vw 1 g .. ,A .Wy Q 'NE- f.. WSP HQ, -fi sf WX M yds -' N, f Sys mg sh1ft accessorles After the Dag ls Over.. The wh1stle that calls the sw1ng sh1ft IS often the mellow saxophone, pour1ng out the smooth dreamy notes of Stardust It IS another world far from the cold shop walls Flowers, gay streamers, even a paper moon lend an a1r of romance and glamour Gone are the sweaters and saddle shoes, replaced by rustlrng taffeta and gold sandals Ab sent, too, are the sweat sh1rts and jeans In the1r place, a black bow tre and carnatron Surely th1s IS the l1fe that 1s, rf lf weren t for tomorrow s home work ass1gnments cagmiiigv . . . . . 3 I Q 7 ! ' ' 9 . Q Q 3 Q ' . . - . . . . . . . . . . , , . . r 'F x is I ' yy: ' X it A, ,E , Q , c Q. . -1. ' t W X , 1 1 x 'I . 5" I of in W 3' ' L , K . x 'Q 41 f ' ' s g The Queen 1953 2 Reigning queen Thomas- ine Giardina passes on the crown. 88 Attendant Geraldine Blackman leaves the green. Attendant Sylvia Hunt Mag Dag-A Tradition At Northside What school does not have its traditions? Maybe it's Senior Day, a Christmas ball, or a senior trip. Or perhaps it's Northside's May Day held every year the first week in May. This event first became popular with the stu- dents almost thirty years ago when it began as an Arbor Day celebration. Gradually the pageantry was built up from the simple Maypole-winding dance to the present elaborate ceremony. In 1931 a May Queen, selected from the Junior Class, was an added feature. Later a king was elected to reign with the queen at the junior Prom, the climax of the day's events. Today it's a gala scene indeed, with the east lawn like a green carpet, the crisp new formals of the queen and her attendants, baskets of apple blossoms and tulips, and a crowd of spectators breathlessly watching the royal procession pace slow- ly to the dais as the band plays "Pomp and Circum- stance." The "big moment" comes when the new queen is seated on the throne and the reigning queen places on her head the daisy wreath and on her shoulders the ermine-trimmed cape. Cameras click, applause fills the air and the new queen and her party leave the green. Back to classes? Oh, no! May Day is a holiday for all at Northside, and don't forget the junior Prom tonight-nine 0'cl0ck. Senior girls wind the Maypole New queen jean Lando junior Prom tlehs The 1953 Junior Prom Attendants G. Blackman and D. Shea talk with royal couple J. Lando and R. Ketchum. King and Queen Vlorkhxg? Decorating 4 crew-J. Seager, G. Rogers, C. Van Loan, D. Bozick. Flower gul- Ann McHenry ky Nfdc A ,Q ik 'dim Um -up SSX xL.N 'C-A xx. . .X . S 'N :XX A x -IN s' ALMA MATER Although Yale has always favored The violets dark blue, And the gentle sons of Harvard To the crimson rose are true, We will hold the lilies slender Nor honor shall they lack While Northside stands defender Of the Orange and the Black. When the cares of life o'ertake us Mingling fast our locks with gray Should our dearest hopes betray us False fortunes fall awayg Still we banish care and sadness As we turn our memories back Amd recall those days of gladness ' Neath the Orange and the Black K North Star Sponsors Our Advertrsers Now a word about our sponsors the Cornrng busrnessmen Our spon sors supply the products we need for our tra1n1ng pertod Out sponsors prov1de job opportunmes when our tra1n1ng 15 frnxshed Our sponsors gen erous support has made posstble the publrcatron of our yearbook As you read 1n the followlng pages the names and advertlsed products of our spon sors please grve them the loyal patronage wh1ch they so Well deserve N O R T H S T A R NORTHSIDE HIGH sct-loot. ANNUAL Ad ril Space Ono Page C1 Quarter Page lj Business Card El Hall Page Elqhih PG'-ll El sl2 -5? nmrda .2117 ff! R mu ks North Star Advertrser Contract Advertiser! Name Solicitor B 5 O I U 1 ' ' , . -' ' l Q ve snr: I Price: I f , e r : The contnnuous program of scnentutuc research at Cornmg Class Works IS based on the fundamental beluef that glass IS a many snded maternal wnth lnmutless possnbnlutles and thousands of un explored uses Through the maintenance ot thus research program and at the neernng organnzatlon Cornung hopes that glass wall fund nncreas ungly broader applncatuons nn all phases of lnfe today CORNING GLASS WORKS 94 same time striving to expand its manufacturing and sales engi- 'l Our 1954 Graduates JOHN KINNER 81 ASSOCIATES GENERAL CONTRACTORS Tlpho 64691 sNY 95 TO THE BUILDERS OF THE FUTURE - - - - Co TANNER MERCURY AUTO SALES INC 170 Center ay SALES AND SERVICE Phone 2 OI33 CONGRATULATIONS from McLAUGHLIN S SODA BAR EXCAVATI NC- AND CRADI NC LOAIV1 SAND C-RAVEL M A HARRISON CONTRACTOR Garner Upholstery Company M De Joseph Prop New Furniture Custom Buult Re upholstermg Repalrmg Phone 6 9323 98 John Street W W HARRISON HOME KILLED MEATS AND POULTRY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Phone ZII Caton Ne Yok JOY AUTOMATICS RUCS FURNITURE APPLIANCES PRESCRIPTIONS ECKER DRUG STORE Dal Phone 6 432 WE DELIVER FOR BETTER VALUES SHOP AT KEllEY'S DEPARTMENT STORE IN THE NORTHSIDE SHOPPING CENTER , s W 9 Phone: Caton 572 T. 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ADAMY AUTOMATIC HEATING SPECIALIST 166 East Tuoga Avenue Phone 6 4441 Just a word of thanks for a pruvulege Deluverung The Evenung Leader has been the furst job of many Northsude Hugh students Success un busuness for many has fol Iowed thus unutual step unto the world of commerce For the pruvulege of furnushung thus furst step The Leader us grateful and takes ummense prude un uts alumnu Northsude Hugh us well represented on The Leader staff The Leader us just as proud of them as they are of Northsude Hugh To the Class of 54 we say Best of Luck and may the years before you be as happy as those you are Ieavung behund THE EVENING LEADER 101 fr ,ax N.1' . f e a 1 e a 1 5 A Xa' V' u . - - . 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Miller 'l'l'l CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 54 Mlke Marmuscak Atlantic Service Statlon Cor er of West Ma ket and Chestnut St eets For the Fmest COMPLIMENTS OF BEST WISHES local 313 HAMILTONS ELGINS ALBERT S A E 8 Home of Madnson and other Fme Watches For Pa ted Post N Y Craduatnon BULOVAS LONGINES 2 ll 0 ll ll Y r . Dial 6-7132 I 0 0 ' in , . . Corning Flower Shop 20 W Market St Phone 6 6131 Compllments of The Pa rls Shoppe 33 E Market Street Cornmg New York Rlce and Sons 351 W Pulteney St Phone 6 7757 Heating Speclalusts We sell the best and service the rest Cushing s CURTAINS DRAPERIES VENETIAN BLINDS SLIP COVERS LAMPS GIFTS WALLPAPERS 59 E Market St Dual Phone 6 3532 Compllments of J C Penney Co Compluments of Frlbley s Radlo Service 135 Bridge St Dual Phone 6 6931 Van Etten Hardware Home of KELVINATOR Phone 2 1932 Compliments of Baker s 73 Bridge St Telephone 2 0814 Compliments of Max L Russ AUTO PARTS for all Cars G Trucks Machme Tools for Metal 6' Wood Workmg Complnments of Bavlsotto s Compliments of Northside Frult fr Vegetable Store Complnments of Steven s Palnt Shop 52 54 Bridge St Compliments of the Centerway Motel and Restaurant Open the year around Complnments of Alward s .luvenlle Shop YOUR TEEN AC-E SHOP 17 E Market St Complnments of the Centerway Motel and Restaurant Open the year around Allen Curtain Shop SYRACUSE CH I NA LINEN GIFTS LIBBEY CRYSTAL 62 Brldge St Phone 2 0431 Compluments of Rose s Pamt Store Wallpaper and Paint 110 East Market St Roche Cr Gleason BARBER SHOP 62 West Market St 113 ' Y ' Y . - . , , Delco -Cveneral -Motors SPM-ting Gggdg A Complete Parts Service . , . . , , 9 D . Compliments ot Brothers Clothes Shop 40 East Market Cornlng N Y Compliments of Tammaro s Grocery Anthony J Tammaro T e Canny Shop SAILING BLUES DENIMS FOR SUMMER SPORTS SKIRTS BLOUSES SWIM SUITS 6 E Erie Ave Stover's Funeral Home S. John Stover Sr. S. John Stover J . Lady Assistant Private Ambulance 327 E Second St Phone 6-9513 Earle s Your friendly Jeweler 44 W Market St Phone 2 1631 Corning N Y Woeppel s Flowers That Please Compliments of Compliments of Charles H Glthler Attorney at Law Hawkes Crystal Glass Showrooms 75 W Market St Corning Visitors Welcome Goodman s Specialty Shop Corning N Y Horton s VACUUM CLEANERS afl SEWING MACHINES 126 E Market St Cornrng N Y Phone 2 1931 We Service all Makes Compliments Hamel's DECORATIVE FURNISHINGS 26 W Market St Phone 2-0531 Compliments of W T Grant Co Floyd White Atlantic Servrce 247 E Market St Corning N Y GENERAL BODY AND REPAIRS FENDER WORK Holland s Garage 141 V2 E Second Street Corning N Y Phone 6 8231 Your Clothes are not Becoming to You They Should Be Coming to Us CORNING LAUNDRY M J GL L Bower Real Estate Insurance 57 East Market St Telephone 2 1551 Corning N Y George W Peck Co China Glass Hardware 114 of I r Y 1 h ll 1, , . . 9 Y Brown's Cigar S1-gre 18 West Market Street U Y IF- d . 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I 9 9 1 . . . 7 VALENTE S PHOTO SERVICE Portrait Commercial Photo Finishing 69Vz E Market St Corning N Y Phone 6-8923 BOB LAWRENCE PLUMBING AND HEATING 2 0945 57 Brldge St Corning New York Compliments of Cornlng Radio and Television Sales G' Servlce 66 E Market St Cornrng N Y Compliments of Corning Paper Supply Company 366 Baker Street Greetings From County Judge CLARENCE H BRISCO Northsrde Graduate 1918 TILLMAN S Compliments of J J Newberry Co Richards Bros 90 E Market Street Television Auto Supply Compliments of J L Clark BETTER SHOES Compliments of Hall s Hardware At The lndlan Monument Painted Post N Y Phone 2 1542 FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES ZENITH RADIOS AND TELEVISION KEN BRUIELLY Plumbing and Heating Compliments of ABOVE ALL A REAL E ff W Clofhes 5l'0P CLOTHING AND DRUG STORE FURNISHINGS Pamted Post Always First Wrth The Latest Styles For Young Men Compliments of BELVEDERE FRUIT STAND Best in Quality Fruits and Vegetables Compliments of MAHONEY S JEWELRY 7 E Pulteney St Northside s only complete Jewelry Store Compliments of Cunnlngs The Book Store 12 East Market St 181 Bridge St Phone 2 0931 Cornmg Insurance Agency Floyd W English Sr Floyd W English Jr Harvey W Gray William C Droege Phone 6 4642 55 E Market St Corning N Y Phllllps Funeral Homes 17 W Pulteney St 6 9219 Corning 318 North Hamilton St 6 9212 Painted Post 116 9 E1 . 9 - . . 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Complsments of Harry Mourhess Texaco Statnon Bohoy Company HEATINCI APPLIANCES FURNITURE AND TOYS Dlal 2 1332 114 124 Cedar Street Corning N Y Hub Clothmg Co Young Men Flne Clothing Matson s 30 W Market St Shop of Beaututul Foot wear For Ladues And Smart Shoes For Young Men Braveman s SMART FEMININE WEARABLES 28 East Market Street Complnments of Lamb s Pharmacy Bridge and W lluam Streets Trlangle Shoe Store Shoes for the Entnre Famuly and also we carry The Amencan Curl Shoe Jacoby s Shoe Store Craduatlon Footwear 22 East Market St Corning N Y Compluments ot Toplchak s Superette THE BEST IN FOODS Phone 6 8584 Free Dellvery Complnments ot T e Yarn Shop Compliments of Thomas Tax: RAPID AND DEPENDABLE TRANSPORTATION Phone 6 3333 Jlmerson 8' Ford H S Jrmerson GW L Ford PRESCRIPTION DRUCCISTS Baron Steuben Hotel Bun ldlng Cormng N Y Douglas W Van Etten De Soto and Plymouth Sales and Service 81 87 Wall Street Cormng N Y Phone 6 8131 Compliments of Culllgan SOFT WATER SERVICE Corning N Y Complnments of J Cr M Jewelers Crane Insurance Servnce M H CRANE R M SEARLES Qurgley s Drug Store 113 West Water St Pamted Post N Y Lester Shoe Co H J DEXTER G SON Qual 1 ty Footwear 'II7 I U , o 9 S n ' . 8 9 . . . ' - 9 . i . ' 3 ' ! , . . . I u 1 . 0 O . 0 0 - , . . O o . - I I I , . . ' r - . ' 9 D a . . 1 ' ' g .--E Alderman Cr Woverton Sunoco Statnon 309 East Hugh St Painted Post N Y Corning Saw Cf Supply Co lnc 128 Pune Street Cornmg New York Northside Floral Shop 107 Bridge Street Compliments of Coger s GROCERIES IVIEATS PRODUCE South Corning Earl Hooker STUDEBAKER SALES G' SERVICE BEAR WHEEL BALANCER AND ALIGNMENT Dual Phone 6 7314 150 East Market St Compliments of Wells Real Estate 121 Pune St Phone 6 9612 Jones Motor Co PONTIAC CARS OMC TRUCKS 60 Centerway Phone 6 3781 Compliments of Schoonover s Style Shop Ready to Wear Compliments of Mathews Store The Store of Many Friends OUTER WEARINC APPAREL FOR THE 24 East Market Street Corning N Y Eugene H Gorman GENERAL INSURANCE 55 Brrdge St Cornlng N Y GRADUATES and PARENTS Should Belong To The Northside Booster Assoclatron Dues S1 00 yr Compliments of Ward Wllllams Appliance Store You Pay Less Here Harold s Army Cr Navy Store 101 W Market St Phone 6 9449 Across From Baron Steuben Hotel A W KEELEY Everythmg For The Sportsman 34 West Market Cornmg N Y Compluments of Schlne s Frances Hat Cr Dress Shop WOMEN S ACCESSORIES 79 East Market St Phone 6 3314 Best Wishes To The Class of 1954 A W Bellby Cr Son Funeral Home 139 Walnut Street Compliments of Thompson Motor Company Ford Cars and Trucks 118 . 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Dial 6-6242 WHOLE FAMILY Fqx Theatre Compliments of O'NelII's Stand 344 Denuson Parkway Compliments of Hotel Central JOSEPH cols PROP DRINK Coca Cola Ben Young Jr 182 E Tioga Ave Phone 6 7212 Compliments of ASH S FOOD MART Compliments of Bostwlck Appliances Charlie Compliments of Bong's Jewelry Store 31 Em Market Sr Dual 6-3032 Compliments of Crants Motor Express Borel s Bakery Phone 6 4831 59 Bridge Street Corning N Y Compliments of Constructlon Corp Eugene Manning President I-IAMILTONS ELCINS Malllson s FOR FINE JEWELRY T I SSOTS BU LOVAS C-ood Luck to the Class of 54 w E Dodge Prudential Insurance Dual Phone 6 4559 Compliments of Model Dry Cleaners Phone 6 4341 Snyder's Servlce Statlon 511 East High St Painted Post, N Y Phone 2-C732 BOTTLED C-AS AND CROCERIES INSURANCE peak to prague West Market St Phone 6 4648 Tobey s Market IVIOBILC-AS HYC-EIA ICE CREAM MEATS FROZEN FOODS Caton 61 1 Mamle L Mayers Store 113 E Market Street Corning N Y Tarantelll s SUNNYSIDE RESTAURANT Famous Pizza Spaghetti Compliments of Halls Atlantic Station Corner Bridge and Pulteney Streets 119 , , 38 . 9 Manning Wallpaper and Paint Q 0 '9 T. V. . FIRST NATIONAL BANK M S Davns Sales Painted Post N Y Tel 6 5478 Your blue coal Dealer an TRUST COMPANY Market and Centerway Corning New York For the Best Chicken Comphmems of the Basket and Ice Cream come to Smlthome Farms KITCHEN Opposite Elmnra Drnve In Evarts Weldmg Servlce WELDING 6' MACHINE SHOP SERVICES Dual Ph 6 4I4I 218 East Thlrd Sl' CORNING CAMP OF GIDEON Comp! ments of JOHN D YOUNG ATTORNEY AT LAW F st Not onol Bank Bu Idmg 120 d . i l I Cl v - - , m ' , I . a 0 44 77 Home of Colosizes Paint . i . . - C I if i i ' I : :f r' ' A ' J 355 xy INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS FAKTORY Kunsus Cnty 'Xnfil'm'ffb Publnshers Cover Munufurfurers Book Blndevs HOME UFFIIE , ff,:1'w1f V- -a,:gw, , ,M -gi, vw ,iw fs: u v -' QQ K M A,-, L. . 1'mf,..'4.qq.b5,4A,4,vg lr, 1-,E .. ,Qazf.-4an1-v,f.-mv..:4YQrJ,':fff':g114bfq,C'l 1w+f?v:Aw:?2ZwHa4: M - f:w4?3w2'fw-xH+'q-nk f- ' ' 'f +,,.5g,1,,piw.,,3 Q A

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