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ff? mQQ5,mfElf 522105 595506, HO figs Qigxyw ff Qggiqfiqfi 05550 -5559.1 QQi , 0201 69 is B '73 Qiignwdduggfw f 3? fg QQSNWEQ? Mgmt? 533 di QMQWQ 5635535 gl? X9 W,ZaPw wg EDS, QxLLC9pMX' d XQ 3 gwggwwwxkb 0J5W 2 M X Q Cfipwoe 1 Qgwzsizfv 'J d2f6g3?EfAgg? 5+ OLZNWM 2? . . I .6 033 5 b Qwvggiq, A ,ESQ Nkkydukcto, We CWC radix H TYQSISRKQQ- Cgfjzgj -Qrkfaqd 1:2 NSMQS Jcohexfe. x .5 ld fp to k'e'L0Ebe'U'm' L,c5c,3vslQS 'ALM max X13-Q WQCSNAALSQQLD-,,JQ Lo n Heine EQ 5+ Jwafiemts V fever . Qg ugofrbx U csM.,QCsJ,,i5 YXMQ JCCCUO S-HAQQ to wap QQ per LGI if-56 'Umarx 552151-0 - Lf0YU.rx M3501 :S C.g,5f"LJ1UL,L Un Qlif gums.. New well low M3 A' N Heats Stag, 9037, wt cicvii 52523 ,Nova Q31 Sifeavx X. - 3 8 - Q x www VW oy xgowu, Own QQ X, Oy X045 CQ -N Qj .y C5 rifgl Qui VQJQQ V303 L ikm Q QWQJW ifuffwe Km pq Lxgjw Nm Kai Qymwfbgx X Lpdgw I ly fy, '-V' IX Q. -Sa K Q7 g Q5 fb K 11 X9 52 'TJ Q 5 Q2 K 6 ey W. U f ff xy SH 50 j 3 Qi' Q1 ti ff H J Z E1 1 D D if QU-1Mdi'l Wx ww fi-S 25 ikcjcbi x. 'Sw' Exit R Wy Y T M , gf.: Q Ai 5' m 9 an E Mums' Caich ThaT SpiriT! One of The mosT exciTing evenTs aT NorThridge is The fooT- ball SpiriT Week. This year was no excepTion. Grocery-carT races and Theme days were ex- pecTed evenTs, buT This year powder-puff fooTball was inTro- duced. While senior girls won The game, many eyes were on The new cheerleaders. The guys amused The audience wiTh Their plunger anTics and new cheers. All in all, SpiriT Week was a greaT change of pace. Rick Grewe, Ted Graber, and Moose Troyer show Their official cheerleading pose To The camera. fs MWF' Lean back and Take iT easy! Michelle Boessler does jusT The senior powder-puff Team prepares for The game ThaT on Hawaiian Day. 4 wiTh TrepidaTion and anTicipaTion. Tdking Time To oonsulT The judges, Alex Brown ond Kris Zimmermon check wiTh Miss VdnVronken obouT The rules of The gome, 'E if . , Qi , 4-gg Holding The Teom symbol, The plunger, The new NorThridge oheerleoders rolly spiriT. Now dll Officiol Nerd Morgon MerohonT needs ore floods! Dove Bdylis looks oomforToble ond oonfidenT buT Mike Molloy seems un- ooousTomed To his new ouTfiT. 5 The Junior ond Senior fIooTs moke Their woy dround The Trdck os The big nighT begins. The Senior cldss copTured second pidce in The fIooT compeTiTion wiTh iTs Theme, i'Snop, Crockie, Pop wiTh The Roidersf' Lduro Yoder ond escorT B.J. Lud- wig were The represenToTives of The Junior cioss, Homecoming Queen conTesTdnTs ond courT ore from IefT: Lourd Yoder, Korie BonTrdger, Trocey Willioms, Suzdnne Keck, Kori Grober, ond Sherry Yoder. ofHomecoming TQ si Z i""'N- I df fr x- is IKER IUSTER lVlysTerious Loker-BusTer signs op- pedred ThroughouT The school hdlls on The ofTernoon preceed- ing The big nighT. Roiders Kill Ldkers Deod! The origi- nol Sophomore flodT Theme wos 'xl?C1id". Loke-BusTers Homecoming NighT wos iTs usudl self, peppy ond filled wiTh exciTemenT. The boTTle wos beTween The Rdiders ond in-Y is aah? The Lokeldnd Lokers. STudenTs hdd begdn firing up for The big nighT by pdrTicipdTing in The dcTiviTies of SpiriT Week. Signs wiTh "Loker-BusTers" on Them dppeored ThroughouT The holls. ln The flodT compeTiTion The Juniors won wiTh The "Pepsi" Theme, ond The Sen- iors "Snop, Crdckle, Pop" pulled in second. Korie Bon- Trdger wds crowned Home- coming Queen ond Sue Keck ond Trocey Willioms were The oTher represenToTives of The Senior cldss. AlThough NorTh- ridge did lose The gdme Friddy nighT, The loss did noT dompen The Rdider spiriTs. Korie BonTroger ond Arlon Yoder ride off ds The new Homecoming Queen ond escorT. Homecomingf7 AlThough receiving d dis- dppoinTing second dT Dis- TricT conTesT, The NorThridge Roider Mdrching Bond pro- grdm hdd one of iTs besT yedrs ever. By The end of bond comp, The bond dnd duxillidry hdd Iedrned The conTesT show, which con- sisTed of "Sudden lmpdcTf One Fine Morning, " "Police Medley," ond UHello." This yedr wds The firsT Time The bond mdrched dT The ChesTerTon lnviTdTiondI, re- ceiving Third pldce in Closs C. The highlighT of The seo- son wds dT DisTricT where everyone did Their besT To give d specToculdr perfor- monce. 8fMorching Bond Mr. Lindsdy checks Things ouT on The field during one of The rndny Thursdoy nighT rehedrsols. Michelle Boessler seems To sTore in wondermenT dT The new mdrch- ing boss ond synThesizer. . N Q0 lin x 456m ,. I nxd, Q nw. .J ,, , W MW 'U I x K Q 1: D1 gs 5 , .Tk All X f "QP zfuli -im "'1" 3 I .I A Hin IX, 1' 11 X' ? ,Klint 1 -. .fi A ' -ilVllVIlVllVllVl Sherry definiTely Thinks This T, beTTer Than dinner The nighT be- flim T Www rm, ' I A I liylfs I 4 1 iii N, 5 Q iifm , TD ' 5 I W 5 A5 ,,,, -T V , fm ' Ui. - ff :.,,a2,Q,f-, ,T W: as if . T M 1 T T ,Q if' :ss if Ole Posing for The camera, Kim Yoder W models The new marTian look. Miller, Troyer, Kris Bloss, Aniia Ypcler, Tracey Williams, Sharry , ,Qi-, Wendy STouT reldxes in The book of The bus, while Kris Zimmermdn ond AniTo Yoder ohoT wiTh oThers. fs Q U- Why would AO seniors be sTonding in The pdrking loT oT 6 in The morning? WhoT else buT The 2-doy senior Trip known os STrdT- ford! ln dddiTion To seeing Two of Shdkespedres pldys, everyone hdd o gredT Time. Who will ever forgeT The pizzo from lVloTher's ThoT wos hours loTe? Or The guys' mid- nighT elevoTor rooes? Or The blown fuses The "morning ofTer"? Or The long oold wolk To The ho- Tel from The TheoTer ofTer Romeo ond JulieT? Memories like These ore whdT mdke STroTford so unforgeTToble. Posing wiTh her lug- gdge, GiTTe KrisTidn- s e n 1--oomessgr e wQs.,,,.. , ,I ...JS '11-zz-QQ WNW Ringing ln The Halls The ChrisTmas spiriT spread ouT aT NorThridge in The beginning of December. Many sTudenTs sTarT- ed To oreaTe an aTmosphere preparing oThers for The holiday. A ChrisTmas Tree was seT up in The cafeTeria. Then iT was deco- raTed wiTh iighTs, Tinsel, and even a sTar. PosTers and picTures were hung also. iT seems ThaT The sTudenTs had a loT of fun deooraTing for ChrisTmas, buT The resT of The sTudenT body had even more fun appreoiaTing Their hard work. Thanks To Mr. Shroyer and all Those who puT Time inTo iT. Top LefT: Ron Simmons, Rich Killings- worTh, and Kevin STiles aTTempT To un- Tangle The iighTs while Brian Folger looks on. RighT: These deooraTors find ouT ThaT ChrisTmas iighTs do noT always have To deooraTe a Tree buT can deooraTe people. Lower RighT: The newesT ChrisTmas Tree, repleTe wiTh a sTar, poses for The camera. 'Win 'Vi , li ni 1 'L sw V fi. wwf 'Z H? 1 T22 QW gf , .W gi Q' my v 6 1.2, 44 , 55" W T W 8 iiii gy Q f ,"' yd Q T M, ' 4 Upper LefT: is iT sTroighT'? The ChrisTmos Tree receives iTs finol Touch when The sTor geTs pioced on The Top. Top: Smile Ron! Ron Simmons Tokes Time ouT To sTore down The phoToQro- pher. LefT: AW - Come on Mr. Shroyer, Con'T you find onyThing? As usuol Mr. Shroyer is seorching for someThing. ChrisTmosf'i3 The Music Mon Hord work ond commiTT- menT by The cdsT, piT bond ond crews ddded up To on exceIIenT performdnce of This cidssic fovoriTe. Though hindered by o Two week hi- oTus cdused by snow, The musicol vvos sTiII prepored in Time for opening nighT Through The guiddnce of di- recTors Ellen AugusTine, GGTGICT ROSIGT, ond Rich Lindsoy ond sTudenT direc- Tor Corol Mdnn. 'TThe Music Mdn" provided The dudi- ence vviTh on enjoydbie sToryIine ond offered sever- ol memoroble musicdi Tunes. Top RighT: The kids dTTempT To Tdke over The gym while Morcel- Ius QJim Morphisj Tries To resTroin Them. Above: The quorTeT, consisTing of Norm Florio, Rex Miller, Mike HursT ond Wendell Bonfroger, vvos C1fC1- voriTe vviTh The dudience. Above Righf: Moridn QSherri Yodery is soon To ledrn of HoroId's QGory Cripej Trickery ond deceiT. I?ighT: The comerd coughT The Tech crew in one of The more re- loxed momenTs of Their hecTic job. i41fPIoy LefT: Mayor Shinn CRich Troyerj lis- Tens To Marian as she Tries To Tell him some inTeresTinQ informaTion abouT Harold Hill. Above: The "pickaliTTle" ladies prepare Their classical dance for Their performance aT The ice cream socialable. Top LefT: Harold ana Marian share a romanTic momenT aT The fooT- bridge during The ice cream so- ciable. Top RighT: Some of The casT help ouT The sTage crew in seTTing up for a rehearsal. Above: Charlie CChris Hembreep informs The oTher salesmen of HilI's wheeling ana dealing ancl vows revenge. Playf'l5 You're The lnspirdTion The Junior-Senior Prom Took ploce in lvlishowoko oT The Come ond Dine which provided o speciol oTmosphere. The cou- ples enjoyed ThoT nighT wiTh The good food, slow doncing ond poogieing. The King ond Queen, Rich Troyer ond AniTo Yoder, The Prince, Rondy Grewe ond The Princess, Jodi STeffen, were crowned by lVlr. Weirich. The prom guesTs were inviTed To see The comedy PusTler's Phopsody oi The Elco TheoTer ofTer The donce. Prom nighT remoins o speciol memory for oil The NorTh- ridge sTudenTs ThoT oTTended. BoTTom l.efT: Prom King Rich Troyer, Queen AniTo Yoder, Princess Jodi STef- fen, Prince Pondy Grewe BoTTom l2ighT: Junior Closs SecreTory Ted Groper ond PresidenT Gory Cripe work hond-in-hond ond geT olong well Too. TT? Top LefT Uh Oh' Amy Von GunTen ond Doug Johnson look like more is on Their minds Thon jusT donoing. LefT: Check ouT Those Threods! Mony couples seem To be enjoying The oooo- sion ond The ohonoe To "dress up." Prornf47 Four Years To The l-lillTop Once again The seniors Tra- diTionally gaihered TogeTher for an evening of food and fun, This Time aT The HillTop Res- TauranT. AfTer chowing down food of all Types CThe pizza was gone firsTQ, The awards goT underway. Because of Their success aT The Green 84 Gold, The awards were em- ceed by Craig Borghesani and John Vrydaghs. By The end of The evening, everyone was roaring wiTh laughTer. QAnd who will forgeT The parTy afTerwards.p AlThough in a new iocaTion, The senior ban- aueT was once again a greaT success. Top LefT: Tracey "BesT Legs" Wil- liams proudly displays her brand- new pair of Big Mama panTy hose wiTh Borgie. Above LefT: TooTing on her shiny yel- low saxaphone, Wendy BryanT dis- plays The TalenTs ThaT earned her BesT Musician. Above l?ighT: "BuT guys, iT's empTy!" Kim Sevison sTill looks proud To be Class Boozer. l'2ighT: Shannon Merrick looks pre- pared To rob a bank wiTh his face obscured by his 'lBesT Legs" prize. l8fSenior Banauei 1 wigs ,, . Q ,, N. Q Q ww, -.-Ny. Na,-Q6 X X - ' XX Lf W k 7 M fl: alutilllnrsli oduohon speaker Croig Borgh gools. if Me odvises The closs of 49 5 A STep ln The RighT DirecTion The Class of 4985 Seniors said good-bye To The hallowed NorThridge Halls The nighT of June firsT aT Their graduaTion ceremonies. STudenT speaker Craig Borghesani encouraged The graduaTes To always seT goals in Their lifeTimes. LaTer Rep. John l-liler asked The seniors To "dream of greaTness" and al- ways supporT The democraTic principals. AlThough always a happy occasion, several eyes were Teary as The senior band and choir members played and sang TogeTher for The lasT Time. However graduaTion was a sTep in The righT direcTion for The sen- iors. LefT: Suzanne Keck lisTens inTenTly To The program as The graduaTion cere- mony unfolds. BoTTom LefT: The Class of 4985 BoTTom RighT: PresidenTial Scholar Wendy ArmsTrong looks pleased as she accepTs her diploma. 25,12 ,"' f if 'Q ',,, 51 Tilt , , ' 'i" f ':,, ., llii ' l T f xg j 5. E T Q' f . Z. 14 J T T Clossy STudenTs While mosT This yeorbook is dedicoTed To dfTer school ond exTrd-curriculdr ocTiviTies, oT leosT Two poges hove To be in- cluded ThoT illusTrdTe vvhdT mosT sTudenTs do ThirTy hours o week - siT Through closses. These poges ore dedicoTed To The Teochers who help us To ledrn ond be prepored buT who olso moke us suffer. Here's To Them! Top LefT: G-iTTe KrisTidnsen osks exper- ienced drTisT Liz Rippey for odvice on how To drdw her shoes. Top RighT: STephdnie lVlclnTosh looks unconcerned vviTh The World l.iT pdper she is supposed To be vvriTing. Above LefT: l'Don'T you dore Touch my bdby!" excldims Fdmily sTudenT Lourd Schrock Trying To be proTecTive. 22 I Above l?ighT: Typing sTudenTs diligenTly dT work excepT Shield STuTz- mon seems To be less Thon preoccupied vviTh Typing. Above: PE sTudenT AnneTTe Evons Tries To disenTongle herself from The new weighT equipmenT for long enough for The phoTogropher To Toke o picTure. MH TT' J 2: Ns I . ,ff .a , I " 5 ?Z'SJ5e-rglfa, I was righfg The imagery in mis line is noT of iife, buf rafher of ded? explains Mr. Lancfof. f fs. '1" ,,,, -'- wmv-yr-W - 'Y Q. - M a,a' "" fl 1 They're ln Tune While Morching Bond Tro- diTionolly receives The mosT oTTenTion of oll The individ- uol music groups Through- ouT The yeor, mony deserve some very speciol oTTen- Tion. In choir The Sound of Friends once ogoin proughT home Top honors ond ol- woys enchonTed Their oudi- ence. The Pep Bond showed up oT The BoskeT- boil gomes ond helped For LefT: Michelle PeTersheim, Mike Weover ond Shoyne Miller osk, "Wouldn'T you like To be o pepper, Too'?" For RighT: G-reg Lemond ond TrenT Nelson geT inTo The song during o performonce of The jozz bond. RighT: Wendell BonTroger ond Jodi Bloss seem To enjoy moking music os porT of The Sound of Friends. Below: The pep bond prepores To ploy onoTher Tune for The crowd during o preok in The gome. opp. poge For RighT: Rich Troyer ploys his heorT ouT os Wendy Bry- onT owoiTs her enTronce inTo The song. boosT spiriT. The PiT Bond provided The pockground music for The musicol "The Music Mon." The Jozz Bond, The Jozz NuggeTs, per- formed severol Times To home crowds ond To sTrongers. Finolly The Auxil- iory odded To The Morching Bond ond enTerToined The crowd oT holf-Time oT bos- keTpoll gomes. -gy,-v Q glwhgi .57 miami- F A221 ,, . 11213 K wiimfm l E a'm 4 V -5 W ix! 552 fj', ,,,. ,,,,.....-.-W 'iff in W in ,F 5z1.uaM5 ONLY" f 3 IUDHIV' mm lo" Q Don!-r BE Hflf 4 1 1, OE k:'.' V Q 2 f' ' . me 1 . ,, ,. ' Qauiif' ,WMQZ K .W - ,Mm ,,,x,.,.,w-+'-'R ww Wm. ....,, mb x. A K 1 QW jf? 'Q , V 3 3' AAS 5 Q s if V1 1 l I Y 5 W? v S if 1, -,,Jx,,,'n .ww f TM 5 , m 63? -if-mf f :-:N,,A:fa:f.g':g2::--- gg fr ,W-My 01,1 W, aww Mgfyfm M, K W ,uwfizm Wi? ,fs fi? 'ww X w X .Q pg. ..-Q ,A I W "'K"" ' 1 Wff.Z?3wffi 2-A w ' 1 ' M., 1 , :Awww 5 K ,fx ag 'T 56.41, fn ,wwf fi. ' 'Q ' A '. -W vw- ,V -,- , ag - 'ALA 5 A :M iff' , A. ,ig gy. , k JL A 5 ' Q, f A :., ,4.1'-A 45 'V N h, . Am My . 5: ,Q ' A EW 'O ,nr XB' ' , ' .1 f W fri G "M, W' , X. f 'A Tig A,5, f yy Mi 4 4' 'ik v 5 a., ki: ,, U ...- .wmv l Y . Wi .,,,,.f I ! M4 Y 5 The referee shows hrs best on injured ployer. mga? ibn ,, , . 9 Q he ,Q ,,,rEr N' Nofzrger checks out YM 5 '?'-'Z i .P ll! Jeff Lemmon comes off The field To Tclke o break Q5 1 'Y rr 75 , 30" ' Q , . 4 -. j' I U .W-f""""' elf The gome gym obove with the opposing 'reom on ff' o o ' H ,594 ms 3 'W Q in W '11 1' ff A LaTe Upswing The varsiTy Volleyball sea- son sTarTed on a low noTe. They finished Their firsT game wiTh a loss. They conTinued on This line for four more games. Alfhough They sTarT- ed low They finally goT Themselves TogeTher and finished up The season on a high noTe. Their final record was six wins and eleven losses. The special awards This season for The Volleyball players were: Tammy Boyer menTal aTTiTude: Janice Lang offensive MUP: Lisa Kropf serving: and Jean HochsTeTler besf defensive. K A ,,-fi, ,5..,:ggg,:.::s.:J-:- .. eskeszs -s:::siss:'!5 A n ' .Jr at -I. ,gi .mm Are Holly Bowlby and Ulonda Troyer playing vol- leyball or foofball? Before sTarTing The game, Lesa Kropf Takes Time ouT To do The waITzl Reaching high is one way The Raider girls show Their deTerminaTion To win. Row 'l: Lisa Giddens, Jean HosTeTler, Korie Bonfrager, Trisha Raymond. Row 2: UTa Levermann, Gina Sylvesfer, AniTa Yoder, Lesa Kropf, Amy Faubli. Row 3: Coach VanVranken, Suzanne Keck, Holly Bowlby, Tammy Boyer, Coach SchmidT, Caryn Hollinger, Janice score neck To Bonfrager Time on her nexT serve. Fly Like An Edgle AlThough copped by d dis- oppoinTing secTionols show- ing, The golf Teom ended on undefeoTed 'l7-O seoson. lni- Tioily ronked 'IOTh in The sToTe, The Roiders hdd liTTle Trouble defedTing Their opponenTs. FrequenTly boTh The vorsiTy ond The JV hod scores copo- ble of winning The moTch. Senior Nick WeybrighT wos nomed IVIVP ond olso od- vonced To regionol compeTi- Tion. Cooch Todd WoodworTh compIeTed his second yeor in ThoT posiTion ond guided The Roiders To on exTremely suc- cessful regulor seoson. i i Top LefT: WiTh sTeody ond deep concenTroTion, Chod Kilmer coreful- ly lines up his nexT shoT. Above: 4985 Golf Teom: SiTTing: Cooch Todd WoodworTh, Nick WeybrighT, Chris Hooley. STonding, Row 4: Dove Zehr, Brion Checkiey, Bryon HockeTT, Deon Honey, Chod Kilmer. Row 2: Ed G-usTofson, Jeff Riegsecker, Glory Zimmermon, Brdd Kouffmon, lVloTT UpTon, Poul Bour- don, Croig Kouffmon. LefT: WiTh oil his geor in hond, Nick Weybrighi' Trudges To The nexT hole. G-oiff 37 Below: Missy Sldboch skillfully dribbles The boil os she poTienTly wdifs for The righf momenf To go in for The kill. Boffom: Jusfine Troyer seizes The boil knocked ouT of on opponenT's hdnds. BoTTom middle: Going for The field godl is Bryon HdckeTT while Eric ond The Chick NN" inTenTly wolf for The resulf. ShooTing For The lXleT The Boys' BdskeTbcill Tedm opened Their sedson To ci specfdculdr gdme ogdinsf Goshen. AlThough They confinued Their greof show of bdll hdndling, The Teom ended wiTh ci record of 8- 411. The Tedm wds led by senior Arlon Yoder. His skills won him The MVP dwcird. Below: While his opponenfs ore confused Chdd Kilmer goes for Two poinfs. The girls obliTeroTed sev- erdl opponenfs buT losT only by ndrrow morgins To vor- ious confenders. They fin- ished Their sedson wiTh d re- cord of 8-'lO. The MVP wds high-scoring junior Tdmmy Boyer who led The Tedm wiTh her mdgnificdnf show of TolenT. Above: Broddock eyes The boil ds he onTicipoTes The poss from Troy. """ 'N 'N "' '-M.,- N . 1 . J.. , qs. K A ,W . . 5 'A X 'K K V k-::.. KL .f ,, ,- K as Q 2 .. Ffa if X X al K I Q ka Q 4 fix 1 Q, av- L ., ' f- qxgd .f:.:3 if Efqifswo. 2 4 4 4' 2 4 Zllmf 1 ,I F2157-P C f ' T as FronT row, lefT To righT: Jim STump, Chris Simmons, Eric i-lershberger, Ken Clark. Second row: Coach Gary lvlodlin, lvlark LambrighT, Shawn Miller, Craig PraTT. Runners seT, ready, go and The Raiders are off for a cross counTry run. Few minuTes laTer, Larry RoberTs Takes The lead, buT musT paTTle The Ionliness of The open field. Overcoming The agony of The feeT Mark LamprighT sTruggles on- ward. AO f Cross CounTry The Raider Runners opened Their season by Taking firsT, second, and Third in Their vicTory over The Concord lvlinuTemen. They conTinued Their sTrong ef- forTs Though winning only Three more meeTs. DespiTe The final record of four and Ten, The Team always showed Their Raider spiriT by giving iT Their all. Sophomore Eric Hershberger poosT The Team's viTaliTy wiTh his high spiriTs. For This he was given The lVlenTal ATTiTude Award. Righi: Larry Roberis grimaces as he heads Toward The finish line. Boiiorn Righii Siiiing: Jenny Hoi- dennan, Brenda Robinson, Cheryi Cassiiy. Row 2: Coach Mike Coe, Teena Spradlin, Cindy LaRue, Mi- chelle Skiles, Tammy Boyer, Cindy iviodiin, Jamie McCormick, Pai Bonirager, Lesa Lung, Lisa Gid- dens, Coach Linda C-rani, Row 3: Theresa Lynch, Jenny Packard, Bev Miller, Greichen Voilrnan, An- gie Rodgers, Ulonda Troyer, Chris Pressler, Deb Wills, 112 f Track They're Making Tracks! BoTh Track Teams finished The season well. The boys compleTed The season wiTh a winning 7-5 record while The girls ended wiTh a re- specTaple A-7 record. BoTh Teams senT aThleTes To re- gional compeTiTion. Repre- senTing The boys were Larry RoberTs in The 800 m run, Jin STeeIe in The pole vaulT, and Rich Troyer in The discus. Tammy Boyer represenTed The girls' Track Team in poTh The shoT puT and The discus. LefT: Winning 4100 meTer relay Team: Andy STraw, C-ary Cripe, Troy Baughman and Brian Harsh- berger, BoTTom LefT: Deep in ThoughT, hurdle record-holder Cindy LaRue goes over her up-coming race in her mind. Below: Row iz Rich Troyer, STeve Troyer, Row 2: B.J. Ludwig, Ken Clark, Donovan Shrock, Coach Mark Gruwell, Ass'T BrenT Cooper, Huey Franklin, Larry RoberTs, Rick Grewe. Row 3: Gary Cripe, Mike Troyer, Mike Malloy, Greg Le- Mond, Kraig BonTrager, Brian Harshberger, Gary Roi9erTs, Mgr. JusTin Ebersol. Row 41: STuarT Miller, Troy Baughman, Bruce NeTher- cuTT, Andy STraw, Bryan Keck, Kirk Ross, Jim STeele. Track X413 Playing The Field NorThridge's newesT sporT, sofTpall, seems To have Taken off in a pig way. The Team finished The sea- son wiTh a winning 8-6 re- cord. Coach Willig's leader- ship and The girl's deTermi- naTion allowed The Team To finish a very successful sea- son. lvlosT Valuable Player and piTcher Korie BonTrager led The Team, sTarTing every game pui one. Her excel- lenT piTching coupled wiTh The Team's paTTing led The Raiders To many vicTories. They head inTo The 85-86 season wiTh Their enTire Team reTurning excepT Korie and second baseman Jean HosTeTler. Top Row: Gina SylvesTer, Connie Zimmerman, lvlissi Slapach, Jean HosTeTIer, Tammy Slapach, Shiela Bender, AnneTTe Evans. BoTTom Row: lvlr. Willig, Joelene WanTz, Sherri Nuspaum, Sherri Cross, Korie BonTrager, Kelly PleTcher, Sherrie Thomas, Sherri Yoder, Tamara Hellinga, Amy Faupli, Jerry Yoder. lvlissi Slapach aT The plaTe waiTing To hiT a home run. - W . -- -XS H VVaiTing for The play are Shiela Bender and Jean Hos- Teiler, Korie BonTrager piTches a sTrike Good ln A Pinoh The baseball Team had an excellenT season This year ending wiTh a 20-5 record dur- ing The regular season. Led by The fine hiTTing from Jason STuTzman, The Team gained TwenTy vicTories This year, a new sohool record. ln addiTion They won Their firsT seoTional game snapping a long losing sTreak. AlThough coniroversy marked The bosT-season play, The regular season was phe- monenal. The Team is losing several players To graduaTion. BoTTom RighT: Rick Morehouse, SooTT Baker, Kris Zimmerman and Sol lvliller waiT Tensely for The ouTcome of The game. lllr Bill Bollinger leTs one rip' is AT The CQUfTS The Roider Tennis Teoms ended o super yeor wiTh win- ning seosons for boTh boys' ond girls' Teorns. WiTh Arlon Yoder leoding The woy os MVP, The Rdider boys closed Their seoson wiTh o record of 'll wins ond 3 loses, d fine re- cord To be proud of. The Roid- er girls olso hod o successful seoson wropping up o record of 8 wins ond 7 losses. AT num- ber one singles posiTion, senior Shorry Cook wos voTed MVP ond received The MenTol ATTi- Tude Aword. WiTh The individ- uol efforTs of eoch ployer, The Tennis Teoms were oble To spell VICTORY on The courTs dT NorThridge. ' + ,,MV,,, ,J In an 'XJ T 'nv f' jig? 41 I 6 if , .H,,, . -u , , JH, Q5 BoTTorn Row: BeTh GusTdfson, Ellen Up- Ton, Jodi SmiTh, Shorry Cook, Jennifer Mulpdsh, Robin Biro, Top Row: Coryn Hollinger, Shonnon Murphy, Thuon Phorn, Jill CorpenTer, Arny Robinson, STeph Kuehn, Miss DeArmond. GeT ThoT poll Robin Birol Don'T rniss iT. L16fTennis Conjuring SioiriT JusT like magic, NorTh- ridge's cheerleaders geT The fans fired up. The sauad led The Team's fans Through several close games ThroughouT The year. There were Three seniors on The yarsiTy sauad: Lori Haney, Mary Tarr, and Jane OuT- man, along wiTh Two sopho- mores, Jamie McCormick and Cindi Erickson. All The cheerleaders were spiriTed and supporTive, as one could Tell from Their faces and cheers. The JV and freshmen sauads also conTribuTed To The success of Their Teams Through Their sTrong supporT aT The games. Lori Haney won MVP honors. ., 4 ks..."-H. Top: Guess whaT guys! I can kick This high! Jamie McCormick glances away from her cheer inTo The crowd. Abovei LeviTaTion made easy! These freshmen seem To have found The answer To The age-old magic Trick! LefT: The gang's all here! All The cheerleading sauads work To- geTher To help supporT The fooT- bail Team. 3 f ,...W,, . ,f,k W ma- if W ,VE , 'ga W f i j if "' I, " 5 4' 55105 . ,' W A mg N Q Q? H5 1 s E4 1 1, ' S" -f-...W fw-Ja.. NH-an-uv "ii -, 11335-- LJ1 "':v. :il 'Kin W--mu., L-El 1 8 ,, , Q Q ,QE f ,MH w 2, .xy ,R N 1 PuTTing Their l-ledds TogeTher V""a The NoTiondl Honor SocieTy compleTed d busy yedr. They sponsored d I-lolloween cos- Tume ddnce ond d Teocher's bredkfdsT in dddiTion To hov- ing d Twelve fooT submorine sdndwich pdrTy for Their own enioymenT. lnducTion for dll The new members wds held in Moy. Officers for The posT yedr include JusTine Troyer, presidenT, Rex Miller, vice- presidenT, Jodi Bloss, secre- Tory, ond Shorry Cook, Treo- surer. Ellen AugusTine dcTed ds odvisor for The group provid- ing iTs members wiTh voludble help. Jodi Bloss shows jusT one of her mdny ond voried TdlenTs os she skillfully prepdres To serve The food. JusTine Troyer oppedrs To hdve her honds full beTween holding o collonder over The sink ond pouring The egg inTo The cdsserole. 53 WriTinQ On The Wdlls Once dgdin The Pep Club hos done iT up righT. They did d beduTiful job of decordTing The school ond odding To The school spiriT. The mdny club members consTonTly mode posTers for The school's wolls which provided The sTudenTs wiTh d cheery dT- mosphere To work in. Under The leddership of MOTY Von Vronken The club, olThough only d few yedrs old, hos emerged ds one of The mosT populdr ond besT orgonized in The school. A few pep club members Tdke Time off To smile dnd pose for The comerd. - 9 ,f fff...,. 0 . ,,,, We i T5lGinger Rodgers ond QTTSE during SpiriT b QT iw T mu., .syi ,, decordTe The school's windows Howdiion Doy. Hcggigyprepares To M? 66 Skiing AT Swiss This year a group of abouT TwenTy sTudenTs wenT up To Michigan six Times To enjoy The ski fun aT Swiss Valley. Many skiers broughT Their nearly pro- fessional eauipmenT wiTh Them, while oTher sTudenTs renTed iT aT The ski area. Be- ginners were enThusiasTic abouT The sporT, and, wiTh pracTice, They were quickly able To ski The advanced slopes. Mr. Shroyer, one of The mosT fanaTic skiers, sponsored The club. Some skiers raced while oThers performed a sTyl- ish, excellenT run which ofTen ended wiTh crashes. Those who fell were sprayed so ThaT They looked like snowmen. Even wiTh liTTle snow and very cold weaTher The ski club had a good season. Soberlng ThoughTs Membership in SADD grew in- credibly This year as iTs calendar of evenTs was also added To considerably. The 49841-85 school year was marked by a large amounT of media aTTen- Tion. Many SADD members ap- peared on Television or were heard on The radio. As in The pasT, a SADD Assembly was held aT school. Prom and graduaTion pledges were signed allowing sTudenTs To receive discounTs aT many area businesses. NorTh- ridge's SADD chapTer has begun To make an impacT on The sTu- denT body in only lTs Third year of exisTence. Far LefT: Vice-PresidenT Doug Johnson lisTens in on a meeTing of SADD afTer school. LefT: Advisor Mrs. WeybrighT provides imporTanT inpuT and resources To The sTudenT group. Below: Joann Miller is caughT by The camera in a rare auieT, angelic-looking sTaTe while oTher SADD members look bored wiTh The proceedings. 'lr Ann Froncis prepores To give her speech ond fioshes o big smile To The judges. In impromptu, Robert Froncis looks iike he con noi Think of onyihing To soy. i 'L 5 9' s A , V-. . L W 4 f, f :c ,f L , A ,- , ., ., mmmlnmm Speech PresenTing . A New Look' HA new look is coming To NorThridge" or so The signs dis- Tribufed ThroughouT The school prooldimed obouT This ediTion of The yeorbook. The Shield suffering from d shrink- ing sToff ond budgeT, hos of- Tempfed To sTorT o oompIeTe Turndround in The book's repu- TdTion ond quolify of Norfh- ridge. AlThough The Thredf This yedr hos been ThdT This Shield will be The losT, The sfoff hos puT in mdny long hours of work To Try To design o book which will enoouroge The sTudenT body To Toke on oofive role in promoTing The yeorbook. Pledse if you feel This book hos been on improvemenf over Those in yeors pdsT, join The sTdff ond be sure To order nexT yeor's book eorly. You can help. Upper Righf: Sfoff member Cdrol Monn looks like she hos jusf been pulled dwdy from deep oonoenTrd- Tion on The poges spredd ouT in fronT of her. Above: Trying To sorT Through dll The signofures for The senior poges, UTo Levermonn mdfches The ndmes wiTh The picfures. Righf: The Yeorbook Sfdff clowns oround. EdiTor Wendy Armsfrong ond sfoff members Khoi Phom, Corol lVlonn, Ufo Levermdnn, ond Trend Pdulus hove o liTTle fun. Nof piofured - Vinh Phom ond Jerry Yoder. 58 f Yeorbook U' AJ l-., "" NoT The Same Qld News During The second semesTer This year, The NorThridge news- paper was revived, This Time un- der The name The Legend. The Legendreplaced The old Lance which folded in 4983. Under The leadership of ediTor Greg Fran- cis, several issues were pro- duced This year. The producTion of The paper was sTrearnlined al- lowing The paper To run on a very small pudgeT. ConTrary To The Lance, The Legend adopT- ed a more l'news-orienTed ap- proach. Good luck nexT year! The sTaff wiTh advsior Ellen AugusTine prepares To "lay-up" an ediTion of The Legend. fr ,ff -:riff 9.1 3'-YL. 5 ,f f ,F wi. W' MTM ,,,f+,A,,.4 pw.. W., YW K , My S x,,,N ,w Q 5 ".,1'I3-"f.'fff f ' 'G' ,w . ., f 5 f A 3 . M 'f .ff ' - ww' I If f,3dMJMkM.,Q-frm ,Q ff-H" ,.-W' ,ff SNEXS y- x..V4L ,ww X XX X Q f2SA 'f ia? 'ax Seniors The Closs Cf 4985 Closs lvlollo Togelher We Will Love Ano Grow To Be The Slrengllw Of Tomorrow. Closs Colors Closs Flower Peooh And Ivory Peoch Rose 11- 1.57 - vywvmgi "ii , mi- an .2 iii Alf 1 If 13, .gm wg N wx mx 3... 'sk , ' 1 . Q 11-1 Q ff. 'flux , Q. 4 Q if-sf' x Q. iw . . K X .,,,,kk 1 'VK K A ' 1. T. ' 55? . W 8 n. Q 81 1 K - , -w ,A s- X f V 4, 45, A , ' eff f ' It g xl' . 5, 7 I 1 f' .' I F' L i f ,, F : R ,M . -- j " 'A f -'f' -X' H :r 'i2.'s'l: ' 555-zffiliifliifssf 1 ,ia A .S ii- I 5 fs ' A - , K L 1 , N , L 5 L A ' Qi V ,. I aw 153 U -5 fs, 1 -'W ,, L ' - .f l f. if 'fa - 1 1 X , ' W .T f ,--- ' f ' . X A 5 ,A ,,L.. igh. .. . A . W . W, E f Q +2 -W X 1 N D'Af -' A ,1"' , ,x A . .X fff E ,S ,W mtwwv, WN " my ,Q fam A ff-. V -',. 1 -'.'L K... 1 "" ' 1 - ' x ,, 1 ' . - ' Q-w9f'5HswQW'3i5i M f saw X Q W Q 'W Nm gig as 'N 1 2' gh y W, A W K, M .., W M wsvmw 4 Z' .,,, 1. 2 Tii JZ EP' Q W X k V7Qf Eff'F fiiffff ' i ' 'E' 2 .- f -ff ,iff -5: limi-fZi'iv7'iiA-3 "k': fQf- N.k' N ' 'f:-,, . 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Get 51: ,uf Z' ' X Rv JQQFQ L! v UQQ ffl'-'5'l WGRKI G T0 KEEP THE J GY GF LIFE ALIVE When Coachmen enters your life the quality improves Since 1964 Coachmen Industries has been a leader in the leisure time marketplace As one of the worlds largest recreational vehicle manufacturers Coachmen markets over ZOO models through more dealer related programs remain our trademarks Coachmen housing and realty group pro vides top quality manufactured housing that s affordable to more Americans We re especially proud to be the nation s largest distributor of RV and mobile home aftermarket parts and accessories and our parts and supply group also serves the recreational vehicle auto motive and aerial lift industries Today as we expand our commitment to recognizes Coachmen on its list of the 1 OOO largest growing corporations in America Coachmen Industries Working in so many ways to keep the Joy of life alive Coachmen Industries, Inc P O Box 3300 Elkhart lndlono A6545 f2'19j 262 0423 s Ns than 1,500 dealers, Solid service and better living, Fortune Magazine A NEW GENERATION OE FINANCIAL SERVICE Cggwggeg QBHULDQ Elkhart'Goshen ' Nappanee ' Bristol Victcnian H , . 8 X M 1 vw JW. 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ON C R 2, WEST OF STATE ROAD 13 NORTH OF TOLL ROAD EXIT 10 11134 C R 2, MIDDLEBURY, INDIANA 46540 DRIVEWAY MATERIAL WILLIAM TROYER AGRICULTURAL LIME owNER SLAG SAND GRAVEL N .grj fu 4 Y, .F ,1 III--iiLT'I A fl ,KjI',' 1 ,. l ly-,u m 3 1 ll A-sf - 'I 11, OF MIDDLEBURY X' as ' u ' n as . . . -. . , . . Il, If l-. . . . 1 1 s I, X . . . Q X 1 ' C 1 T . T - ' ' ' f, . xv .p X ll' -tff X MM! 1 , I i . . . ..- 2. . ., y I I . 2 . .,- I . .- Krider Nurseries CR 8 Ph 825 57411 Enrronce Doors Wrndows Leornermon Supply US 33 Wes? Goshen Ind A6526 Phone 533 0597 Goroge Door Openers WINDOWIUJ ' Andersen 1 .. .. ....... M.. ..w..,f 4 .ffmzf +frii'rl f, 5.1.4 ROUTES 15 8120 Middlebury Church Furriiiure, inc. 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Suggestions in the Northridge High School - Shield Yearbook (Middlebury, IN) collection:

Northridge High School - Shield Yearbook (Middlebury, IN) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 38

1985, pg 38

Northridge High School - Shield Yearbook (Middlebury, IN) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 26

1985, pg 26

Northridge High School - Shield Yearbook (Middlebury, IN) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 82

1985, pg 82

Northridge High School - Shield Yearbook (Middlebury, IN) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 97

1985, pg 97

Northridge High School - Shield Yearbook (Middlebury, IN) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 121

1985, pg 121

Northridge High School - Shield Yearbook (Middlebury, IN) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 107

1985, pg 107

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