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U jger judo 7948 j0I'0l,U0l'J In the lives of the members of the Class of 1948 one phase is drawing to a close but before we depart, we have prepared this annual as our hnal work in Northport High School. It is our hope that TIGER TALES 1948 has done all that we wished it to do. We present to you a book that may be read today and kept as a memory for tomorrow. What the future holds for us, the Class of 1948, we know not, but we do know that we have spent four unforgetful years in the preparation of what is to come. We wish to thank our advisors and faculty mem- bers that have helped us through our four years' work. THE EDITOR 2 Q? K4 Mr X. ' :avi .. ,, nv-J -4" .mezbcafion The nations of the world today are at the dawn of a new era. Before them are two paths leading into the future. In one direction lies havoc caused by the misuse of Atomic Power. On the other road lies unparalled opportunity for progress, never before even dreamed of, under a united and cooperating world. It is to this road, the road to peace and pros- perity in the Atomic era that this book is dedicated. EDWARD CREMER 3 .xdolmininfrafion ROY R. WAITE Superintendent of Schools Your graduation marks the end of your years as a student in Northport High and the commencement of a new phase of your life. I hope that your school experiences with us have been enjoyable and profit- able. ' As a ,result of the opportunities and experiences afforded you, I trust that you have established high ideals which like the stars, you will not succeed in touching with your hands, but like the sea-faring man, you will choose as your guides and, following them, you reach your destiny. . fl, :le CAM of 1948 Responsibilities for the continued progress of the world have long been a challenge to graduating classes. Never have these responsibilities been graver and more Herculean than those which challenge you, the Class of 1948. The world of nations calls upon you to keep America in the position of leadership. This calls for a program with a sense of direction-one in which you concentrate upon the goal rather than upon the ob- stacles to be overcome. For the success of the program its roots must be fixed deep in all that is good in the past, it must realistically find ways and means within the possibilities as well as within the limitations of our technological age, and it must set its goal in the service of a new conception of world humanity. We are our brother's keeper! May each of you nobly play your part in such a program. Congratulations and Godspeed, Class of 1948. ADELHEID M. M. KAUFMANN Principal 4 .fdclminifsfrafion DAVID ALLARDICE BETTY BRADLEY Dean of Boys Dean of Girls mmdera of fke goarcl of giolucafion 194 7- 1948 Paul A. Brunn Sydney Bevin John Evers Dr. Arthur W. HARRY A. TAYLOR, Preridem Egbert L. Heine Adelaide Hubert Estelle Q. Smyth Fredericks Alferd M. Zaun 5 i r Oscar Andersen, B.A., M.S. Raymond Carden, A.B., Ednah Coone, B,A. English M.A., Social Studies Mathematics A 45' Dorothy Falk, B.S. Commercial Bernetta Genor, D.H. Librarian Marian Goodrich, B.S. Bernard Garrand, B.S. Physical Education Dental Hygienist Ann Hayner, R.N., P.H.N. Robert Hayner, B.S. School Nurse Industrial Arts . . f, Helen Hardt, B.A., M.A. Art Margaret Hecker, A.B., George Hop C k , B-S-, M-5- Helene Kegreisz, B.S., M.A M-A., English Science Languages Q Anne King, B.S., M.A. Charles Kissam, A.B., M.A. I-Ydia KOUFCUS, B-S., MA Home Economics Mathematics MUSiC Florence Manket, B.A., Charles Messmer, A.B., M.A., Physical Education M.A., Social Studies William Porter, B.S., M.A. Alfred PritzlaH, B.S. Edward Schneider, B.S. Industrial Arts Music M.S., Social Studies Lenore Silverman, B.S., Catherine Sterling, B.A., M.A., Commercial M.A., English .. r ":."NxQ.K - 5 ' 'KN-Y. r , . Irene St. Peters, B.S. GCOISC Tiffany William Van Houten, B.S. Social Studies PhY5iC31 Education M.A.,.Science D5 X Wei in 'X 1 M Qi Cc Q Y XX my 7 Q H iii jafellle!! fo W A S Now our four years' work is done And we journey up the stairs of life. We leave our Alma Mater Who has seen us through our strife. We leave behind us school mates And years of unlimited fun, That will live forever in memory In the many years to come. Some faces are shining with joyg Others are darkened with fright As we proceed up the aisle, As we leave you tonight. We'l1 miss you Alma Mater, But in our memory you will live As the one who inspiration Did so willingly give. JENNIE M. SAMMIS 4 if 8 X df UZ C O aft? ll? t llll Q X'-1+ 2Y'Ux': 5 '11-. 6 -00 xx 1 U lg QW lg" .-. , X if I 'CJ ,V PLQNE 5 n 9 x c -, 4 fc G 5 5 ku o 7, K 6 G6 C a 9 6 9 'bl' :mis Z? enior Cfarid icerd THOMAS HILL . . . President CHARLES GHOSIO . . Vice-Prexident JENNIE SAMMIS . Secretary LEON PEARCE . . . Treafurer Cfadd .xdvluiriom Mr. Andersen Mr. Van Houten 10 42004 ,swf MARY TERRY ............,....A.....,......,.... ..,.........,. E ditor-in-Chief A. CREMER, N. HARVIN .,....,.A...,,,....,,.,.,A........,.... .4.A....A.... A ssociate Editors C. SCHEHR, K. GERNER, P. ALFORD ,.,.,....... ..,,,,A......... S enior Editors F. BECKMAN ......,A.,4.......,AA...,.......,....,.,,.,,..........,.....,... ....A,,.,..,AA.,.4......,.....,.., S ecretary PAT RICHARDSON ............, Advertising Manager EDITH PAVLIK .,.............. .... C irculation Manager PEG KAMPF ,............... ...,.....s,.............,..... A rr Editor RICHIE BAUER ,.............,........ 4.......,..........,.... S ports Editor DONAVIN HAINES ,,.,..,........... .....,...s.V P hotography Manager MR. OSCAR ANDERSEN ,,.s,...... ........,... Y ear Book Advisor ASSISTANT EDITORS Leona Klotz Lee Hotaling Dolores Gillman Nancy Teiner Una johnson Betty Morris Jennie Sammis 'II Pat Baker Gloria Lazer Elcy Dighton Thomas Hill Rita Schaub Rose Anzalone Alvera LaFantano MARGARET ALFORD Sophirlicated Lady Homeroom President 5g Home- room Vice President 29 Prom Committee 3g Tiger Inklings, Sports Editor 3, Circulation Man- ager 4g Yearbook Senior Editor 45 junior Red Cross lg Math Club 53 Dance Committees l,2g Dramatics 45 Hiking Club lg Quill and Scroll 4. RICHARD BAUER Play up, play up, and play the game. Basketball l,2,5,4g Baseball 25,45 Sports Club 2,3g Vice President of Class 1,2g Homeroom Presi- dent 5g Homeroom Vice Presi- dent 1,23 Yearbook Sports Editor 43 Tiger Iinklings, Sports Editor 5g Prom Committee 35 Y.M.C.A. Council, Vice President 5g G.O. President 45 National Honor So- ciety 4. ROSEMARY ANZALONE We meet thee like a pleamnz thought. Homeroom Secretary lg Typing Club 25 Prom Committee 5. IRENE BAKER In there ffrecleler live their favours. Players Guild 3g Junior Miss 3g Homeroom Treasurer 3g Prom Committee 59 Yearbook 4g Danc- ing Club 3g Dramatics 4g Mone- tary Procurement Committee 4. 12 33' 3 V at t I f'- p s' It t K ALICE CODLING Lively, witty, and gay. FLORENCE BECKMAN Sweet and Lovely. Homeroom Secretary lg Short- hand Club 2,3g Glee Club 2,33 Prom Committee 33 Yearbook Secretary 45 Monetary Procure- ment Committee 4g G.O. Secre- tary 4g Tiger Inkling, Co-Editor 45 Quill and Scroll 4g National Honor Society 4. Crafts Club 35 Prom Committee 34 Leaders Club 3g Basketball 1, 2,3,4g Captain 3,45 Baseball 2,3g Dramatics 35 Stunt Club 2. ELEANOR CONKLIN Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind. I Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 3,4g Hiking Club lg Tiger Ink- lings 35 Homeroom Secretary 2,39 H.M.S. Pinafore 15 Margie Goes Modern 5g Spring Concert 1,2,3, 43 Variety Show 2g' Christmas Cantata 3,43 French Play 3. EDWARD CREMER None but bimxelf may be hir parallel. Football 2,3,4g Yearbook, Assist- ant Editor 4g Prom Committee 3g Chess Club 2,3,4g G.O. Represen- tative 4g Sports Club 2,39 Science Club lg National Honor Society 4. 13 DONNA DAVENPORT Energy unlimited. Glee Club 1,2,3g Shorthand 2,3g Homeroom Secretary 3,4 ELCY DIGHTON Sugar and Jpice, and everything nice. Tiger Inkling 3g Prom Commit- tee Sg Yearbook 4g Glee Club 19 Secretarial Club 1. .N-4' It GEORGE DONNELLY 2 ir a pleamnt inrtitution. XX X x ANN DUGAN Fd mtloer be though! true than Q thought a geniur. junior Red Cross lg Little Thea- ter lg Typing Club 2g Shorthand Club 25. 14 Glee Club 2,35 Homeroom Presi- dent 35 Shorthand Club 3. SHELDON GASLOW My mind if my kingdom. GERTRUDE EASTERBY She lr ar white ar a lily, and ar rrnall ar a wand. KATHLEEN GERNER Ifr nice to he natural, when you're Jo naturally nice. Tiger Inklings 3, Business Man- ager 45 Prom Committee 35 Monetary Procurement Commit- tee 3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 Year- book Senior Editor 45 Usherette at Commencement and BEICCH- laureate 3. if if-iz' Y CHARLES GHOSIO ' All the world lover a lover. Service Squad 2,35 President 45 Sports Club 2,35 Jr. Red Cross 25 Dancing Club 25 Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 2,35 j.V. Varsity 45 Class President 35 Class Vice President 45 Advisory Commit- tee 35 Prom Committee 3. 15 JOHN GIBB Begone dull care, than and I shall never agree. Chess Club 2,4g Service Club 2,4. DOLORES GILLMAN Silence if ar deep ar eternity Craft Club 3g Hiking Club. ROBERT HAGEN An lrifhrnan, a very valiant gentleman in faith. 4H Club lg Class President lg Basketball 2',3,4, J.V. 2,3g Base- ball 2,5g Metal Club 39 Sports Club 3. DONAVIN HAINES Action Jpeakr louder than words. Basketball 2,3g Varsity 4g Base- ball 2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4g Prom Committee 3g Advisory Commit- tee 3g Tiger Inkling 3g Yearbook 4g Sports Club 2,3g junior Red Cross 33 Junior Miss 35 Y.M.C.A. Council 3,4g National Honor So- ciety 4. 'I6 N A ANNABEL HARVIN With malice toward none, and charity for all. Glee Club 1,2,3g Orchestra l,2,3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1,35 Library Club l,2g Hiking Club lg Swing Band 3g Prom Committee 3g As- sembly Committee 3g Y.M.C.A. Council 3,4g President 35 Nation- al Honor Society 3,43 President 4g French Club 33 Yearbook 45 Assistant Editorg Valedictorian. MARY HEHIR We're horn to he happy, all of uf. junior Red Cross lg Shorthand Club 2,3g Typing 23 Little Thea- tre 1. ROGER HENNESSEY Some think the world if made for fun and frolic, and .ro do l, Tiger Inklings 1,2g junior Miss 33 Science Club lg Prom Com- mittee 3g Service Squad 2,3,4. S THOMAS HILL The future is purchased hy the prefe-nr. Football 3,4g Basketball 3,4g j.V. 3g Service Squad 1,2,3,4g Home- room President 3g Co-Chairman Prom Committee 35 Class Presi- dent 4g National Honor Society 4. 'I7 LEE HOTALING Get thee behind me Satan, and puth. Class President 2g Homeroom President 2g Prom Committee 3g junior Miss 34 What A Life 5g Players Guild 35 Yearbook 4. Chess Club lg Treasurer 2. 5" fi. fit K ,-1, ', . QR' at Y 9 at H ii. W ,ai 4 'V - ,J 335' . --lv ' . e I . is RICHARD JACOBSEN How much of him it wax we met we cannot ever know. 4H Club l,2g WALTER JENKINS Still water run: deep. Sports Club 1,2g Basketball lg Spanish Club 1,2g Ping Pong Club lg Horseshoe Club 1,2. UNA JOHNSON A plenmnt girl with pleamnt ways. Softball 33 Glee Club 1,2,5g Little Theater 2g Prom Committee 'jg Yearbook 4. si 1 -.Q Homeroom Treasurer lg Home- room Secretary 3g Yearbook Art Editor 45 Chairman of Decora- tions of Prom Committee 3g Tiger Inklings 3,4g Business Manager 4g Players Guild 3, Dance Committee 1,25 Chairman 2g Library Club President 2g Glee Club lg Usherette 2,31 Monetary Procurement Commit- tee 5,4. LEONA KLOTZ A quiet girl who knoweth well to bold ber tongue. Glee Club l,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 5,4g Shorthand Club 2. Class Secretary 2. 19 mi MARGARET KAMPF Pretty baby. MERLE KNOWLTON It'.r good to have friendr. Homeroom Treasurer 3. JOAN KORAN To thine own Jelf be true. Correspondence Club 35 Tiger Inklings 55 French Club 2,55 Library Club 2g Spanish Club 23 'Q nal ALVERA LAFANTANO Neat, not gaudy. Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Shorthand Club 2g Yearbook 4g Homeroom Vice President 3. GLORIA LAZET Every :mile is like 4 Jnnbeam. Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Homeroom Secretary 1,3g Shorthand Club 2. HAROLD LESCHINGER f Hi: bark if worre than lair bite. Library Club 1,2,3g 4H Club 1, A 2,3g President 2,3, Vice President ' 1 A I lg Shop Club lg Make Up Club 5. p .. I W ? EW I A FRANK LIVINGSTON Anything for 4 quiet life. Sports Club 45 Prom Committee 5. 20 CLAIRE MADDEN Whore nalure it Jo far from doing wrong. Ping Pong 2g Shorthand Club 2.3. ROBERT MACNEIL Education maker the man. Chess Club 1,2,3,4g Stunt Club 2 Science Club lg Sports Club 2 Math Club 2g Baseball 3,45 Nai tional Honor Society 4. . g ' 1 K- ,Ugg - 5 :X-1- 'i:?i-MVA ' Q' gl Iwi' Sl:-,Q 1 ,-,,.,, .VX . , . , . , , A Nl? ' 2 ' ' f' i" 1 143-.4 I . K , ,., , ,A THOMAS MAIN Some my in vene, what otloerr .ray in profe. Sports Club 1,25 4H Club 1,2,3g Science Club lg Math Club 33 Football 3,4g Basketball 4. HELEN MARI Speech ir Jilver, filence if golden. Art Novelties 1,2,3g Glee Club 1,2,3g Instrumental Music I,2,3. 135 bf , 233529 21 CAROL MEANY The faultler: pamter. Glee Club 1,2, Prom Commnttee 5g Leaders Club 39 Basketball 2, 3g Softball 25 Dance Committee ALBERT MICHALOWSKI An ahle and yet humhle man. Science Club lg Sports Club 1,2 5' Chess Club 12 Sh Club 1 s , S OP S Baseball 1,2,3,4. L1 ..,,,, .,,t,,x.3,.,. K .w,,' , . as .,,l 1 -iv 5f.s:f:,i PATRICK MCTIERNAN Nothing hotherr me. li le? Z Basketball 5,49 chess Club 5. . sat,a ta L BETTY MORRIS A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. Basketball 44 Shorthand Club 2, 3g Hockey lg Leaders Club 34 Ping Pong 2. WALTER MYSTOWSKI A handsome man, but modest. Metal Club Ig Sports Club 1,2g Electricity Club 2. THOMAS O'CONNOR Full of fun and fancy free. Service Squad 1,2,3,4g President 3g Hallowe'en Float Committee 3g Metal Shop Club lg Science Club 2g Chess Club 3. ANTHONY OLIVARI We do not act who often jest and laugh. Prom Committee 35 Arts and Crafts Club 33 Dance Committee 2,3g Shop Exhibit 3g Stage Set for 5 productionsg Hal1owe'en Float Committee 2,5. MARILYN OTT Aft if power. Dance Committee 2,34 Chess Club 1g Arts and Crafts 2g Ping Pong Club 2. 23 GEORGE PAREZO Abllzty wzm ur the erteem of true men. Sports Club 1,2,3g Craft Club 35 Jr. Red Cross 2g Shop Club 2g Lab Club 5. EDITH PAVLIK Dark eyex. Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Swing Band 55 Leaders Club 59 Ping Pong 2 LEON PEARCE A cheerful look, a plearing eye, a noble carriage. Service Squad 2,3,4g Tiger Ink- lings 35 Basketball 55 Football 4g Homeroom Vice President 35 Senior Class Treasurer 49 Prom Committee 3g Track 4. VIRGINIA REID Good llaingf come in Jmall packagex. Stunt Club 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 1, 2g B.R.H.S. Activities-Class pres. 2g Class Secretary Ig G. O. Treas- urer 2, S.S.C. Duty 2. Prom Committee 55 Homeroom Secretary 3g National Honor So- ciety 3, Secretary 4g Players Guild 2,55 junior Miss 3g When Shakes- peare's Ladies Meet 35 Yearbook Advertising Manager 43 Cheer- leading 3, Captain 4g Majorette 3,45 G.O. Representative 4g Dance Committees 1,2. INGEBORG ROHDE Every day .rhould he parted at if it were the lan. Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Tiger Inklings 3g Arts and Crafts Club 2. ment Committee 4. PATRICIA RICHARDSON How cute can you he? THERESA SALACAIN A cheery :mile for everyone. junior Red Cross lg French Club 59 Typing Club 25 Mixed Chorus 2g Little Theater 1. JENNIE SAMMIS Where mischief ix, .ro am I. Homeroom Secretary 1,2 g Home- room Treasurer 3g Class Secretary 45 Yearbook 4g Prom Commit- tee 3g Tiger Inklings 3,4g Ex- change Editor 5g Mixed Chorus 25 Hiking Club 2g Glee Club lg Typing Club 35 Players Guild 3g Usherette 35 Monetary Procure- V l . Ls , 4. V P vu. 1 n ll tg 2 V fee 1, ! F RITA SCHAUB The life of every party. Basketball l,2,3,4g Hockey 1,2 Softball 1,2,3,4g Dramatics 3,42 Tiger Inklings 3g Prom Commit- tee 3g Craft Club 3. . " attti W '- b 1 Q X . 5 .4 a l . . 3 E t. ' 1 ' 1 nl 4' A has 4 bw ROBERT SCHIFANO Little man, what now? Service Squad 3,4g Prom Com- mittee 3g I-Iallowe'en Float 3 Boys Glee Club 1. CHARLES SCUDDER l am not in the role of the CLAIRE SCHEHR Eat, drink, and be merry. Glee Club lg Band l,2,4g Year- book Senior Editor 4g Tiger Ink- lings 2g Salutatorian. f. ik 3 7 1 ' 1 H X K vig. hs R lm H . "' 449' 1' H ,SWL K r-aefgj'5g X swim re it lg? t fi - ii, was 6071177100 772472. Band 1,2,3,4g Football 3,4g Base- ball 3g Basketball 3g Orchestra 4g Prom Committee 35 Homeroom President 1,3. 26 1i'3!'f93KV iU!l'l 11 . - 4 Y ' , my 1 .f-I' ff -vw . , .. , . 8 MAUREEN SHEEHAN My Wild Irirb Roxe. Little Theater lg Typing Club lg Shorthand Club 2,55 Red Cross 1. ELIZABETH SCULLY Frexb ar a dazry. Homeroom Secretary 1, Glee Club 2,3g Yearbook 4. KATHLEEN SHEEHAN More Irirb than lbe lrixb. Mixed Chorus lg Softball 1 Sports Club 2. GEORGE SMITH R ' mf A A man of few wordf. U . W, . N 'f 'tfQ- i ' sports Club 1,2,3g shop Club 1. ' 5 e, 27 NANCY TEINER Calm ar the night. Dramatics lg Science Club 1 Ping Pong Club 25 Yearbook 4 Tiger Inklings 35 Foreign Cor- respondent Club 3. MARY TERRY A wire and underrtanding heart, iz rmile, a helping hand. junior Red Cross lg Tiger Ink- lings 2, Editor 3, Co-Editor 4g Prom Committee 35 Junior Miss, Prop Managerg What A Life, Stage Manager 3gValient, promp- ter 3g Players Guild 3g National Honor Society 3, Vice-President and Treasurer 4g Quill and Scroll 45 Shakespeare's Ladies Meet 35 DONALD WAGNER All I ark ir to he alone. Homeroom President lg Sports Club 1,23 Metals Club lg Elec- tricity Club 2. wi? - iil A ef' r'--' . V fy- Q Yearbook Editor 4 ARTHUR WENZ I like work, but there are better thingy. Chess Club lg Shop Club lg Prom Committee 3g Sports Club 3g Library Club 1,2,3g Stunt Club lg Plays l,2,3. 28 XJ! gli' ,. L X I M1414 FRED WILSON Work faxcimztex me, I could tit and look at it for houn. 4H Club 1,2,3,4g Service Squad 2, 33 Shop Club l,2,5,4g Dance Committee 1,2,3g Ping Pong Club lg Sports Club 1,253 Prom Committee 3g Plays 2,3,4. FRANCES WOOD It matter: not how long we live, but bow. Basketball 1,2,3,4g Softball 1,2g Ping Pong Club 25 Glee Club 2, 3,43 Tiger Inklings 3g Hockey RUSSELL WILSON For he'J a jolly good fellow! Football 45 Basketball Manager 4. 2,5g Prom Committee 3. 'f 1 tAr.?t. 3 -fe 1 JOSEPH YAKOBYSIN He ba: many friend: became be it one. Sports Club lg Airplane Club 2g Service Squad 3g Dancing Club 4g Prom Committee 3. 29 C vi: tx 14' ,S WILLIAM KENT lfr a friendly heart that maketh many friendr. Sports Club 1,2,3g Football 2,5,4g Tiger Inklings Business Manager 3g Players Guild 3g junior Miss 35 Valient 33 Photography Club 3g President of G.O. 4. GRADUATED JANUARY 1948 Richard Chesbrough joseph Tarnborski HAROLD STAHLBERG Our First Soldier 30 PETER STARK Nothing if imporxihle to 4 willing heart. Library Club lg Natural Science 1g Sports Club 25 Sophomore Dance Committee 2g 4H Club 33 Prom Committee 39 Halloween Float 4. Cine .jshafory Almost four years ago the class of 1948 enlivened N.H.S. by its presence. We had many plans and ideas for our four years work so we began our school year by electing class officers. Our first president was Robert Hagan who was ably assisted by vice-presi- dent, Richard Bauer, secretary, Audrey Jersey, and treasurer, Henry Klein. We held our first social event on November 17, 1944, a dance which was well attended. In September we returned to school, eager to begin our year as Sophomores. The leadership of the class passed into the hands of Lee Hotaling, presidentg Richard Bauer, vice-president, Joan Koran, secretary, and Henry Klein, treasurer. On March 17, of that year we sponsored a dance, the theme being "Dance of the Islands." We ordered our class rings from a reputable concern in New York City. On our return to N.H.S. the following year, we elected Charles Ghosio, president, Thomas Hill, vice-president, Jean Lewisy, secretary, and Henry Klein, treasurer. We entered a Comic Strip Characters float in the Community Halloween Parade and won second prize. In December we received our class rings and then we really were a sophis- ticated class. Since the biggest social event of the year was to be presented by us, we began early in the year to make plans for the junior Prom. To increase the capital in our treasury, we got under way with a successful magazine subscription campaign. Later, during the football and basketball seasons, we sold candy and pennants at the games. Then, on the evening of May 2, 1947, the long anticipated event, the junior Prom, was greatly enjoyed by a countless number of couples. Our theme for the Prom was, "Florida Everglades." The walls of the gym were decorated with murals on which were drawn and painted by the class artists, unusual flowers, trees, and birds of paradise. We engaged a band for the evening. In September, 1947, we were aware of a new feeling, that of being a senior. There was much to be done in these last months of school. At our first class meeting we elected our ofiicers for the year: president, Thomas Hill, vice-president, Charles Ghosiog secretary, Jenny Sammisg and treasurer, Leon Pearce. The senior class won second prize in the float parade with a float, having as its theme, A Wax Museum. We sold subscriptions to a newspaper, the "Suffolk Sporting News" and, as has been a tradition of the senior class for several years, sold Christmas cards to increase the cash in our treasury. We also dec- orated the Christmas tree in the main foyer. 31 , Best Personality Most Sophisticated Most Athletic MARY TERRY - CHARLES GHOSIO ROBERT MACNEIL - MARGARET ALFORD ALICE CODLING - RICHARD BAUER Most Studious NANCY HARVIN - DONAVIN HAINES Cates' Most Helpful to School ROBERT HAGEN - GERTRUDE EASTERBY DONAVIN HAINES - MARY TERRY Class Flirts LEE HOTALING - JENNIE SAMMIS BCS! Nafllfed Most Popular BILL KENT - KATHY GERNER 4 GEORGE DONNELLY PAT RICHARDSON -- CHARLES GHOSIO ,gif Class Poets Romeo and Juliet Done Most For The C1355 32 JENNIE SAMMIS -s TOM MAINS PEG ALFORD - RICHARD BAUER MARY TERRY L THOMAS 1-111,14 . I.. Q, Best Mixers Noisiest Best Looking CHARLES GHOSIO - MARY TERRY LEE HOTALING - JENNIE SAMMIS RICHARD BAUER - PAT RICHARDSON , M Y, gf, tx., ' l if if s ' ' 3 wx It QQ i Fvfff f 1-X' K MOS! Fun Most Likely To Succeed THONY OLIVARI ' PAT BAKER NANCY HARVIN - ANDY CREMER Most Absent-minded Best Daf1Cef5 BETTY MORRIS - FRANK LIVINGSON JENNIE SAMMIS - LEE HOTAI-ING 'imc 7 h wx. 5 X .S G is Class Artists Most Bashful Einsteins of the Future PEG KAMPF - ANTHONY OLIVARI GEORGE SMITH - LEONA KLOTZ ANDY CREMER - NANCY HARVIN 0 Y Q fit K 5 5 if ' 'ES' C1355 Babies Best Sense of Humor IB HAGEN - GERTRUDE EASTER-BY Best Dressed KATHY GERNER - ANTHONY OLIVARI FLORENCE BACKMAN - RICHARD BAUER - ALVERA LAFANTANO K Sa X .K W, - .7 .S- f A i if vi as 'W k ' L lr .Q ,, . mm ,Q-.U .IL " """ GUESS 9' wt-to Mr' .54 rv 1 v ? J Q -.,, M f?'4-S' 53- Jr f "Ri ,J iwgf'mnmmxf- N. jg Q ,, -....,',. ' xx: W , 7 N x. J, '14 Nw Q i 1 ' - . A x Q f" -' ui' 'A i -4 ' .- ' x .4-b 3 . 1 V o ill tmh Gln slum tml ol llxe Glluss ol 1948 . . . A '..., N . . , . , I. . , , :.-y.. I.. I H ' "xl '. tl' 1-, We tbe Clan of 1948, being of round mind and body, do bereby declare tbl: our lar! Will and Terlament. We bereby bequeath our wluabler to tbe following: 3 To Peter Theofield - Lee Hotaling's wolfishness. To Ludie Farr - Sheldon Gaslow's brains. To thefSophomore Girls - Alvera Lafantano's wardrobe. To Joan McCusker - Kathy Gerner's friendliness. To joan Rose - George Donnelly's sweater. To Mr. Garrand - More students with Richie's athletic ability. To joe Duffy - A speedy graduation. To Santo Dolci - Pat McTiernan's height. To the junior Boys - The Senior fellows' red shirts. To the Freshman Girls - Nancy Teiner's sophistication. To Mr. Van Houten - Extended Police powers and a new badge. To Gloria Aloi - Flo Beckman's calmness and serenity. To Mrs. King - More students like jenny and Terry. To some worthy junior - Claire Schehr's ability to give parties. To Miss Sterling - More intellectuals like her 4th period English class. To Bob Drumheller - Bob Schifano's sharp -ties. To Rodney Waite and JoAnn Bradford - Peg and Richie leave their copy of Romeo and Juliet. To all future School Dances - Peg Kampf's artistic talents. To Mr. Pritzlaff - A 52 piece orchestra with a flute section. To a nearby pawn shop - All the Senior girls' souvenirs. To 1948 Football Team - 5 gallons of blue and yellow paint. To the G. O. - Continued success. To next year's Captain of Varsity Cheerleaders - Patty Richardson leaves her ability to give appreciation yells. To Ann Romano - A successful play that she can star in. To Miss Bradley - Another ideal student like Lee Pearce. To Bobby Blackman - Andy Cremer's ability to win an argument and get away with it. To John Kennedy - Bob McNeil's shyness. To those we have not mentioned - We leave our scholastic record in order that you may strive to reach it. Signed: KATHY GERNER CLAIRE SCHEHR PEG ALFORD Witnessed by: MARY TERRY THOMAS HILL In the year 1958, private detectives sought out the alumni of the Class of '-48. After 10 years absence from the realms of Northport High School, this is what they were discovered doing: 1. Charlie Ghosio is the leading dealer of Kaiser-Frazers in this Part of the country, and has set the highest sales record yet attained. 2. Flo Beckman has lately opened a pickle factory, instead of follow- ing in her fathers footsteps in the florist business. What a difference, but we hear it's profitable. 3. Tommy Hill, President of the United States owes the runaway election to his previous success as president of the Senior Class of '48. 4. Joe Yakobysin and Elcy Dighton happily married with a family of nine, are residing under the lid of a grand piano which joe tunes in his spare time. 5. Moe Prianti has built a pavillion on Commack Bay, which has become one of the most exclusive spots on Long Island. Lately seen dining and dancing there were Peter Stark and Marilyn Ott, Carol Meany and Bob Schifano, Harold Lechinger and Edith Pavlik. 6. Russ Wilson, new head of the Northport Department of Sanitation, is ably assisted by Bob McNeil, that dashing man about town Qcollecting garbageb. 7. Alvera LaFantano, is gracing the pages of such magazines as Harper's Bazaar and Mademoiselle, in her usual striking ensembles. 8. At a recent art convention in Greenwich Village, Anthony Olivari, prominent artist, met Peg Kampf, who recently refused the Nobel Prize in art for another vocation, housekeeping. 9. joan Koran is a Latin-American secretary now working in Mexico. 10. Merle Knowlton is owner and manager of the Northport movie, Claire Madden and Ingebord Rhode are head usherettes. 11. There were great expectations about Claire Schehr's latest party, but no one expected it would have to be at Madison Square Garden to accommodate everybody, naturally there were the usual crashers who had to sit in the balcony. 12. Roger Hennessey is taking a correspondence course from Charles Atlas, on "The Tricks of the Trade in ju Jitsu." 13. A program to send all teachers to Europe was put through the U.N. by delegate Billy Kent, the manuscript was typed up by his efficient secretary, Betty Morris. 14. The ownership of the Northport 5 81 10, has recently changed hands, and is now operated by Donna Davenport, with the assistance of Nancy Teiner and Leona Klotz. 15. Dick Chesebrough has opened a new gambling casino on the Riviera, with Gloria Lazer as the featured singer. 16. Pat Baker is starring in the Broadway production, "Romeo and Juliet" with Tommy Mains as her leading man. 17. Donald Wagner and Gertie Easterby were married at an impressive ceremony, the bride looked lovely in white tulle and three foot heels. Arthur Wenz, Helen Mari, Dolores Gillman and George Smith were among those present at the wedding. 18. Alice Codling writing one of the gossip columns for a New York paper, recently interviewed Andy Cremer, Wall Street f1nancier. 36 19. Walter Jenkins has erected one of the largest gas stations yet seen on Clay Pitts Road. 20. Leon Pearce, Manager of the Cafe Zanzibar, seems to be serving chicken in every form imaginable, the reason could be his chicken ranch in Fort Salonga. 21. joe Tamborski can be seen on Friday nights at Madison Square Garden wrestling with "Bone Crusher" George Parezo. An exciting boht is guaranteed by the management. 22. Jenny Sammis is head dietitian for the magazine "Your Man and How to Keep Him," ably edited and directed by Mary Terry, distinguished journalist. 23. Tommy O'Connor notorious mobster, is still being sought after by that master- mind of ace sleuths "Fuzz" Van Houten. Better results are expected now that female detectives have been put on the case by Chief of the Police Don Haines. 24. Flash! Patty Richardson has just been chosen Miss Rheingold of 1958. 25. Richard Jacobsen is acting as an understudy for Broadway star Ham Burger, he owes his success to Miss Sterling, and the reading of Macbeth. 26. Ann Dugan, Maureen Sheehan, Mary Hehir, and Kathleen Sheehan are all happily married and living in Bellecrest. They can be found'almost any day gabbing over the back fence. 27. It was a manly pose, this month's Man of Distinction was George Donnelly, posing with his knee length white sweater and a glass of Calverts. Runner ups were Frank Livingston and Freddie Wilson. 28. Rosemary Anzalone is a very successful traveling saleswoman, and lately hired Rita Schaub to carry the wares around. 29. Lee Hotaling is working as a barker for the side show at the Gyp 'em and Cheat 'em Circus. 30. Una johnson is designing backdrops for some of the better Broadway plays and Hollywood productions. 31. Frances Wood is now directing the gym classes at Northport High. 32. Albert Michalowski and Walter Mystowski have formed a cooperative and are the leading potato farmers in the U. S. 33. Bobby Hagen is now in Europe representing the U. S. in the Olympic games, he is one of the tallest players in the country. 34. Nancy Harvin is still "fiddling around" and will soon make her professional debut at Carnegie Hall, after the final appearance of Eleanor Conklin. 35. Peg Alford, after 2 years of college has taken a modeling job in New York. 56. Richie Bauer is the magnate of a chain of successful vegetable markets, with Pat McTiernan as his executive in the Long Island branch. 37. Theresa Salacain has finally induced the L.I.R.R. to extend out to Commack, the station will be right at the harbor. 6 38. Virginia Reid must be eating her Wheaties lately for she's suddenly shot up to ft. 10 in. 39. After supporting the Sugar Bowl for all these years, Kathy Gerner was finally given a half interest in the business. 40. Sheldon Gaslow, after years of tedious work has at last perfected a defense against the atom bomb. It is rumored that "Flashbulb" Hopke is claiming the laurels for this achievement due to his influence in high school years. The records of his research have been compiled into a book with the aid of his assistant and secretary Elizabeth Scully. 41. john Gibb was recently made Professor of Mathematics at Eatons Neck University. 37 NAME gfau mrror NICKNAME SUPPRESSED DESIRES LIKELY TO BE FOUND Margaret Alford ........,,.. Rosemary Anzalone Irene Baker ............,..... Richard Bauer ......... Florence Beckman .......,. Richard Chesebrough W..... Alice Codling .........,.. Eleanor Conklin ...,.. Edward Cremer ......,........ Donna Davenport ......... Elcy Dighton .,.......,........,.. George Donnelly ............ Ann Dugan .............,........,. Gertrude Easterby Sheldon Gaslow ......,,.....r, Kathleen Gerner ......4.....,.. Charles Ghosio ......... john Gibb .......,.......... Dolores Gillman ....., Robert Hagan ......... Donavon Haines ....., Annabel Harvin ..,,.. Mary Hehir ..,.................,,.. Roger Hennessey .......,.... Thomas Hill ....................., ,. Lee Hotaling ............ Richard Jacobsen Walter jenkins ,,..4....... ...... Peggy Toots Pat Richie Flo Dicky Boy Alrie Elly Andy Joe Boobie Bongo Annie Gert Shelley Katie belle Ghos Gibb Mimi Bob Twinkle Nancy 1 Mar Roge .Tomaso PQPPY 4Weasel .Walt Una johnson ,........... Una Margaret Kampf .....,.....,... Peg William Kent .,...............,... Willie Leona Klotz ........................ Noney Merle Knowlton .,.... Mouse Joan Koran .................. ,Bunny .Al Alvera Lafantano Gloria Lazet ....,.......,.. Harold Leschziner Frank Livingston Robert MacNeil ...... Patrick McTeirnan Glo Les Livy Mac Bones To be a femme fatale Travel and see the world To be first girl to enter West Point Get a New car Live nearer Northport Travel Marry a post master To be a musician To be an eminent chemical engineer To be manager of 5 8: 10 Work for five years then marry... To keep my freedom Own a car To be happily married To discover a gas lighter than H2 To be a clam digger Run a raviolli house To be an electrical engineer A beaver coat To make his first million and to shave To buy a new Cadillac To win an argument with Mr. Andersen To be happily married Wouldn't you like to know To reform the school To be a happy hobo To go out with a girl To be a happy bachelor To be an artist Bar maid To marry ten rich women successfully To be a secretary to a president To be a hobo To get as far away from Northport as possible Stenographer To be a singer Alice Graduate from high school Pass Spanish III Never go to work 38 Talking to Richie In California and points south Smiling In Hill's With johnny With "Pig" Driving with Jackie or Buddie Walking Borrowing a pencil and look- ing for lost books In 5 8: 10 With . . . In Brown's With Mar With Doc With a book At Morrow's Where there are girls At Makamah Beach Sewing Playing sports On the beat At a meeting With Maureen In movies Sailing At the rink With Tom With Bob Practicing music lesson At Morrow's In the Sugar Bowl At home writing letters In a uniform at the movies Looking worried With Gloria With Alvera In the city On the farm With Big Tom With Walt Cfaad mrror NAME NICKNAME 'SUPPRESSED DESIRES LIKELY TO BE FOUND Claire Madden ...............,.. Clairie To get a good job With Marilyn Thomas Main .....,.....,......... Big Tom Conquer hoof and mouth With Mac disease Helen Mari ...,..............,........ Helen Dress designer In the city Carol Meany .,,,.....,.......,.,. Carol Get thru college easily In the cellar Cat homej playing pool Albert Michalowski ...... Mike To play baseball Talking or playing baseball Betty Morris .,...................... joe To be another Tallulah With "Edee" Bankhead Walter Mystowski ..........,. Wal Get out of school At the Bowling Alley Thomas O'Connor ..,......Tommy Anthony Olivari ......,........ Tony Marilyn Ott .....,,..............,.....n Mary George Parezo .................. Baron Edith Pavlik ...............,,....... Edee Leon Pearce .,,............,........ Lee Maurice Prianti .,............. Moe Patricia Richardson ....,.Patty Virginia Reid ......,,......,...... Buddie Ingeborge Rhode ......,.,... Inge Theresa Salacain ........,....., Tessie jenny Sarnmis, ......,,,.....,..... "Gin" Rita Schaub .,,...,,......,.......,.4.. Shorty Claire Schehr .....,.....,......... Kit Robert Schifano .........,......., Beansie Charles Scudder ............... Charley Elizabeth Scully ........... ,... I. iz Kathleen Sheehan .....,... Maureen Sheehan ............ George Smith ,.......,..... Kutzie Red Hap Peter Stark ..,,....................... Pete joseph Tamborski ......... Joey Nancy Teiner ..................,., Nan Mary Terry ,.....,.......,....,,....,. Terry Donald J. Wagner ......... Doc Arthur Wenz .........,.........., Artie Fred Wilson .............,,....,.... Red Russell Wilson ........4....,.... Russ Frances Wood ...............,.... Joseph Yakobsyin .Fanny .Lovey To operate movie projector at Radio City To own a '48 Chevrolet convertible Own a black Buick Own a '48 Tucker To be a Burlesque queen Take a trip to the moon To have a date with Frances To be lirst woman president of the U. S. To wed money Earn a million dollars in a hurry Buick convertible To have twin boys To be a great comedienne To be a dancer in the chorus at the Bowery To grow To be a seaman Own the Chase National Bank To be married To have twins To travel around the world Retire at 18 with plenty of cash To graduate from high school To write a best seller To be mascot for Dartmouth To marry Gert Take a trip to the moon To fly his own airplane To become assistant Sanitation worker Plenty of money To be a piano tuner and own his own home 39 Fixing his car In his car or the att room With Liz At a taxi stand With Betty Taking care of the chickens American Eagle At a soda fountain With Lillian Working Riding around In Post Oflice With Rose In Mr. Hopke's room In East Northport Arguing or playing the corner With Marilyn In Bellecrest In the movies Down town with Eric Sleeping At Brenner's With Albie at the movies At the telephone With Gert Sleeping In the halls Fooling around or in the Sugar Bowl Home With Elcy GUESS WHO 5' ,gk V wi: A Q A A ai' "' 3 ifux. gigs 16 L JMX- Q K1 yw ic?- mx , . I ' X 'fi A w""h fo r' nga .2 if -J fa. Junior 66165 .S7o,oLomore Cfadif unior CAM In September 1945 we invaded the halls of Northport High. Since then it has been a long struggle with plenty of fun. The class' choice for President was Richard Salamida. We won third prize in the Hallowe'en Float. The freshman dance, which theme was "Autumn Festival," was our most important social event of the year. Returning in the fall as self-assured sophomores we elected Otto Brunner as class President. We held two dances during this year. The first was designed around the theme of "Duffy's Tavern," and the second was a "Circus Dance." We increased our funds by selling hot dogs at the baseball games. Then came our junior year, the year we had all been looking forward to, for it meant the annual junior Prom. David Downs was elected Presidentg Charles Hill, Vice Presidentg Isabelle Smyth, Secretary, Gail Townsend, Treasurer. We raised money by our magazine campaign which we conducted in the fall, and the Pop Corn machine, in the center foyer. The junior Prom, which was a huge success was held on April 23. Now we are looking forward to our Senior year and are in hopes that it will give us as much pleasure and high school fun as our past three years have brought us, the Class of 1949. 30,94 001 0l'e CIGJ5 In the fall of '46, when we became Freshmen of Northport High, we elected as class officers, Ronald Hill, President, Peter Theofield, Vice-president, joan Rose, Secretary, Herbert Klumpe, Treasurer. The first undertaking was our circus float, which was entered in the Ha11owe'en parade. Our next venture took place March 7, a dance which added the first sum to the class treasury. ' In the fall of '47, as Sophomores we elected the following class officers, President, Harry Olseng Vice-president, Peter Theoheldg Secretary, Dorothy Trinkleg Treasurer, Herbert Klumpe. The first social event of this year was a Christmas Dance, with festive decora- tions, entertainment, and music. At the time of this writing we are contemplating a Springtime undertaking. Our sincere thanks go to our class advisors who have been so helpful. 43 jl'25Al'Ylllll daiftf Headed by Robert Thomas as president, the freshman class has distinguished itself this year by participating in many school activities. The yearlings won first prize at the all- school Halloween party for the best stunt. The National Honor Society scholarship ban- ner was won and kept by a freshman home room for the greater part of the year. Chief freshman social event was an April Showers Dance, April 9, that most of the class attended. Class vice-president was Paul Kellyg secretary, Sue Hubertg and treasurer, joe Lewis. Class sponsors were Mr. William Porter, Chairmang Mrs. Ednah Coone, Miss Dorothy Falk, and Miss Margaret Hecker, who were active in keeping the class in worth- while school events during the year. 44 gm, U . qw 5' rf - . way 5 , Ngb W - M' XX EE 6 Q I K7 fr1 fE S genera! Organizafion Ofhcera President: Richard Bauer Vice President: Mary Smith Secretary: Florence Beckman Treasurer: Harry Olsen Advisor: Mr. Kissam gxecufiue Counci! In October, 1947, the Executive Council of the G. O. held its first meeting. The mem- bers consisted of class oflicers, homeroom representatives and G. O. ofhcers. From that date on, this council has been busy strengthening the relationship between the student body and the faculty. With Miss Kaufmann's approval, the G. O. arranged an activity period which in january, replaced the supervised study period. The two outstanding social events arranged and sponsored by the Executive Council of the G. O. are the gala football pep rally on November 7, and the never-to-be-forotten Students Day and Sadie Hawkins Dance on the 12th of March. 46 mixed CLoru.4 Advisor: Miss Kourleis gba' ga cm President: Carolyn Fredericlcs Vice President: Joan Payne Secretary-Treasurer: joan Rose Librarians: Pat Kelly, Frances Wood Accompanist: Robert Partnoy Advisor: Miss Kourleis gays' glee President: Robert Drumheller Vice President: Peter Macedonia Secretary-Treasurer: Scott Harvin Librarians: Arthur Firman, Thomas Jenkins Advisor: Miss Kourleis guild Advisor: Mr. Prirzlaif mramaficd President: Lillian Hagner Vice President: Mimi Richardson Scribe: Mary Terry Treasurer: Harry Olsen Advisor: Mr. Van Houren -Qring gnaemlzz Advisor: Mr. Prirzlaff WBBJACFGW President: Audrey Atkinson Vice President: Susan Reese Secretary-Treasurer: Susan Plitt Advisor: Miss St. Peters .yunfing ann! jiahng President: David Downs Vice President: Hank Plitt Secretary: Steve Scott Advisor: Mr. Hayner CAM CM President: Andy Cremer Secretary: Robert MacNeil Advisor: Mr. Andersen Service .sjciuaal President: Charles Ghosio Vice President: Fred Wilson lei' .glllgngd Co-Editors: Florence Beckman and Mary Terry. Business Managers: Kathleen Gerner and Peg Kampf. Circulation Manager: Peg Alford. Exchange Editor: joan Mills. Ad- visor: Miss Margaret Hecker. Wafionaf .Honor Sociefy President: Nancy Harvin. Vice President 8: Treasurer: Mary Terry. Secretary: Pat Richardson. Advisor: Mr. David Allardice. Members: Richard Bauer, Florence Beckman, Andy Cremer, Thomas Hill, Dona- vin Haines, Robert MacNeil, Bar- bara Brine, Nancy Myerhoff, Robert Partnoy, Mary Smith. ggi. A7 S -61 4- of SPGRTF I Y , ' 'E-' ,X Q P- A , , 2. ni x S : f E , , NX P f f A i, MMM: Y lf? M WV WL NWA goofdaff Top, left to right- R. Robitaille, C. Scudder, F. Thompson, O. Brunner, J. Palermo, D. Royce, coach, D. Monaco, D. Downs, P. Theofield, T. Hill. Second row-Coach Tiffany, W. Kennedy, G. Townsend, J. Tamborski, R. Wilson, A. Firman, E. Smith, M. Karp, C. Hill, L. Farr, B. Garrand, coach. Front row seated-L. Pearce, A. Creamer, W. Kent, P. Macedonia, S. Scott, P. Daniels, G. Quinlan, B. Thomson, T. Mains, R. Salimidia, S. Harvin. THE SEASONS SCORES: Northport 12 . .... .. S. Huntington 6 Northport 6 ..,, Oyster Bay 36 Northport 14 . , ...Sag Harbor 6 Northporr 12 ,,.,. ..,,,, S mithtown 7 52 1 E E 5 E 1 .. V ,- ,jilig J- North port Northport Northport Northport Northpott Northport Northport Northport Northport Northport Northport Northport Northport Northport Northport Northport 29 63 30 29 33 42 14 54 54 50 31 27 33 39 35 47 SCHEDULE Huntington ,,,,,.... Lake Grove ,,,.. Stony Brook ..,.,... Kings Park ,,A.............. .....A...,. Bay Shore .....,. ,......A ......., . . .. South Huntington Babylon .................,.,.,.....,........... Lake Grove ,.,...... .. ........, ,. Amityville ....... Patchogue .,,, ...., A Huntington ...,.4... Sayyille .....,...,,, Smithtown ....,,.........i. ........... Lindenhurst ....., .......,i,.,....,...... South Huntington Port jefferson .,,...,..,...,.......... varaify gadlvfgaff VARSITY SCORING McTiernan ....... Bauer ,.........,,.r,.. Hagan ..........., Bruen ..r...,..,.. Salamida .,.... Waite ....i....,.. Haines ........,.,.., Main .........,,......,,,..,.. ...,, Chesebrough ......... ,.... T. Hill .....,...,........... ..... Ghosio .....,.,. Lewis ....4.,....,4,.,. Totals 44......,. .....,........ 2 42 Points for Northport High School Tigers 6445 as points against 701. Record: won 6g lost 11. Pts. 174 155 139 62 39 28 22 6 6 4 4 5 644 Northport N orthport Northport Northporr Northport Northport Northport Northport Northport N orthport N orthport N orthport Northport N orthport Northport Northport Northport Points for 550. High agile? gazfletgaff SCHEDULE - 20 Huntington ...,,... .n......... 2 1 58 Lake Grove ..n.............. .,......,.. 9 23 Stony Brook .....,........ ........... 2 9 23 Kings Park .............. ...,...... 4 3 29 Bay Shore .....,,...........,................. 43 35 South Huntington ..,......,.,...,.. 52 23 Babylon ..,.,.....,...,....... .........., 5 0 43 Lake Grove .n...,.......... ........... 7 20 Amityville ........... .........,. 14 Patchogue ........,., ..,........ 19 32 23 Huntington ........ ....,...... 4 5 19 Sayville .,,............ ...,....... 3 4 24 Smithtown ........... ........... 4 1 8 Patchogue ..........,.,.... .,......,.. 2 7 25 Lindenhurst ......,.....,................. 33 46 South Huntington .................. 26 34 Port jefferson ....................,... 39 Northport Jayvees 467g as against School jayvees won 4 and lost 13. JAYVEE SCORING G F Pts. Theofield ............, ,.....,... 5 1 17 1 19 Firman ........,...,. ......... 2 4 1 1 59 Daniell ................... .......,. 1 9 12, 50 Maceclonio .....,,... ...,..... 1 9 1 1 49 Olsen .......,........, ......... 1 5 8 38 Harvin ........ .....,... 1 3 5 3 1 Dolci ........,.. ......... 1 0 10 30 C. Hill ..,.....,,.... ......... l 3 3 29 Yager ....,......,.......... ...,..... 9 3 2 1 B. Thompson ......,.,. .....,... 7 1 15 T. Hill ............,......, ......... 3 1 7 Main .......,......... ......... 2 2 6 Ward ..............,.. .....,... 2 1 5 Pearce ...................... ,........ 1 1 3 F . Thompson ........., ......... 1 0 2 Scudder .................... ......... 0 2 2 Totals ........... ............., 1 89 89 467 girgi , gmgeflaff FIRST TEAM: Mary Lou Morris, jane Glogg, Jackie Forde, Alice Codling, Gloria Bauer, Rita Schaub, Frances Wood, Mimi Richardson, and Carol Schmidt. SECOND TEAM: Mary Jean O'Conner, Sally Searight, Gloria Aloi, Lore Schardt, joan Pruitt, Isabelle Smythe, Yvonne Healy, Dolores Johnson, Pat Plank, Marion Besecker, and Susan Reese. CAIZQVAGJQIU FIRST TEAM fstandingbz Gloria Bauer, Christine Pesh, Mary Smith, Pat Richardson Captaing Isabelle Smythe, Dorothy Trinkle, Pat Alford. SECOND TEAM Ckneelingjz joan Rose, Irma jenkins, Mimi Richardson, Ann Romano, Lorraine Izatt, joan Wilson 56 'wsu-,,f' xg Q Q.,i li ,A w-fi, 2 'Qa::., .34 fy , sa, - . . qw r ...f 1 X gg X ix I g k, 'fl xg . 6 mi. 1 pai 'P' 4 , V I ' , - Q Q' 5 ' I 4 ' Q x fe H 4 L-J .la .L , . V My ,M e fs-- 'ff EZ :nl I A la I ,Nga M4 .,, ....... 2' ii' '54 H+. - mf? W 'Q s K X F SN K -Q 5 1 1 Q 4 i V N3 ,, f ' . x 1 is F U H isa-A H, . N. 1 W. Wwmk " ' 515: 0 -':- 4 35 -' .1,!" 'bw' ""n. ,' f .s' .T L42 if ' .5-, M 3 .,.z K K - k,AV. 1 as gg N. I i j L 1. ""' f- , -3 s""w ,H T' bk' . ......... 'P' -sv-' MFL IP' H. P.. 1 "' 2-1 ni 537 if Fi s 5775161 T OTOOLE E93 SONS INCORPORATED LITHOGRAPHY 0605, PRINTING 3l IEFFERSON STREET STAMFORD Q91 CTICUT TELEPHONE 4 5088 MAST OF THE GRAPHIC AIS S . k . f George A Kampf Guckenbergers Huntmgton Edon Shop Mr 81 Mrs John Kasso Mr 81 Mrs Wllllam Isplrlan John Carlno Bowman 81 Hlllman Co Mr Walter Wendler Sr Nunz1eJ Marchese Mr Walter J Sortore C S Dlxon 'Vlr 81 Mrs F T Donnelly Sr Mr 8lMrs R M Pearce Mr 81 Mrs Anthony Ollvarl Mr 8zMrs E Easterby J Jacobsen Mr 8zMrs Fred T Maln Mr 81 Mrs Archer J agger Mr 81 Mrs Joseph F Klotz afmna Henry F Rlchardson Mr 81 Mrs Nlven Rrchardson Ollne s Llquor Store Herman P Saltz B111 Wllkens Thatched Cabm A Frlend Mrs Wllllam J Dugan Mr 81 Mrs John Cozzetort Mr 81 Mrs Frank Lafantano Llndner s Bakery Mr 81 Mrs John Lazet Asher s Fabrlc Shop Chu Gong Laundry MHFIOH H Brett George Helss Mr 81 Mrs Jacob R Harvln Cyr1lE Drysdale STRAUB 81 BRUENS COZY REST . , . - 9 c s ' I . Mr. 81 Mrs. L. Hotaling Elizabeth Falcone 1 . . . . , . . . G6 7 97 60 Best Washes 1 h Senior Class Mr Sr Mrs Harold E Schehr o t e from .V Filing Equipment Commercial Stationery SUFFOLK OFFICE SUPPLY CO. James Dulin Typewriters, Adding Machines Sales - Repairs - Rentals 112 Main Street Northport N Y. Phone Northport 90 Compliments of . . . Roulston's Grocery Store Ted Haffner, Manager Larkfield Avenue East Northport . WERNER MAEDER Jeweler 166 M810 Street Northpor N Telephone 1714- F WILLIAM RICHTER Jr WINES AND LIQUORS East Northport L I The Loulse Chlldren s Shoppe 284 Main Street Huntington N Y Phone Northport 1234 CROSS IDEAL MARKET Bob and Stan Cross Meats Frozen Foods Groceries 104 Main Street Northport L I Gropen s Department Store Northport 534 GEORGE 81 JACK S MARKET Grocerzes Frutts Prime Meats Frozen Foods Laurel Avenue East Northport L , N Y. . , . ' t, . Y. o a 9 9 East Northport, L. l. 9 ' , . . , . l. 62 GEORGE W LEWISY Plumbing and Heating Fuel Ozl Delwerles SERVICE DAY AND NIGHT 167 LEWIS ROAD NORTHPORT N Y Complzments of Your Local FORD DEALER TOTTEN McALLISTER MOTOR SALES, INC 260 MAIN STREET NQRTHPORT, N Y. Telephone Northport 769 - 1213 63 T E CAMP THE NORTHPORT f h WATER WORKS CO 381Ne Y kA t FRANK S SHOE SHOP 106 MAIN STREET B anal fB NORTHPORT N Y tg: Compllments of NORTHPORT .se loc Sl 00 sromz 83 87 MAIN STREET NORTHPORT, L. I., N. Y. Wa c maker and Jeweler w or venue Hun ington, N Y 9 Featuring Handsewn Loafers y S er 0 oston , . . Hun in on, L. 1. Huntinffto 959 n n , 64 MR AND MRS JOHN WILSON C mpliments of . . . O O C omplzments o TERRY'S GARAGE 12 SCHOOL STREET Happy Madden Snoppy MOIIIS Dmty Moore Kampf Fldo Petrone Slam Sklpper TIIXIC Rags Shot 81 Bullet Key to Baby Plctures Page 34- Ghosxo RlChaYdB0n Schehr Lazet Telnet ti Bauer Glllman Baker 11 W .1 enklns R Schaub J Sammls Olxvan Beckman Man Kampf Conklm J Koran N Harvm D Halnes Northport 541 J U L I O A G U I L L 0 s T U D 1 O s ao za BAXTER AVENUE JACKSON HEIGHTS N Y Portrait Commercial 1. C. ' 12. . 2. P. ' 13. . ' 3. C. 14. A. ' ' 4. G. 15. F. 5. B. Morris 16. L. Pearce 6. N. ' 17. H. ' 7. M. 0 18. P. 8. R. 19. E. ' 9. D. ' 20. . 10. P. 21. . ' . . ' 22. . ' Best Wishes . . . PETER PAN RESTAURANT Soda and Luwheonene PRICE'S SWEET SHOPPE Large Variety of Sandwiches AI-BERT BR0WNv PVOP' Main and Bayview Compliments of . . . 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Y. 168 Highland Avenue Phone: 212 Telephone: Northport 1034 OLIVER L HARTT REAL ESTATE INSURANCE T lephone N thport 66 5 WOODBINE AVENUE NORTHPORT N Y Coees Foze Fod THE COUNTRY STORE Route 25A at Bread and Cheese H llow Rd Commack General Store, Inc 0 ders Del ve ed MARTA HOF F MANN Phone 1046 0 e : or , I O r c r' r n o s Compliments of . . . o . ' r i r Tel. Northport 1174-R ALOI SERVICE STATION FRANK LaFANTAN0 SINCLAIR PRODUCTS . . .REPAIRS GENERAL REPAIR WORK Lawn Chairs, Lawn Tables, Cabinet Work Manufactured Doors, and Screens Opposite A 81 P East Northport Phone Northport 730 54 Maple Avenue Northport, N. Y. STAFFOIIDS Long Island s Foremost Sports Equzpment Shop A COMPLETE WILSON LINE 150 JACKSON STREET HEMPSTEAD, L I Teleph n H pt d 7416 Northp t 634 W EDDIE? 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RUBIN'S LUGGAGE SHOP STEER S Gi ts Luggage Handbags Telephone 2605 340 New York Avenue Huntlngton N Y SAND 81 GRAVEL CORP BLUFF POINT SAND - GRAVEL - GRIT DIEGES 81 CLUST 17 John Street New York 1 N Y MANUFACTURING SPECIALTY JEWELERS CLASS RINGS MEDALS CUPS PINS TROPHIES ATHLETIC AWARDS HUNTINGTON MARKET C A GRIFFITH Prop Telephone 1600 307 MAIN STREET PRIME MEATS PHILADELPHIA POULTRY BIRDSEYE FROSTED FOODS Goods Delwered Promptly Complzments of Complzments o SEARS, ROEBUCK 8: CO GEIDE INN HUNTINGTON f... Compliments of . . . AUSTIN DRUG STORE W. New York Avenue Surrogate Huntington, N. Y. Northport, N. Y. Compliments of MR AND MRS AUREA F JOHNSON COMMACK N Y HARRY T MOTT, In REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE MILLICENT KALT Town CLOTHES Count y Chld n Co 346 New Yo kA e ue Hunt gto N RAUS BAR BQ ,Ie ck Tu np ke Co ma C t JUNIOR MISS PRINCESS SHOP 3s4N Y kA 1 g O O I , . . 9 I co ' ' ri 0 r i m k L I Smart Clo hes for the r and our new addition the W " i re 's rner" ew or venue Hun in ton N Y r v n in n, . . Complzments of SNAPPY SHOE SHOP 277 Mam Street Huntlngton N Y Founded by Walt Whltman ln 1838 Sufolk s unexcelled Advertzsmg M edtum COMMERCIAL PRINTING Sold at all Northport Newsstands Compltments o H A R T M A N N S Hemfs Confectwnery 379 New York Avenue Huntmgton, N Y Telephone 4694 J D MOXLEY 5 10 S100 AND UP STORE East Northport N Y We endeavor to carry a complete lme o 5 10 cent merchandzse We welcome your patronage and try to please everyone Compliments of NORTHPORT LUMBER CORPORATION LAUREL AVENUE NORTHPORT L I N Y A FULLERTON Jeweler 376 New York Avenue Huntlngton, N. Y. . . , . - , . I THE LONG-ISLANDER ' - - ' f - - R. . Compliments of . . . NORTHPORT TRUST COMPANY NORTHPORT Member F. D. I. C. Northport Sweet Shop Geo. Panarites, Prop. Home Made Ice Cream and Candies LUNCHEONETTE Northport, L. I., N. Y. Compliments of . . . Louis H. Jones Drug Co. NORTHPORT, N. Y. For a Real Chinese Meal Or Finest American Food Come to Mayfair Inn 301 Main Street Huntington, L. I. Orders To Take Out MORGAN,S MEAT MARKET Meat and Vegetables Greenlawn, L. I. F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Main Street Huntington, L. I. Compliments of . . BREEN,S AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 249 Main Street Northport, N. Y T0 THE 1948 GRADUATES: On your way to worldly success remember the lmportance of Good Groommg Congratulatzons and Good Washes CHARLES P OSTUNI Charles BEAUTY SALON AND BARBER SHOP LARKFIELD ROAD EAST NORTHPORT L Phone Northport 1004- C W A Ells Phone 2317 Al s Modern Home Applzances 327 Mam Street Huntmgton N Y DON and JIM'S VETERAN TAXI SERVICE COUNTRY TOGS 347 New York Avenue Huntlngton L l Clothfs or Ihr ,lunwr Miss Telephone 4529 J Established 1910 J H SCHWARTZ ,Ieueler 358 New York Avenue Huntmgton N Y 9 ' I , . I. s ' ' Serving the Modern Home Maker , l U - ,, 1. f 2 ' ' . . 7 . . V 7 NORTHPORT HARDWARE COMPANY, Inc 100 MAIN STREET Westinghouse Appllances HARDWARE PAINTS HOUSEWARES BOOKS GIFTS Free Delwery Northport 150 Dorothy Jones Gzft Shop GlftS Greetmg Cards Representatwe or Juuo A GUILLO Photographer 43 Maln Street Northport Charles Byers Adelalde Byers REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Phones Office 442 Resldence 1524 Courtesy of . . . TOM MOFFETT fUHlt6d Clgar Storej C BOHACK CO nc Henry Laag Manager Northport N Y RECORDS HEADQUARTERS P lanos C ombmat tons Radlos Televlslon J M JOHANNESSEN 255 Main Street Huntmgton N Y Telephone 84 VILLAGE CLEANERS DRY CLEANING Wzthout Odor Fadmg or Shrmkage 493 Mam Street Northport L I 67 Main Street Northport N Y Phone Northport 964-J ' H. . ., I . Nylon Hose-Slips-Nightgowns l Q ' f ' , L. I. , . 0 ou s Beauty Salon Telephone Northport 427 NORTHPORT N Y AL S MARKET Meats and Delzcatessen Phone Northport 22 NORTHPORT WINES sl LIQUORS D A BLUE LIC 1136 Telephone 172 W 75 MAIN STREET NORTHPORT N Y IRENE S GIFT SHOPPE 4-91 EAST MAIN STREET NORTHPORT L I U mque Gift Items Unusual Greetmg Cards Imperlal Glassware OPEN STOCK Mr 6'cMrs Charles.S Terry Complzments o A Ingerman,s Dept Store L , ' , o Main Street Northport, N. Y. ' f W iv p. E1 hx 31 qi: ,mf W l iw

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