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1' f :LN ,V I ' Lx-li, V -J 1 A 154 , - 'if .- f . :I T 4-MA ji ,. . ' I " ., ,. 15445411 41.45, 3 Q Q, ,Q Q A, F- sn M mp , 5 - .. E .1 A f- - -fzgff 1- a 1 , 4' gg , 1 -Q af 3 4 , 241 - "IN v-fit ' 1 f ,f ' f'w'Q' , "Qi if V A , A am '-52945 1 V' fu ff' ' f ' L ' ,T . f 451- ,Q A .zfayqu-r. .- 3-3 , fx va. 35' Y i -' " 11 i ' ., , - 5 1' 53 1 . a I. QS? il-31 I '9' f 2: E' "1 x?:, f, . f.f'- L - -. -N 1 . , H- V iii? V -i M A4-N A 5 qt .J 11 ' 'Z ' 1- K ' 1 "'r'w- nigh " xr Q at fi, :QI V ii fr wi MSA V, 'T . .mx wr, nv-rg, -E169 if ' 'jj 1 , -'14 V A' ,?'? 5' ffl ' 'f . 4 . X. 3 fsf415",ff2f1 ' ...ct ,Q A I -w 24-9:5 , ,..Q51f1:,g,Wg,.7,:,: fa f-,,as,., .5 .V--' . 1 fire : v ' , 'f . E914 li. A if, 'ww . 'WW-ff f.f.F? i L .-N. 'I'-'f Q' ':5"" if ' tm w".C, X Q.. ,7 Q 43.2, 1- " '. 'L ' Q F3 ' it ,156--Q-H,-,.:?.,-A gina :QM . ' -1-W3-iAa My. , - -fi.:-5, -qu expr '1 ,Q xv b 4 5 4-ag "-J, 7 "I 'Ui' 'F :iv "N" 'I f . W1 ' ' l'3wW'15'? 753- fi ,. 1 f 1 1 91 , wi. 6, sig .,ef,f? ' '-S wi . 1: 151 :"g,- . ,. RY., L' gin' -v 5- .. -2 K ., ' F if 11,2 V ,fix-f , A ir K. , : 7 . 1-, ' V- , ':. ' X ' 'S Q' 42:5 1 EU ' 3 frm, I " , '-2531-' -3 ., " 1 ,- F f 'if rj-HIS-155g . f' . 3 ., -' T J' :4 iii'f"',E1 1' ' 1, " jiifjqgfr- X V :': " Q CSE? 3953" ' 4 1 143 swf. gg 1 b ,, ,. X L115a-'- ,J L V Y , ' y ,1 'T I 4' 1f1"r?5 , VV 'KPIQ 7 N V H7 - - . - V ' , S --ae " Tglu SW' . x , I Y-1 -- 3 lg 5, t ,M .,f,, 5? W. 5.-' 1 -fx"::jr:: T, ' s ,, K " , V Q- :afigi V V ,ggi- , A f Ev, y. .W 174: ,, 521.1 ,Y 52 Fa zfy, I f.f5fi,' K r 1 . F1 ' ,, 5 Lg' f- 7- - . '.. . ' , 'Z LG' f A ZWMLL , V M 1, . ','. ., - -Q zf-Qwwvfn wg '-1 ' V523 . -:N ,V , - --uf, -. ' 'fy-'f,, ' 4 -'?ef33:1 -. L 5 J gc ' fa' ' ff, ,V f x fi Q -Q, Vw 5 Q 3 .1 , 23 . xp .Iii ' FF' 1" 5 N W 2 -Q if M . 5 "H 'la A , k ,. ' 'I ' , 1.17 5 5 ,. X Y' N' 11 w'fi'?fwfV 1 , 3 U , -.wg ' Q 2 13, wf .5 "" H,1:i 1 Z ' A , fl 5 -1 1 ' A 75. 17? - ' 5,2 235 Q V , , Q1 ,F 3 1 .gi A if--QQ, ' Xi. fr i' . .g7J"'5frf Y v ,- V 'frf fif' , x I 2+ ,1Q.f,i,5'z-... ,B-fa 39' J A , In . V I E, D, L'1"1f-Q" ' L' 'VT , A J 'jlgmav ,bin-2 , BH- 5' - , ,I"'f..:f-gi' fwrviik, ' 3 f' 3 :ggi ,, i ce ' 1 ' K iff' " .4 - K " HJ 4 , H A ,Y , -gm - ' - ' X , I gf' V, 'X 1 4 ,IVY -qi: .W , 41,5 I. r V' j5'5.f-?" 5 , 1 f 21, 1, iifzgi-wi' 1: v ' -1, ' T ,1 2 - 5 nz 2 V . H V , .Q ' - , gf w' 1 ClQcwevf 2525 gif? fb Ag' f,: ,N ', K f 5 X LM Timm TREES MQ:- B419 , M aww , , , . ' ' f ' 1 f N 1 4 ' 1 ' .. V , D ,HMM MW WW wwf. ww ww N wi.: .U , . K kk .. , I k Nxt, sw .X ,... My-' as , ' ,S ally www WZW Q 2 avant KW ill! 2 I 4 W ,f may dmv ' 11 1 ,im E.. 111' Ci A7 1 4 1 lllx Y- 1' ,, In W H 1 B lfl lll "Dedicati0nD DECEMBER 7, 1941 the evil forces struck their fiercest blow against our peace loving nation. American soldiers were deliberately killed on American soil by the power of the Japanese War Lords who tried to defeat us for once and for all. We bent under this blow, but the steel of American courage did not break, nor crack, nor was it strained. This brought about the sword of determination to avenge the persons killed. To our classmates, our teachers, and Northport alumni the Senior Class of 1944 dedicates its Yearbook in sincere appreciation of the unseliish sacrifices and invaluable services being rendered by them to preserve the American way of life. Editor. 4 mininfmiim ..' MR. MILLER, B. A., M. A. MISS KAUFMANN, B. A., M. A Superintendent Principal MR. ALLARDICE, B. S. MISS BRADLEY, B. S., M. A. Dean of Boys Dean of Girl5 BOARD OF EDUCATION FREDERICK A. KNELL FRED T. MAIN MRS. LOUIS H. JONES MRS. JAMES P. SMYTH HARRY A. TAYLOR DR. LAWRENCE H. OVERTON HENRY F. RICHARDSON JR. ALBERT H. SCHRAEDER 5 OSCAR ANDERSEN RUTH ARON DOROTHEA BAKER ADELE BREAUX B. A.g M. s. B. s. B. A. , B. A.3 M. A. English Commerce Music Languages RAYMOND CARDEN DOROTHY DUNN LELAND GENOR Lois I-IAWKINS B. A.g M. A. B. s.g M. s. B. s. B. A. Social Studies Science Science Art ANNE HAYNER ROBERT HAYNER RUTH JORDAN GRACE LUND R. N. B. s. B. s. B. A. School Nurse Industrial Arts Commerce English 6 f ' .Pixy W f' ,I 5 Z VICTORIA LUCAS CATHERINE LUKENS, FLORENCE MANKET CHARLES MESSMER B. S. B. S.g L. S.g M. S. B. A.g M. A. B. A.g M. A. Home Economics Librarian Physical Education Social Studies ANNE MULLER WILLIAM PORTER ALFRED PRITZLAFF MARY PUGLIESE B. 5.5 M. A. B. S.g M. A. B. S. B. A. Home Economics Industrial Arts Music Mathematics EDWARD POWERS CATHERINE STERLING GEORGE TIFFANY MARIAN WRIGHT B. S. B. AJ B. L. SJ M. A. physical Education B. AQ M. A. Science English Social Stuclies 7 Editor-in-Chief Secretary . , I Business Manager Advertising Manager Art Editor , . Yearbook Staff Officers . . LoIs OTT ENES BERGAMINI . BILL RIxoN . ANN PERKINS RUTH CUMMING Treasurer , I . . WILLETS TUTTLE Photographic Manager . HELEN CUNEO Advisor , , MISS STERLING Yearbook S ta jf Robert Albright Gwen Sullers Harriet Smith Shirley Stodclarcl AI-line Hartt Jean Davey Helen Cuneo Lorraine Lewis Marie O'Kesson Peter Triolo Ethel Taclce Linnea Parezo Ann Cermalc Betty Horton Eleanor Nlystlcowslci Jane Tiivola Stephanie Kasnia Csvembrs Class Ojfcers PRESIDENT . . JAMES I-IORTON VICE PRESIDENT , . WALTER DEVER SECRETARY , . . ANN CERMAK TREASURER . , , BILL RIXON 'W ' ANN CERMAK JAMES HORTON WALTER DEVER BILL RIXON Class Advisors MISS STERLING MR. PORTER 10 MARGARET AITKEN "In her tongue is the law of kindness." Homeroom Secretary 1, Homeroom Treas. 2, Bas- ketball 1, Hockey 3, Soft- ball 3. ARTHUR BAISLEY Hsilenfe is the virtue of life." JOHN BERGGREN "Knowledge is power? I-Iomeroom Pres. 3, I-Iomeroom Treas. 2, Traffic Squad 3, 4. ANNE CERMAK "Gentle of speech benef- cient of vnindf' Class Sec. I, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Sec. 1, 2, 3, 4, S, O. Corres. Sec. 4, Traf- fic Squad 4, Tiger Inklings 3, jr. Prom Committee 3, Glee Club Sec. 2, 3, Treas, Vice Pres. 4, Yearbook 4. BARBARA Coouzy "Discontent is the jqrst step in the progress of a man or nationf, Traffic Squad Sec. 4, S. O. Rep. 3, 4, Little Theater Treas. 3, Jr. Prom Commit- tee Chairman 3. ROBERT ALBRIGHT "He dreams awake? Yearbook 4, Tiger Ink- lings 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. ENES BERGAMINI "Notts, and becks, and Wreathed smiles? Homeroom Sec. 2, Na- tional Honor Society 4, Lit- tle Theater 4, Yearbook 4. ETHEL BRUEN "My content is my hest havingf, Yearbook 4. WILLIAM CHESHIRE "Red as a Rose is hef' I-lomeroom Vice Pres. 1, Baseball 4. RUTH CUNIMING "Liberty of thought is the life of the soul? Homeroom Sec. 1, S. O. Rep. 1, Yearbook 4, Little Theater 2, 3, Tiger Inklings 3, Jr. Prom Committee 3. HELEN CUNEO "No sky is heavy if the heart is light? S. O. Rep. 4, National Honor Society 4, Yearbook 4, Traffic Squad 3, Hockey 4. JEAN DAVEY "Spit and span, new." Homeroom Sec. 1, Home- room Vice Pres. 2, S. O. Rep. 2, Little Theater Pres. 1, Little Theater 1, 2, Jr. Prom Committee 3, Cheer- leading 4. JOE DOUGLAS "Variety is the spite of life" Homeroom Pres., 1, 2, 3, S. O. Rep. 2, Traffic Squad 4, Jr. Prom Committee 3, Football 4, Basketball 3, 4. ARLINE HARTT r'Too fair to worship, too divine to love." Little Theater 3, Year- book 4, Jr. Prom Commit- tee 3, Cheerleading 4, Bas- ketball 2. JAMES HORTON "Education doth make me madf' Class Pres. 4, Class Vice Pres. 3, Homeroom Pres. 4, Traffic Squad 4, Basketball 2, 3, Football 3, Baseball 3, 4. MILDRED DAIL "Let every man he swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath." Library Club 2. WALTER DEVER "Slow to speak, hut quick to art." EMIL Guino "There is nothing lost in being wisef' National Honor Society Pres. 4, Class Vice Pres. 1, S. O. Rep. 1, 2, Service Squad Chief Associate 4, Honor Society 3, Trafhc Squad 4, Service Squad 2, 3. BETTY HORTON "As merry as the clay is longf' Homeroom Treas. 4, Ti- ger Inklings 1, 2, Little Theater 1, 3, 4, Cheerlead- ing 2, 4, Hockey, 3, 4. FORBES HURLEY "A small hotly produces a jine mind." Class Pres. 1, 2, Class Vice Pres. 3, Traflic Squad Capt. 4, National Honor Society 4, Football 1, 2, 4, Baseball 1, Z, 4, Basketball 2, 4. STEPHANIA KASNIA "As good natured a soul as trod on earth." Yearbook 4. RICHARD LEIBMAN "A nickname is the hardest stone the devil can throw a fellow." Class Treas. 1, Traffic Squacl 3, 4, Football 3, 4. ELLEN MAI-IONEY "The virtue lies in the strug- gle not the prize." ELEANOR MYSTKOWSKI "But every road is rough to me that has no friend to cheer itf' National Honor Society 4, Traffic Squad 3, Year- book 4. LOIS Orr "Virtue is the truest nohilityf, C o u r t Stenographer 4, Homeroom Sec. 4, Year- book 4, Hockey Manager 3, Cheerleading 3, 4, Basket- ball 2. ALVIN KIRCHNER "Anything for a quiet lifef' Horneroom Vice Pres. 1, Homeroom Pres. Z, Home- room Treas. 4. LORRAINE LEWIS "A job worth doing is worth doing wellf' Homeroom Sec. 1, 2, S. O. Rep. 3, Yearbook 4, Basketball 4. DONALD MEANY "The fellow who has music in his soul will -he most in love with the loveliestf' Basketball Manager 4, Trafbc Squacl 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4. MARIE O'KEssoN "An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow." Yearbook 4. LINNEA PAREZO "A good heart's worth goldl' Junior Prom Committee 3, Yearbook 4. ANN PERKINS "The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, or the hand to execute." Homeroom Treas. 1, S. O. Vice Pres. 3, Honor So- ciety 3, S. O. Rep. 4, Year- book 4, National Honor Society Sec,t 4, Traflic Squad 4, Little Theater 3, Tiger Inklings 2, Jr. Prom Committee 3, Soccer 1. PARMA Pouzzo "Come and trip it as you go On the light fantastic toe.', Homeroom Vice Pres. 1, Homeroom Pres. 2, Glee Club Vice Pres. 3, Glee Club Pres. 4. HENRIETTE SALACAIN cr - - ' ' P7 Size is a matter of opinion FRANK SCI'-IMID "An honest rnanis word is as good as his hondfj Homeroom Vice Pres. 2, Student Council Rep. 1, Or- chestra 2, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4. GLORIA SNUTH "Blushing is the color of afirtnef, Little Theater 1, 2, Tiger Inklings 1, 2, Prom Com- mittee 3. JANE PLANK "She played the gamef, Homeroom Sec. 2, Cheer- leading Manager 4, Basket- ball Captain 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Hockey Captain 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Softball Captain 3, Softball 3, 4. BILL RIXON "How wretched is the guy in love." Homeroom Pres. 4, Homeroom Treas. 2, Class Treas. 4, S. O. Rep. 3, Yearbook 4, Basketball cap- tain 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4. THOMAS SCULLY "All I know is that I know nothing? Homeroom Vice Pres. 4, Football 4, Basketball 4. RALPH SEEBECK "To he strong is to he Happy.,, I-IARRIET SMITH "It is wise to he merry." Tiger Inklings 3, Year- book 4, Prom Committee 3, Cheerleading 4, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4. SHIRLEY STODDARD "Character is higher than Intellect." Yearbook 4, Jr. Prom Committee 3, Cheerleading 4, Baseball 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Soccer 1. ETHEL TACKE "She is great who confers the most benefits." Tiger Inklings 3, 4, Year- book 4, Little Theater 3, 4. JANE TIIVOLA Hflmiahility shines hy its own lightf' Little Theater 1, 2, 3, 4, Tiger Inklings 1, 2, 4, Glee Club 4, Yearbook 4, Jr. Prom Committee 3. WILLETTS TUTTLE "Art is powerf' l-lomeroom Pres. 2, Traf- Hc Squad 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Track Team 2. ANNE ZAZZARO "Though I he little I am fierce." Glee Club 1, 2. UWM' f-. GWEN SULLERS "I shall laugh myself to cleathf' Homeroom Sec. 2, S. O. Rep. 1, Little Theater 1, 2, 3, Jr. Prom Committee 3, Yearbook 4, Tiger Inklings 1, 2, Basketball Manager 3, 4, Hockey Manager 4, Baseball Manager 3, 4. RONALD THOMPSON "Justice triumphs." Class Pres. 1, Honor So- ciety Treas. 4, Soph. Judge Z, Junior Judge 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Traffic Squad 4, Service Squad 2, 3, 4. PETER TRxoLo "He amazes all with his glittering eyesf, Tiger lnklings Editorial Board 4, Yearbook 4. EVELYN WAGNER "As pleasant as a spring d yll a . Glee Club 2. Class Will THE MEMBERS of the class of 1944 of the Northport High School, being of sound mind and physically fit, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. We solemnly bequeath the residue of our scholastic possessions in the following manner: The prestige and dignity belonging to our elevated status to anyone who wants it. Joe Douglas, who has a personality that all the girls like, leaves this gift to our up and coming little Sophomore, Herbie Hartt. Willetts Tuttle's gas ration card to Arthur Horton lwho needs itll Our brilliant and studious Senior, john Berggren, bequeaths his brains to anybody who can use them. lDon't rushl. To Miss Sterling: More people with the ability to master English, instead of murder- ing it. Ann Perkins leaves her "Southern Drawln to Al Frobel. Pete Triolo bequeaths his editorship of the Tiger to whoever in the Junior Class wants some headaches. The Senior Cheerleaders leave this slogan to the undergraduates who desire to rake over this job. Keep 'em cheering. Jane Plank's driving skill to the wrecking squad. Commando training to the Junior girls in case they need it as much as the Senior girls did. The racket in the sixth period study hall to the Tennis Team. Forbes Hurleyis major varsity c'N,' to any earnest under-class athlete. Jean Davey's clothes to the Red Cross. Bill Rixon's long basketball shots to Harold Hinderer. Harriet Smith's petiteness to Liz Ketcham. To fl'1C L11'lfOl'fLI113f6 ITICIHTJCFS of the falfllltyi lal The Dr. Cure-em Quick services of Mrs. Hayner. fHeck, still time for Geometryl. fbl The Libraryls lonely solitude lstop crowding Seniors, line forms to the rightl. To the classes: - To the Junior class our auditorium seats and a manual on "Pitfalls of Parliamentary Law" and Political, Social and Economic Problems and these solutions. To the "Suffermore Classv-"HOPE" To the Freshman Class: A copy of the book "How to Win Friends and Be Influenced." We, the class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-four of Northport High School, having disposed of all our unique possessions, do hereby leave this as our last will and testament. Signed: Jean Davey A rline Hart! VUITNESSES: Harold Hinderer, Pres. of S. O. ,lames Horton, Pres. of Class of '44, 16 BOY John Berggren Walter Dever John Berggren Bill Rixon Arthur Baisley Walter Dever Ronald Thompson Forbes Hurley Joe Douglas Walter Dever Bill Rixon Dick Leibman Bobby Albright joe Douglas Bobby Albright Joe Douglas Dick Leibman Bill Rixon Bobby Albright james I-Iorton joe Douglas Peter Triolo Tommy Scully Bill Rixon Arthur Baisley Bill Rixon Ronald Thompson Senior Statistics Most Likely to Su ccee d Bert Manrtered Most Szudious Best Natured Mort Barbful Bert Looking Mort Helpful to Srlvool Bert Athlete Mort Sophisticated Best Dr erre d Mort Popular Bert Sport Most Fun Mort Helpful to Class "Curert" Bert Dancer Clorr Artist Best Mixer Clary Baby Class Wolf 'fsmootlvest Talkerv Noisieft Nieert Smile Class Romeo at Juliet Quietest Quickest Temper Hardest Worker 17 GIRL Helen Cuneo Ann Perkins Helen Cuneo Shirley Stoddard Evelyn Wagner Betty I-Iorton Ann Perkins Jane Plank Jean Davey - Barbara Cooley Jean Davey jane Plank I-Iarriet Smith Harriet Smith Ann Cermak I-larriet Smith Parma Polizzo Ruth Cumming Ann Cermak - Harriet Smith Mildred Dail Arline Hartt Ann Perkins Jane Plank Eoeo Bergamini Lois Ott Evelyn Vffagner Jane Plank Eleanor Mystkowski NAME AITKEN, MARGARET . , , ALBRIGHT, ROBERT . . . BAISLEY, ARTHUR . . BERGAMINI, ENES ,,., BERGGREN, JOHN . . BRUEN, ETHEL .. . CERMAK, ANN .. ,. . CHESHIRE, WILLIAM . 4 . COOLEY, BARBARA CUMMING, RUTH A.VA CUNEO, HELEN . . 4 DAIL, MILDRED . . . DAVEY, JEAN . 4 DEVER, WALTER L..,. DOUGLAS, JOSEPH GUIDO, EMIL HARTT, ARLINE LL.. HORTON, BETTY I-IORTON, JAMES HURLEY, FORBES ,... .4 KASNIA, STEPHANIA KIRCHNER, ALVIN .4.. LEWIS, LORRAINE L... LEIBMAN, RICHARD ..., MAHONEY, ELLEN , MEANY, DONALD J. .. MYSTKOWSKI, ELEANOR O'KESSON, MARIE .L.., OTT, LOIS , L S... , , , PAREZO, LINNEA L. PERKINS, ANN S PLANK, JANE ,, . POLIZZO, PARMA ,.....L RIXON, WILLIAM S,...., SALACAIN, HENRIETTE SEEBECK, RALPH .V....,,. . . . SCHMID, FRANK L . , SCULLY, THOMAS . . SMITH, HARRIET ,J.S. SMITH, GLORIA ,,.L. STODDARD, SHIRLEY . SULLERS, GWEN ...S,. . TACKE,ETHEL .S ,, THOMPSON, RONALD ,S., , . . TIIVOLA, JANE L. L,.,. TRIOLO, PETER ,..,.,. TUTTLE, WILLETTS . WAGNER, EVELYN , . ZAZZARO, ANN .. . NICKNAME PET LIKE Maggie Touey Puny Freshman girls Termite Recitation Dimples Eatin' Johnnie Going arouncl Ethel Harold Squealiie Navy C het '32 Chevy Bohhie Bill Queenie Skating Hel School Millie Clyde Davey Men's Shirts and dungarees Dimples Dot Shoulders A. M. Fido Enes Margie Eatin and sleepin' Abnormal Sleepin' J im Sports S hoos Sports S teffie Army Mouse Movies Lolly Ralph Master Drawin' teachers EI Navy D. V. Pork Mistie Chemistry Kelly Freeport Lou Bill Linn Army Air Corps Perle Eck Plank Coach Niclzie Service Club Hen-peeked Lou Shorty Army Brute Piclcin, on little kids Smitty Engines Scully Loafin' H ar Sleepin, Glo Reading S hirl Dodgers Goo g Sealnees Midge V-mail letters Worm Playin' policeman Janie Texas Mich Dancing Tut Sports Eve Army Annie Service Club PET PEEVE Boys Sis K. P. Rainy days Gwen Navy Queenie Cats Class of ,44 Servile people Health test Conceit Dirt sheet in the Tiger Silly girls Letter-trouble Basketball False pretenses Thinkin' H. Smith N. H. S. History Peace ec quiet Competition Bloomfield Indifference Cooley Short boys Conceit Sunday nights Room 111 Teasing H . Hinderer Conceit Wimmen History Food Triola Draft Board Health Class Work Mary Anything she can't stand Sinatra Losin' a case Catty people Davey Wolves Rainy days Rink FAVORITE EXPRESSION Oh Yeah? Please don't! Hey! Yikes! Iris a cinch jeepers Creepers Hi-ya-watha Aw heck! Oh, really? Absolutely Oh good! Clyde Oh I Wouldnlt say that! Heh!! Heh! Heh! Cut it out! I know all! Are you kiddin'? Huh? Be good It's tough to be alone Oh gosh! I don't know I donit know Ha! I suppose so! That's neat! Golly! Censored Oh, my nerves! Slap me down and call me Jackson You all Censored Wouldn't that frost ya! Geez Gee whiz I don't know! Quite all right So's this Aw cimawn O. K.! Oh quite! Takes one to call one! Crum Muzz I'Il give you a summons Oh brother! Don't worry about it! What do you say? Mine dear you! Strictly in the groove! 19 LIKELY To BECOME English teacher Big boy Superman French cook Znd Einstein Clinging vine Old Maid Principal of N. H. S. -lanitress Housewife Masseuse Mrs. Funden- burke Collegian cheer leader 2nd Cary Grant Garbage man Playboy 83 Moron Philanthropist Ensign Contortionist Political boss Znd Sonja Henie 2nd Petty Private secretary Board of Education Nurse C. G.'s wife Wife Interior decorator Jockey Powers, model Murray's partner Married man Page girl Parvo viri 2nd Harry James Clam digger So you're won- derin' too? Movie star Woman Skinny Navy nurse Veterinarian Opera singer Butcher Fireman Army wife Tall LIKELY TO BE FOUND Ford convertible Movies Army Mimeograph Around Five and ten Choir Practice D. A.'s Office In a rumble seat Skating rink Movies With Clyde Around Juettner's Moore,s Service Squad Making noise Service Club Sleepin' Are you kiddin? Commack Foolin' around Skating rink At Bloomlield's Home Lumber yard At home Service Club With Bill Sleepin' Around Gym Peter Pan Highland Avenue Working Here and there Pumpin, gas Rink Shadowing Stoddard Movies Shadowing Smith With Sue With Enes At Doc Fredericks Movies Lewis' Rink Rink Service Club 'Tropkecyv IN JUNE, 1944 the greatest of all scientific experiments took place, a trip into the unknown. A streamlined, especially equipped rocket ship stood waiting at LaGuardia Airport for noted dignitaries who were being carried into infinity to read "The Prophecy of the Class of 1944 of the Northport High Schoolf' The wonders of science have made many things possible to earthly inhabitants, but none of its marvels is greater than the reading of the future. We are able here to foretell the future of our High School Classmates. ARTHUR BAISLEY was heroically discharged from the U. S. Army. fHe has been a Wolf ever sinceJ. ENES BERGAMINI is the wife of EMIL GUIDO. JOHN BERG- GREN graduated from Annapolis with honors, and is now an admiral in the U. S. Navy. ETHEL BRUEN has just married a hero of the U. S. Navy. ANN CERMAK is on a tour of the country as a concert pianist. WILLIAM CHESHIRE, the new principal of N. H. S., has just hired MARGARET AITKEN to head the English Department. BAR- BARA COOLEY still can't decide on which one of the class of "45" it will be. Since Gypsy Rose Leeis retirement "Queenie" CUMMING has taken her place very successfully. HELEN CUNEO is an established New York fashion designer. MILDRED DAIL is happily married, to guess whom? JEAN DAVEY is a knitting instructress at Vassar. Sinatra is "out in the cold" since all the girls are swooning over the new movie star "Dimples" DEVER. "Shoulders" DOUGLAS, an all American football star, is now in the professional game. He's the only football player who has to wear a mattress for shoulder pads. ARLINE HARTT has just returned from Reno. fIt is her sixth trip.J BETTY HORTON is a famous ballerina who has the leading role in the Ballet Russe. A surprisel This is strictly off the record. LOIS OTT and BILL RIXON fooled everyone. Lois married JIMMY HORTON and Bill married JANE PLANK. FORBES HURLEY won the 1,000 meter championship in the Olympic games of 1952. STEPHANIA KASNIA married a rancher and moved to Texas. ALVIN KIRCHNER has introduced a new jitterbug dance. LORRAINE LEWIS is now referred to as the Sonja Henie on roller skates, but has a close competitor in EVELYN WAGNER. ELLEN MAHONEY is the private secretary to RALPH SEE- BECK, who is president of the Q'Wow Lipstick Companyf, DONALD VANDERBILT MEANY is running the Northport Lumber Company. ELEANOR MYSTKOWSKI is our Modern Florence Nightingale. MARIE O'KESSON runs the local Beauty Shoppe, and her husband, RONALD THOMPSON, is Village Judge. LINNEA PAREZO has opened up an Interior Decorating Studio in Greenwich Village. There will be wedding bells in the near future for ANN PERKINS and a prominent member of the class of '43. PARMA POLIZZO has taken Arthur Murray7s place in the dancing world. HENRIETTA SALA- CAIN is a Page Girl in a New York business concern. FRANK SCHMID has a two time job. Week days he runs a gasoline station, and week-ends he plays with the "Swing-er-oo7' Band. No matter where TOM SCULLY goes on his clam boat, the girls follow him. HARRIET SMITH has been appointed Poet Laureate, being famous for her poem, 1'Bag O' Windf, SHIRLEY STODDARD has taken a trip to England to see Harriet. Ut seems Shirley is on the lookout for a handsome Lord with an estateJ. GWEN SULLERS and BOB ALBRIGHT are co-editors of a tabloid called "Spicy Bits." They are constantly being sued for slander. ETHEL TACKE is writing a book called Q'Willie Rides Againfl JANE TIIVOLA now manages a private school, ably assisted by GLORIA SMITH. PETER TRIOLO is editor of "Esquire," and DICK LEIBMAN has taken Vargais place on the staff. WILLETTS TUTTLE is a famous aviator in the Army Air Corps. ANNIE ZAZZARO has a permanent position with the Barnum and Bailey Circus. Although this prophecy is written in the spirit of fun, we are sure that our fellow class mates will find their rightful places in this world, and we wish them every success in finding them and happiness when they attain them. Signed: GWEN SULLERS AND BoB ALBRIGHT. 20 X' 66 moz XZQN, Qfaaca ob! fQ44 mfg, , X 7 X Z , I fN , N , ,, 1 ff Q sg , - l 2, ,, 2-'ff , x , , ,, M 3 W,-9'1:?"g Y ff M 1 wg W X 43 , Y 7 ' ' W N 9 g , f Q Q w lwf' 4 Q 01 wx it we r r e A J , Q: , i 9 V gl I , , t V i l I Herman Kretzschmar Edward Cairo Arthur Volmar Charles Koehler john Mastriano Frank Federico Steven Earomiclcslci Ted Hagan William Corring Robert Farrell David Spong Clement Tillion Ralph Skidmore Rodman Doughtertyx Ernest Erickson? Leonard Piperzk :ls No photo available 21 ..-.4 wf .rw iff ' lv Q, JZ! A LV p A. ffl 5 V,V,,,'.L,y ' ,.. 61613828 uqmmzvn gmnmnl - xmgml mIE Juniors Now, AS WE, the Class of 1945, are working on our play, "Crazy House," to he presented on April 21st, we can recall with fond memories our three years spent together in Northport High School. This school year thus far we have had a Christmas Dance and a Basket Social, returns from which greatly exceeded our expectations. Our goal this year is to present a Prom, to which the Junior Class as well as the Senior Class will he admitted without charge. The Junior Class oflicers that are striving to make this year a successful one are: Thomas Miller, President, Raymond Hawes, Vice President, Victoria Salaminda, Secretary, and Arthur Horton, Treasurer. Class advisors: Mr. Tiffany Miss Hawkins Mr. Carden Mrs. Wright 24 Soplvomores IN THE FALL of 1942, we at last became a part of the high school of Northport and started our Freshman year by electing George Jensen as our President. At our first party, we all purchased War Savings Stamps and later, to find the talent of our class members, we held an amateur show. This year, we feel more important as we are now one year nearer our goal. We have had two parties which were both successes. One was the Sophomore Fiesta, where we had all South American decorations, the other one was an Arabian Nights party. We extend our sincerest thanks to our advisors for all the help they have given us. They are Miss Breaux, Mrs. Dunn, Miss Aron, Miss Muller and Mr. Hayner. OFFICERS President . . . . HERBERT HARTT Treasurer MILTON GLASS S ecre tary , SHIRLEY SMITH 25 F reshmen on THE FIRST TIME in the school's history, the Freshman Class has held two dances. The first dance ran so smoothly and was so successful financially, that a request was made for a second dance and the administration approved the request. The Class is now loolcing forward to similar success in its Sophomore year. The Freshmen are already planning ways of earning money for a prom in their Junior yearg the class would like to leave the school a tolcen of its esteem. The Freshman Class hopes to help the school in many ways before it graduates. OFFICERS President I . PAUL BOUCHER Vice President . FRANCINE PIDGEON Secretary I . . GEORGE CREMER Treasurer . . RICHARD CHESEBROUGH 26 dc tivitlbs I 11' if xr 55 0 N! f 'Nga ,V XG , ow? ,f ff P f?fyj5.fw Ci ' xrf g 1 . , , m Q . LN fffffff f N Z fig Y ff! Q x -X. ., I L V ., ,....,,...,..,. V' ,f F' P fi 'N V-W ...,,., ' lifxui ' 5' 2 , vx 1 ,ng 5 2 I, 2 ": , .f 'yx 7,425 vffjtl fy 2? liiiilf .ui t, I W '19 Zi, rn 72" ix 'if g 1 . 4 NJ? 4 ' E - Zmfnftt X f rm Q xx, .3 bi'f4,3fA 5, 19,3 'Q my? xxww' ' U Qxx X 'ffvf X x FN. MS wx M, W A 4s NV 7 Q 2 f ff' W v 4 . , x X 'Q mum-,...Q....,. wg 1 VM, 1 -P v , ,ff M' ' f wwvffzix y ' ,, i ' 2 ' Qi? xii fi National Honor Society ' I 'HE PURPOSE of the society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in pupils of Northport High School. The candidates eligible for election to this society must be in the upper-third of either the Junior or Senior Class and a pupil of the school at least one year. Not more than SQQ. of the Junior Class and not more than 1511, of the Senior Class may be members of the National Honor Society. At first only the Faculty voted for the members of the National Honor Society, but later the Constitution was so amended that the members are elected by their respective classes and a weighted vote of the faculty. Student Court Senior judge , , WALTER DEVER junior judge . . . NORMAN SWENSON Sophomore judge . . . GEORGE JENSEN Court Clerk . , ..., GRACE WIESJAHN Court Stenograplver , . . , . . Lois OTT Faculty Sponsors . . . . , . MR. MESSMER, Miss BRADLEY THE STUDENT COURT is a small organization with a large responsibility. Its main duty is to judge those who fail to obey the laws of the school. In this way the Court co- operates with the Traffic Squad. The Student Court also co-operates with the Administration, the Sudent Body, and the Student Organization by helping to carry out the laws passed by them. Student Court is in session every Wednesday at 12.30 P. M. Student Organization THE STUDENT ORGANIZATION of Northport High School has been organized for the purpose of planning for and bettering the life of the students of the school. The governing body of this organization consists of an elected member from each home room and from each organization sponsored by the Student Organization. The officers of the organization are: President , , . . HAROLD HINDERER Vice President . JACK DUFFY Secretary .,.. . DOROTHY DUGAN Treasurer . ..,. . KAYE SMYTI-I Secretary to the Treasurer . ....r, . HENRY GOLDI-IORN Corresponding Secretary . .... ANN CERMAK Faculty Sponsors .... . MR. MESSMER, MIss HAWKINS, MR. TIFFANY Regular meetings are held each weelc at a time determined by the organization at its first meeting in September. The Traflic Squad, the Student Court, and the Athletic Associa- tion are organizations sponsored by the Student Organization. 29 . 'T lx A 5 Z gf s 2 iz Tigerllnklings QQTIGER-IN.KI.INGS7, is our Northport High School newspaper, which informs the student body of school events. It develops school spirit through is editorial policies, and provides opportunities in writing for those students who enjoy it. The "Tiger-Inklings" staff members are from all the classes of school. On the staff, positions are highly respected, and the students who work their way to editorial positions have raison to be proud. The "Tiger-Inklingsn staff of 1944 is: Editorial Board s,.,. PETER TR1oLo, GRACE WIESJAHS, WALTER ALBRECHT Advisors . . . As,,t , , MR. A.N'DER50S, Miss LUN: Trafc Squad THE TRAFFIC SQUAD this year consists of approximately twenty oflicers, tive of whom are girls. The oiiicers have the power of summonses to students the laws of the school. When an officer issues a summons, both student and ofhcer must appear before the Student Court. If the student is found guilty of the charge, he is given a punishment. Qiiicers are also given privileges, such as leaving classes early, entering classes late, in the halls during their free periods, and going to their lockers during school session. The ofiicers of the trafiic squad are chosen by the Student Organization. Those not graduating automatically remain as members. It is an honor to be chosen an oEcer for the Traliic Squad as only those worthy of the are chosen the Student Organization. Captain . Foruses HURLEY Lieutenant . WALTER DEVER Supervisor . MR, ALLARDICE 'Service Squad 'IH-IE DUTIES OF the niembers of the Service Squad are to supervise the public address system, the movie the spot light and other effects in the scheool. Chief Associate ...... . . Esm. Guno Assistant Chief Associate . , , I-IESRY M0504 Chancellor .... ..., . ROSALD THOSIPSON Associates . ' . ALFRED FROBELQ EDTN STODDARD, Wuorn FREDERICK MILTOS Glass, WALTER Bnsspgggu Appfmfife ........ . . . ROGER Htu. 31 uf v 0 5 5 A Q il Rf El M fwT Y P - X ffm'.'5 -"i ff pf Y W ,af 4 f X1 KX! Q! ,X 1 WM As f Qing I-i , sa, it f c, ff an X f 'rf 1 Sf Z . f X 4 X 1 N f 5' df fx WW ""'w 4 A Z 7 , 4' , mm .X XXX 'Q' W M 6 ' ' f I, A if V' 5 W " 7, 75 K 1 Z, Wf f M 3 1 1 Z f Little Theater 'I'HE LITTLE THEATER presented a Nativity Pageant last Christmas. Plans have been discussed to produce a play with an all girl cast in the spring. The club is under the direction of Mrs. Marion Linn Wright. The President during the first half year was Betty Horton, and during the second half, Enes Bergamini. The Vice President is Joe Giattini. I C lveerlead ers ' I 'HE CHEERLEADERS are to be congratulated on their excellent work and co-operation this year, under the management of Jane Plank. The 1943-44 Cheerleading Squad consisted of: Eleanor Baker, Lois Ott, Jean Davey, Harriet Smith, May Brenner, Betty Horton, Peggy Roberts, Shirley Stoddard, Arline Hartt, Patty Richardson, and Betty Dreusilce. Library Committee THE LXBRARY Committee has sponsored a boolc drive to collect books for troops going overseas. They collected nearly four hundred books. Two prizes were provided by the committee, one for the Junior High and the other for the Senior High student who turned in the largest number of books. The committee sent a boolclet made by themselves to Eng- land. They tallc about their school, hobbies, towns, and themselves. Tl16 OHTCSIS are CIS follows: President .,., . . . DORIS MCCLINTOCK Vice President . . CHARLES HOYSTRADT Secretary . . . . CAROL HALL Treasurer . . .,......,. , GERTRUDE DUNN There are about twenty-five members. The committee is sponsored by Miss Lulcens. 33 Xj 'lx Q. '-1 XX, Rrx, .E I V j, 'i ff av T 'T V , .Q X X . 2 'K is X Q i My f 4" cl' .- gl ' I 47 ,, fx' fax. 1 ' ' -Q - -1 '? 'Sf x ' sf X f ' I - 5 I lgl .1.:L. W Zh, X v U I f .pf it X 49 f lf'-WWW M X. , 15 a , Q-1 cyp offs ,' 7x f 5 7 5 TL fig 4, I Y: . ,f '- i f W QR K 5 T 'H J 7351 .. T ,WW I ,W f, Portroits in this Yeorbook by JULES A. GUILLO OF NEW YORK NEDDINGS AND FAMILY GROUPS PORTRAITS OF CHILDREN AND ADULTS REPRODUCTIONS OF OLD PHOTOGRAPHS RESTORATION OF OLD PHOTOGRAPHS MINIATURES ON PORCELAIN All Sittings in Your Own Horne Branch Office in Suffolk County Managed by DOROTHY JONES GIFT SHOP Telephone Northport 541 after 6.30 evenings 38 EDWIN N. ROWLEY, INC. Edward I3iaIIa Sam'S Fish Market INSURANCE MORTGAGE LOANS , LONG ISLAND REAL ESTATE FOOT OI Mom Street SUMMER RENTALS Norfhporf 68 Main Sf., Northporf, N. Y. Tel. 296 COWPIIWWIS Lewis' Meat Market of I A FRIEND 79 M... ST,Nar'rI'1port,L.I. 1IfNUIjDIl5 MMEUBISEIQ COLLEGE of PHARMACY WAR EMERGENCY CLASSES BEGIN July 3 and 0ctober 2, Normal 4 year Course accelera'l'ed lo 32 monlhs MEN and WOMEN GRADUATES QUALIFY FOR DRUG-CHEMICAL-BIOLOGICAL FIELDS Bachelor of Science Course Includes Basic and Advanced Sciences. Ml' I'f'1" f Md'I fl! Y ees Qual :ca Ions or e lca and Den a S udy. Four ear Day Course-Open 'l'o High School Graduaies. Full Universify Privileges. DUE T0 THE WAR EMERGENCY, MANY OPPORTUNITIES are offered 'lhose frained in Manufacfure, Sfandardizaiion, Con- 'I l ro and Research. Thus men and women obfain a broad scieniilic 'lraining for diversified vocaiions. For Further Information, Address JOHN L. DANDREAU, Dean 96 Schermerhorn Street Brooklyn 2, N. Y. 39 Compliments Of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Of NORTHPORT Compliments of Nortnport I-Iordwcre Company Inc. IOO Moin Street Northport, N. Y Compliments of GREAT ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC TEA COMPANY Compliments of Visit IDEGGYIS Prices Sweet Shop D G d S NEXT TO THEATRE ry O0 S tore 256 Moin Street Moin Street Northport Northport "Quality and Servicev by L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro, Moss. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS Represented b - W. G. P O Murray Hill 2-4210 235 PM Compliments of COLLEGIATE CAP 6' GOWN COMPANY 366 Fifth Avenue New York 41 Tel, Npt. 1397 WM. ISPERIAN NORTHPORT THEATRE TAILORS 6' CLEANERS 3 Days Service on All Woolens for the duration of the war 251 Moin St. Northport Barclay 7-9346 Sunshine Art Studios Distinctive Greeting Cords Christmas Novelties i I5 Fulton Street New York, N. Y Compliments of Millicent Kolt Phone Northport 562 Northport Meot Morket H. A. BESECKER, Prop. Quality Meots Poultry Frozen Food Seofood Main St. Northport, N. Y. Compliments of NCRTI-IPORT LUMBER CORPORATIGN 42 Get WILSON ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT at STAFFORDS l5O Jackson Street, Hempstead, L. I. Phone Hemp. 74l 6 Harry T. Mott, Inc. Insurance Mortgage Loans COVOQHGFOIS Long Island Real Estate I LIQUORS GRGCERIES Summer Rentals Shoretront Properties , Main Street Northport 45 Main St. Northport, N. Y. I Gemein'S Compliments of Teddy Haeffner Roulstons East Northport H. Watch and Jewelry POULTRY FRESH EGGS VERNON VALLEY RoAD opposite ROOSEVELT BOULEVARD Northport, N. Y. Phone Northport l6l4 EINSOHN Jeweler Diamonds Repairing School Rings Huntington 343 New York Avei 363 Huntington, N. Y. 43 Al Ruhig's Compliments of Stationery Cr School Supplies , J. W. Cermak 70 MAIN STREET NORTHPORT, I.. I. I Real Estate Insurance UNITED CIGAR STORE J READ LOUIS Jones Drug CO. YQUR SCI-IQQL NEWS Delicious Sodas in the Fresh Chocolates ' Northport Journal Reid's LaRue Ice Cream Marion H. Brett, Editor P. J. GIATTINI UNITED cIaAR STORE Candy, Stationery, Cigars Larktield Avenue East Northport Compliments of VERNON RESTAURANT S r ic S1-O1-ion AND SODA SALON e V 6 Breakfast, Lunch and Supper Lows WGUO' prop' Large Variety of Sandwiches Vernon Avenue NOFTIWDOFT CORNER OF MAIN AND BAYVIEW 44 Compliments of Lou's Beauty Solon of Northport combined with Thos. Ostuni 6' Son's Borber Shop 5 OPERATORS IN ATTENDANCE Telephone Northport 427 65 Moin ST., Northporf, N. Y. Compliments of Vic'for's Go rcige Eost Northport Phone Northport 565 OLINE'S Liquor Store For Quality Merchandise And Courteous Service ii WOODBINE AVENUE NORTHPORT Compliments Mr. ond Mrs. VICTOR CUNEO GROPEN'S DEPT. STORE Outfitter for the Entire Fornily At the Railroad Station Eost Northport GOLDS PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY at Railroad Station Eost Northport, N. Y. l i Compliments COHENS of GARCIA GRAND STORE SODAS, CANDY, CIGARS Dr. ond Mrs. i Lorktield Avenue A. W. Fredericks Eost Northport, L. l. NORTHPORT SWEET SHOP George Ponorites HOME MADE ICE CREAM AND CANDIES LUNCI-IEONETTE lNGERMAN'S H tngton 2259 i ABOFFS Depclffmem STOV9 l White Point Store Moin Street Northport l Distributors l Points Vornishes Wollpoper Phone: Northport I8 N X 303 Main Street Huntington, N. Y. l l 46 Compliments of VVll.l.lAlVl A. KlSSAlVl OH Souncl Oil Compciny, Inc. Compliments of I-lorry A. Messinger Eost Northport Fronk's Shoe Shop I-leoclquorters Ofticiol Scout Shoes 280 Main sf. Tel. 959 Huntington, L. l. Wolter V. Sortore Phormocist It has always been our motto to serve and dispense the best merchandise obtainable. Prescriptions Carefully Compounded 55 Main St., Near Harbor Northport Compliments Of A FRIEND 47 Compliments of lXlQRTl"llDGR-l- 5C - l0c - Sl .OO STORE 59-6l Main Street Nortlwport, N. Y. Real Estate and Tel. Nortnport 66 General Insurance OLIVER L. HART-V 5 Woodbine Avenue Management Broker Northport, N. Y. tor l-l. O. L. C. Properties LL .LL Ls... Laurel Auto Sales Compliments Elmer W. Tuttle O DODGE PLYMOUTH li Sales Service A 48 We most sincerely thank our advertisers and patrons tor their generosity and kindness which made the publication of our "I944 Tiger Tales" possible. FRIENDS OF THE CLASS OF I944 Charles' Barber Shop Mrs. A. Zaneino Raymond L. Terry, Inc. Fred and Son's Beauty Salon Patiky's Auction Room Mr. Vincent Longobucco A Friend C. S. Dixon A Friend Schoterman's Bakery I-larry Seaman Harold L. Suydam Bill Craft Service Station Mr. and Mrs. George Fullerton Mr. and Mrs. William Slattery Susan Jane Slattery Mrs. R. B. Dennington Mr. and Mrs Stanley Kitchel Northport Thea ter Telephone I 37 Edward Keiter "The Radio Doctor" The Bay Window Shop GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS I46 Main Street Northport NORIHPORT TRUST COMPANY Member FDIC and F. R. Bank 1. Compliments of The Northport Diner Northport, N. Y. I I Roger E. Stiles Stiles Motor Company CHEVROLET OLDS SALES AND SERVICE IBB Main Street Phone I44 Northport, New York Piper Club New 6' Land and Sea Planes Used Boats 49 THE RIVERI-IEAD NEWS, INC publishers of School Yeorboolcs Fine Commerciol ond Sociol Stotionery complete line of Job Printing tor Schools 9 Advertising Moteriol Ruled Forms Booklets tor every business o 215 Roonoke Avenue RIVERHEAD, N. Y. Tel. Riverheod ZOOO 50 Nwiaqaaplza F Wg MM Sd +1 1? LH1. ', E: 4 -J! W , ip ' 4 faqzie? 1 - .' .b F 1 ... Q :-:.., . W, M 'W i--7 ff- , ,fr 1 1 A, --Tal-W. 1 3!1gf'2- fi 'f " "H" k 5 Qc, ' --1 1 1 ' -wp ,X Q. 14 1 w .:r' . w - liffzyi, , V .i, a 5 , 1,1 m 4 a ,. Hamm, .J i3 .Q 'Dari A A 39? 511, -1 g . 4, a.. 1 .- ps. .U ,, A, t' 2' . .Z .. ef .AF , 4 3 Y J ' , Q 4. 3" W i'71ff:ff. , . A' f A L., .N KW? f. -W: .if if.. an ' ' ' E ' ., -P5 ' X A , . .af , , . K , V . .. iv , V Hi "ima ' iff. -15, J--gl Q neg' 15, L81 - .1 'jpg '55, . Q wr 3455 ,1.: . ,N . A? Y- .W x-, mietgvffff 'bi "uf aw. .-F ' ., fagisig. v:"flj'3' Lf - V .nn H ffm' "- ., jeff. - ,-4,. 1. ..- gf- aff. f fag , ' Q S . k.. .Fu ui! ff - 1 ,fir , 1- ,. V .L - H Y. 1.1, : 1 f, -1- w w J. " . ' " - u .' 'I , 21' f ' , .. , . V as Egg fy, , A ,Q 1. 154. .xiii I, M-1 T. R+.. 4 3 5 1.1 .1 . .r -X , ., , 1 . :gi .' .Q f .322 X, 4. E . iii. .xi if ' . , e 1 55.5 V V 11 WI, '.4. T lx' abr 1' if -A ,,,n.::.'v 9. .'v"'.A:-" .

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